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Full text of "The first three books of Homer's Iliad, with introduction, commentary, and vocabulary, for the use of schools"


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k <^^ .5-^ 





Introuuctiok, ComuentarYj and Vocadulauy 



HILXJIOUIE FHirEaBOB or Ouek is Yalk Colusqk 





7^:: <:-:.- 

^ f.M-'f n-urd^ 

C<i|-VlLl<lllT. I«88, IQOIh 1903 



Inn Text oi tljiH i?(IitKi& of \\iv lurit IkKika of llcittiti'H Hiufl i* 
wahnMatia^ly tlmt of Dimiof/'Umt^r^ u luinl in ihf. CAtlln^ .^rni-H 
<if Ornrk Authtjnt. btbiml ity the luimti publiKhfrci, 

Tfcu CAiiinieiitury hiu* Iwrii ;t<U]4tii to ilio nse of ii^iooli from 
Uftt of that^i TU4t4. JtwK-£ i-Iil. tV'Vl, Sii tbe BttUl* UTirC. 

TIio Ttitrofliictioti luii liM^n ndiipt4.-il to Itiu into uT ttcliooU fmim 
t^R Editor's Introdv/^hn to fA* Langvayc tind IVrw ty/ JftMOff. ||]JK» 

in Ui« College S^HcA of Gruck Autlton. Socti<«« 22 ind Jt* an 
mo<t tnmftdiiU^y ncccMAvj for thu U'gin&cr. 

llMt IntrodDotioa, CoiiiVLOntan-, and VocnliulArj of tho o^iition of 
1880 bftTo Lmn^d cArefuUy rcvUfxl for tliis f^litioii. for cribicinmA 
aod mi|:g««iions, the <^tor is indi^btcid In pftrtkul&r to ProfcMor 
H. Z. aicUm of Wabcuh CoUe^, Mr. K A, Minckwtt?; of Kanus 
CScjr, Prof«fl«or M«fttanl of Uavcrford Collcjcr, ProfcAsor 0- F. 
Jiioolaawii of tli«- SooUiveafrm Pi'«ftb\i<-riuJa UniT^rsityt Ur. C* W 
Qoold of the A]liaLi> Acadviuj, Dr. A. S. CooWj/ of AubixruJale, 
U«u^ ttu4 Priut-'itifil A. £. Tetf-rMja uf 8out1i MaucJiv«t«r, Cuiiu. 

l^frrpnr.»r iH iii>id« to B(M;}tH of llt« ///'i/i tiv t.}iP (^piUiI 1ett«ra of 
the Gvfv^ a1p1rul>-t. A, R, F, xrK^ ; to Btuka uf the O/^^ury, bv llw 
small letten, o,^. y, irrJL Rvferences pre^Htleil Uj- Ui« Aymbo) [f] 
ATV to tbe Introduction /f. atandi fot the Gre^k tinmniAr of 
H4dl^*AlUiij G fttauiU for tii>od«iLi*a tireek Graiiintar. Other 
abbtevbtkoa nn tiit«Q4«d to Im self interim uig, Tr^iMlattoms 
an in iinJict; panphnoM ira tnelciMd in iJonlile inverted oomtnu ; 
qnotiuioiu %t^ incloHixl in liugte inr^rted oommskA. 



^^m TO 


^L^^ AiljMtlf P* ( 3A. 

HyHiMwi l*[™<?pn» ft lO/» 

^^^^KAdtorbe 4 M, 

fAiuf, Ai-Llmi u(, iwx-uplliijc todMy*. ITfL 

^^^^Bnaljtiii <if i?Kiii 4 

ftfad. Aimh'Bla ot. < T o. 

^^^^'AiuIjiIa of Oi/rdir^ { W. 

lUt/d, i'.'i'iiLi-i]i» lij ilk'iivitj'iiiT*, t T &■ 

^^r An>itui>]tlii< { !>t- r. 

/Jjia^rt Sloiy »f, |l>, 

^^B AooblaIoh) Fonikji ) ?7- 

ItwBlWflPiiniinf 54, 

^H Aorl^Tji nf ^'foirm { j^. 

Lift- lu ihr IJoiutrfr Ajtc ) 1, 

^H AlKWxtjre { W, 

Uuili^n f |r;(. 

^H Apnflntj^ii* \ i^ g, 

Mn^h irl H<Wii*rk' CIibw*. bft^r Tart. 

^H Aii^ rul'rr«>i) ( IS, 

Mufi ^'1 T'roB'l, JUAl h(*rcrp4 Ihv 'I'dH' 

^^L AiiijincnE \ 4,1. 

MjUL-tiUim r'nifiim (Ail ^tf. 

^^V RomtrAfntuMfa f 'J '- 

IV1i>r4JliHti 1 :u 

^H . BUtlLoirrJiLfljii'Ji] Ffoui {1, IxxTT. 

tf j-vptIj* { :i:t 

^B J1»l>ll<. ]llTl4Ulll lElljt, t iQb. 

Mlil4ll« Vnk'i-f oa. 

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NitiiiomU ( 41' 

^H ciiiMCLmL Paudh % fis. 

Oilt/»'Vi AiiAlyntn 111, f IOh 

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Oift/ww, Miir;? iifn |ir. 

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OpUlIvr Mi>rlF(44c^.<|. 

^1 Ckiif ]AirlM4i uf ,VUjDclWeii 1 40* 

Grl--( L>r Wiinl* 4 11 A, 

^H C^uji>jirlHiiiB f U- 

IW^lu^sf VI. 

■ COiktUfailon of Vrrlm H ^M- 

PUnH'lHWdf 1^. 

^B CcmioiMut* f A). 

l-anlnln § M. 

H OiUtTttcl NVHh f 47. 

PhHH&I^ii Xtt'UM- f fpK 

^H Conlnu-titiu \ 31 ^ 

PftltT>DTIulL« 4 %- 

■ ChUtafW. 

fprkx^r Tuiu>> § JU. 

■ tWtjrlH f a? c. 

P*rlnlini«in 5 Ifi J. 

^H DivJBiiiikfln of >nufiii H ^S-^. 

l*n-|Mkiiiiriinfl ^| M r, ». 

^1 Ihatn-1. I>i-ni'ni] RftiidrU, | ££. 

PninniiiiH f 4?- 

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SpundB** } 5T c, ■, 

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8tFTn>t>[>i>l l!l|rmaLouB f ISA. 

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dc^b f : 1. 

H Piimi^} Trt^iv \ 7 fl- 

SatijuucLlvE' Mi»t|< { 4A, 

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gf UlVMin f IJA. 

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BfavaynHJoM firiiru^uji* f 13 d. 

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H F^ilnrv ( W. 

iltifii iiw^fiTiniuii ( :ut. 

■ CWl(l*i AltBOlHiA) 1#/>P' 

'l'r>ijnM Wiir, f^tm-Tfit4l A-M- 

■ Ontk Ki4n"4 1 7 f. 


^B HimiiiHJif VvH i ST- 

VorliKiiiliiLfiif 44. 

■ HUiiiii|3T 

VrtM 4 ^7. 

^H Hnm^hr Hjrumhf 1*/. 

VVm?i» 1 -£\ 

^B ' lliHurilc guHsrIoii'l )& 

/^ji\S\an \IA^ 




L n' The Homme poems ftro to modaro wvaders llio old<ot 
rvniains of Iricvk liti^i-atiirt-v iut liicy y-vrv not theeadloet poeutt 
ot til* Grwka, Lj-rw^wictry Tialurally jjrtiviJt'ii eplopoetry. Evory 
ciAtlon 1U8 lovfl Don^, w«r itongK^ luid dirgun Lmforu it hu hatta- 
tive |>i>«ii& ThosB mrlit'^t !4>ing» cif tlic Grni^kn u-» nil lofib, jJUiontEU 
Uaoia of tKoTQ reiD^ id the Ilui-d ftiid Oii^/fotti/^ |)oubtl«M tlio 
Giwka baJ abo laaiiy Vief epic aon^is, D&rtAtiQK c^ploife in war 
Aad * hair breadth 'tfoapee ' ifi adventure, before any one thought of 
•ompoaicg a long «pic poem. Id tti^ Jliad and Odyaaey ar^ found 
tcdicatimi* of pix^n aliout thn iii1v«<iittirvjt of H«nu*K«it. and tha 
Argfinau^ir Kxjri'dilitm for thv. Gotdrii Flm^i^i^, hiliI nf t^hftt. MHigH 
about lLo t^xpcditujii aiJEaiu^t Troy, Tito fvrlicr acid jdiorlvt epic 
po«ms wwa u0«d fi^vly bv Hvitj^T (for Ibis uainc ifiay bu k^^^i^ con- 
Tdnivntjy to tht* man wbo forjiied the plan of tlie Itui<i, and to 
vbom ita nnil\ is due) iu the vompoaition of tlid //hkI ; and again^ 
aft«r him. addllioii4 wi>r« Jiioftv bv tiLher bariln. The |hWiu thtu 
conUiinii Pr^Huiueric* lltunerir, :md Piml^HujiiurJcf eh*jnnntx, 
fiotne aebolan lay more ntttus- an ono dasn of otomcntjR, wbilo 
otb«r acholan lay morv fftn^aa on onotbor. but tho Iov«r of the 
ponn, who roadrt it ottuiitiwlj apair and aftnin, Ki^ncmLlLy f^la 
tba •aacntial imit^' and barmnny of xh^ vork -mnro for(*jblT than 
tbn innmtifitpnrii^ ami diAi'-Tvpruu-iiui no which hnvo beon to^fd the 
atyuiiieata fut (Jjo diir.'r«ut akulhucaltip of dijfer<?iii pulft of tU« 
pofin. Compoaed at atiuiti wbuii thc&rl of n'riiin^E waa uut familiar 
to the p60pUs vhen Gr««o« bad no ' n-adiitg puhUc' the poim wan 
nnd« tu be r«<^it«d aad h«ard, not to bo rood, it wntild. th^n, be 
ccnLpo««d bi paruahortencughto b^ Incited at a ■ingltiiiiltirtg. The 
giuei wcnild not Ik ndirThniH lo pni'tiTrvi* «xflrt hAimrmy of dprnil 
betvcsrn Uy^v wbit^h ivcir a^t llkplj to bo iiitj^ in iiiunviliat'^ biuv 
ooMOti nor on tlio same occA^ion^ Ha would not be^pn liis work 



i la. 

witli th<T p]nnof cHim[wnin|Eai>^i<3i'^ of lfl,ft93rcpiics (like the Ifi/iil), 
or of ISjIlO vcrsi^a (like tlir Oii/ji^7/)> but, fimlioK tliat hh tljpiurt 
ira0 popiiUv ftiid n<Jmittoil of imlrfiTiite ox^jaEi^i^u, hv vrould imtu- 
ruHy develop wh&t had 6@^ii only iikdioat^^d bafor^. 1'Hua tli« JfookA 
of the Ifitj/t ilo(ibtl«ss wpifd rot i>oiti|30Bed in tlie ord^r in wIugIi 
ihey KtauJ in uiir- FhRxU, Tlie tlr?it purt (if tTie Kiriit l!<kolc mtt^t 
littvt Iwpii tlio enrlii'Bt c^timjioavrl. for t!i^ in tlip luuiU i>f tlir whrilp 
pw*m; but Hooka U-VI (ittid fitill moi*, Booka VU-X'^ may havr 
bi^cti i^ompurtcfl ulti^r Boolc Xl, lu ordor to lill up lbi> detaiLi of the 
Btory. So in the (Mfft^^tf, tUo Finit Ituok ii the gencnl introdiio 
tion to thif rp«t nf thn fiocm, tlthougli x^^hoUra Ar« not ngrAod in 
betipvin^ tlint It in iii>Tr iii its orl[{tii^il fnrin ; lint Tlpoka II-IY 
{iL* Tdtm<tc7tm)i which contixin aii accoiml of Ihf itjijfii".'j cjf 
Odj»aeiis^ son Tclcniih'^hiis to the homed of Nestor ami Meii^lAua 
bi ttio Ikopo of obtaining tiding cf LU loag-absont fathi>r, may Tery 
liktly have l)een jjart of an indepemletil poem, or at least may hiive 
bnt-n compo^i^tl iifttfr llook V, Doubtli'sa!, dfrtaiU Ki*rc soTiu*tim*** 
flilrri in Utnr. The mntisr <if fivn or «ix humlrei) Iznrjt might pr#v 
fix or affix a few vhthcs whif^h would miikc his tocituion seem 
moTO completer in lUcIf, or he iui;;ht insert what would makr thi« 
moTo fluittihlo to tho »pooial ooau^ioEi. Tho Alexon^irian nhtioa 
touted that tho origiTi:il fTi>mi^He rlosv of thfl (Mt^hH^yy whk with 
th* 2%th verse of thw TwHiT-y -third Ittxik. aini rHtipn hrtvi> thought 
tha luat two B[H>kb uf th« HUmI, like the iul jiart of the Odtrtnty, 
to be of later ci>niiK>»itioB, 

Tho bogioucr u*i*U not {uji4 aliould nut) be riietrirhioii by quca- 
tioiu u to til* iliv«rte Exutlioifihlp of different i-arts of the liiad. 
Th» eiibjnryt \* excee<tlut{1y complicated, and cannot be studied 
proflt-'ihly until the sttijilirnt ii pfifatly fLiiiiiliLir with Uift tiilJrH 
poem, and with similar libftraturfi in othrr lanj^ii^gc^. The »tud<*Tit 
«]iould fttrivo to enjoy and apprtcUto the HlxuoHc poem?, — not 
to an^lyiso theni,' 

>Tbo titiDoiiA ^llMnnric QttrAliciti,* a« to lh« «ompa*ltl<>ii o1 t^ HompHo 
llfhlBi — WTwlhiffr ili*^ Hvre mini^ly ili'* rvifm:4Jil*< of \X\r. mhi^ uf iimrjv b^FiU, 
Ortiwcmtloaicif ■ ■(njtii- ^>f»Mi* );n>hi«, — vv nn<i tn4T("1 in HHOl^ntfTU' ttiiy 
lif a OtmiAn ncbolu, Frlodrtfih Atiiti"! WoH. In hU Ptnlc^^mcni od /ffliricr-um, 
tn ITM. Be elalm>d llut tho IfimJ uiil ih« OcJiuhv u«n iiul Uie work at oaa 

l\ ^ 




pfi«t. and ^t^t the unlij nf ftcii jxivia wm H^^'^n to t^ !>/ •(-'JKiUn ■( iTi« rourt 

of P^Hiilntaii la AllLfiM. Id tKu SiKtL CVtitiiry imt, II« bjuvd liift vU« «n 

ctienial ^rcMiLJUJU, nliii^h liuvu i;ri>ffi; irc^^kcj JAtl>i>r Uuui ■uuiiftvf hijivq bu 

da;, ftJid An alniJitt miin'ly i^rj^livUil tk^w — holilinf EhAt tint nrt 'if ivrlUn^ 

nw iatTMlaocil luiD <in*?cfi o^nipjtruri^fly \iiW*, luul th«t jioi-iiu ui Ions an tlie 

/lUttd ftml Ihit <Mtfi«i!V ^L'LiM lift Uj4^r bt^u ci>iui}oar<t brloiv Lhe uiu.- ciC loLWm 

wknovrn, Th»»rl i>I wFillnp. lw>wt'ii'i, wa* kni^wri In IJri'fvi' l*frir« lAOOii.r,, 

llioLi^ Iti ftppliutitiQ Ed tiU'nry pur]"^**^ ***f* wwU bur, J'tii wJi<n pocU 

br^n lo yitiUi Utdr Uyi. la uiicvnAlii, Aluui Liiilf a Li^iuury nflff Wnlf, In 

11137, aivotli«ri:4tri*u h^hoj^r, LoclimAim* divided <ho Jfiaif L[iioi>i|^hTouij difTtr- 

CiAt U)P| Jwimc tls iHvi«bri LJii iiilcmAl luguriicnt*. i,<. tn\ ihij iiic<>(i»iAtciiciM 

Of rtlffoTtmt puiA llQl «ir ili> n»( kn^iw |iut hTihI i|i*i:rtv Df lojcli^aT (vniflttmi4>7 

tL* pooL^CT l^ pouri Budtcmo™ roijulrcd Ctrtaltily, ninjiy of ihc tnrfiiihinU 

eneln pa nhkti *lrr9« i« luid bx nidloni CE'tlicn lunJ cm^niiod uralicu fcir two 

tboimiDd TCim, ilJdtiiEl* m'tn L»\* hjul iviplM nf rim impiiin in t\ifir hutilt, tutt 

oould toftL tedtwud and foFwaid to duivct dUcnspEUiain in B wny AhEr!li ivna 

liitiU ftiii|H)»iblu r>r lliv i?(Ka> tiixL AiiOirmjf*. llrrtJiloUm [li. IIT) mJiI tbat 

Ucvwr COiald nol haw tv-nnxnu'il ll«- i^iwrji <'!4ili'i| <:iipTi'i ( J S f/), ln-c*iifct th* 

?^£ad and Ihi* Cyi*f<a lUflcr in ns^rd U, \\:*r '-mu.-v Ukt-u li> liirla on Til« Ptlurn 

ti) Troj frtirii h(«iu, itiid Fluuii't n-m/^rrt' r^e rrr?a^/« Ai« Utitnurtir. — fl{AiM$ 

IXXf ifwr*JkiTf /wvfW, TUbi di«ciiuiiii>ii nnw t^outUiunH Willi ilti< iiw <>f iTitomal 

•igQiTMrnto, but Kbolutf UT Inn LDcluinl than a fvw ^em afo to aiippoic IkaL 

■Itltprthe llUutcT l]i^ <Ujr«3fvl* atioiiglocnetnlEoQ of H.'juuau- Inyi. a ' r<-niilirhi]n 

oo<ncarrtq*:« vt ati>Eiu> * ; ibff linio uthuiiloucd tli« •£-arch fi>r i]i-lu]>f iviltTit Xttys, 

WhI icvk ralber V/r lJiv Murr^ <jf \\nj iWtlvirni |iiLrt« gf iJiv poL-iu* beliiK Jl>- 

pQMBd fA favor IliL* idra of n lUktiirfil arid ^irpviilu dr;>UiiFinHir.-^iii]ch tm mui 

■■maaliill III It^ f>^t Old Ulva««r '^y K-lrctihotf (l.]i< Cm lAqutvLkuiarriounlytha 

unily i.'f tbv (tiui|K)HiLji>ii tjt lliu Oifj/M«u). vim h>«ic"<^ii 1>] thr? uliI K^toi uf 

iMjvcna {Willi tf^vyn ^miMiont^ — I'ifMt linr^t hi ut\) 4 1^7, t ^^I^^VUT, \-JS'^ 

8W, ViJ r 7-la*. AcwTiUm; to KirciUliofl, 'Kmi vrfrot formcil a 1»Ijt c^iIliiu- 

■Unt^ wMli* liv tfwtdf lliv [hiDrij un> inuiln »(» caf biUJ Iaiitt mldiiiniiH iml Int^^- 

polMloiu. In voiaff imoh uoy thu povin tany Iiivs fli^>wi], but h« u k bold tnan 

irlio tcnuirrfl co My juKt utac *ijJ Iiqit diilcJi U Um woik o( one |hjsL A 

maM'r mind t2iArv iniHt liava lwi>ii. Tiui ytn tlin porrim f'ftnift j^diially to tTi«lr 

pmtnit omditioa. ^^Inity bi*vif fiivn liv«<i Wlorv AgiunMnnoii,' nnd nukny 

poprii tir9:Diled llozncr. vho o^cd fn«tj iIib |H«vtlci auiicdol wblcL w ilm 

Iftbttliuic* at hUi |Mi«TAtlan. ?f« Dnn hvi fiTflorl tlio ea#a mora dMrJy than 

n«idjaxd Kjplicgj 

Wen 'Otatf imorn 'la hlModa* ]/», 

'ITd 'c^aI niuu >lui; bj land and aift, 
Aoit vit '« JiuhkHI V niipEht n^^iiirie, 
'E «em AitJ Ux-k, tin BHiiuc u luB^ 

W«Bia| 0f>uijmalK]rr('i'n>'KWT^lH(Brufr/JXvi1I-'7n; yihUtai wlt}iitJrt rutn^ 




b. Scholars now do not aaV wLerw Homer wa« Imra.* but ritthnr 
wLi^fe Urwik f^pk^ po«.^try Imd ita tifw. Tho Aliiiwrt worr ■ ricvifto 
MtuDa/ *OAi'^ir>d Su/£4r' ixovifeu^ and tb«tt euliest homn nc^ma to 
bttve bo&u on th& sloppit of Ml. Olympus, in riorim TTiflHsaly. 
Th«Tio« ftpi"? pwUrv wi\.s enrrird bj ^he Aeolin-n Gm^^ks to Asia 
Ui&or, whnrc it was adopted and jieifBi^twl lij tlie loulatie. The 
Homeric Pouoe still Gont&in inaiy Aeolic furiiia in words Aiid 
plirsfios tot whioh l(tc toiiiana Wd no mctKrnJ C(.ii)ivaJiMjt. Tho 
Aeolio fono haa be^ di0]K>Ai>ii to pftrnifil puticularly lu proper 

c. No one omd tell tlie exact d&te of tha coniposftitm of the 
llouieric Po0uu. Prulably tliey were efibvntiaUy in tlieic prt«cut 
fonn lut carlj aa the Kijirlith CV>utury v.x\ llerodotiiB (ii, 53) 
bolioTod the pooma to lutva boou coi[ipoB">d foiir hundi<«l yearn 
befoTD his tune, cr about S50 u.*:., and thi« date may Herv« ns well 
M anothftT- 

d. Bairb (^&>^ r/! ^i^) are inerittloiieil In tlie Honi«rki jioettis 
tut Hinging ou lUeiuf^ii i:uiiiiecU-d with tliv Trujaii War. Ttia |]ueitiH 
(AolW. Attio ^'Sui' Buglieli Ootf^s) wt-ro recitenl by rliiipnodiBla 
d&a^fioO'* ^^° ^^"^ ^^ ^^*^^ theintfetvi^H poot«i but in laUr tuoeo 

1 Twfl&'CallMt LlrtAof Itom«r whif 1i f mvo como down to »s nndcrtbi: nwnn 
fit BftroilDlUB ftml Tlaur^ti. uiil ftikuuymoiuly, tj^Tv no htiborlcal vaIuc. The 
nui«t tnipnrtAnt opiiiloa prcvrT^il it tliJLl dF tlmdatoi, vlir> (It [>3| iliou^ht 
nomOT to hftTQ Viiffd ahoitt 400 \rnm Ivctcm IiImowh tiTiir, or AAO il<% Thhl w^ 
knofr noibUiif of Uomrr'i life iIlvi iirji pruvc liint hu hcvit i^ilmvd. ^4'veii 
OEUm, fLOCorcJlng Ut ft vrcil-^own optgnun^ claJmod tmch to bnto boon iho pcci'i 

liii^m, Xfa», KoXa^*!^ "Iffi!*^, II&^«I, 'A^t«T 'A#(»«fc 

TLnuich vUiili Lbc Wrinn llvmer becjpnt hla brend.* 
Th« «i>TT rif llrKiivt'ft IjtEiidiiRw r<«LA nn ftii «3[pr\-j«ion iii >fi>-vAh<^l HoqidtIc 

' T^v ilviifktlfln ti thbt word 1« noi enLMjr oImt. PlndJtT )>]Lr»phnu!K'fi Lt at 
Uifl twntniittig fif liU »f«aml Knmmn fMcs '0/i^ptUif ^lon-riW /rtet i*iOa^ ain^/irfji 
t^ UlteSei atm(^. Pvrliftpi ihiA muc^Tiji ro mem ih&n roix^^'ir '■^n'^»4 'o^f^; 
qT- vMMi v^umr r 213 b)0P« {ix- pvi together) wttrdt. Ituioil [Vng. ccxxtII) 
of hlntaatr and H«mor >■ ^^r^wr^i ^^.a^f, itUirAinir o nmp. 



dviood re^uL^lLcrtis for the contr«t9 of rh^tpsadiatri nt tlio Tan* 
ftUi«uaic fc^ivftl &£ AtboM. In tli« dlftlointo ontitlod /»»• oacrilwi 
to PlatOt on* of tbese rbap«cdiet«f ion cf EphoBusi i« iiitroducod, 
vho liad jiut gained the ^rm for bis rT>citftlion Rt Kpidaurus* and 
VRft pUmiiiiig 1o rontt^nd at the Paiiatlieti&itr feiitivni, ThStt Ion U 
Hjitd tu 1l4vi< Itwt ^ulima^en uC 'JO^OOO |ii<(i]i1». Hu inn/iL hard 
flouriiihr-d in tttc PiftU Century ».<:-, Ijut tht; blixim of his art id 
AthiTiid iriui more than a vrittnry ctirlior, beforn the Hm of Iragody, 
m tho time of l*iiiistrAtUM cuid hiA sniLii, whrni cipit? rooiUtirm^ wnrtv 
an imporUmi port of thr i-htnf fn^tiTal at tliR city, SJid rf^gii^Ations 
WPTP mloptpd tn nnlnr tn inmirp thfi ]>rBJwntAt1oTi of the pcftris in 
due furm hiid unler 

e> The Uoiucric pwitui w«rt oijoyed and alindied liy tlie GrwkS' 
tlirou^ all UiKXF uatiouuJ life. I'li'^y u-tre leanieil hy i\ii3 diildrtn 
(tbt diKtinguifihud AtUcfDimi ^^avnU Nioiju caun^d hin Miti ^iiToratuA 
to Icam both //iW uid Od^jf^tttj by h^sirt), thoy wviii mpttat^d hy thu 
pftnplr*. mid thry wairc rArj^fnlly pxaniinixl hy i-rholnn. Tlifl bpfpn- 
nin^ of litifTAiy cutLrisiJi hhi) iif linj^tjUtio 8luily w«rB baeal on 
Honntt. For th« judjciuent of Uk* Rctiiiuia, quot&tiona follow fruou 
Ciotro Bod Horao» : 

Q>«Ac TVigi?. ^110 ffO, f IH /nfrTU^ (Iratr^Oi qu,aQ tpt^iiM /\>rtttaqiAC pu^ruie. ^ 

diun ia 4v:iaiiiiu llomae. f^rvrjustc rtit^: 
^1 fuid cff fn/lfArutn. i^id trirpr, tfvul uf^lf, ^ufif non, 
pJdnfvji c£f mfiiuB Chrywippn ri Crfinlnrc liieit. . . , 
/tUfUJ'ti 'pia P*trtitt» ywiiTrr ivtrrytiiu nifirrmn 

ifepbdrum rtyniti tl pt/jminrurii '■oniinft iir<Cii^ 

fviii PartM ^ vt taivfa rrtfiu^ rUaPpip Afofuj 

•at«r Pthifn/flffibff (4 in/fv AtrifUn: 


lUatM intra muna ptwuiur «f dtra^ — Uctii«c. Ephtt. i. 1^ 1 0. 

qtanto neriifi» hi^ qvl nil molttur Ui^cf ■ ■ • 
trraper ait ncTttam festinal A fn nMiUcut m 
nan MCU4 or^ nufiii dvdiCi/ram ropiC <if fuof 
de»f)«ra£ Emrfiifo nfVf^cr« pour, rcfinvuti. 
nrqi;r Jl^i mtr*\^\i\tt, ttr ifria/'tfuii rtmtvrr. 

1. Ah All Epia Poem is n narrfttiou in heroic rerae of a digni- 
fiwl Klury of eoiuiider&Hu length vMcli huA n dt-rTii1<> Iwgmning, 
wiiliUt". iiMil euJ, :mil aa ur^jiiiui iTlalUm iif |i;iris. Th>' tiiiif? i>f ihfl 
Action ^IluuKI noi \ye ao iQUg i\a Ui uxak^ ditlicull & gcDctuI view of 
tto Jttory. Tlu-* pcx't puis oa mvoh oa posaiblo of bia tUe icto tho 
mouth of hit iictorSf and m} thn Homi^ric jtitamn nt-e strongly dra- 
matto. Tn tlip I'irst Hook <>t the f/jVi// the lirtt 427 I'urafls are 
almost ^ntirply [Imni^tli^, Uia niit-mtWe serving fiiiiijily as *«tftg« 
ilirRt^tioiitt' Of tlip -444 vr-tse* uf lU<* First Wwfk uf Uil- Odfjtuwff, 
!£85 nro in -ipcecUft*. Kpit i^o«ir/ wtut tUn iin>tlier of tlio di'Minn. 
A. Iftftfo port of tKo Btlory of tliu adwntvucn of IXIvmpqa i» told 
tj' tho h«ro liiiiii;ulf, a doviisi whlolx not ouly wiik fidlowd by 
Ver^l in makinjf Acth^hk Il^II Dido of h]4 wiTuIorlng^ and by 
MOt^n in his F'urwiiAf^ fx»f, vrhnrit ItMphiu*!. *th<* afTshW ArnV 
tku)^iftl>* tull» A^Llul uf Ui^ cri.vitiuii of Lh« wurld and uf Uit^ mvulL iu 
hflareu, bulliaa Won ftJopted liy luauy tnodoTD noveluU. 

b> TKu Hftiii<?rio i'ouma ua<.h1 to Lu ouiupar^d with \Vr^tra 
Ami!f*i*t. JJauto'd Pit^ina Cornrjirsiiii^ and Miitou'd /'□rwf/Ufp I^o^tt 

bat roai hare «>m^ bo vj^q a dirf^rentM? beivriH^n tbv Natural Epic 
mid tJh^ l.iti'mrr Kp«', V*trgil liwl no piujwmal (only an amuttif?) 
iutvitwt in Uu' batilf^ nuid njlvvntun.'^ nf his lieron Wy ^i^iids 
AaMka to Hadca etiuply because Uic Homciic OdvMons bftd hccn 
tiiflD; liGi tzkLLk-.e A(.<i:ieiifl t«n tu Qu^-u Didrj the htory <*f his van- 
d«ringe tLud auD'ei'Lii^ii l>tf<'aua« UdyasouH had told a ctimitiLT itory 
10 Kiog Alolnoiu. Vergil consefout))' Ntrlvct to imit« the ^liuius 
tditfticM of both tiittd and Od^sM^ aa tte s]iuvrt by begiDning hi* 





porm withartua vicumque oano, — Uie armu being for t1i« Jtiadf 
AniJ thff viium for the fhii/mfl^^ Vtigii in nlt'^sanAcloun, t^xi, inthn 
WK of Cftno; — hr romcmbcrfi l.hat ho in tlt<s coutt ]>o&t of ALiguftua, 
jmd l)OTrow« th« word '^tng/ althougli Win pwm nfu: licit inesuit to 
be sung tmt 1-a hf t^aiL BliI llomttr U in PAm«>flt vhvn Iw eavi, 

In llie t^pictt of Vergil, DiUlL^^ ami Millou. nuore gr^uw and fiutsdi 
ai\' i'ij*wto(l. and moit atiidi^il thoujtht 'The capita.] dintinctii 
ul' Ht>m«ic ptiL-try*' na I'rofuBoor J«ibt> tula woU ^aid, *ii* tUat it 
Lt)t tluf frc«lui««t« and litmplidty of a pnmULv« ag«. — a^U the ehiuiaj 
wluHi tt-u njnorifttc with tb* " r-hilJlitKid <*f Ihi* wurld " \ whili' on 
tUr rtlJu'.r hiuid it 1iai< roinjil^lrly niniufnit;tHl T.lif? rmUriirjisi nf form, 

tHn struffifloof thouglit witU lai)hEitiHeo> the tcndcrtioy to tcrotoiqueor 
Lf[Qobl« modes of «potich, tljc it^capo'^ity fov oquablo ]n&irit€nAii4?Q 
of a higk k^t wliicb bcloiijf to the primitive ^x^v of lih-rutuiir/ 

e* A gT«cit Natural Epic U( pcmaiblo ouly in a iiaticn wbii>h lifts 4] 
riob imd viiri*?-! mytholojQ'. lIont^T tlw Komaoit. being whbovit 
A rii'li injth«lot'_v of tliftif mvn. ihjuM huvi^ lio grnii. NHiuinl Kpir, 

4- The oxptidttion ajpunst Tro/ wm tho Un^irac of other i^oeiiia- 
th-%n liic flkiil ^\iA tKo Odf/utt/, hit tli^y hi^vc lonji bceti lo»t» and 
littla ie known of thvm, Otie, tho Cj/prvi (rk Kvrpiu, ^f". iVij. — 

ligliMl to $t3k8TDUS of C^'prna), told of tbe ev^ntg which jireceded 
19 action of out /rifr^f. The Atlhir^U (Alditwic. /r. frmVru, — 
aajiii^ii«il Ui ArHbuft itt MUeluit) bJJ i»f thr Hvprts whirh fullowrtd 
ihti utiom of the Tliad. Tb» Jiiupfrgla ClXuvf ntputt. — a«Aiifnnd 
bo Arctlau«) uid tho Ai^f^ Hiitti (JXtoi Miajjo, — ostii^iuMf to L/^uihna 
of I..o«bo«) «ftiiR 0* tho doatnii^tion of the Trojun city, Thr* SmrTOi 
{HHumA, — aMigQ«dto Agios of Tro->/on) told of tho ndv^ntur«« 
of i!v* Ac.haeans (^Frxoc^t Odyaseiia) rn ih*>ip way horn* tj> C!wer*> 
T1i«se iiovins wrre mitrli briefer Uian tW ffuid fuA (hiywtjf ; prub* 
*Ux j^ t^tthtf wer« rot umcU lougi^r than the J/iW ijc^iv, 
Aooordiog to Amtfltli\ they had Jcast poetie uuity tuid Io« dr&matio 
doloicao tlmn the Homono pocnuL 

•. The H*tjyirhom'ith%it. or if'ifrorAom^fltrtO'A »« ** HftttU of the 
Frogi ukd Mica^. a btirlea^ue *®pyV whic^U was onp« thouft^t to 
bA«Qe of UuniAr'K Minor Fo^uis, wae ooiiipo«<id jtrottiLllj; not far 





fi-nmi llir tuiio of tliiT Prrntiiia Wiltji, luid in mi^i)fno:l witL rvaeon to 

f- Tlio lUruf'riP JJtfirtn* (t/i Apollf), Dcmctcr, ApLrwiite. Ildmios, 
ftiid othnr ilirinitioB) fin of difT<*rnnt $igQs, and ii) lUetn uiui-k mate- 
rial of liigh antifiiiity is combinod wiih what \a comparativ^'ly 
twf'iit, Tbpy ftiii epic raUi*r tliaii lyric lil Tiji-iu aiul HiMirier. Tn 
Utr HyiLiiL in Imitur c^f Duluui Apollo H«-niA l<i W diifi t)in iixiiig of 
th»! sUity of Houn^r'd bliudiiefln, for Llie t-otft of tliat * hymn ' sftj* 
thut bo i» & blmti Uvrd ol" L'hiod. Tlid abortL^r ■ b} inntt ' htc n kind 
of 'irratits l)«lor« ui<»itV becuj^ iiil^uded lo b* Ktmg a« an ibot of 
homflgo tfi Ilia gniU \M^toTv. thu rwribitiou of snrno npio Rtory. 
Tw<i|jty-»4cvcri of Tlumi hfivc ciicli Ir^g tbiui twenty-five versed; only 
aevGti iu« Iviu^frt. The loiiKiMt (to Umuc^) liua ^SO v^ntea, 

3y A> Homcr'a Atory of tJ^O •icfrc of Troy <^rUkinly was not 
iut<.*udod t^ bo a history of on aotuEd wfir- 1'bc po<!t sava again 
and a^&iii that ha te of a laT<"f generatiou. He askA tin* Mur<* to 
tidl tlu- Klnry^ ulncA? «Jm xlime known wliat reaUy h:ip[icii«d. 
DoiilitKwA niATiy nunli InttlvA wvja fnii^lit And iriAiiy ttui'h sieges 
eudiiL^d in A»\% Miiiur aboat lOfK) jc-ftre i>.cih 

b. L>r. Hciurkli Sdiikmaun wm ted by }ii« Homerto cnthiwattQi 
« few yoare oifOi t^^ excavato tli^ aito of Hiflearlik (- Ilium Ifovum^) 
in tlia Troad, tieaT tlie H<«l]4iaj>oiit, and that of Myoenaa in Ai^olU. 
In loth ]ilHC«i atf- foiiifd iudloationa and reniaJna of mel^ikt wvaltb 
aiid fKJwnr wlikli juHttfy tlitf Hunicrrm erjiitlie^ id llio^ (iut iv rati 

AfA*v\>r vTtfXit^pvv I 4IJI2, fluAvp^iic/Tiv, intKvj(itXiior S ^J^9) and MyiXtUIC 
(Jr'-tT./uHjv jrruAi'fSptf*' fi **fil', jroAuju^imiLo Mv^^nji 7 <1(W) ntid mako 
probablo thr bnliof that tho tttory of tho (txp«dttion a^ainvt Troy 
waJi fc^undod on fact, thv ciriliT^ition of the two cttic* wait »tnii- 
Tar, Tbn king rif Wyi^minp mav haw hrt*n t.h» cj-iitml jniw<T (^f 
P«)oprMm«8tJ8 al ui;i^ tiiati. An &ribada may havo U^vii kd by tlio 
kiii^ of Myet'ua^ against Troy. Tho u^a^aive wallb whUh have 
U^ou uaour«tvd at Hisnarlik, abuut tlirecf miltta frow tlie am. meet 
have hvta ttOeu Jong after tin; »aot «f tho city^ and would bo 
r^mindon lo lardt and jreople of Uu.- oonflluU on the *hor* of th^ 
H^Uwponv Tim iigrnniunil IwrtwcH-ii tlm niini«1 nity wbich tma 
l^een found vid thi- situation v^i^iimci) in tho Iliad U too exaot to 





D0 thfl work of «hiini)fS but. i>rrtnJlily iuo»l of thn Inciilenta out! 
rtnmrji iif hwnii'M wi»re uiveuleJ. TLiir irailititH^ftl date nf tin? fall of 
Twy, 1184 iix.. in not liiertiTrir^il. bul a ill aii»wtT A:^ Wl im anoihor. 
At tTiat timo the >l>'«tTiiiiCuii oiv^lbaiion waa lU it* hoiglil, but 
i]«ai'iii|( it* pIoso. 


4- *- Till- ITiJtuf lie Voem* utivc Ji ]»irturoi of life in (irtirtT wbii 
Llifr«i» ill iiik[H>itant pArliculars from titat of l\w cItudI^ oi 
IiiAorK'ul Tx^riud, Th« |)Oct hncva CO one nooiO for (trotkso 
o^poBvJ lo vlhvT luikdit, T1i« Oro«k« ^e ' Argiv<ie/ * Ai*hjioAiLH/ nr 
•lluiuaiirt/ Tbo 'Hellvu^s' ar» fL« y^t olI}' tTri< inliabil^TitH iif 
unu^ dbtrict in Hmsiilv^ Tin- numiM trf ■ALUua' aiul 'Pelo- 
]H«inc0u»^ ftrc anhrvil, Th^b«n ttct^ma to be in m'tua^ Atliena 
hMM no ip9ci^ dint^Qction, The cocitmnt cf iXinajia uttd luniuna 
is uivknov^ii, ML>nciUii8, IctnjE of SpiLrtE^ aad birs (country u<a oom- 
pftTfttivf>]y iikiAijtniflr-aiii. nlitmnifh iht^ Vfir vuji undpTt-^tci'n lo avukug^j 
tJi#< wvcniif ivhir-li bn had MilT4>]v>f] fr'^iin Pailn, Tlii> Virjc of 5lvi'Aii44|^l 
AKaioamuou, brother of 5Ifiuc*1aua, ja lh& ublef mouaj-L-b uf Grwi'eu, 
Tbo fijT*L*k colouirft ill tUe wwl aoU oa tbe ItUck Sea. luvd tie 
Grc.*ok vitic* of ^Vfiii Miuor ore uot iubnticsi«d. ili>uar;'li> pre- 
vuU; denocrociutt A-em ti-i Itv uulutown. Tbv king ik ;dio com* 
TUttndcT-iii^bief oT tlit ^irmy. judg^-v iiud pHoit; lut 1i»ad oT lb« 
ttAtJoii bi> irjiTr*tiitv ii; Uiforr tht^ jfinU. HIk j>i*W'*r is dirivid 
dimHLy friHij Zeun, but it U pnu^it^lly liinilt'd, Pnblii? opinioa is 
strtiojCiAJtliotijcb llQiurr ka« no word for l^tvr; lii^ riM^-oi^^uiEOk, rather, 
jiufiiufio«ui ({^d^cnu), Tliai ie, iho H<iiH*ri" Gpe<>ks had ^ \^ty 
«ira|jl« unvnUnn conimou la^^' arnl <^ifliflfuiil.uni, 

b- Monarcby [-i^vAtlA aitiotig tbe gmU a« among ni^n. Zeufl 
(' Jiipiiti^v ') Ia tuighllti th'^n all the ti^st ti>g«l1i«>r. Athi^cm 
f' Huu^rrtt ') \iid A^JvlJo ax« tirxt tti v^itun ii; puwr^r. Alhtim ix tlio 
cfaief divinity id' war. Aroif (■Ma/n'> is ocimpu-Atircly m^ii;iiiS- 
caiiL Utititter (■Ccrca*) ia niuncd but m time*. DionyBtis 
(* IHuehnj ') ia nut as y^t ndntittod to ilx^ circle ol gods on ntyni- 
put. Afr]f<plTi9 (' Ai»*t*idapins*) in Mtll a mortal. Fmu ajid tUu 
E}at^r» aw liukaoiTD. Thflgjft of projihtx^ is grant^l to iudividual 




men. The orAdd of Delphi is huxtlly iitentioned. Tomplc» ato 
uii^omuiot], and doubtLl^ae are atinpk^ iii Ktructure. 

Ci Tlie Homerio varrwr* roe^l tlwir muat, and *1« ufA boil it 
Tbtijr «U ttL littliU^N, 3uu} do ntil rtwlint) ai diDner. Thi^y hiiy thuip 
vrivoB by Intsci s'^^^e* <>^ c-atiJe to tlm pnn^ntau The muKt umful 
mof4J 10 coppor or bicnro^ iron h Httk asod. Coined money b 
luihnown; n.11 trade in bArt<^r. Tho oociipiLtioiit of tlw ndi and 
poov diffor httln. Vrinoc^A U^ni 6aHcfi a.ncl bLiild hf^iL^^^ princcsaas 
fptcli wfttflr and waah flut.hf-s. T\u-. brimr*i »itt thrip own bi.itoheift 
and ooolis. Life evea Id HoirieTin palaces ]8 primitive. 

d Th.ti brunt of Lattle wu borae li; t}ie heav^-ftciued varricjra. 
Of thoao Uiv Irn^u alii^M was tb« main arm ot dv^snitv. Thin wjia 
BO li^Advy tbttt it r<aidvroJ lh« thariol nouoiwaiy for aptwuJy luxd aaty 
tnumpoitati<iu from one ptirt of ttit- lif?id to flcothtir The btiltloR 
v/iitr ilH'iiifuI for t^u? most pu-rt Jry inffn-rnol winglc^ mim1ut«. No art 
nf war^ iii the inodt^ni senrw, wa^ known; the ('onim&nder-iii^Eiiff 
Ei^mI no pbiTi of L<ilU(T. T1i« amijr" li'id no 'iiiilitsLry urgAtiizatioii' 
into bri^iuIiTH, ivfj^iuK-'utd, cvTiLpaDit^s. or th« HUk, Ijioa^h cii the 
odviiw of IJostor [B If(Jl*) mymburH ot Hit* ^atue oiwi or tribe vero 
to light togcthL'r. Ajux wa!i not aiwayH with bib HnliLjiiiiiiaiuir uor 
Odvurui witJi bin IUi^li'Iiiim, The light^niuHl Lruo|i4 fur tlw 
iiuiflL j>^t HtfKnl ill ihr n'ur of the >ppj\niirti. but. m^i.-^LAJi>jiLdly ail 
Jiri^hc^r took biH plnor^ in thi; front lonk, pcrEhtpn prutly protected by 
a fricnd^s shield. Cnvalry wnro unknown. 


* ■. Brf'TTG tint Adivn »/ iht! \\\Di\. The fti'tion <if tbc JI%ii< 
it»rlf ourdTs only a Tew d&yai but many aliuaioua aro made to pro- 
eoding iivoita wbiob uompteto the etory. 

Pari* (whoHi* Ur<*k umo« wiui A!ex^Tn/er}^ ftm of Klitg PHani of 
Troy (or IH'is) oii the nbdtv irf tbr Hu]|ftipf»nt« in tlie iioKliwest 
tv>nu*t nf Aii\n Minor. (urriHl away Htib^n, wifu i>f Kiujj MuiiflMia 
uf 8]»aj-ta. T\n' Ad^a^^an* (Gr*ok>) unitwl t*) av<;nt^ the wrong, 
under <romaiaiid of AKainomnon, kbitr ^^ Myctr^n.0:, the brothor of 
MpiwUaa NiMtor of 'samly Pyloa' and Udy««uiiB of Ithaoa 




TiBitvd Thmulx Aiid cniifdcd AuUillui (noa of Pcluus anil Ota atrft 
foddflss Thetis) aiul hi* frictid ratror-hui. The (ireck» A.iM:mbIcd 
&t Aiilift, a Bocotiftn town on ihn ntrnit between Kiibotm and tho 
itjjLiulaii<l, oppoflite <']ialoitL Thorc a portent wag wen, ^hifJi thft 
»e«r l.^1cha;i iTit^rpret^icl to m^^ui that thf»y fJiotiTfl fight for ikiu«< 
ytnn around Tmjr, ami L^a|ili;n.* I.hv v'lty in Mie Ij-itth ^ve&r. On 
tlifii Tiiy Uj Tnjy^ Ua^y alopped at llie ihlmid of Lcjim<Wr whart 
tfcey wcitf honpitibty i?ntcitmii»J. and whoi^ tlwry laft oun of their 
chieJt4kJiinr ]'hiloiTt«ttK(f A'liu hud bcou tiitU^tL by n wntor itoilIco^ On 
ihf'it fttriviU at Troy^ MvjiclauA a&d UdyjiHctitf went to Ihr t^ity lu 
MmlttflUbdorK, Euxt drirtnudtnl thir n^titni r>f TFrlrti, i^'IiWj waa 
rsfuMtU 8nmi» nf tV<» T^l>jAl1^ vvrtx lli|^'(I ihni l1ii< n.irilHL8A8'Jrkrs 

}m pat to death, biiC theii boat Aiit<?iior uid oLIwrii jucuxtfd 
Ihoir s&ft'ty. The ActtveftDa Lo^ran the 8ic*et\ Tho Trujiuia sent 
to their D«!tKlibura and gaii3i*d ailioa, I'hu Ai-luu^n ititpa wt-To 
drxwn u]i ou hoid, Ktemji tovamowt. and i(U]^|>ortiTd by propK or 
tUoftf:<- By the aidt of tho t^iipsi ymra built bsLrriiclL* (icJUc-uu) 
fur the mriTi, 

ti- Tbe flif^t' ^^u) not Tery close. Tht? Oraek cauijj was ai a 
OQvmidorabLe dJatuice from the city, and the Givek.9 ruuld ui^it 
^VDt« all of thoir tinit] to liuhtinir. Ihey wore obliged to uinko 
expc^ditioua against Uie t^igbboring towui in oril>?r to ol>taia aup- 
plL*i, Id tlj^itf luarauiling forayM, tli* men of ihL- Himkixl Vjvma 
Ttfov killiil ur Hi<tit tit iithiT rminLricx to Iff Ki>kl ua hI^ti-;!; rbn 
ironirn Ti.-Ti^ ofl4;n btou^bt ttj thn (rn^^rk raiciji hi^fon- Trny. Whon 
III* action of thn fiiad c»[>cDod, the ucaltb of tha city of Troy 
WM ticarif exhaiietod. Tho Trojana had been obhgud to poy and 
npport th^ir alli^, and hatl bei>n abut oat from tho lufe oT their 
AeldflL They u«r« afrai<1 lo meet the Cfr«eks lir 0|>(^ti hattla 

C. Of tlie godH, Hvra (011110*), At]ii?ii;i, niid ram-idon ('Nt^p. 
tsni*') favored the Achnr^uui; Aphrodilt ('Vrii^M*), Atrj^ and 
Apollo farotvd the Ttojanok The vcakha for thiA iliTiAion of 
•entijitcnt are not nindo clear, Tlic 'Judj^mcnt nf Paria' witli 
regard to tho fv^aiity of t\u* ^oildt^ntfff*, and tho awar^ of ttie prtw 
to Aplirodit^i «Pf»(r to be itnknown to tlio autlvor of the /tiad 
(axi^^ijit, pofiAibljv O 2rt ff.j. 




6. A. Tho nation of tliw /^«'^ bojfinc nurly in tbo tenth yeat of 
thd wnr- Chiyst^ST tbo daughter of a priest of Apollo, had b«en 
captured on one uf tlie ntoranillng ^vp^lt^otia or t^i^ Aoh&««LUif, 
aiid \VHs ijivtu tij A jjiiiuemuuii ha tin* *f\T9Utvn'ii' of tla' -ijHii!*. 
The t-;^>tive'n a^d Uiilim tjiiiie to iJtt? (iiuck i.'jLni|^, Ix-Ariitg tlu? 
tili«ts of Apollo lui hi,i nftioiftl iueiij^i^i, and hc^^ti to lie illowcd to 
fjyijioin hifl djiiiHhtir'rf )jLit Aj^njoomEiou ndiit hiiii nivny. fjlii^litinft hie 
r^'jupet' As hit Mt ttiti Grac»b i^iunp, th4> old jirin^t iiiiLvod for 
vengeaiine to liis goH, Apollo, who hvArd his prayer a.niJ lent pesti- 
Ieii4>i* Tipiii the An^hiU'AUtL. For ziiiit* da} a the pla^uir mgeil in the 
ci;uuji, bul ou Uic Itnth Jaj >iu aMmmbl/ w^a c&UinI by Adiilleo, 
who ur^Kl IhiLt oomt; prophet bo quefftionod of tho cauM of 
tlio f;od> nniitrr- Tht! old KOcr C'ddifu; told tho trutli. Af^hilkd 
reproa^^liod AK^nemnon, uid thn two horoee qiiarr«1«d< At ]»Kt 
Agamemnoa 8«i]t ChrjrMng hojiin to her father, but took from 
Ai;liil1e^ his prl/j* of hi.'Tinr, Brla^fT^. ArhUlrw r^fusftl to %hl any 
Lon^r for the Athorimnt ^uid begged bU inihthi<r, Ujo nea gcHldt^nti 
Thctiif, to inrokc tho ai<l of Zpu^, tind to pray thnt vicloTy might 
he ^rtuitrd utito the 'rrojans xmiM lihc: AchitrftQn k'jtrnud to vnluc and 
honor hiT *on * might. Tbiit piuVL-r wft* t^Tlui-tatitly ginrilnd \fif 
7^n9r and th<4 First Itoolc of th« //Jo-f rloKi'n with n ^lalfdudirrrm* 
81'cLe im mympiis, wIii-j-h ^eiis vms tf\ini^\h*'i\ hy Jlrra. Utr ^'tMhx^ 
tu Lh<? rei^Lie»L of TLulia, — iii iJm eveuiii^ ol' the tWMLty'tlrbl (hiy. 

1i. At ih« opciLtik^ of tlio Bevond Book of the /f»W. at tlio he|:iii- 
niuR of tho twtrnty^flCOQtid day of tho pocmV oution, Zi-uh »oiit to 
A^omcainon a doliuivo dnnun. hlddirg him to xrin Xho Aohoisan* 
forbfttil*, wir.h all hwrli*. Afttr a cc.imi'il of Iht- tldrr*, AHamnmiion 
tried the t*^mpi>r of thi* ao]<li*Trn by proprmiinf In n-.tnni wt nun? to 
their biiiues. Tu \u» gviof, iLe ttieu acceded eLthua]£^tiea)ly juid 
bcgaa immediately ihd pTepajattom fov tho vc^aKtr They wcrtr 
Btvppod by OdyiAGua, tvho at^tod uadL'^r tJie dirvotion of Athena. 
A tacoad aoeiuhlj vm held, tlio UruolcH woro ahaaiMi and uwod 
Into Temaitiing* juid they pnp.iied for battle. An tlitf Aohaeou aiiuy 
adramaid aguinKt Tmyj thu piM't |muu<n in orcW Ui gtve a iimattyof 
Iho torccs, — ihu 'Catodopic of tiic $hip«/ — which i» follnvrvd by 
« LoAA elahoiate couiutratiou of tlio Tiojaos aud thoir allies. 





u At thff bf^ginnitLK of tho TKinl Doiik* Uj« opposing iirmii^Ei wntr 
ftUiut to iM^rrt. vthiTO J'avip <.tLAlleiigr4l Monr-Uu.^ to aoiuiclc combat 
irJiicb fthould dcoido tho war. 'i'ho two hiialiimriD of HcJnn, — the 
wToaged M^nelaus anfl th^ ofFendinff PfLni^, w^ra the tit ctiam- 
pkna of tlie two ai-iniM. This st^^ne would naturally belcnig ic tlie 
Cinl yrv of tliif wiir; biit na tLa ptieL lie^tuH hU nUtry in the trfiiLh 
y«w of thti wa.r. Uip bpttt Uf. vna du ii to iiiitke Uiin iiJiulnit Uie 
bcsilk&irig of thf? rfnifiictA whirvh Lo <Jc(ic-nlM^A. I'niini wiui cnllrd 
frgui Iho citj of Troy* E^ud a truiv wuia ntrunk: If M>^noln,n» alcv 
Pfth«t tho GrooJifl vorn to tak« Holcai and (wioc'^Uy ri>tiini to th^r 
llMDAA ; it Psirift s\»w ^Itmolnna, th« Gn*nkH var^ to vithdraw att 
onw. Tklvii«1ftu» dtftftliM PftrJfi AiLiI hnd him in hUp^iwrr, when 
ApUnidite auiiLuheil up hit Tiujati favcrite, aud defHurKed Kuu 
sftfely in Lie Lomo. 

d. Tho tRnas of th« ttiLDc had not boca ftUfiUed, Ktithcr oom- 
bkUnt bftd haoa ulnini htit th« victory f^iirly l>«lon»M to tho G^f^ok0^ 
In cudsr thtit tt:« TrnjanH mi^ht not vurnaidar n«1^ii, ajid pr«j^rv« 
tMr d^, Arhpua (who hat^d '^^V) ■^<'''<^'*ni1«^ & thin) tm« U> ihe 
li«kl of vart aiiil irjtrilvd a Lyciao archer, n Tmjau tMy, PaularLu, 
to fto[H] aij arrow at Mpuf<taus. Tlie Orei*k l^rru waa woimd«], aud 
the Gfrtlt»f indtf^nant at this lrt^ath«roua broadi of lh<* truw, pro- 
pftT*dat<;nfle for tho tottlo. aud ajlvautiM upon the enHia/. This 
iloiy ii lold ia thfr FtJurtL Bcwk. 

t. Mo»t nf lIh* ?'U"Lh HfKik iM dpVTiliiJ Ui Uih 1>ruvii drscdw nf 
IKiuavd. «on of TyilriJH, of Argiw. Hcrik, Atrhnn^ ApbrTK)it«% juid 
Arte took put in the batik, und ttic two Utf^i dinnitips wrio 
vovnuUd by Ihomoilt v')lh Aibona'a aid- J)kjmod woitndod Acneaa 
alvo — thja nuddcnt to wJitoh Vcrr^il makes A«ii«iu a1hid« in Aeiuid 

U lQi1ioJ4bithH'^>k, iTieTrojaiia wtiruhartl pr«Baed«Mi4 Priam's 
brarflit aou, H«ctor, roturuad Ui t1i« city in uidor to iid tht; uiatrtins 
Mtpph<iatc Athenn'i mercy. He c<UIcd Vnrii bo retiirti to the ficM 
ci battle, and took a pathctio faiowdl of hin wif^, Andromache^ 

g, Tho dft7 vbtdi b«gan M tbo opening of tho 8«co!id Book 
vndad Qoar th» eloM of tli^ Sev^mth Book, Tbt» coming on of night 
pntaatop to a sin^e combat between Hector aiid Telaini>uhm Ajiu^ 





of ^^mitf- TIr* UTiaicH itrui-k n trw^w fur t»no day, for the buriAl 
of Ihu dtfui. Tlic Uri-ck* »pe:it uiwihur tiiiy in fcmiWmff a wall 
ftbout thuir «flmp, — tt wull wbtiOi u-iw not M-tHltfd *Thik- ActiUlc* 
wuH tiK^titjg cm f.lk'ir Jiiiii?. but whirli wn* tii-i'i^»iuy whi!ii th« 
Trf^jinm wrj'u rrjuly tit n;(»iiiiir thtf ctrViiKiva 

hp Tlic KiBlith llot'k Ulla of a brief dny of bftttlc, in wbicL tlie 
foxtunca of war wf<ro fi>jkitiiiui]ly ^ hiini;:in|f, lunJ in wMch Znu» oft^n 
iDterfer»L Ai Ihe i>lufi<r of iht^ ]!ijc>kt Uio Aohaii?aufl wer^i ciriveti 
into lhL*Lr cajuj), and welcomed t1u> appm&nfi of nighl wlkioli affon:l«il 
tlirm ri*]u<f fi'OTii [lui'Hait mill H.tlmi|L, TlioTr'igariH iiivuiE:i<'k^d npLin 
ll^n i^lfliij and ivcre coufulent of anuilitktintf llicir uuciiiiL*^ un tbo 

I. i)ti tliA itiifbt fcllowitifc tho bnttlo of Ibr ICi^btli }^akf Uw, 
GreEilc Ipa^lcrn ^pnt to Achilli^H ttti i^mt^Kivy, off^rin}^ hiiu ri<>Ji fi^tV) 
Mid bpggin^r biin tn rc*titm Ut ^,hv batilti, kit bi* nioiitly r»fua«d. 
The accLinnt i)f ibift mnb^issy frIU tbe Ninrb Boctk. 

jp I'bt^ Ti^nlli iSiiiiik iiarrati'fl tlie visit (im the »m»c niglit) of 
OdyMicii* mill Diomed to ihe Trojiui cusn^. when? Uu?y nUw Ithesu** 
the Tlirn<'JaTi Icadiir, who bod just iirnrod on tho tidd of nctioQ, 
&nd itiL])1,uj-i-l1 hu fninoiiK ntcodft. 

It. With tb? Klitvrmtb Book bt^ginia tht> third ai tb« four dfira 
of liattle of tb** f^\/7i ^,1 day whh'h (b)i?8 mf. cUis*' until tlit» Pivd 
of IL« Ki^bteeiiUi Uuuk. Ai^^cteujuou di»tdii;ui«bvd Liiiivt^lf tutw 
mere tbiui on any oLtu?r ort-ajioui bii! retired from Ibo tiold voundttd. 
liEtd wuH followfti by ItiouiPd and i..idyHs<?iw, who oXao ■wt-ro djeuLbl«(L 

L Tbc rcoJLUis prtfcHjd fortvutd to Ihc Urt*>k wall, ^ind, ftt tlio 
ijkiafl of tlin Twolftb liimk. H*'ctir limkr ilown tlw gir^iit gAtAS, And 
npi>nwl n wat for bb luiiEinuIra intn thn (rH'i^k rjitnf. 

m< At tb«o|jciiitjK of Ihe Thirteenth Dook. Poseidou vnaxo from 
the &ca in ordot to aid Hin Urcuka. Hora dis1.ra<^t«d tLi- altenliou 
of Zuua while I'oaoidon and tho AcUaftaua put tbc TiM^jand to I'out- 

a. The [iwvioita a^lLoii i>oiitiiiQra ilii-oiif^li tLv FourrH(<eiit]i Book^ 

0. At the cpeuing of i\v^ yitwviiili Itook. 7,vmt noticed what wu 
doitiK «ti Uii< Tnijan plaiu. m^d wrtL 1\iMiiiloii htuik h> btn bom^ in 
tbc ecn. The Tro]jiii« pic'^wd fonvani .-ig^aiii and ivaclird the (ircok 
ahipi> and Ibctor coUod for tin; th«t be might bum the Soot. 





p. At thn opening of the Sixt^Hnth Bcifik, Ptitrcwilurt Iw^^gwl 
AnhillL^f to alKrV hhn to tnUn his rciinrftitt!^ in lunipt. ttit^ Myrint* 
Uuu«, auij mtvi l\ic I'^Ul^-- Adi)11i!» ;;oiiBcntc<l, Mid a£AV^ Vm fricud 
kiia own armor to wc«r» but directed liitii to l}o 8Mti»5od with driv- 
ing Ihe oiiinny frcoii Hi^ oaapi and not i^^ tLtlcmpt thi- oaptitiv of 
Troy. I'Atroolua, Iia4r«v4r> becani« vxeited by ili^^ fi-ay, and fol> 
IowikI thu Trojans to the Vfiry g&te of tl]« city. TLrrv he w^Ld 
dlitin liy A|M.dlo iual Hrrtor. 

q, Moftt of the fVvfut^nth Hook m devoted to the battle ftrcmid 
the body of Patrorlne. Ilr-jitor stripped off th? «rmor of the friend 
of ArhiMes, but Ihr AnhafviEs with rtwiI difficulty BOfurwi tho 
oor^iee ainil rArriod it bv^k fo th« rninp, — hnrd pr^ss^I by tUe 

r. Iti llifT Gi|;htnu[itL Bouk. AiliiUes Itju-tiDd willi ovL-rwin-ltnin^' 
^i(-( cf the dniUi of Iiim cmjirade. Ilia u^olliifr. TUqUa. cahic tVum 
tbn Mtt to ncaiirort hLm. Him iLrtnor wim in Un^ handi* nf IffHrtor. — 
flttipt^'d from thr body of I'atrorliu* Ho roiild not «nt<^t tho 
iwmbat. I'Ut had only lo »pppar iiQArmnd At the tivni^h, ajicl tho 
Trojans urere frightpriwi away. 7TU mother wnnt to Dlyinpns xo 
beg fiJT Uim Waiiiiful artiior fmiu Ht^pliai^niH (*Vulaaii'), Herd 
Kidd iho tlijid dfly uf battle-, vrtm-Ii be^jui with tho cpetiin^ of thts 
EUta-t.-iLtb IVjok. 

■. Ic Ui« fiif^otc'C&th Bfiuk, Aeti]ie« wftf nrooncilod to Aga- 
RwninoQ- nil l^utxvd for Huutof and hia dejiire for vonf^qan^A on 
th9' flavor of Pfiiroohia r^ore IliEin c:vcr1>ftJano»d hl» moro itnclent 
gtud^tf iA\ ai'cciunt of ^}lf. quarrt-l of Lhs FiMt. Ituok. 

t The fourth of di« battlett of tlic /'iW bogion wiUi tlie Twt!n* 
tictJi Itonk. The goda deacended to ta.k« puit in ll^« battle, but 
did ntA afffv-t Its ifliiir- 

n. At tho b«pnnin}f of tJio Twonty'timt Itoi^k, A^hilloe hM 
dfiv-^n llip Trrtjami ua far ajt th* Rirap Snatniunlor, wJiTfh fln\4-*»d 
ab»*<ji tiiidtf^y Ih'twPMi ibiT eaiLp and ih^ rity. There niaTiy were 
aL&ill, aliDoid wtthouL r^ibLitiee. 

». On iJie ope^ioK of tl»r Tw«nly-ftcond Bot^k. Jill tL« Trojaiia 
but H«ctor wjve vithcr bilam or h^ fitd vt-iiLm titu wuUn of the 
oity. JEui Hoctor did not vi«Ld to the ?ntreatie» of Ma fftth«r Uid 



motlwrr, who, from the wnll, ptnyod hira to return, lie nwaitcd 
Adiillr-i: lind wiu i;lam. Hie body wtut drft|;f^l^l to t\w AcJioorui cftinp, 
flft^r tliA chnnot cf jlnhillM. 

W, The 'JVemty-thirH Hoot la lipVfiWKl lo the Imrial of I'atropluft, 
aiid like fMiera] ^uies in hJH ]ii»nor. 

X. lu tbie Tweuty-fouctli IkKik. tU& a^ed I'rtaiu, umler Iho C4u« 
of the fjodci. wi!&t tu thL^ Aubiwun ouinp ittid o^tH^ueti from AoJidlcs 
tho body of Uu n^jii Ut^tor. Th4> ' iriu-^utLdtiH, iuvKoriibiti^' Adjilloa 
Appured iu a (r^^iitler mood- The ourpfi» was UrougUt ba<^ to 
Troy, and Ihn piJi^m closes with the funeral rif Hector. 

T, ■- Cofit^U^i^ Auait/iis oftAf UhtA. 

IU IsTAODucTioK- A. Peatileiicc (iiinedaya)- A^aombly. Qu&r* 
rol. Beat from baitle (tirelvc daya)- Thetia went to Zoua on the 
twenty -lir«t day, 

fi. The Fouh Battlha bkkobb Thov. 

J. B-H 3S(K First great bi*ttltT *>^^ ^^^^ twenty^ ecoiu! day. 
Siitslrr ctDinhil^ 1>4^E»wreEk PiuiH !liuI ^leikelsm^T Hei't>.^ siLid Ajjix, 

II. H d81-K, Ildrial of tLe dead and building of llie wait, on the 
tvroaty-third and twcrnt^'foui-th daysn Second ^n^cat battle, on thtj 
2£thdaj. £mbaaey to Aehillcs. Odyeaeufl and ihomed entered* 
the TroJaL c^auijt, and killed the Tliraoiaaa and their k^Dgi Kh^os. 

III. A-H. Third giviit Lattle, nii tlie LweTity-Kintli day, Deuth, 
uf ratmduH. Hri>hhi-shm mjule luiciur roi" Ai'hilU'j*. 

IV. T-X. IVirth Uittte, on tho twenty -no virnth dpiy. AchtUe* 
killed HcM^r. 

y, VortrhVuifK, *, O. AchillQBahuefid tho body of Hc<'tor on 
days 27-38 (twelve dnya; aee «, abov<i), r.Ajnprt for llert^r in 
Troy on day* .^0-4' (nine days). Hnrial of Heri^r and »»rertion of 
a immudover Uia litjdj.oa the fortj-^i^hth and forlj-tiintJi da^ra, 

Tiiiit wheme ahavA tl^at Iho action of the ilUd covers but 
neven w<!Oka, Three of the#e are cocupicd by the iwtion of tho 
I'^mt book, Olid tbn?o hy that of the last two iiooka ; on ly four dayi 
am itpcmt in fiffhtiiii^. Tho tiurial <\i H«ctor and the tmitdtaj; of 
hin l'>nih m the Ih^h t^onk rOFreRpiind to th» bnrial of thn dnivl and 
tho buiHirjK of the wall about Dhe Aohaeau camp, after the first 
day of battle. 




K C^mtmtt* of th& Iliad in Gr^k UexttmtirFir.^ 

S, Vdfiitm 6* «p" A^i^* 'RX/n;* oroti* ;«ftfr>\^ t'Tri** ^icoireav^ 

4. i^XTo' flfui- A7o/*7j tjpttiop x""*-^' ''V**'^' 'VX*? 

7- 'Hra 4' ■ Ala'i ijoXtpu^t ftovtft ^oi'ot; 'li/cropi &i<]0. 

8. H^d' dcui> afopT}, 'VpiMOV updro';, 'ICvTvpo? cv^09. 

lOi Koinra 5tf' 'Pjjtf-ow ti^i* /t<tffaXrjv cXc Tvfi<^f>s ytrf?> 

11- A4^^^ &' ' ^ptt^T^cif Aava^y fidX/tP "Kitrropov avBp<^^ 

15. Mv' TptfOfi" ira\d/iT7<n «ar^pivrf rcl^^of 'A;^ajQ>i', 
1S> N|) ^' l]o<T«£a^L' Adi^off <pdTO<! tvira^t \ufiprj. 
14. Sri ^ KpOt^^S^v XtX^^*'^ *^^ TTT^r r^7ra^«t 'llprj. 

16. Tl« ' TloTpoic'Kov t-ne^i^j' \p-rjitnf KxTopov ai'^^fj. 
18. !Ej>]7Mt ' ftA-JC *A^(XiJt Trap* 'H<(iafoTov rjttptv onXa. 

20, *T ' pax^pttv tpiv fwpro, ^^pti ^' ^tI xapTot: *A)(au>i^. 

21, <Wi" /i*yoc A*'a«*'&io -Trap iji'owi^ TOTo/toio, 

£2, X<i h' ' apa Tph iF€pl T«3f«*: dyotv /tTd\^f''EiCTOp* 'AjfjXXcw 

24. *£i' Ilpui/i^ j^Ki'A' fLi X']^c9»' yrp^i htaiccv *A;^tXX«i. 
■AvfClwd in Aupbjidu*! GTATuniAticiui In the Palatiiu AnUuilofff^ ix. ^. 




Tho ftalion of the iilndy which oovow only si^on vc^(T|fa, or forty- 
nina day«, may bo dividvd jl« follow* : — 

1. ViaJt of Chryso* to the (Jpcok oiLmp, A 12. 

1-9. ?6atil«n<«, A IZ. 

Va. AsMmbty of the Acha^anq, A ^4, 

10-2L VUit uf thu ^Ib tu lU^ AetliiupiaiiA, A 123. 

21. Keturti of thy goOa to OIjui^u*, A '193 f. Vinit of Tlietin 

to Zi^utf. 

22. The AchEUintiHi propuro for bcittk. Single ^ornhjit bctwi*nn 

AfoDcl^usi und Pari*. TJio biittlo ho^n*, Brava drodfl of 
Diomril. Uprtor'* mi'fting ivit.h AniJrom«chp_ Sliigls 
combnt botweni IliicUff nml Ajax* B 1-U 380. 

23. Bmi^l of ihv tlead, !i 381-432. 
2t. Buiidiii^ uf u wflU Eur tbo AchEKon ctuup, H -132-18:^. 
25. Soooiid dfty of lattlut 9. 

Emlxusy to Atliilli^Ji, I. 

i;>d^Ki;<-i[x and ni<j»w*d riiti?r tin.- Ttnjnii c>miip, K. 
20. Third day of 1j»tUi\ Tht? Tiiij»r:> hrruk down tbo Grmk 

wflJl. Death of Patroclus. A l-l G17- 
27. K^ooncilLAtioi) cf A^^hitl^^s and AKtvmrmnoii. Fourth groat 

day of batt]4>. lA>ath of Hector, T 1 ^f f>l. 
38, Btiriul <jf Fairoolus, * 6l'-2^a 
29- runi-nil g:»m<*A irk ItoTUjr of I'atnxjUift, * 22fl^$7. 
2T-38. AchiUi^st dm^^K the body of Ilmtor itrouuil ttie btvr or t<jm1i 
of ratfoclus, n 1-30. 
PHaua visits the tcot cf Aohillna and ransc&m Hcotor'a 
body, IJ 31-6i6, Oh tli« avi^tii&g of tho thirt/'Oighth 
S9. PHiim briiigti Meotor's body to Troy, Q 6TT-7Ta 
S9-4r l*aiuc:it for Hrctor iu Truy, 7fi4. 
4^ Uurial of Ilf^ctor, fl 785-7^7. 
49. ErcQtion of a mound ov«<r Hector'^ luhea, D 7^8 8I>1. 


I STd. 



^^^^ d- 

7'ht Greek Forrr4 

;. (S«e B 41M ff-) 





■^ l4t1'1>Lii 

A. Nntloo* mhI OatiiinB]iil0r*. 

ah[t« ^^^1 




G 4i)|-SJ0. 










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(Ajnz, B<Mi of I)11ou0) 

B 3a7-5a6. 





R A.1tl-A-4A. 

40 ^H 








{T^fHiiioii^Aii Aj«x^ 

h Jj2T, 5fiH. 





11 ^^-M8. 





11 StiV-AHU. 

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A rpsidlntiA 


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1-f ^H 

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B 0:^S-il44. 




i Ulotiwn^av^ 

B 645-491*. 





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Ft'CfD Sjino 


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Ffmii tfaf> Sporail«* 

1) e7«-asu. 








From rhjbco 



10 ^H 

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B 71C-7Cfl. 





BT2W r»i- 

MO 1 


I'roni Orm^nimii 



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Projn ArgLu& 


D 7aS-T4T. 





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B 7513-^75^, 

urn ^^H 




e. Trees of Noted Families, 







AoAxixvos Menelaus 

(m. dTtAemneatn) <m. HeLfln) 

I 1 1 








Akacus (of Aegiua) 

Peleus = Thetis 









Typeu3 = Dripyi.k 

(i],gf AdraatUB 
of Ar^DS) 

DiouED = Aeglai.1a 





(4) Zeus 



(fovader ot Troj} 




Frtah = Hecuba Tithonus 

I (Hubaud of Dawn) 










LYCIANS, Z 153 ff. 













8- Afii^r fA? At^ion of tA« lliiul. For part of tlio la^t act m the 
BiL=i^* of Troy, iiMlic<4iltonti exist in Llia Jfiit'J and Oiiyvtc^. Mm>y 
oti*it d&tailft were- SJldwl bj" inlw jkwU, i»»jjyeuUly Ij Uione ui tb« 
Arthiopjji, this Hiu^rrfUf wid tiu? /,tWff /JiW/ (§ Sii)^ 

t. AfU:r tnht; cli-uttj of Ht^i^Uii, hlir Ajitik^tin^ riuiir 1ji tlic help uf 
tho TroJAn*^ TVir <iucon, JVntHcsiUX was slain by AchiUos, 
Hciniiou, — ci couiiii cf Hector, — tW bcnvitiful wjh oi Eos (/'^vn) 
and Titti4nu«i oAme witli Ittit Anihu-pmns ll(i «l4fw N^stor^B son 
Antllochus, & dear frleiiri of Ai'fiUlPS, but was th&n hinaelf slafn 
by the mighty huu of Tlietih. AclilLlt^^ waA ov^roomo by Apollo 
uid l^airis. tm be >^'aK jibuut to furtC iui t*iJtrAnce tu t!ie (.'Uy tUruugb 
tho SoflRAii Ciittv. His tiu^hrr rJiinc fri>Eii Uic ,-a.'ik witb her ctiAtor 
Kcrciil]i> Had bcvniind hiin. Sho oilbrnd Iiia bt^iitiful unuor a« a 
priMT to ili4i brsiri>4t <if tlw Grtittkn, nnd it wn« nv^j^vd<.d to OdynRciia. 
Tplamoniari AjftX wi*nt mad in bis diwapjiointTPcnt m. not r^iviving 
tlie &raior, and (<oiTiriiitted &uleide. Parid w;i8 fllain, &111I H«leii 
U^r^mt- tb»' wife tif liiH bnitliMr Di^tpUuhua, l'hiIofl*t«i, il»« Ijearrr 
of the bow of Ilcr^Lctcd* wu brought from Lrmnoei. wheii? hi» h;ul 
bcon toft ($ 3 II, B T21 fT.); and NiMptolcimiaf tho ymm^ mm of 
Aobilliio, w&9i t:in'iLKht frcm tho icJ^uid of ^cyrutt, Udystvns eutvred 
lb* city of Trtiy jlh a ?py, in ihft gnise of n hcgpar, xni.\ was royog- 
nined, ami hi'l|iwl out of U»e nityj Vy Hrlcn. Atbi^im ^ngg^^sLl?ll to 
Oiybaf'UA Uie LulKHnK c^f l\w ' vf\x)dfii horst%' iu uhidi the brareftt 
of the Actmi^uiia wura bJiJdr^u, ivlulci tlic n-Ht s^t ilro to t]ir>[r ctuup 
And ahiIiyI bwuy. Tbi? TntjiLUd iir;if;^<d the woodiu tiorso within 
their vUy. and nt ni^lit Uil< Uri^i^ki rvturufMJ, tind Tioy v^tA ftOf'kecL 

b- AgEUiitMiinoii iv'ai'bed home ui xiLfety. but wua lrt<a«:b«roi|Jtljr 
ntiirdrriHt by hiH wife iind bis fiotiiln. hnr pnrnjiimir, Anfficithiu. 
Mcnclaua vru drivirn from hiA coiimi> by a. Atomi. Mo«t of his 
*hip« wcro wTOclwd on the coMt of Cttta. Ho himsrlft with llelt^ 
WM carried by Did wind to I'^pt^ nnd w&ndorod for oiglit y«u-i 
b«fot« bis return to \i\h borne at Sparta. 

e. Neitor^ Dkoiii«d, and Idonn^nnna rPEu^liet) boine safely. Ajav 
the iHm of Orh'tiA. wn^ vinivkfAl aiul drowui^d. 

d- Odynania wiui drivim by a iitona (pi^rhapa tlit Munv as tJiat 
wbicb drovQ th<.- ahipicf Mi^nclftns to Cr«tv; Att ^, abor<>} to th« 




land of tlifl Lfftus-^'aLtc^iR. tWm^o Lo tli« island of Polyplicntqn (4)1 
tUciiou to tin; inbi^d of A^his. to Iho ttutd of Ibo Lflcsb vKcrtinns 
(whi^Mj cUtpo ot lus twtlvii «Ju^)6 were defltrojed), ati^I lo iJl« 
iHlmtl of (-irt^r wli^o tie and hiii ivjiTiiimiiuun rvniuitiM dtitiii^ 4 
ifflar {n). Thrn thvv wrrl to Harlcv tA) U» cuijiult tiit* olU aw*r 
Titvsio*. Oil tliwr icTitru tlwy put^i'd Siijlla luid rhaQ'Mtn ; Hwy 
vAsnc to tl» ialaiid of the Suij, utd (iiig<«l by fiungc^i) killed onn of 
Ilia cowt. Tboj wGio ptiDi^iicd by eliipwrook, fccmi whif'h l)dy»0ou« 
»Jo&e «eoap«di «s innoiciii t^f Ibo otfensd against tb^ ^uii- Jiv vf^g 
borae 10 th^ UUud of CaLypau (fi), vhere he reciaiti^ for eight 
y<?arft. TliMi biT T>?tiii'iit<i] tf> lii* \iom<s <m Ithiu'H. enduring triiiuy 
sulTrrinyn on tin? w»jr, but r^/riTiiij; kiiidty htisnitJility niiU aid fiimi 
the rhi(<jW!LjLriB (C-^> ^oc 9 9 j^fn). Ho fmmd hb fiutbful wife. 
iVndopc, wiTTOimdjM by n lurn^* rnnfiniiy of yoiin^c and uutolcut 
mitont Tbo0O ho kilUvl witli tlitr hoJp of Ath«n&,Tc[lfttuMbtiirflncL 
two beocbmeikf and r^fpiinod bis kiiiirdom. 


ft The attion of the Ody^^ctf opr*na iit tlu; ti?nth yoar after 
the <1om; of tht; Trojan Wnr. ntid twenty y«atit nfter OdytiHCiij and 
tbp fithr^r Atjban.'Uifl b^ft tticir hoii\<u. for tho Hin^ itf Tioy, but 
<hly)iw»» b^ not yet retiirnpd n> UhftpjL Sinm tb* hnpo of 
hui Tottini iVftS ftbRnf3oii'>d bv a11 hut bin faiihfttt wlfn, a <^rowd 
of aiiit^ra fmori' tbau v. bucidrttl ui nuiiiberj fv*r the Laiut i>f tVucl- 
ope ^Btluircd at hiK puWu rtum Itbii:^ aud Ihu m-l^'hWiiiii! itilancU 
4&d aJ]0r<«, For four yviU-s tlioni? «uilow hwl feOdted not^^naly on 
thv ktfL|;~v wino. tlo<*kM. imd hcniit. Tlu* throat of Itbai'iu induod, 
would mtiimlly di>6«ud to Trloirmrbu*. OdvKSiiTUBi' only *o». But 
jiiirt 4x thw widow of tbr rlfU'r llamlrt fftmi**! tho xrrpii>r of 
Dviimurk tii b«»r lirw bLmlmiir], nifttjdiim, )^o tb^-jic nxpirantft for 
IViK-b-pr's bftiid ea4:-h bofic-d tu fa-niu vvith W tlic kiiicdoui of her 
fOTiDGr biiifbond. UdjOdL^uH wiu atilj ;>d Ctidypeiy'a talaiid, U^giBt 
in tbo for vthL 

Ah K»rly in tb^ First Book, OdyRfi»;ig' patroa Mint, the goddea 
Atbj>iu, look otuMtflion of the ab»eoee of Pnmidon (whom 0dy»«i8 
bju) onVnded by tbf^ blinding of Poly pherD Lin) Xa ivniind the guda 





of tlio huft foto of tho IthacAAr who Tfts pinmff Air&7 iii hU 
loiiging fnr homo, Zi;n« sent her to tho island of [thac^ to 
direct Odysseue' son TeUmachiis in th? couree wfaiob hd should 
]iTi?9iiA, And »aid lie would aeod Hermes tt:> C^lypao with orden for 
OdjbHeiiJii' rele:uiti. j>h*« a|niTOJU'hwl l\u'\ [taJafc (if Odyawfiiw in lli« 
|[ui0e of a Tupbiim pruico, Mciitcn. iuid t-laimisl to bv iui old ^ncnl 
of the honno. Tdemachiift told her his stoiy of th« long Al>flciioe 
of hie ftLth<ir, without tidinj^ii. nnd of thn persistent iosolcnco of 
hin mother's nLitnrs; and AtlL«<»A lulvised liim to viait Nestor, th« 
oldest and witrfit of tha Acha^n chiefts-tits, at Pf 1u4, and Afeao- 
laitH, wlin liail reoertty rvturneil ta ^[rATlA from an el^lit years' 
waiidciitig. ThuAe mtglit adTiae Itiui wibh reg&id to Mb faUior'A 
TCtum. The poet deviwa tJiia journey in order to himg T«lenii^ 
uhus into oonn^tion witli nonio of hut futbor'a frii?i:ds, fcUun utford' 
ing on opportunity to tell of E&omo i<viAut« whifJt hud h^pi^vntrd «iiie4 
thfl flf^ion of tho fiiad^ 

b. In llii' Sm'fnid lVx>lt of tbi^ Oili^jnit^jjj THVinsv^lmn <^a!1imI an 
uHtieLLljly Dr the IthacaLiH and dtuouuut^ Llie baiLuLhi, who thi^w 
the hltuuo for their coiirae on Peniilopa, and nnijei Uml ahc aliouJd 
retiim to her fatht>r'6 honio and be j^ivva in mairi:!^ U> a nnw 
biuband- Athena, in this guiflu* of hi* I'athur'B friend M«nlor^ nL«t 
TdiTDiiki'liTHr aiicl iimmiised t^i simue iv (hip and tn utti^nd him lo 
Pyhw, in tirdiir to <'jmjmll Ni*«tnr- This Unit, with Tfli^iiunhiiH mid 
• few 1:0111 J I an ion a r ^t out at frwuinif, 

C. Aa the snn roso on tljc third lUy of the action of th< O/^Miry,, 
at tha l>e)£ianin|j* of tlie Tliird Hook, Telomochufi, aiiHioiitpaniod by 
Athena, reaj>hed PyluSi and foniid Nestor and the i'y]i•M^& offeiiiLg 
■iu*t4fiue to PoB«1don on the shore. Ne«tor advi^d T4?leniachu£ to 
Btek the uiuiihol of Meuel^un, and ttful hJH inm PUitdrniuH to ttHMirl 
ban to Simrl.a. 

d. At tho hi^innin^ of the Fourth hook, at the nlosc of th« 
fifth day of thn action of tho Odifttrtf, Tdr-inochnfl and I'iuLittmtnji 
rvaohftd th« homo of Konalans. IT^on rpcognivod TcrloRnurhuii from 
hie rp^tPniMnTii^** tn hW fatliPT, St^^ries rif Oiiysaons* valnr and 
|inideui% were told. On thf* next <iay McueliiuFi rel&U<d jjart of 
Ms own ftdifCDtmear edpeciaUy }ii» moeliut; witli tlio old >e& god 




L^roij^us 111 K^pt, who hail Uilil him tliat Od^aseua was d«t&lDed 

At tho close of tlie; Fi^iirtli Book, Peiielcjp«'a mitom on IthftOft 
Ivomod of the voyaifo of TulomucliJA ibnii planned to lio ui onibiuh 
tor htm uid kill hLiD on biM mtum. 

«. With tliD Fifth Rocik ttcRitit tb« Od^t^ty prap^T, tho Nan-rog 
'OAutnrToc. TIiim tVirjk jvimjiriip* th^ 4>v«*nTi9( of r^hvimij^fivA clny^^ 
ttuvfOjUi to the tbirtj-UfHt mc1u«iv«. In the uLrouolojiiy of t>ha 
,Ure poem. [ii a ix>uucil <if the i^oda T«iry ]ik« Uiut at Uil' beiria-i 
nlag of tho Firat Book, HuriuBBj who for aomu vm<:xplaint^ resMn' 
ifid not go 10 Ogrgin aftor the foiinbr iiOLUK'il, wm dupatohuLl to 
rKljpdf>'a ikIuiliI, wfim'i< OdytiMeuEt liu^l ItLH^n lUicitntsl for i^iglit y^tTM, 
in ontp.r t<i inri'urn Wis. mT-iirn, RKlru^uinUy <^i)}'jiNr> tnVX t1i4f ItliAc^iui 
thftthfiniahtdcfrart^ Odyascushiiilthimwrlf niud«bai9oaQ>i set out 
upou hU rctuFTk, As hcivasiipprcEwljLiiic the land of the ItiacacijuiA, 
he w&fi 901*0 tv Pofloidon, who rused a etona and wrecked bU oroft j 
but he vru hrou^ht ^afe to laiid by the ««a goddew Leucotl:«MV 

1 tu Uw Sixth Book, Athcufl ditf^^^aUd to N'nuaiiifLU, the* btautiful 
Fh4i-«rijiii prinoRjui, U»ii hIu- sImjuM ^* Ui tin? rivnr lo wiuh tho 
fntii]l> gvtiw^iU. Thi- prii^iT-M wr^nt to ihn ^loir, Attniili^ by 
hw uAidn. A» they wi?rp about to r*iluni> Udyssoon, who had bcoD 
el««pibg. itxhnnsMd by lh« oxoHicmia citt^^ndin^ his ahipwraoki 
Avojc?, and rvtwivad from thotn clothing, food, and JiistructioDS » 
to thp wU^t iTiann^r of a[if roanh to th« Plisieacmn kiag Ali^lnoUAn 
TliSMtan* l.lie t<v«uta of 1I115 tltirly'vei.-ortil dav. 

t* The fttury of Odywciia' iv**ptioD iu Uw.- palaw of AkuioUi — 
iatbeeTenin;; of tli<^ thir^'Dcrctidday — occiupi<j6 thd Svvcatb Book, 
b. In tJio Hifchth Book, Oiiyrtu^iia won mtrivluecd to tho Tho^a' 
^^^ Cim iwbto, ^^ on tiiff thirty -third day of tho lu^tioc at the potm, 
^^p 1- Tn tho erring of tjie thtrty-third day^ OrlyHumv Ixr^an hi< 

^^^ "Apolo^^ to AlrlnoUa/ — tht? Klitrj or liiii w:Li]di<rtrkg4 irnnipi!lat4^1> 
I aftor Lokrine Troy, ia the Ninth Book, luid t<}ld of UU anlveutumA 

I (a) at I«inani3 with the ri(x»iiPiiti (3£>-61), {b) wiUi the Lotus- 

I eotem (l>S-10l>, uid (0 in ^<> wvc of Polyphuuun (105 555). 

I T^ lut adTpnti.r*' alona ii d#«ignat«d by the Groek oAptiui] of 

I Oit Rook, KiwAi^vcici. 




J, lu bhti Ti'utli Book, OUyiWiua I*1Ih uf his visit Ui tin- iBlimJ oS 
AooIlls (tlj« l<ird [>F tiic- wiit(li()i oH tliv dt^ritrvutkiii of hiit oiittro 

and of liis year ai the jialat^ of Citocu 

k. Thp KlfiveiuTi H(x<k i* "OPtpt^Hl by Odyweus" etoty of biA 
jouruev Ui the laiui nf Hfnies, in oriler lii iMJunalt tJie atiul of 
tlu! Thfeliaai m-ec Tijt^niiviL nml ol" his mL-HLiiig wi|,l» Urn shad™ of tlin 
tleftd, ttiiiou|7 tbeui Mn^ hin uurlhw. A(;rtLUietiiiioii. jtQ<l A-^lnllci^. Thn 
eonialtntion of Tiivniu*^ acoatt in h^vo Uhmi dt^vincd na tin tH^rns^ioii fcir 
tho intorviowi^ with hij& iu(Jth<]r aad tJic^ (^hk■FtftlI1Jl (}f tUn Ai'hrutatis. 

h In thpTwoHfh Il(M»>, 4)(I)TJMimi: t-Us cif hinarivontiirps with tha 
Sirens, ariri with SrvHaaiiil rhar>biliti>a"'l<'f hisftimisnlefl'slflu^ht-T 
of iitic vi the i:atlJo k.'{ t)io 8au> - — in Jrturu fyi wJiiclr Uwrir Kliij^ waA 
wTOukt-U, and Oil^fificuje aloiio vtaa carried hy tlie wavia ia tiufoty to 
Cilypflo"* ifllaad. 

m. lu Uw Thirteenth Book* Odja»eud was br[>ijght hy Hn: rhactu 
idar>. to hiH own UUnd of Ithairn, -*in the night fiillowin|r th* 
thirty-foLirtli diiy, rcTMiiinntE tlin iu:tiim of the S(;v4rnth Rmik. 

a- 111 Ihc roiii'tr-fnlh H^iok, at ll*r sijggc*tif"|] of TAllna Athr^js, 
OdjTBWUA 50U>:I]L tiio remote d>s-clliirj;: of Ll£ faithful awiiiuht^rd 
Euiuacuet — in tho moniin^ of th« thiity-Sfth day. 

0, hi th'' Fift4>enth Book, OiT^t^eiia r«itiaiued vf\ih Buma^ui; 
timi yehminchnSy returning from Sparta, prot^ed^^d at oiice to tho 
nwiimhenrH hul, — un the thlrty-stfvwith ilay. 

p. In the Hixtecntb Book, OdytiAciifi tixudr. himAcrlf known to 
TdrmachTiH, nnd tho two |ikijnrd for the deotruotion of the 
eniton of Penolopa, 

q. In t)i^ Rt'v^Eitvifnth Book, O'lyifionfl wont to hU own palace in 
the gitkHi' i>f a h'-gi^iir. Anil wnn tie^tied wil1i wmitAn in«rjlenre hy 
tta auitora. — un thi^ thiity-eiKhth itay. 

r, Tu th* Eij-httenth Houk. tht ia-ioleneo to Odyueas coatinuoil 
I'uiicLopc rt'bnkt!d iu^t aon for allowing thu unknown Alraaf^r to be 
tLii» ill treated. 

1. In thn NinotAontli Book, Odyi^vf'ii*, KtiU in lite fpiixi.' of a 
heg^r, had nn ii^tervi^^w with iVnplope, — in the evening nf lh» 
thirty-eighth day, Hv woa recognived by hia oM iiune Eiiryd^ 





^^B wbo vtM fc4 to wn^h hifl f««t, by th^ ecAr of & wound which he 
^^^ KoelTed ill hiu yciith from a wild boar. 

I t- Id tt^ Twentieth |toi>k, a^ the thirty-ninth day broke, the 

I Buit^Jm muRiubtpij, tmil rjutinjh vn^re tnnigltL I'ur the TeMHt, fur Hun 

I wa» u fTT<iliT;il uf Api'Ud, 

I iu lb the Twcmy-firdl liD4>k, Prnclopr ofTcrcii hrr hu^biuid n boT 

I t4r the ffutt^r«, jirominiiif; t(t wed tho ono who rhouM striiiK it moftt 

^^^ *a^ily, iLti^I vhrrot an arrnw moAt iiVilfiilly at a. mark formoil h\ AxfS. 
^^V Th«> Hiitiirn Htfovn tn vidn 1o fimit ihn hna\ hut, OiiyRfleiii (who hiul 
now made himself IcTiowfUo KuEiiaejs theswinehevd&ncUoPhilDetiTiB 
the ueatlifrd), tu whom the iiow w«^ huriw hir Etiu^eua Ak^uiaEib 
th« tuitora' will, kwnt the bow. uud proved hia ttkiU in lirchery. 

r- In th« Twenty eooood BcKik, OdyftBi^us with hi* old bow slew 
thf* MLiiiors, with the aid of AtltJ^rmr Tuk-tDUchua, X^uimuiuii^ ucd 

w- Id the Twenty-third B(K)k, dlys^Heiia was reoo^iiizeil hy 
Fftottlopft, — at th« doae i>f ihe t\\\rly'nint\t day. 

^ I& tli» Twciity-fuurlh Bi:Hjk, ou i\w fortieth day of tht^ action 
of the |>o^iu, Udy&A«uB tvt-nt lu his iaria nud uado lumticli known 
to hi£ a^d futher, LjUirttft, U'tiilu hft ww tbope, the fritnd* of 
tlie ala-b Muiton cnnie out to ukr- vrn3i<iincc upon himr imd Ml 
prflparutJ ft^r tntilA. -^ e ^ira T.>trrt.rf>t n.L'mii)^ for thtt frnyt^lRit 
pcni^c wju made by Athena. Thitn thr «tory end«. 

I, 4-4. Advf^ntur^ of 'L>Ie nnaobua. 
I n. <"A AdTBiitiTres of OilyaaeuacTi leaving Oalypao's filaTuL 
III. I -|i. Previons iidvputnn^^ uf ihlysHPus, uii Ipaviiig Troy. 
£. r-m. What hapycned ofir.r the return nf (JdifUttt£ ta Ithaca^ 

IV» »*T> Udyu«ii« at the hat of Kunijicnia, 
\ V, ^-n l^tum of Orlyssoiia to hin pnlacn. 

VI. ^»tt. Odj«««ufttUya the suitors and r«gxinth» kingdom. 

TJda rlif iHiun of Oie pi^^ro htto tv(i innin [>nrtii, each iiiad^ u|< ul thrm 
BVc4Mn» of four boiJkj* ftaoh, »» cnrioiuly ooTuvni^nt m *n atd lo th« 
nvfinafy. Ihoiiflh it It ncit «Tuohjt#<l7 rtut; but no caw Hbould lUiiiKwf 
th»4 Vho Gnek |Hwt tuul such a divisJou lu hU nu&d. 


{10 b. 



b. Th« divisiou o( the Stad and i^yasey 6t«li into twenty- 
four Looks was uat iiuulci by ibe pot^t liirnHt<lf, cor wu it known 
in tbr nlaKsiral |>firii>cl Tt HPi'Uirt to liavt? Iibctii niudr' liy Ui-t MchnlAm 
of Akx&D^na about 2*30 year* >i,c- The ' bookn ' were Utirirdt not 
ntcm/emi. The larj£C letters of th« Orrfk aipljibt^t (A, B, F, crA.) 
&t« used by ficUol^rs to desi^at^ tho booke of tho /fur// ; tho small 
l^tten (a, ^, 7f jfrJt) toe used for tli« boolu of ihn Odi/u^tf, Tbe 
"bookft* vary iu leti^h. froi" 900 v^^twh (F) r^ 331 (£>■ 

c ThiT fJn'i-k titles jitetiteil U> iliH Heveml Louka cf the pocoiH 
oic of no dcfiuiti; authority. 8<^ine of thciu were the? tiUca by 
whiC'b the Uy« were ktiowTi ht^foro the diviaiciD into 'bookn,* u 
tho 'Kmvcry of JJioraod,' tho ^ Catlaif rti* ^^ Shi|)rt/ tho *Viftw 
from th* Wall' Others may have baen pf^^fixod by ^itorc iu 
tJke Middle Ag^a. 


U. A. Matthew ArrioM riniiinrrntra fonr cfis<intiiil nliaroctttr- 
iatic« of Hcmcr*» ^loi^try : * Homer is rnpU in bin movf-mcnt, 
Jfomer is plain in hh words and style. Homer is simple in bifl 
irlpfts, Homer ia noble in his manner. Cowper r^n^iTH bim lU 
be^miiie h« in alow in h\s. niov«iueat nnd elaborate In Jiis Atyta; 
Pojje recnlerij him ill because lie ia artUkial both iu hia style and 
in hid words ; Chapman renders him ill bccuuAe he is fjtntastio in 
hit! idcaa/ 

]f poet* nfid mujEtnri hxva thus failettr ckvirly it U no cvuiy 
af<blfweRi?nt to translatiT Honirr w*'ll, lo li*» at tha Knmo timo 
rapifl, plain» «imp]f*i anrl noblo, ~r>v tiw cE^ vilitii Auinjrrtai a^oc 
UUo6U. The bfKiurier cat) At lewit bo »tmp)o} he should aim to 
attain the otb«r qualilira also. 

h. Po|pe eays in tho prafaoe to hu transtatiou : - That whiob in 
my opinion ought tu be th« endeavour of any one who translatefi 
Homier, tK, ;ilH)ve nil ihin^, Ui keep Sklive Lhat spirit atid fire whLuh 
tiiiUctvi liiM chief i^haratibcir. In pnrtiLnikT phtees, whem the rte-iiKr 
oon bear any doubt, to follow the atron)[i?rst and oaost poetical, as 
mo*t affroeiiis with that character. To co^iy him in all tho rarifr- 
taonfl of hii i^le, and the diff4>r«nt modulations of bia Duiubors- 




To pr««nT« in the more ^ctfve or mor? tleeoHptire parts & warmth 
%ad elevation ; in Lbe taOTV svdate ur iiLLrnttivi*, a plniitnvcLfk muX 
floleumitj ; lu tlie H^Hwi^titH, jt fuliic^H juid |ifnpirmLy; in thi< hkii- 
t#aOM [fffn/fm/ian], a nhortmana and (rarit/. Not to ikcglcot cTca 
tbo littl« fifftirc* and turnn on th« wnid^, nor nomrtimr^ tbo yory 
out of Uift periods. Nc-tth«r ti> omit <>r confound uny ritos or 
cfostoin* of antlqait}\ ... To oo&Aidpr him attentively in com- 
pariaOQ with Vergil &bore iill t^e aiu^l^ntc, and witli Milton abov8 
ttU the luodeniti/ 

'Tha story cif the fiUid u the ^R£/«r of AdtillcA. the mopit ^tiort 
and iringlc nubjcot thut wad arcr cho^<1^ by any pocrt. Vet thb ho 
lioA Fuppli«(t with a ^rraU^r numLK^r of noun^ilAf «pi?«ohoA, bottlfiii, 
dud episodM of all kiada than ar? to bn found $vet) tti tlioan? pcema 
vhote 5phpmfm are of th* ntmost latitHrte and trre^larity- Tha 
action ia hurri'^l an witit the most veli^irj^itt spirit, And Its wholi 
duratioa oticupiu not so inEi^^h us Bfty days. Verf;il> fcir want of 
»o warm a ecii>>^'^ aided himncif by taking in a more (^xtmnivi! 
aubjcottM wdl Qj a greater Ipii^th of time, and contni^inR the 
dpsi^ of both Hoin«r'a pocniB into onn which ia but a fourth pirt 
aa larg^ac his.* 

c Covper says in the preface to his translation: -Tily vhlef 
boast ta Uial 1 liar* jvllivn^d L-Iuaely lo ttie ori^uul, tonvLuceil tliat 
eveiy departure from him would be puuitihtid with tin? forfi?itur« of 
sonw KTv>o or bea«ity for vhicli 1 i^ould offur no aubtftitut€. ... It 
haa btctt my point 4tt'«rywher« to bo aa little vi^rboae aa f>oaaiblo. 
, - , In thi* affair of ttylr, I hnve endi^^iVDured oi'itJicr la (Jmop 
noi to blnstrrr for no author is i^ likely to Itrtmy his trnn^iiitov 
into botli these fanlts aa Homer* tlioujf^ hiiiiaelf never suiity of 
either. . . . The pauag«4 which will be least noticed . . , art 
thcao which bavo cost me nbundnntly tho moat laboar. It ia 
di&cnlt to ki]) a ihtvyt with dignity in a modern langUAgs, to fl^ 
and to prepare it for the tftblf^. dritaiUn^ «vpry Rirrcmstancs of tfw 
pmona, T>ifnniU slso, without Ttnhing hf«Inw th« In7n1 of ixwtry, 
to hanaaa isul«a to a wjtf^u. [lai'iit^idjirizin^ ewry artiele of thsir, 
ftmutnt^ ttrapa, rings, st^Lplpx, atir) pven the tyuii; of the 
ttut kopt all to£«thur. Hom«r, who writ^ alwaya to tha a7i 



*ll J- 



with all hiA anblimity and gmndcnr, hu tbc mitiat^nefta of ft 
Flcmbh painter.' 

4. Two i>afaj3:^?g from thi ^o&t Goncjtn otitic, Lessing, arc 
worthy to bfl rfmpmViTpd in tliia onnnectiot) t <Th* picture of th« 
plague, Wh£it ilu we see on the oaitvjt^ ? l)L^iiiL lioi1ie«, the ft.-iinvT 
of funeml pyn^St tLo dyi:ig l^ual^d with tlic UirftUf tim uxi^ty gad 
upon a cloud disch&rffing hia arrovrs. The profiuA wriilth of the 
picture Iwcomca p(>ivrty iti tho jioct. . - . Now Int iiji turn to 
Hom^r hitnseJf [A <14 6^]- Th^ poi>t h^ro U oa f^r bpy<*nd the 
pftlnt^r fls life is belter than & picture. Wmthftil, with bow and 
quiv^^r, A^wllo d^flwmlfi from thn Olymjiiflii 1^>wi»m- 1 itol. only 
■ee hira» hut hear him. At cverj' abep the artowa ralLtt- au thn 
ahouJdi^re of the nagry god. Ho tint<,TS Jixtiong tha bc^t like t]i« 
night. Now ho necitn himaolf ovur ORQinist tbo ablp*, and with n 
tornbJo dattg ^^ tfic* xilv^r l>ow, Kondfi hi« tirsit «haft n^inKt thn 
tnulM and do^te. Next he turns his poi^onod [rl^stdly] daru n[x>n 
tho w;»vH"r8 MiPtns**! 1/09, and utioeasing blav.e mi evefy ftiii** tht» 
curpAi^ladeEi jjyrifft. It. ih iuipobfliblti to trjULshiUf itito jiii^v ulLer 
)augu;ige the muaicttl ptuatin^ hetad in tlie poet^a worda.' Laccrton 
xiiL (Mbn Frothiii^huTU*(( tmnaUtion). 

' Whi*n HoanT wUhf* to ttll iin how AgiLiTk«miion wojt drvniic*d 
[H 42 ff-], h(* mafci** ihn Icmj^ put on wfrry artidr of raiment in 
mir prrAiiiiiip : tlir luift X.\tT\ir^ thn (froat maiiLlr, tlir? biiHiitifiil xnn. 
ilalsp ;i.nd the Award. Whijii he i& lhu« tMj equip;jcd hu ^raaps 
bis ac0ijter. W« Ae« the t-lothi^a while tho poet is describing the 
aot of drevajnj^H Au inferior writer %vonld haT« deaoribod the 
olothei down to the niinuti-Ht frin^, and of the action we should 
hftv« MCn notlLlTi^- . , . Hl3w does he maria^*c when be deaire< CO 
givff k mor*i full find minviE» jiiirtvirf^ [II llll ff.] itf thu AnepLnr^ 
which ia here cnlW nnl^ n,:ii:r\ttra1 nnd undrcnyiniEf jiti ■ similar 
one in ftuother plaice U only j^umwiv vAchcti r«ru>i>(*W? Dori h^ 
paint fuT ua, beaide ttie ^-oldon nnile, tho wood, nnd tli9 (i.irrod 
beodr He lai^ht havo dono so bad h« b^^ writing a dMcnption 
ffw a iMJok of h^^riUdry, from which ai some later riay an ^Tact copy 
wax to bo tnadt;. Vrt I liavc no iluubt that nmny ?i Tiiodi*rn [met 
would liHTo givetn Fiich beniUlic dcsaription in the boneat belief 




tb&t Ii9 WHM e^aU/ n^ul^iiLjE !L 2>it'tLxre liiiu^i-^ir^ bc^'AUfK^ Im wjui ^iviitg 
ih« pftiiit«r material for cnc. But wh&t docs llomflr cure how far 
hi ouulHps tlf^ paioU^r ? InaUad r>f a copy, bo p^rea us the hio- 
tovy of the eoef'ter. Fir£t we se? it in th? workiliop of Vulnan ; 
then it aliiiiea in llio hun^A of Jupit«r; now tl betokens the lii^ilj 
of >Trroury; iiciv k U the IkiIou uf warlike Pt'lo[is ; and, a^Miu, 
the Blivpbrn]*H alaff of [»»-:ifts!oTiiig Atrt^us. - . . And so at laat I 
ktMVf thi.i socrptcrr l<ttrr lliao if a painter should put it br^fnTo my 
cy«, or a loi^ond VuLoan pvo it into mj hcuula/ Latn-oHa ivi. 

t I>irttt hijfttrurA*: Likn tho w^lt(^^ll of Holy Sfriptiiro, and aA 
in tli^ (implo fltylr of h^llit'ln and f»iiry t;i1»n hnd thp or^nvi^rflauon 
of children and nnedtiraUrd p^r^oiiH, l\\^ Ifonierii} pn«t Avoid<4 tW 
lUte of inrliFtft t/vtrutirse i lie haa jiu ioitg iiOhbH^vit m unttto Miquit, 
ih die maunvr d Ihc reported apetfchea iii Caeawo CouiDcntarica. 
H« ptt'iiLc^ quichJy from ^nd^rt^nl to direct di^uourAt?, Contrast i 

y^p jj\0< 0tta-i itrt v^t 'Aj^wf | - > > ""* Ai'iTticru Tutnif 'Ayiicjvc I ■ « ■ 

^ofiiiroi ^t^ Wiiv, Jicr;/^oAc>' 'AiroAXcina A It^ tT. wiLli tU iRiiiLpli r.iAti 
vhifli usea iudir^ct ditcuuvae. A^ur A Uptvi itx(T« JaciVocc ^ir rouv 

i(c4<i/i»4vc Avoiivi vpu v^> ffiOf qr&Kr^rvTni itrA- ih I'Icito lif/i^ ni. ^'^^ 1C» 
C/. aleo A :il)S tf., V m n., ani JfW */ fAe A^oniUt ll: * ll<i wm- 
lunad^ thflm that thny shonM , . , wail for th# prnmiBA of iha 
Kaii^er, wAJrA y« Afif^i ht*ird •>/ mt^* 

r Pr\n<iitai CiatistA^ Similar to tlia avtjidaEiee of iudireob 
didooiirse ia Xht poflt*a frrqucrit and muiy trantiition from a 
jtabofdinati? to a print'Epal t'iactaer, ua 01 >4<ya jrcb-ru'r ] 'Ap^W 
■partu IM4 ot mtVamu "A;^i«oi' A 7S f. 4/'Ao rtf^« M'lVA miff/tt **■«■ 
a/^ /A* Ar^vfM and khn. (for tf-Aom) Me ,Wrt*DnJ '»*'.V. » *ri iraAXd 
jufyipv, tiWr ti ^1 i'T« 'Axniiiv A ir,2, O- X^xi, Jt*. i, I, 2. Thia 
dungc U itiosl frDr|ii<^nt at a caca^tral pnu»« or at the cIoi»o of a 

f . 'ilsuj the poet deeerte the participial for a finite cofistruftion, 
a« loifftv T< riffwTir(y«tfl4 AjWiti t' l^aXKctv T SO, wlier* T< . - - r< roarlt 
tlin imperfpct aa corrtfUtiTe with th* participle, C/, B 594. 




Kl. Qnftr af Wttrda. Th*» DimpLiciby of the Homeric orilor of 
wor<]B is luoat cle&rJy Atvn bj comjfuiiis a poasage of llom^r with 
rk aimiUr piuiaa^' of u lutcr Ltvi^ck poet or of Vcrf^. Many verges 
uf thi- Iliai utid Odifjitct^ cum b« tranflntod into Englith, word for 

worrl nx llipy itlind^ :Ui if^ntud* U ^/hjtf upi^ wnKiy 'Utrinn^i, | ri^i- A< 

ttaXMfip^av rrA. A 306 (T. Wlifiii Uje uriJer iliDei-s «isaeutUllj^ from 
tlie Ea^liah, tlicrc are geaerally rht.'torit:al ur poetical reftAUos whj th«i 
order is what it id. Nooil« Bbouldr.uppoaf? thiit the mntcr rom) Killed 
the poet to adopt tm arrangement of wordn that wns not natural and 
did not pkase hirn. The verse grive promirenop not merely tn f.h<> first 
tronl bii]] cftuu ti> the vurrl hefure th^ jirLiicij^al cfti'^ur&l pause R^). 

I, The Uiouji^htof «iach [lomeiic vtriw ia «oitii'wbttt luotv iud«- 
pendent than is tho case iti lut<!r ptwtry. Olh<?r thui^ b^mg 
eciUlU» & word flLcnld be oouBtnied with wonti in the riiLtae rU^liur 
tbjui iFi another verEe, Very rarely doois a doec^riptive ndj«ntivo at 
the oloio of onu verso agree directly wit1i a noun at the b»ftii>^i'>9 
£)f Lhn tipxt, Tlie panse in the third font also frnf]npnnly tmlirati*!! 
tho coDAtruution of a word» by sep&i&tiut! ib fiom the procodli^ ur 
connoclii^i; it with the following. 

j. A noun at tho otoao of ono v«r8u oft«n ha» an Adjcctivo 
apparently Ln af^r^entent with tt ai tbo bof^tiniiig of the next 
verae, hut this utijeotive may be regarded aa in apposition with th« 
uouji, \im\ fmciuflutly snrven lu t*nin tt rlosrr cionniwtion with i» f'oU 
lowing ;uuplifying ckuae, as fJjvtv ociSc tim . ^ , | pi>A,if^^i7f ^ ^rpt' 
'Ax^aii oAyc' t&r^tv A 1 f-. whiTc^ Iho inlntLVo claunv cxplainn 
:tC\\'>tU^r : th<i irrafA wiUi m'^ffor/, Jtiidi^, bocauft<i it brouffht tun 
thcniwind woun upon tlio AoliiK*an)i. So a fuv vnricji btvr* voi>^t>* 
\va, trrftajht t^ptrt ■nuiji', 6\iKnvT'% 8J Aoo/ A 10, thfl position of thn 

a^ljwTt] vo unffTJc (following t.hp paiiww in tliu Uiiwl fool) Ij* eijilained 
by tt« couDCCtJoti with the tliou^ht of tlie fullowing ^^lausc; ef. 
vv*- (i5tJ ^ir ul*( ^Kjfi^t^v I ^y iruAa^u* ^opVoniri StmuTvaAoi o' r* W^*- 
7ru« I Kfihs Sta^ cjpwnu A '2^1 H.^ whore JiAutrroAoi 18 explained by 
the following tlun&e. ttrrcv tlius often COdtntMtd ix man vith hiA com- 
pattiom iif poKHuKiDtui, aa jrd /lir <^'Xa cZ^ra duru, | avTdV & KAoibrra 




k. Xh« BubJMt of the fl«iit«aoo uausilly pr«o«d^3 itA v^rb. Almost 
ev^ty esc«ption to this r«in£LTk is found «ith«r at the close of thd 
VBTMn, f^r (Ik»h frc*qui*iitly) l^furrt tlip pTiiiC4i;il ukt-etunit wlitfro t\w 
auBO EnctriGiJ frerdom is nllowod lUi at thn end of the vtrac, i T^ a II. 

t- ki order to g^vc. protaitimcc to an itnportiitit wor<3» it U aomc* 
tilM0 pIlicM b«far« tbo NiUtiw word of tha olouAa to wbiolv it 
MoDgt, ui (niuT<pi>« tt« «< vnyoi A ^- Thi« ii Rpecinllj frvqunnt 
Vt\i*Ti tbp wnb<>rfli nat** nlaiiHti prflPflflPB th^ print^ipal Hp:ntpn<ip, u 
*Gjrr«!^ A' lui l^/toiOi t< WAnc . . . Jnunv, | J^t^ Spa fuv > . ^Mt irfAi 

2 217. 

in. Adnominul R^iiilivra and atijeotivo* j^-nyrivUy prowdo tlicir 
fitmUf tut iu Cai^Uah, «xoept o^i thv olufie ol the vcitec or at a oa<;«ural 
psuia^ but thero arft many *KPi*ptii>ntt tft the tuU iu the oMl- of 
»dJR(rtivBj*,prThpipally, ^Kirimps, wlirre thf luljt^ttiyff und nidntuntivo 
uvr ctiM^ly oouufiikHl. Ttir a<1j«rLivi: follovriuh^ iU iiotiii nftr^r u 
p«u4« ia tlio third fool ia j^-entr^illy to l>e r*gai>iej ^ in jbv<po»itioa 
with th© noun, M itt^yr A It>, J^'Aijih A 20 ('"Z^. ftbore). A ptepo- 
BLtion Jiko« to ctand m^^r iU nviia. mid eo oftdu Atiinda bctWL^on the 

A 13, fifi«r/jp^ '» ottfta A 30^ m^ut Xri yAn^ti^ioc T 1 10, 

u. Tlir infjiiitivrt ffnuRniUy ff>UoWH Uie rvrh cph ^liich it dujHTmU. 

o. Whco A noun Li moditicd by two ndjcotivcs, it frrqiirntlj i» 

pnccdcd by ono and rollowiHl by tho othi^r, oa 9aJj mifpi i>p£ ^X^dV-] 

A 309- So in RnglU}^ povtry * huinaji foci; divinn,' ^ pur«iit ray 

Mraao,' * old man ^loqnpnt.' 

13. Kf'irh*^*^ «. Oniunient^l «pittieta frerjiienlly have reference 
to the luoal uiai-k^d untural cbamcterifitiua of au uhjeot rather 
thvi to A particular ooeuiom. The alups are tv?^ {AjuQ even 
wboa tlmsy ore dmrn up ou Land (A rtOO aiid ^<'jMtn>. Tbv )i««vtiTv 
U tf arvy erea in broad daytijeUt (Z lOS^. Homtr c-alls milk Ait»«p 
(A 43i)t — of ooiir»e. riHt t" di-HtiHgai^h whll* milk from milk of 
anotlier color, but to bring Uin objt'ct viviilly berL>rn Lhr iniiid by 
iDcntioziing a quality of it which .ill would r'^oo^iiizo sa b^loneing 
to Um naturo of tho objciJt. The choice nE3:ii>n£ th<i(« stcr^typcd 
MHSTViLtional opitbct4 wiu oftt^n d«t^riiimed by the oonreiueDOo ot 
nutcr Off rhythm (wp j 22 fi f,> 




bp Almost evcTj f romiDont pc^rson in tlio poems h^ts »oinc special 
cpiltpt or pfithcta, Pope cftlla thr-ao 'a »or1 of supf^tnuui^rary 
^ictur^ of the {leraons or tbinga th^iy nr<f jotDed to, W« see tho 
motifiu of Hector's plurae§ \n th^ epithet mfivS^ioKo^' No ona 
but A^Ui*im ib /Aiitifntiiriv. jirirl tlie juljetlivi* Wt^oiueb virtually ji 
pn>\KT iidinfv Slit< Ijratn Uiin tpilbet uitiutv timeB, grmrnilly in thn 
pbrnso ^4 yAKVAi^irLt 'A^r^. She is DuAAa^ 'Allirrr; forty-one timr*. 
Th< Ai^hotnUdi ATR JujrriJ^Sci 'A^'^ih thirty aik timo», HApfj Kf^fjomtrcf 
twcBty-ninp tim**, in thu gnuitivp 'Aj^vr ;(aA*o;(tTwrwv tw<^]ity-fouf 
liineft. iT« *A^wr niity-four timt^H, Aooc *A;(ru»k tw^tiiy^two times, 
uC'piK *Ajfaivv iiini^ linit'8. AgniapEnnon i^ Jmf Av^pr,^v rori^-ftv^fimeft 
ill the /fj'riff mill UiiliTti in t^« Oitysicj/j vfliilc tliia Lllle L& gii'eii to 
only firi* other cbiefa, once to eacK AcHUlos is n&t^i^Siot'Ax^ivr 
twmtv-<ire timi's, irtiSat t^HU *AxiA.^ci^ thirty tiniM, raAvveut Aui-tSao 
t(ru timutir ro^vtfa Ili^^'ujtu ten limits, MeueUiu U 'good 4it Ui« 
WAr cry' (fio^v A-ya^i^} twi>rity»[U'« tlme& HAObOr In iRi^i>lkua\of 
thtrty-Aiivrn timrKT ^'3i>:at 'Eirrayi thirty tjmtw. C^ piuti ArtnfiAHf 
f idus A<:hat^s. &u<l I/}nKf<'l^>^ a ' g^atlc KvAngcli&t,' *Butl the 
hUcbiimitlj,' 'C&ptain of Plyraoutb/H^c l^uritan maiden PnscilW 
■111 otir cvrii national «oit^n,^ 8&ys MAcniilay, ^Douglae I0 almoat 

ftlwiiyH tha drmghljf Vouyta-t^ Kogbtlid is m^rry JCn^Iand^ oM th<t 
gnlil m r#rf, Jiiid all th« liulitfft Mv ffny.^ Cf. i22 a^l, f,/ 

c. Thp 9iir.u;itimi cif tbr monit-Jtt SH'ins HfimntiniRR In i^ontrajliit 
the lipithet, A^ T«r Sk JAmk j^'yijir* 0o^i- ity<i0^ ^£d>L^5i;c £ 5^j nj! jrjjrA/ 
p/AiW I}ivmr4 'j'Mil at Mr w»«r *^ry Ahudder^ 

4. ^ynomyn^uvt £a7>nNr«*vnj<, Tbo pocC is fond or a eauiul^Ltion 
of ByaonymouA or uearly eyuonymoiLs eKpresflioas, m&ny of vrhioh 
T^iDtod the reader cif reiiundant le^l expressions, iu ^aq^cmc t^ott- 
ifAi A 201 /(^Ui/ uj' hit rtticK and aiidrmtisl hfr^ lipoc t' iifinr U r 
dnV''C<v A S^'^ j^^oAn a v^orl tind called ufan hiflt, ifitv (cLitik nl Jir! 
j(PDn St^>o^'ivi« A ^8, flTT^tdri;^ jntfoirot A f)9> rwv ou Ti ^ctqt/xV^ o^-S' 
A^yi^ut A l<>Or wuAfiiot' r< f^Xf^i '« A 177, warr*^ ftkr tt^^rmr i$iXv 
nm^iri f Snwrvuvt \ vocrt « inj^tVuf A ^WS t>» ^r np^f/at ttvrt 

4y7f-f>pif if£A ;J£iivT't H 7^1- H»m«liiiu-« the irnn^ it^m is ri^jwjttvd 
for ciiiphuia, in 11 difTrrent form, as it/rtpcv Sf/nriXttrror B 33^7. 

f 13 a' 



«^ Kfjcxftf^s, A olauae is uften adil^il e^iejiegetiQally. to ex[ilAiQ 
a preireilmy <:Uu&e or *urd, h^ /ijviv . . . oMo^rvi?* tj ftvpC 'A; 
£V7t ivTfhtr A 1 Im yu re jup A(JrpuoiVr;vi | t; tc ^t^^i/ tcj' re tiBtt\ P 54 f , 

f. 'Tha Hpt-oi^it oftvn follow* in appoiiition with tlio ifnnuSi as 

4rȣl f , ^nTn I TnTfiAc H 4i<0 f. T;; thi* rxpknar.nry aae of thw infini- 
tive, tui I/uSl fvriij'tf >j.ixc(TAu A 8 hrotti^hi UttjHher ii% it ^tr^fi, io 

g. Thuft alfto fclie part of tbo biiikI or body which is einployi^d or 

•pMi&Uy siffecied is mL»niii>Tii.H3, %'i ot* 'KyxfUfivoyi ^thxit 0vfL<^ A L'i,. 

h- Sr^rrtittjpnl I'lrfirr^^t^nA. TK« fftmc expressions rcoar uadf 
airoiUr cirt^miistancoa, \St: timl o rtorrotyprd di-jriiptioiiof a fc 
jtad of tlie pTCpftratiou« fof it. of ttio breaking of day and of tho 
^rpicachof jiigbtf of dofHii^ or di>iitiiiig Bftndiile ftud itriuoi-; thero 
m co£ir«titiODal uxpronBioua for Bitting out on a journty, fur aa 
liUttfk in bnttlH, for \hv fxH juid di^iitli of u ivurrior. for lying rltiwn 
to nvC f^nch foi'[iiu]:uf wr^rn iroiivcnicnt for Uir luiid, aud did m^t 
di«lvmct Uw alb^utioii of the hearer from more impoitaut mattrn. 
^p<^e(i)»ot aro iutrodiao^d and followciL by evt vcr«e«, 00 <iX lut (or 
^«*t) ^Dri-Tm^ tvtn mtfiotvtit irpotT'TivZa A !fUl, :Lnd in fifty oth^F 
^^^ pUc^l ; i tr^v iu ^ptiviaay iyo/i'ifrara n*ii ft€ritivtv A 7^ And in foOTt^eil 

^^B Other ^Uiwft, wlii1« tb« tteeond bt-jtitHtieh iv found aetrenil iiaie» in 
^^^ Otbi*r ootubinAlioiiH ; ^ ru a ^' aSu iFirLDt ^ur' Ap' ^tri>. rauri £' dt^r^ 
I A C$> 101- B 70. Thcno nt^n^otypod ivrnn Iijlto been compared 

I vith the frequently rooutrin^ ' And <fob jLiww^rcd and iiatdr' ' TIkrn 

I EUph^z thf T^mmitff 3n3W4-T«d ami «aid/ of tho book of Jodj and 

I with lh0 fe^t form ir vliich thp rrport« of thn moAti^nEieni wer* * 

I brmighl to the man of Uk, ^ eacb of th« four re ]>orts ortdmg ' audi 

^^H I only 4Jta e»ra]>ed aluxto to tell tlicn^/ 

^B 13- A. I*anchrais, OfHymatop^ffia^ etc> Thf! poet aooma to L&vd 

■ loob?d urilh iiidiifer«iico on the ainulant>- of £ouud in neigUbonnj 

I words, no do«s not nppenr to havu dtfdti-n«d Ibe rhymo tu Ui^aif 

ft ti)fftv^ A Id f,, S(iff<iT iSlTiiff*! A 9ft f-, x'""<™t TrfWffn A 413 f,, 


f 13 b. 

ipvffmtv. nutflrmM' A 485 J'-nOr brttwi>nnthn two homiA^chsof a T«rWf 

Moat nxamplifj; of pi^rnr.hnniA (fni^^;(^ifi) and ftllit^ralJcn ir^ 
prf»h!*h1_v sw^dili'ntaU ui iroAX^f.-i' *a TnAtwi' B 131. U iroXcpiK irbAijo-«ki 
K ^iO^ mxfii Tt rrrj! ^^y^i ^fin vokiji T< vatrr tc Sij^^ F fiO. 

aii>ti is U3r^d> ^iviu^ a k.Ltiil of dcho in tli^- aoui^d) tis rptx^d t« huc 
KTpux^a r 36S, of llw> brcalciag of the fiwoid of Mou<ilauaj in St 
X/tvaift^ tyi/i firj irorrairifioio A 139, whuro A vivid iii]:;gi nation muT 
parliA[ijf lipar Oil* itiesi^iired sthps of tli<^ dnmaat v* ^lic Irihvpn tbn 
Ahip, with A quick ni&li aX tlie cluHif ; n^t^ 'mint rrftSoKJ^ jniA/v£fn> 
\iin dfiudjt A r>ftlS, «f the rolling bark cf the Miouc whicb Swyjdiua 
in HjLdt^-a vaa C0DtLUiiA.lly ur^'in^ to tlit^ aummit of a hill, (/. 
Vergil's quftdtupedacto pntrpm eonitu quatit unguis oam- 
pura (-Jrr*, viii. 396). 

C- Thf> |)oet j>Iuy4 rN.<4?Hnir>nHl1y on the niLmi^it of hia hnrcM^t), ju 
llp^iflfx.K flrtoc 4y'/^n>^"'v R 7*13 (-'[ivrifl by milum *i wt^U iW by 

irsw QTfp AiiJfi' ffoAii" <f*V*'' ^ *^^ *'* ^li<^ri^ ffi^KV nc^MHH to bo nciloot<Mt 
witJj rnfi*rtmcn lo thi: lutmmcd fltyiDoloRj of 'Kxriirp. 

11. •- Oj/iijiarisf^na or Shatitt^ A notablo frharactwiatic if 
Hnmerlif «tyU 18 tb? oompAriHon. Tbis u df^^ifid m Ibmw into 
Ui^Ii reltrf Huxitff poiul In tb« actiiuu u^rriitod, eajieciftllj »uiua 
(jbjuig<; in tlie eituutiou; it often relievoa thu mouolouy of the 
deAaription of % battle* But the poet is not &lway« aatUfied to 
il]t)»trnt« the purtieular point for which tlie compurinon is ititro- 
dacod^ ha often oomptvtui lli* pioturu liy iLddiiig touch« which 
bavp nothing tji dr> with thn tiHi-rjitivr, lui \n dcinii in tfir pxribliiA 
uf Scriplurt*. aiid tlio ^tinilAfity of dctftiU niuat not be pressed. 

b- ItlualrAtions Ate (^mshrd by all f^xpcrisnoea of life, from Ibo 
lightning of Z^iia and the conflict of oppuein|[ wiuda, from the flnow> 
tatoim und th« moiiDtaiii torrent, to a <f\ii\t\ pkyiug ii'ith the snrd 
on tliA aeoabor^, And a. little g^rl olm^iiig to her mother's gawu ; 
Irom iUmt and 04^01, U) a jtLnbboru nttit whinh rvfuHKH ti> hts dnvi»n 
from Ai (?i«rnf]c1d by cbildreui, and lo a irrevdy % ; frnm the ereriiug 
start to wcimca wru&gling in tlie atruct. Tbc lion ia a special 




fftTortte, ftDcl appoATs in compariAoiis thirty timea Ui Ihc /Ziari 
Thoo MtapftrUonft afTord a wider riew of hie In tbe Iloracric Atfn 

c Homer, like I^liltoii. could not Uiink of on ftraiy in motion 
witlipnt thinking of itji n<r4»<inli1u^f>e to lomr'thin^ M«o, Ji)^ Vfore 
th« OlkUlogQn of tliQ Hhi^v, tho moVfiiiirnU 4jf tl« AcJ)»L«aii AriiiLf« 
Ai«dc«cribodby ftixdetaikdcoiiipAiisc»Q» (B4AA-483): iWaiileudor 
of their armor i» compiu^d with Ibc Rlcftm of firo upon the moiiQ' 
tUDS (455 46^) i their iioiay nimult, witli the clamor ol cran^B or 
Avant on tb« AeiAo pUin (459-W6] ^ in multitude, th«y s^re aa thv 
innuTitprAhTe lciiv*-» arj<l flowers of springtime (46T f.) ; tlwy art 
itn^ii^tLMHiH ;ini] hiiM ji,A tile eoffi^r tlin aruund Uit- faim buildingii 
(•ICl^Td] ; thoy am marahalt-d by tlii^ir Icodoni an flocka cl Koata 
by thoLT hcrdd {171 IT^)l their loader {Ai^runomnnrk) in like to 
ZoiJ>, to Area, Uj l'o««i<Ion, — ho iit pr^miaopt fkinotift tho Jt^rot^e 
at a bul] In a h«rd of oattla (480-483). 

d- The /^fli/ ha^ 182 dplaiW nini[mHflonji. aeviMfte«n bripftr 
(aut iraurlr ^oijri^ct ^yop^ia^ | t^tci^c ot« en! n /lAfi voX'/itui f/^ 

B 337 f.), and tweuty-oi^ht of the britifMt fiort. Tlio Cidyuty Iim 
thirty-nino dctuiled oompoiiaoua* «ix briflfer, and thirteen very 
briel I'ho &ivt book of tltt Iliad hiu oiity two co)npaTiltor^e, arid 

thoa* of tb« briofr^t, A j' ^« ivcn Jouvc A 47. jvr* i/u'X'^T '^ ^^- 
Iti fti)fHtinn bn atrtrt hi fl ini/u JUt^xrrfUtri i4icri|ir A 104. HnokB B-Z 

Lave foKy d«tail&^ coiuimrL^i^tis. 

e. Oompariaoria aro introduoni bj ut re, ut cE, <^ Jt<, r^ ittp ktX. 

Prvpoettiro »« ia not uaod in oompaiiaoiid (i?oi(:tpt m fi 433). 
In th« 1>Ti«f«flt compariAonB, postirosiMs'e ^ U oft«ii Li««d, gcaeraiJy 
tebgth«niiig the |)iT«oeding syllable {% £)9/). 

1 Tlir nori-Ht iitilicativR (llifr Biii-4^1ed 'gnouiin noriit') i« often 
&iml in cioini^riHunXr aa T 4, 10^ 2i% 33- 

U> a. A*ifn4ti*n^ In the Ilotarric period more freilu«Dt]y 
tiian in later tiroob, 8ent«^nc(^a vera loft uooonik^ct'ed by conjuno- 
tiona, u«^ aayndeton (H. 10^1^) w» fliloir«d Bum freely. Oma- 
IDecital epithets ar« not oonn'iptpd by W, »nr1 sometimes in juiimatrd 
diap omir th<> pM^i iui«(i uo uuujitnctiun b<*twE<tiu vImima or wurda, 
aa ^ptdrj/ti Ajnintvov A 99- 



b. Asymlrtoii i>r .■irntrinio.'^ im IDo^t frequent whi^re the jLiH^oiid 
sciitf?iit?r c-jtpljunA the first and ie in ft kind of appoaition with it, 
ropt^atin^ tho tWii^tLt in n ^ifToront form : dAAi -at wc i&iXv fiv/uiui 
rtiXir flJ t6 y' ^nfor- | ftovXaj^ iyU \aif t6ov Ji*^^€tnt ^ AwoKiir^i A 
lift f,» » w6nci. ^ f-^y^ wfft^rK ^Aj^uii^i yiuu» iaiik'ci ■ I ^ ■<»' yr^jtrat 
HpinfitK ITpu^aid T< inil2« A 254 f,. 4XA* o^' ^^P iBtK^i wipi irrwTai^ 
Z^;£(rut ilXAfUf, I irnyrurr ^jk* K^nrucf f$iX.tt vayttain £ rtrocriTti)' A *o7 f. 
ill B l!'J% rKriTK ^Kvi koI ^tmir' iil j^uf^t giy^ea th<.' flum of tWa 
prisijisdin^ dontcDcc, &nd tho uyndi^km j^arka the tijwakrt^a vrctrmtU 
of fifoliD^. 

c^ An julTmativft relation (^^) in ot^wbnally f^xfireiWffd hy an 
luymli-ton, especially nith yt ftn in tlie second clause, as B 708, 

d> The aLaotioe of a conjunoti^n often jiivea rapidity lo the style 
and thud u fuund oltcu where the s»eotid vunUime bogitis vith 

u^TLHu fir (jj^, OK 41 3 4yf ^^ iniptfirai - . . lu^ fn ut/ui itAdfivt' 

AS39; ^ BU2. 

1& «. (Tii'twrnra.' fbr cnipha«)s. the poet somctiiDM »o 
ftrmnj;c« the words of two cUusc^ that tlio «itr«inc«, as also the 
n^eans, are oorrelative with or c{>ntTaflt<^d with enoh other, ns ffotSi 

rt (poi Ayi^ty, iPo<)?u C' t'p^*' J"cir<i^^ijf A 44^, w)i«re iMiSa AD<1 

'A;(iAflrt j Tifiyttrft c^AiVfjji fii jraX/ctc A ^fW f-, S'''f^WiTir /iJi* j^iipiia^ 
KarjI^iHt SH trvj <j^it^ T M, J!pv'. frtpur A«iimuk. Jt«V'^ ^ iicAjitkup. | T^ 
r< mt 'H^\il^ T lO'l r, nti«r<^ thn Hnch Ininh was for r7 and thn 
whtto for 'HcAttiit — /8tHfiA«ij? / Ay^&it itfKir*pot r al^tfr-^i V 17W, 

wher« th« swljeclivffs ar« brought tog^thi^r, A 450 T C/. Mtlton'ii 
' Sw^et i» ilie bwatU of taoru, h«r min^ sw«Mt,' Pttr. l^tttt \v. G41, 

■ Tbe nune 1« £?ai frotu tlu) Cift«k loiter X, then hclng a oravtiig of 
Ii flbouU be noticed thftt this chhNb ofTangDnioni \p oftcu Ibo moat ihaplc utd 




■Adam the ^oodUeBt man of in«ii ttAO« bora | Ub boob, the fiuroat 
«f herdiiiiglittrs ICvt?.' Fnr. Loitt iv. ^3 t, nud Sluksptvre'ti ■ MuUutti 
donuwtic^, furi^ig^i Ikvj',' Mndfrh iii. 3. 2.1 

b. Sp^fialtpvlt. 8omctimm a woitl (^ncrally » proper name) 
oi ft cUosG iA repented in the Etamc acntonci^ ut tLc bri^innintf nf a 
new v^ne. q: Mitton's Lycida^ 37 f, ^ ilut the hravy ohsiii^j^, 
now thou ait goc©, | Now tbou art ^ne and tiev^r niHst rMum,' 
5fl f. "What ooulii rhe n^nm* h^re^lf tliat Orpheiw l>ore, | The 
muwf btwelf Tor bet wichaiitimr aoii?' Tlie name ih rBju'iiU-d ut 
the Iwginning uE tUrce auot^t?ti»ive venvtd (N'tpcijc . , . Nt^tv* . . . 
NiiK«>H B 6T1 ff. fy also B m%, 850. S7h Z 154, The name when 
rei>4^ated \% attructeil into tho ceihg of tlitf following r^^Lntivf 7>ro- 

nOTia, in 'Ai^O^Jpj, tfvyari;^ ^fyaAiJTfl/joc "M*Tr«ii|>v, | 'HmW Ot U'ouv 
Htnli^xl Ktii'tii, E'Vi/t/i. U'hi> flir'rfl tit the /ttor it/ ^Si'/rh/ Pftli^m. 

t, LkSin (Ktr^Tiiv or ft^ivKm}. a nunjtlicitf/ oj laiiyua^, or nintrr^ 
tfatcPtcnt tftAf- tmth (uauuUy a atrong al^irxoiilioii ly denial of Uio 
(SJnttarj), is common to all la^i^^aR^A, Miltun'rt < nnblent feet' i« 
Mtroti^r ihiiXi eurttd frt-t. Humerie examples aljonnd, mi o£« 'Ayn- 

ftirn, i.r, it U'tm hnft-/ul^ tfr.^ A^ j' it nvAfor vm niya ^('<^o« ovi' 
dpTi%7i^» I |*iM*t(i "AA/vuh/v a 'J20 f. ^'Y'-i <Vw rAe shffftk Ar f/iriurf Am 

*K«fr«^ S' «r T< Ail iiPo» ^Hh^trff B 807. 

4- a. Frriphrmis. C«rtaiu poHj.ibnL«e£ ooout fr«qu«ntly,att £E<t« 
tit nptftftrho ^/iji- r 105 Mny thf mi'^tt of Friam, Lc. fkt mighti/ 
Friuaty tliLiftXaytmtv i* fyitrn rii'Ait;/imu< ArimOf K^p B W), ( fci 
wnrtrm tptxhlTjV ^tm ^ xai ifiy*^ A ^9Ci ITQAi/ilJui |p>n B 338, tl'"rk-g vf 

tcitr^ t.f, tear, iU>'*n J*^wr B ^87. t^<. £rr;rff rrR-n. (yi odora catiua> 
via V^tg. A^tL. ir» l^:f, horrentia oonCum terga euumtA, &. 
634 f ; ■l^nt, noble Trti^udp litt mo ctubrifTu tbioo a{^/ Shales j^^ re 
T^mjtat V. i; 'Tlie tnajr»ly of Imrif^d Di-ntnarfe/ Ffamlfi tnit.; 
Millou'a 'MeaiiwHIp . . . wlirm the mi^Ut of irnbtiM fonghV ^'"'' 
L'm vi. 3^ ; ' TIjc Tiolcacc' I Of Kauiielt flCorcUt and b1a»t«il, over- 
tlirev,* ii. vi. 371 f, \ 'My tl«m atood the dreaded name | Uf 




fi. SoTUfl of tli«flo jjerii)lirii<»s inrre used simpiy for metrioai oon- 
Teuienrv. K.'j. fiii} 'Hpankijtiyf ia uquivjJttut to 'HpojrXc^, which ii 
ncjtmjitpcl tci tlif H(UTii-n" v«rsr, 

ft. JfT'tfym'f. ^oRtotimtw two oo!in«oted «ubj«tot« or oLjccta are 
c^onst^ued with a verb which U aftpropriate to but oti« ot them, 

A >1-'CI [T. nhftftni irapai into tht\ xnt, but. Zf.M* weiil ^u hit ourtk haujir^ 
j\L li«iirn|j I iirircK J4/)rrnrtiAci jqi2 ffVLx^ ^^^X'^ IftGro F ^6 f- when 
th{i klgh-ftrppiiuf h<ir9C» ^f r<t<h were standing, 'ind t^i-- hn*fkf armor 
ir<M li/lii'/. Cf. $halc»|JOM>, Soitfu^ 53. T, < Mor Mars iiis sword, nor 
war'n ^uick fire shall burn | The living r*oopd of your lonmory/ 

f. IIift/r^!fmk Frot^'ntn Oocasionally tbe more iujporcant or obvi- 
ous objei^l or action U loention^d before ^iiotlit-r whbh jtlmiili] 
pn'titfdi' it lu itrifTt tinhT of liuie. itn I^ rpa^v ^ ytvorrt) A 1^51 
tttit- htfil fimi ftt/rrt wUh klm, f7/ SliakApcrCf TSrrZftU yi*rkl i, ii, 
'For E wftfl brotl nni horn | Not throo boiirs* trnvcl from thia very 
place' ami Vergil'ft moriflmur Pi in madia arma rviamufl ^m. 
11. '^'6. In some phra*«8 lUAtrical convenience may have deter 
raiti4^tl tbe nrder of expnssion. 

g, A/tiiiffFi?jjfif. At times the pott addressea dirct-tly om? of Kin 
characters, jlu ovS* <;•<}», yittJXut. &tiii /mKoptt XtXdOamt A 11*7 nor 
liiJ thf ^fidifor*jf^ thr/^^ MfneUtus, tv^ ^ptt ro*, UarpoiiXty ^lirrf jQiqtoio 
r(A*VT^ II rS7 lAiiHf I'tilrfP^tta, a^tp'-ir'-d jhr fA.-*' IAj? *flrf o/' /if>. 
Fifteen tiinoM in tho Odytuft; tliD po^t thui &dilreiifinc thfl ^giHlliko 
swlnebord' Rumaeus, — which muy Ije t1i«n? diietljr a metrical con- 
reuieuc«. Cf. Milton's a;>oatropho to Eto. - much deoeivU, much 
fallia^. haplr^ Kv«. [ Of thy prosum'd wlam,' Par. Lf>H ix. 404 L 

17. Later Vhange in Words. I'he student must bo watcliful to 
apprvhvnJ the exiiot Hozneno iiieEiniiig of wordi vbi^h nri* uiti^d in a 
nlightly dttTiTi^nt ntnae in later (rrei*k. TJiiw 4ya^^ ami cSyaW :ir« 
tifuifl in Hointrr «f nn a^ammLty, yntArriup, not of mtirkft and rvjmfrjr^ 
'AiShjt U always iho name of il prrson, not of a plaoo^ du^. doiSi? 
are wwd for ihc Attic mur/rtjt. C>(/or» — Intc aod ^^^^1 aro u«od for 
X^oif nw/iW for T4/raw, fiXd,irrm la to ii^ura i/^ dtimininff, df^tain. 

f Iftb. 



3ui^ TDeaud torrille. not skUfuL ScTirroi* u tlte [inncipal meat of 
th© ioj, wliCTi*ver tt ia tak«n, lyx^H matuie j^wwr, never dii^prrf. 
tfiiw^ in ubmI fur iJie Attio e^wi, n^-arf^o/ftfifH ^p*dt la ud&d of oU tho 
w&rrion ; tt do«« not iQtan x hero in tho KugUih t^nto. 0t^iiti^ 
WM Tirarly thr spartan ^tpatttav, ■^not a mc<ni'i] RffrvAnt. fjyiafAOA lA 
to /«Brf, iiol to lAiWjt. <p'Vw is Ui j*'7H?vf, ifin^nmtTwtej rallj^r ilijifi 
to Jad^ \at(k [Arcuc^ l* often usi^d of itvidltry. A^Wo^uit ia used 
unlf oiii^cT of cutre&ty ^drtiViicd to godii. ^(XAw ncrer mran* driay, 
niu olttii hftft thfi oouac of oioduw^Ku (whldi ii not Homofic), j^cr^ 
^Fi^ and ^pa£ofut u to ei>tunft*)r, kt^wi iji not afto^ foP law. on^ioi 
ii not to biamfi in n gcnc^ml wa^, hiit to fhtnl: iriHitjfi/^imr, dftrpitt^i 
oGnC^Bt i^ tmtvnd m^VA /j mvij^k-^j Af/// im fAf hurifi^ iiiit witVi a missllfl. 
TJiDTo u ewvfff, aUtmd, )3A well aa mfflJ; (y^ tm/Mnf. cjtwuuj/. viUrfKit 
is often ^4lf& rtttbvt ttmu var, irjuiin^u ia to earr>f through, ratber 
tliAii to i^> oa in Attic, ujtl^v U n/nr, of pluWi not itJtnoirt, vuna 
It ui«d onlj of a iJirrfi Ifffit/t J4/uki bviii^ used of tlic living form, and 
s^TVi und n^ji j|^of takii^g aoroo of the Attic ii««a of o-u^, *^X^i 
lUwnys ni(<Ann quSfkhj, nev^r pfrfifiji^. as in lal^r Gri*ek. rtStifii ia 
often UM^d liltf^ rt^iu. ntafin. rAij/cuv ia Acf/f/« or mdiintij^, riilli(:'r tluui 
•mtfcA«lA Wl in Liter Orerk. ^XJ'ojlfi ofttu torn^rrtulJi hMij>lt'il'/r/(ig. 
M Ik friend, ^iXai). ^v/Sm ia not frifjht but fi^hi ; t^/Jdo/uu id 
uot /<rar but yf^^^ uf doci not in«iia n'wY. awSvi^i, A^^i ditJUttti 

ffTpariHTtJat'. :ind ffr^xfcrryypft IITO not lUOd. 

With tlifTjLt? rhAnijrrji tIia student mity compftm thn rfiangivt in 
niivninf; of many vronls t>etween Sha1c]S(»ere'j< time and our oirn^ aa 
Ib AtHK>f» tk^rUy^ Ct>JW^metU, pr^crU, hvmdfy, pati^fld* 

^^^ Id. t. In BVDt», as ill (urmSp wl»t*M* the Hoinaric diuleot 

I diffits frum the Attio it may Ivf prKiumed tliat t!it> Hr^m^nn ihj^^ 

I itf tliii e^rlwr Thi? Ij^^iguuft? wjui lean rigid ; cusUiiu lioii not yti 

I «clftUUh^ certAin conntructlorui m normd. Thrrr nnA greater 

I ^Ottdoia ia tlic use of the tnodra «nd tha concn, of prcpoeittioii« ftnd 

I ooDJQDotioins. 

B k It iB impossible to bring the Hnmenc n«ee nf the nodw, 

I nader the ai1«gori« and rules that ^revaitei lo tlie Attii? peHi 



i 16 0. 

Irt^rroediate in force b«tw««ti tlid ai.mple future aud tUti i>ot«Tittal 
ojiiatlve witli ilv were r — 

a. Thi' j'titliTcf W^ith vJ^ lUi n R/ mv Mj^oAwrfraJ A lAO; r/. A 175, 
an, h '229. 

0. The aubjunotirfs as :b Irs* virid futamt ft» oO r<fc ^*» roi'ovv Kor 

(H, MWj G, i;*si ) 
y, Tt[« BiibJnTiPtiT*> witli ^o- nr Jk. lu^ » |>otential mod^, si* tf U ■?< 

^^ IfltoHTiv. fy^ £/ ivrv tiAtA^ fXw/ui A 137 f^nt \f' ffirt/ v-i/t tiiff- ^zVr if^ 

I mt/firi/ v\tt thrrt t^ikc etc. ofi* Av toi j^pai'tf/ij; AiSupt^ V ij4 Me 

OiVAfirt* ifoeid ntt in (hat case nvail thrt, 

j. The potential optiitLvc without op, tu^ B 687, il IS, 

c. Th(> «ubjtiii<;tivp b( UMd more tr«flly in Hotaor tTian in Iat«r 

d.> Ah Homer prefpr^ <l wUli the 8ubjiiric-tive to tl m* (ai imp) or 
«J Jv with the titi1jjuttciiv«. (Z Av 15 nut navel in i^uqiuI Octuditioan. 

^. f* jitr in t;u'vly uursrl with thf optAiivu (tvcnty-ninr times in 
,all) ; nnvcr in tho cxprctiHiun tif a wiali. u at li UAcd wiUi the 

>tfl;tlvO but Onco, <r xc^ £r ovnu I ^lcuku ktthoity II 597 f. 

y. Tli^ optftttvA in iniltroct diKcouni^ is uieri fof thir indlcAtivA in 
dlrec^t dbcourftfi onlj in que^tiouJi, 

{, lu ft ft^w ]iaAfla^es Ibc optatlvi^ with niv ia MttA in the apudo- 
Bi^ whc.rL^ nom(.'n<: und Attio U3!ji^ alikf< kud ua tu expect Jk with 
a pout tcnnc nf tbtt imlicative, A8 B 8t, f Ti^^ fc Sj, hu t-v mf i»^ 
ifaroAoiro mu^ Jyjpwr AtnuiVf | c£ ^^ o^a* ^fii iwf < Jaof Ct^yafr^p 'A^j}^ 

SiVq K 311 f- *'Aencu:t vould Imv« jwrishtnl if Apliradiie luid not 


i. a. TbriiifinitiTciaoftoopnabout tffohnndmii oiars, — nearly 
aa frt^Ljticntly in ttiff Ody^tty oa in t)io //iVJ) UAcd lu an 
^^(LtIve, a« A 1^)^ 

fi, Th« « expLimttory ' nr * ep^xcgelieal ' usd of th« )nflnltiir« is 
fm|vii^nt. a« A 8. lOt, 338, B 104. Ort^m, aa iri tliMe insUDces, thU 
]« n niirrival of Ibw olii dytival origm i>r iJie inuoJ. 
f. nr id hmk\ four timca lui frequently oa Sr, 
S- The 'hi.it^ncAl present' in rot uncd. 

b. The imperfect in muah. iwcd, «vgn lUKciatod with the noiifft 




I. JirTA it iiot &Iwayri tk mero copula and it oixmniotiAllj^ tnodifiod 
by Mft ftdr^rb, lu a trtit verb of Mist^ntWi r/i mi W rw nl^ ^Vvr6a 

19. <> Tlir C4iai;a ret&iued more of their urib'ln&l force tli^ji io 
AlUc jitid liod Udfi ii^d of a prcpoaiUon t^ iT)ak<! tLu ccnatruatjc>ii 
diBtinv^t (it WM uiicu UiougUt that tli« poet omittvd tlic proposition 
for ch& conveniiMico of hli veTma)^ \tj, th« oblEitival ftenitivo la <|»irot 

/rvm (to kroj* oft) rf'*V ^r-ir, <fapimAii,i<(r< *ii»(8ii wnAiiTi iXifi Jur' i^/i/jjAi; 
A 34^9 jrtc^rVv i/(t rfff<^a« n mi^t cuf vfth« fiixirif scit. Tb« dalivt> of 
plAO^ ia oflCD found witboul & |ii't^po4itii>n, t^n roC u^uhviv fx^ii' A 45 
AdCtN^ Attf ArJi'< fj^tfft hit shvuldfr. 

k Tlie ut^ciia;vlive aEthout a prL-poaitiou ofU'n crpr^aw-s Uio 
> limit of mutiuii/ aa A 254, 497, Tin* t'onstriit^tion i* frm|UBnt 
vUh r«i». Udvwt iwviotMi, bikl riiff^ witli <f/u, ipj(f>fmi, ySowu, Q^ Hil* 

ton't ' Arrival the happ^ ia\^' Par. hngt ij. -ItK); Teojiysou'ft ' Arrive 
al l&il Uic httppy f;oal«' /n iVrjntp IxxxiiL 

c Cl«<ir «campteft of the s<>«allBd 'aomisuUve ol «pea)tioiition ' 

d. Munj «>gTiat* iLerutAtivvM are on their wny tfi IwooniL' wlv<»rl», 

c Tlie prt«pQiitioii« utill mtuiD mnifh of their iidvprbljil nature, 
ind li»Te not bcnomp fizrdly ftttiirhcd lo th« verb* which tliej 
ttodify 55). It WM once thought that the occa»ioiia3 ecpar&tioit 
of vorb and prcpoeition vm a [>oetie lioenao, aud (co»aider«d u a 
«uTgiral opentiou) it wiu oalbd rmr/iV lh« atudent may iLlnk of 
tbv frfvduta of th« prv|iu»ir.]uii4 of stjiiie G«rmau compound verba. 

f. lu llie HumeritT psriud iwaioiu cHiUHtrtiotLuiifl wt?rti only he^u- 
niit^ U> appear drlinit«ty in iu«, such oa tbn accuftatiTV witli the 
UilinitivcT and the? ^litiw akiolutr^, 

g> 0. Th« ^nitivcf aVunluto U morn fritqunDt with tho pr«««iit 
parttdplfT tbfin tdth thr norUt {xtrtinipU, Tbo g^nhh^ fthflolnt* 
vitli r>TnittHf'd itnhjwt u pirttf^nLirly ram, nnd u di*nin1 by moat 
■cbolarii. The patiiviple >ti}iuetLuiv» HeeuiH uj be uned »itb maitted 
■tibj«ct whm it really a^ret^a with th« gtaitlvo which \a implied In 
a pnoediiig dative^ 



fi^ It is often impoctsitLo to tiay cotcgcncallj wbeUior tho guoitiro 
ifl iQ th(i abftoiuto oonstruo-tLoa oi tothcr dopcuda on totac other 

th^ |KHitifin of tht^ genitive a,t Utc* Iwginmn^ of tW vnr«e giv«e it 
^fKftter iml6(«]iileD0H, Irut it vaA prob&bty inffiienctiJ by tits rerh^ 
Mc Trvjaru dreie lat^h from the mon u# An hvritri Ai'ji jateU^; <ift 
in^^iur o lip ^vToi ^ir w^p ;|[(uijJiLI>uju | a^rui/ xut^ktui A. ^6 I, 

y. ^ometimue a (ir^poaition i» used whf^ru tbo f^n:tivo absolnte 
would he ukdJ in Attic proB«, tut dfi^i hi v^n | <r^upSaXfi»- A0Hi/!i7<ra>- 
^UTfivTidV fir* ' A^iitr H .13,1 f, 

h. The ilflktive of interest i» nften used with the verb where th» 
En^tiah Idiom prefcra a pussessive i^uitive with a. uauu, »a Aciku) Sf 
ol Jtrut 0wa»^r A •('O Urrihty (Hd hfr (lit- /a' Arr /Ae) ii»/i^fl '/^mr/j^ ,- 
or Ifl UBud ln»t«ad of an AbLilivui ^Miitivc witJi a pn^p<:<Bitioi3, ha 

AoyBOHTth- iriifai Xoiysv Ar^nni A 97 WW ivarrf ojf iynrtminious tiejtrtic- 
tionj'fvm (lit, for) the Danal : or iortpftd nf a ^t'mtivt with vorb* 
of niling R-itd biiuiJn^, ns riu^ffrm A* <twirT<T<(v A 2^^ ta rfifpi ovflr 
(lU. f*« thr- Ai/iff /fir) *aII- <rr itt^Witd of AM advurbiAl ejtprcesiou, a« 
TotvL £* rlftcrrvf A G8 /tT fAc^jvi rofff (not to Iro taken oa a local iLitive, 
«nwn-7 fAtfT«)t 

1. ^ro IB lifted with the dative in Almost th^ Biuiiv aen^e &3 with 
L)t*i gvTi!t.tv<* in Attic» :iA J&l^^ vtu iffpfri imSta-ciae Aui«i3(iu li SGO Af 
(cwff jj^^i'n 5i/ fAfl hands af thn sn>ift-j)io/:rti A'^ieidcjs, wilH tierkljia 
mor^ of tha oHginiU IocaI foicc of thri |irc]>oaition. 

]- Th« vi»G of ij after a oomparativo i* rare; only nineteen 
inetanocs aro found in Homi?r. 

k. Soni« ooniitractions wnre ueed more freely and constantly 
than ir lat^r Greek. Certain of tbeee were always looked npoct 

as pottit^ aa tfcfif iriAiafo Z TiiVi runa ot*r the phiin. AoiVrH^ vara' 
pxita Z COS tfuAc in f/ie riicr. Vor t\ic geuitivo t»f tli« place ti> which 
thi: actioD beloQt^, aee H. 760 ; 0. II37. 

]. A niut^it Tioim in the plund im the ttibJAol of a plaral v«rb 
morn tre^m^ritly than iii Attic. 

SDl b- FareUltm. & Tiia brjeinnfvr in reading Tlompr i« por- 
pVxrd by a large namtiei' of iiarticJeH tliat are uot easy to render 
by E«igliah words. Their force can uft^u b« gUeu beot by tha 


UUiltlllf SYNTAX 


oidiTof til* TwrnU in tha tninsliiiicm or hy tbe tone of volt© So 
ntulttig. To tmnsl^ti' /ui qj i/vaj 7iii/</?it/ (ipr tivoii y^rt iiv ut ^ff/u 
kmtm} or y< o* ^fiirt, oftra throwsi npon the piirtiole very dinpropor- 
tiomt6 empliAaia. The etxidcnt oan mont noAily and nloa.r)y appro- 
eitte the foroo of a parliolo hj comTiivriri; a numlKrr ct oxamplw 
vbicli b&r« beooia^ fftuitbAr to lilm ; h^ will Uk^n »»<> th^ impoF- 
tADOo vf thc^e particles t^ tKe oTj^ra«t«r and loni* af n speech or of 

ji. ri ia iwed fftr mom frrrljr thctei in Auir i^rodi;. A abglc t« ts 
often lucd to COD&Ont sinclo notionn, an -iStxtfinr [ tM^^voU^t t< A 4 f. 

y. ^4^ ii* thfl iifliLil pjirticlo to introdu<!(* u (iiml ol&Uio. 

b. InttfjfVfittit'f Pixft^<U». a, Th<* ^Q(k(^rftl in&jrro^itivn partielo 
In Homer is f. btit in a double qnpstjon (whwrft tlw Ahtiii firwk 
UMtf TDT<^v - ■ .y) V <'^ 4' xl&uils iu tho Jiral uieiiibeiv 4 <^r (c in die 
eCCOmI; r/ A 1!)0 a. 

0, Wben i} uitrodnccd n linicli^ qutiation, it ia nir^ly UEWd u in 
Attif, ojt A tnrrc inti^frofCnUoTi point, U rc^K^larly iupllcei (^motion 
of notBft kind, ss A 133, 203, 

31. A. /'ftiw^jT^ Thn Hom»^n<'- lan}fn;L^ i« fur Ima ili«tinrt 
th&n t1i«* Latin ortli*- KiL|j;lt>ilt in tlit^ eAprri»i8ion of In^IrAl mifttioiia, 
Ubd ^Tcft lecui pruimueiif!i* i^t Uit- lu^jiiubl ftrrzuA of a^iitAX ; but It U 
Bi^iloiEi difSctUt to apprc^iutti itiv ojiutent idiom if ftii attempt U 
iaoile to find tho Homcrit^ |«jiiit of vjcv. 

Tti4T Jlomtrric poc^iot (HintuitL luutij' siiTvivuh of tbo limp Intt fornt 
of MmtmcaH. In thir cttrtinnt utiiKii of tha Hn^ck InTrguogc^ cIuuktm 
wnrv not coinbii^Mi witli ea^.H other u nrfiomlBTj and prinoipvl; 
ttMJweniumptjftiideflouetothtToth^r To tiAo tho Uchmcut t^nna, 
eo^t^iftaium iM jMraioiria (vufxfru^bi) wita tlio mlo, — not ^/mrffimt^ 
tif>n or Aypvtoffif (vwvruf&t)- Uri^TTiiLlty tlie rehttivT>a wore demon- 
£tnitLV«flT tbd reUtive aciDti^oei buve bevn oalled ■ pafentlietlo 
4bemonstntiv« umUtntH!!,' Thtiv 2f viui oKpd in tli« apodosia of 
rrlatiTe autd comlittonnl aootonw^. TIiU van I'^prciiilly fn^qnont 
vheo iJie relative or conditional clauac prrcn^cd, na 4^ £« nc ^^ 
&**w, /y« £« M*- u^^ £U>pu A 137 hut if thfff sKqU nat ffit't H, 
(b^ tkfn I myxif ^haU tak6t eiCp dot I taitf bp^nirt , , . ^$t t 
'A^n^ A 193 L ufhiU A« n'tid jH^wfevvM^Mitf . , . (&irf} thtn Athene 




fdovcf, {but) tK'ct* m^hin af/toth^ ractr ofmoti, Soavrop^iiid oAAd are 
uMd with ktrotijc^T I'mphnjiis Uijlh a<, :u <■ SJ trl i(n/n-<p»< 4cm, l^a ti 
7* TfUvro fi-^fiio, I ^\A' ^^ 0«/>T<po« iirrty irtl rXtarttTtru-Avturma A 2^0 1. 
fitit ^f thtiH irrl ruitfhiif nnrl it tfiiiii/i'Mi U thij motft/rry (Alt') j/i^, f^, 

vrli^rt? tL« ftpodcais tH tcally oontrMted with the (jTvitAsJA; '/, A 81, 
qiioltU in tbe nesst jiarrtijirapli. 

^> Compare w:th tb« foTvgomg tlie \i»o of ^ m tli9 oouoIubIod 
of reUtive stMiti'CK^ii* to innTk the ocnn^ctlon of tlie claufioa^ Thus 
iJK0t4Wtu frorly 11*01! in nilMjnliiiiLU' i?lmHi-'n. iw J( vt^ttHK iwimCBirr^ 
ftd^ r* iiiXt^v n^Tov A -Ifi itJtotVrr itfity.\ thr* rfiitit, (rind) hUuArJf S9t< 
fjixh iriiflUff Arnr: and t( . . * ri 1* found in both i>njtasis knd 
npodoaij!, marking tUcir corrpI:itiotit oa ri n^ 71V tc x''^^'' - > - '^^^ 
fra^_>}, I rtAAa Tt iiij |kctoir(<r#(k' f^'i '^<>roi' A 8 1 f . />r -^-t^rj (/^ ^ »houM 

c, Th<* fimt part, of 1 luiruiiii'tif^ HonttMioa may Intnvlnfle Ute 
niimi- or n»;wnn fur vihnt Fnllnwst. hi* in AmlniHiiU'lit-'a wiir<b tc 

^ifi^ /iri iK^yy X 4li*J ff. /*'/ d/i'Jir, Jl'V-tor^ itH tntf ft^tkrj', *W.j 

which iroplioe " iUctor, Bini^^ ihovi art icy nil " 

<L CWtWafCiw f7nn*rn*rj:iniw. Tli** Or*t^k lanyHi^fn was »lway» 
fond of jL jiaj^^lli'l or autlLhetiv eoiibtrtiutioTi, n toiitrj^t, a 1jjt1aiici<?i 
when! tho En^^itHh subordm&b^s one thiiut*ht to tljc ^tb«r ; bLit tbv 
adr^nfttlve nlntaofi. whcr« the ELiLj^liah klioiu woutd uho a subordj- 
nut* cluuttO introdiiood by for, afr/*vii^\, tfih/^n, whii^, or Minfr, Lfe 
tiioire freqtwTtt in thuso jKWJiia tli^n in lator Qrvck, aa <tAA^ riV^HT' 

ZXXn &i 9 vkfj I rr/XxS^wtPa ^vei. lupoc S' /ny/ynrriL <j^j^ Z 147 f, . . . 
tl'Ueti the tnin^jn o/^yn'^y '^jwrfa -ih, ijii<^ iij vror" t/4*v FOpot JsAjh* i6f«- 
^Croio . . . ^V trt nai nv p/9i ra&' iirinfi'ir^ray iMv>>p A 453 C iv* Mtftt 
dftist h^ftr my fir/itef p^'/vr sv f*uW' nhtfJ't/Jjfft thh ny Jwff. 
e- ai^ip &\»o U ue^d wber« a fausal |-artipk wov\A hp iiw»d in 

Gciglisli. jk^ ^iVr^ fr<fn)^^/iia<. aurl^ Juttdc | rJSju^ ^vi trrtfiap^ (^^XoTft 
G^99 f- thfilU'd n'ttkpaina Miiice the urn/it; w<u /U<ti in Av «fvMJ 



1 In ihcSb 0OntniAt^[| ClnuWV, aZ, iJh-tj avrofi, irdpy iUAot ai wail OM 

Sf, may Iw ^xsed m coni^lntion with /iiV, And ^lU rori uud opa (^ 
np) urn uurd M wrtll lu &' to Tnurk tlir iifHiftitstiK. 
f. A copulative oionj unci ion is soinetiiiiv^ usei:! where llie li^ii^lisU 

lUWe & (iLAJUlit'.Cix'C P^ a« Jpinkfj T*jfiair\ii re A 128 'fn-c^/M w i^fiitrf) 
/^mffoldy \\\ uirli:ch fir<iiiimiiui;& ia t;tvvii to thu aiiuoiiii moiuber. O* 
Im jnu 3vo B 3i6> x^i^fa r< mu irpuifa B 3U3, tpijfi^ r« Moi rcrpa^Af 
r363. Oiirry^p fufiU-rqfte ffnti Vorg. Jrn. L W. 

lu The Himii-rui |iLwtMimi-Umrfii puU iiil^i an iti(li-]H<i)^if'nt rlnuiM 
the inciilentjU iluiUKlit vhich in litr (ircek w^jijM Ir r:ip[T^4>.»(] 
tOlftllart/ by a pArticip1c> M Xnpl £' ^/r^mii'To ^ci^t iSA x^'pn^ ^yeax"^ 
r 313 Xh^ f»v/fiffi /frvji/cd fo 'y»r fj'tffj- u-itU n/'fi.f'trtf fi 'j ntle (iti, rfnd 
t^fUfd ihtir hanfi/f) j tOF jf'V'"' ({*M(7)iW-r«, cj\ ^icyoA' *v;j«fo, x^^ ^™" 

viijvitIi' AMiuf B 4 //''M( fnnnfi'j'tntf ii"tr h** tni'jht ft"n"r AchtfUs A^ 
dr^iyiying (lit. utk/ f/f-KrniyJf otc; t/. ^\l9f ^^riwi*, l;^uv A \'it.\ dJU' 
tUorira Hiii^ijvti. j|u^ 6' /jr«n-(4l!?iu f<i^ A &(f^ for ^^^ irtt^D/iwi? lii*^! 

\. Convrrecly, th>? pnHii)i]>lc, ft?i iri later Om-k, ott'^n contAins 'I 

tbe principul id^a, SS tni.tiy*vafv \ *tXiQi' ^'inpcruiT' fi-r<i';(40f 4irovti<Ft^u 
B 1 15 prnmiited thiS I ithvutd muI; Jlvnf, 'tml tyUtrn, bul Jn tho very 
Tieit vi^rae is Cht> KnL;ti>(lt lilioin* y^rr St uun^f rlirart^r y9i>iiA<t!tffiT«i mJ 
^ «cAfiif< ! hvcickia. '>^fi^uv ?'«rf'?fu R 1 U f . jiliinnrd QH evU deceit artd 
bids lut (fOf ri<.. Tor dirin/r ff*iv\<ikra^- 


U L Tbe dlftl^t of the Homeric |}oeiiii in ia one npiis^ arti> 
fi^al - it W4£ a[wkeu at uu jihut* hud at do timo. But it Ls not a 
tnoaiie conpMCKl of woria and forma cJionen caprldously froia tlie 
dtlFor^At Greek <Uateot«; it ift a product cf naliirAl frowth* The 
po«U Rtaitml m;Ltiv old wcrtU and forms whif^h hiui iii«ap[)ear«d 
frnra tho >poki-n [iui^t«g<' {fif. fmrh, ht*{d, I wr^a. eu.. in Engtiah 
rmrm)f aiul aftroiurionKlir ^xclLiilpd ull thjit wm not ndaptni] tu 
dacijlic vcTse ; but they did ui> ^[i>1e)K^e to tbeir lan^uaijce; th^y 
did not wuatufdy <'lian^^ mL*ti-ii'^l f|Ltautitk»^ tior did llu^ mtny 
duce Boir gtfuutuaticul tenaiutLCioaa, tkor vioUt^ ttyittactie uaago- 




Il T1i@ student must ft1v4y« remember tb»t tli^ H»>nkAri(] dialotrt 
wfLS not a, moililtoatioii of the Attic 4i&l0ct, ani was not iI^Hveil 
from it, but tliiil it rcpreawila au uMer nia^K of tl^e taugTi;^^', 
Maay Attic fornu Citn bo dt-rlv<jj from the Ilomrric forma. Thiw 
Homer udue tbo looker foTms uf tli« tktivi; pluml, ad noJ^jftrtp [w 
JUli] a 26, uttumtiri [oivvott, $ .S5 r/] A Jj ; of tilt) genitive ain^ilAt 
of thtf looodd dotTloaiiion^ »k llp^d^io [ll^ii^ii* $ 35 <i] A 19\ and 
of the inftikitivft priding, ns ynXunrtfi^v [^^Xidir^JF, $ ^^ /^ ^ *^i 
3o/uvru [Soivtil] A SS ; Kiii.1 uucotflruotBd foitua ^i-nerfAly, ^m JXyin 
[i^yq. $ 24] A 2. irtktUnf [JTcActro] A ^ 'Xrptt^ir^ A 7. Evi^n 

where a ftliortyr form is ua«d, as JcnuK [(ffTipaf] A 535, Jrti^tuK 
[irmp™*'] A 349. thin IB not to b* rcfj^iriitd a« u/iortannJ fwm the 
Attii! form, but lw m^ir&r the orl^nAL 

c The Hiitrimn ili:i!«fTt is ftssputially liinkr utx) niMfiikK to bavi- 
been develcjiMl riruitu^ the loniaiict of Anu Minor, iiinHr-niv?<3 [io>- 
HJLly by tbo ftf^ecch and certainly f^r more bj the old pootua of tliQii 
Aeolian ndLrbbure, The oldest form of iSroek epic aoii^.'S seema 
to have beeu Aoolic, but the iom^uiA brought epio (loetry U> per- 
f^otioD. Even tUd Pythian pTie«te«« delit'ered the oru>I«« of 
AjioUci in vpie vi^nn* :md limi^ diiiliwt, and the Dorimi SpiirtnrH 
iftug nlKint thi'ir onrii]> lin^i tlia Iohlah Aoiitp of T j rUicu.i. 

4> Borne foinifl *ocm to Ui l)orrowcd from other dialects j biit tho 
atiidoiit must remember that vhfn ih»^ poemn were tomposctl, tlio 
difEf^rence betw««n tho dialecU was Uan tban ftt the ^arlieet period 
when we have monumental evidence coDcen-Lmg thes^ 

e. The ooiiservation of ohi fonuH ttigetlitir with the ^ntr-ixltiolioA 
of hhw iouiL* WM tvtj <^ouvHiiiont for the vorw- ; f.ff. for tin? iidiui- 
tire of th«f verb fo he, llomer couLd ueie f^>uKu u daotyl, _ v ^z i 
ifjunt a^ anapJU'iLt, \/ ^ — ; Sp/ur sui trochee, — v ; tfttv ^u pyrrbio, 

V V ; <Imi4 iu jipondon, Nntur^ilty^ thn choice Iwinj; offered, 

metrioal oonvpnintine detormiRf^d wht«h of thpnn fomiA nhoiiM be 
uatnL Xa ilifferPDC« id meaining exists betwfvn Kpon^vr, Jinn <>f 
Cmiiu^ jLiiJ rwji;f99t. Melriual convaoient* uftcu oi Renerally 
decodca betweect the u»e of 'Aji^oT ot 'Apyiiuu [f promiQenoe ia 
to be f^vcn to tiw imin« of the Grcok», at the bt-giniung of the 
TvnOi 'A^yuM mu^ bo uacd. Ud ih<3 other hand, the vcriw ean 




«Iqm wiih '^j^w^ t)Ut not witli Aaraof or 'Xfty^^, — witli 'XpytCcmriw, 


not with A^t^aZirtVr With A^uv, liMt Eiot Witll Aumurr or 

*A|>yf4W. Vflrgil a.Un usea A rgi, Ac>ilvi, Paftai^ Dnrici, and 

t. Sjnoajcos oiul stock 0|^blietn or pliriUMa, aJao* fttp ur^vd 
ooeordiag to th« puf^t'a Gtrnvciiioiicc- irui dv&pwv'AytifUfAvwv in urpcI 
aiXvt the fcmitiLbu cneatm (S ^^/) of thu third foot, but dpi/ Kptiw 

*Aya^Ci^a4V> *Ayn/ti^vdn>i 'AT^itSdOf or 'Aya/xf^i'ora nc^^td Xuuv itttop 
thn mnsrnUnr iTm^un iil iW KaiiiA foot. IT^tjinj^hi 'A;(iA^n< in nn^A 
aft«r tkrt Enit«cnlini> cjwnura of tli« third fool (S ri8 ru rr^iac uti[i< 
*AxJl^i^ ;ift«rc- the iiuu^uliad cuc'Sura of the foutili ft^ul f f 58 ^), 
bttt rooJpKiTf 5m>i Aj^iAAai^i PTuSwAcaf AtuAiOiLa or U/LUfA^fOV AttKiCao, 
vtfSdfiiKl HrfXttwif yroZiottMi Xlijkitiara, J^ij/A^ttt DifActwUi OT Aj(iAA^ 
vroAiVof)^^, lifter the f«mtDiiLcr out'&unx Of ih* third fof>t, witb i5«>e 
'AxtAAflk 4a A tMg wHni tliP vcma U 1UK*rl up Ixi tUn t)Lii*r>liu di^en'Sts 
(( 58 A). C/, UiP epithet* of Ai«illo, Uirrna A *t8ii ^^ v/ _ *^ , 
iiFffiSKffV A 14 V — V \^ , Jcuc^^ov A 479 ■v v/ ^ v . Jimr^^jiAau 
A 370 w w _ V V , JiuiT»T/f<A*Tiiu ATSvv/ — V V — V. See S 12i. 
f , !ioiue< ELuomoUeo of form {tut of vane) am tut >ct uncxpLtinod, 
but the UMumption b ju^tiHetl tba-t all which nMUAin either (I) 
mn rnijiporti-d liy tbn usaRi! of t.hcr jji^pk iiin3 miRht 1m* cxphiini^l 
by fuom mmyhin MuttvMgt^ of the Tii»t<iTy of Lhr UrtiruH^p, or 
(3) followod Uie Attaloi^ of wli^tt waa in u»r, or (^) aru orroia 
ivhich have found tliuii way iiito tht* ti*jct duritLg ttio Cfrur«T of 
tr&njiuiieaio4i to tht prt*aL*[it tmir- A« th« poem» weru banclL^d 
down tmoa^ the Groi^kji at Brttt oruUy, luid aftcivuniii utill uriirnt^ 
ically fiw centuriMj i^rrom «imvfrtj!ii>»ly nrt^yl in, iiml whrn th^' "tii^r 
fonii* WL'ir unprtjlwtj^l by thr mrtrr, tin* ohKith-t? fnrnr^ v/t^u* 
gTAthiMy uaioiiUtcd to (or irploc^d bjj what w^ts Ulor uid mora 



33- A4 If U rORolikrlj lucd for a, aa ^t^* ^^■^ *^t except in 
tf«^ ywidfn^ A«6c, pt^U, »oina- propL^r iiAniQ« (ilk A»4^«), uid vrhure 
m oonMoauit him b^fri loO, w jOfe, f"X^- OccacionmUyi as B ^0, 




ftaai in Fouiid inat«(i<d o£ tli« It^a frequent jt^v (the AtrciDj^ form of 
fuy). IKro A f^2 (from aAAofiot) ie anotUvr itiAtonoe qI a, imlofin at 
iji to Iw u'Tittan £Ara, a Kmaims wJieii it is the proilnnt of rou- 
trai^bioii <JT * cfimjM'viKAttve leugtbenjng/ ojn hpSj rvrokZ- ill- 3*^ T1.) 

b. The final c of tphe atciiii is i^taiu^d in t]i« K^uitive ondiiig* 'da 
and 'Hav of tlit fml felensioiu its 'ATp<^6ai> A 203, 

Gi a* ttiid 90 ufltn i^U;icg^ tu *w, witli traiiaft*r of quantity : 
'Jirp<tint>, 'XtftiUtfi. Cf. fiitrikijo^ Willi Attii? j&uriAcut, Tt/rTa And 
ifpui. But tlio fr*<jiie:it k'iot ii^vi^r 1i£lk tho Attio furrn A««t. 

d. CfirapMisativr lr(i>ithcniu[^ in numi-^tiniuK ftvuTitl wlirro it is n«t 
ill Attic, nj* fdvuf (f^tfo*), tirtun (Lf\stpiun Iwiita), nirp^ (itJ/i^a), 

«. Pi^ilLtln>ii|i:g occMimjulIy pr<i*crv.* i wiici'c it i« lost m Attic 
b^lora ft rowel ; aiV. tUv^. irtX^itro (S 47 '/), ttt«ciWi«, jXoi^. mw^* 
But I ia lost before & vovrel in<^ffcu (wfrtui) 'lpL« B T^(>| 111-00 lor 
gfnitiv** rndin^ of th^ Bctond dm■l^^Tl*ion (| S5 *J. und in J/j*n 
fbr f^oln. f/A ; *•/. }(pinTri<tiK A 24f1 vrith \pivTiif A ]■*!- Ak in Attic*, 
tbo jjciiiilt i-t Rom^TiintoA siliorli in vloi <«l^ A 1S9, .1 47!^). In those 
14C« L hMtumcdiiitoyH Likewise if U »<>inotiniciiilroppcd botvwn 
two vowels, — lieconiitiif le. See i !f'J fi S. 

3^ Ccntmyturn. Concurrert voveU generally remain uroon- 

tra^t^ : lUhuiv, £<y<a, iraU« (in iioinin^tlve and vix*iitlT« alu^iilar). 

L4 (Sfiv = ofu. t^ri). Aiti(^ tS U r»"(^id;irl>- Vij Iw'^rre iwu (i^nHo- 

ifuitSf And tlic JidjmtiTi^ in jLlwayn iik im ^vt^ Pj^cronymios from 

IDS in *ftft form -cfS^t, ^tfufi^ na Ajp4i^rjt A 7, n»;A*fu»Mu A 197. 

Thngn iiTi4-oT)trai*t«d vnwoU wero oHffiniUly «»p&rA£od b^aconsO' 

"nant- {U. »1 Hi G. Wfi,) 

2$> Sj/niai^. a- Vowels wht^h do not form a true diphthong 
uiEiv W' lilrudtid in prunitncjution intu i»nf Imi^ mmnd, fi^r f^xumplt-, — 

Alt3V&tilt — V ■<-' -^ . 0t<J€l&it T -T, A7 lll^TUIV A 131. £4 OVTt \ 3*0, 

wtXiat B Sll. 'l(rWmn» B £$7, d^trJlfi; T 414, tn wliich i QUiat haV0 
hnd Vi*Ty iv*iirly thn jiTonnnrialifhn nf it:< copiutt^ jWTriiv<iwi>l y. 
The (Ecnitivcs of Uap Qrat deuli-nniun in -cv^ -Wtfi' are always pru- 
QoaJiced with aynixceui. (IC. 42 D; 0. 4" ) 

b. dynivceia ofb^n ai^rvt^d thi? purpo«« of tht? later controctton. 
ffMaw did not differ lt3 metrical qiiftutitj itcta ^ft^v- 


vo\vi:l^ xsu vowkl chanuks 


U^ CrtUMg ja not frwiiL«nt. Notn rov^m fTor< Ti^jcii) A 2tl], 

(K Ttii t;.42 ff.) 
27. //.'>/« { H. 75 1> I G. S-l) U aUowed : 

b, Wlirn tlji' tv'o viiurlH Lt-tw^nn wlitcli rt <]Ci.Mir[i ur« KOfULmbHl 
tij X i*ju*!tiirii (j&i(*7ffTr> Vr-yvriyiy'u^r'i A .Ifiy) ur tiy Jt cijaf-rf uls (S .'ifi A) : 

HrMi^tm aftrr Ui?i lir»t ft>ot {qi'TiV A fyt^af A ■I-'^'t], niom frpr^ucntl^ 
nfUr Ihft fourth foot (ty^^ ifvotyrn K 5li8), HvfttM* bctwoon tUc 
fthCTt sylijihl^ of tho tl)irtl foot ;a allovrod nc^CLrly as frequently m 
in jtll oth^r pLioe» togi-then — niori> than tvto hundred tirn^s. TliiSj 

<* WLrn the fin;i! vovrcl of thf; tirat \FonI in long ant) vtotKU m 
the acwtiud part of the foot (i A" *i)f n^ Ty vc lax^ a*ffp A 418. 
&«o $ fid A c 

^. WUi^Tj a li>n|r tovel or diphthong loses part of Lta ^^uilbUi 
li^fore tlie t'otlovtng vowt) (ft 3U ^), as ri^f i^ iyia oi- Ab^«i A 21^^ 
^4 ru rot oC i^itTTfj^ A 2A. Th(? filial tuiJ itiiLleil VDVtib uuiy lie 
MUiJ l» W MrniUiii ill ttir lir»t f^X^npln, whiK* hi tlir tM-roui1 tbtf 
IiuaI teLbcr muy hitvc hocn pri>ni>iiiico<l oa r/. Thi> ii rjiUt^l wifA: 
or imprvptr hintu« ^ it i« »«antially th^ sftUie Oii thu fcllowitiic. 

«. Wien thfl last v^iwaI «f the firrt worJ U a-lroady pliil^d, M 
(i-ifpC 'Aj(04tnt aXyt* i^r^nn' A 'J. 

X.R. HJAtiiR Wfoi^ worda which fomieHy Wf^n with A con* 
BOEL^nt {fi 32j &5 only n|j[iatf!]il. 

The port di'l not amid turo or moro concurrf-nt roweb in the 
Muuo v<frd (I 24), 

AVif/tftn, (H. 70; 0.4^) a. « fin tnflcr-ciaiial ending* and 
tn ^t Miiil ^i£>, c. 7, « may tri? <»1id<*d- m in HoniPtimrui 4«lidod )o thvl 
sfih endirtgH. oi ia i<lidei.l wveti times in /loi', tliree tmf% In Te<\ 
onitv in (Tim' A ITO (niilrwi afij^/ croi oTu t^r oJ mt ii'nt should b« tP^d 
thrre fur ilii a* J^>. 

b. rS, Fpo, ^^ irtpb rt, iiTiil tie conjunction jn <lo not aufTi 
«]ulcn. £t' u for ^r< (either tli*! hmi|)orcLl (^ollj unction or the ro] 
live i with r4 alhK«l ^ S 42 ^>, r for t« or roi'. 



I -'Ho. 


c. 4 iA sinlildin nlidod iti ihti datiro niii|falnr, wbris ib niij uri^L- 
nally hiivc bcon Son^. 

d. Oi)rton«i protx)siti<»na and conjunctions loao tiinr Jlc^ceI1t in 
eLisioQi otlii^r oxytouoa tliiow tUo oovte aooenl upon tbo |fE-e(Kfiluig 
syllable, as rk k^' [■^('(i] A 107. 

N R Kiinimi i^ not Iffh t^ lliH readier, a» in L^itlii |»(><-try. 

29^ AfMv-iipf*. (H- S4 D; (J. fi.l) «. Htfuru u c^ojifumunt Ihr? 
■h()rt final vovc1 of Jpa ajid of tLe prnptHiitioti* <Ini, ^uTa, impii nuiy 
bo atit ctf (lirtHcnr^, diruHOirrw). The ocoont in then thrown bjic:k 
Upon tho pmot^diiijf ityllnbto (although it mij^ht \w moro ratif>naJ to 
coTuidef it lo«t, m it is j& ohsion), 

X^ Aftor apocnp^L, thn if of Av>A And r of wiri follov thn ninml 

Ai(j3^iA4i' E 34^ (iMlT^Wri'), uft U (Aotk £i) frr^quently, fnuTUH 

c n^;>v<m' A 459 ifl explaiDwi tLM derived by apooO|je, nssimila- 
XAfva, and Tocali^ation of f. from Avi and /(ym'aj, (y O^ A. 

d- Apomj]H» wap iiu men? mulrkid Ikcn^v ; il vtjls (*oiiLiitifii in tlitt 
oouvtni^itiDiiJil LiLiom vf soidq diolt^ctn, M':frr? striking F»ini|deii of 
jipcoopo nai] naEiimilation thtin any in liomcr orn found in prone 


30. a. WL«re co11^tt>rd] foriuH uppe^, one nlth ttm^'lc uud the 
otUtT Willi cJoubUil coii»ifiijint&, the fonu with two consonanta 
id p^ncrttlly tht oldL-r, «r jubIiHwI (jtymoIoijioiUly, ilu rnvvt, ntri 
(from tro^t) ; vtimftnf vtCittert (vtlK9tj vcifO^r-), omriti (ok^«c^ ^. LatlD 
f^jiija, ^/e,)^ OTTi, jfrX 

t- Siii|£l«? inltuil ronMinEUitn, rApi^ftllj' K> fh f* ft "r ^T9 oftea 
doubl<id (at p i» io Attic) vhoD by luficction or couapontion a sboit 
vowc^l is brought before tiiun (eco t 59 A)i fta iUMnrcro £ 411, OAo^c 

c. But ftonietimea p is not doubled wh*r« it would be In Attie, u 

wnipoy & 59S, avT^fcr A 301. 




d* Pj&Uul aiid ImgtUil mutes often rcriouik uuuhiuiged Iwfurti jl, 

c. Lingua] miitcci arc oommonly rufflimiUtcd to & follpvitiK 7, at; 
iKHTc^ (roinri), ^ is iom^^tim^s aJ^simiUteti to >& or r: <V^«>«i 
[aTw] for 4if^fMi. J^cn'i>t, irAii^, for d/>y(ir-TO?, AA ^yiiraiiii' T l->A, 
inr/u fur ftav\f/u (S CJlf fi)t ipiptwv^ V, Cij9 d'lrk^ cf. *E^f^rH. 

I. tf is fjwqucutlj' retauittJ Uifott^ jr, aa fafrg/iai Trom lU« stem 
fu-, Jt^\iwc (ly*. ri\Gf« from the stem rtAi(r-)» /}biivu&r» irom tbe 

Bt«III ^r^. 

g. Btitvc^e^n |i and Kor p, ff it aometimes devGlop«d, fts ^^/?pDToi 
fromf^rniipo t^r tu>p ^murdfr, LFttin mors, niorioT),wh]lpin ^porot, 
mvrtnl, i.hi* y* of tin* Jitwjn in lost ; fU/tfiKuutt All fn:"H» /lAo <'r ^oA 
(1^. JftoJli>i>}; iftt-fipiTTtt. Aorijit tif li/tn/iTiJvifl. f^ thtt I of Mp6i And 
the fi in Krj|;liflh fAuruhcr (curacrit). 

h' nf^^oAt B <M3 is foiuid oocfuiiortfiJLy In the Mia. h a variant 
r«4ldinf, a «oft«r pronimcmtioTi for nifffS^J^ (i 2Q ft), 

L A prir:k»ktl<j r iijipoiira lu irruA-ii, irr^iAi/jov for ir*ft<t» iriX*- 
/ios. ^ ^X^ rpv^Sii with Attk' ii'jja, r|Uijfi, The j>r()[jcr iLamtiA 
yfVtptoIrTaiu (>"tmrt*FAifint) ttiu) Ptotrmj/ (nroA«/idlM) iireB»*rvt^il thiH 
T to a lutn [^pHch]. 

Jp The njuijh hrcathiny (A) has no powct to pr€T«Dt cJiflion or 
ToakwD hiatus. The smooth brvalbinjc ifl found with sevonU won^s 
vhich bjLVO th« roii^U breathing in Attio, u ri^^ [^/^fjp ^t>^ 

1* Tho r movable vaa written hy RutEie aiideiit oiilKiif after the 
wdiiag -u of tlie pluptirfvct. its fitffk^KurB 6fU, 'j^'^ytiv Z ITO^ ^ 
ifawarrS&Ji ()Ja«ar). ^<^^h>' (impf. of ^i^«w) ^ 137, U ii frrdy 
tisod b«furv i>ox]floii;vntd tu xuakcf a nyltahtc lon^ b>- poeitton ($ £9/). 

t. The fi-iiiU vof hdvi^rhfl in omLttPcl rocro oftnti th:iii id pro<^ 
Xut mt^roly ^^f and /«, mtw^ and aJrifp Wt aIho iru»v nrid vu'i, roAAtCciv 
nnd roAAfUi, f!/j^f ^iid J/i^i' (ajlverbial). %\y* fftuTid as C'i>llat**ral fi irius. 

31. MFi^tkrsiti tif d ;ii]d /> i*i ftTiqii«iit (IL M ; 4i. fi'lk : ■ucififji 
D 4o2» A^BiiSiiT u 3^^ i «i^r(jrTO( A ^fjC. n^arm A 509, K/nifriiVvi B 6T0. 
and fCapirrtl'oi. (Jf^ rparcuiiicr V 141 from r^iru^ T^irv(C|taLfrat from 

For tlw «hiftiDg of quantltf from -40 and -1^ to -<», s^ t 2^ «. 




33. The Digajn'ma. (H. 73 U) a. Tho folkrwing word» Mom 
to li&Vfi bptn protLOuuUL-d b/ t]i4s Hi>in«riu poot mora or linu con- 
NLHtviitly with iiiitiU cligJunrnK (n[:m9hcm:iiit;il h, vtiu^ f, \^r^m(nlna^u\ 

jv^^tf^^i lEpiuOi, f/'in, iif^i'^, /r/';»&) uirru, ciff/, i. «u, at, /i^n^, ffr^^ with a 
pOB3uaaivr} pronouu of. ^i ur (cA atA'). «upf t/yrinffy tZva^ v-O'Min'j ffi/t*f 
I0vnt, tnlte. uttfifTt, ttMntif^ Cmtt, t/iM. cpw, m^ (future i^fa), J«o«, /or, 

urind, SX^niitiy fnipf, tyvvfit {f€it*n'f^i^f plidftf-^ Vrr^t, ufniraf ilathfA, iva%t 
teordjipytrt *pi*"y «'<»rjt, tpvio. HriH/\ ltsinfj*}\ (veil per), riyiiiflj* H^*i^f 
host yir**r, ttr^d fumpKiauirt, ^ivv, wv^^ (urSdnw, ^/'."'Mr), ^tfot, fiutintf 
ijpa./fin'cj*', fii;tui, <'n/ ufontij t*fuu, tie-in; utrh''.; l^tty, *^e (Utui t^Za^ (tSai). 

(^ Iftros), Itv^. fiUlf, H.1kd ^Ti'/ (VAfAir). 'ivUltiUU cFifact Jiotiti'. uTvoff 

b. Prciliably 'lAmi:, 1p*^, and acvrtal otUcr words ftlws vcns pio- 
ooimccd witb initinl ^h 

e. a»6d[vu, I, iwvfUfit «f, ^f^H, and oth«r» seem to )iav« began 
originally with two (vjTiHonnnijpj <tf. 

d. Ill iitr^re lliaii tvko tliousand v^ti ■Ap])aretit liinUiH' (( ^7/^ 
in RiiiupJ bjr tlL« oiiibsiou at iniiitd f. Lms frnquantly a, f iniiat 
bft mipplird in ordtt Ui make un appatetitljr aUort syllabW long by 
'powtioB^ (S^Wj)- 

•- Tbo v<tr<o alono ofEordi no fufHoicnt biiit for the formor oxist- 
«inoe of f in ,iny woni : it only inHlcintcH tbo lonn of Kom^ conso- 
lUiiit. TtiiM iM not ETonrluHtvt* f'ViilHuci* for f, Htinw cr .ami ^ were 
aUo lost. HViiirb eoDMouaiit originally wm jr;r€«tiit baa to bo 
learovd In eacli caae from iu^uTiptiona f>f otLt^r Greek diJileo(«i 
from A f?7vr nt>tca of anricnt fn'^naiarinn-t, nnd from otbcr nojfnoto 
lnnguagf»; c/. «^«r with t^>^>r^t «Trot wJtb m-ue-^ ottof with viouft and 
wieA (in yrtr"*i/Aj, Itik fttid Siff with vox. 

f, Tlie aound of ^ evldenlly wn* goinjf mil of us^ in the Horoprlo 
pnriod. It in not uifretjuvrntly ueglecte^Ll in our U-xla, and auctitrtim^s 
this iwgttxrt floeiUB to ht dut tij tht* (lOeC him;>ctf, buL f r^iit bo 
reetored in muiy pMUOgiut by minor diougcd. For Uvr imifiakor 




A 21 it is poasible to reiul vU f<Ayiff6Xw^ for inu-r«7ff4 S" dru^raF 

A 2^ It is &aay to ttfiul irotfir 5« fa^^ilr^^t^ and ^*ptfi fCAfj^oAov (or 
X^f'tr ln;^«Aov A It. rt^rliiipgi KriiMu. ^tiv f aXvuvt £ llJT lUilj have 

g. That thi^ nourul of f \sw ttill nWir. in tiif^ Hf'inrniS Agv M 
iihcwD by thff awiuftcy of the pott in its iiso where compuativo 
philoloifv i;l>ov7« th&t it ouoo ^jKbted, Hut it had diaappfrim^d frr^m 
aom? woriU, and was oft«ik Di>^'lect«d m ulhers. 

b. ^ sometimes li'^v^^a n tru^e ol' it« i-iisU-nc^ In ita coguate 
vowel » : u^ivrnv A 4.19 for fl^^^.^-mc (4 -9 f\ raXavpivn^ E 289 for 
ta^fpmv^ <^f> ihiuhtlrAA ilirovpnf A T^'f'l for dini-/-pi£i. 

1. Some iucKnlAiiticfl of i^iuntity mny be rxjthkincil by thiift 
Tocolixatioii of f. Thua tWuniri^F T 35 i;aay bdvo been tiro/ctirtt^, 

pMIt^UnO^ n«arly aa ^irovttirwv. Aftaxoi fmila iU :Lnalogy In rcnro 

} A iiAigTilv>ring vovr-l aoniT^times aeciaa len^ened to compen- 
aatr* for the Iom fif /- r'S '»^ *)■ 

k> An t «cmctiTn» wu prcEixc<l b> a ili^iumntr<] wotd And 
remained after tho f vein lost, a^ Jf'A^^t 'cikotti. J^pyir '^- 

1. Somrttimci^ thn roii^h brmthmi;; t'i?|>roit(*nta tho la^t rcinnnnt 
of X lofit conarm^nt iPtp^^HnUy in i\i<* words whieh oi^cf bogan with 
ff^, aa JiAipui vr\.] rf. f*, atiuvt^). u.s Jkwc* irrwrpoc Oft^n th«i s^tnv rcot 
vaiioa iu lin-nLhiug, :i£ avfifiru* ^id f^ik. buL ^&a7»' Ztvu/ii, but /ir^c 

u. For tbcr au^tiic!iit miti reduplicati(>n of di^Muimatfd verbSi fice 
^. A. For f^ci^w, Ift^Vi aoo ft •vl^ A. 

^H 33, ^^T^r^; Cu0r EHdi'i'jH. (11.217; 0.392 9,) a- Tb« aaflU 

^^P -^(O* ^ r«Binaut of an old iuatiuiucntal ca«ci| addnd to tbo atom, 

^^^ ronna a g^etiiiive and Jatire in both bin^lar and pkral i ly^t^^, 

^^^ in thm kord, X^%. wUh miff/it, frur^ir, ^Wnt the ih\p*. 

^^K b. Th« (old locatival) snftlx -^t ia ac1d«d to thv itom to ilcoota ] 

^^^ /ifcfirt' inA/jve ; o^t [o**]* »'"*'^> tt^Ao^i [rijWj.yWr /rvfly. 

B C TIjv (itM ELbldlivjd) Aitflix -6rv m addvd Ui tliir MUTtj Uj flciiot^ 




AiMf-pQ. €f. {vT^9ty. It form* a gonitiTft with tho pronomimil 

91UUUI, tiK Wty wHn. t 12S, r^» %f E 9^, cr.tftv A ISO. 

d. Thft siilflx -(Tf IH Hilil'-il til the stinij tti dt-nni« yjfnrtfl firrftftW ,< 
Kit^/c, thithr.r. trrivTfxJr. t'n <f/' rft tYctitiriJi, iriptmrt^ tf thr iithrr itulf-^ 

%, The enclitic -^ in nddcd to the a^.caiwtiro to denote more dta- 
tinotly tho limit of motion: ftltM^i ht>mfpitiitrd (aJer; oTau^c ospccinllj 
of the return of lti« AchiLeans U> their liooses), Ivh^ iuf^^vht^ tu hU 
oipn hossf. aXdS*. wtrtrnrxl. KXi^riify^r tf tftf itntf. OuAii^ifwSc. io Olym* 
jt^tt, yftifiS^t. to ffir ^roiinri. &vpii^4 (S^it-^)^ tu fhr^ rfoor, oflt. 

34. ^il^^i Drrffiiji'iu, (IL l.ti (T. ; «. tfift f£.> B. i; iK found 
for f nn.1 » of the st(^m wibli thn nxcri^rtinnn mi^ntkonni in i 23. 

D- Tho nommativo mnKulnr of nomt* miwwuUncs cnria in -ra 
lOT -TTfl : Iirtfira, hrjyn^mirHt i^^rifrn, tntinxflnr. Cf, the Latin 
pir7<^ n»uM, c^i^uvfra, /ar gutifuUnj, h os^ ftlso fta accusative, 

All uf thn«H wauls am adjM^Lival (^titufar) cxc>i<pl ei^rnn B 107. 

C Tha frmtiTTi r^ingulAr nf Enani^iilmr^ rnd« in -ao or (ijy tnui^ 
f(rr of qtijiutitf, S --<<') <«■ After n. rovrol this onilin^ may be 
ontrjieMd to -«. aj Atvcit^ K 531, U^pi^ ^ (i\}2, fv^t^Atklv A 47. 
Th<t vmdJTig -<iu ift 3il<pra.ya proiiouncdd m one eylUble bv syni^^flis 

The Attm tfuiliii^' -eu (it[j(jttreutlj- borrowed from the aetujud 
deirlundiont ih not uwmJ- 

d- ThiT ^litivo pliiraL onda ;n -001' or -lur : fcocurj fin->.ittr- -tvv 
in TLiffijlarly |jrunomiPdd a* out? nyllabk. 

9. Th« *huix-e pttirnl cndi in -tj-"<v) or nir^ly id -^. 

35. Nm*;i// Ih-i'UHsimi. (IL 151 IT, 5 «- iSfl IT.) a. Thp peDv 
live sinyular hn» pics^ivcd the old eudiDif -10, vrbich, otHxcd to the 
tteiD-rovel, makcd -«ta- 

th. 'Xh& termiuatiou -«o [ahort^noii fruin -^bo, rf, \ '2Zf) ia indieat^d 
by the meter ku oertiin |iltiae« where aJl the Mas. j^7e a eorrupt 

form. ILM ^^itA'^ttov ^ HAfQC ov irrKT^ ^A^ircu B '^tr5, f*/^ "l^roif B ^18, 
'Air^Aipfrn' H 7.'M. U \i Lii Int n^i^UffCiai-d aUu lU llm^ D TmL^ fuir 
Ilcrcjiao, fmni lUrtuii for IltTbaut. 

TJiO -ov vfa« aft<Tvtfnnln fWntrOiQtcd to ov. 

c> Tho ^nitive tknd dativo dual ond in -cuy\ rdlir, v/vur. 





d- Th« dativo plural ^qeU in -a^^r^^^) or -ixi. As in tho Grot 
deolewcu, U;v loni^ i^ndiiif; it iha nUa ; thu kthort cndinfi id yi^i-/ 
nuo before ji 0(]»ioQ[int 

36. Third DN-Jentchru (H. lfi,T fl. j G, 20/V ff.) «. T)io eniling 
t of ttifi d^tivo ii:i}f(ilAr \>h miiitpitiixirji \isik^ adiI BDroetliues sliort. 
It 18 stldom elided. Jt is often \ou% before a single coiiMuaQl* but 
only in ihv ^rate^llablo of the foot; Att ^c» dri£\4bT4t, ir/ vrcjD- 
^Ci ^Ovav B L16. 

fc. Tlie <Utiv* plural liaa tli* Aeollc ending -<cnri(i') lut wuU ns 

the Attli? -fT<(v) : miiiinTi, itoffffj' (& m* r), ttiwi', - — SyhptttVi, 4Apa^i, ^ 

c Nouns in -i% aud vi usiuiliy rotitiu i or v throu^hout^ bitt in it^ 
tt«AdiDayinocrt<. whirhin nomr^tmu^fi IcuKtlicn^d, ns ir^i^ci (n^usy 

d. Xonne in -cm gorkiirAllj Enn^then c to fj (perhaps 3il conipeu- 
lation [4 5d ^2 ^^ ^^^ I' wliich briween two voveU b^icouiMi f and 

i» I'M), art ^rrrriXfiK, fti[iriXffnv. 

37, A'iormilotuf rtTinit. n. Ad verln u|i[>cat in tliu j>ri;»frnt system 
vriUj a variety of collateral fonnn derived froin tljc saiuo root 

— iij(<W^ Axaj^Hia, aj(rv^iin), po nounn of drtfL^r^^nt diiokuAJons ar4 
xomctimi^ formH from tho unmti mit lud niv uged irithoQt appre- 
eiabU diffFrr^uoei nf im^Aiiin^, 
ti- Some noiiiia liavo both vowtl luud uututjiiuil »t«iuH: JtXitif 

r IC but ^iiiB 1^90; ;^.Vu^ ^Tuipcj^ ^ see, but /^^.j^vi^H^uLrSTSv 

^. reAt^TM B 8UC u-itL iFDA^rai. j^or (A 409) aa<l yiXot ore used for 
the Attio (put a[;ii yiKott, 

C or ii^Df thriM? stttiiJi ]Lt<- fcmnd: (I) ulut, vlav^ vU. Tlifl othi 
fom» df tittit iltH^leijftioti uri* very mrn. (2) vE«c, riA, vjai, an 
&om ttiSf. (.1) vTtfc, vU* vXiit M fioin a oomtnritiTo vU. 

In tliia word tho tirntp eiyihiUlc 10 wmetiliiM ehott (| -3/)> U it 
often JK iu Attio anri in othor didcict^ 

d. Certn^in nAm^i of oitiM atc found Id botli trnj^iUar and 

plural : MiviJKr; ^ 52, Mivi}i4« B t'iV.h, (^^tj? A 37K. *^j^^ E SOi]] 
*AA^C B iriG, \mt *A$injv ij SO. Iiistt^ at tlie lati-t pliind ^ayrtnif 
UA«riiM^ ilomor ua«> OuI/ thi> biiiipil&r; Bm^wr U 4!)^ UXoriuvy 






88. «. Some juljcctiT«a of thiec lp«niiiii&tiiMia are usod aa i£ of 
tin> teriuioatJcnA, >-f- tliu maiaciUiQu fui'm ia iiBe^I iUbo Tor tlie FeuLt- 

E 776^ IIijAdiu tffuiOtitvTot H Ti- 
ll, Thr CriuiTimi* of luljcu-tivm in -ire rntU in -^la (gi'-ri, -eiif«), ^a 

Cj aro^v« (irovAut) li^ in tlK' iiiJUt^itlirLO and nmitur L>oth &tcu\B 
imKv- (itov\v-) aiid ffoAAo- (f'ft tioKvo-, S 37 #), witU a uoarlj oom- 
pIot« Bet of lorina tor i^aoli : traXAot and iroXAi^v, iro^^ox, iroXiif, m>X«tfr, 


99. (H. 550 1 G. &I5 t) a. Suffixuft whkh orikHually eatpi 
MQncCtiuii oi' poriACHfliuii ;uo iHtMJ t^j fvrui pulrouytiiiu ndjcotivtoJ 
The oi'iginni forco of thuM ftuffixw in ouoiuioiuilly (iiciiwrvctl i (t)wi) 
0£pai^«vcv A A70 is ft mf»r« juljV'tiv« of cnnnpntion, liko (StaWiv) 

turol ttie K^da. 'QAiyifria£cc /xoinnu B 491 ia equivalent U> fioZam 
OXiVnia Siw/hUit' ^noivu* U J84. 

A 7, Mcvfhria£^ A SOT. TwfoiT tliu KitOiM A^memttoa, P^rt/^fltu 
had been JnentionetL C/1 Ihe EngtlHli ntuHis* Th&Mpt^n. H'iVjmi, 

f^irA'in^jion. i>irfin., ffir^ Rirku, tic, 

A. C' Thr j>iLtimiiy mic 3!» fi>niipi) from ^U^iia iiT thn liJKt drt^lcn* 
Lxag -ii' , A^Tv^iSio B liLM, or m»otp fif^^iieutly by luidiliff 
.i%a^^ r l-'OO 

d. Iliia ftnaloi^, giving itn eadb^ in -uiJijv, ib loiluwed by flteona 
tn -(0 r>f tli« (wi."™i(i dni*l<»n«ioTi: Mirama'A^f. S(j alsd liy elenia of 
tlia ihM i1<?i-le]iMoii, hm Ili^Ai^ri^ui A 1 (as veil iiM n^cf^v 1 316, 
nijAJiu^u A liTi, See J, btli™-. 

e. Ttic uuDix -i£li- is uxldcd tf> >trin:i id g, j^d the <i id Ictit ntf in 
</ itlxn'1% oa Kpor<5r7«. - itbo to ntrmx tti n^ wluc^li lusi^ their t 1«tw<;ai 
two vrvoU (rf. 23 /t, m 'Arpfifijt A 7, — alHn tii roUBonnnUl )ttrai>* 
aji 'Aya^4^Mi»niAijc a 3CL 'Av^^ISi^ A 488 li formed a« CriJin *A>i0i^i0C 
rftlher tliaii froui 'Ai^pituii' ^^Ai^i/ifQiwc ulaV A 479). 




f. Patron^' mioK from Ktt^mt in -4v, Jift^r the loss of th« v, do not 

lA nt>mi?p mffri- cmitnictiim <jf (1j« r df tlic utmii wslli tljn i of iJm 
euflu. Till! [lovt «ajd 'Arpcf£ijv, 'Ar/itfcuf, &a MvAb\]\Mi^i iiut tvl- 
a^'tlAblc8, Tho vcr»o iclu« never falU on tlio », ftlthouith Vnrjctl 
virrte Atridu8Mkd Pcliilee. 

S btffow llie uommativtf sign, ilh XpvinjiSa {nci'- of X^wp^ii) A 182, 
Bfliaif^ A IHI. 'A;^uut« n ^H^-*! njrrmiior^di If) ■orpfKit 'A^-ijir A 47;S. 

A fi29 (with Koriitiva Kp^t/uji^x nv Kpoi^okui), 'Ar^f«i', 1li^A<£wi- In 

1- Tbe coTNepoiidiDg f<)iii»le imtrcnij^Dik' is found iti 'Alfitftrrivij 

!• ToAoEfmSaa B iiilfl in irregtilar; it h-i-jti^ Ut bo fornu'd Iry a 

T 250) its formed from \iwsii&wrio^, vliich its«^lf appears as a p^tro- 
tirmio (In tho form Aa^iiynoi) in a hoeotion in^iinptioiL 
k. SoTne ^IJBotAv^a in -ioi aro Ltseil as |)^ti-oit> mioB, &« TcXu^i^iioi 

L The patron J III ii-s id -£i;c iath Tax citurt} numeruuh thafi thuKu in 

n. Tlie patroffi3'inic in nomctinif^ drnvei) From th& giandfanhcr'fl 
nunc: AcJiiU«« 14 caUod Aio-t&i^c B bCU; I'riam. Au^^&m^i T :Sli:Ji 
tlic two gnuidcon« of Aotor* 'AimapiWc £ G21. Thnn in kUr 
|)0<4l]r HeTSwWlarjOled AUriii*'^ {' AXKui^^) trnm Amphttiyo's f»tb«r 
'AAfldbvOr 'AAit«v& 


W a. Compantivcfl end ^uporlattvet t-nd m -i4ptj -ivrot mom frc< 
qieuUy tlian in Attin, (It 253; <r. 357.) 

h. Jyii^fiv h-AA com paniti Tits ApUatv (ff^ apirrritt), ffiKrtpbiff iqftiWTWV^ 

Amur, ^^pTfpof. 

Ci la somtf cotiipiraUvt*a in -ripfrt tlir poet haa tio tliuui^t ol a 
stealer or ]vis dck'rtt. biit of :i L'utltm£^^ ae iyf^rtpoy, u^M^ ^^tt4fr*t. 
/i^f M oppocK^d tj 6cji>(^»f, W^A^ C/ Iho nao of tliO antau eijdmg 
In ^irtp^ti ^ur (aa oppOMd to oU ottait). 





^ (H. 28di 0. 3T2 fO A. M hu a coU^ciaI foim ty £422; 
«/ the feminiue foim la ^ -437, 

b. £■»>, Bvo ia uxleulinable. It he« the uolIat«r&l forms £««, 


A. M.^(CJid.). 

O. D. »^*. 

rcfflr vn. of um two, 
^/itTtfnt, ifiM, our. 

fi, r*r^ (H4Bfi). 

ri^ (■:/, } 3a (})> trto 

v^tfrr {9 lis <-) [lofFl. 


Pr^iniA L. 

Ci^^ (dicl-). tftf<ffi(f) (OTtcl.). 

ri^, f4i, tAv' ^ or 0t, 4, S*. «tf R, !(«. 

iron i Ml, ihiJi. fJu [nuui] A*** Kni-ajM, & 07 *, ^. ( <►! ** i ftuUK pi, f»| 
'jr#T( wh"^ uiAiMh 
AdiBrtot «rTv«i VI or (Jt, rA«, Jf«t t^ui; 

rW(*)»i, wtfO^iV, tonvO'tit «> ifnaL 


/ff^fif'Cf^ iWfffof, Ar^fioi. kiflo IttTffii^ 

d. Intrrn^fftitivft Tttfitfiitket and Indr^nlU Rfffative PtvnGun^ 

ttilen. N. Tit. r\ f rJim}, rJiTri, i/g [rfm^f AcCp rfn* iv^^ icAifA, edW / rgwi, r/ 

%tftuit Hrti f wttTffMK, M'hw'h nf Unit f 

ind^. /iid- N. 0t ni or ^11. Sti Of 0TTt. Ace. Hmnt^ ^rtirtk, Stti^ Kom^ pL oC 
run, AC(L ow nHii, M^rra [4 rtta}. 

c Th© oblkiui' fiwvtt t>f the IhitJ purflooal proooun wlien enolitio 
4it ^auaphonc,' lika avrot htA., ill Atti*:; wlwu ua^^phUhI thtry 

Jura tb«iT CTIginal ixiHcxivo uiii^ Uko Attic; Javrov^ ifiitvToVf aavrav, 

f. >uV, (T^vt, rr^biiV, ir^i'p Hud (r0d« we alwiiy8 enclitic 

|;> u. Tlie j>oH»iuiaivi3 f«. j, iv 15 iittrofLiUj^ ti> be ilifitiDguisheii 
from i\ie rclativo vv, i), o. TliU ilintini^tion ui gL'nprdl,v cuay^ e^qco 
U)« po«»e8eivo ouce bi'gtiu with & uunnonant (fj S <^^ ^)- 

^ Thu pl:4eti of the potNc^Jtwivo probouu » often tillmt by a dative 
(of inij?i't«l) of Qua juiraonkl pronmin. 

b. fitnV jtfjEiiUrlj' Ti'tiiiu8 ii« itit«Ti#ivEf force in tlio o1>1lqu« «aH»t 
«T«n wLoa not c^JiiEieoted witli a uouii vxpruAstsl, iFfl4!ii ii]&rki]ig » 
contrut wJiicL it ia dtiUcult to r<?iid»r wnoothly iu th« £ii^li«lL 
idloin^ V/^ i 11 J fin. Tim preHtiin|>liL>]i U jU^v&ya btTODgJy Ui 
faror of the ori^in^ ue«, but aU bbaUc^ of luvouing ar^ found, 
fTtim tJii* Ktrk't iiiE«ii([vtt tj> tbi? HJriiplrr iiimplioHr ilbv of th« Attic 
din^^irL Tb0 wiiU-r^r mut^ iw li Kiuipli- jHTiujiial piiiiiaiin, in ^mrticiK 
Iftily ixiinmon aft«r proposlliuiis. 

U Vot uJtu'^ iu thi} flonAC- of wruvrmt. ec6 ^,l)cloiA'^ In thjavuifci 
Lad a lof^v vEkTiL'ty or OimLUBU^. iLA j u^;ii»'i£ r') aJrwt T 220 a RM 
(mmptt^im) ; v^tA^nt ^UJtc A &UOf v?ith^ttt n prist A 133, a^tctut^jf 
B lift, m/ia/y H :u:>, W//f'>r/ r^AirVot K 2^^. MM- of tU«M niMn- 
ingt Arn dorivpcl fr^m^ tn thf /utm^ irnif as fj^or«t thf. conuwc^oil 
deumtiuuiK tJie AjiwritU muw uf uacli paasAKS. 

J. Tile Attio arikl-^ i» }, t<J t't'^'-'i'i^ll.v J*taSnfi its deaoustiati^o 
fOToe iu HoTDCT, but, lilta U>o mtvuaive prouumi in tlio obltc^uc aues^ 




if,^fiu^af, Sa-r ii5 lu in^ivQif aud (4-, 0^ in ifiikat. Ate atr-eii^fium^ 


4L (H. 288; a ST2 f) «. 4»^ haa a i^oU&teial furm tf Z4S2; 
r/ the feminine form lu A 4^7* 

b. 3v4i, Svo lA indeoluiblik, It him the ucllftt^ral fonna ^ot«, 


43. «- 

A. titit pd itiid.). 

ff/ (ftooL), 

i (unci.). ''< #I>^ (ciJiol.) 

m. A. p&, N. Hi. 


€fmi{m<3L). 1 

r^vli^. fp#/vfs r#fl*. 

ff^J (end, ). ir^£T;{r^ fCIKLy 
0^1 (BIk:L>^ tftftffl (UliCL.). 


i'dMUMtitci I'ronotitia 


nalrrpoi, 1ifli» linn. 

t*!b, »*f, jAv. 
Afi^HfH4, 4hAi, your. 

^ or 01, 1^1 Jr, ovit, ft(«. 

D. i^ntnrurrm-rtvc] and Rdotw iVa'UTtuu. 

l/iiTii U', ^ifl, thr [mjuij Any. if^^i^it^ «« or £, «, A(4 r«; Mom. pL r«| 
Adverb*, fftrvi, hi or cJn vAt, J^ £Aujl 

rAr(«)«4| Ttt6rit, tMtfo^«i, a> ^rtai. 


d. faferrtjffatitie, huifJinUts, itnd Ind^nita JWrt/iu* Prntjcmw*, 
t-utrrv. N, rjr, »I t*'rT»}, Ufln. rrfo [rirm]. Ace. rtio, w4t», lOftfc^A, vJtot / «*8t. qf 

iml^. *^. N- ti nt ca Srii. ir% or *TT^ Ace. *»TJ>n, ^»t»»w, #rTi, Nom, pL •! 
riMt, Ace. tirt rifBi) Arva [A rua]. 

«, Tlie obliqut i^aME-M t>f th« thini porMmjd pronoun when «iioUtio 
are * auiuplioriL',' lik« uiVoir crA, in ALbic^ wbHii iiLventi'd tJipy 
h&YO thdf onjcboJ rcfl<^iiwc U»<% like Attic Javrvt^ J/win-w^, v*uwrgw, 

I- jur, <r^^ ^mtr, if^C, ojLd <r^« ar^ always onolitio- 

g, a. The pos^uA&iVd 09f ^, 5v ii uu.r&fii'ily 1o be ilifitbgui^hed 
frcrji tU& relative J*, .J, o. Tliia di»tinofimt ia geuemUy eia>', *inca 
tbe iiijHWHKivr inKf lHtg;m with Ji notiHonmiTr (/-, # ."l!^ (r). 

^ The plftcR of tlm portHc-^nivir inonoim iji rjftcn ttllnd by a dotiro 
(of interest) of thn prir*o[»al proiiouu. 

h. vM% TvgMla^rly KtniDs li« inteiteivo forco in tliv obtiqijc <-Aeo8r. 
«Tvik wlivi) noi fioniicKlecl wuli a uouii oxpresB^ili often lUArlcijig %. 
ooDtrast wliicli it is difficult to render amoolhly \u th« Engllsli 
icliuEu, 6/. f 11 ^/in, TliH pr(aiuu]pU[>Ji ia iilwayn fllrougly in 
faTOr ;>f the ori^inid uno, but jiU Dtuwlrn of lucaaing are fuuiidt 
frcim the ntriot inMnniru tn the niinpU A7iAplii>ric n:ic of tbo Attio 
diidoc't Tbo weaker nsKt no n aimpk ibt-rsuniLl prauounj lu iMUiiuu- 
Ifuly nommon aJt«r prepoaittons* 

I. For ai^»c iti the Miise of urnifr^nc, MW Jt,Vlnw. tyi t.hta nsft it 
ha« a IftTgn vftriely of meiniu^. &k <J*^kflC r) a^Tto^ T 2£(t « niftrs 
(giinp!fttm) ; vntkaut cauM A •'^20, iri'MaW o _^iWJM A 133. aiuoitiietjf 
B 138. t*w<»/y B 342, viUhfraf rkuri^r £ 235. Mi>;tt of tht^ir meftik* 
inic* Aro derived fnrm rn th^ xa-me wut/ n$ btj^^rv^ the couueatioaj 
detwmiDiug Lbe spccisd 8«nav of iMbch paAsage- 

|. Thi^ Attic arciole ^. ^. r6 gvti»riil]y r«l»&Ds 1C8 d^monfitiotivo 
fciroe b Huiu«r, butfliku Uiu mtimiLvepnmaiiii bithe oUi^^noi^Av*, 




fouud tk« n p«raonftl or a r(<lfttiv« pronoun, 

Ic UL«it domon8lT36v9 um A, ^, ol, *l 0^6 written uJho o, 7^ 0', ai. 

r^ ruifVi^i .11* ilBe*l bt'ftidufl <»r, al^ uv- 

k. Thu* thd !ihi»*n(^e of Ul^ ariiHe diwft not mark u noun nai 
tnilitfinitp ; tlf. fi^n¥ JUi&t 0tA A 1 wiUi ;irmii Tn'iimi|iir t^Aiio. 
FiV(|U*»JpIj oiTtmi b wjuiTftli'nt \o Attic wrnvrw* (w( lii^irg tJic 
^vfib of the* ftrtick ; &00 r, almvo, imh\ 5 f-ti r), wtiio urt 5" jvnu* 
r ^liU la ('quivoloht to Attic outw 6" vt/avrvt^ 

L The d^moTj^traiive srtid^ U often followed by a noiin in appo- 

lltirm with it. iln at £* iya^rjaav 'Aj^ioT f < Tpvti^ r4 V til Ar/f r//»e 

'Ayn^V*^^ '^ ^^" ^''' ^"^^ /Jjamrni«<(fl, ACnff of mrn, eari-ifi<:i\l t,in i"J. 

iHp Tho fomi* of Iho aniric with itiitial t oftfln havd a rciativo 
for««, but t^iet onl^' to a ilehrjile iiLLtei:eileiLL, Tliia ii a r^ln? of 
parmoQtio oonUi-imtion (1 21\ as Is particulafly dear in 4AA<i t^ /iiv 

ToXi'nii' iitirpdQat^iV rA Sfiutfrni A I 'i'i hut w)i*ii W'fl ^wA vf xjioiU /rem 
fAir ciiit*, tJinr. ftatr frrxn M^'tflfd. 

B. tyt the dativ« of the article (itomctimcs written rw), iit often 
usfni a^ an inforotiliA] conjiutction, fk^a, i'l that rnjtf, 

D, fl£r«« is not fi-ficimikt. It i4 n^vor n^d after prepositions. 

9. Thefonn ^ han alsi> ftdf^mon^rrativci ii«^«Apecla11y with of^*, 
)ii^/, m^^ aud yifi. 

q. TliF tieut«i J b fivigvieutly uAcd 11s a conj miction, like i^uod. 
So alAO nrt and S rc- 

r. ^0 Qjio its oJ m or /i^ rtT, — not «££«« i>r ^i^SuVh p^«V is raro. 


43. Angmnit ami R>dtipUc<ttUin. (If. 5^4 fT. ; G. />10 ff.) a. The 
au|,'mmit vra« fi.it a timr.' i^oiiAiilnt«d mii.-fi!t«Qlia1 \ vlictlitr temporal 
or svllabio, it maj^ bo ouitftod in Ihc Houtfjii.T yoctus. Tlic sjUi^io 
aogment it ooultM rather ruoro fre<jiieiktly tliaa it is ua»l; th^ 
temporal Augmeiit U uW rather vnore fri.M|u<^nUy tluin it itf omittvd. 
When thia atigiui-Tit iai ^niilforl. thi> az'Ktiit im thrown lvu4: rut fjir 
as pnasihlR, M Tn;(* A 4, dAiRD(Ti> A 10, iI^il a 25; r/ uTTtiTOV 




au|pD«nt ia very (Nld^ nini«^ tlib olcmoiit won fui cUI inhctito&ci} of 

tho Gt^elc Unguagei and Iisia ii<vi>? b«ciL l^t, wcoi to ^b« prosciit day. 

h. When tLe angmftut U omiti^il, mniiosyllahic fcnns wtth long 

vovul iJikff the eircuinllex iun^eiiT, a^ ^f fur Ifit}^ ^7 for J^i|, .^C for 

c. SoinntimpA initinl p \i nofc douliUd after thu auj^eat, An I)h{« 
B 400 1 siomotdrntKi incliul ^, ^, or ir is cluublcd tdicr tJio augment, no 

iL .S!ftin» whkrh origiTiAllv bn;c^ui w^ilh ft ontieannut may tn!k« t^e 
flyUalfk an^meTit or re(]u|>1JCAtii::iii> ha J«irni'j f^icc, — ioti^i, fo^yo. 

e. TLf wiLioiul iiorbt a^livt^ iuiil itiidilW ot \vr\m wLuhc ^Uiie 
betpns with a <^^3onvit ia cft«u fmind ivitli u r(.<4luirli<!4tc<l ttem^ ua 

!. The i^o-(?all«d ^/ff" rrftuj^lirfttion m iiKire (^<jmraoii in Homcir 
than ID Attic, wid t1« hsp tfxl4?n(U Ut Ujcf fim-attd noHiO, wlicrn die 
flUgm«iit al§n may he Linefl (r/, Attir ^yftyov), as v^^'t '^^i, ^/siWurt, 
aud the j»ei?u]i&r furiu i^vt'iFafre B *t-' fiuiu ^tLTrrui, In wliitli iLb fitiiJ 

cODMnaat t^f Uitf therim^ ia rrjJupliuaied with a as a uojiiiectiv'O, 

f . £(^vt tULil j(i&a )uivi5 ixivgiiJar red upl)<? Alton ; prub&bly tlieso 
to bft osplunml i-i f*3t itSfoiw. Sfi^m. f^^l 5 50 A. 

initiu! .loiiKimiinr. And pr«Hx # iw if thi'y li<*gan wirli Lwt* «m*(in>Qt«- 
44 Eptth'jn (II. ,ir;i fl'. ; fl. Wl (T^ 777 fr,) «. Ttj** jiii^nUr 
fiidjiigi '|u. -crdti. -VI ouniT more fiei|Uouil/ than in Attioi oapK^JaJly 
-/u and --n in t)k« aubjnnutiro* u^ t^/u fTSw]. ftyuYw^t '^tJ^iv [^Ag]. 
P^Tjv^ ThMoencHngB orcriirv iu Uke»ui>]iiiiottv« of th« contracted 
/u-fi>ritiflr lu fl^ [fi^ A J29. 

b. In tlio plupK^oi^, the uldvr eudingii <«(i jttA, ntv pK^rrriHl, 
Tfifi tliird pfjwn sioguliu ritdt in tt^r^ or -uv () 3D jb), w y9ij9if«i>r 
A 221, pSw B 409, 

c. TJid m<x>q4 AAd tlxird peraoua sinpiUr of tlio tirst aorJaL opW 
tlv9 ftj^ivi^ Hid itx -<ia^, -c»(i')h :m /i<r»iai, vkXitrtitT. Thn &?i.^nd i>ms 
Met in -oit oeeuH vi>ry rarely. Tha tliird p^i^foti in hu it nioi^ 
4x:iininaa, im yije^i^mu A 2iU. Tbiv third ^r^oti plur^ ^nda in -<v»>, u 
rvniaf A 41', d,tw«uir B 'JSZ 



f 4»iL 

4* TL« tlilnl persuD |iliiml optaiive active of ^-verba eufli in -uv, 

fii The tJiirU (lerHoii plural iinpcmUre ends in -tht} -<r9wv (aere^j 

f. «, Ai^tivif iiiHnitivm {fxti'pl in tha first aorist) frwL^i'"itl/ end 
in -/umi, wjiinh iM Huni^tinic-i silinrteiirfd n.fr«r n shnrt rmfol Ui ^fiMV, 

0. Thn ahortcniiiK of -tut^ to -^ir oooum KoncraUy boforo a{ 
vowel, whori* if may tw i^a-llcd elision. 

y. Tb« eiidijig -Ku. ia found only after % long vowel, as ^iiw. 

fl. Thii Hei'Uml nihii^L imlivu Infinitive Kf)i]ietii[iea etidH in -uik>. na 

^i7«Vitr B 3I>3, mirAu' 2 82, (P^rbajju UiCHa wero luiw 4i>y^(v, 

8, AoiL^t pcbfttivo inlitiitivOfl und in -^m or -nu. 

b. The sQcnnd pcttom i(in>fiiln.r rf tho middti* pencrnlly rommns 
imcoiilr^l«d (% 24), aa ^Suptat, llr^i f 1^0, /f^JAio A 'ZWT. L'<j»< 
tract^d forms are nsed ooi?juir>naUy. as /jiTaTptirQ A HUi, y^uiT]} 

1. hi tl»? j>tiifoot uJddlr, -iTo,i reguliiE'ljr ]op«£ lUi rr, 
j. -^rv roUun* ill c only id tlio imporativo, ad ^ittd, rtrrnaa. 
k- Tho iirirt ppreon plural middle oftvn indi iti /ieitE^, 
L Thtt third pciE-son pliiral of tb«>perfoot luid plup^^f<^ct iudioft- 

Uv« middle often, find nf tli^t nptntivii middle silwnyn, i^dii tti -anu, 
-cro fur -Krm. -»^o, Hi'fiHo tlH^rr oihIiiika smooth lalimT Jtjnl pAlaUl 
mutcift ftro usjrir^lfid, iLt ^irtrcTpi^vai (pt^rfeCt pa^fiitti <^f tiriT^hrtu). 

m, Thu third pereon pluiftl iudloativo of tha aorist patiBive 
PToni'mlly (*nda in -tv instead of Tjtfm', U Tjy^^flw A 57^ ^uur^O' \ ifOOj 
r^^cf A 251 iicr^faycK A 531. Cf- the HOtivo J-Av^o^-r. J-Ai^o-f^ 

o, Siiuilurly, v i« in»wl for tbo lator -<tw in lUu irnju-Tfei-l and 
SQi^nnd a/>ii«t of >i&-VClbti, Aa ^vuiv [(vnTjcrar] A 27'), lirrat', crrilv 
[r^fT,;™}, J^i- [f^i/irci,'] (S 22 A). 

0. Kor tho Qptatiro ondrng of |U'ri>rb», in -^ttr^ not -i;ifmr> bco (^ 

49. &nbfnf\rtim yfodt. A, T}ip v«riAb)pi vowel ('<wnnwting 
vowoil*) of the KtibjunctivM i« genej^nlly ^]lo^r. in the pnwenL ol 
vcHm in '^ tltti firat aorist^ aucond aoriHt of fu-fvrtas, second aorieb 




|ttMiv«i, swoad perf»^rt of primilivfl fni-mation, sw jCf^<ri>/uv, Ay4£fn>fatr, 

<H. 3T3U: O, TSll) 

Tliui oluiit vowel U luuud Urfuri- Uio fTudin^ -^tr, -^w, •re and in 
miiUUi-; fomsL 

b. A frw form' of tli« tiritt aortKt hi^vu k long vowcil^ following 
tii« aualogy of tlit* jin-jieiLt, ax l$jXtjtrrfTtu V 107, 

C< There Are no c^prtdJri frxainptrfl of T.hn i«1ii)n imxle-vrtwH lit th« 

may Lv vubaUtuled, <tc^) 

S,h. The fOTD3d of tho iifsL oomt ttuljiinctivc aro isiAily (iod< 
futfw! wit^i tbow of tli^ futurat with whioh Ui<^ an; id^miciU in 

46- 0;rfn/BiM afwirt K<it tilt* Hptativ^t" uwUiIgn, Hw 44 fj d. 

4T. r«^mrt Krr*:?. ( li. 409 I>; i\. 784 fT.) a. Wil.s in -au 

(^hoici; between outYirtiotctl and uncoutnctcd foriu4 Hrtima tu liave 
det«raun«d largely by tfio rhythm. T^4*> vawaU aru rt-piiarly 

tIncUd wb^ t)i« 0LwoTid is tb 4 fthort tiyUabKv 

b, UiiwiHtra/^Uvl fonii* vithfiiiL BHatiEiiilutioD oonur XHJidj,', mi 
*on£w r 2^. (oEru A JJ25 Aiid nrttiii. i.i u rw'c-niid imrint; Ai>r { ^,1.} 
Frobftblf sii{:h fonnv wctc more ficr^uont in tt^r rnitii^At form uf tbu 

C. Th^ vowoIh of tbo iinrrtntTfti?t4«d formfa nrA |[«tii^rvU^ usli 
lftC«d, a pr*vai1tnp ov^r a fi>llciwiiiK < or i; htit hvdnji M^trnilatcd 
a, (u. ^r aiiL Tbeai* forma arc mtt^miMiaCd betw«Pii the ori^lual 
aiid l1i« ccjur.r^u'lvd «lai:v. 

d. Ono of tku vowvh t> usually U-a^b«uod Lu tUe itf-nX of tb« 
Hml SciiiK'tuiLu* tills E^)pT1lLro to bu a ivjiforiDntion to Altio uingft'j 
<» 22 y). 

•- V«irhB in -cw gpucnUly mmftui univintrsurtHl (riu^pt h, vhi<di is 
giTn«THUy OTiTrnj-W irtllm MttM,).biitaf(i*ii tlk^itiiroritnun'ii) fi'iiJiAar^ 
luKriitall^ ptmntblr. «o is vvr; nuely ooutroctf^d exiM:pl iu tJio paiU- 
dple eiuliii^' -iv^liivs (whet* coolrat^lioii i>cca» to pMvwit ^ too ft©. 
qaiNit rc4'U^n^nooof «hort«.vnabIee; S J*9'')- <« id never wmtra^JUHj, 
Jjut id oftan pronouucifid %& onti AjL^ble 1^ tgrniMUS (S ^* 




f Sometime* the vaiiftblo toivcI v ia rontrftcbed vlth c of Uie 

ntcm iit»ii,('AU of witL I1l« tonniiiatLcn. Oae 4jf Ibe^u vowda is 
aoiretimi^a dropped^ && ^roo^fto A ST 5. 

g. The older fiM'm of Ihtifto vorbe, in -<iu. ii iomctimM pr6> 
aervt^l. its irtXtiira A Ti, pfivuQfn A .Vfl- Aetr ^ 23 ^. 

h* ijntftipi Fcinim ^D/>^eiv A IN. tfutfiiftnti. It 107. 

1. Vcrh(* in -ow ojp grnwally t'onltJKt'th Souii'titnrs th<^ h^yo 
forum with thr douhii^ « 9E>i]ii<ii like vcu'bn in -n*^, ju Virr^rowtro 
r IfiT (which inifflit I'n^ VTitt'^n i^rparAQVto), with which nifty b« 

M. i^irfuro and rint Aoriit. Artivf and M'vddU, (H. -430 fL ; G. 
7T7.) Ai Tim' vrrbfl whirh do not It-tij^'lhrn thi* stf^m-vowd in tho 
fonniiti--ni of th^ tf>as«4 ofi*n havp en? in the futuro and first aorUtj 
ftctiv«i Hnd middle. 

b. Ill ill* fulun' the cr nf the herore-niuiitir^itid verba oft^n dla- 

c Stcmtf in fl often «h(»w trcr in tl»^ aorifit, 

d- Mfijit i>f thftii! fHruLi with mr may bft vxploin^ lU origiorJ <ir 
ftiAimilhtfd, su vii'-cnv*, from thu t]iom« f<j'<it <</ Hu»fJ. Ko/uVtrai-n 
for tfO|ti&nirr> ('y^ jm/ii^), ka nxmi fimrr/l for vnAcrv, ThliA thft 
stein-vovri*l of \h'^^^*' vi-rl« w.'h« nut fiu&l oriKiuAll/> ftitd heiico la not 
]f0S:lhetieii m Uio fulure oad ar^riat. 

«, 8ome atema in X &tid p mt^in Uij3 <r of tb^ fututc and aotlsC 
{u »0£riG do in Attii>), aa ^^^ui A 4UU, <^fnii r 23, dpiri A 10^ 

t Tha •fMjallwi liorio fatutu wiik ttfuse-aign «< la fotiitd In 

t- 8omr vnrbt havfl & fiitTin? wjthfmt tenH&Aigii, nji tfjur imiiiu/- 
orT«, ^'> ?*<* 4'tvin^ i^^4iit rw/uitt Jpwn- Mt'^t f'i t.hrw v*irh» ftrfi o]d 
prc«mt« vrhirh aoqnirod a future siKQificnaon. J/m as not ofUa 
fatitn in Hooaer; r/. B 87, 

b. SoTne T«rha fomi tbd first ftorist i^otive and middle wirhout t, 
ail «jic«cr Z 419 (fruiii I^n fur- lxP^)t Jmroia E 208 (frotD trm*), tuy/x 
A 10 (f rxMD Wu). 

J 50 c. 



L Tlin first nnrlhi oflrn W* tlie vnria-hlc rowfll of tin* sriMnd 
ftOriatV*' ^ ^"^* SwcTo. tio ill the impt^iativr, m ^jaio fi 109, o^ktid 
r 250, Jfcrc r 105,c;<r«r4 T 103^ inHnitivo, o^^itm riSO; par- 

). Verlu^ ii) ^lu <ift(m have themes \i\ y^ntiil thus fiiturofi aiid flm 
JtuHvttt iti -fw aiid •£«. »8 ffoLXairofiiiL A ll.'O. rroXi/i^o/Att B S^A^ 

perfect in -Ha in fi-irmcd from oWiy twrnty row si -stains. It ia 
oljiinfit Of r&TQ oji thi; timt O'lrint in -Ma (J&i'iu* fr^'raf ^^kq). Form* 
without ■ *rn dflrivod cv*'ii from %-r>WffI-fll"ms, psfHvijUly partiHpiAl 
forms, ft« <4M^i7ita« / 2<'2, but «t*r/t^<^r; X 21^1 : J^vi^i^ui A 513, but 

^H TliH Tinjil mtilti (if the ttteui is uol &dpir&t«tl. 

ft. Tbtf tudiiit;3 artr nffixed iiiuiiedUtclj to Uic re'dupltcated vtTri> 

iL ipfdfQ^i V Zii^ .-Ltid oAwAij <! 164 hnrci 1h« forc« of pr««cmt ^b- 

«. ifffnyii^nvt Aiiil i/sfrvi^Kvo^ Jtr^ ao.i.-rent«d irregiil&ily as (jrefleiila 

f. The secuud purfect often ha* ^ loxig vowel m the akia where 
ith« SL'Cond ifcorictt IjiL^ a short vowt-U ju opM/nr B 7'J7, Zp^pt B Ht), 

g. In the firmimnc p&rti<*iplE> Uio abort form of the ettcm appcurdr 
ftl J^^uc, but jpopubd f hOnoe innkL ^ftfiKvux)f not itmiUi F 3S6h 


SQL MUflh,. «- Tho actiro and middle fonna ^pu# (about fot^" 

Liiam) uilI apoff^ut (about twen^ tisMe), IZdif (mor» than t^ohua- 

[dred lim^a) and ISitfOii (niuftty timQS)^ ire iumI often without 

l^ipmriahlrt dtfTer^riiv of nimnm^; r^ A M, 203, 26K, «S7, B237, 

r Ida Cf. t^rtt D 807, ;^7 A j^4. 

K The first aonst middlo i» ^i^mpHiDOfl U4^d without dilfrJco(;(s 
of meaning fr<tin the srMxind aorUt active na ^jtrtro T 262, JjJ.^ 

A 311; iicatt^ V z*2^, ;£t r 3a 

c The fviture middle is iom«tiine« usnd as pu«iv«, a« ^*kitxt0t^t 
B 36. O^ 51 A 



f .'lO il. 

r 413 wilJi ^(oAiwfl*!^ A fi. X*'*'? '" "® with M^ju^iiTo A -6ft, ^^di^o 
B iW with i]^fpl9n' A ft", Af41f^w)^^^tf B 41- i/frfnT'* r IJ^O, jTTiiyinoia 

&l. P^s^h^. 0, For th« und;&g of th« ftoriat pa«eivo iuBnitiTo, 

bu Vof ihi! ^dliig of the third p^tscn plunU iuilicotivo, »tso 
§44 17ft. 

c. I'lii; BRcoiiJ aciriat suiijuiiL'tivKf iNUiSire laftimUy rumatnA iiiuviii- 
t.TEicl^d. ftrni follfiwti the ruto <if ^'Yorba <S 52 r). 

d' In thft second norist siibjutir^tiTc, tho pMnivo safAx ia ofUn 
loi:g (aiid the mo^i>-vowol shtirt in Iho dual ami in rh^ firat of a«y»- 
oiiil jjerson pluranl ; ^ 45 <t), as Sajit^^c r 4itrt (&<i^i'ij^). fpaiH^o^iv 
r 44 1 [r*/»irw, fl .^1 )■ but /uyitaauf B 475 (^twryw). 

i, injiac- vTjliA hav« holh tu-At uid Ao<jomL AoriAU puAivt^j fts 

g. Die ' verbal atljuctivo' iA not always paesivet 

N,B. The jiixwive r<jrmat-irtn in Gr<*k U ootnporfltivaly lgt9t 
&iit] irifn-ijiieiU ia I^ltiiut^r. Tliu H^calK-til refund oui-lai paesira U 
uluanly relalMl to tha mlnuiditivij aurbt A<:tirei 1ik« fj^ Ivnr^ £^ 

iBdtjv. t"'irfi'-xl c>]' M'fjj tttu/jUf. 

bt. J'-rt^ irt Ml- tH. 476 ff.s ti. 787 ff.) •. Sumts vctba in 
'^ hftire foniiK in tJio pivnutit oiid uiip<*rf^'l uidir^dive which foUow 
thr aiiid»}{y of (^iMitriiJ^t vcrlm: -ritf*^ lahtH, lihavin^ 4^i, rpD^wvo't 
A 21H- 

b. Fut die eiidmg -V for -tmu'i act f 44 n. 

u Tliti Becoijd juiriflt Aubjiujctivc ai.^tivv icoaoraJI^v roinfiiua udcoq' 
Lriurloil. The fiU-iu-v^ucl uffj>ii af^poara in it« lou^ foi'in vrith uhort 
mode-votf^I in tbtf <tu:il imd bi the hrst and eecuud jierflons plui-aJ 

(q^ %l 45 rf. iSI rf). lu iuT^iriK A ^?l, iuiturii' [S^ipir] A l.'tT. 6i't,fkir 
A I4.'fi (IvtU-r ^>;4if, .Mill? ^u/^r). yituru^rL A ."^O^, Jl^i^■ ['^] 
A fiGi, il»^ [4v]t] B 31, /^<iaM«K A 01! (iHrttcT ip^vt^Vf aa lT<?m AH 

4^0^). Tho «hort t'onn of tlio Atou is siccn iu ^i^n^v [Jjd^i^r] 

I 59^ 



U Sfcmid Aurtut* withmtf Vitrt^f$rti Vmrtl (R. 4S&; a, 798 f.) 
^I&QV £«i:uiii AarifltH, aj5tive juid mi<UU% \vt^ found without v;w'iftl>]ft 
vowvl. fulluwiujE the auaUijiJ «f veirlMi in -^, iw cUto A iV32 (JAAo/iai)^ 

s<x*^L A :f:^, B^To B iifu (S«v->i4i), eA^To A fiis (^ittAw), «\r.tft a 37, 

H. Ifrrativf t''orms, ( H, 4^3; G. 778,^ A. Iferatii^ forinB of 
the imfH-rfi^rf. und uiiriid, tmiioalfi tliA r^pirtiTion of A stAtJ; or HCtiait, 
VA ifriA«un(( r 388p The aii^'meiil b i;eiieralljr niritUcHl. TIlcki^ tanu% 
An; cb-ftmot^rixDii by tho sidUi ^JH| aaJ have the inH<?<:ti>>ii of Iho 
tmpcrf^b of v«rt>!i in so. They arn m^ahnnii to thr: lonin dial^ctp 
The iUmtiw idoii l* (ht'&siuiiitUly wiuttm^;, i\s. iti firm [^v] r ISDh 

b» Vurlm in *#> iuhl lIvt fjidiTijfi: -ff^ov *ii' »<riKf*^*7jt (*> the i-fom of 
Uie 9-Ur^ix uf thti jircAi^ni or Hn^rmd anristr ^ '^■*> «ir«irvf, itcirict. 

65h a. Prepositions oftt^n reUiu tlktir ori^nn) lulvarbiil forot 

4*fi|i»c^:iUy with rufi*r()iu*c.' to plau& Tlii*y muy Iw p]AO«d aft*r Ihfl 
vBrlw or noun* with whirli t.hny Hr<t iHnint?i-ri*(i Sw J Ift i*, (H 
7S,>; 0- 1221; fTi Fr*iinicntly sin »wlitor iniiiit I* b tinubl wh«thflr 
ic print ih*? prf^poAttion oa poit of Itw r^b or beparAtely, 

b. Thft pn^poeition ia tilTfln m-parftt^^d fr*iu Ihrr vjirli whii:)i it 
mtxHli^r !^^ ^^ ^' Kf^oAAfffuf rt^^i irrl!j(Ei tivn tUanJnu | Bmurar 

c> Amt^t^r/if. { H. ItiP; fi. 1 liV) n. T>i\v1Uibii' pri»|K)MiliiHi»^ 
when thuy iiiiinrflmti^ly f^lltiw the wurl w ith whirh they mo ron- 
tfbiteJ, tftko thft Acoont iipoa the penult, exempt i/t^h i^A iWt &(£. 

an Z 331 Atondn for Ayvrrrfit. m in ii»<^d for ffrtiri or cko^i, htt for 
••mrij fftfni for f,ir«rrtt r^pn for fpiifffirri K 611.1 f, 

^ Elld^ prepoftRioTH floff^ir anaslwiphn nmly wh^n th<>y ar (id- 
verlm mculify » lerb tii bn aiipjrtied, ha in* V 4rt for /rtirn, — or by 
way of excwpticm. lu onict i<j avoid jujibj^rully, aa /*' A 3JiO. U> »Uow 
thnt tlie pn^pceitioji i» tn he cotmcotHl with the pr^o^ltuu; wont 

d. a. /r hAfi tlic pnj-ftllcl fnrmi <lr, 411 tia etatidj LMily id the 
put oi tk«i fool whioh tvc«iviMt the )itn*fti uf voitj^*, virl iu uie iv 




fi. The putft tuL-tt bath Jf iind *h. rpAt^ vpan' uid vmi^ vxa and 

inal (n^2i). rapdwitl rapai (1) 711). vt^ xml I'^i/i (R 42A). 

e. J>i^u dk^ iind /ttra arv tLficd alfio with tli^ cUtivt. 

f. Kor tbc short foims of <£nif *Arai, Ttof^ aoo ^ 39- 


56. (H. 2IS7 ff.j G. 365 ff.)- ^ ^ pwdicato adjwtiv^ is <>ft«) 
iiswl whfirp thp English i*lhim has *lti ndT*>rb or &n aiivprbiftl phraao, 

HH .X'^Cw 'fl*? 1^ "^-^ u'l-itf rjixtrnln^j. -^tpt'ij A IHT ^irff/ hi thf inftrtnni;, 
imifripifioi A 471' all tiiy hn-J, jr/fykti* E 58 (l^ruuus) <iii hU /<it'tf, 

fi. TTpo^^uv, viflinfft ^> ux^ only A& % prvdicatt, vhifrv th« English 
idiuin lUvM mUHnfjl^. 

b. Advi'jkn ntiliu^ in -^i nr<T coiumon: crd^ (iiriL td^uc]^ ^'^X!'* 

(ruj^'ujf Oulj OllOO), 4bfru (not cuiifUrt^ ThoSC 80<!lll lO bftT* bwQ 

ori^CLoaJ]/ nouU^r co|n3at« a*«uaatiY«, aiid aiaay are smJi «till; r/ 

c« Adverb* in -ut ufi? iii.it i-^omiiiou ; \hv\ utl' iiitiAt fr^<^uf*Ejt froin 
o4tOlD« T oiTriPT (oJtT«t)f uc (q). aJraK (avTi>t)i irajifftc (autJc). rirwf luvl 
Ifiofwc aro not foiind, nA^ only ^ 33, ^^oit only A 347- 


Th« biiginncr itliould nsmenibrtr that, while hotli Homer xaJ 
Verijil iJM' till' ihirtylin ]u--xaiiift<"r. 

(]} llunu'r hA0 f^LT more dattylft than Vt^rfil ; hU \eno iB much 
lifaCbtur ftnd more tripling {S 57*/), 

(2) HoPK-v slightly pref^^rs r paufin b«twn>Q the Iwo short syl- 

ldblo8 «t tho third foot (t £8 >*), wliile Vergil wti^ngly 
l^reffrrH ii |)!itiHe j^fter the IItaL HylUble uf tlittt fof^t^ 

(3) Homier fi'fMsly hrf^iiix his rrrse h«<uvily, witlj «nr or two 

nponrKcn, wIliIr VeigiL pivfcM 4 dactylic bcgnining. 
{4} Homer hfit A tponde« in tho fifth foot (S 57 k) moro com- 

luonly thwi V«rgil, 
(^ In th« Hom«iric t«xt, elision i« &lr«idy made. 




The bcgiimer ahonid rcmumU^i olvo, that 

(6) The 'f«iigli bn".ti)iinj^ ■ Huh nu powpr to mitke *a nliort 
vuvrl lung by [jusLtioii/ nor tu priArnt pHkLcih. So, 
coaTM-T 6, <>* oijd jic B^xe not ' double coMOJouts.* 

(T) An oQotitic in rcodinjc should be c^nn^toJ witli th«f word on 

If the beginner has not ftlrf^y made Ctii? g«n«raL rb^tiin of tlie 
\'^THv fiimilbr Ui hiiit^tnir frrjin Vt-ryil au'l liLt fononvin, he uany 
n-ail U] a'i\atiii4!"' LuiiyfHInw'it ftVuHy^finr * ^.tul JtfrV*^ Stnniiiiih, 
And 1'loiigh'^ Itttthi^. His will do well to I'oniintt to mr^moi^' a few 
(if ii<>t mum) Vfi^rj oF thn /2ki<f, uid r<rp<«t tlinii wlu-n htr is \r&lk< 
int; at loi»»r«T l<^<^V^"ff tinitr, iJtUmg tho first syllnbL^ of the fool 
ft* lip Hi^ta hiA left foot dovn^ and the oUjm half of the m^rtcaJ 
font as h*>! pln-nT-fi hin right f'tnt. 

The exi^t iivibiuu uf lliH irnrae iutu jni^trii^l twt la Lhi» ruundji' 
liom of ^1 (food »ciLmimi$. but h is uAtleu in it«dL The wholat 
tuusl r&^ th<.' \trH(7 ific-trifully and yet in harmony with thn »«m«Ci 
^ nut jkllovriiig hm vuic>u to fciU nji^ihuiienltj nt the do»o of th« 
Tirrve, DOT at the c!iii-Muml jiaui^p. and ctilk l^jift making y^rgil's 
iwiiufi aflf*r thti first nyllahlr nf the thini tiM^t, whethpr llomei' 
tawle i\w |itiii«e t1)4-if or TLOtn 

57. J^e //™-V IhxumtUr. (H- 1061 (T.. 1300; G. 1068 f.) 
Mt The pocniA JLTc Ui h*i rcud with t-'Artrful attfithon Uf tJic tnc-tritial 
quantity of mch rv'lUhlo, aa wri) ao to the r^nnnr of the pa4«ajfe> 
Thf^ri* aro aix f«el (lrar» or mejwirw) in vikIi Tnrsei hence the 
name hfTfiva^^. Kntpliasis or stxeM of voir*^ (ietiis) in Iftld on the 
first }»yllab1« i.if «fflj-li frniu The part erf tlie fuot whiih haa no lotus 
(the unif) should rPi'eivrLUf inuH) tim^ tJmii^li uoL«u luurh »trrB«aa 
Uw i<iua-«y liable (the fhrjfhX The rhythm would lit lutled \ tiiuv 
in modem niiuic The Kuiclish liFrxnmot.cr (t^. in Lomgfdlow'n 
jTeoji^Wtjwi) U ;t>acndiy read as of | lime, without mnoh rafaiaitec to 
the quantity of tli« ayllablaa, and ao, too^ the AtnM iaoftim 


8M^llkv hlFi>Tt«liri>j wlUilif^rdjiLbAir^uiUwIrliAmnjL* 






b. Tbn writtrn wnrd-itccpnt rnunt he. dUn-gunlivl in rMiding 
Hnm^riR vetxr, <>nr-iwi*»Tiulty thi' vi'mp-ic-lius and wiml-wntrnt may 
Coancide (b0 ill ct 1, quoW iii f &S <■), Imt the word-iiuceut Iml do 
inflwico on the forai&ticii of tbu vvr»G. 

<. The cliwtjl ^ ( J J* ^ 01 _ V (_»), wilh tlio ititue on lJi« firrt 
»yUabld, la lliii fuuJaiut-'HT^I find |iT4>vELiliTig foot ^jf Hoiuei-ir vr^rie. 
II ifioftdii i'eplain*d bj a a{i6|]ilt4**or \i^vy dju'lyi (J J or ). 

Unrlylei ntf. ahtat llirrv tuaoi lui fi-ciiuitiil ivt tt^HmTm-H in thtf 

4. VoncA in which cftdi of thn fitnt firo Foot i« n. iliurtjl fuc 
far moro oommfhti in ilomer tliim in Vrr^il; thrrro flto 160 iu tho 
tirft book of th? //lad nli;iiu, and vtry TiL*arlj thr(i« thounnnJ in 
th« ^intirB /i/ff^, Mnny frtvitKmT.I}' rpciirrin^ v<»ntp« havn this 
rhythm ; &aT^ S^ il-ra^Atiy^d/irvoc vtnnrit^yj tto&k cuiit< 'Aj(iAA4V(»^<jfr^ 
^mi iroviov foii ^fiF/riiM ^f {p[i>- ivTo. Mati> trthiT vei^<^9 have but Oue 
upondLN; (generally in Lhu Htnt font) uiioriK t1i« lintt tiv« fi^et; OS 
^/iPt S' i7c\iof nuTfSir irut fVt Ki'tf^i ^A^i-. Srv^t vcrr^r?!, m^iuiitling 
to iXio unual loxt, have t'tuh tix fipuiid^tie: II ^4, A 130, ilr 221, 


t. Sp<pn(l(>>.*8 ail' must, i-oiiiiiiuti ir til** Ihsl. iwn TitL; Uii^y nre 
mure a,iul iiion^ avuiJiNi in eai-h fu<.it luwunt iLv I'ltiw* i>f ih'r vi-rfte. 

f. TL« tirat fout atlowd uiori^ htvdoia than luiv othi*r. A short 
vowel thurif moiv I'ro^jiitMitJy rt^tulriu \ia nutunil quanlitv bi^l'uri* a 
uuiv and a Uquid, ainl yt-t iii niort.* fri'^uc-uUy ImtgllK-tiod ia tbv 
itntu^onntiHt juirt of (Jh* fiwit Iwfori^ lliat i^imliina-tirm. At thw ftlono 
of tbv^ llntt footp, hiAtiiA LK H7h)wo>l (f 27 b). 

£. The buoolio <liac-ro»ta (C8 A) U Ai^Idoui ijni»n]iat<.4y pn^[^eded 
b_r & word of three loiipc ^Tllabltra B«for9 Uiia ditbeTv^isi a dactyl 
18 strongly preferred^ 

h. VerH«e whL*h hiivu a vpL^ndou m th« tifUi foct are oall«d 
hpondftii" Yorst*« (Smj ervot^unta). Tln»y arr mow <*riintiion in Homer 
ttoQ ill thr TiCitin poolj^ — ubnut Tour pn cvnt of tlw Trr^rn of 
the Iti'i^ bciiihf spoiidftic. 

' TLUimiiioijiburiuwvd frouiMcrv\n,yJrLjjfT. nricIlJiFi fHiJoHuU-irUjiatlufiwu 
liWD tfast thli loui| hko the An^cr. tiu wv lon^; and fiw lAori t?LoiDunU. 

* TUi Afcino U dcrlrid frciu Elto u«c uf ihU slofr, »lcBtn ouaHiiro In lb* 
bymna whfcl ad^ampeuled ilie IfbatJoD fffT^tilin lo iJie godA 





I i 

L 'tht^w fipmiilaic votms aevm ftj^pvcinllj^ rfrqiir^t nt the ifbvA of 

291^ [3i.K>) a.iid ill dtrni^riptiouft uf nalTeriiii; <iuil U.>il, bul ofUm Tio 
rhytlubic elTcct is euuglit ; Ibe coavenientTt' of the verse d<■tv^mill(^d 
the mcftnurc, 

J. in ulwiit half cf tbf riidi<Hr a wuid cf iouv ayllabk'* vloxcv the 
■pondftic v«nu. Ntvvr should the- fifth foot Ihj HIlAd by a difivl- 
Isthii; worrK 

k, Tli? lofit foot in ««ih vcrst ia a. apondco, but tho final sytlablc 
may W aliort; thf i.U'fti^iiii<7 In time i» Ujch madi: up by the tW^ihi 
pause wJiioh t^llowa at tht> 4^d of the v<irfle (f Alk 'i, /), A h<Mivy 
Off ooufionautal endiDg U f^nterred ', hcEicu ttie immovable ia oft^D 

L Thimgh tlie sLiiJitit mW mil roiiiiHr" liim!*i?lf alHmt clUUm, 
0:1 iu Lul.m iNjrtrj. yrt hi- Jiiii»t K- waLchftd (ox Kyuhvo'is (S lf5). 


kMH«iMkB.Hl ' 

5S. (H. IC&I ; G. ]64£.) «. K&4:h verse hatt ono '>r more raefiiral 
paiui^ (rfiftft^TVt = Tfl^if, 'Tr/fHnf/)r — pjLUKt-x wilhtn :i tiyrl. 

b, Thn pmu'ip^il E'-KCHuni of thu vcrritt in alwayti n |uiirii? bi the 
acrivc. whifth t^ i^fton iiidir^Atrtl by pmutimttmi, but oi^fjiaicokally 
commaA oro found irhcjv no iiaiiac if n^^frr^sKry^ und nt tiijtt^ the 
|K>«t mduiiLt0« 1^- thit rhythm a panao whore not «v«& a ci^mnia 
coiild Ht^d. a^ A I5S, IM. 

Of (H>iirav no jijLUHo cau bL< iii:ule imuiediiicel).' Itcfttre an euHlMi^ 
aiime thl» in i^lu^rly cnnjim^tivt vltL the furvKviriij y/nrd. 

fi. A TUMBUra it fointd almost alvniVK b the third rr>ot; rnily 
19^ ver3i*a of the /ruf</aitii aevvntjr-ouo r>f the Od^^Mtsi bavo no 
pause thtMre. It <M»tirEi either aftvr the hrst ^llftbU (aa ^^r 

V *j I ) "T betwni-i» thr two short kyUuMni (aa Mpa ^o» fr«»* 

Hofim A vt^vr/tnmy ot /iaAa vnXAii a 1, _\/w|^UwJ^^/l^v| 

_ w ^j I _ V V f J Tliirfli.- Iwo vjn-aunia an) about equally fra- 

Quont; but the srcitij^i bliyhtly prodoiniu^tM aod Boonw to liBVO 
bawi pwrforro-l- 




& The pause aft«r the l^rst syUable of a tool is o&Uad a mAAcuilas 
caesura, be4.-jiQ3et of ths vigorous iuov«m^iit wbioh it glvra to the 
Terse. ^. alnu 

Arm A vl t nmqua {Taud . Trolan qui prlmiit Hb orli. V«r|C- Aett. 1, 1, 


' tet by urn* u«iDp1*ttt gmnt . uid Uwii^Ut tbut purbaia tn Iti bouBi 
lid wu hlfCAdy al roit . iwd itaD Iodeh) t« nlombfr botlda bim,* 

Tlio paiise iM^twinwi two oaBujcrittwl sjllablw i» rallixl A/ffjirit/ita* 
oaoaun^ (^ &l«o 

'This b iln foEut iiriucvAl, ^Tlic mvmiajluc piuc< u»l ttto bMnlodu^* 

LfLiiuf^Bllciw. Evaftff^ 

e. The InipnrtAni.^* of tli*» L^ae^ura in the thiril foot ia mark^rl not 
only hy iJie rret*4.Uiiii witli wlii<^)i htitLiia !■« ;iI]owh1 Lhure (^ 37 A), 
arul by thn I'Tirlcut ;kVoid;uii:i? of rliMtni nl tlmt piJinU but aImi by 
tho [urgr nutnb^r of toirn of vctim^ wliicK nir Kiiitrd t^ follow it i nn 

im/^iijliv 'A^lC *A;('Iivv jjuAjioj^LTbirwi', «'4y>if «o/*<ir<it^4^ 'Ayaios Afjt^pikai 
Mni^tK, dm^ &¥^fiu/v 'Xyo^^nptavt fioi)v dyadic Aio/iijiyv^ Ffp^vios iinrcffa 
Ktoup irrA-, — all bf whii^b mutrt bv precttlerl by the fnammu 
OaMUia (3<i«*^ of (lie third tKit; wHUp ^Ayitt^ifi.i'trvi 'At^juSum. (uijv 

muBt Ln pnnM^civd hy tL« ma«ouliiLo caveum of tli« third foot. 

f. Tliff pnii^RtLft^'T IhB flwt Kyllalilft of tbf^ tliir^l foot in r-allf^tl tli^ 
pffjithfunimrrmi ua^flur^ (ff^c* f'"'* MV^^) tecausi^ it comes aitor tbo 
fifth half-foot ; U diviil«e tb« vdrao into 2i +3} foot. Tli« pauao 
1wtw««n the two ahott »ylUblco of the third foot Jivid^ the rerae 
into^l + ^^ft^ 

g. SoTDcliincia Chn principfil pniiHc of th« rornc is the mEUunilTnc 
fwwir.x iif thit fourth iant. Thin is ('iilU'fl thiT kf.phfhrm\mfT^l 
oai*fliirLL('irTa, 4^-,^^pa>(). It la frcqut^iil after afenainLuo cariAUia of 
the third foot. It ^^t^ aa e]Jori;:«tic moT«iii«Qt aft«t a ixuitbo^ 
aiitmcral ca^aurtk, whun the verao U dindod into ^^ + 1 +St feet 


CA£!4UitAL PAt'SiCS 


h. Sometime* iht paua« of the verM ii tA thft doaft of tbs 
fourtli footi this is oalkd tlit- Atio^iV dinerenii* (a diMreuA being 
a p[iu[ir ftt the vrtd ol u worii ietifeea two t'««t} Or oucaunii »iiic9 
it IB moHt evidently aimed itX in lUe bucolic: or pnAtoiul poclry ot^ 
Th«o<^rituR, i)ci'-iuir>njit]y tlit-rv iv a trjinjEitioD at thin point to 
another part i»f ih^'- vtory^ a« A 318, ,144. 4:h). Thu liio^lie 
difenrwiti witU tliv jwutliomimeml vsuiHura tliviili-^^ ihr ynniii into 
24 + 11+2 foot 

i. The importance of th^ bucolio diii^rc^is ia inark«d hy tli4 
large immb^r of Ui|^ of Teri«B vbioli ure ri.-iuly to folUw it, ua SSof! 

'OSv^iTfvfl, fjfjioq 'A;^uwtv Imr^f^ Niirrup. ifiptfin 'Apijt, ^akStfiof 

'E<T*j^, "lo^/Jo* 'AfToXXu-k', naAXA< "A^'/f-Tj, fitu fftatov. /iT^riWu Zcvt^ 
fir^<c« (fkiik, Stv } !^^ /, IlijiLUA 13 alli>wt^d \\r.tf ix^-UHioiuUly. 

J, A sHglit pniiiu? occura often iLftcr the firit fthort tylJablc of, 
the fifth foot. Th*> i>t>vt pi-cfora to clof* tli<? voreo with thu rhytbiu^ 
— wiw^ - (where tK^ comma icproM^nts the end of a Aoid) rather 

tbai) — ^ \>. — ^i hetioe oiTr< riAiffffiu A 108, not oJr' /r£Ucva<, 
Anil JAy/ Wrjvfk' A ?, lU^t uAycn dr}i«k-. Thi?i rhythm is fuutid in jUl 
vcnten which cluwr with lltiAAAv 'A0^, itn^ov 'Airc^u/. ^< '0£vtf> 
t^vt, A;(iAA<vt> 'A;^w' bt^V. 

k. The }>rind[ial pnii^^c of tho vcmo ii found ncJdom &t the clove 
of Cbo third foot. ThU wnnld divide the mna into two eqv&l 
pftTtji and r^nse rnonritrny, A wi^rd fiiidA thf»rp not in f rnqnontly, 
but Lhi« 18 at^i:oru[>anit*i1 by& more prot:Ed)iPTit <?-Ae<»^ini in the third or 
fourth foot; mi Ma Tittr vktiarttvK ^fivyjs «Mt>« F 185, wbtre (Jie 
Ia»t two words are so aloaelir cotmected thikl uo caeaura i» felt 
bi'twcea tliem. 

L Kvvn n ulifllit pAUM is ram bi'twfien tho two Aliort lyUabltfi of 
tA\c fourth foot 111 Ku fYfilfcrD /Litfy A 33. thu objrc-tionabliT pauMi 
mifht be avoided hy omitting the fiiiiEnieat, Ijut iho nonjnii(Ttion is 
oonitceted with tha v»r\r ao ckb<?l> t)i&t no cftosura is fciL 

n. Ko flcntci^oe cudn with tho aocond foot* 

B. Tha pau4o in tho third foot given to the rOAt of the vetBe kn 
Anapacetic movenumt, from which it i* ofteu reoal1«d by tho huooUc 




0. Tlio vaHijil [Kwition of tin' main caesura, aiid Uie miuur 
pauses in differout p^rts of tliu verau five perfect frrwilum from 
iDcnotouy without deiractiug from Uio ^»oo and dignity of the 


3ft- (IT, 92 ff, ; G, 9« (T., 192'-f-) a. MetriezU eosvenionce or 
n«fieH«ity ofl*u i1»U»rmiihTd Uie (jciet'a dujice ^imfmg ftjm)tijrrnni« 
worda (5 22 u^ 4^/). Tlio poot in ffc^ncml prcfcrrrd thf lij^ht dftctyla 
to the hctivy doctyU or apot]d<^cff, mid rotujaod in tim i^pic dinlc^ct & 
InrgQ cumber of dactylic fomu orhich woto uttortvards C'>iitraot<ML 
An amffiinuirtv f — v — , 4>i^'r ftnxp^y) wan Jivoidnd oftnn by moans 
rti apcwopo (* 20j» syni/eMB (ft 2,1). or phiion (j 28), 

Mu4t t-iut*ptioiLH lo 1\m tvlvs uf qujiiitily &ru only a^paietiti. Tli« 
poet, for exaiuplt*, did not leu^llieu a abort sjUaUlo bj' pUning Hm 
ictius ut>un it. If nii ftppansutly abort finftl ayll&ble flUmdH wbrro a 
long (^yllibb ;b cxficirtcd, it i% probabU oithcr 

(1) th^t tbe fiitat nyHnblp was onginally long, and latm* lost part 
of its quantity ; nr 

(2\ tbftl Uiy frillowiii^ wnrd h;w bjnt- an initml eoTisonaTit wbidi 
vould have made tli* piocodiDg vyllablo long by position (avtjt 
ImIov) i OT 

'8tnMit;ty it IwAn tut ulmii; In xittllltiic :iikI Umilh.'oVk tiilltmn. 
FfnitilnjElitifnfT KHil iiiirlilitff lh'hlri'1 (nil th« Mky unci t|ir ncclUt,' 

•TI»v Iffgioiicr wiU fiud k riinvenli-ni lu reiuciflbcr witli r^Ritnl to a. i, k, tliu 
vcwvl* wlirjw i]i|Hiit|ty [K inH f\vnt HI lilt' flmi. )fLj4Ui:(^ :li:i1 

(I) Uicy (Lr« Hhart In ibn Una! iiyL!ii1:>ti> «f any nerd ivhcii tho pirteponudt tju 
Um MUte I'l lIiv pcQull tiiU ibc drcumflci accont ; 

(S) lh«y ATw rv|pilArty A?h^rL in Innrulkinn] tmrlinKM, OM ftA-nTfui, ^ftum, rpi^t^i, 
rHnjn, — \n tliu lln^l fi^Hut^ttv ^f neuter iioqca, iu l^fut^ f'''^' i^^i. ^f t — ^ In 

IMtlolM, Miir-nJiLllj Lji prupotiHon*, M 4i4, r'^> CvA, A/*, f's kirl ffFnrnlly 
in tho fAHjnd i^'-rlA aicm of vcrbt ; 

(3) thi>7 ftiv Vin0 In rhn flnul PiyLlntiLf^ Vlipn tha pAniill I* tcntg tiy natlim itnd 
hat Ui« aanui acf^fiul ; 

(4) th«y an lr>ait *b«D they are i]i« rasalt of oontrMlJon» aa Vrfjw £rc>m 
/rJ^u, '/ii*. tram Ic/i^, bud on thi^ Itnjil vomi of ibu >u>in cf ni^iuii of tbv Hm 

§ M} d. 



mil tlie Lijuc occu)/iril hj the fiMit, Allowiiig bhc SMiio rmtluuL &a ui 
the ond «>E the verso (S f^? ^)< 

b. A uoQsi<Icr&bl^ nuiiibet of anomaU^, hovev^r, remain viuex- 
pULneil. rrouttneni Among th« QnexplAined auonulka of quujititj 
il t1i« I of oifT-tatft ail>8trHi:t nouns, vlibli fonu «uoh a drfiuitu dnii 
tiiut it niajr 1j« iisiiinmil Ltijtt Llien* v*:Lfl !iom*^ i-ipUtiutifin, tH*rh»i« 
pli^Aiokgirnl, for them aU ; iin vstfuvKiii'ti A I'E'/'MrpuC'ufLifjvi JI r>$S. 

ft. MiLfiy ftppArctitl/ irri:i;uluf VAriatiuiui of natural quwitity, ma 
well at ap|>aretjt froodom id iilloTrin^ liifitxie, and variutiaua of 
qiuoktity iiLuie Li^' ^oatUon (i^*j. Mov^}, fie^m to hv exjjUineitl bu«t 
bj Uu; loBft of audiiBOEiatit, f.y. =A(3or T'ATi Uut-AtAi A ^, from u-^ij 

4- A. A jtyllttblc wlitch i^mtuii^ i hui}^ vowd i»r a iliplitlton^ in 
long \rj naUrf^. Final cu and oi &r6 HDctTicdlj lonjc, Although aliori 
as r«i;ardd aco«tituatii>tL. 

^ The r^uAiitity ot eomc voweU is not tixed, aa -AiwAAwivt A U^ 

'Air^-^A380; 'A^*. 'Ap-t K 31 (if th<* teil i« right). 

y, MoHt of thcKt* V(jVp'4-]!i with vim&lj^' ifujuitlty wpti* origin Ally 
long And wrrt- bcHiininif aburl, na Uhj llomvric Kmr, caAtfc, Aud 
^o^vi bo*^ini« Ttroi, iiiArk. and tfiafiiis ill Attt<? iioetTJ. ftvafuri^ (q^ 
»f)|f cfo^krtj B 4Tl)t Attic ^o^itikt i^ foumi in a. JjQcotiJUi inooription. 
Erjd^iitly ev«iry voir«l whicii nt 5rst wa« long And Aft^rwaidA 
bccAme fclion mast liAvit liad at some d[ii«< a Tn^uioal quAtktiry 
virich coiiM bn tr6a,tvd A« 4-it]i<?r luii^ ot aliurt, i.^ iu quuiUl^ waA 

A, For the lf-Jii;tli of iii^nl i in tlip d;itiv« KingulAT ol the third 
dix^lcfi«iori, ^c i ^j f. npiv in wpt¥ a&r' Z SI n-toina itt originAl 
loDgtl). AS A oontrAottd compArAtiro. 

c ^Vith tTtiH TAriAtlob of natural qtiAiitity mA/ b^ rotapATftl tlt« 
doable formi «riuplOy(td m Homt^r, — one with n Mtigle ctiDHcnAnt, 
RnothiTr vrith twn ^oniionanti, ftj« 'A;[tAA«iJ< A -M. *AxiA«W« A 1119 ( 
'O«i«oc^ A 430, "OWcik A 494; Vit-i?.- n 729, W -^ 302; 
Arvvt A 344, ^«>v A ]3B : tkia*/'>9 V 2Ij6, ^Vtror A 491 wrX,, niAnf 
of vhiol) doubled ooQSOimate cire kaown to bn juttiBot^ otyiao 




6. Sotaetimefl a naturally short vowel wm lengUicnwl (not by 
the |)0«t, but i& th« flpeeoh of Ifae p«u|>k^) in or(lc<r to avoid tliu too 
frLsjui.-nt rtcurrohf^^ of aboit syllAbl^S' This U iUuatratM by tho 
rule fcir llin n*v of a or u in tht> roi^iparUon of ;iilji-ctivi.'i (cni^hVc- 
ptK 1i(it Kmi^»T(prK^ :iijlI by ihr wor<l» which hnTr a vowd 9tiiiiil:aly 
liMietl^^ljf'iI 111 tlio Attic dvAWt (tk^ a^niTbi* ^pvrwjyopQK^ ifmtpiri^). 
Wo nuil ^KVp Wt ar4p<(t Ilprii^t but ll^to^i^'^i ^vyJry^ but ^uyvrip*. 

f< a. Ju Uotnorio \<rtac u aylUblo vbtch ot>titaiiLrt a shi^rt votfcI 10 
IdniT 1^ pantiftn when tho v[>wc] is MtcwKtl by a jloubln coji^^iinnt 
(C> {* ^) o>* ^y 1^<^ or TDon contHmnnU^ whAth^r IIiosa ilto tn th^ name 
or in tbu following wonl op an* divideil Irf^lw^vTi tbe two wi>nl». 

ff. This rule holds gcoci alau in L:a80 of a ujut« followed by ;% 
liquidH This combknatlciii mrcly faiU to tnakc^ ptjaition witdm 
a word, and geu^^taUy malt*>a position when it «taiidJ al Ibf* bej^in- 
niAg of a ^ord. e3|>eGiaLly vhen this word ia oloa«ly conrtt'ct<<d witb 
tba frtwodlng. 

2. iL SomrtimrK a vowkT rfttnaSnn «hort iH^forA a Tniitn fnllnwM 
b^ A or p, aa - Ati»p«A*'r9 T "tl^f*. d^^^T^P^c » ^^^^ d>i(ir5pi'i*>7ij B 700. 

^a BI\i-fai^t7irTp>7« A 113. ThcfifrwordA and pljni«ofl (Tould not have 
b««n bt^nght into thf» v^rnn if iHp uiLitff and liquid mnnt ni^kke 
IdUgCb br |ioKitLr>ii, nnd t,ht> hiElnrj' of th^ lang^i^i^ abfiws that Tbia 
<!uiulniiatioii of itLUto aud lii^uid waa gradually 1u»iu(r lU wei}*hu 

fi. Tliat a mute aud a liquid Jo ti<*t ulwaya mak^ length by pt^ii> 
tioTi ia oipUimwi by tb« eaao with wbit-h th« coEnbination can bo 
pion^iiDoed at tho b^giuiving of a >jllaljl«, teavinjj thv procudiag 
vowel »hort and ^ open.' 

y, Bpfnti- ffHir WHfd*. two of whi'di Irgin with thn donible con- 
aoriJiiit { ai^d t^o witb thn two r-i^nMkiiAnUi it« (riot a mutt ami a 
lvi|uid)i tbo pr^^mif vowel T^aiain* short; or re Zof^Hfui- 13 Ci'M, 
lit tf Z«AjCur It ^>4. w^o;(*ti>^o «Mi^Jav$p&oi' B ^l^^. «irar(i ^ir4ir4|0i'Dk' 

h, a. A single X. /I, r, ^, f flt 111* V»*>giJiTnTig of wrtalti wowls 
may 'iilltXtf ^^Etioii' (i-/ S 31) i-J : Jirfa I'itJtioMfl'i T '^L*l' \rf. lyi- 
rw'frof A 420 ami Eiigli^ib mow), U t^iyL U 239, B 4JS. B lOG, Aii 




1 XXX ill 

0. So alfto 3 'makea position' iii the stem V- (idtm,/tai') and 

4lwayfl ia &i^, /^n^, Ut iUitrtv T o yi/YOJi' A 3!!, dJ ti piAa i^r X 4L6, 
■71 R/nf A iit.7 

i. tt. (.ojfHntr InnjciiA^:* and rnI|(Lti?ra1 diaJcctifl form» sL<"w Uiat 
m<rat worOfl vLicli ju Ltio Altiu dif^i-ci lic?^'»ii with p uncir Ix-gan 
wit}) ffp or ft>v 'l)^i» txpUine iLi- doubUat; of tlic |? after ttic ftug- 
m^ut OJtd m oompi>ditioii,&s wisU aa iUt povvc^r to ' kuUec potUioft ' in 
HoiD«Tic* vcrue. 

jd. or tbif inilMiii>i>« of UngthAnin^ bofnrA ft, inAny are oiiljr 

until it i« virtuallj & doable couaon^ln But tliU lengtheuiiii; 
oecurfl only before ccrixiin »l«ms (e8p«<;ially before ^«tu* and lt» 
kin)r — not l»for« /Ltfj^A^L, /hVuk /jLoirrovr 

1. Oo« of the cousoiunts wbicli 'tuode position ' liu oftfrii bom 

(for Si6< /«^), f/ tiiKhv «f II ifti), op«tf*i «;* r L\ ira*«i.v r:^ r ao, d? a" 

B^* Ivuv uf J T« n TSO. (/' has been 1o«t more f rcqnrntly than nny 
other initial ocmKonnnt ^cc $ 33.) 

k, a. A lonj tiiml vowi^I or diphthong in tlif< ftr»i« of th^ foot i< 
gptt»r%\\y, hut not alwayn, shortened Wor? it following vow^! : 

*Ar/1«f&u rr lOiI ^\Aoi /iifn*j/fi&f 'A;^iiiOi A 17, rrjv ft /yw of Xbrrv A 29^ 
Tluj HluiTtpriirig uf * long viiw«l ik rHwntially Uir I'liiimi of Half tho 

0, FiriU lu, o(, fi era mct^t froriucntly sh->rtcn?d before &n initial 
Tovol- Fm^l oi ia ahortoTtcd t.i^ht times as oft^ta aa tinaJ jj, 

y, Th« diphthougt eoding in v Bf^em to h^^re br^n mor« l^rm in 
ivtaiolng their qiiatiilty than tlioec whlsfi end hi <. 

4. Tbiif abortruing of dipbthong^ HKrmi tu initictalu a Urndt-ncj 
of tb,« firta) I or V of tho diphthong to go into iU oognate y (/I 
or <rr (f ) sound nnd dinpp^far {>/. S 1!3 /). In I^indn^, alto, it 
finaJ dipbtl^on^ is ehorteued 6vo tkuif« aa ofton na « long flnal 
roKvl, Of oontM th^r^ wafl no hiatus su long as th9 y or v wat 

c Final ^r aiid jy am nhiirtRiicwl betfuiv aui iuilia] vowel inoro 
nnly than ulbur cliptitljoafs, ^ is acldom shoctciwd cacvpt before 
an < or (1«» frequently) an a. 




L B^^fura Jt pftudu (ihfl bvforo tliti d4>se of tbe v^rsc : see | 57 A'), a 
short vawA tnHj bf uiicd iu \>\ii£V of a. Ic>ug vowol - Jinr^'^i UfKo- 

pnn woXii' A 1ft [-*vw| — \jv{:^^. Not itifd-c^nirnUy tUns 

the tlioL'L final vowvil nf u tocjUito tAkn llip plikPi; i>f a l<ui|{ ajI- 
Ubk» even (S I'ti n«T4tfo ^ S3$ -, in auch cwca the imuiinatiTo form 
^:Giierjklly coulti ht tiaeit. The pau^i? Jii thn rhythm oooiipiOA t^io 
remaiuder of thu tiniu ^kich woiJil he s\ieui in pronouiKiing a Joii^ 
ayllable, ^n J — J J- K^fore a pause, also, a Tmiy final Towel 
nuAy |jn*jiL*r^-L' \ih t[\ixnttly :Llthiiu;^U Uie fol lowing; word Ix'j^inrt with 

ninj c!o«c witli a Ahprt vowel although the nt;xt follovriujc vcnic 
bOKina witli n vowosl, nn /^umvri | "Arp<*Sj;i A (i f, 

ID' A few T(ir»0H m^i^m to biTj^tn with a i-hort «^Uilb1a, luj £« j^ 
rd& r iSvr^ X 70 (for «c fti%j. f 32), 


TuK HoBitrie Mbh, are tx^itor txnd more ftnciont tlmu thoao of 
an}' other rci^uiiI'Lir i>rtH>k iiathi>r. In M, niorv thmi c^n^} liundrvd ore 
known mni dosvriliwL In ilw^ lost uunlutj- aboiiL Bfty portiuiu ot 
thv Uiad wi-itT rniiiiil wriitj'n tm imjiynm in Kuypt. — Kcimc of thi^in 
written hrfoii^ thr l>f*(pTimit({ of mii' rii^ — iLXkd otliem hii- fnnnil 
3dli:L<i«t oiTr> >«'ar, Tlir runjit vaUftbl:^ of nil Mm. for the Ilmut-iic 
tvJtt, &iktl far tljo moAt Toluabli} for tho old Uree^ Comruontai-y 
(Xx^'i)^ i^ huo^n 118 ^n<K■i^M jI, iu tb« llbrury r>f S;iii Mftrco at 
Wnieo. Ii uoiitains the»pnnir« !Hm{. *(tti lmroilurU<iTrrtn(l Sf^fiobu, 
UD 325 Iratvea of pHTi^hmeut in Ini'ifc* fiiliu, Ifi x 11 inrilm^. It whb 
writtcu not later t!jnii tUr ck'vt-nUi ivnlunr of vur ^tik 

Thic iviirhr^ti ]inikted cditi'tn fi Ifnmcr niu th^C of l>rit:(Cttius 
ChihUoiMlylu, iTi two luncr luid hjindjioinn voluincn, Klon^ncc, J488. 

Tho t«Xt pikbliriliAd by Henriciis 8liiJ>UflnuKr i''*''^*^< tinxf^i prin- 

The iQOHi tiit|tiirt£ita ^ntii'^t e^litlnoH of th« /^vc<f art- thoae of 
B*liker (1H5HK Lh It.i^;inr (1873). Kiatk (ISTTj. Chriet (IBfi-iJp vm 

Convoniont tiixt i^ilitioud nra thiMO of Liimlurf Hvntjic (Luipdi:, 
1884) ixtid i'xuvt (Uipjiff, 1890), 

Th» most Kchnlsirly Kn^itiiih r^lttton (rf the //w^rf U that nt L^af, 
in two vi>hti»i-N liiitiii.m. \Vi1. I, ih[. 2, IffDD; Vnl, 11, IA88. 

Tbr mrrst ri>iu})U'tc cxr^tii^d ■.'ilitinn of tho Homeric jioiima 19 
thnt of AEn>'ia'Ht-ntTO (K^ t\ Amcij^ and V.atI nmtw)^ puhii^lit^d by 
Tftuhn^ At Ixip^tj;. Ailh Gnnnvi &ot««, to which tho proMQt odi- 
tioB for RcbooU 18 gNtatly ind^btBd. 

TTiA iiiuHt oouTenient »i&h11 wnrli IrentiDg af («) the ^vii«r^ 
bt4*rAry «h*ra«terifttif3 of tli* |roem4, (A) liio Homerio vorld, (e) 
Homor in nntiquity. {d) the Hdmetio qtieslioD. la Homer: Anltttr^- 
dtu^Un to 'A# i/tai afui the Odtfm9^, by Frofctftor J«bl>. ihwtoa, 1887. 

Mtncr<i'fl f^riframo*'*/ fht Jlnrntri^ l>iott^t. '2d ^^d., Oxford, 189Ij 
it the b(«t vork ^D ^hfi fubjifct tii nnv lurg-LLu^. 



Atpha prvtK Chiytat, p9ttU mabi^ ittrjfta rimin^ 
'Alpha llin pmyer of Ctujiu f\n^i 

rnvocatlDD of the tfiuc^ Xtiffmc «f tbD niad- 
ii^fiv aetSft Ota. UrfXr^idZtii} 'AyiX^o? 

TnX\a? S' i4/tf?t^f>tr'f i/ji,';^*!^ *A(St ir/>r)fai|MV 

/f o5 S^ Ta npuiTd iiiurTjjrT}v tpitravre 

Th* laioifd Piiest. Tli* ATvnglni ApoUo- 
TK T* Jp frifitr}f &(aii' ept&t (vi^^icf fia)^t<rfiai ; 

to I'oOtroi' a*'a trrparop Zptrt KaKTjf, iXcKot^o hi Xook 
wt^t<a TOP X^uCTT^i' i^L^u(/«i' aftTjrj^pa 
*Arpiti^- i yd^ ^X^e Soa^ fvi t'yj^i'; *A\aiw 

trrtfi^iar i\tai^ (if \€ptjlif «xij^u\ot/ 'AsiJXWiak 

'Ar^<<Sa a paXioTo^ &vta Ko<TfiJp'op€ kaCti*' 


ifiXr fUy S<oi iiiUv 'OXv^iTia Sti^r cj^oiTe* 

cuScra~fW liy K/>^a Kat ayXaa S/j(Ctu dnotva* 

sjj dXXa na^voiT d^iei. K/>arcpo^ S' cVt f^vffop cT<\Kip- 
"/jij (Tc, ytpofy KoC\i^iv iyot n<Lpa utfV(Tl ia.)^tUa 

an i^/itTtpifJ tVi uur^r «V 'Af/ytlt rffXoOi. Tfarpi^c, 
P»y*r ol lb* Old PrUsr ui4 lu AMwnr. 

**jcA&flt /t«u, apyvp6To(\ ^« X/>v<ri)i' ip.^ficfiy}iea^ 

X^P0€v, tt WOT* rot ^apUvT ^i ytjov </>n|ja, 
40 ^ et Sij vroTC TOL Kara irw^i^a ^^ipC cWrfa 

rCcTUat^ Aafoot //la Sdfc/>iHt (TcIcti ^/XcfTiru//* 

^5 Si Jf«r' (JiXv^JTOto KOL^iffof^ ;(a>o/£0'os KTJp, 


^oXX'- aid Sc ini^al i^^icvaji' Haiovro ffofieiaC 

AMcmblT of tfcc A<h4eaDi (it t^%). AchUlu oOl* sit AjHmblr Id 
ift^^o.p ftit' ifi trrparhv i^x^'^ KtjXa Btoiof 

A& T^ yap iisl (ffpt(r\ 9iJK€ Otiy \tvKiiiKt.ir\i^ ''^V 
*fT^S<To yap Aai/a'^y, ori /5n fl*^Vifoi^ac opSro. 

CO a0 ifTOj'txmjtrct*', (i *«»/ ^ai'aroi' yt ^ip)^i^ci', 

dXX' ay* Si) Tiva ^ai/rif Jpfia^tfv ^ I«p^a 

If xai di'<ipofrdXoi/, #fai yaf> r orajO <V Aco? i^rruf, 

Oi K <tiro4 Srt r6<r^Gv i^tatraro ^Pol0o^ '\v6X\tay, 

m tffv trctff apt'nii' tcutcnf^ alyAy tc t«XcjW 
jSovXcToi a^^tira? ij^tv airo Xoiyoi' a^w-ot." 

Cxiciui tUlH tb« UuB* ol the PUjv*. 

ij TOi o y' <?s <iirtif icar ap' c^cto, Tor<n 5* ifttrr/} 
KaX^fd? HerrmptST^^, uuuvuirnXctfV oj^' dfturro^. 
X 05 jJS^ Ta t' iii^a rd r ic<xofi.eua. vp6 r tViTa, 
K^tX i^«nr iJyi^Vnr' 'A^^euaJi- *IXiov cureu 

OMliroY lAJAAOS & 

^ /*«V /*o* TTp6<t>p<itf eWciXifr* *fat ;^(^iTii' ipyjim'- 
tJ yd/a uto/iiu a^Spa j^^oXtuo^U'. os fLcya TraWw*' 
Apycut'V trpttTf€L. itai ot irtiBovrax *\jfatoi 
SO <p<i<r<y<fi\^ yap j8a<riXcvf, ore jf^itrcrat ii'Spi ;^CjOT)*- 
ei ir<p yap re )^6hoy y€ hqI airijp.ap Kara^H*}}^ 

rof S'aTra;i£ij9(>/4€P09 «'pf><rc(^») froSa^ itf<y« 'A;^iXX<ij^' 

ov p.a yap 'AiroXXwi^a Sic^iXoM, rj w jtv, KaX^ai', 
c^o^<i'09 Aat^tiolcri ffcotrpotria^ o-i/o^iVccf, 

aoi KniAjj? vnpa P7}v<ri fiapua.7 \^lpa^ eVoSrci 

OS t^vf woWotf dpKTTo^ 'Ax<u6>y ct^j^crai cXvai* 

K<ti Ton 5rf Oofttrt^tst khX ijiha fititrris iftv^aip- 
"our* ap' o y <v)^wXi^? cVt^^^crcu oiI(?' CfcaTo^^Si 
iXX' w^er** apiir^poi, o** rfTi^yi<r ' \y<tfj,{p.pcoi' 
Eh> o^' aiT<XtiiTe ^uyarpa fcctt uvk dTnitfar' an'tut^a, 

otS* o yc TTptf Aai-aolcrit* a(tK€<i Xotyoi* aTrftf<ra, 
TTptV y' ana varpX tf>iXi^ SopCi'ai cXiictuiriSu Kovpifv 
iTTpidrrjv difdjroivaf, ciyeiv 5' Upijv iKoropfiyjv 
100 ^€ XptJ(rr^p- rift k4v /i^if tkairadfta'Ot frtvl0oi^n'," 


A£UDnDTioo Is K«4dy 10 clve up C&iyMb. but dtmAodi Kccoiiiiwd*& 
17 rot o y w^ fiiroui' Kar cp <(rro, rot^t ai«m} 

iri)iir\ai^\ octiT* 8* ol rrvfn Xa^irfrioM^i iuertpr. 

"fi(un <uKaji/, ov TTtZ n'orc fioi to Kpijyvoy ttna^' 
otci rot ra kok* iari ^i\a ^p€<ri. ^aiT«ii<i7tf<u, 
i^Koy S' oiJrt tC itq* ctira? cro^ ovr< TcXcg-^rat. 
jctft ^c ^1- ^oi^aotat 0€O7Tpotr<i3uv iyopntt^t 
Mfi ftk S^ riCS* mf<i o"'f«' ^vr^^Xof aXy«a Trti;^#i, 
ovfrfif' €y*itf Kovpri^ Xpv<n}iio<t iyXa' avou^ 
oJdf etfeXoc S^fturi'cu. — cnrci iroXu ySo&Xofioi atr^^ 
otrKot tyW' Kai -ya/i yia KXwrcn/ifJaTpijv irpofi^ffoiiKa, 

iXXa KoX tSs tWXffj So^vfcu vdkiv, tl to y* tyj.cLi'ot'' 
^ovXo/i' ^yw Xaov troof //i/i^i'at ^ airoXrV^cu. 
nji/rap i^ol ycjOaf tiirCx* cro</iaa'ar\ 6^/>a /a^ oIo? 
*hpytuup iyipwTTC'K tut* <ircl ov5< cbfco*' 
m Xcuro'fTf yap ro yt vaunt^^ o ^ot y/jpa? cp^jfcroi aXXjf* 

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mif ycEp TOL hwtrovtTL ytpa*; fitydSvfioi *Ay^aw^; 

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Xaovv S uvit rWwJct TuXiXXoyu Tovr iuayttfUiV. 
4XXa ov fi^ vO** njVSe i?€<p trpik^, ovra/> *Ax^"^ 


AEAm^mnaa vill Uke ih» Gift of Haoor of dnit at th« AciuMn 


CL Sc K€ ^^ S&^^trtf, ^^w Sc tttif aiW'iK ("X^v/tat 

HO aX\* ^ roc ^«^ ruvra /iKTai/r/>u(j{>f(«<r^a Tai aSrtf, 
Mif 8* ay< i/^a ^'XflUTtr ipVfTtro^fv tl^ a\a ^av, 

A<bilJM r*pr<iftcb«i Aixmtmaoa vLtb logijitllude, and thrvtlvoa t« 
telufti to AchAea> 

IM iri^ rK rot np6*ftptuv tnt*Tiv T<t9tjT<u A\<w«;' 
ij oSoj/ tkOtptPOL If dvSuat/o' [f^t p-dyttT Oat ; 
ov yip iy<Mf tptoiav €t^ tJ\v0ov ctf^^roci^i' 


Sttvpo fLa)(v)fr6fL<i'oq, inti ot! rt juot amo( turir' 

ot) ydp TTtu ttot' c'^af ^ovf iJXatrcu't ovSJ ^co' iinrovft 

ov y.iv trot irore Itrov t^m ytpa^, wnrrfr' *A;(<uol 
T^ctftur iKTr<pcranr* cu yacd^et'Oi' jrroXtltfpoi'" 
iua <iXXa TO ^cf TrX^rot' iroXucitftoi; soX^oto 

<roi TO yip<x% iroXi ^«i{o)', ^ti S' jXi/ov t< ^iXoi- T€ 

ni** S' c!|^i il'l94>7i'8V ^iT<l :J iroXv <f>^pTfp0P t<mv 

i$rffd&* arijUrOV Vcuf ai^cfov fat irXot^op o^ufac/' 

AsAmemDOD doft aat tLwd AchiUr«* dijpl«a«ire, And will |Ak« bU 

" ^<vy« /iaX\ *4 rot 0VfAO^ ^eaavratt cvSe <r' ^y«S yf 
XMFO'o^du ciKtt* <ful<> /^cveik- trap' c^ot yc «(al aXAM, 
IT* ol Kt /ic Ti^i^triwcTL, ^cLXL<7Ta Sf fLTjiiera Z<uf. 
^AoTO^ Sc' ^of itTiJi Storp«^Eajf ^arrtXijttV 
<u<4 ya/> rot cpis r< i^bXi? iriiXcpoi re /td^^ ^^* 
«L pdXa KiiprrpoK tcr<r*. fftic irov 0*01 to y <$9Kttf~ 
olicaS* 4(iv €rvv itijxkti t* <rp? *cai rroK ertipoiatP 


cvS' o^of^oi KorcWrof - dvciXiftro^ Sc ret wStf. 

TT^i* /i^r' iyftr trvii vt^i r* ^/xp KcX iii,<n^ inpOKTii* 
lUfj-^aty <ycl) St k' ayat ^pnjv)iia KaX\Ana.pr}t>i/ 

Str<rop if>^prtp6^ flpu trtOtv. o^T^yc^ ii teal JXXo? 

AchiJIw &■ re«tr«ia«d trom kUliag A^memiion by ihe GoddBsa AlbrQ«, 

<3c ^rffo' nTjA^fctfj/t 5' d;i(05 y^*€T*y iv S< oi ^rop 
crrr}0tc<7W Xairtotcrt Sta*"8i;^a ^ipfATJpi^<^^ 
1*0 -^ o y* ^(itryoyo;' if^ ipwini^tt'^^ 7ra/>a p,T)pov 

•^t x6\op ffavcreuf ipr(Tv<rtU it C?t/ioV. 

^to; 6 ravf <i>p|ucui'< Kara ^p«^a iral Kara 0i^/ioi', 

m& ov^ttfO?*!'- ffpo yap tJ*<€ ^<i, VctrKC^A^i-of *HpTj, 
ifiif*^ o/c&>c dtTi^ f^iXroi'tra r£ Ki^So^Ofj re. 

otiii tfiaLpopivTj, riav o akXiav ov n? oparo. 

tcai ^tt' f^u^Va^ fTr«a rmpott^a irpoin^v&ct* 
"nVr atr*, tt*ytii;^oto ito? Wfco?, et\)jXov?4W; 
ij Ti^a vfipii' iSij 'Ayoftejifoi'cj? 'Arp<(8ao; 
aXX* ifc TQi ^fw. TO Se teat TcXceo^at oiiu- 
Sas 3^ vntpojrXiijtn ra';^' ai- iTi>rc 9v/ioi' 6X<ao^," 

rav &' litre ■Trpofr«i.Tr< fto, yXat»Jcainw 'aOiJi^' 
"^Xtfoj' eyw TTaJfToiio-a to trii' yitfit^. at k« iri'^ot. 



tt^f^ 0/^f l9v^^ (fuX^oi^cra re jtr^So^Vi^ tc. 
aio aXX* dye X^y' cpiSo?, M^^^ fi*^o5 €\mo xttpi' 

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ifat ttot/ rot t^U rofrrroi irap4(T<T(7<iL Ayyi^k iaipa 
vfipio^ UKxa, T^cric trv S* mt\€o, ira'^to S' i^^iv-" 

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icai ^aXa 7t«/> SvfAc^ K€)(oKaifL€feM' ^ u? ya/> a/UiVi>v* 

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99& '*olpofiap*^^ Kvvh^ ^par* J^^tip, KpaBirtf S' eXo^oto, 
ourc ffOT ^^ soXe^of o^a X<«c> ficjpijxi'^wu 
ovn Xo^ukS ifpui 4rui' apioxifF^nrLir Avcua'*' 
rfrXi^Jcac Ovp^"^ to S* roi Kijp ciSeroi <If<cu^ 
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3^ Sup* aTToatpao'dai, o^ n<; *Ti0^v civrfoj/ un~|7' 

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iXX* €< TO* €p<ctf, icai Cffi jitfyuLi' tjpKoy vpovpci^ 
t/al pa Ttiht frtrJTTjpiyv ■ ro pfv ov rrtrrt ^vXXa j«ii o(ouc 
tl8 ^'<rci, cV*! 8^ irp^a TO/*^*- ci^ opccrert XVXoitro', 
ovS' di/atf 'jXifo-f * ■ rr^/>i yap pa i ;^aAKoi «\<^>0' 
^JlXu re Kal ^Xwoc yO** a5r« /tu* vUs *A}^auanf 



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MO ^ ror' ■A;(l\X^ch iro^-r^ t^erai via*; *Aj(ai<^v 

aot lAkc BrLieb; AcbUlcd iTxaald pay Houor 1o 


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'ArpetSr/? 5' iriptaQ^v ^^atJvu- rottri, Se Ne'irTujp 

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ot Tfci)! /iti' p<tv\^y Aai'nwv. mpi S' toTtf p.ix€iT0(U 
aXXa TTitfetrrf*- dpr^oi S* vcon^c/sru t*rroi' c/ielo. 
S60 ifStj ya^ ^ot' ^ycv «cal apfaxrii' ^/ vtp vfiu^ 

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tiif yip "JTm miafK tSni' cii'e/>av, uvSt cSoj^nL* 
oToi' WtipUinoy t< A/>vci>rTa 7<, irot^/i'a Xcui^i', 
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Hailhcra Gcmgv. Fences of Achillea And ProtoiiUu. 

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Kirni BOOK or TllE UJA1> 


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rrpTn book of tite iuad 


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The Fatally of GlAacna. , 

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Bettor cofs to hia Home, but Aadfonuclio iv not then. 
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Hector and Aadtomicbt mMt SMr the Sue^n Q«tc. 



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Hvrtor must fltbl among th» PofBmoftt. 

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rstOM ttj« Ktory of Dm alrtf* iMftwiauii ActiiLhiH nnd AgttEaeiiiiiQD, uid tlio 
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fsulj Greflk' Th? coimc^lion di?L.-L<^^i^ m in Luliu, irhcrtW th« Article 
nhould bo iw<i in UiLnibt:on. See ^ 4^ jt. — 9»k'. i.e. ttjv Unw. Umi 
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not a nunjeril (/ttpirt) lu Ilr^iuri^ — for the * r^liaion ' of «, nee ^ 2tt u. — 
For tlio ' luntus," aibwcd whim tlm tinal vowel luu b«n oliieJ. too | *J7 b-, 
^'Ax^MitC -. I'fteii iiaml fur u\\ Lhr; Oivuts ; Mi« j 4 cl »- AXfia [il^yij] ; t-r- 
Uie duffifito i.'^buwd by lliu itw^nof vl A^JiillKb frorii tUn onrjlliet. -^ for Ibv 
ancoiitnirtt'il form, «n> g il'l, v_I|t|k»: r^iMj^l. nn T '&21 (irfftf } 17), m^xrl^' 

i](wt>*d with lilt' flrnt. BiiK-V!ffoAAi<rffihsat* Un? iilen i>C |iii^ *liU« Uie ihird 
cUiuv u oiliW if\ tlie form »f a ci}ijtr>x«t, utnAt Sk tcrK — (^'Wvi 
[xpanpAf] • Oat f«min1ii4> Umn ii^/pii; in tiH^il li)i llmiiur only of p>i\«oEi». 
Ek'c 4 J[H cJ, - ytlijfiftf Mvnh \ji iiearlj r<.]uWalr[il tu * «i>u]i of iiii^jbtj nitij.' 
'A.i&i irpald^fv: ''^n^ ojf t^ HtiJtA, n vigoroaa oxprevion tot a vioknt 
driith* lui K 190. Z is', C/. multDii Dniinum dnmUtlmrm Oreo y^rg. 
Atn. ii. 30S. For Llic UK of irpo, f/. rpo ^ IDi- — 'AlBi f'AiSy]; u < uiota- 
pliwtif?' foFMi of *A(&7c, vrhJoh In Ki^ii^^r in uXvmyf tliv- iiaiik- <if a |ienoJK 
Uin tuKt uC Lhi- nvllier tturlil SfMr $ 37. 

4, ^pAwir: Afui* tfyjmcjTf. Tho ii*crd had Hoi acqutivd thfl iiiiihmnjf of 
hfTiifJ in tlir Knjfliiih unw (g IT). — sh^v*: ih'viA'h-nf. tr. th*lT IiMima :uj 
00itbn*lcd viili thiplr m>iiJa- ^ 4k£^*a f Alltciijjmjyijk']; hmii/ ; cf^ en in bue 
dbta prD#<la I-;«tini(t | n IllHui «qiji> Vi^r^. /I^ii. ix. 4Sb f- For tli« 
pn-cedlng tiinUWh [m.-»? # 27 A. — t<*x* ■f*»tff"«'i» ^ wmw ihc lii>Ji« ofUrn lind 
to lin ijcibnricd; c/. BliV'i^ Vo^t arv itm jicAVutigoni af the Kant. C/. 
■Him Uint dWlti of Almb Ih lUn ir^tv tUi* iIii^k nhhll >^al; niM liitii ttinl 
dipCli iu lli<i TifU ftliftU tliit tvw\» of tltA atr oAt* 1 Kint/fi k%\- 2i i • And llin 
rhiliMtiiH' «ii<1 l^i ll*\'irl, " (\miw Jo rrm nnd f will giv* l\iy fli-uli unto thu 
fowli oi thtf ain UEid tu tliP tituata of tlie fltdd *' ' f 5«m, XilJ. i*. To bo 
Uft unbijmd vtOM u dnad«d futo; iM llwtoratthc pointed diiftth l>Mought 
Arliillcfi \v>i Ui All<tw tin* dfign lo dtfTOur him (X 'Ufl). — Ttftx* C^'^Tf*] = '«■" 
the ominion of Ujv lujc^ontt mo % 13 o. — Kinawir [xv^r]: for (Im 

5. otanEcrt [i^u>kav] ; tlie Imkg form of the ditlvt u inulv frequent Ln 
HoDior than tho dntivo in -oh. See $ ^i d. — tfttr« [Attic iofin^]-- Iwtv of 
(be food of hrulvfi ; i/ B !iHA.» AtAi . . . PoiA^: irmlmij uf ^oc /uyriAoir 
SiA &ovXds. This m jo^Mrd pnrvntliAt&nllj (f^l) to thr pTis<H<Jmj; rHnti^v 
e]«U>p' ^ Tbt' vrill of Zpuh wm )uirom|ilJHf*i^r1 hi Ihf* eonnxjui'iio^t of thv 
vimUi of Auliillpj, C/. ' Sucli vw tho Trill of hoirwi/ MiUon Piu: /tuf li. 
ia'j:t. — ^9vXf[ -. tf-i// ; </. 09C\afuu. Thi« corTup^ndd to tbo 9t)ktftut (ticAu) 
of IIm y*"* Twlttiimnl Cy<>ri;^:^« to fl»\i^j| ^^ol^ in llw l^imrH IVajurJ. 



A. i£ o4 trTX ; tiitft ^nt. jfnn i*firv ; c)i« ■Lnrtlnfr point fnr ^i^jp o^Xfr 
funjt. Tim cxpiFMLi>ii ULr^ Ltir |rlLii> In Hi^miir uf iliu priiw frei ^rnf, 
Ixfi Tb;(iuTiir t/-'J.ltf. irpuiroft htxl irjk^ra nrr: U£cd advert jnll j- tv it U litUo 
didvrrtitiv of uivuuljis ; ^. 2iU, AI9, — t^: for d^f Khnrt vovvl Inngthimnd 

if Iff BUT* t ftii\tni'lui*f rr^HimlfJi^ i,r. tyvntrnitHf ttnil uf-iirtiT'*!, jni'-tf"J in 'fnj'm 

7. 'Ai^dlitt: of four iTUabloH" mc } ^CT/ For the u»o of tho paUo- 
njtnjf!, iTL^I^njt of 'Ayi^«)jvuiK hki' ^ -V.^ b^ — Frir thp |ri>iit>Alrh^ of <\|EniTii>i»- 
OOU) itH <if AUl■^l^ w' # 7 f . Ilr i" diwrilifil l»y llrlru lU "U i^wil hub£ 
And a bravv u-arrifrr' (F ITU). — Im^ 4*CpMp i^]«wIii*rQ prvo«.ln a ]>r<>p«r 
nuim;* oiil; licrc I* it fuurnl tflcr a patri>uyjtiit.% It 1^ gvntnUl/ applLcd 
W Acnriicfiiiinii (bA Hi!, ^41), a:t comuukndvrin'ChiAf. Hn it ^kviAciVuiroci 

ftiwr Tfli^n;. Ill I ^^. — Fat thi^ 'fljiitftrfnt bi^Llut,* mw (} 27 ^ /I , a? fiu«: 

ttodUk^. fj^LTi'iud (fvyin/«)k « vlAHiJiii^ rpiCb^ <ji Aohillrn JUid of Od^cBcua, 
Ko ilHicUl DXCPl]r>uct? of chiLtDcter u impliod. Olth>rw th<* Jiii.>lriciil niUp- 
Utiori to fh^ nii]Ti''A of tiifiiw Iwa hirtotj^ allowintc tliA 'liucoHc (11am<A]»' 
■fltr the? fourlh loot; w.^ f GS >; >■/ «otjtf«i 'AroAJ^wr 4f, HuAA^ 'A^^ 
& 79' Siof 'A;^jAAva!« rloiM Il>c Tf m* tn Itoitmr nr^rv I.Iihti flft/ thn^. 

A rfv r &|i - u'Au F4«n f C/. ti% upa uvrtSt tirrv £'il<i rjil' 2A' A qur^- 
tton ffoii^i tiir' jiIaihI]>o^iiI of tba hcojer, sijgf(«Lo<| bj- Q. 4^^ - Who lint 
^ui.'"<) Uivm lo ifml fotil rtvult? — Tir iaftfrnHl fi^QWiil,* MllUm Par. 
Xwf i. 33- Somo ^od muni Iihvc drcivrd llio riilun^itx ; tlie lloiTicnc 
theolcigj n'f«giiir?d no tilind clianor,^ Ifth&i (wJi]ia ^ hrouyht Tofftlher in 
irtn/r. — fnirin [tfVff^Jrt] ; for tliff »ii£iueTjU «'f ^ i3 iJ, — ibix*<'^u- '" ***"■ 
rnJ- t^'. ftrMTTir' 'J/I 3IU, H t!T7 f. For llm i>ip]arm(ory tiiliiiitlsi'^ mhm 

SSiJ/u**; H, firiT; <;. jrisa. 

9- AftnAt: r/ 40. — For Ite ioai-ction, iwi* EL in? ^ G. a« t ATnJ 
Mf-mji Co bf a nhott form nf Lotonft, but thr tittrr dru^ not Apprnr in 
Gfi.'i'li. Apu1|i> nua tbr iin'itJal'' iraiiw^ of tlin tKfubl*^, niiiix rJir |fRttI]r:it<T 
OPOS^n^rl Ibff ijiibrmL — A [aU«j : f'>r llw <l«mnii«triilbi'Lk nw of Ihu 
srtidf, B?M f 43y.' — ^arJLlIt [^errA^ ; M' Ag&iii*-iriTii>ti, <thjj tb^i^h — 
For Uic ' dative <rf aosociaiion/ m« 11. T73 i C 1177. tor Uie form, tfi 
*Ax<A^ 1- — xa^iiWi : hv od Hi. 

10. »wvr [wuw. 5 i'l i/]i tllU U C»1l*d Xm/iOt (/>'*f4^iifi') in 01 

&i>4 rvpttf^v: tip tkro'iyh i^r fmnp [f/. m.rk trrpariv M'^). a^ U)<: pluf^f 
ti|irTAd ficm Irct to t«ul. fy. A3. — Aprv '. for ibi? nUmtion of tf tflcr ^, 
Bo« 1 18 ff. — ■Hljv : %hQ blJKiive ii «TplfiiiL<?d by the following cbuitr, iLo 
first word of wbieh Utpa up ih* thought of th* idjccliT*. For tha oMat 


of wordfl^ conniicUiiG jnunrr witli wbat folbv^, «ca $ H y. — X«o( [^y]^ 
Au miT'. mldiBty; cfi F I4<t itnd A^Kmotnnon'if cp^lhct Trwft^ XaZt B ^IJ 
$hpj'h*'T\i It/ thr p^iiptf, — ■ Altlc ATt6injFrKtw <u irTpurJami, 

IX* tAv [roiTw tuk] XpAtfifv^ fia^ C/fryici, w«-ll known U> tJio hi*»rrni 
fron sWriM or ottwr <orij^, Xciwli>»ri> <^Jri(i In llDmtir ii tlio artiitlo xi*fd 
wIUl a pixiper iijune. — ^(fMViv^ di^hted. — dpTrt>a: rL-cvivwi piumiiiencif 
from Ma rhythm a,t\d jwwittoii, ulmo^t M[iiiv»li"[it lo ^'thoUffb ]it> wiw," trr. 
H* U (^Aliflil 4r/)nV (th*^ Attir woTilJ liphiw. — 'Mila vcnm lin* n <jiipmiriflft" 
iiL tUo iiflh footr anil bituua i« ca1J(«i - e;j<>nilalc.' 6m f GT Ai </- ^li 1^7, 

U. K^: ryl injuirl dj^Lnrupov/ir \2\. A >taudinj£ ojiillict of UiD f>1ii|« 
•ran vbon thc\ wcro on uliuri^; i^w J !:> ii. — Iwi H^ [iwc]: i.r. to thdoftmp, 
vi^tfiTA th« Hlifppi wnnr ilTAwii iiji <itL liLiiiJ ; '/ It 'l^'f, — hW LliM jmaU.ion of 
th« priijKiettimi Itf^twifiMi (he •4ii^tin« und douii. ff.\Tu^^\ se« $ 11 n. 

13. Xvff*|44v*<' 'o rtTonf frte \\tM*lf, h> rmiuforw. Th* irliir^ U u««d of 
him nhu rL«i:rivi4 tht riiiiEiinM (30>20) ; itii* iiiuli]Ji.\ uf hiui wlu Liffi-m lU — 
ti^^Tpa fft')QT<pa]: for Ui*' fonii» i€\t' J!, 1N«» IJ; ti, ^70, — lloiuiT hnowA 
h-?r tmly Uy biT jialnin>niirr X/jwrys (111. he*.' J US' (j). tJanifh/fr o/f^Arytfi. 
— 4W* ^ 6nn«7uig with hiriit prohatily ct; n wa^ou or pack atLiniJil. aywr 
in tucd trtU, 367, 4^1 <t( living rn^Mlurv*, ^ — Aih|h^* &v*tv&t bullron 
{i^tthnr i>f iccil, Atlnr or copjitrr), or I'Uii'.-ln uf [ant'louA iiiclal, or c1i>|)iiii^. 

14. rri^vi *AwiV>Mypt^ f/. ApoUinik ii^fuln Viirg. .Un. h, l^tCL 
Thin nljliun, »r rhiipli-l, of wlihi "wool, IkiUtiiI eiIxjuL lh& liiuil »t\t\ filHiijC 
down on both ndus, marki^d thu pritvtV cilEcial chttmetfrr tlo<wnu ul3dl^^ 
llio god'i prcto^tioii, hut D« II itijiplinnl tvtrrivil Iho filled JniUad of v«r> 
III); il. (^y: ]Auritaii]uc ntniia Tittan^ue (FrL-nlrui | CLi/hitu. 
Oviil ,'lrt Jf/i, ii. lUl. -- JiHiP^Xctir ho ^lu tUn Arohor A^^olla For »iiiiilAr 
#pithi*U, w^ \^ /^—YMt i\\'i lupta of L|ij]\riUr.v hi thr llrmt rliphr.hoii^ 
b«CoTQ an initUI vowtl, <f. 17 > wc | ££ A. - *AirAXX*bVt ; forUK» Icnglh uf 

ISi ipvr't [W"^^J ' ^"^ "^'^ noJid gold, biit mlorncil itith fuldru titud» 
or libil«. S«ri on :fl!J, li 4 j; r^- ^'1^ ^ tha BCitil of lhi> htT 'liruhiOB Jiiui 
a j^pwnfv fTju^vrpov in ilaiW' — 'XP'ait^ Ik pKiiiviiiKvd w i>f Ik<i ii^)];kbW 
(r/ I) nnd >■ thu* mL-lrioonv UUi? the At^o Torm-^iri viHrvrfy^ <*f» n 
jTo^. Coiiitrun vtOi wifi^it ^X^^- ^l^lvaJput Id AlIij.* tr* inr^rrpcni^ 
Kur thr ddlivi\ i/. i^ttt, II, TO'J. I ; (■. Umi.^rrhioi^^ ju.l^**, jvlivi*. 
and htimhiA farriv^l trie^pa M ■yTiiln-iltf*! M^ithiinty ; kiTti^H nvf^» <n(»/Tf»?- 

tlie toads of Ijiui whowu about l« addit«e tb« iHBcuihty, fts aaijjC" tbot 1^' 


j(<*/K j fcv/iii^ fi 111 i. ArJini** nwfftra \\y U (:J"1*)- Thr jiMgD Sn dd 
Altifiiiiui rourt lijirl ii ^iwrripia- TJwt S|inrt*iJ4 rtl«j cttrrii'T] *tout hU 
VkvA Al^ii'imn sp*rilT«<Tni*ii ■'TirTiM nvntft. — wAvvkt" tl^" tinnrfc hi>Rivr> KMdl 
[QWlf? for l|iviii?if?tved tliv iuM.vrisiiTj liiuitiLtiuUA fi>r sucli^fBlivT^tJiprrBBioUA. 
The jJTiHt'i rrrurnl wm io Iho nrMiy iiinl itn lott4or<, 

1«. U* [^o] : fnf £i-a with tW itnnl, «/ Auivn Ai'w R -lOfl, V Irt, Xiiirr« 
Siw E &04, Thvi form i« iiit^rr fiy<fiH.<iit Ifj Hi>[n«r tliAii ^C-o. — ThQ pauaa 
in lbi> VPTW thniAVlhis vrtTt awr^ijrapf. — Mf^vlfiim, kingof Spftrt:^ (BASfl] 
09, liuiAmOiI cif Ilebiit i* juuihiLuteiJ Willi liin bn?t)Ka' Ag>ln«Trmc>ii ; rf. 
b \tM. 'Atao f V V, — nrit^Topt : kwt^w [r/. iroaT&at, nnr/rr) tx UHoil of nur< 
HliJkTiri|f truutifr in lIih wiiwof iU« Jatpr Ta«T<r«. t^t Brl'Jil, 47i1> 5M, F 1; 

17. Thi*n»uu1 iiitrtHhiotion to n B]«vf!h (f 1? A) U OEBiltod — Fortite 
u*^ <»l tlir? jpi^ikT!i'H ^i-iy midlun ItiriU'u.l tif iinlirrot dlmiJiinw, m* ^ H c, ^ 

tImHi, llifiYiiLotUM inHiitlnitA ^tru hh wnni by Um Lydnna in lh« army of 

18. 9ni'. motioi^lUbln by *«yaiM«b'; waf 2& — Cf. Hora«a^i traitil*- 
tif'ii, di ii1-L ili-iilvHiitn cUvficiii i|i:<tu<i:ro Ttu i* Suf. ii, -"i. lOL 

19. ilfn&^ai.* [IJ^u^u]: f'>t tin form, W'^ % '\tt o. — «A^: for IIki 
lirngtli (if Urn Isfll nyllahH w<> | fiO T .— cCnAi^ hnmrmnl, hiviyi of tb« 
VT4um tc Ori.*€o?, not like Ui\ii»^. I'rtfo Ikr */■«*?, Sec £ 3-1 <- 

20- HttitaM; iniLia jToiiiiiiotit b(io(Lu» of thu prtiMfn lof« for HU 
iLirjh:1i1rr; iiihU'ml fpf llii' f^ £t whit^li S» ^q^^-tinl in cvulrHiil ititb i^Jv 

ini?Aa,ifli-rthi<|>bUBp iiiUiDr«n« (| II y), ' — ''my rb<jirpMld/' Its puitirm 
abom that it id luai an <:4ic»*c rpitiict, iiictdia; nut luucb vuum Ihnti irff. 
-^ ■' A* I pray llial ymi m»y l»a vlcUirni™* an^ hav* n nftf* rplUFii. m* jnhy 
y*' rr^bjrp (.-j iH" " </f. ('/. t^ie i»[»yi«r pf IVihci fur AdMllrffj frt' fid ruiv^ 
AtnvaMia, feii £A^t [ Tr^v ^ imr|H^ y^r (J &o*1 f- inajftT iki^v t^Jug thc*< 
y(/h OH'f in i</fry rmrb Ay rvitivr tm'i. vrlivrv tbp n-turn of IleiTtor^ body 
U the «onditlQ» IropUed Cor the prkyrr^ The intuitive 1b h?ra u>*<l for 
tha iiiiiriTiliVK, bitl (a ui optfiUv« M^ctiA (liktf nvit 1)i iM}t m a ^imnifliiij ; 
c/. lEio tiifliiLCivt- and Irjiivmliw in ii*r«lEf) (I<»ff*^ (8*!? L^ T ^'i9). -^t4 r' 
I«Mt*: thp t'H'^** }oiikU to tbfl gifU which h? broaght viib him. 

21. Al^iuiot [AUic iTr^%^voi] jrrA-: a pHnie niotJw far grmnUnjf thn 
rdlw-'Bl. Tbi* Acbai?Ai]« ncrv lo honor Uu? cod hi the pcrMu of bis fiHwI., 
— For til* ii[j^da« in lh« tiftit foot, a>vt on 1 1. 



23- ••w^K'yrav for the liwinl iir^vjmtv, bwtiuifl of ihs bwo nhldi WM 

to intXti^rnv iwtv^wjfmvm, Ihri/ bmlf icitJi fiit^ rt^frrnf^ ; *•/, B ^00, 

ioipTjT^fju 1 1, ^4'f^fcA. an inijiorlant cjjjUiut, iuUoduoiuR n moU/e for ihc 
■Ptioii. _&Jx^^ [ii^urAij.] L wmnri nnfUt iiifiTiitm from lij^tfuit. S-'e g f»S. 

24. UA* ofric fT^ : a alinrp cM^iUihqt let iEUh /j-iV, KivitL^: pivmiuf ncr to 
tlie nugitiU', — bttl not te fi* a«/i t^ .l^r^w, — 'A^^Etg; r»opivi*a further 
RTiLpbuu (rom ita praitlnti immtiliatoly hcfum tiie luiuw? cjf thn vrrsc. 
Thuji in the prccoilinf: vttnf Uf^u M coTilraitiT^d vith amjin. u 0i^rpa 13, 
ami tha Aivm/T* :fO with £<;f4>r0>xL- — tfujL^ ^ hioul, tn Af^irr'/- Sr>a f l:^ r/. ^^ 
Thid tf^tK ill itrvrv ^uM {»• AKK' 'Arpci'Si/s ob^ yi<r&ff. 

39' luiiAf ; hGmhly. ('/. the um ■>! huki/i' 10, — 44Cik : for llji' form, ae 
trom n veib in -Aj, mw f A^ n; for the oiniuicn nt ihc aiignmrit. rm f 4-1 4i. 
^lldllicr k fiiiJ cf iiHiii^ ihi' iri:k|>frfi^[^t to di^AcriSx^ nii jv^lo^it oa Eu prD|^ 
Nli; rr^Tni>4 4 -^Kpanpiy- nlmn//^ Mftr/i-^iwX ^ll4or IraXXtp: ttiut npon hijJl 
hit comtntlitit, — W: euJiatruL* inith frcXXn. S«!e*S55 a. 6, — |iO|«v: hiwl liol 
yoi raoeiTcd tha iflca of ftclLoit which U ooiitainod in tUo Ku^]»U m^fA. It 
anil Imx <fi^^) Jtn^ riftjin iiaviI fnr thn Attifl Ao^ric, vhirh Ia innnti hut twl^vi 
in IIom'.^r(^ I7)» 

36. f»^ jrrJt ; fM f" i' cArir / rio noU tft me noi, «ir Thia wirnitig un of 
^ wUli tha fln^t iKTjvMii xiii^LilAr in r&ir^. f/. B ll^A. B 4^ f- — ■DCktiriv 
[WAhc]: for tho Inrni, cf\ cM»H£ri ; iwo { 3i r. ^vv|w( [nu^cj : lor tlw 
fnrnti ma § 34 ^j. 

37. air^ Uvro; irlnmi/t^: r/, iroAu- TAjiy^'rrui ^l^, Sdjrfm* mJiA*^ 11*1. 

(iho rr^ull thftl mw to ba fctirKl If the comuiiind M*ve liuavi^aMcd^ -^^ vi 
Xpatr^: lli« ncgftlivo And tho nrb fofm hut ono idcn, Ev hm/<m, «/ ac 
atvil; r/:5(W, T 380. ^ nritvrpoi- mA. : '-Uijr jiiStiMlv iliuiiily/' 

29, wf Cv ; JiMflfr, kdvrirb with Iwitair. with etr<>rij;ib(.''ni(tK tal, fi^n ; miir^ 
raihtr. {Cf thfl uliJiiL^ in «it* of rnthff ) — tVr thi> An f mi1«il ' mJit-rjativo 
fttyuJcbofi/Hu { 1^''. '--' jL^r [d^iTfft] ; At, — trntrtr: ^kiiU tvtnt ujtuiu 

30. Ijpvf^pY' 'l)'^ fani^hnr tmr df Ihft horjjuiholiL — WX^r^x <>. in Pfrln. 
{■oiiiiHpiii^ (whiclt uaitiF^ &H not fcnjhit in IVoiiiKr), ^Kf/fX A)^uxi>B', not 
nJlocryunW' 'Ap>«i (Thrasal^-, B *>%\\ ncr thu*city '.Kpyw, nh*rn Divlui^tl 
nili^ (B 6M*J.— This elaiiMi? ic ia BpjtoaitLon with ihv fir»1 c]si]«< of t)io 
Ihtt, aiiJ it U rejX'OtvJ Aifaiii b> TT^Xwi'i imrpv^ [>ia»pij' Jurl rr/i ffUTpiBt*i], 
TIm pi^uitd iM tvry cUitltnot nftcrciri^ ulthfru^h tX U n>>t murkini in friut^ 


31. Un^ Ur«\x0\Uin\v-- ffinnf/ r<i aiui fir^ hffut the loGm, pif^ntj M*< l^m, 

was the princi^iftl wcuffttion of tlit ftmul? aln»«, — Xix^' »Wf utilii^ «f 
^Ijmit o1 XQOtioti,' only bon with ^ktiAh, OfiprM^A, th/m tbe «oitch- Sm 

33 , IAk JfMitfl ! for tho * i^>lEUUtAr7 u^ftiUton,* «iW f 1 S ^. — r«^Tip*i l 

of tlic com^iujaljfo ib fn^qii^^ut jii Uijuim. — wf. iV* uri/(/ #fta/, hrrr follows 
thi»«liifihftllQ«OTd(f IllJ; uiortpb.u^pa. itnLldf»m[^y haic^liio w7oDd;i|fl^4 
ia ttw d«Tl«V. ^. B liffi. — F^>r m witL Oir MilrjiJucLivK, f^ II. M^: 
G. 1307. 

33. r/. AGH, r 41*^. — Obovt r •' f»4r r*itme opnTi liirti/^ Fof tin" iii^F^jv 
Utc aomt,* lyl 0^ 1L4, jj^wmro 01, tff^Kr^cn ^'2, lupff^irartt ^M, Stixpvtrwt 

ffol. — Fui thtiquiinlitj'vr tUflretaylUbliM-/ lOO.tffJi^ T 416 ; m^ | :« A. 
— i^lJiiM'i Af^muii 35. 

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tln« coiitrAi:llim, frLiiu ^W)* «fw Jl- -IT* H <;. >— ApY^tpA^c^: (lie n^r uf cbv 
«|iitbi*t ii]Ft/>Jid of 111 c ikiLTni> fpv«it A ti>iiff\i or Ititiicuu-y lo tli« fulilrcM, 
OdjiBtUA UiUH uliLmacB AtliPiia v yAamun, arifl Ath«(ia uddrTun ApolEia 
ambiat^Y*' ^'^ j t^ '^^ Tbo g'odd' IrutrunifnOi ari? of prvcioUB ipolal ctcn 
vhAiw Ibp mAUl li not but lubLiiliB-d to Ihi? woik l ^/. K 7^i4, T'll. In 

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Uifl woimhlp of A(iol1a. cm tlu- |{Tjlf of AUinmyUJuiu. Thry fl]iap|»Arrd 
boforo Iho cJA*mcA] jwrto^i. ChrvM vriu lh« homo of the piMt, vrho 
r*^vlT^rl hU niiiriit frorn It. — Aft^h^4^«M: ^' doxT. jifiiATit *' ThA ti^iro \» 
Uken rn^m a bi?«Jt ■tondJng oTpr (tcsiViViuji) lU youEii; iii ordrr 1<t prot^Cb 
iti ^. £ 900. For tbo itffUMtin iiftfs f/ >1M u* rathi>T T Jlobi fMt 
ihff niorUl FwitnU and 111u> ff^inl [ii*n ) f^riiif^ our rliiwu-fiiirii blrrJidom/ 
Sbakapfln JfrK^rfA it. Q. Z; rf. another fiicurr in thi? r^ntmUtV 'An 
tfi>* niotinlhir^ arr rnnnd fthoHt Jvnifafotn >o the Lcn) i* rnrind nboi^t hlf 
|«oEle,' Pftfltm cxxv. fi. T/. nntdiTUmqa^ patrcTn GeUcia qui 
prft«ai<let bttji Yiu-g. At*, lit- 23. 



39. TiWSort' r/. Bit in eonflpoctu TaaodoH, notJMimft fttn^aj 

^1 f, — TIm: k"'"*!"'" l*rolni*'ly rli.»p'inl» on t\it liOlion «f thv* noun Jn^f. 
wMoh U roiiTiiin»i<i itt ^ItWrrtf^. _ d«d«va4: m iU originul rnt-Biiiiig. nrf 
/jF^ff c-ri<it/ ^';rf, ^iumAxiru x> uut uhdJ c»f Uiv ijuds in rtoliir^r, 

39, iCirvtit i/'flrrry a fonri of mdjurntioc. — x^vl'*'^^ ■ prokptic,' fip JAy 

frviJt. TKff f.nvly Tritipli^ Vfvro *>i "im|i]<^ coiiHtr^i'liiHin jii )£<]ni-nkl thr c'ovfli 
iff#n» Ukf^m^l, f»fJier tban > hniliiiiij(, Th** T*mpl-*« of Athr>riA urnl ApoUo 


^ Troy and «f Atkanft in Athviiit nn> tho only l«inplA« i;ftmni hy iloinn, 
Tlie Itnt tuin]Tlp uf A|i>11n Jii TVl]>hi wm buUl cf UuM lunij^lLi^ »rcori1in|f 
to Uti: BTinrtiU. ~ Tlif »upplimiii l>vtii?r» tliM hi- liiu uifif)^ (1»* pid tiu 
duLTnr Uy hm •rrriwjk und ht diitns Inran :rL tPtjirn: rf. ii*i3 f. Th« 
goih tlicrajwlvi4 AifognizjjJ Hat, ol>li4Entluii. — tv|dv [hihtJ: llomn foUo'WB 
tbu *c»<m11«4 Attic Koon<l dvcl^naion in but • lo« vordt. fy. JuW 10. 


lU Doforvd vith foil ef. I^U. — For th« doUiU of « B&crifio^ M«-15b II., 

41i vdSa yot icrAi : a formidai aft«>r which * thi* rfcnrc ' U vxpra««i^ by 
Uw opUlWoiiut fa«rv; Irj Uw im|WRiUn>, ti 4:in, 5[>A; cr ^ ^ with iIim 

43- TinMvt tho tv^rb U pl*oi>d Out, u ci^ntninimg ibo mm o£ xk\t) 

44- M ■ - "Vf^M-v: «■ B LATt ^ 71- — P^l- ^ff cmf- TItv nintiim i» 
oontiiitiij in ^^47, -04XA}h«*k«: Ol;rJipii4 iik Hoitjit ta slwiy« ihv 

&i/v£v -IDI^. XoAinTTTlfBC. ]!ul Uir Ji"JlkA toHl-r lllrt»f^ lin' i-U-lhU lilU; 

lit^vq^i (i>fipat«c). f/< 10^' And v*f Jr<)9r; yAMVfwmi *A^rf [ Oii\utnt9i/S 

)(tm' ivtniAt^rm kiX^ f 41 (f, Aikrfm lUfjuriftl fu 'j/i/ffl/mji, uftrff (iinn t^if) 
M M' rr'-f f\rn' xnl' nf' tf,i- ^tjitti. tt i' r^nt tfiilirtt tti/ tci/t/f^ nor ilifA rntur foiitr 
tujfh it. -JKQ^it^mv: L'oTiqlnii' nith juitiL F(v It^ »Mf fur tiji* AJimTiilU ol 
ino^mtAViu, ^B 107.669. 6y: K^JU^itf; mil, SIS, I> 6; C. ^1, 11 
— 'irV: AOfn]vatir« of >piN>i&ctttioTi. a« V^< Sv/l^. #f>A^ att rr«qiii>nt ullli 
VnrliA I'f i-iijutirjii £f t2 </).— Pirt thlB dcscripllliJi irj th« pllgUC, lEr l^vljlg 
AH i[lk<>Lid ill \ 11 «/. 

4}. 6|iourLv: <l)itir« of {^agv (>«y> } in n)* («|iiirAlHit tii Altk M rur 
Jtfpw, — - V4l>'^<*' ''f- «l»od both bbove «iid below ■« it iiuni; on the 
nhouliltfr; iHi> oi] 1) 3^«U. Thi^ i'ljilJLiUitiorfi of tit" IvUjfthitnvil ultinih in 
ujica^rldiii, -» Ay»>1li> ^m tc^itt i>f ihr- Umv nlnjitu cajtii^ Ikiw ntvl *jiiL»t-r; i/. 
hLw v**pd*i ffvrrfbtt \a ravra /Wra{<ii' */*« Kur. -If*". 10 li d Hy cwftvrn n 
to hri$r thi* htiiT S-» b(* k "fl*-!! rfj»ro»«<ut^H in wurkmif utI. 

4Sh lnXft^rfH: k^nu u nprcfcnfc to the eor Ihe »>uiiii i>f ihe utwb in 
t±k* qoiTirr; c/- Ai^^wt A i:?A- C/ taU «on*nt liuriii^rit \i:rg.Atn. 
It, lift. 

4T ofrto^ nniUvrvi : ii^TdT* imulm^tn tlin ^t-i with Iiin urmWA (f j II j, 
^'i hi. Kit Ifir' ^ni[jvp HlwjIutVt i^t^ $ 1^/. ;. — vwrl; A liiri<» uf rtfwuid. 
Cf. hiOopt ^nt^tfttrt l^tup J twcfj 00^; JroWrot ^rtufrw M 4CS f. Itntvr 
mhtd in. Jiiv to f Aunfrnaa'^ff fn fuir/T hiyAf, and * II** ^Q hi« i]]i|»bii» for* right 
omrftnl (]i\ivv% ] Qhyntij liAiJgbt/ 3hlllttiii /'iir, rrM vL ^lU f. hW Itciiivri 
■ Oumf>»rlw^MV* i*« J H- kui^ [c[i>4^]j far Ih* llklWcUon, WW H- Vi^ i 

4B~ pvT4 : iV<f« 'Jrc mititt vf the ■,»!»(>. 



50. friff|a< hftl it^vQ* : fnvJcii duf/ '/o^ ia the bosRni;^ trfkln of this army, 
— Jir^ara : aJfrirl^-r with h*adPSiiiU-niiMll.»*_ — A^y^' *'"!fl- — Tli* AlUfl 

thf riroplts ihrtaiflt'ri. cniitTUKtnil vHh their <1<nnc"*liR animnJn- The intflii- 
»I^ piTiunun in ivUiiofcvd by Ihr^ pfiuito in tbt^ vnr«e. — pfiw*: for tho 

follow ui^. 

53- |M»j: fhol, vrith omphbtio poution bt the du» of 4 lonh^rLci; and 
lH^£*iinii.a .if * ^«*-; ,-/ H;1 f„ 211, ;;mj, riOl, SCKI, h-i2:1, ri^H.-^mipttX: 
|i]umli mnoc^ ft now pyre wan built cnch dny. ^twiwv: itocolli^il -^caLllvu 
of rniii'riiLl.' — ThU In % prHih^^ farm r^f rhi« ctitffnt»M)t T.h^tN trmllitmlt^pt imi'- 
intitd tioni (ho [HAtilf^iici-. — totirfMf . prtdk^ntv &(ljr-uUvv, wlii^iv au adverb 
nii^ht hiiv^ bi^cii uwd : j r>tt n. 

93' Wrt^d^ : ^1^^ in n roiiiiiL nuinlxT In Hmiivr, Cfi * Nlrnt llniM the 
Bpftw ihat nira^iLKti Jay and ui^ht [ To moriul nVMt' Mittvii Par, Lttet 
\_ ni}. -^^^rr^ • "fli'w - Thi* iirrnwn nff ]>tnon ill i*il ; ^ JAfs i* ^WtcW | 

94. T^ (mii-o: i3alN» of i\it¥f. l'lit< ;krti<^[« i^alln aLEvuliaii lo i1i1« a« 
the d«ciHLvc ,day. — Tho adjvotWt^ a^r^M with 4^Tf "^ ^ imp1jt>cl in 
iw^ftap. r/ 1b> ^Tmitnon nf ;^i^ 501. B Mi. fimXijy B 3711. yj B 103, 
fiupdlf r IT. x^f^ ^ ^-'3- mXViifr T 2()^f atul tho ilh vf ueutirr odJActlTCN 
af BubUantlTOi* oa '/vir ^li'^ f^iro^ovrt A'ftli <1 -'>fT> — U: may Nland aftar 
ihi* *i'oon(l wuril hi tlw* tluuw, wiicn ilm fr^l iwu wunl» aTf w closely fion- 
iivoted^iY*f4*^! i"' *^ landing -&, ea« f 39 f. The agora o| Iho 
Achaean* wa« it the J^cntcr of thfrir i*ainp, a lillJp ivmovnt from th» «ca, 
hy i\m «]ii|« uf Oily HHK' lit- Tht ^ytfii Id Iluiii'-i waa not yH <h<|:rfH]nl tii 
hir ;i ninrk#t plu^ii (#i>ft § l~)i ^t <«rr««poDd^d to thu iDtftfliiiu pEn^H ul lint 
Athenian JuAffrdi. — ifaXIrvairo : tunniAn^; r^ B £0. Qihirir imniyit 
tiian the <«Inmand(-^ul'dlll^ had aiUhoHiy to call mi woembly ol th« 
jjctc^ptp. In yprjcH'i Attifi'i (Jl ]22)f Od3na»iu(not AgiinaTniic[i)di»miHnd4 
of Culchn* wIihI iiiiul tf^di'iin io ^pMw tlw 20iIb> — Thli ■xjin«M» pl^ 
itirp*^n-ir till* pm*ftw ijuxAi^iup iwwrftt, — Ytyr ttw inr, <*<* 4>* n> 

4rwl 9fVii ; jmt tafo f titcfdlyi tj/'cin} Au Worf, The Ilonum Grv«k» did not 



think of iLe head as the »rat cf Uic iiilcl]c<ct. — Xiv«4^v«i : frrqiunt cpi' 
tbot of 1ICT& (g Vi h)t not often cf w^mco, m T Ul ; r/. ^awnvf 551, — 
TIpil : for Tlflrji")! mniivc, ^/, f -1 p. 

56. AatftAv: ]{«nlliv« nftor • ' vnrli of TnQnlal ftciiori,' 8ne H. TitS ; G. 
1103- " ^: joH «^, wi( ^1 r#!i>n»in'* Ut lh»* vo<ri« d^^iicU'd in il f. — 4fM« : 
for llic miOUie Tojce. Jiee # iO a, 

57- liY*p0*K jerX< t llic two \urtu) aro thoii|[ht Co o:ipri-j» Uio boj^tfinint; 
Hid Ihri (Hjmplctlou nf x.hit an; hut w» irmy wimparn thfl 'RfltKmhln and 
mo^t to;^lhf r ' of th« Prajfr Book, for the fulL #Kpn«iion, mp $ IS ifi 

99. »;9t [aifoTf] r ■dalivDof >dv«iitKgr* ry. ^S. 3)7, 450, 571.^S4l 
fi^r lU tur^ Lii thn *(i]>w1o«l3,' sec f 21 a. ^ &»4Td|iW9i ; Iho mcnibon of 
ihn utm^m^iy ar« c^-hI'-eI (R 1)1J), lh»i upoakar j^tun^ in llwij mldftt holditij; 

99. *Afv<Ki : tbo Appkkrr *iidre«« .Ve<>'^^^ii°^ " chi«f in fxnamAndt 
^ vCv ^ r«. ns tbiti^ now arr. — iriXiv vl^^Uv>n4 : 'fruvu hoct, u. unaufr 
oewful. r/ Bi:ti*. 

60, ri Mv ^^kpv: thn aptHii\ri> U t»ml Lii^^'thl of Ih4 etihju&otire, 
loc&u.ir* r<>^uf 19 ItioiiKht of oiiFj vu^uelj'. — l4Hn<dir yt ' «oclrutcd with 
iirorwrrvi/bh ''If iiidwd wo may cxpoot to rttum. ^nd vo nob to dJo 

n. «tB^: i/nav, ma mvmn Uki^ly- — 6b|>4 ' fu^ii^* shh f 4A b* 

63, tf« ; 1>JM Wi^mi^ a rn^iv iiiUrj-.-otiinn, bnJ lu (JtcnL «ilh tlifl plonl, 
■« f( 331, l)Ul riyrrf nljio i« ttii^d, aa B 7!*, S^t. — iptL^tm [ipuipjv, AUic* Vpi^ 
fi«fl&] : l<i w ojit. ^Upfintt^iaL, f 93 c] : hero iome Trojan pricrt Armui to 
h« auioot, aloo* & pridst oonld not lUiDTt tha tafictuarj of wlilch Im hv) 
chars^ BuO t^ thnw tvov no luimia In ibv Gcwk cicup Wfura Troy. The 
kin^ |H<rfi>rmerl Uht mutlAcm and offrcvH pm^n for Um vmy> Cf, 

Bill n..T ^76 n. 

€3^ iifc^DwaXflt; h ilr>T«EiLorMlo I* dctcriWd tj VcrRQ, Hfr^. Til. ttfl-fll, 
— «a1 ^Af «tA' : /"r ft drrttn ^ilmfy lu W4J1 a« otbor fligru, tyi th* drVftnM of 
Hw Mrramer' J(<vph, Aiid Ihif (itoplMi JuulV ' Vuur soiia nud juux dnugh- 
t«rf sJkDll prcij>hi»7 ; your yGUi>); mop idudl *«e y'mttmAt uid your old men 
aUtiW dnpini drpflrn*-' — ydp w r cki«ly noniM»l«d, Uko nnni<^[ir. — !■ 
Aait - Zoujt Mn<U to Afpuneninun {B $) a drtAm thai <a[U lUclf Ai«i (fry~ 
Adc AOi^riiL m1»(i v nih a ilrt'nm 1x> EVrH4op«, 

64. St / ttirvfc : puLf^nlisl oj-taliYV in Hnal Knsr, tame ih« nid ainiKl 
ftt U oonairiorcil m a poniblc rvtult nf Th-* priiicij>»l jMlJon (iptto/Uf}. — 
B ti : of Bftof, vJ|./rrf^rr. ^ rAwflv I^ArA^* t conem"^ /w:\ ktafy anyar. 
For Lhtt Ii]C«iHi«B autIM, i^. «iWv ^IV — idtrw* ; cogiifttc aocujiativo, mod 



M Au mlTorb, Cf* 8fi.— Aii4X\aii': AcKilli^ m<iuuc« that the pfOtUciKvi 

iMftTdpht ? £rr<Mifp u/ rrn iinfti1fitJi?il itJW or n ArmfifinA whirl; lifui nit Tmh-ei 

ry, 'Ho U 'Ijinn Tcir [Intk o!j brpfl'I/ — Kop l)io gBHilt^d of chiuw, c/l 43i>, 
B 22'i. e^t>. ai^l. T^crfi' draryt mrv^ 4^ 199. 

H, 1>U7 ConiK'ctfn t)iinight, vritTi 4-^. — ApvAv: ff>rt>]r fiifliHTion.icn I!^S1<I, 
S; 0. ^Dr« 4.'— c*[ffTt« ; T'»rtUjfv gunllivc villi Jrrtrumc, ^nXilsp : ciMi- 
rtmo with Ix^tb i^oiiiiit- Only unliitininhfit vicliTiik wwrti \i'4»ll pWiiii]^ to 
the goib. Thaa fhv fcr^ifrin u^trr<il (^ Ath<-'iia uvn.- *flWk. iiiitoULiliPil by 
th« fond^upon whoo^ticchn tUo joko had ncvct rvttvd' (Z 1*1). Cf. 'Tbou 
<hih. ncii Hiniflce unlu thff Lnrd thy Got! uny hnliocV or *hwp nhoroln In 
litviimh or &iiy cviUfA^n-ufrUMcio.' IffuL xvVi. 1. Biih riAuuv umy iiumit 
fuH'jjrtnrti. In ivintratt lo iniiiuiliiro, 

67h ^hvTM [/^rhAifnu] : for tlw »lmrb mijilt^vowel Jn the •ubjuncrtivo, 
pee J iJ>. - Avnirot tcrX. i tf parltii^ a/ tliff i[ujri!l«:i wuif u^onf fifi'/rtm un 
(Ii(#ra11y, /or ur; u-a g Iti A). — &«« - rnniilriM with J^n<iini. 

€8. For Buch Btf^iUypM vtrens. ^/, r^KMfil. Ko f 12 A. — f */. U» 

pra««, W H 310. — Tvlvi : yur rA«L.M ; mo on !t^. 

lO. H' ^t h^ig 1 Uy (latKJMK' t-lat^t^ §^ nricvk ho;^fi >vEKh ivi» ; «/ B IM^. 
8m I M> M^^tn-d|H»4; iiftfp*y^. f -Ell /, — apA r' 44mt; n/i'/ jj'AiVA ■nVftf 

^/W* («''.) fo^. — '""» rnvnr^l *>t»« b'ii»jj ihoii^'^i i\f AJt inrntd <o iho |iUEt 
(*Jinh wiift 4r-/Jirr), mid in it umj\ri| ihr fiitiim (ji»wif nay, ^Ijnt Ia i^jhrr im). 
C/. AaCrtrnt V Ui^i {ftAittfTj htf^Ur- — Uvrm: f onnA ^f J/u iri Homor r«gij- 
Uxly n'lJi'i iln> f '•f tJip *i*nj, — Till* vnrup <1i"Anrtlii»i tho wwf** |iiiw*p In 
iU fttlt oxlml; ry^ bOTti iimniiiLV oniiiiii Tatfi^ppiAi* RWit, quae 
ftiArliit, qute moY Tanturih trah»ritur Tvr^. fj^irry. ir. £99 L Se* 

^^ rimt, 

^^H Tl. t^arg* ftmff<"]t -iloiivD cf tnlcnut'vrlth t^« vdrb, — For th« liifltic- 

^^^ Ikm, m* i3fi ^; H, 2l^ 1>; Vi. '270. — fiY^h^wv: A'' Uti ttif ritiy, j^virftn/. 

I Ilvra jiitftapKorlc«lly of tint kit vrhv intL-qiivU-^l tlii? ixrrtpiito rvlatiti^ to 

I th« roy>|[« ; ■?/, B ^'2^ 1 Sr» on thi? Argmmutio t^K|MMfJlii>ii, tho cc^r 

I Mo)iaii» Kiin< lit' wcrr-*) Un- tftlln^ out. Ka vipnilitioa whk uunii>liiLu wUh- 

I ^t A tooUiBH^vr, vvco In |}io tiiuo *>i IIm P«r«laii War; ■'/. UiiU is. 3t7« 




But Xc<nophnii *ni Clfirphi]" in pArvoii fiktpwnuul Utt AArrrifin.4 ftiul 

72. ^t poutdtflFiQ pr«tiQUn. where tl^i.^ Attto proto ii'oulil luv tlii^ EkTTJclu 

Ti^. TIiIa nuixt nfit bn confoiiDt^id wlUt EJm rv.biinf pnaioiin Si-i* } AS b, 
^M; £> rA^ Ae/j' tf: Attic £id r^v |uavru(^%. h'tn Lhc* Uii^iiKht, str uii 
B ^S8. — *A«*XXwv: thr* «iiii i;ikI, tin- fph) nl [thyiind atiiJ iiLtollcctUiU 
lights ^ihr^ jirijphrt uf &'im ami Uk' |intnMi of |irnpbivj. 

A ^11^, Atf-jn (uvwt. — ^ ^V'^'h'^^* ' "*l'f'^"—f 'him, 

7^, mAnml )/4- Cok^Eiat im ^uftn-i^ f^it trJiiiM-lf cnllnl Ic ff|if4L l-y the 
wordfl c| AcliilJcn {*^'J}^ -^nd ht turn» iinturtiUy lo tho o&u wbo Itatt 'cntJccJ 
the intwUiig/ — Stl^iXi : c^. if^c^tAne T ^1. For llui liiiii^rJi of iTih niitt^ 
{■r'liiilL, i¥*" f 'tC II, — -^vt^ffOtffAL; 'i^e^'ttltr, infirrjitrit 

7& tp4> nr^, ; / «*[?f flfip!*!., 'ft', A solt'inii fofiQ of inLiuiliiiilSou. C/. 
• lithfilii now I have ojKiTiod my mouth, my tMi^ue halh tpoJt^^n kit ttiy 
nrnitli/ Jrth ixxill 2. •— JfMov^T [a/umf] t >«4i } 41 u, 

77^ Ji M' [>^]* ftjff'i^ ffftJ frWy, — iif^pvir: <onittruc wUh ^/fw. 

jfupn \vyi|i Hit ipyw^ f'U """' '""^ »/«</. ''/- -ISS, ^ifrt^^rt': uti^Trra tli« 
futnn* ifiKitbtivii jjMr wunU «1 promihinit cr Uup&iii^. 

78, 4vbpa: i.ifiJ*<ol (if ypXanri^i^tf [i(o^»yT<\v, $ 44/], irh'iU fnntffr. ^*|i^t 
ii«ftl aJi"rt>ial1y witFi HfMrivh ff' 1*^5. iroAAar M, »i»\J 112, wpJ ICG, Ic 
«tiv»)gib<'iit uJ] tliTtv <li>grT«i(of (Miupflnvjn iti Ilmupr; ^. B 371, :JUD« iSDn 

7ft. KoI «l [fl^ry] : *<^r ml 4- "^'^ T^lfttitft oiiiiHtruolion i* ftl^indonrid, 
M ufl"M 1h l»l-"f (;nvk, i*/ 1*13, SfH}. Jv- f U /; H. ICJM ; G. ilMn, 
Tl^iB wvh* ^fprvially imturikt ntl^ tlu' ptum in thv vent?. — Ttio Ijiit httM 
at the vmM' n>p<utt tlw ^tiw thonjiiht m rrviTw onVr^ 

00, ir^ : iiiiMf<1ih<^ a fiifliiiT niiliiTiriliuii <.*f |i(a »|pavt)il mnl (r/. irpft 

routed. TitT llip nlturt iTir>!iyt"in'l, mv f 4i> n. F»"r tJu* Uy|Vkt}ii?clml r^la- 
tinr jpFitcnc^- wilUiit ur or «< ^/ If^^O, 513, 55^ ; mhiII, 311 a^ ^. 1497. 

n. <E wip^rX-t/iwfyrt /, with th>- lulijimctivo, Snf IK**; II. SOih^ 
G, I'tnU. ~ x^l^«r^ '' Aunl o/artffrr. t^liili- flJrM U llii^ Ijutiin^- ijni>f/^. ^rJm^ 
mi'rpf, w^iK'h |iUuM fitr n'^'viign, rjhI thi> ^^vte *>' Ai^liilli'^ b<4 hiin .titTiply lo 
withilruv frum llie flt^til (hw un 1), x^^m ik frn pliiulf i^iI in icninutt vlth 
ifJrDr 1*¥ -ft anti U- iti - tliidoltc ' positiun (f in «f). The AUk ^^ i> miI 



X^hjv &vtt4iXyta imrau A £JS f. C/. *T\Kn he chrw'd | The Uiricv-turn'd 
bueI f'i wrulli, A»cl f^jokM hi* ^li«'ii,' Tpnii^PBoii Tkr i'rvicrsa i. 81. 

02. AUi: afirr rf fft/j, *■* LArin \t niti-r ii, j^f, Thr ipih!f«i* Urpittly 
ODQtmntod with tht j-rotiud* (f 121 ti), -^ Tlio n-vE|>rr>ul fixation of lJi« 
thiiijfflifd* 1h mftrtk»il hv thfl t< ri (§21 A); ^/: 21^, F 12, S3 f.— !)(«; 
liitiiUfnut. cfirri^fiff. — A^fKt' t^itkiroml. m^fiV. ^ — nUirini [T^AiiflJ:]- «^- N^inv* 

MfMiri^ ptniiuiiii. The \XKW- miglit Iju utiF^Hi^il wilh i1>t arlick-; c/. 72. 

64, The fir^t ' hcrmijit^fh' (nith njv DCcaALonAlly far ror) In ujtvd 

iTCApuuro. Ai<hilli?v IK Eurvari] III tAkifig ttio Ic^I Jierv, but h<^ hul fUUi- 

ivtlh Ih>4 I rTi|»>-mttv*', nt 17^. — hii*f4wtit\f: M]niv}i\t^i\l t'> Auifi /ia^<?bjr. 

6C. d (lAi n04 I'a trufA. ^ if a fiaitkli? of sihx-Aniie with the acoua** 
livp. wliioh pr4kbii1>Jy tJt'pcndk Uj.^n u v^^rb im}itiv<l- In ntfirJiiAtivti auov- 
crntiuiM vtii |u iH uuril, Jix 2^4. Thu fii-£niivrT U rrprjiwil In 9H f(ir 
groAbir <<j4rrinHUi>r*h — $i£^Jur: oiily \vor*' vi nri rpithH ot ttt divinity. 
■ — f n iCx^^voi ' r>ilfhh< pr«ywl Xn Apilhi fu hU (uitntii, rhv ;l^ii! rjf 
propbTT. "ho reiTaliMl to tim wJuit he- drclaitd to tbe Greek*. — KdXi^ar; 
voeftliTv, Sec U. 170 D. 

Tft«! art tr^nl ip rnwiJ. 

se. IpiDlAifot: wAi/' / r(]?f : Til A lhTf«1milTig toiiP. — Mx**vVirrX: ft 
poetic fitpfwaioo £gr {wm>b c/. vivua Tidcii»<iue in Te(tit«, Koi iho 
{uUnoai of (utpM«dr>n, ho ) U </; «/ CT, VU, l«rj, 177, zim f., A^S, T 71, 
*iai Miin* fth I llv« ttnd lirmUu.' 

90. e*fc' ^y; f*pT(^Tv;i i/, ijfiierallj', AH h»'r^i aflvra rH^jpilTT*'. *<Thi» promiiw 
wiU hold pieiiif." — 'A^tinfywr^. Cjxklia* hjid indjeilcd himcle»rlv in "Sf. 

91. nU4v^ for Ttn Advcrbiid iin, a» oii ^rya V>. — &p«-r«t: nittfhriirtlf 
AM (^immhijiUrHii-chirr tri lEin army, </. H 82, r>Wl ; titM- i>ji B IfkH, — Thv 
Ht^tuorio boroM wer* nlnn^v fwiik i>f «}jr>-<oJi. AnliilUv M\h* biinMl£ 



fyuxroi A^^ruwv 344, 413: OJyii«HLiA ny^ Hai Jijh iarar rrvcW to tho 

&!^ U "b. C/. Btim |iiui Ait II on B In ri>ji RiippravthpT* hotnn Vit);. 
jIm, i. 978 f. Dut tlu: forniula tlxvtun cTau <jfl«n couiAinn no idna inf 
liouliai;. iitid iiiny fin^&JA <>iJy *^Jw"h to fx, njjinn onf»r!/ro ttr. 

92. KtX -rtrt 8|^ : wp// in rlfit (t<'iii|Hini1) '-BdpaTia* : /oo* cwu™;/** 
C/. iHe have, <l<?i'"»ita tnn<i<Mii formnHn'^i intut Vcri:, ^Irn. ii. Tfl. — 
i^*^0* l rtfurt grarruHy Ici iiobililj^ of b\il}\ ur 1o Vmity ar vlrviigtli oE 
pcman,^n(»l to iiiorul quallQr. 

94- bw' dfiT^pot r rrmninirt wii.li Jrj/w/i^fTiu, Tlit- |ir>«[irH{tiiiii b iiimh] 
hervt )»^i'lk4p^ ■"^i.'Ad'xj <'f fV- r»'Tnnl<ii-<m «f ll^i: nniiii frvm t^u v<<rb, but 
thft iJOPt. WH* frvp to tiK thp iin-|iij*U icni i-ir in>t, jntrt Jii >lo f>fion>. 

9S. viS* dir4X*rt icrA-' n rocir* dcAiiItc HUtcDicnt of ^{nijin, hlmi^tat" 
Jtig tho rfllftUvo toii*lruotloTi f c/, TV- — In J«l*»r i;r*>i^k. iinrticlpEuR wniilil 
bn Hipfli!t*il, liiKt-yHl of tlm iiulli«tiVH; § 7\ fl,— iidl oO< : U u»»hI, not 
0^^ hIui'i! the iir.<^th¥ is coiialfUfsl olonoly with tha vttb, Sw ori 3$. 

96- tvAhr i|>a ! da fh^i anuunr 'Aai (njr / wbi), ThU n>{w«tA «nii>haU 
IcaJIj 04« mill a*id» a prcdlvtioiL uf the rvMilui nf the leml'it tiit|£Hr. 

97, t ya ; iiniiliallo rvpotitlon i>f Uitf Hut>|vH ; rf. 53^ -lUC, »AAi f i y ir 
'TVrrtf miB^v ifA-yai a 4. wtiiirh Vr-r^l i^i|ii>>il iu niuUnni illi* vt ti-rrii 
iA0Utuii<>t*]to Jfn. h 3^ — Aavaoitf tv 4tX. ; r/". 0*. — 4ii4m: liMto|>Lor^ 
imlly, of h hpAr/ hurdpu, 

9G. Itri Sdg«va& t^pwu] : cf. St^vu roXiV 110. TJio »U^jvvt uf (Jii^ verb 

$f. dTpuLn^v ArtirOivov : <* withoul monvy Afid witboiul prif'e," For thtt 
>aBjnd«ton/K^ j Iji *■/. BS'Jo, — l^^: flUTiJing tpith^t. ftsaU 113. 

100. Dk«wd|ui>«L ■- for till? mannrr of |impitidtki[i. r/ frr^nrw JU rt ni 
tfcol ufrn . . , iDjiZ jur rcut ^aWtri mS tf^^wA^i JTut^irir | \di^|7 n ti'UJ'fi re 
rn^T^UTw' Ak^ifiivirai [ Av'irni^uwa I 41*7 If- (Af j^i atjamrf^vut irMjr ^ frttf* 
Dn<f lun uorf ;Af;> hrttrir by fipflirtitiriii tktn wiUk ^ffrnngt ttnd ^oodif *AV 
ond tht iiv\/r If hirt4 ^acrijicti. - -rtir4h|uv: f tS r. 

101 ^ 0>, 

lOa, lipb .p.^: tUiidliig epithii^t of llic kW, M 8^0. 411. r ITS. 8«« 
%% Vl h, -2-2 f. Vf. B lOH. — F<>r lh« ailw'r)>Ul iitt> »f n'pi; •!>*» r>n /tfya 79. 

103- M'vM- ETirA nt^f; j^vuj^vp <if rinlflrml. — d^i^ili'h^*^ : titirttned 
^iktiUfidm. The mind ii d&rk with poMioiii inhif'h ifi ihoii^ht of &i a 



104, «l[afrn^ $ 4$ii]: iUlTtp «idi iIim vtirK liiAtfia^l of n Jfmitfng g«nl* 
tivt viih wcrt (/ TyC6i ttwlfi jr> — XB*»wtT**.»^»[AuM»rrMKTi«]; In ocm* 
troMi with d^<^«;ujii^- 

105. Four tho lAok of a caTjnnctiaii, iw« i Ifi. — n&c iridium; f'^jtin^ 
lr^i^r&|fl^^^lU.wltll Jook Uiiit iHxlod til.— For ihu ftce4iiu »r w'(fcv«M^}, 
*.-■ ^ ;'rt y/, 

SOC' |fc^v*t <ttm&g; jfophtt ft/ HI, Ul-f^oJiMi fief. Seme of iho jvncjrjitA 
thought lliif rvfirrxvl U* tliv wi^r^t wmH* nt Auli*. mIiit* ho frhuiml tJint 
ArlL-iiLiJt OnnAndEd the aocriAci: of Agaiiinnikoi/ii da^ifltUrr ]i'tLij{<-ijiA iu 
n^litm tvr ft pr^iwl »*-rd til Ihc hiud [Soph. iiT. jlSfJ ff.J, — *y. ' Hut f hnia 
hint; fnr Ic chhLh nril jmiplT-ny kmhI nriKT-rrjiiit: Ih*?, Imt rvil/ I A'lnj^ 
iiii. 8, — tA n^^fvtv^ f^iuirnk-iit to ^fftfX[>>' 10*. ia cmtni** with kumv. 
For th« ' generic " lue of tJic iirtio!*, cf. ri juuta Hi?, and «d oit t& ;^«^iui»u 
Zi7d,«-4nil[lTm]: hmi tliP * vori»1>lc vovrvL' of tin; firnl miriat. 

107- &UE; AciiiTiiirnncvii r'iui|{)ii<rHtd> in hin nn^ftv. t4 tiui: Eubj«ct 
of th*» vifHi "f wiiii'h f^'An in |irp*lH'nt*- — fiftvnrturfcu ' nplmmtiry mflnl- 
iWf; I-/"' ^i^r'rtu ft. — " AlwB)n dost thrill «Ipliplit to jnoiihi'nv CAlflJtiity." 

lOB- vAhvo*: ^iHifj^Jir Vrj piio,^ -< Xothi(ig^Uf>d in worUor rlueifuuiH 
fttiui iLlR.'* 

109 - vmX v^ a spem&l in«luiiKs undvr mV 107 • — hi m f b /jpciwmv #j( 

110. fr^: iiixiicut. lJk-.< lli<: latrj £^^i- J^/iTDUt ncltlcft; amhlrmi ^^iUk 
i^i^ hvia, niJf-itU^ on thin aivtruat, - -hr^piKtt' t^ir lhi> pplUiVt umwI an a 

111. h^i A^riipmiioit xiKukB nnlvnf th** rvjovlion of the miuom, Di^t 
fif llii' *HKht offrrt^ii l43 thf ikripJif : *'Ul sivt'Ji (inimSiii'Hw lo Ihfl mUixia 
chitri^Y tl^fLl U*\ ili<^tr kinj^P va* Ihc «aii>o i>f the ■ii]T«'rlfi>:ii of Mm Dnnd. 
— mi^firH Xpun|CSii«- B1M1IT.K* tit ]inoii: */, Auir ii!o< wwi^^ («» *i /j/w ^ir 
hk #i*i> rnn'>»ti5(Di E SOd. Fur ihi^ ' (lAtmujrTiiic,* »« on 1» ; It U uwd Iil'iv 
exactly Hk^ til? ^-iiTliw X^tvr^oi, 

112. hul: ininxtiiT'L-A rh<- rijtUiiJiEjun of «£■ MrAitv, tfoi nrjf rn'Vifj^. 
^.y. l^t>^pa6)b4|fcAi: conlolivi lJ)i- Idf^A of ■ diuln-/ - prirfun^iC^' (k^ J 
dr«*i i€J^4a6oi}, ttlik'h U hrirv Hr<^TiKTJii-riitrl i)' Ih.- ulivrli mJU (art-iin*- 
Uve of fictaHt). €^, U7.^ft4T4|v: Uht mAiilvn Arrw^ cuiitnul<4 wltli Uio 
rniit'^ui. — To bU ■MUdliou itX CddUM, iLe kiii£ tdib «i oti«fl hla cnnt 

113 H «fi(Ok f^^ahr : iV- U- r«'1jilii in m^v|>"<v>'w<i'-'ii. — ml', 'f^i*. CotikUii'* 
with KAvrHtpTjrtTpiic -->ip ^' yiif, yn»» -*r,^ttXvf<utii"*irTpt|i iMVopliug 
ki llto latrr ■turjt CI J tiM<Kiui«lni -ntm <Ui;^'lit«r (if TjiiJihivOi and LuIa. 

rntsT BOOK OF thb iliad 


aeM Llini Ivalf-mfltrt of llrleri. The Ukcit-nt Cirwk un LnriujC ttiiw- lina 
rvcntiii tH.<iv<l wt.>l] that slic provi«4 uitfaUlL£iiI td Agmtiomnoii) and mJitw Jum 
on hit n^turn Ui htjt hdmn- Acr-ordlnff U> tin* Uiter AUn-yn Ktm iran harailf 
in tura Alftin by licr ooei Orc«C<nii. Tho dfuUiii of A|,-ikniiirai]<3Fi ood Clj- 
tji*miti*«tnt ffiTrnw! nlu* tli^niv of finu^iih tn^fwlii* hy thf tJitv* gnutMit 
Ub^io iKflii uf tirr<?ci\^ blu? ,4^rirhfipjrtrm aLi<t Chuf'jjhorve iti AncLirlufl, iLut 
Electra of rv>phocl?4. ami the Hfecira of IvUnpidM. — t^v^i^^Xa: i^ith 
pn^Hcnt nljTuifimtion. — Fnr tlie form, iri* H- ftUl, I) -i, 

114. oB tkw: for lb<^ hi»tu^ »o f 27 ^.if. 'Vhtj ii«jc»iUo tYY^ivirs 

11$ o4 4f(LM ; fHif 171 LiiilJ. Tub j^roliAbly nfcn to her >Uture, itni» 
Ebfl liivekji tilwftT* ninoL'iitcd heiffht ftnd bonutv; c/. V 107- — ■*$< ^v^i 
h»*H rrfi'mfuv 1*1 lnT f**r jin»j«irl,inni». — With tlirMr- t«" (|ua]Uic*H <>/ Ij^-r 
l>L-nion onf coatTMtf-d by ' ujodeton ' two nk<]nt&l olmrJK'bxriiftki^ nritVr m 
nai'nf/ nn^ »« fifcottipfiihntenU- 

lie. €tt\ fit- o'f/* fAui. "AltUdLif^b CbryseU U no Iwiutif nl uiil wimi> 
ptUhod.-' f/, r UU,— SdHMriir&Xi-: rrtl^t • *•/. ^rh iot^i U^ U4.—H 
y IfUbMv: Ujh ■ uripiilji ' i-i hvrv <.imtl1f-i| tu a iMriiiiLiMV ai^ T 403, K IM. 

117> Forthe laokof aconJuncUon. a«ef ]£- — ^vfMMh^: vcvonllS. 

118^ A^X Inif'^fl^^v- the aniViiKi^naMc (li>man<l provokot t\w qiLLprol 

119. U[^]: for tilt' funii. Ml? on /ovru TO, — *4U iDha » : iVItfwfAtfn 
tettMly, to Hhf nothing of jti unfaiincv. 

120, *: Eiko Tciod. ttjiiivnlont tr> oti. (^(J^ cy. ^yvsicTmuF o ol *ivtob 
^reipiX< X'V*^* 'ATiUAun' K 4-in , — Ipx*^^ *^1l - '■''' S''ivf* mw- 'Viii- pfi'**.'iit 
i^;^<rtM i" ujfil (if tJin immidiht^ futi^ru. 

133, irA&m: a ilurnHhg rfiiUirt of Agiim«innoii, like An ufHclnl title; 
«/". B 1^. The falloiTitW rrpithct b contr«db«i Mtt'vlr viUi tbi>- 

123- vAi rrA' : tha <|umtjaQ liDpb« tba Rlwifdity ^ tbo (>ropoAitkin. 
— ^1^ . inUTKliio'4 Uji* vi|'Uii«tJuu ^f noui" fMturacEf tarpijw vr voxalkm. 
Ite fofpp m»y often Iw pivvH hy Lhi» nrbitM.itioii * wKaiI ' 

124. (Zt4fv: FiT/aAr' I SOtf. — tiw^ [nvM] Kf\.: nndiilnhtslrd mtttum 
igif^g in ahuiidantx^ irom irhic^b ttu? king oould be recompeowd ciaIIj for 
tbft 1mm erf h!i j>riT.it. Thii apihiri rflf«ni ta Agamitfiiiuai'i nvrua lis. All 
]ii»il Umu i]»1ributeiL — Biiotv uk-^u on Uteir luiwujiijijf i»-jH|JtiiJiiiutiB was 
thn common propTrrty of tlio army aft-'r the •"ronU jirivm of honor (y^ 
l^H) haA liPAn iclwlffil f&r the L-hieff ; r/, 2^6)i f.. /^ nUifl* JT ^Acf^tih nU 
■TJ^rs soU^ Xa^<^'n< [ Sifirdfutf ^ |iif rir ^au irf/tjSa^aicvoi 'mx vnft 



t 41 f , fitHn/j/i^m thf titjf tht vivn asvd numy fr^rumv* wi ftititttd tktiii, IhtU 
iia vtit miijfif /^I'i: hii' jhir xArjrr- — 'nit^rw' \iv\/^^>i y-if iiiriNOliJtie:^ si^lnrlrii L13/ 

(27*, aflli, afl2). l>Qut}di?B tU*!y worn cliHtrilmted bj Un.- g^ui-fal. with Uie 
appmv&l <■' UuT nrnii'- Xliujt 1 ^T, Ajruiuuunou i« mlIiJ t^ Aoiulloa to 
lib VD gi veil Urivis in liiin- 

135, tA, t^: ilrii.^Uy txjth Art d'.-moiiPiraliiiB (fff :i^l 1% IS tn) (tb? w<U' 

[waXiwy, i 30 cj : t.r- ritTL-^ inrnr Tmy, nf v lii^ili AcliillflB hml «ai?ki^ twdvo 

tht ubck of L('»Uk), cif LjTlii'AtLiH, of IViIaaUs. of So^rni*. of Tnifjn^ uf 
I'ljcltn. if. SfMcjT* v/iyrd*, ^vv tfiprirly cir' 7if»iciAai irarmr [ rr^i^n^Kw 
ATtA .^if'? ffiry^ Aj^fdU* 'AytXXnfic y lOS J, - - Viwt- fitt/f /nf hiiattf whrrrrrr 
Achiffr:t Ud. &-p if 5 ft. — TLii i-»:iiiliv<? ilnp^ndfl h^hjii tl>t.' foUuWiiifcj 
pni]>04itjon in ixmpovltir^n, — ^tipp4|«p4v: im^uivMi^mI to i^XofUv wi^ 
tnvrn. — M a im : thu Icimc iiuirkii iJutl Uio mnttrr it ticit tq bn rooiiu^ 

126, hao4« ; Tuywl^f* vinphii-im fmm tiM |ii>*iflnn, wliil^ llii* (WilriL'Jt Itw 
in &AJJJ-T-U ;inil mtAiAAv^ ^TiuyBipCiri co/J«t o.^oi'rt tchat Aoj Awn dittrihsited, 
— vfeXOkKo^a: - prulcplir.' "v^ikt to l>u tog«'th(-r." 

127- fi^: ir» AAfv^ 1/ ihn ffoU, /or tht yod*t tutt; dttUvc (jf ljtLvrr»t. ^ 
■At^ ^ A» in Til. 

12S. vp4«X^ nrpawX^ «: for Uirt rupnlntivii finnjimrtijiri, mu* j ?1 g;. 

139 Jvnlvo^: h>r<ia<m buill thf w^lln of Tr-.r\M^ 4t*>. 

131. ^y\ ^: wir.ti iTnp>>rnlivp, kJi E 21^; urjtb vntkJTiriLHivp, lUiDd M 
iui|uniU\t; ill E O.SI, — AiioCrafi: fur thr> 't^iiUvdliv' ■oef ij- ^-AybAAi: mu 

131. nX^frrv v^ ' h'tr^ tvftrt dtouf/U* in mJnJ, he /ifcri{fitl, — .un aaeiiui' 
tloD moftt hatrfnl to III-.' i^uUpoko-a AchiJTn. C/. Cn[-luh if^if uiid iffd/fA. 
-^ir«piX«iv«u: for tin- tiiR>i>titmcti*<L furiu, <y\ n^ ^If. — fA: tonotriui 

133. ^ iWViLf «tA. : d^jift tXtv bv/h itnU^il rkvl thou Ikyuif ^h't^UtM kntr 1 
firiif r/ hnntr {p*i'-^htj;i in VifS} tphU^ (Itrvnlly* W) i, <ir- AKJin<.'[i;nnn 
ltf>li«« ta Iho oharcf of oy<vtiiinTr't5 (Vi'2) hy tlir ■vii^rtivQ tlinl AdjUlo« 
luu » Mltinh ouA ill vit-ff in iir^in^ Kirn lo ^ic-u iij> ClLry»piii- ^ ^ : it iw var 
a*«<i1 ixi UijTiEi'r A* « Hiiii|}lv iairrtiigAtimi pclot. It Alvftjn t^ipn^win 
oniiiUoii. C/- *^D:ir<lffA, — ^^' IxQl ^ffA- : iiia1«w1 i^f thti cuAtoniiir^ irdiiiilivij 
or an of>Ji?ct claur*- ni^h otl r/ l9i.i^^ ^rnrEnrntE Ai^/i' Jm^iwu S30L— - 



ii«ird|i: for (lie VK ot Uid 'ft^VRLUtUr^' CUDJUIIclUjIl. two f ?1 d,— >ft0t*i: 

134, i\?tak^ ^i\\\ A ]4AftU-]pl>< iimrkH thr* <!<intlniJAnrii a( a ilAti*, 
CffHX^uklly TrlwiT a pt*nf>n U lEircu tip to whduaas or niinfm^uno i tf. B 3^. 

136. If(r«.v4«t htA. : fu'^/^i? if fd w^ minJ^ C.r. ohuottiiin; ouv uhicb wilL 

l* pittiPifai'L^^rjh- — icBTd Svfbv , lAcnrly ■■i|iiivnlriiL to ftr^. — -dwi^r: hl'. 

I-/ Si. Lnhf \.\ii. ^ • AtuI if \t !i«iif (riilr,, — [vHI] ' Il wekiM Iw pi>rtm|iA 
rS S^a., j(uAui« £r t^^y Wb?n I^td mutiinUy cielujiivi? condiliomtl nDl^TiofB 
hUjuI Mrli- liy M*\f. the ooiLduciCfn of thv ftnt mAy b? omittotL Si^h i|> UlJl ft. 

137, Jy^ H: ^ ill jijjiHliMiit, Ajt In r>4, ^-fX^tiat: i*>t ttic HulijuixcUn 

I.S8- «*A¥ [cfmii f 4'^ A]: dr. y*pai ^Atawoi: vrMi Jif Tt^lhciinii. fnirn 
Sabunio, — Uv: *r/ l^r nAt^up^ l^5> Ilonuar iv foml of a participle which 
tmiTipliTtvi Uio pcUirf- lull ii iii^t (triollr riLxi^onnry lo tlip wtiw. l* qyim- 
;!U. Adiuv 4in, UiJr ]'1E>. i&nvm .VIT, Afi^>^^ H L'UI. mpuirmi H ItfO. 

coTiimoTi]^ iiitran^itiTi* in tii[i uim-. — *(Mv7ltOi ['OAumrioic] r Oiiffar^ nr 

picppM»» h-iw w>Tcwlgiity In jui urintrary vay, di^Urtn^ hi* alA^qt* 

auUji'tily liver llin tiin<M rii]|;1iUiub |>rjru:i>H laf tli>* itrmy. 

13D. !(■ M« T kA't// a^'^ finti t'^4 <i4^ty. Hii* rxltirri iit U^ pruiui|ia] 
thoti^tit (2a»/uu) bfrirnjn Uil- kiri^i ii&»icinAtfl piTrtTfiiii>iit. — ■» Hfj^^lA- 
ait«t: Ac <n/f he afttjrfh ^ lilM. Tltc tone U MmMtic.^Sv: JlCClUAtitn 
of * limit oi TiiDluat/ ru ifhnm^ Su en :f^4. — CcHfui: for tlia hvpfithaticftl 
rvU4iv>!)Wi]r'.-iiL-r\BW H. 914; G, k4;i4, 

140- T«fva; i.(. vrliat ii to \m Uir ri?<omp(iiK. — >>rf*4ffcr*|><gt« . petr^ 
a/tfrvanla. In n^jivaU'd morn ilt^nltAljr in vd aE>nt.^ " W'v mil ilLdruxt that 
Uler/* — For tin nndJEin, »■« f II i, ^ Itnre blic ffimk^r ftidi>t>1# * taurq 
qiii»t tiiii4 (inb«rniplw] (>ii^y by ftn liiolio of bU >DgWi La Hil) aiid «ni#n 
intci (lir 'If.-Ujla uf the vliii/i njtJpmuut, 

141- ^lAbTftr; fur Uk* <ol<.>f uf tW ehiptt^ h» cm B ^7- — iH^^n^^f 
[^wrru/ifl-j: ■ Ju^rtJiInriT fuhjiifjfrdvp." 

142. h Ui Adrirrb, «a lOll ; m* £ .Vi v ; pralq>tl«, " «o m to |>0 tljcrtriik." 

wlUi 0-rj(m/ia'-- - K»r tin* Uim uf i\w fltr^l ti> m' f 20. — «4Ti^: ^enrff, aa 
the [h^ni'in priucipally «onFi'rTi>?il. - X^vr^tlk : in ftp]xviLTkdi wLtki tttTTfy. 
144. 4px«i : pfwiit'jiti*, ai ™rft«imj/T. — Airf||i pMjX»|+ftfO»" In aJT>o*iUuU 



149. 'Xt*|i«nv«: Imdcr »f Uir^ Cn^iii (B 6i5]. 

147. fl|jit¥' dACicocf int^jvix.— aici^Y^vT for ■imikrflp^thoUof ApoUd, 

»ec li. 7i, 3T0, flfi-' i 5 J^,r, — Udo^tu : rtV"^'* "i iX'iwii wJlh iJm nc4r*nl 

J49, hrt4i^v4 ; clu/Urd with. Of ihi? two nt^cuMUvcA which tlm verb 
gowmi 111 tha ftiCtlr«, ili4 •)iocuj«tivd of Ih* tliia^* Ik mtjiin*il with Uw 

iXirJr (iviW) II IQ'I - *M^t*X«4^pov ; ^unnif^f^ fnffprf'J. rHrrnug to HQ. — 

AcIiiUrin tliittkx tlifU iTm kiiii^ li^Ulii-K lo kimI liiin to Clir^m in tttihr to rrib 

190. »flC: iLitJre of iiittfrMt — irpi^pay; </.7T- — ir(t»i|T04; ilrlltoatiTi 
mibjimclivu in tlto ttiiri [loison.— For iLo alliterntJoD of ir, tf/l 1<US; esa 
f Ml 4. 

Ul> Afitfv (ouLciiui«? Aci^uMUvr-; Ati* IE. 71G b; G> I0G3); /rurn^jr, of 
A& ambnoiyUka that luif^eclnt for blmiiil4B,— UN^v**^ /XfffTk. f 41/. 

132, y&p. llm riTA^oMi fur Uk- [ininnHlig (^ijcs-tiiiLi (^rtltjrL In wcjulnJant 
to * ni'iffttiv*- iMwrtiiHi) c«iitirnj<i *hnJiJi;li IttJ. — "Them rJt»st r<*(>af with 
bnii« iti|rmtni>d* m *!ir- nn- fij-hlinjc nut. for nur tmu tmim' but only for 
Ihce.*' — 4^, fftiJJi'ij tnuuUiou /twhi iJil' iu<l<-iliiiw m I'f l^U.^-Obanrro 
thv forw at Uli/ oniNiimil i^nuito, throwing cmphui* oa Tpubr* cy^ t/U^ 
1A4^< — IpkuftDv [{\6bv] : f<ir Um p nf E,bi jiiuiilTs rf- l\i" poiijlt nf JAijAii^- 

iSd. tcu|jv, fltfiinlTUV mEh ^k\-&ov^^^X'frAif*<nt%: i\ic i\w Wt|;th <.<f the 

194. i^M'- 1" TDAdit omphalic hy tht fulloving pmwe, wharo i>f oouna 
no injiK^luatiou iiiHTh nnilil wUmL fy. TpcW ITi^. } fip A. — paO«T f«*in!* 
niw. cf the hczdi* — fiK«7Avt Jr»iv tifi'. — ffi'G^ i*/v: nar in truth ; t/, GQS . — 
Thlit VdTM ami thn ncrrt iudit^atM thi.> roitttiton i:hn<i>« uf wur in tha lien>ic 
^riud. lui l>vt«tf«(i lliu Euuliah and th« Sictch bi the time of Ihi? bonUr 

1!U. MIq: lh»liilM-PhthlotlH<BM^].iii>t thnctly, Ashtfehownh/Ihe 
v|iirhh<il ifn.fi»'iKma. 

19^- TvXXa |i«T«(4: iqu^l li'^* htr^ru^n, i^tplaln^it hj Ihf foUnvrln^. 

137. oCpULtrrA-; Jii niriKieiLJim ^iUi irvAAit, ahuvi-.^^^^MFva; unly hen 
u rrpithft of the ».*>■ t/ mA\4Xoioftou> H. B 309. 

19S- iiiY^t ij^flriTi 7ft.— x*^pi|t: iiubjiirioriir« in n 6114T BPTitwiM ifwr 
Uh- jiurint, fit B :^06, Z 35T i. 



139' Tx^k^: ncffiNpfairt #ofiai/U4fav. fHpccially ^e return of ITrloa aei<| 

JA self rcproiuh uppli« to lionwU the epithet friwrtt V 1^ j o/. Oup iftua 
(AddmuLng Itc^iilcir), jniio< juufopp^amu ^pvauTirijt K iHI. The highest 

Uu dog U Ld ti«tlvr Iavut- Ar^tis \iw ^Ui hiinlLii^ rLifj; '-if Or]ynviii| 
mnmubon liU uumUt ilunnt; tit twi^nly yun of hid aljFtr^ciL-r?. ^nd ^Itma 
r«i'^iecA hiiu on hin rotum, d^ng na he nxloomcii {iuq toimc^ 

160 tAv: riAuivr, Tvft'rriiijf to thti i-AHir^ns di'Tall* Ijioliicltffl 111 thfr pr«- 
gvdiiiK ttiuuKhb (iTiS Tj. 

J.61' Hbl Ui : a'l'i n&e. nvt.r\y «^uivKl<>nt to nu ifiq. m In Altit?. Cf. 
W), H l-'L'r, ^ J>4 J/3rp Mjn^tSi A lJ«U,_|Lcf: tbtin trf iIUvIvkiiLa^i with 

Y^pot: t^4? tin 1^4. — aOr^ : ir.f/ thhn omt nW/F. a/KifHin/^, fta 137. Cov^ 
iiUuti rtktii ihr luljjrt^L of (t^oi^^tirAxd. 

1€2 ^ Jin: /'IT trhich. tW the ■ wiAilmph'* .^f th<^ iiirwht, M« { fi6 «. 
' — tAffwU: lTiL< rtlMJVi? nuiiHtniiiticii] iv arntvluiieii, aa T^> 

193. 9i^[ji^y] ia\.: yei H<ta Xavt I, A pn$KHi cxpTtn^oa at pttttL 
frXpuriantw, 'Ihk* thou^lLt »ji;r^iuAa thn DTtfalmcai'of AifnmDnuion'ii pru^ 

HiiL I'liuno- tfof: I'lf- TiKr iit Ouiu<i i^iiiiTrihuit lii rf cr^ y*P^* ^'*' I^'-t""'^ 

ijiet'^ad '}{ til*.' aLtril>r^(^- l>iin^- <:L?ntparvd, Sii<( II- TT^ Li ^ G- 1178^ 

16i- Tpfaw TT»Xi<Bp*v : n cir^o/tkt Trojfinj, n* B 228. 3w on 125. 

165. T4|kfr: th<f priricipiil tlioaghv fintlowA (19T)< Tho EnfUAh Mbn 
pT-vIim* ihv nul'urUiiLflttr ironunirturii, >• MJlhoasb my hnndii . . . Vtti." § *Jl tf. 

167. H Y^fHt . tie artitli? ib luw^J uIiuobI m iij Atlii^ Ike luu/j' j;(/) (>^ 
W'*r- - oX;>vv tt lerk.: tha thou^hl In ' tiiivrtiaUTis' thou|:}t tlio coti- 
jUncfuaiiiL An- 'ouimlativc"; ./. fi^£c M^yif w ^I'A^ r« £ 208. Sen f 21 rf. 
Cf. 'Mk lIUfATored thing, buk mino own/ ShaliEpcra ^« IVu IMx tl v, 
4, Ct). 

166^ IpX^)^^ ^•"^ ^ qif lo iii> tf»iL WA, inurv j^lvtormitiirlj ilmcrtiv 
tiToihftm"x« 1(13 i <:/ 30l» B 71.— Mr^*«: // lU. — hrvC u ktA.: «*Acn 7 
Atrr^ /tiugki mtjui^i/ Yfiry. Thtf giv(<^ mivwett {iriirniuc-iLCi; lo tho thought 
uf in»ul1ii;jriitly n't^EirujiQiijttd effort. 

169, v4v U .crA. : fr<TiT.THJtT. vilh AcihEilMi' fiKPiouft utlTl^ Id ludlb* 

170- ouM m: couAiruu Hitli S.ijiviar^ Fur lli« elimoi^ M6 ) 28 a. — 

173, ^•y*^ od^oiii fxpmulcin tor tlio rvtuni to hln home whloh 



171. i|Mtg [ifi^ : for the form, w« { 43 4 ; H. 311 D ; U. RflB. - |^( 
ft: with ii«Lf'jL««rtinD.^>AXXoh: tt. iitr(w. 

*t*iidinjj iH|nthH. i-i I^<iniL; ^/: Au /*'7Ta' (SrcUavfor II ICU--^ In thi» i^cuIS' 
[If-iu'H »r Ihe kin^ M MN'ij lf»- |HH<r>i inifiy, vih\n ].hi^ \itU:t cunirni^ of Ziriw 1h 
rcmcmbrrrri, vrhich brought dofiMit litjtj hiiiiiilihtioEj tj> ApLiiintuEioiL. 

176^, fcrt [iT] 1 In tbU form nrc |in.'«TT<^ both thi> vrij^Jtiil sltfjti, Jir, 

Urr $tpatnj^m'/ift7j(n {B 110), 

17T, ♦(Xi]: ihv i^rrHlWto ttdjpc-tiip ngm*-* aa onunl with th^ prrcnd1nj( 
niiuii, aii'i Ihv f^l of ttir vivw th lit n nofl ijf jijjKihil.iiHL vitli tptv. 

J79n Tliv * iwvi^4*l0ri * h-rfi umt hi-tim -Imu'* ilui "iii-jtlcvT'^ ^xortiMur^tit. 

ktX. l *' ii i> rot thy merit." 

179^ «1« vi|uvl htA- t Aj{aT»flmnc4t rolaniA to tli* tlionght (if ITS, Tha 
circtiiJislAiitial fui]iir« uf ill? Piptmaiun. n^ ot ISZ, lUAfka tJiv comjittle 
Bc|>Anitic>Ti (if thp iwo loroMn 

aao Mvpjii.S6M»«^i» : r/ h l\fi\. Dntivp <>f ndvntitngiv ThU wnf<l 1a 
iiiAtir |iriFiOLU nil ojiici: ihc bltuiigltt E« lirfori? Ihi? «ipiuJicr'« im»'l tlint 
AriiilJiw, la ih« OTmcloiiimMaK »f hifl iUi«n^th, ili^ii^ to iinir]- Ajjumvoi' 
ncm'v prRro|ri^ttvt<H ^ <-/. t?8T IT, C/. ilia bt iJicLet iu rvula Verg. ^-Ini. 3. 
H0> — ffUff iTfftJaTtstc "tLj iinyijr"] e/, IGO; lln' piuiiciplci i* n-uMy mj^ 
pliTj^-nury. ^»«»ir [frnfj: fi:*r llii* /cirtri of thr- gpiiltirf, */ Wnr ||4, 

163. k^: j'tut' IV, Tlii^ Oi^rn'jijii'Tidit^jf ihim^^-ht tff iU\' ufXHlopis IH foiMid 
ill iyit tr\. |A1. Tlio itil4^vk4#il c^MimyT^ fiiv nrK, hu property only thv 
r«)ur(if a ft(il>ijrdiiiaU' dauar, Ihouj^h^ith Uir form tif » [krijidiml iicnt«nw*, 
f'/ lljft. — 4fB*f«!Tfc: licit* fultuwoi by two iwcusfttlTcimia UTS. f/.lCl, 

1S3, njv ^ i-ith>^r rutTrj^ or ait^ oniiLd hnrn bA«n liv^l In Allir.. — «ii» 

164. 4>ftiL *iibjuiiclir4> }fci fiiturv, C/- 9Q!2( HH^ f 18 ^. — Agnmomnon 
jlciiv ictj Iti AccriidniLC'' witU hU thriMt uf 137. 

IflS. T^ ffiv <r4pat : t^uiplimli*; ccfTiljjiM, thftt prist aft^irit. tli «ppo«itioa 

106. Jlvrot , ^of murA; ^wiHiitir* of eiCent where tht AtUv inltiit 
hirft lurd £o^, tbucTv of ■ di^rvo of diiTervnco.' (/. piy^ T«- ^^Jpv^oi: 
A\ ftf eomutniL<IcT of tlir^ r»tlrf: atuij aiuI (luirvrfuj kin)£; f/. Stil, B 109,—^ 




1$7. Imr: caMonfino villi Ipat ^u^fAic iuhtV ftiAVf/^my ri^W.—^io^v 

100- « ♦ir* . AttJi tiLTfui *0»j, — llfjAitam. f<»r iLi: funiuliuu at tha 
patTonjTnie. ho } 3U h.-^ i^** *j*v<Ta ; j^^ iiron fir, trf, 0^^/ oiam taptm 
Aim, ly. ff;i(>'fr^ioiK lfl-1. — If U vrfijr'> lV(lvi<rb,flHl]iPf1 tanrv niAoily ti^v (Zi>> 
km] *rr^<nr\f. '/. it £< 119- — «E; dutltri of ttilrpT»|. 

189. XarWm r * ^-^agt? '"«« «n* ihnnghl to MWto manliiiM* i^nd 

190^ Jj l<>r ^, Jjt {^^) lu A iloubk indirect ffuuilMi, w« S £0 k 
191. Tett (i**^ i.f. till- allmr Jirin'^-V who V'Tv aKiti^il (r^ f^ijL) WtWMn 
him ftiiil AKnuiciJiriijiti {*-X. 3t7)>- -dw-Hjrfli4: jiAr/'j^f totiAr /t nru fimir aettfr, 
&Tid drivQ *wnv« nil Iw ■prung ii tho kia^^—^U: n<|HuU iho lfi»i ni^hj^^; 
It Sd Alni(i«l mjuWaJrnt to atirhs ti. C/, Jyv H 1M4, TIiin •^ilhfr Iti^ih 
|if<imS]uinl thv jtlcTiitlty <if »iilij«ct in m c^Tntmct of actionoi or mvlv Ibo 
|trognMi of tb^ M<li(in hy c<nUing iriiowrd itVintl^n tu thu <lcmr of Iha 
iI«ed,^hapC^i: tin- tiTtatin rvpruviitji the ■ di?lSt>cniL« AuUjuni^llvii * iif 
diroot diseour*-; *■/. V^\'^ 

193. imtA ^ph% ictA. : fri mJnJ and 4mrr. 

194. UuttTv: Jir mj rJInrc^rty; tbe ftctwMintvmiptHi (c/.220>.— fjXti 
£1; i( in 1J*<< AfrixtMls aa in a^. 

19d. otipot^livj Imt Atli*<iiAivtiirii>«0^v|ivi»^C23l). Awnii44— «^ 
^; Ktft forAy iji.tfi\\ hit]ii.-r; r/- IIS- .itlimiH nfU'ri iirle its Btiliordiiulfi 
to Hem: rf. B |,'lfl, E Tl3..-*tl?rm i« |«troTi gixld^-m of tiir? Atr-kUo. 

196. £44^: object of ^iAwwrn. I« whicb «g8i««^ &* addcl lu ft tram 
i^tUtiui^, — ^HY' '■^ '" ^'''^ 

■tf|ii|t: ^nilivir cif Llw pan ton^lic^ S«vr mi 32^> 

196- B&f : ITanifrlQ dlrlnUic* Ap|x«rcd imbr i»^lAj{)ti pRrK4i«; iio4 IQ 
Mi)[]]>Hfii''a (if TiJCLi, i>ir«f-t whdn db|^l»d kA biim&n famt. Onlj k> tli« 
|>i'(i]du of ll^c fairjiliiriii I'liot'dciii tvvtv til'' j:^"lf ""ut tu iiji|>mr riaibJj,^ 
tW» %' lAXvw ifrA.E Uiv tLouglit of thl^ tfrat wonl tif th# toi«o m rrpcnlud tn 
ncgLlivr- firrt 

190, UHP'ti'w* «c^- tt bc£nil thuii «cucnl.'-fnl f h^/k/wwr*: «btii« 
At])4<rin hf-iTHl lu-hinJ tiirri- Lib'ttlly, nnl >■ lOO. 

300> t<kB^: prt(]loHb.<. 'Hiuy Hrr>5 th*:^ vyjv vf ^Aaiwwvtc 'A^iij (2<}fi)- 
^ U ; for the bm of tho .idvi^rttlit^ inxli^iMl of n muvd njnjiLiicti^^n, r/. 
29?*,330;iiw g 3! (/. — (I: d*ilti' of Int^mt, — Atit* *• » rwufj-j- iluftl ni*jr 
lare a Terb 111 tbv plufvl u httf, or In Uia «ltigiiUrT w lu Uio Ju4L 



201> Ail oltan-rapntM T<^n<s i"-<^ 1:2 A. — |Lfv: t>bjtf«( of wpvriTAn.^ 
^mvt^P9t^ ^'fifi **p hU i*cvr; '^f-% \'^ ^ I ^'*( #c|Uiva]riat l» rTtrw, ^hm^h in 
tlumur iH iiHjd oiilj (*( ^nlidt hni JtMl In-ii teUleili — tmpdivTU^ Iirr tha 
final Tcwol, here ahnrt though btforo tvi» oonooaantu, (ki; j 50 r?. 

303. tIitt a{in^ i-Whiil TiowT wh^ nrt thou rumr? " u?^ 14 Ken? iiot 
i>|Liiin]--Mt bk utriv fkiid dwu uiit. Iiiifily iIiaI jiW ]ja>1 Ikvu ihi-rv l>cl<.r«, but 
in titt*<r4''l ill H t'liii^ f*l vi^ihliitTi- vtim dtX^iXavlaf [^A^i6acl: f"r tliih 
givtliiijj;, </'. tijwji', TiTfc Aitruii' iroAc/ioi' tfpflrrw iJAjjAm^;; Z ^54.— 
a(|%4]^v4 , . , Wk«i: tun tunas rv[>cau''l iji Homer ■ q^^ ^ TJ ^. 

303- 'Vh\n Ti>FM> RontulDA •i>vvFn1 nirtrlciil pri^uliAritln*. Fnrdio hiatus 
ftfUT \\\K fii^t U»tU lini* *f ,7 A; for thnt afl^-r ISjj, ■'^" i 'J7 c. — 9\ tm itrA-i 
Aoliitlvc ArHWi'rt tht^ i^iiriKlioii liiiiiH^LC by » oiMiJi^Otuv^ ; r/. B 339, Z S56- 
— ttj: for th*? loiti?, (/, ^IjjuTO 50. 

a04- 4cf aon«tmc with ^cu. (/- 313.— 'ImIi a^»; ccuubruo 'n'Hh reXt- 
<(Tftii (fiiTuii*). "ThU Tvltl n<it lip n m<MT prediction." 

205. i-injwiiXtTiff^i. fijr th«» luni: fti.li'|wi»ilt> Rcn § TjU 4. Fwr Ur pluml 
(tffpwialJy ]& tin.' J:ttivt'), f^f. B ii^H. 70-. IrtL^Hpcfi Z 74. — *iixo- *T'^' - * 
cinril lijiil jvt lU miiniriini-1 tliou|jfUU.^4v , iitnr<ULii? with dXtffJjytJ lo^J. 

906. TXavK^n*: ffUarni/tii^j/tri ; c/. Bav^ irrA* "iOit. The Ilomi^rio 
AT]i*'f»a L»< I,hr> rtMri'iwyi-d, fourT*|f*^oiift p^ldfMU nf wnr. '/, tiruifa far, mAy- 
/Lijui t^^) ^ 'AfTJ* ^04* "'^ A^i)t;f; ifct^ru /AcAfjtrci I* 4^0- Hit ij>itlir't 
lL«XAa4 t^iim to Ix-l'^nt; lit h^r h« wii^ldiiig tbi« liuirii>, Shv biftiJLrnw 'Adrjt^ 
Nurq Aiiil 'A^iji^ I1p<i/u;xut 'it Aihtuii. 

307. i^L4«v: tint nquLViklrnt to the p(M-fcct uAijAou^ hut prttuvutiikg the 
Wimr dft fr*j|u n fllflrn-iit jujiiit of rlfW. ^*ovr«iitf<i ; tn ttaji^ fit aSUt^ : f/. 

fKiwi Z -Ut' at M rr^-'r 'f- m. 

310. fpifcoi: r,f . iht i:<;iik-«t of forci? tu wliiuji h^-^ ia iDcUntnl. — Vumot 
praantit imporvtivp. coHtttfie to d/vw; cf, 1D4> 

211 , 4XX* ^ Ttti : itftrr n nogntlvp idrA thli r'mphjulv^r-^ ilir ftinrmAtJyB 
th'i^iK^il. — ^ tnTb [Jirnu^ ; *'»" 'ijiiiiirlikrijty Hlitjl nff'T.'* 

3l.3r A «i4Tr I'rrhM*. nfl^-H )tj^i'mii]miiirii1 hj Ji hhitrj* tUn^iil wtiXv^nw 

brnii ^ I'i'/ Ac n fAfpi;/ otcoitiplishnl, i.e . ^Anf/ iitirljf be dwit^. 

313^ ■•£ wvtt cfA. ! BJlordv tlio Enotivc (on* "iWi, and recnllii Achillu 
friim iiU ili^rUion in n-Liirii Ia hi* ticniii-. <*Thi»i TumL an iiiW U> vrrrnk 
hliKHlv r>^ti)^^iim>^ ori hiiiit fi^r tliou jih;klt At nMrif timr n'C^vr,'* f^. — HdX 
Tptt iT^n 'hf^/oiiJ, yTt\vfT)y\ii\ -. ff r^'« Trvrffm' jAo- ;4m»s K Ktfl — 
vri4i^iT<T«K . the s^fta ciCTcml to Aizliillrf us tt^>tlC1]Dcnt for thfi wrjni&; Afo 
enuiuenlvil \u 1 I'Jl ff- (a^viju tnpociU, tnu UJvot* o£ gold, twoal/ haiina, 


twelve nwo boTPcsh suvon itaTvat Wc.), in a puHigv aluMUfi: mDru ^ afruu 
irflKTH imfvrcrcTK I 1-Ji. The« Irt^anirM wppe dcliwnd in T 21'J ff^ 
214- i^|HOf ['^p*wc] ^ f nr Ihfl f nmi . r/- TtJLiW l^."*, — ton»« rh/fkihjf^ftf, 
210- ^»; mietd. — ff^fnpvir 4}/* ifmi rtv, AUiiiui iirtit H>'r>- The 
|>lTll^h*llia ghT?n \fy ft murk"! the ivv»fn»»ot JtU (ur lln-nv grt!i^N(Mi«i,.— Htt: 
rr^rr/. J^omiAiiiiif^— ^itpvnovlok: /n^ecf, obtervt, by oboditfUGc. Cy. 33S. 

318, 6i m irrA-: r,^- if /kU}^ onf, ■■WIioatat obnyi thfl gCKtu ti tiiiniuilf 
li'.'ArH hy lliirrri." Cf. /uk m ^loiTi/ljf^j^ £/ au ri^ ^Xiffia tivrov troiji, touto%.- 
Anotti {tc. & $tu<) SI. John ix. ^l, nml Ptttfm cxh'. lU, — |i^a: t\^nttf, 
nadttjf,^^-- tuT it* itiw ia uiftikfi^t; tiie rwI|)rwU^^ of llid twu cIauavj^ hvs 
on 8:?.--lKXwr: eiHimJo ftorixl ; ll.«4f>; 0. 12{1:>-- a^nfr; him^tif. TJi<i 
])rr>uii ]j>'ni^ I^ivcil In thr nKJHi^t, (if thi* vhHi, vliicli m stlN^^di" tittiJiH't uf tlie 
pTTviciUB claUH. uifikH ftDminfTfit the idviitil/ of Lhv twu frud OL^iCiLruta 
tbo innn vkiUi I^Mtt- 

ai». 4 nt ^ Ar ji^u^f dH^. iw r>2^. r 21^2. riio. j>a5. anp. -147, Thi* in 

ni&tiMi ><i]h]n'1 in rmilinii'Ht. — dpyvp^ ' »r|nnii^l wJ1)i vilvpr imilx i>r Hturlv; 
cy. :><«.- in*. Itpl. hf=Ui, ;».-iA 113. 

320^ a^' AT(fi|M>>: *litotoA.'^iti form nying kH thua Urad-ly nitiRiit} 
Mv$ 10 r. </. :!!, :i:j« f„ B lOlf- 

931. ^^miv : hut m^i o**', rwi* <7'm<, 

222. lurd' irifo f&r mfifff rj/. (Jmnn^. u 423, F 3A4. — AaCfUviu AXXovt: 
IboM DJWlJibleil daHv ill Uic piiLm^ cif Zi^ah Uia iioLliu in tlii^ IulU L>f itirir 
fsudld lotd' <y, 41 ^ &« irop 'L^\ mtBr^m yyepoMLTQ | j^pive^ ^ hayih^ 
& I f . All iii^n luvEubrni uf hi» fftiiiU> hlUxiiii|cb Uu*y liMil ^f-pumLv lutuj' 
B10D4 (OUT), |[»iii'ir d(Hi« not d'>Arly ilrHiJnj^nKh Wtw'.*Hii &L^Kt *nd 
Au, ^iit. vt^ Dii r ISi*!- -^^ Till.' Hi't^otirl half-VE<rv in ri|ilAfiiiif>r7 of ttic ftnt, 
npiAnliiiu Tlir U>riiLj;ht in a dUFrrciit fonn, Cf. 2i ll)A fT. 

223, Ifftbvit: ufhfir, &ftdr tha LuttfrnipUon bj* Allioiu which no out 

334. 44 XfiY< x'^*^ ' ^^ goddudv bad TM>t forbidd^^ii (ho migpr, but 
Dtilv H fTihin ripi>^i4iriri rif 1l. 

235. eltopo^ , rliE« iMi.'< n icricToiu rcproncli \u Uk^ eyrNi of ihc icin- 
|>Hr»|i- (.■ri->'k>-. — iTvff4« 4ti|Lar«: BOM on I^U.^lXA^otft - Uit diw-r wam ihn 
ppiBaiiiQcAliuu vi cuw^nUiw ; (t/; ^ 24d< TJiO iwrt fliuw» U\ lui Blorjr Ujot 
thc«e epitljota wr^rc und'.<v.'rv«d by Ag&iD(<mnon. — OWrv<' lh« ' cbiodiuiw,' 
i.r. thnt wvms and JAa^^ko lU^f H|)iuntud, whiio jji/u»u aud «pa&^ ta^ 
bruu^bb tog^tiinr ; § 10 o, ty. 2^ 



235^ h wdXijfctT : /flr (literally, I'nW) burik. For ttie l^ngcliMiPd ultima 
b<4or« xh<7 oa'HJfv. lu 49), ?/> 153. ^Th« lut Uiruc tfnt ol tlw wrua «» 
Hp(Hiilei'» , t-f. D llM), 

J27- X^ov&i J *■/. if Xo;^ tv0a fiaXMrr Apirij 3u«i'irttu i>Ji^v N 377 
fo nrfltioA. rrh'tf mjieriiiitif tAr m/iir af m'fi u ilitfrnri!. TLnn iH f^rilravipd 
ytitli T»bo ofou bfttUv (iroAcfMir) "t ^'iO. Tlii^ kiii^bU n£ tli« Midiltc A|;tl 
Wcro th^* ttJ^t ti) oiini. AiJilkUhli diHboimrabli-. -^^pttfWi«viv [Apurnvmy]: 

229. *4TXii«a«: Arjx/ iW tU r^ti^iyt, */, C43.- .4^^ : <■/. JMW, -'TiB 
ilnkUi lu irir I*' I'l' at »mtnil>,' Shftk"iHTH Jikl'irtl Third ii> 1. flO. — Tlie 
UOflOt dUtinguiahm r^^, '/'•alh, froin K^pt Arorf, 

thn fuUciHiug ulauw fiijipLii^s iU iiLjvcit, Tor ihe liiatim bi7tvrui5[L iki^ prr^io 
■idoa and iho vecb. so* on 883, —tf***; picmtiTc nflcr the hdvefb, — 

231- 6*ifk»^|wf trrk. . vniiibatiu mcilAiiitttion of %'BKfttifi). — Iird icr\.\ 
tliiB 4]i»'<< ii'»t ;^'ivi> thp i^ucn fcT Ihc ijxdAmfttirjn, but «bc>«« ttliy Ag&- 
)iioi[in<m'* i!uLirH: I* piimiblc. C/, ^im' ll*I. — o6nEavoi«aT : intprpi>u»d by 
Achlllpj C^^ f-)' ^^' li'^^ ^*'' ^-rovkn in pari rc^iqtaiuilblJN tiiicu tlii^y dU 

232. Jl Y^ "tA> ; /cr r/^fit «E'nr/iy. Willi norir^t i^ptaGve m potential of 
t^ip pul, n'K«*rr in Attio wv «houI(l «ip>*at « pft«t tonK of \\m mdiaatiw 
with Ik, rr". n M : i«*r (18 rf J; II. 8Pa : G. 13fld. 

234. r66i vtifwrpnir- tj/ tM/t tftrpitr htrv, vhXfh U** \iai\ jxwt r*ewh'<icl 
from n brraM; m-- oti iri. Fi>r i^Ujfi b^r Uuh BVHibul of |Knvrt. bvi; Sv 
ciiw rn ffir^wTftov ut^ff^ft irin ftcflSiTir H l|!l tr'irh tAfte ^ordt ht Hfled iht 
KttfUr M ait iJir gudt. A £* /i-j^^/kK mfjirrpoir hd0t *ii of S/joitit*v K X5$. 
fiti Kind; Ritiliftf<i flwr*« * Stiw% by inj- Bciplff:'* ftwi-, 1 maki^ a vow,* 

SliAlitpirft Rirhartf Sfttiiul 1. 1. HA, — rft |i^: ilHmifixtmiit> " Ah tfrii^ly 

u tins aIaIF qlia]] nt^^rr fini fi^>rt']i li^iv, ^f ^utv\y zhaW tbt' AcbimJi* iuibb 
Dk* •onlj/'^Thiit >■ iTiiiUtHl hy Vergil {Aen. sbi. :f06 9.),ut«c«plruin 
hoc > . . uunqiittm frtmdc I^tI funcli't virgul ta n^i? umbraii, | cuin 
■Dincl In vUvfji, iltio dc tiUrpe r^cliiitm* ] qiaI rr «ntct, |>of>ii Uqa#* 
(roiuaa i>l branch in fi^TTri; | . - ^ pihLrlbiMqiip d^il U ^<*rit»T»4 t#«ti- 
ni«. C/, Waj^t^'e T^/inh/iiuer, 'Nut tilt tbin emirr buda and blooQUt 
ih&ll thy UD b« joi^r«a.' 


335. iml Sl| TpAra: *M on 5. 

236^ ><i*> ^ j^n 113,^1; the IItidk »houl, whil# ^V b«loir ii tli 
tfir^rrpor uijmIi.- frutn it x*^**^- *-**■ ^^ ^**^' ^ bronze i ^ tht^ Etiglttb 
jtovtic uiH* cif tr/d tttr tit^itrrS ^ 

337- ^iXXa «rA. : 7A<^«K M^ A 'rcrb of doprlviniE ' b fc^vwrJ by ita 
MviiKtriVi' Elf Ui>< tiling taki-u Away. .-^vOv aIvvt twip «in l%« vttutr httaif. tnj 
nnc. li^t in this ujii< diffna Uttlc tu^ta aWif, Cf. 51, 1?T. 833. A 321. 

238. tH*nf«k»i: ftpi>(i4itivp, a« minuftrv */ jutticf. For iti portion, 
«uf II > — Mpntt*: for thp inltmlan, jw M, JIA, I> T : G. fiDl. U. 

330- vp^ AkA»: ^cirf fkt eift* «/ Zru^t in t\t navu d/ <^'"' ^/* ^fp^' 
6J0iifi Urrot i>^ivovi Z 4^^ — «l|hterb; tUfinJ; r/. 2IQ.- - F»r Ui*' MKtilt^ 
«?F H4 ; AM: altFJu^toJ w ih-^ n^uA'^r at ifimat' r< B 5. T3, p» 11. fidU 

240- V '^T™*^* Hip «u of :J3I. t/ T^ti.— 'Ax^AX^v: iTnl*iid of /|l^ 
wIUj fi^luig i'/. E:i:iit, Tfli*, jtml Hfi'Uir'iohftll'Ujir t** lU- limvi^i itn^k 
Ui fijrlii *B<crapfc ittf H T&, E'lnitniJ «Ay^ ■ Ti)t Kdmuiid wa« holorwl,* 
^hAktiHrrr Kin^ Ltftr v. <1, 3:W ; Am/irifcjt wy*, »T».li h<»r tlix proOfw of; 
Auloiiio'.i cjifl,' Sliik*iirre MtF'citaftJ of WnKt \x. 1. 3H, 

241. ffip«4niii: for tin' iiromili''tLr!<! ai ild |>oiiiliot], iwo om AJ 

242. xpA^I"^*' ^r'l'iV. AWj> ; wUliniil <»l>1ii|Uii rwus jih riftft, — 4^' 'Eirrapsi 
<>H nWM^ ; ^n! b nwd, «nc« Ui« vrrb ii pnMTv ui enutft And bclivt «atlj 
in fomi */, r CI, J^B; Kc IJ. »acj, — For th« rpithrt of licct/^. e/ 
lioEnicliJiiiii IIwrl.iiitiiN Wxtt. Rpiid. KVii. 12, 

243. -Cirrvn: ftir tlio ii^xoU r/. ^pu )^ll. - Mali J "hi II15 1*nwU* j 

413. — «Mr: accomUre of ppfxdflcA^on (rtficllfi eosiuUc «cciuntivo)>, 
buMhd of tho nmpLe crf.-*tpt»T«?^ tbU waa itrictlf tmo; » tfsy, B T40, 
8«« oil Adv T. 

343. ««*i > » . ^•ffi [)^: Wrv « A'gp, ot MiffVT. — «•«<: »rliiHib urilh 
^uAf- It U fillcrukf^ by tlw ;lntiyr hw&uw of lh* Miile of ml llub 
follcrtv* the nclion. C/. 441, «fi3, B 175, P 80; m O. 78^1 G. 122S, 2. 
— I)y Ibti A«1, AohUkii ■iiyB fklai&l/ thjit bo vnl! not diiouBi the mnttdt 

346. fmH0jv4vi at^JiJ. ibi 4t^vntio4i, 

347. IHpwAiy' mvdil IDK— l|ftiyna' TAurna^n^, ^Antfpiufrf A^ni^. ty.l. 
— nb%: for the dft^nv </, SB. — KJrr^: the oMcot *ud wucnt of th« 
Xtthma^OM Twfoi* Troj. Fcir hit IriArpultliaii hnrv, </- Xritar ^ottp^v 
iittTV )ile«|iiiler Pvliilvn Ei*«tiii»i rt intrr A Ulili*ci ; | liunc 
Amor, ira ^iiid^m camiau&i l«r itrit ntnifii <\uv. | t^ULiJquid dflv 
rabt rvg«i« f Ucvubtur X^h iri Ilor E/^- t. 2. 11 ff. 



249. T»«: rel&tiirOt limiting yX'otntyjt.'^Mai': alta. heltvn^ to the Wl 
•pnioncc. referring to iSuonJi, wbich la VTplalticd by thfl conipftris<ni | cfi 
44>&. U S'J?, bl>U^S7:f- CicoTo tmnilaUt^ ox oiun UnfTniL m^Ho dulctor 
fliivl>at urAtin tir Sf^n. 10 1 t/. t,\bi lliiiiui rici fn'ii is eiicI U liruMu- 

f;^ <PlMuiai]t wortU a-ro bn hii ^lunti^^iiib. nwcvt tu the wiuJ, and litnlth ta 
the h<nu»' Ptovrfiiit XTi. 21, 

350, Tf: ftir Ihu lUtlFQ of inlfliiwt with f^uiiv, r/. U tUlfi Tnwl: 

Lullw mirlij]« vf th« third gi^nvruttiiiii h? is to bv (Lou^ht of u abcut -ttNo 
iwom nnd ten ' ^r« old. Tn y 34^. tMt jnvin liib-r« tu? 1« nirl V> hnvti 
rvijfned TjDCi yir* Av^pCir. Cf. ter nero {uii<itTift adeicx H^r. Cttnn^ ii. 0; 
I'niiuvtd-iTi'b WLirili *il Sir U*dlvom In tho A/HrV jfMrrtur, • Nol tl»o* 1 Hire 

3(1^ at : ooriHtruclimi liooordiug ti> tM-nw, rcfl'^rriiig to A.\^^ifav ratfa«r 
tlmn tn ^fW^^oI: di^ti^i^ nf m-fTaTiT[miiinLntii whh Jpi.— .^TfA^ vrJL: lor 
thn ' lij'Jitcnjii pffittroH,' ace % IC /. Tho luurc iiuponaut or obrloUM 
<*|pi]ipr»t ■•( TmiifirvTuirl fini, 

2^2, r;hTdTOk<r»: i^. m tl|i* tlilcil ;;i'iifnLtiori. 233 = 78. 

254. «inT9i: r^ut fA^ &f /— 'i-x^CG^ 'ytttAVt i.ff. tUo Aobonhna. For tho 
Ai^riJxntiTi^dfllirkUcif ]nntion,MU! fil» A; H.T22; G. 1DQ3. O"- ^K A^' 

3S5. Tliv ttii.nu:lil of tliV pn:cr>ifIiiK ^<^r*'' ir< ri.'|irfilri) iii UlfTtiT'-iili lat\ti\ 
liorifw til* Uok <^f ooiKiJ^i^tivf ^ ivx* $ 13 A- — yf|N|ff<u: HtTi^itlhr Lu Agnx' uilh 
Llir myurat nuliJLsJU ocottnalnL by tin* CJ^auml |ifiiift\ wilL Wt^ U<£i^. 
Tl.fi ft^irbl i* incopiJTi?! i/. 13, For tlip form, so^* { -11 t. — For the 
'rhlAftr.ii' trntnt^mplil af irrlui Mid llidr imbJp^U, r/ 2^A. — npU|iJi . . . 
mlitt: M rS6A, A^l. aC. Of course, if PriJmi ^horild h(f glad, »ll ti>0 
Gnwbf wnLrl br^ vorryn T/. Si»oii*A lirj^uiiifiiir, )uir- liha^tiit vvJitt »t 
iiia^iju nuT^^iMitu r Atrid»t^ Verg. *<m. li. 104. 

297. tf^iT ^dfvAfJtmv: do vobln TiianlibnikKt^tivcftftorni0>oura. 
TK»" i«rl,fcililrt I* fiiijfplfmsntiii^.— »T4St: tUnwi objflffl of thn VPirh- 

256. mpl ^r, mpl U: oonallliiJ vrihh /trri, ^u;>fWi?r fp; witli th-' tp*nT' 
ti^'Cf u :!87. — p*vX^ OA 10 fobiu^/^ m eonn/-i{. _ - ^x'*^^ ' "■ ^"^^i lik« 
^jp^ — Fi»J ihi* ihougbl. <■/. r 17fl. TtAiAij, tt<|x ;i!r »uX<*«f* /« *iiipTi/id( 
Vin. { 4l£ ^-Xj IrKtv opurntt I 63 L **l:'iiat m war and &-it in poaco." 
C/. IPO t, B202,27a. 

859, H . (/ SOO. — C/. < LoTv ani! I^ii f rii-.ndis «* tiro nioh n«n should 
b«; I t^orlluvQ iMu siorv j'>ans T'tii miw, tian y%' Bbtlkapen JuU Cau. 

It. 3. lai r. 



360- ^ v<|» vfilv: i.*- ^ irtfi v^i^ irra, TIlo pn'rrtoiiik :« nUnol44l tti 
t)ji- «ikMT of dptujt'ti'p r/^ qU/v ktX, 3'IJ fur olov Ucipi&oM ^. — Xi^^tot hem 
rackomi hiiiiHAtf wUh tb« furruttr grtii'rationj^ in pniidug ttio put lb OTH' 
Lrnxt. Ailili the i>n-«riit. 

99l> maI #C «*t«: thf^ contract mit^hl Knw bflfru nitik**! 1j^ 4AA^, Iml 
ll culf Imjilind hy the ccmUrxt dI yt: ftaphUAittiA xnth rtivrvuw tj 

362, Y^: r#fftTtt (o 4^Kb»tfiP ggP, — !Siii|W : tor tbo mibjujiotiro as 

fulUTPi fj'. 181. 

363 f> IL^o«v . > , noXb^iiriQv: l.apLttui^. a Tlir«MlSAik modnUiu folk 

fkirwid far h% ponrtict wit)i thi- fiJUtatjtu. 'I'hit rtrif* b^»(p.ti *t Di* wwliliug 
frovi of PrjrilKi?U0 (« frtfiij of TLniiuH] b«Auiw of th« iiiB()l<rTic4: of the hi- 
toxicutoil oufitnuni r/ B 711 ff. Tho bAtUo furaitvtjod mliji-eu fur Um 
■culpturrj in Lb* w™t pfdlmcnt nf th^i ij^mplf* i-if Z'Sit il nJyranlfi, for Ihrt 
molO|va on Uio fc)^!!^ «i"i' '>f Ih*- pArtlii-ij^Hii ni Mh-ny^ for tli'.- J<:o£>ralioii 
of tlifi ihlnlil <^f Ath^riH PrfMiiflrhiih '»ik Uie Adrofmll*. aiKi f^r the onui- 
aicntfl of tlu; tlntci of the chryM-'TcjrhAiiUnu nmn^i- iif AlIuMtn Tn iJif 1*arrh»H 
hon, for the frir^ic of the Umplf rrf Afif^itJu nt riil;.rLvl{.m» *rj<l fur Ui" fricn.^ 
of thn I4imb nf MitiinoltTA (Uipi ■ Mami>i>1aiiiei 'j nr. HriliiTArtiHMiit, m wrH iit< 
for iivir<a iinrl <>tlH.T wurlca of nrtv 

366^ irAfna-MtT prtf<Lic«1e; >'thp»c wyrt the miglitiHt dvot horn <m 
o«nh "; i/. B 210* a7a. ~ Fur tbo n-imtltioii ui Kiiprurta^ </. tliaL uf nt^ 
9& ^73 f-; aua J 1(1 A. ^S^: de^ttltja, riirvitj^Uii>(ib Uk' «iif>f.irtbtlvi>, u U 

^^^h 367- |»iv: wUfiput <(?rr^r(|>u:iili]]i; $C &b 309 ncict fEpqueutlj. lu suoh 

^^^H C*»". it. TV l>llltivlL^■Tat 14< |ii^. -^IrAf [^"nvj : without au lUffiiiDnt. 

^H 360, iiVNrlr. IT*. BTt3, 

^^H 369. mU : ^m. Cniutriiff with rc»rri»'- IIk^ ei^w thf'itjfht ja tntro- 

^^V i)iiiMiin»y oi/aIho In *iT1, 2711, >vltli iiir<rvn>Linx i'in|4ihHi4. — Th" thought 

W vT-XwrwM ^xi JfJt- — tviw: i'.^h tl^u [fapithtK*. The ^l&tirc u jcoTcmed by 

■ ;/rffl tn r*jirnf«nU.ifiT» ; *■/. roJUW 125- 

I 370. !( &«\*|i y^v(t '- f/iitn a 'fiat'tfU fomf; rjplrJnn n^^ri^, — caXto^iro : 

I eailrd lo tktir itiit. — NcHlor i* t^nd at nlating ftohufVitiLint* of hiii Jouth, 

I M>t^A]nfT, H12in„ AlTTOfT. 

I ATI. HM^ V ftfrtir -. hv m^rlf fihnc^ i^^ M ft nngle chjioipioik (iipotmjf^ 

^^ r at) , Cf. mr^ ir^^f B 3511 — mLh^ : f^. th« V«ntftimi. 

^^^H 273. «4 vOr itrA^ - '^Ao rifju' Vn'r: 'u rAt^/fikf ujwrt Ijlff curfA. Tito 0(HiSbrui> 

^^H tioii VLiuld havo MOinvd znori^ ti:kiikml if /fporof lui'l Wn in \\\f rimin 



fix-ni ^x*ap"' * «'>lLal«r*f forni of luExo/uu, if- itlbCu^ 23 with aJSa^AtFiv 

273. pvvM4K [/JvuXv/] : (ot ihe form, ace j} 34 d. — Note ibc punillclkm 
ill lln' two Imivof- oi l(xQ Tori* J r^. 7I<. 

275. A^ftWe np Uv : SM Ml , — dmuLpiB Jd^oyxnT) : < fl/iiei>jmt»-J ' fnun 
airoiu^wto, j I'/' 1' *n foJIiiwi'il hy t«" «<x'"WJitivv^K, lis H'». 


277^ p^SAc; TioM^i-/. BUil . — p<iinXlltl Qi«d of AfrAm^mnoir M fl. 

276' im^Li)* ; iiHjrliiJilly (^i]£(ifll<r iKn:iif<Allvr: ar. Ijt^t, rf. P 4-^']> Tim 
adn^rL* rii(rMi%t'h 'iriLpliJuiK frdiu iM ^Minttiou, — t/t *to4' A|kot«^: i'.^. ii i^jn'iLtHr. 
The Grfj-lt \\\S\.\\\\ Wv*'* III tht* PonTmi-T-ioi" ^\v li^'tTiniiiiiltnii i»f tln» er«<Tt 
ujuuiing. C/. poit milii non aiiuili poena commistia luetta Vcrg. 
Aau L iriti, — ltip>«|M: I"' '*«" "/ *"' fft^sivcd. 1\M \% CoJJoWESd by A 
» |ri>it]ilvtt t,i ;.|mt \vIkiI'',' 

279. nnjirroftx^ ' ^n't' vji ]»■ — ^ ** ^nn irrA-: iWfl on 170. 

3B0, A'. rir>ti.vihi]ilionat in thr^i^hl lir-n.\ but rtfor* tc u matter of foot. 
Cf. aI Tur< wifjut £l w;*' unt ^ ySp"** ^»rui»" i 32L — iiopnpif ; m i7<-^ 
MU atA. : ii<^inii oIauio t'i Tba [>ti:itnj«]>i, explaining fiia fit«t; ** bulug Aon 
of H K'id<lr-w," — W: iV. TlirtLtH; >-/. UTA T. 

362^ "ATpit**!. rt W: llii* vui^ativL' b Grpc»k pwtry ofl*-n pr«wilia tlio 
cUuMvith which St l» vonnciotcd ; of cvar«c It Iir* no lyTLlActiGftl conitjuc- 
ttun in tlw j4>iiUiit^«. ftiitt thus CAiuiot ba FoIIuvmI irtiiiiKiliiitvl^ 1>y ^'. <.y. 
B ^H, Z 80, 'E*fTop. Jri^ fu ^ Ajim irari^ <al ffortifl fiijr^p ii 4-fi- — 
v*ft< ; r/. 1&3, 30Tk — nvTUi* J^v 7* . '* And I ftlrto on iny |iiirt W>; lhi?c." 

2S3, Xto^•^^al: jiit, w*. .^"Ax**!*!!- dnti™ of oppofition. TItr njimi* ii 
uvJ ^iLh fi|H:t'inl fm|ilLji«ia (c/. :24Cl), inftli?«il nf ike pniniiun [ST5, 261). 
— (mMjmt; i/- yi^^pJ*^ II "J'H , — KiiiIy^xtA-; ilm motive (op lb* wniii«L 

304. IpHOt ToX^Lo; iL* A 2lfDi c/^ fpcD< dn^iyrmv j1 13T, IpmK fiVUtuv 
E lift. For tlio ilI'IuUvjiI p-nhiiv, Rvo f 10 a. Willi nnotlicr tutc of this 

366- «fttfTft; It not to b« untcd iii ravi&uLiik. It ntfcrra E^podilly U> 
SKI . -I Ail 1hli> ii tnii*, l>Ut — -" AKHTrw-innon Hflini^Ji iii> fault <in hjfl 
part. liQi llinjwj jlH tljr bUiue ou Ac^litlWs : </- dAAi bf^low. 

387' irtplv&vTw: c/:^A8. 

388- Till rtna ro|H«lH Uia thnugbt nf iha fanning, Tha icpvnkvf* 

pu»bii i0 aiurtiD by tUv um of «:ruoiiyuiouFi «j[prMB&nna. j 12 i^. 



369- A: in tuhi^h, aj^niiBAtiv* ^f «|i«L*ifif»ltrm- — twA; wmt cn^, Mpv- 
vinlljf Ai;aiiK iTimri) liimwIL ^^nLnv^ai; from iftL0tu. 

390- *lxt**r^*'- ffc^mnt, for Kpattpot atj^f^rjnit F 170, — Owov-. 


391- vpotevnt; i,«, tfommtMion bini* allow hioi. Tlut word tficm* 

2!>3. 4 ^fdp; ArhU^-Jt ^ivt^H al niitv^ ttLf rVMon for bin Coun«> <— uXmA' 
-^ift ' jftn'i/'/ A^ r<i/M. i\r- iiTiniiM lif>. r/ B ^^iO, F IHS, 

29i. TiKfiii Aganieiitrioii'A cumpUiiitt 3ST if., AiJiille* infrn idth 
cxagKornttoii that lio &» (TV(-t<«Url U uVir-y iii TTcnrlhrnpc (Tv^yci^). ^it 
B^ ; "ill fJLf»- t1i,ih I mUiHllj." — t»*I(*j*ai; Nh» fi>nii nf thf r-iinlhiiu] U 
olutnjfQit, and tliv future intticalkri? is navii in Uif? jTvUiaiT JTieU.ii>J uf tho 

293' tf^. <:iiitnlriip- viHh tlir iibiH'riiliv<T. fi* I'U . ^Taftra; *,r. rav fjifyor 
iqrdVfirt'ut- - |i<| ^^ i^t: in oonlrji^t vtiUi dAAotftK. 

396- oA: a^DMlni" uJlh Jtl rtn In jtnwr Ihi^j nre ijiiit«>fl. oiwm. — iCi»' 
with lJ«i fnliirc infifiilivr^ itn 17(P. — TI^Jb vtttt. i« pantllol wii.h^Nft, 

297. TliU rvr«« bi uahcI K'hdn Hot A|Mtakdr diJin^fa* Uiu «ulijLxrt la tbft 

j«ncti<mi — cy. accipiU orgoaiiimtp atquo hauc rapn Hgitu (]iot« 

290- |fci^: fvPnlriLiir with £i 4(10. Thfl oontiMt U chftiiffiMl froiii Uiit 
Wlnwin Hctinii nnrl h»Mrt> Ui oiiv Iwtwi^ii voiynjc V^rl rw^ aAAfuc — Ko6p^i 

299. 4^A4tf«i; the uoHbI Ai«uaif:« thut AgftmuiuiiOTi'i thrvit had Ikwa 
vxc«.Hjf v|. untl [he ■M>niiii pcrnoii holcU tli' Aotuxfinn rr^pontililp t>epAuv 

J ^7 X. TtiH y^c ^u a yift (r/. ^oaay 'J7(i). ticrl a rijjIiU lik** Ihi.^ ffliArv 
in tli« b^ty. 

300, top- for Hitoh il&u^llTkg uplUmK m^a f 12 ri irapd Vf|t : f j?* in wy 

tout; </- -t;;0.>^ For |}jv {lUBLliiit} oi ihr o^ljiTHUr^ A(^ £ 11 m. 

sol, vAv: r»i>tutj( Tuv dAAw- — odic 4i> n ^potf: tbi^ oplalivii niih av 
atid a iiri^fjvc ofWii t.*j(|rri»Ar3 a vrrnlUnii cx|>«(:tal4uij« ami »vtu*^Uiuc« 
afprobchoHd iLrtnti ash«re. --4J^*t« iw^Ar. r/. ifvt U^ 131), 

802. ■(: rf^liiA its origlTial forae v all inlrrjHlbu- " I'p thailp 
OOmv-" — '&^; Min 03.— >^jMfi: rWJ rrmyniH i', |ifr?riiv tf« mftfrving to 
Ui^ fi>JlovrtQ{f VKm. C/. 18C, Uaa For Ihi form, i/. iMMnt IHT. 



303, Tbft frrtKodtiijf mipijmt niproHoiU* « t'rntub to ^Hok tJu* would 
\ia ihfi fipi^liuik ; <■/. (t^Z^ *• If lid txii^ liH Ariil LhA rvRt will 4iii) mit," 

309 AvrT^r*|v tf^ir^t vp. rote ittrin their K^iit*, ^^XOrftV tlip H»a1 ^nrl 
ptufM Ufo m?«u U» Ir lU'isI ju Uil* vrrmi witWuL b^h^^UI UiMmc'tioii. (^, 
3"il; »■"' H. *[S-1; U. !«'». — Tiirt Blt*<'oht« of liW-Jiua weiv uttored infof- 
rHJilly, wliii** Bifliiij^; *■/. S4fl, 

907 p H«t«ndSn^ Patroclufl tvu bo ttfiH knonn totlkti b'-^rfre '?( Ilcjju<?r, 
fKini old Atorici Azid Bongn, UmC 1il> ii«dn1 no mrir>« exHf*t itM]i(;riulloti 
kmn^; vir § <lft /;. Wlivti a hoy jjl OtMix. rAlnmiu* KUI^d a comnuli.* hi a 
fit <ft Aii^r And iail« lnk>wi liy lii« frilliirr Ui PliLliih, >* KitFo I'ulcua r^^uoivfld 
him kiritlly (4* M ff,), uiM hnm^lit limi ii|i wirlr ArTitlUui, ll»^ HT.ri»iut<4r| 
Achillea on tliii Trojan cX[tf4itioii as buiwa/mcat and lu^^vl faitliful fn«ad 
ami »^uuo (dr^rcutj. Tim iiarrativo uf hU oTplolu titb > Urff« pitr I oF 
Uw SisUwah HwA (tf iIk' /W/. JTo vm tilaiii liy Jl-uUir (H si8 ff.), Ti> 
BTell;^* hJB d'.-Htli, AohilW imLx his quarroJ wUli A^ujiK^mii'jii' M<ut of 
tK* Twenty-third Book u ocPU|nod with wi amoudI rrf tho fiLtirnJ pnmnfl 
ill Itis IjornT, 

300 — 'AtpitSi}* jcrA.iK. u h*^ bad pUiiTk^d (opa), 141 ff — irp^pvr9t¥i 
miuaJ ro &? r//'UJi^7i domi fiuui itfi |>Lr!»itk<ii uj] Fihiirv; vf. ISO. B l-'ri^ f- 

309. ht^' oa 143. All ff/ur uivcrU (^, fi, lL^ (V| n^for Irr v^o. *«(•- 
plbhl fmm 50ft. — ^ U: inia U. lulv^ih with ^^--ttittcnr: n\ti\H iiff 
oiliM iiuriniBn"* tliflii "wxr ppiicrftlly hiiv* twvHiy iMir»mmi in lIumHr. 

310' f ^ ' r/. fitf\fofMjyl-il. — &i^: udvK'b wjtli <vTO' (Aciriatfrom k{w)- 

311, &v"'v- »et'i>iitit 13* — dTO**-';/"lW 'OtwrriOt: rtp sprAr^jiTTic, 

w>KvtA.rjx^*'^t ^^^ '"''^^ ofk-Ti wnt oii cmliftBipai tf/l Pd06- 8<* g 5 a- 

aiS- The «tory whirh b hrm limlCfm off, nt tbo Vaynfgsf iQ Chrm, a 
r«0uiiif.Hl ni 490. 

313, &iroX,v|MLf kv^ ' Ui«y w«r« ti> purify thorri>iHw4 «yni1>olJc4lly fToia 
t1iF fill of A^iLriitJUiiii'ti wZiith ItJid Imnijiiit aynni thr'Tii tin- pi-ii11fini*i>, Cfl 
th<? »[?tioii o£ the children of IiriwI. afltr Uiuir Iduljitry; 'And fchej 
l^therftd tog«t1i«r to Miipi*))* and dr^w wnu-r, and [miirvd U out bvfcnv 
Uip Loni, atM fa^iad (JJ^ tJiAt day, uid naid tliMv, Wv Ituve sinned Acnltiiit 
tbp I^r<l' f -*fcrm^ vH. Q. Tln-y inittvd timt tim fK>IIutioa would depart 
fibiit thMiij into tlif? jirn. witvtv tlity ^t^[Mll■*d tlifimnalTtJi. 

316^ nXii4pff«|! niM on C6. 

S16. «pi tlva: at 44. Tha Ilnn of pnrf»1n waa itir^Uuli^ nut alonff iJit 

3X7. «ip\ vmwfir arotnif, in tit fmtU:t, S«o J 56 a. 



918h Tmuri^Mi lo viotliGr tfcono* whicrti filla tbc black dorinj; Iha 
joDtf^oy of tb« nmboHy to Chryift — katA ffpar^r- (i/dTPn) T/ir/iU(ih thi 
citmp; <^. dv4 trtpiTW' ID. &»1, miTarfov B 47, irari ^ui^im^ B 3'>!i. — Ftir 

319' Ipift*<' luSlO. -^ •p^Tov; ffft^r MHit fill n - — ln-fin Av|tfT ^ tp* lAI f|. 

330' wp#*4*T*T. ia rc'^urly foUowod by ite dirrtt midrcu in Iho 

lUxc Tcrv, but occuionally vnmc infiduuiul nSTnkrk intvrV4:Tiu b\ nay of 


331, 0^Air«vPi ^ 1-ffMprinianjt, *futr«/, Fftlnicliijf ii tftpdnw <il AoliilUlfl 

331. Ipx^^A^ ' ^"^^ fo1low«id by th« jurrittiiiTB of <Unilt of motion.* 
J 11^ A, — Auiii III? mjjon dura ucitgu m pvnuD ijaMt 18A)>iuii» Acbiltiui Wl 
dMlarnd ('liHi) Hml h*^ Would mrXt tio mittAU^. 

335 X'N*^' ^Milivi^nf til-' |uirr, t'>iif'bMf, %kh MdiT*, f /: v^^c^ t9?| 
yuuWi- 107. ^00. nti£i^ Iiltl. — d^V** ^Jytir]^ iiitiniliYr firr 11h* &iE)p«T«UTtf^' 
;i&nll>] Willi IfiX"'^' ^'A ^^"f^ '^^ — 'i^^^^ oantaifu «q uxplkii&tlon <if 
tlip j>m.'t<ill Ti^ iiTijrrtttvi* anil ln'rioi? ^h nitt nonnncbiil vrltti ll by a ixinjuuo- 
Uonffi 15 A) i i/, fl<ia. 

334 = 137, 4iUi Su^r T^r ^iHHru^ 

334. maC: Btn.mi^bi^iiFt iliyuii'^ 

336, b.-.trJAir^ u 3£.^ - j^Ok*^ i.<. thv ptoDvdfeff fOmfRAiid. 

337. Alir«wi: h^raiiwof Un»ir "in-ojl Aud m*'nmiw ferf ActjlIIi?i; r/". 331. 
— WTip(j:iJ<-); duAl fiiniin u^'Uciiilljbavrifco nugtQotil in Jl"nii-r.^^mp4 
ftvB ; ^H 317. Thi? quarUn of Achillea w^n* at iho cTlfpmi* rinhl. *il Hifl 
fMmi|i; r/- ^' Auivmc vXmtuic . . . ij^' *» *Ax^AAfipi» ni p wjftxrv nvm 
i«mv I t^Vav. itvopiff *»rvVM -m mV^ X****^ A 7 ff. '« 'ft^ trnft tt/ Ajat 
and iotJtore p/ AcXiitft, vho th*^ *tp thr\f »\\f-^ nt 'h'- ^/Tfiwififji n/ ^t Unt, 

339. riv: rcfcrv t>ii<?k b? ^22, ris. AnhllW 

330. o6S' Spa: ft«r nal'iraltf not rih^^^ '"*^^^ W '"^' ^ b*4rt"i 

in«ptm> 4.?rifit.i *■/. OhV ft>, iSfl, 

331. Tft^p^^^ t*.":*'/ h¥/"*r (th<! opfiniHr "f flipin|»rnt H5),«lllUthi 
jirtt»nl nifHifUiiH i'i|jrr^*eM lU? iynjtini*rd ^Ultudc of lJn;ir nilndn. 

333- i V«' '*^r t^° bi&tiM, r/. £3:!, B 10^: am f 97 h.^hgimt vc. 
thflir'^rr*nd, f/. floa, 

3H. x*bNT«; llw c"Bt->ffi*rr prwAiiiK. -A4* typk^t rrX^'. ihejf *ro 
inArioUlila »rvAiiti t>f 5<oriH^«ut ySfifrtXiJoT (an 170)- HiTTniaa k iit>t JVl 
till* jiBinm {{(hI {if liDfAlda lu U^MUei- 



33S' Intnav; toUatrvs; ic^lim. Cf. 1^3»— 'A^aii^ivy; ^. f Wtuh ^irru 

ni''n iiml wiimi'iL of iHihlt Xaiuiliti, Hut «wpoi 'Ajpuif t^T^J il*>e» nol 

339- Gyciv: KnMliiliiiUtVH; ./. ^;^ctAii >l, li^^ic 4-13, R 1^". T ll< - — 

Ti *' atr«: ihm tnn) thtw^Aifs- TW. »vry unji vrho p*<^i:iit»?«l l^i- uujuflt 
or^l.^r CLTO to bo witmiictp* ot \\m mjuiticw fti}d nf AohJDH' jni1i6o&Hou ID 

33>- «p4*; m iht tifjht ofi hi/art. '/ ^SO, X«n, ,U. I 0. 0. Fot UiP 
rapvUtitin of Ih^i jin>|viitHio[J, rf. thiil of ^ 4^)1 IT- — 6«dk> At^ihSwhw- f^ir a 
HUoiig '■ Jfcll |»rsuiia." 

340. t^i '- tkii'-T T(. re, ^vcK f^pr'siAl ]<rDiD]ueii<% to tliii oIikUiti>, *p^ 

rmrrofl rov ^4^nn tcC Jin/jw*. For tkio ot^ct ^f Wijrds, cf. J I, r^ 
Xi-^/TiTTJ^yn rirvfT^oArtV U 2T/1. Slni^ thn Jirtli'lt* It Af131 a di'rnnnulral.lTi* In 
tluciiLT. tilt fuTt'i^oiu^ Lirr m?rtflv U]>[iaivul <^uvptionb tu the ml?' l^At tbti 
ftt*iibiitiv4i ftdjeptivc Jilrui^ between tlio njticlFi jitii its noun. — Si) a^: 
for 111'' '?iyniK<'Mh.* t/". l'll,-^a*Tt: ttni tifftirn. umrkijuj a n-jwIiUtm, but 
ixnUcaticig & eiiuation a|ii>i»r:d (o t(i>i ]>T«tnut ; t/^ 347. 

341. XP<*^ ^^n^ai 1 tTui haf|i»nfi in Ihi* Nintli Bcvik ; »» f 6 r ---Tiio 
dIjjiicI lii'fiitir Ltii- tinnkvr'i mind id Afiiniimiion. nonoo mt the clivr i^f 
tlw w^nL'^im, rwt rI\AAii it UAr^d inalciod of tbo ^ucriU word *A;^iu«v, 

eiio<4. BA B 3D| fur &n unJEaowu n^cutou. 

343^ «W r\'. awl not at nli. — »(|ffat htA.' j^roT^rMht cipreniou for 

pruil^un:; r/. V 109. — The inftnitit'L' LjlKm* uSt. kii»it>i Af<ti\ 

rA«; (hfyvh\fiilif^ffAT. 'V\h* I'iV'it'iiiiyt ih** |ijiiii;i|ia] ■)?ti(riir;i"i»* tnUnwed b/the 
□pUUvi?, mn>^ tb^ |>uqio«« is pi«fM>nW u a mvro conocfitiaii<rf tha miiid, 

346- ifHuvffd , tliU jikIUaU-* timt Uriitrtn v;u nioitfi UiAii a nuvH yipxt 
lo Achi]]4>«, Jt'iiL tliAt hU JdiK^r uimwo li^t hjinply fmiu lli4 Inftult olfHriKi k> 
hUtli^itir l>ul rtlMi fmm miuTnl^^J Uiyv. ??u ad I StO \iv dsks vlnrtlii^r ilis 
■M» of AtrouB &lai>c love their wivnsi lu* Iovch bu bdvrtiij, thoaf^b aJic ia 
n cji|iitJtfa- In T S»T ff, nil* mimrni Mtbrrty for ibo dcMl Pilrwlm on !)*r 
rvliuii lo tlir Wut uf AdjiUc]i,^.^|w^ : FX|iUn*il>orir Ap|Hi»ELitiT Nvitli 4> — 

^Ax*Uk«l« ittX': m Ttimiilf di'>ti-n|}Uoti <.if tliv- efTrf-t which i.hi« tiivi of Itit^oia 
had upo«i tiK hero, inithout depicting bis ftcUngs ia modvjn fA«hion- 




349. huMpOnit: ftlt to vnr^in/f . Aurff inM frdri ii j«n|iA{i« too Mrong ■ 
trajiAUuon. but giros iAm IncfplivA for<v nf thi- oorUt. — M|tov ; i:t;nfltriu 

m«ovDt'^l, in "pi(<! »if (K^ vlisioii, itj ordi?i* U> jimvc^at tlio rt'iidcr frQm coo- 
irtruing it with iJL^ (Aa«^j,"-U6ir ^t and ACAfUT<m &n iha fmcnl 
wor^ for jKft ; ntrrvc iff th« hi^h, itKp cfA (often vllh nif«mico to » |iw- 

wJiilu iitYckiiJg tliv n.<a iliv^uity he ^t^lchcd out hi* liAAiLt r^Jwiud Uio 
doffi, Cf- I AA^, nlLTfp AHIiAAft bmU upon iha gmund m aIu* nil* u|ion 
tha D«tli«T kmU ; -fiAlinA* p<iiiti> tuitii[<ni atrft»rjQO . , , Di, quibttji 



393. hwk \t-- tli« proTiiiuoiic« gitvc Ivy yi emph^ite^ ika &ct aa 
ivepouBiblc< for tho mfcronoo wLich u fLmvn frooi it. *'SiQ« you g«VD 
mo blrtb. ynn nughb Ut mi> thaf* I nm miwln hnjipj, TitiiJi nxi^hf. ui ^mnT^ 
mo bonor *iDoe b« dci«< not Tvauliiiafn hi-t lonjt life." — p^LmMfiidv ; <''iiin'4- 

lani trt im^iopix '117. - wip: iri iu onjri'iRl uw, 'Vf^. 

353. TinV*«p: '^i^'i"" '^' ^^fu^ l>Ua.'U first with empLwU, 'Cbiulic" 
uitii ^nn-tfuiMiT (^ lU «t, S^tXXiv : Ihn p«jit tonuo of vorbii of obURaticm 
U xitfYl til Imply thftt Oii> fiMSKath«i wa* not rrtni|illA{l wUh. 

(^Awmf^rfff rrtribly/rffm on Aiffh) YiK. — v^ivht- hut n/t it (V, rnurlsingrt rwtiini 
Ut ilii? TT^fJity Imm a mrx^slj Jjjpollittii^al cmb ; cf. ^17. B 82. 

356- iXwvlxAt 'liffvrA friun tlA< chii^y lit ^^ifiR i>r'>nii[L^TMv to Uin 
fiiiHiii*Mu>h Ht *l.itl riiii iLWmi*J , ^y, (of l)i4> sHiiitf ttct) **\fT* /;(« jS* d^o^'"' 
] ttntOt — -Ar^ifio^-. imrtJctp]'! of liirr^Jjjwr 41(0; c3Cf Uuatory of JAwr. For 
Ui»? •trrtiyrli.'inny by avnk, '/ 137, 101, ISS, 331. 

357. vt ^TQ m'A- ; </ viv f«lur UoruiintLJ Ver^ .»lm< vl, I. 

356. nrpl T^povrt , i,'. Xrmiifl, y!]xo if nnt nnninil by [lomor but Oltly 
iJfHi^iiJiUMl hh iXiM yt/iuM' (AAA). HiH houm ix iti \.he \t*^o^n Stt, Willi 
tim b T}]ttbt who Ima Itfi h«r >H^ busbuntl Prlfus. 

359- &Mi : abl&t.ii-Al ^nitiv^. /r-dm rAf tta. Sw g iU A.^-tivr vftlx'^-i] t 
iiXf' ti mill, nfiiiih rim-f nu^ily 4iiJ i|uiL'tl;^ fruiu ihir w»tiM-, Un^ f-'iii- 
pAH»Oti U ci^hLfliALlj IlLtitijc f^Tir » M>a ^^tiMotK r/. ^ An 4!iviMiiii>; iniHl { 
fit?**u fn>Tii n rifiT i.iVr F.hf^ tiiati^Ii j^IhIj^h,' MnioTi Par. L<M lii. 4?9 i,— 
For tho tlomoric coinpfcriBon, r/ 47 i •« j 14- 

360L vAfoif" «^T«tB: ftf/bpf Ai>h(«;/) . Tha intaiuivD ptoitoim COfibrHAti 
Ai:hJlW liiiiiAiU Mtth liL« viJi<^:, hWit lib Uji'Uht liiul jiiat litiunl; rC 47. 
tw4f S '[!j A. — &aKpv x'**"^- ^^"* nfii'lttiriM of Lhiuu^ nrT<lii tntn H57 is 
(ilmnurlerbitiif <.if tJio fiilliiHm* of fpir elyle. — TIib Houitric hvroui were 
DoTFT ^ahftincd h> iMprvm I'ltiotioit, Tbc; vwpt ooplcituity. 

361- ■ttfJpifi- lor thp ajnifb p iiftoT thA iLU^n«at, MO § 30 ft — Forth« 
(ipiE fullnvM. c/. Tj?, v8. 

3fi2. ff^ 4^^**^- A<iciiAAliTi>* i,t i\m u]ii>1i4 Ami |inrt., rAt/ Arirf. 

363^ 4taMa rrA- 1 tht* >itH<<*iir] iiii|»f-mtivr- n-jwMM thd thought at Uv 
flmt, hciic« Ui« < EutycKliTton ' i nfi 328. — viy ^ oa in 132. 

364. fkifi4>t r/diVi^30^/iivn78. 

3S5- otff*ft, r/. :j:jrf.-— fl; U njit a «Iiupt«i nlgu wf &iunstii>u ill Homar 
(h4m> on I'SJt), And h«no« ohh U» y^iriwl wrih r/. — tSv^ : iTitr«ncUhc. — < 
Thoii;ch hiB inciihrr Lmrvnn nil, Ai'^tllVi tfllx tlir* sUtrv. A nmn bi BTifiTar- 
ing fljitb f«U«( ia nhcftTQing hi« ilU, and Ihu rt?oital v^i foUowcil V tko 



tfjnapfttbv of tl>o pMfa h«aron. TL^i nipoimtiH U morn n/LlunJ l)4A»D«n 
4v«pf4»: ■ BubjiuictW« of ildiburstioii.^ — I'or tho TDltoJ ivp?UtioDt (/. 

366, ObjtFTTt! tliAt UtU fttiiiry W tnmxIac^Kt wHhiutt a lyjTiJiiiiirrjIoii.^^ 
<fX^^- ''' ^" ^^' V[i\rHitdJrkk{ oi^HiElilinruf in tint tiv'ti^iltaitUijwi tti Trojr. 
8nH tm 125. — B^^" ' ^^^** mnnfatityn r>f Chrytflin witli Tlii.-lm U not in&iia 
pkin- W&aabi; there od a Hint? Or sn^n? Tbtb* and Cbryiu nwiVrdcij 

367, ^j'fB^k' iv9i&« ; An<imra>«hi> UUa of UiO Akok of th'7 cUy, of h«r 
ffttlwr'H livAih ftnd lifr ruotlit^r'* («|>liirity, in Z4H (T— 4|Ye|i»- impllrA liv- 
ing cwatiiTto, nspeciiUlj" fiiaouefi. C/. ^^puw 1ft. 

366- «C: propifly, lo thai oftcb rocohvd hU dua iihhnk^ — SA^r****; c/. 

369. *■ V Ufl» : nn y^q (JfaipvrDr, f/. B 327), Usidflfl hu flhnre of iho 
^oUa. Se^on 1?4 — Theai|>tt]ni of Chijiyi (37), or *t ImM ^ ChfTMli, 
m tho AMtiQ ejqxidUlOTi \» fc*mmod Iwro^ B APft !F- AfioMA thfbt ]«ynis«tui 
WM ttckad, and UrlMikA tUtnn capllTa, en Iho Ravm vo^iaj^, nLich ahjiw lo 
Ilavii tj«vti shijrtty ^i^fvrp CliijMxt' vbit to tJiu c&mp. 

371-570 ^liJ-l«» 32 95. 

380. i^J^vt fcl^^; p/- vaWirAar^o'ruc At), Jti^uivu roJU' 110. 

301. ^Aot ^v: jrcr. A y^p. Thiit viihi hWnii Ijr Uie evtut. 

302- ^^ 'Af^tetfi : tir* ^ii^b Ji itHUvti fif Hw [K^non in llomcr oftvn 
uui>liHa liudlilJtj. likr^ ^f niLh Lb« ucuoaiUvv in |in¥u; 4^, 31, V 1A, ia:j. 
— iifc>*v: f/. 10. — pa«t: u6l. 

3B4. Vf> F7>>^v] : /it u. 

385- 6iAirp4*la« r hh 1:^7- ^ iciro^; ^/ the Fir Dorier. uatvc ia a dliurl, 
■|wt' form uf Imnj^&Xp^ (ni 'Eiiunr wm « tianiu of tlm moon (^nfldi^ft) . 
Cf. S|urAu90. I'of lumiUr Pi^ithcia of A|m>11o, aco i^^ /- 

386. a^Ua^ for tho Uck of a conjunotlon, a«a J Ifi tf. — hXA^v t r/. 
CL^ n» aij<4 K^t* on Ti. 

387. AvpiWi* -rrX. : «quLir&l«Dt t4> 'AvpcW Ij^oAa^ {ef. )piX«$u% 0). 

388. TinCLiinT |iC#ov: thr KiiglUh idiom rcTuriKJi Htn coimiruniiori, Af 

iB9- ^fiivt OmeniNlvd vrlth rft> Ai Afll — vit t^E ' irirjfa o ff&t^, ftlmoct 
equiTsltfiiL lu ^5 fA^ip* lliiB ncpnMion arwma more itiaUunieutal tliau 
irtiar«Uiaooitir«4leBiJi>oftniB«&tio&*di ^. 171^, 1^3> 



590, iri)kir«vmvr nrari (| }T), The prv<«i>fit in uw^i thwf Ihv itct 
U Uoi Qoni)>I«trd' The liifrtoricfhl pfwait' ta not Itonii^ic^ — &Y™» 
U'. ■ iTibordinat* member of tlw ivDt^m^Cp with 'chiftHlio' ivlftUuii to 
wiiLWOVJUf (9 M). — Hfa t.c. vLutiniii tin ituuriAtxr ft*am: AjHtUo^ ^. 

391, *4|v tt irrA.: ooTitnwtwl with Si»U —vttv. wtvcrb viUi J/Sdv 

It GSa. pT^^f^iui 1* men* frcnjuciitlj utmi wilii m pOkrtifripJii ; c/^ H 71, 
MX^^ TTpix^tpviHra ^I'lAAa 2 4ilJ. 9w on tvy l^U, 103. 

393- S4r» tfA' : im 3'1'J; iHiii iin Til. 

393, wOiA^ lf|M : ifit; t-titim^l #rjfi, \t M^r-mM fwrt of the ptiM'ci naiivf^ 
tlut ^ifl itprotiff Bpjil}' BUoL f^pithfrta V* th^'inecK-od ; but tliv phri^n ia port 
of thft pi:»i'« luwii. nnd hi» luirdly thinks trhMhor he U *pplju;g tho apl- 
Ihifi hiiuw'lf ^ U pultlDg It in the< }kcro'* nuruth. 

3M- Alk: t»r lh4 Jfrifftli L^t tliu ultirna tx>fc<iv Aunu* aLW f GC J^. — rf 

39S- fm. IpYr- r nJT' ha li cully pUci^d in contrJitt, At the Vrffinnin^ Jind 
thft cktiu of U^iJ TD»c-— vfoSlip' Out ; f^i 1hi> 'pvrlj'tinuiiji,' A>a ( lt( ff, — 

9M- vtUirik; for th'- iiiitiHHi^n 4jf tin^E «, »« J SO f- - Wt; gvnitiTc of 
«oam' ^«iIil Jirotyni,^ irikrpA« ' i.f. nf rrOL«iiti« |ti TlinwiK, uherv Thndi 
««cinii to }mv« Tfiikjvlncd afur her nuurU^u uutil tfir ouilimtk <rf the 
Tnrjan Wnr; f/ II :.':.'] ff, (ivhcri> nit^ttan U lOAilik nf thi> ^^htiNtof AchUI(>« 
thit Thvlir* jvckifd forliitn w ht* *rt tmt fcir Truj). Siw on 3S&. 

397' fCx«|«ivi|t: nijppli-ni4int«ry pHrtioi[ih< with fria, ff» "i^J » — 3r «rrA> I 
FXpUitiK tiynfiiyrfi- Stt* Jt 11 ^. 

398. ioiifaKrX.- u^ll;</.ljT. 

399^ Amrftn: WjrTi (irir-V ujv^in <i fiuic. — I'luitin irmkiUi aik iiw of UiiK 

*tijnc«»li^u ^ Wr inbrnlow wiUi Zfiu»- Arietotlv oWrn«i Ihis^ aud 

^^K renttrlcH IHaI im-u il<j nul oitn^ t» hv mniiulL^ vf the favors vhiob tbey 

V 400. Tin' llircii divinilii^ nom<^ »nr now on Iho Mi- uf \hv AcliUfnuw. 

I 401 IXOflbra : WP tm j'uv l^h- — fli& : muFki lipr powi>r Ui UTOiriiiliHl) , 

t /MytffifV «/ rAf rAriinf- — Tmiiiilinn Ui Htr**ct divoounv froui Ihb lufinitird 

I pohitruf!|,Lckn nf H'J^ ; r/. R 1 J. I2<t ^ wfr f U «< 

I 403 kaT4-|X«>pev : </. ccntim j^nii < f-vni }U^r- Aim. ii- 1", H, 

W btfluii fnuricnpH i£. IL lA- ^4- — KaXlnffa^ lij t'tiUtn^j iM>lnch1<mt In tlmfl 



403- Bpii^Httv : hy ImiiAfT <»! quknUtv for Bfnaprjav, ^ 'i^ r^ T1i« 
iinjtip (^/'.uij/^hj^ml-'i] ; rr'- jSjpia^^) DiAtlu bis ftlrrnjfUi ibful chanivl^r. 
|lt>is culJv'J Ac^iuui' (.^forwj r i^ alyt«, ATfru. A<yi») in Ihi? pijptiUr Hpe^ck, 
BBAHPailivbjt^^. iU' Uthr imnuiilfliHl ti»g!iL hiid nuir of iNitmsi. I|i>jOcid 
RkftkrA }iim aid Zon* a^in«t tht^ TttaiiA- — Hqulct fillrilnktci tr> Ihr Un- 
ffim^ nf llu' iJEmN riATiM^ uht^h ftro pfi»^)^j; <'»t •■>( \mv (hill mMi-Ii mAV «di>m 
ctetrvr Id tLu-ariiiic tluiu tlus utlit'n) ', t/- B $19 f- ^^ vn B T^:i> 

4M> V^i 04 jhtf />arf.--ff4 ifr H "^ *-'< rMvitlon, tJie mtt;bt;< «a god. 
All of PoMiInii'ii wiim nrn trprnwiilrd Ml rlnltuiL — ttl: ^- jfTd. 

405- l%^.itfth'i fortKo dcanoiutntivtt hm of tito nUtWft, »p fi lif jj. 
— ic^Bii yildv: iffit'jkiiuy m IliA fittlEiOM oT ibij migAt. — Thi« ftAfniA 1o JilftJ 

406. mU? 4t/»; nark<lliu*ffoat coiTMpondingtc Ktl&ii^'iiA'. (/. 249. 
— vWEtLCftv : lor lh<* Inngtli nt thn ftnt<?p*'niilt, <■/ .IS- C»« whb ii-rb* of 
fciifiiL^, rlT'-Jii^, ykldititf inAfkn tin: ■iifpvncirlty an iKt Mv of ihi^. [>vT^}tt 
vhci tfl T.1ir< Afn^^lt^iit rniiiiK. — W- Imtirfii'h Uim rinw mtitTifriinn iif lltM luit 

407. nhr; ko oq 180- — |Uvt ooDstruo willi ^if^ffnmt. rt^*o would 
Kii^pni IIiiT ilAtiw- — v>^iiiiv: for thir gcuIUvti, e/. jfafi6t 3:f3-— 'Hthi «im 
till? laittii't" vf '1 *ii|>p[jEbi)t ; r/l IiQl) (T. 

40S. *t nl^ ma : i/ no .«vl Vkgci- >■'">»• to /Ai niiff^. <y, 1]j« f«roi> of 

409. tford irpv>i.-M : lh« ulttpB VForo <lr«wD Up vith tiioir stonu tovaril 
tluT LiJLtl . ^ d4i^' AXa : fi/j^rrj/ rA* ma. I'-r. i»ii llw ahiBrv Wlvitfu IliP tjmmni^ 
t^rio^ Sij(^iiEii iiri<l Klii>iil^tiiii. L'lir.ll ikitw tliA ^mtllo* ha^ hiv/T> ff»ujflit On 
%}f pUtn. (Jir frcrn thp fchip* Jii»l tii'^ir l|p> ptJ.y, r'/ ArhTlW vonlik^^^ 

"Efcraip 1 35Sf f. At Lmy ui f letft fyhUnrj amrmrj iA^ At^ftaatnt, Jfti^Ifrr ir^t nal 
tPttiitiy If/ niiur th" htiUlfi tumjf /mill tfir rnU (lit thn ^^Lty). — 'AxoL^bf, In 
ihppciqtlioil wilh rmk- 

410^ lwm<^*»TiW iiMy ranf fo fnjo^: in>nic>l. Cf, rjil iilq tiid d«ti* 

TAnt Ttgf;^ pUttuuliL: AcLiv] Hoc. /Tfiur i.2. 11^ 

411- miC t «i«». i>- A* vfiU ofl thf otht^ (irvok«> 

4U. ^ &Ti|i>: Jh£« A/ii]jf m/ii/t>it1i»fl, Aur Uinttnm. TIjU U injbl»> Eiiiir" 
d«finlt«l>y ^r(«>TA. (•^f^^i r<), mVI^L Vf- B 111. 

414- t1 n. bi^ nou-> fc v^uf rfi . «ccu>«tkTc of >|V<«)6ciitJciiL, — altd , 
co([DAt* aecuaoUTB with rom tmi . cfrvot/^iiify. 'd A»m<v. V/. nawij alotf 41H. 
Th«UB C»IU iH-f^ll SiiffBL/HfrrflTOirtUi 2 Tfl wttt\rr ti/tin nnAnppg Ktrrv. 



415 . 4Xt ^tXit ' for thin fi^nri nf i>i]>n>E4ion for an iinatt&iatvblo vlvh, 
lUMi U- HTl b> (j. 1^12 — dSdKpvr«t atA> : i^c. fuJl ot Juj ftiul ]j(htr|jhii-ju. 
ThU thouj-lit rcoDivca llio oDi^>bartUi. 

416. olov ^ 4r, 4<rTi- lIurA llhfl nJiMV, 'rt^N fi/" /{/>. |i(vin4a' hjIv^tIj 
moiiifyiJii; the ^^tT t*> iv wiii\ihrKi, kvIjuL in BOtnpiiruLM Tnoilifipti bv au 
adr^-rb in Homrr (^ IH i), f.'/. Afnjv iytyovro iriuiryj V 1' >, ovff J^' Jra &ifv \ 
j(f K l^fl f-* A I^IOh "HOT iXid ha live lojit;-" — of r\ ^6ita 6^v; Jii^ |irivifrlih]£ 
thoii^lit Lit r^pcjitOHJ iu no^tivc form, — For Hvi Loujfih of ttio ultima of 

417. rU;^: na3S4.-T'W: itd ponitioD isfrMif/. B Sal. 

418. nrXia: Shfi'i tir!, VitnTnWy thoH brcamtit hy tJvcrw of fnte ordered At 
ttij birth.^T^- fA*r'f/r/rff, S]il' hifm-Ti ittim i\»i (umgitrng, not llir (act 
but Uiu juAttttcfttJoQ of tho eicprtifbiona aj>4 t^mohtq, «ur^ wirrj- — itaje^«lr||: 

419- T*0™ Ivvt; i.<-40T ff.— «(i ^ffcbiTc ol int^nvit: c/ roiiS^ f, — 
Iplirvirti futiin- [v;irttir)pK vYpreHmj* [mi^tUM*. — Uoth 'hUtui' in thil 

M4JV. UTi' Mi'?n-'ly Aii(«ireut. f!} 27 JVJJ-. fi'2. 

431- iri >iif»: i-<)rri<[h].ivt- viHU 43K, Tlir.- ini''rji<iv^f 4'EpUnAtlon nukai 
it uftluial U- cJiunKf^ the form of tho apinloiui from tyw 5V. — *fc: ij?, until 
Ji«r vitiil to /^tu — fivf^pm: vt 4»*f. Iiijicllvity la )in|JlAil] ■■/. H 1199, 
Cf^.— Tlii^llA il<>i'« riot viicvrurikicir livr »iii lo carry olu hi» ibfviil of lOd, 
to return to Phthia. 

433- i^Vu: pr«Bi-r)t iinp^rfttivri) coWiafK trt ragt. See ftn 910. C/. 

423. 2tv« 'fAp Ktkr. givi'A tbo ri?viOEi for tha prat^adiiiif rJlf^i^tlfiiii Vfl|:t^ 

'flM>ftr4t; fff f^K* «V>cii1fi of Orvinttf, iH-ikr «|ijti}i wm th«.* Kom« of Wva Acthto- 
f^iiLnM. 'i\\v At^tltiopmnH livr^l in tlw MiitiUiPbAt iiiirl louthwiut of tha 
IlfuHfiric wcrld. Ttioy are represented on c^ god-fcftriTm; [•cij^ilu, e:ijii,vi]kg 
th<i i-Ai-jioeiftl lolonxjnnrt of ih'* divinitiei. — piri: U-H "JiW- 

424. x^^CiM- |»(»?»lWtr jvlji-clivr' iiinleiul \ji tuIivrU an 472, 40T, B 3. 

(riiriliivlkttoii of IDA, '^21 i-^ whore AUjcuju 4U(I Ih^ra fin^ llioiticliL tX lu «jj 

439h B«8«j|iTi|: 1^1 &4> Tbls ia luukourfil fmiii llie dnj uu mrliiolj 
Thetitf i« Bpoiiking. Tirfflt« !■ «otnttim«a ft rouai &umU<r, in Homvr u 
well iLi in the Bible. ^>IKi4«mi: 3au 



to tliQ huiiii< [tf Zrii>, r>nr.-fi tv tljAt III 1 lc{'baR«iti]is And oucir (o Uw {fnUcc of 
AIclnoi^H. I'iitt i)tr«xfur|(l uf wo^vl xvu« |iroba1'ly oov^rwl wilh ft Jilato of 
broii/i;- TIji.- Ilutir ijf itiv IjjlIL uf Zriji^ nnn cuvrfrvi! ^nith j^>]i.1. ^ 2, C/. 
'>ini Iho floor ci tiiL' ho(WJ lir overlaid *ilh (fold, withiti &n4 irltbout,' 
i Kirifft li. 3(1p €f SfJoinon'c tpmple. 

M7. KOiC |UT, KaC |U* : for l\\e jliiUiifiI'-I nT|>frttLit>ii, f;;^. nu fuv 0dXav 
fyar > ' - W fM\' i^ui y ^^o^i/L' 'At^wvyi wpttidipw K ir^)>, JPO -jrif? J Afr Am 
in CJl« jftdu/^/rr. ujjJ i Aucf ^Aul / ihoutd tend Him la ffaJes. — ir"*^VH<>^' 
<f. Xaff >AWr 'tOT. 

438^ ^npV^rv- ^^^v lu thU pUcfl In tbo Tvrw. baton* fha bucolk 

wh^ii H'U^^rltEHl (u4it \'iiry fT»H[i]''ril) in ItoTrifrrs nx w-ill u ^ti-m ii pniiiouli. 

430- piQ frA^ I Ajf //i^Ct oy^i'^f ^i^ ff''^^ --UKVnvB: tv, t&tv^ jfCEiitivc of 

430-4B7> Thn ftceno in C'hry*ufc ri»ilririi31y tulr^rvi^uvB belwwu tUe 
l^rctniflv oE J hvti« »n4 iU fuIiUluiouU atui thus loccu Lc fill up in jmrt ihi^ 
liTfllTin diiyA' ili^lnv. 8pr on F 121. 

430. a^rdf '0&vffRv| ktA- : ■^/'. 4tl ff, — Por t^c tM|^nitSn|tof ihtf n&rrft- 

491- tUHt &ftiv: i"/* fcx"**' ^V"^ ^*^^* J*' Turim0ii*T;ii /;(fcn' r^r Jrii*roD 
Swu^fr Xr?')^ /In. Li. 4, S* JYuf, nMrA, u fiiwiJ bi^iMUH.- tiuj tiai^atonil) waa 
ccin|MJAri| af live j|[il[itAk, Si^iT on TL 

433p lo-ria c-rtAavn: fAey fA'it r'n fAftr »rij^. TIjc luiiyio bUuu iho 
)iliuv4 nf n jhjutiiwlni pmnniin- fy, 4A(1, fi^-l, 

435- irf«4pwrgw: wti^n iu«r tticdr harvn ihex furled Ibcir muU bud 
ro^t<l lliv h'^t to land. 

436. *<«; ^>9thr^^cpotiUoll.r/. :iaOr. i mn j ISK— fO*4t, Umo «rre 
IftTKo iiU>TiLNi vliieh Kcnixi m «nchon. XIkw u^n cp<it from Ui<^ pnw, 
vhib* Ui« vpv/HtTVM (iTil) hi>1ii tha (il«rn. Wbfln the Tioat wn* to rDmAln 
lon^. it Ku dravn up on Ibnd- 

437, ^tvv, for the dettfriptii* iiDperffect, ^^ J^i ^fx — M: f^O' tbn 

430. P^tf**^ litHt EinriAl, UntirifiVD. f^. HI, ID], SIO, Ximfnr i4S. 

439. T^v rhrtbni }%»* lH-i-n llmiighl U> imltJitp tha mu\dpu'% iiu^AJiiinrHt 
ftcps ; g Ifl b, — 4i: »dft<ib. » nt'O^T, but more cxBcUj defined by rr;vc, 

440- tirl pv|^^; tha god ii thai madu a ttituMP of tbe n^tlim. Thii*^ in 
A fiwolUti iuDcrip^lou a iii^ii cinancipitcA bb aUtc iKirriW 'AtfuAipnovi i/4 



SXint) of tbf ft<~Kl^ (lWiT<A thai, tio lAn:i|)lH 14 iiiiiiiEiriiy>rL 

441. iv x<I>tL TiVii; placri! nt ike urma. For Lhv iIoLjvvv f^. yo^jj 345. 

For x<^ lU am, rA Z * I . I'iJ^ t*^ : fnr tlie form, ff^ ii^iti 23. 
443. «p& (Af/A'i'j ]-irtp4tv: f/. vfiif ^Kt lity 

443. ^t4h'' f<-r tbc InfinlUvc, c/ aTuy a^S.^WtdHPriv ^b: r/ kfji 

444 , inrip Aa««dv : fn hrkaif ti/ fAe £(jnu), Tills fl|;iiistivp utw u( ^^. 
froquvrit jti LhLcr Uri'ch, hnnitj nj^purt rlnt^whrrc in llotntr. 

446. Chrywin \wn- ill)«i|tp<-itni Imiii llift kUhy- 


440. ICXifi: rn orr/rr, nittcv ^mr^i^i^ b oollectivR. ^Inr^fiffttir: fint 

449. xip*^'1"'^= *'"'> ('■^>t'l niil pmj to T.liri^fiHNMrTlli liiiwa>Jii>i1 IiuiiiSh. 

Z son . _ DdKi>Xfrp«4 ' 1 1 nun KIT t( I. Iiriijuvl ^lurli-y^oriii (aiTAiii nfitBttC). vhivh, 
nttuftsd Ami mixed ^|^Utl ult ff/- 'vilh all t1iin« ijJTrmiits tln-ii nkmlt oflvt 
•alt.' Itfiir. ii, 11). y^on ihromu upon the Aro (rpofiaXorra 4AS) u an 



out (nrff^tjntt, Thir ujw of thvne in Mi^rif^vv Ifi ft turvUnl of Uhkic^ fmnj 
Uli» iitan ^rhitTi tht< ifrinJirig o^ gnthn wu nnkmjwn, Vi>r^i] (,'1f4. I. JiP) 
u ni^cursl>.< in rujLkiiig iUv Tmijiiii ht-ru^t parrh Uivir j-ruin ntul l)i<^ii hniiu- 
it. — 4v4h*r*o: f0'>i Iji;/; tc^ front the Liiektt Ktundlng out the f(round- 

450. tot4^v:/>r rhffa, iX IW, S4T, — iwrUat 'ourf^y- f/ nAAa »A.— 
XaE^o* 4yAtfx^ - ^^*^ \'a\ui* vimv eJllniidrii lM«nrdK thr fi^K lIiv uxuft] aCII- 
bi>lM III |>ri4yi'r, ftK ih Hhiiwii hy ttorkfl of ttrt *'/. ^-M, T ^IH^ S^ itljto 
Ariiuti^ iLff Hr^linrWH. ('/. *Aiid il iMfnv Ijj piLv. "aN-'ii Mm.'ri Ju-M up his 
baniL tliat Israoi pn?vai]«]] and whrn bt- U>t -lown iu» haiiJ, Aioakk 
piWaiM," /Trarfui iv!l. U. Si^p VorcihiiUrjr *,y. j^a^. 

4S1 f. ^ -^7 f. Wtlli Uin uTiic fo[ iiiuJa ivlth sv|ik4i t\ir privtt br|£Ali 


453- Ji|Ut^ 4^: ptLrntactk coniitni«iiofi| whiiM^ th« Krgluih idioEU ui«» 
-ii . . , id"; nv §31 tt, — S^-wrt: aa^ atrrmtjf. nvTcUUrc vlUi In 4M 

434. ExjtfMLJKUtr; •MpiHWtivit wymUfUtn/ — vC|MfrM cf A- > jrff. bj mhiI- 

tbr |^'^tl]^Ilcc nhich Avv^il^l ihr idlgbt ciCtt ri.-*! L'> tIll- [jth^I. 
4S5. «M^ vhr : coQtTMlcd «)tk rj^, frboiV. — t«Si icrk. : i>. Llio folloT^ 

456- fiSr] pfrr: noLT tif c/>cr. — Atti«otoiP crX. ^^7^07. 43f ^ t3> 

458- In Ihi* *aiiTiliL-f» 4*«.('nl.i(<.! in y 140 ff^ fh* vicrlim's forvla^k M ent 

olfjuid ihrjiflD into Iho fin', btfoiellit Larkjcoru^ arc tifTvnri. '-^otrdplnli 

ihh it Tt^-aUd in Chi* carrftthT, Ifli. WT. Iiili, l«4- 

439- a^nnvi thfy itrttf ttji (tinck) iIia hrtA at lhi> viotlm. in Mvlpr to 

llcbl'D th'' Miii><li^ uf ttio ncak- Ir^^C**'- ■>'- ^If^n*^ thi? large Artery of 

4W, ^npvut iC^Tt^ufv; insl^oil of the mote definite ttt jujim tcyivot, r/- 
-10. — HtiTQ - dativi: <jf nieaUL "I'vro lAyon ol fnt wcic pln.^ iiv«-x tliw 
thigh plRp'^: and ll|>rm thn fftl, blU of r%W mofit from aII jitrM of t^iK 
boily (w9rttu¥ luXitfr)* aynttfiluli^jf n Morifiop uf ikv wlwlrt anLiiia]. Tlint 
W*T* liflrTK^d, afid r,liri4 lh# gniJt, BOCOHiDg tO th« ll<4lli>ria brll«f, took 

part ill ibr rtcriflr.ial frjji. T/ aiT. 

461. I(wtv](b: r^. iicvutitv. ^qulvaloat Ic STrAaA Sijfi^ 

4€2. nb! w. iiif firipia wlllk rhft fftC (iiu) Amh 'X'tll*' C^ ^ '3^- 

4€3> v4ok. i,f. til" com|ianiimH of Oiliiw^tiA, In ttyt\irMi with i y^HHH 

(lin nlil |in***T. Cj' B 7Sft. — **#r at*** r fry Th^ pH>>«t himnt/. who t» thiu 



Uu»e htftnit- jlvixin^tt /irrt^ unciii to han) bran xt/ibd to k«4:p ttt<i i«crlAof« 

464- iniTa rd«| Ih-Ja* pifrw* yttrtf InTjAfi'W frtr Lhn grda w1 thi-rAri>T« 

I 2^0 A' fAr<ir r/te laentieiat piifa wt& Iht ^n. — wkrm pb : tc, in ardor tO 
hATu ft jiliJint in ll'tf HLv^Mcr, Tliln niw na jmrt of, but vijly no liiiroitui> 

46y |Ur*i»XX*v irrA^; ■</ pArJt in ffUflrA ft^csnt, T^ruliUHqne triv 

466, iHf^^paMdVt if- Lokopp il (roia bumng-^lpbrai-rv; <lrnt If ^ 
fmiiri UlH »]iJ1iH* uft'ii it HAJi niMJib'i]. 

41*7. tToAtfftvTo- thif ii'>Hiit LMli^ntivif iri oftj^ii qW fn rvUtivv oIaomv 
(with i»u) vili'-rr Ihn Knj-hhli «»►■* tlii: plup^rftvl. r/l 484, B flia, Sm 

460^ 4Cn|i : I'^uo/. <,«- oi wbich ciub bnd n fMT fth&rc. Tha f«&st iw 
ij(]rn;iifin Ui allL but Ul«^ liitiJrn* IimI tlm b^tlur (Nrrtlnfih. 

460l a M't I'^TB^ to murk tli<; pnd of affih«t; ml* {J 12 A. WrgU imitata 
llilR in poiitqanni rxriiij^lrL famnji nt Amor 4^i>TTiprriiiJi»fi ndnndl 
Acn^ viii. l$4. — It' iX'»**triift with frro^ ^^Ipcw [i>om*]; f"r Ihi' {"mi, 
aiM-<- S 37 b. — ThH (h¥*^iiffiM poqrtug out of tho wuw (wbiob mi^hi be 
cx|vrXed) b not lUButiouwl. 

470, nE^t fUi vrX^ : /<- for & Aolemn Ubn^oin of tbo wboU oomp^ny, 

tlip i'l** uf ''"iTn*"" ' ill Ui'? vt-rb, — TbU irmc Hcfuiiit t4» Iiavi' Iht-O riiu^ 
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thrniigh tia' coui|niLir, dlslribuliii^ lu Ibv gunti (Tomv. fo a^Oi '-'"' flUitig 
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th*" rnli}(irtiiii mptinony, rqiiivnlnnt to Af^ifom trnvt^iavrrt- Coimtjiifl -wilh 

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till Kuniet. Fi^r lb« piuJicair lulJaQtlvt^ i/ 424. 

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78. — mi^va [mjjnvn] : ln^rr a u>iif of ^rftlw Ui ApoQo IS iMr 



474- piJXirflvm crX>! ^. 'njimifng th' i*bt<ni>J Pftth«r* UUlon Part 
Lani li. &<l, **iin£iin! lliclf KTiyit Cfftfttfjc' *'A- U. (JJ+I, — For iho quantity 
of th» Oltlro* ol ^u'JkRtvnit b^'* i$ ^- ^r ^)> /- — ^P^*«: '/- fn^p 4*' - - Wpvtt' 
dn4«vi M\ijhr<tt in Aeu/ixp. Thv uoil hcnm tlir vm^.{p^ hi- hruJ liei^fd llm 
prayrf), iklthouph hr U far aw^y, unoug tb« Kt^i^jpLOius, 

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— VTB^ vpiiifu'4|r\& : ^iiong i/jf tfi^ tlrm Anuu^rt (Mif on -t^iJj, i.r. on thv «N^ 
bUutv. Tkeit bo»( w&v iloL <lruwu (i|< on IhhiI; Ihcj nrjuiuiu?il liut ons 
ni;{ht. Of cniirii> th? ti<ie5 oq Uie ccnat of Atia W'mcr Ara iaaiiniififAitb. 

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Jivrifin^ thjb <jf ro^y itMlit before sUimH*. C/^ *llv{ ApCMtumrAos 6 L 
tit^ron rohtid, ^in rtu^rt t/witS* f^hd.' 

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ftlv»yl folJowod Ly the <MrT«iipcndmf- floiitfumlr^liTo. Km jhu in Ihe 
ftpodoHli, »iv J I*] K — itdY*"" ' ^n*ttf ptiif*itff t^vf)^ pur f)ur upon iho lil(fh 
na; f/*. aLTayoyrOt ^Jmr (v UsntU 

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fsmlil «imJ a fnviirntlfi brm^ao. 

460, vT^pvm: for Iho nu^Idl*, MO OH 433.— ferfa: vJ&rjf jMrfmW Jn 
rJU vttM. titrii^tly an pdjn^iif* whlnh bu bMoTno n liubHiuiili'H. I^hi^ 
Ut^iiLvrit; boul v-niii^ r^) btvrv fta<l bnt urif* »hil. 401- 4|h^E : vttprb. 

402, iro^Apn* ; /^yiimniff. — |ifytXai oorwlntv with uty.^¥tih: in tfa« 
trB]ijii(.[oiLa] aU^ from LimiLiiL^ ^iiU^^t wHh rrrv/jjf ia l-h<^ gfiniliYc iil)w> 
lute; Mof tOsrj9' 

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Wnw, r/. iniiW>TD 4(17. — tvrArtfiat^-. ojrpitiiU i*>JD Iht Kttnpt i'^. to Uw 
Un'tmg I'tikvr- -Ttiw Tijno <*loi»-* lilt*' 47S. 

483. v^iUv: dinvlnliw with afrot S^- — W ^(ff«w; v^ on teruf. Ko 
diff'T»-f»ei* i.i duk^FTiibic between ^r wilh tho gonitivv Kopo uid Jir* witti 
l^w Ufttlvi- In ■IML r/. V anil »nd Z Al'A. 

40S. ^qO 4tA- ^ ^ipUnAtOTj of ^* i^HfHWi — 1-^. 1^1 A* t<i r^M high .o<k 
the >&iL[]«, Vp'tiiTtf it WJU b«fnr«; ^. SON. --4«4 U^ aiJvcfli, A^AfarA. iJ- 
under the nhijL^lniAttt: as B IIH, pmpH (HHitt^timw atoiicB). trhioli vrrc 
put ftJc'iiif tb(^ k>'«il oil nithi^r uiiU in onlor (■> hold tho boftt *tf«i4y- 

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AoMUm witbdmw* Etdiq thfl action for tb" ^irfrflvnt, Tn (lis Niulh Bt>alc, 
■n ombftttj ti «Fiit to him, bvggitig bim io gi%v n^r hi« wniL and ulco 
put hi Vbm wju* (I II& IL)- Tii thi^ RU-vcntb BoL:ik> Ijc U rou«nl fn^ni liU 


commi-:ntaicv iu iiik 

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hooU. v/hcii JtecU^t ffui'h™ llm Gcvelc uliiia ttii^l tlxftiwn fliB totft ncr 
o( Uicui, Ackilli^ ADudd Pfttroclm and ilxa Alyrtiidc-ui^ mtu llin conllivt 

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Ito^'V ami finQ» liiiri>»*Jf f>7r b^rUt* (T 40 If.. 3tit ff ), U<* takvi p^H In 
tlio ftrurlJj (and Iwrt) gnat battle o£ t\iv Itiart. on Uic twAutj^wrrPiitU tjfty 
of Um: lUrtioii o( the //iW- fi«.\ furtlier. ^ U. 

4S9 uLdf: for lliix «}inrl p^nlilt, ^liiTi> j. ftAfl Tirnmlly \iv*vi liitr hi>tWHAii 
lifco ir/nil», B^*' § ^ja /. — w^Sof wnii ktA- : r/. 58- 

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> ileraLitc ' fonimlion, *vti j M.-^-jivSt^Hwai'; elm-'whore Pi^khi'l *A iuiyyf^' 
— Tint jKri^t ilii'fk iK>t day tiwt ajiA<.iiilitjt'& vare lit^ld and liAttk* fiiu^^i 
liunnjf ihvi«> ifji/L, Init porhjip* hd ImpM^a it, 

491, v^iMfv; for the ktujc fiii*l «>1U1>]|.-, r;" f^x1'"W»^ l^^n-^trfipi 

otijtct of ^QtV^UTKU 

tha p^irlirij.li.' iro^oii^ M*ifhl h*v<' lM*L*n liwil in Uin «niTM JK'nac. St.v ij ;Jl A, 

4d3> Ik T«t« ^ Uj(^ Ijooror ^atxiy rcoftUrd tbo ^ordi of l'h«tiii {whi«h 
fi>rm tL*f nUrllNj; jmlut nf lln* /ifim) (4'il f,) m»\ thn d'>l1iiilr alAtenii-iit of 
tim« (4£A) aud rvfi'irisJ ^a rdto U* that inr^rvjr-w bvtwwn moUm aad boh. 

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■priMig u]i niie Irfl UiH viri*- fy hViE*, 

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i( Whilo tt «^u yrt Mirly mnrnifijjr/' — -oOpav^ OiXupnriv n ' hp^ on 44, 

499, i^^ovxi /'ii- ittutntttwj, ftif rJitiaJerint/. Fin llic furiiia |>wIhijjh a 

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ai;jk]|i, olU-j iiU lonfc: ftlk*rnc<'. Cf. viimEao a^dct nllu» Olynipo Vi-rv. 
^*«*. xi. 7S(t- — 'i»XiAiip&ftai : cpilliflfl ApprtiprlAto to mpp arw oft*n liftpliwi 
to imtunJ <^1>j<:icU. t/. mfl^w I*. Mrrfst,* * fwrthilln,* '«LliuiiIilct of tbo 

501- *«**fi. *<^Wpn ; f"f Iho iJj-cliTH^ tuvd aa aubtUvntivc-Ji, MV 911 G4. 



tt03. Z«0t4tip: tJiu n^iln>jv% put \ftUi Uiv iTir>uUi4 nl ^^^i and nten, 

&)7 - rf 'Ay.i. ;[.'■';. ■Bfti[W»^f*f m : intu iliLi ia wiiiiftiit«l iho thooght of 

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gOLiitm', a* wUh Uic comiHtm^pc- (nhtrv \i nuirk» tim utarito^ ]ioiiil of 
thft L'i>n]|>*rSAoTi)- — '\'\xIh <-i>njitnu-tk>ii wllli dAXwf U djALinctly I(nmf>rio. 
fV^ B 071, Z Sfiri, Li crterurum BrllAiiii vriim f ui^nc jBitiini Tjmi^ 
^yrtC' )1, *oJuit[iLi> omnium mile tu prinvif am j^VeipncianutJ 
In in«Hu« miii«iu« cut Tmc. IfbJ, \^ 7j<k 'Ailnm i\\a ^iioiiltpAt muj 
of iiica •Incc horn | UU K>nt, tlio fftinrrt of liisr lUuKhloni, Eti*,' MUlon 
/'''r. ^riff iv. A?>1 i.-^i"/ Ihin ivinHlFn.'tlrtM Qlth jvrn miinf dn^'onf T>f Alfl. 

506^ l«\iTO . (/- tvKa> -118. — irAp nrK- : for tbt? tTACifUlJon from tlii? 
iTljLtiTi? to tijr dcmun^rntivu conntnictiont ^/, 79, 507 ^ X)!!. 

508' o4 np ; \ti nmlT^i with .itfAiLhcmauii. ^/. tl«i fiin:i'.»f v^ in 

ivch h'T ai-]rf-.il hi 111*? Ill iff hE mmI wi»lfiin iif 7pii>^ 

509- M iaB«L - ffur ii/jon, ^/ant to. C/. B 30 . 

510- o^KXcfTxr atA> : only her* coimtrnod vi^h a fK*riH»n- — Tbttti* kn a 
fttjjiiitijLiit ikTVNi'it[+ ^it-r ivi]Ut-4l ill g«eihiH] li-riii«, uliih* Ar-fiiJInv IihiI «|Ktk>-M 
mon drfinitvlT. lOEUUlf. C/.'B.rTCfH yd^ «l (Z-ux) (h^wi 'A»>^Wo <C-&>« 

arrrtiMptidi alt ihr tlmni/ftl jim^rr fff Tkflit, 

511. i^y H «rJL- : ili*i nftmik of tItU itil^ruiA >itp««ni from GIJ^ ff. 

513. £«: Hf rnoTMt.Tilti V** w-m«»|wiriJiMj W> th" rt-Utm- A« »ln*rv. ^-Ijirt. 
^Vite ; llt'"JftUy, t/f'/ii-n I'ltfu. rii/itfirirj tiiftrly ti*; i-f. tho form^ilft Jr t UfM ul 

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IjpnibUAquv ToluLtkna | ha«ri>UBt Vvrg^. Atn^ ia> €07 f< For tb« 
fnmi nf /^nn^nu. ■» f ttt a. — iCptn: lutnf. ab «hf< il^rnAiufnl a i|i*ATi1te 
ftiurttf^r. ' yvn' "r ■ in? ,' - - 5i^T»pcr a&nt , a^i», *i rrnmit titar. Cf. niAiv 

Qiily At ihc en4 »f th« *vrw; ^^ B 11^2. firJifT^ am atmvo^ A 947* 



wcTu»uo U thii ooiitnU'y of irovcSio^ tio*t up (Z 311)- TliUB vicn &ow in 
fIriN'Ofi, noftntion U indieflt«l hy vi upwojJ nrnii'^n t»f iho hoadf And 
fcffirniAiinn Ly a Jimnwiinl iiml (with nn IriWlnjiilofi i-^wiirl Uio l«rrj. 
C/ ^uibve nUnaU arc^iu Vrrir> 'l<n. i. S^- 

5J5. AiF^m : tft^k out phinJjf : r^/wt in hnj^liinl in Uw oontFil. — hni 
Le. irom. § 56 r. For Uit K-ngUl tif the ijlUm*, iitc j SW A, — »-Tho« 

51V, ax'V** ' iiii>l>llvi«; "^1^ on <S;i r Init nut !Ui viol^ril, .lA'-fAlllnj^ £f»fO 

« fiosii"" " or ^ UiifKiinc iutu m rnipv" './. SMf^ixnit M9. 

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ttlri-Jidy hfifl tho sitUAtioa boforo hU miad'ft ojo, 

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of Tror(A3l ff.)- 

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ihiiK H|m'ifli'HlJcrii vr III) tlii' j^rffnliiit; v^imrjtt r*<iiijirk ; r/. V *^5. 

533 . r«Vl] ; '^- thut Thi.itiqliatl W^K^n with j^^^ih. Kctr tin- mrvkniiifii kv ^ 17- 

523 'H^ : I'lriptii'.ir, im 410 : h'^n^ k> pbiwii in rontmtt ftitii ifvoi.— 

ituii tUKtfnrm - >fUilJii€ in^vart. For tUi>fuUirv ivllJj iti^ r/\ ]U9 ; ■rxT§lJl6- 

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Odlv h-rr*.' in tli" iniJdk'i mx' cii i'A^. 

9aS. #«ftw rrX. : thiiianKW>"fi M^rf^t "tA. 5U. 

93G- T^ipatp; Aurr^v X'''^y<^-~~^* - u^uT^i Adjr.-cli^r lui si|T]»liiiittv<* (lurn 
OTi r»l)| Ikl^'iHlh^ rtnythin^ frt^m m<i, i',*- A jiriHiji-*^ nr ]iTirf»LMw- 'Hiiii is 
i4i|jl:itiii*ii IrV ^t nrK. — nXifdYprTflv : rirr-r/ivrA/r, fnxii dyp4W [alpfrnT mN' 

537t <«*«vfirw ; in-ri»l "ulijuriptWi', <y. -»H- 

929- 4~ Af •/^{kfr: «^i> cTL ?1ft — M tvOpf ' nod^fd /A«rrfA, tnnalt.'— 
o^pm , fl'iiA ^L< htviM. ZoUfi WAS reprtsriLtoJ in Hurka i*f ncnliilun? wlUi 
h"!ii y. j>r--ji'<"finj; lirovn, - Vor the dftljvv, r/- an^akrj Mt- 

329. VPP^'*''^ jc*^*^^ - '/• Airilirii)iiKri|iii' ri>Eijn<* Wrj;. A'm. I. iOS^ 

Jm^^lc«LVT« ; r4M'^t ^itrum nf tho rutl, fi^llitfiwn on i*otli iii.)rt» of hiB Iimd. 
Tlii'M- lin'l« »fT <?finpr'iin»d a^ limj^ Mini fl<ivtniy. Sif* on B 1 1. 

530^ hpHt^b: fliJitiiiEuiaKcd from mpdritt ^fl liy the ACtrrt and Uio 
tviE|{lii ol Um flmt 4^]UI>Iu- — C/, Bdiiiiil dt totum nutiL tntmffi^ 
u'li Otyiiijium Tt^HE-'^rq^ i^' ICKI, H- IIC. — E'liiiliHt i-ujbuilltM] iu hui 
ooIgbaoI cLrjrenJepb&Qtiiu) aUUw of Zeus at Olyn^pu Urn cjEprofBiou <■£ 

ritt$T »00K or THE ILIAD 



pxnltivl pi*}u^? ni^il powj<r vthkh Ilea in A3&-A30^^Z(^b' dr«id of Ifm' 
rcjirrot^hi:* i* III lEinrk^il cTijiitrut to Uitn iiiiiji'ilic: dniirttiior, 

fl32, &« Ato: fur iJie liuiliirt, hw oil ft33, — d[hrft: hwiuiliI aurtat with* 
out vurifthlc vuv^L. fmm uAAo^uu, ^ ^> Fc-r a, aec J 33 <!■ 

533. vpAt 6apa ' n-.tpvj, a j^n<^rml Wnnrl nf mntion, impti«| In ^Ata- 
fy. r^il'T; H'-i j 10 e — Tile Limw I'f Zuii» on itir nuimiiU of Ol>piitij4 
wsw nnl f tr frmn ibv jrfak tm uhivli K* bftd l>W«i v^Hititd Ijy Tlntlix^ — 

434, HiUttv-./mmikfv-rwU. Eoolt ffbd Tuy] hU voporato d^n^^iag on 
Ol^piu (ucn fiuT f.) And his ipMrtal uat In tlm hcilL In which ihi>7 |cn1tK 
rr<'il. tSm U sLncU.T Jit»l ■ nwI ' (l^fnj\ l»ub pbn^ whi^m tha iwr»t »l4kmit, — 
«4oO irtX. : i>rul<'j»tH", with J»4TtiU', fhry riuip anil w^-iil M mcW /JI«j>/fitfA<r, 
Motiuu U lTii|>]itHi ill i\u: fAJunt^t^tliitu 11 livlott. ^ Thill mark cC ita|iPot tn 
U-olod bolli no^ttwl^' HQil affirmatively, 

035 4vT<(H : prAtlLcnTtf nondiUktWii nfr^r ttm», rf. B If^H- 

536. 4«lAp4vOtf: Uk^ikt-A />^ rimrv drliiiito. (./* w^uj ^iri ^fiu^id^f 46^, 
in appotitiitn ^itli ht fprtl^fHa- — «^ ktA.: i>. nor did «h« (uii lo jk't- 
□dvp. — pit>^ ^pnili-ptii?" obji'ct; r/- B Mfl- A-<- !L rt"'*. — Ttip port liu 
to inroriEi Iiii4 liCAn-TH vturtlii^r ifir )f.>ib wcro Ji^UftliitAd witlj llie fivuKv^ <*i 
?>ii4, And wliJii. tlif'tr fp^^liiigit Wf^i^ oiivirvminx It, 

537. iBoOirA : '"* terinii Atm, v.'hm Mhrr ta«i Mm^ Sm on luif 13& 

S3^, aMca; t-Uiti'iktumj. Willtuut £«' jim JtAft. — inpTV|U«w^: M'a on Trl. 

540. T^ £)] aA Itdv: vAnr nn« r^^ lAr? ywU nntCf tbii (irftf. Tlu* i« nttc-rvd 
in m rbiTt^ ttrnt^ ; r/. ^09. 

541. i^L oontiaflt^ witli ouS^ ti t«, r/ 10S f.— Hit*: nAtunUjr 
would a^c« with ttt prcocdlTLg, bat i« &ttnotod to Uiv uviitiJ oi«« <if thu 
mlijn^t of Uia lIJlknl^Vl^ th« jHMTt liAvLjkjf iIht fuAuitlvc couttruoUcin Alreodjr 
iti mind. 

942. ■p*4*vAfUa , - AuTH^ifw: ettfMitrr nnit tttfidt vpfiit tfrrft planii, V/* 
hhc *<frdB of Jltra, i^unn (Zrui) K ri a ^porMDir ^ ft^/*j* | Tpcm r< ml 

iijfiiirv in hit miiiii, ihiivtr: fHiirrm thi Trojam and tht ZAunot, on ij nrmt^. 
544. totVatA-i cfiiM>'i^ 

645, )h^S^:i/,l$l |i4*o<it: i> Ihniiiflil*, pUnt, tliftmntnntof niU'trli, 

S46i x*'^"*^ ^^A- : f • cJSnut. Tlir |vrvon&t rviiFitjiifliciri U itM^d Kt In 

wilk. il. a44. 



550^ y-'im, i» h'w i>t«ilt'TiKHjit, |iiuu>»A ut »iic^ Let ^PV'y ^^^ TirinHple 1o 
Ui^ jin^viit «il.imtinri, iiiAU-ttH ii( js'^yitiji ttt llif aiffxInhEii m isf-nml fp^rru oor- 
]X'!])iii]i4)iij^ to tlic protdsiti. — TftW* . rrff^n to llcrft'^ qut'.itioQ, «riO'^ 

552, viilair; ]>nulli^1<v Rijiilvaknl to mot A /iiiAk ^frnv Sv itartt- 

^••v II. 'US, lom A, --'riiiH in h iTL»>r«< i^iii3ljtm>Ltlrirk, L<^|X'('tiut£ n*? nnnvivr. 

553. mApaf ^hr. itF itilirr iime^: w\i\\ rhn jtrt>i»Hrt. r'«n«i«. >' T liiivo not 
ti*n »oET. " Cf. A 2*H ^dWi *rA, ; ^'inphftuu rcpt^tilloiiH Tbc \^rtk Sn 
iu-gntiTi>i[ in »-u<":V form; *yl &jlf. 

554. 5n^MXiyr4a: fur (b> iMmJillnriAl nrliillriF iwiiU<iiCf« r/ 3tH, 33l), 
BW, Im.; 4 rik'.i. IM^fta f/^i^^f]: for tit" <'Ekclmk% <"'' I 1 1 0. 

555 ff. Afl*'r III'' ratli'T Ijuixli n-plj nf Z-'in, HiTii Bhi*** that ^h^ kn<*w 
ruit uilIv th? pom^ii c4rnci^Tfii[L>£ vrhotn t\\.v Knd a^hril (■'^10) but 4bt> wlml 
TlititU hud rc4]ii«»<tpf1, nTid wliat Zont hnd pnntiiiicd. 

555, mpitir]] . ^attlit ^nuiule, i.r, Wl jt |}r<'ViT triu' ihal hIip Iuu ppjv 
HiiA'li'it Anxii'tjr a'^oLit a funt ipf Ut't pH><1| f<^r viluoh tli'* ai>rilit indirtt^TC 

55fi = r>.W, -^Thi* »» m'l njnikai nut <»f "(h^i'mI diiiiiunibj l^i Thi*ti». f< 
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t<J);<?i.!iPr ft*^njfl fi>r tlic I070 of Thotiii. but Ijt-jiltmfd Imt i\\Km lVT*Uft ui 
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»jEi luiiilitiiT tlukiL tU'f fAtJirr. 

557- ffifCfi : »H -Itf? 1 ■/ 131, - r*f ^ 1 <>mpllAeJaud In n.-f<-nMico Ut tri Coik 

559 ^ A>;rtiil4?t<in.' nii'^p \\n» foll'tum^ ii cifify a rTii:irv> di^tin^t »tAt-w 

mirnitif llir prnccdSnjc ^AAK f-), — M^wy^m: <^dU, 6:;U, — ^ niiif|*fi«: tAnf 

559^ TifLittfrni. fiXInrt : ci.i1iidil«iilaoCron«, in Hiiutv.' (HMiltion' For tfaa 
< (hiAMiiW wv S 14 Hi for ih'^ ^jMtralaxiB«'wo { 91 JL Aeblllm VM to b» 
honnn^il by tho AifTvring of thf At^hAMnii, «tbo v*n» Tn wr Kuw twowkiy 
In wfta to bhfiSr naci^rad. — 'Aj^aaAr: conntfiin uitU rijvmV (ri'^t toX^). n* 
la ifiilif aihI liy link ard^r of wnnK uiil 1'^ tli-^ rnvpir^rki repetitioD of tho 
plint»r hri vijat 'Aj^UjVu I'i, B 6^ IT, ISEL 

5«l. li^l^A-; flMj^fl fl^ifAtu rAf/itrffjr. Anwhoof Uifiiiiuof Bfifi^al 

VlliSl Honk OK TUK IMAl) 


962. dv^ H|LoO: /or /rum ny htart, a^ffheiion. For thia luie uf <tir^ 

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ill biuuor. 

564. il K' ovTtf irrA-t tliu rvpl; lo MQ f — voWo: f.e. Uuxt I tfftvt' tTiIt 
proiniMi. - Sii? V4>tci, li? }iib«o. — iiiIUia: tmpcntirtnl ; f/. H 114. 

565. dXXd rrA.,; tlit> Kiigliiiti trlk>ru, '' *\l '[nh'X. %i\t\ nLit-y/' iriM^itd of 
the luorr Ufliuit (jfoirk idioiu luiATra ■«(t'i>fU>'i)> — dd^wa , lU^ is gVlLcT- 

hlly |JuliH>]iTilll>l4-. 

5€9- AffVfty Uvra; A'Ti ^rAiv '-ntui"' ri**irf ini|>]_\iri^' lujiir^ or ^Mhck. Th" 
liiiri|^lit<H fntlifvrh f^pfUtr}afxri¥ mi thf ;^mlii|^y nf jyxuff'/iiui rw' Ti. — *w . . . 
^iCv^ thu ripUiriA uuvw urmt- — For vlir thotk^it, i/- &11M Pf.— ^^i^PV 
l^U: ■-/ ;(»^t^TFOJ>uHU. 56B, ''/ 3^, 

96^. ^v^iL^Aoa: i;/t R 14. K"i iJut IieaIii* Imfcir* U, JuhLJIl^il 1i; lIih 

670- AvA &«|ka fj\ ^vk ftrptrvv 10, A3. ^OOpatiiHwt : Itke ^tov^ohh, 

intruJuMrN] 111 orJi-r (v jpyv a niurv chtHrrfii] cluvHciUr V* t}H- HsBeiubly uf 
tliD pHls^ bfU^r tilt qunrrfl. 

573- hr\ ^p»v. ^KiK^mll)- witli ■ notion «r hostility. iMt dU: but luira 

973. t^t*: A-f, S^ H. 151»5 &. — &Hn4: ptodEcftt#>; e/. Avoffx^ 5^- 
374. i( %*\ - (^i» UuUi IKKT, M 01. < — h«« 4iiv|Tl^ : m ith i.-iiiklrJ]i^t, 

^ Vr* Inarn T.hh[ th^* ^mU wpn< frJk^tfn^ a1 I hit titii4^: liiil doiihOioft thuy 
&|«*.VPi f-iftril v^ir-Ti Uicj Ukmi> U/^f-tlu'r, 

07f. *i ^ip^tovtt fcrA. r in itiivh cfnUrmU, Ihn iltfinonflnftUTU iind ftdjeo- 

977. ula&f-pir*p: witlj If am^rlc (ifiUttny. tli0 ii|Mtkrr imimAt#a tJiAt 

Sao^ it xt^ : (^mtiy. — MLQffiv: the rrib (cir taupluiaiU hri^f jirnndn tta 
tfu1>J4^t; «^ f 11 ^ t (JT Y>Ai'/AiTwi ctJl cno bn |jik«ii fM in b|>jKMiili»u nitli 



oiroiim*Uni?('4 of the? f-aiv. — irr^nwyfrl^ : for Zoui M gwi of Uio lightniAjp 

5Q1> T^i(< oi}ri?Iu"i<iii o( Ujn «(«Lnnc»^ i» tanlili^i (Jimjiwnjcrit). "It 
win W Ihr Wfii-*' f-i'" 1*1^" nr ■• hi* i'»n,/jr," v'r^. Cf. Iflll. 

S82- haSdirTftrfut , alnftj> juc^aplioitcal. Art hwv. lollnStivQ for thn 

903^ 'Him jinriii-ilhig InAnlUv^ r«f rt^n^nU a oiiuliticin, li<»nr>* im (iFiijimc- 
tiOQ in niTivl'id to cijnntHJt Iho vervM. Cy, 'tO3-^0ta*i; r/. cAuuo^d^uvu 
]U0. 117. 

505, 4r x»pl T(8ib. /ifncflr/ in Ac;' Anni/; gencrallj^ u*cd rf pmviiLiuif a 
cup of uJh". <V j(ip<r* r^'ft;^ U u*3j of flift* or prijitrs; ^. ^^l- 

997. ^^; *LM it\ ;*s, '^4'^n** "P *»*»<»»■ '^Ti^ ''"^f "J* 'Aou ^n. rip 
atrcn^iana, ah 7JG9 un^L fnv|ui«iilJy. — Iv »^9aXrMWti-: ^/oiy my t^ti, qa 

r.iofl. r/ r im-. *>•*' f 12 *}. 

4^V^*^ V^ ''^ '^ ''"^ t^P^'^ dfr^ £a;j^Ru £ !(VT <■ it Ifl hftpd lot a JCOd 
lu Iw itvifTi'iiinK 1>y H t(|i*rlJiL iiiatIt" 

591. Ttti i : for tin? gctiitivt, ho oq 333, — A-rA pi|X«« ktA. : //om lA« 

9S3, nf &' liftb&v . niiiiTalciit lit wvr^ipim 47^; r/t Of>l . -^ 4^F*I*> 
nAvwvv [«ir<ircfrQr] - th<i jiTi|>t>rfi>ct ifi iixud vf l.lifi oimtitiujimvf itf Ihv 
lutJlion. Uii? iK>ri)(l rn&rk^ Ibp c»iirliiHi[in [if U; </. B 04 IT. — ^i^|hi|v: is 
fn^iicntlj lucd of ahipB cJrircfl by the wind, •ad mnrkt tlic motion aa 
IhvrituntJirv. — nartAu^ri : thf^ Aorlit [uiTtiH|>1f* in hr-re uv^ (withnui r^^iur^ 

bt [^1? li^pniimfj «if k>Vjl, 

993- 4r A4K*<f ' f"^ ^« limive nf r-nr, </. ^45- — 1It*^luu.<iliu h^d hU 
vork>JkiiE> on Olympufi, tut Ia-ijihoi wa? ^^oiuid^nx] hi* blanJ — a Utljirf 
In wtiii!h th^ mni^iitnlEi Mmvchlii* (tbrn bptl^ri^d to ht^ volrjinir) 4fAni& ia 
hbrv jiirVM riw-, -^fii|i^; ariiiiin. — A I omttln'r tiims Hpi»4rviilly uhLni au 
iuCftiitk lltfip{i(iiMtii< vrv dAHl 'iLit of liOAVtin \n' bin moUicr, piul tntiici lij^ 
Thi?Ligi ( S 366 ff .) . — Cj\' Tfur »u hin iiAruv unli(:dir\loriicjzulur'd [ Inntit^it^iit 
<3r«coc; and in Audoiiijtn land | HcQ ooll'd bim MuHlwr ; and hnw h« 
full I FriMi hcait^n thcf fatilHl. t1irT>wn Uy »'ittry J'Aw j Sh*wT o'or Ih* 
crystal lialtt«:i»v:i\U; fmiii nu^rn | Ti> twtfn hr {r\\, frurii inr-ri U» rli-wy 
GVi^ I A BitmuMV* *1hv ; athI with tli<> uitliu^ "un | l>i«if>t frtmi tlii- A<T\itli 
)ikra faltiii)^ Htar | On [A'it)iiiJ9> Lh'T Aii<Ui<a[i isK* MUUiri Piir. /,iLif i.T3A FT. 

594. Stvv>«*Mf«|L lliecaHiintpopiJution of LcninaB. Tojudfpfrom 
thoir rtamc Uicy vera ttiJiraiidiiig {triyt^itu) ri>lu«gUna who bad 4inii^nUad 



fram Thr»«.^A^4pr oonfftnic with vitrovra.^ ff. .'140. — ir«|t(9atte^ ttiak 

«atE4f : ^rom hfr ^mi : abl^ktivaJ ^euhiiv, liv^witilijig uu MJfaro. f^^ lonrcAXov 
^6*ltTo ti\ V\jixvvt a 3U5 received tkt etjp /row Aw w^ft . — ftuf C: dfttivfi uf 
inntniiTi'nl aiitli ^^flfaran -^Z- X^rro j^tpvriV R Sflfl fM* in km handt. 

S97. Jti(^:/n>m U/i la rifjAl. lhrr>ii|cli tliu ooiajuoy, lUcvntinf bo 
DALkMUh««i vuritoTu, To fi:Liu tn Ui*' l>*fl wollUI \m Hn wrt «jf ill diudh. 
Fur tin; prK-Wurp, .v^i- on -irK 

996- «<wx^ t4iT«p: 1-/^ (*1l^i]) vitimp it^mj(ou A -S^ The irK-jiti(n[{ of 
tht flrrt JiiVft nf thn tnmprnind wna oTarlrw.kml; </. Tirnwi ^ovKoAuiKrd 
Y ^Iflt ofiro&^jicLP Tu:^. (iiriiuEti aodif ioai) b W-tJt^ Jrn. ij, 1^. -Liu 
Ihix/ I w**t'k]y jLiurnAL' - apjrH^ii : ihv rvd uecbir uf tlio j^iv li)i4^ iXn 
win*- of uit^ii, vriui uiixoi with water befntv It vtM drunk- — A^mvmw: 
wc on 171. 

999- £r^wTov: hi>n«> th<» provPThEAl ■ Ifoinvrla ljuifl;hti'r/ 

600- SA|WTa, ftiUrf, haJl. — Thi:i lau^LLvr arottv LxMauac of th<? »triki»|f 
«mfrMt hol'.veoii tliv fiJHng. hobhiii:Lg HcphfeMtQft MM «ilpT>t*rcr, itUil tlin 
gnfa-fitl llr-lm whn Luu&t]^^ jirrfonnw] t\w dnlU^a of ihftt oflloH. 

601. ^ipap: occuAkthv of iluntiou ijf tiinr, Mt &fl2< 603 = 403* 

603. ** V^[m^v]' *^ l'^' I'M, — +*f|fc*YY^- 'J- fiokiry^* Apx^irrvt n- 
rh ydfi T dvu^Jfuifu £(uri{( a 152 jonjf urnf dunce, /ar that an the titcnmpanU 
mfuft o/t^r /'''iif. - ^t {t^X^l - AeJiJ!, ijt. playod. 

604^ &|HipdjuHi, i,hi- MiiHi^i' h1ii]£ KltifTjiHU*]^, jiEiM rwliPvirjjr Uii? othi^r. 
OK tlic rh»|iMHii3i lit Ulu fi.'4Uv:fc|ji. <y.inci[i«, DaqiccIAi tu doinde 
^pqiixT^, MohbIch. | »]|*ri;)pt di etmIi*; &in»iit Altvrtift CaiuonAO 
ypt)-, EirLui. 59, ' DiTindr w»rbIod toioc | An^totriny iht «ljiiigit] (haw/ 

603. a^rdfi »uT>-l»IJvr >\iiJi ^ 001 . r/. ill. 

606- AUtHiCvrfii: fi^T till' r^inii A) liLliifv ttf uiriLui^iuh vtp § 18 ff.*— 
liMU-roir til ]4r1it.hi> H|i|in)i)ti<Tn vr'tlh oL ^Tiiijf Jimrnini-noc^ to the mdi- 
viduDt* after the ooU««tiTD rxpfmion. Cf. B T75 «ml T 1 (it}i?rv iliv 
plural in ncod), 

610- Ka^L&TO' wu rrrmf frj ffr. — fin rrA.- tA'a^ivt. Wr, Tli(^ tmulb- 
lioaol n'luUn- ^nt^nrat irxpn^aiVM miUfinit'- fn<<|uifirv cf poAl Action. 
Thlt ilCTAlivo opUlive U Tnon? frvqtirrnt iflvr llif> rvlAtivr pronoun U^Ui 
Witli tlv: i.'otijuiltiticjlt- 

611- xoSitX*: t^ii/hf. — 4>apdtt of AHundinff a ctflujh, ottl/ b^ra And 
£^t«f ^^^^ iiiTavn^AiW O '^U\. N>j )*pv-)ft1 h«<£ght uf coaoh U to he 



Inferred. ^*Kipi Ut aclvfffb, btinJf ^im ■ j GH fl. — xf^'^'^h*'^^ ' ••* *«» ^7. 
Thf Hmmt^ ^H« n'ovrml villi thin pLktc-i i>f KoXd. 

■No Buc>k oC Homer it u full of dromotK gnu^id pud titiiatioiiA ut 
thin: Apniltj ■r.rkllng »Uh tU bow aihI rinj^ng qiiirnr; ThrTnU rnn^ulnir 
te griTTiiig niit^ uin;rj Aclillloiii Tlii'lih ln-fon.* 'jU^tirt, I'lufiJii^ Iub kuws 
bJid c^xUiiJjiijf Wr rijcht iLHiid lowArd hia dim ; Zeiii with hit dvk bn>AN 
ftiKl Uiilmmifil liirkH iimlrlini( A cr}iil1rinH|4imi T>i hU prrniiiw; Chrvju^ wjlh 
his AlUtf^l w>pKir wiJ liiH i:ifl«i l>4'f«it(T iJio t^^<l *>tia of \trf iib j 0<l,r«vtipL 
i»l llie &ltnr of A^follo wifh Uio mnidcii vliom h^ Ji rvtUiHiif* to 1i«r b^vd 
£iih?r, — with hU uojiip^uktrih Ami Hw hviMUnnhi Ac]ii]lo» iii hiii intfc 
drawing hia fwunl Iritiii \U> H^i^rith, v^Imod fc-y Ath4inA, irho lokoj liim tiy 
hU lou]{ liHrku, — wUli H\ifHiiif'rniu»ri Iw-ftirf* }iijii uvtl tW "llmr diH'fa 
■roond liiiTi ; thi- TicraUU uf A^ramrmnr-n at th*A t'<iit of At^hill'^, na 
rKtri^hi» IhvIii fortlt thr f^r Bri«i*i:t ; Zcmb nml tli-m r^ri Olyiiipuii. with 
Iltphacituji irUymfi tTir |iArl lif ITvtr ; Hic jviN^mblj ^f Uic giMii* AjKtZlu 
pUjing tluF IjtCt (Lcd the b'lujfiii^ ntUMui/ 

ftECX>ND ll(M>K or '\-\\K ll,TAD 

Z^UA iifFiiarvs til fidfill Ins proniiM* to Th^tu {\ &09 f.. 523) by -vnilinH; 
a drcnm to A^mQmiiou. TLo Jiilondad batti", nblcb in If b« diiaatrou* 
to the AL!b(icjUk^ U dvlaiF'tv] li,\ n U-^tt of tliv lUhimhitfiin of tb«^ ^rrin ; Um 
Grf>f^k ruid Trojnn forti;* i]i> uljI miiTVUct' lo mtvl iiwb ulticr itnl.il llic^ ciioiv 
nf llin B'H^lt (TAO, fin9 f-). ^TTm xv^nu iiirrKtHi hi Bt^n-iilij thir flr>it|iart 
of the Lncniy^vrv^n^ dnj of Ut« botioii nf th^ Ilio'I. St^ H 4 A. 7 o. 

1. ^i fo;iv.'f^r»lo AWOe-eih — •rtl^-A.: ftppo-^i^ire witb iXAo.. 

2. n/v^x^^- '/- A 472.^ — obtt !](■ [tf;^} ktX, l iy. W did nut Jhlirep; cf. 
«u£i tlaruiiiuau ytAdt f^i & Hit -Ijtit roH^ida;! did lutt Uiij-li." 

3. ^P'**^ ^' ^^^I'l-^ Miowpd at l.h» ■Ititr^oUfi dittftn^iJi'; rt^ J 97 A. — A% i 
how : jr, in ^'^^ordaikco irilh Win prcn&iiio ia TlMb. 

4. TH^^ jttA. r H<« o» A 650, -DoUboraiira <ubjanclivo" *Hcr ft 
SMonda^T tciii* in tbn iirluh^iinil cLlliiv. Ttm dlrvct quentlon would Ijq 
irfic T(^^<rw. — F*T thi* 'ihinMnnji,' m» f 16 a 

9. ^: rA(V. Tb« «n1>j»nn U >ttm*t^i1 to tliA gondiT ff ^X^. tfivi 
pn4i(vtr>;'/. 70. A 230. 

6. vlp4w irrA- : in ii)i|v«itioD with if&, '/. ts /Uv ottk rvf^t { i^^fm 
ititpvm Aopv B Ofl.'r L htu kt ilid mjf think ^ ihh ^Ju ifmu' ihr ffttir uwr if^ 



kin ikifk. — «tXvv hmsp^fi a lntit/%d drvam ; t doevptlw, illu«ary vlalon, 
luffU'Ail til A UIikIIv' itrr'Jim nf wnmlTig- ( /. (7ri>G) i^mrij rhv 'A)<a^t/t- 
t^ru. Snipvv rim ^n^r} inwifvtm, w% nAAa tw* 'Ajiiiir Jiroftirunr LiiciJiii 
Jup. fraff. 40. On (Jur <h*P<>itfiil Tr»?ii»>iiv# of Zi^iHy r/ ^ (-1 (T., vhvr« /nuji 
w^ihIh Atbi-'iiii U> the TrujiLQ Army In unli-i U> luritr- ;ui nrvhft Ui wiiiijilj 
Mi*ui'l»iiM mid hrfruk « trijixr. — Humor vUuwhoiv kfiowt of no (Itvuiii ^wl 
hut milj imlivLiluAl ilnuLmii; r/. A O'A. Xiil nil ilrndJim wittv tHrMiglit to 1i« 

7 = A ^Ul.^For tliQ two BOcrnKtiTn, one of Ihu pf^rtcni (dirvft olitjrctj 
aiiil llio (iilt^r ivf tliu IhJng (fognnte ft«au>niiiv), rr'. r^O, l.'iil, A ^0], 

8. pin' C9i; up ahJ ^n, a formula tucd by /uLin \u A<ldruftHiiij{ Iim Rii.**' 
(wiijrerTL </ v»ile ftg^ riAl*, Tocn 3C<»iil»>r*>i Vtr^. ^*n, iv. ?23, For 
the iwjiuftkii, </ A Oflf 303.— o&i' R', for tJ(r AcliMiins, 

10, pik%: tfonitnio with ra>-T<i.^4-Y«P'vJ|^'- '** iiTipcrntiTc : r/. A M. 

cpitlji'l of tlia Ai'hiivniiii. Amon^ ih'jm to ruT tlni h^iir v ttq a Mipi of 
tnuiiriiinfT' Ai?hi1h<a' h&ir vhioh hf< ciitti o(T at llif* fiinml pile of rnirv^ 
diui U callnl r^XdVooKni 'i' U:f ^iLrvniirU. and Athena olUkftii hit attcnrHliHi 
by Iftvins liolJ of '"» 1™^* (A W). P»rii i» proud of hu bnir (I" W). 
Aj»ulhj i* dftep'/iJCo>ii7t y -*f) (MillonV ■ iiuvlujcu Aj-t^llij'). On ifcNrtJc uorks 
of l>TL^<k »rt llii< iEi>-ii urfi filunjv r*f>ni«cii1iHl with ioi^j; liuir, JH*r crii 87*< 
The Kubctr^aii AliitiiUH nn< Jin^ itOfUMnTtt M2; i^. their book hntr only 
Wft.1 lona. tfvMT fritnt hjiir nn» -VumpMl * (of coiitM, noChinoK: ciit U to W 
tbmifjhl of iti llii-ir casit^). The Thmcliuii dtp lic/>wfa^iA A ^33, vlth ih^lr 
liair (x^iiiiil l[i Ji kijut oil bill irf the )iv:iil ; i;/^ ii]iU(l Sijv^vuh. iiHqLic ad 
<^aiiitii>En, horrf'ii1r<in cujtiMuni rrtro »i>']ti iinliiri as SKvpe in 
Spvo rd1« Tt^rtfc^a r«M|;]tri t Tar, ftf«in.n& Thuryilii)rf» (i.O) layi it vu 
nol]an|C*in<* tJia *|rciilJtincE of tho old srliool'tiad pjirL-n np wnirinff their 
hair in a knoi fanLffncid ty n goldon Pini'lR, Thft Spnrtaiw wtahioil u» a 
IjiUt ]iviio<l Ui*^ niHtoui iif wv'HniJif Ionic hmi' Ftcfum ihr. UitUiji »f Thrr^ 
niopylu, th* fvP'iAii •o>ijt ^aw ihir SjiArliiTin finmbiu^ lltvir huir [Hiil. \'\i. 
308), pn-fviriiig for Kl^'i*^^^ ik'Uirj or brjriimihle dmth. Amoriff the 
llebrtvn, tho long Iulit of Abwloiii it familiar to m. In Ihc bUr r1ii«- 
ideal parM, fajalilomi rhangoil^ Only ilaiullai vara Ioti^ hnir ac AthPtu fii 
Uii* Lime t>f Arial<ij>Lani^ ; a^\tl hi ih? i"i*t^liimitrtl p'Ho<] Hi. Paul conM 
writi- to Ihv CoriiTthiaiii : d^ ^ ^livii aur^ &&^<iu ^/iu« Jn Ayijfi ^utv Ikr 
■c^ ^n^ a^njL Arrfi' f O^. li. 14. 

12. if^ ■etA-: irnnftltion to tlip ditoet tstniLniddon. 'y, 12«, A401.— 
irAif Tp^v: h>>t as A tSl, 



13. ^^If ^p&lavTCL: At-. aUiut Uio clflfltJUfltioTi of Troj. For U» 9 of 
rf;i*(f. h»"' J WJ r — "OX^H*** rrA. : -/ 4a4> A 1 ft. 

14. Mr^^iif «/' A aQ9. TLU IftAt(^mcIlt b intcjided onlj for Agft- 
mgiuuu", not tor the Dwom. 

U. Apa ^c, i.f. M ]i«d biwu dimcljiil. IT. O"- A 12. 

19- i^t^p4rtA% •- oiilj' lore, (jf Hloep. -- '^vn ; hari pourtd iUtff oiU, Uko 
nn *'Tivr|j>piiiif Hutnl : i"/. 41, 

20- tw[» *niM»X*h- every Uoineri? dn^nm appear* aboTo tbc hcoA aii4 
ljLki.iH Ji laiiiihAr (urm- t./. (Iru) dcvoJAt. et aupr« caput ftntitkt 
Verg- visrK iv. 702-— NfjXi|(^ A; /w ife fwrn nf Ntif^iJt. Tli« wljwliv* u 
e4]Uivii]if;iL to & j;ujiitivt^; .^ M. tlH, 165, r>:!H. AOi. T IHO. — Tbe Drown 
locik t^iiji form in ordpr not lo U-rrify tha Ving, ntid to pii-r4UA<le Klin moat 
nailU/, Pr^ielope in t LAikd by ii dream iii tbo nhnpc of her *1iilcr, And 

21- T^rfra; ichtrm^ jfim knu^.—'f^YTjrr-. t1i« uoblut wrliiout n*^rd to 
a^c foElu'-'i 4 ^^tovA^ (ekq 5S)' <y. Uu I^phrtaii ye^Khvruii xL-iibtuttt a/J«r 
iti/rj, So -tbr eldtN-i of Mdub* ^HwrnbtTi xiii. T] nrn iiletitkcii] witli «tho 
priuon vf MuuIj * (J\'iE;ntrr« uiii. 8» 21). C/- ^>u/yv">^« f* I^^- AcblUu 
and Diomefl uvr« jciiTk^ in yi>Arv. 

22- Kor tbc order cj finrd*,(;^ F 380. — lib*; eouilriu! witli ir^Mffc^iivw. 
C/ 7tr5, r ftHP, 

23- «d6ik« xtJC ' Xhf* qiiniitlcn hnpll^H 4 nproMh. fnr vhlch tbs rwuon 
in ^Teu by a cutiicii on place rrfiiuirk (>i)> C/- iiAt« deoi pot«a boc aub 
o&jiii duc(^r<? ftoidtio*? Ver^, ^fn. iv. 560. 

26^ Tlift ebniigip froin the chajuitcr of N»uir ta thftt of Jt muHuigcr 
froxa Z*UH U fluit«d to the nAtun of n dro^r^m. — &b^ %i: 'ivimUctfe,' 
inctMil ikf a r-nnrnt clAJtun; rf. A ^1>1>. i^f. impArU ]r>vi« I1 iic v«tii&<i, 
qui clAsfibuti ign^ui { dtpalit. ol caol? taod«in mi>«rAtua ab 
altooit Varg. A«f>>- v, 730 f- 

27- rrt: drjiojidA on Jnu^Wp vhlle tlio object af the Tcrbi in iiHlIy 
•upplicii. f'/- A lOti, — Tlifi oore »nd ffjcnjmtby of Zqus tiro motivvs to 
lirompt A(;«m^mmiti Um njvHy ^xi^j?tit1oii of thA roinmnmL 

20-32^ Il-IG, with Bljj,'bl cbuip^ 

33. Jk Aiit : with tlm piutivu. in t.Jii^ tenw □£ Wit Atuf, indientipg Zoui 
Vt tlL« Murci: of t^LV won, Tyl ^tXrfitv in ^tU ^W t- the^ t/wiv furctf Ity JTrav. 
— tjli L lii4it iiJhM^ tollinBttil by u nosftlivo i<itra of Uto akiiia oonuouul ■ ^ 
A afiS. l*TWiTTii* iin* flMJiily for^ttftn. 

34- 4^ . c/. 2, vid MoortV 'When altunbot'a chnia hftth bound m*.' 

35. L/. A 4^». 

bin:osu book of the iuad 



\lY.i ; c/. Avk trrtmrmf A 10. niiU unn ^rrparmr A -Jt**- — ^: "ft» yo4 knflw." 
-^ d4 t|iAAav : vvt' nif jiAf^n/ ri A", rn^r^ nnf JhMit fti frr. The [iLiirai v^rh ifl 
fjftrii ublhI in Homor witb n ntrat^r Huhjort : f/! ISA. 4^. f 19 /. 

9t. ^; i«. £ft0i<yAr, maijinf^f : f/. T W8, For Uic ftc^oDt. ^/ j9^ A 31. 
^lyi: iTinphuiUinl In cimtrjuil. 'nll.li Ztvt il^.-^^^•n nlvy , riitifLuiU, 
vn ih'ii vrt/ 'titjf. 

3ft irtfuot^ hlind /mJ^ itifiaumt^. An ipjiotllir* vic»Uliia1iOlir K tUnd-'^ 
bg prv^icnte tjf Uloac «ho Uiouj^htlrmZy nijd feorJrMlf eitUr on a coum 
winch ciicU in tticir rmn- t/, WS, It in I'splaitiod hy tlio following 
i-lauitii ; f/, \ll\ wv\ $ 1 1 y. f'y Viir]ck)> tlmiti mm! i^uE uimtii;> rl nciii 
imLl]it>ili» fiiliTiitn . . . sinuJarcl Am. vu MK) f. — W*: ollnwtoil Into 

39. tliniv tm: r/ A GUfl.— y1»- t*x ibv i)iiAuLitjr, r/ A M3. — fn- 
i.t. bvfoh* (>*« npluw of Ttw'. 

40 TpM^C n ittX : finiilinn/jH tlit ron*fttu«n«n of th« J3bu\^ «ltut 
tibojilrckuji Eklikfl to lioth iLnrLii-«t -^ 6t& &rfktn«; lArr'iij& X\t mitfiieU* ''in 

41. t4i^f](VTo : furTQunt/M/ Aim, *' r^ug in liie vnn." f^f. ]it< rcrnD[ob«nd;j 
it wt-U, r^. \0. ^^' IVC4IU to be nwd ^tli njfcj<ctico to t>oth imw. 

42- t^n : thi? hfrncoi icriii To Iiavc- fnit on thcrtr tunic* wliil^ ilttlng cin 
the couch, -^fafiim jirA. : tlit^ iLrTiiTit^ horxx'A hnJ rm aj^tlaI ti^^hl izivu*) 
Imt »l"pt fiAkml (ijr SI U-Hfli vfillioul tl)«ir oll^-r $;»nnvHU), Eiki^ ih« 
EakitTiot liiid lontrrclau lUilUus of Ir-diy. an^ tike tJu? ErjglUh of Uic 
MiHdlo i^prn.- Epio nimtilidty dctcribvi llio moiit iriiling iicUi •« | 11 ^ . 

43- iTftWw icrA- : %vhffl* A noun (■ xj'oftnijiAiimit liv thrv* nr m^tm 

44poi; Ihih i>ji|wT ^Tmj*nt WH4I [^nt dt wlim nu untor wjvi worn. Thu 
Bkiiicf Bonic wild Iwasl nr as KHriHilUfli worti in tta ur^d (<;/"- T IT). »?nilt|: 
ill pflrtiiMilar eiIao ui d light shiold, Tlw JlomcHc hero iff>tn>rftt3y pnmc-l n 
Iahiv^ t^on on !i jw^in?rfiil jnnrni^y, h«t Ajpniifrntior] Irt-ro IsikcH Ma **i*rd, 
slnn liP coiiM i»f>l cjirrr crtuwii^nllj ln^tli Uuco Aful crft^wT^^- The 
ii«r<>rrl wu littlv iiMd m cunibnt. but oft«ii vorn. ^ For tliu dctf^Tiption of 
AtpuiicnuiDn'ii dnwo, mo f It rt 

45^ Afii^l pftXrra : tito mrord hiKi|£« n^t from a bcH but frora a utrnp 
vhlch poAuril oit-r f>riA ithmildvr Thi» fmtiit '-f ATt U nor; widiily dllTi'n'nl 
tt^tm tbr. iitipflrfort of -tS, Convrm'^Tic* hpr* d«tertjiinrd the phaict- — 

fufi^. a« ft decorntion; ^ A :£1P, 21^ 



44. it^inv oiii'. tcrr imperiafiiifitt, »^ iht work of Hv^ihAffsluB. fu>(l U 
OTor tn tbo poHftMion of IJio snmc Ekmilyi <;^ 101 ff' It wu litjmbot^f 
tV!r unhiding rulr, 

47, «aT4 vfjoa (^/, Kara ^AOf 170, fcara (rrparaf A 1113. impa nfot A 3tT) : 
he Ui ttif iycy*^' ^l^i''^! ^1^ 1*^ '-^'^ mlrfrll'i af rha r?ninp; fyi A M. — *Axud* 

48- Tpvv^p^jWT* it\« J i.e' niuniiriuUHl lltj invtiaUiiQ of Lhif goda on 
wlidu^ sHuimu. rtjr firiii )>pjim* of Ugbt folL */ *Hm ^ in A#\/uw ini/i* 

/irtfTfi t>riut Jfniii hrr r->\trh. /eimt (he tuir iif ihtr H!wrttriUli Ttl^nritit, iu vntfr 

49h lp<«vrak: to hsf^id. C/* Sffrijfi . . , it tt ^loAio-ra Ipxrrtu JyyiUjui' 
^tti/x fftns f ft^ f- rA? ftaf t^Mrh tfimttk af the havltt o/lht maminj/ lighU 

SO- A: ".I?. A((*"n"H""i"- 

53. fkii**)* ytftov^uf. '•ftutu-ii 'tf ^e fhUfn (-ftlilrni'; law nn Si) whu 
iJiflciiBwd Jiii[>i>r4itiji liuestJuiib biikiiv imiminUiit; l\wm U> ihf t>vj*ubr 
Mi«TrtbJ]r- AUuflon* U> ihk council ftn focnd in HS, IM, Who «oihU- 
luwA \U U noi cfunr^ prtihtMy nut ulin^. |H-rlijLpA uijlj m\% btwldta tbi 
AtrMan; r/", \l>\ tt. — lUfa^iJ^t : ii. j>l ii;il . l.^iu titirti oiitj ftjt an «piUiat of 
p'r»jt[<'Hj ,"i- A I'J'.'L — l^* ' I'iiiiutt ra fifJJ a Mr'nfOTi, •••tlii'it t cfaitifiW. 

54- Pfvi^itvt: iu ai'|>oAiL]c^ii with N^ijTu^, wJucLi k iiopUed in Ntf- 
Topig. S« on ^. 

AS- irumv*jr ktX. . jitrfttmi (/urmrti') ika jrrwtint /Ait», i\^tch 1l* ftJUf^ 
wvdn iiitt'JUh- 

56. Jw6irn«v ^' I'lij^nHN* 4^ciujilivi<, luHfi'liiiil, ft ii i^fuH-Dlmt to^ tirvy. 
Fcr tUo cotnjiuULiii, jf/ ^<^^fi(N 125, it^^/uat 302, fmxt^^niA A 27:^. Seo 
H. 539. 

117- &4L0fWrLv|* , A fhtAiiillEi]' i'|rk1iAt at iitijiLt h» ti |^ft <if tlin ictkIa ftir 
Ih-* ri'fnubriK'ui cI miiirh hntur<', with n*fi'f»ncij to nlMpn Cf^. «ti ifirruv 

r/ 230- 

54- *EI*tirtJLr c/ Alii. — ^vxtrwr nrvr^Mi, l*^ mMt trnftij/ i markn ttiu 

iti'^ri'" Elf (l-3lf'mlJar■^l^ — l^ntir : fur ttm fliml r, tr^ f 1 1 ^ 
5^, C/. yCn - - ^- jiMflw . f*>r ilip ttto nccuMtiTrtK c/. 7, 
CO-70 = 2;i-^JV Kfip |n)efr\ pntfan thau? vorttfJ roiwtltloiu to tli* UM 

of 'imlifi'i iliwi^iiffn" Si-v I 11 <, 

71. ^tr'^mnifinot: //"s^Ti^^. SwoiiABOl- iv^«v; u3i. C/> 

72, iXX'lim: i:/ A62 •! farxrA. : c/ A 4G, 



73- «vtfrftro)Mih , triU jyuf ifif.tn iif tkt ttaL A^liicnuLOii Aubcd to bu 
nuurtd that Lhc iuid;p wu fltill rcwiy far the tny. It bii<) Iwcomc dfiuor- 
aliffi} hy ihp Ifngth of Lhn warn by tlm pMllliHAcr, and hy Uia rinHFrfl Aiii 
tlji: >t iltLilm^ul from mtvjci- i.if A<:)iill-«- — ^ N|m« ivrU . i,f . b* Uiu j^JicnJ 
tiun t.h>' fight. For tTif aKnu^tuni <'f ih" wbilivi^ </. h. 

i:}lj, iJtJL — 4<^Y*^y ictX.'. thU pnj])£i«i Uijn U iiitondiid l^j t<jij(;K UHitr Hinw 
nf littMiir aiiil niiJNt* niiow ih"ir timrr&Al /ftal. ttaf Ayiiuiv it ^iipjilif-r) frt>iii 
73 lU th'* auUjcct of t^ft^Lr utifl ihr? objrct of thv foUowIuj; t^^ruuF, — o-^ 
n^wf : r/ A 171). 170, 

75- UJhottr AXXott blSuriilf: ftlln^ J^rjfn tlijftrfta tiilft, tti^h fivm Mt 
i/wTt j'Uitv^. - -Cpf|T^Mr: ^fJt fo ov^n'i trtiiti tliMfbt- C^. 07. 

7fi = A rlS, _ A^in4-niiii>n LhjI rittt-u bi «^]H»k al RR, llioiigli Ibitf mot l> 
not iiimitioti»(l b» uaiial, 

77. vi}iA*4»T«i: hoTQ aian udJocCiVD of tVDcodingm; r/', JtfJ, &f>J, 570, 

u»r», n:^; i"-r f :m 0. te- f/ A 7a. 

79i ConvtnUoruil form of AJilnw to Ihe prinocA. The corrupoDtUug 
AddmM tA thr- warrlnr* in o. ^e'Aui 7^HL«t ^hoi'. 9tfiain>v^n 'ApijiH I Kl. -^ 
iJiuiiW ■ rufpif . if, l^i^v ^foiiW r ^^ 4ijd thi: |ui4"-r ijhiiI'' MiSoivra 
(J/'4/um), i>c|nkTAluiit to K^dbOHm ((.ViUM), whkh l« Imiiiiithii itf A^«lv^ 
ru^'ij/ prints, 

wh&t thi- l)r><xrii ]iruiijiiiL-i1J ipaj d tUliuinu: r/ %|D. ^ r«| Hv^tdl|u6A-' muf 
rfiijr^r furri tiifMy. •-'' 1h^ cjil iiui )[Lian] n^iid^t !.]«' L'li'uni'H i|iiNtiu]JsbI« 
orjiiruv*! to Uy » ckcUiii^ htiXV,*' ut tlii" Kiuw wli-^n |ii» Tiiigktirft of llic 

AFlui«4n> IigU aT<ki( fr^nii Uit ii^lil, j«4ftXov; o/i fAf mnrr; jf. jdEiw Uh^ 

CuuJd [val no n^l ciinlid<'i«re in l\\v T>T«a]ii'» nit-wAj^. 

•3. vOvSf: &« in A .i:>4. — &p«rrD> rr^, : 44 A tU : ff. 197. 

83 ^ 7f, — Thf? &iunvr of th<7 jidrji^ratly N^^tuu-ifFU* NnUjr U itio&rk- 
abl^ brief, iU gi^'ve courlooun aiHcnt in tks ViMy worO* «! Um king, 

09. fvavArntror : /ftfrew/Hin (i,*. Ijkrwinr) rw<- — ititfo*-**: irf< Uicy 
nuda na olijwlioti, hut pr«^&rtf1 to yc- to lli« pi^ulhr it»*>itil>ly. ^watfiin 
't Tf. Aunin^TimoiiH jia :ftt. A6> ^nprr^tx^ - >"v oil A 15< 

D7, ^Cti -. itiir[M]tii^« II -lnUil''i| compfttimn, b> 1'j4, T a. Sdr | H. ^ 
*tfAinn«. TW fotlc-vinjjr hiniim n pmliHbly 'WMk '; f ^7 ^V. — iln : 
tvtAiii* \U forte M » powut. «proially iQ ccmpariMnB ; r/. T 01 h f^ 
J Iff y, — |MXbffT4«v : I'y viM Woi nliich |iv<^ in hoUov treM ftn4 in hniM 
I& UiB rock. — Fui Lh(!: cotapMisun of bu9y<^l ac tcIuII iu jiratitt ubi 



■pes noftlate ncrcnEi | floribus inniduat varii«> trt can dlda cii^ 
cum 1 lilia faoduntur; Atroplt omnia marmurc c^nipuA Vbtif. 
vlrn. v), TIIT IT-, -flA ktvfn \ In Aprln}:-r.tm'» vihfu Uii> iiim wIIIl TutiniK 
Tith-is I i*ciur forth iLv-Jr poimloria jouUi n)>cpiit the U\\<< | In clHfl(*'rBi llit^y 
aitiong fn»#li dvi*i nrnl fl*»w«Ti ( FIv to »iid fro . . . .S*) thick tin airycnntd 
nwiirpij'fl,' MilUm Pui'. Lmi L ICS ff. 

88. alfl t4sv: eptr anfu'. Cf. Illao (boon) ctinlinua Aaltui liU 

09- p«T>Hi&dT , j'j L-/uif<rf. like biJiicfire mf gtniw. /'/' Irntifl UT&m 
ili»mHli-rL' rjiiiiiVrry. (.^wy. iv, 56S- ^-^hr" lv#«^¥ l^nJK Jti^iPfrt. 

80. M9. OXbi ; fur l!ii^ hvatii:^, inrr f f 27 JV7f., DJ o. 

81. ^ : tho fi^iint ul ^aTitiiarlaoii Um (ii tlin co(riinj£ forth mi-I ■pproAoh 

|>o*iti<ni in ih"" \»rr»rr 

93. flova: rni/fur, <avhujH iiiiurvc! Ia uiikiiOAri, auil kvlileli Ik lliDrvfarc 

94. ^Cvow' Um4: th'-y cnriji'fturfvl thiil Ag)ViiifHiiiion ttnulrl |^[)f>OHn 
.some im|KiiU[it iiniuiiHXT. — dT^wTfl . ifittj itiutf iwirtftrt- The aoriat •ftcf 

AOOS«rT0. 95. ^twi. >\^Uv<r\h(f-mitiL 

96. Xb^t It^a-rtw: ^-onitlvc aI>Hdut«. Sup | 11^ ^ /j- 

97. 4p<iTvo»' irnp^ffi'ft fif - nll'iri['1(H| flptum/ "Thi»y wiTe tijlng to 
l>riii^ tlioJii to onlcr." '^/, 7r>. — il iwn nrX, . a wi*li, tm lIu; pkii-t of ^lt« Lci^ 
aUI^ " If ov^r thoy woulJ *toji tUi'ir ehkmar-" — *«%: ubi&tivnl j{«nitiT« 

99- IpJ^Tv^w: for tFirf* rt-'rixl, Mh* oia ftl ', for tlk« plural with tiki? tcMtc- 
liv AhiIsh *■/. 27H. — ical' l&p«4 ' «/'jn^ ihr. rw^ o/$raa, an rA* j(j:nw, m 211. 

Fi'f ti* n»oof .wnt '/ 47h rnse. 

100. 4*4 , ad\-«rbi!i| with Jimj. </. Jcprry TO. 
101- tA |Ur: fAu« u A 2>)4. — <i|H Ti^vv; tmiHtfht lixh TtiiJ. 'Hm jiriEi- 
cipoJ iJiVL 1)' in llii* inrtinplr, a^ A l<^h Huii !r«qiiciitlj. 
102 ff, tAn : fnr Ihr PC|viil.ifHi. rf. iic A 436. 
X04. '%f\tuLv% (ctA. : IltifHio, the nif«riig<rr of iJii? jcodx. bor* the 

d«(v^iiil^l <ivilih Uitf fct^jitrr ^ irXiildnr^ : r/. Inrum. [nrooaAH' l^t^lupit 
ITBiim) hiK ItiTif^fiom lij n (ihaHct nev. 

IC^. 4 a&n : (gr tUe hiatiUL i/ A 3a3.^nAo4p: Iti npiriivUUin with & 
S»f lit 



lOG, iXiTw : r/niuricTis dai liAtierc tLi^pcli Vrrg- vlen, ix. 303. 
107. l^i4irT«- HiwrriTS, For t)iii farm, «« S'll b. ThjnUi kor bn>th«r 

nf Alr»*m*. !Irini'>r <'vl*l('HlJj' iif¥*H iiftt knflw ih* (lftl*rj nT-irv nf il^omulual 
bntrtf.l «f tbv bri.'tli'.*r* lUnX ymt iIjp Fiii1>jrcl of trop^iLi'^ \>y S<»|>liijclf*i aniJ 
Kurifiirli-i. Thi- foiid bwatiko pr^CMrMjil jw a i?hapUr of nntiv^li-il lior* 
rork — <- Ktl-n ^offivtti : far Uin inArtltivr, i/- dKLrcrur, IipIow. 

108- *AXXfifft, frotrt: ArrnnTtllii)* Ui tha pooi'a viv^r nf the fUuAtlon nt 
t,h»» ltiiti> *^f T.ln" i'rnjrtu War ij-j' A 7ft f-) t^« pplnpliJa*' Uit^i ihfi {wf-iimfnty 
in r«]opoiiiit>iun, Aganu^mnon ruled oi^<-'r AcharjLi Coriitth. SJcjrot), ai 
|iiirt of ArgoU>; ]U<o ^KtJ tf. ^4ivAtf««v^ Fd tuie ever tfitm. F«r tlii> irifii 

101^ TV' I^'>^1 1 C^ wjUOiinr A it. — tfA0-ipvot : not ftn AttribuUv* pta 

110- fy. 79, — fcpimrrw'Afnjoi- won A U<;. </. JC*n'At/.;in &10, — 
For thl* fuigriwrl «ihorlatiOTi, -^k Ihc »|>c«cheii of ClLMri^hui ikud his 
fytiXntrrtH. Xim. /a. I> 3- & f* AKflmi^iiJiiiiii di»v iiul iliv'tro liiit v^u- 
Ukitrilji %<t tHf i:i.>i;Tt[}ri:it;. He rumjiidH h{* iiwn cr^viirtly of tlm firoi'iiw of 
Zpui thpit tho}' ti}ictu1d cn[iturc Troy, and thit nitii< yrnrm nf l]i<- wn nre 
ftiaMidv |>iL«t ; ]jr calU tliAt mAii ^t/vitX*ti% who rvturijn t" At^mtlTli hU 
tutd iiii4Mj(iii<*d, «iri(»^'iAlly itiiKA thdj hiiil ru^miiniMl jti^ lonj h^intv Jlitni ; 
hp I'LJi^^rHi^* th^ dJFijiarilj' uf uuuilRrn of AvIuwriMia auiJ TruJAiu- 

□f hU Army ciiiitplAJrLii rf h'lK inrHliLAlfon only in « prrletm: in 114 lir 
ulVr!. uiK:»ii»iULPti»J_v tUi: unpLrAnaiit trutli, while W the Nintb Book he 


113. irwiprvnt,: tar thft KMitMllvcv ^, A Mt. The piirUpipltf here 
cuiiUiiiJi till- ItjuliiL^ (.liuuie^t; Lhcy ware to Mck Tmy before their ntnra. 
i'J\ 101, — AvflWartoi : atwaj* •Undi lit Iho cicH ol Uio vurw, wilh Unj^lh- 
tirjuJ initial KylhiVh< (} Gfl r)> 

114. rvv vrX, ; *^ biit now I *fv^ thnt ti« plvmt^i" rfr^. — ivinfr; Ui« 
|teH't~i ti«nmr ttktiiight oiEjH«iE01y of Uu- df^^ilfiil Dream, \t\tl iIih 4«aM nol 
ill AxAiijejiJiion'tt utind lim^' -^voi^ i»troilauc» n ApooidcAliott of the 
gvrrmi itftttmi'iil, u i It — «JU^ : tJw fpUkk«r InfTt ihi> dltvctJOl) from 
tlrir Uck of «iioiwHk 

115. 6wiiUb: t?TiL|>TiAiio posfliaD. Th« IiUtiu ma^ hv^ bxpl4in«d u 
■ «iN«k ' {i ST if), n li^nng hiklf ilb qiiauXXtj. —■ woXiv jitA. : hjt. In hatttn atM 
in Ihr* ]>hH^ur. 



116- ilAJui ' /' ah'iiir in hf, dfluhTf^n h ; r/. A Mi. 

Ifiv ri^'iittid. i'f. isuf/^i'mv A 14. 

119. tn tai: hrrr<ifi^ aim; r/, A Od.'-^roO KrJL ; ■"/ rerum cui 
prJniJi pH'tvstiLi Vcrg^ -Ifii, x. IIHI. 

119. ir^ ix'ff^n to AurvXAi 1 lA,^ -rM* ^i - » if ni^jtlkbig i* a dJigTMO, 
fAu ii,'* — ital ietX : I'-y* /•irjuf^nr 'jcitrmiitUA it* tttrhw 

130- nU^t *M^v8a : ('iff vTni'f) ''i frrrirv fjiiif w manif at urt hwrt ; tf. 7991, 
ilunHs i|iiaJUu>i<LUt \Vr|-. Afn. iJi, 041, 

131, 1t^ht«v pn!di4?aus *■/■ XTfi^ ^t^tUf^y- coguiik- litwQiativts 

tfQVptfitpLiL. jj.i^i.i.rjii' ^ #;iu *« ii?/i4rc ^la^tf/flii | \^uh it^i /Hill ij* ir;>j *< traxhvv 
■Hi ifpo yiT'ii*"!' W ^*'* If- tu( ^A» Tpfjifi^ tirmiti iki'imehvi tUn-n/jh^ul t/in rtty .■ 
Jetrtr in fUTitbff,hn{ rtvn fftrff //j^i/ Hrnc t\i^tr ti* ^tiijhi. v/ sitrtt ite(rw}t'f,ftir 
tkeif chilffrtn and tfitir tetPct. -^ v^kct ir^A. : nofrtd haji j/fS af/peart'f. A fullor 
■tsprraiou for avpijurtrv. XzM^jt'l of *' without nttJilnhiB our end," " wHhout 
ICIlLilLhij; dt^iii^iv^ vii-l-^ry/' 

123- tC «ip Y^ ''^^' - '" '''"^ ''^^ <ho-itM nrish. A ci^iricmiitvL' dhmi< with 
|>o(viilJa1 ijr1«tiT« mill Ai. of whjil it coiiililMiatl_v cuNcrivabk'. — Tlis 
thoiijfhl U coniplfiliod III )t3Tf -^If wc should lfkk« only oim I'rojAn m eu^ 
bAJimr for % m]ttt,i\ i>i Arh%iiiinvL," — ^ip : rfffm ti> mivportpiyifft. 

124, £|K»a ravH^rm : thr vJirlJmV tLroat was rot (P -fJ^), hduoe 

foi^Jui- Cj\ rtl, flj, las, A 155--^4|fc*»: diml With refrn-neu to the 
twi> tiniioru- 

12fl, TpAi« |ii*: '■-, / /fJt'Awri'-— JU(iiff#ur '•'*Ufft rhfinttliva. — i^iFnm. 
■rA. = miuiral. Ill til «f h/o4>i7i ^uru irrilp^Jk I M. — tvw»\ - iht h^IaTjvi- |in^ 
iiniif] ^)Uo^^''< lli" '-Tii]iliii1j<.- k'oti]. jLt A 3?. 

126- BiAaociLiihEiuv : thoitlil ft fiiriifeii awl urcantftit : tf. illtpon^rc. 
rr>r tha trbotfition U> ih« flnito ooUdtrucUoii, km on A 101. For Kotr^4M of 
iriftnihaHnf; t-poopa, <^ A IC. 

127> &vS|n: <■/ U)>i. — WaartM: >rf- rtch aqn*d of tcti; in nppoaiUoo 
wjUi ^Ajj^ftuh, Thr> pluTal Jri luMd Ix^^^htui? of the tLumbvr inp^b coix^nj; 

t/. r L 

129- Tono* wXioi : aocoTdfiijf to % h^'l f , Iht>r4 wen) r>fJ,000 TVoJnnM 
flritl jit]ir-'4 h'lir l.fm (iiihiIilth iY Uji^ Ai.i)iH*<mri«, -wv^ iin 4&-1 tf, 

130. 4irEKvwpOi : firr>lk4itr, w n^iVf, Obvrvp tlji^ coiitrut Hitli Tptuojir. 

131. wXXAw fw ir«llU» ' «nii!((riip xilh ai'^pff. For tHu «Tnil|inij fif 
EHJUnd of the tftc iflordx t/^ % IW »- — Inm* : einr ArniM; i^. WlO, 



i'f. A ''0- Tur thf 4dvr?r1>iol nkc «f ^At^iL n^f^ on A Ts.— ^aAxUAn '. dv not 

135. (oA^ : timbers, Kcr tim fonn, sr^c g 123 r/. - rWfT« ^ /vy^&i. c«&i^, 
nf ri^iiilii or ruAhni. Thf ihip'* tMpa in grtiMul wi-m af oihirli^ ; n iili^|t'« 
c»bli.^ Hi tlif iKiiiiff ijf Oil.vw-iin vjm niiuir nf (Tft^pynu*. — UX«vm : I'lural 

136. «i t^ : ^yri/ (A'Xf rfArrn, ripluiiiLil Ii> dAD:(a rrX' — Tf i rurrtUlJviT 
witb nuy in froa ponJtion, wn(» ttfirrtpai aXvjfOt cm.- clr>fvly conticotcd <a 

thoii^ht with n^Hi T(Ki^- 

137. 4tatn t^""^l n«Tb^|H^'M : vc» citi A I'll' — iirvTtt^Yl''*^^ '■ ^^XnltilliV 
U> 9grw will) iXt^jfpi, uiko Wi?rv fitora jiroinitiwiil Lwforv lh«ir iniiidB tUikti 

138- »&Tv« ! Attio wouvrwi, iff. tiniiljf^ vFA^jf/y (witti ^jyvurrM'). Siw 

139. 4lwv for t]i«sijljuiii:tirfi,r/ A L3T. 140, 4f£y-»uv; r/. T-l. 
lil. *4 In ^ bvlun^ to L}|<.> itlt^ nf vxp^cUilioii irjipli»?4 in tli<' futiir*. 
" W* cnik HI-,- lnHifer 1m>J"\" -'to cjtjJtari' Tmv {■ u" f'm^rr ti ]>\'-vt\h'i\]U\" 

142. roln : dnlWn of Intcr^At. — T)lU unilrMircil impulwi wa* caIW 
fort.lh X\y lh« IriTiyinu for lioin* Avvn1if-ti4^1 hy l.'%4 IT. 

143. W9v\ ifttrd vXiilit . in iipi<c>fition nilEi Tbwrt. in (untrant ^ItTi ItjA 
yipoirm wl>o J'nd I't'-'D prownt at tht connoil. Tljt lUtivit wilh ^utJ 

144' ickt^lvi ; r^ 1>&. — 4^; fxit, iM obvoU'ilC'nt partidv, lUnlir^l^Hbvii bf 

lU «<'i>nt tmrn ^ C'^] i(4|ift*« (LftKpA ' Sfm^-itrrlvh'n^ Uitti^^t ; rf. 

longi fluctuB Vcrg. Grattj, iii. 20il 

145. mivTvv InvfCoto : in ftppeNriUoQ wilh fU^AcrrrrCt '^^ ^^'^^ I'^'t y*\Kit %h<e 
«li(»U-i r/: <rinrtrt\f 'M\\\-, ahi f 12/ Thi* tottk St h |iiii1ii!ulnr Irjwt of 
tliM ^Aoifim (««« on A 850)i Tho /trrfrian Ar^^A inrtf rL*opirtd ila Dnme from 
ti^ariH, a iinij.1l irifinri nfT Saiikw- it wtm no^l^>oul fnr iU fr«i^ijon1 ilormL 

■hown \ry fvvJ:^- <*A ututhmt wind,"" A *lijgti» wiiul nnv^T mtirw a 
»t4jrm til H^iitifr, f]/^ ^ £' Aif^uM Sw vwtiw ^Wriov ij^hitiii ; Biyi^t 
■ui Z»^vpot. Tw Tt Qp{itnfi*v ^rfTw I 4 1 <w ftfv wmdr n>u>« (A« /(Ay ji«a, 

14G» A(»pi t^i*^'l guonik oondit, frcciw^nt In coiiipftriMinh f 14 f. -^ 
fnttffli* ' nuAin^ u^q if. VJ. {v«nti) incntu^ra mart .., unA 



A &11- Zona Mndn raio, thiuidcr and lij^htniti^;* *inri and ctor-m, bdow, 

AQ(J LrniiH, ffit tl tvttu" ijvt^r LtiN uKK^ntxiim of ThrnuM. 11 it oihltpcl Svo^nf, 
Homer, unlcu ptriinpn in ihv ftkirjWnd riLuacin and in Elrdhim. — fM t 

148^ K&0«jot 4Tai>Ilvr ^ i'lUrullfi rfurhiiii/ "j'trn if, XdSpvt n irfrdictti'; 

thi-- coRifdmi^n ► c/. ;^ll) ; mc J H a. Tlie conrtUuclton of tlic dtpc-odcnt 
iwui*iic^ is AliandoMk>d, — ty. 'With poivd spmrn, na thii^fc as whfln ft 
Adil I Of CVnyi rlpv for hifvprt w*viiijf Ix-nila | }li*c iM'^rtW gruvn of 
o*r&, whji^fi way tiu* wiii-l | Sw*jt» thi»»ii," Alillon Ptr. S.vitt iv. P80 fl. 

149. inir' dv^ niWjtii : di n^Liiru tu 11-1- — Both ronii^BitiMMiv orr iiintnt 
to iiopipt iJic wlioli? nccHc. The firel (IH-llti) dfafribco iJia TJiiddtitt coH- 
ftuicm with whirh Ilia fuiNPiintily iliapdirvil ^ Wo* nrofmil (147-140), ttiA 
Lmi]il«nuptL*d null iu un« dia%?tJoii, Loward Ui« tflupn, — 4X«Xi|iv ■ daUve 
■?F mckiiJitTt LFi wJiioh opnst' n pnrticipLo ii often n»od- 

150- w^ It' rv. ni i^TiJc. ^ cj^ r ft- — 4mu«rK]> ImrA. lAnBr trX' r 
do^riptivi: iidiMTT'ctis hmkIi It^tc ttm liLrtliiricjJ ^irosfi^t (hvLlch id iiot 
HoiTl^iip)- — woS^ t' ft^tvpfi : ^a;jf untiwr the'fjtft, 

151- CmV Aii^ii^vt) litofnUy, itfw /^cit'my iiMtl/m it oroir. 
153 . lXit4)Uif atA- : f/'. ipwrirfi:^^ ktA. A 1 1 1 - 

153. ffupow : rA/ trmrkft, i\\f> laur nXmu', hy whWi t.hn flhljw woTb 
dravhii fi-Diii l]i.\ i4oa u]h^(i Uin Innd, And frf^tn the Inud itiUi tUic em,; ^/^ 
A MiH- —^ J^tfdAatpav ' ai>tiiu CiT T,lki> trt>i>rti>^ fiu>I not Xf^^n tuisl for n lung 
time aJid liA>l brciiiiii? fillc'J nilh »a]tdi 

— tir* &' fip«et . thry l,n>t iml /rum ti/titrr. 'Vh\H if> ihu vftlHUtlif fi A4flfl. 

165. Tlic li'i^4^nt vft'Tc *•> daxcd l>y tin." aud'l-''i And ditKLrilL^rLy trri^kiti|t 
up of th|i AHH^^mliTy njiit }vf X\ti' niHlk lu Mm ImiiU nf Oir* ebouting tn*** rf 
lUTii, llint llicj *rrt uiidUv lo natTy oul Uw pUn of A|;ameamoii. Tim 
iftlcnvijtiou ol 4 friuDdly god ba?«infl ciw*i*ry in o«!ur to i;iil Ihu knot 
uf ilimi^iilty. U6 f. C/ A 1»C. 

150, »tr« 8i| arX- : thu^ a* if ^nnitt rf<' An oij>roniou of vuxAt40& Of 

149. 'AtfT*!*^ ' cmplLatic- — I* iM« "^-^ Ktk. ; 0iwr fj^ Aruocf bcrl o/ 
(Ac M<j, Th« ^mter ftt iwt uonu to b« tbo top of an iifcb. 



160< H^B U rrr\. : vittanHj A «onoluioo to tho oonditioc ifap1i«d m 
159 f. ^'If Lhity hbould thiu flfli\ tj»n« thi.-/ won!d/" 'ic ^- <^(i3iij¥ , nt a 

161, *Ap^ti|v : AUmllTii; opItliiJt of H<<Ien ; rf. ornfttiii4 Ar)^iTfti> 
[inUnnr Vf-TK, Atn. t. CGO. The word lien? }j&9 oaivideratili- ciupluuiu, 
filMixl nt tilt- Ucvd of thv vtTiU like 'A^vyvlAt. aboiv«, 

l€4. r«^ &Y°^rQli jitX : ^"tifi Iky u.'tnni*ifi warjr- Fiir tht* qliort form ol 
thr dsLlivfi, bim; f 45 it. — For ilie 'uynilatnn,' f/. 10. — lp4^ : ^. TA. 
165- W : j-c^ *Axiui>ut. fixim the prw^diufc ^vm. 
1««, a«»- iwi»^n : t/ A 2*^0. 
167h Cy. A 44.— dC£an: tUitfiitg up, >- wUL a niah.*' 16fl = 17. 

ITOh irrifira [Juriru] i Odjaacua ww not carne4 aloiig by the roal, 
and tho agciru wuh ncamt hU <iwn Hhipn (kn) oti A M], ^n^^: «.«. hu 
own kliip, — fuXa(w|« : rj[ A HtK). Thi» Htit|>ii nf Od/MDUA ■» dJlod 
fnXtOfrdpyOi (rirTTiiliofi-fheikr^i) llV 637. 

171, Odjawiis with lliii* f^vling «iu iT^r right nuui fnr Ath*»i\'ri vorti, 
— |fcfv : 'limit of moUon * iritb tAJiv* cf^ A 2M-^- npftS^v: ftc^Liutlvc of 
thd f«rt, VQ AppoalUon with ftof, tf. A Jti^- 172 wpM-i^ ^ 'f- pv. 

ITS. Thi« ri«rM< &b fcjuud m'Ycl lJiiir» In tlii^ i'lm/. flflvvn tiniuit lit tha 
O/yoNj^. It ia tho onl^' ocin^'ritiunol wnn m v^iich no cfi<^0ur* i>c>aun fii 
the third foot (} &8 rj, — Sho^v^ : ArcL'iiijUk fAlbrT of Ia^tU^h nitd gnuid* 
fktliCT oC Odj«Kci«, wit* ttttn of Zeiu. Ai>;oEdt[i0 to a Utirr myUt. But chia 
Hpith«t In appllMJ in a ff^nfitnl w»j to princiB. t>«0 on A 17tt- 

174^1«1. r^ I'lB-lrtfj, 

ITS. It rVtfff* nr«mt' marking the diiKird^rljr RighU This ia ft 
itAnding cisTTibinatioti of c^prrfviom for mctEon ami rvKt. Sm oil A 245. 

1T9. \LTfil T t|»^ : fjfirJ i/ruw Hff ^oiT:, (A> fiuf rat. 

lai. rf^ : for t^ IcukifCb of tho Utfl P^Uabla, w j 5U J- 

103- fira : objr^^'t uF ^n'r^n* vrhjlt^ ^t » a limiti^ijt SKullItV. Tltla 
indir4te4 that Odyui^iui 'lid. not erf Athena. 

103, 3ft8 64iLv: fif Hi cut la nn : ^. A 14. — A«4 irrA.: u. tn hiiluHbv 
bIcc< it bmticp-d him in ruiiniiij£. 

IMv Eip^f&nff : d'^Bcnl^Ad (r 'Ji4-'2AB) an alighUy oLdar than OdTWUi 
hloiHTtf, With round ilioulck-n. dark compli-t.it>tL, Htid curly Lnlr— 11io 
hfiriild \\f!rVt a» ikAual. hirvon u thg ]>rui<c*a [K.'ra[>»ui altondant. 

185. Avrloff T for tb* oanatfUttioEi, r/- A A35. 



Ififil C/4&1 — U|4Taol: lEtoMlly, Aunfr/irJkim, r*erti^t /ram Aim^ 
M a fit^i tluit }ie ncLcU Lil Llia iiiiicja ijf AjfAiiivfiiiiOii. — naTpAv/t . wc? 
103 ff. 

168. Av tiM »vfr: curreUUvf! mXh ?>f i' nB 198 0<unX^ jrrX. : jirince 

or Htihle wlio lunl liot bcon prownt nt t]fc<-' coiitioil «! tho * G«roiil«o,' — 
ni^ctv) iUrjitU'e optntivt, wilh ar nva, rj'. *i\lt. 

IBS. tAv &i kt\^ -. Apoikwfi to t}kt hyiHjLlieLioul Zv nvu. Tor S/ in tt^ioA* 
oais, ,1/: W;.' . ^00 § 21 a. " ^•i>«Ci i f/ 101. 180, 

190, Soi^vu : tUi--eonn«lIim lic'dfkA w!i(-lhrr thiH Uiiard Ilk A ruporl- 

tv\. a Jiil^iiij^ ir( a rr|m?Vilif; Who; p:/1 2f»0, — hojiAp &t; fi>r tlm 1'Mi^lh of 

Wbon lliia ilis fciLl-jns tlic nonl U> ^Jik'li it Wtuii|:^ it lb iu.vi?titJsL r<>r 
the gomparalu'o ut. '-/ SOtf, 'J&K S^Oh im«4v: conwd. mxaqntiil dEyu^ 
hfttii no nmml <tiULlK7- in llonirr. Tliuy ore lur'/pju nnd ijji*/ri/, ac-nurdiinj 

191, oXXmifl lone: Xamk ^fl vti'tiuHy m jippriBitlon wilfi «iXAj0«c, $m 
f 12 /", 7'J** t/fhtrt\ riiiiitilff tAr nviilicrv, 

192, For tlio > »LgEiiAti«lii,' </ A 1711 I. - v&^b : AltJc <ra^u whicb U 

1^, ^m^TOi: r/.TlJ.— tit«^; --/ A i:^i. 

vpuiker jKililclj iiidiulM hiiiit^-lf v^hh i\iv \t'^TK\tiB aJdmnBdj ua ill W2. 
Thii fimt i^r«u ja uumI in a didtruut lono in L*0^. 

laa, (!*[ Ti /i-W fi^rrMiutr. C/. A 2H- — xo^wrV"'!' '/ A ."WT, T U.'i 
— 4(Mc«r bUt: for f]i>' two JLCL:ii>«tiVEvt ^iUrr P^fJ* ''/- 1^ ^^'*K ^'it- 

196. •v^*** &4 ^*ya» : trrrifJ^ u iJtf t}"ffrr. Pur t.li« Uniigih i^f ihi- 5t we 

197. T^kijiiTA,; "ho U Mug *Jfi yno/ta; ih* rvit miut otoj," </. I'OO; 


190- fiV«> &tCp«: tJi<' c^oinmctn pi.-r>|iL' iitv cmitrnnt'-il with thrMioUvs of 

199- tf«f[VTFir ' Ocl>~Ki«UA Uj49 lli« aUAF iiL A niiEtilar njky at 20^ f. 

200- £ri«H : i/ri'iT «4r- IVi^Bont nn D gcnuml ilLjaiicti^Uf " ho <ilifidiiinl/' 
201^ eA»: iiijL piirlltlct JiJm-iT Uif.'nT \* u niutntnL in iW vcitiipitriHun. ^ 

4Vnr*«' rA A 'J$l- — rv W: ohwHjy ci>riitivti-'l with Clu* njlntivu ohuiaiji, 
■hiM (TP rept*ai4 7a> Thi.' KnglUh i*l1rMii itr^ffHin UinxiLltciTrlinht/^ooiittriic- 
ti<Jlit " «hjlv thou Art." torn li to ic nupplicd. 

20S- IvBf O^uoi : ficiu*irr>/, not a mtf» cipher- t/- In uuuiorti muUc 
Ck: f/^ f>r- iiu M. 2in.^^»Xj , an A '^54; nul in 1u UM^hjik-Hl rjiH^TiUi^ 



of rouncC. Ilctv AgiJri appcan Uio frci^UDQl cwitnirl of Jtf^Dj^bh of body 
md of mttti!; *^/ A 2M. 

303. «4 |Uv w4 ktX^ : a <InL0Lk fur[|i of vxpreRnou, iiuitL-d U> the <Pom< 
mnii «i1ilLvr. '* ,\^r]|i>nmi>ii oorntiihiuli Ij^rr. tlic ml of ut iiiiitt obej." 

20i' For the -AP.^i^detojt.' lyl A 117. — dAk i^^''* ' a» a pnillmLr hiilv 

^-■I« tfrX - ■H*ym1<-t^m* (if r«iLtrHHL, iwt* f lA^. 

206, r^(n: /nr thrm. 'Axiuo^ f niiii 20^ b Wfonf thciinliiiL 

208. f^/ WO, 1*1. 

209. lixQi ^- fi'^ ^ii^ ]u*timjiiH(,rftFv} hy tlif- |iMUHf>, </. Sll ; t«« f ST A; 
for Uiv Liiktua alluwv^l Altrr the Aral f«Jl, see oa A 3<t3.— 'y. ddLWrcm 
^j^t/rffn. A 1^7- — Thi« »coiid Oiuniiiti^h ' m A 3'L 

210. aL^taX^i 0p%nu : rmirv im the nhiirt. — v\fapayl^ atA* : *c1jmhIm;* 
vti:(i Ih" pr-'viuiiv nUuM (f 10 «) ; ' |iar>tiu]trOJiM/ ' ($ <J1 a) vxpmaing 
rpiiiU. ** Sr> tbiil ih^ high v<a rcKitiitdi fn>m ihi* noi>i> of Uio brnaknr*." 

211. Ito^o. iff^rvtn : for tU Hatiu, r/ 2li(, 31A. ^ <«•' Itpii4 : t^ n, 
2X2- Bt^ETift : (ruETi t'ipatK, tltd A«oh? torca ol £^j(Tt>E, d<iri«'!^ m^fin'. 

Otwrt i< tlml 111" jHwt Jlm4 xaA my fjuiii aKuI cuuuLfj' <jf Gi«vc« Tlicml 
CJLruci and Ihus orFL^mlfl no <fuij by lh« «pi«oiliv — Thunitot nuikn hu 
odLoiu by lii> advocn^ of it. The vulgar a1i*riiagogu(' mtili iiitp|i4tt>1 hjtbfl 
F»ovl to a'takor) Antipathj, n.n^ thoi in rcpic]«tiit«d Xa he Jmt aji dbftffra^; 
abki nud d^ffrrmMii In bodynA La tbamcUr. Tlw (irMk* nlwaj» asocial 
a WiLuliful TKiul Mfiih n U'suiiful ^Pframi. — ' [u Thur>iL«> wo huie rpalisiu, 
lie wai Ihtt incamntc vjiirit i^f rritiotim id Uie army bcforo Troy/ — 
|LoWoi • nado omplmti*; by iU iKMiliou bcror*^ the caeriiira. For thu form, 
0«ti 1} 'j:) </. — 4«LtTp«ir^ . prf^iiTate. Cy. ^10; coiitnwt rL>l3. — ^g«X^: 

213 h ^ ittA- ^ u ujortf vaidkit alaitMiwiit \>( d^urponn7«. — ^ Sicoriia 

314, Jpii^ffw : Lhc :v»3ll cf ^nxr^ irrA- ; </ |uf;f«0Au A A. 

213. &XX' frt^ crA, : contrnitcd with ura kikt^uw, ivhilc Jptfi/iovi f>ti|v 
pLJH thi^ id^ik r>l vkTyiiiy- tl»i WM an tiiu>1ijril doa-ri. ^iCvur*: V'^utii^ 
Iriit to jfifuj. Fur tlic oirtdtivv iu l c^i^Uitioiial relatira KuteuWi </■» 
188. tOS, A CU> 5oo ir> OM Bi O. H31. 

216 otpx"*"'*'- pTpdknir- '* ll"- WM ih* ti^ll»l man whnciieiii*/"*fr,; 

cf. Urj, A liOli. — tirA TXmjw : u/( urWrr //««, >,*. uudrr the wtoift u/ itic0, 

^: 3i», wa, «Ts, 



ai7. -t;ktfol£p»: "tboaotvAi.hou1d«n<if bW 

218. •ruftrd. (ni««x*'i(^ ' ^'^ rnnLrnAF. ^Aitli n l»ro[iii-4lmii]di>rc4l, hcroie 
ioTia. — rvvvx«f"vn avi4p: the htatua ia juatiflpij by the ttucollc iJirwitAU; 

219. itrtfivi) ittA. : if, Iiih niNsliLLEH-ri, Mi^^ti-lirr^r IwoaI ahm ncil iMTicwitwl 
lij tl;(.< iliLck luokn of Uirt mii^ij Ho^oufrrci 'A;^iuixi ^itL wiu oovvn^i ont^ bj 
■pvtf hair, 

220. IxOHrrw r/. A 176. — 'Ax^^^^ 'O^vt^t ' AchilU« and Od>wcu« 
TflnroHuiitwii itio two ojtrdinnl t-ixtiica cf the h^rooty brnv^ry ftiid pnid«ac*. 
In vkhioli <|iia]iL)i-n Tlit-TAlIi-jh niL* Wkiiif, — |LdXu-m : pcitURJMJUrn. CcJii' 
irtnio *ilb r)f6'HrTw*, r/, r-7. 

821' HincffEm : rmu ipun/ lo upltnriti. tctntnuttAd with Tor afrrc. -^'Aya^' 
|kHm ti'ini"*! A*fi7iitem/\on ; dfrtkvc of Jatcrcal- 

222- «(te iHHX<rr<k - u'i'A f/iici>r(/fjjiJ fry. ^ Uf ^(Sia : rvnbf^ivtfii (#fiu- 
tn^tfUvii) irpj-iuiiht^r. Xfyriv in l[i>[n*it ia Miini ■Liwtly mjuivjili^iil Uj (frirfr. 
— Ttcrnik'n wniJuiH tin* ki njf <d ut7irr*UJUBni'BB, »>*nHiuilit;, iiowardirp, injuB- 
ticc, — Y^ ; r,*-, Affumi^irirmn. &t vfUam the AcliMoftiA wore tboa Ofigry, so 
tlint Thi-r4Jtr<i fdi nuni of tba Applnuv of bia Jiu4)ka<tv. 

223. Kovievre: ktiiju'rt-iJ^t ('> vvjirvM a rcintliiiwd AtttA ol faaLlug, wlill* 
Vr/i^in^ftj' R'fri*i {<r U)v ".itdH-iuu uC Ibeh niiui^r. C/. A 3rJL 

225-243. Spf<cf> nf Thtrsila. TbU ueumm u knowtod^ of A/^ 
m^mnotl'fl n«l intcnlion lo mnitini? thL-* wur Siu*h knontiMJgn might 
h<Lva lieeri gAJni-fl from Ihc iFordt ol OdvAtca*. 

225. 'Avptl&i) : Tli«rti(»* givea htm no Itlla of huncr, but tbtt vtm tiut 
nuumuTT; b«» 284, A 17, — t*b [tiVw, mij] . /-/r uhnt. Fur Iba gumlivi^ 
AOQ on A 05. — ft| ktn ; ^/. A ^4(>, — liivli<H.i i?f inquirttig the purpOM of 
AgAmomnon. Tliprvilf<ii ikltn1»uti-J to the kiiig tho irust trlAub iiiotiv«« 
(Iniplybje that b<: ci>ritinu('» thf^ Tiar o»]y for hli on-n prUftt^? ndvant^tcv), 
Km! :tlli]di-H rnitir^iouhty to IbK '^UArrnl wllli At-hlhi-n,^ '■ Wh^t liiitt ttiCQ 
liTlc'f II u1 Uiiiu tiul rric-ueh?" 'J'broir uri^ ' rhetorii.^al ■fuvHliuus/ 

227. Ivl 4h^Cg»: in ^rir 7i*'tr/fTV. 4E«<prT«t: ijjcplALnad b^ tliu foUuV' 
In^ ri'lnltiv cUuk. C/. otXajiiinjy A 2, jmmjv A lr>. 

220, E(£o|i«tf : ftrt ^f-oni (a tjii-t, with a c^jailitJounl r^ti^O *tiitcTiCC ; v/. 
A ''^ri. t't-r lb*" tbnit]{bU »■* n" A 1?4, — Tb*r»it<n wokonii b^mnftlf 
ftlHijm: tlir bm*c wainore. — irtoXiiftfWr: a* A l*U. 

239- ^ ^ irrA. ' furffi,^, <'''. 'I'lu-rxiln^ anam-rH trontfAtl^ the qucniion 
which bfi hitnuL-lf liad (juLh C/. A S03. — tn hoI xp***^^ V^*^ "^'^ "" "^^ 
M co|ipnr ftlid oUrei, Gold waa rn«i in llnwcc btfu« tlici PemlAii nora, 
biLt W4« abundant in Asia Minor. Srhll«mpiin, howfivnr, hv fnond 



trvbimjtttf of gold am^n)«Dt« nol onlj >t llitaartik (uliich mmiiim to b« tb« 
■tta of UiR Jtndrni llinn) hut nlm at Myoi^niLr. — «i oCnt: mf $ 16 A. 
2$0p SvMVtt : lu rifufirrff In ftj>pujtitinn vilh ot. 

231. AvvtA.: wAr'n f fh/ttt Jal'n rnpfir-t iiwi trad, *!'•.; hoMlin^, ttit QSkS. 

232. Y^rvttlmi Wipp : f.". ?<u>i1i u CinBrlii ur brispiB. Th? at'ciisali\9f 
■oenm tu hv caunLtil Uy ultrjiL-tiori Lo Um con at ruction of tlio [irc^^eding tvlj^' 
live clauui ; or irc^Vic niAy kju iu thn npnnkrr'i mhiit.^a thought oarHnil 
on fr<iiii ^wi&tvoxt. 

233. f|ir TT Kvrtayttu : rftlatlv* nlftnAH with thf tuliJunAtlnt In rtiiHl Mnh«; 
t/ r 28T. atrii 4irvir«cr^ : /fir {fttjnrl/ aidne. 

334. Apx^* MvTQL 'tA. ~ fl"f' i^tif 'r'ho it *i ifni^r. Mc„ i^^^ tkat F^ou w/ift ari 
thtir Uti'trf. — vvitiv ^i^evK^wfr . Iirtrif inrti tnu/brlant. Thtnilt^ liora 
rofera l^ tht^ }>c«ikk'ioe jhTid Cbo dioufttion of AclalloA, 

239. «4«avi« ! ■■ ni V jfooi) fAllnwa/' ThU w^ri 1% ^Ji»Tt.\\y ui»^ 1ij 
an vldnr or nnprri^rr «<ilh«r in ftu AfTtctioriftLr Wnr, cr fp*?ldom) m a 
tone of ooi]f>*iii]>tuoTii Buprnoritv. nn hcrr. — icin' A^i* : in i^onarvtc 
jMTnio«al (fiiM", eii^ftnt catriffr. — *Ax(h(Evi *tA- ; <"/. " v*rft Pliryjf^np, 
iiftlLiir iinim Ph^y|;«» Vvf§^, J^tt. u(. HIT' Kor Iho ' {ibtroii^-niU,' mi« 

236» qCkaU *i|j ' fi-imrit'iiftf. ai ^ilt tttnU^ — ir«v t(|v«-I ; iM A 179. — i^vd: 
^1 ^' Ivjft A Ifr^r. - 4i«|uv: i.e. loavi? Whtiid. 

237. a^TOf) : rijfu Urrr^ v.\\i[i\\%\vi\ ju nhuul liy ihn followintf wdnU, It 

t^, Ihufii Hiirl hiiffr<r lh» r»iiji*<i]UHiii^H of hiu |;frm«1- 

230. Ij «al li^itliArA' : vAcT^fr if^r^ fwiliin lank ar^d Hfe of Ihi? Afha^nns)! 
ivv f/vff M him or nof. A* if Agumf^miioin tti Jiin prtft(> trait'^l to Itw own 
lutj^hl ami to lh«t of tbe otkr^r lefulirn. d^feplAliri; ihc ivjil, wj(haut nliui^j 
Imlpi b<» oftn ilo iLOlliiiiff- — For llio >cniAU' (^/kIc), ■»«» J liU, — tf ■■! 
«t«I; // .irio, J^4n. Tlip 0iwHk<^r |ir^iwiiU dW KlLMriiitlivi^ u djmti, l^ut 
still iinplir^a a trh'^iot ^ct>|«<vll Uit-th- 
U 339^ tl' VKclkiii&tory. Ar rfAn. — iiU v«v: •«« «n A IDD. Thi« intro* 

I dum an exaiupl« of AKnini<Tn[tL>n*n failure to rtcogTiiie cjthe»' MrvkciA. 

^^^ — Id: for tba t«ngth of tlin Uat lylUblfi bcfon fu Boa J 50 A- 
^^H 2i0 = A 250, WJ. ^^ TliurjiitHA, who uoh wont U> hppok irijurioiifily 

^^^ AohilW 0*21), now pl*w '^^^ P"'* o^ J^** ■'hvicfti* (»n<l up^* his 
I wonja) ia onl«r to nMurk A|;Arn«rnnon ttj x nt^nMtl^i* «ivii.; hrir h(« inl 

I dncf^ A flitig At ArMllH nitc the next tvthh 

I AohtU«» « iiihJwiL C/. ^tfrfiur x'i'w*' A 2*3. 242 - A 2fl2, 


2M, daft^Ctifi: Jifmnglj c^i^Titruin! ynth 'Oivmmt hv (U poslbon.— ^ 

T$; fin lln' i(ut(ii! x\( fv*l. Willi iru^EtfTurr», '^h 175. 

145- WoEpA: ii» A US, x^^^^Vt^'^f = ^l>* <>p[K»ito oi lyuvoSt 101< 
34<. dirpiTtf|kv«i , thou rmiU^t fjohJiier: c/*. 213, T9Q- For 1.^4^ qiptulLf^ 

</ r 3H- — Ju-j** m^ iif <f- A 2IS. SarcMtic naooi^itioo of hia obUtt^. 

rhiluri!h <^n1U ikLr^jilum to tho fft4rtthiU(MyM>i'nji4liv<A h<it reJorta ThonLtMf'j 

347. bx'*- ** A !;i4.- |Li|E' «Ju: r/ A :^TT. 

246> oft; ouLirti'riLt witli ^ij/a£ 

249. AtfD-ft^ rr- if/^o/J L^Ao. The mlaliTi! tluiuw irpT^cnit % gemtlvtft 

ISO. T^ »Oii 4tf rrA.: thrttfo^-r (iriniy thou tirb tho baimt of aH)]!^^!!' 
(fl&aif/'fjir) ^u'u riuT, S» VII A 301. Tfac iiwaltcr rctiiniA tiu tbf< w)jur> 
tiition u1 J47-^pBnXfkaf : for tho pliiral. cj^ T 49. — dvl rvcpA: i~>^ ^ 

251. Kst: HM iri 1-\. — ^^U-- for tli" fluliT*. </ *A^ii^<^vvti 321. — - 
vomv i^vX^Urrai^ : ^u/'n/ r^r rcri'rn. wliiVli rtow ihrrjitrriM] (jm it vfcm} to 

CBI^ipr' Hll'lll, 

2S2- afr&i tC Vtf ittX - hut nnl »t /3li i-l*ttrij/ yrl- — Wi«| irrA '■ htjip ifitJ^ 
taaifem htre (of nlik'L lht*y ure »iwslEiiiK) "^^^^ ''^- TliiH verw b pjiploiii^d 
Lt tho foilowinir. — Ip^n; r/ A -^ilt*. 

253. wo*t^i*Ofin» t'v 'hiiU rrtura, A brief rxprculcn for ■"■hall ftnUf 
iitHpri 41(11 rrliui;, wtih i£ood cir ciil foTluiic," 2S4. r^: m :f50. 

233. 4^ffttL- ^rrAu villi i\ {lartldplo off-n hn* iii> llicjiiffhl uf troulnut of 
posldoD (eu jif^fny to jifLinVinff), trut lirniHtta u cvLLtinunco} Lu tbi? aot>oa| 
of tKonfArljctpli^i t-f. A liM^ Tb« Tiirb in thi^ mora Dotcworth^ beM bIilm 
Th*>r*Uftii U not silttns <■/' SASj- 

256. fhwi ' <>1>*<^rvc th« oontrut with mt — ««pt4^» , if, A 5<)0. 

257^ i.lf^ A 204. 'Jll^ FormLilit lo iiiI,tik!u<^h u kliirji thrwtT,, 

29B. In: ajwfrip .~£( r* inp iAt'. cm / did }]ai nom. — Constnu; r^ 
K-ith »«, 

239^ |ii|irfTi irrA.: ApuiJueb lu Hit- Corin of mi ItnFir^imiioit. -"Ujiy 
<J(^>U,ruc(lL>]i coma upon mo lutd m^ hoiuc." — 'OSvc-fK^ mure itiij^rvwlv* 
Ihan r.^ft ptnKirnl pronouti ifUti Cj\ A **«, 

2G0. oOiiiiUrM tCv|v ^ A^in^ ijt Incliwlod in Arin^ fxifAi'/; r/ A 2^3, T1lui< 
lhi« iimytr iTu^iinW i>iv min of TvlAmachiu. 

^, |iTfic«dtil by (w Xji^i^vt vhioh U LM>rjimcii to l-otli cIulia'^i uml which 
jfiirvA lo Dviw 1?'*^ It* ptTwHinl rvferpinw. — XftPciv: upa od W A 139-^^ 
daft ft4vw: aCrrp nff, Mloirod by tiro uouullrct. 



262- TdTi: comlikiuu Llm ohJi'fifA WhiMitrjivfr ff^trrt dtjf aalfifnfm, ^ 

2fi3, &DT0t thfftflf: ilir m«Ti in irrjTitrMt iritfi ht* elothjn^ : t/. A 47. 

8^' mtXiiYHt ktK' _^og^»jf tktt rinTjy fiirfu the piatv yf tingtnifily, 
mvKtf^wi Likir tEuAr^wf ^^f^- rtrpiyi^ni^ 'Ml. fUKt*< nol implr put tinio. 
Sov; 11. HIJj. — AtiK^vt: a hUiJuitti;: k-pUhi-l itt litimtu 

StiS- riG^itT^ . - . irX4^v: i-f. If ^tuv him u hi>nvy Mo* otvt the baci 
from niii* Ahrti(]i1r-r i.o lhi« orln^r, nt :i fi»ivt.iFiI<* 'A Ihi^ kanJcr 1>cbUii:S vhi^- 

ffouM {ollow if be continued b.b bflolcikcp. 

26S. (nt^BTpov vmi - ri^|if»jiU £wo of Jifinrownj. — Ittro ; «nJM3lTj Ther- 
Kil<'f> w.'tA iioL Hi-tAU'iI it 'i.>7i rj', 'J\\ f. 

269. d^YiK'^ Krhrd f/y pnhi i cf. lAfurtr A J13. 

S70> Kalijirviuwl nv^ th<ry flUU ayoifpthiwii witli Thi-nllrit; lljf > hi J 
not fliitirrlv rvcoi'en>d from their botnnickiiu*, — ifiif ^agfov; //«r*i tnf^ 
4 htmlff I'iU'jh. tvliich i^juir-tcil IlLcir e^tctlt^nnnl ; r/> A -'»^1L 

371 Ti«: rfiirrtc'iLM intltic opmioiK— KAv; not of ml ftdbii frivrto 
that of tlip priiiEripat vcrU hu't aoinHiknt «rith It. Cmtiuj a tflrmnt. —^ 

272. Airtfir*i: th* iiit*ij"i*l.k»(i whtoh tipriJiAod lorniw io A 'ir*1 Ji.-r- 

DOiincn^lioiJ. ' ^M; F*WJy A^ynrF* nni^, roiilfa*t*AiJ ^Llii riiv&4^i. hfyni 
th** frrfrvt ifiiirki IIk- ehurufr^r of OrtjtvM^iu nn shown in ihv juul. wJuhi 
fp*6^ 27'! t^er* ta th« nngic Md i jiitft oa ia Eti|:li*hi »' he hai« dope, 4te^, 
bill ho iiATvr 4|ld ■ IxrllfF tiling." 

279r ^A^rX''* ■ ^*^' ""•J'f^f'fiy* prvptniny, 

274. |jy t#k"»"': j'Wu'jit-* l/i r,iS( thi* olij<Kt. "This m far ibv biwt 
thing thnl," ffi-.; r/; 21 'i, Tbc- difTf^rpii'^fl liclwvfn I hi* iiirl ^'^^uttov (r/". 
A 00) ki Amply racuiDftl i m g 93 tf. — Mr* : for tb« BWgb p ^i«j ll» 

279 St wtK - rrhiitT* uUum with calimI furoTi fiir« Af.^Tai' Au^Hipa 
(virp*X«v: ftir ih** oHer oJ wctiIm, // A 310, — I^X*- ''Wj*W, •qiiiv&lcul 
lo fmtncv Coinddi'nt with Jpc^n* 2T4; ri! iZie fxj>Iuimlii>n of niSi 4^1^" 
252 by the foUoifing vcrwr- — &v«pi«r : iptrcKe* Ufrrt Ac ^r^^ ; cfi TSS. 
Fw th* pnitlva. ff. nvr^t 97. 

274^ ff a ^riiiiiir;iriji Imil ln-Oii iiiM^I h*ir«; U ivritald hirn h«il Uie fufcv 
of «o, theriifare. «C #n^ = AoW/^ / tAink. $^v U ifonif^l hvn«i tiko AUiC 
9f«Qi^ — vUiv aCm litrrallj. A'frit ntjnfFfH n«;iTinp anrif. vdEXir nmrlEi « 
rctiuii to the ume pobt ; e/ A 110, C/. Jcpn^w uCrti A MS. 



S78. i\ irXiitAt: tht etf^ted lAffrt; wUh plural (ui DCtllcotiTc Cf. 09>-> 

O*' 7^ — imXtiTDpeM: s j.'Mai.TAl ULle uf honor. Tlie taui« vpiUi<:t k 
applwi to Aduliw. Ilk thu Otlymt^, it is given only to OdyBOtiUA, 

2T9. *Bp&' ^vi<rh, Ay Jiit nrff. 

281^ &|M n; lht> poihition (»f n in free; c/. A il7. It ffeecui to be 
lnt«nd»'l hum to ii^lta thn two wrbii, ind jitopflily hn it* plnce nftir th*? 
Gml of lUr> iJ<^M» wLidi jl uuclijis;!*. Tt \n Clm iiii^ro rvmaikAblb liem »Iiecq 
B oombiiiatioti vith r< lou folLowiJ. — vl w^At«t kt^i i.f. Ihi' mtmt rfmfit ta 
weli <u the nrarrnr. 2BA. f?/. A 73. 

3M. 'ArpatSn: Odvuseua tuma first lo tbo Idztg whon authority La* 
Imnn c.hAlloTJgiiMt- Us nmv d^^ridfl the Uio^'v jinrpoitr dtrrrtly^^ u hn bxt 
d<'(i^Li(l'7Ll ir, ifulinctly in his ruHi?».H lo I'lirfniUiB. 11^ t^hnn oi)piMt« tl]« 

385. vroffiv 0p«vl^i' : tittmllj* for ati murtafx, in \he eye* of alt men. — 
iX^X^^'^^'^ "^"^' f/ivynitVf/. For ila fprmalk'n from <Acyj|[Ofi ("/ ij(&vmH 
(from *;^} A iTti. — fflfuni: mot*, cy. :UU. JftjMr A L'. 

286- «M TPb ftrX' ; '* ftiikCfi Umj do iiot." — fjr inp Mrr«f : vAi<;A eJi«f 
#uw(y /*rflfliM*v/ (bW) 339) orlAfl wry prf/mun rfiiT fJirji mtnit; tm 0» 510. 

257, IvIdSl fftX. : <tf rftry wjcre Wffi c/miriff. •■ ju lLpj were on tlusiT WftJT 
to Troj." ^'ApY»i : i.t. PeloponoMUfl ! </ A 30. For tho opithut, efi 
Apt am dicet t'jiii* A troi dttaiqiiD Mtpoquii Hor. f.'arm^ i. 7. d. 

280 ^ LL'J. — iKK^prarTA: <r« l» 4iitrj^i;t, <uppUcd from n^ ibot*. — 
4ipn4tHh: in a]?j>ij»ilioEi with ^ro^j^artr. 

2B9. Ji : ilk fnth, MH 2-2&. 242. 372. 

£tf ff /^my with pirepmnt foww^ Mowwl Hy iho liifiniliTe. (|/t A 23- 

291. i ^y nvX xrA. ; cuiiircuiiiv vid exoiuirig. ** Our trouble ]lu b««n 
•nocgh to makt.- n man nturn to hi« horuc/' Tho other Midv of thv pL> 
tunj a inixtxliiet^d \q 23T Sy <tAAa icnt J^^?^- A* » "^"^ om-lorf OdyvKllJI 
coiii»dcd that ilmv loiijchi^c for homf^ u (luturHl (nan^r a man is hoin^ 
■Idc aftior ft «lnGlit TmirLlh nvny Tnim Ma fnmHy). Iiiit Tl'^ vTDfba«iK«H 
t!b0 motiTCA fot <oiitiiiuiu^ Il]« 9l^[i^glf%^AHi]B4rt«L; BgTi>e4 hHU tli"^ 

ltiij>[ii<'l jui tho «ibj«rt of tho inlinitiTQ. — v4r4u: for tho intiaiti^ tf, 

/tAxvj$ti* A 8. 

209. KtX f-m: n'fit a tittle, ThU Inlroduoeis 4n LaftnuG^ It minorl 
nd maiuiL — tCitt: many a nrt/. ^— Itrd ; f^/t 11t2, A 593. 

293. tr^nf- mivta io r£% t^ 

2M- ^OAvnv^ for the modo, ^/ A fiM- ^ opkt«|>Ani : tfAM^if Atdfti 



&9S- <|jrf* (rt|fc»^rw»»* liMtftWftrt] -. for uj rrjnaJni«jr *Pi^- " W* hftTO 
t««n bera ritFJirLj^ iiini.- yron." For tlie cur. </ A ^AO. ^ vtpn^fmdmfr : ^^ 
JV'jI. Tutraiitibu* niiMin \tig- Arn. i, :2-H, i ulvciulin rjiTimibuA tb. 
:filli, ^ >rtEM ;eart M>«iti to iiAVi^ j>aju»d at IZ\- 

297, H'it ri«n m «;pi>^ c/^tU fftjir, if ii i ^Afrnr rn rftttrn 'nutuTfat/iit. 

298. Bii^r KfX 1 uquimlwfil lo Srjpvr ^c<iuini nercaK t-tifj^. — ■■«A' ; 
fmply. I.e. tmpIy-hanHfii^ wrthdut tho tiooly fftiru'd froai Ku^knd Troj, fy. 
U]« notda <jf AgajUfliiiiioii, vhAu afUn Mi^urIbui^ Iia* Vi-ji nuuijJi;4 im 
rappaRAB Aani« TrojAii lo m; : W &^ l^^ ofitoi^ V*^ ^ Tai-^'&i TVuDf | iri«' 
«nf$mv (rjfl/rfy) iF^Jd/A ISO, 

3f9 [f. (^ C'iouro'ff UudaIhUod : F«rt« viri, ot duroa ftumo tolc* 
rate lalioret, [ nugiiriB ut noAtri CEklehnniU fntn <|i]*itiiiui ] 
icirc ratcf no hoboAnl an vanoJt pi^i^torU orfiUA. fu-.^. ds Die. ii. JlO. 

399- tor lb* » aAyiid«torL,' ef. 27^ (vl xH^* ' fo' *' '"^'< 

301- tiU'. roltiTK to 30d fT., and thus to Sm fF. 

303. ^f|: at )ty^thvlwitL Thin U thr anly iTlMftnoo In Uomcr <if ^jij 
TFlth tbo iMlu^[ktL» in * ci^aiUtiviiAl iiJaU^v dUum. C/. 14Q.~(^ 
^pBBjg* : »M* on A 'LPl 

304. x^M f^ '^ Tpui(& : pmverbUl (if ah cTpnt niilt tnrll n^nM-'iaVrul, 
Fcr re hu'i eco $ 1^1 </, - AvXiSv ; a Bocotiap harbor tin tho hurtiii^^ opp<K 
ilta Cbnlai* in EiiboPA. whflm tho Af lnunn forofl* jjalht^nH^ Ui ortl*T to iAt 
B*I1 IuicctTJici fur Tro;-. tkv J^ ii n- Thi« |>]iv:« ut^d lh<r tiiuat^ of Uic 
troopi th^A riK«^v«d ^rmt^r [^romin^no* in tJu laWr atoriv« of lhi« 'Ircjim 

30t- -TJfY'H'*^'^ de»cnp1jvc inipcrf<fct. C/. A ^&. 

309. ii|»di« U : liulchpDiulfTit mnb-nc** Axpldlnlikx Sr< terX. SO^- — A|i4^ 

Aulii'— tnrA pH(fc*^ ^ w* orj A ^)1A. Thq uuinpmiu klUn of iLt <|iff0r> 
«nt trflwH cianifJad i-ciEiHidcrablL* npatv. Evjilftitl/ tlic Tirrclu hid tw> 
tonipio thfiro, or it ^auld have bc^^ii mf?titii>n«d^ Ai in the curlioit Ciin«» 

307- flXarvitLvTv ; tlie /^urw free iiiu highly v^iwd by tiie orirnla)*. 
It oftan ih»doB vpnngs and itrouc*. A tngnaant of tbb trv4 vv« »baTn 
■« K holy rdlo l[i lh» Uunplk nf ArUiiiU, itt thA tliiio c\f IIulriAii, 

306- Mat flWrt; rvpflikbLtb« idraof x'U*^ re frX. 30J1. — l^A^mt-. ^appcsi- 

310. fLtpoS vvibttk* ; dvtmtjf fivn under Ac cUiar.^^; podntf b^vk tg 



911. vfyti^ i4kii% -. irmler ItothI {Jleilrjftnj/t} ; c/^ M^'V ^^'^ ^' ^'^ ouififr 
AjM, Thi^ lc\rii\« of tiuTiinii n.-Uiiariahip uo UKd of bird* iu«d b<Mt4> 

3L2- fmiHta i i|tt>i ii . rr^mrh'ti nrtfifr. 

3L3, A«f4 : port of the vrcndoti BiQoe jipurowv ^itomnr laj nnl; fou 
or flro «gga- I'ltc nuinbort kcdit* pr«TaiiioD««. aIum tho iutorpr«t&tloii 
the omen rt^tii <ijttj mi the m|ija1 uiiinljor of »[i»rn)w« am) ymue^ of w&r; 
Cf. Kiaro-ih'a drt'uni wUti ji« wvn tilt kino lor m'vvii >ynrB of pl-^ntT- Mid 
■ijVv*n lean leint* for ivvta jriuin nf f^niiiHi Grn. j1\. — jiiW' 4 ^^' foi 
the 'c|jcx<gc»iji,'' we f 13 «. 

314^ flUHt-*: ifOKa*U iMOIUKtivc, odTCTbilLl with Tirptywnr . — TnpLY&raii 
fur th*< ['■iitH, fhH^ i>ii ]fr]4, 

319. V^firorara atvf»rUvv| : for tlw hinlUB, r/ ^!1. — Wiivft : i^t>jcol 
of lb<* flniu^ T**fb, 

31G^ iXiX^luvoi: raiVui^ iut\f^ in order tboa to utriko the btni wlUi 
gT«ai«r l4>rcu^ — hiI jiv ^b ^ t fi^r tlio ^'t|[Uri>. ef. yovntr A4UT. — Afif^X^'^"' - 

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n|aiFm]tiil tri ^i« fpf'ttjiirht <10n. 

319, hiwv Y^ t^r ttT]iH fAQ//^ fir a sfoff. /"r'ttrt/ iV ^o ffo'te. Vf. fit Iftpifl 
at JH>rvaT. icrp-^pijn imagine tJLiinm Ovid .l//r. sii- 2S. 

3S0- obv h4x^ = i"^*'' ^^''^ kapjKfi^^ '. riXcUmAlioii ^fivliifl; lh« o«i 
l«ata lUid n^!kJt"Ti of ^ivp^ofivf- 

321. 5iii4 iiiXwp*^ ■ dire poricnff. i.f. tLv 9er;M*nt with ita driedH uml h 
petHfACCion. — tMjMa 7 hem follr^vcd b^ nn iv:c\iaativt^. 

322. (./. A mil. 333 ini^ lyrfHtf^ /^cdw uiufr 
324, f|^Lv ; «tit)r1iJi|Ic, — idlb ■- objects, vllb T«)jai /u>n ti« ^ir^ictU. 
325- (^L^ft^ A|rLrlXtf««v : i'tt Ihkf r«p«>Ut&oiiT au« ^ 1:! «r ; tor tJit^ ' Mjnt 

Lou.' tTG $ L^. "6(11^ icXfot . Vi^auBP uE the fulAntiir-nl uf the propheCJ. 

327 = 313, — TUis tvno ib rop«ated, mntK tlio tiumcrol Adjective* 
THO*i iinpoTlant fot (he intrrpreintion of ihe omen. 

329. a^ ;,r More Diott. like lutrovlf^lT. 

329^ TyGacir^t an th/in^'t^k, '-Ih^n, in thM lAnlli your"; Um ortid* OftUl^ 
utLrUtioE] lu Ihia us ibf.' df^oUivi* yvAT, ('/- Ma fikw tiytUrt^ voAi 

v^vrm £ t!iO f. then fur nine ^etin fjv nmt n/ rAf A ckatQt>% ffxi^ht. bui oii 
f«rb<4 Kv Mi^^w/ Mc f ifj <^ /ViiajH, omcif Mf uvi ^ Avm< icilfA rmr ji/Li/fi. 



331 < ifi : SA intvirjuctiuiit with tli« plunl l ne on A 4!}. 

333. &m: i^'. tfivi ruAif <<f 3Jf^, I'bci po^t'i o)iok< botw««n tbs Iwo 
wutilo h oflei] <lutrniiiiBL-d by tlm ixjiixviiii^iiFc uf LU vtmr; f2'2r,/. 

333. 4^; ti firX t to rAof f'c tAi/M re<f>iiff'M. 4?fc.; - puatoottc ' daum 
to Piprvu n-AuLt; pttmnUiotifnl, ** A I'J. F 1.1<h ^1". ivati^trnrnt Jt.ia 

334 4utf4vTt*t jtffA, : /r'tti Ihr thptii^ ^r, Kor ih'^ |^-ntitvi\ km* {j 1^7 y. 
333. liTBhvfia-Dfrtt DiliU ihc^ rvuaun fur thi^ ihouU — 'OSurrlsf tilA^ ; 
•tattdicf; verflC-rloAoi kq £ 13 6. fitbf 'OSunrcut (311) wftrra^ lU tho 

336 K^i u/ji^t vflth lY^ffnTOCv to tUrt |>nic»v)inif e|>f«ak«m. — Ti^n*!' lu 
ojtIW In.iiii ihv M>'<*»fiiHii lovrn wh>*rv Xtilor uu brud w%A whicU woh hi« 
plavi? of rtfagif nlirn ]Ir*racLi>s rtDcktd Pvli]?i. 

337, d^opivrfc: with lou^honoil inilioJ vowd ; Mifl { QCt r. — Tbk 
rfipHifu'li. Ltiiii^h afMmnHl tn atl thn r.rwks ^^ *\\rf^ru^ only %%^\f^s\ 

Ji(>r4kii iiioiv valiojupnllj tbnn UdywHun, ^hu bud ()ii<purv<l Ih'f w>j witli 
■rgHiiii'iiie. — Fi.»r ihu liritf OL>m|iMWm> m^- S 1 * ''^ 

338^ inXi|t^A Ip^ : '|in4phnui4* for froX«|i«t' f IS ^. 

339. «<Q lii) ^lyrvTai : a rlixtjirlr^l qiiMitiuri- ''AVtiAt wtH It^cnniA of 
QotiiitibftA if no [>[]Ti ibmkii of kp^pia;; thrmV" -^^nviirEA* t« ml 5^i« ~ i.f. 
MmpMU iwonj Bt loi-ritlcvB, hcrv rcforririg 19 the ulviiui sjurilico al Aulii, 
Htiice DLJij *%jii'- uon C]ft> cum I>jinftli TroUnhin e(ii(?)iLili^r(> 
IC^tttaro I An lido luravl Vunt. J«n. fv, 4SG t OiIi^wlmia c^Uvil U fmly 

340^ h im^V jitA. - in^U&l nbU m his lEkdlKnotion. "Ltt ftU be 
Uirawn into thv tUkmc-i. u noribLc«." — fo n^t: ^. K :/lA, wh<!rv tho 
ftrchwr Vuiflfiriu, &i> ri>i»u<^i'| vqvh to bmnk bin liovr mjid throw U Uiui 
tb<> flrrs M u»o]«e0. 

»*1, «iM«4al iNpvr*^: lihniinn* in TV jtrnlft wirjl mnmirf/T vlnt* (dm rtn 
r 27fi), «Uhoii|;L uu nint? wu druok Tinmrifd T;'iih vator. — 64^ ~ ■-'- 
pjadgu qii'ifii hv llic nc^bl hand, S#« on htnanj A ^4. 

343 a(rvt . irTV/mnr rAmiyr, vtmi^ . r^\ I'ln, It ;■ vipbiluifd by n bat 
fvllowa. — |»1X«1 : ^rity «/ rfii^f, «r, from UiU c('ti1«»t cf wonU %f> comv U> 
dneilit tml \hf r^nru|i)'4l of Trv^f. 

344, 'AT|itfSi|H cr& Sf ; aji A t^t, ^^tn t oonatmo with (t^X^vc '- In tho 
fntnro oa in tha p*it." — lx*» rrA. ^ lioMin^ji^m/y to rty rf'frj'nfna'ioii. w. to 
Otptiint Troj. tlitnt W^iii* thv ilinw^t I'ltimtiiUiOii tu Aifiunvmiiuii loseiv: 
o^in witb dMtuicD tbe rfiiiiH of bU auUiorily. 



346, U ^tvv^ikv: iet thtm fifrUki — Mta nal G^ ; for \hc idi«m«tiD Use 

jpultvi ami Tiitrjlioim im hhuh^h. — -'Ax^iiAr: pitrtkUv ^iiilni.' ^tlli to^ 

347- rjr^v ^irJ^vvn : '^plnn apirt from lu, Kt|iara1iiig llMif CAIU« 
fmm cmrn, JikcT TIi^xmiIi**." — Avurn . ^ a^^r^ t pnivnlliHroa], MJiniMtud 
With Uin iirvrnltiit; Ly ihr^ contiLtAt IifIwock /?tnAci>wifb and AKunt.^ 
u^kn^v : M'^iili^r, of ill** |ilaiih (/Jm^cv^Tv] liEipllHil In /f^pAcivuifn, 

MCk vyttv Um* ; dapHudfl uii 0avXxitom- — Lv^ - Irj '|iruL«i>iiiB* (r;^ 
rUkA^iir 409) coanootwl witk yvw^Kit lUJti wipplivil in thought lot 

349. if n.<t-vi:iniUre<^quF«lii>nit, m A «A. — hbI oiitC i «/: 338, 

350. ^lUil - funiMMinT lurj'/. — «iiv : 'ff <l/' ff'Mrf- TlllA puticb !■ ni 
frrijiii'ui iti Ui^iuur. U occiira a}>i?ul *i«ly Iitilab in th? //kif/ 4nd Odfvtf/ 

— mvmvtQr*^ : tntruiiaiUT*, ifurrf a promij"'. 8o« ou A 511, 

351. fljum T^ *« ; dom^y poimwM, as a (rtaiHliiig fonnuls, u 748, — 
vqvrU Iv I^^DT . I-/1 'tlO. *HU. ^ Tpvi'ip ■L^tj/icKu a 210 etn^rk vid >et 

952, 'Apn&n , for the ixwltioii. »n* 4 II A - -^povn* r<; StH- 
353, &i(rTp^in-w ; u if OT4 tatT<v<vjt Kptnimy had pri.'vcili^d. Thin 61 
of oJMntnu^liun in nmu'i l)y ihe kiiLTTKuing 351 f. A innra dolffnt 
' ttJincnliifhuii * ia T Ifl 1, — dnUt^a : on uur rvi/Ar- i>. on Iho propitUiiiq Mn, 
^^4*^VHv: inu-rpratailon ot aa^pdrrw. Kortlia <chhMtJc 'orit«r of vfOt^i^ 
qf. A 44a. 55S f . 

355- *i|ilr JirA' ; uf, bvfoit* tlio cnptiin- <if Troji — but i^ith upocitd 
rflfereo™ lo llie boolj. The wouic-ii »litl rhiIdn--lL of » enpturt^l nity 
^(^rc tmatad m alnvu. Lha iii(*d won kiElRd. — tiv& : in a. ocitkioUvn 

35€. TbrwtH : *diirL*lic* witli MuroHin^T^^^tui, wilh whir-h U fa ooio* 
eid«nt. Thv TrcjaiiK aluiLI lif> mpnul, ItVf for Jlki*, - 'filk<vi)« ^^ai« 
jrrX ' /AiT inn^intft riniJ fi^k/t oj' I/elen, i.t^ ihon* whii'h hIk (ell und ullomd. 
The j^ocl ntiFiWLiti>« to N«>tor Ji knovWgc ot Htlci/» npuutiinoo {iM oa 
r ll'lj Hint o;iniui*t longing to mTuTTi to iin^wp (uw T l-tP f.). Piirla In 
evrryiA'lic^i'<^ in llvuivr hrld cUid!) n^AjtoriHiMo fni Ili>l^ii> fault, ^llhuugb 
aha ioUo^Oil hiTii wiUin^ly, Sim in hIvavh alXriu-tivi* in Uffmur. V«i^l 
(^rr. tL Ml fF-) n'lrtrtriiU htrr lu u miulx mur? Uiiplrud4iit U^liK. 

363. in-r^Hi* ^ V7\it i f/ 171. In u tbrcAtf^iiiTk^ Umt. •^ihily I«l him 
I*r*»pftr" Ui clt'ii/irl ' InaWitid of rrtiirning wi h** wUh''*, l^<'f»ri> tlio K«t» h^ 
will fiin! <!i'flth low, b(?foTo the n^U" F** the iiujxirttliv^ <■/ A 30fc^ 

— Jur#4?4WiA irrA. : ^ HO, 

skcq:7D hook op the elud 


309. C4p« I m order thai. Thi» «M tho bntunbl eofuaquvnce to h^ 
esipoctod. — M>«T«v : ^r?, u punlibm*Mt, — w^tfiWf ? rfl /utf* *£im>po ir*Jr;i« 
Jtu^UM 2 J^I <4/'''^ i^cw Awf jtji^^T^ HrxiUft *'''«'A I'fl rf/tt!tf/ifr thf*. 

iBwlidg iliou|:ht> aa tr thuwii tiy wii^kt follows. MhUe ff ^rj&o n'CFiiiituliktf^t 
Sli £, <* As thou miLit piflii iriftclr U^VftcU, *o (ildofolli>w anolhtr'a advice/' 

361. AnpXi|m: fiir \hi^ finul i^lUbK Eniig by puition bafor* ft kiAl 
tuiiAunniit, ^>^i' ^ 'lU/, 

363- Kptvi Krj,ft'\ii*>, i.f. ]>lnci> ill poaiiioa •up(iriLUl}^» u 41(1, — «*#i 
4A^: ilieLLnltiJUvi-. f>ff iri/t't. Ui« jtriiiL'ipftl ilivitiinn of f*iic1i GTwk jimj^U: 
</ 608. For thitt ii« of furii. c/. A 4^7. — kqt^ ip^rpoki ; ^y ffat^i, to 
vhi«h ih** Mpn-niip fuiiullr-4 balongisd. — <y. ■ Atinwi^n^ ta tout tril**i, 
. , , «ccontiiii; til Uii^ fMiiilk** Lbervof; imJ tljo UmiJy yftiiffi Uir Lii^L 
al.utl l^fci* nhall oo«i* I>v lnjmn'holHs,' JofA"*j r\i. 14. — Thi« vvms #05- 
yi'sU mill )L i-jkLa]Dt'"t^ <" foUonn (48^ ff.). — Tlib lEptinitioii of lit annj 
luUi divUioh» it^ij^lit liitT« Wq cxpcclcd cftrly m the var. But tlib tiino 
li tti« be^nriln^ of tbe war, *o tar m lti» h«iAr»r Iji coiic«nicrt. 

363. ^^lyrpiT jtrJL -. njuiialeiiL to lUA^Aof. 

36fi , H -n X>4v I *t > f7<n- Th« cl«uu i» n^ UtlTc. DOt intcrrogjLtiTi-, 

366. vbtA t^'b* : fr,v /AfWM*-/c** tiiparaipf^, ty, \ 'iTl. 

367, ^ Kal ftitriTiv^i^: irAr'Afr Ihou lumt fihiJ*^! iihjI mmpty tKCatuM of 
lh« inJrffipJMr.ov *^f Oii- unnv, but af«0 6y 4f*cn*(' */ 'A^ ^o*J*. Tliu rwlnn 
to III ff. — 4^v4iiL<^ Cbturv, uitcc the Mcoev of UiU uit&icire will Dgt 
ELppcar unUI in the futttra. 

36fi, t^: arnn/jr.a!^ Ibn Kn^Hrihtilinm nu|ii^TM, tAcnrrv*4|M>Ticl tomi^n^Hivc, 

iH'frpn*." Aifami'mnoii's ]TnJ4v 14 for X4*B*or'» wliol^ *[i-^i. 

371- Tliia iipiH.-a] to the thrvp dili^f ilhiiLlUrv is xELavlt:' jn the TP«e of 
ardent ui«bL*«. (vf^nDmUy, oji licrtr, fuUiUmant of tha wWb in tu>t cx^evtod. 
('/. i\y\x nip (irai^i^inA rtiifl<iUAm opiat lit Alarli nlmllfm 
hitbuaL (lf<:''m, vrd ut Srptnri!i; <|iio<| »j »tbi fttciilirrtt, iioii 
cliiiitHt quit] lifflvi tit Trnja p<>riliirA Ci***?© /i' X'ni iU. 

374. X'pi^*' ^ f*^ '''v viUi l-lkL- (laUva^ h% ila tnintiitioEJ frviii loc^l lu 
iimtraniftiitAL scrnAu, m* $ ll» V. — UoWm : aorutk to fiuri: ttw OApttir* of 
th« vMy AA llii- i3>^-ihTvM tDoniKiil, \i1illa nptfo/toi? rtrfimt bi thi* dunUlon 
of the work nf dr9tnj<itioii ; cf- A ^1. 

375. Kpsvfiifi Zttt i*lo**ly orirtftct^^l : rf. A iSf^S. — TTin ^nmfl* i*'hir}i 
imni^iatt:!^ fulluw Hrm laconAlJiUflit ydih the oonAdt^nt rAitctalion 
OEprcwmiJ in 41:^ IT. — For tbo flompUiiit, «/. 111. 



377. )ia)^iiin|u9a r/. ipi£i fvri^ jui^^vr^ A 9- ^dVws wwpip ' h*r« 
iTlnrks till' LlhBi^liilk'Hiil t>iTA«iini at tlir L|iJUJn'L 

373, Vk<^- Tionnirui* Willi llni jiartjciplo. — x*^*<^>*" '<'< ^<3 

37^' fi 11 p&Ur xrX- . ir. /^uArir. ^'/. Sifuu OIL J^/iK in coma<l, Uio 

361. diinw ' the L'fiiLi'iiml iil<^oI iif Uit< ilnj, iiu mniif^r wboii iL jn 
tftki^rx. S"? ^ 17. Thy rtiLrriwrp Vr'4>uld ]irtri> no Tiiyfi- Jimd iiutU night. 
A coniil4oni1>1r piirt of tin? rf&y hnA joisiswl iliiring the i?viiiiitf TiArmUft iilnM 
4bl. — tni^H*r"Afi|a . t.i-. bt^ii^du the dliAfp cviit««ti ftce on ilfO. C/. HOi, 
A S, r 70i (■iiTriiiiilli^ri> proa Hum, 

3fia^ Ti4 ^ t^ullat^Lhr. — fl : Htv rt*iJVi^Xiuri tn r)jf Luriual ; c/l /x A 430 C 
— '':/ -AriHy TVarrioni, nrm fot fight J ... let each j ilia AiUmantmc coftt^ 
glnl <^{!^ nn'% Pitch | Fit u^i^ hfit hi^Im, gtlpa fiutt ^lU orVd HbkM/ MUl 

/"or. Afm^ vi. rf\\7 flf. 

38t. ApfiaTot dffc^'* = oorulmu with riw». looJnnr/ mrefuili/ ahovt hU 
rhari'a^ t4> Mir thht nil wud in good i-cPFifliiiou. Tliv prifteiiBil Idm U In tho 
pwlH-iiflfi, fiol in tlie finite vcrh. Sci' $ 31 L 

305. wAvripipLM^ AA A 4T3,.w^ Npm&t"''^- '^^ "''^ "^'^^ nrirtjrv «br 
ttfcu-fh. — irfvY4»v 'Apiqi : ilhUir« ul tiiti-n'Hr', *.<• in tlrmd lattU, 

3B7. t^ifvt 4v&frftr: for llxe ptj:i|ibnyiih f/. ^'>1, T lO.V Siw f in 7. 

303k Ttft [rvrcs> rt^j : runny a vn^'/. The ntrnTi uf llir? vliirlJ rnn otvr 
thi^ Wl ahfiiihlLT Aiiil tihdfiF th« Hjiht arm. T^ia Khi*<lr1 una lUj hi*Hvy thnt 
il jioriTc^ »Li[>pgft &o(D thr bLJily as ^rll aa frolic tb^^ arm. 

369- x*^ ' ^'""'^ ■rputalivt* uf kprcifii^atioa. — iia|k4GT^ ; Me. Tit 

391- <!/' A Till). — IMXflwa: inr/innf, mutj/. — rt'irtf : pnvtir^. 

392' lu^MtfiLv : ohjrHa 'if i0*^a/nk^ A voUaC^u^I fi>nn of /£0«> /ti/u^ 
f 3T u. — v£ ■ 6v ''*' mriiAj; vinphntic ni IIl<^ hi:ad of ihi? claiutt. to oantTMt 
thii following lUoQjht with tlio wwardn oacpwUtioti. — vl ■ i^arflouol pi 
rmuii t[j)t|4't4J.| of n rli^noiuLrntlvu ftfli'T lliu fioiid I Lionel ivIaUt^ hmqI^lQC 
r/ A21fl. 

393s ir«i4t irrAr w oil A 4.^>' XoUiiri^ «ViuM raw him frvim dolilh.' 

89€. in trt , iutrodiiC'^k a compariaun, as A 4<32. j 11 r. 5i', lax^. — 
f'f, ' H* Bcaret had fliiiihtfd whin nich mvnnur fill-'il J 'I'h* »Mi-iiiihly, u 
whtfn hollovf rachji rrtalii | Tha noiuiil of bluAtVlti^ w1riil«, wliich all ntgbt 



km^ I Jlfrd routked the xm,' ^rr, 7k|i1ton ^nr. Lttut \\. 9i>l If , i ■ Hu oiiiiHl, 
»n4 th^ hfatpolj buflietin! loud | SuDg IlatlvltijATi lu ihi' wmn*! nf «**«,' 
lb. I. GU L^ ' II? >aiJ. add a:i thi^ ncjund of watcid i]i?t]>i | Jtoarte miicint^ 
oclio<'(i lo Iiii4 wnnU Apiklj4irt<\' ih. v. STS t, 

399> naif^ky: lMiiUr«, in fxirtiHi^ ai>p04itii>ii wirli Jhvj. C/! 115, 
- — ni|ibttt &H^<iv : 1'. ryviivM roTjrf^/ Ay fA^ fciitfti. i'f. lAtUi vZpaa TS3a 

307. W i* yivttvfCA - n-. 4>t^. Tbia ux[>UiiiJi vavrou^r, t>at tlio whcjla 
■nilprui- is A |iirUiTt*wiL4H i.|iicor»linn <tf llit» i«jrii|inrihuii. *»■'(► J 11 «, — 
M' 11 l*«B : It /A» dirwrhn or to i^,- rj. 00, tSl^, 176, 812. 

398, aninvroi rt#jf Aaifrruvf mM^.^naTd vlfcft*: ef.\1. 

A SACfiinCE 

400. Ip«;«! for tV Impi-TfecU ^. J^ A ^. — tev irrV ' ^, A S&O. 
Rm-h Ejf iLi- iTiiwst urTervd uvriftot* to ito na^onnl g«j<l- 

403i U^avffn: t, »» ho pn>|)an>d n fv»«t lor tU* < iHiroiil'..' Kin^a 



|HirIi, An JiiL h^b 1ti# nioul hoTtvr^ii tlc^liiu, — Kpaviitn- i\hU\^ of lUtM^ 
Nt, irj ^v ^irnur, vrllh Ufitvutv. 

404. ^^p*vm; bi.'»' ou yt/JwrTftW 3L The fcHowing ■ocm to bo tho 

405, irp^Ttfra : Ki«1or Kaa th? Amt pl/H^ Iti Hit rr^icnrd of AfiUlMiitiOiit 
St^v VI!, ^(71 Hh MonmntfUft bM ii high \AuvU', r/. A U5, lilAin«D«U« id 
jUki a grrut fritriid uf MviivUiu ; r/. V -3S- 

406- Tu(4Di vl^v: ij^. Diomed, king cf Ar^ofl. Soo on G67, 

tiuEi, — pvi|> &Y>^^ ^hm ojiitltf't in At^jiLu^l tttU-it Ui Mriirlniu*. § 13 t, 
4C9. A.(t\4«dv ' Xhf htthloei of ihn HiiliiinJiEi«tvi cUittw in tMk^n tty lUitiri' 

jmliiin <n, fi76j ii* lUiJ jbj«rl of tha priU'-'ipftI cUuh ; cf. 3^&, * I know 

llitc vlto lliou ort/ St, Lfikc iv. 34. --At fir«kp«;r« t Aaio buty At ima in p»- 

pAFJui^ fur th*^ fpAnt *Eni Ihr batllc, 

410- ir<pt«Tiffai': Avoond ai:iriit ; r/.\ im, -^»tXAx^T«» ittA. : aa A MO, 
413- Zui/rrk- VKiuixaJftii la Jupili^r UptiinuH MxxiniU*. — The 

difTvit^itt Atlrlbutu mrc givtu whUout cuajuiidiouEi ; »te § Ifi a. — Tha 

(ilftLol tone ai fhc firayor n«ultn from th^ kin^'* lEifittEUitLaa tiy tho drvAm ; 

rf ^1 f!- — aXwH^ : Jiinn* tho ^firl nf ponn In Ihn dirk thTiiiil^rdlritiil , — , 

nOipM t/. A iiy 1»^. 

413. Mt ooQjlruv urth Avwi, nr^ upon the hnltlf*. — hri itv^ n IXildN r 
e/. A 475.^ The jnflni^vt^A di'piiTtd uu 5w IrHplli^il in thi? iniut^turEi. Thfl 
optAtivfi fo11i>WH kiillH. — Far tlio wuh. i/. Joihuft'ii vrnrclo : -Sunf«tnnft 
iIhlii mill iijifiii C^h-'fln; %ivi Ihoii, Mnnri, In itn- valley rtf AJalon, Ai>il 
the Bun ntond still, uii'l Uio ni<H>n •t«3'v(L ontil the people bekl ^rvn^ii 
tbemtclT*^ Tipori tj|.»ir i^rwrtiW Jothttn t. 12 f. 

414. TpT|Wi : proli.'ptio prtiJioal« aft^c huti) fiiA^iK T/ /cifyitA-rw 4l7t 
AA.ufrrw 11't> 

#19, AliaXifV (h(i ii^iIIti>e ttinVn^ni wirrrr Mu^kMihrl liy thi) «TTmk« fmm 
tJjc Iliv* aq4 tkjrcihrA, for which no ndf-qnat'T outlfit irr» prxHvu]«|, -^ *pftr«b ' 
coELAtnitf with tht grttitiw, — Mft^fTpur \.r. thv rloulih* door whkh witb it« 
iJrr-orAtLfiib^ formt^t n |ir~m(']|-a1 or^mnieiit \ti tlrii j^Uiic, 

416- 'Rwv4f>i«v: iviiuvilcnt tol^imyiDC' S<>i><iii 'J\y. 

417. X*'*"'^ hramf.i.r,KMvinl: t/. 't'^y \'2.M. — hj^ ^^f^v\ aboW \iwk> 
^r\f^ *a the chivrf priKrimcc. 

41B- oUlicrA^r bitr t^ da$t, in the Ju(t oonvulnve ftgonr o| dcAtb ; «/ 
li junnf) hi iitt^l (ire momordll Vvri:. Atn. x\. 4\B.- — h/6H . i^^uitnlnul 
to TOrt «&n.rif. ty. inE r S87 <nfA l**>/, Aaf Z fl5 vi>A thtfiot. 



419^ >r*n f l— M : cfi A i65, Cctincidi^Dt ia tim« ttith f^oro. 

420. ^mv : if^cond MffUt ; ^ AfX^ ^ ^^- '^'''" ^^'^ "'^ *^B^ '^ ^^^ 
pL««fturc liGiice lb him lufuired tliAt In- AciTpl^id lliv sa^-riEi^, — S^dXar . 
i.g. bagaratheiii gtiuUir UWrof waj iii»tuiul of f^ivinj^ ih«m r>t?Hov<; rf. 
3ft f. 

431-434 = A liS-^ftl, 425. C/. A 4(12. 

42^. 'B+oCc-rm: i,rf. blojdiig flro, Tha f[<Kl U pnt lor hm «ti^iiii*nt. 
C/^ *A/irjv f"r Tu\(/u>f -t>^1 ; *\ft*^iTpfrrj fur AaMmm ^ 97 ; 'A^pofA^ fpT 
^fH^^flU; VnJrJiniuti B[|[trg4»r>) l-ulia V'srg. Jpi, *ii. 77. 

42T-433 ^ A 4f1^^4f;A. 433. nU : r/ A 20. 

43$. |ti|iHn ktA. : nn bni/f^ now Ul «f lu/nt Arrf /or n !Dri/j tirnf^ NiMlor 
nifthoil U> pH>v«nt thif r^ormruilioQ that g«*n'*ntll/ folli^wari ft. f«Mit, Htt 
■grwd wjrfi A^jimr'iiiiu.iij (<)3] IT-) In i-'Mug fur fti^Ltuii. 

frY*nX((A: t/uri mta imr hanJf. ac. ill bu fur itJi Uie Duaom dUH!ti!El thfs 
imiin^iaif propAmtioQ for tuittlc, 

437. £^ • hvw Hilly tn Hani^r wtth thlnl pnr*OTi intpArftttrn, hot \hJH ui 

112. — *Ax4»*^ ■ coDPtrno with Adw u t (^3. 

439 Ttii^K: tf.f^t)ii--|iriTicv!svhaaren4Jiibd{n405f!. — ilptfMila: ouvm- 

440, Auvov: fV ^>Kr, — VW" '"^ - </- ^S'- ^/^ ■»»»*• «uf 
aWpIiK: BWiHrd qf ITU.' fitukk>pei«i iUnr^ rAc /^/'A- ^< ^- ^> 

442 444. fy; 50-fia. 442, m^Ut^- ' u^rndelic't bco { 16 d- 

445^ oL h' d|>4' 'ATpfCvm: '<ll]i< wni uf AUvui vid the Dthar priiunL'' 
<y, r Jl«- Sr. 11,701,3 i G. li!Oi>, 3. 

448- MpEkovrtt ^ f/^l!ovin^ Nofltar'u arlviM (Sft'i). — |wvd Ef : W tfnonj/ 
fji^m, iu 477. - Athriia 14 QiiMier:, Si A|:K»tliF irntU llw Tiojoiu fbtrajd. 
^i^uro% b^LOU^ M^Xrifr O ^jDH v^i/^ <i ftovi T'-uppfd abo^ h\* *ki»tl*ien. Sec 
OU A llfi4. — 'Atljnt : if. &vvt. vhiclj in lakL-ii ii)^ by ^^aavro IM, 

447- alYtSa : nii^dd<>t* of war (««« <>u A t^UU). AUictia w^^kr^ UMMRiaof 
Zoup, ftppnrantljr ana light ahldld. Thr aogliwjui ■ v^inWil of Um ihunil^^ 
clouiU jiut M tlw G<ir|:on> ht^ upon it (£ T41) repruHutvd tliif tLuuJfli'- 
ktona- Tbi* U worn by AttMoft r«gti)v]]r bi worlut of Ut. — 4<Y^)poev xtX. : 
RKplftruitorj fkf IpLriiun^ ilyrj/uoc IB dlmyft ftMOCiatf?i) bj Hixni-r wllh 
dACnro^ And cljiewboTc? in the po«ma U ntej oiklj of T'vrMiw, «3tciiptm£ the 
gdtit nnd 4i^v#ir <1ogi< thftt gnard lh« pdAt^ fiT th^ king of IhP PfaM«Gian«< 

449- ^. /rovi>,V}hic)k. CotuAJiLc vritb (epjfcmu. — Tbc prewni U uhsI 
of % diriuv iLud uiioli&nffing qiullty, 



445- hntXtrntn • i-viilotttit,V Uift Ktt i>f ilrauriniT |P*T<I into IIiIti thrvBilH wma 
kufivhii III tliii Horiivi'Jtf fH'H^i'L^ WT^^i^DbOt : cuttk- fijnnrid Ibfi riaadori] 
of valii^ ill ^h<^4^* tlnyi*. Cmn#«l TTioiTrj w.if unknown- 

451 . b : Conatruc vith £ptfi». 

4S3. irApS(i]J t/. (^^ A 2r mtp^ri U found In Uoznor only in tliui 
vi>ri4K« vlm^«tmje Kpiihijj. till 171 ; ptrii ^ ^U- 

455-433. S.^.' { I U. 

455. iiflm : n* ^7 — 4irin4«» ' ^r. in otti'lir. Thift tk «M«iLtijil for tlltf 
compjiriton. aincc Uid extent ol tbe dt« lit a condition of ilA brlghtiLi^fr n« 

456. linAiv .^imi ti^ir* wh^ni lltu pool rhoiiMv liiintuiiort wHit thv fijfii 
whc nm L>Qkin)|E on- 

— ViinrwUM ; *:. btcniuw of Ihe llironj;. 

458- Si aWp««: i-f. rcELclivii ttirough the nplhor to tliu tioiud of lb» 
^mlh. Pm'(' oh a a, 

459' t^v : |iri'|ian''< IIh^ Vfftv fur tKt> IntJiii^- clmtw. tt b Lolnn up bf 
Tui- 4JM. u Touf JT-t in iJkkt'iL il|i I>^ rout 47r(. — 1$¥U.: r/. 87> 

46(K x^P^** ' ^^*= apccialltiug of ^ni^wK fi>rnin a ccn<^rcl« picture, of 
which I'l.t <l*fit»Ufl lao%[ do»)ftiifltion formi n purt f l-^- t'mn** ft*roi 

Hilly liinU irf imMiiun in linvrr-- f'/ T 4,-^ Mfrmv . r/. r<tij ijuuliiIaiii 
nivti liquidmintor fiubHAr^rnl Vi-rj^, .W. ^ii, UflD, 

461, 'Ar^p: for Iho nw of llip adj^dvi*. */. h kti^iCinn ^SjtapufSpuff 
■tOT, AfSft (»r>tA Ter£> /7fvry. i. 233i quale* tub Dublbui atrU | 
Str^mAnikii lUrit sLLtria ffmcfc Vorg ,4fn- 1^ 'JUt f^ — From llib ^tlain 
of Lyc!U Aoulli uf Mtp TiiiuUiK. t\m hmmi? i^f Abi« »|>rvuil Lrj Ilit rmian 
Empire nn^l ftttullv over Uib wholij ?otiUii«nt ; jusl m ■ Kurop*' ' at fiivt iriw 
onfy iho Bnpolinn pliiiri- 

4€X itXaTYitUv iT^iolitoiTHt r ntffmrj ijurwant) tptth fuiij mni refniring 
lo (ipk^l^d'y I'll^ Tlii> Hoi:li0 «ith iiiO(.'iwuit nuiiv IK on afcluu Uid a^in T-o 
A^Ula kn aiiCfUhftr «po% nnd tli? lBV.-it birris to rpdcTi Hip gnounfl lak? Ihelr 
plactu in innit of the rnI. ^ viiBpft|<t Sf; for the ■fiarataxb.' ae« oa 
S)0. 464 = ^1. 

469- ««BO>v : i^^ Ihe pLiin 1i«t'wiM!n \hv diuiji aud die city-'— irpox^ovrv : 
^. -l^an vhat numlxm numhvrlcu | Th« dlv );nt^>f ctitf^Kr^l^ Ji^ht-;ini/il 
troofiti,* ffFf-,, MiUan Par^ Jtet/tiinrrl iiL 310 f> — favd: wJVBrl\ dpUiapd 1:^ 
ibn folloniuiE aliUtivAl icoaitLre roSw' 



446 oAf^ irrX. -^ lif" frtilJt rhfiuii^ivt rmit thfir hftrm : i:/. 7^. Thin lliiiil* 

— brw; AultvL ttaj'pnt, u the; cAoae to tbc field of b»ttU. For tbe 

468r ^ : in thr aprudn, i\r in fi|*rliig. 

4€9i ^^ nrX, : |iroUuiia to rJiTifttt HrJu 17i.V Thr vtTl> ia hrr« omittflA 
in Ihu hrtl iiu<mbvr of n i^ornj^ariiioii, — ^vdwv llii.- fiv hu d««vhcr« «]«0 
lh« clmracler of an impuiivut, ca^i Inncct, — 4Ski4Hr Hha; r^ 87.^Q^. 
■Of n« A bflarm of flic* m niiUgo tinic, | About tlio wiim pn^a whew 

Miiloll Par. fUijuiur't i*. 15, 

4T0 irtx-itHju* - Tli« HoiTii^ric Graekv <A\A not Tue thf* iiulh of cowi^ ^^ 

dill nut rx^ifiit to linvr iiiltk thiuuKli tli'< »^iitiM- yrar — W. iimikjt tliifdoM 
roEUkUctJoii *A tbr clauHVk Sl-p § :J1 &. 

472 M Tp^AffVt : to b&ltlt! nyniiuf rtf rro/'naj. rfW U bitffl UMd Hfllh 

474- wkaWa, HlJiuiti»|: t'Jiithnl, hrmttt, vittr Jifrlirt'/^ i.f. H^^t^tv^ JUi 
iht^ Iwdi in <itFiittii?t vith * Litdillirif; ' ^hif^vp^ — «l«\h Mpvt: o/. ^lih^iA^ 
ArSfii T 170. ^ai<A7i^c^fiof ilr^ B 2-1, 0/iiryut tWi^f T IQS. Jrfprc rrrpinf^ 

475- tLUEpCvtmv : «Ettiju(ichf«> oi ft goiwnit dUppotiLion; /ff. A oljU — 

oompafi^n iriip]ip» t'ommoii )dl^iijvii, uct hvid in BWFraEty* 

476' BbW^irpuiF i r/' SuxOff^^^'Z/ui' I'jrt. &□ Tpij^ jtur^i^dWifT QGD- 
477. Uim:rorthciii1%iUtKv,r/|uij^^u Ad. »|ur4: fHl^i^M44U. 
47ft All icrX : ApiTiiHTniitiri l^it)I>iii<*« thw i^nj^^j-ty tif Zi-u« with Ihn 
jCTsutf vt A/nL TlitsB dianuVtitilici uf Uii.' ^.'wIb bitviil kuunu to llie 
lliuroT* (rom vjrka of art, (.'/. T )^7 ff. Itufui^ric i^atnpjtnpowi of Men 
with godji do not grnmillir *[wcify n purtitLUr fcatuTc — (/. »S«i vhftt 
■ X^*M grikj «c4Uil oil tkU Ifroir; | Ilypcrion*!! cnrU; Itic ittrut of Jora 
himwlf ; I An py« lik'* M&n, Ia t}]n*Al>ri xntt ivimtiiLiTiil ; { A trtiticn Uk« 
llw LernM Mrrcurv ) , . . A comliitiuUoii njid a fonji iiiJit'iL, | \Vher» 
trtrry god did occni to Bot his ncoL* Shnlupcre Hainlti lii. f. 5A fi, 
479i For^tha < chUamiu,^ f/ A 443, aCkfl f. Siq f lU n^ — ^^wi 



Jar: x'J. \ 7S. — tirXrr«: ^iionjlc nomt, fiftjuont iu coiiipwbcrift; >^f. A 11*1. 
481- y^y\\ alnjt)^ L'liiiuvcUnlf hk<; ii ii iii i| il -Tt 

Tiioiktititii^d. Ill ipili? uf W^t &J1H ciiktiiLdri the TvyaL tiunor wlikU h« hiin> 
i»lf lidil ifrauW (nee an A 174). 

483^ IxirpHr^: tit ftppofiltbn Vilb nuot- ^^Ex"- Huvtwrv fn]law«l 

401' Sdoiiib iuvcKfttlon of the Mumh AviLor« a fniUifnl rocroorr U 

n-i*i1ml Tiir t-iUiTiji !!»■» »**>ty, or wlii^r* UiH ttki*iiiA laxft* iho pu^l"* j>ow*ni, 

d«a^ oiintua^juc* movfitr?) | . . . ot i&nniintBtiii oiaiw, dLvs«, ft 
mntanrftrn potoitU: \ fid noi rtx tonulB faiunv itvrUIihur 
auf-A Vtrit. Atft.. ril. (l-ll. (Ilfi 1 ^ For t^ n^petUtoTk uf tbc ii^vuntion. 
r/ ►UvHi.vrn] IrotH Mpjivi-n, L'rani:*," MULOTi Vtir. Lm\ Tit 1. — i*"i jrf.w, 
clutc^ly i'i>TiiicLimg viXtxtX foUam uith IIjl- ulninof? u£ Uil' Atl^u^ui ihjkt ha» 
bfvti iI'«<.'ribM f].'4^m3).^|rtOr»: plural, ha fini, Uoitirr do« not know 
thpi rifkini* of imy Mntu'. nml him iMr nnnnhiT sti ntnn nTil^^ tn u (ki. Thf 
earlier uniDhrr wrma 1o Ivdvr Kvu tbr<H\ — tht" tnirio lu of tlio Fal'.'Bt 
GnL«t4. Ilcrnrf. frc. Tlni AIuac^b eotJd not W n-^'-iu'ii^'l t-' iliftirml nrU Mid 
ncii'iiCf'* lir-fiJiu this »rU hxid )u:Ivucai ciinloii, — "OX^ffitt , Um r?&TU«»l 
honff^kf tliA MiUMft fhMiinii lo hnvn iToop on tha alopaB ai lit. 0|j]ik))iiK ; lh«7 
witi** T.1»t«Ti**j* l^al[hfI I'iflrisji (Vor^, Kfif, viiV flU) ; H<<jiin'1 IrtnufnTTftrl tlitmi 
br> Bo^otid. iii<(t Lmille thi^ni Ilr^coMttm. — Fcr thi^ rlivnir* lf'ilwi->.iu tlw wtittia 
before tlw ?araun ntiii thr- t\ow> of tlic v<>rv.>. At'v ^ 1^ o. - - For thi* Cfttft' 
logun uf fun«», ^< J<uAif^ xv-xi\. yunJufn nvi. Dc^iiad'ii rA^OtfO-ftJi 
Vfttgir* -lAfhf tIL «U-1^17, «nd MiliotL'4 lift of foltmi ADgnb (Pi 
T-flJif I. :iir?J3l). 

465. iiApiarT4 , /ic, imirv from mlv'nt. — This T«n« ancl ilia nifit follow- 
ing Aiv (wivullii^tU^iLl- — C/. ' Sty Ant. Cor BcHv'n lii^l^i uoihing from Uiy 
view. I Xiir ;hc drtp tr*ct oC Ilr]!/ mc- Milloii Ptu. Lmt \. 27. 

48S, 1||u1fr if'R A«nff. — iiMat : nl7h?^^ -vhat pnopla «ay." lEi oontrait 

407. 'y 7iJ0. 

4S8 irlk>]9vk 3» i'lCt. — Av |iv*^ffo|iiii t for thft mode, ^. A L39< 
4ftd, 4^' «C : 'Ktl ri'rij i/,—^C/. Tiou if(>ii criovlft iu«ii Bcapleotl 
vottlbua opt«i,|Aoa, utitii ti Hiigunv o<.*ut(irn sliili oraquv 



eontnm, | f»rr«A tot V«r^ Gfor§, U. 42 1^ A*n^ vl. 094^ al tak 
iiitia|eiliA« |iv(:(ii» iiiilii f j riii [ii» Acrr, | jiluriii^ac cum HliCul* 

i90> X^^iiot: cpilliet of :itinit;th mid fiiiiuEnu. — l)vof ; C«. Iiuj^ 
491 r Tbia tboii;{ht it hard Ic rvooDcili- ^irli l\u' iirondinx- vludi 
nnU-4 thtt p]iT4tf»l im|ii.*«*il'llllj of r<1i'-ArviTi]{ th* nftiin'ii t*f mo gwsl » tnul- 

ODUiH'OtJoii ; >•/. OC)kui%uA-CT A 57<K Tin- 3liii*wt Ji/n 'OAi^ir«i fi-i'^r" ^jpjv 

492. &fH'£Xi«t^ Bi>v rin tflfi^ 

493. This i«rwi |ir-^[ui«i.^B RnujHMn^ diffi<rvnt froni 48T. — A|0[«^ a! ^ 
in ocintrMi wilii fX^V l^t^. — gyrrfg— : of/ foTrrArr; u liiv |Hit^ iul(l« 
a aUtPtoflnt of Uie UU^nl'tr of Uib ahlLv lo the iulIiiva otf tlie liuulriv of 

494 ff. Tbd CatAlnf{i]p •Mma lo hnTP h^^n firaprLrM f<v Ml aconidI «f 
Uu* mtUfU^niiiC of till? Gir«ka nL Aaliti nml ll)<< niilitifkntEOii Ilirniv fr/ 
90U f.). Jirkd til luvo liK'D iiuprusi boiv with divnr* ulterklioiii. W« expflct 
b#m Jin •rcnnnt of l\w fcim-*, niH of Uip Kliipi, 

>nvml4ii in a di>tii)il4 f^D;^ii|>lLir<3d or^W, in ihroi* primii|>hi cUvtiioiiA: I. 
(a) Ttu iimJiilniid of Orw<K< pouIIi of TlicvmojiyUe : (Jk> inuldio and 
•otithora tir*o<w «[ib thv iMlandi immrolUtdy odjm&iDg. Siitwa caa^ 
Un^uM, (-IM-nM.) [1. TiuuIm Grtifi:r, iratn Crrit^ taCMlydOMt- Tout 
e<triiXuzfrt\A, {\M't-'~^».) HI. Thfviiliatn Crr>rcv from Ml. 0<»hi nnU 
Ml Otlirv* im Ilii< '"*iUi. 1ft Oty^riijuu f>ii llix north- Tilno nniiilii);<'iilH< 

The Achftaan ahipn nntikbor in dt 1 l^tt- Thp aiuabm' of men on ciurh 
Hhl|t U niAUd tut onl^r t^o «r4i||ngnnU; uurb BcinJtiAu Hhip cArrird 120 
im'u (510); uocb of tU »h^K of Phili><*ti>lr# i-r-UKb* '•*> n**^" ("l^*)- 
Th" «hipt nf ArhtlW m\m hrovffht ^'*Ii >'iO iik^i (tl 17(j^ Kmni ih^ 
•Tcmp? of tlin t^D iiumbrriq ipi^n for Ihi? 3ovoliftij» a^jiJ tlu^ ahipa i>f 
rhLbct«t«», the uneii^DU nvkouvd tlto whoEo nunitvr of Aotiuiuii tvfon 
Troy ■« l(}0/>00. Othrrm rmrkinioii l>ic idiipBi roundly m 121)3, iMiittu**<l 
lOD mMi lo ftuli aM^ ftnd c^tiiu&Ud Ihd wbolo imnhor of Aclunftiui ma 

Tlio Greelj rilqed iWa liat hiffhl^T. Sfoapw of its tc«>t(riphio#I and 
vlttlliititftJ informAlldiL. Thi^y looked upon il u » puK of tiuu^ry, 4 


quosHous, tind llie Jilmrp* fif iiitvrpti1»lt&j; wrv^t in it van liW* n i*haTge of 
faJaifying public rwotdfl, 

ThQ p»t ^vidtQily iliQ!flr«« t4> rDprGt«rTt tbU Dxpedilion tut a great 

jidtunml ufidrfLtikhi^ II* cnamvnic* ovifii tEii«v iiAtjgrra wliitL fu^ri 
tli":ir itilaiiiJ f>c»»if,i(Hi i*<*n» iifit lilci'ly to havtt hiid dt^jlTiih^ U> do witli sUDh 
ri wiir, f.fj, llii- Ar*'!vliaim fOO;t-*n4), n\v> arw nut riif^TiiioiH'd in llii? m-ft of 
iIlo y/rVr^/ aa takjni- |iarl itt thr hnttloi on ibc pUiii of Troy. TItc jri:i«^t 
doop not umm to vi^lt ona rmtion Kt tbc oxpeitflt of tLjiotbar. oitbftf hinro 
Ot 111 tlin oUirr jMLrt« ot tU« //(RUi. A Ijui) wAuiliTriuif Tiviii coujilry 
to country woitM ikcrtiiin- a vi'itAllli af ^""K^i^l^biDiLl iuforirmlJon, but would 
fonn 110 Ktrfing Ice:*! iitlnnl^iii-iilji. 

'EAXii and Ihc'XWTrtV iii tbin (."atalopue ipp rcatricUd lo a part of 
Th^aalj t'i*;J I-), The Donnim arirl loriinnt mr not mcniicwitpd. No Groak 
i-ti]rjini<a niv kuuvtii. vrhvtbcr In Avb AElnor, In Sitily aiiJ tbo W«i»l, ot 
«W'^^^<'^L-- Tbr* imm^* lAxLoj-onriUAnfl, Attioiv KJuLitfih, M<>^!ira, ]>L4lpbi, 
niympiii. iitut n«i do lu>( ajriH-itr, TJujh Uiin CaUlogM** upcrrrt to haiB 
bc'ti o trillion*! I bvinre the iJrriflu inigrftUon into IMoponneium, and Ui» 
Ni'tiiliri-: fi.ti'lb of (iii]D]*)f« to Afiln Minor anrj tho ^Vn«t. 

494-550. BupiMPi, PhvcM, Lffvrbi, Ktit/wii, AtAifn^. Saiaruig. Tbv vitn- 
uirr^Eion prwu-cilH nnriborEy from Hounl.in, lh<<n to thf» r«<il, tlu'n lOittb- 
WLLiil, And f^t to Lhfl m^l, atriuuiL BuroUii. Sr^tii routinj^tiU; ^3 

Tlin jvifit EN»^iit wktii B.v^ot1n. pTLiltnUy tM^aci^Ji tho fffiPt oi^ll^^ci^d 
At Aidin (303). BmHuar ol lijJB briTLnuiiiKt tbtf snoJTnto kuvit tiin Daiae 
BottfTca or Bdcvr«^ to Ihu Cb1«l'>^ip nF thi< aliipB. 

494-510^ Jiaruivt. Thi* doKUiiv-iiL jift'fli^titj n dintrlbutlon of ibn GlwlCH 
»iich iw *-xi*lfrl jfcf(*'r ibo Twijan Wir. AoconJin;; t« Tbncjtlldc* (i. 12), 
Ihv Bci^iftAnn Itvad In 'J^hnuAly until iiiiy y(>!ir« nltT T-hn fAll nf 'IViy. 
8*w uti AOT. More to^ns aiv mt-xiti<^iii*J in Bi-H^otla tlian i-lA«iK]ki?rv, wliidi 
vccmH to indirnto a Uoor^LJan po^t. The Tb^'bann nix' iiM proiiiin<>ut in 
thft nrtlon uf thtr itM, nrnl Tbcbrr* in nut intiiiluned ; itrt* tin 'iO^. 

494 f. tUv: corrclatKi^' ttLiK H ^1L — Tbo tivr leridcni ftrc Ml njon- 
tioiiu>l HMiwbiW, 

4M.. «1 Ti: n^rer* to Boic*r«ir. rwanicd iti r<ur fiOO* — Hf^C^v: not far 
fr<>m TnnBirrii ami Aulia. — A^XQa: wlit*r* Ihu A«hA#»]i Urueii gotliurvd 
iH'forp wtrins "»ll 'nr Tmy : n-*"^ on fl-19. 

490, Dt'o-iK^av f^liinrwi] : ^^Ilbout a j.<ifiijimc*tioTi Ui conmwt it ^illi iHf 
jm^ct^iirk^, ill r-ir[|<ir Li n;ivi thi* liv|[tt3iiiij^ of a iww i«>ri#*, a^ 51)1 f., 6rtU 1, 
WT, T88» — For tbe Hiut-alor, we j *T rf, — Tbe*piae and riatr^ vtvn tho 



tMx'M*!'- generally c£ otei (^frA firoatt af/narc* /r/r fAt fWui i^untt), ■« 
tu-j-c, KvfU now in Ciropi!c Ihv viUftSpn uuml»1a on iho isMblu; *>]tiAiii foi 
llirlr rl*uc«t. ^ FrvtiuenUy in l)i» CaUloiEut^ are ihnw BulmUnldrm to 
plM^d ill a vtmf iLnl Ifi^t i>ni> hu lui «<lJi^ctivo. Ond iliu o^yMsvc trith it* 
noun Atli Mw tfcomi Imlf of iho vrnv. r/ 497. ^02. Aa2. I'll, n»v, 6(i0, 
047. "flfi. t/t-. — MvRoXr]vi^v : on tht rc^ad frrtlE Tiifll**^ to ChnkSn, 

499, AfL^l tW^4VT« : tli-^l/ uAuu^ ittAoCi/rif. C/, Qlil^ 571. &UA, a:Ci, rfr. 
— 'Apyta- l^en AiiipIiUraua (thif cliJof bvro of ibo trxiwcljlwn agsliiat 

M)2. KvirMt tlii« Liun 4^vn ill nanii- lo tlir Ijtke oii tvhli^h It Ity.— 
Gfar^v- Shbkspcrc'A -TliULc ' waa ii4ini:rl Jcr Ui« uviniiU uf this |>Iac«. 

d04- rXt^oprft; at tliti fuvl vt Mt> Ihimtiis, Hht!n< Uiu dHiimv liattla 
betwocn t^if^ Kpipjni and i\w Thi'bfLriR vu «id 1o tukw boon fought' 

509. Tirttt^jUi: LoF^i- TA;*^*-*. »hich Iny en (hfl fhiin; in dliitlni<tliiii 
fr^ni ScT«>-j[»ltd Thi'tir-* with tb'^ Co'tiur^ri dtMiid nhicl wiu dL-«tt^«il{ 
in the vwovd Argivi* iiivuHiaii Uy tlioTxtt^l iltiiS LU b«K>O^M«; uitd do« not 

ni Ui hatp litrn rebiiill iu thr Uuinrnt lluiH* 

W>B. &nf : ill AppMltiob nhh 'OyxT^o^i, </- C(^S. 0(M- 

&0T. 'A|iyi|i>j Ui ha dUtltiyi:lhlii^ fmiti th" ThvAialiiBti town of U4 
ftAmv iiMiitf, ntiicli ifM Um old homo ut Uie ItiMvlians And gave to tbU 
t<y*rj lU iihini-. 

509. vdt ibv: f^ 1-704 Wffi^ A ll^^.^lv (i Ik&ittti polivvt in r^'ft uviv 
pui'/inff, 3^. fniii Aulu. *M'p Ou IflJ IT. 

910, patrt* ^ r/ AM. fill, CtlfJ.^ Itbfiv irrA- : pmlnJily «n nmuiud)y 

9L1< 'OpX«»^*'t'' t'Ju rioh <;ftpital of Uie funoiu ampiro of 11m 3dInjaoj 
callnl NWi'huj^ Iri ^LnUiicU^rTi fn>m the Aicftdmn city (005). It mw 
rfuowncd Uir it» wor^l»iI^ of Uit Criw^'*, H'h»> wfrr r*aid lo h»** Ksva Unl 
vitnlLijitHl fhi^ri^, noth Ori'hiiEHKnLti hull AH|>ti<dot) {a Mnull to«nj Iny 
neat I^ke Cov^)>«. 011 tlm hh bank of tliv Bo<x>Tiaij C^^hisiiB (rvt an iS22), 
on Iho fertile pbin ol Bnootia. Th« rrabn of Ujit MiU^ie did not bvoamo 
BiH-AlliUi until IaCct. 

SU> 41px*' kiiiinilnr* AllliAiiffli two T-^mcndl «abjr«t* foltorw. ^. M3, 
11.^, H»0, M^, A44, H.1S, HftJ. h'd. Sfr II. 0*17- Th«r tv&»\i} •TibJfMl in 
nuLOV Udrn Htnui to be 'idrlinl ai na nft«rtltoii|c1it- 

513. I^t Sn<Al, m /Ar Atiui^s --'Amt^at: f r. AstyoeW* Catlwr. 

514, &m(WMv . ttiij mrrifd hn the iilciTpIu]f chiiniber for tUur wi>]emiih 



SIS. 'Afi|i: aho Wftfo ^n*, the Daiionnl ffo^ df tlio RurlitLv MloyM. 
Vnr T.hiT dnLkn. r/. OM. Fnr Ihft long flrat tytlablfl nf 'A/n|(, f/, 7<17, 
'AarvAAoq^ A 14. — Thn MOOnd ImJf-vBunHi in 'njuivjilrnl t'>K rdiilirfl clnuw. 

516 T»^: onoNlnie with Itn* verli, riw migliT, liJivif 1i>>pn ii*wl wilh 
Wc<. { IS A. 

517 S2G. 'J'A? J'Wforui, Thou aUo may Iw n][)f<«od U> tuivo litUd 
otit t-h"ir tWL i'>n tJi*i KiirlpiiH- 

3111. 'I^(T«h; Sor tltiit lt];diti<>fUhl fornix tl^ lurb^r IniiicAtirA Iho trui^r 
tcnti to l>o If^iVoo, with ullimn l*n,fflh*i^t»i before tho ;» (| M> A^ . J aa fc. 

930. KfVar: '>ri tlxi plain, iii-cir Uii< ^jLf of thu Mimi* iionio. It M«iua 
In pnrly tiaiiMi to hdti* L<oiitn.illi*d tlit* FytTiutri saiirCrmr^'. — Aoukttft: nut 
»f Delphi, on a hill] f/*- DauIib quia in tumulo exccU^i »ito est. 
noc flCEiliH HOC opopibui cApi poterat (n^. by tho Kmuani) lAvy 
iJikir. 1'^, — TlavHTfia : liitnil, hk<^ DauIK by llif iVtnlAiiA luiilnr Xeriw. 

9S2. fcp*' f*""*^" • iLnttiTi^e Uif. foLlvwinjc tu form a xtri^t with tlio 
prf'M'rlirif^. — Eil4^^- ^^'^ Ct^phiMUK taka ita n«> nenr Lihu^k on tJu 
north fih'|H^ cf Mt. PonukimaA. U flova with niAn> wiinllnfn through 
Hhrx<U lut-i IliiHOTia, and ^rnLpLlnii into lA^a Cop!4lff. 

525. «I |m'v \ i.r, th<.< l«o IvuJrrs niontiGiitfd ia 517. — i|ft^»it«vt«t : fof 
the tvie of thf* pnrti(<Lplp. mv on Jui^ A 1A6. 

526. BBurr^v fi'l|uiXf|v: ni-jV the fiveafifiiin. — In'ApwTipd: tu Ar- kfi ot 
Ihii B^Jtinliariri, m ihv Lino c>f Ihu thipa, tyi J?rLAt£bi '!''j3- 

927-535. V'ftr L<Kiiom. 

537. *OiX<^; gmiiti^'.* of i<onnp«tioni with Ali^. Sm It. Ti?D A, 730 a| 
G. 10^5, 1. C/. TcAufu^vtot Auie. uhf^rt the luTjr^tiTp in Dqiiitalr'Tlt la n 
IfrnitlTi. -»vnx^' C^- <:i^Ii^rrni Jti^rjut Alftcriii Hor, '^'unrr. L 1&, lA- In 
tlii^ fitMi>r>J.] U4IE14U in hriTior '>1 Katr<H-hiA, thii ^j:kx nmR a rafi* with 
Oiljivwus uh'l ^oulil tiL^vt viun llif- prui'. hut Atlivna l-uubwI hiJii to allp. 

639. iX<Y*t= P"fV, like* Atliq ^ui^i^, whiHi U nn in llomrr. — Xi*^ 
«ApTlf : trirh finm dmthtft, l.t. In a ciowly wotoo, thick llm^n Jftclcpt. lAnma 
xtJiHit 1jilj~r bvcAnu? njoro ooinninn (vr* Xnx. f^M, iv, 7. 1^ uf tiiv ChalThcw, 
rw \ivmv Ahipam 1ft ^;^/hoc ^i- ^ifroiK X^n. ^ j^. vi, 4. S]. .'^iicb & I'liirau 
of (ut^iKirii^t ti^K.-r nu thi.- iiaufll Hrriiur uf wmi? of tht* S^suth Sea Idlaiideni 
ahfl would nfjol a )>al] from q roroivor or a <nzt, from a aahtT' 

530' ITaWXXiivtt*: thw Pan-tUttfnfM (rf. Tlniftt^tiar Atti), nnly h^vni. 
Thii unltu U£ii)or atu- OAinn Ihr^ pnt^iln nf rutrthnrn Gr^Cr, Aft 'A;^atcF|.V 
ia uaAl <if lh« |wijpr«a £>f Pulopi^nrvviia hikI ih<.i ndjiiicvut U^nudj. C/, 



itaif* 'EXAdSs Jiol /limv 'Apyvi a Ml cArr/uyA Itetlag unit Ihir trtitfM «/ ^ r^^^ u 
inclnJiii^oU c; recce. <y. ' from J^Qcovon to H-^nrnhrbii,' Jof/^jm xx. I, ' from 
John Cri>ront~fii ia tj>Dcl'& Knil/ 531 «1- rpf«rK t» Aoiipdjv 6^7, 

539. Am^Av: for It* poHitJou at tha b(!^anin^ «f iho rortf, »ra on 
0£\o/AA'7C A a — ^p^t^ an A 3'JG. Tin; cnll d Ap'^Uo und ArUimU wiw 
oa|)ecially proimmriil in RubocA. 936-S45. 7"Ar Hulmyiiut. 

S3€. The t^ocH':! hatrroru in to Appoh^tKm wiUi t\v< fitnt — p^n^ 
wktoyni: brfvMmi} i-nuniyf, if. IhA^iEml tr^lh oOiintp* »)ii1 fiirv^-'^tH; 
pliutti bocaoM of iJjc number of mi^iii c/> Sli«kp«pfi«'» ^ VTlK^rem hatli 
Ckc^||E»r tbuK rlvHTVpd your luvviy' Jufntf Cgcior iiL tt, 'ill. '/. A«9. — 
'Afarrvt: ^nvHiJieiiia ThmciAUft nho fmnitTin rhm^jftii tOAti Alinr njigmlvd 

337, 3Ca>Kt&A: l.U» rhii^f Uiwn of Eiiboi^ cm llii? «triil of Kuriptut at 
jte n;r7 auroiveot p&rt, ItuMp&nted fraoi ItwotU by n ohanibel m> 
ntrrov thtt tho rooka Uvn been bU<l«d avij Id order to d|vii a paM«(t« 
for itieamr.n of itnUiiftry kIm. In the i^rlr Ltitiu itf fir^k hlHiiir>, 
Cbul'^jB ezhftu«t<^L| lu. own »tn?nf:lli hy vii*liiti: oul ccLouif^e, — fDi]Tiilm>- 
thc tint Ctnvk M*tllriiki<]it in lh« Wvxl ^Ciimrhp in CmniittTiia). iinil th« fint 
In Sldly (NftxoA. about 7B5 n.c), and a«Q<liiig m mb&f coIiniIca to tho 
«>u(lL4rm ahoH" flf Thracs na to ^ro ibi noma to the |*r«at ftfomoatury t't 
f!lr»li'i(3iiv, BlpBTpfav- iliri liLt^T Rrr'lrtn, Tti>^iJ«ii[t i^uAnEUy i>f < tn-ftir* rp 
iduniiAUal in lIoiu'<r. ^ S^ff 7, — H^^im^Y: trinjlbbio by ■ Bjni£i.-4i4,' jt 25 d, 
540- £^'Apf|B«: jr'-i~n<i ^/vlrrr^ dtuotiujf brtTcfj; i>ijJy n]t!tupborical iti 
lloniDT. 'y. ^t^iinn-Tis *Api^ tlO. . 

542- Snflc* MjiMiTti: ii»4 on tl.-^ MatIe tli« n«V thOQftbtS itdtl^l In 
llim aeuU.-rini' li> ih" a^ji^cihw witlii7ul cuujuiA'tJuiiA. 

ai4' Thu vntvt in roinTK>9r4 Afjfnrrut^y i?f bix vpOTkdMtt. |C7i^-^ 
^^ bi|£uv: t^nTiiTriii^ with ar^imv. i lit hrrt' pranmiTirpd hj jr. 

^^B 94^-SS&. Tkt ATh^nitnt an^ Salammiant. M6. 'A^ta*; thi^cltjLnvi 

^^^ n>pT««t>iiU Allicffl, Th^ pfnmuiitory of Suninra knd JJjknithua akTu mtut- 

I tjunnS in tbi* (Mytv^. — U\ ihn liur* uf lintllv, tbi^ Abli<*uia»» Ii*il t^ 

I IVliniv on llivir left ild'I tlir LVf^Txillrninfui >3n 'boir rif-lit. Tlif,\ vcrc not 

■ protnliwoit in ihn confliru. — itntr^nn^r - c/ • flHifTr on ihv Aegean abort? 

[ * city »UniU | H'lUr nohly, por* tbc air, and tlifbi tb« >oil, | Athcnj. thr 

I «^ of tinvvf^v niotliur of Attn | Ami «l(Htn#niNi/ 3lUton Par. ^tfftmuii 

^^ It, 236 ff. 

^^K M0> tIb U atA. t purontWtioftl i^luiiw, KtvohUii>UM id cnUcd yrjyn^ 

^^H hf HfltodcituH unit othcm. Titi' AlltvninnA IxiuUd l)int ihey wrrc e^Udrtn 

^^H ^ tkr ti^ (i&trDx^m)- 



549. lelS: (Vinitnm with ttcrcv^ C/. Ai-^ ftmr A 310 T — vfCovh: witJi 
rf-frn-HCr^ l<i liii! voiivi: uflminj* and oth^r tT«um>-A AUirrd tlierc. — i>i|^: 

rvvi'iit CJiCATHlkoiiH ttiuw tLiAt Liofoiv 1t>i iVfftun iuviiiLoa the tc mplf oi 
AtJit?[iii [][i t.lit« Ai.^rii|H]11i4 Alo^ii! tu tim uurlJi of iVv rwrll)<:Ljiiii ((trulkaliu] 
at lltc grrut riinn.llioiLaic f^itivnl J3^ IKC.)* uilli ffMiudnlii;i]iH ('xtriutin^ 
iini!0r ihf H:iLl ai Xhv CarvATldi^ nf the* |^nv.'1]t]ji.'iMii {■vimjOi'ltfiJ iiboul 
iOT iiA.)> CNiluriLtiH iitid olhi'r anlLit^^ctiiid} fragriit.<iita t-t tlii^ pri^-PcfmAa 
tUlltpltf Cl AUlVElM VfOtV IjlliLl ITlttl tlllA 4HII fit ttiu Acri'|M>li>. 

two Wfriv rfiii7iM<.''r'Hl tlie foandors of th? civJIir.ui ion [>f Ihu oomitrv. 

' ^^F ^^^^^H 

^^^^HR : ^^k& 

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^H^^^^HK/ -vv . > ->S 

J- - 

^K ^^^^^r^^f ^ 


M2. rinaAA : the fniii]l>' of PeliHH cUimod il-jwant from KrA-1ilh*uft> 
SS3 1, T^V v6 tno xrA. ^ Jhr('tmllru: U> Ili^rvlmtua. na anilianaodur of tho^ 

AlJitnUns i*i Ihk- liiii" nl III'- w<v:>nd I'ctviim Mar ri-ffrrvd to tliMU V»t»M 

with prJiJr Ift-fore (fvlfi. t^miLl uf S;/r^'u.^t'. But, Ibi- //r'rrr/ iliic* nt/b #lii«r'' 

tth^rc rDv>iti<jii or iViow tliici tki\i of Mctii.'jth»Mrk 

SS4. <or|kf)ru [Tn^ f IT]; th# InflntLln^ U lifted hi<rp B« an ricciiu* 

live of A^VL^'iricAlir/ii. — Invti; »-<. lum on (jlimciU. hotwA, «u1 aU 

tHfil «ilh thvni- 



S97- ACfttr i^.XhtttAttcf Trlnmtn. — XftXA|iSv««: SnljtmU fnmn & aitrt 
of tU'ti[>[ii|£'>ikjbi: hi l)ji' '(iiiEijiTj-Ation, jit tlii' |Kirt |Kt*af-ii tt%im L'v-utrnl 

558, liTmr: fc7 th*: pufticipEo, <-/, li^u^nrDrm ?i2-^ Ajoi hntr U bnkiijrhl 
Inio BDch c]mp i^onixrclioc witli Athf^i that ho ftppp«ni ju n iiAtiniml hwfu 
uf AttiiiuL Tilts wAn III ju^k'^^nl ^ith Un' IhIit AF-lii^uiAii tTwlUioLii OJit* of 
th^ I'll IritwA (^iiW ) of AtUca ««# ii:iimH[ AUi^/«. «fU>r Mm. 

599-634. Ppfvf'onriei'us. 959-566^ Aryim. 

559. A^n llic Cily. not thoooutitry, — THXt^Hw: n-rlt imtUd; Ii^■^- 
nlly. n>A in imttt. hIikv Tirjiku wmt fflmoiin for iu wnllii, — Iho (iral knottii 
jupI |"T}iEt|i(i Uit' oKL-'M mlAnt iiiiiiti|>1ii uf tbr m>ca|]i«] Cm tLijvrbri nrcljiteo 
turw, T)ii"M» ■hUs ■»*» Umii^lit Ui Lav« ln-^h flfij or nil!} foc-l \t\ height, 
ajicl [(I |ilati.'H irv trtyiity or Iwi-iilj-flvi? f-t-t lhlc:k. In lh<* timr* of Anto 
nlaiia Piua thcj wvre doclarc*t lo Lc Cfi |;Tcat a wondrr a* itm lIx/ptiBti 
pyramids, RxcnvMloni wnr« condudMl thow tiy 1>t, MchllAiiiAiiD lu 16^^ 
H't, Uviit^ lirtrr t.tir i>lMih of mit tHrV'^ivr tMd rlaixn^Ut tilxucliin* 

561. TpOil*i*a^ fiiinfun for Urn nornbip tj ToM^idon imd jw U»i» purly 
hotLiL? of T1ii:Ni'U>, — ifftinXicvra; for the furai, f/'. vmijiktu 'M. — 'EvI&av 
pDr: famMl fr>r ilfl tt^mplo of Aft^lppiiuiH 'J'lii> tli»w(^r (biiilt undpr lh« 
diiTtjtiori of Pul^-fllptii?!, Kitli flT^to aiiJ orohrilm xUii well |irv9crvc4l) nud 
utUur tiJintt thrrv \Tcro i>XL-»vftUtil durhig l^til aud Uii.> ftDowing ycum. 

962. AC^rat tlil« iaIpIImI Iu ri^ry f?hr1y llmt^Ji v»ji vtmtiuttvd hj Kjii- 
daiiniA. ^ \n iXit i^i^jili iMiiiury n-c- U woa ruled by Phcidon of Ar)(«a. 

— lo^pei ' AxoaAv ' ilirTi-rA only Ali}>1it^y friim iiTi« 'AjQitt'^r 2^1. 

969- Awt^fiSii > Di^iiipfl Wluticrd t^j the uld mcr* i.rf ruli^ra in pielnpuii- 

OMO* (the ra«e of Uniuius nud I'lTwtin) wh'> pr«cvilc<l Toloji* ati4 hi« linrr. 

566- Mi<EiffTf|of : limthtTr *•( A<])n.-<lii9iH mul thuK t^ri^Jtt-iirji'k' nf birmt^hl, 

— vUf: f'T ilk --hi'rri i-ctiult, f.;/^ -M If A It^D, 569-360. Aiynnuttmo/t^aivala. 
*6» MiM^va*' thrt n*«i£lHit.* *.f AK*ii»''i"ti''m, wlinw r^m \ny in 

northorn rvlcfonnmui (the lat^i Achu*), utciiding to EIj*^ AUne 
tho jfftlc uf Ihr cil&kli'l mnuiru lh(< wsilptiirin] rppri^icDlatiaii ol twa tii>n«, 
pr>1i[tMy ihn liirtiitiL '^xEjiia h|ii>rlEiii'^i of Gnifk iuM!pUm^ I'U f!rit<k vriil, 
Xoar IhcriUilcl &rritr?Jit vulvtorrum'An iftructnrvs, toiiilitiolvfrliicli ihci&iioct 
vid lofgHt U Uit ft(k-?ftUv<l UrvuniTV hMim of AIthtm* Mjvt^t^ {thf 
■tiiiculur fiirin jvUi In uvd; h« f 3* r/) m »lteil (-y ni>rnrT rtjfMtytia luid 
•vAtj^4<f«c^ 'I'll*! latutf fj-iiliflt »BJi ahovn C" Jw ji^^tihofl hy ilio dwcov 
mhm tn tli« vxcaritUucN liy Ur- SchUcniiuiii lii lATO-TT. 8n ^^ if. 



570. d^H^ KA^hrSov: Ooniitli wm mA<l^ vrftlihy In cw\y tim« 
iu lrnd«f lyiuii Mf- it did hi-tyit-im tw<i M>fiK. Tli« nirl iiSLnia «Aft Kplirra, 
Atjd itiQ p'fvl ilijt^t uuli |iul tile luutJti f^nr^rJi iiilo iLe iii'iulh vt liii actotHn 

573> 'ASpTrr^ii ting of ArgoB, ^ondfuUicr of IMomod. Ua v»j 
driven r>ut of jVrgni hy AtnphUmif, und fli^tl lo Siryun. to till motber"! 
faLljL'T, vrhoEii li(i nui^rx'ilcil on tlir- iJm^nt', Ud waji tliA Irailer f>f rJin 
«4(>vvr; AftAinxt 'nii*1ii-H' Ami Ihi' itnlj Miv of iho mvati whn ivtnniMiI Uixn* 
aJiit. — vpAfm: fir ^^r, with rTf«ivtii.ii U> bia n-iiirti Uj Ar]£uri. 

574, UfXX^nit: in Ao]im.'a» ilTjouI ftin mikii iroin tlio wft.— AfYt«vl 
latf T ftio oiiftllal 4<r thi^ twrlTp Arhni'mi rkW. \mr h vam ■ Hinotunfy of 
Zdiih 'OfjayiV^oti vlmiv AkEHiniriiiiinii vivi AAk'l hr Tmvr plAniW tim fizpodi- 
iion :ipiiii)4l Truy, vrtli fh^ iiuHt hcntnriMl cif l.Tmi f«rHfk4, 

975. dvd ; r;/' Jm SiL/iu A 4j7i>. ^ i^fMCav: A tr^qiiriit epjihpl of B 
country {nr of Crrtc and tho TrooH) ; rwl; Afiplir^ aa hero to a oity. 

5*6- ffi* [Wff**] ■ »,/- tlir InlmMUnbi of the Hiln* mcntlorm) Jiwt 
llcfoTp- Thf ^i-iiitin.' drifciiilA ii|KHi Vit^p. *ftf ^fli'//' u/* ihrjff, thrir nhtja. Cf* 
fiOB, rtHj, wiiili' in TihT, CIO, 713, TIW, iwv U tu aj'jxuSUon >vit,li Tiij-. 

577. «q\v TXifartOb^ Mnci? Uw kiusdom oC Auniikr.<inm>H wcvi mint 

IxaI'Ii^ i,h»u^ li-ni1 iiTiiiY ithljtt U' ttt» ArcftdlAnA (nici-m^). tllRnilp'Ovnr 

575, I.hH ^u/arftft»ijMfM; ^ 5S*t. a J4'J. — x«X«*r: ^/*17. 

di^iLj hnd pf>wv<r, Aji in iLiowa by tb« noxt Tvno, Sco on A OL 

991-590, Th/ rrtilm nf Jfm^Anw. 

39i. ii<]T«ciroar ^ tfip sharply i^ut TBrinea of the monatun» »t« 0O9 of 
the mott slrikinf; chjirnctt-rivtir'a of tb(< l^piTt&n lAn<It<'apv. 

SM- 'AiiAkKcu: thiK vuu oi\v of tlie iniwt iriiporUut Ltionaljin rJUi*« 
MfotD lJ^<i UfFriiui i^oriritiMt, nnd icnff nrninUiiiiiMl ltd iiidop0nd«nen« hy thfr 
KJdM of S|iHrtji-^^3Lei : A H^v tiu lh« fta^^s fmrii \v1lWi thf nnm^ hfUM 
^u Hti<t tici W JrrivrtI, FffncQ lU inhnhiiUiiM Wf t¥ i-mbivcd Iry the Sp&rto&A. 

585- AAav : f'lr Lhr< n&mf . t/. * ^Tenf }knm/ ' StoEiin^ton.' 

506- dC - /tt ^rm, hU. 

9B7, b«av: In *ppoftilii>n with ruv- Snonn TiTll, — 4irittfAi: i-. from th<^ 
tm^ip* (*f Aci^TnHiTiririn, TTiSh TiiJirLA tin* ptililirnl iiiili'iii'riifr'nrp- nf Mi*tw> 

5B0, iv%t-. nt trl^. — vrpfl0u|i[^cM ihttoiM* - fr>r \\tv »l^trp>-(li]1t (>T rf>n^- 
§i^jjiHi «>^' f 'jS> ^- Tki» {iluFiil U ujH-<l bnuAii.w of tlir iumjy cix^kujani on 



990 = Sd«. a91-60a. T3>f Jvrcft o/ riatar. 

991, nflWv: UoiAwniBn VjIma, on a harbor th^t is ircU protected by 
Uic ialnixd SjilkJtaxaru, During tJic Pclr>ponnoiuin IVa/ (|'J5 n.c.) tlig 
AtJiBijlftiw tnUkt'lUhril lUt^ihwIvi'* Iwm uitiJ hr}d 1j1i« jHwlivU fi^ fiftoeu 
j«ftr«, la thlH IivUir (llit^ii chIM NitToruio), 0<'L 'Jl', 1^*7, th« Turkish 
flMt WBB ne&rljr anriiTillpiU^t. nnd tlii* Greek war for ii)il«piTiir|i>ui7i> wiw 
viituDl] J dooidedi — The ruilni ot Nestor yit^A ioMndad hj hii faEJier Xdcu* 
(»on M Po««idoii), who hkd bootx driran Irum JoloM JD Thi««Mly Li/ hj« 

99lp w$p9f-./orTl; in »j>]»uri1«PTY wJlU 6^ww. (/. tUmt (0]B. 

9M, |**arai^ forth? plunil. ^yt 4M. 

595. rftvepVa: fArtf rAfurwJn. For the Une of th« Artidc, r/. A 11. 
Thf Thra^ian liftrdt, Hrphtiuv Mtiwwd's Kimifttpu*, ffe.. vUo w»th c^lltvl 
tlir fftTJjrr* of (liiT'k ]hp^uj. Ji'l Jiot livr jii lir*Uint^ Tbni<y' l*uti Ui Vmtih, 
in ffoutJium Mit?4'd»iiiii, on tlii? uut slope of Olympus, 'riifmvc tfco vor- 
kbip of the MiiHi vu l-rcught tu |li>l)ocia ajhI Parnuaiis. — ThunyrU U 
litre Ihouclil of aa wanJ^niij; uSivr the luanncr ol tlio lalcr Imv^ (dut^D^) 
ftnrl riailSng tli* I'rturw E»f U^<' iihTio^-t.. 

597, ffx4»^»« : Jur ihv pnrUriple ol nmnuer, spc tiii fwc A 188- — tt -r^p 
&y: <('cri yrd^i^ii^ Aat, t<af*pMit\y ikot. IXkjo aloliu U sr found, Liutvud i>f 
nV. with ti nnii thp npuiivi* ; ^, A 013 : flpf* f lA r/ 0. Tli« fnrriL In iltmrt 
djsi'OiLiet^ nmtM V »brjira^ J^i U ircp di* o^ml picunu du^oto'. 

$99. miptfv: lAoiiMtf, bf^r« iirol^nMy oiufr (f/ dU^). i^oa|^ a IftUr tradi* 
ticm rvprtficuted Eiini on l^lii^d. — otCr^ irrA. : tbu MtkUa Uie rcaxtll of iboir 
A<!tjcm, ftltliniigh I'luiwhpfA ovnif^ Im ^iwnI Ui IntrfiduM onmAlbliig n«ir, 

GOO- h^dkA^v{t<. pit)-, ndui'licatptd acmr, fj 43r), uwd truiiitiTclji 
uTily Iji^n- o«>ni(irtiiHl like a vvrb of ditpriviniE. with tuo mn^iuatirtsc. 

603'-d4. The AroAtfxioi*. Tli« Arcaidijum M« nut uxi^ultoiitd mtlJiklnjf 
part 311 any of ina e<i\ijAie\A Lcioro l>oy. Thty may be Ib^uxEat of aa 
cJonfdy cc^nn^UHl with (or Indml^d nmnnf;) tba fnro of Agni!rti>mikon. 

COS. Ix"- */ 'OAtiuirai 5«D^r fx^^m A 16, — W4 1^: «p widrr fA« 

404, Ahrirnov: >ffAtpfffai, Pur the uk of Uiiea4lJccUvrt.r^ N^^i/y 20. 
AupyluA, acta L>f Klatiuti waa an o5d ArcodinD bcro vboiw diutc(iuiii4it« 
mlj^nHl Inng In ArrjullsL IHii niniiiul, whlr^ Id tb* tlm^ nf ih» «<ar)y 
EODBn emporon dliU mstvd on i1» ciroW <if «lon«t Tvmindi BoboUra of tb^ 
Gcnnaii gr«Tea of (h»HimiL — iva (wAnv); *<-. tirw. Foritc omiwkoD of 
ibi: ccpula In a rplattitf cUiur, 1/. A M7. 



605, 'Opx^K*^'- to b>i rllHtSri|;<^ii4li>^il fnitii Miuyaii Orctkonnmiii (AUJ. 
609i ^vft^i^ar: Timinut for Ma lake (wbich hu n au^torruicaii c1iai> 

fur tlt>; \u\nn- ni n<-]n(-K-» in kllllTitf tlic LtniA licru* 

610 J. JvvtilxrA. : <■/ ^01^ 

Ai4, VoAdv^na (pir<^ '/ 11X9*17^ Vr™ ^S. — Arpiulfii. alooA of th« 
ooDUtn(?[» of iVto^i'fiLtiL'fiUflr kiuchvd l\nt flifo at uo point. C/^ fiTAttor 
Aobiicorum [PliiloiKwrrn'tiJ . . . ruJi* in ro ntr»li or*l, AT<ift«, 

<19'fi24. y'A' i:/'nri«. 915. Btnt^iit^, (h? 'iftliol^ uid |«tt*, 

Bit' i>rirn iTinM iiMiM : r/. n^*i, < Pl^tr^ jVkI lljr* AfiohirpH,* .^cvi r, SO. 

£16^ Wv*v J4*: I't. '^' String. Cfnutvuo vitlj ^irot '^ffyo, JncftMai/ 
^*un»f*; lilrmlly, fo as /nr, i.'. iwjhr as <'/. T 12. 

620, *|YHri<rfi|.'. nudsL, iisflTfl. ^1 WOT, S70. C/ flfpx*- "^^ f"^*^- 

(21. 4 piv: rr-- Am|iTihiiitduLAH — E4p4«i>i iloI lo tw vonfoiutdcd 
witli Biirytui <if 5(tO. ■>— 'Attvplwvt ; h^ra of tJiu gnin<bi7iu of AciifiT. 8m 

634. A^vM^u Auff«dL« wan Ui« ting of Kliti vho«v atablcB havr 
twcoiiji.- jiruifrbiaU Sve mi 000. 

G3S-644. r^d U'fJln^k /f/<jrtf/d onfi ad^^^. 625-630. IhdiMiAih. 

62S, stU: It', Ji<ra*'. — The pmaplAcni TllUkliSuniAnil t]i<>rttli«rK(<filt]' 
aJm (which lic^ iiff the muittli of iLo Ai-lmW") fnt Ur lliv tiuuth uf their 
r«al pMitJan, oti Uiv rooKt iif Kl\^ Up^H^; Uir.* j-oiition of tlic juljoctivi* 
hidiciilu tbmt ii U corubrui^ yi'iih 'Ej^(n£«ib-. uiUi vhich rTimr U la 
npiwi^ition - 

636. vitpp ^^ ' ''' ■r^f^A^AlAd from KIEh hy Ihtf kml, 

639- £t ; iV' fhylrUH. — m^h ivf. KmjE Au^cvui' 

631 637. Tkt /vr<t$ nf Vd^t$^iif. 

631. Ki^«LXXf)va« : tlit (xniiiiioii jluiii: fur i\\f- unhjVc-tA o| OityMfWb 

632. ^: nurru-/^, '<> kV- 'I'hn rchtlivc )4fi]li*iic;^^* Arr virtually in Sf 
feLr.i<>ii vlth Kf0nAA$*nC' ^'Itir^v tfiiA N^««v ' ^v nr^ Bofv^>iliTMv 016. 
tl*otr£fiAX«ii'; litomtlj, Jty^f^aki'tjt lu if liic titou»tiun cjiukJ «rhat ib 

639. Imtfov: nrfor* lo f^riiojiJijL ami Afftriiftttlji, whMi vi<tn< roii<|ui^r*Ml 
t-y Lft'iri.u. — ivniHpoi*! ntiit^r ntljficltri; tu naL«tuiliti-, TAc oj/poaiit 
fi>aMt In KI1ii,vhom tb« fihA^-ftiiiiha«:l lifrrlvi OilfMviu hliiiw.^11 liml oTi tb» 
ni*Liiland tirtlve herdj of csMIp, w^ nianj flooka ol vJictp and of (cttU, and 
&■ many drotci of vu'inp. 



03T. ftt4SMm; a amaTt tiuuilwr in compatiflon tviili Uiif forty aJilp* 
Duiiahruof (£3(1) or tliu «j;titv 'hip* ■>f J>biDcd (AUS). I'ba uini« bumi 
nf OdyuwuK' xhS|M U nii^^kllrktiM In |)l» Oittftju-y. Shi f H if . — . luXrwrApgoil 
rfil^KK^M. Tb'.'ii Low» (fAmi-a) wen* phiiitrU with TiTratlioni Ou Um 
t\\\iv>j \\Ai\t\. >:/• ITU, mill I ^^"2, «htrri lh« tltJp of Odjrwciu U <ftI1ecl 
Jtixu^p^/Xhf. ^ftfi-pruimf, ^Th« totnv^ «f Oi)>iikuei «re Uic flft^vjntli \n 
lLi« oELUiiiirntion af the twnutv-iiEiia oooUnj^niiU- Corr«pvudiii|[ lo liiiH 
pruldon, thpJii' AhlpH Hr<> As\ii t/i 1>« nt thn mliMLu fif thn Wnt* 

MO KoAvbtaiva : oii ft pliouldcr of Mt. Ara^^thai. It wn* fimod for 
the Cuhili>iiijiii fE^iil ijf l!m bimr (luit n&t kilU^lAl 1a>£ I)j MH^aj^iTf, 

€41, Y^ = intn^jiJiiu*')! ttuf iixphuuktifxi wiiy Tli^^at* w&» in n]iiim»Q4, vi4 
rii>l t>i'iiHLii c»r MIL*' (»f liiH wn* Tyilriu t*r MrlmgrT. — Jir*w: irfft tiring. 

648, aM«: i.<. Ooni^iu. — l^ivMt; r/. A I^T.^Mi^^^poi. ibe nto»t 
<li*1iikgimlio4 of ihasniBof f>criciu. 

643. T^: i.e. ThiHw. — ^vii lytninirxir v'lUt ^rwraXra- vdviu: 'tv^fKinfr* 
■?^!iL]fLrd 1>y ii\i0Vf^r L'l JiTi[KWiliL>n wlt}4 it; i.<. tlio wlioU iHiiiimand- ^ 

645-652. Th tWrmu. 643. Hpin^, lhi> lnclu<]t^ aIT tW luiiml 

[KifkuUlintJ i>f tlip f^tiiEivtvtf ihUii'I, — I'liA oillH« hm'ft nmtjti<j|itHl oil Iaj 
in i\iv jjjtrjior uf tlitf bl&nd, At Llie foul of Ml lila. 

646. Kmp**: ibo f^rincipaT city of the i«U&d. Eicar^tLODA on lltj 
cite In lite il^ring of llHiU bniiipht To light tlu> niibNof ui ml^niivp nnc 
pftUoc (pn>l»hty d«AlrLiyfiil •onu'wHiit lM-f«rr« Troy^, Ami O'llvjr rrrnniiifl <jf 
Ob airly (irMlc olnlfaftKon- — r^frvw; Iho CfnIji^^ city n»xt I43 ('homiik in 
iufpEiflAEtdi*, Here in ISSi aim diacuvernl n long tiiBcriptjun (pro1:«b]yof 
ilur fiftli op.'titury b^*) e(>DtftHiing an vlnbantfl^^de ot Ub«. — 'pox^'wsk; 

647, MAir*^: tbli rity ifHTr i.-ii1i>ni>(ii Aik-l n«iii« to thv ToniAn Milrtu*, 
— ^^vaivra: 4.-r>>t<i AUin, ^Ao^Xy. ^ CMl, Thtf Ufvn Uy cm ohAlk L-ltlU. 

646 foMT^ : ttuutlmiMt *A Gi^yiiii; bilrlbphce uf Uw |fo«| viil 
propiir-l E[<im&adem, Then h«Tf i>f th« aUipit of 5[«a»Jaiu WQr« vrccked. 

649. txx«ir mwlft pmmlmfiJt Wforv ihr rcljtirr cUitw — kttT«|»v»Xiv: 
li roiiiLd iiEimtinr: r/. 11^, Cy> ceittiim urbt** habllaat nibfikiiih, 

690- &0a: rt«unib»04fi, 653 670, r^r i?&«/nm«, 

659. F|h -n ibtya* «tt Vvo owoilUI quaJitit* of m iictfot ^/ i«J>«t 816, 

655, Sid. coriHiFii-* wltlifliffpi^Uirm, Jfefi£nf In tbnvpartsc Thv Rh^' 

(li«ni liivcit 4C<OT^u^ to tdbc* (miru^iiWlDr 6Sd) itt their Umo c^tlat. 



Pindar tollH in ffwritj?r dctoil thn rtory of tho NubUDinent of the Ubmd. And 

6fi6. AJv&ov : rhmml for lt« wcmhlp &t Atbanft and H4ir^J««, FKm 

UlLi iiami: ojEUv tlml of Lincoln (Liiidi coluiiih). 

630- Thin i.'pidc>dL< id iDtcndcd for Uic ^loiificbtloiL of tbo HhodiMa& 

699, 'i4i>^v ■ tho wht af Kui0 Ang«ilut (r/ 634). 

6C0. tHpffbi ^ jic. ^hi'iL liii iiiftdi? liiM oxp^itloo a«r>trJAi Ailj£VA« 
ftTvng^ llm ^1111)^ eJoti" in n-fiixUk^ Iti/ htwLird for oivtUKiiii^ tljr* iituliliTS. 

G€l, T^d4< ■ iiitruiujUvtfi ^r^rr >J^. ConAtiue •wilh trt^. vhen ht ItaJ 
ffn/urn vp. --{v\ f4^^^, i\f. in tta father'* Uotue at TirytuL — Jvt: lot tha 
lADgth of tbff final I hflfore the fDllnwin^ ^ uo § 50 A. 

6€2. kAtUcl: crfcru to tJin i.n^jxufhn: ^i nrA_ — ♦(X^w: oVL^rtnLty OUly 
ft-fl :» ^aiirliiijj --pilli^t ^*!Te. — |L^»p«»ft ' hroUiM of Aionu'iiA. ncn of Al«0- 
trjun, — nArtwTft: *iu a bu^t uC ati^r/Mi>B Piiidar; bj jumidpni^ ftccord- 
ing t** ftnotlicr traditjim, 

663. S^'hff^\ r/ :^iQ. 


665, M ^<«vwv: '^r '>u/ in jffyA*; rf. 71. A '191. TIil* p)irlicii|jlft 
iluiic^atDA l}ir: mandcr of l^in Koiiilfr — u' u/riyifitff, alucc h« fcnred tbii vcH' 
gWAtine of tlu> tvIaiIvm. ^A Itr^ for a \itt\' van i,Tjn old Or^fc Inw; ^at 
lonioLimc^s A fit>«i ivjiB ]>Ai(t, Flik-hl from tha cuuutrj wm frvqufjuta aa in 
tlL« IMH of TydeiLe, Aiid M PnlrorliJi (civ on A ^07). 

fl67. l<*Ptf6iji' tfiv- Uiu Uiui ftikdcliraiium. Evtu Lite Ikirlun mlgntioa 
into Pmlvp-inuiaiiA. ik*'(*.irciiiip ta ih* Ancicitt*. folkuwcd ttn' full <if Troy by 
Vl|{1tty y^An. — fiXyia inb^Bv: hhVA rflrrw/r. TfinAtruA Willi ^AM^tuK. 

6C0, rptx*^; <■/. Tpi;ifii 666. — nara^^iXitBAr ^ *quivalfltit lo iicifu ^gX* 
3«,>. Sc^ on 655. «69. !■ Ai4« t ^. fJ, 

67C, ital cr^v irr A. ; nu li)di.-f<uLidi.-nt HuttlfiQLii^ llLimLmljrjg ^iXirfiwy.— 
■ot'x.'I^ ' pt'^t'cd <tt"^* U)K>i) t^ir^it. TiiU IndicHltA Lh« nbuiiLLknCfi nf llinir 
VHaltb. ThU pxi^THAJilnTi flH-nin to linv« ffiVB>ii r1«*« t« 1}ih ]Ali>r myth thftt 
Z?Lu literally rained £old upon t^ie ialiiad* 

€71 870, Tht fiirv^t ti/ A'irr^it. Tlio tRiAlloit coatingont of all. 

671. Mipiti ; mccLtioiLcd only bvie In lloni*^. lln \n i^iAA'tatiti lu a 
puiWm of l-<iftiity. Luclui invdntA a diaiotcti*' livtw^\n hitii luiJ TlurBiU4i 

— I'OT tiiA rrtH>liT.Inn nth\» nitmf. ('i>pnTiA]i>i>«Jft'), i/ SRfl, A.M1, ^7 1 . } J9A, 

— 2£wi|<iv: aaumlt islatid, off lb« Cfbiisacout. DOtthof Bbodi^. A DoriMi 
colony, like tho Utacdi of 67tt If. 

672. Tl^o nnincii of Nlrciu' jianiuU «« AlijnlfiLiiQL, 



673, .iUwnn: pn:dio*tc. C/. 31S. 674. thXmti ^. A 6W. . 

675, ^KqvoSp^ ttid appoiilui cif k^ti^ 

676-660. TAr^purwTM. Q76. Kpdr^eov KtipTniffor, Sov j Al. Cv^ 
pftUkUB ta na iBland tietwo«D Hhodori and <JrvU whiah gain* iu UAina to th« 
CarpnUiitin Sm- 

€77p K(^: elH-wlirm R»ui in Iloinci'. An Ulskod off Cnidiid and 
Hftliciiriuuiiiiii. — lilipvfriXALfi ^ liiig of C^ii. Il« va> nUln by troraclttii od 
Uuf taUvrS rvLuru fxuiu Trrj^^ Hid ilaujiLUrr Cliulrii.rjHi buru U> Hi^radiM ft 

67a. 4i(fii«-iF«c. "4»Ti^ : nut nifniioni'^l c'lftpwlipn? in the ffAtvL 

690 =^ r<u. 

to tliB forouH of nuillirni VT}jc«*[lau) Grwt^, 'I'his \*-.tf^ lt>rtna a tp'^tirtal 
prclado (Lad aDDouniJiMnciit for what foUu^rA. — nif« . ^^coi }inri-n UiJot« 
thn tninil i ■■/ 401, — t* ; (J/"mi>n&tr!itlTi", th'it.^TUK^jvy^v 'A^oi: fA 
Tho*BAly, B>» orj A HO. ThfUMftlf in rufiroAcntod u hvim^ iiL^ircimpcirtaiit 
In HAmorifi limn it wam Sii li inlorii^al tImfA. 

683. *#iiiv: homo cf Ttku* and Ai^IuUm ff/ A 109), in tl»e raUtiy of 

lJ:r. ^I^^rclii^il^i 

68!^- v**^ /^ fiTA. — an-v^tfawa: AHiUIm nrrAnipvl hiii in#n In flT« 
divUkirui «ith flra cxmiui&ndflrB. Eaoh i>( his sliipB wm niuin?^ by fiftj 
maa. who (lika the rMt) on their ArrivmL at Trrn' Mn'vfl ju inldiQn. 

686. iniU|iQi0 Awnix^- *:/- f rviQktu^uo soiiuuniur | horriKono 

6d7. cA 7^^ «tX' : /rir fl^fv vnv no ov, f'r. — liy^^vin : jir>1«>fitUl Afitft- 
tire witlioiit ly^ f 16 &» 

688^ Iv wJjtfgt t i~,f . in ttc ounp. Sm on A 1^- 

689, koi^Frti aMiAftl jfnnltivis f/. A (55, — Bpttf^l&Dt: c/ A 18i, 818, 

691. Aupn|ir(rAv Uriwln tftlTx of il> fj^il-tirv sfiii fliihlr-tinilciii (T 3110 IF.). 

on A 125. 
693- R^ S' ipAXnrt ft chnnge Ui tho &nit« trmitrLicLicii. after thit partU 

Ami (ft<:drifiT]>; 10 ifn* latar utory) hmlijtn'i of BHulfL 

694. f^x^ Ac'^ilU* (it n*njTirilK] with A|cun#mnnn, |fiOH4 forth tQ 

battle, aiid hiEls llc<-t-ir, on th« tvrviitj^i'^vrhbb il^r M Lh« KCtion of tho 
Iti/^d^fi'VcAa^i \{U-j Iho c^vnit* ojimtod ii> T^im Sk-mdI Uimk- Sm } II p, j. 
098-710' 7'A'yiiin'«ifj//'rufr3rUrJU«. 695. Tl^^mwr - named ffont ttw 

whr*^ (fn'/»i>t) ^)ibh abuuntlitil in tko ro({iaii. — iAfh^thTa: cf. 503. 



Willi nifucroV) r/^ 5(if\. ifrlJ. TluB afU-rwitnT'* yavti %'t Vytnamn Lh# iLumt 
Ai/^Ar/rpuw. — tLiHpB k'i^V' ^t< I^ >^ called ii.yjti}p $tj^¥ @ 47- 
^97. ^'YX'^^' - ^'^^i* cpithr<t wj>ut-] Ai \X\o othoT ^itivn nlu^ 
698- npvnirAaoi: iVtit'-hiUiiK KJin Llin I'lr^t Ui fidl in iIk- vtiii. Tli" 

III tbe Tbruclafi rht-motii-iiv <lo(vij Iti llu^ ttmiiof ih^ PerhUn wnra. HLh iliip 
«U the center of the lierc«Bt conflict when llMtor fin'cej hia ^^ay to the ahipt 
of ihc (rfpoks, nnd it wiu hiUf Mniiiincjit hj tiic Lcforo I'airocla* apipearod 
uttlj ibi) M^j'iiiiiiouji juni m^ful^i'il LW Tii>|iuui. 

6d1>. (x" "^^ ''^^' - ^'^'^ ''''^"- <f«r«rf. </, r ai3i. Prot«ilaii« v«a 

TOO. 6^<Jipv^\ womea toiti thrir fooffl ia^ef. — ^nUaro^ local. 

701. ¥||utiXf|«: tu? Ivft horike fur Lbowurbeiatv Ih? «iuli] Cv^mplctu bu 
hmi^i-; ]jf' Liifl IlaiiUv I'i-£UIl Uft^ fi^tj liliiiitrK lAhcii Iji: n^t* klllnl.^' 
A^Savot &v^p : ^ I Mrd'inutM n'tirricr, Ao^^uMilit; ti> thtf ItiUT ai]i[?lilHMl 
for»i j*f Lbi^ ttUjcy. Uua miv* Ilt-dor; l"Ut Hiiliwr ilo^n not i^UE ntij Tr<ijjwi 
Aop&utfi* Ihouiih tilt Dnnlaidiuki Wrpt includcrl ftmcujE the Tpuin- 

U i^rtiit Hi.'iL:l]L Thi' Jjtnt tK'piliv-; l>i.^loi)jfv k> Uir> uiicjln »i]|jt4:<iux% Uw 
KCODil id lo W i?oTutriLi'>l doDoly nith ot, -hullup vf^ro iii> IiL 4|uiiJF>m> 
— ««Mv yt )jv Ijiiji*]; lit«rEi11y. lArjj mutd kim i^tfltf^. vtiiurnltiA hi in 
m/&i/im% rrvp jijox^^- ^^i*^ word b«fcrro ^ ^V it liu<dc firttThtncnt uid 
aiwMyit fcktin^ fLTi < jiiKi*rHQtlit> juvndKlcin * (»■■» ^ 1*3 r), Thr> KiifjUhli idiom 
inlrodut'ea auch u uIuuhi bv ^rr. tiM. ^-dpx^'' ''F- tlii-tr foi[Lii.^r Ii^hWh 

704^ r^^: Tnonon^'Elabic. ^ Q5. - UM^irr\% . Ir^^lor-of tliL^ I'ti^iian*- 

70d. a^AoKOaa: wKh h. but ^^rAA^T^ 7l>n ; tf. l]ptn/u%7C fUT with H^ 
f/m^ P 1 4fl ; Rvr g &D <. 707, npdntMi . /. irpoyirwrt/jm fl."*«. 

70* f. IfTilv hlWlhtfr frtrm of TOW. — «M^ n ■ hnT ir. ruitkirifj. 

711-71S- nr kiftfj'lom o/ /Tu-nffw, 7U T ti^- Bo^t (ct\.; oittCB 
cm the |>cninAula of Ata^iuia biul ia llkc jiouth^ABifrv pore uf iVlugiotU. 

712- *IftaXK^: fitiit'il nil r.hp ritlr-f wai i^ tbo 'I'hnxAllnri ^tfnynci (ane 
on CUl, the ciiT-itAl of KiiJ|; P^-1i4m, and tlin native cSty uf Atuvrn, ttic 
l«Ailnr of tli» Ar^fiiiKitii- KxfwdiliiMi. 

714. tit' 'A&H^iv: i:oupIiul- witi r£«, t/, 72S, 7«. 820. — For Uie 
repelitjoii of the namtv </. Cd6| ti'S5t HUi, 

716-726. The/Anvj t,/ Philocmc*. 

7ia rAv II: ^nU«pdciit *^i 4 &' TU. Whvn llo rfJ»tit« olftUM 
prac*d«i, lb« tpodoatfl Afum Km hi, n« ln-rti, -^ v4|H(r lb «IS^ : M» 720 



ami frrqupntlyt tbt^ p&rlidpli* cj( ciTSa* 'rra UUfnt m, it fotlow«d by iJu 

719- *p4rm- lIuD vamon won th* odnuaen. 

730. JfiP^M^r: Ain/ cmtnulnli r/. 351, SOU. Thv pn^puriiUoii la 
nipv«(0(l lr»iia iv iiMurr^j. — ^^ ^j^a^^- *v at t^ («/ tkat th«]f toMy^ffUlf 
fie, J iofittiUvp t*i rr^Jill. r/. A k, 

738, A^i^' Lho Aohucuud landed at Lc^iinot on ihcir ro^-a^o to Troy 
ind i<««ftiv«d faai^iuUty from King EuneUv Tlity tcul hIvvo* ihilhor 
fur BnU. siiil rvcvhwd itIda thcnoc. — TW ftrjwtiUoii of iLn |irvi>UHituju 
g'lvL^H t4> ^f \>/^vy >u>ria» iiuliip(.iTiili>rim> fn^iii ir itfry. 

723. iXM^P^iv'X Upov; niEi^UtJiH with £Uc1, uMhUtsiI ^i^I^vS; /ran lh« 
eruel fC'iTtr iimkt, T^'tii on 3fta. The wound not cnij dxwbE^ PhllooUlcs 
but nmdarod hU prcaouc* odk<uj to tin coniradM- 

724. t4x<^K 'itA.: tliv CdUlvipli; cxiliL^inn HTVfrftl tuvh nfUvrtictit Ui 
•TttDU whifll J'j iii>l UIl uilhin thv ltin« of tha Aitlitni <rf iW //luf; ^. 
(80 fl., OfiG ff. — A pr(i(»ln^ 'l^rlnn^cl i\\ni Tniy rwiM U" Uikvit only with 
the help of thf arrowii of llfttf W ^tikb ThHricrrkfi hftd iu iiU poMMMiou. 
AoconLinijE lo S;i[ihiJi.'liH ii; hii tmi^ily PhiU'rl^ut^ Iha Iii>nj wm liniii|fltl 
bcfui LvnuiuM lu Tn>y by OLJywiiiA tiii'l Nriu^'Uileiuiu (Min of Airhillt-a), 
Ko otlioralluflioii to Xhxt irtory ifi fournl in tlii! Honu^c poeiiiK* Fluloctvtiv 
fTiHeb^l homo i \\ nf^tv hi til'' oli'A' of l)ir wikr. 

725. 'jL^filvi iropd ■'■ivtfL |<ai>^ril>tii:li(-*l, In a kind of ApptHklon vrlth 
Uie »ntij»"(.*L til ^oAAov- — ♦JLoiTf^toflr fMiiHlrn* with ^trfff«T^BL 

7M s TD3- 727> 'OAfkM : fntEirr of Uif Ifvar AjftJC (fia7). 

730. H : poinbi biick to iho proocdmg von«. C/, B50, TIS. 

729-^733, Fiirr^n i^fty A nrlfpkidtt. 

729^ Tfii<ci|v crX'T citiM hi iii<*L«<rrj T1ir*Mily, Irt lliHiMotb. Al 
Tri^oa itk* iHii< nf Oio »Ii]4*9l mnriit*H^ of Ait^lfiinH, ind iho hont* i>f 
Uie kili|E.— kKattvMii^tftrnr: llhi/KK lay C4i llkt? tter|f tilup« uf lAU ritiduB, 

731 'A«Xnirfi*»i (x^tltfi written nu "Ajr*\ifrw»- Sn* od SIS. 

734-737, Fi^rcftnf Fiirfsjij/iw. 7U. XmA vdpfpm: j/'foiuffij/ A'^jTAti; 
Utormlly. icAi'w firai*; (/. 7Sfi. '/ II7. 

738-747. Thr fof'^is of t^olspo****. 

738 f. 'A^vtrva* xrX* ; cllit^ of tbo LB]:iitbafl (see oa A Sfld). in tho 
WMteni pJLrl <if wluit vvKA Ptfnlmi'b&it in Ut^r liDi(«. 

798. '0lk*«9^4va : Uic mtnl, linjinrtAU] <^itj lu rrtrliJ^bb. ~«4)liv 
hnritfrr^ fi\ bofaQv of its cbaUc diffa. i'f. 917< 

742. hXv^; u IcminEno- Cj\ ~7 ■ 743, Ijikovfr^An t/,^M. 

743, (rfiG aloi: Ofinftlrur wUh i}yc/wm< TIO- — l|»a t^ Vi «r\. ; nu 


Commentary to the 


f!AiiJimi7t1nn connaAtA T.hiB with of«c ohc, nlr\t\o \l Is In a kind of AppnitUon 
wJllj ii (g lu fi). rxif\v^U\K niortf tiA\y llic ihvw^hi uf tbt? fml wonJt uf 
Uji? rerae (spt^ on aiAoyunrv A S). 

716^ topHlboio: in a UucUtoiy »«nHf- — KuvtlSw ■ </- A 2.fi4. 

7-10-755^ Aeniitni^uinmi Perrkuff'tnii/i. 750. «1k(' ISittp , ttvilr thf^hfimt^ 

751- d|ut( : on fft^ A«7jjt* 'i/t — Tpt<^- ''^^"f /"'^'i'- 

773. dpv^ipoSliqi ; t>ea&utw uf Uiv nbiLv uarfMi ninl i:*dJi«B ol iLc iurblil 
I'ctiCUji. whvrv iUf olrMir TitftroslDQ ctnptj» itii BLr^tm into it. Thu s«ift 
[•urri^nt mnlH« it ^taailtlc to distin^iiiili for a timn Uif wat^n of tbn two 

754. AXXd Ti: f/. A fiS. — fjAr' OLa^ov: thIxw l^» tlio wjtl*f of th« OM 
ti(jYA|[i dovliig above Uiv othu"- 

755. *p»v8t**«*: oiplainrd b^ itaappotitiTc Srvy<^. ^Tti^mtrodooeai 

n mj-thifjil F-.Ephnatk'ii thiii pvtti a miriiculotu yuiilky to iho wntrr — 

(\»rvliiH ftlko WHH BUid tc^ 1"', TFiih iri^Htj^riimic oirini-t'tLiii with th** StyX 
(A stmirrj with a high fnlU iu Arcndui) wu iniutfincd pri^bablj^ Ujchuju of 
lL« viol<'i;t f3urT*rt. • 

756-759 Tfif ^r^li/r,^xvm^. 

756. np4V«ot 0*^ -. iht^ ft^tl i>iuifl ^tpon tlif fiAmt^ f 16 c. 
760-785. '. Vj*(W«/ip'* n/' lAff Co/o/o^tje o/ttt* A fha^an for*«t, 

761. tCit &pa:f/. A ^, - ^' &fin«t: <-/. A«U. — fmn: c/ 4$i. 

762. a-ftrdv JH'X, : ^ 4441. — d|ui Htnra- '/ A ITiA, 

763. K^' >^^<-<^^l am on A 7JS, — ^viyrt^^ftv : A'lin«?tu^ f^^ 713 ff, 
Qr Ihii ria»H- Ttihj V givrn t*> P1u'?'?h' ^rnfi'iion Kutri-Oui ; wc on 031, In 
Ihr- fufirral ^mc-N in Iwnmx cjf rntnxluA* thoc luon-M of Eurm-ltm wouM 
hjivti wmi lht> mon hut tar «ti Atroidunl. — Thli bfait'tncnl jh sii^JncL to 
iHjxIirt'-Jit.iim )m\ow,ii4p*A)(4XeiK ^jJito'TflO, 7fl4-T<l7 ln<inn |i*r*'nthi«litiil- 

704- 'EAh^Koi ; ff, TL4- — iroi&wtitfM^ tUii? iiiid thr? fctllnwinc rpitt«td ftTe 
ntrncT'ii lo itii- {?J3n«tfUctlOfi cf tlir rolutiro cIhum'. ^ ApviBa*^ for tho 
li'ii^ch I'f ihr^ \n*i. f^llnhW* rtna un niKrw oW lUO- 

7G3. 0-T«^^Q JLr«« ; Ait^v /^ fi plur/'t fma, '*Hlrftij{Jtt ah ah mrciw." — ■ 
IvlvArov: ojrr rft* i^irit (r/ ilOH), »,<•- of r.ht Hujiiir hriglit. 

f€6, 1^ HiiiHit] = probably tliv frpoti of l^herfuv ^bu? Afwllu MXTcdi 
Admolui a* ht-rdnain. Angry al lhi> rlonth of .iscl«piiu, Apollo 
kil]i:d tljv CyvUrjr*?* ijf Z«ui Aiid (U o imhiAhiiirrid ¥iiu» xiiit Lu q«Ttu 
11^-trtal. SiM ICiirlpl^A* Atct$tui, viii. Aj^t^llu rotftitivJ hiH inlcrMt 
Ihtrw tnAP^. 



7fi7. 44^ <tA.: Md fiffht vf Artt ftttoiidA tharii. For U« Abktirfel 

76G, fii : Rjulu Ihv tcnlnwl with TmnK per TA3 ; «/- a^« A 237. 

770 Wwoi - UiMiw* *Kr»« iiniiiorljil itiv-ili. ^xr^A hy ZcjiTiyrui aod giwi 
b>' PoBi-'idoa to rebus, ^-^pivrnmw . itrew. the Hoincm herovn ilUl not 
lido Dti JioruibMlc. ThuH trnm often «C»nii4 ior Aoraij and cAonatt. Cy. 

m. tpUv: contrPu*b«d wiUi rmmi 775^ m u abown bj 7fi0 1 — J* 

774- atTar^Qrtir: dftUvc of iiieuii ivith timE> 

775. iraf Apfwnv! t^t. whuro they had boon tUfl wtwn rtlooMd frcm 
the jroki-; In nnilriul mRU v^' ipfuuTK wImj* Uia liorw« nrv vnttfr thr yuW 
boCbr« tin ctmriol. ■— kbvrai : appoAklive* U A 006, 

776- The Houn^ric hn^net lA^Tf f*d on Aiuw (efonr), 0* Aitw 4a k.»nd 
of panltit)* Kwraptiv (ft frAgraiit luoish plant), and oa fcpT Ajuhu^ (_vhiiv 
b«rfipy), m^joc (irAciif ), trnd oAtf^ f>r ^«ku <*»/«■/( }. 

777. ff4 v<inH(fV|Lii>a : ir. amij fruiii lliu iLiHl. — lert™: jttoot/. — 4i^- 
Tw: «)/ 'Af! m^mtrj ('^onntruii wUli J^i^fu), iV. Achijim and hlA lifU- 
tonanu (ji» on tie6). The Auot' did tiol fi^Ut (£^' rrvur. 

7784 ol U- Lt. l]tc Xm and dmnrti. — uMarrm- l/. 703. 

790' tUturc ia thn ti&rr^tivii utiob vo* inlurrnpUd t>y lh« CaUIf^uc 
(4M). Kilt wliiK ol f7C, thx l<iU'I«T« pin? hui^j in n^mi^iu^ tlii-jr troafx. 
tiDFC thcj are tciinc^jtntoid as aLrcAdy movin;^ forward for Ihc htUck. — #4 
II: i>. tlia Aohwan*. — «t il n jttA- : at y' rft* farfi «vt* rf#Prtifyrf (Ht4iN 
•Ujr. paaturrd ojf*) h^r fiit. Tlio optattvo i* m>ed ki pxI'(^« » um'to C4ruvw|i- 
^on of the mmd. Tlw onmpartRon r«Ial«> to tha gJauu of th#i armor and 
«wa|«iii ; t/. 4^15 ff. 

Tfil. "ThccarlhlTenibW Adfrom an «nth<[uake-" — Ail4f: «-. irTtMi- 

TS4 norTc«(4>ndB to IM*, — AiC; fuj ibc kngtb of tbc idtinto, ^, i^Aiv 
701, And Ld 630. 

7&2 ](i«o(iMp: '* |[i blfl nf&tli." All iitflli^ucw of Llw «ibil>f(ivii uf thin 
•Ugcr itiUvWj*, --tn Tt; wilb hypoUiMio&l WibjunMivf- — i^\ 1S4«4>: a 
migkity l^oiiir tynibnl of vokftnic? jKiwt^ Iff opj«it^ ^iin. t^ut un« ov^t- 
ooino by Lho tbuaiierboltt and irv buritd uudt^r a mountain. From tbiit 
bft balcbu forth firo, Whea h* atteinptA to tiie, ha caiuoi tArtlaqnokoa \ 
therj Z*nii (nnltM *ffith hiw ligUUiinjC ibc t»nilli <it<'*ti Tyyhtjru^^ i.f, Uw 
ttvtb whidi covi'r* him. IHndar, in bin first TytJjian oil**, nprMtntu 
the monitor a« Ijing n>id«r Mt- KtJio, and crvtviidlng to Ut. VentTiiu. — 




Cf. * Id ttiiEI At bii^ \ A* whom ifiA f«l>jM nMn* of tnonntmuji anv*, | • « - 
Briar^uB [A lOiJ] or Tyvhon» sfhvm Iho dflu | By JUiciFiit Tunua lielcl' 
MiIloEfc Pur. Lo^t i. lt»'S ff, 

7S3, itv'ApfjMWi fn /Af' /rtn^f *>/ rA^ /InW. In Cnkin. This Monff* to 
till* (v*<TJipJ ■ (uutli'iiulic ln'lt," '■/! iluiaiuquD cubUc | Inariu;* 
lovi^ iiiipurii4 \ nipatt* Ti^pliouo Vorg. Hivn. IK. TJ6 f, 

T84- fy. flcala vvuaut ^ulau<jue fioiJum conl«rri(« i«l]u> 

785. mfitoift: of* //(*? j)M*n ; lo^ji] ((rniUvn; r/. ftill. Only thp U-dhak 
fitrii; ill -QUI lA H{> iJki-J Ml llditirr Th« nccuMlivc in uwfd ^viih iio nuoiiim 
cliiTvrt>iiOA r>f iTiHAfiiiig ; r/1 A 4^3- 

705. vo^mm^ Im iH dcWiWw fi'irm'/.tortd & 100. q: TwinjTioa'i 
' li^Jit-iV.ot Inn.' — Hitfa [wfttu^] : for tli^ lutificliaii) hog |j ^8 b, 

787, irdp ai« cniidTTLii' witli jAl?*- 

709, Ay^t*** ifOpfuo* ■ irfr*- AuWintj a/i tfjarwft/v; </, dvXouh' iro\t>iil£«* 

wWir li^' i»rii'iitLi[ 4:ll's[4.iiil Tjtf king kaI. in jud^ii^ut. Cf. 'Judgoi Vid 
0Hi4-<iirH hhMlt [IkiU »)Lik>^ rlnn iji all \hy i^U<f^' Ihui. zvi. iK. 

709, Wvm - I'.i'. 1^7 lTi4' iii)1i]i>4. 1i i» IJinlti^i! by ihA frlrfturnMnnoM ol^ 
ttiF cQdr. — N'o Bij>?ciAl /JuiAv ('^Z- ^■'^) ^^ ^Il<^ Trojuno U invQtJoticd. 

790^ fl-pov4^ : tr fii'v (ivffrrrig to PHnm). u Ml!. '_/. T05u 

iJi clijfo* cOjjuvuU'jn of thon^fJil witJt ttpctri<fti^ Ktit h«ni, ajt In lltn otTtor 
omtMi u tT&ri»ifi)rm:tlLiiii of Uih nliole ff^rton i'4 to In? nHHtirrii-il ; hpiio« 
^tBKviivfj 705 without the »itditioii o( i^yyv^. The cODtcnta *d thfl 
Bpc^cch, hon'cref. cuuk UfHor to r««»i^iU« the ^oddou (HU7). 

792- iTB&wflafTtn ir^. : «iquIviJiiitl La TOtn Kfnu-Jrviiiiii Trunjt^rjk. Tvt tlw 

793. Tl>t*p* *tA. ftft 'V pn^ *v/" ihr motOid. 

794. t^M*"** "if*fi , eijpsotna* Jum, jj^TinfUly foUuivpil l>j tilt 
Aorift optbtii'^. ^i«*^iv: nhlntiVBl gorikm-<] mt^i A^to/tfirjOtU^v ^'HiUmtti- 
U-iir WA* t" 1"' "'iin'il*-!! lAthri It!, ill*- 1k:uiunJiij£ «f tb** wm. ty. 30- T- 

i^^.^ThlA v>>rw rnjipat* tbti sued cf 790 f, Iwiviuim of liiH tnt«qiruMl 

T96. «l4C rw? </. A 107, JTT, 511,— ^Om: |if4<illcal«. <./. A IQT.— 
bqhTtit; r_f. 21^1, — TrtB Maui-'A 1^]aiii'* uriliiufly U]|f'i»^ir>^ru. 

707. w«X<|LOi U rrA : tViiitTAttt (pArvtjkrlK] ; f 'Jl >/) wiUi hr" tlpjr^ in' 
tint ff/ptticf, ^ dXlovTDi; ^ 420, 



Jt. rfj-M Mil i*Hlwpr«fttlj ftaiK ngAAtuttt, 79^. C/, 150. 

aoo. tMir^vt*: ir. in iniTiili-kr. r/ *fla. — C/. *l will muJtiptf Ih^ 
fKvd ad the sUrv of ihc hcAvcu, and 04 the «nd ^hich li uti^trt lli« m^, 
■hoiv*' G*nei»> xjtii. 17. — JJ: in a poLT^pfl/i*.)!! wlicro thi> |Krtil [o*vrtii iha 
choice <i|>rh» ftOlr iTporl5ffn: iMrinWi*' wilS /pj^wmt. 

9D2, 'Ektv^: Uirt tunii* to nddrnv Hf^otor rvt i>k' on]iinian'li?rin>«|iirf, 
en U'tiuii) ubi>vi.> mU otlu>r« ffqi^'l* Lh? nv«l of tin* ilaU-.^N: tor iha 
onJor «f word*, r/. ASdi. — Wfi: con»triie with ^tftu. Umfvrp tu vh»l 

803. wXAoIittX-: i-xjiUiiftWiry prftjurmtlon for 80S- For the thought* 
<■/ 130 f, 

809' focnv : to tAar: iii\{vw\i^nt ot th« fnltciwinj rvlbtWc No con- 
JUDcblon u luod to oonrivcl tl^ij n'lih wliat hu prriinM, HiiiLfv thU i» in ft 
kind of appoAitlrm vtlh £&< yt p*^ 1^«^ tbo dAtiiL'0, '/ Tp^ttri HlQ. 
KatN U ti) jcJvi' firtli-n Ui hJM «-itiijtU>tiJFn, m ijhiihIh TMa Iit'lirur>'« the 
nopunLion iiito lribf« (A«oinpluJwd in B15) c^iirmfpoiiiibig to Ihftt of the 

806. lAv 6' Itr^^tCfffto: ithi/ /r( Kn ^m/ rAmrjWfA: K* Snaa tJiO ciljr to 

B07. pC t* KfK. ; A^tf ftommn/ /aiVr J ft- rtc'^/^riuf (iJ. he rti-itflHiifit irffttify) 
tht tjuFrA fi/ ttit ^mlfUa ; ho rcpo^iiw^d Iho goddrm !ii>r*nlf, Kor th« 

BOO, hAwi^f*: la fftr-h f^fif trmM, f'f. Xiiio /km nvj^m- 

809- v&rak ir«Xu i r^f r^Ao/r jforr, — i^. tfjt'^aU:' AMHOjnut^wldp, ^Cbt 
ScMMi or Du-diukiau snt«, li^ftdinf; from the dt^r to th« phun. Homer 
d<k*« nnt mpiitlon KTiy »lli<ir gnf^a ci tho city, 

811. im U n< ; > fuvoratc t{-ic bf^niaj: »f ft dcfcrli>tii>ii i ^ urba 
antiquK fuit Vpi^. Jm*!. I^^ — fi43u*i: 4i<fylUbi(^ hy <Hynui«u-' Thft 
uttiirra ii long h^iovt th* ^mirsl pnuM-. 

B19' dirlvnifti : ^id^: te. from Uic friEioi|al rood.'— mpCSpifW*: fJ^ 

BI4. dt^HiTcti ctJL; ff4 Uu.' UniTinVO of Uio eimIa, bm oa A 403. — 
c4|p4; fucli n lomb u thit of 004, — v»X«irwif*|M>*: 9f%le ; ir. iti haX^t. 

IU9 &in|HJ» : i/ N).\ 47:i f. 

01C-^T7. Thr T'vjiin/ ttuii tkeir <i^Kt. The for(?o e|fto*cd U th« 
AcllAom II «om|M>vM) of ^iiTn^n ri>iitirL^[Anti t L fivD oontlDg*DU from 
TVi>JAii pt<<r|}b;* (ei&-939). and U. vIfvuu ovutLufeiiia of allir» (^iinwim, 



HD^-BTT). Of the oHih^ thnt ^iTisinns oomo from Kumfi4\ &ad nti^hl 
frniri A<t\n. I, Trnjiirm fmrii (it) WUtn, (/j) Dtir^a^ib, uii-li-r anniiintKl 
of Acnpft^ (t) Zck'O, utidi?t INmlHru*, ('') Arfmslca, (?> P«rcui^ (ft;, 
II, Ailiofl (from ICtirojioj, {a) ThriioiiLTi-i, nncli-r Khn^iiri^ (/fj Cir-f'^tiian*, 
(r) Tjii^f >nlijiA ; (frcim Aidji), (fj) Pi?]nn^ijiEi\ <&) Pa^iliUg'i'ijmnj, uiider 
P^buiin^Jtihit, (r) H&lfjcoa.liiii*, {ft) AlyvUua* (c) I'liryj^ftiii, (_/") MjmoiiuiUHf 
(j) r^triann. (A) LycirtiiH, uri»Ier SjiriNnIuii miit (ilHiiniH, Sw Oit ft44 (f. 

The CatiJo^:iiL< of the TroJAfia lb far leu i^xncU df^titilrdi aud irrmint^lr 
ricttl tluin thut of Ihi- At^Ujtpnuf: it i^oiiUiiiiii no di^tlmto il«t^m«nu eif 
iiuiiiUtt. Tilt UiU^ nujXLbLT uf Tiijjaci* and nllji^ wa» {rO,lKK)> a<:oo4d!ug 
to AtftJ f > : ■ A UiCiuHtod IhvA ^mhpu kmiihid on tho pUU, uui by oitLih Mt 
fitly ini>n.' Of t1ii<<fH «]i(tut lO.Oiin «ttn* TrtiJHUH, if 123-130 are 1o ba 
intcrrrptcd litcmlly^ 

81S-S39, lift* Tfitjonr. 815. Tpmril Hi tho nirrowttf seme, tho 
iJilmJiiUiul^ ir( thir vlty lAiM^ ^ — |>i^nwi- "f KLAthiti, T\iv Gitrk* vrrrv 
pronu to b1^ELlJvp thist na man oould iKt phyBituUy amftll vrtiilc mcnlflJly 
gi^Jit^ Crl fi.Vl — noputotokot ^ hmart of mjiTtml arvivity; r/ot crUtnm 
ftdYflirftu VII rra (jdifclit aurfl ^'i^lrtiiti^m Vfijt. /Irn, xii, 370. 

817. vXrltf^at vrX. ! i-/^ ^ Uii> 11<»vr('r nf tht? v/h^ili' nrriiy, 

SIA. |a|iUTtt: frmrmj/^nmn/ >vit}L lEie Uizcr^ fH^r fur Uie fray. 

819. AafffiavUw: Iho iintni? is ^rc-Bcrxvd in Iho tnodi^rD* I^iudanC^Uoi,' — 
tJftt: cDrrelftlivi' wtlh /hV SI« : f/. ItK^'Aynir^: \uch\aDM U r^owbara 
ri^fDmd Iti hy Honior n^ Alive aI rJiA liuo of Dliix wnr. 

820^ 'A^Sl-n): for ihv H^art firmt ByllnhlK >v** } r<n ^ a. 

821- h <i^^C0x; i.f, wiit-n Anckmev Imd cLaxx^ uf Uio hv^nl" Euid 
herdfltnenH Jl< wa« one of tli? pAtriarolukl cUAtomn of t!uwi= ticncA thai 
kln^f and klngi' luiiR ti^ndr-d ihelr flnck* on xhf tUtjti>i nf lUr rnountnlna, 
— 0a&9p«Tvf Mj^i ihn ■aiitithi'^iHH' £23. l^t^^. r/ 74C. 

833. |aAxn« iru-«|« trfrtf kimi af Uittiif. — «ii foot or in th« HiKnol, with 
Iailcv ui Bivutil, Fur thv ^nitht, v/. *|8. 

824> S(; for tho ahmt roiroL bcforoloItowiJls{i«/'Bbefofc Sn^utjpwv 
in 'IfiA. — ZAiM*: nn tha itanlSor of MjhIa, — wAa nEaTSv; d.r. tliA 
Doriheni *tv\nr- For the acuEiiatjw^ r/ <hfi)- 

835, ft^Mtol: ir, !<t4rAU4w nt thA tn^llajLI^d f»rm«. ^ trfwi-rv* lerX.i thvt 
KJiyrvtalrju wiifl ufirii Imitainl- f^. fkbuI | out Ar^ifim Parthui 
bibot, aut Gr^rmaniA Tigriin Vorg, £r/, i, 03 f ^ ^a«: Ihii cptthfll 
Ik ainplicd lo ipriugv and river*, an «cll n« to ihi^ Hfii, wh^ii Ih* Hiirfiu* 
u diilnrbod bj bn«M# iu luoh a way a« to ptvvvub a oL«Ar roHMiiuD of ibe 
■QD'a light. 



636. Ti*t; in tlii- ljm*ifct (wuse, — tli* i nimbi tao^a of tho comtiry. 

S27. «aI: ./. A 'JIU. f»£*v mrA-t *>, Apollo gavo him Aill with tl» 
how; rj'. \i%i-in% Apnl lo I augLtrlum cUhniamqun iliibaT, rtiLRrAi^ 
que sitjchlAH VfT/^^Af-ft. Ill, SUA f. Tim xndrjiU Ih^IictciI Ihnt ihe tiovr 
of tkn PtCfill^nt arr)ii>r TTHiht 1>^ Ui<* gift of lliv p^il of t.hh fn^u. 'fhu nink' 
iHg of tin? bow of I**:nJflruB. from the UoruB ut a. wild gtait abijt Lj blnmelf, 
in d(»*cri^M<il irj 4I lOo-ll 1. 

B2&. 'Ahp^fmscvi n^Rifiml 1u ri^mfl frr^m Adnuttm (AilO). I.ikn Uia 
tullf-wift^ (irS'H, lb Iny vii wliAt ^a« MjfQ* in hUrr lifu^v. — Sf||iov: a» 647. 

B39- n»f44H»: rvi^iv-il lU rk«iiw from Uio n^if^lihDHnjf piii" f4>rMta; 
n> tlje iiti^-Lboring t^u^jkniciia wu Ca11«iI niTvaririL — Tiv«tqt, a imjuu* 
IninouB r<s'*'^i ^""^ Cjnieu*, 

B30, XtnAdpi|(. fwrliHjH ik4 All An^lmr. fy. ^m. 

091. ill Si*: ly. A 16. — JUpKiiv^Ufv: lio wmfd* lo have liv«d ConDvrlx 
m iVfipole (83S): nr Ailriwfj** iiijky bjn^ bi*wn ■ poloi^y frmci P^njot^. -^ 
inplvirrvf: c/. A 2A8. 

833, ij&a ifrA' : U<iiii<>r knov* of nc* jiroffvnonftl •ooUu<nyi>rrL ('Alubta 
(A 0C'J» EMhtiu'i (Z l(i), Fjiiioieiuh C^^AJ, M«bin|m<t HstitliitmeK — ill 
ftjc iiklrodacc^ OB War id dtir^rent -way* in war mhI in fWAn;, — «AW : foiT 
tha Un^hpncd tilltm* b^^rorv t\i*^ ]>o**-«ii\i» pronoun^ m« {^ 32 r. 1. — eW 
lanvp; ' n>ii«iAiuw Ui yic^mc' U implied in the IfaperfcfrL lie ti^fiuiE^ 

033. ^turf^v«pa: a itai>i1Ui|; H[iEllmi t>f the bQUK 

B35. tp^i w 582. — II«p«ArTTi-i TcTcoto, Abydtu^ and Arubc mero 
tcu-r^ oti IhD loulfi tid*- cf Cliv* HitUpfpouU 

836. £T}a-nr, uti Uia ThinciAn ChemOTtem^p <tppoiltfi AbjdaH. Here 
Xcni^ bridgi^d lUft H*ilkB|Mml. 

838. 'A<no«: fnr Uu- r>>jH*tJtkjii of Iho tiMUt^iM OD Q71. 

840-877. 77if di/iiVj 0/filf TW/oM, 

840- HtXao-vwt h part vttl'id in GrMiW pnptr, a [wit miut tuvo 
i^']imiEi''Lt III -VsiA Mirii'i. TliPV g«vD to man^ of tbeir U>nnii tliL^ iinMn 
IVLn>fa rir l.ikriKh;i (n>H--f-aiititri ). Uivik UiAa A drrtoQ toWhi ol thin nain« 
ar«* enuraerai-'d, lii"ii<k ch» ii]ijbir>j iif ArKO*. 

844 if. Tbc foUowine cuumrrstion of aUi^* Ilw a rAitiaJ Mrr>:i)^aieQl| 
prtMAtdlftg frctni Trtij n* lh^ n^nU^r Hiicl itUirlio)^ |iuiiit,. Kaeb mdUiB vnAj* 
with 4 njAdflcv (*K>, H'rt. W77j or ryXi fSC:!) for ibc moat duUut fcbt 
tmtJi Troj, L Kiirtij*iiM Imft (S4l-*iVJJ, II. tiorthtrttX o( Troy, on 
ifac Hulbpra ibon- cif Ibi- Kuiinv S^ (851^^7), TIL Souilirjurt uf Tivjr 
(S£>6-d4:»). IT. Soutb of Tkij 




044, BfilfMwt . Karopc^n Thrivcirkn*. dwrrllinji: li^tv^^n 1b<^ Tlfibrtu urd 
T.]i4> HkUlfUixmL — Jj^ : tar Ihd ^tuKut^, i^o nn 312. 

04ft. 'EXX^tf-n-orm : tli^.- Elelli-'fliwiib in lluuier luijluiIeB atau Uu? ui^l^L- 

No currr^nt nf rJir Mfiliu-rmtir'ari (vmifiurM vtth that of tlii> nWUwpqnL 
846, RixApvr : Odvwmn ilr*ln>yt<3 ihcii city, nftuf lortTinj- Ttaj. 

wlii'*!r ijijuiilj-y Xi-riPH ivi*«d. 

850. 'Aft*D: for ttip rcpi'fiticn. t/. 67 L. Thir Alius ii oQif of the ohicf 
Hvpr* oi Mrtrr'itnnlfi, wi'Ht of lb* Sirvmoii. Ilitmrr npptlpii to It Uit' ppl- 
lbnl« ttpupu^^ivt. /Jc^&Vjj^. — h&XXmtt** : i^irdlcuU^ ; *' irhoff vntci La the 
mn«i iHiaui&fuL thAl," #f^. <^ 'J}ti. Tim waur of Uia Ax&ii» U now 

851, Itf^ro tho jxMrt rotumD to Aein, Svq on 841 fl. — nvXb|iivi«« 
jitX, : nqiiivili-nt to »'tlii* *?iBpgj-»hn'nnt<H| rylarmrtnyi." For ihn piri^h- 
rMk r/. nJ4T, V lO:*; k^^ {$ 10 d. — kLr^^tt nV - i^^^ ou A Uf^ Ilcn^ 
Ih" I'pitln't, IN ti-ftrisfi-rfrtl to thfl hi'ftit ilwJf. 

092, i£ "Ettrii': i»m' ^f/" 'Jf<^ mititi v/ thf B*\elia^\». where lie dvivlt. 
E^nivolpQl to ^E^'fTiJutt^ In Ulor tittle* th(uo "Ek™ wi^rc called Vcntti; 
thftv w<*r*» Buiil liri hnvn «iiTid*iivd \n ihft ooMt- of llii' Adrlnllc Sen. — ^W^ 
fi ^ L^ir-. th'i cciEiiiiaT'Mii-^ viivliri^ is nomctimtuf MViX tit Hoinrir with uo 
fhrmji^it of jErvttt^r or Tcm il-'i^r-'^ Imt fcirrjily 'if rniilriut, § 10 f. 

090, ij\ TilT. 099, MvtrAr, aoulh of Uic i^jujioutb. fjuI «1 tin 

At^BoEni*, tjjwjLrdt Bithjuin. 

8S9. o^k: plnwd <>inphntlrAlly bnfonr «iiA>n£lTir, vllh mfir^iKiv tn thA 
proc<viliT)|; tjivtyioi^. C/ crntMeiiiiQB anffun J b^iI miu ftU};iirin 
potuit '1i>i>i>Elrrr- p(}«t#ra Vnrg. ^«As Is. 3ST f. < — •lan>*trw: fry <mw>tu, 
£fi>iu Lh"? (light of hmls, 

060- Wtt x^vE - ^^ with tlio dattTo in frt^qaentty uAud by ilomfir whom 
thi> Alllc ]iu>il trirn with Um jffinlttvft, ^o § Id L — ACoHifiaA: for rJiA tIMi 
of ihr patronyiiiic* <^f. ^*J1. f/. A«ADid»« tvlo iftc«l Hector Vvr^ft 

0#L, Iv froTaii<4 : na &TS. Thn itlory of the gcncml «tnL]^it?r by Aclvillm 
in tho had o4 tho S4?4ni(Lndi>T in told lit ^ IT If., hut EnnomuA U not iiuiuad 
tllflfr- — 5li TTip ; jiuf wkrrt. 

Ofil. ^p^Bi: 4«. ou t^c riv^r SftniraHiii. Thvy were fnKitfd for theJr 
ch^riiitfl xrnl th^iT v-in*'Tnrdii (f ISl (T.) Th»v hitj ofrfimTT'iiil pplalinns 
with thfi TrojujiB. Vergil calls tJie Trojans Phi^gibPA, Hut this b not 
UoiiMn«; </. almft Vdimi Phrygii gouuil SimcontU bd nndbm 



Vtrn.iftrn^ I aiS>^'An^A««: Rom^T kiioirii of no mi of Aodcm. The 

hoj AnABniU" WM inrtfnU'd lHt«>r lU a o«nt]>4t]lou plfi«a to Hcctor'a not) 
AxtyaJiai. — Fcit llu- iiuiiia itv niaj (ufc^imnif /fiJ(lmF= in Git, &, 3 for 
thi* inliahit;^nU cl C«Titr«l Asia Minor. 

863. 'AjTKtylift' Iti Itiihynin. nn c Inlte of thi> ume nurnc na ikhtfh 
Uy nlno thi' IaIi^i NiUiirA. ^' iJ^offav U^ Ijibwa4 of a |«ftifl}ile <rr rclAtlto 

buil Lind wr^iV' fj|uip[vcl wUK dinrloU; thp^ triuW wtiti ttw Trojaiui; 
mill thiir W(>int*fi vn-ni ■killcil in pnrj»l^ tlvvlrig. — i\yriria^r- r/. BSD, 

665. rvyaCi) X^vi| ; i.r tlio Tivmph of Llint lnki> ; ■/ iil^j^^ff v^jcX!.']. 
All uf tljtiK' iijmj'Li bvluii]; lu wt^Lvni As.\a MImrr, uliiuL vrns tliuught 
U> hv their fnvorjto nhade. 

d66. irat; flJt'V niarli the a^^Miu^Eit with ftd4- '^1 74, 

lecL Thv \*or*I ffofffikfHK for no/j-^>rirrt./fTiriy'irr, in riol fiitin<l tit Hom^rp, 
jiijil iw tlie |Krt ha» iio t'lie wtird for 'nil lin*T?e,* — So oui; In noinnr 
haa Qiij dilfieult; in coiivcmn^ vith juLOtlicr &f % dtffi-rciit cmuktrv. 
(iHitikA, TrojAnJv nnd I.Tnlnni nil WAm to t-yea'k rhn tnnic^ lAn^*(Eo. 

060. MiXifTvv; tliiH old CrLrian ctly LecAtiio tli0 Urji^il locinu city vi4 
tbo mollivf of eighty rolouiru, but JuhI tniioli uf ito importance ui 1km 
limurrt'ction [kiiiiiiJAt tlic rrraiaim, m 4<M DX^ 

069' HvicaXf|tr at thofoot*jJ thii mountain tbo PiorriAiiA wqtv dcCei 
In 4Tlt n r. 

070^ &pa : n« us / m^i^ rrffm hivtV lo 397, 

871. Ulm)i ffrX^ : r^pvatod Cn>m lh« proMdnig Tor«i% in ^i» nvefac 
onb-r. 1/ «71, 

872. K*: fufoTA to Ifio |iriiioipai por*^n. NvTT^ (4U7. — «(: mark* lli« 

nifn£i, probikbtT tijr: ^otd h|jif»]s uW iri fiufUrttitf; hjn |i>ti£ li»Jr, ;^nri>^ 
bptv ciihinkt n-fi5r r-* ^-"M annnr Wu'h m Uikt of GUin'im. Xi-flt-^r. i^r 
Ai-liJli'j. itjtcc tli»t vnu nn lionot muj nu rrrproBch' XutcA vmnn tl]« 
Trtijiui Nireiw (ti71 ff.). — vfrri (Goipv}; litt tt tXitf yiH. 

873. w^inoi ./, t"W. 074 - 6flO. 
076- £a«5n|U»r uncoi^d only to Rtctctf; Ui« brirovl Ic4idvr of Uj« 

idltOA. Pfglird*-*! Hy ttw Trnjjiri* aa ^i^ irrtAij*C IT MS /flti/r n/ rA/- rity^ 
n* vu HOT' of Zeud and LaodamiA^ Brlleropfioft's daughter {Z l&H f.)>. 
Ua JkI in tho attack on the AchM-aa oamp (M JOl. :fOU fl.. 3117 ff.}. lU 



wM nLaiD by r^ti-iM^Uiia (1! IHri if.). Al tlwi r/^nniAnd of Z»a«, Apollo 
hfttJiAtl liiit i^ir|ihK «iii>j|it>'i1 It vUli aiTilirfiHi^t, Jinrl ^nv** it tf> the tvia 
brolhiir^t Sltrp atjiJ Ih^rttJi, Ur tx'arty to Ljciii (11 iflrT ff.). — rX*9ii«f; 
GIkii4?]u U'Ut nt hii rn'^v ui K U6 IT, Up wim (ir«l i>o[uia of 8jupadoii tnd 
gmuibmi of Ili^lUr^phuu. iIoccuJikJ fri>ui Sityplioj of Cortdch, Up U 
utucinUid with Snrpuloit hi the lu4ttL(«. Ho liu ft famEiUH n)««iiiig witli 
mntuNiiZ lin 1T.>, HeiVAA ttiHrmltil h> T»-*Jcrr JM nlftT ff.J- Tlw twnon 
n^niwd by tlip twci LyoiAa hvtot's ul Lome «r« mjuiiiprat«<1 IkjSATpcdon at 
M 31V. ^Tht EifLiue *Lyi7U' u git«ii by tba pcfct alio lo tha diiatnct from 
wlili^U PftUilAfUH (@2T) cnmea ; r^ E 1ft.'. Piihru thiwu TnjjJui LjuIailji 

B7T. £d*«av: Mi"nli(prf--il !i|hi> iei E -^Tf", M aifl; Ic \n' flintnij^iJishM 


ntL^naof th** ScwuitI RtMik, a duel la fought brtw«^rn Monnlwn and I'lirin, 
Tblfl dn/i\ It iitu^miisl by ilic oniDbtktaiiU b) piiL nii cn^! t^i llin <^nti^« ^v> 

In tbf TUinl Hunk TJi^> prift givn* Ie> bU bAftf^-n a ^i"tv <iE lb>.> ttalo 
of ftffairff. ill Tmy, lu t,U** prvfirijiiij; Bui.iks bad tAU^bL of Oit n.-l4liu&d 
axdvting bctwtvj] the Adinniiui, both tdduri and mnu, nn>l oW k^tu 
Inlrrtnjitlon with n*gnnl iti PVf.uiA wblHi prrmW t.ho wtlon ff tlw pofin. 

1. Tbii VPmn rnfen* to H tTti^ dl£. — ^hid-rot: i,f:. tlin A»']-Hrntii divi- 
ilontof i?.arh army- rf. B 127. Tha *t«igiiUp woiird \avv t»«Mii ti"«1 of 
loditiduAK Cf. A 006. 

2. TpwiTr U. Ihv Trojans and their aUivflv — Ai^ B >fl'U, not m B 61ti. 
^ — oXafYV **^ ■ "*''* ^amar anii otiterj^ : onr IdfiHt cX7»»'**fd fiir rmphwilB 

fpnifi i%-. ff-^ Till \t\t\ WK 'If] R |Dr>. ThiA r-i»mpiirlh>n ih tiLALl»> Hflfintt^ 
by ft pprcUl illiiBtnttUtii. — TUv Acho^uift bjIceiIi iii ib« cuilk4uliau«9 of 
ihftir pfnvor tfe oontra'to'l with Iho noiny Troj&m, Eljewh«ro ftlio th* 
Tn<j»iJA ani r^prrstriln) (U« uxercUlnj; k«A iu?]f-rriitninU ft4 lui dlnclpUiird 
ibari ibf^ Crvcki. iVbcd tba atHfa ii Tcoowi^d (A 1^0 1!.) Uio Acbmcuift 
mlvTino- in Ki^bniiEi idlfntv, whilr: tho Tm]anii cmnii lo ni<'f»C tht^tn Ttlh tbn 
Uoiaf of a f!ock of ahoep. 



malcM ovpatoBi moro dcAnite. To the obvcrtcr. ilk? tky svoma to l>« Uthind 
tbocTftiiH ia thirir loftv fli^liL ^/, B 4a<(.^ (/ qimlri lub nnbibus 
fttrL* I Slir^monjHr (LajiL iiiieiiu |trui>«. nliiac fti^llicin lrjk»ii]il| 
QutTi «oiiitu, f»^iufttf)u#i noiut olhTnoT" Htroiinilo Vor)fr Am. x, 
2^ fT. : ■ As mii1ittiiif inoui nn tfi(< ixmui lini? ) Am mtift. u]>r>n th^ clniij- 
]«■ Tbnu^kia irind,' Siielley lUHaa : ' Loud vetc tbeir cUnicirini! tobgaos, 
u Trbi^n ] Thff cli^Qfififkg ffilufi>wl IfaT" th<^ fn*,' Scott ^l/n-^K^'j r, 't. 

4. Iinl o{y; lui A ''7. — ]itb|L4va. r/. yipmnx ^ fitivyvnfui yni^^m r^r iv 

nfroiT rDifToti; (^^r. '^f t]ir< Kilf) Hill li. S3, iju&ut uiult&o glumtf* 
rantiir»rca, u\ti iit^ldut anna* [ tnin* poaluun fujcftt. vt tcrria 
tmtnUtit nprSnU Vnr^, Am. vl. Sll f- — ^fryw: (or tho ffiunLlc nnrirt 
ui <:cm]i»ripnn». r/. ](t, 23, 3J], 

5. nXajYj; rotibiiiiA Uii> r«ftl [>omt of Ihr Konijmn-on; 6 I. nn ftdiM 
Himply t4> (^ornpli^tir tht? )iif-tim, ?w ff Ha- — riU ^> rvpvnia the Hulijpt;!^ 
(u rt i. Sm tin A 07. — heX icrk. : lineunl /A* curwrfj*, fti.j t.r, lovard Uic 
anntli, S'>»i rm A 4-*'I, 

6' Avfipd^L: mikdo pnttaiJiciit ill CDJiUnnt vilh l)m cnuira. Jr^p uftf^ 
atandi in attributive coniiccticFn tnth noiiiw. Sm nn 6 474. - llvy^m£mw^ i 

Mi^fliU-rriicKUhn, wnrc Atluukiul yi^arly by t.hii oranvs Mccnling Wi Uia unm- 
moil *f**ry. — Cf. 'iliut aiiiall liifAntry | W»rr*4 on by enriM,' BlILloh /'ar, 

7. T|lptM^ e/ A -107. On the daj Uitr thoif Arrival in tho UniL ^ 
■be4|v: fS^TrurriKf. jkx A ID; le. In thi-i pygmlni- — Ifii&a «tA. ? ojfVr 

^ira- *"/' 0^ yV "^"^T/i "tAM ffiyjj . . . (Lii i^^^xS ■ ' - wpoo^iruy Xfti. /In, 

I, 9, lU — piy^Awmlmvm: cf. B 5:10. ^ t/. 'Thtw tW | Urvkthrug unjii 

foTvp idUi fiiod UitiUgbl I Movrd on In nllrTuM*,' Milt'>tL Mir. tjut 1. .IM 

9- Iv tv|i^- *^ A^Tf, though ih«y <l]d ijut vhoui ; tnii^lmlie. Cj^ 

10. ffr*; gvncv&Lly A brrnpvrHl iijiTtjoli'; 1i«nncom}var?tivA<vtijui](<tiont 
», like ^iS.-'^A* tJi« South win4 vt'iU tli>* riiountMin Piiivwitli vniil." 

11- 00 n 4tXi|v ktA^: 'f> «in« (bo Bhcftliprd uci tlic in'>iintAlni in * 
Ihirk itii^i ciitmirl Cduily wnlcb and |puri his i{ock,^wim% A^bmi jvr- 

IS. li^WT) Iv«t: fnfy §o /\tT tf r iKCtJi^tir^ of nLlf^n^ viUi M^ i^ 
BOJ(S. — fi i4' tbsM niAfk the rorrHitioc of (be cIaium^ t/. A 89, — 



lllftUnou am thUA mojkiurcd in iloroor: vt tho outt of a vfiuAr, or of a 
rliATiiH, nr of a n]ii:\i\if ti\'» r-t%ntk, iir a fviviftljot, ur h furiv-w'H 1mii(tli. or 
iltL* rr&ch of di« ii.iiu'1- './i iS^ /fuiv xvii. II, < And lir va> itithiiraifni 
Irom thecii uliniit h tltin*/* rtwt* 

13, uft apa «t\. : m* D TCil. 14 = 11 Tl^fi. 

IS, A lf>Tmul4 wliidi, in eiovo «onuietion vlUi ^vlmt Iuia ^tniRiiJoJ, 
iiitrodim'H l,|i^ h^m;^I« i:iiiiilrHL uf ThWu vHrrturs, — (rx«&6v ^itilv' rfv<-^ n^nr 
eiv^H oblicr, For thv urc W tl».- iKiv^rb, «c? oii A IU'h — W 4VX^X««\t, 
ouiutrucd wiUi Uyrn. For irt iii ho^lilr f^nw, fj. A 3iS'^. 

bocikUM- of \\\* i^irftoual tt^ftuty. ^1 SU, ili fl., TiTi, til. 

IT ivap6aXif|v: acljnrl.hf hh »*ti}j»liiiilivr, Svv on A M. A» b li^ht* 
(Vrmcd ^ajrior (Lf.i vvi umiuvntly a bowman)) hv iiotv no iLmori ftod tliiu 

thi.1 ri|><i&ri do not boloTij: pro|iurly k> thn Jirclwr'h niiiipinou!, \^]llcl] \\n^ 
Jiiit bi**n rli'flrril'tHl, — lo*p* S^u : fnrSiw villj Mi*- rlii^l, rf. A 1 fl . -^ iMiropvfr' 
^va jcr\,i for the pluiui in (h^^(.'txi<.»t with tic dual, <-/, A 2(^0- — C^ 
bif:LA manu IaCo criipan* hhitHis Urro Vctg. Hm. i. 319, Iftvvft 
duo forlv Kcsrobal | ]-rn(.'rUfL Imi^lilis f«ncj lA, jtii. 4Sd f. 

1^ ff. For thf niiiffl^ i^uinlMt, c/ ■ AikI irii-i^> wi^nl onl a (i|ian|>ion AUt 
nf tbi? cBunji of tbi- Ptii][Htii»«'«> iiHTii<*rl Grjlintb) of (tntli, wluiw lirl^'bl wiui 
nix cubiU *nd a »pAn, And ho hnd &ii bclmti oC bmid upurk bi* h«*d, 
find hfl wit* nrmH with n mnt of tnnil ; txid thf wniglu of ilip CMTut viak 
five ibuumttid filit^Li^U uf Waan Ami ho }iiiJ ifjiMvi.-^ uf brsw ij|Kin hU 
LegBt Aud a ■^Tgr.'t *>l bn4»K iH'titiH'ii Iiih nbdidi^r-na. And tbv tfUff of hi« 
Kpmr wii> likr n wnvtr'it bi-niTi. jiiir) liia 9|K']ir\ lu<ad wr-l^lieil »1i biinrlnHl 
Kbcki^ln of iiti\\\ ftiid Olio brjJLrln^ a iliiclil m-nt Woro liini, Aiid bv 
hlomi »ni] crUi nnlo tU» Atmlr'A nf Ifruil, Aiid «lii(I iirdn Ibpri), ■■ Whynv*^ 
ye uomi? uul Ui wt >iiiJr tinltlt* i[i iirra^V Ant ili.iI [ a riiiliBtinp, niid yv 
porvftuu to SaulY I'btxw yo" a muii for ynii* and Ut tiju «ontc dovrn to 
niiT. If br Im? flblr to fli^JiL whh tnr, and to Itili nii-. tbi'Ii *iU wi» bii JOur 
verTAnfA : but If T prtvAil ncoiiiAt bjtii nf^d kill Ijiiii, rJicn t\icX\ yn bt tiut 
vrviiiU, and urv0 nfl." And tbo l*MlUtLn<T miil, ** T didy lliri anvtlAt «f 
Ismiil this iIbj^ ■ ia^ >ub a imkii, tljnt no cnctj Gjcbt bj^i^Llwrr/^ * J Sam. T^rxL 
f -10 1 cuin trtgi-niini* {^<>. ll-tratW Htid CuriAtn} «giint rogpa. 
Lit pro nun i^uJA^u? patrln diiuii?p?ut ivrxo: Ibt impntiutn foro, 
unde v1«torta fncrit LItv L 21i ' Tbcn anid tbc doufiTity DousIm | 
Unto tliA Lord Fcirc^f | **To kiU «JI tlicnu gullUiu nwD, J A3uf U ^rae* 



gml piUo, I But, ^vny. Ihuu nrl n lord of land. [ T ftin nu rail tralW 
wllkthi my «>uLtT7; [ Let all our incn upon a pftrli aloud, { And do the 
battJii at IhM uid mo,"' Hhtivtj Vhaa*. 

19- ir&XXmr, ti^irtiUi^] will^ i\*itv IT. — vpoRaXtltn: liv Iijh iii^cu rntlitr 

■Inietioil IvTV, biiL thp flidtt' \-rrt) U um?i1 in order (a {^ic tb<* thniiyltl 
mure promiTicni^ ; *■/. J^Mm^ ?^0, Tlmn ^vi' and miAAbr^ H'4:iri lu Iw 
iHil4ti>J U> both UrkfiarfoctA. — irivrv^ tpEimvf j m inarkc^l o<inlri)j<I wilJi 1J10 
j'kliliiii^ uf Vat'm li'-'fujc M<-LJi.-l4Ut. vi<|j>.t W3»i nul ilifiliik^inhhi'il in tJli(t^^ ^ 
Uoto tbc pcriud nlunu to lino III, ^xtco lh» vltbo ciplaiEiB rp^ji^x^*^- -" 
Pftrifl «id Mi^iichim &IV Ititro'tufvd itnt in the ao^DU, »inoe ihc two nn* 
t^iaimc iiAtJKc of till? i«nr- Tlicir feud » pmal« M mil M)iul>Iic. Tlio 
dMvriplloii of thit Iwn ftii'* Lm rnjkdd Hpdclntty dTActir* by tlic ^i^nlnut il 
LliPir c'liHini'Tlerti. 

30, ^rrt^ov: r/ imfi'iy ^ ^7^ i 1^^ O^ o^ * haibl'to-h^nd, muu- 
B^inil'ii^ui^ ruhllU't, 

3^- U; 4:oni:lAlJv4* witlj ^v 10. — A|; for its |>oeitiuii, ff. A 32. 
Af<|f^iXoi: thi« ryttliDt ii guncroUy iij-plicdp oa hcric, lo l1riL«Uuji. Tl 
rjtidmt and lln* imriH' fcriii a roinpiiii-nt Hijjbt 10 ihi- \*-tm-. A'ikhi A 7. 

mhnnfff "f J^^o/jcwiM. It i* Wr# ft *Igri of (^icmj;!*, for Paris wii*iiow>wnrd. 
C/- lonee gradivalpiii Vetg, Jen. x. J3T^, -SaUii witLifAotand haughty 
Mrid^ ndraticcd,' Alilton Par, L&ft vi. lOO. 

23. ^ Tt Xiaiv jcrA' - H i^h'utjuirlMJtL ijuhlcatt of Ihi- uikkIoaU. uliLi-lt (uJlli 

aorivt ix!^'^ f'liitaJiu Th^ ]>riitit r«f iv>rTi|iitrlMi» ; Itut irciwiiu^ aW r^odiva 
ipltwj? Itoiix kia [oedLioii lutd corTcipQnda lo ^TO 7^^ nWv^ 2^, j'-f. 
at ttia pr^muuM ai I infect ioo of n paflBtocat4 duiro. — hrl v^iiart «£^ 
wi : iiA hr htiffjt^tt'ti iijym Ihf rtin-uuM of a bftjut Jliai t-hiiti in tlh' cluii^ 
(<;yi S6), i7W|ui » vwii lit Homor anty nf a ditJvL body ^ «<« $ IT. In 
A 47S Q- !■ anithpr inatancp \n a nxrifiHritnu of a ISon rnmin^ up iind rat- 
ing a iWr tolm^b a bu^lrT had killed- — C/. impaitun atal-ula allA. 
luo c«n ^aepu prrra|;raiL*. [ una dot otLim T«feiiin famti ; »{ iorlm 
fugaaem I couNpt'xU i^ftpi-'-Jim ant »ur|f«uiriu In cLirvnift cvr- 
vQm f g&ud«i V\ir|:, Am. x>T^K fF- TIh* nurul U piioink, tiko cf^rt 
tvlov, wbich irx|i1aiTi4 iriprnv, und ht iu a]ipfiailioD vlth iL 

SS. ^^Xa lamrltti , t'lj/^r!*! <^r^'uurf . — fdfi n itrX ; «Xi>lain4 irtiftucur. -^ 
<1 «sp £v ^ '/. b j\n. — a^T^ : ktintt//l 111 c(>iitmJit Willi tho goal <ir dMr, 

26. «flt« jn-jL : " lioiiiul« ami litt[iti>r>." whf hack btllHiI tk^ twwL 



97. 94«i&fa; ^tlk'wyniuaia'of the Uat tvto YowcLtp w93*p 1£0. £25- 
29. riv%r$v. for Ihp Miriil iaaaitive nftcr a verb of mpyrtltEg, r/t llS, 

29. I'am wAt on foot ; mhi 22, — 1| ^x^**^' «4uiT:AJ»Dt to l£ Ttnt*or ^(15. 

(Z fiSl ff )t 1>iJt KJB ^f^iilty (ti^uaciifiic^' rolibcd bim ot ooiiri:^ at night of 
H*neliinH- ' CunM'iL'nop dotA mnk*> cowiuib cf tii nlL' — ^-np : r/. A 4-1. 

38. in S' Sn; iittroduci^ii a tminpariitan, irith tho ifiioiiiic aotjaI. £«c 
j M (. -Hf tI ^ (u 12- For tbn c ffimAtiiiiig ihort iHitor* ^ i»o § ^9 ^h 
— nXlnproc 4irirTi|: itrjijmd fim-Li o^iin, «% ill Ijfti'i.rr; lu thib lirn llw 
point of til? cfnijxjrifioii. For thr pri^iiiotiLa idjcdirfr lu^ ii« aii adverb, 
r/l ^ifuru ". Avrtoi A 535.-* C/. irii prov i»am anpri* votnli qui jion- 
tiLitm nnguem | prcsBit bumi nitcnn, trcpi dvt^iitc r«2>«Ei|p 
refugit I , .. hnud aocub Androgdun viau tr«nii>tnotii« Hbib^t 
V«r)!i Am. JL. 970 fr., ' Falm ?h^iIua (mh ililJ breuiUk-d, [ A.ihI lurued and 
fled Away i I Afl r.iirnH|flH fljtre tbo woodmuti | In tbi> <.-a[at>Tian brake | When 
thro' the rnfitH glpniiLti tbt* miitid i*}-i? | Ol Uiiit fell tpookbil iiDftkr, j 8o 
taruBd« H> flfd fnl*<T Sv^xtm | And lilil biiri ia Ihv r«ftr,' MftOfeulay Z«riyf, 
Bitd$ nf H«^%liu» XV. 

34' 4«^: ^fnn nrfvrriuit; lo lliv nrviliu<-wi of tiin Xiiwi- CuiUftrue with 

39^ inf«i«^ in njipnoLtinn ^th /uV. JU H -IWrl' with thfl >whoU'; ^. 
\%%. W'X. 

37. 'AX^vftpot: in ni^jiosiLkiii wiih the wibjpjct cf Su, eXiiti^icd lirw 
for tKe Jiokc of tbp CQijtmat with 'Arpnn i»u». 

39, cOsf £fHa-n: a4 TiJ ; in L^rjtriLiI wtth Aivm^ i^ 45, ThliN Ibft 
rifi-Ufinr (1ml ti" yr^nl^'d U ma*lv n fpruach. 

40' aK' H*^41 ffA. r cJi4ivly ruiir^aKitiyL with th? rvproaoLvN of the prvK 
c^MlingivrHF^ — &lovo<.&^rV*oi: uni«777i. iinmorrwrf, — E^HPwh«ra,nhit>,HK:tnr 
090* HtToiijf Un^ini;o to Paris and (kbaiit hira, T/, 1^1, Z Sitl f. 

41 - mI t4 ^ Pt<^M fAf>. r<if4>rriiJjf t/> Cltn pivo<*d1iiK Ti^rur, — n pavXA[fif|V : 
|>ott'[itiA). / n\xtM jirr/eri tf. A It?.'— nv ^v; aa cutitnrv lo IacL m 
I'Tf'iN^nt tttut«. ^««X4t ■■/. A(f], 112- 

42. 4, f<]llo49 tbi? compar&liiv id«k in ^oiiArx^v^^ 'i'* A HT, mi fitp 
n>Av «tA. being i*rvntbclioaL 

♦4. 44vTifi tiTijj>orfi>ri, partielpl-'l ; thfj/ vhn ytttr^rti : of an in*'i>mwL 
rii-w. »j< B <iLT JUjd frr><|Lir<nt^j, — KaAOr; Huliloni ifl an mlj<^ctiv? al the ckkte 
ol oii« nno ia olow ooiiu«ctii>ii vith & iioim si ih« boguiniiig of tho ntzti 



I liy. yi^ij iipp«r«Jit racvt^tii?iifl U> Ibii ruin c«n Iff v-Kplainvd. ■« A Ttj, 
IW. ^»3« Tliti omngfiiiii'iil *)! Wi»r*ii iji»ij havi* U-im vhn^y^n tjoiv in 
order to 0V41 litcrca»Jprojrihif-ui.'eU><Z3D<- FcTlinpit fniAiIi'JiiifUSAvfiitioiJJ 
cJiHiii^ plftcra, ttATinj; bcon tFnii»|K>jipri to nt»\d an ' it|i];vLr'^itl liiuliis.* 

4S. In (fnr ^rurn, nu A J^lTi): rrflfwi* M'^,- AXX' ote ^rX. : Ui4> coii- 

ffcopiilJoTi nf (lj<< truth. Jrntv&tl ot ih'in. H«Ftor «Ut« tJis Snct frcvm liin 
oKii lUmiijxtiTit- -^^pariv: InraU ; r/l A ^4. 

4ft. -' Can KUcK A couArd h«T9 dATvd to tu^«t tlif: ilAfipirB turolrH il> 
l\w n{v -J tWvn >"■ — «L«^ : with ■l-ioiio A, r/, 157. B ISO. 

47. d^LpM ; HiboTdiiiuIr to ^iffiirXti^mv [Allifl ^uAiwrm]. 

H Hi:>, f/. ,1(1 A ."j't, :j;II>. —AHtY^. </<//</ /™-/ (/mmifj Itmf UtTmy. 

49. &iKv|t: ^. A t3TU< — i^t: wfrrnV/AM* of Aj;smi>ai&oii, who I 
impljwl in Thi« mon> gi>Mi>rai1 dvSpuJi' vrX — t^diftfdtrv r r^ A 3&U. Impart, 
taut for Up tJiought here. For lilt I>Ilu»1. r/ l0«, h J.'rt). 

50. <Tf||>A : ^ f bgiif. ThU ftccuwiti7<^ And tho tw^i (iiUriiftirig &K >.i 
a]>E>i.artii:in vtiUi ttjfr wti«1e uf thv (irrcndjii^ siirif«^iiLH^ Tnnrkiiig tlio n*tiijt 
of the action. C/ BlOO; smILQ^S; G.HS, — S^v- ■^'^uif'r* a* BUT. 
— Kor thti (piTobBblj' ht-cidcntal] allTterttioiT of ir» wc j lA <t. 

3L. ftuvpfltfa^v jtrJkr . f(ii Uic -ulitvtk ' MtlvT of vurdk, r/ t03 f, tTO, 
A 4I'I. — ■Gftni^i*]!' : hnmiU'ilion^ thiimt. ^yi A Kuc^surtf f^ . . , yiXvm fur 
tiiiijfipciit. iii<r^o( & Toff aU*iotv rajiijpavtm Dio Cafls. niriU. 2^. 1, 

52, vCk fiv $ii fttX. ; a qiic«tir>Q in ihi: scute of an eavrifotlc but ftortiMliC 
AUhnrUlion. CiytiiiUt Uou fif^ lArrt nfjIdfoAd, ffc^.f litM^lotWl, if^^ TIh« 
wav f<jr Uurt qufMbii >iarf lif^u pnpared b> GO f. ''If Ukju hadsL Uu 
lK>ur]ld^^ t4> brjni; Ut'l<*ii to Trvy, tltw b^iDJ^n^ war upon tbjr nativv kndf 
thori hitVL* tti(? cmin^;!*.'' rf^. 

auily •up[>U«^1; <*/, A tISi, H ^t^.^lx«itt ihoii '« «>, *• i:!3, 

94, >4c 4v TOk XP^tvim ' " »tl^ iL*'* li^lf Uvv (A 2b)." Thb it men) 
dL«liiiit« than lli" optalivt- uith cCis ti> tft expe9t»d aft«t ynWift «(. fi^ 
f |.S A, Snfuyitrfi is alaled k* a men^ mnrvpticin at the min^L -^v(Sapi«-' 
wlttiiMit ihc nrtkJct allhougli tbo othomoun* ticre bar* 11 Adullfi^ alvo, 
had A riUintih (I rsO), liUl bn vtlkgDOl t^nv A^nj^n but ivA«i Jt^pwi fftaricta$ 
ritvrfj o/pjDi. ~t4, 'Afi4-,fA^.- ij^clic* liWc (ho fuLlir^iu^' ( and Ti^. 

51. ![ «■ 4tX' ; umudg tbo gifta of th^ goddcwa oi Jove, Ivo ^re mailo 
prauiLnunl. Oljvrvo ifaa e^ilaitaU»r^ a|i|tiHdtflmi, ^iwyibf* Iv : ^. 209 t 



fm - lhi> t'oiiilltiona] LiJea {[^uglbb rUi) ia Implied *# in Aili. 

57, Xdu-to^ htX. •- jiiti i;rt n jifruiir /hpjjp-. A griTii ujprttwtbn Af jwpiilar 
9[>wi:^i f<'f ili^Aili liji oU^JiJJii:. IIk< cu»lrjLLiar> ujt^Lhud uf i.'A]iEtu] puciiblLiui-ul 
in fif^roic vtmijA (na in llio lu^vii of MiwetJ, A r<;ccDt Aincrkau ntorj bui 
the iteot^iiM, 'ycm wonUI rutum in « woralcn ovrrmaf," j*nd from &ii 
FiijcliA^i nUtn l» t\uulcd 'pub triL Uii; ^tt<!>a nAUu:(inL ' in llii' nr:ii«v of 'li« 
uniW lli^ ^niv{*yurJ vjhI-' fcuKiM^', tlinn, H«Plor r^^IprrHiJ Ut a Mr(<opUa- 
j^iui; but Llif- ITaiiuTK' ht^rum are Luni«I. nut bunni in Htoap ociinud. — 
lo-roj from €¥vuftt (tefrv^u). 

59, "Ecrttii: raimtnn- with C-X, whom tho prindpul tlinughl b«|flTui 

imt; folluwit tlie Tixaiivn, a* A 'lo^, Tliin ^-Uiiw JtMito cnmuiAlinl cvu- 
oJuflii^Ti. Thi^ virliiHl o<iii<<]ufair>r] i)» GT f. 

60^ m\ti rvL : llLia Uiuu)-lLt iH nsurtii-d in 63 nitfi an aa^uied imC 
bpflauao of the cotilfnt, — 4tiip^ : prcdioatc at Kfn&tTt- 

<1, Unv- ffOf*, i.t. in driven. Tt In «Iwkjv iiu*d JU pn-wiit In Ilrimf»p{c 
CO(ii]mnphifii ; i^- B ST^— Gi4 EovpJi: i)iuiui;h ihf trunk uj ft Fm.' — W 

^ T< ictA.: b>ii(.lhc'Liiial. -ifvlirri li^s \u-v,f mil" of thiT fdlcd Ifi*, fte. — 
Wxvg: tfitk ^tttt. For tlio dalivv. r/ iiAayy^ -, trtyj S. 

62. o^DJlh ittX.: Tha >t« hj Il« Wfti^ht »Wrva»'x Jj^ ybiv </ th« man*M 
iiioii>. d^iAAu liiM thv HUie Bulvjvvt as cCvtVi whicli siibHt tim Jntcrruiuns 
Hbuw Eo bv pnivTitJK'triojil. 

€9- itip0v|TOt: JitLritiutiv^' A<!jn?ll\4' whli tvuc. 

VtfK^. Jfi. Z']6. Siiiiiliirlr, Am u ;f;«A«<iN. ii-cause q£ Mb bronst nmor. 
— •■ J ufknoiwti^dgi! my i^k of ihino unyidding courngvibut da not caotia 
Jiiy ii'otU lb<: ifinji i>f jl|»liniditi:," 

65, - (J^LUUh] fujudcU-it/ I.!*, ff a, pnrtictt] vifro i^inrd linn', it would be 

(tfrro/Hfr) £}<«■) auAuV. ioil vi<^r dntf/3Agrvr i Tiin. ir. d. 

€€. W«-« . , , t>viv: foi llm ccndBtidii^l rvtatire KCtcoeOp r/. A fi54. 
KipliktiJiUir^ ijf 5jiipd, Aildlitg ihr L'jAciiiUl njark uf Ibr j^%>iW ^\ttK iV< 
thai Uhij ftru of f«i) chuJw^ — ft*T»I: i.r, vilbuut ivt ixnil UiUM villwut 
TviiiijTJNitiility of Ili«> nvpiti^r. — inAv Ow-r*; IhU f<trm« nn tTidr^-mdent 
cofiLta'->t to t|i« preceding iriMiw.' claiiAc- 

67. nv 9.^ • iniDAitioii from thv pucixUng gfliiQtiil CjjniidoTAtioui to 
Urn work bi^furo iheiu. 



60- ttXvai : 'Atr rrfAi*rt, — nAlim : ti J to til Jmrm, 

20(1, t iL til r ill ujii inivt iluas nut en |>ioceduiit Liry i. 25. 1. ^ytifit td 
ir-ni^tii fo ^l«ro^'-S"^ /-wl^ vi. 3. For ihr nculor bdjvftivQ v n lubttentiTo 
(lutl ivrv trr-'iiii'iTt tti lliffiirr}. r/. A Al^ -VH). 

TO- ffV|ipdX*n, t/. ^r Wryin A f4- Tlio f^liir^ ifl iiird, »jiio« Uie coiiwat 

i.f. lliuBv wliicli Pitria cairiod awnj itilli Hflli'n troiu llie Iioumi cJ Ali-ni^ 
bus; p/". 2@3. ' llelcQ »rul Imt iMtnrQ* ' uv oftoQ nuibbl In tfavught. — 
|i4xw8(u ' at A H. 

71, i^tf|VDf thtilt pTii'ji !fif ricibiy; M fulurr |vif?roU »^o^ ht rltlvrioua. 

92. H: HYni« Ik M|r»'iL^()i<-ii rdyta. — A^fclin tniiliik. raJv 4J Att wn. 

73, ol t' AXXm; tml j/oti. the rttl. Klwwlienf, when al iHf hH^Jniiing 
<ft the Vciw, fruf they, the fttArt*; 4« IM, 2A4, ot S' oAAw tiidu'I'V both 
Trojiut* Mill Arliftkdtut, xnti x rlMjitnii Into li fth, tH jc in^^Tit lii> r>Kfv«t«d; 
but itinknd iif Uiin, liH' a>T'>riil |«.*rHuii (KUcurc) npi>carB iii t^ur iLnt Jiitm- 
bcr, Anil rot Zk r^vvfiW in lb- cpisond- C/l^otf If. — fJk^nrA: 'fr*ii^nat!iv 
■Jlj ' 1'/ A r>iM, $ IM r) cnnin'clKl with ra/Awm, wLioli U i"in<rut4 
Hrktijiiuly wiUi t^VJiu. — n^yrt%; wi' ^Q B 134. 

imp^mtiicd. Thi* id a meir iJictdcnl ut the pra|hjiiliuu, — Ip^^baa: 
«fith4t of J'hcUift, A lAA, ftoa of LulM, B Ml.^nl V: tvf lAoiv, Um 

7$. 'A^v^ 'Ax****: Inf. PrloixjTincPUfi (u A 3ft) ttfitl NQribem Grecofv 
i^. hTI |l4lEA>i. Shi* on B .'>ail. 

76, 6iatOniti ^tm Uw cnik*? of ^^ijp^ 

7B. |ilmv t4vp6« (partiUTi? gcnitiTv) - i.^. holdlni; t^'' i|H>iir bamon- 
ial]> wii.N IkiiIi liniiils r/tJ«ilhi^ tUi- Trnjiini htLck nmX ?ilii.iwing tliai be 
did not inland to figlLt- — [£f£i4i|#«p: nYTf ^vj^f fv d Aa/l< Thin |fivr# 

79< fmrofdlamr . fjvfv frinj'ii^, impcrfrtft of attAmpIn! Aclivn. 

9Q. Ip&U^*^ tr;tni<itiH>Ti 1n>m tb# paftli^iplal lo llio Anil* cwMtniotioii, 
in ord^r tioT l*.> hi]Ihiti1I»4T4> IIiih irle* 10 fwcrnfafom^ although tha rk . . . 
tJ womM niblt ffoXXorrtt utanl here* Sm JJ 11 ^, 91 J&. 

82. Irx«ff4t. ri,i| p&Uufti: note 1b(i -iw^-ndKon,' «li«tvib« MODTid lfrip«ni- 
tiTv friij^Fiiii? l^>- firAl; mid IIjf JoulJe fiiddrt'm, Apy^nt, issk/m 'Ajpuiur^ 

S2. nWM-, ^/. d tjiiT. — tn<: fi^r tbf loii[f uUitnii, 4h> if TiV y. 

M. |Mxn«; f'l' tUa j^riitim r/ 11,', Jit^ B &7.— ftn^ ti ctA,: tf, 
B S2S. &< in order (o hF«r Uqut^KB «pc«cli, 



iS^ irr ^ tnir iuad» omphftUd by itn pofdlJon. — |h« A|i4«T^p*vw: 

Oe. B^vn iva: Arar /vow* tw. Thtt gonitivt U abUiimL 

89. jc^\ tor Ujo iLcccnt of ihc ullirnji (hjAa ) thru\vn IhuIc upon tb* 
praot^dii]^ hjlliilili-, '/ 11':^, A liVi. $ ^M '^^ — 4To6far<u: tV. ttivy iv#r«< lo 
bo nuy^ ajK'<itiil'>r<. M -x^t^i: for ihr rlotivn i?i ri-^t, f/ A 4>P^, 

90-94 :^ 6]^'-73. ULtli nvri'nBrjr c^hun;;^. — ft^t^v: SiiT4^iiKiv», Aimteff. 
K^To^ 0ovXtnu MOulJ be Dbtural tiert, l>uL. tl^o ju^ciutAlJvo k uicd, cofTcUtlvu 
mill oAAovt fUy, abova. 

95. 4i[^v; tquivftJ<!i:it lo (IkW A 34. Ori^uulEj' u vogumU' EKnzuntivc 
with cywiTOL r/ f 3H A. — ^^9^: dfltivc of mniinrT* nquh-ftl'^Ht to tfutf- 

j«n, si, im 

90. tifkiSv: ac'LiiinAlhe of ^liiiLiL uf uiutiuTi,' — J|idv: fUAik- r<mjtLatk^ by 
Ita poailioa bt-fgrv thu ontvtiral patisp. — fp«v^* ktA. '- My mind ui that 
w* now (^Sif) ikrw to mrpriraln in ptiRfr." ^poriw It Qcuirly cvjiilvnUiiit tft 

99' *Ap^L*vt Hal Tfd*f ; hft« mor^ f^Jiup than lyuf jbi ^/mi. Soa on 
A 2([l, — w*TOiT<i' thr? fH[ii-»ki^r njLiirhs to Uie aJilresA br^fut ttitUjr^iTV- 

lOOh i^tjn tpi6o$: if*^ ttri/t with rurJa. — &px^: ihc ^cffinnirtff; ^. hit 
B 977 f. A mtTd ncpn^Mlon far tht» gnllt of tho Ant hmch of xUf p««fl«, 

lOd* AnoT^pv tlir iiiil4^i?4k'^Jt is Lbr^ nu]>j«;C cif rt/SvoLtj. — tdvorai Mtl 

102. Ti#K*iii f'f him lir ttuid. — fitupLb^in : r^Jjeata KntfHvfiijfUiiu- 

103. «1nn : AcrtM liiLj-umtivr, n.i i^{<re lOf>, opim IJi^O ^ Imi oTtrc^tq 1^1 

itfulur*. Sim fl 4a t £fw: r/: i^iMX 117 Lnvdv, iillttuvav : t\\& whfl^ 

niEil» Umb wnd Uj tv aicriiiiicil to tbc (ElF&njiiiu JlrlicB, whit" ihe dork twe 
Jonb WM for Tim ^'Auh (B 6911). llie hx of tho viotrm uu gcnarvJly 
diAt of thn divinity; Ihiis n cnw l* wwrlArcit in Athi'lifi, but ji b[ill to 
PoMitloQ. — Tiw order of wcrnl* i« 'chiMtb' wiili lU fcitWUi^ v*r». — 
For the HivintliM to whom thut MrHfioe iv lo hu i)(fi?rtfd, ira on 970. 

lOS, n^d(Mto ^i|T : for Ihu pcriphmsis. *c« | 10 ^. - — tpitk^ ^^^^ '■ <'> 
miy ciifu-linle the ifxtittf, an 73. t>|. J'lip vtE^Fiia* ^h d«;ii by Aj;aiiienmoi], 
»iit, fiv T'Hxrii. 

100. ftW^t; in pri'ton ; Ihv itld Kinff Winfi contnuitnl with hu •&&v, 
Tfcfi [Hvl fof^U ^hr [HTLphrEiHiii Hud prowi^ils u if ti' hoA Mid Upuj^idy. 
— 'Amrii till* inUtiiluiri4 ibr^ frit i««jtcpli : th« nc^ixiiid folEnwi wUh ruii hi 



107- |i^ nc irfX.'. iM no ant, tic. Kxyn'mryty nf »nii«ly oonti««(«d 
JL»](it<iJJatr!l> ^ith bis opiiii»n uf iLr bol;^ of rrUiii.— AiAt SpKia , %tut 
wur.ohcB ovor ei.>li>mii ii>.>aLi«i uad piiiiJ«hH «lM>cVi?r brc«kd tlu-'ui i i/. 2dU, 
^ leo, Ifiri, nf f^v ApHOt Xt'iu An, il, :i. T. 

10& TJvprtovTb . «i/c fi^y^Js^ utJtfoii/ri unfrualmrfAj. Foe tin litpnal nm 
of tliU v»Fb. 44MJ R 44S. 

109' otii; ncntflf ; c/, A TO, U Jiu [19 comtpoijilinf rott in thenpoili 

— A yip^0¥: fht uM mkin (generic article), m <:Di:jtnut with owAor few y I08i^ 

— pr^n^i . ffir the HiiliJimrtiT*, r/. A i-'ii, — irpAffw irrA- ' '/ A -1*3. 
ItO. Svi>«: loin. iiiJLn^ct t|t]r«Ui>n- — €jC Apt«^«: ^ A 40. — puff' 

d ) i^»*<"pa*gi : "for holli »d<l'M," 

IIL 'AxoiaI htK. I ill HfrpciEiitiou mt3x «1, 

U2^ vawoirVvA : tv /re* IherfttMi'vi Jrcnt, ii> h^ fntd fivm. irWi&MftlirftI 

U3. -ai ^. and *». — *rt tf^ix**' </ B ttJ*7.— Alt' 9>r [^JVH ' 

*?- ln>m ih'ir war olioHciU. * 

114. MaWltvTo:^^. 'A;^uL(K'TiTfiv^n, T/T flvod^ti^ HL 

115. «Xi)vW alX^jXtiv: r-'^'r* Iv ra >icr. TliiN iLoLight in fti*t4-d in 
ilifTirrvTit inrtn by th«* mt <»f Uw V"f** : MlJ> yrvnul taat rwml abfMil «Ach 
(Hiit of kinuoi. 

116- &■: thU nniDcTRl u cotivtmcfi vitb tho plurnl uhfim Uj« tvo 
lifTiuifiJi cirr tibl nvcvttwrUy Viil c:tui»t)y ciiiiihwUhL — iff|piicat : tlv lir'nlih 
vofii iLu (Uily utfinlal moluWrB of Hio ^t^^'* Iii>Uif/lioM i 4/. A -V^D R^ 
B UA f. ThuA (he la^nit^ of t1i« ItpnldH si 2(18 IT. Iv Iwcbuk tt( Uidr 
rtlftliorirt to tin? kins'* p*r>**i>» 

^jrriiuJHKiiiii, — oha A wOnx: Hit^ a iliitivit of llut |hiii*iii- 

121-144- TXf litw Jrom tk^ vyiIU, TIiU ffv-ht* Iiml l>««ii rritiola^ m 
inbrmiptlnf^ the [vngrMi of th<i Miidd. I'lil il ha« tivn mtLrh admirvii 
»}tty 4'/^ \\ut ncnne In Scvtt's /mnAoc vUm B^Wvca duvrilriv Uic ki4iJcn 
of thn HAdmllLnK p«rtj. — - Th* Achaean Bnuy wezu lo hon Ciomo ncanr 
tbi.- L-Uy itall Umn we alwulil rxfvct frvni lh4 um of liU dioriul b> PrUm 
bt 2Sf> n. 

121, Irit, rliiMirhi*rfi ttw RK*<M»ii^r of Ihv ^^Irt, lii-n" of Iht own uvsord 
briiiyo IdIo tilt Mtiun Jlelrrn, the cMwc of tbo war and Uic priu of tlt& 
■xjifcUv] ftlnKlft coiitbttt- Tha fa!lowm(^ ■nrttc (Ta;^eiri«nMd), Vbieh ocei^ 
pitu thi^ li[ii« iHwmafj for tli? t)rn*K'nttoii» U'r llm priiii:t|iul a'^iioti (we 
on A S14)i iniro4a(*fft tlir Lvarur t« Uio Troja^i* Ami Uwf wUtioiu to 



132. yM<n /iiobafuf, nsftr. C/. ^^ Mi*\ Uvpi }VJ, il^^r^f Z Z7B. 
124 Aa*Hin|T : kttiioted to th» onaa o| Ijia mliitiw nji-. i/. B ilH, — 
ttSvi d|»itfTii¥ , Llf^iiillv. iiiiftrji^lii-iit ill iif'jviimncr. wosl &r'i»rt/W. €/. 3fi. 

&btp rmt»1<»vritrrkt of Ffoiiivrio hurikcn: tt oin^upitil qrir^'nn anil Lfiii h ^ll«M. 
H» lli-clcjf* OIL porliim fi'oin AndtctiriQiJv-H n^y* : 1\A* f^^ vf^vt Itttun r^ g-' 

126. AhrXava : fi'tJiiniiii- udji-H^tWi- t^ Buli4lJkiiUvf> : n>^c uii A fii, ^r. 
X^'var (y". jjXurmr ^htAyk). tt 4ot^fle cloaif f<yl ' 4l<rublct ' J, ao lurgo tlmt il 
pcHild ViP thrown t»io* (i-»r ilniiMo) a^iit tht- hody. — irflp^upH]!* ; </ ^.iirji//, 
nhiW tW iiitf'rvroivfi jcoiim wrr ff huu^c Litli'']' c«>lEir, TLi* hj'I iimv linvt- 
l'i-'i-)L ill |irirt rffi-jH-iirl^'itl on ririt'niail pntt»>rriii, ]>iit ^i iili'iilU' hail lilVMi^vid to 
ihf n-pn^BFi]1utiutt of p('tBuiis< — iifMivi; l^- fniiHtt. fought du iJlu |>]am cif 
Tn^, iTufcTiJ iJic flctioD of the JHuif^ Othor altiiiiond to thow^ couflipt* ora 
fnnnil ; ^ 152 1, A *'WCi f., B :iit t. Rut nio»t of tiin i>Arli©r lighting iJ^iiinfl 
W hate lieiTM vloiK* jif n di*tiiiicT. 

123. Htvx nrjt *'ndirk', mmv iL iw rvfli*xivr, r^ir<-rring l<» lUtt STibji^r't of 
tin- iiriiiL'ii»ftl *"i*irfti'i", — W 'Api|Ot *rrA,, hif /fir ^«ijf/j (//'.Ircj, ^. fli. 

J30. &(V 'B^' ^/- fffUT"' t^ ^^- — AfmXa lpY>: lut rndfJiniK mprc^ 
sirm, ^ii'itfn^^ Hflitii'*! fiirlcisltj, 131 = i'lj. 

133> dI vpftf' u'Arf hf/orr. i.f. tmtil non. TUi.^ Antpo^drnt cf llif^ reZ^ 
timi folbwt. lA ^ t-iv y'-^\. Iirt jctA. i r/ 16. — tnX«t«wpwy', t.e. «uiT«iiig 

IM. For Ib^ rLiyrna butwwrn lb* tvH hnlTo* of llio varfs ^^ B 484. 

134, ^ vCif: itlTvniij/ fimr -^-faTik nvjj: kirii Uim mllHti>ra1 iinttrot of 
infttU'ilv. C/'. B 25^. — TiAttrti *tA. : t<-irenllielii-iil ; f/, 1) 333. 

135, **Trlri ctXV^' *^* Ji'^flity Btoodi ^, 2Sl, 3:^ti. — «pi t idvPih, 
^j thr'ir titir. ^-rtrrpfw '- i^r. rtilli Ow {tavpaiTtfp (iif^iiiu fHiirii iif i/ik b'tfl'} 
Hxv^A in tli« irrciiiDd, ty, dnHiftJiit Ulliiri liH«t*a ^t souln rooti- 
nuiit Vprjf, Am. vVt. UO. ftt»nf, l*rrA di**St*t* JisilJ^i* »A, ri. 053. 

136, T^ n yiM^nm- AiVj h'J^u yiuVn fAf rjiti»ff!. — m(. fonntnio nitlt 

139^ itftotou: n>iiii'ii]KH Ui limn wUli i^ifiaXi. — ^ucW t|iip««: <;/! 440. 

140. ir^*Wp«b«: Helen ^%t no k-nj^r wifv of M'.<fi<^Utu; to elio mj* 
of AtpLmi^liirinn : ^jp[Anifitimr4 ^/^jrhfr^atv' ijJn Iom tHil. — &9-n«f : tUkivl 
(»f Lbrt '"i/ar r*'jv. M irciAi^ ''"- — Twid|iB»'- Ti'hiiiiir-Q* aihL l-i-dii ^^cm 
ihv^^li^r of Jifi :klivi>, TyiiJan'Qfl i-t <-*Mtd ll^^Uri^ faTli-ir^ juvt -.i% llurai'Lc^ 
JB -^iilW inn iif Amj'hitrj-n, TU\t U mti i(iiiii>MihUrjt witli IflSJ, H IK. 

141. A^Tivr^ «fX 1 tf, 410. Iil Mi^ordanou witli drieuial ciibU>id, 



woiiu^a ftnd mniipivi «^rc xtiM when ihtj vent on thd •trorU or wme 
Into Lho |in«u<'ff of rafti uvto hchi eicjI liEkm^diflln r^lAtlonA. 

142- ABAl|boui: tli>: H[riirlm>*iLU of till; wuiiii'ij tn Lh>* n'dr jfarl uf llw 
}ii>ii*^. 'I'liHiv Hi'l«u ^iu ii\}tl ttpiiLA v'i(h h(-r ni.-iirit ht Z ^:2] II. 

143- ItkATJ Y* "-^ ' *'^ *iV|M>idUcfli with oiw oT^, c/. B S^i. — Priiiwly 
]fulii» iu ni>m«r arc ^Ti^mlly uttcudp*) hy iwi> a^nicU. 

144. At^n : KLlhkr^iiH. klri(f (if Trrtr^fvn, vwt fmii ftf Polnpft Til* 
iIudkIiI'''^ Ai.-llim I11.111- Tljv«rruB lo Ai^|;i*uii, Winfi uf Alhron. Shr, living 
in Athr^hB. ha^ under lirr oaro lli^k*D, whom Thoak^iis iioJ <!arHeil off frMD 
SpjirfA, until CAKtor nitd PolyilpiiceK fiwd tlH>ir tdtfr If^lpn unrJ ra|rtiirBdj 
A^lhm. Sci Avthni wab nuulc Hrlon'* «Larr, fin»t la ^t-artn ain) afu-i 
in f]ifi«, tiitt 1^14 Ai^iriH Ut ht* a jkrwT'llrtmr'r'k Hltf-ry, — KJLt|iiwn: 111 
A »]nii:« brouxlit wilb IIl^Ifu from H|<arl<i ; </. 3BQ FT. 

146, ol &' Afi^l «tA.: inn ou l-tc, U -ii:^- — Ou^lnp'; ualj^ Itcru tt) 
lEoiiiri-, Wi'k^it litKi Uju n^nur : prEma«qu(T ThjluoutcH | duel (>r, 
wotHk'Ti hom*) iiLlra murov lK>Tt»irir Am. W, 32 f. 

147 ^ Y 238. •nh^'Tv il b fciid tI)*L tbcw Ihrw litrom "err )iiiiL» tif 
I.fl<jmc?i{o»« mid (>r<>l]icmif Prikm. — Ct«v'Api|9T: <r/t B &10. 

14S OtenUyw- trrA, : ihfiw twck n-i^ttv^ [in^mlni-nri* fmiii Ibfl uw (if 
the ooniirialnfH Thp chiintr^ from Ihe cTinntrucliun lA 1 (ft f. !■ not JmUl, 

^ tli^rpjii (qrtA dArywv) U iML-niimicU onlj lifir iu ItoitLirr. f/. inni 
pr<>xtrauK (vr. It? Dit!pbiolfiui) ftrdnl ) Uca)«goD Vcq^. A*n. H. Sll t. 
— 'Avfiji¥mp- hp i« i>tjH^flAlty yirimdnpttt tn lU" fnlLovlnK arnntf. SnH- 
221. 2G-2. 

149. &ii|ft«Y^p«vtit 111 k\p|>u»ilii>n; tittf i^r th<? riob|p« »» IrAil'i^ mid 
rnuiixi-Ic^f*. S*'*' <Ti B il, Tiii* eplthel U in>f"lk-'d alw to Hu-v *in ^t 
D»rdaiiu-4 — titi ZKbfjn nX^|nv : i^. nn Uw Utmr vXtor* Ihu Scai^h (iKte, 
from whir>i i\>r TniJuiL id-imi iuit\ wi^riiMi wafa vnni in WFkli^h ilii^ lialtiM 
on the pIaid , e/. L^tt>^54tflppctiiTerAiil f nhii ** moi^nibu^ feriEAmi 
tion viri nii>do HtJ forniniip eli im Li*j mvii. $0. 

the |>erf««t indieiitua ihc vnrilinuane« of ilia vUtc brought ^bout by Ibo 
RCtlon of the t^rS. ^ A^pfp*! : r-/ A 316, 

151^ nrrl^tmnr ; cir\jjtir. Tlie iiuLlm Bit ou «vDnj biuhvA Mid flurl 
Ui» lnniCi»*l dftvi makft, by rutihiitg their wirp^ a HfHr frbirfung nolM 
whirli Ihi' ItrvFikfi iff bU tijiii^a n^lniiml j[ir^Uy- They are not mefltdonod 
elKwIn-rc iftJI^^^^^Ch!! «om|Mri«i>Q rvfon aoly to Uie tone cf voieo. 



132. U^hvlf. s. >tmr,W.' For tli(?<«:TiLlAr>!s.*i^ Al. 15, B S51 ; aeo 
^ 25. — XihptAarru': '.^r Utid^r hiM ilfU^nUs l*k<.' tho (Kilor o£ tLo lily. 

193. n£ai ii^rA; prtiliirHla wilh fyrro. "Suth wr?rv ihi^y* whn vV' ''i^' 
Sec oil A 3flG. — tfA : n>oiipituIiilc4i Uje compQrWfni ^. Ifll, 

155, jjica Jnr tJii^ short ull^nin, not lirngtlioDul Imfurfl w^^ m« t| 59 ^ u. 

130. 0* vtjum^KtK'' "^^^ rAiiniFt, liUuif,^' rA?. — "Hh? Ufftutj' of lldtii 
could rmt tm i)rM"L'4 ni"r^ i^nlni^itiOy r^r <'fi<»ctix^Iy Ujuti by thin oicrljunn- 
tluu ihhT ab(^ dn^w fnun thu Bf^i?iJ ('oiiiiiwlorn (i( Tniy. ^ non pulAnt 
IilJ&jCb^i'^i TroiaEki prliicip^jv GrnI<>B Trulanoitquo proptttr 
HvlvnAi* »pnirlnin tot mnU tflnto lamporU «p»lii> ta«tin«ra : 
qui»c7iiain igitiur HIa fur:iift Grriji<ii<l» aiitV uou ppim hoc 
dieLl I'arin, qui rnpuit, non ali<tiiii iuvcnii »ut utiui d viil|*fj, 
Hfil BAnrK I'll prtL<liMtti5hhrx[ «l PrirLim:! htNLlonli-ri Quln^lliuii 
nUL 4. 31, ■ H<ini><r him»olf vrho to {KrmNtantly rcfraiiut frgrn oU doaorifK 
timu of j^h^'ph'A] liMAtity t.lun in> liArfly tpnm frmii a pftvinjj! Tn«nfi'iii that 
Ild«tl hul vfMl# oriiifl aaO Ixmuliftil [iAir,4iivii 1li- Jiiaria^i iitTtriU-tt:« to 
givo on on ii« of iicr K-auty wiiirh fjir wiirpiimcv nnyltiing llmt Art isnnid 
ctu, Becftll Uie piwjifji- nhrn- IlrUn miUrH rlii^ H«*«'inh|r of iht- Trojnii 
eUen. T1i9 rcinCTrftlflfi mim v^r kmr o^mliijC^ »tid out] ia>Mi to tlie otbcm: 
flfi v^Mtftt iftA. WIiAt i':iri ^v** h imifM v'rviil ]i\fn of hor hpftutii' tbUM thM 
eolJ-lrlooded Age nhr'uld dHm It ir«Il vx^ft^ UiR hai wimh lijul ciiat. hi 
murli hliioj ;ind (c many toaniV" Leuin^ Limc^tfin xx\. 

157. ^mtb ; mrh a one fW Ihiit, «# nli»t ^tmul Wforw iKfir #y?v«; wrih 
i]cil^tia ^ cf^ Ift. Tltis it CJiftlsi&fd hy t}ia foUontTii: vum, — 4^1 : /W 
rA^ nblf !>/. 114 70. Dl. 

139- TliiA b b gr^acrjil rcmnrk, atid Aaauroc* no knuwlnlgv of th« 
prnptifiiijiH] ^if I^nns. 

160. «%ka : 4/ ffO. — iCuwro : M I^Mnith ; DW } AO rf. 

161- fa«XWw«: (Mf^'f £9 A4ni.^4*v{i is ueM*d muoh Hko ^qiK^v^ 
It in onnirattud with ^hu 1^. — Tli« llinv* fcllotving i^«««hp4 nro of nmA 
wrwii ""iwji, r/I Ihi? lymnietry m the pntyeif £•** ^^ *M)1 ), 

162, t<Op« ^ '/- ]'M). — Iplo : coiiAtma with Ttapcidt^ cf. A Sflf). 

ap|4iioted Add Oftiuod bj thi» gtxLt. Mf i4iMiiji>d to r^moire tii« ftfrlinj; of 
drttvt irith whif^h |T«1t?n, riiiLiHr>tH oif ^\i\\t. Apprr4c>i<*i1 littc- Shv Appv^ 
ciaitd tiE* kiiLdueu, wTing thftl Pnain ^va.i aIwa)! kind m a ffttbv' 
^770). — pA(: i*% my ftfiK. Thu in ffipTvuuid 111 iHiUiclfttua*, alrtq : </. 
A 15B. — fcolrfiiim: f"r Ili<- >u<yiid"txmt' «/ A 107, — »ft; T ;AMa. — (/. 
thcirordADf Vouoiii non libi Tyndftridii faoit>« tiivi>n Lckcnouao | 

TnraD BOOK or tub iliad 


onlpAtDtTP Patm; ilivum hirlom^Tilhi, dlTUniH { hk* nvtrblt 
OptTCh ntQ^IlH(|Ul^ & cutmiiLf^ Truism V«r|;. A«n, ii. 1I1}L ft, 

166- BVirrA^: n inrcmd AniU i!bUA:< di^viidiiig on ti^S. — Hd 
U< tlii^ wIl'iIn irhbuw^ jtiiU liiilimli?* (hut aciothrr An^l Hcnlonoc prta>d» J . 

prQUuuiift ^ oud c^iTW iij c|imLioii &iid JbbBvrpr, Iftv aj\i1 )7^ iCKf fuid 200, 
tf^Q >Jkd U2& L Ixtth protiouua nro dvUtia. b»t 5S« bdioutM sataplj trliat ia 
li«fofie ihe eycHi ifIiUa mrttK hlt» rcforvlicr tn thn tjuiatjon. — qti n t tfi 

160. j^ ««t ^» ' ir it triif ifi'ifid^ ooTTvUtiv* with H |(1Q Ht^aXfl : in 

169- lEffv v46aX^irir ; r/ Luiinoolot'* * riuinuiff With thy WvU,' 8hak' 
iil-*flrv M^rf-ktini t\/ I'tmrt: II. 2. lO. f'/. ;|0I^ A .'^7, 

170. fvfnp^r; r/, ^^11. 8r>rB4Ta. — .?»avMpI: c/ 47-1. 

173. Yiii44ir«v ^ lhi< |;i<nilivi« iv prlriivi- willi l)itf hiLpHrlntiiv idu in Abl 

172-176. Itt|>Ijt to ]li'2-10a, ^«ttoU«Ttftiiv4iTi; rtufn^ autS ttrvPitU. 
^4^^ JcvpJ: far Uii> Cwi> li«liJflhT1i«d ultliiiCkMr ih«ii }J >It^ r, ijH h, 

173. 4t^ intrfkbir^x A mckIu 'T: lU^ ^if^Arft ittA, A lU._44A«vt 
wee all Ad53, — «bji^: tfic atAndin£ vpitht.-t ot dr.^alh> It is (ontiBrttoil 
with d&ui', >■ Would tbAt 1 had c?hnvit dcbth rvtli^r." lUlan tnMy 
nt\imK All ui^jtiiult; bf PipriMH (•i^nllf^nt cnuMsiniiftLirJti «f t^r ^illt ; e/^ 
i04, im. Uvrr iX!iiit«acif ftlvhAjH vrirm indoJ^nicw ttiid Kyroi>alh;r- 

174. Idla|uiir : m^trrinqr rhtimbrt; h^nn- ri<i ti|H^^ial inPiiHoti of lur bvi^ 
b*ii>j i» ucwiej. — T**"^ ' ftr<rfAff*> Sec 23fl ff. 

175. iratS*: tt. iluimioni-. whr» »fliTWard nuuTliiii XAnpLnlvniiiK, «on 
of AdiilW*. — A|&T]XMtCi|f ; aIwIeavI i-iiirn-MiLiti fur fi^ijAiHU- rvjN/nnitfiu. 

176* t4i i&fr</hn!r ; nfLvflrbUducciiMnViT^ KiLh rrn)«t- — col: u/jd, mark* 
icAiu'rhhTri rin^ f nf^fi ^r'niy in ffrm) a« lh>> vxjif^Plfd L^lTivt. 

177h ittlpwi; followti) bj- two Ktiuafttivu; </ A WO. 

178, vvTV«; » h«> of vhcim jromuk/' ty. oSi IK7.-*A«pi(Sf|a: </ Af. 

17d. TIh' fkvurtle vvrav of AlfXiuidvr bhr GrvtfkL occiinliiig lu Plutarrli,' 
4< Jbriwti Alts. 33t o. — ITor Iho thnnjrill, »m A S5JS nod no(«.— 4»44- 
tip*tt hifth; vrilh ^le tvo jiart* ftili3i-it tc appoattion. ^OtwrrD tht 

160. ai&n : on fA' oM^r Aamf. — int^«\Sov! ef. A 139. Thn ^i^illrv^ 

^: / A«r Atf IMA, *<fcf it ivM nol ^ ft dnnm/' IIp^ii ifM>Ak« with 
monrrfu) rnvdlMtJcm a4 tliA luppler pul. 



182. ^Atnp: hltutfi. — yi9^y«vhi f'At^J of foHunt^ htstt t,if Mix^fa "i 

hu fi'iih Tlitr r4i|)(i9lLriT In fuLmil ]n A 4ltt.-»T]ir AiicU'Jibi cn-lM Uit» a 
■rboi-iulk' Yi^nut — omIl votd Wnjc lunjci>r by «n« vyibtilo tLiui the 

133- J\ ^ vd fcf^: m frufA fj^t^ff iiferr tvhjfcl tQ thee* Tha t«iLM ha« 
r^'ft^nsiuii tn thii j»Mi7iiJUM popccption of the uumerou* througt 
1S4, aai^ fi/jr<j, ;,r. >U* whU mh lo lilJiftf coiiLlK««. Cf. 305- 
1&^ av4a; Mf riT. — tp^TOi ^*Jpoa; dMHlj- cOiUi<H;i«d ; c^ ^Sun^t Ji^ 
I7fi- \Vlii?iLi«vpr akSpcq ii Hriiit^Hl t<i Ml vtlmic n^ma, tVif worda an n^i 
n^lNirnli-iL Fui tilt' ■ diaerenU ' after the third foot. Bee { 'i^ l. — nlaK^ 
fTvXovq; tiuih rii'ijt uttfdli. ( '/- irviat oSokrK ttrrros I" I'H- 

storj, OtnMis wu l>rot1ii>r *tf llt^culta. Apliroditv in TiHiting A&obi#r« 

intfodiicefi herv-tf oif th<! (Ih^i^IiUt <>f OtrouA. My^don wui rKthsr «i 
Cufvi'l'Lo (CrtjwAiiJf^i'fl bi'iikgroom)> ftccnriiiij to Xti^. Atn. i\- IHI S. 

189. 'A|iati^v«: tlKV* ykvf thULi^hL Iji IItii uu Ui*^ i*A4t nf PliryglX' 
Tliev earned on * wor f^r booty agftitLKt lh« HuTstjinv, to Tihoac 
aiioe Priam vent- <"/. B SH, - AvndvKfsit f/. btllatrix MadpCi^lJ^' 

190. *JkX' *4S' ol: ^f*' '^f^f ''■'F'l ''*r/f - i:-*. Uhi l'l»rvj,Hui>* of 185. 

191. AiWr^av: nriitfT a<:(Ttif(itr.W'' at lulrvrb uilli ipaiM€^ tf. 235, 
19a. idr*: for cin. «vith thi^ iioccnt throvro bock after cliiioni c/. 

^- tbA ' *ftflcipftr*»fl fn:nii lhi» polfttlve pLaiibo , utp on B l(*0- 

193. >hC«* |i1t ktA, : riiun.' <?x^'lly iJ>.'«*:'JbJii{j 3&. — n^aXfi: s> 1C6. 

194, <K^ff4ab; tftitekuptm, 

196, vTOkM 6t: r/ B 180, Tbr> iiylliilil^ prc^crdirif^ vc in Hot Iflngbl 
«ta*i^, M U u»ua1. 5«u on Q lUf>, — tmrvXttru ffr^Bi; c^mvrft up fo 
rniqihtr in <>ri1i>r 1o i^view th^ln. Aocardlng to Atiolltfr (liftir^, A|fbm»ini 

197. A^vfiYATA. a i1i:<tAilivl '<xpUiiiLti(iti vf irT^Aoi vf 
199- JicYfvaula: for ^vycyoirSi, 8nc mi f^Duj A '1ft>y 
200, 0&T41 E' at . coj]1rcuit4Ht with otrot -^ 17^; c/"- "'' 

201 b* b^i^: f/ B M7, — -p*!**!!: </: ("Iflk-ij) »PK<*^ AU' l-p^ 
MMipOT/KJ^iK {nwrfr o/' qjtn) t 27. dcuputos Itbacav. La^rtia l«gna 
Vvri;, ,4fr<H iii. ^3, 1tb>«itTn itlmo in avpoTrimiJi ffnxQLis t*ii- 
quam niilTiluin nnitini Ck. (/' Ornj. 1. 44. — Wp: m A A52- 

204h ^ »i^>A : ^^ m U^iK. 

205. vat: aa IM, — Stipe mr fpLiA ' tr, Utora tlio bo^uiiiiig of 



Sm I 5 a, Odyitfcuji, lu tbv moct rraily )n v]tt!«vh and Aoiia**!, viut avnt 
willt MfHrtlMi*, wlw3 liiwi tb't gruu^'Hl inl^rrst iti l||i? Jeclwim. 

tnUrtiiw^'L In ihin b(ii lwt<ii ftiund Uif U>^tiiLint{ »f a lav ul naiiunt hj 
wbifh embwaiM enjoy tbc rijihla of i^i^iula. 

aoe. 4vV: (^•^ A n6. (/. ^lU L — p^^k*: r/. :^13fl. 

wborj Ihr* Troihim «lim-ijAh>d Ui" 'Ifrii'-inil niAil^ liv ni*> tATiihAMy. Thit 
porrl iloo not i%\»Kt the qiuoUoii wh; Fruia did upI tlitn make ^bc 

210. (TTttvYwv; XT. f^i Jkililrvrd llm iwupUi; rf. A RBf iiS, rtt\ TIip K^hI- 
t]T4 id |.iartilitv» of MrJirlnue nnd <My»H(tuH^ Inil 1> iii>t uiillkv a £fliiitiv« 

^. Ifift. C/ ucafrrla cilftiitcm Yvtg. A^n. ri. 006. — C|un*: acodiw- 

311. &|t^ S' Jto^wr rV. db t[>tU<ii«n. ' Xomfnmtirv of the vrbol^/^ 
fthlKjftt A iioLuiiintWc 4l>rK>]iitf, nirjOi? onljr one of tbu two penom cmn' 
frU^d u nicunom'ii in wliat iollow*. The letifcnce begin* M li 'Ufivirirot 
/in, Mi»iAtu;t 84 vtviv to foll*'^^ — TCp iw AftpP i - r/ 170> MflDdmiA bjt<] 
A pJinrt Lninh \j\i\ long Ju|C«, ft'i4 a|Jf<i:»n*ii MliurUr uiily wWu tb«y werv 

313- iTWiT C^okrtv: ii^Hi- fue iilt, rrt fn-ih hrfiirt alt, 

213- tmrpox'^*' iT^'onUmt viTli the ffLUUnufi, «,lo^ ti^^uutng of 

214. iNbD^iiAr; «orte1«tii« tritl) <n4' j^ayaa^inKvijf- JAAl /uLU Afyiwt 
i« nhnwn to W ihtri>nthrliirjil 1iy ^vrtl oi' wdAi/ii'AjCh vrhtrh rvpUin* mi^pn, 
"Few word* tul tn lli*^ pojnl/' "Sayinif lUilc innjr^'j (iililiouj^Ji ivry 
Alaar, B tNa)» Icr ii» niu not ■ niAn of uluti; wordn; t>ut HUj'iug notlung 
wliicl) CiiW (o hit Ui« uiNtk." A t^imrtn'i ktii|; ou^lit lo btf lAoonicl^ 
C/. «t II om oruB Vn^vt^m qiiidoin ouirj h)cundilAl« ti propriftm 
(Id rnim r%x, non dc'>rrnT<i vt*rbtft) »t rar^ut^m luprrvflf^ali 
«Lai»«(itiAm M«iiL>1ikn dcdil^ <|qao tiinl vtrbiit«« ir«ii«rlt iMitts 
pHmt, et ox ora N««t«rlii d^iU dulclor^ni Tni>IT4 profluvre 
»rtnoD»iii [A S4S], *\Mm a«rtv dHl«cl«liune iiiUil fingj main* 
pot««ti Btrd flummam exprosMurLia in lltix« facubdUra, oL 
magnUadtiiRtn lUi taoU vi rim nratSonU oSvlbni htttrnU 
coplft Tcrboruin At^ne Impetii pArem tr^bulL ctiiD hoc i|^itttT 



buutbr Qdutiliftn xU. 10. tli f. 

3I9h tt inJi €ven if, ^ihott^k lie wott j:aiin£cr tbftii Odyvoiu, 

216. dittl(tHv- for thi^ oputlvo exprriHlikg i»drl)ivku» frnqupticy of pAJ<l 
Aotioii. '1/: 'J'-iA. ^o 11. fJit n ; a, 11:31. 

217. ioml t&onci : A^ ftfu\iyi hokttt datni ; vrltli lEif^ nior^ definite ataltV* 
meui wril x^^ ''T^- — ^ ^^li^" *^^ Euitdiuiioii. C/. tion ptolJnu* est 
erumpondum, »gd d»ndb brcvi* oogttfttUni tnorai mifQ e&im 
ftiidltiirain dlcturi cam deUi^itii ci ludev k^ Ipia cnrnpirnlt. 
Hno prnocipit llotnoru* UUxiii vitriniplo, ^lU'-m KL.>^tt»4n ovuli* 

qu^^nlia^ pi^jcvllam vf f iitidervt, dialt Quiiitiliui iL 3. l&T L 
31B. v-ffii-rpov^ »^ on A ^:i4. 

219^ dffTajA^'i : rf. B ;V|^ , — Orljcmnifi mndu HA (fMtllTV. 
220- ^v m: |i.ittfiiLioI rtf iJw prwt, cr<vUrt"», ft« 'i'J3; Altic J^/^ i*-, 

32X- H| lira: Ihn bUtiu U umri-l^ ni^j^Amnt 

222- Si**H l^iiiiEliliM-ii ijrii^rjiiil nn '^14.^ — fava; fnr iTit^ Umj^th of th» 
sltima* fu^' $ £0 A. — vh^dfwiTvv atA- : in conlrAat vrtth 214^ 

223- «&f t»KrA-: " no other niortnl coiiM hhT^ vied." — hnw* ■ lrt«r«Ily> 
t^tr ihiis^ — *OtH-f|i : fur tho tu^ of tW iLAinn LrMtoAil iif n |iroiii>ian, 
^ A !flO, OWrvM Urn rc|xjUUi>ri (if ttio tiaiTio In Ibv ««nii^ puftitioQ in 
th* followlni; v^-rne; r/". 43n» 4S3, 4;lk 

834. Ttfni Kfors to ^c 231. mudv iiior« dcfinii^ V*^ '^''^*^«< — ^ = 

jf> fl*u-'4 ai ln?foro. Tf»i*y wt-tf *o Tnov<*d hy hii ^liwjuoiicfl Uuit thtj- forgot 
Li» n(ii^«Li;il iiinmjut. — 'OBuHbof . iMiiidrue with tFSm- 

22fi. T^tr &pa: on A»i. BTUL, 227. l^txPt: rj. HiWh 

239. o4nt: vn) rm |il7- — IpKcq 'Ax<Lidv: 8iw uli A I'M. Cy. olfwv 
S^fUMiv & ^^1 oi Xt>itar; ^jui tt^jAi;!^ II 619 yHv/^ 4^ Mr n'fy, of Snrpv^ciii, 
(|4llu- of rtat*/ Mll»ijn /*af Lail li. 31^. 

230' 'IBdhk^- liuiimK-UM U itami^d ty ITf^U nlthmtt niiy iiupaCWu of 
Pribuiii Atidj^t <ri hitu f\ii* caaucit viippN*^ chn mijiiiiur? of a bajkjiy jtul^ 
ijid hf-niTif lT>i' lim^in^ fur hrr Irrt^lht^rN. A mnrv miH'1iHiiii*Hl T^win far 
the cluj)^ itJ the form of <|Ut«lion And £.aBWcr, U thul llx rt^pixitbfk of 
rriCLDiH iTjqiUry would LtK^omo monotonooi.-^iiAi A%: oqulralAat to 

331. jry«pf4«v*«k L 4/. B 301. Tho priwriit mtvoh to punt & potwo. 
232 ir4X>af[h: ^iWTJtlljr iii Hoiritr wjthoub }hft fliib) «, pee { SO L 

TMiRn HOOK OF TiiK irun 


333. h*tT*; tct th« ofitutir*, r/. S16, wbfite tbo itoratirc aonA ttriat 
in iht pririrripot claiiso oorTrnpoiidi H^ Ihs ttorlBl with sroAAam Ki ^!llf. 

333, my yititTp': iiiilriitlwl vijIatiTi*. .^c- Sf J^ou ■IiomIU ^lbIl Hit. - W : 
rtvf/, rl^arijf. — vol n: ^ A fiSl. — «Ovo|ta ^ ■*■. iUv ^nitiiv of lh*s pronouu 
frmii oTt. 

33Q. aArdKOffiY^Tv : c/. & TOO. — t4 iftnn-X.: doveIik|i« itic tKoutchtof 
thw Urttl Vfitrtl of lh.> v*t**; r/ A 'i, — fwC- "iiatlpa nf t^tcpdnu' «llh fu'gu, 
*- thv Hiuii? i#1io Liirr- iiio." ^ ^yfTftp : I'.c- Lvila^ AciJvniiiiK U? ttn? I&lrr 
Dtory^. dytAumncstm aloo was Ltda'i d&ughi.-r, 5oc «ii A 113. 

a39. lirWrfiiv: I-/ A ITi^ B 5l'|- 

aiL aSiT . ctrrr(^LntIvc vixh pJv. ^^ OD B TOK 9*1/ 

341. <iC4^ia: i'lru/n. — £«i&iimi - u*- tlitit llir-y nmil War lWn3. — 
^Ata . vrp'-'H^rhif. For tliv u&l; of tno tinrlj Byuujjjmuun nun^ </. S- — 
A ^*( Imv t v4iVA orv n^mc, htoped ufntn mc, 

243^ nbix'v: r/. li iii^H. A 4-upbitmlBm for doatfi. ■■ Thi>; watp drad 
and liLiUd,** — ^wr4»»^ Hft-ijitwj. T1j« eplUiQl wrma <mt «f |i(»r* |-M-nj, 
but It uwA only in (ht^ (Xiiiuvclton, - Accrording to iIiin itury, both Mvm' 
curl (A(u« kv^jxk) wttt? don^l Tbe Inter JiJrm of the uli^ry nioiln CMkLor 
mortal, but Pulydou^CJ immortal ; but tSiar the cloath of C'M<tor, Z«ua 
IfTftTiUii th« prftv*r fif rrtKrfpiirM thnt linth hmthftm nhmiTil h* t'^tE^ihflr 
alivrrifitrly ic iK^uven ftiid in llbdvA. In p4>tft-Honirric limes, tJicr bwAme 
tha patron Bainu uf Milorv. 

SM. Aaw6a(|fcOA: f^r Uii? Mlcnvli^if liUtfu. f^rw ff ^T a, 3rj a, — atti: 
h«ra follows the word thftt eVplalDJi iL — Thtf /t«to of tiii> H&om^iiH ^%t, 
Altflwn nt Thnnipnii.'*, ptat ^jiurta — Iv anrpltt: 4kliiir>nv Llm n^p^filinn i>f 
llw prvpintiticm in ibin apix^sitivH eUuw. Cf^ B "--> 

1*5 313. HiU *'(nilmtHW tW KtJ'rr inl*'rruptod nt Vi\. 

>V. thoo anmbl hi 103 f. — ^p«v- <*^' luonb-'irto Uik« Uinm l^t liiv pUin, — 
BptfLmna-ri [rf. JflU, B 1?4J : /»ifft/«'. rrwUn,rthif jiT>-iIif^t iifthf wtk. 

2%C. h^r% atA' ^ in npiitrtitmii niUi ^iitta, — vltor iirX : r/. *wiue that 
tn4k>.<tii giful lfi<- h««r(of mitn,' Patiim t\\\. 15. — vofwAv Apa«pi)i : alMwtum 
Piity (if ^r4Jii. 

347. ^an^terXr. tlio uitioI moaai of tfftrTrlnj; wt&o on JounM^a. Wko 
nt h'tiTtiH VI AN il^iml Sii KTi^C Jan- 

349> Y^ptvTa; >'.«. Friajn^ whom Ihe; w«t« avnt to aummoD. notrtf^r^ 
f0¥t%: jp. ftit*T [Unfading th<* lj»ui-rhy t>if 8r:if<Kn G»r«' 0*^') 

250. fpnv, cli*crTc the ftjUoving 'oajadetoli/ — biwm: ^< priwr^ 



251, rdtbi|Tf: ti*. Lhou ftiid itiv Achanan prints;*. ^ iS^itt nii 10;^. 

353 35S = Klfi-l^lH, iimtiitiii iiiutkuiUfl, 

354 jiajt^^*"*** ■ w»7/ /jA' TiiM ninrkn Kiniply Ott* ininn fjiot, 
255- lirvtrv, ihc iiupprntivtr U iifiixl i'l Oil- CL^rrei^iioi^iliii^ pAnMigCfl^ 7^. 

356-256 ^Tfl-rr*, wiDi uliicht dmiii^i-a, 

35T, v^oiT** : tntuivi if. l^T. Tli« future i» bcUor M^itcit thftQ the 
iinfienli^--' 'n iln* lifig rif Ihf lii^raM. 

259- ^f-ri"^' '-'- TrUin fcafcd for hU nciif* life . r/ 30ti 11. — hvCpw*: 
kir fiiUndin!', I'hv L'LTi|i waci nawm uDKttandKl. 

260. frttavTo : t.^. tttvy ImHt^iiM Iti iW jiaIhijh, h»Krhtviw*J tlw lioraMi. 
ftnd brcui;)it lli^iii to the gate, Priam d-.-iivTidv4 from tlit ti>wcr to 
mount tito otiariot, ^V« tr\%% \ivrv tltfi iiMml q'ir« fulliirs* of dclatl- 

261, h.* [ JriT] < conMruc y>\\h t^ij, — wrrd j«tX. . «ui tUl. Tliv rvlnn 
«tfrv lit^il 1o Uie front liin of the chanot- The kin^ iiov anl^d th«Ri 
&(irl ilrnw tliptn lintik Uiwa^l iMmivir 

268, it^ S' aL; litcrDll;r. a^ Aia 4«'/r for htm {wa^ htlw^ EiJv^b). f-«. ao 
u tfl sUiml tt*nle hivt- — tl^pw: aeciiiiativfl o| ' limit o( inntioii ' ; rf. 4<I7, 
A 254. 

263. ZiiBkAv; oDly ti^ro M <ub<l«iit]vit| wittiest frC^At, 5vo on A S4. 
—hfiv. iiftd. suidrd^ 264, itird: r/ A2S3. 

265- HlwiTBi': i>./;»rf(i lAf-V iAfff#r*r; i-quivnUiit to <f u^Viifr £1). 

266 li lUffiro*^ 1*>P oil nil- — la-n)(«vt>T« : ttttit, %a B H"J. 

369> Si* [d*Ti] : rf. fcipkuro. — irilpviw: bt. of IwUi ormie*: fy'. 2T't. 
270. frirYov- nol Hkc Kc^oturrd. l>ut minglf<i tb« vine uf Loth ]tartiM 

liTNCFi owiH^ Jutpffrw B ^41. — paoiXtWiir; ftrr tkt frini^e of Torjiu^B md 
AoliAi.'a»^, Otirt«rv« ilidV, Tir> j>ric>KU nrv jiL^ntiom^ in thiv ooTHWction. 
KiHgDiLTkd nlrtoacln] Aspriwt fur hitt icec — 4«\x>(^- ^ A 440. 
271- x*'p*"% : yapi \t(ju1<I b^ mope c^aut. 

272. ««f HOuKiav! iifAh^ ^y thr ihmth. — all*: ttA coniiriniiciiT ftuil high 
prlrai of tbe aimy, AuajJipmnoii viifJ thia knifi* ^IXnu At tuLiriAovf^ ^ 

273. 4pv^: u %hp priiurL|Hl tiJok iliitplnoed befojv nAiX/iuv, vrhlfib 
ItlimUi- fie* IfWI f, 

274. Mt^v - tf, ^f'jpf- Tlify dUtriliuT'i^if Ihi^ Kool i*Ut from th« 
ritfUinA' bvailii at m ajtubul Ib^t ftU tk« cbtrfa |jrr»(?i)l tuuk [url in th« 



tresTy, Sttf^Brin^bytltt* Hctlmi. Ht* wbo hHd n liwk of nool \\rl\tal]y Ih'uI 
bia bftiid on thi^ vjetim's htmd. Thu Mcril^cc ivu without Arr, ha vkiut 
mo*t froqupiit in ttie (^iu« of tHfttiu ftnd rflcant^^lutiaiui, 

3?6^ Ajc»jii(-iunon iuvokea thtf diviniticfl of tli<^ bFoti'Pi«t ttui en'th, *iid 
thff rv^ioutt bfrnealh th<> vnrth. f?^ eMo liuno fiol t««ti% el liaco 
inihi T^rfA prccftiitf, ( . . .«l pttttr i>iiihipi>lonrk et tu S«turnift 
oonlut, . - . tuquA inolalu M^vntA, | ^ ^ - lontoiqii* Huvioirjuv, 

Hum ] no yoTito VVrji. Am. Jiil. \'*} tT. ISi^v: Zl'UH bail a eaurrtiil ietovw 
}iiid AH Filtbr oti Ml. trtii. And rulwl thtriiM* an gixl of Llii* country. The 
pEoni Hul oouf^ht And found the diiiniiy utv at Jumd, <«pcffi&U/ OH 

277, V^i«i iiouji«tiLL*<f ifc* vix'tilivr. TLih rotifctructk*!! i» nuv.— 
wivr' J^»p4* "tX: HvlioB. at^romplbliiiig dfttljr ^la oourav in ih* h^nvirni, 
\a RltmJ Id bvi A witiivH lo iH>1otiin roDipAcU. 

179. Bvri^E: the Tr<*]an rlyrr irodji (ScaniAnd^r and Simoltj, u uMr '" 
At hAttd, «n inv<>k->il HM utlriMiitL>»H. A |iHMt {Apitjr^p) of ltl« S«»BiAtidi^ 
u iii^iiLU'iiisl iJi E 77 f. — ira\ i>1 ; coiieitjut* Willi riwnrAv. Tha du&l u uwi) 
with TvUrttacv to Uwli^ uiiJ I'trBcphooc, 

179^ B Tu: obHitvn Ihi' dtfitribiitlvr ilngulnr, Afur ttw pliimL — 
i^fcirxn; for i\w *i>nftt nubjiiiiclivv, ^ A 5M. 

280, (iAf>fvp«: h« A ;t;iH, B »i):f. 

Its. a^ih ixi'TH : ivt kiirt Ktry. — ■»%**« ; cf. 70, 

il$$. vi^^Ia ; thti iiubjuni!livc exproMfA tbc vpoakor'l rMohi:, not 
aa)ik« thf! nrdlnnT^ -ImrtAtArj' nihjtiiiellvo- 

SM. t>i4#i; fn>jn t\w fiilor of hU Iiaif. './, A lOT. 

385- Tpvc4 ktA, : rfi't *h/jtl Ih* TVtyniw rftinrt. */f. UfrvtoCvib >• pAr\ 

awa tfl ;;^o*, r/ B in, 

aS6, **n^ i r/. A 1 ^1>. — V «m i j<", irrvfittftf f, 

397. ■«£: (t^; eoTmiru* wklh ^trcrn/EtVrvnt, — irAvr>«A: lAo/f hit. Thtft 
lA Btrictly A final elAUAc-^^Tbia fA<ifD}iUn (H-rmiU v»* u> torvc m A procc- 
dmC in IaCat lin»>« Aiid wnni Tn«n Ai^AiiiAt ronumlltn]; »iflh dtiMlH. 

3Sa n^UiM)! jtrX. : Q« A 25n. 

2d9. vCii JIAv^» : tha negative And TY>rH form bat onn idi!^ tfv yvtoV/- 
fnj^ rfjlH, I?/. «£ Xpaiftfijj A 2H. -^ 'AX4£vftpfti« t pmlinldy jrnnlUra Abiid* 
likk. Altficiii^b It mulil )te coAAtrnn] witU fi^ifr. ^W f ID « jS- 

290, a^M^: on f^ wW ftinrf; iiTtPodiiPr*« t-hi* ii^HXlrmit; ff. A iSft, 
Ai luA T« Bubil ~'^4 L'Ji^f Jit. at tti mcA Bcquvre LItj L 4L 



292' J|: f.ri OH A Sill' — «*r«|iAx«it; ob]4^ <>[ dr^ ni^.— x«^V' 

294- 0u|Mf4 , ^r/^i bfl A 5R8. — SrwjUfOvi: gives the reuon for dvTtufvjt*- 
mv. - |J»^ - /■'(■« ; '•/. futfta S, 

295- ^vffd-a^iAciL ifm't-mt} (ilipplhif) ftT lli^mwUw. Thw *ci cf flil>- 
1Mii(t jkU'I pniiriti^ ^iHitjimc^J until i'(u-h hid poured hi* Ubation. Ebi> 
whtfn ilTiiwiTig yi-ixf: VEi^ jiorl oi thi* li<>rAliJ'k oIDttl* ^lhj u& A 17 L 

296. Ikx>«' - "^^ <^t uf their cupc^ upon Uic ground. 

297' <:a HL'TL 

299- fFpMtpai.: niim]uLnir,ivH> fttiicw Only two t^rtEM ftte in i^ucation; 
(j/! 1151, — tirqi Sp4ia; *'contfnry t» Ihc ci>Tn(*iiiTtBH'' Cf. A 47.936. 97l.<— 
«i|^^v»Av ^ iLktnin^ilit^o. *- Cojuiiiit An Act of l^oafiljty " Tha opbitJV* b 
usL-d Ici dkc mibori31iiftt« cIaiuo. with thv optAllvc of wMltii^ in (he |iriu- 
cS|"kl WitiiJhs U' dfitivbi tk lEiLTa i-cu;ckijUi>ii of IliA jjiiriLt, 

ZOO. iAi v^ KrS.-. rfim mi'tj jhr riifm. ^rr- TUf* iK'nunnl |inMioiin ts 
UMd in^Uad of tZio dfmoTiiftTiain'. iiiiii^fl Uie fiToluia Ikbs hjpoUiolk*! 
tons', f-f- li ^lli<^^ — HI ASt etvet- HvmrxiUml aciIoilh wafa cuHtornArj i» 
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itft «« rQft<it&T»Dt| <|ii«m ^d tntidiim ipso Agnuru nnrlAtsoti 
Hvcnadum pr«c>vliciiit-m trapul p^^ctidifi iixu elUit. \h. nxX. 4A; 
'AiMnlui that 1>[ood stream in the cnrth, j So mmf hU horkTt'« blood 
drAnf!h hU hrawih,' Scoii i^ii^ *,/ tht J.tiie \i\. K 

90L aftrAv hoL TMiifr: thti KtrtdtWr dirftvudfl ua ^yni^iiAoCi altlitnijch 
C^t (not 0^twK) liA* |>ri-ii"<Ti-rL TbiH olauib? fc^iiM n\\ crlcnnion of tbo 
originU thoH^^Lt — A^Xohn Aojuin: -may thi.-y 1w niniJr the ulnviu of 
otbcn.*'— TbU pnifcr goiitujfi* four TcnK*, Kko the prftjc^ cif H^O H^ 
a&I fT-, AflA ff. Si»nTil<IL 302. 'Y- It 419- 

in U»? fifth n? n'-i-ii1i<iri from DttTdAiiiu (X 315 IT ). 9(H « 8#. 

303. Jr»'i|>4«wav : ihe r^nllitrl iti well cU-nrn^d acHirdiii? Ui Df- SchU>* 
tnann. whu itJ hin osi^avKtioTifi at IfiMUlik wiui unich diittiirlu'd ij Ibtt 
CmHUtitt Kiiirla, uhWi drorn l)u> dual tniA tlio i>iyk>a of ttw vrorhnwn- Ho 
tfaoujELi UiaI ftijcli contbu&l vindaiornift wens kuonu uimhctB qIbq on 



MiTth. ViT(<hciv vrot0 : 'The wimli b\v* aliautii* with ■ui'h fotvv tbftt wn 
crEkTi f^^lt ui If our wliolo vtlJeincnt ntijfhl be hurled dcnm tliD iir^'-dplco.' 

IMam (<4n hia eon 'a lit^uHi, as in ^50. — V«rgil iijiiu(t<A in aon pHgABta 
a>pir«r4^ lianc oeuHa, non fartderA pcmum Jn- ill IM. 
303^ ZtkTi xr\. ; " Ztrtii doublleui IciowiS but I do not" 
309 Savoret* »**»: '< fftUi fnd/' A p«rlphnk«i» for ^MfWV- — wwj^a 
ltiv«v Aff-rlr; f.'^uivftkuL Iv ffor^ctfnu. i\f- rcrcAfcriuKX ioTtv A JSS, 

310. i^v*i Wt* , fl^. in iirdiT to Uito back witfj lum ibc lwt» iktigh- 
iBTod bmliv whitli lip hiu) hnjiight, Th* rtii«h of tfao rlrtim Hft-erlHcmi tn 
fiOofirDuiloti of *n o»tH vtatt iiol «Atei3, t^xwm ^cutm rovtcil u^^iii lU l^ul 
W bufi^Ml. Prfibnlily lbi> ArhAAAnv <ift4t thHlr viptlin Into tli^i hob, l>«iri^ 
iLUttblu bu bury it mi their own laiid. Iltrmloluj^ (11, 39) riAyi Uiat ilit- 
bg^liana would bot <«t ttie Bmh of a vii^tim ovor which B curve b[ul 
li«cD BpokcD, hut wpm t^i^y to ih^ll U tji ibo Gnwk*. If do ffmlgiin* 
Wrv at liAJiJ lo l-uj it, tlirj' Um^^ It liiLi> Iht Nib. 

311 f =- *Jfl1 r Ifia.^: for tbr^ iuii^rf-K't, ^. ^^ A Jfls 
313, &4ieppai. f/ ffiiAiVo/i-roT ^8- — dirDa4»n<«; t:f, B 113. 

315. CuiUr^or; ^f^ r/iauur<r^ ti^^ tbo ground for thu ccmLat, ntid Ibo 
ilUUim'H lit ivhifh thi»j v«rft to htirl thtflr Kpwn; <^. 444. (y, rskmpuni 
ad certamou laaiiDaa «ub ui^cuibui vt^'Ib | JIiuciibj Rnln- 
Hqii« TLri IVuijriqua ^iiTabuiil Viirg. Ar^i. xU. HO f. 

316, aXfipovt «iXX«r, "Uitfy arnuigi^d the ra«tiii|; of loti," Thb La 
espn^vrd luorc dctiQiti>Ly lo 3:^1. TKc fiA^pai wuv Uu of ««<x1 or nUtiii^ 
TikftrlriMl i^th Hfiirin 4l]^ tio jw to bo rvmgnUml, 1'lw pra^BC niu oir«t«i| 
whih the lolfl w«re sli&ken, 

n?. «p4H<t: M^rv« /r^. Q: 346, B 350, T^Jf^vt 35]. — 44«Eq] 
qjiUlbir In l]idtr«i:l dijicouoi.', rv|in4i?rillug tbo «ubjuu4TtlTC of dcliLir^rAtloD 
lr» ctirMt dlhcoufM^. Vf. A 1(11. — Jn iJifr *iuj;lo ooEntiftt of Ihi- Ikvciith 
BO(»k, IfADtor n^^riU AjAv'fi nf!«r Ui atlMV him 1a hurl lila <|WAr BraL 

310. x*V** 4p*rx«' ; «qiLivib|pnt to X"P^' Jnifx^<''m. an* § 31 ^ For 
the iiiitmlt!. r.y A I5U. iNfc VocobiilAfy j.r. ^jfij)- 

31ft = :iftT- 320 = 2TA. 

321. *dSt lp>a : 'Ar^r trnuht^J k^rrt, iV. UilA w&r. — iti|iBy : raunn/, M 
A A. ^*- l^olb Hrmiwt Aiti^in untlMl lu wUliltijf Uw dM^Ui 4if Futt^ 

323- Sfff ; ff-T Srk «i(ti iUf mfiEiilivr in firftyrra. r/ 361. '»4v*^i^v«v 
5waA f^iiiToleDl to A^*v^$to$ax «iu SiHu. For tlw fuilu»t of eiprc^ioii, 
^ AM8. 



335. 4itf &p^*v: tritk rp^rt^il /ae*, in ordvr U) (^Ai^nfie the nuKpLCiovi of 
fjkvoriiig bU bi-olbor- — 4i f^ww : Lii« lot «m not dr^wn. but poat, thrvim 

326 oi |»rfv : i-r", Tfojnna nmJ Arlinr^aTiM- who hi»d i»lj»fhl ilurlnj:* t>i* 
W^iififn. l'ur)*a]» thi^y liml not Ih'^h ni'r»l*^*l t^Jvi-p (r/, 7H, Si, 113 f^2fll, 
2^< llO^. Kltb^ugh th«y tnrt^ il^h hu^l 4hjiiuMijiii*<d from their ?hartotit uid 
hid Ltuiir nrinar apQU tlic ^i^^nd, — Hord «Tlx,a*' accrtrdiag lu ftuskt, in 

337 lum ' griirnmntltuiMy nhd lit k'timi ennAlrtii^il ni)1y ultVi m^;^, 
fritliuugb Kcl^uu otUii U iho pJUBivo of Ti9tftMi- KoF tho ' ccui:ma/ </. npu^ 
otuuii. A' 5it3. 

328^ &|k4>* £^ouriv : ntAniting ttjirvaniou in Hie atna of Uin [jrlDcLjiA] 
pikftA il iJi^t AArrior'A lAt^uiiim&iit, iinord (an ^^1) ami i^tlahL — ttirfvq i 

330. Ti^e |>out pn.'Atjjil? a pklurt.' of lHv-^ ]iiT^iunitLo&A for b^tOfl^ Tho 
compk'te ■rmiimont of Hjb tlcnicrio wHrn^rr cotmidiM] id tho «x pi*oo0 
Lerc iMiiiJi^erjitvil. which nrv ulwitjn iiientioitcd In tijc auiio oiditr Wfoni au 
iTiijKirLaiil ('c>iJ]i<'t, uith t)i<] riC0FtM)i>tiAl 0JCCV|itioT; vf tliu oiiir«uii«> 

331 tfsAfli ; (rtr t.!ii« f^nltr nf tviinli, v»< ij 1 1 j. 

333- vUj nwri-t^Vroh* ^ f:^ om^c he hitaielf hod »1>pcartd Kitljout a 
eninus- — Awri^rot^ t.yofton had bwin eaptiu-od by Achil]« aud «alil oe n 
Hlars to tho kiii^ i>f IjChiejoh, Biiiu|[ ni]iMi>i[ivd ih<rni^e> lie retarniTil tu 
iVoy H trm^k Imftrm t1ii> iTV4|rit* nj^rrfti<iil in thU himk ; diLl Iwidw dbyp 
ifti-r hiii refurn, hp himI Arhrll^ti a^^uiik am! wjui ((Ea.1i] li;( hirn (4» A4 ff.).^- 

4(piriKr« t' ftfriY^ bur Ac /ff(<>/ ir ro Mmsci/; h« chan^d the length of the 
■tj'apa, buckUng it to auit bin own fonn. 934 = U 4S^ 

333, x^''"^^- lifLtmhreuviT in |livi-il l^i mi tjiltlmr' \i( Uik wUik jtwiiiU, 
ikiUir 1h** di'fiiintlod of th4> hill liim Ihfi.ii iiu'niuinod iti i£^71'/m>t^\w- — 
V^*t : thfl iLtmji wliirh kiiIhj] Ui" Jiriii tii qiiri|¥irtirig thr Insivy nhiHil voii 
tlirovi) ovtr thcs Ufl nhoulicrH TU\m the ahicld was t»k*ii up before the 
plomad hdlmot Wa* donn^Tl, 

336, mrW*|v; u; i;:K[«llt » hrful i^inrriinr ^ififofnUti^ Ihyu Hflinrt. 

hir4iitu!( pqiitiia \Vr^ Afn. k. 661^. ^— IkMv: LVignati? a«-UHitivp. ujlvM'b 
with ciwth c/ a^s. 

339^ «< t' «Ctv« : and fAuf in Idf mnnvi^, § 41.' «(, — MtrOus : Men»- 
taiiH ".'iirji'" futih 111 Idii-ili* iii|ii(|(|B"d with Miuur (-P)* hut ]"ut il ijf! us the 
nvidtdutni. ^pf^LOi ; n filiort Unm »f d^'^tAo^ C/. til. — 
eqiiivAh^iL U> rciTj^ rhii^lly of ili*ftiijive krnior. 



3i0. U-H^ ijfcA»v; 441 either fi^e of tU cArrm^, both Trojaii* uid 
GrwkiL Each coinbuTCiitl Vtti 1q tb« fcKT of liia onii farer. 

341 = '1\V\ 344, Gw4UTF*TiTv: i-/ dlJi, 

345, itfrWAvn; iiiltordliiul" to ^cTorrc. 34€- vp4a4t: lu* ^17- 

347. C/. ^^\\\- — vAvrtt/ IC^v ^ n ?iL;iuiliii^ Cnnrnjlri ^t lli'< oIrw< of tli» 

VrtM. Probably it doci Ui^t imp!}' thckt tlio ibicld wod ai^tuA 11/ circular, in 

which Gi» It mii^ hav« >(M<n smaJI* — but ratbar thAl \X was aywMrTni^t, 

trrti fflifaHtvfi. 

949- 4vprrr4 x*^>^Y= fj/vHt- i''ifA Mj li/f$ct, ^'taijihI hinorvlf to huH hJn 
Una*/' tyi riHo^^n/invc MI, itUlor #iurg«nii Vurff- -i*i», 11, 607» 
cor|ii>re lol<j | aH^ «abl4tlum conaurtfit Turiiiia iti enBcu, 
■ . . >L pcrfidiid ^iilvib { frBngitnr i£. xii. TUtt ff. 

390- hvufdiifitN : " utu^rliifc > pni^tr jiji bt dbL n^" 

351' £t«u ^va . tbo vMUtivo furta ani in foujid in Jlomcr ouly in tlii^ 
phra*" ; ►>!>-'« Jjrr*s Ji-n^, jv* B l*Jil, 4:U, — tbt Tla-orfo* o m-A. : -^Jjuivil*!!! 
ti> tdt ^ TtWrt^u Turtuf Ik KfA. Tbc rtrlflliiv cln^w u >u utAk repl-cscnta 
a iio^in M the 0l>)eot of tcvuvAu, — wpi**p H '- *-/. ^0 - 

352- filev: n utAndlug rjiUhoi,, rlirnntbig nobility of dc-Jimil >nrl tmiiity- 
ItUlu.'r" ii«tx| wtLliuiit Ally ^in'ciiil n'r-mim^ l» tlur ukrciinitluiic*^ ■>{ ^b'■ case, 
('/". A 7- Tb^-w* »iirii»rfifntjil oj»llt«i1-H' nr»t td^inktilmi'* \\%\X iciba tli^i 
tnouth of n £w. — ^'A\/^i4tMv: \- llir object ui TuniiTftu. "Hib jiutkM tJic 

|ffw»diDg relAtiVia dftuH r ] h ironUiptiisI tban if tbi« |iMpoT name bnd 

Inm artrnrii^d In thn riiii^Liaij.^ifrj rif thn rvlDtltn rUiinr>, nji Ada&'fn^ rJ4, 
<— HOl - ■ * (a|fc%t«4 - li Tnnrr {b^ljuil^ ^^xpn'HHioii of tim tbt^ii^bt \A ri'Tao&u. 

353- tI| nnni/ *» flnp- ; i;/", B li" I - — KAt ; a>i JW. 

3J4- fi Hr jn-X , vx]tUhk» ^voduiViT' — 4»^*^V*: Aoj/iiYafify: r/^ 207« 

355. ifimmUv: V,c. drawing bvek ior tho throw. CJ. tdduoto eitn- 
toitinii hii^iilA Inrfftto | Immltiit Vcrg. -I^n. i1. Afil f. 

356. f';'. ^<7. 

357. &A: wilb Irmg i vA. Ui*' liH|;tiiiiini^ of thn rrr*" 40*^ - ^^* 
oultff Invt'i cif the tibi«ld v^u a j>]aI« uf bruiin*. 

359. dtThitpvi? ooTutruti dowly i^ith what fonoA-*^ 

360, I'nriH 1h'n> Mi'i'iiifl Ui havr bikd no bn.-tol|>Ulc. 

3G3- d*arirx«|M»vf ; a*-, iri onb-r Ut xvtt^ a Wiier blow; <-f.^%. — A|i4\ 

863- Tfhx*^ -^ -a^ f^'^- imitatiiv; b» f 13 A.— t« -nt^ ^^ A ISd, 
B ate. — S»«pi>4 Jtf : </ Vvrj. jl<n. eU. T30, quotodoQ34«, 



363, iTflo &X«iT«po«: Zaivi itiroK^ Uir* {fuurdiihii of honpitnllt^. hud not 
«v«iiKad i\w prjvil-igi'S that i'uviv It^d ahuHf^d. — ti\ii*\i n^jiroadiVA of i^v 
itlvioit^ ATt* wiji>rft^l only In onthffl.iVs i\i vr»ia,tWin, f/. B 1 11, 

36C' J^V^I" t^^ - 'if' B 97. — kMl^tiit*! : /jr fi^r f^nuntj wLiob liO did nwi 

367^ vtv E^: HL-o on A $0i.-— Svi| ; frujii dyvii^ — tf : WltJi ijtx^- 
366. frA«#v: pradkaln nomicntive^ — oHi fi£|iajrv4J irmrkx Llio rt^amlt 

369. KDpvdot , for tt» >r?nitiii?t i/> l±mv ^^o. yvbui/f A GOU. 
37CI. Ah frrA- : *'Li? iK>ir«^il Pariii by tlii^ tii^tTJU'V, liirti?>ij hiiu nbout^ mid 
«trove to (Itavt hirti into tlio midpnt of llu? AdiarAni.*' Of cotu^v !,h« 

372- Tlii" v<'t>i'< rijilHilm iirn &i;:(^r — ^ tw &v6iptAvo<; ^ A flOl.^ 

375. f| : in ibd rfipid iiflrmtion, thi» ralaliva conntnictlou i* vmd }>Vt^ 
vlmnf tt twvt niynUntivi^ wciuU 1m «i]>iii;l<irl> Or tlax i^ iiiuy bif («tli-d di<mor>> 
atratiris with no coiijunition to \'onn(>ct it witli tho pr^opiUiig varM. — * 
l^ rroiii'vaw^ »]fK U^ulihi^r wnuld bn Hl.roTigvr limn ilint fritm a d1u4Md 
aiiiijMl. r<>] i\"~ 4'>rm(j iiiuMUi ujwil ji« jui«^ivrt n^rt ^ .'rO ri, 

37^. tpv^AXtii&: Mi.i rcit]ot4'j|^g hiatiift r« jiixlilirW, b4 fnlUiig ftt tli« 
IbuiULULfl i»«ur& of ihiT tliird foot ; vm f 27 fr. — V Itrvwo irrX. : i.e. It 

378, ^[4>' iinfiLv^rot- i>, ho ftwunff tho hctnut lufora Iid thrav it. <yL 

Uiil thivu &rJ in|H0«v: e/. B H7r> ; tr. MflpuiL rif tbo vicUiry. 

379. A itlr t r«r tliL< hihtufk r/. A 3A3. 

3B0, fvx<^ J^A. ] cmpliatir at iLo bcginninf; of th« v^hc auJ t.1ie <^*iAfi 
fti tho ■nnlrnRi' ; r/ ^i£\Ai A 52, **orutnu- with rfi«Yxn*Tt. ^ ifV^^t" = ^*'*^ 

3ai. ^itA htA. : **U<n0iij, «4 ouly ■ god i;<aji." 1116X144 U -- " aad made 
hjjii iiiTJHiliW 

383. «a<Ut :</-«!&»¥ VIS |y|iMt^M«.Ar:i^am£^;f/. SOh 

383. HoA^audra: rulniv fiirtbtj>lc\ flpTOHing jmrpow. 

306. iiCv: ciHulnjc wilL irparaur»i </. 330, For tlie qnnniity. Ltfforv 

liouii, — xpcr4nww- ntuajK unvl of w<*nlA lliAli fiiSlow liriTiih'itUkl^, or 
■opUTftUd iu'Ui thriD i>ul; by a parcutli<rliciU clauHtf. 



397 «l|Hit»'|^ : oxplaiiiHEl {-^y th« following diuM. 

366- f^nau': cfl:iLrDi:lAd from ^«f f v. --- )aiiXu-ra jrrA> i Uw mTflUr* eno-' 
(ttrurltoii is aWtidoDwl ; f/ A 70, l^liJ. -^TIuh iiliow* >«1aj Apliri>li1« toolc 
till- ftirrn of thj^ nU wnmim. — 4*'^'"'*- '^' 'EXtnj 

389, ri]khi-itvA,;c/: B22.7aS. 390, hfip' 08. : r/ UO, 

39L. jcnivvt: tidi>d mucli Itku d donir^riAlratir^ ibJvi'rli, i^/nr. — S^: iif A«* 

393. iwfipl r^axi^'^^tvv ; pquivniltnt to » puij^tjs. — x^*^- 'i^ t^H^ clojiC 
of tlH- Ti^rv ill 'I'ltirrv-d with ^ipjcre^tw^ 

394. Ipx*^^*'*^ "ji'jHi} to ^u U> thr iIaih^'.'* ho 1»i-jLijlifiit nn*i iJKi^roiis 
io htt — Wov icrA. ' '-''< ll4^ LA 1q jm Tri^rnr 11 huiu^r ii« if (t^i liiul jusb ci^joyod 
It tljLrmt. 'Vh*- jinrLimjili' Iiiih Ihi' |inuri|inl tliuughl^ 

395. ('/. JJ 1 IS, — 4v|ftiv jpbnv: nr&uW Ar/ artfjer bj tlio imugcWlou. 
399 r va( ^ ' fin'/ iiOr I'liit pa ifl rciuiinxl \.i\ tha oiu of thA ftpmto«lt 

(3Ud). -'— fiitpi|v irr^a HTfU . tUi:9C (hmU wimi uiitilmi^K^*! Ijy iho tmunEui^ 

a illAjljui^, Mi>T]iL wliHii ttiny ftt'^lrwl lu lujiki* tfipniru.-lrm Fitrlin-ly ur]rtiHi|f* 
nbablc by morlAls. — AU but IlHrn uh In A^^hjoditti wAy the old 

399> dii)k0*|nr, ':/*, A U)fl. WcJ'iilvr riiuj:W «ilb rlrrad camr nvcr 
Hf^friTS ft^iriiiji h-nPM* "t'W iWiov uf ApZiroditi** who hrui atn^ftcly led bcr for 
front lirr Spikrtan ]ioiru\ Slir> *ii<vti iint IwliHri? that PnrU hM Iwmi ^Krrtnd 
honn* ill *aMy. ^Iir»t icrA,; oa A 06L 

399. Ket£ji,dh(T) ; rrttf/ dinnilji- f'/. U I7>t>. — *afrn: ci^^imt*> jK.vuiaCh'V 
>\)t3i fvi^w^nVciVi wUlch tahn* ju (la dirrvl oltJnrL " Tu Lrick uiu uiLb Uicw 
(U^^intH." (y. voiTO y^f ^fran^ffot Xf.'»- -In. v, T. &, 

40a l|: fumXy; wiUi inurtiin^ imtij — «paWp«: iZ/VZ/ufiAn' f mm t.ao»- 
dttonoti. — T«Xfan' : coQaUa« wiih ir^, — - Into A/iy oiiit v( lUrw dlJni'*^ 
or Ui h liMiifcfl [o<*jil wnui. SiM* II. 767; ft, inBS. 
^^^H 401- ^pv^ift: <'i'i;»LruH wirk inhUw- 

^^^H 403- nuX hmLK r Vj-v- alaa. .Junl u Puriv til IUo*> 

^^^ 403. ofiMwn fti| irOr: tli'm tni-iixiucr™ luCMtlchUy Uie ivoon fnr thf iwin- 

I JrcLuir of ll)0 f. " Stuoc nciw, u it j9C«ida, t cozinot rrnmiii luiii^iTr vitU 

I yoiiT fftvoHl'^ Phriii/' 40f oTVfip*^: M^ Oil 173. 

I 409- T«>Am &^ irrX ^ tH^un a nroMiUo tODo. Fi>r tin- rrjitiitiDa of tL^: 

I <fiaiMl fArtioks p/. A 1 10. Thia «lau«« u oloMly «onn«itwl ititb Um e«i 

I frrUtfm Mnti'Hcp, iv U Rhown by thr rrpf*Li(io:i o( ih« pftrtlrlon ^ inv. 

L TkiA« Ui» l^iiugUt t«tun»lo 100, — SeXo^vtowa: rx. lu prtftclMidf tJiftt 

■ Fstia nimiD^* hut (Amy 



406. ir«^' %Mv I h^ kimaei/; cantnaied irith fici^ 405. ^* Leave na 
ft]0Q«," Tho ' Mvniloicfn " murkii lloUn"* ndUmpuL — AsAv itrJL : ofton*/** 
tk* park i/ JAp yw/^, "i:Ue uji thiiii^ iuunyrinlit.V.*' TJn; rx (K-nMbn in m^' 

407. 'OXv)i*rav: the ■ llmiUff mnljon.' 

40a mpl «l»w: oiftu* ftirn, *V Ai* i^/r.— 4ilv<: cftrfure ifoc, "bear ikU 
thft fmubli^a of human hffi/'^-l ^iXoffin ' n^h'h him : tt. thAl h^ dant nut 
tfsrjiini th'.r i»r iiruvu iiiiftiithful tv Lhii?. 

409. Wb^vohf auKxt «iil'j Liiirtivv with </« o jrc* ^' B 3H:j< - t ^; i^/. 
A Wi. Fnt ilA jiivill.ion In l}v* vv^huI tnf^nil#r ut tliv H-iitviiMv na B (lf(4. i/. 
nUa t' 5 y ir nwrt^ ra&tv oAyu a 4. aUQO dcttra :iiS«11linaba 
Ictiiu, FMi If i 1^4* utiitiilr A \'trg. Atn. v, -I'^i- 

cmuiil in FlTr-cu 

thfl dt-pinioTi by the diicL Tho futiire h uhpiI (inon' flvrtniTo tt^nn iIjo 
poir-iitiAl »|>irktjvi-) aUIuju^Ij ttir mipiWt)(Jii »l i\if \-ni^t "t tjjJFi rX|Vi.i4- 

413- )tflKm9CtJvti: /iiKinff iuw 1 rap', r/- ^;(tf*imi5 A 5lT, Tin? middle 
doCM TiHl diffi-T ifrt-ntly fiT-im thfi pnnniTc, C/. j(ok'u9tii A ; fcv $ 50 7- 
414. irx*^£^ >lUy!Ubko : ^ L.^^ H. ^ ^C« ; for thn iinbJunchvA, r/ A :.■«, 
413. v^v tilt tuiir. iip|Hi*i'd Uk l*n' (ufun?, — bn^r^: cf^ cJrut l^'*. 

— ^A^!**' ■-iin*' '« ^« y^u> " ln»*tow<»c| my In^'i- iip'-Ji you/' 

416- d^t^oWp**: ei|TlailH.<i] liy Tpw'ui' iti2 ^f^i^i^r — ^i|^*t^^- i^^rjit 
iiil>iuri(stiw, Htill dr|>cindont on ^. — <x^^ X*^po! : tpirt.jtui h'tUr. which 
VtoqM ha d04lnirlLTi> to tinlnn. — C/. Mlh {Lf. \l'-\'<>i\) t\h\ kiif*4in» 
evvrBA oil Pvtcamn Trucrus|t^t poenftv llntmuint ft ilii^arTli 
ooningiA irft*> | pra^ nietniMi* VVrg- A^n. i\. 571 ff. 

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In ordrc lo eK|plAin Ihc cffrcl of ^x^ Ai-ypo- For tlic lahjun^^tivc wxUi 

Ktr, rf, \ 1.1". — bItoI'' i:O^Uhtt* tWIlHH\.\\iK 

410- nnrn : 1/ A <J3. n-.'[i.-ii 3 k-liU only after th« at<^rtiv«C thrviitt 
430. T^^: ufv on ^iM* — XiMtf. if. ^amu^t thv 'UpikrlM vilh bur 
twj nifii^i (i/- ll?t. <1*2), — Hcli-iL ill hrr ihaiuv, mini |]ni>c|f mli-nllr, 
ftufi fcjltnwtffi thu >£fit|(ln(rt wltliAuL aMrootJtj): atlniiltctL- — fy^t : a« A lOA. 

— fioX^uiiv' nr<»>ii'r* *1«" in Hiviriflf of (i 4i*finit* illi^nlly, 

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4S3- 4^(fnA>*h : )-«. th« two who bad acci^nipacJv J h«r (143}, 



128, iiCit Bt following AplirrMliU"; r/ 4'iU. 

thit (JUliiictioti t]Vtvi>*<]i tl]i> Ktrwt hil4 ]ir<Hi'iil j-ArtlirLjiUtH, 

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bill this id dUrcgardfu] in Ib^ folIavriDg itArrotioii i c/, ip^t Xij^oa^ ttwr 
441. — Btd ■ thii in n6Atd ta ffino primnln<*n» Ut hof «jndf>ciTnilon In jwp- 

426. HAipii&bAf; i^'ii-iTHllv cif AllioriA. C/- v>iyn^ B|H790f A 3fP'i, 

427, v^i>: Elicit* un'uy fium Parii, ht^ri? u jk Bif-ii of it»plrniiurD- 
Cr: taliu djccntem lAiiidudmii iiver»u luctur Very. Acn. iv. afl:^. 

42B- <|X«6«t ' an ox(^lnm»tian- Sh» n^pivmohu him for hm rtturn; ^. 

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431. ffi. ruI<iod%'itli cipjibiuiv, Ui E 101. 

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IH iifiLLil, — irpvHaXHTOVA : <-fi'tltfttyit,cl^/ittihtamr.rrt \hfKi i1ii<Idl':,oa iu IP, ^« 
Uflv4Xa»f: rp>>«»n' IIm' <>inii>i;il.ic n'|«tir.io]i r>f lh« luuim with the Hftmo 
Fjillhi'E. ]ti tht' mm- [hmiUoei iii l^u* rentD u ill 43j>4 <~/. ^^-'S- 

433. 4XXd (etA. : Uclon DOV fpc«lu in uarncfli. — hgk yi: ^ A 173. 
•' Bill f iuUlne Toa/' 

434. wnifirlh; iv"u« /^irrrrr. Pmejib iiifliiiU^ca xav uvtd aUo to 
eK|Jun ihiH iitjiiuotiru). — {^^1^: <f^ *2'^. 

4Sa. dni^Mfv; for the t'uiiatraL-LLon, r/. B 121* 1^. — vAi|iav: for th« 
OOgnAtiU v:ca«citi\'i?, vf. B 7S8, 

49S |ki^ vtK *iqt' - ''^^ ''^ ^>"'" '"'^i inriHr — itw aAraft ftoupl ~ t^ t%r tpHU 
<^fthii i'fflt n'On. For llu* dfttivc with tiri -"/l B WW. 

437^ ^<4«t«^*: oiififiriii' vttli ir^m^vflh 

43fi^ hr^-. iu E'&itiiive ftpp^iiitiaii withpi *-iii,r Ijrort," C/ 3 A, 443, 
A 3KL\ 

439- |ily ^t JilvATA In t^iln onlvr; itnTnr y^ ^,_v4v 'Al^v^^ Ay 
ikoiJ«//liAena. TMb cliiQimshoa lb* pvrwnAi cradil of Men^Uuv forhj* 

440. oOn* ^ cut A 1 IC. — ^, jir. mk^'Tiu. -^vopd ilrl, morn fr<ir|iii>iil 
in Chtn ih'rij4f l;^ mipLiTrvrdiu. — *Kuv: >'-'. ^ith I'aHn Aud hi* oountr^znq&k 

441. tvn|6ftfn ^ In V\" V.i\^\\*\i \A\am tlHji Would Iw in Ih^ iiintA «oi^ 
atructiun u Tf3ujro''ivu»'- O^ B U^i *«« j SI i. 

442 UU «o r^pM^f, tc. M nivw (41«>. t^lC B 3(^3. ^Ipw 4pf*fl« 



443, oiA* in -- nri ^ta ifirtt tPhra. 

414- fiTXfov4i' vwvl: I* wMon llin vojnHfe-" 

201 ; rit ]i.Mflt LK« AUi-ic'iiIji wcttr ruiiijili-tt-ly at ft Iusb curior^miui; U, Slnbo 
tfiou^ht that thin VTAA ibo amall island lldcnn nrhidi li« WtiT<«Q Anion 
ftnd Cnoa; allium thmight It la !« CythaiFK (tlio modAm Cvrl^jr ■nuth 
of dparlAi fn^m wlii(;b AphrtHlite rtKviiv*! hvr tpithet fVAermri. Jn llie 
Bftoond cwEttiiry tA oar en. vith iwlmnov lo Ihic |JUMgo» Uiddadw K^oAf 
biw j^vcn tn A imuJl Uldiul in Urn Lftcuiiiaii gulf, 

44«. ^: refer* to ^413. 

447- &PX*- Di^'' 'Af ^(7<'f<^^X'?r ^5^" F ^^1^ ft HiJl»fi]cn»iiUrj piiTliH|iK 
ut^v. U B 379, — ifrrTD^ Ub Iv&r uf A|itirtHlilfl'# fluiuirr find lU rlTrrU in 
«ptte of 128 fi. ^ Tbfl wholo aoeiiu, frotn S-^* cfaaracrlorL:ruft tiio Kii#ubl 
fHvdlty nf Pftrin. 

440' r^ (LO* A^: '^ rA^-vr frtrr. 

449, Tlif Ktdty rMUTra tA Ilit>|inim wlinrti Aphrodtbj iniHrpnitrM (3JS0)>*— 

450, 4l ir«»i 47aBpf|ff«iiy: i^' ta hiiS tai^hl e^tfeh titfMi *■/ ftiai *r*iff*»A*rf. 
For ihA nptntJTA, mr. 11. 007; Q. 1430, ^ >■■*«■: for thn >«yiil3MV 

4dl- aC Ti« aAi>a*a 4tft(b: lliH Ifigir^itl ptocif of UiU f^UUtrioil U glmi 
bi-lon. " TI1L7 ntnilJ ImVtT (xfiutcd hiin atxi, if Uwy fioaid/* 

452- rvn '- i.t, nh4'»i he lOQgbt him. 

453' " TIm'V il^il iiul lioiiO'M liirn Uimii^Ii livw (1/. A^l tT.), nor would 
Ui&y Imvc <'<iijtx'4U's"»i li»a iJ imy ou-r liiul eis.-.ti tiim." 

t*r im iia way to bccom* &u iblvcrb* Vot the coipparimju. ijt A S28. 
— pXo^ni = '-!/■ '^^"'■tl ftlrut Uor. fnrtft. i ^?i. la, pr>*T ai|i]itoiii »«rUt 
Kt I ji r lit t\. ifi. \i'\. \- 4D. 

455, gal: itUt>; a sUDilLnf: i-zprTMioTi, rvCarrini; to prvrious epvakeiv- 

45«, C/88, 

457. S^ : '« fiou lie*, jiire/y, — ^ttinrttt : W/'jrir/i fi'uffHtlj/, 

45fi. 'A^iCfj* : u 11 ](j1. cy. oraatu« Argivnu H«]uiiA« VW|*> 

459. ft^v <rrX. : ^. 339. 

460 =^ 2S7. 

461. M ^wwi 1/ /iTitf^ij/ii/rmi' A 2S. — TTw poet dotiB not k-ll hr*vr 
H^Il'F luul Ih* oiliwr Tr-jwi* ri^ottn-iui IhiR dcnirimi, but imfilin that tbcj 
ttl<iW0j it Ur b« Jutt. — For llw ccrjchision of tlu fpLfodi^ loc | () 1/. 




Tlit Fourtlj Bool opfi.n* with % CoEUicil of ibt Ood* in Ihe grwit liiJl of 
i£«ua Dli OlympiiiK TU-jio Uavo waU^u^l i^bat hjia Ih'^'h dttio on tho TrojftB 
pinlti, nnii rprL:>i;rHii(*' ih'i f*Pt thai Moiii>l!uiii Ima won tho vlrtory. 7.ftu 

A(ibAeau« witbilmw U) thoir bomve, loluog with Xh«m lldtfii ftnil her 
Irauumf, tint Utrii an^ AthctiH CMaiiot ctiniu-iit to ^rijr |>rmv ttliicti 
voold Wro im«Afti:iL tho Imtiol city of Troj, ami they Innllp&to ik I.jcJnn 
nrdiPr. n TroJuEk ftllj, U* hrtfnk Ihfl lnii» by v£>itTiil)iij{ M^TinInuiL Th«n 
tli«< ^trifi* Iv^iuB »tjcw. Curi[.iUBly n]rjuj;]i, Ibi^ promise wJiicU vt^a niAdu bo 
Tlu>lu OQ th# prD(!«diag «\«ti]ng it net m«iLtb>n»L 

taixl Ui i\ 2, \^^/¥^: i^t <iii A 4-''t. 3. j^vox**^' M"^ o» A [iW>. 

9. oi^Kiia: ■>-. a.it'^r T ■l.'^t\-4no. --4p<6i;J|U« -r. hj tin* pn>rhJuL dflS f. 

6 f' 2ciu tooaiiijjly cuittpoTH ApbTodit^V coiwULUt tatv uf P^Ha witk 
th« nAgiufT of Mi*iK<tiLiu l>y llt^r* An>) Atbona^ 

7> ^r. rofri'taiivL* ttritlj a^ 10, 9. vdv^, fi> MinAibw. 

II. •{^&; ikhliktivnl; j ItJ n. 

12- imlttfv: ^/: A lOO. — ii^)MifW^ i-r exprcling. 

1-1. fivrwi etAh : i/. D tFA^. ^ ^f^m hnowi what niiimr %C UCpM%. 

15 i nKi^v *r\. : } 12 fJ-^JpfBHtr: JKihkt miSjuiiL^tlVab 

18 (i^ cUMirv: r/: T 74. Ful^Jili^ uplstivtt ntUwut L*. { 18 i,-* 

&^*b*0 : c/, r Tl^. 4*>r — 4W|iAi^t ^ «r, At His WntB. 

23 f, x^^ "'^^^ - ['ii-^i^tbA^Cftl ; § 21 ^J-— x'^^ Kvi CD A 61. — ^*np]): 
$ tf^ k. 29 = A ri'i?- 36^ irovoTT dTplAln^d by th» toltowlof ranwa. 

37. Iv; 95f»y. — NotvifTiiv rtX^ : t-atvnUieticd- 

38 L X«^: ■uTtrie^j/. — iaHi; Oliver SfX- tfli: oo ^SaAAi A Atf. 

30 = A MT. 31. ri. raid ^om^: II. 723: O. 1073.^ npta|i«i 

■tA.;4-/A3:M. 32 ft-r,: iw.Ai*l. 33. T/! A ISOt B I J^P. 

35, Hp^- -sJiv" ty t*i^m ttvi:. 2,y<Uvixv3], Xfn. Am. Vf. H. |4. 

37 f. A^y[K)cUal^ !t 15. — r*l mil V^: niipliaUc 4^. 99 = A 297. 

tl f- rtj*L ill nripmiUon with v^v. Sec ( 1) / — fivi r/'. A IS5- 

•3 f Bmq ! nf %it Mrr. Jiint prrr^xIlT)^. — «t : iU iiDln?r\4lirat b Wwv 40. 

40. Wpfp crJir: rxplftirut Smrof. — v4: aUnutv^l to the nainlxir o( 
7^. » = A »t. 



Bl. Tpitt: oxp1l^Q*iI by U. ■— jkcv: oormlativo with J\Xd !r7, 

53 hi^nipa-Ai ■ inlhill-!*i< »•■ Irn|ii*rx1 iv*'. 

54 U. ir|>iHr4' ta-T««iAt i/ A 97. — lE -n^: With sabjunetiTe i (/' A 61* 
— *u»' f/;r"J»fc', — d™i: probably fumr*' — ^ipt^poi- r/ A 2SIh 345 11. 

37. 4|uh': mAd>* 4'Uipfu.tIo li; tht^ futloHmi^ i^ait^-; § 11 A. — vdvn: ^, 
^(t fT> 58, '/- tit rn i }£i>TJU]t aL I<*ve aiimmo V«u<j^. .Icn, vi, 193« 

eo i. 4|**imp*v , ,/. r 179. — Cf, V«rg. j1*rB. i> 48 f. ^ -gUutut : f/ 

ri^»*, 62. tilv? coiTfflfllivrj wilKiJ 0*, — *wMt(o|ift'! ni^rist fiubjcnctivo. 

63 f. mi ph KT^.-- ' cliiAJniiijfc'i j ]G II. — 'Afrf^voC^: »i<« on vpo ^la 
A t[»:^ 67. «p4tir«% "rX. : r/: T Qdd, 

A ^aO. 70- ^>^r^ ktX. : ff. A •2^22. This apkJun ^s arpirm'. 

74 = B lilT' At]jr-rL>i'« Ihinl iltwst'iib <lurliii: tbe Adliuii of tlie //iW. 

75. «bv: prvifioiit'.- ^illi ft^Tc^vL '^ LJkf? tli? olAr^Iiiah ZcuaWDda-" — > 
ArKpa : i'/. k tnet*»oTito. — ^b* : g'n'>mic nori*t; g H/. 

76h Wp«t. pn.tlirALr, nv 41 jiiif'rn'. 77- Xafkwpdv: nvf* on oMiD^iKiTr A^* 

7«f. TTi "■*' AoTtpu ^. 76. 4i firm: c/ F ftO. - UkP«« ^tA.: '/. 
r "Ui I- Bl = B 27!. D3. r^', 13 f. 83, rl^iff^^ : '/- fftj^h^ A 3. 

87 A4o£^f~ 111 nppnflltion with fiv^il >iri, ^ olxi^l'l' ^"^ &ppCHt]tt<)n 
^vilh AaDOuii:^. 

68, iC T**: r/. V 450. — AthrtUL Hnri^hpi likv an^ mortjl for the mui, 
— ^y: T'nTkdnrr* qui qUDiiduat Iuhhub cnnrun^r^ri^ foirdmi | In 
nicJtO* triuin toTAlHli prirnua AehlvoH Vvr%. Am, v. -Iltn f. 

89 ff, r/ B 10^ f- Ki^r rtyx vv'lT-hf>iir, *.v>iijuti<-Iloji, ■/ .'^^T, K 100, 356. 
— 4|i4(: 'C' torumu'. — Xaftv ; iii Bn™"tiHn niiJi iffirwrriuii'^ — PviduilV 
Akii|i« Hkv tiiD ]fcKldL<» id liiimiTi form - hq on T 3U& 1 

33. An ln'if|H'Ucliint hiirociLiPtion. VttwlH nrpftHn tho thnTighi Hrnflj. 

OS- Tpi&i'tfv; for the iiftliv-', Ml' nn B -'tto. (Or. it iiioy ^<' liio ^crnt,) 

97 ft ^ait- r^irLHfrii'i wirh im'pi, ^ r>rk f" ^. - at vrX ' >*iiLiEvalHM \ft 
Ikv M<rcAib>( /?tXo otLjj&lJ. A pcctunwiua (mtaphTiiFii.- f(>r tlirJitli. ^r^ 
EUXfk -tX i^ pcin^nlholjo*! i A^i^d^rro prwedo* tho *fltion of ^tj9a>Ta, 

100 f. MivtUov: for Ihc- trrnilU^. An- 11, 7»]>; Q. I->M». ~*ArAXaAi 
paln>n f^'nl vf l.^i^ior hjkI u'"^ ^'^ ^^'^ bcrvr. 

103. ffUofia. t:xp1aiT]t*lb5lhpKVoi:Ld'bciniiiticb/ — 4ot»: »e«onB&24. 
1041. -r^r {10 A.^*WbTa: ^. 5.^MX&; «;. fromiUcm*?. 



108- ^wnot. prccljcalc. 109, roil; coujilrue willi M^oJl^t.^' 

110 f. ^papa : «c. ^X^Xouv- — «4» : i-f . rofon c/, to pjy. hvhvi^ 

113 f. if*ri y^iifi : r/ A ^iS. — »^*»l«v htX. i *tf, iu onl<*f that the uoi^ 

lis. ^KVeoi: im pnMivr. Gtr- j -jn 'A 

116. </. (IjxiI ul «iiral4 voltK^i-riiJk ttu^ittnm J (jKiiromfsit 
jihartlTn ci;iri]U(|ua ti*tr<iidit Vcrg. ,4m, XJ. Bflft f. 

133 f- M*rk th« chiihiimu'; i H a. — Tbn archer ofien Wnch or 
crouchoni to nhoot- — Whon the bowntring !■ dmwn l*acl( to Nhn Wjuit, 
Uh' ir^n univ i^iinl U l>rt»uj;^il mrnr I" llifl l">w. f/, nt <l axil luik}ti% 
doii«c curvalu coirt-nt | inti-r t# c*\n\* «i ruHnibn* iftni tm- 
gflfflt jtrquiA. I \tkctm Duiem frrrt. dvcira ntfrvoqut lupHUiii. | 
ulcmplo ttU »triiicrpm Verji;. Atn. ni. ftOQ. ff, — Only ona otiicr 
hiJtUui'w of thn Q«* ^'f Iron (or arnu* in (mttid in llum^r : ih»l ^n ka tf*m 
inanv *11 HI), ^KviiXonp^: nri*ilii';ilc. 

135. Uoublu -diifUiiLiu/ fiJit At^'l KUp^, m^v nnd oAro feoeiva 
jnvniiln<*inN» tnttn thn nriltr. — 'XC^f*: '/ A 4fl. T1j<- vnmp U T.hriiight to 
(itbo th? ftound vt (lio Ik»vi-. fy »fll. — '^to: >*v hh A 5Sh 

139' irp*fffl* , i/. ii, — OT&va . tal-inji Atr afoftf/. — 0Aa< - </ A 51, 
130 If. T4r«v: oxplaincd by Ulf t, %d. a little. — 4» hn . W P 39, 
VTHh «ia>Jitii.tii«, AH Ul, n HT. Si<i- U in-l n b; 0. H:W. — TOiBdt: 

r/ r J J^- 
135 1. c/. r as; f. 

137, Ipnt dRdvrvtf i m, on X llSJ. 

139. ^«T0( nfrrrjil 140 f. C./ rudum RinffiiLnco vohUl vMm- 
Terit outre [ ai liui^ I'bur Wr^- -1f»*. lU. AT- C/» * II<t« Iny Dunoin: 
Uiiiilver uliin br'd *ilb bi* ^Men HrtwV Slifll^f^r"*, vT/flrfrpiA ir, 3. 11*; 
' Siihiab bKin'd i III* t-vH. and QvAT ilie ahouMi^r luir'd Kin ami. | And khnn'd 
ftmicn ill ffNTitv<jrruiboii|<cjinU \ I*nck'd; akvncunQmgu'arlunan, Lii F«biti, | 
Prick* witb i-irniaSMi Wimn rli»»r piim'ljili; va*!-, | An rmi-'mr'n g\H — »t 
catIv mom he pniiiU f And ull dny Eoii^i ttud whfln lujcbt oiimM tbit Uujp | 
IJlfhU uj* his Rliidiciuji forehead and thin bail'!*''— [ So AAw^l#^y prwk'il 
tbv siifii Ji|>l><^iirM \ Oil Sij]ijiib\ aim/ >fiittbi-w ArnoM SuArȣ unr/ ifwruni. 

143' TAp^Iov: Aflic ^oAapa. — tvawv ; ojittvnlcnt tc iimkoiv 



147. vM4v<p#rr: contruu tr^vpi vith K^fMti. Tho wound matt bavo 

ht^n in fmni, iKit on Uifl nidf.^ itiJiCv lu^tli Uli^'b* itri- ilalunL 

151 f. *>ffi»frtv rV fAon,^ uvliLrh l>r]iinit ttiN ftnpw point 1ii UiP •h^.^^ 
IwTik : jr: . wruA^, — iifroppw i r/ T 313, bui ti?t*^ advprliiar 

1&3, Tvtiv ! L^j?- MuQcUiu and tho» nhout hiiiii — ^«f4 Kwon ^C)q AT8, 
154 iJ, \npeit-- im A iVi^.^nae'iYvipi : tar ilin Iruylli of tJ]ii iilltlna, 

«— f t4itiiiOv ^ ttp fin B 124. — a[av: AgiyH* wiUi ffj, niijt>flt, of »pMT»J(mfi. 

157 f- nord K iririirftv: Altifl nnruTmnJiJuiTM- — inrr^: a AUnding 
ftfnth*t of upKw. fvt'ii wUtn tiroken. — <Xwy^ prvdxcftl*. 15* = B 311, 

160 f. cte : r/ dsif f/ui Th'. — Jk: rrtiiitiriHt v'ltU rtXd. — U: «>^ flu 

^AWnrar: gnomi^r, '^ Tin- lireivclt of faith will iart^ljr hv pumihed." 
*TLc leillU a( thv ^dd grind jdi>whr.' 

163 t, = Z 1171 — ToBt: rafora to th« following «oiiUaovp — fiUXg i 

16S = 47. 166. v^I ^ for the dntivc nfter JirC </- MckUv HI. 

1€7- lirivnCfinv; £or tbo moda, {/. k^^bu A L^1^:f ,- a(y(5B : r>ri B UT. 

168 f. diri-TTn . *<p'r uii ^t^"**?* A Ci/. — tx^ irfSrv yn't/for Shte. 

ITO' l''*'r ^1"*' Julln™* id f^finw.^inii, »m><i .m A h<^. 271- C/". 3 llS> 

17»f. C/ B latK^lhroijuv 'EX«v7|v r lliin n»ft»y givni tho OAOM fot 
^^Tyurroi IitfM>*7lv 171. 

177 1- *in»p4ff ■«>' J «r. In mockury, --naX« ktA. ! i^ 31- 

lT9f. U(Ov:>'/. tr*'^. — mlMl^ </. A If^L-BUrfvai: hh- im 301. ' 

ISI f. *iv wiwnrvt <ir\. : i.s, vriUimil lIuW mid I^m* »poiU i»f wiir, and 
with lnMiyloM. Cf. 6 206.— 4*T ^, ^ 176. ^x^»- ''r. nwnJIoir mu. 
^, niiii^ lellu* prlu* Ima dfihUf^at VVq:. .4rrj. iv- !M, 

104 f, «A [^ir-t] ■ €ir */^ W4 r aiid- ^«^p«%Bi* 1 lr«?»I, 

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— at ; vttiioli — ^Oka fcrA- : Mr on A T^ . 

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WQA Uteri for u ixtiAfortntiait Ui^m one pul of tho field V> ani>lh«r, -^ not for 

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256-271- I- Wonwn^un 

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<tvD4: «^- till A ftl. 

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riifid ipcant nnd }iolmvta tlirungvd, Acd flhioldfl/ Milton Air, Lwt yi. 

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2aa-29i. ry 6371-37-1. 

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A 4ia.^'Epn4aXU»«L Ui« «tory la lold Fit full litnj^Lb in H 133 IF- 
320 1 ifflvm ! fr. dyi^ lE: tMi on A ^i^d. — wOv ^l*t : iio« on A1f37- 

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ttvnf : for th« nvcu^tiv«, in »^ite of ir^ v, *»cou A&4I, 



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'LiiCr|iCivi?* AuriHt, ^d*«|fc^va^ I'lciJii.a^Le. 

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393, Hwpovi; ill ftppooidoa villi Xoj^.^Tlio U4ii«n Ij&t« 



396. «ai vote%v: i>. \» 0'i»TtAim' tAfji*, loo. — Aj^ftni': c/. i^^rrai 833, 

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bo BiwrMl. 

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40l> O: A511. 

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40i f- 4**^' ' ^<%4J' — rd^b; i^. true. — Nolc Hje fuliowins ' ujn- 
Ji^LiHi* And Uk' ru|iuiii,ioii ot rjfttX^. — }'f^- f^l^ A Tfl. 

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tho Kpfi^oTii, dottrc^v^l llii- city. ^^ -nvpAif^por' ft. tfann ihe fpthf^n-— dy^ 
Ydm; dual, fur Didiued and StUnclun, — WA -nExo*- ef. D^IO. 

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413 ff- Si^Vf-n ri-j-Bcttimvph to»v<D. S*oiiSBO, 412. C/. A Mi. 

415, nfrr^ |Jv^ Qorn-UttTo with rvur^ A« 117 : ilwl Ajfioc !■ coDtnuiUid 
vr JLh vn'^ jn I^ki «tirui? (ilocv Ln Unt vrnv, bc(4>rR Ow |fUiBVi 

417. 'AxAi^v; jC^nitiM^ »r dHtjhtf or fKMalbJy g^nllitt^ ^Jw^lul^; g 10 ^, 

4L9. C/. V 2if. 430 Anio^^ f/.TZSTT. 431, trtf: r/ T M 

Fur tJu: 9Upputv<l Apcctator. f/^ i>80. 

423-456, I'hkt vL^nc might foltavt ituiriDdiiUely oa H 4H3 nr B TS5. 

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438 f . ifAiy* icr\. : r/ B &L)5. — ^ytft6yw : at llit linul uf thf Virfnv In 

Ctmtr(k>t v-ilhol j'4X^x. — «lScKrA.^ cf. V S.—^uLftt- I'l^ T 2^2^. 

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and rvfunitij in Tpwvv AAoATfroa 43R, f y 8 1')&. 

434^ Xcim^: for 1Iil< ii<iUH-U 4l*l' f 13 u. 433. Twii 'i^rpiiTvilit hiatu*,' 

436, Tptfivy: hm on Iil3. — At^ vriHbTvV: r/ A 10. 

437- t» : r/ ;im r :*3S, — yV^ = r/. II WM. 

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ini*t(] primo. iiioiL netit^ att<jllic iu durad | jzigici|JtuT<|Ur acIo ct 
cri}iT(t intnr nuhU& ««n<lit Acn. av. K9 f. C/, 'SciUu nWincdj 
C"i!»oihig All bin m%ht dUttted infKidl I ■ ■ ■ UU ■UtiiJ* nuuUivd tli« 
flkjr. mid on liU cnvl | &Lb hurtuv |>1uiiLtii,' Alltloii i*ar. IaM iv* 94S J. 



442. C/4^, 

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ptAllel lo fiaiva- — Md 4wi aerX- : -' mliilt^ alilE it vraLW *l^- 

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dill I Amt vt'trAiM-ti^'liuili &]ji] miuldfnini; cijr j Of Uiu«v v'bu kill nud lliuw 
wlio fh^i' Sf'Ott U'tkrf'y V. $1 ; ^±^vn?«l| writhLQ^ ELiiguuh. JabotuiLig of 
th« LuugB I III that cliH? miaU ELEid cT>'i[igii for t)iD light, j Mdona cf (iia 
driagT itiui i^^ivcg oi the ioul,' Tennyitoii /"ovirii; v/.lrrAur. 

o^uiy^ lu t^AAufinuiTH 4J>3> j^a^t; gtcuu^r^* 

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dikn Nlir-ir AUfJiiu* unite-,' 3t*otl fflf/p ^fftr T^it ^H- 2i- 

455. t*W«v; the point of ctitiifiariBOii, — *«ii|»V: </■ 275' C/< 
rJt[iir1u4 tiKifititrio fhrntTn^ ti^Tr^im . . . Mtiippt )ii»(*iai altol 

aoui|]iflo« Hutiituiu aa^ i de rertUc levator \^rg^ Atn. Li. HUO ff., 
knd oJho if. xii, A:J:t f, ; -ThPii like tko hUIow in hin counto, | That far lo 
•i<8wiinl Aii^U hiH wurr^t | An't flirty li> vihuiv ^riii iniiPf-rM fnrcv, | BunL 
Witt loud roAT blicir raurniur botrBt\' Scott Xai/y u/ ^ lAkkx iil, 0. 

456. T*v f!4>nBtniu with Ux/i- Cj\ A 4U. —y^vrr^ : non^^UL 

457. Tfi^i>; E^uiiHtivL! wjili JvJ^. 
4fi9-461 = Z D-ll. 

459. ^: riiJirkK tliacluiuwuB rvpptitionof 457. T/ETH. 

460. -H^Ci: «c. ScS^urfy^viM object. — trv^or atrw: c/. A 71* 

461 f. Sm: iu ip}uiiiUoEk vith tw, ^. :iiU-^ v^ipyw; m- {pMM. 
C/.h:m. 463. vo»A* r/. xop^l^l- 464 ^ B :Vlh 

46S- SUi; iiiJirk thn vtkikii^ to tba impvrfoet. — |ff*Mr^: — iruATtfui. 

466, |kLiu4«: ^. A-llA. 

470. 1^ |iJr : «,<. HIcpheooT. —mk^. U, Mt body. C/,Ai, 

47a f. Av4|p &t€p«: «iiuiTiklant to dJU^Awr- C/ Uj^U tIi-viu vfp 
VvrX' At". >i- 'ny.^wt*K; for this »h'jrt injuulU ih'v § XiJ". 

4774 niXiov; «r. roMT^iih 478- *' Ui- did not n^^y hiB pvonU' au«." 

479. v«r« : coufitrti^ with Soiyic, T/ f 43Q. 

4011 Anvii^: ../. PdSO. — x<H»i- f or x<4uC<. ^/. W^; A 4M. 
483 f. m^^: fnr LIm lUbJuiictJTn, if/: T 01 f. ^M^ ««; ^ dU^ re 

485. ;^. tMon B4Ti. 

406 i£*T«|H: -gnoTnie^* Kr-n<!e BubJimttlTv, i«^^. 

408. ntw^ r«f«r» to oi'yvpn «^ J^. f/. F t&3. — 'A.4.^(&«|r: | «! f. 



491 9 U; for Ihrt ropt'titliJiL ijI lht> kiiIiJ4>'i1, b«>i qh A llJh 
493 4^: ^«. hid Luulj^, tL(^ ileui] :iiiEii.ilfJu«. — ol ; ilailv? oMnUimi. 
494' rtC: vttUbal, CY 168 f, - wreirrapJv**o; pvuivc. Sec f GO d, 
496. ^YY^- ■^- ^ ^^^ 1.io>)y of bU fn^MJ- 

496, aT^poi- ubUttvul ccnitirn^ mv ^ ]l} jj j6, — iXi«v; (/. «'0, ITV. 
500. v[ip Ftfiriav; ''Ifjirly PriMin Im-I a Ht-x^k f:inii ul Alijniiit. 
QOl. MpOk« : for iK' ^iLilhe. r/ rof 4M, 
509- f|: ri^ttir* to £au/Kr but 01x^17 (wlLkli b udded in apjKultJoii) {» 
Atrpmly In th? poi^t'ii minit 

504. A ftviLiritU^ Truurrinjc fortHuU. Tbu yvnm In tiiou]{lit U) rcbo 
lJti> thm) 'if tfiv pHTri'^rV fhll hikI ttic ring c>f tii» nrin*. 

505. trt ; i]cniftlTUp witli ;(tti/jjyuuK. — W; for iU putlUoii, ^, A -117. 
506- iU^q: fnr (ho ]«nj^U of llio ultima, c/ lif^n 
30B, ntpYiiLMi T fr, trnm IiIm 1i>m|i1i\ Sp^ E 4-lf^, — ««<ra« - '< ^ruii^fi/ 
509 r X^Tp: Ablalival, "Xl^. "nr aIoiiv." — xp^i, -^uhi^cl, 

513. »« fidk tiU: >7, It 70;t. 513, x^"* ^riir^M r^l A ?»]. 

314- imlXcai j-r, 4<pom^uf. 516, |bi4Uvnia ktA' ■ '^. 240. 

519. iiHipfpr: onp uf lliii i>vo AcciiwtWtv in th« activif oonarmcUvii 
j/^iA* AtM^ji ^I'^/ij^v] U r*-iJiiTi*«t1 in il»i' [i;iGKiv>> rwiMtnicticn. 

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52€. I'cr lilt niliLvmtiou'oi j(,«/3U0. — t4v: i.«. DfoTM. 

527. T4lt : /,P, I'Unflh, 

530. J|»4«Ti»«: 'ir^ie Ant sword; middle 

633. ^Kp^o^&oi ; poMlbly liko AtiurnoAU indi«nii, vUh a »v4lp IO(riE< 

537, ^ ^i>i i>. rir^Qi (oHr t.). — lUi It, Diom (517, B 0^). 

538. ff*pJ: rf li 117 539. Ay*rtt«: for the opUtiv*. .y; Snt 2:^3. 
541, &Yvt U- •'^1-' "II Aril u( A 'L'' — S'tr mir i^oulij dure as nri vb«rr%vfr 

to i<iit.<-r •niLih A liolJ, iinlrti* miliar lh<* ii|>kLa1 pfoUclion oi lh» iti^lit,^ 

MS, xop't : ^J fJitf AnrK/. — A«ftrft L hialiu juvtiAcd hj pau^i f £7 (. 

543, fdp ; rufan L> JKcmiro. 544. vp^t^H ^/. £'J:f, M 41?l, 

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%iorj ei tlie bhltlt^ ilj> t^i thv* j^ilut nnd a |ii^pai-fttioEL for t>tc more 

im|>aHAiit cunlat «iiirh foillovif ; Imt iJio luL two itfTHi < jfiuy han Tvca 

ft rtui[)«Qdl>t'a ^ taff,*" moftiit to «^ad o]i a rtclCfttli^ii.' 




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1. Ivta^ NH j\ 21};^ — *Alit'*1 ' not only th« i^^lftt of war, bQtfttu ih« 
0prci.ll |<utpjnc5ei nt Ujaiiitil. m blie IilLiI tvt^ii of Ijti father (A OlMJ), 

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l^iiiiriri all^^r*! Iiui- ) ' ■ ■ Tboir uiuni-iiin, vjmli'J thilh fnuniiii|f, ti« ltiPVOsni<V 
TrniiiiW)!! PHnrrtt V. 

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MopondA to jri>^<^ 4. ai]J w^ivt to Anri^. 

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cumr. — 'H^aVraw-- tlm rrojnn4 houonH tlif buuv dmniti«n u Oio 

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le, V^^^-, j^t^U*^. 

X9. p#n&tiA^iov : c/. S 1^>, For thft «orrilx?unil. *•^<^ on E AO- — An^ ne, 
hj the i:4*[ tpf hi--« •i>i'jir-^tinr»w: -cimiiot-" 

$ 8:^ '^) <tA. : -' Liif alaiiL bnjtliHT." 22, oAfti *rA. : "/- B 7ri3, 

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34- &<«i "tA- tjii» w onlj a pretext. 

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at Vn. 37. IicXftnv; afli-r Anr»' vhUHilr^flal. 

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40. wpimp : dntlM of IntotMt: ■< In hU bftok tint, na lit tiim«rl to fi««." 

— fTpi^ W m; cirnhkuu wjlli ir^t0T<|i> Note tiw ou^mmi- — lum^pfvy: 

41^ IXOffO-n : «<?- ^ir Eui uUjoct. 42 = A rMX, 

43. &^. c/ Jiti-li*. 4C S>: .^.^uZ^i^. 

Oil footi Noi^ hr? fiturt^ to mount hin chariot in vrdrr lu Hav* 
47. r««T«t <IX<» : f/. «S, ^3, »1U, 6&fl, Uf^U, A ICl- 
00. M<nrl«iui id able tti lights in Hpltt? of \xU wuuiul (A 1>in ty 
61, Gffici^ . '^/ A 72, B ^7. 63. oAptrtr, tocaW 

53. XP'^'^M = ^/- A ^'i^ 64, iinipAkfcu : ff»r jjhinkJ, bm on A SOS. 

5G. 4Jf Gourao tide iji^ptii?a tlmt Merir^lam draio hiin. 
67 1, = 41 £. S9. The nuiiUH inJivutc tbv craft cf tho foiaUjr- 

6a. t« : iV- Plti^nccIuA A^ftiii. 63. Apx«^Bvt : •«« on oCA^»un/r A 2. 
£4. I'hitrvf liiH pn^^ thtf |wii)dtv for iii« nir-rk- — !■ ■- OAiittnu- u ilh ^f. 

— S^^oTti: 9C. tliiit mbfortuiHf woul<l 1»fiLl] Trciy if I'urin abDvltJ bring 

66. p-^^t :a>d4R:a. — 4|: r/: AflOS, 
47- 4jt(tHi^ ; id nnKn^tUn with J< 

70, jLik^ W : r;Mii(rn)'Uil. Ni^arlv M^itlVHlffiit tO Sr Fufth' fH^ 'vvta fcrX 
73 f. nw^qXfK' i>^tit]ti? ;;aiiiLivt\ wilb Iviov. — 6ThKp4f ; i/. V 3S0. 
76, -VviLP^ Y"^^^ *'cold rt«l." C/' iAAulum ora moutorilii 
QvM .If'f. V. U.f- 77, h: i.i^- Ihktopfnn. 

70. ^*t^f> : i/ A 1 1. 70. &^: (nBr1f« tlii;* 04 n r'|>f.<lition of It. 

BI X'^f**^' 'inn - */. ^pn' HO S3. «r«i£^^ forAf^iTin, 

60. >v«tiit , fi- i&Jiv A 223. 06. EKplanaior? Ill iror^iourt irrJi, 

91. IXk^ra; i^otifllnjn uUli TVt 4^. — Al^ A^ppoi: puiH or B 14A, SI 

g&. AifcABivt vri. ; r^. l^mirUrtti^. S<m A 84 1 97. M:i/. AftL. 

98- Tvx4r . </. Ti^Jv^u^ A 100. 101- M i «oiulrue vilh t^| 

lOa. jftwft; r/lAMtU. Fifr^Donil On/ 

104. &Hx'r*^ r/A^iU. 106. tix'|>not^ f^ruithtg^ 

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109 ^t- r/ A SrU. tffitlfnf — StliMnt'luit WU v*itJrt^ utd watrli- 
icg for hint, niih hin cbariLit^ See A 220. 

Ul. ««* Inw: J?/. «ra^>f<r« lOH. (IppojKxl to dm^W V ^VI, m 
^ dj^iaiL' A 41*1 Ul itrfiurw rt^lT. itiI |0' Jnruy in Li> hnfiatvm ifid- 



119. ^m : r/ A 47. 

Hv JV A^Kf^ 117- viv : oj^HMr^l I'k ffor^ A* ift* ti mirpL 

116' jnl It jcfA' . |u^ir:tiil^ti<iaL In tUat^ tbu oclson iroulJ jirrocdc 

120. C/.Ai^. 122 iroSoirrA. : in JtpjKxiti.in ih1l.hyi^ 
123 >^ AOS. 134. M; f/, T 1£.— |kix«^: f 18 e, 

137-132. Tlivjw vrttjv p^v'^i^ tlir way forfl^O iT, 

IS*}- ^X^^v ' **/ ^'*''X' ■^^"' i^- '^'^ ^- i '^'"^ ^^ Ti<iH«r »ic(iL« [ MtcHiui] 
fp>ni Arlftm'i fj^M« llii* rtlm rfHioti-il/ Mit^rti Pfir. Ltwi \\. 41 1 f. ; 'and the 
I,*ird opr?[iL«d i\ii^ c^'» of thL* yc^un^ iiiuii. aiiJ h? uTf utid b^^holil tlio 
uioanUiiu wu full of honm «iid cbniioU of Am roucd altouc EliiJia,' 
f A'i'»^« rl. IT. 

130. %%h : <jf fii)i[rAit )Ti liiifiiAn fcrm- 

131. Ath'-mt rri)ik»-ii a HinLiatiirri of hrr oumm^infl. wt a ctv ihoiiglit 

laS. Kal p|uiAt ^ Mia f^irm nf Ui^i uintc^nni \k rhnii|:«iJ, and rJiiii U ]b(l 
m Lbe ur. S?i« ink j^ ^T^d, Z 510. 150. vplt : mw an A ?ld 

140' W^rfc: w- ffo*^^- t4W: w-^Aci. - ^a^hb^ art 4nt^n. 

141- i* jJt: jr. fjtt. — ^ A^iOTUb : r/^ Jin«nnJT*^ii Ji l^*.— -Tim lion 
fr>rb[nlA Iua liiiTit^^r bi lu* aiij^cr. 

143. aiTd|i h: i-j: k XMy 143. jlC^ : ti'MuiibV '^^ IS4. 

149 t '■ 1H(/iiihI hit out cuul stru«L tlie otlit^r." 

149. trtipnAh* [ (/ A ^'^• 

IflO- "Thfir fntK*t did not ItiN'qipet tholr drfAinii for t^pm m ifivy 
I'AiaiT lo Troj," or tfaf^' m>ald not Lat« cciinfr. ^. B SiM), — Ipx^th^iou't ; 
t/ lOh. 1S4, Ivl: oiw, "M \w\T tij." 

159 r tu|^v, 4(h^DHfM*: Ivo ACouMlinn afWr a 'Tvrb ul dt^rin^* 
8wII.T2i; G. lOflO, 

157- npTT. US fii IhVI, llio pAftktpIc bntn the ini^orUlit thought. 

1G0> fltv M trA. . NiT, HH jiix-antiJii] jtnd v> r'lmrKitfvf. 

161 i^^ ■'on^lnii' utt.h ofn, TU» liifllnit1ri*for« «(£tf W ' Jtivpartnt*' 

1G3. poo-0|H>4vi'; aCtfai-U<d from (Lie OAO of fiavai lo thai of my^ 
nx ktX. 1€3, r*v« wrX, : Ao'A fA»r, — 1| : Me 011 111, 

167. &? iidxiiv ^ fiT-^T rA<r tor;/^ Ji^ld, 16a f , =: A Afl f. 

170- £vTC#t iifiSa: ja i^iiivalfint U> irpomjvSa, oi^d brrno« U follonr^d Ly 
two EKVLiCHliiF*, firD« (c«|;nA(«} »nd ^V f<Urwt CitijwIJ. C/- BT. 

171. T*t: c/B^ae. 173. f: ui ifrjbcA. 



on A 450; </ A IQt, 

1T«. LM: I-/ A84.— Avoax^vi 

ITS. U<, A^rf; r/. tfooir^ia. 

176- Tpttovt f-ir fliYiJuir.lTi'^ dfiH on A AL 

X9a t#«v^ KAUml. 1^euAe&.^U\-. </. A515. 

lei, irivra: runit«r. (/, A 3**0- 184. viot t m appoaltiou wlcli Ji^^, 

1&3, £lhv6( tiot; c/^ nt>iJ ^lun liuniliiu Vm^. .^ni. iL TTT> — rdd : 

i^o^ciLu >w«ii«<atLV(i villi ^laiVcroh ^> T ^UDh K^'airty cr|tiivol'til t>i)i-rw. 

IBfl. TiBii n«4fTff. 191. Ws icrA- , an iofrncncc. 

1»3 A""dov«: -.p?. miTp^. (y, A "^ll'. V ■J'lS. 

ISy ?rfirrai^«. i/. B 777, — JicdfT^: 111 appiwilliin with ir^V' C/i 
A ftoil. 196- Kfjf rlh< fiHiiJtr of lorw^H, ttr^ vpH B 776. 

IftT mXXi: (;nnatri>H «v^rh frfTiAAc I^H. <.y, A'2'3&, A ^\ 

190. J|ix«|^^: "uIlf^Moarr rorTrey."* IM. ^. A 889. 

300 fti>xi*<>v *tX. ''Z B 315- Frjr the datlTO d imapont, e/ 
Tfw^iEnrt :^l]- — Ipitnm; atcd Itf^R in A vvUtu- witH-. (/- Ft »24l. — 
I'bjri^ivu's vi'xi'tl At hie ill aticu<*HV willi tlin bow, wlalif« ttuit kiu had coma 

201- ^ T0% jnl.: «i^. if I hod Wq pDtauodcil. 

S04. Xiirni tC-Tvmntt mipfian. 305. 4pa: "ax 1 •«» now/' 

307. 'ArpriSit: »■■ A 1)1 ft. 

309. *v ^'' ■">> ><"' '"'- "^ ^'"H ~ C^' A 116. 

314. *"/ B 25& r " I iv^iv I niuj ilii^, if I donl." 

315. hwit9^. r/Ba4a. 316. i*«|.iXiA: </ A 306. 
317- (/Al'«6, 

310, |i4|iitA>; m^uji A 16h^itipoi, trpCr: r/ A I'd. S9S f- 
319 *w( ; corialni- ^^jtli ^ifipi". — •iy; F»-r t-n A S^J^^ 

336 r '' Vou VMy d^^'>^, trr viVM llio epcbri just m ]t\>ii phnjic.**- 
AfwyiM came on fool (IS?), but ^ua t*ljftrio»pr dmvo up Inur. 
381 fi itfiXXov: 6ffUrr. — itv^nrA.: /nmttf>fT/rvM. 

334. hi^tpi\ttv : ri'. if^ujc iik (]1jj-«ffL, 

239. t^or t]i<^ rhyin<-, ^uit^vrcfi ^lamt, hc £ 13 «, 

344. hn nV iiix*'*^^ - ^ 1-^^ 

840. rrtr«uf,lit<iic«l. 847, Alntat: comUlitv with A ^ 245. 



243, |i^p %*• Ihii iitrm *>i |hi> McWtKW it» olwng^J. A pmiliw iii 

3S5. aOrif*: i.e. on/ifoU 25B. i{: monaivUrLlila ; { IJS. 

257- irtti^ : rj\ A a«. 259 _ A Zit. 

260 f, " If J alay the mflU. <lo yOu lucjt nut f(-j I hr hirKi%." 
261, »ArS<^ i,«. tltnw>»r inomtMt. 362. 4^ L^rv^ jftA, . c/ T 2(Lh 
363- AlrtUff; ]iimt4 rirmut'. 269, 4|f : Mal\\n1^ v/trJiii:k tr^'ftt. 

2C6^ iilot . *.■!? ''tn fioL^pi^ A 111- — wfliWjr : t^nmnfftAtr, — t^K^i 7,''uis 

2T0 fF. tAv : fiiiiliin-, or H>urc<. — Y<*^n ^U upponltJoa UlUi l|i«aubjec1' 

273, EtJdr'jitl; tEjL- tioiMTi t^iiuld iioL Ixr nijilund wiUionl civi^niiKilii 
l^id mjuUtr:4- TWts vicUiry would bdnj^ filj ty. - ui w jitA' : ^/^ A flO^^ 
P I'Jii. -''.97 

37G. tir, ■>. tKom«l. 27G. vf $A*t atX. - r/ lOU. 

279, kt m xrA. : on fA^ e^anet tlktU. cfr. 390 ^ L' i^:^. 293 - 10). 

2S4 f- »v«*ta: f»f fttmmtlWv, *tf« uu A .ill)- — u(rx^of<r4at : r/. 104. 

297 " Yi"j TiEis4<'cJ nu\ l^iil I ^till imi 1^1 von try ikxi'iiK" 

2BB f. wpi¥. wp(v: </ wofjtK VI ^ — at|uin« vJtTi ' verb of falliuiii,' 

291, Atva: ' Jlruil of (Lialiou/ —Mpuw. lo- Qikw. t-* »uti]BCl. 

292, r«A: i-«- L'^nntrLCim. Convtrna mlh yAuinmtr, 
S9$. Pf^rluitiM l^LTidjitLm 1i->ul ln« 1i»ikI limii, 
it9^^ r/. 57. 514, 397, iw^yn: <'Ii<ti|»-d ilowft frcm liiac^kuriot.'* 
299 htint: ./, A 319. 

2^9, ifi^lM-^ r/.2l,A»T. 301, rcfl, i.', mj-^i. 

302- tf-f^i^CiLUl: r/. A 4'A OUQ. 

303. ^p4u*. i^riU^ijlUI ujir-Aii^*'. #}$£$, 

304 vlo« Kr\.: ir/. ^^niilin tkmic h»minniii prodiKll corpora 
ipllui Vcfg- ylffl. SLii. IXH^. The mi-n uf llie foniior gvnnratlon w«v* far 

inightifTi Cfi \-2r-j. 

305 f. vw^Jk^v atX-; ]>iniathvticftJ- — mriXviv: try: • Uow ilu ^ou BUirpove 
ymix lower iiiuba art ]ji.<ld La jruur Luilj? Tli<-j mv mii-kvd U|i lij^ t«a 
cnp]>iiie vt'*»l8 ("<3otvloi(| " — <]ii[k^l]k^' — curitioeV HuLuh AtiTvcrtit of 

309. ir»x*'ll- '■/■ r5"«, 

310. Y^^= '^^'>^^ — ^t^^ ■^^'' *** £»i 47, Iti^T* not of ilMth but at 
i fn\t»,n. 311. diHX«tro: atv an A 332. 

312 = r 374, 313- Wtf ; ^/ B 71 1- - C/ B 821* U 

316 r ^et piX4w: oil A 2tfl- — ^aAhv Miicjtn*.' — Iv T With f-lmro 



ns- iv^r^Aldl 330. l^rcTiehitlcal, — T^av^ ^. »$, A lit. 
321 324. r/, 2t\l-'20i. 

336- iv:Av«M^n. 339, TvSc(&f|v; Atlor ^wni- — Imvt; iliri^tt c»]>jecU 
331 r. < fi: <;/: A 244. — oW; and not^ — MfAr: cojibLtuo wiLli 

334, l-txuwt «<*. Kw^^^nT t^iiXavifr/ & lUO. 

340, ^ : |ir> fn iho TnliM. — Cf. ' Prota iha ^Mh | A #trcam of nec- 
LAmiiri hniiiour iMiiing flcvwl | $an)riiiiiv, nkch m cAlufttEal t[ktri1ji nifty 
blt^L' Tklllkii P^JT. £,fuf vL sot S., at SaIad- 
342- KajLiivra^Lf/, A:JU3. 
343. fJ^in. iri : </ A A!'« : f ^2 A. 
344r. |Hr4x<l»<''in^^"™'- — 'niA<»^:'-/^l^ 346^^17. 

S47, C/ lOK MB r/r4n*, flWO. 

353. TtCp4*« U X /art^ mt0 duJnfKd^ 




ttJ ^a r 121, 

tc» of liur IiaikI. 3S5. a|»um^: <r, uf lliu (irwk hafl. C/. 3Q, 

35^, Wr»: Boe on r aL*7. 347. rati-vH*^^ - confllniif whL <imvt. 
350. ffoXU: ^y, IfiT. For th& lon^ iiltjnta, r/. Aui A '"^l^l, 
35$, ^OU; r/ ^ loS.^a^iLwH; ;/, A 094. 061, (; cui^imtr accu- 
Uliv». 365. «^ .frX. : <-/■ r 30:i. SSB. A form u In. 

37r tvvvKH: AW ui] ivkyn 343. 373 = A A6L 

394- itV(^ icrX- : rvi cJ'pfA ojritdtr. 

377- ,\iiawar bt 374. 37^. ydf t T«fAra tolVSiogi'lM ^76, 

303. Cy. A GdO.' — Dione oontfutU h>^r flAu^Lb^r hy rvcuuutiiii; Uw 
«xa^iL;(rti>ff if thnv goil« wbo hod mfforrd wono than Bh«. 

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367- -ipifftf : <c- mich a likrjtr jnr hr. tlu^eo fcKiml b; 8ehl(fm«aD At 

HkBUirlilc, ATif] a^mii^ In thiii Kb)rv f>1 ' AEf lteh« acid th» Foitj TblfTM^' 

wUk'li utrvod lucuteriui and lu plucoi of iitiU-ftffi^ for|ft»li>. ^. ih* 'tub* 

of Di^K-iuoK SiflD tho cut cii] llin Ei].ijir«ltj> pAji*. ^BA«n: M^ /W^uni. — » 

306. 4irAMra:<-/. fllK 390. IfitXa^v : ArvwyAf <fdf Ay jfeo/fA, 

391. W: OB iti 3&*J. g it d. 

892. Nolhiug 18 kumru at UiU iitiit\. il^Ei-w lU^m iianiv to iJl^ il^foiMe 

AP6, S«fi nil rorjaip P 144). 

395. fr Tvtn; Lt. amuiLC ttr fixLi ^~ho «uffcn>d h^riii from loartALL 
397. U^vQn*: ooiulruc witU tSurnti', I'crhaj* vIjod UttnLclo« Wu suifc 

for CiirlirrLiH. nad Iljidc* refusal tf> I*t tho doff ^, 
3». off^: fi:>U. 

4C3. «x*tX>«v : If. IIer>fl<«i. Seo on B 3S : «/. rtjnat 4Ufi. 

405 f. hr(,c<it^UMP Yith *ntL T/. T 15. — id: fAu, lulnxlnn^ 147 JT, 

407. fy. KirVir — »i&ii*uS«:^AKiV><v>»C,M<'f^Wi</. 

403 t "HiarlilldriMitlcirii'i n^joL^H Id Iilmitiini Irtan lb«< wbr," !«, Im 
^fK« tiot Kttini' C/. l^Q. 410. T^- fJi^nf«rt. 

411. 44i: fr ^H^. 413. 4{ $«T««- omt^ftViUi fyi^ 

416. In AppooitJun vrilh A/yHUnut 412, 

414. tifc^vT^jpiinr : tr. XV^ ^^ ^'^ ^ Sudr^ A 51. — 4v4: oODvlnio 
with ipifrp^^ — X'M^ ttliUlivuJ, 



419 1 api«fU«t fl-X : r/. ^ (I f. Th« Jokft Im Oil iW titd* of Uis 
f^dtwan nov. 'i^lii-y rvlurn tlm j^-M. — TOt*i: r/ A "^H, 

421 = Ti^. At)tcna 4t>vt hUt axk fur itUoniuitJun. <*XH>u'b Iw t«i«i1 
irith nw." 

€23 f, Tha nrfcronoo to ApliroJItA'i T^Tatfon ki llckn U obvloiu,^ 
iKmyXa *rA. ; rf, V 4iri. 424^ 'Axb^^^^v: mlitcil to ('ij>lrtin rCiV- 

435, ipttiV^ '/ dfiXiixjj'/v '4^7. 437, x^*"^"*!"- '^■"' '^'^ T 01. 

436 iraXi^ftia : tqiiivuli-rit to voX^mv, anrl op[K>4F>d ^.< yu/joui 4'JO, 

430- nfpTii; i*. llm fanner, — Not« thai oftoa Arid aitd AthfoiA Are 
p^ «i-nt-fJ B«< Lho Iv4) chhrf diviixitUJ^ uf war. But Afwllo, too, b< * worrkiV. 


433. tbY>v«^iivv: concc*«iTP-— I: in, <;^ A l^jO. ^ i«<iE^4 : i:/. A :^40. 

435. Afr6 coriitfiie vfttr Stiroj, 

43e. T|iC«,</ nH — rir«T«;i«feni1o4.tS, 

43&- ^ T*Ta|>w': 4(h> C»(1 H J'Jli, ^ &a(povi tcr\- : nr, tti tftl^tlL 

439, *|2£iicVf|tra5 ; r/ diVmc ^ 'Kl>i. 44a i^pd^o •■/- tppamm A 8S. 

441 f W 4>P«'^' f/- A 187, ^»<Xt: f/ A i^77. B :*47. -^jfi <rotv 
^iov r/. A 37i>- — X^l*^^ KfX.: ft-iiilvnlcrit ta Vinj^AnJiW 

446 t HvY^tmi : q/ A Tr^iK — Lvlu «iid liu chihlirii *fv (j(loii uiiitifd. 

44d i- *t&aiXov-. riiirh •'wruiih' i« iicit iii(tiitv>iii«fJ i^Hiiwht^n- hi |loca«r 
t%U'\ Jiif rui ifTijtniUnoi? in iJi"? ■lor;' Ji'Tf^ fy Vpr;;. Am. x. *^'Ml — 9,^r^: 
" Oir n-'.il At'EiL**),*' 453. lu opposition wiUi /3t»«4 153. 

455-11 456. «lK&ir^A„:r/:a?. 457 - iUL:^, 459- ry: 43[i. 

461 f. Tpi^: miji.vt'hv, ofV'H printvU T^^ifik' — Anu himself wb* a 
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46S t. Hri-. hitw hnfff — 'A%fiia\it: ^tlw cjf L^i^nt with rrf/nirAiL — ^^ 
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4T1< Sirpedim lia* iiul \r^en ujvLtiL>UL<d Wuix ntvpt in llw Catalogue 

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iLMmtfli I ha^ an wrmt^a to ATtrugc uil tlie Tr^iJiinH* uur vij ftxr of tticm. 



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peopir. 406. l[K^:r/.A^. 490- fib ; iV 487-4^, 

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^ A iV^^f H IftA. — 'Ax^Lttv ^uiiUtftk HfuT rhn Hr]Je<t^itv« of filju«. iv« 
11.751 f.; r,, \Un. 

SOO r |»»*^r v*.'ty lik*\y *ritb rcforoncc to llio color of Ilia ripairod 
KTaiit; i/h fUta C(.-ir« Vi\r^. fVr»r^, \. Iirt, rublciinilu Crf««i'A, L 3K. 
^^Tho wiunowinj; mid thi-rAltiu); v^rrr ii"ii<' in llm dlHfrii nir' 

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506, f*iw» X'l-P^- »/ A J*^' — A|i4<; ponsltnc wilh inaXi^t* 

507, ^j^n ktA, *:/- A L-21. 

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514 i- |M9b-ran: r/. xopWaro ^ 'Jl'J. — {v&v vrA- : 'taf» ftiid »r)und/ 
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S17- iXXat : in itpfHieiiion iriUi ircft^. ^ 4fy^ Jt* { i : m.y »ii A IT, 
5IA. r/. A4S9r. 919. i«««: niidi-ripfiiiili^hy Aumdi;* M-l). 

530. ftimt: Lf. AithautjqMCclftl eiborUluih. 522, K^tCvt: i^ii B ll'l, 
524, C/, < Aa tsUi-n from nifxmUiU'Top th« di^^kj vU>u<U | Awmling 

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535, rm*f>-rkL €/'. A l^'iT, 

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628, (V^ r Mfl- — fli>KX4: r/, Iffi". 

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ii24:». 533 r Ti^fi*v^.r44.-AMit:>nf 3tc< 

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539. rtLomp - f' *A>u>i^u^. 840 = 4^, 541. !■«« ' ^ A SOik 

544, 0b^r«i«: Jirt«r n * woni of fuElni'v/— Vvo« , MCUMAitv of q«c^ 

346 a.v8p«rniy: lUtlvi* of IntoroiL witlj ofutq. m oflrti wkli itntmriaK 

549 )idx<|t '^tA.: ^/ H ^'K 551 i. Vj\ A 158 £, 

&54 a^ «tX ! iiiiiiJLa4] nrtVr, for rlM^ luv fifc' y***$ Itaai. 

W7. C/: 130 5, 

559- vif4 : i^oHEtmo ftitb x<V"(^>^' ^y* ^ 1^ 



540- HMPnWv^v; th« pcunt of i?oiii |<nrui}n \ fj\ mfiKm$ry 5&S- — ' 
nnrrK : \ nt^w injiHEnriion Jn niUJpii. — -^ninriclitfJ iml Itkt piiw lme»." 
5^2 — j1 105. 563' TcO : t.e, Aonooa, CcmiitruL' with futrot^ 

564 ri : Uitrnditrt/iry U> Tvn «t\. M6- vipE ; ^rrtrjtht^y. 

567, bor t]i« tljDi^k'lit, <■/. A 170 IT, 

fl73- ol - f.(. McEidiia* ami Antilooliiui. — ■•<»«*<: *> . ihjmji of Himlfji, 
5tl C wliu urc cb[]>^ TM> AcbXb> ATI, 576- 4MI : 1^, ct ATS. 

576, rT«Xiu|aifiifa •- ttiT lh» iiIiIiila ItraTmI \a )t\tig^ hhi ^ RH L — (liiH of 

the tiio^l jiuUit irioinrnKMuHit ii^ ||jr Hoiurrii: pm^m* t» IIju r«FXR: nhicU 

liL> LLiiiHL^tf Wl ^H^'ii HUin lif-rif. 

57d^ tmiATtt: i*'- on <>r Ih^^r hU clariob. — lyx^ = iiuitru mental. 

581. Th* rlinrinU^r *^l<tnTv<l to iHTu lii* horirM to fllgl»t.» ■Inw PyU»- 

oj^^ncfl tiQiJ falK^u and be had no further duty in the batU«- 

582^ ^Y''^^ "^ pnrtitiVfl nj>pa«iiion with MtJSwtu. — Tig^^bv: r/ A 10& 
583. 4Xi>avn r/ A 141 f. 587 <V^aM>: ]'anittV« genItiT*^ 

890< T*(t: >,fH MrinrlAUs and Aiititochud- — «4f«vt: opposed to irrjnrot* 
591 A-X*r^: c/. h'J-J'J. 592. Kf^ ^/ S^i^i. 

593. m.B^a. r/: A:>^1, 
594- MiyM - a |rflTtiei|>Io la oijMKMod, to Corrfltpond l<i y fikr <y(frvirjt 5I>4 ; 

596 (. aYa»«« ^ for thv «pibh?t. Me g I'i r. — «tloi« r <■/. B TH5, 

598 liirbp^T' 1^ ^- — A^: ptvs tl» «bij;h< i.! oriTt^-^AvA V^ofi*: 
contfliiin itic point of oompnriaoi) . </. B HT. T 'tl fF- 

601, otvft npat«T. coffnaiu fti?cu4aUv«. - flftu)ai4t«^p; t}np»rfs«i 

803 1. «d|u: nv^nn, i 50 <?. --vol *«■: r/ A lOfi, A 13. —aiCMi; 
CAcrr. (Y.r[i9].^l75. 

803- ■< Itrln^A^, but V^p ironr f^tw towiifdi tb« ton" 

606^ |in>iwt4|btv : Jm iiiL|v:rAUft% 

607. aKW. I,', *A;(ru^. 600- X^h*l* ' '/ i^x^ MB. 

809. lU fVl irrJL : r/. inO, OlO. T/ 501. «I1 = A 4«l. 

613. vUvi for till* tAkttrt p«nu1t| c/. A 173. 

613, TolMt^ir itr\. : for luk of conjunction. </- lli4, A 09. 

614, JiYi : ■■ drovfl.- C/ B AM- 616, Hiolpa *tA. ; c/ 580. 
620^ l^ mX : ■* mltinn hit foot 11^11 him- " 

821. *y A 530,532- -*XX»:/ir--rJa- Sw H,70a ; fi. fleO,2. r/ 517. 
683. I Y< ■ '/ A f>T. — A|4(^w» : <r. n^pov. 625 f = A £31 £. 

837 c r*|. 828. ty. B li.t.J- 629, i^Aipa irrA. T r/. 83. 630 = V IS. 



632. ('j\ 2Ttt-'--vdr: i.e. SupcdoD. — mt: *i:e cu A 240. — vpdi: coi^ 
633 f " Wlij dhfjtili! yr^ii cnmi' ht-ri" to play UkV (W»afiiT" 

M7. Ai^ ^ oontilruo wilh 4(, p/. T 1«W. — irpvrlpwv r/ A 30S. 

63Q, Eji4-]Hrii;ht[u]i, " Hut uvhul HorL of a i:i[iii v,tt^ lUiradi;* t '* 

639. Au^Usrrft: C<svr *U Lion^. 

64Q ]^. l.u»iTir-d<(n prciiriiiif-r! Uifw honca u b i^wttitl for th« nn^uo ol 
hfA daiight^^r ITesdoiLc fr^nm * iva moniitcr^ Ileraclb* «l«v the uiquaUtt, 
ftiid. vhoEi tbo i^romina of LaoUHidon wia not fiLl0ll«d, larimd Troj. 

ry. Y i4ri ff. 

€11. <r4v «|wl ifrX,: t/, A 170,860 — ir«vpot^ph«^ : «r. thtin Lu>niodaQ. 
942. x'|P"'«- </- (Am multiii vidiiAiJict civibui tlfbgin Vrrg^ 
j4eri. vili. TiTl. 

643. ffflC: nuntrft^ttfl willi iL'tih-kM^ — Kftit^: rivHvWfj. — vr^^it^^vn 

MS. tlpABicrX.: <:/. A tT«. 64G. C/ T H22. 647, r/ 917. 

649, '■ l,(ionii*i)fHi'4 fiiutt ttii*5 foJly guv© tho victory fo Ilamde*,"' — 
dWp«t: rAf f;jjiFJ, >^\|iUiiii?iL Ijv dyaivv Acui^'%7rT0C. — i^p4£i|ifffcV : Tor \Xm 

650, lp£am : ffjn^wiivp. 651. dWIwia : itut kr yiif ai fyVE.f dut. 
653 IT. OWiTvc tlifl rcpcii^on nivA pri>niineiic« of ^u, Jjutfir* ^ju^i ^i^- 

659. Av^rro, .y. T ^IL'. 659. S-^i- f^ii 47. 661. 0i^;k^«v: {30 t. 
662. ***^ ■-'- ''^^\\'i\ iH-M> Z \^^ i' — tn' Kitilfl at SartK>doit\ il>>iit)i. lA 
Vhnjk the I>fKTt U?lbt at n 5<K). 663. |il»: rom-Utlve wUh JW6a5. 

665. tAiUv: i>xf«l4^ii«d W ^ftpMmi tlTtM. C/.Tn'^\^ Sre on B 0. 
667' ffirvv&avT«* |>Arlit.lv0 ji^TilliTd w&tli trT' tk *^'^^>. — ««'vov: liti^ o^ 

eonJlirt. — ^^^kfuiYits . c/ B ^5. 671. Cf. A 1S9. 109. 

673 f , irp*Tip*i : f^. r 400» CorniCrDc M^lh &i^ifD(. — * r = "^Z <^''^- — 
^^hr iTX«ova« (;{4;TjltiTin with rfiro fXnfm) ; cwitraslAd vritb tlin IniLinr; ef. the 

674, «AS^ '06vpHS: rr. but to PndooZiiq; r/ D 4TT ff- 

676- TV ^ . " ajjil SL*/" with n^rvriTiicc tu tho tw^i jirf^dhig nrvct. 

677- rtii-Hc \.y':\ati» \a\\^ (iri-uk iiaiik^a. 67fi = Vflrjf, Avn. \X. 7W. 
680^ r/ r^ri 661 = A 40i^ 662, «l «pA<ndm nt hi» nppmttrk. 
609> Shrpvdon in leady evea to die. if it l>LLt bv (iinoTt^ frii^jiJs. 

666. ffCv &pa jotJL : / N^cu not/attii. om it 0«ettv. S^r^doa Wiovm tlut 



A7U. eas. ty. 4«0, €B9, C/ ami. €90 (^p«ktA-i fir^&4«)d. 

691 SvaiTo , niiti\Alrijt tu dircHiraiTa (/ ti-li> 

693, ^nv^' ^^"" 1'*'^^^ ''*" 1'^" *"^^ ^'i* i^tivntiiiit- wlHdh in niPiitioi}0<l fn- 

i\urnt\y Its a frtitiflJar Lindiriarti. iiitl fjir fmm iTi" Srhpnu finrf. f^/, Z "^^iT. 
696, ?^(; on *T. 69B- 4wMrfliqvr»: t/' crtAcicrv A !\ 

6B9- WA ktJ^. I urvtrr lAe mf^Ar n^ tt€. A* If ■Cfr' drrHH Wfti to bw th« 

verb uf lliij svliUtuuh, 

70O f> 4ir(: fouvWft iw T ^> — 4bTf^4pavT«; 4f-. T^coyri. C/. A 500. 

?02. JirilotTar n'. frmi Dioiiir-i]. ^^|}uk hr^jl rfw> jjifl In fliF-o^ni. See 4l 

703- -\ii[ii>(*.'d bv Vcrpil, Atn, si. UUl. — irijiroi-: mnsciiliiic, 

704. xA^»«= ■^'^ ^li^"^- ^<^- 4irl: advcrhiat, ''Oftffrhim/' 

711. rn%: if. ll«cTAr RUd Ard. 

712 r. 'ApYitovt; <il>ierr. iicciiwitiTr.--afrrti(a: r/ A OH. 714^ B ICT, 

715. AXLaf: pri^'JiflUlP; rf i ^i. 4Wh. — ■T\i\r pnifiii>«- in not nrn^ilictipd 

ckkii^Lerf ill llijmcr. 716 = B ll-^, 2iii. 718 =^ ^ ll@. 

719 ^ B li;?. 721, *rf4r^: r/ A 5fl. 

722, "^P"! ' *^i*' **'FV"'* hIkd in nfl!^ »ni1 .^2. — Furli ftH- nf jir«|>urHMan 
in cuLunrrabnl. — Tin: IIotdoHc ch^vriot nu vt^rj IL^ht, Nonbtn- rtsn is 
luvitli'^Li matt" <il ritkiii^ it to jiiccce ivIloq nol ifi ii^c. 

723, (£^te . r/ri Arj^A otir?, 724, A^tdi; i< H lH. 

725, $a.tftt^ t^X, : fi tran*ttr to heht!/t, 

726. <Cfft: UiT th^ t<-iiMi-, KT^ nn B 44S, 729. I^i iv>iiwtrnp vnih toP. 
730 (. (ilfcirt; iti^'Hffff. — <v. adrtjb wilb c/lAc. — x#^<M' '-<- adorned 

with lliui [>Lbl-^ of g.^]ij. 732. Ip^h** «rA : f/. A KT. tH'J. 

733, ftM^; vum^laUvc ttUb p& T20k 

734. WvXtr: f,e. lier<MvTi robo. 738. </ T HHI. 

740. ii*^, l»irtt ' drfruif. iifu%rl\ — \v/i\ fnrTiiw of Jptf. stj'if/-. 

741. Tt^i^ fiorgoi/n bv&J probitbly covortd Ibc niid<i)L- of ibc dhif^M. -^ 
inX^pn; m apiHMiUoit wirh To/iyin'-E iuifJi«d in Top^i;- VJ. H ^1. 

744. LJjjwitoli*- " LMrjfV «iiun]ili fui," ftt\ Or, "Julununl villi iv-prv- 
•i^atotioiM uf," «^. — 4mt^ r a round riumlxir: </. B 41R T 

74} f ^^: |5fl /. — ntf^ mtX.: } 13 5^. — ppOi rfA.: f 15t, Cf. 
■ poH'irTiiu.* .^IiirlU . . - Ihahv. IttfRC iviiil nmutL' Milton Pur. L'tot i, 284 f. 

749. «^T4|4Tat (*iLiLt<3mAU'): r/. Mill >l Ihc fzaif | Of Htnvon nrHviJ, 
i1j« j;ali.- •r//^u/j(neri tti<liv* MilUrii Ftkr. LmI v. 3^3 f. — |£iic«r, th*^ ]£ftM 
wrloiLtld (1*/. 75l%but yol thrfv vrn^nt, — The god<I(<f«Lt« Iwhi'ii 11wD4»]i'«ti&l 
Oipnim«f^ip|lir l^nvjitinK r/_^ Iji flT. 7S0, #ii>*t*TA_; r/. A 4»7- 

751. Kxiilain* ^nrrf^iTTub 7S3. t^: rXyloUied bj ii' uknuv* 



9S91. CfAliSSt. 7I&, C/.^tm. 75€p Kp«rtEi|i>: «M on A Mi. 

798. F.li^lii^-^ Allan, ^ hnr^nvf ; </. B VJa 

759- ,l44,*tJ^: r/ Bl2n.-lx*»- r/ "^;** ^ 50, 

761. TOii«v: rrmtj«Ttr|>tliiMiilf. 762. '/. 421. 764=^X^00. 

765. «I; nftrr ^uC </> MihAj£^ A 91- — Alhcim lu ^oddcM o( war in a 
#0Tl of rivni of Are*, 

766. iS**T|"fT^" r/.Ml7, T67. f^ 710, 768. C/ 300, 
769> f.'/. ivtiAa intrr cnr liruHiitc rrjIiibAt VccK- ^'B' ^^> 2^' 

771, nMn^: If/ A^o,— Xtumv-rrA.r <y, A-^^U. 

772. T*(r(rev(ffi: *r,_rtir. O- I' *-■ 

774, Ki]<tjuiiii iTLjra^ 77^. — ^i: *j'. A ^07^- np^AXXrrtr! i>bB<w« 
Llf jiohiLlciii nf t}f vnrh ItftHPtrn 11^ luo miIiJ^htU^ 

775 f. Cf. 368. — mill itr\, ; *r. in oriltj tj liide th^m. — Vpa, r/ 350. 
— ^«WiX^: Euljc'ctivu of t^o eiLdmys; $ A'i n. 

777, &|i0perli]v, tiiilv linn iix EihIiIin ; IrtiL r/, llt^tt^ 

77d- T^: i-f' Uiim uiiil fVUtrim, — T[ii> v^iorl dlvjid of tlt« p>ddrmrtf nTS 
WinrniHtoil Willi t\H< vtridi.** of Xhs herMK (q/Z T 33)^ 

779 MtfUx^i c/, T e, 700. ^/ PHO, 

781. tlitiv KrA. c/ r 105. 

7«a, V «'' *3 ^(>0. ~rw\ rt-X-: f IS/ 

709 i. XrltTAfi: Siciitor 14 iiirntioiLvii odIj Hit?, but ho ha* tfiven ah 
jiiljiM<tiv« to tile KiigHiih lAJiguhgc — x*J"''Pi**y' '/' K^^O- — "Ab loud 
» fif(v oriliuart men," 

787. <ai>*iXiYXw- '/ Bt^t'l^, — lOot icrA-: r^. T^. 

768 muKfrniTc; r/ A 4^fl.— Acliilka tiiiiiH-lf LiuaHla(| 3^2) tllHt vhJli- 
}tn Unrik jiijit irt tJi'f vuJiAict. ll^ciot dnivd Lo njiiiL* only In tJie giiU4 of the 
city, and oiittf barnlf oiraprd whim Jib mrt AcblMu- n^pa &' iyo /wr* 
AxoMXtm fftjX^ftiiw, I c/i« j^iXftriif tMX'jy ^"f' rtixtoi J^r J^y * t-jHrmp, i d\A* 
o<roi'(Ljj*/^j*i ^jHiiof T< iriiAflC "Tii t^rffh" '•^iti' - | tv^ imt^ titoi' «^i^jt, /''^^ 

nfi'nt to lUi^ Trojnits u nrtiQg on t-ht* rli<f«ii»it4',^ poo^>.^d up jii Uio ciijr 
during zill th*» yra™ of the war. The wi}" !■ prrpored here for th* vail 
nbldi the Oft^k* builrl iifviiml iLcir camp In Uiv Stvi-ntli f|i><>k> — « wnJl 
whlcrli WAA nut iij<i^J«h| wUlIl* ArhiflM f»ii|clit fur iW Grw^kn Tim h^ro U 
&bc-Lu]y liutKJtcd by iho Acliaeaas, »iuc« tlwy mcujTEiiiw ikt^h nnd of liitn- 

7M. f/ 176. 

793. #v«pount Acu^rrjiAT rn : uithiiiiL Idi'Ji df butilll^, M in 4H2: 

795. &«a^dx4nv rxfUhiol Iw TOS. ».i4 : t/ ^ 301. 

7M t O- ^ ^'^'^ f ^'^*' ^^ «wr«t trntotad lik« vrouiid. 



798- ftv '■ conflUlin wrlh JjT^p, 

600. ''Till? FUJI of T^'deiu in iiul liki- lliv TaLljvr.'* Cf. A 370 IF.— 

i^^Y^v^ odvetb nitb J«a^ ol: D««ontcd, aiuoo U in n^fiOEKV. | 13 a 

601 1 fu*^ J^A. : »r tin A 110, B 4]ri. — M£r fan. — ftn; the prin- 

iiiv4a3&f*. — 4yy«^«' '/ i ^8-1 ff. — ,uT4*rA.: f/. 08T, A 42a. 

605. toWar^v- in ciuphatie oonlr^Al iNitt /i4x<c-AH SIC, — -I ba^o 
hiTii f^A^t iij ^lulk^t, but hn <:h]itli>n^ptl Ujh Tlit^bi^na Ui ^ ri>nTJ-AT; 1 Mil tliri^ 

B06. a(v^: ndivnutiw En aviuym §05. 

907. irpg«iXatT« -tA. : «/. ^ fttt9 I. 

009^ ffsl; i-HniLrtL-ilod nilh Tydoiin- — m^trraifcoi: r/^ llfl. 

BID. idX4|iAi i>]»|iinMifL i^i m'ut twi'wm' ^02, — MAfk 1>iA rii>(wtir'fr>ii of t.Ii« 
fitcitoiin^ TTot, at. atb, tjtt vv, fti^. Sf^ OM 05*. 

BU- <*rt : i-i pliotf-l W forf^ ;}, luf if it br^longorJ ti> both oUaMA, bnt tt* 
pbu^ til thet M>n>iLil cIhiiiw in I^IInI li; vL 

813> timT«: <■ Iv jud^ froTD ><mr nolioTi^" 

B17 f W« rf. 812. _«in>Qir K'ply to ^11. — I^rt|>ifci>r i^: 120 9. 

619-821 rv: iaO.|J2, 621- vM^r . v. Ul Ktt^ iunu bllli. 

823 n. <y\ mu (L 624- |.4xrA>4: '/. 1^7. 826 ^ UIS. 

627. 'Apria: «{th rori|C iiRiniH, — ILi>l. «« fC^I. r/. 4>A<T)«a 745. — Hyt: 

838. f^t SOa B39. wf^i JlrUif/ an. 930 ffX<K(Tp> : h, irAi^y^ 
832. -np^t . </ B 3(l«. — m^n : r/. B r-PT, T SpS. 

034 1 T«v : r.«- lilt pntmiwa lo md the AchAa*rit, - A4' Tvw** ^ mv on 
1)1, 836. Awdpaunv; ^1^0. 838- |^- tvlvr^NUL 

839. Si'tV "-TJt ^ *«liiiuirnii«'; c/ ^ 133, l:>5t 1^^- 

Xiiwlivnt <lix3 u i^fxl i>lAy a mortal nilh KU uvii fiMirb. 

l^lic *a$.p of Hndr^* uhich Jiimili? tlit< urarrr tnvUiblu pvcin to 
the ^odji, u Qot mcnticiniMJ cliicwbvrt in Homer. Ccmmn myClioloji:/ tmfl & 
vlmilstr 'THmknp|i«/ Th« yoi^l iovt not 1hl»lc It iv*r^f»>Mnr/ to toll liow 
Atlirna orune lt> havp tfiU w ith Iut- The tLatiw bmius U> pU/ dj»tiiiin}f 
Upon ILq diTiTatioD ai tbc H<inJ *Ai^ fuiuAm). 

B46, iSt ■ tftc. 847 oMBi ■ XTpUiriHfl hy j0h ktX. »i%. 

64t. IHt ooiuAnw with Am^l^&w^ :>w U. 757; G. 1143. 

650 = <^»0. 





851. vpdHw! •tfcoorai" CorrelatiTe with 5iiT^io<6a^. '^ 
rf A .\i)1 — tvmdv: rr. of I>iDEUi<iL Ann U OU foot. 
053- dni srA, , i/, rilM. 

854, »r«-4y: c/. T ;j««, ^<So that it w» hurloil in Tkut."* 
857 |itT|n|i' . frjiiviVmro 14 a < verb of olothing-' II- T2i »- 
859^ Si^ . oouatrufi ^IJl c&j^<r. 
86(1. ^[dxw- gnomlo. — t4it&](>^ot: pV^HOi. 
8GI fn ipifia. ^Apn|« . (^qutvak^ut 1^ ffoXi^icM'- ''./t B 381- — fr*4 lOkn ^ 

fl6& Tdtfit: i.r, foglDDTity; ./. A *T. 066, T/ 3ai>, ac7, B IT, 

870. dlpPpfr™»-rA.: f/ :J3W- 872. (yi 757» 

674^ dXX^v; oquivtilqal Uj dXXij^ uVm. — x^* «t\. . i^\ 211, — 
&v8jM(rin ; ^poroin^ 975, ^mx^H*** : c/p A i 

876. )U^iKiv . ,/. JM. 

870. aoi r4^ for ttio poftltlun ot r£ «oe 0& B lAA. — &iV^H«'^' '/ 
V li^'.i. -S'ciTc Tho chmi^ t>t |x>r«oii In lh« verh, — Iko^wi ; **«- i>u A IH)6. 

080' *'Sinc*' »h« in yjiirown flnuSfctpr." — i^^i-M . r/ A 4l)i). 

801- v9r; introduco* a flpcfial cmc iwdorciln OTO. 

083 f = <5M f. aOfl, 4 vJ M : e/TRti, 

886- aftrofr: i-xpUmoil by 1h« wccad heminlidi- S<^i: on B *3T. 

097- ^A«: PonpcHivi;. 

89» f. Ih'iAy Uj 872-d74.^4Munrp6nXXi: </ n3l. 

Boa ^.A)T4. 

891 = A 177. It In ht'lUr aiiIij^ 1o thU filipj) 

8M ff. 1^'p)J tj 876 IF. ■' Yoii hu>¥ Lnht:'nted jour niobhcr'n «pint."^ 
'Hp*!*: Ill :iji]in'<irii<it nilli fiyjrpiH. For \tn ^itiofi, hm oii ^tLUu A ftlt- — 
iVH-: f/.TTj^uv A2J-J-^nov6iJ: r/. H DO. 

894 i. Tf: fArr^/W) ». — l]|avr«^ Hitf>pUfiii«rLtAry pArti<iij>l«, 

896. y/wi< rr yA^544, Z }H8. 

096. OvKa»wHr. tien? nloiic in Ilomer of the TitAna, chUdrvn of 
Itrariu-. Thvy4> wore harlnl bj ZauB Into Tarumn- » g^'^^y cfcTom 
brnubth lliK >-Arth ; (u f«r bHTiRtUi tLi« «ArUi (M^J# Ilaiiod) ■• bwvvo U 
hii;li almrv the i^artli, 

899. niu^oA r/ 401 . 901 f. = f 81 t 

IKM. iHpirAXIiun: tJ)« potrttot thq compsriaon; ^. Jmh POX, 
909. 'Hfh) llr'1>r< |irr|iar*u thr Iwtli* jtiat hh kW IijnI vhtvmJ ||i« gmls jm 
cupbv&rcr (A 2), and luul Mi^d n<:tB ui preparing iho cb&riot (739). — 



TL« gDiU (like iDcirtAl^) it^re wvari'fd lu llalill^ aijii vmh av««l {& ST), 
and tbdi wprv gUrl t»l Uid Wth.^tm«r: rti« ^V- 

906. ry. A IflS. 908 - A 6. 

909, *Api|r: IIiSn I* the rcadinj; <d motil maniiMTiplA. l»iiL ]>rcbiil>ly 'Api^' 


flnt four rcrsci ol Z orninot be wpuratiz"! «:htily from lh« l&«t- thri'i^ ot h- 
In Inctt thnugiL E U tin.- Toiitfot ^f tliv furly-eight bookn of tin- Ifuinvri^! 

e^rlAinly i:-it«-iii1»><] iw*t tfi*' rtmr ti»lf of Z, \o oiia Aliouhl fnrgvt ttiitt flii^ 
dlTiaJon into ' Books* woa not orj^'tnttl Svt j 10 b. 

4> S^divrot^ wii»lj'iii< with ;u4r<r7yi^' Efoiv tlur chnuib. 
d* vpAt«i; ^' iifUr til'.* goiU* 4l<<pjtrluro- - Ipmt atA>: **** On A UM. 
7 f 9aX«v: byhiiri'ip. — ftbfaiX,: </ D 05^. 9-11 := ^l-t-in^Ol, 

14. i^¥ii^ ht\. - \-/- K 5U ; ntUiKW^^I to the ai>QitliiJclEOD ol tbe rel^ 
ttva inntonor', IS, ^iXWcn: c/l T JtfV. — ASif atA ; riplmiu ^tkitaKtv. 
Ut C/ E <>t). — tA¥-yi; inr. ttiOMi Uj viliuni Ijv bml »l)i)wu Ijvi^^uIHj. 

17. irpArlw^ ftfjhrr hitn. fdr hiR d^ftfiiM*. — i>9avn6jnui: fr. ^f£^>jSc)k. — 
Ip^H 9v^¥i tvo Mouiiittvc-3 after a 'Xfth of dfrpnvmg.*^&tn^vp«: fr. 

21- pnA: li^rr, m in Attji^. — irf|*^ : if. B Mri> — l^auh episuili^fi m-xvcjI 
to rolirte the iti'»TK»li*ny u5 bug lUUi of rvurriurs, 

23 r. ruE<'Titli«^tkal. 

24 f. l»wfi' "» "V- O' *i *W' — mif^r: raiiscnlim'. C/ furlim 

C/ r 440. 26 f. ^vRVffa^ ; roncWrrr/ »m'/. * nl |Jv : ^ A 200. 

39, St^ - , , ^i/pucCvv: luTTQllielkaL — fl\a^Wi^ : i.e. f TiTUHi/jcfJ. — 
4|«AXin: rquiviJcnt Ic ku^vAot £ 231. 



40 f. Jv vp^tH*y of f^f ''> ff/ 1^ pWf. -'•M |i4r: eorreb^n ivtlb 

45. iXMff»m ; 11. MfVL^xLuK' — iro^tw i;/! A 40T. 

49 f Tii^: /rrpTn M'm^, // fA^-'f. — (voiva . </. A l^^>^v: PThUciU.' 

-*That ) vu alive." -^-imiHvto . tf'nh ocoUtfitiTv, «ii £ TUtf IsL mpfo-W 

icrk. ■ i^e, ill thtf firwk cjiiiiji. 

52 -n^' tpXXi ; wu jii^l ttlum!. 

53 r. iraTii44')ut : <Djru)4iy<Fi'. — 4rrCoi; pr^Oftie; (/*■ K 467, — Mwr 
*co on iwK A 13?. — ^(toiA^a^ . v/'. U<[| E 1^. ^urifm A "21*1. 

55 f. sumir 1-^. JU [Ji b|\krJl^g ihc hfo ut AdrulUR, — raL tfinptitlk^ 
^Iftrra; 4uUjr:ct iff fnjra'Tjmu, r/l '^ j^>ri>M t^vwu. 

57 tAi>j 'IxuoiiRtrHtiVfi. — "L*ti itvtfTy iDaJ« ptirifih, — ivcn the i^bUd 
yt't Liiilxirb/' 

59, »V«^- *iiu|<ty mafk« the aox. — ^^pn? far the o|»lAiivr, </ n^Uil- 
^-^tt; .lfi|]ijii*lr»[ivft ; i/ A 40Bij— .thp jint<iPiHhm1 at ov nm 'iH. 

ftou I ►"><' II. - ii iM* : c/. A 7 J, 

€2 iraf>uiT»* ' for Ihn IrnglJi ^if Ibt flnl fiyllftblif (njt^uirur}, ftw f Tift/. 
— ill; i^f, M<TiirlHUfu — ^vifSf* : .-/. A lAU ; tm J 9:} i* 

Mr 'A^prftti)* ^ «'■ AMHiii«'riji)ckii. 

65. UCkfA. :^/ F:i320. 65. 4Gr«;p/A508. 67 = 8 110. 

€8 ff- --Maker iiurc of the vLctury, nitd follow H iif» bi^Joro you likluk of 
lAklnjC ipolTn," ('/- I XFttrmf'Tft \\, 17, wh*rv Jtt^tiA MMV»hft*u* *aTii : 
^^ tt^^tfArjotrrt t^v ffAuAiur. on ii«\c/«o« i( Iv^ttuii ^^m . - . A)M anfU rvr 

itnl^ui nu /urcL iru^jn;|(rHi«p 'bv not ^y?f-Jf for ibo s^ioilB - . . but »Ui>U yr 
now imjALiut OLU- iiiuKuion . . . yn f>hall tnkA tb« apoilR uftcrwKnl %ith 

69. idf : in a Git&l clmtBc; *m II- 86G e; C- 1307. — vXaton^ -'in^T* 
Ihftti any ono flJso." 70. tmXtA'. '■ T.hi* hocpiy t^>o," 

71- nr^owf rc4in)ATaf . "ciiirpM?* of tht? ilmu-'^-'^aX^rTTt- a - per [u» 
«v* ' fnl^ii-f . — Ul>«L-nt' llial N«al«i ilsu ibo lLr»t [wrvHi id mWttt/uK but 
liip tr^HiiLd jii'TBiin in tn^^iTtn. 

72 - E iTt), "OS, 73. U* •Ax-fcfir - ^/ «' J^v^ T fll ; *-»* H- fiSO- 

74- AnJtntn^* : r/ J^^'jptt' E rjlO, <rjwA^"|pi B 5>»M, 7W. 

79. A4vi(9- A«-ii<%w- Jifi tuiLiiiianilfr of tlic D«fdvihu4* (D 519). iTk* 
iLfixl in rjujk b> Ilwrtor ta tb» Trojau kimy. 



76, ot«vMT«X»vjrrAH : r/ A tO, B M>& 

77> TDVDf <.r. thp bAlUr* and caic aiid reipoaflbility for it. 

78. Tf&vv ktJl '. pflTtltlvc, 

79. |Ldxfir«cH KTk. : vf. A 2oe. SO, afrn« . nVA/ Arrv. 
n. XV^ ' '"^^ ' *"/• A 411- 

82 ^cfrvovfiu: rfffiHr^ Aat^^ ^r/ B 175. — x^M^^ f/. F 5L 

Q%. 4|Hiti ^'v t carrrUli^'c with 'EitTop, dr^^ ^rv ^^- — Avrvtlr* : kQ tho 
taiixt poKitiou liol<irv the Tunn yumta jui raXiȣt ^0. B5. I'vcDlbotlflL 

66, Ikrop : for tbi; poKitioii ot lliij vuviiliyt** >»w ou A 2^^ 

D7 r ^ : f ,f. IJvcLihn, !:)ubjw!t of ^mu fiS. wfLiob i» i*>\ai>n\fv,i to ^tfrst- 
— W&4d« : tim fr-riiiniiir or ytpovra^. ^-tf^- <liT]iit &f rnnlicii/ C/, 2&7, 
ASAi fl9< Upob utA,: i^itiLTnlefit to riTCiv. 

SKI- For the offering of a roha* tf. that which tru boras to tbc Acroi>o]iji 
fur AtbriiJk iu Ihv FimaLliiiuaic ftf-CivLit, — 5 ; ^ } 4S f . 

99 f. ItttOL : Hv un 4 ^7. — iw\ f9^¥*r%v : run fA« tap, Thu 14 lh(^ ixily 
direct rvkkint- in Homvr for th'- i-TtnUvict* of & ntntii^ of i jjofL Tbia 
flfuri! <if AthcDii dually wa#. in a iiittinji poiitara. — 6inrx'r0b : i-ov. 

94. ^n<B« : iHjiiiral*?bt Ui cUckr7r«v«- [f ih^ CftLLtv hftH lw«Ti un^il Irir 
nmiiliiJ wrvjct!, ilwy iaou]<1 bt* imfll Ui In ifSurcd iu mcinlkff Lu tbo ];uil0. 
t/. ' All tlic firatUns malcH that come of thy herd and of ihy flool: thou 
thnXL wkiipttfy unto Ihp l^nl thy Ctm] ihoti lihnlt do no work with the 
fiiftlUiijf (>f Uiy l>Lil1<'ok, . . . Aiiil if ihrnt br aiiy LU'iiiihlj ihi^rRUi, u if IL 
hi> Um?, or Itlind, or hav(« any III bli?mtHl>. tbot^ vbHit uol rtncrific<i it niito 
tJlc I-onl thj Gat}.' Jhufmnft'riff IT, Ifl, 21 : 'a red heifer without ipil, 
whcfffon U no tb:iiur>li» mid iii»ni which ucvi^r camo jolco,' Nuntter* adx. S| 
•tAfcff turn niHfih tfiii", <*[i wli3i-h lh4»ri^ Imlh nnm' no ynkr," I Sim. fi, 7. ^ 
of n : </. oT ihV iruc A (?U 

97. fi^ffmpft : ^-y^ A Il'J^, 96- ytirtrin* = - hiu nhown hlliuelt." 

iOO- fiy np rrA- : ^* aUhoLib;]i hf.< b the bo» of a j^dne.*' — ^trii 

iai> tn^opllftv \ r/ A AHtf. 102. oft Tb iirttrrvo : r/. A 3^. 

103 106 - I:: t'.tl 107. 107. ^4v«4o ; }^-i]itWc< of ti iJAnifEoTi, 

1U6 f. T^* Atot>Anfvr rr*, lu Ar*^ hiut dou*» ; i/ K li"* Affnfwnnt: 

UrtJ llonjcric hcamii a« -atiUTj' oreii in bruifcd duyJiKbu fi 1:2 *t — fi«i 
i4. M if ■oin« ^-od hibd conio lo thi^ir wd, 

112, f/. K5L>n, ASiH, 41S. 



rnatf*-r. — Hwt'ir in iuKh i1(-t^iLTlj> thAn IMkiiuh hAil l^tvn. 

117. &)£iC : ripLfciiicd hy t/^iipi uu u£r;i[«nc. -aborc mud below." — 
V('f> liktOy IJt<^tor drrw hiv iliicLJ Jiboiit >a u Ui Iimhg Ciit hu bnck bv tiiu 

110. Ij; atlni^t^ to tbv i^ud^T of wrvf. whinfi tJiuy bo iJw pirdicAto 
En tmnnujil [v mi Li mi. — <»iirh^i*li ntn ut 11ii> riiibTincut Tim.*' 

119-S3C. TbUi^iKHlc Dccupivd tti? gap b tW«t'iry, ifhib tltctor 11 
on hifl wav lo Troy, !(do on A aiS, latJ, T iL'l. 

119, Ai^i^ifiliTii^ li> tt>-rijiliJLnii (L 117) Uir Inter V\i\^ *it Lyo'iA ditanadj 
dt^N^Tiit froin I.EiJK GltkiiciLN- 

120, It ^LJrorr ^.FTT. — dtt^oWpdi- 1 >^. T^uuf koI 'A;f(UE^^ 
121= r 15. 
123, T(flU: r/.A fl40.^Tho conjiwlDn llutt thv LVflftwi hud n^lbMSl 

luait on (li*^ i^lAtii of Tii>> n Liht^l; <iiivu]fli; jiiht tu tb>' Atiii£oiia ai^d tlis 
Aot)iiopi«ni» <M\i>* to iZi'* hfl1|^ of llii* citv tCt-tr thr nfrtinn of ilio //far/| unci 
u tbp Thru^iAiiH tLhdi^r lElk^'vut cnnw during Ui« vprj nf!iion cf the /^urif 
(r/ K L'14 r. Vrrg. .icn, \. Ififl (f.). Glaiiuufi kiiim* Djonj'-J (14&>, but 
Uut b iihturHl hfUr Uio IntlAr'it «ipli>iU on IbiK lUr. 

124 L Airvn : *r. W, — t4 «pt» r sUuiij^ly ioulnuit«l witit rfv. 

12€. *T,: ;»fifif. C/ A Jl*, 

137. '^Unhnppy ftrp tfir^ parvnu whcMn him mrift my mlfl^t," is^ the 
bohb om slaEfiii twd Hk* |fm>'nin vriN liuvn hi iLiLturn thcii di'^Ui. Obterrt) 
t]i'> |tromi&ffnnH nf ^vfrr^wi'' 

126. KvMftitli Dicimrd lirLi Itwt Lis ^lawer of diAiinjcijifthlng goit* fNini 
XiiVTi'. fj\ E ]'J7 f. Ukv^twv 7t : iriudr prorntnr^nt by tbo Vcnhc pwua> 
Thin nuij' Ik* iiigjrr<l«| by l|n- brmllful ffolden >nvoT af (ilfeueiM 
(^r.f. 'J!lf1). Ill cijJiiirf'li»ii wjtli Lbr fjici Ihal liin fni;r nna not faifiilinr; or it 
miy 111' H nniririitiijitfLT''' ivniHrlf, iiiiin;MKii>il bv mT•^&vvrfi/v \*1Z. 

139, ln>irp4f(pHr% , cimlrriHU^t miLli iwLj^fioHoit iu> ifpitljot of iik^ii- 

130. flftSi ^X : r/ U 70;t» E 32. -t**: with fcliurt jioimlt ; J 33/ 

121, B^ : &yjmt^ F- 40T. Tt\r nn luhorb nlLh ^r. if/ A 41G. ^I« : tJm 
r^lAtlvit vliuvii- U cbiiMU. tt» it Ia fnquently* C/^ in«, S^^h 

1)2 II- Ifi i]il8 «lory it nti ovid^nL tmo« of rMiBt«ii«» in Tlinrq io Um 
tvtabliabriii^itt of thc< wotsbiir of Dir^nynuBv In ihi? itory of ri-mltt'UA. id 
rcprotCbtod in tbc ^/icckanffA of Enripidu, ia & Iivod ^f rf«i*lAnw offerad. 
to cMfl v-dFihIp In Th«^bo«. Dlonyimii in not onn nf thn pnmtpr |pVla 
Horurr. — tMiv«ti'i«ia : i/ tbi- iininc * nin'^iintls' fiAiraSri. f^»r Uiv B< 



pine CDD«, — 'KaT/)i*v«T ' d'*^ppfti, Ul/alU na B 7^4' 

L35 f, ^^laU : nuking l*i fit^hi. -^ ttXrtf : to hff trnifrut. Kor tlip A^iiiv9j 

137 r. t«&M(Ta : I'rj' lU^ iHi*iit,Ii]ti| 4fi< iiil oAAfv^fi^ A 2,^r^: Tir tl^^ 
•datiVD of M*jcia1ic*(ij </". f^ufttrtj- I2ft| 1!I1h — ^<Ift utA. ; r/ "timt lierw 
worTd oi hght anH Mit^n nmong | Thn <;<irftf vho tfu^fli at tote," MiUon Pur. 

irist ii. 607 f.. — . iuM» ti ;v*tnl writli Imitl-worfciii^ iii*'Ji. 

l«2l C/, 13S.~«t tfr)k,'. if, E 341. Cfi qujcumqur torrnn 
iiiUiiaro vtiolmiir Hortw, Otier n. H- 10, ^•Sffffov: t/. It 440. 

14C tt. *'^ ' Ah "t ihfj )ir'*"ii h-JivwM t»i Ji Irwn, ■inn*' fail Shd mjitio f^rov t 
i» t« Ihi3 gpiki^rni&nn nf il'**!! JiLtl MikhI, vntf oinii'tli Irj ^it rml niifl anotlii^r 
10 Imrii^* H'lH^jm rj^ rAe 5«pil o/ Sirrti^Ji xlv- IS; * Aa f or moii hbi r1ay» jirr 4n 
grH« ; Ml a fli»wi>r i>t iha ll>>td, lu l)r> riciuri»h«lT^ For tfi" Hiriii p4fiK44>th 
o\Tr 11, nucl it lh i;<J)li^; anil Ih^ iiljf.'v ili'ivtif 4iu]l kriuw U iiu EikofT>* 
Piaim oili. I5i < Yi> rhildiy^ii i*i mun r wbr^i.* life la a ^pnn. | l*n>trnftc<d 
wilh nnrrow frcm ilJkj/ to Aiy. j N'hlEi^il niid fi^ktliiTtMi. fiM-bIc nttct qGcrn- 
lijiiB. I Sichly. cnlntri^ti3u«L, tireaturfA df cTn> ^ ' Anfttkpfiaiif^A /'tn'f (Wo 1T,« 
na tr*iiilftl*d l*y F^^■^v — o- & t^ pmMiat^v XFo^ Mrv-o' Av^- ("Thw* it Itiw 

in Ihc AtAtv ol inAti T tv^dav lit- puU forth | Tbc Icudot Ioiltoh i^f hLj>tVA; 
U^nicirrnw ^^lomnniSt | And Ik-aTi bin litumhiti); linnun lh\c.k iipnn hhn ; | 
The lliiFiJ liny m'TupR a frxMt, a killing froAl,' ^tjakiifrc, Umrij t\r Ei^hfA^ 
iii, 3. 353. 

14C. U: for jt in Um ' upmlcnirv* i/ A 137.— no^t «i£ai. — d^6p4*. 
cquivjvtfifkt hen? l« AvBpvrvyi <*f^ A 541, £ 974, 

147- ^vAXa : the Vphok, of whi<tii ti /trr and AXht li atv pAitx Tor 

tlw i^^miimrjiMiri, ^. BI06. — vtW; »c | 21 Jb. 

148, IbpAi U ' fAT lhi> ■tffHtTiltnnli^ V4>nalnicTioii, b>i> § 31 d. 

149. 6^k . LiitrikiuiiLivr, t/rt-"-^ u/j> 190> inlTalT*: tAui. loo. 
ISl. iT«>A«^ irr\. : <^ tlic iHinily tt n«t ;ng]onAua/' 

isa, farfc ufA- : n fuvorittf pjilc lvff[Tirii»[;: r/ B ."^ll. C f*. 

193 f. (t^alnor: Mrr( ^utrt/. ^ ZJo^i^^ = till* lihlilf •ci'iD«ti> bfl funn«d 
br rt^ilijplicattikn {rf, &''^^) from ini^ocr aii<L lu^^iiirTtie, fn^^tf ^rjnrjini^. 
cn4/^5. rvtm to tlH9. — IluimT «lluiic« tu lKJ» litro'a auffriijig ui Hiidi-* 



(roTUnj; hI Mjhi" up a lit]J)unl7 atXAD^ ff-. Mod Plab> iii Uiif .Ij^ej/acj; (U ^r) 
jDAkci SocrntcA itAmc Sittypl^iUb with Odjt&eua m one «ho:s it woulJ be B 

pli^jhiuro 1-14 (TiMi in llfuUv. — &, ^ ^ AL«xtSi]t r pbrvntluilicftL — ii it-, ^J- 

iHk, -— £ta^4ot : for tlu> r«li«tltlciii« ihtH' $ M «. 

157. npftWoi ; kiup (if Tirjiiht I^ vhoiii EtiilI'<n>pho)i iind (IrJ fcir umjn? 

phon iLad coxiJCQ-itUd munlv^r in bin owu liome. wl^ioh vi4b a frequent caum 
of «xiLo in t]ii> Knrolc n]{«. — m*! «t\. : i,t- »lit hliQ to LTda^ iid ia 
«3ip]aii»*iil tH-hjw» <iri tliv uhMKi? «Ulni1 lu 164 i. 

156. Jvil htA, ; i^M«i not T.lio r^oAon for tli«« l>ikriiit(itiir«ht, but thu 
«X('latuiUciii vhy It vut puvlblt.^ The thought of tht- first ItAir-n^rw iv 
repeated more ilrilriiUily iu 16@. 

159. *Af^iv* : of'TidtrLLA witli &^i< irt^ — iS&fiomw: tf. 'A^ytiWfi. 

venoa hbre ho^n hdJf pnrc^uthi^ticKl' U ; tliii liIn^^lMh iUimm ^Tuild have a 
CfiusAl rotijurtcriciit. — (ta ' n ii>ri><K' f^iriiuil, MartilJn^rpilliPi. Sntonri^, 

163- d^aU ^ iv^vrtiHt" A^ciiNiiU«>A vltb ^^»-4n>Tii- N'^uIi'T? qIp? in 

163' ^auffQ^it^ htA' \ f-vfitnt''.-'i o J'lUrhao'f aad: f/. 34^ 

164 f wBmiiit <fl-A, : rfi> iv — ."-'May jou Ik d«u1 If you do nol-"^St 
tfrAi! itilli rAutJkl r»r(.r, M l-*)!- — |mE . f«ar ihe clljdon of ok "ht 4 !B o. 
166 f alfi* JUounv " nt whnt W hi»ftt<l.'* Hi* 11. inrjj. . - imEvb ; *o, 

by p'.) — n^Awvr* ktA. t Prcji^us dhrnnk troTn killing odc who h*it hrnu 
hifi ir3P<"r>i but W hnJ no rompuiii7lij»uK ciliniit AHkln; hU r»llirr-Iii-U« to 
do tlw dr«il, 80 ill r fHl}i>'i>Lr>-lft«, ti>th After fr«jtllo|; U^llfrrvfliijii. would 
not IciLl him» hul vi'TiT. firm irUi <firiflkTU lit which }ii> 4»i|WPtni htm tj> b« 
»|[kiu, Srr IT(^ [T. 

169' 7f^<M ■o'A. : tliia v«no bno bv<>]i ih? iiulgoi^t of EniKh conti^nlioriK 
Nflwhiin* flufi iliw> Hiimflr rater to iJh^ nrt of wrttiug- ThU iri m» 
kiioivti ita rirvri-iT 'm llniirVa timn,1iiit ltd* f-iiin^^Ioii U ihiiii«irhat Ambif li< 
oin; %fl^ui in h f;t<iu>ral wint, itri<l timr itiKiin l■wJfr^b or painl. ritata 
mmrif. /oitfrJ ruyVrT. iathc?r tlmri yfjwjfos, lUflioalcs Uit? fnrm of nii 
0|>]hIIc! olf^rk, if \i had nc^ hef^n foMfd, it nculd hnvc Iwei) iiiUiJlij^ibltf 
io oth^in. Srholttrt hnm tfmii^ht Uutl tbli liilii^r might TisirN (i««n in 
'picCunVwrilinj;' i^wntDli] itij; tluikt of Hv^ tLttclfnl M^kichqa, but tho Cr«(*a 
ami Mvr<'ni«Mn iti*ript ntt »EdfT thari tb" Hitr»«»ni> K|;isftnd wvdo not tio«<d 
to uuumo hen the nay rucUvl okiiu^DU cf tLiu vt. 



170> nv«v4: teffr't /oAvr; wlii]« Uvp^ (TITS) n hiukand'Ji /itJAfr t 

IM, C/, E 7TS, B 877. 

174- KipUlnfl irpo^ftaviiiK tier 173, — liv^ifta^: H rontid numbu': r/, 
A €3, — ^Ttu* kinj; mntir i ^rfnt {•.•.u*i cmgIi ilfty. 

wet mn4ri ttatfufftief ; c/,\vypdi3^. (Ui^i oorrolntix-o vriDifliUM. 
— IvAfumt : upe on IC7, 

160^ &EflP - fr^iiivajoiit to &t^v, thncj coatriMtAil vrLtlk ir^^n^ui'. Sl-o on 
B ■-■!>, —^^y*<: f/ Kri'14, S3B. 

181. ThibiviHi! id LTfLUfibUid piimo J«Ci p(i»tr«mji draor^t ]»ud)» 
ip»i Chimaero by Laoribtiiui (v. &U&), prvumitg tfao «xaat ardor of 
Tordu* And niAking thn 1jt>t i^Uuv mnnt dlAtlnnl pvirn thjui It U In Urn 
firM'h, — HprQ Ali>nt.': ii^ Umikt tn fc;unil a rnt^iLticni of ^ udmil inotiAtf-Tt 

183. ^iH)v' JHK'Thial. injiriiali- m^fUiH-rivr-; *■/. 4r<J, — Aw»T**tm*ii' 
cxiualrua ^villi ij 180, Uit^ inicrveiiing vp^fH' bcbg lmirp«nabhvti^[kL. — Xba 
ft»}Ltnd linlf'Vorjio iti In n|>poi4UJt)ii with £av«<. 

183. |ilv : r->^iHi.tl,u}ii t'f /i«V ITi^, — At^ mA^ : r/t A AM. 

195. ' Thifl will tti? h^rilivi Wtll* ho rwr fought." — oopiWrq* ; 

1B€. TUIk, t(jo, Ljf tlie Ljiciiiri kii^if'A i;iJi»miiikil. — No mcntltiit Im iewU 
h(im of lhi> wlfi^il hvttu Pc-^^iiH. «li)ch niijnd Bdi^tophon on thU Weji^ 

137, *▼; it, BLllfn^'h(iJi> - C^nv ; r/ V 'H2. Sc. Jm^ Axutt'^l. — 

186. Fi^j tl(c'u.vi.<l-TUm,V. irj-J. i:^. 109, tlvt jcrX. . c/ A R83. 

Iftl- ^Ifrmtrmtt ■' rLtriM lo Uihv^/' tr. Imm lu» Actitot*anai^t«, 5r» ^Hiif> 
lOU Wing |viri*tiUmtifial. — 0«o« : liiilvUnitf. Sociiv ^u<] muNt if ihv 
Citthcr ; no njdinnT morlot (sttll Icn a wi«k«d man) could do oDch rlocJdn 
It) I'jitiinr tliiji horo u ttic V'^n nf JVuidon. 

192. Bilov - '{^fr«r/» ^fvya-r^ : ht Hx- lou^ ulUn]:^ r/ C?, K TL 

194 F. ^ ^ Uw thpIHcilI 'iiuiiit^ty »Ikiw-» ol tci bo tl»o porwiiAl pronoun ; 
jb^ f 5 ^^^ /> '(- IT' — itaXdv ' n>Ti?tru« wUli r^icne. 9» f l^/- 

19& f| I,'-, llic Ovy^rrp of IG2. 

200l Jul HttvQC ' «<vn Ac ■',#. (f7«ri {tdJ}4rro|ihoQ, vho had ra««k«d AQOb 

SOI f. </ ^ L«ttl . , . M onw HcUerr>{>1jcin ... on Ui' Alciui fivld I 
ftll, [ PlfTDrH>f>iu ttirav lo w>u<b-r ntid tcrXnm,' Millon Par. fjfur tii. 17 If, ; 
qui Lui«uf iu campi* nincica^ tJiAl/al Al«kiv | ^i^^^ «uum c<v 



ode Hi houinttni Teitigia vatftiii Cl«. Ttt^. iii. 29.63, Cy, N«bucb«cU 
nr.v.AT \n Danift lv> And ' I wtti not CMt my heart Jilc^nir/ of Tcnuynni's ta 

doa f. If. T**nfl6r ft«ll \n l^iLft^ Willi tlw Sj^lyiTil 

309, T^ir SJ : i\f^, LjiodtLin iu^ - — x°'^**^<H^^ - ^<'- ^"^Aun of her OOHAM^ 

tioii villi /vut-— 'Apn|u« iinv : i.f^ Lli'>I(iiiUb died fiudd«nl^ and ^iaot)y. 
f'/. 4S>i, ArUi]»)A w>iiiU HLiddi-ii di-Mt1i tik wommi. 

208, A laini}iu nml iiohio Terv^t vbiDh li found aUa nt A TM u ttM 
parilng (njuihiticjn of FkU'IIH in h'm mm Ai-lillW It Vian Um fiivorttic of 
Cioero (art (Jhuif.yrnl, ij>, A), — Afwrt^L^ i ^{o-roy mku. 

209 |>iT^ ^ MM* on A 78. 

310- 7j. aa woU the »rly gt]ioratJoni» Siji^Tihu* vid GUacTiA. at 
Cortntb* ju tho latdr genenitioi}* in LT<?iDf who waro deneatidad Inxri lUJl<rri>- 
plujiL I[rriHt^>tua snyn lliat Itvf L>i;iau IkJiiK* ut hU timv uUiritti'l di^ciCvuL 
from (jlaiicufl. 

311- *U: **nirtaa you %A Uia i|ii«iition " ; with rofOTvui^fl to i'2^. 

K nTf. 112. Y^|«n#» : ff.Amy, 

219. ^J* : rurrrUtivf? iwilli aiTop 2\^. — Diatiivd ulDiidrjut<d at oim- nil 
tliOU|{ht!< of A coiil«»t. GiifflVfricnds miwt ncl flght with %nch other, 

214. |L<0UxL««7 WG on A 64. 

317- ftijWTA^«ttfUp; JtrJikCulyilorK '/. B llCf f -- 1*(: i h b*trO tnnkKl 
JU Tong. Cj. B MV. — tp^o* = onin^iilriit in timv nitli iti'rvrvt^ 

219- For UifT'ftsjudeloii.V/: ITl. — Mnm: <■/ i lU. 

230 U Efms icrX. r c/1 A i^^l- — nai )uv ktA* i pnrcnUieticaL For tho 
dVMMHion of Uio rAlatSvA onnitrtiction, r/ A TIJ^ in^- — *<I han U ntlll/*— * 
,U> »'-f- h^Ttii. — Lfcr ; *c. ii TpwV ty. E 1»8. 

333 I. *- J ^Hi I'Ut A ohilH tA-hvi; my fjtl-lktr wi^nt tii Tht^lHM^ wiH 1 hnvo 
MO n^rnlli<GlUin of hho," Th'-m Iwn TLmvH ure not ii>.-iih'il hctr^ liuL 
i«riir< *iiimit'i*U<l, TCt^ JikpJj, hy thii tnciitjon of tJm *ALp which llionwd 
ri-o^vi*r1 diriTtJj f^otii fiU pjfTUiilfMiivrr — ^iiot tJjrciiigh hU Cathnr. -^^TvUa: 
pro>rii}>l^v tifit an ticoiitintire of BpcciBimUciii, aJthviij^b llio ncviumliio b 
lUiUfltLoJ with^'^Fr^pu- ^fk-Ofj^gviv: i.e, ld the (luonlry oi»oiil Tht^iiw, 
Thit dnl i'i]i4'<IIrSriii %1V4 rrjiulml and did not enter the citjr. 

334. T^: 1.0. ou tbi*< k^u;^^^ ^ ^* fricDdAltip of their anoMtow. ^ 
gAm r Acfff. « Mj houM »hal] h# jiMtr lioni*," 335. vb : l-'^ AurW- 

236. dU^\w. L'jLuvalciit WiAAof d[AAov> — Gh' V^«v; c^UmIvJ nJUi 



upondfl to Iv At Zvfjfu 229< 339. lta>|W)Hr< o/". ■rtt'nu' i3S. 

230' «t6« : i.'. Ilia lii,vtandcn- Jt noutil bu pro^jiic Co uk whut Chi«H* 
IlmI lifiKii iloEiii; Aiiii'r l^^:J«— > wlmtlmi Oiny Lml jiujitiiiuixl Um IvitUi^ ur 
ho*i fltof>p».'<i iiirliliiij; uii'l lij^Umwii 1 

233, For liu- plp'l^'r* \\y ihf* InnH, *■/ B M\. 

23i. rXai/Ktr tUIU'g of <9i!«ai)vfhjjU^; i^ A 101. 

235, Of ttA, : tiori>, ntio, f ho roUUv^ hru* a pftiiuil tonf< t/, 1^1. 

236. x^"*^' i:i'i)ilivi» »I (itii^H^ ';r' A IIL — Tliv rcvjcu mojr meuti 
cmly the shif<M. — TIh^m.^ tuv round nuriilitir?. Uold wa« wcrth more tliiui 

237. ^: for th« po»i1jon. nf tci ' Birrttip Oh<? v^ptinlj< woj'i In mukitis 
Die tKHiution l» ihi fti^ry). ua on ufv A 3l>, - ^i^^ ' 'Z- ^ *'^^' l><>ii^^<- 
lew If'-t'lor rvai'1ii-d the ii*<.' lH*f«r*' Jie cwiim tu \\\n i\.\^ l*Lit ilip Ijit-l^r U 
imiaM limt jw inoro proniinout luiil linporUnt. by « Hort oC MiyeiWrott 
protfroii'; { 1(1/ 

330 f. Tlw wumcii hml iTotnr If) tUo tow^f At llic Bca^mitj QnCci, In nrdur 
ti> w»l^h lh» (KniHiot. i'f. SHflrt., r 14;. IT„ I'itJ. f./ 'About llii> in-w 
nmml Iti iiiullituU» [ Tir rllivtml jieii]i[t' ran* lu bpHr nud knuir [ IIuw 
all WfciV Mi!lou /*rtr, /,aif *. 36, — «(f^vh *t\. : i>. iiitjuirilig of tlio 
fauof 1h"]r frion^nu tha ttHd of bnttlv. 240. «tfn««: fAJlJ. 

241. {^fhrro: r/l 1} lo. 

243. AXX'Anr ri>fn<1iitivi» wiLli 4>6^ 9*'^ - 
243- tv a^4 ' 'n ^'"(^^ ■■■ v'llLlranl Willi the corndtiri. 

244. iTiyHjiMtTB : rrinm, lilio olh^r orjcntnl priufci^ hftd acvoml ivive* 
wad mAiiv xnth- All (wltJi Iwo oi tbma pnwpttonnj Umd tmg^hvr In 
liatdfLTchal fjuliion. tl^tUir auJ TftriJi huL horj^ra of thoir t-wn. IVIaui 
if the onW |w)|y:^nii*t of thv i>pii\ 

245. AXX^Kotv: for iW KvnitiTc.f/.'A^cuu^ 100. — M^vllKfr«i: from £<iu<i>, 
251^ Ma: rcfcn to ^12- — Jvftvrb]; protUoatci r/ <tiTrot 51. 
352. J/. ri24. 

2M. r/. A 20^ — Xiv4r^ U tliii ci4iph»ljc vtortl of Uui vct««. 

2(5- ilf^-utm Anrtti^n liiir own qi^tvlion ^ t^. A 'J03, B *'^n. 

2Sa. Only roufhly can it ^>i-- laid Uwt ^v^iUc ii (o W L'oaALru*^ with 

l)i3vff^^ Thi> oM^r of ivordd U UKiilfi^ott TAer, A£FAfr« 'Ay tauV xr^ttf, 
Biul thi« U i^tpHitiod by I'fiT. 

257. IC An»^ it^Xi««^ o>u«tru« ^th x«V^f ^twrxcTr- Cf, SS.^x*^^** 

2tt0. vfAvw: ItuT poiUiou «>1 tLi» wool sliow* Ibat Uua tcnc u Mldvd 



InHuctiu^ a{ it. — aMt: iht/uif. rco, — in cijtitriui wiili iti vut^?50. 

a61> W: the Euflikb idiom would nic /or-. — vMK|ii|«Th ^ oVwrve that 
1U i^oiiilu^ii in U]» n<rv> l« llifk taniti »a of itk^ijiiiik '2f\-J. — &l|it f^i^i- 

262. 4^; ten* Evf^nic]^ tu iicf(^r;wi4. 

firaL to 2ni:i-L'tt2. 

265. FIu^Uiv* on tlio conlfftry. Ji'^rH tU^t ihi* wino ttJU wonben hinu 

gu iiitv Ilia lalwrjiat'li? nf llir i;»iif^j;iliLiii, ihvj hIiaH KOah witli WJ^t^^r, 
that tbcfy du not; or ^hen Uiny oomo near 1« t)iv ulUr 1o niinivlf^r, tn 
luirn ofTt-ring madn liy flm unki thn Lojr!/ ICnifm ssi- 20. -^Hwioi** 
Wli* it [inuiifnHi \u thfl w[n,ilii lUt^rvirw, 

26'J- Icm: iforri, " I iii:i\ ivil," 

26d, (rv|i^r; corrdfttitv whh^^&'SSO. 

370- 44XMrw&^ V- f'vi jwffr* S7 . 271-37B " »<l-»7. 

27d, A ri-|n'li1.)Lfn lit 'ifV^, tut l}\a t»\n i>i rtmr cMmii>M:tUm vUL ?90. 
Q^ 183 (with fxJr) a.» trmirnli^ 17^, miJ E ISl anH H3. 

3S1. ftl « f/ 91, — fbrtfvrst ktA. ; ^fVp mr ro wy ^fl/^ 

202. -Tttlat&vn: r/, A iB^.^vVk: t/. rg/ui T 5V. 

284. lGak[it <(&riXewra; pu'tiiTWfl>|iJi% fi}r unWA^flni. m* ^v'vpr /^cAjiAntfvrAit 

265. \ ittvpti^ fKprvuJon for n V'TOtlu'r to tiw. but ^. P 3t» ff., 4&i. 
268- KijiU^a , if. r OHJ. PriibdMif bHAtiJW <d vednr ^lintU. 

200. ZktovEw: thi^ Phi^fruidfliiA 'wuro fntimJ ior all utrtmoi n«rch«nJUc. 

291- Oil ^li* ufiy h"ri)i' friHTi ('Nn^w ParW wax rlrivi*)i oul of hU I'cHjr'^iT 
bTet,irn»", — -ImirXwi t/ T 47. 

292- rif* 4^* «rA- : on thtit very vcyurfe om tpkk'ft^ elc^^vtfftfpv. f/. P 18. 
293, Upov: cua^ri/1- 29i. imcAiionv; ^^ f L-2a. E Ta5. 
2d5 r. fi(»*« irrA- : r,r>- tt wui iin^K ch>>riH|it<f! ncicl Utn^t nwil. — fiXX^v? 

•fp oil lAAniv \ W5. — ^ftMVi^AvTO - frriTLi /f<ni-irrmn/i4i, r/ <rvuf, 

397 4v wAi. -etA , ^/ S57. 

300 i8i|irni': tha prWl^u, ihcn, BiM chM»Q or riectwd hj tho ftop^, 
Kiiil h-fr tilFii^Jal iIliLhv did nut lulcrTa^v witli livr fnmiljk rBlfltlon*. 

201. iJuXv^: thi.<«(* pioux ehritika ^vi^ro luCiMidtHl u ■ r#«ip<3a)M« ' tn Ui« 
Uturgicwl HL'rvinp; jtmt u x<^^ driff^w ititmjHjiidtfJ tg Ihe UKxleni pos- 
ture cif dcTotioii, k«ip*lif»[;. 

301- l%irha^ Tb«4no alooA Diit«T«d tho a^vrtw ^K Jt3J. 



303. CI B2- an. 

At Aehfinj) mill Al S|mrt8. TIlh f^pithet wiu Athnuik'N SM limlikiw nf wnr, 
not W «rcria] iiabvucaa of Truy. -- Mwr ; <;/! E 881 i ;»wlitJvc ^:Puitiif« 
oJt^tr the bLip^rlEitim idcn in Svt^ 

307. Tpr^via: jjn^dLcftU^: f/ 3:p^&4U. 

30B-310. <y. OB-nr^ ^iri-aro. ty, urmlpotcnis prftenoa belli, 
TTit,i.uii:L vir^n j frJiiigH mnnu ImIimm Phrygll prnftdnnli flt 
jp»am i fTcrnu m at«rn(? aolo Vcrjf, /l"*. xi. 463 ff. 

311. vJww^ KQ oo A M4. — ThU i> known liy Iho rennll — C/. 
Inlercu ad tcutp] um ni>ti bi^qLiftf^ I'll! ail U lUauL, [ orlnibuK 
IIUd«« pa«*S«, poplijinquii furobstit, | •utii>lIolt«r trUlc* ftk 
liinahii ppclora pnlmit; | ilivft hoIo fIxOA nmilon rtvt^rftL Innm 
bal> VeF^^Aftt, 1.479 ff. 

3J2 .^ Uwiiition ■ f/, K T*l- ** Whil^ thow were offorip;^ frft*i?r»." 

314 ff, AtlHi>il, JMi vnnv* am frrfijuBuLlj, ;ka h MFC of &fUTr(.hi>u^hl. — 
tt^T^t: is Uion priinitiTQ tjtnos thf» prillM^• ooouiwtitfnn difffsrixL Uttlv 
from IhiMv or the [voiuib. 

317. rd. tar iU piKLlion. «■/ B i:ifl, E H7iS. — Upti^io: ftsUhl vM. 
#)7uA. 8w IL 7.^7; r^. lll^. f>r, i1 ruuy t»^, willi 4fj»/uiTM' to li» MOp- 
plbdL 310. Ivk : lonJ. r^rf. Tlim n.«iunra S18. 

319^ ty*: il^^.—'i^o* it9»iiivj\)t^v-. h Inii^ ■[ukT f But TL^ally ii'> longer 
;liA]t (lii- MivM'duiiLiJi i-ikt'Ji irra^/fiu)« ^hkh were froiu fdurtcen to 
«;^|il4Mai ft^t lon^. 'l'bi> Unort <■} 1Il<' I'niiwiiin Llilm i§ itbout Um f«dt ia 

dcui^ripLion of r«riH dou much tu brin^ the nvhoii^ bi?^liq IwfoFo tlic miiid^ 
^0 of lS«- lii'jirri' nr trArlrr 

330 mpl ; cvlvrrbLAl. 

321, inpwaXXia ttA. : juil M A huiiUr aiijuyt buji\mji liiiiiwilf «bout hJH 

33& Kiftlanatory of npuotAXu AfA. 3J1. 

333. 'ICUi^ ' n{«|iiin<ntlTiri \\if ■•un>? room a* Alr*xiiiiidf*r, ^ the ^L^wpo^. 

334 lp>o . i^. "rca« ijij*, Apiimin^ niid fiQrha|A cmbr<j!iJfTt7- 

335 - r l^ 

336 fT. HpcIc^ nwiiiim tui^vt Ab the Tiojaiia aa thv DHUitr of hi» 
broUibr'd absence from tha field of b*Ub, Of wurM ha know nothlii^ 
df Al>hro<tll#i'ii int^rfc^rvnr/f (F ^74 f.) mml ^nppotorT ihat V^tin hml iHtb- 



r 910 f— S«4.«h: r/ B ISO. 200,—^; ^r. — xoUi prtnlicat*. 

^27 ff, " WtiUo the jwujile am flghlEiii; uid dyhi^ tt>f youj Kuke. you 

•it idJi^ &t hotnc." -KmEi foDlrDdUrd nith n Sc 33l>; but tEic form ol 

OTCpreKHion ii phanged.— ip^l local. 

323. 17^0 ktA-^ iiatvdUK^ticaJ, — avrijcrX': c/.A49S> 

329, Atfc^h&^t <*/ B93. — "You mhriitlcl U^ Hcb&mi^ ol vithdnviag. 

Von w<juld bf! uji^rjmt »uj one ciie who utioulil act lUua." — -iMxtraM: <^. 

E^TS. A9. 830. CJ.:k,-lM». 

331. Am: dvoiTnTft. 5«» $ 5iS <-. — npAi t r/ B 4JA. 
332 C - r 56r 334. C/ A 76, 

335. TpJvw X^*^' ''«^^"'<' of anif*r 4j| tAtf 7>i>fani ; i ro^Iy to 396,-^ 

336- Vv- c/BSfi5i — Hikn'M-X: tha tcfti rpABun, aoiiordbit W PvK 

for hi)i ithviHirc frorn thv. fltilrt ^if Imtfln, — 1ni(fj<(u1 ■ ^f » rUui» wItTi wmr 
Ourrrtipoiidins lu TtSffiTOt'. 337. aapuTtkra: i/. irn/iB*uii' fl:^. 

339. »tiEH(ifT\. : I'wiii had coUMlcd himtcU tliufi befcrro. (^ITiaiH 

p«D.iiLt) ; BubjuncttvOt </ ifvipMu A S0S i j 16 b» Tlio itost might liaT« said 
£^^ Suru, *' while r put OTi," or ^' that I uxor put on *~; but DO OfiA ibould 
Huy ctmL kk Itiial m t^mporxJ parUck u oraitlcd htrc. 

341- «J: ' limit of nmllou-' 

342 = E ^M^ — flfcUir iv> um Hujfr; Ui fiiakv utf repLjr to biN T<n)llivr, 

3*4, r/:ri73ff. s«onB«5fl,ri73. 

345. «fAi: ^/: A 41^, A 3li 4|h«>^ icrA.: ff. B SAl.~*pdr«*: ^/ 

A U- " Aa aih>ii m 1 won b^>riL." 

346. «tx"^^ '^^' ' iH^ o^i A ^UI. 

346- drMpn: " uoulrj buve «wp[»t irn^ nwaj." A pnrt uf tb-^iinfulfllkil 
wiah. or would b« cxpccb-^d in pMse. Both tviue aiid mod* arc tutder 
thn intliiuniw o( tticmibiii ivrb. C/. 3&I. — arflpM ktA. t '>f/o« dff *^ii. *fi?-, 
■' 4iid Ibrri ikll Lbi* miuld ijut haw bai^jiTEKHJ." — t&Bi Ip^; a |p:iivnU 
QiprMsiun for all tJia liatUiM aiid «orn>w4 of vrhjcli llwl«& bad bv^n Um 

351. E«: )iiD« on tfi A TO. — ^[Si|: i>, appmnatodi ba4 a >uuic for. ^ 
dC^xutA-: r/ ^>cM,r$4^, 3S3- lyLiHSoi: o/. T I0«- 

355- »*««: r/. 77- — 4p'>**~ ■" ai»pwiitJoai *itlt <r£ — "EnU ujfon 



SM, &Ti|i; rf. r ino» 357. faC: cimitirui? nlili ^m. f/. A OOH. 
99G. irWfrt**' f-^f "»■■ f»<"l'\ t/"- A 1'>H, — ('/. V JhT. 
359 = 'Jt'A. 3«0. 4iJU«ur4irip Ih.ni^ih ti^nu tiH hf,Mj^it^Jt. rf-Vmi. 
361- «<iriAv iirA. ; c/ A 17^,^ ^' 4ntH.£ni.; iiruAii^ric. r/. A iQ5. 

364- fi&T«t»^^ii; i-i]uivuli;nt 1^ ttix^pnaBiu iUl- </ E Cd. 

366- vbnlbt r/1 E 4)3. It i** '.<ipbinril hy Ibo rf^L of tV i^TW, 

3GT. 9\, ^. HtT { 20 h. — birdTpvirvi : prcdkciU* ; ff. JnuTiif ^i^jl. 

369 502. < >iio of Ulo moftt ^hAnaiD^ cpUcidu of tbo / iiad^ 

369= llfl- 370=4!ff. 

373. ir*p^Y '^- ^'"^^ <^^ ^'"-^ Scuii.*Aii (ratf?. -S'v T 1 W). — AEidrgOiMlLe 

hiid u-%. OUT (or iho Tmtrf. K^pnrfnily, aii'^r Wrvitw ivachf^d tL« t-itj niid 

wliilv hu Vkos III th« hixiLC uf iViam or of r«rU. Sn iilir lioil mifwil iwvvXr 

iiig }irv ]iui4ti:biid- Ifut Ah(i liiJLi'iiad ut thu J'owar thAt Hi>Otor vtm tn Mli^ 

374- IvSflf 'titftif*. or Ai^"rf, tn fAi inotfi AuJ/. — tffiuv: rqniv.*ili"ul Ui tvp^v, 
37B- ^aXdtvv ' tic. Ju^ra, <y, ^ii tut^ioc A1 . TliA I'lnglihh ti:u llitf 

379. ^ 'Aivp«Eiti ; <r. nfflV. l^a<) Mi»«rviic. — Mk^A- ; r/ :i?S« ff. 

302- 4m£ ^; r-'ir*. 383f. = :i7ftf. 

307- " XXw AoliJicuitA hftTP ibo miinUiry-" 

309- |L<uv9|fttvf irrA. ; In apposition witli Jtu^t^ikij 3?i^ -^•wiJhi<i^- ff 

390 fi \ : Biv i>ri A J1[>. ^» w^: ooikotrun vllh mirrfnTuro- Equlvo- 
IpHt to Attic TnifTifi' T»j^ u^yy, lUt' Iloiinri^ artlclf lii-ijig rl^jUMiNfJ'Ariivfi, 

<y. tf»V XpWT7/l" A ) I. 

393. £4bdi ^ for iU pnftLlii^n, «n« on cLAt^^'n^ A 3. 

39C. 'HctUt . for ttp rripeUliuii tiiid llie cbutrgr o£ «B*;, iu:c f 1(3 h, 

397. 0^1^: ri< A .106. tocul, - KUUcrvt : th«c Clticiuii« tlwlt ^lh^ 
frcirn t!ir hi*UiFi>^a] notiaii nf I^uit nninrH whlf^h liv«il iii rlii> nortlivail 
corner t»f lli*- MtiliU^rrAurjiti ftt-ii- — ^Spvorw i ^Atitv of iut^rul- 

398. fx*« : *-/ eT^ T I'JIJ "Ewmpt : ilati^^ of ft^'iiL 

399. \\ deiiKin^trdtivr. — ftftrA, Urati/. u cuDlniAtcil wUh iho viftidt 
Sfi- OIL A 17. 

400- aCrvt '. ff. V !^Jfl: we $ 43 ^ 

4C1h AXCykmit etA. . ^. tldtt* |>uUhrior lliinicc Our. iii. P. :2l. 
" UlcL* A fair ADjfAl." cy. ■ fn vhlnErg diuf«n«, hculacl lilca a Ktar, | llor 
VaUitu t^Bbe> ft doitblo April otd/ Tcunjvjii Thfi Prmc*M. 

hlXill HOOK O^" TU£ UAAD 


402 f- 'The fathor naoml his tan frriui %\m t:\avi rirer of Ihv IwaJ (</, 
Siincdeiucs A ^^L tiaDii.*d Irom tliu Simr^lt, aiid ld^?ru, T 1218. tnuned 
Mt. Ida}, btiC the pi^opl* gn\*' tJJ tht- wm thr nniU'* whk'h wnn ApprnpHatt'' 

/id^o^i)^ iiot Iwinatihu thp htiv fcni^hl fur nway frcnn hum^t t'^it l^cniiiM 
blir ritiiL-r WHA lljliitui^ At Trcrv whib tho (>oy vim n nluld -. Achilln' aotl 
\m cilIIocI \oc[itokiiuii i>n Cho lathur'* oi^conQt. Ut^or cx^iiif^lct ^"pe lound 
liiHamnr aivl Itl Ihit Otil Tt'HUTiirnt. — nl AXai : r/ h imn.— 'Aa^nfdvo«m: 
l|iuf Mi»ii» to bo «lrlotJ> ptoUftiitir lani (r/. A 38), >nil t}iu i Jtjft of ' prn- 
tfctor/ u uflwri moru pmrniiii^ril In llii* w^nl f hmi thul cif * niVr.' Uattnr 
yiam never Lutg oc ful^i uf Troj. Thus Acttiumutli at Uie >nt;mxiiu^ tif 
tbo V4-ru U tiXploinod by JjjPMnh lirftiuleJ^ ■* Ho Hnjttht- oitly dofiiudcr." 

406 = ira. 

407- t«A|A^r4 -. '■/- '^y^Q, an4 not« Uio diffcrvnor in tli« apt^kur** Uiiiei ■>-* 

400 &^^v|H)i< . r^jiijialcril to ^vtrfLUpoV' Contnud villi T 1^. 
409. Ttv k;f-'rii'.ivfl of ft>pftrAtioni wilh x^p^ *«/''«■ '"/■ <™v 411. 
41L xe<tL>a 60|>n«i ' f/, 10. 

414. 4jfc»»' li/irt^poi- t;/. i}^i*T<iw A 1ft 415 f, PnrtntbrtieoL 

417. d6U «rX, i«f Af -i'lf H'tf, rb: C/. UiT.-^Td-ri- i>, ^imjK^ 

411k, Jv{ iirv^r Aim; ndt^irlnnL wUli i^^fr — tr^pE; mJvtrLUl. 

410 ipivtidSn: r/ Tilt- < N'hihJ/ vrl/i^ n^'ci-tf ?'J. Ttic -llrjiiilii' uid 
■IlamDrtmuk' hro not luccliancd ixi ll^^inior. 

431- ot : rcUtira, rofcrrln^; to ol ^aV I?!? u iti Aiil^c'cdflnt. </. F lS!f. 

423. t^. hfl. 4-11 N« c!L^i^tvdJciii to T(f u£nf- ''/- >uri T 'iU4. — 'Ai4«i 

434 It' fUiirOSHm irrJl. : r/ $A, B 127, %XA E M3. — dnvn^: f/. 

r HI. im 

435 r. pa«^Duww : v^jfl yjj^n, — t^v< domOllltnim, JbfT- — Sffip*^ I'tf- to 

Truj,— ixXfiiffi - tW uji|Jtnif liuf'Ti ii»ii> liiivi- btm ^mmiffil v ^uit vf ili*^ 

■rr7>4ani> Imt ,'a ^-yyX (irwk t'orkHlnmtiim Ui>iild aIIov thU Ui W tftkAVi s* 
"Willi Wr lrfbaun<9v U)o." ^/ K rj?l, B l!»l, 

437. \a0^i If. £r«m her father. C/ A IS. 

438, irftTpit ■ I.*-. AfidriHn»d»o"aproiidfnllirr"fc_ — 'A^hu: <-/ 'Jon, TMi 

U roiitrikvUi] MiiU o yt- " lln r«']r4M'd licr. 1>4iL> ArU<fiiiii nl-'n Ilit.'* 

439 f- I'liow VVDK14 Tftif Li uj> thii l^biii^'lil '>f 4 1 'E fT- '^ TlwcL irt hit hK." 
Thin pi>]>urvTi thi? way for \X\v rvrjurat tlitl lli-iitirr tliuuld ttntiatii AVilliin 
lhovalb.^4t^:</. B9. 



431. wflr: Gonlnwtcd with what is inpliH in 407.^ftfam<: </ jCT. — 

433. - C}i1h>^iiiub ' ; | 10 ei, ^ ip^vuidv : iircitifiAlc^. — ^wOta: tiion 
putiiftjo Kvrv UiAti ^\ S»>> L>ri A IflCl. 

433 ff. Tliln mlvici* tn not nut t/ pluce m thti moulh uf tlj« ^*nr*ril'a 
itite, vho dwibtlcAB Imd talioci more iatcto«t thftn most lh the plntia for 
iJi>» ci»fi>nifl of thp eiiy, — llomfr miiln*i na nthor r*J«ifanfin to a pari of 
Uw Trujjtii vval] as |>arllcu];irly yuUipiuMv or octuuililft Sut riiddi mj^n 
tbut Agujjii^ f&th<froK ftJ^uft ftiiit j^rlLiidfuthi-r of AchilW^ uiiU-il Th** j-0(|« 
A]x>]rn rkni\ PoviJnn in brtililJu^ the wmH. uml tlml Aii uint^ii lMitir;&l«<l 
ttiAt ilid tucirUl** work iih<^uld bo ^frcHirWD. while tbc godo' Viok ttood 
ItiiTi- — llipyniio^ ift^ rm^. 7puCh X*f^ ipyarriaK aXifrmtCi Oi^ tUI, 42 

433. Ip^^iv- a noM Umfmurlc. C/ A UT, X 14G. 

433. UlAvm : mm; ou fuv A 138. 

436- ^' Atavn: I-/. B4i^r lift- 

436 f- 6i»irpoirLtfv «rA : for lltfi gonlUvo, apn on B T1J5, $rr> on 4Sfl IF.^ 
■frrAv : rAnr ij«-», an C'lrpoAtd to umulta aiif! otnc?nB» »- C^, airv iIoIq* WU 
Inin Tri>iilO nic ffttft forobpat Vrrg. Jc/t. U. 3l» 

441, T^St vdrMiTf/fJ^^f. — itHpi^iAlly 4.12- 

44a. T^M&M : f-^r tliU urouMiitivi-s »<%■ H. Tl^ ; 0> 104D. 

443- A r*-|^h- to tfm r^iEunht U> dinml fnim ih* T<iw«r tb# opantioiii 

444, o^K itv^n-i >>. forbidt. f.'/ o£5J &vj«cB $33. — Sp^rt« lo^Ut ^. 
«qtjiv)L[4?iii T'> apfrTTfmiv '30A. 

446. d^^^tot: '/ A IGO. — aWQ: itiUnsivs n|cnwD|; vitli /^loG 
Implied in i^iar. t^/^ 'U'O, R 7^1, B54. — Thv (Utiv» uilglit h>T« bWQ 
iWi^l inateful iff llx- mirpuc and i/MV, 

447-44d = ^ l(lJ-tU^, svLi*ra tim vc<nic<i aM lew improuivv. A|>piiiiL 
(/*Nn. [."l^J *ny* ihut, Srrlpio i|(]f)riicl i»hi>m nlth rAfi^mnco to tt^mi^. — -III41 
ditb T&uitft c|iiu Ff-ricaniA flAi;r« poribuuL 

450 IT- A jeyly U> 42&-432. 

450- Tp^v: objcctiTC genitir», '* I do iioi gr[<Tvo no raiKih for tho 
Trojuw." CoDlnvt^d viUi oxv 4&1 . — Otii«nra timt T^vi^ '£«t^ 
flafrtyrffoiv mil mnie Jutd fmforv tb>> vKrf4vp;tiiw. 

452. Ill proAT tho ArrougemoDt misht he timn Twr voXAuv t« nil ^fi\u* 
KaiJiyj-TT^n* iM ktX. 453 V9 4vtf4m f/. U :i7 I. T 1^8. 

455. 4yifTai (&» ful«™): »r. tri inl*> Cft|>tivAlj, — iXaAfapof rr\.; ^. 
46S ; BM f 14 (f >v Thv word fJUu^^>u in not fouii<l in llofD^ir. 



456. wpH 4Uh|i: or At ^Ming 0/ ttnotk^ nvMtifi; i^t. afl ilavo. ('/- 

497. CSbip : ' fi^trliine vrntcr ' in oo Uaportant duty of womvn in ori^-nUl 
(Tountrir-f. — Mw^^Kot {tc. Kfi^vrjt)- ah\ntivA\ gcnitivn. /torn ^/fvu. 
^A spring li> iliiA [ijuiiu in uieatifnird iiRxr S^iuUl. niid one cnUcd 
ljyp4V«a in ThcMMly iB TM). Porhap* Ilia jxh^L IIiua indioAton th« 

Acliilf<<a> Tiif< Ijitr^r trwIiLJoti niii^c hrr thr? pWu of AchiUcs* Hm Xoop 
toltnuLH. At nny nlc thui vpr» inftk« ^ '^^^ im^rv d<<Amt«. 

459- vaXXd atX.: r/iqtA uijiiiniit (Ay wif/. K\|fl^ni?d b> IIjc fallowing 

459. rtipiicrnc rit<nrly 'i|ijiv»leiil bi U*i' fntiir"" imlir'jitivi», w 1» Bliown Jiy 
Uiv r-'pf'tiTi.^n of IhiH (lioUKiit ill ^ /^'ct 4«:^- Cy. If lit. 

46Q. 'K^Topot: tiotL< Ihc potation. 461. Aii^'Mx*^*^^ ' *f-*Ajpuot. 

468. *« l^k for thin n:|rrlitiijiE t»f (Tfffii/^ C^'O^^ jfUnding Ivfure llm 
verw-iJiiiiw). </. A Ib'J witli A ITn. 

463. x^"'- oiiiftJil -^TOtoOla: <r, n^}. — 4^(vnv: W lli"* bifiiiiti*!', vtv 
li, flu2; C. 1628, — SolAwnir^, r './. 4Sj. itiiAorwi] isuol a llumeric Word, 

464- piTf9vi|dTB^ '-my^odj-" <*May I b* <W<S niid Luri-M-"" 

463- vptv, ciitj^Lruti willi ffi^^c^AiL NutLii'&l in Kii^tl^i 1M in f«nvki 
«ib#ft^t^ r liwn," iiial^if J cif 1- Itpf^ir itrt! tiiiw wK'in I nht'uM Upit,*' — •% 
Po^: Ti>-iir]y -Niriiinlrnt In <rov pooinft- 

46G^ nkSvi . ^unitiT« after a '^ vorl> of oimlnir ' ; r/. McnAoin' A 100. 

463. iiVTp6c xtA- ^ pArcnthutlcal, ffirUj^ tho rftiino af ^kAi'H^ Iaj^, U 
U rXLi1iki[j>:d liv (|ji' fultuvtiu): vtrar, ntliioti U furllu'r i-ajduJiKd trjr 470. 

470. Uvfivi rvf^nfttu nwiiA^livc wiih ^iWu- C/ It^, T SKT. 

472. ««TCvajrTA. ; ' jitynd-lon* r/. A iJ*. 4T3. T/. r?M. 

474. Kwit kiuinjf la itiriitii>ri'?4 in Ijnt two other paiaagei of the 
tliod, ftnd ihMB both ni^r 10 tha if^u rif BiippIlLnU. 

4TS. hmifd^tvi: f^/: ^1^^ A ::oL 

476. Kfir l^iiJ!i pruycTi e/. tJ;ht nf Ajftx Cor hw boj, j& irol^ yhnao mrpl* 
c^^u;(Jrrrc^. | t4 tt &kJC S/taiat < mx yiW Ay nC ktut^ i^oph. A/ar SSO f> ; 
•ImJ Utimv* LttmiiniafMatyQuttAe/Sf*JtJ^-My»iTt\ myaonl may kinder 
nUr* I I'pon thy li~krtnriii thtna ; | Acid mny thoao ptpjuiirm gild thy ralffn | 
Tliat BtVr yiuil bUiik on mine.' 

477. nXhfi,^ tor Uic mt. correlaZlvi vnth W 476, kc H. 1042. The 
EnffllAh Idkim ^^mltM It. —dpurpnrfo m-V r r/ H IM. 

470. t4: for ils potiitJobt r/. 317. — 4vdr«w: in Ui'^ mniii conttructtco 
A" yiHTftu 476, Cyi A 39. Ub«orvo tlip rilun<nj?v 10 Uw uudw .-tffyiMair. 



47*. Tit: mm,j/nimf; ^,B27K — t«1X0v: «MtOJtAl^. 

4ftO' in4vT4L^ for t]i< dccutfiLtiii' atU'T A ' vi>rl> tif puyiji;;/ un II. 73o a i 
G. 107-1, TSr- i-lou*? inttpos "frA- i* tin.* otln-r oXijviyl of tfn- vtrb, — <*Mny 
iniiiT n one ftftv fjf Ulljj a* he icturua hoin Itif W*r," 

481. x*P*^1 'T'^ - ^* ^Jutijy i>oiiniK>ltiit iJi thna^Jit With Iho lint hk\{ oi 
tlH< vtinw, ThH Enotlwr is Ut rvjuicn In tin* I>|ikk1^ »|>i}i]H ^Ith ih)iIi:i1i Iim 
floii r^birnti, M & proof of )ii» bnivvrr. As Elf^ator tliinka of UU bui^ lti» 
foJK^ti 111* ilMiti'Jing^H 

463. ^iX^x^uf. Ihi* U a ildicAtc loui^h mf ilic friH-t, — thai ll^i^tor doei 
iiui, mlurii Tlitf cliild to thw uurna (fruiii wliom he i(»ok him. lUiI Q.), fiat 
^1i0«« him Into Uin HTiiiA of bin vtiSt^ — intrujitiMg lilru u> ber i«n<, — 
X<*ffU«rA.^ c/f A J4L 

463. mtiUii: r/ ?&8. — irtXirv: la h/r hnimr\ ^ Far the ifMtin^. </ 134, 

484- 6a-puii.. ■■ lluui.^li Ut iT-aM," 4B5 = A :»«], E 372, 

487 ir. "I ibitU LM>t ba kitJail imUu Ihhi U fnl-'d ; firi'f jI d'^lh la 
h|>]Htliiti-tl for l«« i»jw, I wMinot w«*jm il." — *ir4p atrav: *;/I B 155.^ 

ivSpAv: oonnlPiif wilh oTf TUfli. 489- ^d wfkJrm : i/- A tt, 

490. ftfrHrt , ill uBfiii'm'-cil fl^iljji lln" fTW iniiiljirl iii (fa. '^n^irf tW. 

401- l'4<^ /ttA'! ih Hi'jHiflitJun ^iUi J^yn ll>U. I'untruTvd with vrU^kOt^ 
Amiroiiiaiohe in ki do br duly ftt liuoie; Uie inmi witl do llcrlrs in battle. 

4d3> Tol *tXCv atA. : iL^lJed after ibc cacsam, making vocnr <tcCnito. 

494. -a*«: ^y. I7'.\ 

495^ 1inni\|Hr \\\r iiliimn In ti«iili^l tuk looj^ bnfoiV a pftu^i^ ; f TjH /. 

496- eftX^pivATA-: r/ T 14J, 407^870. 

499. dtk^iiroXovi : it in Ivlbet lu b(i; tlial Uiiii le in AjiptAition wiUi 
TTflAAii, ilmfi >liut ToAAaf ifffoo* Willi ihU. fj liy. — Mpnr: r/l Jvupro 
A .^'*i» ftOO. ^6**' /j^r/r-tj^r/. 301. vriTpowvtf : (ir^xIW-^iM ; *■/". lij^ofi M. 

502, lUvei >tA-- h /. ^ck)( x^^^* ^ '^'^'^> -TIm^ miicUtf aiuia," i 10 li, 

503 339- Till- t<-"i\v U'lUt^ a &hnt^ cootrul witb Ihv prvccdlog, 
Farb go«Ei (Hit tu lialUti vithcuit Ht-ctoi^i pirinfmitkuia of dUuIrr, mnd 
with CO f«an for tbo aaiciy uf biB fuiiil^- &> aliio tho kkm^o in tfac Iumuo 
of PariR (321 IT.) f.i a foil Ifl thflt In IWtor'A (4»ft (f.), 

603. Mil tii'T. 

S05- A*d im: Hparly not uf vioenl, rinci* hifl homft wa* itcar lIc«tor'«r 
and thf« Utlrr ru^lind mr' iynt^ 3^1. — nvoilik c/ B 1\\% R SOU, 

904 IT. Vf. (TuTiiut) fuIg^^batquQ alii d.^curroiiH aurflun arcfl { 
«xn1iati|ar aolmlK - . . qi^alU nhl i4hrii|JtiK fngiL |>ra«Ki>pia 
Tinctiv f t^iid^ui V\\f*t cf^aua i:ainpu[|uv pobllus Aperto | aut 



a<I Lia^i ^fM'f liikU lluTDMKf nolo ) »iiMnal iftrrvrtU^u« f rdiiill 
CITY iciliuii JiUi' 1 liixurinan lu(luiiti|ue iulmu t'*r col In, per 
aruiDn Vvni:, J«4. zL iOO fl,; - Content! on^ likfr a hotw | Full t,i high 
fiiiMliiijf, [Tintlly h*rh brotfl lowifl,' Sbftk*p<iTr f Hnynj FfurrJi \. I , H f. ; * Hut 
|[k>^ Tb piuud tU^ed tvined, will bjin^hly i.iu, ] (.'baiiipitLtf lii* irun irurb/ 
Milton J'ir. i,otf ir. F<64 f. — Uurut ii n n'cEl-fviJ, ortinJcrttablc crmture, 
wlthoiic ('itTfi^ ftnd vhh Ik ivry jfcioil Dplnlnn of hhuiu'lf. 

507. Af^TI ' ^^t </■ MUmto a n. ^ >«&£« ; ''/ ^, •■&^. 

SOB. woTBuftCi lor tht' p'nUiv4^, r/l ICU. 

509. Ku&i^ut . (/. jii&i.' yii'ntr A 405, «uyx<^AduA' 514> 

510- £|tobt^ f/ A -IJ^- i U: tic ooiutnictiou ~V ohAfi^d, Mid Ihitf 
luft Hli)i4*iiLH >vrti. h\ir tTii- > niiaculutlitm,' i/, Fl ^^iH, K i:ttJ f- ; <T(iit«<] 
Umt motik'.'lh at hia fftthor, mekI ^It^iiiM^tb to obey hui nujljirr, th« revaiifl 
of thi? viUl-^ «hal] pick it out^ Arirl ttiK yorin^ t<D^ft>4 vhnll <*at it/ 
Precfvfij xu. 17, 

514- VuTth clt^nrtj in in ^^ad humor. 

919- IviTptfv; c;;T ^»4, — rir" Apa icrX,: HttuJiM 'thiyut; t/. 02, 

510 f- Irofljjicitl. P&ru pltiuiu kinuclf on ovtctAkan^ Hpttori *■ lie bwl 
ni^ in^at h« would do in >14L — >Mt#L|iM r iy attr^. ^^ at tlia right tjm«." 
(y./viS^Muvn :>(!, — ^kOniR. »v i^Cj IT. 

521- fv«lrifi»t . " in bU n^ht idiiiiIt" witli rvf«roikCA ia tW miijo wonl 
in Alti, ibmi^li hi 41 <lifT<-rv(it ttfum. 

SaSL Invr^w; orfwn I't batf/tf . — ^Aili : re. dX^. (7:830.-74 

&3f. I»4v|i$-r/:r0. — atcrxn: ■/- U^L, — AimIw: lubjuiicthv; f/ A M,- 

625. irpot Tp*»w: Jf^'m fhr Trvjo/ui, '/. p^ aXKtjs I'j'J. 

526. (ajHv: iVi/icr. ri £i : i>. tny <j|Ti'rtv< in my wnnf-^ — ApHml^la; 

</- ASea.— *Cfl4n4»: r/: A Ue. — "Utbv j:<Hl«vil] snnt iU^yrt mny 
drive oiLt ihp Achuuuim. ind in gratitudif olfpr {tff u/<) ji liourt rir Ml»br*- 
tiuji (i fri-iaoiu.*' 327. 9toH krK - </ B tOO. 

520- CUM^v: A.y|<!iijrtftJ by (lie follonlnft T»rto. 

329- IXdiravrM ^ n^rten villi "itA Einplled U tlw Siilijert uf tfrtfrmrrAkLr 
For the «c«uMtiTo, t:/, |om A 541. 

Tho Sitth Bo<ifc of tlii^ iWflif, iifi**r tb« Untt hundri'd Tvrwi* hiw pi 
BPutM*! « wicoeuwiiifJ uf pmwoful b«?ji*», TI*<' j'^oifn^t of iK»^ »l«rj w^ei 
to b» ifilJ?rT\»pt^J lor h f**" mofciifiit* liy ttiv v^t'wvht of J>mni>sl and 
ninuriit (nL)-:;-ti()) liut iltit '^lintHV mfnv? ki ixvupy tlw? llnir during 
wlikli tlic poet's btarct thought <ti Uvotor m trftvcruug the pUin, Oia bi* 



way to t^a dty. The ibrM iccnnt nf Tln^Ufr'jt rlaSt to Troy — his it:im^ 
Tirsw with hU nioblitiTf hift c«1l al llu Uo\t9t» ci Par'u nnd Halciti hix pvlJi^i; 
wilh AnTlrriiiufilii>^f'>rTf) ft coiitrHtt, vltli fJiP r^niilllrtu wlii^h h»v»i b««it 
dcanribed. And make proiniitFiit the dnincntic life of tlie t-iBtv wamoT. 
Tho hi^Arcr'i intcr^t in h'w mbtequont (ntc ii groatJy hriglitvni.Hl. Thfl 
LikU-nin pAthoh ul llio lji«L Douka oC Um: i/i>iff cifiiiL^m in tJu^ (l«uth of 
Hc^itlor ootl th<j ii:T\f>t ^t thn TTOjftnit. Thi* Bonk jiropary^ thv way fnr 
onr i^TnpHlliy ^it)j HftmhA lu nhf iiiipltimt li-'F- n/^ri tn iTit^r Mii' jpE*t#« Alii5 
not withstand A'^hilU^jX 79-80)1 and with Andromifcclit, when j!Tif.-f ci^mei 
dvcr bvf u tb« v«v lloc^tor'i boily dmnTi to tti<:* (ircnk onmp aft^r tho 
chnrlol nf Ai-liiili-K (_X A^l-Til'i)i^ jtud vittb thn ilirp-fi »r Atjc1t^tiia£^i«, 
Hooiibn, An4 Iliiloii wtKui tbi> body t>i HtTUir ih bnHii^Iit tuck i') xhv oaty 
(O T1A-T7i~')' Tf Aiijln>fitHr)ii« hiul uoL hiu-i> iDlnrxIdi^vl Uvn\ *h<< vrouM 
L&TC bwa but » immp, and htr giirf would not Imifc btcn iie*rly ao 
putbetjc at tho doftc of the [Mwin^ Tho huarof is hor* bfouflht Into tbo 
family circJu of PrLhm. and im iit'vcr aftvi lliU without it Ijviirt fur Uio 
TrojHn luiefoTiiLUEe' 

Tb« Bot'crtlh Book o|>cn» with Uic wctcom<^d ntnm of Havtor ftnd 
ParU 1(1 tbn hnnl'pji*«i^ci Tprijunji. AftPr (tfv«rj*J ftrwkK huM' hi^h slftin, 
Atbciin SJid A|Xj1I(j arriiiiun foi & »tii^lc <xrEiitrHt bi*tw>-rir) [Ivclor aii<l Aj*X| 
^^ but r\igbt cfxuM on And iiit«rrii]>i8 llw dii«1. in. wtiich Ajuc hu tht 


TO wnm 


EkMniiiilx fit c^mtpnucd worf|« Ar« IndUftlvd^ 00 far >« fiUQ^b^^tiy, 

FoiiuEt Wtwteu marks of ]«i«uUvn« am Set et^mol^^cttl oompftraoik' 

Altie ficmnfl an occaatannlty nddul \ti lirackAtn. 

ThcBcDdor of feminine qouhb in-u^ Uindii:at«d1>j/. ctfim^ 

Th«k giiniloT nf nuutimltii^i mimA In -oc tn ni^l moFkncl. 

Tho gcbdoi of neuter nguov in -01 u indJcalMl b^ Uic gomtiTO vailing. 


t-AippDi' un'i fipninfktiMf, rnfincthlf- 
64ffTl«fls t«x«>- irre^isdtU, vnvvm- 

'Ap«vT«p pi- : <4rU hihubLUnU cif 

*A0ak '^iVTDC : a Trojan, ftlAlii bv 

Uf'i Act[i Antiluchiin. Z 33. 

(it( nil tinirvt ), A II7> 

Dhiivvfl l/JoAAw) 1 un-hit^ not 

pnSflf ^ ,^ &^vj. Ill th(T TjinuL uii 
[ip|ti»ibr« SpkIiih. B S30> 

47a- (ffjnfr !■/. ingr>n«)> HtronKtli- 

&^7<; Aor- of jyvt frorJ. 

AtoUi 3: 5i>»/, nn^/ff, UH/'vf, «p. 
if/«yW ifi irrir. Arrirf. R^rvlv uwil 
of itiuml qnulUy. fiolit ^yM%-. 
fffntd fit tkt var fry, Itnt^ w »iir, 

A7b-«k«trdt -I hikI A^urXvrAt <itA«K) : 

(^OftOi, tor, ^^ocrrmrD, iyttirvii^dAftt 

Av>fkf|kHv, xiKot ^ .-I^NKinnon, oon 
<i( Airvrj\ gninrlirin oif Prlfipi 
(B 101 9.), kinjf At MyccEift* 
(B MIV ff.). A* Ih4 lrt&il«r »C tliA 
iBJi|>n1iiiiiii S|falri9l Tro^, he ik 
IkTomiTii'iit throiigh Uw wbolo r>f 
Oie ttiad. The dnt p&rt i>f tlw 



Kt«Ti>nth Bo«'kk U A^'Httv^ to v. 
rvclUil i.>i }ib brave di-tMlH. At 
tho «lono «f tht wm-, ^n hin ur 

fuliw? >V[fc CKlii''iiiii>->frH Jiml U--r 

AfigiBLJiUB (a 3& a., A &12-53T. 

A 420. 

'AYtr^vwp, f^wt: Arciullmi Iriulrr. 
B '^Ol>. 

Ron of Ati^f>ju K rt'J4. 
iTfQrr<i|iitn. ; Am. of ilyo^uL, >rrirj/ir^- 

fcY<- i^«*i Uriel 1;^' imv- ut ayu>. 

((res) : t<i/^«-'. !"'<oy ro/jetJter, 

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«V^rIrtf,>&-Yfp Irnpf. . ot vy^A frorL 

^yipia\o^- jtrituJ, wHffiitf, itiipfltifiUM, 

Vfw\yi^9% - |.lpf. |.i. of AyUftv^ 
'AYltni^, -aprj« ; br*™ Tn»Jinj U'wii'i, 
*on uf Aiiktior. A idT, A ."^fl, 

^-^f^lpavi (yTjjDiit) ; Off y^uriy, imper* 

'AY«»i«tJ au Argonaut' U Hi)]?. 
A-yvAt. TLctr, : Sn Uik omtt. RitTl. 
^YnXtvof: jior. p&rtic- «f InuAtViu^ 

A^'v^o-lAl^n^ i.y*5^^*)' ''*^'>i'f*'f mmflfd, 

^.-fijiif. KpiiUi't (if CroiiUA' 
vfrAXoi {ntt^lr) ■ r'tn-rft. % 3A, 

'AyXAtii; motUor «f Nitvuh, K U7L2. 
Afkalv). liH'jil,, 9tiL lint- dvH^if^: tptrtt, 

faii iif h4'ifi-. A i^7. 

^Yv^K*. Aur. JLufjjv, tlfj^ Mir. iwrrir. 

iUt'rru niir. piUH. Jyij »ni| ^r 
&-Y0v«t (yn'Dt) : vtthvm. T tf>, 

&YOf«fo; tjfml. fiiv^ ic'/,' AvM on 



Ay^ i^ynt}-: i*^fr ;lSfli^, 

{Strictly iinv. M oy^i'w [nt^'u], 

mir hiJtl/) (•/. Jyt. E "fl-'r. 

AYpOt^rioriv : ttor. pnrtLo. iif Jyeipw^ 
ifftfn^W ^j uV^i (iir luiiiftaU), 

Ayx^'<^** (^) - ^'"f '^^ ''^ ^^' 

ve\v ll^:liU with "«i'itl niL-t 'ini*!, 
in o'HitnHi with juv^liu thrinftvrn, 

DnrilnnUnt, faihftr rf Af^n^jii hr 


tMt. fJYiyt ar ^yyt. Jutr. bnv. 

a(ATt '. /eoftt frfiny, frtfk, Irad 

frtiiB wluitL uTid li> vhftt llin iii'V 

i'», inrrjmi<n<'ttt. wHIi goiiitivc^ 

Ui(t: aor, ilif , of d>&uw. pUnH, 
Uil44d«ordb3L4«dc' AA^A^r, (H£fl\- 
^V( in titit ]Ioin<.<nL\ *w7^y»T/T« 
is tni>r« ih&Ji twiop lu frr^ ■« 

Uii«« -1 : thirl, rroir<Ui(. htt^Mffii, 
'Al^frwi > A'i'ntf\ii^ Thoisnlittn 
kih^. hu>il4nd of Alrvfliit. fnthvr 

'ASpiiirtdni ^ ifnn'jhirf *\f Xflraiuit, 
At^iW £ 13S- lloih «i\tf aud 
mouriul A'ltitof Diom^il. $ ^(U 1'. 

'Atpi|an}i AtU'itKtviM. (1) Ai^ivD 
kin^ wlji] fi:;i\* hiH rlnu^iEhliTrk JTi 

B 679. (9J L«ftdcr c»f Trr-jnri 
»]UiM. B 8^0, (S] A TrnJuriH 
Z 3T. 
i4wt«v (Jim) : (|>l>i» noMjJtf- 
rttur^il), tanrffittry. B Urt* jIS- 

MkBi [.MAo*]: ^Vfftft', fmfiifU 
d*I5«i iiiipf, a%iiv)i [f£u] : "'n/' 
^^ut^jlr -«e, untHHi/^. ahijm*/ut, piii/ui. 

dflfta^Aluvoi 'I (J'fCJ^): ayatrat hit v3L 
tpifiing^ 9^i*ui (hU) viV. A 'l^r 


MX^, -*■ ; with imtitnXo*, Ar^ ftj 

d^. r U- 
'Alf%t: .icttor. BSia. 

Aqtu, proa, partic^ oor**^ A^w {ol 

fjinwlniij, E.^2e. 
&^ dAt. 44* (nurrh^, t. : oiV {ftn 

op|\ to lh« oIaat aJl9ijp), nittf. 

E 801. 
UpnXof : unrl'fti^ ilrtatt/ul, aqulr. to 

pcrxthnble. ABoMotm '. imm9Hitl$. 

'A*flk*«m>l <S4T'/); J/IUm. B64e. 

^AWini aij'l *Ati|viili|. the goddcM 
Aihrna, Miii«rTM. Sho a|>paatit 
tifu>ii In lliiiEJi^r nn vaxi tnnh^fs^, »j* 

fiho ia rrprwttit'Ht in loli-r worko 
*rf fcrt ; liprKrr tin* U ':iilK-<! Il<iA- 
Am» tjintr^iinjulinhmif, y^iiUKUffif, 

ftnurfj^ Xiumnwc, mu#fr of dr 

Atayjiairj Uj Avdyiprj. undyitfi to v^.) 

at [ti^ : i/. at xc; tif. ol yip 

Alfcat U m r mt «/ /tMcw. Of Achil- 

Aln»t-nvTM: J^fu. (!) Aon i>f Triv 

ic»l d£ aU Ih*^ Ai^JjAcaiu, anxi Ui 
AoKiJlo*. A 19^, B ftAT.TQS 1, 
r 2H\ n. Tib]ni>nlikn Ajiui to 
alnayH miih^it, wJn-ii cici <li«tiii' 
|fiii>itiiTk/i4|iiiiiHT.i4i]K^J. (S) Son 

Hlilpwn^riknJ Jkiul dmvrni'd an ihr 
ytiya^ hutuc ffi^nj Tr^y. — 
Thinitu;>i[iiir, Ihi' UmrtW of Um 
/^VjiJ, the two AtuTC slacU neor 
oDo to tho olhciFf axid ir* ofloii 
rjiiTjE.lrmi'rl Ui^illiiT. 

Hnnj«i| pant of th« »i<a. «o[i of 
FcuitiEkin ; oilkd B^Hifpuut liy tt» 
nod-. A lUI. 

iil>aWn (nJf) ■ juir/rn, ii§wf cfaiufly 
for luMitiiiK or in uuta^. B7T4. 


ol^rtLfo^ I. : Unrir jrapitv A 4S2. 
AtvUX*a : dm^-hUcr of Adnaliui 

AIymX^ - (1) Lii» mitUi Cfiuil uf 
IVlopoiiEiffLUK, <kTL l}i« Coi-iiitliivi 
Hnlf. rn>m Cunntii t/i tlw Blaui 
fronliari tin.' lator Aohaca^ B07(. 
(2) A town in T^hUgoitU. 

blYLoXif : miBf, JiAir*. B SIO. 
Alv(X4, -iirti«» r, : h ilMlrict (T) ui 
Ih*? rulL' 9£ Odfwud. B S3A, 

nnsT srx books or thk ilud 

Mltfami At0tftat Uluul in iht &%. 

rooieflnlf. B attL>- 
At^ittv ; cily jh Aclijii-h, B 5T4, 

a^Y^. h2oc t apgu ■ IJu? ihinld of 

prcib> ui tmtiltfm ol tlw thujiili*r- 
jrtorui. Bncrilki'^} E 7118 ff,^ f/. 
B 147 f. AilicEui Al«(k boldd it (or 
An#) In B 447, K T:ih IT. S« Fig. 


«lfX.i| : fjieifi, hriifhinau, B 4&S. 

•[£^«fbh ami aCSftfdL nt^r. I'nm, 

tirtihir jftrjmF nr fr^f-rtiff^tt rrr* 
ir*ni*r, ttm itbotSed hr/itrt. 

*A>(fiqi, ifVTl, *Ai'3^w And 'AjAnc, ttiir 
•A(&. "AS&urSi if^) lifi'Jf^*. swi 
of tli« itfUffn lovrr wijrid. }|U 
realm i» l\if hciim* of thu di-oA. 
ard in tlic ^/inr/ it U liftirath tLc 
*^rlh fr/ ft Ifi, I .^ft^ IT,, Y 11. 
X 4H!>), white In tho Odsfl*€$ 
Oily«a»a» wU b> it, aarcMt 

OcouiuH (« AO'^ ffr), tuU fiTiila in 
It u fklDt^ nh^Tly iiuitiLtitin of lifo 
vu mrLh. Ft?i). nr*? ttti^ iftllptii^ 

«Xpr<4Hicllfl bl 'A^^ (*■<. SojlLDVl), 

'AtS« t'tria. Uf tkt roftiliiii n/" HniTfM. 

mmlnt. B :»14, Z 2;.0, 

i-4ft4, 4W1 (af&i) : fn/^fM, raio. 

'AiSiAftt : fomUrl form of *Ajfti^- 

/i/ Aofwr; nftiii] ti-i ^ ^itoit i^'iif^ 
for which & wotf] ir> lockiTi^ in 
Engl i ah. A In tiaB*f, iiir^'H-^. 
A^ujbifnfjtf, grinUjtha- R :i63. 

Aff^^d. ^ oU^ Jclmi A ^01). 

the pnroc^nK- 
Uti|XB«: wtft^n, Ul A^intf ^niiticru for 

i^tZtfSiK. Bale. 

allaX44i«, -«iTvn : ffri/iity, UMfy. 

Komflrlc hour*? hai! no thiinnrys. 
ttlli : iutroduf»i » vriih, lu A 11^, 

aT*ot« tUk< ol'^LLilHt tn cfintriMt frilli 

iii;g in C^ wiAfr, i~,r. u /Ac fJ'f, 
AHlHttppl: H people ui Thuc«|j,(in 
Uif< ilops of Mt. l^iiaiLA. 1)744, 
AlSltni, pi-, BGv^ AiBwir^: ArtXiir- 
ftiiint, lidii;; 111 t.^n rmtjnui^ At 
thp tTitrcm« oftdt ■nil »fil. uii 
fb« bordon ^f Ocmduil Tluy 



an pEoua ruc-n. li>vc(I aiuI viiUed 
by tWgodv, aSS, A4:^. 

alti)|UTO« (:ii*tLu9) : httmmtj, titiimf/- 
aUlixjrfe ^ftpdow^ 1 porficy. tvrri'tof. 

TKf Jll. in llSTfl of lUt* two. l»Tlf' 

throujfli ^vhich ft pRBjutjC^ linlfrvm 

(al&oiHni S^ptttrot), ihr^ug^i which 
J |iav(ii^ ltd Cn>]Tr tha oriTirt into 

trip, ijf ItruJUf nnrl wiiit^^ A 4fl3- 

wife of Ai^'iu^ HinUnir of Tln'- 
wiUL She accampAuii^S llolci^ ta 

iklSttV. -ucrK : tiTiyhi (of uuii. il 46o). 

/irn^'fr^ fiifiiy, fmy, 
mi n: t1]iilv- ti> af ny. ll£l^ f/^ wich 

(l|<^ fliihjijiic t|Vr^ A l:^^, 21)7, 

•X^^-wg: f'irjtfiii. t/ttfJin;/. B ^07. 
Atiiw.-fnotm r>]Uu Tf iidi^r, A-JllO. 

.Hfn^m. thf^1jtnii>f tli'.^ AfiKultStni 
of AnohtKCi mir) A]>1uradit<. iiu* 
hmvr-nt of till" TTDJAnn. Iirxf to 

U« W4* it>v«r»If wnariflwl Sy 
DkitmnL but i^aa rn^uvJ 1>t hiii 
tnothT, Bad lu?aZr4 by Apolln in 
Ma [oiii|kli> ; )i(' Iiul (»niT nt Ihr 

W«J1; ho luPt AolilLb>4, inrl woulil 
llttvu Li>eL t^Ux hy bim l>ul f*jr 

IJd wo* of lh« royat fAimty fjt 
'I'roy, ftnd tha ^rud^ lifttt dccirvrtd 
ihil liv and hiB tl(<HceikdAuta 
shoulit tu\a ovi>r ih« Trojun rucc. 
Y'^Ih-^ fT,. 3(17 f. 

Atytftcci /k'4 A«fiiiv, A 530. 
oifd« :] : itrwxirt, ttrttui/^^ frrrdff, iUr- 

r'j/j'f'. liini: cognate afv^ xtv, 

witTi TuiHiTrrL A 414. 

k^ioh'Si^. a .in?, a L»r», 

«lv^; 'Jrttuf/tti/if, Ifrribiyt mi^t^y. 
AIaXiKi|t; ma ^ H/ofui, Sjqypliijl. 

z i:>r 

ftL^Xd-iniXat ^ with (ffHkl''mf>vm f) fiat 
hornet. r]86. 

otwAXtov: kmio/i/anit, A^rJ. B474, 
fttvoXct Ca*^, »cA-) : (joof-fcnrfer), 

ynafhrrii. ^^drman, A 375, 
Alirt: U-'vn uikder HanU'i'n ntlv. 

rwt. BWS. Z57. 
Alvi>TWt. (ulj^: e/ .fr^ru*, an oU 
AfindSAti Ijcrx B OfH^ 

JAi^ tiil'f. ijrisp. tfiie, ffaiti. cD)h 

lutt, <*tnwfliff; mid. cAowf- 


pfrtU^r, irrm nf hft. nrA 4|rnu>t 

AEc-i|irot: ,]r^/iu«. (I) A rJvnr in 
Trvjiin I->^^iji, o]iipt>iii|£ Intit th* 

(5) Sod of BueoUun, ■IaIii hj 
Eur>-Alu>i. Z2L 

ibiffu [i^iririu], h"i. ^i(a, ai^n^ nut. 
pOM. v> milt, ■^i'jfi^'. rnsh, Acurfm. 
tfdf Trwaof Atiatftt- U"p\n^ ilotr>n 

Atn%7ti till v\\ Trtjj&ii, B TIt3, 
k[vyX«i: r/r*fl*/M *«rriW*. E 103- 

.fiKUf^ r^l-j, ZH^l. 
aW^iw J dif-gracct hritkg thnmt vpau, 

AtT^ioa Hfk<! A^ff«Xd4: ovt ^f^dFian. 

.UriuW. JfAvVmv B«38,afi2i. 

«lx>^^I^ lut. o^j^puiiQmvtn : vv/i^ lb 

alx>>1 ^ i'»'*<--r iT'inK fw-tf, tiirtd fptor^ 
alXK*!*^ (A140 oTjcfjiTni £ |!>7) : 

tin)^jrrfi, with an imiQiirAtbii of 

aUv, '4V09 (4ci) I JhjrQfiaq t^f^t, ^fi. 

(1} Thrju'iaju ihUi)i by Ajnx. 

Ahtmior, tiHKJ«r of Danlauwiu. 

^■oApfttoi (titfont): udKvwvJi avH 
w^rnrin^. KlMil^ct of Arn, K 4. 

«nd a^ji(<rii>^: mill, ynrj-r, om 

iilQH*i , tor. i}i(«rafo(^fimf/"T''0^«i)T 

dii4iiv; fiVltfiir, vmV/. GeacnDy liidr- 

cllnatd*, Itut al*o fvm, Icuncm. 

^/ rfjnjv. A *W, rrOil. 
Ik^^tdi (mJSofUi): VAcanrif ,^| 

ur^4fp%«>i (iif n tvirpH). Z lyty. 
iujpr^ &i|v. Aoc- ; vmrfJy, Jfi'/Z, ttaihni. 

V/. Anmf. r 1»x\ A 41-U, 
i4^|pun Amrtfrtf. ffjicMnt:*/. K til2. 

AndkTit (iHh>7. (tifpuj fern.: ^U-t 

A»rf. A 4Ut4. 
L-hSffiaot: UMjrrJtfrf/, drnmUHj/^ un- 
/fftfly, BVU. 

AiewA^ ' hriir. lepwrta tuiArh^ dtfOMC- 
{ccAir ; "you lAii »jd Uiv first 
tnvltivl to B rif»«l/' A 818. 

Acftitft luir ^uni or ^Mmtm (Aait): 
J^AiTt yn'? nv, ^Kjft A am, 

unatvtmi^ttiA*^- B 1)4, 
&Epi| (lOrirtly f*ni, <rf ^/wr) (ncu*, 






1 Aiif4r«-|i44M miilfM prt^iifTf i>f 

4Xy^ ^jTr. irartic. Aky^triK'. rjiffkr ^^H 

1 nitrulcA, BS14. 

/idr^'. Ufhr.. B ^'OD, ^^1 

^^_^ i-«piTe« (icpi™) : {fif^tvgfomt^'iy. fon- 

^Y«tp -<v« : ^r^f/. jiffnt* rrf>u/*i#, ue4. ^^H 

^^^f JvirtfJ* iiHvtmiftate. uHmm'ffialrU, 

UnHvAf !^ - pttiii/ult tfriavov4, ^^H 

^^^ uniy\i'.iU^'i,ft>4l^i. BTUti.rilJ, 

U^4* (^/- ^ryu, ii<>(f1igo)T rv- ^^| 

1 air^r«-^«XXo4: tflitft t-nnuiU*!^ Uinfru, 

i/r^rr/, kf^'!. ^^M 

1 irt.h. B SOS. 

iXmiimt-^ ai^tiitt 'Aun. Z l^T* ^^^| 

^^_^ &ic^ic»jk#t (i^V^^} - u*rf^ AdiV u/mi f&ff 

*AJki(n«t ' pUt!'' ID El]<H B 017. ^^| 

^^H imRffl If/ fAr AeW, 4.r. with hnii^ 

dXiCnji ; jifnitrr, tfr;(i Jotr, T 20. ^^| 

^^^B bounil In 1 kiii>i oa top <it tho 

'JLXi|ai^pot (JA^>* dr^^ ttattUr-^iff ^^H 

^^^P litfjul (or wUfi n iu;jiti^liick). 

41/ mrnj J/rj:irii'/rrp [inrhupH thft ^^| 

A S33. 

f>rTL-<k txnruilaticiii of PtjrU (niid ^^| 

inpo-iT*^' A*j/ft-ftiM*?^r!j. /t/'j- 

uHd four tini« A« ti9<\.). S^on ^^| 

&KpM (eL<:ui) n, mii^crL (U^^rniTm: 

of riiitiii, kiusbAitU uf IIi-lvD, bihI ^^I 

utttriitifjit, fu^kttt. Only of placn. 

thuH 111" Atitlior of til* Tpijttn ^^^ 

fupij irdXiC r Hfuh, I'l iiKp&wtikx^. 

Wjir, Mil sirigU* ofitcli&t with J 

^ApT}V jftV^ ■ thf ewl vfthf (irm. the 

MrnrtAim, tho (^iirlirir ])EiHli&fii] of • ^^^| 

A'Jm/t iw axp^ pVfLu'- an th* tip iij 

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o<irr (lit. ii^n hvtft sk^ci i^"), if 
an^e.f^tct. A37, 4M. 

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*A|i^-vftiu. town under Kalor'* 

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lirawn up en »htif«i <mly kL the 
clou* frf th« vcrv. B 105, 181. 

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dark tilTh panLnn), A 109, 

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ml^il, -B551,6T4- 

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cyou with tliA fiiL ind. § IK A. ,^H 

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4ia: ViiiiHtivr of ai^f, Hrj^, T 351> 
K>», ll^•^^^/i, muWi/, ejftif*rt, 

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mniynpAu), A 47-^ Z "Jli-i. 

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/r'>in !hfir tftktt, A Itil- 

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onvr fLi fffoa. E 777* 

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^^^M over: JUfr. /tU bark. Z *? 1. 

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Slain by Aja*. B IrtS tT, 

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rii/r, &>^'ii, Kfi^i, with ipm, ; 
BOiiirtinii^ with idiU of intpvrMt. 

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'A«vH : pn^iuiuvHt t««ittir of Tixij&n 

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AriA, Mm of Ante. B Til^. 
'ArwrU\-. dUtriot in BiUtynis. 

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frail Aiciinb, B«01!. 
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Ainturr^t^ B 554, 

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Inra : Epic for S, nto. from di n«< 

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tfOX,' Iha Mnlrml (winl of tbe t«f- 

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Uitt Troj&Di to tl< 

Q4V1IK of IlDCrtor'ji protection of tba 
piK. Z id:!, X 30*. 

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'Artv^X^l- n>otbcr«( A^cnlAphu* Uy 

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ation. Flt'^.. howerer. Ihc roii- 
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It 14 •■imt'vhKt mwv cmfhACic 
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laenl j^ciilkm. A lOU, 604, 
44d|l^^TM (Tir^i/^nj)' /ftirlnm, iiih 

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inj'atautioti, ti^eitdiUM. & 400. 

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frap, jkJv-, villi g<<il; ricintf, ajmrf 

/>ifli, A 4a8. A 376. E <7i, 
£'VV»i (r<^/T*i) ; (Arfdm, U>, 


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f-fi4nini'/iji, fan, Z -^ML 

tjff^m, fir>A'. A 11. 35«, 
d-T^iAf^MJlJiU'LciTi/xrirrLrif ; qnAfTRO/'''/. 

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dTpi4Av% AfJV. ; <rW$, cfiicrJf. D 10. 

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1I.1W. BlDSf. 
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nrji jkii>l thif Mllinr. (Of unf^i^ 
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Ih-l r.r Alh#im. H 1 -u^ C 11&, 

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«t, r?i>Taj,; cffain, nnvir. ?fi f^«r Mhfr 
tlon^ C/l onip, avru^ am- 

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tow II. BCM3. (2> Locnaii ticiwu. 
R AA2. 
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AvYf|k<.&i)i ; <"/' >>/' .Ir.'^Mf. Agvth«' 

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^Or of frfituirivc : flAfVtnJfD /omf (of 
SU^ntOTj. E 780, 

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«Slv, ndv. : rVi^Af f^Err, Mpfy, Atrrr. 
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AvXft, -tSm ; '^u/w, ft> BoooUmi h&r- 
bor on tbe Kurtpua (ftj^poniliJ 
Ctlll^'i}1 ill Kulnjiih), «vh<*r*t I.Ijjt 
Acl'iui^afi fnroi^B pill»Ti^ii In vnJ'.T 
to wIp MtiE to^lJii<r tor Tri^-. 
B 303 ff,, llrft. 

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hi^h rt^HUikn fitniiH*rd f-ir t)ii* 
cn'*l. (Or, vnth fioh§ « *ftf tiirfr 
fir rlt eyt*.) B 1^. &;« i^i^. 

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illh^ (ami) ' t^ota, hatiU opy. 
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airrliA [afTr>f). aih,: ■»! tituact ftrtxiijht- 

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#fy. B^ni^Jbllj of the 4(1 petiiH fttfo*- 
$cfft henelj: rarclj u«d of Ihing*- 
Tt U iTif/infl^T^ not morvljr lu iXw 
nt>u]> ATI'! wb^rt asAocmtod with a 
noun iir |wr*- pron-, u in Attic, 
but obo vhoii #(jkridu^ alone 
in tho ohU<]Uo caha; noiinsl^mi-A, 
IjowmTr, llifl liitrf^nftlTtf i(li>» (of 
ooiitnvit) U nob ouily rftprm«^d 
In Bn^luh, a'Ms contru«i« 
tilt* nuw with hb muuclbtaA. \i\A 
AilTonftriiMs tiih h»r*ti«, liii clotti- 
tihjf. ItiH w-ittKint, ItU m-»n\ (A 4), 
rfc, It fcUowB of a lotgc Tarietj 
of ttimtlfttion*: «,^. m f^wi, 

mkm* (fry hifnnfl/y, n/ Jit* uitl, 
T^i* 1^^ o&n' ■« I'^^iu^. to Attic 
Tavrrf^ f^f rkkT^r iA'v. Bfvrot it 
cquJT. tJ> olrrot o uvTVt- Tu tho 
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wltU tJiTi ip^ri. iiii|jlii'>l iti n ^ajwd'!^ 
•irw jjnic., f.^. i^v aim- lAetit 

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aljtf. iiir- 5"<" 'i"id «iV*i": tknul. 

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a4-A4vr« ^ juir, «^r Ajtv^tpm^uii^ tAtr 

i4<T> fc -Dc:/>/«n/f, woUlA. A ITI. 
liii^ famn : ttiinJ ftUtof. f^'lf- uf <t0^ 

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^-«|irw ^ ftir. of it^/ij^, Hn// nwjy. 

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opb. ii^'r;; i/uFHHj, tftui «jf^ AvrVk 
A S.'i, 

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p^*rf- intrujf. ttttrvj tjt « Jutfanoff 

4ti">t/r\.iEHij (nitli jpn^ of foUnaM)- 
Ihur /ft mJ, B T81. 



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i^^^^'m {^pTfv) ' am 1 /mU. Aippai- 

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'A^pftSTni: J^-ftrorff/^, Vf nnii,dnugh- 

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lims (if lu'aui} nuci I-jvp. Sliv 
led llcLen to follow I'aria to Troj, 
twd ihft fnVDTn! tli*' TrHjun* In 
ItiPii cndflicljw r :ihO ft,, ♦ 4] tl IT. 

o^tevw. fal- d^Tifuv- r/mv (walur 

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.{fAn'AAj. Tijo moat powerful 
ri^ t»f thf (■nH>k]> fti iha llriiA nf 
tllo TrvjiU] Vkur. VhiUi(rt4i (in 
TboBAl^) wu orut ■:■[ tlirir prin- 
dpfti BUltd. Ucimr-r Uki» thin 
noinfi i]ii>rv froc}^ than nfiv »ih(r 
Irtr All tViw r»TM>kH (^ Ti «';. 
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tjf thn MvrJituliJiLH uriij llirlEi'iif'B 
ill I'hcHhj^ly, 1hi< ii^t^|)t.i4^iil warrior 
|]pfiiri« Troj, i.t»' jirindjiul hpro of 
Llir /^ijrf. During; tlio aic^ |j« 
lind fM[>tiirpd twt>1tv Tnj)an cktttn 

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li^Uriur, I Sliti ff. Arnciiig hie 
jiriuv yt\K thi? yo«il1ifijl BHk^tv 
vhoni A|:iuiicmnoi] unjudtly iAkc« 
from him, TliiJi wft of Ibfl Icimb 
koJ* Ijj llii^ iiJivw iif Arliilk'-i 
wlio ^L'lthd^^^vH Cntiii thf 0f>iiJli«1 
HJiil duL-A not rvlimi Ur it utiUl 
IliL- di.-iilb of hU Doinn^r? TuiTo- 
du> (in II). In tho NintiiH7ntli 
iWk irf thr? y^/i>/, AdijLlra u 
rrh7-*[ir*iU'(l t*t Agamcmnod and 
jin-i>iire» for battle with ilu- Tn>- 
JAiiB- Etc hLaji Hector \ix iTio 
Twi-nty^u'Kmil Book nnd ill- 
Irrat* tti<T c»f]«r', hiLl AjkJtllj 
girvt lIpc^>^'|l ItwK little to tli« 

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):>iuii), A 4S0, 1^ lti»> 
^Vh|i*^ (^X°^)' 9^^*^- *"* rroiifi/frfi 

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^cft -«i: 7'"''./- Ar/i/*»r«, A ISS. 

tMk. B 960. 
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ogpipikb^ <<>X^»'^V- />f*)f<< uAirrv lie 

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'^TV. p^rf AH i^rx. pi. ptfioAtru 

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2J aniT. u--t„ if ici>|)ti VH, ff*-f »i(f. 

P^Udt, THir. (/)^aAofi nor. mid. ju 
|iftj«. ^^o^ prrf. pifiX^ttu. plpf. 

th<Kit. hit with a mjuilo. ^3aA*> 
r^ fi^ XtfMfiV r JfuV in r^r iinnr. 

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Cf. 0iXm. 
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aui; &OT. of ftti^v. ^ A ^^B. 

Willi rL-f(.'p?]KV to tli4? bimUuua 
oJ iJui t.^arimi dJQl«l. Tlie word 
fiii{t0itprK for iitm'^irrtk, ffiTniiftifTt 

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tho iKH-t boj no DUO wurd for aU 

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ni^Qji': ifFiKitiiffJ hrti'-ify. A »im. 

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iiiiij. t'viful. Z I1'3. 

piTi|» [^/jjijnjf]: ftor. dual of /j^Vv, 
r/ft, A 327, E T78. 

luar Troy, bufor« tJio SoMbn 

Ma« p<<rf.. p.^«.. Iiif 80 (, 44 h\ 

plpf.^Df^W,^ B13t.A231, 

pjpki|04, PilpK^Tb. yerL pUM. oi 

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f^yat. 'it. 

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rO|H* ^ijiiv/u»^j. P^ or ^fm [^, 

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lKt!V>r, i* l.rHJiHtln'i^. 
ftT\X^ »^Vu) ; ihrtthtdH. A £01- 

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mi^ht iif i'ntwi. t/ir mttfhrjf f rrOJM. 

pfi|.^L*. old lo«L : jn wUgku A 7l?5. 

tstitiik. E 544, 211. 

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3-' lunm. \,f jSdXkiu, hit. ^ TiO if. 

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cri*, om|>t>inu iiiio III'' 4m <>pfH>- 
t(E* lb« twjrtlnrwvt o>ni«r of 

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.If jnnr'tr-'', hvvntrinij. A 3*2. 

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fufp. of MciioJaui And iJi^Tiiiid). 
T'liU ivnn AIL hupiij'ljini ^i^Utj In 
]iAEl]i.i wlt^u tnuii^tn wi?ra not 

IkikJH /^jrbr b Th«Mii]y, nol Ur 
from rhfTr^i^. w\ the liik«to wliirh 

SI ^i\vM ilx iijiriif, B 713. 

Xi/iwj Butt-cati f»k*'. B 71 L 


Bop^itt, >fi7Li. Ikfjuo! £>jrciu, iVnrfi 

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pMrta (^(if« ^4^rij/) l puMunr. fnd. 

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A^j, 2 1H. 

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litfd- r'E^fVrri/<. |i/rin. 3 347. 

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yc^nvni. ti'l'j^, A Ti^ U flJj, 

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pov-tA<^t -7>"t (xAiJmT«J : o^gaiit^ 

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«^hip. Z ):)£. 

A 1»1, Sau, B «8lk, T Qlf f^ ^H 

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'tii Klis. B015. 

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n pc4«, gk-n. fievi. nom. pL ;?an. dnt. 

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tO«a. B 540. ^H 

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^^x*- i"^'- :j'"^' tondiji. E sr^. 

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fipi^iMt: rvitr$ tftwllj/, fr^ou irirA a 

K|>illt<^t uT PUthia. A 155. ^^J 

rrar, B210, A4S^ 


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^^L frfrUmt firiarfOs by thv j^a* but 

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titacv to WAtcr. ICquifAUnb to ^H 

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Bpknik, -ijoe : /fn'***. faihtr of BriBln, 

^OXn. i^Ti, yriAiurroc (IacJ: ntHt. ^^H 

A 301 

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grtctdaion of DarilAiiiu; Iwojuia'a 
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by tko Iwidc^n thQitiHlv<!0, but 
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r(|i fioutmcW from yaCu fi«i)^ 

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Y'lpvt' '''Ml,: "mr, rj^;, A ^37. 

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ynu (II Ultimo, kwotpy. ffftt^hr^ 
ptrerirr, lenra^ ibuHC, G 192. 

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brft*« Inodcr of tbc LyciAii^ 

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th«t of Attinra, u 
ZaideaA of Wftr; 




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mr^ntioiii the yAut^' "''-) 

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Olio iiatuh for the iitr{iL|[, ntlirra 
{AFotiiid Uio arrow) to M«ur« u 
nriiiiT hiiM ftir tUtt tajgtn^ 

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Yi^(t|w: aor- o|'t, «f 7(ynwrirEbi. kui'tn. 

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7r£ iV>r. fnd.. ^v^and yw*^* [yiwrit] 

aor. iiil>iv., Yy«|i4viu *cj. inf. 
[ytrntTif], Yvvriot fuL iiiil, : of 

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r»v4artftt: \diLi<^iri (own iitJir Pcl- 

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thd »H«t ij| iia<1i]j fttrPhflTth (kiHNii 
vivDiMiT U\ liiiir of ffiir). bl^nw 
yai-niT fXtvnv* Ittmttt Aw j>i»', 



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whom hv MuiflU liiK fnviji. Au/?uiv 

rjif/f iirtifut/fit him. A 500. 

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(bit. pL : of ydiq\ J-fUriT. Z r» 11 . 

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Tobwui, -itM'- kudor of the Kuia^un 

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rvpwbmi: Lovn of the La.p[thv% In 

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^vk, but wfL of tho gmlft in nbk 
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t«iihpJpf^ ic^u^CS'l^ ^) i^f^f': 
%Lk¥U, tittt. Aojtt ■- &4'i% ^Hfur. «f4^- 

t«apvA4fefc -c<rau : Har/iiJ, JhciAJra^ 

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&a>i^pi, fw'f- t'MB. JkS^^icrf*!, 

ifiyj^ivrti (dumftrc, lUur): Artn^ 

i/ifij tnibjfclum, nubilur, iiitrcome, 

t«tittb.nt« or «ub]w-t« of King 
DaimOB of ArjfM. U*cd for the 
Gmob) liafnru 'lYoy Uk^ 'Aj^oca 
ati'l *A/>y<fM (S 33 <), TL«y iin- 

5A«TH. Horn l&L^4tr: lAr^Hr, ffor. 

Uhtt p*Ji. 'if bin rW-riiilHiili 

ftiiU of tht> oovntry «j«un<l Iroy, 
led 1)^ Aducuwl B ^10. Thi?y n- 
«ivc4 their nikmv from D^r'lAniis 
(«Cii of J^^tu), ^'ho woJi the groTLcl- 
fOitbcT of Tio« (wlio f»V« hSn 
iiiL[ii» to Tpottj, /Srf ^Vftfl^/) and 
Ibtf jfiral'ifrAit'lfiitlit^t uf iTcu 
^wbo gan* h\« aiUDt to 'IAio« 
anil wn> fntbiv of ].aami*doii and 
l^ndfftthei of PHom), Y21fj 1!. 
AApfp. -^roc JMm, primi of Jl*^ 

diritian, cf ti(< BiioiJ*. A UVi. 

AouXli, -t^tyf- Dtntiit, F'hncijtfk t^iwn, 
on a hcii^hi msI of DdphL 
B 7>:2U. 

to-^vM : all tftfi'Mi-rKtl. f 40 li. 

ic Ibo a|>od<idi of & coudilloiiaL 

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lOtliO (tvniontflrttlmi 4^4>iiAtruoUoii 
or A «]ift1vh) of Ihi* olilvr nnd 
■UDp[«r ■puntftotic' or 'codrdU 
nato ■ eonrtruction. t>ftq, t 

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aobonliDAto oIbumi (u£ iuiubi^ ooii* 
CTHuon. ljm». i*'(r.) might btn 
been uaed i Imiiht £« rjiay ofUa 
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f.Q. ayoff^t^. fit tkr a'ttittt ; dJin^t^ 
rrj [fti' flouii', AiMn^ Hariri/. £ ^SJ *. 

t^nu-ei: mtf^jr; lur- of &Qci)yiiu. 

USurroi : perf. of fioric^uu, ttiiiilt. 

p-Tff. pirtb, of A^ipfkOL A 107, 
SAit«; rt<?rtrr (In li<«^ iviuv). 

pxrt, liuv. of Sf^fD^ku. E 338. 
l4irT« : iA\iL pov. of JWcu, Uai/. 

biH^n (f 44 f) pipf.. &e|i«iiyiD^ 
paH. : ii*r# (mv) tnbjieci ; fajH. ol 
Sili^i^yu. J<r>&f^. r 1S3, e 8TA. 

tiSiwipA^t : pert, piwv. of Svw, (uU. 

UBhu : pnrf, |ibm- of ^'Zup^. jirr. 

SnSix»« : wf'T /K£rrf^i>i|/ ; plpf, mid- 



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fiitfj^t. ^fVOt (niOtu): /'■irfjitf. i-ii"- 

tir'U^- V id, 
ivkfilVQ^a^iOL < Ari'Afli) : frirjhtfn : iim 

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two cnTiianniitji. n Mh<)rl rvwf'l it 

ofl'Ti Ouiij by injsltliiu" Wfinr U. 

j'fr<t'/i:. frf^tt. ^ 4. 

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A*^kdt: Terror, att«n4&nt ^C Anvi. 

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ScL*v4t; iliw4f.r: the chiof lowU of 

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vtttuii »l>oul ndOTi i^y^ j^u^Tin', 

tfUn : HiTiP- nf iai&a. /far, R 99^. 

S4|ia«: hvxtii, iiitrnv^yonn. A HO. 
U^muh fif if- paH. £i6;i7>iivo< : buffii- 

r^.V.. A 111.'. KJ'r.ZJO. 

Mfrtit, cirtt, pL £«ifif<iTmv: ij^Mi-i. 

tiifilrt^ritjK Cf. KmMw^ A 471. 

tipnoj^ ■- imtJ^t tf*, hnt"* riyht^ A ^' 

t^ptto. -flTD< ; A:tr/ri ^ncAET (of a 

^}■i^M). Z HT. 
Uptf, nor. t£tifitp'-Jtay- X 450. 

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fiL-hrMiij, Z i^07, 

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tiOpo, finipiA (r 24I)J, ildv.: AdA-r 
!%uijivtjriii^A ft« ftii LiiirrJETClitJUi 
fr-Mf /iirkfr' A 153, B 134. 

l«fttipov» ai^!v. : ^^foit^r. nf/r. A Gli 

tfitf ! inaittrat wet- B ITI- 

«i;(6iu, l*rf iMii, M&^o. flit. ]W'r|, 
u fill. M^^o/fju ; f^r^iir, !akft 

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f^fftwr. V/, &«r^, A Vt*\. 

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pikrticlc^ r»^v, ttinaitti^ nl tfi^fjthj 
j-tffiripyjwit^ Kn Kii£lM]i pATllrln* 
vorm^KJiid to mn.ny tit ii« u«««. 
Kr>v|. with trnvr mii^ opt. and 




vith otbrr pftrtiol«»t aiid Birvogth' 
cnirig tliv iii^>rIndtY. It vlnnrU 
At Uir Wgflniuiig of llie (Uoae in 
Urn jitiriU^H S^ ruFb ^ yap. \l 

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of ai^. uir, Alid of dTthc. hikd W-v- 
i-iut ijllif r wuTiK — in ihcm cutca 
buiri|i orij{]tinl]y ]t*rhj*p» iL ^wuiik 
fnnti ' W wNkIj w** n^Ulrtfl In Sij, 

fii|0& (.^;^)» ndv.' I'tri'j. j'vf 1 Wj; 

f^<'. B i3o. B 5f*7. 
Si^mi : itelft}/. tarrjt. Z hl\}, 

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»U"tfiwj, htfftif ! |ll. rrJCr^iicf, 

fii|b4t*, inif>l. Agovr, aoTi atjltjvt fjfw' 
tTbttriv, 4or, piLwi- fTirlic. fi^T^*^ 

A^tiniXiH: forurwio of f«th*no1l1ii- 

t«|U«|v*a« nor. (f>&fAijiParn> = i^nn. 

r/TOHfj^ ^OJI T^r^fr r 107. 

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Ifiiimrtnitt )^l»> H ^Q'K K CllO. 

tourinj/ rht poodM ^/ iht pu^^At. 
A 2»l. 

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hl[r {Z^ip''), adv.- iwt'r./"^ a iutij/ timti 

fiijvou^ (^i*) ' timi/AUriL K IQT. 

ftiu^r, A-lv. . /r/N[/, r/. SijAi, fij/F. 

»4r«»: nor. cf £«*. b»««/. E UMi. 
BpaJ l iT irt nor. pLUv, |i:i-TIh:.. S^tfnt 

ff\» uor, nubjv.; of SijWWii ;f/fly. 
Atoj ncv. of Knk» A 3fH. 
SvA. f^ni. of Sibf : mti^nifiimt, tHriw:. 
U& (£io. dli, Ki'tt/'j). kdr. and prA|i. 

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/ftfVffJ(/A, '" Vij?lT»VWl jfiWofiwiij* (I) 

Adv. £iA xT^t^ifr &ar£>rtot titntltit 
{pnrtrii) iivt'iitj thrvi tkr ifntptrif ; 
iSitt rp'Jfa icoir/ii^imt : it'i-utftl in 

Ihrrr i/^ibr*. {2f Willi gKll, AdI 

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Kt'tlita u/y ike '.fijiifU: tM KiMTa: 
ffwrtwy thf iiiyAf ' ^ fniTQtnVijv : 
(fin Kcnmnr r/), ^> meunM fj his if{fl 

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Uidinktvfk molJijit fAnnK/A H>riii> 
thin](, tiompli>llun, «»]urfetion, n^ 

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ttt«k««*|iiii, ftor, opU tXdK tuLnff|i^ 

Cf. dJHporto. B l:rt. 



j .Vi i^J . (Mjr. of ^Luw. ,'^- TTwj 

^A« (^iW) : ihTT^t'Ati. A oOl. 

pip^: ifl^n. rarirtr. B 332. T 34, 
B£a<>-arT9c: * lltawiiftut of Nmtor. 

pCi|: flll~«r4k^ imrA^A, fur attu^k; pt- 
tteCiiji of tittiffuir, vii'traf^t. Freq. 

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p^^^ old loot. : in ni^Ai, A A^5, 

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dhf||utg« ^V*u. pX^. lor. mid. 

B^Yph««! A itrv&in ^n «AB|crn Lo- 

Kitiio*-*. n.vi.1. 

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SoiCil Ijdv^) ■ nthi-tt (w»\iopd, tot m* 

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iiood as the (Tur rrp, tnlinnt in tear 
(cpfp. of BJmclaii» nn'L Djoraf!<1). 
Tliii v»i tkli itupoitjinl iiiiaiily in 
UiIlU wlivn triiu)|riit» k«tv &i>t 

B«Cp«|: £<»^ ill ThHB«1y, not far 
from rhertK, t^ tlic Inhc to nhkli 
ll gIVJia tU iiAmft. K 712. 

AAfUtj-. lioebcafi iakc^ B 7l1. 
B0LUT»(: the Baeotfiint. K '1»4, Sit), 

Bcpf]i. KTh, Bo/>wa: Bortfa. X'trik 

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P6tfina t^hV, tiftlifUy) : jnulvrr, /f*d, 

parp06d» (/}orpi«). ftdv.i in Wuff^ 
like (^ivptf^ of i^VitruiA of bi»«. 

^n^Atf, -itviK'r tp^tht, A 4f9. 

^^tmokluK -iiiti^ [btteoiie^ : eldest Man 
ipf Liumnloit. K ^, 

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pDvXtw* fill. ^oiAcixru^r, OOT. ^^ 
A<i-:r^ru {^QLiAff) : j(/fi»*. cMiFiAd/.' 
mid. tUiStrmi*, pfim, B 847, 

P»vXV n^f'^vv, irtPViwir, ;jfais v*ffi 
/'urjicJir ; ^Gunril^ oonipowd «f 
yt^iui^ci, chltrr^ A &. D Wl. 

pavki|-^pcii: lyminri'jjiprrt rnucj^p. 

tlptUii-i vf (iriiicw. E 16C, 
M^'H* <^cn^> vctjo)^ iffiiAy mlB, 


^^^H tiRST S[.\ ItOOKH OF- TH>: JMA1> 2$ ^M 

^^^^^ 4lft, it u KiraDliiaoB follovoti by 

Ixflboji, In tho fock of Lyni«iMun ^^| 

W j^ llko ^oiiAc^uu /uAXrtv- A 1 IT. 

by AfhllW hnr huHliAJiii And h»>r ^^M 

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tlirvu brolbcTB biiii 1x4 n bIaiu. ^^| 

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A 1M, 336, B 4^9. T $«^ t, ^| 

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2S2 ff. ^1 

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my. K[iithvt of Art% £ MQ, ^^| 

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pipgT^I C>iapTi^, ^i^rvif mor») ; ffidr- ^^H 

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town. B 580. ^H 

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tpithct of riiUib. A 105. ^H 

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1 0pM«, 'ifii. -tS: Affli^. E 740. 

Y^ta. A 405. ^H 

1 B^lnJv. -{ot ' JKurj. father of ltrtoT«, 

Y^ko, i^n. yoAiMTiii CUc)^ miVt, ^^| 

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and indcrflnlUf L-ipreulm] w «iiiff^ ^^| 

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^^^H tiou. in 1.lifl XiurtHnth Ikiuk of 

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^^^B the liiad. Only Uor 'patrotiyiuk' 

ftiofran^. £471. 2 177. ^| 

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^^^K tnoidfn jrom Bn^a (or BrMa) ^a 

ht^y ir^iiymr'f. >oii of Trca ^H 



(fdunclcr And kinj* of Troy), 
gniiuiMiiJ of l>4nlAnufi; bei^uno 

of hU btsiuty. cArriL'il aviky Uy 
tliL* (od* to bt thfl oupl>i?«n^r ^^^ 
/i^iia, K mi. Y n'}. 

It oft«<u inlrotlufittfi ihrt ruoHoii or 
e^ilamiliuti of H>[titiiEiiii)> tliAl iff 
rocrttf implied, Som<itiTn>.4 it 

fl^nmH tn r^tjiln tbn forci.' af thi* 
two |mrUd>r» itf whidi it b oum- 
poiti'i an4 csunoc ba IraimlAtM 
\ryjhr. 1)Ut - miirk* n lUltfjLieiiit an 

or to iU wliftlv clauoH?, Some 
tiiiti^ it rttn Im LfAiihljti.ivl ijf fp/iA/, 
but Uiia pKrue is much h'^a^irr 
ftud plotLi«i*f than yf. G^ivnlly 

t^on «f Yi'toii or by armnji^iiicijt 
(if unrilK- 111 SftVfirAl rnt'oa y* 
WM vrvnclj iimi^rUHl Ij tho 
ogpyi«lB, after ■oms oilier coiuu^- 

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ir<(v*iMto« ^-r. ^^Ei'tuu (ytynr^uuj ^ ant 

torn ; AOr, ftf^nf. 6onf, A SWJ. 
Y<Xdtf^ MtT. Jy^Wrcra, juir, |inrt[c. 

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TiXflfrit; luit'j^tiifk^ tihal ti-ottid mite 

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in (my) fioluM. K tliS. 
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f'it'fh, fincf'il. y€m VJTfXptn ^- 'n^'T 

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Timtr^Hi, ivm. cf ytpia^rtK^ Z S06. 
Y'p*tv*(gMla4rrYf/L«) : t'/vrrre. B 460, 
TPpopfl* (y^^Jii): viiil'i^. T | TCP, 

V < ^Mk pL YVal /v<in ^ AaAoTk 
Uooly laki!ii nn manuiting «>pe- 
dHiiiiLii wib» the cammoa pro|k 
on.y ^r iliH nnny nuly lUtJiT lh« 
tKVpral pTij'™ ttf hoiiwr Ii«J bma 
difttributfidlo tbo ohi«i«, Tb«« 

by tho kftdof* thT»fii««1vv«, but 

ari' fift*ii rijk>k>>ii of as gifU of 
thr^ pct^plo, l)i>ul>T.]e«* tlicy vrcn 
dUlributfld by tho Rinufnil, with 
lljir fipprof nl uf Ilii> Army. 

npV^Ai; (Ifftnu\n^ l#pit)i«t of 
yMf'ir pnilt. fmni b Mi-uvniMfl 
towiL ur district. BUaO. 

Y«fvvn«ti ^ 'lU #/i/nv (yjjwnTc). 
KplUiiTt nf f^vcial niiw* tiruiv'lttHt 
at ilvt* ■ nUr^rruinU ' <Jmii>?rMN 

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afCil tmiJ^iff^^lftiitii. It itttlictly 

ui nclj., vriUi &w^t*4' iin|>li#>(I, In 
A MS. of y^wvrtf ■ W-frrK '*^ ihe 



regard in age fi3rtni<rl » ffobXij nr 
vouucil; f/i Ulu ^|iuf1i»i ytpifiHJuu 

'wvir, (J, IT)'> latH^ l]t.|«m»i iitt 
iira o]ipaft]|ig Ininavf onubdtuiit". 
(Often «qJIc<J hnAgea of \riLr, l>iit 
llnrnnr iloiv nol Ujhi ytiq^Er^ u 
frf/'/iyc,) (Of. At*xiriliii^toolhfi». 

lIlV Op^ll Kjihl^lt Ui'twHrtri Ih" lljf- 

jVmit dlTiaioiii uf the AAin« 
hrmy.) A:t71, E «$. 
ri^- roiktrncli^rj front yui (yvi), 
KflrTA, ri04. 

rr/rtrVf, o/M l?^p/. 

Yflpoflh -ioC' lihi niff. ff. yiptity- 

y*\fivt. iatn, : r<oiVf, <r»f. A 137. 

Yi"V»l'*^ *>^' (/)y*rt»ms. p-rf- y«- 
wutfi (7«K>t); fwin irttit rn/ilfftr^^ 

iyim^tt: mutic fireatr't (irpJ) m 

TUvn. -cut (y-^Aa); Wk, B i7\. 

rXftOc#<: tiimicut. <|) Soti or 
^tHjptiLiH, fiilSiif Iff llnltr-ro|)hon. 
(2) Crund»on <>f Jk-ltrtophou, 
Imt^ Irudrr uf Ihii* I.jTiiatuk 

R h:«. z i:i(i n. jwon B«r6, 

tta?t od Atheoa, u Itic fierc^t^fijd 

" Hrlf hi py«.** ( I l<imi>r 4lu«h noi 

n»"titioii iW yAniif, wff/.) 
nu^P«4; Tiio»aii«ii town. UTTJ, 
^X«^v»M3: Aui/fHT. Baiit. nik 
rVfnii, ici^in . Do(?ci|Ia<i Iovfu, iicftr 

1^. It jj. H fi'U. 
^Xwrdt <rf'ri); A"fr(w<l\ E flfi. 

a^'t nrilrh fi>r tin* itrin^, <itlii>rv 
(uouiiJ lUr* iirnm) to >twii[i< » 
lirmcr lioM for tho Gugen^ 

YivCftr: fuir- fipt- £»f yiyivimf, Htov. 

yi7/ *y-jj| All tr*r*. <■/". Xif. ir*lf, 
yvAafir irnl,, yt^Aml YnMrt [yviuiTi] 
nor. »t)t>JT , fT^fb ikor- inf, 

yiywrKw. ih'fN', /cur*, rwuffoix. 
A III, B:HI'. 

Y*dtA« ( y/yvr^i4i^ 3 : hfrtther. F IT4. 

(J 47 *-). :inr. yiov fyOMl: *rnwi, 

Foi^wra; A*=h^*lL town TiA^r Trt- 
l«niT. B viT'i. 

Y*«i. iii>Mi i>r ace. jiL yomm »nJ 
yuiva, grn. ]4. yuinTf. ilaU jil. 
yftnJmiTi (yny-i s © n u, i«»*v<) ; jfrnrr. 
Til* kiifk't wnn* l<i Ih* atirlMil* 
Uio Mnt of boiiily Htrrnf^th (I 
tjvmblf] in tiiDi* of fur), hanosl 
yui^mv* iXurir, iunttit Ad (utnf* 
rrwiJt itwJ^ kit tirrn^hj i,t, dfiMlilod 

lum. In uutrratSvA Uiv aiiTijilfaDft 



cloi^iod tlic kn^os ot him from 
wlxom tioaoiightlhefjivor Ad^i* 

o'l'i it**itHi//it htm, A CfCtJ. 
Y*av: •M\r <^t yodtojimifut. Z nlfKi, 
y4«i , i/'ira/i^ lanitiTttati'iyPw Z lfi£^< 

iin|ii]Ft:uit toWTi in L'nit«. B ^U- 
yaOn or ypivarft^. AiT- pU ya^vo^t 
ckUr pi ^ of yUM'. ji^rirr. Z oll- 

/i\ipi*'i»-iUf, mlrtut. Svf ytivv. 
Tovvv^, ^: l«Ail#r of th** KiilniiA 

M'iTK TroT. B7^8. 
rpola: 'ffvi'rf, rk BcxTnlrBii town tifur 

On^jiKA frt>in wliirti iho IhWr 

YP&4^. Aor. i"ittici. ypiiipa^ (rrirrr): 

wu Jkol v^'hfrnf/ wUlt All iilr>halj|*U 
but A fic^lorix) nprv^MvEiUlloii ol 
vrhiil liuU Ixwii iuuv ur ^vua to U- 

YpflOft. dill- y/n]f i ■'/'' u^mnn- rnSfl^ 

Tv^\i\ {ki^vrj}'- tilt Gytinttat lukf 
\\\ Lvjift u<.<ar SordU, and th« 
e^nph of Ihnt luka. B «1Ck. 

tWitfU 7u5i: iftfufiilrt^ arLnl fn* 
mtuU ha UiuhM ti^T. TM. 

Fvpntii^: tAWD of tho LafiLhuif, in 

IVbi^KioiiFt. B7afr. 

Kn^iwot (iwr. Inf.), nor. iol^. 
^itf. Uar7i: ukiI ai pftitf. aI SJfr 

• II ••'iiurjilrit. Z A\^, 
^[SaXav ('^! ftiirdaiioi) i tuiminff 

taX^u, HOr, liif- jaffiu: rtnti, t^tavtw 

Sak|k«nM (5iij./L(uyJ !i ; (tme under ihv 
ii-fiuiric: of a (iii'iHiJ^^, itiNinffe 
*ftrtl'iea,m: hmpavu '. raff ftooi- wlfo 
(or liuftbAiLiI), ^tl|illAlli - Tin; coo- 
jiiyirion iitu«t civlii/rriiine Lhe «xa«t 

5a%wi>, -opof' tlipiait^i much liko 
^coc, but Mp- of iha godf> in ndt- 
tttMi >tjtli iiivii. (Ntfver (/fjttim.) 

Salv^ifMH; finjf. Vf. inriofMn^ 

^atm. y^lj'U &£^y a 11 A); liWir; 

SdnH. ii:ii^^ &vre ; 'jrir. Dgur. ttJ/iy- 
5v^ (lacrumaf f^Ar) : te^tr. 
SfiKFh«'a^ ^nvu : itttpftit, tkrdttintf 

h«rK. tnjtffutif ttnrw. Z 4h&. 
AiApw* ; ei^uir. to Aof^v, tt^ar. 



U|iii|l>^ Jmpf ^&i^iu. flit ^B^ Mill 
iufUtatrw, aoT. (^)Au/ui<nni, nor 

into ruhjteiu/n, fubdut, otvrcomet 
tvmijurr, muitrt. 
A4kra«f : Off! Jitinn^t* ; idlioQj d^ 

TuviulanU or ttithjecttt t>t Kluj; 
Diinn(i« of Argo^ Vvcd tor the 
tiM«k« befoiv Troj Uko 'A^uoi' 
anil 'A^ryftw Ct 22 '), Tbi'v iifi: 

6dirT<i. anr. f&i^u'^ r^civur, tear. 

ihi'L 1'^]^ uf tlU ^Ir-HlUMIlljIIll 

Mm: pt fAff J^ninniaivi. inliftbit- 
ftnU a( th* country jirounit 'Iray, 

etdved th<?ir uami^ fr^to lliir'UnuB 
{■nn at ZauKjt who riui Hip grand- 
father of Tn» (vho £ftrc hb 
nftnw to Tpovrj, iSf 1\^»vi) and 
tlitt fivnl-KniijdrnllH*r uf Hub 
(who g^VK liii namH lo 'lAiM 
and wiu tdtber of L<iom4?don hrid 
frandf&thcr of Ptmm). Y216 ff, 

Ad^<)«, -TTOc: Uitrri. pHort of lliv 

litnjvm^ of tin' ijio[]a. A lAft, 
$*T4»j»ak OOF- {oERnrrOt perf. p^^ 

ou • hciiclii , «Mt cj Delphic 

B Ri^O. 

Ea&|icv: ^vfrr» (kur. Aubjr. pun. of 

U> oouj, ; £w, rm-fi Fi^- £i u a«rd 
tti tlie apodoMt of a condition^ 
or rtlaLivc daiiw.^^a tran*itioii 
Ic tbo d«mnnj«lrbtiv(* nHjiBtriiutioir 
<ir n lurTiva] i.if llii> oUltr atid 
«inipjflr -parataotio^ or *«oAtdj- 
nal« ' (M>ii4tructioii' ]<V*q- a 
cIciujH! wUL hi Ik liw^d wlir>ri» a 
mhordJiifttO oUtiM (of couz»% con- 
cvwtont timet "f'O ^^S'^^ have 
been naed; benw &' iiu^ oficn 
be tranatatcd/ir, Miuyft, vhUt. 

-SI : liiMparmbln vui-ljiir porticlis 

/n rAiF Amur, h^mttrsv't- § U^l ^- 
Slfitffvf: iMJrJnp; aor. of Sf^oiui, 

Tfrftrr^ f^ftft. B 7W4, 
>4Bqtfrat; |i*-rf. vi &arhpoi, difH^. 

perf. par1Ii>. d| A^jfC^'ai- A 107, 
yt^i Kcir^ (in ho«Ul« wnse), 

p*rf. bu7. of Zix^fML, E 3^J8. 
Ukra : plpf, {imb. of Scu £f/nr/. 
t i t^iMf : ir<r' hlaiiit^ ; plpf* of ^'«, 

i^n^;/'. 1-14 r,. BUS, 
S^^n (f 41 /) |dpf.. MfiV-rH 

p*f1. ■ \r0tt (iirv) jnttjf4H; pon. of 

oi/in^/u, mWwc, T IS3, K 878. 
tflSt^iiiv«t : pi^rf. pua. of S^tAt* JlttikU, 

MioTttt ' pFff. pBA, of AllAuiflL ^'H, 

Iniij^an: ^eert jiia^n^ i pIpL mid. 



of huarufuu, (trrfnci U^ fkumi}. 
&tfcSfpwv, -wot (iuSw) : fifif/tiit *«w- 

f'-UlhtfUfil. £l IW. 

pvrf. iniv. ^'^Ai prrf. p^rtii?, 
Uih6n*^ pll'if. ^'ii/UF (j/fi'Sun 
£»«] ; X"i^. ""» «/>'"■*/- Sixim 
Llao *1ftrn orl^^'i'^ly lH>K4it ^^ilL 
Win (inhiHiii»nl*t * nlmrl r»>w»'l i'* 
ofl*'n 'lone ^ tHMitiiiii' btfon-it. 

EiU*0|u, JUT- j<bf<»': jtvfi'r fiitf, fkt^ir. 

riivrtiU'i. A l!l'J. 
8fL>ia. -ifwt (Suk) -./'"/fit, i^m/r^ 

whether etkxXj or kle; gtncnjly 
»Atiiii ilIxiiiT, noon, *.^ AfMrrtK^. 

Bof^; Pir.-'!-- I'-'fTJ. 

Siin : aor. nf &E'A».^r. R tMllX. 

S^Ka (iroom, frn) , iiiilccl. {an. 

irnih day\ nr. ^ftipff. SucrnAM. 

SficT« : ADT. of £f;^o^uu. or^if^;^* 
S^kBit: huiit!, nr'tuiiy^ Jnrm^ A 115. 
U|bHH pvr{. liti&s. ^K^tffkirnti i>\M. 
IMpHvt fm. {SvApit^ a dnyllabLc,) 
SilfM. &4ar0iu- jKif. of jtjft^iot, rr- 

Ifvu. rlnt. Jilt SmJf (rtfiv ; ffiifihi, 
Itfitcr.ruj^ C/. JtviTtXAu'^ A 471. 

SipiLa. 4fTi^ : h"T*; Iriilhrr ^uf A 
iliit^li!)- X 117. 

S*r^ {^'u) : honit^ k*t!l*f (of ft 
f 41 n ' f-lfJi', *>!'* tA I'tin/, 

lk»p«. lW«p« ^r ?4r»). Adv.: At^A^r 
SoniPliiiiu u an intn'jectiDlia 
tm,u hiilitr! A lOa, B13». 

biTipev, :uU, ; /ti-*itiil, Mjf. A 513. 

bvnpAt: it^r<tnJ. nrrf, T ;W9, 

S^X^I**^ *'^r- ('iS^f^rcf, not. 
^y^. yi#T*f- iniV\ ftStf^v 'lit, |tfl 

nrrriiij ^vliynff - «<*!">, rfnfitiff (ill 

li»tJU< i^nw). A Sa. 

/rrtff. fy\ httrft^. A irifl, 
S^ kiiilXiml >iiiil di.'MrmiiiiilJTS 

^taHff.fiui. Xo ICaglistj iinrticle* 
conv»porid io luany of iU u>i». 
Freq. vilh \mv. and t^, nnd 


with oUier fiirtlp]^ 4ik<l jrtninglh- 
eiiiiilf iLo Bijpvrb^ivt^. ItaUiidi 
at Uio beginning of tliu oilauM in 
iha phriu»A ^;; ruTc. A^ y^, IL 

Ibt' f 35) with lli^ fint ic>4lablB 
uf vfrc aE. JUid oC of r>Ki and Mfv- 
crftl other w*ri!**— in Uwow «o»«'« 
halng or^glnnlty juTimp* a -wpnk 
TorTTi ' S< wUliJi irw rvlfttcU t<t Arj, 
u ^v it< to /i^V' 
ftf|4i f£^v)> uHv.: h'nijt /or a Ismj 

tqHv*: df^ln^. inrr;/, Z AlU^ 
Aitkn^Wt -i^vTvii a Tl'ojuii killoj by 
Agnnmmiton. R 534. 

S^ite^ trkpT, Aij'oiv. aor^ iil»1)}v- j^i^ 
tnuaty^ iwt^ jM^- \intt\v.. fij;vC?tr 

^t^irtikvt^ ^omttuho of Sthe^iduji. 

&^Ua|iaL, HAT. (^)Af Vijmivm : Ar^'pu, 

Ctr*ii. She U (Jdmip c»( iLnimra 
importnnt foAt- U «UC, K &Oli. 

^f A 

Stjh*-^^*. -uvrtn , eW« <f/ the ptojtff^ 
^^ Li» iroy r 119, \S7J. 

L ^V** ' 'w'"''rj, /'»i'l : ftenf»If. ^/loi- 

TfjfiTi, cnnr.rftstAjl Kith thff (loblM. 
BID9, r :-!', ZliH. 

Umr^-iv^i^d. Cf, l^. A 512, 

tvj^v, 4£lv,: ^..it;?. *■/: itfini SyV. 

ttV^^- A''!'- ^f ^f^ hind. K H'^'r. 

n* Aor, luhjv.: nf iifUHi], jvffjy. 
AU: ac«. of Zn^- A ^^. 

tta, fCflii. of JiOft 'ffi^tiiJiffaltttiriM. 

M (5u>, ills, fini^n). oflv. ftnd pmp. 
VEitli j^oii. (tail luc.; ArrrfVm, 
rhrrjtijfh, in tli^iirrnt tUnrfiniai. (1) 
AiJv. 3^ irrqrjtr W-ruKro. dirtded 
{purled) wai'tiy t/irtn the ftrt/fierly; 
SiA T/h\ii Mo/ria^vrtv : ttioitfr^t hi 

Wilh iicc. hik lOfU^dS -. ihnru^h (Ay 
vieatu 4ij') Ihr c<mj}ift/i hk nwra! 

(ltd 'r^Tijqft' q/"), 6y jiii-iiru vf hi* i/ijt 

Ill oc>[DpoLsitii>ji With verb*., Su 
indiAle* iiiolioa fbr-vu^A pi^tncv 
tliiiig. complctioa, MpaniUon, nw 
(^iprucnl TLihUion. 

&j'rcti^ fpi pkct$. E 2PI. 
*7 JUr'on >. B IS*, 

Sl^^m^ik [£uir^ffiiji/uf3. WIT. inf. 



XttiKpa&ifUKU: tejuirQlCy part, 

Btdiimfwi : m<tHnffrr,^iritt. KpLllict 
of H^nnea, gWTi.-mlly frrinftplftfl 
wiLh Afrfuii>pvnft. B 103. 

nir thrt>t;fjA. T Xtil. 

groani] for a euuliat. T 31^^ 

£4-ttfK-vi^, udv, : thvffi'jh tind ihrviiifh, 

|tft-«4p«t*. ikor, inf. ivxsrypiTtu, Jkor 

StfiTpofSojur i mil, tiiy tfiixAr. 
Sia irapB^, nor. porLic- JuffOp^Tcnw: 

Sao-vp^^B ( ir<j»iv ) ; anwnr/ifhiJit 
troptrft (^ffO, pou iJtmtffh) ', 
iuUwiJ^ nf/iirnre. With ifvii, irt' 
^LQVO I on r^f /'/ftm. B THG, 

SftO-iFpd, u^tv.: /arittiril iirvl fAnDb^A, 

fn [fitrm. rend. B 473. 
|H-viriSn|u: #rtff ifk diffemi dire^ 

lM-r«T4v, |>t|>f, £wirvrQ Aft aor^ ; rwJk 

fftnMifft. B45(i, B(MI> 
Ua-rtifntf . (aaofl opafi), Kparated; 

■or, pjf fii«m7/a. tspn'^c^ A tl. 
iLiur|L^B, iii>r.ji««, St^rjunyri' [ JWfut- 

ththiffVBt ("wnr mM$), hinJttr, ul- 

tiA^rp*44v: »or. pfU* partia> of Sm- 

bitaip. ail pi. pn>ti. jyounr ({ A'J dji 

icupf. Si£uu, fut. StvtfUi ftar. (r)Sctf- 
ir(i-) and £«rDVT 3d aing. nor. 

A^. mar. tnf . fr^tciAU^ Jt^u^. cr Aotrtui, 

porf.Tiafd,&i&mu(4o). yiW. ^un^. 
Ill: ia%\\i. a\ lUa^fHtr. E j4U. 

lt-iK6tr^4itv : iTnpf, of £ciu(i>ff^Hi4iii| or 

rim^ in ordrr^ Bt79^ 
Sft-fitpiSit l&i»KpShjaav] I nor. jhwIh of 

SuK^'vu, ivpixrntif Into ttlbitft. 
8i ^ m^\y iuf, Sirf 4/I414U : ^o /nrfft 

tt-fv^&Aopjv ' Mir, of 8uiT«^i£ibs »iTcJL 
(l-Iitb: jjrr/itrpt. tiiii'trmjtluik : airhin 
ihrosigh. A M^, H tiOT. 

Sv^owTfi : pipf , na nor. of fiuacfciAS 

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ivnff-ir4X#t (nA J: miniairr ^jatlie^ 
J^ft. A 2U, 



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tiv^Hii. 'otd; ; f^ittfinff. 3 877. 

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Ztv3. ticarrti'Ieti /rom iff 14, u£ 
kiagma&dpHnecntWhowvrc imdvr 
Iho npnrlAl cam nf thn king of 
l\'f^ ^[Mlfl. 80a on A ITS. 
AukX4^ ^709 r t^n Elf OiKtloohufl c^ 
riieioo la M«Hiiia. B M2 fl. 

(who IflU In thr* flnt nipndttloii 

A^inxt Tlwb««), bifiK *^' '^n:o«i 
i>riK of tho br«vMt uuj nil;ehlt««t 
oE tht AclMeftn> Wfon Tro>. 
Oiiij A|;ameninoD and Xcalor lod 
ft Iftrgi^r (iMt on Ihn nTpHlUton, 
Th« Fiftli Book of Iho /fi^ u 
m^ntf ^Toted to hii exploit*, ta 
tile tioiun of vbkb he vouii<U 
AphKidHo and (aid^d by Athoiia) 

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mtvtine irith OlnucbB (ZIIA ff.). 
Hu titili Ihif Trcjftu camp with 
OliJMrau^ find «lftp tEiir I'liraciaEi 
Bli<«iui (K iinff,;. H« nttum>Ad 
Ln A/fiir in Ar\^v »t 1fi« rlonh at 

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Atevt Kubwfftn tr>nn, H>iil]i of OrcO«. 

Hktt BoA/r, wiUicjut fTf*roow to 
notft] c|UAlLt;F. Froq^ opithet of 
Aclijllmftud iif OdyiiOTU*. hftrinic 
oonir^DiQtit nmlrioftl oftfti^tfttlAn to 
the iiftnia of thf>tii* li^ror^i, ahll'jn- 

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ckiBK uf tlji? fourth fuol). } 58 fl 

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vrho cmjoyett thr «peolft] fftvor of 
ZmiM. C/. iffyn^. A 170, 

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dialiU; ojip. toavXotc- ri2fi. 

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gncno vu more like ' patting tho 
mhiit' Ihrm t}in rao*)nm -p^lrhlTig 
f|U4ibei* — tlif fiffcirt 1>ririi[ to hujl 
lli<* (Iihi^UlK ui far hu pwniM*, 
S^pct : {!) /inntiaf>rii 0/ fkanM, 
chariot Aof, rAorioJ ; low, ojwn 
behinii with ft rou Tided rim 
(Lnif) ftniind t^M front ftnd 

foHj Mof wUliuul h lHkck> r4^4. 
tU ^ /fir. Cf. AuSto. 

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K ;l7r». 

of Z«iu ftfid l^m^lv, n«md hf 
nytnphii in Tlitftce. The Tbr** 
Cinn kii]j{ Lyeurifiu attAc^kvd tlio 
nytii]thi^ And OUinvALm t\ty\ lnU» 
the HA, to ThirtiFL Z 133 ft. 
Djionynu it montionvd onl^ iaci- 
dt^ntftlly lu Hannflr. AJid olouly 
hrL4 not ]i>in4'Ll & |ioirItioii amon^; 
lip pr-Ts lit Ol-rnijiMft. (T/. Am^ 
Demoter, AflClephu.) 
AOf^ 4t: Epftfta «omBiuid«r. 



(^i|4(rTa nor, poo*, portio, of &l^ 

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BWdlv : Mr«j. apjptw. 2 Ml. 

liihjf nfKiJ'iTM. /ori^T. K|iLlilr.'1 of titfl 

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loX«-p«fTTii ^/iiTne) - ott]y toe- SaX» 
^^ru, ritij}if. A MO, 

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iKir^ inr. of A'Atit/ti, ffipe. A Mfi. 
Si|wr (J^iiw, dotnnjij : ttrrflitnt;. 

OillnJ ArryAr, ■^cuuvv, bfiCAIUi of 
it> lirori^" iiiriiiL A 30*1. 

ind-, t^n JTiiT, : «or. oi 0tS«^ 
ffJH. A 103, Z 476. 
Mlq^ /rraalf ^.icf,- fiquW- tfl lt»Ufif . 

A«iiX(xt«v: />iJiVAi~un, ulnti4 in IJh! 
inlikhirtfil >iy I^IifiiiiL, htS'2'T. 

titcktiL of awtuiv. B -iOU. 

Gmririii, IH>1, Sb^n^r; f-aiur ti r/uN 
•ift/jw, fioviriftnv tfvniir-./'il tt'ilh 

n/ <t^^r. ij'**tt, Itmfut- $ -i| rf, 

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fnufr. (Not 'dmeiOTl/ tboujfli iJlil 
woril U ilofUrtl from ^t.) 

^^4. -ii»fo«; i>-y4/- (1) One of 

uf IJm* TluvM'ittL bjiiif LjviitxhBj 

tft^utftL tOitu : Acir. hif. of Siu. /nrrr, 

j<r< (of Uif.- »mi). Q1U, Zill. 
&4ira|Hk, «ul>Jv, frinpi {ii'i^f f 44 ib], 

t^vw : p'ft mi. Cf. Ai«j^ 
Eb» uiid (W (/i>/^) ; indcol. Ii(^. 
fiuarftlfiiE* [SuiScMi] : til duel fivffi^. 
Svff'; uw]mrjvMf jnulkl'? JudicaUri}; 

mT*lurLMTi*' ami jtttin. 
Au^-ft^. -^nc (Jt/^) '- iiariih-litit'r'nif 
Swm (wkU liH^ pui (iff), Stevrft, 

HOT. of Suut Mfkl'. S 430, 

iilr^rniftitin^, h<»rrJ»onu«. 
Buv-iiXrf|t. lU'p. WrAi^i (KAnt) : 1»- 



&i*-n|W(- tmhapflj/, ]£ 127. 

Utirrny. Kjiitliot of l>jiU«ia. 

Stv, fut. Svcrw. Jfein. lof. Surith ftor. 
micl. (/)£^frD, nor. «% p^^t- ^ 
SirMr : nitrr^ i^v itilit^ fml an; fut. 
Will Ist Mrr. bet, 1r?L(V». uvu STim^ 

f/ie tun 9ct. ^uuik ihvrrjr'^ (ihclr 

AoalA) tiiin'Pd Iht ttirih. X IV. 

Sw-SiKft r«.i;^uu] ; fbf^v. b bht, 

U; imiifcl. »hwl form of {u/uu 
SASiifa : fn'^iNT ; r^ Stom^Siai. 

Att&^vii|: JJ4i/iinir, In ECplrun, At Lhi« 
fiTOi of XIL 7'uiU4rvft; f««t of tJkr 
dlidfiit orwilo of xUv Grvkft, iAl>on} 
MCftbs iviuU jiiivrproicil thi^ 
niiiliikif o( the iMiVii oak. BTGO, 
11 Vaa IT. 

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STivp. ^"v, Z '-ST, 

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VhhMi 14 LdltfUqiiH hi Hom4>r. 
la [ft'] (erftt)^ vat; ZAmnj;. impf* 

A: cnabractnd tur £u (1) Utiv.^ (2) 
liiifif . iJ ia*^, /lUvic. A I'Ifij B ItiH. 

IfttM: /jfl'iitr^ rtpiitf, tT\fi,rurflfiJ/i/tff. 

tuf^t: 'xrAr (an uridT^eiDtit; i^mitiit) * 
gpnorallj' pqoiv. to rrrko^. Um? 
fffincipul fniiAlc RiinaDnt. but Ju 

r iVJ it »M1IM lo Im> Ktt»(t of 

H<-I>-ir» V(-iL rrob, inadv uf Itri^u 
M in iiidioLl^c) by thr fpilhrU. 
lap. j(i/ii- npot (^4^ v»r) : i^hj. 

I**^* [it^nV] : -Id [»l |irv*. of «i^ on* 

Iatiu if itut] : ^ii \i\. [trw*, of (fUti. lA. 

U*. 4d pi. pr««. inti- liHtii. \iu['i. <u 

iir Id. lUntUvD irTi|i1. tuuTMcw or 

^Lir^ov {% 54)4 rm. ^Jlinqm* Mir, 

fdirt 'i'^r>v, f mniT. /ftoiy 4;£vn^, gire 

/iuW v» A sol, 

\>t'fi. <"f Vyyi'-yto^vb, ^ri'«- in . Z IPS, 
Jyt^aXIIv, wir. tiif. fyyuiAMfui(^i£ii*): 

yi'fv Uiift {iAtry h<xti4K pmnf. A ^£3. 
tYpfcn piIt,; (V^x nti^r as koMfjt 

nc«r, £ 72, 27fi. 
iTY^fc. 'yyfi*. odv,: rf^irr, with fgtnU 

lUv. Z3ir 

UKr. Jypra: ft:F«*r. ihU'. B 140' 



t|f>*Xfci», |wrf. ^TMocAiTioi ; kan qui, 
>!*« Ifip-nfit, rtfogmr^d; hot. of 
tfftm: Aur. of f^t^* uvjjCc B LI, 

of ^h ivlukI, wit>i n SmTut*- jmrnf, 
whloli w»* heJd ia pliicj b^v n £i?fulc 
(ird^jcifc). It Lad also u ii|ii]C(t i>r 
metal At thr Uult (^lupurr^), fry 
u'Uii'h UjO K}H<Ar v'.U l]iC>>d 111 thii 

ly-Xf^*^^? l^'- pi**^- pilttit. LB mid. 
^;i;^^^(&ra: tfriiv^ ntar^ H QG2- 

(iiit C'J>«*L Af^^ <')^ 1st jicrt. 

of itfij/fflo^rrriiA. }M ^\8. rSOd. 
J6&|ftvA LJiipf' : of Zdft^^ oirra/me^ 

Cm^>: M<vr. of JiipM, /ny, A 4&y. 

Hufvi'. aor. of ^I'Siu.^'. TLi? Urst 
eylUblo is loi^, 41 live Ujp vi.-rl>4l<in 
niginjiIlT- beg>.ii urUli two cotvw- 

V^v^i, Abe (fSo)' totiny. /itfML 
WIftm. : inf. vf I3uh rx^. A 842. 

jroT, «fitf, Aoifv^ A 511, 

aor. of 5iw, <<n'rr, pitf ivi. Z lt>. 
ttOvn>: ifrtpf. of fiwMs j»ui on, 
15h» fuU jSof4Lu(cdo.nu); (iti; C/. 

Sbmiv , JUir. of ^StajM, pii^> 

ttVWtt, iU«1 1 HI? (IlTVir, 'rll'f, 

J»ffd|kn4^ ju>r. pA<liL\ of «$u: ^rittny 
th' fi/r/tu, with ^Likl. of Itkin^fiw. 

4£p-f^v: impf, of f|J7ti^ M/i«raftf. 
41p-fu ■ proH. of J^yw, 9*p*ittAU. *itoi 

J^j/ytl ^ IrJr^iofV'jt. B AIT. 

Iqnv : AOT, of Uf/u, (rnrf- ^ 1^ i^. 
IfH- or I» [^] : linpf- u( d>ii, cm. 
lf)ot ; jcvjL ufViV. iWiunf- A S93, 
4^1 1 t'vD. fput' of Jot» Aiff. £371- 
IgrL [ij] t 3il ulTif;. Aubjv. of sf^ (TR, 
tttir^ iiupf, of 0iv, run, A 1tt3> 
480*, mibJT. ^€XM>fH, ftfa^ftf^ 
(I 44 u), impf. ^Vov ur l^ov: 
ipwA, ana tfUiny. fiTj^ j^iUu 
(noH): rfn flfli *ifM^. da nnl ny. 
oAi i&Ator (ajulr. to anvf') : 
ti^tiinM Kit V'UL B -47. 

Hi* [oI], goii. of 3J pru. proii. ; 

fi/i(M, ^Arr, JS 33 r?. 19 a. 
HivTV, llirav. ttijiu t onr. r»f T^ 

^ft*, w'/, /f^*-r, B ThO. 
Vht^ -vn'' r^'tf. rrifttt An*, Jhct 

(of bifdo^. Micifin (pi bix4). 

CarfUf'/. an mU- R 7^0- 
«E, «L «i>n(liUon&1 partiela ; ^ 


^^^^p rjttST SIX Boou or thk juaii 41 ^H 

In *i ti IrfL tl vccma to bo an latar- 

■In ffciK<» GcTTO- if«itfA«A, tyiffaiipn) : ^^| 

JmUoQj cfflia! 

^/j^H <iraie &a^t A MI9- ^H 

4t povor il vA|wit,|i Hubjv. (ir upt. 

SEUrwi- : BuouLlob IciwD, B40e, ^H 

Irtt]. LTifcn ("o rvn<l-TP(l by on ih« 

«IXi» : rrftmin, jtff*/' hthtk. E>ve «DU»- ^^| 

ckanCf iXat. I'n the hajif thai. 

flX^ljXovIa [Mr;'A.ii6^] : pcrL of JJiX^ ^^| 

<U|i«r^ , U»ii Ltf^i, ^ Ida. 

^uu, ^irfd. A L'^J^ 2 i>fil. ^^1 

[ ilofitdv (Alp, 7«rQD(i)y;i]/f/(iT j^pifLfT- 

«IXW««, 4&>v, d«t. ^1- cUmtmr! ^^| 

rfffi*, wpnitij^ venuii. B 43, ^7]. 

(/<3Hirv^i/iy), crvutr't'Sflurtdt Iniit ^^H 

tObi itonbtivo ilmrm9¥ -. liupf. of ^diw. 

inff-/oolcil. KpithiJl uf ontUe, io ^^^| 

j'^rrtiir. ESIH, 

aoutnutt with oifoiim&tK Trvot. ^^^^^U 

lUfm (S 11 J ) L 3d pL of fffiiu, nt. 

*JK»f : uoT. of filpw, fdi't rriu. ^^^^^| 

4an l^yro] t lm|rf, of ^/ioi. T l*W. 

alX6i^ p«irf. pftnlo. 4cAij^>ao( (foA-i ^^H 

«l&*&vi Aiu i<;j, rf^TNf .' Z3T0. 

ruUo), CT'ip. EISO. ^^M 

4t&*f, uTDi (fSv) : /wi. E 3U0. 

a<X«i, ftor. inf. iXiPat. tmr. pa«a. laf, ^^H 

<lSn« 3u1»Jt.. 4tftV^* [tl^'iTtfru] Tut. 

aXtjfttifm (/«iXrji) : rrr>i«/ royrrArr. ^^H 

inf.; r>( ct&iL, krutw. 

•Ifto, 'unni (/<ir*. ftrv^ TCilii)^ ^^H 

[ctSa], gtSopu, 40^ ^(TKrot ftor. par- 

^vinninir, mib'. K BOSh ^^H 

Ik. (J)ciircff'^KHi : u^^innv appeal- 

iV'v [JiTitfiv] I let pt' of c^ wn, ^^H 

fOct. takf the f*nn of. B a, 

•IfJt«k: ]>«Tf. pftrtio- of Invtu^ ^^H 

dSofu* [itAui/jJi', j i7t^\ Kubjv, fjf 

ctotUf. ^^^^^^1 

J£a. Xr^ur, A aU^I, 

<l|Lfit t/m^A wi/ui. B 154' ^^^^H 

4D» or Ow (»oi-. ind.), aor- liiibJT. 

ilfU, tfd filn^- ^jv< %l flin^. Jitt^p), ^^H 

J!^c. il4^rBlLi« nor, I&mi. jwr. 

Int pU tltti¥, 2d pi. &T^ td ifi. ^H 

IQ'L midn <bicfm>, nor. «ubjv. 

cfo^v) or &tn(>-). lit lUiR, mibJT. ^^| 

r&d/UU (/■!&> Vld«0}: MMiAHF. CJi 

fa« Zd «lng- iiibjT. If^ o|»l. Hfv. ^^^t 


8J pi. opt. cTir, ^4 «lnMr tuLv. Iirrot ^^M 

^^^HB>> '^^ 0"*^) ' f^V^i^^t^- B 50. 

9d pi. tfnv- ^fff^ Zd pL imv^ CffYwK ^^| 

^^^^<RMlXpir f/i^. uA:') . jAo/^r. /'Aiinfma^ 

Inf. <Frut Of (^(/()(v<iu), pftltk. ^^M 

^^f 'IM. t^LW : p&rtiif. of u&t. I^x^rr. 

^uiF. /oHTa, iur-, Ut BiiLK. impf, ^^^^H 

tb» [i^mu], 4ti|v : n^rL of df/v' 4ini- 

^1 rir b- :^i ■>!■£. Impf, ^tAi, ^ ^^^^H 

tSapf uLv, ; jifrinr;Afv>a,v. ^/ 196^. 

nine- in>pf. fvi f/ir, la^ or Ii]»', 3J ^^^^H 

■A: icWff Ilof, O Ouaf btlnicluoM 

duiUiinpf^ffrr^ldpt. iin|'f-{«iiw ^^H 

s Wtlil. 

or &UK JterAUrv iinpf. laiair}, ^^M 

■t4iX«f {iMiv} I Jitff, rvfflnMiA^. 

fuL itr{ff)«fuu, 3d sing, f ut. 2:r(ir)c- ^^H 

i!tm>7\ (fwAm. vlgintl), Imlt-j?!, : 

rm, Arirffru, ot iimu (*uni, Vitflnr ^^^| 

r<f**ri^y. B 610. 

ant, u) L (Jm, frutt tv,->^ tri tr^r ^^H 

Ibn|v (f 411 r) [ilpf. M Impf., 4««to 

^ : A* ^fiif AoT fill* kMf. mA Jmp^ ^^H 

(§ ^^ jO f^°^' l>AfUo- ■ (^ ixAU iin 

§MtMn: frr/i j(;r /nm oAcnir to Jk. ^^| 

t'ki^f, nurnt/e. 

/or _^tvv ^Mfmfiou. — Ttig ■ of ^^^^| 



the nxit ia pmv^rwrl in moxi 

t^t. inf. i^v t'l Uvu- jmttii^. TuL^i 
covtm, f^K. 'ill <Ji>K' ^i"r'' 'Jit or 
Ef(li) [^Jai], 'Iiml irujif, inp-, lM jil 
impf. Li7(U'. ikor- urmru (co) ; yf. 
dtpftri, ct/mf- t '''•" cottnoetion 

ftclWn pri^ci*i'[)>>>) Till* |-in<it. kii<l. 

In Auk), vbi1« the impf. i»<l> 
and tho othor moodj vrv utod »« 

flL* : for /vi fn- § jf* ■/, B 7$S, 

lIvflKA r I-*"* iVvtI. "t tt^i-iiUnt lit- 

teafthaki'tg. h^tf^. B 63'J. 
Ilo [ovjp gt^n. of ^^fl [vn. proEi- : kira- 

ml/. ii^u. A40U. 
dot, 4l»t t^-s] : ftiiff, uitliL (^ Jri 

prjlj. the ^"lUer fonii.) T SW, 
tt ntf : ^rfulltf. ifiivlrtti. A 81, 

iC«or t^r liiSDv aikI «liras (lu'ir. iriiL), 
KIT (^nrot) : xtui, rr>/fi, ir^oulr. ui 

f r<rr fj^rf wi/nlit tt-^jt^ B ll7- 

AF./t^iAnr, r inw, ASH. 

BC^|u: /;r«lnVjJ]) Eubrn*. B59T. 
v/ftfKr. B"3T, 

«l^»-IL^|b9t «ioflr<^ri/cA r 387- 

aCpApAi, #LiVjr. ip«atf4v [JlpiufU^], 

Cf. (I^, A «"J. 

mill. ' nf iaCoffOk^ yMunt A ^^!U. 

[ilpwj, iiil. ipi^ f>t-ri, |ni>*^ 41,071-01 
iftp^, Verhum, mn'tf): t'ljf, Iril, 
tintiovnce. C/ ^fU* (Tirai'. 

fllpH, j-pprf. [>iiu. jjortic. ^4pfit^w 
(HPfOj . J'lXV, uu'jif »cvtf, S W. 

«!«. !«, ft<lv. iiiti yrv^. witli ico. ; 
info, to, nniii. \X HEiruetirnt^ in 
foJloved by 11 ^m\.^ wblcli bu 

it ywAftwr i ^0 th*!i Iiomcn 't/ her h'tn- 
bniifiU /httn, Z^TS f- U mrnly 

follow* li« noun. 

itft ^lUt, tt*, JIfAn. Jm, ^U4(^ ^t^t M«. 

A ail. 

'/f -t't'j, 2 T4. 

dffttTor onr, of Ei^mi, /mw Jhnoetrd 
atfjfri^. A 138. 

(ir/^Ai/^ 01 tttnjXdor. aot. imT. 

Ttaivtu: fitU rif cJSa. iiiKiv. A 54(1. 

th^iptift (of fhipt^ : /riir (of a 



fH^Uiif all fCrry KfV/f. priili. /(^'nrl- 

ICrm* (f^tfuTicta. fur): rJiJFut (bim) 
■U A «(*): tfnfiV; ( For if V rnito fy 

■tr» (tt»), aiiv-: ^'^Mlft, inf'>. FrPq, 
vitti A piwv^rlin); wr^ (■lintK uf 
PUtiob % M ' I^Uf u<nu : ta Tn'if ,- 

^<rracv A crw r m /'* "f* tonf - 'AiSvc 

■Ix*t < impf. of t;^. AfifV. Aofif. 
tIA. t4A#i; prvt. iud. o£ Umi, otiDW, 
^UtttL jtart. ni I9ai, um fimL 
■1-9 [Uh] for <Ior, w'.fj, r -Jill. 

ptt^*. wilh *^^ti,t ouf, /wtA. /fi'ni. 

^rujL if Syrvyot: (boiiiid)^ni 
the /im, *-<■- ;o fit *wk. Iq com- 
poitltlOH ix dtf^iK^tMi Af/inrn/r4ri or 

frnfif'Iftiiin (nfJrrfy). 

c-f Tray. Z SM ff 

A 4Te, E 439. C/. J«70dXiK, 
lf< Ift ( JravJ . /'■"fli o/ur, lylir. 

Ikoiiot: tmt, vi xd^vtou bfcvmr vrary. 

ItfOTTH :t (./*"-): "J'A- It U fm^. 

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JecLuf rhu |irii;cijiAl n'riis — in lh« 
Bin^;. Hlitn 'tba iudiTulunJ U lu 
bo mode proTnkdtit, in th^ f^l. 
wtiAEi HfiAroto iltvlt^onA ckr ^qiintlt 

*r* iu iJiiiui. ty. r 1. 

lavnj'piMnii. -oa (A T^) ikud iniTi|- 

/tit-^hKftrr. Kt^iIioI of A]hpI1i7 »« 
(Uii!> tiiii ^ucl) tliu ie<Hl oE tb« 
bow. f / JiuupYDC, iinffioXot^ 

KEiilh»'( ijf BrUrMfm. A 4(19. 

a Marri^oe **J u hiintimi ftiitif. but 
tlic gtfj*:t Ia (lot exiv^t m i>> oum- 
Wt or rkkHft ot Uii> vicUniJ!^ bepoo 
■Ttt-n/r*, (A "hrcafomb' of 
Ivein heifcf* In mv^utloitrd In 

hMit!fe.fUiiif^K of Qrtio. B fttP. 
kv^T (a«iitTiRi): IndAcl. 0>iH 

&i«r*i |'/<i«M)r flhorb form of Im 
iiif, Lf^«ya^»>. prtf- ]i4rtU, f*in. 


vocabulaey t*> the 

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lii-^««- il^jrmilafit. ojfrprlftff. 

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In»fa (§ 4n A): imr. of vuw, burn. 
4>n)-^ii] {^itcat, /SoAAu): Mni'ittt 

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tiirfifir. iii rrtitf. K M^fi- 

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iif/L Ivut) ilna-n /rotH. i flOS, 

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in leti^jfh. A tltl, 

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JmJlavUvu. aor. ImtLft. JirAAnA^'. 

mid, iiiA^A^dvMu : niiJ- for^tf; 
IniiK DOT. rauwrf /o /or^'i 

ULMr: imii. of it\vv* hcftr, ffirt vir. 

I»1»{d«, >^. imrllc. ixtaiij<FtK - 
«quR«« or juf-Jt -fvi (pouoDod 
blood or cxlnunoiu mBtterJ. 

^HKTToc): r/f»*rn ^iriffi . K 1C7. 

W(utfrt: nor. of kq^o^ chtj/ c>^, 

Wwfl'Y^' iff^^t- Suparl. jHira7A(r 

Turo«. Ailv. /rr^yXiiic or ^jmyAd : 

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^H^vadW) WJT. jfetroiHKf (v ^ lufr^ rc#i:u«. 

4ifr-vi>^ itor. J^WTTotni ; tinne /"rth. 
iirv^ lifT»ip*' «(ir. of m^ina. kill. 
hi'T^vuf. avi. ^tn^io'; cut oat, cvi, 

'BiiT*fi»a ^ nf flfi^iif, Itn^tcr't. 

'EKnvttut- ^'1 vf ntf-ltr. 2 401. 

I«m*<2£): nt\h. B 4U7. 

Jndi (^)^ hIv. : iruif'uh^ d U1. 

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ro hfcityf): Iht-ior. flii* nii^jhtiert 
aad detkroit'bvk'Tvd of rtUkm*B 
ftftf »oiiA. n iua fl. In Z b 
^n »C4^[inl of ui ftftpotlcmats 
meeting of Hf4i(or Uid his wlf» 
A&droitiHtL'lit' ; in H. nifi.'i'>r AgtiM 
la oinglc combat vrlth Toluno- 
&Un AjftXf ho bnak* hla v^y 
Uiroiij^ tlie i^lca of xh* Graak 
tAmp (U UG S.) ; lio ifl gricrvoiuly 



wouiiJtMt hy AjjLi (H 40S 1T.)> bat 
Apollo rvnUtTPtf hid itroucth, and 


(if l\w AflhJii-Aii» {U 111 fT.>; ho 
iitii}^ PalnKtiu^ Ulc fripriit of 
Achil]c«<a eig f!.) ; h« U LbD#elf 
Blnia l>y AohiUM (X SaO). Th* 
Tvnutj-fuurU* I*<hjIi of tliu HM 
UlU ilia nloiy of JVUiir* rihit 
to tlw Ach&wkn cjiirjp t4> raiiHiin 
IlKUir'p bodjf. Tbr ln«l T*T»e 

of tllC Iliatt ifi W{ 41 y* il^^UlfTOl' 

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in oali«d itf^vdkv&lni *rifh vniin^ 
pitimf, fit^V AyaB6iu ffoi^i ot fkr 

ktorfnit^ i^'ii^iQC, ffiorima^ Avtpo- 
t^Omn, airiti-ilnt/iitff, 
^wm^ (f«*-i aoc«r)r ftufJ^amd'n 
>r4'r. r 173- 

k 4*^' f'/rn/^irtA> bttr our r>;l 

ih^r, -WfTvt ff«)- *i*Uiiny. vf flus) 
AAav [Uor]^ |*ri>3. Inf. »f iAjiiu, 

t/riiv. E sea. 

adwq - iic<rMtirv fror, uf ^.Vivhu, 

Ucfi^pL ^^ (/Aow): 4r{iy*T, A 14^1- 
'EXaroi: TnijAn uLE^t nlnlit ^>y AkiI' 

f 47 r J, *cir. /Adir(<T)f (r) or ijAotf^ 
iterative *fir. tXiurutf «», pl^f. ijAir 
Aiiro Of ■AijAarii: */ftiv, nfnir. 

A &7:i. 

Aa4*«r ri^r T S4. 
Ao^MdtJ. ^VAi, E122. 

Affx^< ««! */fiw/«/, 4^43. 

a«iv, n-jr. cA«^^ (<Aotv} ; pity, toki 
pity, Z IN4. 

4XA4^ aor. iKiXjifV* »or. pun. 
■'AtAi^^lATirar or cXcXij^i-: ('um), 
noL nAiifr; mid. iW; }iilb. t^jnt 
ahotit, foliy. A 530, B Uie, Z ICD. 

04(vJ [41A4J: UT- af ai^MriH Uilr,tl/tll, 

qivtatf i-if Ck^lirr HTut Holvrlimi^r*, 
wife uf >[riii?]aiis. tuutb^r uf Her- 
nuomc. Ftmeil tor hor beauty. 

to l^uy, atkI llui* thr i>onMl'i» of 
t,li0 Triijitii W*r. AftiT ih* cs]>- 
tufc uf Wf'jA e\he nlumed lo 
Spwui nttli MtMiclwiJi, r 1171 ff., 

zn^ttr-, >i i:ii <r. 

'Ehn«t; //r/mua, (l)Soii c^rPriftai:* 
-.r, Z7n. (2) A Hfw'k. E70J. 



04An^B4: flit- of <p](c^uu) (.'imr, 
tt i ^tti, -qVTOt ; iivri'j/, lA 111. 'I'ho 

tioned by lIotnoTk 

''EX^ttt^. -QfiM : Itsoi^er of Abftnlee. 

Ut^wn t plpf, of cAawKi *friw* 
OM hiTiv,. ikMi- ar lXU|Uv(u) hkf.. 

IX6q7i fiiibjv-, Ikfck ^'iiE-, Mir 

\t%rtit^.- lor, of Ip-^juii^ rrifiif, 

A 70, 247. 
'BL«lirti '4or; Htlkfkca, «oo of 

Aiif4-iinr,Hti(1 hiii-Ifi-Ihw of Priiuii, 

r 128. 
*ACct|; priiii:)|i[il t>>wii tn X\\t itip^ 

tHct on UiR iiurlh cornet of r«lo> 

rinl hiiiK»r th^iv. P 'iTA, 

rjfri/. A IJg. dd», r IVO. 
I)khT*T ; aor. uf Actrak f^uitf. £ ISO, 

Kf^ttLfit cf Trojhii [ikbfruii'i. 

Ikof^li^ (IAxu): ittoifjjmtf, VfUurt. 

tkam: rfrgip, tfiw^. A 1134. 

Ikkapi [cAojEk $ 30 ft]: aot. of Aa>4- 

*SUbd«» fi£oc: /ff^roJ, Ibu cuiintrjr 
uiiiler 1Jl« rulu of L'»Uti«> \u 

'EiKXriiti; UvlUneg. til? inliftbituula 
of llvUu, wbich (Ud not jrct 
incW*^ all Om!fy^ B U84- 

'EhAi^-mvr*f : (/fn i}f ihiU)^ the 
tf/ifrifMnr. H Sl,i. Thfl Jloia«Ha 
UB4 iududva Ihc iivij;1ibutiii; 

UXCtrnra: frnpf . Af XMnm^uii. ^1f>J^. 

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TiUn Inwn- A SSL r/. w-'/tf/. 

IXflfl, HO? (/cA-) ' WJr^A, aiftitSiirfl^ 

Affiu^ Hiir. iTif. »f fTAnt, rrnrrtt tom' 
ii'.ty.c A 400. 

&Alp ADrl IXm^UKV |^4A% AlU') : fiifM^, 

]i3l>f. ffifi<0aanv- ^f»r info, rn- 
£«r/A ; v<^'rf. Alamf I'n, E I^Q. 

1|Hivtt»; nor, of ^'i», airnTi. 2 12S. 

^(FOA [iZmu] ; S[Lf > cif 1^ aat, 
t^i fif^]; )c«u- of tyta, I, f 4^ a. 
J^Yl*' 't>^X^ [()ir^^T^ui'] . anil 
4|iCx^- ^*^'-' r***^ lA fuayv. uriiVc, 

fuir. r :^»fJ, 44MC Hi. 
i|i|inT<iii ibiv. ; <piiVA/i/, u; imnr. 

l^^uML [fWj? Inf, of «i^ on. 



i^HbovT* [ifxifivY^Mwroj : impf. cf 
fiv\tiiimL. um iiii'ittf'ai. T (Itlfk 

Jp^ d: ;/rj;, Stnui^lhiniM by thu 
p-n. of fo/rit in t/uir airtm ftXt'ix, 
nuic« f/iw id H^uiY, to Iftau^ 

in}, vrtu-r in. T 1-0. 
(|i-nn: ftor, of ifortirrwt ^tli in. 

likv ^^luKh whii^h in found liut 
anc^rj Iti Ifomvr, A ^0:2- 

lAfd.' ficrf, Wifif^ ciatfiy Iim A613. 
f^ rtw, nr ivl adr. ani pn-p.' in, 

tltrfin, ittavni/^ <ri/pvxw ir KOptKj^^ : 
»t« fftr moHit'ijin ittrnn'Hil. ^^ftiA- 

iflfrti[. mainI «Tth vtiftpflaf million* 
be»iiiw <>f tfiv xTau <i< rt-xi ttiHt 
follo«<i Um- luoikili > M imin«iHv 

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atrijtfd wlUi d Erin.tSitd nti filUiwin 
luu btftm nHUni4h(>> W /k ^rciw 

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iT-oXI-yHSt- Ui'f. rrttmblmtf^ E 3, 
l*-avTl«i>, wlv.L ni/iiinlif, in mn^. 

iHpo, Jil, : J/miVr, nrffjur talii^ii fruin 
a bJaih Co?, Z ISO. 

f*a*«f1^vm): HUifA, B»l». 
U8ua- imlW. ; fUirn. B7II4> 
tftati-viixvti '■'■ rtfrm cubiU tontf. 
h^i^Lm. riilv. : //rwit tffl to ngfit. 

tvte-««VH M«-0i, tv&o» (<>■ iffitf}. Adv. : 

K-Etfvn and 4»'4m». ftoir. parlie. t^ 

lui\ii. ir^fk xn-d Jvtirujf (4i/u')i u^ 
riT^iM, B I77> 
fvuVk iHion-. or ^Intm (inw). prep. 

m^ y, Arv-Eii^ ^ A U4, r 37. 

Jvavi^mtva. Imlnrl. : niinfr^. It tOS. 
Iv^nmr; itspf. df ^tfilirirai. 
lUprapAt: fnij'iif.tiityfnr/i. K ^C'J*. 

'ElTT«Cpt,^ V«tL«tt,i(4l^pllUgOUiA. 

n4^im-- OCT. <if impnii. ff»y. K 43. 
Ma^ thtJXt Affnr, vArrf, tbri. <p6a 

^H 4i V0CAltUj.AEV to THE ^^^1 

^^^B HOI fy$^i m Uu dirtflion m^d m 

^H a^f. B4U2. E22A. 

n-iiktn. tiring. K 72*, 1 

^V M^44: fhitAfT, iX,^^. A :(ft7. 

4r-ttfi||iAt nor, SvBvi' pUi^r. m, vrf en. 

^^^^ ivQaf th*nff. fram Ih'tl vmrrr. 

IvTo ; iichr, iiiM. at iffiu f^nd, rtai, ^i 

^^H tv-6w [irtAn']: bor. of ivrt&iffu- 

irrH. Imv^Cr} (fV). iwlr.; v*i<Am; ^^H 

^^H Jvl: ptif^V.in- TheaiCcGtil 11 dnwii 

witii gcnitivD. A 432. C/. ^H 

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'EttiJuiBf ('EyL'u>); Enijti/itit, »lriclljr ^^| 

^H mi. B134. 

uti vpth<»t of ArvN. fpjd of w&r I ^^| 

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tul luu-d u lib iuu)i4?, tup- ill Uio ^^1 

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whAFA y Ami A Aiv> jiritiinLiiLiviS ^^H 

^H rv/^r«.ii. 315. r 437. 

toKebhor, bj *MyiuneiM* (j 25). ^H 

^^^V fvi^m : Bor, of i^'i'^iAb, itU. toy. 


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f r-Avtuw. iiilv. : fn(my)jifntp. B Cfl. ^^M 

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'ErOii: it'nfn, Ri'n&iiB, jCodcU«» «l 1 

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Jv^fK : impf, of vuyiou. indEV. ^^H 

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iv^wiTp (at^), vli*,: opti/^, K 1174. ^^1 

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II flpjiv, avApra: &0T, fif fr<^M^, ^^^| 

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orffw^ rn p~ mid. trnge in. A 609. ^^| 

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R fvtff|fft: ftor, of Wu. /KTvt£?r. F^l. 


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^^^h crupro: orrjuhr aniofij); id^. rtruvr 

lC-<tCpi*vi (aV<») : Kl«tt^. B L>S7. ^H 

^^V trifionti. A500, Z-1D9. 

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f*iro,V- V 380. 
tf-dpx*^ hfgiti, yroptav fnU B 2Tfi. 

«t4t*n« - rj^rin, frnnj*- A *l2^, T 4JL:L 
t(tI<Lt [^7*] ■ ''" <W*r» ff«<' iifltr Ihr 

^'fi,r, A IIA, Z24K 
C|HArf«, ftor> of eVu/Jtu. '^f-c oM f^ 
^ ojiii Sni. tfifa^Mtnu {<l>u): dm 

i^TTHfifr fnna, tirn EA* awn n/1 

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jf-llLiuttti : iuf. al tffi^ uw M' foh »/*. 

JE-ip^ : fat. of ^ftt^iqs j^xTrtjt ou^ 

^^^r% : nor- irf {ciu, ^iv. t:,ii. E 9L 

i^^iri^-. rurktii /urt/i ; uof . pan. tf^ 

mid. of Jk^tcih}. K iOS, 

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iHtovTtt (If >, IiiilrcL : fi/ry. 

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J(-«infi: tthinft, in iUt rr-rr. A '.*91 

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U [otfj" )^i». "if 5*1 [>-". |-roTi.j J^ian- 

touta^ inm. pftrUr- /vou (f <3 jr). 

tvitabit. A 47, 104. U9. 

fdvm . \ianiri. of n'/iZ U'l'. A 2dfl. 

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^^H Uf (^ VDUI, A^) 3, pMHiuiirD 

tinCtr>iDporatiuid c^iiiMi) conj.: R-AfH, ^^H 

^^H pmn.: amt, tU iiu^n, At m^n, hit. 

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1 4v^«tYE|H : f^fuA 'ipon. B 119. 

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finCYW : Aiu-ry, iiry? ; mid. AjufAt, in ^^| 

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KilS'k' ""^ ""'^t <in<v- ""A^n. ^^H 

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i«id ^ : nni'r h (n^A ; Hlwtyi cAuaui. ^^H 

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iiidrt^fit. B ^73. 

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m^uy^ ^^1 

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iv4\Mi'^ aor. liAJijc. uf iitiit^tiai^ ^H 

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c^m^ an. A !t*tt. ^^1 

^^m trihuting. A 47K 

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brother of Hcira, Thn wisest nnd 
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B 732, 905. 

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rHMh* not broken for iOTTi««. 
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h^l/»fthe honor Z 1(»S. 

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'wmjv Troy.' 

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ivory or tnotnl F'i'Hi. All. 

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OiKi^: r^f^ruiL wda of Arli»nnr, Arul 

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Wtv, «av: Impl of 9^, run. 211ft. 

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ti(v«|i4i : fiM ttmti^ A GSB. 

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IMicou. B l»4. 

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6iv«aX4« : » can of IkrAdea, B 1179. 



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I Sn fr., 30f ff^ II 74 ft. S\xa u 

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the fule of AndromAdHf*' foUior 
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A m\ B«I'l»Za!>7, 41(1. 

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ifi'i/ffrtf n'hif. B 882i 

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Upiliuth A ^M. 

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A\\<\ Uhi Cormlliifth Viulf, nnt fbr 

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fnn«a.(r mr>rffl;, A aSt*. 574. 

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TrojUM Z T. 

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alKiut n^i.h Ivy- 3C 1.14, 
84^: rfl.7f. r/. ^™. A 8*2, 

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of tbo it|i|ivr |>Art of thft tiodj, 
Tlifn U nrU, il»-Arr1lMi(l ljy Tiw po^l, 
ADil thn lluiin^rl^l wnrriotB >clilt>iu 
K*-m to WL-^iT Ihe truifMc of Ifttor 


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arm of dtfens? noA Uk uhlrliL 

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CTvii of Priun'a hiroU^ and hU 
penonBl aiU'ii<Uni- T 2AK {2) 
A Trojftii warrior. E 11 ff. 

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aubJT. mi(l.« (p^) ik^rr.: k« <Etois 

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th« TroAiU ftrctrlilng fraiu nortli- 

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<5v4«. pass. dtp. il$Kiul9rf: ^nr/«MTr. 
iSoifu! opt of ifjor, fdv. Z ^f^. 

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lh*» t'r<Jlftn" (B 04'' ft *"*" *>f 1*0" 
oalion. ^ratjtlwii cf Min<^ and 

pa (N Hti n.); hij^Mv u*ln*rrn"*l 
liy A|:aMi<^tiiiiuti (A 145. B 40A. 
^ :26T ff.), ftn^l by >r.-iiolAiJS (F 
23l» ff.). Ilr wnn one iif t|»r cMiT 
loftdcm; r/t fionHirfUuis N U<tl 
yriszttfi. I!i> Tf^chflcl h^»riii* in 
wfrty nftf^ Ih? wai (y 131). 
Afrv rpir for ^htw^ *riv^> A 90t}. 


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n4i|ia4: huVjv, Tiiiil- of tTSpv, fir^ 
tn jiu|'t. Ulrvv 3d pi. ; uf fiyu, tm'/. 

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Umti partic, of 'i;^ hvrl. B 771. 

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Ulacticii En a rftfinitpr diriiutj 

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uuLiI a jutn hHil lirvfi MMxifii^Ll 
totlxppwb. B 403,2 Di, 17*. 

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U^ i: AW#, urrrt/. B 705, Z ^^. 
ItiBt iruT, miiL Efrts iin|«r. mid. ri^aiTu 

*Ii|XDv^ ! lat^mn. »1i* of lb« ohM 

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tviUf in ]■!- 1<^, parlb. fom. inipf, 
Tu. pwi. lirvrni. ini])f- mid. Jnv, 
nor 'jpoi or r7*« (§ 43 rf), nor, .t|rU 
111^ ^iST- intfl, CKTV' ■'itr/, Aifri, iyr#f, 
'AihW, lArp'i', ififif^t pot. 

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ttififtwt. B7J2. A 1110. 

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iiK-uniaiu-jua [jiUni] ol Xlw luTiiftii 
So4i UiQ homo of fHrffCUl. 

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Also nv iolcrjp«ti9li ; t;/^ S.yi, 




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ttrnisht at. £ 5()0. 


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uf ■ l&iiiU of mntlnn/ ^. tuvsv'"'. 


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tfctt diiulfimixt I'urt lii A*j(i Miller. 

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nt4-h ; fnv). ukh ftcc. of 'limit 

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ftAqio^: jvnpirvrtf', Htj^fii/j, B MO. 

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Tiaiiiv^ Jroin ib Imiudcr lliu, Mn 

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l|*4tfr«, (kL>r. (|uufc OOP. jiiibjr, ifia9< 
.r»,: !-/'/., ^rj/, H 7«:J. K :.fl!*. 

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C|uv [^^yru] : inf. of Wiu, ff). f 11/ 

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[|LLipr«i , /rr.Wy, ^uiiTi/uf, B7oL 

tv«, iidv, ■ R'A^m. Con]. ! an m>dl<r 

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Us^ ucc. of 41, ffrrinf/ZAf W^/Ar, £:?46. 
Ma*' f^'ifi'' "fthf nrcl't Hfrl tin^v. 

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(■v-flKdra (iXavtw) : ApoUo for iwwr^ 


rtnrinc of Lorppa- B SS7, F 75. 
'IvmU^a ' ifif/iCKiaiiiitt. vile of 

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[fpvo - copvrrV = jb'jnif -r^iit^j'rc^/^ 

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*Tbii4\*k^- "^^^ ^' ftuilvKkj-lion Ami 

fnlliiTi>f GUuciiii, Z no» 197. 

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lo the aex, UorMa^ drv* l>> Ltiit 
joke, wllhoal tfuM, DiielI iinl 
PIm honot kfrrvn iinrf ^-^rjrtcir. cktirwt 

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irAimoU (B 554). TliiT llomrnc 
httroei did not Hd^ <»ii hAt>f«4tHck. 

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1tv-«V|M (oiv^^rfli^); iri/A hortf-knir 

ipi^ : ape 'k^ki^. pnirtf. H 10. 

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~lf*» t poi : Aoiiof HiitloirophLif]. Z U^T. 
irtffw: Ikl \il. itt oTSa. ibivji-. Z tAK 

In«[<f7utj (/iv-) 3 : rr/uu^. fijtrf and 
nr-A, oo|fi»flt*' (ki»-, adv. : t4^Utltly. 

Iff-n^ 2'l pT. cif ofSa. I-«">v*. B 48y 

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Nul>Jv. m^y ["TD]* "''^' l*rt(e. 

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(lAt^) in mfcri Aim In frn^; 

tip ^Ai'fuA 
'IpvU^: oil the DorUiWiAM <<<i(h»t of 

by 'ijiiiacAu' i| a5. 



A 433. 


ltf<pA>fiain| (Ar^/tiu) : nAifWrvi'mr. ft 

n^ for tlur maal ^livn tlip Iftttor 
was Icwered. A 1^4. 

luum WH9 uphubtt uub LurUontal* 
and tfonsiat^d nf two jit^rpvudiau^ 
Inr p(H[j» iiiiiUHl at. tiip top by A 
vfoits'iAfH Frum IIija crotibur thtt 
tlirrwlM uf Lhiii wnrp wiim ailUuhAd 
hy vrei|$bl« [bw nut). For cuu- 
Toni^TTiGc m handling iIhsm t^inu-d^ 
thnytnm «Uiich«l, jilterojitclxb/ 

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The tlirrftd frtr tJir wnof wm 

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of tbc vTAip- Tkroujfli the open- 
ing thue mode, fihodron theipool 

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j>l!u:« liy fortfltai*. ■ — vpowamy 

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im«. (The wo^ineii Atoud Vo 

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her other hftiul. Aftirr pushing 
thft voof Ihrt^ad (thu* intarvovMi) 
>nug1y lo it« i»1ji(t. ntx* wit 
fTtspvd this olljor rod, <lr«win2 



thrtNvIv, And ao wi^t thn xfMinl 
iMck^ (Fw-rrin on < AS, C]«{iii ot^ 

tk'fscl/f regtrai^ Ihi/tri/. hoti ' halri ' 
It* iiuv.i Cn|v hiLpf.. uf u/u. r;u. 

*lT»r, -wKiv: in PhtliioUs. B 690. 
I^I|«v«:L' ^tfurg.innjhfy. A K. K 416. 

Mr^giy. i ^^a. A »», 131, 

tfi4t (fi*-): "f^y- jflff% fof 

~l^t«t: Plitviad .\rgocuut. BoI^h 
tliii koJm M bl-wd, £n^<>, 116. 

Ur ; |iarlii,% of t^, jfv, A 1^6, 170. 

mAfffii'i^ - Unfijh \tlfAiti^ ill «XUltO- 
lifMi <ir in mf*'k»ry, r4>,Z 514- 

v&ft: tLiFjiuTu.^LH/'fulrj 'apocope 'nod 
' M*] niilAlian ' before 3^ Jl 2lt ^ 

KflJi|uto< »Tii] KaipCiiv, <«imc: Or^f' 

lLLt\p^itm.' Viarian tf^noii . S M'J. 

■i&9-i1li4t. imv, KaBvjirtu rif, am HofrJ, 

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■iafl-*iH|)#i. aHr.t ^ifr^ /rvm abfflV. 

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iiaT-lVhv4»v ; oor. of «ar«f>]ci)!>iWi 
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n*j : ;iifiiriii\ ftiH. tfAirr. E 41". 

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KpithvC 4>f LiLt^f-cl^ivmf)!]. B 581. 

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A^^nf : tht Eater l.okc Coiniljt, in 
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Cmfj (« Throokjui), Tlii^Ano, vlffl 

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Mlk»« or viJun (varuv) 3: W/ow. 

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Fvtf A 4:iJ. 
■otpai^ai : Ctimmantl, rule. B 

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«DCpaivt- /an/, rufcr. B 1^7- 

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(thp fnnt hnir litiiiy cul tliorl). 
Sod en B J1. 

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i,p. A JII4, r373, 

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of t.lio bow, ioT the bowitring. 





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■tern- (Sic [S/i^ft^jrrim.) B T71- 
KdpuToi^ A Ljipttl. HTI'U 

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HMrtArr/. Allli! ramrM- | 17, 

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OiVrfrtjifif*, ^«yyrfn, JitUili. A 11. 

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tficik lli.'k'ji from Sparta. V f45, 

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rn^lhj north. B fifth 
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alniti by Art<!miAi Z )9T ff. 
A«oSiit«| : i-d'tftce. tlAiightor of 

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iXij^r (lego): coltcctf wMf r^ 

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prq'><^A, ;)«fi«A. A 111. 

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tiffd. B44. 
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%tMt^\. A U 304. 

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Kat^di : dr^tf^v-lum, ruin. lUatk. 
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mid, Ar«fA* (».t# WA), K 0, 'Jm. 
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X«ffi|; oor. fiftjHp of Avu* ^NJ«7> 

Atiicaunot: Creluii Iu^iil B 04T. 
AvhA^v: L^oUh (1) Sod of I'ruitn. 

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l^trifUnm, B 'Jifl, 
XvK«| Y**^ «!- Ifilhpl of Apollo, 

ptub. r^M </ fAr liQhC Cl«»)- 

A 101. 
AD«^t Lxjtitt. {}) ^tv thu Honth 

«Da«t of As^ft Minor* lwt«««ii 

CftrS* and INmjihylio. B ^7. 

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A^Kkok pi; ^^fjcjTi^ coionutudcHj by 

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Awtvp^o^: l.t^ur^fHt^ kinf fif Uin 

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X^0i(|- jih'i'Fir, ilM/rtftrf. r 42- 

XvT^: fiort/r^ Uitui f{ir libTi^rt. — not 
of the /flfuj **tf(fm, D 770, 

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tion, witli th<; mcc., which prob. 
drjp*iid« on A Tsrb of iva&Hng 
imiilinlt In &fflrmalir» &HPV?ra- 
(ion* rol fi^ >■ ri«c*d, of' ^ 7^ 
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fiaifii«p Bor. ^^^cr« : an tayer^ trm 

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MBhrr . ft Th»bAn, MU of UoeuiOijii 

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Max^"*- '""^ °' AjeIi!|UUi (A«*kcu- 
l«p|u«)( a •Utfvcn from Tlir** 
Ki3r- B7H:i. ;il93fl,, A:Kmff. 

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firrd^ ;t'iv. : <iitnflif, pcyoA* i^'j^cfv : 
hwti^ ffra^J. A -1511, 4W. 

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llir i'j-llt<'0 f'/fhr tkwiMt : pl.ffiV^' 
ing, hatattfrnUKV^ Z 377. St^o die 
libit-? itj'jHi'Jti; pu^ 13 of Tett- 

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liefun thiH ntt^DL |} ^^ h. 

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|ajSo|fcai (mriilit^r) : corg /'ir^ gin 

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bmtJiur of AJni. »Uln h^ ArrnnM. 
B7l>T, NiOTff-, 0:i!Wff. 



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i^/fiit^ f/^fr. tttip tiffin. E 3911. 

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All veil. 

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|mCI*«*. oomix of lucyu*. ^"I'l 'o'"^( 
iitlt, nuj^fy, A lOT, 

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|»iU*t ovot (iiiiijur): ffiOtt jAnFttv, 
oJiiL]^ lit fuicfuk. iiaU^ahart. B52d 

liApkApav : tv</m^, ru^, Aovdfl. t/i 
tactltld. B41I. 

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Ui\di4i«: a TroJHti. 2 'tC. 

Comp, /i^Afuftpot- A 277, 

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B <14:N I .143 ff. 
|Jkk, 4rDt(tncl); A<w<-y. A 3 ID* 
MiXifOift: u ThciualUn town fti 

MAjfncjiiL, B 717. 

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Willi.' {% iililj (cy. ii^fy^v V ?l«); 

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iiorf. uidnAf : w '' '"lyr^ i^v 'fa 
nhjWt 'tfntni-^tn. (I j Tli'" * Jgni-t 
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tlie pprvoii rt\M fwb LTii> oofli-i^ni 
Id Iho 4aU (2) TJie yv<U u 
^ap4rv. and Uk** tlio objwl nf 

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iif^i, in irvlh. (32) CithIj^Ii^ 
tvitlr £c IJL-|j>iiilC ^<f tw^rk \hv cutt* 
trojit tnMwc^pJk tvo clauiwfu ry 

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nimmoTj. mnd liualihinl nf fMi^r*, 
B4r)4, A8ti ff,. r 'J\ IT, -JnO IT., 
i g4 ff, Z 41 f!-. II M 1 IT . P 45 ff. 
lie ia nllrrl iVv~i>iXw. ^i^P d>a>- 

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tl;e i^ftptufT' of Troy brr^ir le- 
lujuliig uUb Udvi; to bi«lj«iiiv. 



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Iluuk of tbe Odjpiirii ^\\vb mt 
tvMcuut of Ibu vi^jt {>aid l>J^ 
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M«w4cvfT ^of: »on of t'vlfOB, aud 

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UiH-lii>. A 3UT. 

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K l«^0, Kfi71- 

Mf^fi, -DTTDt : a "'■vr of Pvfmofv. 

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M4(m| ' toAV ill Lni^miJi. B ^Otf. 

Ml Tli»MAly. £4^7. 

tht mvtrt. f^ /iVW 'A' miiiifU^ 

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onrfny(>ui with d«t.. B L43).»/fF. 

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pnXXin* /kor ^roXAiTimr (nrW): 

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|iaT-AX|Hvv( : JKir, fiHMtiC' uf lufiiU' 

Ao/MiL, ^irif'if fj/tfr, tr4>p upon. 
licntfUtuit (/ui^uf) : beivKot At 

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|UTtt|kdvi«i : ^H $*Din, iHtiiL A HfiA. 
(inB^v. m\v. - Mirrr'K Onlj A 150. 

In at iiiiifffitj, H A79. 

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pk«TOv&&«. im|if. §i4rij%i&ai itpf^k 

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rtm&rtj. A 58, B 411. 





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|Af|vf«h wr. partic, /n;»Jtfai: ch^iah 1 

luB [>»?) : ec^Q- vl ^yu. /. 1 42 rj- 

fcnj/A, ijunf/rnA/ vni/r^. K I79> ^^J 

jft^i negative. 

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(1) Adv. n/jf, uinhI In i?onk- 

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<lott], «lo<lti<tiu:<iH AJiiJ «kni iu mar- 
•luting tha &T»iy fiiP l>atU«, 
A 2i7, B 21. 57. 77. 38fl. 405, 43*. 
fifiO, 401. A 1^9a, Z UO. A R&7 ff. 
D9 U fond of billing of Ui ex. 

A 070 ff. TIms Third BooL of lb-: 
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Epithet of ^u*. AMU iHMt. 
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■nfY&TWf^ •vtfii' ■H'Jii', fir. fOr, p«r 

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(Prob. f*li>* Tva4\ttg for TTJiipx) 

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rtt;- irf dirri/iff, E 523, 

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Meds, fat. Inf. vlitTjrTi^, not. itlir^ 

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tiM quiot MA pMMDt*. B 30t9. 


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f»i l'|itt*<ii(>[».. E 1 52. (3) A rivtr 
ill Lycin. B 877, EC*, (fl) A 
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nil it Scmiiniid^'r/ 2 -I, V 7<t ff. 

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UldMl (A 577), Ami (*J) of hii 
Wl (Z £24}* ttf id (3) uf thflr dt- 

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i*v-jiiin (if/u) - i»/i ^r>r/H-lA*T, A 446. 
(Vv^im; cupiifw^** forvia : fWmi»0B 
jC«rv, AUU Miiv«. A rJI. 

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A 117. 

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K 707. 

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■t/>in«rn, iittrmi, A 7**, .tfll, 

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