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Full text of "Fitch genealogy. A record of six generations of the descendants of Deacon Zachary Fitch, of Reading, Mass"

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It is tlie province of tliis i;cnealoi;y, in the Heoistek, to j)re.sent a con- 
densed record of tlie descendants of Dea. Zacliary Fitch. The space assigned 
for thi'su .irtii-les will not Hdniit an extended notice of individuals, hut dates, 
residence and general facts will he presented, to clearly identify the several 
persons named. 

In the Rkoister, Vol. xlvi., p. 323, is found the will of Thomas Fitch 
of Bockinu^ Essex, En^jland. He married Anne Ueve, Aug. (>, Kill, and 
died in Boeking, ir>;52 or early in the following year. He names sons, 
Thomas, .I.ihn, James, Samuel, and Joseph, who came to New Knglaud, 
and al^o names other children, Nathaniel, .Jeremy, Mary, Anna and Sandi. 
The first hoipiest provides for the oldest son Thomas, Injrn lijl2, died in 
Conn., 1704. The second bequest, " To my son and his heirs the messuage in 
Bocking, late of Hichanl Usher, deceased," &c., possibly designates a son 
whose name is unhitentionally omitted. It remains, however, to be proved 
that Dea. Zachary Fitch of Heading was a son of Thomas Fitch of Bocking. 
The date of the birth of Dea. Zachary Fitch, and of his older sons, is not 
recorded, but the age of some of his grand-<ddl<lren suggests that possibly 
Dea. Zachary Fitch w:uj a few years too old tu be admitted among the chil- 
di'en of Thomas Fitch of Bocking. 

1. Z.vcnAKY* FiTCii, the emigrant ancestor, of one branch of the Fitch 
Families of New England, came to Lynn alx)ut 1033. It is under- 
stood that he lived in Lynn a few years, and settled about IGlU 
in the South Parish of Reading, now Wakefield, where ho lived 
until his death. The boundary lines of Lynn and other early towns 
Were not clearly define<l — Zachary Fitch with otln-rs receive<l grants 
of land from Lvnn which fell within the town of luiading when that 
town was organized. It is probable that he occupied the land in 
Reading, now Wakelield. a few years earlier than the date assumed 
by Eaton's History of R< ailing. He was admitted freeman in 1<'>3S, 
lie was an original member of the Church of R«'a<Hng, and a Deacon 
from 1()15 until he die<l ; and a selectman, 10 !'.>, '51, 'til. In the 
records of Reading he is fnicpiently muned, and in the colonial 
papers of his time the good character of the man is fully confirmed. 
A facsimile of his autograph is fouml in the RK«;iSTKn, Vol. 
xxxiii, page 01, and other autographs are found in original papers. 
He wrote the name Zaehrie, and his eontenjixtraries freipiently wrote 
it Zachary and Zachery. but the name of his son and of many of his 
descemlants has taken the full form of Zaehariah. The name of his 
wife was Mary, but a record of the marriage has not been found. 
It is certain that he marrie<l about the time he emigrated to Amer- 
ica, and. Fo far as known, the marriage could have been constmimated 
in England or inunediately after his arrival in .Vmi'rica. He died 
in Reading, June '.», H".i-_'! Ilis will is dated March IS, 1002. To 
his sons B«mjamin. .Joseph and Samuel, who were farmers remain- 
ing in Reading, he devised hinds in Reading ; and to his sous Jere- 

/ . 

r S 




















miah, Thomas and John he gave money. It is known that Jeremiah 
and Thomas were merchants in Boston, and as this is the only men- 
tion we have of John, it is presumed from the character of the be- 
quest that he had removed from Reading, and joossibly was engaged 
in business. In naming the children of Zachary and Mary Fitch, 
the order of age is not fully known. 
Children : 

Thomas, 2 m. Martha risk. 

Jeremiah, m. Esther . 

Benjamin, m. Elizabeth Skerry. 
Sarah, m. John Westou. 

Joseph, b. 1634 ; in. Hauuah Sweetser. 


Samuel, b. March 6, 1G44-5; m. Sarah Lane, 
viii. Zachariah, d. June 20, 1647. 

2. Thomas^ Fitch, son of Dea, Zachary^, removed to Boston at an 

early age. He married about 1654, Martha Fisk, only dau. David 
and Sarah (Smith) Fisk of Watertown. He is styled cord wain er, 
but he owned houses and stores in Boston. He was a constable 
1G63, and sealer of leather 1670. He died 1678. Administration 
of his estate was committed to the Widow Martha. The inventory 
includes one negro man. 
Children : 

i. Martha,^ b. Nov. 9, 165G. 

8. ii. Mary, b. Feb. 17, 1657-8; m. Thomas Hunt, 
iii. Elizabeth, b. 1659 ; died young. 

9. iv. Sauah, b. June 14, 1661 ; m. Thomas Warren. 
V. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 2, 1664. 

10. vi. Thomas, b. Feb. 5, 1668-9; m. Abiel Danforth. 

3. Jeremiah^ Fitch, son of Dea. Zachary^, settled in Boston. He 

was a glover, and prosperous. He was clerk of the market, and 
frequently named in Boston records. I do not find a record of his 
first marriage — her name was Esther. She died Sept. 14, 1656. He 
m. second, in Weymouth, Feb. 25, 1657, Sarah Chubbuck, b. 1638, 
dau. of Thomas Chubbuck of Hiugham. He m. third, Sept. 5, 
1689, Martha Messinger, widow of John Messinger of Boston. He 
d. May 3, 1692. She d. Marck 14, 1703. 
Children : 

i. Mary^, b. March 1, 1652-3. 

ii. Jeremiah, b. Feb. 5, 1658-9; d. young. 

iii. Zachariah, b. Feb. 19, 1600-1; d. Aug. 13, 1661. 

iv. Deborah, b. Nov. 5, 1662 ; d. Jan. 14, 1662-3. 

V. Sarah, b. Feb. 21, 1663-4. 

vi. Deboraii, b. June 27, 1665 ; m. Joseph Belknap, b. Jan. 26, 1657-8, 

sou of Joseph. Slie d. April 20, 1687. Three children, 

vii. Abigail, b. Aug. 5, 1G66. 

viii. Jeremiah, b. Sept. 1, 1667. 

ix. Kebecca, b. Feb. 19, 1668-9; m. Jan. 21, 1702, William Tedman. 

X. Esther, b. Sept. 29, 1670. 

xi. Eleanor, b. Aug. 20, 1676. 

4. Benjamin^ Fitch, sou of Dea. Zachary^ m. Feb. 27, 1665-6, 

Elizabeth Skerry. Eaton's Hist, of Reading names Elizabeth Storey 
as the wife of Benjamin Fitch, but town records assert the name 
Elizabeth Skerry. In his will, 1604, Francis Skerry, Essex County, 
names his cousin Elizabeth Fitch, wife of Benjamin Fitch, and her 








three flausjlitors. Benjamin Fitch was a farmer in Keadintr, a deacon, 
selectman many years, and iiis name is fn'(|nf'ntly lonnd in the rec- 
ords. Elizabetli, his wife, d. Ang. 17, 1()'.I7. He m. s(>cond, Mary 

. He d. ^larch 12, 1712-3. In Ijis will he |)r(nides for his 

wile Mary, and names three danghters, liridget I'oole, Klizabelh 
Brown, deceased, and IMary Bryant. 
Chihlreu : 

ZAcnAniAii,' b. Nov. 2i. ir.CC; d. April 10, ]CM. 
]')i;ii)(;Kr, b. Nov. 1, liKI'J; m. Jonathan Poolo. 
Ki.i/.AiiKTii, 1). March 27, l(!71-2; m. .John ]5rown. 
Maky, b. April 2, 1C.7S; m. Thomas Bryant. 

5. JoiiX'^ WicSTON, I), in England, 1631, came to Salem 1 Gil, and settled 

in Reading, now AVaketield, 1652. He was prosperous, and tlie 
possessor of several tracts of valuable land. He m. April 18, 1653, 
Sarah- Fitch, dan. of Dea. Zachary^. This is the earliest raar- 
riace recorded in Keadiuir. He d. about 1723, a<retl over UO years. 
Cliildren : 

i. JoHX,^ b. Aug. 17, ir,.-)'); (1. young. 

ii. Sakaii, b. .July 15, Ki.Hj. 

iii. Mahv, b. May 25, 1G.59. 

iv. John, b. ^Nlarch 9, 1661; m. 1684, Maiy Bryant, b. 1666, dan. of 

Abraham and Mary (Kendall) Bryant. Lived in Reading. 
V. Er.i/.Ani:TU, b. Feb. 7, 1662. 
vi. Samtkl. 1). April 16, 1665. Lived in Heading, 
vii. STKriiKN, b. I)ec. 8, 1667; m. Sarah Townsend. Lived in Reading, 
viii. Thomas, b. Nov. 20, 1670. Lived in Heading. 

6. JosKPH- FiTCii, son of Dea. Zachary', b. 1634 ; m. July 2, 1661, 

Hannah Sweetser, b. 1639, dan. of Seth and Bethiah Sweetser of 
Charlestowu. He was a prosperous farmer in Reading. He d. 
1 604. She d. Nov. 5, 1 673. 
Children : 

i. IIaxnau', b. March 3, 1661-2; d. JLarch 25, 1662. 

14. ii. JosKPH, b. Feb. 20, 1662-3; ra. Ann Kibbe. =-= 
iii. IIaxxah, b. Nov. 28, 1664.- 

15. iv. Cknj-OIix, b. July 14, 1667; m. Mary Hett. 

7. Samuel- Fitch, son of Dea. Zachary\ b. March 6, 1644-5. He 

was a farmer in Reading. A facsimile of his signature is found in 
the Rkoistkk, Vol. ii., page 234. He m. April 23, 1673, Sarah 
Lane, dau. of Job Lane of Maiden and liillerica. She d. Oct. 2, 
1670. He m. second, July 26, 16.S1, Rebecca Merriam. He d. 
1684. His widow Rebecca m. Aug. 19. Id.'^a. Joseph Dnstin. In 
his will he commits liis only surviving child, Samuel, to the care of 
Robert Avery, who married a sister of his Krst wife. 
Children : 

IC. i. Samiki,,' b. March 4, 1673-4; m. Elizabeth Walker, 

ii. Zachauiah, b. Feb. 25, 1674-5; d. March 8, 1674-5. 

iii. JoH, 1). Oct. 27. 1676; d. Nov. 7, 1676. 

iv. Sauah. d. Oct. 2, 167D. 

V. Sakah, b. Sept. 27, 1670; d. May 21, 1680. 

8. Thomas IIltxt, b. 16.'»2: m. Mary' Fitch, dan, of Thomas^ Fitch. 

He was a })ni8h-maker of Boston. The family is named in will of 
her brother, Hon. Thomas Fitch. She d. Aug. 22, 17(».'5. He m. 
second, Sept. 12, 1704, ^lary (Manning) Francis. He d. 1734. 


Thomas and Mary (Fitch) Hunt were the parents of ten children. 
Children : 

i. Thomas, b. Aiis. 21, 1C81 ; d. young. 

ii. Mary, b. Oct. 7, 1683; d. April 11, 1C90. 

iii. Thomas, b. March 15, IGSo. 

iv. Priscilla, b. April 11, 1C88. 

V. Mary, b. Oct. 11, 1690. 

vi. Sarah, b. Dec. 9, 1692 ; m. Oct. 11, 1716, Robert Watts. 

vii. JOANXA, b. Marcli 29, 1695; d. young. 

yiii. Martha, b. Jan. 26, lfi96-7 ; d. Dec. 22, 1713. 

ix. Jabez, b. April 5, 1698; m. Hannah Brown. Slie d. Sept. 21, 1748; 

he d. Dec. 22, 1762. Obituary in Evening Post. 

X. Elizabeth, b. April 2, 1700 ; died young. 

9. Thomas Warren, m. Dec. 14, 1694, Sarah^ Fitch, dau. of Thomas.^ 
They lived in Boston, and she was named in the will of her brother, 
Hon. Thomas Fitch. 
Children : 

1. Sarah, b. March 8, 1696-7. 
ii. Thomas, b. June 11, 1699. 

10. Thomas^ Fitch, son of Thomas,^ b. in Boston, Feb. 5, 1668-9. 

The limits of this article wiU not admit a sketch of one of the most 
prominent men of his time. The reports of the Record Commis- 
sioners, in which he receives frequent and honorable mention, v.-ill 
supply many details. He was a selectman 1702-1705, declining 
after an election in 1706. He waS' a representative, a magistrate 
and a councillor, and in the military service he was a colonel. He 
was a merch'^nt, and acquired great wealth. A volume of business 
letters, copied for reference and transcribed by himself, is now in the 
custody of this Society. Beside valuable real estate in Boston, his 
estate included 2,200 acres in Lunenburg, 2,346 acres in Dunstable, 
and nearly equal tracts in Tovnisend, and several other towns 
recently organized. He owned a part of the Common north of 
Boylston street, which fell by inheritance to the Oliver family. His 
will is dated July 19, 1735. At this date all his children, except 
Martha Allen, were deceased ; but his daughter, Mary Oliver, was 
represented by a son, Andrew Oliver, Jr. He made a bequest to the 
poor of Boston, and bequeathed £300 to Hai-vard College " for the 
education of scholars of good capacity for the work of the ministry." 

He m. April 12, 1694, Abiel Dauforth, baptized Jan. 31. 1674-5, 
daughter of Rev. Samuel and Mary (Wilson) Danforth of Roxbury. 
He d. June 23, 1736. His widow m. Oct. 19, 1741, Hon. John 
Osborn who, after her decease, m. Dec. 12, 1745, Sarah Hutcliinson. 

C'hilch-eu : 

Mary.* b. April 21, 1695; d. March 11, 1695. 

Thomas, b. Sept. 21, 1697; d. Dec. 8, 1713. 

Samuel, b. Auc 31, 1703; d. Sept. 10, 1703. 

Martha, b. Sept. 25, 1704; m. July 29, 1725, James Allen. 

Mary, b. Aug. 28, 1706; m. Hon. Andrew Oliver. 

JoHX, b. Oct. 19, 1709; m. Martha Stoddard. 

11. Jonathan Poole, b. Feb. 28, 1667, son of Capt. Jonathan and 

Judith Poole, m. Dec. 3, 1691, Bridget'' Fitch, daughter of Dea. 
Benjamin.^ He lived on the paternal homestead, and was a 
magistrate, selectman and an active citizen of Reading. He d. May 
28, 1723 ; she d. May 2, 1723. 









Children : 

i. Jonathan, b. Sept. 14, 1002; ra. April 16, 17U, Esther Flasg of Wo- 

bnrn. lie d. Feb. S, 17.j.>. 
ii. Benjamin, b. April 7, IGOt ; m. 1715, Bethiah Mansflelcl of L5'nn. He 

m. second, Dec. 17, 1723, Mchitable Gibson of Boston. He d. Dec. 

17, 1732. 
iii. Zaciiauiaii, b. April 25, 169G; d. May 15, 1698. 
iv. Euzabktii, b. March 28, 1698; ni. Nov. 24, 1720, Nicliolas Bcllvnapof 

V. Saau-kl, b. April 10, 1700; m. Dec. 11, 1729, Rebecca Williams of 

Lynn. He d. :May 8, 1752. 
vi. "William, b. Feb. 24, 1702; prob.'d. j'oung. 
vii. Zaciiauiaii, b. March 25, 1708; m. Sept. 18, 1730, Rebecca Wade of 

Medford. He d. Feb. 20, 1776. 
viii. IMarv, b. June 30, 1711; ra. Nov. 30, 1731, Ephraim Weston, 1). 1700, 

son of Thomas Weston and grandson of John and Sarali (Fitch) 

Weston (5). She d. June 5, 1737. 
ix. Judith, b. April 20, 1714; d. Sept. 8, 1714. 
X. Bridget, b. about 1719. 

12. John Broavn of Reading, m. May 29, 1G94, Elizabeth^ Fitch, dan. 

of Dea. Benjamin-^ Fitch. She d. Aug. 12, 1696. No children 
recorded, and probably there was no living issue. 

13. Thomas Bryant, b. April G, 1674, son of Abraham and Mary (Ken- 

dall) Bryant, m. Dec. 10, 1696, Mary^ Fitch, b. April 2, 1668, dau. 
of Dea. Benjamin'- Fitch. They lived in Reading. 
Children : 

i. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 9, 1697; d. young, 

ii. Thomas, b. Aug. 29, 1698; d. young, 

iii. Thomas, b. Nov. 14, 1700. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 2, 1702. 

V. Maky, b. April 20, 1706. 

vi. John, b. Aug. 19, 1707. 

14. Joseph^ Fitch, b. Feb. 26, 1662-3, son of Joseph,'^ was a farmer 

of Reading. He m. June 29, 1688, Ann Kil)be. He d. Jan. 9, 
1695 ; and she m. second. May 28, 1700, John Dix, b. 16o9, son of 
Ralph Dix of Ipswich and Reading. 

Children of Joseph and Ann (Kibbe) Fitch : 

i. Joseph,* b. Sept. 3, 1689; d. Nov. 10, 1694. 

ii. Anna, b. Aug. 14, 1690; d. June 29, 1007. 

19. iii. Zachakiah, b. Feb. 24, 1693-4; m. Abigail Davison. 

20. iv. Joseph, b. Feb. 4, 1695-6; m. Margaret^Clark. ■'- 

15. Bkxja^iin^ Fitch, b. July 14, 1667, son of Joseph,- removed to Bos- 

ton, where he was prosperous in business and a citizen of good re- 
pute. In 1720, Dublin, a negro servant of Benjamin Fitch, married 
a servant of Rev. William Cooper, and in his will, to the dower of 
his wife, he adds Dinah, a negro. He m. March 2, 1693, Mary 
Hett. He d. Dec. 14, 1739. She d. 1748. 
Children : 

Bkn-.iamix,* b. Jan. 13, 1603-4; d. Jan. 5, 1702-3. 

Eliphalet, b. Oct. 20. 1005; d. Jan. 21, 1702-3. 

^Iauy, b. :May 28. 1608; ui. Aug. 8, 1717, Samuel Greenwood. They 

had sons Samuel and Benjamin. 
Joseph, b. July 30, 1700; marriage intention to Phebc Gross. 
Ann, b. May 5. 1704 ; d. July 30, 1705. 
Benjamin, b. Sept. 25, 1706; m. Jerusba Boylstou. 










16. Samuel^ Fitch, b. Marcli 4, 1673-4, was son of Samuel.^ In addi- 

tion to the estate of his father, he received from his maternal grand- 
father, Job Lane, one-fourth of the Winthrop farm, upon which he 
settled at the time of his marriage. (See Hazen's Billerica, and 
Brown's Bedford.) This farm was in Billerica, and in the incorpor- 
ation of Bedford, 1729, it was included in the new town. His chil- 
dren were born in Billerica, but those who remained upon the 
paternal acres were residents of Bedford. He was a soldier in the 
Indian War, 1706 ; and many of his sons and grandsons were soldiers 
in the French and Indian War or in the Revolution. He was town 
clerk and selectman, and through life an intelligent useful citizen. 
He m. March 20, 1695, Elizabeth Walker, b. Feb. 13, 1677-8, 
dau. of JosejA and Sarah (Wyman) Walker of Billerica. She d. 
Nov. 26, 1716. Seven of her eight children survived her. He m. 
second, 1717, Eunice Taylor, b. in Concord, Dec. 22, 1678, dau. of 
John and Eunice (Wooley) Taylor. He d. April 4, 1742. The 
widow Eunice d. Ausf. 27, 1767. 
Children by first wife : 

Sakah,4 b. Dec. 25, 16%; d. Feb. 4, 1696-7. 

Sarah, b. May 4, 1698; m. Aug. 26, 1727, Richard Hicksou of 
S to ugh ton. 

Sajiuel, b. Feb. 14, 1699-1700. 

Joseph, b. Oct. 2, 1702. 

Benjamin, b. July 30, 1705. 

John, b. Feb. 12, 1707-8. 


Zachariah, b. Feb. 13, 1712-13. 

Child by second wife : 

ix. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 22, 1718; m. Dec. 11, 1735, Joseph Mead-, b. 
1712, son of Stephen and Ruth (Taylor) Mead. They lived upon 
the Mead homestead in Bedford. 

17. Andrew Oliver, b. March 28, 1706, son of Daniel and Elizabeth 

(Belcher) Oliver, H. U. 1724, m. June 29, 1728, Mary^ Fitch, dau. 
of Hon." Thomas.^ His mother, was a sister of Gov. Belcher. He 
was Lieut. Governor, and an agent under the Stamp Act. She d. 
Nov. 26, 1732. He m. second, Dec. 19, 1734, Mary Sanford, a sister 
of the wife of Gov. Thomas Hutchinson. Andrew Oliver, a son 
of Andrew and Mary (Fitch) Oliver, an heir to the estate of his 
maternal grand-father, m. Mary Lynde. 

18. John* Fitch, b. Oct. 19, 1709, son of Hon. Thomas,^ m. March 30, 

1732, Martha Stoddard, daughter of Andrew and Martha (Belcher) 
Stoddard. Gov. Belcher was her maternal uncle. He died, sine 
prole, previous to July 19, 1735. 

19. Zachariah* Fitch, b. in Reading, Feb. 24, 1693-4, was son of 

Joseph.^ He was early a leather dresser, and subsequently engaged 
in mercantile pursuits. He was active in business, and accumulated 
a fair estate. He was prominent in town affairs, and acquired tracts 
of land in several of the new townships. As the guardian of James 
Kibbe, an insane person, jierhaps a maternal uncle, he disposed of a 
tract of land in Limenburg belonging to liis ward. He m., 1718, 
Abigail Davison, dau. of Major Daniel Davison of Newbury. He 
d. previous to 1746. Oil portraits of Zachariah and Abigail (Davison) 
















Fitch, now in the possession of the family of the late Francis Shel- 
don of Fitchbnrg, were once in the custody of their dauijhtcr Anna, 
who m. Nathaniel Sheldon, the great grand parents of Francis Shel- 

Children : 

i. Z.vcii.vRLvn*, b. March 9, 1719-20. 

ii. Mary, b. Aug. 29, 1721 ; living and unmarried, I'tiC). 

iii. AniGAiL, b. Sept. G, 1723. 

iv. Jacob, b. Sept. 3, 1725; m. Aug. 3, 1746, Eleanor Stayner. 

V. Bknj.vmix, b. Feb. 9, 1727-8. 

30. vi. Anna, b. March 20, 1729-30; m. Natlianicl Sheldon, 

vii. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 31, 1731-2; m. 17G0, Samuel Gorrod. 

20. Joseph* Fitch, b. in Reading, Feb. 4, 1695-6, was son of Joseph,* 

In his infancy his widowed mother married John Dix of Reading. 
He came to Boston hi his youth, under the patronage of an older 
brother, and was admitted to membership in Brattle Street Church, 
June 5, 1715. He was prosperous in business, and an active useful 
citizen. He was one of the Prince subscribers, and his name is fre- 
quently met in the records of Boston. He m. in Boston, Jan. 15, 
1718-9, Margaret Clark, b. April 4, 1697, dan. of Timothy and 
Sarah (Sprague) Clark. She d. Aug. 23, 1748 ; and he m. second, 
Ajjril 6, 1749, Mchitable (Gibson) Poole, dan. of Benjamin and 
Mehitable (Austin) Gibson of Boston, and widow of Benjamin Poole 
of Reading. At the time of his second marriage, Joseph Fitch re- 
moved to Reading, where he d. March 16, 1754. In his will, dated 
March 2, 1754, witucsssed at Reading, he is styled ■■' Joseph Fitch late 
of Boston." His widow m. third, Samuel Bancroft, b. 1693, son of 
Dea. Thomas and Sarah (Poole) Bancroft. 
Children : 

Margaret*, b. Dec. 5, 1719; d. May 9, 1722. 

Joseph, b. Aug. 21, 1721; m. Anne Waldo. 

Margaret, b. March U, 1722; m. William Downe. 

Prudence, b. Aug. 18, 1724; d. Aug. 22, 1734. 

Timothy, b. Oct. 23, 1725; m. Abigail Donahue. 

Thomas, b. Jau. 12, 1726; d. Feb. 26, 1754 — headstone in Reading. 

Jonas, b. June 1, 1728; m. Mary Harrod. ^ «^ 

Jere.miah, b. Nov. 10, 1729; d. May 26, 1730. 

Sarah, b. May 8, 1731 ; m. Thomas Dutton."": 

John, b. Oct. 2, 1733; d. Jan. 4, 1739. 

Prudence, b. March 5, 1734-5; d. young. 

Hannah, b. Oct. 9, 1736. 

Jonathan, b. Marcli 1737-8; d. June 21, 1738. 

M.utY, b. Sept. 10, 1739; d. Feb. IG, 1739-40. 

21. Joseph* Fitch, b. July 30, 1700, was son of Benjamin.* His mar- 

riage intention to Phebe Gross was recorded Oct. 1, 1729. The 
marriage was not consummated. He d. Oct. 10, 1729. Phebe 
Gross, b. 1 695, was the daughter of Samuel and Mary (Cutt) Pen- 
hallow, and a grand-<.laughter of Gov. John Cutt of New Hamp- 
shire. She married first, Thomas Gross of Boston ; and married 
second, Oct. 10, 1734, Leonard Vassal, b. in Jamaica, 1678, sou of 
John and Ann (Lewis) Vassal. He d. June 20, 1737. She m. 
third, Feb. 11, 1738-9, Thomas Graves, H. U. 1703. He d. June 
19, 1747; and she m. fourth, ^March 21. 1749-50, Francis Borland, 
whom she siu'vived, and died April 3, 1775. 





















22. Bexjamin" Fitch, b. Sept. 25, 1706, was son of Benjamin (15). He 
was a tanner, and his yard was not far from Bowdoin Square. He be- 
came wealthy, and each of the five children who sm-vived him re- 
ceived by inheritance valuable real estate in Boston. He m. Oct. 
28, 1731, Jerusha Boylston, b. Nov. 5, 1711, daughter of Dr. 
Zabdiel and Jerusha (Minot) Boylston. He d. 1767r His widow 
subsequently is frequently named in the records and tax lists of Bos- 
ton. She survived all her chiklren except her son Zabdiel, who was 
hvmg in Jamaica, 1799, the date of her will. She also names in 
her will, Mary and Anna, children of her grandson Joseph Fitch, 
besides the chikben of her son Eliphalet Fitch. 
Children : 

i. Benjamin*, b. Feb. 18, 1732-3; not living 1767. 

ii. Jerusha, b. April 13, 1734; livine 1767. 

iii. Joseph, b. Aug 24, 1735; living f767. 

iv. Zabdiel, b. Nov. 29, 1736. See Mass. Rolls for his continued service 

in the Revolution. 
V. John, b. Jan. 14, 1738-9; d. Nov. 12, 1739. 
vi. Eliphalet, b. Nov. 5, 1740. He was one of the committee selected 

iu 1774 to accompany the selectmen in the annual visitation of the 

schools of Boston. In 1799 he was of Kingston, in Jamaica, 
vii. Mary, b. Sept. 23, 1742; d. young, 
viii. Thomas, b. 1743. Timothy Fitch (33) was appointed his guardian 

April 10, 1767. 

23. Richard Hickson m. Aug. 26, 1727, Sarah* Fitch, dau. of Samuel 

(16). They lived hi Stoughton, where six children were born. 
Children : 

i. Richard, b. Jan. 15, 1728-9. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 18, 1730. 

iii. Sarah, b. Feb. 8, 1731-2; m. Nov. 20, 1761, Geo. Monk, 

iv. Samuel, b. Dec. 9, 1734; m. March 22, 1771, Mary White. 

V. Eunice, b. Oct. 26, 1736; d. Oct. 28, 1737. 

vi. Jeremiah, b. Nov. 14, 1738; d. in His Maj^ Service at Lake George, 
July 30, 1758. . *= 

24. Samuel* Fitch, b. Feb. 14, 1699-1700, son of Samuel (16) ; m. 

April 24, 1732, Joanna (Keyes) Kidder, b. 1695, dau. of Joseph and 
Joanna (Cleveland) Keyes, and widow of Thomas Kidder. She was 
the mother, by the former marriage, of Aaron, Reuben and Joseph 
Kidder, of New Ipswich, N. H. Samuel Fitch was a farmer in 
Westford, where he d. Jan. 9, 1775. She d. March 4, 1787. His 
will is dated June 6, 1772; probated Feb. 21, 1775. The estate 
was given to the two daughters. 
Children : 

i. Samuel*, b. Aug. 28, 1733; probably d. young. 

ii. Joanna, b. Jan. 29, 1734-5 ; m. March 22, 1754, Eleazer Read, b. Feb. 
22, 1731, sou of Thomas aud Sarah (Fletcher) Read of Westford. 
Eleven children. 
iii. Lydia, b. March 13, 1737; ra. Oct. 20, 1760, Francis Leighton, b. 
1734, sou of John. They lived in Westford, where she d. Feb. 13, 
1801. He m. second, Nov. 21, 1802, Mrs. Hannah Jones, widow of 
Samuel Jones. Her maiden name was Hannah Brown, b. 1764. 
She m. first, Oct. 25, 1764, Capt. Isaac Davis of Acton, who fell at 
Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775 ; and m. second, July 30, 1782, 
Samuel Jones of Actou. Francis Leighton d. 1806. Eleven chil- 
dren by his first marriage. 













25. Joseph^ Fitch, b. Oct. 22, 1702, was son of Samuel (16). lie was 

a farmer, wlieelwriulit an<l l)uil(ler, of Bedford. lie built, tbe first 
meeting house in ]S'ew Boston, 2s. II., and in 1747 he was one of a 
commission to locate the meeting house in Uunstal)le. He m. Jan. 
21, 17oO-l, Sarali (irimes, dau. of William Grimes of Lexington. 
8he d. Jan. 22, 17H)-.')0; and lie m. second, Rachel (Blanchard) 
, Converse, dau. of Joseph and Abiah (Hassell) Blanchard of Dun- 
stable, and widow of Joshua Converse of Merrimack, N. II., who 
was drowned in Merrimack river, 1744. Joseph Fitch d. Fel). 7, 
17G'J, and she m. third, June 3, 1773, John Page, b. Oct. 11, 1704, 
son of Nathaniel and Susannah (Lane) Page of Bedford. John 
d. Feb. 18, 1782. She d. Jan. 16, 1801. Joseph had six children 
by tlie first and one by the second marriage. 
Children : 

Sarah*, b. March 25, 1732; m. Capt. Josiah Crosby. 

Joseph, b. July 14, 1734; d. Sept. 21, 1736. 

MOLLKY, b. Oct. 16, 1737; ni. Jonathan Blodgett. 

Susannah, Ii. July 22, 1743; m. Capt. Josiah Munroe. 

JosKi'H, b. Oct. 2, 1746. He was in Jatl'rey, N. II., two ormorc years 

from 17G9. No additioual record secured. 
Ruth, b. Oct. 2, 1749 ; d. same day. 
Thaddeus, b. March 23, 1755; m. Mary Moore. 

26. Benjamin^ Fitch, b. July 30, 1703, was son of Samuel (16). He 

was a farmer and a miller. The mill was on the Shawshine river. 
(See Brown's •' Legends of Old Bedford.") He m. Feb. 28, 1732- 
3, Miriam Gray, b. 1713, dau. of Solomon Gray of i\jidover. He 
d. July 7, 1770 ; and she d. Aug. 25, 1707. 
Children : 

i. Haxxah*, b. June 10, 1733; m. Aug. 1, 1751, David Tarbcll, b. Sept. 
25, 1726, son of John Tarbcll of Billerica. He -was in the Louis- 
burg Expedition, 1745. 

ii. MiitiAM, b. Jan. 23, 1734-5; m. Sept. 11, 1778, Timothy Juquitli, b. 
March G, 1743-4, sou of Abraham and Hannah (Farley) Jaquith. 
Lived in Billerica. One child, Alice, b. Nov. 30, 1779. 

iii. Benjamin, b. Jan. G, 1735-G. He was living 1769, but no other rec- 
ord secured. 

iv. Betty, birth not recoi'ded; she was baptized June 14, 1738-9. She 
m. March 30. 17G3, Noah Wycth, b. July 7, 1742, son of Ebenezer and 
Susannah (Hancock) Wyeth. He was a brick maker, of Cam- 

v. Lois, b. Oct. 3, 1740; m. Nov. 2, 1776, Edward Powers, then of Bos- 
40. vi. David, b. May 22, 1743; m. Mary Fowle. 

vii. Lydia, b. March 21, 1744-5; d. ^iarch 11, 1759. 

viii. Eunice, b. July 26, 174Y; m. Sept. 29, 1778, Daniel McNichol, then 
of llutland. 

ix. Nathan, b. Jan. 27, 1748-9; d. May 13, 1755. 

X. Isaac, b. May 18, 1752; d. July 24, 1773. 

xi. AiJLL, bapt. 1755. He was living 17G9, the date of the will of his 

!7. John'* Fitch, b. Feb. 12, 1707-8, was son of Samuel (16). He m. 
about 1733, Susannah Gates of Stow, dau. of Simon and Hannah 
(Benjamin) Gates. He settled in Lunenburg, on the Lancaster 
road, south of the old centre of the town. Subseipieutly he pur- 
chased a tract of land then in the northern part of Lunenljurg, where 
he erected buildings to which he removed his family in 1739. In 


the creation of new towns, this homestead became a part of Fitch- 
burg in 1764, and of Ashby in 1767. During the French and 
Indian wars he lived upon the frontier, and his house was one of a 
line of block houses fortified for the protection of Westminster, 
Lunenburg and Townsend. July 5, 1748, the Indians made an at- 
tack upon the garrison, killed two soldiers then on duty, and made 
cajitives of John Fitch, his wife and five children. They were con- 
ducted to Canada, and exchanged as prisoners of war a few months 
subsequently. Susannah, wife of John Fitch, died on the home- 
ward journey, Dec. 24, 1748. The father and his young children 
again occupied the homestead. He m. second, Feb. 14, 1750-1, 
Elizabeth (Bowers) Pierce, b. Sept. 2, 1710, dau. of Samuel and 
Esther Bowers, and widow of David Pierce of Lunenburg. Through 
industiT, and by inheritance from his father and the father of his 
first wife, he accumulated for the times a good estate, but in later 
years he lost heavily in land speculations, and in old age was im- 
IDOverished. In 1772 he removed to Rindge, N. H., and in 1779 to 
Harvard, where his wife died Jan. 20, 1780. In 1782 he removed 
to Jaffrey, N. H., and two years later to Ashby, where he died 
April 8, 1795. A monument to his memory has been erected at 
Ashby, and a memorial tablet erected by the Fitchburg Historical 
Society marks the site of the garrison. Fitchburg was named in his 
honor. For an extended sketch of John Fitch, see Proceedinss of 
the Fitchburg Historical Society, Vol. 1. He had five children by 
the first and two by the second marriage. 
Children : 

i. Catherine,* b. April 28, 1735 ; m. inteutiou, Dec. 14, 1762, to William 
Campbell of Harvard. He Avas a soldier from Harvard in the Revo- 

ii. John, b. May 16, 1737; soldier 1755 (see Military Annals of Lan- 
caster) . 

41. iii. Paul, b. Jan. 4, 1741-2; m. Mary Jaquith. 

iv. Jacob, b. June 29, 1744. He was carried to Canada, when four years 
of age, upon the back of an Indian. The rigor of the thougs with 
which he was bouod dwarfed his lower limbs, and he was a cripple 
for life. He was a school teacher several years in Rindge, N. H., 
and vicinity, and about 1778 he removed to Clarendon, Vt. 

42. V. Susannah, b. Feb. 18, 1746-7; ra. Joshua Chase. 

vi. MoLLEY, b. Nov. 23, 1752; m. inteutiou, March 15, 1771, to Thomas 
Hutchinson, and the same year they removed from Ashby to Riudge, 
N. H. She was a school teacher at Riudge. He was a soldier 
in Capt. Thomas's Co., Col. Reed's Regt.^ at Bunker Hill. In 
the burning of Charlestown he lost " a pare of trowsers." Com- 
mencing 1777, he served three years in the N. H. Continental 
Line. After the Revolution, he removed to Clarendon, Vt., and 
after a few years to Camillus, N. Y. About 1815 he returned to 
Rutland Co., Vt. He had one child, b. in Rindge: i. Betty, b. 
Oct. 5, 1771. 

vii. Sarah, b. June 11, 1755. She was in Rindge, N. H., with her parents, 
from 1772 to 1779, but later record has not been secured. It is 
probable that, if then living, she removed to Clarendon, Vt., with 
her brother Jacob and sister MoUey Hutchinson. 

28. Jeremiah^ Fitch, was son of Samuel (16). His birth is not recorded, 
but he is named in the will of his father. He m. Feb. 3, 1735-6, 
Elizabeth Lane, b. Oct. 14, 1716, dau. of John and Catherine 
("Whiting) Lane. He was a good citizen of Bedford. All his sons 


were soldiers in the Revolution. No record secured of his death. 
She d. a widow, Sei)t. 12, 1803. 
Children : 

43. 1. Samikl*, b. Nov. 0, 1730; in. Mary Blood, 
ii. Elizauktii. b. Dec. 24, 1738; d. Oct. (), 1750. 

44. iii. Jkuemiah, b. Sept. 25, 1742; ra. Lydia Smith. 

iv. John, b. AuiT. 14, 1745, twin; a farmer of Bedford; d. unmarried, 
May 31, 1820. 

V. Matthew, b. Autr. 14, 1745, twin; m. Anq;. 25, 1774, Lydia Lane, b. 
Au<r. 13, 1741), dau. of Job and Snsannali (Fassct) Lane. lie was a 
farmer of Bedford. He d. Anc;. 3, 1811. 

vi. Joanna, b. Feb. 20, 1747-8; m. Jan. G, 1774, Benjamin Tidd, b. Lex- 
ington, June 21, 1742, son of Joseph and Dorotliy (Stickney) Tidd. 
He was a soldior in tlie Revolution. In 1790 he removed from Lex- 
nii>-ton to New Braintree. He d. IMarcli 28, 1814. 

vii. Pattv, b. July 14. 1750; livintr and unmarried, 1703. 

viii. Eli/ai!kth, b. Auij;. 7, 1752; d. unmarried, March 1, 1825. 

45. ix. Moses, b. March 3, 1755; m. Rachel Stearns. 

). ZAcnARiAn" FiTciT, 1). Feb. 13, 1712-3, son of Samuel (16) ; m. 
Oct. 1, 1733, Elizabeth Grimes, b. 1717, dan. of AVilliam Grimes 
of Lexington. lie was a farmer of Bedford. He d. Dec. 8, 1800 ; 
and his wife d. March 12, 1790. 
Children : 

46. i. Zachakiah*, b. April 1, 1734; m. first, Rebecca Davis. 

^ ii. "\ViLLi.\M, b. Feb. 19, 1735-6; soldier, d. in French and Indian "War. 
iii. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 6, 1738-9 ; m. Dec. 8, 1763, Samuel Lane, b. Oct. 
21, 1737, son of John and Hannah (Abbott) Lane, and a half brother 
of Elizabeth Lane, wife of her uncle Jeremiah Fitch. They lived 
in Bedford, wiiere she d, Sept. 29, 1796; and lied. June 26, 1802. 
Four children. 

47. iv. Jonas, b. Feb. 5, 1740-1 ; m. Annis. Shattuck. 
V. EuENEZER, b. Sept. 4, 1743; d. Sept. 6, 1749. 
vi. ESTHEK, b. Sept. 12, 1745; d. Sept. 23, 1749. 
vii. Lucy, b. ; d. Sept. 11, 1749. 

viii. EsTiiEit, b. Oct. 13, 1749; m. Oct. 25, 1774, Nehemiah Lawrence, b. 
Jan. 14, 1752, son of Amos and Abigail (Abbott) Lawrence. Hed. 
in Grotou, July 13, 1786. Four daughters. 

48. ix. EcENEZER, b. Aug. 5, 1751 ; m. Persis Bush. 

X. Lucy, b. July 6, 1753; m. Joseph Hill of Billerica, b. Ang. 28, 1749, 
son of Joseph Hill. He d. Aug. 6, 1789; and she m. second, Nov. 
7, 1793, Peter Hill, b. March 9, 1747-8. son of Peter Hill. She d. 
July 10, 1822. He d. Feb. 21, 1823. Children. 

xi. Saiiah, b. Jan. 2, 1755; m. April 26, 1774, Lieut. Samuel Hemenway 
of Groton, b. 1748, son of Rev. Pliineas Hemenway of Towusend. 
She d. in Groton, April 15, 1826. Their sou Samuel was a well 
known physician of Salem and Boston. 

xii. Pheije, b. Nov. 25, 1756; m. July 22, 1784, John Sprague, b. in Bil- 
lerica, April 2G, 1759, son of Nicholas and Sarah (Walker) Sprague. 
They lived on the Fitch homestead in Bedford. He d. March 6, 
ISIO"; and she d. March 25, 1841. Seven children. 

xiii. Alice, b. Nov. 10, 1759; m. Capt. Henry Woods, b. Dec. 11, 1757, 
son of Geu. Henry and Deborah (Parker) Woods of Groton and 
Peppcrell. They lived in Pepperell, Eaton, N. H., and Nottingham, 
N. H. He was town clerk and selectman of Eaton several years. 
He d. Sept. 2, 1813, near Sackctt's Harbor, N. Y., while in service 
on a government counnissiou to establish the boundarv line between 
New York and Canada. She d. at Belgrade, Me., March 16, 1829. 
Ten children. 

xiv. Daniel, b. Feb, 21, 1764. He was one of the pioneer settlers of 
Eaton, N. H. He d. Oct. 12, 1843. 


30. Nathaniel Sheldon, son of Ephraim Sheldon, m. about 1749, 

Auna^ Fitch, born March 20, 1729-30; dau. of Zachariah (19). 
They lived in Reading. The births of the children are recorded in 
Reading. He d. in Reading. The widow Anna subsequently- 
lived with her children in Ashby and in Fitchburg. She d.- in 
Fitchburg, 1820. 

i. Hannah, b. 1750; m. Jacob Damon, b. March 15, 1746. He d. 1821 ; 
she d. 1834. 

ii. Nathaniel, b. Jan. 9, 1752; m. April 29, 1779, Sarah Carter. They 
lived iu Reading. Four children. 

iii. Zachariah, b. March 10, 1754; m, Oct. 20, 1785, Mary Joues of Au- 
dover. They lived iu Andover a few years, removing to Fitchburg 
1790. Francis Sheldon, previouslj' uamed, is a sou of Samuel aud 
grandson of Zachariah. See Zachariah Fitch (19). 

iv. Susannah, b. June 5, 1750; m. Russell Sheldon, b. .Jan. 14, 1752, son 
of Abraham Sheldon of Reading. He d. .luue 29, 1843. 

v. William, b. July 7, 1758 ; m. Oct. 4, 1793, Hanuah Page, b. May 20, 
1770, dau. of Jouathau and Esther (Willard) Page of Fitchburg. 
He lived iu Ashby, where he d. 1826. Four childi-eu. 

vi. Lucy, b. March 7, 1761 ; m. Jonathan Lawrence, b. in Woburu, Dec. 
11, 1758, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Johnson) Lawrence of 
Woburu aud x\shby. They lived iu Ashby, where she d. about 1798. 
He m. second, June 24, 1800, Lydia Boynton, and d. 1806. 

vii. Benjamin, b. recorded July 20, 1764, and again July 10, 1765. Pos- 
sibly there were two children, and one d. young. He m. Esther 
Flint. They lived in Fitchburg, where he d. Oct. 25, 1825. Three 

viii. Mary, b. 1767, recorded June 10, aud again July 9; m. Amos Eaton. 
Removed to Wilton, N. H., 1792. 

is. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 10, 1770; m. Joseph Eaton of Ashby. 

X. Tamar, b. March 10, 1774; m. Feb. 9, 1797, Jonathan Page of Fitch- 
burg, b. Feb. 22, 1772, son of Jonathan and Esther (Willard) Page. 

31. Joseph^ Fitch, b. Aug. 21, 1721, son of Joseph (20) ; m. April 5, 

1744, Anne Waldo, b. July 15, 1719, dau. of John and P^lizabeth 
(Fenno) AYaldo. Lived in Boston, where he d. Oct. 31, 1748. She 
m. second, May 30, 1754, Capt. Nathaniel Wales of Braintree, b. 
April 11, 1717, son of Elkanah Wales. He d. June 26, 1790 ; she 
d. about 1800. 
Children : 

i. Prudence, 6 b. Dec. 16, 1744; m. 1762, Abijah Hunt, b. Aug. 20, 1743, 
sou of Benjamin and Sarah (Arnold) Hunt. They removed from 
Braintree to Williamsburg. He d. 1822 ; and she d. Oct. 17, 1803. 
Twelve children. 

ii. Ann, b. Oct. 22, 1746; m. 1742, George Wheeler. 

iii. Joseph, b. Dec. 14, 1748; d. Feb. 8, 1748-9. 

32. William Downe, b. in Boston, May 16, 1719, son of Col. AVilliam 

and Sarah (Danforth) Downe ; m. in Boston, March 12, 1740, 
Margaret^ Fitch, b. March 14, 1722-3, dau. of Joseph (20). He 
lived in Boston and in Cambridge, removing to Lunenburg 1745. 
He was selectman, town clerk and Justice of the Court of Sessions. 
For several years he was clerk of the proi3rietors of Monadnock 
No. 1, now Rindge, N. H. His manuscript was scholarly, and his 
handwriting clear and ornate. He d. May 6, 1759. His widow 
bad a home, for some time at least, with her sister Sarah, wife of 
Thomas Button. 



i. TViLLiAM, b. in Boston, July 17, 1741. 

ii. JosKPii, b. in Boston, Dec. 30, 1742; m. Dec. 22, 1768, Martha Wood, 
b. July 15, 1741). He lived in Fitchbnrir. where his descendants 
have been numerous. lie d. Feb. 20, 1828 ; and she d. June 2'.), 1S12. 

iii. Samuel, b. in Cambridge, Jan. 17, 1744-5; m. Jan. 1, 1771, Eunice 
Went-worth, b. Dec. 18, 1750, dan. of Moses and Mindwell (Stone) 
Wcntworth of Harvard. They removed to Cavendish, Vt. 

iv. Sakaii, b. Lunenburj;, Dec. 20, i74G; d. March 24, 1755. 

V. Makgakkt, b. Lunenburii:, Auc;. 19, 1749; m. Nov. 12, 1771, Samuel 
Davis, b. June 7, 1735, son of Samuel and Sarah (Boynton) Davis. 

vi. Elizabetu, b. Lunenburg, Dec. 18, 1751. 

33. Ti-VOTiiY^ FiTCn, b. in Boston, Oct. 23, 1725, son of Joseph (20), was 
a prosperous merchant in Boston. He is frequently and houoral)ly 
named in the records of Boston, and in 17G4 he was one of the 
gentlemen invited to attend the selectmen at the annual visitation 
of the schools. Dming the later years of the Revolution he met 
several losses and retired from business, and subsecjueutly lived in 
Medford. He m. Aug. 19, 174G, Abigail (Hall) Donahue, b. in 
Medford, Aug. 15, 1725, dan. of Andrew and Abigail (Walker) 
Hall, and widow of Cajit. David Donahue. She died leaving six 
daughters. He m. second, Oct. IG, 17G0, Eunice (Brown) Plaisted, 
b. in Salem, 1731, dau. of Benjamin and Emiice (Turner) Brown, 

and widow of Tlaisted. He d. in Medford, Sept. 28, 1790. 

The widow Eunice d. in July 1799. 
Children, by lirst wife : 

i. Abig.\il,« bapt. April 5, 1747; m. Nov. 5, 1771, Hugh Tarbet. He d. 
about 1790. The widow receipts, 1800, for one-seventh of her 
father's estate, of which Hon. Peter Chardon Brooks was admr. 
Four children : (1) Hugh. (2) Ahignil, b. 1773; m. Dec. 31, 1795. 
Augustus Hunt, b. 1769, son of Samuel and Hannah (Taylor) Hunt, 
He was a merchant, Temple street, Boston. He d. 1812. She d. 
Oct. 29, 1813. (3) Fitdi. (4) Nancy, m. Samuel Buell, postmaster 
of Medford, 1797-1813. 

ii. Elizabeth, m. Lendall Pitts, b. 1747, son of Hon. James and Eliza- 
beth (Bowdoin) Pitts. He d. in Boston, Dec. 31, 1784. Four chil- 
dren : (1) William, b. Aug. 22, 1779; m. Dec. 15, 1810, Emily 
Shattuck of Suffield, Conn. She d. Dec. 15, 1831 ; he d. 1846. (2) 
James Lendall, b. 1780, d. 1798. (3) Elizabeth Warner, b. Dec. 15, 
1783; m. Gerard Cazeneau, French Consul at Portsmouth, N. H., 
and New York City. He d. in France, 1830; she d. 1851. (4) .¥«;•- 
garct Gordon, b. 1784; unm. ; d. Aug. 17, 1823. 

iii. INIakgakkt, b. about 1751; m. Gordon. She d. without issue. 

iv. Haxxah, bapt. Feb. 4, 1753-4; m. Joseph Barrell. She d. soon after 
marriage. Their daughter, Hannah, m. Benjamin Joy of Boston. 

V. Sarah, m. Edward Gray; and d. without surviving children, before 

vi. Betsey, d. unm., before 1800. 

Children, by second wife : 

49. vii. John Bkowx, m. Hepzebah Hall. 

viii. Eunice, m. April 19, 1789, Andrew Hall, b. Feb. 2G, 1761, sou of Ben- 
jamin and Hepzebah (Jones) Hall. See Hall Genealoirv. 

ix. Chaules Haiiuisox, ra. Orne. He was a merchant of Medford. 

X. Hanxau Bkowx, b. May 14, 1777; m. Sept. 18, 1794, E7,ekiel Hersey 
Derby, b. in Salem, Nov. 1, 1772, II. U. 1791, sou of Elias Hasket 
and Elizabeth (Crowninshield) Derby. He d. Oct. 31, 1852. See 
Essex lust. Collections, iii., 287. 


34. JoNAS^ Fitch, b. June 1, 1728, son of Joseph (20) ; m. in Boston, 

April 12, 1751, Mary Harrod. He removed to Maine about 1754. 
In 1756-1759 he was often in the service, and was a lieutenant in Capt. 
Goodwyn's company, and subsequently a captain. He resided at 
Pownaisborough, now Dresden, and later in Bristol, Me. He was 
a selectman, and a substantial citizen. .His wife d. 17G8, and he m. 
second, 1772, Widow Annis Miller. He d. Sept. 11, 1819. 
Children : 

i. Joseph, « b. Boston, Feb. 9, 1752. 

ii. Catherine, bapt. Boston, Jau. 13, 1754. 

iii. John, m. Sept. 22, 1789, Sally Patterson. 

50. iv. Timothy, b. Nov. 20, 1757; m. Abigail Webster. —* 

V. Mary. 

vi. Hannah. 

35. Thomas Button, b. in Billerica, Aug. 28, 1713, son of Thomas and 

Hannah (Burge) Button ; m. May 10, 1737, Mary Hill. He re- 
moved from Westford to Lunenburg soon after 1741. His wife 
Mary, the mother of several children, d. about 1754. He m. second, 
Sept. 9, 1756, Sarah« Fitch, b. May 8, 1731, dan. of Joseph (20). 
By a change in town lines his homestead was within Fitchburg 
after 1764. He removed, 1766, to Rockingham, Vt. 
Children, by second wife : 

i. Joseph Fitch, b. June 3, 1757. 

ii. Susannah, b. Marcli 7, 1759. 

iii. John, b. July 9, 1761. 

36. JosiAH Crosby, b. in Billerica, Nov. 24, 1730, son of Josiah and Eliza- 

beth (French) Crosby ; m. Aug. 23, 1750, Sarah'^ Fitch, b. March 
25, 1732, dau. of Joseph (25). They lived in Monson, now Mil- 
ford, N. H. He was a soldier in French and Indian wars, and an 
officer of distinction in the Revolution. He d. Oct. 15, 1793, and she 
d. Sept. 16, 1825. They were the progenitors of a celebrated fam- 
ily. For a full account of their descendants, see " A Crosby Fam- 
ily," by Judge Nathan Crosby, 1877. 

37. Jonathan Blodgett, b. in Lexington, June 28, 1729, son of Thomas 

and Mary Blodgett ; m. Jan. 12, 1757, Molley= Fitch, b. Oct. 16, 
1737, dau. of Joseph (25). He removed to Jaffrey, N. H., about 
1765. Three children b. in Lexington and two in Jaffrey. 
Children : 

i. Jonathan, b. March 6, 1756 ; m. first, Susannah Teuney ; m. second, 
Parna Gooclenough. Lived in Harvard, Marlborough, N. H., and 
Gilead, Me. 

ii. MOLLEY, b. Oct. 3, 1760; m. 1781, Roger Gilmore, b. July 31, 1739, 
son of Robert and Elizabeth Gilmore of Londonderry, N. H. ; his 
second marriage. He was one of the early settlers of Jaflrey, N. H., 
and a prominent citizen, a captain, selectman, representative, and 
delegate to the constitutional convention in 1791. He d. 1807 ; she 
d. July 5, 1819. Eight children. 

iii. Thaddeus, b. Dec. 2-i, 1762 ; unm. ; d. 1807. 

iv. Charlotte, b. April 14, 1769; m. Nov. 2, 1788, David Lacy of Jaflrey, 
N. H. He d. Feb. 17, 1827, aged 68; she d. July 6, 1834. Nine 
children; among these, Betsey, wife of Jonas M. Melville, a gentle- 
man of wealth and influence. 

V. Joseph, b. Oct. 14, 1770; m. Elizabeth French, b. June 20, 1769, dau. 
of John and Priscilla (Mace) French of Billerica and Jafi"rey, N. H. 
He lived in Jafl'rey. He d. May 28, 1842; she d. Dec. 19, 1852. 
Several children. 


). JosiAH MuNROE, b. in Lexington, Feb. 12, ITlf), f5on of Marrett and 
Di'liverancc (Parker) Munn)e : m. Nov. Ki, 17(;s, Susannali'^ Fitch, 
b. July 22, 17i;{, ilau. of Josepli (2."»). In 17(;8 he settled in .Taf- 
frey, N. II., but soon removed to Monson, N. H., and later to 
Amherst, N. II. In 17S8 he removed to ]Mari<'tta, O. He served 
in the Revolution, and was a captain in the N. II. Continental Line 
from 177(5 to 1781. See N. II. War Rolls, for a continued record 
of patriotic aervice. Six children. 

).^ Fitch, b. March 23, 1755, was only son of Joseph (25) 
and Rachel Fitch. He lived in Rind^e. X. H., and Amherst, N. II., 
a few vears. He was a soldier in tlie Revolution, was at Bunker 
Hill in Cai)t. Josiah Crosby's company, and a quarter-master in 
Stark's Brigade in the Bennington campaign. He returned to 
Bedford, 1778. He m. Sept. 14, 1779, Mary Moore, dan. of John 
and ]Mary (Wheeler) Moore. 
Children : 
1. Mary.« b. Dec. 29, 1779: m. Sept. 2, 1810, Oliver Reed, b. Dec. 11, 
1755, son of Oliver and Sarah (Bridge) Reed. Lived in Bedford. 
He d. Aug. 15, 1837; she d. May 31, 1812. They had two children, 
twins, Nathan Oliver and Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 6, 1812. See 
Family of David Fitch (51). 
ii. Sarah, b. Sept. 22, 1781. 
iii. Josiii'n, b. July 10, 1797; d. Dec. 30, 1830, 

). David^ FiTCii, b. May 22, 174.]; m. April 3, 1770, Mary Fowle. 

Succeeded his father in the mill and homestead. Served in Capt. 

John Moore's company, 1775. He d. July 27, 1813; she d. Sept. 

19, 1829, aged 82. 

Children : 

i. Polly,* b. Oct. 23, 1770; m. Benjamin "Wheeler of Concord, N. H. 

Giles Wheeler, Esq., of Concord, is a descendant, 
ii. LVDL\, b. Dec. 7, 1772; m. Sept. 10, 1801, Nathaniel Page, b. Oct. 25, 
1775, son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Brown) Page of Bedford. He d. 
Ausr. 30, 1858; she d. Jan. 24, 1852. Eight children. 
51. iii. David, b. June 28, 1777; m. Hannah Proctor, 
iv. Isaac, b. Jan. 15, 1782; d. Feb. 5, 1797. 

. Paul® Fitch, b. Jan. 4. 1741-2, was son of John (27). He m. 1767, 
Mary Jaquitli, b. liillerica, June 2G, 1747, dan. of Abraham and 
Hannah (Farley) Jaquith. He lived in Ashby until 1770, when 
he removed to the north part of Lancaster : and in 1775 he bought 
of his brother Jacob the laud and mills in Riudge, N. II., later 
known as the Kimball and- the Converse nulls. "VVTiile a resident 
of Rindge, he served in Capt. Salmon Stone's company, 1777. In 
1778 he removed to Peterborough, N. 11., and in 1780 to Jaffrey, 
N. H. His wife d. in Jaffrey, Feb. 18, 1800. He m. second, in 
Rindge, Jan. 7, 1802, Joanna (Rice) Walker, widow of Samuel 
Walker of Rindge. At this date he removed to Marlborough, N. H., 
where he d. May 2, 1818. 
Children : 

i. Haxnaii,' b. Ashby, June 23, 1708 ; m. John Moore, b. Sharon, N. H., 
Jan. 20, 1768, son of David and Mar.i^arct (Tajiijart) Moore. He 
was a soldier in the Revolution, and was a farmer in Sharon. He 
d. Dec. 20, 1840; she d. Sept. 18, 1854. Nine children. 

ii. John, b. Lancaster, Oct. 11, 1770; d. in Cleveland, O., 1841. He was 
married ; but no record obtained of the family. 


iii. Paul, b. Lancaster, June 21, 1773; m. Nov. 25, 1802, Sarah Walker, 
b. 1784, ilau. of Samuel aiidJoanna (Rice) Walker of Riudge, N. H, 
She cl. Nov. 14, 1814. Hem. second, Dec. 21, 1815, Sarah Davis. 
He lived in Marlborough, N. H., and Claremout, N. H. He d. Dec. 
18, 1843 ; she d. Aug. 2, 1869. ■ Six children by first, and six by 
second marriage. 

iv. Mary, b. Riudge, March 15, 1776; m. April 15, 1799, William Moore, 
b. Jan. 10, 1774, sou of David and Margaret (Taggart) Moore 
of Sharon, N. H. He Vi'&s a lieutenant in the militia, and a town 
officer. He died Oct. 6, 1823. His" widow died Oct. 23, 1835. 
Eleven children; among these, Mary Fitch Moore, b. April 20, 
1807, m. March 4, 1830, Samuel Stearns, b. Aug. 27, 1802, sou of 
Daniel and Elizabeth (Knowlton) Stearus — the honored parents of 
the compiler of this geuealogj\ 

v. Alice, b. Peterborough, April 11, 1779; bliud many vears; d. num., 

vi. Abigail, b. Jaflrey, Feb. 26, 1782; ra. 1809, Joseph Piper. Four 

vii. Jacob, b. Jaffrev, Feb. 20, 1785; unmarried; d. Marlborough, N. H., 
Aug. 19, 1852. 

viii. SusAX, b. Jaffrey, Oct. 2, 1789; m. Aug. 7, 1808, David Blood. He 
was killed in a mill at Marlborough, N. H., May 2, 1813. She m. 
second, April 3, 1815, Joseph Tolmau, b. March 8, 1789, son of 
Joseph and Martha (Clark) Tolmau. She d. Hinsdale, N. H., Juue 
29, 1875. Three children by first, and eight by second marriage. 

ix. LuTHEii Jaquith, b. Jatfrey, Sept. 8, 1792; m. Nov. 4, 1822, Jane 
Hoyt, b. May 25, 1798. He was a man of culture, and many years 
a school teacher. Lived in Hopkinton, N. H., where he d. Feb. 5, 
1872. She d. April 1, 1867. One child, Sarah Jane, who m. Samuel 
Spoflford of Hopkinton. 

42. Joshua Chase, b. Littleton, Aug. 31, 1743, son of George Chase of 

Littleton, and later of Shirley, m. 1770 (intention June 2), Susannah^ 
Fitch, b. Feb. 18, 1746-7, dau. of John (27). He removed to 
Chesterfield, N. H., and after several years returned to Shii'ley, 
where he d. March 11, 1810. She d. July 10, 1827. 
Children : 

i. Jacob, b. Shirley, June 30, 1771; m. 1791, Olive Wilson; m. second, 

Jenny Nelson, 
ii. Abigail, b. April 25, 1773. 

iii. William P., b. June 8, 1775; d. Chesterfield, 1778. 
iv. George, b. Jan. 2, 1778; d. Chesterfield, 1778. 
V. Susan:xah, b. Oct. 17, 1780. 
vi. Williaji p., b. June 2, 1783. 
vii. Lucy, b. April 8, 178G. 
viii. John, b. Aug. 15, 1788. 

43. Samuel^ Fitch, h. Nov. 9, 1736, son of Jeremiah (28), m. May 28, 

1766, Mary Blood, b. Concord, Aug. 1, 1740, dau. of Stephen and 
Mary Blood. He was a farmer of Acton. His wife d. about 1776, 
and he m, second, April 23, 1778, Abiel Walker, widow of Capt. Ben- 
jamin Walker of Chelmsford. Captain Walker was wounded and 
taken prisoner at the battle of Bunker Hill, and died within the 
enemy's line, August, 1775. Samuel Fitch d. July 21, 1809. The 
births of the daughters are not on record. It is probable there was 
a dau. Abigail, who m. 1798, James Giles, Jr., of TovsTisend ; and 
a dau. Hannah, who m. Joseph Blood, but it may appear that Hannah 
was a daughter of Captain Walker. So far as known, there were 
sis children by the fii'st, and two by the second marriage. 


Children, by first wife : 

i. NoAit," b. A|iril 1!>, 17G8; in. ■May 1. 17%, INfary Davis, dan. of Capt. 
Isaac Davis of Acton. Tic livc'il in l'ctt'rl)orn', N. II., anil in Han- 
cock, N. II. He removed in 1S2I to Albany, N. Y. ; and d. Spi'in,'?- 
villc, X. Y., about 1H31). Five diildren. 

ii. Lor, b. April li), 1708; twin; m. in Acton, Anij. 2S, 1702, Pamelia 
Hoar, dan. of Oliver and Silence (IIon<jliton) Hoar. She d. Tem- 
ple, N. II., Jan. IG, 1821. Pie m. second, Rlioda , who d. 

March 22, 1801. He lived in Temple, where he d. May 24, 1840. 
Eleven children: and nnmerons descendants. 

iii. Samitki., b. Feb. 22, 1770, l)y family record; April fi, 1770, by town 
recortl. He Avas a reputable physician of Grecntield, N. H. Hem. 
Eunice Perry, b. Sherborn, Mass., March 28, 1770. He d. Nov. 1, 
1857. She d. Nov. 1, 186G. Four children. 

iv. LuKK, b. Jan. 2, 1771. " I know not if he be living or where he is," 
savs his brother Irad in his will. 

V. :Maky, b. Dec. 18, 1774; m. Dec. 20, 170,'), Samuel Read, b. Chelms- 
ford, May 15, 1774, son of Samuel and Hannah (Underwood) Head. 
They lived in Littleton. She d. Sept. 23, 1853. He m. second, 
Bets"ey (Fitch) Head, a half sister of the first Avife. He d. July 
23, ISCO; she d. March 26, 18G5. Six children. 

vi. Daxiel, b. April 11, 1776. 

Children, by second wife : 

vii. Betsey, b. 1770; ra. Read; m. second, Samuel Read (see 


viii. luAD, b. July 12, 1781. Lived in Acton, and in Tyngsboro'; d. un- 
married, 1838. 

jEREAiiAn" Fitch, b. Sept. 25, 1742, son of Jeremiah (28), was an 
innholder on tlie estate now known as Stone Croft Farm, in the 
village of Bedford. It was at his tavern that the minute men of 
Bedford were gathered and entertained, April 19, 1775. Of this 
military company the popular landlord was a sergeant. He m. April 
19, 1770, Lydia Smith, b. Feb. 23, 1744, dan. of Jonas and Thank- 
ful (Fiske) Smith of Waltham. He d. Dec. 29, 1808 ; she d. Sept. 
10, 1823. 
Children : 

i., ii.. iii.,® Lvdia, Lypia, all d. young. 

iv. Jkim-.miah, b. May 14, 1778; ra. May 10, 1801. Mary Rand, b. Dec. 14, 
1776, dau. of Robert and Mary (Simpkins) Rand of Boston. He Avas 
a Avell knoAvn and reputable merchant of Boston, a selectman of the 
toAvn (serving on tiie last board previous to a city charter), and a 
director of the Union Bank and of the Mercantile Marine Insurance 
Company. For an appreciative sketch, see BroAvn's Illstorv of 
Bedford", supp., p. 11. He d. July 10, 1840; she d. March 3, 1840. 
Of their six chiUiren, five died unmarried. The youngest child, Mary 
Rand, b. Aug. 30, 1813, m. April 7, 1841, John Henry Jenks, b. Bath, 
Me., July 6, 1810. son of Rev. William Jenks, D.D.' He Avas a book- 
seller of Boston, Avhere he d. C>ct. 20, 1860; she d. June 13, 1881. 
To Charles W. Jerdcs of Bedford, and Rev. Henry F. Jenks of 
Canton, sons of John Henry and Mary Rand (Fitch) Jenks, the 
compiler is under obligation for courteous and diligent attention to 
many inquiries. 

v. Almox, b. Aug. 8, 1780; m. Jlarch 28, 1S14, Martha Wood. Lived 
in Bedford. He d. Nov. 23, 1820; she d. June 22, 1852. Two 

vi. A.Aios, b. July 26, 17S2; ra. April 7, 1813, Martha Starr of Roxbury. 
Three children. 

vii. John, b. Feb. G, 1785 ; d. Feb. 2, 1850. 

viii. Alforu, b. Aug. 2, 178(!; m. June 4, 1818, Sally Reed, b. Oct. 8, 
17D7, dau. of Roirer and Sarah (Webber) Recti. He d. June 22, 
1852 ; she d. Aug. 23, 1820. One child, Sally Reed, b. Feb. 19, 1820. 


45. MosEs^ Fitch, b. March 3, 1755, son of Jeremiah (28), m. Nov. 14, 

1782, Rachel Stearns, b. Nov. 3, 1758, dau. of Capt. Edward and 
Lucy (Wyman) Stearns of Bedford. He was one of the Bedford 
company, April 19, 1775, and later of Capt. Solomon Kidder's com- 
pany, Col. Brooks's regiment of Continental Line. He was wounded 
at White Plains, and subsequently a pensioner. He was a deacon, 
and a worthy citizen. He d. Oct. 12, 1825; she d. May 23, 1817. 
Children : 

i. Solomon,^ b. Nov. 8, 1783; m. Jan. 7, 1808, Susannah Fuller, b. 
Charlestown, N. H., July 30, 1788, dau. of Benjamin and Mary 
(Parks) Fuller. He was a farmer, and lived in Littleton, N. H., 
from 1808 until be died, Nov. 18, 1870; and she d. July 30, 1870. 
Ten children; of these, Susan, b. June 13, 1817, was the wife of 
Charles R. Morrison, a lawyer, and compiler of Morrison's Digest 
of New Hampshire Law Reports. 

ii. Lucy, b. July 7, 1785; m. Juue 5, 1810, John Page, b. March 3, 1781, 
son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Brown) Page of Bedford. Lived iu 
Bedford, where both d. February, 1861. 

iii. Moses, b. March 28, 1787; m. Dec. 6, 1810, Polly Brown, dau. of 
Nathaniel Bowman and Abigail (Page) Browu. He d. in Bedford, 
Aug. 1, 1824, leaviug one sou, John Moses, b. July 8, 1811, who re- 
moved to Michigan, and was successful. 

iv. Elijah, b. Jan. 10, 1790; m. Mary Morse. Lived in Boston, and d. 
May 7, 1840. 

V. Rachel, b. Nov. 30, 1791; m. Feb. 18, 1819, Joseph Brown, b. Jan. 
24, 1782, son of Nathaniel Bowman and Abigail (Page) Brown. 
He d. Aug. 26, 1858 ; she d. March 26, 1868. They were the grand- 
parents of Abram English Browu, to whom the compiler is in- 
debted for favors received. 

vi. Joel, b. June 12, 1794; m. Feb. 18, 1819, Susannah Hill, b. April 30, 
1798, dau. of Josiah and Susanna (Davis) Hill. He was a farmer, 
and later a merchant, in Bedford, and a deacon. He d. -Aug. 4, 
1845; she d. Oct. 21, 1882. 

vii. Nathan, b. Oct. 22, 1797; d. Feb. 9, 1800. 

46. Zachariaii^ Fitch, b. April 1, 1734, was son of Zachariah (29). 

He is known as Capt. Zachariah Fitch of Groton, and his name is 
frequently met in the annals of his time. He served iu the French 
and Indian Wars, and was a lieutenant and later a captain in the 
Revolution, and distinguished in civil affairs. He m. Oct. 15, 1755, 
Rebecca Davis, b. Aug. 2, 1736, dau. of Eleazer and Rebecca 
(Chandler) Davis of Concord; m. second, Aug. 4, 1763, Lydia 
Tuck; m. third, Feb. 3, 1767, Sibyl Lakin, b. Oct. 16, 1739, dau. 
of John and Lydia (Parker) Lakin of Groton, who d. Oct. 11, 1806 ; 
and he m. fourth, May 11, 1809, Elizabeth Tuttle. He d. Sept. 2, 
1820 ; she d. Jan. 5, 1823. 
Children, by first wife : 

i. Rebecca^, b. 1759; m. 1779, Benjamin Whitney, b. Pepperell, Oct. 27, 
1741, son of Josiah and Abigail (Nutting) "Whitney. Lived in Pep- 
perell. She d. Juue 23, 1793. 

ii. Abigail, b. 1761 ; d. unmarried, 1831. 

Children, by second wife : 

iii. Richakd, b. Oct. 25, 1763; removed to Baldwin, Me. 
iv. Joseph, b. Feb. 13, 1766 ; removed to Baldwin, Me. 

Children, by third wife : 

V. William, b. Feb. 18, 1768; m. March 8, 1792, Betsey Woods, 
vi. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 30, 1769; m. Nov. 25, 1788, Samuel Farnsworth, 
b. Sept. 29, 1767, sou of Dea. Isaac and Anna (Green) Farnsworth. 


He was a physician of Bridiieton, Me. lie d. Nov. 4, 1817; she d. 
April G, 184-1" VAaht cliildren. Of these, Samuel, b. Oct. 19, 1791, 
Tlart. Coll. 1813, "was a physician of Bridfjeton; and Benjamin 
Franlilin, b. Dec. 7, 1793, Dart. Coll. 1813, was a Baptist clergyman, 
and at liis death, ls,")l, was president of Tennessee University. 

vii. Sibyl, b. May 7, 1772; m. June 2, 1793, l)avi<l Potter; removed to 
Fryeburg, Me. 

viii. Zachauiah, b. April 21, 1775; m. 1800. Amelia Blood, b. Jan. 23, 177G, 
dau. of Levi and Sarah Coburn (Fisl^e) Blood. He was a useful 
citizen, and a farmer on tlie paternal liomestead in Groton. He d. 
1848; she d. Jan. C, 1859. Seven children. To a grand dau., Ellen 
Eliza Fitch of Maiden, the compiler is indebted for valuable records. 

ix. John, b. Sept. 20, 1777; m. Feb. 16, 1801, Susan Parker of Groton. 
Upon his farm a soap-stone quarry was opened about 1825. 

X. Sally, b. May 18, 1780, the dark day; m. June 3, 1821, Ezra Farns- 
wortii, b. Nov. 30, 1770, sou of Ezra and Betsey (Shepley) Farns- 
worth of Groton. No children. 

xi. LuTHEK, b. Jan. 28, 1783; Dart. Coll. 1807. Lawyer. After a few 
years of professional labor in Saccarappa, now AVestbrook, Me., he 
removed to Portland, Me., and was many years Judge of the Muni- 
cipal Court. He m. June 23, 1816, Almira Titcomb, dau. of Andrew 
P. and Mary (Dole) Titcomb. He d. Aug. 15, 1870. Eight children. 

, JoxAS^ Fitch, b. Feb. 5, 1740-1, son of Zachariali (29), lived in 
Pepperell. lie m. Oct. 11, ITTT), Auuis Shattuck, b. Pepperell, 
Oct. 2, 1749, dau. of Jonathan and Kezia (Farnsworth) Shattuck. 
He was a clock maker, and many of the timepieces by his hand are 
still preserved. He was drowned in Groton, June 11, 1808. 
Children : 
i. Annis,« b. July 14, 1776; m. Feb. 15, 1814, Simeon Nutting. She 

d. Jan. 25, 1824. 
ii. MiLLK, b. July 9, 1779; m. Oct. 7, 1793, Thomas Blood, b. Oct. 31, 
177G, son of Caleb and Elizabeth (Farnsworth) Blood. She d. in 
Pepperell, June 4, 1823. 
iii. Jonas, b. March 23, 1783; m. Oct. 29, 1809, Thirza Jewett, dau. of 
Nehemiah Jewett of Pepperell. They had live children, among 
them Jonas, b. March 21, 1811, the architect of Fitchburg R. 11. 
Depot. Masonic Temple, City Hall and other substantial buildings 
of Boston. 
iv. Polly, b. Sept. 22, 1785; m. Thomas Blood, who previously ni. her 

sister Mille. 
V. Calvin, b. July 9, 1790; d. Feb. 13, 1815. 

S. Ebenezer* FiTcn, b. Aug. 5, 1751, son of Zachariah (29), was a 
sergeant in the Bedford company of minute men, April 19, 1775, 
and an ensign in Capt. Benjamin Walker's company at Bunker Hill, 
continuing in the service in the siege of Boston, 1775. He removed 
to Kludge, N. II., 1779, and is styled Lieut. Fitch in the records of 
the town. He m. in Lancaster, August 29, 1780, Persis Bush, b. 
March 8, 1759, dau. of Jotham and llepsibali (Keyes) Busli of 
Shrewsbury. A few years after the Revolution, he removed to 
Sterling, where he d. Jan. 26, 1826. His wife d. May 27, 1810. 
In the following imperfect record of the children, the order of age 
is not known. 
Children : 

1. Edward Raymond.* m. Susannah Kilburn. Lived at Fitch Hill in 
Sterling. He d. Feb. 17, 1825. Five children. 

ii. Ebenezi:r, removed to Troy, N. Y., and after a residence '• West," 
he had a home with a son in Louisiana, where he died. His chil- 
dren were: John, George, Ebeuezer, Timothy, Mary, Eunice and 


iii. Hepsibah, b. 1784 or '5 ; m. Martin Jennisou, b. June 30, 1779, son of 
Jonathan and Elioda (Ashley) Jennisou of Walpole, N. H. She d. 
Jan. 10, 1824, leaving one son, Alfred, b. Oct. 2, 1805. Martin 
Jenuison d. at Bowling Green, Ky., May 20, 1816. 

iv. Busii. 

V. William. 

vi. ToEKEY, b. 1795; m. May 10, 1821, Harriet Thurston, b. July 27, 
1797, dau. of Silas and Sarah (Kendall) Thurston of Lancaster. 
He was an inuholder in Lancaster, where he d. Sept. 4, 1843. Two 
or three children d. young. Charles T. and Edwin Raymond were 
sons of this family. 

vii. AcKLEY, b. 1797; m. Ann E. Ludlow. Lived in New York and 
Brooklyn; d. East New York, Oct. 27, 1871. Three children, of 
whom one d. young. Charles Henry resides in South Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Tiii. SxiLLMAX, b. Dec. 3, 1800; in. Nov. 22, 1831, Harriette Mellen. His 
children were: 1. George Edioard, b. Jan. 2, 1833; 2. HarrieUe 
Mellen, b. Dec. 18, 183G, d. 1855; 3. John Bush, b. April 1, 1841. 

ix. George, b. 1803; m. 1827, Sophronia Willard Houghton, b. Oct. 25, 
1806, dau. of Elijah and Ruth Houghton. He lived in Lancaster, 
and d. Dec. 23, 1854; she d. March 13, 1884. Six children, of 
whom Andrew Lucien, b. Jan. 28, 1837, m. Abbie Wheeler of Ber- 
lin, who d. 1893 ; m. second, Minnie G. Harrington. He resides in 

X. Cystiiia, m. Paul Bailey of Sterling. 

49. John Brown® Fitch, son of Timothy (33), was a mercliaiit in Bos- 

ton find ^N^atertown. lie m. in Boston, Jau. 27, 1785, Hepsibah 
Hall, b. June 23, 1764, dau. of Benjamin and Hepsibah (Jones) 
Hall of Medford. She died 1800. He m. second, Rose Linzie, 
who inherited property from Hannah Rowe, which was held in trust 
for her four children. She d. 1820; he d. Nov. 8, 1832. Five 
chihlren by first, and four by second marriage. 
Children, by first wife : . 

i. JoHX Browx,7 b. Dec. 11, 1785; d. Feb. 27, 1802. 

ii. Hepsibah Joxes,^ b. June 21, 1790; m. March 18, 1821, Dudley Hall, 
wlio previously had m. her sister Mary H. He was a merchant who 
accumulated a large estate; he d. Nov. 2, 1768. See Hall Geneal- 

iii. Mary H., b. June 16, 1793; m. July 19, 1818, Dudley Hall, b. Oct. 
14, 1780, son of Benjamin and Lucy (Tufts) Hall of Medford. She 
d. May 20, 1820. 

iv. Nancy Sheafe, d. unmarried, June 21, 1839. 

V. Benjamin Hall, b. 1800; d. Jau. 4, 1803. 

Children, by second wife : 

vi. I\rAKLV LiNziE, d. unmarried. 

vii. Edward Amory, d. Sept. 5, 1833. Lost at sea. 

viii. William Derby, b. 1810; m. Oct. 30, 1839. Susan Mitchell Hall, b. 

j\Iay 7, 1808, dau. of Ebenezer and Eunice (Jones) Hall of Medford. 

He d. Jan. 13, 1843; no children, 
ix. John Brown, m. Alinira Lincoln ; removed to Illinois. 

50. Timothy'' Fitch, b. Nov. 20, 1757, son of Jonas (34), m. in Edge- 

comb, Me., Feb. 15, 1786, Abigail Webster, b. Aug. 13, 1764. 
He was a soldier in the Revolution. See Mass, War Rolls for pro- 
longed service. He lived at Bristol, Me., where he d. Jan. 4, 1826 
she d. Oct. 19, 1840. 
Children : 

i. JoHN,7 b. Dec. 14, 1786. 

ii. Abigail, b. Sept. 20, 1788; m. Jau. 27, 1809, Samuel Doe of Bangor, 


iii. Bktsry, b. Dec. 9, 1700; m. 1810, John Goiuly. 

iv. Timothy, b. Mavcli 17, 1703; unmarried; d. in tlie war of 1812. 

V. II.vKiioit, b. Nov. 20, 170G; ni. 182.1, Sally McFarlund. 

vi. S.u.i.Y, b. Dee. 20, 1700; unmarried. 

vii. ruuDEXCii, b. Sept. 23, 1802; m. Joseph Brown, b. Edirecomb, Me., 
June 2G, 1807, son of Joseph and Mary (Winslow) Brown. He 
was lost at sea, IS.IO. She d. Nov. 8, 18G0. Four cliildren. Joseph 
and rrndence^ (Fitch) Brown weregrandpareuts of Gilbert Patten 
Brown of Boston, who has been of material assistance to the com- 

D.vvin'^ FiTcii, b. June 28, 1777, son of David (40), ownod and oc- 
cupied the mill and the farm formerly of his father and his grand- 
father. He m. Nov. 12, 1799, Ilaunali Proctor, b. Feb. 7, l779, 
dan. of Peter and Molly (Putnam) Proctor of Littleton. She d, 
Dec. 22, 1803; he m. second, Jan. 8, 1805, Olive Simouds, b. Nov. 
12, 1783, dan. of Jonathan and Phebe (Cummings) Simouds of 
Woburn, who d. Sept. 20, 1859 ; he m. third. 1859, Susan (Dodge) 
Adams, b. ^May 18, 1804, dan. of David and Polly (Stevens) Dodge, 
and widow of Amos Adams of Billerica. lie d. May 24, 18(30. 
Two children by first, and nine by second marriage. 
Children, by first wife : 
i. DvvidJ b. Feb. 20, 1802; m. March 31, 1825, Betsey Buttrick. Lived 
in Bedford. He d. May 19, 1851; she d. Oct. 1, 1889. Eight chil- 
ii. Haxx.ui Proctor, b. Dec. 10, 1803 ; m. April 24, 1823, Bela Gardner, 
b. in Littleton, Julv 28, 1796, son of Abel Gardner. He was a physi- 
cian in Bedford, from 1820 until his death, June 27, 1844. She d. 
Jan. 20, 1844. Eight children. 

Cliildren, by second wife : 

iii. :\LvRY FoAVLK, b. 1805; d. Auj;. 4, 1800. 

iv. Mary Fowle, b. May 29, 1807 ; m. Jan. 20, 1835, as his second wife, 
Benjamin F. Hartwell, b. June 8, 1800, sou of William and Joanna 
(Davis) Hartwell. Lived in Bedford. He d. Dec. 1-1, 1884 ; she d. 
]May 15, 1871. Two children. 

v. Abrl, b. April 25. 1800; m. Oct. 0, 1885, Nancy Bacon, b. Nov. 8, 
1810, dan. of Stephen and Mary (Porter) Bacon of Bedford. Lived 
in Bedford. He d. Oct. IG, 1839. Three children. She m. second, 
Nov. 10, 1843, Nathan Oliver Reed, whose first wife was Martha 
Simouds Fitch, named below. He d. April 27, 18G5. 

vi. Nathan, b. Feb. 13, ISll; m. Sept. 9, 1834, Louisa Buruhara. He 
was the last of the familv in possession of the Fitch :Mills. He d. 
March 20, 1800; she d. May 30, 1889. Three children; of these, 
the first born, Nathan A., b. Sept. 9, 1835, m. Dec. 1, 1859, Cali.sta 
F. Tarbell. b. May 31, 1837, dan. of Reuben and Beatrice (Beard) 
Tarbell of Rindge, N. H. He is a provision dealer of Boston; resi- 
dence Somerville; alderman 1883-4. 

vii. JoxATHAN SiMONos, b. 1814; d. Jan. 25, 1819. 

viii. Martha SnroNDS, b. JLay 29, 1817; m. Doc. 18, 1834, Nathan Oliver 
Reed, b. F'eb. G, 1812, son of Oliver and Mary (Fitch) Reed. See 
Thaddeus Fitch (39). Lived in Bedford. She d. March 22, 1841; 
he m. second. Nancy (Bacon) Fitch. See above. 

ix. OuvK, b. April 24, 1820; m. May 23, 1854, Robert A. Cook. 

X. Isaac, b. Dec. 23, 1824; d. Feb. 13, 1825. 

xi. Lucv, b. Dec. 23, 1824, twin; d. May 5, 1854. 

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