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This short genealogical history of the Fisher family was under- 
taken primarily for my children. It has been the intention to bring 
together genealogical material not already assembled, although much 
valuable work has been done previously in separate lines. However, 
diligent research was required, and numerous historical accounts of 
immigration, settlements of frontiers, and county histories have 
been carefully read, many court records deciphered, and hundreds 
of letters written. 

Most sincere thanks are expressed to those members of other 
branches of the family who have lent aid so generously. 

Numbers placed before names of individuals are for convenience 
and do not indicate the number of descendants, many of whom have 
not been included A page number placed in parentheses at the left 
margin before a name indicates where the short biographical sketch 
of that individual may be found. 

G. F. H. 

June 1, 1942. 



SEBASTIAN FISHER, a native of Germany, with his wife 
Susanna and their two small children, embarked for England at 
Rotterdam, Holland, on July 28, 1708. Just how long they had been 
in Holland is uncertain, but they embarked with a group of emigrants 
from devastated regions of Germany, mostly from the Palatinate 
which suffered even more than other regions from the terrible 
scourges of wars that Germany had been engaged in for a long time. 
Queen Anne of England invited these people to go to England, and 
promised that they should be sent later to America to settle in new 
homes. It was in one of the boatloads of these Germans that Sebas- 
tian left for England. 

The case of Sebastian Fisher was different from the majority 
of these emigrants, although some were similar. He was a refugee, 
according to tradition that seems to have some foundation in fact, 
who was obliged to leave Germany, losing his title and estate, because 
he had become involved in the poaching laws. However, there was 
more to it all than a mere infringement of poaching laws. He was 
heir to a vast estate on which the more modern part of Hannover has 
since been built. His family was important enough in political affairs 
for him to incur the displeasure of those in power with whom he 
had disagreed politically. Hence, the necessity for leaving his home- 
land with only what means he could carry with him. 

Sebastian Fisher was a man of good intellect, and he had received 
a good education from the standpoint of those days, probably at a 
German University. He possessed a great amount of courage and 
tenacity of purpose. Hardships and misery visited all the emigrants 
alike, for there was inadequate provision made for them in England, 
and it was almost as bad after they arrived in America a year later. 

On the 13th or 14th of June. 1709, Sebastian and Susanna Fisher 
reached New York with only one of their children surviving. It was 
necessary for all these immigrants to have shelter provided and 
rations of food and clothing until they could get established and 
provide these things for themselves. There were others among them 
beside Sebastian Fisher who had money with them, but supplies 
could not be bought in those days. Many were given work on a pro- 
ject established for them, but trouble came almost at once between the 
Germans and the English Colonists. Small villages were built along 
the Hudson River on the Livingston Manor in which to house the 
German immigrants, and in 1711 Sebastian Fisher lived at Annsburg, 
one of the villages. Later he was at Berne, N. Y. He was one of the 
men who engaged in trying to get justice for his countrymen. Sev- 
eral excellent accounts of the German immigrants have been con- 
sulted by the compiler, among them, Early Eighteenth Century 

Palatine Emigration by W. A. Knittle, and Oscar Rutins' The Ger- 
man and Swiss Settlements of Colonial Pennsylvania : A Study of 
the So-called Pennsylvania Dutch. 

Before 1717 Sebastian Fisher and others purchased and paid for 
land in the Schoharie Valley and removed to Gerlachsdorf, which 
was at first called Neu Cassell. Cassell in Germany was at that time 
the seat of one branch of this Fisher family to which Sebastian 
Fisher belonged. "Deutches Geschlecter Buch," a compilation of 
many volumes, states that members of this family were emigrants at an 
early date to North America, it being the only Fisher family of which 
this fact was recorded. They bore the same Christian names as did 
the early American branch, Sebastian and Adam, for instance, and 
were men of higher learning, holding responsible positions. It may 
be of interest to note here that at the beginning of this century a 
well-to-do descendant of Sebastian Fisher sent a lawyer to Hannover, 
Germany, to look into a supposed fortune due the American branch. 
Needless to say the trip bore no results except to verify some of the 
family traditions. 

The German immigrants who purchased land in the Schoharie 
Valley in New York state could get no title to their land for the 
reason that the English had no title from the Indians. Since the 
immigrants had paid their money in good faith they were angry and 
disgusted when this became known to them. 

In the spring of 1723 fifteen families, including Sebastian Fisher, 
decided to go to Pennsylvania, hoping for better treatment than they 
had received in New York. They traveled across the Schoharie Valley 
to the Susquehanna River. There they built boats and rafts, and with 
their families proceeded down the Susquehanna to the mouth of 
Swatara creek, a distance of about 150 miles. Ascending the Swatara 
they crossed over the watershed into Tulpehocken Valley which is 
about seventeen miles northwest of the present city of Reading, Pa. 
Here they prospered and others joined them, from New York and 
from Germany. At first there was trouble in procuring title to their 
land, and a petition is recorded in Pennsylvania Archives regarding 
the matter. To this petition Sebastian Fisher signed his name in 
Latin. Although he was taxed in 1725, it is doubtful if Sebastian 
Fisher ever received title to any land in Pennsylvania. Dr. Charles A. 
Fisher, Selinsgrove, Pa., genealogist for the Fisher and many other 
Pennsylvania families, states that he has searched thoroughlv and has 
found no record of title. 

Sebastian Fisher helped to found two of the oldest Lutheran 
churches in Pennsylvania. Reeds, or Reids, Lutheran Church situated 
about two miles east of the present town of Stouchsburg. and the 
Tulpehocken Lutheran Church, now Christ Church, about a mile 
southwest of Stouchsburg. Reeds Church was founded in 1727, (and 
in 1730 they built a log schoolhouse near the church and hired a 
schoolmaster). When the Reeds, who were of the fifteen families 

who came from N. Y. began to lean toward the Moravian doctrine, 
Sebastian Fisher headed a list of 150 members who withdrew from 
Reeds Church in 1743 and founded the Tulpehocken Church. Se- 
bastian's name was signed to many petitions — for roads, and for 
other improvements. Sometimes he signed as "Sebastine Piscator." 
His name has not been found in the Pennsylvania records since 
1743. Dr. Charles A. Fisher who has so kindly furnished so much 
material on the Pennsylvania history of the family thinks that he 
may have migrated with one of his sons or perhaps returned to New 
York state. The compiler offers the suggestion that he may have gone 
to Virginia. The opportunity has not come during any one of the 
compiler's several trips east to search the o'.d Fisher graveyards in 
Virginia, but there is some likelihood that his grave may be found 

No record of Susanna Fisher seems to have been found, but she 
bore one child after the removal to Tulpehocken, Pa. 

Children : 


(7)2. Ludwig (Lewis or Lawrence) Fisher, b. probably ca. 1706; 
d. Jul. 1773; m. Barbara Blankenbaker ; 

3. George Ulrich Fisher, b. ca. 1712; d. 1770; m. 

4. Peter Fisher, b. Oct. 4, 1714; d. ; m. Dorothea Ball; 
(10) 5. John Jacob Fisher, b. ca. 1720; d. 1803; m. Mary Elizabeth 

Frederick ; 

(11)6. Ann Elizabeth Fisher, b. ca. 1722 ; d. 1777 ; m. John Anspach ; 
(11)7. John Adam Fisher, b. ca. 1724; d. March, 1783. 



Ludwig (Lewis) Fisher (Sebastian) whose name seems to have 
been erroneously translated Lawrence in some instances, was, ac- 
cording to evidence from widely separated sources, the one surviving 
child of Sebastian and Susanna Fisher when they arrived in America. 
Mr. Charles B. Heinemann who furnished a very substantial portion 
to the compiler of the material on this branch, states that he hasn't 
the slightest doubt that Ludwig Fisher and Adam Fisher of Hamp- 
shire County, Va. (proven to have been a son of Sebastian) were 
of the same family, but that he has no proof that they were. Mem- 
bers of the compiler's family, which is that of Adam of Hampshire 
County. Va., have been closely associated with proven descendants 
of Ludwig, or Lewis, Fisher in Missouri for more than one hun- 
dred years, and there has never been a doubt that they were all de- 
scended from the same immigrant ancestor. ' 

Lawrence Fisher appears on the tax list in Tulpehocken, Pa. in 
1732 with Sebastian Fisher, but in no published history has the com- 
piler found the German equivalent, Lorenz. Lawrence and Ludwig 
must have been the same person ; it cannot be otherwise, for on the 
Subsistance List in New York state in 1717, Sebastian and Susanna 
Fisher are credited with only three children, who were — the eldest, 
born in Germany; George Ulrich Fisher, born in N. Y. in 1712, died 
in Berks Co.. Pa. 1770; Peter Fisher, born Oct. 4, 1714, near Berne, 
N. Y. Furthermore, from Morton L. Montgomery's Historical and 
Biographical Annals of Berks County, Pa. is quoted: "It is traditional 
that this branch of the Fisher family had its origin in Sebastian 
Fisher who in 1723 * * * came from Schoharie Valley, N. Y. and 
settled in Tulpehocken and Heidelberg townships. In 1759 these 
Fishers were taxables in Heidelberg township ; Jacob who paid 
twenty pounds, Ulrich who paid five pounds, and Adam and Ludwig 
who paid one pound each; and from one of these ancestors * * *." 
Ludwig Fisher was then a resident of Virginia, and may have been 
a non-resident land owner. 

Shortly before 1736 Ludwig Fisher was married to Anna Barbara 
Blankenbaker, daughter of Balthaser Blankenbaker. The Blanken- 
bakers were recent arrivals from Germany. They, with the Garrs 
and others, migrated to Spottsylvania Co., Va., and settled on ad- 
joining lands at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and between 
the Robinson and Rapidan Rivers, in what is now Madison Co., Va. 

Records in Spottsylvania, Orange, and Culpeper Counties con- 
tain many entries concerning Ludwig Fisher. Often he is called 
Lewis Fisher. At least once the name is spelled Lodowick. Lewis 
Fisher was often in court to sue for debt. Once he was charged with 
assault and battery. On the 29th of October, 1753, Ludwig Fisher 
witnessed the will of Lorenz (written Larence) Garr. 

In Henning's Statutes, Vol. VII, p. 22-23, Lewis Fisher is men- 
tioned as a foot soldier in the Culpeper Militia in March, 1756. 

Lewis Fisher's will was proved Julv 19, 1773, and is given here 
in full : 

"In the name of God, Amen. I, Lewis Fisher of Culpeper County, 
being in a low state of health, but sound and perfect memory, thanks 
be to Almighty God for it, and calling to mind the uncertainty of 
this-worldly affairs, have thought fit to make and ordain this my 
last will and testament, in manner and form following: 

"I desire my body may be buried in such decent and Christian-like 
manner as my Executors shall think fit. and as to those worldly goods 
wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me. I will and bestow in man- 
ner and form following, viz. : 

"I give and bequeath to my loving wife, Barbara Fisher, all my 
personal estate, to dispose of as she shall think proper. Likewise I lend 
to my loving wife the plantation and land whereon I now do live, 

during her life ; after her decease I give it to my son, Barnet Fisher. 
It is my will that Barnet Fisher and Adam Fisher shall pay my son 
Stephen Fisher twenty pounds, as the land I gave them was of more 
value than Stephen's. Barnet must pay fifteen pounds and Adam 
five pounds, which is the difference of their lands. 

"Also my will is if my Germany estate should be recovered it 
should be equally divided among all my children. And I do hereby 
constitute and appoint my sons, Stephen Fisher and Adam Fisher, 
joint Executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking 
and disannulling all other will or wills, testament or testaments, be- 
fore made by me. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand 
and seal, this fourth day of February, One Thousand Seven Hundred 
and Seventy-three." 

Sealed and delivered in the presence of John Tompkins, Jacob 
Wilhoit, Mark Finks. 

Lewis Fisher was buried on his plantation a few miles from Crig- 
lersville, Madison Co., Va. No one of his descendants by the name 
of Fisher remained in Virginia, all his sons having removed to 
Kentucky after the close of the Revolutionary War. A daughter and 
her husband were at one time living on the old Lewis Fisher place, 
but nothing further is known of these Virginia descendants. 

Children : 

(13) 8. Stephen Fisher, b. 1736; d. 1817 ; m. Mary Magdalene Garr ; 

(14) 9. Adam Fisher, b. 1740; d. July 5, 1812; m. Elizabeth Garr; 
(15) 10. Eve Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Mark Fink; 

(15)11. Elizabeth Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Nicholas Wilhoit; 

(15) 12. Nicholas Fisher, b. ; d. ; 

(16) 13 Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Michael Souther; 

(16) 14. Barnett Fisher, b. 1752; d. Jan. 29, 1824; m. Eve Wilhoit. 


George Ulrich Fisher (Sebastian) was born in New York state 
about 1712, and died in Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pa., 
about 1770. He was a farmer and in 1765 was a trustee of the Alta- 
laha Lutheran Church at Rehersburg, Pa. His wife's name has not 
been obtained. 

Children : 

14. Martin Fisher ; 

15. Paul Fisher; 

16. Catherine Fisher; 

17. Magdalene Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Daniel Angst; 

18. Barbara Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Adam Redenbach. 



Peter Fisher (Sebastian) was born in the vicinity of Berne, X. Y.. 
Oct. 4, 1714. according to records in the Schoharie Lutheran Church. 
Tradition says that Peter Fisher was married to Dorothea Ball either 
in Albany or Schoharie, N. Y. She may have been his second wife. 
Further information regarding this son of Sebastian Fisher is lack- 
ing, except that he had the following children : 

19. Elizabeth Fisher ; 

20. Anna Margaret Fisher ; 
21 Dorothea Fisher. 

John Jacob Fisher (Sebastian) was born in the Schoharie Valley. 
N. Y., about 1720. He was very small when his family brought him 
to the wild, Indian inhabited Tulpehocken Valley in what is now 
Berks County, Pa. 

On December 9, 1743, John Jacob Fisher was married to Mary 
Elizabeth Frederick, daughter of John Frederick. In the spring of 
the same year Jacob and his father were among the founders of 
Tulpehocken (Christ) Lutheran Church near Stouchsburg. Pa. In 
1747, he and his wife deeded five acres of land to this church. He 
was an elder in this church for many years. 

In 1771, the Rev. Frederick A. Muhlenberg wrote in his diary 
that he met "old man Fisher" at the home of "J. F." The latter was 
probably Jacob's son John who lived at this time six miles east of 
the Susquehanna River in what is now Jordon Township. Northum- 
berland County, Pa. Dr. Charles A. Fisher, a descendant of John 
Jacob Fisher, who has furnished so much information on this branch, 
believes that it was on this visit to his son that John Jacob Fisher 
examined the Isle of Que land which he bought in 1773 from the 
missionary's father and mother. 

Jacob, as he was known, was too old for active duty in the Revolu- 
tionary War. but he served on a relief committee in Tulpehocken 
Township. Reference to this patriotic service is mentioned in Amer- 
ican Archives. 

Jacob Fisher and his wife are buried in the cemetery of the church 
which they helped to found. His will was recorded' at Reading in 
1803. and it mentions the following children: 

(17)22. John Adam Fisher, b. Oct. 7, 1744; d. 1825; m. Mary 
Elizabeth Ried ; 

23. J«.hn Fisher, b. 1746; d. ; m. Magdalene, probably 

daughter of Peter Meffert ; 


24. Anna Catherine Fisher, b. 1747; d. 1837; m. Christian 

Noecker ; 

25. Magdalene Fisher, b. 1749; d. ; m. Jacob Reed; 

26. Christian Fisher, b. 1751 ; d. ; m. Maria Breitenbaugh. 


Ann Elizabeth Fisher (Sebastian) was born in Schoharie Valley, 
N. Y., about 1722, and was brought to Pennsylvania when one year of 
age or less. In 1744 she was married to John Anspach, son of Balthaser 
Anspach, who also came from N. Y. John Anspach was born about 
1720 and died in 1777. His will mentions their children: 

27. John Adam Anspach ; 

28. John Jacob Anspach ; 

29. Eva Christina Anspach ; 

30. John Peter Anspach ; 

31. Mary Elizabeth Anspach. 


John Adam Fisher (Sebastian) founder of the West Virginia 
branch, was the youngest child of Sebastian and Susanna Fisher, 
and was born after they removed to Pennsylvania. No birth record 
has been found, but proof of his place of birth and of his parentage 
has been established. In the old Christ Church near Stouchsburg, 
Pa., it is recorded that John Adam Fisher was sponsor for the son 
of his brother, John Jacob and wife, Mary Elizabeth, on Dec. 13, 
1747; and on Sept. 17, 1749, Adam Fisher and Christina Burkstoler 
were sponsors for a child of Peter Wagner. On Aug. 29, 1757, 
Jacob and his wife were sponsors for a daughter of Adam and 
Christina Fisher, named Mary Elizabeth; then on Oct. 29, 1758, 
Jacob and his wife were again sponsors for a child of Adam and 
Christina — a son named John Jacob. The birth of Adam Fisher's 
fourth child, John, is also recorded at Christ Church. 

Christina, wife of Adam Fisher, is believed to have been Christina 
Burkstoler, but there is no proof. Nor is there a record found of the 
birth of their eldest son, Adam Fisher. It is clear, however, that 
when Adam and Christina set out for Virginia to establish a home, 
they were the parents of four little children. 

The land on which Adam Fisher settled was a part of the Lord 
Fairfax Manor, and records and maps show that this was part of the 
land surveyed by the young George Washington. Land on which no 


white man had ever lived, and to the present day it has remained in 
the Fisher family. Hampshire County, Va., where Adam Fisher 
settled was afterward divided, and the Fisher lands were then a 
part of Hardy County. Still later when West Virginia was created. 
Hardv County became a county in the new state. In his will, how- 
ever. Adam called himself Adam Fisher, County of Hampshire, 
which distinguishes him from the other Adam Fishers then living 
in Virginia, among whom were Adam Fisher son of Lewis, in 
Madison County, and in Augusta County. Va.. Adam Fisher, one 
of four brothers who were sons of another Adam Fisher who 
died of small pox near Philadelphia. Pa., in 1757. This father of 
four sons is said to have been a younger son of a nobleman who 
came to America in the 1740s. He may well have been a brother of 
Sebastian, but no effort has been made here to run this branch to 
its source, although the compiler has a lifelong friend, now a resi- 
dent of St. Louis, who is descended from this Fisher line. Mention 
has been made here only because of the proximity of the two dis- 
tinct families in Virginia. Kentucky and later in Missouri. 

At the time that Adam and Christina Fisher left Pennsylvania 
many Indian raids were being experienced in the Tulpehocken Val- 
ley, and some feared that the entire country would be laid waste. 
Conrad Weiser wrote in 1755 that another raid would be the destruc- 
tion of the settlers, but this did not come to pass as he predicted. 
Indian raids occurred in western Virginia too, and there are vivid 
descriptions of them, written by eyewitnesses. With due allow- 
ance made for exaggeration, the facts could have been nothing but 
terrifying to all the settlers. It is believed by some of the family that 
Catherine Fisher, youngest daughter of Adam and Christina, met her 
death in an Indian raid, but it was a subject which her brother. Dr. 
Jacob Fisher would never talk about, but there is no doubt that he 
knew the facts. 

Adam Fisher, too frail and along in years, could not serve in the 
Army during the Revolutionary War, but provided flour and other 
supplies to the Army. Records in Romney. Hampshire Co. in the 
form of a receipt signed by Abel Randall, show that at one date, two 
years before his death Adam Fisher. Senior, furnished six hundred 
and sixty-nine pounds of flour. There are other records, earlier. Three 
of Adam's sons served in the Army. 

Adam Fisher's will was recorded March 11, 1783. The inventory 
<>f his movable property is a history of the lives of these hardy pio- 
neer families. It lists no luxuries, but there was an abundance of the 
necessities. Even in this wilderness they had their books and slates, for 
the education of their children was never neglected. 

Children of Adam and Christina Fisher: 
(18)32. Adam Fisher. 1>. ; d. 1816; m. Jemima Mace; 

33. Mary Elizabeth Fisher. 1». fchr.) Aug. 20. 1757: d. ; 

m. Fbenezer Pettv ; 





(19)34. (John) Jacob Fisher, b. (chr.) Oct. 29, 1758; d. 1839; m. 

Susannah Burns ; 
(21)35. John Fisher, b. (chr.) Sept. 29, 1761 ; d. ; m. 1st., Mary 

Baylor ; 2nd., Levens ; 

(22)36. George Fisher, b. March 1. 1765; d. 1820. 

(23)37. Michael Fisher, b. Sept. 15, 1767; d. Jan. 15, 1824; m. 

Sarah Petty ; 
38. Catherine Fisher, b. ca. 1771; d. 1780s; 
(24)39. Solomon Fisher, b. Feb. 6. 1773; d. May 28, 1841; m. 

Mary Ann Petty. 



Stephen Fisher (Lewis. Sebastian) was the eldest of the children 
of Lewis, or Ludwig, and Anna Barbara Fisher. He was born in 
Culpeper County, Va., in 1736, and remained a resident of that state 
until after the close of the Revolution. During that war he served 
as pack horse master under Col. Bowman, and was wounded in the 
right shoulder during an engagement with the Indians. As soon as 
he recovered he returned and served to the end of the war. He was 
assigned during his service to duty in Kentucky, and after the war he 
began to acquire land in that country ; some was in grants for military 
service, but he sold his lands in Virginia and bought vast holdings 
in Kentucky. His home was in Mercer County, now Boyle County, 
Ky. where he died about May 20. 1817. 

Stephen Fisher's wife, before her marriage was Mary Magdalene 
Garr, and all their descendants have been carefully traced and re- 
corded in The Garr Genealogy, bv John C. Garr, and published in 
1894. Therefore, Stephen's family and his brother (9) Adam 
Fisher's family will not be included here, after this generation. 

Children of Stephen and Mary Magdalene Garr Fisher: 

40. Elizabeth Fisher, b. Dec. 25, 1759; d. 1825; m. Cornelius 

Yeager ; ten children ; 

41. Elias Fisher, b. 1760; d. March 23, 1845; m. Nellie Butler; 

twelve children ; 

42. Mary Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. John Davis; nine children; 

43. Benjamin Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Nellie Slaughter; seven 

children ; 

44. Jemima Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. William Souther, five 

children ; 


45. Agnes Fisher, b. March 21, 1776; d. ; m. John Bigler, 

six children ; 

46. Stephen Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Sarah Bryant; ten 

children ; 

47. Susannah Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Austin S. Slaughter; 

seven children ; 

48. Rosannah Fisher, b. Nov. 25. 1781; d. Nov. 24. 1876; m. 

Col. Martin Hardin ; ten children ; 
40. Elijah Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Elizabeth Wycliffe ; ten 

children ; 
50. Ann Fisher, b. ; d. 1871 ; m. Strother Gaines ; five children. 


Adam Fisher (Lewis. Sebastian) was born in Virginia in 1740. 
He married Elizabeth Garr, daughter of John Adam Garr and sister 
of (8) Stephen Fisher's wife. He served as a private in the First 
Virginia Line Regt. from Culpeper County. Many of his descendants 
have entered the Daughters of the American Revolution through 
this record of service. 

Adam Fisher's activities following the Revolution are very closely 
associated with those of his brother, (8) Stephen, and like him 
Adam went to Kentucky, acquiring a great amount of land and mak- 
ing his home in Mercer County. 

In 1787 Adam Fisher signed a petition in Kentucky with his 
younger brother (13) Barnett and his nephew (41) Elias Fisher 
asking for a right to establish a new state. He died July 5, 1812. 

( hildren : 

51. Simeon Fisher, who lost his life in Cuba on his way to 

Germany in 1810; 

52. Margaret Fisher, b. July 25. 1760; d. Sept. 3. 1824; m. 

Peter Watts ; seven children ; 

53. Susannah Fisher, b. ; d. : m. Joseph Schooling: ten 

children ; 

54. Ann Fisher, b. Nov. 12. 1769; d. Nov. 1, 1825; m. Henry 

F. Kalfus ; nine children ; 

55. Elizabeth Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Daniel Crump; six 

children ; 

56. Jeremiah Fisher, b. Sept. 25, 1777; d. Dec. 5. 1852; m. Mary 

1'.. Slaughter; eight children; 

57. Adam Fisher, b. June 14. 1782; d. Feb. 22, 1860; m. Nancy 

E. Slaughter; four children. 



Eve Fisher (Lewis, Sebastian) married Mark Fink, and seems to 
have remained in Virginia. There are undoubtedly many records of 
this family in Culj)eper County, Va., and in the present County of 
Madison, but nothing is at hand except the following list of their 
children : 

58. John Fink, b. ; d. ; m. Nancy Wilhoit ; went to Mis- 

souri; eleven children; 

59. Elias Fink ; 

60. James Fink ; 

61. Joel Fink, b. ; d. ; m. Francis Wilhoit; went to Ralls 

County, Mo. ; four children ; 

62. Mark Fink; 

63. Lewis Fink, b. Nov. 1, 1788; d. Nov. 2, 1873; m. Juriah 

Berry ; ten children. 


Elizabeth Fisher (Lewis, Sebastian) married Nicholas Wilhoit of 
Danville, Ky., son of John and Peggy Weaver Wilhoit, -whose 
daughter, Eve, became the wife of Elizabeth Fisher's brother Barnett 

Children of Elizabeth and Nicholas Wilhoit : 

64. Lewis Wilhoit, b. June, 1764; d. May 21, 1840; m. Rosannah 

Blankenbaker ; eight children; 

65. Barnett Wilhoit, m. Nancy Broiles; 

66. Nicholas Wilhoit, m Smith ; 

67. James Wilhoit, unmar. ; killed by lightning ; 

68. Margaret Wilhoit, m. John W. Yeager (one record says 

Joseph) ; 

69. Nancy Wilhoit, m. Elisha Emery ; 

70. Agnes Wilhoit, unmar. 

71. Sampson Wilhoit, m Jackman. 


Nicholas Fisher (Ixwis, Sebastian) has not been properly searched 
for. There is a record in Culpeper County, Va. that would indicate 
that his wife's Christian name was Sylvania. He undoubtedly went to 
Missouri, and probably to the vicinity of Boonville. 



Fisher (Lewis. Sebastian) a daughter of Lewis and Anna 

Barbara Fisher married Michael Souther and lived in Virginia. Her 
given name is so. uncertain that it seems best to omit it altogether. 
Her children were born and grew up in Madison County. Va., and 
their marriages are recorded there. The information given here is 
from The Garr Genealogy. 

72. Elizabeth Souther, b. Dec. 2, 1774; d. Oct. 24, 1854; m. 

Julius Christler ; ten children ; 

73. Abraham Souther, b. Aug. 8, 1776; d. Sept. 10, 1843; m. 

Elizabeth Wilhoit ; nine children ; 

74. Anna Souther, b. Sept. 27, 1778 ; d. May 8, 1853 ; m. Absolom 

Christler ; nine children ; 

75. Julia Souther, b. March. 1782; d. Feb. 28. 1874; m. Felix 

Garr ; eight children ; 

76. Mary Souther, b. Oct. 13, 1786; d. April 20, 1883; m. David 

Wilhoit ; seven children. 


Barnett Fisher (Lewis, Sebastian) was born in 1752, and was mar- 
ried to Eve Wilhoit, daughter of John Wilhoit who was one of four 
brothers who came from Germany. Mr. Charles B. Heinemann, com- 
piler of "Fisher Families of Virginia" has personally furnished the 
material given here, except for such of the more recent generations 
who lived in Missouri, some of whom have been closely associated 
with the present compiler's family. 

On Nov. 19, 1781, Barnett Fisher was given a warrant in Cul- 
peper County, Va., for two hundred pounds of grass beef for the 
Army. He also supplied brandy for the troops, as is recorded on page 
27 of the order book of Culpeper County. 

Following the example of his brothers, Barnett Fisher began ac- 
quiring land in Kentucky. As early as Oct. 15, 1779, he received a 
grant of 500 acres in Jefferson County ; and on March 5, 1782, he re- 
ceived by pre-emption warrant 1000 acres in Mercer County. Other 
grants and patents between 1780 and 1783 amounted to 3,253 acres. 

On April 29, 1786. Bernard Fisher (the English version being 
Barnett), Eve his wife, and Barbara his mother, sold land in Cul- 
I>eper County. Va.. to Leonard Christler and Solomon Carpenter, as 
recorded in deed book N.p. 439 and 444. He first appeared on the 
Mercer County, Ky. tax list in 1789. 

Barnett Fisher died intestate in what was then Mercer County, now 
Boyle County. Ky. and his estate was appraised on Feb. 12, 1824, and 


recorded in will book 8, p. 127. He and his wife, who died Sept. 28, 
1823, are buried in the family burying ground. 

Children : 

(28)77. John Fisher, b. ca. 1770; d. 1834; m. Anne , in Virginia; 

(29)78. Joseph Fisher, b. 1771 ; d. after 1850; m. Milly ; 

(29)79. Margaret Fisher, m. James Smith; 

(30)80. Caleb Fisher, b. June 3, 1776; d. ; m. Peggy Anderson; 

(30)81. Sarah Fisher, b. April 2, 1778; d. 1842 ; m. William Randolph 

(31)82. Fzekial Fisher, b. ; d. May 15, 1848; m. Ann Watts. 


John Adam Fisher (John Jacob, Sebastian) was the eldest son 
of John Jacob and Mary Elizabeth Frederick Fisher. His is the only 
family of this Pennsylvania branch of the Fishers that will be car- 
ried further than the second generation in America, since all the 
descendants of John Jacob Fisher have been traced and included in 
the work that Dr. Charles Fisher of Selinsgrove, Pa. has done. 

John Adam Fisher was named for his uncle, John Adam Fisher, 
founder of the West Virginia branch. He was born Oct. 7, 1744, in 
Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pa., and was married on 
April 26. 1768, to Mary Elizabeth Ried whose family came to 
Pennsylvania at the time of the Fishers' migration. 

In 1774 John Adam removed to the land on the Isle of Que that 
his father had bought from Rev. Henry Melchoir Muhlenburg and 
his wife Mary, daughter of Conrad Weiser. In 1784 Adam pur- 
chased his father's share of this land, and in 1787 he bought at 
sheriff's sale the farm of Benjamin Weiser which joined his land 
on the north. 

From 1779 to 1781 Adam Fisher was road supervisor in Penn 
Township, Snyder County, Pa., and in 1791 he established a ferry 
across the Susquehanna River, the eastern end of which was at the 
village of Fisher's Ferry, and the western end at the present home 
of Michael Oliver and Frank Fisher on the Isle of Que. This ferry 
was the direct route from Berks County and the whole southeastern 
section of the state into the Middle Creek and Penns Valleys which 
were rapidly filling up with settlers from the lower part of the com- 
monwealth. In 1794 he was taxed with a ferry and a store besides 
his land holdings. 

In 1801. he and his sons, Christian and John, contributed heavily 
for the First Lutheran Church in Selinsgrove. In 1807 he bought 
144 acres along the banks of Middle Creek, later owned by his son 
John. In 1811 Adam sold the upper half of the Isle of Que to his 


son, John George, and the lower half to his son. Christian. To the 
present time the lower part remains in the Fisher family in direct 
line of descent. 

Adam Fisher received depreciation pay for Revolutionary service 
in Berks County Militia, and in 1780 he was a private in Lieut. Jacob 
Speece's Company of Rangers from Northumberland County, Pa. 

John Adam Fisher died in Penn Township. Snyder Co.. Pa. on 
Nov. 24. 1825. He and his wife are buried in the old Lutheran ceme- 
tery at Selinsgrove. 

Children : 

83. John Adam Fisher, b. 1769; d. Dec. 12, 1798; m ; 

84. Christian Fisher, b. June 21. 1771; d. 1844; m. 1. Hannah 

Snyder, 2. Elizabeth Snyder Yocum ; 

85. John Fisher, b. April 28. 1773; d. Aug. 19, 1826; m. Cath- 

erine Hosterman ; 

86. Benjamin Fisher, b. 1775; d. ; unmarried; 

87. John George Fisher, b. 1777; d. 1832; m. Mary Magdalene 

Rhoads ; 

88. Peter Fisher, b. 1781; 

(31)90. John Jacob Fisher, b. Jan. 15. 1786; d. July 23. 1846; m. 

90. John Jacob Fisher, b. Jan. 15, 1786; d. July 23. 1846; m. 

1. Philipina Schrantz. 2. Rebecca Speece; 

91. John Michael Fisher, b. Aug. 29, 1789; d. July 23. 1820; m. 

Catherine Elizabeth Morr ; 

92. David Fisher, b. 1791 ; d. 1827 ; m. Polly Yocum. 


Adam Fisher (Adam, Sebastian) was undoubtedly the eldest son 
of Adam and Christina Fisher, although thus far his birth record has 
not been found. Adam Fisher. Sr.. in his will was careful to name 
his six sons in order of age and Adam, Jr. is named first. 

Adam Fisher. Jr. was married to Jemima Mace, who survived him. 
It is worth mentioning that Jemima's surname is spelled with a "c" 
as was originally correct in England, although the members of the 
Missouri branch use the "s". 

Adam. Jr. served in the Revolution, and there is a record also of 
his receiving a warrant for supplies of flour for the Army. He also 
served two sessions in the General Assembly. Nov. 10. 1795 to Dec. 29, 
1795 and Nov. 8. 1796 to Dec. 27, 1796. 

Henning's Statutes. Vol. XVI. p. 51 states that on Jan. 16. 1804. 
Adam Fisher was authorized to raise by lotteries the sum of $2,000 


for improving a wagon road from the South Fork, of the County of 
Hardy, over North Mountain into Brock's Gap into Rockingham 

Adam Fisher died about 1816, and was buried in the Fisher family 
burying ground. Jemima Fisher died in 1829. Adam left his entire 
estate to her during her lifetime, and as a consequence the final set- 
tlement could not be made until after her death. It is recorded in Will 
book 6, p. 64, that final settlement was accomplished in 1835. In the 
meantime Adam's brother, Solomon Fisher, had contributed trouble 
for Adam's executors by gaining a favorable decision in 1826 to a 
lawsuit, begun in 1809, asking for a new appraisement of their 
father's estate and for a redistribution of it. The property due Solomon 
through this turn of affairs was bought from Solomon by Adam's 
son (93) William Fisher, in 1829. 

Children of Adam and Jemima Mace Fisher: 

(32)93. William Fisher, b. Feb. 14, 1786; d. March 11, 1858; m. 
(106) Elizabeth Fisher, his cousin; 

94. Elizabeth Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Jonathan Hornbeck ; 

went to Indiana ; 

95. Sarah Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Abraham Shobe ; went to 

Missouri ; 

(32)96. Michael Fisher, b. Jan. 31, 1796; d. 1835 ; m. Eliza Welton; 
went to Franklin County, Mo. 

97. Nicholas Fisher, b. April 29, 1798; d. ; m. Mary Shobe; 

went to Missouri ; 

98. Adam Fisher, b. Feb. 6, 1801 ; d. ; m. ; buried in 

Hardy County, W. Va. 

99. Mary Fisher, b. July 4, 1803; d. ; m. John D. Miles; 

buried Hardy County, W. Va. 

100. Kate Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. John O'Banion (O'Bannon) ; 

went to Franklin County, Mo. 

101. Lena Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Henry Shobe ; buried in Hardy 

County, W. Va. 

102. Hannah Fisher, b. Jan. 4, 1809; d. ; m. James Miles; 
went to Missouri. 


Dr. Jacob Fisher (Adam, Sebastian) was the second son of Adam 
and Christina Fisher. He was born in Tulpehocken Valley in Penn- 
sylvania and his christening is recorded in the old Christ Lutheran 
Church near Stouchsburg. 

Jacob Fisher was married to Susanna Burns, after the close of 
the Revolution. He served in all the sessions of the General Assembly 


from November, 1798, through the session ending February 6, 1806. 
He was a physician of considerable ability. 

A copy of Jacob's application for pension as a Revolutionary 
soldier is given here, since this and the record of his brother, (35) 
John Fisher's application for pension constitute the proof that their 
father, Adam Fisher, was the Adam Fisher, born in Tulpehocken 
Valley. Pa., the son of Sebastian and Susanna Fisher. 

"I, this 21st day of May. personally appeared in open court before 
the Justices of the Court of Hardy County now sitting, Jacob Fisher, 
a resident of said County and State, aged 75 years on the 24th day 
of October, next, he being first duly sworn according to law, etc., 
on his oath makes the following declaration in order to obtain the 
benefit of the Act of Congress, June 7. 1832. That he entered the 
service of the United States under the following named officers as 
herein stated — that he was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania in 
the year 1758 and the 24th of October. 

That he has a record of his age. now at his place in Hardy Countv — 
that he was living when cabled into service in the County of Hardy 
and still resides and ever since resided in that County. 

That he was drafted for a six months' term and continued for 
another term of three months. 

That he was drafted in the company under the command of Captain 
Moses Hutton, Lieutenants Heath and West, Hardy. 

That he volunteered in the company commanded by Capt. Daniel 

That he was acquainted with General Hand and Captain Berry, 
officers in the local service while on his six months' tour during his 
service of months as volunteer these were regular officers with him. 

That he was drafted in March. 1778, and marched from Hamp- 
shire County, Virginia to Morgantown and from there to Pittsburg, 
where he was taken with smallpox, from thence he proceeded to 
W heeling. Virginia, at which place thev were joined bv the companv 
commanded by Captain M. Cresap. there he. the said Jacob, remained 
as guard at Wheeling until September. 1778, which period ended his 
six months' tour. 

That he volunteered in light horse corps in April. 1781. and 
marched against the Tories in the Western part of Hampshire, which 
tour ended in July. 1781. making it three months. 

That he was engaged in no battle except a skirmish with the Tories 
near the Brakes in said County of Hampshire (now Hardy). 

That he never received a discharge from said service, that he is 
acquainted with William Heath. Jacob Hutton. Jacob Yoakum and 
Jacob Pandal! and Isaac Van Meter who can testifv as to his char- 
acter for veracity and their belief of his service as' a Revolutionary 


He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or amity 
as to the penalty and declaration that his name is not on the roll of 
the agency of any state. 

And the said deponent further sayeth that he is not acquainted 
with anv clergyman who can give the affidavit as required by the 
War Department. 

Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid. 

(Signed) Jacob Fisher." 

The above copy was made by Miss Flossie Cloyd from the old 
handwritten record in the offices of the Veterans' Administration, 
Washington, D. C. 

Jacob Fisher became the owner of. and resided on the original 
Fisher land in Hampshire (now Hardy) County, and this land has 
ever since remained in the Jacob Fisher family down to the present 
day. The original home was burned and has been replaced. 

Jacob Fisher died in Hardy County at his home in 1839, and his 
will is recorded there. 

Children : 

(35)103. Mary Ann Fisher, b. Oct. 20. 1786; d. Sept. 4, 1864; m. 

James Johnson ; 
(36)104. George Fisher, b. Aug. 1. 1788; d. Nov. 27, 1864; m. Mary 

Ann Harness ; 

105. Michael Fisher, b. 1790; d. young; 
(37)106. Elizabeth Fisher, b. Feb. 9. 1792; d. Sept. 23, 1861; m. 
(93) William Fisher. 


John Fisher (Adam, Sebastian) was the youngest of the four 
children who came from Tulpehocken, Berks County, Pa., to Virginia 
with Adam and Christina Fisher. John Fisher was a soldier in the 
Revolution, and his application for pension is on file at the Offices 
of Veterans' Administration at Washington, D. C. This application 
which states that he was born on Tulpehocken Creek, Berks County, 
Pennsylvania is of equal value with his elder brother, Jacob's appli- 
cation as proof of their father's descent from Sebastian Fisher. 

John Fisher served three months in the Virginia Troops in 1781 
under Captain Michael Stump and Major McPherson ; later he 
served three months under Captain Sylvester Ward in the Virginia 
Troops. He was allowed pension on the application executed August 
10. 1832. while a resident of Picqua County, Ohio. 

After the war John Fisher was married to Mary Baylor, daughter 
of Jacob Baylor. John was a lawyer, and represented Hardy County, 


Va.. in General Assembly. Later, he moved to Pendleton County, Va., 
where he was a member of the General Assembly in 1810-11. He 
then removed to Picqua (now Pickaway) County, Ohio. After the 
death of his first wife he married a Miss Levens. John Fisher was 
living in 1840, according," to the U. S. Census of Pickaway County. 
Children : 

107. Elizabeth Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. Reubin Dice; son. 

Pleasant Dice ; 
108 Fisher ; b. ; d. ;m Brett: 

109. John Fisher, b. ca. 1811, in Virginia; d. ; m. Mary ; 

res. Ohio; six children in 1850; 

110. Louisa Fisher, b. ; d. ; m. John Fluke; children, John. 

George. Elizabeth Fluke ; 

1 12. Julia Fisher, d. young ; 

1 13. William Fisher, d. young ; 

1 14. George Fisher, d. young ; 

115. Jacob Fisher, d. young. 


George Fisher (Adam, Sebastian) was the fourth son of Adam 
and Christina Fisher of Hampshire County, Va., and the eldest of the 
three minor sons named in Adam's will. He came of age about three 
years after his father's death, and a court record shows that he re- 
ceived the portion of his inheritance on March 1, 1786. The tax 
list of 1787 gives his name with three in his family, with four slaves. 
It is traditional that he went to Germany to study medicine, but 
nothing to show it to have been a fact has been found. 

George Fisher removed to Randolph County, in the Territory of 
Illinois about 1798, and became a prominent citizen of Kaskaskia. 
Moses" History of Illinois states that he was sheriff of Randolph 
County in 1801. George IV. Smith's History of Illinois and her 
People, says that he was a member of the Indiana legislature, and 
was a member of the first Territorial legislature of Illinois. Another 
authority states that the convention that framed the first Illinois 
Constitution was held at the home of George Fisher, and it is, of 
course, a fact that it met at Kaskaskia, in 1812, and George Fisher 
was chosen Speaker. He was Speaker of the House at the sessions 
of 1816-17 and of 1817-18. 

Dr. George Fisher, according to another reliable History of Ran- 
do'ph County removed from the village in 1808 and bought a farm 
"at the ford of the bluff six miles above Kaskaskia on the Prairie du 
Roche road." A short time after he moved to his farm, smallpox broke 
out in the vicinity of Kaskaskia. and Dr. Fisher built a hospital on 


his farm, and there the greater part of the French population passed 
through the dangerous malady under his skillful treatment. The 
American settlement escaped the epidemic due to the fact that guards 
were placed on the outskirts of all the villages, and that Dr. Fisher 
received and cared for all that were afflicted with the disease. 

Dr. George Fisher served in the War of 1812 as surgeon in Stephen- 
son's Brigade. He was an active Mason and helped to organize a 
Lodge at Kaskaskia. He died in 1820. His estate was large, and litiga- 
tion lasted for years. His son Jacoh was Executor of his will. 

So much confusion exists as to whether or not he was the George 
Fisher who married Elizabeth Conrad, and went first to Pendleton 
County, Va., that the compiler has decided to omit any attempt to 
name his children. 


Michael Fisher (Adam, Sebastian) was born on Sept. 15, 1767, 
on the Fisher lands which were at first leased by Adam Fisher from 
Lord Fairfax, and later deeded to him. It would seem, so the story 
goes, that Lord Fairfax did not wish to sell any part of his grant, but 
desired to establish a tenanted Manor such as was common in England. 
Finally, the Courts decided against him, and Adam Fisher and other 
settlers were given title to their lands. 

Michael Fisher went to Bourbon County, Ky., after he grew up, 
and was married there to Sarah Petty, daughter of Joseph and Mary 
Ann Petty, who had previously migrated from Hampshire County, Va. 
Michael bought land in Kentucky, but about 1798 he removed to 
Ohio, and purchased a military claim consisting of 800 acres of land 
in Franklin County, west of the Scioto River, opposite the present 
city of Columbus, Ohio. This was new country, and it was declared 
that there were one hundred Indians to one white man when Michael 
Fisher settled there ; but there were only two white men besides 

After a few years, Michael Fisher sold part of his tract, and bought 
about 600 acres across the Scioto, and on higher ground. On the bank 
of the river he built a home and a sawmill, about four miles south of 
the present court house, on the Chillicothe Road. This sawmill re- 
mained in operation until a canal which was put through necessitated 
the removal of the mill. 

Maxamilla Fisher, the fourth child of Michael and Sarah Fisher, 
was the first white child born in Hamilton Township, where Columbus 
is situated. 

Michael Fisher was an early Justice of the Peace in Hamilton Twp. 
He died January 15, 1824, and Sarah, his wife, died January 2, 1843. 
Some of their descendants still reside in Columbus. In 1901, William 


M. Fisher, a lineal descendant of Michael's son Jacob and Mary 
Briggs Fisher, was a well known wholesale produce merchant in 
Columbus, and the father of six children. His wife was the former 
Katherine Monheny. 

Michael and Sarah Fisher are buried in the old Franklinton ceme- 
tery in Columbus. 

Children : 

1 16. Christina Fisher, m. William Miller ; 

117. Elizabeth Fisher, m. William Stewart; 

1 18. Sarah Fisher, m. William Cramer ; 

1 19. Maxamilla Fisher, m. Arthur O'Hara ; 

120. Jacob Fisher, b. June 7. 1808 ; d. ; m. Mary Briggs ; 

121. Milton Fisher; 

122. Joseph Fisher, m. Sarah Landis. 


Solomon Fisher (Adam, Sebastian) founder of the Frankford, Mo. 
branch, was born February 6, 1773, at the Adam Fisher homestead on 
the South Branch of the Potomac in Hampshire County, Va. (now 
Hardy County, W. Va.). In the Autumn of 1792 he was married to 
Mary Ann Petty, daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann Petty, of the 
same district in Hampshire County. Within two or three years he 
went to Bourbon County, Kentucky, with his wife and one small 
son, Adam. 

In 1795 Solomon Fisher appeared on the Bourbon County Tax Lists, 
and on August 22, 1796, he was appointed a Lieutenant in the 14th 
Regiment. 2nd Battalion. Bourbon County Militia, by Gov. Garrard. 

Solomon Fisher, dissatisfied with the way in which his father's 
will had been interpreted in tbe matter of his own inheritance, sued 
in 1806 before "the Honorable John Brown, Judge of the Superior 
Chancery Court held at Staunton" in Virginia. The case dragged on 
until 1826. when Solomon finally won the decision. On January 3, 
1829, he sold to (93) William Fisher his interest in the estate of (32) 
Adam Fisher, Jr. "including lands, slaves, and personal property of all 
descriptions" for $1200.00, this being the property given him by 
the decree. Solomon had already, in 1820 soM for $2700.00, his 
share of the undivided third of his father's estate held by his mother 
until her death. Thus, Solomon seems to have severed all connection 
with his family in Virginia. 

The History of St. Charles, Warren and Montgomery Counties, 
Missouri, states that Solomon Fisher was a Captain in a Kentuckv 
Regiment in the War of 1812. The same is recorded in Bryan and 
Rose's "Mississippi Valley Pioneers." 


Solomon was a Mason, serving as both Junior and Senior Deacon 
in the Lodge in Paris. Bourbon County. Ky.. from which he demitted 
at the time of his removal to Missouri, Sept. 13, 1817. 

Two hundred acres of land on Green Creek, Bourbon County, Ky., 
purchased on Sept. 16, 1807. from his father-in-law. Joseph Pettv. 
for $2000.00 was sold to Robert Cunningham, March 11. 1818, for 
$6000.00. The description of this land in the deed is included here 
because it is so typical of the times, and shows why disputes often 
came up in later years regarding boundaries of land thus described. 

"Beginning at a buckeye, hickory and elm in a line of James 
Parberry. corner to Parberry's settlement; thence south thirty-four 
degrees west two hundred and twelve poles to two sugar trees and 
ash; thence north fifty-six degrees west one hundred and fifty-two 
poles to a stake buckeye and iron wood ; thence north thirty-four 
degrees east two hundred and twelve ]x>les to a stake and two buck- 
eyes ; thence south fifty-six degrees east one hundred and fifty-two 
poles to the beginning." 

When it became known that Congress had passed several Acts 
providing for the sale of Public Lands in that part of the northwest 
that later, in 1821. became the State of Missouri, Solomon Fisher 
and others, in the spring of 1818, provided themselves with keel 
boats, loaded all their movable property and their families on them, 
and made their way down the Ohio River into the great Mississippi, 
and fought their way against that huge stream up to St. Louis and 
beyond for many miles to the mouth of the Salt River. Turning into 
this small river they proceeded until they came to the mouth of 
Peno Creek. L T p this creek some miles they discovered a large cave 
containing a cool spring, and here Solomon Fisher remained. "He 
pitched his tent in the heavy timber land." and lived in tents until 
he had cut logs and built a home — a two-story house where he dwelt 
for many years. His home until his death was on this farm. Only a 
few miles distant the town of Frank ford was laid out in 1819. The 
preliminary work of founding this new town was done by Solomon's 
son. Adam Fisher, but after the untimely death of Adam Fisher in 
1825. Solomon continued the undertaking. In 1831 he had the town 
plotted and filed for record. He donated and deeded the streets, 
and a public square to be used for the erection of public buildings. 
He also gave land for a church and a park. 

Solomon Fisher always resided on his farm, although his interest 
in Frank ford continued until his death. Many of his descendants 
reside in and about Frankford. to the eighth generation. Frankford 
is most picturesque, and is a thriving agricultural town. 

Mary Ann Fisher was accidentally shot by one of her sons. Her 
death occurred about 1826. Solomon Fisher was married a second 
time, to Susan Thompson Stark from whom he was divorced. He 
was married the third time, to Flizabeth Hostetter. known as Aunt 
Betsey Hostetter. who survived until after 1850. 

Solomon, late in life, received a gunshot wound in the leg which 
necessitated an amputation. 

His death occurred on May 28, 1841, after a protracted illness. 
He was buried on the farm, but many years later his remains were 
removed to the cemetery in Frank ford Park — the Park that he gave 
to the Public. A large boulder from the Fisher farm has been placed, 
appropriately inscribed, as a monument to Solomon Fisher by the 
Daughters of the American Revolution. 

Children : 

(37)123. Adam Fisher, b. Feb. 12. 1794; d. June. 1825; m. Dulcenia 

Power ; 
(38)124. Eunice Fisher, b. Dec. 4, 1796; m. Tyre Haden ; 

(38)125. George Fisher, b. Dec. 4, 1798; d. Oct. 4, 1849; m. Eurania 
Porter ; 

(39)126. Maxamilla Fisher, b. July 6, 1801 ; d. after 1850; m. Adam 
Mase ; 

(39)127. William Fisher, b. Jan. 5, 1804; d. after 1855; m. Eliza 
Hostetter ; 

(40)128. Parthenia Fisher, b. Oct. 20, 1806; m. William Haden; 

(40)129. John King Fisher, b. Sept. 11. 1810; d. before 1850; m. 

America Gil'espie ; 
(40)130. Selina Fisher, b. March 10. 1814; m. Turner Haden; 

(41)131. Solomon Fisher, b. Sept. 10, 1816; m. Caroline Matilda 
Payne ; 

(42)132. Emmarilla Fisher, b. Dec. 31, 1819; m. E. C. Turnbull. 



John Fisher (Harnett. Lewis. Sebastian) was the eldest son of 
Barnett and Eve Wilhoit Fisher. He was born in what is now Madi- 
son County. Va.. about 1770. His death occurred in 1834. 

John Fisher was in Mercer County. Ky.. in 1807; in Garrard 
County, Ky.. in 1808. and again in Mercer County in 1809. From 
that time he seems to have lived in Breckenridge County. Ky.. where 
his will was proved on January 15, 1834. 

Children : 

133. Jacob Fisher, b. Jan. 1, 1790; 

134. Sarah Fisher, b. Jan. 1, 1790; 

Census records show that these people had four other children. 



Joseph Fisher (Barnett. Lewis, Sebastian) was born in the Lewis 
Fisher neighborhood in Virginia in 1771. His name appeared on the 
Tax lists of Mercer County, Ky.. in 1795. He was married to Milly 
, whose surname is not known to the compiler. He re- 
mained in Kentucky until 1829, and on May 3, 1827. he deeded 
slaves, as Executor of his father's will in Mercer County. 

Joseph Fisher, his wife, Milly, and those of his children then un- 
married, as well as his daughter, Malissa and her husband Nicholas 
Taylor, emigrated to Ra'ls County. Missouri in 1829 where they 
resided for about twenty years. They were neighbors there of mem- 
bers of (7) Adam Fisher's son. (39) Solomon Fisher's family. All 
these Fishers were as one family, in fact their descendants have al- 
ways believed Joseph and Solomon to have been brothers. 

In 1848 Joseph Fisher moved to Pike County. Mo., where he was 
near others of the Solomon Fisher branch. In 1850 he was in Cuivre 
Township. Pike County, Mo., where he and his wife were listed in 
the U. S. Census in the household of their son (138) William W. 
Fisher, remembered as "old William" to the Fishers of Solomon's 

Children of Joseph and Milly Fisher : 

135. Sarah Fisher, m Robinson ; 

136. Malissa Fisher, b. 1795 ; m. Nicholas Taylor ; 

(42)137. James Lewis Fisher, d. after 1850; m. Lucinda ; went 

to Lewis County, Mo. ; 

(42)138. William W. Fisher, b. May 28. 1808; d. Jan. 9, 1882; m. 
1 . Sarah , 2. Electa Watson ; 

139. Mary Fisher, m Henderson ; six children ; 

140. Sidney Fisher ; 

141. Abraham Fisher, b. 1812; m. Marv E. ; in Pike 

County, Mo v 1850; 

142. Barnett Fisher; 

143. Angeline Fisher ; 

144. Nancy Fisher. The order of age is uncertain. 


Margaret Fisher (Barnett, Lewis, Sebastian) was born in Vir- 
ginia, but went to Mercer County. Ky. and was married there to 
James Smith. There is no further information regarding this family 
available, except the list of their seven children. 


Children : 

145. Eve Ann Smith ; 

146. Sarah Smith ; 

147. Mary Ann Smith ; 

148. Joanna Smith ; 

149. Jeremiah Smith ; 

150. Felix Smith. 


Caleb Fisher (Barnett, Lewis, Sebastian) was born June 3, 1776. 
On February 27, 1817 he was married in Mercer County, Ky., to 
Peggy Anderson. This may have been a second marriage, since the 
census of 1810 lists him in Mercer County, with four males under 
ten years of age. one between ten and sixteen, and one female under 
sixteen. There was no woman of the age to have been his wife listed, 
but an older woman was listed in his family. 

Caleb Fisher's estate was appraised in Mercer County, Ky., on 
October 9. 1827. 

Only the names of three minor children were given in his will : 

151. Betsey Ann Fisher ; 

152. Polly Ann Fisher ; 

153. Ellen Fisher. 


Sarah Fisher (Barnett, Lewis. Sebastian) was born on April 21. 
1778, in what is now Madison County, Va.. and was christened on 
May 3, 1778; sponsors, Andreas Garr, Nicholas Wilhoit, Elizabeth 
Fisher, and Eve Fisher. Sarah Fisher was the direct ancestor of 
Mrs. Walter C. Anderson who furnished the information on this 
line, so generously shared by Mr. Charles B. Heinemann. 

Sarah Fisher was married on March 31, 1799, to William Randolph 

Children : 
154. William Randolph Mock, Jr.; 
156. John J. Mock; 

157. Rosanna Mock ; 

158. Matthew L. Mock; 

159. Louisa M. Mock; 

160. Robert A. Mock ; 

161. Thomas J. Mock; 

162. Eveann O. Mock ; 

163. Ezekiel Mock ; 

164. Sarah A. Mock. 



Ezekiel Fisher (Barnett, Lewis, Sebastian) was born in Virginia 
as were all the children of Barnett and Eve Fisher. The compiler is 
indebted to Mr. Charles B. Heinemann for the earlier data on this 
branch of Lewis Fisher's descendants. The later material has been 
obtained from court records, U. S. Census records, and other sources. 

Ezekiel Fisher was married on Dec. 12, 1815, to Ann Watts, his 
cousin, eldest daughter of Peter Watts; and his wife (52) Margaret 
Fisher Watts. He remained in Mercer County. Ky. 

Children : 

165. Margaret Fisher, m Dent; 

166. John Mock Fisher, b. April 1, 1820; 

167. Mary Fisher, d. Feb.. 1890; 

168. Rose Fisher, m Co'eman ; 

169. Clayton Fisher, m. Elizabeth Garrett. 


John Jacob Fisher (John Adam, John Jacob, Sebastian) was born 
in what is now Penn Township, Snyder County, Pa., on June 15, 
1786. He died in the same community on March 8, 1846. He was a 
farmer and a leading member of the Lutheran Church. His first wife 
was Philipina Schrantz. She died in 1820, and Jacob Fisher married 
his second wife, Rebecca Speece who was born on March 19, 1799, 
and died on August 16, 1862. 

Children of the first wife, Philipina Schrantz Fisher: 

170. Leah Fisher, b. Oct. 13. 1818; d. Nov. 22, 1887; m. George 

B. Garman, 1842 ; 

171. David Fisher, b. Feb. 10. 1820; d. March 18. 1887; m. Abi- 

gail Shipman, Nov. 24. 1844; 

172. Henry Fisher, b. Feb. 10. 1820; d. April 17. 1894; m. Cath- 

erine Hiltebidle. 

Children of second wife. Rebecca Speece Fisher : 

173. Levi Fisher, b. May 9, 1821 ; d. Sept. 19. 1863, effect of 

Civil War ; m. Alizabeth Aigler ; 

(43)174. Adam J. Fisher, b. May 7, 1826; d. Oct. 13, 1901 ; m. Bar- 
bara Woodling. Jan. 10, 1847 ; 

175. Elizabeth Fisher, b. March 24. 1840; d. Mav 30, 1882; m. 
Samuel Woodling. Feb. 2. 1860. 



William Fisher (Adam, Adam, Sebastian) eldest son of Adam and 
Jemima Mace Fisher, was born February 14, 1786 in Hampshire 
County, Va. He was married to his cousin, (106) Elizabeth Fisher, 
daughter of Dr. Jacob and Susannah Burns Fisher. 

In his father's will in 1816, William Fisher was named Executor. 
In 1827 he went to Braxton County, Va. (now W. Va.). This was the 
first visit to the county which afterward became his home, and where 
many of his descendants now reside. In 1825 he had "lost money on 
an Englishman in Philadelphia" and in 1827 he took three tracts of 
land, of 1000 acres each, in Braxton County in compromise of his 
claim. When he inspected the land he was so pleased with the beau- 
tiful country that he decided to locate on one of the tracts. In 1834 
he took his family to live there, in what was then sparsely settled 

William Fisher was the last one of his father's family to leave the 
South Branch. He was not interested in politics, but devoted him- 
self to the culture of fine cattle and horses. He bought the best breeds 
of live stock, and was credited with having not only the best stock, 
but also the best pasturage. 

Elizabeth Fisher was also a lover of fine horses and possessed a 
riding animal which she allowed no one to ride, not even her husband. 

Mr. Fisher was a strong promoter of civic virtues and Christian 
religion among his neighbors. 

The Honorable Jake Fisher of Sutton, Braxton County, has kindly 
furnished much information on this line, and has also provided the 
illustration on page 33. 

William Fisher died March 11, 1858. His wife died Sept. 23, 1861. 

Children : 

176. William Fisher, b. April 16, 1821 ; d. July 24, 1839 ; 

(43)177. Susanna Martha Fisher, b. Sept. 18, 1823; d. 1867; m. 
1. Dr. Wm. O. Newby, 2. Michael Lancaster; 

(43)178. Jemima Fisher, b. July 13, 1828; d. Nov. 19, 1903; m. 
Jonathan Koiner ; 

179. George Burns Fisher, b. May 17, 1830 ; d. in infancy ; 
(44)180. Benjamin Franklin Fisher, b. Aug. 17, 1831; d. Aug. 3, 
1902; m. 1. Margaret Sutton; 2. Sarah Susan Hopkins; 
181. Adam Fisher, b. Jan. 26, 1834 ; d. May 29, 1837. 


Michael Fisher (Adam, Adam. Sebastian) was born in Hardy 
County, Va. (now W. Va.) Jan. 31, 1796. He was married to Eliza 


Welton, and removed to Franklin County, Missouri, when a young 
man. Several of his sisters likewise went to Franklin County. 

Inventory of Michael Fisher's estate filed at Union, Franklin 
County, Mo., on March 8, 1835, descrihes two tracts of land along 
the Missouri River, purchased from the United States, and in all 
three hundred and thirty-eight acres. An affidavit filed with bond was 
given by John O'Banion. brother-in-law of Michael Fisher, and hus- 
band of (100) Kate Fisher, as Executor of the estate. John O'Banion 
also swore on Jan. 17, 1835, that the following were the legal heirs 
of Michael Fisher, deceased : 

182. Ann Jemima Fisher, m. William M. Simmons ; 

183. Solomon W. Fisher ; 

184. John Clark Fisher ; 

185. Adam Fisher; 

186. Rachel Fisher ; 

187. Job Fisher; 

188. Michael Fisher. Some of these heirs were residents of Frank- 
lin County in 1850, but it is believed that all removed to Oregon later. 


Mary Ann Fisher (Dr. Jacob, Adam, Sebastian) the eldest child 
of Jacob and Susannah Burns Fisher was born Oct. 20, 1786. About 
1808 she was married to James Johnson, son of Joseph Johnson of 
Pendleton County, Va. They resided in Pendleton County, and their 
old home is now called the Buck Horn Mill place. The old "walled 
up" well, picturesque with overgrowth of ferns and mosses, and the 
old iron-bound bucket, still remains. 

James Johnson was a lawyer, farmer, and stock-raiser. He rep- 
resented Pendleton County in the Assembly for several terms. 

Mary Ann Fisher as a girl was her father's companion and read 
medicine with him. As an older woman she was philanthropic, using 
her acquaintance with medicine among the negroes on the plantation 
and in caring for those of her neighbors who were in need. And 
like most women of her time she taught her daughters to be good 

Mary Ann Johnson, after the death of her husband, in her later 
years, became blind, and assisted by her son, George Johnson, broke 
up housekeeping, divided her property, and went to live with her 
eldest son. Jacob Johnson. Her death came Sept. 4, 1864. 

Children : 

189. Jacob Fisher Johnson, b. July 4. 1809; m. 1. Felicia Griner, 
2. Clarissa Maupin ; fifteen children ; 

190. Martha House Johnson, b. May 10, 1811 ; m. John Cunning- 

ham ; two children ; 

191. Susan Elizabeth Johnson, b. Jan. 17, 1814; m. Cyrus Hop- 

kins, three children ; 

192. William B. Johnson, b. Sept. 28, 1816; m. Margaret Kee; 

several children ; 

193. Margaret McCoy Johnson, b. Dec. 31, 1818; d. June 30, 

1884; m. Wm. H. Dyer; six children; 

194. George Fisher Johnson, b. Nov. 30, 1821 ; m. Sarah Snod- 

grass ; six children ; 

195. Caroline Moomau Johnson, b. May 21, 1824; m. Josiah 

Wright ; no children ; 

196. Jehu Blucher Johnson, b. June 28, 1827; m. Ann Jane Card- 

well ; no children ; 

(45)197. Mary Ann Harness Johnson; b. Jan. 9. 1830: d. Nov. 28, 
1886; m. A. J. Rankin. 


George Fisher (Dr. Jacob, Adam, Sebastian) the second child of 
Jacob and Susannah Burns Fisher was born August 1, 1788, and 
was married to Mary Ann Harness of Hardy County, on January 
2, 1809. Mary Ann Harness was born May 5, 1790 and died Dec. 
28, 1881. George Fisher's death occurred in Hardy County, Va. on 
November 27, 1864. 

Children : 

197. Jacob Harness Fisher, b. 1809; d. 1865; m. Jemima Shobe; 

went to Missouri ; 

198. Michael Fisher, b. 1811; d. 1907; m. 1. Rebecca Cunning- 

ham, 2 Shobe, 3 Wilfong, 4 Wilfong; 

199. Eunice Petty Fisher, b. 1813; m. Benjamin Cunningham; 

200. George Morgan Fisher, b. 1816; d. 1896; m. Mary Moore; 

went to Kansas ; 

201. Adam Fisher, b. 1818; d. 1898; m. Katherine Moore; went 

to Washington, D. C. ; 

202. James Johnson Fisher, b. 1820 ; d. 1822 ; 

(45)203. William Fisher, b. 1823; d. 1886; m. Mary Jane Schultz ; 

204. Susannah Burns Fisher, b. 1825 ; m. Otho Williams ; 

205. Andrew Jackson Fisher, b. 1827; m. Hannah Cunningham; 

went to Missouri ; 

206. Solomon Fisher, d. 1862, Malvern Hill ; 

207. Mary Ann Fisher, b. 1832 ; d. 1832 ; 


(46)208. Jesse Fisher, b. 1834; d. V)\7 ; m. 1. Jane K. Welton. 2. 
Betty Paxton ; 

209. Sarah Elizabeth Fisher, b. 1837; d. 1906; m, John Tucker; 
went to Missouri. 


Elizabeth Fisher ( Dr. Jacob, Adam. Sebastian) was the youngest 
child of Jacob and Susannah Burns Fisher. She was born February 
9, 1792, and died September 23, 1861. She was married to her first 
cousin (93) William Fisher, son of Adam and Jemima Mace Fisher. 
The names of their children have been given under her husband's 


Adam Fisher (Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) of Frankford, Mo., 
was born in Virginia on February 12. 1794, and was taken with his 
parents to Bourbon County, Ky. when he was about one year of age. 
He was a private in his father's company in the War of 1812. He 
and his wife in the spring of 1818 migrated to Missouri. 

Prior to the year 1818 Adam Fisher was married to Dulcenia 
Power in Kentucky. Dulcenia Power was a native of Virginia, 
daughter of William Power, and was born in 1792. She was residing 
in Bourbon County, Ky. with her sister, Sarah, wife of Joseph 
Settle, at the time of her marriage. 

On October 16. 1818, Adam purchased a quarter section of land, 
the site of Frankford. Pike County. Mo. There is a record that states 
that he hired a surveyor to lay out the town, and during the next few 
years Mr. Dabney Jones was Justice of the Peace, and John Layne 
was Constable. Adam was first sheriff of Pike County. 

Adam Fisher built his home in Frankford, a log structure as all 
the houses were, and situated in the east part of town at the foot 
of Main Street on the south side of the street. 

About the middle of June, 1825. Adam Fisher died, leaving no 
will, and no record has been found to indicate the cause of his un- 
timely death. Letters of Administration were granted on June 18, 
1825, to "Seney" Fisher and Tyre A. Haden, her brother-in-law. 

Before Adam's death Main Street had been graded, and gutter and 
curb were in. A bond issue of $1000.00 had been voted to pay for it. 
A tan yard had been built by Adam's father, Solomon Fisher. Jerry 
Stark had established a general store ; Caleb Mefford owned a black- 
smith shop, and Reason Vermilion was postmaster, carrying the 


letters around in his hat until he could deliver them ; he was also a 
carpenter and cabinet maker. Tyre Haden, who had been married to 
Eunice Fisher was mill-wright. A log school house had been built, 
with a huge fireplace at one end and furnished with puncheon seats 
and desks. Pens, of course, were made of goose quills. 

Children of Adam and Dulcenia Fisher : 

(46)210. Mary Ann Fisher, b. 1819; m. John Sitton ; 

(46)211. William Power Fisher, b. April 11, 1821 ; d. 1888; m. Sarah 
Settle ; 

(50)212. Sarah Fisher, m. John Shipp; 

(50)213. Joseph Fisher, b. 1824; m. Eliza Bryant. 


Eunice Fisher (Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) eldest daughter of 
Solomon and Mary Petty Fisher was born in Bourbon County, Ky., 
soon after her parents went there from the South Branch of the 
Potomac in Virginia where both had lived as children. 

On December 31, 1818, about six months after Solomon and his 
family settled in Missouri, Eunice Fisher was married to Tyre A. 
Haden. This was the first marriage performed at Frankford, Mo. 

Eunice and Tyre Haden long ago migrated to other parts. After re- 
peated efforts the compiler has not been able to find any record of them. 


George Fisher (Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) was born on his sister 
Eunice's birthday, if records are correct, in the year 1798. In 1821 he 
was married to Eurania Porter who was born in Harrison County, 
Ky., May 27, 1803. They lived on the county line between Ralls and 
Pike Counties. It was this one of Solomon Fisher's sons who lived 
near to (78) Joseph Fisher of the Lewis Fisher line. 

In the spring of 1849 George Fisher, accompanied by his son 
Adam, started to California in the gold rush. They went overland 
with five yoke of oxen, and were four months on the journey. Oxen 
were used on these long journeys because of their great endurance 
and their ability to feed off the country better than horses. 

George Fisher died in California on October 4, 1849. 

Eurania Porter Fisher died at the home of her son Adam on No- 
vember 21, 1881. 


(211) William Power Fisher 

(425) Gkrtrude Fisher Harding (1879- ) 

Peno Creek, looking toward Fisher's 
Cave and Spring, near Frankford, Mo. 


(307) George William Fisher 

(341) Lt. Col. William Loren Fisher (1877-1938) 

(440) Pauline Fishback Cash (1897- ) 

Lower, Lt. Col. William Loren Fisher at Tientsin, China. 

(93) William Fisher 

Children : 

(50)214. John Porter Fisher, b. July 13. 1822; d. Nov. 25, 1903; m. 
1. Emmaline Early, 2. Loucilah Thompson; 

(51)215. Solomon Fisher, b. Nov. 1, 1824; d. May 27, 1863, after 
wounds at Vicksburg; 

(51)216. Adam Fisher, b. 1827; d. ca. 1906; m. Sarah Brown; 
Also, three daughters. 


Maxamilla Fisher (Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) was born in 
Bourbon County, Ky., as were all her parents' children except the 
eldest (123) Adam, born in Virginia and the youngest, (132) Em- 
marilla, born after they settled in Missouri. 

She was married in 1821 to Adam Mase, who served as a Captain 
in the Black Hawk War in 1831 and 32. The Black Hawk War put an 
end to the dispute over lands along the Mississippi River, which had 
raged for many years between the Sac and Fox Indians and the white 
settlers. The surname, Mase, was originally spelled Mace, and is 
recorded so in both Missouri and Virginia. In Virginia the family 
continued the old spelling, a cousin of Solomon Fisher having mar- 
ried Jemima Mace. 

Maxamilla Mase signed as a witness the Inventory of her brother, 
Adam Fisher's estate in 1825. She was the mother of nine children, 
but after search of Census and inquiry sent to relatives in Frank- 
ford names of only six children have been found. She died in 1892. 

Children : 

217. Elizabeth Mase, b. 1834 ; 

218. Sarah Mase, b. 1836 ; 

219. John Mase, b. 1839; 

220. James M. Mase, b. 1842; m. Josephine Hickland of Wis- 

consin ; children, Frederic, Cora ; 

221: William F. Mase, b. 1845; m. Susan Adams; children, 
John, Martha. 

222. Maxamilla Mase, b., after 1850. 


William Fisher (Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) was born January 
5, 1804. He was married in Frankford, Mo. to Eliza Hostetter. This 
family remained in Frankford and descendants now reside there. 
In U. S. Census of 1850 he is listed with wife, Eliza aged 36, and 
seven children. Two children were born after 1850: 

223. John Fisher, b. 1842; m. Kate Pritchett; children, Lewis, 

James, Virginia ; 

224. Mary Fisher, b. 1834 ; 

225. Ann Fisher, b. 1836; 

226. Isaac Fisher, b. 1838 ; 

227. Matilda Fisher, b. 1843 ; 

228. Edward Fisher, b. 1845; m Gerry; one son, three 

daughters ; went to California ; 

229. James Fisher, b. 1848; d. after 1928; m. Armelda Cash; 

children, Leta, Stella ; 
(52)230. Eunice Fisher, b. 1851 ; d. August 30, 1935 ; m. 1. G. Benton 
Brown, 2. Samuel Archambeau, 3. Thomas Beaver; 

231. Eliza Fisher, b. 1855. 


Parthenia Fisher (Solomon. Adam. Sebastian) born in Kentucky, 
accompanied her parents to Missouri at the age of about eleven years. 
She was married on September 9. 1827 to William Haden, brother 
of Tyre Haden, husband of Parthenia's older sister, Eunice. 

Children : 

232. Edward Haden, m. Harriet Hostetter ; children, Cora, Homer. 

233. Mary Jane Haden ; 

234. Green Haden, living ; m Keithley ; one child ; 

235. Woodson Haden, m. Louisa Holman. 


John King Fisher (Solomon. Adam, Sebastian) was born in 
Bourbon County. Ky. ; and in Frankford. Mo., on May 18, 1837, he 
was married to America Gillespie. He was administrator of his 
father's estate in 1841, but died before 1850. 

Children : 

236. Nancy Fisher, b. 1839; m. Gabriel Meffort ; children. Fannie, 

Mollie. John M., A. M.. and Louisa; 

237. Louisa Fisher, b. 1841 ; m. Newt Hostetter, children, Ida A., 

probably others. 


Selina Fisher (Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) came to Missouri 
with her parents when she was about four years of age. On Sep- 
tember 24. 1831. Selina was married at Frankford. Mo. to Turner 
Haden, brother of Tyre Haden and William Haden who had mar- 


ried sisters of Selina Fisher at earlier dates. These Haden brothers 
were born in Kentucky, but there are many records of this family in 
that part of Virginia from which Solomon Fisher originally came. 
Children : 

238. Fisher Haden, m. Evelina Griffith, sister of Nancy Jane Grif- 

fith, wife of (247) George W. Fisher. 

239. Thilda Haden; 

240. Elvira, or Elbira Haden. 


Solomon Fisher (Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) was an infant when 
his father and mother migrated to Missouri. He was the only one 
of his immediate family too young to remember the long journey by 
way of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. He must have remembered 
the excitement and sometimes tragedy of the early years of this 
family in Missouri. For instance, he was still a young boy when his 
mother was accidentally shot by one of his brothers. Hunting was a 
part of everyday life then, and such accidents occurred in many 
homes, sometimes more than once. Solomon's father received a gun- 
shot wound in the leg in his later years. It does not follow that they 
were either inexpert or careless. They were skilled in the use of fire- 
arms from childhood, many times their very life depending on their 

Solomon Fisher's wife was Caroline Matilda Payne. The date of 
his marriage is not at hand. Their large family has for the most part 
remained in Frankford, and there are many substantial citizens among 
the descendants of Solomon and Matilda Fisher living in and around 
Frankford. The compiler can testify to their friendly hospitality, 
enjoyed during a visit to Frankford in 1928, and is indebted to 
this branch particularly for most of the genealogical data given here. 
Mrs. Robert L. Fishback a granddaughter of Solomon Fisher has 
been tireless in answering repeated requests for more. 

Children : 
(53)241. Mary lone Fisher, b. 1842; m. Lewis R. Fields; 
(53)242. Emmarilla Fisher, b. 1844; m. Mason Benn; 

243. Julia Beatrice Fisher, m. Edward Jackson ; children, Bertha, 

Matilda ; 

244. Alice Fisher, (243 and 244 may have been younger than 247) ; 

245. Columbus Fisher, b. 1846; 

246. Ruf us Fisher, b. 1848 ; 

(53)247. George Washington Fisher, b. 1850; d. 1902; m. Nancy 
Jane Griffith ; 

248. Henry Clay Fisher, m. Elizabeth Waltzlager ; 

249. Edward Fisher, m. Maggie Jeffries; children, Leonard and 

and Beatrice. Reside in Ogden, Utah. 



Emmarilla Fisher (Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) youngest of the 
children of Solomon and Mary Ann Fisher, was born in Missouri. 
She was married to E. C. Turnbull, and to them was born one child : 

250. Elbira Turnbull, m. Samuel Dunkum ; children, James, died 
young, and Leta. 


James Lewis Fisher (Joseph, Barnett, Lewis, Sebastian) was a 
son of (78) Joseph Fisher who migrated to Ralls County Mo. James 
Fisher also went to Missouri, but followed the Mississippi River 
farther to the north and settled in Lewis County, Mo. where he died 

after 1850. His wife was Lucinda , to whom he was married in 

Kentucky. He was on the Kentucky Tax Lists of 1827. 

Children : 

251. Amanda F. Fisher, b. 1832; 

252. Nancy E. Fisher, b. 1834 ; 

253. Barnett Fisher, b. 18& ; 

254. Ann Mary Fisher, b. 1839 ; 

255. Martha Ellen Fisher, b. 1844 ; 

256. John Fisher. 


William W. Fisher (Joseph, Barnett, Lewis, Sebastian) went to 
Ralls County, Mo. with his parents in 1829 from Mercer County, Ky. 

On Nov. 18, 1837 he was married to Sarah , who died about 

1851. He moved to Pike County. Mo. in 1848. In 1853 William W. 
Fisher was married to Electa Watson daughter of Capt. Watson 
who was a very early settler of that section of Missouri. Electa 
Watson Fisher survived her husband a few years. She was quite an 
interesting elderly lady, and could remember the first steamboat that 
arrived at Hannibal, Mo. Also she could give accounts of early 
Indian warfare, according to a sketch of her life in Pike County 
History, published in 1883. William W. Fisher died January 9, 1882. 

Children of William W. and Sarah Fisher: 

257. Elizabeth Jane Fisher, b. 1839 ; d. 1876 ; 

258. James L. Fisher, b. 1841 ; 

259. Barnett W. Fisher, b. 1844 ; deaf and dumb ; 

260. Sarah E. Fisher, b. 1847 ; 

261. John D. Fisher ; 

262. Joseph A. Fisher ; went to Texas in 1889. 



Adam J. Fisher (John Jacob, John Adam, John Jacob, Sebastian) 
was born in Penn Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania, on April 
7, 1826. He was a farmer, teacher, and served the public as Road 
Supervisor, Tax Collector, School Director, and as a member of 
the Snyder County Board of Commissioners. He was an Odd Fellow, 
Republican and a Lutheran. In his youth he served in the local militia. 
Mr. Fisher was self-educated, read and spoke both English and Ger- 
man with equal facility. As a man of exceptionally sound judgment 
he was often consulted on various subjects by his neighbors. 

Adam J. Fisher was married on January 10, 1847 to Barbara 
Woodling, daughter of William and Ann Maria Gilbert Woodling, 
who was born October 15, 1828, and died December 24, 1910. Mr. 
Fisher died October 13, 1901. 

Children : 

(54)263. Jacob Adam Fisher, b. Oct. 7, 1863; d. June3, 1940; m. 
Clara Ella Herrold. 


Susanna Martha Fisher (William, Adam, Adam, Sebastian) eldest 
daughter of William and Elizabeth Fisher was born September 18, 
1823. On January 24, 1844, she was married to Dr. William Oswald 
Newby of Culpeper County, Va. After the death of Dr. Newby she 
was married in 1850 to Michael Lancaster. She died in 1867. 

Children of first marriage : 

264. Elizabeth Ann Newby, b. Aug. 21, 1845; m. Capt. E. D. 

Camden ; 

265. William Oswald Newby, b. March 4, 1848; d. in infancy. 

Children of second marriage : 

266. Sarah Jemima Lancaster, b. July 25, 1852 ; resided in Graf- 
ton, W. Va. 

267. John McKendrie Lancaster, b. Dec. 1, 1853; d. in infancy; 

268. Lucy Euphrates Lancaster, b. Sept. 25, 1856; d. in infancy; 

269. Susanna Lancaster, b. July 31, 1859; m. Robert Stewart. 


Jemima Fisher (William, Adam, Adam, Sebastian) was born 
July 13, 1828, and was married on August 29, 1848 to Jonathan 
Koiner, who was born on May 10, 1820, and died on June 8, 1889. 
He was a lawyer, and practiced in Sutton, Braxton County, Va., now 



Mary Ann Johnson (Mary Ann, Dr. Jacob, Adam, Sebastian) was 
the youngest of the children of Mary Ann Fisher and her husband, 
James Johnson. She was born in Pendleton County, now W. Va., on 
January 9, 1830, and was married on February 14, 1854 to Andrew 
Jackson Rankin. For a time they lived with her husband's parents 
at Spring Hill, Augusta County, Va. Afterward Mr. Rankin owned 
a flour mill near Franklin, W. Va. This old mill is still standing. 
During the Civil War the Confederate forces detained Mr. Rankin 
at home to run the mill, not allowing him to enter the service. Later 
when the Union forces took over the mill they forced him to run the 
mill for them. All during these times Mary Ann was safe with her 
husband's parents across the Alleghenies at Spring Hill. 

After the war Andrew Jackson Rankin took his family to Mexico. 
Missouri, but soon removed to Pilot Point, Texas in the hope of 
finding a more suitable climate. Mr. Rankin went into the milling 
business in Sherman, Texas, where Mrs. Rankin died on November 
28, 1886. Mr. Rankin married a second time. He died June 25, 1901. 

Children : 

(57)283. Lucie Ann Rankin, b. Jan. 29, 1855; d. Dec. 15, 1927; m. 
Henry James Cloyd ; 

284. Ida Cardwell Rankin, b. 1851 ; d. aged four years; 

285. Edgar Johnson Rankin, b. 1859; d. 1862; 

286. Susan Clara Rankin, b. June 11, 1861 ; d. July 7, 1933; m. 

O. F. Johnson ; 

287. Walter Temple Rankin, b. Sept. 14, 1864; d. ; m. 1. 

Birtie Brawner, 2. Annie Chafin ; 

288. Carolyn Wright Rankin, b. Oct. 18, 1867 ; d. March 25, 1915 ; 

289. Johnnie James Rankin, b. June 3, 1870; d. Oct., 1873. 


William Fisher (George, Dr. Jacob, Adam, Sebastian) was born 
in Hardy County, now in West Virginia. His is the branch of the 
family that has to the present day resided on the original Adam Fisher 
land on the South Branch of the Potomac River. 

William Fisher was married in the late 1840's to Mary Jane 
Shultz, and to them were born the following children : 

290. Ann H. Fisher, b. 1849; d. 1851, drowned; 

291. John C. Fisher, b. 1851 ; d. 1915 ; 

292. George Otto Fisher, b. 1854; d. 1855; 

293. Emily Susan Fisher, b. 1856; d. 1939; m. Matthias Henkel ; 
(58)294. Clarence Fisher, b. 1859; d. 1939; m. Mary Eberly; 

(59)295. William Solomon Fisher, b. 1865 ; d. 1921 ; m. (297) Mary 
Fisher ; 

296. Otto Shultz Fisher, b. 1868; living; m. Lillie Baker. 


Jesse Fisher (George, Dr. Jacob, Adam, Sebastian) was born on 
the South Branch of the Potomac, in Hardy County, Va. in 1834 and 
died there in 1917. He was first married to Jane Welton, and after 
her death he was married to Betty Paxton. 

Children of Jesse and Jane Welton Fisher : 

(59)297. Mary Fisher, b. 1871; living; m. (295) William Solomon 
Fisher ; 
298. George Welton Fisher, b. 1872; d. 1928; m. Myrtle D. 
Miller ; 
(59)299. Eunice Virginia Fisher, b. 1874; living; m. Rev. A. M. 
Earle ; 
300. Annie Kate Fisher, b. 1876; d. 1884; 
(60)301. Adam Seymour Fisher, b. 1879; living; m. Virginia Van 


Mary Ann Fisher (Adam, Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) was the 
eldest of the children of Adam and Dulcenia Power Fisher of Frank- 
ford, Mo. She was married about 1843 to John Sitton, and almost 
at once they took up their residence across the Mississippi River in 
Pleasant Hill township. Pike County, Illinois, where they spent their 
lives. Mary Ann Sitton died prior to 1885. 

Children : 

302. William Sitton. b. 1844; d. ; m. ; 

303. Fisher Sitton. b. 1849 ; d. ; m. ; 

304. Emma Sitton. b. 1852; d. ; m. ; 

305. Martha Fisher, b. 1856; d. ; m. ; 


William Power Fisher (Adam. Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) was 
born at Frankford, Mo. on April 11. 1821. When he was four years 
old his father met an untimely death, leaving his widow and four 
small children, of whom William P. was the second. 

William's mother, Dulcenia, or Seney as she was called, lived in 
Lincoln Co., Mo. for a time after her husband's death. Family 


tradition claims that she then went to Virginia, presumably to the 
home of her father, William Power (s) in Lewis County, now in 
West Virginia. Later the widow was married to Thomas Buchanan, 
a widower, and they reared a family of four children by this second 

At the age of twenty-two William P. Fisher was married in Lin- 
coln Co., Mo. to his cousin, Sarah Settle(s). They resided in Pleasant 
Hill township. Pike County. Illinois, until 1845 when they returned to 
Lincoln Co.. Mo. In 1847 they removed to Prairie Township, Mont- 
gomery Co., Mo. where Mr. Fisher bought land, surveyed and laid 
out a beautiful farm of two hundred sixty-six acres. Much of the 
land surrounding his property was also surveyed by Mr. Fisher. 
A substantial log house was built first, but some years later a large 
frame house was erected. The original log structure was still in good 
condition and occupied by renters in the year 1890. In early days 
William and Sarah Fisher, while roaming through the woods in 
summer came upon a wild rose bush bearing large blooms with a 
double row of petals. William tore the hem from the tail of his shirt 
and tied it on the bush. Early the next spring they transplanted the 
bush to their door-yard where it grew and bloomed for many years. 

William P. Fisher enlisted in the Union Cause at Louisiana. Mo. on 
September 3, 1861, as Second Lieutenant in Company "C," Colonel 
Fagg's Regiment of Missouri Militia. 

By an Act of the Legislature of this border State of Missouri, ap- 
proved by the Governor on February 10, 1865, all male inhabitants 
between the ages of 18 and 45 years of age. with certain exceptions, 
were required to enroll for military duty. There was a full enrollment 
in Montgomery County, and on July 18, 1865 Governor Fletcher 
commissioned L. A. Thompson, Colonel, and William P. Fisher, 
Lieut. Colonel of the Seventy-third Regiment, Missouri Militia. 
However, the regiment was never mustered in. 

In 1866, Mr. Fisher was elected County Assessor in which service 
he served four vears. He possessed considerab'e skill as a physician, 
but never practiced outside his family. It is a fact, however, that his 
skill saved the life of one member of his family, and relieved suf- 
ferers many times. 

He died at his home in the early spring of 1888. His wife died in 
1870, after a long illness. Mr. Fisher did not marry again, but 
reared his younger children with great affection and strict discipline. 

Children : 
(60)306. Joseph Warren Fisher, b. June 2. 1844; d. Feb. 7. 1907: m. 

Pollie Kizer ; 
(61)307. George William Fisher, b. Oct. 29. 1845; d. Aug. 15, 1925; 
m. Virginia Alta Muns ; 

308. Daughter, died in in fane v ; 

309. Mary Ann Fisher, b. Dec. 31, 1849; d. May 14. 1917; m. 1. 

William Moore. 2. John Caldwell ; 


(62)310. Martha Fisher, b. Dec. 31, 1851; d. Feb. 11, 1926; m. 
George A. Bohrer ; 

311. Child, died. 

312. Emily Fisher, b. Dec. 27, 1856; d. Sept. 24, 1923. unmarried. 
(65)313. Sally Fisher, b. Dec. 11, 1858; d. Dec. 22, 1924; m. Alex- 
ander Jackson Henton ; 

314. Adam Fisher, b. d. aged four years; 

(65)315. Toba Fisher, b. Feb. 8, 1865; d. Sept. 14, 1940; m. James 
Lawrence Feike. 


Sarah Fisher (Adam, Solomon, Adam. Sebastian) third child of 
Adam Fisher of Frankford, Mo., was married to John Shipp. and 
lived in Lincoln County, Mo. where she was known as a woman of 
fine Christian character and great sympathies. The compiler has no 
record of her except that above, which was the comment of a verv 
old lady who had known her. Sarah Shipp's husband was a southern 

Children : 

316. Fisher Shipp, b. ; d. ; m. ; 
Names of other children not known. 


Joseph Fisher (Adam, Solomon. Adam. Sebastian) was scarcely 
more than a year old when his father died at Frankford. Mo. Joseph 
was married to Eliza Bryant about 1848. In the U. S. Census of 1850 
he is listed as a saddler, living in Lincoln Countv, Mo. with his wife 
and one child : 

317. Mary Ann Fisher, b. 1849; d. ; m. 
There may have been other children. 


John Porter Fisher (George. Solomon. Adam. Sebastian) was born 
January 13. 1822 in RaUs Co.. Mo., and died on November 25. 1903. 
He was married twice. His first wife was Emmeline Earlv to whom 
he was married on October 5. 1848. In 1853 they moved to' Louisiana. 
Mo. where Emmeline Fisher died in April. 1861. 

John Porter Fisher was married second to a young widow with 
two children, Loucilah Thompson Jones, daughter of William and 
Susan Hildreth Thompson. They resided at Saverton, Mo. where 
Mr. Fisher engaged in farming:. Loucilah Thompson was born Mav 
28. 1841 and died March 5, 1923. 


Children of first wife : 

318. George H. Fisher, b. July 19, 1849; d. Oct. 28, 1850; 

319. Cicero Early Fisher, b. March 16, 1851 ; d. Feb. 16, 1852. 

320. Laura Jane Fisher, b. Nov. 30, 1852; d. Dec. 9, 1852; 

321. Adeline Fisher, b. March 26, 1854; d. June 23, 1921; m. 

March 28, 1875 ; res. Meredosia, 111. ; 

322. John T. Fisher, b. Dec. 18, 1856; d. Oct. 18, 1916; m. ; 

res. Hannibal, Mo. ; 

323. Solomon A. Fisher, b. April 21, 1859; d. Jan. 29, 1928; 

m. March 5, 1923 ; res. Patagonia, Arizona ; 

324. Adam L. Fisher, b. April 28, 1861; d. Feb. 14, 1873; res. 

with grandmother, Frankford, Mo. ; 

Children of second wife : 

325. Fluella Fisher, b. Oct. 22. 1865 ; d. Feb. 1, 1927; m. Nov. 25, 

1884; res. Marshfield, Ore.; 

326. Viola B. Fisher, b. Feb. 23, 1867; living; m. Nov. 1, 1888; 

res. Chicago, 111. ; 

327. Samuel Jackson Fisher, b. Feb. 8, 1869; d. April 4, 1869; 

328. Ellen McLane Fisher, b. Feb. 8, 1870; d. Feb. 26, 1870; 

329. Fannie Shaw Fisher, b. Feb. 8, 1871 ; d. Sept. 18. 1877; 

330. Jessie M. Fisher, b. Nov. 10, 1872; living; m. W. W. Reid, 

Aug. 1, 1897; res. Columbia, Mo.; 

331. Bertha H. Fisher, b. July 13, 1874; living; m. Nov. 1, 1894; 

res. Saverton, Mo. ; 

332. Porter H. Fisher, b. Feb. 11. 1876; d. April 16, 1912; res. 

Saverton, Mo. ; 

333. Virgil D. Fisher, b. Jan. 24, 1878; living; res. Saverton, Mo.; 

334. Russell H. Fisher, b. July 19, 1880; d. July 30, 1932; m. 

three times ; res. Wilmington, N. C. 


Solomon Fisher (George. Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) was born 
November 1. 1824. He enlisted in the United States Army early in the 
Civil War, and was wounded on May 22, 1863, at the Seige of 
Vicksburg. He died from the effects of his wounds on May 27, 1863. 
He was unmarried. 


Adam Fisher (George. Solomon. Adam, Sebastian) was born in 
January, 1827 in Ralls Co.. Mo. He was the third child of George 
and Eurania Porter Fisher. His early years were spent on his father's 




farm. In 1847 he went to Hannibal, Mo. and engaged in cabinet 
making until the spring of 1849, when he accompanied his father to 
California. They went overland with five teams of oxen, taking five 
months to complete the journey. His father died on October 4th of 
the same year, and was buried in California. Adam Fisher remained 
in California nearlv two vears. then returned bv water, arriving home 
December 1, 1850' 

On March 4, 1851 Adam Fisher was married to Sarah Brown, 
daughter of George and Irene Brown of Pike Countv. They moved 
to Montgomery County. Mo. soon after and on Sept. 20, 1851 Mr. 
Fisher entered original land near Middletown, located in section 16, 
twp. 50, range 5, which he improved, and where the family lived for 
eight years. Some of their children were born in Montgomery County, 
one of whom was their son. George Fisher. When they returned to 
Pike County the family resided on a farm near Frankford, Mo. In 
1881 Adam Fisher went into the hotel business in Frankford and 
was a successful hotel man. He was a Mason and a member of the 
Christian Church. He died in Frankford in 1907. 

Children : (Exact order of their ages is not known.) 

335. George Fisher, b. : d. 1908; m. Willie Ford; res. Calif.; 

a son and a daughter ; 

336. Louisa Fisher, b. ; d. ; m Sutton ; 

337. Virginia Fisher, b. : d. ; m. John Layne ; 

338. Leila Fisher, b. d. ; m Blanton ; 

339. Eurania Bell Fisher, b. ; d. Dec. 26, 1931 ; m. W. E. 

Jones ; 

340. John P. Fisher, b. ; living; m. Zora Jameson; res. New 

London, Mo. ; son and daughter ; 

(66)341. William Loren Fisher, b. June 4. 1877; d. Dec. 29, 1938; 


Eunice Fisher (William. Solomon. Adam. Sebastian) was one of 
the younger children of the family of William and Eliza Hostetter 
Fisher, and the only one of whom the compiler has sufficient material 
for a sketch. Eunice Fisher was a resident of Frankford, Mo. 
throughout her entire life. She was first married to G. Benton Brown, 
who was the father of all her family. Second, she was married to 
Samuel Archambeau. Third, she was married to Thomas Beaver. 
She survived all three husbands. She was a high spirited woman, 
possessed a strong sense of humor, and had the ability to tell a good 
story. The compiler was fortunate enough to visit with her when she 
was seventy-six. Her health was good except for deafness, and her 
callers were delighted with her accounts of some of her experiences. 


She was badly scalded, and died from the effects on August 30, 
1935, at the age of eighty-three years. 

Children of Eunice and G. Benton Brown : 

342. Efhe Brown, b. July 17, 1872; living; m. J. Clay Donovan; 

son, John Clay Donovan ; 

343. John Brooks Brown, b. Nov. 11, 1876; living; m. Zella Benn ; 

seven children ; 

344. Homer Brown, b. Nov. 18, 1887; living; m. Edna Eeith ; 

daughter, Zella Mae. 


Mary lone Fisher (Solomon, Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) was the 
eldest of the children of Solomon and Matilda Payne Fisher. She 
spent her life in or near Frankford, Mo., living to be well past eighty 
years of age. Her descendants are among the substantial citizens of 

lone Fisher was married to Lewis R. Fields, and their children 
were as follows : 

345. Ada Fields, b. Sept. 11, 1864; d. Sept. 20, 1894; m. Guil- 
ford Harris; 
(66)346. Edgar Anderson Fields, b. Sept. 20, 1868; d. Jan. 14, 1934; 
m. Mary Stanford Weatherf ord ; 

347. George Fields, b. July 21, 1871 ; d. June 7, 1937; m. Kath- 

erine Ruffin ; 

348. Ferdinan(d) Fields, b. Dec. 8, 1876; living; m. Maud 



Emmarilla Fisher (Solomon, Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) second 
daughter of Solomon and Matilda Fisher was a resident of Frank- 
ford all her life. She was married to Mason Benn and had the fol- 
lowing children : 

349. Maud Benn, b. Oct. 30, 1870; d. Oct. 30, 1933; m 

Hostetter ; 

350. Ruth Lucinda Benn, b. Jan. 14, 1876; living; m 

Shotwell ; res. Mercedes, Tex. ; 
(69)351. Hiram David Benn, b. April 11, 1881; living; m. Lura 
Maud Cash. 


George Washington Fisher (Solomon, Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) 
was born in Pike County, Mo., in 1850. His name appears in the 
U. S. Census of 1850 as an infant of less than one year. 


His wife was, before her marriage, Nancy Jane Griffith. About 
1887 Mr. Fisher removed to Nevada, Mo., where Mrs. Fisher died 
August 31, 1892. In 1895 Mr. Fisher returned to Pike County, 
Mo. where he remained for the rest of his life. He died in 1920. 

Children : 
(69)352. Hattie O'Kane Fisher, b. Nov. 29, 1875; living; m. Robert 
Lee Fishback ; 

353. Sallie Bell Fisher, b. June 15, 1881; living; m 



Jacob A. Fisher (Adam J., John Jacob, John Adam, John Jacob, 
Sebastian) seems to have been the only child of Adam J. Fisher 
of Snyder County, Pa. He was born near Selinsgrove, in Snyder 
Co., on Oct. 7, 1863, and died in Selinsgrove June 6, 1940. He was 
a man of great industry. He was a farmer, market gardener, business 
man, and public servant. He was a member of the Lutheran church, 
the Republican Party, and of the Odd Fellows Lodge. He served as 
Tax Assessor for the town of Selinsgrove for thirteen years, and 
was the founder of the Pennsylvania Colony at Vero Beach, Florida, 
where he spent his winters during the last twenty years of his life. 
He had the advantage of the rural school but was widely read, and 
had knowledge far beyond his formal schooling. 

Jacob A. Fisher was married on December 25, 1884 to Clara Ella 
Herrold, daughter of John George and Rosalina Roush Herrold, who 
was born in Chapman township, Snyder Co., Pa. on Sept. 17, 1865. 
She is still living. 

Children : 

(70)354. Charles A. Fisher, b. April 20, 1886; living; m. Vera 
Hummel ; 

355. George A. Fisher, b. Oct. 4, 1890; living; m. Mary Keiser; 

356. Eva May Fisher, b. Nov. 7, 1893; d. March 11, 1937; m. 

Arthur H. Charles. 

357. Luther A. Fisher, b. July 10, 1901; living; m. Bernice 



Felix Rush Fisher (Benjamin F., William. Adam, Adam, Sebas- 
tian) was the second son of Benjamin and Margaret Sutton Fisher, 
the first son, William, having died in infancy. Felix Fisher was 


married to Nancv Virginia Hyer on Deceml)er 4. 1877. Mr. Fisher 
died Dec. 19, 1938; his wife died October 27, 1 ( X)5. They were the 
parents of these children : 

358. John Luther Fisher, b. Dec. 1, 1878; living ; 

359. Frank Fisher, h. Dec. 20, 1880 ; living ; 

360. James Byrl Fisher, b. April 17, 1885 ; living. 


John Luther Fisher (Benjamin F., William. Adam, Adam, Sebas- 
tian) was born May 4, 1860. On May 20, 1886 he was married to 
Sarah C. Squires who was born January 27, 1865. Mr. Fisher died 
Octy5, 1932. He was a most esteemed Christian gentleman. 

Children : 

361. Margaret Fisher, b. Jan. 20, 1891 ; living; 

362. George Prince Fisher, b. Dec. 9, 1894; living; 

363. Ruth Fisher, b. May 1. 1899; living; 

364. Susan Fisher, b. Aug. 25, 1903; living; soprano, (Susanne 

Fisher) graduated from Cincinnati Conservatory; studied 
at Juilliard Graduate School, N. Y. ; sang in Berlin and 
Paris; debut. Metropolitan Opera Company, N. Y., 1935. 


Susan Elizabeth Fisher (Benjamin F., William, Adam, Adam, Se- 
bastian), daughter of Benjamin and Margaret Sutton Fisher was 
born April 29. 1864. On November 19, 1885 she was married to 
John Lloyd who was born February 14, 1859 and died October 6, 
1920. Mrs. Lloyd is living. 

Children : 

365. Victor Fisher Lloyd, b. Feb. 10, 1887; living; 

366. Gertrude Margaret Lloyd, b. March 7, 1889; living; 

367. Bruce W. Lloyd, b. Oct. 8, 1892; living; 

368. Mary C. Lloyd, b. April 3, 1895 ; living ; 

369. Benjamin Franklin Lloyd, b. Feb. 28. 1899; living; 

370. Annie M. Lloyd, b. April 27, 1901 ; living; 

371. Florence Sue" Lloyd, b. March 18, 1903; living; 

372. Caroline Lloyd, b. May 8, 1905 ; d. May 25, 1905 ; 

373. John Luther Lloyd, b. Sept. 9, 1908; d. 1926. 



George Bailey Fisher (Benjamin F.. William. Adam, Adam. Se- 
bastian) was born to Benjamin and Margaret Sutton Fisher on 
May 27. 1867. He was married to Flla Glenn on March 1, 1897 
Mrs. Fisher was born October 10, 1869. 

Children : 

374. William Glenn Fisher, b. Jan. 6. 1898; d. Jan. 4. 1934; 

375. Mary Bailey Fisher, b. May 5. 1900; living: 

376. Helen Frances Fisher, b. Sept. 18. 1902; living; 

377. Rush Fisher, b. Oct. 28. 1907 ; living. 


Jake Fisher (Benjamin F.. William. Adam, Adam. Sebastian) was 
born at Sutton. W. Va. May 26, 1871. On August 5. 1897 he was 
married to Ella Byrd Corbett. who was born July 16, 1871. He 
braved the strong disapproval of his father and others of his family 
when he studied law. but he has had a most eminent career in his 
chosen profession. 

From 1899 to 190$ the Honorable Jake Fisher was a member of 
the West Virginia House nf Delegates, and in 1904 he was a mem- 
ber of the Senate. He took his present position, that of Judge of the 
Fourteenth Circuit, on January 1. 1913. He very modestly states that 
due to good health he has been permitted to make something of a 
record on the bench, — he has been neither absent nor late at a session 
of Court which it was his duty to attend, although he has presided 
over four Counties and there is but the one court in these counties. 
He states that he has had the remarkable experience of having less 
than two hundred persons in his circuit who were other than native 
born white. Judge Fisher's term of office is due to expire in 1944. and 
he says that he will regret to take leave of his people for they have 
been so very good to him. He has been a member of the State 
Judicial Council since its institution in 1934. In 1924. Judge Fisher 
was the Democratic nominee for Governor of West Virginia. 

The few words with which Judge Fisher has complied with the 
compiler's request for something about his work have expressed his 
true greatness; they have given us a glimpse of his deep feeling of 
responsibility, and of affection for those who have come under his 
care. While a more detailed account of his work would be desirable, 
it would of necessity have been furnished by someone other than 

Children : 

378. Frank Corbett Fisber. 1». June 25. 1808; living; 

379. William Holt Fisher, b. Aug. 3. 1000; d. May 28. 1902; 


380. Mary Jake Fishery May 26, 1903; living; 

381. V irgin j^ j ffi^oth lMsher, b. May 13, 1905; living; 

382. BaSgfiyisher, b. March 17, 1909; living. 


William Fisher (Benjamin F., William, Adam, Adam, Sebastian) 
youngest son of Benjamin and Margaret Sutton Fisher was born 
October 30, 1873. He was married to Fanny B. Berry on November 
17, 1897. Mrs. Fisher was born December 31, 1875. 

Children : 

383. Mary Elizabeth Fisher, b. Nov. 17, 1898; living; 

384. Edna May Fisher, b. Sept. 28, 1903 ; living ; 

385. Frances Gertrude Fisher, b. July 14, 1910; living. 


Annie Fisher (Benjamin F., William, Adam, Adam, Sebastian) 
was born April 6, 1876. She was married to Alpheus L. Morrison on 
January 12, 1898. 

Children : 

386. Helena Morrison, b. Nov. 9, 1900; living; 

387. Clarence Fisher Morrison, b. Oct. 2, 1902; living; 

388. Martha Tyree Morrison, b. Feb. 11, 1904; living; 

389. Herman Rush Morrison, b. Jan. 23, 1906; living; 

390. Ruth Morrison, b. July 9, 1908 ; living ; 

391. Mabel Morrison, b. Feb. 8, 1911 ; living; 

391. James Wilbur Morrison, b. June 29, 1913; living; 

393. William Bailey Morrison, b. Sept. 27, 1919; living; 

394. Robert Jake Morrison, b. Oct. 25, 1924. 


Lucie Ann Rankin (Mary Ann, Mary Ann, Dr. Jacob, Adam. Se- 
bastian) was born January 29, 1855 at Spring Hill, Augusta County, 
Va. At the age of about twelve years she went with her parents 
to Mexico, Missouri, where they resided for a while and then re- 
moved to Pilot Point, Texas where Lucie Ann met her future husband, 
Henry James Cloyd of Cumberland County, Kentucky. They were 
married on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1876, at Sherman, 
Texas, and went immediately to reside in Kentucky. 

Mr. Cloyd became very ill, supposedly of "Bright's disease" and 
was taken to Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, for treatment. His 


health was greatly improved after a time, but wishing to remain at 
Red Boiling Springs, he joined the mercantile business of Capt. 
James Bennett. Later Mr. Cloyd and his brothers formed a stock 
company and bought the Upper Red Boiling Springs and built a 
summer hotel which he ran for several years. Difficulties arose be- 
tween the Cloyds and the owner of another hotel, leading to heavy 
lawsuits, and although the settlement was in Cloyd's favor, the de- 
pression of 1893. and the death of one of the partners led Lucie Ann's 
husband to sell out and go to Oklahoma where he bought farm- 
ing land. 

The family, however, moved once again, this time to Madison, 
Tennessee, near Nashville, where Lucie Ann Rankin Cloyd died on 
December 15. 1927, survived bv her husband. 

Children : 

395. Lelia Ethel Cloyd, b. Sept. 22, 1877; living; unmarried; 

former teacher ; 

396. Flossie Cloyd, b. Dec. 6, 1879; living, unmarried; taught; 

with Pub. House of M. E. Church, South, since July, 
1922; now on Editorial Staff of The Christian Advocate, 
Chicago, 111. 

397. Marvin Kavanaugh Cloyd, b. July 3, 1882; living; m. 1. 

Inez Russell. 2. Eulalia ; daughter, Lorene Cloyd ; 

Printing business, San Francisco, Cal. ; 

398. Otis McTiere Cloyd. b. April 29, 1886; living; m. Jean Bus- 

comb; four years in Navy; res. Yreka, Calif.; Children: 
Thomas, William, Eugene ; 

399. Georgia Pierce Cloyd, b. Oct. 31, 1888; living; m. Clarence 

Malone ; res. Apache, Okla. ; Stock raiser and automobile 
business ; children : Mary Ellen. Claude ; 

400. Richard Haynes Cloyd, b. Aug. 9, 1891; living; m. Agnes 

Chase; served in Air Squadron, American Expeditionary 
Forces, 1917-8; lawyer; res. Norman, Okla.; daughters: 
Dorothy, Agnes ; 

401. Ruth Cloyd. b. Aug. 9, 1894; living; m. Rev. Edgar U. Rob- 

inson ; res. Tenn.. son, Clovd Andrew Robinson. 


Clarence Fisher (William. George. Dr. Jacob, Adam, Sebastian) 
was born at the old Fisher homestead near Moorefield, on the South 
Branch of the Potomac River, in Hardv Countv, now W. Va. in 
1859. He resided there all his life. In the 1890's Clarence Fisher 
was married to May Eberly. He died in 1939. 

Children : 

402. William Eberly Fisher, b. 1896; living; m. Janie Dahmer; 


403. Eleanor Barnard Fisher, b. 1898; living; m. Aaron Welton ; 

Children: Kleanor, Aaron, Mary. Clarence; 

404. Martha Virginia Fisher, b. 1899; in. Joseph Chipley; son: 


405. Mary Shultz Fisher, b. 1901 ; living ; m. William Grafton ; 

daughter: Patricia Jane; 

406. Emily Rehecca Fisher, b. 1903 ; living ; 

407. Jacob Clarence Fisher, b. 1906; living; 

408. Laura Cunningham Fisher, b. 1910; living; m. Thomas Ran- 

kin ; son : John Lawrence : 

409. Clarence C. Fisher, h. 1913. 


William Solomon Fisher (William, George. Dr. Jacoh, Adam. Se- 
bastian) was born at the old Fisher homestead in 1865, and lived 
in the same neighborhood throughout his life. He was married in 

to his cousin (297) Mary Fisher, daughter of (208) Jesse 

Fisher. William S. Fisher died in 1921 ; his wife is living and has 
been of great assistance to the compiler in securing genealogical 
material on the family of her husband, and on her own family. 


See additional information 
Page 75 


Mary Fisher (Jesse. George, Dr. Jacob. Adam. Sebastian) was 
born in 1871. She was married to her cousin (295) William Solomon 
Fisher and the names of their children have been given under her 
husband's name. Mrs. Fisher has been of great service in gathering 
material on this West Virginia branch of the Fisher family, and the 
compiler wishes to express her appreciation. 


Eunice Virginia Fisher (Jesse. George. Dr. Jacob. Adam. Sebas- 
tian) was born in 1874. She was married to Rev. A. M. Farle, and 
they served as missionaries at Kunsan, Korea, under the Southern 


Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions. They returned to the 
United States in 1911. Mrs. Earle is living, but her husband has been 
dead for a number of years. 

Children : 

414. Jesse Burns Earle, b. 1908; living; m. Christine Pleasants; 

daughter, Linda ; 

415. Elizabeth Fisher, b. 1910; living; m. Rowland Fisher; chil- 

dren : John A., Virginia ; 

416. Alexander Earle, b. 1911 ; living; m. Archer Coke; 

417. Eunice Virginia Earle, b. 1914; living; unmarried. 


Adam Seymour Fisher (Jesse, George, Dr. Jacob, Adam, Sebas- 
tian) was born in 1879. He was the youngest child of Jesse and Jane 
Welton Fisher. He was married to Virginia Van Meter, and they 
have the following children : 

418. Van Meter Fisher, b. 1903; living; 

419. Margaret Fisher, b. 1905; living; 

420. Adam Seymour Fisher, b. 1907; living; 

421. William Fisher, b. 1909; d. 1909; 

422. George E. Fisher, b. ; living; m. Hilda Puettebaugh ; 

Children : George, Nellie, William Welton, and Anne Doug- 
las Fisher ; 

423. Virginia Lee Fisher, b. 1917. 


Joseph Warren Fisher (William P., Adam. Solomon. Adam. Se- 
bastian) was the eldest son of William Power Fisher and Sarah 
Settle Fisher. He was born on June 2, 1844 in Pleasant Hill town- 
ship. Pike County. Illinois. His parents returned to Missouri in 
1845 and lived in Lincoln County until 1847 when they went to Mont- 
gomery County, Mo. and remained there. 

Joseph Fisher enlisted in the First Provisional Enrolled Missouri 
Militia as a private in Company B. 1st Regiment. July 26. 1863, and 
was discharged November 14, 1863; he again enlisted in the early 
summer of 1864 as a private in Company C. 67th Regiment, and 
was discharged December 6, 1864. He was pensioned June 27, 1890. 

On February 18, 1869 Joseph Fisher was married to Pollie Kizer. 
daughter of John Kizer, at Price's Branch, Missouri. They lived in 
Montgomery County. Mo. until 1880 when they went to Salida, 
Colorado. Mr. Fisher was employed in grocery business for many 
years, but he was afflicted with a heart ailment and was finally un- 


able to work. On the morning of February 7, 1907, Joseph was found 
to have died in his sleep. He was a quiet mannered, pleasant gentle- 
man. He was very fond of reading good literature. 

Daughter : 

424. Leona Fisher, b. Feb. 15, 1871 ; living; m. 1. Frank Martenis, 
2. Wilse S. Brewster. 


George William Fisher (William P., Adam, Solomon, Adam, Se- 
bastian) was the second son of William Power Fisher and his wife 
Sarah Settle Fisher. He was born at Clarksville, Mo., where his 
parents had put up for the night after crossing the Mississippi on 
their return from Illinois where they had resided since their mar- 
riage. George's boyhood was spent in Prairie Township, Mont- 
gomery County. Mo., on his father's farm where deer and wild turkey 
abounded, and hunting was a daily pastime. When the Wabash rail- 
road was built through Montgomery Co., about 1856, George walked 
to New Florence, a distance of twelve miles to see the first train 
pass through. 

George was encouraged to get all the schooling obtainable, and his 
father lent a hand for he knew what could be done for one's self 
in the matter of education. 

On February 29, at the age of eighteen, George enrolled, with his 
father's consent, so the record states, arid was mustered into service 
at St. Charles, Mo., as a private in Company I, 31st Regiment Mis- 
souri Volunteer Infantry. He was transferred to Company C, Con- 
solidated Battalion, 31st and 32nd Regiments; was again transferred 
to Company F., 32nd Regiment Missouri Volunteer Infantry. He 
was honorably discharged as a private on July 18, 1865 by reason 
of the muster out of his company on that date. However, George 
Fisher was not with his company at the time of his discharge. On 
June 3, 1865 he was critically injured in a railroad accident at Cum- 
berland, Maryland, and was admitted to the U. S. A. General Hospi- 
tal at Cumberland on the same day. He remained unconscious and in 
extremely critical condition due to fracture of the skull, multiple 
compound fracture of the left arm, and compound fracture of the 
hip. After several weeks he regained consciousness and his father 
who had arrived at Cumberland, was allowed to remove his son to 
Missouri, doubting that he would survive the trip, but George thought 
he could live if he could be at home. It seemed hopeless, but there 
might be a chance. After many months under his father's care, 
George regained a fair state of general health, although his hip, 
which had been infected 'from the first had not healed. He pursued 
his ambition to become a lawyer, a profession for which he seemed 
to be naturally endowed. He attended Pritchett Institute at Glasgow, 
and also read law with a practitioner. 


Later, it became evident that George's frail physical condition 
would prevent his becoming a lawyer, and he took up teaching in 
thorough fashion. His interest was in his older pupils, who were 
taught Latin, Greek, trigonometry, astronomy, and other subjects. 
He tried to arouse an ambition in them for the professions of law 
or medicine. He was successful in several instances. 

On March 11, 1879, George W. Fisher was married to Virginia 
Alta Muns, daughter of George and Alta Doolittle Muns, natives of 
New York State. Virginia was born on March 11, 1863, and was, at 
the time of their marriage, only half the age of her husband. In 
1882. George Fisher went to the Territory of New Mexico seeking 
more robust health. His wife did not go with him and in a few years, 
was granted a divorce, with the custody of the one child. In October, 
1892 Mrs. Fisher went to New Mexico, and they were remarried. 
In 1896, they again separated quietly, Mrs. Fisher returning to Mis- 
souri, accompanied by the daughter, and in a few years Mr. Fisher 
entered the Soldiers' Home at Sawtelle. near Los Angeles, Calif. 
He was engaged in the culture of roses during his residence at Saw- 
telle. About 1911. he transferred east and spent his last years at 
Hampton. Virginia, where he died at the Hospital of the Soldiers' 
Home on August 15, 1925. 

Mr. Fisher was a devout Mason, a Republican, and a member of 
the Albuquerque, N. Mex., school board almost from the beginning 
of its existence, and took a lively interest in politics in the Territory. 
He was at one time the owner of a large amount of real estate there. 


(73)425. Gertrude Fisher, b. Dec. 29. 1879; living; m. Maynard 
Caldwell Harding. M.D. 


Martha Fisher (William P., Adam, Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) 
was born in Prairie Township. Montgomery County, Mo.. December 
31. 1859. She spent her entire life in that community with the ex- 
ception of a few years lived in Idaho, where she removed with her 
children when an elderly widow. 

On April 3. 1879 she was married to George Asher Bohrer. son 
of Henrv and Sinia Wycoff Bohrer of Williamsburg, Ohio. Mr. 
Bohrer died of pneumonia on March 2, 1894. He was a Civil War 

Martha Fisher Bohrer died at Bellvue. Idaho, February 11, 1926. 
Children : 

426. Sina Elizabeth Bohrer. m. March 18. 1880; living; m. Oscar 

E. Sailor; son. Buel Sailor, b. March 28. 1901 ; 

427. Edith Bell Bohrer, b. April 6, 1883 ; d. Aug. 24, 1898 ; 


428. William Henry Bohrer, b. Nov. 16, 18X5; d. July 7, 1933; 

unmarried ; 

429. Georgia Fisher Bohrer, b. July 7, 1889; living; m. ( ary 

Bowles; children: llarrv Merritt, b. Nov. 2, 1 ( X)8; Win- 
fred Kmil. b. July 22. 1916; James Asher. b. Feb. 14, 1919. 


Sallie Fisher (William P., Adam, Solomon, Adam. Sebastian) 
was born at the Fisher home in Montgomery Co.. Mo. on December 
11. 1858. She was the most typical Fisher in appearance of all the 
children of William P. Fisher, resembling the old Fishers more than 
her father did. Her entire life was spent in Montgomery County, Mo. 

On February 21. 1884. Sallie Fisher was married to Alexander 
Jackson Henton who was born June 25. 1860. and died Feb. ( ). 1930, 
at the home of his daughter. Sallie Fisher Henton died December 
22. 1924. 


430. Lelia Henton. b. April 11. 1892; living; m. George Elmer 

Bowlby ; adopted son. Donald Sailor Bowlby. 


Toba Fisher (William P., Adam, Solomon. Adam. Sebastian) was 
the youngest child of William P. and Sarah Settle Fisher. At the age 
of about six years she had the great misfortune of losing her mother. 
Her older sisters and her father gave her most affectionate care, 
and she was taught to be industrious and willing. She lead a very 
active and useful life, devoted to her home and family. She was 
married to James Lawrence Feike on October 7, 1888. They lived 
in Las Vegas Hot Springs, and Albuquerque. New Mexico, and in 
Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Feike was for many years an express 
messenger for Wells Fargo, and later was in charge of a Fred Harvey 
Supp'y car between Kansas City and Los Angeles. Calif. Mrs. Feike 
and her husband lived on a farm in Missouri for a few years after 
his retirement, but returned to Kansas City after Mrs. Feike had 
broken her hip. Her death occurred September 14, 1940. 

Children : 

431. Wilhelmina Feike. b. Oct. 16. 1889; living: unmarried; 

Nurses' training. Wesley Hospital. Kansas City, did pri- 
vate duty, then Public Health nursing — five years with 
Children's Mercy Hospital, and since with Visiting Nurse 
Association, of which she is a Supervisor. 

432. Hazel Feike. b. June 2<). 1895; d. Oct. 25. 1938; m. W. C. 

Cochrum; daughter: Lucille, b. May 5. 1915; m. W. W. 
Morgan, divorced. 



Lieutenant Colonel William Loren Fisher (Adam, George, Adam, 
Solomon, Adam, Sebastian) was born on a farm west of Frankford, 
Pike County, Mo., June 4, 1877. He died on December 29, 1938 at 
Letterman Hospital, Presidio, San Francisco, California, two days 
after he had suffered a heart attack at the Presidio. He was never 

William Loren Fisher was a brilliant student. After his graduation 
from high school he attended Bethany College, Bethany, W. Va., 
from which he was graduated, and was ordained to the ministry of 
the Christian Church. Continuing his studies at Yale, he received 
the degree of Doctor of Divinity, and won a Rhoades Scholarship 
at Oxford. After his return to the United States he held pastorates 
in New York City, Somerset, Pa., Bellaire, O., and Seattle, Wash. 
He joined the United States Army in 1917 and was assigned to 
Chaplain service at Camp Lewis, Wash. Later, he was chaplain at 
Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and at Honolulu, T. H. He was after- 
ward made acting chief of the service and was located at Washing- 
ton, D. C. for two years, then assigned to duty at Tientsin, China, 
with the outpost of the 30th Infantry. Returning to the United States 
in 1935 with the rank of Major he was advanced to Lieutenant 
Colonel and stationed at the Presidio, San Francisco. 

Interested in the problems of his fellow men he was a personal 
friend to the soldier as well as spiritual advisor. Having traveled in 
many parts of the world he was keenly interested in the history and 
customs of other countries, which gave him a wealth of knowledge 
of international affairs. 

While on duty in China he and a sergeant were captured by Chinese 
bandits and held for ransom. He was released without ransom after 
several days. When on a visit to Frankford after his return to Amer- 
ica he was asked how he obtained his release, and he replied, "I 
ta'ked them out of it." 


Edgar Anderson Fields (Mary lone, Solomon, Solomon, Adam. 
Sebastian) was born at Frankford, Pike Co., Mo. on September 20, 
1868. He was married on March 27, 1889 to Mary Stanford Weath- 
er ford, of the Leland Stanford family, who was born at Frankford 
on March 19, 1867. " 

At the age of sixteen Edgar Fields began work as a stone cutter 
at the Monument Works and his natural skill very soon became evi- 
dent. The variety and scope of his interests increased as the years 
went by, and he became owner of the monument works, a general 
store, and undertaking establishment. 


He was a member of the school board of Frankford, a trustee 
in his church. He was a very highly esteemed citizen, much loved for 
his genial i>ersonality as well as high integrity. At his death on Janu- 
ary 14, 1934, Frankford lost one of her most valuable citizens. 

Mrs. Fields resides in Frankford as do four of their children : 

433. Goldie Nadine Fields, b. June 11, 1890; living; m. Farle 

Hulse ; res. New London. Mo. ; 

434. Guilford Leon Fields, b. July 24, 1893; living; unmarried; 

res. New York City ; 

435. Leland Stanford Fields, b. Jan. 11, 1896; living; m. Mary 

Sanderson ; res. Frankford ; 

436. Dorsey lone Fields, b. Aug. 8, 1898; living; m. Edward 

Megowan ; res. Frankford ; 

437. Charles Edward Fields, b. Jan. 1, 1900; living; unmarried; 

res. Frankford; 

438. Howard Weatherford Fields, b. Sept. 25, 1903; living; m. 

Mary Una La Motte ; res. Frankford. 


Hiram David Benn (Emmarilla. Solomon, Solomon, Adam, Sebas- 
tian) was the youngest of three children in the family of Emmarilla 
and Mason Benn. He was born in Pike County, Mo. on April 11, 
1881. On April 17, 1907 he was married to Lura Maud Cash, who 
was born December 9. 1882. Mr. Benn is engaged in farming. He is 
a most substantial citizen. 

Son : 
439. Mason Cash Benn, b. May 6, 1908; living, m. Kathryn Hol- 

man ; one son. 


Hattie O'Kane Fisher (George Washington, Solomon, Solomon, 
Adam. Sebastian) eldest of two daughters of George Washington 
and Nancy Jane Griffith Fisher, was born in Pike County, Mo., No- 
vember 29. 1875. Her childhood was spent there until she was about 
twelve years old, when she went with her parents to Nevada, Mo. 
She was graduated from the Nevada High School. Her mother died 
at Nevada. Mo. on August 31. 1892. Mr. Fisher returned to Frank- 
ford, Mo. in 1895. and it was there that Hattie Fisher was married 
on August 12. 1896 to Robert Lee Fishback. born December 13, 1863 
in Pike County. Mo. He is the son of Samuel A. and Rebecca Davis 

Hattie Fisher Fishback has always been interested in her people, 
and the compiler is deeply indebted to her for much of the informa- 


tion concerning the descendants of Solomon Fisher at Frankford, 
1 Mo. She has been tireless in answering the inquiries sent her, and it 
was a great pleasure to be her guest in 1928. The Fishbacks live in a 
most comfortable farmhouse and are genial hosts. 

Daughter : 

440. Pauline Beatrice Fishback, b. June 4, 1897 ; living ; m. Wirt 
Mefford Cash; res. St. Louis, Mo. 



Charles Adam Fisher (Jacob A., Adam J., John Jacob, John Adam, 
John Jacob, Sebastian) was born near Selinsgrove, Snyder County, 
Pa., April 20, 1886. He attended rural schools, graduated from 
Keller's Business College, from Lebanon University, from Yale 
with A.B., from Susquehanna University with A.M., and from 
Christian College, Iowa, with Ph.D. In 1923 Thiel College conferred 
the honorary degree of Doctor of Business Administration on him. 

Dr. Fisher served as supervising principal at Sugar Grove, Russell, 
and Littletown, Pa., and principal of the high school at Lewiston. 
Pa. In 1920 he became head of the Department of Business Admin- 
istration at Susquehanna University at Selinsgrove. In 1930 he ac- 
cepted a similar position at John B. Stetson University, DeLand, 
F'a. He is a 32 Degree Mason, a Lutheran, Republican, Fellow of 
the Institute of American Genealogy, and a member of many other 
learned societies, Vice-President of the Florida State Society of the 
Sons of the American Revolution, and is historian for a score of 
central Pennsylvania pioneer families. He is compiler of the Wood- 
ling Family History, of Descendants of Michael Fisher (1724- 1776), 
of The Snyder County Pioneers, and of The Abstracts of the Snyder 
County Probate and Orphans Court Records. 

In 1908 Dr. Fisher was married to Vera A. Hummel, a teacher, 
daughter of Simon and Margaret Sassaman Hummel. 

Children : 

441. Grace Arline Fisher, b. Oct. 17, 1908; A.M., Pennsylvania 

State ; m. Claude Bedeaux ; 

442. Bernice Fisher, b. Aug. 20, 1912; A.B., Stetson University; 

A.M., Bucknell University; a teacher; unmarried; 

443. Harold J. Fisher, b. Dec. 23, 1914; three years at Stetson 

University ; m. Marian Weeks ; 

444. Charles A. Fisher, b. Feb. 5, 1919; mechanic; m. Lois 

Rainey ; 


445. Mary Elizabeth Fisher, b. May 28, 1920; Class of '42, 

Stetson University; 

446. Paul H. Fisher, b. Dec. 11, 1921 ; Class of '43, Stetson Univ. ; 

447. James F. Fisher, b. July 5, 1928 ; high school student. 


Gertrude Fisher (George W., William P., Adam, Solomon, Adam, 
Sebastian) was born in Bear Creek Twp., Montgomery County, Mo., 
December 29, 1879. Her early childhood was spent in Missouri, New 
York, and Ohio. From 1892 to 1896 she lived in Albuquerque, New 
Mexico. Her early education was received in several grade schools, 
all quite good ones, and at the time of her graduation from high 
school she had been in attendance at ten entirely different schools. 
This proved to be of no disadvantage, but instead, it laid a founda- 
tion for broader interests and education in a child who was a natural 
student. The early habit of individual study, because of the many 
changes, has been a source of much pleasure. 

Gertrude Fisher prepared herself for teaching, and taught in ac- 
credited public schools for five years before her marriage to Dr. 
Maynard C. Harding, a former schoolmate, at Denver, Colo., June 
30, 1908. They resided at Ault, Colo., until 1911, when they went 
to Mokpo, Korea, Dr. Harding as a medical missionary, under the 
Southern Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions. While in Korea 
Mrs. Harding studied the Korean language intensively. They re- 
turned to the States in 1913, and resided for five months in Berkeley, 
Calif., while Dr. Harding took post-graduate work. Since August. 
1913, they have resided in San Diego, Calif. Dr. Harding, one of 
the leading Orthopedic Surgeons on the Pacific Coast, has now 

During the first World War Mrs. Harding remained in San Diego 
when her husband was in service in the Army Medical Corps, ex- 
cept for three months when she and the children lived at American 
Lake, Wash., near Camp Lewis where Maj. Harding was first chief 
of Orthopedic Service and later chief of Surgical Service. 

Although Mrs. Harding is a home woman she enjoys membership 
in several clubs, literary and patriotic, has served as State Secretary 
of the Women's Auxiliary to the California Medical Association, 
and as chairman of Parent Teachers' Association. She is a student 
of American pioneer history, is genealogist for a dozen or more 
allied families of her own and her husband's ancestry. 

Her chief hobby is amateur photography, begun with a small box 
kodak in 1892 when finishing had to be done by one's self. The 
motion picture camera has for four years been used to record in 
color the wild flowers of California, and of course many other 


Children : 

448. Mabel Virginia Harding, b. April 14, 1909; A.B., Archae- 

ology, University of New Mexico ; graduate study in 
biologic sciences ; laboratory technician with pediatrician ; 
Kappa Kappa Gamma ; residence, San Diego ; 

449. Maynard William Harding, b. March 19, 1910 ; A.B., Chem- 

istry, San Diego State College; A.M., Oceanography, 
University of California ; Graduate work toward Ph.D. ; 
Fellow of The American Society for the Advancement of 
Science, member Geophysical Union, member Seismo- 
logical Society of America, Active member of The So- 
ciety of Exploration Geophysicists ; with United Geo- 
physical Co., in charge of project; m. Aug. 22, 1931, to 
Bertha Gillis ; son, Maynard C. Harding, b. Aug. 25, 
1938; residence, Bakersfield, Calif. 

450. John Gordon Harding, b. March 22, 1916; B.S., Electrical 

Engineering, University of California ; graduate student 
for M.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Cali- 
fornia ; accepted position with Pacific Gas and Electric 
Company at San Francisco in 1940; m. July 5, 1940 to 
Ruth Rayburn ; daughter, Jacqueline Beatrice Harding, 
b. March 5, 1942; residence, Berkeley, Calif. 

451. Gertrude Elizabeth Harding, b. April 8, 1920; B.S. Ge- 

ography, University of Oregon, 1942 ; Delta Delta 
Delta; m. August 26, 1942, to Dean Howard Sandin ; resi- 
dence, Monterey Heights, San Diego, Calif. 


William Solomon and Mary Fisher 

1. Jesse William Fisher, b. Oct. 22, 1896; d. Feb. 8, 1932; M. Nov. 20, 
1920; Annie Laurene Cunningham; b. May 31, 1895; d. Jan.22, 1973 

Jesse William Fisher, Jr., b. May 1, 1922; m. Sept. 3, 1947; Susan 

Parsons Welton; b. Dec. 21, 1922 


William Paxton Fisher, b. Dec. 6, 1949; m. June 29, 1974; Donna 
Jean Rudy; b. June 3, 1952 

Elizabeth Fisher, b. July 17, 1978 
Jessica Jo Fisher, b. April 21, 1981 
Joseph Alexander Fisher, b. Feb. 27, 1953; m. May 10, 1975; 
Marcia Lertaine Hardy; b. June 18, 1955 

James William Fisher, b. Dec. 26, 1979 

2. Paxton Shultz Fisher, b. 1900; d. 1946 

3. John Welton Fisher, b. Jan. 10, 1903; d. April 1, 1977; m. April 19, 
1935; Orrie Shobe; b. May 26, 1907 


Mary Jane Fisher, b. May 26, 1936; m. June 14, 1960; James Dyer 

Wilkins;b. April 1, 1935 


James Dyer Wilkins, II, b. Sept. 30, 1961 

Jacquelin Ann Wilkins, b. Nov. 11, 1962 

John Andrew Wilkins, b. June 10, 1964 

Joseph Fisher Wilkins, b. Nov. 25, 1968 
Lucy Lee Fisher, b. May 23, 1938; m. Dec. 27, 1969; Stephen Demas 
West;b. May 6, 1934 

John Welton Fisher, II, b. Dec. 11, 1942; m. June 6, 1964; Susan 
Carrol Vass; b. Jan. 26, 1944 

John Welton Fisher, III, b. May 2, 1968 

Jennifer Lynn Fisher, b. Sept. 15, 1970 

4. Mary Va. Fisher, b. Nov. 24, 1906; m. 1934; George Henry Zimmerman; 
b. Feb. 20, 1905 


Marian Eliz. Zimmerman, b. April 22, 1938; m. March 1959; Archie 
Oliver Jenkins, II; b. Oct. 31, 1936 
Children : 

Archie Oliver Jenkins, III, b. Jan. 21, 1962 

Virginia Lynn Jenkins, b. Dec. 28, 1966 

5. Clarence Henkel Fisher, b. Dec. 15, 1910; m. 1945; June Dolon; b. June 

1, 1920 


Barbara Fisher, b. July 26, 1946; m. Robert Rader 



Stephanie Allayna Rader, b. 1974 

Emily Henkel Rader, b. 1979 
Cherie Fisher, b. Feb. 28, 1949; m.; Mitchell Boswell 

Tyler Mitchell Boswell, b. 1981 


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