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Full text of "The First Two Lectures of the Sanhitá of the Rig Veda"

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•tdu a, I Z.I- 

^ V.>i,. I.] JANUARY. [No. 1. |g; 




llan. Court at fitmtartf. ot tl^t Cmt ititiin Compiiiii>, 


Fd TED BY D» E ItdBR p. 

JWTT?^^ n^RT^f^ flrft^n^^n^ ^^^ 1 




By ^iSt E, V^tK^ " ) •■■■■••' 




a- 1 '^-, 



U. A. CUSIIBY, Esq. 



il. H. ELLIOT, Ebq. 




Dr. E. ItOElt, Secretary, OrieuUl Deparlmext. 

lIuNORABY (non-U ESI dent) Memder9. 

H. II. HODGSON. Esq,, UarjHing. 


11. H. WILSON, Esq. Bwleu Profeaaor of Sanscrit, OxJ 



Tub present work is the first of a series of Orientiil publications, 
which, as tlie title intimates, will be printed under the patronage of the 
Hon. Court of Directors and the superintendence of the Asiatic Societj. 
It is (o appear in the form of a Journal, in monthly numbers of 80 to 
100 pages. Every work is intended to be accompanied with an English 
translation, and if taken from Sanscrit literature, with its commen- 
tarj also. The works of this collection may be of any Oriental lan- 
guage, provided they relate to India ; the greater part, however, will be 
taken from the Sanscrit, partly because the literature of that language 
in all its branches possesses a number of valuable works, not yet pub- 
lishcd, and partly because the Sanscrit is more intimately connected with 
India than any other Oriental language. 

The idea of this publication is due to my friend, Mr. Laidlaj, to 
whose minute on the Oriental Publications of the Asiatic Societj 
(Annual Report of the Asiatic Society 1847>) I refer fur further infor- 

Before entering upon an account of this edition of the collection 
of the Ilig V6da Hymns, I have to premise a few words explaining 
to those of my readers who arc nut acfptainted with the late proceedings 
of the Asiatic Society, the reason why it is to remain a fragment. 

Ucqucstcd by the Asiatic Society to obtain the suggestions of the 
Oricntnl Section with regard to the immediate adoption of measures to 
pidilish the V^das, I submitted to the Oriental Section, the 30th 
March 18I7» a Report, proposing the publication of the SanhitA of the 
Kig V6la with its commentary and a translation of the text. The Society 
approved of the proposition, and appointed me editor of the work, under 
the superintendence of the Oriental Section. The MSS. for the edi- 
tion had been collected from the Libraries of (Calcutta and the College 

ti Prtfaet. 

of Dennrei, iind the lirit (wo lectures completed, when a Iclter Trom 
I'rol'essor Wilson aimouiicctl to ths Socit'ly, thai llie |irin(itig ortlit Itijj 
V^de Snnhilfi had been cumineiiced ujion at Oiford, at the ei|icn&e ul' the 
Conrt of Directors, and thai other ]iurt» of llic Vi^Jas were {ircjiariiij; fur 
the press in Germany and lluasiu. Ujion receiving lliJa iiirurnialiua the 
Asiatic Society wna ubligcd to ubundun llie undertaking, tint ul llic some 
time resolved to puhliah the part uf the work lliut hud been coniiiUted. 
The MSS. at uiy disjiosul fur the text and cuuinieutary of the Kig 
Vidn Sanhild, arc the fullowing, («.) for the text. 

1. Nos. 8 to :ili, from the Library of Itishop's College, on suiull 
leaves, a most cnrefnily written and correct MS. 

2. No. 4^.1, from the Library of the Asiatic Society. 

3. Nos. 1418 to 1128, from (lie Library of the Siuiscrit Cullege, iu 
the most perfect prescrvatiuu, and iu every rc»pect a must excellent 
and correct MS. 

A. No. 1 J 17, from the same, written in the Pada Pfilha, a mode of 
writing th« Vdda llynins, in wbieli the comi)OlindB are separated into 
their elements, and eaih word is written inJejiendciit of the rules of 

(4.) For the commentary. 

1. A MS. of tbe Asiatic Society, very incorrect and defective. 

2. A MS. from the Sanseril College, generally correct. 

'A. A MS. from Itenurcs, aUo [irctty correct, transcribed for Ibe 
Asiatic Society from a MS. in the College tbroiigh the kindness of 
Dr. Uulluityiic ; ibis MS., however, dues not cojitidn the two lirst 
chapters complete. All these MSS. are written in tbe Duvuniigari 

No ditlienlty was experienced in determining the text, The MSS. 
(will) ibo exception of that uf the Abiatie Soeicly) are written with 
religions attention tu the correclncsa uf the text, and a comparison of 
all with Itosen's edition, gave very few variations ; none of them ufnny 

The commentary on the other hand offered in this rcspcel many 
diflivulties. Tbe MS. of ibc Asiatic Sm^icty, besides its nuniberlesn 
ortbograpbieal and grammatical errors, is written in so careleai m 
maimer, that frcipiently whole passages are mispluced or omitted, 'llic 
tiaiiKrit and Uenurei College MSS. are unidi more careful trans- 

. Preface. lit 

cripts, although sometimes omissions occur also ; they appear, how- 
eTer, to hare been copied from one and the same original MS., fofr 
with a few exceptions, tliej generally agree with each other. These 
remarks mainly apply to the introduction to the commentary ; here 
discrepancies, omissions, &c. abound, eridently because it is in some 
passages difficult to understand, and the transcribers sometimes inter- 
polate their own explanation. In- the commentary to the hymns the 
MSS. agree better, and difTcrent readings are in fact of rare occur- 

In giving the different readings it was not thought necessary to 
mark such deriations as arc only Tariations of the same grammatical 
form, for instance ^|^ for ^^Rif, each of which might hare been 
equally well chosen by the author, and which do not indicate a different 
shade of thought or expression. Nor was it deemed expedient to point 
out the omissions in one or the other MS. 

The commentary in explaining the Vddaio forms of grammar, gener- 
ally refers to r&n{ni*s Sutras, without, however, quoting the rules. I 
have added the references to P&nfni, in which I derived the greatest 
assistance from Doethlinck*s excellent edition of P^ini*s Sdtras* 
Sometimes the references to Y&ska*s Nirukta have also been noted, but 
as I received the Nirukta rather late, I was not able to give them all. 

The commentary of S&yana Ach^rya is no doubt a mine of learning 
with regard to V^aic literature. It is in every respect a most sub- 
stantial body of all the learning treasured up for so many centuries 
concerning the orthodox understanding of the V^das and the religioua 
opinions derived from them. It exhibits a comprehensive knowledge of 
the different disciplines, connected with the study of the V6das, and also 
of the works of the author*s predecessors. It was first my intention to 
give an analysis of SAyana*s work, but as my labours in this direction 
are superseded by Prof. Wilson*s edition of the Rig V^a, I have given 
np the task, other labours now requiring my undivided attention. 

With a view to facilitate the proper understanding of the hymns, 
the following remarks on the religion, as found in them, are offered. 

It is first of all necessary to consider the religion of the hymn ool- 
lections of the V^das independently of the doctrine taught be Siyana 
and the Brihmanas, or the parts of the VMas which contain religiooa 
precepts, the ritual, &c. Siyana, who lived in the 14th century P. C*» 

hat of course an opii>iai) of ihe dickies in the V^.lai, wliicli \* r»rined 
•cotirdiiig to the view of the learned Br&hiiiaui of hja own day». 

Although the Dr&hniniins were composei) at a ver; enrly period, yet 
the philosophic doctrine of those who had for so many ceiitiirica studied 
the V^dss, was tlien already fully eslablislicd. 

In the Drihmanna we rind n pantheistic ayatem ; there ia one all- 
pervading apiritual suhstnnce of nhich ihu aevcriil gods, as well as all 
other beings, arc parts. Tliis system was adapted to llic explunntinn 
of the V^dnic deiiics, It U no doubt the prevailing liclitf urilic most 
ancient period of llie Hindu religion nearest to Ihe composition of the 
Vi!das. Nay, this philosophical conception, nltained in a very early 
age, has remained unchanged in all periods of Hindu history. Iik this 
respect, the religion taught in the Urulimanas, is the same vvliicli (he 
pnndits of the present time enlcrlain, the belief Ihsl all (initc beings are 
emanations from one inlinite substance. The religion of the people 
only Iiaa changed, ns there is now a worship of Krishna, Shiva, Xc, 
while before ludra, Agni, &c. were adored. 

Referring, however, to llie collections of the \(<la hymns, we fiiid 
a different belief. There is evidcjilly n polyllicislie worship ol" Indiii. 
Agni, Aditi, &c., and no atleinpls is yet are made to form the idcu .>f 
one infinile substance. The gods of the Vudus arc evidently elements, 
as fire, wind, or conspicuous objects of nature as clouds, lighlniug, &e. 
Such deities must lisve a double character, already noted by Vlska, 
fiz. aa elements, (heir nttrtbutus arc clcmcntnry ins gods, they Mill receive 
attributes belonging to ratiounl natures. Thus fur instance, llie lire iu 
its elementary charnctcr consumes, gives light, ^c. ; ps god it is llie 
messenger from man Iti the gods iu consuming the sncritjce ; it is the 
kee)>cr of treasure, the source of wisdom, SiC. ; it has u ehuriut und 
horses, &c, 

If we want to reconcile the variety of gods with the idea of one 
universal being, iho rcsidt is n iiionstrous comhiunlion of nonsense 
with philosophical doctrines. If, however, wc consider this belief iu 
itself, independently of the aymbolical and allegorical cxjilanaiions of « 
Uler period, we shall find it consistent and adapled lo the primitive 
state of the niiud of the |ieoptu. The hymns are generally very simple 
in their composltioa ; (here arc many bcaulifnl concepliunt, and on the 

Preface, ▼ 

whole impress us with a favourfthle opinion of the moral And poetical 
susceptibility of the Hindus at an early period. 

To introduce in the mythology of the hymns, I quote here a passage 
from Y(iska*s Nirukta which gives a kind of systematic view of (hegoda 
that occur in the hymns, which is on the whole correct and remarkable 
for the circumstance, that it exhibits the most ancient view, preserved to 
us, of (he Hindus themselves on the religious system in the Y^da hymns. 

The gods are parts of one Atm& (universal soul). The Rishis (the 
sages who are supposed to have first pronounced the hymns) praise 
them for possessing a greater share of the nature of which all creatures 
participate, for it is said that all creatures have their origin from the all- 
embrncing nature. The different creatures are produced either by action 
or by the Atm&. Atm& is like the chariot, Ktmk like the horse, Atmd like 
the bow, Atmd like the arrow, Atm& is the substance of all the gods. 

There arc three deities : Agni (fire) who has his place on the earth ; 
VAyu (wind), or Indra (who has his place in the atmosphere), and the 
sun (Aditi), who has his place hi the heavens. 

Althotigh each of them is one, they have many names from their 
greatness, or from the multiplicity of their works ; as one and the same 
priest has many names from the difference of his duties and praises, as 
the name of Ilota (who sings the Rig V^da hymns), Adhwaryu (who 
arranges the sacrifice according to the Yajur Vdda), Dr&mha, Udgata 
(who recites the S(ima Veda), or as many people perform the same 
work by division of its various parts. The identity of place and frui- 
tion must also be mentioned. Thus, on the earth animals, men and 
gods, have identity of place and fruition ; thus the earth is object of 
fruition for the clouds, the wind and the sun ; the other world also for 

The deities must be considered twofold, first*, as far as they are like 
men by shape and understanding ; in this respect their praises are made 
accordingly ; and secondly, as far as they are like things ; (unconscious 
substances) when their praises are also made accordingly. 
The attributes of the gods are as follow : 

1. The attributes of Agni. His place is in this world (the earth), 
his sacrifice the PrAtasavana ; his season the spring ; the metre, in which 
he is praised, the Gfiyatri. His wives are Agnftyi (the personified 
power of fire), Piithibi (the earth), lU, his works, the conveying of the 

■ririi han, •«•; IoUik, V 
i. Th* aUrtfaUM u' Ii 

«• rr>^r« in*«t *itm«nii. 

Kntm, ^"tlllMl. Vini. aKh Mitn Vu 

llnilni (lanu, with \'km i'l&klM, una '"in i'iiwm 

ni« plaea Um iMMWn -. lu* M^waoa iti* riiliw ■i^ >»■ 

Vktmpa ; hit IiimU of i^wla iIumb that dwidiiit ii» uma^ I 

ntjt, ikt- k'*t>in3 of thnn. luui al tuui >numa u. n^wi* ^m 
ff ^m mf milnmiir tu rcnilcr ttui imuiMuui » i iytw a* 
of ill* Rn«|t*h liMi^>iM|>e wnoU niinui. auI 1 b«uc*q t^ tiM 
rll'W KflJlli'h '''•■" mv 111! 'uulenUHMl. ,ia luiv* i 
r>t'i»l* <1t»1 I'lfmn^ appnnittn ..f .fnilM 
ntitnt'^' "f i*nT>K nnt m« v»ith tu i 
(«ti.iillir» (TBnimBlirBl (Virm*. tin" latiftia^iii eti« Vp4» iivnus. iiilwiwaji 
,1 .» t .. wlwuy. •Wnpio Til* imtj liiflicnlw la iiHWrsuuiu t. in^ 
, ,,,, II. I r ■ fftn '•iif'U iti«t »r» imuiUil, •ivulmUy i-maiiua lir* -vn- 
(n'.,.,it •i-iii* «t1iitWn *HI known en iU« ttcarcn. In Mtstt 

t t I* ,-^.M«iif/ lo in«*rt ivM nr ihc ntlitr <*nnl in 'tie 

^ii.<Mi'< niii«« fiif •hmMit"* inifminring lawila, iiot lu Um 
* |(l4i(<rn4lli'<i1 (»»r.(1l«fily in ihw Nnnml iUnaent. Didvici 
iMotl'fM ditntfi'l'. rtt« trniip*"!' '>' iW V4dM ma; . 

jl.||Jltl*.l. hll'» t<»*N IH'lk* 

Prtfan. vii 

I hare nottd for cMch liyrou the immv of the deitjr which is pruted, 
the nameof^the Rishi uid the metre in which it is coin|>os«(l. Tha 
Rtilii of a hymn, as known from Colcbrooke, is the sage to whom it 
has first been rerenled bj Drihma. The names of the lUsliis as the 
»rcr» of certain hjmns, are haiidcil down to us by the Aniikramanibi, 
one of the most ancient works of V^aic litersluK, which enumerate 
all the hymns of the Rig-Vi^a. I obserre liere, that llie parts of (he 
Anukranianiki referring to the first two lessons, are given nt their coin- 

With rrgatd to the diTJsion of the collection of the hymns, 1 would 
ill conclusion re mark, (hat there are tn'o modes of dividing it. Accord- 
ing to one, it is divided into 10 Mnn^nlns (circles) |>arted into mure or 
less of AnaT&kas (chapters) contaiuing somcwlint more (han a thousand 
hymns of nne'junl length. According to the other it haa 8 Ashtakas 
(the ctghtli part of n whole), each of which is subdivided into 8 
Adhytyaa (lessons). These again arc diridcd into more or leas Vargas 
(•ccttoiis). each containing five Kigi or simple verses, of which tlier« are 
•omewhat mure tliaii lO.UOO b the Saiiliitit of tlie iUg-V^a. 

#?ffr^# I 

^infcTfVT:i«pi3-, ^i^^RfVpifif, Tn^Ti5rf^^^» Offiiirf 
'UTT^^^^, ^frfinjT^fNT: ^r^r^iftr, m^^^:^ "KKxm 


^^ o^ra^ II ^ II 5 iT4T=fTc^«i^, % sir^TwrffT^ra'^rft i 

irafff rs5TTT^'<i^tT^ «^f^, trmft irTi vest's if^^^wi'^ 
fK^- *T«wr ir^Tin^, i ^^ »Tf?gi ?sut ^^f^T ^W on At 

o^wT firo« ftrftni aa q^^T aTEfflfcr, ««(t at, ^^iraTft 
^T^rf^ 1 JPTWrTTR^fT q^T^irag tT^TT^Ti^mair n^«qi ^5r 


^I^'?! ?I ^^T^^T^T^Tcf ?r5r ^^?5^^ until wn^lP9rTT- 

^T^s ^fV^ ^it^fcT T^ff^'R ^Jirt ftfT^urirnr^ tOt, 
whjS^ ?nr^ "5r^rf m^ f^^if^, ^^$^: $mHi# ¥^^pc^ 

i^irji^C^f^rfTfcfef I ^TT f%?ft^inT f^cirfH, m^nrwit 
^i^rfcTHT^nr^rmi: 1 ^^ n;^ ^^ ft^rfHrfH^fhrft^w 

♦ 'je ifi »i I t mfs ^t ^ I 

It. :' 

IQIfllw^ fl^TftJtfi W^_^ Wt HJBVSiy5Ti^TfET, ^^ fl^I ^T- 

ir-^5^ iiT^^ «^« ^i«,^ ■^w»ft, ii^n:>QtT»:t H^Hi ^''*- 
^iftT w^r, ^T"^ %(Tii^!gnTnifiT^ai:if«Fa, sif^i t^^ 

lT3^r: ; ^r^ Trai^q^^fT fHf^T^I ^tT«?f lI^BT^ ^m- 
^fTj I «(^ -^^^^ n^l^lj IJ^ITl^ Bu^Hfll «'^?TffI, 

q-aflgi^ iraV?^ n^niii sji^W ^, c!*t "ss; flifliiznif^a- 

w^i sriH stPs t(^ «^Jii nniir ^if»fl, si-^ ci^«q^fiT^*m 

T?if iir«iiirt^virir^T?:nixzrri!igf?mTn , ?T9innf% ftjf^ii^^ 

♦ ^^l^RH^lrtOrMlB: \ ( ^T ^ ) I 

fir¥«H^qTfi(^f*rs)5q: I 7?n^g SIH^ fl^c'l^ TmUZ'- I VIV\. 

q'rswti^, ^Tf^ifar wii^St v t[«;i qjfifH«iifRH]*itt« 

■in:^»giii5r<ni'«li:rafsi^qflgH€Tf:,(T^in9f« Ji'^^ti^BWfiji- 
%n^T ?■? ?iTi^fH«irii5:'?ai^*fa«iiifli fl^i*a»f( i rii^a i^«i 

* ^r^W^fff tTft mi-W ii»j I 

f^yfti&v rajTusi f^rgrsfTC ^^iif%, sTujiTr-^^-^'g-^ficfti i 
^^T \fim ofH ^iv ^ ^S, ■am '^w^^ifT m^ ^ w^f?i i 

' -S^ITWlf^filHH! ^t, M I 

^RTOTiTJ, S^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^T^ M^rfi^i ^T^^fw:- 

■sJ Ok 


nftrm'iT'nflw^^ BiffW vtk, vvx ^i« m gifafTi t[h a m- 

ifTI, fl«(q^5jffiT ITYI^ini^: ^WrCSTfVftf I 13^W«HlS[ 

fi^«T?^«i^ar^ fl"*^n:^ ^Tjn^'l I ^^iw ^t^ifi; i?iff^ 
^iim^nift^iT^T mJB^'ci ^fw^T^i ^^«m *?itfif7T, i vm- 

* *^« ■nrF^ffl ^nw I 

nFiimriir ^^^car ^^^'^ns:, ^f^r ^riw^^ ^«rniT^ft«f>r, 
ww^ '9f^tt ^vCt^ T?inTT, ^^ ^snaHir^win^?!^ 

^ Trnjiii^: TTfc'in^^fVTT^! i w^'m ^^^ ?r^^5. ^- 

win^T ^ni$. ^>S<t vrw^if^w^t, 5^<t T^nuf^wiS, 
■^^^j^MifX^' ^ ^nf^f^, H^^nrt ^8:^^r^, ^m^Tfinira^'Tii 

^^n TfH ir»^r^irfeT:,TT^r ?rOT ^^?: TfH ^P^ f ^^ ^iiriiH- 

*• ^ ^ <^ 

^j^fq: OTHPt^ uferiTO^, ?r^T Ti^r ^^rfW^^m v^fH, 
?ftiT ^Of ^m^fH T^anrTfV?rfn?rpTfr'rTii ^^^na??,?rwFr^. 

wiiirir^^' u^Ji^m H'^rwT^r^r i t^RrW^ f^^ftnn^Sr PnvT. 

fp^W ft^fTT ii^«& flf« tt^^'i wrar n'^fiifniflif! t iigw- 

?Tf9fff3fre fwTTfit Q^waftT, fVriin5^i"irtT I h^jut^tiifSi 

^ tra^R I (ttjifir ftr^v T«i^, f^fWr^r^^ffT i ^vx- 
•^\^w^^■ 'flJH^i^iT HT^JBTfif, ^T^uftSi^v^K xfJr I f^fii- 

«?tiBiw, wiTwffl^ '■ffn^™ iri-qtHiT^fTT, A'^ ^R^flfir- 


f^nr? ^'^TfTiiT^i^RT^FTiTirTifi^Sf T^ffr ^ri^if^ Tiftfn i 

^v ^TTfT:^5r ^ifr^^ir ^TnflHf "^^ f^nt^^, Trrrmfm^- 

JTfWT^^ OifiraiTfiT iniiirw^'f ^T^Hr^fi^gymiftr^* ^rrn, 
^^ 'qi?^ ^^^ ii?:^i:fTi[UT f^fvOrSw xr^i^fi?^ 

nffl^n^T ^TH»fO?T, "^^IJ^^in ^TTI^FI^T: ^IIR^^T^Ot, ^m- 

*?r*isiH^f( I ^?]iisnf!;t^T(^^qiir f^m^ • ^ir»ti Hwifir innt- 
' idftiiHui 1I13I JTifa »j*r 


t-s -v ? 

§nfm^^T^Tft?im^ itkw ^^, ^i^ ii^i^t "^nft ti^^ 

is. "^ _ _ 

^^ijf^^tJirOi^JireT ?i^if ^m^f ^i^w^ ?nT: ^^mTr^T?^^ 
^irf'fTTHTOr^T'w^?!^ TTiireTfra TTO^^, nii«i«^T wivj 

♦ •l^lf^fif qt^r^i^f- (^t-^) I 

^pmwT ^^^ f^iit ^ft:f(t I g ns^iioin^Tmanrrai 

gTTr»Tr'?iii^m^ f^fV; ^^mf?f •?^^^?^ ^^, ^^ronr y^i- 
(\T^Tf Htmril^ r^N^^ ^srm^f^, tt^ ^i^f^^wi^g^T^- 

iT^iTS'jTnnf^ •^ifiif^, ^nrt ^^nrfrr, ^inn pi^^ i 
^irr Ji^ ftj^f^nri ^^^i?^ ir^^f^nRr t^ ^^rmr^t 

^rPf il^^nnj^n, ?r^ Trio^f ir^ei^i ^t^'H'^j, vju ^t^t 
^iF^TJ ««Sj ^rrfH la^rftiF^, ^ti FTift m^ bts^^tt', 


iR? afinraiw "sina^, k^v- Hrat trujm f^2«r?^5^B^^K! i 

fin^T ^T '^, % ff r)i?aifii^qnRn« wi'tji, ^rai wtft^- 
^•q TT-^ q^fcr, ci^i^r ij-^nfcT, fg^iTHsiflfTr i ^li^r irn- 

^I^T, iftg! tttt: ftraf^t^JiT ^unf^ f^5i^, w^fw, acT; 
HfH?3'9aiiainsif^, W9irrt??i atwflfViain -grafi onotr itw^ 

mm:, ^rftR'T H^Pf ? ^niirif^'ftlTrafT$T5nR^('9|lft«|iW« 

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^•, "g^T^^ft ^I^TiHfre^ ( Tit < I \ I '^ I ) T^iTHTi^r^ 
fl^, ^Hrwi<miP?! ( ^t ^ I \ I V^ii ) T^TT^^wr I 

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( iTt 1 I ^ I de I ) xfcT ^^fi^iT,, ^^(TK! { qt ^ I *, I 1,1 I ) 

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rfrf fsraHiit, e^mf'^a BrcnR^wr (itt^i\i»ti) rfH 

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^fa^^ ^iniieiTfff ^t«, ^i«; © ( if ^ i b i c. | ) xf^r 
^«n%5T:, «qi*flr ■giiit ( qt ^ i a i tt, i ) xftT ^^ipc^ 

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SmaffT ^inti ^lai-^ft, q ^ ^^ wmifii x^^x-- i -^4- 

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^^11?^ ( Tit < I 9 I ^^ I ) T^lf^^ ^miT^IlTt I Wl-^t 

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ffiiT'^ ( lit ^ 1 R I -a^ I ) ifa ftiiT , nfcl^H:*Iirn^Ic(_ StT 
( Hi < I I I V?4 ) XftT 3'fl*;lf^a^rrT«*:c^ I ^Tlliff, «in. 

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tf?ii ^miT^^ ^T ^r^^if^^ VT$ ftjfir ^^r inr*1fT»> 

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Be I ) Tfilf^^mi^TS^KiTi^ wi^'*^ ■^^^ I HT^it^! «^- 

tfifvmv:, ms ftRT in?ir: wOri bt ^f^»ft?at, ^^«ftri 
WH^? ftt^H I ^^, Ti^ HI'? qq ftsgg 5>^ ( TTr ^ I ^ 1 1» ( ) 
^m--, «if^HHfw*fli im-. ( Tjt ^, I a I sj*. I ) xOf wq^i ^^r , 

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fw^ fl« KiryT 3iTf*i7, ^^Ji ii* St^i ^iim tr^'y ti^if«- 

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*i[1'fl«'9 ( it ^ n I s« I ) rf^ fw^^i^J Ounfff'Ti i ««^w 

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'©^ I ) Tpr ^^: ^-i ^^Hi^T^'^ ( ^t ^ I \ I ^^ I ) iniw^wrT. 
i:it^ T^j ^^^ fV^'TT?!^ ^«Rm^irf, ^^jmrcuT^ ( ^t < I 
t, I t,o^ I ) tFtt tt?:^!?^', t^: ( xrt < 1 8 1 ^ I ) Tfer tt^u 

fV^iiT^'irHiT ^^ ^ tOt I % ^T??^ i:% ^R ^^ 5rT. 

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T^^ iiiy^ ?t^, c^?T ir$ f«ii«TOiTfVrjiitT ^^^ n^vi i ^tt, 

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^?9^rT?T^ TT^rni^^^iim, ^f^, -^^^^ w^ftr ( ^itl i e i 
'o^ I ) tFct ii^-mn , ^n^vTm, ^5T^[^riT^ ( ^t < I 9 I 
^« I ) T^fft:^T ^^i?:^ixr:, ^m% ( xif < i b i ^o^ i ) t^^i, 
w^i^l? ^ftf ^tt^, ^ftns^T^i^m ( Tit ^ I 8 1 ^» I ) 

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■ffflT^nnin ( Tt ^ i e i <* i ) Tajif^sii mtTii:*TT:*!i i<^ 

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Tfff fl^ 5W, 'it'nSr, 5S«r w'^'lftf «wi«irJiin:ir4w, 
ara^ I w^!. JT^T^Tiw ( HM n I <« I ) TWIT , fUT^- 

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( Jii * I ^ I ti I )Tfrr afliT^, nirm'^ftt mf^^itt: i ^*^ri»gi^t 

( irt ^ I ^ u< I ) i<i]'Tin: ^TTfi:, irmsiT nftiVsi^ wa- 

^TTFTT IT?: ^^: Tl \9 Tl 

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^Ti^ T?«^ wf^ ftrfiT, ^^^ -^w ^ifen^rff^ ( ^t ^ i \ I 
1^ I ) TFer ^i^iR^i^j, ^tHt-^ttt rTz'n ( irt < i « i <« i ) t^i 

^ni^, ^ftnj^^^fTOi^L ( ^ < I 9 I ^^ I ) T?«iftnwte^f 

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ip^HlH'irmT ^^^(^fir I ^riw«* fr^f5^ ^frfm^ 

■Slt^:, '-«?lll5f^ Jtni; ( flio I fl 1 ^if I ) Tfrt aim:, ^i-iin*i! i 
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^mrrsT, Hn^r^ig sfraTfTij mnm, ii^i«>itt (Mi < i =? i 

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Siiftr ( m« I ^ I i,« I ) cPf ^pt. cng, ^m; wr^^^ ( vi 

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fsfiai ( Tit « I ^ H I ) rfli^m^ flt^iif^qi i tifts. 

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Tifl^Ti'ir:, ^r^iir: ( ^t < 1 1, 1 ^^ 1 ) Tfer iTJ«r:, ^r ^r^- 

\^« I ) tOt fnir% ?T^T7?7iTJT(^icT, fl?cT: ( XTf < I I, | t,<^ I ) 
TiH^r^Tl; I ^m, ^^ Ijf^, ■^Sl^TXl: ( TTt < I 8 I \l,\ I ) 

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^ I ^1 I ) TfcT ^FfiT^^, ^ftraRf ( ^r ^ I ^ I ^ I ) T^T- 

Hi: T« ^inni^i: 1 ^^li ^rrf, ^r^' tt^t ^^r^nrf 1 ^ni- 
f!?if "^^pj ^^ijif I ^JTT^^, ^iirr«?Fc?Jzr5fHTifr5Tt T^f ?j 1 
ircT^^^ TTW^^ ^i5Rf5ir yi^"^^ I i?^'?^??!? Jf T^T H^^fn 

jifaifii^^ninr^Ttt. a^, ( ^r < i ^ i 1,^4 i ) Tffr ^ ^^ ftnaa i 
mnr^HiirtcT *rfliHi, cTdT^S a^m ( ^r < i ^ i ^ i ) itH 

V\XX ( tfi "l I 9 I ^^ I ) T^m^fflf:, ^^t if ^^I^^l-TiSr, fifiirj 

^m T"aiifl[?iTiir^7q^«:%r, ^jf?<«T^'gty^»a; { in ^ i 
«OTn»i^rH TTt:T?r=5^crti;^^t^; i ^ni:, niit ^^i! ( Mi \ \ % 


irf^rf I ^•reirt^Rraipiig ^w^th^ m^i ^^: th-st xfer 
xrf^n I ?Tr, ^^^ ^1" ( ^r ;« I \ 1 1^ I ) i:?«r^wi, mt\ 

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f^^gti^Oifrr ^rpir^ir f^^m ^^, 5": ( ^t< i e i t,8^ i ) 

Wt^^r^ (lit ^ I ^ I 1^ I ) Tf^ fW^^ITl: fl £. II 

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^nifiT:, 'V^ ■<^«IJlf?I'Jlfl((TEI^JiTTa?if5I^WT^!«liqqt'iIiff^i- 

ij»ipjiqif?a»q-[Sr*ift:siriT: H3iq ^firir^*:,ilsiqt'q?lTr(^ I ^- 

f^cT; ("tit < IV I »<^ I ) T?a"-«KiTi: I ^-sqcl:, V^fJCBftrST^J-SIKt 

( n(< \\\ Vl I ) rU HFai'L^TTiT I ?jQr, aah ^«t- 
^ra rfcT i:arnsiifi^Tnc(?ifii5iJT5r ^j^tiTi, wit^Si^Iti:, 

<T?(^*:f^;q'q^:, fb-'T^iff ^fir uw^^-t^m W3T-^3?[t1;, ski 

^<4, Vm^^ ^^l?i'IKl=tr; ( ^i ^ I ^ I i I ) r3I^lT(:, ITI% 

^i^*arfliiifxf^«ffii: (iitt{ivi <('= I ) f*:fiiH<*rtECtCi*i^ 
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'flfffci'^ Triaiiin<iif«ra 138 ^i^^nf-m'Kfi^^ir^icT., a^ w 
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n-^^fiTrra^i'yfliily:, '^' BWttj: Mifsrsr; fgyjirwii, •***! 
*aiifl^a. ^i?*;TVii*are!, '^lijiar'^ fiiTfii^<i gqf^frfi, ^m 


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?ro:, infrt ^^'Tt ^T^wr "iRifft^wt TPTT^t Tin^ ^finf i 

^THT, ^m^^nr^^t ( ^rt < i t, i t,«« i ) ttip^^thh^' i 


1 3 1 ^ '^ ^T 5TR ^^^^r{ ^Tv^x\ ^ly^^j i 

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WW r^^^'^^fw f^^^sfi iffT siimsr, fliiqfi^ ifw ^,^ sr 

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^% f^THl^ra^lTlc^ I H^fl, ■>J5IH, MWituflNfs ir- 

Tai, fiiaifiitai; ( ^t ^ 1 i 1 e< 1 ) xsrgasnr;, ti«; fE^st 

JlIT1W]i(I^-<J"51<T':, f^'-ClfTtV ( Hi ? I » I V"? I ) Tfa Hfflff 
^ I V I H'= I ) T'rft U-am: I -3,f?^H|5I^TOi(^_«I: ( ut < | 

t I V«M ) T^iiT!! f^iift^"<iTi(^ I Tiz:a«rf, ^tOy. ^^yf". 
^T Ttn: ul^n^wirfflra, ^Tiiifiifu**:"! "^ ( irr ^ 1 ^ 1 ^^ 1 ) 


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MTIT:, ^^«T IP^nlfTT TT^T^^^, ^^TiTT^T ( ^t » I 9 I e.8 | ) 

^cT^f^^HTu Trm -^-m tT^ i r^^w "^^^ "^r^'s^ ^^ 
tr^^^HTH ^mr^T^fa 1 tI5 ^mre-, ^Pi?^^ «^rfli 

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nao'ffi^rfl $iir vanTtt;, f^ftr, '^cTf ^*iT: {Tir« i i n.««i) 
ir^iKwefii^i:?} i <i ii rrtTo^irni b^ih si'^Hf ^jt: n t b 

wi^ int ! I ? I <■* i) rftT fTii"iT . twi^iiJirm (vr < i b i ^< i) 
Mi^i TOTT. 3mi]TT-i>iiiiiiaiK*ii; ^<mfvi ^i ( m 'j i t i ).» 

^if^n:^ ^ift?H^»r iif^ii^ I ^^ii\i Hmi:, ^tit'^: ^^^r- 

fjr^^:, •^•sraiV ^'^"filT, ^'Hfnrs H^T, ^^TJT^^Ti^f^^Wrf^lT- 
H^ ^% ?ft #IHTs ^THJTT^t ^^iPir ^^^^if^ ^fi??T^'fT:, 

^lui^, f%4rTTWTfV$w^*^ANcT<l^T!rT'?m??i: I ^^n 

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wI^T H *r^r *m tfli^nifa ^ tfitiHT ^nr: i ft fta f^fi: farft: 
Wff jU 3'ir ( ^M I ", I (•> I ) rfiT rpM: n«iiT:, ^ioa^c: 

v^^T?f ( irt B I 1 1 ^^ I ) T:<2r^^ w^rirt ^^ir ^^ 15^^ 

^ifVm ^rai^^f ^f^cra ^^??^^ §NlT^1f?T I ^T«II?T, 

irejiirit^! ( lit 1 I t, I i^^ I ) ri?ntTT^^ftHf»f5!if^>^; 

Tiler Tf?T Trf^c! I ?Tffr:, ^ftTTftr^JI^r^^fiT^tJ^f^Hl^fiffH 
f^Fll^r*f^rrcT ^F^'T f%^?T, ^^^f ^I?nf?T^^:, IT^ITIW^, 






^1 c 





















i^ Vol.. I.] 





Aon. Court at BfmtoM o( l{)i SEndt Inlfa Com|iaiiii, 


EotTKD BY Dn. E. RuKR. 



Bv Dr. E. IUer. 







G. A. BUSHBY, Esq. 



H. M. ELLIOT, Esq. 

W. SETON KARR, Esq. [ 



Dr. E. ROERi Secretary, Oriental Department. 


Honorary (non-residknt) Members. 

B. H. HODGSON, Esq., DarjiUng, 

WALTER ELLIOTT, Esq., Madra$. 

H. H. WILSON, Esq. Boden Professor of Sanscrit. Oxford. 


tT^% Im^i f^:f^ \ 

^^^T^rfV? ^9;^^ ^TTftinp ^^«?itfJT «HRfg ir'Pr^iBT- 

"^ I ^^nrf^^ ^w ^'w1(TOT ir^'Tf^n^ ^nfWsm in^nrT- 
^fffif gfwifxr:, * TTtn^fn?:!^ Trafm^irTfi?fir ^ ^fir ^iJt 

mnir: irftirri^f^icTT wt^ir^^^fSRiT: infir^T ^f%, ^Rfiir- 
'nr^ftr f^^ ^m^ ^r^ yvnn^ i ^^ 'T'^^^Tumnxw 


( ^r ^ I V I \»® I ) Tfwip^, ^T^TW^^l^^T^l'rT i ( Ht "^ I 

s I i I ) TiQ^iTW I ■^T'fi, WIT! fTrf^K^TTflt^'- »i5^ ^fli'-i 

w«raTi:ai ^nireiTWi-^q^ ■g^lusfn irf«v*;«T *n^ra, ^«T! 
^^jrarcur inrnwr?, wifTt^fBB^irrq ( m <= i ^ i <• i ) rffT 

rfW ^, ^T?1(^ (tit « I t, I V I ) TWsfT^TIi, f^<l! (v\ i 1 

^TrfTtTTSflfrft* iif3aaiaj ^siTT ■rtt,*T»iir^HfiTa^'ri V^i 
<fi1?ST f^ii^w, f^T^^ fl^«l ?:^^ in'si nihT'aawi 

( Tit ^ I V I t** I ) ^tft v^mv:. Pn^fK^iwm^^, uni'n^;, 
(in< n. i^v*)*^ra^T''^- B»n g^'ff (qr« i\ Mt i ) rftr 

Pn^nr , ^^Ti^nr?^ ( ^rt < i « i ^« I ) Tiinf^T iwn:wTirt, 
^rftr nfir ^f^ f^^: w: ( irt ^ i r i t,9* i ) xfir iraTnin, 

^TJ ^'^^^ nm: VJfT^ f^«r I ^: fi jnfw, W^1C§ TT^- 

Tfr^T ij^^ w^if^fiT ^irniiT:, ^ft^rft WK, MHwn^T- 

f^ftW?^^^ (Hi ^ I V I t'^O TaiKl f*5?llBNTTlfa(T:, SQIfl- 

nfii nm almost w-, ^n^inq^JtfuOrfcT a^ f^'RTsrfinnrai 
«<'5|tB'qt:, ^-sfTqaajif iT'JS^^aj^ fsi'sicf^*;: p ^ u 

Hm^ ^fVcf, '^r^f^TT "^rcn^fit^ffll^lS, T'S'II w f^ ^^«, 

trg ^H'JH T^T ■5|^*S', aiaSi^JT^tT Jcai^^nfin*iiiTn'SirwTrri 

?:h^ giwf%(ii ^wf^iq ti;*i! ^r^igcw! l <6lswT n^tr:, nfsiif 
f^irfcraj]iT^aiitn« ^* -urB: «yf*T vfz^ \ ^n rmrf?- 

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5lq Tr^^4^« bOihW, ^^if^^ ?rTnrmfiT mxTnm 
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W«T:, WFTin^, ^^ n«I QiT THH JTHlf^ ( 41 « I =<, I <* I ) 


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^^infuirff^^ f^Tf^i^r^l^!, ^m-sgrif ( lit < i e i «« i ) fTir- 

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I,* I ) TfcT ^(*, ?twiU^, gfllT^t w4*(I«SI*( Uroi: ( irt 

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( Tit ^1 ^1 <• I ) Tfrf^s, ^F^--^ij[^«T^r ^iftvs^sr ( lit 
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^mni^^^ ( ^ < I 8 I -c^ I ) xfs ^JOKWi, iisTfl«mj, 

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^fttnfff, fflraTl^M; ( iii ^^ i t^ i e i ) xfcr -Cl^nir f^wra:, 
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TT-n^ (it <: I V I ^ I ) T3i^?-ra(^ I T^lnfw-, T^^^-siat 

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iwHipii: w\ Tr?f icqT'!r^, TTm^mTr: ( irt 'S I 8 I !• ) Tfir 

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yi^, T^ ^^ ^ if^ ^^t nzi?r: ( ^r < I ^ I R\8 I ) T«n^- 

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^m, ■e3*n^a^irwfnfa, iii;aiira**:aiaT'a { uf 9 1 ^ 1 \\o 1 ) 

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^fis' I ^f^!, ^aiTiHff: «ii»tiTO, n^^Taii^fli ( irt « I 

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■5^m*f, ^Hi^ni fii«*T5ir w^m ^iirnni -^ bi<t* i aut 
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( it ,( I V I ^d^ 1 ) TfiT viJrn;"BTi:^r^Tflw, I'w «i: "nw^ 

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Otit , «ir^T^ icir , TTfw^^ Tj;^*i?i, ^m^rir ( ^t < K i d« i ) Tfir 
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fijiofflfn affiSura, f^^^t^T^r^ftr ( it <= i i i ®v i ) xai-sr 
fiism:, *jTr?iii { trr ^ I V I " I ) ^^'^ w^fn^urf-^-HTJiia;, 

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fwr, Bgf-swm ^wif^^5;, qsiT<i^T <iBTi«iifii?i ( qi < I 

1 I e I ) T***)iBHi ^T^PT, ^^^i-anprt { lit a ' ^ I <« I ) 
ifrr fsmni^^t ftsTaf^iSv!, wi^i^i^lw { ^Jt < 1 v 1 << i ) 
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f^*iT *«, f^.^lfs^THi, nq-g*;i^¥i*H:si ( lit = M . I, I ) 

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fT7^f?t^ wf?nTnf ir^, ^qivi^: urftfirf^^w ( ^rt^ i « i •i, i ) 

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naaj^nflTfl , 'sajqi^ir ^^- ( ^i ^ i b i ^^ i ) nnqfr 
vTi^ WW, flframr, w^wT«ft ?iga ( irt^ i i i n« i ) 

( nt ^ I V I *=• I ) >^f^ Tq-TSir^?[f^wcw 3! Hwa:, awfoSi- 
ihi ^^R^n^R!, ^^ ^"^T^iTj! ( Tit < I H I B": i ) xfs wm:, 

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gu aq M H^ f^^*i ^'^i 3^Tflf. ( at ^ I ^ I £< I ) rfff 
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i^in' I rij, iT«i "9: { AM I » I t,v ) if*T T; nwu:, x^n 
TIT. ( ir » I ^ I ^ 1 ) rfci iiTK^', qsiq^x: 1 fair b1«t- 
w'tOr fB*i:, Tjjqy^inififi*;; <fi: ( at ^ It, n,n t ) tU m 

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Tf^TT Tf?T f^^^irf I ?T^ff ^5 ^^^T iT^^, iT^^ "^ VSf- 
W^ Tf?T ^'ff, ^f^fH^iT ^^: ^J5?fl??, ?r»TgT^^rTT7^?T 
( ^i ♦ I 'I I t • I ) Tf?T THTlfn^H:, ^^^IWiiT^^ ( ^t ^ I 

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wm w*, fltTRror, «^nmr»i ?Jsa ( iit< i i i v^« i ) 

( tit ^ I \ I 'I" I ) fOr Itq-IiT^^tft**:]!! ^: awq:, cTWf^qt- 

(Til < I 8 I »,»< I ) xfa %»5"5 T H^ff, fa's aiom'^'^i ^i- 
^T^fHfir ^^ira, fcTj fs^ iffT fiT^icii I ^Ifrir, am- 
^5BV ^«*t fw^>T Tlti g^i^f! ( it ^ I ^ I "L^ I ) rfn 

Wflffl' fsTT ^^Rt BTffl^^ I «af5iv *jt{?:Hiftfsiiiii"<f 
g^T *r^ Uivm, vvmfm^tiffi w^;, ir^i'e (nt ^ i ^ i t^^t i ) 

nm, ^H 9^^«rf<tl ^JTRtl ( Hi < t ^ I \ii» I ) ifcT Hifr- 
ift^a' I FT. rT«t ^: ( It 1 M H,t } iffT T! H««:, T^« 

TST, { Hi i I ^ I ^ 1 ) rftf liTK^:, ««iq%T:i i U^ v\mi. 
ntr<T fan:, Tjjqu^inif**:; *: ( "t ^ i v i\<« i ) rffl «■ 

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W^ TffT ^^^, ^f?T1l^«T ^^: ^J5?T»T:, ?f??^T^^TTT7^?f^ 

( ^i « I R I t • I ) Tfcr T^^rf^!^H:, ^^^iwiir^^ ( ^t ^ i 

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f»H Tftr II«t5 SnlUT^IT! «1^, 5qt?rM"« ( tTT « | > Hi | ) 
( Hi < 111 B't I ) XftT Jf^q^Oafo^ttq" II tt I 

■(l«]«fHiTl=fH^^«: { qt ^ I 8 I (•», I ) Tf^ Vm tlT^;, 

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8 I r\» I ) Tdlrr, ■^g^t^fn Tffisjfnfw ^if=«*5i *<^, 
^Ji^^\ ^«: (ttr« i ^ i^" i ) rf^i at^i^^^r, wfnftr^w*;- 
iw'liPFinsn'^fw^i.iniHi Tsiwf^crsir^'BTna^riiiKTflsii ^f4*. 

fliflaiiif^ , TirtT *^, liiaKi q: fli ( flt < I V I <B I ) xfir 

W^ fl?^', r«H.'^ ( iTf ^ I » I «< I ) TfcT fg[(T, ^filftcTTTIi 
(ut < I I 1»8 [) jfaJ1^1ir:,^T5'5^1TJH?IIl^t:HT'Ba^in:,)lf?T- 
WWTfl:, ^HfljflfP^lfw ( ni •= I * I ^1 1 ) T^Tf^ifl V'^' I Vt!- 

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f^■^v^m. ^Tt^'ii, ( ^rt o i v i ^t i ) Tmi'^n: •■, irihtimn- 
fl^ If T^T, ^^wT-y^ ■^ (^t^ i«(.i\B(, I )Tfmf?iTnnr^?T- 

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F^f^wTWsnqwwTir^, wrwr?: W: fl ( Tir < M I <i I ) Tftr 
v^ 5BW, ^nfijwi^^rm, wnKif^i wit liK. Bif^^nnw!, 
i!^*;iKTreif«^j:w' i « i 

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( ^ < III Id'® I ) Tfr r«iwi<iig^n!:, ij^^iirraiirt I ir^nrt, 
^ir?!t, ^fir irfV ^ir^rt, f^«^ir^' ^fe- ( ^it ^ i \ i f • i ) icftr 

'f^^TT'«ir?f ^n;, ^^inmr^, ^nTi^( in t, i • 1 1^ i ) tPt 

V^'T ^^1^^ WlfHTn^W^^T^:, ^U^M ( ^rf • I ^ I < I ) 

i>iM»*i*<^!, ^r^ ^ ( ^t < I 9 I \8« I ) T^^rr^i-gt, ;itt- 

f%^fnirtrTT^ ( Trt ^ I ^ I ^d. I ) Trv fHnT^nt, wf^^inrj 
( irt « I ^ I <,•• I ) tRt ^^w, T^w^ ^Tft ( irt < I M 
t,<< I ) Tfcf -sf^ ^j^nnq I ^'ftu ^^i in^ ^:, ^^- 
Ti^9n^t ( Trt • I <, I it: I ) i[f«nfti[, ii^fif ^ ( irt < I 1 1 

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^wnr^f^ if«a3i«!, uaifl^t:: i fltr*g, H^f^«i:«iiriH^. 

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HW^i. '«(rii»?f1'ftf«(i! ( m s 1 1, I • ( ) rwiF^ii «*n:^ 

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ft'^^TT, ft'Slf't WHlftl ffl^jlti^ffi^^ ««I, M«I ^ ir^ii 

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v^^, tiifV ( irt ^ I ^ I ^ I ) Tf?T ^ wifiiwT, fti^wni, 
ufrnr^f^fH?^!^, FTH ^irrm^^ ( ^ « K i ^< i ) tRt ^wh 

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rfn nsT¥T?iri, srfii mS, ftiO^ai^R^ ( 'Tt )t i v i *• i ) 

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ftnim I CT. ^T 3iiKii, S% ^i ( irt ^ I \ I t,iH i ) xfir 

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WPCi ^ffllftl^!, W WJIT WH1 "d^^ ^liftl ( lit '= I ^ I 

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^firiftwiiw^ ?fH5:^ ^T ftix: ifiT ^ii?w wff , ?r^ nvwr- 


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( irt « I ^ ii«^ I ) Tmw I ^TOiftiTt, %??i[«^:, ^rfif^ftr. 

wwr:, w»^5f wsf^^iW I irftj, irif«iT« ftr^, wmf 
W^Or itQT^^^, ^^ H^^ ( Trt ^ I ^ r^< I ) Tfrr ^t^*, nSrt 

ftiftiTprwinT ^in fit m^frr i ^ Pru ^mfVir^, i^qn 

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ffvii^i^^TO I WMMf(, ▼'t^T3fnrt iR»^ ^, ir^f^ ^^ ^w- 
f^^ ( ^ ^ I 9 I < I ) tRt ^^in^ w^^, ftim^emnni^', 
*«^, WT?in?ii^«riTfrj ( irt • ii, 1 1 1 ) t^t^t^j, ^t f^, 
'c^ir^ ^n^^j^TT^ni ( ^ ♦ I ^ I \* I ) wtBryfirt^s, mri 
W^^tfH ^^^inw, inn[4?f , T^: ( ^t < I • I ^ I ) Tfif 

^w, ^T^lW^W^s ( ^ « I ^ I f I ) TfH HT^, WT'^^wt- 

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fsi^nri I % ^^?:TTiriTW^3^r, ^Hqi^sri^^i^ ( nt «= i »^ i 

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irfr, JT^^ ^S T^U 'TT?: i^iT , ^^ftf^ ( qt | ^ i g | ce | ) 

ifn wHa^ir:, ^^ftwiT (Tii^i \ I ^^ I) tF^twh, a^, 
T»* ^■^tf tfiT^, ^^ranr^^ ( it < i a i ^«i i ) rwTf«t»n 
TTT H. "^ 'irri, ?n3i, ^ftja^T^iwrn ( it < i i i »r i ) r«- 
ftrawTtr , w^r%! (it ^ i a i t,»'i i ) Tffl T^^^t «if^ i ^ i 

w-^at irisii fl'sit^sf Jrtpq, % wtT ii=g^ri i?<ifl^iw'? I 
T^^ im^ T-»SiTir. ^ifriT% i ( ni < i < i <?< i ) rU 

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?n:w, ?mti?^i^TTii?r ( it ^ i ^ i va?. i ) xTn fiia!, 
TmT?Trmm"«wSi i iTwfH. w^^m: ^triwiwcT^a^r- 
TfHWii'T! ^ <Tfltit Tffi^ xfir nfaii ^ii; ^s-innt, 
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fwio, frnliren. ^itewfn«ifT^rfT»Tfficr5n^i I fiwi- 

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^T^m^^^fkigf^ ( ^ < 1 8 1 ^t I ) tOt ninTiTJ, f^nwr^Wf r- 

^ I \ • A I ) irfn ^T f vrItt I ^^^t, ^ w^ inj ^a^f viR^ 
«t^ii ^9Tf%^: I Tur^NtT!, m^Rrin^ f^nw* i ^ii% 


m^ «r, ^f<ii>jfci«ii 717: ( qi R I a I ■&? I ) sfti 9i^t «* , 
^im^iif HfltT; { qt G I », I -i I ) xfrT «rgtn?5T!, fs-ci ^iiw- 

^iKT*it S"? ( TTr?. I fl 1 <t I ) tOt Z^3, tJIH]fltSCm(T ( qt 

wtiwii! ^-^ ( qt ^ 1 1, 1 'c I ) tTct ^'q;, «f^ 'q ( qt « 1 1 1 

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^^^■, ^t^S^^g* ( Tt « I V 1 'J^*' I ) r"<ag^, I ^rn^Nu:, 
T^^ fuftiafa qw. ( qi < I », 1 ov I ) rftT gw , qrfq^^t^i 

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qnfnlJtfilW, T^ ^W ?« q^qi^ff ^(1^^;, ■^TTT.s?:: DiO^m?- 

xTfT fliil^^:, ■^fk)i?V^,wfl^t"tnin^f5T^^]^ ("Ml 

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fxfllxmii! ( nt ^ It. I <^^ 1 ) no^^naii:?!;, ^^Pa, wtrfTi- 

1 \9 1 rTF^TsT^ ^^rn^S^ ^t^TT^^IV \ 

^^• I) Tf^ ^^uth:, ijf?: ^ ( lit ^ 1 8 I ^1 1 ) t(?t ti#, ^^t- 

^^-^T^^^^Tifl^T^^, •^ffcTI^ZU:, ^dl^ fntTR? ^^^ "^T W^T^, 

^i:^ St?t^ wjf ^^5r in^TT I TT-sr^T^^, ^fn -^T^ vf^ 

^r, ^'TTHif^TcTTia^Tc^, ftiTT ^ ( Tit ^ I '^ I ^< I ) i:f?T ftj^^, 
^'i^uHr ^iufi ( Tit < i ^ 1 1,^^ i ) Tf^r ti^^^^i itiw, 

( ^r 9 1 \ I ^^ I ) tRt^^tt^, ttitt^^ ^ 'wn::, ^i ^C9t Ti^fir 

^IT, W^^1^5 ( ^t ^ I ^ K4L I ) TfcT ^T#, Tlf?nP$T ^fh- 

If '^^"ifer f^^ii^'ff y'^'^^^^ ^^'^^ftr (^r < I 8K*^ I ) 

^[Hf^^^f^^m: I Xfj-^v, TTI "iTI^f, pT^ff ^"^^ TTinr, T5^ftf 
^ (^M I \ I '^^ l) Tf?f fil^, in^BTlTT ^I^TTt ^^, (^t « I ^ 

t%m |t% ^gfFT "n 

irann rf^ na' i t^t:, t^^%i, ■^ir^nrB'T. ( tft < i \ i t,R8 i ) 
ina,KrqnT»iT(T, ^w <lm, ^s^i-irtT^ tsii^: ( nt ? i ^ i 

(84 Olfil ^flft VX., f^S- ('ft < I I. \\^\ l) TftTfilTgK^I- 

g^ii!, 3w^«isn rwB^V!, fwn; ^n ( tit ^ i ^ i «< i ) xfa 
T*iB^i'^^ ie\,^:s-m ^s^wtffi ?rflmT?:iif, ^rii'^^w, am;, 

flWKl^^^: 1 rf , T^H[ TJ: ( ^t M ^ I »,V I ) TflT ^: WTf:, 

ft; iiiT., wfii TnrHi, ffla^sw ife ( nt s it. i ^» i ) '^'x twn., 

IJWW^Wiflfil, f?l^ f(l^ rfn f^Wltii I 4 I 

w r^^Or: W^: TT^WTTMvrTtfi:'^ '^'^^J Vr^"^ ^^Pu- 

^^, mRT\^f^ V TW^V^T, iT^ ^ ( lit 9 I 9 I \^« I ) 
^r^ ^: ll?II^:,BW^ fV^TC Tn«T«f, ^^(^ ^( nt ^ | • \\9^l) 

I ttpRni^K^iTTJ, iBTinT^CJ I ^^, "Prf^ xrifz: ^fn ??f^ ^srun^^ 

r«rw, iinri^, ^i2": ^fT^if^s, nfk, tit "wt >iit ^iw^w ( j^x 
^\\\^^\) Twrf^^i PriT^i!:?, ^^rf : ( ^t < 1 9 1 \o^ | ) 

^i^^nr:, f^^:, %n^ w^i:, T^^i ( ^ ^ I ^ I \»^ i) Tfirw 

y^ii:, ^VT^fll: ( Tir 'O I S I 9R I ) Tft ^Hfl^ff^T^fTJ, H^^Tr 

f«ir , nfiT. Tn^nflT ( Ttt s I ^ I a': I ) Tsiif^ flt^Karr. 
». I ^» 1 ) Tfir SiWi^ irni: I g)i4c, ST ff?m ^rr ^fw^ m 

xf^ Trg^q mH, ^ra^TT: iri^fl^jtr? { irr < i \ ] \ix i) 
t1% HsffTHRTft^^i II vx n 

( lit ^ I a I 'c* I ) 5f<* ■'Tm: fl «i?ir-. fl^iwii ■^T'^i ( irr 5 I 
B I tV I ) rftT ■^Ksi:, ■^yiR^r; ^it, ^tsw^i®^, gjaqa", 

«^r: ^4?iqiff: ( iii< 1 V I ^'^ I ) ^^ ''(\'^-\<v, "ffsigi- 

iflRTC: Hioq«^on^Tti I ffifHi, ^n^^fa^^if^' ( <tr < I 
MV'^'ti) nit f*ifqmN I ^^trflju^ \^^^. v^\^^\tv^x 

-5^ Vol. 1.] MARCII. [No. 


iron. Court of fijnttor^ of tl)f XMt InlriA Conipnii|», 


Edited by I)r. E. B5ek. 



By Dr. E. RdcR. 








G. A. BUSHDY, Esq. 



H. M. ELLIOT, Esq. 




Dr. E. ROER, Secretary, Orieutal Department. 

Honorary (non-residknt) Membsrs. 

B. II. HODGSON. Esq., Darjiling. 

WALTER ELLIOTT, Esq., Madras. 

H. II. WILSON, Esq. Boden Professor of Saiiwrit, Oxford. 

M 1 T^ ^ f^ ^^ t^ Rl ^\ r-K^ '<<4 : \ 
1 ^ 1 ST^: f^T^rT ^g^H ^T^T?Rf ^^ddH 1 

Stht: wt ?^t ^f^ipg I ^t^wt, ^i^cT^: ?rfTraT:T: I ir^Pirer- 

^ff ?fT^t, ^r^^j ( ^t < I \ I ^« I ) T{>f ym^ ^^R^, ^^^iwj 
( yt * 1 1, 1 1,'^^ I ) tRt fii^^^^ yirfH^T^THT^j I iT^j, 

A 2 

tl^in, UTij: B»ff^ triV uW, a^^ ( ut « I ^ I (,•• I ) 
TTtiw, af^fliawim^: ( at a | ^ i i^ia i ) rRi yim «ft(i, 

vmps ^ifiic^, ^^if^mfw ( nt « I ^ I W"* 1 ) ^^ «f5- 
Hiaifa I (^lirsnji trxsj^fif, f^at^ruS ni ^i*S' ( »rt\ i « i 

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^^T^WT^ ( ^t ^ I 8 I R« I ) TfH ^^"^ Tftff , f^ft ( ^ < I \ I 

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■fl^, 't?ri«i5Rfii5ra5i'dssir ( nt n i ^ i ^^ i ) ift ^w^ 

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tHt ^Tnr?Tt, ^^^«Hit ( irt < I ^ K«^ I ) ii«jt!<m^i^i^i. 

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x^^.r^^ irT^^fi! ^'fi, ^w^^^iininffltiii^fli^Tmt- 
'ret f^^v, ^^(ii«^ ^ ( irt ^ I ^ I »^ I ) Tftf niHBimv- 

1 ^ 1 T^^ JT^rf^T f^TTT ^^^ ^^ \ 
^« I ) TTiTT^fk^T Pmnr: I ^^, mf^^ ( ^ < I \ I \*\ I ) 

( ^t < I 8 I « I ) T^^, ^Tir^^T^ITT^ I ^ I 

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w^^t^T ^\iziTi^T! ^nfTB ^^J Trt ^ I 8 1 \\^ I ) ifer -^^^ 
( ^t < I \ I i^^ I ) Tfer :gH ^^T^fiTif, ^^: irfrr^^ ( ^t « i 


WTTfi*!! TT^ %rT!f ftT'^ -mi T^I*T7 Xfrf ^f^cf, cnWilt 
WT^WI^, ^=^f?T r^IS;, (1^, f«3-: m^^^ ( ^ ^ I ^ I *,■< I ) 

rf<T ^TiTan^ir:, hjtt'' ^i '3*f ««t ( ^Jt < i a i 4»= i ) x^- 

irmmit*!!^, ^^i TJTftR=l,^^f^«t ( lit *, I t, I H.« I ) T^ 

^?^^rt:: I ifa^^wr, q^^ tt?^, fii^i { in ^ i ? i r,..^ i ) 
xfH at, -755: f^f?f ( ^t « I ^ I 1^^ I ) ralsTifJiSn:, »nf 

IT^T)TH«fri^j;t^ II n n 

flij ^Jfliff^ fHjj ^i^r, ^tifij ^si«i nii»THii ^ifrre: n^i- 

^^nn ctwif^in ffl^i^^iTii ^^ 91-yiiiffl i^cn«vi, «^«ra7, 
fwH ^ ( ^r ^ I ^ I s< I ) Tfff fiBif , ^^amfir ?»?iii ( irf < 1 

^ I l,^« 1 ) TfcT <tH;, ?i^f1TrqTH^ifil^?:a= 1 ^ifrt^:, ^cT- 
-gTi^:, '^w. ^fc^^^ { Jit»: 1 ^ 1 ^^ 1 ) Tf?i Taf^ai^rt frw- 

^tT^Traf<!^^f#, ^^\ nw^ ^^^ w ( ^t « i ^ n<. i ) tRt 
mn, fqj-^n ^ ( Trt <, K I ^ I ) icOt Orftr>ir$, ^t^^t^j, 

^?T , ^^air TTQltT w^g, f^^ f^^TfH^pfMw fi^wtr- 
"^fH: yif^m ^^, cTT^^r^pT ^tJw^^ 5i:iiRr: wjinnf. 
^WT^^ icTicTr g^inrt i ^rf^r, ir^fVf^i^T^nrT^, irifV^m^ 

^^T^^^, irm m^, ^g^^tif^ftr (^ 'e i ^ i x:t:|) xfh v^m 
^Tsi^w, T^f Tw^ Tf^ f^>En^fs i f^'^Ht, ^^^^^if^^i 

1 \9 1 trr^q^ ^m^^ '^^^.^^[ ^^\^^)r\^ \ 

»flB§ Smin^i^f ^iT^m? wry^iw^w ^^^t nffst wt^jt 
w^: B'lf Surg cTHi M^g i mjwnf , jm^rs^j a jfitrfT Jr^wrw, 
»frw: ( TTT « I ^ I i. « I ) TfTf JTg^r ^w, f(«r m^ (in \ i 9 \ 
\i. I ) ifff vre^'sm ^ifvawi^Ttqiwr?:, ngwgfi fTrsfK^- 

^fll I IT^ TP^?«rt *T^T ( TTt ^ I \ t t,«^ I ) rf?I JT^ 
g^Trr^si Wf^cl^, ^tfVUI 5ig5[flt^^iiT15iTfTf<T B %H. ^|- 

rfH TIWT^!,«fl^3l^' ( -pt ^ I •? I << I ) TfTt ^<^, ?T> =3H- 

vrem ( ii « I 1 I «<= I ) Twtrmft^^ wxTtFvsr mS 
f^'qwKt*ii ^s^?nfl^?:ii^%Trfi I iZjqg,zTT gRT eirr, 5^- 
f^: V; wn-^T^sir ( tit « I I, U£ I ) Tfa ^HTUJI; I « I 

w^ inr, WH ^gUTPT^ ^tT i^inw I ^t?W: r^W'ST:, T^l 
qWl^filtinT: I ?^T«!, H^^Icni:, T^^'mf I ^ST, ^ ^^i, 

^iTumflT'ra^s^Mst, ti«^f«qr tnn fl*^ sw- ( iir ^ 1 • 1 
VV I ) *(^ (ii^w:, ai«jii*( irv, asw ^=^ftr ( iK 1 b 1 
«^ I ) TftT urn ^^j m^m^^T'siitgm^^i: ( nr » I ^ 1 cb 1 ) 


I if 1 ^rT ^W h^:ft^ v?:?r H^^ ^3n i 

TfiT jiit ^iW, fwfn^ ( ^ \ I !, I * I ) tRt ^firivs I "sr^- 
i^Tprn?: ( lit < i\iu* l)Tft^^»i ^w, iN ^OTfnrt i[^ % 
w^i^ff^'i?? ( ^t ^ I • i'5>i I ) T^cT , ^^^i:if, xr^:^^^, 

w Tfm ^^nR^fi HT^gTf I TT{y TT fV^TTT^:, WIT, fmm- 

Or^t ( ^t ^ I • I \#\ I ) T^rf^TT THTITS I ^rf^iwfip^s 

^t 7 fCTmifr^cT ^: TiTinTs, BiPf^Hi^ i^nnf^n fnmft i 
^ I ^d I ) Tf?Tftpm^^: I ^i^r^?n^if?i:Jxrt < i v i \<^i ) 
^'g ^nr ( lit ^ I ^ K^< I ) TfTf ^w ywnr: i ffrfH ( irt 

< i ^ I V^ I ) '^ ^^^rm ^^m^ i ihier, ^ $^|5^ 
iiif^ ^J^t ^ I \\ \^^ I ) Tftr ^f^ iiTH, if^ftr ^5?{fir3"t 
(^1^1 8 Ki ) TfH unir^if ^^,^ ^i^j I ^ism ip9t% 

( xrt i^ I 8 I '©^ I ) Tft fCtr ^JTW^: I ^HTlQTi? ( irf < I 8 | 
^8 I ) T^TTin^HT^t, frrf f^lF: ( irf t: | ^ | ^« | ) irfif 

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^■^!, m "^ irftrfit! 3Tn rfir, t^i ttwi rfir wm^rrr^w- 

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¥win ^T^^! flwf^ Ji^fri, iwfn^, ■stum f^'srui tti^ 

^rarrf^:, HW^rac! i -g^m, IV^t wtit«^, ^ffr cfn vfv 
fw^ 151 ( -q-f ^ 1 ^ I \8» I ) r(% w iroq;, «trt q^'fiT'^ ( vi 

WTHT?; II (,\ y 

^mHT^ifT , ^aT^ft^na^ ^fc ^nwi- ^n ^jq^t n^tai ati- 

( ^t ^ I ^ M I ) Tsmaara;, awu^ gstr^ ( ^i < 1 ^ 1 ^ 1 ) 
x^rf^siT T^TT^n«fa«£ niw, Jifa^ii;«m>T?rifi. ( in < 1^1 
^,1(4 I ) TwrfVai w^Tn:ii^^rafa«i;sT, ^ra; at «fii >■« 

3rPTT ^^* 2T^^*Tl 

^fiJbf fiirF^Trnf^^T ^iwf^T f'HiT!!^ Pnnfinr:, "V^ili^flf 
^^^'^f ^T ^i^^i, fif^T ( m ^ I ^ I ^•^ I ) xfn ^'^ w, 

^T T;: ( XTi ^ I ^ I ^\ I ) Tft Y^ 1;T^ I HMH^fil'u ijli: ( ^ « I 

( xrr < I » I ee^ I) tHt ^?j otjOt^^t^ i ^tt, «irt «^J^ '^i 

qfh'^W^" 'i*': ^i liVfct r)?f( I r{-^, "sfq ^ ( qi ^ i tj ^» ? ] ) 

^i%"flHnnnl' { irt ^ i ^ i ^ i ) rfff w'fYamt *i*it«i ^w, 
fty iTTOT, wnit^if : {'ni^ I Ki*^ I ) rfrt ^"5 .fl^if^'a (iit 

^ I B |08 ITfil rl^ W« , BWU91^WS|, V^l^: (^i ^| VI i| ) 

rfHf^Hiq^rf^Tf^iwi, will ii^'aii: ( iTt« i a i ^^i ) laiKii- 
fl^ nm;, rmMiTi ( nt '= i ^ i '< ^ I ) iffT flw, w -i i F'^w i^qq- 

niK, iwnrtriinntT: ( nt < i t i t^ i ) xwr^j^iTirT, hfM--, 
WT^^TtiscftuTf^! ( lit ^ u I v<'= I ) ^f'f f*!*' ^Ti^^ am, 
*i ^i'a*'fli5r^'rr ( ui^ i ^ i V*^ I ) Taiif^sti wfatu; i ^*Wtf , 
«i^ r^«e*r. u-^^^fti, fsHig«^if"<Tran:^f^^(4ifsi, ^n«T 
^ mf^ f TTt « I 8 I tf.r I) i?H«ii^TO uninw:, a^iT^j-s^T- 
*fliafffwq , j^'-a ^\-^■■ ht^h?^ { qt ^ i » 1 1« i ) rnl^n:- 

iqi ( Til ^ I i I 4^ I ) rrct wfft «* , a^mnrii hiit, ariHiw. 

^ I V I 9^ I ) TfiT f*IHT«T: 1 t* || ifw ^tJH«I fx^^ TlTflr 
^«: I t • It _ 

Sfli^ai ^qi?q1f*ia»ia^aTig 'fftur-f af^^ia ^mr^u- 

XT^: ^Vft^^lfrj ^T^^'RT: | ^W^:, ?:fw mfk ^fw IH^, ^Hf- 

y?«r^^^: I ^^ftr:, ^ll^fh ^lnHTfi?^: wf^iT, T^Ti:^ wmi' 
j:^y T^r^l7^^tf^^l^^^ v\^ vrg^^t i ^n??^!, ^^ if?? ^g 

io^(in ^ 1 1, 1^ i)Tf^ w^, iwf^ ^(^rt « I 8 I 1^1 ) TfH 

rfh Trftwro^T, ^^^^^?!^^ ( irt 'o i e i ^<. I ) T^intn:?^!- 

^T^t ( ^t ^ I ^ I ^ I ) T?«r^TTi^ Bftr, n^pz^^'na^T^ 
(ut ^ I \ I \^^ i) Tftf ^in ^^ni?^ I ^^K1:, ^^ ^^^, w^2 
^s:, irrrf^^j ^^^, ^§ti:€t^j ( ^ < i ^ i \^\ * ) ^^^- 

if iTiiiif w^-^^ {^i\\ i\^^i) Twifrm yfh^trM ^- 

^HT!, ^fS? ( flt < 1 » I V^V I ) I'Hrf^I W 3^TtiW I 
fiT«fif[,iITlnW,tJT"9I«r«lT «T ^TOT (TTi«l ^ I «« |) TTOTf^siI 

^Ti(^, Oimff^^f^^Ti { Tit = I \ I ^» I ) ^-Hif^Hi fiiBmr- 

ifi ^, (TTSBl^iiiTqt -<^(iiiit nnm^ awwTW, t ^i "«f^^- 
^nis^r HitT, ifl^' wfrf gniS«y: i ^, ^fs^ ( Tr < i • i 

Vm: «f*:^TiTfTTTl«t { Tli <: I ^ I B I ) Tfs ^flTcTW | Wit, 

nirwV, t!ii-i ^ f-flfrr { nt < i ^ i «- i ) Twififii n^: nefH- 
^rew I H^(T, wiTiTf=Bftr ir^?rfi?jwiT^a_ ( ut ^ i t, i ©v i ) 

l ^ <i Tl 3rFT: TJufTrT >\^3f ^^ rF^^ ^^ \ 

Tmifii ^m^iff ^'^fcT, S iT^ ^'Pf^ftf J? ^if$ #r^ ?^T- 
T^^^ra ^TfiTs niftufrnr^i:^ yiit»r?n»Tf»fr, ^nmr^ire^- 

^ir«f ^nrf'T^TC^ ^^irti^ ^^ ^P^^f ^ f^^ "^ f^^* 

^tifii^Titif^^ -grinniTii^:, f^rrirTTT^^^J i ?f^, ftrfiriRrw 
( iTt \ I \ I < I ) TfH ^<t^r»in, Tnf^«ift?o^ii?nHT^j, ^tt- 

^Tm^ift?f?niir: ( irf « i ^ i 8 1 ) n^f^ ^ftrw i «^, 
^^ft^ ^ ( ^t ^ 1 8 1 ^t, I ) Tf^f v^ X^^xm^ I ^^ I 

( lit « I "t I to O '^s nt^if aS, ^fii jTTO ( TT < I \ I <.« I ) 
Tfi( inr^a '^ Bfcr, 5r^ ( nt -a i r i '=i i ) xf*r s^^nr^g 

tirtTf«fe ( «i < I 8 I V' • I ) TWST*iira^iitt, Hfliow- 
iriflfii^W'^^ifWsfi^^^Hiif ^i¥i^?ii'^^Tf*:af«ftfi«?iifv- 

Qiri Ht ^*dflt Tf5I«I *r*i5t *fq-151ll I ^IHi, <»»flr« llf« 

t%^ 31^ §;q-T ^T t%?n<^ ^t%f>r:'n <i ^ Tl 

^ I \ I «8 I ) tRt %: fB^, ^HyWI^H^^TT ! ( TTi 'Q I ^ I 
^1 I ) Tf^ T^:. ^f^" ( xrt « I ^ I S I ) lifcf ^f3^RT5-5 ^li. 
cT^ir^T^cTIJT, ^^T W^^ ( ^t « I ^ I «l I ) Tig^W^T ^fx* I 

^^^fiT, ^^in^f^^t ( ^t t^ I ^ I ^d I ) T^iiwnxr^, ^: 
fVr^, ?r^^fry?:^i[^^^ ( ^t ^ i b i ^# i ) T?9rf^^ ^n- 

^^^ "^^f^rn^fT??!!^^! ( ^t t I 8 1 ^«| ) IC^mf^PTiTTftf'ir- 

i^^ ^r^f^, ^fBi5^^iw?T ( x?l < I 8 1 ^^ I ) Tftr ^^(ir- 

^R 1 %T %T ^m 3rf?7T^ g^fi; f*t?n;^ 

^^ 5ii»f ^w, «^ln^tii!rei g»t:K'»r^iEi, ^^», ^fw- 
«ri^ iHrrTrsftnFai ^^ti Tiir: ^lif^nr ^'aifw^T ?^»:ini wrv- 

^sg ^iS^HJlTt'T ^Tcn^^, ^ift-^^^T III U^T^^ TBI TW Tift 
ir*?iq;,gT i»at aitfa Mfta^ ?^(f«-^ {tfi*l | I £^ I ) ^rfl 

^Tf?«iUT ( ^r ^ 1 8 I ^a I ) Tf^T fB^ ^^^, ir^srw ^'^^m^T- 
5riPT ( ^r rf I 8 I «i I ) T?im^^THT^: i ^^, tRtt;. 5^, 

( ^t < I \ I ^« ) Tfer imi, ^5^"j^i:$^n: ^^ttij i ^nn:'^- 
^r?f . ^^^mir ^^mi ( xrt « i \ i ^d i ) Tf^ ^ f^^^ I \ i 

» ^=1 ^^ '_;>, .— 

•» ?Ki^w ^^'^ »:=3^, % bOrVw -^TOimt g^fflleimr usiptT 
^v\M ^iffl^r (^r ^fti viiir «a]fltq wsf ^fw ?i^'ff r«9 

ijt^t^b: I fs^s^i tjarm, f^3i3^-. nfd^r, vi\ip v^t4 

qiitTin STOflTit: ^«[^!, a^wfeu^I*:^ «V SfHFrl I 

T^n«]H: ( >lt ^ I ^ I ^B I ) Tfa ^Hi, Qqt M^^^ viu^lil 
^Vft V\, fv^: (Vf i \X, \ li\ I ) »«I*riKl'tl^ I f«l<i. 

T^^qniT ( ^r < I ^ I \o^ i) T<5^^in:i^r^iTR?f i ^, %^m 
ir^^THiSfT vnrwflRi "^^^ ^^w^ ?t^t^^t i:^^^ ^^$*t 

fil(l5?lirT^^TO?f ■ 1 ■ TfH TfVWm f^?f1^ W^^ ^J ■ t,^ I 

^?f^Tr^^"mii5iii ^iTCifT iBf ^^JT ^T^jif g^w I nrrr^ -^^fi 
^fq ^(yrxTJ, 7!^ ^I'ri w(\^ %m^fq ^im^:, T^r^ ^ Trflf 

1 x9 1 3T^vf i:T3n ^rm ^^in't ^^ ^X^ 

{ iri o I B I «« I ) rain^, nm ^ *t^t ^j fl^fw^if^fH^t- 
gftw^ wt^^iH tT^^"^^! Hra«Ji^, ^ir^5i« ftwi^i ( lit ^ I 

^ftl ( ijt < I V I l"< I ) J^rfl IT^fl^W^'Q; I Bffliff*Tf. h'I'J 
flffliqt,^lf;C»JJ: ■^T "^I«i*ll«ltItT-. ( Hi ^ I B I l.T,^ I ) Tmi- 

ftfs ^Kr^T^fn ( m « I \ I «\ I ) rfcT aiF<n:^?:iTi:, wm- 

spring irwn Tin naif lai, ^ ■uyi^Jaif^'jOfl, ?:^t xiiHtii 
''i»M T ^ f^^ff ^,yr nTiflrafcf ^s^l^i, i^^^^ii ( irr^ i ^ i 

(«^ I ) T™TTi:il^li^KT=fl(if I m^ ^^3, ?:^TO(HRif?^; I 
sfl-fltsfii, fiij^T^^iii, "^figiTy* (qt ^ I >» I ^t i) Tfct fliJr, 
^fiil^i ( qi < I a t *B I ) xr^T ^mv-, ^■^tf^i^va. Uw- 

m^KU^fm^i ( Tit 4 IB I ^ I ) rffl IS:, vwftv^^fvn: ( i(i 

« 1 V I ^ I ) r-aiR^i (iwj rsii?iri, ^iqarf?^ ^ii^ftr^- 

U 1 3^' f| TT31T ^FiW^iTT ^R ^t^itjt?^- 

mTf\m\'^mH^i ( ^ ^ i a i «a i ) TiwifriT ftiTh ^^^, ^ra: 
( Tit ^ I e 1 \\» \) tT^ ^^m^W; ^fs TT^mw ( T»t ^ i 
t^ I (£.< I ) tFt ttt:^!^, wuw w^^mT^jrifiT ( irt < i • i 

ll[3ri^: ( nt « I t, I ^e. I ) Tf^ ^nn^T: ^ ^T?«t! i f^ff m:, 

jrf^^'if??;: ( TTt < I R I 9«. I ) TfH arnt ^wf^^?q* i w-, 
^^^^^WTT ^^ ifif^ I ^^5tt m^T ^wm ^^21^ irart 

i^fr$ TTKT yflf^lTrt, xntT IJ^H ^^: ^TJT Wf^PT^i ^^ 

^: I ^TT ^fV ^ ir^^F^P^. ir^n:f¥ ^nr'^fflrr ^M^f^^ii 
f^^T^^T vr^ I ^^T^, ftr^wiTTT^^rnT!, ff ^ ( ^t ^ i 

gW^^^^ ( Tit • 1 8 1 i I ) Tfcf cftfl^im:, ?!^^Tfi^g^inf ( ^\ 
< I ^ I H I ) T^ra^^i^^T^c^T I xn^, ^^t ^^^ ( Tit « I 

\ I ^^ I ) TfHT'ffT?:: I IlfHlire!^, ^HlB^^tf ^^filfUir^^^l! 
cI^injTIT^:, ^I^l^fiir^ ( ^t < I ^ I !• I ) T^rf^'TT T^h "QJR 

\ b l S[TrI% T]^^_ fil^3t: H^f^g^ Jrmri gJI- 

aAffHsim II « It 

^ giTS I ^Hftt^, *ii?[ ^ r^tftT ( iii ^ I '^ I *• I ) xOi 

a^; S^Tl! HT^ { t(t c I ^ ! \»^ I ) xftT iTf^ I ^TH«, «rd f^- 
^^ ftiaiR I fl^ffT, ril^l ^ f^Tw ( qt < I ^ n « I ) «r<l hh: 

Ylltm^i, ^P ^- ( lit <: I «^ I ^» I jxf-:! ^iWl-ll 

Mo \ 3nft 2^55^ PlI^fflM 3^5T# ^^ 

T 9? "^ ^^ 'ni ^tftlT^^SPT tOt, ^TCT ^^: wi^ I^PC- 

f^iri!, ^trnf^fwftfir i^j^T^rfftfH ^rr^mrwnr, ?3w^- 

^n^?:^^^ ( irt « K I !• I ) Twr«irnr»r:, intrBi^ ( ^ < I 

'ffiit ( Tit < I ^ I 8t I ) tRi irilt nwfifis^w I T^, «i?- 
ffff^, TH^^ ( ^ < I • I '^^ I ) tOt ^ ^T^irt ^l^t^I^TT- 
^w, irj^ftnif (¥t « I \ I ^< I ) Tfir *i^Tii?uinOiiim: 1 

^^T^ » V» ■ TfH HVW^ fk^ ^^\^\ ^: I \9 I 

K 2 

Mil rT^T ^nf^ ol^Ii'll *^*<MH^»Kl?nR?T 

^nn ^r&n g^i^ Tt 

TDfWl^nfHfiT ^1^ %Hii nr H ^■«1D ^f« B'RT TTtffl fl^tWT 

BBfiT«(i:w I Tifv, w« ^ff^nH^, %?! «fT', ^«w **s«flra 
5fe ( TTi « I R I B I ) Tf(t BfH59 ^ifir w^innwi, t»^ 

^^^^HT^TififiT ( Trt < I • I «! I ) TW^HRi | Vt, I 

:\ 3{^ "O^n ^^5 ^T^^TflTT 3R?^ 

wtH^ ttt^I! 's^sijT inrnT'Hiii t'Tt ^ q«««iyii^ ^mnr- 
*^ I ^w, ^f^ ^ ( ^t < \\\ \\\ I ) icm^^^ I ^JTW«, 

T^lt^ ^^*< ! ll*^<j< f^^n?, ^g^*M<ii^m*< ( Tit < I \ I 

^iT^iRfH^RS w^, ^^ ^T^^inf^ ^^^ ( ¥t < I 'I I 

^fV, fwfiT ftrfir T^ (irt ^ I \ 1 1^ I ) tT^i ^i:^^^:, ^I'ii 
^m TfSr ^ ( irt < I 8 I <B I ) Turnri^itnTt, ^iwni^t, ^sr^rw, 

iTft^r^^ia^ yr^ ^: now ^]TO 11^1 n^icPrWj 
m^i '^l\:^^ ^if^Tri ^irf^: ^tI ^f ^^wH^mrr^T^, (% 

f^^I^y'lTClfHlTJ, ^^39t ^i^imflftlHl T^W:, THUPT W^n- 

(qt e I V I lif i) TfJr m<i4tiT^?ir!, ^fn^^i (irt -o i t, i «. i) 
ifi^ ( nT « ( ^ 1 1 1 ) xfa ^^TKw ■«(=?, ^sTifef^' { irt ^ r 

■^TW, Hiw«iH9i^?i ^^if <qF«sr ^™ftr f^^^sr, ^apfl- 
irnft: tsf { ui ^ i \ i i^ i ) rf^ ^«X' ftwRTwifrirat, 



pTfT^ m^i^f^ xmr '^<<«i^i*i ^smrnr ftrfWt jnr, ^raw 

^^nw I ^ntnw«, ^inft^i ^^^B « r«iHii.w', ^mjs^ ( irt 
^wnn^WT ( irt i I ^ I \^\ I ) T^Tftni wwnfRr ftPt^i^, 

M^M«ni««.« I \l I ifH xrHfl^ t^lH^ iI^TSt ^: I \t I 

^ v<"-i] 

(No. 4. 



puBLiantn vkiibr thi rATitoNAOi or thb 
Koii. (Toiirt of Bimtoti of 1^ CMt iiiHia tfompnnii, 


Edited by Dr. E. HUkvl, 

CTCnn^^i^ CT^RK^T ftrft^STP^n^ ^P^ 1 



By Dr. E. Roer. 








G. A. BUSHBY, Esq. 



II. M. ELLIOT, Esq. 




Dr. E. ROER, Secretary, Orieutal Department. 

Honorary (non-resident) Members. 

B. H. HODGSON, Esq., Barjiling. 

WALTER ELLIOTT, Esq., Madrai. 

H. H. WILSON, Esq. Boden Professor of Sanscrit, Oxford. 

^ f^ir xfif ^n[^n^?Ri ir^in^^ ^'n^'^m Tfir, ^Rfw 
^i^ nTjmT^HTT ^ WeOf I T ^nw f ^, vm ^\^ fwnt 
uf IS ^^ipBie^ n^TTT 3P^f%f win ^^^fxr i? ^f^ ^^t^^ ^rf^ffit 
^^^ ftr(^?r TO muf TrfV ^rfV ufHfV^ nfinftHftr inn- 

•< I ) Tf?f ?rf^«, Wlf^: "^j ^^^Of^ ( irt « I ^ I «^, I ) 


iwif^, ?:^^^ r'«nn^»4i*^w!, fact: ( ur < i V i \<^ l ) 

Tiira:, W^ ?«Pfl:, T^l ?:^«i»ft wf^ff H*fl*, lafflSti T^- 

fflfn ftifiT ( TT « I B I B. 1 ) rffr r<nn:ir5[!, jrfffjziwc; 
( Tit < 1 ^ I Bt I ) TftT na; Hafrracff i ntfw:, «t5*i'^; ( ni 

( qt < 1 1 I « t ) rftT gf*»imnj;, ir?i f^-5T ^511^, Tsiwft- 

^'^J xrt 1 1 ^ I ^i I ) Tfir ^5^T ^f«ir, T^m^ ^^, hrs^J 

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T?rr»TTi^irwT^: 1 1 i TfH TivTrm fk^^ i^rr^i "^s 1 1,^ i 

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$ranr^: I ^inrj, ^n ^unr^T^T:, fti^r ^ (^ ^ I ^ I '^ I) 

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^fiif^r ( TTt < 1 8 I ^« I ) tRt ^mmi, n^wm^mmwi- 

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^sT'f^T:, ^TCT fir J, g^fr^J IT?, ^^T Tt ( xrt < I 9 I ^•l I ) 

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^imx-- I t^^< fiiraih'iiiii: ( qt -= n, 1 a 1 ) rfa f«wrai, 

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B^if^^'fi ( it ^ I \ I ^» I ) xfii fflirifraffieu; 1 sr, ^u^. 

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T»i«T?;Snj! I a^t^Q!, ?ji^t'3 ( it < n 1 1» i ) xfii jrai 

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^Tflf>fni^ -^ ( it ■= I V I tis i) TftT «ait«f^3fra*j^»it 

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<: I ) rft w^, ^ruiw ^Tri ( Tit « I I M-a I ) rwTw I Tnfr, 

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^1 ^ I \«a I ) TftT'^l st5jtff, ^^W-^KldHfiT, T^TT^mi- 

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^tttpt I irvft-, ^Rnr^ ( irt 8 i \ i < i ) irpr ^irj « i 

irirf?!^ ^TO^T ( lit * I \ I «\ I ) TfcT ^s I tlfW, "^ 

wirSt^T, ^^m^rt ( Tit < I '^ I v«^ I ) xT^^TTnrrPftTTTTwf i 

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m^^ ( ^t < I \ iii\ I ) Tt?T ^, iTO^»f iwn:i i f^, 

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wiiu^T:, mrowsaifl^flfT, mv ( m < I v I i^ I ) xfn 

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^r«ira *iiOi, «)^(i.T,^w I ^ni^"¥, ^5 nKr, ^?nir,( in 
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^nrnr^f^ ( ^t ^ i \ i ^a^ i ) irf^r ^fSwnr? i irfimt, 

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( ^t^ I \ I ^* I ) i[ft Pi^unr , ^?nrH, <t< i i<i<fii|tlig 
^^^f?^^JD: fflnr, f^ ^^J nt < I \ 1 1,^^^ I ) tmn, vmx- 

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wssft^i U-^ ?r5^5i^i ( T?r I < I »^ 1 \.< i ) xfa TpTpji'Si- 

ftriTnii "w ( lit ^ I ^ I I ^< I ) rffj flfraTiit ^i-; Hi! { ijt 

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mflt Tl^! I ^fi*ng, wpTi^rcrn^, sntiK^r^ fir^w^inTH 

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^rnpr I irvft-, ^fim^ ( wt 8 i \ i < i ) tPi ^w i « i 

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fttV'^fHtTOi vf%n:, ?rf^i qnfl^ HI<HW I f ^ ll^fuft r;, 

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( lit < I a I \^s I ) xfa i^R^ Krsi^mf n: i ?ra7iT, n »- 

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irirf?!^ -^rm^i ( lit * I \ I «\ I ) TfcT ^: I ?ifW, "^ 

wirSt^T, ^^m^rt ( ^t < I '^ I v«^ I ) xT^^TxnnrPftTTnn* i 

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m^^ ( Tit < I \ iii\ I ) Tf^ ^, nw^»r iwr^j i f^, 

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m^^:, ^tfff f^iit ^ ^i^PrfH ^Bj I ^rfi[T^j, &T¥i:ftir: 

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( ^t ^ I R I 8t, I ) tF?t ^^y ^i^ujim^^: ( ^t ^ I ^ |1£ I ) 

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( lit ^ I B I 4« I ) rat^nT^iiT!, ^qijpn ^gw, f wiftwfliMi- 

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<H. I ) tIit vi^, fa^fts ( irt ^ i\ n,"^ I ) Tfir ^ftw:, 
Tw, ^i^i^! ( If < I \ I V*,^ I ) »:«irg^-Tj, cT^ fr, fii«T 
-w ^sTJtni^ ( iTt < I », I ^"4^ I ) nii^T^«=S?r'a^^w «Wn i 
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^iHira ^iiOf, ^^utt TT^g"g(T I ^in^w, ^^nWi, ^^^nv ( iii 

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T^ I r^£,6 I ) TWT^r^rfTJ^ i ^^, 3ct^ HST0K«5fn»jwia ( nt 
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Tffi r^yasm:, fTr^Ti::^'nf?i^i ^gifi^ ( it ^ i 8 1 si, i ) 

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Tirnr^T^, T^m^T^^i^^ft^reiihrw ( ^rt < k i <^ i ) 

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^WTw^Vm , ^ir^iiOT ( irt ^ I \ I t,^8 I ) irfir wn^. 

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^T^^ vr^'t I ^'^^ ?^Pf!t, jiftr^ir jf^i^ wiPryvwr 

iTrrOe^»w^ftr msm ( irt < i ^ i \^^ i ) T^g^n^nr^i'fhTnii^, 

ftrroi^ir: ^rft^Ti^^rro^ ( ^ ^ I ^ I e i ) Tpr nrfbn#, 
^H^, TT'WVJ ( lit ^ 1 1 I «^ I ) tT^ vt^ ^jxC^, n?^fTr$N 
5r^ nr^T^TTiTJ, ^ ^'ni^nr:, ^wHii^i^Vi ^m m^i ( irt 
^ I 9 1 8^ I ) TfH ^1$, ^^rnrfifcfiWRir mnn^rrnriw i 
f^wT, ^T ^^ #^5r, ^i^ Orero nyiwiri, hib frnim 
( ^T « I ^ I VI I ) icfw iTirf^^^: I ^iPnr^ ( irt « I R I 

r3Tpn; frfT^T T^T^: T( 

^% H^f«-3wtf?T, ^T: f! ( TTt « I 5^ U' I ) Xfa fW, *'». 

^ I Bs I ) Tf?r 3ii: uafci^irw i nn^, ^s^ ^^v ( nt 

«^ xHi, ^<1^ irfiiTt! fiif, T3n^T! i\-^-- safHitTjq w«ii* 
Si^srofn ^^■at^T, sisr^wii ( in i ^ i ^ i v«^ i ) r*r»i*: 

*.*^ I ) rf^ HiWWT^: I ^$, T»r Warat V^ "ff, W*fl«f ^ -w 

( »rt < 1 1, I ^^ I ) rfit Tivfmi:m, ^r^m^vtm^-^i ^ v ■■ , 

?I«T, ^i^^WqiJI ( nt ^ I a 1 t,V» I ) TffT BT^mg^B'^Ioi. 

w "^it: wiqviqi ( qi < I a i ^a i ) TffT jhhtw;, ^^ 

'ii^Ti^^Tn^^ ( ^t < 1 8 1«^ I ) Tf^ ^c^in., ^5?^rnr Tfnf% 

*< I ) TffT flH*im ^i5w?r: I -siiniw, splits »n:«iTV. 

Tfn:! (lit < I ^ I It I ) T.fH iifl! BBfrs«t:s, flfrwint, 
g^T^raftaSi^: ^fctii^^Ti^ { lit « 1 5? I B I ) xft in- 

^ir^^nr^ wfCrlW II « B 

tTliraT «Wl: f«J(^T ^rq^I M«I %^E\ f[ W^Prl, cT^ift ITBt 
^^relfflm^, «^[ ^t^inrJIiqt. Hfrit ^«1qsi *TfV«I, ^f«« 

v\ v.^^, Sairm ^t<T:, trafti^ nfcc^r foia^r^^, ^F»«^i 

^ I fvili. fH^ ■., T^Wi f*l«lSt5T; f^^ ^ T- {^^ I ^ I i^ I ) 
Tf?T ^«RTT*?I t^T^: I WWQT, «¥! ^« ( ^t « I ^ l ^t | ) 

Hi^i^ 'V, w«iii*T ?n*i'«^. *"*Tf«: wfii HiH, «iiir5-»r «;, ^»t. 

ft^iT THf^^yTfRT: I ?: (lit < | • | t^0< |) tRt ft^H: I 

iiT^^rnj in tOt m^ntift:, ftnr ^^ ( irt c 1 1^ i^**! ) jf^ 
ft5 (irt< I \ I <^i) tRt uTTir^ iTTifirt, wftF»«^ icwu- 

*i^4lM^*irf 'it^TWiTT xfn i c^^itr c^t ^ ii^ ht^: 
^n|iTWT»r , ir^PfT, vnn c§fm ^iifXRwii wiift^^, ^t 
Tn^^Tnifr^iT ^f^ y^fiT!, ^T wn^ ^^H! w 'ftvnr^TJ, ^^^ 

J 2 

y? ( Tt ^ I • t «*£. I ) now, ^tra ^lliW^lIT^ ( qt « I (^ I 

B\ I ) rfa fl^fiS, ifl^'Wi4«T5* Tw. { it « I B I ^1, I ) Tfir 

ffi ^Ht^: I i It 

«qi jtS fM'fff Oif%ff, ifl^insTt ^rer^t ^ifw^^'ri wt- 
f^ilTti:fTprT'it, itrOiTitmii flUfcfinntt, im«««i^wT- 

B«iT (¥t 4 n I » e^ i) Tw^sreii^T^iTiTfW i WT^^ finni ifir 
^n^i! vSrtTTt^; if^iffW, Jifir^mfitt (tit < i "i i «t i) rfir- 
jifl! o«ifn^n:w I ^r^ jiiw:, '«if?TOtfW wf»i$imTWTwifBJt 

MM ^iHMrj1ir^j]|TTT 3rrri«r:jMi 3rm: 

^ff i^T SlTlTT i:^%T ^TOl'flT:, iinrW ^TH ^r^^^ TTtTT 1 

iqqi nil fwnf uif^m^i?: ^irfrrf 1:^^ fii^ ^r^?r , irftti 

n^^Ti:, ?r|^T €^1^^ -^SiJt iiifJm ^ ^tim^ ^ i q 
^9 I ) Tfn ^X» ^^wfn^iir^ T^Tig 'wnrj, w3j^%t ti^w- 

^^ C^n-.l STsm ni SfjT^T: '^ m^R^T- 

n-ff. vrvi TTTftpaj^fJiVT ( Tit V I V I «.« I ) Tfn 'jSi ^rtr^ 
( irt ^ ! ^ I «• I ) Tfff ft^ra^i:^ vwti, irfHtTJffiri ( ut 

^1^1 8^ I ) Tfff ITS': Wasft^CW I ■^T'^PI, X^fW?i 
»B<, ^»flT*n^ ( »Tt « I ^ ( 11 I ) TiffHirai^i;^ TVIK^ 

«Kn't«'«»n>r "to^r ^1^ irfir 1 t r^, «* ■^^. «*t <« 
fjtieroi 1 ffT^ 3TI! xrf»n^T5<r5fnwr5T5! fsian^, 1 ■% ti^: 

^ w^: ^nai:, *i^^=^fti { ^t i I e 1 1,*.' I ) rfw ita, nh 


yfn^u:, fM^T^nr^ ( ^ ^ I I I ^\ I ) rfir ^r?N:^?i- 

Tit i:^: «^^pr , wfxf ^ f^^, jyf(^ wfm t^ijc^ wi^ 

'HT^Tmft ^:^'rfi^?n^t nxirprt ^ntrinft^ f^fif^ f^^ 
f^H^nr I ftr^ii,fw nurt i f^if, OfT ^^^ ^^fH ftrvWr 
f*?f ft::, ftixr ^ (irt 4 I ^ I ^ I) tRt flnr i ^Pnnr, wPri^, 
q^Tf^HT: i[t ( ^t ^ I \ I «« I ) tRt ^ yin^t I ^ffif Twin 

fiHira\ ( ut < 1 1, 1 ^-a^ I ) T<HTf?sn -^^its^^ Trt?^!. 

wj vim: fww'if® ( it ^ I B 1 i^ I ) iwmn^m:, I t^I- 
ffl-a^^^iwiis {it < I a I ^'?, I ) Tfff B'lraT^in^ifB-^^tir!, 

n^-HT^:,l!^*: ^I^^^ITI^ ^fr^^^^?^ ^T^l ^HJ^J 

^? ^ ^^'S^TOt^t H^^T^ KTTT ^m ^^ f^Rreft, 

^ ^ ^ ^ 

i,<^ I ) i:mfV^ ft^ir^ w I ^ xm^, ^ xm^, ^iNiT- 
$^?m^¥^^ii ( TTt 4 It, I \|0 I ) TfH Tffr^irt ^^nr:, i m, 
i^'W'^ ms^ ( TTt 4 I \ I «• I ) xfir tiifnTt, w^, ^^ 
f^S'r 3ifw, H^?f ?:: ( Trt ♦ 1 8 I '©^ I ) i:?iiMiTTi^ iot, wn- 

>T^?THii^ ( ^ 1 1 'ii < I ) ^^ f^^« ftn^rpiHT^: I ^r^, 
^f«x^T^nTT?r ( Trt 4 I 8 I «i^ I ) i:r?f n^pEusf^i^^^i^^n: 

fti'ijmiT » fri^finp: ( TTt ^ I \ I "i^ I ) icOr U^^xm i \i i 





1 . I prnisc Agni, the household priest, the divine offerer of the 
sncriiicc, the iiivitcr who keeps all treasures. 

2. Agni, worthy of the praises of the aucieut Rishis, aud also of 
otir's, do thou bring hither the Gods. 

3. Ry Agni the sacri/icer enjoys wealth, that grows from day to 
dny, confers renown, nnd surrounds him with heroes. 

4. Agni, the sacrifice which thou keepest from all sides uninvaded, 
npproiichcs stircly the Gods. 

.0. Agni, invitcr, performer of gracious deeds, thou who art truthful, 
nnd who shinest with various glories, come thou, God, with the 

6. The prosperity which thou, O Agni, bestowest upon the wor- 
shipper, will be ill truth a prosperity to thee, O Angiras.f 

7. We approach thee in our minds, O Agiii, day afler day, by night 
nnd day, to ofier thee our adoration, 

H. Thee, the radiant guardian o( the meet reward of the sacrifices, 
who is resplendent nnd increasing in his sacred house. 

!). Re thou, O Agni, accessible to us, as a father ia to the son ; be 
near us for our welfare. 

Second IIymn.^ 

I . (>otne, O beautiful Viiyu, the moonplant juice is prepared, drink 
uf it, and listen to our infocation. 

* 1 1 ymn in prai«e of Agni, Rishi Midhuchandn, the ton of Vit? tmitrt—Metre G&yalrU 
t A tiHtiieof Affu't. 

t Hymn in prnisc first of V&^u, tli«n of Indrt tnd V4y«, tod lifily of Milrt siid 
\ aruna ; tlie same iUtlii and Metro. 

2 Hi;, I'iU,. Sanhild. 

2. Tlie cliniiters, lialJing (lie rcuily libntioii rliJ knowing tlie taereJ 
iliiys, (.-hunt thee here with liyiiiits, O Vuyu, 

3. Vtiyii, thy n])provhig voice npjTuaches the worshipper, it aji- 
proaeket to nmiiy fur the ilriiiVing of llie mooii|ilHiit juice. 

1. Iiidra Biiil Vuyu, iSnijuice h ]ii'i;pnrcil, cnine with the liamb, fur 
the hUntioiis long f>ir you. 

2. Vayu niiil Iiiilrn, come ye wiih siieeJ, oik/ scaled near ihi- iiuri. 
ficc, nttcitU ye to ihe ]hrc|mrcJ Uliation. 

3. Vayu and Inilra, RpproHch to the libation wliieh miuriis i\iii prirtl 
who (irepares it ; after your appioack, O UlCil, the hUalioii »ill soou Le 
purified by the |iiou& rite. 


1. I invoice Mitra of holy streiiglh, Varuiin aUo, the deslroycr of 
foes, ye wlio hear the prayer (or rain. 

2. Milra and Varuua, ye, that collect anil ahed the rain, have 
accepted this great aacrifice for the duo reioanl of the piout rilct. 

3. Mitra ajid Varuna, ye wise, boru us a help and refuge to many, 
preserve our strength and our pious riles. 

1. O Asnina, whose htiiids arc swift, ye lonla of llic pure laerijSee. 
accept, ye long-arnicd of the ancriticial food. 

2. O Asttius, performers of many pious works, ye men mid ntisi*, 
hear our prayer with approving minds. 

3. Ye destroyers of foei, ye trnthfnl, couic on the toad, that ctu»cs 
lamentationa jf for the libation, pluceil ou the sacred gra&i, is ready. 

1. Come, O resplendent [ndra, these liialiam which loug fur thee, 
and lire always purified liy tlit- liugera of the priest, are prepared. 

2. Apjiroaeh, O Indra, moved by our iuvocalloii ; ihou who art ob- 
tained by [he wise, come to the prayera of ihe priest, holding the liba- 
tion in liis hnnils. 

■ Hymn m prauc AnI of ihe .\iwiiit, then of IiiJrj. lliirJIir of llic Vawidciu, and 
lull) uf SkTUwali , Itulii inil Mv(i« iLit uiiic. 
t V.i. tuoutfvo. 

Rig Vvila SanhiiJ. 3 

.'{. InJra, lord of (he golden culuured liorsc% with celerity nppruncli, 
and hrarkf'n to our supplications. Tnke our food with tlie libation. 


1 . Viswaddrns, ye protectors, preservers of innn, ye hestowers of 
j^ifts, conic to the prepared libation of the worshipper. 

2. () Viswndevns, givers of rain, swiftly approach the prepared 
fihtidnn, as the sunheams approach (he days. 

.'^ Ye all- wise Viswaddvas, whom nought can destroy or injure, 
aitonil, O «^ivers of riches^ to the ganreti butter. 


1 . I), purifying Saraswati, who rejoicest in olTcred food, with the 
t'(M)d, t/icfn htj the jtriest, be pleased with our sacrifice, thou who grant- 
est wealth to prayer. 

'J. Saraswati who inspires with friendly words, and explains true 
tlioughts, has accepted the sacrifice. 

:). Saraswati by her impulse moves the great ocean and irradiates 
all minds.''' 

Fourth IIvMN.f 

1 . We call day after day Indra, the performer of glorious deeds, 
for assistance, as milch-cows are called to the herdiman who milks 

2. Come to our oblations, drink of the juice, O drinker of the juice, 
O thou, that is rich, it is thy delight to grant the gill of cows. 

\\, Tlient let us see thee among those that are thy near companions, 
amon^ those that are wise ; do not, by passing us over, manifest 
thyself rather to others, than us, but come. 

'1. (} saerificer^ divtivr near to the wise, uninvaded Indra, ask the 
experienced priett ; for he, (Indra) will grant blessings to thy friends. 

:*». I«et then owx priests give praise to Indra. Ye slanderers, from 
this place depart, while they, (the priests) O Indra, perform this festal 

6. O destroyer of foea^ let then the men, that are our enemies, call 
us fortunate. May we live under this Indra*s protection. 

* I he commeiilnior makes the remark, that Sartiwatf must be here contidered in bar 
double capacity it a goddess and a river. 
t II) mil in praifc of Indra ; Rishi and Metre tbe lainf. 
; \'ix. after tbe drinking of tbe juiee. 

4 liiff fni-t SuHhit.i. 

7. To tlie swifl liidtn offur this rcjiJy [ircpnfeJ juice, whitli aJurus 
(lie sacrifice, cheers a innii, receives the |iiuiis rites, nud is tlie friend of 
the glnddeiiing InJra. 

a. OitUh juice drinking, O Snliikrntn,* JiJat thuu alay the Vrltlnis.t 
didst thou [irotect those lighting hi hnttlc. 

!). I'orthc uhtniiiiii); iif wcutlh, <J India, wc Sii|i|dy llicc with AmhI, 
O Sntnkrotu, who figlitcst iji our hultks. 

10. Tu lam, the giinrdiaii of wealth, the grent, the [lenunner i>l' 
ilhistrious deeds, tliu Tneud of the oO'crlag prieU, tu that liidnt sing 

I'lrTH lIvMN-t 

I. Swiftly approach, tlie olTiiriiigs iu your hands, yc friends; sit 
down. Slid niug praisei to ludra. 

'J. When the mooiiplant juice is prepared, let nil Juiti to sing tie 
praiiei of Iiidra, tlic destroyer of many/oe« und the lord of manifulJ 
and desirable treasure. 

.1. May ho then be near us for our wcnltli, he near us fur the ae- 
qiiiriag of various wisdom, may he with the food appronch us. 

4. Slug praiies la that ludrn, ngainst whose golden -colon red horses, 
yoked to the chariot, no enemy can stand in haltlu fields, 

5. Tliis ready purified juiee, niaJe sncrcd with curdled milk, comes 
to be tnkcn by tlie drinker of the hbntiun. 

6. ludra, performer of nohle deeds, thou wast bom at once full 
grown fur the drinking of the moonplant juice mid for the leading •/ 
the goitt. 

7. O Indra, praised in songs, the ready juice approaches thcc, may 
it be thy delight, O wise. 

8. Our prniscs have extolled thee, thcc onr songs, U Sntnkratu, our 
hymns also shall extol thee. 

9. May Indrn, whose protection ncTcr fails, enjoy this taerijicisl 
food of thousand kinds, in which all manly virtues ilwell. 

10. Mny not any mortals injure our bodies i mighty Indra, ex- 
tolled ill songs, avert our death. 

I 'I'hi niatl eiiiineiil ui Ihe A>uru* uuOvr lUu iiBiiiuut Vnlliu. llmi iho killia| uf tit* 
) IlrniDin pmuo of liiilrii ItiJii tuJ Mvlrclbs uui«. 

Riff Vida Sanhttd. 

Sixth Hymn.* 

1 . All men, whererer dwelling, adore in every workf the radiant 
uniuvaded, moving Indra ; hit splendours are radiant on the tky.X 

2. Charioteers to each side of the car harness his desirable, power- 
ful, red and golden coloured horses, that carry men. 

3. Giving to the darkness light, to the shapeless shape, ye mortals, 
wast thou, O Indra,^ born with the dawning rayi of the morning. 

4. Forthwith after the piven oblation, the Maruti, who have a 
sRcrcdjI nnmo, sent ngnin the turgid cloud. 

5. Assisted by the conveying Maruts, who broke the fastness, O 
Indra, didst thou find the cows in the cavern.** 

6. The hymns, longing for the presence of the Gods (the Maruts) 
extolled the great, renowned host of the Maruts, who know all trea« 
sures, as the counsellor of Indra, 

7. For thou (the host of the Maruts) art seen united with the 
fearless Indra ; yon both are joyous, and alike in splendour. 

8. The sncrifice mightily calls fur Indra, together with the blame- 
less, desirable host (of the Maruts) that ascend to heaven. 

9. O all-pervading host of the Maruts, approach from the heaven 
or from the sun above ; here sings the priest the hymns. 

* llymo in prmiw partly of lodra, and partly of the Manila (wioda). Kubi and 
metre the Mme. 

t 1'he literal translation would bo : all, &c. join Indra, which, at Siyaaa aipltiaa, 
ir.cans they join him in their works with the kingdom of the worlds. 

X Sayana snys, that in this hymn Indra in represented as the QDifertal soul ; tka 
epiiliet radiant cxhibitin(f him as the run, uninvaded as the fire, movinf as Um wind, tad 
his splendour on the sky as the star^. In what light such eiplanalioBa of a lattf period 
are to he considered, 1 have alrc«dy indicated in the prefaca. 

^ 1 he double vocative is in the original ; although it is repugnaot to the EogHah 
uJiom, I did not like to change it. Indra, reminds the comiiieDtator, appears htrt aa IIm 

It Literal, a sncriricial, or whoae name l>rars wiioesa, that the honour of the iocriiet 
IF due to them. 

** The fable alluded to, is given in the Anukramaniki. The Panis, i kind of Atmo, 
^tole the cotvs from heaven, and threw them into darkoeas ; India discovtrad thtif plaoi 
by means ofSaramii, the dog of beaveo, aod together with the Maruif, dafiatod tho 

6 lli</ Vrdu SaiihUd. 

10. We pray luilra fur weitltii, eitlicr from here (the enrtli) or rrom 
the lieRveii above the eartli, ur from llie wide ex|iiiiidcd ether. 


1. The chaiilers extolled Indrn, the singers praised llic great Indrii 
witii liymns, the voice uf Ike coiaiiiandiHg /irieit called liiJru. 

2. Iniira is every where present with liis golden coloured horses, 
yoked lo the chiuiot hy hU word alone, InJra, liie wielJer of the 
thunderbolt, who sliiiies with goM. 

3. To preieal nn eipuiideil view, Iiidrii rniacJ the sun in tlie firmi- 
ment and with his rnys lighted the mountniiis. 

4. Indra, protect us iu our buttles and I'fi the potteuion of our 
manifold wealth, terrible, protect ut with thy fear-exciting power. 

5. For the oblainiiig nf great, as of little wealtli, we invoke ludrt, 
the helper among enemies, the wieUer of the tliunderbult. 

G. U tlion fullillcr of our wishes, giver of ruin, open that cluud 
for us i do not speiiV lo us a refusing word. 

7. All prniaes, which, are ijicen to other Gods, art Indra's, (he 
wielder of the thunderbolt. I do not find a praise worthy of him. 

8. The giver of rnin nppronehes man in hi, might, as the bull do«i 
the herd ; lie, the lord, who docs not refuse prayer. 

fl. ludra, who alone sways men and riches, is ulto lord of the fire 

10. For you, O priests, we cnll Indra, ivlio ii placed above all men. 
May he belong alone to iii. 

ElCllTll ilvMN t 

1. O Indra, for our iiroleclioii grant wi de&irnble wealtli, wliitU cou- 
quers cijuid foes; which none resists, which is all-powerful. 

2, Willi which, assisted by ihcp, we shall from our horses rc|>cl onr 
foes in the bntllo, hoiul to l.nnil. 

* llrtnn ill pniM o[ liiJn ; Kiilii (ml mclre (lie ume. 

I Tlia cuinnieauiur eiiituiiu il Lj llic five cult*. 

t HlDin ill pmiK ut tiiJrs ; llie tame lliiln uuJ mt-lr*. 

lifp r^la SankitA. 7 

3. InJm, liy thee assisted, wc shall seize our spears together with 
the chih,* and slny our opponents in tlie battle. 

•1. Indrn, hj thee assisted, we shall with our warriors and spearmen 
defeat our enemies. 

r». Great t# Indra« he is supreme, be greatness to him ; At# power 
is like the heaven in vastness. 

f). If warriors in battle, or men for the gift of a son, or sages in 
strife for knowledge invoke ihee, thej all obtain their wishes. 

7. Jftth-aa belly, which is the greatest quaffer of the moonplant 
juice, swells like the sea, is like the mouth from which saliva constantly 

8. For in truth his word is friendly, far-sounding, great, and pro- 
mises cows ; it it like the branch with ripe fruits to the worshipper. 

9. For iu truth, thy power and thy assistance, O Indra, are forth- 
witli vonchsa/ed to a worshipper like me. 

10. For in truth his own desirable praises and hymns must be sung 
hij (he priests for the sake of Indrn, the drinker of the moonplant 

Ninth IlYMN.f 

1 . Come, Indra, enjoy the food and the rarious kinds of the juice ; 
6e the great conqueror of foethy thy majesty. 

2. Pour out the gladdening juice, when ready fn the iaerijiciai 
teasel, for the gladdening Indra, the potent^Mtce for the all-potent God. 

3. Indra, lord of all mankind, god of the majestic nose, enjoy the 
gladdening praises ; speed to these libations together with the Gods, 

4. () Indra, I composed thy praises, they drew near to thee, the 
donor of abundant gifts, the lord ; thou hast accepted them, 

.'>. In our presence, bestow on us desirable wealth of various kinds ; 
for thou lia^t sufltcient, nntj abundant. 

(i. O India, thou keeper of immense riches, in this sacrifice direct 
us well, the striving, renowned, for the obtaining of wealth. 

• |{o<4n> «ue»rr^iion to take (iUnii m infttnitncntalin, appeani to me prvfrrable to 
SiiyniinV rxplnnntinn, who conniilrni it m arctimitive. 
) 11)11111 ill prui^ of Indra \ the «ame Kitlii aud metre. 

8 Rip I'ida Sanhild. 

7. O Indra, give iis grent, extensive wealth, wliioh Ji ricb ia tom% 
ftnd food, which sujiporu our lire, and never decreases. 

8. Gire grenl renown to iis, Indra, and wenltli of a thouiand 
kinds, auH alto this food, curried cm the chariot. 

9. Fur tlie protection fifoiir weiilih we Invoke Indra, prni&Jng with 
jiraises the lord of wcnllh, the fiieiid of liymna, who goes to lk» 

10. At every Ubalion all sacrificers prnise the great ronjeity of (be 
great ludrn, wlio is dwelling in Uia house. 

Tenth Hymn.* 

1. The chanters chant thee, the singers of hymns sing thee, tha 
brfibmans raise thee, O Sotokratit, ns tfie uorhaen rnise a cnne.f 

2. When from one hill the prUit aactnded anoMer hill and com- 
pleted AU nrdiioiis work,( then knew liiilrn Ai«iiiteulion. and battened 
with the host of the Maruti to fulfil his wishes. 

3. YoKe then the fiiil-mnncd, proud horses tliat fill their girihs, fo 
the ehariot, llicn come, O drinker of the tnooni>lant juice, Indra, to 
listen to our praises. 

•1. Approach, ap]ilntnl our praises, accept of them, and be pleased 
with tliem. Do, Indra, ihoii cstaUishcr nf hnme, increase our food 
and also our Haeritice. 

f>. Trnises, thnt always increase, must be sung to liidr.-i, who repeU 
many/oef, that Snkrn resounds among onr sons and coinpHnioiis. 

6. We desire him fur fellowship, him for wealth, hitn for nMotf 
deeds ; fur lie, (he mighty Indra, is able to bestow wealth on ns. 

7. The food, purified by thee, (> Indra, I'l nbundniit niiJ with ease 
to be Dbtaiiied. Open the stable of the cows, cunfL-r wciillb, O splitter 
of moutitiiiiia. 

6. For both heaven and earth, are nnnble to hold thee, the alajn 
of enemies. CoiKjucr tlie heaven-burn waters, and confer cuws upon 

1 Vii. 10 uillcGI iIh: iilanli Fgr llie prc|HiritiK g( iIil- .Sum* juice, ihc wosd For ik« d 

nig Fida SanAUA. 9 

9. Indrn, wliose cAr hears all, hear in speed my invocation and 
ficcept my praises. Be pleased with my praise and that of my com- 

10. For we know thou answcrest nil desires, thou hearest, when we 
invoke thee /or help in battles ; we implore the thousandfold assistance 
of him who answers desires. 

1 1 . Iiidrn, Kusikn*s son, come in speed, drink with lest the ready 
libation. Prolong my life, which shall he worthy of praise, and bless 
the Rislii with a thousand goods. 

12. O thou, praised in songs, may these hymns every where be sung 
around thee, may they grow after thy growing age, and giving pleasure 
may they be received with delight by thee. 

Elbventq Hymn.* 

1. All songs extolled Indra who is like the ocean's vast expanse, 
who is the foremost among the heroes who fight from the war chariot, 
wlio is the giver of nourishment and the protector of the good. 

2. Indrn, O lord of strength, by thy friendship supplied with food 
wc have no fear from foes. Wc extol thee, the conquerer who is ever 

3. From time of old Indra*s giAs of riches never failed, nor will his 
assistance /fiiV, \{ the giver of the sacrifice spends ou the offering priests 
wealth of food with the gift of cows. 

4. Indra was bom as the destroyer of towns,f the youth, the wise, 
whose power is unbounded, the upholder of all ceremonies, the praised 
wiclder of the thunderbolt. 

.0. Tliou, O splitter of rocks, burst open the cavern of Valu,( who 
rctnincd the cows. When the terrified gods repaired to thee, they 
had no fottger fear. 

G. Extolling the distilling tnoottplant juice, I come again, O hero, 
for thy bounties. O thou, praised in songs, the priests adored the« 
Lr/nr^ and know thee now at giver of Jittrh honntien. 

* Mymri in prni«) of liidrt, Hishi Jftri, the M>n of Mtdliurhandt, mttrv Anuttabb. 
t \\t. of ihe A^tirt. 
\ One of liie Afturi. 

to Hiff f'iula Sanhild. 

7. By magic JiJst lliou stny, O Imlra, Susliiin,* wlio fouglit willi 
iiingic ntU. Tlic wise know tliat l/iou art potieued uf MUck jflor^. 
Do lliou incrpnse lUc-ir rnoil. 

H. Tlic hymns liavc extotkil InJra who rules by glorious might, 
wlioae bounties are of a tboiisatid kiiiila, nay are iiiileed more picutirul. 

TwEi.rra IlYMN.f 

1 . Agnl tbc iiivitcr, the omhi«;ieiit we cbosc as Ibe good pcrfuniicr 
of this sncrincc. 

2. The prieali nlwnys cnll Agni wilh prayers; Ag»i, the lord ar 
man, the coiweytr of the sacrifice, who is beloved by many. 

;t. Agni, horn/roni the tnereil teooil, bring hither the gods to the 
holy grass ; for (hou art our invitcr worthy of praise. 

4. Because thou art the messenger, O Agni, awake the yoi/f who 
are desirous of the taei-ifiee ; then sit down wilh (he gods on the tncml 

fl, O radiant Agni, cnllcd hilAer hy the sacrifice, consume our 
enemies iu lingue with the Kukshusos. 

6. l)y Agni is lighted np Agni, the wise, the guardian of the lioiue, 
the youth, the eouvtyer of the sncrlliee, whose face is like t^/amtHg 

7. Prtuse, O priesl. in the siicr'fice the wise, truthful, divine Agni, 
the destroyer of lues. 

8. Wliich evvr aacrifit-cr, Agni, God, adores ihee as messenger, be 
thou liis protector. 

9. Which ever sacrifiecr in tGe offering of the Gods wonbipi 
Agni, [0 him give joy, () purifier. 

III. O imrilicr, nsplnnlent Agni, for our sake bring hither the g«>d« 
to the uffeiing ami sacrilkial biiltcr. 

11. Agni, exiiilltd by lAii new hymn, do Ihoii supply us with food 
ait(/ wealth, ihiit allrairls heroes. 

12, Agni. re$iiUiulent willi pure i.riglilncas, thou that goes! on all 
the errands of the guiU, lisli'ii to this onr praise. 

* Oiw d( ihe \mTi. lie lileml ni<Biiiiit[ aF \\k wunl Sudini ii a<>c wba Jrw* sp 
t 11)11111 111 imiMuf \ii%.i, Kislii Miflliaiiilii, ilii: wu ut Kuiwi, lutua Uiiain. 

lUg rdda Safihiid. 1 1 

Thirteenth Hymn.* 

1 . Well lighted Agiii, thou inviter, purifier, bring for our 8acrificer*s 
sake hither the Gods, nnd perfonn the sacrifice. 

2. O i\ise Tnnunapad, to-day convey our sweet sacrifice to the 
Gods for their feast. 

.1. I call to this sacrifice the beloved glory of man, the sacrificer 
^'illi the gracious speech. 

A, Agni whose name is praise, convey hither the Gods on the 
blissful chariot ; fur thou art the inviter, installed by man. 

.'i. Spread, ye priests, every where the hallowed straw above glis- 
tening Avitli sncrcd butter, the straw, on which the immortals appear. 

G. Ye splendent temple — doors, so long closed, ye fosterers of pious 
rites, open for this day's sacrifice. 

7. I call to this sacrifice the lovely night and dawn to be seated on 
this our sncrcd straw. 

8. 1 cnll the two wise immortal sacrificers who are of gracious 
speech. Offer ye this our oblation. 

9. Ye three joy-inspiring unalterable goddesses, I1&, SaraswaU, Mahf, 
be seated on the sacred straw. 

10. I call hither the supreme Tashtri of manifold shapes. May he 
belong alone to us. 

11.0 God Vanaspati, offer the sacred butter to the Gods ; by thy 
favour may the Mocrifcer receive wisdom. 

12. For Indra's sake offer, ye priests, the oblation with the Sw&hA in 
the liouse of the sacrificer. Hither I call the Gods. 


I. With all these gods come, O Agni, to the festival rites and 
songs to drink the moonplant juice, and present the offering. 

* 1li«lii niul metre the same ; hymn in pmiM of 12 divinities called Apri, til of which 
nre reprcv^ntation^ of Agni. I'hcy ire: I. Suaumiddha (lighted up). 2. Tanunapftd 
(who con^iiiiie^ chnfied butter). 3. NaHUanM (prmised by men). 4. Jlita (prmiaed). 
5. Hnr^lii (the Micrificial straw). 6. l)6vidwara (temple-doon). 7. Ushat4-oakta (dawn 
mid Mi((lit). 8. Uaivya I lotorna (divine sacrificers). 9. II&, Saraswatl and Mah((thre« 
R(Ml(le4«(s). 10. In aMri (the divine architect). II. Vanasiiati ; and 12. $w4h4. 

t Hymn m praise of the Viswad^vas ; Ilisbi and nietrt ibc Mine* 

12 Ittg nja SanAild, 

2. O Agiii tlie wise, My illustrious deeds praiif tliee, tha mmib at 
Kniinii invoke tliee ; npproach with the gulls. 

3. They (ihe sous of Kaiiwn) eall upon Indra mid VAyu, VHIlU- 
pHli, MilrH Hiid Agui, I'llsliniia and UliDgu, the Adilyas, and the UmI 
of Morula. 

't. Tit you are uffcred the gratifying, exiiilaniliiig liijiiort. distilling 
and swett, ihut are krpt iu siiirriliciat vessels, 

,1, The suns i)f Kiiiiwa, hotiliiiy tlie jiurifiud grass, ofTering th« 
Gacrcd hulter, und nduruiiig the tacrijice, praise thee and implore thy 


6. May tlie coursers wilh ahiii'mg hacks, tlict carry thee, jroked to 
the chnriot timjily by ihy thought, Lring alto the gods (o the drinkinv 
o( the moon pi ant juice. 

7. Give, Agni, wives to these Godi, who are worthy of the McriAce 
and increase oblations. Let tlkem, O thou whoM word it pleasing, 
drink Troni [he sweet juice. 

8. Wilh lliy tongue, O Agni, may all the gods, that are worthy of 
•ucrilice and praise, drink of the sweet libnlion at the sacririce. 

9. To obtain Ihe hallowed yi/t, let Agni, ibe tslse saerificcr, bring 
bither Train the radinnt snn all the dawn-nwaking Gods, 

10. Drink, U Agni, the sweet moon-plant juice with all tkote god4. 
and willi Indra, V&yu, and Mitrn in all his radiant fornis. 

11. Agni, thou McriUcer by man installed, seated at the ucrificc. 
do tliou offer ibis oblation Tor us. 

12. Yoke to the chnriot, O Gud, the fleet red-coloured courieri. With 
them bring hither the God*. 

JUSf y^da SankiU. 13 


1 . Iiidra^ drink the moonplant juice with Ritu. The exhiUrtting 
libations that like to dwell in thee, approach thee. 

2. Ye Maruts, drink with Ritu from the Teasel of the priest, purifj 
the sacrifice ; for you are liberal donors. 

3. O Neshtri,t united with thy wife, accept our sacrifice, drink with 
Ritu ; for thou art the bestower of riches. 

A. Agiii, bring hither the Gods; let them be seated at the three 
places \X adorn Mem, and drink with Ritu. 

5. O Indra, thy fellowship with the Ritui is ever unbroken, drink 
afler them the moonplant juice from the overflowing yessel of the 

6. Mitra and Varuna, ye who hear pious supplications, accept the 
great sacrifice, which no fire of enemiet can consume. 

7. Drink, O giver of wealth (Agni) the juice. The prie$t$, asking 
for wealth, holding the iacrijicial stones, extol the god at the sacrifice^ 
and also at the oblations.^ 

8. Giver of wealth, give us riches, worthy of praise, which we may 
enjoy by the favour of the gods. 

9. The giver of wealth with the Ritus longs to drink from Nestri*s 
vessel. Go, yeprieiti, to the place of the oblation, perform the sacri« 
fice and thence depart. 

10. Be a bestower of wealth on us, O giver of wealth, because we 
offer to thee as to the fourth with the Ritus. 

11. Ye Aswins, companions of the splendent Agni, ye performers of 
pious deeds, with the Ritus, the conveyers of offerings, drink the sweet 

12. O bestower of gifts, by thy office as guardian of the house, 
convey with Ritu the sacrifice ; perform the oblation to the gods i for 
the iacrificer, devoted to the gods, longs for the gods. 

* Hymn in prmite of Uie Ritut, with whom other deitiet are tMociated, m. ladra, 
ihc MtruU, Twtstri, Mitra and Vtruoa, Draviooda, the Aiwini aod Afoi. Riihi and 
iiielre the same. 

t rndcr Neshtri Twtstri ii meant tccordiog to 84jana. 

I At the three daily lachfices. 

$ 1 hat it, at the principal lacrifice, aod at Ihots oblatiov, that ars eooaeded wHli tL 

14 Riff fcda SauAild. 

SixTKKNTa Hymn.* 

1. May tlie got J en- coloured Mortet miry ill ee, the fulfillei ofkll 
deiirea, to the drinking of the raoon plant juice. The printi, splendent 
like the sun, extol thee, Indra. 

2. Let the goUcn-culoured hones, that long far thete roaaM 
greins and (lislil the ]i<iuiil butter, briug ludra hither ou the bli»-con- 
ferring car. 

3. We call Indra in the morning, Indra when the sacrilice proceeds ; 
Indrft for the drinking uf the inoonplaiit juiue. 

4. Come, ludra, witli the loiig-raaued Aorset to our prepared liia- 
tion, for we call thee to the all ready made juice. 

5. Do thou come to our ptaisea, come to our ready morning ucrtlice. 
Drink, as the white antelope drinkt, when thirsty. 

6. This moooplsnt juice aud these libations are ready ou the laereil 
straw ; for the sake of strength drink them, O Indra, 

7. May this excellent praise touch thy heart, and he acceptable f» 
lAee; then drink of ihe ready libation. 

8. The slayer of Vriltra, Indra approaches for Ait exhilaration the 
whole sacrifice to drink of the moonplant juice. 

9. Do thou fnlBl this our desire by the gift o/'cows and horses, 
Sstakratu, for, we extol tliee in devout contemjilation. 


1. I implore the help of Indra and Varuna, whose splendour ts 
great. May they gtndden us in such a toerifee at thit. 

2. For ye, the upholders of men, for the sake of affording protec- 
tion, are going to the prayer of a sage like myself. 

3. O Indra anil Varnna, saliufy us with riches according to our 
wish ; we implore yon, to be near ue. 

4. For mixed ii the libation of the sacriRccs, composed an tkt 
praitet of men of exalted mind. May we be tAefirtt among the p*- 

6. Indra is supreme among the bestowers ofa thousand gills ; Va- 
runa is to be extolled among those that nru worthy uf praise. 

* Himn 10 prawi uf Indra, Ibe fsme Riilil unil inclrc. 

I lljtmD m iiruK uC luJni lud Varuni , Hutu uud uicliv ihc uiui. 

nisf nja Sankitd. 15 

6. By their protection we enjoy weallh» and preserve it : let there 
be abundnncc. 

7. I invoke you, Indra and Varuna, for Tarious wealth. Do ye ren- 
der us victorious. 

8. Indra and Varuna, lo our minds wish to adore you ; attend with 
speed to our welfare. 

9. Indra and Varuna may the pleasing praise with which I invoke 
yoUf fipproach you ; may you increase the praise, offered to both of you. 

Eightunth IIymn.* 

1 . Render me among the Gods a well known giver of the libation, 
O Hriimhannspati, as Kakshiwan w<u, the son of Ushjik. 

2. May he who is wealthy, who destroys diseases, who is the pos- 
sessor of riches, who increases happiness, who is swift, attend to us. 

3. May the slandering word of mortal man that is our enemy, ne- 
vcr afTcct us. Protect us, Dr&mhanaspati. 

4. The mortal man whom Indra, Driimhanaspati and Soma uphold, 
docs surely not perish. 

5. O Drdmhanaspati, Soma, Indra, and Dakshina, preserve such a 
mortal from sin. 

6. For the sake of wisdom, I have approached the lovely Sadasapa- 
pati, the performer of wonderful deeds, the friend of Indra, the bestow- 
cr of riches. 

7. lie, without whom no sacrifice succeeds, althongh the prieti 
be wise, arranges the pious rites, to be performed with wisdom. 

8. After the offering of the iacrijiee, he renders the offerer of the 
sacred butter prosperous ; he makes that the sacrifice proceeds without 
obstacle : our praise approaches the gods. 

9. I beheld Nar&sansa, armed with unyielding strength, whose 
fame is widely spread, whose glory is resplendent as the sky. 

* ffymn in prni^ of Hriimhanttipali (from v. 1 lo 6,) in common with Indra and 
Somn ( V. 4 i) iviili Oikfiliina (v. 5;) in praise of Sadanatpali (v. 6^8 \) in praiae of Na- 
ra«.iii^ anil Siiiln»n|Miii (v. 9 \) llishi and m^Xtt the tame. 

Itig f'iila SmhilA. 


t . TIlou art callcil to tliis beautiful sncrifice for tlie Jrinking of l!t« 
iiiooi>|>lBiit juice. Come, O Agni, witli tlio Manits. 

2. For thee, O powerful God, no mortal is able to ilefeal in (liy 
wuik. Come, O Agui, with the friendly Maruts. 

,'t. Come, O Agiii, nilli llic Maruls, wlio, alteiiJcd liy oil the goili, 
know ihe course of the great waters. 

-1. Come, O Agui, with the fierce Mnruts, who jiroducc the walcra, 
nud Vflioni none by strength can overcome. 

5 . Come, O Agni, with the lovely Rluruta, who nre Jarful tu &lii|>r, 
ihc jiussesiiors of wealth, the destroyers of enemies. 

6. Come, O Agni, with the Maruts, the gods, that above Ihe btiu- 
giving <u», dwell in the splendent skies. 

7. Come, O Agui, with the Maruts, that chase the clouds and 
agilule the waving ocean. 

8. Come, Agni, with Ihc Moruts, who fill the tk.j with the rays 
of the sun, who exceed in power the ocean. 

9. Come with the Maruts, O Agni, to whom 1 have olTureJ hIso in 
former times the sweet juice of the moonplant. 

Twentieth lIvuN.t 

1 . This liymu, conferring abundant wealth, was orally made lij the 
sages in praise of the divine birth of tho Ribhus. 

2. The Ribhiu, who created hy their thoughts iilone fur Indni the 
golden coloured hurtet tliat by /lii command yoke thcnisclvei /« Ike 
ehariol, received the sncnfice with the pious rites. 

S. They, together with the truthful .hwiui, made the hlinsful chat!»t 
that approaches every |daee ; they created the milk-giving cow. 

t. The truthful Ribhus, gifted with efticaciuus prayer, [loSMuing 
power, restored their parents tu youth agaiu. 

• llfmiim praise nt Ami kn< I tlieMarut>i Riihi lod mclra llw ume. 

Rig Vida Sanhiti. 17 

h. The exliilamting libations awaited you and Indra, attended by 
(lie Maruts, and the splendent Adityas. 

G. And that new sacrificial Tessel, made by the God Twastrii 
they again made fourfold. 

7. You, that are extolled by worthy praises, successively bestow 
on us the threc*^ kinds of treasures and the three times seven ritesf for 
the giver of the libation. 

H. The conveyers of iacrijicei lived before the life of mortals^ 
hut by meritorious deeds obtained a place worthy of the sacrificet 
among the Gods. 

Twenty-first IIymn.^ 

1 . I call Indra and Agni, their praise is our desire, they are the 
greatest quaffcrs of the moonplant juice. 

2. Praise them at the sacrifices, extol, ye men, Indra and Agni ; 
sing them in your hymns. 

3. We call Indra and Agni to the hymn of our friend, we call the 
drinkers of the moonplant juice to the drinking of the moonplant juice. 

•1. We call the awe-inspiring gods ; the libation is prepared, come 
hither, Indra and Agni. 

5. Ye great protectors of assemblies, Indra and Agni, keep away 
the Rakshashas. May the voracious be without offspring. 

6. On account of this iaerifiee, of which the reward is sure, Indra 
and Agni, keep watch in a prominent place ; bestow welfare on ui, 


1 . O priest, in the morning awake the altoayM united Aswins ; may 
they come hither for the drinking of this libation. 

2. Wc call the owners of the excellent chariot, the eminent chario- 
tcers, the two god% the inmates of heaven, the Aswins. 

3. With the well-cracking whip, wet with the perspiration of the 
horses, sprinkle the sacrifice, O Aswins. 

* \\t. of ilic higlicst, mean, and lowest v«lu«. 

t 1 Ih r« tro three cUtset of cereinoniei, lltviryAJnt, Ptktytjiia and SomiaaattlM, 
cMch of ihcin conlaio* Mven Mcrificial ritet. 

t Hymn in praise 0(1 mlrm ami Afni; Hiabi ami metre the tame. 

^ Hymn in praise of the Atwinfl (v. I— 4 ;) ofSavkri (v. 5 to8 Jof Afoi(v.9to 10;) 
of Imlrfini, Varun6n( iml Agniiyf (v. II to 13;) of tbeiky and earth (v. 13 to 14 ,) of 
the cHfth (V. 15,) ami of Vithnu (v. 16 to 31.) Rithi and mefrt the tame. 

18 Riy i'ida SaiiAilii. 

A. For uot Tar from you is llie sacrilicer'B dwelling, to wlikh 
you go ill the chariot, O Asvricis. 

b. 1 iDvoke the protection of the golilcu- handed* Savitri i-^ for Ihe 
god shons (he sacrificer'a place. ( 

6. O prieil, for our protection prniao Savitri, who destroys the 
waters. We desire to perform his rites. 

7. We call U]ion Snvitri, wlio gives light to mnu, and distributes 
Ihe manifold wealth that provides a home. 

S. Sit down, friends, Savilri must now be praised by us. He 
will bestow riches, he is splendent, 

9. Agni, for the drinking of the tnoonplant juice bring hither Twas- 
tri and Ihe longing spouses of the Gods. 

1 0. Agni, thou of loveliest youth, fur our protection bring hither the 
wives of the Gods, bting llotrS.^ Bhfiratf,|] VanitriH and Dhishani.*' 

11. May the goddesses, who are the guardians of man, and who 
have indestructible wings, favour us with protection and great blessing*. 

12. For our welfare I call hither Indr&nf, Varuiiiini and Agn&yf, lo 
partake of the moon[ilnnt juice. 

13. May the great heaven aiid the earth moisten this our aacrifict ; 
may (hey (ill us with food. 

II. lu the firm placeff of the Gnndharra sages lap at sacrifices the 
rich juice of Ihera, (viz. of heaven and earth.) 

15. Be wide, O earth, be a house without foes, offer ua every wlicrt 
a refuge. 

■ Stibnaeipliini I hi), he u culled galilga-hindcJ, (Kiauw ho ha)il« gold in bii haada 
Tar Ihe ijutpow of g-iviag it to llis Mcrilicera, or. (rom ■ circumibiea, thai happened al ■ 
ccrlun McnBce (nrtonnei] liy ibo godi, where Sitlln Liiuictl wai the pnoi, »aA 
pcrformnl the lacrificiat ilulici. Tliea al a CDrlniii cerainon<r Uia AJwani** v*>a 
lo Savilri a part ol Ihe ucnliue, namcil I'lliiim. wUluh, whea uVen h) him, col uff liM 
liuid. A(ler Ihii the priuli who lisd given Mm Uio rcnulri, nmlu hiin ■ hiiid u| 
gold. RoMQ well eipliini lliu word by aunmunuin, i. e. aurcii ndiii. minuum luaisr, 
pried It uRi, and computes il lu Ilomer'i IthuloiUklylui Aeoa. 

t Thai il, ilie piac* whicli llic Monlicer hai la occupir during ihc oHcnng. 
t -nN) wife of Agni. 

I 'Cbn wiFu of Adil|ri under Ilia nauie d( Dharala. 
^ Who mull In vh«ca. 

■* Uhwliina, tliBgoddcMof nchu. 

II 11<e alioMiihen, iIk plaice ulihc Yalulim. (iuuJIiuoa*. i\|»liiuiuiad Uaiua. 

nig F4da Sankit^. 19 

IG. May tho godt approaeking from iho earth from which Vishnu 
auisied by seTen hymns, proceeded, afford us protection. 

1 7. Vishnu perambulated this earth / three times he set down his 
dust-raising foot, the print of which covered the earth. 

1 8. Three steps hence made Vishnu, the uninviolable protector who 
upholds the sacred rites. 

19. 1^, ye prie$t$, Vishnu's sacred deeds, by which the $acnfieer 
accomplishes his vows. lie i$ the meet companion of Indra. 

20. The sages always see that highest place of Vishnu, as is the wide 
expanded view of the eye under the sky. 

21. The waking, praising sages proclaim Vishnu's supreme place. 


1 . This abundant moonplant juice, accompanied with prayers, is 
prepared, O V&yu. Approach and drink the ready libation. 

2. Wc call the two heavenly gods, Indra and V6yu, to partake of 
the drinking of the moonplant juice. 

3. For their protection sages invoke Indra and Viyu, the guardians 
of pious deeds, who are swifl as thought, and look with a thousand 

4. Mitra and Varupa, who are worthy of the sacrifice, and armed 
with sacred strength, we call to the drinking of the moonplant juice. 

[}, I invoke Mitra and Varupa, who by their faithful word increase 
the meet reward of pious rites and protect the true light. 

6. VaruQa be our guardian, and Mitra also with every help ; both 
of you give us abundant wealth. 

7. Wc call fur the drinking of the moonplant juice Indra, attended 
by the Maruts ; may he, together with the host, be satisfied. 

8. Ye hosts of Maruts, headed by Indra, ye Qods, who have PA- 
shana as their giver, hear ye all my invocation. 

9. Yc donors of gtds, O host of Maruts^ united with the fit, pow« 
crful Iiulra, kill ye Vritra, tliat the infame does not reign over us. 

* Hymn in pmiMof V4yu (v. I ;) of Indra and V4ya (▼. 2 lo 3;) of MHra and Vara. 
V<i(v.4to6^) ofthfi MaruU (v. 7 to9;)of the Vitwid^vat(v. lOlo ia;)of P6«han 
( V. 13 to 15 ;) iiml of the w«ten (v. 16 to 24.) 11io Mune lliihi ; metrs Oftyatrf (▼. 1 to 
IB ;) Turu ('i*hvik (r. 19 J Anu^ubb (v. 90, 22 to 24). 

'^0 Rig J'ida Satihild. 

10. We call for tlie Jriiiking of the moonpUnt juice all (lie gotla and 
the Msruts -, for Jrcadful are the sons of PriHliiti.* 

11. Aa the souiiil of fictoriuiis toarriort proceeds with vigour; an 
the Bouud of the Morula, when you, O men, come (o the projiitiout 

I '2. Ye Mnnits, that are every wlicre botii from the shiuiiig, radiant 
ttktr, protect and blesa ua. 

13. O resjileiideuC ri'ishnn, cominy from the sky, bring the Ubaliaii, 
shilling from various straw, ns the herdsman ly tearchiny reeovera Ihe 
foil cattle. 

14. The resplcudent Pi'ishan found iu a caveru the hidden lilialion, 
placed on various coloured, shining straw. 

1 5. lie indeed brought again and again to me the six seatont, adorned 
with libations, as the hmbaiuhnaii fur the lowiitg of barley with kU 
oxen every year agniu and agniii ploughs the field. 

16. The mothers (the waters represented as mothers) who are the 
friendly com)ianio]is of the sacrificcra oud give sweetness to the milk, 
proceed on the roads of the ohlut'iom. 

17. May the wateri, t\\al arc near the sun, and the wo (en along 
which he motiei in hit count, he pleased with our sacrifice. 

IH. i call ihe goddesses of the waters which our cons use to drink. 
We must sacrilicc lo llie rivers. 

1 9. Among the waters is the nectar ; among the waters the healiog 
herb ; for the praise of the wnlers, priests, he speedily prepared. 

2U, In the waters, told me Soma, arc all healing herbs, there ii 
Agni who cheers the whole world, aud the waters that possess all heal* 
ing power. 

21. Ye waters, give healing herbs removing diteate from my body, 
that we without disease may speedily see the sun. 

22. Ye waters, take from me all that I sinned by ignorance and by 
malice, what I siiiiiuJ by cursing and by speaking falsehood. 

23. 1 worshipped (o-day the waters ; we have met with their liiiuiJ 
Come, O Agni, attended by the Maruls ; thus endow me with glory. 

2-1. Kndow me with glory, O Agni, endow me with wisdom, endow 
me with long life ; let thus the Gods know me j let [udra know m* («»• 
gether with Itishis. 

Riff Vida Sanhitd. 21 

Twenty-fourth Hymn.* 

1 . The fair nnme of which of the im mortals shall we then pro- 
nounce ? Who has restored us to the wide-expanded earth, to that I 
may sec again father and motlier ? 

2. We pronounce first of all the immortals the fair name of Agni : 
he has restored us to the wide-expanded earth, so that I may see again 
father and mother. 

3. We ask thee for wealth, O divine Savitri, the lord of riches, who 
art always our protector, — 

4. For such wealth as is worthy of praise, as free from blame 
and hatred, is held by thy hands. 

r>. By the assistance of thee, the keeper of treasures, we are bent 
upon the acquiring of riches. 

G. For thy strength, thy power and thy wrath, is not possessed by 
the99 birds and these winged hotti^ nor by these waters that unceasing- 
ly move ; the course of the wind never exceeds thy speed. 

7. In the bottomless air keeps Varuna of purified strength, aban- 
dance of lovely light above. The ray 9 point downwards, although their 
origin is above ; may our life be preserved by thee. 

8. For the king Varu9a made for the sun an extended path to tra- 
vel tiaihj ; in the pathless sky, he made a path to set down the feet. 
May he then be an upbraider of our enemiet, that wound our hearts. 

* Hymn in prebe of Afrni (▼. I to 2 ;) of Savttri (v. 3 to 5 ;) and Varapa (v. 6 to 16.) 
Hishi SuiMh^pa, AjigmrU't ion. Metre Trithtabb (v. 1, 2 ; 6 to 15. ) G6yatri (3 to 6). 
U(Mcn obflrrvci here. Tbit hymn together with eix otherf, contained in the »iith chapter 
nf the Ui •ectioii ia av;nbed to Sunahs^'pi, the ton of AjigartA, who it taid to have redlcd 
this hymn in pmyinfr for hit life, wlien he wat about to be offered to the godiu llitrc it, 
however, nothing in thete hymns, proving in any way, tliat they are connected with Ike 
fable firtt mentione<l, tnd the circumttaoce, related in hymn 9lh, v. 13 ind 13, that Sanab- 
^•pa. when bound to the mcrificial pile, wat liberated by Varupa, evidently thowt, Ibal 
tu\% hymn At lea.«t cannot be atcribed to Sunaht^pa. In none of tbete hymnt however (with 
rireption of the commenncement of the 24th which may be andentood in thit maooer) 
thrre it not tlie IcaM indication of a perton, who in danger of hit life deprecatea kb death. 
To tttribule the«e hymnt to Sunaht^-pa, appcart to have been oceatiooed by mentiowafr 
the l»on<N (II. 24, l/>, md II. t'i.21) which Vtnipa it atkcd to open ; but Varvya't 
bonds tllutle to the dangcn which bctct the navigator. 

22 Ri!/ Vida SauhUd. 

9. Thou liast, O Kiug, a liuiiilrcJ, itoy a tliouuiii] Uealiiig lierlM; 
be tliy grace great, profouiiJ to mi. l-'iisten fur from us Nirritli* willt 
averted face ; save us Trmn sin Unit we Imve comniitteJ. 

10. Those teven stars.t ]>laced ou iiigli, lliat are seen at niglit, go 
anywliere \ty day. Tlic works of Vnruria are not tttfciited ; llie ■pleii- 
deut moon moves at night. 

11. With hymns fo Mm, I [»my thee for this /i/e ; this asVs the 
praising sacrificer hy hia offfrhigs. Not disdaining thU lacrifice, ad- 
vert, O Varuita, to my prayer. O ihon, praised by many, do nut de- 
stroy our life. 

12. This (praise of Varupa) told me tagei, at night indeed, tliia 
indeed by day; this pronounced my heart's impulse. May Vartiiia, 
(he king, whom Sunahsi!pa called, when chained to the pillar, save 
us a* preient. 

13. For chained Sunahs^jm called upon Aditi'a mu, fastened lo 
three posts of wood ; king Vanina liberated him ; may the wise, wfaoin 
none can infest, open the fellers. 

M, We avert thy anger, O Varuija, by pious rites, by ittcrifieet 
and olTerings. Attending to Ikia taeri/See, O Asur, tliou wise kingi 
remove the sins, committed by us. 

15. Take from us, O Varuoa, our three-fold fetters, that bind tlie 
bead, the waist and the feet. Then, O Aditi'a son, we shall be safe 
without sin at the sacrifice. 

cilkJ ll.c Grail Itcir, <■ 

Riff FAla SanhiiA. 23 


1 . Which ever SAcrifice, O God VarunA, we may spoil Jaj by day 
hy heedleuneis, as men are wonl to do, do thou remove the fault and 
complete it, 

2. Do not, O destroyer ofsin, devote us, in contempt, to destruction^ 
nor to thy anger, O wrathful. 

3. For our happiness wo satisfy thy mind with hymns, O Varuna, 
as the charioteer iatii/let his jaded horse with food. 

4. For my thoughts, free from anger, tend to the acquiring of a 
life that is rich in wealth, as birds to their nests. 

5. When shall wo call hither for our happiness Varuna, the guardian 
of strength, the leader of men, whose eye is far-seeing ? 

G. May Mitra and Varuna enjoy this sacrifice which is in common 
to both ; desirhig the welfare of the wonhipper, who performs the pious 
rites, they are not heedless. 

7. May he who knows the path of the birds, roaming through the 
ether, knows the sea built ships, 

8. Who, honoured by the performance of pious rites, knows the 
twelve months, fertile with oflspring, who knows alio the month which 
is born after them, 

9. Who knows the course of the far moving, mighty, lovely, wind, 
knows the Godi who dwell above, may he liberate uefrom ourfetten, 

1 0. Varuna, to whom pious rites are performed, who enjoys the un- 
blemished sacrifice, dwells among his subjects for dominion's sake. 

1 1 . The sage beholds all the wonderful works, hitherto performed 
by him (Varuna) and those also, which he is to perform in future. 

12. May Aditi*s son, worshipped with unblemished sacrifices, give 
that every day we walk a good path ; may he give us a long life. 

1 3. Varuna, wearing a golden mail-coat has protected with it his stout 
bothj : rays that touch the gold, are every where reflected. 

1 4 . Those that rejoice in injury, do not wish to injure him, nor those 
that rejoice in the mischief of mortals, nor those that are sinful. 

1 5. He also satisfies men with abundance of food, eatiefiee our hunger. 
IG. To him, worthy to be beheld by many, turn my longing prayers, 

as cows to the stable. 

* lljrmn in prtiie of Vtrunt. lUilii 8«ntlii6pt, Meirt OftralH. 

2-1 Riy rHita Sanhilii. 

17. We iliall iiiileeil converse agnin, since by me llie iweet libaliom 
h preiiRTcd, mil) lince tlion, like the prieat, psrtiikest of tlic wclcome/oot/. 

18. or A IrutU I belield him, worthy (o he LeIieM by all, I Leliilil 
hU chariot on the earth, he listened to these my praises. 

19. Hear, Vorunn, this my invocation, do gladden us tliis day, for 
my protection 1 jiroy thee. 

20. Tlion, wise, swoyest over all the heavens and all llie earth ; 
for our weirnrc bear i(*. 

21. Save na, for the anke ofonr life, from the fetters of ibe hewl. of 
tlie waist, and of the feet. 


1. Dress tbee then, Q giinrOion of fooil, wbo nrt worllty of llie 
sacrifice, dreaa t|ice with thy clothes of fiamei, mid perrurm this our 

2. til down, lovely Agni, sacrificcr of eternal youtb, resplendent 
with glory, extolled by words of praise. 

3. For a fulher gives to Mi son. n relation to Ait relation, a lovely 
ricnd to hit friend, tlo thou in like manaer fulfil our withet. 

4. Let the destroyers of enemies, Varunn, Milra and Aryamui be 
seated on our tacred straw, as a man tilt at the lacrifice of the ihdy. 

5. ancient aaerificer, be glad by our offering and our companioii- 
s)iip. Do ihon listen well to onr praises. 

<). Altbongli we tlaily perform ample sncriEices In oilier and ntlicr 
gods, yet to tliee is offered the oblation. 

7, Be OUT friend, protector of man, thou lovely sacrificer, wlio 
rejoicest. May via alto, possessors of auspicious fire, be his friends. 

8. For shining prietla, possessed of auspicious fire, bold our lovely 
tacrifice i possessed of auspicious fire, we pray to thee. 

0. Then let there be mutual praises of both, of thee, the immortal, 
and of us, the mortals. 

10. Agni, with ell fires accepting this sacrifice and praise, bestow 
food on us, thou son of strength, 

* Utinn ill pnliK af Agni. I{»lii mil mcire ilic nine. 

jRf> Vida Sahkitd. 25 

Twenty-seventh Hymn.* 

1 . We are ready to praise thee with pious songs, O Agni, the sole 
lord of sacrifices, as we would praise a loHy-lailed hone.f 

2. May the son of strength who proceeds with wide strides, ^ 
gracious to us ; may he be a donor of riches to us. 

3. O all-pcrTading A^fni, near and far always protect us from mor* 
tnh that are our enemies. 

I. Do, O Agni, proclaim to the gods tliis our sacrifice and this new 

5. Let us enjoy the food of the highest and of the middle places 
(of the heaven and the atmosphere,) give u$ the wealth of the nearest 

6. O thou of various splendour, thou dividest wealthy as the waves 
uf a river near the banks divide themselves. Thou givest forthwith 
rain to the worshipper. 

7. The mortal, whom thou defendest in battle, whom thou eucour* 
ngcst to the field, can always bestow food. 

8. O destroyer, there is no conqueror of the sacrificer, who trusts 
in ihee, his power is renowned. 

9. Worshipped by all mortals, may he finish the battle with the 
horses ; called by sages, may he be a donor. 

1 0. O thou, known by praise, attend this sacrifice for the aceomplbh- 
ment of the rites which every man lias to perform. The sacri/eer offers 
thcc, the terrible, worthy praise. 

I I. May for the sake of the pious rite and iht food, the great infinite 
Agni whose standard is smoke, whose lustre b great, favour us. 

12. May the radiant Agni, the divine messenger, hear us who ap» 
preach him with praises, as a wealthy king hears the praises of his 

13. Adoration be to the great yods, adoration to the lesMr, adoration 
to (he youths, adoration to the old. We sacrifice to the gods, while we 
arc able ; ye gods, may I not interrupt the praise of any god that is 

* llymo in prmw: of Afni from v. 1 lo 13 of tlie Viiwa D^ftt V. 13. Tht Mine 
I'mlubh metre. 
t riic meaning is ai « loof -taiM horM drifCf ettilf airiy flief, to ihoa drifsti airay 

\M\h (he fire Uiy foc«. 

2fi /ti> nja Sttukita. 


1. Wliero (lie wiJe-basciZ stone is raised for the preparing of tiM 
libnlion, there, O Indrn, knowcst Ihou the taite ofthc liquid, prepared 
by the mortar, nnJ driitkest. 

2. Wliere like two hips, the aacrilieiul resaeli are expanded, there, 

3. Where the housewife knows the egress and the entrance (of the 
honse,) there, &c. 

A. Where they apply the wood to liffAlJlre by friction, as rciiii are 
applieii to tnme a horse, there. &c. 

5. Although lliou, O mortar, art used for every work in every house, 
here emit a mighty souuJ as the drums of the conqueror*, 

G. Aud before (hec, O wood, a strong wind is raised by the bloiei <ff 
the pettle, therefore, O mortar, prepare the moonplaiit juice for the 
drinking of Indra. 

7. You mortar and peille, may ye that perform the sacrifice and 
give ahundant food, agnin emit a clear sound like the golden coloured 
horses o/Iiitlra that ent their fuud. 

8. Mny ye two pieces of excfUent wood, together with the excellent 
prietts, offering the lil^alion, prepare the sweet tacryfce for Indra. 

9. What of the sacrifice remains, carry away iu vessels, place the 
libwion in vesaels of Kusu, keep it in the akin of the cow. 


1. Although we are, as it were, without renown, O truthful drinker 
of the moonplantjuice, yet speedily render thou us renowned, O wealthy 
Indra, by the gii\ of cows and of a thousand horses. 

2. O god of the mnjeslic nose, mighty lord of food, thy powei ii 
tnani/ett every \ehere. Speedily, &c. 

3. Let fall a&Ieep Yaiua'a two metsfngers that are seen together. 
I^t them unawakeiied sleep. Speedily, Sic. 

* nimn in prmiw of IniJiu, (v. I Id 4) of lliu morlBr UM>I lor pnpanni Uie —ctiitt. 
(v. 6-6) of ll>emorlaraailiiallc,(f. I lo H.) BnJ liullr uHUa GaI llariclwwlra.Br tA 
ibc (liin uied for Ibe libilion, ur of lite lilnlian ilwK. 'Hcuino Ituhu Mctru AniHlulih 

t Mitnn in pniM ol India. Tin tint Itubi, Meln rittkli. 

Rig Vida Sanhitd. 27 

4. Let sleep those our/oei, not oflering gifts, let our friends, offer- 
ing gifts, be awnke. Speedilj, &c. 

5. SIaj, O Indra, the ass praising thee with that Ticious voice. 
Speedily, &c. 

6. Let the storm in its tortuous path fall afar on the forest. Speedi- 
ly, &c 

7. Kill every slanderer, slay the cruel enemy. Speedily, Ac. 

Thirtieth Hymn.* 

1. In desire of food we sprinkle with our libation, like a well, 
your Indra, the powerful Satakratu, 

2. Who like water, running into a valley, approaches a hundred, 
nay a thousand, of purified well prepared libations. 

3. For the pleasure of the mighty Indra, do the libation$ approach 
him, he holds them all in his belly, like the sea the water, 

4. This libation also i« ready for thee, do thou attend to it like the 
pigeon to his pregnant ma/f, thou hast also accepted of this our praise. 

5. Guardain of wealth, praised in songs, O hero, mayest thou, whose 
praise is proclaimed by m, be gracious to ui with thy might. 

6. Assist us, O Satakratu, with thy help in this fight. In other 
things aUot thou and I, meet in converse. 

7. We, the friends of Indra, mvoke m every rite, m every fight the 
help of the mightiest Indra. 

8. If he hears our invocation, he will indeed approach us with a 
thousand helps and with food. 

9. In sight of the ancient house (the heaven,) I invoke the man 
who goes to many iacrificen^ thee, whom of old my father invoked. 

10. We implore thee, beloved by all, called by many, thee, O 
friend, who vouchsafest a home, to grant thy favour to those who 
praise thee. 

1 1 . Bestow, drinker of the juice, on us, the drinkers of the juice, thy 
friends, abundant cow9 with wide jaws, beitow them, O friend, wielder 
of the thunderbolt. 

1 2. Let thus it be, O drinker of the juice, friend, armed with the 

* Hymn in prtMe of Indrt, (v. I lo 8,) of ihe Aiwinn, (v. 17 to 19,) of I b« dawn 
(v.20to22,)thcnme Rvhi. Metre GAjratn (r. I lo IS tnil 17 lo 23.) v. 16Trirtabli. 

28 Uig I'hlit Sa>ihU<i. 

thunderbolt, do thou thus net that we wish Ihij favour Tor the sake of 
onr desire, 

13. When Iiidrn rejuices wilh it», let iis, fiossencd uf food, likve 
toiet that give nbuiidant milk, tUnt src strong, in which we rejoice. 

H. Let another god, like thee, powerful, hy thy grant obtuneil, 
implored by the praising prietta, bring ua the fulfilment of our wishei, 
as a wheel is brought to ilie chariut, 

15. What wcallh is tlcsirahlc, do ihou, O Satakratii, be picued to 
bring it for those who prnise th ec, ae n wheel i< brought by the Ubour 
of the arliaan. 

16. Always conquered Indra with his foaming, neighing, panting 
horses,'the wealth o/foei. Through our worship he haj given the guhleu 
chariot, he haa given us gifts fur our enjoyment. 

17> Aswins, come with food, heatoned by you, that renders us rich 
in horses. May, Ay your favour, donors, our houae he rich in cow*, 
bo rich in gold. 

IB. For yonr immortal chariot lo tohiek the Aoriet are yoked fur 
both of you, proceeds, ye donors, throngh the atmosphere. 

19. You rested one wheel of your chariot on the summit of the im- 
moveable tiionnlain, the other rolls ihrongii the heavens. 

20. Which mortal is now thy delight, immortal dawn, who lovesl 
praise T Whom doest thou approncli, niiglity goddess T 

21. We indeed, do not know from nigh or from n far thy shape, 
O roary-coloureJ, radiant, all-pervading Jawn. 

22. Approach thou, daughter of Heaven, with this food ; bestow 
wealth upon us. 

TiiinTV-FinGT IIvuN.* 

1. Thou, Agni, wasl first the Itishi Angirns, tiien thou iiecamesl a 
god, the lovely companion of the goda. The wise Rlaruta, in shiuing 
armour clad, who know the sacred rites, were born at liiy sacrifice. 

2. Thou, O Agni, lirsl iho sage Angiras, adorn nt (be ceremonies of 
Ihe gods, (bou who, for the favour of all the worlds, art every where 
spread, llion wise, from two parents born, who for the sake of man 
d Welles t at every place, 

* Hrnia iQ praiw of Agni ; Itulil IlinayaiU'ipa, At Mn at Mclra itiriubl>, 
(t.llsTiOla iSsndn,] V»Tal(, (v. 8, 16 and IB.) 

Rig Vida Sanhitd. 29 

3. Thou, O Agni, prior than the wind, be mnnirest to the $aeri/eer, 
vrhOf desirous of propitious rites, adores thee. Seeing thy mighty heareti 
niiil enrth shook ; then broughtest the sacred utensils to the sacrifice 
for >Thich the priest is elected ; thou, O guardian of the house, didst 
manifest the great gods. 

4. Thou, O Agni, hast opened the heaven to Manu ; to Pururavasa 
who performed pious rites, wast thou a great benefactor. When thou, bj 
friction art emitted from thy parents, then they carry thee to the east^ 
and ngtiin to the west. 

f). Thou, O Agni, the donor of gifts, the increaser of wealth, art 
worthy to be praised by the taeriJSeer who raises the ressel, who knows 
well the invocation and the ceremonial prayers. Thou, O Agni, who 
snppliest food, doest protect man. 

G. Thou, O Agni, makest that a man walking in the path of vice, 
is leading a worthy life, thou O Sage, who, when the battle, so welcome 
to heroes, is near, with a few killest many. 

7. Thou, O Agni, for the sake of food keepest tlmt man in an im« 
mortal state from day to day who is anxious to obtain the twofold kind 
of living wealth (man and cattle.) To such a sage thou givest happi- 
ness and food. 

8. Thou, O Agni, worthy of praise, render for the sake of my wealth, 
render my $on a renowned performer of pious rites. Let us increase bj 
a new son, given by thee, the taered rites. Ye heaven and earth, with 
the other gods, do protect us. 

9. Thou blameless Agni, dwelling near the parents (heaven and 
earth) who a god, under the gods, art watching, do thou, creating the 
bodies of our children, attend to us ; be gracious to the performer of 
rites ; thou, O wealthy, bestowest all riches. 

10. Thou, O Agni, art gracious ; thou art a father to u$, thou a 
preserver of our life ; we are thy family, O thou whom nought can injure, 
to thee, surrounded by heroes, the preserver of the ceremonies, flow 
riches, a hundredfold, nay, a thousandfold. 

1 1. The gods at first made thee, O Agni, when thou livedst in liu« 
mAii shape, the general of the man Nnhusha. They made Ila, the 
tlavyhter of Mnnu, his teacher, when the son of my father was bom. 

12. Thou, O praiseworthy god Agni, with thy help protect us, the 
wenUhy, and the life of our tons. Do watch over the cows of the son of 
my sou J for he always watches over thy rites. 

30 Rig f't-'l'i HaiiAM. 

13. 'I'lioii, Agni, tlie rcnJy guarilian of tlie untiriug Mcriricer, 
bnntest vritli fonr eyes. Tliou inJecd art longing in thy miitd for llic 
liymn or the prniaiiig /iriN/ vilio olTera [he ucreJ liultet to lliec, wlia 
lioest no hnrm, who ituest protect. 

14. Thou, O Agni, wishest fur the prniaoworlhy sncrilieer excellent 
Mealth, tlint ia desirable. Thou intent to protect the weak sacrlficcr, art 
enlled (i father ; thou, O wise, watch over the infant nnil the heavenly 
((110 rl era. 

i 5. Tliou, O Agni, as ni) unpiercenlilc hrcnst-ptate protects Ihe wop- 
rwr, guarJest every where the man who gives to the priest (he due 
reward ; he who wiih sweet fooil dilighdng the gutit in his liome offers 
the victim, is alike heaven, 

16. Forgive us, O Agni, this deviation from the rile and this patli 
which we walk far from thy worship ; for thou, to he obtained u a pro- 
vidiog fatlier, settest aright Ike eeremoniet of the sacrilicer manifesting 

\7. Like n man, O Agni, like Angiraa, O Angina, like Yay&ti, like 
men of ohl, come hither to Ihe taei-ifiee, bring the divine host ; let iheni 
■it oiV'the sncrcd straw, and oiFer the welcome tacrifice, 

18. Do thou, Agni, increase with this prayer, which we ofTered 
tliee according to our power nnd our wisdom ; do tbou guide ni la 
greater ncaltli, and confer on ns provident wisdom, that bestows food. 


1 . I shnll now proclaim the mighty deeds which Indra, armed with 
the thunderbolt, jierformed of old. First he slew Ahi (the cloud), then 
lie poured out the waters, divided the torrents of the mountains. 

2. He slew Ahi, who took refuge to the mountain. Tashtri made 
him the praiseworthy thunderbolt ; as cows to their caWei, *o the ri- 
vers hurried to the sea. 

3. Indrn. going forth as the hull, desired the lihntion ; lie drank at 
the three sacriiices the ready juice. Maghavan, seiiiug hit weapon, the 
thunderbolt, struck the first-born of the clouds. 

4. When thou, O Indra, didst strike the lirst-horn of the cloud*, 
then didst ihou indeed destroy the delusions of tiie dcluders (the Asur>), 

■ llyxiu <a |>ra.M! of l«At* ; ll.c wiiiu ll<.l<> , iiiclrc I'mlubli. 

J?fy rrc/0 SanAiid. 31 

(hfn producing the sun, the sky and the dawoi didst thou in truth not 
discover ani/ more a foe. 

;». Iiidra struck with his thunderbolt Vrittm, reiled in night, with 
mighty blow shuttering his shoulders, as trees are felled by the axe ; 
down to the earth was Alii thrown. 

G. Vrittra, like a warrior whom none equals, with wicked joy cal- 
led out Indra, the mighty hero, who slays many, the destroyer of 
foes ; he did not escape to be counted with the number of his slain. In* 
f1ra*s foe raised the rirers by hUfalL 

7. Without hands and feet he provoked to battle Indra, who dash* 
ed hi9 thunderbolt on Fritira*9 neck ; Vrittra, like a eunuch aping a 
man, was stretched with mangled members to tke grcmnd. 

8. The waters gladdening the heart of man, rush over him, as he 
lies there stretched, as over the broken banks of a rirer. Ahi lies 
stretched at the feet of the waters, which Vrittra by his rastness held 

f). The mother of Vrittra was lying athwart (to protect her ton) 
above her strtick Indra Mm fatal weapon. Above was the parent, un- 
flenieadi the son, Dana (the mother) slept the sleep of death, as with 
the cM ilerps the cow. 

10. The waters rush over Vrittra*s headless body, tlirown in the 
midst of the restless, never-ceasing waves ; the foe of Indra sleeps the 
profound darkness of death, 

\ 1 . The waters, whose husband was the oppressor, whose guardian 
was Ahi, were held refrained, as the cows by Paiii. Having slain 
Vrittra, Indra brust open the cavern of the waters that was locked up. 

12. Thou wast like the horse*s tail (which easily drives off flies) 
() Indrn, when that one god wiihont rqnal attacked tlie# with his wea« 
pon, thou didst sciie the cows, seize, O hero, the libation, thou gavest 
leave to the seven rivers to run their eonne, 

13. Not the lightning, made against Indra, not the thunder, not the 
rnin and lightning, which Vrittra brought forth, kept Indra back, when 
Indra and Ahi fought. Maghavan, although attacked with other de» 
lifsions, was victorious. 

11. If fear approached thy heart, after thou hadst slain Aht, whom 
sAwest thou else as the slsycr of Ahi, for like the terrified falcon thou 
crosscdsl over nine and ninety rivers. 

33 Jtiff f'ida SanhitA. 

13, IndrH the king of ihe movcabk nuil immovenble, and of the 
lamed horn -1 leaded cuttle, Indra llie thunderUult in his liaiid:>, dwrll* 
in heaven as the king of men ; like the wheel the spokes, tu embracei 
ludra thnl all. 

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