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% 1946 A 

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/aciam tag fieri |)itfcttorti (omnittm* 




Joshua, Anthony and Cornelius Fisher, 

Op Dionam, Mass., itff6»ff«4a 


Massachusitts Pubushino Company. 

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This work was undertaken in a small way in the spriufj^of 
1892, and soon assumed quite large proportions. But itluLs 
been the source of many pleasantly sp^ hours, and in its pro- 
duction the writer has gained a clearer insight into the character 
of the people of New England, with whom he has been brought 
in contact, and the phases of the social and political life of the 
communities they resided in, than perhaps he could have had 
by any other means. It is not an unnatural thing that one, 
reared far from the home for so long of many of his ancestors, 
should desire to know whence they hailed from, and what 
history and tradition reveal of them. Journeys have been 
taken to many places in New England, and the reconls 
searched, and yet the whole field has not been completely cov- 
ered and all available records collated and recorded. This is 
a task of a lifetime and it must devolve upon some resident 
in the nudst of the district long the home of the family. 

Many persons have undoubt^y searched long anddiUgeutly 
for records of both early and later generations of the family, 
but much of their work is lost, or destroyed, or happily placed 
away while they await a season of inspiration and zeal before 
they get at it again. But it has been impressed on some to 
give what they can, — yea, they feel they are under obligations 
to do so for those who have not the opportunity of gaining 
even what they have, and so they put foith what, be it much 
or little, helps others at the time help is so much needed. 
There is a necessity that the histories of many families be 
written up and published ; that the work in the earlier genera- 
ations be as systematic and thorough as possible to clear up 
the doubtful points before the time comes when there will be 
no chance of a solution. Even to the person who is but run- 
ning down one line to find a Revolutioiiary sire, or perchance 
a Mayflower ancestor, there is the liability of repeated errors 
if the whole ground is not gone carefully over, and care taken 
that the successive generations are correct. With that in 
view, the present woik is offered in the hope of doing some 
good at once. 

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Col. Horace Newton Fisher made investigations on the 
subject oX the Dedham immigrants when in Harvard Law 
School, supplemented by research in Bngland during a resi- 
dence there just before the war. These investigatiras were 
made particularly with regaxd to his branch of the htmily, and 
were greatly facilitated by the use of material collected by his 
father and uncles. We have placed the account which he 
gives of the Fishers of Syleham, England, and their connec- 
tions, in the first pages of this work. 

Many years ago, Charles Fisher, of Cincinnati, O., gathered 
family records among all the relatives he could find, but this 
material has long ago disappeared. The late Nathaniel G. 
Chapin, Esq., of Brookline, Mass., worked for a number of 
years, desiring to gain a complete record of all the descend- 
ants of Nathaniel and Hantuih (Baker) Fisher, of Canton, 
Mass., and his material is accurate and very complete to the 
last day he woiked upon it. We have had but to re-^urange his 
material, kindly placed at our disposal by the widow, Mrs. 
Harriet Louisa (Fisher) Chapin, and add the latier events. 

Or. Harriett P. Hooper, of Lebanon, Pa., had worked for 
six years, gathering material for a genealogy which should be 
a memorial to her mother. Her prof esabnal work has allowed 
her to give less time to the work than she desired, and she 
has kindly sent a vast amount of material of her own and 
other branches of the family to the compiler, and it has been 
incorporated into the work. 

Much help, counsel and wise suggestion have come from 
the officers of the Dedham Historical Society. Mr. Don 
Gleason Hill, its president, has given the greatest aid to the 
compiler in the use of books and manuscripts in the society's 
building in Dedham, Mass., and Mr. J. H. Tuttle has printed 
a large number of the families of the earlier generations in 
the Dedham Historical Register. We are pleased to look 
back to the time when the first installment came out in the 
Register (October, 1892), and see the hope realized in this 
book that an interest would be excited that could lead to an 
extended memorial of the family. 

Among many others who have helped toward the com- 
pletion of the work: Miss Mary Curtis Fisher, of Ponka- 
ApoSf Canton, Mass., by personid counsel and a great many 
records of events in the descendants of Ezekiel Fisher, of 
Canton ; Mr. Albert Judson Fisher, of Chicago, by records 
in the descendants of Aaron Fisher, Senior, of Wendell, 
Mass.; Mrs. Alice C. Hall, of Cambridge, Mass., by items of 
Rev. Jonathan Fisher, of Blue Hill, Me., and descendants ; 
Rev. Robert Stewart, D. D., of New Wilmington, Pa., by 

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descendants of Col. Daniel Fisher, of Dedham, Mass., and 
Belpre, O.; Mrs. Eveline Fisher, of New Paltz, N. Y.; M». 
Mary E. Berry, Scranton, Pa.; Dr. C. Irving Fisher, Presby- 
terian Hospital, New York aty, N. Y.; Milton MetcaU 
Fisher, of Medway, Mass., by his contributions in the histo- 
ries of Medway and Franklin, Mass. 

For the coat of arms we are all indebted to* the research of 
Col. Horace N. Fisher, of Brookline, Mass., who looked into 
the matter while attending the Harvard Law School. For 
many facts fonnd in connection with it we are indebted to 
Mr. Albert Judson Fisher, of Chicago, Ills. 

df^ ^.x^ 

San Francisco, Cal. 

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In Papworth's ''An Ordinary of British. Armorials "is a 
description of a coat of arms granted to a Fisher : 

Azure, a dolphin embowed naiant or. Tlus corresponds 
to the coat reproduced above except in one particular, that 
'* naiant" shows the dolphin facing the right of the shield, 
whereas in the illustration it faces the reverse. As yet it has 
not been lound when and upon whom this coat was bestowed. 

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The seal used by Josliua Fisher (2) ou his will was care- 
fully examined by Mitchell, the seal eugraver of Boston, in 
1858, who also took wax impressions and reproduced the anus 
used by said Joshua. The seal corresponds to what libenexer 
Fisher (d. 1847) , cashier of the Dedham Bank, used to say was 
the seal used by his grandfather, Capt. Ebenexer Fisher ( 144) , 
of Dedham (b. 1721 ; d. 1798), which seal he had in posses- 
sion at his death, but which, with several valuable family me* 
mentoes, have disappeared, to the great regret of his children 
and other members of the family. • Mr. Mitchell was directed 
to reproduce the coat of arms from the seal as accurately xs 
might be, which he did ; though he said that the dolphin 
ought to face to the right instead of to the left of the shield ; 
and so the arms reproduced have followed the facing of the 
arms actually used. 

As was customary with the English Puritans of that time, 
Joshua Fisher, Senior, used on his will, dated May 2, 1674, 
his arms, but no crest. The crest copied by Mitchell, on the 
annexed coat of arms, was the crest used by Captain Daniel 
Fisher (11), of Dedham, on several Indian treaties and deeds 
negotiated by him, and also used by his son. Captain Daniel 
Fi^er, 2d (25), of Dedham, on his will, dated Sept. 15, 
1 7 13. There is some reason therefore to consider the crest 
and arms engraved by Mitchell as authentic, for their use 
would be a crime in the eyes of the Puritaas if the user had 
no right to them. 

There is a remarkable similarity between these anus and 
those of the Dauphin of France, bestowed by the last Count 
of Dauphine on the heir-apparent to the French crown. It is 
also the same, states Jameson's History of Medway, Mass., as 
the one described in 77i€ History of Norfolk County, JCntr- 
laiul, with notices of Richard and Edwanl Fisher, *' Gentle- 
men," '* Richard Fisher, Chaplain, 1442, John Fyshere, 1449, 
burgess of Thetford, the Reverend William Fisher, a Public 
Benefactor," and of Mrs. Mary Fisher, '* who died and went 
to Heaven in a hurricane." 

The arms of Bishop John Fisher, the martyr, are as follows: 

Azure, a dolphin embowed between three ears of wheat or. 
John Fysher, Bishop of Rochester, 1504, and a Cardinal. 

So Edmondson's Hei^ldry described them, and we have 
learned that his motto, found engraved above his cha]>el and 
tomb was the* words : * ' Faciam vos fieri Pi.scatores hominum. * ' 
(I will make you to become Fishers of men.) He was born 
about 1460, martyred June 22, 1535, one of the four children 
of Robert Fisher, a rich mercer, who resided at Beverly in 
the East Riding of Yorkshire. 

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The name, fiaher, being that of one of the employments of 
men, is foand in nearly all nations. The direct origin of the 
woid FiSHBR, as we have it, seems to be as follows : — 

Chabot, — a fisher off the French coast ; whence came Cab- 
ot (Sebastian), Poissonier, Fisher, Fish, Fiske or Fisk, 
Hooker, Langelier, Pitchers (Percheors), Doeg (Edondte), 
all of which signified fisherman. 

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Fisher Genealogy. 


1. Anthony' Fiskbr lived in the latter part of Queen 
BUzabeth's reign, in the parish of Syleham» County Suffolk, 
England,, on the south bank of the Waveney River, which 
separates Suffolk from Norfolk, on a freehold esUte called 
" Wignotte/' His wife was Mary, daughter of William 
and Anne Fiske, of St. James, South Elmsham, County 
Suffolk, —an old Puritan family of that county, which had 
suffered dtiring the regions persecutious of Queen Mazy's 
reign. The Parish Records of Syleham contain several refer- 
ences to Anthony Fisher and his descendants which are an- 
neaced in the language of the Records, namely :— 

Anno Domini 1585. Joshua Fysher et Maria Fysher, Gemi- 
ni, baptisadi fuer 24th die Februarii ano super dicto. 

Anno Domini 1591. Antonius Fysher bapt. erat 23 Aprilis 
anno sup. dicto. 

Anno Domini 1599. Comelitis Fysher the sonne of Antho- 
nye Fisher was bap. the six daye of Augusti. 

Anthony Fysher was buried the eleventh day of April 1640. 

Anno Domini 162 1. Joshua Fysher, the sonne of Joshua 
Fysher, was baptized on the ii daye of Aprille. 

Anno Dom. 1633. — Amos Fysher and Anne Lord were 
married September 24; 

Joshua Fysher and Anne Luson were married 7th February 
Anno Dom. 1638. 

This Anthony Fisher, of Syleham, had four aotis and two 
daughters, as appears from the Candler Manuscript [No. 
6071, Harleian Collection, p. 384] in the British Museum, a 

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refereuce to which will be found beyond. The author of that 
Manuscript was Matthew Candler, a prominent Puritan min- 
ister, settled at Codenham, County Suffolk, from which vicar- 
. age he was ejected for nonconformity in 1662, by Bishop 
Wren. Candler was a nephew of Mary Fiake, wife of An- 
thony Fisher, of Syleham, and consequently first cousin of 
Anthony Fisher, Senior, of Dorchester, and Joshua Fisher, 
Senior, of Medfield. Thus Mathew Candler (b. 1604 ; d. 1663), 
was not only likely to be acquainted with the leading Puritan 
families of Suffolk, but was a cotemporary and near relation of 
our kinsmen whocame to New England in the ''Great Puritan 
Emigration." His statements in regard to them are therefore 
worthy of confidence, especially as they are corroborated in 
some detail by their brother Cornelius in his will dated 1638, 
to which reference is made. Wlience it appears that in 1638 
both Anthony and Mary (Fiske) Fisher, of Syleham, were 
alive, and also their six children, whose names are given in 
the Candler Manuscript. 

Cornelius Fisher, M. A., of East Bergholt, in his will, dated 
May 23, 1638, refers to members of his father's family byname, 

'*To my three brothers Joshua, Anthony and Amos, and 
my two sisters, Marie Brigge and Martha Bucingham .... 
My father and mother during their natural lives .... My 
part in one tenament and certain land in Sileham called Wig- 
iiotte .... My wife Elizabeth .... copyhold land in East 

His win was admitted to probate in London, in December, 
1 64 1, in which year he probably died. From the Parish Rec- 
ords of Syleham it appeals that Anthony Fisher, of Syleham, 
died in 1640, and we know from other sources that his eldest sou, 
Joshua, removed in that year to New England with his family. 
Candler states that Elizabeth, the widow of Cornelius Fisher of 
East Bergholt, married Rev. George Smith, of Dedham, in the 
samecounty. Of the two daughters of Anthony Fisher, Mary 
Brigge and Martha Buckingham, I have no further informa- 
tion, not having inquired in regard to them, though possibly 
their children may have come to New England and been iden- 
tified with the Buckingham and Briggs families here. — Ac- 
count of Col. Horace N. Fisher, of Brookline, 


It is the work of one of the Puritan divines of the century 
before the last, one o( the very few ministers of that class who 
paid any attention to historical or genealogical inquiry. His 
name was Matthias Candler; bom February 24, 1604; educa- 

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ted in the Univexsity of Cambridge ; became M. A., and in 
1629 was presented to the vicarage of Codenham, in Suffolk, 
a place in the hundred of Bosmere, near to Needham-Market 
and but a few miles north of Ipswich. His father was a 
schoolmaster at Yozlord, and his mother a member of a large 
family named Piske» some of whom had been sufferers in the 
persecution of the Protestants in the re^^ of Queen Mary» 
and others, his near relations, had removed themselves, in the 
time of the great Puritan emigration, to New England. He 
died in March, Z663, having been for many years a most in- 
fluential minister. The Manuscript is divided into two nearly 
equal portions. The second portion is a great curiosity. 
It conasts of accounts of families to whom the author was 
iilma^H allied, or with whom he w;aswell acquainted,*-* but 
many of such, who, though persons of good condition, clergy- 
men and merchants, were not of the rank of those whose de* 
scents the Heralds took cognizance, and concerning whom it 
is therefore easy to obtain information, but the rank immedi- 
ately below them .... There were several branches of it 
[Fiske Family] in the southern parts of the county of Suffolk, 
all springing from a Richard Fiske, who lived at the Broad 
Gates, in Lazfield or Loxfield, the great-grandfather of Cand- 
ler's mother. Fox, in his account of the burning, ol John 
Npyes, speaks of Nicholas Fiske, who was one of the sons of 

Two other of his sons, Robert and William, fled in the time 
of that terrible persecution. Sibil, the wife of Robert, was iu 
great danger in those times, as was her sister, Isabella, origi- 
nally Gold, who was confined in the Castle of Norwich, and 
escaped death only by the power of her brothers, who were 
men of great influence in the country. From Robert sprang 
all of the name who were in the early emigration. Robert 
Fiske had by Sibil Gold, his wife, four sons and one daughter. 
.... William is described by his grandson as of St. James, 
in South Blmham, and it is said of him, that be fled with his 
father. His wife was Anne, daughter of Walter Ansty , of 
Tibnam Long Row, in Norfolk. They had John, Nathaniel 
and Bleaaar, Eunice, Hannah and Esther. Eunice died un- 
married; Esther married John Challie of Red Hall, and Han- 
nah, William Candler, and was the mother of our genealogist. 
Of die children of John, all that lived to grow up, four in 
number, transferred themselves to the new country. John 
Fiske, the father, died in 1633. His wife was Aune, daugh- 
ter of Robert Lantersee. 

Two other of the early settlers from tliese parts of England 
were related to the Fiskes. These were Joshua and Anthony 

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Fisher, who took their freedoms, Joshua in 1640, and Anthony 

in 1646. They were brothers, sons of (Anthony) Fisher 

of Syieham, by his wife Mary, who was probably another 
daughter of William and Anne Fiske of South Elmham ; but 
this is another instance in which we regret that Candler did 
not draw his pedigrees with more precision. Candler does 
not give us any further information respecting them; but we 
may form some idea of the class of society from which they 
sprang, from the notice which he takes of two of their broth- 
ers, who appear to have remained in England : Cornelius, who 
was M. A., and taught the school at East Bergholt ; and 
Amos, who farmed an estate called Custridge Hall, in the parish 
of Weeley, which is in the hundred of Tendxing, between 
Colchester and the sea. Cornelius left no issue, and his widow 
remarried with George Smith, a clergyman, who was one of 
the ministers of Dedham, a famous seat of Puritan piety. 
Amos married Anne Morice, the relict of Daniel Locke, and 
had several children settled in those parts of Essex, of whom 
it is not known that any of them followed in the steps of 
thdr two uncles. — Joseph Hunter's Suffolk Emigrants ; from 
Colls, of Mass. Historical Society, X, Third Series, Z37-173. 


2. Joshua*, son of Anthony ( i ) and Mary (Fiske) Fisher, 
of Syleham, England, was baptized there, Feb. 24, 1585; 
m. xst, ; m. 3d, Feb. 7, 1638, at Syleham, 

England, Anne Luson, a sister of John I«us6n, who also came 
to New England, settled at Dedham, and received his house- 
lot there at the same time as the Fishers. Joshua Fisher 
came to New England in 1639, with his second wife, (Anne 
Luson), and daughter Mary. His son Joshua had preceded 
him, arriving some time in 1638; for on "The First of ye 
nth Month (1638),** Jan. z, 163^, Jd^ua, Jr., enters upon 
the lot granted the smith and is to hold it and make improve- 
ments for ''the behalfe of his Father wch is expect^ this 
next somer.'* Joshua was made a freeman, May 13, 1640; 
was a blaclcsmith by trade; settled first in Dedham, from 

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there going to Medfieldat its settlement in 1650. He drew 
his houselot in the center of the town of Medfield, where the 
house of William Pt Hewins now stands. Was the first 
deacon in the Medfield church, and was a selectman in 1653 
and 1655. The value of his property in 1652 was ;^i8o. In 
Z656 Joshua and Anne Fisher deeded part of the homestead 
and other property to their son, John Fisher (7); for an 
account of wh^h see under John (7). The Medfield home- 
stead was inherited by John^ (7), John* (z6), Samuel* (37), 
and finally John* (78), who, dying childl^ in 1802, left it to 
his nephew, Samuel Hill, of Medway. Joshua d. in Medfield, 
Nov. 9, 1674 ; his widow d. Jan. 27, 1676-7. His will is as 

** In the year of oar Lord one thoosaud Six hundred leventy four 

the lecond daye of May, 1. Joshua tfisher of Medfield Senior 

brought to old age and being thourby with the inffirmitiea . • . wife 
Ann . • . the bed with all beiongingt in the little chamber next to. 
the stain and all toe two gooa blankets more and two payres of 
sheets & two pillows and that trunke now standing in the befl 
Chamber below nutf ked A : F : with what soe ever is aow in it and all 
hir wearing apparrell as well Linen as Wooling and one payer of 

andirons .... and payer of tongs one Trammei and two 

heaters one payere of pothookes two brass vesselles .... bellows 
• • • . two chairs two fouer fiooted stoUes two c^ushings such as she 
shall chnse and three puter dishes two of the .... and one .... 
and three bushels of Bndian corne and forty pound wayt of butter and 
forty pound of chese and fifty pound wayght qi porke and one cow 
such as she shall chuse and all my fire wood tlut is cut out when god 
shall take me away whether in the woods or in my yard and soe much 
more of my moveable goods as shall be vallued at ten pound in such 
as she shall chuse or also soemnch in good a^d merchantable wh«»it 
as com to ten pound, and fifteen pound in good and curaut new 
England mony and further mv will and desire is that my above said 
wife may live in that end of the house that I live in according to the 
will of my son John ffisher Deceased untill such time as the heirs 
shall cum of age (and then to injoy .... with the benefit of any one 
now of the apple trees in Uie orchard) and then to live in the other 
end and there to in joye During the terme of her natnrall life all 
such Liberties and prevelidges as are Bnjoyed in my deed of gift 
fformerly made to my son John ffisher 

Unto my daughter Marcy Battle the wife of Thomas Battle and her 
heires ffor ever thirty pound • ... to grandson Joshua jC6o it t>eing 
already in his hands payd to him out of that Bstate which I had in 
hia fathers hands .... to Mary Clap my grand daughter and wife of 
Thomas Clan /"s .... to Abigail Houghton, wife of John Houghton 

my grant cnild jf 5 John ffisher grand child, son Joshua 

ffisher jCs to Hannah B. . . (? writmg uuintelligible) grand 

child jC^ John ffisher son of my son John ffisher all laud in 

Medfield, etc. . • further that John fiisher son of my son John ffisher 
within the space of two years after he shall com to one and twenty 
years of sge shall pay /*4o to his brother Jonathan ffisher .... 
Vigilance msher my grand child son of my son Joshua ffisher 40s. 

Digitized by 



and I constitute appoint and ordain my trusty and well 

beloved cosen Daniel ffisher ol Dedham and Joshua Fisher my Grande 
child Bxccutors of this my last will. • • • . • 

John Wilson 

Ralph Wheelocke ' O, 

His widow Anne made her will, dated April 8, 1675, 
proved Feb. i, 1676-7, in which she gave ''daughter Battle 
20ft.; grandson John Fisher, the son of my late son Lievtenant 
Joshua, jCs; grandson John and granddaughter Elizabeth 
Fisher, children of my late son John Fisher, 208. apiece ; rest 
and residue to grandson Joshua Fisher (son of my late son 
Liieut. Joshua Fisher) whom I have brought up from his 
childhood, whom I make my sole Bxecutor." Children b. in 
England, and by first wife, were : 

EuzABSTH', bapt. at Syleham, Bngland, July 3, 1619 ; probably 
married and settled in Bngland ; no record of her in New 

6. JosHUA''» bapt. at Syleham, April 2, 1621 ; m. ist, Mary. Aldis, 

Nov. 15, 1643; m. sd, I«ydia Oliver, Feb. x6, i6s4* 

6i. Ma&v', b. ; m. Thomas Battelle, Sept. 5, 1648; d. Aug. 7, 


7. JOHN^, b. ; m. Elisabeth Boylston, April 6, 1658. 

3. Anthony', son of Anthony (1), of Syleham, County 
Suffolk, England, was baptized there April 23, 1591 ; came to 
New England with his first wife Mary and children, probably 
from Yarmouth in the ship Rose, arriving in Boston, June 26, 
1637, and settled in Dedham. He sul»mbed to the Dedham 
Covenant, July 18, 1637. Jan. x, 1638, he was one of the com- 
mittee *' Choesen to contriue the Pabricke of a Meetinghouse 
to be in length 36 Foote & 20 : foote in bredth, & betweene the 
vpp Sl nether sell in y* studds 12 : foote, the same to be girte 
and to order men to worke vpon the same in all workes as 
they are seu'ally apted accordmgly.'* On July 28, 1638, he 
was assigned his houselot: "Anthony Fisher twelve Acres 
more or lesse made vp good by an inlargm"^ Rune in amongst 
the Rockes, & for woode & timb' as it lyeth betweene M' 
John AUin through out towards the South & Thomas Wighte 
through out towards the North. And abutts vpon the Waest 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



towards the East & the Waest in the Rockes towards the West 

the limitts marked & dooied accordingly. / The highwaye 

leading towards the Ragged playne runing through the Same :/ 

^ And a certaine pcell of ground 

Umtio^^ ^^du3^ allowed out of the first line vnto 

^ U iV\Z/ the Said Thomas Wight for a seat 

^^^ of an house, a yearde Roome & 

Easement of water at the Brook as 

it is set out ther.'* (Lands Granted vnto Sundry men, p. s 

of Book 2 of Dedham Town Records). His meadow was 

assigned '* The 28* of y* 5** Month (July) 1638 " : *• Assigned 

vnto Anthony Fisher — 7 a": — : 20 ". as it lyeth 

next Tho: Fisher," between Thomas Fisher and Thomas 
Wight. "The 27* October being y* 8"" Month. 1640. .... 
Graunted vnto Ant*: Fisher Fifteene acres of planting grownd 
to lye vpon y^ Southeast side of m' AUin our Pastor his &trme 
to be set out by m' Wheelocke Tho: Wight & Robte Hinsdell. ' ' 
This was east of the highway leading from Dedham to Medfield. 
He received six acres of plowing land ' ' on the South playne, ' ' 
March x6, 1640-41 ; purchased the right of four acres of upland 
of Ralph Wheelock, Nov. 25, 1642 ; was granted fotir acres of 
plow land on Feb. 6, 1642*43, and eight acres of woodland, 
Feb. 4, 1644-45. He bought a farm of 150 acres, a houselot 
and other lands in Dedham, of the estate of Samuel Cooke, of 
Dublin, Oct. 19, 1652. 

By the attorney, William PiUrks, of Roxbury, it is described 
as follows, viz.: '* Abutting at the back of the Rock's toward's 
the west, & the Meadow lying beneath the Same toward's the 
North, next Charles River, as i* lyeth by saide River abutted 
& bounded betwixt a little brooke & certain Rock's. Item. 
One house lott conteining twelve Acres of upland more or less 
as ^ lyeth in the Smoothe Plaine in Dedham aforesaide, 
betwixt the house lott of Daniell ffisher toward's the East & 
the highway toward's the North & west & the Rock's toward's 
the South" ; also six acres in Rosemary Meadow; Upland 
between the TH'ay to the meadows and Elea2er Lusher ; twelve 
acres in the Broad Meadow ; six and a half acres, one half 
rood, of woodland; four acres in Cedar Swamp; one half 
part of ten acres, three roods, in the Great Plain ; and six 
acres in Rosemary Meadow; for whidi he gave £6j Z4s. 
** This lot, I should think from the description given, and the 
lot of Daniel Fisher, known to be the estate of Mrs. Rodman, 
on Lowder Street, are located on the easterly side of the 
Hartford Turnpike, principally the northeasterly angle of 
said turnpike and Lowder Street." Eleazer Lusher probably 
bought a large interest in this property, from the following : 

Digitized by 



• X& ana^ to the petition of Will}am Parka, of Roxburv, and of Anthony 
Fiaher» of Dedham, and Bleaser Lnther, craving thia Conrta confirm* 
al|oii of certajne landa, sold to y* peticonera Lnaher 8l Fisher, by W» 
Parka aloraaaidy attonmey to Santneli Cooke, of Dublin, in Ireland, 
mt, deceaiea, by order & power by letter of attonmey from the sajd 
Cooke, the Court grannta their requeat, allowea of and conHrniea the 
•ale of the said Parka of y* tajd Cooka landa in Dedham to the tajd 
Lnaher & Pither. (Oct lo, i6s3 : Maat. CoL Rec., IV, Part I. X17. Sec 
alaoIII, 990.] 

*^ x6 of a-6o« Assemb ypon oceaaion : Bid' Hunting, Lieft: Fiaher, 
Joh Haward, Bna. Fiaher, Nath. Coalebume, Pet: Woodward & Elea. 

Luaher Granted to Antho. Fisher senio (vpon his 
A FUM^rio requeat) libertie to haue 4 Acres of Land, (being 

Mmv^ iand gasi qf pt oi the deuident of the 500 Acrea. in pt of his 
Midfield road* owne & pt by purchase of Joh. Dwight) to be layed 

out to htm* neere our paators Farme; east of the 
h^ way leading from Dedham to Metfield. to be layed out to him by 
the apointm* or direction of Deac. Chickering, Lieft Fisher pvidetl no 
pt of thia grant entrench ypon m' Allina Farme." 

June 32, 1660, it alao *' granted . . . . 2 acres of upland in pt 
of his own diuident belonging to the deuident aforesd. (of 500 
acres gnmted 1652) and eleaen acres more of the same Laud 
& 3 roodes and 5 pole being by him purchased of John Dwight 
behig pt of the same diuident to be layed out to him vpon the 
southeast side <rf Charles Riuer. ouer against the Farme now 
in the possession of Daniell Morse." 

His Mfife Mary joined the Dedham Church, March 27, 1642 ; 
but he was not '* comfortably received into ye church," " on 
accountof his proud and haughty spirit,*' tmtU March 14, 1645. 
He was made a freeman. May, 1645 ; was chosen Selectmau 
of Dedham (''to act in town affaires") in 1646 and 1647, 
County Commissioner Sept. 3, 1660, and a Deputy to the 
General Court, May 2, 1649 ; was Woodreeve in 1653, 1654, 
1655, 1637, 1658, 1661 and 1662. From a minute in thehaud- 
writing of Eleazer Lusher, bearing date March 9, 1652, we 
would infer that Anthony gave the bulk of his property to his 
sons and they bound themselves to support their mother, if she 
were left dependent. '* A Bond to make from Daniell, Antho: 
Natha: & Cornell : Fisher, to their mother, to paye tenn £ per 
ann : at 2;^. xos. the quarter of the yeare in paymt to her iiist 
content, dureing her naturall life, after their Father's decease. ' ' 
About this time the following agreement was made : '* £lua- 
than^ Dunckley is according to ye Court order in that case 
provided, placed in seruice for one whole yeare next ensueiug 
to dwell wth Anthoney Fisher senior, and the said Anthoucy 
Fisher doth couenant & agree to pay to the said Elnatlmu or 
his assignes the summ of <i£ for yc yeares seruice vut 2£, 5.S. 
each quarter of ye yeare." Yet we find in the Deilhain 
Records that his property was assessed ou Feb. 20, 1656-7, at 

Digitized by 



£i 17 3S. We have been unable to learn the date of the death 
of the wife Mary ; but he married again '' the 14^ of (9 mo:) 
1663" (Nov. 14, X663), Isabell, widow of Edward Breck of 
Dorchester (who had died Nov. 2, 1662), ''ahe being by her 
first marriage the widow of John Riffben, and probably the 
latter's second wife;" Anthony ''bemg at the time of the 
marriage about 72 years of age." He was chosen commis- 
sioner, March 5, 1666, and selectman of Dorchester, Dec. 5, 
X664, Dec. 4, 1665, and Dec. 3, x666. He died at Dorchester ; 
" M' Anthony Fisher Departed out of this Life in the 80^ 
year of his age (April 18) X67Z." His widow, '' The Widow 
Fisher Departed this Life the 22' (mo: 4) called June, 1673." 

The inventory of his estate, showing only personal property 
in Dedham and Dorchester, was presented by Ensign Daniel 
Fisher, July 26, 1671, and an agreement for the distribution 
was made as follows: '* July 26; 1672, We whose names are 
hereto written being ye sons and ye daughters of our late 
deceased kther AnUiony Fisher, sometimes called ' of Dor- 
chester,' deceased," ietc., and signed by Daniel, Nathaniel, 
and Cornelius Fisher, Daniel Morse, and Joanna Fisher. '' In 
Anthony Fisher we find an Englishman of strong, positive 
points of chaxacter, with liberal means for the times, of favor- 
able consideration by his fellow-settlers as a citizen." (B. H. 

Children by first wife, axid bom in England : 

8. Amtrony', m. Joanna Faxon, Sept. 7, 1647. 

9. CORNBUDS*. m. xat, Leah Heaton, and ad, Sarah Everett, 
xo. Natranxxl*, m. Bather Hunting, Dec. 26, 1649. 

IX. DANisZt', m. Abi|^ Marriot, Nov. 16, 1641. 

liYDuJ, m. Daniel Morse, of Sherbom. [Morse's Sherbom, 
p. 178; Morse Memorial, p. lo.] 
12. JOKN^, d. in Dedham, July 15, 1658. 

4. Amos', third son of Anthony ( i), of Syleham, m. Anne 
Morrice, Mridow of Daniel Locke, and lived at Custridge Hall, 
parish of Weeley, County Essex, England, a fanner. They 

Amos', eldest son, of Debenham, m. Anne Lord, at Svleham, 

Sept. 34, X653; and inherited Wignotte and other laads in 

JOBM*, of Weely, inherited Cnstridge Hall and other lands in 

Connty Essex, and hia descendants for several generations 

succeeded him. 
COKNBUUS', of Colchester, died probably before his Cather. 
Hannah', was unmarried at her father's death. 

5 . CoRNfiLius', youngest son of Anthony ( i ) , of Syleham ; 
bapt. at Syleham, Aug. 6, iS99 ; M. A. at Cambridge Univer« 

Digitized by 



sity ; lived at East Bergholt, County Sofiolk ; m. Elizabeth 
[ ]; had no children and died about 1641. 

According to the Candler manuscript, widow Elizabeth married 
Rev. Gecffge Smith/ of Dedham, County Suffolk. 


6. Joshua', son of Joshua (2) , of Medfield, was baptized at 
Syleham, England, April 2, 1621, and came to New England in 
1637. "^^ Dedham Records contain the following : ' ' Dedham. 
The First of y* 1 1** Month 1637. That w* was agreed vpon y* 
last meeteing was now Reade & confirmed. Vpon a motion 
made by Ant^ Fisher It is condescended that Josua Fisher may 
enter vpon the Smithes Lott & ther fitt himselfe y* building & 
otherwise for to doe some worke of y^ trade for y* Towne in the 
behalfe of his Father w*^ is expected this next somer. Provided 
y^ yf he cometh not in such a tyme as may be conceived fitting 
by our sayd society Then the sayd Josua shall leave y* sayd 
I«ott & y* Towne to be at liberty to put in another Smith : 
allowing vnto the sayd Josua his whoU Charges vpon the same 
to be alowed by 2 : Judicious men. ' ' About this time he signed 
the Dedham Covenant, but we cannot learn the exact date. In 
August, 1639, he joined the Dedham church ; the following 
year became a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery 
Company and was its second sergeant in 1648 ; and was made 
a freeman May 2, 1649. Joshua married ist, Nov. 15, 1643, 
Mary, dan. of Deacon Nathaniel and Mary Aldis, of Dedham. 
She died Sept. 3, 1653 ; and he m. 2d, Feb. z6, 1654, Lydia, 
widow of Samud Oliver, of Boston. 

Upon the Petition of Dedham for Eleazer Lusher to be their 
Cai>taine, Josua Fisher their lief tenant, & Henry Philips their 
ensign, their petition is granted. [Oct. 18, 1648 : Mass. Col. 
Rec., II, .257, and III, 139.] 

To the honoured Gouerner ICAJestratt and depatiei asaembled at the 
Generall Court at Botton 

The petition of the Towne of Dedham 

Humblr Sheweth : 

That wheraa our band of Trayned Souldiers haae bin yet : defectluc 
for want of Oficen ettabliahcd : to exercise them : and aa we humbly 
conceine that we hane some amongst vs that may be fitt. to exercise 
our Company we hane with one consent made choyce of Ultazer Lusher 
to be our Captaine : and Joshna Fisher to be onr Leifteuaut aud Henry 
Phillips to be our Bnsigne humbly desyringe this Hono' Court : that 

Digitized by 



vou would be pleased to Ratifie and confirme them in the taid placet 
if you shall thinke good : And your petioners shall pray et 

William Bullard. clarke of y* Travne band 
The depi*** hane grannted this pet. w^ Refferanee to the coneurranee 
of o' hono'd magists William Torrey by order &c 

The mag' consent hereto To: Wiathrop. Gou' 

19 (8)4 (Mass. Arch., LXVII, 43- 

See Col. Rec., Ill, Z39*] 

So by the title of " Lieutenant Joshua " he was thereafter 
known throughout the Colony. At the town meeting in 
January, 1648-49, he was chosen selectman and continued in 
that office 22 years. He also tries his hand at surve}ring, for the 
records state that Jan. 7, 1649-50, he ** is deputed and under- 
taketh to take and make a true platt of ye out most Lines of 
the Towne." We find him later regularly chosen town sur« 
veyor, and the records show him at work in other parts of the 
Colony, one large work being the surveying of 8000 acres com- 
pleted in May, 1665, ''at ^ place caUed Pocumptuck" 
(Deerfield), ''it lyinge northward from Hadley about tenn 
or twelue mile/' being the land given Dedham in the exchange 
for the land they claimed at Natick.. 

It is ordered by this Court, that whereas there was graunted 
to Dedham eight thousand akers of laud the last session of this 
Court, Ensigne John Euerard & Jonathan Danforth are hereby 
appointed to lay out the same according to graunt. [Oct. 21 , 
X663 : Mass. Col. Rec., IV, Part II, 91.] 

This tract of land, conteynig eight thousand acres, being layd out 
according to this' plott given into the Court & remaysing on file, 
beginning att A, & so running to L, by the Poote of a mountejne, 
south & by west two miles forty sixe rod ; from L to IC, along by the 
same mounteine fine miles fortjr rod south & b]r east two degrees east- 
erly ; Prom K to I, vpon a streight Ijne two miles & a halfe ^ a half 
west lialfe a point southerly ; Prom n to I, vpon a streight line south 
halfe a point easterly, fower miles ; Prom G to H, norwest fewer 
degrees, westerly three hundred sixty two rod ; Prom S to G. S. S east 
three degrees southerly, one hundrea & sixty rod ; from B to P south 
southeast, west three degrees southerly, eighty eight rod ; from D to 
E south west one hundred and eight rod ; from C to D south south 
east eighty rod ; Prom B to C south & by west three degrees westerly, 
five hundred & eighty rod ; from A to B west north west two degrees 
westerly, one mUe twenty rod. This tract of land is lajd out at a olace 
called PecumpUck, to answer the srantof the honoured Generall (2ourt 
made to Dedham for the lands at Natiek, which the Indians are setled 
ypon, by the Courts order, it lyinge northward from Hadley about 
tenn or twelue mile. Layd out as abouesajd ICay, 1665, 
By me, Joshua Pisher. 

The Court allowes & approoues of this returne, proyided they make 
a tonne of it, to majntejne the ordinances of Chnst there once w'^in 
five yeares, & that it interfere not yr^ Maf Genii Dennlson & Hadley 
grant. [Oct. 11, 1665: Mass. Col. Rec, IV, Part II, 2S3.] 

*Joshua Pishcr's plan in Mass. Arch., Plan Book I, 24, 27. 

Digitized by 



Probably referring to the above» Temple's History of North 
Brookfield, p. 54, says : « 

^^The compass una first bronght into me in laying ont land granu 
in this region, by Lient. Fisher, of Dedhsm, when he surveyed the 
Deerfield lands in 1665. Ther had a chain to measure disUiices, and 
some prominent object was selected as starting and turning point* The 
chief concern was to get the full quantity named in the grant.'* 

'' Att a Generall metting of the Inhabatance the 23 of the 
II m* 1656" 

holding the office also in 1658, 1663 and 1663. We also find 
him going to the General Court as deputy from Dedham in 
1653. '58. '6«. '63. •64. '67. '68. '71, '72. With Eleazer Lusher 
he undertook to " erect a sawe miUe vpon Neponset Riuer or 

any pt thereof in the Ceader swampe already 

granted/' March 4, 1658^. He also kept the *'publicke 
house ;'' May 9, 1649, petitioning to be freed from the custom 
on wine. [Colony Records, III, p. 159.] 

In ans* to y* request of the selectmen of Dedham, desiring, in 
regard of theire remotenes from Boston, Left Joshua Fisher 
might haue liberty to sell some strong waters, to supply y* 
necessity of such as shall stand in neede thereof in that toune, 
the Court graunts theire request. [Oct. 19, 1658 : Mass. Col. 
Rec., IV, Part I, 332.] 

The Dedham records state that on Nov. 30, 1672, *' the Ad- 
ministrato" to the Estate, of Lieft Joshua Fisher, Declare that 
they find not themselues, in a capassity to keep the Ordinary 
any Longer, To which wee doe Order them, to take downe the 
signe that stand before the house that Lately was Lieft Fishers. ' ' 
We find two depositions in the records : *' The testimony of 

Joshua Fisher aged about 40 
yeares • . . . Joshua Fisher de- 
posed to the truth of what is 
above written: 28: January 
^ 0^ i66i.'* ''The testimony of 

tiM; T^fhutm J^^^^ Fisher aged about 41 
* Aj yeares,'* March 5, 1661. He 

)tOiiJ^ ^^fjtjf _ was therefore bom about 1620, 
u f and was probably baptized the 

r following April at Syleham. He 

Digitized by 



diedatDedham Aug. lo, 1672; and his widow died Feb. 2, 1683. 
His son, Capt. Joshua, succeeded his father as inn-holder, and 
is so described in his will. The site of the tavern was near the 
junction of High and Court streets in 
^^iJL^A -ffJ^^ Dedham. In the Dedham records, 
^<S3r^J^y^T Jan, n, 1646-7, his house is spoken of 
as on land adjoining the road to ''the landing place'' on 
Charles River, BuUard street, north of High street. There was 
a drinking-room in the brew-house, and one small beer vessel 
among his effects, perhaps the same Madam Knight calls the 
*' pewter engine," at the time of her visit. 

In the Dedham records, under *' the sumes of mens estats," 
we find his property ass^sed at £^\t los., Feb. 20, 1656-7. 
His homestead was appraised in 1648 at ^^40 36s.; on Sept. 
20, 165 1 , at ;f 3 1 . Lieft. Fisher agreed to shinp^le the meeting 
house at Dedham, Jan. 17, 1651-2, and have it done by June 
24, 1652, for ;^i 5 ; later on we read, ' ' for couering the Meeting 
house, nayies & other charges" ;f20. In 1642 the town 
granted hLn a lot of eight acres, and another of six acres, and 
the next year an additional lot. In the Division of 500 acres 
he receives fifteen acres, March 7, 1652-3. In the Records 
of the General Court: ''granted 1664.27, (3) to Lieut. 
Joshua Fisher of Dedham, 300 acres upon Medfield line 
toward the South, and Tyng's &rm toward the West, and an 
acute angle toward the East. This land he seems to have 
sold to Nicholas Wood. He appears to have previously re- 
ceived a grant of 900 or 500 acres west of this gntnt, which he 
had before sold to Edmund and William Sheffield. ' ' ( Morse's 
Sherbom, p. 268.) 

Roberts' History of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery 
Company says of him : 

*' From the Colonial archives of Massachusetts Bay we learn 
that in 1648 he was appointed lieutenant of the military com- 
pany in Dedham, and usually after this time he is styled 
* Lieutenant,' and when he is not his name is connected with 
some survey that identifies his individuality. In 1650 he was 
appointed by the General Court to run the line between 
Sudbury and Watertown ; in 1656 was appointed to lay out 
Mr. Alcock's land, also Mr. Bradstreet's eight hundred acres; 
in 1664 the General Court granted him three hundred acres of 
land for surveying the south line of the patent of Massachu- 
setts Bay, next to Plymouth; in z666, he settled the 
controversy between Mr. Z. Gold and Gov. Endicott as to 
land bounds, and laid out Gov. Endicott's farm on Ipswich 
River ; in 1667 was appointed, with others, to lay out the 
town of Mendon ; also to lay out Dedham's eight thousand 

Digitized by 



acres, near Hadley. In 1670, the General Court ordered a 
fttrther survey of the line between Massachusetts and Plym- 
outh, and Oct. iz, 1670, the bill, forty shillings, of Lieut. 
Fisher, for doing the same, was paid to his children. The 
survey was reported to the General Court May 15, 1672, and 
Lieut. Fisher died in August of that year. From the 
records of Dorchester, we learn that Lieut. Fisher was 
employed to run the line between Dedham and Dorchester ; 
in 1670, to run the line from ' Blue Hill * to Pljrmouth ; in 1661, 
Dorchester paid him for a new map of the town, and in 1670 
foraseccmd revised map." .... 

''A maker of artistic maps." (Hon. Chas. Levi Wood- 
bury's MSS.) 

"Hie following items from the Dedham Records give some 
narticulars of him during a short period, and show how he 
ngured in his own town afbizs : 

** libertie is yet farther giuen to Lieft PUher to Uke 
Li Piskgr vp that pt of the 500 acxedenideat. that he purchased 

ol Will Avery notw^taadiag the limitotion of time 
let'* Cx8.5:«>:). 

Dedham Records state that on Nov. 14, 1660, 

<' Lleft Fisher & Serx* BUice are deputed to treat (& 
CammiiU^io te^ if it may be) to conclude w^ the Indians or Sagamore 
lyaiomomm^ that elayme right at wolomonuppucke to buy them 
pmdU all out. and cleere the place from all Indiana title." 

31. of 10. 1660 (Dec. 31, 1660) : 

*' Lieft Fisher p^sents his bill wherein it apeeres 
Li FUk4f*s that he is Credit' to the Towne for Select mens dyet 

acd Dr lot layeing out the aooo Acres at Naticke and other 

Joumeyes vpon Townes seruice. and for fyer wood 
& house roome at the last generall meeteing 4—11—7 

And by his bill debter aa receaued by bills & the rent of the heard- 
Cr yarde. and debta assigned to him . 1— 4—2 

Baii dug kim. vpon ballance of these accounts rest due 

to him >— 7— 5." 

** At a Generall meeteing of the Towne i-iz-1660 

It is agreed. & by yoate declared in reference to the 
G4n MuHni layeing out of the deuident ol 500 Acres formerly 
Soo scnr granted, that the Surveyor Ueft Fisher shall be 

darid^ni slowed 3* p Acre for his owne labour & Arte in 

respect ol what he hath allready done therein. & 
what is yet wanting to pfect the same." 

'*At a meeting of the select men the 0(4) 1663: Vpon a motion 
made by lieutenant Joshua Fisher of Deahiun to rent the meadows 
which are in Dorchester neare Dedham bounds aboue Dedham : It is 
ordered by the select men the 9 (4) x66a ; that William Sumner and 
Bnsigne Capen or either of them hane by this order power and are 

Digitized by 



clcsiretl to liarnine with alore tayd Leintenant Fisher for as msny 
parcelU of lucddow snd for what prise and {lav they shall iadg meet ; 
aud if the afore sayd Fisher will not giue what in reason they iuge 
meet : then they to take ther best Chapman only thev are to agree or 
Uargaine from yeare to yeare and they shall be jpaya for ther paines 
oat of the towne rate." [Dorchester (printed) Records, p. xxo.] In 
the Dorchester tovm rate for 1663 is this item : **V to lieft Fisher for 
tOMrnc piott 03—00—00," showing that he receiyed jC2 for making the 
plot or map of Dorchester as required by law. 

The Inventory of his estate, made Aug. 20, 1672 (Suffolk 
Pro., VIII, folio 239 et seq.), covers many pages. Among 
the articles enumemted are the following: Meadow of 12 
acres abutting upon the house lot, ;^6o; all the houses at 
home, the dwelling house and leantoos adjoining, the brew 
house, the shop, and bam, ;^i2o; the orchard on the south 
:^de of the street, ;^35 ; eleven acres in the broad meadows, 
£12 ] one piece of woody land near Thomas Fisher's, £4 ; land 
in the Clapboards, jCs^iJl common rights, £3 ; cedar swamps 
near the town, ^^3.5. The total value of the estate was 
^^1145. 6. 5. Daniel Fisher, Thomas Battelle and Joshua 
Fisher, the administzatocs, filed a bond Sept. 5, 1672, for 
;^220o. In the division of the estate, made Nov. 23, 1672, 
the widow was given *' a trunke vrith what is in it, pruned at 
^22.18 and 50;^," and the thirds of all the houses and lands, 
or instead £10 per annum. The remainder was divided into 
seven parts : two to Joshua, the eldest son, and one each to 
John, Vigilance, Mary^ Abigail, and Hannah ; the signers to 
the agreement being Joshua Fisher, William Avery for John 
Fisher, Thomas Fuller for Vigilance Fisher, Thomas Clap, 
John Hoiton, and Daniel Fisher for Hannah Fisher. Children, 
all bom in Dedham, were : 

Maav*, b. March 23, 1644; m. Thomas Clapp, Nov. xo, 1663. 

(Clapp Genealogy, p. 107-9.) 
Joshua*, b. Oct. 30, 16^ ; d. Jan. 14, 1646. 
Hankah^, b. Feb. 14, 1647; d. Sept. 4> x^- 
ABiGAXL^t b. Feb. S9, X649; m. John Honlton, of Dedham, 

March x, 1667. 

13. Joshua^, b. Jan. 9, X65X ; m. Esther Wiswall. 

14. JOKN^, b. Feb. x8, x6s3 ; m. Hannah Adams, March 6, 1674. 
Hakmak^, b. Jan. X9, 1653; m. f William?] Bnrrongh^.' 

X5. VxGXLANCS^, b. (by second wile) Nor. ax, X654. 
JAMBS^, b. March x, x6s7 : d* ^P^- >7» i^S^* 

«i\. Mary', daughter of Joshna' Fisher of Medfield (s), 
was b. in England ; came with her father to New England in 
1640; m. at Dedham, Sept. 5, 1648, Thomas Battelle, of 
Dedham. He d. at Dedham, Feb. 8, 1706, called '* the aged." 

Digitized by 



He first appears in Dedliam in 1643. She d. there Aug. 7, 
1691 . He was made a freeman in 1654. Their children were : 

ICAav Battsux*, b. May 6, 1650 ; m. Thomas Bryant, SCarch 20, 

John Battxxak*, b. July i, x^ ; d. Sept. 30, 17x3 ; m« Nov. z8, 
1678, Hannah, dan. of Thomas Holbrook, of Shcrborn. 

Sarah BaTTSZXS^, b. Ang. 8, 1654; m. Oct. 33, 1679, Silas 
Titus, of Rehoboth. 

JOHATKaNBATTSUjc*, b. July 34, 1658; m. April 15, 1690, Mary, 
dan. of Robert and Sarah Onion, of Dedham. 

Martha Battsus*, b. Aug. 9, x66o; d. Dec. 28, 1674. 

7. John^, son of Joshua (2) of Medfield^ was b. in Eng- 
land; m. April 6, 1656,, Elisabeth, daughter of Thomas and 
Sarah Boylaton, of Watertown. His parents on his marriage 
gave him four acres erf the homestead and other lands, and 
personal property, in the remarkable deed given in Suffolk 
Pro., Ill, pp. 163-65 : 

''To all Xjpiaa people to whom these p^ts shall Come Joshua 
ffisher of Meadiield m Countie of Sufiolke in New Bngland Blacluiniith 
8l Anne his wife Sendeth greeting, Know yee that for di/» good 
Cauaet and Conaideracons vs therevnto mooving eapeciallv for and in 
Conaideraeon of that Naturall and Parentall afiectson, w^ wee beare 
to John ffisher our Sonne, and for hia better p'ferment In the intend- 
ed natch and disposall of himself e in Way of Marriage, with Elisabeth 
the daughter of the Late Thomaa Boyleaton of Water Towne deceased, 
Haue absolutely fully and freely Given munted enfeoffed and Con- 
firmed . . . vnto our Beloved Sonne John ffisher aforesaid, fower 
acres of vpland w^ ia part of our house Lote in Meadfeild aforesaid, 
abuting on the high way South North and West, & on the rest of our 
house Lott East with Sixe acres and a halfe of meadow 
w^ a parcell of meadow more in the meadow called the North mead- 
ow Containing five acres and a halfe w*^ all the fences woods liberties 
priviledges to the same belonging with two Cowes, & two heifers, 
with other necessaryes for howse keeping to value of fower or five 
pounds, with one feather bed and bedsteed, and other furniture to the 
same belonging, with halfe the Stocke of Iron Coales & tooles in 

our Shop together with the rest of all the 

Lands, vpland, & meadow, with all the houseing out houseing fen- 
ces, wooas Orchards gardens liberties priviledges, & Appur*^ to the 
same belonging now m the possession of vs the said Joshua & Anne 
ffisher, next and Imediatly after the death of the said Joshua ffisher 
the new pt of the house that in this deed heereafter Is Covenanted 
to be built," etc. 

He was to have the entire estate at the death of his parents. 
Elizabeth d. May 4, 1665, and he m. 2d, Sept. 3i, 1665, Mary, 
dau. of Nathani^ and Sufferance (Howe) Treadway, of 
Watertown, b. Aug. i, 1642. He d. at Medfield, July 3, 
1668. His widow m. 2d, July 21, 1675, Timothy Hawkins, 
of Medfield. The inventory of his estate, made July 9, 1668 
(Suffolk Probate, vol. v, fol. 134-136), specifically describes 

Digitized by 



the real and personal property, including many pieces of land: 
total, ;^344 i2s. 5d. Lieut. Joshua and Ensign Daniel Fisher 
were the executors. March 4, 1684, John Fisher and John 
Plimpton filed a bond, in the estate of his father, John Fisher, 
late of Medfield, who '* made his last will and testament and 
thereof ordained Sergt. Joshua Fisher, of Dedham, brother of 
ye Testator and Mr. Daniel Fisher, his cousen, to be lus Ex- 
ecutors both of whom are deceased intestate before the execu- 
tion of the said will, and admistration of the estate of the said 
John Fisher the Father being now granted unto his son John 
Fisher." Children, b. in Medfield, were : 

Blxzabstk^, b. Feb. 6, 1659; m. John Plimpton, Tan. 3, 1678; 
d. May 13, 1694. (Chase's Plympton Gen., p. &>.} 
z6. JOHN^, b. April a, z66x; m. zst, Mary Metcalf; m. ad, Sarah 
Thomas^, d. Dec. iz, z66t; d. Dec. la, i66t. 
BsTHsa^ b. April Z3, 16^; d. April 3, z666. 
Z7. JOKATHAir*, b. July 34, z666; m. Rachel Fairbaak; d. Feb. as, 
Nathancbl*, b. Feb. 18, X667; d. March aa, x668. 

8. Anthony', eldestsonof Anthony (3), of *' Dorchester," 
came with his parents to New England and settled in Dedham, 
Z637 ; was a member of the Ancient and Ifonorable Artillery 
Company in 1644 ; made a freeman May 6, Z646 ; joined the 
Dedham church July 20» Z645 ; m. in Dedham, Sept. 7, 1647, 
Joanna, only dan. of Thomas and Joane Faxon, of Braintree. 
(Faxon Gen., p. 39.) He was chosen surveyor at Dedham, 
1652 to X654 ; in X652 he settled the estate of Henry Brookes ; 
Feb. 3, X65X-3, Anthony was one of those appointed to 
capture wolves, at 10 shillings for each wolf they shall kill, 
and May 5, 1662, Dorchester '* voted whether Anthony Fisher 
shall have four pounds allowed out of the town rate for 
killing six wolves ; the vote was a£Eirmative".; Nov. 27, Z665, 
he received x pound for killing three. Anthony Fisher, Jr., 
and Samuel Fisher were among the first to go to Wollomono- 
poag (Wrentham) in x66x, and to claim part of the 600 acres 
for the encouragement of the plantation ; Anthony being one 
of the committee of Dedham Proprietors who were assembled 
Jan. X2, X662, to look into the matter and reported ''they 
have secured but ten men, and they caimot go with so small a 
company— 'that they are not desirious to leave the world 
altogether/ as they put it, but will go if they can 'proceed in 
a safe way.'" 

In March, 1663, "in behalf of them that have improvements 
there (Wrentham) that they might take their lots they had 
already subdued and improved and not draw lots with the 

Digitized by 



rest of tlie proprietots These persons were the 

first persons to break np and improve lands at Wollomonopoag. ' * 
Anthony located his ''improvements (so called) upon the east* 
erly and southeasterly side of Whiting's Pond or the Great 
Pond (previously known as the mill pond), but their houses 
were some distance from the Pond, probably on what is now 
Franklin Street, and on South Street.'* In 1688 there were 
but 36 tax payers living in Wrentham. Nov. 6, 1664, he 
was sent from Dedham to view the land '* about 12 or 14 xniles 
from Hadley," Pocomptuck, the land which Dedham took 
instead of that which it claimed at Natick, and in 1669 
Anthony received 150 acres there for his part in surveying the 
grant. Nov. 8, 1669, he was one of those who went and 
treated with Philip Sagamore and bought the land at 

We first find Anthony's name in the records as paying the 
town and county rate in 1648, in which year his house was 
valued at £^0 8s. Soon thereafter he rented. land of Gov. 
Stoughtoa,andoa ''ye6thof ye iithmo. 1651 (Jan. 6, 1653) he 

giid his annual rent in 5 bu^els of Indian Come 0—15—0." 
ach year thereafter he came before the Selectmen of Dedham 
and paid the rent due, amounting in i66z to *'thesumeof 
one pounde Eighten shiling tenpence; " in 1663 to 40s. paid 
as follows : '' Anthony Fisher cominge to the Selectmen to 
Reckon about the rent due from Mr Stoughton which appeare 
to be fortie shillings and there was due to hime for his Jumie 
to the cheesnutt country and other Jumies to Boston ^ 
Dorchester about the highway and mony payd to the Secatary 
for copies of court orders and other disbursments for the Towne 
to the value of 38s 6d more paid in mony is 6d which bal- 
lance the account between Mr Stoughton & the Towne," 
Dec. .21, 1663. He was assessed for £9$ los., Feb. 20, 

The following does not tell exactly where he lived in 
Dorchester, but gives much information : 

To the much Hono^Gouemoar. the Deputie Gouernonr. and the 
Aeittaats snd Deputies, assembled in Genermll Court, at Boston. 7. of 
3. mo. 1669 : 

The petitiott of Anthony Pither and Nathaneell Steaniea. Humbly 

ThAt whereat we your petitioners, being Inhabitants in Mr 
Slonghtoss Parme within the Bounds of Dorchester but ^et distant 
about Seauea. or eight miles or more, from Doreh^ter meeting bouses 
and being neere adjaeient to the Towne of Dedham, by reason, of 
which our scituation we are vncapeable to attend publike ordenatices 
at Dorchester ordinariely : and we for our owne and our Familyes 
conueaniencie doe constantly attend at Dedhame where each of our 
seines, and our wines are joyned in Church Pellowshtpc in that 

Digitized by 



Charch. and haue for all the time of our reaideins in that laid Parme 
contribnted to Charch chargea there p^rtionabie to oar pta, and to 
the sattisfaction of the officm there* being, (aa we hambly conceane) 
according to the meaneing of the Lawe. that order va to beare charge 
where we doe. or nuT take benefit, aa allao according to Scriptare 
rale, which reqaire htm that ia tanght to comanicate to him that 
teacheth him &c : And whereaa payem* hane beene demannded of va 
towarda Charch chargea at Dorcheater (which in resxiect of anch Landa 
aa are in oar poaeaaion within the Bonnda of that Towne) ¥re are 
allwayea willing and ready to Sattiafie yet in reapect of oar ptona. 
Families, and other eatate. we thinke it oar datie to beare charge 
where ¥re attend, and not being well able to beare the bnrthen in both 
places, the p'miaea conaidered. 

We hambly praye thia Hono^ Coart to allowe vs this liberty that 
in respect of oar selaea oor Families and estates we may (without 
oHence to oar Loveing Frienda of Dorcheater) still continue to paye 
onely to Dedham, though for the Landa lyeing in Dorchester to paye 
to Dorchester that so no offence or disquiet may (by onroccaaion) 
fall anywhere. And your petitioners shall euer praye, &c. 
$ Anthony Piaher 

Nathanell Steames ( Autographs) 

In Answer tQ this petition y* Comittee doe Condene (y* this peti- 
tion aa y* petitioners condition In regard of strmightes is ciraimatanced 
& withall Dorcheater beinge In soe cnmlortable a condicion, aa to 
mayntayneg theire officer) may bee grannted them wth y* Apbation 
of y« Court 
X3 : 3 : 1669 Richard Rnaaell, Edward Tyng. Joseph Hilla : 

The depaty«s doe not approne of this retume nor can se a reason 
of to graunt thia pet* referring to the concnrrance of o* Hono^ mags^ 
herein William Torrey cleric 

The mag<* consent hereto Edw Rawson secrety* 

[Maaa* Arch*, Z, 158.] 

The History of Dorchester, p. 195, sa3rs Anthony, Jr., was 
selectman of Dorchester in 1664* The effort has be^ made 
to determine which of the Anthonys was selectman of Dor- 
chester, "sth(i mo:) 1666" (March 5. 1666), and 3 (10) 1666 
(Dec. 3, 1666). From the subsequent narrative in the rec- 
ords we would judge that Anthony, Senior, was selectman for 
z666 and 1667, and Commissioner in 1666* 

Aug. i4, 1669, Dedham granted " libertye to take 7 : or 8: 
tunne of timber, vpon the comon Lande for the building of a 
house in Towne. ' * We learn that Dorchester ' ' paid Anthony 
Fisher £^. los.for printing the catechism," prepared by Rev. 
Richard Mather, the pastor* See the History of Dorchester, 
pp. 488-89, for a descnptiott of this rare little book. Anthony 
probably lived just previous to his death, which occurred Feb. 
i3« 1670, on the land bought of Mr. Stoughton, situated near 
the Neponset River, but within the bounds of Dorchester. 
His widow, Joanna, died Oct. 16, 1694. The inventory of 
his estate, made April 7, 1670, include^ '' Houses and lands 
thereof belonging m Dedham,'* ;f40; Lands purchased of 

Digitized by 



Mr. Stottghton, jCso; of Sergt. Avery, £6; of John Howard, 
;£i6; taken on Natick Division Grant, ;^x8; two acres at 
Powle Meadows, £5 ; etc., the total being ;£359 ss. 2d. 
Children of Anthony and Joanna, and bom in Dedham, were : 

MsBXXABUt^, b. June 37, bapt. July a, 1648; probably d. 

Bxmumcs^, bapt. Aug. zi, i6so; probably d. young. 
z8. JostiLS^. b. BCay i, 1654; n* iftt. Mcletiah BuUen; m. ad, 

Joaaaa Mone; m. 3d, Abteail Greenwood; m. 4th, 

Mehiubel Veazie, 
Abiaii*, bapt. Aug. 3, z6s6 ; d. Nov. x8, z688 ; m. March 5, X685, 

Benfamm Colbum, of Dedham ; no children. 
Sauab*, b. Oct. ao, z6s8 ; m. John Guild, May aa, 1677. (Bur* 

leigh's Guild G«n., p. a7.) 
DnouAS*, bapt. Feb. a4f i66z ; m. James Pales, Oct. ao, 1679. 

(History of Mllford, Mass., pp. 738-40.) 
JUDzm^, bapt. July 5, Z663 ; m. John Bullen, Jan. 3, 1684. 

(Tildea's Medfield, p. 335.) 
19. Buusnn^, b. Sept. z6, Z669; m. Mary Arery, Oct. 13, 1698. 

9. COENBUUS', son of Anthony (3) and Mary ( ) 

Fisher, was one of the first settlers in Wrentham. He joined 
the Dedham chnrch, Feb. 6, 1648, was made freeman, May 2, 
1649, and admitted a ** townesman "at Dedham, Jan. 3, Z652-3. 
His property in Dedham was assessed, Feb. ao, zd57, at j^76. 
He was a carpenter by trade, was Representative to the Gen- 
eral Court in Z692 ; Constable in Dedham in 1668, and Pound- 
master in 1672. He m. zst, at Dedham, Feb. 23, 1653, Leah, 
daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Heaton, of Dedham. 
She d. at Wrentham, Jan. 12, 1664, and he m. 2d, at Ded- 
ham, Jnly 25, z66s, Sarah, daughter of Richard and Mary 
(Winch) Everett, who was b. at Dedham, April Z2, 1644, and 
d. at Wrentham, Feb. 28, 1675. He was one of the 13 Wol- 
lonopaug Proprietors who signed Feb. 27, 1662-3, and was in 

WoUonopaug and Wrentham when 
^A - A ,^/rQ . they were established as a separate 
Xy^^^^^fPf^^ town in 1673, having gone there 
i/ ' with the first settlers. The settlers 

at Wrentham had located their * 'im- 
provements (so-called) npon the easterly and south-easterly 
side of Whiting's Pond or the Great Pond (previously known 
as the mill pond), but their houses were some distance from 
the Pond, probably on what is now Franklin Street and South 
Street.'* Nov. 2, 1669, the Colonists were assessed '* for the 
payemt of Capt Pincheon £<j^ - los for the purchase of the 
Indian Rights at Pawcomptucke." To make the Country 
Rate in 1669 things were appraised as follows: " broken Land 

Digitized by 



meadowe at los per acre, horse sjC* ^ Y^^SjC* i y^r i£* lo, 
Cowes 3;^ , oxen sjC* 3 yearheffers 2jC* - i year heffers : ijC'. 
sheep los. swine : ijC* " On Jan. 9, 1671-2, '' Cornell : Fisher 
came this daye desireing that halfe the Fence betwixt the 
Chnrch Lott and his house Lott may be made by the Chnrch 
according to Lawe." 

On 12: zi: Z673 (Jan. 12, 1674), the Dedham selectmen 
*' agreed with Comelins Fisher to rmgthe bell and sweq>e the 
meeting House : and for his paynes heer in he is to recaiue 
fifty shillings for one hoUe : yeare :" and as his property was 
next to the cemetery he is required to keep the fence in repair, 
and Dec. 29, 1673, ' ' The Towne is debtor to Comelious : Fisher 
for mending fenc about the church: lott 3^—0—0.'* 

'' The last meeting of the inhabitants prior to abandonment 
of the place was holden on the 19th of January, 1675, and on 
March 30th, they left on account of the Indian war." Cor- 
nelius subscribed to an agreement to go back and *' rebuild 
and inhabit Wrentham." Cornelius' name does not figure in 
the Dedham records subsequently, and we can only wonder 
' where he lived and paid the tax to support the community, 
while they were compelled to forsake Wrentham. 
' He d. at Wrentham, June 2, 1699, ''the first head of a family 
died in the town of a natural death for thirty years." By his 
will he gave the homestead to his eldest son Cornelius on condi- 
tions ; he to ^y £2$ to rest of children ; they to receive jCs a 
year from wife's decease; ''to Eleazer one-half meadow at 
Pine Plaine ; son-in-law Benj. Hall meadow land at Stoney 
Brooke; ' ' rest to Eleazer and the four daughters. The inven- 
tory taken June 20, 1699, shows the Homestead, ^^105; Out- 
lands, meadows, etc., j^68 ; the total being ^^242 19. 8. 

Children were : 

Klizabkth*, b. Jane 30, 1654; d. Sept. 14, 1665. 
20. IrXAB^, b. BCay 5, 1656 ; d. Sept. 10, 1720; m. William Goddard, 
of Sherbom, Dec. 10, .1685. 
Bxpsanufcs^, b. Tin. zo, 1658 ; was living in 1699 ; probably 
died unmarried. 
2Z. CoEMBUUS^, b. Feb. 8, x66o; d. Jsn. 6, 1743; m. zst, Anna 
Whitney ; m. 2d, Mary Colbnrn ; m. 3d, Mary Waie, Feb. 

22. Airir*, b. Aug. 22, 1661 ; m. zat, laaae Heath ; m. 2d, Ftaneia 


23. Bzjuzsa^, b. July 8, Z663 ; m. zat, Hannah Leonard ; m. 2d, 

BCary Haceany, Tune 2, Z7Z8. 
Doaoniy^, b. April zy, Z667 ; d. April zo» z668. 
34. Saeau*, b. x668; m. Benjamin Hall, Jan. 5, Z69Z ; she d. 
Nov. 2, Z7s6 or ztsz. 
JONATUAK*, b. Oct. 26, Z67Z ; d. Nov. 9, Z675 ; the third death on 
the Wrentham recorda. 

Digitized by 



10. Nathaitibl', third son of Anthony (3), ''of Dor- 
chester," was bom at Syleham, England, about 1620, and 
came with hisparents to Dedham in 1637 ; m. at Dedham, 
Dec. a6| 1649, Esther/dan. of Elder John and Esther (Seaborn) 
Hunting, of Dedham. His homestead was valued at j^i2 in 
165X, and in the division of 500 acres, March 7, 1652-3, he 
received 4 acres. On March 30, 1652, he sold to Daniel Pond, 
httsbandinan, of Dedham, land bounded by the highway and 
a swamp, etc. His property in Dedham was assessed at ;£76 14s. 
on Feb. 20, 1656-7. He made his will in 1660, in which he 
mentions his wife and her unborn child, but no other children. 
Nathaniel however recovered and was diosen surveyor, Jan. i , 
1672, and Jan. i, 1674. He acted in the settlement of his 

father's estate the same year. In 

^fp Q? .M A^jtU"^ 1665 he is Spoken of as living*' on 

Ai WI ^^^V -jyy the middle and smooth playne." 

In 1669-70, he lived near the 
Neponset river, or on the fields in that portion of the town. 
Henry Wight and Nathaniel Fisher survey " the line betwixt 
the Towne and Edward Richards Farme ;" March 22, 1674-5, 
he was again elected constable ; was mentioned June 2, 1675, 
as one of those who " new marked the line betwixt Dedham 
and Mendon : 31 3 mo 1675 : ** for which he received twelve 
shillings. He d. at Dedham, May 23, 1676; his widow, 
Esther, m. 2d, Timothy Dwight, July 31, 1690, and d. Jan. 30, 
1691. • (Hunting Genealogy and Dedham Historical Register, 
III, 123-25, for July, X892 ; VII, 72-75. for April, 1896 ; VII, 
34-37, for January, 1896.) Only child was : 

N▲THANIBL^ b. 3X July, x66o; d. Sept. 17, 1660. 

11. Danibx.', son of Anthony (3), ''of Dorchester," was 
b. in Ei^land about 1619 ; came with his parents to Dedham 
in 1637 ; was admitted to the Dedham church in 1639, with 
the singularly complimentary notice by the pastor : 

'* Sly Daniel Fisher who appeared to be a tender hearted & 
hopeful Christian young man : as allso divers of ye church 
yt had long knowne him testified, & so was easily and gladly 

We find him first mentioned in the Dedham town records as 
Sergeant Daniel, being one of those assembled at the town 
meeting, 17. 3. 1639 (May 17), and was chosen measurer, 
May 30, 1640. He was made a freeman May 13, 1640 ; joined 
the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, May, 1640, 
and was first sergeant of the Company in 1655. He m., Nov. 16, 
1641, Abigail, dau. of Deacon Thomas and Susanna Marriott, 

Digitized by 



of Cambridge ; she joined the Dedham church, March 5» 1647. 
Daniel d. Oct. 8, 1683 ; his widow, three days later. '' He 
took an active part in the first organized efforts of society and 
the church at the time of the settlement of Dedham ; his being 
the eighth name on the roU of the church (1638), with the 
complimentary endorsement before related. ' ' 

He assisted in ** laying out the bounds of this Towne com- 
pleate," July 14, 1641, and was granted six acres of upland 
upon the plain lying southwest of Mr. Cook's farm, Nov. 2, 
1642, and had four acres of woodland, Feb. 4, 1644-5. Sergeant 
Daniel was chosen a town surveyor, X643, 1644, and 1648, and 
^-*. . ^ ^ jf,p becoming selectman of Dedham, 

^^nu^^ ni^^^^tr'^ Jan* If 1649-5O1 served the town for 
^^1 ' thirty-two years. He was represen- 

•^* tative to the General Court, 1658 to 

1682, excepting two years, 1659 and 1670 ; clerk of the writs, 
Jan. I, 1672-3; State surveyor, county commissioner, 1668, 
1670, and 1683 ; and speaker of the House of Deputies in x68o, 
1681 and X682 ; aftenrards he was one of the Court of Assist- 
ants, in which office he died in 1683. He was a man of high 
patriotic spirit, and is said to have been learned in the law. 
(Dexter's Centennial Semum, p. 26.) 

He is mentioned as Bnsign Daniel in the proceedings of the 
town meetii^ of Jan. 10, 1658-9, and we read '^ Ensign Daniel 
Fisher to be their captaine,*' in the proceedings of Oct. 15, 

''The Millitsry Company of Dedham being destitat of ComiMion 
officers, the Court judgeth it meet to choose & appoint Bnsign Daniell 
Fisher to be their Captatne Sarg* W*" Avery leiftenant, & Nathaniel 
Sternes to be their ensign Oct 15 1673." [Bfass. Col. Rec, IV, Part 

n, 567.1 

We can gain some light as to his age from the following : 
'* Daniell Fisher being aged about 43 yeares, being prsent at 
both these meetings testify tl^ same," Jan. 39, 166Z-2. Also 
a deposition of Daniel Fisher, aged 51, on Court files of Suffolk 
County Court, 1669. Fac-similes of his signatures will also be 
found in Hill's Dedham Records, IV, 271, 277. In a letter of 
Wait Winthrop toFitz-John Winthrop, of New London, May 18, 

1683, we find this item : '^ Our election is as formere, only Mr 
Woodbridg and Uttle Fisher aded." (Mass. Hist. CoUs., 5th 
Ser.. VIII, 436.) 

The following named appointments reveal his estimate by 
the Government as a representative at that time : In May, 
1663, he was chosen one of the committee of thirteen to draw 
up an answer to a letter written by King Charles II, to be sub- 
mitted to the next General Court; in June, 1665, he was 

Digitized by 



selected with Gov. Bellingham, Major Willard, Edward 
Collins and Edward Jackson to serve as a committee ''to 
pemae those objections which His Majesty's Commissioners 
hath made against our laws and to consider what is necessary 
to be done thereto, and present the same to the Court." In 
the same year, with Lieut. Joshua Fisher, he was appointed to 
lay out 500 acres of land granted on petition of William Hudson. 
April 29, x668, he was chosen with Capt. Foster, as county 
commissioner for Suffolk County ; also as one to settle the 
Chickering estate ; was chosen to arrange matters in organize 
ing the town of Wrentham ; to settle differences at Mendon ; 
was appointed with Isaac Addington, attorney for the Colony, 
to draw up charges and implead iu the case of Wharton, Paige 
and others, in a matter cif much interest ; was on the com- 
mittee to settle a serious difficulty with the people of Salem ; 
was to return a list of soldiers who were entitlra to a bounty 
for services in Philip's War ; was on a committee with Edmund 
Quincy to divide an estate in Newbury ; was authorized to 
marry persons by request of Dedham i>eople. '' Capt Fisher 
is nominated to mary Persos and to giue oath and the Con- 
stobile is desired to present him to the Court that so he may 
be impoured." — Dedham Records, Jan. i, 1676-7. Was chosen 
to search out de&mers of government or governor ; one of the 
committee from Massachusetts to dispose of conquered lands 
taken in Indian wars ; and to arrange matters between the 
Indians and the inhabitants of Sherbom and Marlborough. 
He also took part in the effort to secure and retain the Mossa- 
chusetts Charter, as appears by the following extract : 

*' The securing of our original p«itent being matter of great 
importance, and the former provision in that respect, made in 
the year 1664, being at an end by the decease of most of the 
persons betrusted in that order, this Court doth therefore order 
that the patent be forthwith sent for, and committed to our 
present honored Deputy Governor [Thomas Danforth], Capt. 
John Richards, and Capt. Daniel Fisher, with Major Thomas 
Clarke, one of the last committee who are to take care of the 
same; towhosewisdom we refer it, to dispose of it as may best 
tend to prevent any inconvenience relating thereunto." He 
was on the committee '' to consider our laws already made, that 
may need emendation, or may not so clearly be warranted from 
the word of God, and to draw up such laws and orders, as, 
being presented by them at the next Court of Election, may 
then be considered, and upon further deliberation, be con- 
firmed. ' ' He assisted also in the division of grants to sufferers 
in Philip's War, in Medfield and Sherbom, etc.. Toward the 
close of the long struggle for the preservation of the Colonial 

Digitized by 



Cliarter, Daniel Fisher became prominent. He was one of the' 
foor whom Randolph accused of hif h crimes and misdemeanors. 
(Seealso Palfrey's History, Vol. Ill, p. 365 ; 250th Anniver9ary 
of Dedham, pp. 65, 66, 209 ; S. P. Haven's Centennial Address 
at Dedham, pp. 41-2 ; Hutchinson's History of Massachusetts, 
Vol. II, pp. 335, 336, note. Roberts' Hist, of Anc. & Hon. 
Artillery Company, pp. zoo, xoi; Whitman's Hist. A. and 
H. A. Company, Bd. 1842; New Eng. Hist, and Gen. Reg., 
1862, Vol. XVI, p. 3x6.) . 

'' Such being his public position, it is a matter of surprise to 
me that I can find nothing in regard to his private life, although 
I have made extensive search." (Dewing.) On Jan. 16, 1681, 
the records state ' ' Cap^ Pisher hath liberty to take timber of the 
Commons for two or thre hundred rayles and posts proportion- 
able and for boards to fimsh his house and bame. ' ' D^chester 
Records contain the following: ''At a meeting of the Select 
men the 27 (4) -1670 at Captin Posters hous, at the motion of 
Ensigne Daniell Pisher of Deadham, ther was granted to him 
and his Brothers, soe much Seare Ceder as they shall make vse 
off for Shingle (vnless the Select men p'hibitt him) in a Swamp 
or Swamps neer pole-plaine and a quantity of Greene Cedar 
for Clobord to the quantity of a thousand or two thousand of 

Dedham *' 18. 5 : 60 : Asaemb : after pablike meeteinff Bid' Hunting, 
Lieft: Pisher, Pet Woodwafd, Bns. Firiier, Nath. Coalebame & Blea 

Tk4 Fishers Ubertie is granted to Bus. Pisher & Nathanell Pisher. 
tmer^ Chs river to heue all the deuidents due to Comellius Fisher. 
overagains James Jordan and Thomms Jordan in the 500 acre 
Daniel Morses deuident lasred out neere or adjoyneing to the grant 
farm of Antho. Fisher sento neere to Charles Riner. oner 

against Daniell Morses Panne.'* 

* ' He lived in Dedham on Lowder street, the homestead being 
the estate now owned by Mrs. Rodman, (a descendant of the 
Fishers.) I understand by tradition (deemed reliable) that 
his home stood where her stable now stands. " ( B . H . Dewing. ) 
His property was assessed at ^^139 on Feb. 20, 1656-7. It may 
be presumed that he died suddenly, as he left no will for the 
.settlement of his estate, which was administered upon by his 
sons Daniel and John. The inventory, made Nov. 19, 1683, 
(Suffolk Pro., file 1319) gives personal property and real estate 
to the value of over £iy>. 

There is some question as to the parentage of Ensign 
Daniel, some contending that he was die Daniel, son of Amos, 
of Custridge Hall, Essex, England, and that he came to New 
England with his udcles and cousins in 1636 or 1637. But 

Digitized by 



bom the following we would conclude that .he was one of 
Anthony's sons : 

Letters of administration were granted '*to'Ensign Daniel 
Fisher and Nathaniel Fisher sonnes of Anthony Fisher of 
Dorchester." (Suffolk Pro., Liber VII, foL 122.) Nathaniel 
Fibber (9) , in hils will appointed his ' ' brother«in-law Elder John 
Hunting and brother Daniel Fisher Executors, ' ' and the inveu- 
tory of the estate was presented by Elder John Hunting and 
Captain Daniel Fisher. Also see extract from Dorchester 
Records, supra, and account of John Fisher (12.) 

About 1671, Col. Goffe and Col. Whalley , two of the regicide 
judges of Charles I, were hidden "by Captain Daniel in a little 
womI back of his house on Lowder street, near a pond. While 
there secreted. Captain Daniel's daughter, Lydia, carried them 
their food. GofEe was subsequently sent disguised as a serving- 
man on horseback to Hadley, where Captain Daniel had 
friends, remaining there a year in their care." (See under 
^Sh Lydia^ Fisher.) Children b. at Dedham were : 

Abigaxz,^, b. Aug. 2, bftpt. Ang. 23, 1646 ; m. Lient. John Baker, 
of Dedham, Dec. 17, 166S; d. Jan. 13, 1723. (Bakcr'si 
Descendants of Edward Baker, pp. 83-96.) 
35. DAXfZBi**, b. Feb. 26, bapt. March 17, 1650; m. Mary Fuller, 

Jan. 19, 1675. 
25i. LvniA^, b. July 14, bapt. Aug. i, 1652 ; m. Nathaniel Chickcrinf;, 
Dec. 13, 1074; d. July 17, 1737. (Dedham Register, Vol. 
ni, p. 117.) 

26. Amos\ D. Nov. 8, 1654; m. xat, Mary EUit, March X2, 1680; 

m. 2d, Ruth Adams, Dec. 23, 1691 ; d. in 1736. 

27. JOHxr*, b. July 20, 1656; m. Rebecca Bllis, June 15, 1681 ; d. 

Jan. 25, 1736. 
BSTHKR^, b. Aug, 5, bapt. Aug. zz, z66z ; m. Thomas Puller, 
April 25, z688; d. April 3, Z747. (Dedham Register, Vol. 
IV, p. z6z.) 
jKaSMZAR^, b. Dec. X2, x6s8 ; a soldier in CapUin John Jacobs' 
company in King Philip's War, June 24, Z676 ; assigneil his 
waffes (Z2s) Aug. 34, X676 (Bodge's Philip's War, 285, 36S) ; 
d. Sept. Z9, 1670. 

12. JoHN^ son of Azithoiiy (3) '' of Dorchester," came to 
New Knglazid with his brothers azid settled at Dedhaizi, where 
he subscribed to the Covenant. He was then of age, the old- 
er brother of Daniel (zz), who was not admitted as a towiLs- 
man until Z639. John Fisher was adznitted with Anthony 
Fisher, on ''The zS^^of y* 5** month comonly called July 
1637," " pducing c'tifficates from y* Mageatrates subscribed 
vnto our Coveziants accordingly. " ' * The 28^ of y* 5^ Month 
1638 " Dedham granted to '' John Fisher— 6 a"' : i : S^ . of 
Medowe as it lyeth next John Luson besides y* highway 3. 
rods broadc, lying betweene y* Riu' & y* same." In Book 2 

Digitized by 



of Dedham records, under title of '' Lands granted vnto sun- 
dry men/'^e find this grant on page five : 

John Fisher, twelue acres more or lesse as it lyeth betweene 
M' Rob' ffeke towards the North a small pceU by the pond 
taken ont of this lyne of the said John &, layd vnto M' 
ffeke for his convenient passage of Carte or betwext the twoe 
ponds, and for Drift towards the Rockes, as it is marked & 
dooled. And the other side by John Luson for the most pte, 
and the waest towards the South. A small pceU of grownd m a 
triangle taken out of this lyne 8c layd to John Luson for a 
Situacon of an house w^ a yead Roome as it is marked 8l 
dooled, The one end abutts vpon the waest towards the East 
8c the other end vpon the waest in the Rocks towards the 
west, the high waye leading towards the Ragged play (-ne) 
Runing through the same. 

The first death recorded in Dedham is that of '' John Fisher 
deceased the 5^ of y* 7 mo., " 1637 (Sept. 5) . And his brother 
Daniel, says the records, '' hath his lot by inheritance as heir 
unto his brother." This gave Daniel a homestead close by 
those of Anthony, his brother, and his kinsmen, John Luson 
and Rev. John Allin; and it took the place of the grant of 
a house lot which would otherwise have been made to him. 

Col. Horace N. Fisher believes that Daniel and John were 
sons of Amos (4), of Custridge £bill, Essex, England, (see 
Dedham Historical Register, I, pp. 24-26), and evidences 
the above act of the court in determining the- heir to John's 
houselot as a proof. Another he makes as follows : ''Though 
the Candler manuscript does not mention Daniel by name 
among the children of Amos Fisher, it adds that ' his other 
children died young;' not an unnatural error, as John, the 
brother of Daniel and his companion in emigrating, did so die. . 
It is noteworthy that the old New England custom of naming 
the oldest son for the father and the next for the grandfather, 
when applied to the children of Capt. Daniel Fisher of Ded- 
ham, seems to corroborate this view." 


13. Joshtja\ son of Lieut. Joshua (6), of Dedham, bom 
there Jan. 9, 1651, and died Jan. 26, 1708-9. He was made a 
freeman, May 8, 1678. Mentioned in records as lieutenant 
Jan. I, 1678-9; afterwards was a captain of militia; inherited 
the Fisher Tavern in Dedham,. for account of which see under 
Joshua (28) and Deborah (137). He m. Esther, dau. of Elder 

Digitized by 



John and Margaret (Smith) Wiswall, who was b. June 7, 
1654, probably at Dorchester, and died between April, 17x0, 
and April, 17x1. Joshua received pay for services in King 
Philip's war from Feb. 39 to Dec. xo, 1675. Dedham "grant* 
ed liberty to Joshua Fisher to take so much of the Towne 
timber as with the old may rebuild his brew House : and also 
a lean to :** Dec. xs, 1679. He was chosen '' to repair the 
pounde fortius present yeare and to keepe it," Aug. xo, 1693, 
May 9, X694, May 18, X695, and May xx, 1696. An inven- 
toryof his estate, made Feb. 17, X70S-9, appraises his pn^- 
erty as follows: Household goods and farm utensils, ;^xo2 
xo. 6 ; the houses and lands and orchards at home, j^20o; 
several parcels of outlands and spixming wheels, j^65 9. An 
agreement was entered into by the heirs, April 2x, X709, 
in which the widow Esther was given ''one half the hous- 
ing and lands of the deceased, called the homestead lying 
in Dedham & one third of the tract of land wch abuts up- 
on the Elders Causeway (so called) and one acre 8l a 
halfe of wood land at the place call'd the Clapboard Trees. 
Axid it is agreed by and between all the party's to these pres- 
ents, That Joshua Fisher and John Fisher shall have ye other 
moiety of ye housing and laxids caU'd the Homestead'*, they 
agreeing to pay to the four daughters, namely : Esther, wife 
of Daniel Fisher, Sarah, wife of Samuel Fuller, Mary and 
Axma Fisher^ their respective single portions of £61 11.5. 

The will oif widow Esther, xnade April 22, X7X0, was fil^ for 
probate at Boston, April x8, X7xx; she gave to son Joshua 
'* my Candlebox and all my pewter measures both for bear 
axid wine. Item. . To my son John Fisher I give what sum 
or sums of money shall be due unto me from this Town of Ded- 
ham at my decease upon Account of my Entertainment of the 
Selectmen of this place whilst upon Town affairs Together with 
one cow if I shall have any." Her personal property to four 
daughters ; Mary and Aima Executrixes. The will of daugh- 
ter Axma was made July 5, X71 1 ; entered for probate by John 
Fisher, Sept. 20, X7XI ; gives personal property to brothers 
Joshtita and John, sisters Hester FLsher, Sarah Fuller and 
Mary Deane ; to brodier John's wife Mary ; to his maid Re- 
bekah Woodcock ; and '* to my Aunt Deane my biggest 
brim'd pewter bason". Children b. in Dedham were : 

28. Joshua*, b. Feb. 4t x^4-S ; m* Hannali Fuller about 1695. 

BSTHBa*, b. April 17, 1677 ; d. May 34, 1677. 
39. JOHM*, b. July 15, X678; m. Mary Onion, of Dedham. 

BSTHBa*, b. Feb. 27, 168x^3 ; m. Capuin Daniel Fisher, 3d 
(63), Nov. as, 1703. 
30. SAmAH*, b. Nov. 5, x68s ; m. Samuel Fuller, Feb. to, X706. 
3X. Mary*, b. July 34, X687 ; m. Jeremiah Deane, Jan. 36, 171X. 

Anna*, b. March 35, X690 ; d. single, July 8, X71X. 

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14. JoHN% son of Lieut. Joshua Fisher (6), of Dedham, 
was b. Feb. i8, 1652 ; remained in Dedham until the death of 
his father in 1672, when he removed to Medfield and settled 
at first in the north part of the town, not far from Castle Hill. 
Was made a freeman May 24, 1682 ; he m. ist, Judith — ; 
m. 2d, March 6, 1674, Hannah, daughter of Peter and Rachel 
Adams, of Medfield; d. at Medfield, Oct. 15, 1727. His 
house was destroyed by Indiana, and he was among the 
petitioners for relief from that cause. He was a blackanith^ 
and built a shop near what is now the comer of North and 
Friary streets. It was built on town land, but in 1684 he was 
granted the land on which the shop stood. The homestead 
was sold in 1732 to Peter Cooledge. Joshua Fisher, of 
Walpole, was appointed administrator of the estate of his 
father, John Fisher, of Medfield, blacksmith, Oct. 30, 1727, 
and filed an inventory of the estate the following day. The 
homestead was appraised at jCnj, other lands at £96 ss., 
personal effects at j^ioo. In the division of the estate ** all 
the housing and lands were assigned to Joshtia, second son of 
the deceased (John Fisher,. Jr., the eldest son being dead and 
his representatives minors), he to pay in one year to the heirs 
of John Fisher jC47t 7S., 9d., and £^3, X3S., io}d. apiece to 
Mehitable Bullen, and the heirs of daughters Hannah 
Partridge and Rachel Boyden.*' Children were : 

JUDxm*, b. itt Dedham, Nov. ax, 1673; probably d. voung. 
Hankah^, b. (by second wife) Dec. a8, 1674; m. Wuliam Par* 
tridee, of Medfield. [Tildea's Medfield, p. 490.] 

32. John*, b. Dec. 23, 1677 ; m. Ab^l Smith, Apnl 23* 1705. 
RACHJtz.\ b. March 24, x68o; m. Jonathan Boyden, Nov. 17, 

1698. [TUden*t Medfield, p. 322. ] 
Mbhitabxjc*, b. May x8, im ; d. June 3, X751 ; m. John 

Bullen, Jan. xo, X7XS. [Tilden'a Medfield, p. 335.] 
Joshua*, b. June 16, 1685; d. at Walpole, Aug. ix, 1749; m. 

Mary , who d. at Walpole, March xx, 1766; a farmer ; 

settled in Walpole. Probably had no children. Town 

clerk of Walpole, X739 to X747. 

33. JosiAH*. b. Dec. 9, 1692 ; m. Hannah Bullen, Dec. 4, 17x6. 
Abxgaxi.*, b. BCay 8, X698 ; d. May 4, 170X. 

15. Vigix.ancb\ son of Lieut. Joshua Fisher (6), of 
Dedham, was a tailor by trade, and settled in Dedhaxn. He 
m. ist, at Dedham, Nov. 27, X678, Rebecca Partridge, who d. 
Aug. IS, X694 ; 2d, at Dorchester, by the Rev. Mr. I^nforth, 
June 14, X696, Hanxiah Lyon, of that town. He d. April xo, 
1713. He left no will ; his estate was appraised, April 24, 17x4, 
at ;^i 17 X3S. In the division the widow's third was set off, 4nd 
James, the second son, took the rest of the estate, valued at 

Digitized by 




;£70, paying the other heirs their shares. Hauiiah Lyoii was 
probaoly the daughter of Jacob' and Mary Hewiiis, the first 
of the name in New England; b. April 29, 1665, having 
previously married a Lyon. [Morse's Brigham, Pettee, 
Hapgood Genealogy, p. 165.] Their children were : 

I«YDI▲^ b. Am. a6, 1679; d. June 35, 171 1. 

SAlonn,*, b. Dec. I3» 1681 ; he declined to take the real en- 

tate in the aettlemtnt of his father's estate in 1714 ; uo 

more known. 

34. JAIOKS^, b. April 4, z686; m. Hannah Onion, .\pril 6, 1721 
RSBSCCA*, b. June 35, 1687; d. young. 
David^, b. Not. za, 1690: d. March 6, x6ox 

b. June 35, Z687; d. younj 
*,mwM^t V Not. z3, 1690: d. March 6, a^m,. 
35. AaroAnA b. Aug. a6, Z693; m. Benjamm Gill, of Stoughtoii, 

Sept. 34, ZTaS. 

BmcjAKiK*, b. (by second vrife) Nov. 39, 1697 ; d. Jan. 34, 1698. 
JoasPH*, b. Aug. 98, Z699; m. Biary Lewis, Dec. 7, 1736. 
MAaY*, b. Oet. 39, Z703. 
Hanmab*, b. Oict. 39, 1703; m. John* Rockwood, of llop- 

kinton, March z, 1733. [Morse's Sherboru History, p. 319.] 
BssxnKn*, b. Jan. s, 1709. 

16. Jokn\ son of John (7) and Elizabeth (Boybtou) 
Fisher, was b. in Medfield, April 2, z66z, and d. there Nov. 
7t t755i ftS^ 94* He m. ist, June 8, Z683, Mary Metcalf, 
whod. Dec. 16, Z727; he zn. ad, July z, Z73Z, Sazah, widow 
of Ichabod Hardizig, and probably widow of Czisign Joseph 
EUis, of Dedhazn, her iziaiden nazne having been Hemenway. 
*' Becazne heir to the homestead of his grandfather, which he 
occupied till his death, at the age of ninety-four. He held 
the office of coroner as early as June 7, Z700; served seven 
years as one of the selectznen ; was representative to the 
Gezieral Court in Z720." His widow, Sarah, d. July 26, 1766, 
aged 88. The inventory of his estate shows personal property 
appraised at ;£i37 Z98. 9^., azid a large aznount of houses 
and lazids in Medfield, Medway and Dedhazn, valued at 
;£939 Z4S. 6d. Their children were : 

37. Samukx,*, b. Sept. 39, 168s ; m. Mary Rockwood, Dec. 16, 1707. 

38. JOH2«*, b. Sept. 9, Z687; m. Rebecca Wbeelock ; d. Feb. 3, 1713. 
MAfliy*, b. Oct. 9, Z689; m. John Turner, March 30, 1703; d. 

April z6, Z7Z9. [Medfield History, p. 500.] 
39* JUDITB*, b. Dec. 39, Z69Z; m. Stephen Turner, Nov. 33, 1713; 

d. at Wrentham, May zz, Z737. [Medfield History, p. 500.] 
SzMOif*, b. Tune 4, Z695 ; d. Feb. 33, Z73s. 
BUZABSW, b. May 39, 1697 ; d. Tan. 37, 1718. 
Sarah*, b. Tune 4> 1700; was living in 1754. unm. 
Hannah*, d. July 36, 1703; m. Nov. 33, Z736, Jcd«diah Morse, 

of "Crackrock** (Foxboro). [Morse's BriKham, P«ttee, 

Hapgood Genealogy, p. 153.] 

Digitized by 



17. Jonathan*, son of John (7) and Mary (Treadway) 
Fisher, was b. at Medfield, July 24, 1666; m. Rachel, daugh- 
ter of George, Jr., and Radiel (Adams) Fairbanks, of Med- 
field, who was b. there in 1672, and d. at Medway, April 5, 
1747. In 1693 he was living on the farm now owned by Mr. 
John M. Crane, in the northerly part of Medway, near Bog- 
gastow Brook. His son-in-law, John Anderson, was the next 
owner. From him it passed by sale into the hands of Jere- 
miah Daniell, who gave it to his grandson, Jeremiah Daniell. 
(For location see *' Map of Medway when incorporated," in 
Jameson's Medway History, pp. 46, 47.) He was one of the 
founders of the town, and he stood as constable from the incor- 
poration till the March meeting, 1714. A weaver by trade. 
He d. at Medway, Feb. 25, 1752, and having no sons, his name 
ended. They had : 

Rachxi.*» b. Oct. 2, Z692; d. Ang. 30, 1694. 

Ma&y*, b. March 17, 1696 ; m. Umits Clark of Medway. 

Rachbl*, b. Sept. 4, Z698 ; m. Caleb Smith, of Needham, July 

4. 17»7- 
JONATBAM*, b. May zz, Z699 ; d. May 35, 169^ 
Abzgazx.*, b. Sept. 3, Z70Z ; m. Thomas Adams, of Medway, Oct. 

26, Z730* 

Makqabw*, b. March Z5, Z7Q4 ; m. John Anderson, of Msdway» 
May 21, Z73Z. 

18. Jo8IAH\ son of Anthony (8) and Joanna (Faxon) 
Fisher, was b. in Dedham, May z, z6s4; m. ist, Jan. 27, 
z68o, Meletiah, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Morse) Sul- 
len, who was b. in Dedham, Sept. Z5, z6s5, and d. there, 
April 23,'z693; m. 2d, Sept. z, Z693, Joanna, daughter of 
Ezra and Joaima (Hoare) Morse, who was b. about Z674, and 
died ; m. 3d, Feb. Z5, Z697, Abigail Greenwood, of New- 
ton, who d. at Dedham, Sept. 6, Z708 ; m. 4th, Oct. 18, Z716, 
Mehitabel, daughter of William and Elinor (Tompson) Veazie, 
of Braintree, who was b. Feb. Z7, z666 ; d. at Dedham, May 
zS, Z74Z, and was buried in the Hancock Cemetery in Brain- 
tree. Josiah was made a freeman, Feb. Z3, 1683-4 ; was 
representative in Z699 ; selectman, Z697, ^^^ 'our years 
more ; coroner in Z7Z6. He d. in Dedham, April Z2, Z736. 
His will, made May 27, Z735, gave to his only son, Josiah 
Fisher, twenty-one acres of land in Dedham, near Five Mile 
Tree, on the road to Walpole ; to three daughters, Bethia 
Lawrence, Joanna Dean and Experience Woodward, ;^40 
each ; to grandson, Joziathan Fisher (82), all the homestead 
(he to pay the bequests to daughters), and meadow of ten 
acres in Burnt Swamp and land adjoining Nathaniel Guild. 
The residue to be divided among the three daughters and the 

Digitized by 



grandaon. The homestead was appraised at j^Soo; ten acres 
of meadow at Green Lodge, ;^200 ; twenty-nine acres of land 
near Guild's, ^^348 ; forty acres pear Five Mile Plain, ;^26o; 
five acres at Wild Cat swamp, £2$ ; six acres at Fowl mead- 
ows, i^xoo; which, with the personal property, footed up 
£2^022 88. 3d. The original cc^y of the will is in the pos* 
session of Jairus J. Fisher ( ),' of Westhampton, Mass. 
Their children were : 

40. BXTKZA*, b. Dec. 10, i68z ; m. itt, Benjamin Bverett, Dec. 

Z3, Z7X3; ad, Daniel Lawrance, of Wrentham, Oct. 18,1736. 
4Z* ToszAB*, b. Nov. 35, Z683 ; m. Elizabeth Avery, Sept. 35, 2707. 
J0A2CNA*, b. Sept. 13, i€a/S\ m. at Boston, Nathaniel Dean, of 

Norwich, Conn., liay 17, 1716. 
AbzgaiZi* (by third wife), b. Jan. t, 1698; m. Joeeph Guild, 
Oct. Z3, Z733; their three children died in infancy; she 
died before January, Z733-4* 
BsntUBNOi*, b. Apnl 14, 1700; m. ztt, Dec* a, Z730r Captain 
Bbenezer Woodward, of Boston, who d. at Deuham, Oct. 
iS, Z743; m. 3d, at Dedham, April z6, Z747, Rey. Samuel 
Dunbar, of Stoughton, who d. June 15, 1783, aged 78. She 
d. Jan. z8, Z777. 

10. Blsazbb^, yonngest son of Anthony (8) and Joanna 
(Faxon) Fishef, was b. in Dedham, Sept. z8, Z669; m. there, 
Oct. Z3, Z698, Mary, dan. of William and Mary (Lane) Avery, 
who was b. there, Ang. 3Z, Z674, and d. in Stonghton, March 
25> 1749. He d. in Dedhtfm, Feb. 6, 1722. Her father, 
William Avery, was baptized Oct. 27, Z647, in the Parish of 
Brekham, near Oakingham, a market town in Co. Berkshire, 
England, the son of the emigrant, Lieut. William Avery, also 
a physician, and Margaret (— -)• Job Lane of Maiden, the 
emigrant, m. Anna, dan. of the Rev. Joseph Reyner, of Eng- 
land, and had a daughter Mary, who m. William Avery, 
Sept. 2z, Z673, azid d. Oct. zz, z68z, aged 29 years. Eleaz- 
er left no will and in the administration of his estate the 
homestead was assigned to Eleazer, the eldest son, '* saving 
unto his Mother Mary Fisher . . . her right of dower there- 
in for Term of life, he the said Eleazer Fisher paying un.- 
to his Brothers and Sisters Namely William Fisher, Jeremiah, 
Dayid, Ezra, Nathaniel, Mary, Ezekiel, Tizziothy and Benja- 
min Fisher or their Respective Guardians the sum of Fourty 
Pounds and Six Shillings apiece", etc. The Inventory made 
on April z6, Z724, *' Apprized The Housing Sl Homestead 
. . . j^5ZO. Land near John Farrington Deceased . . 

£26. More adjoining to Land of James Fales . . 
;^z6. 10. Two lots in Purgatory Swamp . . . ^21. lo. 
Land near Josiah Fisher Junr wth a right in a Lott at ye Saw 
Mill . . . £6; Land in Medfield Dividend . . £Zs.'' 

Digitized by 



Toul, ^665. Adding the furniture and household and (arm 
utensils the total is ^813 is. On March 39, 1734, the wid- 
ow received ^^54 7s. for her interest in the personal property, 
and on the same date quitclaimed to her son Eleazer her 
right in the homestead, including her portion which she re- 
ceived from her father, William Avery. 
Children of Eleazer and Mary: 

42. EucAZxa*» b. Sept. 29, 1699; m. Mary PcnnintAii, Nov. 19, 

43* WiLUAU*. b. June 38, 1701 ; m. Elizabeth Danlell, of Med- 
way, May ai, 1739. 
JK3UMA*, b. Sept. 28, 1703; m. Hesekiah Cay, of Dorchester, 
April 16, 1724. 
44- Davxo*, b.Jnne 21, 1705 ; m. Deborah Boyden, Feb. x6, 1732. 
45. BZBA*, b. Feb. 8, X707 ; m. Mary Fenton, Jan. 2, 1738. 
Natkanibx.*, b. Z708; d. 1733-4; nam. 

Mxav*. b. Oct. 27, X710; m. at Dedhain, Jan. 26, I732-3, 
William Alexander, of Stoughton. 
46; KzKgTKL*, b. Oct. 2, 17x2 ; m. xtt, Sufanna Wadsworth ; m. 
2d, Experience Blacknian. 

47. TxxoTKV*, b. Aug. 28, X7X4; m. Thankful Daniell, Dec. xx, 

Stxpxism*, b. July xx, X7X5; probably d. young; not men- 
tioned in the settlement of hxa lather's estate. 

48. BBMjAMXit*, b. May, X72X ; in. Sarah Bverett, Aug. ix, X74a. 

20. Lbah\ daughter of Cornelius (9) and Leah (Heaton) 
Fisher, was b. in Dedham, May 3, x656. She joined John 
Eliot's church at Roxbury, March 33, 1684. She m. Dec. 10, 
x68s, William Goddard, of Sherbom, probably son of William 

and Elizabeth ( ) Goddard, of Watertown, who was 

b. about X653 and d. Feb. 6, X708. " She d. Sept. 10, 1720," 
says Barry. They had : 

EX4ZABSTH GODDARX)^, b. Aug. 23, 1687. 

WxxxxAM GoooARX)*, d. Aug. 18, X703, aged 14. 
Sabah Goddard*, b. Nov. 24, 1693. 
AbxgaxXp Goddard*, b« Dec. 2, X697. 

SSI. C0RNEUU8^ son of Cornelius (9) , and Leah ( Heaton) 
Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Feb. 8, 1660; m. ist, Anna, 
daughter of Joxiathan and Lydia (Jones) Whitney, of Sher- 
bom, who was b. at Watertown, April 28, x66o, and d. at 
Wrentham, March 5, 1701. He m. 2d, at Dedham, March 27, 
1702, Marcy, vridow of Samuel Colbum. Shed, at Wren- 
tham, Sept. 20, X726. [Dedham Register, II, no; VI, 57.] 
He m. 3d, Feb. 13, 1727, Mary, widow of Nathaniel' Ware, 
of Wrentham, s^nd daughter of -— Wheelock. [Ware's 
Genealogy of Robert Ware, p. X2.] He d. at Wrentham, "Jan. 
6, 1743, in the 84th year of hlsage." His widow, Mary, m. 3d/ 

Digitized by 



Thomas Bacon» July i6» 1746, and d. March 25, 1750. He 
inherited the homestead of his father in 1699. In the inven- 
tory of his estate he is called husbandman, and it mentions 
also a bladicsmith shop, with tools, etc. The homestead was 
appraised at ^^870 ; miUbrook meadow and upland, £72 10 ; 
Pine Plain meadow, £60 ; 30 acres of woodland, lying near 
Benj. Fisher's, ^^90; Pine Swamp, ;^i8; the total of the 
estate being ;^i4io z6s., old tenor. Their children were : 

jo. Jonathan*, b. Feb. 33, 1691; d. Dec. 31, 1718; m. Rachel 

Clark, at Boston, Aug. 15, 1718. 
5Z. CORNSXJUS*, b. Sept. 99, 169a ; m. Hannah Partridge, Feb. a, 

53. Isaac*, b. liay 19, Z694; m. Bather Man, Dec. 30* 17x9. 

A2flVA^ b. March 38, 1696; m. Bbeneser Clark, Feb. X5, 1731. 
53. T08SPH*, b. Mar xi, i6q8; m. Mary Streeter, May 15, 1733. 
54* BSMJAMXH*, b. March 6, 1701 ; m. Anna Co¥reU» Jan. xo, 1737. 
55* MXECY* (by second wife), b. Jan. 37, 1703; m. Samuel Fisher, 

Oct. 37, 1736. 
56. BsTBsa*, b. Oct. 37, 1710; m. Richard Fisher, Dec. 9, 1731. 

22. Ann', daughter of Cornelius (9) and Leah (Heaton) 
Fisher, was b. at Dedham, Aug. 32, 1661. She m. ist, Feb. 
2, i68x, Isaac, son of Isieuic and Mary (Davis) Heath, of 
Roxbury, who was b. May 10, 1655, and d. Dec. 22, X684. 
She m, 2d-, Dec. 2, 1685, Francis Youngman, a cordwainer, 
who d. July 23, 1712. For descendants of the children of 
Francis and Ann Youngnutn see the Youngman Genealogy, 
p. 8; N. B. Historic-Genealogical Reg., XXXIV, 40X-404; 
XXXV, 43-47. They had: 

Axnr HMJLTa^, b. Nov. X3, 1681 ; d. Nov. X7» 1681. 

Isaac Hbatr*, b. July 33, 1683. [Temple's Prmmingham, p. 585. ] 

Jonathan Youngman*, b. Oct. 9, x686 ; m. Sarah . 

CORNVX4US Youngman*, b. Sept. x, 1688; m. Mary Story, of 

BBBNSZsa Youngman*, b. Nov. 3, 1690; m. Mercy Jones, Jan. 

8, X7X3. 
Anna Youngman*, b. Dee. i, 1695; m. Joseph Pepper, Dec. 

X5, X730. 
BuzABSTH Youngman*, b. Jan. 14, 1698; m. John Crafu, Feb. 

5i X7M- 
Lbah Youngman*, b. May 4, 1701 ; d. May sS, 170T. 
John Youngman*, d. Jan. 36, 171X. 

88. Blixzbr', son of Cornelius (9) and Leah (Heaton) 
Fisher, was b. in Wrentham, July 8, 1663 ; m. 1st, at Wren- 
tham, March 21, 1688, Hannah Leonard; she d., and he m. 
2d, at Wrentham, June 2, 1718, Mary, daughter of William 
and Ruth ( ) Maccany, who wash. Feb. 1, 1699 (-70), 

and d. at Wrentham, April 20, 1733. He made his will Dec. 

Digitized by 



26, 1732, and gave his sons, Nathaniel and John, enough to 
make, with what he had already given them, ^^50 ; to son 
Eliezer he had given a doable share ; to son Leonard the rest 
of the estate ; to daughter Sarah ;^5, having given her and 
his daughter Hannah their shares ; to Sarah's children, 
Richard, Samuel and Sarah, he gave ;^5. To his wife Mary 
he gave ;^xo a year, one end of the house, all the household 
goods and a cow and keeping. They bid : 

57. Buszn*, b. Dec. 19, x688; m. Rachel . 

HSTBXIAB*, b. Sept. 29, i6qz ; d. in 1734, nnmanried ; hit brother 
Eliezer presented the iaventory of hit estate April 7, 1735, 
haying been appointed sdmioistrator Dee. 17, 1724. Was a 
farmer, and left an estate of over /397« 

58. Hanxab*, b. Oct. 15, 1695 ; m. Bdward Hall, Feb. 7. 1733. 
Sakah*, b. Sept. zo, 2697 ; m. Samuel Lathbridge, of Wrentham. 

59. Nathaiosi.*, b. M«y 30, Z700; m. Hannah Elus, and 3d, Lydia 

Darling, March 10, 1766. 
JOHX*, b. liay 30, 1700 (twin of Nathaniel) ; d. young. 

60. Lbonaro*; b. June 8, 1704; m. Hepsibah Ware, Dec. 39, 1730. 

61. John*, b. April i, lyoS; m. Phebe Gay, March 35, 1739, and 3d, 

Jemima cartridge, Oct. 9, 1755. 

24. SA]tAH\ daughter of Cornelius (9) and Sarah (Ever- 
ett) Fisher, was b. in Wrentham, in 1668, and died there Nov. 
3, 1756 or 1751. She m. at Wrentham^ Jan. 5, 1691, Benja- 
min Hall, who was b. atRehoboth« Aug. 7, 1668, and died at 
Wrentham, Aug. 26, 1726. 

They had : 

SIZAR Haix*, Rehoboth, June 15, 1694. 
EAR Haxa*, b. St Wrentham, Feb. 30, 1697 ; d. May 6, 1697. 
Edward Hall*, b. March 30, 2698; m. Hannah Fither (58), 

Feb. 7, 1733. 
DoaoTKY Hall*, b. May 30, 1700; m. Samuel Ellis, Sept 14, 


jBasHiAR Hall*, b. May 8, 1703 ; m. Dorothy . 

BbnjamzkHall*, b. May 8, 1703 (twin of Jeremiah) ; m. Betty 

Blake, March 15, 1737. 
Passiotvso Hall*, b. Not. 38, 1706, or May 15, 1708 ; m. Peter 

Lyon, of Walpole, Aug. 33, or Nov. 15, 1734. 


25. Dakibl\ son of Captain Daniel (11) and Abigail 
(Marriott) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Feb. 26, 1650 ; m. 
there, Jan. 19, 1675, Mary, daughter of Thomas and Han- 
nah (Flower) Fuller, of Dedham, who was b. there March 26, 
1655. (Dedham Register, vol. IV, p. 159.) The first men- 
tion of Daniel in the Dedham Town Records is as follows : 
** En Dani Fisher is creditor to the Towne for his sonne 
catching Jaybirds: the sume of one shiling twoopenc," 
Dec. 16, 1661. He was a volunteer in King Philip's War 

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and received pay for services from Jan. 24 to Dec. 27, X676; 
conatable in 1685, 1686, and 1698. Is first mentioned on the 
records as sergeant, Aug. 5, 1696 ; as captain, March 4, 
1700. Daniel was first elected selectman Jan. 6, 1689-90, and 
served also in 1693, 1695, 1696, 1697, 1^00, 1701, and two 
years more; was representative 1700 to 1704, and 1712 
and 1713. On Jan. 23, x68x, Dedham '* Granted to Daniell 
Fisher timber vpon the Town Commons to make Boards to 
Finish his house.'' I^ter he inherited the homestead of his 
father where the rest of his life was spent. 

John Fairbanks, an enterprising explorer, informed the se- 
lectmen of Dedham of some good hind twelve miles from Had- 
ley; and he, with Lieut. Daniel Fisher, was sent out to find 
it. They returned with the report of good land. This was 
Pocumtuck (Deerfield). It was probably through his inter- 
vention, that, at a later date, his sister Lydia was selected to 
become the confidential attendant of Goffe and Whalley, the 
regicides, when they were concealed in the house of the Rev. 
Mr. Russell at Hadley. He had often occasion to pass through 
Hadley on his way to Deerfield. It was this Daniel Fisher 
of whom the familiar story has been told, of leading Sir Ed- 
mund Andros through the streets of Boston, April 19, 1689. 
** Daniel Fisher had not forgotten the proscription of his 
father. He was a stout, athletic man of a resolute spirit. 
When the news of the tumult of the i8th of April reached Ded- 
ham, Cajptain Fisher instantly set off for Boston, and came 
rushing in with the country people, who were in such a rage 
and heat as made all tremble again. Nothing would satisfy the 
country party but binding the Governor with cords, and car- 
rying him to a safer place. Soon was Captain Fisher seen 
among the crowd, leading the pale and trembling Sir Ed- 
mund by the collar of his coat from the house of Mr. Usher 
back to Fort Hill." (Haven's Centenial Address at Dedham, 
pp. 42 and 76, etc.) 

Captain Daniel d. on the homestead in Dedham, Nov. 17, 
1713. His grave is marked by stones in the Parish burial 
ground. His widow d. March 19, 1726. Of her the Rev. Sam- 
uel Dexter wrote in his diary : ** March 19*^ 1726. This Day 
dyed Mrs. Mary Fisher, in ye 72d Year of her Age. She dyed 
in a good old age . • . She was of a Weakly Constitu- 
tion, Sc had gone thro' a great deal of weakness. She had been 

Confined abt 3 weeks before she dyed ^but one Week of 

ye time to her bed. She was a woman of a good Character. 
She had obtained a good report of all men, & of ye Truth 
itself a hearty Lover of ye Truth & ye sincere pro- 
fession of it a Careful & Tender Parent to her Children 

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a good friend to C** Ministexs, & particularly to one y^ 

was Unworthy of her Love." (New England Historic- 
Genealogical Reg., XIV, io8.) 

The will of Daniel Fisher (Suffolk Pro., vol. t8, fol. 137), 
made Sept. 15, 1713, gave the homestead in Dedham to his 
son, Jeremiah, after hu wife's death, she in the meantime to 
have the use and improvement of it. The homestead then 
consisted of a dwelling house, mill house, bam, jrards, gar- 
dens, orchards, pasture and woodland. To son Daniel he 
gave land in Clapboardtrees and meadow in Fowl meadows 
in Dorchester ; to Nathaniel, ^^150 ; to daughter Mary Hunt- 
ing. ;^ioo; to daughter Margaret Gay, j^io, and £^'' at 
such times as she shall happen to be a widow ;" to daughter 
Abigail, ^^50 ; and the personal property, to Jeremiah, two- 
thirds, and David, one-tmrd. Children, b. in Dedham, were : 

61A. Maey*, b. Sept. 37, Z676 ; d. April 30, 1752 ; m. Tohn Hunting, 
of Needham, February 33, 1698. [Husdng Gen., p. 8.] . 

62. JSJLSMZAB*, b. June xo, .2679; m. Deborah Richards, Dec. 16, 170a. 

63. Dahisl*, b. Jan. 7, 1683 ; m. Esther Fisher, Nov. 35, 1703. 
Hannah*, b.Oct. 10, 1684; m. Jeremiah Richards, of Roxbury. 

[Richards Gen., p. Z34«l 

64. Natkankl*, b. Apnl J, xtt7 ; first minister to Dighton. 
MABOAEST^^b. Feb. w, 1690; d. Feb. 13, 1773 ; m. Nathaniel 

Gav, of Dedham, Feb^sS; x6^; he was a son of Nathimiel 

and Lydia Lasher (Starr) Gay, o f Dedham. [N. B. His* 
toric-Genealogiaa Register, XXXIII, 47*] 
BiOAnp\ b. Sept. 37, 1694; d. Nov. 3, 1767; m. Captain '^ 
uel Morse, of Medfield. [Tilden's Msdfield, p. 441O 

%5\. Lydi a\ daughter of Captain Daniel ( 10) and Abigail 
(Marriott) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, July 14, bapt. Aug. 
I, 1652; m. Dec. 3, 1674, as his second wife, Nathaniel, son 
of Simeon and Prudence Chickering, b. in England in 1647, 
and d. at Dedham, Mass., Oct. 27, 1694. For description of 
Nathaniel Chickering see Dedham Historical Register (III, 
117, 118), for July, 1892. 

The following minute in the handwriting of Rev. Jonathan 
Townsend, first minister at Needham, gives us a view of Mrs. 
Chickering : 

*' Needham, July 17, 1737. This day died here Mrs. Lydia 
Chickering in the eighty-sixth year of her age. She vras bom 
in Dedham, in New England, on July 14, 1652, and about the 
year 1671 went from thence to Hadley, where for the space of - 
about a year, she waited upon Col. Whalley and Col. Goff 
(two of King Charles First's judges) , who had fled thither from •, 
the men that sought their life. She was the daughter of Capt. 
Daniel Fisher, of Dedham, one of the magistrates of the 
Colony, under the old charter. Having led a virtuous life, she 

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died univezsally respected, and came to her grave in a full age, 
as a shock of com cometh into his season." 
Their children were : 

NAtHAimn. CmacxRXMO*, b. in 1677; m. Deborah, dan. of 
Joseph and Deborah Wight, Jan. 26, 1716, who d. Jan. 16, 
Z749; he d. Jan. xo, 1747; had: Daniel Chickering*, b. Dec. 
30k 17x8; m. in X74i5, Kexia, dan. of Thomas and Elizabeth 
(Morse) Bllis, who was b. in X736, and d. Oct. 13, X793: he 
d. April xz, X790; had : Nathaniel Chickering', b. March 39, 
1750; m. in x;^x, Esther Dewing, who was b. Jan. 24, 176a, 
and d. Jan. 37, 1845; he d. Feb. 5, X837; had: Leonard 
Chiekenng*, b. Nov. 3, X790; m. Jan. x, 1839, Roxa, dau. of 
Nathaniel and Submit Capen, of Dedham, who waa b. 
Not. X9, X798 ; he d« March 34, 1849 ; had : Harriet R. Chick- 
ering*, b. June X3, X836, and d. June X3, 187X ; m. William 
Fisher, of Norwood, June x, x863. He wss b. Feb. 37, X837. 

Saxuxi, CmcxxaxMC*, b. Feb. X4, 1689 ; m. in X730, Mary, dau. 
of Henrv and Mary (Allen) Harding, of Medfield, b. in X70f ; 
he d. July o, X778 ; had : Mary Chickerins*. b. April 33, 1734 ; 
m. Samnef Fisher (X43), Aug. 14, 1751 ; he d. Nov. x6, 1759. 

26. Amos\ son of Capt. Daniel ( x x ) and Abigail ( Marriott) 
Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Nov. 8, X654. He m. xst, March 
13, x68o, Mary, daughter of Lieut. Richard and Elizabeth 
(French) SUis, of Dedham, who was b. Feb. 3, X655. She d. 
April 28, X69X, and he m. 2d, at Boston, by Samuel Sewell, 
Esq., Dec, 22, X691, Ruth Adams, who d. in Needham, Nov. 
26, X745. He was made a freexxian, May 15, X690; was a 
tailor by trade, and resided in West Dedham, where he d. in 
X736. His widow, Ruth, joined the Dedham church, March 
4, X739. Axnos was first taxed in Dedham, Nov. 22, X675, 
and on Aug. 29, X677, there was ** Granted to Amos FLsher 
and to his heyers for euer : on Acre of the Trainge ground : 
land : according to the voat : of the Traine Company : *' and 
'* the selectmen : this day to setel the younge persons in such 
familyes in the Towne as is most sutable for thier good. . . 
Amos Fisher desire to Soioum at his Fathixs House '* ; also 
that day " En Dan Pond Tho Fisher and Amose Fisher 
desire liberty to Fell euery on of them a Small parcell of 
Timber for buildinge which is granted prouid they make no 
waste and gather vp what they may." His house is valued 
at j^4, Dec. 27, X676, and £6 on Nov. 26, 1677 ; on Jan. 15, 
1682-3 he received " tixpber for a bam." He was constable 
in X687; was chosen selectman, March 6, 1704, and March 

5, X705, and was surveyor, 

j^jfS>^^^ ^dk^^L.^ ^^^^ 3. 1707-8- 'rhe signature 
C>^*^ ^O^y^-**^ annexed was made as witness 

in a deed of Nathaniel and 
Mary Richards to Daniel Fisher of 14 acres in Great Plain, 

Digitized by 



Needham. Amos, by his will, made March 28, 1730 (Suffolk 
Pro., file 6857), gave the use and improvement ot the home- 
stead to his wife, Ruth, reserving the use of the south end of 
the dwelling house to daughter Esther Fisher; one-fourth 
each ''of my land in Dedham, commonly called six acre up- 
land meadow land, and swamp land, which I value at ^^400," 
to daughters Mary Fuller, Elizabeth Puller, Ruth Hunting 
and Esther Fisher. To son Amos all the real estate at death 
of the wife and daughter Esther's marriage, he paying to the 
four daughters to make them eqtuil to him. The inventory 
of his estate, filed at Boston, March 27, 1739, by Ruth Fisher 
and Hezekiah Fuller, the executors, gives the value of the 
house and bam and homestead adjoining at ;^30o; the 
personal property, £134 9* 3* Hezekiah Fuller, the sur- 
viving executor, rendered an account Feb. 19, 1746, showing 
he had spent in the settling of the estate ^^136 4s. Their 
children were : 

BCary*. b« Aug. 31, 1683; d. May 12, 1752; m« Thomas Fuller, 

ol Needham. [Dedham Rentter, VoL V, p. 58.] 
65. Amos*, b. Jnne 2, 1687; m. Abtgul Kingibury, Feb. xo, 1726. 
BUZABOTH*, b. April 14, 1691 ; d. Sept. 23, 1^3 ; m. Hexekiah 

Fuller, Feb* 26, X7Z8-Z9. [Dedham Register, VoL V, p. 83.] 
Rum* (by second wife), b. Not. 9, 1693; d. Dec. 4, 1775; in. 

Jonathaa Hunting, April 14,. 1720. [uunting Gen., p. 10.] 

Res. Needham. 
BSTRsa*, b. Sept. 6, 1699 ; d. unm. March 23, 1734, at Needham. 

27. John\ son of Captain Daniel (11) and Abigail 
(Marriott) Fisher, b. in Dedham,. July 20, 1656. He received 
pay for services in King l^hilip's War, from Jan. 24 to Dec. 27, 
1676. Felt's History of Ipswich says he was wounded at 
Bloody Brook. We find that he served under Capt. William 
Turner from April 7, 1676, and was stationed at the garrison 
at Hadley, Sept. 23, 1676. [Bodge's Philip's War, 139, 240, 
361.] Removed to what is now Needham about 1681, and 
located in the south part of the town near Charles river. He 
first pays taxes in Dedham, Jan. 2, i68i*-2 ; is first mentioned 
as sergeant on March 4, 1705-6. At the overthrow of Andros, 
Captain Daniel Fisher, of Dedham, commanded the Dedham 
Company of Foot and Captain John Fisher the Needham 
Company of Horse. Captain John Fisher, of Needham, *' com- 
manded the cavalry at the taking to the Fort of Sir Edmiind 
Andros, on the morning of the 18^ of April, 1689, when the 
tyrant had to surrender and was committed to prison. ' ' — From 
Notes of Col. H.N. Fisher derived from manuscript of Rev. 
Stephen Palmer, minister of Needham (died 182 1). He was 
one of the petitioners for the incorporation of Needham ; at its 

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organization, December, 171 1, he was chairman of the Board 
of Selectmen, and also of the committee to build the meeting 
boose. Selectman (elected at first town meeting, Dec. 4, 
17x1), X7XI-14, 1733-36. One of the original twenty who 
signed the covenant of the First Church, March x8, 1730. He 
m. June is« 168 x, at Dedham, Rebecca, daughter of Lieut. 
Richard and Elizabeth (French) KUis, who was b. in Dedham, 
April 30, x66x. He d. Jan. 35, X736; she d. Oct. 36, 1740; 
both buried in Needham. 

His will mentions his wife Rebecca; to the church in 
Needham he gave ;^5 ; to son John Fisher ''land east of the 
brook which was by the house where I now dwell, also tract 
called The Neck lying upon Charles River to thesouth (except 
half the wood and timber to son Jeremiah), also an Island of 
meadow and a piece of meadow north-west of it near Charles 
River ; a piece of meadow near the house of Joseph Mills, and 
a piece of swampy meadow near the house of widow Deliverance 
Parker." He gave to Abigail Dewing, wife of Andrew, and 
Elizabeth Bacon, wife of John, £40 ^^ p to son Jeremiah a 
piece of swampy land and meadow, called Herring's Meadow, 
a piece of upland lying near it, and the remainder of the real 
and personal estate. They had : 

66. ABXOAiZf*, b. Jan. 19, 1684; m. Aadrew Dewhig, of Needham, 

Feb. 15, X709. 

67. JOBM*, b. May 2, x688 ; m. Elisabeth Hasting, April 28, 1709. 
SUZAMKB*: b. April XI, 1696; m. John Bacon, of Medfield. 

68. JsasiaaH*, b. Sept. 8, 1701 ; m. Prudence Crosby, Jan. ao, 1735. 


88. Joshua*, son of Captain Joshua (.13) and Esther 
(Wiswall) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Feb. 4, 1675 ; m. about 
1695, Hannah, daughter of John and Judith (Gay) Puller, 
who was b. Sept. 5, 1675. [For her ancestry see Dedham 
Historical Register, Vol. 4, pp. 156*160.] He d. March 11, 
1730; his widow d. Dec. 22, 1744. He inherited the Fisher 
Tavern in Dedham. ^ ^^^ . ^ 

Lieutenant Joshua was a representative to the General 
Court in X725 and 1726. He is said to have been of wider 

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fame as a popular Boniface of the old stage road than his 
father, whom he succeeded. 

" With a reasonable share of this world's ^oods, a man just 
and devout, at peace with mankind and himself, failing in 
health, and provident for those to come after, on the twenty- 
fifth of March, 1729-30, he made his last will and testament, 
and died March eleventh of the following year/* His will 
begins in the stereotyped form of those days : 

'* In the Name of God Amen. The twenty fifth day of 
March Anno Domini 1729 I Joshua Fisher of Dedham Sc 
within his Majestys Territories and Dominions of New Eng- 
land — Inn holder, being sick and weak of Body but of sound 
and perfect memory do make and publish/' etc.; and, reach- . 
ing through the overmuch verbiage of such instruments the 
real business in hand, it provides that ''Touching such 
worldly estate the Lord hath lent me my Will is That it be 
disposed of as in and by this Will is Kxprest. Imps : 

*« It. I wUl That aU Jntt Debts That I owe shall be well and Truly 

'* Item. I Give and bequeath unto my Well beloved wife the Im- 
prorement of my whole estate both Rod and personal during her 
widowhood and I Give her my Best Bed and ff uraiture with my best 
Silver Tankard to be at her Dispose. 

" Item. I Give to mv Daughter Hannah a Piece of I#and at a place 
called Rockfield and a Bond I had of her husband for money. I Give 
her Bishty pounds to be paid in Curent money or Good Bills of 
- - •'^ - '^- - fife'sdei - ■ - 

Credit on this Province to be paid after my wife's deecase That is Ten 
pounds a year yesrly until! she has receivied the whole. 

" Item. I Give to my Daughter Judith my I#and I had of Thomas 
Herring and also I#ands I purchased of Bichard Bverard and li Wood* 
lot that was mv flathers near to serjeant Jabez Ponds. 

'*Item. I Give to my Daughter Mary my home Lands orchards 
and Buildinss and a Woodlot which I purchased of Asiel Smith and a 
Woodlot which I purchased of Jeremian Hull. 

" Item. I Give to my Daughter Rebecca the I#ands I jpnrchased of 
Mr. James Barnard and the Land I purchased of Capt. William Avery 
and a Lott I Purchased of Jonathan Avery. 

" Item. I Give to the Church of Christ in Dedham twenty pounds 
in Bills of credit on this Province ffnrther I Give to my Three 
youngest Daughters my moveable Estate to be Bqually Distributed 
amongst them after my wife's decease. My Will is that my Daughter 
Mary shall pay to my Daughter Hannah the sum or sums before 
mentioned, ffinallv I do Constitute and appoint my two Daughters 
Judith and Mary to be Bxscutors to this my Last Will and Testament." 

*' The will was duly witnessed by three of his friends, and 
was probated at Boston, April 7, 1730. [Sufblk Wills, 5939.] 
A very ordinary sort of will, and one whose ' surface indica- 
tions,' as the mining folk say, by no means suggest the part 
it was to play in the overthrow of tenets and practices of law 
which, bom at Rome, fastened themselves firmly through the 

Digitized by 



of the Choxch, upon the ecclesiastical and common 
law of England, and, centuries old, crossed the sea, beii^: for 
a time engxmfted upon the early jurisprudence of all her 

The Inventory of his estate [Suffolk Pro., XXVII, p. 78, ct 
seq.], made June 9, 1730, specifically states all the personal 
prop^ty, of which the following is an abridgment : 

'^▲ppsrrell, books sad cane ^33—19—6; monsy and credits 
if a <o A S; Piste ^6z— 15— 00; norte furniture and srmottr» 
X3t., 13a; Purniture in chambers, indudinic nine beds and furnish* 
lags, table linen, katres sad forks and three rasors, jCi^S 9 4 ; 
pewter, brass, eopper snd earthenware, hone, tin and wooden and 
ironware, glass bottles, scales and weight, ^5f — i— 6 ; in the Garretts, 
sheep's wool and cotton wool, spinning wheels and other small ware, 
if j— 19 00 ; in the cellar, strong drink, tubs and casks and other 
cellar ware, /lo— 7— 00; lumber jfs; Negro slave, jfSo; cash and 
husbandry implements, ir9-*i9— 4; oxen, i;4o; 9 co¥rs, ^'54; 3 swine, 
£% and poultry 40a.; the total being / 843— 7— oo-'* 

Abont this time the old tavern was raised six inches higher, 
the walk filled with bricks ; it was fitted with closets and com- 
pletely ftimished. On the death of the daughter, Mary, wife of 
'Dr. Nathaniel Ames (the first of the name m Dedham) , a law- 
suit developed over the ownership of the tavern ; *' the Doc- 
Ux claiming inheritance through his son according to the 
Province Law, and being opposed by others who claimed un- 
der the English common law. The case was many years be- 
fore the courts and was finally decided in favor of the Doctor; 
this being the first time the principle was established that 
the estate ascended to the father as next of kin to the son, 
notwithstanding the intervening life estate in Hannah, widow 
of Capt. Joshua." Dr. Ames m. 2d, Oct. 30, 1740, Deborah, 
daughter of Jeremiah Fisher (62). After his decease his 
widow continued to keep the tavern until her marriage with 
Richard Woodward, when the hostelry passed under the title 
of the Woodward Tavern, and was pulled down about 1817. 

*' It used to stand on the main street in Dedham, a little to 
the northeast, and over the way from where the Court House 
now stands. It was a roomy, two-story, peaked-roof old 
building, with its end to the street ; the oldest part having an 
a d di t i o n of more modem construction on the front, or what, 
with reference to the street, was the end. The rooms were 
low, the windows small, and the lower floor was sunken a 
little below the ground. There was no fence between the 
house and the street, and the intervening space was covered 
with grass of that thick and stubbed growth peculiar to such 
l ocalit ie s. Behind was a large bam, while on both sides, and 
back for 50 or 60 rods, to the Charles River, stretched a broad 

Digitized by 




J olflffit Air« mteiaten ol 

Allla, AiUow, a«lch«r, 

Dtsur aad Haven, i, talu " 

»Ue of Am aMtiof taooM, rtsi- 
Slitc of Artt •chool-honac, 16411. 
HAvca Uo«M, built tTM* 
Hint Court Koum. built 1995. 
Pitu Uoad, oreettd XTtt. 


Splaeopal Cboreli* buill ntft. 
FUhcr Amos' Low Oflkc, buUt itm* 
Plshcr Amoo' boooc. boUt t79S- 
Dcxtor boooo. built 1763. 
Old Uadiag plocc ot Caorlco River. 
Proooat Court House. 

Digitized by 



field of irregular surface. Just across the street was the 
* Front Lot,' a piece of unoccupied land, including that on 
whidi the Court House now stands, and extending eas^ nearly 
as far as the post office* The old house was long kept as an 
inn, boUi by Dr. Nathaniel Ames, the father of Fisher Ames, 
and, after his death, by his widow. Dr. Ames died in 1674, 
when his son, Fisher, die youngest child, was six years old. 
Mrs. Ames continued to keep the inn, and married again." 
(Homes of American Statesmen, N. Y., i860; this chapter 
written by James B. Thayer.) See also under 119I, Deborah 
Fisher, second wife of Nathsjiiel Ames and mother of Fisher 
Ames. For a picture of the Tavern, etc., see '' The Ahna- 
nacksof Nathaniel Ames," by Sam. Briggs, Cleveland, O., 
1891, and New England Magazine for September, 1897, pp. 

January 39, 1744-5, John Metcalf, of Dedham, was appointed 
administrator of the estate of Hannah Fisher, and April i, 
1745, he presented the Inventory taken by Capt. bleazer 
Fisher, Major Eliphalet Pond and Mr. Ittac Bullard, as 
foUows : ''Wearing apparel and books ;f96. ix. 6; paper and 
copper money ^^446. 2. 6 ; Merchants' notes ;f 179. 12. 6 ; In 
gold, eleven oz. Averdupois and 34 penny Troy weight ; in 
silver, 75 ox. Averdupois and 37 penny Troy weight; in plate 
one silver tankard, 33 oz. Averdupois weight ; one silver cup, 
£3. 10 ; bonds and bills, ;^436. 15.2; bedding, JC64. 4. 6 ; linen, 
etc., ;^45. 13; one silk blanket, ;^io; pewter, copper, tin, and 
knives, j^ai. 6 ; china, glass and earthem ware, ^^14. 6. 6 ; . 
chairs, tables, chests, etc., jCg. 9 ;' ironware and utensils for 
husbandry j^28. 14 ; provisions j^i30. 18 ; lumber, ;^i9. 9. 6 ; 
one Negro woman, ^8o ; live stock, jCsS ; land, ;f46o ; the 
total, exclusive of silver and gold money, tankard, etc., was 
;^2i04. 12. 2." Capt. Josiah Fisher, Deacon Joseph White, 
Jonathan Onion and Isaac Bullard filed a division of the real 
estate of Hannah Fisher, Aug. 5, 1746, the three shares be- 
longing to Benjamin Gay, husband of Hannah ; John Simp- 
son, husband of Judith, and Samuel, Seth and Rebecca, chil- 
dren of daughter Rebecca Richards, since deceased. 

Their children were : 

Haxtnab*, b. Oct. 26, 1700; d. March 28, 1771; m. Bealsmio 
Gay, Dee. 3, 17x8. [M. E. H. & G. Reg., XXXIII, 48. New 
Bnglsnd Magazine for Sept., 1897, pp; 56-69.] 

JunirK", b. March 19, 1704; m. John Simpson, of Boston, May 
38. X7«. 

Majiy*, b. March 7, 1707: d. Nov. 11, 1737; m. Nathaniel 
Ames, Sept. 14, 1755. [See 137.] 

RSBKCCA*, b. Dec. 3, 17x0; m. Samuel Richards, June so, 1734 ; 
d* May 35, 1740. 

SAmiUi*, b. July 9, 1714; d. April 9, 17x6. 

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20. John\ youngest son of Captain Joahoa (13) and 
Esther (Wiswall) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, July 15, 1678; 
m. Mary, daughter of Benjamin and Debozah (Woodcodc) 

Onion, who wash, in Dedham, 
Dec. 29, Z690. She joined the 
Dedham church, March 28, 
1731. He was one of the 
*' Inhabitants of Dedham in the Southerly part of the same." 
He was selectman at Dedham, 1731, for two years, and d. 
there May 21, 1750. Children were: 


MAaoaaax*. b. April 13, 2710; d. Feb. 3, xn5-6* 

SiUULU*, b. Oct. 6, 171X ; d. Tnne x6, i6s7 ; m. Nathaniel Biehsrds, 

Oct. 7, 1736. [BichArdt Ge&«do|nr, p. 135.] 
ANNA*, b. April 37, 17x3 ; m. John WiUon, Jan. xo. X733-4 ; d. at 

Dedham» April 3X, X737; had: John WiUon\ b. Feb. X3, 

X734*S; d. July 17, X736; Bbenexer Wilaon', b. April xx, 
X737 ; d. tame day. 
Patxxncs", twin of Submit, b. ; d. Jnly -30^ 17x6. 

Submit', twin, b, — -; d. Noy.3X, i7Xj 

69. DBBOaAH', b. Feb. 3, X7X6-X7 ; m. Joatah Lyon, March 39, 1737 ; 

remoTed to Petenham, in 1739. 

70. HANNAB*,b.Jan.i3,X7x8-X9; m. Nathaniel Mann, of Ncedhaaa, 

Hov. x6, X738; d. June 33* X74B, at Needham. 

ABXGAXI.^ b. Sept. 399 1733; d. at Dedham, Jan. x6» X733; m. 
Oliver Gay, fan. 3, 1745-46. 

BCARTHA^ b. May 35, X738; m. Jothna Kingabnrj, Jan. 19, 
X74B-9; had: Joahna Kingabary', b. Oct. X7, X749; Fiaher 
Kingabnry', b. Jan. X7, X753 ; Aaron Kingabarr', b. Dec. X3, 
X754 ; liartha Kingahnry', b. March X3, X756 ; Moaea Kinga- 
bury*, b. — — . 

30. SARAH^ daughter of Capt. Joahna (13) and Bather 
(Wiswall) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, Nov. 5, X685; m. there 
Feb. 10, 1706, Saxnnel, son of Jonathan and Mary ( ) 

Fuller, who was b. at Dedham, Feb. X5, x683. She d. July 
X2, 17x4, and he m. 2d, Jan. X5, X7i8*9, Elizabeth Crane, of 
Milton. Their children were: 

Saxab FULLwa*, b. Oct. X7, X706. 
SAMimL Fuxxxa*, b. Aug. 14, X709 ; d. Mav 12, X753. 
BSTBSa Fuujui', b. March x, X7XX ; d. July 34, 17x4. 
Mxav PuxjJta', b. Aug. X9, 17x3 ; d. Nov. 30, X7X3. 

31. Maky*, daughter 6L Capt. Joshua (13) and Esther 
(Wiswall) Fisher, wash, at Dedham, July 24, 1687 ; m. there 

Jan. 26, X7XX, Jeremiah, son of John and Sarah ( ) Deane, 

who was b. March 24, X685, and d. Nov. 3, X745. She d.— — 
Their children, b. in Dedham, were : * 

Digitized by 



lluiY DSAHHf, b. Dec. zo, 171Z. 

JSEBXXAH DSAim", b. Ma/ Z3, 17x3 ; m. ist, May 13, 1741, Mary 
Fiaher (fee under 63} who d. Aug. 6, 1747 : m- 3d, Re- 
becah Scott, Not. 33, 1750. (For deacendants see His- 
tory of Charlettown, N. H., p. 333.) 

J08KPH Ds4xn^, b. June 3» 17x5 ; m. Hannah BaUle, Dec. a, 

TotHUA DSAKiP, b. Jan. zz, 17x7 ; d. young. 
JO8H0A X>nAxnf, b. Aug. 30, Z7Z8 ; m. Mary Mackeuab, Feb. 13, 

SanAH DnaKs", b. July 5, 1790. 
Abzoaix. DsaifiP, b. July az, Z73Z. 
DaviD Dsium*, b. July 38, Z733 ; d. Jan. 19, 1747. 
JOKATBAN DBAxrs", b. July aS. Z733 ; d. Jan. 9, X735. 
BSXasE Dsium*, b. June ao, ZTas ; d. Dec. ax. 1793 ; unm. 

3S0. John', aon of John* (Z4) and Hannnh (Adazzi^) 
Piaher, waa b. in Medfield, Dec. 22, Z677. and d. there Aug. 
X4, Z7271 a few tnontha before his father's death. His estate 
was admitted for probate, Oct. x6, 1727, and the inventory, 
filed by his brother, Josiah, the administrator, Dec. 5, X727, 
WAS for jCsij 6s. 8d. An inventory, filed Sept. Z5, Z735, by 
son, Joshua Fisher, the real estate was appraised as follows : 
Homestead, £176) buildings and land bought of Josiah 
Fisher, ;^Z20; meadow and swamp, ;^88; they were taken 
by John Fisher, the elder son, he agreeing to pay the other 
cl^ii^(li^c>i £l^ 13s. apiece. He m. April 23, Z705, Abigail, 
daughter of Samuel' and Sarah Bowers (Clark) Smith, who 
d. Feb. 3, Z725. Tilden's History of Medfield says of him : 
**John was a blacksmith like most of the family, and settled 
in the north part of the town near Castle Hill. An old cellar 
on the form of Geo. W. Bruce probably marks the spot. A 
grant of twenty rods for building was made to the family in 
X70Z,— evidently in this locality. He was admitted to full 
conmiunion in Z7zo." Their children were : 

Solomon*, b. Jan. aa, Z706; d. Feb. 5, 1706. 

Ajugazl*. b. Aug. aa, Z707; d. Sept., X711. 

Saoah*. b. Nov. as, 1709; d. Sept. za, X7X1. 

Abigaxl\ b. Sept. zo, Z7zz; d. in Z785; m. ist, 173Z, John 
Plimpton, who d. Z756; m. ad, 177Z, David Clark, of Med- 
field. (Plimpton Gen., pp. 76, 85, 86, etc.; Tilden'a Med- 
field, pp. 460, 354.) 
7Z. Joiu«*, b. July ao, Z7Z4; m. Dorcas Adams, Dec. 9, Z736. 

Saoah*, b. April 6, Z7Z9; d. April aa, 1756, unm. 
7a. Joshua*, b. Feb. 18, 1735; m. silence Adams, Nov. xa, Z7S3. 

33. JosxAH*. son of John (14) and Hannah (Adams) 
Fisher, was b. in Medfield, Dec. 9, 1693. He m. Dec. 4, 
Z7z6, Haimah, daughter of Elisha' and Hannah (Metcalf) 
Bullen, of Medfield, who was b. there June 28, 1697, and d. 

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Nov. i6, 1765. He d. April 23, 1781. ** He settled in Ded- 
ham, now Dover, on the lower side of the comers near Farm 
Bridge." He made his will Feb. i, 1772, and it was admitted 
to probate, June 5, 1781. In it he gave the residue of his 
personal property to his grandsoUi Fisher Allen, having in his 
life-time deeded away all his real estate. The homestead was 
deeded to Fisher Allen, who resided on it until his death in 
1842, aged 95, when it was inherited by his grandson, Noah 
Allen Fisk, of Dover. Their children were : 

73. Hannah*, b. June 4, 17x7 ; m. Seth Dwight, D«sc. 4t X740* 

74. MiazAM** b. Oct. 26, 1720; m. Nosh AHen; d. June 23, 1757. 

{OSXAH*, b. Oct. 20, 1723 ; d« Nov. 6, X723. 
OKATBAN^, b. Oct. 8, X729; d. Oct. X9, I729. 

Abigaxi,*, b. Ang. 7, X733 ; d. Ang. 13, X733. 

34. Jamss^, son of Vigilance (X5) and Rebecca (Part* 
ridge) Fisher, b. at Dedham, April 4, 1686 ; m. there, April 
6, 1721, Hannah, daughter of Benjamin and Deborah (Wood- 
cock) Onion, who was b. in Ded- 
ham, Jan. 21, 1697-8. He lived 
_ at the homestead of his father, 
ijj« at Clapboardtrees, in West Ded- 
ham. He d. April 23, X734; 
she m. 2d, Nov. 29, X738, Deacon Hphraim Willson,and d. at 
Dedham, Aug. 6, X77S. By his will he gave his wife Haimah 
one-third part in the divisicm of his estate if she remain a 
widow, ;^20 if she marry ; to daughters, Rebecca, Mary axid 
Hannah, equal shares of the estate in Dedham, in Stoughton, 
or elsewhere. The inventory of his estate, made Nov. 9, 
1734, shows him to have been a very prosperous farmer. 
The personal property was appraised at ^229 9.; homestead, 
^550; land adjoining William Bullard, ;^2so; land lying 
near Oven's Mouth, £100; land adjoining John Bracket's, 
^zxo; land adjoining Hunting's,* Zi^l meadow at Green 
Lodge, ;^X2o; the total being ^^1391 9. Their children 

73. Rbbbcca*, b. April X9, X722 ; m. Isaac Whitxni^, April 3, 1744 ; 
d. April 13, 1787. 
Mary*, d. Dec. 2, 1725; m. Bdwsrd Richards, July 21, 1736. 

[Richarda Gen., p. 100.] 
Haxnau*, b. June 4, 1728; d. July 31, 1736. 
Jamss*, b. Ang. 23, X724 ; d. Aug. 25, 1724. ^ 

35. ABIGAXL^ daughter of Vigilance (13) and Rebecca 
(Partridge) Fisher, was b. at Dedham Aug. 26, 1692 ; m. 
there, Sept. 24, 1728, Benjamin, son of Moses (b. Oct. 26, 
1636,) and Sarah (Estey) Gill, who was b. at Salisbury, 

w, .^..y ._^.i_ — — , — — g — ^ — — 

Digitized by 



Mass., x689i and d. ( )• She was dismisssed to the 

chuch in Stoughton, Dec. 22, 1728. Benjamin Gill and his 
brother, Moses, b. 1685, moved from Salisbury to Canton in 
1704, and in 1703 leaMd (me hundred and seventy-two acres 
of land of the Indians. In 1716 they divided the land be- 
tween them, Moses taking the land on the east side of the 
Tatmton road, and Benjamin on the west. Benjamin Gill had 
m. for his first wife, Abigail (who died at Stoughton, Aug. 
14, 1726), the daughter of Peter Fales, of Walpole, and by 
her had one child, Sarah, who m. Samuel Chandler, of 
Stoughton. Children were : 

76. Bbmjamxv Oxu*. b. June 2, 1730; in. Bethimh Wcrntworth, 
Jan. ^1732. 
RBBJtcCA Gzu*, b. June 23, 1732. 

36. JosKFK*, son of Vigilance (15) and Hannah (I^yon) 
Piaher, b. at Dedham, Aug. 28, 1699 ; m. zst, at Dedham, 
Dec. 9, 1726, Mary, daughter of John' and Ann fiaton 
(Whiting) Lewis, of Dorchester, who was b. April i, 1701 
rDedham Register, Vol. IV, p. 146], and d. at Walpole, 
Oct. 26, 1740. Hem. 2d, at Dedham, May 17, 1744, Rebecca, 
probably daughter of Jolm and Mary (Fisher) Hunting, and 
widow of Ebeiezer Hartshorn, who was b. Sept. 19, 1702, 
and d. at Walpole, June 9, 1796, aged 93 years. (See No. 
61A ; Hunting Gen., p. 8.) Joseph Fisher, of Walpole, sold 
to Samuel Doggett, of Dedham, July 24, 1753, twenty rods of 
land in Dedham, with house and well, for £13 6s. 8d. 
[Suff. Deeds, 99-261.] He was a physician, residing in 
Walpole, and d. Jan. 17, 1776 ; deacon in the Walpole church. 
His will gave his wife all the estate except ;^20 to grandson 
Fisher Hartshorn ; at his wife's death the estate to be divided 
between the heirs of daughter Mary Hartshorn and daughter 
Hannah Felch, grandson Fisher Hartshorn to draw an equal 
share. The inventory, dated April 10, 1776, showed personal 
effects valued at ;^zo8 18. x ; homestead and buildings, 
^271 zos.; and a piece of meadow ^42 xos. Children, b. 
in Walpole, were : 

Mary*, b.Oct. z6, 1728; m. John Hartshorn, o{ Walpole. Sept. 

19, I7SI. 
Hamn AH*, b. Sept. 20, 1754 ; m. Stephen Pelch, of Walpole, in 


37. S.\MURi«\souoi John (i6;and Mar>' (MelcnU) Klshcr, 

&. noj, Mary, 
Rock wood, oi 

was b. in Medfield, Sept. 29, 1685; m. Dec. 16, 1707, Mary, 
daughter of Benjamin^ and Judith (Kllis) 

Digitized by 



Wrentham, who was b. Oct. 2, i683» and d. April 12^ 1763. 
He settled in Wrentham» where all his chil&en were bom. 
** At his father's death, in 1755, the ancestral place was given 
to him. He seems to have resided here (Medneld) for a short 
time, but in 1758 he gave the place to his son John." He 
returned to Wrentham, where he d. Jan. 19, 1769. He made 
his will June 17, 1761, and it was filed for probate Feb. 24, 1769; 
son John appointed executor, and mentions his seven children 
and his father's widow. To son John he gave land on Stop 
River, near Noon Hill, in Birch Steet Plain in Medfield, he to 
pay Samuel jf 53 6s. 8d., the four daughters £5 each, and his 
father's widow ^4. To son Samuel he gave all his land in 
Medway, he to pay his father's widowed mother if alive £2 
per annum. The son John was also to pay to Samuel a further 
sum of jf 36 13s. 4d. To the son Nathan he gave the remain- 
der of his real estate, he to pay to Samuel jf a6 13s. 4d. and to 
his father's mother jC^. They had : 

77. Sauvml*, b. Nov. S5, 1709; m. Ruth Wight, Sept. 9, X74a 
!£▲&¥*, b. March 4, 17x3; m. Ssaael Hill, of Medway, March 

'. 173a* aamwott's Medway, i»p. 403, 493.) 
B^lBSRSBA*, b. May 4* X7U; m- April 9, 1736, Bli•lla^ ton of 
Blalschi' sad Bethia (Wight) Bnfiard. (Jameion't History 
of Medway, p. 458 ; Morse's Sherbom, pp. 37, 57^.) 
Ttt. Johh*, b. July i, 17x7; m. Tbankfol Clark, Feb. 16, 1749. 
79. N^TBA2i*, b. Aog.sB, X710; m. Abigail Harding, Feb. 7, 1745. 
Rt,i»aswh*, b. Dee. X7, 1733. 

Patxxmcs*, b. Jan. 13, 1726; m. Jolin* Holbrook, April 7, 1747. 
(Morse's Sherborn, p. 126: History of Pembroke, N. H., p- 

38. John\ son of John (16) and Mary (Metcalf) Fisher, 
was b. in Medfield, Sept. 9, 1687, and d. there Feb. 2, 1713. 
He m. Rebecca, daughter of Eleazer and Mary (Chenery) 
Wheelock, of Medfield'; she married 3d, in 17 15, Jeremiah 
Adams, of Medfield and Medway. They had : . 

RsascCA*, b. Oct. 9, X7X3; d. July 30, 1796; m. John Baxter, 
of Medfield, Oct. I3, X733. (Medfi ' ' ' 
Dedham Register, vol. VlII, p. xo3.) 

39. Jxn)iTB\ daughter of John (x6) and Mary (Metcalf) 
Fisher, was b. at Medneld, Dec. 39, 1691 ; m. there, Nov. 33, 
17x3, Stephen, son of John and Sarah (Adams) Turner, who 
was b. at Medfield, in X684. *' He settled on what is known 
as the Ford place, in Wrentham, now Norfolk.'* She d. 
May XX, X727. Their children were: 

Digitized by 



JuoiXB TVMxnUi*, b, Nov. 7» 1714 ; m. Bbencxer Adaou, Jan. 

HAimAHTuunni*, b. Nor. z6» 17x6 ; d. Nov. 9, 1736. 

BusASSXK T umj igm*, b. Nov. 27, 17x8. 

SfSMTWU i Tu&MSE^ b. Fob. X, X7JCHX; d. Aug. x6» 1794; m. 

Kkzas T uimgR *, b. July x, Z733« 
ICBABOD Tumjnai*, b. Dee. 3» X735 ; m. Stuanum Fisher (124;, 

March a8, Z75X. 

40. Bsthia\ daughter of Joaiah (x8) and Meletiah 
(BttUen) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, Dec. xo, x68x ; m. xst, 
atDedham, Dec. 31, X712, Benjamin, son of Samuel and Mary 
(Pepper) Bverett, who wash. Mardi 20, X693, and d. March 
12, xyis* She m. 2d, at Dedham, Oct. x8, X726, Daniel Law- 
rence, ot Wrentham. Child of Bethia and Benjamin Everett : 

RsasccA Bvsaxn*, b. Jan. 27, 17x3 ; prob. m. Roger Crary, 
of Walpolc, Nov. 8, X734. 

41. JosiAH*, son of Josiah (x8) and Meletiah (Bullen) 
Pisher, was b. in Dedham, Nov. 25, 1683 ; xn. there Sept. 25, 
1707, Elizabeth*, daughter of Deacon William* and Elizabeth 
(White) Avery, who was b. in Dedham, May x6, X684, and d. 
there Aug. 7,. 1747. Resided in Springfield Parish (now 
Dover), in 1732. He was captain of militia ; selectman, 1736, 
and for seven years. He died intestate, Feb. 24, 1763, aged 
79* Jonathan Fisher was appointed administrator, and the 
inventory, made April 15, X763, gives the homestall and 
buildings, appraised at jf 560, a wood lot at Five Mile Tree, 
/x86 X3. 4*; land by Dean's, ;^xo8 X3. 4.; land in Fowl 
Meadows, ^^13 6. 8.; in Wild Cat and Wigwam Plain 
Swamps, jQii 14. 8.; the total being over j£i236, old tenor. 
IjC^ 53. or 45s., old tenor, were equivalent to one dollar.] 
The order for the distribution of the estate was finally made 
Feb. 22, X765. After the debts were paid, a balance remained 
in the personal property of ;^270 X9. i. Capt. Josiah had ad- 
vanced money in life-time to his sons, and this is placed in the 
order of distribution and opposite what each would receive 
after deducting. In X745 he had advanced son Joseph ^^255 
5. 8., old tenor, equal to ^^35 9. 4., lawful money; to Samuel 
£155 13. 4., old tenor, in X745, equal to ^^28 X4. 4. ; to William, 
i^xi36 5m old tenor, in X747, equal to /X37 X3. 6. Most of the 
real estate was that day settled on the son, Jonathan, a part 
being settled on grandson Joseph. March 8th following an 
error was fouxid axid the order revoked. The heirs finally 
made an agreement with the ad|xiixiistrator, Joxiathan Fisher, 
to have the homestead sold by him for;^40o, they making 

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a reduction in their respective shares to couftl the difference 
in the appraised value (;^479 9- 4*) These heirs were: 
Joseph Fisher; Mary, wife of William Hart; Mary Fisher, 
William Fisher, Israel Everett for Ebenexer Fisher, and Mary 
Dwight, guardian of Ichabod, Moses and Experience Fisher. 
Children were : 

8o. JosxAU'^, b. Ang. 15, 1708; d. July 10, 2745^ at Keenc, N. U. 
JoSBFu', b. May 2, 1710 ; d. Jane 15, 17x0. 
. 81. Joseph*, b. Jan. 14, 1713; m. Mary Metcalf, May ix, X758. 
83. JoKATUAN*, b. Aug. 5, X7X3 ; m. Mary Richards, Dec. 3X, X737. 
Samusl*, b. Jane xj, X715 ; oas of the proprietors of Keenc, 

N. H., Jan. 7, X740. 
Mosss^ b. ; d. Jan, 17, X7X7. 

Moses*, b. Sept. x, X7X7; probably m. Rebecca Ballard, Sept. 

6, X75X. 
Aaron*, b. May 6, X7ao; m. Rebecca Hartshorn, March 31, 
1745. He was a farmer; resided in Dedharn, where he d. 
May 6, 1747. They had: Aaron^ b. Oct. x. X746; d. Dec. 6, 
83. WxujASf*, b. Sept. 3, 1734 : m. Mary Battelle, April 30, X747. ' 

4ij. Eucazbr\ son of Bleazer (x9) and Mary (Avery) 
Fisher, b. in Dediiani, Sept. 29, 1699; m. Nov. 19, 1724, 
Mary, daughter of Moses and Mary ( ) Penniman, 

who was b. in North Precinct of Braintree, xiow Quincy, 
June 20, 1699, and d. in Dedham, March 13, 1758. He joined 
the Dedhaxn church, Feb. 21, 1725, and was dismissed June 26, 
1736, to the South Parish church (now in Norwood), of which 
he was one of the fifteen original xnexnbers. Selectman, 1742, 
for two years. He was a captain of the Tenth Company, Col. 
John Choate's 8th Mass. Regiment, in the Lotdsburg expedition 
in the Frexxch and Ixidian War, remaining there 16 months. 
** There appear to have been nine regiments of colonial troops 
from Massachusetts in the Louisburg Expedition. Many 
changes and promotions were made at Cape Breton. The 
muster and pay rolls were sent to England to adjust accounts 
for the payment of soldiers and never returned. So far a.s 
known, the original rolls that are preserved are in the British 
War Office. Search in Englaxid for information as to the 
company and regiment of Capt. Eleaxer Fisher has not yet 
been made.'*— A. L. Talbot in Dedharn Historical Register, 
Vol. VIII, p. X07. ** Died soon after his return from Cape 
Breton, and was buried at Boston where he died,'' Nov. 4, 
1745. His will, made Aug. X2, X740, admitted to probate, 
Nov. X5, X745, gave all his esUte to his wife, Mary, the eldest 
son Eleaxer to have a double share on arriving at 21 years of 
age. The inventory, made April 2x, X746, by Captain Josiah 
Fisher, Joseph Ellis and Joxiathan Onion, values the home- 

Digitized by 



Stead at ^^1650; outlaods, £191 ; quarter interest in a saw 
niU» jf30 xo. ; books, armour and wearing apparel, £42; 
household goods, jf 163 la. ; farm implements, ^49 17. ; one 
home and a oolt, ji^40 ; neat cattle, ^^243 xo. ; sheep and swine, 
£28; the total (old tenor) ^£2440 9. (45s., or ;^2 5., old 
tenor, were equivalent to one dollar.) ChUdren were : 

B£SAZBR^ b. Nor. 13, X735; m. at Norton, Ruth Paine, of 
Norton, Jnne so, 1751 • 

Mary*, b. Dee. 29, X736; d. Feb. xo. 1731. 

Sajuot, b. Jan. X3, X718 ; joined the South Pariah church. May 
s, 174s ; prob. m. Jacob Penniman, Mar 6, 176a 

MossS*, b. Aug. 5, 1739; lived in the South Precinct, now Nor- 
wood ; d. Sept. 8, X755 ; *' being slain in ve battel near I#ake 
George, having inlisted under Capt. (Bliphalet) Pales in ye 
Crown Point expedition. He was ye first sergeant in his 
company. .St. 39." 

Maey*, b. Aug. 39, 1731 ; m. Daniel Robbins, of Walpole. May 7, 
175X. (Ddham Register, Vol. VIII, pp. 10^133.) 

EnaNSZSR*, b. Nov. 36. 1733 ; d. July 8, 1749. 

MnnrrABCK^, b. March 19, X735; prob. m. Thomas BUis, of 
Natick, Dec. 39, X76X. 

AbioaHi^ b. March xo, 1733 ; d. March 30,. X733. 

Abxoaxz,*, b« March n, X737; prob. m. Jeremiah Kingsbury, 
Jr. (intention, Sept. 30, 1757.) 

SSTK*, b. Feb. 3X, X739; d. April 3X, X758, aged 19. 

48. WixxxAM*, son of Bleazer (19) and Mary (Avery) 
Fisher, b. in Dedbam, Jnne 28, 170X ; m. at Medway, May 21, 
1729, Blizabeth, daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Par- 
tridge) Daniell, of Medway, who was b. Jan. 19, 1703. 
Children, b. in Walpole, were : 

WxixxAM*, b. May 30, 1730; m. Sarah Neal, of Princeton (pub- 
lished July 30, X777.) 

88. GxDBOM*, b. April 10, 173X ; m. Sarah Carrol, Feb. 8, 1753. 
SnnsM*, b. May 33, X733 ; d. May 30, 1754. 
BuzAAETa*, b. Oct. 34, X733; m. Samuel Cummins, of 

Stottghton, Nov. 30, 1756. 
Na.THAifX8X»*, b. Dec. X3, 1734. 

89. Dajiibl*, b. Dec. 30, 1735 ; m. Amity Shepard, Nov.. 15, 1764. 
IfOia*, b. March 3, 1735; m. Ephraim Gay, Oct. 17, 1758, son of 

Bliphalet* and Dorothy (Hall) Gay; b. Sept. 13. i734* 
KSA*t b. Jan. 10, 1737 ; prob. m. Obedience Holmes, at Stouicli- 

ton, Dec. 8, 1763. 
Bmrioi*, b. July 33, 1740; m. Seth Smith, March i3, 1767.* 
TavFIlSK▲^ b. Oct. 3, 174c ; m. Adam Blackman. Nov. c, 1761. 
MAav*, b. Dec. 17, 1743; m. William BrigKs, Nov. 5, 1761. 
Hanhak*, b. March 38, 1744; m. IMward Turner (published 

May33, X763.) 

44. David*, thin) son of Eleazer (19) and Mary (Avery) 
Pifsher, b. in Dedham, June 21, 1705; m. ist, at Walpole, Feb. 

Digitized by 



i6, 1732, Deborah Boyden, of that town, whod. July x8, 1770, 
aged 59 ; m. ad, Nov. 7» 1770, Elizabeth Talbot, of Stoughton, 
probably daughter of Ebenezer' and Elizabeth ( ) Talbot, 
of Stoughton, who was b. there Feb. 33, 1754, N. S. He 
joined the South Parish Church (in Norwood), with his wife, 
Nov. 7, 1736. Hed. July 30, 1779, aged 74 ; his widow, Eliza- 
beth, d. July 3, 1802, aged 76. By his will, made Jan. 14, 1779 
(Suffolk Pro., Vol. 78, folio 438), he gave his wife, Elizabeth, 
one-third of his estate ; to son David one-seventh of the re- 
mainder; the balance to be divided among four sons and 
three daughters, Jacob, Nathan, Oliver, Abner, and daughters 
Deborah Lewis, Hannah Kingsbury and Abigail Starrett, 
and an eighth to the children of son Thomas Fisher. Son 
David was the executor. The widow's third was set off, Feb. 
3, 1781. Feb. 15, 1781, John Lewis, and Deborah, of Wal- 
pole; Jacob Fisher, Nathaniel Kingsbury, and Hannah, of 
Stoughton; Oliver Fisher and Abner Fi^er, of Dedham, 
quitclaimed to David Fisher, of Dedham, for ^^500, all right 
in.the real estate of their father, except that part set off to the 
widow, Elizabeth, for her right of dower. William Starrett, 
Nathan Fisher and Abigail Starrett, of Francestown, Hills- 
borough County, New Hampshire, also quitclaim for ^^200 to 
David Fisher, April 16, 1781. Children were : 

91. Da.vzsI', b. it Stottghton, Jan. as, 1733; m. Abigail Lewis, 

Sept. 2t, 1758. 
9a. ThoicaS*, b. March zo, Z735 ; m. Mary Pettee, Oct. 12, Z758. 

93. Jacob*, b. Joae 23, Z737 ; m. itt, Elisabeth Holmes, Sept. 9, 

Z762; m. 2d, Sarah Hodges; m. 3d, Elisabeth Brooks. 
DxaORAH^.b. Oct. 23, Z739; <!• ^^b- ^ 1829; n. John Lewis, 

Sept. 2Z, 1758. (Dedham Historical Register, Vol. V, p. z6.) 
Hakmak*, b. Not. 28, 1742 ; m. Nathaatel Kiagsbary, Sept. 

2, ZT^s. 

94. Nathan^, b. Feb. 8, Z745 ; m. Bsther French, Not. 22, Z768. 
9$. OzjvsR*. b. May 23, Z747 ; m. Sarah Morse, Dec. Z2, Z769. 

Abzgazl", b, Jane 4, 1749; m. William Starrett, Dec. zo, Z767. 

(See Francestown, N. H., History and History of Warren, 

Me., p. 624). 
Ma&y*, d. Dec. Z3, Z75Z ; d. Jan. 28, Z768, aged z6. 
96. Abicbr', b. Jane 20, Z755; m. Sophia Hibbard, Aug. 28. Z78Z. 

45. BzRA^ fourth son oi Eleaxer (Z9) azid Mary (Avery) 
Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Feb. 8, Z707 ; zn. at Braintree, Jan. 
3, 1738, Mary Fezitozi, oi that town. He joined the Dedhazn 
church. May 28, Z732, azid was dismissed to the church in the 
Third Precizict of Stoughton, Aug. 5, Z744 ; but we fizid hizn 
taxed in Stoughton as early as Z742. His widow d. March 27, 
Z807, aged 92 years. Children, b. in Stoughton, were : 

Digitized by 



Bau*, b. Dee. xz. 2739; d. Not. zz, 1745* 

Thomas*, b. Sept. i4» Z74Z ; d. Jan. Z9. X74Z-3. 

Hahnah*, b. July z6, Z743; m. Semiiel Paul, Feb. 33, 1764. 

Tonra*, b. Jan. 37, Z74^; d. Oct. zz, Z745. 

BUmY*, b. Auff. 35* Z747; m. Samuel Talbot, Sept. 5, 1769. 

&ACBSX»% b. Aug. z, Z7So; m. Samuel Holmes, Jr.. Nov. 38, 

Bzka\ b. March 7, 2755. 

Smorcs*, b. Sept. ^ X758; m. Mather Holmea» March 33, 

46. BzBKXBi«\ fifth son of Bleazer (z9) azid Mary 
(Avery) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Oct. za, Z7Z2, azid d. 
in Stonghton (ziow Canton), July zs, Z793 ; buzied in Canton 
Comeni Cemetery. He m. zst, by the Rev. Samuel Dunbar, 
Oct. 17, Z739, Susazma, daughter of Ensign George and Sarah 
( ) Wadsworth, who was b. in Stonghton, March 36, 
Z72Z, azid d. there,Feb. 26, Z774. He married 2d, at Sharon, by 
the Rev. Philip Curtis, July 8, Z778, Bxperience, widow of 
Jodah Blackznan, of Stonghton, and daughter of Jeremiah' 
azid Hanzmh (Newell) Puller, who was b. in Sharon, June 
29, Z739, azid d. in Gardiner, Maine, June Z4, 1823, aged 
84. [Por her line see Dedham Register, Vol. V, p. 85.] 

After the death of his father, Jcdin Wight was appointed 
his guardian, Bzekiel being then about zz years old. His 
elder brother, Bleaxer, had taken the homestead of his father 
in Dedham, azid Bzekiel received his share of ;^40 6s. On 
Jan. 9, Z734, already a resident of Stonghton, he was appointed 
administrator of the estate of his brother Nathaniel, of Dedham. 
He settled early on Spring Lane, in Stonghton, now Canton, 
on what is to-day known as the Mayo place, being taxed there 
as early as Z736. He was a member of the church in the 
first predzict of Stonghton. At the time of his death the 
homestead consisted of 66 acres of land, lying in Stonghton, 
with an old dwelling hotise, a stable azid com bam. The son 
Nathaniel bought out Bzekiel, Jr., azid his six sisters, except 
Rebecca, azid part of the estate was settled on him and part 
on Lemuel. 

NaTBAhzbl*, b. Sept. 39, Z740 ; m. Hannah Baker, April 33, 


, b. Feb. 16, 1743 ; d. Aug. Z9, 1744. 
99. SoSA2rKA^ b. Dec. 36, 1744; d. at Angusu, Me., Aug. 3, 1831 ; 

m. Henry Bailey, May 4, 1775, who was b. in Stoughton, 

April z8, Z737, and d. in Canton, Oct. 34, i8iq. 
100. RlTTH^, b. Sept. 15, 1746; d. in Canton, Oct. 36, 18Z9 ; m. April 

Z3, 1770, Israel Bailey, who was b. in Stonghton, Nov. 18, 

1747, and d. in Canton, June Z7, Z843. 
lot. BsxKzaz•^ b. Aug. 5, Z748 ; m. ztt, Sarah May, Jan. 10. 1771 : m. 

3d, Anna Horton, Feb. zo, 1791 ; d. Aug. 33, 1803. 

Digitized by 



Ma&y*, b. July 8, X750; d. Oct. SO, 1767. 

C03. Ajiigazi,*, b. Aug. id, 1753; m. Deacon Blijmh Gill (published 
April I, 1775)- 

103. Lbuukl*. b. Dec 8, 1754 ; m. Auoa Billingt, Tuue z, Z780. 

Hannah', b. Tan. 30, 1757; m. Sept. 2Z, 1780, Joseph Smith, 
who was b. m Stoughton, Aug. 7, Z759; they remoTedto 
Pompey, N. Y., where he d. previous to Z846. No record of 
them could be found at Pompey, N. Y., nor was it learned if 
they had children. 

X04. Saraji', b. March 24, 1759; m. Beriah Ingrahsm, Oct. 3Z, 1780. 

105. EUNZCB^, b. Feb. 3. Z764 ; m. Asa Williams, Sept. z6, Z764. 

106. Rbcbcca* (by second wife), b. March 39, 1783 ; m. (published 

at Canton, March z6, z8od), Jesse Tucker,' of Gsrdiner, Maine. 

The ancestry of Susanna Wadsworth, according to the 
Wadsworth Genealogy, is as follows: — Christoplier Wads- 
worth came over frozn England in the ship Lion, that landed 
at Boston, Sunday, Sept. z6, Z632. The date of his birth is 
not known or the home of h^ father, but is thought to 
have been Thomas, as this name appears in a Bible owned by 
Christopher about the time he came to America (the book 
being now in the possession of Samuel W. Cowlea, of Hart* 
ford, Conn.) Christopher lived in Duxbury, Mass., azid must 
have gone there shortly after his arrival in America. He m. 
Grace Cole. They had :— 

SA.acaBi.' WADSWonTB, commonlv known as Captain Samuel, 
who was killed while fighting the Indians at Sudbury, April 
z8, 1676. He m. Abigail Lindall, of Marshfield, who d. in 
Z687. They resided in Milton ; hsd :— 

BBBNXZsn' Wazmworth, b. BCilton, 1660, and d. in Z717; 
tombstone now standing in Milton cemetery ; was a deacon 
of the church there. He m. Mary ^— ; had :— 

Bnszgk Gsoegb^ Waimwokth, who was b. in Milton, in Z698, 
and died in Stonghton, in 1778. He was a farmer and miller at 
Stou^hton ; possessor of considerable military note ; was en- 
sign m Captain Goffe's company in the French war, and was 
familiarly known as ** Bnsign George.'* 

47. Timothy*, son of Eleazer (19) and Mary (Avery) 
Fisher, was b. at Dedham, Aug. 18, 17Z4 ; m. at Medway, 
Dec. iz, 1739, Thazikfol, daughter of Ebenezer and Mar>' 
(Partridge) Dazdell, who was b. at Medway, July 3, 1715. 
He was taxed in Stoughton in 1742, though he ptobably went 
to reside there soon after his marriage. In May, Z756, he 
joined Captain Nathaniel Blake's company, Jonathan Bayley's 
regiment, aged 42, and was in service until he '* died in His 
Majts Service in ye Intend Expedition against Crown Point 
Novbr ye 29th z [756]." His widow m. 2d, at Stoughton, 
Oct. 30, Z7s8, David Stone, cordwainer, of Kaston. Children, 
all b. at Stoughton, were : — 

Digitized by 



JMMMMXJJ^, b. Sept 33; d. Oct. 39, 1740. 
Sncaoif*, b. Feb. 30, 1743 ; d. yoang* 
Ianrz*» b. Feb. 3, 1743. 
TucoXBV^* b. July !• 1746. 
RsuBSH*. b. July 3X, 174B ; d. Nov., 1754. 
RSBSCCA*» b. Jen. 31, 1751. 
109. MB9KWaUL*^ b. Jen. 31, 1754 ; m. zet, Phebe Gey, of Stoughtoa, 
Jea. 39, 1777 ; prob. m. 3d, Abigail Robbine, Sept. Z3, 1783. 

48. Bbnjamxk*, aon of Bleazer (19) and Mary (Avery) 
Fisher, b. inDedliam, May, 1721 ; m. in South Dedham, by 
the Rev. Thomas Bakh, Aug xi» 1742, Sarah, daughter of 
William and Rachel (Newcomb) Everett, who was b. in Ded- 
ham, June 7, 17x8. He joined the South Parish (now Nor- 
wood) chuxtdh, March 14, X743. His wife joined Aug. 23, 
1741, as Sarah Everett. He d. Jan. x8, X777, aged 55 ; his 
widow, Sarah, d. Aug. 2, 1795, aged 77. His will, made 
Dec. 23, X776, and admitted to probate Feb. 7, X777, gave 
his wife, Sarah, one-half of the estate ; *' to grandson Luther, 
ddest son of my son Benjamin Fisher deceased £6 13s. 4d.; 
to son Asa the same ; to son Eliphalet, of Medfield, ;^26 135. 
4d.; to sons Jesse, of Princeton, Moses, and Aaron, the same, 
to daughters, Sarah, wife of Abel Allen, of Walpole, and 
Isabell, wife of Ichabod Fisher, of Princeton, £6 each ; over- 
plus to four youngest sons; Eliphalet and Jesse, Executors.'* 
Eliphalet presented his inventory, made Maxx!h 20, 1777, 
which showed personal property and stock, ;^223 ; buildings, 
j^SO; 6| acres of meadow, ^39; 90 acres of upland, ;^iso. 
The widow's third was set o£f Sept. 18, 1777. Children were : 

no. BmfjAXXM*, b. May 33, 1743: m. at Walpole, Feb. 9, 1769, 
Mary RobbintrOf Walpole. 

zzf. ASA*,b. April.30, 1743; ni. Bliaabetb Draper. 

XI3. BXOPHAXJCT*, b. Jane 3, X747; m. ztt, Judith BuUard ; m. 3d, 
Relief Blake. 
Sakab*, b. May 34, X749; m. Abel Allen, of Walpole, Nov. sS, 

ZZ3. JBSSB*, b. July 7> I75X ; »• <st, Hannah Battelle, May 8, Z777 ; 
m. 3d, Polly Skinner, Aug. 8, Z79Z. 
SzBVi,*, b. Aug. 3Z, X753 ; m. Ichabod Fisher (Z63), of Prince- 
ton, Dec. 6, Z770. 

ZZ4. MosBS^, b. Nov. 37, Z755; m. ztt, Loniaa Thorp, Feb. Z9, Z784 ; 
m. 3d, Mrs. Lucy Manning. 

izs* Aabon*, b. Jan* xS, Z758 ; m. Rebecca Moore, of Bolton. 
John*, b. March Z9, bapt. March 33, 1760 ; d. July 6, Z773. 

SO. Jonathan^, eldest son of Cornelius (2z) and Anna 
(Whitney) Fisher, was b. Feb. 22, Z69Z, and d. Dec. 2z, 
Z7X8. He m. Rachel Clark, at Boston, Aug. zs, 1718. His 


Digitized by 



widow, Rachel, m. 2d, at Boston, April 14, 1720, John Pond, 
Jr., of Wrenthaxn, and d. Feb. 15, 1770, in her 78th year. 
His will (Suffolk Pro., XXI, folio 237), made Dec. 17, 1718, 
^ve his wife Rachel all the movable estate and ^ 20 ; to 
sister Mercy Fisher, £5 ; sister Esther, ^^3; and the remain- 
der of the estate to lus brothers and sister, Hannah Fisher. 
The inventory, taken Feb. 13, 1718-19, shows a house and 
land and three cow common rights, jf 130 ; and gives the total 
valuation of the estate at over ;^x88. For copy of his will 
see Dedham Historical Reg., Vol. VI, pp. 90-94. Rachel is 
there shown to be the dau. of Theophuus and Rachel (Part* 
ridge) Clark, b. at Medfield, Dec. 13, 1692. 

51. CoRNRLius*, son of Cornelius (21) and Anna (Whit- 
ney) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Sept. 29, 1692, and d. 
there, April 21 , 1754. He m. Feb. 2, 1725, Hannah, dau. of 
Samuel and Hannah (Mason) Partridge, who was b. in Med- 
field in 1702. He left no will, and the widow, Hannah, was 
administxatrix of his estate, May 31, 1754. The inventory, 
filed Sept. 13, 1754, mentions dwelling house, bam, etc., 
three acres by house, with well and orcharding, twenty-six 
acres of plow land, six acres of meadow, pasture and wood- 
land and pine swamp ; footing up ;^488 13s. zod. He owned 
laud at Pabalutick (Popolatic Pond), near where he resided. 
His only son dying in infancy, his name ended. They had : 

Abigail*, b. Nov. 14, 1735 ; m. Samnel Harding, of Wooclntock, 

CoQu., Oct. 34i 174B. 
Hannah*, b. Oct. 33, 1737; m. Daniel Hawet, Dec. 11, 1754. 
CORNBLZUS*, b. Nov. 8, 1731 ; d. young. 

Kbziah*, b. Oct. 34, 1739; m. Joiieph Woodward, Aug. 17, 1757. 
Blxzabkth*, b. April 37, J734 ; m. Joseph Whiting, Nor. 6, 1754. 
MAaGASLST*, b. Feb. 36, 1735-6; d. May 35, Z736. 
BCajly* (twin of above), b. Feb. 36, 1735-6 ; m. Blisha Briggs, of 

JsausKA*, b. April 36, 1738 ; m. Solomon Wyman, Dec. 3i, 1758. 

53. Isaac*, son of Cornelius (21) and Ann (Whitney) 
Fisher, was b. at Dedham, May 19, 1694 ; m. at Wrentham, 
Dec. 30, 1 7 19, Esther, daughter of the Rev. Samuel' and 
Esther (Ware) Man, of Wrentham, who was b. June 36, 
1696. He was a blacksmith and resided in Wrentham, where 
all their children were bom. She d. there, Jan. 30, 1770 ; he 
removed to Cumberland, R. I., where he d. March 7, 1773. 
Their children were : 

Digitized by 



1x6. ToirAmAii*. b. Oct 8, 1790; m. Betty Graut, Jan. 9, 1750. 
TTMOXBt*, b* Feb. 8, Z73Z-3 ; d. Feb. 15, i73X-3. 
BSXBBB*, b. Tea. 7, Z7aa*3 ; m* July 6, Z744t Samuel Hinsdale, 
ofMedfield. [Tttdea'a Medfield, p. 4X7-1 
/ laiLAC', b. May 19, 1725 ; d. May 32. 1725. 
\ Akka\ b. May 19, 1735 ; m. Not. 25, 1746, Timothy Metcalf» 
of MedlUld, prob. ton of Samuel (1684—1740) of Medway. 
1x7. TncoVKY*, b. iSee. 24, Z736 ; m. Rachel* Fisher, March X7, 1756. 
M4B04BBT*, b. Dee. aa, 17^8 ; m. Jabex Hills, June 9, 1753. 

BxPSBZBircs*, b* Tan. 38, 1730-3X ; d. July 8, 1753. 

Isaac*, b. Aug. 36, 173a ; m. Hepzhibah Adams, May 5, 1755. 

Bbrzab*, b. June ao» 1734; m. Asa Mason, May 7, 1755. [Til- 

den's Medfield, p. 43X*] 
SxtBXics*. b. Not. as, X736 ; d. Nov. 26, X736. 
Hamitab*, b. Oct. 30, X739 ; d. Aug. za, Z769. 

93, JoSBFH*, son of Cornelius (ax) and Ann (Whitney) 
Fisher, was b. at Dedhaxn, May ix, 1698, andd. at Wrenthaxn, 
Sept. 28, 1725. A blacksmith by trade ; lived in what is now 
Franklin. He m. at Wrenthan), Mary Streeter (Sweetzer, in 
Blake'sHistory of Franklin, Ma.<».), May 15, 1723. They had 

JOSBFH*, b. Aug. 3X, 1724* Timothy Metcalf, of Wrentham, 
was appotatedliis guardian, March 14, 1739. 

54. Bbnjamin\ son of Cornelius (21) and Ann (Whit- 
ney) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, March 6, 170X ; m. there, 
Jan. iO| 1727, Anna, daughter of Joseph and Martha (Fales) 
Ciowell, who was b. at Wrenthaxn, Aug. 10, 1702, and d. at 
Franklin, Jan. 9, 1780. He d. at Wrentham, Dec. 25, X745, 
in his 45tJi year. He was a farmer, residing at Wrentham. 
Children were : 

MABtHA*, b. Feb. 2%, 1728. 

Bkmtamih*, b. April X5, 1729; d. Juue a, X79a. A farmer, res. 
Wrentham ; m. Dec. I3i 1775, Anna Davis, of Rehoboth ; 
probably no issue. He was a private in Ircuiuel Kollock'tt 
company. Col. Wheeloc)t's regiment, at the Rhode Island 
alarm 01 Dec. 8, X776, from Wrentham to Warwick, serving 
19 days. 

xax. DAjfXSr,*, b. Jan. I4» X73X ; m. Lucy . 

xaa. Asa*, b. Sept. X7, 173a; m. Bsther Metcalf, March 29, 1759. 

AxrifA*, b. Jan« M* X735 ; m. Abraham Taber. July 30. 1761. 

Joshua*, b. Feb. a4, 1737 ; resided at Wrentham ; was in Capt. 
Day's company, Col. Bayley's regiment, at Fort William 
Henry, Aug. 9, 1756. Bnlisted Jan. 29, 1776, in Lemuel 
CoweU's company, Lemuel Robinson's regiment ; in service 
to his death, March X4, 1776. 

Amos*, b. Aug. X4» 1739; d. March 3X, X754. 
xa3. Joshfb*, b. Oct. 6, 1741 ; m. Susan Fisher, Jan. i, 1773. 

Digitized by 



55. Mbrcy', daughter of Cornelius (21) and Mary (Col- 
bum) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Jan. 27, 1703; m. 
there» Oct. 27, 1726, Samuel^, son of Capt. Bbenezer and 
Abigail (EUis) Fisher, who was b. at Wrentham, Dec. 29, 
695. He was a great-grandson of Thomas Fisher, who came 
from Winston, County Suffolk. England, and settled at Ded- 
ham, 1637, his descendants going to Wrentham at its settle- 
ment. She d. at Wrentham, Nov. 15, 1754; he d. March 25, 
1755. Their children, b. at Wrentham, were:' 

MitaCY*, b. March 6, 1727 ; d. July 17, 174 z. 
134. SU3JLSVA*, b. April 36, Z729 ; m. Ickabod Turner, March 28, 1751. 
SAUiJUh\ b. July 4, Z73Z ; 4. young. 
EuzABSTH*, b. March 20, 1734; d. July 21, 1741. 
HBPznuiZ*. b. May 5. X737; m. Ben jamm Robinson, May 3, Z7S9, 
NATBAif^^ b. Dee. 23, 1739 ; d. July 25, 1741. 
Lydza^, b. Jan. i, 1743 ; m. Timothy Morse, Jr., Not. 23, 17^. 

56. EsTBBR*, youngest child of Cornelius (21 ) and Mary 
(Colbum) Fisher, was b, in Wrentham, Oct. 27, 17x0; m. 
there, Dec. 9, 1731, Richard, fourth son of Ebeneser* and 
Abigail (EUis) Fisher, who was b. in Wrentham, Aug. 7, 
1702, and d. there, Feb. 23, 1777. He was a youi^^er brother 
of Samuel Fisher, who had married her sister, Mercy Fisher 
(55). Esther d. in Wrentham, May 20, 1747, and Richard 
m. 2d, April 19, 1748, Margaret Deering Cowell, a grand- 
daughter of Rev. Samuel Man, first minister in Wrentham. 
Richard was elected deacon of the Wrentham church, April 
i^t I755- Children by first wife were: 

SJLitVKU*, b. Sept. 14, 1733 ; capuin in the Revolution ; d. in 

• Wrentham, April 4, 1816 ; m. itt, Sibyl Parrington, Dec. 37, 

1764 ; the d. Feb. 34, 1783 ; m. 3d, Jemima (Whiting) Fisher, 

of Wrentham, Dec. 11, 178^, widow of James Fisher, of 

Wrentham ; the d. July, 1830. Had ser^n children. 

Abigaix,*, b. April 39, X735 ; prob. m. John Metcalf . 

Richard*, b.*Sept. lo^ 1737 ; d. in Wrentham, Feb. x, 18x9 ; m. 
June 13, 1766, Rachel Heaton, who d. iu Wrentham, Oct. 36, 
1839, aged 9X. Had eight children. 

Blxas*. b. Sept. 34, X740 ; d. Sept. 4, X743. 

JOBXf*, b. June xx, X743 ; d. June 13, 1743. 

BSTBB&*, b. July 19, 1744 ; m. wra Hisran, of Medway, June 
37, X765. 

Mbrcit, b. Feb. x, 1747 ; d. May 33, 1747. 

57. ELBAZBR^ son of Eleazer (23) and Hannah (Leon- 
ard) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Dec. 19, x688. He was 
one of the petitioners in June, 1736, for the West Precinct of 
Wrentham, afterwards set off as Franklin, in X778. His will, 
made March 14, 1768, was probated March 34, X769, axid 

Digitized by 



shows that he had given his property during his lifetime to 
his children, and the remainder, all personal property, valued 
at £42 iSm he gave to Daniel, Hezekiah, Eleazer, Simeon, 
Abijah and Rachel, equally. He m. Rachel [ ], who d. 
Sept. 23, 1764. He d. at Wrentham, March 24, 1769. Their 
children were : 

las* DAJfXSX**, b. Feb. 8, 1722 ; m. Mercy [ ]. 

Hannah*, b. April xx, 1724; d. March 11, 1750. 

126. HXZXKIAH*, b. May x6, 1726 ; m. itt, Abigail Daniels, Sept. 4, 

1751 ; m. 2d, Dinah (Metcali) Pond, Dec. X7, 1778. 

127. BUUZBIL*, b. Jan. 30, 1730 ; m. Mary Dawa, Dee. 7, 1736. 
iw. SxuBOM*, b. Nov. 2X, X731 ; prob. unmarried. 

RACxnu.^ b. Sept. 2, 1733 ; m. Timothy Fiaher (XX7), March 

X7, X756. 
Abxjau*, b. Nov. X2, I73[6 ; d. Anic. 2, 1774, unm. He made his will, 
' Aog. X, X774. To hit brother Daniel he gave all hit notet 
andtecnritiet and ^xo ; to Hezekiah, a piece of land lying 
near West Precinct Meeting Honte; to Bleazer, wearing ai>- 
parel ; to Sixneon, horte, taddle and bridle ; to Rachel, hit 
chettt ; to ** couaen Ichabod all that he hat earned of me since 
I have had an identnre of him " ; to coutin Mary Man, ^6 ; 
continBtther Hizon, tame ; to Mrt. Abigtil Maxe, ^40; to 
three youngett brethren and titter, Hexekiuh, Rleaaer, Sim- 
eon, and Rachel Fither, the remainder. The inventory of 
his estate, made Sept. 8, 1774, foou up ^747 9s. iid. 

58. Hannah*, daughter of Eleazer (23) and Haimah 
(Leooard) Fiaher, was b. at Wrentham, Oct. 15, 1695 ; m. 
there, Feb. 7, 1723, Edward, son of Benjamin axid Sarah 
(Fisher) Hall (see 24), of Wrentham, who was b. in March, 
1698. He was a proprietor, 1734 and 1742 ; sergeant, ensign 
and lieatenant, commissioned by the Crown, and was in the 
colonial service. Removed to Uxbridge in 1740, and pur- 
chased 200 acres for £2000. He d. between Nov., 1764, and 
1763. They had : 

Hzmusx; Haza". b. March 20, X723. 

Bdward Haza*, b. Joly z8, 1727; m. in 1748, Lydia Brown. 

Jajcss Hatj,*, b. April 22, X729. 
HusxiAH r 

: Hai;t,\ d. Ang. 9, 1730; m. Deborah Taft, March 7, 
IIanmah HAU.^ b. Tune 30, 1732. 
Makv Hata*, b. Feb. 25, 1734. 
Skth Haxa', b. Ani(. 26, X736 ; m. Elizabeth Sfiear, Dec. 1, X761. 

50. Nathanibi**, son of Eleazer (23) and Hannah 
(Leoxmrd) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, May 20, 1700; m. 
ist, March 26, 1728, Hannah, daughter of Joseph and Ivli/a- 
beth (Metcalf) Ellis, of Medfield, who was b. there in 1699. 

She d. , and he m. 2d, Lydia Darling, March xo, 1766. 

He d. in 1772. Children were : 

Digitized by 



xja TosBPH*. b. March 30» 1739; m* Margmret Wight» Taa. 3, 1753. 
151. Nathanibi.*, b, Dec. X3, 1730; m. Jemima Ricnardaott, Dec. 7, 

Hannah*, b. March 39, 1733 ; d. Aug. ax, 1755 ; m. James Hol- 

brook, Nov.a6, 1753. [Morse's Sherbom, pp. 143, 145.] 
EUZABBTH**, b. Oct. I4» 1734 ; m. Asa Whiting, June 3S» 1756. 

[Franklin History, p. 383.] 

60. Leonard^, sou of Eleazer (23) aud Hannali (Leon- 
ard) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, June 8, 1704 ; was a ^rm- 
er, living in the West Precinct of Wrentham, which was after- 
wards set off as the town of Franklin. He made his will 
Sept. 2, X772, and it was admitted to probate Nov. 20, follow- 
ing. To nxs wife Hepzibah he gave the use of all his estate 
during her life, and at her death to his adopted son, James 
Hill, who was to care for aud otherwise provide for the widow 
during her. natural life. He m. Dec. 29, X730, Hepzibah, 
daughter of Michael' and Jane (Wight) Ware, of Wrentham, 
who was b. there, Nov. 22, 17 14. No issue. 

61. John*, son of Eleazer (23) and Hanxuh (Leonmid) 
Fisher, wasb. at Wrentham, Apnl x, X706; m. March 25, 
X729, Phebe, daughter of Bdwarid axid Rebecca (Fisher) Gay 
(descendants of Thomas Fisher), who was b. May 29, X7XX, 
and d. at Wrentham, Oct. 20, 1754. He married 2d, Oct. 9, 
1755* Jemima Partridge, who d. Dec. 8., 1796. He resided in 
the West Precinct of Wrentham, which was set off as Frank- 
lin in 1778; precinct clerk, 1744, 1747. 

Their children were : 

Phbbb% b. March 17, 173X ; m. Jonathan Archer, Sept. 15, X761 ; 

d. Jan. 22, X762. He wasb. in 17M1 ^ad d. March 20, 1810, 

aged 76. Had : Amos Archer', b. Jan. 10, 1762. 
Iambs*, b. Feb. 6, X733 ; d. Feb. x6, 1733. 
ToHif«, b. May 15, X734- 
Natham*, b. March 3X, 1737 ^ d. April x, X737. 
JBSSK', b. April 16, 1739 ; d: Jnly 22, X749. 
Sabah*, b. fnne ix, 174X ; m. Ariel Bragg, of Milford, April X2, 

1770. [Milford History, pp. 596-600.] 
ESTHBA*, b. Oct. 19, Z743 ; prob. m. Joseph Randal, Nov. 27, 

Amos*^, b. Oct. II, Z745 ; d. Jnly 2S, 1749. 
Khooa*, b. April 25, 174S. 
Kxbkcca^ b. Sept. 24, 1750 ; d. June 19, 1757. '^^ 

<>1a. Marv^, daughter of Captain Daniel, 2d (25) and 
Mary (I«uller) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Sept 27, 1676, and 
d. April 30, 1752. She m. at Dedham, Feb. 23, 1698, John, 

Digitized by 



son oi John and Eluiabetk (Paiue) Hunting, vvlio wan b. 
March 3» 1672; resided in Dedham. Of their children : 

RSBSCCA HuinXNG*, b. Sept. I9» 1702 ; m. ist, Bbenezer UarU- 
hom ; a. 2d, May 17, 1744, Joneph Fisher (37), of Wulpole ; 
d. June 9, 179^, aged 93. 

Majloaest HUNTZNC^ b. May 37, 1705 ; m. John L«wi» ; ^he 
d. May 5, 1733. 

Ha:inah HaIrrxMG^ b. Sept. 7, I707(?);d. Juneaa, 1746:01. 
Jonathan Lewis. 

John HUMTIKG^ b. Jnly 3X> 1767; joined the church at Ded- 
ham, March 19, 1727 ; d. Sept. 10, 1760. 

HstTS&(or Estbbr) HUMTING*, b. ; united with the 

chnrch in Dedham, June 29, 1735, '* daughter of John Hunt- 
ing;'* m* Daniel Fisher (under 63}, Dec. 17, 1741. 

DsMtBX, HUMTING^ b. Oct. 3, 17x3; d. Oct. 5, 1713. 

MnacY HuxrrzNG*, b. Oct. 3, 17x3. 

Abioaxx, Hunting*, b. Oct. 3, X713: m. Israel Hunthig, June 
IX, 1747; res. at Dedham. [Hunting Gen., p. 12.] He joined 
the Dedham church, from church in Need ham, Augx, 1756; 
she joined Oct. 34, 1756. **F«b. 17, 1788. Israel Hunting dis- 
missrd in order to Embody in a Chh. with others in New 
London." He d. April 13. 1802. 

tfS5. JnnKMiAH*, SOU of Captain Daniel (25) and Mary 
(Puller) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, June 10, 1679, and d. 
there, March 13, 1766, aged 86. He m. at Dedham, Dec. 16, 
1703, Deborah, daughter of John and Mar>' (Colbuni) Rich- 
ards, who was b. July i, 1679, and d. March 14. 1769, aged 
89 years. Both joined the Dedham church, Sept. 20, 1724. 

** He inherited and occupied 

4f^,^0 ^ y'^ C^ ^^^ homestead in Dedham ; 
^^-C^J<J^UT4^ ffiSMl^ Captain of Militia, Justice of 

the Peace, Dec. 19, 1728; Se- 
'7#r' lectnian, 17x9, for six years, 
and Town Clerk, 1730, six years, which are unmistakeable 
evidence of his standing with his fellow townsmen.'* 

He made his will April 5, 1764, in which he gave his wife 
the use and improvement of the real and personal estate dur- 
ing her life ; to daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Fisher, widow of 
son Jeremiah, £1 ; to Jeremiah, Nathaniel and Daniel Fisher, 
and Elizabeth, wife of Eliphalet Baker, 5 and los. ; appointed 
son Daniel residuary legatee; gave to daughter Deborah, wife 
of Nathaniel Ames, ^^46 13. 4., also lots in Cedar Swamp, 
Walpole and elsewhere; to grandson Jeremiah Dean, 5s. ; 
what he had given to wife to be divided between son Daniel 
and daughter Deborah Ames. He appointed son Daniel and 
son-in-law Nathaniel Ames joint executors; the invcntor>' 
made April 2.8, 1766, gave the homestall, j6535 Ij- 4*; 

Digitized by 



Other laud in Dedham, ^^338 13. 4. ; land in Needham, j^933 
6. 8. ; meadow and swamp in same, £10 13. 4. ; lots in Cedar 
swamp, Walpole, ;f 36 ; stock of cattle, horse and swine, £35 9- 
4. ; personal property, £65 2.4.; the total of the estate bSng 
j^i947 9- 4- His widow Deborah's will was admitted to 
probate at Boston, March 24, 1769 ; it says : 

"In the Name of God, Amen. I Deborah Fisher of Dedham in Coanty 

of Suffolk, etc do this sixteenth Day of February Anno 

Domini X769 & eighth Year of the Reijcn of King George the Third 

make and ordain this my last Will & Testament Item I 

giTe & Bequeath to my beloved Son Daniel Fisher the sum of Five 
Shillings. ^Item I give Ck Bequeath to my Grand Son Jerenuah Fisher 
the son of my late Son Jeremiah Fisher Dec^ five Shillings — Item I 
give to my Grand Sou Nathan Fisher the son of my late Son Jeremiah 
Fisher Dec*^ five Shillings— Item I give to my Grandson Daniel Fish- 
er Son of my late Son Jeremiah Pisher Dec^ five Shillings — Item I 
give to my Grand Daughter Eliz* Baker the Wife of Bliphalet Baker 
the sum of five Shillings -* Item I give to my Grandson Jeremiah 
Dean the least of the two brown Cows remaining of those Bequeathed 
to me by my late Husband «— Item I give Sl bequeath to my Daughter 
Deborah Ames all the Residue & Remainder of my Estate both Real 
Hl Personal &, constitute and ordain her the said beborsh Ames sole 

Their children were : 

X3S. JxaBMiAU*, b. Sept. 33, 1704 ; m. Elisabeth Cook, Oct« 39, 173s. 

Natuanikl*, b. Sept. 21, xt^B; d* July 2Z, 17x5. 
X36. Danxsi,*, b. Oct. xo, 17x3 ; m. Elizabeth Weeks, March 6, 1750. 
Maky*, b. May 3, 17x7; m. Jeremiah Deane, May I3» X74X ; d. 
Aug. 6, X747 ; see under No. 31. 
X37. DxnoaAH*, b. Oct. 30, 1723 ; m. xst, Oct. 30, X742, Dr. Nathan- 
iel Ames, as his second wife ; m. 2d, Richard Woodward, July 
33» 1773* She d. Nov. 10, x8x7, aged 94. 

63. Daniel\' second son of Captain Daxuel (25) and 

Mary (Puller) Fisher, b. in Dedham, Jan. 7, 1682; m. Nov. 

25* 1703. Esther, daughter of Captain Joshua (13) and Esther 

(Wiswall) Fisher, who was b. in Dedham, Feb. 27,. 1682. He 

y0^ ^ d. at Dedham, in March or 

^^^ni p/jLuAm^ ^P^» '758- Daniel Fisher 
l/^nt Ct ^nntr aoW the property in Dedham 

which he ixiherited from his 
/^ ^^ \ A father, March 26, 1726, to 

JM .0Aini/f MtLmA^ lus brother, Jeremiah Fisher 
^ cr^*^**^ /Wn?W^ (Suffolk Dfids, 39: 264). 
^^ and on the back of the origi- 

nal deed, in the possession of the Dedham Historical Society, 
in the handwriting of Nathaniel Ames, the second almaxmc 
maker, is the following: — '*Daniell Fishers Quit Claim to 

Digitized by 



Jeremiah Father oi his whole Estate. Daniel quit claims 
to his brother Jeremiah whose father was named Daniel — 
and this Jeroniah was kther of 
Deborah married to D' Nat Ames oi.jS/Ji^cU^ ^Vfr it^^r 
Dedham."DanielandhiswifeEsther,^^^0^ ^^JpT*^*" 

and their daughter Abigail (as wit- 
ness), signed and their signatures have been reproduced lor 
this work. 

Esther Fisher witnessed the Indian deed given by *' John 

Ms^^ and Sarah Magus, Indians 

^ in Naticke," whereby for £i in 

(7^ d'fi ^TT^^P money and £z i» co™» Dedham re- 

• /;5*At> y'w^€^ceived a large tract of territory, 

''Dedham: 26 March 1700;" the 
town committee being headed by Capt. Daniel Fisher. A fac- 
simile of her signature is annexed. 

His will, made March 30, 1756, and filed at Boston, April 
14, Z758, is recorded in Suffolk Probate, Vol. LIU, folio 277. 
In it he mentions his wife ; daughter Esther Fairbanks ; grand- 
daughter Mary Morey , who is to receive £i 10 ; gives to daugh- 
ter Ruth Allen '' my farm in Walpole that she now lives on, 
containing 120 acres, with house and bam," etc., and ** four 
acres in Fowl Meadows in Stoughton, near the Major's Island ; ' * 
to daughter Abigail Metcalf , j6 20 and land in Dead Swamp 
and a pasturo; to son Nathaniel, the remainder of the estate. 
His estate was not divided until April 13, 1762. Children of 
Daniel and Esther were : 

BSTBxa*, b. Dee. 7, 1704; lu. Benjamin Fairbanks, of Norton, 
aa his aecond wife, after Peb.o, 1750. (Fairbanks Gen., p. 80.; 

RUTB*, b. Jnne 10, 1706; m. Robert Allen, March 4f 1739* 

ABZGAn,^ b. March 10, 1707-8; m. John Metcalf, Dec. 0, 1753. 

DAllI8I•^ b. Nov. 18, X710 ; fanner ; he signed the covenant of 
the First Church in Dedham in 1735 ; m. Esther Hunting 
(see under 25), Dec. 17, 1741 ; Daniel died before 1756; haa 
one child : Mary', b. Oct. 25, 1746* 

Mary**, b. Oct. 34, 1714; d. Dec. 3, 17x4. 

T0SHUA^b. May x, 1716; d. yonng. 
13S. Natkanxxx,*, b. Feb. xs, 17x8 ; m. Blisabeth Clapp, May 36, 1747. 

Bbhmbzkr*. b. Jan. X9, 1733; d. young. 

Hannah*, b. [Sept.] 24, 1724; bapt. Oct. 11, 1724 ; d. young. 

G4. Nath^vnikl*, youngest son of Capt. Daxiiel (25) and 
Mary (Puller) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, April 5, 1687, 
graduated from Harvard College, 1706, and was called, June, 
1710, to settle OS pastor in the South Precinct of Taunton, 
which two years later was incorporated as the town of Digh- 
ioiL He was ordained Nov. 26, 1712, and continued ** not 
far from fifty years." 

Digitized by 



*' It is a mortifying fact that one who for so long a time was 
the only minister of Uie tovm, ' a good man and worthy minis- 
ter of the gospel,' as all transmitted accounts are ready to 
pronounce, should sleep in its ancient burial place without 
stone or slab to mark the spot of his repose. The evidence 
that there was such a minister in Dighton, who undertook not 
only to teach the people in the way of truth and holiness, but to 
rear a family to God, is in the graveyard : ' Here lyeth the 
body of Nathaniel, ye son of ye Rev. Nathaniel Fisher and 
Elizabeth, his wife, died Aug. i, 1728, aged 3 years/ *In 
memory of Nathaniel, ye son of Rev. Mr. Nathaniel Fisher 
and Elizabeth his wife, died Nov. ye 2d, 1748, in ye 15th 
year of his age.' ' In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Fisher, ye 
wife of ye Rev. Mr. Nathaniel Fisher, who died Sept. ye 23d, 
Anno Domini 1765, in ye 70th year of age.' " — Emor^^'s Aftnis- 
try 0/ Taunton. 

Mr. Fisher died about 1777. Rev. John Smith was settled 
as colleague in 1772, and succeeded Mr. Fisher, continuing 
until December, 1801. 

05. Amos*, son of Amos (26) and Mar>* (Ellis) Fisher, 
was b. in Dedham, June 2, 1687 ; m. at Dwchester, Feb. xo, 
1726, by the Rev. Joseph Morse, Abigail, daughter of Ser- 
geant Nathaniel and Abigail (Baker) Kingsbury, who was b. 
in Dedham, Jan. 5, 1696-7. Nathaniel Kingsbury was a son 
of Nathaniel and Mary Kingsbtiry, of Dedham ; b. Sept. 14, 
1674 ; d. Jan. 19, 1724-5. [New Eng.Hist. Gen. Reg., XVI, 
339 •] Abigail Baker was a daughter of Lieut. John* and Abi- 
gail (Fisher) Baker, of Dedham [Baker's Desc. of Edward 
Baker, pp. 83-96]. Abigail^ Fisher was a daughter of Cap- 
tain Daniel '^ (i^) ^^^ Abigail (Morriot) Fisher, of Dedham. 
Amos inherited the homestead of his father, which was ap- 
praised in 1739 at jC ioo. He joined the Dedham church, 
April x8, X742. He died of a cancer, Dec. 30, 1762, and was 
buried, Jan. i, 1763. The records contain no reference to the 
probate of his estate. Their children : 

Abigail**, b. Mtty 31, 1737. 
139. Timothy*, b. Feb. 11, 1739 ; m. Lydia Metcalf, April 21, 1757. 

(MS. ABIGAIL^ daughter of Capt. John (27) and Rebecca 
(Ellis) Fisher, of Needham, was b. Jan. 19, 1684; m. Andrew, 
son of Andrew and Dorothy (Hyde) Dewing, Feb. 15, 1709; 
b. Sept. 25, 1683. Andrew Dewing, the emigrant, was one 
of the first, if not the first, of the settlers of Dedham, in that part 
afterwards incorporated in the town of Needham, and in part 

Digitized by 



of Natick, possessing laud in both towns; joined Dedham 
church, April 19, 1646, and made a freeman, May 6, 1646 ; 
joined the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1644 ; 
was admitted an inhabitant of Dedham, Jan. i, 1651, and held 
the oBct of surveyor of land that year. He settled on the 
term now known as ''Ridge Hill Farm," of William E. 
&iker, Grove Street, Wellesley, Andrew owning on both sides 
of the street. Andrew' m. xst, Lydia Gooduow, who d. Oct. 
23, 1651 ; by whom hehad two sons : John', b. Feb. 26, 1650 ; 
d. ; John*, b. June 29, 165 1 ; d. Oct. 30, 1651. Andrew' 

m. 2d, Ann Doustall, Dec. 21, 1652, the mother of his six 
children; he d. Sept. 16, 1677. Their oldest child was 
Andrew*, b. Jan. 26, 1656, recorded in Dedham; inherited his 
father's homestead, and was the highest taxed person in 
the town of Needham when incorporated in 171 1 and (or 
several years; m. Dorothy Hyde, Dec. 27, 1682 ; had seven 
children, of whom the first was Andrew', b. Sept. 25, X6S3. 
Andrew* and Abigail (Fisher) Dewing had: 

TzMOTUY DxwzNG*, b. Nov. 6, 1709; d. April 3, 1710. 
And probably othen. 

07. John*, son of Captain John (27) and Kd)ecca (Kllis) 
Fisher, was bom in Dedham, now Needham, May 2, i68i(, 
and d. May 6, 1752, **of smallpox then prevailing extensively 
about Boston.*' He m. at Dedham, April 28, 1709, Klizabetli, 
daughter of John and Elizabeth (Paine) Hunting, of Dedham, 
who was b. there, Feb. 2, 1683. [Hunting Genealogy, p. 8.] 
He was bom in the south part of Needham, where his father 
had moved from Dedham about 1681. Was one of the iucor- 
pomtors of Needham, May, 17 10. He taught school in 17 14 ; 
was selectman, 1732, 1736, 1738, 1745, 1747 and 1750; justice 
of the peace from Feb. 21, 1734-35 ; was representative to the 
General Court, 1735 to 1738, 1740, 1741 and 175 i; besides 
holding the offices of town clerk, 1722, 1725-27; treasurer, 
1727, 1731-32, etc. His estate was administered upon by 
sons John and Nathaniel ; his lands and buildings in Need- 
ham being appraised at ;^640 13. 4. ; laud in Dedham at 
jC222 13. 4. ; land in Walpole at ^17 6. 8. ; personal property, 
j^ii2. An agreement for the division of the real estate was 
made Sept. 7, 1757, by the widow and John, Ebenezer and 
Nathaniel Fisher and Elizabeth Wheaton ; the sons taking 
the real estate and agreeing to maintain the widow in lieu of 
her dower. 

The following appeared in the Needham CAronic/e, and 
shows the delightful and successful manner of settling diffi- 
culties in ancient days among the inhabitants of Needham : 

Digitized by 



" Uarch 29, 17^6. Tliis day we, the following pertoiis» Jonathaa 
Townsend, Jeremiah Woodcock, Timothy Kingsbury, Eleaser Kings- 
burv, Thomas Metcalf , Josiah Newell, Henry Prat, Benoni Woodward, 
Zachariah Mills, and Samuel Parker, having heard that Captain Rob- 
ert Cook and Captain Fisher had to say respecting the several matters 
of difference ana dispute bcitween them, they agreed to leave with us 
and sit down and alnde by onr advice and determination in the mat- 
ter, and after some discourse among ourselves we united and concurred 
unanimously in ye following opinion and advice to 'em, vis, ! We, 
some of ye Brethren of ye Chh. here, having heard what Capt* Cook 
and John Fisher Esq. have to say abont all past matters of d£GEerence 
between them, do declare it to lie onr opinion that every past diffi- 
culty and uneasiness be forgiven and nassed by them, and we advise 
the said contending brethren to bury all their dTilierences in one com- 
mon grave of forge tfulness, and for the time to come to live and act 
together as brethren and Christians ought to do. This advice they 
both thanked us for and accepted of. After this we sang Psal: 133. I 
(Rev. Jonathan Townsend) called for a Tankard of drink, and drank 
to both the heretofore contending, but now reconciled brethren, 
wishing and praying that ye peace of God which passes all under- 
standing might keep their hearts and minds thro' Christ Jesus, and 
that they and all of us, for the time to come, mi't live and act together 
in love and peace, that the God of love and peace might be with us, 
to which Capt. Cook said Amen. I gave tne Tankard into Capt. 
Cook's hand, he drank himself, and drank to Capt. Fisher, we all 
dnnket sic fintiur, so the matter ended." 

Their children were : 

143. Saicuxl*, b. Auff. s> 17x1 ; m. 1st, Sarah Whiting ; m. ad, Mary 
Chickering; d. Nov. 16, 1757. 
Bto^BSTH*, b. May 3, 17x3; m. Caleb Wheaton, Sept. 8, 1736. 
RXUCCA*', b. Feb. 28, 17x3 ; d. May 19, X7X6 ; gravestone in 
Needham Cemetery. 

143. Joum', b. Jan. 30, X717; m. xst, Mary Fuller, May 33, X740; m. 

3d, Hannah Fisher, Julv 17, 1760; d. Oct. X7, 1788. 
RXBBCC^S b. Oct. 33, 17x8; d. May 3, 1730. 

144. KBSNXZ8R*, b. May 5, 173X ; m. xst, Sarah Chubb ; m. 3d, 

Azuba (Clark) Sanders; d. March X3, 1798. 

145. NATHAMXitx.*, b. Feb. x, 1733 ; m. xst, Mary Janvrin ; m. 2d, 

Hannah Willard; m. 3d, Elizabeth (Newell) WhiUng; d. 
Aug. to, 1807. 
Abioaxx.', b. June 30, 1735 ; m. Bleazer Kingsbury, Dec. 4, X744 ; 
d. March X3, 1744-5* 

68. Jbremiah^, son of Captain John (27) and Rebecca 
(Ellis) Fisher, was b. Sept. 8, X70X, in that part oi Pedtmin 
setoff to Needham in 171 1. He m. at Needliaxn, Jan. 30, 
1735, Prudence Crosby, probably daughter of Joseph and 
Sarah (French) Crosby, whowasb. May xi, 1705, .at Biller- 
ica. From the records we find that he was town cleric oi 
Needham in 1739, 1740 and 1744, and selectman X742*-44-45- 
47-48-50 ; was captain of the Needham company of ixiilitia ; 
appointed justice of the peace, Dec. 19, 1728. The dates of 

Digitized by 



the deaths of Jeremiah and Prudence Fisher cannot be found, 
nor any probate of their estates. Children : 

Z46, TsunOAH*, b. Feb. a, 1737; m. Bsther Reed, March a6, 1755. 
PauDSNCS*, b. Feb. a, 1797 (twin of Jeremiah) ; m. Samuel 

Chubb, May ao, Z746. 
Rbbscca', b. May 14, I7a9; m. Bbenezer Clark. Dec za, 1751. 
Hamkah*, b. Feb. 34, 1730-31 ; m. Deacon John Fisher ( 143), of 

Needham, July 17, 1700. 
Josziui*, b. Jan. a9, 2733; d. Blarch a6, 175a. 
Z47. Josspa*, b. Aug. 7, Z735 ; m. Elizabeth Farrington, Dec. 5, 176^. 
Z4S. Saicubl', b. Feb. 4, Z737-38; m. zst, Lydia Mclntire; m. ad. 
Mehiti^ie Tolmaa. 
WiLUAM^f b. Feb. 9, 1739-40; waa a private at the Lexington 
Alarm in Capt. Bbeneser Battelle*s company from the Fourth 
Parish, Dedliam, and aenred until December; alsoaerred in 
the aame company at the taking of Dorcheater. Heights. 
Z49« JmsP, b. Jan. Z7, Z74Z-4a; m. zst, Loia Metcalf, Oct. 3Z, Z775 ; 
m. ad. Jerusha Armaby, of Medfield. 
Sarah*, b. March a, Z743-^; d. Sept Z9, Z746. 
BUZABBTH*, b. June a8, Z74D ; m. John Tolman, Jan. za» Z778. 
[See Dedham Register. Vol. 5, pp. ZZ3, ZZ4.] 
zso. TzMOTHY*. b. Ang. a6, 1748; m. Abigail Pettee, Aug. 3, Z774. 


G9. DBBORAH^ daughter of John (39) azid Mary (Oziion) 
Fisher, was b. at Dedhazn, Feb. 3, Z7Z6-Z7; m. there, March 
29» i737> Josiah, son of Ephraiznand Abigail (Crosby) Lyon, 
b. His father, Ephraizn Lyon, was b. at Roxbury, 

Jazi. Z4, Z685 ; his mother, Abigail Crosby, was b. at BiUerica, 
Jan. 6, Z69Z, and m. June Z3, Z709 ; d. at Roxbury, Nov. aS, 
Z731, being the daughter of Siznon (b. 1663) azid Haziziah 
( ) Crosby. '* Josiah Lyon removed from Dedham to 

Shrewsbury. The following is the record of his dismission 
frozn the church in Dedham : 'Jan. zy, Z74z-a. Josiah Lyozi 
azid Deborah his wife to the church in the new plantation by 
y^ ziame of Nitchawog of which Rev. Mr. Whitney is Pastor.' 
He resided in Shrewsbtiry for sozne years and probably re- 
moved to Grafton soon after 1751." Children were : 

Lozs LYON^ b. X746; d. at Grafton, Mass., Feb. 7, z8i6; m. 
Blarch aS, Z765, Joaeph Warren. (Pierce'a History of Graf- 
ton, pp. 57^0 

Bphkazm Lvok', b. — ^ ; d. at Shrewsbury, Feb. 34, 1820 ; 
"waa captain, and was in same regiment with [General] Jo- 
seph Warren." He m. , and had Deborah Lyon', Mary 
Lyon^ Bphraim Lyon', and (perhaps) Lydia Lyon'. Capt. 

Digitized by 



Ephratm Lyon remoTcd to Shrewsbury about 1800, with his 
wife and son Hphraisn, and lived near Northboro line, near 
the poet road ; his vrife d. Nov. 15^ 18x5, aged 76. Deborah 
m. Capt. Charles Fay ; Mary m. June 3S» 1778, Ebenezer 
LeIancU of Grafton (Pierce's Grafton, p. $19) ; Lydia m. 
Daniel Gregory in 1790. 
JOKK FzsHxa LYOir', b. at Shrewsbury, Oct. 50, 1751 ; m. Sarah 
Whitney in Z777; d. at Harvard, Mass. Had Lydia Lyon**, 
b. April 9, 1778 ; John Lyon*, b. Oct. 17, 1780. 

70. HannahV daughter of John (39) and Mary (Onion) 
Fisher, was b. at Dedham, Jan. Z2, 1718-19; joined the Ded- 
ham church, Sept. 4, 1737: m. at Dedham, by Rev. Samuel 
Dexter, Nov. 16, 1738. Nathanier, probably son of Nathaniel' 
and Elizabeth (George) Mann, who was b. at Wrentham, 
Aug. 6, 1709 (Mann MemorieU, p. 20). They settled at 
Needham, where she d. June 25, 1748. They had : 

PisuKR Mann*, b. April as, 1741 ; d. May 7, 1741. 

Ebsnbzur Mann* (probebly). 

Abijah Mann* (probably). 

Nathanxsl Mann*, b. May 10, 1748 ; d. Aug. 10, 1748. 

71. John', son oi John (32) and Abigail (Smith) Fisher, 
was b. in Medfield, July 20, 1714. '* Was also a blacksmith, 
and came into possession of the paternal estate by paying the 
other heirs their portion (£76 13s. to Joshua Fisher, Abigail 
Pl3nnpton, and Sarah Pi^er). He was only fourteen years of 
age when his faUier died, and his uncle Josiah, of Dover, was 
his guardian." He m. Dec. 9, 1736, Dorcas, daughter of 
Jonathan and Dorcas (Mason) Adams, of Medway, who was 
b. there, Dec. 24, 1717, and d. in Medfield, June 15, 1807. 
He d. iu Medfield, Feb. 10, 1777. He made his will, Jan.31, 
1777, and it was admitted to probate, March 21 following; 
son John, of Medfield, blacksmith, being administrator. To 
his wife Dorcas he gave the use of house, etc. ; to son John, 
all except as mentioned ; to daughters, Abigail Burrage, Ix>is 
Lovell, Dorcas Harding, and grandchildren, Aaron and Mary 
Clark, jCi3 6s. 8d. each. They had: 

152. Abigaxx,^, b. Oct. 17, Z737; m. Thomas Burrage, Jan. 6, 1768. 

153. LoIa^ b. May 27, 1739; m. David Lovell, of Medtield. 
Kkzia', b. Sept 8, 1743 ; d. Oct. 24, 1776 ; m. David Clark, of 

Medfield. [Tilden's Medfield, p. 357.] 

DORCAS\ b. April 36, 1745; d. April 7, 1815; m. Dec. 8, 1768, 
Nathan Harding, of Medfield, who d. Oct. 10, x8o8. [Til- 
den's Medfield, p. 408.] 
1S4- JOHif\ b. Nov. 31, 1748 ; m. Mary Clark, March 5, 1771. 

SiX3NCS^, b. and d. May 29, 1755. 

Digitized by 



72. Joshua', son of Jobn (32) and Abigail (Smith) 
Fisher, was born at Medfield, Feb. 18, 1725 ; m. Nov. is, 
X753, Silence Adams, who was b. in Walpole. In 1755 and 
1756, he lived in Walpole, where his first child was bom, and 
then removed to Wrentham, where he remained some years. 
No reond can be fonnd of his death or probate of his estate. 
They had : 

. JOSRUA^, b. Aug. 9, X7SS ; d. Oct. 28, 1756. 
Abigazl*, b. Not. X3, 1757. 
155. SSXH^, b« Feb. 37, 1760; m. Lydia Bills, of Medway, Jan. 9, 
S8TUS&', b. Sept. 8, 1762. 

73. HANNAH^ daughter of Josiah (33) and Hannah 
(Bullen) Fisher, was b. in Medfield, June 4, 1717 ; m. there, 
Dec. 4, 1740, Seth, son of John* axid Elizabeth (Harding) 
Dwight, who was b. in Medfield in 1716. [Medfield Histor>', 
P- 373'] They had: 

Patty DMrxoiir', b. Nov. 25, 1747 ; m. Jonathan Metcalf in 

1777. [Medfield History, p. 43B.] 
Timothy Dwight', b. Sept. 7, 1750 ; m.Bxperience Puller, and 

had: Timothy Dwight. b. Nov. 37, 1769; d. Sept. 7* <SS3- 

[Medfield History, p. 374.] 
Hanwau Dwight^, b. May 6, 1753; d. in 1761. 

74. Miriam*, daughter of Josiah (33) and Hamiah 
(BuUen) Fisher, was bom in Medfield, Oct. 26, 1720; ni. 
Noah, oldest son of Joseph and Sarah (Gay) Allen, who was 
b. Sept, 26, bapt. Nov. 8, 1719, in Medfield, and d. March 23, 
1804. He inherited the homestead on Castle Hill ; was select- 
man in 1766, 1767 and 1775. She d. June 23, 1757, leaving 
four children, all under twelve years. He subsequently mar- 
ried twice. Children of Noah and Miriam were : 

ASAHSL Aixrk', b. Aug. 19. 1744; m. Patience Richardiion, of 
Medway, Nor. 23, 177^. [Allen Genealogy, p. 11 ; Meilfield 
Hiatory, p. 300; Hutchinaon's Alien G«n.. p. aS.] 

PlSHU Alucn', b. Feb. 6, 1747; m. Rachel Smith, May 9, 
177X. Inherited the estate of hia grandfather Fisher, for 
whom he waa named, and who lived m Dover. He d. June 
ai, 184a, aged 95. - [Allen's Allen Genealogy, p. 14; Mtttlficia 
Hiatory, p. 300; Hutchinaon's Allen Gen., pp. 2S-3Q.] 

Silas Au31«% b. Nov. ao, 1749 ; d. Feb. 36, 1834, aged 85 ; m. 
April 8, X772, Priscilla, daughter oi Simon and Ruth (Morse) 
Plympton, who waa b. in Medfield, Jan. ai, 1733. Resided iu 
Medfield ttutil 179X, and iu Shrewsbury until his death. 
[Allen's Allen Gen., p. 15; Hutchinson's Allen Gen., p. 39; 
Tilden'a Medfield, p. 300.] 

Gao Ausn^, b. May 29, Yiapt. June x, 175 1 ; d. June 1, 1751. 

Natbam Axaxk^, b. June i, 1753; d. April lo, 1848; m. Amy 
Smith, April 6, 1779. 

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75. RBBBCCA^ daughter of James (34) and Hannah 
(Onion) Fisher, was b« at West Dedham, April 19, 1733 ; m* 
April 5, 1744, Isaac, son of Nathaniel' and Joanna (Ellis) 
Whiting, who wash, at Dedham, Feb. 12, 1732-3, andd. there, 
July 18, 1785. She d, April 13, 1787, aged 65, They were 
buried in the First Parish Cemetery, Dedham. They had : 

RXBBCCA WKinMG', b. Feb. 3, 1745 ; d. Dec. xo, 1766, sged 3x. 
Hanxah Writing', b. July 36, 1747 ; d. Oct. 33, 1776 ; m. Joseph 

Draper, Sept. 39, 1766. 
Mary WHmii o', b. Jalv 6, 1750 ; m. Bbenexer Gay, May 6, 1773. 
Natbakibl Whiting', d. Feb. 19, 1753 ; m. Bliss Baton, March 

33» X775- 

PiSHxa Whitino', b. May xo, X757 ; d. March 2$, 1797 ; m. Re- 
becca Fairbanks, Tune 3, X779. [Fairbanks G«n.. p. 88.] 

Calvin Whitinc\ d. Jane 30, 1763 ; m. Blizabeth Foller, July 
37, 1785. 

Sarah Whiting^, b. Not. ii, 1764; d. Not. 38, 1775. 

70. Bbnjamin Gill', son of Abigail Fisher (35) and 
Benjamin GUI, was b. in Stonghton, June 3, 1730 ; m. there, 
Jan. 9, 1753, Bethiah^, daughter of Charles' and Bethiah 
(Penno)Wentworth, who was b. in Stoughtou, April, 1731. 
" He was for several years one of the selectmen of Stoughtou, 
and was deacon in the church of which Rev. Samuel Dun- 
bar was pastor. He commanded a rq;iment at the capture 
of Burgoyne. He d. April 33, 1807 ; she d. March 33, 
1S17/' Children were : 

BUTAH Gill', b. Oct. 35, 1753; d. May 36, 1836 ; m. Abigail 

Fisher (103), April i, I775- 
Rbbbcca Giw, b. Oct. 18, 1755; m. ist, Abijah Upham, Jr., 

March xi, 1775 (intention) ; 3d, Jonathan Wales; and d. 

Oct., 1815. 
BsTBiAH Gill', b. March 8, 1758 ;m. Daniel Tucker, Nov. 3, 

1777. She d. J^ne 15, 1844. He d. Aug. 3i, 1833. [Tuck- 
er Genealogy, pp. 43, 66.] 
Bbn rAMiK Gills D. May 29, 1760 ; m. Content (Porter) Glover, 

widow of William Glover, and d. Oct. 17, 1834. 
Sarah Gill\ b. May 19, 1763 ; d. May 35, 1763. 
Nathan Gill\ b. Sept, 9, 1764; m. Abigail Crane, of Milton, 

April, 1794 (intention) ;d. March 19, 1833. 
Sarah Gill^, b. Jan. 34, 1767; d. April 8, 1816. 
Molly Gill', b. May 30,1769; m. John Howard ; d. March 3i, 

John Gill', b. March ii, 1773 ; m. Polly Wilkinson ; d. April 

19, 1816. 

T7. Dbacok Samubl', son of Samuel (37) and Mary ( Rock- 
wood) Fisher, was b. in Wrentham, Nov. 36, 1709 ; m. April 
9, 1740, Ruth, daughter of Ephraimand Sarah (Partridge) 
Wight, of Medfield, who wash. June 13, 1713, and d. Jan. 

Digitized by 



26, 178Z. He resided in that part of Wrentham wUich was 
setoff toMedway, March ii, 1735. The west preduct of 
Medway was incorporated Dec. 28, 1748, and the church 
called the Second Church of Christ in Medway. Samuel be* 
came a charter member, Oct. 4, 1750, and was elected deacon, 
May 7, Z753. His wife, Ruth, joined the following year. He 
served in the French and Indian wars in 1745 and 1759. He 
d. in Z799, probably in September. His wUl, made Oct. 7, 
17889 ^ve the real estate to his nine children equally, namely, 
Simon, Samuel, Obed, Mary, Puah, Ruth, Sarah, Rhoda 
and (^iloe. To three sons all out-door movables, wearing 
apparel, etc.; to three unmarried daughters, Sarah, Rhoda 
and Chloe, all other personal property equally ; son Obed ex- 
ecutor; admitted to probate, Oct. i, 1799. Obed refused 
the executorship, and Abner Morse, of Medway, was appointed, 
Nov. 5, 1799. Inventory filed on Dec. 30, 1799, shows but 
personal property appraised at $133.54. Morse filed another 
account, April 7, 1801, which brought the amount to $146.91 ; 
paid out $100.71. 
They had: 

MAaY^ b. Sept. 4t X741 > m. Aug. at, 1766, Isaac Bullard, of 
Medway. (Jameson's Medway, p. 458.] 

157. SiuOv\ b. May 38, 1743; m. ist, Dinah Pond, Sept. i, 1768; 

m. ad» Sosanna Darling, Aug. 39, 1780; m. 31I, Joanna Hop- 
kins, Tan. I, 1783. 

PnAH\ b. Dec. 14, 1744; m. — — — Mellen. 

&UXh\ btf April X, 1748; m. Oct. 30, 1771, Malcliiah Pond, of 
Fzanklin ; d. June ax, x83a, aged 86. [Harris* Pond Geneal- 
ogy, p. 57- ] 

158. Samubl', b. Feb. 23, 1750; m. Lydia ( ]. 

X59. Obbo\ b. March 7, X755; m. Catherine Hinsdale, March 31, 

Sarah', b. July x$, X7s6. 
Rhoxia', b. Feo. x6, 1758; m. Nathaniel Thayer, of Franklin, 

Oct. X5, x^. 
ClIXX>B^ b. Jnly I4» X760. 

78. JoHN^ son of Samuel (37) and Mary (RockwoocI) 
Fisher, was b. in Wrentham, July x, 1717, andd. in Medfield, 
Feb. 35, x8o2. He m. at Wrentham, Feb. 16, 1749, Thank- 
ful, daughter of Seth and Abigail (Metcalf ) Clark, who d. 
Oct. 6, X809. '' He was the last of the name to inherit the 
Fisher homestead. He kept a small store adjoining his house. ' ' 
In his will, made Aug. 16, 1796, probated April 6, 1802, he 
gave all his real estate at his wife's cleatli to his nephew, Sam- 
uel Hill, son of his sister Mary, who had m. Samuel Hill, of 
Medway. A selectman, 1758-61, and a delegate to the con- 
vention at Concord in 1779. 


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70. Nathan*, son of Samuel (37) and Mary (Rockwood) 
Fisher, was b. in Wreutham, Aug. 20, 1720 ; m. Feb. 7, 1745/ 
Abigail, daughter of John and Thankful (Bullaid) Harding, 
of Medway, who was b. Sept. 32, 1726, in Medway, and d. 
there in 1804. His housestood in Franklin, on the hill across 
the river from Medway Village, and *' where Capt. Paul's 
house now stands ; in fact the present one may be the old 
house itself. ' ' He made his will June 9, 1803, and it was pro- 
bated April 3, 1S04. To his wife he gave use and improve- 
ment of one-half of his estate ; to son Amos use axid im* 
provement of the other half of the real estate, and to share in 
the division at death of the wife ; mentions grandchildren, 
Nathan and Rachel, the children of his late son, Nathan, Jr. ; 
grandson Ebenezer Day, grandsons Jonathan Fisher and 
Fisher Day, etc. His widow Abigail made her will March 
24, 1804, and it was entered for probate, June 5, 1804. In it 
she mentions the grandchildren, Nathan and Rachel Fisher ; 
Lois and Abigail Holbrook, children of the daughter Mary, 
deceased ; grandson Nathan Fisher Holbrook. They had : 

x6a Nathan', b. March 30, 1746 ; m. Rachel ; d. Oct. 27, 1776. 

ABIGAn,^ b. Nov. xo, X747 ; d. Nov. 5, 1756. 
. LVDIA^, b. Dec. 2X, X749. 

OuvB^, b. Oct. 8. I7S3; d. Nov. 4, 1756. 
Mkrcy', b. Nov* 7, X756; m. — — Hay ward. 
Abxgaxx,% b. Feb. 12, 1760; m. Jane 2X, 1781, Billing!, son of 
Asa and Sarah (Pond) Fairbanks, who was b. May 24, 1756; 
res. Franklin. 
x6x. AMOS^ b. April 28, X762; m. Lois Hill, of Sherborn. 

Mary', b. Jan. 6, X769; d. Feb. x, 1804; m. Samuel' Holbrook, 
July 3, X798. [Morse's Sherborn, p. X47; Morse Memorial, 
p. 78.] 

80. Deacon Josiah% son of Captain Josiah (41) axid 
Elizabeth (Avery) Fisher, was b. in Dedhain, Aug. 15, X708. 
The sixty eaxiy settlers of Keene, N. H., met at Concord, 
June 26, 1732, and Josiah Fisher is found among the number. 
In the succeeding September he was one of the seven persons 
who set out for the township, piloted by Deacon Alexander, of 
Northfield, and arrived on the evening of the litlt. At this 
period. Upper Ashuelot was a frontier settlement, in the bos- 
om of the wilderness. Its nearest neighbor was Northfield, 
twenty mUes distant. Josiah was assigned a house lot, and 
later elected deacon of the church gathered there. At a pro- 
prietors' meeting, Jan. 7, 1740, he was granted ten acres of 
upland ; it being granted '' to such person or persons as they 
shall think deserve the same, for hazarding their lives and 

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estates by living here to bring forward the settlement of the 
On the loth oi Jnly, 1745, Deacon Josiah was killed as he was 
dxiving his cow to pasture. He was found dead and scalped, 
in the road, about half a mile from the old garrison, near 
where Mr. Samson's back house on the main street of Keeue 
now stands; and it is supposed that the Indian who shot him was 
concealed behind a log which then lay within the present limits 
of Mr. Samson's garden. He had a brass slug in his wrist, 
which at the time, was conjectured to have been cut from a 
warmine pan, that had lately been lost by one of the inhabi- 
tants. X^^™ S. G. Drake's French and Indian Wars, 744- 
47 ; Annals of Keene, in Collections of N. H. Historical Soc., 
Vol. II, 87.] 

81. Josbph', son of Captain Josiah (41) and Eliza- 
beth (Avery) Fisher, was b. m Dedham, Jan. 14, 1712 ; m. 
May zz, Z738, Mary*, daughter of Nathanier and Mary (Gay) 
Metcalf, who was b. there, Feb. 16, Z716. He d. at Dedham, 
July 5, Z759. In Z745 his father gave him ^^255 5s. 8d., 
old tenor (equal to ^^35 9s. 4d., lawful money), and this 
amount was deducted from the amount his heirs would have 
received in the distribution in 1765. . His widow Mary was 
appointed administratrix of his estate, May 23, 1 760. She was 
was appointed guardian of the children, Ichabod, Elizabeth, 
Ebenezer, Moses, Mary and Experience. The inventory of 
the estate shows land valued at jC6 Z3. 4. , and persoiuil property 
amounting to j^239 4. 2. The widow received on the division 
jCja^ 9* 3* I* Joseph, the eldest son, ^^37 4. 8., his double share, 
and the others jCiS 12. 4d. each. Their children were : 

z6a. J08RPH^ b. May 17, 1739 ; m. Mary Bverett, March 8, 1764. 
BBXxntzxa^ b. April 4, 1741. 
MAaY^ b. April 4, 1741 ; d. April, Z741. 
BCarv^, b. Dec. 26, 1742 ; m. William Hart, of Dedham, April 

3. X764. , 
BuZADitTH^, b. Aug. 31, Z745 ; m. Stephen Draper, 1764. 
163. Ichabod', b. Sept. 22, 1747; m. Sibyl Kislier, of Dedham, 

Dec. 6, 1770. 
AA]U>^f^ b. Aug. 19, X749; d. Feb. 29, 1754. 
ExnuiKHCK', b. Ang. 7, 1751 ; m. Moaea Richarclnon, of Roz- 

bury, Oct. 4* 1770; res. iu Acton and Concord. 
MOSBS', b. Jaly 8, 1754 ; rea. iu Acton and Concord ; d. aliout 

Dec. 10, 1832 ; unmarried. 

82. Jokathan', son of Captain Josiah (41) and Elizabeth 
(Avery) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Aug. 5, 1713; ni. ist, 
at Dedham, Dec. 21, 1737, Mary, daughter ol James and Han- 

Digitized by 



nail (Metcali) Ricliards, who was b. in Oedliam, Oct* 15, 
1719, and d. there, Oct. 15, 1749. He was m. 2d, at Dedham,. 
Aug. 23, 1750, Mehitable*, daughter of John^ and Grace 
(Williams) Metcalf, who was b. there, Sept. 17, 1723, and d. 
Sept. 25, 1807. . 

Jonathan was the administrator of his father's estate. He 
seems to have lived with his father on the homestead, and in 
the distribution of the estate of his father it was sold ; we find 
he moved about that date to New Braintree, and settled in 
that part now included in Westhampton, where he d. Oct. 3, 

Abner Smith, the first settler of Westhampton, built his 
second house '' near the Fisher place, wUch he sold to Jona* 
than Fisher, about 1770. This place has remained in 
the Fisher family to the present day, descending from father 
to sou, from Jonathan to Aaron, to Aaron, Jr., and to Jairus, 
the present occupant." [Gazeteer of Hampshire County, by 
W. B. Gay.] 

Children, all b. in Dedham, except the youngest : 

164. Majlv', b. Dec. Z9, 1738 ; m. xst, Aaron Draper; m. 2d, Samoel 

Bx^iZABETB^, b. Sept, zi, 1740; m. Samuel Ruggles, ton of Ker. 
Benjamiu Ruggles, of New Braintree ; hadTBlixabeth" Rug- 
gles, Mary* Raggles, Samuel* Ruggles, Jonathan* Rugglet. 

165. Jonathan', b. Nov. 25, 1743 ; m. Catbenne Avery, Oct. aa, 


166. JoszAU^ b. July 25, X745 ; m. Sarah Wilson, of Newton, Nov. 

aa, 1768. 
ExPEKiXNCB^, b. Nov. a4, 1747 ; d. Oct. 7, 1749. 
£BXNBZBa^ b. Oct. I4i Z749 ; d. Oct. 1$, 1749. 

167. John' (by second wife) b. May z, Z75a ; m. Deborah Wilt. 

z68. MBHiTABts\ b. March Z5, 1754; d. Nov. a9, zSaz ; m. 

Z69. AARON^ b. March 3, 1756; m. Elizabeth Ware, Feb. a4, 1780. 

GaACS^ b. Aug. 5, Z759. Said to have d. July 8, Z780. The 
Pelton Genealogy says a Grace Fisher m. is Z777, as his 
first wife, Lienl. Sampson Witherell, who was b. April a9, 
Z753, and d. Oct. aS, Z803. She d. in Z786. 

S▲aAH^ b. May a4, Z76a ; d. Dec. z, Z76a. 

SAR▲H^ b. Oct. as, Z763. 

Stbfhvn', b. in New Braintree, March Z3, Z767 ; d. Dec. a7, 

83. Wiuiam', son of Captain Josiali (41) and Blizabeth* 
(Avery) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Sept. '3, Z734 ; zn. there, 
April 30, Z747, Mary, daughter of Ebenezer and Abigail 
(Gay) Battelle, who was b. in Dedham, July za, Z735. Moved 
to Douglass, Worcester County, before Z763. In Z747, his 
father gave hizn ;^ZZ36 ss., old tenor (equal to ;^Z37 Z3s. 6d., 
lawful money), and this was deducted from the amount he 

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would have received on the settlemeut of his father's estate in 
1763. They had : 

Saneu't b. DedhAm, May 33, 1749. 
1CXCKASZ.^ b. Dedham, Jnly 9, 1751. 

88. Gxdbom', second son of William (43) and Elizabeth 
(Daniell) Pider, was b. in Walpole, April 10, 1731, and m. 
there* Sarah Carrol, Feb. 8, 1820. He was in Capt. John 
Bigcdk>w's company " that marched on the late alanu for tlie 
relief of Fort William Henry," from Holden to Sheffield, 113 
miles, August, 1758. In 1760, he bought land in Princeton. 

80. Danibi.', sou of William (43) and Elizabeth (Dan- 
iell) Fisher, was b. in Walpole, Dec. 20, 1735 ; d. Oct. x6, 
1818 ; m. Nov. 15, 1764, Amity Shepard, of Stoughton, who 
was b. March, 1 74 1, and d. May 27, 1820. He scr\'cd in 
Joshua Clapp's company. Col. Hphraim Wheelock, at the 
Rhode Island Alarm, enlisting Dec. 8, 1776, and discharged 
Dec. 21. His will, made April 16, 18 10, was admitted to 
probate, Nov. 3, x8i8 ; gave to wife her third ; to soils Daiucl, 
Asa and William, lands, in Walpole and Dedham ; William, 
use of homestead during his mother's life, and total possession 
at her death ; his pew in Walpole meeting house to Asa and 
William. Homestead and one and a half acres, with 32 acres 
across the road, and sixteen acres of pasture and orchard, were 
appraised at $1548 ; other land and personal property at $1220. 

Children, b. in Walpole, were : 

Amity', b. Feb. 13, 1766 ; d. Oct. 30, 1841 ; >u* Klijali ISoydcu, 

of Marlboro, N. H., Nov. 19, 1791. 
17a Danibi«% b. Dec. 7, 1767 ; lu. Abigail Lewis, Dec. 17, 1793. 

Umrv', b. March 11, 1770; m. ist, Jeremiah Fairbanks, 

of Sharon* Jan. x, 1794 ; ni. ad, Capt. Alien, o£ Wali>ole. 

[Pairbankt Gen., p. 158.] Hail by second marriage, Deacon 

Jeremiah Allen*, b. Dec. 17, 1800 ; d. Dec. 29, 1S76 ; ni. Mary 

Pither ( }, April 13, 1831. 

Acusa', b. Not. 35, 1772 ; d. Oct. 34. 1793. 

171. Asa\ b. May 30, 1775 ; m. Sally Gay, Dec. 17. 1800. 
Hanmah', b. Oct, 7, 1777 ; d. Jan, 17. 1780. 

172. WI]:.LXAM^ b. Jnly 21, 1784 ; m. Nabby Cufien, of Deilhaui, 

May 7, i8ix; d. Jan. la, 1834. 

01. David', eldest son of David (44) and Delx>rah (lioy- 
den) Fisher, was bom in Dedham, Jan. 22, 1733 ; xn. Sept. 21, 
1758, Abigail, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Whiting) Lewis, 
of Dedham, who was b. there, Dec. 4, 1738. He was a nietn- 
ber of the South Parish Church, Dec. 5, 1762, but soon be- 
came a member of Rev. Philip Curtis' church at Sharon ; lived 

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on Moose Hill in Sharon, then Stoughtonham, Mass. Ia the 
final settlement of his father's estate, Feb. 15, 178 1, the other 
heirs quitclaimed to David for ;^700 all their right in the estate, 
except that part set to the widow Elizabeth as her right of 
dower. David was Lieutenant in Captain Savel's company, 
Col. Lemuel Robinson's regiment, that marched from Stough- 
tonham (now Sharon) on the 19th of April ; he also served in 
Stephen Penniman's company, Robinson's regiment, and in 
Theophilus Wilder's company, CoL Dike's regiment, from 
Dec., 1776, to March i, 1777. David made his will March 19, 
1S12, admitted to probate Sept. i, 1812, mentions wife Abi- 
gail, and gave to eldest son David, (lo ; children of deceased 
son Aaron, real estate and S500, and $100 to each at 21 years 
age ; Kbenezer, meadow and swamp land in Sharon and Ded* 
ham ; Catherine Smith, $20 and three-quarters of an acre of 
land and jioo to each of her children at 21 ; Rebecca Morse, 
$500 ; Mary Gay, $1 ; residue to Ebenezer and heirs of deceased 
son Aaron. Inventory showed real estate appraised at $1322, 
and personal property (including notes for $2320), at $2876.62. 
His father's homestead was in South Dedham, now Norwood, 
on the site where the barn of John Ellis Hartshorn stood, in 
1875, opposite Willard Gay's place. 
Children, b. in Sharon, were : 

173. David', b. June 26, 1759 ; m. Mehitable He%rina, Nov. ao, X7S1 ; 

moved to Fnmcestown, N. H. 
Mosxs\ b. April I, 1761 ; d. before April, 1777. 

174. Aaron', b. Dec. x6, 1762 ; m. Elizabeth Katey, Nov. 6, 1788. 

175. Bbbnkzbr*, b. Ang. 37, 1765 ; m. Nancy Morse, Jan. 7, 1796. 
CaTKUKIMS', b. Sept. a8, 1707 ; m. ist, Blihu Onion, of Ded- 
ham, Dec. 37, Z79X ; m. id, John Smith, of Sliaron. 

Rbbbcca^, b, July 39, 1769 ; m. Lieut. Nathaniel Morse, April 
27, 1796 ; d. Jan. 33, 1838 ; he d. June i, 1816 ; no children. 

Marys b. ; bapt. March 11, 1775; d. March 11, 1775. 

Mary', b. July is, 1776 ; d. March 31, 1833 ; m. Oliver Gay, of 
Sharon, m 1806. He was the son of Ichabod^ Gay (Timothy^, 
Timothy^, Samuel'*, John^ Aud Mary Gould, and was b. June 
17, 1771. Their son, Willard' Gay, b. Tan. ^, 1818, was post- 
master at Norwood from 1861, and administrator of many 
estates ; he d. at Norwood, Jan. 31, 1883. 

IMS. Thomas*", second son of David (44) and Deborah 
(Boyden) Fisher, was b. in Stoughton, March 10, 1735; m. 
Oct. 13, 1758, Mary, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Coney) 
Pettee, of Dedham, who was b. Feb. 26, 1742. Both joined 
the South Parish church, July 13, 1760. He served in Capt. 
Khene/.er Tisdale's company from Stoughtonham (now Sharon ) 
for 22 days at the Lexington Alarm, and in Theophilus Wild- 
er's company, Col. Dike*s regiment, from Dec. 20, 1776, to 

Digitized by 



Mkrch I, 1777. He d. Jan. i6, 1781, andhis widow, Mary, in. 
2d, April 36, ijSjt Gilead Morse, of Sharon, as his second 
wife, andd. April 37, 1825, aged 82. Children, recorded in 
Stonghton, were : 

176. SSTH^ b. June z6, 1759; m. Hannah Hewinii, June 30, 1785 ; 

moved to Fraacettown, N. H. 

177. Thomas', b. Uarch 33, 2761 ; m. Lucy Bnllard, Oct. 34, 1785 ; 

moved to Prancestown, N. H. 
Maky', b. Karch 19, 1763 ; m. Jonathan Billings, Jr., Dec. 20, 

1781 ; ihe joined Uie Sharon church, Nov. 23, 1783. 
Lucy', b. Nov. lo^ 176$ ; m. Capt. John Morse, Oct. 30, 1793 ; 

ret. Dedham. [Morse Memorial.] 

178. BZBA% b. Nov. 3, X769 ; m. Mary Bixby, May 33, 1805. 
Olzvbb', b. Feb. 38, 1778; d. April 6, 1830; m. May 5, 1803, 

BetMy, eldest child of Daniel and Elizabeth (Weld) Chihl, 
who was b. in Brookliaci Mass., Jan. 34, 177a, and d. Oct. 17, 
X79. Jabbs', b. May 7, 1780 ; m. Sarah Livermore, May 13, 1819. 

08. Jacob', third son of David (44) and Deborah ( Boydeu ) 
Fisher, was b. in Dedham, June 23, 1737; ^* ^^^^ Sept. 9, 

1762, Elizabeth, daughter of Kbeueaier and Sarah ( ) 

Holmes, who was baptized at South Dedham, May 14, 1738. 
She d. May 31, 1773. Hem. 2d, Oct. 7, 1773, Sarah Hodges, 
of Sharon, who d. I^ov. 30, 1792, aged 38. lie m. 3d, Dec. 
3, 1794, Elizabeth Brooks, of Stoughtou. He was in Capt. 
Edward Bridge Savel's company at the Lexington alarm, en- 
listing from Stoughtonham, now Sharon. His first wife, Eliza- 
beth Holmes, joined the Sharon Church, June 9, 1771. In 
K794f Jscob lived on site of the house where Joseph Torrey 
was burned out, near the road from Elm Lawn to East Fox- 
boro. He d. May 31, 181 1. Children, b.'iu Sharon, were : 

x8o. Jacob', b. April 30, 1776 ; d. Sept. 8, 1843 ; ni. Mary . 

Bbtsby', b. Dec. 38, X77- ; m. Jason Wight, April 18, 1830 ; ** she 

d. Dec. 35, 1831, aKed jn." [Wight Gen., p. 138.] 
Samah', b. March 16, 1783. 
Hannah', b. April 9, 1789 ; d. at Dedham, Sept. 4, 1851 ; m. 

JaM>n Wight, April 3, 1833. [Wight Gen., p. X38.] 
Mabv', b. Nov. 30, 1793 ; d. Nov. 30, 1793. 

04. Nathan', fourth son «of David (44) and Deborah 
(Boyden) Fisher, b. in Dedham, Feb. 8, 1745 ; m. Nov. 22, 
1768, Esther French, who was b. in Dedham, Nov. 21, 1747, 
and d. in Francestovm, N. H., Dec. 27, 1814. She joined the 
South Parish church, Aug. 26, 1770. They moved to Fran* 
cestown, N. H., about 1770, and lived on the Samuel Steven's 
place in that town. We find that he signed the petition for 
the incorporation of Francestown, July 22, 177 1, proving him 

Digitized by 



to have been an original settler there. At a meeting of th^ 
new town, July 17, 1772, Nathan was chosen ** fence vewnars 
and presers of damage.*' He was, with his wife, Esther, and. 
sister, Abigail Starrett, ^nd her husband, a charter member of 
the church ; he signed a petition for the raising of a rate to 
pay ** for the Encouragement of the first Gospel minister to 
settle amongst us/' and at the March meeting of 1773, it was 
'* Voted that Nathan fisher is to Bord the minister and Keep 
his Horse for five Shillings an Nine Penc Lawfull money p' 
Week.'* His name is on a *' Pay Roll of Capt. Peter Clark's 
Company in Col** Stickneys Regiment & Gen^ Stark's Brig- 
ade of New Hampshire Militia which Company marched from 
Lyndeborough July 1777 and Joined the Northern Conti- 
nental Army ; rank sexjj^eant, time of discharge Sept. 26 ; 
time in service two months and six days ; travel from Lynde- 
borough, No. 4, 65 miles ; travel from Stillwater to Benning- 
ton 165 miles." He was a soldier in the Revolution, and 
fought under Gen. Stark at the battle of Bennington, Aug. 
16, 1777 ; d. at Fmncestown, Oct. 11, 1824, aged 79. Children, 
all bom at Francestown, N. H., were: 

iSx. Nathan^ b. June 14, 1770; m. Sarah Musiiey, Feb. z6, 1796. 
Mbuitabu', b. June 10, 1773. 
KSTHSK^ b. Oct. as, 1774, 

Samukx,*, b. Aug.4, X777; m. Rebecca Clark, of Francettown. 
182. RICUAED^ b. Feb. I, 1779; m. Lima ; m. ad, Polly 

Campbell, of Fraucestown, Sept. 3, 1807. 
Marys b. April 29, 1781 ; m. Joshua C. SiUby, of Acvrorth, 

N. H., Feb. 25, 1802, 
SAtLY', b. Nov. 36, 1783 ; d. Francestown, Sept. 4, 1873 ; m. 

John Johnson, of Francestown, as his ad wife ; he was b. 

there Oct. 25, 1785, and d. there, Dec. 19, 1873. 
iJtKNK^, b. June 6, 2786; d. at Francestown, April 21, 1865 ; m. 

Jan. 24, 181 1, Dantel Clark, of Francestown. [Descendants 

in Francestown History, pp. 583-84.] 

05. OI.IVKR^ of David (44) and Deborah (Boyden) 
Fisher, wa.s b. at Dedham, May 23, 1747; m.. ist, Dec. 12, 
1769, Sarah Morse. Both joined the South Parish church, 
July 28, 1 77 1. She d. and he ni. 2d, at Dedham, Oct. 9, 
1 780, Sarah Billings,who was b. in Stoughtonham, now Sharon, 
and d. Jan. 10, 1835. He enlisted May 8, 1775, in Capt. 
Cfuild's company, in Col. Wm. Heath's 36th Regt. of Foot, 
and Oct. 5, 1775, was encamped at Fort No. 2. He enlisted 
lor eight months, and served out his term. He d. May 8, 
»»*^'7» aged 70. They resided in the South Parish, now Nor- 
wood ; the homestead was inherited by Oliver, the eldest son, 
and is now owned by his descendants. Their children were ; 

Digitized by 



283. OuvxE',b. Jan. 16, 1771 ; m. mt, Jndith Fisher, and 3d» Olive 

Smith ; ret. Sonth* Dedham. 
x84« I«BWIS^ b. March 7, X773; m. Mary Randall, April 37, 1797; 

ret. Dorchester. 
Z85. BIU4KGS', b. (by second wife), Ang. 3, 1783 ; m. Hannah 

Parker, of Groton ; res. Dedham. 
186. JOBL^, b. April XI, Z783 ; m. Betsey Ann Nichols ; res. Orriug- 

ton, Me. 
X87. Lbonabd Biujngs^, b. Jan. 4, 1785 ; m. Abigail Smith, Oct. 1 1 » 


Saixy', b. April 4, 1787 ; m. Luke Smith, of Bnckston, Me., 
Oct. I4» x8o8. 

188. NATBAxnBZ* Parioeb', b. June 13, 1792 ; m. Nancy Morse, Dec. 

8, X817 ; res. Walpole. 
Lucy', b. June 28, 1796 ; m. Simon Gould, of Sharon, Aug. 9, 

96. Abkbk', Mn of David (44) and Deborah (Boydcn) 
Pisher, wast b. at the South Parish (now Norwood), in Ded- 
ham, June 26, 1755-; m. there, Sophia Hibbard, Aug. 28, 
1781. He was a private in Capt, William Bullard'.s company, 
serving for twelve days at the Lexington alarm, and was in 
Capt. Aaron Guild's company, from Jan. 26, 1776, serving on 
Dorchester Heights for seventeen days. Soon after his mar- 
riage he *' settled on Oak Hill, in Francestown, N. H., near 
where the Nutting house now stands. The cottaj^e built by 
him was taken down and moved by Franklin Ordway, to the 
place now owned by Freenmn Foote, where it was burned.*' 
Abner d. at Fmncestown, Feb. 2x, X840,' his wife d. there, 
April 25, 1842. Children, bom in Francestown, were : 

189. IRA^, b. Feb. 23, 1782 ; m. ist, BeUy Punchard ; m. 2d, Nabby 

Clark ; res. at Francestown. 
LovfWUr, b. Not. 8, 1786 ; m. Betsey Wilkins, of Dcering, June 

24, x8x3 ; res. at New London, N. H. 
Jxssk', b. Nov. 12, 1789 ; enlisted in the War of 1812, and d. in 

the service. 

08. Nathanibl', eldest son of Ezekiel (46) and Susanna 
(Wadsworth) Fisher, was b. at Packeen in Stoughton, now 
Canton, on what is tonday known as the Mayo Place, Sept. 
29, 1740, and d. at Canton, Dec. 6, X796, aged 56 years. Ue 
m. at Stoughton, by the Rev. Philip Curtis, April 22, 1763, 
Hannah, daughter of Elijah and Uaxumh (Puffer) Baker, 
of Sharon, who was b. at Sharon, Dec. 25, 1745, and d. 
at Stoughton, Feb. 5, 1803. *' Nathaniel resided at one- 
time on the Hartwell farm, but his principal home was on 
the Dunbar farm ; and Spring Lane was in hLs day known 
as FLsher's Lane." We find him a private in Major Stephen 
Miller's company of militia, as early as May 3, 1757 ; he 
was in Capt. James Endicott's company which marched 

Digitized by 



from Stoughton on recemng the news of the Lexington 
Alarm, and is mentioned as corporal in service from March 
4, 1776, marching from Stoughton to fortify Dorchester 
Heights, reinforcing the Continental Army. Also on the 
roils as sezviug in June, 1776, marching to Moon Island 
when the British fleet was driven out of Boston Harbor. 

He was one of the committee to take into consideration the 
Constitution proposed at the State Convention, Feb. 28, 1778 ; 
was one of those supplied with funds at various times to pur- 
chase supplies (or the families of Continental soldiera ; a dele- 
gate chosen by the town to attend the State Convention to 
consider the proposed Federal Constitution, Dec. 3, 1787 ; 
one of the Guardians of the Ponkapog Indians, 1783*1792. 
He was one of the committee to petition the Gen^iul Court 
that the First Parish be incorporated as a separate town, 
signing the petition April 17, 1795. •*The General Court 
passed an order, June 26, 1794, that towns should be surveyed 
and plans made. Nathaniel Fisher was then our surveyor. 
He made his map on a scale of fifty chains to the inch, — or, 
as he always spelled it, * intch.' It shows the location of the 
houses only on what are now Pleasant and Washington streets ; 
the ponds and brooks ; the situation of the mills, with the names 
of their owners ; the meeting house ; and the hay bridges over 
the Neponset." Nathanid was the executor of the will of 
John Boylston, a young blacksmith, who d. Sept. 8, 1775 ; was 
on the school committee of the Centre Branch, First Parish, 
in 1794, and the same year laid out the Feiuio farm of five 
hundred acres. 

He bought the lower privilege of the east branch of the Ne- 
ponset River; **in 1794 we find Nathaniel Fisher had his 
* great forge' and * come mill ' here, and in 1797, scythes were 
made here. A plan before me, drawn by N. P. himself, shows 
the forge to have been on the south side of the stream, and 
the corn-mill on the north, both above the bridge. Fisher 
was the surveyor of his time, and to him we are indebted for 
many plans of ancient homesteads as well as the town map of 
1793." So wrote the genial historian of Canton. The site of 
the great forge and '' come mill '* is where the East Branch of 
the Neponset River crosses Railroad Street in present Canton. 

The inventory of his estate, made at Canton, March 11, 
1797, shows personal property valued at over $3,100; the 
homestead of one hundred and forty-four acres, appraised at 
$3*277; the mill lot of four acres and buildings, at $1,600; 
home farm of sixty acres at $1 ,200, etc. ; the total of real estate 
l)eing $10,065. The personal property, shown by the inven- 
tory made March 4, 1797, was valued at $2,487.07. 

Digitized by 



Tlxeir children were : 

190. JABnr^ b. March 15, 1764 ; m. Mary Tncker, Feb. 10, i79r. 

IQX. EujAH^, b. July 30, 1765 ; m. itt, Suaannah Hixon ; m. 2a, Me- 
hiuble W. Padaen. 

193. Abel*, b. April 26, 1767; m. itt, Deborah White ; m. 2tl, Ruth 
Nathaiobx.', b. Aug. 34, 1760 ; graduated at Harvard, clasa of 
1789. Studied law with Edward U. Robbius, and was admit- 
ted to the Suffolk Bar in 1791. He d. Feb. 25, 1802. 

193. Hannah^ b. Jtfarch 14, 1773 ; m. Benjamin Lewis, April 25, 


194. SAMUBt*, b. Nov. I4i 1776; m. Susannah Tucker, May 31, 


195. Elizabeth', b. July 17, 1782 ; m. Henry Bass Curtis, Oct. 5, 


iH>. Susanna*, daughter of E/.ekiel (46) and Susamiu 
(Wadsworth) Fisher, was b. at Stoughtou, Mass., Dec. 26, 
1744, andd. at Augusta, Me., Aug. 3, 1831, aged 86 yeanf. 
She m. at Stoughton, by Rev. Samuel Duubar, May 4, 1775, 
Henry, son of Richanl and E.sthcr ( ) Bailey, who was 

b. at Stoughton, April 18, 1737, and d. at Canton, Oct. 24, 
i9i9> ^Sed 82. They res. at Canton, Mass. , and after his death 
she removed to Augusta, Me., and lived with her daughter, 
Persis Hovey , until her death. Children were : 

Sarah Baiutv', b. July 9, 1776. 

Fbbsis Bailkv', b. March iS, 1781 ; m. Hovcy. 

Lydia Baiusv', b. Sept. 25, 1788; d. Sept. 21, 1793. 

lUO. Ruth*, daughter of Ezekiel (46) and Susanna 
(Wadsworth) Fisher, wash, at Stoughton, Sept. 15, 1746, and 
d. at Canton, Oct. 36, 18 19, aged 73 years. She m. at Stough- 
ton, April 12, 1770, Israel, son of Richard and Anna (Mos- 
man) Bailey, who was b. there, Nov. 18, 1747, and d. in 
Canton, June 17, 1843, aged 95. Children were : 

Mary Bailrv', b. Nov. 14, 1770. 

IrBMUBI. Bailkv', b. April 10, 1776; ** Major'' ; d. April 16, 

BujAH BAiUiv', b.Dec. 31, 1780. 
John Bailby', b. ; was a memlicr of CongresH front 

Massachusetts. [Iluntoon's History of Canton, pp. 521-22.] 
LUTHBR Baiucy', b. May 3, 1783; Brown University, 180B; ni. 

Anne Peck, of Providence, R. I. Pastor of the First Churcli 

in Medway, from 1816 to 1835. [Mcdway History, pp. 114- 


101. KzUKlKU", second son of E/.ekiel (46) and Su.sanna 
(Wadsworth) Fi.sher, was b. at Packeen, in present Can- 
ton, on the Mayo Place, on Aug. 5, 1748; m. ist, Jan. 10. 
1771, Sarah, daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah (Stetirnsj 

Digitized by 



May, who was b. at Stonghton, Oct. 25, 1751, and d. there, 
Jan. i6, 1778 ;m. 2d, Oct. z8, 1787, Anna, daughter of Levi 
and Ann (Kenny) Horton, who was b. at Stoughton, Feb. 
<^> ^763, andd. at Canton, March i, 1841, aged 78. Hewas 
a sergeant in Capt. James Bndicott's company, Col. Lemuel 
Robinson's Regt., at the alarm of April 19, serving eight 
days ; also serv^in the same company, Benj. Gill's Regt., re* 
inf orcing the Continental troops when they fortified Dorches- 
ter Heights, enlisted March 4, disch. March 9, 1776. Hewas 
a member of the Parish, Dec. 13, 1784, First precinct of 
Stonghtou, now Canton, and iras its treasurer, 1784-86; 
signed the petition for the incorporation of Canton, April 17, 
1795. Was a black.Hmith by trade. *' The Fisher house, on 
Wa.Hhington street, not far from the old Taunton turnpike, 
Ponkapog, was erected in 1780-81, by Bzekiel Fisher, a grand- 
father of the present owner and occupant, Charles Fisher 
(393)- It is a large two-story frame house, and stands near 
a brook which for more than two hundred years furnished 
power for mills of various kinds. The great diimney, which 
was more than twelve feet square, has been replaced by a 
smaller one, but with few exceptions the house is about as it 
\yas when new. In the chimney was a broad tile on which 
the builder had carved * E. F., 1781,' which Mr. Fisher still 
has in the house. All the Fishers have borne an active part in 
the town. This old homestead has never been out of the family 
in the one hundred and sixteen years since it was built. It 
is stated that this was the first painted house in town, and 
great was the astonishment, and dire the prophecies among 
the wise-acres, of the disasters that would surely be visited 
on the head of the extravagant owner. Clapboarding was 
also first seen on this building, and it was the object of curiosity 
and amazement of all the neighborhood." — G. Henry Pow- 
ell, in Canton Journal^ 1897. Elijah erected in 1790, the fine 
old house on Washington street, near Canton Cemetery, owned 
and occupied by Mr. Billings Hewett. In the inventory of his 
esute, the homestead of five acres, with dwelling and bam, 
was appraised at $1,500, and other real estate at f 1,100 ; the 
personal property at $3,594. Their children were : 

Mary', b. Mav 8, 1772 ; m. zst, Elijah Crane, Jr., Dec. 6, 1787 ; 
removed to Maine. She m. 2d, ^ncr Tibhetts, of Bxeter, Me. 

196. Gborob^, b. Dec. 35, 1774 ; m. Lois Vote Ward, of Milton. 

197. EUAS', b. Feb. 3, 1777; removed to Tavnton. 

198* AuiXAKDKR', b. Dec. a, 1780; m. Clara Tucker, Sept. 26, 1816. 
Sarah', b. April 21,. 1783 ; m. Elijah Skinner, and moved to 
Corinth, Me. 
199. Nathan', b. March 6, 178s; m. ist, Mary Johnson ; m. 2d, 
Maria Carpenter, of Rehoboth ; ret. Taunton. 

Digitized by 



Samubl Hoeyom^, b. (by second wife) Not. 6, 1789; never 
married ; enlisted in the War of i8i3» and wan stationed for 
some time at Fort Independence; member of Baptist 

chnrcb, Canton ; d. at Dorchester, An?. 19, 1849. 
900. Nancy', b. Feb. 14, 1793; m. Laban Fields, of Tannton. 
MI. BuNics%b. May 26, 1794 ; m. Justus Pooler, of Belchertowu. 

102. Abigaa', daughter of Ezekiel (46) and Susanna 
. Wadsworth) Fisher, was b. inStoughton, now Canton, Aug. 
18, 1753, and d. in Canton, Aug. 26, 1842, aged 90. She m. 
(intention dated) April i, 1775, Deacon Elijah, son of Col. 
Benjamin and Bethia (Wentworth) Gill (see under 76), who 
was b. in Stoughton, Oct. 25, 1752, and d. in Canton, May 
26, 1826, aged 74. Their children : 

Buxacs GiuJ, b. Ang. 4i 177^ ; d. ; m. (intention) Oct. 

26, x8oo; Simeon, son of Joseph and Mary (Shurtlefi) Went- 
worth, of Canton, who d. there, Sept. 30, 1836, aged 39. 
[Descendants in Wentworth Genealogy, Vol. II, p. 339. j 

Blhah Giir, b. April xt, 1779; m. Rebecca Hawes, May 17, 
1802 (intention. ) [ Descendants in Bond's Watertown, p. 531 , 
and Wentworth Genealogy, Vol. I, pp. 445-47.] 

JASOKGII.I•^ b. Jnly 22, 1781. 
iBNjAMiif GiXA^, b. ; m. Rebecca Belcher, Nov. 29, i8j4« 

202. Bbtula. GiixS b. ; m. (intention) Aug. i. 1802, Deacon 

Bsra Tilden, of the Baptist Church in Canton. 
Abigail GIU^ b. ; m. (intention) March 7, 1845, Bd- 

ward Capen, of West Bridgewater. 
LuciNDA 6uA^, b. May 3, 1796; d. Nov. 18, 1829; m. Francis 
Mason, of Randolph, Dec. 6, 1825. 

103. Lbmubl', third son of Ezekiel (46) and Susanna 
(Wadsworth) Fisher, was b. at Stoughton, Dec. 8, 1754, and 
d. at Canton, Aug. 23, i8io,aged 55 years. He m. at Stough- 
ton, June I, 1780, Anna, daughter of Samuel, Jr., and Reli- 
ance (Hudson) Billings, who was b. at Stoughton, Oct. 20, 
1757, Audd. at Canton, Feb. 7, 1827, aged 69. The late D. 
T. V. Huntoon wrote of him : '* Lemuel lived on what we 
now call the Dunbar Farm. He was a very powerful man and 
a famous wrestler: and it is said that Fisher once dug a cellar 
hole in one day, and won a bet of fifty dollars." He was a 
member of Capt. James Endicott's company, Lemuel Robin- 
son's Regt., that marched from Stoughton on the alarm of 
April 19th, and was in service thirteen days ; was a fifer in 
the same company, Col. Benjamin Gill's Regt., reinforcing 
the Continental army in fortifying Dorchester Heights, in ser- 
vice from March 4, to March 9, 1776. June 13, 1776, he en- 
listed again in the same company and regiment, and marched 
to Moon Island when the British fleet was driven out of iias- 
ton Harbor, in service 3 days. Later we find his name on 
a return of Capt. Endicott's company, Kphraim Wheelock's 

Digitized by 



Kegt.» as having been discharged, Nov. ii» 1776. His name 
appears on a roll, dated Stoughtou, March 13, 1782, as having 
been fifer in Eudicott's company, Col. William Mcintosh's 
Kegt., enlisting March 20, 1778, and discharged April 17, 
177S, thirty days, ind. travel; reported marched toRoxbury. 
April 17, 1795, he signed the petition for the incorporation 
of Canton. Their children were : 

303. Sarah^, b« April I3, 1781 ; m. Henry Stone Bemis, of Cautou. 
John*, b. Nov. xo, 1782 ; d. single in Ohio. 

304. ASA^ b. July 15, 1784 ; m. Waitc, of Spencer. 
LKMuai*s b. Feb. 34, 1786 ; a farmer, res. Canton ; d. Dec. 32, 

1843 ; nnm. 
Joskph', b. Jan. 30, 1788 ; m. Mrs. Ruth Irvine, Jnne 13, 1816. 
ANNA^ b. Jan. 3, 1790, d. Sept. 8, 1806. 

305. Ruth', b. Feb. 4, 1793 ; m. Lnther Ingraham, March 7, 1816. 
MAKY^ b. April 33, 1794; m. (pnbl.) Jan. i, 2830, James, son 

of Jonathan and Elizabeth ( ; Leonard, who was b. at 

Canton, Feb. 34, 1793. 

306. SuSAN^, b. Dec. 14, X798 ; d. Feb. 37, 1879, unm. 

104. Sarah', daughter of Ezekiel (46) and Snsanna 
(Wadsworth) Fisher, was b. at Stoughtou, March 24, 1759, 
and d. at Augusta, Maine, Aug. x8, 18x8, aged 59 years. 
She m. at Stoughtou, Oct. 31, X780, Beriah, aonof Jerexniah, 
Jr., and Abigail (Hartwell) Ingraham, who was b. there, 
March 8, X7s6, and d. at Augu.sta, Me., March 6, X814, aged 
58. '* Jeremiah Ingraham, Jr., was b. in Stoughtou, May 31 , 
1733 ; was a farmer ; m. Abigail, dau. of Deacon Joseph and 

Mary ( ) Hartwell, of Stoughton, b. July X2, 1733. Moved 

to Augusta, Maine (then Hallowell), in 1780. Mrs. Ingra- 
ham was a sister to the wife of the celebrated Roger Sherman, 
of Connecticut, and to the mother of Benj. Bussey, of^ Rox- 
bury." — North's Augusta. Beriah moved to Hallowell (now 
Augusta), Maine, in 1778. Their children, b. there, were : 

HxjjAH Ingraham', b. March x8, X783 ; d. young. 
AuiGAix. Imgrauam', b. March 9, 1784 ; d. yonng. 
Susanna INCaAUAM^ b. May 39, X786; m. 1810, Jonathan 

Matbewt, of Sidney. 
LUTHKR lNGKAMAM% b. Sept. 5, X788 ; m. March 7, 1816, Ruth 

Fiaber, (sos) of Canton, Matt. 
TiLLJCV IvasLXHJLU', b. July 30^ Z79X ; m. Gideon Springer, 

March 7, 18x6. 
Abigail Ingraham', b. March 9, 1798. 

lOo. Eunice*^, daughter of Ezekiel (46) and Susanna 
(Wadsworth) Fisher, was b. at Stoughtou, Feb. 3, 1764, and 
d. at Augusta, Me., June 6, 1832. She m. at Stoughton, 
Sept. 16, 1784, Asa, son' of Seth and Susanna (Fobes) Wil- 
liams, who was b. at Easton, Mass., June 8, 1758, and d. at 

Digitized by 



Aagasta» Maine, July 20» 1820. His father had moved from 
Bridgewater to Baston, aud married Soaanna Pobes. Asa 
removed with his elder brother » Seth, from Easton in 1779, to 
Hallowell (now Augusta), and settled on the river road to 
Sidney, where he lived until his death. Their children were : 

SusANifiL WixuAMS*. b. Biay JO, 1785 ; m. Dec., 1809, Jonathan 
I Hedge, of Vaeaalboro', afterwanU of Augusta, Me. 

BuincK WixxxAMS', b. March i, 1787 ; d. Feb. 20, 1820. 
> SiLiXY WnxXAJCS^, b. Nov. 37, 1788 ; in. Nov. 26, 1816, Scotto 

Hedge, of Vasaalboro', Me. 
Ruth wxujams', b. Dec. 3, 1790 ; d. June 17, 1814. 
AvisWxzjjAMS^, b.Jnly 15, 1792; d. June 22, 18x4. 
Asa WIIAXAMS^ b. Oct. 27, 1795 ; m. Ruth Hovev, Sept. i, 1833. 
BUZABSTH Wxx,UAM8', D. Dec. 19, 1798 ; m. Charlea Hamlin, 

of Augusta, Dec. 25, 1823; d. Sept. 3, 1859; parents of Prof. 

Chai. B. Hamlin, of Hsnrtrd University. 
Susan WiuXAiiS^, b. Oct. 9, x8ox ; m, Lewis B. Hamlin, of 
^ Augusta, June x8, X826. 

Vbsta G. Wiiaiams', b. Aug. 36, X804 ; m. June x8, X826, 

Nehemiah Plagff, of Augusta, Me., and Boston, Mass. ; d. 

Aug. 28, 1849. No children. 

106. Rbbbcca', daughter of Ezekiel (46) and Experience 
Blackxaan (Fuller) Fisher, was b. at Stoughtou, March 29, 
1783, and d. at West Gardiner, Maine, Feb. 18, 1857. She Canton (published) March x6, 1806, Jesse, son of Dea- 
con Benjamin and Jane (Babcock) Tucker, who was b. at 
Stoughton, July X4, 1780, and d. at Gardiner, Me., March 
7, X846. Jesse and Rebecca, with her mother, arrived at 
Hallowell, Maine, in a packet from Boston, in May, x8o6, 
after a passage of three weeks, and thence proceeded to make 
their home on a farm in Gardiner (now West Gardiner), 
Maine, where they lived until their deaths. Their children 
were : 

207. Locy Tuckbk', b. Nov. 7, x8o6 ; d. Oct. 18, 1873 ; ni. Woodman 

True,. March i, 183X. 
Anna TucKRa^ b. April 9, 1808 ; d. Oct. 3, 1815. 

208. John Tuc]CBR^ b. Dec. 10, 1809 ; ni. Rho<la Jane Jack, .\pril 9, 


209. RxBBCC▲TuCK1la^b.Dec. 13, 1811; d. March 11, 1882; m. Dan- 

iel BarUett, June 12, XS38. 
Hannah Tuckbk\ b. Aug. 2X, 1813 ; rea. at West Gardiner, 
Me. (X895), on the homestead ; unm. 

210. Ann Tuckkb.', b. Oct. 6, 1815 ; m. Moses True, March 29, 1835. 
JANX TucxEa'. b. Dec. 26, 1817 ; rea. on the homestead. 

/ JUSSB Tuckbr', b. Jan. 19, X820; d. Jan. 3, 1856 : unm. 
\ David TuCKXB^ b. Tan. 19, 1S20; m. ist, Ahitfail W. Fuller, 
May 9, 1847; m. 2d, Susan Tap][>an, March 6, 1867. 
BUXABKTH TuCKKR^ b. June 28, 1822 ; d. Nov. 25. 1852 ; m. 

Thomas Barber, April 23, 1851. 
Mary Tuckbr', b. Oct. 17, 1827 *, m. George H. liillinBSi Jiily 
8, 1849- « 


Digitized by 



KM). EbrnezbrV son of Timothy (47) and Thankful 
(Daniell) Fisher, was b. at Stoughton, Jan. 31, 1754. His 
father died in the Crown Point Expedition, in 1756. Bbenezer 
u-as a resident of Stoughton, and served twelve days in Capt. 
William Brigg's company, at the Lexington alarm. Enlisted 
again May i, X775» and served three months and seven days. 
June 13, 1776, he joined Capt. Jas. Endieott's company, and 
'* inarched to Moon Island, when the British fleet was driven 
out of Boston Harbor." He m. at Stoughton, Jan 29, 1777, 
Phebe Gay, of Stoughton, and probably m. 2d, at Stoughton, 
Abigail Robbins, Sept 12, 1783. 

110. Benjamin', eldest child of Benjamin (48) and 
Sarah (Everett) Fisher, was b. at the South Parish in Ded- 
ham (now Norwood), May 23, 1743 ; m. at Walpole, Feb. 
9, 1769, Mary, daughter of Daniel' and Mary (Fisher) Rob- 
bins, who was b. in 1752. (See Dedham Historical Register, 
Vol. VIII, p. 108.) Benjamin was a drummer in Capt. 
William Bullard's company, Col. Heath's regiment, at die 
alarm of April 19, 1775, serving 12 days. He enlisted for 
eight months on May 9, 1775, serving at Roxbury ; again on 
Jan. 26, 1776, for 17 days at Dorchester Heights. He re- 
enlLsted for eight mouths, March 4, 1776, as corporal in Capt. 
Stow*s company. Col. Ephxaim Wheelock, serving in the 
Northern campaign of 1775-76, and died of camp fever at Ti- 
conderoga, Sept. 9, 1776. Their children were : 

CvNTHIA^ b. Jan. x8, 1771. 

LUTHB&\ b. Dec. 5, 1772. 

Sussv', bapt. Jan. 5, 1777 ; m. David Andrews, Blay 25, 1797 ; 
d. Jane 30, 1841, aged 65. He wai the son of David^ and 
Hannah (Puller) Andrews, of Dedham. [Andrews Gene- 

1 1t. Asa*, second son of Benjamin (48) and Sarah (Ever- 
ett) Fisher, wasb. in Dedham (South Parish, now Norwood), 
April 30, 1745; m. (published) July 2, 1767, Elizabeth,, 
daughter of Daniel, Jr., and Rachel (Pond) Draper, who was 
b. Jan. 16, 1747, andd. in Dedham, Oct. 26, 1813. He d.. 
April 2, i«S23, aged 78. He was a private in Capt. Jeremiah 
Smith's company. Col. John Smith's Regt., maxtrhing on the 
alanuof April 19, 1775, iu service nine days, as appears by 
the following : " Walpole, December ye 4th, 1775. A mu.<i- 
stcr roll of the company in the colony's service which marched 
from S. Walpole on the alarm last April yc 19: 1775, under 
the command of Capt. Jeremiah SmiUi in coll. John Smith's 
Regiment . « . . Asa Fisher." Enlisted May 8, 1775, as ser- 

Digitized by 



geant in Seth BnUard's company, Joseph Read's Regt., being 
on the n>Us» Aug. i, 1775, as serving three months and one 
day, and on same comjMtny rolls Sept. 36, 1775, dated Rox- 
bnry. We find his name on roll of Oliver Clapp's company, 
Sphraim Wheelock's Regt.» as sergeant, enlisted Dec. 8, 
1776, and discharged Jan. i, 1777, being nnder Major James 
Metcalf, stationed at Warwick, R. I. He enlisted Sept. 25, 
X777, as sergeant in the same company, Benjamin Hawes* 
Rc^M going on the secret expedition to Rhode Island, serving 
one month and seven days, discharged Oct. s8, 1777. He 
was one of the Dedham selectmen in 1794. He is said to have 
been well educated, and to have amassed a considerable for- 
tnne for his day. 

According to Dr. H. P. Hooper, this Asa m. sd (published), 
July 17, 18x4, Hannah Hartshorn, whod. Jan. 31, 1820, aged 
58; and 3d (published), July i, 1820, Hannah Cole, who d. 
Dec. x6, Z843, aged 74. Their children were : 

BaccA^, b. Sonth Dedham, Oct. 29, 1767 ; d. Dedham, July 3, 
1850 ; m. John Baker, of D«dham» Oct. 31, 1793. Their por- 
tndti are in the Dedham Historical Society. [Baker's De- 
scendant! of Bdward Baker, p. 94.] 
215. C▲THBaIl^(^ b. Walpole, Jan. 9, 1770; m. Blihu Onion, Dec. 
18, 1791. 
OhtvVt b. ; d. Walpole, Sept. lo, 1773. 

3i6. Bbmjaicin', b. Walpole, Feb. 33, 1777 ; m. Abigail Baker, May 
13. 1801. 
' 317. Ab^ah', b. April 33, 1778 ; m. Panny Field, of Attleboro. 

Pouy', b. Biay is, 1779 ; d. unm. — ; an invalid for many 

112. Eliphalst*, third son of Benjamin (48) and Sarah 
(Everett) Fisher, wash, at South Dedham, now Norwood, 
June 8, 1747 ; m. ist, at Medfield, by Rev. Thomas Prentiss, 
Dec. 5, 1 77 1, Judith, dau. of Joshua and Anna (Penniman, 
Barber) Bullard, who was b. in 1749, and d. at South Ded- 
ham, July 26, 1796 ; he m. 2d, at South Dedham, by Rev. 
Jabez Chickering, March 15, 1797, Relief, daughter of Eben- 
ezer and Mercy ( ) Blake, who was b. at Dorchester, 

Aug. I, 1768, and d. at Dedham, Aug, 23, 1844, aged 76. 
His wife, Judith, joined the South Dedham church, with him, 
Sept. x8, 1785 ; Relief Fisher joined there, Nov. 7, 1802. We 
find by a muster roll, dated Aug. i, 1775, that he had then 
served as corporal three months and eight days, in Capt. Seth 
Bullard's company. Read's Regt. ; also on returns of same com- 
pany, dated Roxbury, Sept. 26, 1775 ; served in Capt. Sabin 
Mann's company, Metcalf's Regt., at the Rhode Island alarm, 
from Dec. 8 to Dec. 20, 1776; reported discharged from New 
York ; enlisted from Medfield, April 19, 1 775, for eight months, 

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under Captain Chenery, at first as a private, but soon made 

a corporal; on a return of Sabin Mann's Training Band, 

endorsed Medfield Militia, for equipment, June 8, 1776; in 

Sabin Mann's company when ordered to march to Providence 

Court House, thence to Warwick Neck, R. I., serving thirteen 

days, dated Cumberland, Dec. 9, 1776; chosen 3d corporal by 

Militia and alarm list of Medfield, June 10, 1776; served as 

prix'ate in Ebenezer Everett's company, Mcintosh's Regt., 

Gen. Lovell's Brigade, in the R. I. Alarm, enlisting Aug. i, 

1778, and disch. Sept. 14, 1778. He was a farmer at South 

Dedham, now Norwood, where he d. April 26, 18 19, aged 72. 

His estate was administered upon June i, 1819 (Ncniolk Pro., 

32 : 413), the inventory being filed July 6, 18x9. Children 

were z 

Blipbalbt', b. Medfield, March 32, 1773 ; d. at South Dedham, 

Sept. 10, X796; unm. 
Judith*, d. Medfield, Feb. 30, 1775 ; m. Oliver Fisher (182), 

Nov. 27, 1793. 
OuvR*, b. South Dedham, June z8, 1777 ; m. William Ellis, Jr., 

May 27, 1798. 
OBsn', b. mdrch 23, 1784; d. Nov. 14, 1785. 
NABa(y% b. Sept. 29, 1787; d. at Dedham, Feb. iz, 1864, of 

pnenmoiiia; m. in z8x2, Lewis, toa of John and liarv 

CLewis) Morse, who was b. at Dedham, Jan. x6, X785, and a. 

there Oct. 4t X835. 
Brtskv Bxjucs*, bapt. July X7, x8o2 ; m. Lewis Gould, of 

Sharon, Jan. 5, 1829. 

113. JBSSB*, son of Benjamin (48) and Sarah (Everett) 
Fisher, was b. at South Dedham, July 7, 175X ; m. xst, at 
Dedham, May 8, 1777, Hannah, dau. of Ebenezer and 
Hannah (Allen) Battelle, who was b. at Dedham, Dec. 25, 
1753; ^' 2d> ^t Princeton, Aug. 8, X79X, Polly Skinner, of 
Princeton. He purchased land in Princeton, about X778, 
or earlier, probably before April, 1775, as he. then served 
from there in the army. In his fatther's will, dated Feb. 
7, 1777, he is called ''of Princeton." Advertised in x^78 
liis krm for sale, two and a half miles from the meeting 
hotLse. We find him in Boaz Moore's com^ny, Ephraim 
Doolittle's Regt., at the Lexington alarm, serving eight days ; 
enlisted into the Continental Army, April 37, X77S, serving 
in John Jones' company, to Aug. x, X775, three months and 
twelve days^ receipted for advanced pay, Cambridge, July x, 
1775, and same day his name itppears on a certificate, stating 
that he met with certain losses at Bunker HiU, June X7, X775 
(Archives V, p. 381a.) His xuime also appears on same com* 
pany returns, dated Winter HiU, Oct. 6, X773, in camp. He 
moved to Wendell, Mass:, but he is said to ^ve finally 
removed to Paris, Oneida County, N. Y. Children were : 

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ai8. JSSSB*» b. April 34, 1778; minitter at Scotland Parish, Wind- 

haiii» Conn. 
Hamnah^, b. Jan. 15, 1780 ; uu Erastnt Gunn. 
Abxoaxx,^, b. April 19, 1782. 
BBSMBCsn^, b. Feb. 2, 2783. 
PouY^ b. March 4f ij^l m. — ^ Daniell, and d. at Dedham, 

Not* 19, i865» aoed 77 yeara, 8 moa., 15 da. 
Sarab^ b. May 28, Z70D. 
BBT88y% b. (by second wife) Oct. 21, 1792. 
JOHM^ b. March i, 1793. 
Looba', b. Wendell, Ang. z, 1801 ; m. Itaacna Colbnrn, of 

Dedjiam ; d. at Dedham» May 17, 1882, aged 80. 

114. MosBS*, son of Benjamin (48) and Satah (Everett) 
Fisher, was b. at Dedham, Nov. 27, bapt. Nov. 30, 1755 ; m. 
ist, Feb. I9» 1784, Louisa, daughter of Eliphalet and Han- 
nah (Lewis) Thorp, of Dedham, who was b. Oct. 26, 1762, 
baptued at Dedham, May 29, 1763, and d. at Francestown, 
N. H., Feb. 9, 181 1. He m. 2d, Jan. 25, 1813, Mrs. Lucy 
(Friend) Manning, of Lyndeboro, who was b. June 11, 
1774, andd. March 14, 184 1, aged 66. Moses left Dedham 
in 1785 and settled in Francestown, N. H., on the farm now 
occupied by his grandson, Moses Bradford Fisher. In the 
Revolution he served in William Bullard's company, Col. 
William Heath's Regt., for six days at the Lexington Alarm ; 
for a month and seven days from Sept. 35, 1777, to Oct. 28 (3 
days' travel allowed) in Capt. Abel Richards' company, Col. 
fienjamin Hawes ; and in Capt. Abel Richard's company, 
Col. Mcintosh's Regt., at Boston and Roxbury, from March 
23, 1778, to April 6, 1778. *' One of the luxuries of his hou^ 
in Francestown was a chandelier made of iron, by the black- 
smith, filled with chicken oil, with a cotton wick ; this lamp 
hung from a moveable wooden crane (hake) at the side of 
the room." He d. Jan. 23, 1847. Children, b. at Frances- 
town, were: 

JOKN^, b. April ao, 178; ; d. Nov. 25, 1785. 

219. Lbwu*, b. Ang. 19, 1786 ; d. Oct. 19, i8io; m. Mary , of 


220. MosKS^, b. Oct. 25, Z790 ; m. Fanny Fuller, of Lyndeboro, K.H. 
JOBZ.% b. Sept 30, 1793 ; d. March 10, 1796. 

221. Abijah', b. March 17, 1795 ; m. Sarah M. Friend. 

222. AAaON', b. Aug. 23, 1797; m. Susan Puller, July x, 1823. 
AmjlsJl\ b. Ang. 31, 1799; d. Oct. 25, 1800. 

Haxcmah', b. April 24, 1802 ; m. Franklin Friend, who was b. 
July ti, X803; res. Salem, Mass.; she d. Aug., 1894. 

223. THoaF\ b. April 24, 1804 ; m. ist, Joanna Crombie JoneSt Nov. 

6, 1832; m 2d, Oct. 10, i860, Mrs. Mary Ruth (Babbidge) 
Russell ; res, Salem, Mass. 

224. Asa Maicnimg^, b. April 9, 1817 ; m. Blizabeth Dennis, April 

24, 1846 ; res* Denmark, Iowa. 

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115. AARON^ son of Benjamin (48) and Sarah (Everett) 
Fisher, was b. at Dedham, Jan. 16, 1758, and d. at Wendell, 
Mass., Oct. 10, 1843. He m. Rebecca, daughter of Israel 
and Abigail (Howe) Moore, of Bolton, Mass., who was b. in 
Lancaster, Nov. 15, 1758. 

Aaron served in the Revolution, first, it is said, at the Lex- 
ington Alarm, in Capt. Asa Fairbanks' company, when only 
seventeen years old ; was in Capt. Ebenezer Everett's com- 
pany, William Mcintosh's Regt., enlisting at Roxbury, June 
8, 1778, aged 20; 5 ft. 8 in. in height; hair reddish; eyes 
grey ; husbandman, res. Dedham; enlisted for nine months 
from arrival at Fishkill, N. Y., where he arrived June 14, 
1778, and was assigned to Capt. Brewer's company, Col. 
Carleton's Regt., and was in Col. Rufus Putnam's Regt., with 
rank of sergeant. As early as June, 1776, we find his name 
on the roll of Capt. Timothy Stow's company, Col. Ephraim 
Wheelock's Regt. of men stationed at Ticonderoga, with 
rank of sergeant, and serving five months. He was placed on 
the pension roll Oct. 28, 18 18, but suspended by act of May 
I, 1820 ; but under act of June 7, 1832, drew a pension from 
March 4, 1831 , until his death. He moved to Wendell, Frank- 
lin county , Mass. , at the close of the Revolution, where the house 
in whidi he subsequently resided forsixty years is standing and 
still occupied as a dwelling. His flint-Iodc musket, and wooden 
canteen, carried by him during the Revolution, are in the 
possession of his grandson, James E. Clark, of Athol Centre, 
Mass. On his canteen he carved his initials and the date, 
Oct. 18, 1778, while on duty at Fort Ticondttroga. He and 
his wife and eldest son, Aaron, Jr., were among the charter 
members of ''The Baptist Church of Christ in Wendell," 
founded June 11, 1799. His wife d. in Wendell, Dec, 27, 
1^361 ^g^ 78 years. Their children, all b. at Wendell, were : 

225. Aaron^, b. Aug. 30, X783; d. March 6, 1809; m. Hexnibah 

Walker, of Wendell. 
Siz^AS^, b. March 21, 1786; probably d. yonng and unm. 
EvBitBTT', b. April 9, 1788. 
Bktsbv% b. April 5, 1791 ; m. Calvin Osgood ; removed to 

Whitettown, N.Y. 
LXNUS^ b. Feb. 24f X793. 
Lois H.^ b. May 50, 1795; m. Fisher ; they lived and 

died in Brattleboro, Vt.; no children. 

226. AI.XCB^ b. Sept. 23, 1797 ; m. James Clark, of Athol, BCaaa.; he 

d. Jan. 29, Z872 ; she a. Sept. 7, 1874. 

227. BzRA^ b. Jan. 6, 1800; m. xst. Lacy Taft. Feb. 7, 1830; 2d, 

Amelia Millard, June 27, 1854. 
OuvBR M.% b. Nov. 21, 180- ; d. Feb. 3, 18^; m. and at his 
death left a widow and a daughter, Louisa*. His widow m. 
2d, Jonathan Wheeler, of Athol. Daughter Louisa* m. 
Joseph C. French, a prominent dru^ist of Indianapolis, 
lad., and d. about 1894; he is still livmg. 

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116. Jonathan', oldest son oi Isaac (52) and Esther 
(Man) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Oct. 8, 1720 ; m. by Mr. 
Bean, Jan. 9, 1750, Betty, daughter of Benjamin and Betty 
(Ware) Grant, of Wrentham (now SheldonviUe Village), 
who was b. there. May 20, 1725, and d. March 12, 1825, aged 
99 years, xo months and 12 days. He died Sept. 26, 1793. 
lliey resided at Cumberland, R. I. Their children were : 

Bsnv', b. Oct. 27, X751 ; d. Nov. iS, 1840, ag«d 89 ; unui. 
aaS. BSTHSR^, b. Aug. 3, 1758 ; mute ; m. Owen AldricJi ; d. Jan. 13, 

229. BxpaaneNOt', b. May 9, 1754; d. Tan. 15, 1849; m. Samuel 

Grant, of Cumberland, R. i.; he d. July 20, 1815, aged 61. 

230. BURIA.', b. June 12, 1756; d. Oct. 21, Z825 ; m. I»eonard Manu, 

at Wrentham, Feb. 25, 1779. 
Huxj>ah', b. March 8, 1760; mute ; d. April 4, 1778. 
COEMSEinxs', b. Oct 4f X761; mute; d. uec. zi, 1790. 

231. Jolr▲tBaN^ b. Jan. 13, 1753 ; rem. to Alstead, N. U. 
Aarok'. b. Aug. 27, 1768; mute; d. March i, 1792. 

232. Dauzuss b. May 27, Z764 ; m. Rachel Rhodes, March 8, 1786. 
Sosamna', b. April 4, Z766; d. March 8, Z789. 

233. CBEZSTorasa', b. Aug. 7, Z767 ; mute ; d. in Medway, May 4, 


117. Timothy*, son of Isaac (52) azid Esther (Man) 
Fisher, was b. in Wrentham, Dec. 24, Z726; m. Rachel, 
daughter of Eliezer (57) and Rachel ( ) Fisher, of 
Wrentham, who was b. Sept. 2, Z733. They raided at Frank- 
lin, where he d. z8z6. His will, made April 28, z8zo, 
was admitted to probate, March 5, i8z6. Mentions wife 
Rachel; shows he had given children Enoch, Rachel and 
PoUy property during his lifetime ; Esther ** being habitually 
of a weakly cozistitution, it is my will that she have a com- 
fortable izminteziance out of my estate as long as she shall 
reznain a single person ;" grandson Preston Fisher, residuary 
legatee azid executor. The inventory, made March 28, z8i6, 
sImws homestead with its 6o| acres of land valued at $1,059; 
eighteen- acres in Wrentham at $340, six acres of meadow 
there at $258; personal property, $267, etc. Children were : 

234. ENOCH^ b. Not. 17, 1757; ni. Meletiab Cook, Mav 4, 1780. 

235. TzMOTHV', b. Oct. I, 1761 ; m. ist, Hannah Whiting; m. 2d, 

Dorcas Cleveland, of Medfield. 

Rachul', b. Sept. zo, 1763; d. Nashua, N. H., Sept. 2, 1S41; 
m. Oct* z8, Z757, Aaron Fisher, of Franklin, a descendant of 
Thomas Fisher. [Blake's History of Franklin.] 

Lxvzka', b. July zo, 1767; m. Daniel Cowell Fisber (238), 
Oet. z^, Z789. 

Bsthbr', b. May 16, Z769. 

POZJ.Y*, b. July 29, Z771 ; m. George Whitefield Messenger. 
Nov. 20, Z794 [N. B. Hist.-Genealogical Register, for Octo- 
ber, Z862] ; m. 2d, Metcalf. 

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118. Isaac', son of Isaac (52) and Esther (Man) Fisher, 
was b. in Wrentham, Ang. 26, 1732 ; m. there, May 5, 1755, 
Hepzibah, daughter of George and Sarah ( ) Adams, 

who was b. in Wrentham, Sept. 30, 1738. Isaac, as weU as 
his sons Isaac and Jacob, and son*in-law, Elijah Jones, was 
in the Revolution. He was in Lemuel Kollock's company, 
John Smith's Regt., on the alarm of April 19th ; his name is 
on a company return of Capt. Lewis Whiting's, in Ephxaim 
Wheeiock's Regt., in camp at Ticonderoga, Aug. 27, 1776, 
reported age 43, res. Wrentham ; and on another company 
return of the same company and regiment, as discharged, 
Nov. II, 1776. Isaac appears as a member of Capt. Nathan 
Tyler's company in 1756, in the French War. Children 

Sakau', b. July aS, 1755 ; m. Timothy Wight, Jaa. 30, 1777. 
[Wight Genealogy, p. 50.] 

336. Isaacs b. June xS, 1757; m. Abigail Thayer, July 6, 1780. 

337. Jacob', b. Walpole, Sept. 10, 1759; m. xst, MoUj Ware, Dec 

7,1793 ; m. ad, Melaaaa Grant, Feb. 4, 1802. 
Patxbncb', b. Walpole, Sept. 10, 1761 ;m. Elijah Joaea, Harch 

6, 1781 ; d. in Mame in 1536; he aenred in the Rerolution. 
Hbkxbah', b. Wrentham, Not. 7, 1763; m. Peter Blackintoa, 

Dec. iz, Z788. 
CHI.OB', b. Sept. zo, 1765. 
Isaac', atill-bom,'.Oct. 7, 1767. 

121. Doctor Danisl', son of Benjamin (54) and Anna 
(Cowell) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Jan. 14, 1731, and d. 
Uiere March 29, 1774. He was a physician at Wrentham and 
by his will, made March 17, adinitted to probate, April 15, 
1 774, he gave to his wiie Lucy all his estate while she remain^ 
his widow, afterwards to be divided among his children, two 
shares to the sons to one to the daughters. The will was again 
admitted to probate Dec. 31, 1778, and April 30, 1779, David 
Fisher and Lucy his wife petitioned the House of Represen- 
tatives that the will of Doctor Daniel Fisher '' was carried off 
by Foster Hutchinson Esq. late Judge of Probate with the 
records of said Office, ' ' etc. Joseph' Fisher ( 123) of Franklin 
was appointed guardian of the son Daniel Cowell Fisher, and 
David Fisher of Wrentham was appointed guardian of Lucy 
Baker, above fourteen years, and David and Charles Fisher, 
who were under fourteen years of age. The inventory of his 
estate, made June 6, 1780, footed up but ^^90, and included an 
indentured Indian girl. His widow Lucy m. Jan. 19, 1778, 
David Fisher (descendant of Thomas Fisher), of Wrentham, 
and d. there Dec. 17, 1806. Their children were : 

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338. Dakxsl CowSLL^ b. ; dt Not. 17, xS^s- 

Lucy BAxn', b. " ; m. Thommon* Rawton, Oct. 6, 1785 ; 

had twelT« children; ret. Brookfield, Mam., till 1814. He 

WM b. Feb. aa, if^t aad d. at New Orleaaa, llarch 241 1848. 

[N. B. Hiatorie-Geaealogical Begiater, aad Rawsoa Gen* 

Davids b. . 

Cbabjubi', b. . 

Aitna', b. March 31, 1774 ; prob. d. jouns. 

1S2. AsA*» son of Benjamin (54) and Anna (Cowell) 
Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Sept. 17, 1732 ; m. there March 
39» I759» Bsther, daughter of Michael and Abiel (Colbum) 
Metcalf, of Wrentham, who was b. He lived in 

that part of Wrentham which adjoined Medfield, and was one 
of the petitioners for the annexation of that portion of Wren- 
tham to Medfield in 1790. Their children : 

Aicoa', b. Feb. 4» 1760. 

AaA% b. Oct* ai, 1761 ; d. in infancy. 

BAXHBBMBjJt b. March 3, 1763. 

AaA'» b. Jan. ai* 1765. 
Bstbbbs b. April 8, 1767. 
EzBA^, b. May 37, 1769. 
P▲TTy^ b. Jnne 19, 1771. 

128. Josbph', son of Benjamin (54) and Anna (Cowell) 
Fisher, was h. at Wrentham, Oct. 6, 1741, and d. at Franklin, 
Jan. 26, 1819. He m. at Wrentham, Jan. 7, 1773, Susa or 
Susan, daughter of Jabez (descendant of Thomas Fisher) and 
Mary (Adams) Fisher, who was b. at Wrentham, April 13, 
1753, and d. at Franklin, May 38, 1842, aged 89. ''He was 
a carpenter by trade. They settled upon the farm next easterly 
of the homestead of her father, Jab^, and now (Jan., 1882,) 
V occupied by the widow of her son. Captain Maxcy Fisher ( 245 , ) 
and several of his children. She was a woman of good mind, 
intelligent, a devoted mother to her large family of ten children, 
possessed of an amiable and equable temper and an exemplary 
Christian." He was a private in Elijah Pond's company from 
Wrentham at the Lexington alarm, serving two days. Their 
children were: 

339. Su8an'» b. Jan. 6, 1775; d. Feb. 17, 1829; m. Joeeph Daniels, 

Sept.^4. 1793. 

240. NANCY^ b. Not. 16, 1776; d. April 38, 1862; m. Nathan Gil* 

more, of Franklin, Oct. 5, 17^7. 

241. Buab', b. Feb'. 24, 1779 ; m. Miss Catharine Burge. 

242. Juua'i b. March 2, 1781 ; d. unm. in Sept., 1877, aged 96. 

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243. Willis', b. July 20, 1783 ; m. Caroline pAirbanks, Feb. 8, 1810. 

244. Maxcy', b. Aug. la, 1785; m. Persts Metcalf, Dec. tj, i8xx. 

245. Gborgs', b. March 17, 1788; m. Blizabeth Huntrngton, of 

JoasPH^, b. Not. 9, 1790 ; infancy. 

246. Hbrman^, b. June 25, 179a ; m. Caroline Thompson. 
Qjjlbjl', b. April 6, 1796; d. nnm. May 14, 1833. 

124. Susanna', daughter of Mercy (55) and Samuel 
Fisher, was b. at Wreutham, April 26, 1739 ; m. there, March 
28, 1 75 1, Ichabod, son of Judith Fisher (39) and Stephen 
Turner, who was b. at Wrentham, Dec. 3, 1725. Their 
children, b. at Wrentham, were : 

Hannah Turnbr^, b. Dec. 16, Z753. 

Samxtbl Turnbr', b. Dec. x6, 1755. 

John T(;RNBR^ b. Oct. 2, 1758. 

Calvin Turner', b. Feb. 25, 1761. [Medfield History, p. 502.] 

Susanna Turnbr', b. July 3, 1763. 

1S5. Daniel', eldest son of Eliezer (57) and Rachel 
( ) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Feb. 8, 1722; m. 

Mercy . They res. at Wrentham, but we are unable 

to find when or where they died. Children were : 

HttPZZBAH', b. BCay 31, 1742 ; m. ThonuM Boyden, Oct. 14, 1762. 
Msrcy', b. Feb. 23, 1744 ; m* DaTid , of Dudley, July 

3. X77 . .. 

247. Estber', b. March 18, 1746; m. Bsra Hizon in 1765. 

248. Timothy', b. March 18, 1748 ; m. Lydia — — . 

1226. Hbzbkiah*, second son of Eliezer (57) and Rachel 
(— ) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, May 16, 1726, and d. at 
Franklin, June 27, 1809. He was precinct clerk 1758, 1769 
and 1773 ; town clerk in 1781 ; and selectman 1778. July 4, 
1788, a vote of thanks was given by the town to him '* for his 
present of the glass to the meeting house," a donation of over 
j^29. He was lieutenant in the militia and served on the 
Committee of Correspondence, from March 4, 1776. Repre* 
sentative to the Legislature from 1789 to 1797. Resided in 
North Franklin. He m. ist, Sept. 4, 1751, Abigail Daniels, 
who was b. Aug. 28, 1726, and d. at Franklin, Jan. ix, 1788. 
He m. 2d, Dec. 17, 1788, Mrs. Dinah Pond» who was the widow 
of John Pond, of Medway (he was b. Feb. 20, 1723 ; m. Nov. 
21, 1745), and daughter of a Metcalf of Wrentham. She was 
b. and d. at Franklin, March 23, 18x2. She was 

admitted to the Medway Church, March 7, 1754, and was dis* 
missed to the church at Franklin, June 30, 1791. Their 
children were: 

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Bomcs't b. BCay z6, 1753; d. July 3. 184^; m. Am DuiieU, 
Not. 5» 1778. [Medway History, p. 473.] 
349. As▲^ b. March 8, 1757 ; m. zst, Rachel Adams, Nov. ax, X783, 

aad sd, Pradence Keith. 
350« Ijtvz', b. Jnly 8, 1738 ; m. lit, Mary Clark, June 9, 1785 ; m. 2d, 

Sntaaaa Clark, April 13, 1809. 
asz. Moasa', b. Oct. 13, 1743; m. Mary Hixon, Not. 6, 1788. 
' 2sa. Caucb', b. Oct. zz, Z768; xn. xst, Sally Cashing, Nov. ao, X793; 
m. 3d, Achsah Metcalf, Sept. z, z836. 

127. Buxa&', third son of Eliezer (57) azid Rachel 
( ) Fisher, was b. in Wrenthazzi, Jan. 30, 1730, and d. 

in Franklin, May Z9, 1804. He xn. Dec. 9, 1756, Mary Daws, 
who d. at Franklin, Oct. Z4, z8o6. He was a iainner, and re- 
sided in the West Parish, which was set off as Franklin in 
Z778. His name is on the Lexington alarm roll of Thoxzias 
Bacon's coxnpany as a private. He served as xnatross in 
Perez Cnshing's battery of Col. Craft's artillery from Dec. 7, 
Z776, to May 8, Z777. They had : 

Ouvs^, b. Feb. 13, Z738 ; xn. Gaius Smith, of Rehoboth, July 3, 
333. BuxzBft', b. July xS, X7S9; m. Soaanna Bowditch, Peb. 17, 1789. 
354. PaxDBnzcx\ b. June x, 1763 ; in. Chloe Lindley . 

1S8. SiMBON^, fourth son of Eliexer (57) and Rachel 
( ) Fisher, wash, at Wrentham, Nov. 2z, 173Z. He 

was in Capt. Silvester Richmond's company, from Feb. xs 
to Nov. 30, Z76Z, in the War in Caxiada ; served in the Revo- 
lution, in Elijah Pond's company at the Lexington alarm, 
service eight days ; as a private, Samuel Cowell's company, 
Benjaznin Hawes' Regt., enlisting Sept. 25, 1777, and dis- 
charged Oct. 30, 1777, one month and five days ; again in same 
company, SeUi BuUard's Regt., for service at Rhode Island, 
on alarm of July, 1780, enlisting July 38, discharged July 29, 
three days with travel. 

130. J08BPK', son of Nathaniel (59) and Haxmah (EUis) 
Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, March 30, Z739, and d. there, 
Nov. 3, Z76Z. He m. at Wrentham, Jan. 3, Z753, Margaret, 
daughter of Jonathan axid Margaret (Fairbanks) Wight, who 
was b. at Medfield, Dec. 16, Z729, and d. at Wrentham, Oct. 
z8, Z76Z. Joseph d. intestate, and his father and brother-in- 
law, Amos Whiting, were appointed administrators of his 
estate and the guardiazis of the minors. Their children 

Digitized by 



355. J06BPH', b. Aug. 3i» X753; m. 1st, Blizabeth Pond, and ad. 

Submit Lewis. 

356. Hannah', b. June 13, 1756; d. April 9, Z790; m. Nathsniel 

Adams, Aug. 36, 1777. 

357. John', b. April x6, 1758; d. Aug. 7, 1784; m. Bstber . 

358. Jason', b. June 38, 1760; m. Mary Fisher, Not. 37, 1783. 

131. Nathanibl*, second son of Nathaniel ( 59) and Han- 
nah (Ellis) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Dec. 13, 1730; m. 
Dec. 7, Z757, Jemima, daughter of John and Jemima (Gay) 
Richardso^, who was b. , and d, at Franklin, Sept. 

9, X784. They had : 

Jxmxma', b. Dec. s» 2758 ; d. Dec. 33, 1738. 
/Jacob', b. BCarch ao, 1760; d. March 3X, 1760. 
iJVRUSHA', b. March ao, Z760; d. March ai, 1760. 

Amasa', b. Sept. 19, 1763; d. Oct. 3, 1763. 

Darius', b. July a4, 1763 ; d. July x8, X77X. 

Lewis', b. Dec. 6, 1767 ; m. ist, Abigail Whiting, April 7, 1790 ; 
m. ad, Snla Chandler Bacon, Tan. 16, iSxa. 

JXMiifA', b. April 13, 1770 ; d. March la, 1813 ; m. Rev. Walter 
Harris, ol Lebanon, Conn., Sept. aa, 1789. [Franklin His- 
tory, p. x6o, and History of Dunbarton, N. a., -pp. 303^x0.] 


135. JBEBULIH*, son of Captain Jeremiah (63) and Deb- 
orah (Richards) Fisher, was b. on the hcmiestead of his 
father, Grove Street, West Dedham, Sept. 33, 1704, and d. 
there, June 19, 1753. He m. at Boston, by the Rev. Samuel 
Checkley, Oct. 39, 1731, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert and 
Submit (Weeks) Cook, who was b. in Dedham, Feb. 7, 1704. 
Jeremiah graduated at Harvard, 1736, and we find that he 
kept the school in the east part of Dedham, in 1733 ; was 
fj % A ^M A appointed justice of the peace, 

^r^:*Kt(!^ CT!{t/kl/^ 0<^- ^5. 1737 ; selectman of Ded- 
^ t' ham, 1736, for six years. ' ** He 

'^^ settled on a part of his father's 
large estate, lying in West Dedham on Grove Street ; a large 
and productive farm, with a fine view west, but secluded. 
The old house is yet standing (1890), but the interior has 
been changed. There is a noble row of old elm trees now 
standing on the opposite side, south of the street, which were 
probably set out by him." (Benjamin H. Dewing.) His 
widow d. Oct* 15, 1790, and Nathaniel Ames writes in his 
diary: **Oct. 15. Aunt Fisher died 87. 17. Attended Aunt 
Elisa' Fisher's funeral 38 years after her husband's." The 
Grove Street homestead is now owned by Mr. Joshua Thomp- 
son. Jeremiah made his will June 13, 1753 (Suffolk Probate, 
46, p. 185 ) , and gave his widow Elizabeth land at Maugus Hill, 

Digitized by 



Needliamt perBonal property, and use of third of estate. The 
eldest son, Jeremiah, had a double portion, and Nathaniel, 
Daniel and Elizabeth single shares in the division. The inven- 
tory (SttfiF. Probate, 48, p. 20), made Dec. 39, 1752, shows a 
large estate, the land and buildings in Dedham and Needham 
beingappraised at ;^633 6s. 8d. Widow Elizabeth presented an 
account, March 18, 1757, showing that the personal property 
wasinsuffidenttppaythedebtsof die estate, some;^386 17s. 8d., 
including personal and real estate devised to her, and showing 
that it necessitated selling some of the real estate. April 27, 
1757, the heirs, widow Elizabeth, Jeremiah, Nathaniel, Dan« 
i<d, and Elizabeth, wife of Eliphalet Baker, agreed to a divi- 
sion, Jeremiah, the eldest son, taking the homestead. 
ChUdren were : 

Buz▲BSTH^ b. Feb. 10, 1734; d. July aa, 1816; m. Bliphalct 

Baker, May 19, 1736. [Baker's Descendants of Edward 

Baker, p. os-l 
s6a jBamoAB*, 6. Nov. to, 1733 ; m. ist, Bather ( ) ; m. 2d, 

Sarah Dean, Nov. 9, X763. 
261. N▲THAlnBL^ b. July 8, Z742 ; m. Silence Baker, of Dedham, 

April js, i7Sa* 
aSa. DAMOa/t b. ICarch iS, 1744 ; m. Sibyl Draper, May 23, 1770. 

136. Danibl*, son of Captain Jeremiah (6a) and Deborah 
(Richards) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, Oct. x6, 1713; m. at 
Dedham, March 6, 1750, Elizabeth Weeks, of Dedham. They 
both joined the Dedham church, April a9, 1764. He inher- 
ited the homestead of the family, and sold it March 3, 1788, 
to David Lyon. They moved to Hinsdale, N. H., where he 
d. Nov. 33, X799, aged 86 years. She d. there, April 24, 1812, 
aged 80 years and five months. Their children, b. at Ded- 
ham, were: 

Kkbmccjl', b. Sept. Z4, 1750. 
363. JxaxMXAH', b. laareh 10, 1752 ; prob. m. Uannab Liicom. 

Dbborab', b. April II, 1754. 

Buzabsth', b. Jnae 34, 1756. 
264. Bbbnbxsb', b. Jan. 33, 1761; d. at Hinsdale, N. H., May 12, 

Natram ISL^, b. Jane 26, 1763. 

WIXXX▲M^ b. March 28, 1765; d. Oct. 28, 1848, "aged 83,** 
at Hinsdale, M. H. 

Dahibl\ bapt. April 19, 1767; d. yonng. 
263. Abnbr', b. Not. 27, 17^ ; d. June 11, 1813 ; m. Thankinl Scott. 

DAKiBt'i b. April 13, 1771. 

jESsa', b. Jan. 19, 1773. 

A William Fisher, a descendant of the above Daniel' Fish- 
er, was b. bom at ..Hinsdale, N. H., moved to Michigan, and 

Digitized by 



settled fizst at Avon, Oakland Coonty, where he died, Dec. 
19, 1889, aged 77 years, 11 mos., 4 days. He had a son, Wil- 
lard, who married a daughter of Truman and Sabrina (Bagg) 

137. Dbborah*, youngest child of Jeremiah (63) and 
Deborah (Richards) Fisher, wash, at Dedham, Oct. 30, Z733. 
She married at Dedham, Oct. 30, 1743, as his second wife. 
Dr. Nathaniel Ames, of Dedham. His first marriage on Sept. 
149 i733> ^'vas to Mary, daughter of Captain Joshua (38) 
and Hannah (Fuller) Fisher. By that marriage he had one 
son, b. Oct. 34, 1737; the mother died Nov. 13, 1737, and 
the child, Sept. 17, 1738. '* By that marriage he became pos- 
sessed ci the old tavern estate situated on High street, in 
Dedham, nearly opposite the northwesterly comer of the 
present Court House lot. Her distinguished husband dsring 
of a bilious fever, July 11, Z764, left her a widow in htf forty- 
first year. She remained such, in successful charge of the 
fa^ionable hotel left by her husband, until she married Rich- 
ard Woodward, Esq. Three of her four sons, and a step-son 
(Peter Woodward), and a son-in-law, graduated at Harvard 
College. To her efforts has traditionally beeii attributed 
much toward producing such results. She was a very shrewd 
and sensible woman, of a strong and singular cast of mind. 
She took a hearty interest in politics, and hated the Jacobins 
devoutly. Inn-keeping was a favorite occupation with her, 
and she carried matters with a high hand. We have heard her 
compared to Meg Dods, the landlady in St. Ronan's Well." 
She outlived her son, Fisher, and d. Nov. 10, 18x7, aged 94. 
Dr. Azei Ames says of her : *' On the death of Dr. Ames, in 
1764, the tavern became the property of his widow, Debonsdi, 
who had the bad taste and worst fortune to marry, eight years 
later, one Richard Woodward, who succeeded, as there are 
only too many evidences, in making life miserable for her, 
himself and everyone else, until their separatum. During the 
Revolution the tavern was a busy place, reviving the excite- 
ment and bustle which possessed it in the days <S the French 
and King Philip's wars, a hundred years before. At its fireside 
sat Wa^kington, Lafayette, the Adamses, Hancock and most 
of the notables, civil and military, of the great struggle in sup- 
port of that broader ' declaration of Independence, ' with which 
in 1776, the people of the Province of Massachusetts Bay and 
of her sister Provinces supplemented their declaration of 1692, 
of freedom from canonical and unjust rule." For a clear and 
concise account of the law-suit of Dr. Ames, and notes about 

Digitized by 



all connected, see the article by Dr. Azel Ames, entitled, 
'* Next of kin to Fisher,*' in the New England Magazine for 
September, Z897.) 
Children were : 

366, N^tSANm Amss', b. Oct 9, 1741 ; m. Meletiah Shnttle- 
worth, of Dedham* 

Sens AM8S^ b. Feb. 14, 1743 ; graduated at Hanrard, 1764 ; was 
a phytidaa ; d. Jan. i, Z77S. 

DxBO&AH AMXS^b. Z747; m. ReT. Samuel Shuttle- 

worth, of Windaor, Vt. Her portrait is in the rooms 
of the Historical Society at Dedham. He left the ministry 
and practiced as an attorney in Windsor, Vt. 

WiuJAK Amss', b. 1755 ; wben a young man he was 

lost at sea on a merchant vessel bound for the Bast Indies. 

267. PxsRxn AJca8^ b. April 9, 1758; m* July 15, 1792; Frances 

Worthington, of Springfield ; d. July 4, 1808. 

138. Nathak»i«', son of Daniel, 3d (63), and Esther 
(Fisher) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Feb. 15, 1718; m. there, 
May 26, 1747, Elizabeth, probably daughter of Thomas and 
Hannah ( ) Clapp, of DecUiam, who was b. in 1726. 
[Clapp Genealogy, in loco.] He was mentioned as the re* 
siduary legatee in his father's will, and received his share in 
the estate on the division, April 13, 1762. He was a farmer, 
and d. in Dedham, March 18, 1793. 

Children, b. in Dedham, were : 

268. Joshua', b. BCay 17, 1748; settled in Beverly ,"* d. March 15, 


269. Bbbmbunl',' b. April 10, 1751 ; settled in Dedham ; d. Oct. 20, 

27a Natbakzkx.*, b. May 22, 1753 ; m. Sarah Everett, April 13, 
Buxabrh', b. Dec. 26, 1757 ; d. at 14 or 15 years of age. 

271. John', b. July z8, 2760; m. Chloe Smith, of Walpole. 

139. Timothy', son of Amos (65) and Abigail (Kings* 
bnry) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Feb. 22, 1729, and d. April 
30, 1817, aged 88. He m. at Dedham, April 2x, 1757, LydiaS 
daughter of Nathaniel^ and Mary (Gay) Metcalf, who was 
b. Dec. x6, 1731, and d. March 2, 1807. Children, b. in 
Dedham, were : 

RSBSCCA^ b. Not. iz, 1759; d. April 20, 1832, aged 72; m. 

Lemuel Stowell, of Dedham. 
Lydxa', b. Oct. 23, X761 ; d. Feb, 3, 1790, aged 28; m. William 

Morse, of Stow, Aug. 19, 1784. 

272. TlMoraY', b. Jan. 22, 1764; m. Abigail Oibbs in 1789. 

273. AM06^ b. March 23, 1766; m. Huldah Arms, of Deerilcld, 

April 21, 1798. 
MAay', b. Dec. 9, 1772 ; d. Dec. 13, 1855 ; m. . 

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142. Samubl', son of John (67) and Blizabeth (Hunting) 
Fisher, was b. in Needham, Aug. s> ^7^^$ ^nd d, in Dedham, 
Nov. 16, 1757. He m. xst, March 29, 1744^ Sarah Whitii^, 
who d. Aug. 28, 1748 ; m. 2d, Aag. 14, 1751, Mary, daughter 
of Samuel and Mary (Harding) CUckering (see2si)» whowas 
b. in Dedham, April 23, 1724, and d* Jan. 23, 1780, aged 65 
years. He leift no will and his widow Mary was appointed 
administratrix of his estate and guardian of her children, 
Samuel and Mary, March xo, 1758. Their children were : 

Sakar', b. Oct. X, X745 ; d. Aug. 24, 1748. 
Hamzvah', bapt. April 26, X747; d. Aug. 90, X748. 
Mary', b. (by Mcoiid wife) Nor. 25, 1752 ; m. Henry Tisdale. 
Saaab', b. Dec. 20, X754; d. young. 
274. Samubl', b. Jan. ix, 1757; m. Abigail Maaon, of Medfield. 

143. Deacon John', second son of John (67) and Eliza- 
beth (Hunting) Fisher, was b. in Needham, Jan. 30, 1717 ; 
m. xst, May 22, 1740, Mary, daughter of Thomas and Mary 
(Fisher) Puller, who was b. Oct. 20, X7X6. [Dedham His- 
torical Register, V, p. 39.] She d. Oct. 2, X759. Deacon 
John m. 2d, July X7, 1760, Hannah, daughter of Jeremiah 
(68) and Prudence (Crosby) Fisher, who was b. Feb. 24, 
1 730-3 X. He was elected deacon of the church in Needham, 
Jan. 9, X749 ; was selectman, 1763 to 1765, X768, X775and X78X ; 
representative 1777 and 1778. He died Oct. 17, 1788. His 
widow Hannah was in Claremont, Vt., in X798. He was 
buried in the Needham Cemetery and the tombstone inscrip- 
tion is: 

'' In Memory of Deacon John Fisher who Died Oct' 17^ X788. 
Aged 71 years. 

" Behold & see aa yon paaa by, 

Aa you are now so once waa I. 
. Aa I am now so yon must be 
Prepare for Death and follow me." 

They had the following children : 

MAay', b. March X4, X74X; d. Blarch 14, X74X. 

Maky', b. March 5, 1742; d. Jan. 6, 18x9; m. Not. it, X762, 

Bbenexer Fiaher, of Wrentham. (Descendants of Thomas 


}OKR^ b. Oct. 20, X743; d. Oct. 33, 1743. 
OHM^, b. Not. 4, X744; m. Mary Metcalf, Dee. 17, X767. 
Abxgaxl^, b. Dec. 9, X746 ; m. xst, Jeremiah DaaieU, Dec. 34, 
1773 ; m. 3d, John Wilson, of Dedham, Not. 3t, 1789^ d. in 
180X. [The Danicll Family, by Moses G. Darnell ; History 
of Sanbomton, N. H., 3X3, 3x3 ; N. B. Hist.-Gen. Register, 
Tol. 38.] 
Jon AT1IAN^ b. July 30, 1749 ; d. July 30, 1749. 
fiSTHBR% b. May 10, 1751 ; d. May xo, X75X. 

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S76. Tbomab^, b. May z8, 1754 ; Reyolutioiuuy soldier. 

jtmzTH', b. Jane 3« 1750 ; d. Jane 3» 1756. 

RiCBAno^, b. Not. 3, 2757 ; d. Nov. 2, 1757. 
377. Jokatsan', b. (by second wile) April 3» 1765; m. Anne Battelle, 
of Dedlum, May x8» 1786. 

Haxotah', b. Apnl 6, 1709; d. Ang. 5* 1769. 

Amos', b. March 34, Z771; d. Ang. 31, 1773. 

144. Ebbnbzbr', third son of John (67) and Elizabeth 
(Hunting) Fisher, was b. in Needham, May 5, 1721 ; m. ist, 
April 10, 1744, Sarah Chubb, of Needham, who d. there, July 
^> i775> &S^ 57 1 ^' ^^t Azuba (Clark) Sanders, daughter of 
Moses and Elizabeth Clark, and widow of Michael Sanders, of 
Medfield. Shed, in Medfield, May 9, 1833, aged 97. Ebenezer 
res. at Needham, and was appointed justice of the peace 
Jnneax, 1751, andagain Nov. 5, 1761 ; was selectman in 1769. 
At the Leidngton alarm, he had the rank of sergeant in Capt. 
William Ellis' company, William Heath's Regt., marching 
from Dedham, serving nine days. He enlisted with rank of 
corpontl in Hugh Maxwell's company, William Prescott's 
Regt., April 29, 1775, from Needham, and at the date the 
company roll was made out he had been in service three months 
and five days. His name is on the coat rolls of the same 
company, in October, 1775, and on an order for clothing, dated 
Sewell's Point, Dec. 37, 1775. The town records say : '* Ded- 
ham, Nov. sth, 1777. We the subscribexs being chose a com- 
mittee to estimate the servises Done in this Precinct since 
April, 1775, Respecting the present war, have atended said 

servis 8l report as follows, viz That Ebenezer 

Piaher that served 5 months at Ticonderoga Receive the sum 
of j^io : o : o." During March, 1776, he performed service 
as corporal in Captain Robert Smith's company, from Need- 
ham, '* assisted in taking Dorchester Heights;" His name 
appears on Uie rolls of Captain Timothy Stow's company, 
Ephraim Wheelock's Regt., rank sergeant, stationed at Ti- 
conderoga, dated there, Oct. 11, 1776. After the war he be- 
came captain of the company of Needham militia. The tomb- 
stone over his gravein the Needham cemetery has this upon it : 

" In Remembrance of Bbeneser Fisher this stone is erected by his 
Grandsons. He died March la, 1798 Mt. 77. He descended from 
Daniel Fisher one of the original settlers in Dedham, who died there 
Oct. 8, l68t. His father was John Fisher the son of Tohn Fisher 
whose remains repose at the right in this cemetery, and who was the 
son of the above named Daniel. 

Matthew V. VIII. 

The following shows the service of three of his sons and 
many cousins in a company which marched from Needham : 

Digitized by 



"A muster Roll of the Company under the command of 
Capt. Robert Smith, in Colonel William Heath's regiment, 
Needham,Jan. 3, 1776: 

Samnel Fisher, corporal, 14. 

Josiah Fisher, filer, x6. 

Thomas Fisher, xz. 

Simeon Fisher, xo. 

Nat Fisher, Jr., 14. 

Aaron Fisher, X2. 

Tim Fisher, X4.'* 
The numbers foUowix^; are the days in service. 

Their children, b. in Needham, were: 

Lois', b. Feb. 7, 1745 ; m. xit, Bphraim Pratt, of Newton, Dec. 
31, X76X ; m. 3d, at Needham, Jason Whitney, of Natick, ii| 

378. Sxmbok', b. Sept. 90, X746 ; m. Prndenee Chubb, April 27, X775. 
BBKNBZSa', b. Oct. 31, X74B: d. Aug. 5, X7SX. 
Saeab', b. Feb. 5, X7Si ; m. William Dis, of Wardaboco, Vt. 
BsaMSZSa', b. March 5, 1753 ; d. yoiiaff. 
Aabow', b. Juoe iS, X785; m. Lacv Steaman, Sept 8, 1785. 

BBKNBZSa', b. Oct. 31, X748: d. Aug. 5, X7SX. 
- - • iSfacol 


379. Aabow', b. June 18, X785 ; m. Lacv Steaman, Sept 8, 

380. Josxah', b. Marchs8, X7s6 ; aenred in the Rerolution. 
WXLLXAM^ b. Jan. 38. X759; d. Jan %u X7S9. 

^xu,XAM^ b. Tan. 38, X759; d. Jan 31, xrj^. 
RHOD▲^ b. Not. 36, X761 ; m. Nathan Upham, Not. xx, 1784* 
[Deaoendaata in Upham Genealogy, pp. 139, 348 and 349.] 

145. Nathakibl', son of John (67) and Elizabeth 
(Hunting) Fisher, was b. in Needham, Feb. i, X733; m. ist, 
Dec. 3, X746, Mary Januarin, whod.Jan. 27, X76X. Nothing 
more of her life or ancestry can be found. He m. 3d, June 
23, X763, Hannah Willard, of Needham. She *'kept" the 
Suixmier School of the First Parish in Dedham, for X761, but 
of her previous life no record is found. The records of Need« 
ham state that on Nov. 3, X759, Feb. 23, X76X, Jan. x8, 1762, 
and March xo, 1763, bills were drawn in faivor oi ** Mrs. Han- 
nah Willard, for keeping school suxximer past, and boarding 
herself. ' * The school term generally coveted six weeks. No 
record of her death can be fouxid. Accurate information of the 
ancestry of Mary Januarin (or Janvrin) smd Hannah Willard 
is greatly desired. [See Dedham Register, V, pp. X38, X44.] 
Nathaxiiel m. 3d, Nov. 27, X777, Elizabethi daughter of Josiah 
Newell, of Dedham, who was bom there, April 20, 1735. 
She had previously m. Jonathan Whiting, Jr., of Dedham, 
who d. Aug. 5, X7^o. She ''dosed the scene of life, June the 
loth, Anno Domixii X8X4, Aged 70 years,'' and is buried be- 
side her first husband in the cemetery at Dover. By this, the 
third marriage, there were xio children. Nathaniel resided in 
Needham, where he was selectman, 1759, X762, 1773, X774, 

Digitized by 



'777» X778» 1782 and 1785 ; town treasurer in 1764 and 1765, 
and representative in 1783 and 1785. He d. in Needham, 
Aug. 30, 1807. Children were : 

aSt. SllSA2fK▲^ b. May 30, Z747; d. June 6, 1765 ; m. Olirer Mills, 
June az. Z764. 
KsncCA't b. Oct. 30* Z7so; m. Bbeacttr Tibbettt, of Roches- 
ter and Dover, M. H., Feb. 37, 1777. A daughter, Rebecca 
Tibbetta, died while on a Tiait to her Graad&ther Fisher's, 
at Needhata, April 3Z, z8z3, aged 30^ and was buried at 

aSa. Mary', b. April z, 17%^; m. Rer.ToaephHaTeii, of Rochester, 
N.H., Feb. Z5, Z77dr [HaTen Geaealogy.] 

383. N▲TB▲NISL^ b. Dec. Z3, 1754; a Rerolutioaary soldier. 

284. jAMvaxN^, b. Sept. a, Z7s8 ; removed to Dover, N. H. 

385. I«ucy^ b. (by second wile) June 8, Z764 ; d. June, 1836 ; m. 

Sept. 33» Z784, Jamea How, H. D., of Rochester, N. H. 

386. GxOBOa', b. Not. 37, Z765; m. Blisabeth Bllis, of Dedham, 

Jan. z, Z789. 
Susakva', b. May 33, Z774; m. Joaeph Richards, Jr., of Rox- 
bury, Dec. 33, z8o8. [Morse's Richards Genealogy.] 

146. Jrrbmzah', son of Jerezniah (68) and Prudence 
(Crosby) Fisher, was b. in Needhazn, Feb. 2, Z727 ; m. March 
36, Z755, Esther Reed, of Needhazn. He znoved to Natick 
about Z760. Served in Capt. Joseph Morse's coznpany , Samuel 
Bullard's R^., from Natidc, on April Z9, Z775, in service 
five days. In April, Z778, he was in Ashbumham ; in 1789, 
was in Claremont, N. H., where he died., 

Their children were : * 

Hanitah', b. in Needham, Sept. zo, Z756; m. David Stedittau, 

of Weston, Sept. 34, 1776. 
Bzjzabbth', bapt. Needham, July 9, Z758. 
JoazAH', b. Needhem, Oct. z6, Z7S9; moved to Clareiiiout, 

N. H., before Z789. 
PKBsa', b. Natick, April aS, Z76Z. 
Prudsncb', b. Natick, March 3, Z767; d. May aa, 1767. 

387. AaaABAM% b. Natick, Nov. 5, Z7(S3 ; m. Lucy Parkhurst, of 

Pramingham, Jan. Z5, Z784; moved to Claremont, N. H. 

388. Isaac', b. Natick, Nov. s» Z763 ; m. Eliaebeth Glover, of Pram- 

ini^ham, who waa b. June 5, Z768, a daughter of James and 
Loia(Beat) Glover, of Pnumingham ; moved to Springfield, 
Cooa Conntv, N. H. 

389. Jacob', b. Natick, May z8, Z768 ; m. Nancy Carter, May 28, 179a. 
Pruobnch', b. Natick, \ ; bapt. at Needham, June 3,- 1770. 
Jsaan', b. Natick, Oct. 6, I773 ; bapt. at Needham, Sept. 5, 1773. 

147. Josbph', son of Jeremiah (68) and Prudence (Crosby). 
Pisher, was b. in Needham, August 7, Z735 ; m. at Dedliani, 
I)^- 5> '7^5» Slizabeth, daughter ol John azid Elizabeth 
(Woodcock) Farrington, who was b. in Dedham, March 25, 


Digitized by 



i745» and d. in Needham, Dec. 4, 1824. He d. in Needham, 
Apnl 23, 1827, aged 92. He was a s^eant in Capt. Eliezer 
Battle's company, at the Lexington alarm, being absoit eight 
days, and was engaged in fortifying Dorchester Heights. He 
was a &irmer and lived in Dover and Needham. Their chil- 
dren were: 

290. Joshfh', b. July 32, 1766; m. Sarah Osgood ; ret. Cabot, Vt. 

291. VAUI,^ b. Jan. 2, X7JS8 ; m. Priscilla Mason, of Medfteld. 

292. Caim', b. April 9, 1770; m. Mary Plimpton, April 24, 1793. 

293. Mosss^, b. Feb. z6, 1772 ; m. Pat^ Allen, May 10, 1798. 
SajLS^, b. April 4» 1774 ; d. Jan. 14, 1776. 

294. SOAS', 2d, b. July 20, X776; m. Jane Kelscy abont 1893. 
Bkttv% b. March 17, xttS. 

Haitnah^, b. July z, z^vz. 

295. Bbmjamzn', b. Dec 9, Z783 ; m. Ann . 
Cymtuza^, b. Not. 30, Z786. 

PRUDBNCB^ b. March 20, Z789; d. March 20, zSzz. Theepi- 
Uph in the Needham cemetery reads : 

" My time was short, my years ware few, 
I liv'd to see just twenty-two 
But early sought my Saviours love. 
And dka in hopes of Joy above." 

148. Samusl', son of Jeremiah (68) azid Prudence 
(Crosby) Pisher, was b. in Needham, Peb. 4, 1738-9 ; m. ist, 
Sept. 7, Z769, Lydia Mclntire. She d. and he m. 2d, May z8^, 
1786, Meliitable Tolman, who wash. May 30, 1751, and d. 
in Needham, Jan. 30, Z846, aged 94. He d« Sept. 7, Z821, 
aged 84. Their children were : 

Lothbr', b. Jan. Z3, Z770. 

Nabbv% b. Dec. 24, Z772; m. Nathan Barber, of Medfield, 

Aug. Z7, Z79Z. 
Mbhztablbs b. (by second wife) March Z7, Z788; m. [ ] 

Blasland ; d. July 3Z, Z876, aged 88. 
Lydza\ b. March 7, Z790; d. Aug. 3, Z876, s^^ 86; unm. 
Pannv^, b. March 3Z, 1792; m. Nathan Dewing, Jr., Sept. 30, 

1812; d. in Spencer, June 24, Z887, aged 97. 

140. jBSSs', son of Jeremiah (68) and Pmdence (Crosby) 
Fisher, was b. at Needham, Jan. Z7, 1 741-2 ; m. zst, Oct. 3Z, 
1775, Lois, probably daughter of Jonathan* Metcalf, deacon 
at Medway. He moved to Orrington, now Brewer, Maine, 
where he died Juzie Z3, z8z6, aged 74. His gravestone is in 
the cemetery at Brewer. He served at Dorchester Heights 
from January 26, 1776, in Aaron Guild's company, under 
Col. Lemuel Robinson, as a private, and later as sergeant in 
Cushing's regiment from S^pt. 5 to Nov. 29, 1777; march- 
ing to the northward under Brig. Gen. Warner as reinforce- 
ments to the Continental Army. Their children were : 

Digitized by 



Poxxv', b. Feb. m, 1776 ; m. Aja Howard, of Needham, March 

Pasty'* d. Aug. x» 1777 ; m. Saaval Cobb» i8x8» aa hia second 

SaxZfY', b. June 99, ZTTofm. Amata Howe, of Dedham, Ju&e 3, 

iSod ; ret* Brewer, Maine, 1835-38 and on. 
Jnas^b.Tatt.6, 1784. 
mmsmaaay, d. Dec. 3, 1794, aged la 
P&UDgircs', b. May 14, z^; d. tingle; lived in Brewer, Me., 

where the Joinea the Congregational church in 1828. 

IffO. Timothy*, youngest son of Jeremiah (68) and Pru- 
dence (Crosby) Fisher, was b. at Needham, Aug. 26, 1748 ; 
m. Abigail Pettee, Aug. 3, 1774. He was in Capt. Robert 
Smith's company from Needham, Col. Wm. Heath's regiment, 
at the I«exington alarm, serving 14 days; and in the same 
company at the taking of Dorchester Heights, during March, 
1776. They had at Needham : 

Timothy', b. Oct. ao, 1775; d. Feb. z6, 1776. 
Abzgaix,*, b. Feb. zS, Z777 ; d. March Z9, 1777. 


158. Abigail^, daughter of John (71) and Dorcas 
(Adams) Fisher: m. Jan. 6, 1768, Thomas, son of John and 
Sazah (Smith) Burrage, of Newton, who was b. in Z731, and 
d. in 1799. They had five children, and left many descend- 
ants in Dover and elsewhere. [Burrage Genealogy.] 

153. Lois', daughter of John (71) and Dorcas (Adams) 
Fisher, m. David, son of David^ and Hazmah ( Adazns) Lovell, 
who was b. Sept. z6, 1739, and d. Feb. Z3, z8o2. She d. 
Oct. zo, Z805. They lived in Dingle Dell, now the Grant 
Place, Medfield. Had : 

Hahkah Lovbu.*, b. May 28, Z766; d. sine prole, in Z833; m. 

John Fuller in z8o4« 
Loza Lovbzj/|, b. Apcil 6, Z769: m. Luther Fisher (296); m. 

2d, — — Holbrook, of Befllngham. 
Outb Lovvu.*, b. March 3Z, Z771 ; m. Timothy Hill, of Sher- 

bom. May z6, Z793. 

Nathak Lovvxa*, b. Dec. 18, Z773; d. Sept., 1790. 
Dorcas Lovbia*, b. Jan. z, 1770 ; d. Julv 25, 18Z3 ; m. iii 1805, 
Jesse Ellis, son of Joseph and Sarah (Clark) Ellis, who wua 

b. in Walpoteitt 1780, and d. in Medfield, Oct. 14, 1846. 
[Medfield Hutory, p. 361.] 

Digitized by 



154. John\ son of John (71) and Dorcists (Adams) 
Fislier, was b. in Medfield, Nov. 21, 1748, and d. there, May 7, 
1790. He m. March 5, 1771, Mary, daughter of David^ and 
Mary (Smith) Clark, of Medfield, who was b. in 1746, and 
d. April 38, 1820. In 1777, as administrator of his faither's 
estate, he is called blacksmith, but in his own will he is 
called yeoman, and the inventory of his estate included a set 
of blacksmith tools. '*The estate is described as house lot 
fourty-five acres, and twenty-five acres more north-west of the 
highway, with a blacksmith's shop upon it; also, one-third of 
a saw-mill." Selectman 1773, 1774, 1776. John Fisher 
served at the Lexington alarm, in Capt. Sabin Mann's com- 
pany, John Greaton's Regt., out twelve days. Some time 
in May, 1776, he was chosen sergeant in the Medfield com- 
pany of militia ; the returns, dated June 10, 1776, of Sabin 
Mann's company, Training Band, give his rank sergeant, and 
age 27 years. His name appears on list of men from Med- 
field who received money for '' turns done in last wars in the 
days of Capt. Morse the first and Capt. Coolidge," dated 
Nov. 17, X776. He was sergeant in Sabin Mann's company, 
under Major James Metcalf , service in Rhode Island, on alatm 
of Dec. 8, 1776, enUsting Dec. 8, discharged Dec. 30, twenty 
three days. Name appears on list of men from Medfield, 
drafted to complete the continental army, according to a 
warrant issued by Lieut. Baxter, May 8, 1777, and he '* paid 
money in lieu ot service." His name«is also on a list of men 
from Medfield, who went on a secret expedition to Rhode 
Island, for thirty days from Oct. i, 1777, on a warrant 
issued by Col. Hawes, Sept. 25, 1777; " reported drafted." 
They had: 

396. LmruxR*, b. April 3, 1772 ; d. Aug. 23, 18x8; m. Lois I^OTell in 


297. Calvin*, b. .Mmrch z, 1774; d. ia Medfield, Mmy 21, 1824; xn. 

Sibyl Dean, Not. z8, im. Resided in Boston* 

298. QuiNCY*, b. Sept. zz, 1776; d. Sept. 5, 1824; m. Ame Allen, 

Mav Z4, z8oz. 

299. • JOHir, b. Jane 14, Z779 ; d. Feb. z, Z84Z ; m. Phebe Johnaoa, 

Not. 4, z8o6. 
' Nathan*, b. Aug. 6, Z78Z ; d. Not. 4, Z795. 

300. AZ.PH8US", b. Not. 7, Z784 ; d. Oct. 2, Z85Z ; m. SylTia Clere- 

laad, in z8o8. 
MosKS", b. June 30, Z787 ; d. March 30, z82a, at Hinesbiarg, Vt.; 

155. SBTH^ son of Joshua (72) azid SUence (Adams) 
Fisher, was b. in Wrenthazn, Feb. 27, Z760,' m.Jan. 9, Z788, 
Lydia Ellis, who was b. in Medway. In the Revolution he 
served in Capt. Nathan Thayer's coznpany, Ebenezer Thayer's 

Digitized by 



R^M enlisting July 14, 1780, for three months, stationed at 
West Point, ol the three months' levies Suffolk county raised 
to reinforce the Continental army; discharged Oct. 9, 1780, 
serving three months and six days,* ten days travel allowed 
far goii^; and returning home. Their chil<ken : 

Lbwis*, b. April X, Z790; d. Sept. 29, 1870; wm a miller; 

probably m. Miriam Metcalf, Jan. 8, 1816. 
LUTHSa*, b. April zo, 1704; d. April 28, 1865; probably m. 

Nancy C. Smith, at Medwav, Not. ra, 1835; ^^ & farmer. 

He probably m. Loniaa Fairbanks, Oct. 11, 1818, and hud a 

daughter, Looita Ann*, b. ; d. onm. Oct. 18, 1866, u^cd 

CAItYZZf*, b. June 5, Z797 ; d. March 23, 1863; was a blacksmith 

by trade. 
WZXAAXZ)^, b. March Z4, 1799. 

156. Nathan Ajxbn^, son of Miriam*' Fisher (74) and 
Noah Allen, was b. in Med£eld, Jnne i, Z753, and d. there, 
April zo, Z848. He m. April 6, 1779, Amy, daughter ol 
Jonathan^ and Abigail (Wilkmson) Smith, who was b. in Mcd- 
field, in Z7S4i and d. May 25, 1827. They resided in the 
northern part of Medfield. He was a soldier in the Continen- 
tal army in the Revolution; was selectman in 1764, 1800 and 
zSoz. They had: 

Amy Aixaxf*, b. Feb. 10, 1780; d. July 31, 1870; m. Quincy 
Fisher (298), May Z4> i8oz. 

Obso AzjJUf*, b. Jaly 8, 1782; d. June 5, 1869; m. Caroline, 
daughter of Nathan and Dorcas (Fisher) Hardin^;, Margh 
23, 1806, who d. Dec. 26, 1863, aged 80. [TilUcu's MedlieUI, 
p. 382; Allen's Allen Geu., p. 19; Hutchiusou'a Allen Gen.» 

P- 39- 1 
Nathan Az,z,gir, b. June 13, 1784; m. Catherine Fisher (309) 
in z8o8. 

157. SzuoN^ son of Deacon Samuel (77) and Ruth 
(Wight) Fisher, was b. in the west precinct of Medway, May 
28, 1743; m. zst, Sept. z, Z768, Dizmh, daughter of John and 
Dinah (Metcalf ) Pond, who was b. in Wrentham, March 4, 
Z747-8, and d. in Medway, Sept. 7, Z778 ; m. 2d, at Medway, 
Ang. 29, Z780, Susazina Darling. She d. and he m. 3d, 
Jan. z, Z782, Johanna, daughter of Rev. Samuel Hopkins, 
D. D., of Great Barrington, Mass., and Newport, Rhode 
Island. (Rev. Samuel\ Timothy', John', Stephen', John'.) 
Joanna joined the Second Church of Christ in the west pre- 
cinct of Medway, in 1785. His house was in Medway viUag:e, 
on the Hartford turnpike, where Elihu Cutler Wilson's house 
now stands, near Eaton azid Wilson's batting mill. '* His 

Digitized by 



house was of that old-fashioned style, sometimes called the 
' salt box house ' with two stories in front, but sloping in the 
rear almost to the ground. It had a well with a sweep, a large 
bam, a row of ehos, and a butternut tree. It also had an 
ell, which contained a bakery and a store. Where the cus- 
tomers came from is a mystery. In this store was the follow- 
ing notice, worth repeating : 

' Pay to-day, trust to-morrow, 
May to-morrow nerer come. ' " 

Simon was in Capt. Abel Mason's company, Jonathan Hol- 
man's Regt., for service at Rhode Island, stationed at Provi- 
dence; enlisted Dec. lo, 1776, disch. Dec. 28, 1776, twenty- 
two days, three days' travel allowed. His name is also on 
a list of men from Medway to go to Boston, to serve until Jan. 
I, 1779, dated Sept. 23, 1778. He was selectman in 1778 and 
1780, and town clerk in 1780. He d. Sept. 10, 1818. Chil- 
dren were : 

501 ; JOHxr*, b. March z6, 1769; m. Hannah Hill, of Sherbom. 

PaiSTTT.M*, b. April X5, 1770; d. April zx, 1845; ni. Goldsbury 
Pond, of Praaklia, Jan. 19, 1797. [Harris* Pond Gen., 
p. 80.] 
308. Lxwis', b. Feb. 15, 1771 ; m. Hannah Thayer, Oct. 5, Z797. 
Patty*, b. Aug. 30, 1773; d. Aug. 30, Z775. 
Alucs", b. April ao, 1774; m. Partridge Holbrook, Dec. 31, 

303. EUHU*, b. Not. 29, 1773 ; m. Rhoda Partridge, of Medway. 

Ouvsa*, b. Tune 28, 1777. 
* A daughter* b. andd. Aug. 37, 1778. 

Joanna*, b. (by third wife). Not. 3, 1783 ; was living with her 
^andfather, Rev. Dr. Samuel Hopkins, of Newport, R. I., 
m Not., 1798. 

158. SAMUKL^ second son of Deacon Samuel (77) and 
Ruth (Wight) Fisher, was b. in the west precinct of Med- 
way, Feb. 23, 1730. He m. in 1773, Lydia , who d. 
April 23, 1782. He served in Lieut. Monies Adams' company, 
John Smith's Regt., at the Lexington alarm, eight days, the 
service also included an alarm on April 30. He served three 
dajrs in Josiah Fuller's company, Wheelock's R^., at Rhode 
Island, on alartn of Dec. 8, 1776 ; marched to Warwick, R. I. 
His name appears on a Ust, dated June 23, 1778, of those de- 
tached from Capt. Moses Adams' company, to go to Prov« 
idence, R. I., to serve until Jan. i, 1779; on a lut of those 
who went to Rhode Island for twenty-seven days, dated 
Medway, Aug. 15, 1778, his name is crossed out on list. 

Their children were: 

Digitized by 



PoiAY*. April 17, X774- 
Sarah*! b. Dec 13, 1775. 
Abmsr*, b. Jnly as. X777* 
Jacob*, b. July 11, 1779. 

QAiJur, b. March a8, Z781 ; m. Abner Admnu, of Hollinton, 
Jan. a6» x8o4« 

150. OBB0^ son of Samuel (77) and Ruth (Wight) 
Fisher, was b. in Medway, March 7, 1755, and d. in Medfiekl, 
Feb. 21, 1844. He m. March 13, I785» Catherine, daughter 
of Rohm and Thankful (Penniman) Hinsdale, of Mcdfield, 
who was b. there Nov. 3, 1755, ^^ ^' Aug. i, 1797. She 
was *' the only heir to her father's estate at the north part of 
the town (Medfield), now owned by John G. Hatson. Obcd 
Fisher enjoyed the confidence of his fellow citizens to a large 
degree, and served frequently in town offices. He was six 
yean on the board of selectmen, and town treasurer for eight 
years. He was chosen deacon of the old church in 1795, a 
position which he held till 1825, when he resigned. Ue was 
one of the constituent members of the Orthodox Church in 
1828." Obed served as a private in Capt. John Boyd's 
company, Col. Greaton's Regt., at Lexington, going there 
from Wrentham, which place he gave as his residence ; served 
e^ht days. His name is on an order for a bounty coat, due 
for eight months' service, in same company and regiment, 
dated Cambridge, Dec. 23, 1775. He is given as a private in 
Boyd's Company, Col. William Heath's 36th Regt. of Foot, 
date Oct. 5, 1775 ; town, Medway ; encamped at Fort No. 2. 
He served as corporal in Joseph Lovell's independent com- 
pany, drafted from the 4th Regt., service at Warwick, K. I.; 
enlisted Dec. 8, 1776, and discharged Jan. i, 1777, twenty-three 
days. Again he served as private in Moses Adams' company, 
Major Seth BuUard's 4th Suffolk County Regt., enlisting 
July 28, 1780; mardied to Tiverton, R. I., and was dis- 
charged Aug. 7, 1780. On a descriptive list he is described 
as belonging to Medway, age 26, 5 feet 7 and a half inches 
tall, complexion light; enlisted Aug. 20, 1781, for term of 
three months; detached from Capt. Ellis' company, and 
assigned as a private to John Lincoln's, Joseph Webb's 
Regt.; disdiarged Nov. 29, 1781 ; service three months and 
twenty-two days. He received a pension of $46.77 per year 
from March 4, 1831. Children were: 

304. HXNSnALB*, b. Jnly 39, 1786 ; m. Betsey Ellis, in 1809. 
30S« Catbbrinb*, b. March 6, 1789 ; m. Nathan Allen, in x8o8. 

160. NATHAM^ son of Nathan (79) and Abigail (Hard- 
ing) Fisher, was b. in Wrentham, now Franklin, March 30, 

Digitized by 



1746. He joined the first military company in Medway, 
Joshua Partridge's, in John Smith's Reg^., that marphfd on 
the Lexington AJann, serving seven days. His name is on a 
return of Capt. Daniell's company, CoL Ephxaim Wheelocfc's 
Regt., residence Medway, as having dieid at Ticonderoga, 
Oct. 17, 1776. His widow joined in 1778 the Second Church 
of Christ in the west precinct of Medway, and was dismissed 
later. He m. Rachel [ ]. They had : 

- Natham*, mentioned in his grandfather's snd grandmother's 
Rachkt,*, mentioned as mbove ; prolMibly married James Hoi- 
brook, of Wrentham, May 24, 1792. 

161. Auos^ son of Nathan (79) and Abigail (Hardixq;) 
Fisher, was b. April 28, 1762 ; lived for awhile in Framing- 
ham, where he m. Oct. z6, 1788, Lois, daughter of James 
and Grace (Jones) Hill, of Sherbom, who was b. Feb. 9, 
1 76 1. Later he kept the tavern in Medway village, and d. 
in Franklin, Aug. 4, 1809. Abner Morse was appointed 
administrator of his estate, Oct. 2, 1809. The inventory, 
uken Nov. i, showed zoo acres in Franklin, valued at 
$3000, and personal property at $716.89 ; Nov. 7th, the allow- 
ance was made to the widow, Lob Fisher, and Comfort 
Walker, of Medway, was appointed guardian to Amoa Fisher, 
above 14, and Clarissa Fisher, under 14, children of Amos, 
deceased, of Franklin. His widow joined the Second Church 
of Christ in the west precinct of Medway, in 1816. Children 

Amos', b. Ang. 31, 1791, m. Mary Fsrriagton, Dec. 2, z8i8; 

lived in Medwmy Yillaffe. He erected whst wss called in 

1847 the Odd Fellows' HsU, which was snbaeqnently nsed 

by the Medwmy Strmw Works. 
Cr,A«fsSA*, b. ; she joined the Second Church of Christ 

in the west precinct of Medwmy, in x8x6, mad was dismissed 


162. Josbph\ eldest son of Joseph (8x) and Mary (Met- 
calf) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, May 17, 1739. In early 
life he went to Keene, N. H., but returned and was admitted 
to the church in Dedham, with this notice: ''March 26, 
1758. Joseph Fisher upon his Dismission & recoomiendation 
fiom the Chh in Keene commonly called Ashuelot." He m. 
at Dedham, March 8, 1764, Mary Everett, of Dedham, and 
resided at that part of Dedham now Dover, and at Natick, 
from about 1775, but returned to Dover before 1790. Was a 
private in Capt. Joseph Morse's company, Samuel BuUard's 
Regt., on the alarm of April 19, 1775, marching from Natick, 

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of which he then was spoken of as a resident, and in service 
five days. He d. in Dover, Dec. 2, 1790, in the 52d year 
of his a^. His widow d. at Concord, Oct. 21, 1822, aged ^3. 
Of their children, we have found only these : 

506. Jxsss^, b. Feb. 3, 1765 ; m. Jcmsha Armsby, of McdHeld, 

Sept. 19, 179a. 
JOSBPB*, bapt. July 5, 1767 ; d. in Dover, Dec. 26, 1790. 

507. Chxxub*, b. March xo, 1771 ; m. Joseph Richards ; d. Dec. 19, 

308. Bdwasd*, b. Katick, Feb. z8, 1781 ; m. Mary Norcrons. 

163. Ichabod\ son of Joiseph (8z) and Mary (Metcali) 
Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Sept. 22, 1747 ; m. there, Dec. 6, 
1770, Sibyl, daughter of Benjamin (48) and Sarah (Everett) 
Fisher, who was b. in Dedham, Aug. 21, 1753. Ichabod 
bought land in Princeton in 1770, where he was taxed as late 
as X805. He was a private in Ca{>t. Boaz Moore's company, 
Ephraim Doolittle's Regt., max^ching from Princeton on the 
alarm of April 19, 1775, serving eight days. He was a mem- 
ber of the chtirdi at Princeton, and was dismissed, Oct. 14, 
x8io, to the Hanover Sodety, Paris, Oneida County, N. Y. 
The search for the family in New York state has so far been 
fruitless. Children bom in Princeton, were : 

ICHABOO*, b. Jan. 2, 1772. 

JOHXf*, b. Feb. 25, Z774; m. Sally Barber, Dec. 20, 1795. 

SUBKn*, b. March 27, 1776 ; d. Jan. 13, 1796. 

Sauy*, b. Feb. 22, Z778. 

Lucy*, b. April 20, 1780. 

JABBZ", b. March 14, 1782 ; m. Sally Fessenden, March 7» 1805. 
oai.*, b. March ix, i^ ; m. Lydia Matthiea, Sept. 23, 1803. 
Anna*, b. March 12, 1786. 
BSTSKY*, b. Tan. 26, 1790; m. John Ruaaell, of Hubbardstown, 

Feb. iz, 1808. 
Asa*, b. June 33, 1796; d. Oct. 3, 1796. 

164. Mary', eldest child of Jonathan (82) and Mary 
(Richards) Fisher, was b. at Dedham; Dec. zo, 1738; m. 
March 2Z, Z760, Aaron Draper, who d.May 24, 1762; she m. 
2d, Samuel Heath, of Roxbury. 

Children by Aaron Draper were : 

Mary Drapbr*, b. ; m. William Fisher. 

Aaron Drapiol*, b. ; m. Martha Little. 

Children by Samuel Heath were : 

BUSABSTH HSATH*. b. Attg. z8, I768. 

Susannah Ubath*, b. Ang. i6, 1770. 
. PAiatUA Hbath^. 
Sakusz, Hbath*. 

Digitized by 



165. LiBUT. JoNATHAN^ son of Jonathan (82) and Mary 
(Richards) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Nov. 25, 1743, and 
was dismissed from the Dedham chnrch to the church in New 
Braintree, June 8, 1766. He m. at Dedham, Oct. 22, 1766, 
Catherine, eldest daughter of Deacon William^ and Bethia 
(Metcalf) Avery, who was b. in Dedham, Oct. 31, 1746. 
She was a sister of the well known Rev. Josiah Avery, Con- 
gregational minister of Holden (settled there Dec. 12, 1774; 
died March 5, 1824). Jonathan resided in New Braintree 
until the spriug of 1773, when he removed into that part of 
Northampton afterwards included in Westhampton. In 1775, 
he resigned his commission in the King's army, and on March 
22, 1776, his name appears ''on list of officers of Massachu- 
setts Militia chosen by Field officeis '* as 2d lieutenant in the 
5th company (in Northampton), Capt. Jonathan Wales, of 
2d Hampshire Regt. He was commissioned April 5, 1776, 
*' Second Lieutenant of the Fifth Company whereof Jonathan 
Wales is Captain, of the Second Regiment of Militia in the 
Count>' of Hampshire, whereof Seth Pomeroy, Esqr. is Colo- 
nel," commission dated April8, 1776. The original commission 
is in the possession of the widow and children of his grandson. 
Rev. James Boorman Fisher. He enlisted again as a private, 
Dec. 20, 1776, in Jonathan Wales' Company, Lt.-Col. S. Wil- 
liams' Regt., and died of camp fever at Morristown, N. J., 
March 10, 1777. The muster and pay roll with this informa- 
tion is dated at Morristown, March 15, 1777. The letter 
written to his widow by his companions in Washington's 
army after this event has also been preserved with the com- 
mission. He left seven children, the oldest being but about 
nine years old at this time. Mrs. Fuiher, soon after the death 
of her husband, being in straightened circumstances, removed 
with her family of little children to Dedham, and lived with 
her father. She died at the house of her son, Rev. Samuel 
Fisher, at Paterson, N. J. Their children were : 

309. Jonathan*, b. at New Bmintree, Oct. 7, 1768 ; ni. Dolly Battle, 

of Dedham; rea. Blue Hill, Me. 

310. Stbphsn*, b. March 17, 1770; m. Sally Cook, Feb. 18, 1799. 

311. CATHKRXiotf, b. March 27, 1771; m. Seth Hewins, of Blue 

Hill, Me.; d. Aug. 25, x8s4v 
31a. Mary*, b. Oct. 19, im ; m. Job Howland, Not. 29, 1793. 

RSBBCCA*, b. at Westhamptoa, April x, 1774; d. July 39, 1797. 
3x3. Wiujam", b. WeathamptOB, Not. ao, X775 ; m. Rhoda Bard" 

well, Oct. 35, X807. 
314- Samux£*, b. at Sunderland, June 30, 1777 ; m. Alice Coaiwell, 

Ang. 33, 1805. 

Digitized by 



166. JosiAH^, second son of Jonathan (82) and Mary 
(Richards) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, July 35, 1745 ; m. at 
Newton, Nov. 33, 1768, Sarah Wilson, oi Newton. They 
joined the Dedham chtirch, April 8, 1770. He served in 

Aaron Fuller's company from 
Dedham (First Parish), on the 
Lexington alarm, service two 
days. Again he served in Capt. 
'^^ Abel Richards' company, Col. 
Benjamin Hawes' Regt., enlisting Sept. 25, 1777, discharged 
Oct. 28, 1777, one month and seven days (three days' travel 
allowed for return) ; they marched on a secret expedition to 
Rhode Island; roll sworn to at Dedham.' From about 1770 
he was a prominent carpenter in Dedham, living in a house 
on High street, between the Common and Lowder street, on 
the south side of the street. The old town alms house near- 
by he built, also many oUier buildings in the neighborhood. 
For location of his house see Dedham Historical Register lor 
January, 1894. He is there described (1810) as a machinist. 
He d. there Dec. 20, 1813. His will, made March 16, 1809, 
admitted to probate, Jan. 5, 18x3 (Norfolk Pro., XXI., 523), 
gave to daughter Sarah Day, I40, and all else to wife Sarah 
Fisher, who was made executrix. They had : 

Sakah*, b. June 6, 1770; m. Ralph Day, Jr., of Dover, Dec. 11, 

Josxah", b. April 13, 1772 ; d. Aug. 10, 1794. 

167. JOHN^ son of Jonathan (82) and Mehitable (Mct- 
calf) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, May i, 1752 ; removed to 
Northampton before 1775. He was a private in Capt. John 
Granger's company, Jonathan Warner's Regt., ** company of 
minute men," which marched from Northampton on April 19, 
1775, and in service one week. His name is on the muster 
roll of John Granger's company, Leamed's Kegt., rank cor- 
poral, dated Aug. i, 1775, enlisted April 26, 1775, ser\dce three 
months, one week, six days ; town Northampton. Unlisted 
again in same company, same rank, being on mu.ster and pay 
rolls Oct. 7, 1775, town New Braintree, reported : place taken 
by George Caswell. He signed *'on receipt for bounty coat 
due for eight months' service in 1775 in Granger's company, 
Ebenezer Leonard's Regiment, date Roxbury, Nov. 9, 1775, 
of New Braintree." Was a private on mu.ster and pay rolls 
of Jonathan Wales' company, Dickinson's Hampshire County 
Regt., "enlisted Aug. 17, 1777; eight days; marched on 
alarm to East Hoosick, thence to Pittsfield, where they took 
charge and gtmrded Hessian prisoners to Springfield, by 

Digitized by 



order of Brig. Gen. Fellows." Enlisted Sept. 23, 1777, in 
Jonathan Wales' company, Col. Ezra May's Regt., went 
to Stillwater and Saratoga, discharged Oct. 15, 1777 ; roll 
sworn to in Hampshire county. He m. Deborah Wilt. 
Their children : 










168. MEUITABLS^ daughter of Jonathan (82) and Me- 
hitable (Metcalf) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, March 15, 1754; 
m. Jonathan Wetherell, who was b. in New Braintree in 
1750, and d. March 14, 1776. She d. Nov. 39, 1821. Chil- 
dren were : 

Cathkrxns Wbthsrbll*, b. May 8, 1773 ; m. Noah Bartlett, 

of Westhampton. 
JONATHAN WsTHKRiczA*. b. Aug. 9, Z774; m, Wilcoz ; 

res. New Braintree. 
Mbhitablk WvTHSRRLL,* b. May 50, 1776. 

t69. Aaron\ son of Jonathan (82) and Mehitable 
(Metcalf) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, March 3, 1756; m. 
Feb. 24, 1780, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Deacon 
Samuel and Anne (Goodale) Ware, who was b. in New 
Braintree, April 14, 1755. Aaron moved (probably on readi- 
ing his majority) to New Braintree, afterwards going to West- 
hampton, where he made his home when he married and 
where all his children were bom and he and his wife died. 
He was in Capt. Jonathan Wales' company. Col. Dickinson's 
Hampshire County Regt., which marched, Aug. 17, 1777, on 
an alarm to East Hoosick, thence to Pittsfield, where they 
took charge and guarded Hessian prisoners to Springfield ; 
serving eight days. His name is also^n an enlistment certi- 
ficate, dated in June, 1776, agreeing to serve until Dec. i, 
1776, and to march with despatch to Charlestown, N. H. 
Aaron served without doubt at odier times, and zlaq in the 
war of 1812, and rose to the rank of major. He was a mem- 
ber of the Boston Convention to ratify the constitt«tion, January, 
1788. The homestead of Major Aaron at Westhampton is 
now owned and occupied by his grandson, Jairus Joy Fisher. 
Major Aaron d. Nov. 22, 1839; his wife d. March 26, 1831. 

Children, b. in Westhampton, were: 

Digitized by 



3x5. Aaron*, b. NoTp 17, 1780; m. Bunice Joy, Feb. 18, 181 1. 

MUTOM*, b. Sept. 20, X782; drow&ed ta a mill-pond, May 31, 

Amtroky*, b. Jnne ax, 1784 ; d. mt Norwich, Mam., Jmn. 9, 1868. 
Gracs", b. Not. 17, 1786; d. Aug. 33, x8ix. 
MxHiTOM*, 3d, b. Ang. 30, X792; d. Sept. X4, 1792. 

170. Dakibi.\ aoxi of Daxiiel (89) and Amity (Sliepard) 
Fisher, was b. at Walpole, Dec. 7, X767; m. Dec. X7, 1793, 
Abigail, daughter oi Isaac and Abigail (Bullard) Lewis, who 
was b. at Walpole, Feb. 27, 1775, and d. there Aug. 7, 1S34, 
aged 58 years. (Dedhain Historical Register, vol. V, p. 16.) 
He was a fanner, res. at North Walpole, where he d. Oct. 8, 
1854, aged 86. Children, b. at Walpole, were : 

3x6. TOBX**, b. Jan. s, X795 ; m. Sally Bverett, April 15, 1818. 
3x7. ISAAcr. b. Dec. 23, X796 ; m. Sibyl Everett, Dec. x8, 1823. 

Achsa", b. Jan 5, X799; m. Lewis Allen, of Walpole, Dec. 

3, x8x9 ; d. March 37, X840. 
Majlxa\ b. March 33, i8ox; m. Silas Pales, of Walpole, 

Dec. xo, X833 ; d. Dec. 30, X833. 
Ox.xw', b. Aprils, 1804; m. Oct. 18, 1835, Amos Baker, of Ded« 
ham ; res* at Providence, R. I.; d. Oct. 3, 1838. 
3x8. Lswxs^, b. Tan. %i, x8o6 ; m. Catherine Batiett, Oct. 31, 1838. 
HAaaxiCT*, b. Jnly 19, x8io ; m. Sept. X9, X833, Deacon WilUrd 

Lewis ; d. Jnly 38, 'X848 : had four children. 
Hannah*, b. March xo, 18x4; ni.Sept. xo, 1833, Aaron Guild, 
of Walpole. [Guild Gen., pp. X30, X83.] She d. Jan. I3, 
X843 ; ne d. Sept 36, X849. 

171. A8A^ son of Daniel (89) and Amity (Shepard) Fisher, 
was b. in Walpole, May 30, X773, and d. there, May 3, X865. 
He m. xst, Dec. 17, x 800, Sally Gay, who was b. Jan. ii, 
X780, and d. in Walpole, Sept. 2, X820; m. 2d, Feb. 3, 1823, 
Cynthia Chenery, of Medfield, who was b. Jan. 30, 178X, and 
d. Dec- 3, X837, aged 56; xn. 3d, Oct. 3X, X838, Mrs. Unity 
(Clapp) Gay, who was b. in Walpole, June 26, x 800, -and d. 
July xo, x886. They resided at Walpole, -where their chil- 
dren were bom: 

3x9. WAaaSN*, b. Jan. 3, x8o3; d. Sept. 7, 1853; m. ist, Bctvcy 
Guild : m. 3d, Hannah Sumner. 

330. HoaACs', b. Not. 15, 1803 ; d. Jnly X3, 1843 ; m. Catherine 

Hartahom, July 39, X833. 

331. JaaaiCTAH*, b. July X9, 1805 ; m. Blizabeth Onion, April 14, 1833. 
BsTSay*, b. May 33^ X807 ; res. Walpole ; unni. 

SAXJ.Y*, b. June X3, X809; ni. Moaes' Kingsburv, 3d, Jan. i, 
x837. He waa b. May 30, i8o3, and d. April 7, 1888 ; re«. Went 
Deoham. She d. July 33, 1884. Had: Sarah KinKHbury*. 
b. Feb. 30, X838; d. July 31, 1S43; Warren Kingsbury*, 
b. March xo, 1833; res. West Dedham ; George Kingsbury*, 
b.— : res. West Dedham. 

Digitized by 



322. UNiry*, b. April 2, 1813 ; d. March 29, 1847 ; m. Comfort Weth* 

erbee, Nov. 8, 1836. 

323. Asa*, b. May 2, 1815 ; m. Catharine Onion, May 2, 1839 ; d. 

Not. 2, IW9. 

324. NswBl«L*, b. April 16, 1817 ; m. Louisa C. Rhoades, Oct. 8, 

i8so ; d. Not. 18, 1862. 
Jason^ (by second wife), b. Jnne 22, 1823 ; was lame and not 
well; raised strawberries, made baskets, etc.; d. Dec. 
16, 1864; anm. 

325. David* (by 3d wife), b. March 25, 1840 ; m. Olive M. Gray, 

June 20, z866. 

326. lEA*, b. Jan. 25, 1842 ; m. Charlotte B. Clay, Dec. 24, 1868. 

327. AI38RT*, b. March 6, 1846 ; m. Lillian F. Webb, May 2, i88z. 

173. WILLIAM^son of Daniel (89) and Amity (Shepard) 
Fisher, was b. in Walpole, July ax, 1784; m. at Dedham, 
May 7, 181 1, Nabby, daughter of Nathaniel and Submit 
Capen, who was b. April 10, 1790, baptized June 17, 1792, 
and d. April 22, 1879. He d. Jan. 12, 1834. Lived on the 
old homestead of his kther, and where his son Nathaniel still 
lives. Their children were: 

OaaA*, b. May Z4f 18x2 ; d. March 20, 1864 ; m. Samuel Guild, 
Nov. 2Q, 1832. [Burleigh's Guild Gen., p. X3a] 

328. LUTHBU*, b. Dec. 7, X819 ; m. Louisa H. Hapford, May 26, 

Nathaniul CATBif*, b. Dec. 4f x82X ; m. xat, April, X846, Char- 
lotte Uaakell, of Wrentham, who d. July, 1865, ^d 2d, 
Mary B. Nye. of Walpole, April 3, X870 ; no chUdren. Their 
adopted chila, Alfred Martin, d. Dec. 27, 1881, aged 2 yeara, 
10 mot., I da. He lives on the homestead of his grandfather, 
Daniel Pisher, in Walpole. 

173. DAVID^ sou of David (91) and Abigail (Lewis) 
Fisher, was b. in Sharon, June 26, X759 ; m. Nov. 20, X781, 
Mehitable, daughter of Lieut. Kbenezer^ and Mercy (Guild) 
Hewius, of Sharon, who was b. there, Feb. 20, 1762, and d. 
at Fraucestown, N. H., May 4, X849. They moved to Frances- 
town, N. H., where he d. Nov. 8, X829. *• David Fisher, 
with otlier settlers from Dedham and Sharon, came here 
(Fraucestown, N. H.), about the year 1780, and cleared the 
(arm known as the James Whitfield place, on the northeastern 
slope of Oak hill. Here he reared a family of thirteen chil- 
dren. He was large and athletic, his 'common weight' 
when in the prime smd vigor of life, was two hundred and 
fifty pounds. He was known in both Dedham and, Frances- 
town, as ' King David.' He entered the Revolutionary army 
when sixteen years of age." ''Fisher's saw-mill was built 
by David Fisher about the year x8oo. This mill stood about 
two miles north of the village toward Deering. Now owned 

Digitized by 



by Samuel E. Bryant, who put up a new mill in place of the 
old in X890. The stream is called Fisher's Brook." Their 
children, aU b. at Francestown, but one, were : 

329. David*, b. Dec. 15, 1783 ; d. March 11, 1843 ; m. Nancy Chand- 

ler, March 8, z8io. 

330. Bbkmbzbr*, b. Auff. IX, 1785 ; d. Feb. 4* 1856 ; m. Sally John- 

ton, March 6, i8za. 

331. JOBX**, b. July 16, 1787; d. Ang. 33, 1834; m. Anna Cage, of 

SuSAKNA*, b. in Sharon, Mast., Nov. s, 1790 ; d. in Cooper, 
Me., Feb. 36, i860; m. Ata Howe, of Merrimack; ret. 
Cooper, Me.; had 13 children. 
333. iHcmsASS*, b. July 17, 1793; d. May 11, 1866, at Charlotte, Me. 

333. Bnocu Hkwins*, d. March 16, 1794; d. Dec. 17, 1883 ; m. Rox- 

anna Lakin, of Francettown. 
BBHjAMUf*, b. Feb. 33, 1796; d. March n, 1848, at Fraiiccs- 
town ; m. Mary Starboard, of Portland, Me. 

334. Asa*, b. Oct. x , 1798 ; d. Feb. 38, 1846 ; m. Mary Gage, June f 6, 


335. Nancy", b. Oet. 10, 1800 ; d. in Francettown, Feb. 38, 1841 ; 

m. Walter Chadwick, of Weare, N. H. 

336. Levi*, b. March 14, 1803 ; d. Nov. 39, 1880 ; m. Fanny Wilkint, 

Feb. 34, 1839. 
Mary*, b. April 17, 1805; d. in Goffttown, N. H., March 34, 
1883 ; m. xtt, Jefferton Jones, of Goffttown, N. H. ; had a ton, 
Thomas. Jonet', who d. before his mother ; alto had a daugh- 
ter; m. 3d, William Ltoveioy ; ret. in Amhertt, N. II. 

337. Thomas*, b. May £3, 1808; €l. Dec. 18, 1834; m. Lydia G. Han* 

ton ; ret. Weare, N. H. 

174. Aaron\ son of David (91) and Abigail (Lewis) 
Fisher, was b. at Stoughtonham, now Sharon, Dec. 16, 1762, 
m. there, Nov. 6, 1788, Elizabeth, daughter of ( ) 

and ( ) Bstey, who was b. at Stoughtonham. 

He was a trader, residing in Sharon, where he d. 1809. 
He made his will. May 20, 1809, which was probated June 6, 
1809 ; in it he gave wife Eluuibeth one third of estate ; to 
eldest son, Aaron, eight hundred dollars ; younger son, Wil- 
liam, six hundred and eighty dollars ; youngest son, Daniel, 
five hundred dollars ; all when they shall be twenty-one ; resi- 
due to be divided among all children when they arrive at 21 ; 
brother Ebenezer executor. The inventory shows a brick 
house, store, and other buildings, with one-half an acre of land 
near Sharon Meeting-house, $3,800 ; homestead farm of sev- 
enty-five acres, $2,300 ; seventy-five acres in different pieces, 
of meadow, woodland and pasture, $1,985 ; one hundred and 
ninety-three acres of woodland at $2,936; sundry merchan- 
dise consisting of English and West Indian goods in store, 

Digitized by 



$822,32; bookaccounts (less xo percent.)* $536.12 ; fumiture, 
etc., $261.39; vragons and utensils, $406.52; cattle, slieep, 
etc., $338; cash, $28.05; ^<>^« $^6,145.0$. Sept. 5, 1809, 
Ebc^ezer Fisher was appointed guardian of Aaton and War« 
ren, over 14 years, and Elizabeth, the widow, was appointed 
guardian of Daniel, Betsey and Abigail, all under 14 yean. 
An old resident of Sharon describe his homestead thus : 
'' Now follow the road from Elm Lawn to East Foxboro . . . 
At the house of Benjamin Holmes, opposite the present 
house of Warren M. Holmes, turn off to the right, and on the 
site of what is known to us as the Josiah Talbot homestead 
lived (in 1794) Aaron Fisher ; he, or his son Aaron, moved 
down to the village and built the house now owned by A. G. 
Hixon. ' ' Children were : 

Aaron*, b. 

WiLUAM*, or Warrsn*, b. 


BsTSsy*. b. 

Abigaii.", b. 

175. EBBNBZBR^ son of David (91) and Abigail (Lewis) 
Fisher, was b. at Shanm, Aug. 27, 1765; m. there, Jan. 7, 
1796, Nancy, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel and Susanna 
(Bacon) Morse, of Sharon, who was b. there, Oct. 13, 1768. 
He d. at Sharon, April x6, z8i6. His will, made April iz, 
admitted to probate May 7, gave his widow Nancy the home- 
stead at Sharon, and a piece of swamp land, also all farming 
utensils and live stock, and four shares in Dedham Bank ; the 
residue to his brother David, his sisters, and the heirs of his 
brother Aaron, deceased. The homestead was appraised, July 
10, 1816, at $4,500; forty-seven acres of pasture, $2,060; six 
acres FowU meadows, $250; seventeen acres swamp, $350; 
twenty-three acres pasture, $276 ; one-half a pew in Sharon 
meeting house, $20 ; total, $6,956. Personal property, $1490. 13. 

176. Sbth', son of Thomas (92) and Mary (Pettee) 
Fisher, was b. in Stoughtonham, now Sharon, June x6, 1759 
(recorded at Stoughton). '* About the year 1781, he and Ab- 
ner came, in company from Sharon, Mass., on honeback (to 
Francestown, N. H.), erected their first shelter in what is now 
a field of the farm of Dr. Thomas B. Fisher, and began their 
labors in the primitive forests of Oak Hill. Suhsa^uently, 
Seth Fisher made for himself a home on the north-eastern verge 
of the hill, traces of which are still visible on the east side of 
the county road between the turnpike and the James Whit- 
field place. His wife was Hannf.h Hewins (daughter of Lieut. 

Digitized by 



Ebenizer and Mercy (Guild) Hewins, of Sharon), to whom 
he was married June 30, 1785. She was a sister of Mehitable 
Hewins, the wife of ' King David ' (173) and was b. in Sharon, 
Sept. 20« 1766, and d. in Francestown, Feb. 14, 1847. Seth 
Fisher was one of the goodly number of men who. went from 
Francestown into the army of the Revolution. He d. in this 
town, Jan. xo, i8zz. " His name is on a pay roll of Ralph 
Thompson's company, Col. Webb's Regt., dated Castle 
Island, Dec. x, 1779, for service from Sept. 35, X779, to Nov. 
xo, 1779, one month, sixteen days ; a Suffolk County Regt., 
raised by order of the General Court, of Sept. 17, X779, and 
under command of General Hancock, for service at Castle 
Children, b. in Francestown, were : 

338. Seth*, b. Jan. ao, 1786; went to New London, N. H., and d. 

there, April ix, 1858. 
Hannah*, b. Jan. xa, X789 ; m. Henry Greenwood, of Cani- 
bridgeport, ICass.; long resided there; d. iu Fraucestowti, 
May xo, X879. 

339. hswisF, b. July 4, 1791 ; m. Betsey Campbell, Jane a, 1818. 

340. HawxNS*, b. OctJao, 1793 ; m. Betsey Butteriield, June aa, 1818. 
I4OXS*, b. Jane 4, 1706; wis a citv missionary in Boston, 

Mass., where she d. March 19, i866. 
Ouvaa*. b. Ang. 3, 1798; d. FrancestowB, Jan. 30, i8oa. 
Thomas', b. July 4, 1000; d. Francestown, Jan. 6, 180a. 
BxTSXY*, b. Sept. s, x8q3 ; m. Enoch Collins, of Springfield, 

N. H. ; d. there. Not., 1855. 

177. THOMAS^ son of Thonias (92) and Mary (Pettee) 
Fisher, was b. in Stoughtonham, now Sharon, March 23, 
176X (recorded in Stoughton) ; m. at Sharon, Oct. 24, X785, 
Lucy Bullard, who was b. in Sharon, Nov. 9, X760, and d. iu 
Fraxicestown, N. H.,Nov. 24, 1834. " Thonms Fisher began 
(in Francestown) oh the Phineas Butterfield Place about 
the year X784. He was a Revolutionary soldier." His name 
appears on a pay roll of six months' men, raised by Stough* 
toixham, for service in the Continental army during X780 ; 
marched July 4, X780; discharged Dec. 13, X780, five months, 
twenty days. The descriptive list of men raised to reinforce 
the Continental army, for term of six xnonths, age 20 ; five 
feet, ten inches ; complexion light ; res. Stoughtonham ; 
time of arrival at Springfield, July 9, 1780. He received a 
pension of $35.54 a year from March 4, 1831, having l)een 
pensioned Sept. 24, X833, to take effect at the previous date. 
He d. in Francestown, May 17, 1850. 

Children b. in Francestown, were : 

Digitized by 



341. jAB8Z*»b, Aug. 24, 1786 ; m. Hannah Bradford, Sept. z, 18x4. 

Poixv^, b. June 2, 1788; m. Jonathan GoTe, of Weare, N. H., 
May 3, 18x0 ; d. in Acworth, N. H., May 27, X817. 

lrUCY*» b. Jan. X3, X79X ; m. Phineaa C. Bntterfield, of Prances- 
town, May xi, x8x7; d. there, Jnne23, Z87X. 

AaBKATK*, b. Jan. 18, 1793 ; ni« Levi Batchelder, of Franeet- 
town, Dec. Xf , X833 ; d. there, Sept. 4, X877. s. p. 

342. Mark*, b. April X9, 1796 ; m. Josepha Guild, of Francettown, 

Nov. 8, 1827. 
Sarah*, b. Dec. 5, X803 ; m. Joel Gay, of Pranceatown, May 6, 
J828; d. there, Peb. X4, x^. 

178. Ezra\ son of Thomas (92) and Mary (Pettee) 
Fisher, was b. at Stoughtonham, now Sharon, Nov. 2, 1769 ; 
bapt. November 6th ; m. at Francestown, N. H., May 23, 1805, 
Mary, daughter of Edward and Lucy (Barnes) Bixby, who was 
b. in Francestown, N. H., Sept. 9, 1777, and d. at Deering, 
N. H., April 2, 1854. He came to Francestown in 1800; 
settled at the foot of Cork hill in Deering, where he lived and d. 

They had : 

343. Oxjvsn Cxau>s*, b. in Deering, Ang. 2, 1809 ; m. Blisa C. Camp- 
bell, Oct. 3, X836; ret. Henniker, N. H., and Newton, Maae. 

179. JABBZ^ youngest child of Thomas (92) and Mary 
(Pettee) Fisher, was b. in Sharon, Sunday, May 7, 1780, and 
d. in Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 30, 1845, aged 65 years, 6 mos. 
and 23 days. Qe m. at Cambridge, May 13, 1819, Sarah, second 
child of Jonathan and Mary (Robbins) Livermore, of Brighton, 
who was b. Sept. 7, 1788, and d. in Cambridge, Sept. 20, 1854. 
She was b. at Little Cambridge, Mass., afterwards incorporate! 
as Brighton ; her father, Joxiathan Livermore, b. March 25, 
1743, d. April 29, 1822, aged 79, a son of Oliver and RuUi 
(Steams) Livermore, of Watertown, a descendant of Jonathan' 
tf ivermore, the emigrant. Jonathan Livermore m. June 25, 
X786, Mary, daughter of Solomoii and Martha Robbins, who 
was b. in Newton, June 25, 1760, and d. Sept. 21, 1840. Jabez 
Fisher and his wife settled in Cambridge, where their children 
were bom. Children were : 

344* Okorgs*, b. Peb. 15, xSao; m. Hannah C. Teele. 

Sarah*; b. Dec. x, x82X ; d. Cambridge, Ang. 5, x833. 
345* Jabbz*, b. April 30. X824; m. xst, Rozanna Betton, Oct. 8, 1845 ; 
m. 2d, Lucy B. Hosmer, Peb. 12, i860. Res. Pitchburg. 
Sarah Livbrmors*, b. May 26, 1826; d. Cambridge, Sept. 26, 

OuvRR*, b. Dec. 19, 1829; d. Cambridge, Aug. 9, 1830. 
BRZ4JAMXN Pranki^, b. Peb. 23, 1832 ; d. Cambridge, Oct. 18, 


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180. JACOB^ son of Jacob (93) axid Sarah (Hodges) Fisher, 
was b. in Stoughtonham, now Sharon, April 30, 1776 ; and d. 
tha« Sept. 8, i843. He was undoubtedly early a member of 
the Shanm diurch, and in 1821 became a member of the new 
organization, the Christian Society in Sharon, joining the 
church. He m. Mary , who d. in Sharon, Dec. 8, 1848, 
aged 7r. They had : 

Mary*, b. 1798; d. single, Oct 19, 1849. 

181. Nathan\ son of Nathan (94) and Esther (French) 
Fisher, was b. June 14, baptized at Dedham, Aug. 26, 1770 ; 
about that year or the next, his parents removed to Frances- 
town, N. H. He m. Feb. 16, 1796, Sarah, daughter of Dr. 
John and Beulah (Butler) Muzzey, who was b. June 18, 1773, 
and d. at Milford, N. H., Oct. 25, 1857, aged 84. Dr. Jno. 
Muzzey was son of Reuben Muzzey, of Amherst, N. H., and 
was b. at Kingston, Sept. 11, 1745, and d. Jan. 17, 1831 ; 
resided at Pelham, Amherst axid Peterboro, all in New Hamp- 
shire. Beulah^ Butler was dan. of Samuel' (John*, James^) 
and Mary (Wight) Butler, b. at Pelham, N. H., Jan. i, 1747 ; 
d. at Peterboro, Dec. 13, J805. Mr. Fisher lived for many 
years on the Frank Crosby place ; he was a man well known, 
and held public offices in the town (being selectman in 1814 
and 1815). He d. in New Boston, March 26, 1837. 

Children, b. in Francestown, were : 

SaxaV, b. Jan. 14, 1797 ; m. Aboer H. Bartlett, of Milford, 
N. H., Jane , Z815 ; d. Milford, March 9, 1871. 

BsTSSY*, b. March 24, 1708; m. Amos Andrews, of New Boston, 
N. H., Feb. 3, 1820; a. New Boston, Feb. 11, 1839. 

PAXfxrv*, b. Oct. 8, 1799; m. Livermore Lanfi^dcll, of New Bos- 
ton. Feb. Z2, 1822 ; d. New Boston, May 9, 1867. 

Lucy*, b. Ang. 19, i8of ; d. Milford, Nor. 4, 1887. 

Myba*, b. May 28, 1804 ; m. John Bartlett, of Milford, Jan. 5, 
1830; d. there, Sept. Z4i 1A5. 

CAROtbiK*, b. April j, 1806 ; m. Samuel Langdell, of New Bos- 
ton, Jan. i, 1828; a. there. May z8, 1876. 

JutiA*, b. May 26, z8o8 ; m. Zachariah, son of Josiah and Rebec- 
ca (Whiting) Morgan, of New Boston, Oct. 4, 1831 ; d. there, 
Not. 23, 1835. 

laaxm^, 6. Oct. 26, z8io; m. Joshua Hutchinson, of Milford, 
June 3, Z835 ; d. Milford, Sept. 16, 1888. 

182. RICHARD^ son of Nathan (94) and Esther (French) 
Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., Feb. z, 1779; zn. zst, 
Irizna , who d. Oct. zo, z8o6, aged 24 ; m. 2d, Sept. 3, 
Z807, Polly, daughter of William, Jr., and Hazmah (Johnson) 
Caznpbell, of Francestown, b. there about 1779, and d. there 

Digitized by 



March 22, 1859, aged 80. *' For many years he lived on the 
home place. When advanced in years he moved into the vil- 
lage, where he d. March 15, 1864.'* Children, b. in Frances- 

RoswKU SiLSBY*, b. Sept. 26, z8o6 ; removed to New York. 
LiBtA* (by second wife), b. April 6, 1809 ; m. Jonathan D. Hoa- 

ley» ol Gill. Mate., April 19, 1833. 
WixxzAic Johnson*, b. July 31, i8ri ; m. Roynton, of 

New Ipswich, N. H., and d. in that town. 
Orissa*. b. Jane 6, 1813; m. John, son of William and Polly 

(Pisk) Patterson, of New Ipswich, Nov. 15, 1832 ; he was b. 

in Temple, Nov. 15, 1810; was a blacksmith ; went to Men* 

don, Miieh., where he d. March iz, 1831. 
PasNCH*, b. July ao, 18x5 ; r em oved to the West. 
Thbda*, b. Jan. 6, zSso; m. Alpheus Qav, of Prancestown, 

Nov. as, i&is ; d. Manchester, Aug. 17, zSSs* [Praacestown 

History, p. 723. 1 

183. Olivbr', son of Oliver (95) and Sarah (Morse) 
Fisher, was b. in South Dedham, Jan. 16, 1771 ; m. ist, Nov. 
27. 1793. Judith, daughter of Eliplulet (112) and Judith (Bui- 
lard) Fisher, wno was b. in Dedham, Feb. 20, 1775, and d. 

•there March 4, 1801, aged 26 years. He m. 2d, July 8, x8oi, 
Olive, daughter of Oliver and Sarah ( ) Smith, who was 

b. at Dedham, April 26, 1774, and d. there March 21, 1857, 
aged 82 years. He d. in Dedham, March 12, 1834, aged 62. 
Inherited the old homestead in South Dedham, now Norwood, 
which had been in the family from 1630^40. Their children 
were : 

Nfiwxxx*. b. ; m. Betsey Parriagton, April 24, 18^3. 

RUFUS*, d. July 2Z, 1834, aged 26 years. 
JaBON*, d. June 4, 1819, aged 10 years. 

346. Olivbr*, m. Patty Bell, of Wilmington ; res. at Dedham and 

SOSAN M.', b. 18x5 ; m. Abraham Roberts, of Dedham, March 
4, 1838; d. at Dedham, March 22, x886. 

347. Ei,lPHAX.RT*, b. May i, 1797 ; m. Susan Parrington, May 3, 1822. 

184. LswIS^ son of Oliver (95) and Sarah (Morse) Fisher, 
was b. at Dedham, March 7, 1773; joined the Dorchester 
Church, March 4, 1798 ; m. Mary Randall, April 27, 1797, at 
Sharon. They had : 

348. Lewis WAaasit', bapt. March 4, 1798 ; m. Lydia Patch : res. 

ROZANA*, b. in Not., 1799. 
Abigail*, b. in May, 1801. 
Chablks Gbandison*, b. Dorchester, Peb., 1803. 
Mabv*, b. in Oct., 1804. 
Fbancbs*, b. in Sept., 1807. 

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185. Biu.XNGs\ son of Oliver (95) and Sarah (Billings) 
Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Aug. 3, 1782 ; m. Hannah, daughter 
of Imla and Hannah Parker, of Groton, who d. in Dedham, 
Aug. 29, 1849, aged 60. He d. Feb. 4, 1854, aged 73. They 

Hannah Maria Ames*, b. Oct. 23, 1828 ; d. March 32, 1852 ; a 

An Infant*, d. Aug. 10, 1825, i^ed 8 days. 

186. Joel', son of OUver (95) and Sarah (Billings) Fisher, 
was b. in Dedham, April 11, 1783. He went to Bangor, Me., 
when a young man and lived on a farm. He m. Betsey Ana 
Nidhols, who was b. in Oldtown, Me., in May, 1781, and d. in 
May, 1836. He served in the war of 1812, and lost a leg. 
He then returned to Massachusetts, and res. on a farm in 
Stoughton, adjoining the one on which his grandson, Joseph 
A. Fisher, now lives. Owned six or seven trained dogs tliat 
he used to drive to and from Boston with, sometimes reaching 
Stoughton from Boston in less time than the stage. After the 
loss of his leg he became a boot crimper. He d. Sept. 18, 1841 . 
Children, by first wife, were : 

JOBI.*, b. ; returned to Stoughtop, Mass.; m. Sarah 

Adams, Tan. I4i 1838. 

349. LBONARir, b. in Bangor, Aug. 8, 1809; m. Chloc H. Adams, 

April 28, 1829. 
OUVRR*, b. . 

350. BoiiDND M.*, b. Nov. 18, 1813; ni. Hauaah W. Dinl, Sept. 25, 

BsTSSV Ann*, b. ; m. Williaui Lovell, of Mansfield. 

351. BiLUNCS*, b. July 18, 1817 ; m. ist, Nancy Glover ; ui. 2d, Mrs. 

Bleanor Wade. 

352. Nathanibl Parrxm* (twin of above), b. July 18, 1817; m. 

three times. 

187. Leonard BIuaNGS^ son of Oliver (95) and Sarah 
(Billings) Fisher, was b. in South Dedham, Jan. 4, 1785 ; m. 
there, Oct. 11, 1812, Abigail Smith, of Dedham. She joined 
the South Dedham church, Jan. 8, 1833. '* He tilled the soil 
of a good farm in South Dedham, and previous to the advent 
of railroads, was engaged in teaming from Boston to New-York, 
by way of Providence and New Haven. ' * He d. at South Ded- 
ham, Jan. 18, 1861, aged 76 years and 14 days. Their children 

Infant*, b. in 18x3 ; d. Dec., 1814. 

LXVINA B.*, b. ; m. at South Dedham, Sept. 12, 1843, 

James P. White, of Canton. Res. Norwood. 
3S3. Wxi^UAM Curtis*, b. April 7, 1827 ; m. Emily E. Atkins, Oct. 
10, i8s9. 

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188. Nathamibl PARXB&^ son of Oliver (95) and Sarah 
(Billix^s) Fisher, was b. in South Dedham, June 13. 1792 ; 
m. Dec. 8, 1817, Nancy Morse, of Canton ; resided in Walpole, 
where he d. Feb. 35, 1844. She d. there, Sept. 6, 1853. They 

Uaarist BzLLuros", b. March 6, 1819. 
Sarah Ann*, b. Aug. 19, iSaa* 

180. Ira\ son of Abner (96) and Sophia (Hibbard) 
Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., Feb. 23, 1782 ; m. zst, 
Sept. 25, 1806, Betsey, sister of Joseph Punchard, of Prances- 
town; m. 2d, Nabby Clark, of FrancestOMm. "He lived in 
the Nutting house several years, and later in the house long 
occupied by Mrs. Winn (on the Bennington road). He d. 
here, Feb. 19, 1849." He served from Francestown in the War 
of 1812. Had: 

JOHXf*, b. Jan. Mt z8o8; settled in Southern SUtes. 
Ira*, b. ; settled in the Soath. 

IdO. JABW', aon 6f Nathaniel (98) and Hannah (Baker) 
Fisher, was b. in Stoughton, now Canton, March 15, 1764; 
m. there, Feb. 10, 1791, Mary, daughter of James and Rebecca 
(Swift) Tucker, who was b. in Stoughton, April 15, 2770. 

[James* Tucker (Jeremiah\ James', James', Robert') 
was b. March 6, 1740; baptized March 16; m. in 1763, 
Rebecca Swift ; see Epluraim Tucker's Tucker Genealogy.] 

He was a carpenter by trade, and served as constable at 
Canton, and deputy sheriff of Norfolk county. He served in 
the Revolution ; was a private, serving in Captain Ralph 
Thompson's company, Lieut.-Col. Webb's Regt., of three 
months' levies from the counties of Suffolk and Middlesex, 
raised by resolve of June 30, 1 781, to reinforce the Continental 
army ; he enlisted Aug. 26, 1781, and was discharged Dec. 7, 
1781 ; term of service, 3 months and 23 days, 11 days' travel 

He resided in Canton until about the year x8o8 when he 
sold his place and removed to Washington, N. H., where he 
bought a farm of 160 acres about three-quarters of a mile from 
the village. The place had a large two*story residence upon 
it, with a basement on the south ^e. Farming was his em- 
ployment, except when called upon he did surveying for the 
neighbors ; he had a good compass and chain and surveyed 
farms and drew plats of them, although he said he had never 
studied the theory of surveying, only knew the practice. He 
wrote a fair hand, and seemed to have had a good elementary 

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cdttcatioQ. He was a man of medium height, and not robust, 
and was afflicted with rheumatism and asthma, and very testy 
and irritable. His wife was a strong, healthy woman, and to 
her their posterity owe much. The sons, while in business 
in Boston, would spend a few weeks or sometimes months dur- 
ine the summer on the Washington fatrm. It was inherited by 
Jabez, who lived there in the latter years of his life, and is now 
owned by his son, George J. Fisher, of Boston. Jabin d. at 
Washington, June 13, 1843, aged 78 years; his widow d. 
there, March 2X, 1853, aged 82. Their children were : 

354. Jabsz", b. in Stoaghtoa, Nov. aS, 1791 ; m. Suiianna Stone, 
Nov. 7, z8i6. - 

335. Nathamzsl*, b. Stoughtott, April 18, 1794 ; m. mt, Mary May ; 

m. ad, Blisa Sampson ; m« 3d, Betsey Draper. 
Mary*, b. Stoaghtoa, Oct. 18, 1796; a. in Waltham, May 22, 
1873; nnm. 

336. CHAaus^, b. in Canton, Dec. 9, 2799; m. Julia K. Brigham, 

Not. z, 1833. 
PATmfai TuicKsa^, b. Canton, Nov. 23, iSoi ; d. at Concord, 

N. H., March 12, 18939 aged 91 ; unui. 
jAMXa^, b. Canton, Jan« 30* 1805; d. there Oct. ii, 1805. 
BUZA*, b. Canton, June o, 1807 ; d. Washington, N. U., July 23, 

1831; nnm. 

357. CLAEflU*, b. in Washington, N. H., June 30, 1809 ; m. Henry 

James Cartis, ^ng. 31, 1831. 

358. jAiotS*, b. in Washington, N. H., Sept. 30, 181 1; m. Blixa 

Tucker. Sept. 16, 1839. 
359* WnAZAir,b. Washington, N. H., Jan. 17, 1814; m. Catherine 
Lovelandt Aug. 8, 1838. 

191. Eujah\ son of Nathaniel (98) and Hannah (Baker) 
Fisher, was b. in Stonghton, now Canton, July 30, 1765 ; 
baptized Aug. 4 ; m. ist, at Sharon, Jan. i, 1788, Susanna 
Hizon, of Sharon, who d. at Canton, Jan. 2, 1799, aged 31. 
Hem. 3d, at Canton (intention), Feb. 18, 1799, Mehitable 
Wentworth, daughter of James and Mehitable ( Wentworth) 
Fadden, who was b. in Stoughton, in 178 1, and d. in Canton, 
June I, x8o8, aged 27. Elijah ran a stage to Boston for a 
while, but sold out to his brother Abel in 1801. He built in 
1790 what was in 1812, or thereabouts, known as the Haines 
house in Canton, now occupied by Billings Hewett. In 1794, 
*' he lived on the Bay Road in Canton, near the Sharon bound- 
ary, where lately lived Warren Cobb. Four years later Jona- 
than Cobb purchased the estate and carried on the manufac- 
ture of wrought nails in a shop opposite.*' Elijah was an un- 
fortunate" man. He d. at the house of Mrs. Hannah Fisher 
Lewis, April 5, 1813, aged 48. The births of the first three 
children are recorded in Sharon. 

Their children were : 

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Elijah*, b. Feb. ), 1^92 ; wan a member of one of the two com* 
panim of militia in Canton. In the war of i8ia, he was 
stationed for some time at Port Independence. He probably 
died of yellow fever in New Orleans about 1820; nnm. 

CvKUS*, b. April 15, 1794; enlisted in the naTV when 19 years 
old, and is supposed to have died aboard ship. 
360. Na2CCy'» b. Oct. 37, 1796 ; d. at Madison, Ga., Jnne 17, 1869. 

Sakah*. b. Aug. 6, X799; m. Martin Draper, Jnly 12, 1818. 
[Draper Genealogy, pj. 152-154. ] 

Amkua*, b. March 6, 1803 ; m. Horace GnUd, May 15, 1827. 
[Burleigh's Guild Genealogy, p. 123.] 

192. Abel', son of Nathaniel (98) and Hannah (Baker) 
Fisher, was b. at Stoughton, April 36, 1767, and d. at New- 
bury, O., Oct. I, 1831, aged 64 years. He m. zst, at Dedham, 
Oct. 4, 1789, Deborah, dan. of Ebenezer and Deborah ( ) 

White, who was b. at Dedham, June 16, 1772, and d. at Can- 
ton, Aug. 26, 1802, aged 30 years. He m. 2d, at Canton, 
April 24, 1803, Ruth, daughter of Ezra and Sarah (White) 
Tilden, who was b. at Stoughton, Dec. 6, 1774, and d. at 
Newbtiry, O., Feb. 13, 1833, aged 58 years. In 1795, he 
signed the petition for the incorporation of Canton. He lived 
in the old house still standing on Chapman Street, between 
Sherman Street and the railroad bridge. In 1801 , Abel bought 
of his brother Elijah, '*the dark colored stage," which he 
had himself built, together with a full set of harness tipped with 
brass ; also the box, slate, and all privileges of which Elijah 
was owner at Major King's tavern in Boston. Soon after he 
sold out to Friend Crane, who continued to run the stage from 
Boston to Canton. An item in his day book reads as follows : 
** Oct. 21, 1803. Came into Boston at 12 at night from Liver- 
pool, Eng. Had 47 days passage and have been gone from 
home 16 weeks and 3 days ; paid the Captain 1 10 dollars for 
passage out and back. ' ' Family tradition says that he visited 
the home of his ancestors in England, though we have no 
evidence to prove the assertion. In 1802, a cotton mill was 
erected on the lower privilege of the East Branch of the 
Neponset River in Canton, where in 1794 Nathaniel Fisher 
had his *' great forge " and *' come mill/' Mr. James Beau- 
mont, who was b. in Denby, Eng., entered into a partnership 
with Abel Fisher and Lemuel Bailey, and in 1803, under the 
firm name of James Beaumont and Company, began the spin- 
ning of cotton yam. The first manufactured was used as 
wicking by the candle-makers. Subsequently warp and filling 
yam was made for domestic cloth, and .soon after cotton cloth 
was manufactured. This copartnership was in due time dis- 

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Abel lived in Canton until Aug. 19, 1818, when he started 
with all hia fatmily but Abel, Jr., who was then in Ohio, (or 
Newbury, Geauga County, O., arriving there September 37, 
being 40 days on the road with two yoke of oxen and covered 
wagon. He bought a farm in Newbury of 132 acres, now occu- 
pi^ by his grandson. Gains Munn. He bu^t and ran a water- 
power saw mill on what is known as Punderson*s Pond, a 
beautiful little fresh water lake, now quite a pleasure resort 
for that locality. Abel Fisher and his wife Ruth were both 
buried at South Newbury, O. Children were : 

361. ' James*, b. April 23, 1793; d. April 11, 1834; m. Mercy Litch, 

Oct. 13, 1833 ; res. Newbury, Ohio. 
363. Dkborah*, b. Dec. iS, 1794 ; m. July 36, 1S30, ApoUoe South- 

worth, lateof Slottghton, Mans.; res. Strongsville, Cuyahogs 

Co., Ohio. 

363. Hamkau*, b. Jan. 37, 179S; ta. Thomas Anderson Munn, Oct. 

1% 1S33 ; res. Newbury, Ohio. 

364. ABBt', b. Oct. 33, 1800; m. Ruth Greene, July 11, 1830; res. 

Chagrin Palls, Ohio. 

365. Saeah* (by second wife), b. Oct. 15, 1806; ui. Cutler Tyler, 

Not. 13, 1835; res. Newbury, Ohio. 

366. Ruth*, b. Jan. 35, 1809; ui. William Munu, April 3J, 1833. 

367. BuzABirru*, b. Sept. 13, 18x3; d. Nov. 1. 1893; uum. 

103. HANNAH^ daughter of Nathaniel (98) and Han- 
nah (Baker) Fisher, was b. at Stouj^hton, March 14, 1773. 
She m. there, by the Rev. Zachariah Howard, April 35, 1793, 
Benjamin, youngest but two of the children of James Hawke 
and Lydia (Pratt) Lewis, who was b. at Stoughton, Nov. 13, 
1766. (See Lewisiana and Dedham Register for January, 1896, 
PP* 39» 40.) He went to Dorchester at the age of 13} to learn 
the tailor's trade with hLs brother James, but did not stay his 
time out on account of poor health. They commenced house- 
keeping at Ridge Hill, so-called, in present Canton, in Octo- 
ber, 1793. Here she lived until her death, Jan. 5, .1833. Ben- 
jamin Lewis d. at the house of his son, Jarvis, at Waltham. 
May 20, i860, in the 94th year of his age. Their children, all 
b. in what is now Canton, were : 

Naxcv Lbwxs*, b. Nov. 11, 1793; d. ait Waltham, March 10, 
Z864 ; uam. 

Bmjah Lbwis*, b. Nov. 27, 1795 ;d. at Canton, Jan. 21, 1863 ; 
m. Ruth Gilmore ; no issue. 

Jaavis Lxwis*. b. Oct. 17, 1799; d. at Waltham, July 14, 1881 ; 
m. at Waltham, Oct. 6, 1844 ; Lucy Brooks, daughterof Lu- 
ther and ( ) Tilden, who was b. at Scituate, Aug. 16, 
1818, and d. at Waltham, Nov. 10, 1845, aged 27 years. She 
wrote poetry which was much admired, over the si^aturc 
of ** L. B. T." A biograph of Mrs. Lewis has been published 
to which we refer for full particulars. They hu«l : Helen 
Ixrwis*, b. at Waltham, Sept. 9, 1845 ; res. Waltham, uum. 

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Paaxsr Lewis*, b. April ix, 1804 ; m. Tnne 6, 1830, at her broth- 
er's boose at NewtoiiTille, Lncy Adams Steams, who was b. 
at Newtoaville, ICarch 10, 1806. He liTed at the Bemis Fac* 
tory io Watertown, then went to Lynn, where he stajred a 
nnmber of years, snd then moved Mck to Newtonville and 
bnilt a honse, where he has lived since (1893). They ceie* 
brated their golden wedding in z88o. Mo issne. 

Ax.Pk]io Lewis*, b. Feb. 37, x8io; lived in his father's honse in 
Canton ; d. Nov. 35, 1888; unm* 

Mblxnda Lewis*, b. Jnly 9, 1813; lived Mrith her brother 
Alfred ; d. April 39, 1888 ; nnm. 

104. Samubl\ !Km of Nathaniel (98) and Hannah (Bak- 
er) Fisher, was b. in Stoughton, Nov. 14, 1776 ; m. at Canton, 
May 31, 1798, Susanna, daughter of Deacon Benjamin and 
Jane (BaboDck) Tucker, who was b. in Stoughton, now Can- 
ton, May 6, 1778. He was a fanner and liv^ at Canton Cor* 
ners, where he d. July 23, 1830, aged 33. His widow d. in 
Randolph, March 11, 1864, aged 85. 

Their children were : 

368. Betsey*, b. Feb. 8, 1801 ; m. Joshua Spear, Jr., of Randolph, 

Feb. 3, 18S5. 
Lucv*, D. Aug. 10, 1803; d. at Milton, March zi, 1873; m. at 
Randolph, Aug. 7, 1857, Josiah Wadsworth, who was b. at 
Milton, May 13, 1795, And d. there. Dee. 3, 1873. 

369. Hemey*, b. Apnl la, i8qs ; ni. ist, Mary Tilden Upham ; m. 

ad, Clarissa Cobb ; res. Canton. 

370. SAaiUEL*, b. April 7-, 1808 ; m. Hannah Alden, May s, 1834. 

371. Calbb", b. Nov. 7, z8ii; m. Sarah Amanda Deford, June 37, 

373. SoSAJf*, b. July 19, 1814; d. Jnly 10, 1859; m. Joshua Hunt, of 

Randolph, Oct. as, 1834. 
373. HARJUor, b. Jan. 28, 1818; d. Dec. 17, 1893; m. Washington 

105. Euzabbth', daughter of Nathaniel (98) and Han- 
nah (Baker) Fisher, was b. at Stoughton, July 17, 1782 ; m. 
at Boston, Oct. 5, 1800, Henry Bass^, son of Nathanier and 
Elizabeth (Curtis) Curtis, of Boston, who was b. Dec. 17, 1775. 
A lumber dealer. He d. in Boston, March 15, 1828 ; she d. at 
Lowell, July 8, 1859, aged 77 years. Children, all b. at 
Boston, were : 

EuzASBTH CuATis*, b. Oct. 4, 1801 ; d. April 14, i8s4« 
374* Heioly CuatiS*, b. Aug. 24, 1803 ; m« Rebecca Lessington Ever* 
ett. Dee. 4, 1828. 

RoSAmCA Curtis*, b. July 8, x8o6; d. at Lowell, Feb. 9, 
1838 ; nnm. 

BMacEUME Curtis*, b. April 11, 1808; d. June ai. 1809. 

EmcEZJitx DsBORAH Whitb Curtis*, b. Jan. 90, 1810; m. at 
Lowell, ICarch 6, 1845, John Bnsh Pratt, who was b. at Wor- 
cester, Jnly 26, 1809. 

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375« Hamnab Maxxa CimTU*, b. Dee. ai, x8ii; m. Dr. George 

Manifteld, Not. i$, 1832. 
376. Uaxoml Cooudgs CxntnaP. b. Sept. a, 18x3 ; m. Stephen B. 
SaTsce, Jnne 3, 1841. 
Maky Boaadkan Cxnttis*, b. Sept. a, 1815 */ d. «t Lowell, April 

Bammxkt Crmxxs*, b. July a8, 1817 ; d. Worcester, May 8, 1871 ; 

CKAautS WxuUAM Cu&TXS*, b. June 27, 1819 ; d. June 14, i8ai. 
377. Hsuor Maxxba Curtis*, b. Dec. a8, i8ao; ni. Hmrriaon Craft 
Bird, Not. 8, 1843. 

196. GsoRGs\ son of Ezeldel (loi) and Sarah (May) 
Piaher, was b. at Stoughton, Dec. 25, 1774 ; m. Lois Vose, 
daughter of Joshua Ward, of Milton. Like many of the family 
he was a blacksmith by trade ; res. at Dorchester, where he d. 
Was a captain of the militia. Children were : 

GaOEGK Lbwxs*, b. Feb. 33, 1803 ; m. Elizabeth 

Bdwin*, b. April 19, 1804 ; m. lit, Hepaibah RnsaelJ, May 3, 

1839: m. ad, Mra. Caroline P. Beckwith, Sept. 19, 1847. 
Mary*, b. Aug. 31, 1806; m. at Dorchester, Dec. 18, 1831, 

Bnoc^ Penao, of Milton. 

387. LoxsVosr", b. Oct. 8, Z807; m. Albert McKendry, April 13, 


107. EUAS', second son of Ezekiel (xoi) and Sarah 
(May) Fi^er, wash, in Stoughton, Feb. 3, 1777. He moved 
in early life to Taunton, where he d. . He m. Han- 

nah Carver, of Taunton. Their children were : 


fi;JA^ b. ; m. Mr. Richmond, 

cv Aim*, b. ; m. William Sargent. 

198. ALSXANDBR^ souof Ezckicl (xoi) and Sarah (May) 
Fisher, was b. at Stoughton, now Canton, Dec. a, 1780; m. 
Sept. 26, x8i6, Clarissa, daughter of John and Rachel (Thomp- 
son) Tucker, who was b. in Canton, Oct. 17, X793. He was a 
fatrmer, and res. at Ponkapog in Canton, where he d. Jan. 24, 
1874, aged 93 years. She d. Oct. 9, x88o. Their children 

Clarissa*, b. April 18, 1817 ; m. Samuel Fisher (329), Dec. 
25, 1838 ; d. Dec. 14, 1896. 

Sarah May*, b. May 17, 1819 ; d. April 5, 1889 ; anm. 

388. Alvak*, b. Dec. a, iSai ; m. Amaaoa Tower, Jan. i, 1855. 

389. Maria*, b. Dec. 6, x8a6; ni. Edward W. Davenport, of Men- 

don, Jnne IS* 1851 ; rea. Council Bluiia, Iowa. 
JOHK TUCRXR*, b. Dec. 8, i8a8 ; killed at Hamilton, Nev.. 

April 9, x87a ; unm. 
39a CBARUts*, b. Sept. xa, 1831 ; m. xat, Maria T. Blanchard, and 

ad. Patience B. Loring. 
BUZA Capbic*, b. Sept. as, 1835 ; d. Jan. i, x84a. 

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199. Nathan\ fourth son of Ezeldel (lox) and Sarah 
(May) Fisher, was b. in Stoughton, March 6, 1785 ; removed 
to Taunton ; m. ist, Mary Jolmson ; m. 2d, at Rehoboth, May 
2, 1819, Maria Carpenter, of Rehoboth, who was b. there, 
Sept. 2, 1796, daughter of Stephen and Hannah (Willmarth) 
Carpenter, of Rehoboth. Children were : 

Maky Lockk', b. ; m. John O. Burt, of Taunton. 

Lizziu^, b. ; m. Frederic Anthony, of Fall RiTer. 

Makea^, b. ; ui. Jeukii Robcrion, of Taunton. 

SOO. Nancy', daughter of Ezekiel (lox) and Anxui (Hor- 
ton) Fisher, was b. in Stoughton, Feb. 14, 1792; m. Laban 
Fields, of Taunton, and res. at Taunton. She d. May 3, 1882. 
They had : 

Anna Fiki.os'*, b. ; m. Arteman Blins, of Tauntou. 

SAaAH FiKU>s^, b. ; m. Henry G. Leonard, of North 


201. EuNICE^ youngest child of Ezekiel (lox) and Anna 
(Horton) Fisher, was b. in Stoughton, May 26, 1794, and d. 
in Norwood, Oct. 5, 1851. She m. Justus Pooler, from Belch* 
ertown, and res. most of her life in Canton. 

Children were : 

391. JOKN M. P001.KR', b. ; d. March 14, 1863, at White Oak 

Church, Va. 
Anna Hokton Puolkr', b. , 1835 ; unui. 

*40*4. BfiTHiA GiLV, daughter of Abigair (102) Fisher 
and Elijah Gill, m. (intention date) Aug. i, 1803, Deacon 
Ezra Tilden of the Baptist church in Canton. Bethia was also 
a member of the church. Their children, b. in Canton, were : 

Abigail Tildkiv*, b. Dec. 24, 1805. 

IfBMUEX. Gill Tiu>iu^. b. Aug. 10, 1809 ; m. Hannah B. Gill, 

of Canton, Jan. 10, 1838. 
Mary Tiu>bn*, b. Sept. 34, 18—. 
Clara TiLDRN*,b. May 31, 1813 ; m. Joaiah W. Robinson, April 

7. 1840. 
Sarah Tildbn*, b. April 7, 1817. 
BsTHXA Gill Tilpbn*, b. Oct. 3, 1820 ; m. John B. Fisher, of 

Canton » Dec i4i 1841; removed to I«awrence, Kana., March 

10. 1865. 
LuciNOA TiLDBN*. b. Dec. 4, 1824 ; m. William Tucker, sd, 

Nov. ao, 1849. [Tttcker*9 Tucker Genealogy, p. 154.] 

203. Sarah', daughter of Lemuel (103) and Anna 
(Billings) Fisher, was b. at present Canton, April 12, 1781 ; 

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m. there (intention dated) March i8» 1804, Henry Stone 
Bemis, who was b. She d. at Ponkapog, in Canton. 

Thejr had only : 

^ Ai3S»TBsiaa^,b. ; inherited his grandfather's (Bemis) 

estate in Canton ; moved away, and d. anm. 

204. Asa*, son of Lemuel (103) and Atma (Billings) 
Fisher, was b. in present Canton, July 15, 1784 ; m. at Spen- 
cer, Waite, of Spencer. They moved to Pompey, 
N. Y., where they probably died. They had: 

A2fNA*, b. ; m. C. C. Bay ley; res. Waupun, Wis. 

AXFRBD*. b. ; res. in Dundee, 111. ; July, 1895, res. with 

his son Martin* at Carpentersville, 111. 
Bowik\ b. ; a lawyer ; d. in Ohio. 

305. Ruth', daughter of Lemuel (103) and Anna (Bill- 
ings) Fisher, was bom in Stoughton, now Canton, Feb. 4, 
1792 ; m. March 7, 18 16, Luther, son of Beriah and Sarah 
(Fisher) Ingraham (96), who was b. at Stoughton, Sept. 5, 
1788, and d. . They had : 

GusrAVUS INORAHAM*, b. ; was a lawyer in Boston ; cl. 


200. SusAN^ youngest child of Lemuel (103) and Anna 
(Billings) Fisher, was b. at Canton, Dec. 14, 1798, and d. in 
Maine, Feb. 27, 1879. She removed early to Augusta, Me., 
where she lived until her death. **This estimable woman 
merits a word in memory of her reverent, wise and amiable 
character. In a business life of more than forty years her 
integrity and practical sense commanded the respect and won 
the esteem of all who knew her. In her early years she ac- 
quired habits of thought and reading which she always 
retained, and those who conversed with her were charmed 
with the refinement as well as .strength of her mind. She was 
a zealous Unitarian, a life member of the Association and a 
constant subscriber to the Christian Register. A member of 
our church in Augusta, Me., for nearly fifty years, she lived 
a truly Christian life, and was always a worker in the society. 
Her culture and pleasing manner specially fitted her to be a 
teacher of the young, and for many years she did faithful 
work in the Sunday School. In her latter years she was a 
kind friend and a wise counsellor. Through right living she 
retained her faculties of mind and body to the last, and her 
end was peaceful. With no lingering illness, with scarcely a 

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warning that the end was so near, she retired to her bed 
saying, ' I feel that I can rest now ' ; and daring her slumber 

* The wheels of wesry lifs stood still,' 

and she entered that rest which knows no earthly waking." 

207. Lucy Tuckbs\ daughter of Rebecca Fisher (io6) 
and Jesse Tucker, was b. in West Gardiner, Me., Nov. 7, 
1806, andd. in , Oct. z8, 1873. She m. March i, 1831, 

Woodman, son of and ( ) True, of Litdi- 

field, Me., who was b. , and d. May 14, 1867. 

Children were : 

392. JBSSS TucKKR Tao^, b. Jsa. la, 1833 ; m. Blizabeth Cashing, 
Oct. 9, i860. 
Hklbn TavaP, b. Dee. 25, 1844 ; m. Jsbex M. Plummer, of 
Monmouth, Me., Tune 14, 1874; d. April 50, x886. Had: 

1 50, 
. Jun 

Prsakie Plummer*, b.* March x6, 1878; d. June 37, 1881. 

208. John TucuR^ son of Rebecca Fisher (106) and 
Jesse Tucker, was b. in West Gardiner, Me., Dec. 10, 1809, 
and d. there Oct. 26, 1885. He m. April 9, 1840, Rhoda Jane 
Jack, who was b. and d. Jan. 8, z886. Children were : 

DaUA TucuuL*, b. March 4t 1842 ; d. Oct. 23, 1847. 
MAav jANaTuoua*, b. Aug. 24, 1846; d. Tune, 1861. 
393. John WnfCHSU Tucuul*, b. Dec. 20, 1834; m. Carrie M. 
Woodbury, March 9, 1880. 

209. Rbbscca Tucsbr'» daughter of Rebecca Fisher 
(xo6) and Jesse Tucker, was b. in Wiest Gardiner, Me., Dec. 
13, 181X, and d. March 11, 1882. She m. June 12, 1838, 
Daniel Bartlett. Children were : 

394. JassB TucKsa BAaTXjnrr*, b. March 6, 1841 ; m. Mrs. Ania« 

H. Bartlett, Dec. 31, x866. 
BLX.A Babtuett*, b. Not. x8, 1843. 
Mary Buzabbth BabtIpBTT*, b. Aus. 27, 1847. 

395. Prakk GaAMT Bartlbtt*. b. Msjrch 6, 1830 ; m. Mary L. Pord, 

Dee. 19, x888. 

810. Ann TucKsa', daughter of Rebecca Fisher (xo6) 
and Jesse Tucker, was b. in West Gardiner, Me., Oct. 6, x8x5 ; 
m. March 29, X835, Moses, sdn of and 

( ) True, of Litchfield, Me., who was b. and 

d. July 27, 1890. Children were : 

Rebscca Tau«», b. Feb. 20, X836; d. July i, 1853. 

AI3SBT Taus*. b. June 8, 1838 ; d. May 3, 184X. 

Lucy Ann Tbub*, b. Jan. 26, 1841 ; m. Charles A. Metcalf, 

Not. 26, 188$; rea. South Litehfield. Me. 
WzxjjAM BucBNE TBUS*,b. June 10, 1844; d. July 17, 1875. 
HSBBKRT Truk*, b. May 24, 1847; d. Jan. 8, 1S64. 

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311. David Tucxee\ son of Rebecca Fisher (io6) and 
Jesse Tncker, was b. in West Gardiner, Me., Jan. 19, 1820, 
and d. at the homestead there, April 3, 1887. He m. ist, May 
9, 1847, Abigail W. Fuller, who was b. and d. Sqpt. 5, 

1861. He m. 2d, March 6, 1867, Susan Tappan. Res. on 
the homestead of Jesse Tucker at West Gardiner. They had : 

DsuiL AimiB TuCEEE*, b. Jan. 19, iSso; d. July 31, 1863. 
Rebecca Anoeua Tucxbe*, b. April 13, 1856. 
396. David Bdoa.e Tuceee', b. May 29, 1859; °>* Annie B. Cram, 
Not. 22, 1881. 

215. Cathbrinb\ daughter of Asa (in) and Elizabeth 
(Draper) Fisher, was b. in Walpole, Jan. 9, 1770 ; m. in Ded- 
ham, Dec. 27, 1791, Elihu, son of Jonathan and Meletiah 
(Holmes) Onion, who was b. in Dedham, April 19, 1760. She 
d. at Milton, Aug. 31, 1853, aged 83. They had : 

Hannah Oitioif*, b. April 3, f 7^ ; d- June 21, 1822 ; nnm. 

Asa Pisaaa Onzom*, d. Oct. 26, 1795. 

Lbokaro Onion*, b. March 23, 1796 ; d. Jan. 16, 1833. 

WiUAED Onion*, b. Auf. 4, 1800. 

Abijah Onion*, b. March 16, 1803; d. Sept. 7, 1803. . 

Jonathan Onion*, b« July Z2, 1804; m. Betsey Jcnks. 

BUZABETH Onion*, b. Jan. 14, 1807 ; m. Jeremiah Fisher (321), 

April 14. 1833. 
Lekuez. Onion*, b. Not. 20» 1810. 
Catheeine Onion*, b. May 29, 1813 ; m. Asa Fisher, Jr. (323), 

of Walpole, May 2, 1839. 
Addison Onion*, b. Dec. 22, 1816. 

216. Benjamin*, son of Asa (in) and Eli^-abeth (Draper) 
Fisher, was b. at Walpole, Feb. 23, 1777 ; m. at Dedham, May 
13, 1801, Abigail, daughter of Joseph and Monica (Gay) 
Baker, who was b. Nov. 5, 1778, and d. March, 1840, aged 61. 
He was a selectman of Dedham in 1809 ; d. July 5, 1829. 
Both buried in the Baker tomb in Dedham cemetery. Child- 
ren, b. at Dedham and elsewhere, were : 

398. JABXZ*, b. Dee. 26, 1801, at West Dedham ; m. Persis Howes, of 

Boston, Not. 24t 1824 ; d. March 13, 1883. 
Mary*, b. April 9, 1803 ; liTing in 1895. 

399. JosBPH*, b. July 21, 1805; d. Aug. 13, x88o; m. ist, Hannah 

Baker, March 6, 1826; m. 2d, Mary B. Campbell, May 13, 
i8s7 ; res. West Dedham. 

400. BairjAMXM Aksom^, b. May 25, 1807 ; m. Sarah S. Presby, Nov. 

15, 1838. 
David A.', b. Dec., 1809; d. Aus. 20, iSia 
Abigaii,*, b. ; d. April 18, 1819, i^ed 8. 

Addison*, b. in 1812 ; d. young. 
Asa a.*, b. in Jan., 1815 ; d. June 4, 1816. . 

401. Addison*, b. Sept. 21, 1821 ; m. ist, Martha Moullon. who wms 

b. at York, Me.; m. 2d, Caroline Meeker, April 16, 1S71 ; a 
farmer and stock raiser at Algona, Iowa. 

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317. ABIJAH^ son of Asa (ixi) and Elizabeth (Draper) 
Fi^er, was b. at Walpole, April 23, 1778 ; m. Fanny Field, 
of Attleboro, and resided in West Dedham, where he d. Nov. 
23, 1867. Of their children : 

402. Jamrs Rkad", b. at Dedham, Nov. 28, 1814 ; m. Lacinda P. Gay, 

April 28, 1858. 

403. Horace Lucius^, b. , 1820; m. at Providence, R. I., 

Oct. 12, 1847, Martha Elizabeth Appleton, who waa b. at 
Wrentham in 1824. 

318. Rev. Jessb\ son of Jesse (113) and Hannah (Bat- 
telle) Fisher, was b. in Princet<»i, April 24, 1778, and d. at 
Scotland, Conn., Sept. 29, 1837, aged 59 years. He m. ist, 
at Needham, Mass., May 23, 1813, Rebecca Dana, of Natick, 
who d. . He m. 2d, at Canterbtiry, Conn., in 1819, 

Laura Paine, of Canterbury. * ' Graduated at Harvard College 
in 1803 ; pursued a course of theological study under the direc- 
tion of the Rev. Dr. lUithrop, of West Sprin^eld, Mass., and 
was licensed to preach in 1806. He preadied in Antrim, N. H., 
and in Orleans, Mass. In the last place he received a call to 
settle in the ministry in 1807. In the same year he preached 
in Lyndeboro, N. H., where he also received a call to settle, 
but to both of which he returned a negative answer, and came 
to Scotland, where be was settled as pastor of the church. May 
22, 18 IT." The troubled ministry of his predecessor, Rev. 
Elijah G. Welles, was succeeded by that of Mr. Fisher. 
''The ordaining sermon was preached by Dr. Lathrop, then 80 
yearn of age. Mr. Fisher labored earnestly for the conversion 
and salvation of his flock, and had the satisbction of seeing the 
church built up, strengthened, and the evil effects of long dis- 
Hcution gradually disappear."' From the time of his settle- 
ment till his death, '* duriug a period of twenty-five years, he 
continued in a faithful performance of duty, though often times 
ill feebleness of health and weakness of body, nor were his 
labors wholly in vain. He was cheered and encouraged by the 
effusion of the Holy Spirit on his people, and many accessions 
to the church. He labored with wisdom and zeal and self- 
denial, with feelings of tender sympathy and love, with firm- 
ness and perseverance. For a quarter of a century he kept 
his eye on the interests of the church; It was lus heart's 
desire and prayer to God that souls might be saved and that 
Christians might abound in good works. As a preacher he 
exhibited soundness of doctrine and manly .strength of intel- 
lect, a good judgment and a warm heart. His preaching was 
serious, instructive and affectionate. His people knew, his 
church felt, every parent and child knew that he loved their 

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soals and sought their eternal welfare. In a general view of 
his ministry every one must say * he magnified his office. ' With 
his own people^ and with all who knew him, he enjoyed a good 
^ name. That he had faults none will deny. Had he been with- 
out he would have been more than human. But he was char- 
acterized by tenderness of conscience and a nice and quick 
of right and wrong. In the more private and endearing rela- 
tions of father, husband, neighbor and friend those who knew 
him longest and were most intimate with him can bear testimony 
to his wwth. He has finished his course and gone to give up 
his account and enter upon the awards of eternity. In his life 
and death he has exhibited a confirmation of the truth that * a 
good name i$ rather to be chosen than great riches, and that the 
day of death is better than the day of our birth. ' " He received 
the honorary degree of M. A. from Yale College in 1815. Their 
children were : 

404. Nathawzsl Dana*, b. Oct. , z8i6. 

405. Sarak", b. , 1817 ; m. Stephen G. Woodbridg^. 
RXBXCCA T.', b. Aug. x8, x8i8 ; m. i«t, Samnel J. M. Homer, 

of Boston, a hardwmre merchsnt ; he d. about 1873 ; ah« ni. 

3d, Rev. Mr. Hunt; res. Cambridge, Mass.; no children by 

either marriage. 
BUZABBTU Dana* (by second wife), b. July, 1820; m. Rev. 

J. A. Annin ; he was pastor for some years at Rolla, Mo., and 

they resided there m 1898; had: Rebecca Annin*, Lanra 

Annin*, William Annin*. 
Mary*, b. abont i8ax ; d. about 1823. 

406. LOTBKR Paikb^ , b. Dec. 37, 1823 ; m. Catharine B. Arms, 1848. 
Gkorgb H.*, b. 1825 ; d. , 1860. 

WiLUAM D.*, b. 1827 ; d. , 1857. 

219. Lbwis% sou of Moses (1x4) and Louisa (Thorp) 
Fisher, was b. at Francestown, N. H., Aug. 19, 1786, and d. 

at Lynofield, Mass., Oct. 19, x8io. He m. Mary , of 

Carlyle, Mass., whod. in 1846, leaving her property to her 
brother's child. They had a daughter, aged 22 months 
at the time of his death, but who probably d. before her mother. 
Child was : 

MAay*, b. Jan., X809; said to have married, and died before 
her mother. 

220. Mosss', son of Moses and Louisa (Thorp) Fisher, 
wash, at Francestown, N. H.,Oct. 25, 1790; m. Nov. 7, X815, 
Fanny, daughter of Andrew and Hannah ( ) Fuller, of 
Lyndeboro, N. H., who was b. there, Aug. X7, X793, and d. 
at Gloucester, Mass., March 29, 1864; a descendant of the 
English commentator, Andrew Fuller. ** Moses lived on the 


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place (in Francestown) now owned by Cliarles N. Page; the 
house thereon was built for him about the year x8x8." He d. 
there, Feb. 39, i860. Children, b. at Francestown, were : 

407. Louisa*, b. Feb. 5, 1817 ; m. Moaea H. Bradford, Oct. ix, 1842 ; 

d. New Boatoa, Oct. ?> 1883. 

408. Klizabbtix THuasTOir, b. Feb. 3, 18x9 ; m. Theron Palmer, 

of Salein, Maaa., May 17, 1843 ; rea. Salem. 

409. MosBS Bradvord*, b. June xx, i8ai ; m. lat, Peraia A. Varnum, 

March 30, 1843 ; m. 2d, Pmdcntia B. Atyood, July 16, 1881. 
4x0. Pakny Jane", b. April i, 1823; m. John M. Sanborn, Nov. 29, 

1843 ; d. Norwalk, O., June 7, 1892. 
4ri. Harkest*, b. Sept. 13, 1824; m. John Pevere, Oct. 8, 1862 ; rea. 
Franklin, N. H. 
Hannah Francxs", b. Sept. 29, 1826 ; d. Franceatown, Sept. 

15* ^829. 
Mary Anna*, b. Aug. 13. 1828 ; d. Franceatown, Sept. 20, 1829. 
Mary Frances*, b. May 14, 1831 ; d. at Bamatable, Maaa., 
Sept. 27, 1849- 
413. Daniel Fuller*, b. April 15, 1834; m. Mary A. Bnllen, Feb. 
12, i86x. 

413. George Edward*, b. April 3, 1838; m. Mary Pettingill, Sept., 

1862 ; d. Salem, Maaa., Ang. 2, 1877. 

231. Abijah\ son of Moses (114) and Louisa (Thorp) 
Fisher, was b. at Francestown, N. H., March 17, 1795, andd. 
at Brighton, Iowa, June, 1863. He m. May 39, 1817, Sarah 
Moar Friend, who was b. at Dracut, Mass., May 26, 1795, 
and d. at Brighton, Iowa, May 15, i88o. '' He went to Or- 
leans, Jefferson County, N. Y., in 1833, remained there some 
years, and then removed to Brighton, Washington Co., Iowa. 
He was a farmer and shoemaker, and a deacon of the Baptist 
church. ' ' Their children were : 

414. Sarah Friend*, b. Lyndeboro, N. H., Jane 28, 1818; m. 

Elan Le G. Flower, April 26, 1841. 
Hannah*, b. I<yndeboro, N. H., May x, 1820; d. April x, x888 ; 

m. Jeaae K. Bdwarda, Jan. 15, 1858. 
Lewis Thorp*, b. Orleans, N. Y., May 13, 1822; d. Jan. ix, 

1877 ; m. Ann Draper, Oct. 2, 1844. 

415. Olive Jane*, b. Orleana, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1823; m. Horace S. 

laabell, Sept. 20, 1848. 

416. GiLBRRT**, b. Orleana, N. Y., Ang. 17, 1828 ; m. S. Orle Moore, 

March 3, 1850. 

223. Aaron',' son of Moses (114) and Louisa (Thorp) 
Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., Aug. 25, 1797; m. 
there, July i, 1823, Susan, daughter of Ira and Hannah 
(Gould) Fuller, who was b. in Francestown, June 24, 1804, 
and d. in Francestown, Feb. 18, 1877. '* He lived on the 
place owned by Deacon Henry Fisher. He was one of the 
Christian men of the town. He died at his home, March 10, 
1 883. " Childr<^n, b. in Francestown : 

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417. HSN&y FaAMCXS*, b. May 99, 1824; m. xst, Mary P. Rnasell, 
Oct* 15, 1845 ; m- 3d, Lacy h. Lovell, April 31, 1858; m. 3d» 
Lacy J. (Waalibom) Fisher, Feb. 17, 1874. 
4x8. Cha&lvs Ambom*, b. Feb. 35, 1827 ; a merchant ; ret. San Fran- 
ciaco, Cal. 
^4x9. Augustus Aarom*, b. Jnly xa, 1829; a merchant ; res. Bound 
Brook, N. J. 
Jambs Applbtom*, b. Feb. 15, X832; d. at Red Wing, Minn., 

Aug. 28, 1867. 
Mabxa Cabounb*, b. Feb. 22, 1834 ; d. in Francestown, June 
8, x86x. 

420. JOBX, BLirXS*, b. Sept. 2, 1837 ; a merchant in New York city. 

223. Thorp', son of Moses (114) and Lonisa (Thorp) 
Fisher, was b. at Francestown, N. H., April 24, 1804, ^^'^ ^^ 
at Salem, Mass., Dec. 9, 1885. He m. xst, Nov. 6, X832, 
Joanna Crombie, daughter of Benjamin and Chloe (Farring- 
ton) Jones, who was b. Nov. 27, x8o6, and d. at Salem, Oct. 4, 
X855. He m. 2d, Oct. 10, i860, Mary Ruth, daughter of Cap* 
tain Christopher and Mary (Randell) Babbidge, and widow of 
Henry Russell, of Salem, who was b. there, May 30, 1807, 
baptized June 13, X814, and d. at Salem, Feb. 22, 1887. Their 
children were : 

Louisa', b. Sept. s, 1833 ! ^^ ^ volunteer nurse in and about 
Washington, D. C., in the Civil War ; later a teacher among 
the Freedmen, under the direction of the Boston Freedmen's 
Bureau ; d. at Santa Monica, Cal., July 4, 1897. 

421. Gkorgb AUGUSTINB*, b. Junc 22, 1837 ; *a. Annie B. Shepard, 

May 30, 1859. 

422. CHAEI.BS Hbkry*, b. Sept. 16, 1840 ; m. Lydia Matthews Bangs, 

Maxch 16, 1886. 

423. JOAKKA AUGUSTA*, b. Juuc 3, 1843 : oi. J. H. Bigelow, of Salem. 

224. Asa Manning\ son of Moses (114) and Lucy 
(Friend) Fisher, wash, at Francestown, N. H., April 9, 1817, 
and d. at Denmark, Iowa, Oct. 24, 1881 ; m. April 24, 1846, 
at Jasper, N. Y., Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth 
(Frye) Dexmis, of Hancock, N. H., who was b. at Hancock, 
Oct. xo, 1819, andd. at Denmark, Iowa, Oct. 13, 1883. ** He 
went West some six or eight years previous to his marriage and 
bought land in the then territory of Iowa in 1836, eight miles 
from Fort Madison, and about four from the village of Den- 
mark. He taught school in different villages until he returned 
Hast and married. Then they settled upon his land, living 
there until 1857, when he removed to the village of Denmark, 
where he died." Child was : 

Bmii«v KLiZABSTn*, b. Dec. 2r, 1848; m. Nov. ii, 1885, John 
Bcunet, who was b. Trowbridge. Wilts, GugUnd, March 33, 

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225. Aarom\ son of Aaron (1x5) and Rebecca (Moore) 
Fisher, was b. in Wendell, Mass., Aug. 30, 1783, and d. there, 
March 6, 1809. He iiras a charter member of the '' Baptist 
Church of Christ in Wendell," June 11, 1799, which .chuxch 
was an off-shoot from the Baptist church at Shutesbury. He 
was clerk of the church from Dec. 18, 1805, to his death. He 
m. there Hepzibah Walker, of Wendell. She was also 
a charter member of the Wendell Baptist church. She m. 2d, 
William Johnson, of Wendell, and removed to Illinois in 1838, 
to live near her son, Rev. Otis Fisher. She d. about 1858. 

Their children : 

Louisa*, b. ; d. in infancy. 

434. Ons^, b. Jane 16, x8o6 ; m. ist, Lydia Osgood ; m. Jd, Hsrriet 
Newell Day, Oct. 13, 1844. 

226. AxICB^ daughter of Aaron (115) and Rebecca 
(Moore) Fisher, was b. in Wendell, Mass., Sept. 33, 1797, 
and d. Sept. 7, 1874. She m. James Clark, of Athol, Mass., 
who d. Jan. 29, 1872. They luul : 

JossPK W. CT.ABK*, b. Aof • 2S» z8ao. 
JAMSS Bdsok Cx^lrx^, b. Dee. ix, 1822; res. Athol Centre. 
JOKN Soi/nt Clamx^, b. Jan. 3, 1825 ; res. Greenfield. 
Cymtbia Axn CtAEKf , b. Jnly 27, 1825. (?) 

327. Rkv. BzRA^ son of Aaron (1x3) and Rebecca 
(Moore) Fisher, was b. in Wendell, Praxiklin County, Mass., 
Jan. 6, x8oo, and d. at The Dalles, Ore., Nov. x, X874. He 
m. xst, Feb. 7, X830, Lucy, daughter of Timothy and Abigail 
( ) Taft, who was b. March 2x, X805, and d. Jan. 20, 

1854. He m. 2d, June 27, x8s4, Amelia, daughter of Robert 
and Lydia (White) Avexy, who was b. in Morrisville, Eaton 
Township, Madison County, N. Y., July 16, x802. She res. at 
Albany, Ore. Robert Avery was a son of John Avery, of 
Stonington, Coxm., and Lydia White was a dau. oi Silas 
White, of Shelbume, Mass., axid a descendant of Peregrine 
White of the Mayflower. Ezra spent his boyhood with his 
parents in the (^uiet of New England farm life. Such instruc- 
tion as he received was acquired in the common sdiools and 
academies near his home. Beix^ xiaturally studious he gained 
sufficient education to enable mm to begin teachixig school 
when but eighteen years of age. His conversion ocoirred in 
x8x8. After xnaldng a public profession of his faith by putting 
on Christ by baptism, he was called upon to improve his gif^ 
in public speaking (felt called to preach the Gospel), but by 
reason of pinching poverty and a severe illness he was unable 
to finish his preparation for college until X822, in which year 

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he was admitted to the classical course in Amherst College. 
In coUe^e, it is said that he was distinguished for industry 
and ability ; but further sickness and the necessity of earning 
the money to meet his necessary expenses, operated to so 
'hinder, that he was not regularly graduated until 1829. He 
then entered Newton Theological Seminary, where he con- 
tinued his studies until about the time of his ordination. Rev. 
Ezra Fisher was ordained to the ministry by a council called 
for that purpose, at (and by the request of) the Baptist church 
of Cambridge, Vt., Jan. 20, 1830 ; and he began his pastonil 
work as pastor of that church. Two days after his marriage, 
he and his wife started on their journey to this field of their 
first labors. The pastorate continued one year, his letter of 
dismissal from the church being dated Feb.* 6, 1831. From 
Cambridge, he was called to the Baptist church at Springfield, 
Vt., and his labors there were very succes.Hful, resulting in the 
conversion and baptism of eighty persons in less than two 

There seems no reason for supposing that pastoml relations 
were severed for lack of sympathy between pa.stor and people, 
but Rev. Ezra was always deeply interested in mission work, 
and at the sacrifice of much that he held very dear, was eager 
to be among the first to plant the standard of the cross among 
the new settlements in the western region. So, among the 
first appointments of the Am^ican Baptist Home Mission 
Society was one issued in November, 1832, commissioning 
Rev. Ezra Fisher to go as missionary to Indianapolis, Ind. 
The salary was $300 a year, $50 being appropriated for outfit. 
In this field he labored until May, 1836, and was again com- 
missioned, June 4, 1836, to go to Quincy, 111. In Quiiicy he 
preached for five yeaxs, being the first pastor of the First 
Baptist church. June 26, 1836, he baptized two converts, the 
first Baptist converts in that city or region, l^ey bought a 
lot in 1837, and in 1838 their church was erected. It was 
during this pastorate in Quincy that Lovejoy fell while advo- 
cating the cause of the down-trodden and oppressed ; but Ezra 
Fisher ceased not to raise his voice in public in the cause of 
liberty, when to do so was to take his life in his hand. His 
next commission was to the churches of Davenport and Bloom- 
ington, in the then territory of Iowa, bearing date June, 1841. 
On the way to this new charge, he spent a few months at 
Muscatine, Iowa, as pastor of Uie church there, stopping a 
short time also at Independence, Iowa, and reaching Daven- 
port in the fall of 1842. He resided there as pastor of that 
church until the summer of 1843, at which time (having 
decided to go to Oregon the following year), he took his 

Digitized by 



family to New York state, for the two-fold purpose of visiting 
relatives and making preparations for the long joamey. He 
returned to Illinois in Dec., 1843, ^^^ serious sickness in the 
family delayed him, and the date of departure for Ore||^ was 
deferred one year. The family spent the following winter at 
the Taft homestead, at Clinton, Oneida County, N. Y. He 
was commissioned by the Home Board, May i, 1844, to labor 
at Rock Island, Ills. This service lasted eleven months. 

'' Early in April, 1845, he was commissioned by the Ameri- 
can Baptist Home Mission Society for Astoria, Oregon, at a 
salary of $200 per year. The tedious journey across Uie plains 
with ox-teams was begun from St. Joseph, Mo., May 20, 1845. 
When they arrived at The DaUes of the Columbia, some time in 
October, he preached his first sermon in Oregon to others than 
members of his own immigrant company. Not until Dec. 22, 
1845, did he reach the place on Tualitin plains where it was 
thought best to winter, Deacon D. T. Lenox giving up one- 
half of his log cabin for their use. Having decided to remain 
there for a time. Rev. Ezra at once allied himself with the 
West Union church, then the only Baptist church in this 
northwest territory. During- the winter of 1845-6 he taught 
school, and in the spring as much of his time as possible was 
given to exploring the surrounding country, and seeking out 
such Baptists as were among the pioneers of those days. About 
this time he was chosen pastor of the West Union church, and 
preached his first sermon as pastor on July 11, 1846. The 
pastorate was short, as he moved to Astoria in the fail of the 
same year. In 1847, he moved to Clatsop plains, where he 
soon began building a log house to be used as a meeting house 
and school house. The Clatsop Plains Baptist church was or- 
ganized March 19, 1848, among the members being the pastor, 
his wife, Lucy Fisher, and daughter, Lucy Jane Grey Fisher. 
On June 23, 1848, the Willamette Association was formed, with 
Rev. Ezra as its moderator. He then took a trip to California, 
and on his return in the fall, decided to locate at Oregon City, 
and there he and his family moved in 1850, being received by 
the church there on first Sunday of February, 1850. Here 
for two years most of his time was given to teadiing the school 
in the one-roomed church, 20 by 30 feet in size. Here were 
gathered scholars of all ages and grades numbering during the 
winter months 60 to 100. His daughter, Lucy Jane, who had 
previously taught at Skipanon and Clatsop, assisted him." 
Later a Baptist college was projected and subscriptions to the 
estimated amount of $4000, received; and in 1852, a building, 
34 by 60 feet in size, three stories in height was enclosed and 
partly furnished. 

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Rev. Ezra was appointed by the Home Mission Society 
'* exploring agent for Oregon ; and in this capacity he served 
the Society for four years. During the years he was called in 
(he coarse of events to preside over the first Baptist convention, 
the first Association, the first Ministerial conference and the 
first Baptist council ever held in Oregon." He was yearly 
elected moderator of the Ministerial conferences of 1854, '55, 
'56, '57, and of the Convallis Association of 1851, '52, '53, '54, 
and 1863. In the fall of 1855 he organized the Powell's 
Valley church (12 miles east of Portland); on May 15, 1855, 
assisted in organizing the First Baptist church of Portland, 
giving the charge to Uie church, and the right hand of fellow- 
ship to the pastor, Rev. W. F. Boyakin, on May 6th. In 
1855, when he resigned as exploring agent, he became pastor 
of tilt Santiam church. " It was arranged that some of the 
church members should, after their crops were harvested, send 
teams to Oregon City to move his family to their new home." 
Three covered wagons drawn by oxen carried them to their 
destination in the month of December, being from Wednes- 
day to the next Tuesday on the road. His salary was then 
about $200 a year from the Home Mission Society. All 
the meetings were held in the log schoolhouse at Soda Springs 
(now Sodaville.) " He bought a piece of land on which was 
an old house of four or five rooms. He kept some cows, raised 
more or leas produce, and much of their living was provided 
from the home garden, and the sale of butter and eggs at the 
nearest tOMm (Lebanon, Linn County.) This pastorate, be- 
ginning January, 1856, continued till the fall of 1858. 

" In the summer of 186 1, he removed to the vicinity of The 
Dalles, seeking a less humid climate in the hope that it would 
benefit his health." A church was gathered there in 1863. 
"He did not receive any salary, and was not able to give 
much time to pastoral work; so would only consent to be 
called a supply; This period of his work with and for The 
Dalles City church ended in May, 1872, he having at that 
time sold his home near The Dalles, and moved to the neigh- 
borhood of San Diego, expecting to end his days in the mild 
climate of southern California. But a year later the church 
sent an urgent call to the pastorate, which he felt it his duty 
to accept. In the winter of 1873-4, revival services were 
held which -were so blessed of the Lord that 16 were added to 
the church ; 14 by baptism." He attended the Baptist con- 
vention held with the Pleasant Butte church, June 9 and 10, 
1874, taking an active part. From there he went to the 
meeting of the Willamette association at Forest Grove, and 
on the Sabbath preached before the association. On the i8th 

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of October he preached his last sermon at The Dalles, and a 
few days later was prostrated by the illness that proved fatal. 
The above has been kindly furnished by Mrs. Sarah Josie 
Henderson, of Portland, much of the material having been 
contributed by her to the " Pacific Baptist, '* of September 21, 
1 898 . Their children were : 

435. LucvJazckGrsy*. b. Dec. 10, 1S31 ; in. Lyman D. C. Latoor- 

ette. Sept. 37, 1851 ; d. Jan. 35, x8iS4. 

436. EzuA TiKOTHV Taft, b. Feb. 5, 1S35 ; m. Hannah 6. Stout, 

Dec. 37, 1856 ; res. Albany, Or. 

Ann Euz\*, b. SCarch 14, 1858 ; d. July 37, 1858. 
427. Ann Bloea**, b. Sept. Z3, 1859 ; m. Lyman D. C. Latonrette, 
June 33, 1864 ; ret. McMinnville, Or. 

Sajiah JosKPHiNB", b. Aug. 38, 1843 ; d. Oct. 36, 1843. 

Sakaii J0SUFUIM8*, b. Sept. 5, 1843 1 ni. James Archibald Hen- 
derson, June 39, 1865 ; res. Portland, Or. 

Francis Wayxjlmd Howard*, b. May 36, 1848 ; m. M. Christine 
■> May 14, 1893 ; no children ; res. Nelson, British 

1i'4S. £sTH£R^ daughter of Jonathan (116) and Betty 
(Grant) Fisher, of Cumberland, was b. Aug. 13, 1753. She 
was deaf and dumb, as were ioxn other children of her father's. 
She m. Owen Aldrich, and d. Jan. 13, 1790. 

229. ExpBRIBNCB^ daughter of Jonathan ( x 16) and Betty 
(Grant) Fisher, was b. May 9, 1755 ; m. at Cumberland, R. I., 
April II, 1776, Samuel Grant, of Cumberland, R. I. She d. 
Jan. 15, 1849, aged 96 years, 8 months and 6 days ; he was b. 
at Cumberhmd, Jan. 19, 1754, and d. July 30, 18x5, aged 61. 

230. BBRIA^ daughter of Jonathan (116) and Betty 
(Grant) Fisher, was b. June 12, 1756 ; m. at Wrentham, Feb. 
^Si i779> Leonard, son of Ichabod^ and Sarah ( ) Mann, 
of Wrentham, who was b. there April 15, 1755. They removed, 
to Alstead, N. H. She d. Oct. 21, 1825, aged 69 years. Their 
children were : 

PouY Mann*, b. March 31, 1780. 

Saxxy MANN*,b. Jnne 20, i^z ; d. April 23, 18x4 ; m. Dec. 32, 
1803, S^th Markham, of Aeworth, N. H., who was b. Feb. i, 

COENSUUS PiSHxa Maitn*, b. Jan. 23, 1785; marritd and had 

a family. 
Lkonard Manm*, b. March 7, 1787. 

231. Jonathan', son of Jonathan ( 1 16) and Betty (Grant) 
Fisher, was b. Jan. 13, 1763, and d. May 31, 1816, at Alstead, 
N. H., where he resided. He m. at Cumberland, R. I., May 

Digitized by 



6, 1779, Phebe Thuxston, dau. of James Thurston, of Plain- 
field, Conn. Their children were : 

Thomas*, b. Aug. 28, 1780. 
Pou.Y*» b. May 18, 1783. 

428. JOKATHAH*, b. April 6, 1785 ; ui. Rebecca Adams. 
Pbbbs*, b. Sept. 2, Z787. 

( Susan*, b. Nov. 7, 1789. 

\ Obkd*, b. Not. 7, 1789 ; m. Polly Carlton ; had four or live 

IAKES^, b. Jane 29, 1790. 
InsEV*, b. May 19, 1796; m. Gay Carlton, and left a large 

232. Darius', son of Jonathan (xi6) and Betty (Grant) 
Fisher, was b. at Cnmberland, R. I., May 27, 1765, and d. 
Dm* i3i i855f aged 90. He m. March 8, 1786, Rachel, 
daughter of Nehemiah and Molly Rhodes, of Boston, who was 
b. there Jan. xo, 1765, and d. Feb. X7, 1854. They resided in 
Cumberland, in a wood-colored house, very near the westerly 
side of Diamond Hill on the road from South Franklin to. 
Providence. They had : 

429. AVKRV*, b. June 25, 1787; d. Feb. 11, 1832; m. at Wrentham, 

Persia Barnes, Mav 20, 1807. 

Ons^, b. Dec. 22, 17& ; d. nam., Dec. 29, 1864. 

Daiuus, Jr.*, b. Feb. 5, 1791 ; d. Jnly 20, 1858. 

Aaron*, d. Jane 6, 1793 ; d. Nov. 16, 1862 ; m. at Newport, Mrs. 
Loaisa Halloa Miller, Jane 22, i860; she was b. at Cumber- 
land. May II, 1811 ; res. Cumberland, R. I.; no issue. 

Nancy*, b. May 9, 1798; d. unm., Feb., 1854. 

Jonathan*, b. March 9, 1800; d. anm., Oct. 18, 1853. 

Charuss*, b. Sept. 22, 1808 ; m. Rachel . 

233. CHRISTOPHER^ youngest son of Jonathan ( 1 16) and 
Betty (Grant) Fisher, was b. in Cumberland, R. I., Aug. 7, 
X767 ; lived in Cumberland and in Medway, where he and his 
wife were members of the village church. He d. in Medway, 
May 4, X858, aged 90. He m. at Cumberland, R. I., Nov. 11, 
1793, Rachel, dau. of John Johnson^ of Newport, R. I., who 
was b. Jan. 27, X770. Their children were : 

John Johnson", b. Aug. 17, 1794. 

430. J Saxxy*, b. May ix, 1797 ; m. Alpheas Aldrich, Dec. i, 1825. 
(Susanna*, b. Mav 11, 1797. 

BxjSA B.*, b. in 18x0; went with her father to Medway, where 
she resided ; m. there, Oct. 20, 1843, Captain Joseph A. Snow, 
son of Captain Snow, of Bangor, Me. 

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234. ENOCH^ son of Timothy (117) and Rachel (Fisher) 
Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Nov. 17, 1757 ; m. at Wrentham, 
Meletiah Cook, May 4, 1780. No more known. Had at 
Wreutham : 

Bzixs*. b. July 31, 1780. 
Nancy*, b. Jan. 2, 1783. 

431. Pkkston*, b. Feb. 6, 1785; m. Huldidi Lovell, of Sntithfield, 

R. I. 

!S35. TiMOTHy\ son of Timothy (117) and Rachel 
(Fisher) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Oct. i, 1761, and d. at 
Franklin, Aug. 13, 1849, aged 88. He m. ist, Jan. 13, 1788, 
Hannah, daughter of Asa and Elisabeth (Fisher) Whiting, 
who was b. in Wrentham, and d. in Franklin, Oct. xi, 1790. 
He m. 2d, at Franklin, July 12, 1792, Rhoda Morse, who d. 
July 25, 1793 ; and he m. 3d, May 28, 1795, Dorcas, daughter 
of Edward and Deborah (Adams) Cleveland, of Walpole and 
Medfield, who was b. Oct., 1772, and d. in Franklin, July 6, 
1 860, aged 87 . He went to Medway when he was twenty years 
of age to learn the blacksmith's trade ; and in the Revolution 
he enlisted in Amos Ellis' company, Col. Benjamin Hawes' 
Regt., July 26, 1778, and served until Aug. 26, 1778, serving 
twenty-Uvo days. Enlisted July 27, 1780, in Capt. Asa Fair- 
banks' Co., Col. Seth Bullard's Regt., service at Rhode Island, 
alarm of July 27, 1780, being 'discharged Aug. 7, 1780, serving 
thirteen days ; the roll dated Franklin, Dec. 26, 1780. He was 
a private in the Fourth Suffolk County Regt., in service at 
Rhode Iskind, being in Capt. Amos Ellis' Co., Col. Dean's 
Regt.; enlisted March 2, 178X, and discharged March 17, 178 1. 
From March 4, 1831, he received a pension for service in Mass. 
Militia. An account says of him : "He was at the battle of 
Bunker Hill, and at many other important engagements. 
After his term of enlistment expired, he returned to Franklin, 
and was for many years engaged in teaming. He was a stroxig 
temperance man, was very enterprising, and was successful in 
his business. At one period he used to drive an ox team 
from Boston to New York City." Their children : 

Abijah', b. Nov. 2, 1788. 

432. WuxTZKG*, b. Oct. 3, 1790 ; m. Esther Andros, May 6, 1821. 

433. Hbrmam CuKvnhxHLT (by 3d wife), b. April 13, I797- 
HAzniAB^, b. July 31, 17;^; m. Captain Ichabod Dean, Dec. 

35. 1825. 
434- Adim*, b. April 6, 1800 ; m. Mary Clark, April 13, 1826. 
ViNA», b. Oct. 8, 1805 (?). 

Adauns*, b. Aug. 16, 1803 ; tn. Aug. 23, 1826, Hiram Clark, of 

Croydon, N. H. 
CUAai,OTTB*, b. Aug. 6, 1810; never married. 

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236. ISAAC\ son of Isaac (ii8) and Hepzibah (Adams) 
Fisher» was b. in Wrentham, June 18, 1757. Nov. 9, 1776, he 
became a member of Capt. Perez Cushing's company, in Craft's 
Artillery Regt., rank of matross, and served until Feb. 1, 1777, 
two months and twenty-one days; %vas gunner in the same 
company from Feb. x to May 8, 1777, three months and seven 
days. Enlisted Sept. 25, 1777, as a private in Capt. Cowell's 
company, Col. Hawes' Regt., that marched on a secret expe- 
dition ; discharged Oct. 30, 1777, serving, one month and five 
days. He enlisted for nine months from arrival at Fishkill. 
N. Y., in the Continental army, and the descriptive list states 
that he was twenty years old, five feet, five and one-half inches 
hi^h, complexion dark, hair dark, eyes grey, occupation house- 
wnght, res. Wrentham ; enlisted as a private in Capt. Cowell's 
company, Col. Hawes' Regt.; arrived at Fishkill, June 14, 1778. 
He enlisted as a private in the same company and regiment, 
for service at Rhode Island, on the alarm of July, 1780 ; en- 
listed July 28, 1780, and discharged July 30, 1780, five days 
incl. travel. 

He, July 6, 1780, Abigail Thayer ; she d. and he m. 
2d, a Mrs. Chandler; m. 3d, Oct. 26, 1814, Sarah Barrett, who 
was b. in Stoddard, N. H., April 30, 1784, and d. at Kanes- 
ville, la., in 1850. Isaac moved from Wrentham, Mass., to 
Stoddard, N. H., and settled on the farm where Nathan Nye 
lived in 1853. He was an intelligent man and quite independ- 
ent in the circumstances of life. He %vas a selectman in 1791 , 
1792, and 1796. He d. there, Aug. 14, .1816. His widow m. 
2d, Asa Chandler, April 6, 1819. Their children were : 

TkymXNA*, Wrentham, Mass., Dec. 14. 1780; ni., ami tl. 
within a few days of her liuiiband, in May, i8u2. aged 23. 

Hknriktta*, b. at Wrentham, Masa., June 27, 1783; m. Monty 
Cutter, April 10, 1805, a lawyi:r, who came from New Ips- 
wich, N. H., to Stoddanl ; hm practice coniiwted of AUiall 
caaea of litigation in hia own town. He d. in 1827, aged 44* 

435. Hbjimon*, b. at Stoddard, M. H., Sept. 20, 1787; m. Fanuy 

Bvans, June 2. 18x4. 
Susan*, b. July 5, 1789; m. Joaeph Wood, Sept. 9, 1813. 

436. Harvky*, b. Sept. 1, 1792 ; m. Charlotte Copelaud, Feb. 10. 1818. 

S. Isaac*, b. Aug. 4, 1795 ; m. Marv D. Copeiand, Jan. 9, 1821. 
. Bknjamin HoRACir (by 2d wife;, b. July 29, 1815. 

287. JACOB^ Mn of Isaac (118) and Hepzibah (Adams) 
Fisher, was b. at Walpole, Sept. 10, 1759 ; m. ist, at 
Wrentham, Dec. 7, 1793, Molly Ware, who was b. about 
1773, and d. Oct. 12, 1800, aged 27 years. He m. 2d, at 
Wrentham, Feb. 4, 1802, Melansa, daughter of Jashua and 
Mary (Guild) Grant, who was b. Feb. 13, 1769. Jacob 
served as filer in Capt. Samuel Cowell's company, Lemuel 

Digitized by 



Robinson's Regt., from Suffolk and York counties, enlisting 
Jan. 29, 1776, from Wrentham; company roll dated at 
Roxbury, March 37, 1776, when he had served two months 
and four days. He was a private in Capt. Samuel Fisher's 
company, Ephraim Wheelock's Regt., for service in Rhode 
Island, on the alarm of Dec. 8, 1776 ; enlisting Dec. 8, 1776, 
and being discharged Jan. i, 1777 ; service twenty-three days ; 
marched to Warvrick, R. I. His name is on a list of men 
mustered in Suffolk county, to serve in Captain Drowu's 
company, Col. Lee's Regt., for a term of three yean; 
received j^20 bounty; res. Wrentham; enlisted into Conti- 
nental army, June 6, 1777. July 7, 1777, he was stationed 
at Boston ; July 13, 1779, his name appears on a roll of Col. 
Henry Jackson's Regt., dated at Camp Providence ; this was 
certified July 13, 1780; also appears on rolls dated May 4, 
i779i At Pawtucket, of David Cobb's company. Col. Henry 
Jackson's Regt. ; on Aug. i, 1779, Oct. 31, 1779, Dec. 31, 1779, 
May I, 1780, June 6, 1780. On the return of Col. Jackson's 
Regt., made up Dec. 31, 1779, Jacob Fisher's time of service 
up to that date is given as being thirty-four months and twenty- 
five days. He was a private in Capt. Samuel CoweU's 
company, Major Seth BuUard's Regt., for service at Rhode 
Island, on alarm of July 28, 1780; enlisting July 28, and dis- 
charged Aug. 3, serving nine days. He was sergeant in Capt. 
Samuel Fisher's compauy, ixf the 4th Suffolk Regt., for ser- 
vice in Rhode Island, in March, 1781 ; enlisted March 3, and 
discharged March 17, serving fifteen days ; detached to serve 
under Major Gen. Lincoln for forty- days' campaign. Jacob 
Fisher was pensioned March 30, 1819, to date from April xo, 
1818, then aged 74 ; received $96 per year ; was dropped from 
the roll under the Act of May i, 1820. He was pensioned 
again June 7, 1832, to date from March 4, 183Z, receiving $80 
per year. His rank is given as private, and service in Massa- 
chusetts Continental troops. Lived at Wrentham, and subse- 
quently removed to Alstead; N. H. Children were: 

EuufsoM*, b. Nov. 4, 1794. 

HAaaiOT*, b. Ang. 12, 1796. 

Jacob WajuK", b. Ang. 13, 179S; d. Oct. 1, xSoo. 

MoiAY WABJt", b. Oct. 3, xSao; m. Lucaa Pond, March 23, 1820; 

d. March 2S» 1872. [Harris* Poad Genealogy, p. 125;] 
AuucRT* (by 2d wife), b. Nov. 30, z8oa. 
WnxiAM Geamt*, b. ICarch 20, 1804. 
Hkemoh Bates", b. Nov. z8, 1805. 
Aim Rt.tsa*, b. Sept. 25, 1807. 
MxLAMSA Gramt*, b. ; m. itt, Baker ; m. ed, 

Lewie Paton, of Potadeia, N. Y., Dec. i, 1861. 
439* John J. G.*, b. Oct. 17, 1812 ; m. Mary Morse, of Poxboro, 

Sept. IX, 1836. 

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238. Danibl Cowbll% son of Doctor Daniel (121) and 
Lucy ( ) Fisher, was b. in Wrentham, and d. at Frank- 
lin, Nov. 17, i835« He was an ensign in the militia in 1817. 
His father, dying in 1774, his uncle, Joseph Fisher (no) of 
FiankUn, became his gnardian. He m. ist, at Franklin, Oct. 
15, X789, Lnrana or Susanna Fisher, who d. there May 15, 
1807, aged 41 years and 7 months, according to the records 
(where her name is Lurana.) He m. 2d, at Franklin, June 
t6, 1808, Sarah Wood, of Franklin, who d. Jan. 20, 18 10 ; he 
m. 3d, at Wrentham, Sept. 20, 1810, Betsey, daughter of 

and ( ) Fisher, of Wrentham. His widow 

d. Sept. 2, X841. Childj^ were : 

BsTSSY*, b« March i. 1794; d. in 18x7, aged 33. 

Juuus*, b. Jan. 20, 1790; m. Mary W. Hortoa, Junej, 1824. 
44a Dandu. Cowblz.', b. Aug. 30, x8oo ; m. Sylvia D. Wood, Sept. 
x6, X833. 

Lucy Baxsr', b. May x, 180}. 

David BAicsa*, b. May 23, xSoo. 

Lueama', b. Jau. 23, 1813 ; d. Oct. 29, 1829. 
441. CHAiiz«8S Richmond', b. Sept. 17, 1819 ; m. Susan B. Gritwold. 

239. SusAN^, daughter ol Joseph (123) and Susan 
(Fisher) Fisher, was b. at WrenUiam (now Franklin), Jan. 
6| 177s, and d. there* Feb. 17, 1829. She m. Sept. 4, 1793, 
Joseph, son of Seth and Unity (Thnrston) Daniels, who was 
b. Oct. 14, X77X, and d. at Franklin, July 19, 1828. He 
lived on the homestead oi his father, which was in turn in- 
herited by his son, Fisher Daniels, and his grandson, Ludus 
W. Daniels. Their children were : 

SSTH Danxsls*. b. Sept. X4, 1794; d. Feb. 22, 1878, aged 84; 
m. Hnldah Harris ; res. Oxford, Mast. 

FxsaxR Daxcxsu", b. Ang. 2, 1796 ; d. March xo, 1874 ; m. lAt, 
Boaice Adams, of Franklin, whod. Oct. X4» 1827; m. 2cl, 
Ann Bamca, of Hopkiaton. The only farmer in the family ; 
inherited the homestead. 
JauA Maria Danxkx^*, b. Aug. 4, 1798 ; m. Philo Thurston, 
a farmer of Franklin ; they rem. to Union, Me., where she 
d. Dec. 20, X869. [Sibley's Union, Me., pp. 85, 91, etc.] 

Umry Myra Oanxbls*, b. Aug. 17, 1800; m. Rev. J. R. Cush- 
ing, Not. X4» 1853; res. Haverhill. [Franklin History, 
p. 148.1 

AuaaT BAax,Y Danibx3', b. Sept. 2$, 1802 ; ni. Olive, daugh- 
ter of Joseph and Deborah Hills. 

CAaoLiNB Mbutxa Dawibl^, b. Oct. 24, 1804 ; d. Dec. 31, 
X854 ; m. Fisher A. Kingsbury. 

WiLUS Gborgr DANiBii", b. Oct. 22, 1806; d. Jan. 15, 18.^0. 
[See Franklin History, p. 149.] 

Susan Fxshbr DAMXXX3^ b. Oct. 6, 1808; d. I*eb. 6, 1834; 
m. Albert Cleveland, of Franklin, son of llcla' uud 
Hannah (Adams) Cleveland, of Medfield. 

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HiKAM Abiff Danxkls*, b. Oct 30, i8zo; weat to Amoakeag» 
N. H., where he was aaperintendent of several mills, and 
held positions of responsibility ; d. in z38o. 

Majltka Carpsktbr Danzbls*, b. March 9, 1813 ; d. June 3, 
1845 ; m. John W. Mason, of Boston. 

Dajlwin J0S8PK Daiczbls\ b. Jan. X3, 1815, followed his 
brother Hiram to Amoskeag, N. H., and was engaged in 
trade and manufactures at Amoskeag and Manchester, of 
which city he became Mayor, and died m office, Aug. 15, 1865. 

Harribt Louisa. Damtbls*. b. May 35, 1817 ; m. Rer. Morti« 
mer Blake, D. D., of Taunton and Franklin. [Franklin 
History, p. 147]. 

Chajlu» Aoams Danibls", b. Aug. 30, i8ao ; d. at MOford, 
N. H., at the age of about 60 years. Was engaged in manu- 
factures and banking. 

:i40. Nancy', daughter of Joseph (123) and Suaan 
(Fisher) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, now Franklin, Nov. 
16, 1776, and d. in Franklin, April 28, 1862. She m. there, 
Oct. 5, 1797, Nathan Gilmore, a mason by trade. They set- 
tled in Union, Me., where he built a house on the farm now 
( 1851) owned by Dr. Sibley. Later they returned to Frank- 
lin and ' ' lived near Lincoln's Comer as it was formerly, in the 
first house on the way to the City Mills. ' ' Their chikiren were: 

. Nathan Gilmors*. b. ; d. at Readinif , liass.; was a . 

mason, and worked on the Bastem Railroad. Subse- 
quently bought woodlands near Bangor and dealt in lum- 
lier. Unmarried. 

JosKPU PISHK& Giucorb", b. ; m. a daughter of Joseph 

Whiting, 2d, of Prankliu ; a contractor and builder ; res. 
Providence, R. I. 

P.UAB GiLMORX*, b. ; m. Catherine Bingham, of Ded- 

ham, July 3, i8a8 ; a mason and contractor. 

Mary Ann Gh^ors*, m. — Whittaker ; res. in Pranklin 
in 1882, a widow ; mother of Lieut. Levris R. Whittaker, 
deputy sheriff of Norfolk County in 1882. 

Sanford Gilmorb*, removed to Oxford, Mass., and subse- 
quently to Boston ; a manufacturer of boots and shoes ; 
married, but left no children at his death. 

B13RIDGR Gbrry Giucorx*, a master mariner. 

Jambs Gilmorb", d. in the Texan struggle for independence 
under Gen. Sam Houston. 

G11.BBRT GiLMORB*, also a mason and contractor; d. at 
Boston, leaving a widow and family. 

Nanxy Gtlmork', m. and d. soon after. 

Akoinrttk Gii.morb', res. in Boston in 1882, unm. 

24:1. EI.IAB^ son of Joseph (123) and Susan (Fisher) 
Fisher, was b. at Franklin, Feb. 24, 1779. '' He followed at 
first the trade of his father as a carpenter, and went to Boston 
to ply his vocation more successfully, and at length became in- 
terested in commercial affairs, and qualified himself to go out 
in merchant vessels to foreign ports as supercargo. He visited 

Digitized by 



various parts of the world and acquired the habits ol a much 
travelled g^entleman, as indeed he was. Having wearied of sea 
voyages ud foreign adventures, he opened an office in 'New 
York as a Notsuy Public^ and made a specialty of furnishing 
merdiant ships with the requisite number and qualifications of 
the seamen required. Again, after acquiring some property, 
he with his broUier, Herman, who lived in Waldoborough, Me. , 
built a ship for the merchant service at that port, and made 
several voyages and commercial adventures, but with rather 
indifferent success. Entering New York after having come 
from a port infected with yellow fever, he was suddenly at- 
tacked, and died at his hotel and was buried by the authorities, 
when and where was never fully known to his stricken family. 
He had previously married a Miss Catherine Surge, of South 
Amboy, N. J.,'* whodied about the same time as her husband. 
They had: 

44a. GaORGX BUKCK", a baker ; res. New York. 

443. AtEXANDSa OuviRA**, a Htlvcr-sniith ; res. New York. 

242. JuuA^ fourth child of Joseph (123) and Susan 
(Fisher) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, .March 2, 1781, and d. 
in September, ^877, aged 96. *' She was never married, was 
a woman of strong religious ca.<it of mind, was very useful in 
the care of her aged mother, and was largely an object of 
charity in her later years, which were much clouded by a 
weakening of aU her mental and moral powers. She lived and 
died in the same hotise where she was bom, and seldom went 
beyond the bounds of her home." 

243. Wizus\ fifth child of Joseph (123) and Susan 
(Fisher) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, July 20, 1783, and d. 
Jan. X, z866, aged 82 years. He m. Feb. 8, 1810, Caroline, 
daughter of Capt. Asa and Julitta (Metcalf ) Fairbanks, who 
was b. Sept. 25, 1791, and d. July 25, 1858. He '' was brought 
up and continued to be through all the most active period of 
his life, a practical farmer, combining therewith such other 
duties of a public character, not incompatible therewith. 
There was little need of his services at home, and at ten years 
of age he lived with Ensign^ Joseph Hawes, a farmer in the 
neighborhood. He continued with him several years, and 
matured early in physical strength, and fitted fainLself for 
teaching school in the winter season, and farm labor the re- 
mainder of the year. Before becoming of age he was em* 
ployed in a brickyard in Dorchester, and hauled brick to Hus- 
ton. Having good judgment and great courage, he was em- 
ployed several years in the care and management of two insane 

Digitized by 



men of considerable prominence, Mr. James Woodward, and 
Levi Hawes, who was fully recovered and for many years deacon 
in the Congregational church. While teachix^ die school in 
the south-west District in Franklin, he had a scholar possessing 
for him unusual attractions. Whether he was accused of any 
partiality in school I never knew ; but it was very evident 
that such existed, and at the early age of seventeen years the 
scholar became his wife. Caroline Fairbanks was the third 
daughter of Capt. Asa Fairbanks, who was an officer in the 
Revolutionary war, and who having recently died, the young 
couple occupied a part of his late residence, and finally 
purchased the farm. Here all their eight children were 
bom, and here they lived for thirty years. Subsequently he 
rented the farms of Capt. Ichabod Dean, and afterwards of 
the late Col. Caleb Thurston, near Franklin centre. In about 
1850 he bought two acres of land opposite the residence of 
Davis Thayer, Jr., £sq., on the comer of Union and Central 
streets, for the sum of two hundred dollars, and erected the 
building now occupied by William F. Ray, Esq. ' ' He served 
on the school committee six years between 180S and 1833; 
was selectman 1824 to 1827 and in 1843, '' and as a justice of 
the peace heard and tried cases as -a modem trialjustice in 
addition to other duties usually pertaining to the office in his 
day. He represented the town in the legislature in 1831." 
" He lived in the south part of the town, but was a regular 
attendant at church with his whole family." Was a lieuten- 
ant in the militia. Their children were : 

444. Milton Mbtcali^, b. Jan. 30, 1811 ; m. Bleanor B. Metcalf, 

Aug. 23, 1838 ; res. Medway. 

445. Gforov Pbucins*, b. April 15, 1813 ; nam.; d. June 7, 1850. 

446. Abxgaii. Bacon*, b. May 9, 1816 ; m. lat, Charles Slocum, of 

Woonsocket, R. I.; m. ad. Rev. Samuel Hunt, of Franklin. 
She d. April 24. X862. 
Chajilss wiiais*, b. Nov. 3, 1818 ; d. Sept. z6; 1819. 

447. Ckarlbs Wiuxs", b. Not. iz, i8ao; m. Margaret Graham. 
Caoouns Pazobanks*, b. March 9, 1833 ; d. July 29, 1848. 
KUXN Majlza*, b. Aug. 32, 1826 ; d. at Savannah, Oa., March 

5, -1851; unm. 

448. JuUA FoANCia*, b. Feb. 28, 183Z ; m. Rufus Chapin, May 

12, 1850; res. Chicago. 

244. MaxcV. son of Joseph (133) and Suaan (Fisher) 
Fisher, was b. at Franklin, Aug. 12, xySs, and d. there, Aug. 
30, 1865, aged 80 years. He m. ist, at Franklin, Dec. 31, 
18x1, Persis, daughter of Dr. Paul and Persis (Richardson) 
Metcalf, who was b. in Franklin, June 20, 1793, and d. there 
March 24, 1835; he m. 2d, in X837, Abigail, daughter of 
Dearborn axid Hanxiah (Johxison) Blake, of Monmouth, Me., 

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who was b. there, March 3, 1803, and d. at Franklin, Sept. 28, 
x885f Aged 83 years. " At sixteen years of age he went to 
Dedham and learned the shoemaker's trade and set up in the 
business. Afterwards he was for a time in the cattle trade, 
and finally settled on the old homestead of his father on Buck's 
Hill in Franklin, where his second son, Hermon Maxcy, with 
his two sisters, Maria Richardson and Harriet Metcalf, and 
their step-mother now reside (1882). He was a man of much 
more than common ability, of fine personal appearance, of a 
very genial and cheerful disposition. He filled several import- 
ant offices in town, was also at one time captain of the old mil- 
itary company. He was one of the choir of the Congregational 
church during the ministration of Dr. Emmons, and was so 
much interested in the great divine that he was never absent 
from the regular worship of the sanctuary." ** His first wife 
was Persis Metcalf, only child of Dr. Paul Metcalf, and only 
grandchild of Dr. Bbenezer Metcalf of Franklin. She was a 
woman of culture, and graduated at Day's Academy in Wren- 
tham, when that was a celebrated school. By this marriage he 
had eleven children. Sarah Hawkins, the oldest daughter, died 
at the age of 24. Martha Bmmons, the youngest daughter, 
died at the age of 13. While they were both girls of more than 
common ability, Martha was a. very attractive child, and her 
pastor who was one of the school committee at that time, said 
in her funeral sermon, that she was second to none in scholar- 
ship of her age in town." His second wife, Abigail Blake, 
"was a faithful wife and a good mother to his children. She 
is very devoted to her church, and is now (1882) at nearly 80 
years of age justly regarded in town as the mother of Method- 
ism, and every body who knows her loves Aunt Abby. " Their 
children were : 

Sakah Hawkins", b. March ir, 1813; d. Dec. 11, 1836. 
449. Louisa Jans^, b. April 10, 181 j; m. Rev. Edwin Tbomp- 

soa, Oct. 9, 184Q ; res. Norwood. 
45c. JossPB WARasir, b. June 33, 1817 ; m. ist, Elizabeth Timp- 

•on, in 1848, and m. ad, Sarah Wight, in 1853. 
451. SUSAK MATaDA*. b. Jane 37, 1819 , m. ist, Levi F. Morse, 
Dec. 8, 1864, and 3d, Rev. Edwin Thompson, of Norwood. 

Hbrmon Maxcv*, b. Aufc* 34, 182 1 ; for inanv years was en- 
gaffed in bnaineat in New York; after the death of his 
fattier he came back to manafpe the affairs of the old home- 
stead, where he has since resided. 

Paul Mktcalf*, b. Aug. 3, 1833 ; d. Feb. 4, 1835. 

Mabia Richardson*, b. June 34, 1836 ; d. Oct. 9, 1885, a((cd 59. 

HARnisT MsTCALV*. b. Dec. 31, 1837. 

Martha Bmmoms", b. April 17, 1830; d. Aug. 19, 1843. 

Naucv*, b. June 34, 1833 ; d. Sept. 19, 1833. 

Busl\ b. Jan.-Z3, 1834; d. Oct. 17, 1835. 

ClAtLA^ (by second wife), b. May 31,. 1840; d. Feb. 19, 1841. 

Lucius*, b. May is. 1841 ; d. March 33, 1843. 


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24ff. GBORGK^ son of Joseph (123) and Susan (Fisher) 
Fisher, was b. March 17, 1788, '*in the house now owned by 
Mr. Hermon Fisher on the old Fisher estate formerly called 
* Buck's Hill, ' in Franklin. He worked upon the farm in his 
youth, subsequently learned the trade of a mason, and labored 
in Boston. Impelkd by a strong desire for knowledge, and 
compelled to rely upon his own efforts, he saved his earnings 
and commenced preparations for college with Rev. William 
Williams in his Seminary at West Wrentham, and entered 
and graduated with a good record at Brown University ( 1813) . 
His elder brothers loaned him money to meet his colOege ex- 
penses, which he afterwards fuUy repaid with interest. By 
hard study his health became impaired, and he went to the 
South to recuperate. Retumix^ he commenced the study of 
law (at Litdmeld) in Connecticut, and completed his course 
in the office of Messrs. Forman and Sabin at Onondagua, N. Y. 
In 1816, upon the organization of the new county of Qswejgo, 
he established himself in his profession in the village, now dty , 
of ^rwego. His homestead occupied a lot of nearly three 
acres in the very heart of the village. In 1838 he was elected 
a member of Congress, and took his seat, but the election was 
contested by Silas Wright, Jr., to wluwi it was eventually 
awarded. After pursuing the practice of law, holding in the 
meantime various offices and public trusts, he abandoned his 
profession for commercial pursuits (in 1836) and chiefly devoted 
himself to the flouring business, which was becoming a new 
and important industry. Mr. Fisher married Elizabeth Porter, 
daughter of the Rev. Dan Huntington, of Hadley, and elder 
sister of Bishop Huntington, of Syracuse, N. Y. His first 
acquaintance with Miss Huntington was in a stage ride from 
Northampton to Troy, N. Y., where she was engaged as a 
teacher in the celebrated school of Miss WiUard. Brom the 
accidental meeting came in due time a courtship, marriage, 
and a family of four sons and two daughters. Having thus a 
family and adequate means, he desired to give them the best 
education ; he went to Paris and spent several years on the 
Continent, where they acquired both a colloquial and gram- 
matical knowledge of the French language. Subsequently 
his four sons graduated at Harvard Univenity, and hui 
daughters at the best schools of the times. After the destruc- 
tion of his mill property by fire, he devoted himself to insur- 
ance as president of the Northwestern Insuzance Co., a very 
strong and popular institution at that time. Later (about 
1853) he left Oswego to reside with his children, several of 
whom were settled in New York, where he died March 36, 
1861, in the seventy-fourth year of his age. 

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" Mr. Fisher* was a classmate of Rev. Enoch Pond, D. D., 
Bangor. He was preceded in college, by a few years only, by 
Judge Theron Metcall and Judge Williams Emmons, and 
soon followed by Hon. Horace Mann, all of whom were bom* 
within a circle of a few miles, and all arrived at distinction in 
their several q>heres of life." His wife, Elizabeth Porter 
Hnntfaigton, was b. in Litchfield, Conn., May 8, 1803, and d. 
in New York City, Oct. 26, 1864. They were m. in Hadley, 
May 12, 1824. Their children were : 

45a. BUKASBTR Pbkm*. b. in Oswego, N. Y., March 39, 1825 ; m. 
John Sessions, of Skaaeateles, N. Y. 
Oaomos HOMTZNOTOZf*, b. Oswego, Ang. x, 1826 ; d. June 12, 

453. Fmroaaic Pxmi*, b. Osim;o, May z8, 1828; graduated at 
Hanrard College, class of tS^fi ; d. Aug. 28, z886 ; unmarried. 

454. Peaxcis Portsr*, b. Oswego, May 19, 1828; m. Ann Eliza 
Crane, of Oswego, N. Y., Jan. 26, 1853. 

455. GvoaOB HUMTiKOTOif*, b. Oswego, May 7, 1832 ; m. zst, Emma 
Chichester, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. 2d, Katharine Weeks, 
Not. 6, 1889. 

Catuajunb WumxfO*, b. Oswego, June 9, 18^5 ; m. at Hodlc]^, 
Mass., Fisher Ames' Baker» May 25, 1869, who was b. in 
Dedham, Mass., Feb. 8, 1837, son of John* (Preserved^, 
Preserred^, James*, John*, Richard^} and Patty (Ellis) 
Baker; serred three years in the Civil War, retiring as 
lieutenant-colonel ; a lawyer of eztensiye practice in New 
York City. They have no children. They res. at Yonkers, 
N. Y. [Descendants of Richard Baker, of Dorchester, p. 23.] 

456. Edwako Tkormton*, b. in Northampton, Mass., Dec. x6, 
1836 ; m. Ellen B. Thayer, June 30, 1069. 

246. Hbrman\ youngest son of Joseph (123) and Susan 
(Fiaher) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, June 25, 1792. *'He 
began business life as a carpenter, following the trade of his 
fa&er. He early settled in Waldoborough, Me., and was in 
general trade thei^ many years, and prospered in business. 
Afterwards was a commission merchant in New York, having 
with hia brother, Eliab, built a ship at Waldoborough, and 
engaged in commerce. He married a Miss Caroline Thomp- 
son of Waldoborough, whose mother was a Spencer, and whose 
sister was the wife of Hon. Gorham Park, for many years 
ndnisterof the United States at Rio Janeiro, in South America. 
He left New York about 1833, for Bangor, when the great lum- 
ber and timber land speculations made a few men very rich, 
and many more very poor. His fortunes alternated, but never 
reached either extreme. After the storm subsided he was 
appointed by the governor state sur\*eyor of lumber, and held 

• Pommit lA BlakCx HUtorV of Kmnkliii. p. 136. 

Digitized by 




the position many years. He died in 1854, at the age of 
sixty-two years. His wife had died several years previous." 
They had : 

Wxu«iAM*» *'who was in the boot and shoe trade several 
years in Bangor. His health £ailin|^, he left for New York 
tobe ■ ' " ' • 


in New ^, ^ , _ 

mansion at Peekskill on the Hudson. Their daughter, 
Lizzie, has recently married a naval officer, now absent ou 

247. EsTHSR^ third child of Daniel (125) and Mercy 
( ) Fisher, was b. in Wrentham, March x8, 1746; m. 
in 1765, Ezra Hixon, who was b. March 9, 1741. He was a 
soldier in the Revolution. Children were : 

BSTHBa HzzoN*. b. April 39, 176- ; m. in 1787, Rich- 
ardson, who was b. m 1767, and d. in 1841. 
Mbxjltiah Hzxok*, b. Jan. 3, 1768. 

Maey Hixon*, b. Jan. 31, 1770; m. Moses Pisher (as^)* Nov. 
6, 1788. 
. CZpABISSa Hxxon*, b. Jan. so, Z773. 
HsKXBAH HxxoM*, b. April 3, 1774. 
Nakcy Hixon*, b. Oct. 1, 1776. 
BUCAN AR Hdcom*, b. Sept. o, 1779. 
BzEA HacOM*, b. Feb. z6, X78X. 
WAitXaa Hixom*. b. March 13, 1783. 
AstjAH Hixon*, b. Jan. 2$, ijBj. 

248. Timothy\ son of Daniel (125) and Merc>' ( ) 

Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, March 18, 1748 ; m. Lydia . 

He died intestate previous to August 10, 1791, leaving a small 
estate. Their children were : 

Jacob*, b. Oct. 28, 1771. 

PottY*. b. Jan. 19, 1773. 

GBOROic*, b. March 19, 1775 ; 4- Sept. 6, 1778. 

RBUBSif*, b. Sept. 33, 1776; d. Sept. 7, 1778. 

Nancy*, b. March 3, 1778; d. Oct. s6, 178a. 

Sau»y*, b. Not. 15. 1779. 

LoazN*, b. May 5, 1781. 

Haemoic*, b. Oct. 25, X783. 

Alvxic*, b. March 25, I'fi^: m. Olive Ware, Jan. i, 1809. 

BmrssY*, b. April 4, 1786; d. March 10, 1810. 

249. Asa', son of Hezeldah (126) and AbigaU (Daniels) 
Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, March 8, 1757, and Frank- 
lin, of paralysis, Nov. 23, 1843, aged 86. He m. xst, Nov. 
21, 1782, Rachel, daughter of Ensign John and Rachel 
(Adams) Adams, of Franklin, who was b. in Wrentham, 
March 11, 1758, and d. in Franklin, March 4, 1830, aged 72. 

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He m. 3d, Pradence Keith. Asa served as matross in Perez 
Coshing's company of CoL Crafts's artillery, enlisting Nov. i, 

1776, marching from his home to the camp at Boston ; name 
appears on roU Feb. i, 1777, as having served three months, 
ax^ he served three months and seven days more, to May 8, 

1777. His name was placed on the pension roU, June 6, 
1833, to date from March 4, 183 1 ; received $39.29 per year , 
was then aged 77 ; service given as matross in Massachusetts 
State Artillery. His house was at the foot of the Common in 
Franklin centre, and was afterwards converted by Horace 
Thayer into the Franklin Hotel, and was finally burned about 
1867. He was a farmer, but after his removal into the centre 
was engaged in thread and other business, and accumulated 
quite a property. By industry, economy and perseverance, he 
became one of the wealthiest men of his town. As his heart 
beat with benevoloice towards his fellow-men, he declared it 
to be his desire that his property might do good. Accord- 
ingly he mnde liberal donations, from time to time, to various 
objects that knocked at his door, imploring aid. His death 
was the first that had occurred in his kmily, composed of five 
childretty remarkable for longevity. The oldest was then of 
the age of 90, and the youngest 75. Their united ages, reck- 
oning the odd months, amounted to 4x8, giving to each nearly 
84 years. And it is worthy to note that all the family were 
farmers, and very temperate, frugal and industrious. Children 

457. Lbwxs^. b. I>ec. 10, X784; m. Rebecca Berry ; d. July 20, iSir. 
jAicas*, b. Mmrch 17, X7S8 ; d. Oct. xa, 1SX4. 

GSORCB W.*, b. Dec. X3, X790; d. Feb. 6, 1793. 

458. Patty*, b. May 14, X794 ; m. Archibald De Witt, June 7, iSao. 

459. Nathan Austxn*, b. Nov. 33, X796 ; removed to AVestboro. 

2&0. Lbvi\ son of Hezekiah ( 126) and Abigail (Daniels) 
Fisher, was b. in Wrentham, July 8, X758 ; m. xst, June 9, 
X785, Mary, daughter of Jonathan and Experience ( ) 

Clark, who was b. at Wrentham, Dec. 23, 1762, and d. at 
Franklin, March 31, 1808; m. 2d, April X3, 1809, Susanna, 
daughter of Samuel and Esther (Jones) Clark, who was b. at 
Wrentham, Nov. x6, 1773, and d. at Franklin, May 27, 1858. 
He d. Oct. 28, X844, aged 86 years. In 1792 he bought an 
estate in Pmxildin, of 200 acres, with farm buildings thereon, 
of Asa Pond, youngest soii of Baruch. Levi Fisher enlisted in 
Capt. William Thurston's company, Major Ebenezer Bridge's 
Regt., Aug. 22, X777 ; marched on an alarm at Benxiington by 
order of Gen. John Stark and Col. Warner ; marched 90 miles, 
and then dismissed by General Lincoln ; service, 9 days. Was 

Digitized by 



a private in Capt. Amos BUis' company, Benjamin Hawes' 
Regt., for service at Rhode Island, enUsting July 23, 1778, 
discharged Aug. z6» 1778, serving 22 days. He served again 
as private in Capt. John Metcali's company, Major Seth 
Ballard's 4th Suffolk Regt., at Rhode Island, on alarm of 
July 27, 17S0 ; enlisted July 28, 1780, and disduxged Aug. 7, 
1780, with service of 13 days. Their children were : 

Maky*, b. May 5, 1786; in. Eleazer Partridge, Jr., March 
30, 1809. She d. Feb. 9, iSas. 

460. Ruth*, b. Dec. 20, 1787 ; xn. Bltsha Richardson, April 28, 181 1. 

461. Sally*, b. July 7, 1789; unm; d. at Medway, Oct. ri, 1873, 

aged 84. 
AuzGAix.', b. March 26, 1791 ; d. Sept. $, 1793. 

462. Rbna", b. Feb. 5, X793; m. Bliaha Bttllara, April 8, 1819. 
Abigail", b. Aug. x6, 1796; m. Timothy Leland Pond, April 

27, 1820. [Pond Gen^ogy, p. 119.] 
David", b. March 25, i8c6 ; d. March 25, i8c6. 
Lxvi Clauc", b. Jan. 7, z8io; a mannfactnrer; living Feb., 

1894; unmarried. 

463. David", b. Tan. 20, 1812 ; m. Nancy C. Puller, Nov. 29, 1838. 

464. SusjLSVx^, b. Nov. 13, 1814 ; m. Bzekiel Adams, June 7, 1837 ; 

rea. Weat Medway, and Providence, R. I. 
Bkunda", b. April 28, 1817 ; m. lat, Hiram Metcalf, June 21, 
• 1848; m. 2d, Deacon Austin Metcalf; she was living in 

February, 1894 ; had : Prank MetcalP, a musician ; res. 


251. MosES^ son oi Hezekiah ( 126) and Abigail (Daniels) 
Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Oct. 13, 1763 ; m. Nov. 6, 1788, 
Mary Hixon (see under 248), who was b. at Franklin, Jan. 
31, 1770, and d. at Walpole, N. H., May 7, 1861. '* He went 
to Walpole, N. H., about 1800,. and settled on the place now 
owned by his son Moses. He was an industrious, peaceable 
citizen of the town, and was for several years deacon of Rev. 
Pliny Dickinson's church." At times he ran a mill for the 
manufacture of cotton yam, which his son David sold about 
the country. This mill was destroyed by a freshet in 1826. 
He d. there, Oct. 23, 1854. They had: 

465. David*, b. Franklin, Aug. ix, 1789 ; m. Mindwell Parks. 
JUUA*, b. July I, 1791 ; m. Ira Emory. 

Nancy*, b. March 11, 1793 ; m. Abel Hill ; lived and died in 
Cavendish, Vt. ; had 13 children. 
j66 / Bosks', b. May ax, 1796; d. young. 

'* i Isaac*, b. May ax, 1796 ; m. Julia Ann Richardson, of West- 
moreland, N. H. 
Euxics*, b. June i8, 1799 ; m. Bnoch Gale ; removed to Ohio 

and had 3 children. * 

Mary*, b. at Walpole, N. H., July 6, 1807; m. Orin Bunker ; 
had four children, none of whom are now living. 
467. MosBS*, b. Walpole, N. H., May 16, 1815 ; m. Adeline Stark- 
weather, Dec. aa, 184a. 

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2ff 2. CAL^B^ youngest sou of Hezekiah (126) aud Abigail 
(Dassels) Piaher, was b. at Wrentham (now Franklin), Oct. 
II, 1768, and d. at Franklin, Aug. 6, 1862, in his 94th year. 
He m. ist, Nov. 20, 1793, Sally Gushing, who d. Aug. 11, 1835 ; 
he m. id, Sept. i, 1836, Achsah, daughter of Hanan and Mary 
(Allen) Metcalf, who was b. at Franklin, , 1788, aud 

d. there Nov. 10, 1861, aged 73. A fanner; res. at Franklin. 
Caleb was a man of the Puritan type, honest and scrupulou.s 
in his every day life, and greatly respected. Mrs. Sally Fisher 
was a woman of good ability, though limited education. She 
at one time reduced ' ' a cord of wood ' ' to cubic quarter inches, 
mentally. Their children were : 

468. AucXA.NDBa'MicTCA.LF*, b. July 23, 1794 ; d. April 33, 1822. 

469. WIUARD^ b'. March 17, 1796; m. Bctiiey R. wheeler, Jan. i, 

BUZA Tli«SSTOHX*, b. May 31, 1803 ; m. Dr. John W. Teniiey, 

of Suttoa, Oct. 27, 1820. [Franklin History, p. 187.] 
Nakcy*, b. Sept. I, 1806; m. Rev. Thomsa Kidder, Oct. 24, 

Z837. [Franklin History, p. 164.] 

253. Eubzbr\ son of Bliezer (127) and Mary (Daws) 
Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, July 18, 1759, and d. at Frank- 
lin, June 3, 1818. He was a private in Capt. Samuel Holden's 
company, CoL Bbenezer Thayer's Regt.; enlisted July 23, 
1780, and discharged Oct. 21, 1780, having served three 
months and one (Siy. Suffolk County regiment taised to 
reinforce Continental army. He m., at Wrentham, Feb. 17, 
1789, Susanna Bowditch, who was b. at Bridgewater. They 

HAKmiKT*, b. March 2, 1790; d. lit Franklin, Sept. 7, 1847; 

Samubl BiaAM*, b. Aag. 2^. 1792 ; m. Feb. 7. 1819, Melia, 

daughter of Asa and Melm (Ware) Metcalf, who was b. 

Jan. 25, 1792. Rem. to Alstcad, N. 11. ** They had four 

children, some of whom are now living in Kccne, N. H." 

470. PaaOBaxc*, b. Dec. 28, 1794; m. Sally Norcross, April 2, 1826. 
Msua", b. Nov. 27, 1798 ; m. George Hall, of wrentham, 

Aug. 28, 1825. 

254t. FR^DBKIClc^ younger son of Eliezer (137) and 
Mary (Daws) Fiaher, was b. at Wrentham, June i, 1763 ; m. 
Chloe Lindley. Beyond this we have been able to learn only 
of the birth and death of a son: 

Chakuks*, b. at Franklin, Jan. 29, 1801 ; d. June 11, 1807. 

,255. J6sBPH^ eldest son of Joseph (130) and Margaret 
(Wight) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Aug. 31, 1753. His 
father and mother dying in the fall of 1761, his grandfather, 

Digitized by 



Nathaniel Fisher, was appointed his guardian ; and Jan. 8, 
1773, his grandfather having died, Joseph Whiting, Sen., of 
Wrentham, was appointed guardian. He m. xst, Elizabeth 
Pond, who was b. April 21, 1753, and d. June 30; 1785 ; m. 
2d, Submit Lewis, who was b. July X4, 1763. He moved to 
Belchertown, Mass., where he joined the Congregational 
church in 1785. He d. there, Nov. 2Z, 1829, ag^ 76. His 
wife d. April 7, 1829. Joseph Fisher was a private in Gideon 
Stebbins' company in the 4th Hampshire County Regt. for 
three da3rs, serving at Northampton in suppressing the mob 
(Shays' Rebellion) in June, 1782 ; return dated at Belcher- 
town. Children, all bom at Belchertown, except the first : 

Prbslovb*. b. in Wrentham, Ang. 9, X776 ; d. Jan. 35, 1864 ; 

m. Remembrance Root, and had four daughters. 
£ti£ABBTU*, b. in Belchertown, April X5, X778; d. Tan. 18, 

185} ; m. Blihn Saniord, of Medway, who was b. Jan. 28, 

1776 ; no children. 
Luciitda', b. Biarch8, 1780; m. Van Schick, and lived in 

Lansingburg, N. Y.; no children. 
471. Ruvus", b. Jan. 37, 1782 ; m. Mary Turner, April 35, 1809. 
473. Joseph*, b. May 34, 1785 ; m. Hannah Merriam, of Framing- 
Lbwxs*, b. Aug. X, 1786 ; d. Aug. 7, 1871. 
B14JAII*, b. Aug. 3X, 1788; d. Sept. 3, 1850. 
Owxcirr*, b. Aug. 31, 1788 (twin of Blijah) ; d. March I, 1851 ; 

a daughter tea. near Richmond, Va. 
Diamtha', b. Dec. 11, 1791 ; d. Sept. 10, 1869 ; m. Sarsent. 
473* Salxm*, b. May 17, 1795 ; m. Amanda Barrett ; d. April 30, 

Au>ANA*, b. Feb. 3, 1800 ; joiined the Congregational church 

in Belchertown, in 18x3 ; d. Oct. 39, 1833 ; m. David Liddle, 

and had two children ; removed to New York state. 
.\LMiaA*, b. June 30, x8o3 ; joined the Congregational church 

in Belchertown, in 1818 ; d. Sept. 31, 1854 ; m. Leonard Bar^ 

rett, Baq., of Belchertown, in 1836. 
Lucy Ann*, b. May 19, 1809 ; d. Aug. 15, 181 x. 

356. HANNAH^ daughter of Joseph (130) and Margaret 
(Wight) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, June 13, 1756, and d. 
at Franklin, April 9, 1790. She m. Aug. 36, 1777, Nathsmiel*, 
son of Ensign John' and Rachel (Adams) Adams, who was b. 
May 17, 1751, and d. in 1834. He was a captain, and served 
in Uie Revolution. He lived at Franklin Centre, and kept a 
store on Davis Thayer's comer ; he subsequently m. again, 
and in iSi^ removed to Providence. Their children were: 

Hannah Adams*, b. April 8, 1781 ; d. July ax, x8d6 ; m. Bela 
Cleveland, and had nine childrea. [See Garaner 'Adama' 
Genealogy of John Adams, of Franklin, pnbl. 1874.] 

Nancy Ax>ahs', b. Nov. 28, 1783 ; d. Nov. 38, X787. 

FiSHKR Adams*, b. Feb. 2, X787 ; m. Maxy Ide ; ** had but one 
son, and that d. yonng." 

Digitized by 



251. John', second son of Joseph (130) and Margaret 
(Wight) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, April x6, 1758 ; m. 
Esther He was a private in Capt. 

Oliver Pood's company from Wrentham at the Lexington 
alarm, serving eleven days ; served also in the same company, 
Jos* Read's Regt., from May i, 1775, for twenty-six days, and 
on May 27th *' reported Inlisted into the Tmin of Artillery," 
Thomas Pierce's battery of Richard Gridley's Regt., where 
we find him at Roxbury Camp, Sept. 29, 1775, axid at same 
place Dec. 27, 1775, where he gave an order for a bounty coat 
due for two months' service. He d. Aug. 7, 1784. They had 
no children, and he gave his brothers and sisters six shillings 
each, and his widow the rest of his estate, the inventory of 
which shows but £1^1 i8s. 2d. 

258. JASON^ youngest son of Joseph (130) and Margaret 
(Wight) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, June 28, 1760, and d. 
at Franklin, Sept. 29, 1822. He m. ist, Nov. 27, 1783, Mary^ 
youngest daughter of Jabez (Thomas Fisher line) and 
Mary (Adams) Fisher, who was b. on Buck's Hill, Wrentham 
(now Franklin), Dec. 3, 1761, and d. at Franklin, June 14, 
1804. He m. 2d, Olive Smith, Oct. 10, 1805. He was only a 
year and a half old when his parents died, and his great uncle, 
Nathaniel Fisher, of Wrentham, was appointed his guardian, 
Nov. 13, 1761. 

Jason was a boy when the Revolution began, but we find 
that Uke so many others he soon enlisted and saw many 
months of service before the war closed. He was a private in 
Captain Samuel Fisher's company, Col. Wheelock's Re}^.. 
for twelve days, serving on the alarm of April 21, 1777, at 
Rhode Island, and being discharged May 3, 1777. He re- 
enlisted the latter day in the same company, Col. Jonathan 
Titcomb's Regt., serving two months and three days at Rhode 
Island, being drafted for two months. Sept. 30, 1777, he 
again enlisted as private in Asa Fairbanks' company. Col. 
Benjamin Hawes' Regt., for service at Rhode Island ; was 
discharged Oct. 31, 1777, having served one month and two 
days ; roll dated at Wrentham, Nov. 25, 1777. His name is 
on a descriptive list of men raised for nine months from arrival 
at Fish kill, dated May 29, 1778; age, seventeen years ; five 
feet, five inches high ; hair black ; eyes dark ; husbandman ; 
residence, Franklin ; belonging to Captain Metcalf's company, 
Hawes' Regt.; arrived at Fishkill, June 14, 1778. We next 
find he enlists as a sergeant in Ralph Thompson's company, 
raised by order of General Court of Sept. 17, 1779, under 
Major-Gen. Hancock, for service at Castle Island ; enlisted 

Digitized by 



Sept. 26, 1779, discharged Nov. 10, 1779, a service of one 
month and seventeen days. His name is on the roll of Cap- 
tain John MetcaU*s company, in Major Seth Ballard's Regt., 
with rank of corporal ; service at Rhode Island, on alarm of 
July, 1780 ; enlisted July 27, 1780 ; discharged Aug. 7, 1780, 
herving thirteen days. 

Jason Fisher was placed on the pension roll June 4, 18 19, 
pension to date from April 8, z8i8, receiving $96 per year; 
pension was suspended by Act of May x, 1820. He res. at 
Franklin, where his children were bom : 

John", b. Sept 6, 1784. 

474. Jason*, b. March jo, 1787 ; m. Mary Rich, of M«dfield. 
MAav*, b. Dec. a^, 1789 ; m. Wm. Adsius, Jr., of Medwav, 

June 9, 1808. [Adams' Genealogy of John Adams, of Prank* 

lin, p. 48.] 
JKUIMA*. b. Sept. Z4, 1792; m. Alfred Ware, Dec. 21, 1815. 
Natbakisl", b. Oct. 28, 1795. 

475. Qharvks Maxtbl*, b. July 24, 1799; m. Olive Boyden, 

Sept. Z2, Z822 ; rem. to New Boston, N. H. 
WiLUAM*, b. . 

476. laaxnn^, b. June 5, 1804; m. Asa G. Norcross, April 5, 1829. 
GKonca 11.*, b. May 4* 1806. 

259. Lkwis\ youngest son of Nathaniel' (131) and 
Jemima (Richardson) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Dec. 6, 
1767, and d. at Franklin, Nov. 29, 1844. He m. ist, April 7, 
1790, Abigail, daughter of Capt. Lewis Whiting, who was b. 
at Wrentham, Feb. 28, 1769, and d. at Franklin, Feb. 25, 
1809, aged about 40 years. He m. 2d, Jan. 16, 1812, Sula 
Chsmdler Bacon, of Sutton, daughter of Rufus and Ellen £. 
Bacon, who was b. at Charlton^ and d. at Franklin iu 1857, 
aged 69 years and 9 months. He filled many town offices ; 
was justice of the peace ; selectman, 1809, 1818, 1820 to 1824, 
and 1828 ; was representative to the General Court in 18x5, 
1816, 1818, 1821, 1823, 1826 and 1828; state senator in 1822, 
and county commissioner from 1828 to 1835. Their children 
were : 

NATBAxnxx,*, b. Jan. 23, 1791 ; d. Dec. 2$, 1794. 
477* Lswis WRixnco^, b. Dec. 29, 1792 ; m. Nancy Fisher, Jan. 
4, z8aa 
r HAavsv*. b. Sept. z, 179s; d. May z, 1796. 
\HAaxx>w*, b. Sefit. z, Z79S; n. Feb. 2S» Z845. 1^^** R^th 
Scott, widow of Lemuel Scott, and daughter of Samuel 
and Huth (Morse) Guild. 
Abzgazl WHznNC*, b. Oct. zo, Z797 • ^* ^pt- 25, z8oo. 
Nathakzxl Emmons*, b. Sept. 19, z8oo. 
Maria Ann*, b. Oct. zo, z8os ; m. Stephen Sanford, of Med- 

way, Oct. Z3, Z828. 
Carounb*, b. Aug. 7, 1804 ; m. John Torrey, of Sutton, March 
2, 1828. 

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47S. JOHX Hancock*, b. Jan. 35, 1807 ; m. ist, Belinda Adami; m. 
ad, Naacy Thayer, Sept. 7, 1853. 

479. WALfXB HABBxr • b. Jan. 38, 1809; n. Emily Pond Merri- 

field, April 17, 1834. 
Abioau. Ubsula* (by aecond wife), b. Att|(. 10, 1813 ; m. 
Adama Daniela, of Medway ; uo iaaue. 

200. JxBBMIAl{^ eldest mu of Jeremiah ( 13s) aud Klusa- 
beth (Cook) Fisher, was b. iu Dedham, Nov. 10, 1735, aud 
d. there, Nov. 20, 1776. He was appointed justice of the 

peace, Nov. $, 1761. He m. ist, Esther ; m. 2d, Nov. 

9, 1763, Sarah, daughter of Joseph, Jr., and Hannah (Baker) 
Dean, who was b. Oct. 24, 1740. '*He died of smallpox, 
caught by kxlging a deserting British soldier at his house ; 
leaving his widow with six children at a young and dependent 
age to the hard task and trials of their guardianship and 
maintenance, from the remnant of his estate left him by his 
father. Justice and equity to her fellow-beings was shown iu 
her dealings, although compelled to practise the severest 
industry and strictest econmny to care for and rear her family 
in that trying period and the circumstances of her family and 
life/* (Benjamin H. Dewing, of Chelsea, Mass.) She was 
appointed administratrix of her husband's estate (Suffolk 
Pro., Vol. 76, p. 18) and the guardian of the six children. 
(Vol. 77, p. 332.) Their children were : 

BuzABBTH*, b. Feb. 31, 1758; uo more known. 

480. Sabau*, b. March 5, 1764 ; m. Jeaae Richards, Nov. 13, 1783. 
jBaBMiAH*,b. 1765; m. Lucy Hawea, Oct. 3, 1816; 

had no children. 
Habkab*, b. 176- ; m. laaac Dana, of Watertowu, 

June I, 1794. 

481. Ada*, b. Sept. 9, 1769; m. Paul Milla, of Neetlhani, Aug. 31, 

X796 ; m. 3d, Capt. Nathan Dewing, Sept. 4. 1804 ; d. Nov. 

483. Paul*, D. 1773; m. Lavina Richarda, Jan. 36, 

433. JOHir, b. 1775; m. Kexiah Billinga, of Foxboro; 

d. April 16, 1849. 

261. Rbv. Nathanibl\ second son of Jeremiah (135) 
and Elisabeth (Cook) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, July 8, 
1742. *' His father was a respected farmer of Dedham, and 
one of his sisters was the mother of Fisher Ames, whose name 
adorns the history of our country as one of her greatest states- 
men and most eloquent orators, as well as elegant writers. 
Mr. Fisher entered Harvard College in 1759, and graduated 
in 1763, having been associated in his academic studies with 
sevenl men who attained eminent distinction, among whom 
may be mentioned Timothy Pickering, Josiah Quincy, Jr., 

Digitized by 



Judge Joshua Upham, of New Brunswick, Dr« John Jeffries,* 
Rev. Caleb Gannett Chief Justice Blowen, of Nova Scotia, 
and Chief Justice Bliss, of New Brunswick." 

** Little is known of the pursuits of Mr. Fisher for several 
years after he left Cambridge." He seems to have taught 
school for a while in his native town. [See article on Schools 
and Teachers, in Dedham Historical Register, Vol. Ill, p. 
179.] '" But soon after the Revolution bqgan, he was in the 
service of the English Church * Society for the Propagation 
of the Gospel in Foreign Parts,' as a schoolmaster at Gran- 
ville, near Annapolis, Nova Scotia. May 13, Z777, he was 
recommended to that society by its correspouiting committee 
at Halifax, as ' a man of learning and good sense, of unex- 
ceptional character and worthy of being admitted to Holy 
Orders as an assistant to the R!ev. Mr. Wood, of Annapolis.' 
Mr. Fisher soon crossed the Atlantic, was ordained 
by the Bishop of London, the celebrated Dr. Robert Lovrth, 
and was licensed by him, Sept. 25,- 1777, as Mr. Wood's 
assistant, and early in 1778 his arrival at Annapolis was an- 
nounced to the society. The death of Mr. Wood occurred 
ihe same year, so that the charge of the churches at Annapolis 
and Granville — which formed one mission —probably de- 
volved on Mr. Fisher." 

** The position thus occupied by him was not an unimport- 
ant one. Though Annapolis had declined after the settlement 
of Halifax, and the establishment of the Provincial Govern- 
ment in the latter place, in 1750, it still retained a consider- 
able population, which rapidly increased, during the Ameri- 
can Revolution, by the Immigration of Loyalists, many of 
whom were persons of high intelligence and character. The 
services of Mr. Fisher in this mission proved highly acceptable 
and the Governor and Council of the Province were desirous 
to retain him in it. The gentleman who was first appointed 
to succeed Mr. Wood, never took charge of the church at 
Annapolis, and Mr. Fisher officiated there more or less steadily 
till the close of 1781. He then returned to Massachusetts, 
having landed at Portsmouth, N. H., and was immediately 
invited to the rectorship of St. Peter's Church, Salem, which 
he accepted and entered upon his duties there, on Sunday, 
February 25, 1782.*' ** 1782, Feb. 25, Nathaniel Fisher begins 

to officiate at the Episcopal church Mr. Fisher voted 

j^isoa year." 

''According to Mr. Felt, in his Annals of Salem, Mr. Fisher 
was admitted, Jan. 30, 1782, a subject of Massachusetts, on 
condition of taking the oath of fidelity and allegiance to this 
Commonwealth. As a subject of Great Britain, though bom in 

Digitized by 



Dedliam, Mass., he had been imprisoned, bntwas now enlarged. 
Soon after his invitation to Salem, he received overtures from 
one of the churches in Boston for a settlement, with a. much 
larger salary, which he rejected with a strong expression of 
offended honor." He was married on April 5, 1782, at Ded- 
ham, to Silence, daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Dwight) 
Baker, of West Dedham, who was b. there, Aug. 11, 1748, 
and d. in Salem, Dec. 5, 1831. 

*' His ministry in Salem extended over a period of thirty 
years, and closed only with his life. In the early part of it he 
took an active part in measures for the oi^nization of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church in Massachusetts and the 
adjacent States, and was held in high respect by the clergy 
and laity. He was secretary of the first convention of the 
Episcopal churches in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, held 
after the Revolution, (in Boston, September 8, 1784), and 
was appointed, together with the Rev. Mr. Bass and the Rev; 
Mr. Parker, — botii afterwards bishops of the diocese of Massa- 
chusetts, a committee to call a convention of the churches in 
these States and New Hampshire, whenever, in their opinion, 
it should be necessary to deliberate upon some plan of main- ' 
taining uniformity in Divine worship, and adopting such 
measures as may tend to the union and prosperity of the 
Episcopal churches in the American States. Such a conven- 
tion was called arid held in Boston, Sept. 7, 1785, and Mr. 
Fisher was chosen its secretary. During its session, an 
extended revision of the Prayer Book was proposed, (though 
never actually adopted) and the Rev. Mr. Bass and Rev. Mr. 
Fisher were appointed a committee to form collects for the 
.case of persons who have lost their friends, for persons sick, 
and for persons bound to sea." 

** In July, 1787, a new church was consecrated at Portland, 
and on the occasion Mr. Fisher preached the sermon, which 
was afterwards published." At the Convention of Episcopal 
Churches, held in Salem in 1790, he was placed on a com- 
mittee to form a plan of an Ecclesiastical constitution, and the 
constitution reported later on was adopted at Boston, Jan. 25, 
179X. May 24, X791, he was elected at a convention as a 
member of the first standing committee of the Diocese, was 
appointed to preach the sermon at the opening of the next 
convention and placed on a committee to provide for the 
publication of an edition of the Book of Common Prayer, as 
recently revised and set forth by the General Convention. 

He published the following: "Sermon at the Execution 
of Henry Blackburn," in 1796, and " Sermon preached Dec. 
29i i799i OA ^« Death of Gen. Washington," 8vo, pp. 24. 

Digitized by 



Salem, [1800]. A smaU volume of his sermons was pub- 
lished in 1818. He received the A. M. degree from Harvard. 

He died of apoplexy on Sunday, December 20, 1812, be- 
tween the morning and evening services. 

The diary of the Rev. John Prince, D. D., of the First 
Church, Salem, says : 

*' Dec. 20, 18x2. Rev'd Mr. Fisher, he fell down on ye 
hearth and died instantly at noon, having just come into ye 
house from church on a cold day, 70 years." 

**Dec. 2, 1821. Rev'd Mr. Fisher's widow, (Silence), 69 

Their children were : 

Nathanibl", bapt. March 50, 1783 ; d. at as vears ; untn. 
BUXABKTII*, bapt. Sept. 5, 1785 ; m. Capt. Clifford Crownia- 
shield, June 3, z8oo. He was a merchant of Salem ; a son 

of Capt. It ^ ** '^ '' ^ -:-.i.i^iJ «-j Jk 

r- J and Mary (Ives) Crowntnahield, and grand- 
son of Dr. Crowninshield, an early emimnt to Salem 
from Gennanv. He was b. in Salem, in 1762, and d. there 
on the day of his marriage. No issue. 
Tkxodorx', bapt. April 20, 1789 ; m. Blarch 3, 1816, Rebecca 
G. Colbnm, of West Dedham. Both d. young. Had one 
Hon that d. in infancy. 

263. Col. Danibl% son of Jeremiah ( 135) and Elizabeth 
(Cook) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, March 29, 1744; inherited 
his lather's homestead ; was a farmer but combined vrith the 
business of agriculture that of tanning also. This record of 
Col. Daniel Fisher and his descendants is the work of Rev. 
Robert Stewart, D. D., of New Wilmington, Pa., a descendant 
who has given to it considerable time, and by his patient re- 
search has brought to light much that would otherwise never 
get into a printed record where it could be referred, to. The 
compiler wishes to acknowledge the source of the material, 
and return his thanks for its use here, completing as it does 
the records of the children of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Cook) 
Fisher, of Dedham. At the Lexington alarm, Daniel 
ser\-ed as a private in Capt. Joseph Guild's company, Col. 

John Greaton's 

^/ ^"^ #7»i^ in the same com- 

pany, in Col. 
William Heath's 36th Regt. of Foot, being encamped at 
Fort No. 2, on Oct. 5. 1775. He served with rank of lieu- 
tenant in Capt. Abel Richards' company, Col. William Mc- 
intosh's Regt., enlisting March 23, 1778, and discharged 

Digitized by 



April 6, 1778, service fifteen days, at Roxbtuy and Boston. 
We find tluit he was commissioned as second lieutenant, Oct. 
2, 1778 ; as first lieutenant, Jan. 26, 1779, when he served in 
Capt. Bbenezer Battelle's company in the ist Suffolk County 
Regt. of Col. William Mclntom ; commissioned captain Sept. 
12, 1780, having thesecond company in Mcintosh's ist Suffolk 
County Regt. His company was in Major John Cushing's 
Regt., in service at Hull ; enlisted Sept. 22, 1782, discharged 
Oct. 24, 1782, serving one month, seven days. He became 
captain of the Dedham militia, July i, 1781, being a part of 
the First Regiment, Second Cavalry ; commissioned colonel of 
the Second Regt., First Division, on March 14, 1788. The 
signature annexed ¥ras signed to a military commission shortly 
after this date. The Ames Diary says : " January, 1787, 19 
Capt. Fisher marched to Day against the Rebels.'' We leani 
from the Dedham Historical Register for Jan., 1894 (Vol. \'/ 
p. 32), that he marched his men to Worcester against the in- 
surrection led by Gen. Shays. 

He was m. at Dedham, May 23, 1770, to Sibyl, dau. of 
Sbenezer and Sibyl (Avery) Draper, who was b. in Dedhaui, 
Sept. 21, X750. They had ten children, all b. in Dedham. 
He sold the old homestead and moved to Newport, N. H., in 
May, X793. The Diary of Dr. Nathaniel Ames (Dedham 
Historical Register, July, 1895, p. 109): 1794. April** 8 
Tim Gay bo't Col. Fisher's place." Here he purchased a 
tannery at the centre cross roads*and also erected a store and 
a house of entertainment. This has been lately known as the 
B. Noyes place. Misfortune, however, overtook him, and sell- 
ing out, he sought a home in Ohio. This was in 1 798. First be 
rented a farm on Blennarhassett's Island, Va., then secured a 
property in Belpre, Ohio, from Col. Ebenezer Battcllein pay- 
ment of debt, and here he remained the rest of his life, en- 
gaged chiefly in farming, and was reasonably prosperous. 
His wife and two children, William and Hannah, joined him 
Dec. 25, 1799, and two other sons, Andrew and Seth the next 
year, but Deborah Ames not till some time afterwards. The 
rest of the children were either married or dead. Col. Daniel 
Fisher ¥ras a man of strong religious feelings and convictions, 
as appears from his correspondence ; and in the hope of glori- 
ous resurrection, he d. at Belpre, Ohio, Aug. 14, 1824. A 
tombstone is erected there to his memory. The old family 
record gives his birth as March 29, 1744, and on a foundation 
stone of a house which he erected at Belpre, O., is the follow- 
ing, placed there when the building was " raised :" *' March 
29, 1819. His birthday — aged 75 yrs." His wife, Sibyl, 
was received into the Dedham church, Aug. 23, 1772, and d. 

Digitized by 



dimng a great scourge of fever, probably malarious, at Belpre, 
O., Aug. 20, 1823. A monument is also erected to her 
memory at that place. Their children were : 

484. Daniel*, b. Jan. 2, 1771 ; bapt. Sept. 6. 1773. He was a tan- 

ner ; moved to Newport, N. H. 

485. Nathaniel*, b. March 29* 1773; m. Mary Wilcox, and ret. in 

Newport. N. H. 

486. Elizabeth*, b. May i, 1774 ; d. Jan. 35, 1863 ; m. Bartholomew 


487. Catherine*, b. April 30, 1776 ; m. Captain Stephen Draper, 

of Altleboro, Maaa. 
48S. Polly*, b. Not. 14, 1779; m. George BUia, and settled in 
Attleboro, Maaa. 

489. Andrew*, b. Oct. i, 1781 ; d. Nor. 6, 1865 ; m. twice. 

490. Hannah*, b. Sept. 3, 1783 ; m. Seth Pnller, and settled in 

.Amesrille, Ohio. 

491. Drboeah Ames*, b. Sept 20, 1785 ; d. Dee. 4/ 1843 ; m. George 

Dana, of Belpre, O. 

492. WiLUAM*, b. March 15, 1788 ; d. Oct. 18, 1878 ; m. three times. 

493. Srth*, bapt. Oct. 3, 1791 ; m. and had six children ; d. in 


263. Jerbmiah\ son of Daniel (136) and Elizabeth 
(Weeks) Fisher; probably m. Dec. 9, 1773, Hannah, daughter 
of Philip, Jr., and Miriam (Belcher) Uscom, of Stonghton, 
who was b. May 3, 1757. Had, at Dedham : 

Miriam*, bapt. March 13, 1778. 
Miriam Belcher*, b. Dec. 17, 1778. 
Isaac*, bapt. April 28, 1783. 
EcTNiCE*, bapt. Aug. 39, 1784. 

264. EBSNEZSR^ son of Daniel (136) and Elizabeth 
(Weeks) Fisher; probably m. Nov. 14, 1782, Molly EllLs, of 
Dedham, and had : 

MoLLV*, bapt. at Dedham, Dec. 36, 1784. 
KnitNEZER*. bapt. June 18; 1786. 
Nancy*, bapt. Not. ii, 1787. 

2G5. Abner', son of Daniel (136) and Elizabeth (Weeks) 
Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Mass., Nov. 27, 1768, and d. in 
Hinsdale, N. H., June 11, 1815. He removed to Hinsdale 
with his parents about 1788 ; m. Thankful Scott, and had a 
family of five bo3rs and two girls. 

Abner Ames*, b. at Middleburv, Vt., July 33, 1801; m. 
Lavinia Smith, Aug. 15, 1823 ; a. at OtUwa, 111., June 3, 
1887; &▼« children. 

Digitized by 



266. D&. Nathanibi. AMBS^ oldest child of Deborah* 
Fisher ( 137) and Dr. Nathaniel Ames» was b. in Dedham, in the 
old tavern on Hi^hstreet, Oct. 9, 1741 ; graduated from Harvard 
in 1761 ; ** studied medicine and received the degree of M. D. , 
was a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society and was 
a successful practitioner of his profession at^ Dedham for over 
fifty years. He was also Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas 
for the County of Norfolk, and of the Court of Sessions from 
1793 during its existence." Continuing, Brastus Worthing- 
ton (in the Dedham Historical Register, I, pp. 9, 10) says : 
'* For ten years ending in 1775 ^^ continued to publish the 
Ames Almanacs, so that, indudii^ those published by father 
and son, there are fifty numbers, all of which are now in the 
possession of the Dedham Historical Society. Dr. Ames was 
an intense partisan of the republican school, and his political 
opinions are expressed without any reservation in his Diary," 
now being published in the numbers of the Dedham Historical 
Rqrister, beginning with the first number of volume one. 
''Tlie Diary, now in possession of the Dedham Historical 
Society, begins in 1758, and, including all the consecutive 
years, ends^with June 26, 1821. The Diary is valuable for 
the extended period of time it was continued, for its concise, 
comprehensive and accurate statements, which make it en- 
tirely reliable, and it reflects a good deal of the spirit of that 
period, which included the years before and during the 
Revolution, as well as the first thirty years of our national 
life. From this Diary the intelligent reader will easily infer 
that Dr. Ames was a man of uncommon acuteness as an ob- 
server, a student of varied tastes, fond of investigation, espe? 
ciaUy in scientific matters, of quaint humor, strong in his 
prejudices, and altogether a man of great originality and 
force. The Diary was usually kept in interleaved Ames 
Almanacs so long as these continued to be published. It wxs 
written in a remarkably close but legible hand, and while 
containing many entries pertaining to his private affairs, also 
contains abundant references to current local events, national 
politics, and to some extent the great events transpiring on 
the continent of Europe." 

*' He was married by the Rev^ M^ Clark of the Episcopal 
Church at Dedham, on the 14th of June, 1775, to Miss 
Meletiah, sister of Jeremiah Shuttleworth, the first pantmaster 
of Dedham." They had no children. 

" By the terms of his will, after the death of his widow his 
property passed to Hannah Shuttleworth, her niece, from 
whose bequest the building of the Dedham Historical Society 
was erected. He built and occupied the house, now the 

za ' 

Digitized by 




residence of Dr. John P. Maynard, on High street, which was 
finished about 1772." He resided there until his death, July 
22, 1 832. For further information see Sam Briggs' ''The 
Almanacs of Nathaniel Ames, 1726-1775;" Cleveland, 0., 
189X ; pp. 29-39. Also Dedham Historical Register, Vol. I, 
pp. 9-16, etc., to October, 1898, for reprint of the Diary; Vol. 
Ill, p. 176. 

267. PiSHBR AMBS^ son of Deborah* Fisher (137) and 
Dr. Nathaniel Ames, was b. in the old tavern on High Street, 
Dedham, April 9, 1758 ; graduated from Harvard in 1774 ; 
taught school till 1781, when he settled in Dedham, and began 
the practice of law. He m. July 15, 1792, Frances, Uiird 
daughter of Col. John Worthington, Esq., of Springfield, who 
was b. Oct. 29, 1764, and d. Aug. 8, 1837. Col. John Worth- 
ington, b. in 17x9, graduated at Yale in 1740, received LL.D. 
in 1792 ; d. April 25, z8oo, aged 81 ; was colonel of militia 
and high sherifi of Hartford County ; m. Jan. zo, 1759, Han- 
nah, daughter of Rev. Samuel Hopkins, second minister of 
West Springfield, who was baptized Jan. 29, 1731. Rev. 
Samu^ Hopkins was b. Dec. 25, 1693, graduated at Yale in 
1718; was ordained at West Springfield, Mass., in 1720; d. 
in October, 1755 ; m. Esther Edwards, who was b. Aug. 6, 
1695, ^^d d* J^uie 17, 1766. 

After leaving college he taught school for some years, and 
then studied law with William Tudor, and was admitted to 
the Suffolk bar, Oct. 9, 1781. Fisher Ames was a member of 
the State convention to consider the United States Constitution, 
and served in the legislature. In 1789, after a distinguished 
career as a lawyer and orator in his native state, he was elected 
to the first Congress, and re-elected until 1796, when he with- 
drew on account of failing health. He greatly distinguished 
himself, particularly by his speech on Jay's Treaty. He lived 
on his estate in Dedham, practicing there and in Boston. In 
1804, ^^ was chosen to but declined the presidency of Harvard 
College. He died at Dedham, July 4, x8o8, and was buried 
in the old graveyard there, the spot being marked by a plain 
monument bearing only the words ' ' Fisher Ames. ' ' A volume 
of his works was published in Boston in X809. The " Works 
of Fisher Ames " were again published in Boston in X854, in 
which will be found a sketch of him by J. T. Kirkland. See 
also the Dedham Historical Register for October, X894 (Vol. 
V, pp. 148, 149 and 177, Z78); Vol. IX, frontispiece and pp. 
67*80; Sam Briggs' **The Ahnanacs of Nathaniel Ames," 
pp. 39, 40, 41. 43. 

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ChUdrai were : 

emr Wo&fHZNOTOif Amss", b. Oct. 33, 1793 ; d. Oct. i, 1853. 
ATBjaawL PISHB& AKXS*, b. May 17, 1796; d. Jan. 18, 1835. 
Hahkab Amss^, b. March i, 1798; d. Ang. 33, 1839. 
WuxxAK Ajcsa^, b. Oct. 3, 1800. 
JSKSMZAB Axss, b. 1803 ; d. Jan. 3, 1839. 
494. asXB AMsaP» b. April 39, 1805 ; m. lit, Margaret Bradford ; 
m. 3d, Abigail P. Dana. 
BiCKABD Ana^, b. Jnne z6, 1807. 

268. Dr. Joshua\ son oi Nathaniel ( 138) and Elizabeth 
(Clapp) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, May 17, 1748. He began 
his preparatory studies for Harvard College at six years of 
age. '* He had an impediment of speech due to some con- 
genital defect in the palate, which at a later period would 
doubtless have been supplied by constructive surgery; but 
which, in default of such relief, conq>elled him to keep a mov- 
able silver plate in his mouth when using the organs of speech. 
The consequence was that his articulation though singularly 
distinct was painfully slow, and any modulation of voice would 
have been impossible. But he was probably destined from his 
childhood for a professional life, as he graduated at the early 
age of seventeen (1766). After leaving college he taught 
•school at Rowl^ for two years. He then had a severe attack 
of pulmonic disease, which left him for a time an invalid. On 
his restoration to health (1770) he studied medicine with Bela 
Lincoln (M.- D., Aberdeen), of Hin^ham, who is believed to 
have had in his time no superior in his profession. Dr. Fisher 
commenced the practice of medicine in Ipswich, then removed 
to Salem, then took up his abode in Beverly, which was his 
place of residence for sixty or more of the eighty-four years of 
his life, and from which his only absence of any duration formed 
the one eventful epiyde in a career else singularly smooth and 
even. He was ardently patriotic, and during the war of the 
Revolution, in accordance with the approved moral standard 
of his day, he entered the service of his country as surgeon of 
a privateer. " * * ' The privateer was run ashore on the English 
coast, the crew secreting themselves on land to escape an 
English fleet. He finally reached France, reshipped in a more 
successful cruiser, and subsequently returned to America in a 
letter of Marque bound to Boston, where he arrived after a most 
perilotis voyage." ** He rose to die front rank in his profession 
and was vice-president of the Massachusetts Medical Society 
from 1804. to 1815, when he succeeded the elder Warren xs 
president, serving until 1823, when he resigned. He was one 

• Vfom Dr. A. F. Peabody*!! ** Harvard Craduatcn Whom I Have Known.*' 
— MSS. of Rev. Calvin Uxke in I>edham Uintorical Society. 

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of the earliest to oppose the laacet, and was engaged in one of 
the first attempts to establish a factory for the manufacture of 

We find that Joshua Fisher was interested in the manu- 
facture of cotton goods before Samuel Slater began at Paw- 
tucket, R. I., in Z790. The results of Slater's successful 
experiments was the beginning of the modem cotton spinning 
lactory, but there was a small brick factory on Bass River in 
1787, where the Beverly Company were making goods by 
machinery. Previous to this date cotton spinning was by the 
hand card, and one thread wheeL- John Cabot and Joshua 
Fisher were the founders of the Beverly enterprise. It was not 
a financial success. The expense attending the operation of 
the factory was far greater than was warranted by the small 
price obtained for die coarse fabric produced by the rude 
machinery. In 1787, and again in 1790, the managers appealed 
to the Legislature for aid. A grant of jC^coo was made, but 
the Beverly Company &iled to make a success of this enter- 
prise. The imperfect machinery employed failed to turn out 
goods of the finish and beauty whidi the English Victories 
could show, because of superior workmanship and improved 
machinery.— Boston and the Textile Industry, in Professional 
and Industrial History of Suffolk County, pp. 492-93. 

He was a public man ; though retiring from general society, 
he never did from public duty. He was an axdent Federalist 
and was a member of the State Senate, for many years-president 
of the Beverly Bank, and the founder and president of the 
Beverly Charitable Society and added largely to its funds. He 
took a great interest in natural history ; his powers of observ- 
ing, comparing and remembering, well prepared him for this 
branch of science, to which he devoted himself, whenever 
opportunity offered, and even toward the^close of his long and 
useful life he did not neglect his &vorite pursuit, but mani- 
fested a sincere desire iu its behalf by bequeathing *' to the 
President and Fellows of Harvard College the sum of twenty 
thousand dollars, the income of it to be appropriated to the 
support of a Professor of Natural History, comprehending the 
three kingdoms, animal, vegetable and mineral, or a part of 
them." This chair has been made illustrious by the late Pro- 
fessor Asa Gray. He showed an interest in the religious 
society of his native place by advancing $3000 to its funds, 
and giving it a beU. As a physician he was highly esteemed 
for those moral and intellectual qualities which add dignity to 
the profession. The editor has consulted freely different 
works ; for other material see Quiucy's History of Harvard 
University, II, p. 427 ; Stone's History of Beverly, pp. 160- 

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66; Historical Collections of Essex Inst., IV, pp. 274-75; 
Channing's Obituary Notices in Communications of Mass. 
Mediod Society, V, p. 379; ''A Memoir of Joshua Fisher, 
M. Dm" by Dr. Walter Channing; Dr. A. P. Pcabody's 
''Harvard Graduates whom I have known." He m. ist 
(published June 39, 1776), Abigail, daughter of Daniel and 
Mary (Rogers) Staniford, of Ipswich, who died childless. 
Married 2d, at Petersham, Nov. 11, 1807, Anne, widow of Rev. 
Mr. Bridges, of Framingham. She brought him three children, 
by her former husband, Nancy, Mary and Matthew Bridj^es, ' 
but had no children by the second marriage. She d. in Bev- 
erly, Jan. 12, 1829, aged 71 ; he d. March 15, 1833, aged 84 

869. £BBN8Z8R^ son of Nathaniel (138) and Elizabeth 
(Clapp) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, April 10, 1751, and d. 
diere, Oct. 12, 1847. He never married ; was a prosperous 
firmer, and lived in West Dedham. He served as a private 
in Captain David Fairbanks' company, William Mcintosh's 
Regt., March 4, 1776, marching to Roxbury ; (our day's ser- 
vice. Was one of the six months' men, enlisted for service 
in the Continental army during 1780; marched July 17, 
X780; was discharged Dec. 22, 1780; service of s months 
and 16 days. He was selectman, 1785, and representative, 
1801 to 1806. His will, made Feb. 9, 1844, admitted 
to probate Oct. 15, 1847, gave real estate to nephew, 
Joshua Fisher, also |6,ooo; to his niece, Betsey Ripley, 
a resident of Charleston, S. C, $3,000; to Nathaniel 
Fisher Ripley, of said Charleston, $2,000; to Eli^cabeth C. 
Fisher Ripley, of Charleston, $1,000; to John Leonard 
Fisher, son of John Fisher, $5,000 ; to Silence Turner, my 
housekeeper, Nancy Elizabeth, daughter of John Fisher, Jr., 
Charles F., and Susanna Abigail, children of Joshua Fisher, 
and Edward E. F. Jones, son of Thomas Jones, of Charles- 
ton, S. C, $100 each. To the East School District of the 
West Parish of Dedham he gave $600 ; to the North District 
of same, $400. His nephew, John Fisher, Jr., residuary 
legatee and executor. 

870. Nathanibl\ son of Nathaniel (138) and Elizabeth 
(Clapp) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, May 22, 1753 ; m. at 
Dedham, April 13, 1781, Sarah, daughter of William and 
Sarah (Clapp) Everett, who was b. in Dedham, Dec. 30, 17^4, 
and d. there, April 16, 1838, aged 83. He joined the Dedham 
Church, April 30, 1775, and was called *'of ClaplK>ardtrces 
Parish." He d. ** Aug. 22, 1810, aged 52." They had : 

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Bktsa*, b. May 7, 178a ; m. Tilaon Riplcjr, of Boston ; th«y 
subsequently moved to Chsrleston, S. C. They had : Na* 
thaniel Fisher Ripley*, b. June 19, x8io ; Blizabeth Clapp 
Fisher Ripley", b. Sept. 14, 1814; m.- Thomas Jones, of 
Charleston, and had : Bdmrd Brerett Fisher Jones^*. 

371. Joun\ sou of Nathaniel ( 138) and Elizabeth (Clapp) 
Fisher, was b. in Dedham, July 18, 1760; m. July zo, 1799, 
Chloe, daughter of Asa and Miriam Smith, of Walpole, who 
was b. there, Oct. z, 177 z. He was a farmer and resided at 
West Dedham, where he d. Aug. Z7, z8a3. She d. March 34, 
1S56, aged 85. Children were : 

Toshua", b. Not. 23, z8oo; d. July 9, 1803. 
Nabby*, b. Not. Z9, z8o3 ; d. Jan. 24, Z824. . 

495. John*, b. March so, 1805; m. Nancy Farrington, June 15, 

i8a8 ; d. July 29, Z889. 

496. Joshua', b. Mar 38, Z807 ; m. Blisa W. Fnmald, Oct. 9, Z834 ; 

d. Aug. 37, 1890. 

212. TzMOTHY% son of Titaiothy (Z39) and Lydia (Met- 
calf) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Jan. 22, Z764 ; m. in Z789, 
Abigail, daughter of Joseph and Blizabeth (Palmer) Gibbs* 
who was b. in Piamingham, Mass., Dec. 30, Z764. She was 
admitted to the Dedham diurch, Sept. Z4, Z794 ; he joined 
Jan. 6, Z799. He moved subsequently to Newport* N. H., 
where he lived on the R. P. Clagett iarm. He married a sec- 
ond time and afterwards removed to Grantham, N. H., where 
he d. Feb. Z4, Z840, aged 76. Children, aU b. in Dedham, 
and by first wife, were : 

Amorv*, b. Jan. zo, Z79Z ; d. in Henry ville or Columbia, 

An infant", b. and d. Sept. 7, Z793. 
Leonard", b. Dec. 10, Z795; m. and had two sons, Pr. 

Charles" and WUlard" Pither. Leonard d. Feb. 9, z868, 

aged 73. 
JosBPH PAZ.iaea", b. Aug. 2, 1797; d. Not. zs, Z882, aged 

85; m. 
Bbtsa Gzbbs^, b. Sept. Z7, Z799; d. Feb. 5, zSjz. Dr. H. P. 

Hooper taya ahe m. April z8, Z820, Jaaon Wight, who d» 

Apru 15, Z842, aged 62. 
Abigazl*, b. Aug. zz, zSoz ; d. Oct. z8, z8z8. 
Mary MxTCAX^, b. Feb. 6, Z803 ; d. March Z5, Z856, aged 53; 

m. ^— Cotting ; her aon, William G. Cotting", and 

daughter, Catandina Cotting", liTe in Milledgerille, Ga. 
497* Sazxy", b. March Z2, Z805; m. George B. Pierce, April 23, 

Lydza", b. Aug. 9, Z807; m. Anderson, and had a 
' Geor ^ 

son named George B. Anderson"; she d. in Tuscaloosa, 
Ala., Aug. 15, X84Z. 
WiLZ^RD", b. Dec. 17, 1809 ; d. June iz, 1829. 

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878. Auos\ son of Timothy (139) and Lydia (Metcalf) 
Piaher, was b. in Dedliam, March 33,. 1766; m. April 31, 
1798, Hnldah Arms, of Deerfield, who was b. April 28, 1766. 
He removed to Newport, N. H«, where he lived on the A. 
Wright farm. He d. in Kentucky in 1844, ^K^ 7^ years. 
They had : 

GusTAVUs", b. Feb. 33, 1796. 

Danxvl\ b. llmrch 15, 1797. 

Amos', b. May xo, x8oo, 

; t 
274. Samubl\ son of Samuel (143) and itlary (Chicker- 
ing) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Jan. iz, 1757; m. Feb. 19, 
1783, Abigail, daughter of Asa and Beriah (Fisher) Mason, 
who was b. in Mediield in 1739, and d. in Dover, Sept. 5, 1843, 
aged 84. He early became prominent in the mUitia. He first 
served as corporal in Robert Smith's company, William Heath's 
Regt., marching on the 19th of April alarm ; town Needhani ; 
service fourteen days. His name is also on the rolls as corporal 
of the same company, Jan. 3, 1776, for fourteen days' service. 
He served as captain in Col. Ebenezer Hawes' Regt. in Rhode 
Island in 1776, 1777 and 1778. He took up his residence iu 
Dover, where he d. April 18, 1833, aged 65. They had : 

Samusl*. b. Dec. 13, 1783 ; graduated at Harvard, 18x0 ; was 
a member of the Hasty Pudding Club, 1808; was admitted 
to the Suffolk bar in September, 1813, and practised law in 
Boston ; d. in Dover, May 8, 1836. 

Abxoaxi.*, b, Feb. 34, 1785; m. Timothy Allen, Jr., June 3, 


1807. [Joseph Allen's Allen Genealogy, pp. 35, 36.] 
Gbo&os*, b. Jttlv I, 1786 ; m. Hannah Smith, of Walpole, 

Jan. X, i8xz ; d. Sept. 33, X831. 

Isaac*, b. Feb. 19, X7a8; d. April 10, 1791. 

499. CHAaxjcs", b. Oct. 35, 1780; m. Ruby ; d. July 19, 1831. 
Lucy*, b. Oct. 19, 179X ; a. Sept. 27, 1793. 

Mason*, b. Aug. 33, 1703 ; graduated at Harvard, 1813 ; meui* 

ber Hasty Pudding Club, 181 x ; d. June 34, x8i6. 
Saxay*, b. June <, X795 ; d. July 18, 1795. 

500. Nathan Mason*, b. March xa, 1799 ; m. Elisabeth Champ- 

ney ; d. May 15, 1834. 

SS75. JoHN^ son of Johxi (143) and Mary (Fuller) Fisher, 
was b. at Needhaxn, Nov. 4; X744 ; m. at Dedhaxn, Mary Met- 
calf, Dec. X7, X767. He settled in Dedham. Served in Capt. 
Eboiezer Battle's company at the Lexington alarm, was away 
ten days, and marched 40] miles ; res. D^ham Fourth Parish, 
now Dover; also served at Castle Island in 1776 ; d. prior to 
June 19, 1778, when his father was appointed administrator 
of his estate, the inventory showing property to the value of 
^^1046 6. 8., old tenor. The widow's third was set off, June 
4> 1779- Probably had no issue. 

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276. Thoiias', son of Deacon John (143) and Mary 
(Fuller) Fisher, was b. in Needham, May z8, 1754. Thomas 
served through a great part of the Revolution, enlisting 
regularly in the Continental army. He was in Capt. Robert 
Smith's company, William HeaUi's Regt., on the LtxxDgUm 
alarm, serving eleven days. Enlisted May 5, 1775, in Col. 
Heath's Regt.; stationed at Fort No. 2, in camp, Cambridge, 
Oct. 5, 1775, the company returns saying '' gone to Canada." 
His name is on a ceitificate of non-receipt of a bounty coat, 
date Dedham, Oct. 22, 1776, Capt. Moses Whitney's com- 
pany, Col. Johr^Greaton. Again on a receipt for bounty paid 
him by Samuel Foster, Col. Greaton's Rqgt., **to serve in 
Continental army during the war, date Albany, Nov. 28, 
1776." Enlisted March 4, 1777, toe during the war, in Capt. 
James Tisdale's company, WilUam Mcintosh's Regt., and 
joined Foster's comj^ny in Greaton's Regt., the descriptive 
list saying '' belonging to Needham, age 27 years, 5 feet 9 
inches, coQiplexion li^ht, hair dark, eyes blue, occupation 
yeoman." His name is on Capt. Foster's pay accounts from 
March 13, 1777, to Dec. 31 fouowing. Jan. 2, 1778, hfi was 
at Albany, in the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Mass. Regt., and signed 
for bounQr received. May 15, 1777, he is menOoned as ''sick 
at Needham." Lieut. James Tiadala assumed command of 
''Late Capt. Foster's company" in 1778, and Thomas Fisher 
is mentioned in the returns at White Plains, July 20, Aug. 5 
and Sept. x, 1778; .at Stratford, Oct. 4, 1778; at Courtlandt 
Manor, April 7, and at Crown Point, May x, 1779. He was 
in the same company at Constitution Island, July 3, at Camp 
Bedford, Oct. i, and at Camp Highlands, Aug. 2, X779. 
From Jan. i, 1780, he served in Capt. Josisdi Williams' com- 
pany, Greaton's 3rd Regt., and Jan. 25, 1781, was at West 
Point with his company; returns dated Phillipsburg (in 
camp) July x, X78X, state he was "on command at West 
Point" ; Sept. i, X781, Camp Peekskill, "with sappers and 
miners"; Oct. x, X78X, the same; Dec. X2, 178X, at Camp 
Highland with same company ; Jan. 4, X782, at the " Hutts," 
New Boston, remaining there until at least May X3, X782, 
when his name is on a descriptive list, and on accounts for 
clothing and arms, from Jan. 6 to Sept. 8, 1782, and from 
Nov. 29, 1782, to Feb. 23, X783. On returns for January, 
1783, dated Feb. 24, X783, and for February, 1783, dated 
March X2, X783, it states " term of service unexpired "; same 
company and regiment. 

378. SxMaoN^ son of Capt. Bbenezer (X44) and Sarah 
(Chubb) Fisher, was b. in Needham, Sept. 20, X746, and m. 

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Prudence Chubb, April 27, 1775. He served in the battles ol 
Lexington and Concord, in Robert Smith's company, William 
Heath's S^t., and at Bunker Hill. His name appears on 
the loU of Capt. Whiting's company, William Heath's Regt., 
dated Cambridge, Oct. 5, 1775, and on an order for a bounty 
coat, due lor eight months' service in 1775,. in Moses Whit- 
ing's company, Col. John Greaton's Regt., dated Cambridge, 
I^« 3O1 1775. He ¥ras living in Sturbridge in 1782, and re- 
moved about x8oo to Wardsboro, Vt. 

27tt. AA&OK^ son of Captain Ebenezer (144) and Sarah 
(Chubb) Piaher, was b. in Needham, June 18, 1755 ; m. Sept. 
9, 1785, Lucy, daughter of Joseph and Mary Stedmau, of 
Weston, who was b. Nov. 24, 1758, and d. Feb. 15, 1844, aged 
85. Aaron, as well as his father, and brothers, Simeon and 
Josiah, took part in the Revolution. We find him iu Capt. 
Robert Smith's company, William Heath's Regt., ou the alarm 
of April X9, 1775, serving twelve days, from Needham. Feb. 
I, 1777, ^^ enlisted for service in Canada, receiving the bounty 
of £7* He was a private in Capt. Oliver Lyman's company, 
Bxra May's Regt., enlisting Sept. 20, 1777, serving for thirty 
days; eiqpedition to Stillwater wd Saratc^ ; discharged Oct. 
14, 1777. This was the camj^ign against Burffoyne ; and 
Aaron contracted rheumatism in the service, which afflicted 
him to the end of his days. He was in the Concord and Lex- 
ington fights, and at the battle of Bunker Hill the bayonet of 
his gun was twisted by a bullet. He d. in Dedham, Sept. 12, 
X828, aged 73. During the later years of his life, Aaron was 
pensioned on account of a permanent disability sustained in 
the Revolutionary service. Col. Horace N. Fisher, of Brook- 
line, has the description, given by his grandmother, Lucy 
Stedman Fisher, of the day when her father and his seven 
sons took their guns and went with the Weston company to 
attack the British on their retreat from Concord and Lexington. 
*'The six sons of Aaron were remarkably fine-looking men, 
and made their mark in life. The secret of the success of 
these brothers was that they always acted together, where 
possible, and stood by each other in all the events of life." 
Their children were : 

50X. PaasMAM*, b. Nov. ao, 1786 ; m. ist, Martlaa Bllit, Sept. 22, 
xSxa ; m. ad, Mary G. Bronaon, Sept. ax, xSao. 

508. MwM»waUL\ b. Not. 30, X788; m. Sophia M. Smith, Dec. 10, 

SP3. J08XAH Stsdicam*, b. Oct. iS, X790 ; m* Sally Pond, Jan. 13, iSao. 

504. Alvam*, b. Aug. 9, 1792 ; m. Lydia BUis, June 3, iSay. 

505. Peamcxs*, b. Sept. 14, 1794; m* Lydia Kittredge, Dec. la, iSas. 
500. JOHH Dxx*, b. March 27, 1797 ; d. March 3, xSso. 

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280. JosIAH^ son o{ Capt. Ebenezer (144) and Sarah 
(Chubb) Fisher, was b. in Needham, March 38, 1756. Was 
afifer in Captain Robert Smith's company, William Heath's 
Regt., at the Lexington alarm, (rom Needham, serving six- 
teen days. His name is on the returns of Whiting's com- 
pany, Willbm Heath's Regt., dated Cambridge, Oct. 5, 1775, 
in camp, stationed at Fort No. 2, the 36th Regt. oi Foot ; en* 
listed April 28, 1775. On an order for a bounty coat due for 
eight months' service in 1775, on roU of Moses Whiting's 
Company, Col. Greaton's Rc^., dated Cambridge, Dec. 30, 
1775. On a roll of Robert Smith's company, William Heath's 
l^cgt., Jan. 3, 1776, as fifer, sixteen days' service. As fifer 
on muster and pay rolls of Ebenezer Battle's company, Wil- 
liam Mcintosh's Regt., enlisted March 23, 1778, disdiarged 
April s, 1778, service at Roxbury of fifteen da3rs. He re- 
ceived a bounty and enlisted in the Continental army for nine 
months, from arrival at Fishkill, where he arrived June 14, 
1778, and is on returns sent in by Col. Rufus Putnam. The 
descriptive list dated at Roxbury, June 5, 1^78, before he 
started for Fishkill, gives his age as eighteen, height 5 feet, 10 
inches, hair dark, eyes grey, occupation husbandmau, resi- 
dence Dedham , '* receiv^ of Major Stephen Badlam to de- 
liver to Brig. Gen. Jonathan Warner at Fishkill by Capt. 
Robert Daxis." Was a fifer in Capt. Jacob Hasting's com- 
pany, in 1779, and was discharged from the army on account 
of sickness. He enlisted again in the Continental army, from 
Sturbridge, Worcester county, April i, 1781, for three years, 
Age 23, height 5 feet, 6 inches, light complexion, occupation 
joiner ; term of enlistment three years ; joined Capt. Boyden's 
company, Col. Newell's Regt., later changed to Capt. 
Mathew Chamber's company, Calvin Smith's Regt. Signed 
a receipt for bounty paid him by Ebenezer Crafts for a class 
in Sturbridge to serve in Continental army, for term of three 
years, date Sturbridge, May 21, 1781. He drew pay from 
April I, 1 78 1, and %vas fifer ; trsinsferred to Capt. Japheth Dan- 
iel's company, Lt. Col. Calvin Smith's 6th Regt., Sept. i, 
1 781. He appears as fifer in the pay rolls of same company 
from Jan. to Dec., 1782 ; also on a return of the 6th (Nixon's) 
Regt., for clothing and arrears of pay, from Jan. i, 1778, to 
Dec. 31, 1782. His name appears '* on an order dated Need- 
ham, March 16, 1785, for wages^ given by Ebenezer Fisher; 
the selectmen of Needham certify that Capt. Ebenezer Fisher 
to be heir of his son, Josiah Fisher, who went from Stur- 
bridge in the three year service, and died while in the army." 
Josiah Fisher made his will Sept. 24, 1779, " being bound to 
sea/' and describes himself as having '' been a fifer in Capt. 

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Jacob Hoskins' Company/' He probably served for a while 
on a cruiser, but subsequently died in the army after Dec., 
178a, The will was proved May 30, 1787. 

281. Susanna\ daughter of Nathaniel (145) and Han- 
nah (Januarin) Fisher, was b. in Needham, May 20, 1747, 
and d. there, June 6, 1765. She m. there, Oliver Mills, of 
Needham, June 21, 1764. Child : 

FiSHSE Mnxs*, Needham, May 31, 1765, and d. July 7, 
1832, aged 87; m. Sarah* daughter of Mathiaa Colliu«, of 
Newtoa, who d. Oct. 9, 1837, aged 90. They had : ( i ) Susau 
Flaber Mills*, b. Feb. ix, 1798; d. Feb. 2, 1872, aged 75; 
m. Georse How, Oct. 13, 1831. (2) John Mills*, b. May 
3, 1803; 3* A.Qff. 22, 1879, aged 76; m. Abigail C, daughter 
of Mathias and Hannah (Jackson) Collins, of Newton, who 
was b. March 19, 1808, azid d. Oct. 13, 1839. 

2S2 . M AJtY\ daughter of Nathaniel ( 145 ) and (Januarin ) 
Fisher, was b. in Needham, April x, 1753 ; m. there, Feb. 15, 
1776, Rev. Joseph Haven, who was b. in Hopldnton, May 14, 
1747. He graduated at Harvard in 1774, and was soon after 
employed to preach as a candidate at Rochester, N. H. In 
September, 1773, the church invited him to become pastor, 
and he was cnrdained and installed over them, Jan. 10, 1776. 
He had studied theology with a clergyman of his own name, 
of Dedham, in that part which became Dover. He was for 
many years the only religious instructor of the people of 
Rochester, Farmington, and Milton, N. H., and his pastorate 
was more than double the length of that of any other ininisier 
at Rochester. He d. there, Jan. 29, 1823, ^'^^ ^^^^ buried in 
the cemetery there. 

283. NATHAifiBL\ son of Nathaniel (145) and Hannah 
(Januarin) Fisher, was b. in Needham, Dec. 13, 1734. He 
was a private in Robert Smith's company, William Heath's 
Regt., marching on the alarm of April 19, 1775, serving four- 
teen da3rs. On the rolls of the same company his name appears, 
date Jan. 3, 1776, service fourteen days, and performed service 
iti same, during March, 1776, " assisted in taking Dorchester 
Heights.*' A^ on a list of names signed to an enlistment 
certmcate, date June, 1776, agreeing to serve until Dec. i, 
1776, and to march with dispatch to Charlestown, N. H. 
Feb. I, 1777, he was paid a bounty of jCjf subsequently raised 
to jCi4t for service in Canada, the Saratoga campaign against 
Burgoyne. The town records contain the following : — ' ' Ded- 
ham, Nov. 5^, 1777. We the subscribers being chose a corn- 

Digitized by 



mittee to estimate the servises Done in this Precinct since April, 
1775, Respecting the present war, have atended said senns Sl 

report as follows, viz : That Nathaniel 

Fisher, Jr. Receive the sum of ;^5 : o: o :" 

SS84. JANVllIN^ son of Nathaniel ( 145) and Hannah (Jan* 
vrin or Januarin) Fisher, was b. in Nee^ham, Mass., Sept. 2, 
1758; moved to Dover, N. H., before 1786, where he d. of 
yellow fever, Sept. 27, 1798. He m. May 25, 1786, Sally 
Gage, of Dover. He became prominent in the militia, and at 
his death wias colonel of the regiment. Had : 

.\ child*, b. in 1798; d. Nov. xx, X799, aged one ycmr. 

283. Lucv^ daughter of Nathaniel (145) and Haimah 
(Willard) Fisher, was b. in Needham, June 8, 1764; m. 
there, Sept. 23, 1784, Dr. James, son of Deacon James and 
Jemima (Farxiham) Howe, who was b. in Methuen, Mass., 
March 23, 1735, and d. in Rochester, N. H., Oct. 13, 1807. 
Dr. Howe stn<Ued medicine with Dr. Bodwell, of Methuen ; 
went to Rochester, N. H., about 1777, and practiced there till 
nearly the time of his death. He was one oif six brothers who 
served their country in the Rev<dution from the Battle of Bunker 
Hill till the close of the war. Dr. Howe was surgeon's mate in 
Col. Long's Regiment, and was one of the sufiferets in the 
Canada expedition of 1777. He was for three years a repre- 
sentative in the Legislature of New Hampshire, 1791*93, 1796 
and 1797, and was distinguished for his xiatural talent and great 
benevolence. Was a member of the convention which assembled 
at Concord, N. H., Sept. 7, 1791, to revise the state constitu- 
tion. Mrs. Lucy (Fisher) Howe d. in Boston, in June, 1836. 
They had eight children : 

Lucv HowK*. b. Sept. 7, 1785 ; m. ist, Ephraim Dennett, of 

Po'rtimottth, N. H., who d. in 1831 ; m. 2a, Jo«iah Vintoo, 

of Boston ; they had no children. 
JiVMES HowB*. b. May 11, 1787; d. in Boston, May 12, 185a ; 

married, and had three aons and one daughter. 
GaoBOB Hows', b. ; a res. of Needham, Mate.; a fanner ; 

had four children. 
Haix Jaocson Hows*, b. Feb. 12, 1791 ; m. Eliza P. Waldron ; 

res. Portsmouth, N. H., and Boston. 
Calvin WHrrxNC Hows*, b. July 13, 1796 ; m. Charlotte At- 

well, Dec. i, 1825; res. New York City. 
Willard Howe", b. ; d. in infancy. 

Mahy Howe*, b. ; d. in infancy. 

FiSBBR HowB*, b. Sept. 3, 1708; m. ist, Matilda SaltonaUU, 

June x6, 1825; m. 2d, Elizabeth Leayitt, Oct. i, 1833; res. 

Boston, Mass., and Brooklyn, N. Y. 

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286. Gborgb', son oi Nathaniel (145) and Hannah 
(Willard) Fisher, was b. in Needham, Nov. 37, 1765, and d. 
there* Nov. is, 1845. He m. at Dedham, Jan. i, 1789, Eliza* 
beth Ellis, of Dedham, who d, at Needham, Ang, 12, 1844, 
aged 77. He was a farmer ; res. at Needham. He was select- 
man of Needham, 1803, 1804, 1816, 1818 and 1819; repre- 
sentative in X830. He became prominent in the militia; 
Smith's History of the Springfield Parish (Dover) gives his 
record of service: ''Ensign, First Regt., Second Brigade, 
First Division, May 26, 1810 ; promoted captain in same, May 
5, 1812 ; promoted major in sam^, May 30, 1815 ; promoted 
lientenant-colonel of same, June zi, 1816; promoted brevet- 
colonel, Jnne 20, 1816; discharged, Feb. 19, 1820." Their 
children were: 

GaoRGB Nathakibz,*, b. Aug. xo, 1791 ; d. Not. i, 1835. 
BnsBV Whiting*, b. 1795 ; bapt. May 20, 1798 ; d. Oct. 

' Mary*, b. Not. 27, 1797.; prob. m. at Needham, Leonard 
fiattelle, of Boaton, Dec, 5, 1822. 

287. ABRAHAH^ son of Jeremiah ( 146) and Esther ( Reed) 
Fisher, was b. in Natick, Mass., Nov. 5, 1763 ; m. Jan. 15, 
1784. Lncy Parkhnrst, of Pramingham, and removed to Clare- 
mont, N. H.; was there in 1789. They had : 

JoaxAH*, b. ; m. . 

288. IsAAC^ son of Jeremiah (146) and Bsther (Reed) 
Pisher, was b. in Natick, Nov. 5, 1763 ; m. (intention, Aug. 
12, 1786), ElizabeUi, daughter of James and Lois (Bent) 
Olover, of Pramingham, who was b. Jtme 5, 1768. He was 
a member of Capt. Staples Chamberhiin's company, Isaac 
Dean's Regt., that marched to Tiverton, R. I., March 7, 1781 ; 
was discharged March 14, 1781 ; service eleven days, (our 
days* travel allowed. They res. for a while at Lancaster, and 
then moved to Springfield, Coos County, N. H. Child : 

Son*, b. Lancaster, Jane, 1799 ; d. July 12, X799. 

289. Jacob', son of Jeremiah (146) and Esther (Reed) 
Pisher, was b. in Natick, May 18, 1768. He moved to Lan- 
caster, where he married. May 28, 1792, Anna, daughter of 
Ephraim and Abigail (Carter) Carter, who was bom in 
Lancaster, Dec. 3, 1771, and died there April 15, 1822. They 
joined the Lancaster church, Aug. 7, 1796. He m. 2d, Jan. 
17, 1823, Betsey Bartlett, of Royalston, who was b. there, Sept. 
30, 1780, and d. Nov. 5, 1837, aged 57. In the Town Records 

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we find his death notice: *' Jacob Fisher, Ksq. Died June 2, 
1843, Aged 75 years. With very small advantages of school- 
ing in early life, Major Fisher acquired by habits of great and 
untiring ixidustry, a good business education. He represented 
the Town many years in the Legislature of this Commonwealth, 
and served his fellow citizens long and usefully in various 
responsible offices. He was an honest man, a useful citizen, 
and a kind neighbor." He was a private under Col. William 
Greenleaf , in Captain Nathaniel Beeman'scompany, called out 
to put down Shays' Insurrection, serving from Jan. 15 to Feb. 
21, X787. Later (1801) he was captain of a company of 
artillery in the town of Lancaster, and later became major, 
retiring before the war of 18x2. He was town clerk in 1828. 
Their children were : 

507. Nakcy*. b. Feb. 13, 1793 ; d. Joly 7, 1845 ; m. Oct. 7, x8xo, 

Jostsh Pay, of Lancaster, who was b. Aug. 26, 1788, and d. 
Nov. 6, 1871. 

508. Jacob*, b. Nov. f, 1794; d. Jan. 50, X877; m.Jnne 14, x8i8, 

Orricy Hills, of I^eominiter. 
Mary*, b. Oct. 7, 1796; d. Nov. m, X859; m. Oct. 8, 18x9, 
James Richardson, of Poultaey, Vt., who d. May 26, x86i. 

509. Bphraim CARTxa*, b. Jane 25, X798 ; d. Dec. 3, X883 ; ua. 

Sally Hills, of I>omiiister, Feb. 27, 1828. 
Sai«i«v*, b. Jaly x6, x8oo; d. Oct. 25, 1878; n. Aug. 3, 1824, 
Frederick A. Lewis, who d. Dec. 22, 1867 ; res. Beuast, Me. 

510. .\UCXAMDKR*, b. Aug. 12, 1804; d. Feb. 15, 1882; m. ist, Lou- 

isa I>ewey ; m. 2d, Clarissa B. Griswold. 

Jamss*, b. Ana* X2, 1806 ; m. Nov. 29, 1843, Phebe Dutton. 

David'*, b. Sept. s, 1808 ; d. June 10, 1875 ; m. March 17, 1830, 
Olive Bearosley. 

SrsANNA^, b. Jau. 19, 181 1 ; m. Feb. X4, 1830, Cyras Bliss, of 
Granville, N. Y., who d. Sept. 20, 187^. 

GiiORGK*, b. Dec. X, 18x4; d. May 20, xm; m. Feb. x6, 1838, 
Nancy Jones. 

Eliza* (by second wife), b. Aug. x, 1828; m. ist, March 4. 
1S53, Charles Fox Mnlford, M. D., of Granville, N. Y., who 
d. Nov. 4t X854; had two children, who d. in injfancv. She 
m. 2d, May 2, 1866, Walter R. Whittiesey, of Lakeville, 
Conn., who d. Feb. 23, 1873. She d. Jnly 11, 1866. 

200. JossPH^ oldest child of Joseph ( 147) and Elizabeth 
(Farrixigton) Fisher, was b. July 22, 1766. He wexit to 
Clareixxont, N. H., when he had arrived at his majority, and 
there he xn. Sarah Osgood, axid soon removed to Cabot, Vt., 
commencing there on the farm now (1882) owned and occu- 
pied by his grandson, Luke C. Fisher. He built his first 
cabin on the site of the present bouse. The first night they 
stayed in their new resideuce the snow blew down the large 
stone chimney, so that in the morning snow was six inches 
deep between their buuk and the fire-place. Joseph was a 

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member of the Congregational church, organized in t8oi. 
He waa a pnbUc spirited man, and held many offices : was se- 
lectman twenty-six yearst between 1797 and 1834 ; town clerk 
in 183a ; treasurer, 182X and 1822; representative, .1799 to 
x8oi, 1805, 1809, i8xz, 1812 and 18x4. His wife d. in 1839, 
aged 70; he d. in X853, aged 87. They had four sons and 
tkree daughters. Their children were : 

SIX. Marcus OA b. Hot. 24, 1796; m. Fanny Hall, June 13, 1820. 
Caxjsb*, b. 

WiXAiASC*, b. ; ret. Cabot till X838, when he movefl to 

Albion, N. Y., where he d. 185X. 

291. Paul\ son of Joseph (X47) and Elizabeth (Parriug- 
ton) j^isher, was b. in Dover, Jan. 2, X768 ; m. May 28, 1793, 
PriscxUa, daughter of Silas and PrisciUa (Wheelock) Mason, 
who was b. in Medfield, April 2, X768, and d. there, June 23, 
X840. He d. in Medfield, Jan. 5, x824. They lived in Med- 
field on the place that belonged to her father. They had : 

Clarxssa*, b. April x, X794 ; d. Oct. 37, 185X ; m. Amos Mason, 

July 6, 1826. [Medfield History, p. 433.] 
Bbtssy*. b. July X3, 1796; d. in i8ftc ; m. Amos Plympton. 

Ian. 38, 1827. r Plympton Genealogy, pp. X49, 191 ; Medfield 
listory, p. 405.] 
512. Cauw*. b. Nov. 14, X799 ; d. Jnly 28, 1828 ; m. Elixa Plympton, 
March ix, 1818. 
Carounb\ b. in i8ox ; d. in x88i. 

292. Caleb', son of Joseph (X47) and Elizabeth (Parring- 
ton) Fisher, was b. in Dover, April 9, 1770 ; m. April 24, 1793. 
Mary, daughter of Lieut. Gershom and Martha (Marcy) 
Plympton, of Sturbridge, who was b. April 3, 1774, and d. 
May 28, X848. They removed to Salem,' N. Y., where he 
was killed by the bursting of a cannon at a Fourth of July 
celebration, X799. They luid : 

Rbbbcca*, b. July 16, 1798; d. Feb. 20, 1878; m. May X2, 1816, 
Hon. Ebenezer D. Ammidown, who was b. Nov. 16, 1796 ; 
and d. Nov. 21, X865; ret. SouthbridKc, Masii. [For des- 
cendants tee Plympton Gen., pp. 206-7.] 

. 203. MosBS^ son of Joseph (147) and Elizabeth (Far- 
rington) Fisher, was b. in Dover, Feb. 16, X772 ; m. xst. May 
10, 1798, Patty, daughter of Hezekiah and Mary (Peters) 
Allen, who was b. in that part of Dedham, now Dover, March 
XX, X773, and d. inNeedham, July 2, 18x5, aged 42. [Hutch- 
inson's Allen Gen., p. 25.] She was buried at Needham, 
where a stone was erected to her memory. He m. 2d, Lydia 
Fiske, March 17, 1817. Lived in Needham. They had: 

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Ma&y*, b. July 31, 1798 ; d. Oct. 26, x8i3 ; buried at Needham 
513. AzjjECN*, b. Dec. a, 1799; m. Abi|^ A. Orr, Sept. tj, 1835. 
Amos*, b. Sept. 4» lioi. 

J09BFK*, b. July 2$, 1803 ; d. at Waltham, Ang. 35, 1891. 
RSUBXM^, b. April 3, 1807; reatded in Brattleboro, Vt., in 1863. 
1\\TTY'*, b. April 4, 1809; m. Nathan Melntoah, May 3i, 1839. 
MosKS^, b. May s, i8ix. 

204. Silas', aon of Joseph (147) and Elizabeth (Far- 
rington) Fisher, was b. in Dover, Mass., July 30, 1776. He 
m. Jane Kelsey about 1803, and res. the first of his married 
life in Danville and Cabot, Vt. They then settled in New 
port, N. H., where they res. until the death of Mrs. Fisher 
in 1834. He m. at Dover, N. H., Dec. 31, 1836, Tammy, or 
Tamson, Cole, who probably d. soon after. In 1838, or soon 
after that year, he went to Washington, N. H., axid about 
1835, m. Sally, third child of Joel and Keziah (Reed) 
Re<^, of Washington, who was b. in Deering, N. H., about 
1789, and d. Sept. 13, 1875. They res. ixf the south district of 
Washington, where the widow of George D. Reed now resides. 
Hed. June x8, 1863. Children of Silas, all by first wife, were: 

Anna B.*, b. Danville, Vt., Oct. 4, 1804; m. John Stowell, 

Feb. 6, 1836; d. Washington, May 31, 1833; ret. Lempster 

and Washington. 
Hiny*. b. 1806 (?); d. in childhood. 

3x4. LxvoxxA*, b. Cabot, Vt., Dee. 7, x8o8; m. John Stowell, Oct. 

33» 1833; d. Feb. X3, 1838, in Washington. 
PKUDSNor, b. Newport, N. H., , 1813 ; m. Stephen C. 

Baldwin, in 1833: res. Gardiner, Me. 
515. CvNTUIA^b. Newport, Jan. 35, 1815; m. John B.Cheney, of 

Washington, N. H., Oct. zx, 1837. 

SS95. Benjamin\ son of Joseph ( 147) and Elizabeth (Far- 
rington) Fisher, was b. in Dover, Dec. 9, 1783 ; m. Ann 
She d. Dec. 8, 1815, &S^ ^5 ; 1^^ d* &t Needham, where he had 
resided, July 19, 18x6, aged 33. She was buried in the cemeter>' 
at Needham. 


2fHl. LUTHSR*. son of John (X54) and Mary (Clark) 
Fisher, was b. in Medfield, April 3, X773, and d. there Aug. 
23» x8i8. He m. in 1796, Lots, daughter of David and Lois 
(Fisher) Lovell (see under No. 131, ante), who was bom in 
Medfield, April 6, 1769. After his death she m. a Holbrook, 
of BelUngham, and d. in X848. ** Was a blacksmith, and lived 

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in ' Dingle Dellt' at the homestead of his wife's father. His 
shop stood on the n)ad leading thence to the town farm." 

KA«r*» b. July i% 1796; d. Ang. 17, 1796. 
516. NAtKAV*, 6. Tsa. 8, X799I; d. in ite. 

CsAnxNA*»b. }aa. 30» 1799; m. April 6, zSaOv Willism Mcsmb- 
ger, of Miuord. 

207. Cax.vik', second child of John (154) and Mary 
(Clark) Fisher, was b. in Medfield, March i, 1774, and d. 
there, Majr 21, 1824. He m. at Dedham, Nov. 18, 1802, 
Sibyl^ daughter of Joseph and Sibyl (Smith) Dean, who was 
b. in Dedham, July 20, 1780, and d. April 25, 1825. They 
res. for many years in Boston. Children were : 

CAi^vni*, b. Jan. 5, 1805 ; d. turn. 

BxnUMSP, b. Not. xo, z8o6; d. April x, X877; m. st Dcdhsm, 

Not. 16, X837, Curtis Talbot, of Norwood. A ton, Bdward 

Talbot^ rca. at Medfield. 
Majiy*, b. April X3, x8oo; d. in 1852; m. Jnna 3, iSax, Warren 

Phrmptoiu [Plirmptoa Genealogy, pp. X9X-93; Medileld 

H&tory, p. ^.} 
' "nly X7, xSox 

i. Dec. 28, xSoa; d.7v 
John Grant, of Medfield. [Medfield History, p. 400.] 

Otis*, b. Inly X7, xSox ; d. Jnly 24, x8x8. 
\ b. Dec. 

I«ovi8sP, b. Dec. 28, xSoa; d. Jnne x6, 1870 ; m. April 8, x8x9. 

John*, b. Jan. 7, xSos ; rem. to Camden, N. J. ; m. and had 
two dan^ters. 
5x7. MxicoT*,.b. Ji^n. 7, X807; d. in X879; »• Mary P. Day. 
StavL\ b. Dee. 28, x8o8; d. nnm. 
CWASX^KS PA b. Jan. 7, X809; d. Jan. X2, 1809. 

298. QuxNCY*, son of John (X54) and Mary (Clark) 
Fisher, was b. in Medfield, Sept. xi, 1776, axid d. there, Sept. 
5, 1824. He m. May X4, i8ox, Ame, daughter of Nathan and 
Amy (Smith) Allen (see 7x), who was b. Feb. xo, X780, and 
d. July 31, X870. "Inherited a part of his father's home- 
stead. He was a carpenter by occupation. '' Had : 

Ams*, b. Jnly X9, x8o2; d. Nov. 26, 1802. 

WxuJAsr, b. Dec. 7, 1803 ; d. March 30, i8o6. 

Aicn*, b. x8o7 ; d. X807. 

5x8. WxxxxAK QoxxCY*, b. July 27, X809 ; m. Mary !#• Hardinif, 
Peb. 4, XS4X. 

Aicn AucxEA*, b. Dec. X3, xSxx ; m. April 5, X835, John.ion of 
Seth and Mary (Fairbanka) Bllia, who waab. July 17, 1812, 
and d. in x864. She d. in i860. They lived in Woonaocket, 
&. I. * 

MxAiAM*, b. Ang. 9, 18x4 ; d. Peb. x, xSxs* 

MXXZAIC*. b. Peb. 14, 18x7; m. Jnly 3, X836, Henry P. Brace. 
' ".cdfield— 

i, of Medfield. [Medfield Uiatory, p. 328.] Shed 
in 1805. 
John*, d. Peb. 36, 1820 ; d. March 8. 1830. 

13 • 

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299. JoHN^ son of John (154) and Mary (Clark) Fisher, 
was b. in Medfield, June 14, 1779; " lived at West Boylston, 
when a young man, but returned and m. Phebe Johnson, 
Nov. 4, 1806. He was a cooper by trade, and lived on the 
place his wife inherited from her mother, now owned by 
N. F. Harding." He d« Feb. i, 1841; his ^e d. Aug. 23, 
1842. They had : 

CI.ARISSA*, b. in zSoQ ; d. in 1878 ; unmarried. 
Amy*, m. May 33, Z033, Jonathan Gleason ; d. soon. 
Mary", b. Sept. 5, 1814 ; m. Jonathan Gleason, May 28, 1837. 
ABiGAZt*, b. Feb. x, 18x7 ; d. July 34, x8ao. 
John*, b. Jan. 8, x8a4 ; d. in California. 

300. AtPUBUs', son of John (154) and Mary (Clark) 
Fisher, wasb. in Medfield, Nov. 7, 1784; d. at West Boylston, 
Oct. 12, x8si, aged 66. He m. in 1808, Sylvia, daughter of 
Zixnri and Eunice (Clark) Cleveland, who was b. in Medfield, 
in 1784. They settled in West Boylston. Of their children : 

AXMA*, b. in Bolton in 1813; joined the Conmgational 
church in West Boylston, April 4, X830 ; m. (published) to 
Jacob Howard Bennett, Sept. 6, 1833. She was dismissed 
to the chnrch in Holden, Aug. 28, 183$. They bought a 
farm in Holden, and lived there till their deaths. He d. in 
X869, she in 1875^ 

519. CUARX4ts*, b. in west Boylston, Jan. if, iStS ; m. Hannah B. 

Watson, of Princeton, in 1843 ; she d. in X846. 
JaxoeP, b. in West Boylston in 18x9; num.; res. West Boyl- 
ston. Admitted to Congregational chnrch there, Sept. 
II. 1839. 

520. Moses*, d. West Boylston, Ang. 19, x8sa ; m. Adaline Lowell 

in X846. 

301. John*, son of Simon (157) and Dinah (Pond) 
Fisher, was b. in Medway, March 16, 1769 ; m. May 5, 1791, 
Hannah, daughter q| James and Grace (Jones) Hill, who was 
b. in Sherbom, Apru 28, 1774. After kis death, she m. ad, 
Sept. 28, X826, Major Luther^ Metcalf, of Medway, who was 
b. in Wrentham, now Franklin, Sept. 7, 1756, and lived in 
Medway, where he d. Jan. 27, X838. She d. in Medway, 
Sept. 24, X863. Child was : 

52X. JAICBS*, b. in Medway, Ang. ix, X793; m. Lydia BUis, of 
Medway. • 

302. Lbwis', son of Simon (X57) and Dinah (Pond) 
Fisher, was b. in Holliston, Feb. 15, X77X ; m. Oct. s, X798, 
Haxmah, daughter of Capt. Elias and Haxmah (Ellis) Thayer, 
who was b. in Bellingham, Nov. rx, X775. He was selectman 
at Holliston, in 1803, 1807, 18x4, 1827 and. 1828. Moved to 
Medway, where he d. Dec. xo, 1856, aged 8s years. They had: 

Digitized by 



HsnoiBAH Ai;38*, b. at HoUitton^ March 34, 1799; d. at 
BCedway, May 2^9 1885. 
529. Sncaoif*, b. at HolUston, Jan. 6^ i8ox ; m. xst» BCary Aim 
Roekwood, and 2d« Matilda G. MaMn. 
Hahkab*, b. at Madway, Dec. 15, z8oa ; d. July x, x8a6. 
513. Laora Aim*, b. Oct. 31, Z804; m. Jane 3, z8a4, Albert 
Thwing» ol Baat Medway ; d. Not. 29, 1867. 
OuviA% D. Oct. X9» X807; m. Chandler M. Pratt, of 'Grafton, 
Sept. 38, X843; she joined the Second chnrch, in the west 
precinct of Medway, in 1838. 
534« Pauukx*, b. Oct. ao, X809; m. Robert Mowry, ol Medway, 

Peb. 2, x833, 
535. Lnwza^, b. Not. is, z8xx ; m. Betsey Richardson, March 37, 

336. BXJAS Tkaysr,*, b. March 33, 18x4; m. xst, Martha B. Bills, 

and 3d, Sarah H. Blackmer. 

337. Bbbmbub*, b. July 3X, x8x6 ; ni. Meletiah W. Smith. 

308. BuHXT*, son of Simon (X57) and Dinah (Pond) 
Fiaher, waa b. in Medway, Nov. 29, X775 ; m. there, April 
i9» i798> Rlioda, daughter of Samuel* aiul Mehitable (Allen) 
Partridge, who was b. in Medway, Dec. 20, X780, and d. there, 
Feb. x8, X869. He d. in Medway, March 5, X850. They had : 

RHODiL*, b. Jnne x8, 1798; m. George H. Mann, May xo» 1830, 
and had fonr children. [Mann's Mann Memorial, p. 34.I 

338. VisiTA Pabtbidgb*, b. Feb. lo, x8oo; m. Sanford Whiting, 

339. AnuiKX*, b. ; m. at Walpole, Lemnel Allen, Sept. 

8, X83X. 
330. Cybus*, b. Ang. X3, X809; d. Feb. 30, x88o; m. Caroline 
Gnild, Not. 18, 1833. 

304. HiNSDALB*,*son of Obed ( x 59) and Catherine ( HiiLs- 
dale) Fisher, was b. in Medfield, July 39, 1786. He m. in 
X809, Betsey, daughter of George* and Martha (Chalouer) Ellis, 
of Medfield, who was b. there, April 23, X787, and d. April 
33, x868, aged 8x. '* Succeeded to the possession of the estate 
as well as to the name of his grandfather,- Robert Hixisdale. 
Taught school in the North and South districts from x8o8 to 
x8x6. He was a deacon in the church which his father assist- 
ed in organizing. ' ' He had no children, and John G. Hutson, 
who had gone to live with him, succeeded to the possession of 
the fann in x866, tendering him a life support. Was selectman, 
i8i3f 1833, X834, X839, X840, X84X, X842 and 1846; chosen 
town clerk, xSaa, and held the office eight years; town treas- 
urer for two years, and representative to the Legislature in 
X844. He d. in Medfield, May x, X869. 

305. Cathkrinb*, daughter of Obed (159) and Cather- 
ine (Hinsdale) Fisher, was b. in Medfield, March 6, 1789 ; m. 

Digitized by 



in 1808, Nathan Allen* (see under 71 )» grandson of Noah and 
Miriam (Fisher) Allen, of Medfield, who was b. June 13, 
1784. '* He resided several years in his native town, at one 
time conducting the business of a butcher and baker at the 
comer of North and Green Streets. He was unsuccessful 
in both, and removed to Dedham,'* where she joined the First 
Congregational church, July 2a, 1821, and d. Jan. i, 1839. 
He d. about 1840. They had : 

Cathsexhs Hznsdaia Aujcn*, b. Medfield, June xo. x8xo ; 

in. at Dedham, May a6, xSsx, William H. Sptar, Bsq., of 

Plynonth, who died, leaving one aon, William P. Sptar'*, 

who m. Carria Whiting. 
FiSHsa AiASXf*, b. No¥. 15, xSxa ; d. Oct. xo, 1834. 
Mary Amr Auac*, b. Sept. 8, x8x6 ; m. (intantion May 5, 

X844}. James M. Aldrich, M. D., of Fall River, who d. 

LouxsA ADBLJkXDB AiASN*, b. June 6, xSio ; was a tascher in 

Plymouth. [See Dedham Historical Register, Vn, p. 8, 

for January, xS96.] 
Locv Maria Aludi*, b. Dedham, June 7, 1824 ; d. Dec. X2» 

1852. (See Dedham Historical Register, DC, pp. xos-6.1 
AUTRED AXXSN*, b. Feb. 24, 1827. 
[" All the above children are said to have died p rev io us to 


306. JsssK*, oldest child of Joseph (162) aod Mary 
(Everett) Fisher, was b. in Dover, Mass., Feb. 2, X765; m. 
Sept. X9, 1792, Jemsha Armsby, of Medfield. They moved 
to Fitzwilliam, N. H. The History of Fitzwilliam says that 
Jesse Fisher, from Attleboro, Mass* (which we believe to be 
on error), ''was taxed at Fitzwilliam, six years, 1 793-1 798. 
It is stated that he lived on Lot 8, Range x i, which he sold to 
Peter Prescott, and that he afterwards Uved on Lot x6, Range 
12, which he bought of Silas Wheeler." Then follows the 
names and dates of births of three children recorded at Fitz- 
wiUiam. From a pamphlet, entitled '* Reunion of the Fisher 
Family, Grixmell, Iowa, Aug. 28, X878,'* we quote the follow- 
ing: ''About the year 1798, our grandfather, Jesse Fisher, 
moved up from Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire 
into the woods of Vermont, and settled in what is now the 
town of Baltimore. He was a man of tremendous energy, but 
of little culture, and was principally engaged in hewing down 
the forests and in making his farm a fit abode for civilized 
men." Jesse Fisher and his wife Jerusha were buried at 
North Springfield, Vt., the epitaphs reading: "Mr. Jesse 
Fisher died Sept. 20^, X822, in the 58^ year of his age." 
" Mrs. Jerusha Fisher wife of Mr. Jesse Fisher died June i x^ 
182X in the 57^ year of her age." Their children were : 

Digitized by 



531. JOSSFU*, b. at FitzwilliAm, MArch zo, 1793; m. three timeii; 
d. S«pt a5» x866. 
HsmMOM*, b. FitxwilUam, Not. x» 1794; never inarried; his 
mTestone at North Sprinsfield, Vt*, reads : " Mr. Herniou 
Fisher died Not. z8^ iSaa m the 7^ year of his a^.*' 

533. Ira*, b. Pitzwilliam» April I3, 1797; m. Emily Robbtus, May, 

1831 ; rea. Worcester, Maas. 
LvMAii*, b. ; settled and d. near Batavia, N. Y. 

Pitts*, b. ; settled near Boston, Mass., and had a son, 

Bmory B.** Fiaher, superintendent of the box department 

in the Boston Post Office (1898). 
JOAincA*, b. ; d. yonag. 

307. Chlob*. daughter of Joseph ( 162) and Mary (Everett) 
Piahert was b. in that part of Dedhanit now Dover, March lo, 
1771, and d. at Concord, Dec. 19, 1825, aged 54. She m. Joseph 
Richards, Sept. 3, 1789* They lived in Dover till 1815, then 
moved to Concord* Qiildren : 

Bdwaxd RzCBAnns*, b. April 25, 1790; trader at Nashville, 

about Z817-1836. 
Jonm RzcHAana*! b. Nor. 32, 1793 ; m. Mary Bisbee. 
ijatXTKL RJCHAaos*, b. Oct. 39, 1704; m. May 8, 1822, Eliza 

Lyon, danghter of Benjamin axid Blizabeth Lyon, of Rox- 

bnry, b. April 25, xm. 
DAHFOttXH RzCHAiLDSP, b. Sept. $, Z796; d. July 18, 1844; m. 

April 17, 1828, Cyrene (Smith) Hager ; a baker. 
WmuoLD Richards*, b. Feb. 15, 1799; d. about i8z8, in the 

West Indies; nnm. 
Mary Pishsr Rzchamm*, b. Feb. 16, 1809; d. Oct. 4* 1833; 

m. Jan. z, Z852, Horace Parmenter, of Boston, and had : 

Ma^ Parmenter^. 

308. Edward*, son of Joseph (z62) and Mary (Everett) 
Fisher, was b. in Natick, Feb. z6, zySz ; '* lived at Newton 
Lower Falls, where he carried on a bnsiness as a wheelwright 
and afterwards moved to Sudbury." He m. at Newton, by 
Rev. Joseph Grafton, Feb. Z2y z8o6, Mary, daughter of Na- 
thaniel and Azizia (Ward) Norcross, of Newton, who was b. 
in Newton, April zz, Z784, and d. in Northboro, March 27, 
Z872. The Natick records give the birth of Edward Fisher 
as Feb. z8, Z78Z. He d. at Sudbury, March 29, Z842. He 
moved to Sudbury just before z8z9, ^^ carried on the busi* 
ness of wheelwrightat the old shop, South Sudbury, where his 
son, Charles, also followed the same trade until his death. 

Children were : 

553. MxaY A.*, b. in Newton, Sept. 12, 1806 ; m. Stephen W.'Nor- 
cross, at Sudbury. 

534. SMZZirV*, b. Newton, Nov. 3, 1807 ; m. Joseph Richardson, April 

5. 1829. 
535* Edward*, b. Newton, Aug. 7, x8io; m. Nancy M.Tappau, at 
Bmnswick, Me. 

Digitized by 



536. CuAHLSs'i b. Newton, Jnly 23, 1814 ; m. Harriet Brown, at 


537. Fanny Ward*, b. Newton, Dec. 17, 18x6 ; m. Hartwell Arnold, 

at Sndbur^. 

538. Josspa*, b. in Sudbury, Jan. 11, 28x9; m. 

539. Majltha M.*, b. Sudbnry, Not. ax, 1833; m. John A. Good- 

Yrin, of I«oweU. 
Casouns C.*, b. Sudbury, March ax, X836 ; d. unm. at North- 
boro, July 9, x88a. 
540.- Lyman*, b. Sudbury, Jan. xo, 1829 ; m. Sarah D. Conant. 

309. Rbv. Jonathan*, son of Lieut. Joxiathan (X65) 
and Catherine (Avery) Fisher, was b. in New Braintree, 
Mass., Oct. 7, X768. When quite young (in 1773) his &ther 
moved into that part of Northampton afterwards included in 
Westhampton. After the death of his father he went to Rut- 
land and spent the summer with his great tmcle, Timothy 
Metcalf , and in the autunm, having reached his xiinth year, 
went to live with his uxicle, the Rev. Joseph Avery, Congre- 
gational minister of Holden. When he was nearing manhood 
he began a life which has been described as ''successfully 
overcoming obstacles that might well discourage any one." 
We find that he taught school in Dedham, but the only date 
of which we are certain is the winter of 1787-8, though he 
may have taught at other periods. He received $3.00 per 
month, and whSe continuing his studies helped out his salary 
by making bird cages. He graduated at Harvard College in 
1792 ; was licensed to preach in Brookline, Mass. 

In the record of Plantation No. 5, now Blue Hill, Me., we 
find that on Nov. 3, X794, it was voted that the selectmen in- 
vite Rev. Mr. Fisher to preach four months next summer. He 
went there, and preached for them, and the result was that on 
Sept. 4, X79S, a committee, composed of John Peters, Robert 
Parker, and Col. Nathan Parker, was appointed *' to apply to 
Mr. Jonathan Fisher and see if he will settle as a minister of 
this town," etc. On October x 2th &>llowing they "voted a 
coxxmiittee to draught proposals to be offered to Mr. Fisher ;" 
on Oct. x6th, they " voted proposals to Mr. Fisher," " a 
minister's lot of three hundred acres of wild land, two hun- 
dred dollars in cash, and a bam 30 by 40 feet as a settle- 
ment." Oct. 22, X79S« they "voted that, this town accept 
Mr. Fisher's answer of this day, and agree to his proposal, 
settlement and salary, and that said answer be recorded." 
" His axmual salary was two hundred dollars in cash, the 
clearing of five acres of land, and cutting and hauling fifteen 
cords of wood for the first ten years. Alter that two hundred 
dollars, and thirty cords of wood yearly, with a vacation of 
five Sabbaths each year." They voted on Jan. 4^ 1796, "that 

Digitized by 



there be ten acres chopped down for Mr. Fisher by the loth 
of lifay nert. Voted that the bam to be built for Mr. Fisher 
to be'putup at this meeting to the lowest bidder/' and Janu- 
ary 9t]i following, '' Voted, that Daniel Spofford be allowed 
$147 for building a bam for Mr. Fisher." 

Mr. Fisher was ordained July 13, 1796, and became the 
pastor of the Blue Hill Congregational church. R. G. F. 
Candage says : *' The meeting house was not finished at that 
time, as the ordination services are said to have been held in 
an open field, nearly opposite the present Town Hall ; the Rev. 
Peter Powers, of Deer Isle, preached the sermon. In 1797, it 
is recorded that there was a great revival in this place, and in 
the churches at Sedgwick, Deer Isle and Mt. Desert. The 
^result at Blue Hill was that fifty-seven persons joined the 
church under the pastoral care of Rev. Jonathan Fisher." 
In 1816 there was another revival, many were converted, 
forty-seven were added to Mr. Fudier's church. In 1S34 
another revival was the means of adding forty-two to the 
Congregational church. 

There is a beautiful story of this town of Blue Hill ai\d its 
first minister, entitled, " A Down East Village, a Memorable 
Pastorate,'* from which we quote this description of Mr. 
Fisher : ** It would be instructive to know how much of this 
quiet and good order is the result of the faithful and prolonged 
ministry of their first pastor. Rev. Jonathan Fisher, who 
came into the place when it was a wildemess in 1793 and for 
forty-one years was settled over this parish, and whom the 
venexmble Dr. Pond pronounced ' the most remarkable man 
he ever knew;' He was like many of the ministers of the 
earlier days, a man of marked and pronounced character, and 
left his impress strong and deep upon the people to whom he 
ministered not only in ^iritual things, but of whose temporal 
afibirs he was as well an overseer. He was a terror to evil 
doers, and a praise to them that did well. He had an eye over 
his congregation, and woe to the absentees from church or 
prayer meeting, if they had not a valid excuse. He had a 
watchful care over the children, was interested in their schoob 
and hithful in instracting them in the catechism. He held 
strongly to the doctrines of grace and was faithful and fearless 
in proclaiming the whole counsel of God. The church which 
is Uie oldest Congregational church in the county, and which 
is looking forward to its centennial anniversary in 1872, grew 
and prospered under his pastoral care. He was a good citizen, 
as well as a careful pastor. He was active, enterprising, and 
public spirited, famiUar with every family, and kept an accurate 
register of marriages, births and deaths. There were few 

Digitized by 



movements for the wel&ure or interest of the commnnity of 
which paxson Fisher, as he was familiarly called, was not 
originator or active promoter. He was a man of wooderfnl 
industry and versatibty of genius and ingenuity. Not only 
was he a laborious minister and pastor, but to these duties he 
added those of a farmer and g^axdener, cultivating Us own 
farm and even building and painting his own house. Those 
were not days of large salaries, and on what would now be 
considered the pittance of $280, with a farm given him by the 
parish, he reared a large family of nine children, sending one 
son to college. While cultivating his fields he would be plan- 
ning his sermons, and as a thought would strike his mind he 
would jot it down on a piece of birch bark ; then on Saturday, 
in his study, he would transcribe these thoughts and write out 
his sermon. He was also an author, an artist and a poet. He 
published several books, one of which, on ' Scripture Animals, ' 
was illnstnited by pictures of every animal, bird and insect re« 
ferred to in the Bible engraved on wood by himself. He was 
also a portrait and landscape painter. He painted his own 
portrait sitting before a glalss. One copy is in the parlor of 
his son-in-law, a deacon in the Congr^tional church, and 
another in the Bangor Theological Seminiary, of which he was 
one of the founders, and one of the trustees. He was withal 
a laborious student and one of the best Hebrew scholars of his 
day. He was about publishing a Hebrew lexicon that he had 
prepared when that of Gesenius appeared. The influence of 
such a man in this community, who as Dr. Pond says, was ' a 
pattern of economy, industry and almost every social virtue,' 
cannot be over-estimated. A tall shaft of the beautiful Blue 
Hill granite marks* his resting place, on which is sculptured 
an open Bible inscribed with his favorite motto, ' Know Thy- 
self.' " He is also spoken of as ** a remarkable man, a good 
farmer, a carpenter, a clock maker, a portrait painter, a wood 
engraver, a poet, well versed in Hebrew, wrote out three 
thousand sermons, an early riser, a great walker, a faithful 
Christian. Under him the town became noted for industry, 
thrift, good morals, and religious principles." 

A number of the Lewiston (Me.)/MrM/ (October, 1889,) 
contains this item: '* When preaching at a salary of $200 a 
year in money and certain wood, etc., in all amounting to 
not more than $300, he brought up a family of seven children, 
sent his daughter to boarding school, gave one son. Rev. 
Josiah Fisher, of Princeton, N. J., a liberal education, and 
saved enough money to pay the debt contracted while getting 
his own education. He invented a shorthand, in which he 
wrote his sermons, and by using which he estimated that. 

Digitized by 



during bis ministerial life, lie saved three years' time and $70 
worth of paper." 

A volume of his poems was printed by A. Shirley, Portland, 
Me.t in 1827, entitled '* Short Poems: including a sketch of 
the Scriptures to the book of Ruth," etc. Another work 
was '' A Short Essay on Baptism," i2mo, Boston, 1817. 
** Vay largely through his influence, the Blue Hill Academy 
was incorporated in 1803, over which he watched and labored 
to promote its prosperity and usefulness as a seat of learning, 
not only for this town but for the vicinity." 

Continuing from R. G. P. Candage's admirable historical 
address, delivered at Blue Hill, Sept. 7, 1886, we quote as 
follows:. '*The church which was built in the last century, 
afttf much planning and with much sacrifice by the early 
settlers, was modeled after the Old South Church in Boston, 
as I have been informed, having square pews, a gallexy round 
three sides, a high pulpit, with flights of steps leading to it, 
and a sounding board over it. The first Sabbath of 1841 the 

building was totally destroyed by fire In 1804-5 a 

change came over some of Uie people of the town and vicinity 
in regard to the ordinance of baptism. In 1805 twenty-eight 
members of Mr. Fisher's church at Blue Hill seceded, being 
dissatisfied with their baptism. Feb. 13, 1806, seventeen of 
them were formed into a Baptist church, and held meetings 
by themselves. Others followed, until forty-seven members 
of Mr. Fisher's church withdrew and united with the Baptist 
church. These were said to have been days of great trial to 
Mr. Fisher, as nearly all of the seceding members had been 
converted and brought into the church under his preaching. 
These were days when denominational feeling was unyielding 
and mncorous ; but it is said, to the honor of Mr. Fisher, that 
he was not known to express an unkind word against, or 
refiection upon, any Christian brother for the course he had 
taken, and he was known to pray fervently and devoutly for 
the blessing of God on the new church which had sprung 

from among his own people In the year 1837, Mr. 

Fisher being then advanced in years, gave place to a young 
man, Mr. Albert Cole, to be the pastor, after a long and faithful 
service of over forty-one years in the church. (The dismission 
bore date of October 34, 1837). He left upon the people the 
stamp of his piety and his intellectuality, wliich added greatly 
in making this an intell^ent and intellectual community. " 

Mr. Fisher m., at Dedham, Nov. 2, 1796 (intention dated 
April 2, 1796), Dolly, daughter of Lieutenant Ebenezer and 
Prudence (Draper) Battle, who was bom in Dedham, Feb. 24, 
1770, and d. in Blue Hill, Oct. i, 1853. She was dismissed 

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from the church in Dedham to the church in Blue Hill, Nov. 
6, 1796. Mr. Fisher d. at Blue Hill, Sept. 33, 1847, aged 78. 
For additional notes see Sprague's Annals ; also, the Bangor 
Historical Magazine, Vol. VI, July, 1890, to June, 1891, pp. 
4^* 90, 93, izo and 338 ; and the numbers for June, October 
and November, 1889, of Vol. IV. 
Children, b. at Blue Hill, were : 

Jonathan*, b. March 13, 1798 ; d. March 10, 1815. 
541. Sauy*, b. Oct. 33, Z799; itt. Joshua Wood, Nov. so, 1833; d. 

Not. 37, 1834. 
343. Bbtsky*, b. Jan. 7, 1801 ; m. Captain Jeremiah Stevens, Sept. 

6, 1833. 

543. JosiAH*, b. Oct. Z7, 1803 ; m. Bltzabeth Fisher, his first cousin. 

544. Nancy*, b. Aug. 19, 1804; m. Rev. Uosea Kittredge, Nov. 18, 


545. Wiu^Aao*, b. April 18, z8o6 ; m. Mary W. Norton. 

540. POU.Y*, b. Feb. Z3, z8o8 ; m. Benjamin Stevens, Nov. iz, 1839. 

547. DOROTKXA*, b. Jan. 7, i8zo ; m. Rev. Robert Crossette, Nov. 

18, Z830; d. Nov. 3. z888. 
Samuvz.% b. July Z3, i8i3 ; d. July 35, z8z3. 

310. Stbphbm", son of lieut. Jonathan (165) and Cath- 
erine (Avery) Fisher, was b. at New Braintree, March zy, 
Z770 ; m. Feb. zS, Z799, Sally Cook, who was b. Jan. 8, Z783. 
Their children were : 

548. MZI.TOIC*, b. June zz, z8oo; m. Sarah Tremper. 

549. Crkstsk*, b. Nov. Z3, z8oz ; m. Lydia Biason. 
WziAZAM*, b. April Z9, Z804; d. Jan. 2$, 1807. 
Aaron*, b. March 3, 1806. 

RXBBCCA*, b. Oct. Z7, 1808 ; m. Tames Tremper in 1834. 
' Samusl Thomas*, b. May 17, 1813. 
Trumak*, b. June 3, z8z4. 
Stephen*, b. April zz, 1816. 
Ebzn SMrm*, b. June is» 1818. 

311. Cathbrinb*, daughter of Lieut. Jozuthan (165) 
and Catherine (Avery) Fisher, was b. at New Braintree, 
Mass., March 3z, Z77Z ; m. atDedhazn, Sept. 3, Z79$, Deacon 
Seth% son of Lieut. Eziodi^ azid Sarah (Hewizis) Hewizis, 
who was b. at Sharon Centre, Mass., Dec. 39, Z773, and d. at 
Blue Hill, Me., May Z9, Z844. They reznoved to Blue Hill, 
Me., where her brother. Rev. Jonathan, had settled in Z796. 
He was deacon of the church there frozn March Z7, z8o8. 
She d. at Blue Hill, Aug. Z5, Z854. Their children, all d. 
of cozisuznption, were : 

Cathbiunb Hbwzns*. b. Feb. 33, z8oz ; d. Feb. 16, z833. 
S^TH Hewzns*, b. Oct. 3, z8o3; d. May Z9, 1837. 
CvNTHZA Hewzns*, b. Jan. Z3, Z805 ; d. Jnne 28, Z835; 
SuKSY Hewzns*, b. Dec. z8, Z807; d. June 3z, 1836. 

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312. Maky*, daughter of Lient. Jonathan (165) and 
Catherine (Avery) Fi^er, was b. at New Braintree» Oct. 19, 
177a ; m« Nov. 29, 1792, Jfob Rowland, who waa b. July 24, 
1764. '* At one time the Howlands lived in Conway, Ma^s." 

Their children were : 

Catharzns Howlakd*, b. Nov. 7, 1794. 
Otis Howlano*, b. Not. X3, 1796. 
550. Wamlxn Howland**, b. Aag. 31, 1798 ; m. Sarah Wood, June 

17. x*32- 
PiSHSR Howx^Aif x>*, b. Dec. zo, 180a 
Mary Howi^and*, b. Oct. 9, 1803. 
CATBAama HowIpAND*. id, b. Dee. 29, 1805. 
Job FxausR HowtAvn*, b. April 36, x8o8 ; in. Emily Alvord, 

Jose 30> z854- 

JONATRAH Otis Howzjiin}*, b. A|iril 28, i8ia 
'HAOun jBNKnrs Howcand*, b. May 23, i8i4. 
WxuzAK Mii^xoM HowtAND*, b. May 18, 1817. 


313. Rbv. William*, son of Lieut. Jonathan' (165) 
and Catherine (Avery) Fisher, waa b. in. Westhampton, 
Mass., Nov. 20, 1775. His father had died at Morristown, 
N. J., in the spring of 1777, when William wa.s but little 
more than a year and a half old. His mother removed to her 
father's home at Dedham, and when about eight or nine years 
old he went to live with his maternal uncle, Deacon John 
Avery, of Conway, Mass. He continued with his uncle at 
work, until after he was twenty-one years old. While he re- 
sided at Conway, and during an interesting revival, he was 
converted and joined the chiuch, then under the pastoral care 
of the Rev. John Emerson. He was then about sixteen years 
of age. After his majority he was for several years employed 
as a common laborer in different parts of the country. About 
the year 1798 he went to WiUiamstown, Mass., and was em- 
ployed in the erection of the new college building, which he 
afterwards inhabitated as a student. For several years he 
had manifested a desire to obtain an education, that he might 
be qualified to preach the gospel ; but had hitherto been pre- 
vented by want of means. But soon after he left WiUiams- 
town, he made up his mind to obtain an education. Accord- 
ingly, in the spring of 1800, he went to the academy in Deerfield, 
Mass., of which his younger brother was then preceptor, and 
commenced his studies. Here he pursued his classical studies 
with untiring diligence until the fall of 1802, when he entered 
the Sophomore class, in Williams College, of which class his 
younger brother was then the instructor, and graduated with 
.homM" in 1805. Soon after he left college he went to Lee, and 
pursued his dieological studies under the direction of the ven- 
erable Dr. Hyde, and was licensed to preach in 1807. He re- 

Digitized by 



ceived a caU, and was ordained over the church in Middlesex 
(now Darien), Conn., in the fall of 1807. Here he labored 
for nearly twelve years. In the summer of 1819 he was em- 
ployed as a missionary in western New York. In October he 
removed to Meredith, Delaware County, and was shortly after^ 
wards installed pastor of the church in that place. There he 
labored for sixteen years, closing his labors on account of 
sickness. He then removed with his family to the state of 
Indiana, where his oldest son had previously settled with his 
family. He purchased a farm, at the town of Allensville. 
Here he succeeded in organizing a Presbyterian church, and 
reorganized another, about nine miles distant, which had 
fallen into decay. To these he alternately preached, while 
his strength enabled him. After he became too feeble to min- 
ister to both, he confined his labors to die church in Allens- 
ville, until .the last winter of his life, when he took a severe 
cold, accompanied with a distressing cough and great pros- 
tration of strength, which terminated his ministerial labgrs. 
He continued to decline till the X9th of April, 1840, when he 
breathed out his spirit into the hands of his Redeemer. 

'* Mr. Fisher was possessed of a mild and am^iable disposi* 
tion ; and yet he was firm and persevering in whatever he 
undertook. This trait in his character was manifested in his 
acquiring a collegiate education almost entirely by the labor 
of his own hands. As a preacher, he was warm and animated. 
He preached the doctrines of grace plainly and pointedly, and 
yet with much simplicity.'* 

Mr. Fisher m. Oct. 25, 1807, Rhoda, daughter of Captain 
Elijah and Sarah W. (Smith) Bardwell, of Goshen, Mass., 
who was b. Oct. 2, 1778, and d. at AUensville, Ind., Feb. 15, 
1 858. Their children were : 

551. W1U4AM*, b. March 10, 1809 ; in. Fanny S. Kceny, Nov. 17, 

553. Sarah Smith*, b. Aug. 33, 1810; m. Hiram Olmstead, Aug. 
10, 1838. 
Horatio Bardwru.*, b. April 38, 1816; d. Nov. 38, 1844. 
Rrbrcca*, b. July 34« 1813 ; d. Oct. 4, 1838. 

553. James Richards*, b. May 15, 1818; m. Maria Ayres, April 

31, 1841. 

554. CATBARunc*, b. Oct. 34, i8ao; m. Comclint D. Piatt, Aug. 13, 


814. Rbv. Samurl', son of Lieut. Jonathan (165) and 
Catherine (Avery) Fisher, was b. June 30, 1777, at Sunder- 
land, Mass., where his mother was making a temporary stay 
with her brother-in-law. Dr. Samuel Ware, then residing in 
Sunderland. On the day of his birth he was given to Dr. 

Digitized by 



Ware, his izthtr having died just previous to his birth, in the 
Revolutionary army at Morristown, N. J. For a few years 
Samud lived with his mother in Dedham, and in 1782 went 
to Conway, Mass., to live with Dr. Ware, where he remained 
tin he joined colleig;e. 

He was graduated at Williams College in 1799; then 
became preceptor in the Deerfield Academy. Was a tutor in 
Williams Colle^ from 1801 to 1803, and then pursued his 
theological studies with Dr. Hyde, of Lee, and was licensed 
to preach by the Berkshire Association, Oct. 3, 1804. His 
first pastorate was at Wilton, Conn., where he was ordained 
Oct. 31, i8o4« In 1809 he was sent by the General Association 
of Connecticut to represent that body in the General Assem- 
bly of the Presbyterian Church at Philadelphia. Here he 
formed an acc^uaintance with Dr. Richards, of Morristown, 
and accompanied him to that place for a visit to the scene 
of his faither's decease. This visit open^l for him the door 
into the Presbyterian church, as, soon after. Dr. Richards 
removed to Nemrk, and Mr. Fisher was invited to the charge 
of the Morristown coi^egation. The call was accepted, and 
he was dismissed from Wilton, Conn., July 5, 1809, and 
installed at Morristown, Aug. 29, 1809. The congregation 
was one of the largest in New Jersey, embracing, as it did, 
over five hundred families, and covering a wide territory. 
His ministry here was most acceptable aiul useful, but ended 
April 27, 1814. Then he took charge of what became the 
First Ptesbyterian Church in Pateraon, N. J., organizing 
with thirteen members. , The church increased to five hun- 
dred during his ministry there of twenty years, and he 
pursued his duties with signal success, and exerted a power- 
ful influence within and &i beyond the bounds of his parish. 
In the summer of 1834, warned by failing health to seek 
less arduous duties than those which had multiplied around 
him in this long and important pastorate, he resigned his 

His ministry after this period was comparatively broken, 
though he continued to labor in the church at Rampp, N. Y., 
until 1840. Then, being unable to preach, he lived in West 
Bloomfield, N. Y., till 1843, and then went to live in Albany, 
N. Y. From 1844 to 1850 he supplied a church in Greenbush, 
N. YJ, and in the latter year moved to Orange, N. Y. His 
death occurred Dec. 29, 1856, at Suckasunny, N. J. 

The degree of D. D. was conferred upon him by Nassau 
Hall (the College of New Jersey) in 1827, and he honored 
the title. He was the first moderator of the New School 
division of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian church 

Digitized by 



in 1837, at the time of the division between the Old and New 

*'As a theologian, he was clear and thorough. As a 
preacher, he was direct, instnictive, scriptural, and in the 
highest sense, popular. Of no vivid fancy, he possessed the 
power of vivid statement. He undentood ' the art of putting 
things.' By no long, involved, and flittering sentences, did 
he at once please and bewilder. His utterances were crisp 
and unmistakable. The common people heard him gladly, 
and the most intelligent were interested and satisfied. ' There 
was in his preaching,' says Dr. Magie, long his neighbor and 
intimate friend, * a sort of naturalness of tone, of style, of 
delivery, which used to interest me exceedingly. It was the 
simplicity of a child, yet a simplicity consistent with robust 
thought. No one, pxobably, ever suspected that there was a 
spice of affectation in the free, open countenance, in the clear, 
impressive eye. It was impossible to doubt his deep sincerity 
of soul. As he became warmed with his subject, die tender 
accents and suffused eye told his hearers how mudh concerned 
he felt for their welhire.' By reason of age and weakened 
physical powers, he was not conspicuous in the church after the 
division ; but was generally .beloved and trusted to the end." 

He married, Aug. 23, 1805, Alice, only child of Dr. James 
and Elizabeth (Davenport) Cogswell, of Preston, Conn., who 
was b. June 15, 1777, and d. at Orange, N. J., April, 1851. 
Dr. Cogswell was a son of Rev. James and Alice (Fitch) 
Cogswell, of Windham, Conn., and a brother of Dr. Mason 
Fitch Cogswell, the founder of the Hartford Asylum for Deaf 
Mutes; Elizabeth Davenport was b. Sept. 15, 1756 ; m. May 
4« i775t ^i^d d. in Stamford, Conn., Nov. 15, 1779. Their 
children were : 

EuzABCTH Davskport*, b. Wiltoo. Conn., May 33, 1806; m. 
Rev. Josiah Fisher (543). 

555. Jamks COGSWBU*, b. Wilton, April 6, 1808; m. Eliza Sparks, 

May 9, iSji. 
Catharinit. b. Cincinnati, O., lAav 34, 1810; d. at West 

Town, N. Y. 
Hajlrxkt CooswsLi,*, b. Paterton, N. J., April xo, i8n ; d. 

Sept. 37, 1831. 

556. Samukl Wars', b. Paterton, April 5, 1814 ; m. Anna C. John- 

ton, and ad, Jane Jackson. 
S57- Mary Davenport*, b. Paterton, Sept. 35, 1817 ; m. Dr. Horace 
Kimball, Sept. 4, 1838; d. Oct., 1865. 

315. Aaron', oldest child of Major Aaron (169) and 
Elizabeth (Ware) Fisher, was b. in Westhampton, Mass., 
Nov. 17, 1780; m. Feb. 18, 1811, Eunice Joy, who was b. in 
Norwich, Mass., Feb. 7, 1783, and d. in Westhampton, Feb. 

Digitized by 



16, 1869. Aaron was a fairmerand lived on the homestead of 
his kther, Major Aaron, in Westhampton, where he d. April 
19, 1863. Children were : 

558. Grace L.*, b. Jan. 19, xSia ; d. Dec. », 1856 ; m. Roswell 

Dickinson, Dec. 3, 1835. 

559. Lydia*, b. Sept. 30, 18x3; d. Aog. 24, 1866; m. Jonathaa 

Phelps, March 23, z8t4* 
MxLtOH*, b. Oct. X, x8i6; d. Dec. a, 1816. 
56a Sakuei, Ware", b. Dec. X4« X817; d. Jau. 6, 1884; m. r»t, 
Philomela Lyman ; ad, Mrs. Lorinda Smith King. 
Silas Joy*, b. Jan. 15, x8ao; d. Oct. X4, xSao. 
561. Sarah Graham*, b. Dec. 19, xSax; d. Dec. 3X, 1881; m. 

William Dickinson Clapp, Anf. 29, 1830. 
56a. Dorcas Hxrkland*, b. Dec. 3, x8a3; m. James M. Chapman, 
I Jan. as, X848. 


363. Jazrvs Joy*, b. May i, z8a8 ; m. Diadenni Jones, Feb. a, 1865. 

316. JoEL^ son of Daniel (170) and Abigail (Lewis) 
Fisher, was b. in Walpole, Jan. 5, 1795 ; m. at Medfield, 
April 15, x8x8, Sally, daughter of Willisun, Jr., and Sarah 
( ) Bverettt who was b. in Dedharn, March a, 1793, and 
d. in Walpole, July 7, 1871. He was a fdrmer and resided in 
Walpole; d. Aug. la, 1851. They had : 

364. Achsa*, b. lAarch 8, x8ao; m. John R. Bngiey, of Walpole, 

Bfareh 19, 1839. 
363. Louisa*, b. March 19, x8a3 ; m. John P. Linfield, of Ran- 
dolph, Sept. 18, X84X ; d. Jan. a9, 1871. 
George*, b. Aug. 3o» x8a6 ; d. Sept. a9, 1846. 
Infant*, b. Dec. aa, x8a9 ; d. Dec. aS, i8a9. 
Ajtsom^, b. Sept. 16, 1830; d. Oct. ao, 1830. 
Sarah*, b. Sept. 13, X834 ; d. Oct. X7, 1839, sged 23. 

317. ISAAcV son of Daniel (170) and Abigail (Lewis) 
Fisher, was b. in Walpole, Dec. aa, 1796; m. Dec. 18, 1822, 
Sibyl, daughter of William, Jr., and Sarah ( ) Everett, 
who was b. in Dedham, Jan. i, 1861, and d. in Walpole, Jan. 
17, x86a, aged 6x. He was a farmer in Walpole, where he d. 
Aug. a8, i860. They had : 

BVERETT*. b. June 3, x8a6; d. in California in 1869. 
Daniel*, b. Nov. 30* i8a9 ; d. Dec. a3, X836. # 

366. Chabi,ks*, b. April X4, X833 1 ni. Sarah Gushing, May ai, 1866. 

367. WXLUAM*, b. Feb. a7, 1837; m. Harriet B. Chickering, of 


318. Lewis', son of Daniel X 170) and Abigail (Lewis) 
Fisher, was b. in Walpole, Jan. 31, 1806, and lived there 
until his death. May a6, 1848. He m. in Walpole, Oct. 31, 
1838, Catherine Bas.sett, of Eden, Vt., who was b. Jan. 2, 

Digitized by 



iSi2^ Lewis lived on the farm in the north part of Walpole, 
that his grandfather, Daniel Fisher, owned. ** He was a 
fanner by occupation, paying however, special attention to 
.raising choice nursexy stock, in which he was very sidlfal. 
He uniformly supported the Whig platform, but was never 
an active politician." His widim res. on the himiestead. 
Children were : 

MAJtTXN L.*, b. April 9, 1840; served ia the cavalry in the 
Ciyil War, and oied in New York while on his way home, 
from expoaore, alter ten or eleven montha* aervice, Ang. 
iS, xSSa. 

568. SiMOM Bdwik*, b. Aug. aS, 1843; n* Jennie M. Kelley, of 

Worceater; rea. Worceater. 

569. Nathan WAaaxN*, b. Feb. 9, 1846 ; m. zat, Harriet C. Hill, 

and 3d, Alma V. Winalow; rea. Walpole. 

570. Lxwia H.*, b. July 14, Z848 ; m. Bllen M. Bllia, Nov. ao, 1872 ; 

res. Walpole. 
Laura HAaaisT* (twin of Lewis H.), b. July 14, 1848; rea. 
Worceater, unm. 

319. WAKRBN^ oldest son of Asa (171) and Sally (Gay) 
Fisher, was b. in Walpole, Jan. 3, 1802 ; m. ist, Sept. 30, 
1832, Betsey, daughter of Jacob and Prudence (Day) GuUd, 
of Walpole, Mass., and (>tter Creek, Vt., who was b. May 
28, 1805, and d. in Shrewsbury, Vt., Feb. 4, 1850. He m. 
2d, Sept. 28, 185 1, Hannah Sumner, who was b. April 10, 
18x1. Hed. Sept. 7, 1852. Children were : 

SnaAN*, b. Aug. 15, 1833 ; d. Aug. 3, 1849* 

Horace*, b. March 6, 1835 ; d. Bfay 3, 1863, at firidgewater, 

Cymtha*, b. May 36, 1837; ^* ^^^' ^3' '^> *^ Bridgewater. 
Asa', b. Nov. 24, 1841 ; a. March is, 1851. 

320. HoRACS*, second son of Asa (171) and Sally (Gay) 
Fisher, was b. in Walpole, Nov. 15, 1803 ; m. July 29, 1833, 
Catherine, daughter "^ of William and Hannah L. (Stanton) 
Hartshorn, of Walpole, who was b. there in 1806. Horace d. 
July 13, 1842, and his widow m. 2d, R. B. White. They had : 

WAaasM*, b. in 1834; d. ia 1891, unm. 

Hiuaty*, b. Joly 31, 1840; m. , and haa two children ; 

rea. Charleatown, Maaa. 

321. JEnBMIAH^ aonof Asa( 171) and Sally (Gay) Fisher, 
of Walpole, was b. there, July 19, 1805 ; m. at Dedham, April 
H> 1^33* Elizabeth, daughter of Elihu and Catherine (Fisher) 
Onion, who was b. in Dedham, Jan. 14, 1807 (aee under 2x5). 
He removed to Dedham, where he d. Aug. i , 1838. His widow 

Digitized by 



m. adf June 17, 1844, Luther Cheney, of Dedham, who d. 
Match 31, X873. The widow d. Aug. i, 1875, bequeathing a 
token id remembrance to her sons by former marriage, Leon- 
ard Fisher, of Redwood City, Cal., and Jeremiah Fisher, of Bos- 
ton, and making her son, Martin L. Cheney, residuary lega- 
tee. [Cheney Gen., p. 129.] Children were: 

57r« LaoN Aan*, b« July 26, 1834 ; m. M. Amelia Harris, Aug. z6, 

i860; res. Redwood City, Cal. 
572. Jsasmui*, b. Feb. xi, 1859 ; m. Harriet R. Goldsmith, Sept. 

IS, x86s« 

822. UmTT', daughter of Asa (171) and Sally (Gay) 
Fisher^ of Walpole, was b. there, April 2, 18x3, and d. Maxch 
39, 1847. She m. Comfort Wetherbee, Nov. 8, X836. The 
foUowmg lines may relate to the above : 

*' There's comfort end nnity 
In efeijr oommnnity. 
When fished for by yoang or by old ; 
BCay these fishers be donbled, * 
Her heart ne'er be troubled 
Let the weather be ever so cold." 

They had : 

AiinMD PxsKaa Wstrkebbs*, b. Dec. 22, 1838 ; d. April 9, 
1875 ; m. Not. 14, X864. 

323. Asa\ son of Asa (171) and Sally (Gay) Fisher, was 
b. in Walpole, May 2, 18x5; m. May 2, x 839, Catherine, 
daughter of Blihu and Catherine (Fisher) Onion (see 215), 
who was b. May 29, x8x3. Asa carried on the mannfacture 
of bedsteads, in company with Nathaniel Owen, Jr., from 1839 
to 1847. ^^ surveyor of highways in Walpole, also on school 
committee of BubbUng Brook District. Children were : 

HAJtHAB*, b. Ang. 3, 184X ; d. May 7, iS4S- 

CulRa PaANCSS*, b. Jnne 1, 1844; res. WestlDedham, with 

her mother. 
SaaAH CATHxaxmt^, b. April 26, X848; d. Sept. 5, X849. 
Lymaji*, b. Aug. 5, X852 ; res. West Dedham. 

324. NBWBI.L^ son of Asa ( 17 x ) and Sally (Gay) Fisher, 
was b. in Walpole, April x6, x8x7, and d. a violent death, 
Nov. x8, X862, in South Dedham. He m. Oct. 8, X850, Louisa 
C. Rhoades, of Salem. He was on the school committee of 
Bubbling Brook District, Walpole. They had no children. 

32ff. David", son of Asa (171) and Unity Gay (Clapp) 
Fisher, was b. in Walpole, March 25, 1840; m. at Walpole, 

14 ' 

Digitized by 



Jane 20, 1866, Olive M., daughter of Lawson and Harriet 
Gray, who was b. there, Dec. 22, i84z« He worked in the 
machine shops at Tiltonville, Walpole, for some yearn, then 
ran a milk wagon in Foxboro, and later was a successful 
dealer in wood and coal. Was surveyor of highways a number 
of years, and before his death one of the town assessors of 
Walpole. He d. May 8, 1894. Children were : 

Prank Austzm*, b. Dec. z6, 1867. 
Pi;oRSifCS Ouvs*, b. Not. 6, 1S70. 
HARaxRT BiAA*, b. July 8, 1872. 
Marion Gray*, b. July 16, 1876. 

326. Ira", son of Asa (171) and Unity Gay (Clapp) 
Fisher, was b. in Walpole, Jan. 25, 1842 ; m. in South Ded- 
ham, now Norwood, Dec. 24, 1868, Charlotte E., daughter of 
Matthew and Abby M. Clay, who was b. in Milton. He en- 
listed in Co.—, Forty-second Regiment in the Civil War. A 
farmer; res. Walpole ; was surveyor of roads one year. Their 
children were : 

GoORGS Ira*, b. Dec. 7, 1870. 
Lizzir Mabrx.*, b. March 3, 1879. 

327. Albbrt", Mn of Asa ( 171) and Unity Gay (Clapp) 
Fisher, wasb. in Walpole, Max^ 6. 1846; m. May 2, 188 1, 
Lillian F. Webb, who was b. in Halifax, N. S. They have 
lived in Walpole and Hyde Park, where he has kept restaur- 
ants. He enlisted in Co. K, 44th Regt., Mass. Vols., from 
Walpole, giving his residence as Hyde Park and age as six- 
teen ; he re-enlisted as a private in Co. L, 2d Mass. Heavy 
Artillery, on Dec. 22, 1863, and was discharged at expiration 
of his term of service, Sept. 3, 1865. Children were : 

Mary Umxtv*, b. Sept. 5, 1886. 
Bern Marshaix*, b. March 9, 1890. 
Pi^ORRNCR LuxiAN*, b. Feb. 26, 1893. 

328. LIrrHBR^ son of William (172) and Nabby (Capen) 
Fisher, was b. in Walpole, Dec. 7, 1819 ; m. May 26, 1847, 
louisa H. Hapford, who was b. in Easton, Mass. 

Had, all bom in Walpole: 

Abby Maria*, b. Jan. xo. 1852 ; d. Aug. 30, 1833. 
Prsrmam Osgood*, b. Feb. 19, 1854; d. nam.,. April 6, 1884. 
Calvin Lothrr*. b. Aug. 28, 1856 ; d. ttxim., Oct. 19, 1876. 
Sabah irOUiSA*. b. Aug. 21, i8s9; m. Oct. xi, 1883, David W. 

Randlett, of Poxboro. 
Wm PiRtD Scott*, b. Oct. 19, 1861. 

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829. David*, son of David (173) and Mehitable (Hew- 
ins) Piaher, was b. at Piancestown, N. H., Dec. 15, 1783 ; 
m. at Canton, Mass., March 8, x8io, Nancy, daughter of 
Chandler, who was b. at Peterboro, N. H., Peb. 
31, X786, and d. at Charlotte, Maine, Jan. 8, 1864. David 
went to Plantation No. 3 (now Charlotte, Maine), in 1809; 
when Mrs. Pisher came in x8io there were no neighbors 
witUn ten miles. Their son Leonard now resides on the ok! 
homestead. David d. at Charlotte, March 11, 1842. Their 
children were : 

575* DA.VID*, b. Dec. », x8io; in. Sarah Merritt, Jan. q, 1849. 

57a. Samusx,*, b. Jaly 7, 1812; m. Clarissa Fisher (198), Dec. 25, 
1838; res. Canton, Mssa. 
Nancy*, b. Jan. 17, 18x4; m. Aaron Gardner, Dec. 9, 1838. 
CiUjrDUUi*, b. July 37, 18x3 ; m. Lncy Waahburn. 
A son*, b. Ang. 28, x8x6; d. Aug. 28, 18x6. 
A son*, b. Aug. 8, X817 ; d. Ang. 8, x8f 7. 

579. Baxovou)*, b. Sept. 4, x8x8 ; m. Bliss Jane Munson, April 8, 

LsoMAan^, b. Oct. 24, 1820; m. May i3, 1853, Hliza R. Gord- 
ner, of Charlotte, Me., who waa b. Oct. 9, 1824 ; uo chil- 
dren. He owna 65 acres of his fathcr'a old hoiitcatead ; 
Mfsa overseer of the poor x6 yeara ; aelectnian and aaaeaaor 
many yeara, jnatice of the peace and trial juaticc aince 
x86o ; county commiaaioner aiz yeara. He haa been poat- 
inaater about 25 yeara. Wheelwright and farmer. Reaidea 
on the homestead of hia father. 

580. PRA2fXX42C*, b. Nov. 29, iSos ; m. Sarah Johnaon, Nov. 7, X847. 
OuvsrH. p.*, b. Jan. 21. 1825 ; d. unmarried in Chelmafonl, 

Maaa., Bfay x8, 1882. 
AxjraHi>*, b. Dec. 29, X826 ; d. Jan. 8, X864, at New Orleana, 
while aerving in the Civil War. 
58X. Mary P.*, b. Jnly 26, 1831 ; m. at Sonth Dedham, Mass., 
April x8, i86r, Horace M. Haynea, of Dedham. 

330. Ebbnezkr*, son of David (173) and Mehitable 
(Hewins) Pisher, was b. at Prancestown, N. H., Aug. ix, 
1785, and d. at Charlotte, Maine, Feb. 4, 1850. He m. at 
Shaxon, Mass., March 6, 18x2, Sally Johnson, of Sharon, who 
was b. Dec. i, 1786, in Sharon. He moved in 1809 to I?lan- 
tation No. 3, now Charlotte, Maine, ''where he was a pros- 
perous farmer, and held various official positions besides 
representing the town in the Legislature." He was a man o( 
very marked mentality. In the town he was justice of the 
peace,' plantation magistrate, innkeeper and postmaster. He 
alsoownedmillsand employed laborers. HewasanUniversalist 
or Unitarian, but was not very pronounced either way. Mrs. 
Fisher was also very intellectual and had fine moral principles. 
Her reUgioos belief was Baptist. She d. at Charlotte, April 
10, x86o. Their children were : 

Digitized by 



Saixy*, b. Jaa. 20, 1812 ; d. in Boaton, Aug. 3, 1851 ; m. Hor- 
ace Clapp» July 8» 1835 ; he d. Nov. az, x874. [Clapp Gene- 
alogy* PP- M8-I49-1 
58a. BBBKBZKa% b. Jan. 6, 1815; d. Feb. ai, 1879 ; m. Amy W. 

583. HxTTY JOBN80if*» b. March a9, 18x7 ; d. in 1864 ; m. Benjamin 

Wilder. Aug. 34. x84X. 
OuvK HzxoK", b. Sept. 29, 1819; m. Nor. m, 1842, Oeorge 
Lee ; d. at North Scituate, Maaa. ; child : Pimncia B. Lee?* 

584. Rbbbcca Morbb*, b. March 25, 1822 ; m. Beajamxn A. Gard- 

ner* Oct. 22« 1840. 

JULznxTA*, b. Jnlv 4, 1826; d. in Walthnm, Maaa., Feb. 19, 
Z875 ; m. John K. Coatea, March 3, 1852. 

Bmily*, b. Jane 4» 1825 ; m. Horace CUpp, Sept. 23, 1832 ; 
d. in North Scitaate» Maaa.» Jane 30, 18H. [Clapp Gene- 
alogy, pp. Z48-Z49.] 

585. Danzsl jOHKaoi^ b. Sept. Z4, Z829; m. Caroline J. Lincoln^ 

of Perry, Me. 

331. Jobl\ sozi of David (Z73) and Mehitable (Hewins) 
Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., July x6, X787, azid d. 
in Bedford, N. H., Aug. 33, Z834. He m. Nov. Z2, z8z6, in 
Merximack, N. H.» Anxia Gage, who was b. March x8, X786. 
He was a millwright. He moved from Merrimack to Keene, 
N. H., about X824, and was employed by the -Nashua Manu- 
facturing Company. In the year X827 or 1828, he built 
what was known as the '' Parmai^s Inn," on Chestnut street, 
Keene, and kept it until shortly before his death. He was 
buried at Nashua. Their children were : 

586. ALPasn*, b. Ang. T7, 18x7; m. Harriet B. Wella, Dec. 3, Z847. 

587. Cathbrzmb*, b. Aug. 29, z8r9; d. July X3, 1844; m. John U. 

Gage, Jan. zo, Z84X. 
Faniob Wxxjlxns*, b. Dec. Z5, Z823 ; m. George Orr Fiaher, of 
New York; their child waa: George Orr**, b. March 17, 
1846 ; rea. Watertown, Maaa.; a boaa painter, employed by 
the Fitchburg Railroad there ; ia married ; the old family 
Bible of hia grandmother, Anna Gage Fiaher, ia ih hia poa- 

588. Frank Hook*, b. in Naahua, N. H., Feb. 6, Z826; m. zat, 

Biiza P. Kendriek in Z848; m. ad, Fannie M. Barry, March 
2, z86s ; m. 3d, Margaret B. Gable, Oct. 30, Z887. 

332. INCRBASB*, son of David (Z73) and Mehitable 
(Hewins) Fisher, was b- in Francestown, N. H., • ; m. 
Euxxice Johnson, Nov. 14, x8i9. He went to Plantation No. 
3, now Charlotte, Me., with his brothers, Enoch and Benja- 
min, azid two or three years after his broUier, David, went 
there. He d. at Charlotte, May iz, z866. They had : 

Marza B.*, b. z82Z ; m. at Sharon, Maaa., Dec. 23, Z845, 

Bdward W., aon of Bthridge and Abigail Clarke, a manu- 
facturer, of Poxboro. 

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333. Enoch Hbwins", son of David (173) and Mehita- 
ble (Hewins) Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., March 
16, 1794, and d. in Charlotte, Me., Dec. 17, 1882. He m. 
Mardi 14, 1816, Roxanna, daughter of Winslow and Esther 
(Sawtelle) LaUn, who was b. in Francestown, Aug. 30, 1796, 
and d. in Charlotte, Me., July 19, 1881. He moved to Char- 
lotte, Me., two or three years after his brothers, David, 
Ebeaezer and Increase. Their children were : 

&OZAKMA*, b. ; m. Woodworth; d. ; a 

daughter, Mita Olive Woodworth, resides at West Pem- 
broke, ICsine. 

Bmoch*, b. . 

589. Lsvi*, b. Dec. 9, x83Z ; m. Sasan S. Waterman ; ret. Charlotte. 

590. PaAWCSS WooDBuaY*, b. April xa, 1835 ; m. William L. Wood- 

Hawurs G.* 
59Z. RaOBSN PsaxiNS*, b. June 38, 1836; m. Clara A. Porter, 
April 34, 1867. 

384. ASA^ son of David (173) and Meliitable (Hewin.H) 
Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., Oct. i, 1798 ; m. June 
16, 182 X, Mary, daughter of PhineasandPhebe (Eaton) Gage, 
of Enfield, N. H., who was b. Sept. 21, 1798, and d. in Sut- 
ton, N. H., Mardi 24, 1866. Asa moved to Sutton in 1825, - 
locating on the Moses Hills farm. He d. there, Feb. 28, 1846, 
aged 47. Children were: 

592. PHXxnus GAOaf, b. March 31, 1897 ; m. Caroline M. Dickin- 

ton, Nov. 27, 1850. 

593. David M.*, b. Dec. 3, 1829; m. Lois S. Nelson, Sept. 20, 

1841. (?) 
Gaoaca W.*, b. April 16, 1831 ; d. Oct. 19, 1852. 

594. Thoicas J.*, b. Jan. 4, 1833; ^^ Amanda A. George, Jan. 29, 

1856 ; res. Gibbon, Neb. 

595. JOBlr H.*, b. Oct. 28, 1835 ; m. Angeline C. Spalding, Mfirch 

4» x8$7. 

596. PasKMAN A.*, b. April 8, 1838; a contraietor and builder; 

res. Minneapolis, Minn. 
PaAifKUK W.*, b. Jaly x6, 1844 ; d. June 16, i860. 

835. Nancy*, daughter of David (173) and Mehitable 
(Hewins) Fisher, was b. in FrancestOMm, N. H., Oct. 10, 
1800, and d. there, Feb. 28, 1841. She married Walter, 12th 
child of David (b. 1766 ; d. May, 1838), and Betsey (Tucker) 
Chadwick (b. 1776; d. Aug. 26, 1852), of Sutton, N. H., who 
was b. in New London, N. H., May 15, 1809. He subse- 
quently m. 2d, Mary Manahan. They reis. in Francestown, 
N. H. Children were: 

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597. Cu&Tia F. Chaowzoc*, b. Dec., 1830 ; m. Ann Jane Tncketi 

in 1854* 

598. AUPKKD P. Chabwicx*, b. Feb. 99, 1836 ; m. twice. 
Sarab p. CBA]>wxcB^ b. Ang. xi, 1838; d. in Januftry, 1871, 

in Cleveland, O*; m. Dmniel L. Moore, of Bedford, N. H., 
in 1855. 

33(>. Levi'', sou of David (173) and Mehitable (Hewins) 
Fisher, was b. at Prancestown, N. H., March 14, 1803, and 
d. at Merrimack, where he resided, Nov. 39, 1880. He m. 
Feb. 24, 1829, Fanny, daughter of Alexander Wilkins, of 
Merrimack, who was b. in Merrimack, June 12, x8o8, and is 
living ( 1895) with her son Levi W. Fisher. He was a fairmer. 
'* The younger days^of Levi Fisher were spent on the farm of 
his father, receiving a conunon school education. He worked 
on the foundations of two factories of the Nashua Manufactur- 
ing Company, but after his marriage returned to his father's 
farm for a few years. Then with his wife and two children 
he moved to New London, N. H., wl^ere he owned and 
operated a grist mill for several years. In the ^ring of 1842, 
lie bought a farm in Merrimack, where he hved until his 
death. He was an active member of the Congregational 
church for more than fifty years, a highly respected citizen ; 
politically was a Democrat." They had : 

599. Lbvx W.*, b. Prancestown, SeiK. 19, X829 ; m. xst, Lucy A. 

Freeman, Oct. 15, 1836; m. 2d, Frances B. Bowen, May 23, 
Sarah W.*, b. Prancestown, Feb. 6, X832 ; m. Cheater BuU 
lard, Dec. i, 1859; no children. Hed. Nov. X3, 1884. She 
rea. 18 Kingaley street, Nashua. 

600. Geokgb W.", b. at New London, N. H., June 26. 1837 ; m. ist, 

Mary R. Green ; m. 2d, Bather P. Comn. Rea. Boacawen, 
N. U. 
Anna L.*, b. New London, March 4, 1840; m. Hazen G. 
Dodge, of Merrimack, Oct. 10, i86x ; P. O. addreaa, Thom- 
ton'a Perry, N. H. ; child : Bdwin H. Dodged b. in Merri- 
mack, Dec. 4, X867 ; rea. Naahua, N. H. 
6ox. Cynthia M.*, b. at Merrimack, N. H., Jan. X4, X843 ; m. Ed- 
win M. Sheppard, Nor. 25, 1863. 

337. Thomas', aon of David (173) and Mehitable (Hew- 
ins) Fisher, was b. at Prancestown, N. H., May 12, x8o8. 
He removed to Weare, N. H., and was engaged in carriage 
making; m. Lydia G. Hanson ; d. at Weare, Dec. 18, 1834. 
Their children were : 

603. Thobcas Bx.Bjai)GX*, b. Oct. x8, 1831 ; m. Clara McAlliater. 
603. AI.BXRT Sawvkr*, b. Dec. 4, 1833; rea. Weare, N. H. 

Digitized by 



33S. SKTH^ son of Seth (176) and Hannah (Hewiiis) 
Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., Jan. 20, 1786; rem. 
to New Londonp N. H., where he d. April 11, i85li. 

380. Lbwis", son of Seth (176) and Hannah (Hewins) 
Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., July 4, 1791 ; m. there 
Junes, 1813 (?), Betsey, daughter of William and Hannah 
(Johnson) Campbell, of Francestown, b. Sept. 17, 1791, and 
d. March 6, 1878, aged 86. They moved to Springfield, 
N. H., where he became a man of some note; was elected to 
the Legislature in 1846 and 1847. He removed to Wilmot, 
N. H., where he d. Oct. x8, i88z, aged 90. Their children : 

604* SjJfiORjD*, b. Francestown, Sept. 3, 1814 ; lu. IkUry B. Hill, 
of Boston, Mass., Jan. 34, x84i- 
Lbwxs*, b. Jan. z8, 18x7; res. Springfield and New London, 

JVUA A.\ b. Springfield, N. H.. Ang. 3X, 18x9; m. Richard 

Allen, of Canada; res. Springfield, N. H. 
ClAKlSSA*, b. July 36, i8ax ; m. William Howe, of Grantham ; 
res. Grantham, N. H. 
60$. Haeius G.^ b. May 37, 1824; m. Almira S. Stockwell, of 
WUmot, N. H., Jan. 18, 1854; res. Wilmot. 
CAUOSmiS*, b. BCay 38, X826; d. young. 
6o6» WxuuutD*, b. ; m. Ann Gore; d. at Wilmot, N. H., 

May 8, X87X. 

607. Mason M.^b. ; m. Bllen Osgood ; res. Warner, N. U. 

340. Hbwins", son of Seth (176) and Hannah (Hewins) 
Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H.,Oct. 30, 1793 ; m. June 
22, 18x8, BetseyG., daughter of William and Sally (Kimball) 
Butterfield, who was b. in Francestown, N. H., Oct. 22, 
1797, and d. there, Aug. 20, x886. ** He was a carpenter 
and farmer ; built the house in which his son, Dr. Thomas 
£. Fisher, now lives. He was an industrious and practical 
man, and a good citizen of the town." He d*. there, Jan. 16, 
X872. Only child : 

608. Tbomas Bason*, b. March a. 18x9 ; m. xst, Kmeline G. Bmer- 

son, Oct. 3, X843; m. 2d, Bliza A. Underbill, March 3, 1847* 

341. Jabkz', son of Thomas (177) and Lucy (Bullard) 
Fisher; was b. in Francestown, N. H., Aug. 24, 1786 ; m. at 
Francestown, Sept. x, x8x4, Hannah, daughter of Robert and 
Haxinah (Eaton) Bradford, who was b. in Francestown, April 
xo, X788, and d. in Boston, He went to Boston, Mass., 
when nineteen years of age, where he became a flour dealer. 
He d. in Boston, Sept. 12, X843. 

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342. Mark", son of Thomas (177) and Lucy (BuUard) 
Fisher, was b. in Prancestown, N. H., April 19, 1796; m. 
Nov. 8, 1827, Josepha, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca 
(Felton) Guild, who was b. in Prancestown, Dec. 28, 1801, 
and d. in Boston, Peb. 27, 1885. ([Guild Gen*, p. 80.] 
*' About the year 1840, he went into business with his brother, 
Jabez, in Boston, where he d. Dec. 27, 1861." Children were: 

Catharhcb Guild*, b. Prancestown, Jan. i, 1830; d. Boston, 
Peb. 19, 1883. 

609. HORACX Bulla BT>*, b. Prancestown, March 23, 1855; m. M. 

Adeline Howell; res. Boston. 
Bllsn Hajlza*, b. Boston, Ang. 17, 1843; res. Boston ; " was 
a teacher in the public schools, and for several years em- 
ployed in the city clerk's office." 

343. O1.IVBB Chiuxi", son of Ezra (178) and Mary 
(Bixby) Fisher, was b. in Deering, N. H., Aug. 2, 1809; 
went to Henniker, N. H., in December, 1831, and ''engaged 
in mercantile pursuits with Mr. Emerson ; was one of the 
representatives of the town in the legislature in 1854 <^^ 
1835; held several minor offices in the town; was state 
insurance commissioner during x868, 1869, 1870; justice of 
the peace and quorum throughout the State from 1855 to 18^1. 
He has held several high positions in the Masonic fraternity 
in the State. Was assistant internal revenue assessor under 
the internal revenue law for eight years." He m. Oct. 3, 
1836, Eliza C.*, daughter of John^ and Sarah (Noyes) Camp- 
beU, who was b. in Henniker, June 13, 18x3. They resided 
in Henniker until 1871, when they removed to Newton, Mass., 
where they still reside. Children, b. in Henniker, were : 

BiXBK B.^ b. Oct. 31, 1837 ; graduated at New London High 
School ; was principal of the Ramford School in Concord, 
liaia., three years; m. July 5, 1871, J. P. Speerof New 
York ; had one child : Jesaie P. Speer '*. 

Sarah J.*, b. Oct. 24, 1830; d. Sept. xx, 1843. 

610. WiLUAM B.*, b. Oct. 4t io4X ; m.Xonisa Post, Jan. 3,.i877. 
6x1. HsNavC.*, b. Jnly 31,1844; m. Mary Dearborn, Dec. as, 

John W.^.b. Jnne 30, 1849; bookkeeper in a railroad office in 

Boston, since 1871. 
Jssszs M.*, b. Sept. 4, 1852 ; graduated at Concord High 

School, 1871. 
Oxjvn M.*, b. Nov. a, 1855 ! graduated at Newton, Mass., 

High School, 187s ; ret. 217 Chnrch St., Newton. 

344. Gbobgb', oldest child of Jabez (179) and Sarah 
(Irivermore) Fisher, was b. in Cambridge, Mass., Feb. 15, 
1820, and d. there, Sept. 12, 1898. He was educated in the 

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public schools of Cambridge, iuclading a partial coarse in the 
Harvard law school, and was a member of the law scliool 
association. He succeeded his father in the coal and wood 
business in Cambridgeport, and carried it on for some years. 
He then became a partner in the firm of Simmons and Fisher, 
organ builders, at the lower Port. March 20, 1859, he pur- 
chased the Cambridge Chronicle, with offices on Main Street, 
occupying the site where now stands the block containing the 
Union hall, the Cambridgeport Savings Bank, and others. 
The paper was in rather a weak Condition when he assumed 
control of it, but it soon improved and after the first year wa.s 
quite successful. From the spring of 1859 to 1866 it was the 
raly newspaper in the city. In 1863 it was moved to its 
present loosition, and in October, 1873, he sold it to Linn Boyd 
Porter. Mr. Fisher was an editor of very decided opinions on 
matters of public interest and import. He was a radical and 
thoroughly consistent foe of the demon Rum , under all its multi- 
tudinous names and forms. His hatred of human slavery was 
quite as sincere and profound, and both these giant evils found 
m the Chronicle in his day, an opponent of persistency, ability 
and courage. His determined opposition to what he honestly 
deemed -the perilous encroachments of the Roman Catholic 
church, and his frequent and violent assaults in the columns 
of the paper on everything and all officials therewith connected, 
are matters of local history. Altogether his connection with 
the paper was pre-eminently memorable and successful to the 
time of bis final retirement therefrom. Although caring little 
apparently for political honors, Mr. Fisher always felt the 
interest natural to a good citizen and influential local editor, 
in public a&irs, and for at least one term (1885), represented 
his district in the Legislature. After leaving the Chronicle 
he devoted most of his time to musical matters, in which he 
always took a deep interest. He then started the Cambridge 
Conservatory of Music, on Lee Street, adjoining his residence, 
an institution in which he and his daughter taught music for 
many years. He always had a great taste for music from child- 
hood, and some of his arrangements and transcriptions of songs 
and other music show great ability in that line. He was well 
known as an organist in and out of Cambridge, having occupied 
positioitt^ at many different churches in years past, and his 
playing was always spoken very highly of. His collection of 
music of various kinds was large, and contained some very 
rare and valuable selections. He was one of the very earliest 
members of the Handel and Haydn Society, Boston, and 
was a member of its governing boaid. He organized the large 
Cambridge chorus that sang at the World's Peace Jubilee. 

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Mr. Fisher was the happy possessor of a very sympathetic 
nature, that often prompt^ him to assist those in trouble. He 
had especially tender feeling for duldrenv He was a warm 
personal friend of Elias Howe, the sewing machine inventor, 
to whom he was especially attracted from the kct that Mr. 
Fisher possessed considerable inventive ability! There was 
a time when Mr. Howe was on the point of failure for the want 
of sufficient capital to push his invention. Mr. Fisher went 
to his friend's rescue, and furnished the necessary funds that 
forced a general recognised success. Before the patent had 
been issued to Mr. Howe, two suits of clothes were made on 
the patent office model, which Messrs. Fisher and Howe 
wore to Washington. In his later years Mr. Fisher was 
separated by a handsome fortune from the struggles of life and 
serenely passed his remaining years at his home, 871 Massa- 
chusetts Avenue. 

He m. at Cambridge, March 16, 1840, Hannah Cordelia, 
third child of Samuel P., and Eunice S. Teele, who was b. 
in Charlestown, Oct. 19, 1819, and d. in Cambridge, July 3, 
1894. She was highly respected in philanthropic and reUgi- 
ous circles ; a member of the Austin Street Unitarian Churdi, 
Cambridge. Their children were : 

Sarah Coeokua*, b. Oct. 10, 1841 ; m. Col. .Austin C. Well* 
iagton, Nov. 39, 1887 ; res. Cambridge. See under 613. 
613. CAJtouifs Louisa*, b. Nov. 8, 1843 ; m. Col. Austia C. Well- 
ington, as his first wife, June 50, 1869 ; she d. Nov. 33, 1879, 
in Boston ; no children. 

Gxoaoif , b. Oct. 10, 1845 ; d. Sept. to, 1846. 

Anna JoavFuncs*, b. July 36, 1847; d. July 34, 1851. 

Harrxbt Bubm*, b. June 3, 1849 ; d. March 35, 1850. 

hvaoB tfZVBRMO&s*, D. Sept. 4t 1851 ; d. Jan. 17, 1853. 

BuzA Bknkbtt*, b. Oct. I, i8;3 ; d. Sept. 4, 1875. 

Gborgs*. b. Ij^arch 36, 1836; d. March 19, i860. 

GSORGB WlLUAM*, b. July 6, 1838; d. July 13, 1876. 

345. Dr. Jabbz*, second son of Jabez (179) and Sarah 
(Livermore) Fisher, was b. in Cambridge, Mass., April 30, 
1824 ; m. ist, at Cambridge, Oct. 8, 1845, Roxanna Betton, 
who was b. June 20, 1824, and d. at Fitchbnrg, Dec. 15, 1858 ; 
m. 2d, at Fitchburg, Feb. X2, i860, Lucy B. Hosmer, who was 
b. in Fitchburg, March 24, 1834. He graduated at the 
Harvard Medical School in 1850, and in 1851 went to Fitch* 
burg, where he has since resided. Practiced but a few years, 
and has, since 1856, been engaged in horticulture. A cultured 
and interesting man, who takes a great interest in many of 
the lines of scientific research. He was on the school com- 
mittee in 1852, a state senator in 1855-56, has been chairman 
of the water commission and selectman. Their children were : 

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6x3. Mary Lxvs&moiib*, b. in Cambridps, Mms., Nov. 14, 1846 ; 
m. JaaiM Albert Morton, Jan. i, 1874; res. New Bedford. 
BxXBif Maexa% b. Waterfocd, Me., Jnly 30, 1848; d. Cant, 
bridge, Mass., Ang. 33, i849« 
614. Jabbz PBANBXjif*, b. Aag. 30, x950 ; m. Clarissa A. Bernard^ 
Aug. 25, X879* 
Sabah Louxsa', b. Pitcbbarg, April ao, 1854 ; d. there, Aug. 

Anna*, b. Pitchburg, Dee. 10, 1858; d. there, Jan. 14, 1859. 

34«. Olivbb*, son of OUver (183) and Judith (Fisher) 
Fisher, was b. about Jan., 1796, in South Dedhaxn, now Nor- 
wood; settled early in Wobum; in. (intention) March 15, 
1822, Patty, daughter of John and Sarah Bell, of Wilmington, 
who was b. in Wilmington, and d. in Wobum, of paralysis, 
Jan. 13, x886, aged 88 years, 9 mos., 33 days. Oliver d. at 
Wobum, of old age, Dec. 12, X871, aged 75 years axid xi mo^. 
Their children were : 

joHirOx.xvBB*, b. Nov. 30, 1823. 

Maby Bbia*, b. April XX, x8i6. 

Sabak Buzabbxh*, b. Sept. 37, 1836. 

CBABxjn Augustus*, b. ; d. Jan. 9, 1831, aged 6 nios. 

JOLXA AiTN*, b. Aug. 33, 1833. 

347. EUPHAXBT*, son of Oliver (X83) axid Judith (Fisher) 
Fisher, was b. in South Dedham, now Norwood, May 1, 
X797, and d. there, March X7, X875. He joined the South 
Dedham church in October, x8xs ; married there, May 5, X822, 
by the Rev. William .Cogswell, Susan, daughter of David and 
Susan (Fales) Farrington, who was of Walpole. She joined 
the South Dedham church, July 4, X830. They res. in present 
Norwood, on the old homestead, which has been in the family 
for over two hundred years, descending to him through his 
mother's line. His will, made Jan. 26, admitted to probate, 
March 30, X875, mentions his four daughters, Susan B. Engley , 
Olive S. Winslow, Abigail M. Ellis and Ellen M. Babbitt; 
his sons, Franklia and Edwin E. Fisher ; and wife, Susan 
Fisher. Their children were : 

Susan BtiZABSTH*, b. Feb. 33, 1833 ; member of the South 
Dedham church, Nov. x, 1840; m. in l>edham, Nov. 3, 1844, 
David Wight* of New York, who was b. Ang. 10, 1810, and 
d. Sept. 3, 184)8 ; they had : Susan Wight ^^ b. Not. Z4t 1845 ; 
la dead. 
^ Saeah Amanda*, b. Oct. i, 1837; d. Oct. 8, 1837. 
6x6. OUVB S.^ b. Sept. 33, 1836; m. Bllaha P. Winslow, Aug. 

M» X847. 
6x7. Abbv M.*, b. Aug. 30, 1831 ; m. Xaaac BUia, Oct. 31, 1847. 

BZ4JBN M.*, b. Sept. 8, 1833; m. Willard Babbitt, Dec. 8, 1853. 
6x8. PRANKX4N*, b. March 3, 1835 ; ret. Norwood. 
6x9. Bdwxn B.*, b. July 8, 1841 ; m. Leonor M. Copeland, July 17, 
1863; res. Norwood. 

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348. Lbwis Warkbn\ son oi Lewis (184) and Mary 
[ ] Fisher, was baptized March 4, 1798; m. Lydia, 

daughter oi Abraham and Sarah Patch, who was b. in Little- 
ton, and d. in Dedham, Aug. 22, 1870, aged 78. They lived 
in Roxbury and Dedham. They had : 

Gxoacs W.*, b. ; m. Helen Laeretia, daughter of 

Samuel R. and Lacretsa (Pierce) Bickner, of Canton, March 

16, 1858. 
Lydia Anv*, b. at Roxbury, Aug. i, 1829; m. Charles P. 

Kart¥rell, Jnne 13, 1852 ; d. at Dedham, Jan. 28, 1854, of 


340. Lbokard", son of Joel (186) and Betsey Ann 
(Nichols) Fisher, was b. in Orrington, Me., Aug. 8, 1809 ; 
returned to Stoughton, Mass., where be m. Apnl 28, 1829, 
Chloe H., daughter of Theodore and Sarah Adams, of Frank- 
lin, b. in Bellingham, Jan. 8, 18 10. They lived in Canton 
and Stoughton ; a bootmaker by trade. He d. at Stoughton, 
Aug. 9, 1858 ; and she m. 2d, Oct. 3, i860, Rufus Bursil, of 
Stoughton, and d. June s, 1880. They had : 

Carouns M.*, b. Dec. 8, 1830; m. Phillipe. 

620. LaoifARD^, b. May 4, 1833; m. Mary Ann Murphy. 

Mary B^, b. Nov. 14, 1835; d. Dec., 1869; m. Nathaniel 
Vinal, Sept. 7, 1853. 
631. Cx.;kRA*, b. m Canton, June 31, 183S ; m. John Finn, Sept xx, 

622. Joseph a.', b. Csnton, Feb. 32, 1840; m. Hannah M. Puller, 

Sept. 23, 1872. 
Bxi;.BXf M.*, b. Canton, May 23, 1842; m. xst, Nov. 6, i86x, 
Algernon B. Staples, of Stoughton, who was b. in Turner, 
Me.; m. 2d, June 2, X869, Charles P. Bumham, who was 
b. in Sharon, Vt. 

623. Hbnrv Loring*, b. June 8, 1844 ; m. Julia Buckley, Oct. X4, 

1865; res. Brockton. 

624. Prxdbricx E.*, b. April 4, X846 ; m. Mary K. Fuller, Not. 14, 

iRSifS A.', b. Aug. 31, X848; d. July 5, ^67. 
625.- GaoRGS*, b. Sei»t. 23, 1830; m. Laura B. Jones, Jan. 3X, 1873. 
Jon, A.*, b. March 3, X853 ; d. May 12, X873. 

350. Edmund M.', son of Joel (186) and Betsey Ann 
(Nichols) Fisher, was b. in Orrington, Me., Nov. x8, 1812 ; 
returned to Stoughton, Mass., where he m. Hannah Bird, of 
Stoughton, Sept. 25, 1831. He d. in Stoughton, Dec. 3, 
1879. She was living in 1895. Children were : 

626. BXJZABBTK*, b. March 6, 1832 ; m. Pardon Thayer, July 30, 


627. CI.ARXSSA', b. Aug. 2, X833 ; m. George H. Badger, June 6, 


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6s8. CHAUJts W.*, b. July a, 1841 ; m. Abby M. Badger, Aug. 6. 
ROBBBT H.*, b. May xa, 1845 ; d. Dec. rj, 1871. 
SOPBZA*, b. P^. xa, 1848. 
A ton*, b. Feb. x8, X849. 

Bixxii*» b. Feb. 18, 1849; m. Aug. ao, 1891, Bdwin Bronidon 
G*y, of Stoughton ; ret. School street, Stoughton ; had : 
Bdwin Robert Gay*^, b. Aug. 5, i8Qa. 
6a9. Gbobob*» b. July X3, 1850; at. Fidelia A. Lincoln. 

301. BxixxKGS*» son of Joel (i86) and Betsey Ann 
(Nichols) Fisher, was b. in Orrington, Me., in 1817 ; returned 
with Us brothers, Nathaniel P., Leonard, Joel and Edmund 
M. Fisher, to Canton and Stoughton, Mass. He m. zst, at 
Canton (intention dated April ix, 1846), Nancy^ daughter of 
Thomas and Abigail Glover, of Sharon, who d. March 13, 
185a. He m. ad, Oct. 8, X855, Mrs. Eleanor Wade, daughter 
of Zenas and Abigail Drake, of Stoughton. The Drake 
Genealogy, p. 156, says : Billings Fisher m., as her second 
husband, Susan T., daughter of Akion and Eleanor (Drake) 
Wade, who was b. Oct. x, 1836, and m., as her first husband, 
Henry A. Phillips, Sept. i, 1857. Children were : 

Abioaxx,*, b. Jan. as, ^848; d. Mav a9, 1848. 
Sabak Abby*, b. Nov. 2$, 1850 ; d. June 4* 1854. 

352. Nathanibl Pabkbr*, son of Joel (186) and Betsey 
Ann (Nichols) Fisher, was b. at Brewer, Me., in 1818; m. 
ist, Oct. II, 1836, Hepsabeth Adaxns, of Franklin; m. ad, 
June ay, 1841, Mrs. Fannie C. Johnson, of Stoughton, daugh- 
ter of Asa and Betsey Bird, of Stoughton; she d. Feb. 23, 
i^SSt stged 5X years. He m. 3d, March 23, 1856, Mrs. Betsey 
M. Leroy, who was b. in Smithfield, R. I., in 1812, and d. 
before him. He d. in Stoughton, Aug. 13, 1888, aged 71 
years. Children : ' 

HORACS* (by first wife), b. — 
Samubx,' (by second wife), b. - 
about Sept. za, i860. 

is dead. 
- ; d. ou a whaling voyage 

303. WiLUAM Curtis', son of Leonard Billings (187) 
and Abigail (Smith) Fisher, was b. in South Dedham, April 
7, 1827. He has been engaged in agriculture since his youth, 
and*was formerly an extensive dairyman. He m. Opt. 10, 
X859, Emily Electa, daughter of John and Emily (Perry) 
Atldns, who was b. in Orland, Me., April 15, 1838. They 

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630. Prsdb&icx hwoff ami3^, b. South Dedluun, Jan. 29; 1862 ; m. 

aarrietD. Blackaaan, in 1888. 
Bmma C.'» b. Dedham, May ai, x866;* teacher in Bridgewater 

Normal School. 
Nams M.', b. 0eclham» Jan. t^ 1868. 
Abby S.*, b. 

354. Jabbz*, eldest son of Jabin ( 190) and Mary (Tucker) 
Fisher, was b. at Stonghton, now Canton, Mass., Nov. 28, 
1 791. Removed with his father's family to Washington, 
N. H., in 1808, and, alter residing there awhile, left and 
went to Boston. Jabez got a start in business by working for 
a Mr. Isaac Davenport, who lived at Canton. He took farm 
produce for him to Boston, and pleased bim so much by his 
business tact that Mr. Davenport set him up in business in 
Boston Market./ Jabez was then 18 or 20 years old, and in 
five years he settl<Ml with Mr. Davenport and had $5000, with 
whidi he continued the business, and took his brothers, 
Nathaniel, Charles, James and William, in copartnership as 
they became of age. Charles, being single, was sent to Cin- 
cinnati, O., about 1827 or 1828, to buy and pack pork, and 
they finally started him in the wholesale g^rocery business, 
besides packii^ pork in winter. James was sent out th^e, by 
way of New Orleans, for his health, about 1829 or '30. 
Charles sent him up the Miami Canal* to Hamilton, where a 
lai^e merchandise and pork packing business was established. 
William was a partner in this Hamilton store from 1831 to 
1^35 1 when he withdrew and became a member of a company 
which built the town of Lacon, 111. The company failed in 
1839. Nathaniel went there soon afterwards, and on his re- 
turn to Boston induced Jabez to join William in business in 
Lacon, and they closed up their Hamilton, O., store in a 
few years. The Lacon, 111., store did a large business, and 
in 1855 they built and ran until 1868 a flour mill with a 
capacity of 200 barrels per day in connection with the store. 
The products of the packing establishments, before the days 
of railroads, found their way to Boston by way of New 

Jabez m. at Boston, Nov. 7, i8z6, Suisanna,, daughter of 
William and Hannah (Barnard) Stone, who was b. at Water- 
town, Oct. 4, 1793. [Bond's Watertown, pp. 388, 953.] He 
had a fond attachment for the old homestead in Washington, 
N. H., and after his father's death, he preserved it as a place 
of summer residence. His wife died at Brookline, Mass., 
Jan. 8, 1875. He then retired to his fatrm in Washington, 
where he d. Aug. xo, 1889, in his 98th year. During his 
long and active life he sustained a reputation for honorable 

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dealing among business men, He did much to promote the 
wellure ot Washington, dispensing his wealth with a liberal 
hand in aid of all worthy objects. Their children, all b. at 
Boston, were: 

63X. Jamss Tucna*, b. Ang. xa, 1817; m. Bmms B. Guild, June 

639. Susan SmifsP, b. Jan. 8, iSso; m. Abraham P. Clarke* July 

^t S846. 
633. Hauust Louisa*, b. April 23, xSaa ; m. Nathaniel G. Chapin, 

Aug. 31, X844. 

'rSOROlP, b. I 

Jabss GaoROir, b. Sept. 5, 1833: d. Jan. 10, x8a6. 
BvsumP, b. Sept. X7, 1824; d. in Concord, N. H., March ax, 
X878 ; nam. 
634. AiriffA MARXiC Bxax>*, b. Dec. aa, x8a5 ; m. John H. Tweedy, 

June 8, X848. 
633. Gaoaos Jabbz*, b. Feb. ax, i8a8 ; m. Cornelia W. Curtis, 
Not. 4« 1851. 
MAay DAVXNFoat*, b. June xo, x83p; d. April, 183X. 
636. Davevport*, b. March a8, x83a ; m. Charlotte Haley, Oct. 17, 
Cmarlbs LowBXtX.*, b. Oct. a3, X836; d. Nov. a8, 1843. 

35 ff . Nathanibl', son of Jabin ( 190) and Mary (Tucker) 
Fisher, was b. in Stoughton, now Canton, Mass., April 15, 
1794. He xn. xst, at Canton, Nov. 8, xSxq, Mary, daughter 
of Luther axid Sally ( ) May, who was b. in Canton, 

Feb. 3, X798, and d. in Boston, Sept. 7, xdaa. A grandson 
writes of her : "It has always been a regret that we have 
xio portrait of Polly May, the tradition of whose beauty has 
coxne down to us, with her dainty wedding slippers and other 
bits of bridal outfit. I have a buxidle of her letters, which 
her husbaxid treasured for sixty years. The chirography is 
notable and neat, and they all, with bright and cheerful 
gayety, describe the beaux, the daxices, axid dinners of the 
day. Her xiaxne will never be lost among her descendants, 
nineteen of whoxn are now living. On the wall of the house 
of Mrs. Parrott (see under 637), hangs the following : 

*^ 'A Fakxlv RaCXSTKR. 
LuTHsa May, born October xx, XT^a- 
Saxay May, bom Qec ao, X774. 

Marriad Noy. rx, 1794. 
NATHANxax, May, bom Sept. xi, X796. 
PoiAY May, bora Pebmary 3, 1798. 
GaoaoB May, bora JaaiuirY 7, 1800. 
Lydxa May, bora Oct. 7, x8oa ; Died Pebraary 15, 1806. 
Lydxa May, bora January 37, 1807. 
tfzeeutad b/ Polly May, aged 9 years, Canton, Ang. 21, 1807.' '* 

Nathaniel Fisher m. ad, at Washington, N. H., Oct. 8. 
X833, Bliaa, second child of Ward and Elizabeth. (Wood) 

Digitized by 



Sampson^ who was b. in Washington, Aug. 4, 1804, and d. 
in Boston, Nov. 28, 1837. He m. 3d, at West Roxbury, 
Mass., June 19, 1839, Betsey, daughter of David and Rebecca 
(Healy) Draper, who was b. at Washington, N. H., May i, 
1793, and d. at Northboro, Mass., Dec. 3, 1870. [History of 
Washington, N. H., pp. 391, 417, 594.] 

He was engaged for many years, in company with his 
brothers, in the wholesale provision business in Boston, in 
which they were very successful. In 1839 he settled on a 
farm in Northboro, Mass., where he spent the rest of his life. 
* ' He was to me the typical New Englander. Moral, upright, 
with no knits or bad habits or vices, great or small; he had 
not much consideration for the weaknesses of others. Regu- 
larity was his first principle of life, and you probably could 
not have set a watch amiss by his going and coming in 
seventy years. Frugal, thrifty and industriotts, he was through 
life intent on his own business, and not much concerned about 
the affairs of any one else. Certainly none of his descendants, 
thirty of whom are living, ever approached him in energy, 
or capacity for hard physical labor. Prom daylight to dark, 
six days in a week, and fifty-two weeks in the year, were his 
working hours. Bedtime came with dark. Late sitting up 
was an abhorrence; it was provided against in a practical way. 
Kach person was furnished with a little, bright, pewter lamp, 
which held just enough oil to bum while one could undress 
and retire ; then it went out. That settled it. I remem- 
ber seeing his hen-house once, which was a model of its 
kind. Each hen could step up to a feed-box, which opened, 
then she could feed, and, stepping off, it closed so nothing 
could be wasted. At a certain hour, each hen would go upon 
her nest, or failing to do so, was put on, and there shut up ; 
uor could she get out till she ha^ laid an egg. ' Alfred,' said 
my grandfather, showing me these things, * there is nothing 
like regular habits for hens.' Like a true New Englander, 
he took a pride in seeing that by late spring all the next 
year's fire\i'ood was sawed and split, and neatly piled up in a 
shed contiguous to the house. Pointing to this once, he 
Asked my father, * Do you see anything more to .do to that 
woodpile? ' ' No, nothing that I can see,' replied kther, 
' unless you paint the end of those sticks.' " 

He was in early life in such circumstances as to be regarded 
wealthy. All his life, he liberally assisted his children 
and grandchildren, and in later days met some losses. He 
resided in the Stone Cottage at Northboro, until his deatli. 
May I, 1884, aged ninety, and was buried beside Polly May, 
at Mt. Auburn. The Stone Cottage became the property of 

Digitized by 



his daughter, Sophronia Wilcox, who tenderly and laboriously 
nursed him through the infirmities of solitary and protracted 
old age* Their children, all b. at Boston, were : 

<37. Ltbul Smxtb*, b. Jan. as, z8ax ; m. Rev. Thomsi B. Thomms, 

Not. 4« zftio. 
^. Uamy Huz4* (by tecoDd wife), b. Jan. 15, 1825 ; m. Nov. 7, 

1843, Alfred Thomss, Baq. ; ret. Washington, D. C. 
630. SoPHEOinA Sampson*, b. Sept. as, 1830; m. April 18, 1854, 

Rev. Philo B. WUcoz, of Bast Bridgewater, Mats. ; d. Feb. 

I3> i^* 
640. KAtSiLMiBL*, b. Feb. it, 1833 ; m. Mrs. Itabella Hertey, Jan. 
as, x886 ; ret* Oxford, Me. 
Cvaus Sampson*, b. at Botton, June 8, 1838; d. there, Sept. 
ao, 2839. 

356. Ckablbs*, son of Jabin (190) and Mary (Tucker) 
Fisher, was b. in Canton, Mass., Dec. 9, 1799, and spent his 
youth on the brm in Washington, N. H., where his father 
had. moved in 1809. He became a partner with his brothers 
In the wholesale provision business in Boston. In 1827 or 
1828 he was sent to Cincinnati, O., to buy and pack pork and 
send it to Boi^ton by way of J^'ew Orleans. Soon after he en- 
tered' the wholesale grocery business, besides packing pork iu 
winter. He m. at Oxford, O., Nov. i, 1833, Julia Roxalina, 
daughter of Elisha and Sukey (Thayer) Brigham, who was 
b. in Boston, Feb. 14, 1814. They resided subsequently at 
Cincinnati, Glendale, and Dayton, O. He d. at Yellow 
Springs, O., March 28, 1869. His widow d. in Boston, Nov. 
27, i^. Their children were : 

Cwa'STiBS Lucius*, b. March la, 1835 ; d. in Cincinnati, An|r. 
24, 1871 ; unm. 
641. Edward Wxluak*. b. April $, 1836; m. Laura Pederspiel, of 
Port X«ee, N. Y., April aa, 1874. 
Thsodoeb Brigham*, b. in Cincinnati, Oct. 6, 1837; for 
twenty-five years a commercial traveller ; in the Civil War 
was commissioned Captain A. Q. M. of Volunteers, Feb. 2S, 
i86s, and honorably mustered out at expiration of service, 
July aS, 1865 ; manufacturers' agent ; 76 Chauncy Street, 
&|a. CORKSUA BiATiLDA*, b. July 4, 1840; m. Dr. G. Stanley Hall, 

Sept. 34, 1879. 
643. SiDNKY Augustus', b. March 18, 184a ; m. Angeline B. Adsit, 

Feb. II, 1866. 
S44. HORACS*, b. March 18, 1844 ; m. ist, Kate A. Matson, April 
9, 1868; m. 3d, Martha A. Hill, Aug. la, 1880. 
Bmma Rowsna', b. in Glendale, O., May 31, 1855 ; res. Bos- 

ton, Mass. 
Susan Fix>rbnch', b. in Xenia, O., Aug. 17, 1857; d. in Day- 
ton, O., Sept. 4» 1858. 


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357. Clarisa% daughter of Jabin (190) and Mary 
(Tucker) Fisher, was b. at Washington^ N. H., June 30, 
Z809, and d. at Rossville, O., July 27, 1849, aged 40 years. 
She m. at Cincinnati, O., Aug. 31, 1831, James Henry Curtis, 
who was b. at Poultney, Vt., Oct. i, 1798, and d. at Colum- 
bus, O., April 3, Z852. Their children were : 

Mary Euzabbtb CuRtis*, b. Cincinnati, O., Sept. 3, 1832 ; 
d..Roftsyille, O., July 30, 1847. 

Sarah Hbnrzbtta Curtxs*, b. Hamilton, O., Jnne 8, 1835 ; a 
teacher ; ret. Jamnel, San Die^ Co., Cal. 

Jambs HBNav Curtis*, b. RossviUe, O., June 23, 1838; nnm. 

Dbua Augusta Curtis*, b. May 3, 1841 ; a teacher ; res. 
San Diego, Cal. 

Laura Curtis*, b. Tune ao, 1844; d. July 15, 1844. 

Clara Curtis' (twm of above), b. June ao, 1844 ; d. July 35, 

Bbnjamik Wisnbr Curtis*, b. April 3, 1847; m., in Salt 
River Valley, Arizona, Mary H. nocker, June a4, 1885, who 
was b. at Lincoln, Nemeha Co., Kan., Jan. 15, 1865. He 
d. at SsBTDiego, in 189s ; she res. San Diego. They had : 
Delia Btu Curtis'*, b. Salt River Valley, Gila Co., Arisona, 
Sept. 5, 1886. Curtis'*, b. . 

358. James*, son of Jabin (190) and Mary (Tucker) 
Fisher, was b. at Washington, N. H., Sept. '30, 181 1 ; m. at 
Stoughton, Mass., Sept. 16, 1839, Bliza, daughter of James 
and Betsey (Withington) Tucker, who was b. at Stough* 
ton, Jan. 30, 1822. When he became of age he was 
taken into partnership with his brothers in the wholesale 
provision business. He had been sent to Cincinnati, O., by 
way of New Orleans, for his health in 1829 or 1830, and from 
there went to Hamilton, O., and engaged in the wholesale 
grocery trade and pork packing for shipment to Boston. He 
kter withdrew from the firm and successfully engaged in 
various mercantile pursuits in Rossville, Oxford and Hamilton, 
O. He returned to Boston, and has resided on Blue Hill 
Avenue, Dorchester, for thirty years. Present res. 98 More- 
land Street, Boston. Their children were : 

645. Hbun Curtis*, b. Oct. 30, 1840; m. Timothy G. Wright, 

May 1, 1865. 

646. BiARV Prancbs^, b. Dec. 15, 1844; m. Charles W. Sheldon, 

May 35, 1869. 

647. Charlhs Milton*, b. May ao, 1847 ; d. Hastings, Neb., June 

26, 1884; m. Rose Jones, Ang. i, 1881. 

648. Clara*, b. Tan. 25, 1850; m. Judson Baldwin, June 16, 1870. 
Emma*, b. m Oxford, O., April i, 1852 ; d. in Oxford, Sept. 

13. 1852. 
Edward W.*, b. Feb. 20, 1854 ; d. Ang. 14, 1855. 

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649. Abba Louisa', b. Feb. 15, i8$8; m. xtt, Bntinc F. Clapp, 
Dec. M, 1877 ; m. 2d, Sanmel 6. Adamt, Oct. 38, 1889. 

690. Jambs Tucbbb*, b. Feb. as, 1864; m. May Hambarg, Feb. 
as. i«6- 

359. WuxiAM*, son of Jabin (190) and Mary 
(Tucker) Fisher, was b. in Washington, N. H., Jan. 17, 
18x4; m. at»Lacon, 111., Aug. 8, 1838, Catherine Loveland, 
who was b. in Durham, Conn., Feb. 14, 1818. 

He joined his elder brothers in the wholesale provision busi- 
ness in Boston, and in 1831 went to Hamilton, O., and was a 
partner with Charles Fisher in the grocery and provision 
trade until 1835. In October, 1836, he joined a company and 
bought an interest in the town of Lacon, 111. The company 
tBLilSi in 1839, and he with his brother Jabez, of Boston, 
started m biudness in Lacon, dealing in merchandise, pork* 
packing, grain, etc. In 1855 he built a flour mill there, with 
a capacity of 200 barrels a day, which ran until 1868. They 
res. at Lacon. Their children were : 

Bmii«y*, b. March 17, 1840; d. April 28, 1840. 
Ci^RiSA Ambua*, b. June 33, 1841 ; d. Joly 3, i860. 
651. Bhha Co&nblxa*, bu Jan. 6, 1844 ; nt. John S. Tuttle, Oct. 15, 
• 653. Mary Sabba*, b. April 13, 1846 ; d. Ang. 33, 1893 ; m. William 
R. Fairbanks, May 3X, x866. 
Maria Bx4Za', b. April x8, X849; d. at Lacon, lAarch I3» 1873 ; 
m. at Hennapiu, 111., Aug. 10, 1871, Bdward Payson Fish- 
bum, who was b. at Lacon, 111., May 15, 1840. 
653. Katb Hlla*, b. July 9, 1853 ; m. RolMsrt Chalioner, Aug. 37, 

3G0. Nancy', daughter of Elijah (191) and Susanna 
(Hixon) Fisher, was b. at Stoughton, Oct. 27, 1796 ; m. ist, 
at Greensboro, Ga., Dec. 15, 1844, Augustine Greene, who 
was b. at Greensboro, Ga., March 17, 1797, andd. there April 
33, 1853. His plantation was on Uie railroad, between 
Augusta and Madison. She m. 2d, at Madison, Ga., John 
Crawford Wood, who was b. at South Hampton, N. C, Feb. 
X793, and d. at his plantation about 8 or 9 xniles from the 
Court House at Madison, Ga., Sept. 5, 1870. She d. there, 
June 17, 1869. No issue ; their bodies are buried near the 
house, now (1882) occupied by Mr. John T. Wood, a son of 
Mr. W004 by a former marriage. 

301. Jambs', son of Abel (192) and Deborah (White) 
Fisher, was b. at Stoughton, Mass., April 23, 1792 ; went 
with his parents to Newbury, O., in x8x8, and m. at Orange, 

Digitized by 



Cuyahoga Co., O., Oct. 13, 1822, Mercy Litch, who was b. 
at Irasburg, Vt., Oct. 4, fSoj^ and d. at Chagrin Falls, O., April 
i3> 1869. He was a farmer, and d. at Orange, O., April iz, 
Z834. Their children, all b. at Chagrin Falls, were : 

Ebbmszse Wkot^, b. Tnlf 3Z, 1823; last heard of in Meno* 

monie, Dunn Co,, Wu., in 1858 or '9. 
Natkanixx.*, b. Aug. a, 1825 ; d. Aug. 8 [or Dec. d], z8a6. 
6s4- JAMXS LiTCH*, b. Sept. 17, 1827; m. 1st, ICary B. Brewster, 
and 2d, Ardena H. Furnish. 

655. Thomas Jbyfehson*, b. Aug. 28, 1830; m. Harriet A. Love- 

joy, May 13, z866; res. Chagrin Falls, O. 
Mary*, b. Sept. 26, 1832 ; d. in infancy. 

656. Ladra', b. Oct* 8, 1833 ; m. Oltver Simmons, July 12, 1857. 

362. Dkborah*, daughter of Abel (Z92) and Deborah 
(White) Fisher, was b. at Stoughton, Mass., Dec. t8, Z794, 
and d. at Strong^ville, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, June za, z869. 
She m. at Newbury, 0«, July 26, Z820, Apollos Southworth, 
who was b. at Stoughton, Mass., Nov. z6, Z792, and d. at 
Strongsville,^^ne Z7, Z878, aged 85 years. They res. at 
Strongsville, where their cliildren were bom : 

657. DSBORAH Southworth*, b. Oct. 4. 1821 ; m. Samuel Sander^ 
' son, July 23, 184Z. 

658. Sarah Southworth*, b. Dec. 6, 1825 ; m. Phillip Trautman, 

April zz, Z848. 

JBDKDZAH SooTHWORTB*, b. NoT. 7, Z828; m. at Bmnswick, 
O., Sept. 24, 1856, Frances Eliza Wyman, who was b. at 
Melville, Orleans County, N. Y., Oct. 7, Z853. They res. 
at Strongsville, O.; no children. She res. at San Diego, 
Cal., in Search, 1894. 

Marcus Southworth*, b. Aug. 2, zSsz; d. Oct. 21, Z859; 

Apollos Southworth*, b. Sept. 12, Z833 ; m. at Chesterville, 
O., Oct. 8, Z872, Ari Stta Mann, who was b. at Chesterville, 
O., March 4, Z845. They res. at Strongsville, O. Had : 
Cora Nevada Southworth**, b. Dec. zz, Z874. 

ALBHRT FZSHBR SouTHWORTH*» b. Oct. 2, Z836 ', m. at Dublin, 
Ind., April 25, Z872, Alice Paulina Scott, who was b. at 
Dublin, March 25, z8d6. They res. at Dublin, Znd. Had : 
Clarence Southworth^*, b. Feb., Z874. 

363. Hannah*, dangbter of Abel (Z92) and Deborah 
(White) Fisher, was b. at Canton, Mass., Jan. 27, Z798, and 
d. at Newbury, O., Nov. 2, Z876. She m. at Newbury, Oct. 
Z9, Z823, Thomas Anderson Muzin, who was b. at Mozison, 
Mass., June 25, 1796, and d. at Newbury, Aug. 28, 1853. 
He was a fanner, res. at Newbury, where their children were 

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Maaxa Muinr*, b. Aug. 7, 1823; m. at Aubnrn, O., Oct. 9, 
1853, Pranklla Crort, and toon aftenvard were ilivorceil; 
the d« Sept. X3, 1893, and waa bnried in Brier Hill burying 
place adjoining tlunr old home place, where she waa )K>ru 
and alwaya lived until a very ahort time before her death. 

Sophia Muxnc*» b. Sept. 16, 1837; d. Sept. 14, 1845. 

659. Hahnab Ann MuNir» b. April 2$, 1831 ; m. Franklin Croft, 

June zo, x8d9. 

660. Gaius MuNir, b. Sept. 3, 1834 ; m. Perlie St. John, at Chardoii, 

0.,7an. 77, 1859. 
GsoEGS Muxnc*, b. Aug. xo, 1838; d. Sept. 4, 1838. 
Thomas MuNN^ b. Aug. z8, 1839; d. June 17, x&p. 

364. Abel", son of Abel (193) and Deborah (White) 
Fisher, was b. in Canton, Mass., Oct. 23, x8oo, and d. in 
Chagrin PaUs, O., Oct. 17, X869. He m. in Newbur}', 0., 
Jnly XI, 1830, Rnth, daughter of Winslow and Desire (Doug- 
las) Greene, who was b. in Walworth, now Ontario, N. Y., 
Feb. 23, x8ii. Winslow Greene, of Palmyra, N. Y., was b. 
in Rhode Island in Octob^, 1771. Desire Douglas was b. in 
Volnntown, Conn., March 2X, 1769 ; her parents removed to 
Newbury, 0., in X817, where her father d. Dec. 22, 1820. 
Abel Fisher and his wife resided at Chagrin Falls, O., until 
his death. His widow, Ruth, xiow resides at Taylor P. O., 
Geauga County, 0., with her son, Charles Amos. Their 
children were : 

671. Abbx,\ b. Oct. X5. X83X ; m. Rachel A. BuUard, Feb. 19, 1858. 

672. QjjLtLA PsaxjCTT*, b. Jan. 3, 1834; m. James Rice, Feb. 21, 


673. Jajcbs B.*, b. Feb. 19, 1835; m. Annie Taylor, Jan. 12, 1870. 

674. Mary Dbsxrs*, b. Not. 19, 1836; m. Bdward Miller, Sept. 5, 

RAsraoic Grbsnb*, b. April 5, 1839; d. at Kansas City, Mo., 

Jnly 35, X870; unm. 
673. CSXAHXJES Amos*, b. Jnly 20, X84X; m. Laura Green, Jan. 6, 

Gboros Dsx»USON*, b. Oct. 25, 1844; d. in U. S. army, Nov. 5, 


385. Sarah*, daughter of Abel ( 193) and Ruth (Tilden) 
Fisher, was b. in Canton, Mass., Oct. 15, x8o6, and d. iu 
Newbury, O., March xx, X867. She m. at Newbury, Nov. 
X3, x8a5» Cutler Tyler, who was b. in Warren, Mass., Nov. 
i9» i794t And d. at Chagrin Falls, O., April 3, 1857. They 
lived in ^Newbury Township, in the vicinity of the South 
Newbury P. O. Their children were : 

676. Aasx. Cixmon TnsB*, b. Sept. a, X837 ; m. ist, Mary Eliza- 
beth Van Tnyl, June 38, 1853 ; m. 3d, Carrie While, May 
30, X874. 

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677. Isaac Aixsk Tylbr*, b. Sept. 9, 1892 ; m. ist, CAtherine 

Hetoler, March ^i, 1859; m. 2d, Louua Jane Downing, July 
20, 1879. >* 

678. Ruth Tvuca*, b. Nov. 29,1835; m. John Baker Waterton, 

Oct. 29, 1856; res. South Newbnry. 

679. RxuBBK Tvijca*, b. June ix, 1839 ; m. xst, Bmily Loniaa 

Stowe, Dec. .24, 1867 ; m. 2d» Alice Hnrin, Oct* I4f x88o ; rea. 
Wyoming, O. 

680. JOHK WAX/nuL Tyuoi*, b. May 4, 1841 ; m. Mary Slixa Hig- 

gina, Dec. 29, 1873 ; rea. Clereland. 
Sailah Sophia Tyuoi', b. Jan. 9, 1846; while attending 
the lectnrea at the Homeopathic Hoapital College, Cleve- 
land, O., ahe waa taken ill, and d. Jan. 27, 1873 ; buried at 
Newbury, O. 

366. Ruth', daughter of Abel (192) and Ruth (Tilden) 
Fisher, wash, at Caxiton, Mass., Jan. 25, 1809; m. at New- 
bury, 0., April 2X, 1833, William Munn, who was b. at 
Monson, Mass., Dec. 12, 1807, and d. at Newbury, April 27, 
1S85. She d. there May 5, 1876. Their children were : 

EiXBN Muxm*, b. Feb. 18, 1834; unm.; rea. Ford, O. 

WALTsn Bay Mumm*, b. Nor. 28, X85X ; d. April 13, x8tt. 
. WixxiAM Ray Muxoi*, b. Nor. 28, x^sx ; m. at Newbary, O., 
May 3X, 1874, Georgia Downing, who waa b. at Mnnaon, O.9 
Aug. 24, xSsiS. He m. 2d, Jeaate Taylor, and d. in NoTem- 
ber, 1892. Hia widow ia now Hra. Arnold, and rea. at 
Burton, O. They had : Clyde Mnnn'^ b. Sonth Nawbnry^ 
O., Aug. xo, X876. 

367. Elxzabbth*, daughter of Abel (192) and Ruth 
(Tilden) Fisher, was b. at Canton, Mass., Sept. X3, 18x3, and 
d. at Newbury, O., at three o'clock p. M., Wednesday, Nov. 
I, 1893, aged 80 years. She was the youngest child of Abel 
and Ruth Fisher, and removed with her lather's family from 
Canton to Newbury, O., in the fall of 18x8. With the rest of 
her family she endured the privatioxis of early pioneer life, 
and at the age of eighteen years, having lost her parents, she 
fitted herself for teaching and taught for many years in the 
townships of Newbury, Burton, Russell, Auburn and in the 
village of Cha^n Falls, and one winter in the State of 
Indiana. Findxng it desirable to change her occupation she 
began caring for the sick, and was for several years a success* 
ful nurse. When growing infirmities made that calling too 
arduotts, still desiring to be active and useful, she took to 
weaving, and was for many years a most industrious carpet 
weaver. She survived the other members of her family by 
nearly seventeen years, and passed that change called death 
loved and respected by the conmiunity in which she lived. 

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368. Bbtsby', daughter of Samuel (194) and Susauiia 
(Tucker) Fisher, was b. in Canton, Feb. x8, 1801 ; m. Feb. 
3f 1825, Joshua Spear, Jr., who was b. in Randolph, Dec. 21, 
1795, and d. there, Feb. xo, 1879. She d. in Randolph, Oct. 
X X , 1845, aged 44. Their children were : 

681. BUZABSTK Sfbaa*, b. Feb. 7, X836 ; m. George J. Leeds, Sept. 

X4, 1848; d. Oct. 12, 1849. 
68a. HAax Spbajl*, b. Jan. 5, 1828; m. Jesse Pesno. April 2, 1851. 

SUSAK Hamnak Spbaet, b. Jan. 33, 1830; d. Aug. 31, 1844* 
683. Joshua Spbab*, b. Not. 3, 1831 ; m. Emily M. Evans, Feb. 
Chaeuks Hsnry Speae*, b. Nov. 9, X833. 
Mahia Spbae*, b. April 38, X835 ; d. Aug. 5, 1836. 

369. Hbnkt*, son of Samuel ( 194) and Susanna (Tucker) 
Fisher, was b. in Canton, April 13, X805 ; m. ist, at Canton, 
May 22, 1833, Mary Tilden*, daughter of Enos^ and Sarah 
(TUden) Upham, who was b. in Canton, Dec. 3, x8io, and d. 
Feb. XX, x863. Hem. ad, at Canton, June 26, X864, Clarissa 
Cobb, who was b. in Canton, Oct. 3, x8xi,.andd. at Hyde 
Park, July 5, 1878. He was a cabinet luUcer by trade, and 
had a farm at Poxikapog, in Canton, where he d. Sept. 11; 
X876. They were all members of the Canton Baptist Church. 
Their children w^e : 

Hbhry*, b. May 24, 1834 ; d. May 14, 1847. 

Maey Curtxs*» b. July 16, 1836 ; graduated at Bridgewater 
Normal School, Jan. 36, 185^, and taught school for tea 
years ;- baa done ererything la her means toward tlie com- 
pletion of this genealogy, wishing to see the book issued 
that the records of many may be preserved for tlic future. 
She res. at Ponkapog P. O., Canton. 

684. SD8A2f*, b. Jan. 14. X839 ; m. Charles Emery Beals, of Stough- 

ton, July 30, 1865. 
Infant son*, b. April 6^ 1841 ; d. April 8, 1841. 
BBBMBZSJi*, b. July 18, 1843; d. Jan. 39, 1867. 
Gborgs*, b. Dec. 22, 1846 ; res. Canton. 
Chaklbs Hbnry*, b. Feb. 9, xSsx ; graduated Massachusetts 

Institute of Technology, 1877. 

685. Saicubi* Tucker*, b. Feb. la, 1855 ; m. Marie M. Johnson, 

Oct. 9, 1889; res. Washington, D. C. 

370. Samuel*, son of Samuel (194) and Susanna 
(Tnckq;) Fisher, was b. in Canton, Mass., April 7, 1808 ; 
m. at Lyme, N. H., May 5, 1834, Hannah Alden, who wash, 
in Wilbiaham, Mass., Oct. 13, 1803. He d. March 23, 1884. 
They settled at French Creek, N. Y. (P. O. address, Find- 
lay's Lake, Chatauqua County.) Their children were : 

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Lucy Ann*, b. at Venaago, Brie Co., Pa.» April 23, 1837; m. 
at French Creek, N. Y., Sept 5, x86o» Dexter Allocd» of Rip- 
ley, N. Y., who waa b. at Seaveraaaaiy Brie Co., Pa., June 
I, i8tf ; no children. 

ALVAir, b. at Greenfield, Brie Co., Pa., May zz, 1839; res. 
French Creek, N. Y. ( 186^; unm. 

686. Spbncsk*, b. at French Creek, N. Y., Sept 3, 1845 ; m. Uzzie 

D. Bidwell, Dec. 27, 1871. 

371. Calbb"; son oi Samuel ( 194) and Susanna (Tucker) 
Fisher, was b. in Canton, Mass., Nov. 7, 1811 ; m. at War- 
saw, Benton County, Mo., June 27, 1847, Sarah Amanda 
Deiord, of Warsaw, who was b. in Pilot Grove, Mo., and d. 
in Bolivar, Polk Co., Mo., Sept. 6, Z883. They settled first 
in Warsaw, going from there to Bolivar about 1856 ; he d. at 
Bolivar, Dec. 4, 1882. They had : 

Joseph Dbford*, b. Warsaw, Oct. 23, 1848; d. July 5, 1858. 
Samuki, TucKxa*. b. Warsaw, Oct. Z3, Z850; d. Dec. 20, i860. 

687. Ma&v Hauustt*, b. Warsaw, May 8, 1853 ; m. George W. 

Thompson, of Bolivar, Mo., Jfan. i , z872. 

688. Calkb Hunt*, b. Warsaw, Feb. 12, 1855; m. Mrs. — — 

Arthur^ res. Bolivar, Mo. 

Lucy WAB^woam*, b. Bolivar, June Z2, 1857; m. Oct.' 8, 
1885, Junte M. Stevens, of Springfield, Mo.; res. at 761 
South Clark St., Fort Scott, Kan.; no children. 

HoRACB FmHUGB\ b. BoUvar, July 8, 1859; res. Tezaa. Lbmubl', b. Bolivar, Oct. 29, 1861 ; d. Nov. 29, 1862. 

372. Susan', daughter of Samuel (194) and Susanna 
(Tucker) Fisher, was b. in Canton, Mass., July 19, 1814, and 
d. in Randolph, July 10, 1859. She m. at Randolph, Oct. 22, 
1834, Joshtia, son of Joseph and Beulah (Littlefield) Hunt, of 
Randolph, who was b. Feb. 8, 1808, and d. at Randolph, Dec. 
6, 1883. (Hunt Genealogy, pp. 293, 296.) Children were : 

689. Sarah Framcbs Hunt*, b. Aug. 22, 1838; m. Bxra Tilden 

Upham, Feb^ 22, 1863 ; res. Stoughton. 

Charlxs Bvbebtt Hunt*, b. March 26, 2840; m. at Ran- 
dolph, April 9, Z863, Bllen Victoria Belcher, of Braintree. 
He d. June 20, i8&(, at Soldiers' Hospital, Mew Orleans, 
of wounds received in battle. 

Joshua Hunt*, b. Feb. 6, 1842 ; m. in Canton, May 1, 1874, 
Lois Maria Reed, who was b. in Perry, Me., Feb. 17, 1846 ; 
had : Myra Bvelina Hont'^, b. in. Randolph, May i, 1877. 

690. Gborgb TuauuL Huht*, b. Aug. 14, 1843 ; m. Rozae R. Cor^ 

liss, June 6, 1872. 
68r. Caukb Fishbb Humi*, b. May xo, 1845 ; m. zst, Mary Sliza- 
beth French, Feb. i, 1869 ; m. 2d> Anna S. Preble, Feb. 29, 
693. Susan Jakx Buiit*, b. May 7« 1846; m. George H. Hale, 
April 6, 187X ; res. Hudson, Mass. 
BsTHsa Hunt*, b. April 26, 1848. 
Bdwajid Hunt*, b. March 14* 1833; d. Aug. 5, 1833. 

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373. Harriot*, youngtst child of Samuel (194) and 
Susanna (Tucker) Piaher, waa b. in Canton, Jan. 28, 1818, 

and d, in Randolph, Dec. 17, 1893. She m. at , May 9, 

X844, Washington Thayer, of Randolph. 

374. Henry CuRTIS^ son of Henry Bass and Elizabeth 
(Fisher) Curtis (195), was b. Aug. 24, 1803, and d. at Bos- 
ton, July 9, 1873. He m. at Boston, Dec. 4, 1828, Rebecca 
Lepington, daughter of Otis Everett, of Boston, who was b. 
there, June 13, 1807. Their diildren, b. at Boston, were : 

SUZABETH BVSRBTT CcjRTis', b. Oct. 3, 1829; d. March 31, 

1S53, luim. 
Augusta Rebecca Cuetui*, b. Feb. 16, 1831. 
COENEUA WiOtZjiY Curtis*, b. Pub. 38, 1832; m. George J. 

Fisher (635), of Boiiton, Nov. 4, 1851. 
S93. Hemey Curtis, Jr.', b. Aue. 13, 1S34; m. Lacy Reed Os- 

bom ; res. Rock Island, 111. 
RUSSEZA HUED CUETis*. b. June so, 1830; d. of paralysis, 

at Chicago, 111., June 8, 1897. 

375. Hannah Maeia Cuetis*, daughter of Henry Bass . 
and Elizabeth (Fisher) Curtis (195), was b. at Boston, Dec. 
31, x8ii ; m. there, Nov zs> 1332, Dr. George Mansfield, who 
was b. at Groton, Oct. 8, 1807, and d. at Janesville, Wis., 
July 26, 1869. She d. at Janesville, April 14, i868. They 

Peancbs Maeia Hansfieu)*! b. Lowell, Mass., Aug. 11, 
1833 ; d. there, April la, 1854. 

694. Geoege Cuetis MAMsriBU)*, b. May 26, 1837; m. 1st, Caro- 

line Mosher; m. 2d, Kittie Winnek, Oct. 15* 1873. 

695. JOSEFHIKE BUZABBTU MANSFIELD**, b. Feb. 29, 1840; lU. 

Chester H. Larrabee, Dec. 26, 1871. 

696. Henev Cuetis Mamsfieu)**, b. Feb. 27, 1843; m. Henrieiu 

Waterbury, Nov. 17, 1874. 
Aethue Bverett Mamsfieui", b. Aug. 15, 1843 ; res. %Sniii- 
ner, Iowa ; nnm. 

697. Anna Isaooea Mansfield*, b. Tan. 1, 1848; m. Prof. Ed- 

mund C. Atkinson, June 10, 1809. 

376. Matilda CoouDGB Cuetis', daughter of Henry 
Bass and Elizabeth (Fisher) Curtis (195), was b. at Boston, 
Sept. 2, 1813, and d. at sea, Jan. 30, 1848. She m. at Low- 
ell, June 3, 1841, Stephen Baxter Savage, who was b. at 
PrincetoUf Mass., Feb., 1810, and d. at Lancaster, Mass., 
Oct. 27, 1^57. Their children were : 

BusABSTB Cuetis Savace*, b. in Hondujas, Aue- 35, 1842. 
Augusta Coeneua Savage', b. Honduras, June 25, 1844 ; d. 

there, Jan. 21, 1845. 
Bdwin Coffin Savage*, b. Honduras, March 10, 1846; d. 

Laneaster, Mass., Dec. 3, 1856. 

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377. Helsn Martha Curtis", daughter of Henry Bass 
and Elizabeth (Fisher) Curtis (195), was b. at Boston, Dec. 
28, 1820, and d. at Rossville, O., July 8, 1849. She m. at 
Lowell, Mass., Nov. 8, 1843, Harrison Craft Bird, who was b. 
at Watertown, Mass., March 4. 1815, and d. at Clinton, Iowa, 
Oct. 24, 1878. Their children, who were all b. and d. at 
RossviUe, O., were: 

.\MNA Matilda Bird", b. .\ttg. 20, 1844 ; d. Sept. 17, 1864. 
CUARI.BS William Bird", b. July 38, 1846; d. July 2$, 1847. 
Mary Blizabktu Bird*, b. Jan. 28, 1849; d. Sept. 15, i8si« 

385. Gborgb Lbwis^, oldest child of George (196) and 
Lois Vose (Ward) Fisher, was b. in Dorchester, Feb. 23, 1803; 
m. , Elizabeth . He was 
a blacksmith, living at Mattapan. He d. Sept. 3, 1862. His 
widow resided at 776 Norfolk street, Mattapan, where she d. 
Dec. 9, 1897, aged 88 years and 4 months. Their children 
were : 

Bathskbba McIntosh*, b. March 24, 1831 ; d. . 

Child*, b. jHly, 1834; d. Sept. 29* 1834, aged 3i months. 
Louisa*, b^^ov. 21, 1835 ; a. July 4, 1839. 
698. Gboros Axbrri*, b. AoR. 12, 1840. 
BuzABBTH*, b. July 6, i&U- 

386. Edwik*, second child of George ( 196) and Lois Vose 
(Ward) Fisher, was b. in Dorchester, April 19, 1804; m. ist, 
at Dorchester, May 3, 1829, by the Rev. Dr. Edward Rich- 
mond, First Parish, Hepsibah Elms, the daughter of William 
and Martha Russell, of Dorchester. She d. ; he 
m. 2d, Sept. 19, 1847, by the Rev. Thomas C. Pierce, CaroUne, 
daughter of Lyman and Charlotte Fuller, and widow of David 
Beckwith. He was a wheelwright by trade ; res. on River 
Street, Dorchester, 1848, and in Foxboro in 1875. Their 
children were : . ' 

GeoRCX Edwin*, b. . 

Charlks Prrdbrick* (by necond wife), b. Feb. 26, 1848. 

387. Lois Vose*, fourth child of George (196). and Lois 
Vose (Ward) Fisher, was b. in Dorchester, Oct. 8, 1807 ; m. 
at Dorchester, April 13, 1828, Albert McKendry. 


388. Ai^VAN*, son of Alexander (198) and Clarissa 
(Tucker) Fisher, was b. in Canton, Dec. 2, 1821 ; moved to 
Westford, Mass., where he m. Jan. i, 1855, Amanda, daugh- 
ter of Eli and Mary (Fletcher) Tower, who was b. at Westford, 

Digitized by 



April 4, 1834. (Charlemagne Tower's Tower Geii., p. 320.) 
They res. at Westford. Their children were : 

699. PasDmiac Ai,van*» b. Oct. 9, 1855 ; res. Lowell. 
Hajly*, b. Jnly ), 1857; d« March 3, 1858. 
Hauiy*, b. April 8, 1858 ; d. MArch 17, x86o. 
AnsuNS Maiua*» b. Dec. 35, x86o; graduated at Wcstford 

Academy, in 1879; m. William L. Kittredge, siuce decea»etl. 

They had : Clara Amanda Kittredge", b. Oct. 15, 18S9. 
QUlRJl Amanda", b. July 6, 1863 ; graduatttd at Wesitford 

Academy, in i88a. 
Aluck*, b. Angnat aa, 1865. 
TOH2f*, b. ICay i, 1868. 
suza Cafsm*, b. Oct. 17, 1870. 
TBOMAa PunrcHSR*, b. Ang. 2$, 1873. 
Bdwau)", b. Ang. aa, 1874. 
RUTHf, b. NoF. 15, 1876. 

389. Majua', daughter of Alexander (198) and Clarissa 
(Tucker) Fisher, was b. in Canton, Dec. 6, 1826 ; m. June 
i5i 1851, Edward W. Davenport, of Mendon; they residi at 
Ccmncil Blufb, Iowa. Children were : 

Annxs Cabtsr Davbnport*, b. May a4» 1854; d. June 7, 

Mllkk PiSBSJt Davbhyoet*, b. Oct. 30| 1859; d. Dec. i, 

GraCB Davbnpobt*, b. Ang. 15, 1865 ; d. Ang. 39, 1865. 
Maey DANIR13 DAVHifK>RT', b. March 7, 18 

300. Chablbs", son of Alexander (198) and Clarissa 
(Tucker) Fisher, was b. in Canton, Mass., Sept. 12, 1831 ; 
m. xst, June 15, 1851, Maria T. Blanchard, of Charlestown, 
who d. in C%nton, of consumption, July 18, 1854, aged 33. 
He m. 2d, Jan. 9, 1869, at Stoughton, Patience Eli^cabeth, 
daughter of Jonathan F. and Margaret (Briggs) Loring, who 
was b. in Canton, in 1846, andd. there, May 11, 1888. About 
1854, Mr. Fisher was engaged in the manufacture of shovels, 
but after the death of his first wife he went West. He re- 
turned and after his marriage settled on the homestead, 
residing in the house built by his grandfather, K7.ekiei 
Fisher, in Ponkapog, Canton. He worked at his trade as a 
blacksmith for some years, but has relinquished that and de- 
votes his time to the home farm. Their children were : 

Locv Mabia", b. July a, 1854 ; d. July 9, 1854. 
700; Sarah Ella", b. (by »ccond wife), May 7, 1869; ui. Warren 

J. Davenport, Oct. 7, 1890. 
701. Maria Davhnfort*, b. March 7, 1871 ; m. John L. McCarthy, 
March a, 1896. 

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702. BUZA Mab\ b. May 2$, 1873 ; m. WUliam M. H. Wood, 

July a. 1896. 
AxjucA2fDB&*» b. March 19, 1875. 
CiA&A TucxBR*, b. Jan. 34, 1878 fhi. Sept. 7, x898» W. Bllery 

Bnllard, manager of the Norfolk Electric Coattmctioa 

Company, of Dedham. 
Charus Lorxng*, b. May 8, x88i. 
Benjamin*, b. March la, 1883. 
John Aenoij)*, b. May 30. 1885. 

301. John M. Pooi«kr\ son of Eunice^ Fisher (201) and 
Justus Pooler, was b. at Canton, ; enlisted in the 

First Mass. Light Battery, Aug. 28, 1861, as artificer; died 
March 14, 1863, at White Oak Church, Va. Bennett's Story 
of the First Massachusetts Light Battery speaks of him as 
follows : 

"One comrade who passed 'over the river' at this time 
deserves more than a passing notice. John Pooler, our chief 
blacksmith, a skillful mechanic, a good soldier, an upright 
man, succumb^ to a fever which must have been malignant 
indeed to overcome a yConatitution so strong as our comrade 
possessed. We lost /a man whose place was difficult to fill ; 
for, besides the constant reqtiisition upon his services for 
horseshoeing and for repair of our equipments, there were 
emergencies often arising in our career when very much 
depended upon the artificer's genius to contrive and skill to 
execute. Comrade Pooler's character compelled the respect 
of officers and men. The eulogistic remarks of the venerable 
chaplain of the Fifth Maine, who officiated at the funeral, 
remarks which must have been inspired by our commander; 
attested how thoroughly the latter appreciated the deceased." 
His name and service are placed on the Memorial Hall tablet 
at Canton, but his life and noble character have left an impress 
on all those with whom he came in contact in the long ago, 
and his works do truly follow him. 

i • 

392. JESSB TucKBR Trub*, son of Woodman and Lucy 
Tucker (207) True, was b. in West Gardiner, Me., Jan. 12, 
1832 ; m. Oct. 9, i860, Elizabeth Cushing, of Freeport, Me., 
who was b. • Their children : 

Fannxb Wooduan Tbub*, b. July 15, 1861. 

BowARD M. TruhP, b. April 25, 1863 ; m. Georgia B. Kin- 
dred, of Worcester, Mais., May 11, 1893. Had: Mabel 
Blizabeth Trae>*, b. March xo, 1894; another child**, b. 
July 9, 1895. 

Natuan C. Trub*, b. July 6, 1868. 

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308. JOHN W. Tucker', son of John (ao8) and Rhoda 
Jane (Jack) Tucker, was b. Dec. so, 1854 ; m. March 9, 1880, 
Carrie Mabel Woodbury, who was b. . Children 


Gsomos Tuouca*. b. March 14, x88i. 

S^uuLH WooBBuay Tuciuut** b. Aug. 76, i88a. 

Dixxaa Bu&TOH Tucxsa*, b. Nov. 27, 1883. 

&AUPR TucKxa*, b. Not. 7, 1884. 

LuaniA Mabsx. Tdcxbr*, b. April 30, 1886. 

Jomr RiCKABD Tucxsa*. b. Dec. zx, 1887. 

Fasp WnccKSix Tucxaa*, b. Feb. 3, X889. 

Mxu>asD V. BarszAB Tucicsa*, b. Jan. i. 1891. 

Bx.icaa Tucjunt*, b. March 20, 1892. 

MAay DatJA Tucxsa^ b. May 1$, X893. 

JUUA TucKJUt*. b. Jnly 30, X894. 

304. JBSSB T. Bartuctt*, soa of Daxiiel (209) and Re- 
becca (Tucker) Bartlett, was b. in West Gardiner, Mc, 
March 6, X84X ; m. Dec. 31, x866, Mrs. Anise H. Bartlett. 
Children were : 

Maud C. BAaTXjrrx*, b. April 16, 1869. 

Clyds I#. BAaTXonn*, b. Dec. 5, X871 ; d. March 9, 1873. 

PaANK Harlsy BAaTtitn*, b. July 6, 1876. 

BucairZA M. BAaTLETT*, b. Jan. 28, 1878. 

BSAxaiCE BAaTLBXT*, b. Sept. ax, X884 ; d. Sept. 30, 1884. 

305. Frank G. Bartlktt*, son of Daniel (209) and 
Rebecca (Tucker) Bartlett, was b. in , March 6, 
X850 ; m. Dec. 19, x888, Mary L. Ford. Their child was : 

DoaoTHSA Bartzatt*, Oct. 33, 1889 ; d. March 6, 1891. 

306. David E. Tuckbr', son of David (2 1 x ) axid Abigail 
W. (Fuller) Tucker, was b. in West Gardiner, Me., May 29, 
x8s9 ; m. Nov. 22, x88i, Axinie E. Cram. Their children : 

Florbkce Bdha Tucxbr*, b. Aug. 5, 1883. 
Jxssxa Bvai.vN Tucxkr*, b. April 22, 1891. 

307. Jonathan Onion', son of Catherine' Fisher {215) 
axid Elihu Onion, was b. at Dedhaxn, July X2, 1804 ; m. Betsey, 
daughter of Jlixnes and Molly (Haskell) Jexiks, who was b. in 
Cuxnberland, R. I., Dec. X3, 1803. She d. March 12, 1874, 
aged 70. Res. MiUord, Mass. (For descendants see Ballou's 
Milford, pp. 934*35). Of their six children : 

SrsniRH JBNXS Onion*, b. in Bellinghani, Feb. 5, 1827 ; m. 
xtt, JoMphine Fiaher, who d. July X3, 1851 ; 00 children by 
this union. 

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398. JABBZ*, son of Benjamin (216) and AbigaU (Baker) 
Fisher, was b. at West Dedham, Dec. 26, 1801 ; m. at Ded- 
ham, Nov. 24, 1824, Persis, daughter of Eliaha and Deborah 
Howes, who was b. at Dennis, on Cape Cod, Nov. 19, 1804, 
and came to West Dedham in 1818. (For her ancesdy see 
Howes Genealogy.) She d. Oct. 20, 1876, aged 71. He 
was a wheelwright in West Dedham, and d. there, March 13, 
1883. They had: 

Maev Janb*, b. March ao, 1896 ; m. Jnne 14, 1866, Bsra 
Sonthworth Jackaon, of West Roxbory, who was b. at 
Plymoath» Oct. 15, 1809 ; no children ; they res. at Jamaica 
Plain. See Dedham Historical Register for July 1898, 
p. 88. 

OsBORN HowKS*, b. Oct. 13, 1833; d. in Iowa City, la., 
March 29, x88s ; nnm. 

703. Frbdbrick*, b. June 18, 1844 ; m. Mary B. Ward, Jan. xa, 


3f>9. Joseph*, son of Benjamin (2x6) and Abigail (Baker) 
Fisher, was b. in Dedham, July 21, 1805 ; m. ist, in Dedham, 
March 6, 1826, Hannah, daughter of Sabin and Abigail 
(Richards) Baker, of West DecUiam, who was b. in Dedham, 
May 13, X805, and d. in West Dedham, Oct. 29, 1853 ; m. 2d, 
May 13, 1857, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Colin and Sarah 
Griggs (Richer) Campbell, who was b. in Harrington, .now 
MiUbridge, Washington County, Maine, May 25, 1831. She 
d. in Westwood, formerly West Dedham, Mass., Jan. 7, 1899. 

'* In early life Joseph Fisher began business as a nuinufac- 
turer of carriages and harnesses in West Dedham. He had 
followed the business but a few years when on account of his 
health he was advised to seek an occupation that would per- 
mit of his spending more time in the open air, and he after- 
wards dealt in horses quite extensively. He purchased his 
father's homestead on High Street, West Dedham, and 
subsequently lived there. In politics he was a life-long 
Republican. He was a trustee of the Dedham Savings Bank, 
a director of Dedham National Bank, also of the Nofiolk In- 
surance Company and the Mutual Insurance Company of 
Dedham. He was a prominent member of the Unitarian 
church and a man of pronounced public spirit." He died in 
West Dedham, Aug. 13, 1880. Their children were : 

Hannah MAaXA*, b. June, X830 ; d. Oct. 35, 1830. 

704. GKOacB*, b. Nov. x6, 183X ; m. Mary Bstelle Colbum, Jan. 24, 

Hattxr Smith* (by second wife), b. Dec. 38, 1857 ; m. George 
Henry Sinith, a manufacturer, of Halifax. Bngland, Mav 7, 
1890; had : Bmeraon Lyman Fiiher Smith '^ b. in Halifax, 
Eng., Jan. 19, 1894. 

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705. JoftBPH Lyman*, b. Not. Ut 1861 ; m. Carrie B. Campbell, 

June 249 1885* 
BuiABBTH Campbbxx*, b. April 3t X^i ', graduated at Smith 

College, 1893. 
Kay Cakpmua*, b. April a8, 1873 ; d. April z, 1883. 

400. Bbmiamiic Anson*, son of Bsnjamin (216) and 
Abigail (Baker) Fisher, was b. at Dedbam, May 25, 1807 ; 
m. Sarah S. Presby, Nov. 15, 1838. He is said to 
have died in the hospital in San Francisco, many years ago. 
We conld not learn whether they had any lamily. 

401. Addison*, son of Benjamin (216) and Abigail 
(Baker) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, Sept. 31, 182 1 ; m. Miuch 
II, 1844, Martha, daughter of John Moalton, who was b. at 
York, Me. ; m. 2d, April 16, 1871, Calx>line Meeker. In 
early life he was a wheelwright, and lived after his marriage 
for some years in Natick. About 1857 he went to Iowa, and 
the following year settled at Algona, la., where he is a farmer 
and stockraiser. Has been a county supervisor, and held all 
the township offices at one time or another. They had : 

706. Kaey*, b. March 35, 1845 ; m. Joteph Raaey, May 33, 1863. 

707. Gborgb Addison*, b. Naiick, Nov. 19, 1846; m. Hannah P. 

Son^ b. Natiek, July 34, fSdS; d. Ang. 30, 1848. 
Maatsa Hamnah*, b. Natlck,* Not. X3, 1849 ; m. Benjamin 

Sophia', b. Natiek, Oct. 14, 1853 ; d. Aug. 3, 1873. 

708. Cora*, b. ICay 14, 1861 \ m. Walter W. Raaey, Feb. ir» 1883. 
BX.110RA*, b. ICarch 3, 1873; d. Aug. 17, 1874. 

402. Jambs Read*, son of Abijah (317) and Fanny 
(Field) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Nov. 38, 1814 ; m. April 
38, 1838, Lndnda F. Gay, of Dover. He was a cabinet 
maker by trade, and resided at Dedham and at Norwood, 
where he d. . They had : 

LuciMDA*, b. «— ; m. John S. Gay, of Newton, Oct. 3, 1859. 
LUANMA*, b. — ; m. Nicolas Lund, of Dedham, Sept. 13, 

Ida Sua", b. April xS, 1853; m. Peter Dow Cumiaon, of 

West Dedham, Aug. 36, 1870. 
Pax^TOir A.*, b. Nov. 5, 1857. 

403. HoRACB Lucius*, son of Abijah (317) and Fanny 
(Field) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, , 1830 ; m. at Provi* 
dence, R. I., Oct. I3, 1847, Martba Elizabeth, dau. of George 
W. and Mary Appleton, who was b. at Wrentham, in 1834 ; 
he was a cabinet maker by trade. 

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404. N ATRANIBL Dam A*, oldcst child of Rev. Jesse (218) 
and Rebecca (Dana) Fisher, was b. in » Oct. , 
1816; was educated at Andover, Mass.; joined the South 
church there, by profession of faith, Sept. 2, 1832, and was 
dismissed, Jan. 14, 1838, to the church in Windham, Conn. 
He married and had children; he and his wife are dttd. A 
son, Homer* Fisher, res. in Bast Orange, N. J. 

405. Sa&ah*, second child of Rev. Jesse (2x8) and 
Rebecca (Dana) Fisher, was b. in , , 18x7 ; m. 

» X845, Stq>hen G. Woodhridge, who d. about 1854. 
He conducted a school for boys at Perth Amboy, N. J. She 
d. about 185 X. Their children were : 

Mary WooDsaxDOX", b. ; d. about x86o. 

HOMBR WooDsaxDGB*, b. ; professor m MsMSchntrtts 

Institute of Technology, Boston. 
Daka Woodbexdcb*, b. ; was professor in Williams 

College, *' 

406. LuTBKX Painb*, son of Rev. Jesse (218) and Laura 
(Paine) Fisher, was b« in Scotland, Windham County, Conn., 
Dec. 27, 1823. His education was received in the schools of his 
native village, in Sheffield, Coiui., and in Andover, Mass., and 
Amherst College. He left Amherst before his graduation, 
and going to New York City, became a member of the Cali- 
fornia Mutual Benefit and Joint Stock Association. They 
purchased the ship *' Arkansas," and left New York City for 
California, Aug. 26, X849. He arrived in California, Dec. 19, 
1849, and for several years was engaged in mining business. 
After leaving the mines, he entered the newspaper advertising 
business in San Francisco, and the business established in 
1852, was continued by him until his death. He returned 
East in 1859, and married in Norwich Town, Conn., Oct. 11, 
1859, Catharine Bruyn Arms, daughter of Rev. H. P. Arms, 
of Norwich Town, Conn., who was b. in Kingston, N. Y., 
Nov. 17, 1828, and d. in Oakland, Cal., Sept. 4, 1895. Mrs. 
Fisher became a teacher in the Durant School in Oakland, 
Cal., about 1866, where her abilities were soon recognized 
and she was promoted to the High School, where she contin- 
ued as head of the English department for eighteen years, 
holding the position until June lo, X895. She was also a 
member of the Starr King Fraternity, and was instructor of 
the Shakesperian Club. Their children were : 

WIU.XAU AaMS", b. in San Prandtco, April 27, 1861 ; ret. 
Boston, where he it editor of the mutical pnblicationt of 
Olivet: Dittott Company, 453 Wathington Street ; ret. Union 

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Lucy B.% b. in. San Francisco, Feb. 8, 1863; a trained nume 
and artist ; rai. in Oakland, Cal., and lately with the Phila- 
delphia, Pa., College Settlement. 

Crack D.*, b. in Oakland, Cal., Not. 15, 1869 ; well known 
at an elocntioniit and dramatic reader ; a member of the 
theatrical company of Madame Mod)e»ka. 

407. Louisa*, eldest child of Moses (220) aud Fanny 
(Fuller) Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., Feb. 5, 1817, 
and d. m New Boston, N. H., Oct. 7, 18S3. She m. Oct. u, 
1843, Moses Holmes, son of Moses Eaton and Sally (Holmes) 
Bradford, who was b. in Francestown, Aug. 30, 1815. *' He 
was for many years proprietor of the stage route between New 
Boston and Parker's Station; res. at New Boston." *' She 
was educated in the public schools of Francestown ; attended 
Francestown Academy and the Salem (Mass.) Normal School, 
and taught several terms of school. United with the Congre- 
gational church in 1834. They moved to New Boston in Oct. , 
1830. She was a well read woman, a good conversationalist, 
kind hearted, and a faithful wife and mother." Children 

709. Louisa Kdrulidk Bradford*, b. Oct. 21, 1843; m. Horaice 

Chandler, Oct. 11, 1864. 

710. Pkkd Bradford*, b. March 10, iSsa ; m. J. Alice Crons, Jan. 

I, 1873. 

408. Elizabeth Thukston', daughter of Moses (220) 
and Fanny (Puller) Fisher, wash, in Francestown, N.H., Feb. 
2, 1 8 19; m.May 17, 1843, Theron Palmer, of Salem, Mass., 
who was b. Feb. 25, 1809, aud d. March 12, 1879. '* She 
left school at fifteen and wa.s apprenticed to a dressmaker ; 
worked several years at dressmaking before her marriage. 
She was a member of the Congregational church for over 
fifty years before her death, which occurred Oct. 23, 1^93." 
Only child was : 

Jamb BuzAnirrH Palmkr", b. May 8, 1848; m. George G. 
Philbric, Oct. ao, 1881 ; be *cl. Jan. ao, 1887. 

400. Mosss Bbadpobd% son of Moses (220) and Fanny 
(Fuller) Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., June 1 1, 1821 ; 
m. 1st, March 30, 1843, Persis Adeline Vamum, who was b. 
in Dracttt, Mass., Nov. 17, 1823, and d« while on a visit to 
Lowell, Mass., Oct. 8, 1880. He m. 2d, June 16, iSSi, 
Prudentia B. Oilman (Reed) Atwood, of Francestown, who 
was from Lowell, before her marriage to David Atwood, of 
Francestown, May 5, 1856, and was b. in Cornish, N. li., i<'eh. 
8, 182 1. She d. at Francestown, Nov. 30, 1883, aged 64. 


Digitized by 



He was a machinist, and worked at his trade in Nashua ; 
*' now lives on the farm cleared by his grandfather. He was 
for a number of years deacon in the Congregational church 
(elected Sept. 14, 1855 ; resigned Dec. 12, 1872), and is a man 
of intelligence and one who takes an active part in religious 
work. ' • Children were : 

Emma Adbijns*, b. in Lowell, Mam., Sept. 7, 1844 ; d. Salem, 

Mats., Aag. so, 1849. 
MosBS*, b. Salem, Nov. 9, 1846 ; d. there, Nor. 17, 1846. 
Mary Prancss*, b. Salem, Sept* 3X, 1848 ; uiun. 
Bdwzx Bradford*, b. Salem, Sept. 12, 1850; d. Francestown, 

June 14, X857, 

711. AX.BRRT VARMUM^ b. Salem, Sept. 37, 1853; m. Carrie E. 

Emerson, Dec. 25, 1879 ; re*. Metliuen, Maaa.; a grocer. 

712. TmcORBN PAUtfRR*, b. Francestown, July 5, 1855; m. Abbie 

E. Lovejoy, of Milford, July i, 1881 ; rea. Norwalk, O.; an 

713. Ckarlbs CnTLBR', b. Francestown, May 13, 1858; a wood 

carver ; rea. Lawrence, Mass. 

714. Frrdbrick Bradford*, b. Franceatown, Aug. 25, z86o; res. 

Toledo, O. 

715. Elmbr Eu^wortu*, b. Jnly 36, 1862;. res. Waahington, D. 

C; a grocer. 
Adkunb Buzabbth", b. Francestown, Not. 7, 1864; d. Dec. 
9. 1893. 

410. Fanny Jans*, daughter of Moses (220). and Fanny 
(Fuller) Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., April i, 
1823 ; m. Nov. 29, 1843, John M. Sanborn, of Franklin, N.H., 
whod. May 12, 1890. They removed to Norwalk, O., where 
she d. June 27, 1892. Their children : 

Hrlbn Francrs Sanbork*. b. 1845; d. 1851. 

Amtoinbttb Gbrtrudb Sambork", b. 1&16; d. 1857. 

Fanny Moody Sanborn*, b. 1856 ; d. May 22, 1877. 

OsoRGR Moody Stark Sanborn", b. ; m. Blanche 

Pepoon. Not. 24, 1880 ; 931 State St., Schenectady, N. Y.; 
children: Bdith^ George Walter>^ Willi8*» and Bthel 
Loraine^* Sanborn. 

Edward Daniel Sanborn*, b. ; m. Mate Shnfflebottom ; 
rea. Blkhart, Ind.; children : Jay Sanborn'*, b. 1884; May 
Claire Sanborn'*, b. Ang. 7, 1892; Georgia Camille San- 
born'*, b. May 25, 1886; d. June 10, 1886. 

411. Harriett*, filth child of Moses (220) and Fanny 
(Fuller) Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., Sq>t. 13, 
1824 ; m. Oct. 8, 1862, John S. Penrier, who was son of 
Nathaniel and Jane (Shaw) Pervier, b. May 30, 1804, and d. 
July 21, 1877. They res. in Franklin, N. H. She was ** a 
retiring womait, of more than ordinary ability, who always 

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regarded her owii opinion and judgment as inferior to othern. 
A kind neighbor, and conscientious member of the Congrega- 
tional chux^ ; she was strictly honest in every word ; a faith- 
ful wife and devoted mother. At her death, July 24, 1889, 
it was said 'she hath done what she could' for others." 
Child, b. in Franklin, N. H., was : 

HAaazBTT Louisa PBavnca*, b. ; a graduate of the 

College of Phyticiant and Snrgeont, Boston, Mass. Had 
been a snecessful teacher for several years. She m. Dec. i, 
1891, Bverett D. Hooner, M. D., a graduate of the Frank- 
lin High School and College of Physicians and Surgeoun ; 
member of the Framingham (Mass.) Normal School. She 
res. Lebanon, Pa. 

412. Danibl Fullsr*, ninth child of Moses (220) and 
Fanny (Fuller) Fisher, wasb. in Francestown, N. H., April 
i5» 1834 ;m. Feb. 12, 1861, Mary A. Bullen, who was bom 
in Gardiner, Me., Feb. 12, 1837. Inhis boyhood '* he worked 
on the farm, attending school in winter, and having one 
term in the Francestovm Academy. At nineteen he was 
apprenticed to a machinist for three years, receiving forty-two 
cents per day the first year, fifty cents. the second, and 
seventy-five cents the third, with a bonus of $100 at the expir- 
ation of the time. Out of this he had to board and clothe 
himself. He worked in Salem, Mass., Milford, N. U., and in 
Manchester, N. H., Locomotive Works, until Sept., 1857. 
when he went to Iowa, with his Uncle Asa, and bought land 
there. He enlisted in the Engineer Regiment of the West in 
the Civil War, and went to St. Louis, helping replace the 
bridge over the Lawrence River, burned by Gov. Jack.son. 
Later, was mustered into the United States service, and made 
corporal, and took part in the siege of New Madrid, and 
second battle of Corinth. His regiment now joined the 
Missouri Engineers, and he became a sergeant and went with 
Grant to Muusissippi. ' ' He was honorably discharged, Nov. 1 2 , 
1864. He farmed in Denmark, Iowa, until 1872, when he 
removed to Fairfield, Neb., where he now resides. Children : 

WAX.TBa Hrkry*. b. June 11, 1867; m. in Huntley, Neb., 
Jennie Smith, Dec. 34, 1892 ; bad : Blanche May*", h. July, 

JBXNIK Louisa', b. June 19, 1875. 

413. George Edward'*, youngest child of Moses (220) 
and Fanny (Fuller) Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., 
April 3, 1838; m. ist, Sept. 21, 1862, Mary R. Pettingill, who 

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d. in Burlington, Iowa, Nov. 21, 1868. He m. 2d, Feb. 19, 
1871, Anne Eliza Crawford, who d. in Chelsea, Mass., May 
29, 1875. '' He went to Gloucester, Mass., in 1862, and was 
foreman of the Advertiser. Then entered the ' Old Comer' 
bookstore as clerk. In 1865 he started a store of his own on 
Front Street, but sold out because of his wife's health, and 
went West, remaining a year. After her death he returned to 
Gloucester, where he remained until he accepted a position 
with Noyes, Holmes & Co., of. Boston (now Lockwood, 
Brooks Sl Co.), remaining with them until his death, Aug. 2, 
1877. ^ strong temperance worker and staunch Congrega- 
tionalist. ' An upright, honest, conscientious man in all the 
relations of life.' " Children were : 

PWRA May*, b. Angust 29,^847, d. Aug. x8, 1880. 

Harrist Prrvibr", b. June 6, 1863; graduate of Salem Nor- 
mal School and a snccessfnl teacher. 

Gborgianna Ouvia*, b. Jan. xi, 1873 ; graduate of Salem 
High School ; was in kindergarten work ; librarian of Pub« 
lie Library, Salem, Mass. 

414. Sa&ab Friend', daughter of Abijah (221) and 
Sarah M. (Friend) Fisher, was b. in Lyndeboro, N. H., June 
28, 1818, and d. Aug. 24, 1876. She m. April 26, 1841, 
Elam Le Grand Flower, who d. Jane 27, 1872. Their chil- 
dren were : 

GzuBRT M. Pzx>w8R*, b. Aog. 30, 1842. 
Louisa Bbrinthxa PtowBR", b. July 28, 1844. 
Warrbn Abijah Pz^wsr", b. Dec. 10, 1850. 
Clarbncb p. Flower*, b. , 1853. 
Pbrl p. Plowhr", b. May 6, 1855. 
FWRBNCB May Plowbr', b. Nov., 1859. 
Charlss C. Plowrr*» b. May 10, 1863. 

415. Olivb Jank*, daughter of Abijah (221) and Sarah 
M; (Friend) Fisher, was b. in Orleans, N. Y., Dec. 31, 
1325 ; m. Sept. 20, 1848, Horace S. Isabell, who d. in New 
York city, Dec. 26, 1884. She res. at Brighton, Iowa. Only 
child was: 

Harvry Gix3BS:t Isassu*, b. Jnly is» 1859. 

416. Gilbert', youngest child of Abijah (221) and 
Sarah M. (Friend) Fisher, was b. in Orleans, N. Y., Aug. 17, 
1828; m. March 3, 1850, S. Orle Moore, who d. March 14, 
1855. Children were : 

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AOA O.*, b. 1853. 

MxiOfXS*, b. 1855. 

417. Dbacon Hbnry Francis*, aon oi Aaron (322) and 
.Sosan (Fuller) Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., May 

29, 1824 ; m. ist, Oc|. 15, 1845, Mary P. Russell, of HoUis, 
N. H., who was b. July 10, 1824, and d. April 9, 1856 ; m. 
2d, Lucy L. Lovell, of Yarmouth, Me., April 21, 1858; she 
was b. Aug, 25, 1829, and d. Nov. 13, 1870; m. 3d, Feb. 17, 
1874, Lucy Jm daughter of Washburn, and widow of 

Chandler Fisher, of Dorchester, Mass. She was b. in East- 
port, Me., July 2, 1822. **Mr. Fisher lived on the farm 
formerly owned by his &ther, about three miles from Frances- 
town village." ''He has for many years been a most efficient 
deacon in the Con^gational church, and is a gentleman of 
excellent standing m Uie town." Children were : 

WAJtasK T.*, b. in I^owcll, BiCaM., Ang. a6, 1846 ; m. Miouie 
R. Shaw; ret. PhUadelphia, Pa. 

Bmka a.* (by second wife), b. Francestown, Dec. 6, 1866; 
** educated in public schools of Prancestowu and Prances- 
towa Academy; successfully tought several turuis of 
school in Francestown and I#yndeboro, N. H.; now in 
charge of the millinery department of a large Boston 
firm." • 

418. CHA&ues Anson", second son of Aaron (222) and 
Susan (Fuller) Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., Feb. 
25, 1827, and resides in San Francisco, Cal., iu 1898. He m. 
Jan. 27, 1859, Mary Patterson Ryer, who was b. in New 
York, Aug. 29, 1830, and d. in San Francisco, Cal., April 
2, 1896. A merchant of San Francisco, his business having 
been established over forty years. Their children were : 

716. Bbujk Augusta*, b. Nov. 21, i860 ; m. Sept. 2, 1880, William 
L. Locke, of San Francisco. 
BuiCA PiutDsaiCA*, b. Jan. 28, 1873. 

419. Augustus Aakon*, third son of Aaron (222) and 
Susan (Fuller) Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., July 
12, 1829. A merchant, doing business for many years in con- 
nection with his brother in San Francisco. Resided at Bound 
Brook, N. J. Died some time ago. 

420. JOBL E.*, fifth son of Aaron (222) and Susan 
(Fuller) Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., Sept. 

1837 ; m. ; a merchant for many years in New York 

City ; now retired, but has an office at 45 Broadway. 

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431. George Augustine", son of Thorp (223) and Joan- 
na (Jones) Fisher, wash, in Salem, Mass., June 22, 1837; m. 
May 30, 1859, Annie E., daughter of John Shepard, of Salem, 
whowas b. in Marblehead, April 21, 1840. Was a member 
of the Salem Light Infantry, but on Oct. 8, 1861, received his 
commission as second lieutenant under Captain Ethan Allen 
P. Brewster, in 23d Mass. Inf. ; promoted first lieutenant, 
March 15, 1S62; Sept. iS, 1863, he received his commission 
as first lieutenant in the Signal Corps of the regular army by 
President Lincoln, to date from March 3, 1863. Served in 
the Army of the Potomac ; was at Maryland Heights Station, 
Md., June 24, 1863; Feb. 20, 1864, reported £om Camp of 
Instruction, Georgetown, D. C., to Dept. of South; was at 
Hilton Head, S. C. ; was wounded at the battle of Newbum, 
N. C; June, 1864, was with Gen. William Bimey on an 
attack on Charleston, S. C. ; Dec. 12, on gunboat '* Flag," 
on Ogeechee River, Ga. ; Dec. 13, 1864, on tug '' Dandelion," 
near Fort McAllister; reported for zeal, etc.; Feb. 1865, 
in expedition under Gen. Potter to Bull's Bay, S. C; Oct. 
14, 1868, he was given the rank of " Cai>tain, U. S. Vols, by 
brevet, for faithful and meritorious services during the war, 
to date from March 13, 1865." He was honorably mustered 
out, Oct. 6, 1865. Has resided for a number of years in San 
Francisco, Cal., where he is a commission merchant at 109 
California Street; res. 1812 Encinal Avenue, Alameda, CaL 
Children were : 

AucB Augusta*, b. Salem, Mass., June 9, i860; m. Wilson 

Fairbanks, March 23, 1893. He was b. in Stockton, Cal., 

April 29« 1853. 
Clara Louxstt*, b. Salem, Feb. 11, 1862; m. Frank Cole 

Howe, of Oakland, Cal., May 35, 1898; res. 1440 Benton 

Street, Almeda, Cal. 
Mabsl Sbbpaad*, b. Palmyra, Mo., Oct. 4, 1870; d. Aug. 31, 

Hbnry Sbbpakd*, b. Palmyra, June 3, 287a. 
Eva Bsluc*, b. San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 13, 1874. 

42!2. Charlss Hbnrv*, son of Thorp (223) and Joanna 
(Jones) Fisher, was b. in Salem, Mass., Sept. 16, 1840; m. 
March 16, 1886, Lydia Matthews, daughter of Captain Joshua 
Berry and Rebecca (Matthews) Bangs, who was b. at South 
Dennis, Mass. 

He was educated in public and private schools until sixteen 
years old, when he entered a machine shop in Boston. In 
idS9» he entered the Corliss Steam Engine Company in Boston, 
remaining there until the breaking out of the war, when he 

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entered the navy. Jan. s, 1864, was appointed Acting Master's 
mate, serving on the " Magnolia " in the East Gulf squadron, 
until Aug. 30, 1865, when he was honorably dlncharged with 
rank of mate. Was present at the bombardment of Fort 
Wagner and Fort Sumter, and was at Key West at the dose 
of the war. He then became engineer of the steamer ' ' Night- 
ingale, ' * running between New York and Savannah. In 1 866 , 
went to California by the Isthmus route, stopping a short time 
in San Francisco, and going thence to Jackson, Amador 
County, where he put up a twenty stamp quartz mill, an 
engine and other machinery. Later he put up another in a 
silver mine in Nevada, and was employed in Virginia City 
and Washoe, Nev. In 1868, he started for the East, via 
Central and Union Pacific railroads, travel over eight hundred 
miles by stage over the uncompleted gap remaining between 
the roads then. A week after his return he started for Shanghai, 
China, via Panama and San Francisco; was employed as 
engineer by the Shanghai Steam Navigation Company on the 
Yangtse*Kiang river until failing health compelled him to 
return to America. He prospected for awhile in New Mexico 
and Arizona, and returned to New England. He shortly 
returned to the Shanghai Navigation Company's employ and 
remained there until 1883, when he left Shanghai and returned 
by way of Hong Kong, Sigon, Pont-de-Gaul, Aden, the Suez 
Canal, Naples, Marseilles, Paris and England. Since his 
return has resided at Clarendqn Hills, Mass. Mrs. Fisher 
joined the Daughters of the Revolution in 1895, and has been 
Regent of the Fairbanks Chapter of Dedham, Daughters of 
the Revolution, from its organization, April 13, 1897. She is 
a great-granddaughter of Isaac Matthews (1736- 1796) who 
was first lieutenant in Capt. Elisha Hedge's company, ist 
Plymouth County Regt., Mass. Militia, Sept. 18, 1776: was 
lieutenant in Capt. Elisha Hedge's company. Col. Freeman's 
Regt., in September, 1778. 

423, Joanna Augusta", youngest child of Thorp (223) 
and Joanna (Jones) Fisher, was b. in Salem, Mass., June 3, 
1843; educated in the Salem schools, being a graduate of the 
Normal school there ; m. J. H. Bigelow, of Salem. Children 

Chaulbs H. Bxgjilow*, b. March 24, 1S66 ; m. 

MZNNIS A. BiGSi/>w*, b. June 25, 1SG7. 

AX4UUtT A. Bxcsi/>w*, b. Feb. 23, 1S75 ; d. Aug. 25, 1875. 

424. Rev. Otis*, ison of Aaron (225) and Hep/ibah 
(Walker) Fisher, was b. in Wendell,, June 16. i«oS ; 

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m. ist, Lydia Osgood, whod. about autumn of 1843 ; m. 2d, 
Oct. 13, 1844, Harriet Newell, daughter of Rev. Ambrose 
and Sally (Spencer) Day, of Westfield, Mass., who was b. 
March 31, 1816, and d. at Chicago, 111., Aug. x, 1890. Rev. 
Otis Fisher was educated at Amherst College, and at Brown 
University, Providence. His life work was about equally di* 
vided between teaching and preaching. After leaving college 
he was associate principal of Franklin Academy, Shelbume 
Falls, Mass., his colleague being Rev. John Alden. At the 
close of his services there he was the recipient of a beautiful 
gold medal from the students. He removed to Granville, 
Illinois, to become the head of Granville Academy, then the 
most prominent school in Illinois. At the establishment of 
Judson College in Illinois, he became its president ; for many 
years it was the most flourishing institution in the West, but is 
now extinct. He removed to Bureau County, Ills., in 1867 ; 
and thence to Chicago in 1874. His wife, Harriet Day Fisher, 
was a sister of Rev. Henry Day, D. D., of Indianapolis, Ind., 
and of Nathan Day, of New York City, founder of the house 
of Arnold, Constable & Company, his wife being Lizzie 
Arnold. Rev. Otis Fisher, in addition to his teaching, held 
many pastorates over Baptist churches in Illinois. 
Their children : 

Thbodorb Ons*. b. Nov. ai, 1836; d. single at Mt. Palatine, 
111., Jan., i86i. 

717. LvntA Coehbua", b. May aa, 1830 ; m. Henry Gann, in 1859. 

718. EuGXMS KzNCAin", b. April aa, Z843; m. Huldah Smith. 

719. Chajilss Hbmhy Day* (by second wife), b. at Mt. Palatine, 

111., Nov. 8, 1848 ; m. Bmma Haigh, Oct. 13, 1880. 
7ao. ALSSaT TUDSOK*, b. Granville, 111., Feb. a7, 1831; m. Ada 
Aslianf, July la, 1893. 
HaTTXS PaANCSS*, b. May 19, 1858; m. Alfred E. Janet, of 
East Hampton, Mass., in Nov., 1890; had one child which 
d. yonng; rea. Chicago, 111.; she d. Nov. a3, 1893; he d. 
Jan. a3, 1897. 

425. Lucy Jane Grey*, eldest daughter of Rev. Ezra 
(a27) and Lucy (Taft) Fisher, was b. Dec. 10, 1831, and d, 
Jan. 25, 1864. She m. Sept. 27, 1851, as his first wife, Lyman 
Daniel Cornwall, youngest son of David and Hannah Latour- 
ette, who was b. May 23, 1825, and d. Sept. 24, 1886. He 
m. 2d, June 23, 1864, her sister, Ann Eliza Fisher (427), who 
res. at McMinnville, Or. Their children were : 

7aoA. WiLLARD Howard Latourrtte*. b. Ang. 7, 1852 ; m. Carrie 
Todd ; haa live children. 
Lucy Adrlaidk Latourutts*, b. S«pt. 26, 1854 ; d. Nov. 25, 

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731. DKWnr CuirroN Latouruttb*, b. Not. 14* 1^56; m. Ellen 

Scott ; res. Oregou City, Or. 

436. Ezra T. T.*, second child of Rev. Ezra (227) and 
Lacy (Taft) Fisher, was b. in Indianapolis, Ind., Feb. 5, 
1835; m. in Clackamas County, Oregon, Dec. 27, 1850, 
Hannah Gaylord, daughter of Ezra and Fanny (Robinson) 
Stout, who was b. near Jacksonville, 111., July 8, 1840. They 
bekmg to the Primitive Baptists, having been members hincc 
1864. During this period he has serv^ the Siloam Associa- 
tion as clerk nine years, and served the churches to which he 
has belonged nearly t%venty-three years. He was a member 
of the Oregon Legislature during two years. He studied 
surveying in early life iu Oregon City, and commenced 
practice at i8 years of age and has contiimed at that calling 
since. Is the county surveyor for Linn County, having held 
the office i6 years. He d. in Oregon City, iu February, 1899. 
Their children are : 

732. Ralph W.*, b. Oct. 7, 1857; m. May Parrisli, June r, 1882. 
793. WluUK Eugknk", b. Aug. 13, 1859; ui. Nellie Kecacy, Sept. 

23» 1896. 

734. HarrxhttTosui*hini(*, b. July 3, 1861; ui. John T. Crookc, 

Feb. 9, 1881. 
QhARA\ b. oa Mollalla Prairie, Clackainaa County, Or., Sept. 

39, 1863; m. K. D. Haight, Oct. 13, 1886; res. near Alliany, 

Or.; no children. 
Adua*. b. at Mollalla Prairie.Or., Jan. 6, 1866; ren. Alhany.Or. 
Nora*, b. in Linn County, Or., June 29, 1868 ; reft. Albany. Or. 

735. UuGii Gavi^uko', b. April 17, 1873; m. LiUic Hart, I'ub. 4, 


736. Prbd DOUGL.VS*, b. March 13, 1874 ; m. Carrie Ncwshome,, 

Oct. 14, 1896. 
Orpiia*, b. near Albany, in Linn County, Or., Nov. 10, 1879 ; 

graduate of Albany College. 
Barl*, b. near Albany, in Linn County, Or., March 18, 1885. 

427. Ann Eliza*, daughter of Rev. Ezra (227) and Lucy 
(Tait) Fisher, wa.H b. Sept. 12, 1839; in. June 23, 1864, as 
his second wife, Lyman Daniel Cornwall, son of David and 
Hannah Latourette, who was b. May 33, 1825, and d. Sept. 
24, 1886. They resided at McMinnville, Or. 

Their children were : 

Nina A. Latourxttx', b. Jan. 15, 1870; d. March 2, 1893; m. 

John P. Clark, May 35, 1893. 
LvMAN BzRA LaTOURBTTB*, b. Nov. 6, 1873 ; now in Columbia 

University, New York City. 
Nrixir KnrrH Latourkttk*, b. March 25, 1877. 
Edward KvuRinT LATouRicrrK*, b. Dec. 14, 1879. 
Lacv Alkrkda Latouukttk*, b. April 3, 1883. 

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428. Jonathan*, son of Jonathan (231) and Phebe 
(Thurston) Fisher, was b. April 6, 1785 ; m. Rebecca Adams. 
We can find no more concerning them, except the birth of a 

727. CuRisTOPHiiR C, b. Sept. 8, 1809 ; m. Mary A. Hills. 

4r!2i). Avkky', son of Darins (233) and Rachel (Rhodes) 
Fisher, was b. at Cumberland, R. I., June 25, 1787; m. at 
Wreutham, Mass., May 26, 1807, Persis Barnes. They had, 
at Cumberland : 

Elxaxor*, b. Aug. 8, Z807. 
Milaxby', b. Nov. 8, 1809. 

430. Sally I.", daughter of Christopher (233) and 
Rachel (Johnson) Fisher, was b. in Cumberland, R. I., May 
II, 1797; m. Dec. I, 1825, Alpheus, son of Seneca and 
Rachel (Adams) Aldrich, who was b. in Cumberland, R. I., 
Aug. I, i8oi,andd. Jan. 29, 1872. '* He was a machinist 
in the city of Boston, till thirty-seven years old. Settled in 
the* town of Collins, Erie County, N. Y.., in 1S41, while yet 
mostly a wildem^is. He reared and educated a &imily of four 
children. At the time of his decease he owned two hundred 
and fifty acres of land." They had : 

EiMX M. AtORIaI^ b. Aiuottkemg, N. U., Nov. i, 1826'; d. 
Feb., 1827. 

Ann M. Aldkicu', b. April 7, i8?8; d. Juuc 8, 1828. 

FisuuR A. Au>Ricu*, b. in Medway, Mass., Sept. 30, 1829 ; 
d. Oct. 2, 1847. 

Grorgk W. Aldrich*, b. in Lowell, Mass., Oct. 2;, 1830; m. 
Sept. 17, 1851, Phyla A. MartiD, who was b. in Cayuga, 
N. Y., Aug. 6, 1831. [For descendants, see Adams Gene- 
alogy, p. 115.] Ret. Collins, N. Y. 

Francis O. Au>ricu', b. in Charleatown, May 18, 1833 ; m. 
I St, March i, 1859, Anna Davis, who was b. in North 
Collins, N. Y., Sept., 1840, and d. April 10, i860; ni. 2d, 
Oct. 27, 1862, Orlina A. Bnmap, who vras b. in Collins, 
N. Y., Nov. 13, 1843. Had: Benjamin F. Aldrich^ b. 
March 31, i860 ; George Edward Aldrich*^ b. Collins, N.Y., 
Oct. 10, 1863 ; HlU Qrabell Aldrich'*, b. same, Dec. 5, 1866. 

Susan M. Au>R1CU*, b. Chelsea, April 39, 1838, and d. March 
35> 1859 ; m. Dec. 25. 1857, G. W. Kellom, and had : Anna 
Eliza Kellom**, b. March 6, 1859. 

431. Prkston", sou of Enoch (334) and Meletiah (Cook) 
Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Feb. 6, 1785, and d. there, Jan. 
26, 1849, aged 64. He m. Huldah, daughter of Alexander 
aud Margaret (Wescott) Lovell, of Smithfield, R. I., who 

Digitized by 



was b. there, Feb. 26, 1785, and d. at Wrentham, Nov. 30, 
1870, aged 85 years. He was a mason by trade, residing in 
Franklin and Wrentham ; served on the school committee in 
183 z . Their children were : 

Louisa*, b. at Smithlield, Jau. 9, 1810; ni. Alfred Puucl, Dec. 

33, 183 1. 
Cha&LKS Lovku.*, b. at Franklin. Sept. 6, i8f i. 
SOSAM*, b. June 17, 1813 ; m. Bzckiel Adams, Juuc ;» 1837. 
MaTIU>a Bmilv*, b. Feb. 3C, 18x5; d. Sept. 5, 1816. 
Nancy Makia*, b. Aug. i, 1818; d. Aug. 1, 1818. 
Pkkston War«Aiu>', b. May 14, 1819. 

43SS. Whiting', second son of Timothy (235) and Han- 
nah (Whiting) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, Mass., Oct. 3, 
1790; m. at Wrentham, May 6, 182 1, K.sther Andros, of 
Wrentham. He resided at Franklin a short while and then 
moved to Sutton, N. H. The History of Sutton, N. H., says 
that he *' was a mason by trade, and a very indu.strious man ; 
he became quite deaf, vmlked on the railroad and was badly 
injured by the cars ;'* that he built a house and sold it to Mr. 
Wilson, Uie present owner ; and built the brick there 
now OMrned by Aaron Day, about 1830. Children, b. ut 
Franklin, were : 

Mkkiah Abbott*, b. Feb. 19, 1833; d. at Fraukliu, April 7, 

Sakah Jank*, b. April 17, 1833. 

433. Hakmon Clevkland", son of Timothy (235) and 
Dorcas (Cleveland) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, April 13, 
1797. He was a straw goods manufacturer, residing at 
Franklin for years, and was a frequent public officer. He 
rem. to Haverhill, where he d. aged 87 years. Had one 
child. Captain in the militia. 

434. Adin", son of Timothy (235) and Dprca.s'( Cleveland ) 
Fisher, was b. in Franklin, April 6, 1800, and d. there. May 
17, 1891, aged 9c years. He m. April 13, 1826, Mao\ 
daughter of Paul and Phebe Clark, who was b. in Franklin, 
May 6, 1805, and d. there, March 24, 1891, aged 85 years. 
He remained at home and took charge of the old homestead. 
Engaged in farming, and did a great deal of teaming ; a 
successful man. In his later years he removed to Franklin 
Village, where he built several buildings. Always voted the 
Republican ticket. Their children were : 

Digitized by 



728. Gilbert Clark*, b. April 15, 1837; m. Emily J. Keith, April 

i5» 1^9- 
739. Marshall Warren*, b. Feb. 12, 1833; m. BUen P. Milier» 

July 30, 1856. 
Edmund Tyler*, b. Oct. 23, 1838; m. T«b. 7, 1863, Kitw, 

daughter of George and Elisabeth Amuagtoa ; ret. 13 Dbc 

Court, Woodlawn, Pawtucket, R. I. (1897.) 
Mary Ann*, b. Oct. it, 1843 ; »• James Hiram Pond, Feb. 3, 

1 863. ( Harris' Poud Genealogy, p. 188. } She was a widow 

in 1897. 
Francis Herbert*, b. May 39, 1833; d. Dec. ix, 1832. 

435. Hermon", eldest son of Isaac (236) and Abigail 
(Thayer) Fisher, was b. in Stoddard, N. H., Sept. 20, 1787, 
and d. in Nelson, N. H., April 12, 1833. He m. at Stoddard, 
June 2, 1814, Fanny Evans, who wash, in Stoddard, April 
7, 1791, and d. in Nelson, Sept. 19, 1847. He was on the 
school committee in Stoddard, in 18 18. A fanner, res. Nel- 
son. Hermon was a quiet, unassuming man, but a great 
reader. About four years before his death he gave up lus 
farm, and engaged in the manukcture of cotton cloth. 
Children : 

730. PeubrokeT.*. b. June 39, 1813 ; m, Betsey Pay, Sept. 39, 1839. 
Charlotte L.*, b. May 30, i8i7;;d. Sept. 3, 1870, in Lynn, 
Mass., nnm. 
731- Justus*, b. April 33, 1819; m. Everline Scott, Oct. 19, 1843. 

733. Sumner*, b. March 38, x83x ; m. Susanna Munson, June 13, 

733- Susan C.*, b. Aug. x, 1833; m. Caleb P. Woodbury, of 
Weare, K. H. 

734. Rhoda a.*, b. Dec. 13, 1833 ; m. Alonzo Green, Feb. 3, 1846. 
Dorothy M.*, b. Oct. 3, 183X, at Nelson ; m. Moses M. Had- 

ley, of Canaan, N. H., March so, 1833, at Nelson. She d. 
in Worcester, Mass., May 13, 1879. ^^ - Charles S. Had- 
leyio, b. . 

436. Dr. Harvey', second son of Isaac (236) and Abigail 
(Thayer) Fisher, was b. in Stoddard, N. H., Sept. i, 1792 ; 
m. there, Charlotte Copeland, Feb. 10, 18 18. He studied 
medicine and went into practice in his native town in 1818. 
Occupied the farm of his ^ther for several years, and then he 
sold to Nathan Nye, who occupied it in 1853. Dr. Harvey 
went to Nelson Factory village, and d. in 1847, aged 55. 

Children were : 

Trypkzna*, b. ; m. Timothy Hunt, of Stoddard; d. 

there, — . 
John*, b. and d. in Stoddard. 
Hakvky*, b. ; res. Keene, N. H. 

Digitized by 



437. Isaac', third son of Isaac (236) and Abis^il 
(Thayer) Fisher, was b. in Stoddard, N. H., Aug. 4, 1795 ; 
m. there, Mary D. Copeland, Jan. 9, 1821. He prob. lived 
in Hancock, N. H. ; d. • Children : 

STX.vt▲^ b. in Stoddard, K. H., Dec. 27, tSai ; m. Demits 

Symonds, of Marlow, N. H.; d. . 

MAHAL4*, b. in Stoddard, N. H., Dec. 15, 1823; d. — — . 

438. BsNjAMiK Horacb', son of Isaac (236) and Sarah 
(Barrett) Fisher, was b. in Stoddard, N. H., July 29, 1815 ; 
m. at Providence, R. I., Dec. 5, 1837, Mahala B. Edson, who 
was b. in Westmoreland, N. H., May 20, 1815. They moved 
after the marriage to Alstead, N. H., where he lived until his 
death, Oct. 27, 1893. He was a cabinet maker and undertaker 
for fifty years. Their children : 

735. AucoN Horack*, b. Sept 5, 1858; m. Ellen F. ThoiupHOti. 

Dec. XI, i860. 

736. Gborgianna Mahala', b. Oct. 26, 1840; m. David S. Wood, 

of Concord, N. H.; ret. Concord. 

737. BvBUNB Peamcxs', b. June 23, 1842; m. Charles E. Hoi* 

brook; res. Bellovrs Palls, Vt. 
Emma Adblaidb*, b. May 16, 1844; d. March 13, 1845. 
Ai^BMMrt Edgar*, b. Jan. 12, 1846; d. March 11, 1849. 

738. Hbkey Bbson', b. Feb. 14, 1848; m. Emms Eldora Boynton, 

May 21, 1871. 
PlOEA Elum*, b. Oct. 18, 1849; en invalid; res. Alstead, 
N. H. 

739. Crarucs Harvsy*, b. Jan. 7, 1833 ; m. Jessie Harper, Oct. 16, 


439. John J. G.', son of Jacob (237) and Mebiisa 
(Grant) Fisher, was b. in Alstead, N. H., about Oct. 17, 
18 12. He returned to Massachusetts and d. in Foxboro, 
Sept. 12, 1892, aged 79. He m. Sept. 11, 1836, Mary Morse, 
of Foxboro. Res. Foxboro; a fanner. Children, bom at' 
Foxboro, were : 

740. JOBN H.*,b. —— _— ; m. Anns R. Hewins, Msy i, i86f, 
PutDBRic Amos', b. May 26, 1846 ; m. Jan. 27, 1871, Florence 

L., daughter of Joseph and Lavina PitU, of Walpole; a 

farmer; res. Foxboro. 
GxoEGXAMA EuzA*. b. Oct. 13, 1850; m. Sept. ii, 1878, 

John Poster Talbot, of Andover, Mass. 
Mary Jams*, b. March 5, 1861. 

440. Daniel Cowbll', son of Daniel Cowell (238) and 
Lurana (Fisher) Fisher, was b. atrFranklin, Aug. 30, 1800 ; 
m. there, Sept. 16, 1833, Silvia D., daughter of Peleg and 

Digitized by 



Lovice Wood, who was b. at Mendon, April 5, 1805, aud d. 
at Franklin, May 11, 1863. He was tovm clerk of Medway, 
Irom 1849 to 1853. 

44J. CHAKL.KS Richmond*, son of Daniel Cowell (238) 
and Betsey (Fisher) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, Sept, 17, 
X819, and d. at Hartford, Conn., Nov. 24, 1876. "He left 
home at 13 to learn the book trade, as clerk in William 
Marshall's store. Providence. Here, attending Grace Church 
with the family in which he resided, he beoime personally 
interested in religion, and was admitted by Bishop Griswold 
to that church, then under the rectorship of Rev. John A. 
Clark, now bishop of Rhode Island (1879). HLs new views 
turned his thoughts to the ministry, and, assisted by friends, 
he commenced study in the Franklin Academy. In 1838 he 
entered Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., graduating in 1842. 
While studying theology, after graduation, under Bishop 
Burgess, then rector of Christ Church, he also spent much 
time as lay-reader in feeble and vacant parishes in the vicinity. 
He was ordained as deacon by Bishop Brownell in 1845, aud 
immediately began to officiate in St. Marks, New Britain, 
Conn. Afterwards he went to Cabotville, Mass., next to 
Hebron aud Manchester, Conn. In 1847, June 9th, he was 
ordained priest. In 1850, December 2d, he was appointed by 
the bishop as missionary to gather a church in the city of 
Hartford, Conn. He at first held meetings in a small and 
inconvenient hall ; afterwards as the congregation increased, 
in an old chapel. His labors were so prospered that a new 
building was erected and dedicated in June, 1S55, called St. 
Paul's Church. Around this church as his center, Mr. Fisher 
labored while he lived. He was the friend of the poor and the 
almoner of the gifts of the rich. The newspaper of the day, 
the Hartford G/od^, said of him : ' The death of ' father ' 
Fisher has spread a general gloom over our community. It 
is seldom that the demise of a man, however prominent or 
however highly esteemed, is so universally felt. His is missed 
cver>'whcre, in and out of the church, in the home and in the 
street, at prayers and in society, by the rich and — oh, how 
sincerely is he missed and honored by the poor.' Mr. Fisher 
died 24th November, 1876, aged 57. He was stout and inclined 
to corpulency. Too stout for walking, he was obliged mostly 
to ride, indicating the end which came to him at last. While 
rising from his l^ on the morning of his last day he said, 
' how well I have slept, how well I feel ! " and suddenly fell 
back on the pillow dead. During his ministry' Mr. Fisher 

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married 1,7x7 couples — oue on the afternoon and another in 
the evening before his death. His funeral obsequies were 
attended by a crowd of people, and the sermon by Bishop 
Williams was printed. Mr. Fisher married, 26th May, 1846, 
Miss Susan B. Griswold, of Hartford, who with her three 
children— two sons and a daughter^* live to mourn his 
death.'* — Extract from Blake's History of Franklin, pp. 

442. Gborgb Bu&gk", son of Hliab (241) and Catherine 
(Burge) Fisher, of New York, losing his parents when youn^ 
went to Franklin and *' lived with Willis Fisher ( 164) several 
years, till of suitable age he learned the baker's trade in New- 
York, which business he followed with good success, and has 
recently retired from it to enjoy the leisure of advancing 
years." He d. ; his widow, Mrs. Sarah G. Fisher, 

res. at 353 Hancock Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

448. AxBXANDKU Olivika", younger son of Kliab (241 ) 
and Catherine (Burge) Fisher, of New' York, '* learned the 
trade of a silversmith. But, having inherited a love of 
adventure, on arriving at his majority he pushed for Australia, 
which was then considered about Uie end of the world, and 
but little known except as Botany Bay, where the surplus of 
English rascality was vanished from all sight and sounds of 
civilized life. He tried various pursuits for a livdiliooil. 
His chief employment, perhaps]; was- contracting for the 
erection of fences on the farms and plantations of the sheep 
raisers and wool growers. But after some twenty years* 
residence his heart yearned for his old home, his native city, 
where he now resides and bosses a department in a lar^c 
silver working establishment, happy, after a long banishment 
and a bachelor life, to find satisfaction in his old business 
and a little domestic circle. His wit and his wisdom coiue 
out like a gentle ripple upon a smooth stream, or like tlie 
explosion of a rocket, wherever he goes. HLs genial face, 
revealing a depth of sunshine within, is a benediction to all. ' ' 
He m. . He res. at 120 £. iisth Street, New 

York, N. Y. They have no children. 

444. Milton Mktcalk", oldest son of Willis (24:)) and 
Caroline (Fairbanks) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, Jan. 30. 
x8xi; m. at Medway, Aug. 22, 1836, Eleanor, dauj^hter of 
Luther and Lydia (Jenks) Metcalf, who was b. at Medway, 

Digitized by 



Sept. I. i8i3, and d. there, March 13, 1885. The History of 
Franklin says of him : ** With a good common school educa- 
tion, he began at 16, teaching district schools in Wrentham, 
Franklin, Medway, Westboro, Canton and Randolph. He 
prepared for college partly at Day's Academy, Wrentham, 
under Isaac Perkins, and at the Medway Classical Institute, 
Rev. Abijah Daker, D. D., principal ; entered Amherat Col- 
lege in 1S32, but too close devotion to study compelled him 
to leave college the next year and betake himself to journey- 
ing for recuperation, in which he was ultimately successful in 
a complete restoration. In 1835, he entered business in 
Franklin on borrowed capital, removing next year to West- 
boro, where he was appointed postmaster in 1838 ; removed 
to Medway village in 1840, and there still resides. In 
Medway, Mr. Fisher has held nearly every municipal 
o£Bce ; he has been justice of the peace, and notary public 
for Norfolk County, state senator in 1859 and i860, 
county commissioner from 1863 to 1872, and deacon of the 
village church since 1840. He has been a trader, a straw- 
goods manufacturer, from 1840 to 1863, generally in partner- 
ship with othera, and then established an insurance agency 
for some thirty companies. He received the degree of A. M. 
in 1865 from Amhexst College." For a more extended ac- 
count of Mr. Fisher's life, see The History of Norfolk 
County, pp. 557--60 ; The published works of Dr. Emmons, 
and History of Medway, pp. 375, 484, etc. Their children 
were : 

741. TiiKODOKK Wi&tis*, b. Msy 29, 1837 ; in. iHt, Maria C. Brown, 

un4l 2(1, Ella G. Riclisrdsou. 
Charlrh Havbn*, b. July 20, 1839; d. July 20, 1839. 
LVDIA Carouke", b. May 29, 184c ; d. Oct. 9, 1846. 
Mary Ei«iiANOR', b. Dec. 5, 1844; educated at Wheaton 

Seminary and Gannett*s Institute; is a teacher of French 

and German. 

EttKNA MSTCALF*, b. April 2, 1843; d. Oct. 7, 1843. 

Sarah Fairbanks', b. April 13, 1846 ; d. Sept. 16, 1846. 

742. Fkkdurick Luthbr'i b. Jan. 12, 1853; m* Caroline P. Lyon, 

of Boston. 
Hbi«xn Francbs*, b. May 13, 1854; m. Walter V. Hawkes, 

Oct. 26, 1876 ; ret. Saugus. They haTe two children : 

Milton Hawkes'* and Louisa Hawkes***. 
Milton Arthur', b. May 10, 1856; d. Not. 26, 1856. 

445. Gkorge Perkins", second son of Willis (234) 
and Caroline (Fairbank-s) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, April 
15, 1S13. His brother, Milton Metcalf, wrote oi him in th^ 
Norfolk County Trihune, March 4, 1882 : ** He was not very 

Digitized by 



ragged in his boyhood and youth. Arriving at early man- 
hood he went to Newbnrgh, Maine, and was employed with 
his uncle, Col. Rufua Gilmore, who was a prominent surveyor 
of land, being engaged for several years in many of the new 
towns and districts in Penobscot and other counties of Maine. 
The aroma of the pine and the hemlock, and the hygiene and 
labor of camp life in the forests, made a comparative invalid a 
stalwart man with the avoirdupois of 225 lbs. Leaving the 
enq>]oyment in 1834-5 he was in Bangor in the great laud 
speculation and in the dry goods trade. About 1838-9, he 
engaged as express agent between Boston and New York, 
for the American Express Mail Co., which was organized for 
the purpose and whidi succeeded with other means in break- 
ing down the old postage rates from 6^ to 25 cents to a uiii- 
fonn rate of five cents. He was at length transferred as con- 
ductor on various lines of railroad travel between the two 
cities. While going in the early morning over the low and 
swampy marshes on Long Island, he contracted malaria, 
which followed him until he eventually died at Franklin from 
intermittent fever, at the early age of 37 years. He was never 
married ; was unwearied in his care for his sisters who were 
invalids, and died but a little while previous to his own death. 
He was a man of genial temperament, generous even to a 
^ult, and made friends of everybody." 

446. Abigaiz. Bacon", third) child of Willis (243) and 
Caroline (Fairbanks) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, May 9, 1816 ; 
m. ist, Charles Edward Sk)Comb, who was b. at Belliugham, 
May 13, 1816, and d. childless, Aug. 28, 1847. He was a 
merchant, and res. at Woonsocket, R. I. She m. 2d, Rev. 
Samuel Hunt, pastor of the Congregational church at Frank- 
lin, who was b. at West Attleboro, March 18, 18x0, the sou 
of Deacon Richard and Ann (Humphrey) Hunt, and d. at 
Boston, July 23, 1878. She d. at Franklin, April 24, 1862, 
aged 46. *' She was very active in her church relations, aud 
did much toward the erection of the present Congregational 
church in that town (Woonsocket)." Mr. Hunt graduated 
at Amherst College, in 1832, was ordained in Natick, July 
i7» 1839, settled over the Franklin church, Dec. 4, 1850, 
where he remained until his dismission, July 6, 1864. They 
had no children. 

447. Charles Willis*, son of Willis (243) and Caroline 
(Fairbanks) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, Nov. 11, 1820. *' He 
settled in the straw goods trade in New York City, and married 
Margaret Graham. He d. July 17, 1857, aged 37 years, leaving 


Digitized by 



his wife and five young children, all of whom are living ( 1882) 
with the exception of one, who died in the South very suddenly 
during the war, a young lady 16 years of age. His widow 
married Major Samuel Wood, acting paymaster in the late 
Civil War. Charles Willis was a well educatal business man 
of extensive acquaintance, and his death in the prime of life 
was much lamented by a large circle of friends." 

448. Julia Frances', youngest child of Willis (243) and 
Caroline (Fairbanks) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, Feb. 28, 
1831 ; m. there. May Z2, 1850, Rufua, son of Rufus and Lydia 
( ) Chapin, who was b. at Milford. She res. at 341 Rush 
Street, Chicago, 111. Had three children, two daughters 
married, and one son, Rufus Chapin', a banker in Chicago. 

449. Louisa Jane', daughter of Captain Maxcy (244) 
and Persis {Metcalf) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, April 10, 
1815 ; m. Oct. 9, 1849, as his second wife, Rev. Edwin, son 
of William D. and Etmice (Breed) Thompson, of Lynn, w)io 
was b. at Lynn, Jtdy 23, 1809. *' She was a good sdiolar, an 
intellectual woman, and long before her marriage took an 
active part in all the tmpopular reformatory movements of the 
day. She never stopped to ask whether a thing was popular, 
but whether it was right. She was endowed with great firm- 
ness and persistency of character. Several years before her 
death she joined the Congregational church at South Dedham, 
now Norwood." After her death, in 1871, he married her 
sist^, Susan Matilda (see 451), the widow of Deacon Levi 
FLsher Morse. They had only : 

Charles Marsh Thompson', gradnsted from Dean Acade- 
my, Franklin ; was on the editoriml staff of the Rocky 
mountain News, of Denver, in 1883. 

450. JosBi!H Wa&rbn", oldest son of Capt. Maxcy (244) 
and Persis (Metcalf) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, June 23, 
1817 ; '' was for years a manufacturer of straw goods in New 
York. In 1848 he married Miss Elizabeth Timpson of New 
York, who died in 1850. lu 1853 he married Miss Sarah 
Wight, north of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., by whom he had four 
children. Joseph with: his wife and three daughters are now 
living (1883) in Milford, Conn." They had : 

QvuiMxas Warrbm*, ** is married and has one child ; ia con- 
nected with one of the banks in New York." 

Robrrt Evans* (by second wife), *' is in bttsinesa in New 

Digitized by 



451. SusAK Matilda', daughter of Capt. Maxcy (244) 
and Perria (Metcalf) Fisher, was b. at Frankliii, Juue 27, 
1819 ; in. ist, Dec* 8, 1864, Levi Fisher Morse, oi Frauklin. 
He was deacon in the Congregational church for more than 
3S 7€ftn> A&d until his death; was superintendent of the 
Sunday school for a long series of years. He died in 1868 
having lived a consistent Christian Ufe. She m. ad, in 1872, 
Rev. Edwin Thompson of East Walpole, *' possessing and 
occupying the heart and the home made desolate and vacant 
by the death of her sister Louisa Jane" (449}. He had iu 
1841 been settled *'as pastor of die Univenalist society in 
South Dedham — now Norwood. But his deep interest iu tem- 
perance as weU as anti-slavery led him to resign his charge lor 
three years and devote himself wholly to these more congenial 
causes. From that time he has become better known through- 
out the state as a temperance advocate than almost any other 
man." They res. at Norwood. 

452. EUZABBTH PuBLPs", daughter of George (245) and 
Elizabeth Porter (Huntington) Fisher, was b. at Oswego, 
N. Y., March 29, 1825 ; m. Dec. 24, 185 1, John Sessions, of 
Skaneateles, N. Y., but subsequently a prominent lawyer of 
New York city. They resided in Brooklyn, N. Y., where 
she died July , 1897. They had : 


ChAMM PiSKBR SSSSIONS^, m. Bdwin M. Wheeler, of Concord, 
Mau.; they reside in Brooklyn, N. Y.; have two children, 
Elisabeth Fisher Wheeler'*, and Bdwin Sessions Whceler'^ 

AnszjNB Brown Sbssions*, unmarried ; res. Brooklyn. 

Gracs Martik Sussions*, m. Franklin H. Hooper of Wash- 
ington, D. C. They have two children, Catharine Baker 
Hooper**, and Leverett Frauklin Hooper**. They live in 
Montclair, K. J. Mr. Hooper is connected with the ** Cen- 
tury Company " iu New York. 

Archibau) X4OWURY Skssions*, graduated at Harvard in 1883 ; 
he is a lavryer. Married Ruth G., daughter of Bishop 
Huntington, Bishop of Central New York. They have one 
child : Hannah Sar]eut Sessions**; another daughter, Mary *** 
died in infancy. 

453. pRBDKRic PITKIN^ third son of George (245) ami 
Elizabeth Porter (Huutington) Fisher, was b. at Oswego, 
N. v., before midnight, May 18, 1838, a twin of FroucLs Porter 
Fisher. He graduated witih his brother at Harvard College 
in 1848 ; was engaged in the fire insurance business in Oswego. 
N. Y., and later went to Chicago, where he carried on ihc 
insurance business for some time and then went into the square 
timber business in Michigan and at Chicago, in partnership 

Digitized by 



with his brother, Francis P. Fisher. After his brother returned 
from service in the war they formed the partnership of Fisher 
Brothers, which remained until the death of Frederic Pitkin 
Fisher in Chicago, Aug. 38, i886. He was never married, 
Though not in the war, he was very active in support of the 
Union cause. 

454. Francis Poktbr\ fourth child of George (345) 
and Elizabeth Porter (Huntington) Fisher, wash, in Oswego, 
N. Y., after midnight, May 19, 1828, the twin of Frederic 
Pitkin Fisher. Graduated with his brother, at Harvard Col- 
lege, in 1848, and was then engaged in jteaching and read- 
ing law for a yelr or two ; then he went into the fire insur- 
ance business, and later in partnership with his brother, 
Frederic P., was in the square timber business in Michigan, 
and at Chicago. In 1861, he enlisted as a private in the 
55th IlUnois Vol. Infantry. Nov. z, z86z, he was promoted 
to conmiissary sergeant of the regiment ; acted as quarter- 
master, and afterwards as storekeeper for the Division and 
Corps. After the ^11 of Vicksburg he was promoted to first 
lieutenant and adjutant of the 55th 111. Vol. In&intry, Oct. 19, 
1863 ; he was mustered out and honorably discharged, Oct. 
30, 1864, for three years' continuous service, at Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn. He then returned to Chicago, and engaged 
in the business of fire insurance, and became a member of the 
firm of B^isher Brothers, until the death of his brother, Freder- 
ic P., in z886 ; since then he has been by himself, until lately, 
when the partnership of Fisher, Martin & Raftree has con- 
tinued along the same lines, making a service of 32 years of 
the established btisiness. 

He married, Jan. 26, 1853, Ann Eliza Crane, of Oswego, 
N. Y., a granddaughter of Isaac Crane, who senred as first 
lieutenant and adjutant in a New York Regiment in the Revo- 
lution. They res. in Chicago ; have no children. 

455. George Huntington", fifth child of George (245) 
and Elizabeth Porter (Huntington) Fisher, was b. in Oswego, 
N. Y., May 7, 1832. Graduated at Harvard College, class of 
1853, and studied law at the Harvard Law School. He went 
to Brooklyn, N. Y., in i&ss* where he has since practiced his 
profession, a member of the firm of Fisher, Hurd & Voltz. 
He m. 1st, at Brooklyn, Dec. 24, 1857, Smma Chichester, 
who d. in October, z888. He m. 2d, Nov. 6, 1889, Katharine 
Weeks, at East Norwich, L. I. Only child was : 

Gborgb CHiCKBSTsa', b. Oct. 76, 1858 ; gradnated at Harvard 
College in x88i ; nnm. 

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456. Sdwa&d Thornton*, youngest child oi George 
(345) and Slizabeth Porter (Huntington) Fisher, was b. in 
NorUuunpton, Mass., Dec. z6, 1836, and graduated at Har- 
vard College, class of 1856. He settled in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
where he had for a time a school for young ladies. He 
subsequently became an instructor in the Adelphi Academy, 
in Brooklyn, and later went to Berkshire, Mass., where he has 
a school for boys, '' Crestalbon/' He m. at Brooklyn, N. Y., 
June 30, 1869, Ellen Bowditch, a daughter of Dr. William 
Henry Thayer, a prominent phsrsidan of Boston and Brooklyn, 
and of Ellen, daughter of Phineas Henderson, of Keene, 
N. H. She was b. April 16, 1847. 

Mr. Fisher became a member of the 9th N. Y. Vol. Regt. in 
February, 1861, which was ordered to Washington, D. C, in 
June, and assigned to duty under General Patterson. Took 
part in skirmish at Martinsburg, Vs.; was on picket duty on 
the Potomac River and in battle of Edwards Ferry. Wintered 
near Frederic, Md., and in spring of '63 went into the Valley 
of Virginia, under GenenU Banks, as far as Winchehtcr ; in 
Gen. Abercombie's Brigade, marched across Blue Kidgc to 
Bull Run battlefield and back to Shenandoah River, sixty 
miles, in twenty-four hours. Went on Jackson's raid on 
Windiester, and was in the battles of Cedar Mountain, 
Rappahannock Station, Second Bull Run (3d day) ; at 
Thoroughfare Gap, and Antietam, Md. He became sick, and 
was in the Camden Street Hospital, Baltimore, Md. April 
28, 1863, was commissioned 2d heutcnant in the 139th N. Y. 
Volunteers, and joined his regiment at Williamsburg, Va., in 
-May; during June the regiment formed the advance of a 
movement up the Peninsula, and on the day of the battle of 
Gettysburg, Pa., it had a smart engagement at Crump's Cross 
Roads, Va. He resigned Nov. 3, 1863. 
Their children were : 

743. Kaitu HUMTlNGTON*, b. Sept. 1 9, 1870; Bi. Rcv. William W. 
Fenn, May 28, 1891. 

Hkney Tmaybk*, b. Nov. 27, 1872 ; d. Sept. 29, 1874. 

BDWAan HKNDsasoM*, b. Sept. 27, 1875 ; d. Jan. 29, 1876. 

Richard Tuornton*. b. Nov. 9, 1876 ; graduated from Har- 
vard CollM^, 1898. 

Mabgab»t Thavbr*, b. Dec. 29, 1878; d. Jan. 12, 1880. 

Rrgihau)^, April is» 1882 ; d. Jalj 14, 1882. 

BJ:;BA2fOE'*, b. at I^nesboro (Berkshire) Maaa., Nov. 8, r888. 

457. Lswis% eldest son of* Asa (249) and Rachel 
(Adams) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Dec. 10, 1784; m. 
Rebecca Derry (Berry in History of Franklin), who was b. 

Digitized by 



May 24, 17S5, and d. March x8, 1834. He d. July 20, i8xz. 
Had only : 

Rbbbcca', b. July 29, Z809; m. Alvah W. Hicks. 

458. Patty", daughter of Asa (249) and Rachel (Adams) 
Fisher, was b. at Franklin, May 14, 1794, and d. April 11, 
1835 ; m. Jnne 7, 1820, Archibald DeWitt, of Franklin, who 
was b. Nov. 27, 1794, and d. May 17, 1859. Their children, 
b. at Franklin, were : 

Gborgb W. DbWitt*, b. May 24, 1821 ; m. at Sedgwick, 

Me., Sept. 9, Z850, Caroline Pre^they, who was b. March 

10, 183X. 
Albxakdbr p. DbWitt*, b. March 4i 1823; m. at South 

Walpole, Mast., Not. Z2, 1848, Martha B. Gillett, who was 

b. Not. 23, 1830. 
\Viu.ZAM E. DBWrrr*, b. Peb. 27, 1825 ; m. at Winchester, 

Tenn., May 10, x86o, Annie Campbell, who was b. Dec. 26, 

Martha M. ObWitt*, b. May 4» 1827; m. at Whiting, Vt., 

Peb. z, 1854, George M. Walker, who was b. Not. 27, 1829, 

and d. May zz, 1857. 
HoRACS S. DnWiTT*, b. Dec. zo, 1829; m. at Bneksport, Me., 

B£ay 26, i860, Hattie Alby, who was b. June 27, zfifo. 

459. Nathan Austin', son of Asa (249) and Rachel 
( Adaizis) Fisher, was b. in Franklin, Nov. 23, Z796 ; moved 
to Westboro, where he in. Jnly Z4, Z822, Susan T., daughter 
of Thomas and SanUi (Forbush) Lothrop, of Westboro, who 
was b. Nov. 8, Z804. Nathan is said to have been a merchant, 
having a large factory at Wessonville. He d. Aug. 21, 185Z. 
They had only : 

Susan*, b. Sept. zo, 1823 ; d. Jan. 16, 1825. 

460. Ruth", daughter of Levi (250) and Mary (Clark) 
Fisher, was b. at Franklin, Dec. 20, Z787; d. Oct. 13, Z827; 
m. April 28, i8zz, Elisha, son of Elisha and Abigail (Lawrence) 
Richardson, of Franklin, who was b. Aug. Z7, Z790, and d. 
June Z4, z866. He was a fanner. Their children were : 

Rmn RzcHAaz>soN*. 


Cz^azsSA Day Rzchardson", m. Deacon Peter Adaais, of 

Franklin, and had eight children. 
BlJSKA FZSHBB. RzCHAJtDSON*, m. OliTC D. Ware; rem. to 

Long Island. 
Abigail M. Richardson*. 
Nancv Adams R2CMARPSON^ m. Prsucis J. Adams. 

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461. Sai«ly', daughter of Levi (250) aud Mar>- (Clark) 
Fisher, was b. at Ftasiklin, July 7, 1789, and d. at Medway. 
Oct. IX, 1873, at the age of eighty-four, having beeu for more 
than sixty years a highly respected member of the church in 
Franklin. She left an estate of over $3,000 the accumula- 
tion of her hard earnings, mainly by braiding yeans ago, aud 
more recently by sewing straw. She was never married. 

462. Rbna*, daughter of Levi (250} and Mar>' (Clark) 
Fisher, was b. in Franklin, Feb. 5, 1793 ; m. there, April 8, 
Z819, Elisha, son of Elisha and Rachel (Rockwood) Bullard, 
who was b. March 6, 1793, and d. Dec. 11, 1S80, aged 87 
years. She d. Sept. 29, 1864, aged 71 years. He was bom 
in Bellingham but resided in Franklin the most of his life. 
His occupation was farming till he gave up regular business 
and became a resident of Uie village. He was a very active 
man, and had good command of all his faculties till within a 
few days of his death. He wrote a complete genealogy of his 
branch of the BuUard family when 86 years of age. He was a 
man who took a lively interest in public affairs, of deep religious 
convictions, and a gentleman of the old school. He was a 
parishioner of Dr. Nathaniel Emmons, and belonged to the 
old anti-slavery guard, voting the " liberty ticket," as it was 
called, when there were only twelve such votes cast in Frank- 
lin ; and one of his last acts was to vote for President Garfield. 
Their children were six in number, three of whom are still 
living : 

Embkson Nkwbll BuiX'iKD*, b. March 5, 1820; ui. Susan J. 
Partridee, of Franklin. Their home is the Hezekiah Fisher 
homestead, where hit son* Caleb Pisher, lived and died, and 
also hit grandson, Willard Fisher (469) . 

CukRlsSA BULI^RD*, b. Feb. 30, 1823.; m. ist, Willard Fisher, 
(469); m. 3d, Valentine R. Coombs, of West Medway. 

Majiy Pisurx Buixaro^, b. Sept. 5, 1835 ; d. Dec. 36, 1866 ; 
m. John Metcalf, of Millis,. Mass. 

Kmxunx Buxj:^ao*, b. Mays* 1837; unm. 

Rbka, Buxaard*, b. July 33, 1839 ; nnm. 

Martha BuLX^an^, b. Nov. 5, 1831 ; d. March 4. 1890: m. 
Henry C. Ballard, of Milford, Mass. She was a woman 
of stronSt heroic character and sweet Christian trust, 
combined with a very amiable', sunny disposition. After 
the death of her husband, in 1873, she accepted the position 
of matron at the Woman's Prison, Shcrborn, Mass., where 
she remained three years or more. After fillinc for a short 
time a similar position at Lancaster, in 1801, she was 
chosen as matron of Abbott Academy, Andover, where she 
remained till within three weeks of her death, highly es- 
teemed and appreciated by all. 

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463. DAVID^ son oi Levi (250) and Susanna (Clark) 
Fisher, was b. at Fmnklin, Jan. 20, z8i2 ; m. at Medway, 
Nov. 29, 1838, Nancy C, daughter of Moses and Elizabeth 
(Cutter) Fuller, who was b. at Franklin, Feb. 30, 18x6, and 
d. there, March 2, i88x, aged 65. He resided on the home- 
stead of his father at Franklin, in 1894. They had only : 

KvHLYN*, b. Sept. 25, 1843 ; d. Jan. ax, 1889 ; m. at Franklin, 
Jan. 21, 1879, Samuel C, son of Henry and Almira Boome, 
who waa b. at Sandwich, Masa.,'in X840; a farmer; ref. 
Franklin. ^ 

404. Sus^vNNA*, daughter of Levi (250) and Susazma 
(Clark) Fisher, was b. in Franklin, Nov. 13, X8X4; m. 
Ezekiel Adams, June 7, X837. They res. in West Medway, 
Mass., and Providence, R. I. She was living in Feb., X894. 
He was a cabinet maker. They had : 

Crarlbs Adams*. 
Hbnry Adams'. 
Nbixis Adams*. 
Bdward Adams*. 
JSNMXB Adams*. 
Two othera d. young. 

4<S5. Oavxd*, eldest son of Moses (25X) and Mary (Hixon) 
Fisher, was b. at Franklin, Aug. ix, X789, and went with his 
parents to Walpole, N. H., when eleven years old. He was 
a suHr^eyor, miller and fanner by occupation. He was one of 
the selectmen of the town for many years, and represented it 
in the legislature in X852. He was a staunch supporter of 
UuiversaUsm and lived a blameless life. He m. Mindwell 
Parks, who d. Dec. 23, 187 1, aged 72 years. He d. Dec. 5, 
1867, aged 78. They had : 

JosKPH*. b. March 28, 1817 ; ni. Adeline Whitney, who waa b. 

at Danville, Vt., Feb. 6, 1822; they res. at Walpole, N. H. 

Had : Fred'*, b. Jnnc 10, 1855. 
Mktcalp*, <1. yonng. • 
Caroune*, d. yonng. 
CHARtBS", b. Nov. 1, 1829 ; m. Emma J., daughter of Oliver 

Martin, who waa b. in Walpole, N. H., Feb. 14, 1835. Had: 

Frank M.*«, b. Feb. 28, 1855; David *«, b. Sept. 19. 1858; 

Oliver^ b. April i. x86t. 
David*, d. at aea ; nnm. 

466. Is.\AC", son of Moses (251) and Mary (Hixon) 
Fisher, was b. at Franklin, May 2z, 1796, and d. Dec. 21, 
1870. He lived at Walpole, N. H., where his father had 
moved about 1800. He m. Julia Ann Richardson, of West- 
moreland, N. H., who d. Jan. 27, 1870, aged 68. They had : 

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744. JUDSON*, b. Nov. 13, 1824 ; m. Loaita Havnet. 

Slixx^, b. March 14, 1826; m. Not. 34, 181^, Rafnt E. Smith, 
of Alsteadt N. H.; had two daughters ; d. April 20. 1864. 

Ain>EXW J.*, b. Aag. 25, 1830; m. July 6, 1853, ClariMa, 
daughter of Henrv Melliah* who was b. at Dorchester, 
Mass., April 9, 1829 ; had seven children, only three of 
whom are now living C1880) : Ada M.*^ b. March 15, 1857 ; 
Katie U.^\ b. Aug. 22, 1862; Albert L.*^ b. Feb. 25, 1872. 

467. Moses", youngest son ol Moses (351) and Mar>' 
(Hixon) Fisher, was b. at Walpole, N. H., March x6, 1815 ; 
m. Dec. 22, 2842, Adeline, daughter of Richard Starkweather, 
who was b. in Walpole, Nov. 28, 1823. Resides at Walpole 
on the place where his Either settled aboat 1800. They had : 

BKitY C.*, b. Jan. X9, 1845- 
PRAHCSS A.*, b. Dec. 12, 1846. 
HXNRY W.*, b. Jan 4, i8sa 

408. AtBXANDBR MsTCAi«p*, son of Caleb (252) and 
Sally (Cashing) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, July 22, 1794. 
Prof. James Z. Kingsley, of Yale College, delivered the 
following in the chapel, June 26, 1822 : 

'' Of ms childhood and early youth it would be sufficient to 
state that he soon discovered an aptitude for learning and a 
strong desire for a public education, a disposition which his 
parents very wisely determined to foster and indulge. After 
completing the preparatory course of study, he entered this 
seminary (Yale College) in the year 1809. Here he was 
immediately distinguished . for his sobriety, his diligence, his 
scrupulous attention to all the regulations of the college, and 
his rapid advances in the studies of his class. So early did 
his real character as a scholar unfold itself that in the very 
first term of his college life he took a place among his com- 
panions where he saw no superior, a station which he never 
relinquished. While an undergraiduate he excelled in everv- 
part of collegiate study, but was perhaps most distinguished 
in the branch of pure and mixed mathematics. That he 
wotdd be eminent in this department of science was then easily 
foreseen if his future .situation in life should be such as to 
allow him an opportunity to cultivate his favorite studies. 
He received his Bachelor's degree, in the year 18 13, and 
left the college with a reputation, which few at the same 
period of their literary life, have attained. The two years 
which followed, he spent partly in his native town in attend- 
ing to moral and metaphysical science, and partly in com- 
mencing a theological education at the Seminary in Andovcpr. 
In the year 181 5, he was elected to the office of Tutor in this 
college. In the year 18 17, he was elected Adjunct Professor 

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of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy iu the college, an^ in 
1S19, entered upon the full duties of his office. In the time 
which elapsed from his election to his new office, to his departure 
for Euippe, he had examined and digested the writings of the 
principal philosophers of Britain, tracing each discovery, 
theory, and illustration to its source ; and had read, with the 
same attention, many of the most valuable publicatidns of the 
mathematicians and philosophers of France. He had, in 
the same time, prepared a full course of lectures in Natural 
Philosophy, both theoretical and experimental, which for 
copiousness, clearness, and exact adaptation to the purposes 
of instruction, equalled the highest expectations of his friends. 
Having thus ifar accomplished his original design, he resolved 
on an excursion to Europe, not so much for the sake of making 
new acquisitions in science, — for the knowledge of European 
philosophers is found in their books, — as to visit the places 
of public instruction, and examine by actual inspection the 
modes of communicating knowledge in the foreign univer- 
sities, — to form an acquaintance with men who were dis- 
tinguished in his own department, — and to obtain such 
information as might enable him more fully to aid in raising 
the scientific character of his country, and in promoting the 
usefulness and prosperity of this college, to the interests of 
which he was entirely devoted. Every preparation was made 
which was thought necessary to secure the attainment of his 
object, — and after. the fullest inquiries and taking the best 
advice, he embarked at New York, for Liverpool, on board 
the packet 'Albion,' on April ist, 1822. * When near 
Kinsale (ofiF the coast of Ireland), April 22, a gale struck the 
ship, carried her masts, and dashed her upon the rocks ; where, 
with a single exception, all the passengers, and among them 
Professor Fisher, were lost in the waves.* " 

For a fuller account of his life and character, see ** £ulog>' 
on Alexander Metcalf Fisher, A.M.," by James L. Kingsley, 
A. M., published in New Haven, 1822, and ** Histor>' of 
Franklin," by Blake, pp. 152-154. A white marble monu- 
ment was erected to his memory in the Franklin Cemeter>% 
fittingly inscribed, a part of which reads as follows : 

** Thy grave, O Fisher, is th« rolling flood ; 
Thy urn, the rock eternal reared by God ! 
Yet near thy home, raised by affection's hand 
To speak thy name, this simple stone shall sund. 
How dark the scene, till Faith directs on high 
Beyond these orbs that charmed thy youthful eye ; 
There now thy noble mind expanding glows 
In floods of light, nor pain nor darkness knows ; 
Youth, Genius, Knowledge, Virtue, pass away 
From Earth's dim shores, to Heaven's eternal day." 

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His portrait, hanging in Yale College, was i>ainted im- 
mediately after his death, by Samuel F. B. Morse, the face 
being taken from an origipal painting by Lucius Munson with 
variations ; it was presented by Professor Fisher's colleagues 
in office. In the Yale Library is a bust which was executed 
byHezekiah Augur, of New Haven, in 1827, and was pre- 
sented by membera of the class of .18x3. (Notes from the 
'' Yale Portrait Catalogue, 1892.") 

469. WiiXAJtD*, second son of Caleb (252) and Sally 
(Cushing) Fisher, wash, at Franklin, March 17, 1796, and 
d. there, Jan. 14, x866, aged 69 years. He m. ist, Jan. i, 
1828, Betsey Richardson, daughter of Lewis and Betsey 
(Richardson) Wheeler, of East Medway, who was b. there, 
Feb. 27, 1805, and d. at Franklin, July 21, 1847. He m. 2d, 
Dec. 12, 1849, Clarissa', daughter of Elisha and Rena (Fisher) 
Bullard (see 462), who was. b. at Franklin, Feb. 20, 1823, 
and d. April 29, x886. He served on the school committee 
seventeen years between X824 and X849. An excellent notice 
of him says : * ' He was brother of Prof. Fisher of Yale College, 
who was lost in the Albion. His parents were of the Puritaa 
stamp, very particular in the ixistruction and training of their 
children, and very scrupulous in regard to the careful o^serx'- 
ance of the Lord's Day. Under their instructions and the 
faithful preaching of Dr. Nathaniel Emmons, Mr. Fisher 
eariy adopted sound moral and religious principles and 
through life maintained the most sacred regard to what is 
true ud righteous. In all the relations of life, as a citizen, 
'husband, fatther, neighbor, and friend, he was kind and 
faithful, and universally respected and esteemed. Like 
his brother, he was distinguished as a mathematician, and for 
several years he made the astronomical calculations for the 
Christian Almanac. On all moral questions and reio^itis hi.s 
example and influence were always on the right side. In ac- 
cordance with his early instructions, he was vexy careful ami 
conscientious in his observance of the Sabbath day, and 
mourned over the departure of the present generation from tlie 
custoxns and habits of our Puritan ancestors, in regard to the 
keeping holy this sacred day. He was diffident and distni.stf ul 
of himself in regard to his religious character and hope, and yol 
he was not without hope in his last days. He depended alone 
on Christ for forgiveness. He was calm, serene and patient 
during a long and wasting sickness, and his survixnng relatives 
and friends who mourn liLs departure, are comforted with the 
assurance that he has gone to^ be with Christ, and that their 
loss is his unspeakable gain. * Not only the family relatives, 

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but the whole community have occasion to motim over the 
loss of such a man, whose strict integrity and scrupulous 
fidelity in all the walks of life were Imown and read of all 
who knew him. ' Blessed are the 'dead who die in the Lord, 
from henceforth ; yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest 
from their labors, and their works do follow them/ '' 
Their children were : 

AucxAicDBR MsTCJLX,v*, b. Nov. Tf, 1839; d. Dec. Mt 1^99. 
Emmons*, d. Jan. 31, 1853, aged 22. 

745. Srwau', b. Nov. 9, 1834 ; m. Annie or Angle M. Blaachard. 
Sajlah*, b. Sept. 17, 1836 ; d. Sept. 13, 1854. 

Bbtsby', b. Dec. 3a, 1838 ; d. Feb. xo, 1839. 

746. Gborgb*. b. Not. 2$, 1839; m. Dec. 25, 2863, Ellen E. H. Wright, 

of Providence. R. I. 
Abbv*, b. Oct. 38, 1843 ; d. Sept. 8, 1845. 
Mary*, b. June 27, 1847 1 d. Aug. 20, 1847. 

470. Fkkdxkick*, son of Eleazer (253) and Susanna 
(Bowditch) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Dec. 28, X794» and 
d. there, March 4, 1879, aged 84 years. He m. April 2, 1826, 
Sally, daughter of Elisha and Sally (Barrett) Norcross, who 
was b. at Dublin, N. H., June 5, 1797, and d. at Franklin, 
Aug. 16, 1883, aged 86 years. He was a fanner. They had : 

FRANas Frkdkrxck*, b. Jan. x, 1827; d« Oct. 33, x86i; ret. 
Franklm; nnm. 

471. RuFQS*, son of Joseph (255) and Elizabeth (Pond) 
Fisher, was b. at Belchertown, Mass., Jan. 27, 1782, and d. 
at Lansingburg, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1856, aged 74 years. He 
moved to Lansingburg, where he m. April 25, 1809, Mary 
Turner, who was b. Jan. xo, X788, and d. March 3, X838. aged 

.50. They res. at Lansingburg. The only child as far as 
known was : 

747. Thomas H.*, b. April 4, x8io ; d. April 17, 1879 ; m. Mary C. 

Hedges, Sept. 15, 1^9. 

472. JosKPH*, second son of Joseph (255) and Elizabeth 
(Pond) Fisher, was b. in Belchertown, Mass., May 24, X785; 
m. Hannah, daughter of Dr. Timothy and Huldah (Darling) 
Merriam, of Framingham, who was b. Dec. 5, X797, and was 
lost at sea, (Dct., 184X. He was a captain in the U. S. navy. 

473. Saxsm', son of Joseph (255) and Submit (Lewis) 
Fisher, was b. in Belchertown, May 17^ X795 ; m. Nov. 20^ 
1823, Amanda Barrett, of Belchertown, who was b. Jan. 20, 
1806, and d. Jan. 6, i886« He joined the Congregational 

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church in Belchertown in 1813 ; d. April 20, 1884. Children 

748. Abkuit, DojiTK^^t b. A.pril x8, z8as; nu AUaMa Curtis, 
J«i. It x844« 

WxzxiAM SaIcforx)^, b. JLpM 24t 1897; oerer married. 

749. Smith BAJt&sxt*, b. March i. 1829; m. BeUey M. Abbott, 
Not. 6, 1850; ret. Springfield. 

730. Maby Lbmora*, b. April 15, 1831 ; m. Charles Seymour, Nov. 

6, x8so. 
Maxcy Akbua*, b. Oct. I4t Z833 ; m. xst, Georse W. Hunt, 

Aug. 9, X855, sou of Gardner and Betsey (Cobb) Hunt, of 

Shutesbury. [Hunt Genealogy, p. 344.] She m. 3d, June 

30, x886, Lester W. Carr, who was b. Sept. 7, 1839; res. 

Lbtitia Maria*, b. June xa, 1834 ; m. John H. Gray, April 38, 

1868, who was b. Feb. 7, 1839; res. Chelsea; hod tlirce 

Cblbstxa B0GBifXA*, b. July 19, 1836; m. March 39, 1864, 

Myron Barton, who was b. Dec. 34. X837; res. Belchertown ; 

had: Frederick F. Bartou*^ b. June 17, 1867; Harold K. 

Barton^, b. June xt, 1870. 
lURXSTa Victoria*, b. Sept. 3X, 1838; d. Tan. 11, 1844. 
i Orvosxa Aucasbtt*, b. Dec. 39, 1844; d. Jan. 39, 1844. (?) 

75r. \ Brutos NxiinoN*, b. Dec. 39, 1844; m. Sarah Eliza. Silker, 

Oct. 36, 1869; res. Ludlow. 
753. SUSAB ^JAncTKR*, b. Jan. 33, 1848; m. Albert Fuller, May 1, 

1873 ; res. Ludlow. 

753. GaOROB Milam*, b. Oct. 3i, 1849 ; m« Ida Fuller ; res. Belcher- 


474. Jasok", son of Jason (258) and Mary (Fisher) 
Fisher, was b. at Franklin, March 30, 1787, and d. there, 
July 10, 1863. He m. Mary Rich. They had : 

754. Gborcb NBX30N*, b. May 4, 18x3 ; d. at Charlestown. Feb. 3, 

1893 ; m. Sarah Lydston, Dec. n, 1835. 
Mary ADAUNsf , b. Jan. 5, 1815 ; d. April 10, x8x6. 
JOBN Warrbn*, b. Jan. 17, 18x7; d. June 37, 1831. 
Blbabor or EtXJUC BiIarxa*, b. May ix, t8i8; d. March 37, 

1873; unm. 

475. Charles Mabtbl*, son of Jason (358) and Mary 
(Fisher) Fisher, was b. in Franklin, Mass., Jnly 34, 1799, 
and d. in New Boston, N. H., Oct. 31, 1878. He .m. Sept. 
13, 1833, Olive Boyden, of Wrentham, who d. in New Boston, 
May 24, 1887. In 1836 they moved horn Medfield, Mass., to 
Francestown, N. H.; staid there six months, and then re- 
moved to New Boston, where they settled. They had : 

755. Chart,ks Sbwbu*, b. in Franklin, Mass., Feb. 9, 1834; m. 

Eliza J. Bursick. 
Bbtsby ABBUMRf, b. Franklin, April 16, 1837; d. New Bos- 
ton, July 9, 1844- 

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Maky C^kounk", b. Medway, Feb. i8, 1829 ; m. John Potter 
Marden, a native of New Boston, N. H., Sept. 10, 1864 ; he 
d. Aug. 2%, 1887. Hit widow res. at New Boston, ^th her 

son. Theyhad:r^ '^ ' ' *" " 

1865; (3) Sarah r' 
JOSBPU Warrsm*, ,. ^ . , 

Waltbr Bzowbu.*, b. Medneld, Dec. 19, 1835 ; d. New Bos- 
ton, Nov. 12, X847. 

7. aiM wiaow res. ai new j>osu>n, ^raa ner 
id : (i) Charles Fisher Marden'*, b. Sept. 20, 
ti Olive Marden**, b. March xo, 187X. 
*, b. Med¥faY, Jane 17, 1830; d. yonng. 

47G. Ikkne", youngest child of Jason (358) and Maxy 
(Fisher) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, June 5, 1804. Her 
mother dying a few days after her birth she was adopted by 
Pelatiah axid Irene (Kingsbury) Fisher, of Franklin. She m. 
April 5, 1829, Asa G. Norcross, a straw goods manufacturer 
who acquired a good estate and built and occupied what is 
now the Universalist parsonage in Franklin. 

4T7. Lewis Whiting", son of Lewis (359) and Abigail 
(Whiting) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, Dec. 39, 1793 ; m. 
Jan. 4, 1830, Nancy, daughter of Luther and Betsey (Smith) 
Fisher (descendant of Thomas Fisher), of Wrentham, who 
was b. at Wrentham, Aug. 3, 1800, and d. there, Aug. 9, 
i88x, aged 81 years and 6 days. '' He graduated at Brown 
University, 18 16, and studied law with Hon. Josiah J. Fiske, 
of Wren^am. Was admitt^ to the Norfolk bar in 1830 and 
opened an ofKce in Wrentham, where he lived until his death, 
April 30, 1837." Their children were : 

756. Lkwis Emmons*, b. Jnly 19, x8ai ; d. March 4, 1888. 

757. liKNKV Jones', b. Oct. 18, 1822 ; d. at Boston, Sept. 29, 1870 ; 

sprinter; m. Sophia McOougal. 
Elizabbth E.*, b. Nov. 17, 1825 ; res. New Haven, Conn., 
with her brother. 

758. Gkorgk Park*, b. Aug. to, 1827; professor and author. 

478. John Hancock*, son of Lewis (359) and Abigail 
(Whiting) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, Jan. 33, 1807 ; m. ist, 
Belinda, daughter of Nathan and Julia (Richardson) Adams, 
who was b. at Alstead, N. H., Dec. 15, 18x1, and d. at Frank- 
lin, June 14, 185X. He m. 3d, at Franklin, Sept. 7, 1853, 
Nancy E., daughterof Nathaniel and Nancy ( ) Thayer, 

who was b. at Franklin. He was on the school committee 
of Franklin in 1837 ; selectman, 1873, and representative in 
1873 and 1874. He res. in California, where he d. Feb. 13, 
1882. Had : 

Arthur Lkwis', b. at Franklin, March 9, 1855. 

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479. Waltbr Harris', son of Lewis (259) and Abigail 
(Whidng) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, Jan. 38, 1809; m. 
April 17, 1834, Bmily Pond, of Medfield, and they res. in 
Norfolk. Their chikUren were : 

BiOLY HAJiRxaP, b. Not. 29, 1836. 

Waltrr M.*, June 8, 1839; m. .\llice I. Metcalf, Dec. 3. 

Kkancis H.*, d. Nov. 12, 1851. 

Harrirt A.', b. Jaae 26, 1842; m. Charles M. Aldrich, July 
4, 1869; he wae ton of Artemae and Jaae Tucker (Maon) 
Aldrich, of Wrentham ; b. July 22, ii^6 ; had one son. 

JRRNIR M.*, b. Oct. 19, X845 : m- at Wrentham, Sept. 13, 1871. 
Wfllard G., ton of WUliam W. and Abby B. (Gould) 
Cowell, who waB b. there in 1847; ^ dentist; res. Wren- 

John Lrwxs*, b. Feb. 4, X848; res. City Mills. 

GaoaOR Hrnrv*, b. July 27, 1850. 

BUA Hajua*, b. March 2, 1834. 

IsUBRLUi Louisa*, b. Jan. 20, 1856. 

480. Sarah*, first child of Jeremiah (260) and Sarah 
(Dean) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, March 5, 1764 ; m. 
Richaxds, Nov. 13, 1782. They had : 

Rovua BjcharosP, b. April .24f 1784 ;d. unm., Aui^. 31; 1829. 
Sarah Richards^, b. March 15, 1786 ; m. Bbenexer Dewint^. 

June 22, 1809 ; the parents of Benjamin H. Dewing, ot' 

Chelsea, Mass. 

481. Ada*, daughter of Jeremiah (260) and Sarah 
(Dean) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Sept. 9, 1769 ; .she m. ist, 
Aug. 21, 1796, Paul Mills, of Needham ; m. 2d, Sept. 4, 1804, 
as his second wife. Captain Nathan, son of Ebenezer and 
Isabel ( ) Dewing, of Needham, who was b. there, on 
the old Dewing homestead, Feb. 8, 1758, and d. Dec. 17, 
1831, aged 78, in East Needham, on a small estate belonging 
to his second wife. Ada d. Nov. i, 1853, in Dedham, at the 
home of her daughter, Mrs. Lncy Bacon, in Mill Village, of 
old age. Children were : 

Paux, Drwikg*, b. Aug. 14, iSqs ; m. Jan. 10. 1832, Sophrouy 

Duraat, of Newton. 
WIUIAU DKWUfG*, b. Mmy 11, 181 1. 

483. Paui*', fifth child of Jeremiah (260) and vSarah 
(Dean) Fisher, was b. in Dedham in 1773. He m. at Dedham, 
Jan. 26, 1803, Lavina, daughter of Abiather and Klizabeih 
(Smith) Richards, who was b. in Dedham, Sept. 13, 1782, 
and d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., June 2, 1875, aged 92. TUcy joined 
the Dedham church, Oct. 7, 1804. Paul Fisher was a car- 

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peuter and lived on High Street, between the training groand 
and Lowder Street. (See a plan of Connecticut Comer in 
Dedham Historical Register, for January, 1894 ; V, 42.) He 
d. at Dedham, Oct. 37, 1846. The gravestone record says, 
*' Oct. 23, 1846, aged 73 years." Their children were : 

759. Elxzabuth Richards*, b. Dec. 33, iBos ; m. Joshua G. Dix, 

of Albany, N. Y., March 16, 1830. 
Sarau", bapt. at Dedham, Sept. 34, 18x5; unm. ; d. at 
Montclasr, N. J., , Z89X. 

760. Natkanxbl*. b. May 18, 1818; m. Mary Ann Woodmfi. 

483. John*, son of Jeremiah (260) and Sarah (Dean) 
Fisher, was b. in Dedham, , 1775. He m. (pub- 

lished at Dedham, Nov. 27, 1802), Keziah, daughter of Samuel 
and Hannah (BiUings) Billings, of Poxboro, who was b. at 
Canton, March 30, 1781, and d. in Dedham, Aug. 25, 1853, 
aged 72. She was admitted to the Dedham churdi, Feb. 22, 
X829. He d. in Dedham, April 16, 1849, aged 74. Their 
children were : 

jBanczAH*, b. April x, .X803 ; a stone mason ; never married ; 
d. in West Dedham, Dec. 4, 1873. 
76X. Hanmah*, b. Feb. 36, 1807; d. Aug. 3, X894; m. Nathan Phil- 
lips in 1833. 
763. John Baptist*, b. Oct. 26, 18x4; m. Fanny J. Panshaw, 
; d. 1882. 

Dkborab*, b. July 4. 18x7 ; d. 1867 ; m. Edward Pollegs. 

S^ULAH*, b. at Westfield, April 5, 1820; d. at West Dedham, 
Feb. 35, X874 ; m. Timothy S. Fuller, of Dedham, April 16, 

4S4. Danxbi.*, son of Col. Daniel (262) and Sibyl 
(Draper) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Mass., Jan. 2, 177X ; 
bapt. Sept. 6, 1772; a taxmer; moved with his parents to 
Newport, N. H., in May, 1793 ; died before 1798 ; started on 
a trip to South America for dry hides, but his vessel was 
wTecked and he was carried to the Danish island of St. Thomas, 
where he died of yellow fever. Unmarried. 

485. NATHANiBt', second son of Col. Daniel (262) and 
Sibyl (Draper) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Mass., March 29, 
1773, bapt. April 4, 1773 ; taken by his parents to Newport, 
N. H., May, 1793 ; worked at the hatter's trade, having his 
shop in the basraient of his father's house; died of fever, 
July 23, 1800 ; married Mary Wilcox, daughter of Major Jesse 
Wilcox, of Newport, N. H. She was bom March 14, 1776, 
and died April 2, 1858, aged 83 years. She married as her 
second husband, Joseph"* Kimball, a widower with four chil- 
dren, by whom she had seven children, one of whom was the 

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Rev. Lycurgns P. KimbaU, of Milford, N. H. [Kimball 
Gen., p. 283.] Nathaniel Fisher and his wife, Mary, had two 
•children : 

763. Natkajobl Wilcox*, b. March z, 179Q; in. Martha M. 

GraTCt* July 3a, 1839; d. at Sandusky, O., Aug. i, i849* 

764. Cathbunb Louisa*, b. Jan. 15, i8ot; m. Deacon Ilcnry 

Chapin*, Not. 7, 182a. 

486. EUZABBTH*, third child of Col. Daniel (262) and 
Sibyl (Draper) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, May i, 1774 ; bapt. 
April 7t 1775 ; d. at Mayslick, Ky., Jan. 25, 1863. A most 
excellent Christian woman. She m. Bartholomew, son of 
Trueworthy, Jr., and Elizabeth (Bartlett) Gilman, who was 
b. at Exeter, N. H., Sept. 30, 1773, and d. at Belpre, O., 
Oct. II, 1823. ^ Trueworthy Gilman, Jr., was b. May 23, 1738, 
a ** captain/' and lived in Exeter, N. H. Children were : 

Blixabrth Phuxips Gilman*, b. Aug. 17, 1797; m. in 1817, 
Charles Sergent, of Gloucester, Mass, and hail : Mary 
Blisabeth Sergent^*, m. Horace Curtis Knowles, of Ohio ; 
Lucy Prances Sergent'*, m. Michael K. Franklin, of Va.; 
Charles Gilman Sergent'*, m. Anna D. Jennings, of Ky.; 
Sibyl Draper Sergent'*, m. Edvrin Keyes, who d. in the 
Civil War. 

CATHnuiB PlSHBB GIUCAM*, b. ; m. Daniel 

BUenwood, of Ohio, and had seven children. 

Sibyl Drapbb Gilman*, b. ; m. Benjamin F. Wol- 

cott, of Kentucky. 

JoBN Calvin Gilman* ,b. ; m. Elizabeth 

Pay, of Marietta, O., and d. in Westboro, Mass., about 
1858. They had: William Langdon Oilman'*, Ellis Oil- 
man'* and George Oilman'*. 

Mabv Gbbbnlbaf Oilman*, b ; m. Asa R. Runyan, 

of Kentucky, and was a widow in 1869. 

Gborgb OnicAN*, b. ; m. Elizabeth Stevens, and 

had a son and daughter who d. in infancy. 

Daughter*, d. in infancy. 

Son*, d. in infancy. 

487. Catrbrink*, fourth child of Col. Daniel (262) and 
Sibyl (Draper) Fisher, was b. in Dedham^ April 30, 1776 ; 
bapt. June 2, 1777; m. Captain Stephen Draper, of Attlcboro. 
She d. at Worcester, Mass., in her 93d year; was an excel- 
lent Christian. Their children : 

BUZA Dbapbb*. 
Sbth Pisbbb Draper*. . 
Bdwin Drapbr*. 
Albbrt Drapbr*. 
Stbphbn Drapkr*. 
Danibl Draper*. 
Pannib C. Draper*. 


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488. Polly\ fifth child of Col. Daniel (262) and Sibyl 
(Draper) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, Nov. 24, 1779 ; bapt. 
Dec. 9, X779 ; m., about 1800, George Ellis, and settled in 
Attleboro, Mass., where she d., much lamented, March xx, 
1 841 . She was an eminent Christian. Had : 

Otis Bujs*. 

Catrsrinb Bllxs*. 

And other sons and daughters somamed Bills. 

480. Andbbw*, sixth child of Col. Daniel (262) and 
Sibyl (Draper) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, Oct. x, 1781, 
and bapt. Oct. 21, 1781; d. Nov. 6, x86s, and was buried 
at Belpre, Ohio. He was a hatter by trade. He m. ist, 
Mary Gray, daughter of Captain William Gray, a justice 
of the peace at Waterford, O., who had served under 
*'Mad Anthony Wa3me" at Stony Point, and had early 
emigrated to Ohio. She d. Aug. 17, X823, in her 38th 
year, and lies buried at Belpre, O. By her Andrew had 
six children. He m. 2d, at Frost, O., Mrs. Salome Beebe, 
a widow, by whom he had one child. Andrew learned 
the hatter's trade with his brother, Nathaniel; went to 
Belpre, O., in x8o2; res. in Marietta, O., as early as 1806, 
and lived there several years; then went back to Belpre, 
where he remained at least until 1824 ; then removed to Frost, 
O., where he d. Nov. 6, 1865, and was buried at Belpre. He 
worked at his trade until 18x6; then became the captain of 
his own boat on tke Ohio and the Mississippi ; was also a 
larmer. He was a Universalist and a Freemason. Children 

Majlia*, b. ; m. Jesse Loring, of Belpre, O., and d. 

about 189X, aged about 80 years. She had children, sur< 
named Loring, all now dead: William Loring'^ Fannie 
Lorine^*, Mary Loring'*» and Austin Loring*^. 
Amanda*, b. ; m. William M. Dodge, of Belpre, O., who 

moved to Peoria, 111. There Mrs. Dodge d. May 7, 1894. 
Children: Alice Dodge**, Loring Dodge^^ and John 

765. Thsodors Amss", b. Dec. 19, 1813; m. Fannie M. Collins, 

April 30, 1840. 

BUZABSTB Dana', b ; m. Madison Root, who d. many 

years ago of yellow feyer in New Orleans. She lived in 
Peoria, 111., afterwards, and d. a widow. No living de- 

Mary*, b ; m. Charles R. Ames, ton of Cyrus Ames, 

of Belpre, O., now dead ; children : Marv Charlotte Ames**, 
Maria Loring Ames**, Laura A. Ames*^*, Edward Ames**, 
Frederick Ames**, Fanny Ames**. 

766. Austin G.', b. ; m. zst, Mary Kemp; m. 3d, Buphame 

Brown ; res. Randolph, Iowa. 

Sibyl' (by second wife;, b. ; m. Warren Patton. She 

res. at Frost, O., and d. there, about the middle of July, 
1898 ; a Universalist ; no children. 

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490. Haitkah', seventh child of Col. Daniel (262) and 
Sibyl (Dtaper) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, Sept. 3, 1783 ; 
bapt. by Mr. Daman, Oct. 13, 1783 ; d. at Amesville, Athens 
County » O.t in the summer of 1824, probably in August. 
She went with her parents to Newport, N. H., in 1793, and 
to Blennerhassett's Island, with her mother, in Dec., 1799 ; 
then to BeljMre, O., in i8o3« She m. Seth Fuller, at Belpre, 
O., Oct. 18, 1807, and they settled in Amesville, Athens Co., 
Ohio, where he was an early and prominent settler. They had : 

Dajstkl PuZfLsa*. 

MoncavA S. PuLiiSa*. 

Jans Abigail Puxxsa*, b. ; m. Dr. Jatnea H. 

Stswartt and became the mother of aeven children, one 
being Rev. Robert Stewart, D. D., a miasionary to India. 

SsXH PxTLUCa*, b. ; a phyaician ; rea. Beilefontaine, O. 

BnwiJtD PuUiBR'. 

Ax^ntSD Wars Poz,xjnL*. 

491. DsBORAH Ambs\ eighth child of Col. Daniel (262) 
and Sibyl (Draper) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Sept. 20, 1785 ; 
lived much with her uncle. Rev. Nathaniel Fisher, of Salem, 
Mass.; in 1808 she moved to her parents' home in Belpre, O.; 
m. there, April 22, 1816, George Dana, son of Captain William 
Dana. He d. April 6, 1865, aged 75; she d. at Belpre, Dec. 
6, 1840. Children were : 

Bmily W. Daka*. 
FaANCBS Daka*. 
GBoaoa Dana*. 
Da. John Daka*. 
MAay W. Daha*. 

492. WIIXIAM^ ninth child of Col. Daniel (262) and 
Sibyl (Draper) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, March 15, 1788 ; 
taken by his parents to Newport, N. H., May, 1793 ; went 
with his mother to meet his father on Blennerhassett's Island, 
in Dec., 1799, arriving there Christmas ,- moved to Belpre, O., 
about 1802 ; spent several years in a printing office, and at 
Muskingum Academy, at Marietta, O. Then he made voy- 
ages to New Orleans, Bordeaux, France ; Boston, Havana, 
Philadelphia, Hamburg, Germany ; Portugal, and back to 
Boston, during 1805-07. Farmed and taught school in 
chusetts ; from 1809 he managed cotton nulls in Franklin and 
Attleboro, Mass.; arrived at Killingly, Conn., April i, 
1820, where he started mills in the firm name of William 
Fisher & Sons. He was a representative in the legislature o( 
Connecticut, 1841 and 1842, and continued manufacturing in 
Fisherville, now Grosnerdale, Conn., until 1854, whcu he rc« 

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tired from business. Prom 1855, he lived with his children 
in New York, Florida, Georgia and Connecticnt, and d. at 
his daughter's in Thompson, Conn., from the effects of a fall 
Oct. 18, X878. He lies buried at Grosnerdale. He was of 
light complexion, about five feet, eight inches high, fine look- 
ing, active, and weighed over two hundred pounds. The 
Putnam Patriot says : " In all the relations of life he was 
moved by the noblest inspirations of a Christian manhood. 
Ever faithful to the cause of truth and righteousness, God was 
honored and his fellow-men blessed by his labors and exam- 
ple.*' He was a member of the Congregational church. He 
married three times : xst, in x8io, to Polly Ellis, of Attleboro, 
Mass., daughter of Joel and Sally (Wolcott) Ellis, who was 
b. May 4, 1791, and d. at Killingly, Conn., Aug. 8, 1831. He 
m. 3d, Laura Williams, of Taunton, Mass., who was b. 
May 10, 1793, and d. at Thompson, Conn., May 33, 1843; 
m. 3d, Jan. z, 1843, Julia Johnson, of Middletown, Conn., 
who was b. March 38, 1814, and d. at Englewood, N. J., 
Oct. 16, 1885. Children by first two wives were : 

767. Natkanibx, AOGUSToaP, b. A.Qg. 3, i8xx ; m. Ophelia Nichols, 

Oct. 23, X834. 

768. WixjjAM*, b. July 38, x8z3 ; m. Mary ▲. Sawyer, of Thomp- 

son, Conn. 

769. JOBX. Bllxs*, b. Aug. 18, x8x; ; married three times. 
Sally WoLCon*» b. at Attleboro, Mass., Not. 20, X817 ; d. 

at Smithfield, R. I., Jan. 8, X837. 

770. SXBVL Ann", b. Feb. 18, iSao; m. Emory H. Pennimsa, March 

X, 1842. 
Polly Blus* (by second wife), b. at Killingly, Cona., Feb. 
19, X823 ; m. Dr. Lowell Holbrook, Tan. X3, X845, and d. in 
Thompson, Conn.i in 189a. No children. 

771. Gxco&Gg Amory*, b. May 2X, X824; m. Eliza Burgess, June 7, 

Francis^, b. in Killingly, Conn., Oct. 22, X827; bookkeeper; 
war correspondent for newspapers; a member of Dr. 
Storrs* Congregational Chorch, Brooklyn, N. Y.; d. in 
New York, Dec. x8, 1862; unm. 

403. Skth*, tenth child of Col. Daniel (262) and Sibyl 
(Draper) Fisher, was b. in Dedhaxn; bapt. Oct. 2, • 1791; 
taken by his parents to Newport, N. H., in May, X793 ; left 
with Major Wilcox when his parents went west in 1799, bnt 
joined them in Ohio, after x8oo. Later he went Sonth, then 
to New England ; afterwards to CaUfomia, where he d. aboat 
fifty years of age. He had a diversified business experience ; 
lost a, cargo worth $20,000 in rounding Cape Horn. Married 
about X819, but died a widower. Children were three sons 
and three daughters ; order of births uxiknown : % . 

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WiLUAM*, b. ; d, young. 

AUTEKX^, b. ; perhaiM living in S«n Prauctiico, Cal.; 

had property in China; married. 
GMOnonP, D. ' ; may be in Kentucky, or, pcrUnpH ren. iu 

Lucy Aim*, b. ' ; married, and probably living iu Sau 

Haaruki*, b. ; m. Mr. Whitham. 

Hannah*, b. m. Bfr. Hunt. 

4U4. JUDGB Sbth Ambs", sixtli child of Hon. Fisher' 
(267) and France (Worthington) Ames, was b. in Dctlhani, 
Apnl f9, Z805, and graduated at Harvard College in 1835. He 
studied law at the I^w School, and in Springfield in tlie office 
of George Bliss, and in Boston in the officeof Lemnd Sliaw. He 
was admitted to the Common Pleas Court in Dedhaui in 1S2S, 
and to tht Supreme Court in Cambridge in October, 1830, and 
beganpiactice in Lowell, where for a time he wa.s associateil 
with Thomas Hopkinson. He was a member of the Lowell 
board of aldermen in 1836, 1837 and 1840, a representative in 
1833 and a senator in 1841. He was also city solicitor from 
1842 to 1849. In 2849 he was appointed clerk of the courts 
for Middlesex County, and removed to Cambridge. When 
the Suptfior Court was established in 1859 he was api>oiuted 
an associate judge, and in 1867 succeeded Charles Alien as 
chief justice* In 1869 he was promoted to the bench of the 
Supreme Judicial Court, and removed to Brookline. He re- 
signed his seat Jan. 15, i88z, and died in Brookline, Aug. 15, 
in the same year. He married in 1830 Margaret, daughter 
of Gamaliel Bradford, of Boston; and in 1849, Abigail Fisher, 
daughter of Rev. Samuel Dana, of Marblehead. (From 
* ' Bench and Bar of Suffolk County. " ) A son ( by first wife ) , 
Fisher Ames*, graduated from Harvard in 1858, and from the 
Law School in x86o. He was admitted to the Suffolk bar 
Oct* 2, x86i, and is still in practice. 

495. JounV son of John (271) and Chloe (Smith) Fisher, 
was b. in West Dedham, Max^h 20, 1805 ; m. at Dedhani, 
June 15,' 1828, Nancy, daughter of Abel and Hannah (Leonard) 
Farrington, of Canton, who was b. in Canton, Nov. 3, 1803. 
He was a farmer in West Dedham, where their children were 
bom. She d. May 15, 1876, aged 72; he d. July 29, 18K9, 

aged 84 years. They had : 

773. John Lbonaud^, b. .\pri] 12, 1839; m. Lucy Ellis, Fd>. 28, 
. 773* Nancy Euzabkth*, b. June 19, 1834; m. David A. Ho(lK<loti, 
June 19, i8s6. 

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496. Joshua', son of John (371) and Cli]oe(Smith) Fisher, 
was b. in West Dedham, May 28, 1807 ; m. in Dedham, Oct. 
9, 1834, Eliza Wiggin, daughterof Lemuel and Mary (Evans) 
Fumald, of Northwood, N. H., who wash, in Durham, N.H.t 
Dec. 6th, 1810, and d« in Quincy, Mass., March 8, 1896. He 
was a farmer, living on the old Fisher homestead, in West 
Dedham, where the first five of his children were bom. He 
d. there, Aug. 27, 1890, aged 83 years. Children were : 

CKARUtS*, b. July 33» 1835 ; d. Dec. a, 1842. 

774. Susanna Abigah,*, b. Oct. 29, 1836 ; m. George W. Prescott» 

May 8, 1859. 
Alvxn*, b. May xo, 2838; d. Oct. 3, 1838. 
Prbbican*. b. Aug. 20, 2841 ; d. Jan. 4, 1843. 

775. Pkbbman*, b. Jan. 3, 1843 ; ni. Blizabeth D. Clapp, March 

3^ 1869. 

776. EBBNBZsa*, b. in Quincy, Mass., June 24, 1844 ; m. Bleanor 

A. Blunt, June 18, 1878. 

777. Joshua Stxi^lmam*, b. Quincy, May xo, 1849; m. Mary 

Melissa Miller, Oct. 4, 1884. 

407. Sauy*, eighth child of Timothy Y273) and Abigail 
(Gibbs) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, March 12, 2805 ; bapt. 
there, April 28 following ; m. April 23, 2826, George B.', son 
of Nathanier. and Tiyphena (Barbo:) Pierce, who was b. 
April 29, 2800. They res. in Milford Centre. He d. in 2878 ; 
she d. Nov. 25, 2880, aged 75. Children, b. in Milford, were : 

Marv B2.2ZABBTH Pxb&cbP, b. Oct. XO, 2829; unm.; res. 9 

Prsnldin Street, Milford. 
Gborgb Amory Pxbrcb*! b. July xo, X836; d. Nov. 33, 1858. 
Abxgaxl Pxshbr Pxbrcb*, b. Sept. 23. X838 ; d. July 23, 1840. 
Jambs Augustus Pxbrcb*, b. Nov. X9, X842 ; d. Aug. X9, 1844. 

498. Gborgb*, son of Samuel (274) and Abigail (Mason) 
Fisher, was b. in Dover, July x, 1786; m. in Walpole, Jan. 
X, x8xx, Hannah Smith, of Walpole. He d. in New Qrleaxis, 
La., Sept. 23, 183 X. Their children were : 

Isaac Nbwtom*, b. in Dover, Oct. 2, X812; m. Snaaa Bruce; 
res. at West Seneca, near Bufialo, N. Y.; had several chil- 

778. Gborgb WASHnroTON*, b. Dover, Jnne 29, 18x4 ; m. Mary 

Jane Acer, of Pittsford, N. Y., June 4, X846. 
Mason Adams*, b, Ang. 7, 18x6 ; d. in Rochester, N. Y., in 

1847; m. Maria Benson, of Rochester; their two children 

both d. in infancy. 
Hannah Ann', b. in Lyons, N. Y., Sept. 26> x82X ; d. March 

8. 1888 ; m. Alfred Ellis in X847, and lived in Waloole. 

Mass. Children now liying are Joseph Bills, *^ and Cora 

Ellis**'. ^ 

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490. Chau^s", son of Samuel (274) and Abiga il ( Mason) 

Fisher, wash, in Dover, Oct, 25, 1789; m. Ruby . They 

res. in Dover, where he d. July 19, 1821. His widow m. 2d, 
Sept. 21, 1823, Seth Chapin, of Dedham. Children of Charles 
and Ruby were: 

SAtliV*, b. ; m. Boyden, aad w. iii South 

Dedham ; had children who grew up ; one, Ellis Uoydea, 
becsme a music tescher. 

779. Mathah p.*, b. Feb. 23, z8z6 ; m. Blixabeth C. Boyden, of 

Walpole, Sept. 9, 1835. 

780. Hauus WnjON*. b. April 35, 1817 ; m. Mary N. Blake, Dec. 

30, i84x. 
CkamsjuF, b. Dec. 2$, 1819. 
Samusx,*, b. Sept. 25, 1821. 

ffOO. Nathaii Mason*, son of Samuel (274) and Abi- 
gail (Mason) Fisher, was b. in Dover, March 12, 1799 ; m. 
Feb. 21, 1821, Elizabeth Gray, daughter of William and 
Elizabeth (Ingersoll) Champney, who was b. Aug. 30, 179-. 
They rtaidtd in Dover, where he d« May 15, 1834. They had: 

BUZABSXK JarbP, b. Sept. 10, 1893 ; m. Charles C. ITcnthaw, 
of Boston, Nov. 30. 1843; d. March 9, 1849; two children, 
both d. in childhood. 

781. Jamss OtxS*, b. Jane 30, 1825; m. Melissa Sherman, Oct. 23, 


782. ABfCAyL Mason*, b. Oct. x6, 1827 ; m. Henry W. Clarke, of 

Boston, Msy 28, 1846. 

501. Fkbkman', son of Aaron (279) and Lucy (Stedmau) 
Fisher, was b. in Needham, Nov. 29, 1786. He kept a store 
in Dedham about 1805 ; then he removed to Boston, and for 
many years was the senior partner of Freeman Fisher and 
Son, print cloth manufacturers. The last fifteen years of his 
Ufe were spent in Dedham, where he d. July 8, i860. He m. 
xst, at DMham, Sept. 22, 1812, Martha, daughter of Abuer 
and Martha (May) Ellis, of Dedham. She d. Dec. 11, 1816, 
aged 22 years. He m. 2d, Sept. 21, 1820, Mary Godfrey 
Bronson, daughter of Willis (d. Sept. 12, 1805), and Sally 
(daughter of Col. Benjamin and Bethiah Gibbs Godfrey, b. 
in Milford, March 3, 1781), Bronson, who was b. in Milford, 
Jan. 24, 1802, and d. in Dedham; April 29, 1885, aged 83 
years. Their children were : 

LCJCV Stxdman', b. Jan. , 1814 ; m. Bdward Haynes. She 
d. about 1846. Her dauKhter, Martha Haynea*^ 111. a Cha»e, 
and had a boy (uow dead) and a girl, who is niarrictl. 

783. Asnbr Blus*, b. Dec. 5, 1816; m. Bliaabeth Dwight Uaker, 

Oct. 4» 1843 ; ^c d. June 17, i86x. 
A son*, b. ; d* in infancy. 

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FRANas WiLUS* (by second wife), b. Sept 3X, 1821 ; bept. 
June 9, x8aa ; d. Jan.^, 1877 ; gradnatM at Hanrard Col- 
lege, 1845 ; m- ; lud two children, John>* and Min- 
nie'*, who axe living in New York. 

Martha Mary*, bapc Oct. 19, 1823; d. in 1841, aged x8 

John F.*, b. Biay 2X, 1825 ; d. in 1843, Aged 18 years. 

Mary Bt,T7.abkth*, b. Aug. i, 1827 ; d. m 1855, aged 27 years, 

Ann Sophia', b. — — — ; d. in infancy. 

784. Hbkry Grbbnb Bronson*, b. in Boston, in 1834; m. Mrs. 

Blackinton, of North Adanu, April 39, 1878. 
Edward Godfrbv*, b. about 1837 ; d. in 1882 ; unm. 

785. WiujAM Frsbkan*, b. in Boston, in 1840; m. Mary B. 

Sampson, Oct. 8, 1863. 

502. Ebbnbzbr*, sonof Aaron (279) and Lucy (Stedman) 
Fisher, was b. in Needham, Nov. 30, 1788. *' His tatt and his 
fortune, under Providence, were early committed to himself. 
He left his paternal roof while a boy and after spending a few 
years in mercantile employments in Watertown and Boston, 
he sought at his own expense, to complete in an humble way 
an education that would be sufficient to prepare him for an 
active life of usefulness and business. For this purpose he 
repaired to Milton, and entered the Academy which was then 
established in that place. From Milton he came, in the year 
1808 to Dedham, where he spent the remainder of his upright 
and honorable life, and where he met, calmly and peacefully, 
the angel of death. He was for sometime employed as clerk 
in the Probate Office, under the direction of Judge Haven, and 
for nearly two years he officiated as clerk of the court during 
the lengthened illness of Mr. Townsend, in whose office he 
also wrote. He entered the Dedham Bank as clerk in 18 14. 
In 1823 he was chosen cashier, which trust, after having faith- 
fully and religiously kept for twenty-three years, he resigned 
on the 31st ultimo, four da3rs only before he resigned his spirit 
to the God who gave it.'* — From the Norfdk County American 
for Jan. 16, 1847. He was selectman of Dedham in 1830. See 
''Sermon on the death of Ebenezer Fisher, Jr.; by Alvan 
Lamson; Boston, 1847." 

He m. at Dedham, Dec. 20, 1820, Sophia Matilda, daughter 
of Johnand Grace (Shortland) Smith, of Stourbridge, England, 
and De dham , Mass., who was b. in Dedham, Jan. 10, 1798. 
They joined the First Parish church, Nov. 3, 1839. He d. 
Monday, Jan. 4, 1847, &S^ 58; she d. May 20, 1849, aged 51. 
Their children were : 

Sophia MaTiu>a', b. Oct. 13, 1821 ; m. Nov. x6, x86o, Brastus 
Bdgerton, a civil engineer ; res. Cedar Falls, Iowa; noissne. 
She d. at Dedham, Jaly 19, 1877, of consumption. 

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786. Bbkhksr SBomTL4ND^i b. Attg. 30, 1833 ; m. Ellen M. P. 
ShAWi July 5^ 1849* 
GsACB ^nBM▲M^b. Feb. 13, 1827 ; unmarried. 
* 787. Gxonas Framkuii** b. Sept. 2, 2830; m. Mary R. Richards, 
Oct. 9, X856. 

508. J08IAR Stbdman*, son of Aaron (279) and Lucy 
(Stedman) Fisher, was b. in Needham, Oct. 18, 1790 ; about 
1805, he went to Dedham and entered his brother Freeman's 
store. Subsequently he established, with his brother Francis, 
a bakery and continued in that business in Dedham till within 
a few years of his death, which occurred Oct. 28, 1828. He 
m. Jan. 13, 1820, Sally, daughter of Eliphalet and Prudence 
(Davis) Pond, who was b. Jan. 19, 1797, and d. May 18, 1882, 
having survived her husband 54 years. He was a represen- 
tative to the General Court in 1824. He was much interested 
in the militia, became colonel in 1823, and at the time of his 
death was brigadier-general. They had only : 

Sabah Pobs^, b. March zz, z82Z ; d. Sept 20, 1823. 

501. Alvan*, son of Aaron (379) and Lucy (Stedzzian) 
Fisher, was b. in Needham, Aug. 9, 1792. He became a sign 
and ornamental painter, studying when a young izian under 
John R. Pennizzian, a well-known painter, much of whase 
time in his then old age, being *' spent in the coarser branches, 
yet iziany a decorative work attested to his ability for higher 
art, and his real genius. Fifty years ago, Alvan Fisher had 
a studio and gallery on Washington street, near Summer. 
He was the first landscape painter who hung out a professional 
sign in Boston ; a znan of decided talents for art, and withal 
possessed of the extraordiziary ability to make it pay. At 
the age of forty-three he had by industry in landscape and 
and portrait accumulated $z 3,000. This sum he invested in 
eastern lands and lost the whole of it. Nothing daunted, he 
again sought success and won it in the accumulation of a few 
thousands, which by fortuzzate or shrewd speculation he 
greatly increased till possessed of a szziall fortune. It was his 
custom ozice in several years to sell by auction what he had 
^ failed to part with privately. Kach of these sales, some half 
half a dozen in all, netted him in cash an average of about 
fifty dollars on each picture. He usually put up at each sale 
less than a hundred works. Mr. Fisher had the rare faculty 
of painting incidents of some sort in his landscapes. His pic- 
tures were taken from a good memory and pencil sketches. 
Although he sought often the White Hills, and was often, with 

Digitized by 



Doughty and Harding, an habitue of Thompson's little tav- 
ern at North Conway» he rarely painted directly from nature, 
and when he did it was but a memorandum sketch of bits, as 
called them, not deeming it well todo the whole work al fresco, 
as do our modem artists."* His native talent overcame to a 
great extent the more serious disadvantages of so cramped 
an education as that of an ornamental painter. In 1824, he 
took his position as an artist; in 1825, he visited Europe and 
pursued his studies in Paris. 

He m. at Dedham, June 3, 1827, Lydia, daughter of Abner 
and Martha (May) Ellis, who was b. in Dedham, Feb* 26, 
1802. He d. in Dedham, Feb. 13, 1863, aged 70. His 
widow, Lydia, d. there, Aug. 21, 1887, '* aged 82 years." 
They had only : 

7S8. Alvam Tosiau", bapt. at Dedham, March 30, 1832 ; d. April 
15* 1863; SI. Marina Clark Alden, Jan. x, 1851. 

505. Francis", son of Aaron (279) and Lucy (Stedman) 
Fisher, was b. at Needham, Sept. 14, 1794, and d. on his es- 
tate in Brookline, Aug. i, 1871, aged 76 years. He m. Dec. 
12, 1825, Lydia Kittredge, who was a daughter of Dr. Jere- 
miah and Lydia (Bond) Kittredge, of Walpole, N. H., who 
was b. at Walpole, April 29, 1796, and d. at Brookline, Nov. ' 
26, 1867. She was descended from John and Mary (Little- 
field) Kittredge, original settlers of Billerica, Mass., — a 
family of physicians down to the present generation. Francis 
Fisher commenced his business life as clerk in the store of 
his brothers, Josiah and Freeman, in Dedham. In 1819, he 
was admitted into partnership with Henry Hovey & Company, 
23 Central Wharf, Boston, which later became the firm oif 
Fisher & Company, 23 and 24 Central Wharf, Boston. The 
firm was originally established in x8io for the purpose of im- 
porting cotton cloths from Calcutta, and as commission mer- 
chants in Virginia flour and tobacco. Francis became the 
senior partner of this firm of Fisher & Company. Their 
children were : 

Sarah MBXoscsMt*, b. in 1826 ; d. is 182S. 

789. Peancxs KiTTRBDOBf , b. Sept. 3, 1828 ; m. Mary Josephine . 

Mason, Nov. 27, 1865. 
Sarah Buzabbth*, b. is 1830; d. in 1831. 

790. HORACS Nbwtom*, b. Oct. 19, 1836; m. Kiameche Cecilia 

Maaon, Nov. 13, 1863. 
79'- JQUN Hbrbkrt*, b. Not. 27, 1838; d. Sept. 6, 1896. 

•From ''ThcOldltaatmof Boiitoa.'* by SammI U Gtrry, iMthm itfm Mmgimmd 
jIAirMJMc. for fcb., 1091. 

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506. Dr. John Dzx*, sixth son of Aaron (279) and Lucy 
(Stedman) Fisher, was b. in Needham, March 27, 1797 ; 
graduated at Brown University, A. B., 1820; later received 
A. M. degree ; received the A. M. degree from Harvard ; in 
1825 that of M. D.; and the honorary A. B., Middlebury 
College, Vt., in x82x. He seems to have taught the Second 
Middle School in Dedham, in the winter of 1818-X9. (Dedham 
Historical Register, V, p. 1x9.) 

** Dr. Fisher was emphatically a self-made man. That 
which created him — his own good spirit— remained true to 
its creation, unto the end. He laid deeply the foundations of 
future eminence and usehxlness in patient, laborious study of 
books, and careful record of what he saw, and of the thoughts 
or views to which direct observation gave birth. He went 
abroad and studied under the distinguished men of Europe 
that which had most occupied him at home ; and these pro- 
fessional subjects which were novel, or with which his early 
pupilage and observation had made him but imperfectly ac- 
quainted. He was much interested in the study of small- 
pox, and gave to his profession a valuable and useful volume 
on that disease. Its materials were collected in Paris. It 
was printed in Boston, in X829. It treats of ' Confluent and 
Inoculated Small-pox, Varioloid Disease, Cow-pox and 
Chicken-pox.' This volume, of large quarto size, with plates 
of the size of Ufe, exact portraits, taken in the presence of 
the author, by a distinguished artist, and at the bedside of 
the patients. He was one of the earliest advocates of the 
establishment of the Perkins Institution for the Blind. Soearly 
and so devotedly attached was he to this object, that he is con- 
sidered to be its first suggestor. He was its physician and 
its vice-president; and thus by peipetual personal agencies in 
its service — associations with its highest interests — it was his 
privilege and his happiness to mark and to minister to its steady 
progress, and to witness and rejoice in its entire success. Dur- 
mg Dr. Howe's absence in Europe, the entire care of the in- 
stitution devolved on Dr. Fisher. His whole service was thus 
faithfully devoted to its important objects, and for it Dr. Fisher 
received no pecuniary compensation. It was a free-will offer- 
ing of duty, and had its reward in itself. Dr. Fisher 
>went to Europe and pursued his professional studies with 
some of the most eminent men of the age. Among these were 
Laennec, Andral and Velpeau. To the first he would seem 
to have been especially devoted^ Said one of him with pe- 
culiar appropriateness, 'his left hand knew not what his 
right hand did.' " 

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'* Wliile in Paris he had frequented the Royal Institution 
for the Blind, the one first established by Valentine Hauy in 
1784. On his return, in 1826, he consulted with friends on 
the subject of commencing a school for the blind in Boston, 
but no definite action took place until Feb. xo, 1829, when a 
meeting was called. After Dr. Fisher had eacplained the 
methods of instructing the blind, a committee was appointed 
which reported favorably. An act of incorporation was ob- 
tained from the legislature, March 2, 1829, under the name 
of the ' New England Asylum for the Blind.' Dr. Fisher 
enlisted the co-operation of Dr. Samuel G. Howe, ' who had 
just returned from the scenes of his philanthropic mission to 
Greece,' and on the i8th of August, 1831, he was appointed 
superintendent. In August, 1832, the work of instruction 
was commenced with six blind persons." (Supplement to 
Encyclopsedia Brittanica, pp. 556^57.) 

Dr. Fisher introduced the stethoscope into this country. 
Jan. 26, 1846, he was elected attending physician to the Mass. 
General Hospital, which position he held until his death. One 
who knew him well said of him : " Who that knew him does not 
feel sad at his death ; and yet did not death come in kindness 
to him, to draw to a cabn close a life devoted to duty, and to 
bring to everlasting rest a frame long wasted by disease, and 
so often exhausted by suffering ? " 

In the New England \Mas^azine^ for February, Z897 (old 
series, vol. XXI, pp. 673-688), will be found an appre- 
ciative article, by Samuel Eliot, on "The Perkins Institu- 
tion and Massachusetts School for the Blind." We extract 
the following notes about Dr. Fisher : 

The earliest outspoken proposal of founding a school for the 
blind in the United States was in 1826. In that year a young 
physician of Boston, returned from his medical studies in 
Paris, resolved to make some provision for the blind at home 
corresponding to that which he had seen and repeatedly exam- 
ined abroad. Paris had for about forty years possessed a 
school in which pupils without sight had learned almost, and 
in some branches quite, as much as those with sight in the 
schools, and at last a stranger came from our shores by whom 
the value of the Parisian institution could be accepted, and 
its fitness to serve as a model for American institutions of a 
similar character could be apprehended. If such institutions 
could succeed in France, there seemed no possible reason why 
it should not be equally and even more successful in America. 

It was a great purpose, a great hope, greater than 

can be measured to-day, unl^ the Boston of that time, nay, 
more, the country of that time, is clearly remembered. Pre- 

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cedents in this new direction .were wanting, benevolent enter- 
prises were very much slower in winning support, the public 
treasury was very much less easily drawn upon, while all 
available resources were already straightened, or thought to 
be so, in sustaining exisring charities. 

Dr. Fi^er^s name appears in the Boston directory of 1828 as 
that of a physician in practice, residing in his father's house 
in Hayward Place. By that time he had succeeded in inter- 
esting some of his fellow-townsmen in his plans ; and early in 
1829 a meeting was called to take action regarding them. He 
then made an address setting forth the character of the books 
reqtdred by the blind, the methods of teaching and particu- 
larly of manual training to be employed in their behalf. A 
committee appointed to consider the establishment of an 
institution reported within ten days, at an adjourned meeting 
in the representatives' chamber at the State House a resolu- 
tion in kvor of the entetprise; and after another address 
from Dr. Fisher, and commendatory remarks from several 
others, a strong committee was named to obtain an act of 
incorporation, which passed the legislature without debate. 

The corporation under the act met, framed its 

by-laws, and in 1830 chose its first officers, Jonathan Phillips, 
president, and John D. Fisher at the head of the trustees. 

Nottheleast, nay, the very greatest, of Dr. Fisher's 

services was the enlistment of another young physician of 
Boston in his undertaking. This was Samuel O. Howe, with 
whose valiant and humane labors for the independence of 

Greece his feUow-Bostonians were proudly familiar. 

In August (1832) the school was opened in the 

Pleasant Street house of Dr. Howe's father, with six pupils. 

Dr. Fisher must have been content. He was a trustee, 

as has been mentioned, from 1830, and continued such for 
twenty years. During a year when Dr. Howe was absent, he 
took charge, and wrote the twelfth annual report, in which 
'* its present condition " is described to be '* such as to carry 
out in all respects the desires of its benevolent founders. ' ' He 
died in 1850 ; and though the nearly half a century intervening 
has blanched his memory into a shade, it is one which every 
member of the school should continue to cherish. 

A portrait of Dr. Fisher will be found in the number of the 
New England Magamu referred to above, in connection with 
the article by Mr. Eliot. 

507. Nancy*, oldest child* of Major Jacob (289) and 
Nancy (Carter) Fisher, was b. in Lancaster, Mass., Feb. 13, 
Z793 ; m. there, Oct. 7, t8zo, Josiah Fay, who was b. Aug. 

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26, X788, and d. Nov, 6, iSyi, She d. July 7, 1845. Chil- 
dren were: 

Hbnry Cartsk Pay*, b. Sept. 10, z8xx ; d. Feb. 7, 1884; m. 

Joanna Wager, Oct. 17, 1844. 
HAitaiicT Brxgbam Pay*, b. April 19, 1813; d. March ai, 

1874; m. Benjamin B. OtiA» March 23, x85X. 
JoszAU CoixzNS Pay*, b. April 15, 1815 ; d. Sept. 4, 1863 ; m. 

Catherine Leley, Jnly 37, 1840. 
Mary Rxcxxaroson Fay*, b. April 17, x8ao; d. Sept. 37, 1891. 
Francrs Fzsksr Fay*, b. Dec. 6, x8a5 ; d. Jnly aa, 1843. 

508. Jacob", son of Jacob (289) and Anna (Carter) 
Fisher, was b. in Lancaster, Mass., Nov. 5, X794, and d. 
there, Jan. 30, 1877. He m. in Laxvcaster, June X4» x8i8, 
Orricy Hills, of Leoxninster, daughter of John and Sally (Car- 
ter) Hills, who was b. May X2, X796, and d. Oct. 3X, X882. 
Jacob served in several of the town offices, and was dected to 
the State Legislature several times. • Was president of the 
Laxicaster National Bank from X839 to X876 ; for twenty-six 
years was a director in the Fitchburg Mutual Fire Ixisurance 
Company. Was a director of the Worcester and Nashua Rail- 
road Company for thirty-one years, and an original trustee of 
the State Ixidustrial School for Girls, retaixiing that position 
for many years and only resigning on account of other duties. 
Was a very genial man. Children were : 

79a. Martha*, b. Aug. ao, X819 ; m. Peder Anderson, of Lowell, 
Nov. la, X846. 

793. Sarah*, b. Jan. 30, i8aa ; m. Thomas Howe, of Boston, April 

17. 1843. 
Charlottb", b. Jais as, x8a4; educated at Lawrence 
Academy, Groton, HLbmb ; res. Lancaster ; unm. 

794. Carounb*, b. Sept. 9, x8a6; m. Rev. Farrington Mclntire, 

Feb. 9, X857. 

795. ANDaaw*. b. Feb. a4, x8a9; m. Julia Ferree, March 9, 1856. 

796. BMXX.V*, b. Feb. i^ X83X ; m. Spencer R. Merrick, June 3, 

BX.XZABRTH HxxAS*, b. Aug. aS, X833 ; d. April a3, 187a. 

509. Ephraim Carter", son of Jacob (289) and Axina 
(Carter) Fisher, was b. in Lancaster, Mass., June 25, X798, 
and d. there, Dec. 3, 1883, aged 85 years. He m. Feb. 27, 
1828, Sarah Hills, of Leomixister, daughter of John and Sally 
(Carter) Hills, who was b. Oct. 6, 1803, and d. in Lancaster, 
Jan. 2, 1882. He was in Captain Silas Parker's company of 
artillery, in service at Boston, from Sept. 8 to Nov. 5, 18x4. 
Their children were : 

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797. Sasrzst CAJLTsm*, b. Dec. ar» iSn ; m. Heniy C. Kimball, 

Sept. 3. i8s6« 
SOVBROMZA*, b« DecaXy xSaS; d. April i^ 1834. 
BUZABXTH*, b. Dec. x, x8tx. 
CbamuoF, b. April 4, X830. 
Bujnr Sakab*, b. ICarch 30, 1837. 
Ma&t Buzabkyb*, b. Feb. 4, x84i. 

798. WnxiAX HSMRY*, b. May xx, X844; ta. Fanny Sibley. May 

I, 1881. 
LouxsA D.*, b. Ang. 37, X846. 

510. Dr. AutXANDRR*, son of Jacob (289) and Anna 
(Qarter) Fisher, was b. at Lancaster, Aug. X2, X804 ; m. ist, 
Jan. 31, X838, Louisa Dewey, who d. in Akron, O.. May 14, 
1854 ; xn. 3d, Oct. x?, X855, Chirissa B. Oriswold, who d. in 
Clucago, Dl., Sept. 15, X870. He was a successful and beloved 
physician ; was for many years in practice in Akron, O., later 
rexnoving to Chicago, where he practiced until hui death, Feb. 
15, 1889. Children, b. in Akron : 

IftARTHA*, b. , X843 ; d- A^ril 3, x8^9. 

HOMKR Dbwry*, b. , X840 ; d. Feb. X7, 1891 ; m. Julia 

King about X870. Had : Loniaa'* ; Franklin *^ b. 1875 ; 

Helena b. i88x; Olire'*, b. 1883. 
GROROBf, b. May , 1854; d. , X890. 

511. Dbacqk Marcus 0.\ son of Joseph (290) and Sarah 
(Osgood) Fisher, was b. in Cabot, Vt., Nov. 24, X796 ; m. in 
Chester, N. H., June 13, X820, to Fanny Hall. They went 
directly to Cabot and b^n pioxieer life in what was known 
as the old Red House. There were but four houses in the 
village at the tixne. Deacon Marcus and his wife were actively 
identified with the growth of the villa^. He was elected 
deacon, June xx, X827, of the Congregauonal church, which 
had been organized Au^. X5, x8ox. They were earnest, con- 
sistent Christians. Their house was ever the hospitable man- 
sion, to which were welcomed the missionary and minister and 
all who were working; in the vineyard of their Lord. He d. 
suddexdy, of heart disease, Sabbath morning, April 9, 1865, 
aged 68. His widow d. Sq>t. X4, 1870. 

In 18x7, a distillery was put up in Cabot, where the Union 
Block now stands. Marcus O. Fisher bought the site and 
put up a tannery, enlarged the building, using part for a cur- 
rying and shoe shop. In 1825, he built a larger tannery 
where the bark was first ground between two stones by horse- 
power. A xnan and a horse • could grind from one-lialf a 
cord to a cord in a day. This stone is now in the yard of J . 
M. Fisher, as an old town relic. About 1840, water-power 

Digitized by 



was substituted for the horse. Mr. Fisher carried on the 
business successfully about thirty-five years, and his son 
Edwin, till 1868, which ended the tanning business in Cabot. 
Deacon Fisher was selectman in 1848, 1849 and 1852 ; town 
treasurer 1839 to 1841 ; overseer of the poor 1842 and 1843 ; 
was appointed justice of the peace in 1840 and 1850, and held 
till his death ; was assistant judge of Caledonia County, 1836 
to ZS39. He was elected first sergeant of the military com- 
pany in Cabot at its organization, Aug. 26, 18x9, and became 
captain in 1825. In July, 1826, it became an artillery com- 
pany, with Marcus O. Fisher as captain, and his son, Caleb, 
as second lieutenant. Further account will be found in the 
appendix beyond. 

51S. Calbb*, son of Paul (291) and Prisdlla (Mason) 
Fisher, was b. in Medfield, Nov. 14, 1799 ; was a farmer and 
resided in Medfield, where he d. July 28, Z828. He m. March 
zi, 1818, Eliza, daughter of Henry and Lois (Smith) Plymp- 
ton, who was b. in Medfield, June 28, 1798. (For her ancestry 
see the Plympton Genealo^, p. 149.) She m. 2d, Aug. i, 
1830, Daniel Pond, of Walpole, as his second wife; he d. 
Oct. 2, 1836, and she m. 3d, in 1838, Joseph Hardy, who 
lived in Medfield. He.d. Nov.. 6, 1875 ; she d.'at New Bed- 
ford, Sept. 29, 1886. Their children were : 

799. Masom*, b. May 8, 1819; m. Hannah R. Smith; ret. Pall 

River, Mass. 

800. Hhnrv H.*, b. Dec. 3, 1823; m. Judith R. Brightman, Jan. 

3, 1845 ; ret. New Bedford, Matt. 

801. Gborc^, b. Dec. as. 1826; m. Sarah J. Fuller, July 7, 1850; 

ret. Hyde Park, ICatt. 

513. Allbk*, son of Moses (293) and Patty (Allen) 
Fisher, was b. in Needham, Mass., Dec. 2, 1799 ; m. Sept. 
27» i83S> Abby A., daughter of Thomas and Rachel Orr, 
who was b. July 18, 1816, and d. Dec. 9, 1892. He was a 
farmer. They res. at Needham and Warwick, Mass. He d. 
at Weston, June i, 1890. Their children were: 

AUBRT A.*, b. Needham, June , 1837; m. Sarah B. Kings- 
bury, Dec. X2, 1862; a mechanic ; ret. Needham; d. April 
II, 1877. 
80a. Hbioly a.*, b. ; m. Lydia A. J. Ruttell, of 

Needham, Nor. 27, i86a. 
Abbib Anna*, b. Needham, April 25, 1842 ; m. Daniel P. 
Harrington, Oct. 28, 1865. 
803. JoSBPH H.*, b« Warwick, Oct. 10, 1845 ; m. Blixabeth Moteley, 
D«c. 20, 1866. 

Digitized by 



804* Gxoftos L*.. b. Needbasit ; m. Sarah B. Smith, 

Dee. z, z87Z. 
WnAAJtD Prakcis', b. Needham, June ^, i8sx. 
805. Gaijut Orb*, b. Needham, March az, 1854 ; m. Rachel Blood, 

Not. 90k 1873. 

514. Lxvonia', daxighterof Silas (294) and Jane (Kelsey ) 
Fisher, was b. in Cabot, Vt., Dec. 7, z8o8; m. Oct. 23, 1832, 
John Stowell, son of Jesse and Mary (Talbot) Stowell, who 
was b. in Dedhazn, Mass., April zo, Z803, and d. in Wash- 
ington, N. H., Jnly z8, Z870. She d. in Washington, Feb. 
Z2, Z838. He had previously zn. her sister, Azizia B. Fisher. 
They res. in Washington, on the farzn which had belonged 
to Tois Either. '^ He was a znan of upright character and txm 
convictions, azid was an esteezned citizen." Children, by 
secozid wife, were : 

Martha A. Stowbzx,* b. Waahington, April 6, Z834; u. 
John French, of Merriznack, and afterward Jonathan Mar- 
tin, of Weare. She d. Aug. 4, Z882. 

StUkM Prsbican Stowsix', b. Waahington, Feb. 37, Z836; 
m. Mra. Harriet B., widow of Rev. foahna Goodwin, of 
South Berwick, Me., and daughter of Stephen and Lucy 
(Wright) Mead, who waa b. in the south part of Waahinir* 
ton. Not. a, zSaa, and d. in Milford, N. H., Oct. a, 187^. 
Silas Stowell and his wife rea. for znany years in Wash- 
ington. He served three years in the Z4th N. H. Regt., 
during the Civil War. Children were : Hattie I. Stowell^ 
b. in W., Nov. 36, Z859; Oscar B. Stowell^ b. in W., Aug. 
3, z86z. 

515. Cynthza*, fifth child of Silas (294) and Jane (Kel- 
sey) Fisher, was b. in Newport, N. H., Jan. 25, 18Z5 ; m. at 
Washington, N. H., Oct. zz, Z837, John Blodgett' Cheney 
(Isaac*, John\ Mo8es\ John', Dani^', John'), who was b. in 
Washington, Nov. 22, z8zz. He was a son of Isaac and Sally 
(Farwell) Cheney, of Washington*. They res. in Washington 
until Z840, azid then moved to Oroton, N. H. He d. Jan. 21, 
Z887. Had ozily : 

Harrzrtt Bzjzabbth Chbnbv*, b. in Waahington, N. H., 
Jnly 8, 1838 ; m. Darwin Keyes, and res. in Groton, N. H. 


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516. Nathan*, aon of Luther (296) and Lois (Lovell) 
Fisher, was b. in Medfield, Jan. 8, 1799 ; m. Betsey, sister of 
John Grant, who m. his sister, Louise. [Medfield History, 
p. 400.] Nathan settled in Medway ; a shoeinaker by trade ; 
d. in 1825. Betsey Grant was b. July 2, 1803, in York, Me.; 
m. 2d, Willard Daniels, and d. Feb. 15, 1862. 

517. MiNOT*, son of Quincy (298) and Ame (Allen) 
Fisher, was b. in Medfield, Mass., Jan. 9, 1807 ; m. ist, Mary 
Austin ; m. 2d, — — — ; m. 3d, Jan. 2, 1856, at Providence, 
R. I., Mary Frances Day, who was b. in North Attleboro, 
Mass. Res. at Norwood. Children, b. at Medfield and else- 
where, were : 

806. Irving M.*^ b. Oct. a, 1839; ret. Allison, Iowa. 
Anna L.**. b. Jane 26, 1858; d. April x8, 1863. 
CHABT.KS SulCMBlt^^ b. A|>ril 24, x86o. 
Ax3nT Cbadncby'*, b. March xz, 1863 ; d. Jane is, 1871. 
Gborgb Day**, b. Nov. 14, 1865. "^ 

518. WitUAM Quincy*, son of Quincy (298) and Ame 
(Allen) Fisher, was b. in Medfield, July 27, 1809 ; m. Feb. 
4, X841, Mary L., daughter of Oliver and Sarah (French) 
Harding, who was b. in Medfield, June 7, 18x7. " William 
Quincy was a carpenter by trade and a fanner in Medfield for 
many years. After receiving a district schooling, he began 
learning the carpenter's trade. Subsequently he worked with 
his father until the latter's death. Then he took charge of 
the old farm, and carried it on for.the rest of his life. He died 
here, Octobc^ xs, 1886, in his seventy-eighth year. His was a 
well-spent life, and he was highly respected by all with whom 
he came in contact. He took much interest in politics, sup- 
ported the Democratic party, and cast his first Presidential 
vote for Andrew Jackson in X832. He served the town in the 
capacity of selectman for a number of years." His widow is 
a member of the Unitarian church in Medfield. They had : 

Mary Blx^bic'*, b. I>ec. 24, 184X ; has alwayt res. in Medfield ; 
a member of Medfield Historical Society ; res. with her 

Sarah Hardxkg*', b. Sept. 36, X843 '• <a* George W. Bruce, 
1876 ; res. with her mother in Medfield. He was a son of 
Henry P. and Miriam (Fisher) Bmce (see 298 ante), of 
Medfield, and was b. there, April 37, 1841. 

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519. Cha&lbs*, son of Alphetu (300) and Sylvia (Cleve- 
land) Fisher, was b. in West Boylston, Jan. 15, 1816; m. ist, 
in 1843, Hannah E. Watson, of Princeton, who d. in 1846 ; 
m. 3d| in 1848, Mary M. Rogers, who was b. in Holden ift 
18x9. In 1840, Charles Fisher bought a farm in Holden, where 
he was living in 1894. Children were : 

Lvnu. M.**, b. in 1843; m- A. B. Steams, of Medfield, in 
1866 ; a mmchinist, working in the wire mill of WasUburu, 
Moen 8c Company, Dorchester ; served in the Civil War. 

Sabar J.>*, b. in 1845; m. Reuben M. Colby in 1869; he was 
in the Civil War ; a member of the police force in Dorches* 
ter till his health failed. SbechUc&en. 

WuxiAX HJ* (by second wife), b. in 1854; res. with his 
father on the homestead ; onm. 

520. Mosss', son of Alpheus (300) and Sylvia (Cleve- 
land) Fisher, was b. in West Boylston, Aug. 19, 1822 ; m. 
AdaUne Lowell, in 1846. He lived with his father until his 
death, and then moved to Holden. He d. in Holden in 1888 ; 
his widow d. in 1893. Children : 

GnoftOS P.'^ b. in 1850; m. Fanny Hunt; a machinist ; res. 

Buonxm^*, b. in 1853 ; d. in x86o. 
Oavix) L.**» b. in i86a; d. in 1869. 
HBBBBmr W.'*, b. in 1869; m. Hatde Titus, of Worcester, in 

1891 ; res. Worcester. Have : Herbert W.'\ b. in 1892. 

521. Jambs*, son of John (301) and Hannah (Hill) 
Fisher, was b. in Medway, Aug. xx, 1793; m. there, April 
36, x82X, Lydia, daughter of Hexiry and Azubah (Kingsbury) 
Ellis, who was b. in Medway, Dec. 30, 1799, and d. in 
Franklin, Dec. 10, 1866. He was a fanner ; res. in Franklin, 
where hed. May x6, 1886, aged 92. They had : 

Wnxiiuc I#swxs**, b. Sept. 20, 1822. 
BuzA**, b. Aug. 9, 1826. 
Saeah AN1f'^ d. June 2, X839. 
Hsicav^, b. Oct. a4, rSsa. 

522. SiMBOK*, sonof Lewis (302) and Hannah (Thayer) 
Fisher, was b. in Holliston, Jan. 6, i8ox ; m. xst, in 1824, 

^Mary Ami, daughter of Aaron' and Milly (Watkins) Rock- 
^wood, who was b. in Medway, Feb. 8, x8os, and d. Sept. 30, 
1867. He m. 2d, April 29, X869, Matilda (Moulding, daugh- 
ter of Simon Harding and Betsey (Leland) Mason, of East 
Medway, who was b. there, Aug. 9, 1813. She joined the 
Second Church of Chiist, of Medway, in 1870. Res. in West 
Medway. He was a representative from Holliston in 1850 ; 

Digitized by 



a selectman of Medway, 1854, 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865 
and 1866 ; was on the militaxy committee, x86i, 1862 and 
1863. They had: 

Cajloukb Rockwood^^ b. March 10, 2825 ; d. Sept. Z2, 1849; 
HI. Mellea C. Bragg, Oct. 17, z843. [Rockwood Gen., p. 


807. Gborgb SxMBON*^ b. Sept. 13, 1838; m. Mira A. Babcock, 

Nov. 22, 1852. 
Blzas THAYSR'^ b. Aug. I J, 1835; d. March 8, 1837. 
MxLLY Amk**, b. Not. 24, 1837. 
Lkwxs If.**, b. Ang. 19, 1839; d. July 4, 1866. 
IRVIKG A.**, b. March a8, 1841. 

808. WzzxARD PIBRCB'^ b. Oct. 2, Z842 ; m. ZBt, Mary L. Hastingi ; 

3d, Clara Bancroft, in 1869. 
Paxtny S.'*, b. April 13, 1845 ; d. Jnly 28, 1830. 

523. Laura Ann*, daughter of Lewis (302) and Hannah 
(Thayer) Fisher, was b. in Medway, Oct. 31, 1804, and d. 
Nov. 29, 1867. She m. June 3, 1824, Albert, son of Benja- 
min and Ann (Mowry) Thwing, who was b. Jan. 2, z8oo, and 
d. at East Medway, Dec. 10, 1855. A spinner by trade, 
afterwards a grocer in BraggyiUe, and a manu&cttirer of 
woolen goods and of boots and shoes in East Medway. Select* 
man, 1846, 1847, 1853, 1854, 1855; member of State Legisla- 
ture, 1853. They had : 

Maria LooxaA Thwimc'*, b. Nov. 10, 1834; d. Dec., 1825. 
Hahkak Pxsksr THwrno**, b. Jane 23, 1826; m. Charles 

Bigelow, Oct. 4> x86o. [Medway History, p. 455.] 
Laura Axk Tbwxmo**, b. May 3, 1839; m. at Medway, Nov. 

X3> 185 z, Frandt Alexander Lovell, who was b. there Jane 

5, Z830. A farmer ; res. HoUitton. 
AZ3BRT HSRBBRT THWZNG*^ b. Jan. 34, Z836; m. Amy R., 

dangbter of Abijah R. and Adeline (Jonet) Wheeler, who 

was b. in Bast Medway, Jan. 3Z, 1842 ; res. in Holliston ; 

now a bleacher and finisher of straw goods; res. at Z62 

Pnlton Street, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

524. Paulinr*, sixth child of Lewis (302) and Hannah 
(Thayer) Fisher, was b. in Bellingham, C>ct. 20, z8zo; m. 
Feb. 2, Z832, Robert, second child of Israel and Patience 
(Aldridi) Mowry, who was b. in Mezidozi, Dec. 5, Z805. 
Israel Mowry was a son of Elisha, and was b. Jan. z, Z744 ; 
d. April z, z8z3, aged 69; m. 2d, Patience, daughter of 
Robot Aldrich, who d. in May, Z8Z4. Children of Robert 
and Paulizie Fisher Mowty were : 

ROBBRS L. Mowry'*, b. Medway, Ang. z, Z835 ; d. Sept. zs, 

Majiy H. Mowry*', b. Medway, Ang. 3Z, Z840; d. in Grafton, 

Feb. 3Z, z846. 
Abbzk PisasR Mowry'*, b. Medway, June 19, 1842. 

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525. Lbwis*, son of.I^ewis (302) and Hantioh (Thayer) 
Fisher, was b. Nov. 15,1811; m. March 27, 1838, Betsey, 
daughter of Abijah and Olive (Pond) Richardson, who was 
b. in Bast Medway, Sept. 13, x8z8. Res. in Medway. Their 
children were : 

Abzjak Rzca▲RI>80N'^ b. March 14, 1839 ; d. Jan. 22, 1841. 

TayPHBMA RiCHA EPSON**, b. Jan. 17, 2841; m.Jatt. 9, 1867, 
Bdmund Newton Clark, of Bast Medway. [Janieiion'ii 
History of Medway, p. 467.] 

Bbsszb Adbulidb'*, b. Oct. 24, 1842 ; d. July 24, i860. 

Pjunk I#BWIS*^ b. Sept. 27, 1844 : m« Bveline P. Wheeler, 
of Medway, daughter of Abijah R. and Adeline (Tonen) 
Wheeler ; served in the Civil War from Sept. 13, 1862, to 
Ang. 20, X863,, in Co. B, 42d Regt. Maat. Vols. ; ami in the 
same regiment and company tor xoo daya, frpm July 22, 
1864, to NOV. XX, 1864. He res. in Pueblo, Col. 

Asa 0.'^ b. May 24, X846; m. Mrs. Addie Steele; res. 
Biamark, Oak. 

OXiiVB MAaIA*^ b. March z6, 2848 ; m. Dwight Bagley ; res. 
Rye, Col. 

iBVXifO AuGUsrosi', b. Peb. 15, 1850. 

CWABfiBS Tburbbb'*, b. Peb. x6, 1852; m. Helen Bagley; 
rea. Pneblo, Col. 

Albbbt TBAVBa'^ b. May 3, 2854 ; m. Emma — - ; is a 
member of the Senate of Coloraao, X899 ! res. Pneblo, Colo. 

Pannis I^.**, b. Oct. 3, 2856; d. Nov. 17, 1871. 

Mabv Abbib'^ b. Not. 16, 2858 ; m. William Dewey. 

Lewis Robbbt**, b. Nov. 5, 2862 ; rea. in New Mexico. 

526. Elias Thaybb*, son of Lewis (302) and Hannab 
(Thayer) Fisher, wash. March 25, 1814; m. ist, June 23, 
X84X, Martha B., daughter of Simeon and Mercy A. (Grover) 
Ellis, of West Medway, who was b. in West Medway, Jan. 
30, x8x8, and d. there, July 29, 2852. He m. 2d, June 26, 
2853, Sarah H., daughter of John and Kstlier (Bartlett) 
Blackxner, who was b, at Plymouth, Mass., April 5, 2826. He 
was elected a deacon in the Second Church (West Medway) 
in 2877. A member of the school committee from 2870 to 
1883. He res. in West Medway, on the Milford road. Had : 

JBHNXB OuviA**, b. March 12, 1842; m. Julius M. Joues, 

March 4, 2869; he waa b. Peb. 16, 2832; rea. Webster 

City, la. 
Mabtha B.**, b. Peb. 24. 2846; d. Ang. 26, 2846. 
Maby B•*^ b. Aug. 27, 2848; m. Wataon J. Cosil, Aug. 38, 

2876; rea. Webater City, la. 
Cbablxs Summbb^*, b. June 30, 285a ; d. Oct. 8, 2852. 
Emmons E.'^b. Oct. 20, 2854; d. July 39, 2873. 
Mabtka M.**, b. Aug. 4. 1856; m. Herbert A. Bames, Oct. 26, 

2883 ; res. Webater City, la. 
JOBK BLACBMBR'^ b. March 24, 2859. 
L2IJ4AN S.^^ b. May 29, 2863. 
ANM28 MABV'^ b. June 26, 2865. 

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527. Ebenezer H.% son of Lewis (303) and Hannah 
(Tliayer) Fisher, was b. in HoUiaton, afterwards Medway* 
Jnly 21, 1816, and d. in Medway, Dec. 15, 1851 ; m. Meletiah 
W. Smith. He was a fanner; res. Medway. His widow m. 
2d, Oct. 27, 1866, Joseph Worthington, of Holliston. They 

EnifUNB**, b. April 13, Z845 ; d. (" Henry Stanley/' on Med- 

way records), Jnly aS, 1850. 
Augustus^, b. March 32, 1847; d. (*' Erring'* on records), 

Jnly 17, 1850. 
Lswis L.'*> b. in Bellingham. Enlisted Ang. 20, 1862, and 
served in Co. E, 2d Hegt. Mass. Vols.; discharged for dis- 
ability, Feb. 19, 1863 ; he d. Jnly 4, z866, an accidental 

538. Vesta Partridge*, second child of Elihn (303) 
and Rhoda (Partridge) Fisher, was b* in Medway, Feb. xo, 
1800, and d. in ; shexn. , Sanford Whiting. 

Their children were : 

Addison Whitzng**, b. 

Adbukb WHXTnvG^^ b. ; m. Hoogs. 

529^. ADBUKE^ third child of BUhu (303) and Rhoda 
(Partridge) Fisher, was b. in Medway, Sept. 2, 1805; m. in 
Walpole, Sept. 8, 1831, Lemuel, son of Daniel and Patience 
(Carpenter) Allen, who was b. in Walpole, Jan. 24, x8oo, and 
d. there, March 22, i88x. His widow d. in Sharon, April 26, 
1893. Lemuel Allen was a carpenter and cabinetxnaker ; he 
learned his trade in Roxbury, but spent nearly the whole of 
his life in Walpole. He was early identified with the cause 
of temperance and anti-slavery ; was a charier number of the 
Republican party. Their children were : 

8o8a. BMXT.Y Frances Aixen'*. b. Biay x, 1836; m. Daniel Web- 
ster Pettee, Not. xx, 1857. 

8o8b. MnZiZAn Watsrkan**, b. Dec. 7, 1840; m. Martha 
Metcalf, Feb. X3, 1867. 

530. CYRU8^ son of Slihu (303) and Rhoda (Partridge) 
Fisher, was b. in Medway, Aug. xs, X809 ; resided for a time 
in Sharon and Boston; *'was an ixnrentor and builder of 
machinery at Canton, Mass., where he carried on a successful 
business for forty years." Several of his inventions were 
patented axid were in practicftl use for years. He was a very 
active anti-slavery advocate during the agitation preceding 
the Civil War. He m. at Walpole, Nov. x8, X832, Caroline, 
daughter of Hermou and Margaret (Pettee) Guild, who was 

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b. Aug. 34, z8z3. He d. at Canton, Feb. 20, 1880, aged 70 
yeaxs, and was buried at Walpole. Their children were : 

809. HwiifAN Cyilus^, b. at Beaton, Sept« 39, 1833 ; tn. iit, Caroliue 

Cornelia Smith, of New York; m. 3d, Blixa MciCee, iu 

A^, 1893. 
8za Augustus Ovtld^, b. Nov. 16, 1855 ; m. Olive Abby Cowell. 

of Brooklyii, N. Y., Dec. 36, 1866. 
Six. CBBSnni lavuic'^ b. at Canton, April 35, 1847 ; m. Clara F. 

Leonard, Sejyt. 38, 1875. 

531. . JoasPH*, oldest child of Jesse (306) and Jerusha 
( Amisby) Fisher, wasb. in FitzwiUiam, N. H., March zo, 1793. 
About 1800, his parents removed to what is now the town of 
Baltimore, Vt., beginning in the then sparsely settled forest 
to make a home. He and his brothers and sisters *' had few 
opportunities for culture, but understood well its value." He 
m. zst, Oct. 30, 18x7, Orythia, daughter of Joseph Selden, of 
Springfield, Vt., who was b. Nov. zo, Z794, and d. Feb. 33, 
Z844. Joseph Fisher m. 3d, Nov. 26, Z844, Selinda Adain.s, 
who was b. May 35, Z805, and d. May 2, z86o. He m. 3d, 
April 25, z86z, Martha Robinson Bigdow, who was b. Dec., 
Z795, and d. He was a farmer, residing near 

Chester, Vt., where he d. Sept. 25, z866. A re-union of his 
descendants was held in Z878, and from the pamphlet contain- 
ing an account of that event, we take the following : '' The 
family of the late Joseph Fi^er had for some years contem- 
plated a re-union, to be held at the old homestead near 
Chester, Vt. It was thought that if the children, grand- 
children, and great*grand-children, — numbering at present 
writing about sixty, — could, many or all, be brought 
together for a family meeting among the grand hills . of 
New England, the event would be worthy of life-long 
remembrance. But the eleven children of that old-time 
Vermont household, each now at the head of another 
household, had become widely separated. Accordingly, after 
due consideration, invitations were issued early in the spring 
of Z878 for a faniily gathering to meet in Iowa in August or 
September. Aug. 28, Z878, was the day, and the residence 
of A. Whitcomb, Grinnell, Iowa, the place finally agreed 
upo9* The appointed day found forty-one present. These 
were: Lyman Fisher, wife and daughter, Etta, from the 
homestead in Vermont, and his son, Herbert S., from Carroll, 
Iowa ; George Fisher, wife and children, Nellie and John, 
from Cairo, 111.; from Chester, Iowa, Charles Fisher, wife 
and children, Susie, Mattie, Willie, Julia and Charles Ed- 
ward ; Rev. G. H. White, wife and children, George E. and 

Digitized by 



Susan M.; Mrs. Edward Fisher and children, Lizzie, Eugene 
and Fanny ; from Grinnell, Iowa, A. Whitcomb, wife, and 
children, Helen S., Susan J., Mary R. and Selden L.; Mrs. 
Susan F. Shaw and children, Mary G. and Albert ; Herman 
A. Fisher and wife ; also from Chester, la., James Thompson 
(nephew of Joseph Fisher), his wife, and sons, George and 
Arthur; and from Indianapolis, Ind., Mrs. Ann M. Carlyle 
(sister of Rev. G. H. White), her niece, Nellie Clark, and 
grandson, Arthur Moore." Joseph* Fisher had ten children 
by his first wife and three by the second : 

813. Orythza'*, b. July 24, z8i8 ; m. WillUm Warner Earle, Oct. 

8, Z839; d. Oct. 36, z88i. 
8x4. JosBPH SBU>8N*^ b. May 3, zSso; m. Abby M. Carter, April 

4, 1849; ret. Beasonia, Mich. . 

815. JBSSB LYM▲N*^ b. Oct. 7, 1832; m. Abigail M. Harrington, 

March 33, 1849. 

816. Mary^^ b. July z8, Z835; m. Abram Whitcomb, Sept. 3Z, 

Z848 ; res. Grmnell, la. 

817. SUSA29^^ b. April 8, Z838; m. Griffin M. Shaw, Ang. z6, Z853. 

818. JOAjfNA**, b. June 3Z, 1%^; m. Rer. Geo. H. White, Sept* 8, 

Z856; res. GrinneU, la. 

8Z9. Gsoacs'*, b. April Z3, Z833 ; m. Susan G. Copelaad, Nov. 39, 
z86a * 

830. Chaklks'^, b. April z^, Z834 ; m. BUsabeth McNulty, Dec. 16, 
Lavznza**. b. May 3Z, 1836; d. Aug. z6, Z838. 

83Z. Bdwahz)**, b. May 8, Z83S; d. April 30, 1875 ; m. Mary BUen 
Davit, Feb. x6, Z863. 

833. JuzjA KfjZABTtTH'^ (by 3d wife), b. March 3Z, Z846 ; m. Mer- 
rill J. Howard, Oct. Z3, z868. 

833. HSKMAN Az>AJCS'*, b. May 3, Z847 ; m. Mary B. Rowan, Nov. 
13. 1870. 
HllN]tY*^ b. May 3Z, Z850; d. Jan. 4, 185Z. 

'* The children of Joseph Fisher have all had one znarked 
characteristic. They have been tretnetidous toarkers^ not a 
lazy bone in one oi thezn." 

532. Ira*, third child of Jesse (306) and Jerusha 
(Annsby) Fisher, was b. in Fitzwilliazn, N. H., April Z2, 
l^ifl. About z8oo, his parents went to what is now Balti- 
more, Vt., where they began in the primitive forests to make a 
home. Ira seezns to have left the farm azid gozie to Massa- 
chusetts when a young man. We find the intention of mar- 
riage of Ira Fisher, of Concord, Mass., azid Eznily Robbizis, 
of Littleton, published at Concord, March 33, Z83Z. She 
was b. Nov. 25, i8zz, and was a daughter of Seth Robbizis, 
of Littleton, Mass., azid Relief, daughter of Samuel and 
Rispah (Wilson) Rice, of Northboro and Grafton, Mass. Iza 

Digitized by 



Fisher and Emily Robbins were married in May, 1831, and 
res. in Worcester, Mass. They had : 

BowAan BvsasTT*^ b. at Worcester, Oct. la, 1S48. 

533. Maky a.*, oldest child of Edward (308) and Mary 
(Norcross) Fisher, was b. in Newton, Sept. 12, 1806; m., at 
Sudbury, Stephen W. Norcross ; she d. at Northboro, Dec. 
18, 1887. Children were : 

BnwAan Noacaoss'*, b. 
BmcuMD Noacaoss'*, b. 
ANNA NoacBOSS^^ b. 

534. Emily*, second child of Edward (308) and Mary 
(Norcross) Fisher, was b. in Newton, Nov. 3, 1807 ; m. at 
Sudbury, Apxil 5, 1829, Joseph, son of Gideon and Lucy 
(Heminway) Richardson, who was b. July 16, 1804. She 
d. at Northboro, Jan. zi, 1882. Children were : 

Sr aFHaw AicaaosB RiCHAansoM**, b. Jan. x, 1830. 
BnwAan PiSHsa RicuAaoaoN**, b. Jan. 29, 1832 ; d. Feb. 15, 

{Aim BuzA RiCKAansoM'*, b. Dec. 17, 1832. 
Martha Buxabsth Rzchardsom**, b. Dec. 17, 1832. 
AxANnA MAi^vncA RzcBARDSOM'*, b. Aug. Z3, 1834. 
EowAan Paysok RzcBAaDSOK^, b. Sept. 27, 1836. 

ROSZNA RiCBAaOSOM**, b. Nov. 2, X838. 

HAaazar Pahzko RzcBAaz>soK^, b. Not; 24. Z840. 
Bmily RzcBAaz>soM'*, b. July 1$, 1843 ; d. Nov. 16, 1843. 
liAaZSTTA RZCBAaD80N**» b. Oct. zz, Z844. 
' RlIMA RZCBAaZ>SON*®, b. 

Paxnaazcx W. RzcHAaz>soM'*, b. 

535. Edward*, third child of Edward (308) and Mary 
(Norcross) Fisher, was b. in Newton, Aug. 7, z8zo; m. 
Nancy M. Tappan, at Brunswick, Me. He d. at West New- 
ton, Mass., March Z3, z886. Children were : 

WZZ.Z4AM**, b. ; d. in early life. 

AMNA*^ b. ; d. in early life. 

824. Bz>WAaD Taffam'*, b. ; m. Bather J. Cate, of New- 


CHAazjn RzcHAaz>8*^b. ; ni.Oct. z, Z879, Alfreda 

B., daaghtar of R. Van Cortlandt and Martha (Barber) 
^ Bmeraon, of Boston ; no children ; they res. in West 


MAav B.^*, b. : m. Walter B. Dayis, of Newton, 

and have: Bertha T. Davia**, Helen S. Dayis*\ Arthur 

Alfzzxa H.^, b. ; m. Bdward S. Smilie, of Newton, 

and have : Harold Smilie". 

PaANK W.*^ b. ; d. in early life. 

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536. Charlbs*, fourth child of Edward (308) and Mary 
(Norcross) Fisher, was b. in Newton, July 32, 1814, and d. 
in Sudbury, Sept. i, 1847. He m. Harriet Brown, at Sud- 
bury. He carried on the wheelwright business in the old 
shop of his father's at South Sudbury until his death. They 
had only : 

JULXA**, ; m. Hubbard Brown, at Sodbory, Matt. 

537. Fanny W.*, fifth child of Edward (308) and Mary 
(Norcross) Fisher, was b. in Newton, Dec. 17, 1816; m. 
Hartwell Arnold, at Sudbury. She d. at Marlboro, July I3, 
1882. They had : 

Addu Arkox,d*®. 
Chaklks ARKOU)**. 

538. JosBPH*, sixth child of Edward (308) and Mary 
(Norcross) Fisher, was b. in Sudbury, Jan. zi, 18 19, and d. 
in Lawrence, Jan. 25,. 1874. He m. Children were : 


530. Martha M.*,^ seventh child of Edward (308) and 
Mary (Norcross) Fisher, was b. in Sudbuxy, Nov. 21, 1823 ; 
graduated from the Bridgewater Normal School, Dec. 4, 
1844, and then taught school three and a half years ; m. at 
Sudbury, John A. Goodwin, a prominent journalist of Lowell, 
Mass. He has been a representative. Had only : 

WiLUAM Goodwin^**, b. 

540. Lyman*, ninth child of Edward (308) and Mary 
(Norcross) Fisher, was b. in Sudbury, Jan. 10, 1829; m. at 
Sterling, Mass., Sarah D., fourth child of Silas*, and Caroline 
(Stone) Conant, of Sudbury, who was b. in Sudbury, Jan. 
15, 1831, and d. Aug. 5, 1867. (Conant Genealogy, p. 498.) 
Lyman Fisher d. in Stow, Mass., Nov. 13, 1868. They had : 

FRBDsaiCK^, b. ; m. » mud had a 

too, Eliot". 

541. Saixy*, second child of Rev. Jonathan (309) and 
Dolly (Battle) Fisher, was b. in Blue Hill, Me., Oct. 22, 
1799; m. Nov. 20, Z823, Joshua, fourth child of Robert 
Ha^ell and Mary (Coggins) Wood, who was b. in Blue 
Hill, May 28, 1791, and d. in Salem, Ga., Jan. 6, 1825. His 
grandfather had gone to Blue Hill, in April, 1762, from 

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Beverly, Mass.» built a log-liut, aod his family had (ollowed 
the next year. Sally d. Nov. 37, 1824, and their inidnt 
child d. Jan. i, 1835. 

542. Bbtsby*, third child of Rev. Jonathan (309) and 
Dolly (Battle) Fisher, was b. in Blue Hill, Me., Jan. 7, 1801 ; 
m. Sept. 6, ^833, Jeremiah Stevens, of Eden, afterwards of 
Portlaind, Me. ; he was a sea captain. Children were : 

Auousras Hnniv Stsvxns**. 
CWA»T.KS Woodbury Stbvbns**. 
John Tmamly Stsvsns**. 

543. Rev. Josiah*, son of Rev* Jonathan (309) and 
DoUy (Battle) Fisher, was b. at Blue Hill, Me., Oct. 17, 
z8o3 ; his father was an honored pioneer and pastor, of varied 
leaning, remarkable energy and perseverance, and marked 
ability. The son, after taking his degree (Bowdoin, 1838), 
pnxsaed the theok>gical course at Andover, Mass., in the 
class which graduated in 1831. He was ordained over the 
Congr^^tional church in Orono, Me., March 15, 1833. In 
1836, he became pastor of the Presbyterian chux^ in Clyde, 
N. Y.; settled as fifth pastor of Heath, Mass., Sept. 7, 1843 ; 
dismissed, Aug. 37, 1845. He removed to Greeuburg, N.Y., 
preaching occasionally tiU 1850, as assistant pastor of a church 
with his uncle. Rev. Samuel Fisher, and teaching in an academy 
for two years. He was called to Suckasunny, N. J., and was 
installed in April, 1851. He closed his service with the 
church in 1863, though he continued to reside in that place 
until 1871, when, after the death of his wife, he removed to 
Providence, Pa., and spent the remainder of his days with his 
son. Rev. James Boorman Fisher. Here he continued his 
work in the ministry in the neighborhood, and was instru- 
mental in building up a good congregation with a house of 
worship free from embarrassment. He d. June 17, 1875. at 
Providence, a suburb of Scranton, Pa. 

He m. Elizabeth Davenport, daughter of Rev. Samuel 
Fisher (314), his first cousin, who was b. May 33, 1806, at 
Wilton, Conn., and d. at Suckasuxmy, N. J., Oct. 34, 1871. 
The only child that lived was : 

835. Jamss BooaMAM**, b. Pateraon, N. J., Sept. 7, 1833; m. Eve- 
line Poster, of Philadelphia. 

544. Nancy*, fifth child of Rev. Jonathan (309) and 
Dolly (Battle) Fisher, was b. in Blue Hill Me., Aug. 19, 
1804; m. Nov. 18, 1830, Rev. Ilosea Kittrcdgc, of Blue Hill, 

Digitized by 



who had graduated at Amherst College in 1828, and was for' 
a number of years preceptor at Blue Hill Academy. They 
moved to the West previous to 1840, and he d. in Marshall, 
Mich. , in 1873. Children were : 

ExxsN KiTTasDGS**, b; at Blue Hill, Jan. 50, 1833; d. at 
Macedoa Centre. N. Y., Oct. 26, x886 ; m. Lewis H. Clark. 
Tylbb. Exttkbdgb'*. 
Paruux. Kittrbdgb'*. 
Krndax, KrmBDOB'®. 
Whitzkg Kittrbogs**. 

545. WiLLABD*, son of Rev. Jonathan (309) and Dolly 
(Battle) Fisher, was b. at Blue Hill, Me., April x8, 1806; m. 
Jan. 16, 1834, Mary Witham, daughter of Capt. Stephen and 
Mehitable (Witham) Norton, who was b. Oct. 33, 1813, and d. 
Aug. 26, 1864. He was a firmer, and resided upon the old 
homestead, where he died, Feb. 5, 1892. Their children were : 

BnwABn Paysom^*, b. Feb. 8, 1836. 

Joszah'*, b. June 14, 1837. 

CvxriHiA Hbwuts**, b. March xo, 1840; d. Feb. it, z8<8. 

Maby Augusta'*, b. June xx, 1844; resides 00 the bome- 

Stbphbii Nobtob **, b. June aS, 1845. 
Nancy Bxjjoc'*, b. May 27, 1847. 
WXXJ4AM HAavBY"*, b. Feb. 18, 1852. 
FaxoBaiCK Austin^*, b. Jan. 29, 1853; resides on the home- 

546. Polly*, seventh child of Rev. Jonathan (309) and 
Dolly (Battle) Fisher, was b. in Blue Hill, Me., Feb. 12, 1808 ; 
m. there, Nov. 11, 1829, Benjamin Stevens, of Blue Hill, who 
was b. June i, 1796, and d. May 26, 1873. He was a farmer 
and a clothier, having a carding and fulling mill ; was for 
many years a deacon of the Congregational church, and a man 
highly esteemed and respected. Children were : '^ 

Mary Louisa Mason Stbvbns**, b. Aug. 15, 1830; m. Mr. 

Kimball, formerly of Mt. Desert, bat later a res. of Chiciago. 

UAaazKT Blizabbth Sthvbns**, b. Oct. 2, 1832; m. ist 

, of Chicago ; m. ad, a Mr. Morton, of San Frandsco ; 

in 1889 she was a widow; res. in the winters in Chioigo, 

and in summers in Bine Hill ; no children. 
Sakah FxsHxn Stsvshs^, b. Sept. 25, 1834; m. Aug. 18, 

1856, Capt. Otis Witham Hinckley, of Blue HHI, who was b. 

May X4t 1828, and d. . Mrs. Hinckley was a widow 

in 1889, res. with Mrs. Morton. Hsd : dattghter>\ who 

m. George R. Adams, of California. 
HsioiY Martym SnvsMS**, b. Aug. 22, 2837 ; m. Miss , 

July 13, 1869 ; studied for the ministry ; res. Chicago ( 1889). 
Elviiia Stbvxns**, b. Aug. 20, 1839; d. Oct. 35, 1839. 
Ai^BBT COLB Stsvsns**, b. Sept. 18, 1842 ; never married ; 

res. Blue Hill (1889}. 

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547. DOROTHBA*, daughter of Rev. Jonathan (291) and 
Dolly (Battle) Fisher, was b. at Blue Hill, Me., Jan. 7, 1810; 
m. Rev. Robc^' Crossette, Nov. 18, 1830. He was the tenth 
child of Richard' Crossette (b. Nov. 5, 1764; m. Jan. 9, 
1784; d« Aug. 6, 1814) and Olive Powers (b. in 1762, and d. 
Mandi 10, 1835) and was b. Dec. 19, 1799, and d. in Cincin- 
nati, O., June 24, 1872. He was a prominent Congregational 
minister. His widow d. Nov. 3, x888. Their children were : 

AuMUk Safvord Crossrttb**, b. Sept. a, 1831 ; m. Samael 

Spsrkt^* Fitber (836), Oct. 2, 1856. 
Domonou Pishxr Cxossstts**, b. Dec. 6. 1833 ; m. Dec. 34> 

1879, Rev. ChAS. D. Cuztii, who had been president of 

P«raen' College, College Hill, O. ; ree. Cambridge, Mium. 
HUZAMWtH STBvisxfS CIU)SSETTK*^ b. Nov. 30, 183S ; m. May 

X, z86a. Rev. Wm. H. Dinaniore ; d. May Z2, 1866. 
SmuK Hxwnrs Crossbttb'*', b. July 6, 1837 ; d. Dec. 39, 1844. 
AUCB CoGSWXU, CaossBTTS**, D. Nov. 29, 1839; m. July 6, 

1869, Capt. B. G. Hall, a journalist, and for some years 

city editor of the Cincinnati Camut€rtial, 
&0BSXT CJtossWTB**. b. Aug. X2, 184X ; d. Dec. 1$, 1844. 
826. JOMATBAH PiSKBR Ckossbttr^, b. Oct. X, 1844 ; m. Mary 

Merrill, May 4, 1870; d. June ax, X889. 
Ma&v Lootsa Calk CROSSKTrK**, b. Aug. 13, 1847 ; un- 

Chaslks HBNX.V dLoassTTB*^, b. Nov. 6, X848; m. Mary A. 

Dunning^ Sept. 13, 1873 1 hi business in Chicago. 

548. MnTOK*, oldest child of Stephen (3x0) and Sally 
(Cook) Fisher, was b. in , June xi, x8oo; xn. Sarah 
Tremper. They had : 

Samau Ann'*, b. June 3, x82s. 

549. Chbstbr*, second child of Stephen (310) and Sally 
(Cook) Fisher, was b. in , Nov. X3, 1801, m. Lydia 
Mason. They had : 

Louisa'*, b. June 23, x822. 
P1X8BK Bi3XNa'*, b. Dec. 23, 1823. 

550. Wa&rbn Rowland*, third child of Mary Taylor 
(3x3) and Job Howland, was b. in Conway, Mass., Aug. 31, 
X798 ; m. June xy, X832, Sarah Wood. They had : 

Maky Rsbscca Howland'**, b. March 23, X833. 
» John Wakrhn Howijind**', b. April 10, x835. 

551. WiLUAM*, son of Rev. William (3x3) and Rhoda 
(Bardwell) Fisher, was b. in Middlesex, Conn., March 10, 
X809; m. Fanny S. Keeny, Nov, X7, X830, at Franklin, N. Y. 
They removed to AUenville, Ind., before 1840; he d. at 
Edgington, lU., Dec. 6, X883. Children were: 

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Saujucda Kbsmy**. b. Ang. 20. zRxx ; d. March 29* z84a - 
Ba&dwbxx Haulis**, b. July iz, 1833; d. Sept« 9» Z84Z. 
Bamncn Booth'*, b. May 17, 1841 ; a. Aug. 17, 1841. 
Saixsnda Bstrbr**, b. Nov. 5, 1842 ; m. Samuel D. Clel- 

lasd, Jan. 37, 1867, Edgington* 111. 
Bardwsia Kbshy^, b.. March 90, 1844; d. at Hainea Blntf , 
Miaa., July 25, 1853. 
f HsLBN Praucks'*, b. Aug. IZ, 1846. 

iJOHN Hauus,!*, b. Aug. zz, Z846; d. at Bdgington, Ill.» 
May zz, Z87Z. 
Ca&sy WitUAM**, b. Sept. 30, Z849. 

552. Sarah Smith*, daughter of Rev. William (313) and 
Rhoda (Bardwell) Fiaher, was b. in Middlesex Pariah, Conn., 
Aug. 23, zSzo, and d. Jan. 24, Z85Z ; m. at Meredith, N. Y., 
Hiiazn Olzzistead, Aug. 10, Z828 ; he was b. May 28, Z795, 
andd. June 28, z86o. Children wer«: 

827. Sarah Bari>wbli. Oucstxad^, b. May 4, Z829 ; m. Jacob 

Van Buren, at AHenville, Ind., May zo, 1847. 

828. Hiram B. Olmstxao**, b. Tan. 9, Z83Z ; cashier of the Prank- 

lin Bank of Cincinnati, O.; m. BUen Lawion, Sept. z, z8s6. 

829. Nbrzssa p. 0LM8XBAI^'^ b. Sept. 7, 1833 ; m. Aaron B. Bon- 

ham, at AUentville, Ind., June 2Z, z8s4; m. 2d, Rev. 
Horace Bnahnell, Jr., Sept. 5, 1865. 

830. HOMSR I. OUCSTRAD***, b. Feb. 23, Z836 ; m. Georgiana Anatin, 

Feb. 9, z86o. 
Lucy Janr Ox^mstsad**, b. Jan. 20, Z844 ; d. Feb. 20, z844* 
83X. HORATZO P. OufSTRAD***, b. Jan. 6, Z845 ; n- Serena Faunce, 
June 3, Z873. 

832. Laura Amrua Oucstxad**, b. June 6, Z848 ; m. Rev. John 

A. Bakin, March 2Z, Z889. 

553. Jambs R/, son of Rev. William (3Z3) and Rhoda 
(Bardwell) Fisher, was b. in Middlesex Pazish, Cozm., May 
Z5, z8z8; m. Maria A3rres, April 2Z, Z84Z. She was b. in 
Herkimer Co,, N. Y., Feb. 5, z8i8. In 1885 they resided at 
Clifford, Bartholomew Co., Ind. He d. March i, Z894. 
Childzien were : 

Francrs Rrbrcca**, b. Sept. Z3, Z843. 

833. WzLLZAM HBNRY'^ b. May 25, z84s; m- Armilda Carter, 

Dec. 29, Z87Z. 

834. Grorcr Pz,att^*, b. Sept. 27, Z848 ; m. Belle Bray, Sept., 


835. Aroa Marza**, b. June 6, Z85Z ; m. Marshall D. Lee, Dec. 3Z, 

HORACR BnnzR**, b. Jnly zz, li 
Jakrs Summrr**, b. Oct. I, z8s 


554. Catharinb*, daughter of Rev. William (313) and 
Rhoda (Bardwell) Fisher, was b. at Meredith, Delaware Co., 
N. Y., Oct. 24, 1820, and was izurried to Cornelius D. Piatt, 
Aug. Z2, 1846. Their children were : 

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RntK PiSBSR PxjLTT**, b. Feb. aa, 1848 ; d. , 1894. 

Tamss Baxxbl PXiATT**, b. July zi, 1832 ; d. 
JOBN BUGSNB FhATt^. b. Nov. 36, 1855 ; d. April 9, 187a. 
Harry Ayrxs PZiATT^, b, Nov. % 2857. 

CW4BT,KS WlUARO PZJLTT'*, b. Au^. 17, 1859; d. April 13, 

Infmat son'*, b, and d. May 13, i86x. 
C0RMBUU8 Bai&d Platt'^ b. March 6, 1863. 
Mary Kittzr Platt'", b. June 33, 1865. 

555. Dr. Jambs Cogswsli,*, son of Rev. Samuel (314) 
and Alice(Cogswell) Fisher, was b. in Wilton, Conn., April 6, 
i8o8. He entered Yale College at the age of fourteen, and 
graduated with the class of 1826. He then entered the Col- 
lie of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City, and 
graduated from there in 1831. He m. at Paterson, N. J., 
May 9, 1831, by his father, the Rev. Samuel Fisher, D. D., 
Miss Eliza Sparks, who was b. at Philadelphia, Pa., July 16, 
1813, and d. at Scranton, Pa.« Nov. x, 1887. Her father 
was Major Samuel Sparks, a shipping merchant of Philadel- 
phia, who served with credit in the war of 18 13, attaining the 
rank of major. 

Soon after this event Dr. Fisher journeyed through south- 
em Michigan, when at length he fixed upon a region lying in 
the county of St. Joseph, near where now stan<& the pretty 
village of Centerville. Sending for his young wife, she soon 
joined him, and in a rough frontier home the young couple, 
inexperienced and tenderly reared, began the battle of life 
together. Their life in Michigan was destined to be a brief 
one. The young physician found his labors among the 
widely scattered population very arduous, calling him from 
his home much of the time; while his wife, although she 
kept a brave face for him, suffered terribly from the unaccus- 
tomed trial and privation which beset her. In the midst of 
these trials the son, Samuel Sparks, was bom. But though 
the little stranger brought joy to their hearts, as a gift (roni 
heaven, their trials increased. Father and mother and the 
infant son were seized with the chills, and at, after 
vainly struggling through the .summer, they were compelled 
to seek aid and refuge in Detroit. Here the doctor and child 
recovered, but the mother failing to mend it was thought best 
to return to Uie East, and they were soon once more enjoying 
the comforts of their old home. 

Dr. Fisher then resumed the practice of his profession at 
Saddle River, N. J. In 1836 he went to New York City, and 
while there was appointed professor of chemistry and mine- 
ralogy in Qie University of New York. He moved to 
Buckingham County, Va., about 1839, where he had charge 

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of a gold mine, but after the destmction of the works by fire 
he returned to New York. Then he was associated with 
Prof. Morse in the construction and introduction of the electric 
telegraph. Dr. Fisher always claimed that he was the first to 
suggest stretching the wires on poles to avoid the great cost 
of putting them in pipes underground, which at first seemed 
likely to prevent the telegraph being generally used. Subse- 
quently he was associated with Col. Sam'l Colt in experi- 
ments in electricity applied to submarine batteries, during the 
course of which he blew up some old vessels in New York 

In 1843 he removed to Philadelphia, and two years later 
took charge of the South West Grammar School, where he 
remained for ten years. In 1854 he wrote a treatise on the 
Mosaic account of creation, which was printed by the Academy 
of Natural Sciences, and subsequently appeared in the Nartii^ 
American and Edinburgh Reviews. In 1855 he removed to 
Dayton, Ohio, and took charge of the Cooper Female Semi- 
nary there. After two years he returned to Philadelphia, and 
was appointed librarian of th6 Academy c^ Natural Sciences. 
He was appointed a second lieutenant' in the Fifth New 
Jersey Infantry, Aug. x8, i86z, and on April 4, 1862, was 
made surgeon and medical director, servix^ on the stafib of 
Generals Paterson, Hooker and Banks, and having charge of 
the hospital at Camp Parole, near Annapolis, Md., in the last 
winter of the war, until he was mustered out, Jan. 9, 1865. 
He d. Oct. X, x88o, at Washington, D. C. 

But he was much more in hiinself than anything he ever did. 
He had a remarkable mind, and his memory was phenome- 
nal. While he lived the family never had an encyclopaedia 
in the house, nor ever fdt the want of one. If they wanted 
to know of anything in history, natural science, literature, or 
almost any other thmg that can be learned from books or ob- 
servation, he was asked, and it was very rarely that he was at 
fault. He kept the run, not only of the past history of every 
country in the world, but of the contemporaneous history, for 
to him the afiEairs of all nations were a present interest. He 
was keenly interested in scientific research and eicperiment, 
and was always fully informed in regard to them. In religion, 
what was once said of his son, Samuel, applied equally to 
him, "he did not have opinions, he had convictions." He 
was intensely patriotic, but he was a* statesman, not a politi- 
cian. '* Let (right) be done though the skies fall " was the 
only way in which it was possible for him to look at a subject. 
It would seem that such a mind ought to have made a deep 
impression on his generation, but he hated writing and had 

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tio gift for taming things to his own advantage. Somehow 
he " dUl not have a knot on the end of his thread." He was 
a man of whom other men were fond, and he had very many 
warm perM»aal friends among all classes of men, from the most 
distingaiahed to the poor and insignificant. 
Their children were : 

936. Samukx, SPAaKS>^ b. in Michigan* April xz, 1832 ; m. Amelia 
Safiord Croaaette, Oct. 2. 1856 ; d. Aug. 14, 1874. 

WOUAK Snw▲xx'^ b. Elizabeth, N. J., D«c. 13, 1833; d. 
Ang. z6, 1814. 

Uamy Buza"*, b. New Prospect, N. J., Nov. 2, 1835 ; m. Jan. 
Z4t Z863, to Captain Edwin Payson Berry, of Company £, 
5th N. J. Vols. He was b. Oct. 8, 1839 ; was wounded at 
Gettyabnrg, Jnly 2, 1863, lay in the field without care until 
the 4th, and d. Jnly xoth ; buried at Dover, N. J. They 
had no children. She waa employed in the Patent Oflfice 
at Waahington from Sept., 1870, to June, 1885, when her 
health failed and ahe resigned her poaition. Preaent rea., 
Seranton, Pa. 

Aucs CooswBU.^ b. at New York, July 26, 183S; rea. 
Seranton, Pa. 

BXiOAavrH Stswakt'*, b. July 10, 1840; d. Sept. 5, 1841. 

Haeuxt Mott**, b. July 30, 1842; m. Dec. 28, 1870, Rev. 
Aagnatua A. Bookataver; they have no childreu;. rea. 
Seranton, Pa. She ia a very eameat worker in the etfbrt to 
reclaim fallen women and criminala, having Bible claaaea 
in the jail both for men and women. 

BmcA DONAZ^SON**, b. Dec. 23, 1843 ; d. Dec. 27, 1846. 

Jamss HSOTLV'*, b. Oct. 2, 1845 ; rea. Seranton, Pa. 

Cbajucas**, b. May 5, 1847; d. July 26, 1847. 

837. Tboicas Sfaeks^*, b. Sept. x6, 1848; m. HenrietU A. 

Williamaon, May 17, 1876 ; rea. New Brunawick, N. J. 
Haknau Sophia*^ b. Oct. 15, 1850 ; d. Jan. i, 1872. 

838. Sophia SPAaics'*, b. May 18, 1854 ; m. Praucis II. Parsoiisi, 

June 3, 1880; rea. Waahington, D. C. 

556. Rbv. Samubz. Wa&b*, son of Rev. Samuel, D. D. 
(314) and Alice (Cogswell) Fisher, was b. in MorriHtown, 
N. J., April 5, 18 14. He graduated at Yale College 
in 183s ; spent a year in Middletown, Conn. ; pursued liis 
theokq^ical studies at Princeton, for two years, and gradu- 
ated from Union Theological Seminary in New York in 1839 ; 
Immediately after leaving the Seminary, he was called to the 
newly-organized Presb3rterian church at West Bloomfield, 
now Montdair, N. J., and was installed April 18, 1839 ; from 
this he removed in 1843, to a larger and more trying field of 
labor, being, installed on the 13th of October in that year as 
.pastor of the Fourth Church of Albany, N. Y. The church 
was probably, at that time, the largest in the whole denomi- 
nation, having more than 900 names upon the roll of its com- 
municants. The extent of his reputation as a vigorous and 


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effective preacher may be indicated ^y the fact that, in 1846, 
he was called to succeed the most popular, the most widely 
known, and the most powerful preacher of the new school 
body, Dr. L3rnian Beecher, in the Second Presbyterian Church, 
of Cincinnati. In 1857, he was Moderator of the new school 
General Assembly, which met at Cleveland, O., when the 
Southern Synods withdrew and formed themselves into a 
separate body. After eleven years of service in Cincinnati, 
he went to Clinton, N. Y., in 1858, having been already con- 
sulted respecting the presidency of Hamilton College. He 
was inaugurated president of the college, July 6, 1858, and 
at once entered upon the work. 

In his inaugural address he set forth stnmgly the duty of 
including the English Bible in the regular curriculum, con- 
tending ably that a Christian education demanded the same 
attention to the study of Revelation as to the works of Pagan 
auUxors. This policy he maintained throughout his entire 
term as president, and in his class-room gained the reputation 
of an e:q>ounder of Scripture^ who *' especially attracted men 
of trained minds and thoughtful habits.'* He was a trustee 
of Marietta College, O. (1854-59) and for many years a 
member of the A. B. C. of P. M., being selected to deliver 
the jubilee diaconxse before that body. 

As a preacher he was brilliant, and *' when roused by strong 
emotion he would pour forth from a full mind and warm 
heart a tide of eloquent speech that bore his hearers away, as 
with the sweep and rush of mighty waters." In his pastoral 
and executive duties he displayed an unwavering courage and 

After a service of eight years in Hamilton College Dr. 
Fisher was solicited to accept again the position of pastor. 
He was installed pastor of the Westminster Church in 
Utica, N. Y., Nov. 15, 1866. Sickness caused him to send 
in his resignation, Jan. 13, 1871, and he removed to*^ College 
Hill, near Cincinnati, O., where he died on the x8th of January, 
1874. He was the author of "* The Three Great Temptations 
of Young Men;" 8vo., pp. 336, Cincinnati, 1852. And of 
the following pamphlets : "The Obstacles and the Encour- 
agements to Missionary Effort, a Lecture delivered before 
the Boston Young Men's Society for diffusing Missionary 
Knowledge ;" 8vOm PP« 43 ; Boston, 1842. " The Purpose of 
God in the Early Death of the Christian,— illustrated; Ser* 
mon occasioned by the Death of Miss Mary S. Dwight ; de- 
livered in Albany, March 3, 1845 ;" 8vo., pp. 33, Albany, 
1845. "The Supremacy of Mind. A Lecture before the 
Young Men's Association of the City of Troy;" 8vo., 

Digitized by 


NINTH generation; 200 

pp. 33 ; Albany, 1845. '* The Reception of a Pastor. Sermon, 
June 6tli, by S. W. Fisher ;" Cincinnati ; J. Hitchler, printer, 
1847, 24 ppM 8vo. '* John Calvin and John Wesley, an Address 
by S. W. Fisher, Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary;" Cincin- 
nati; Moore, Wilstash, Keys & Co., 1856, 54 pp., 8vo. Same 
as above, except delivered *' July 17, 1856 [at] Oxford, O., 
and containing 60 pp. *' The Mission of the Teacher : address. 
By S. W. F&her;'' Albany, 1863, 16 pp. ''Wisdom the 
strength of True Manhood. Discourse at Salem, Nov. 13, 
1866, in behalf of the Society for the promotion of Collegiate 
and Theological Education at the West, by Samuel Ware 
Fisher;" N.Y.; pr. by J. F. Trow & Co., 1867, 32 pp., 8 vo. The 
following pamphlet was printed by Hamilton College : " Ham- 
ilton College, Clinton, N. Y. Public Exercises at the- In- 
auguration of Rev. Samuel Ware Fisher, as its 6th president. 
November 4, 1858.'' Published by the Trustees, Utica : 
Roberts, printer, 1858, 71 pp., 8vo. 

He received the degree of D. D. from Miami University in 
1853, and the Doctorate of Laws from the University of the 
City of New York in 1859. 

He m. ist« Oct. 22, 1839, Anna Caroline Johnson,' of Mor* 
ristown, N.. J., who d. Aug. 31, 1840. He m. 2d, May 18, 
Z842, Jane Jackson, of Newark, N. J., who was b. at Aquacka- 
nonk, now Passaic, N. J., June 4, 1815, the daughter of Peter 
Roome and Hester Von de Linde Brinkerhoff Jackson. His 
widow res. at Cincinnati, O. Their children were : 

839. WxxxzAM HuBBitLL^*, b. Albany, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1843 ; ui. 

Mary I#. Lyon, Sept. 10, 1873. 
GSORGB Wood'*, b. Albany, July 17, 1845 ; res. Cincinnati, O. 

840. Samusi. Jackson'*, b. Sept. 9, 1847; m. Mary Anna Shrcvc, 

Oct. 90, X870. 

AifNA CAMOumi**, b. Cincinnati, O., Feb. is, 1850; d. there, 
Jan. ao, 1831. 

Pbtsr SchuyXiVr'*, b. Cincinnati, Nov. 19, 1851 ; d. there, 
May z, i8s4« 

Lswis Wstn'*, b. Cincinnati, Jan. 9, 1854; d. there, Sept. 5, 

BUZA ARMsmoMG'*, b. Cincinnati, Oct. 6, 1856; res. Cincin- 
nati; anm. 

Aucx BSTHXR**, b. Clinton, N. Y., March 30, i86a ; d. there, 
March 17, 1863. 

ftff7. Majiy Davbnport*, daughter of Rev. Samuel (314) 
and Alice (Cogswell) Fisher, was b. at Paterson, N. J., Sept. 
25, 1817, and d. at New York City, Oct. 9, 1865. She m. 
as his second wife, Sept. 4, 1838, Dr. Horace Kimball, of 
New York, son of James* and Mary (Estabrook) Kimball; b. 
at Newburyport, Mass., Jan. 25, 1804, and d. at , June 

Digitized by 



lo, 1895, ^S^ 91 yeaxs. He graduated from Harvard Medi- 
cal Sdiool in 1834 as M. D., then studied dentistry, and 
went to New York in 1836, where he became a noted dentist. 
He lived in Boston, Mass.; Clyde and New York City, N. Y.; 
Orange and Plainfield) N. J. . They had : 

HoRACS BsTABSOOK KxscBAix'*, b. Clyde, N. Y., Sept. 28, 

1839 ; editor of the Musical Worlds Cmcinnati, O. ; m. Oct. 

33, 1864, Mary Winifred Creiffhton, of New Orleans, and 

had : Kate Davenport ICimbaU", b. Aug. 5, 1869; Horace 

Creighton Kimbalt^S b. Feb. X3, X87Z. 
Aucx P18KBR KzMBAix^, b. Jnne 3, 1843 ; d. Sept. 29, 1846. 
Ckarxjcs Otis Kzmbaza'*. b. Aug. 29, 1843 ; dentist in New 

York City; m. April zo, 1872, Bmily D. Denny. 
AXFRBD RSDIKOION Ktmball*^, b. Sept. 37, 1848; m. Feb. 4, 

1874. Caroline F. Hildreth, b. 1843. 
Samubz, Fismot Kimbaza'*. b. June 8, 1853. 
84Z. AsLTHtm LaLanb KIMBAZX'^ b. June 37, 1853 ; m. Lncilla 

Scribner, Aug. 35, 1884. 
Maky Wazj^ce Kzkbau,**, b. Orange, N. J., Jnne 37, 1858. 
Katb FzsHBiL KucBAZA^, b. Onuige, N. J., Feb. 33, i86a 

558. Gracb L.*» fixst child of Aaron (315) and Eunice 
(Joy) Fisher, was b. in Westhampton, Mass., Jan. Z9, z8z3, 
and d. Dec. 20, Z856 ; m. Dec. 3, Z835, Roswell Dickinson, 
who was b. Jan. 2, Z804, and d. April Z9, Z842. Children 

843. BZ3UDGB DzamcsoM*^, b. Jnne Z3, Z837 ; m. Martha Baker, 
Feb. Z5, Z864. 
Susan DzcKZK80N'^ b. Feb. Z7, Z839; d. May 3, z86z. 

559. Lydza*, second child of Aaron (3zs) and Eunice 
(Joy) Fisher, was b. in Westhampton, Mass., Sept. 20, z8z3, 
and d. Aug. 24, z866. She zn. March 23, Z834, Joziathan 
Phelps, who was b. in Westhampton, Oct. zz, zSzz, and d. 
March 8, z8s7. Their children, b. in Westhampton, were : 

Makzx>m Dodduz)G8 Phslps^, b. Feb. 7, Z836; d. May 8, 

Fzx>aA L. Phslps'*, b. May 35, Z838. 
CHRZSTZAxrNA L.'*» b. March 4i 184Z ; d. April 38, z866. 
Jonathan Wazjcxr Phslps**. b. Sept. 39, Z844 ; d. in the 

army in the Ciril War, AprU 3, Z864. 
SrmoMO AtvoRi> Pbkps**, b. Ang. 8, Z846. 
MzLtON FzsHBit^, b. Dec. 31, Z848 ; d. Dec. 39, Z893. 

5(M>. Samubi. Warb*, son of Aaron (3Z5) and Eunice 
(Joy) Fisher, was b. in Westhampton, Mass., Dec. Z4, z8z7, 
and d. in Springfield, Jan. 6, Z884. He m. zst, in April, 
Z849, Philomela I<3rman, who d. in August, Z858,' m. 2d, 

Digitized by 



Aug. 29, x86o. Mis. Lorinda Smith King» who d. April. 6, 
1885. Mr. Fisher graduated at Williams College in 1841. 
Their children were : 

BuJk RosiL**, b. ia Westhampton» Sept. 5P» 1853; m. Willtam 
W. Porter ; had at Springfield : Bugene Porter's b. May 10, 
z88x ; Grue Porter^', b. March tz$ x888 ; Sarah Porter**, b. 
Sept. X4» 1893. 

CHAaxx>TTB BaoMTS**, b. in Huntington, Aus. ai, 1864; ui. 
John McGliie» Dec. 19, 1889 ; had a ion", b. Sept. 33, 1890. 

Mary LiNCOur**, b. in Huntington, Feb. 7, 1866 ; m. George 
C. Bighnia, D. D. S., Dec. xo, 1889. 

Habby K.**« b. Huntington, Nov. 3i, x868. 

561. Sabah Graham*, sixth child of Aaron (3x5) and 
Eunice Qoy) Fisher, was b. in Westhampton, Mass., Dec. 
X9, 1831, axid d. in Northampton, Dec. 31, x88x ; m. Aug. 39, 
1850, as his second wife, William Dickinson Clapp, a son of 
Zenas Clapp, of South street, Northampton. Mr. Clapp 
*' pursued freshman and sophomore studies at college, expect- 
ing to enter the juxiior class at Amherst in the autumn of 1840, 
but kilure of health prevented. Taught at Williston Semi- 
nary, Easthampton, in 1843. Has been in business in North- 
ampton many years, and while thus occupied has for years 
preached nearly every Sabbath in the vicinity ; recently com- 
pleted a three years' service for the First Church in Hunting- 
ton, and entered there on a fourth year.'* (X882). Hed. 
Aug. IX, X884. 

562. DoaCAS KiaxLAND*, seventh child of Aaron (315) 
and Eunice (Joy) Fisher, was b. in Westhampton, Dec. 5, 
X823 ; m. Jan. 23, X848, James M. Chapman, who was b. in 
Westhampton, May 7, x8x8, and d. May 23, X879. Their 
children, b. in Westhampton, were : 

843. JaaoMiit Madxsok CUAF^<AN>^ b. Feb. 6, 1849; m. ist, 
Sarah N. Bartlett, Nov., X875 ; m. 3d, Edna Ludden, May 
3, 1888. 

HoHsa G. Chafican**, b. Hov. 18, x8s3 ; m. xit, Ella A. 
Bdwarda, Feb. 3i, 1877, who was b. Nov. 18, 1857, and d. July 
30» X878 ; m. 3d, Apnl 38, 1880, Clara E. Bdwardi, who wan 
b. Dec. 4, X859, and d. in October, 1883 ; m. 3d, Jan. 29, 
1890, Harriet M. Brooks, of Pittafield, Maaa. 

BDWAao D; CHAF1CAM*^ b. Oct. 37, 1854; d. Oct. 31, 1855. 

FuoasNca D. Chapman**, b. July 6, 1858. 

BCxaA B. Chapman**, b. Dec. 37, 1863. 

563. jAxaus Joy*, youngest child of Aaron (315) and 
Eunice (Joy) Fisher, was b. in Westhampton, May i, 1838 ; 
m. Feb. 3, x86s, Diadenni Jones, who was b. in West Fulton, 

Digitized by 



N. Y., May 30, 1S40. He resides in Westhampton, on the 
old homestead of his grandkther, Major Aaron Fisher (169). 
Their children were : 

Geacb LusxKTn'*, b. March 31, 1S66; d. March 4> i8^* 
BijLKCHB Louiss"*, b. Sept. is» id&j. 
Aakon'**, b. April a, 1877. 

564. Achsa', oldest child of Joel (316) and Sally (Everett) 
Fisher, was b. in Walpole, Mardi 8, 1830; m. there, March 
i9» i839> John R. Engley, of Walpole. She d. July 9, 1848. 

Jambs C. B2rGZ.8Y^, b. Jnly 21, 1840 ; m. Mary Dow, and had 
one child. 

Akson Fisbsr Bngucy'*, b. June 19, 1843 ; m. Clara A« Lewia, 
Nov. 30, 1870, and had: (z) Carleton Anion Engley", b. 
Sept. 16, 187Z ; (2) Herbert Lewis Bngley", b. Aug. 30, 
2^3; (3) Clara Genereva Bngley", b. March 24, 1876; d. 
Jan. 18, i88z ; (4) Olive Bertha Bngley", b. Jan. z6 or 18, 
1878; d. Feb. 13, 1881 ; (5) Susie Luella Bngley", b. March 
31, 1883; (6) Julian Oliyer Bngley^S b. Dec. 15, 1884; d. 
Dec. 29, 1884. 

AcusA M. EK6rJry^^ b. July 36, 1844 ; m- Francis P. Ide» of 
Mt. Hope, Conn. ; had several children. 

565. Louisa*, daughter of Joel (316) and Sally (Everett) 
Fisher, was b. in Walpole, March 19, 1823; m. Sept. 18, 
1841, John P. Linfield, of Randolph. She d. Jan. 29, 1871. 
Children were : % 

Gkorgb Pxshbb LINFIBU>'^ b. in Randolph, Sept. 6, 1846 ; 
graduated from Rochester University in 1873 and from the 
theolofl;ical seminary in 1876. Became pastor of the church 
iu Molme, 111., in i^ ; m. Frances Ross in 1878. In 1881 he 
moved to Muscatine, la., and remained until Jan. z, 1884, 
when he took charge of Wayland Academy, and worked 
there until his death, April 30, 1890, at Beaver Dam, Wis. 

BowiN P. hisvmLD^, b. Jan. 7, 1856; spent two years in 
Rochester University, and graduated from Dartmouth Col- 
lege, in school of medicine, in 1879. A member of the 
Mass. Medical Society and is practicing in Stoughton. He 
m. Lucy Bllis Griffith, Dec. xa, 1880, and have: George 
Griffith Linfield**, b. April 30, 1886.. 

566. Chablbs*, third son of Isaac (317) and Sibyl 
(Everett) Fisher, was b. in Walpole, April 14, 1833 ; m. 
May 23, 1866, Sarah G. Gushing. Children: 

Cbarzjss t.**, b. July ao, 1871. 
Bbssxk F.^, b. Nov. 26, 1873. 

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M7. WiLUAic*, youngest son of Isaac (317) and Sibyl 
(Bvwett) Fisher, was bom in Walpole, Feb. 27, 1837 ; m. ist» 
Jan« Xy Z8639 Harriet B., daughter of Leonard and 
( ) Chickering, who was b. in Foxboro, 

and d. June X2, 1871. He m. 2d, Dec. 4, 1873, Almira F., 
daughter of Josq>h Steams and Esther Daniels, who was b. 
in Wrentham. William Fisher is a grocer in Norwood. 
Their children were : 

CAsazs Louisa**, b. Oct. 19, 1865*; m. William Bacon, Aug. 

24* i8^- 
Saeab B.'*, b. Nov. 22, 1867. 
Hmskit** (by 2d wife), b. Aug. 8, 1875. 

008. Simon Edwin*, second son of Lewis (318) and 
Catherine (Bassett) Fisher, was b. in Walpole, Aug. 28, 
1843 ; he enlisted fzxsm Boston, as a musician, in Co. G, 44th 
Mass. Infimtry Regiment, and was honorably discharged 
May 18, 1863, on account of wounds, after being in service 
nearly zoo days. He m. Jennie M. Kelley, and res. in Wor- 
cester, Mass. They had : 

LiZAiAN TaisK'*, b. Feb. 7, 1871 ; d. Jan. i, 1885. 

069. Nathan Warrbn*, ^n of Lewis (318) and Catherine 
(Bassett) Fisher, was b. in Walpole, Feb. 9, 1846; he was but 
two years old when his father died. He grew to man's estate 
in his native town, attending the common schools of North 
Walpole until fourteen years old, when he learned the carpen- 
ter's trade, which he followed for a time. In 1862 he en- 
listed in defence of the Union, becoming a member of Com- 
pany K, Forty-fourth Mass. Vol. Infantry, and was stationed 
during the larger part of his nine months' term of enlist- 
ment at Newbem, N. C. He fought in the engagements at 
Kingston, N. C, and at Whitehall, after which he returned 
home. In the summer of 1863, Mr. Fisher resumed carpen- 
tering, but a year later gave it up to re-enlist July 18, 1864, 
joining Company K, Forty-second Mass. Vol. Infantry, which 
was stationed at Alexandria, Va., on garrison duty, until the 
term of enlistment had expired, Nov. 11, 1864. On again 
returning to Walpole he spent a year recuperating, his health 
having become sadly impaired from exposure and hardships. 
In- x866 he purchased a milk route in the neighboring town of 
Norwood, and he carried on the milk business for eighteen 
years in conjunction with farming. Mr. Fisher now devotes 
his attention to general fanning, including stock-mising, and 
in winter doing also an extensive business in lumbering. In 

Digitized by 



politics lie is a staunch Republican, and cast his first presi- 
dential vote for General Uly^Ms S. Grant. By Pr^ident Ben- 
jamin Harrison he was appointed postmaster at Walpole Cen- 
tre (April X, 1891), an office which he filled until his term 
expired on Dec. 16, 1895. He has been a member of the Wal- 
pole school committee several terms ; has served as assessor four 
years, and was a candidate for representative to the General 
Court, but was defeated. He is an active member of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church, of which he has been steward 
and treasurer twenty years. His first wife was an army 
nurse during the late Rebellion, and did a noble work in reliev- 
ing the sufferings of the wounded soldiers and in caring for 
sick and dying. Fmtemally, he is a member of £. B. Piper 
Post, No. 157, G. A. R., of which he has been quartermaster 
ten years, and commander one year; of the A. O. U. W., 
of which he has been recorder six years ; and of the Walpole 
Grange, Patrons of Husbandry. Hem. ist, at Walpole, Nov. 
4, 1866, Hannah Catherine Hill, daughter of Thomas and 
Nancy (Lord) Baker, who was b. at Portland, Me., July 7, 
1838, and d. at York Beach, Me., Aug. 28, 1878. He m. 
2d, at Walpole, June 5, 1879, Alma V., daughter of Nathan- 
iel B., and Susan C. ( ) Winslow, who was b. in Strong, 

Me. They had : 

PRKDsaicx CuMTON**, b. Sept. 13, 1882. ^ 

Bbrna&d WnfSiiOw'*, b. Sept. 6, 1884. 
Dakibx. Wixaxs**, b. July zo, 1890. 

570. LbwxsH.*, sonof Lewis (318) and Catherine (BasseU) 
Fisher, was b. at Walpole, July 14, 1848; m. at Walpole, 
Nov. 20, 1872, KUen M., daughter of Oliver and Hannah 
( ) Ellis, of Dedham, who was b. at Dedham ; a book- 
keeper ; res. Walpole. They had : 

Bmma CATKAanrs'^. b. Oct. 21, 1874. 
Howard Wsbstsr'^, b. July 3, 1878. 

571. LsoMAKD*, elder son of Jeremiah (321) and Elizabeth 
(Onion) Fisher, was b. in Walpole, July 26, 1834; m. at 
Natick, Aug. 16, i860, N. Amelia, daughter of Joseph and 
Susan Harris, of Livermore, Me., who was b. in Parkman, 
Me., Jan. 16, 1842. He is a blacksmith by trade ; res. in 
Redwood City, Cal. Had : 

EnwAJiD LXONARD^*, b. AndoTer, Mass., April 19, 1865 ; m. 
Fay Zelma Reeves, who was b. in Gilroy, Cal., Oct., 1867. 
Have a son : Edward Lisle", b. Redwood City, Feb. 7, 1893. 

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572. Jerbmiah*, younger son of Jeremiah (321) and 
Blizabetli (Onion) Fisher, wash. inWalpole, Feb. 11, 1839; 
m. atMedfield, Sept. 12, 1865, Harriet Robinson, daughter of 
Hibbard and Helen Goldsmith, of Medfield, who was b. in 
Richmond, Me., Feb. 14, 1845. He is a cabinet-maker by 
occupation. They lived for a while in West Stockbridge, but 
removed to Boston, where he has a shop and does fine finishing 
for houses. Children : 

Hbukn Bxjzabbtb'*, b. Feb. 8, 1867; m. Henry Wadsworth 
Clark, Oct. 23, 1889, and have : Henry WUUrd Clark*', b. 
July 17, 1891. 

BU.A May'*, b. April 26, 1874. 

573. David*, son of Asa (301) and Unity (Gay) Fisher, 
was b. at Walpole, March 25, 1840; m. there June 20, 1866, 
Olive M., daughter of I^twson and Harriet ( ) Gray, 
who was b. in Walpole. He is a machinist by trade ; res. 
Walpole. Their children were : 

Frakx Austin**, b. Dec. 16, 1867. 
' Pu>ax2fCB Olivx**, b. Nov. 6, 1870. 
Hauuxt B.**, b. July 8, 1872. 
BCaeion Gray'*, b. July 26, 1876. 

574. Ika*, son of Asa (301) and Unity (Gay) Fisher, 
was b. in Walpole, Jan. 25, 1842 ; m. in Dedham, Dec. 24, 
1868, Charlotte E., daughter of Matthew and Abby M. Ckiy, 
who was b. in Milton. A farmer ; res. Walpole. They had : 

GsoRGS Ira'*, b. Dec. 5, 1870. 
LizziB MABlu«*^ b. March 3, 1879. 

575. David*, son of David (329) and Nancy (Chandler) 
Fisher, was b. at Plantation No. 3, now Charlotte, Me., Dec. 
22, 1810; m. at Dedham, Mass., Jan. 9, 1849, Sarah, daugh- 
ter of John S. and Ann ( ) Merritt, of North Liver- 
more, Me., who was b. there, Jan. 16, 1821. They res. at 
Chelmsford, Mass. (1895.) Their children were : 

844. Msacv Jsmns P.*^ b. Feb. 3, 1850; m. Henry R. Hodaon, 
Jan. 20, 1868. Ret. Chelmsford, Maaa. 
David M.>®, b. in New Boaton, N. H., April 17, 1834; d. Aug. 
21, 1855. 
* Oscar C'^.b. Dec. 15, iSm; d. Dec. 8, x86o. 

FiORA. A.'^ b. April 5, 1862; m. Bmeat Nettel, Oct. i, 1887; 
two children. 

576. Samuel', son of David (329) and Nancy (Chandler) 
Fisher, was b. at Charlotte, Maine, July 7, 1812, and d. at 
Canton, Mass., Sept. 8, 1887. He removed to Canton, where 

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he m. Dec. 25, 1838, Clarissa*, daughter of Alexander (198) 
and Clarissa (Tudcer) Fisher, who was b. at Canton, AprU 
18, 18x7. He was a carpenter by trade ; resided near Ponka- 
peg P. O., in Canton, where he ran a sash and blind mill. 
His widow resided on the homestead after his death. She d* 
in Boston, Dec. 14, 1896. Their children were: 

BUBK BlULI▲*^ b. Dec. xi, x839 ; d. Ang. 24, X859. 
BxjZA CAFSN'^ b. Dec. xx, X84X ; ret. Roxbury, Mass. 
Sa&cuxx, AutXAifDBiL'*, b. Dec. 3X, 1843 ; ret. Ltwrenoe ; d. 

there, Feb. xi, X895, unm. 
Ci^AJtA Tucxxa^, b. Tune x, X85X ; d. July X9, 1876, nam. 

845. AxTKua HsaBBaT'^ b. July 5, X855 ; m. Blixabetb J. Williamt, 

Dec. 33, x88o ; d. July 17, X892. 

577. Nancy*, daughter of David (329) and Nancy (Chand- 
ler) Fishsr, was b. at Charlotte, Me., Jan. X7, X8X4; m. 
Dec. 6, 1838, Aaron Gardner, who was b. Sept. 6, x8xi. She 
d. Jan. 6, X882. Their children were : 

Aaron L. Gardnbh'*, b, May 8, X840; d. Aug. 6, X840. 

846. WxxxABD B. Gaednbr'^ b. April 10, X84X ; m. honiu, Gomer, 

May X3. x866. 

847. Lincoln Garonbb.'*, b. Jan. 19, 1844 ; m. Grace J. McChetney , 

Not. 4, 1871. 
Nancy O. GAjiDNBa^*, b. Aug. xa, 1846 ; m. June ax, 1874, 

Fraacit W. Bakelin, who wat b. Dec, aa, i8a6.% They had 

no children. *" 
A son^, b. Oct. a4, X848; d. Oct. a7, 1848. 
Bffib M. Gaadnsb.***, b. June X9, 185a ; m. Hiram Peabody, 

July 4, x87a. He wat b. May as, X845. No children. 

578. Chanblsr*, son of David (329) and Nancy (Chand- 
ler) Fisher, was b. at Charlotte, Me., Jnly 27, x8x5 ; m. 
Jan. 9, X842, Lucy J. Washburn, of Milton, Mass., who was 
b. July 2, X822. He d. Feb. 23, X873. After his death she 
m. 2d, Hexiry" Fisher ( ). Their children were : 

Lucy B.'^, b. July 30, X843 ; d. June a9, x8^. 

848. MAaYJ.'^ b. April 8, 1850; m. Walter Jenkint, Aug. a6, 1868. 
WALTxa Q.^t b. July 3X, X856 ; d. April 18, X879. 

579. Bradford*, son of David (329) and Nancy (Chand- 
ler) Fisher, was b. at Charlotte*, Me., Sept. 4, x8x8 ; m. 
April 8, x8s7, Eliza Jane Munson, of Pembroke, Me., who 
was b. in Cooper, Me., Dec. x6, X824. They resided in 
Charlotte, Me., where all their diildren were bom. They 

* PUmution No. 3 wm incorponiicd m Cliarlottc, Jaa. 191 xflts* 

Digitized by 



Braovoro M.**, b. Oct. m i8^ 

AX.VZN C.**, b. July 34, liSo; d. Dec* 27, 187a. 

WxuXAM C.'*, b. Feb. I9» xttt. 

Bmmjl J▲NB'^ b. Feb. 27, 1864. 

, b. April 27, 1866; d. April 30, i866, 
BUBN B.'^ b. June 3, 1868. 

580. Frankun*, son of David (339)and Nancy (Chand- 
ler) Fisher, was b. at Charlotte, Maine, Nov. 29, 1822 ; m. in 
Qoincy, Ifass., Nov. 7, 1S47, Sarah, daughter of Joseph and 
Hannah (Sanborn) Johnson, of Sanbomton, N. H., who was 
b. May 20, 1829. He was a carpenter; followed his trade in 
Milton, Mass., until 1865, erecting many fine houses in that 
and adjacent towns ; since lived in New Boston, N. H. ; 
chiefly employed in a piano case manufactory. He d. Nov. 
23, 1884; his widow res. at New Boston, N. H., in 1895. 
Their children were : 

849. Hajulzbt Rosstta><*, b. Dec. 2, 1848 ; m. Thoiua« H. Jordan. 
BI.WYM LxSTsa'', b. July 25, 1851, in Milton ; '* a jeweller in 
Boston ( 1880) though emrly deprived of the use oi his lower 
limbs by disease "; d. ia New Boston, N. H. 

89a COBA BSTBUJC'*, b. Jan. 8, 1855 ; m. Kdwanl'D. Moody, Sept. 
6, X873; d. March x, 1884. 

581. Maby F.*, daughter of David (329) and Nancy 
(Chandler) Fisher, was b. at Chariotte, Maine, July 26, 1831 ; 
m. at South Dedham, Mass., April x8, x86x, Horace M. 
Haynes, of Dedham, son of Benjamin and Rachel Haynes, 
who was b. at Rumney, N. H., Aug. 7, 1820. Their children 

Cbsstbb B. Havnrs'\ b. July 8, 1862. 

HORACS C. Havmbs'*, b. June 22, X865 ; d. July 22, 1868. 

hMBUM A. Havnbs**, b. Aug. 4, 1868. 

582. Rbv. Ebbnbzbb*, son of Ebenezer (330) and Sally 
(Johnson) Fisher, was b. in Plantation No. 3, now Charlotte, 
Maine, Feb. 6, 1815. In 1S40 he was elected a representative 
fnmi his native town. He was a Whig, but many Democrats 
voted for him. That year he was licensed to preach, and 
preached his first sermon, Nov. 29, 1840, at Milltown, where 
he was pastor of a Universalist chmrch for six months. July, 
1 841, he was installed pastor of a church at Addison Point, 
Me. Sept. 27, 184X, he m. Amy W. Leighton, of Pembroke, 
Me. He continu^ as pastor at Addison Point until May 4, 
1847, when he received a call to the Universalist church at 
Salem, Mass., and was installed May i8th following. This 
pastorate was continued about six years, resigning on account 
of ill health on (^. 7, 1853. In Nov., X853, ^^ '* commenced 

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his labors as pastor of the Universalist Church at Norwood, 
Mass. The five years of his pastorate were periods of special 
enterprise and prosperity. Mr. Fisher resigned his charge to 
accept a professorship in the Canton Theolc^cal Seminary." 
** April 15, 1858, he was inaugurated professor and head of 
the Theological Seminary at Canton, N. Y. During his con- 
nection of twenty-one years with that institution he had seen 
more than one hundred students, whose minds he had in a 
great measure moulded and fashioned, settled in the Univer- 
salist pulpit in our land." He began work April i8th as the 
first president and professor of the seminary, and continued 
there until his death. On Feb. 21, 1879, while on his way to 
his recitation rooms in the seminary, he suddenly died, 

" He was a majestic man ; a strong man in every sense of 
the word — mentally and physically; in all things sincere, 
truthful and honest. He was very devout, believing in God 
' with heart as well as understanding. Had few equals as a 
logician. As a critic he was beyond all others ; this was his 
specialty as a teacher. As a speiker he was sure to carry his 
point and to carry his hearers with it. He was a student of 
style." His best published essay, according to Rev. George 
Emerson, D. D., was an article with that title. *' His writings 
were vtvadous, bright, pungent. He revelled in tropes. He 
was a humorist ; his clmcal dignity, though, was sever com- 
promised, although at times fulU of fun. He was a strong 
temperance and anti-slavery man. ' * His writings appeared in 
the " Universalbt Quarterly" from 1849 to 1876, inclusive, 
and in the "Trumpet" from November, 1849, to October, 


The degree of D. D., was conferred on him by Lombard 
University, Galesburg, 111., in June, 1863. In 1869 Dr. 
Fisher was invited to a professorship in Tufts College, but he 
did not accept. He joined Essex Lodge of Freemasons, at 
Salem, Mass., Sept. 8, 1848. He was a member of the local 
board of the Potsdam (N. Y.) Normal School. For an ex- 
tended' account of Dr. Fisher see a memoir by Dr. George 
Emerson, D. D. Their children were : 

BBXNBZBa BvnsxT**, b. at Addiion Point, Me., Sept 5, 1844 ; 

an M. D., rea. at Richville, N.Y. 
Amkxx L.>^ b. at Salem, Maaa., April 29, 1850; m. 

Bigelow, of Great FaUa, N. H. ; i. 
Hush Bsnoui**, b. at South Dedham, Maaa*, Feb. 24, 1855 ; 

d. at Canton, M. Y., Feb. 4, 1861. 

583. HiTTY Johnson*, daughter of Ebenezer (330) and 
Sally (Johnson) Fisher, wasb. at Charlotte, Me., March 29, 
1817, and d. in Marlboro, Mass., April 25, 1864.. She m. 

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Aug. 34, 1 841, Benjamin Wilder, of Pembroke, Mc, who 
was b. July x, 1814, and d. April 19, 1859* Children : 

JUUA B. Wiu^Ba*", b. July 4, 1843; d. July 25, 1845. 

Lucy h. Wiu>sr'*, b. Sept. 15, 1844 ; ni. George B. Fay, Nov. 

19, 1864 ; ret* Marlboro, Mass. 
Maria Wilbsr'', b. Aug. 7, 1846; d. Sept. 25, 1846. 
ABSRua B. Wxu>n**, b. Oct. jo, 1848 ; d. April 9, 1875. 
Aiics M. WiLDBa'*, b. July x6, 1850 ; m. George W. Kal- 

bom, April 19, 1874. Res. Berlin, Mass. 
HoRAca P. Wiu>SR^*, b. Oct. a8, 1858 ; m. Oct. 3, 1884, Nellie 

B. Bforrell ; editor Marlboro Daily EnUrfirise. 

584. Rbbbcca Morsb*. daughter ol Ebenezer (330) and 
Sally (Johnson) Fisher, was b. at Charlotte, Me., March 15, 
1822 ; m. Oct. 22, 1840, Benjamin A. Gardner; d. Jan. 5, 1864, 
at Eastport, Maine. Children : 

Mart B. Gardksr**, m. Charles Hayden ; res. Tacoma, 

Bx>wiM P. Oardnrr**, surgeon U. S. Army ; res. Mackinaw, 


58ff. Danibz, J.*, son of Ebenezer (330) and Sally 
( Johnson) Fisher, was b. at Charlotte, Me., Sept. 14, 1829. 
He has held all the town offices at various times ; elected to 
the legislature of Maine in 1866 and 1883. Although' a 
&nner he has a cultivated literary taste. He m. May 24, 
1854, Caroline Jones, daughter of Otis Lincoln, Jr., who was 
b. at Perry, Me., Sept. 17, 1828. All his sons are Universal* 
ist clergymen. They had: 

Daioxi, L.*^ b. March 11, 1855; m. Clara Aspinwall Barues, 
of Henderson, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1884. Rck. Charlotte. 

851. Lbwis Bsals^i b. April 30, 1857 ; m. Fanny A. Shaw, of 

Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 4. x886. 

852. LSR Howard**, b. Jan. 9, i860; m. Mary B. Blaisdell, of 

Portsmoutii, N. H. 
Mary Bva^, b. March as, 1863; m. Sept. 29, 1890, Preniout 

J. Sprague, of Charlotte, Me. 
Thomas BAU>MriN Tbaykr'*, b. July as, i86< ; m. Nellie B. 

Littlefield, of Newton, Mass., in 1888 ; he it a Uuivergalittt 

clergynum at Lockport, N. Y. 

586. Alfrbd*, son of Joel (331) and Anna (Gage) 
Fisher, wash. Aug. 17, 1817 ; m. Dec. 3, 1847, Harriet Erne* 
line Wells, who was b. March 28, 1820, and d. March 28, 
1872. He d. Dec. 4, 1888. Children : 

Bnwm W.'^ b. Oct. 23, 1848; d. Sept. 27, 1878. 
FRAKKH.*^ b. Aug. 30, 1853; d. Aug. 3, 1869. 

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:)10 visHKK grnualo(;y. 

587. Cathbrinb*, daughter of Joel (331) and Anna 
(Gage) Fisher, was b. Aug. 29, x8i8, and d. July 13, 1849; 
m. John H. Gage, Jan. 10, 1841. Their children were : 

JXTUUS F. GA6S^^ b. April ix, 1842. 

E. P. Gags*®, b. 

Katb a. Gags'*, b. Not. 4, 1845. 

588. Frank Hook*, son of Joel (331) and Anna (Gage) 
Fisher, was b. at Nashua, N. H., Feb. 6, 1826; m. zst, x^8, 
Eliza Parker Kendrick, who d. Sept., X85X ; m. 2d, March 2, 
1865, Fanny M. Barry, who was b. July 4, X848, and d. Sept. 
12, 1883 ; m. 3d, Oct. 30, X887, Margarett E. Gable, who was b. 
March 22, 1843. In X842, he started to learn the machinist's 
trade in Nashua ; went to Worcester, Mass., in 1845, working 
there for Thompson, Skinner & Company in manufacturing 
engine lathes. Left New York city, Jan. 5, X852, on the 
steamer ** United States, " was detained two months at Pana- 
ma, and arrived in San Francisco on the steamer *' Fremont," 
April- 1, X852. Went directly to the mines, and follow mining 
for twenty-three years. During the time he patented a ma- 
chine for washing gravel, known as the '* giant, " later uni- 
versally used where water can be delivered under heavy press- 
ure. In 1874, was appointed chief adjuster in the U. S. Mint 
inSan Francisco, aiid held the position until 1887, with the 
exception of two years when he was appointed chief engineer. 
He has since retired, and res. at 450 Taylor Avenue, Alameda, 
Cal. (1893.) They had: 

853. Anna PaAMK'^ b. Feb. X3, X850; m. Charles Henry Whitney, 

Oct. 20, x886. 
Bdwxn Gags'^ b. Feb. 26, 1866; ret. Alameda, Cal. 
AX.FRBO VsaNARD**, b. March x, x868 ; res. Alameda, Cal. 
Prank Jacobs'*, b. Jan. 3, 187a ; ret. Alameda, Cal. 

580. Levi*, son of Enoch H. (333) and Roxanna (Lakin) 
Fisher, was b. at Charlotte, Me., Dec. 9, 182X, and d. Jan. 23, 
X883. He m. Susan S. Waterman, who was b. Aug. 23, X8X9. 
He was a deacon of the Baptist Church 30 years ; a farmer 
and lumberman, Mrs. Fisher d. Jan. X4, x888. Cliildren, b. 
at Charlotte, were : ' 

854. AMSSX. WATxaMAN'®, b. Sept. ao, X845 ; m. Sarah B. Card- 

man, Sept. 29, 1869 ; ret. Charlotte, Me. 

855. Aaiaaoss Lsvx'^, b. Feb. 3, 1847 ; m. Caroline Little, Aug. 

xo, 1875 ; ret. Brockville, Ont., Canada. 

856. HoaACS JotSPH^^ b. April xx, 1&49; m. Mary B. Bolet, April 

2i» 1882 ; ret. Pitkin, Gnnniton Co., Col. 
CXfAAA L.^, b. Aug. 9, 185X ; m. Jamet R. N. Smith, M. D., 

of Baring, Me., now of Milltown, Me., and had Marion 

W. Smith*', b. Aug. xx, X87X. 
HsaBRitT F.**, b. July x, 1856 ; d. ». 3i yearn. 

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590. PRANCBS WooDBUKY*, daughter of Enoch 11.(333) 
and Rozanna (Lakin) Fiaher, waa b. in Charlotte, Maine, 
April 13, 1825 ; m. William Irewia Woodworth, who was b. 
in Pembroke, Maine, April 12, i8x8. She d. Dec. 28, 1855. 
Their children were : 

WxKAiAM WooDBinty WooD woa aPH**, b. May 33, 1850. 
Bvm4NA PaANCBS WooDwoaTH>*, b. Jan. 13, 185a; m. Plori- 
maa A. Wilder. 

591. Rbubbn Pbrkins*, son of Enoch H. (333) and 
Roxanna (Lakin) Fisher, was b. at Charlotte, Me., June 38, 
18^6; m. April 24, 1867, Clara A., daughter of John and 
Eliza Ann (Everett) Porter, of Pembroke, who was b.'Feb. 
X, 1844 (Cole Genealogy, pp. 165-^); a farmer; res. West 
Pembroke, Me. They had : 

LSNA C.'^ b. March 13, z868; d. Nor. xo, 1869. 

Fi;x>asNCB B•'^ b. May 23, X870; grsduate of Gorham Normal 

School *, a tnccessfnl teacher ; ret. West Pembroke. 
AUNA R.>*, b. Sept. X4, 1875. 
Ci#A»faKi> P.**, b. July 3, iS&i. 
Aoaaav H.**, b. Feb. 14, 1887. 

502. Phinbas G.*, son of Asa (334) and Mary (Gage) 
Fisher, was b. at Francestown, N. H., March 31, 1837 ; m. 
Nov. 27, 1850, Caroline M. Dickinson. Res. Milford, N. H. 
Children were : 

857. BxywxK B.**, b. Jane 33, 1853, in Claremont, N. H.; m. Aunu 

Young, of Snnapee, Nov. 8, 1876. 

858. WxiAXaM G.'*, b. Aug. 15, 1853 ; m. Bmma Lear, Feb. 4, 

HBRBsaT S.**,b. Aug. 37, 1855; res. Milford, N. H. 
Asa J.'*, b. Sept. 5, i86x ; m. Vinnie Towne, July 24, 1887 ; 

res. Milford, N. H. 
Cuaia B.'^ b. July 33, 1864; m. Blber R. Cutts, Feb. 19, 1884 ; 

ret. Milford, N. H.; two chUdreu : Bdwin F.^', b. Sept. 

5, x886; . 

593. David M.*, son of Asa (334) and Mary (Gage) 
Fisher, was b. at Sutton, N. H., Dec. 3, 1829; m. Sept. 20, 
X84X, Lois S. Nelson. He was a member of the Free-will 
Baptist chnrch, at Sutton, Aug. x8, X867. Lois Fisher was 
baptized at the same church, in October, x868. Their children 

BXAa V.*^ b. Sutton, N. H., Jan. 34, 1850; m. Feb. 38, 1880, 
Frank B. Hemphill, and had: Persia M. Hcmphill>\ b. 
Sept. 9, 1883. • 
GBOaoa P.^**, b. Jan. 13, 1855. 

859. OaasN C.'*, b. Jan. 16, 18^7 ; m. Lydia H. Flint, Oct. 13, 1881. 
FuAiac J.**, b. April 3, 1859. 

PasD. W.>«», b. AprU 16, 1864. 

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594. Thomas J.*, fourth child of Asa (334) and Mary 
(Gage) Fisher, was b. in Sutton, N. H., Jan. 4, 1833; m. 
Jan. 29, 1856, Amanda A., daughter of Rodney and Achsa 
(Dodge) George, who was b. in Wendell, now Sunapee, N. 
H., Nov. 21, 1832. Mr. Fisher served in the Civil War, 1862 
to 1865 ; first in the 47th Mass. In&ntry, and afterwards in 
the 3d Heavy Artillery. He is in the real estate business ; 
res. Gibbon, Neb. They have no children. 

505. JOBL H.*, son of Asa (334) and Mary (Gage) 
Fisher, was b. at , Oct. 28, 1835 ; m. March 4, 1857, 
Angeline C, daughter of Harvey and Abigail (Brockway 
Blood) Spalding, who was b. at Newbury, N. H., July 19, 
1835 ; res. for a time in Sutton and Newbury, afterwards in 
Washington and Amherst, and res. in Milford, N. H. Their 
children were : 

CoEA B.^^ b. Aug. 7, i860; m. Aug. 7, 1885, George Holbrook, 

and had : Bertha M. Holbrookes b. Oct. 8, z886. 
BUHA G.» b. March 8, x868. 

506. Freeman A.*, son of Asa (334) and Mary (Gage) 
Fisher, was b. , April 8, 1838 ; m. Feb. 
29, i860, Marion Orvis, sixth child of Gad and Sarah 
(Kimball) Orvis (Kimball Gen., p. 550). He d. 

Res. Minneapolis, Minn.; children were : 

Elmer B.^^^b. Dec. xi, 1863; m. Carrie B. Whittier, Jan. 3, 

Prank 0.>^ b. April 14, i86d. 
Majlion L.*^ b. Oct. IS, 1866. 

507. CunTis F. Chadwick*, son of Nancy Fisher (335) 
and Walter Chadwick, was b. in Prancestown, N. H., Dec. ; 
1830; m. in 1854, Ann Jane, daughter of Francis William and 
Pnidence V. (Hoyt) Tucker, who was b. in Canton, Mass., 
June 26, 1831. *'Res. at Redding, Shasta County, Cal.; is 
a sash and blind maker by trade, and is the proprietor of a 
ranch." Children: 


FitAinc Chadwxcic'*. 

508. AxPRBB F. Chadwick*, son of Nancy Fisher (335) 
and Walter Chadwick, was b. in Prancestown, N. H., Feb. 
29. 1836 ; m. ist, Bethany C. Thomas, Oct. 10, i860 ; m. 2d, 
Oct. 17, 1882, Lizzie R. Perry, of Natick, Mass. Is a piano- 
maker ; res. 41 Crescent street, Cambridge, Mass. He served 
in the War of the Rebellion, being in Co. B, 8th N. H. regt., 
holding the rank of sergeant. 

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ffOO. Lbvx W/, son of Levi (336) and Fanny (Wilkins) 
Fisher, was b. at Prancestown, N. H., Sept. 19, 1829 ; m. 
ist, Oct xSf 1856, Lucy A. Freeman, of Potsdam, N. Y., 
wbo d. ; m. 2d, May 23, 1883, Frances E. Bowen, of 

Rutland, Vt. He res. on a farm in Merrimack, N. H., five 
miles west of Reed's Ferry P. O., near the Amherst line, and 
half a mile east of Baboosic Pond. Children were : 

S60. MAMiA}*t b. ; m. Pnuik B. McAfee. 

' Fahmis W.»*, b. (by second wife), . 

Blxa Gracb^*, b. 
Bdwxk Mito>*, b. 

600. Gkorob W.*, son of Levi (336) and Fanny (Wil- 
kins) Fisher, was b. at New London, N. H., June 26, 1837 ; 
m. xst, Dec. 14, 1865, Mary R., daughter of Hartwell W. 
and Sarah (Tomer) Green, of Merrimack, who d. April 
I, x868; m. 2d, Nov. 30, 1869, Esther P., danghterof Peter 
Coffin, of Boscawen, N. H. '* He was educated in the district 
schoob, and for some yeaxs worked in a sash and blind factory 
and box shop until 1861. Enlisted in October, 1861, in Com- 
pany I, Seventh N. H. Vol. Regt., and was discharged on 
account of disability, Oct. 29^ 1863. In spring of 1864 he 
went to work for Concord R. R. Company at Manchester, 
and was there two years. Then worked at his trade a.s 
carpenter in different places. After his second marriage he 
removed to Boscawen, on the farm of his wife's father, which 
he bought and has since continued to reside upon. Has held 
his fourth five years' commission as justice of the peace in 
Boscawen ; has been selectman, and master of the Webster 
Grange three years, and member of board of education. He 
has been a member of the Congregational church for thirty- 
five yean ; at present superintendent of the Sunday school." 
They had : 

Gaoacs F.**, b. in BCanchetter, N. H., June 23, 1871. 
WmiF&BD^*, b. in Boscawen, May 18, 1873. 
ItfSVi P.**, b. in Boscawen, Oct. 12, 1876. 

601. Cynthia Maria', daughter of Levi (336) and 
Fanny (Willuns) Fisher, was b. at Merrimack, N. H., Jan. 
14, 1843 ; m. Edwin M. Sheppard, of Maiden, Mass., Nov. 
25, 1863. Res. Maiden. Children : 

GaACS Emily SasppAaD^", b. Boston, May, 1866; m. Charles 

Bennett, Dec., 1890; rea. Maiden, Maaa. 
Px/>a8NCB DOMBKY Shkppaeo**, A. B., b. May, 1870. 
Son**, died in infancy. 


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602. Thomas Elbridgb*, son of Thomas (337) and 
Lydia G. (Hanson) Fisher, was b. at Weare, N. H., Oct. 
x8, 183Z ; m. Clani McAllister, of Hillsborongh, N. H., who 
d. in 1865. He res. at North Weare, N. H. ; was well-known 
as a singer of mnch talent ; was a ahoemaker, and d. Dec. 9, 
1878. They had: 

PaBDBRiac P.'*, b. Weare ; m. Florence G. Bartlett, Nor. 16, 
x886 ; a dentist ; res. Manchester, N. H. 

603. Albert Sawyer*, sonof Thonias(337) and Lydia G.. 
(Hanson) Fisher, was b. Dec. 4, 1833 ; m. xst, Sept. 9, 1856, 
Margaret Ann Parker, of Antrim, N. H., who d. in 1859 ; m. 
2d, Sarah Lorette Smith, of Weare, N. H., Feb., z86i ; m. 
3d, Sttsie M. Renton, of Lynn, Mass.; all three d. in Weare, 
N. H., where he resided. Children by 2d wife, and b. in 
Weare, were : 

Harry G.'^ b. Peb. ao, z86a. 
Addxe hL.^i b. Not. 14* iBS^ 

604. Sanpord*, oldest child of Lewis (339) and Betsey 
(Campbell) Fisher, was b. in •, N. H., Sept. 3, 
Z814 ; m. Jan. 24, r84i, Mary B. Hill, of Boston, Mass. Th^ 
resided in Charlestown, Mass., and New London, N. H. He 
d. . Their children were: 

Sanford R.*^ b. Charlestown, Mass., ; m. 

Lbwis B.'*, b. Charlestown, ; d. 

861. PkAKKXjN P.*^, b. Charlestown, Jan. 20, 1853 ; m. 
Mary I,•*^ b. Charlestovm, ; d. 

Addqc B.,*^ b. New London, M. H. 

(M)5. Harris G.*, fifth child of Lewis (339) and Betsey 
(Campbell) Fisher, was b. in , N. H., May 27, 1824 ; 

m. at , Jan. 18, 1854, Almira S. Stockwell, 

of Wilmot, N. H. Res. at Wilmot Flat, N. H. Had : 

W. P.»«, b. . 

006. Willard*, seventh child of Lewis (339) and Betsey 
(Campbell) Fisher, was b. in , N. H., ; 

m. , Ann Gore. H^ d. in Wilmot, N. H., May 8, 


607. Mason M.*, eighth child of Lewis (339) and Betsey 
(Campbell) Fisher, was b. in Springfield, N. H., ; 

m. , Ellen Osgood. They res. at Warner, 

N. H. Their children were : 


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608. Dr. Thomas Eaton*, son of Hewins (340) and 
Betsey (Butterfield) Fisher» wosb. in Francestowu, N. H., 
March 2, 18x9; m. xst, Oct. 2, 1843, EmelineG., daughter of 
Kimball and Sarah (Webster) Emerson, who was b. in Frances* 
town, May 21, 18x4, and d. there, Jan. 16, 1845. He m. sd, 
Mardi 3, X847, Elia A. Underbill, who was b. in Chester, 
N. H., July 4, 1834, and d. in Stoneham, Mass., Feb. 24, 
X890. *' Dr. Fisher has always lived in this town, where he 
has faumed with profit, and met with success as a medical 
practitioner ; he was for several years a member of the board of 
selectmen (X85X-55, x86x-^3, 1867), and has twice been 
elected to the Legislature (in 1879 and 1880), besides filling 
the office of superintending school committee. ' ' He graduated 
from the Francestown Academy; became a homeopathic 
physician, was a justice of the peace in 1863. He is living 
on the farm his grand&ther, Seth Fisher, cleared when he 
arrived from Dedham, Mass., and Dr. Fisher has always lived 
on the place where he was bom. Children, bom in Frances- 
town : 

Bxasn B.**, b. Jan. xa, 1848 ; m. David Glyan, of Plymouth, 
M. H., Not. x6, X878; res. Plymoath. 
863. Janb B.**, b. Aug. 34, X850 ; m. Henry S. Knight, of We«t- 
minster, Mass., May to, 1876. 
OaxuLKXX) H."*, b. April 30, X856; d. Francestown, Jnly 4» 

609. HORACB BuLLARD*, son of Mark (342) and Josepha 
(Guild) Fisher, was b. in Francestown, N. H., March 22, 
1735 ; m. Jan. ix, 1871, Marion Adeline, daughter of Charles 
J. Howell, of New York City; a merchant; for many years 
has been the superintendent of buildings for the city of Boston, 
with offices in Uie City Hall ; res. Boston. Their children : 

Mauon Howvlx.^. b. Dec. 18, 1872. 
HOWSX.X,**, b. March 24, 1876. 

610. William B.*, son of Oliver C. (343) and Eliza E. 
(Campbell) Fisher, was b. in Henniker, N. H., Oct. 4, 1841 ; 
graduated at New London High School ; was three years iu 
Dartmouth College ; taught in several academies ; has been 
most of the time since x866 clerk in a railroad office in Bos- 
ton, where he still resides. He m. Jan. 3, 1877, Louisa Post, 
of Norwich, Coxm. 

611. Henry C.*, son of Oliver C. (343) and Klixa K. 
(Campbell) Fisher, was b. in Henniker, N. H.. July 31, 1844; 
has been a bookkeeper in a railroad office in Uaston since 

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1869 '» °^* T^^* 25> ^869, Mary Dearborn, of Stratham, N. H. 
Their children were : 

BaMSST L.^, b. Jan. x8, 1871. 
H▲aaY'^ b. March, 2872 ; d. Aug. i873« 
M▲BBX.'^ b. Not., 2874. 

612. Carolinb Louisa^, daughter of George (344) and 
Hannah Cornelia (Teele) Fisher, was b. in Cambridge, 
Mass., Nov. 8, 1843 ; m. June 30, 1869, Col. Austin Clarke, 
son of Jonas Clarke and Harriet Eliza (Bosworth) Welling- 
ton, who was b. in Lexington, Mass., July 17, 1840. Colonel 
Wellington came with his parents to Cambridge in 1856, where 
he entered the emi>loy of S. G. Bowdlear & Co., of Boston, as 
bookkeeper, remaining with them until his enlistment in 
August, 1862, in Co. F, Thirty-eighth Regt. His regiment 
went to Baltimore, camped there two months; was then 
transferred to New Orleans, and took part in the Red River 
es^edition, and in Western Louisiana. In July, 1864, it was 
transferred from the Gulf to Washington, and formed a part 
of Sheridan's army during the closing period of the war. He 
had now been promoted to be a lieutenant, and was acting 
adjutant of the regiment. He participated in the battles of 
Bisland, sieges of Port Hudson, Cane River Ford, Mansura, 
in Louisiana, and Opequam, Fisher's Hill and Cedar Creek in 
Virginia. He was mustered out, June 30, 1865. Upon his 
return to private life, Colonel Wellington engaged in die coal 
business, which he developed to large proportions, beccmiing 
widely and favorably known as the manager and treasurer of 
the Austin C. Wellington Coal Company, one of the largest 
concerns in Uiis line in New England. May 2, 1870, he entered 
the militia as captain of the Boston Light Infantry, otherwise 
known as the *' Tigers," Company A, of the Seventh Regi- 
ment. In 1873, he was elected major of the Fourth Battalion, 
and on Feb. 24, 1882, was elected colonel of the Fitst Regi- 
ment. In 1867, he became a comrade in Post 15, G. A. R., 
was chosen commander of Post 30, in 1874, of which Post he 
was a charter member, and commander of Post 1x3 in 1887- 
88, till his death. He was a member of the Ancient and Hon- 
orable Artillery Company, a trustee of the Soldiers' Home, 
Chelsea, chairman of the Boston Coal Exchange, president of 
the Charles River Towing Company, president of the Boston 
Mercantile Library Association, member of the New England 
Club, Handel and Haydn Society and others. In 1875 and 
1876, Col. Wellington was a representative to the state legis- 
lature. His death occurred at Cambridge, Sept. 23d, 1888, of 
paralysis, after a brief illness. Mrs. Caroline L. Wellington 

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wfts a woman of marked literary attainments, and of refined, 
cultivated nature* She was the author of a book of poems, 
while her prooe contxibutions were numerous and varied. 
Her dea^ occurred Nov. 23, 1879. Bight years later, Nov. 
29, 1887, Cokmel Wellington mamed a sister of his deceased 
wife, Sarah Cordelia Fisher. Her interest in philanthropic and 
literary associations has been marked. She has presided 
over die Ladies' Aid Association, auxiliary to the Soldiers' 
Home in Chelsea ; has been a director of the Cambridj^e 
Conservatory of Music, and also taking a prominent part in 
other organizations* They have had no children. She res. 
at the dd homestead, 871 Massachusetts Avenue, comer of 
Lee, Cambridge. 

613. Mart L^VB&MOEB^ oldest child of Dr. Jabez (345) 
and Roxanna (Betton) Fisher, was b. in Cambridge, Mass., 
Nov. 14, 1846 ; m. at Pitchburg, Jan. i, 1874, James Albert 
Morton, who was b. in Fairhaven, Sept. 16, 1847. They res. 
at 53 Hall avenue, SomerviUe, Mass. Their children, b. at 
New Bedford, Mass., were : 

Gsoaoa PrsHsa MoaxoM'*, b. Oct. 4* 1874. 
Anna Lucy Morton^, b. March 3. 1877- 
MAav Bsnoxs Moetom'*, b. April 35, i88x. 

614. Jabbz Fkanklin*, third child of Dr. Jabez (345) 
and Roxanna (Betton) Fisher, was b. in Cambridge, Mass., 
Aug. 30, 1850; m. at Leominster, Aug. 25, 1879, Clarissa 
Amelia Bernard, who was b. in Lynn, Feb. 4, 1849. They 
res. at 94 Myrtle avenue, Fitchburg, where their children 
were born: 

Gbxteuds Isabbl**, b. Oct. xa, x88i. 
Jabss Wuxiam**, b. July 26, 1883. 
Austin Wblungton^*, b. Nov. 20, 1888. 

615. Jason Nbwbix*, son of Newell (346) and Betsey 
(Panington) Fisher, was b. in South Dedham; bapt. Sept. 
4, 1831 ; m. Dec. 9, 1855, Lucy Alice, daughter of George 
an4 Dorcas Hawkins, who was b. in Dedham, March 20, 
1823, and d. in Walpole, Oct. 31, 1889, aged 66. He was a 
farmer in Dedham. Children were : 

Oscar Nkwkix*^, h. Oct. 4. 1856. 

BufSa Francis'*, b. in Walpole, Aug. 15, 1862; an engineer; 

m. Oct. 9, 1889, Mary P. Holmes, daughter of Oerald and 

Margaret Holmes. 

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616. Olive S.', daughter of Eliphalet (347) and Susan 
(Farrington) Fisher, was b. at South De^iam, now Nor- 
wood, Sept. 23, 1836 ; m. there, Aug. 22, 1847, Elisha F., 
son of George and Olive C. (Smith) Winslow, of South Ded- 
ham. Their children were : 

Caeouns Morse Wxnsi/>w>*. . 
Annie Smith Wnrsuw'*. 


Samuel Morrill WnrsLOw^*. 
Eunice Winslow'*. 
John Winslow*^. 

617. Abby M.', daughter of Eliphalet (347) and Susan 
(Farrington) Fisher, was b. at South Dedham, now Norwood, 
Aug. 30, 1831 ; m. there, Oct. 31, 1847, Isaac, son of Paul 
and Sally (Dudley) Ellis, of Dedham. Their children : 

Mblvin Isaac Et,lts**. 
Lewis Dudley Elus^*. 
Prank Bllis^*. 
Ernest Bllis^*. 
Bessie Blus**. 

618. Franhun F.^ sixth child of Eliphalet (347) and 
Susan (Farrington) Fisher, was b. in South Dedham, now 
Norwood, Mardi 3, 1835 ; enlisted in Company F, 2d Regt., 
Aug. 24, 1861 (''Co. F. i8th Regt. Mass. Vols."); <ii^ 
charged for sickness, Dec. 31, 1863 ; enlisted from South 
Dedham, now credited to Norwood. A machinist ; res. 

619. Edwin E.*, son of Eliphalet (347) and Susan (Far- 
rington) Fisher, was b. in South Dedham, now Norwood, 
Mass., July 8, 1841; m. July 17, 1862, Leonor M. Copeland. 
He enlisted, Sept. 12, 1862, in Co. D, 43d Mass. Regt. (nine 
months' men), and was honorably mustered out, July 30, 
1863. He was for years a dealer in firearms and fishing tackle 
in Concord, N. H. ; but has moved back to the old home- 
stead in Norwood, which has never been out of the Fisher 
family. Their children were : 

Jennie Howard'*, b. Jnne 14, 1863 ; m. Albert Everett, Dec. 

8, 1885 ; he d. in March, 1888. 
Grace Bruerton'*, b. Dec. 15, 1864 ; m. Henry H. HoIlis» 

June 14, 1893. 
WiLLARD Babbitt**, b. Dec. 28, 1870 ; d. Jan. 10, 1889. 
Dana Hozxis**, b. Jnne 33, 1880. 
Edward Lovsll'*, b. Jan. 31, 1883. 
Heun COPSI.AND'*, b. May 37, 1885. 

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620. LBONA&i)^ aon ol Leonard (349) and Chloe H. 
(Adams) Fisher, was b. in Stoughton, ; m. Mary Ami 
Murphy. Their childrffl were : 

Caxjon Ann'*, b. at Csnton, Jan. 13, i8s7 ; m. Frederick K. 

Stercas, of Stoughtoa, Aug. 14, 1875. 
Maey LoinsA'*, b. in Stonghton, Sept. 21, 1859. 
HsUNA MAaiA^, b. Dec. 17, i86x ; d. Feb. 28, 1885. 

«HN Alonso'*, b. Jan. 4f 1807. 
n,iJAM B.'*» b. June 24, 1877 ; d. June 24, 1877. 

621. CI•AKA^ daughter of Leonard (349) and Chloe U. 
(Adams) Fisher, was b. in Canton, June 31, 1838; m. at 
Stoughton, Sept. xz, 1853, John Finn, of Stoughton, who was 
b. June 24, 1838. Their duldren were : 

CwAiTT,!^ PINN'^ b. June 11, i860. 

IjLxnjL FiNN^, b. Sept. 24, 1863. 

Liza Fnn^**, b. Sept. 27, 1864; d. Nov. xo, 1884. 

GaoaOE FxNN^, b. Feb. 22, x866. 

622. Joseph A.*, son of Leonard (349) and Chloe H. 
(Adams) Fisher, was b. in Canton, Feb. 22, 1840 ; ui. at 
Stoughton, Sept. 23, 1872, Hannah M., daughter of Amos L. 
and Alzada L* (Glover) Fuller, of Foxboro, who was b. in 
Foxboro, April 15, 1840. They res. in Walpole. Their 
children were: 

A2>BUNE F.**, b. June 30, 1873; m. Paul H. Seifert, Nov. 23, 
1892 ; res. Medfield. 

BVBUNB IZKTTA^, b. Nov. X5, 1875. 

Elsie ICay**, b. May 4. 187S. 

623. Henry Lokinc*, son of Leonard (349) and Chloe 
H. (Adams) Fisher, was b. in Stoughton, June 8, 1844; m. 
Julia Buckley, Oct. 14, 1865 ; res. Brockton, Mass. They had : 

Hbun'*, b. June x8, 1872. 
JmiA}\ b. March 3X, X875. 
FBunKBTCK'*, b. March 24, 1878. 

624. Frederick E.*, son of Leonard (349) and Chloe 
H. (Adams) Fisher, wash. April 4, 1846 ; m. Nov. 14, 1882, 
Mrs. Mary E. Jordan, daughter of Amos L. and Akada 
(Glover) Fuller, who was b. at Foxboro. Their children 
w ve : 

Frbdericx LoaING'^ b. June 19, 1885. 

AucE Dora'*, b. July 10, 1886. 

Leonard Theodore**, b. at Canton, July 15, 1888. 

625. George*, son of Leonard (349) and Chloe H. 
(Adams) Fisher, was b. in Stoughton, Sept. 23, 1850 ; m. 

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there Jan. 31, 1875, Latira B.» daughter of Roiuaaiid Hannah 
(Madan) Jones, who was b. in Randolph in 1858. Res. 
Walpole. They had: 

GaoacB Atwood**, b. Aug. 6, 2875. 

EU.ZS V/TLBEK^, b. Sept. 6, 1877 ; d. May 8, 1893* 

Laura Auce'*, b. Oct. 37, 1870. 

Mabel HANKAH^^ b. Oct. 6, 1885. 

636. Elizabeth', daughter of Edmund M. (350) and 
Hannah W. (Bird) Fisher, was b. March 6, 1832 ; m. at 
Stoughton, July 30, 1848, Pardon, son of John and Eunice 
Thayer, who was b. March 22, 1830. They reside in Stough- 
ton. Their children were : 

Marian Mblvina Thayer**, b. Nov. 25, 1849; d. 

Ella Thayer*", b. March 4, 1850.' 

Alprsd Marcellas Thayer**, b. April 2, 1852. 

Albert Howard Thayer**, b. April 2, 1852. 

Ida Euzabbth Thayer**, b. Jan. 15, i8s8. 

Lettie Geneva Thayer**, b. April 23, x868; d. 1877. 

627. Clarissa', daughter of Edmund M. (350) and 
Hannah W. (Bird) Fisher, was b. Aug. 2, 1833 ; m. at 
Stoughton, June 6, 1850, George H., son of Hiram and Bet- 
sey Badger, who was b. at North Bridgewater, May 10, 1832. 
Their children were : 

Hiram M. Badger**, b. April 2^ 1851. 

Johh p. Badger**, b. Dec. 22, 1854; d. March i, 185*-. 

RuFias S. Badger**, b. Feb. 8, 1856 ; d. July 10, 1856. 

Betsey a. Badger**, b. Sept. 27, 1859. 

Grace P. Badger'*, b. Jane 8, 1862. 

MiNOT R. Badger**, b. June 21, 1872. 

Clara M. Badger**, b. April 5, 1879. 

628. Charles W.', son of Edmund M. (350) and Han- 
nah (Bird) Fisher, was b. in Stoughton, Mass., July 2, 1841 ; 
m. in 1862, Abby M., daughter of Hixam and Betsey ( ) 
Badger, who was b. in North Bridgewater, Aug. 6, 1846. 
They res. in Stoughton. Their children were : 

Ch a rl e s W.**, b. April 11, 1863 ; m. ; graduated at 

Bangor Theological Semiaary; pastor of Congregational 

church in Rockport, Me. 
Abby M.**, b. Nor. 7, 1865; m. Stoughton, April 26, 1887, 

Anguatus Henry, of Stoughton. 
Emma P.**, b. Sept. 24, 1867; m. Stoughton, Nor. 27, 1886, 

Clarence W. Jonea, of Stoaghton. 
Sarah Butabbth**. b. Jan. 14, 1870; m. Stoughton, July 8, 

1886, Enoa U. Connor, of Canton. 
Robert P.**, b. Oct. 17, 1876. 
Ruth Aoelia**, b. March 31, 1880. 

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620. Gbokgb*, son of Edmund M. (350) and Hannah 
(Bird) Fisher, was b. in Stoughton, ; m. Fidelia 

A. Lincohi» who was b. in North Easton, Feb. x x , 1852. They 
res. in Stonghton. Children were : 

869. CtABWfCK ALBMMfS^, b. ICsrch 5, 1870 ; m. Mabel J. Sioaue, 
Dec. 24, x889. 
Gaoacs**, b. June 12, 1879. 
PSANX Haruxsok'*, b. Inly 23, X889. 
Floesncb Mxu>rbd^, b. Ang. X3; 1893. 

. 080. F&BDBKICK Lbonakd*» son of William Curtis (353) 
and Emily E. (Atkins) Fisher, was b. in South Dedham, 
Jan. 29» 1862. '* He attended the common schools of his na- 
tive town, and at an early age began to assist his father upon 
the &rm. He has made agriculture his chief occupation, but 
has also engaged in other branches of industry. His first 
business venture was the leasing of a clay-pit, the product of 
which he sold to the paper mills. He has been a n;ember of 
the fire department for a number of years, was highway 
surveyor from X885 to X890, and has served upon the board of 
selMtmen since X894. Politically he is an independent Re- 
publican." He m. Harriet D., daughter of Cyrus F. and 
Mary E. (Babb) Blackman. They attend the Congregational 
church. Children are: 

Lbokaju) Q.^ 

631. Jambs Tuckbr*, son of Jabez (354) and Susanna 
(Stone) Fisher, was b. in Boston, Aug. 12, 1817 ; m. there, 
June 2X, X854, Emxna Brown, daughter of Isaac and Betsey 
(Tmcy) Guild, of Francestown, N. H., and Lowell, Mass., 
who was b. in Francestown, Aug. 24, 1829. He d. at 
Jamaica Plain, Mass., Aug. 7, X864. She res. Jamaica Plain 
( X898) . Their children were : 

HXEBBaT GuiLD^*, b. Tnly 29, 1858 ; d. April 4, 1888. 
Abtbur Lxvxngstom'^ b. Feb. 22, 1862 ; d. Oct. 22, 1865. 

632. . Susan Stonb', daughter of Jabez (354) and Sasanna 
(Stone) Fisher, was b. in Boston, Jan. 8, 1820 ; m. July 27, 
X846, Abraham Fuller Clarke, son of Dr. Samuel, 2d, and Re- 
becca Parker (Hull) Clarke, who was b. in Newton, Mass., 
Oct. 25, 1814, and d. in Marietta, Ga., March 2, x886. He 
was a brother of James Freeman Clarke, tlie celebrated 
minister of the '' Church of the Disciples," Boston. He was 

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at the Boston Latin School, 1827; went to St. Louis, 1830; 
to Chicago in 1835 ; to Milwaukee, 1831, where he kept a 
drug store, and where he afterwards engaged in the manufac- 
ture oi church organs. His widow d. at Marietta, Ga., July 
16, Z894. (Rev. W. W. Johnson's Clark-Clarke Genealogy, 
p. 85.) Their children were : 

BvA QULMXM^, b. Milwaukee, Wit., Oct. a, 1847. 

Jambs Frbbmam Cx^aKB**, b. Milwaukee, Tone 6, 1849; m. 
at Toledo, O., Oct. 16, 1883, Josephine Cook, who was b. in 
Toledo, Oct. 23, x86x. Children, d. at Toledo, were: Harry 
Thomas Clarke", b. Ang. 19; 1884; Bva Clarke", b. Dec. 
13, z886. 

WiXAZAH NswTON CTtABKE**, b. Milwaukee, Oct. aa, 1851 ; d. 
there, Sept 24, 1852. 

633. Harriet Louisa*, daughter of Jabez (354) and 
Susanna (Stone) Fisher, was b. in Boston, April 23, 1822 ; 
m. there, Aug. 31, 1843, Nathaniel Gates Chapin, who wasib. 
at Walpole, N. H., Aug. 20, 1817, and d. in Brookline, 
Mass., Jan. 27, 1893. He early became a member of the firm 
of Fi^er &, Chapin, of Boston, who were among the earliest 
and most extensive pork-packers in Ohio and Illinois ; was 
treasurer of the Eastern Railway at its re-organization in 
1876, until it was leased, when he became vice-president of the 
Massachusetts National Bank, Boston, which position he held 
until his death. He was one of the selectmen of Brookline, 
i860 to 1863, inclusive. He was a descendant of Samuel 
Chapin; the first deacon of the church in Springfield, 1642. 
They resided in Brookline for forty years, and were members 
of James Freeman Clarke's church in Boston. They had : 

Fanny Hudson Chapin^*, b. Boston, Sept. 27, 1844; d. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Feb. 25. z88z ; m. July 6, 1864, Edward WiU 
liamnooper, who was o. in Boston, Dec. 14, 1839. They had : 
Ellen Sturgis Hoox>6r", b.Brooklme, Nov. Z2, 1872 ; Louisa 
Chapin Hooper", b. Cambridge, May 4, 1874 ; Mabel 
Hooper", b. Cambridge, June 26, 1875; Fanny Hooper", 
b. Beverly Farms, Aug. 6, 1877; Mary Hooper", b. Cam- 
bridge, March 25, 1879. 

EnwA&D FiSHSR Oiapzn'*, b. Brookline, June 2X, 1846 ; m. at 
Chicago, 111., Sept. 25, 1879, BCary Clarisa Whiting, who 
was b. at Chicago, Dec* 2, 1853. They had : Louisa Chapin", 
b. Chicago, June 50, 1882 ; Elixabeui Chapin", b. Chicago, 
^t. 5; 1884 ; Edward Fisher Chapin", b. Chicago, May 13, 

HoKACB DwiGBT CH▲FIN*^ b. Brookline, April 3, 1850. 
MABgL H. Chapin**, b. Brookline, Jan. 4» 1857. 
HsEMAN Chapin^*, b. Brookline, June 29, 1858. 
Majlgarst Louisa Chapin^*, b. Brookline, Sept. 20, 1871. 

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684.' Ann M. B.*, daughter of Jabez (354) and Susanna 
(SUme) Fisher, was b. at Boston, Dec. 22, 1825 ; m. there, 
Junes, 1848, John Hubbard Tweedy, who was b. at Danbury, 
Conn., Nov. 9, 18x4, and d. at Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 12, 
1891. He was one of the pioneer settlers of Milwaukee, and 
one of its most prominent citizens. No man enjoyed greater 
respect in the community where he lived, and none more de- 
served it. Mr. Tweedy became a resident of Milwaukee 
when it was a mere settlement in the western wilderness fifty- 
eight years ago. From a population of a few hundreds he 
hu seen it grow to a city of 225,000 inhabitants. All the 
years of his active manhood were spent there, and none of its 
citizens probably have contributed more to give character to 
the city and state than he. Unlike most of the early settlers, 
he was a man of trained education, a graduate of Yale, and 
throughout his life a reader and a lover of what was best in 
literature. He was also distinguished for his unscliish in- 
terest in public a&irs, and rendered both the state and the 
city valuable services in giving shape and directicm to their re- 
spective policies and development. It is said to have been 
one of. his peculiarities as a lawyer that he would not take a 
case unless he believed himself on the right side, and then he 
became absorbed in it. As a member of the territorial legis- 
lature, of the first constitutional convention, and a delegate 
to congress in those early days, he discharged his duty with 
eminent ability. While yet a young man, in consequence of 
delicate health, he withdrew from active participation in pub- 
lic and professional life, but maintained a lively interest in 
public a!nairs up to the period of his last illness. Although 
he had reached an advanced age, Mr. Tweedy never seemed 
like an old man. He preserved a youthful spirit, he kept in 
sympathy with his time, and liked the society of the young. 
He was a man of the most scrupulous sense of justice and 
honor, and those who knew him best were most impressed 
with the nobility of his character. Those who remembered 
him in his active prime can bear testimony to his rare gifts as 
a public speaker. He had the oratorical temperament, the 
personal magnetism that thrills and sways an audience, and 
he always addressed himself to the higher and better nature 
of his hearers. There was a courtesy and dignity in his man- 
ner that fixed attention, and won confidence. He *' had no 
arts but manly arts " and no man could have died in this 
community whose loss will be more sincerely felt by the peo- 
ple who knew him well. Their children, b. in Milwaukee, 

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JAMXS PiSHBii TwxB0y'*, b« March jo, 1899 ; m. Mary A. 
Belcher, Sept. xa, 1872. 

LooiaA TwBBOY'^ b. Aav. 31, 1851 ; d. Oct. 9, 1851. 

Mabzbtta Twbboy^*, b. Jan. 39* z^|4. 

Charxjks Twbxdt'*, b. June 13, 1836 ; d. Feb. 25, 1857. 

John Hubbard Twsbdy^*, b. Dec. 20, 18^7; m. Feb. 91 1886, 
Mary Ellen Vandyke, who was b. Muwankee, Feb. 26» 
1864. Rea. Milwaukee. 

Robbrt Bbkbdzcy Twbsdy**, b. Sept. 27, 1864; m. Edna 
Mentora Bradley, of Milwaukee, Not. 1% 1891. He ia 
chief engineer of the Wiaconain Central K. R. ; rea. Mil« 
wankee. Had : Alice Mentora Tweedy", b. Nor. 27,* 1892. 

Unnamed*^ b. Jan. 3, 1869; d. Sept. 19, 1869. 

635. Gbobgb Jabbz*, son of Jabez (354) and Susanna 
(Stone) Fisher, was b. in Boston, Feb. 21, 1828; m. there, 
Nov. 4, 185 1, Cornelia Walley Curtis, daughter of Henry and 
Rebecca Lexington (Everett) Curtis (see 374), who was b. 
Sept. 28, 1832. He was second lieutenant in the First Corps 
of Cadets, M. V. M., in service of the United States, May 26, 
1862 ; mustered, out July 2, 1862. ** This company served 
from the 26th of May to 2d of July, 1862, as part of the garri- 
son of Fort Warren." (Bowen's Massachusetts in the War, 
p. 870.) He has resided in Boston and Brookline, Mass., 
and was engaged in the wholesale provision trade with his 
Either ; for many years has been purchasing agent of the 
Fitchburg Railroad at Boston. They res. at Louisburg 
square, Boston. Their children were : 

Blxzabbth ROTHB^*, b. in Boston, Nor. 8, 1853 ; m. in Brook- 
line, Not. 8, 1882 ; Perdval L. Bverett, who waa b. in Boa- 
ton, Jane 28, 1833. 

Maud RussstL**, d. in Brookline, Jan. 30, 1855; d. there, 
April 30, 1880; m. there, Oct. 24, 1877, Stephen Minot Pit- 
man, who waa b. in Boston, Jnly 19, 1850. 

WiLUAX BOWDITCH^, b. Boston, Aug. 6, 1858. 

Carounx Ezxxs'*, b. Brookline. Tnne 23, 1862 ; m. there, 
Oct. X, 1884, Charlea Herbert Williama, who waa b. in Boa- 
ton, April 19, x8sa Had: Heater Williama", b. in Boston, 
July 21, X885. 

RxcHABD A]iKOU>'*, b. Brookline, Oct. 24, x868; rea. Boaton. 

BUUNOR Gix>vbb'*, b. Brookline, Jan. 29, 187X ; d. there, Feb. 
18, 1877. 

LxsuB tspxirroK'*, b. Brookline, Dec. 8, X872 ; m. in Weaton, 
Maaa., June x, 1803, John Wheeler Bemia, an architect of 
Boaton. Child : Leonora Bemia", b. at Jamaica Plain, 
Maaa., Dec. X894. 

636. Davbnport*, son of Jabez (354) and Snaanna 
(Stone) Fisher, was b. in Boston, March 28, 1832. His name 
was originally Isaac Davenport, but was changed to Daven- 
port by act of the state legislature, April 11^ 1864. He 

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graduated from the Boston Latin School, 1847 ; then went to 
the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. Y. ; and was 
the professor of chemistry at the Naval Academy, Annapolis, 
Md., frcun 1869 to 1874. For many years has resided at 
Milwaukee, Wis., where he is an analytical and consulting 
chemist. Held the position of government inspector at the 
large packing houses at Milwaukee, from Aug. 26, 1891, to 
Jan. 14, 1894. He enlisted in Company. H, Fifth Cavalry, as 
second lieutenant, Dec. 18, 1863, under Col. Henry S. 
Russell, of Boston. Was promoted to first lieutenant, March 
2, 1864; resigned May 24, 1865. He m. at Milwaukee, 
Wis., Oct. 17, 1866, Chark>tte Ilsley, daughter of Edward 
and Ellen (Deering) Ilsley, who was b. in Eastport, Me., 
July 23, 1840, and d. in Milwaukee, Dec. 24, 1893. Edward 
Ilsley was b. April 8, 1798, and d. May 3, 1886 ; Ellen Deer- 
ing was b. Dec. 21, 1802, and d. Dec. 14, 1890. Their chil- 
dx^, all b. in Milwaukee, were : 

Ii^sunr**, b. Taly 33, 2867; d. at Ilsley, Hopkins Cooaty, Ky., 

May 24, 1883. 
SmuiiNA Davxnport'*, b. July 6, 1869. 
BDWJkJU) TzNXKAM^*, b. Juue 33, X873 ; d. at Wawatosa, Wis., 

July 6, xSoo. 
PasDSEicx^, b. March 4, 1877. 
QaAMixirm iLSunr'^ b. Jan. xo, X879. 
Gaoaos^, b. Dec. 37, i88x; d. in Milwaukee, May 9, X883. 

687. Ltdia Smith*, daughter of Nathaniel (355) and 
Mary (May) Fisher, was b. in Boston, Jan. 32, 182 1 ; m. at 
Lancaster, Mass., Nov. 4, 1840, Rev. Thomas Ebenezer 
Thomas, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Robinson) Thomas, 
who was b. at Chelmsford, Essex County, England, Dec. 23, 
x8i2, and d. at Cincinnati, O., Feb. 3, X875. His father was 
one of the pioneer ministers of the West, having arrived at 
Cindxmati in X819; in 1820 he was settled over a Welch 
congregation at Paddy's Run» in Butler County, O., and in 
1828 he accepted a call to the pastorate of the Presbyterian 
church at Venice, Butler County, where he continued until 
his death, Oct. 31, 1831, in the 54th year of his age. At the 
time of his Other's death Thomas E. Thomas was in his 
sophomore year, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, where 
he graduated in 1834. He taught school at Rising Run, Ind., 
in 1835, and at Franklin, Ohio, in 1836 ; he was licensed to 
preach at Oxford, 0., in October, 1836, and ordained to his 
first pastorate at Harrison, Butler County, in July, 1837. He 
became pastor of the Presbyterian church at Hamiltoti in the 
&1II of 1838. He early became a champioti of the of the 

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slave, and in this as in similar public controversies he showed 
an ardent and active interest, coupled with a learning and 
skill seldom excelled in a public controversy. He accepted 
the presidency of Hanover College, near Madison, Ind., in 
1849, and in 1854 resigned that to accept the chair of biblical 
literature and exegesis in the Theological Seminary at New 
Albany, Ind. Upon the removal of the seminary to Chicago, 
three years later, Profs. E. D. McMaster and Thomas E. 
Thomas were laid aside, avowedly because of their anti*^ 
slavery views, through the influence of the dominant South* ' 
em sentiment in the General Assembly of 1859. For about a 
year he remained as stated supply to tiie Bank Street Presby- 
terian Church, in New Albany, when he was called to be 
pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Dajrton, Ohio, and 
removed to it in April, 1858. Here he continued as pastor, 
until, in 1 87 1, he accepted the professorship of New Testa- 
ment exegesis in Lane Theoh^^l Seminary, at Walnut 
Hills, Cincinnati, where he remained nearly four years. He 
died of pleuro-pneumonia on Feb. 2, 1875, at the age of 

'\ Dr. Thomas was a remarkable man, one of the ablest if 
not the ablest in his denomination in this country. He was 
not only a man of profound erudition, learned in ckssical lore, 
but his mind was enriched with vast stores of general informa- 
tion upon subjects that interest the eminent of mankind. 
Besides, he had an extraordinary power in the application of 
his knowledge, whether in the pulpit or in the world of 
scholarly men." *' Dr. Thomas never took the conspicuous 
position ill our church to which his learning and great ability 
entitled him. He certainly never thrust himself forward, 
never sought wide attention, but the habit of his life was in 
harmony with the marked feature of his mind — intellectual 
restraint." [See also sketch of Dr. Thomas in McClintock 
and Strong's Cyclopaedia of Biblical and Eccles. and Theol. 
Literature, in which the only errors are that his name is 
given as Ebenezer Thomas instead of Thomas E. Thomas, and 
he was a D.D. but not a LL.D.] His widow resides at 
Alexandersville, Montgomery, O., not for from her three 
daughters. Their children were : 

864. Mary May Thokas^*, b. at HamUton, O., Aug. 38, 1841 ; 

m. Edwin A. Parrott, Feb. 21, 1866. 

865. BUZABSTB ROBZNSOK THOMAS**, b. Aug. 4, 1843; m. The- 

ophilus Kemper, June 39, 1875. 

866. AXfPRSD AooisoM Tbokas**, b. July 4, 1845 ; m. Jennie J«ind 

Heed, Jan. i, 1880; res. Chicago, 111. 

867. JOHK Hampdbn Thomas**, b. May 5, 1848 ; m. Linda Rogers, 

Jan. 17, 1878 ; res. Dayton, O. 

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BBXNKzn PzsHm Thomas'*, b. Hanover, Ind., May 29, 1853 ; 

d. New Albeay, Ind., April x8, x^6. 
laaxjL Aba Thoicas'^i b. New Albany, Ind., Feb. 7, 1856 ; 

ret. Dayton, O. 
WitUAM PISHX& TaoKAS'*, b. Dayton, O., Sept. ao, 1858 ; d. 
there, Jan. 18, 1870. 
868. Nathanzsl PxSKxa Thomas'*, b. Dayton, June xo, i86x ; m. 
April xo, X890, Bra'D. Rhoads, of Indianapolis, Ind. 

688. Mary Euza*, daughter of Nathaniel(355)and Eliza 
(Sampson) Fisher, was b. at Boston, June .X5, X825 ; m. at 
NortUxito, Nov. Sf <^3i Alfred Thomas, who was b. at Not- 
tingly, near Wakefield, England, Feb. 23, x8x6. They res. 
at Mt. Pleasant, Washington, D. C. They had, all b. at 
Hanulton, O. : 

I<n,T.TK FxsRBR Thomas**, b. March xs, X846 ; m. at WasUinf;- 
ton, D. C, May 6, X884, Frank Wesley Simmons, who was 
b. in Ulster Co., N. Y., June 8, X848. 

Anna M. Thomas**, b. Oct. 24, 1848. 

Robinson Spbncbh Thomas**, b. Feb. 8, 1851 ; m. at Moand 
City, Kansas, Oct. 4, X877, Ada Lucy Foster, who was b. at 
Farlinsville, Linn Connty, Kan., Sept. X2, 1863. They had : 
Alfred Thomas**, b. at Carthage, Jasper Co., Mo., May 7, 
1879; Charles Robinson Thomas**, b. Carthage, April 5, 

Maey Sophhonia Thomas**, b. May xo, 1856 ; m. Washing- 
ton, D. C, Jan. 27, x88s* John Parsons, who was b. there, 
Dec. x6, X846. 

Hkukn ALFasDA Thomas**, b. April 4, X858 ; m. at Washing- 
ton, D. C, Oct. 22, X884, Albert Stowell Flint, who was b. 
at Salem, Mass., Sept. X2, 18^. They had : Helen Flint* \ 
b. Washington, Jan. 14, x^SoT 

639. SOPHRONIA S.*, daughter of Nathaniel (355) and 
Eliza (Sampson) Fisher, was b. at Boston, Sept. 22, 1830, 
and d. at Northboro, Feb. X3, i892.- She wa.s educated in 
Lawrence Academy, Groton, Mass. She m. at Northboro, 
April 18, 1854, Rev. Philo Beckwith Wilcox, who was b. at 
Benson, Vt., Jan. x8, x8i8. He res. at Northboro, Mass. 
Their diildren were : 

Majly Buzabrth Wilcox'*, b. Bast Bridgewater, May X2, 
1855; m. at Northboro, Jnne- 24th, x886, George Rodoiph 
Freeman, who was b. at Hnnterstown, Pa., Sept. 20, 1850. 

Nathanihl Fxshsr Wxlcox'*, b. Bast Bridgewater, Dec. 8, 
X857 ; m. at North Adams, Ang. 5, 1886, Bffie Iniogene 
Coates, who was b. at Charlemont, Mass., May 25, 1862 ; 
res. Bridgewater, Mass. C'^O 

Bdward Philo Wilcox**, b. Norway, Maine, Oct. 15, 1862. 

Hbnhy Amos Wilcox'*, b. Otisdeld, Me., Jan. 3, 1867. 

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640. Nathaniel*, son of Nathaniel (355) and Eliza 
(Sampson) Fisher, was b. in Boston, Mass., Feb. 12, 1833 ; 
m. at Oxford, Me., Jan. 22, 1886, Mrs. Isabella Estella 
(Hayes) Hersey, who was b. in Oxford, Me., Feb. 6, 1842. 
He entored Lawrence Academy, Groton, Mass., in 1848. He 
is a minister, and res. at Oxford, Me. 

641. Rbv. Eowa&d W.*, second son of Charles (356) 
and Julia R. (Brigham) Fisher, was b. in Cincinnati, O., 
April 5, 1836. He worked for some years in Cincixmati, and 
then mov^ to New York City, where he graduated from 
Union Theological Seminary. He m. at New York City, 
April 22, 1874, Laura, daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann 
(Cooper) Federspeil, who was b. at Leonia, Bergen County, 
N. J., Nov. 15, 1844. He has held pastorates in New York 
state ; later he had charge of the churches of Rehoboth, La- 
conia and Elizabeth, Presbytery of New Albany, Indiana, 
with residence at Rehoboth, Harrison County. Later moved 
to Corydon, in the same county, where he resided on a farm. 
Their children were : 

Samuxi; Paui,'*, b. at Of wegatchie, N. Y., Jan. x8, 1875 ; m. 

and ret. near Corrdoa, Ind. 
David PsDXftSPSXV*, b. Pariahville, N. Y., Oct. 13, 1876. 
Jambs Abrak GAK9XSU>■^ b. Bldred, N. Y., Oct. ?» z883. 

642. Co&NBUA M.*, daughter of Charles (356) and Julia 
R. (Brigham) Fisher, was b. at Avondale, O., July 4, 1840, 
and d. at Worcester, Mass., May 15, 1890. She m. at the 
Christus Church, Berlin, Germany, by Paulus Cassele, 
D. D., Sept. 24, 1879, Granville Stanley Hall, who was 
b. in Ashfield, Mass., Feb. i, 1844. ''He graduated 
at Williams College, 1867, A. B., later taking the Master's 
degree ; became professor of philosophy at Antioch College, 
Xenia, O., and then went to Europe, where he studied in 
Berlin, Bonn, Heidelburg, and Leipsic. He returned, and 
soon became an instructor in philosophy in Harvard College, 
and was professor of Psychology and Pedagogy in Johns Hop* 
kins University from 1882 to 1888 ; since that time he has 
been President of Clark University, Worcester, Mass. He 
received the degree of Ph. D. from Harvard, in 1878, and 
that of LL. D., from the University of Michigan in 1887. 
Dr. Hall has been a voluminous writer on psychological and 
educational subjects ; he has translated many German philo- 
sophical works into English, and is more thoroughly identi- 
fied in the public mind with the advancement of psychology as 

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a basis of edcuation than any other of our great educators." 
—Tke Forum, May, 1895. Their children were : 

ROBSax GaANvnxB Hau.**, b. in Medford, Mass., Feb. 7, 

Jjjlul PiSHsa Ham,'*, b. in Medford, ICayao* 1882; d. in 

Woreestsri May 15, 1890. 

648. SxDNBY Augustus*, ton of Charles (356) and 
Julia R. (Brigham) Fisher, was b. at Cincinnati, O., March 
18, 1842 ; shipped at Boston when sixteen years of age as 
a cabin boy, making a voyage to the East Indies ; made a 
second trip in 1859, to San Francisco, where he went into 
the empkqr of Wells, Fargo &, Co.'s Express. He m. Feb. 
II, 1866, Angeline Elizabeth, only daughter of Lumon Birch 
(a California pioneer) and Elizabeth (Holland) Adsit, who 
wash, at Galena, 111., Oct. 29, 1845, and d. at San Francisco, 
Cal., March 10, 1875, aged 29 years. They had : 

LUMOiff S^>lrsY'^ b. Feb. az, 1867; ret. Los Angeles, Cal. 
PBIX4P ADSIT*^ b. Not. ix, 1869; the compiler of this 
genealogy; res. San Francisco, Cal. 

044. ' Ho&ACB*, son of Charles (356) and Julia R. (Brig- 
ham) Fisher, was b. at Cincinnati, O., March 18, 1844; 
m. xst,' April 9, x868. Slate Amelia, daughter of Hezekiah 
A. and Jtuia Matson, who was b. at Cincinnati, O., Nov. 
II, 1846, andd. there, Sept. 23, 1878. He m. 2d, Aug. 12, 
1880,' Martha Adelaide, daughter of Alfred and Martha 
Jane (Wainwright) Hill, who was b. at Cincinnati, O., Oct. 
16, 1854. In 1866, he beca:me clerk for the Robinson Wagon 
Company, and subsequently became bookkeeper and secretary. 
and in x888, superintendent of its successor, the Standard 
Wa^on Co., with whom he remained until Jan. i, 1893, a 
service of twenty-seven years with the firm. He is now eti- 
gaged in selling vehicles and harness under the firm name, 
the "Fisher Carriage Company," in his native city, resid- 
ing on Crestline Avenue, Price Hill. They are members of 
the Westminster Presbyterian church, and he is a ruling 
elder, and has been deacon, trustee and assistant superintend- 
ent of the Sabbath school. Their children are : 

WnxiAic HAJULvl^ b. Feb. ix, i86q. 

CuwoBB HoaAcn**, b. Avg. 11, 1874. 

Chablbs Atyann'*, b. (by second wife), Jane 17, 1881. 

Gaoaos Bsward^, b. AprU xS, 1883. 

Pbanx FasMOMT**, b. SCay 4, 1885. 

AnaLAJDE PaAXS^, b. July 30, x888. 

MAaxoxr BLaAKoa■^ b. June 8, 1891. 

RoraaT HxiA^, b. , 1898. 


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645. Hblbn Curtis', daughter of James (358) and 
Eliza (Tucker) Fisher, was b. at Stoughtpn, Oct. 30, 1840 ; 
m. at Roxbury, May i» i86Si Timothy Gilbert.Wright, who 
was b. at Westford, Mass*, July 3, 1838. They res. at Rox* 
bury. Their children were : 

GiUBiLT BxywARD WmiGBT^, b. Hoxbary, April 33, 1S66. 
Agnss GsaTRUDic Wrzgbt^, b. Dorchester, Dec. 3, 1867. 
WIU.IAM HB&BsaT WaiGBT^*, b. Dorchetter, Jaa. 10, 1871. 
WAZ.Tsa Pbjcscoxt WaiGBT'^ b. Dorchenter, July 3, 1873. 

G4G. Mary Frances*, daughter of James (358) and 
Eliza (Tucker) Fisher, was b. at Rossville, O., Dec. 15. 
1844 ; m. at Roxbury, Mass., May 2s» 1869, Charles William 
Sheldon, who wash, at Otego, N. Y., July 31, 1839 ; res. for 
many years at Campus, Ills. ; present res., Forrest, Ills., 1898. 
Children were : 

EZJZA Shsldok^*, b. Stonghton, Mam., Ang. 6, 1870. 
Saaah SHSXlDOV'^ b. Ronnd Grove, Livingstoa Co., 111., Jan. 

I, 1873. 
Jambs Mix,tov Shbuxut^*, b. Round Grove, Oct. 6, 1879. 
BxxSN SBBtDOlc'^ b. Jeiienoii, Ashtabula Co., O., April 24, 


647. Charles Milton*, son of James (358) and Eliza 
(Tucker) Fisher, was b. at Oxford, O., May ao, 1847, and 
d. at Hastings, Neb., June 26, 1884. Hem. atOiange, Iowa, 
Aug. t, i88t. Rose Jones, who was b. at Orange, Black 
Hawk Co., Iowa, Nov. 17, 1855. Had : 

Jambs TucRBR'^ b. Hastings, Neb., J^. 24, 1883. 

648. Clara', daughter of James (358) and Eliza (Tucker) 
Fisher, was b. at Oxford, O., Tan. 25, 1850 ; m. at Roxbury, 
Mass., June 16, 1870, Judson^ Baldwin, third son of Eliezur 
G.'and Ludnda (Biaixuuxl) Baldwin, who was b. at Sangertin, 
N. Y., Sept. 7, 1842. His fother was b. in Durham, Greene 
County, N. Y., June 9, 1802, and lived for a long time in 
Boston, where he birri^ on the business of stone carving on 
a large scale for buildings. They res. at Roxbury, Mass. 

Bbrtha BAZJDwni '\ b. May 6, 1872. 
Gbrtbudb BAU>wnf^, b. jnly 21, 1877. 
CxjLMJL BAIJ>wnr>^ Dec. 13, im. 

649. Abba Louisb*, daughter of James (358) and Eliza 
(Tucker) Fisher, was b. at Oxford, O., Feb. 15, 1858 ; m. ist, 
at Roxbury, Mass., Dec. 25, 1877, Erstine FoUen Clapp, who 

Digitized by 



wfts b. at Scituate, Mass., June 3, 1846, and d. at Roxbury, 
July 27, x886. She m. 2d, at Roxbury, Oct. 28, 1889, Samuel 
Gipson Adams, who was b. in Boston, March 22, 1861. She 
res. at Roxbury. They had : 

Chablks Basmai CI,APP^^ June 6, x88i. 

650. Dr. Jajcbs TucxBR^ youngest child of James 
(3S8) and Eliza (Tucker) Fisher, was b. in Oxford, O., 
Feb. 22, 1864; m. Feb. 23, z886, May Hamburg, who 
was b. in Quincy, 111., Oct. 4, 1868. He was in business 
in San Diego, Cal., for some time, and then returned to 
Boston, whore he entved the veterinary school of Har- 
vard University, from which he graduated with degree of 
M. D. v., in X894, ^^ ^^ the medical school (four years' 
course) in 1896. In practice of his profession in Boston. 
They had : 

WiXAiAM Cxatisu**, b. in San Diego, Cal., Jan. 13, 1890. 

651. Emma Cornbua*, daughter of William (359) and 
Catherine (Loveland) Fisher, was b. at Lacon, 111., Jan. 6, 
1844 ; m. there, Oct. 15, 1862, John Stewart Tuttle, who was b. 
at Willoughby, O., July 24, 1837. They res. 343 West 15th 
St, Rock Island, lU. ; he is assistant manager of the Rock 
Island Plow Company. Children were : 

Whaxam PiSHxa T u rr u t'*, b. Jan. z8, 1864. 
Haulv Stbwart T u rr u t**, b. June x, x866. 
BUA CZARK TuTTX.s*^ b. March xa, X869; d. May 5, 1883. 
Amha Cormbija Tottlk'*, b. April 6, 1S71. 
Aucs Maria Txtttls'*, b. March i, X876 ; d. Aug. 20, 1877. 
^Floksmcb Mabbl Tutti^'*, b. Feb. 19, 1879. 
HsaaaRT Tuttlx*^ br Jan. xo, 1882. 
Catharins Emma Tx^nnJt'^ b. Sept. 18, 1887. 

652. Mary SABRA^ daughter of William (359) and Cath- 
erine (Loveland) Fisher, was b. at Lacon, 111., April 13, 
X846; m. there, May ax, x86d, William Kockwood Fairbanks, 
who wash, at Waterford, Vt., Dec. x, X84X. She d. Aug. 
23» 1^3* I^« ftt Lacon. They had : 

BnwARD R0CR90RD Paxrbanxs'*, b. Ang. 2o, 1867. 
JABV PxsasR Fairbanks'*, b. Oct. 33, 1869. 

MXRXAM PAXRBANKS*^ b. May X7, 1877. 

653. Kate BtLA*, youngest child of William (359) and 
Catherine (Loveland) Fisher, was b. at Lacon, 111., July 9, 
1852; m. at Lacon, Aug. 37, 1873, Robert Challoncr, who 

Digitized by 



was b. at Montreal, Canada, Dec. xo, 1844. They res. at 
Lacon. Their children were : 

RoBsaT MoasoK Csaxmsk9M}\ b. at Loaisville, Ky., Jan. 

I, X876; d. At St. Louis, Mo., June 31, z88i. 
HaUH BMXS8 CHiOAONva^, b. at Lscon, Sept. x8, 1878. 

654. Jambs Litch*, son of James (36X) and Mary (Litch) 
Fisher, was b. at Chagrin Falls, O., Sept. 7, 1827 ; xn. xst, 
at Auburn, O., March 2x, 1859, Mary Esther Brewster, who 
was b. at Auburn, May 25, X83X, and d. at Xenia, IlL, March 
x6, X864. He m. ad, at Sturgeon, Mo., Oct. X9, X87X, Ardena 
Mildred Furnish, who was b. at Randolph, Mo., March X3, 
X84X. They res. at Cairo, Mo., in March, 1894. Their 
children were : 

Laura Adbl May^*, b. at Clifton Hill, Mo., Aug. X9, 1873 ; 

d. there, April 8, 1874. 
WnxiAM JAMSS^^ b. Clifton Hill, April 4, 1875. 
Mary Dumm^, b. Clifton Hill, March 33, 18^ ; d. Aug. x6, 

CAmiaur Marcy^ b. Kirktrille, Mo., April ax, x88x. 

055. Thomas J^ffbesok*, son of James (361) and Mary 
(Litch) Fisher, was. b. at Chagrin Falls, O., Aug. 28, X830, 
and d. there Jan. 5, X893, of heart disease. He was bom on 
the Fisher krm one mile west of the village, which his father, 
James Fisher, had bought and laid out when the country was 
new, and on which both had always lived. He m. at New- 
bury, O., May X3, x866, Harriet Amelia Lovejoy, who was b. 
at Newbury, Ma[rch 17, 1840. Their children were : 

Ax>A May^, b. May 20, X867 ; m. H. G. Henderson, and resides 

ia Chagrin Palls, O. 
WiiAXBjAMBS'^r b.Dec. xo, X869; d. Ang> 29, 1870. 

056. Laxtea*, daughter of James (36X) and Mary (Litch) 
Fisher, was b. at Chagrin Falls, O., Oct. 8, X833; m. at 
Mayfield, O., July X2, x8s7, Oliver Simmons, who was b. at 
Auburn, O., Jan. 29, X834. They res. at Petrolia, Canada 
West. She d. . Their children were : 

PaANK WxzxAan SxlCKOHS*^ b. Joliet, 111., Dec. x, xSsS. 

Jamss Ajunsua Sxmmons'**, b. July 15, x86q. 

Cha&xjcs Albb&t SxMMOlrs*^ b. March 17, x86a. 

Hattxe Bsnouc Sxmmons^^, b. March 39, X864. 

Maodk Oijva Simmons^**, b. Petrolia, Ontario, May 13, 1873. 

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657. Dbborah Soxtthworth*, oldest child of Deborah 
Piaher (362) and ApoUos Southworth, wash, in Strongsville, 
Cuyahc^ Comity, Ohio, Oct. 4, 1821 ; m. there, July 23, 
1841, Samuel Sanderson, who was b. at Whately, Mass., 
Feb. 25, 1820. She d. March 21, 1849, at Strongsville. Chil- 
dren b. at Strongsville, were : 

Maby Jakb SAifDSRSON'^ b. April 26, 1849 ; d. Nov. 3, 1847, 

at Strongsyille. 
LvS4NDm Sanobeson**, b. Oct. 23, 1844; d. ACarcb 5, 1854, at 

M▲BYJ▲ICBS▲BI>BB80N^^b•J1me9, 1848. 

658. Sabah Southworth*, second child of Deborah 
Piaher (362) and ApoUos Southworth, was b. in Strongsville, 
Cuyahoga Connty, Ohio, Dec. 6, 1825; m. there, April 11, 
1848, Philip Trautman, who was b. in Germany, Dec. 19, 
1825, and d. at CovesviUe, Muscatine County, Iowa, Sept. 
15, 1872. She res. at Covesville. Children, b. at Pike, Musca- 
tine County, Iowa, were: 

BzBA Phxzjf TB▲lnnfAN*^ b. Nov. 27, 1859. 
869. Pbamcbs Dbbobah TBAinncAN'*, b. Oct. 26, 1862; m. Albert 
Heath, Dae. 27, 1880. 
WXXAABD Day tbadtman*\ b. June 27, 1865. 
Wnjjs Bay TaAUTKAM^*, b. Joae 27, 1865. 
Mybza TaAUTi£AN^\ b. May 5, 1869. 

659. Hannah Ann Munn*, daughter of Hannah Fisher 
(363) and Thomas Anderson Munn, was b. in Newbury, 
Ohio, April 25, 1831 ; m. there, June 10, 1849, Franklin 
Croft, who was b. in Calcutta, Ohio, March 13, 1823. She 
d. Jan. 10, 1853. He res. at Calcutta, 0. They had : 

Kuim Cboft**, b. Dec. a6, 1852; d. Sept. 22, 1853. 

660. Gaius Munn*, son of Hannah Fisher and Thomas 
Anderson Munn (363), was b. at Newbury, O., Sept. 3, 1834. 
He m. at Chardon, O., Jan. 27, 1859, Perlie St. John, who 
was b. at Russell, Geauga County, O.; Aug. 27, 1839. He is 
a faLrmer, and lives on the same place (132 acres) that his 
grandfather bought in z8x8. It is a dairy country, and he 
now supplies milk to the cheese factory near by. He worked 
at carpentry and joiner's work and making cheese boxes to- 
gether with faurming for 25 years. Res. Burton, O. They had : 

Gbobob Anobbsom MuNN'^ b. Dcc. 27, 1868. 

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671. Abel*, son of Abel (364) and Rnth (Greene) 
Tisher, was b. at Newbury, O., Oct. 157 1831, and d. at 
Connors Station, Wyandotte Cotinty, Kansas, Jan. 17, 1877. 
Hem. atCliaredon, O., Feb. 19, 1858, Rachel Adelle Ballard, 
who was b. at Hinckly, Medidne County, O., Oct. 6, 1835, 
and d. Nov. 16, 1893, at Connors City, Kzas. Their children 

CHAELas**, b. Kansas City, Mo., Nor. 3, 1858 ; d. thexe, Sept. 

X5» 1859. 
. Susan Mbnxtt^*, b. Dec. 17, i86z ; m. Slosa* 

Am KXB JAIVB^, b. Jane 17, x866 ; d. Oct. 8, i866. 
Cmuns ABSZ.^^ b. April zi, 1869. 
Auc▲s'^ b. Dec. 37, 1871. 

Augustus Jamss^, b. Connors Station, Kans., Feb. sz, z874« 
Sarah MASXL'^ b. same, Feb. si, 1874. 

672. CuutA P.*, daughter of Abel (364) and Ruth 
(Greene) Fisher, was b. at Newbury, O., Jan. 3, Z834, 
and d. at Ypsilanti, Mich., April 19, 1869. She m. at 
Chagrin Falls, O., Feb. 31, 1853, Dr. James Rice. He res. 
at 53 Victoria avenue, Windsor, Out. Their children were: 

JAMSS Cz.ARSircB Rxcb'% b. derelaad, O., March 6, 1854. 

Aucn AKir Rzcs*^ b. Cleveland, Jan. 34, 1856 ; d. 

John Abbl &zcs'^ b. Cleveland, Aag. 10, z8s9 ; m. — — ; 

d. —— ; left one child. 
Harxy Phzzjf Ricn^*, b. Chatham, Ontario, Nov. 34, Z867. 

673. Jambs E/, son of Abel (364) and Ruth (Greene) 
Fisher, was b. at Newbury, 0., Feb. 19, 1835 ; m. at Kansas 
City, Mo., Jan. 13, 1870, Annie Taylor, who was b. in 
Lancashire, England, Sept. 31, Z847. They res. at Rose- 
dale, Wyandotte County, Kan. They had : 

KATK^^ b. Kansas City, Mo., Oct. is, 1870; m. Dr. G. H. 
Kittell, Oct. 3, 1894* 

JssaiB**, b. Kansas City, June 9, 1873. 

Jambs Azxam ^, b. Roscdale, Kan., April so, 1874- 

CHABifSS ASBL^^, b. Rosedale, Nor. ao, Z875. 

{OBN Tavlob**, b. Rosedale, Sept. Z4, 1881. 
Lura■^ b. Rosedale, Feb. z8, Z89Z. 

674. Mabt Dbszbb*, daughter of Abel (364) and Ruth 
(Greene) Fisher, was b. at Newbury, O., Nov. Z9, 1836, and 
d. at Chester, Mich., Jan. 18, 1877. She m. at Chagrin 
Falls, O., Sept. 5, 1855, Edward Miller, who was b. at.Cin- 
cinnatus, N. Y., April 11, 1833. He is a violinist. He res. 
at Lisbon, Ottawa County, Midh. Th^ir children were : 

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SkMBS Amnzo MXIXB&'^ b. ChftRria Falls, O.. Jan. r» i860. 
DWiN'Cx*ARBNCK MiiABR^*, b. Aug. 19, d. Dec. 14. 1861. 
Bdwxn Aunzo MfU,BB*\ b. Bul[alo, N. Y., Dec. 17, 1867; 

d. there, in z868. 
F&Aine Mnj,ire'*, b. Mayfield, O.* May 14, 1870; d. Mautua, 

O., May Z4> 1870. 
Alf&sd Blmo Mnj,K»'*, b. Mantua, Not. 8, 187^. 
CxjLRA R06S MiLUdL^^ b. Mantua, O.. July X7, 1875. 
AXiVZRA Mnj,ini**, b« Cheater, Mich*, Jan. 9, d. Jan. 25, 1877. 

075. Chajluss Amos*, son of Abel (364) and Ruth 
(Greene) Fisher, was b. at Newbnry, O., July 20, 1841 ; m. 
at Chagrin Falls, O., Jan. 6, 1864, Lama Greene, who was b. 
at Rnssell, Geauga County, O., April i, 1839; they now re- 
side at Taylor P. O., same county. Their chUdren : 

May^*, b. at Chagrin PaUa, O., Oct. 27, d. Oct. 29, 1868. 
OUVB HoPS^^ b. ChM^ Falls, May x8, Z871 ; m. 
Childa ; res. Ford, Geauga Co., O. 

676. Abbi; Clinton Tylbb*, first child of Sarah Fisher 
(365) and Cutler Tyler, was b. in Newbury Townships 
O., Sept. 2, 1827 ; m. ist, June 38, 1855, &^ ^^^ native place, 
near Franklin, Warren County, O., Mary ISlizabeih Van 
Tuyl, who was b. Dec. 28, 1836, and d. Nov. 2, 1872. He 
m. 2d, at Glendale, Hamilton County, O., May -20, 1874, 
Carrie White, who was b. in Glendale, March 9, 1840. He 
res. at Glendale and Wyoming, Hamilton County, O. ; later 
removed to Cleveland, O. Children, all b. at Glendale, ex- 
cept the youngest, were : 

LiBA Tvunt'^ b. Aug. 10, 1862 ; d. Sept. 2, 1862. 
Sarah EtsaTvLKB'*, b. Jan. 21, 1865. 
• Ajithub Van Tttyl Tyucr^^, b. May 5, 1869; d. Sept. f, 1870. 

AX3BRT CXJMTON TYI.BB**, b. Jan. 4> 1872. 

BoiTH Cabbib TvLxa** (bv second wife), b. July 14, 1878. 
Fbanx Sumnbb Tyusjl**, b. Wyoming, O., Feb. 18, 1881. 

677. Isaac Allbn Tyi^b*, second child of Sarah Fisher 
(365) and Cutler Tyler, was b. in Newbury Township, O., 
Sept. 9, 1832 ; m. ist, March 31, 1859, at her native place, 
near Germantown, Montgomery County, O., Catherine Hetz- 
ler, who was b. Oct. 9, 1830, and d. near New Paris, O., 
Aug. 17, 1877. In i860, they located t>n a farm near New 
Pans, Preble Co., O. He m. 2d, at Harrison, Darke Co., O., 
July 20, 1879, Louisa Jane Downing, who was b. there, Nov. 
29f 1843- Res. at New Paris, O. Children : 

Samubl Ctttusr Tvlhr**, b. at Jefferson, O., July 8, iS6c. 
John Wzuiam TYZ,KR'^ b. Jefferson, O., Aug. 25, 1866. 

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678. RxTTH Tyler*, third child of Sarah Fisher (365) 
and Catler Tyler, was b. in Newbnry ^Township, O., Nov. 
29> 183s ; Q^- tit her home, at Newbury, Oct. 39, 1856, John 
Baker Waterton, who was b. at Rothwell, near Leeds, York- 
shire, England, March 12, 1829. They res. on the Tyler 
homestead. South Newbury, 0. Children, b. there, were : 

Daughter** (unnamed), b. and d. Nor. 27, x8j9. 
Sarah Buzabsth WA'XxnT0K*^ b. Dec. 19, i86c. 
RoBn:r Cutuol Watsrton**, b. Tune xo, 1864. 
WzxAXAH Rbubsn WAmaT0K'^ b. Sept. 6, 1867. 
GsoaoB Waxcar Watxston *^ b. May ao, 1871 ; d. Jan. X7, 

Roth BIay WATJaaon^\ b. Dec. 36, x873. 

670. Rbubbn Tylbr*, fourth child of Sarah Pisher 
(365) and Cutler Tyler, was b. in Newbury Township, O., 
June II, 1839; m. xst, in Cincinnati, O., Dec. 24, 1867, 
Emily Louisa Stowe, who was b. in Albany, N. Y., May 23, 
1844, and d. in Cincinnati, March 20, 1879. He m. 2d, 
at Wyominjr, O., Oct. 14, 1889, Alice Hurin, who was b. in 
Lebanon, 0., July 14, 1846. He is an attorney; res. Wyo- 
ming, O. Children were : 

AucB BmY TvutR**, b. Dec. 33, 1868. 
WnurnxD Mabswaix TyuaL*^ b. Jan. ax, 1871. 
Aamum Huaiir TYUtR**, b. Aug. la, 1883. 

680. John Waltbr Tylbr\ fifth child of Sarah Pisher 
(365) and Cutler Tyler, was b. in Newbury Township, O., 
May 4, 1841 ; m. at Castile, N. Y., Dec. 29, 1875, Mary 
Eliza Higgins, who was b. in Perry, Wyoming County, N. 
Y., Oct. 13, 1855. He is an attomey-at-law ; in 1894, was 
prosecuting attorney of Lake County, O. ; res. 140 Porest Ave- 
nue, Cleveland, O. Children were : 

JOBif Waltsr Tyuol^*, b. Oct. xo, 1876. 
Paul Wyoaht Tyuul^*, b. Oct. 31, 1878. 
FLOamrcn Sofoia Tnja^\ b. Dec. 17, x88o« 

681. EuzABBTR Spbar*, fixst child of Betsey Pisher 
(368) and Joshua Spear, Jr., was b. in Randolph, Peb. 7, 
1826; d. there, Oct. 12, 1849; m. Sept. 14, 1&48, George 
Jefferson Leeds, who was b. in Randolph, Aug. 14, 1826. 
They had : 

Hmtay WnccHWr I#WDa^^ b. in Randolph, May X5» 1849* 

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682. Mary Spbar*, second child of Betsey Pislicr (368) 
aad Joshua Spear, Jr., was b. in Randolph, Jan. 5, 1828 ; m. 
there, April 2, 1851, Jesse Penno, who was b. in Canton, 
July 16, 1822 ; res. at Canton Farms, Mass. Children were : 

Abby Manly P82lNO'^ b. at Canton Fanns, March i, 1854 ; in. 
at Canton, Nov. 2X, x888, Cyrnt W. Wilkint ; res. San An- 
tonio, Texas. 
HgaanKT LiNCOUf FlCNNO^^ b. Canton Farms, Dec. 12, 1864 ; 
m. Lacy H. Foster, Oct. x, X890 ; res. Canton ; had : Mary 
Angnsta Fenno^S b. Canton, June 5, 1893 » J^^^ Kcllar 
Fenno", b. Canton, Dec. 9, 1894. 

683. Joshua Spbak*, fourth child of Betsey Fisher (368) 
and Joshua Spear, Jr., was b. in Randolph, Nov. 3, 183X ; m. 
there, Feb. 5, 1863, Emily MariUa Evans, who was b. in 
Hanover, N. H., Feb. xx, X837. They res. at Neponset, 
Mass. Had: 

WnxZAM Fbnno SP8▲a'^ b. Neponset, Aag. x8, 1864; m. at 
Boston, Bmma Etta James, June 33, X897. 

684. Susan*, daughter of Hexuy (369) and Mary Tilden 
(Upham) Fisher, was b. in Canton, Mass., Jan. 14, 1839; 
m. there July 30, X865, Charles Emery Beals,.who was b. 
in Stoughton, Feb. 5, 1843, and d. there May 23, X869. 
Their children were : 

870. SoiAN LaUEA BBai3^» b. Sept. 33, x866; m. William H. 
Clifford, April ao, X890; d. Aug. x6, 1897. 

87X. Ckajllss Bdwaad BBAL8'^ b. July X5, 1869 ; m. Nellie Ver- 
non Drake, June 30, 1892 ; res. Stoneham, MaiM. 

685. Saicxtbl Tucxbr*, son of Henry (369) and Mary 
Tilden (Upham) Fisher, was b. in Canton, Mass., Feb. 12, 
1855 > ™- ^ Wakshington, D. C, Mrs. Marie May (Bostick) 
Johnson, Oct. 9, X889. He entered the Boston Latin School 
in 1871, and was a Franklin medal scholar, 1872 ; graduated 
at Harvard College in X876. He also pursued a special 
course in the Massachusetts Institute oi Technology, Boston. 
He was later tutor to the sons of Senator Hale, at Washing- 
ton. On Aug. 21, x886, he was appointed Fourth Assistant 
Examiner in the Patent 0£Bce at Washington ; and was suc- 
cessively promoted through the grades of Third, Second and 
First Assistant Examiner, and Law Clerk, to the position of 
Principal Examiner (May 5, 1891), which he resigned in 1893 
toaccept the position of Assistant Commissioner of Patents, and 
of Acting Commissioner during the absences of the Com- 
missioner of Patents. He resigned his position in April, 1897, 

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and entered civil life, joining with Mr. Ernest Wilkinson 
and forming the firm ol WiUcinson & Pkher, solicitors of 
patents. Mr. Fisher was admitted to the Norfolk County 
bar in Massachusetts Jan. 2, 1888, and his special training 
has made him especially qualified before the courts in 
patent cases. They reside at Rockville, Md. (a suburb of 
Washington* D. C.) Their children are : 

Martin TucJCXE*^ b. Watblngton, D. C.» Sept. I4» 1890. 
SlARis BvsuNA'^ b. Waihingtont D. C, Dee. x, 1892. 

686. Rbv. Spbncbr*, son of Samuel (370) and Hannah 
(Alden) Fijiher, was b. at French Creek, Chautauqua County, 
N. Y., Sept. 3, 184s ; m. at Rainbow, Hartford County, Conn., 
Dec. 27, 1 87 1, Lizzie D. Bidwell, who was b. at Seymour, 
Conn., April 8, 1848. He was pastor of the Baptist church 
at Hamburg, Erie County, N. Y., for some years ; in June, 
1886, was pastor at Coneant, O. ; in 1894 at KnowlesviUe, 
Orleans County, N. Y. Children are : 

LizziB Gracs**, b. at Btitti, Chaataaqua Co., N. Y., Oct. 

I, 1S72. 
CWA»T,BS dmrcsm^, b. at Hamburg, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1874. 

687. Maby Habbibtt*, daughter of Caleb (371) and 
Sarah A. (Defoid) Fisher, was b. in Warsaw, Mo., May 8, 
1853; m. in Bolivar, Mo., Jan. i, 1873, George Washhig- 
ton Thompson, who was b. in Glasgow, Howard County, 
March i, 1845, and d. in March, 1891. They resided in 
Bolivar, Polk County, Mo. She lives at 1918 North Lyon 
Street, Springfield, Mo. Their children were : 

HoaACB WxMBOUiuf Tbompson**, b. May 2, 1873. 

PitANK Dbvobd Thompson**, b. Jim^ 9, 1875 ; d. April jOb 

CuFVomn Kirk Tbobctson'*, b. Anc. 10, 1870. 
GsoRGS Ldcxxn Tbommon**, b. Se$t. 15, iSSx. 
Kssn TBOlcpsoN^^ b. April 3, 1887. 

688. Calbb Hunt*, son of Caleb (371) and Sarah A. 
(Deiord) Fisher, was b. in Warsaw, Benton Co., Mo., Feb. 
13, 1855 ; m. Mrs. — — * Arthur; res. in Bolivar, Mo. Children 

AaTBUa Cat.kb**, b. in Bolivar, Avg. 3, 1888. WAOSWoaTB'*, b. March 33, 1891. 

680. ^ARAH Prancbs Hunt*, first child of Susan 
Fisher (372) and Joshua Hunt, was b. in Randolph, Aug. 33, 
1838; m. in North Easton, Feb. 23, 1865^ Ezra Tilden Up- 

Digitized by 



liam, of Stoughton, who was b. there, Dec. 25, 1819, and d. 
April 5, 1885. Res. Stoughton. Their children were : 

87a* Mary Aogusta Ufkami% b* Feb. 13, 1866; m. Thouios P. 
Thomas, Feb. 23, 1887. 
Sa&ab Agnbs Ufkam**, b. Nor. X3, 187a. 
CI.AHA Rmru Upicam^*, b. May 17, 1877. 

600. Gborgb Tucrbr HmrT^, son of Susan Fisher (373) 
and Joshua Hunt, was b. in Randolph, Aug. 14, 1843 ; m. in 
Milton, June 6, 1872, Roxie Ripley Corliss, who was b. in 
Milton, Sept. 5, 1851. They res. at South Canton. Children : 

Gordon CKAinnKG H0^rr'^ b. ICarcli 9, 1877. 
Hbuh Whittxxr HUMT'^ b. May 4, 1885. 

601. Cax«bb Fishbr Hunt*, son of Susan Fisher (372) 
and Joshua Hunt, was b. in Randolph, May 10, 1845; ni. 
ist, at Taunton, Feb. i, 1869, Mary Elizabeth French, who 
was b. in Berkley, Mass., March 24, 1840, and d. in Boston, 
Sept. 2X, 1874. He m. 2d, in Boston, Feb. 29, 1876, Anna 
Salome Preble, of Boston, who was b. in Portland, Me., 
March xx, 1843, <uid d. in Boston. Mr. Hunt served in the 
civil war. Res. Boston. Children were : 

Carrxb BBUZ.AK Hunt**, b. at Taunton, Dec. 24, 1869 ; d. 

Berkley, Sept. 19, 1876. 
Bdward Bvbrbtt HuMT*^ b. Boston, March 17, 1874; d. 

Berkley, Aug. X9, 1874. 

602. Susan Janb Hunt*, daughter of Susan Fisher 
(372) and Joshua Hunt, was b. in lUndolph, May 7, 1846; 
xn. there, April 6, 1871, Georee Harvey Hale, who was b. in 
Stow, Mass., Aug. 7, 1846. They res. in Hudson. Children 

SusxB May Halb'*, b. in Stow, Feb. 17, 1873; m. in Hudson, 

June aS, 1897, Fred. S. Rowley. 
BsRTRAND Uuirr UAXJE(>^ b. in Hudson, May 31, 1891. 

608. Hbnry Curtis*, Jr., son of Henry and Rebecca 
(Bverett) Curtis (374), was b. at Boston, Aug. 13, 1834; m. 
Lucy Reed Osbom, who was b. at Sag Harbor, Long Island, 
N. Y., Dec. 15, 1835. They res. at Rock Island, 111. Their 
children, all b. at Rock Island, were: 

Harry Russbu, Curtxs'*, b. Nov. i, 1858. 
OSBORN Andrbw Curtxs*". b. May 4, i860. 
Etuxu; Bvkrbtt CaRTIS*^ b. Jan. 11, 1863; d. March 2i« 

Hugh Evxrbtt Curtis**, b. Jan. 22, 1870. 
Hops Grant Curtis**, b. May 15, 1872. 

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694. Gborgs Curtis Manspibi^d*, son of Dr. George 
and Hannah Maria (Curtis) Mansfield (375), was b. at Low- 
ell, Mass., May 26, 1837; m. ist, at Janesville, Wis., Oct., 
x86i, Caroline Mosher, who was b. at Straftird, Vt., Oct. 31, 
1837, and d. at Azatlan, Wis., Oct. 33, 187^. He m. sd, at 
Azatlan, Oct. 15, 1873, Kittie Winnek, who was b. at White- 
water, Wis., Feb. 5, 1853. They res. Johnson's Creek, Wis. 
Their children, all b. at Azatlan, were : 

Gsoaos DiGBTON MAKsnxtD^, b. Jvly XX, 1863. 

FaxD CuaTxa M▲M8FXXU>^^ b. March ax, x86S. 

Gracs Rnn Mansfxxld'*, b. Time x4f XS7X. 

Px.oaA Francis Mansfxru)'^ (by aecoad wile), b. Mot. 16, 

Prank Pratt ICansvxsxjd^, b. March 14, 1876. 
Phxxaxp Wxnnbx Mansvirxj)'*, b. Jane », xStj. 

695. JossPHiNB B. Mansfibld*, daughter of Dr. 
George and Hannah Maria (Curtis) Mansfield (375), was b. 
at Lowell, Mass., Feb. 29, 1840. She xn. at Oshkosh, Wis., 
Dec. 36, X87X, Chester Herbert Larrabee, who was b. at 
Eldred, Pa., July 6, x837. They res. at Oshkosh, Wis* 
Had only : 

Anna Larrabsb'*, b. at Oahkoth, Wit., April 37, iB-ft. 

696. Dr. Hbnry Curtis Makspxbzj>*, son of Dr. 
George axid Hannah Maria (Curtis) Mansfield (375), was b. 
at Lowell, Mass., Feb. 27, X843. He m. at Azathin, Wis., 
Nov. 17, X874, Henrietta Waterbory, who was b. at Azatlan, 
Aug. 7, 184)8. They res. at Jefferson, Wis. ; had : 

Amy Paith MAN8nRXJ>'^ b. Sept. ix, X875. 

Ada Anna Manspirxj)**, b. Jan. 22, 1878. 

John Watbrbury Mansfxxx4>>*, b^Jan. ao, i88x. 

6W. Akna I. Manspibld*, daughter of Dr. George 
and Hannah M. (Curtis) Mansfield (375), was b. at LoweU, 
Mass., Jan. x, X848; m. at JaxtesviUe, Wis., June 10, 1869, 
Prof. Edmnnd Clement Atkixison, who was b. at Charleston, 
Penobscot Co., Me., Nov. 17, x838. Res. at Sacraxnento, 
Cal. They had : 

Bdmunu BlANSFiRXji .^TUNSON**, b. Othkoth, Wit., Ang. 

X5, X872. 
Arthur Prankx^n ATKXN80N'^*b. Sacramento, Cal., Ang. 

2. X879. 

698. Gborgs Albert*, son of George Lewis (385) and 
Elizabeth ( ) Fisher, was b. in Dorchester, Mass., 

Ang. X3, 1840; enlisted as a second lieutenant Dec. 29, 

Digitized by 



1863, in Company E, sth Massachusetts Cavalry (composed 
of colored men), under Captain Cliarles P. Bowditch, of 
Boston ; mustered in on Feb. lo, 1864, for three years* ser- 
▼ice. He was promoted to first lieutenant July 5, 1864, and 
resigned June 24, 1865. He returned to Harvard College 
and graduated in 1865, and at the Harvard Law School in 1867. 
He was admitted to the Suffolk bar Nov. 13, 1867, and is 
now at the bar. Senior member of the firm of Fisher and 
Fisher (Edgar G. Fisher), of 5 Tremont Street, Boston; 
res. at 776 Norfolk Street, Mattapan. 

609. Frbdbuck Alvan*, oldest child of Alvan (388) 
and Amanda (Tower) Fisher, was b. in Westford, Mass., 
Oct. 9, 1855. ** He was educated in the local schools, 
Westford Axaidemy, 1877, and at Bowdoin College, where he 
graduated in i88x. He studied law in the office of Weston 
T. Thompson, of Brunswick, Me., and with Marshall and 
HambliM of Lowell, Mass., and was admitted to the Middle- 
sex bar in X885. He settled in Lowell. He was, in West- 
ford, a member of the School Committee, and trustee of the 
Public Library ; and after leaving Bowdoin College, he was 
tutor in mathematics in that Institution." On June 18, 
1898, he was installed ''as one of the assistant justices of 
the police court. Judge Hadley administered the oath, and 
the commission of the new jtidge was read by James F. 
Savage, Clerk of the Court. In addition to members of the 
bar. Sheriff Cushing and a number t>f county officers 
were present." . 

700. Sajlah Ki^la*, oldest child of Charles (390) and 
Patience E. (Loring) Fisher, was b. in Canton, May 7, 1869 ; 
m. there, Oct. 7, 1890, Warren Jewell Davenport, of Cantou. 
Their children were : 

Haeold Wakucn DAVBMVoaT**, b. AfMril 18, 1891 ; d. July 

X9t 1895. 
Patxsmcb LoEoro DAVBMVoaT**, b. Aug. 35, 1894. 

&IITH.FUQfCH DAVKMPOaT■^ b. MoV. I5, 1897. 

701. Makla Davenport^, seamd child of Charles (390) 
and Patience E. (Loring) Filler, was b. in Canton, March 
7, X871 ; m. John Leo McCarthy, March 2, 1896. Their 
children are: 

iusTXM CoouDoa McCAaTlIv*^ b. Dec. 3, 1896. 
^AUL L90 McCarthy**, b. July 2, 1898. 

Digitized by 



702. EuzA Mab*, third child of Charles (390) and 
Patience E. (Loring) Fisher, was b. in Canton, May 25, 1873 ; 
m. William Merrill M. Wood, July 2, 1896, and had : 

AaTBua Watsok Wood*', b. March 28, 1897. 

703. Prbdb&ick*, youngest child of Jabez (398) and 
Persis (Howes) Fisher, was b. in West Dedham, June 18, 
1844; m. Jan. Z2, 1876, Mary E., daughter of Edward L. 
and Mary P. Ward, who was b. in Franklin. They res. in 
West Dedham. Their children : 

Kaexon Howss**, b. Not. 7, x88z. 
Rosaar Osbobh ■^ b. Nov. 3, 1883. 

704. Gborgb*, son of Joseph (399) and Hannah (Baker) 
Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Nov. 16, 1831 ; m. there, Jan. 24, 
1853, Mary Estelle, daughter of Walter and SaUy (Wether* 
bee) Colbum, of Dedham, who was b. in West Dedham, 
Nov. 8, 1829. He was a trader, and resided in West Ded- 
ham, where he d. June 8, 1887. Children were : 

Hannah Bstslu'*, b.Jime 25, 1833; m. at Dedham, July 
II, 1883, Bdwin I4. Sai^ient, of Cambridge ; he is a teacher ; 
they had : Letter Fisher Sargent'', b. Oct. 3> 1885. 

Pkank'*, b. May 2, 1858 ; res. West Dedham. 

Lauaa Isabku.k**, b. Oct. 5, 1861 ; ret. Wett Dedham. 

Infant Son'^ April 39, 1864; d. April 30, 1864. 

B8NJAMXN■^ b. July 21, 1867; graauated at Hanrard College 
in 1890; a lawyer and dealer in inyettment bondt m 
Botton; ret. BCarth Street, Dedham. He m. in June, 
1896, Anna R. French, of Dedham. 

705. Joseph Lyman*, son of Joseph (399) and Elizabeth 
(Campbell) Fisher, was b. in West Dedham, Nov. 14, 1861 ; 
received his education in the Dedham High School, Chauncy 
Hall School, Boston, and Highland Military Academy, 
Worcester. He m. in Cherryfield, Me., Carrie E. Campbell, 
June 24, 1885. He is a fanner; res. West Dedham. 

They had : 

BxjEUNoa Cakfbsix**, b. March 24, i886. 
Howard CotBUur**, b. Sept. 5, 2887. 

706. Mary*, oldest child of Addison (401) and Martha 
(Moulton) Fisher, was b. in , March 5, 1845, and went 
with her parents to Iowa about 1857. She m. May 22, 1863, 
Joseph Raney, Jr., who d. Feb. 22, 1889. They reside at 
Irvingtou, Kossuth County, Io\va. Children were : 

Digitized by 



873* Mary A* RAifBY**, b. July 16, 1864; m. Clesaoa Clark, June 
19. 1883* 

HsM&Y A. Ransy^ b. Oct. 36, 1865 ; d. June 8, 1871. 
874. Phxw O. RANSY*^ b. Mmy 4f 1867; m. CharlM U. Clark, 
]i[ay 3o» i885« 

WxxAZAK H. RANBY'^ b. NoY. 13, x868; m. Flora B. Stod- 
dard. Dec. 6, X893. 

Cora M* Ramry**, b. Oct. 3» 2870 ; m. John O. Starkt, Feb. 
24, 1891 ; liave : Jesaie D. Starka'S b. Jan. 17, 1893. 

CHAiT^na A. RANRY^^ b. Jnne 9, 187a. 

Dayxd B. RANBY^^ b. March 19, 1874* 

Carrzr B. Ranry'**, b. March x8, 1876; d. Aug. 33, 1883. 

AsoLPHua J. Ranry**, b. July Z4« 1877. 

Groror S. Ranry^, b. Feb. 3, 1881. 

RoBRRT T. Ramry**, b. April ax, 1883. 

Lxua G. RA^fRY^^ b. Nov. 5i 1883. 

Framr a. Ranry^*, b. March x6» x888. 

707. Gborgb Addison*, second child of Addison (401) 
and ICartha (Motdton) Fisher, was b. in Natick, Mass., Nov. 
19, 1846, axid went with his parents to Iowa. He m. March 
13, 1871, Hannah Predonia Rickel, and resides in Eugene 

iSTX, Hal 
IT, Oregon, 

City, Oregon, where he is an editor. Their children were : 

Hrnry Grazit**, b. Dec. 27, x87X. 
Addison Manuy^*, b. May 23, 1873. 
Chabt,bs CRMTBNNIAX•^^ b. May 6, 1876. 
Cora PRARl;*^ b. Dec. 27, 1879. 
G90RGXR Marion'*, b. March 31, 1881. 
MiNRTTXA CLAiaR", b. June 23, 1887. 
Harold Hirxm*^, b. Sept. 23, 1890. 
BvLYN Vauuhb**, b. Dee. 3, 1892. 

'708. Cora*, daughter of Addison (401) and Martha 
(Moulton) Fisher, was b. at Algona, Iowa, May 14, 1861 ; 
xn. there Feb. 11, 1882, Walter W. Raney, of Algona, where 
they now reside. Their children : 

HuoH RAN2nr'^ b. Feb.' 3, X883. 
Ci^YTON Ranxy'*, b. Nov. XI, 1885. 

MaERL RANKY'^ b. Nov. 29, 1887. 

Harry Ransy'*, b. May 2, X891. 

GSRTXR RANSY■^ b. Oct. x6, 1893. 

Gijor Ranry'^ b. Oct. x6, 1893 (twin of above). 

700. Louisa Adri^idb Bradford*, daughter of LouLsa 
Fisher (407) and Moses H. Bradford, was b. in Prauccstowu, 
N. H., Oct. 31, 1843; m. Oct. XX, 1864, Charl^ Horace 
Chandler, who was b. in NashuU, Feb. 14, X840. Res. at New 
Boston, N. H. She was educated in the graminar and high 
schoob of her native town, and then attended Francentowu 

Digitized by 



Academy, and taaght school four terms before she was mar- 
ried. Their childrai were : 

CWA»T,ms Cbahbuk^, b. Oct. ao» xtts ; m. res. . 

46 Chelsea Street, Brerett, Mass. 
Ka&y Louisa. CHANDuia^, b. Ksrch 8, xSts. 
Prank HnsE CHANDiAa'*, b. Sept. s, 1878. 

710. Frbd Bradford*, son of Looisa Fisher (407) and 
Moses H. Bradford, was b. in New Boston, N. H., March 
10, 1853 ; m. Jan. i, 1873, J. Alice Cross. He res. Waltham, 
Mass. Child: 

Margarbt Hox,mbs Bradford'*, b. May 9, 1878. 

711. AxBBRT VARmm*, son of Moses Bradford (409) 
and Persis A. (Vamum) Fisher, was b. in Salem, Mass., 
Sept. 27, 1852 ; m. Dec. 25, 1879, Carrie Catharine Smer- 
son, who was b. in Buckingham, Iowa, Nov. xi, 1856. He 
owned a grocery store in Methnen, Mass., from 1879 to 1890, 
when he removed to Reading, Mass., and carried on for a 
while the same business. Has since become a Congregational 
minister, now in New Hampshire. Children, b. in Methnen, 

Trbrom Bla»soK'^ b. Not. 18, x88o. 
Grrtruds Blvira**, b. Nor. 9, 1882 ; d. aged xz. 

AI3RRT VaRNUM^, b. Oct. X3, X884. 

ANNXR WooDBURy*^ b. Dec. 29, 1885. 
Hblsm Hoix'*, b. Jane sx, X889. 
Lyhan*% b. , 1897. 

712. Thbron Pai^mbr*, sixth child of Moses Bradford 
(409) and Persis Adeline ( Vamnm) Fisher, was b. in Fran- 
cestown, N. H., Jnly 5, X85S ; m. Jnxie x, x88i, Abbie Love- 
joy, of Milfoi-d, N. H., who wash. Maxch X7, X862. '*He 
was a railroad engineer for a numb^ of years, then removed 
to Methuen, and entered into the grocery business with his 
brothers. ' ' Children : 

BSRTBA Thbrbsa**, b. Jan. i, x883. 
Fred I^ovrjoy^, b. Dec. 31, X884. 
Marxom Buzarsth^, b. Oct. 39, 1888. 
KovK Prrsxs**, b. Avg. 39, X89X. 
Bv8i,VN**, b. July, x89S. 

713. Charlbs Cutlbb*, son of Moses Bradford (409) 
and Persis Adeline (Vamum) Fisher, was b. in Francestown, 
N. H., May X2, X858. '* When about three years old, he 
had the misfortuxie to lose his hearing, and being so young 
became a deaf mute. Entered the Hartford Deaf Mute 

Digitized by 



School in 1869, and remained there seven years, and then he 
worked on the farms oi his father and neighbors until 1880. 
After many diaconragements he fonnd a situation asi carpen- 
ter in Lawrence, Mass., and from that turned to cabinet 
making, and afterward to wood carving. This latter he has 
foUowMi for the past six or seven years with increasing suc- 
cess. He carved a memorial window for St. John's Episco- 
pal church, Lawrence ; did the carving in the National Bank 
of Danvers, and has worked on the private residences of Hon. 
Edward F. Searles, Hon. Moses T. Stevens, William Hall, 
Jr., of Andover, Msiss., Capt. C. H. Manning, of Manches- 
ter, N. H., and many others. He m. June 8, 1887, Angelia 
H. , who was b. Oct. 20, 1864 ; she is a writer of 

some note; res. Lawrence, Mass. 

714. F&SD Bradford*, son of Moses Bradford (409) 
and Persis Adeline (Vamum) Fisher, was b. in Francestown, 
N. H., Aug. 35, i860; m. 1887, Lizzie Kempton ; was on the 
fire department of Cleveland, O. ; now res. at 432 Kuower 
street, Toledo, O. Children : 

BucsR JussoM'*, b. , 1887. 

Bthsl May^, b. Sept. 8, 1889. 
Msrtina'^ b. 
BuGSMS FasDnic**, b. , 1897. 

715. Elhsr Kixsworth*, youngest son of Moses Brad- 
ford (409) and Persis Adeline (Vamum) Fisher, was b. in 
Francestown, N. H., July 26, 1862 ; m. Agnes • He 
is a^grocer in Washington, D. C. Children were : 

Chauss M.*^ 



716. Bells Augxtsta*, daughter of Charles Anson (418) 
and Mary P. (Ryer) Fisher, was b. in . , Nov. 
2Z, z86o; m. Sept. 2, x88o, William L. Locke, of San Fran- 
cisco. He is the senior member of the commission firm of 
Locke & Pike Company, California street, San Francisco. 
Their children are : 

PXiOftSNCS L0CXB'^ b. March 9, 1883. 
John Pxsbsr Locks**, b. Sept. 13, 1888. 

717. Lydia Cornelia*, daughter of Rev. Otis (424) and 
Lydia (Osgood) Fisher, was b. May 22, 1839; m. Henry 
Gunn, in 1869. They reside at Tonica, LaSalleCo., 111., 


Digitized by 



where he is a lawyer and president of the county board of 
supervisors. Their children were : 

Cy&us H. Gxnnr^^ b. ; m. Bauna J. Knapp, and luTe 

tereral children ; res. I#a Salle Co., Ill* 
Masxl Govm^, b« ; d. Sept. zz, Z863 (in childhood). 

WALTsa FzsHsa Gunk**, b. ; m. Harriet Vantatael, 

Sept. M, 1886; liaTe tereral children; ret. I#a Salle 

Co., ni. 
BowiN GUHN^, b. ; d. Not. , Z867 (in childhood). 

Cora CoanaLZA Gumr^^, b. ; m. George A. McFerton, 

Blarch Z2, Z895 ; d. Jan. za, Z898. 
Nszjjs GuNN^^, b. ; d. num., March 29, z89S* 

Az38aT Wzin>8oa Gumm *^ b. ; res. La Salle County, 111. 

BlAY GUHN*^, b. 

718. BiTGKNB KiNCAiD*, SOU of Rov. Otis (424) and 
Lydia (Osgood) Fisher, was b. April 33, Z843 ; m. Jan. 3, 
Z869, Huhkdi Smith, who was b. Oct. 3, Z843 ; res. at Chad- 
ron, Neb. They had: 

Hsmv LU(wbzayn", b. Oct. jz, Z869; m. 

Ax,BaBTBuG8va'*, b. Not. 5, zSjz. 

HoMSa SiOTH^, b. Oct. Z3, Z873 ; d. Feb. 4f x874- 

Mjcxazs May**, b. Jan. 27, 1875 ; m. June a, Z895, Mornn 

Henry Nichols, who was b. Jan. as, z86s ; have one child. 
ItAi^nz Wzunja**, b. May z8, 1883. 
Otis Kaymomd^, b. Dec. z, z886 ; d. March 6, Z894. 

719. Rsv. Charlbs Hbkky Day*, son of Rev. Otis (424) 
azid Harriet Newell (Day) Fisher,. was b. at.Mt. Palatine, 
111., Nov. 8, Z848; graduated at the University of Chicago, 
class of z 874, and b^me a Baptist clergynmn. He has been 
the superintendent of the znission work of his denozniziation in 
Toldo, Japan, since z88o. He zn. Oct. Z3, z88o, Eznma, oldest 
daughter of Rev. Williazn Haigh, D. D., western secretary of. 
the Baptist Hozne Mission Society, who was b. Aug. 9, z8s7, 
in ChiUicothe, 111. They had : 

Stbzaa CoaiiBUA^**, b. in Chicago, 111., Dec ^, z88z ; is in 

America, preparing to enter the University of Chicago. 
RoVAl» Hazgh*^ b. in Tokio, Japan, Sept. ao, z884. 

720. Albbrt Jui>80k', son of Rev. Otis (424) and Har- 
riet Newell (Day) Fisher, was b. at Granville, 111., Feb. 27, 
Z85Z ; reznoved with his parents to Bureau County, 111., in 
Z867, and went to Chicago a month before the great fire of 
Z87Z. He graduated at the University of Chicago, 1876; 
M. A., Z879 ; becazne cozinected with trade joumaliszn, having 
been the editor and publisher successively of the JVeslem 
Cloihier and Hatter^ the American Mercantile Register^ the 

Digitized by 



AfeiaUufgisi, the National Jeweler, and the American Poller, 
mo8t of which joumftls have had a successful existence for 
many years. About five years ago he became connected with 
the house of S. B. Gross, dealing extensively in real estate 
in Chicago and suburbs. Mr. Fisher is a member of the 
Illinois Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution. He 
numbers among his direct lineal forbears forty-two ancestors 
who fought in tlie Indian and French wars in America, prior 
to the revolution, five of whom were killed by the Indians in 
King Philip's war in 1675. Among his colonial ancestors 
were Captam Miles Morgan, the celebrated Indian fighter, 
and Deacon Samuel Chapin, the founder of Springfield, 
Mass., wlu)se bronze monuments are prominent features in 
the public parks of Springfield. Two of his great-grand- 
faithers saw long and arduous service in the Revolution. In 
his leisure hours he has written poetry, magazine sketches, 
and short stories. His bent is very strongly in the direction 
of national themes,— one of his poems, entitled *' Yorktown," 
was read at the banquet of the Sons of the American Revolu- 
tion at the Chicago Athletic Club, Oct. 19, 1S96, the iisth 
anniversary of the surrender of Comwallis at Yorktown, and 
which elicited the most flattering comments at the time. The 
song of ^^ Libertas el Palria'' has been adopted in the 
schools of Chicago as one of the national airs. 

Mr. Fisher married at Chicago, July 12, 1893, Ada, daugh- 
ter of George and Abbie J. (Tallmon) Aishard, both of New 
York. On her maternal side she is descended from tlie Town- 
leys and Lawrences ; on her patenml side is of Krench de- 

720a. W1LI.AR0 H. Latgurktte*, first child of Lucy 
Jane Grey* Fisher (425) and Lyman D. C. Latourette, was b. 
in Oregon City, Or., Aug. 7, 1852 ; graduated at Pacific Uni- 
versity, Forest Grove, Or., in 1874, taking the degree of 
B. S.^ then followed business life and teaching for three years. 
He entered Rochester Theological Seminary, Rochester, 
N. Y., graduating with the class of i88x. Pastor of the 
Baptist Chtuch, Clyde, N. Y., 1881-1882; was district mis- 
sionary of the Baptist Church in Southern California, 
1882-1884; and pastor of the church at Los G^tos, Cal., 
for twenty months, during 1885-1886. He became general 
missionary and superintendent of Baptist missioas for 
Northern and Central California and Nevada, lioldin^^ this 
position from 1886 to 1897. '& ^^9^ ^^ ^vas appointed gen- 
eral missionary for Alaska ; his residence is now in Oakland, 
Cal. He m. at Rochester, N. Y., May 18, 1881, Carrie Au- 

Digitized by 



gti8ta» third child of John and Sophia (Joiner) Todd, who 
was b. in Greece, N. Y., July 13, 1857. Their duldren were: 

CLaxzB P. LATOUBsm**, b. ; d. ICay, 1888; buried at 
Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, N. Y. 


BsmjLK S* LATouasm**, b. 
Susxs Kxm l^ATOuams**, b. 
Lyman Todd LAXOuasTTS**, b. 

721. DbWitt Clinton Latou&stts*, third child of 
Lucy Jane Grey Fisher (425) and Lyman D. C. Latourette, 
was b. in Oregon City, Or., Nov. 14, 1856 ; m. in Forest 
Grove, Or., Oct. 25, 1882, Ellen, daughter of John Tucker 
and Ruth (Eckler) Scott, who was b. in Olympia, Washing- 
ton, Nov. 4, 1855. He is a graduate of Pacific Univer- 
sity, Forest Grove, Or. A kwyer and banker; an active and 
benevolent member of the Baptist Church in Oregon City. 

. Mrs. Latourette is a graduate of the same school and a mem- 
ber of the same chtuch. They res. in Oregon City, where 
the children were bom: 

KsMNBZB Scon LATomuRTs^, b. Ang. 9, 1884. 

Caeboi. Cumion LATOURRn**, b. Aug. 4, x88o; d. March 

14. 1889. 
Lucy Rotb LATonutns^, b. ICarch 37, 1890. 
Psaanr Lvhan TJaoQtJtm^, b. Joae 9, 1893. 
DoaoTSY B. LATomucm^*, b. July 30, 1896. 

722. Ralpb W.*, oldest child of Ezra T. T. (426) and 
Hannah G. (Stout) Fisher, was b. at Oregon City, Or., Oct. 
7, 1857; m. May Parrish, June x, 1882, at Sodaville, Linn 
County, Or. He is now postmaster at Sodaville. Children 

Clauds Msavm**, b. at Albany, Or., Dec. 5, 1883. 
Ada PBAax,**, b. at Albany, Nov. 29, x888. 

723. William Eugene*, second child of Ezra T. T. 
(426) and Hannah G. (Stout) Fisher, was b. near Oregon 
City, Or., Aug. 13, 1859; m. Nellie Keeney, Sept. 23, 1896. 
They res. near Att>any, Or. Have : 

Lois'*, b. near Albany, Ang. 3, 1897. 

724. Hauuet J08EPBINE*, third child of &zra T. T. 
(426) and Hannah G. (Stout) Fisher, was b. on Molalla 
Prairie, Clackamas County, Or., July 3, 1861 ; m. John T. 
Crooks, Feb. 9, 188 1 ; they res. at Goldendale, Wash. They 

Ray CaooKS**, b. J*a« 12, 1883. 

Cakx, Svams CaooEs^i b. Oct. 29, 1883. 

VEARXr CaooKs'* (a danghter), b. Feb. 33, 1893. 

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725. Hugh Gaylord*, seventh child of Ezra T. T. (426) 
and Hannah Gaylcnd (Stout) Fisher, was b. in Linn County, 
Or., near Albany, April 17, 18^2; m. Lillie Hart, Feb. 4, 
1896. They res. at Sodaville, Linn County, Or., where he 
has a general merchandise store. Have: 

Rines IMKOSM^, b. Oct. z8, 1897. 

726. PRBD Douglas*, eight child of Ezra T. T. (426) 
and Hannah G. (Stout) Fisher, was b. near Albany, Or., 
March X2, 1874; m. Oct. 14, 1896, Carrie Newshouse, who 
d. Aug. 7, 1897. Is a stenographer and typewriter; has been 
in the empkqr of the O. R. & N. Company four years ; en- 
listed in the volunteer service, and is now at Manila, P. I. 

727. CmtiSTOPHSR C.*, son of Jonathan (428) and 
Rebecca (Adams) Fisher, was b. in Dalton, Sept. 8, 1809 ; 
went to Antrim, N. H., in May, 1847; m. Mary A. Hills, 
July 29, 1839 ; had charge of the town krm from 1859 to 1H65, 
when he moved to Antrim, Minn., where he yet lives. Had 

haxsM A.'^ b. May z, 1847 ; m. Jason K. Webster, of Antrim, 
N. H. (See History of Antrim, N. U.) 

728. GiLBBKT Ci«ARK*, SOU of Adiu (434) and Mary 
(Clark) Fisher, was b. on the homestead of his grandffither 
in Franklin, April 15, 1827. ** He received his education in 
the public schools of Franklin. When he was twelve years 
of age he was engaged in driving an ox team for fifteen cents 
a day, and at the age of fifteen went to live with a doctor in 
Franklin village. After remaining with him one year, he re- 
turned to the old homestead, where he has been ever since. He 
now owns about one hundred and twenty-two acres of land in 
the old farm, and carries on general farming to a considerable 
extent, although teaming is lus main occupation. Mr. Fisher 
does not live m the old fatrmhouse at the present time, but 
boards near by in the village. In politics he was in his early 
days a Whig, and b now a staunch Republican." He m. 
at Franklin, April 15, 1849, Emily J., daughter of Charles 
and Mary ( ) Keith, who was b. at South Wal- 
pole, Feb. 2, 1831 ; she d. July 22, 1874. They had five 

Buomni GnjSET'*, b. March 8, 1850; ret. Franklin ; onm. 
Emma'*, b. Jan. 14, 1854 ; m. Edward Cohen, of Hopkinton. 
Ida May**, b. Sept. 29, 1858 ; d. 
Charlbs Aoxn'*, b. ; a fireman on the New England 

Kailroad ; res. Franklin. 
Frank HAaav'*, b. June i, 1868; d. Aug. 12, 1869. 

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739. Marshall Warren*, second child of Adin (434) 
and Mary (Clark) Fisha*, was b. in Franklin, Feb. X2, 1833 ; 
m. July 30, 1856, Ellen P. Miller. Was an overseer in a 
straw ^ctory; a grocer for twenty-one years. Has lived in 
Boston, but removed to a farm in Medfield, where he now re- 
sides. Their children : 

Nblus**, b. Tune 19, 1857 ; d. Dec. 15, 1863. 
GuoRGB M.'^ b. Oct. 35. i8$8. 
Maybsu,'*', b. Aug. 7, 1865. 

730. Pembroke T.*, oldest child of Herman (435) and 
Fanny (Evans) Fisher, was b. in Stoddard, N.-H., Jan. 29, 
1815, and d. in Keene, N. H., May 22, 1880. He m. at Nelson, 
N. H., Sept. 29, 1839, Betsey Fay, who was b. in Ma.Hon, N. 
H., Oct. 27, 1816. They res. at Nelson. Children, all b. in 
Nelson, were : 

SuMNBR P.^*, b. Feb. 26, 1843; res. Nelson. 

Chablbs H.*^, b. Feb. 25, 1845 ; d. Feb. {9, 1853, mt Keese. 

Gkobgb W.'^ b. March Z2, 1848; m. mt Keene, July 3, 1874, 
Frances M. Whitney, of Keeae, who was b. at Upton, 
Mass., Aug. 6, 1854. They res. at Keene, N. H. (1894). 
Had : Gladys", b. April 24, z888, at Keene. 

Malanca*^ b. April 18, 1850; d. May 4, 1850. 

731. Justus*, third child of Hennon (435) and Fanny 
(Evans) Fisher, was b. in Stoddard, N. H., April 25, 18197 
m. there, Oct. 19, 1843, Eveline Scott, of Stoddard. He 
now res. in Keene, N. H. (1894). Children were : 

CHABtOTTB A.*^ b. 
Hkt.KN**, b. 
Adblaidb^*, b. 
Ada»*, b. 

732. SuMNKR*, fourth child of Hermon (435) and Fanny 
(Evans) Fisher, was b. in Stoddard, N. H., March 28, 1821 ; 
m. in Leroy, N. Y., Snsanna Munson, of Nelson. He d. in 
Keene, N. H. Children were : 

Edwin'*, b. 
Augusta'*, b. 

733. Susan C.*, fifth child of Hermon (435) and Fanny 
(Evans) Fi&ber» wash, in Stoddard, N. H., Aug.i, 1823; 
m. at Nelson, N. H., Nov. 25, 1858. Caleb P. Woodbury, of 
Weare, N. H. She res. in Weare ( 1894) . Had : 

MVBON FiSHBB WOODBUBY'*, b. Attg. 26, l86x. 

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734. Rboda a/, sixth child of Hennon (435) aud Fanny 
(Evans) Fisher, was b. in Stoddard^ N. H., Dec. 15, 1825 ; 
m. at Washington, N. H., Feb. 3, 1846, Alonzo Green, of 
Stoddaid, N. H. Shares, in Keene, N. H. (1894.) Children : 

Ax3sax W. GRKSM'^ b. mt Lowell, Mam., April I3, 1850; m. 
at Concord, N. H., AprU I3» 1871, BlU P. Smith, of Smith- 
field, R. I. 

FEAinc A. Ommbsx^, b. Lowell, Mam., Oct. 30, 1851 ; m. at 
Keene, N. H., May 28, 1874, Paony L. Goodnow, o( Sulli- 
van, N. H. He d. at Keene, Feb. 9, 1875. 

. 735. Almon Horacb*, oldest child of Benjamin H. 
(438) and Mahala B. (Bdson) Fisher, was b. in Stoddard, 
N. H., Sept. 5, 1838; m. in Newport, N. H. Dec. 11, i860, 
Ellen F. Thompson, who was b. in Alstead, N. H., July 3, 
1836, and d. at Worcester, Mass., Feb. 12, 1885. He res. 
at Worcester ( 1894) . Children were : 

SusiB BXABN**, b. at Shelbame Falls, Mass., Aug. i, 1865 ; «l. 
Not. X2, 1865. 

MuvHXB G.**, b. at Worcester, Mass., Jan. 31, 1867; m. at 
Worcester, Aug. 3, 1886, Charles S. Chaptn, who was b. iu 
Westfield, Mass.. Oct. 19, 1859. Res. Wcstfield. Had: 
Gertrude Chapin", b. Hartford, Conn., July 2, 1889; Ches- 
ter Fisher Chapin", b. Hartford, Nov. Z2, 1890. 

736. GbOrgianna M.*, second child of Benjamin H. 
(438) and Mahala B. (Edson) Fisher, was b. in Stoddard, N. 
H., Oct. 26, 1840; m. in Alstead, N. H., Sept. 4, i860, David 
S. Wood, who was b. in Portsmouth, N. H., June 25, 1820. 
They res. at Concord. Child : 

HaaicoN FxsHXR Woob>*, b. in Concord, Sept. 24, 1866 ; m. 
in Springfield, Mass., April 4$ 18941 Josephme B. MacMas- 
ter, who was b. in Springfield, Aug. 

737. EVBUNB Francbs*, third child of Benjamin H. 
(438) and Mahala B. (Edson) Fisher, was b. in Alstead, N. 
H., June 22, 1842; m. in Alstead, June 11, 1861, Charles 
Everett Holbrook, who was b. in South Weymouth, Mass., 
Jtines, 1835. Res. Bellows Falls, Vt. (1894). He is dead. 

BVA Pkancbs HoLBKOOK*^ b. in Alstead. Oct. 24, 1862; d. 

Oct. 24, 1863. 
CoEA Augusta Holb&ook**, b. Charlestown, N. II.. Nov. 14, 

1864 ; d. Feb. 13, 1865. 
JXNNin Francbs Hoi^OKOOK*^, b. Bellows Palls, Vt., Nov. 28, 

X872; d. Sept.i4> 1873. 

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738. Hbn&y Edson*, sixth child of Benjamin H. (438) and 
Mahala B. (Edson) Fisher, was b. in Alstead, N. H., Feb. 14, 
1S48 ; m. ist, in Worcester, Mass., May 2X, 1871, Emma 
Eldora Boynton, who was b. in Paxton, Mass., Dec. 31, 1851, 
and d. in Worcester, June 26, 1887. Hem. 2d, July 23, 1890, 
Alva Bell Whitney, who was b. in Gloucester, Mass., Oct. 3, 
1850. He res. in Worcester (1894). No children reported. 

739. Charlbs H.*, eighth child of Benjamin H. (438) 
and Mahala B. (Edson) Fisher, was b. in Alstead, N. H., 
Jan. 7, X853 ; m. in Worcester, Mass., Oct. 16, 1872, Jessie 
Melissa Harper, who was b. in Thomaston, Me., Aug. 20, 
1853. They res. at Worcester (1894). Children : 

Charles Bdwajlo'*, b. Worcetter, May Z2, 1876. 
Bb&tka Louisa.^, b. Worcester, Nov. 27, 1880; d. March 7, 

740. John H.*, son of John J. G. (439) and Mary 
(Morse) Fisher, was b. in Fozboro, ; m. May 
X, 1861, Anna Richards, daughter of Levi Richards and 
Emily (Grover) Hewins, of Foxboro and Sharon. (Morse's 
Brigham, Pettee, Hapgood Genealogy, p. 174.) Their 
children were : 

Bmxly L.**, b. Oct. 7, 1862. 

ARTHua B.**, b. May 23, 1865. 

Gborcb B.'*, b. Dec. 4, 1867; d. Dec. xi, 1867. 

HxRBxaT FvukHKun^, b. May 6, 1869. 

Amy Gramt^, b. Sept. xz, X874. 

741. Dr. Thbodorb Wilus*, oldest son of Milton 
Metcalf (444) and Eleanor (Metcalf) Fisher, was b. in West- 
boro, May 29, X837. '' He was educated in the public schools 
of Medway, in Williston Sexninary, East Hampton, and in 
Phillips Academy, Axidpver. He graduated in 1861, from 
the Harvard Medical College in Cambridge, and was at once 
appointed to the position of Resident Physician for the city 
institutions in Boston Harbor. He was comixiissioned, Aug. 
29, X862, assistant-surgeon of the 44th Regt. Mass. Vols.; 
he was conmiissioned surgeon of his regiment, April xo, 
1863, in place of Dr. Robtft Ware, deceased, and was mus- 
tered out June x8, 1863, at the expiration of his tenn. In the 
aiitunm of X863, Dr. Fisher was appointed Assistant-Superin- 
texident of the Boston Lunatic Hospital, which position he 
filled until 1869. During this period, in X867, he travelled 
widely in Europe for ten months, making hospital construc- 
tion and ventilation a special study. In 1869 he established 

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himaelf in Boston as a specialist in the treatment of mental 
diseases. He was widely consulted, and testified as an 
expert in cases of insanity in courts thronghont New Eng- 
land, and was a witness in the famous Guiteau trial. In 
iS8o, he was appointed Superintendent of the Boston Lunatic 
Hospital, which position he now fills. He is a member of 
numerous medical societies in the country, and wrote many 
papers on insanity and mental diseases/' He m. ist, Nov. 
lo, 1858, Maria C, daughter of Dn Artemus Brown, of 
Medway, who was b. and d. July 28, i860. He 

m. 2d, Dec. 18, 1873, Ella G., daughter of J. W. and 

( ) Richardson, of Boston. Res. at Boston. 

They had: 

WiXtUS Richardson^*, b. Feb. 18, 1875; graduated from 

Harvard College. 
Bdward Mstcalf^, b. June 21, 1877. 
MxtTON WiNGATS^, b. Oct. lo, 1880 ; d. An«. 7, 1881. 
GBamuDB**, b. Jan. 28, i88j. 
PLoaxNCB'^ b. April 12, 1887. 
MAaoxRy**, b. Oct. 22, i88S. 

742. Frbdbuck Luthsr*, son of Milton Metcalf, 
(444) and Eleanor (MetcaU) Fisher was b. at Medway, Jan. 
12, 1853; m. May 23, 1876, Caroline Pamela, daughter of 
George and Sallie Barber (Nichols) Lyon, of Boston, who 
was b. Aug. 22, 1851, at Boston. He graduated in 1873 
from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Boston, 
in the department of civil engineering. He is associated in 
the insurance business with his father, also being secretary 
of the Medway Savings Bank, of which his father has been 
president since its incorporation, Feb. 20, 1871. They had : 

Haeubt Lyon**, b. Aug. 23, i88a 

743. Faith Huntington*, oldest child of Edward 
ThomtdiD (456) and Ellen Bowditch (Thayer) Fisher, was 
b. in Bnxddyn, N. Y., Sept.. 19, 1870; m. at Berkshire, 
Mass., May 28, 1891, Rev. William Wallace, only child of 
William Wallace Fenn, of Weston, Vt., and his wife, Han- 
nah Maria Osgood, of Gilmanton, N. H., and who was b. 
in Boston. Rev. W. W. Fenn is at present pastor of the 
Unitarian Church of the Messiah, Chicago, 111. Their chil- 
dren are: 

Dorothy Fxnn**, b. Feb. 19, 1892. 
Waujlcs Oscood Pbnn>*. b. Auir. 27, 1893. 
r RoGBK CAatvuc Frnn**, b. April 19, 1895. 

i DONAIfD PiSHBR FBMN**, b. April I9, X895. 

DAiriBt HBNDKasoN Fknn**, b. Feb. 20, 1897. 

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744. Rsv. JuDSON*, oldest chUd of Isaac (466) and Julia 
Ann (Richardson) Fisha*, was b. in Walpole, N. H., Nov. 
13, 1824; m- April 10, 1850, Louisa B. Haynes, of Hinsdale* 
N. H., who was b. in Templeton, Mass,* Jan. 19, 1831. He 
was an Unitarian clergyman of considerable note, having 
pastorates in Massachusetts and Illinois. He was pastor of 
the First Universalist Church at Marlboro', N. H., from 
March, 1852, to March, 1855. He was also one of the school 
committee there, in 1852, 1853, and 1854. He d. in Illinois, 
May x8, 1890. Children were : 

Pramkxjm**, b. in l6irlboro', N.H., June 24, x8s3; i* ana.; 
res. Alton, 111. 
875. Waux>**, b. Shelbnme Pallii, Mass., Sept. 4, 1857; m. Mar- 
tha Leaton Filley, Sept. 20, 1893. 

745. Sbwaix*, son of Willard (469) and Betsey Rich- 
ardson (Wheeler) Fisher, was b. at Franklin, Nov. 9, 1834. 
He m. at Veazie, Me., Dec. 31, z86o, Angie Maria, daughter 
of Loring and Mary (Clewley) Blanchard, who was b. at 
Stockton, Me., April 2, 1834. He was on the school com- 
mittee at Franklin in 1858, 1859, and 1865; lived on the 
&rm there with his &ther until his death. Sewall then re- 
moved to Pramingham, in 1867, where he has since resided, 
doing business as a florist for over twenty-five years. Has 
made a specialty of carnations. In this business he has 
grown from seed and originated some of the finest sorts. 
Their children were : 

Mary BLAJrcHAaD^^ b. Franklin, April 2, 1865 ; d. there, 

Dec. zx, 1855. 
Grorgb Albrrt**, b. Pramingham, Feb. 2Z, 1867; m church 

organ builder, in the emptoy of Hook & Hastings, mt 

Kendall Green, Mais. 
ASBL4IDB Marza'^, b. Pramingham, Sept. 10, 1868. 

746. Rev. Gborgb*, son of Willard (469) and Betsey 
R. (Wheeler) Fisher, was b. in Pmnklin, Nov. 25, 1839. 
He prepared for college at Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, 
N. H., where he graduated in x86i. He began a collegiate 
course at Amherst College, bnt removed to Brown University, 
and finally had to relinquish colleges altogether on account of 
feeble health. After leaving college he taught school in Troy 
Academy, and Troy High School, Troy, N. Y. Having 
joined the Episcopal Church in Waterford, Saratoga County, 
N. Y., in z866, he was ordained deacon in New York city in 
January, 1868, and his first year in the ministry, 1868-9, was 
spent in Saratoga Springs, N. Y., having charge of St. Steph- 
en's Church, Schuylerville, and St. Mary's Church, Luzeone, 

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N. Y. The next two years he served as assistant in St. 
Peter's Church, Albany, N. Y., in the meantinc having been 
admitted to the priesthood, Jane 12, 1870, by Bishop \V. C. 
Doone of Albany. He became rector of the Church of St. 
John the Evangelist, at Stockport, Columbia Co., N. Y., 
March 17, 1871. Here he remained until Oct. i, i)i89, when 
he accepted the rectorship of Trinity Church of Milford, 
Mass. lU health compelled him to resign this parish, Sept. 
8, 1890. Jan. 17, 1892, he received the appointment of mis- 
sionary in charge of Emmanuel Memorial Church, Shelbunie 
Falls, Mass., and was elected rector of St. John's Church* 
Ashfield, Mass., and still holds these positions. He received 
the honorary degree of A. M. from Amherst College, 1890. 
He m. Dec. 25, 1865, Ellen E. H., daughter of James Hunter 
and Ellen (Ftdlard) Wright (both b. in England), who was 
b. in Providence, R. I., March 2, 1842. Their children were : 

WizXAan Jambs'*, b. in Waterford, Saratoga Co., N. Y., 
Sept. 29, 1868; gradaated Amherst College, 1892. Princi- 
pal Medway, Mass., High School, 1892-5. 

Gkorcb Hbrbbrt**, b. Albaay, N. Y., Jan. 10, 1870: gradu- 
ated Amherst College, 1893. Auistant teacher in the high 
school, Ashbonme, Pens., 1893-4. 

Sarah Buzabstb^*, b. Stockport, N. Y., April 31, 1871 ; 
gradnated from Miss Lncy Harris Symoads' Normal Kin- 
dergarten, in Boston, 1892. Assistant in Mrs. Sweetser's 
Private Kindergarten, West Newton, Mass., 1892-4. 

AXBXANDBR Mbtcaut**, b. Sept. i8, X873 ; bookkeeper with 
H. H. lilayhew Co., Shelbnrne Falls, Mass., 1893-4. 

AUCB EVBiiYN^*, b. Aug. 29, 1873 ; graduated at Arms .\cad- 
emy, Shelbume Falls, Mass., 1873. ^^^ * memtier of 
Class of 1897, Smith College, Northampton, Ma»s. 

Bbssib BXXBN'^ b. Oct. 15, 1875; student in senior class, 
Arms Academy, Shelbnrne Falls. 

BoiTH WIM1FRKD'^ b. March 8, 1878. 

JBAM Wright'*, b. April 14* 1880. 

747. Thomas H.*, son of Ruins (471) and Mary (Turner ) 
Fisher, was b. at Lansingburgh, N. Y., April 4, 1810, and d. 
April 17, 1879, aged 69 years. He m. Sept. 15, 1829, Mar>' C. 

ere : 

Hedges, who was b. Jan. 9, 181 1, and d. Dec. 31, 18^4, ;i 
73. They res. at Lansingburgh, N. Y. Their children vv< 

WiXAZAM R.■^ b. Dec. 6, 1830; d. unm. 
876. Chajllbs H.^*, b. June 10, 1835 ; d. Jan. 18, 1888 ; m. Henrietta 

T. Mulford, June 37, 1878. 
Mary P.'^ b. Oct. 15, 1837 ! d* ^>^' '4* '840. 
Thomas H.^*, b. Feb. 36, 1840; d. July 4, 1879, af^f^X 39 years ; 

BUSTACB W.^, b. Dec. 38, 1840; graduated at the University 

of New York, 1863, M. D. ; res. New York city ; d. March 

5, X894, of heart failure. 

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748. Abigail Diantha*, daup^hter of Salem (473) and 
Amanda (Barrett) Fisher, was b. in Belchertown, April 18, 
1825, and m. Alanson Curtis, Jan, i, 1844. Their children 

BiASW B. Cumtxs**, b. Nov. 14* 1844; d« April X7t 184B. 

Abby a. CnTis'*, b. Jan. ax, 1849 ; d. Sept. 19, 1875. 

BsocA W. CuBTis**, b. Oct* 5, 1851; d. Oct. 7, 1879; m. 

Cbarlet B. Jackson ; left a daughter, Linda Jackaon". 
Hkbbkbt F. Cubtis**, b. Jnne 5, 1858. 

740. Smith Barbbtt*, son of Salem (473) and Amanda 
(Barrett) Fisher, was b. in Belchertown, March x, 1829; 
m. Nov. 6, 1850, Betsey M. Abbott, who was b. in 1839. He 
has a bookstore in Springfield. Children were : 

BvBLYX^, b. Sept. X, X85X ; d. Oct. , x8sx. 
Frank A.'^ b. sept. 6, 1853 ; d. Ang. 14, 1876. 
Bstbxxb a.**, b. July ax, i8s7 ; d« Dec ao, 1887 ; m. Lewis 
Jackson, and had a son : Harold Jackson", b. about 1884. 

750. Mary Lbnora*, daughter of Salem (473) axid 
Amanda (Barrett) Pisher, waa b. in Belchertown, April 15, 
183X, and d. Dec. 15, x88x. Shem. Nov. 6, 1850, Charles 
Seymour, who d. May 5, 1882. Children were : 

CWABX,KS Bugbkb Sxvmoub^, b. June 25, 18542^ 
AnBU,A L. Sbvmoub**, b. March ' 
Mabbi, Imsz Sbyxoub'^ b. Nov. 

AnBU,A L. Sbvmoub**, b. March 6, 1857 ; m. Will Caatle. 
i» b. Nov. 4. 1866. 

751. Eristus Nbwton*, son of Salem (473) and 
Amanda (Barrett) Pisher, was b. in Belchertown, Dec. 29, 
1844; m. Sarah Eliza Silker, Oct. 26, 1869; res. Ludlow. 
They had: 

Ax,VA N.**, b. Aug. ao, X870. 

BtLA M.'^ b. Ang. 3, 1873. 
f Wxujs S.**. b. Sept. xa, 1877 ! d. soon after. 
I Wax,tbb S.^, b. Sept. la, X877 ; d. soon after. 

752. Susan Miztbb*, daughter of Salem (473) and 
Amanda (Barrett) Fisher, was b. in Belchertown, Jan. 22, 
1848; m. May x, 1873, Albert Fuller, who was b. March 6, 
1 84-. They res. in Ludlow. Children : 

Bdxtr a. FaxxBB**, b. March 29, 1875. 
Maudb V. FaxxBB'', b. April xo, x877« 
CijLBENCB FuuAB>*, b. Julv aS, 1885. 
Asa. B. FutJiKB**, b. Sept. zS, 1886. 

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758. Gborob Mii^n*, youngest child of Salem (473) 
and Amanda (Barrett) Fisher, was b, in Belchertown, Oct. 
31, 1849, and lives on the old homestead. He m. Nov. , 

Ida Puller, who was b. Jan. 6, 1851. Children are : 

.»•, b. Feb. X, 1871. 
J\ b. April II, 1879. 
I M.*«, b. Oct. 12, Ml. 


BijkMCBai ] 

Maumb B.^, b. June 16, 1887. 

754. Gbobgb Nblson*, son of Jason (494) and Mary 
(Rich) Fisher, was b. in Franklin, May 4, 1813, and d. in 
Charlestown, Mass., Feb. 3, 1893. He m. ist, Dec. 13, 

1835, Sarah Lydston, who was b. in Litchfield, Me., Feb. 26, 
1810, and d. May 23, 1852. He m. 2d, Nov. 8, 1853, Mary 
Jane Chandler, who was b. in New Ipswich, N. H., June 4, 

1836, and d. Nov. 2, 1890. He was in the milk business in 
Charle^own for fif^-four years, and was junior and senior 
warden of St. John's Episcopal church, Charlestown, for over 
fifty years. Children were : 

877. John Warrbn**, b. Morcli 20, 1840 ; m. Mary B. Blaadell ; 

rts. Rozbnry. 
Makv Adbunb^, b. April is» 1844 ; m. •— — ; res. Troy, N.Y. 

878. GaoEGB Nbx30N>*, b. Apnl 20, X847; m. Nellie B. Lewis, 

Jan. 20, 1869 ; rts. CharlestOMrn. 
Anna Buzabbtb'*, b. July 4, 1850; d. Aag. 8, 1852. 

755. Charlbs Sbwbll*, oldest child of Charles Martell 
(494I) and Olive (Boyden) Fisher, was b. in Franklin, Mas.s., 
Feb. 9, 1824. He remained in New Boston with his father 
until he was nineteen years old, when he went to Manchester, 
N. H. He m. Bliza J. Bursick. Children were : 

AoGUStus CUNTON^, b. — — ; res. Albany, N. Y. 

BlucA.»^ b. ; d. . 

GKOaOBITA*^ b. ; m. Bdward J. Powers, mttd res. in 

West Manchester, N. H. 

CHAawM**. b. ; d. . 

JoSKFIInfB^^ b. — — ; d. . 

756. Lbwis Emmons*, son of Lewis Whiting (477) and 
Nancy (Fisher) Fisher, was b. in Wrentham, July 19, 1821 ; 
m. April 6, 1847, at Groton, Lydia Augusta Pqrter. They 
moved in May, 1854, to Minnesota, when it was a territory, 
and settled at St. Paul. He d. March 4, z888, at St. Paul. 
His widow res. there at 13 West loth Street. Children were : 

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Hbnry Po&TBR'^ b. in Bo«to&, limy i, Z84S. 
Gbobgb P▲&]C*^ b. Botton, Mmy 15, iSm. 
Cha&ub Masow'*, b. Boston, Mmrch x6» 1851. 
Lbwis KBNDAU'^ b. in SL Panl, Sept. 7, 1855. 
Lyu M.>«, b. St. Paul, Joly 8, i860. 

757. Hbnbt Jonbs*, son of Lewis Whiting (477) and 
Nancy (Fisha*) Fisher, was b. in Wrentham, Oct. {8, 1822 ; 
moved to Boston, where he was a printer; m. Sophia 
McDougal. He d. in Boston, Sept. 29, 1870. Children : 

Lbwxs Wkitzko^^ 

AaxHUB VAUuniNB^, prob. West Shore ticket agent, 300 
Washington St, Boston. 

758. Pbop. Gborgb Pabk*, son of Lewis Whiting (477) 
and Nancy (Fisher) Fisher, was b. at Wrentham, Aug. 10, 
1827 ; graduated at Brown University in 1847 ; studied theol- 
ogy at New Haven in 1848*9, and graduated at; Andover 
Theological Seminary in 1851 ; then went to Germany and 
studied. He was elected Professor of Divinity in Yale Col- 
lege in 1854, and transferred to the chair of Ecclesiastical 
History,' in x86i, a chair which he now holds. Received the 
degree of D. D. from Brown University in 1866; honorary 
D. D., Yale College in 1867; that of LL. D. by the College 
of New Jersey in 1879; and the honorary degree of D. D. 
from the University of Edinburgh and Harvanl College, in 
1886. He is widely known as an author, and it has been 
well said, that "his writings are marked by learning, acute- 
ness, solidity, and breadth of vision/' The chief works he 
has published are : ** Essays on the Supernatural Origin of 
Christianity" (1865); ''Life of Benjamin SiUiman'* (1866); 
" History of the Reformation " (1873) ; "The Beginnings of 
Christianity" (1877); "Faith and Rationalism" (1879); 
"Discussions in History and Theok>gy" (1880); "The 
Christian Religion" (1882) ; "The Grounds of Theistic and 
Christian Belief" (1883); "Outlines of Universal History " 
(1885); "History of the Christian Church " (1887); "Man- 
ual of Christian Eudeavor" (1891); "Manual of Natural 
Theol<^7" (1893) I etc. He has also published numerous 
pamphlets, sermons and review articles, and other writings 
for the religious press. A complete bibliography will be 
found in the "Bibliography of Yale College," by Prof. 
Inring Fisher, of Yale. For other particulars of his life and 
works, see Johnson's "Universal Cyctopsedia," and Drs. 
Schaff and Jackson's " Encyclopaedia of Living Divines." 

Dr. Fisher m. Adeline Louisa Forbes, April 9, i860. Chil- 
dren were : 

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GaOKOS PAJtx'^ b. Jan. 36, z86i. 

WXLUAK Po&Bn'^ b. Jaly 37, 1863. 

CKARtOTTX Root**, b. Aug. 9, 1865; m. George Wharton 

Pepper, Nov. 3S, 1890. Had: Adeline Louiaa ForUm 

Pepper", b. March xi, 1893. 
Addison Lgwis^, b. ; d. 

759. EuzABBTH Richards*, oldest child of Paul (482) 
and Lavina (Richards) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Mass., 
Dec. 33, 1805, and was baptized Jan. 5, 1806. She in. at 
Dedham, March 16, 1830, Joshna Gove Dix, of Albany, 
N. Y. She d. at Elizabeth, N. J., Oct. 6, 1893. Their chil- 
dren were: 

879. JoasuA AtiGuarcs Dix'*, b. Albany, N. Y., April 13, 1831 ; 

a. Jnlia P. Rogers, June z, 1854. 
KMXfMY Dix^, b. Dedham, KUm., Peb. 5, 1833 ; d. in New 

York City, April 2Z, 1891 ; m. May za, Z857, Almira Elleu 

Waite, and had eight children. 
Prancss Buzabstu Dzx>^ be Albany, July 2, 1834 ; d. New 

York Ci^, May 16, 1864 ; m. David C. Collinii ; no isMue. 
Bdward Fishbr Dix^, b. Albany, April 16, 1836 ; d. March 

3» 1844- 
SiLRA Janb Dzx*^ b. Ang. z, 1838; ret. Tarry town, N. Y.; 

Kaihamzxl Pzsbsr Dzx**, b. Tnly z8, 1840; d. Peb. 10, 1843. 
Cbarum WKSZ3Y Diz'*, b. July 8, 1842 ; d. San Francinco, 

Cal., Dec. 26, Z879. 
Naxhanzrx, Pzshbr Dzx**, b. Aug. Z9, 1844; d. Dedham, 

Maaa., Sept. 25, X845. 
WZLUAK Richarzm Diz^, b. Nov. 24, Z846 ; m. Susie Louise 

Barnum, of New Haven, Conn., Nov. 18, z88o ; res. Mout- 

clair, N. J.; has four children. 
Mary A. Dzx*^ b. July 12, 1849; d. Albany, N. Y., Oct. 3, 


780. NATHANiBt*, third child of Paul (482) and .La- 
vina (Richards) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Mass., May 16, 
1818, and moved to New York City, where he became a 
prominent merchant. He m. Mary Ann Woodruff, of 
Blizabethtown, N. J. He d. in New York City, Dec. 9, 1880. 
Children were: 

Infant'*, b. ; d. young. 

Buzabeth'*, b. ; num.; res. New York City. 

lavzwG Rbqua**, b. ; m. ; member of the firm of 

Nathaniel Pbher & Co., 146 Duane street, N. Y. 
Maxy**, b. : m. John R. Downey ; res. New York City. 

Bdwakd DIX'^ b. ; graduated with degree of M. D.; 

a practicing physician. lu 1896 was president of the New 

York County Medical Society; 42 W. 4Sth street,New York 

Caaolinr W.**, b. ; m. William Ives Wa^hburu. 

Annzx a.**, b. ; (twin of Caroline W.); ui. Lcilerts 


Digitized by 



Nathanxbz. C.'^ b. ; graduated mt Yale College, ; 

merchant in New York City, of the firm of Nathaniel 
Fisher 8l Company, 146 Pnane street. Unm. 

Habus Bax^win**, b. ; graduated at Williams Col- 

lege ; dealer in real estate in New York City» at 56 and 58 
Pine street. 

761. Hannah*, second child of John (483) and Keziah 
(Billings) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Feb. 26, 1807, and d. 
Aug. 21, 1894. She m. in 1833, Nathan Phillips. Their 
children were : 

Mary Phiixxps**, b. ; m. Nathaniel Smith, and had 

four children, of whom the oldest was: Blla Smith", 
b. ; m. John H. Burdakin, of Dedham. 

Maria Piskbr Phiuips^*, b. Feb. 6, 1835. 

762. John B.\ third child of John (483) and Keziah 
(Billings) Fisher, was b. in Dedham, Oct. 26, 18x4; m. 
Fanny J. Fanshaw. He d. in 1882. Had : 

Mary Caradora**, b. Sept. 9, 1847; m. Not. 9, 1870, Irving 
D. Clark, of GloversTille, N. Y., and had : Frank Fisher 
Clark's b. Oct. 10, 2873, who graduated at the Bellevne 
Medical College, New York City. 

763. Rsv. NATHANntL Wilcox*, son of Nathaniel 
(485) and Mary (Wilcox) Fisher, waa b. in Newport, N. H., 
March i, 1799 ; lived with his grandparents (Wilcox) from 
1804 to 1813; learned the blacksmith trade (X813-X816); 
worked at his trade in Boston (1816 to 1820); converted to 
Christianity in November, 1820 ; prepared for college with 
Dr. S. Dwight, of Boston ; was at Amherst College, 1822*26. 
graduatixig with degree of A. B., Aug. 23, 1826. Went to 
Auburn Theological Seminary, 1826 to 1829, being licensed 
to preach, Aug. 26, 1828, and commencing preaching at 
Sparta, Livingston County, N. Y., Sept. 8, 1828, where he 
remained six months. He was ordained at Avon, N. Y., Jan. 
31, 1829, by the Ontario Presbytery of the Presbyterian 
Church; received the degree of A. M.; preached at South 
Hollow, N. Y., four months; and went to Galliopolis, O., 
as missionary to the French Huguenots, Oct. 28, 1829, and 
taught school there also. Feb. 10, 1832, he went to Burling- 
ton, O. He accepted the office of financial agent and solic- 
itor for Marietta College, Oct. 27, 1834, and continued in that 
work until July 26, 1836. Was at Thompson, Conn., in 
1836-37, and was sent by the Edticational Board to Lewiston, 
N. Y., and labored in 1837-38, among the Tonawanda and 
Tuscarora Indians, and had great influence with them as ad- 

Digitized by 



visor and instructor. Commenced preaching at Lockport, 
N. Y., in November, 1839 ; at Palmyra, N. Y., in Oct., 1845, 
and at Sandusky, O., in November, 1847, where he >vas pas- 
tor of the First Congregational Church. Also published the 
Seaman's Friend and Soaiman*s Magazine at Sandusky, and 
for two years before his death he was engaged in writing the 
old church history of Geneva and Constantine, and Biblical 
theology. He is said to have been ''a man of talent and a 
fluent speaker." Frequent revivals (at Lockport, Palmyra, 
and Sandusky) occurred during his ministry, in which there 
were many conversions. He died of cholera, at Sandusky, 
Aug. 1, 1849. *' I hear the angels now," were his last words. 
He married, July 33, 1839, by the Rev. A. Sedgwick, at 
Ogden, N. Y., Martha Maria, daughter of Col. Rufus and 
Bxperience (Graves) Graves, who was b. July 14, 1803, 
and d. in Medina, O., Sept. 14, 1867. Col. Graves was b. in 
Leverett, Mass., Sept. 37, 1758; graduated at Dartmouth 
College ; was connected with Amherst College some years, 
and later removed to Portsmouth, O., where he d. Feb. is, 
1845 ; had m. Experience, daughter of Moses Graves, who 
was b. April 9, 1776. [Graves Genealogy, p. 67.] Their 
children were : 

880. Catbbiuns Louisa**, b. at Galliopolis, O., Jnly x6, 1830; m. 

Amos Poster Beardsley, Nov. zo, 18; i. 

881. Carzxm Wixxox*^ b. Burlington; O., May 19, 1853; m. Clar- 

issa A. Beedle, Oct. 7, 1855. 
CwABf,ls Gravbs'*, b. Burlington, O., June 33, 1834; d. at 

Portsmouth, Scioto County, O., Oct. is, 1834. 
883. BUZA JA2rs^^ b. Lewistou, N. Y., June 30, 1837 ; m. Oscar 

C. Sprague, March 4» 1855. 
SUSAM Amuua'*, b. Lockport, N. Y., May 3, 1839 ; d. there, 

Dec. 15, 1839. 

883. Hkun Maria'*, b. Ix>ckport, Sept. 3, 1841; m. Charles iC. 

Hoyt, Jan. 19, 1863. 

884. Mary Williams'*, b. Palmyra, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1843; ^^ 

William L. Stoaks, April 35, 1863. 
Charlrs Nathaniux.^*, b. Sandusky, O., May 6, 1848; d. 
there, June 30, 1848. 

764. Cathbrinh Louisa*, daughter of Nathaniel (485) 
and Mary (Wilcox) Fisher, was b. in Newport, N. U., Jan. * 
15, i8ox; m. there, Nov. 7, 1832, Deacon Henry*, sou of 
Phineas*, and Mary (Lane) Chapiu, of Newport, N. H., who 
was b. April 13, 1800, and d. Jan. 21, 1867. He was a 
farmer at Newport. Their children were : 

885. Charucs HEiraLY Chapin'*» b. Sept. 32, 1823 ; m. Suruli A. 

Nettleton, of Claremont, N. H. 
Daughter'^ b. March 5, 1825 ; d. soon. 

Digitized by 



Nathanibi, Pishsr Chashx^, b. Jan. 4, 1850; m. Delia 
Fletcher, of N. H., Dec. 15, 1854; rea. Chelsea, Mass.; had 
two children: Frank fletcher Chapin*^ and George 
Henry Chapin". 

Bxnncs Cathxaxns'*, b. Dee. az, 1833; m. George Pair- 
banka» of Newport, N. H., and d. of consumption. 

785. Thbodokb Ambs', son of Andrew (489) and Mary 
(Gray) Fisher, was b. in Marietta, O.^ Dec. 19, 18 12; 
learned blacksxnithing in Belpre, O.; moved to Arcadia, 
Morgan County, 111., in 1836, where lie followed his trade 
and afterwards became a merchant. In 1843, he removed to 
Beardstown, Cass County, 111., and commenced the manu- 
facture of plows and wagons. He lost his eyesight in 1870, 
and soon after removed to Petersburg, 111., where he d. Oct. 
5, 1893. He was a man of more than ordinary intellect, 
''especially in the ^eld of mechanics and dvil engineering. 
He was first to suggest a practical plan for the tunneling of 
large rivers, instttd of bridging them; and spent the earn- 
ings of a lifetime in striving to apply his theory in Chic^o 
(a theory that was afterwards successiful), and lived to see it 
applied in the largest tunnel under a river in the world — the 
St. Claire River." He is said to have been "firm in his 
convictions, liberal to others in his views, patriotic to the 
degree of enthusiasm, and a gifted conversationalist. ' ' AU his 
life, too, he was a total abstainer from intoxicating drink. 
He lived honored and respected, and died surrounded by a 
loving fiimily. He m. April 30, 1840, Fannie M. Collins, 
who d. in 1890. Children : 

Anson F.>*, b. Tan. 25, 1841; m. Mary Luman, Oct. 7, 1865. 
Mary Gray**, b. April 4, 1846; living at Petersburg, 111.; 

THBOX)oaB'^ b. March i, 1849; d. Jan. 31, 1894; m. Carrie 

Sttdbrink, Feb; 11, 1874. 
B>CM▲*^ b. Nov. 3, 1851 ; d. Feb. 4, 1886; m. John Cogeshall, 

April 17, 1873; children, res. mostly at Williams, Or., 

were: Nellie Cogeshall", Ada Cogeshall*>, Harry Coges- 

haU" and Bessie Cogeshall*^ 
BU4CN Amanda**, b. Oct. 10, 1854; d. March 5, 1881; m. 

C. C Hatfield, May 14, 1878; had only: Lulu Hatfield*^; 

res. Petersburg, 111. 

Edward Couxns^, b. May 15, 1858; m. Annie Montgom- 
ery, Oct. X4t 1884; res. 261X Cent 
Cal.; had: Fannie", b. in 1891. 

erv, Oct. X4t 1884; res. 261 x Central Avenue, Los Angeles, 

Cbajizas Andrbw'*, b. Oct. 15, 1864 ; m. Ella Rogers, Aug. 
34, 1887; is President of the Central Mattress Manufac- 
turing Association, Petersburg, 111. Have 00 children^ 

Digitized by 




766. Austin G*, sixth child of Andrew (489) and Mary 

(Gray) Fisher, was b, in ; m. ist, Mary Kemp; 

m* 2d, Buphaine Brown ; res. at Randolph, Iowa. Children : 

; m. Cluett; 

AMAxnA}\ b. 

ret. Troy, N. Y. 
Mau^», b. 

ret. liTont, Neb. 
Framx^*, b. 

ret. Lyont, Neb. 
Aucs^ b. 

ret. Phoenix, Arizona. 
C3;,iauL» b. 
AunOLT**, b. 
Famnib'', b. 

ret. Randolph, la. 

iBSSiB,** b. 
^b bjcha '*, b. 
Austin'*, b. 

BDRK I«YI>IA■^ b. 

cago, lilt. 


ret. Randolph, la. 


Newell ; 




CilUn ; 

ret. Randolph, la. 
; ret. Randolph, la. 
ret. Randolph, la. 
ret. 2602 Lake Avenue, Chi« 

767. Db. Nathanibi* Augustus', oldest son of William 
(492) and Polly (BUis) Fisher, was b. in Attleboro, Ma«ss., 
Aug. 3, 181 1 ; fitted for college at Amherst Academy, and 
graduated at Amherst College, in 1831. Studied medicine 
with Dr. I4. L. Miller in 1831-33, and at Harvard Medical 
School, 1833-34, where he received his degree of M. D. in 1834. 
Practised medicine in Providence, R. I., and in the South ; 
founded, with his brother-in-law, Walaloi, Florida. Moved 
to SatilUi, Ga., where he owned lumber mills and was living 
when the Civil War broke out, and left all for the North, and 
soon became surgeon of the 13th Connecticut Volunteers, and 
served for fifteen months in the Department of the Gulf. His 
health failing, he returned to Norwich, Conn., and afterwards 
removed to Providence, R; I., where he practised dentistry, 
and where he d. May 19, 1883. At the time of bis death he 
was secretary of the R. I. Society for the Prevention of 
Cruelty to Animals. He was about six feet high, of light 
complexion, highly cultured,' had fine social ([ualities, and 
was a kind, upright, honorable man. He m. Oct. 22, 1834, 
Ophelia, daughter of Judge John Nichols, of Thompson, 
Conn., who d. in Providence, July 10, 1887. They had only : 

BUBN**, b. Dec. 31, 1835 ; nnmarried ; fttill liviii(^. 

768. WiLUAM*, second son of William (492) and Polly 
(Ellis) Fisher, was b. in Attleboro, Mass., July 28, 1H13; 
was well educated ^ a partner with his father in the firtn o( 

Digitized by 



William Fisher & Sons, at Fisherville, Conn. ; d. at Fisher<( 
ville (now Grosvemordale), Nov. 17, 1843. An excellent 
man. He m. Mary A. Sawyer, of Thompson, Conn. No issne. 

769. JoBL Buis*, son of William (492) and Polly 
(Ellis) Fisher, was b. in Attleboro, Mass., Aug. 18, 1815 ; 
was well educated, and became a partner in the cotton mill 
firm of William Fisher & Sons at Fisherville, Conn. Con- 
tracting consumption, he moved to Satilla, Ga., where he d. 
Oct. 5, 1854, from yellow fever, which he had caught on a trip 
to St. Mary's, Florida. A Methodist. Hem. ist, Aug. i, 
1838, Irene Houghton, of Providence, R. I., by whom he 
had one son. He m. 2d, May 15, 1850, Martha A. Taylor, of 
Westfield, Conn. ; m. 3d, Julia Bryant, of Florida, by whom 
he had a son. Children: 

BuGBint Btjjs'*, b. Tune 24, 1843 ; was in the Civil War, and 
a priaoner at Anderaonville, Ga.; not heard from since 

Bl;us'^ b. Oct. 3» 1854, at Satilla, Ga.; d. when about eight 
montha old. 

770. Sibyl Ann*, daughter of William (492) and Polly 
(Ellis) Fisher, was b. in Attleboro, Mass., Feb. 18, 1820; 
was well educated and refined ; joined the Congregational 
church in Thompson, Conn., in 1837; m. March i, 1842, 
Emory H. Penniman, a merchant of New York city, now 
dead. She res. with her husband in New York city, Florida 
and Georgia ; now lives, highly respected and beloved, in 
Cromwell, Conn. Children : 

WiuzAK Prsdbezc PsinmiAK^, res. Thomasville, Ga. 
Bdwakd Augustus Psmmimam^*, rea. Brunswick, Ga. 
Wai^tbr STUAB.T PaNNiUAM*^ d. in infancy. 
ClXBMKCM BoGzvm Pbnnimam'*', res. Connecticut. 

771. Georgb Amory*, son of William (492) and Laura 
(Williams) Fisher, was b. at KiUingly, Conn., May 3x, 
1824 ; was a soldier in the Civil War ; was under Bumside at 
Newbem, N. C; a dentist by profession. He d* of yellow 
fever, in Mexico, June 13, x88i. He m. June 7, 1849, Eliza 
Burgess, of Norwich, Conn., who d. in New York in the sum- 
mer of 1898, and was buried at Norwich, Conn. Had : 

Gborgb'*. a student at Allendale Seminary, preparing for 
the ministry ; mind affected by hard study and now in 
Bloomingdale Asylum, N. Y. 

CHAmiatv BuaOESS*^ was a clerk in a bank in New York 
city ; now dead. 

Digitized by 



T72. John Leonard*, sou of John (495) and Naucy 
(Parrmgton) Fisher, wash, in West Dedham, April 13, 1829; 
m. at Dedham, Feb. 28, 1854, Lucy, daughter of CoHiurn and 
Lucy (Ellis) Ellis, who was b. at West Dedham, Au^. 11, 
X833. He is a farmer and res. at Fox Hill in West Dedham, 
now Westwood, Mass. Their children : 

HauustBlizabRH**, b. April 3, 1855 ; res. with her pnrenU. 

886. Carouns liUCY^^, b. Sept. 3, 1856 ; m. Nov. 9, 1881, Charles 

Theodore Wheelock, of Norwood. 

887. John BR8N^^ b. May 30, 1861 ; m. Lixxie May Eldridge, April 

zo, 1894. 
Nancy Aasijudb'^ b. Nov. 29, 1868; ret. Westwood. 
LZUMN BtUS^*, b. Oct. 8, 1870; res. Westwood. 

778. Nancy Euzabhtu*, daughter oi John (495) and 
Nancy (Farrington) Fisher^ was b. in West Dedham, June 
t9f 1834 ; m* there, June 19, 1856, David Augustus, sou of 
Abram and Emily Hodgdon, a carpenter, oi West Roxbury. 
They had: 

AaousTus PrsKBa Hodgdon*^ b. Nov. 10, 1858; m. Auf(. 21, 
1884, Helea Manila Fogg, who was b. Nov. 14, 1861, in 
Sottth Dedham. 

774. Susanna Abigail*, second child of Joshua (496) 
and Eliza W. (Fumald) Fisher, was b. in West Dedham, 
Oct. 29, 1836 ; m. May 8, 1859, George Washington Prcscott, 
son of Abram and Abigail Hayden (Marsh) Prcscott. He 
is editor and proprietor of the Quincy Daily Ledger, the only 
daily published in Norfolk County, Mass. ; also of the Quincy 
Patriot^ and the Braintree Observer, They res. at 13 Spear 
street, Quincy. Their chUdren were : 

PmANK FiSHRR PRBSC0TT'^ b. Sept. 4, j86o; m. Fannie 

Angusta Prescott, Oct. 27, 1886. 
£XTA Maksu PaKSCorr**, b. Noy. 23, 1863 ; res. with her 

Amnib LufCOUf Prkscott'*, b. Aug. 3, 1865 ; editor in (^uiucy; 

res. with her parents. 

BBXM PlUiSCOTT*^ h. Autf. X, 1867; Ul. 3cilt. 19, 1883, ttt 

Braintree, Helen Winitred Arnoicl, ilauKiiier of OcorKC 
Henry sad Mary Perkins (Allen) Arnold, of Braintree. 
A salesman in hardware business ; res. Braintree. IImI : 
George Arnold Prescott**, b. Feb. i, 1896. 
Aucit KiRTU pRKSCOrr^*, b. Sept. 23» 1876 ; re«. with imreuU. 

T75. Prbbmaji*, fifth child of Joshua (496) and lUiza 
W. (Fumald) Fisher, was b. in West Dedham, Mass., Jan. 
3, 1843; m. in Dedham, by the Rev. Jonathan Kdward.s, 
March 31, 1869, Elizabeth Doggett Clapp, daughter of Nath- 

Digitized by 




aniel Clapp, of Walpole, and Elizabeth Clapp, of Dedhaxn. 
She was b. in Dedham, Nov. 15, 1841. Mr. Fisher carried 
on a dairy and milk farm in Dedham, and had established a 
large trade at the time of his death. He was killed by his 
horse running away, March 14, 1876. His widow res. in 
Readville, Mass., with her son. Children were: 

MiaiAM BuRGSSS'^ b. Oct. 15, 1870; d. Jan. 33» 1882. 
Katk Phixjjps^^, b. Nov. 27, 1871 ; res. Medfield ; unm. 
Nathanibi, Clapp**, b. Noy. 4, 1873; res. Spngue street, 

Readville ; clerk and bicycle asent and repairer ; unm. 
Hbnry FasEMAir'', b. June 14, 1575; d. Jan. 14, 1882. 

770. Ebbnbzer*, sixth child of Joshua (496) and Eliza 
W. (Fumald) Fisher, was b. in Qnincy, Mass., June 24, 
1844, and d. of pneumonia, at Boston, May 30, 1886. He m. 
in Boston, June 18, 1878, Eleanor A. Blunt, daughter of 
Alfred Blunt, of Boston. He wrote for the Carriage Monthly. 
His widow res. ( 1896) in Cambridgeport. No children. 

777. Joshua Stii^lman*, seventh child of Joshua (496) 
and Eliza W. (Fumald) Fisher, was b. in Quincy, Mass., 
May 10, 1849 ; educated in t^ie Dedham High School, smd 
the Boston Commercial CoUege ; removed to Fort Scott, Kans. 
He m. there, Oct. 4, 1884, Mary Melissa Miller, who was b. 
Junes, 1864, at Economy, Ind., daughter of Samuel J. Mil- 
ler and Martha A. Brenner. They removed to Quincy, Mass., 
in January, 1894, where he is a bookkeeper; res. at 13 Spear 
street. Child : 

Nana Stix«ucan>^ b. Fort Scott, Kan., Feb. 6, 1891. 

778'. Gborck WAsniNGTON*, son of George (498) and 
Hannah (Smith) Fisher, was b. in Dover, Mass., June 29, 
18x4. His parents removed to New York State ; he m. June 
4, 1846, Mary Jane Acer, of Pittsford, N. Y., and d. in Roch- 
ester, Feb. 14, 1895. Their children : 

Gkokcx EvKJLAao'*, b. April 28, 1847; res. Rochester. 
SAaA Buzabsth'^, b. July i, 1850; res. 49 Front street, 
Rochester; unm. 

779. Nathan F.*, son of Charles (499) and Ruby 
( ) Fisher, was b. at Dover, Mass., Feb. 13, 1816; m. 

at Walpole, Sept. 9, 1835, Elizabeth C, daughter of Harvey 
Boyden, of Walpole. They lived in Dover and Medfield. 
She died a number of years ago ; and he married again and 
moved west. Their children were : 

Digitized by 



Charlks**, b. ; m. and is IWing in the West ; had a 

family of four boys and one girl: Annette**, Eugene", 
Jnlian", Bdmnnd" and Prank". 

Harrist BurABSTu'^ b. Sept. 17, 1843. 

HiorEY STSwa&T", b. May rj, 1846. 

Blla. Mailza'*, b. Sept. a, 1848 ; m. ; d. 

Waux> B•*^ b. ; d. Jan. ax» 1857. 

780. Harris Wilson*, son of Charles (499) and Ruby 
( ) Fisher, was b. April 25, 1817 ; m. at Wrentham, 
Dec. 30, 1841, Mary Nelson, daughter of Levi Nelson and 

( ) Blake, who was b. in North Wrentham, now 

Norfolk, Mass. He went to California in the fifties. Their 
children : 

Harris NstaoN**, b. at Wrentham, Feb. 25, 1843 ; d. March, 

X897 ; m. Ada B. Blake, May 2, 1883 ; res. Sonth Boston. 
Myra AGNBS*^ b. Jan. 4, 1847. 
Mary AuC8*^ b. Jan. 4» 1847; d. Aug. 28, 1848. 

781. Jambs Otis*, son of Nathan Mason (500) and Eliz- 
abeth Gray (Champney) Fisher, was b. in Dover, Mass., June 
30, 1825, and d. in Rochester, N. Y., June 30, 1866. He m. 
Oct. 25, 1846, Melissa Sherman, of West Henrietta, N. Y., 
daughter of Jarvis Sherman. Two of their children died in 
childhood, a third was : 

BUZABSTH Hbnsuaw'*, b. in West HenrietU, N. Y., March 
10, 1859; m. a Mr. Calkins, and res. at Henrietta, N. Y. 

783. Abigail Mason*, daughter of Nathan Mason (500) 
and Elizabeth Gray (Champney) Fisher, was b. in Dover, 
Mass., Oct. 16, 1827; m. May 28, 1846, Henry Ware Clarke, 
of Boston. She d. April 2, 1847. They had : 

Prank WxccuiswoRTH Clarkx'*, b. in Boston, March 19, 
1847 ; m. Sept. 9, 1874, Mary P. Olmstead, of Cauibrid((c, 
Mass. He is connected with the U. S. Geological Survey, 
at Washington, D. C. Has three daughters. 

783. Abnkr Ki«us*, .son of Freeman (501) and Martha 
(Ellis) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, Dec. 5, 1816; m. Oct. 4, 
1843, Elizabeth Dwight, daughter of George Theodore and 
PrisciUa (Pinkham) Baker, of New Bedford, who was b. 
Feb. 14, 1822. A wholesale dry goods dealer in Boston, and 
afterwards a manufacturer of oil and candles. He d. June 
17, i86x. Their children were: 

Gkorgb PRKB1CAN^^ b. Tuly 14, 1844 *, res. New York City. 
Carounk Louisa ■^ b. Oct. i, 1832; d. Sept. 14. 1854. 

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784. Hbmry G. B/, son of Freeman (501) and Mary 
Godfrey (Bronson) Fisher, was b. in Boston, 1834 ; m. at 
Nice, France, April 29, 1878, Mrs. Susan Frances (Robin- 
son) Blackinton, of North Adams, Mass., who d. in New 
York City, Jan. 7, 1898. He attended the Dedham High 
School in 185 1. Entered the U. S. navy as captain's 
clerk, April, 1861, on the ship '* Minnesota," and was after- 
wards secretary to Admiral Stringham, North Atlantic 
Squadron, to August, x86i. Later he was with the Seward 
Expedition to Japan. Is a woolen manufacturer at North 
Adams, Mass., and has a New York office at 62-64 Worth 
Street. Member Union Club, 8 Park Street, Boston. No 

785. William Prbkman*, son of Freeman (501) and 

Mary Godfrey (Bronson) Fisher, was b. in Boston in , 

X840 ; m. Oct. 8, 1863, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph 
and Mercy F. (Perry) Sampson, who was b. in Cincinnati, O., 
in 1842, and d. May 2, 1893. 

Children, all b. in DecUiam, were: 

PasxuAK'*, b. Jan. 19, i860; unm. 

Bbrtha'*, b. Oct. 8, 1867; m. F. T.-Plumer. 

Mary GoDPaav'*, b. July 11, 1871 ; m. Feb. ai, 188S, Harold 
Jewett Pelton, of Dedham, who d. July 6, 1891. Had two 
children : Harold Pinher Pelton" and Elizabeth Sampson 
Pelton". She m. 2d, Richard W. A. Scott, in Jamaica 
Plain, June 30, 1895. They had: Bronson Barnes Scott*'. 
Res. at 12 Stratford Street, Dorchester. 

786. Ebbnezbr Shortlamd*, son of Ebenezer (502) 

and Sophia M. (Smith) Fisher, was b. in , Aug. 

30, 1823, and d. in Boston, April 7, 1867. He m. in Ded- 
ham, July 5, 1849, Ellen M. P., daughter oi Charles B. and 
Mary (Patterson) Shaw, oi Dedham, who was b. Sept. 4, 
1825. He was a merchant at 23 Central Wharf, Boston, 
with Francis and Francis K. Fisher as partners. His 
widow res. at Taunton, Mass., with her son. Children were : 

CUARLBS PRANCXS*^ b. Sept. I, 1850; d. May 27, 1878. 
WAZ.TBa LivBRSiDGB**, b. NoY. 37, 1852 *, d. Sept. 14, 1853. 
888. Hkrsbrt^*, b. March 8, 1854; m. Carrie M. Williams, April, 
10, 1884. 

787. Gkorcb FRANKI.IN*, fourth child of Ebenezer 
(502) and Sophia Matilda (Smith) Fisher, was b. in Ded- 
ham, Sept. 2, 1830; m. Oct. 9, 1856, Mary Rebecca, 

Digitized by 



daughter of Edward Metcalf and Rebecca (Guild) Richards, 
who was b. July x6, 1832. They res. in Dedham. Had : 

Ankxs Richards**, b. Feb. 37, 1858; tn. Nov. la, 1891, 
Arthnr W. Thsyer, of Dedhsm. 

788. Alvan Josiau', sou of Alvau (504) and Lydia 
(Ellis) Fisher, was baptized at Dedham, March 30, 1832, 
and d. there, April 15, 1863. He m. at Dedham, Jan. 1, 
1851, Martha Clark, daughter of Leonard and Adaline (Swan) 
Alden, who was b. at Dedham, Dec. 16, 1832, and d. Feb. 
19, 1887. She m. 2d, Dr. Alfred R. Bullard, who d. at sea. 
May 5, 1867. Children were : 

ADAXjm Swak'*, b. Jan. 15, 1852 ; m. at Dcdbatu, June 9, 
1870, Lasher Gay, ton of Luther Gay and Elizabeth (Sau« 
ford) Baker, of Dedham ; they had : Bdward Sherman 
Baker", b. March 16, x88o; Martha May Baker'', b. March 

a, i88s. 

FasDKRiCK W.**, b. Feb. 14, 1854 ; m. at Dedham, Jan. 30, 1879, 
Annie B.i daughter of Silat and Annie P. Arnold, who wat 

b. in Providence, R. I., in 1855 ; ret. Botton. 
ALVAif BuaGsas'*, b. Dec. 2, 1859 ; d. Aug. aa, i86c. 

780. Francis Kittrbdcb*, son of Francis (505) and 
Lydia (Kittredge) Fisher, was b. in Boston, Sept. 3, 1838 ; 
m. Nov. 27, 1865, Mary Josephine, daughter of Dr. William 
and Sarah (Bradley) Mason, of Charlestown, who was b. 
May 13, 1843, and is still living. Francis K. Fisher entered 
the counting room of the firm of Fisher &, Company, of 
which his father was the senior partner, and pa^ed through 
every grade until he became a partner in the firm. In his 
business career he was successful, and he was universally be- 
loved by all who had either business or social relations with 
him. He d. at Funchal, Madeira, April 20, 1868, while on a 
yacht voyage for his health. They had no children. 

700. Col. Hok ack Newton', second son of Francis ( 505 ) 
and L3rdia (Kittredge) Fisher, was b. in Boston, Oct. 19, 1836 ; 
m. Nov. 13, 1865, Kiameche Cecilia, second daughter of Dr. 
William Mason(A. M., Bowdoin; M. D., Harvard, 1832), of 
Charlestown, Mass., who was b. March 14, 1848. He entered 
the Boston Latin School, graduating as Franklin medal 
scholar in 1853; graduated from Harvard College, A. B., 
1857; later took the A. M. degree; in course entered the 
Dane Law School, in September, 1857, and graduated with 
his LL. B. degree in 1859. That year in company with his 
brother, John Herlxsrt, he went to Europe, traveling very ex- 
tensively over the continent, and down to the Holy I^nd and 

Digitized by 



Egypt. While in England he made some research for the 
home of the early emigrants of the Fisher family, and going 
to Syleham in County Suffolk, discovered the material which 
we have placed in the first chapters of this book. The news 
of the firing on Fort Sumter reached them when the}** were in 
Seville, Spain, and they immediately came back to America. 
Col. Fisher set to work to prepare himself for the staff service, 
and obtaining the higher military education needed for it. 
He entered the Army of the Ohio, Feb. 14, 1862, with the 
rank of first lieutenant, acting as volunteer aide-de-camp on 
the staff of Gen. William Nelson, and participated in the occu- 
pation of Nashville, Feb. 26, and the battles of Pittsburg 
Landing, April 6, and Shiloh, April 7, and also at the 
siege of Corinth, May 8 to 29. May 18, 1862, he received 
the rank of captain, A. D. C, staff of Maj.-Gen. A. 
McD. McCook, which rank he held until May 7, 1863. 
While still acting as a volunteer, without pay, he was made 
chief ex^neer of the Second Division, Amy of die Ohio, 
Sept. 20, 1863, and topographical engineer of the right wing, 
Anny of the Cumberland, Dec. 25, 1862. He became fiiit 
lieutenant of the First Middle Tenn. Cavalry, May 7, 1863, 
to qualify for promotion as inspector-general, 20th Army 
Corps. After the battle of Stone River, he was promoted to 
be inspector-general, with the tank of lieutenant-colonel, and 
assistant-inspector-general of U. S. Volunteers, May 21, 1863, 
onstkffof Maj.-Gen. McCook. Afterthe battle of Chickamauga, 
he became acting -inspector -general of the Army of the 
Cumberland, oh staffs successively of General Rosectans and 
General George H. Thomas. During the Chickamauga cam- 
paign, while in the discharge of his duty, he received a severe 
injury, which entirely disabled him, and obliged him to re- 
turn home, and after some delay, he was forced to resign his 
commission, Nov. xo, 1863. 

He remained at home for some months, in very feeble 
health, and in 1864, sailed for Buenos Ayres. He traveled ex- 
tensively in South America, and after some months returned 
home, much improved in health. He has since been in busi- 
ness in Boston, and resided in Charlestown and Brookline. 
In 1876, he was made consul of Chili, in Boston, by that 
government, in recognition for some public sendee rendered 
it, which position he has held ever since. Their children : 

Francis MASON^^ b. Sept. 20, 1866; d. April 7, 1882. 
Mary Lvdia**, b. Aug. i, 1868. 
Sarah Goddard*^, b. March 16, 1870. 
Horace Cbcii.*'', b. Jan. 11, 1873; gradaau^i at Harvard, 
A. B., 1894. 

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701. John Hb&bbrt*, third son of Francis (505) and 
Lydia (Kittredge) Fisher, was b. in Boston, Nov. 27, 1838; 
entered the Boston Latin School in 1850, and in 1859 went to 
Europe with his brother, Horace N. Fisher, travelling in 
most of the countries, and in Egypt and the Holy Land. 
They returned on hearing of the outbreak of the Civil War, 
in 1861, in June, and, being too delicate for army life, John 
H. Fisher entered the Scientific School at Harvard to complete 
his education. After graduating in 1863, with his S. B. and 
'* magna cum laude," he joined his brother, Horace N. Fisher, 
at the front, and was offered the position of captain and 
volunteer A.D.C. on General McCook's corps staff, in which 
capacity he distinguished himself at the battle of Chickamauga . 
He resigned soon after. He was in business in Boston until 
his death,- which occurred at Denver, Col., Sq>t. 6, 1896. He 
was never married. 

792. Martha*, oldest child of Jacob (508) and Orricy 
(Hills) Fisher, wash, in Lancaster, Mass., Aug. ao, 1819; 
m. there, Nov. X2, 1846, Peder Anderson, of Lowell, who 
was b. in Bergen, Norway, Aug. 14, 18 10, and d. in Lancas- 
ter (?) July 27, 1874. Children^ b. in Lowell : 

Anwa Pramcbs Akdbkson**, b. Jan. 13, 1849. 
BusABKH WHrtMABsa AnnBRSOM^, b. Jan. a6, iSso. 

ISABELTJk AlfnSRSON**, b. April 2, 1856. 

703. Sarah*, second child of Jacob (508) and Orricy 
(Hills) Fisher, was b. in Lancaster, Mass., Jan. 30, 1822 ; 
m. there, April 17, 1843, Thomas Howe, of Boston, who was 
bom in Lancaster, Dec. 2, x8o8, and d. Nov. 9, 1883. She 
d. July 13, 1880. Children, b. in Brookline : 

Sarah Katb HowK*^ b. July 2, 1844. 
£dwaR2> Thomas Howr'*, b. Jta. 15, 1849. 
Gkrtruox Howx'*, b. Jan. 22. 1856. 
Louiss Uowb'**, b. Nov. 13, 1859. 

X3, 18 
. b.Ja 

Pbrczvaz. SpurrHowx'^, b. Jan. 26, 1863. 

704. Carounb*, fourth child of Jacob (508) and Orricy 
(Hills) Fisher, wash, in Lancaster, Mass., Sept. 9, 1826; 
m. Feb. 9, 1857, as his second wife. Rev. Farrington Mclntire, 
of Grafton, Mass., who was b. in Kitchburg, June 29, 1819, 
and d. July 6, 1893. He graduated from Harvard, 1843, and 
received degree of A. M., and from the Divinity School in 
1846. [History of Grafton, p. 207.] Children, b. in Filchburg : 

CHARuyrrx Pishkr McIntxrb**. b. May 12, 1862. 
Herman Funt McImtikk"', b. Jan. 19, 1865. 

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705. Andrew*, only son of Jacob (508) and Orricy 
(Hills) Fisher, was b. in Lancaster, Mass., Feb. 24, 1829 ; 
m. Julia Ferree, March 9, 1856. Children, b. in Indianapolis, 
Ind. : 

GaoRGB Durham**, h. Dec. 20, i8s6. 
CBARi.onE^, b. Oct. 26, 1864. 

706. Emily', sixth child of Jacob (508) and Orricy 
(Hills) Fisher, was b. in Lancaster, Mass., Feb. 19, 1831 ; 
m. June 3, 1862, Spencer R. Merrick, who was b. in Stur- 
bridge, Mass., June 9, 1832. Child, b. in Lancaster: 

BuzABSTu Fisher Merrick'*, b. July 21, 1868. 

707. Harriet Carter*, oldest child of Ephraim Carter 
(509) and SaUy (Hills) Fisher, was b. at Lancaster, Mass., 
Dec. 21, 1822 ; m. Sept. 3, 1856, Henry Colman Kimball, who 
was b. Feb. 25, 1820. They res. at Stoughton, where he was 
long the town clerk. She d. at Stoughton. Adopted child : 

Margaret Kikbau, b. March 12, 1865. 

708. Wii^UAM Henry', second son of Ephraim Carter 
(508) and Sally (Hills) Fisher, was b. at Lancaster, Mass., 
May II, 1844. He served in Co. I, 53d Mass. Infant (nine 
months), enlisting Oct. 18, 1862, and was mustered out Sept. 
2, 1863. He m. Fanny Sibley, May i, 1881. They had: 

Sarah Huas**, b. Nov. 12, 1883. 
Rov Sibley'*, b. March 19, 1885. 
Louise KncRAIx'^ b. Jan. 14, 1887. 
Pu>RENCE May**, b. Dec. 30, 1888. 
EHitY Margaret**, b. Dec. 19, 1891. 

700. Mason*, eldest son of Caleb (512) and Eliza 
(Plimpton) Fisher, of Medfield, was b. there. May 8, 18 19 ; 
moved to Fall River in 1840 ; m. there, Hannah Robeson, 
daughter of Capt. Weston Smith of Fall River. He has 
carried on the baking business under the name of M. Fisher 
& Co. for fifty years. They had : 

889. Charus Edward^*, b. March 16, 1846; m. BlUT. Kilburn ; 

ret. Pall River. 

890. George BoirrwEU'*, b. Sept. 20, i8si ; m. Annie Elizabeth 

Nichols; res. Pall River. 

800. Henry H.*, second son of Caleb (512) and Eliza 
(Plimpton) Fisher, of Medfield, was b. there, Dec. 3, 1823; 
m. Jan. 2, 1845, Judith, daughter of Cornelius and Rachel 

Digitized by 



Biightman, of Little Compton, R. I. Settled in New Bed- 
ford in 1849, where he has been in the baking business : pro- 
prietor of die Union Bakery there. They had : 

891. HSNmisXTA M.*** b. Tan. 3, i8si ; m. Feb. i8» 1873, Brskine 
H. Pierce* of New Bedford. 
Hauly W.*^ b. Feb. 19, i860; d. Hsy 31, 1887. 

801. GBOitGB*, son of Caleb (5x2) and Eliza (Plimpton) 
Fisher, was b. at Medfield, Dec. 25, 1826.; m. July 7, 1850, 
Sarah J., daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth ( ) Fuller, 

of Dedham, who was b. . He was a cabinet- 

maker ; now res. at Hyde Park, Mass. Had only : 

Majly a.**, b. at Medford, July 6, 1853 ; m. at Sharon, Nov. 
5, 1877, Charles W. Keene, of Sonth Hanson, Mass. 

80S. Hknry a.*, son of Allen (5x3) and Abby A. (Orr) 
Fisher, wais b. at ; m. at Needham, Nov. 27, 

X862, Ljrdia Ann J. Russell, who was b. at Needham in 1840. 
They have resided at Needham. They had : 

HowAiLO H.**, b. May 10, 1863. ' 

MxiVHXB R•^^ b. Newton, June 4, 1866 ; d. Needham, Aug. 27, 

WbnrasD I.>^ b. April xo, 1869. 
JOSBPH R.**, h. March 5, 1872. 
GSOROB A.**, b. Jan. xq, X874. 
GaamnDB W•*^ b. Feb. is* 1878. 
Daughter^*, b. Sept., x88o. 

803. Joseph H.*, son of Allen (5x3) and Abby A. (Orr) 
Fisher, was b. at Warwick, Oct. xo, X845; m. at Need- 
ham, Dec. 20, x866, Elizabeth, daughter of William and 
Maria Moseley, who was b. in Exigland, Sept. 22, X845. He 
has been an engineer and car-ixispector, residing at Needham* 
and Boston* Children ; 

WXU4S H.**, b. Oct. 3X, 1869; d. Jan. 23, i88r. 

ALSOM G.**, b. Oct X9, 1871 ; d. Jan. 29, 1881. 

Myron M.*^ b. June 21, X873 ; d. June w, 18^. 

BUZABBTK P.'*, b. Not. 14, 1875; res. The Bigelow, Auite 17, 

Bast Canton street, Boston (3, x8, 1894). 
BxacHAAD G.**; b. Oct. x8, 1877; d. Jan. 6, x88i. 
Ankxb MAaxA■^ b. Kansas City, Sept. 18, 1884. ' 

804. Gborgb L.*, son of Allen (513) and Abby A.(Orr) 
Fisher, was b. at Needham, ; 
m. Dec. X, X87X, Sarah E., daughter of William B. and Mary 
(Grossman) Smith, who was b. at , May 24, 1852, and 

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d. at Needham, July 12, x88o, aged 28 years. They res. at 
Needham; their children were : 

Abbxs B.^, b. Ang. 6, 1873. 
Frank B.'*, b. Oct. 6» 1873. 
WiuxAK AxAXv'*, b. July 3, la 
Daughter'*, b. and d. July la, t 

805. Galen Ore*, son of Allen (513) and Abby A. 
(Orr) Fisher, was b. at Needham, March 21, 1854; m. there, 
Nov. 20, 1875, Rachel Blood, of Needham, who was b. in 
England. They res. at Needham ; had : 

AI3SRT Axarn'*, b. Dec. 3Z, 1876. 
AxxcB A.^, b. Dec. 5, 1878. 
HiiRRY^, b. Dec. 4, i88i. 
Carrie Daxa^, b. Jane 32, 1890. 


806. Irving M.*^ son of Minot (5x7) and Mary F. 
(Day) Fisher, was b. Oct. 2, 1839, and removed to Iowa. In 
July, 1861, he enlisted in Co. B, Seventh Iowa Infantry, and 
was at the battle of Belmont, suid sieges of Forts Henry and 
Donelson. He was wounded, and was discharged, March 22, 
1862, on account of disability. Enlisted again, Oct 13, 1862, 
in Co. C, Fourteenth Iowa Vol. In&ntry, and was sergeant. 
Was honorably discharged at the close of the war. Res. 
Allison, Iowa. 

807. George Simeon'*, son of Simeon (522) and Mary 
Ann (Rockwood) Fisher, was b. in West Medway, Sept. 13, 
1828; m. Mira A. Babcock, Nov. 22, 1852. In 1862 he re- 
sided in Ashland, Mass., and served in Co. E, 5th Regiment 
Mass. Vols., from Sept. 16, 1862, to July 2, 1863. He subse- 
quently res. in Holliston. Children were : 

Abby Marxa^i b. May a6, 1853 ; m. Peter Anthony Yeagcr, 

June 15, 1873 1 res. Worcester (1888). 
Urrxb Louise", b. July 2, 1835. 
Carv Rocxwood", b. Nov. 13, 1856; d. 


Mary Rocxwood", 6. Nov. 13, 1856; d. Feb. 23, i860. 
WiLUAM H.'^ b. June 23, 1858; m. June 24, 1882, Kate T., 
daughter of Timothy and Annie Cronin. 
893. Gkobck Elmer Buswobth", b. AshUnd, Mass., Dec. 28, 
i86x ; m. Ida May Adams, Nov., 1884. 
CuAJUjiS Simeon", b. Nov. 13, 1869; d. Dec. 13, 1869. 
NK1.LIE Babcock", b. Ashland, Oct. i, 1864. 
Laura", b. 

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808. WiLZ^ARD Pib&cb'*, son of Simeon (532) and Mary 
Ann (Rockwood) Fisher, was b. in Medway, Oct. 2, 1842 ; 
m. xst, Jan. 27, 1862, Mary Lamb, daughter of Denting J. 
and Lucia A. (Daniels) Hastings, who was b. in Medway, 
Jan. 27, 1844, and d. Jan. 21, z868. He m. 2d, Clam Ban- 
croft, of West Medway, in 1869. He served in the Civil 
War from Sept. 13, 1862, as a private in Co. B, 42d Regi- 
ment Mass. Vols., and at Brashear City, La., June 23, 1863, 
was taken prisoner. He was paroled June 26, and was hou- 
ombly mustered out Augtist 20, 1863. He enlisted again 
and served as corporal of the x6th Mass. Light Battery, from 
March iz, 1864, to June 27, 1865. For some years he re- 
sided in Medway and HolUston; res. in Danvers in 1895; 
at one time he was an ale manufacturer, and later a hack 
driver in Salem. He has been Commander of Post 90, G. 
A. R., at Danvers. Children : 

Cbabijbs S.", b. May 35, 1863 ; 
Staniford", b. in Salem, Aug. 9, 1871. 
Panchon**, b. Salem, Aug. 3X, 1872. 

808a. Emily Francbs Ali^bn'*, first child of Adeline 
Fisher (529) and. Lemuel Allen, was b. in Walpole, May i, 
1836, and d. in Sharon, March iO| 1897. She m. in Walpole, 
Nov. II, 1857, Daniel Webster*, son of Deacon Daniel^ and 
Abigail (Hewins) Pettee, who was b. in Sharon, Feb. 20, 
1832. He is a merchant, res. Sharon. Their children were : 

Adbukb Praiccss Pbttsb*'. b. Aag. 6, 1859 ; graduate of 
Mt. Holyoke Seminary, and for many years assistant 
principal of Northfieid Seminary ; m. Rev. Silas P. Cook, 
Nov. 24, 1808 ; res. Lee, Mass. 

AUMX WXBSTKR Pkttick", b. Aug. 19, x862 ; d. Sept. 19, 1863. 

Geoecb DANini, Pxttkk", b. July 24, 1864; graduate of 
Phillips Academy, Andover, and of Yale College ; now a 
teacher in Phillips Academy, Andover; m. in New Ifavcu, 
Conn., Aug 27, 1888, Rose Lombard, who was b. in Conn., 
Aug. ay, 1868; children, b. in Andover, Mass., were: 
Allen Daaforth Pettee", b. Sept. a, 1889; Prances PetWe", 
b. Peb. 39, 1896. 

Bmica Looisa Pkttkk", b. Sept. 5, 1866; a graduate of Mt. 
Holyoke Seminary. 

Hbuin Wbbstbr Pkttkb", b. July 34, 1873 ; graduated at 
Northfieid Seminary ; was in Wellesley College, class of 
'98; d. March 6, 1898. 

Lbmukl Gakdnub PutTKB^', b. April 10, 1875 ; a graduate 
of Phillips Academy, Andover, and Yale College ; teacher 
in Dummer Academy, ByQeld, Mass. 

808b. Mblzar W. Allrn'^, second child of Adeline* 
Fisher (529) and Lemuel Allen, was b. in Walpole, Dec. 7, 
1840; m. in Franklin, Feb. 13, 1867, Martha, dauj^hter of 

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Joseph Addison and Chloe Fales (Adams) Metcalf, who was 
b. in Winthrop, Me., June xo, lai^z. He is a carpenter and 
builder ; res. Walpole, where their children were bom : 

John Ststson Axaxn". b. Jan. 7, z868 ; in basineM vrith hit 
father ; res. Walpole. 

BBRKAan MKT.ZAH AuxK*', b. Dec. 19, 1869; graduated 
from Phillipii Academy, Andover, and Yale College; a 
teacher in Phillips Academy ; m. in New Hayen, Conn., 
Sept. 4, i894« Bmma Neva Hotchkiss, who was b. in New 
Haren, Feb. 19, 1873 ; their children, b. in Andover, were : 
Winthrop Hotchkiss Allen", b. July 8, 1895; Elizabeth 
May Alien", b. Aug. 27, 1896. 

Cha&uks Mxtcalp Alun", b. Dec. zs, 1871 ; graduated at 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and an instructor there 

Phujp Ray Axxbn'S b. July 25, 1873; graduated at Phillips 
Andover, and Yale College. 

Frbdb&zc WnvTHROP AxxBir", b. May a6, 1877 ; graduated 
at Phillips Acsdemy , Andorer ; now a junior and captain 
of the 'Varsity crew at Yale. 

BKXI.Y RasKCCA Ai,X3n", b. Oct. 30, 1878; student at North- 
field Seminary. 

809. Hbrhan Cykus'^, oldest child of Cyrus (530) and 
Caroline (Guild) Fisher, was b. in Boston, Mass., Sept. 29, 
1833 ; moved to New York City in 1854, smd has been in busi- 
ness there since; a commission fish merchant. He m. ist, 
Oct. 23, 1867, Cornelia C, daughter of Atchison P. Smith, of 
New York City. She d. Nov. 21, 1889. He m. 2d, March 
24, Z892, EUza McKie, daughter of Thomas McKie, of New 
York City. Mr. Fisher was a member of the Seventh Regi- 
ment, N. G. S. N. Y., from 1862 to 1869, and served with 
the regiment in the Civil War. Is a member of the Seventh 
Regiment Veteran Association, of the Society of the Army 
of the Potomac, and of Lafayette Post, No. 140, G. A. R. ; a 
member of the New York Produce and the New York Mari- 
time Exchanges ; of the New England Society of New York ; 
and of Kane Lodge, No. 454, F. and A. M. Res. xii W. 
86th St., N. Y. ChUd of Herman C. and Cornelia C. Fisher 
was : 

893. Hbricak Ci^AaBNCB*', b. Aug. I, 1874; m. Carlotto Brae- 
kenbush, April 21, 1897. 

810. Augustus Guii.d'*, second child of Cyrus (530) 
and Caroline (Guild) Fisher, was b. in Boston, Mass., Nov. 
x6. 183s; m. Olive Abby CoweU, of Brooklyn, N.Y., Dec. 
26, 1866. He was for some years a ship broker and com- 
mission merchant in New York City, and res. in Brookl)rn. 
Has retired from business. He was for a time a member of 

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the Seventh Regiment, N. G. S. N. Y., and is a member of 
Kane Lodge, No. 454, F. and A. M. They res. 27 Lafay- 
ette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Th^ had : 

Ouv« Bxx^nm^S b. ia Brooklyn, Jan. az, 1875. 

811. Dr. Chbstbr Irving'^, youngest son of Cyrus 
(530) and Caroline (Guild) Fisher, was b. in Canton, 
Mass., April 25, 1847 ; became a student in the Bridgewater 
Normal School in 1865 ; taught school after graduation for 
two years ; entered the Medical School of Harvtird College 
and graduated in 1870, with his degree. He was in the 
quarantine service in Boston Harbor for four and a half years, 
most of the time as Port Physician. On Sept. 15, 1875, he 
resigned to go into private practice ; was one year in Brook- 
line, and six years in Holbrook, Mass. In June, 1883, during 
the investigation of the State Almshouse at Tewksbury, he 
was asked to take charge of the institution on a hospital 
basis. He accepted and entered on his duties Aug. i, 1883, 
holding the position until November, 1891. On Dec. i, 1891, 
he berame the Superintendent of the Presbyterian Hospital, 
70th Street and Madison Avenue, New York City. He is a 
member of the Massachusetts Medical Society, and has writ- 
ten and published on medical and social topics. He m. 
Sept. 28, 1875, Clara Leonard, of Bridgewater, Mass. Their 
children are: 

iRvniG Lbonard", b. Brookline, Mmss., Oct. 9, 1876; mem- 
ber of Yale College, class of 1900; enli»ted in the U. S. 
•enriee for the Spanish-American war, with the ittt Con- 
necticttt Vol. Inf. Regiment. 

LouiSB Mauom", b. Holbrook, Mass., Oct. 10, 1878 ; gradu- 
ated from the State Normal School, Bridgewater, HaM»., iu 
June, 1898. 

GsamuDK GaiLD", b. Tewksbury, Mass., Feb. 8, 1889. 

813. Orythia'*, oldest child of Joseph (53 1 ) and Orythia 
(Sdden) Fisher, was b. in Vt., Jnly 24, 1818 ; m. Oct. 8, 
1839, William Warner', son of WilUam and Polly (SucU) 
Earle, who was b. Dec. 31, 1813, in Chester, Vt. They res. 
in Chester nntil 1875, when they moved to North Springfield, 
Vt., where she d. Oct. 26, 1881. Children were : 

SuSAH L. Barxji", b. Sept. 10, 1840; d. Jan. 30, 1846. 
ALPUtD S. BAau". b. Dec. i, 1844; was a memljcr of Co. C, 

Serenth Regt., Vt* Vols., and d. of diphtheria at Baton 

Rouge, La., Aug. 2, 1862. 

894. Al^BBRT S. Barlx*', b. Dec. i, 1844 (twin of Alfred); m. 

Abbie J. Snell, Pcb. 3, 1865; d. April 10, 1869. 

895. GSOROB P. BARX.K", b. April 19, 1850; m. Lizzie E. Chcdal ; 

d. Oct. 19. 1886. 


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814. Rbv. Josbfh Sbldbn**, second child of Joseph 
(531) and Orythia (Seiden) Fisher, was b. at Chester, Vt., 
May 2, 1820; m. at Weatheisfield, Vt., April 4, 1849, Abby 
M. Carter, daughter of Luke and Sarah (Stooghton) Carter, 
who was b. at Weathersfield, Vt., July 4, 18x5. They were 
about ten years missionaries among the Chippewa Indians at 
Cass Irake, in Northern Minnesota ; then were six years in 
the Island of Jamaics:, amoi^ the colored people. Now res. 
at Benzonia, Michigan. They had three diildren, b. at Cass 
Lake, Michigan: 

896. Mary", b. April 19, 1851 ; m. Rev. Harlow S. Mills, Oct. 

16, 1877. 
897. Gsorgb", b. Not. io, ii$si a- Fanny Early, May 14, 1890. 

§AaAH", b. June 30, 185^ ; d. in Jamaica^ W. I. 

815. JBSSE Ltman'^, third child of Joseph (531) and 
Orythia (Seiden) Fisher, was b. in Chester, Vt., Oct. 7, 1822 ; 
m. Abigail Maria Harrington, Maxch 21, 1849 ; res. on the 
old homestead of his &ther, near Chester, Vt. Had : 

Btta", b. ; res. Chester, Vt. 

HaanaRT S.", b. > ; res. Carroll, la. 

816. Mart"*, fonrth child of Joseph (531) and Orythia 
(Seiden) Fisher, was b. at Chester, Vt., Jnly 18, 1825 ; m. 
Abram Whitcomb, Sept. 21, 1848; res. at Grinnell, la. 
Children were : 

Kmuox S. WmTcoua". 
Susan J. Wnxxcoua". 
Mary R. WHxxcoua". 


817. Susan'*, fifth child of Joseph (531) and Orythia 
(Seiden) Fisher, was b. at Chester, Vt., April 8, 1828; m. 
Aug. x6, 1852, Griffin M. Shaw, who d. Aug. 25, 1863. 
Children were : 

Mary G. Sraw^i. 
898. Albert Shaw", b. Batler Conaty, O.; editor of the Ameru 
can Monthly Rmew of Rmemn. 

818. Joanna'*, sixth child of Joaq>h (531) and Orythia 
(Seiden) Fisher, was b. at Chester, Vt., June 21, 1830; m. 
at Chester, Vt., Sept. 8, 1856, Re\r. George H. White, son of 
Samuel E. and Sarah (Hills) White, who was b. at Harris- 
burg, Pa., Dec. 29, 1830. Mr. White studied in the schools 
of Indianapolis, Ind., and graduated from Wabash College, 

Digitized by 



Ind., in 1852, and from Union Theological Seminary, New 
York« in 1856. Alter their marria^ they sailed for Turkey, 
remaining there as missionaries until the fall of 1863. Then 
he held pastorates in Vermont until 1872, and was pastor of 
the Congregational church, Chester, Iowa, for fourteen years. 
Since, he has been ill and unable to do active work. They 
res. at Grinnell, Iowa. Children were : 

899. GVOROB B. Whitb", b. at Marsth, Turkey, Oct. 14, i86r. 

900. Susan M. Whitb", b. Weathertfield, Vt., April 8, 1867; res. 

Grinnell, la. 

819. Gborgb'% seventh child of Joseph (531) and Ory- 
thia (Sdden) Fisher, was b. at Chester, Vt., April 13, 1832. 
He graduated from Middlebury College (Vt.) in 1858 ; after- 
wards took the A. M. degree, and became a lawyer. He 
taught school in Randolph, Vt., 1858 to 1861, and in Alton, 
111., 1862 to 1865. In 1869, he was appointed surveyor of 
customs, port of Cairo, 111., which position he held for many 
years. Later became proprietor of the Citizen^ published at 
Caiio, of which he has been also the editor. He m. Susan 
G. Copeland, Nov. 39, x86o. Had : 

Nbuib", b. . 

John C", b. — . 

820. Chabu8^% eighth child of Joseph (531) and Orythia 
(Selden) Fisher, was b. in Chester, Vt., April 13, 1834 ; m. 
Elizabeth McNulty, Dec. 16, i860. Res. Chester, Iowa. 
Children were : 





Chabt,k.s Edward". 

821. Edward", tenth child of Joseph (531) and Orythia 
(Selden) Fisher, was b. at Chester, Vt., May 8, 1838, and d. 
April 30, 1875. He m. Mary BUcn Davis, Ptsb. 16, 1863. 
Res. Chester, Iowa. Children were : 



822. JtJi^iA Euzabkth'^, daughter of Joseph (531) and 
Selinda (Adams) Fisher, was b. at Chester, Vt., March 21, 
1846; m. Oct. 13, 1868, Merrill Jackson, son of Andrew 
Jackson and Rizpah (Mack) Howard, who was b. Jan. 21, 

Digitized by 



1842, and d. Nov. 19. 1878. They res. at Rutland, Vt., and at 
Fitchbuig, Mass., where he was a merchant. Children were : 

HSNmi PiSBBa HowABD^S b. Rutland, Vt., Feb. 33, 1870. 
Hauly Mbuuix Howard", b. Rutland, Sept. z, 1871. 
Hbrmob BARUt Howaxd", b. Pitchbnrg, Blast., Jan. 5, 1878. 

823. Hbrmon Adams^^, son of Joaq>h (531) and Selinda 
(Adams) Fisher, was b. in Chester, Vt., May 3, 1847; m. 
Mary B. Rowan, Nov. 13, 1870. Res. Grinnell, la. 

824. Edward T.", third child of Edward (535) and 
Nancy M. (Tappan) Fisher, was b. in ; m. , 
Esther J. Cate, of Newton, Mass. Children were : 

Bvbrbtt B.", b. ; d. in Infancy. 

Blsxb May's b. 
Gracb G.", b. 
Louisa S.", b. 

825. Rbv. Jambs Boorman^', son of Rev. Josiah (543) 
and Elizabeth D. Fisher, was b. at Paterson, N. J., Sept. 7, 
1833 ; studied with pr. George Armstrong, of Norfolk, Va., 
and was licensed to preach by the presbytery of Fredericks- 
burg, April, 1861. He was ordained October, 1862, by the 
presbytery of Morris and Orai^e, N. J., and had charge of 
the churches of I<yons Falls and Port Leyden, Lewis Co., 
N. Y., from 1862 to 1867 ; of Pleasant Mount, Pa., from 1867 
to 1869; of Providence (a suburb of Scranton), Pa., 1869 to 
1878 ; of Deposit, N. Y., from 1878 to 1881 ; Westtown, 
N. Y., x88i to 1889. He d. at Westtown, May 20, 1889, after 
an illness of two years (of creeping paralysis). He m., at 
Philadelphia, Pa., July 18, 1861, Eveline, daughter of William 
and Ellen (Doyle) Foster. His widow res. at New Paltz, 
Ulster County, N. Y. Their children were : 

Mary Wiugbt", b. April 30, 1863; m. Aug. 36, 1886, George 
Waterbnry, toil of George Downs and Mary (Waterbury) 
Wheeler, of Deposit, N. Y. They had : x. Prances Addison 
Wheeler'*, b. April 16, x888; a. Bvelyn Poster Wheeler'*, 
b. Peb. 6, Z890; 3. Mary Waterbnry Wheeler'*, b. March 
7, X891. 

BxjZASSTH DAVSNPoait", b. Dec. 3, 1863. 

AKifXS Fosm", b. April 33, x866. 

Lx^OYD Wisgand", b. June 37, x868. 

BVBLYN POSm", b. Sept. 30, Z873. 

826. Jonathan Fisher Crossbttb'", seventh child of 
Dorothea Fisher (547) and Rev. Robert Crosette, was b. Oct. 
I, 1844, andd, Jnne 31, 1889; m. Mary Merrill, May 4, 1870. 

Digitized by 



He was a fine Hebrew and Greek scholar. He went to North 
China as missionary under the Presbyterian Board, in 1870. 
After a lew years he gave up his connection with the Board, 
and devoted himseli to philanthropic work. During several 
winters he had a winter refuge for the poor in Pekin; he 
provided them with food, and buried them at his own ex- 
pense. The officials had implicit confidence in him and 
permitted him to visit all the prisons and charitable institu- 
tions. He was known by the Chinese as the '* Christian 
Buddha," and it was said that he had more influence with 
the Chinese than any other missionary. At the time of his 
death he was called another Father I>Eimien, because of his 
self-abnegation and devotion to the outcasts and poverty- 

827. Sajulh BA&DWBX.X. Oucstbad'^, daughter of Sarah 
Smith Fifdier (552) and Hiram Olmstead, was b. May 4, 
1829 ; m. at Allensville, Ind., May xo, 1847, to Jacob Van 
Buren, who was b. Jan. 25, 1827, and d. , 1894. ^^^ 
resides at DodgesviUe, N. Y. Their children were : 

CHAEtBS HBzniY Vam Bubsm", b. Feb. 37, 1848. 

Marxb Van Burbw'S b. Feb. 34, 1850 ; m. C. B. Shousc, 

Sept. Z5, 1870. 
Fkbd Vaw Buebm", b. Dee. zx, z8$3 ; d. March 9, 1865. 
Katb Vak Buuof", b. April X9, 1854. 
FsAMX Van Burbn", b. tuae 3, 1856 ; d« Sept. 3, 1856. 
HxaBsaT Van Burbn", b. Aug. 15, 1858. 
Nbijejb VanBurbn", b. June 10, x86o; d. Sept. 15, i860. 
T<f7.7.TK Van BuaiCN", b. Nov. 26, x86a. 

828. Hiram B. Olmstead'*, son of Sarah Smith Fisher 
(553) and Hirain Olmstead, was b; Jan. 9, 1831, and d. at 
Fortress Monroe, Va., Wednesday, May 30, 1894, at 11 p. m. 
''He was a bookkeeper in one of the large pork packing 
houses in Cincinnati in X853, when he connected himscU 
with the Franklin Bank of Cincinnati in the same capacity. 
He was gradually promoted until, in 1885, he was made 
cashier. In that capacity he served the bank until his death, 
besides really discharging the duties of President for Vice- 
President Kilgore, the nominal executive. His tall form of 
dignified demeanor axid his white hair and beard made him a 
striking figure on the street until age began to tell upon him, 
and his frank good nature made him a mark of respect. It 
was as a churchman that Mr. Olmstead will also be particu- 
larly remembered. He, with L. H. Sargent, now dead, 
founded, 38 years ago, the Poplar Street Presbyterian Church, 
and he was an elder of the church from that time to 

Digitized by 



the end of his life. His duties of this aatare he most faith- 
fully discharged, it being a matter of pride with him that 
never during the 38 years had he missed a single communion 
service of lus church. The principles he upheld he acted 
upon perfectly, his honesty and beievolence being always 
occasion of the greatest reverence." He m. Sept. i, 1856, 
Ellen Lawson, who was b. Jan. 8, 1836, and d. Dec. 22, 1891. 
Their children, all bom in Cincinnati, were: 

Infant daughter", b. and d. Jnly'18, 1857. 

liMMWKL a. Oucstbad", b. April 6, 1859 ; d. April xo, x86o. 

Caulxs Oucstbao", b. July 4, x86i ; m. John Lilly, Oct. 13, 

X885 ; ret. Anderson, Ind. 
Ivan C. Ouistbad", b. May 32, 1876. 

829. Nbrissa p. Olmstbad^*, daughter of Sarah Smith 
Fisher (552) and Hiram Olmstead, was b. Sept. 7, 1833 ; m. 
xst, at AUexisville, Ind., June 2X, 1854, to Aaron E. Bonham, 
who d. at Elizabethtown, O., Dec. 21, 1862. She m. 2d, 
Rev. Horace Bushnell, Jr., Sept. 5, 1865. They res. at 
Concordia, Kansas. Their children were : 

John L. Bomkak^S b. Oct 30, X855. 
Bvsasn O. BOhham", b. Jan. 30, 1858. 
Kinxx M. Bonham", b. Jan. xa, x86o. 
CAaaxs Hudson Bushnsu.*', b. Jnly xa, x866. 

AUCS PlSHlCa BUSHNSXX", b. Attg. X, X869. ' 

HKBBKaT Hastings Bushnsix'S b.I>ec. 19, xSya. 

830. Homer I. Olmstbad'*, son of Sarah Smith Fish- 
er (552) axid Hiram Olxxistead, was b. Feb. 23, 1836 ; m. 
Feb. 9, x86o, Georgiana Austin, who was b. July 4, 1837. 
They reside at Logan, Kaxisas. Their children were : 

Aucs AMSX4A Oxjcstbad", b. Jan. 7, x86x. 
MiNNXB B. OtjcSTSAo", b. May 23, x866. 
NsxjUB Bthsi, Oxjcstsad", b. Sept. 28, 187X. 
CHAJLua Bmmbt Oxjcstbad", b. May 27, 1873. 

831. Horatio F. Olmstbad'*, son of Sarah Smith Fish- 
er (552) axid Horatio Olmstead, vras b. Jan. 6, 1845, and was 
married to Serena Faunce, June 3, 1873. He is a minister ,- 
res. at Taylor, Texas. Their children were : 

BftNSST OucsRAD^S b. April 29, X874 ; d. Aug. xs, 1880. 
SaNA GxBSON OxjcsTSAO", b. Dec. 19, X876. 

832. Lauka a. Olmstxad'*, daughter of Sarah Smith 
Fisher (552) and Hiram Olmstead, was b. June 6, 1848 ; m. 

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March ax, 1889, Rev. John A. Eakin, at Bangkok, Siam, 
where they are missionaries. Children were : 

Paul Bakxn**, b. Jaa. a^, 1890. 
RuTB Baxzn". 

833. WnxxAM Hbkey'^, second child of James R. (553) 
and Maria (Ayers) Fisher, was b. May 25, 1845 ; m. Armilda 
Carter, Dec. 29, 1871. They had: 

Etthabd", b. Sept. za, x87a. 

834. Geoege P]JkTT^^ third child of James R. (553) 
and Maria (Ayers) Fisher, was b. Sept. 27, 1848; m. 
Belle Bray in Sept., 1876. They had : 

Careie Auce'S b. April, 1878. 

835. Aeda Maeia'*, fonrth child of James R. (553) and 
Maria (Ayers) Fisher, was b. Jnne 6, 1851 ; m. Marshall D. 
Lee, Dec. 31, 1874. They had: 

Bessie Jane Lee", b. Dec. a^, 1875. 

yUMSUh PiSHEE LEE"» b. Dec. 30, X877. 

iMtUL Btrei, Ijn", b. July 14, z88o. 
INA Maeza Lee", b. Oct. 13, 188a. 

836. Hon. Saicuei. Spares'*, eldest son of Dr. James 
Cogswell (555) and EUza (Sparks) Fisher, was b. in Michi* 
gan, April ix, 1832. '*At the age of fifteen he entered the 
High School where he stood a^t the head, and from which he 
graduated, Feb. 13, 1851, delivering the honorary address. 
Then he studied law in the office of Francis Wharton, an 
eminent lawyer of Philadelphia, and was also appointed 
Assistant Professor in the High School, where he remained 
for about a year, when he assumed the charge of a private 
school, in which he passed two very pleasant years. During 
this time he had continued the study of the law with Mr. 
Wharton. In 1854, he went to Cincinnati, where he con- 
tinued the study of kw in the office of Taft, Keyes 8l Perry, 
until his admission to the bar. He married Miss Aurelia 
Safford Croasette, a grandchild of his grandunde, Oct. 2, 
1856, in the beautiful home in Morris County, N. J., formerly 
occupied by Governor Dickinson, of that State, but at that 
time by the father of the bride, the ceremony being performed 
by her father, Rev. Robert Crossette. 

** He then applied himself to the practice of his profession, 
and almost immediately turned his whole attention to the 

Digitized by 



practice of patent law, for which he possessed rare finalities, 
and his offices were soon thronged with clients ; while many 
manufacturing and other corporations secured his services in 
defence of their respective interests. His thorough knowledge 
of chemistry and pectUiar aptitude for mechanics enabled him 
to grasp almost intuitively, and to comprehend fully, the 
princq)le of any invention to which his attention was called. 

As a lawyer, he was learned and acute; as a 

counsellor, he was fearlesis and conscientious, giving his client 
his truthful opinion, whether favorable or adverse; as an 
antagonist, he was wary, but always courteous and honora- 
ble, and as an advocate, he had few equals at the bar; while 
his thorough familiarity with every detail of law and fact in 
his cases, the clear and confident manner in which they were 
presented, the facility with which the most intricate questions 
were unfolded, and the profuseness and aptness of the illustra- 
tions with which his arguments were enriched, gave him a wide 
and commanding reputation. . . . He was appointed to the 
Colonelcy of the 138th Regiment, Ohio National Guards, 
which was called into^ service on May 2, 1864, and mus- 
tered into the United States service on the 14th of May, at 
Camp Dennison. It was employed at the defenses south of 
the Potomac, at Forts Craig, Albany and Tillinghast. On 
June 16, they embarked for Bermuda Hundred, where after a 
month of active service they were ordered to Cherrystone 
Inlet, on the eastern shore of Virginia. They were finally 
mustered out at Camp Dennison on Sept. xst, at the expira- 
tion of service." 

*' He was invited by Governor J. D. Cox, President Grant's . 
first Secretary of the Interior, to accept the position of Com* 
missioner of Patents. On Secretary Cox's retirement he 
sought a release, but, at the urgent solicitation of the Presi- 
dent, he remained some time longer, when his resignation 
was accepted, and he returned to practice in Cincinnati. He 
entered into partnership with Gen. Samuel A. Duncan, who 
had been for some time Assistant Commissioner of Patents, in 
June, 1872, the latter taking charge of the branch office in 
New York City. The summers of 1872, and 1873 he spent in 
Europe, and in 1874, on the xst of August, Mr. Fisher and 
the favorite son, Robbie, were to go in a canoe from Elmira, N. 
Y. , to Havre de Grace, and on by the Delaware to Philadelphia. 
They had had a galvanized iron canoe constructed in Cleve- 
land, O., safely and lightly constructed, and had set off from 
Elmira. They reached Scranton, where they stayed over 
Sunday at his brother's. On Monday morning they resumed 
their journey, accompanied by Mr. James Fisher, who re- 

Digitized by 



mained with them until noon on Wednesday. They stayed 
over a day at Harrisburg, Pa. Fifteen miles below, at the 
most dangerous place on the Susquehanna river, they had no 
warning of Conewago Falls at Middletown, and diverted 
somehow from the canal which skirts the rapids, their cauoe 
was carried over and they were drowned. That afternoon 
the articles from the canoe were picked up below, and a 
thorough search revealed the bodies lodged among the rocks 
on the foUowinp^ Sunday and Monday. The remains were 
interred in Spnng Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati." In 1870 
and 187X, he was president of the Cincinnati Y. M. C. A., 
and was subsequently a member of its Board of Directors. 
The foregoing account has been taken from a ''Memoir of 
Samuel Sparks Fisher," printed by Robert Clarke & Co., 
Cincinnati* O., 1874; 8vo., pp. 92; and it also contaix^ a 
portrait of Mr. Fisher. He received the honorary degree of 

B. A. from Yale College in 1851. His widow res. at 310 
Prospect Street, New Haven, Conn. Their children were : 

Bditb AuxJtUA", b. Jan. 28, 1863 ; m. Oct. 5, 1893, Joks C. 
Schwmb, Assistant Professor in Vale CoUtsgc, New Haven. 

RoBsax CaossBTTS", b. Oct. 16, 1863 ; d. Aug. 14, 1874. 

Samusl HsasBaT^*, b. May 76, 1867; graduated at Yale Col- 
lege; now practicing law in Waahiagton, D. C. 

837. Thomas Sparks'*, son of Dr. James Cogswell 
(555) and Eliza (Sparks) Fisher was b. Sept. 16, 1848. He 
m. Henrietta Angosta Williamson, May 17, 1876; res. at 
New Bmnswick, N. J. Their children : 

Mary Buza*', b. April 7, 1877. 

WxxjjAM WzujAMSON**, b. Oct. 13, x883 ; d. Jan. 3o, 1885. 

Cha»i,ks BDWAan", b. May 30, 1885. 

Aucs Cocswxu*',b. Nov. 7, 1887; d. Sept. 10, 1888. 

Harrixt Mott'\ b. June s, 1889. 

Jamxs Hrnrv". b. Aug. 9, 1891. 

UKOJL AURBUA*S b. Nov. 16, 1893. 

838. Sophia Sparks'*, daughter of Dr. James Cogs- 
well (555) and Eliza (Sparks) Fisher, was b. May 18, 1854; 
m. June 3, 1880, Francis Henry Parsons, of Washington, D. 

C. He is librarian of the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 

AURBUA Blair Parsons'\ b. April so, 1885; d. Dec. 37, 1885. 
AucB Prancrs Parsons**, b. Jan. 13, 1887. 
Charles Edward Parsons*', b. Sept. 22, 1889. 
Tmrodora Davenport Parsons", u. Sept. 6, 1891 ; d. Aug. 

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830. WiLUAM HuBBELL**, SOU of Rev. Samuel Ware 
(556) and Jane (Jackson) Fisher, was b. in Albany, N. Y.. 
Nov. 26, Z843 ; m. at Lyon's Falls, N. Y., Sept. zo, 1873, Mary' 
L., daughter of Lyman R. and Mary Bxinsmade (Northrup) 
Lyon, of Lyon's Falls, who was bom Nov. 20, 1841. He 
is an attorney and counsellor, and solicitor of patents, of Cin- 
cinnati, O. ; res. 65 Pike Street. Their children were : 

SCBUYUta LvoN", b. Tone aa, 1874* 

CZ.AJLBHCB HaJLTLXV", b. Aug. 23, Z877. 

William Brinsmadb", b. March 13, 1880; d. April 27, 1885. 
Floexncb Isabella", b. Oct. 33, zft3. 

840. Rbv. Samubi. Jackson'*, son of Rev. Samuel Ware 
(556) and Jane (Jackson) Fisher, was b. in Albany, N. Y., 
Sept. 9, X847; m. in Trenton, N. J., Oct. 20, 1870, Mary 
Anna, daughter of Ralph Hunt and Sarah (Inskeep) Shreve, 
who was b. in Trenton. He was pastor for twenty-five years 
past at Swissvale, in the environs of Pittsburg. Their child- 
ren were: 

Howard Shucvk", b. July 25. 1871 ; grsdnated at Princeton 

College, in 1894. 
Gordon", b. Nov. 3, 1873; gradoated at Princeton College. 

841. AnTHxm LaLanb Kxmbaxj.**, son of Mary D. 
Fisher (557) and Dr. Horace Kimball, was b. June 27, 1853 ; 
m. Aug. 25, 1884, Ludlla Scribner, who wash. Feb. 3, 1856. 
He was assistant professor of physics at Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity at Baltimore, Md. He is professor of physics at 
Amherst College, Mass. Their children were : 

AjLTHxm Livingston KiubalV^ b. Baltimore, Feb. 33, 1886. 
W11.UAM SCRiBNBa KiMBAU^S b. Plalofield, N. J., Aug. 38, 

STANI.XY FiSHBR KiMBAU", b. Baltimore, Jan. 6, 1890; d. 

Jan. 17, 1890. 
HXNRV Maxwsu. Kiubau", b. Amherst, Maaa., Feb. 17,. 


842. Elbridgb Diciunson*', son of Grace L* Fisher 
(558) and Roswell Dickinson, was b. in Westhampton, Mass., 
June 12, 1837 ; m. Feb. 15, 1864, Martha Baker, who was b. 
in Maine, May 6, 1843. Their children were: 

Hattis L. Dickinson**, b. Oct. 30, 1869. 

CMJtA Bbujb Dickinson**, b. Oct. 14, 1871. 

Arthur Dickinson**, b. Sept. 33, 1874. 

RoswBU, Dickinson**, b. March 24, 1877; d. at Emporia, 

Kana., May 10, 189-. 
Hbrbsrt Dickinson**, b. in Marshall, Mo., Aug. 19, 1885. 

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843. JBROMB Madison Chapman'*, oldest child oi 
Dorcas K. Fiaher (562) and James M. Chapman, was b. in 
WesthampUm, Mass., Feb. 6, 1849; m. ist, in November, 
1875, Sarah .N. Bartlett, who was b. in April, i860, and d. 
Oct. 38, X883. He m. 2d, May 3, x888, Kdna Luddcn. 
They res. in Westhampton. Children were : 

GaACB L. Chapman", b. Jan. 18, 1877* 

BUXABICTH DoacAS CHAPMAN, b. March, 187S. 

Mary ZjMA Chapman", b. February, i88r ; d. July 22, iSSc. 

Hbixn Louise Chapman", b. Aug. x8, 1882. 

844. Mercy J. P.'*, oldest child of David (575) and 
Sarah (Merritt) Fisher, was b. in Milton, Mass., Feb. 3, 1850 ; 
m. in Leominster, Mass., Jan. 20, 1868, Henry R. Hodsou, 
who was b. April 5, 1846. They res. in Chelmsford, Mass. 
( 1895) • Children were : 

PaxDERicx M. Hodson", b« in SomerriUe, Mass., Oct. 25, 

1870; d. Nov. 16, 1874* 
Howard A. Hodson", b. Somerville, Jan. 14$ 1873. 
B131E L. Hodson", b. Somerville, Dec. i, 1876. 
BiXA B. H0D8ON", b. Chelmsford, Ang. 24, 1879. 
Oscar B. H(H>80n", b. Chelmsford, Sept. 17, 1881. 
Prank A. Hodson", b. Chelmsford, Feb. 21, 1884. 

845. Arthur Herbert'*, jroungest child of Samncl 

(576) and Clarissa (Fisher) Fisher, was b. in Canton, Mass., 
July 5, j[855 ; m. theret Dec. 23, 1880, Elizabeth J., daugh- 
ter of Richard and Catherine Williams, who was b. in Wales. 
He was a wheelwright by trade, and res. at Ponkapog, in 
Canton, on the homestead. He d. there, July 17, 1892. His 
widow, Elizabeth, m. 2d, Sept. 25, 1894, Robert Williams, 
who d. Nov. 28, 1894, aged 6x years. Their children were : 

Kate Buzabbth", b, Sept. 6, 1881; d. Sept. 27, j88i. 
Richard Wiuiams", b. June 4, 1883 ; d. Aug. 5, 1883. 
Margaret Busn", b. May 27, 1885. 

846. WiLLARD £. Gardner'*, second child of Nancy 
Fisher (577) and Aaron Gardner, was b.' April 20, 1841 ; m. 
May 13, 1866, Louisa Gomer, who was b. Dec. 20, 1846. 
Their children were : 

Herbbrt B. Gardnkr", b. July 8, 1867. 
Btrei, C. Gardner", b. June 15, 1869. 

847. Lincoln Gardner*'', third child of Nancy Fisher 

(577) ^^d Aaron Gardner, was b. Jan. 19, 1844 ; m. Nov. 4, 
1 87 1, Grace J. McChesney, who was b. April 24, 1850. They 

WiUARD A. Gardner*', b. July 21, 1873. 

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848. Ma&y J.'% second child of Chandler (578) and 
Lucy J. (Washburn) Fisher, was b. April 8, 1850 ; m. Aug. 
26. 1868, Walter Jenkins* who was b. Oct. 31, 1846. They 
res. at Dorchester, Mass. . Children were : 

AaxBua W. jHinuM8"i b. Oct xz, 2869. 
Mabbz. L. jBxnczKS", b. Dee. 13, 1871. 
HitssBaT C. JBMXZNS"| b. Dec z6, zSya. 

840. Hak&zst Rosbtta'*, daughter of Franklin (580) 
and Sarah (Jolmson) Fisher, was b. at Canton, Dec. 2, Z848; 
m. April Z2, Z877, Thoznas Henry Jordan, who was b. at 
East Boston, Apzil 30, Z844. They res. at New Boston, 
N. H. They had: 

HaassaT Washzngtok JoanxM", b. Feb. aa, 1878. 

850. CoKA Estbz^lb'*, younger daughter of Franklin 
(580) and Sarah (Johnson) Fisher, was b. at Milton, Jan. 8, 
z8s5; m. Apzil 28, Z875, at Miziot, Me., Edward Davis 
Moody, a carpenter azid wheelwright, *'azid ziow (Z876), for 
several years, a workznan in N. Farley's piano-case factory, 
New Boston, N. H." She d. March z, Z884. They had : 

JB8S» AaxBua Moody", b. Jan. 18, z87^ 

851. Rbv. Lbwzs Bbals'*, son of Daniel J. (585) and 
Caroline J. (Lincohi) Fisher, was b. at Charlotte, Me., April 
30. 1857 ; m. Oct. 4, z886, Fannie A. Shaw, of Rochester, 
N. Y. Was, at the tizne, pastor of the Universalist Church, 
Spencer street, Rochester ; later at Bridgeport, Conn., where 
he remained as pastor about three years. He is ziow izistructor 
in the Theok>gical School, Canton, N. Y.. occupying the 
Ryder professorship of practical theology. Children : 

SxaAH CAaouNB", b. Sept. 16, 1889. 
ROBsax Cozavbb", b. July la, X89Z. 

852. Rbv. Lbb Howabd'*, son of Daniel J. (585) and 
Caroline J. (Lincoln) Fisher, was b. at Charlotte, Me., Jan. 
9, i860; m. Mary Elizabeth Blaisdell, of Portsmouth, N. H., 
July 29, z888. He is a Universalist clergyman at Coopers* 
town, N. Y. (1893). Children : 

MzazAic BzjiZSDBZA", b. at Monaon, Mass., Oct. Z3, 1880. 
I^owBU. Cuans", b. at Cooperstown, N. Y., Aug. 28, 1892, 

Digitized by 



853. Anna Frakk'^» daughter of Prank Hook (588) and 
Bliza P. (Kendrkk) Fisher, was b. Peb. I3, 1850 ; m. Oct. 
30, 1886, Charles Henry Whitney, who was b. June 22, 1851. 
They res. at 84 Canal street, Nashua, N. H. Chiklren : 

Hssray Gaob WRnmnr", b. June xa, x888. 
Pamnis KAtHsmzira WHrnnnr", b. March 10, 1890. 

854. Ansbl W.'*, son of Levi (589) and Susan S. 
(Waterman) Fisher, was b. Sept. 29, 1845; m. Sept. 29, 
1869, Saxah £., second daughter of Lucas W. Gardner, of 
Charlotte, Me., who was b. Sept. z, 1850. He is a school 
teacher, &nner and travelling salesman for a firm of seed- 
men. Has published some verse, and is correspondent for 
several local papers ; res. Charlotte, Me. Children : 

Fbank IrUCAS", b. Jttly az, 1870; gradnat* Hebron Acttdetny, 

1892 ; traTelling seedman for A. H. Dunlop & Sona. 
Sosza B.'Sb.Jana Z3, 1872; graduate Hebron Academy, 1892. 
Maud L.**, b. Nov. 29, Z874 ; graduate Hebron Academy, 1S94. 
HxEBsaT Lavx^S b. July 23, 1889. 

855. Akbross L.'*, son of Levi (589) and Susan S.. 
(Waterman) Pisher, was b. at Charlotte, Me., Peb. 3, 1847 ; 
m* at Nashua, N. H., Aug. zo, Z875, Caroline A. Little, who 
was b. in Macon, Oa., Dec. 25, z8ss. He has been a suc- 
cessful seedman for a number of years in Brockville, Ontario, 
Canada. They had : 

BSRTZM A.*S b. in Naahna, N. H., Jnne Z9, Z876. 
HAJtav W.*S b. in Naahna, Ang. 27, z88a 

856. HoRACB J .'*, son of Levi (589) and Susan S. (Water- 
man) Pisher, was b. at Charlotte, Me., April z z, Z849 ; m. April 
2z, Z882, Mary B. Boles, who was b. at Fairfax, Ind., May 
20, Z85Z. They reside in Pitkin, CoL Children : 

Lsvz BOLBS^S b. Peb. 8, 1883, at Uvermore, Col. 
Ruby", b. March 9, i884» at Alford, Col. 
AM9KL WATaaMAK", b. April 26, Z887, at Livermore, Col. 
AI3BBX AMsaosa'S b. April 29, Z891, at Gunniaon, Col. 

857. Dr. Ez>win E.^*, son of Phineas G. (592) and 
Caroline M. (Dickinson) Pisher, was b. inClaremont, N. H., 
Jan. 22, Z852 ; m. Nov. 8, Z876, Anzia Young, of Sunapee, 
N. H. He is a graduate of the N. H. Coziferencc Seminary, 
azid of Dartmouth Medical College, class of z88z. Com- 
menced the practice of medicine in Sutton, N. H., in 1882, 

Digitized by 



but soon after moved to Sonapee, where he still practices. 
Their children : 

MABEt A.", b. Jan. 5, xSSr. 
John B.". b. July 22, zS^c. 

858. William G.'*, son of Phineas Gage (593) and 
Caroline M. (Dickinson) Fisher, was b. Aug. 15, 1853 ; m. 
Feb. 4, 1880, Emma L^r. They res. at Elm Creek, Neb. 
Their children were : 

Ora G."» b. Oct. 6, 1881. 
Cl^olence E.", b. Feb., i886. 

859. O&EEN C.*^ son of David M. (593) and Lois S. 
(Nelson) Fisher, was b. at , Jan. 16, 1857 ; 
m. Oct. 13, 1881, Lydia H., daughter of Calvin and Elizabeth 
M. (Andrews) Flint, who was b. Feb. 21, 1862; res. Derry 
Depot, N. H. Their children : 

Cbarlbs M.", b. Oct. 27, 1882. 
Irving R.", b. March 13, 1887. 

860. Maria'*, daughter of Levi W. (599) and Lucy A. 
(Freeman) Fisher, was b. in ' ; m. Jan. i, 1880, 
Franklin Brooks, oldest child of Adam and Elizabeth R. 
(Brooks) McAfee, who wash. July 2, 1848. In Jan., 1891, 
they res. in Grafton, Mass. Children were : 

Bmma Jaits McAfee", b. in Bedford, N. H., Feb. 18, 1881. 
Adam FranjcXpIn McAfee", b. Oct. 12, 1882. 
Mary Bi,izabeth McAfee", b. in Merrimack, N. |I., 
March 20. 1886. 

861. Dr. Franklin P.'*, son of Sanford (604) and Mary 
E. (Hill) Fisher, was b. in Charlestown, Mass., Jan. 20, 1853; 

m. . He is practicing his profession in Enfield Centre, 

N. H. Their children were : 

CULRBXfCE P.", b. Tan. 50, 1878 ; it dead. 
Blanche M.", b. Oct. 23, 1879; ia dead. 

802. Jane E/\ daughter of Dr. Thomas Eaton (608) and 
Eliza A. (UnderhiU) Fisher, was b. in Fiancestown, N. H., 
Aug. 24, 1850 ; m. there, May 30, 1876, Henry S., son of 
John Gerry and Sevina R. (Horton) Knight, who was b. in 
Wobum, Mass., April 18, 1847. *' After residing several years 
in Stoneham, Mass., they came in 189 1 to live at the house of 
his father-in-law, Dr. Eaton Fisher, in Francestown." 

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893. Clarbncb Axbbrt'*, oldest child of George (629) 
and Fidelia A. (Lincoln) Fi^er, was b. in Stoughton, 
March 5, 1870; m. there, Dec. 24, 1889, Mabel J., daughter 
of Samuel and Chaxlotte Sloane, of Stoughton, who was b. 
in Baston, in 1871. They res. in Stoughton. Children : 

PiiOssxB May^S b. Nov. 10, 1891. 
Hbbau) Clarsncb", b. Jttly Z4> 1893. 

864. Mary May Tbomas'\ oldest child of Lydia Smith 
Fisher (637) and Rev. Thomas Ebenezer Thomas, was b. 
in Hamilton, O., Aug. 28, 1841 ; m. in Dayton, O., Feb. 21, 
x866, Col. Edwin Augustus Parrott, who was b. in Dayton, 
Nov. 30, 1830. They res. at Dayton. Their children, all b. 
in Dayton, except the third, were : 

Marc Thomas Parrott*', b. Dec. 22, x866. 

Bthsi, Parrott", b. Sept. 4, 1868. 

Mary May Parrott^'. b. in Berlin, PruMia, Aug. 20, 187C1 ; 

d. in Dresden, Saxony, Nov. 29, 1870. 
Bnwnr Adcustos Parrotx^S b. April 7, 1872 ; d. April 8, 

Katbarims Parrott^S b. March 3, 1874. 


BnxTH May Parroxt", b. Oct. lo, 1877; d. Oct. 30, 1882. 

865. BuzABVTH Robinson Thomas^*, second child of 
Lydia Smith Fisher (637) and Rcy. Thomas Ebenezer 
Thomas, was b. in Hamilton, O.; Aug. 4, 1843 ; m. in Day- 
ton, O., June 29, 1875, Theophilus Kemper, who was b. in 
Miami County, O., June 26, 1838. He is a lawyer, practicing 
in Cincinnati. They reside on Walnut Hills. Child : 

Mary Srrxnc Ksmpbr", b. at Walnut Hills, Ciaciunatt, 
Jan. 8, 1877. 

866. Ax^PRBD Addison Thomas'*, third child of Lydia 
Smith Fisher (637) and Rev. Thomas Ebenezer Thomas, was 
b. in Hamilton, O., July 4, 1845 ; m. at Kenosha, Wis., 
Jan. X, 1880, Jennie Lind Head, who was b. at Kenosha, Nov. 
^7f 1853* He is an attorney, and was counsel for the Central 
Union Telephone Company of Chicago for some years. They 
res. at Bdgewater, Chicago, 111. Their children were : 

Tbomas Hsad Thomas", b. Dayton, O., Feb. 23, i88f . 
GSRTRUDB Thomas*', b. Dayton, O., Dec. 25, 1882. 
Psux Thomas's b. Edgewater, Ills., June 19, 188S. 

867. Rbv. John Hampton Thomas'*, fourth child of 
Lydia Smith Fisher (637) and Rev. Thomas Ebenezer 
Thomas, was b. in Hamilton, O., May 5, 1848 ; m. in Dayton, 

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O., Jan. 17, i878» Linda Rogers, wlio was b. in Dayton, Nov*. 
3, 1853. He became pastor of the Presbyterian church in 
Lawrenceborg, Ind. Later, was called to be pastor of the Pres- 
byterian chnrdi at Marion, Ind., which charge he resigned 
March 5, 1896. He then devoted himself to evangelistic 
work in Ohio and Indiana, and represented the Western Col- 
lege, of Oxford, Ohio, among the churches. They res. at 
Dayton, O. Their children (all b. at DayUm, except the last) 
were : 


MAJty May Tkomas", b. April 23, zSSo. 
Amva KATBAazMB Thoicas", b. Jan. o, 1882 ; d. Jan. 15, 1882. 
Gborgb Roobrs Thomases b. May 16, 1883; d* Aug. 30, 1883. 
ISABSZ. Cabb Tboicas", b. Lawrencebaxg, Ind., April ao, 

868. Nathanibi. Fxsbbb Thomas^*, yonngest child of 
Lydia Smith Fisher (637) and Rev. Thomas Bbenezer 
Thomas, was b. in Dayton, O., Jane 10, 1861 ; m. April 10, 
1890, Eva D. Rhodes, of Indianapolis, Ind. He is a hiwyer, 
resided in Indianapolis ; now connected with the National Cash 
Register Co., of Dayton, O.; res. Cincinnati, O. They had : 

Ma&c Rhobbs Thomas", b. Feb. 4, 1891. 

860. Fbakcbs Dbbobah Trauthan**, second child of 
Sarah Southworth (658) and Philip Trantman, was b. in 
Pike, Muscatine County, Iowa, Oct'. 26, 1862; m. at West 
Liberty, Iowa, Dec. 27, x88o, Albert Heath, who was b. in 
English Township, Iowa, Feb. 23, 1857. They res. in 
Covesville, Muscatine County, Iowa. 

870. Susan Lauba Bbau'*, daughter of Susan Fisher 
(684) and Charles Emery Beab, was b. in Stoughton, Sept. 
23, 1866; graduated from the Stoughton High School in 
1884, and continued her studies in the post-graduate course 
of the Boston Girls' High School in 1885 and x886. She m. 
April 20, 1890, William Harvey Clifford, 0/ Stoughton, who 
is now a missionary in Brazil. "Her mental, moral and 
spiritual powers found direction and development in the home. 
Bereft indeed of a father's care in early childhood, but 
privileged with the best of training by the specially conse- 
crated mother, in the schools of her native town, supple- 
mented by those of Boston, and the church as her religious 
home, she welcomed the best influences of home and school 
and society from her earliest days. Her quick and strong 
mental powers made study a delight, and made her easily 

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the valedictoriaii of ber class. Had she so chosen, she would 
have quickly won success as a teacher, or made a career in 
the world of literature. She was truly womanly in her 
domestic duties, and entered heartily and happily her new 
home life, which was to continue for seven years. For more 
than two years she struggled consciously and heroically to 
triumph over disease. Her trip to Asheville, N. C. ; her 
submission there to the severe requirements of experts in the 
treatment of tuberculosis ; her return to her home and to the 
care of her physician, who brought to her aid all that modem 
science could furnish, all took on a pathetic interest when 
view^ in the light of true heroism struggling to keep herself 
for her hmoe ud her loved ones. The supreme spiritual 
victory of her life came with the surrender of the hope of 

** She welcomed all of truth, and adjusted her life to the word 
of God. She took her place and bore well her part in church 
work; she. attended and assisted constantly in the social 
means of grace. She was a teacher in the Sunday school from 
the beginning of her Christian life till maternal cares detained 
her at home. She was an active and interested member of 
the Ladies' Home Missionary Society, and a charter member 
of the Bpworth League connected with the church, which was 
named, in honor of her brother, * The Charles B. Beals Chap- 
ter.' Her long, continuous sufferings ceased, and she entered 
into rest Mon&y evening, Aug. x6, 1897." Their child was : 
Ch4B r,ws WxiAiAM CI4VVORD", b. in Stoughton, Dec. as, 1893. 

871. Rbv. Chaklbs Edward Bbau^^, son of Susan 
Fisher (684) and Charles Emery Beals, was b. in Stoughton, 
July 15, 1869. ' ' Educated in the public schools of Stoughton, 
he graduated from the high school in 1885, as salutatorian. 
For four years he studied mechanical engineering in the Massa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology, Boston. He was graduated 
from Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, N. J., in 1892, 
being selected as one of the commencement sp^kers. During 
the summers of 1889, 1890 and 1 891, he supplied the Metho- 
dist churches of Washington, R. I., Hingham, Mass., and 
West Abington, Mass., respectively. Entering the New 
England Southern Conference of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, in April, 1893, he was appointed to the Emmanuel 
church, Mansfield, Mass., which pastorate he filled for four 
years. During one of these years he also served as pastor of 
the Methodist Episcopal diurch in Poxboro. He was ordained 
deacon at Plymouth in April, 1893, and elder at Brockton, 
April, 1894, passing the four years' examination in two years. 

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He was appointed pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church 
of Phenix, R. I., in April, 1896. In July of the same year, 
he resigned from the mmistry and membership of the Metho- 
dist Episcopal church on account of dissatisfaction with its 
polity. He at once accepted the pastorate of the Maverick 
church chapel, East Boston, becommg assistant to the Rev. 
Smith Baker, D. D., of the Maverick Congregational church, 
of that city. In July, 1897, receiving a unanimous call from 
the Congregational diurch, of Stonelutm, Mass., he accepted, 
assuming the pastorate, August i, and being formally installed 
Sept. 16, 1897. Mr. Beals is a member of the New England 
Historic-Genealogical Society, and of the Stoughton Histori- 
cal Society." He married, June 30, 1891, Miss Nellie Vernon, 
daughter of Ebenezer H. and Phebe S. (Lunn) Drake, who 
was b. • Children are : 

HaUN Drakk Bbals", b. in Manifield, Jan. 5, 1895. 
Chauas BnwAJLD BaAX3", b. in Bast Boston, July 20, 1896. 

872. Ma&y Augusta Upham,'* daughter of Sarah P. 
Hunt (689) and Ezra T. Upham, was b. in Stoughton, Feb. 
X3, 1866 ; m. at Canton, Feb. 23, 1887, Thomas F. Thomas; 
res. at Canton. They had : 

Rosa Majlv Tboicas", b. Feb. 13, x888; d. June 17, 1893. 

Ruth Hunt Thomas", b. Mav 9, 1889. 

Blmbr Upham Thomas", b. Sept. x, X890; d. April 4, 189X. 

Gkorgb E. Thomas", b. Dec. 12, X89X. 

Francks Txx^dbm Thomas", b. Nov. 19, X893. 

873. Mary A. Rakby'% daughter of Mary* Fisher 
(706) and Joseph Raney, Jr., was b. in , Iowa, July 
16, 1864; m. Clesson Clark, July X9, X883. Their children : 

Alxcb M. CtAJLK"t b.' Jaly 2X, X884. 

Ci.AaB2rcB A. CLABg", b. May x, 1886. 

Anna G. Ci^ajue", b. May xx, x888. 

Gkacb CitAEK", b, Dec. 9, x8qo; d^Tan. xt, x89X. 

Glsn Cx,ark", b. Dec. 9, i89o(twmof Grace); d. Feb. 4, 

LXONAJLD B. Cx,ark", b. Oct. so, x89a. 

874. Phbbb 0.'^ daughter of Mary* Fisher (706) and 
Joseph Raney, Jr., was b. in , Iowa, May 4, X867 ; 
m. Charles E. Clark, May 30, X885. Their children : 

CaARijts A. Cijkax", b. Jan. X5, x886; d. Jan. ao, x886. 

Mary C. CLAax", b. Dec. 33, x886. 

Olxvs B. Clabk", b. Jan. ao, x888. 

Hattxb L. Clark", b. Aug. 30, 1889. 

Bthki. Clark", b. Jan. X5, 1891. 

Lbroy Clark", b. Oct. X5, 189a. 

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875. D&. Waldo'*, younger son of Rev. Judson (744) 
and Lonisa B. (Haines) Fisher, was b. in Shelbume Falls, 
Mass., Sept. 4, 1857, and m. Martha Leaton Filley on Sept. 
20, 1893. Is physician and surgeon for the Alton road. 
Graduated from the University of Wisconsin with degree of 

B. L., and from Rush Medical College with degree of M. D. 
Was lecturer for two years on anatomy and physiology in 
Shurtleff College, Upper Alton, 111. Has been president of 
the Alton board of health, alderman for the first ward and 
health officer of Alton. Res. Alton, Ills. 

876. Charlbs H.**, son of Thomas H. (747) and Mary 

C. (Hedges) Fisher, was b. at Lansingburgh, N. Y., June 
to, 1835; m. there, June 27, 1878, Henrietta L., daughter of 
Robert L. and Henrietta (daughter of Ezra and Harriet 
Lester, of RenssellaenriUe, N. Y.) Mulford, who was b. Nov. 
15, 1847. (For her ancestry see N. B. Hist.-Gen. Register, 
vol. 34.) He d. at Iransingburgh, Jan. 18, 1888, and the 
family removed to Mt. Vernon, N. Y., where they have 
resided. Their children were : 

ROBBET Mui;.vORi>", b. May 4, 1879. 
Mary H.", b. Aag. 8, 1880. 
Thomas B.", b. March 34, 1883. 
Annxb p.", b. Jane 17, x884. 

8T7. John Wa&rbn'*, son of George Nelson (754) and 
Sarah (Lydston) Fisher, was b. in Charlestown, March 20, 
1840; m. Mary E. Blaisdell; res. Roxbury. They had : 

Arthur Warrbm", b. Aag. 13, 2863; d. Jane 14, 1885. 
Lyman Chanducr", b. May, z868. 

878. Gborgk Nelson", son of George Nelson (754) and 
Sarah (Lydston) Fisher, was b. in Charlestown, April 20, 
1847 ; m. Jan. 20, 1869, Nellie B. Lewis, who was b. in East 
Boston, Dec. 18, 1844. He was elected to the Boston city 
council from Charlestown in 1885, 1886 and 1889. In 1886-7 
he was the only Republican out of the members sent from 
Charlestown, and the only Protestant. Children were : 

Waltsr Evsrxtt", b. in Charlestown, Aug. 31, 1871 ; d. in 
Whitman, Mass., July 17, 1873. 
' Han— Naz30N'S b. Charlestown, Jan. 6, 1875. 

879. Joshua A. Dix'*, oldest child of Elizabeth Richards' 
Pisher (759) and Joshua G. Dix, was b. in Albany, N. Y., 
April 13, 1831, and d. in Eluabeth, N. J., Oct. 13, 1894. He 
m. June i, 1854, Julia Frances Rogers, of New York city. 
Children were : 

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Wajulsn Rogsrs Dxx", b. Nov. 23, 2855 ; a lawyer of New 
York city» z6o Broadway. Marrledt bat has no children. 

JUUA Prancss Dxz", b. May 36, 1857 ; m. Eugene Jones ; 
res. Tarrytown-on-Hodson, N.Y. ; had : two danghters* one 

Katv Schuyucr Dxx"« b. Nov. 37, 1858; d. Aug. 19, 1859. 

880. Cathbrinb Louisa^*, oldest child of Rev. Natlian- 
iel Wilcox (763) and Martha M. (Graves) Fisher, was b. at 
Gallipolis, O., July 16, 1830; was educated at Leroy Semi- 
nary; m. Amos Foster Beardsley, Nov. xo, 185 1. They 
moved to CaUfomia ; she d. in the Suscal Valley, near Napa 
City, CaL, April 21, i86z. He d. at Mountain View, Cal., 
Dec. 10, 1869. Child was : 

G90RGIN P. Bbardsucv'S b. 

881. Carlos Wii.cox'^« second child of Rev. Nathaniel 
Wilcox (763) and Martha M. (Graves) Fisher, was b. in 
Burlington, O., May 19, 1832, and d. in Carthage, Mo., Feb. 
6, 1888. He di. Oct. 7, 1855, Clarissa A. Beedle, wlio was b. 
in Brunswick, O., Sept. 22, 1837, and d. in Carthage, Mo., 
Dec. 24, 1887. They resided in Medina, O., and kter, for 
some years, in Mt, Vernon, Knox County, O. ; they afterwards 
removed to Carthage, Mo., where most of the family have 
since resided. Their children were : 

Rosa Athrrtom", b. Belvedere, Ills., Feb. Z3, 1857 1 >&• at 
Carthage, Mo., Tan. 23, 1891, Franklin Cooper, of Carthage ; 
a carpenter and contractor. 

Rats Maria*', b. Medina, O., Ang. 39, 1858; res. in Kan- 
sas City, Mo.; nnm. 

Bffir May**, b. Medina, O., May 16, i860; m. at Reynolds, 
Iowa, April 27, 1897, Charles Brayton, a Woodman lodge 
organizer. She res. with her sister in Kansas City, Mo. 

Cora Edith**, b. Mt. Vernon, O., Jan. 28, 1862; ni. at Car- 
thage, Mo., June 14, 1888, A. J.* Pngitt, a farmer ; res. on 
West Seventh street, Joplin, Mo. 

Bbn Harmim**, b* Mt. Vernon, O.. June 18, 1864; m. at 
Carthage, Mo., Sept. 8, 1897, Nellie E. Franklin, of Car- 
thage. He is in the lumber, hardvrare and coal business 
in Carthase. Had: Benjamin Franklin*', b. there, July 
27, 1898 ; a. same day. 

Frank Hbrd**, b. Mt. Vernon, O., Feb. 25, 1865; d. in 
Carthage, Mo., March 7, 1892 ; unm. 

Olivb Long**, b. Mt. Vernon, O., March 18, 1867; m. in 
Carthage, Mo., May 29, 1889, John Edward Myers, a ma- 
chinist ; res. in Joplin, Mo. 

Adbn Ricb**, b. Mt. Vernon, O., Jan. 27, 1868 ; res. Carthage, 

Charus GaAVBS**, b. Carthage, Mo., May 22, 1873; m. in 
Carthage, Mo., Nor. 20, 1895, Minnie Baker, of Carthage. 
He is a plumber and groceryman ; res. Carthage. Had : 
Herald Baker**, b. Carthage, Aug. 31, 1896. 

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882. CuzA Janb'% fourth child of Rev. Nathaniel 
Wilcox (763) and Martha M. (Graves) Fisher, was b. in 
Levmton, N. Y.^June 30, 1837; m. Oscar C. Sprague, March 
4, 1855. They res. in Cleveland, O., in 1864 ; moved after- 
wards to Lodq>ort, N. Y. Their children were : 


Nblub Framcbs Spragotc^S b. ; ni. 

Sanders ; d. March o, 1884, in Rochester, N. Y. 


Harry Gravbs Spragotc". 
Prabb B. Spragub": 

883. Hblbn Maria'*, sixth child of Rev. Nathaniel 
Wilcox (763) and Martha M. (Graves) Fisher, watf b. in 
Irockport, N. Y.» Sept. 3, 1841 ; m. in Cast Cleveland, O., 
Jan. 19, i862» Charles E. Hoyt, of New Haven, Conn., who 
was b. in New Haven, Oct. 22, 1835. He is a builder; res. 
Cleveland, O. Their children : 

Gordon Chipicak Hoyt", b. at New Haven, Conn., March 
8, 1863 ; m. Lillian P. Willard, Dec. 17, 1888. He is a 
commercial traveller ; res. Cleveland, O. They had : Ray 
mond Barle Hoyt**, b. Dec. 31, 1891. 

CHABf<BS Star Hoyt*', b. Doylestown, Wayne County, O., 

irnly 9, ZS65 ; a wood engraver by trade. At present, mining 
n Kern County, California. 
WiXAiAM PishbrHovt'', b. Wadsworth, Medina County, O., 
Jan. 24, x86q; a commercial traveller for firm of Mills & 
Gibb, Grand street and Broadway, New York City. 
Cari^os Hbnrv Hoyt", b. Medina, O., June 6, 1874; a 
plumber by trade ; at present, mining m Kern County, 
California, with his brother. 

884. Mary Wili^iams'*, youngest daughter of Rev. 
Napianiel Wilcox (763) and Martha M. (Graves) Fisher, was 
b. in Palmyra, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1843; m. at the home of her 
mother, in East Cleveland, Ohio, April 25, 1863, William U. 
Stoaks, of Medina, O., who was b. m Orange County, N. Y., 
Jan. 9, 1824. At the age of twenty-one he went with his 
parents to Ohio, residing at Medina, and was engaged in car- 
riage mannfacturing until 1877 ; then on account of his failing 
health, he moved his family to Cleveland, O., and for several 
years past has been engaged in the hotel business ; now pro- 
prietor of the Parker House, on Lorain street. Their 

901. WiLUAiC L. Stoars**, b. at Medina, Nov. i, 1866; m. Isabel 
J. White, March 12, 1SS6. 
Gborck a. Stoaks**, b. at Medina, Sept. 28, 1870 ; m. in 
Cleveland, June 27, 1895, Carrie M. Perrell, of Cleveland ; 
res. with his parents. 

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885. CuAiaBS Hbn&y Cbapin'*, oldest child of Cather- 
ine Louisa Fisher (764) and Deacon Henry Chapin, was b. 
in Newport, N. H., Sept. 22, 1823 ; m. Sarah Ann Nettleton, 
of Claremont, N. H., Nov. xi, 1858. She wash. Oct. 14, 
1830. He graduated at Dartmouth College in 1850; was a 
lawyer; res. in Charlestown, N. H., and at St. Louis, Mo., 
since i860. Their children were : 

Pitt Kimbaix Chapxn". 
Hbnry Aaeon Chapin". 
Cathbumb Prbnch Cbapdc". 
Maby Bukicb Chafin'^ 

886. Carolinb Lucy^*, second child of John Leonard 
(772) and Lucy (Ellis) Fisher, was b. in West Dedham, Sept. 
3, 1856 ; m. at Dedham, Nov. 9, 1881, Charles Theodore 
Wheelock, son of Elijah and Mary (Colbum) Wheelock, who 
was b. in West Dedham, Feb. 9, 1847. He is a dealer in 
bookbinders' materials in Boston. They res. in Norwood. 
Have : 

JOBB PiSHBB WhbbIiOCk'S b. May 28, 1895. 

887. John Ebbn'*, third child of John Leonard (772) 
and Lucy (EUis) Fisher, was b. in West Dedham, May 30, 
1861; m. April 10, 1894, Lizzie May, daughter of Obed and 
Elizabeth (Bryant) Eldridge, who was b. April 14, 1867. 
He is a farmer. They res. in Westwood, Mass. Have : 

BuzASBTH Bu>aiDGB", b. Oct. 39, 1895. 

888. Hbrbbbt'*, son of Eben S. (786) and Ellen M. P. 
(Shaw) Fisher, was b. at Dedham, March 8, 1854 1* ™* ^^ 
Manchester, N. H., April 10, 1884, Carrie Maria, daughter 
of George Gorham' and Ann (Nealey) Williams, of Manches- 
ter, who was b. there, June 14, 1837. A cotton manufacturer ; 
res. Taunton, Mass. They had : 

Maboarbt WnxiAMS", b. Dec. 6, 1885. 

CHABf,BS BBBMBSBR", b. MSTCh I, 1889. 

880. Chabi^s E.'*, son of Mason (799) and Hannah R. 
(Smith) Fisher, was b. at Fall River, March 16, 1846 ; m. 
Ella T., daughter of Elijah C. and Hannah (Carter) Kilbum, 
who was b. , and d. He res. at Fall 

River. Their children were : 

Mary Kilburn", b. Aug. 20, 1871. 
Howard Masom", b. Oct. 20, 1875. 
Fu>R]afCB*', b. May 20, 1882 ; d. . 

Digitized by 



800. Gbobgb B.'*, son of Mason (799) and Hannah R. 
(Smith) Fisher, was b. at Fall River, Sept 20, 1851 ; m. 
Annie B., daughter of Capt. Benjamin and Desire (Tanner) 
Nichols, who was b. . They had : 

Gbobob Howard", b. Aug. 29, 1876. 

Chabus Mason", b. June 38, 1884; d. Sept. 26, 1886. 

801. Hbnbibtta M.'*, daughter of Henry H. (800) and 
Judith (Brightman) Fisher, of New Bedford, was b. Jan. 3, 
1851 ; m. Feb. x8, 1872, Erskine H., eldest child of Bradford 
S. and Hannah (Cross) Pierce, of New Bedford, who was 
b. Dec. 17, X849. Res. 52 Fifth street, New Bedford. Had : 

Syx.viA C. Pxbbcb", b. Jaly 27, 1878. 


802. Gbo&gb Eucbb Ei.lswobth", sonof George Simeon 
(807) and Mini A. (Babcock) Fisher, was b. in Ashland, Mass., 
Dec. 28, 186 1 ; m. Ida May Adams, in November, 1884. In 
1888, he had been for three years in the employ of the Boston & 
Albany Railroad in Boston ; res. then, 225 Harrison Avenue. 
Children were: 


803. Hbrman Cla&bncb", only child of Herman Cynis 
(809) and Cornelia C. (Smith) Fisher, was b. in New York 
dty, Aug. I, 1874; is in business with a large publishing 
house in New York city; a member of the Seventh Regiment, 
N. G. S. N. Y. He m. April 21, 1897; Carlotta Bracken- 
bush, of Jersey City, N. J, 

804. AuBBT S. Eabu", third chUdof Orythia'* Fisher 
(813) and William Warner Earle, was b. at Chester, Vt., 
Dec. I, 1844; served in the Civil War (for record see the 
Earle Genealogy, p. 342) ; m. Abbie J. Snell, Feb. 3, 1865. 
They res. in Chester, Vt. He was lulled on the railroad at 
Gassett's Station, Vt., April 10, 1869. Only child was : 

SUSXB L. Babls", b. Jan. 24. 1867, m. Sept. 6» i884» Elmer 
A. (b. Dec. 31, 2859). son ol William U. and iiliza(Kutn- 
brill) Spafford, and lives at Gaatett's Sutiou, Vt. ; bad: 
Blmer Albert Spafford*', b. Sept. 15, 1886. 

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805. Gborgb F. Eaklb", fourtli child of Orythia** 
Fisher (813) and William Warner Karle» was b. at Chester, 
Vt., April 19, 1850, and d. at Strafford, Vt., Oct. 19, 1886. 
He m. Lizzie B. Chedal ; was a Second Advent clergyman. 
They had : 

HBUif Kabt,b", b. Dec. 21, 1873. 
PrbdA.Bar]jb**> b. Aug. 34, 1874. 
CBAaLRS W. Kabt,b", b. Jalv 37, x88x. . 
Harry G. Barxa", b. Feb. 8, 1885. 

806. Mary'\ first child of Rev. Joseph SeMen (814) and 
Abby M. (Carter) Fisher, was b. at Cass Lake, Minn., April 
19, 185 X ; m. Oct. 16, X877, Rev. Harlow S. Mills, son of 
Maimii^ B. and Ursula F. (Stone) Mills. He graduated at 
Grinnell College and the Chicago Theological Seminary, and 
then became pastor at Dunlap, Iowa. Later he held pas- 
torates at Forest Grove, Or.; Alton, Ills. ; Huron, South 
DaJcota ; Union City, Mich., and at Benzonia, Mich., where 
he is now pastor of die First Congregational church. 

807. Gborgb", third child of Rev. Joseph Selden (814) 
and Abby M. (Carter) Fisher, was b. at Cass Lake, Minn. 
He studied at a busixiess college in Grand Rapids, Mich., and 
was state secretary of the Y. M. C. A. in Kansas for a while. 
Afterwards he and other earnest Christians formed the Gospel 
Union, with headquarters at Kaxisas City, Mo. There they 
have a school for the study of the Bible by young men and 
women who wish to go abroad as missionaries or to labor in 
needy fields in this county. They have a mission in 
Morocco, Africa, one in Ecuador, South America, and another 
among the Indians in Arizona. Mr. Fisher has been twice to 
Africa, once to South America and once to Arizona, for the 
furtherance of the missionary work in these places. The 
Union publishes the *' Gospel Message," which gives an ac- 
count of their work. 

808. Dr. Albbrt Shaw", son of Susan'* Fisher (8x7) 
and Griffin M. Shaw, is '* editor of the Review of the Reviews. 
Dr. Shaw is a tall, slender man, on the youthful side of 
forty, with a scholarly look, and a la^e fundj^f bright, intel- 
lectual conversation. His success h^ grown out of tlie fact 
that he is a rare combination of a good editor, and a good 
business man. He was bom in Butler County, O., is a cousin 
of Murat Halstead, and was educated in some country 
college in Iowa, and received his practical newspaper train- 
ing on the Mixmeapolis Tribune. He is probably the most 

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indostrions of the magazine editors in New York. He keeps 
his hands on all brandies of the business, and l>esideH does a 
good deal of original work in the Review, It is the only 
magazine in the country which has no rival in its special 
field. Dr. Shaw invented it, and he covers the field so 
thoroughly that no envious publisher has dared to invade 
it.'' — E. V. Smalky's letter from New York to the Chicago 
Ttmes-Herald, in August, 1895. 

8d0. Rbv. Gbo&gk Edward White", son of Joanna 
Fisher (8x8) and Rev. George H. White, was b. at Marash, 
Turkey, Oct. 14, 1861 ; m. June 29, 1887, at Muscatine, Iowa, 
Esther B., daughter of Rev. Dr. A. B. and Mary Robbius, a 
graduate of Iowa College, '82. Mr. White graduated at 
Iowa CoUege, in 1882 ; took his A. [M. degree in '83 ; studied 
at Chicago Theologiod Seminary and received the B. D. 
degree in 1887. He was professor in Hastings College, Neb., 
1882 to Z885, and a student at the Hartford Theological Semi- 
nary, 1883-86 and at Chicago Theological Seminary, 18867-87. 
He waa ordained in September, 1887, and became pastor of 
the Congregational church at Waverly, la., until 1890, 
when he became a missionary of the American Board at 
Mars6van, Turkey. He passed through the Armenian 
massacres there in 1895-96, and in 1898 visited America on 
furlough. Children are: 

M4BGAKKT BuaaBZX Whits'', b. Waverly, la., Aug. 16, 1889. 
Mary Robbiks Wuitk", b. ICaraovan, Turkey, Jan. 16, 1892. 
Gborgk DkPorxst Wkitk'*, b. ManiOTan, Turkey, Nov. ^3, 

BSTHsa SlnfG Whitb'', b. Maraovan, Turkey, June 3, 1897. 

900. Susan Margaret Wiiitk", daughter of Jo;uiuu 
Fisher (8x8) and Rev. George A. White, was b. at Weathers- 
field, Vt., April 8, 1867 ; graduated at Iowa College, Utcrury 
course, 1892; and taught in the public schools at Grand 
Junction, Colo., 1892-93. She was S. S. visitor for the l^rst 
Methodist Prot. church of Pittsburg, Pa., 1893-94, and studied 
in the Moody Institute at Chicago, 1894-95. She held the 
position of general secretary of tlie Y. W. C. A. at ludianaiiolis, 
Ind., from 1895 to 1897. Since then she has resided with her 
parents at Grinnell, la. 

901. WitUAM L. Stoaks", son of Mary WillKiins 
Fisher (884) and William L. Stoaks, was b. in Medina, 
Ohio, Nov. I, 1866 ; moved with his parents to Cleveland, O., 

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in 1877, and became foreman and inspector of twist drills in 
the Standard Tool Company of Cleveland, being employed 
there seven years prior to his death, which occurred June 7, 
1891. He m.* Isabell Jane White, in Cleveland, March 13, 
1886. They had : 

Mamxx I. Stoaks**, b. Nov. x, z888; ret. with her grand- 

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002. Joshua*, son of John (14) and Hannah (Adams) 
Fisher, was b. in Medfield, June 16, 1685 ; m. Mary , 
who d. in Walpole, March 11, 1766. Joshua settled in Wal- 
pole, was a fanner, and also erected a saw-mill near Cedar 
Swamp; was town clerk of Walpole, 1739 to 1747. He d. 
there, Aug. 11, 1749. Children were: 

Sajlab** b. about Aagust» 1709; d. Sept« 12, 1711, aged i year 

XX months. 
Snjatca^, b. in Medfield, Oct. 24, 17x3 ; d* Not. 7, X7X2. 

003. Sauubi.*, probably oldest son of Vigilance ( 15) and 
Rebecca (Partridge) Fisher, was b. at De^iam, Dec. 12, 
168 X. We believe that the Samuel* Fisher, son of Vigilance 
(page 30), who declined to take the real estate in the settle- 
ment of his hther's estate in X7X4, moved to Beverly, and later 
to Duzbury. He married in 17x0, Deborah Stetson, who 
was b. Dec. 3, i68x, a granddaughter of Comet Robert Stet- 
son, of Scituate. After the birth of his son he removed from 
Duxbury to North Yarmouth, Maine (set off- to Cumberland 
in X820). He d. at North Yarmouth, Nov. 24, X767, Their 
children were : 

Rkbbcca', b. Dnxbnry, Aug. 25, X717; m. Beniamin PriiiCL*(?). 
904. Samubx.*, b. Duxbury, Nov. X2, 1722 ; m. Haunah'Blauchanl. 

904. SAMUBt*, son of Samuel (903) and Deborah (Stet- 
son) Fisher, was b. in Duxbury, Nov. 12, 1722, and d. in 
North Yarmouth (now Cumberland) , Maine. He m. Hannah 
Blanchard; res. at North Yarmouth; he was taxed there. 
i.Q 1759 » ^^^ was taxed in 1794, before which lime he had 
probably died. Children were : 

905. ONSSXPHORC78^ b. iu I7S2; m. Mary Priucct of North 

RXBBCCiL^ b. ^.— — ^ ; ni. Daniel Drinkwater, of North 
Yarmouth and Cumberland, Me. 

005. Onbsxpxiokus', sou of Samuel (904) and Hannah 
(Blanchard) Fisher, was b. at North Yarmouth (now Cum- 
berland), Maine, in 1752; m. Ruth Prince, of North Yar- 

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mouth. They joined the Congregational church of Cumber- 
land, in 1794, and we find him taxed there the same yean 
'' He was, I, think, town clerk of North Yarmouth/* His 
gravestone at Cumberland Centre reads : ** Onesiphorus 
Fisher died March 11, 1839, set. 76 years." Childrai were : 

906. Samubz.*» b. ; m. Mary Reed, of Korth Yarmoath. 

Rimi*, b. in Z784 ; d. May 8, 1814, aged 30; nam.