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Full text of "The Flatey book and recently discovered Vatican manuscripts concerning America as early as the tenth century. Documents now published for the first time, which establish beyond controversy the claim that North America was settled by Norsemen five hundred years before the time of Columbus. Sagas that describe the voyages to and character of, the new country, and letters from several popes directing bishops in their government of the church in the western world"

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i »via ns m KmMi tiYMiaetarm/!i' ■ 




and the AGE of DISCOVERY 



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Concerning America as l^arlv as tlie Tenth Century. 





Sagos that Describe the Voyages to. and Character of. the Nczc Country, and Letters 

from sez'cral Popes directing Bisliops in their Gcc'ernment 

of the Church in the Western ]Vorld. 

AM, l!Kl'li()l>rCTIOX!S AKK HY 



19 6 I 







^TEPHEN HANSEN (Stephanius), who edited Saxo in 1644 and 
5^' served as Royal historian in Denmark, died in 1650. Upon his 
deatli Frederick the Third appointed the Icelandic Bishop Brynjulf 
Sveinsson to succeed him as Royal Danish Historian. Brynjulf 
was born at Holt, Iceland, in 1605 and died in 1675. He declined to accept 
the post of honor offered him, as he was indisposed to abandon various other 
literary works on which he was engaged; but he promised the king to do 
what he could to collect manuscripts and other monumental works in Iceland. 
This agreeable duty was accordingly assigned to him. 

One of the first acts of the Bishop was to request all people residing in 
his diocese who owned manuscripts to turn them over to the King as a gift 
or for pay, either the original or a copy thereof. Many valuable manu- 
scripts were secured in this way, but the most important as well as the most 
beautiful one was a magnificent parchment, of large folio size, which was 
owned by Jonas Torfason. Jonas Torfason resided on Flatey (Flat Island), 
a fertile island in Breijdaford, where Bishop Kl^eng of Skalholt had estab- 
lished a cloister in the year 1172. This cloister was in 1184 removed by 
Klaeng's successor to Helgafell, on the coast of Iceland. The owner was utterly 
unwilling to part with this parchment, until the bishop made a personal visit 
and appeal to him. As a result of this visit Jonas Torfason made a present 
of the parchment to the bishop, whereupon the latter in return exempted Jonas 
from paying ecclesiastical taxes on his land. 

From the house of its owner the manuscript got the name Flateyjarbok, 
that is, the Flat Island Book. Presumably the manuscript had been in the pos- 
session of the Jonas Torfason family for some time; for the Saga of Olaf 
Trygvason, published at Skalholt, in Iceland, in 1688, contains an appendix 
copied from an old document, the date of which could not be later than the 
close of the 15th or at the beginning of the 16th century. At the end of this 
old document it is stated that Olaf was King when the Flatey book was writ- 
ten, in 1387. From this we draw the conclusion that the parchment was known 
by this name before it came into the hands of Bishop Brynjulf Sveinsson. On 

the other hand it could not have been written in the Flatey cloister, as this had 
been moved long before and at the date mentioned was Helgafell cloister. 

The parchment itself contains satisfactory information in regard to its 
origin both as to authorship and locality. On the first page we read: "The 
owner of this book is Jon. Hakonson." The work, which comprises 1700 folio 
pages, contains a variety of matter almost equal to a scrap book. The first 
pages introduce songs, followed by a historical description of how Norway 
was settled. At the conclusion of this account occurs personal reminiscences 
of Erik Vidforle and Olaf Trygvason, with short stories in which these two 
characters have a part. Thereupon follows the Saga of Olaf Haraldson the 
saint, with short stories, and the Saga of the Jarls of the Orkneys. Succeed- 
ing in regular order are Sagas of Kings Sverra Hakon, the old, and the latter's 
son Magnus. Next following is a short story of Einar Sakkason, of Green- 
land, and of Helge, and Ulf the bad. 

Finally come the annals of the creation of the world down to our time. 
The priest Jon Thordson wrote the story of Erik Vidforle and both the Olaf 
Sagas; but the priest Magnus Thorhalson wrote what follows and also what 
goes before, and revised the whole, thus dedicating the work: "May God Al- 
mighty and the Virgin Mary bless both the one that wrote and the one that 
dictated !" 

As the author of this dedication states that the annals written by the priest 
Magnus Thorhalson went down to the time of writing, he must have been a 
contemporary of the writers of the manuscript. The annals end with the year 
1395. Thus we have an exact statement in regard to the time when the parch- 
ment was completed and we also have in the document itself perfect evidence 
as to when it was begun. In one of the first stories we read: "Hakon's son 
Olaf was King when this book was written and 1387 years had passed since the 
birth of our Lord Jesus Christ." This parchment was originally bound in a 
single volume, but is now in two volumes, for easier handling. 

Selected from these are pages bearing upon the Greenland discoveries and 
Vinland settlement which are reproduced and translated in this work. They 
contain the story of Erik the Red's discovery and settlement of Greenland, of 
Bjarne Herjulfson's glimpses of America on his way to Greenland, and the 
voyages by Leif, Thorvald, and Thorstein Erikson, and also of Thorfin and 

The Flateybook parchment is kept in the Royal Library in Copenhagen, 
where the writer has repeatedly seen and carefully examined it. It is one of 
the most beautiful manuscripts, on parchment, to be found anywhere. It is 

written by a master of penmanship, and tlie initials, as the reader will see, are 
rare examples of the penman's art. 

The other manuscript which tells us of the Vinland voyages is the so-called 
Hauksbook, giving the story of Thorfin Karlsefne. This equally exquisite 
parchment is preserved in tlie so-called Arna-Magnaean collection in Copenha- 
gen, which is a part of the Copenhagen University Library. The date of this 
manuscript is not older than 1299, or later than 1334. Hauk Erlendson died 
this latter year and there is substantial evidence that the manuscript was writ- 
ten partly by him and partly by his scribes, the parchment showing at least 
two other penmanships besides Hank's, from whom an autograph letter is 
still preserved. 

The Hauksbook takes its name from the powerful and distinguished Nor- 
wegian who lived in the early part of the 14th century. His father was Er- 
lend Olafson the Strong, who had served as lawman and sysselman in Iceland, 
and whose death occurred about 1312. Hank's mother was an Icelandic 
woman. In the year 1295 he was chosen lawman in Iceland, but about 1299 
he moved to Norway where he held the office of lawman for a number of years. 
In 1302 he became a member of the King's cabinet; in 1304 he was Knighted, 
and subsequently he made a number of voyages to Iceland on missions for 
King Hakon. In 1319 he was one of the Norwegian representatives who con- 
cluded a treaty of union between Norway and Sweden, making Magnus Erik- 
son King of both countries. He died in Bergen, Norway, about the year 1334. 

This Hauk Erlendson took a deep interest in Norse history and literature, 
and as a scholar he rendered most valuable service by making excellent and 
highly critical copies of laws and Sagas. Some of these are still extant in the 
so-called Hauksbook preserved in the Arne-Magn£ean department of the Uni- 
versity Library in Copenhagen. This choice parchment contains the Landnam- 
abok, the Kristnisaga, the Saga of Thormod Kolbrunarskald, the Thorgeirs 
Saga, parts of the Skjoldunga Saga and of the Trojamama Saga, a Norse 
version of Merlin's Prophecies and, what is of special interest in this connec- 
tion, the account we give in this volume in facsimile of Thorfin Karlsefne's 
voyage to Vinland. It will thus be seen that this precious manuscript dates 
back to the beginning of the 14th century. 

Publication of these thoroughly authenticated documents, with translations, 
must compel acknowledgment of the truth of the claim that during the 10th 
and 11th centuries Norsemen discovered and visited a great extent of the east- 
ern coasts of North America. These documents will doubtless also lead to 
the conviction that for four centuries, immediately following the discovery, in- 

tercourse between Greenland, Iceland and Vinland was never entirely discontin- 
ued. The main fact is certain and undisputable. On the other hand, there are 
in them, as well as in all other ancient writings, certain portions of the narra- 
tive which are obscure, and which it will devolve upon future scholars to clear 
up. On this account we think we render a very important service in publish- 
ing the original sources of information, viz., the ancient manuscripts them- 
selves, so that all may have the opportunity to consult them and to form their 
judgment as to the accuracy of the interpretations given. The evidence pre- 
sented in this work proves beyond dispute that the coast of North America was 
discovered in the latter part of the 10th century, immediately after the discov- 
ery and settlement of Greenland by the Norsemen, and that this coast was 
visited repeatedly by men in the 11th century, and likewise by colonists and 
exploring expeditions in the 12th and 14th centuries. 

But even this is not all. These Northern antiquities also show that Chris- 
tianity was introduced in America, not onl}- among the Norsemen, who settled 
in Vinland and other places, but probably also among the natives, that the 
Norsemen found there. 

Finally there is a chain of evidence making it highly probable that Colum- 
bus had knowledge of the Norse voyages and was guided by this knowledge 
on his ever-memorable voyage in 1492. 

With regard to traces of the residence and settlement of the Norsemen 
on this side of the Atlantic in the 10th and succeeding centuries, we may con- 
tent ourselves for the present by referring the reader to the facts as stated in 
the Vinland Volume of Norroena. The matter will doubtless never cease to be 
a subject for interesting study and investigation by both European and Amer- 
ican scholars. 

In the meantime our text books on American history will continue to tell 
our school children of Bjarne Herjulfson, the first European whose eyes be- 
held the New World. Our sons and daughters will be taught that Leif Erikson 
was the first white man who turned the prow of his ship to the west and landed 
upon the shores of this vast continent; nor shall Thorvald Erikson, the first 
European, and the first Christian buried beneath American sod, be forgotten. 
We shall not forget Thorhn and Gudrid, who established the first European 
colony in the western hemisphere, nor their infant son Snorre, the first child 
of European blood to open his eyes in the New World. 



Icelandic Manuscript. 

l?w fcaw|»fQ^V J*^*!*^^* fimitfrlivir'i?^«&'^o? dry 

p^m^f^nta Woimi3«t-i«r ppdrfum ^ ^Jpore fuin r^ 
i^t»rhpi»ftr;>rt^ ti«im p$tr i?ft fejftnruar W^qirn ftiflnife^ d 

Icelandic Text. 

Tckr "hinn) Toojud*/, soyu >uu\js , foruj of Jadrii til/ Islourvdbi/jftrir TOlgcu soMt-^ou tjcur 'DvidxxJ 
li'ygt; Islarudy. ^Kir "buxggu; i-ysf oUb Drcourty uoW cu lIiDTrui6tronja.uTnJ. Jour aadcLdJbR/'- 
stf povixolljdx JEiirekr fekJ "fxxJ porlulMar, dotUju' JoTundar dk;porT3ixiTgcu^ Ttaajror IjrirtgW, 
cv^oJ oiXjj porbioTTUiJ Mnn; "hjouokjSLceljskii. Kcdi^st' JElrckr 'poj TxordxxjU ok) "bio 

oJ ^irekstoduurrv TujoJ ITairihjornnei. Son) ^irckfi o>li porTulIolar "h^t Lcifr. EtU 5 

cfUx xiig ^ojiixlfs sojors o"k; "hjdbngoaxnjguJ ifrajfns \yxxr ^irckr gcrr "brotJ 
or }icuukcu doL'. Tot IxanJ ucslr tQj BrdjdxxJ fixxrdor o"k;"blo j Oocmy aJ-Siirckstx)djuuTij.iranJXe/_ 
dt' porgestju scl3;;stx5kkxxy' ok) uadJu ceigi;^ "hjouO "kxulLoxLe; lib. Jadcoru of gcrduuxst; dellur okj 
l>aT(3LagoTTn£jdi'f>euT0porgestU,sem; segtrj soguyjEtreks.Styrrporgriras son; uuiUll' Jlilreki; oly 

TTujIurrU, o'kjEijixQfr or SixJuxcy o'kj soj rur'Brcuix' oV AUTtxjJ ftrdt; ok) por'bioTTwVUtfUjB 10 

sonj. Eru porgestliruguurru' uxxiliij SAjnir pordxxr gelljus dkJporgocir or Hiitcxjr dcCU. 
JBirekr uxjcrd; sekr ou Jorncs "^m^e;. !Bix) JEiAxcki^ "fxiu skLp 5lU;>uxfs j jEireks \U)g<f, 
c»v crKixrU uxu'T)\imJu,f'ylgdiij'^dr Styrr^^oTUJlr^ "OTn) eyiox. JEixckr sougdey 
"^eAjmJ, aJU Txcuru oeiXode; oJtTjeJUbou laxu;/pc«s,cr Guumbiorruv sotvi TJlfs "kroukjuu soJ, 

er ra3<i; xvcstr ijwru Txocf, "^oj cr Ixoru foirux) Girojxiixxr skcr. XxutJW TuunJ oi_ 1^ 

\jr irvurtdjuuXdJbcu tilv T3tacusijuxaj,d"lx.ajx' fyri^lcuxdijU. JiiTc)u"5i^ldA'xurLdaja'' Stv_ 
^clL-v ioMjU. Hounj farurv XcuxdU/ ok;lu)ra) "uXcunj cuu'fruju,'f)ar serTuTuuv) "koQXade; M\jd;_ 
tokul'; sou "VuRJUUlr rwxj HoLS€r"kr. Hoov for'^o-'fjCLdaTL) suiLr TTijCjd; "lcxjr\jd.ijnxu oXi 
leJutxjJ, «f "fxxdxjjru nooerl' Tj-yggixuxdcL/' louadily. Hem; xuxr "Vvinru f-yslcu -oeAr j ^ireks- 

CAJ, "nxcrr Trujdru Tuunrte; eijstrij "b-ygcl.TJTTU uorlu eftir for>ux;nJ tUy^ircks flardcur ok/ 20 

txik; ser pojr "bw stody. Hcuv for "^oxy surruiT j Timoy ixestrv ijityy gdv oky goLf 
xiijdxxj orrtefnjj. HounJ ijuit cuvuxW uxti" j HobruArrx) iiiJU Hrofnnjs gnxpuJ ; <ixJ 
y\jJo"^rvSjjaJ siAjTuxrtf forluxnJ tJuU Islandi;; ok) "koinj skupc/ siruju' j Breiuia; fiiOTcl.llajrvy 
"kcQXoAe' Tjcxj\dit;,'f)aX' cr "hofdc; furtdiJU, GrocnUiuvd;, 'pwixiut' luunj "luuxAy^ ^cxX) TnxKxxdjaJ 
fijsoj TTumii'^airtgat', er Icuxditj TuLtAyii/d;. JE.trekr ^xaJr cu Islcuadc; iwrt) njetrinj,cru lom/ 25 

surruurit) cftir for Iwjx) oXi TjajgujJ Icuxdit; ; Tuiru "bio j ^roLttoJ hlicU j -Eireks ftrde/. 

Sux) segicU frodLrTrLeRni, aX; cl' \>ux] ■aoxrux) sixttlto, er JEiixckr roxxxLe/ for cuLi ^v,- 

ggiaJ GrcenXcuxdi, ^ou forTiajUfr fiorde; togr skLpoJ or ^reidxD flrdc^ 6W) Eorgar 

ftrdc, ixO ftoTlanJ 'ku.CTrujLzi,sL' t)t' 'f)ajLgcUU3 sumj rakJ cuTtr, <mJ suanJ tynJ- 

^djUAsU. pout/ liar :xv ixetrunx*, f-yr en;"krlstnju ixocr logtekla/ ou Islouad^/; oJ 30 


Danish Tmiislalion. 

rUt deall6de,'hans Son, drog fra Joedercatil Isloml, for Drabs Sl<yld. Dauor uidtOTa 
bebygget Island. Deljoedc forstpaaDronge vti. HomatranfL. Der dbi- 
c TKorvalcl. Erik, oegtede da Thorhild^Datteraf Joruaiog Thor'bjcrg Ijiorrorbruiga, 
soiTv djahxi»de oegtet ThorbjOm/deaHbkdolslce. Drog EiUt danordfra/ og boedc 

poaErUcsstoAocd/VatshoTU. Eriks ogTKorhilds Sdithcd/Lcjf. McJi 5 

efter Eg alf Sor s og Holmg ang -Kafhs Droi bleo ErUt foruist bort 

fra HokedoL. Drog lum/Ueetllg tilBreidxiQord/ og l)oede paxt Oxro paaErlksstad/. Haitlaaa- 

te Thorgcst SoedestiJUcr og flJo denvtkketflbage; lioa Tcrocoede da-. Dcraf kom Tolst og 

Slagstaaal med, ThorgcstUngcrac, somfortodlcsiEriks Saga. StgrThorgrimssbngdJedeErikHjodpi/ 

Sageiv, ogEyulffraSt)iao og Brands Sonnerfra^AlptafjordogThorbjonvViflls- 10 

sorv. MenThorqestUngeme stottedcs of Thord Gdkrs Sttnncr og Thorgcjr fra HUerdol. 
Eriktlet) fredlos paw ThomoES Ting . ^orde EriJc da Skibct sit scjMartt Ejlksuoag , 
og dahaa Dorfoerdig , fulgte Stgr'sKom-udom Oeme. Erik sagde 
denv, otbanagtedeatlededciLandop, som Gunnbjbm-, Ulf Krogcs Son-, soo., 

da[han] drcB T)estpaa/Oi)€rHa»et, den^ong athxinfandt Gunnbjorns Skcer. Sagde, Txaa til- 15 

boflcmxmiie dragc/ tiL Veruiemc sine, TiBishan-fandt/Londet. Erik sejlcdel)ortfra/ Sn- 
efjald- Jokd.HaafandtLandct/ ogTconvudcfro-indtlLdet, som/hon, koldte Midt- 
jokcl; den/ Hedder naBloaserk . Haa drog da derfra soTider mzA, Landct for at 
sogc, omdcrstcdsLandetDarbebijggdigt. HaaBarhiaftrsteVintei-paaErLks- 

onoerMidteaof dm, 5streBygd. OmVaarendercfter drog Turn, til ErUcs^ordog 20 

tog sig dferBoUg . Haadrog dcaSomntertiLdcm)estreTJbygd og gac 

rundt om Stcdnoone. Han oar den anden/Vlntjerpaa Holme DcdRaiusgnipaiTom. 

den tredie Somm«r fdrhon. til Island og kom,m«4sitSkibtilBrcjda^ord. Han 

IcaldteLondfl, som/Honhxiodefundct, Grftnland, thlKaasagdc, dctmonnc 

.trffikkeMoEndderhen^noarLandethed smukt.ErikDarpaalsIandoTaVtnlercn', menom 25 

Sommercn cftcr drog luui bort at bebjjggc Landet; haa boedc poa BratteUd i Eriks^ord . 

Saa sigekyndi^cFolk, ati den sanimeSomnier,h»or Erik den Rode f6riidatbeb\jg- 

gc Gronland, da drogehobfjcrdsindstt^* Skibe fraBrejda^ord og Borgar - 

fjord, og fjortcakom/ud dertil; somme drep tilbage og somme for- 

liste. Del rar XV Vintrefdr^ndlfiistendoTnmeableoloDfoestet poa Island; v --.- -. 30 


English Translation. 

rLct}icR«d, his son/, TOCiU, from. J<Ed«rca^to Iceland,, for TRonslau^liter's sake.ThATt toos midelij 
colonized Iceland. Tkeij liocd first on Drangc oLHornslrond.TIwre di- 
ed Thx)n)ald. Eric nuirrlcd UwaT Ivor hild, doubter of Jbruad and Thorblerg Kharrarbruiga, 
td1io then- had married Thorblorn, the Hokdolcr . "Went Eric then, from, north/ and took, abode 

5 at Erlcsstad beside Vdlnshora. Eric's and Thorhild's son, toos caHedLetf. But _ 

after E-jjidf Sor's and DueUing-RafrCs sUuighter Eric xdos mode axoay 
from, HokedoL.'Wentlie i»€stTOard to Breldofirth, ojid took- abode ia Oxnetj at Ericsstad/. H^ lea- 
ttoThflrgestlusseat-poslSjandqotthemnotback/lietKcaclainicdlhem/.Thence TOOS made quardKng 
fighting TOlth,them,,theThx)rgesters,as it says in, Eric's Saga. Stijr Thorgrunsson, aided Eric in, 

10 UicmaUer,andEyulf of SDlney andthesons ofBrandof Alplafirth,andThorbionvViriis- 

son,. But the Thorgesters tDerc aided bi) the sons of Thord Geller and Thorgdr of HitardaL . 
Eric TOOS outlaro6datThx)rncss Thing. Made Eric then, his ship readij tosail,in/Erlcst»dg, 
but roHen he toos ready , foUotDcd theg , Styr's ,him out around the islands . Eric said 
to thent/, that he intended to search, for that land,t»hich/Gimblora Ulf Kragc's son, saro, 

15 toheoM was drIoen/TOcstroardaaoss the ocean,, rohen he found Gunnblortls 5k«rn|.Said,h« b- 

ock, might go for his friends, ifhe found the land. Eric sailedooKU) from 5a- 
orofell's -Jokul . He found the land and came from xBllhout to that , tohich, lie called Mid- 
jolod )is called nou) Bloscrk . He tocnt then from thence soutkroard along the land to 
searc}i,lf the land might be fit for settling . He was that first tolnter oa Erlcs- 

20 ey.neor themiddle of the eostcra settlement. The spring ofterheTOenttoErlcsfirth/ond I 

took there his dbodc.He went that summer to the TOestern/xmhabiled tracts andgaoc 
far and tnlde local names . He roas the second xolnler at Holme bg Rofnsgnipa ; but 
the third summer he xoent to Iceland and came roith. his ship to Breldofirth, . He 
ccdledtheland,thath«/had,found,Grc«nkindjforh6said,that migtt 

25 otlroct men, thilher,-u)heathelandhfldaflne name. Eric toos on Iceland during the iBlnter, baton 

the summer after he toent out to settle thelond ; he Hoed at Braitolid iaErlcsfir th, . 
So sag TDise men, that iathc same summer ."rolienErlc the Red set out to sett- 
le, Gr6cnland,then three tens and a "half 'sTups sailed out of Breldofirth, and Borgor- 
firth,, and fourteen came out thither -, some i»cre driven bock, and some c- 
30 ast ctooy. That was XV iDinters.bcfore Christianity TOas fixed bg lain ui/Ic€land;la 



Icelandic Manuscript. 


mnrntetrj^t:^ til nertrtwj w Ktpv^c^w vT^v^a^; 
A «r l^jWn ncnr ii«u ti^l^w'p etc ceiv^vmtt ^s>/ 

mj0uft row u feoin ti^dmi ftp ^^lofldlTi^- ^riaa^*'^ 

ewnltttr war b^tJArlbittirfpriMr yijdrfWfti ^bp 
..^iyf renAtf Id iwrtfe;^ KiMljwf flap fuenip-fh amdl 

itidwkjtof a^iTfTii iiccirliiwwr Ayr Idnl^cdf wrppd? Hiiti b 



Icelandic Text. 

J>vju sourruju sumTcv foruv iiJlajrxJTr\xlrekj"T3ysTcapol<:^pOT\juDuLljd;i' Kodb-ouassom^^slrmtnjutxa;- 
TTUJiJ lojad^ oj GrmLcuijdi'', cj" ^oJ forvJ •Dt/ raedj JEird^ju: ILM'luXfr Jierlulf s fiorcUiluiunJ "bio 
a) H^-ijutLfs Tvjcse;; X<UuJu XeUls fijOTdj,OlrafT\;t\J llrafruxs fiord^; SoUuJ Solxua.' dJ- 
oL; Hdgiipov^raix'^i sorU Alftcu r\x)Td/'3 porbiorruTJ GlorcUSigliu fijOrd/jVPiinaTJEilTucurs flor^; 

HofgriTTU^ Kaig ruTxs ftordJ olc^IIotrixUluLerfuL'; ArixTLlcux^r ArixnlxuJLgs fijordJ; 35 

exv swirua- forw tjCU ijuc^tjri; l:)/yg(ica". Lcifr YLcpruj 'noj^ skiroLr. 

Pou er seoctanJ vunXr itorvju "LLdnir, frou'^iju; cr^^trekr Tcuxde^ for 
oJb "b'yggicU GTOKnlaja(3j,^ouforLevfr soni^ircks uJUuv' of &roui7_ 
lanAe/ lil lJoi?^s . Kom./ Tuuv Xxh praruUxcijTts MxnJ "hxijuLsLlf , "jaou cr OLof r "koramg r 

Tr/ygguxjU sorti Tjgar )cornm.n) njordxuxt of HoLogot'lcuxcUy'. Leifr loLgducj skiJ 40 

pv ?,\rwU ixvtx) ttU ISIiiLax oss okj for ^egcxr ou fuuxd,/ OLcursTcorujuags.^odx:vjdje)"kx)TUirigr trv 
IvonximJ scrrt) odrujmJ luixiruxm; TrtOTuuxnay,cr ouTix3ijrv;s fujxdLTvX)mxv. Geky"kxDTiuji.gij "palj ouai- 
djuuUxgou vJJu li<oJ[;Mjar\iaj\J'poO skjurdr okJ aHer ski^ujerlar >uxn^. TJolt Lc._ 

xfr TTLedi TcoTLuuxgL' ximJ lucXrinnJ vuiij TboJXdiirux) . ^ioxrvx; "LeiXxxxii/ Gromlomjcbv. 

Hcrlulfr \xax ^ojrdxur soro BJermWs sotuxt. Horu ixxwr frcenAiJ lixgo- p.... 45 
-Ifs Icuiclnximxx; nxajoriA/. pmny HerluIfuJU gouf Jngolfr laod; ajrulb- 
«/ Uogs dkj Hcylclcu n^es . Hcr'uxLfr l>io fijstj cU DrepsLdkki'. porgcxdr lijet^ 
"kxDTxxDuTuxTvs, CTu Biounxoe^ sonJ "pcirro;, ok; t?our luxvny efrullg^^stu -mjoidr. ~Saad 
fys\xjMsV MtxxxV "pQjQOT OJ xuagou allxbrvj vMxdj Iwnxxxrx) gotti "bceduej tAL fixxr oWj 

TTumjujurdJuixgaT, ok; -Ujcur suuvj ujeXr luLort; \xJtaru landW edr vrieAj fcdr suuxmJ.'B- 50 

ToUbOjUju .Buxrixae; skip j forixrai, oW Tunnj sidxxivsta) tijCjUt, cr'hjouai fvar j liforcgi/, 
"^cU Tjtol/ HejruxJtfr tUU Grcerdjournvfcrdjour rc\ji3J JEiinikXJ, okJ trroU'bui) smxu. 

Med; HeruiLfuL' var ou skijpe; sixdrex^skr Truxolr "krlstuunJ, sou er orti; Ho/gcr- 
dmgotr droqp\iJ.par er "^eXtou sUf j :Miaar "buir ek; Trumko; 

Tcyru; iTTvcmoJ louosouuTJ fcura; l3odTLa^ll;lxxxxdisluxllxie;lixicltar folldixrl - 55 

Tudlour drotAijmxi -yfir mxr stxxLUU II . Hciiulfr "bu) oJ Hcruilf 5 Ttesc; ; Turn; var 

>Ujrviu gofgcu\Jstu Trbcudr.^irc^ rcuutdc/ TjIo j BrouUjoU TOjudJiluunj uar 

"^our med; Trteslrl; uurdijxgu;, o"k; IjuuLiu dUjLr tXLTxcunjs. pessv 'ooruu "bornxU^lreks: 

Lexjrr,3)orxiaIldjr okJ porstxxbijnJ, crU rrcxjdjLs IteJU dxDtiirlwunjsjTxonJ uar gift; "punV raxxxuvJ, 

a'Joruxuxir"hjcJU,ok;"bui^guJ^caxyj &6TdjujmJ,'^ar semJ tux/ er "bo^slciLpstoUj. Hon; 60 


Danish Translation. 

den, sammc Sommer drog afsted/ Frcdrik Bislcop og TlioroaldKodronssoa . Dlssc MonA tx) - 
ge Land faa Gronlaad , som der drog ud xmd Erik : Herjidf Her)ulfsgord,haiv"boed£ 
poaHcgidfsTUES; KcUl KeUkQord; Rafti Rxifiisfjord; Sobe Sobcd- 
oL; HclgeThorbrondssoTiAlptafjord; Thm-bjonvGloraSiglegord; EjaarEjnarsQord/^- 
HafgriiuHolgrinisQord og Votn^hOTrf; Arnlog Amlogsfjord, 35 

mca soTTimc for tUL Vest^r'bygdcii. . Lgf den LijkJieLige'blec dobt . 

Da at scjctcn-Vuitre oare forMnc, fra den. Gang at Erik. dm. Rode drog udu 
at bebygge Gronloiid, da drog Lcjf , Eriks Son-, bortfra Gron, - 
land/ til Norgc . KonvTioa til Trondhjenv om Hosleti , da al Olaf Konge* 

Tinjgtjcs Son, BarkommeanordmfraHalogcLand. Lcjflogdc Skib- 40 

cl sitindtd-Nidaros, og drog stros i Bcsog lios Olaf Konge. BebudjedeKongeaTroca 
hxinvUgesonv ondrc hcdenslte Mc?mcskcr, dcr kom t Besog lioslirun . Glk detle for Kongen- 
let nied Lejf; blcD haa da dobt og alk SkibsfoUtme haius . Var Le - 

jf has Kongea ontVintcrca Ddbehmidlet . Bjorae opsogte Gronlajid 

Hcrjulf DOT Soaaf Bard. Hcijulfsson/. HanuarPrffiudc of Ingo - •45 
tfLoadaainsmand/. TilHerjulf's gaoIngolfLand,in\£lL- 
emVdog ogBcykixuioes. HcrjulfboedcforstpaaDrcpstok. Thorgcrdh^d. 

lions Konc og Bjamedcres Son, som oar cnhbjst eunerig Mand. . Han 

Icmgtfcs udmlands oEeredA t sin luigc Aider; tion stod sig godtbaade med- TUgdom. og ^ 

med-Atisc«lsc, og oar hocrVintcrentcn udenlands cUerlios sin Fader. Su- 50 

art ejede Bjarne Skib t Fart, og den sidste Viutcr at ban dot t Norge, 
da bercdte Herjulf sig td Gronlondsfard med Erik og brod op sa Hjcm. 
Med Herjulf dot poa Skibct/ en sgileroisk kristen Mand , som gjor-de Hafger - 
dinga Drapa . Der er dcUe Steo 1 • Mine bcder jcg Munkes 

ProBerll mecri-lbseRe)scrfremmf;|| Hogensholdc Hcctles Jordens|| 55 

Hallens Drot OBer mig Soede || ?^ Herjulf boede paaHerjulfs-Nos ; han uar 

cahbjst anset Hand . Erik den Rode boede paa BruMid ; Hon uar 

der med/ mestAgtelse.og lode oLLchom . Dissc oare Ei-iks Born; 

Lgf, ThorBaLdog Thorstein, men Freydis lied bans Daiter;"hum)argUlmcd- en Mand/, 

som Kcd/ TharDord, og boede del Garde, dir somnneiBlspestol.Hun \var\ 60 

^'35 ^>JegbcderMunkcsmenl6sePr6uer(Chnstus) frcnuncmiaeRgseT; 

JordensHoettes (Hunl£as)HaUersDroibx)ldeH6gensSoEde (Haanden) OBermig ! 
■^Iregerede fra 995 td 1000 

English Translation. 


the sam* summer -roent oroayTVederic the Blslu)p onAThorijaldKodranssoTi/.TKese v\z\i to- 

olc load in/ Greenland/ , xoho tKcn- xociit out toUIv Er Ic •■ Hcrtulf Her iulfsrirth- , he dTodt 

at Heruilfsuess jKeUl Kc/tiLs firth iRofn. Rxifnsfirth/-, Soloe Solocd- 

dl i Helgc Thorbrondsson Alptafirlh/iThorbiora Glora Slglcfirlh; Etaar Etnarsfirlh/i 

35 Hafgrim/HafgrimsfirthandVatnehoerfiArriLog Araldgsfirlh, 

but some vaml/ to the xoestera sctUemcnt . Leif tKe tiqjpij toos cb-istaued . 
'hea sixteca -rointcrs tocrc passed, since Erie the Red tocat out 

to settle Greenland ,thea -rocnt Lcif Eric's soa out from. Grcca - 
landto^ortoay . Come he to Droutheim ia the auluma ,-rohcn Olof kuiq , 
40 Truguc's soa,TOas come from Halogaland/.Lctf laid his sht- _ 

p ia to Nidoros and XDcat at once oa a uistt to Olof kin^ . Expounded thelcin^ the faith/ 
to kua as to other heotheamca mho to visxl hinv came . Was to the- king this ca - 
sy Ijoilh/Lcifi T»as he then christened and all his shipmcrtes too. Was Le- 

tf TDith the king all the -rouUer tocIL treated . Biorae- sooght OrecnLaad. 
45 T Teridf tocis soa of Bard Heriulfssoa. He tdos a kinsmoa to Ingo- 

X Alf thelaad-taking-maa.TothemHertulf's gaoe Ingolf laadbetroc- 

eaVdg and Keykuiaess.HeruilfdroeU/ first atDrepstok.Thorgcrd tdos colled 
liis TDife , and Biar ae- their soa , loho was a most proauslag maa . He 
loaged togo abroad e^eaia his \j0uag age ; tdos he Tioell off both ia-roeaUh/ and ia 

50 men's esteem, and was CDeri] TOtntcr either abroad or TOitli his father . S- 

ooaBiorne oioaed ship ia freight, and the last iBinter, that he TOOstaNorrocuj, 
Heriulf set about a Greenland - voyage Toith Erie , and broke up his home . 

\PlthHeriulf tbcls oathe ship a Christlaa maa from the Siidreijr^^,TDho made theHofger- 

dingaDrapa.There is this staociaiL:Mtae beg I monks' 
55 scorcher ll.foultless wnjoges to fortDard||;thehaiDkfe laou helioldthehood of the earth/ 1| 

the hdBs king ooer me seat|| ". HeruUf droelt oa Hcrtulf sness ; he toos 

amost regarded maa. Eric the Red dtoelt at Brattohd; he -roas 

there -roilh/most esteem, andlouled all to him. These -roere Eric's children. 

Letf,ThorT)ald, ondThorsteia.butFregdis roos cdUedhis doughteri she toos xoedded to a maa 
60 called ThorT)ard, ondcbnelttheg otGarde, there TOhereaoTO is bishop-seat. She [toos] 

^'in-the south, of Norroay. ^)35. ^'theHehride/S. '^) I beg the. faultless monk -searcher (Christ) forxDord 
nu) -DOTjagesimajj the king of the halls of the earth's hood (Heoocn) hold the harok's S6al(hiskuii)oT)erm6! 
^reigned from 995 to lOUO 



Icelandic Manuscript. 

ftul^WHC War cv^^51«srilttlb|' «if iMWfltt^ 
^4l&€6ncitiMWe ^^»i8«dftt jAi^frwr i^iife c^j 

3-tttllttpr wWcer to-]^« ^Ibi^piiife^ir SrtJfttwew? p^^ 
lot fid Tiudmu Wd!tta^ fvtr uiti^ im f^^^Cigk Wd 2liC9(r' 


Itf&rpcti ^B>^f^«« Wl^ ceAi j>Stti, , , 

l^iikM^ ^^^|tie iii6>^^vj»^ Amu e^ 
'ba^^iW'toa»rSci^eto»tpf^^ ^^7 
ft«r*w»8li<^3Nwb«il a^|r fp^lto e^ ^*w«r^UU6 am 

%4^i W wife ttapn t«^ * w nioM Irfidr l)Wlpr u^rf 


Icelandic Text. 

suxirT«, TYvJCkjOOU, a\) porujordr vxxxr lUU/ TRjOvruU •, uuxr "Viou/ TruLog gef uv \jXi fcxxr. 
HoeldJJt^ uar folk; axu Grcenlourvdi/ j "^onrv turvxxy. "poJb bouttusJ 8\jumjar "konx) ^eximn& 
skiupl/ suxjuU cxJ EajTor, «r foudir >uwas "hxjJFdc/TarotJU sigU//t)Tn> tjotUj . poxij 
Uderuic/ ^oUxiy Biorruxou' TnikiJU, okJ ^mUdLe; otlgb "bcrou of ski;pej suui.' . pcsJ spur- 

dwj>uj^«tarlu]crbs,"hiuiJUcr'KajrO "boeruusb ftrir; eru luxru sux3urajr,aJt"hxuv (stlcuijej oJu 5 

luiILdxt' sldujenJjuJ sinru; ok) "^iggixiU OCU fodr slruAmJujeJlr ro\&\j; okJ /rrtl' ckJ hV 

aUdjcU sVipijuiU Mil Grenlxxadv, cf ^cr noUUJU -mAr ffylgd; /oceitoU. AUir Cjvu)d;_ 
^u^5t Turns roudxaru f/ylgicu /trilijoU. pou mjodJli/ Bijourrvrte;: a) /oUrlig trxuV '^ytkixx' 
■oor ferdij^our serru ccingv Ujorr "K«Hr lM)TruJt j GrmlourLdbv luif . Etu "^k) "hoili- 

\/dx)U^dr Tvu/jluxf, ^agcun^dr nsorix) "biirur, ok) siglj6ba;^ria;dxijgcL'^cu"Ulj«r\eurvxiiuL' .10 

■vxxwr XLadtLrvrujJtjeru ^^xx^toT^y (xfb/yrlaoL/^ ok) lagdLc^ osk) Tunromuir ok ^okur, 

oTo TJuLssuj ^f)€ir oeigv, "Hubert aJU ^fmr foriiy, ok skbptiy 'fjcdb "mjorgurtv dcKgnjumJ. EfUbr "^xiJt/ sou ^«ir 

so\/ sixxJ okTaojottuy ^ou d«ila;cejttir;\undiX(TuuL/ s<ig\/ o"k siglaj'{3«Ata/ dUagr, 

Ojdr 'f)cir sou lounjdi', oltJToeAjduj "urrvi mjiAi ser,luixitlcxrbdli'^>ejULouTauj\J ucrou; enJ Bvomru/Tcujc/- 

\sk&\j Iryggiou, ati IfKiX; tmxrtcUu cdgi; GrenLoLadU. peijr sp/yrloU "hjuLorf luuv \u3L slglou oJU'^essW— ..15 

Txxnjdbu cdr oeLgij. poUU cr "mitU TouxjdU ojU siglou j TuxJrvdb "uxL) IcurvdiJL/. Ok suo gerou'^jcLr, oV 

sou "^cuL "brattjOJl/ lortdiJU \ixnT ofuuxUlotU old skogl; ijuxaciti okJ smxLr IurAut 

oj TcuaduTxu; ok) leUx; loiijdJuL aj"boCk) "bordLou ol^jletoL; skoujUU "hxirfcu o/lourvA'. Stdjourv 

siglou "^cir Ulo dxKgr, oudr "fsdr soj land^ oLnxuit;. Jjeir spy rial, >uuii'^ Biomrte; «Xj- 

loidjo "^KxtJi vru Grejilourxjdj. Hcurv "kujov ceigu TuUdbn oetLou ^efctcu Grenlccnjdy vnj \6Xi ^VjTtoJj^svju 20 

cub TjokLor ere; miog "mrykUr sougdir oj GrenlarudJLi.peiur Tuxlgxijdjaust; "braJUf 
^dJboU'Uxrui' ok) soJ focb tjeroj sljeJUbland; o"k foidU; /ooadjL.poutjok; of "b/yr ftrir^eurrUpO/ r- 
(xAAuj TujjScJlour, ^oUU aJb ^ebrrU^tJUu^aJlrajdi at takou "^at/lourtdyjeru^iocrnTxej-uilJU ^ol/ cei-gij. 
pcir ^ott)uu;i«t; "boed^c/^urfujayAfii/ ok; noodtnJ. At/ onguj crui/ if)cr ^\xju obixgir, 

segir ^ixuTTUu; J wU "^0 fek liaru of ^uii Tvx)¥kuJb cunxoelij of luusctuunx) siruKmj. Itoru "boi; , 25 

^ou (xnrijdjcu scgl), ok sxio roar gcrU, ok seXJUuu fycum; stocFruv frculoind*/ ok) siglou j 

"hcUF notsojTXJxirvjgs Ij^yr lpv\xxj dxxgr okj sou "fiou locnjait ^ridLexxJ j cnj "^oL IxxrtdU ulot "hJ_ 

oubU ok) f ioTJjotJb ok^ iokuUU oU . peir spojTioU "jbot), ef BkmrnA' ^iULdc; cuL IcaxdjCJ 

TxxJtoj "{xxr, Qx\j ii\xxxV qijuu^ cBigi''^>cxt/ roUiou , "^lAiaJb thjCT 1ilu,sty ^ciiou laruiy ogajgnucenligt;. . 

Ku/logdjoj^^MZXr odgi; scjgli sitt,lu3QlAaJ Tujeililoi^^ frcumj oTcJ soJ, cub ^oij roar eylxuvdy, 30 

s«Wjuu cruv sWnn; roidi ^ixU "Lourudju ok) TiAllduu j >uxf TunnJ scutuxJ Idojt j cjvJ iDe^ - 

dr oo(v j TxonjdU, oT«J "boud; 'BiixrTiAj'^aJ suiptxu ok; oeigii siglou TamraJ enj"'boexle; dy _ 

gcLti uueJU skupii ^eirrou dkroeiduou. SiglAuU tuju fiogiir d^r.pcuscu'^eJjrljaTtdU 

"hJUU fiordxxy. ^ou sp\]ird]uJ|)ejLrBlx^TUxJ,TuiX)rt"hjanJ cdLoudU^^etUu foeraJGrcnlojuL'^^Aroeigi'. 

liaxrte/ suoLTor: "^cUxxJ crlikorvsty^Jjui/erTTur erso^gb f roj Grcrilajridi/, ok)>ttr rnjuurw xjcr oJUloun^dUU -35 

"KjoilXdxiU. S\JU) gerou' ^eix ok toCkxx; Ixxad; "anjder ceirOijjueriuUTvese/ocb'kLudldLe; dags. 

Oki Uyour ^ox Taotjouur ou TVjesiruju, enJ ^ocr liio Heriulf r foudir Biocrrux/ ou ^ui; "njesii . 

Ok; of "^xw "hjefir n^siti Tumfrav' tekiU ok; er sidxux) "kolXal/ Heriolfs roes . Tot 

BiouTTve; tuaJ UL fouodur sirvs . Ok) "KxxJUir tua; sigljunjg\iy ok) er -rrted; fodur siruxrix), 

Trujdx>jrU HerujJLfr IjU^d^C;, okj sidxin; laio >uxTU ^oa" cftAr fodur sirirU 40 


Danish Translation. 

meget storroodig , men Thon»ard/ parealUlcMaai; uarhunTncstgiccnKam. for lions Rigdoms Skjjld 
HcdmskxtorFollaitiGronland/paacLCTiTui. Den sonune SomincrkomBjame 
mcd sit Slab tiLEyror, da FciAerenHans pot bort sejlet om Voorcn . Den 
TidemLc iyTdes Bj ame stor, og tnldf Hon ikke udlade of sit Skit . Da, spurg - 

teBcsoetningcn-Kans, hoadathanhaDtlefor; m^nhon/ sDOi-er, othaaagtedeal/ - 5 

holde SoeAoancii sin og to^elios sia Fader Vint^rbo; oq oil jcg li- 

oldem«LSkibettilGronland, >u)lsIoUlcTnigFol^cyde . AUe tdsag- 
deotolllefblgelumsllaad. DamceUeBjame: uklog mon Ujkk«s 
vorFoerd, eftersoTJiingcnofosTiaruoerctiGronlandsHap. MendogkoL- 

dtdeTDiud, til Hods, strax d£ rare rede , og scjledetrcDagc.indtLl otLondet .- 10 

var skjidt af Vondet; max da tog Boren af , og dc Pik Nor dens loinne og Taoger, 

og T)idstc delkka, koor de- fore , og mcdtog dcttc niongcDogc . Derefter fik de 

Solerv at sc og formooedc da at skelne Hitnmelc^jtiene; kejsc nu, Scjl og sejle dcnnc Dag , 

■ftr dcsaaLand-,ograxidskigc Tncdkoerandrcom, koadLaJiddcttfinioTVPoere; ogBjamesag- 

deslgatTncn«, at dctoorikkeGrbnland. Dc sporge,oTnkan oil sejle til dette ...15 

laad^eUerikke. DeterTnitRaadat sejle iNcerkcdca afLondct. Og sooledes gbrcdc, og 

saa da snort, otLoadct uor uQeldet og skoobeooiet og med sinaaHoje 

■paaLandct; oglod Londet tilBaxjbord og lod Skodet t)cndc modLond/. Slden/ 

sejle de to Doge, for de soa et andct Land. De spbrgc,omBjamc men - 

te, detnn oar Gronland . Han soorede, IkkekcUcrtroede koa dettc pot Gronlond/mercnddetforrlge. Tkl -...20 

JoMer ere megct store poaGronlond, erdetsagt. Dcnoemiede sig snort 

detteLand/ og saa detBor fladt, Load, og DidtbeDox«t. Da tog Boreaaf fordenv. DauA- 

toUc Polkenc, at for dcni tyktes detraadcligst at tagc detLand, ^na^ Bjorac vH det tkke . 

De mentc baadc soone Ved- og Voni . Med iatet deraf ere I uforsy nede , 

sigcrBiarae; men dog fikkandcrforiu)gcn.Dadelaf Folke;ncsuie. Hoa-bod/ ...25 

dakcjs&Scjl, og saoledes bleu gjort, og solte deForstaoneafraLaad/Og sejle ad 
paa Haoct for Syduest-Bor tre Doge , og saa da det tre^ Lani; og det Load uar \- 
iJjt ogkjergigt og med Joklcrpoa . De spurge do, omBjame t)Udc tdLond/ 
Itegge der, menkon sigcr vkkc at uiUe det/, tkt mig syncs dettc Land ugaotdigt . 

Nu/lagdedeikkc Sejlet dercs,koldc long sLandetfrem-og saa, at det oar en 0, 30 

scette otter Bogstaoaea mod det Land ogkolde xidttl Hods for sammeBor; meaViad- 
en, Doaeede sti'ojc, og bod Bjarae da rcbe og ikke sejle stcerkcre end boade pas - 

sede Dcl for Skibet deres ogforRigningca. Sejledenu-i ftreDoge. Da saadeLaad, 
det fjcrde . Da spurgtc de Bjarae, om lion, skbmiede dette vcert Gronland ellcj- ikke . 

Bjarae soarer: dette erltgestdet, soinmig er sagt om- Gronland , ogkermoaaevi til Load- - 35 

liolde . Soa gore de og tage Land imdfr et Nces wed KT)a^ld . 

Og xioj- der Baad red Noesset, og dcr boedeHcrjulf, Bjoracs Fader, poa det Noes . 

Oqaf kam,karA^a;ssct tagetNooaog ersideakaldctHeijulfsNoes. Drog 

Bjorac TuitLLFader sin/. Og opgiocrna Scjlingea og bUuerkos Fader sia-, 

medeas Hcrjulf leoedc , og sidca boedc lion der cftcr Fodcrcn sia •. 40 



Biiglish Trauslatiou. 

-Denj proiul, ^ut THoroard roosaliltleTTuuv; sTieioas chiefly giocrv to hiin. for his iDealth's soke. 
Heatheiv XDere the people uv Greenland/ at that tune. Thai same summer cameBlorne 
iDithhis shiptoEyror^^, Tjoherv his father had soiled. oiDay in the spring. This 
tiding seemedtoBiarne great, and ipould he not unload his sliip. Then/ ask - 

5 cdhiscreiD, lohoL he intended; but he answers, that he meant to ._ _, 

keep to his tB out and take with, his father xointer-cibode; anduoiHI g- 

vDitk the ship to Greenland, If yoaiDilLme company hear. AH re- 
plied, his adoice loouldthey foUovo . Then/ quotkBiarae ; umoittu may be thought 
our voyage, since noiie of usltas come into the Greenland sea. But yetpu/- 

10 tthegnon) out to sea , as soon as they locre ready, and sailed for three days, imtil the land 

iDos hidden under the water^ but the fair wind foiled, and changed into northrU)inds and fogs , 
and kneu) they not, uihither they weni., and lasted this inany days . Thereafter got they 
sight of the sim, and could distinyuish the airts; hoistnou) soul, and soil' that day , 
ere they satoland , ajui deliberated with each-other, wliat land that mightbc; and Bicu'nepro- 

15 fcsscd to think, tJuit might not be Greenland. They aslt, whether he loill sail to this 

load or not . It is my counsel to sail dose to tlieland . AtuL so do they, and 

son) that soon, tliat the land loas mountain -less and wood-growu and.small hills 

on the land; andlefttheland on larboard and let the sheet turiv toioard land . After that 

then sail for two days , ere they saw another land . Tlicy ask , whether Biome suppo - 

20 sedthis toos Gree'vland yctTHe quothnomoretothinkthistobc Greenland than the former. For 

glaciers ore oery large saiclto be uv Greenland/. They approached- soon 

this land and souDit to be a flat land and widely loooded. Then failed tliefoirwindthcnt. Then/Ut- 

tered the men , that to thcnv seemed best to take that land, butBiome wUlnot . 

They pretcndedto lack both wood and water. Of neither of these oi-e yoi» un/-proDidcd, 

25 sagsBiome; but, though/, got he for this some blame from, his men-. He bade 

then hoist sail , and so was done , and set the stem from the land and- sail 
to scaioith south -rocstei^ly wind for three days, and saw then tlie third land; and this land was Iv- 
igh and mountainous and with glaciers ontt. They ask-then, if Biarne would to land 
lay there, but he quoth, he looidd not, because to me appears this land unprofitable. 

30 Noiothey dtdnotlowcrtheirsoil, goa-headalong thelandandscuD,thatitwas an island-, 

set again the stern towoj-d tliis land and hold- out to sea with the same fair wind, but the u)ind 
ooaxedatonce, and bade Biarne then, to reef, and TU)t saiI/fasta*than-both/ would/ 

suU- well their ship and rigging . Sailed now for four days . Then saw they land, 
the fourth.. Then asked they Blame, whetherlie thought this to be Greenland or not. 

35 Biome answers: this is likest that, which toinehasbeenh)ldaboutGreenland,amlhercmaywetotheland. 
steer. Sothey do and take land below someness oteoe-tide . 

And- IPOS there boat at theness, and there dwelt Hermlf,Bianie's father, on that-ness. 
Andfronuhini/ theness has taken name , and is afterwards coUed. Heriulf 's ncss . "Went 
BiamenowtohisfothCT-. Aulgiocsnowuphis sailing and slays with- his father, 

40 whileEeriulf liocd, and afterwordf; dwelt he there after his father. ; 

■ 25 


Icelandic Manuscript. 


thB<^ lictilfbiirft i*^ Maw WV»fl let ceircpr if-fwi^ jj 


Icelandic Text. 

^ |3at' cr Her Wr Gn^aaxberijdjmjg'yLOL ^cmtt;. Cajpfttuhirru 

TUL ^essuj uocst , at Bicwnne Herlulfs sort TcoTrt trtxnv 

of &T«Tdajuie/ ofuixcl Siircks jaUs , olc/ tok jcJL v\Aj >u)TmiTL -oel, 

sax)d£ Blornjic; froj ferdiun struun;, er "hjom^ TurTdc/ londL 

set, ok, ^oUjI TaoTiTUJUTv tiait vaxxXi >iafaj uforuiliTv , er luurij ..50 

}iaf de eWd) at seguL of ^cua londbuinj , ok fck Tuul of ^ui T\jo)ckuL onudi . 
Biamn£/ gerduLSt Xirdxnadr jails, ok. for to! til GrrenLojuia/ ■dtyii siMTuwit; cftir., 
i70ur Tui/ miJcJl TTnToexia' vmi lojvdja Imlort . leifr, son/ J^Arcks rouo/. 
da or ^ToltaWijd, for ou fund/ Bixxriui/ Hcruilf s sotujut ok. keyfle/ 

skijp at liOTuun , okj red Ul luLScio/, suoj at "^izxx varvu Ixidlfr fjorde togr 55 

TTuiTuva' sanvorv. LciFr \iaAj suv fodiir J£\rek/ , ol Tuiunj rruwvd/e. euro firir Tjcro/ fdr. 

iTuijey. .S-irekr taldu;£t lijclldr uiijdarU; kudast; ^ou Tjeraj Tmiguv j oHdT, 

olc kucixst irvmna mjcgou v\A. \ix)se/ oxjUuu oxv vox . leUr qtutdr liarv eruv mjundu; 

TTvestri Iteill; styroj of '^axxrv freenAuiTi', ok ^etba; let ^trekr eftir leifi ok- ridr lb. 

cintajv^ ^o/ cr '{)«r vxvu oil ^lu; l)\iurebr, ok/ vgt ^ou skccmt/ ctlfara' tiL skijpsuxs _ 60 


Danish Translation. 


I craosl cr Her cr Fortellmgen ora. GronlxaicLerae' . 

lUL at forUrlle, atBiam<' HerjiilfssbnliOTTLUxie 

fra Gionlaiid. og'besogteEfik JQrl,og Jcuicutog od iniodhoni. 

BjanicforloUc om siJicRejscr, daliajxliordcLoixdc 

set, og tyktes det mange, othojiliaBde DcerctuoldcbegarUg, efttrsomlian/ 50 

intct lioodc at sigc om disse Lande, og fik, Hon dcrfor nogcn, D adel . 
Bj ame qj ordss til Jorlcns Hirdniand, og drog ud td Groidand Sommercn. cftcTj 
deTDarnumcgeaTale'OTn/Laiuljopdagclscr. Lcjf, Sotvaf Erikro- 
defra.Bratt?M, drogxidattesogeBjarncHerjulfsson ogkobtc 

Skibofham, oghrcrDcdeFoUvdfrtiljSaa aide oar halofjcrdeTl** — - - 55 

Mand ialt . Lcjf bad smPadcr Ervb, othoa oUde Bare Anftjrerpaa 

RejscTV. Erik undskyUtc sig, og oniSrteatDOJrcformcgcltLl Aars 

ogmindretstandeiidfbrULattaaleSocns Besuoirlighfdcr. Lejfsagdc.TiancjiddamoTine 

mcdmcstHeld styrcErcmdcnie, og dagooErik efoi-forLejf,og rid^r Iv- 

icmnLe fra , da ds uarefccrdige, ogDordfrkortatfaretU. Skibct. 60 



English Traiis!atio)i. 


o be told Is Here is the fustorij of thje. GreenlaacLers . 

rvov3 next, that Bionxc Hcrjulfsson, canrvc out 
from, Grccnlorui to visit Eric Earl, and rccciT)cd the Earl Htm tocH. 
Biamc told qf his traT)cl8, -roheTi he had lands 

50 scea.and TDos thoiighL hy TTtanij to hoDe hccn Incurious, as he 

hadnx)tto tell of these lands, and to as he on account of this sometohat slandered . 
Bixime toos nuide the EarlsmcLn, aad xccnt out to Greenland the siunnter after. 
Was there uoto speaking of land seeking . Leif, son, of Eric the 
red, from, Brattalid, xoenl to ulstl Blame Herjulfsson andhought 

65 ship of him,, and hired, a creu), so thai there racrc three tens and ahcdf ". 

m^en together. Leif hcgged his father Eric, if he tnould, a leader he on 

the expedition. Eric excused, himself, said he xoos too old in age 
and- said he could not endure the troubles of the sea as before.Leif soidihe "yet might 
TDith test bick rule theTa,the kinsmea, and then, Eric -yielded to Leif and rode 
60 from home, xohentheij were ready, and there TOasnotfar to go to the ship 




Icelandic Maiiiiscripf. 

fe<8^ _..«?^ 

a^ 9v»f tobJftrmtiWcrv^lfe^i)^ c^ ^. t? rew l^irtU ^1 ail 
r til to^AnA fvd Hbnu -2^ fi)tib«^^itTT«^ ^k 9a»» Idufr 
W/intT-t^oreir oCtiii po^Vtr u bga fedYe &• ^ u h^J c 

iii&n 1^0^ fvvM^c^t&r\aA %lft^ir^^dp2r^mjaufean^ 
^td ctt ^hS^TfhaAA etk^em (kam CuSui tifttc- ^93* aln5^ 

^ pftf^dtr- U wtli^ tfp pftu 1^ 5ij tn?p ti4:^ti gcft ^ Mia- 
mea^'Bift^ tit&i\ tmftit dpf til (^C IF ^hotdiflTiWl 

f *tr a^0 udr aairtUjwt -I uflir^ ^ l^f =2^ udw^ :|l f f ^prto 
nfcsrtr tenc l;apuft fempiitfir Umnf p-t ftipf r^fet^f 

aM.f iUr\^.f crld ttiiUe «rtAir^*ir^iicrr^cir ctrno^j^ g^ 

ilur fHr^Wo fic»p^? fto6 ^ U]|ii iVtp ^vA ^n^)^&\dtiS 



Icelandic Text. 

3>rcpr "HestruW fodtU^ sou ^ Slrckr rcjui;, ok) ^S\j "hjounj of "boike; ok^ lesfe&tj 
fotr "hxmjs ; "^oJ nudLU JEu'eki- : ekki; nmnJ iTur CEtlaJb cdU f umaJ lond/ f Idrej eru 
'f)cU0j cr Tuiy "biygguiiTV iDeriTmxruxjnJ uukt tuju ekki/Magr foxou olkr soniU. 
"Eor J&iTckr lidnv j 3rattoU "hlLdJj cal Leifr redxi/sti tflb skips ok^fcUxgor \ajifi medJ 

"Kotowtl); "hxJfr fix)T4e/ togr TaoruW. ^^or uar sijudbr Taair ccmib' j fcrdJ, er Tyrker . 5 

"KejU. !Nu.' "biugg^U '^)ciT s"kLp sitb db slgliuJ j "hxif ^cutr "^ctr vom) "bunix;' okJ 
fujxcLuJ "^oi "^odb louti; fysti er =^djr ^ixwivaeJ furLdW sloLo^jsti . ^ar sujLoy 
"fjcir ocUlojule; ok) l«)stad£/ aMttrujnJ oW s\uliiJ Isatf; okJ foraiouloruiJ, okJ soJ'ljar 
aigb grous^ loMa^ TTuikLcj" 'dotuu qEjU liif efraJ, oiJ seni/ ceiriJ TbellaJ nooerb aIU_ 

t til/ ixiklaitacu , fraJ sIotuuW, okJ sojivdijvsb T)eiTn''f)ajU IcuxdU -xnxaj gcedxL) \au;sti. JlO 

pou TTweJliUlaFr-. CBLgU eross tui; "^aXj orditi xutu =|)dtaJ land;, saru^iaracu,aij\)uur "hafirai dgu 
IcotnH oularuiit; . ^Nu/TTumJ «k) gcfoJ ■oafrmJ lanima' okj ItouLloJ IHcXbalarvd/. 
SicUmj foruJ"f)clr liL sldpsj cfUr ^etta) slglcw'f>oijr jlxof olo fm\Au/ larui' aruwit/, 
Sigla/ erav alilanjd* olci "koLsloU (iLkkjerujTv,sklotaJ siSUuiJ "bak; olw g(ui.gaJ oJ XouadiU. 

I)al/ louadU uar sldU oTo skogij uoKtt' <M souxdjcur TmilUr ■DldAiT>ckr semJ'^djr foTu7 15 

ok/ oscciraUt/. "Jcu ttueLUU L«f r : of "kostjuorv s\a)L/ "^essuJ "UuniLc/ uoJPrmV gef , ok. kalla/ 

MarkJ Xoivd;. Totoi sldjounj ofouv aftr til skjups semi fUotouzyst; . li.\ij 

siglo) 1)eicr ^^olxIouV j luif lanjinyTiuogs uejdr ok uoru; dU/ y d|;gr 

oudr =peir sou loadJ oki slglduJ ati lomiLe/ olo "kcTnii) qIj cy euaiuj er lou iu)rcLr 

odT XttixAjjoai, okJgeingu/ 'f)ctr upp 6b saiust) wnJ j gocUjJ ^x£Ax\J ok) f uridu; 20 

"^oJl cdU djogg uuor oj grasinuJ ok) imrdj "firnnJ "^oXj ftrlr, at) Tscir to . 
"ku,' "KonAamj suuvinJ j dogiruiu, o"kJ "brugcLu; j TrnxrcnJ sa% olxJ "^otljaR/Sti ekio tof- 
tubsodti "keitb luifoou, sort) "^oub 'oax. SlcLoca) foru; ^eir tiL sMps suis ^ sigL_ 
du; j siindy "^otj er WTTuUe/ cajixunumr ok) i\jess ^css, er Tiordb" gck'' 

of lanAlruL'i stefivAujj ixeetr ceLb fir\jr"ae«\t;;"|)ar ucur grv)n,so2fui' TnJ_ _ 25 

tkit' oi) fixiTu) siofcu'j ok) stodi'^OL) uppv skip f)eixra/ ok \u)ui''^ay Icuigti 
IjQ/ slofor ail staJ f roJ skijpinuy. Etu "^biv uar suo rrukil' foraltruu; a at 
foroi til' larukslrts, at) "peir umtou' cdgl) 'f)e8S at "blda/, at sijorr felXeyUiu_ 

dir skip f)d.rra), dk) Tannu' tCU lojiijd.v', 'par cc cu oeijX) fell; or' uatLrw ttbui^.TiU/ 

1f>Ggar six)rr feUj uTidlr s\ip "Ipeirray, '^OJ toko) -^eir \)atu"u\J ok reru) \ih skcp_ 30 


Danish Translation. 

Hcstcn/,sotnEriItTed/, snuibledc, og faldfhaa of og sonrede 

siaPocL; dasagdcErik: ikkemoTvtiffircTmg'bcslcmtalfindcflereLQndeend. 

dettf , som. vi na^cbo; monnc vimi, Uikelcetigcr folges cJlc samme^/ . 

Drog Erik. Tycrn/ til Brottelid, Tn^TvLgfbegoo slg til. STvibet-og lions Stalbrodre nwcL 

Ivaia.liabQcrdsuiclstl^^ Moead. DerDarcTi.SijdloCTidermc<l.paaTog&t,som,'Ked, 5 

TgrW. NulflBcde dc Slubet I Stand og sejledeudpaaHocct.dadcuQrc ferdigejog 
fandt da dctLond forst, soTn-Bjaruc's fajidb sldst . Dcr scjlcdc 
de til Load ogl«istcdcAukcrog skodBoaden ud og glk,lLand,og soadcr 
i,nt«t Grccs; store JoTd&rT)arQtsclQiigtbortc,Tn€n, som eaStenslelteT)arc[lt 

ligctilJokLernc-fraSoea, og sgntcs demdettcLondotDCEreudeaGodcr. 10 

DasogdcLcjf: ikkccrdetniLgaaetosniedd«tteLand, somBjorne, otmikkcliare 
occretlLand.NifDiLjcg gioeNoflntiLLandct ogTcoldc- dct HeMand^' 
Sidcn, drog dc til STdbct^og dcrcfter sejlede dc ud poa Hooct og fandt. et ondetLoiuL, 
sejle IgeatiL Land ogToistf Anker, skydc soaBoodudog goal Load. 

DetLond oorfladt og sTM)pbcD03C€togTioideSandcT)idtom.,'h»ordekomfrcm/, 15 

og ikkf "brat mod Soen . DasagdcLcjf: eftcrBeskafTcnKcdeaskaldettcLandgtDCsNaDn/Ogkdldes 

Morklond^} Drog sidca cftcr til. Skibet som, snorcst . Nu. 

scjlcdedc dcrfrcuud iHaoetmcdNorddstniadog Dorcudei toDogc, 

indcadc soaLcmd^og sejlcde mod Load ogkoratiLcn, 0, somToauordea- 

forLaadet, og gikdcr opog soaslg oiab-trig IgodLVejr ogfoadt, 20 

oLdcrDorDugpaaGrccssct, og gik dcidemdo/saoledes, cttdeto- 
ge med dcres HcCTukr vDuggca og f6rt«. til dcrcs Mund/, og tykles Ikkc 
ligncndc sodt otliaDC'lcciidt, soiadettxir. Sideadi-og dc til Skibet deres eg sgl- 
edc/tadt ct Suad, soialoamellem Otn og del Jfces, sonvmodNordgik 

"udofLaTidct; stceoaedeTOstcrpaaforbvNcesset/; dertjarm.c^ct grundt 25 

oedLoDBcuide, og stod dadercs SkibpajO/Grimd, og uardcrlangt 

til Vaadct at sefra Skibct. Meade wire saamegctbcgoBrligc cfter at 

korametilLandct, at de ixaateikkc atbicpaa.,atVandet steg luv- 

(Jfr dcres Skib, oglobvLaaddcr, hoorcaAafcddtudfra ca So. Mca 

saa snort Vondet stcg under deres Skib, datogde-Baadeaogroedc til Skib- _..3C 



English Translation. 

The Horse stumbled, TDhich Erk rode, and, feU- he off from its bacl? and hurl 
his foot, then qxioth Erk : not is for me fated to find more lands than 
this xohere TDe noto dTOelL;XDe noto no longer matj foUoto together. 
Went Eric liome to Braltaltd.ond Leif Toent to the ship, and his feUoros tDitk 

5 liim^thrce tcnsandaholf ' men . There tdos a soulheramamDtlKthem-.XDhoT'yrkcr 

TDOS catLedNoTDthe-i) biult their ship and TOcntto 3ca,TDhcntheij had finished, and 
found then that land first, xohick Biarnc's found lost . There soiled 
thifct) to land and cast anchor and put out the boot and -roent ashore and saxo there 
no grasSjlorge ice nwunlains TOcrc seen far atDai) .but like one stoneflcld xoas all 

10 tothe ice-Tooimtains fromthe sea, and scenicd to thent this land tobe good for nothing 

Then quoth Leif; not to us has it happened xoith this land as toBiame,that toc ha-oc not 
got upon the land . NoTD I uiilL glxte name to the land, and coll it HcUulnnd .^* 
Mencoards theoj went to the ship , and then sailed they on the sea and found another land , 
sad again to land and cast anchor, then put out the boat and get ashore .. 

lb that land TOOLS leoel and TDOod-co'ocrcd and raidc u)hite sands, Tchcreoer they tocnl, 

and not steep at the shore.ThenquothLeif :Mcr its tpialtt'ij shadthishmdluiBenarie.Qndbe caUed 

MarkkindflWent af\er that to the ship as fast as possible. Noto 

sadjed thei) from thence on, the sea before anortheast and roeve out for ttDO dxajs, 

ere they saTO lond.ond sailed to this land and conije to an islond.TOliichla.'g to the north 

20 ofthe lond.ond TOcnt up there and looked about in fine TDCoiher and found, 

that there toos den) on, the grass.ond it happened to them, that the-g 
touched the dcro toUH their hands and brought to theirTnouths, and thouglu, not to 
ha,T)c knoTOU anything so stoccI as this xoos .Afterroards they roent to their ship and sod- ■ 
ed into a sound.thot lay bcttoecn the island and that cape, TOhich, went to the nortk 

25 from, the land, sleertny to the tocsI ofthe cope, there tools nery sholloTO 

at ebbUde, and stood there aground their ship, and toos there far 
to the sea to see fromtlie ship. Yet they were so -oery curious to 
go ashore, that they could not hidc.that the high-TOoter TOOuld rise un- 
der their ship, but ran to the land, raherc a rincr fell into the sea from a lake. But 

30 as soonas the Ude rose imder their ship, they took the boat and roTOed to the ship . 



Icelandic Manuscript. 

a^ ftfi^ ^ittnH'1^ fne^fittr nu tiil ct w^nJ IdtA !it^ v 
(Wk-hrtmA e^^4nrttr Ijclra^tF kind Ihit^^A ce Ij^cd 

\\] tmU^ ^^^tofev" itTd t^<7^tt0^4>r dtr fid ^mf Itt;^^ 2P^ 
I^Ctnd^ inn dfld fjjiwt fet^ t)m (^cpu^ pau nv « [lu s^svi 

^ \I tS^ li2fe- \>rA^v f t^^fu^.m-t^tie {>■ ft^llH 

nil iiM?th ^uptairftir.?^ j^oitti uia^ Aafe/bonftir Ij^gle^^ 
tfttTFtil frijui T^ni Tuo tte^ poft*mT9r|iWc |ncv^inii If 

uu 3: fttcfii 118 e^lbifdu n& Iwdr JlT fiwfe jTtii^'^ ^^ 



Icelandic Text. 

cikj"bQTU) of slujpe/ lujiAfob siru ok; gerd]cu'pQrTDuAiiT;1joku;'^aly voAj sWanj 

oJb "bTJUJOst' T)OX vtdV "pajin; vjietr dki gerduj °par "huus TtiiML'. ltujor'k& skJ_ 

otMi "poxlcQC/ j Muxej Tw j \uattiuiux), ok; sUerralaac/ <av '^6x "hrfde/ 

fyrr set. "par ^xax• suo godr loavd^'^jl^slr, oJl'^m/ cr "f)eimxi syndix/ .35 

ol; "pour TitaadLej ceutgo feacuctR fodr "puurfcu cu TJieAjr\junJ. par "kao- 

Trm/ oeijige) frost/ cu iKtramJ^ ok;"UlJb Tcjuxdxu T)ar grcavs. Mdra' 

Tjuor ''fKir iafrvadfgrl) mj a) GTcenilaTijd^' ejdjr Islcxrtdje.. Soblxxjfde/1f)ar w^ctxir. 

stouii oki Da^TruClcu stcudU vxoj skjCUTudtgU. Ijtli er "^cir "hjofdu; '[akxXi "Ku*, 

gcrdj slrme;, "^oumoUli; LdfnTlji/ fonumjH sUJb: tuju vah ck; ski^xiJ "Ixntcu iLdbii totuv 40 

j Tj stxudje/j dki uflj ek; Tmjuuu latou louxditi; ok) skoL luLmiagr lid* varw v^iJ 

skfllcu ^wurui; , eiu (mnar liibnuxgr sfealL "koiuxou XcuLcUt/ o\j focroL/ cdxjb Im^groy, 

crv'pelr "koTroj Tutrru ocb Toiellxic; olf sMlixetJ oelgi;. !Nu; gerdxu "pdr sux) "omj sluxiAJ. 

Leifr gcrdc/ jjmiJist^ oubjuwv for racdj 'peuri/' cdx luir }\*ima/ oub skalay. Ldfr vuax mk. 

tIU TnjojoLr ok; sterkr, TruumxxJ skorijjULgaiistr oUL sul', 'oilr ■mjouSx ok/ godj" 45 

Tu)fsTruidr\ijnv olLcU "iTiLudJU. leifr Tdrm; "h^pn^/ fcmrb "nxemiJ v skeru ou "Kofi/. 

odru TuimuJ ToxdldLe "box "fioi; \iL Udjcadxxy, at) Truurmv uar Toortty 
. of UcLe; "pcirraJ, oki vox "poJu TyrkJir 5\xAx tuclcLt. Leifr "kjuum&'^ujj stcrUla/ 
"puioJU Tyrlter Wfdc; Icmgc/ ucrit/ mjiAj "pcuru fe^LguurrvJ okj dJ. 

slcot) Tniflg Idf j ^(arTuixEsku/. ToLio Leifr luu rniog ou Ixoijir foruu. - 50 

TumJUuru siiuunJ ok)"bu)Xst; tiL fcrdjor cuLloeLUi) liouas, oTt; :xit 71x0x117 rrwdj liorujumJ. 

Itvi cr=^eir vor\h ikojmXi "koTnrar fro; skx>laJ,'pai gck; Tjjrker j luotj "^cimJ 

dk; uctT "hxjruuunJ vAj io^Twli. Lofr fiuruv "^xxXi "brdlt , at) foslrcu "hjoms dot ikjxi- 

7p ftbUb ; "Vuuiy VOX "brott/ \cdir o"k; "louiiscygr, smjoikitligr j onjiblii, 1i(_ 

tufl; iJueocsU; o"kj uesaligr, eiv 3'pTCrttcu TnojSr ou OLl]bi«konar "hjcugleikv. pa) - 55 

Tucdlli; Leifr tiJUTxanfi : >uju; vax\xu svjq smjmV, fostri; TnirU,ol^fra6lol«;foTUru59tin]a'.Kai\J 

lotLcLde' pcu fajst "leinge/ cu "^rskuU ok/ skflcuiJ Tnjorgou uegai ocogix) - 

'roxxn) oki grtitL svg, av "pcir skUdu/ oeigi; T\uoi; cr "hxuu sagd£;;luu\j moAjUi'pou aJ ruor. 

TOuuL cr staad; IcixL, eki uour gelrijgijv) ceigi; "irujlsiljuu lodngrou' enJ "pvt "kourU 

.dt; Tvjokkirr "nynoenxo ocb segixiu, ek/ fcoviv/ uin) ijlcL' oTc; ■xnnJ'bcr. Hbxn) — 60 



Danish Translation. 

Ci og forte del op i AciftV; dereft«r I Soea og liostede- der Anker, 
oglxtrcfraSkibctderes Skimlposerogl)yggcdc di^rBoder; tog dcaBcslabimg sidea 
at docele dcr deiv Vmtcr og VgggcdB der et stort Hus . HTJcrlteiv sltort- 
cdedctderpacLLoae i Aaea dler t Sociv, og storreLox cnddchctode 

for set. Dcr oar soagodcLond-Bctlagelser, at dct sytites dcm, at _. 35 

dcr maottc inqcniKooe^) Fodriiu]l)ch6Dcs onvVintcrefl,. T)erlw)m 
tngen Pi-ost om Vintcrcn,, oglidct Plsncde. dfer Grtcssct. Mere 

■DarderUgcLcptigdcforNobogDag cndpcut Grordand cUei'Islcmd. SoTenliaodederEijldar 
Stod^'og Dagmflkb Stad^^ poo deaTwrrteste Dag . Mcti- da dc haodclooet Hus - 

l)ygntiigeit dercs, dasagdeLgf tdstn«KiDmuiicrater:7ui uiljcglxidedeleFloldt£n.T)or 40 

i toDelc, og mljeg IJadc tuidcrsogc Landjet; og skdL dcalioloe Flolt ucere x)cd 
Holleal^cmmc, mca dm andcn HdbdcL skal uiidcrsogc Londct og dragei]ckcTffingerel)ort, 
end atdeTtunnelcommelijcm, om Afteixcn, og sMUes Ikke . Nu gjorcU dc saalcdes ea Tixl . 
Lejf gjordc skifteois^ saaathoadrogudTacd/dcm cUcr^arlyemmcuedHalka.LeifDarca 
storMand og stc&rlv, cnMaiidderDarnumdig atsc, caldog Maad og ea . .___ 45 

Taaadcholdca Mand t atUDck; L^fdjealyTdtali^efaadtFolkpouLeLSlvcer I Hooet. 
I axL ca;Aftenl)ragtcs dea Tideadc, at eaMoadTsleo sooaet 

t dcrcs Trop, og oar det Tyrker, SydLcenderca. Lgf folle derocd stor Uro, 
saosonx "RjrkcrTiaodelcengcDffiretTncdliajn og Tunis Fader og elsket 

LgfTUcgctl d£a?ics Barndoin. TcdtcLcjfaanxc^ctliaardttil _ _ 50 

smeF6TgcsDcadeogl)6dtLL Tog forotopsogcTuun, ogXAMomdracdluna. 
Men da dc uore kort Vcj koauxe fra HoUea, saa gvk Ty rkcr dem- tmodc , 
ogljlccTuiao&lTnodtaget. Lc)f fandt straxud, otFosterfodcrcaltans oar 
opTiidset. Han oorlibjpaadet, aiedaroUgc Ojne, smaaFrega«rt AasigtetjU- 
den af Vcwct og ubctydelig ; aica Idrcetsmaad aicd olslteas Kuastfoerdiglicd . Da 55 

sogdcLcjf tdliaTa: Ixoioar dm soasea, Fosterfadermin, og sldUesfraKunmeraterrie. Haa 
talcdc da forst Iceagci sit sydlaadsTte Moal og rulkde-mcgctmcA Oj- 
aene og gjordc AnsigtCT) raead&forstodxkke,hoadlutnsagde;}uiataltadapaaNor- 
dislc, eftcr at ea Stuad par gaoct : Jcg oar goaet ikke aiegetlceagcrc; dog koa 
jeg aogetnyt stge,- jeg fandt "Viab-cecr og Vinbo-r. Moa — 60 

'!3b '^Stcnloadet ^'Skoulondft '^'gik ucdefter Kl.3 ^>stodopfSrKl.9 




English Translation. 

orul coaijcijci il up iKe. river. Qi1.ert«Qrcls into thje lake cuidL cost there oncKor, 

axxA. brought from, the ship their leotherhogs and, mode there hooths,too]e tKotresohitlOTiafterroards 

to abidje there for thai xoirtter cuuiTnade there a larg« house. Neither Tsanted, 

ther4 sabnori iiv the rt'oer nor ta the lake, and larger sahnan, thoa theij had 

35 hefore seen,. There TOere so good londquahtws, that it sc«Tnfid, to them,, 

that there might no cattle fodder be nxiiUed in xDinter time,. There ciune 

no frost imointer, and, little withered the gross. More 

TDos there c^pixil length of daij andnightthanin, Greenland, or IccLond.Thje sun had there ETjhtar- 

stadttmADogmola Stad on the shortest day .But mhca they had. mode their 

40 housel»uildiag,Le-ifsaidtx)hisfellon)S nonjlTDilllet our compan'u be diijided 

into IIparts.andlTOill let the landhe cxplored,andonj6halfof thepartx) shall remain 
othomc.TDhile the other half shaU explore the land, and go not farther aroaoj , 
than that thet) can return in the evening, andnot be separated.NoTO Iheij did soforaTOhile. 
Letf acted alt£mjatel'ij,goiRg out xoifh them or staying athomjetathehalL.Leif toos a'oerg 

45 taHnum, and nigorous,amaamx)st T)alLant to sce,aTOiscmaaand a veru 

moderate mnninallrcgards. Leif the Happx| found, men, on a skerry oL sea. 
knone evening come the tiding, that amon mas TDonted 

of their troup.ond that toos Tyrker,lhe southern manicif was tierii troubled h-u this, 
because Tgrker had been loTig xDithhis father andhunsdf and loucd 

50 muchLeif ia his childhood. LeifnoTO seT)ereli) blamed his com- , 

panions and ordered an cocpeditionin, search, of him, and XH men mithhim. 
But OS they mere gone a short vo ay front the halL,Tyrkcr ment to meet them,, 
cndhc mas ■roeUrecei'Ded.Leif found out at once, that his fosterfafher mas 
" " eafxiled.Hchod aWgc forehead, and restless eyes.small freckles iahis face, 

55 alou) stature andunseemly.,butamaaforenu)st in all sports. Thcrt 

Lclf saidtohim:TOhy merlthou solaie,foster-fathermine,andpartedst from thy comrades.He 
spoliethenfirst along tune iahis southern tongue and roUedmuxh, his eyes 
dad mode mry faccs.bulthey didrtot understand mhoLhe soidjhe spoTie thenta 
northeralonguoge after a mhileilha'De malkcd not ntoch farther, yetl coa 
60 something curious Tebote: I found xoiaetrees ondTOiaebernes.Ma'ii 

''35 "The stonylond ^'VoodUmd *'Suaset after3 BM. "Sunrise before 9 AM. 




Icelandic Manuscript. 

pt»*^ cr huc^te ft«^ fllvtiTi? \i{v\> nH luoj^tf ^ ftp |>d - 

pU^j ftp "o*" t>»«* **»* ^V°9"^f"^^'^H"^'2^ c lu^^rUft^D 
iu9Uift^p"ir?rrjalbu !^ i^^kpit n^n InJ>nui c^tS 

Tttti unT>*^uc^tr fcg^Riu at nfit tpA c^ ni eru W^m^ 
p- fr (te prrt til ^a (^u^ dHOii k»ft viti^olTcW ^i^ 

^^\xt t^ \jutr i^viAfii la^xr Ve^] f^ ^ Ton (po-^* 
ti6 $ b^dJrd j)lI^ ft^5^if7| fuo ^d ini tul rfi fqjlt^Bioftar 
^^ ollu antnr f^» 3r p^immFk e Ibtf nid ^^trtfed frk 
ft9ii|B ^«r*(i0)ktt tow tiI«?tvfi£fl^'''njJ^ ptitt p^tij^ 
|ir feotnurbjai^ Jlifl^l^im'Hdvi^^ dp jfeiprfiiihi Wii 
it- bimTUt^<«:0ir 2r gttfifffe'^mm ET i tt; imh ^i^ 



Icelandic Text. 

^aXi soil, fostHjiTOJWv, qujadjleifr. J\t v\£vu er pcuLl salt/, queAr Txcuil ,'^mat dkj vojr ^ar 
fccdir, er "Kuorke/ skDiil uinrld/ ne; ■cinbcr J^'iusiujfu; "pcir of "poV 
TLOti; (ni vn\, Taorguntnj iTKriJLllelfr 'oidL TuaseAxu siiuu; mi' slcoL UafuxL' 
■tmeniruir sysUir fraraijoto skal simv d.aa Tuiorl' \zsoJ vuxher <iAx- 

Tiogguaj wwidl olo f dicu ■nxorkencu, siu) af^ab virijn farmr til skips — 5 

TnmS; 0^ ^dlou'oar raA& Xdfoii. Suo er sogt/, al «ftir 'hair fm-roj T)ar f. 
■ylLdjr of TlriberijuiTtTj. "N\\i vox "hjogglmv farmr ci sktpiJb. OVo «r vxorar,^cu "b. 
rngguzst/ ^eix 6\o sigldjUL' TswL, ok; gof iciir Tiafruxi louidirw/ efUr "UuuL . 
ItosUjun; oki 'koSuojdjii YxiAoxxAj. Siglou wou s\Amv j Txof ok/ gof ^uxrv vAj \iyr'v, 

^ar liL cr "^eitr sou Grtiilouid; olo fuAL ujidir ixjkljuunx'; "^oj Uik/ ceinn; raadr M\j mols 10 

ok/ luoelli' vxAj Icif •. Sui/ styrvr ^uj silo Tniog luvdir ludr skipuui/'.Leifr siuxrar ■. 
€k/ Tujgg oJb stioTTw Tniruuy, cai^o mru ot; fleirou , edr IuloL seoju "^er liXi 
iLdrndflj . 5>«"' kiiodjuxst; ekJct seou "fiat/ er UcUndiwa) soKLU;.IEkk/^ijd)b mjojv, 
scgtr LdXr, luLOTt «k; se skiip c/olx ska\ Nviseou "fcur, oki qundju sker ■dwcVjIuuxJ 

scu'puij framar cru'pew', ot/luimj sa Tutruai j sk^nnlx/;Tu^lm^e^aiJ oocr \)ei;- 15 

liirru ■vjuidix utdnl;, segrrlcdr, suo oUL navm tiL "pcirrcu, ef tturtiJ era) 'purfuigir 
OJb uou uoTunv fuiuie; , Sv a- iimiisajTu oi aii dugoU ^dm)-, cnJ m^Aj ^lii at) 
^dr stj aigti frldO ttutlti/j "poi odguju' vvr ollxmJ leosl utvdir oss, m/'^cir eklduuadir 
ser. TTiL soekiou ^e«r "urtdir skarUj ok/Ajogdjuu ^,'kostjadiju'akkeri) olo &kixJ. 

tuuTjUkuai "baJUu odnuw, er "^dr liofduj Ttofl/ ■n\«xL ser. ^au spxxrd;?; TijTltejr,lujutr 20 

^our rtAm fvrvr MAju , sou Toixt/Xsti ^otut IveUtou ok; loerou Turrcena/ Truudbr oX) 

"k^Vue/^ edr "huLerb er "plUj uaftw;. leifr segix UL smj. lirtuu sotd JEireks ra). 

vudjoj OT ^TodHou "hM/, scgu'Tuxa/.Leifr qmxjii suo T5eral;im; tjiL' ek),segirlexlr,l)loioL' 

■yir oUiun) qj mtU; skup o1<j fanunxurnJ "pciirD, er skipU; tujcu Tjid; lakjcu.^eir ^. 

ogui "poim; kost ok; sigldu; siiojv tiLJ?Areks ftordAT irud; 'peiirv farnuj, "par IjDl cr 25 

"^or "koTTUL tiL ^aUbcu MldLar . Bcutuj fourmmi of sldpe/. Sldxmj 'hmxJ^ 

d"- leUr]^0TitiL 'T)is1xu'itudj s«r,o^C;&udrlde/,^«)TUL^^clrls,o"b uj moTtamm; auoLrumi 

(ov fvkJ uistir aYJjdrujm; l,jusctmnj ■bgflAi^onjs olo sinuun; fcLogutru. leifr to'k.i 

:xy Tn£nrv] or sTvmnxu .Hcmj uar sixLounJ kolLajir leidV '\wmv Uepni' . Lcifr TsarcL ru. 

ID 'bedjej goU; 1JL fi/our ok/ rruirmrurdwigar. p(uu\j uuclr "kjornj soUj Tnik/' 30 



Danish Translation. 

detersondtjFostCT-liidennin, sagdtLcjf. Tiloissc erd£tsajidt, sagdeliaa, thijcgl)l£o der 
ftdt , Tioor dxt lu'erTtcn skortc^c "poa Virtb-CECT- cHer ^inclruer. Nit sod de dm/ 
Net, "men onvMorgencu sagdeLeif tfl/Bcsartnuigat sm : mi skdL DlliaD(j 
tocTide Syslerfor, og skolhocrDag entoi saiiile Dnicr elkj" 

Imgge VinJrtt og faldc Sl«)t) sQa at detltaa Dorde Lodning til- Skibct 5 

Tnit; og drtte Raod l)leT) Mgt . Saa crsagt, atdcrcs StortaadWco f- 
ijldt'Tncd Vuidrufr. N'u'blcohuggctLadiiin*] tllSldbel. Og dadetljlcoVaar, dou 
gjorde dt' War og scjledc tort, og goo Lejf Naon til Landct cftcrLand/- 
proddktcm« og lioldtc dct Vinlcuid/ . Sgledc im sldeu ud 1 Haoet og liaode gocL Bor, 

xodtildesoxi Gronland ogTjddfiuidcr Jokkmc. DatogcnMandtilOrd« 10 

og scujdc til Lejf: HovstyrerDusoaTncgrt SMbctunderVtndai. Lejf soorer: 

jcg passer niilKor ^ nxea dog ogsaaiiogct iiierc; men Tvood scrl of 

7TicerTc«ligt.I)c soarcdc, atdclkltc saxmogetTnarkcligt. Jc^ ocedlkke, 

sigcrLejf, onijeg so-et Skib clkret Skoer. Nusaadcdet^ogsoLgdc dct DoretSkxEr; Tuuv 

soa. skorperc ciid dc, soo/Otlian/ scuLMocndpaa Sk<eret;Tiupilj6g,atovKolde 15 

mod Vinden,, siijcr Lejf, saa at Txluaatil dem, lu^is de cretrttngcnde- 

tdatoiltommetildcnv, og dcrcrNodocndighcdforatlijcelpc dnu; m^-rtTuns at 
deikke ere frcdclige, daliaoe «i oUe Beting els cr til por Fordel, meii dc Ikkc tH 
dercs . Nu scjlcde- de Ind mx)d Skcerct og lod [Scjlct]gao , kostede Anker og sltod 

dcn,andealiILe-Baad.iid', soiadeTiaodclioftJue-d slg. Da-spurgte Tyrkcr,lvDcm _ 20 

derraadcde for Slioi'cn.; lion sagde sig lu-ddc Thorcr og v(sxe Nordmnnd of 
SlDcgt; mcn/TiDod crDilNoon . Lejf siger- sit . Er du Son af Erik Rd 
de frcL Brattclid , sigci-han. Lejf sporcdc-^ saauordet. NuDiLicg, sigcrLe)f,l3gde 
edcr alle iidpoamit Skib og derlios dct Godis, som, Skibet \a\\ modtagc . Dc 

lege dctle. VUkaar og scjledc siden-eftertilEriks^ordmeddenneLadning.lndtil 25 

dclconx til Broltelid'. Bragte Ladninqm/ fra Skibct. Siden tilbod 

Lijf Tliorcr at bo bos r.ig med Giidrid, bans Kone, og EL Mand dcsudcn , 

00 Fik Opbold andet Sleds forBesa-tiiuigen, boade Tborers ogbxiiis eg nc Fcelkr. Lejf tog 

A^Mcnacskxr fra Skcerct. Hanblco sidCTil(aldt Lejf denLglvlcclige. Lejf dot n- 

M, boxiderig paa Gods og^re. Denae Vlnterltom stor Sot 30 


English Translation. 

that be true, foster-father mine, qiioth- Ldf. To be sure ills true , quoth he, for 1 loos there 
bora, where neither vmz nor qrqpes arc scarce . Noto slept they through that, 
tught i but the next morning Leif said, to liis crcro : nou) roe shall haoe 
tTDO TDorks, and shall cuerij day either gather grapes or 

5 cut Dines and fell timber , so that they max) be alading for my ship; 

and this aduicc tools takea. So is said, that their oft-boot toos f- 
illed TDith grapes. Noto tdos heuiu alading for the ship.Anjd tuhen spring cctnxe, theu 
Tuoile ready oad. soiled, aroaij ; anxl ga^e Leif luune to the land after the Ixmds 
products and called itWtaeload . Sailed uoto after that to sea and got fair touuL, 

10 until they sou) Greenland and fells under the glxiciers j then toolc ainan- to speak 

and quoth to Leif: "Why stecrst thou the ship soimich under the uaiad. Leif ctasTOers: 
Itakc care of mi) rudder, but of more than/tJuitbesides -, or uihat do -you see of 
T€marl<able . They ansroered, that they suto nothing remarlcdble . I do not Tcnx)TO, 
said Leif , if I see a ship or a slcerry . ^Toto they satn it.ond scud it to be a slcerry ; Tie 

15 satD -get sharper than they , so thathe saw mea oa the slcerry ; uoto I TOill,thcit we 

beat cugainst the TOvad , says Leif, so as to get near to them,, if they be Tnantiiw to b« 
found by us , and there is need to assist them , and if 
they ore not peaceable , thca haue -roe aU advantages for us ,but they not for 
them .^iToTO they sailed to the slcerry and let go [sail], cast anchor and put 

20 out another bttlc boat , rohlch they hod had miththem. . Then Tyrker asked, roho 

TOOS the leader of the party ; Ivc told himself to be colled Thorer and to be of nortiieTn- 
Idai but TOhotis thy ncune . Leif told it Ima. Art thou sonof Eric the Red 
of Bratlalid, says he . Leif replied that so h;e toos . Noto I toUL , soys Leif, bid 
you all on my ship and those goods ,thot the sMp roill hold . They 

25 accepted those terms , and scdlcd ofterxDords to Ericsfirfh roith the lading , until that., 
they come to Brattcdid . Brought the lading out of the ship . Aftcrmards 
Leif bode Thorer to du)eU TOilhhim,and Cudrid.Ms TOifc , ondlE other men, 
but got droelbngs for the other Tnen ,both Thorer's and his omn. Leif toolc 
IVmen from the slcerry . He mas afterroords called Leif the happy . Leif toos n,- 

30 OTD TOelL off both- as to riches and honour. That "rointer com* mxucU six:kaess 



Icelandic Manuscript. 

ft |>u utlJ tilTiiiilo^^ttd c^^o aMfeJ|»ir ^dtt fti^ cpf tiilf 


Titt^ "Sfe^^buiow fTttw i^J iii-tftai urn ^irr piiiwrfll* 

pntM ^ V)6p6u jj^irlanjibttoT^borttu lW|i fiir |ji4 ttiK" 
p» vir pwftitti* rtnd tttt ml cfe ftt tt Foeirtnt jTuj^ (Nolm 

tioBrttatff^^ilp^fd ptr prrt l^» fJnf lor^i ^f^iom bw 

ttitjjid ^fcr'p4aFt^^,^lt«wetbflfmn^ V^** fl|«> rgaV 



Icelandic Text. 


\Ju j UcU 3^0Ti6s^ ok/ aruiojiLPv&ti \oa\J ^orbr oV iTukilb Muli' lids Vlojos . ^'OJ^^ "u*^- 
r OLadjCuolk/st) ok/ JEirekr TOiiAe. ISvu uar lutctojAq; imkSu vvrv "Uuilcuaflz 
for Leifs , oW "^ottl ^orux3lLd.e<,'bTodrLr "hxu\&, of 10 vxAsx) \(xmwJu Tuxfou <vm. 
it laadU;. ^ou ttukUi; Idfr uil; ^oruolldL ■. pUj skoLti forct' nudJ skip -mit ,l)rodjLr, e/. 

f ^uf-uilL' til' Vmlanjdk/ ok.) uili ek^' "^o, at skLpil fori; OLob- eftw- ^xx^JlJ '. .35 

^cinv', a-'porlr aiXiu j skenjnxxi; oTti suo umrgerb. ^^OTuoIMr forliL"V}irLLtuidjJ,/'. 

f-D^bloist^oruoMr X\h "^dxror fertLartndL iCiQC "nLonao/, in*d.' uirtTajcLe/LeJuPs, 
Voicur suxs. Sldniv timggii/'^dr skijp sltt; oTo "hillduJ j "hxif, olo er 
odTtge; frou sognnJ vrxxJ ferdj'^drroJ^ fyrv ctii'^ieir "koTTio; lil("Vln\jartdji/,tib 

Levis IjudxjJ, o"k; "biugguj "^^or tmrii slop siJtD ok; saJLuO unvTcyrU "^oimJiMr, ok) .-_ ...40 

uddAuu flskxx} tjGLi Truxtar scr. lu dttv uuotUj -mjoeUi; ^oTDoXldTj of^eiir s^UduiTsu/. 
a' skjop silt) , o'k/ skyUd* cftir 'hair sldpsiivjs ok^ TuJkkuru- inmny nx/iAj farou furtr 
ue6txiru"km>dili olt; TouruaaJ "^otr irmJ suirvnuirvt;. ^wjtu syTtdi7Njstj lounjdjdt; fagurtJ ok* 
sToogott, ok; skfliTvt iTuKle/ sVogor olo siflfor ote Ivuiljr soadjor ; J>ox vor ey . 

iott/ TTiiLog o"k grpTLSofuL' iTu3dt . ^dx fundii; Im^erg?/ injounjuw tjielir tul/ _ ...45 

dyraJ ; cal j eyuju oeiiuw -uutstjoarUjgaj fimAu; "^eir "koTTm) "hiabriJ 

of treJ J oeigii" foadu; "^Jtir flodre; TrumiuiJ iJuwrkJ^ olti fortu oitr ok) quoTtuiJ 

tily Ldfs "b-uudaj odb "hflxistU. ^tu at sumrij odru) for^oruxxUdr fmr austonj ttuA; 

kojuup skjqpit, oTolut Tvyrdro) fir\T "loixjdii; . ^oJ gerdej at "peiirU uedr "hiiiaj. 

St fti'iT amidj\£jse; ciiut, oloTolo'^aJ "par upp olo IdttjIil' Idiolinii) vuidan; skt- .50 

"pijonyj oly "hjofduy =par loji^oJ duuot oltlljccltu.' skip silt . paJ "mxRltii 

^onjalldr tjit foruruuxtaJ siiujJ -. lux/ xiit ek), at mst Toexsunn) Tur -upp "kLoUnn;' 

ou nasimi) olo TojUtmj l^aJnor rues , olo sujo gerda) ^dr . Stdout siglaJ "f eir 

"podanj j "browt ok-' oixstr furir "Uundit ofo irarv j fiflrdoup loaitx), "pcJ 

er "paniOTo' tu)tstir, oki at "hjofdxiJ'peiirL', er'par gck; fvajnj;!^!!^ var altr 55 

skoge) uoadnj; "poj leggia) "pnxr frcuru skip sin) j Ictgl/, ok; skiotoJ Vy. 
ggium.' a) land; okj gcLagur ^omjoHdr Jay ou IcmdJ upp Toed dAw forunxuitou surut . Hani 
TTudlt "paJ ; "VxjKT ct fa;g"urt, 6\v ^wr vSAAxv ek) "bee) Tiunjai rceisaJ . Gaixgoj sidjODrU ttU 
sTaps,dk;sia; aJ saadiruwrt ttuu froD lujfdnruunJ "iij Tuader ; olo foru tt 
"^ongot dkJ scaJ "porluidJ "keipaJ iij ok, Uj Tnjtnrv midir TuxcmunrO . ^cu sldp_ — .-. — 60 


Danish Translation. 


"blondt Thorers Skarc, og dodelum, Thorcr, og en. slorDcl of hans Skorc. DeiineVuv- 
ter dode ogsaa ErUc Rode . Nu, t>ar Talen, mcget om ViaLoiids - 
ferdjm Lejfs, og UjkXes dct Thorpold, limis Brodcr, at utilstraJtk^lLgt var ttridcrsogt 
Landfit. Da sagdc Lcjf til Thoroald : Du skcd fare mcd mit Skib, Broda-, 

.hols Da DiLtiLVmland/; og uiljcg dog, at Skibct fcircr forst efter dctVed/, _ 35 

som TltorerhaDdepaa- Skorct; og sadledestleogjort. TKorDold giJctil Vmlaad/ 

rU forberedte Thoroald' sig til dacs Pcerdin^d/ XXXMand,,mcdRaadglDTUJxg of lejf, 
I Turns Brodcr. Sidea gjorde dft dcres Skib i Stand/, og drog ud/paaHaoct^og er 
dcr tagca Sagn, cm- dercs Rcjse, fbrcnddeltom tiLVinlond^, til 

LgfsBodcr, og lagdc d^ dercs Slob op og sad/ roUgt denVliUer og 40 

fongede Fislc tiLPode for sig . Men ottv Vom-en sagde Tharoald, at de sltuLde be- 
rede Slobet dcres, og skuldc Skibcts StorbaadognogUMflendmcddca fare longs 
Vestsidea of Londct og uiidersogc dcr om Somincrcn. Dcnvtyltt£« Londctfagcrt og 
skoorigt, og kortnidlem' Skoocnc og Haoct og dc-lioidc Sonde; der oar 6er 

mange ogTTwgetgnmdt. DefandtKoerken Meiineske^oligcr dlcr 45 

Dyrelejer; menpoo/en^O, derloa mod Vest, fondt de ct KoiTiskur 

of TroB; ikkefaadt deflereMemieskeocerker, og drogtilbage ogkonv 

tilLgfs Boder ontHosten. Men dcantestc Sommcr for Tliorocdd osterpaamcd 

Haadcls-Skibet og ompaadennordre Side of Londct. DafUcdeethnastVcjr 

udfor etWces, ogkastedes op derpaa ogtrode 1^ olcn under Skib- SO 

et, ogliaode de derlongt Ophold ogbbdede dercs Skib. Da sagde. 
ThorBold til sine Folgcsoende : naoiljeg , at olrcjselier op Eolen 
ipaaNoe^set ogkoldedctlgabiarRais, og saaledes gjorde de. Stden scjledc 
idcrfrahorrt og ostcn onvLondet og ind i Pjordmundingcn, sonv 

dcroorruErDcd/, og tilctHoDed, sonvgik-iidder; dct dot ganskc- 55 

sl<x)T)bcT)Oxet; derloeggcdeforst SkibetderestLge,og slcbdBryg- 

geiiiLond, og gaar TKoruoldop iLondetmed aUe sine Polgcsoende. Han 

sagde do -. "her er fagei-t, og h^r mlde jeg geme rcj se ininBo . Gik de sid^^v til 

Skibet og saapaa SandetindenforHoDedetlllHoje, og drog did- 

.lieaogsaadcrlirSkindbaade og IIIMemiesker under bi»cr. Do/dil- 60 



Bus'lish Translation. 


amx)Tig Thorcr's TTten, , oruL died Tkorcr and. a great deal of his troop . That tdul- 
tcr died also Eric thte'Red.N'oro there toos mach speaking of the "Wliicland- 
Do-yagc of Leif , and thought Thoruold , his hrother , not CT\x3uqh. explored to haioc been, 
thclaad.TheaquothLeif toThorodLd:thou,shaltgo out TOith,mAj ship , brother , i- 

f thou TDiltgo toWineland,aad I toUL, though., that the ship is to go first for the roood, 

-rohich- Thorcr hod on the slcerry ; and soil toos done. Tkor-oaLd raent to WirieLaud. 

ou) Thoruald prepared for their uo-yoge TDith XXX men .under the odDistag of Leif, 
his brother .Aftcrroards they mode ready their ship and put out to sea , and is 
UiArc no saying of their noyage , before theij come to Winelond , to 

40 Leifs bootlis.and laid up their ship there and Icept quiet that roinler and 

caught fish- for their eating . But uithe spring Thoroald said, that they should tnakc 
their ship ready , and shxndd the oft-boot of the ship and some m^a TOith it go to 
the TOestem of the land and explore there during the summer . To thenv seemed the land 
mooded , and not far from the moods to the sea and the mhUe sonds; there noocre 

45 mxmy islands and sTvoUotos . They found dmeUings neither of men nor 

of beasts , but in, one of the roestern islands they found a corn- shed 

of mood , not found they mx)re mOrlcs of mxxn , and mcnt boclc OTid com^e 

toLeif's booths at horisest- time. But the next summer ThorooLd went eostTOords mith 

lhemyeTcluuU.-ship,aadtothenorthof the land. Then come upon Qicm a hard TDeather 

50 off a n«ss, and TOcrcdriuen on shore there and brolce the IcecL under the 

ship,and had there along delay and mended their ship. Then said 
Thoroald to his foUoToers : noro 1 T»iLl,that me raise here up the keel 
ontheness andcaHit Kialaar Ness, and so they did. After wards they soiL 
from, thence aroay and to the east of the land and into the ftrth-m^outh/.that 

55 TOOS there next to it, and to a headland, mhich sprang forth there > it toos aH 

TOOod-groxDn-, there they mdlce first their ship fast,and^pxd out the 

gang-board to the shore , and goes Thoruald there on shore with, aU his foUorocrs . Oliioth 

Ivc then: here is fair , and here ujould I raise my abode .Vent oftertDords to 

the ship and sau) on the sands xuithia the headland HI hills , and went 

60 there and SOTO fh^re EI leather-boots and EI men under each of them. Then they di- 

'the ness ofthe ked 



Icelandic Mainiscripf. 

ufir fiTva b^e^^' fi^ilo ft W 1)0^$ (tu> mti^a at '^ 

ft»A&P atr pr4u>^u^ aUcir. (Iw fcflP Mir uafet^b* 
uafc s dUr fncur? |>6-- cp |> vi t)iII Up )iitt ()dpa^ p ^ W^ 
(H Wrarilcr w ^itri ofe ^drtr pira lilac Twit rWot(tejV|)ap 

tSin ymA^ ah^b Ajra^leU^rioiaaa- ftm ball- c ticgaltf f 
nior tuo 9d H-- en (Wtreclmflatr (Vutu ajjd xnH ftunb c Y>)^vi 
fitetj f butn: rem atdp«*^ Ijur Dw wiaih Jjti (\jnir^Jp\>^ ttie 
ttna cp ^»r uflpprne bbnt gv* pr ^uoi^tart- o? i^ ^a- vhlfc 

wiflU Jftt^tT irochr ^tb 1^ 3 ff l)cr <pi e« mu xms pri ti1l> 
iltifl Icftfi wo -©^8 ei ar (T bwr ^ %)b,'A Otmi^Uaxm^ Qftr 
alceiS cttctip^Jgurpo^tfd'mitaljtmMpi etrtnetf jaom bi|^i 
ligrtjar^a mfl^^a ftrlii l^piu WtrtWtn boS arefe miiir 
Jiftrbua a vm ft^mb W'lPiiy^Wtklpa-^rett'ft fc^ arljop? 

*Vmiufat (00Ta mrtil tja?nS? ^i^m e^ atcsastt-wctf <j^^ 
tfr^ft 0^a- 1^ na-tiiH tti; 4^1St drpftt^^cwv'p. 

^fietn enxrfom ar^pa r -iifrife cp^ li^ VudH^ \^Qofi^f^ 


Icelandic Text. 

iixj "^eir Ude sirvuy dkil\;6fduy l\jej\dr cu ^i&jn) oUujnxi rwmoJ (mrnJ "koiruostj j \\xrV 
yneAi Iwip smrU. Jcir dxqja; Turuu louj oki gaiijgcu sldanj aiV cu "hjofdxmJ 
okJ sioxisti 'f)cxT tJTnj okJ slcU truu j fjordinrti TuacLer TixiWuirar, 6kJ aiXhxdJ- 
Mj '{)dr "JxxJb 'Dcrou lyygdir. EfUr "^oJb slo cu "^ou "Vijofgcu suo "trvCkLujm;, at "^cir 

ToxUJjJU ocigv uolav luilldai ok) sofrui; "pcir oiler, ^ou Icotoi "kail/ tj. 5 

fir ^ou suo cUb Ipoxr uxjkruuiuj dJULcr. Suo segijr "kjoOCUiJU: vjokv 'pvU, por_ 
uaRdr ok; oJJuu fonjuuytej I^ULt, d^ "pw v^JJu Ixf ^Ufc "hxJaJ, ok; far '{)U; aJ 
skip fjitb oky dUlcr Trunrf ^irdr, ok; fcxriJb frou lortdx/ scm/ skioU3ui^b. ^oj for 
tnruxrv ei\ir f vrdinum; t) tod luLd}c<Klpa; dk/logduj atj|)ein\y.^OTiaa]pLdr nxaUi^aiiXicr 

skuluxrt fcerou vl cubordj Tlgflekai ok; Tcrloxst; sein^'be/TjSVjOVULegaylUt/ j .10 

TTtot/. Sxu) gcraj'f)cijr,cnJ skroelijxgar skulu; o/lsa) tjrai siuruL, cru flylo; 
sldxm; j Ijurty^scni; akafoAsti kjuxr smv nxaJtiv. po; spuj'dc/poroalldr Trtenny 
sinaJ, cf "^eir xlcwcj nokkuJU sorir.'peLrkuuoduuT^tj oeigb sarir t>cra;; ckkc/_ 
fir foeirvgiJt/ sar uuxder "hjcadv, segir kaiv^ ok flo or ttuIIc; skip l)ord;x,sijrvs ok; 

skiolldarln^ uod^r kond; TTur , ok cr lur oriri/ ; eriju TTOJuv irxig 'V^'Jtja; tiL "b. 15 

anoi Icido; ; tui, rccd' ek, odj "jscr buit fcrd/ ajdra serru fliooijvst of ir 
o; \adAj, eai exv "por skoLujl fccrcu nuk a; kofdo; "tJomUjCr tyut ]jottL l»ajggl/_ 
Ugaxst -ocroi; rruxi "paJu v<traj, odU mcr hoAu' soJUb oj Trujuiru kortiiJl^ at «k' muav 
'parl;>iuu cu -wmj sUuxd;. par skulu; "pwr TnJLk;gTafou ok sctioJ krossoU oJu kofdamJ 

Taer ok; ol^ fotura), ok kalltb pab krossai Ttes lafrum; sidxiny. Gr^nlxxrtdj'oarpa; 20 

kristruuit;, erb "^o andadlxet jEtrekr raiJtd^ firir krlstni/ . 'Evu oixdxxdixvst por- 
uoHdr. In; ^eir gerduu aUt cftir "pxixj sexw \ax\J kofdc/ Tixodt),ok/ foni. sidart okkUlja' 
"par forxinauita; sirujJ,ok sogdjuJ "Kixortr odriLm; slik/ tldeiijdje; seiru 'Dissi.u,ok)\)iaqq 
"^or "^ojub TJuJbr ok; feaguu scr 'cLabcr ok/ tjiru "o\A) til; sktp strus. 'EvJ 'bvuojK.sV 

"fjodon. vrrxJ uLorit eftlr Ul Grcrdajbdrv, ok kujOTrm; skipc/ siixjuu j ^ircks fjordy _25 

ok kiiniuju Lcif at scxjio) TnikiL UdcadjB. poTslcUm Etreks sotu ojidadisi/v ^&stTi/"bygd; 
kot kofde; gerzst IxL tudcrtdcu TruAoai ajGrmlandt,at porsteiruvi^ircksfird 

kofde- kaonxjoX/St ok feagit Gudrldor porl)ixiTTUiT doUxir^ er 

all kafdfc portrojxstTnxjudr, cr fyrr Vixur fray sa^t. Niu fystu-vst 
|)orsteinju ^ircle^ som at farai tit YinUmjdUw cfUr "Ukc/'poruxiIld/'vTDrodjur striSjOk' 30 



Danish Translation. 

tede deresFolkog lQ<^d.eHaaTid,paa(lemQlleuacLUigen en,som,komboTt 
■mjed stRBaad.. De drctbe h.inf VIH oq gon svAzn eftxrpoaForbjcrgct 
og stLasiq ottl dir, og soua.iruL'i FjordcTLnogleHojc.og ontog 
de,detTTuiaticio(E,reBoUgcr. Efter djcLslog slg saastorTljTigdepaadCTi.atdi 

foriUjCLacde Oikeliolde sig poagnc.og desoo olkliul. Balvom-CTilCalden o- .-. - 5 

-ocrdEm.saaaldjolk pangncdc. SaaLedeslydcrRxLolict: oaoxjncp.Du., ThoT- 
tialdoghcljeDllFolgc,huisDumLbeT)areDitLi.€, og drag Ul 
Dil Skib og olleDtnt Mccrul.og rejsfraLoad som. snoresl. Dakom. 
iTuipfraF)ordtaUlal.(if Skindbaade og ongrebdcm. TKoroold sogdiida. m 

skuHe aabrlngeudenbords Stormskjoldc og iioErgc os sombcdst.TneaQiigribekualidL 10 

Saagjordtdc, men Skrielrngfrat skodca SUmdpua deTn.og flgede 
sixkaborl, soahurlig som erdiDcrkiLailc . Da spurgtje Tlioroald sine 
Moeml.onL de Dare nogci saartde . Dc sagde ikke at vtzTt soorcde, jcg hnr 
faael Soar under Arnica, sigerhnn,, og fLbj PLLmelLem, SkLbsbordet og 

Skjoldetlndiuuier min Ann. og crher Filen. og monne mlg dcUr lilB- ._ 15 

one bUoti miroader jcg, al I bcrcdc Eders Focrd som snarest paa Tilbage- 
rejse, men 1 skiille fore mig til del HoDcd , som lyktes mig bedst bebo - 
digt, del kan Dcere , al del oar sandt, KvaA min Mund sagde , aljeg monne 
derbo en Stund. Dcr skulle 1 begrocc mi^ og sccUe Kors Ded mil Hooed 

oq ped Fodderne , ogkaldc dclKorsncps altldsLden cfler. Gronland dot da _.. _. 20 

krislnet.oq dog diidc Enk dcnFuidc lor Chi-isleTidommen. Nu dode Thor- 
Dold, og de gjorde alt fftcr somliauhacde sagl, og drog sidcn almode 
dcTcs Fffiller, og sagde bucrandrc sUq Tldendc som de -oldste^, og boede- 
dcr (kn Vintcr og samlede sig Vindnier og Vlnoed til deres Skib. Nubercdle 

desig paanl ilroxjedcrfraVaareacfterlil Gronland, og kom. deres Skib til Eriksfjord 25 

og kuadc Ul Ia-jI siqc ^Icro Tldcndtr. TKorsleLn Etlkssou dodi; \ VesUrbiagdtn. 
|Ct liaiidf lurudi'l imideas i Gronland, al Thorstein \ Eriks Fjord. 

kaode giflel svg oq faael Gudrid Tluirbjonisdoltcr, som. 

forluiDdcThorer Ostmaad, somforluu crsagi . NulgsUde 

ThVirstPtnEriksSon at laretdVinlaadeftjerLigclarsiaBroderTliorDald,, oq _. 30 




English Translation. 

uidcd their port'ij and laid hands oa them, all tut one.xoho escaped 

TOtth his boot. Thci) IcilL those A-TII and go aftcrtDards ontheheadlflnd 

and looked about, and saxo up the firlk some hills, and supposed 

they those to be sellleracnts .After that they TOcrc stricken. tdUK TDeoriuess so greolsthotthmj 

5 couldnotlveepaxDakc.andfclltheaj ail asleep. Theu came a colL a- .- 

boTieOiem.sothatthe'y all aroohe.Tkus saijs the cad: Atooke.thou Thor- 

Tiald and all thij compan'ij,if thou xoilt keep thy life, and go thou to 

thy ship TOlthaU thy men, and sail from- the land as quickly as possible. Then came 

from rnithin, the firth numberless leatlicrboals and made at Ihenr. Quoth then Thorucdi: toe 

10 sliaU put outboards the shields and defend. ourselT)cs as best TDemay,buL attack oidy 

Utile. So they dld,bultheSkralLngsshotatthcmforaTOhile,andfled 
aflenBords amay.cLsluuriedly as each of them nught.Th^rt a^kedTborocddhis 
m£n,ifthey were anyhora iDOundcd.Thcij ansmercdnottobeTOoundedjIhane 
gotaxDouiuiundertlie. arra.sayshe.andfLeu) aaaiTotDbetTDeenthe shtpsldeond 

15 the sbieldundermyarm.andhereisthe arroTD;andmaymjellusto d 

colhleculjnoTD 1 odulse.that you prepare to go as soon as possible 

back, but youshdlb7ii\gme.tDtholheadland,'U)hichlllu)ugblmosthcLbi-. 

table to be ^may be.tholatrue Toord came of my mouth, that Imight 

dxDclL there for a mhile. There you shaUbunj me and set a cross at my head 

20 cuidalm,yfcetiandcallitKrossaness"foreT)er after. Greenlandwasatthaltime 

duisUnnlzed.thoughEric IheRed diedbefore the Qaislcndom.Nou) died Thor- 
•oold.Andtheaj did all according to Tohalbehad soid.ond mcnt then to meet 
their comrades, and said to each other such tidings as they knew, and dwelt 
there that xuinler and gathered gropes and oine-TOood for their ship.NoTO they prepared 

25 to go thence neod spring to GreenLand,andcamje their ship in Erlcsfirth 

and hod great Udings to tedtoLeif . ThDrstCLaErlcssoTi died vn thcWestera seUknunl . 

[thad happ ened meamDhile in Grccnlcmd ,that Thorsteln inEricsfirth 
had married and got Gudrid Tliorbioms daughter, mhom. 
Thorer the EcLStmnn had had, OS before u) as mentioned. Noto TBished 
30 Thorstfivn Ericsson to go toWindand for thebody of his brother ThoroaldjCmjd 




Icelandic Mciimscript. 

9 ^alpft! bW t»0 lira i ^i^ilS tmtn'ftna > fi0k f IjBf ^«^ 
tt 0!r|m4r Jjda^ i- cr liil^ Udv^ftp liCt- ^ tutu pTr t«^/t^fil 

C^^jjl ^ ^jdu e^4r (t^tv&i ntftibttvilr tinror«W iTen trnp KA- 

aC^»r& cr^ir^-o Ijuto-tfia ^i f tlen^T^^•Kft:n^ f m fiS 

^Ji»€tt^i hi«rUfTi0^dre^Di1 hit>t& ^|ikr taz>u Inonu cuC, 
Wftrtil mtipb ^f^ uilta };*pi V wri!^ fe^tm frffdir c ^ b4 
<J1? W[?11^nu jatdirtt' feu via imjic^ feoin^ e^J ttkra- 

(mi hfwft crp jjiipfr uu ^ ^c^^utn ma?0fT)rn»5:,cijbi 
^«C9M jidtttn; tfi^- fudirtatil luftae ^ Utmj Ijr^iiTguS 

* ni> o^mi u ttmt fe-^ fjiebrd ucnr fon-^flib pTtrTcm-'f^ 
effa cr<nibi»by2^:&^£OTatUifejbr2^bua^ar?l5dt ek\>A^^ 
at dr Too l>etilr f^^UeW'^ rofe bond Brjbcrpnfl- e b« 

hpife Ami i anbaih^fi-0w|tr ^cnid f^' (fe <Jn c tf ^tao 

* V? 9^W*pP^<^ rtomme ctef Btol ftr 1efli4 a Ubnr« erirf 



Icelandic Text. 

"bio skip Tujl sounxxy, ok; ucuULe' '\v<xxv MAj at of H ok; u^xH-, ok^TuxfcLc; Tuet 
scr "hjolfoTL "^ricieob' tog TTuaruxa; ok' (TuAi'ldLe- \otiu/ stnjou^6k;six)lQj i liojfj ^je/- 
gax Ipoux/ ero l^mnj ok. or Txjuxxlsyw. ^oxl/ ueCkli; <v\xi aXLt sunxaxit okj x»l&s_ 
u- oeigi "huxir ^>cuvf fonu Ok, cr \ukcu vmx af uuetri, ^a^ toku |)clr losicl j liysu;. 

firde- oj GrceixkuicLe. j "Kinrtc^ neetji'l' Tsy^d.poTstxxjuxloejcUijdjG-^elfn vvcv x>istjer,o"lo 35 

fek; Txxster cuxHurru IxxxscXiim.' smjamj,mjluuri. "uar aiisi- Ixxjos ok koixajTicuxs. Mu; 
x>oru;'^cuxi ePllr at' skijpc/ lucuu ixokkivrour rtcetr. "f>a.Ujar eruu uixq krlst. 
^\JV 00 GrenlxuxtLc'. J>aL/\uircci]i\n.. dxxg atnxeruiJ kjoomjo at tJajUIAej t'^^'^oU samuUtU. 
Soj spivrcLe er firii^ ^aml var, koot irumna ''T7erl; j Ualldimi^ . "porstmux; suuirar-. vi TacaTL',scgir 

luuv', eAr kutrr spyrr at. porsUin^u kcdU; ck' ok er eklmlladr porsljcuut suuxrUT; eJi/ ]3at cr 40 

eyreadt mitt Tujn^at,atckuil "biodjoj ykkr l^oxlbani; litoixuinv lU; loi;, 
sUiu" till Tnin;. ^orstciruv qu«/\st ulTixu kafoj rmrcexte/ kotuxi suijuir, oxi kon. baJ_ 
d; kxuu tocLoj; ok^ tuju lotar Axxav 'f)essn . ^cunxunJ ck; kx)moi7 cflir 'ijkkr (xxxi 
TTiorgi^x mtiAJ ci]k«', "JDiiiat skorlu' el<iki'tiLl; at t^oeitou ■y'kkr Tjist; eru fcu- 

suxne/ cr ralkLt iivcdj "nxei" oit Tjcra', ^uixxt ij an? 'olt ]3ar hion, "puiot' ek* e»" 45 

ee-ln^ykkj^ iritog ; ojnjxarv sLcU Ttefir ck; ok ', cjt "^jcr Itcufit' , ok; odlcu cikJ ^jai-uij 

"po "bctrcU cr ^cr kaftU. Nvu koru; luxju cftit" ^cimJ vonJ "mx)rgt»\iTi; TrxjecU eyki; 

o'k' iorvj "^pojv rrted; porslcmi; suxxTtou tiLuxstoLr, ok.' uxxtttb luxjoJ "fietm; xijel/. Guud;_ 

Tldr ijiar skorulxg koruxj at' z'uxj ok) xiitr kona; ok; kAxrvn*. vSj at vvr- 

00 TTijed okuruxixnt/ nxoTuxtUTV.JoLt 'oor sncrmruu \AjCtroa",soltki)TTVj tULporstemsJBtrcks somxr,...50 

ok; andoili^^t par iruirglr foranjxutxxr . t)opstftmnJ Isot gcra kisUiLr at likurrb "^ _ 

eirra; cr oTuLuudiuist; ok; foerojlilj sktps ok; buxx) "J^ar unVj ^xxiot ek' 'oil; 

lata; flyilay UL ^treks fjordor at siunrl' olL liMixJ. Nxaj cr '^iVu skarnt at l)v_ 

djou at; solt k^^rnr j l\ybile>porstelnjS,oT<JtokykoTui;kxxrts sotL fijst;, crhjct' 

GruTvhilcLr. lEoru ulout ajkofltgoy raikjCU o\j sterkJ swni kjoHar, cr^lsokomJ so_ -..- 55 

Mxx\j keiuu; uTuiir, oku brotb efUr "^oXj \iSkJ soUtaoJ porstarmiJExrcks sonJ,oTt/lajqu' "^owJ 
"boedjC/ scnru^ok; aruiacUxst G^rvrnhildr 1«)tui; porstems siuxrtoJ. Hri7 «rlu)TV tot doioj- 
cl 1i)aj,g«ky J>orsteiurux» frouru or stofartae; cfttr fixH/ at Icggia; oj Itkit/. GuxU- 
ricLr TneeltU ^aJ -. vio'Kxxj HiloJ "hrldi j l)rolt, ^orsteiruV miax), scgvr >u)ix);TvajL qucdr, soo "ovroJ 

skiyTlcUuy. ^cu Trvcdliu porstelrm;^\rcks soW:m«jl\u\jdjarllcjujrn;>UKttl; cr tua; fDm^kjujBfr- 50 



Danish Translation. 

^eredlf dcLsomme Skil), og -ualgteliaatilFoUiestcerTie og TjeLDOXTic^Folfeo^kiuockined, 
siq huIoLrecLsuulslf Mcuul og Giulrick siii,Konje.,og sejleutLpaaHonet, 
saa sTiarl dc crc fcerdige,og tuI urLandslglc. Dc tlakkede omliele Spmnicrenoc) ciA- 
stc iklit, 1u)0T de "oare . Og da en Uge af Vtatcreii car gaoet, sojCl gvk, delLaiuLl Lijse- 

I'jord paa GroulxtadL dea DfcsLrtBugd/. Thor stem le die cfterBoUg til dem,og 35 

fikBoUg ItllxcU sirvBcsffitntng, mealuui og hans Kone DoreiideTv Bolig. JVil 

t)lcx) df tiloagc paa Skibel i noglc NcetLcr. Da par cndaiL KristtTV- 

dommra. uy paa Grouland. Del par caDag, at dcr kom. Folk. til dercs Telttidlig pcjaDaqen-. 

Soa spurgte kan,, sottv Dar oDcr denv.kDod Folk der dot t TclttL . Thorstein SDorer: II, siger 

kan,nica,h.i)cm,sporger dcrom.. TKoTsleiahjcddcrjegogkaldcsThoTsti'mdmSorlB-, men-deler , 40 

mit^Tiiidcliid., oljcg i[)iLbi)dtl)cggc cder^gtcfceller til Bo- 
luakosmig. Tliorsltia sax]d£ atDQlrholdjc Raad mtd,5iI\KoTle.TncatllUlt)- 
ad ham Taoflc ; og nu sngdc han. ja derlQ,. Da uil jeu kommc titer Eder I 
iMorgca mrd Htste ,tk\ der skorleT Taig inlEtUl at ijde EderOpkoli.mtufaa- 

tullii]lTi\uqct€rdetKosTain ol'Dttre., f0TdLT)l2^Egtcfaiilcr crc cnc, saasomjen er , ^45 

"megct cgcnroadig , en. onden Tro har jcg ogsaa, end 1 kaoc , og mencr je^ dea 
dogljcdrf , sonLlkuuc. Nu kom knn cftcr d£nv omMorgcnfRTucdHesle, 
og fore df TTif A ThoTstf in dcnSortc tilBoliglio:;kam,ogki:kandlede lumdem dcI. Gnd.- 
rid voT enmandig Konc at se.og cnklog Kone og.forstod godl at Ba're 

blandt frciamedt Menncsker. Del doi' tidiig paa Vintcrea, al SolkoitL"blaiidt Thorstcin Erikssons Folk, .50 

og dodemangt of lumsFolgcs'Dcade. Thorstein bod, gore Kistcr tilLigene af 

da\h, som dode , oq ot fore dent til Skibct og teuore deia dtv, tki jeg oil 

lade-flyttf tilEriksfiord til Somnur dllc Ligene. Nu "Darcde detkujbkort^ 

forSotkomi TkoTsieinsBus og anarebfOrslliansKone.soTuhed 

GrliTiMld. Hun Barmcgctslor og slcerk-som. en Karl, men dng Dar _ 55 

?otcnhendcfoTslaTk, ogkort cflerdclangTehSotenTKoTstctaErikson, oglaadt 
kcgge samtidig.og diJdeGrimMld,Tkorstein den Series Kone. Men, da luiaTiardbd, 
saa gik ThorsUin ud af Stuen cflcr en F]a:l atlccgge Ligelpaa . Gud - 
rid sagde da : Wv kun en Itdcn Tid boric, Thorstcinmin,, siger kun. ,lian siger, soa skuldc 

del -ucere. Da sagde Thorstcin Eiilisson: paa iinderligMaadcpiser siq nu Hus- 60 


English Translation. 

prepared ihe same ship, and scLwledlw a creto of strong and tnllineTi.andhQd, tniflt 
him, tiBO lens andahalf ^^nxf ii, and Gudrid.Ms -roifc.and. sail out to sea, as 
soonastlicij arc rcady.ond out ofland-slglit.Thcij roued about alt the smiimcr anddid 
not bio© uih«rethei| toeitt .Arul XBhen a roeA of the TOvnter was gone.flieiJTnxulelaadinLxjse- 

3 5 ftrOi on Grccnland,,in th« Toestera sctllemeiU .Tharstein sought out homes for them, and, 

got homes for ollhis creTO,hutTDashomeless,hc andhisTOire.NoTD 

thnj TOCiT left ia fhje, ship for some tTOo nights. Then, raafe Christendom stUL ijoung 

in OrecnLond.ll teas one datj .that men came to theu- tent earlaj . 

Then ashed he.thotTOos ahooethem,TDhatmemocrelat)ietent.Thorstcin,QnsTOers:IImen,saa)S 

•40 he.biit TOhoashs.ThorsleiniS7najnanic,and,IamcalMThorsteiathe Smarlhij.hut Ousis 

m,u ciTanAherc.thaLlTOilLbid uouhoth consoils to take a 

bode TOilhme.ThorstciareplledHe roouldtohe counsetofhis TOtfc.but sheb- 

adc him to decide, ondnoro lie said i)es to it . TKen toiU I come for you to- 

iDorroTo TOilh horses, as lorn not short ofmeansto get ahome for ijouboth^but fcTo- 

45 peopled Is it to du)cllTDit]inie,becansen)c are there ontyttDO consorts, oslom 

much s(>lf-TOUled,QndanotherbeliefhaDelloo,than yoahane.andthink Iijctthat 
better,TOhich,ijouha,DC.NoTDhe came for them in the morning roiihliorscs, 
and TOent they ToUhThorsteinthe Sroarlhtj to his home, and treotedhe them, ToelL.&ud- 
rldTOos a stout TOomoa to see.ond a xotse tDoman,QndhneTO TDdthotD to bchan- 

50 ? among unknoTon people. It tocls carlij in the minter, sickness come iido thetroopof TliorsteinEricsson,. 
and died mnng of lus feUoms. Thorstein ordered to moke coffins for the bodies of 
those xoho dijed,and to carry them, to the ship and keep thjem there,for 1 TOill, 
letremDUctoEric^ftrtkncxt summer oUthe corpses. Norn iLxDOS not Long be- 
fore sickness come to Thorstelrishom^androos token Ulhis mife ru«t,n)hose name xoos 

55 Grimhdd.She tdos most robust and sti'ong as aman,andyetthe sickness 

oTjerpoxoered her, oni soon after that the sickness took ThorsteinErijCsson., and lax) thcg 
both UL at a time , and died Grimhild, Thorstein the Sroorth'ys XDifc .But TOhen she xoos dead , 
Thorsteln rocntoutoftheroomfor aplanktolaij the corpse on. Gud- 
lid then spoke; sUixj oidu a short tune aiDay, Thorstein nune.,says she/he, ansTOcrs, so sfialL 

60 itbe.Then saldThjorsleinEricssonin a strange roai) acts uotb our house- 

'theness of the cross. ^^25. 



Icelandic Manuscript. 

btttifl tnJ eJtidte- 6mp^o^>-*attM^Bfr15'• G^^tii^ fc«wi 
a^f Kimejjui lif fiA^ )pa« mill ^ftijf mre-G^iitf-|4»'lVnf 

ftn tn> tjigegnt h^pgJ^^telitnim p TjTtngAue^'^ljiiaaz^ 

^^ fconlk Ijiu^ r?cU Gi» ucptTd ^rmalr c^ (!? If lfl6 ^a ce 

^l«^'h1 crftnrtiJ ^(?irm*%ia pufif- ^wlaiifl jWitilpfdtli 
fiaftd^c^eir tTdrlcpia p^ tfrlmim- gj^ift iffibftwin 

^^C bnrt ^imu Iw lettigirllpd jiu tirtv^f d * B&* ^'^^^ ^^ 
WmA >«" ftptr al clKift* til huf |i<tiif 3 l^d mS ]>' ^ Wft ^ 

1mf0r W^nr-^tiar tjutr'6 liVKr-E:^»irPt' f^f'pP b* 
c^&i tifurr 9/^ (^]trt eery \jitfit fjcrmr-lTt^JJr'V iwflr^ 


Icelandic Text. 

rnxjj vxirvos;"pmaXj tuju orglajust; l\jOTtupp TiidJ oVKbogou, ok; T)oVar foUurv sv- 

Turmj firou stolckU, ok) ^jTofar iiL skiuo sviuul'. 01c j '{)\JUu"koTiv5orstjdiwu l)on;d£; vniU 

oki logdiASb GTurihilLdjr nixbr j =^3ui/,dk>"bTakadje/ pcu j Tuimwytre j stflfuuvae;. 

'Sw gerir ^orsteaiTuTuBtuu otilxkei GrvrrOuMjaTjOlofoerdc/ j VotJb,okjl3U) TOTnJ.Barv/uojrTjc/- 

dje; TTukiH TnxLdr ok; sterkr.ok/'^jurftju'hjciuai^ess cILx/, adr "Horn "korai l\£nni; "buurt; of 5 

^xjouun). Ifru cbfumd*^ sottlruporsiemjujJEtrekjs saj"ni;,oTti ojnjSixdiwst Tuwru. GuAjidr Marv. 

ou "Kjoivs Iciwxao "pvju Ijdt;. 'pcu Tooruu ^cmj ouuU; j stofurutc/. Gudrldr "hxudLe/ sdiij 

Oj stoli froamni ftrtr Ijcknjura/, c^^^aJall^afd£/leg\Jb,3?or5Uuu^', l)onjd£/l^^ 

"b porstdiut) l)onjcLe/ GuudrloleJ oJ" stoUruuTbi j foaig scr, ok^scUULxst j tekkiru ouxa^- 

Qiii TTuA;luxnnj,gcgnt;\i3^5orstjejLas,oTotaldii\]urtvfi^ 10 

luuicui, ok; Tut; "hfrmiifjud^ aJLlxQjv iroaoiLe/ faro; medlimmjIiL/JSiiTeks ficurdar TrwdlJLk£;porsUaijs,l)oiidaj\eniuxr 
ok;forunxiuJta;1uuru5.0k/SUjO skxd/ do taknU lungoJU Tixotv flmTej,sc9ijrluuv,=pcr til) 
luijggajuir 6^ skenxtojuxT. !Kotu "^oilikxJLSljC; Tv^Tauni.^orstmm; ^ireks son; setLLxst "JDOiujpp 
6kjmaUi;:Tuiar er GudrldT; in UinxaiTtuidtllxcmj'^elJtcu.ertlionj^OLgde/.^oij nxoeltl Txjotu vxAJ 

^orst£UTjl50TvAe;:liuoTtj skob ek), suxDr uxeiiou Turns ttujIe; edr oeLgij.TkuijT)CLdjltounxucdgli .15 

siuircu'. 'pa;gck;^orsteJuuvT)OTbie;'yfir golfiU ok) scJtoust; ou stjoTmru,enj Gixdridr sat; j Tcjnj- 
iaxn) Tujtuwtl'; oTt« '^a; TnotUju ^orstjewmjT)OTvdcj:TuMiJl ujGCbUi;nx)dFiuw,segirT\a^ suarcur,er sUm;. 

At \aidu: mxr <tr ant til "^ess, aJL segixx; GudrldLe; forlaiig sttVj til 'piSS odh) 
TwnJ Icamw "fjCL/TjdjT ouadlcuLi; mmuyj ^vjuLot; ekj erlcormn; til godrou Tmil- 

IdaJ stodjOi^ eiv'pouL crperot; segijou, Guuirldr, al "puu TruxrUj gift'oercib' iikra^kumj;, 10 

olc/ muruV louagour xmroj samfourou' ojldcrar , oWj raort nuxruaou ttuwv fraJ ■ykkr 
TtoTtujJj'^TOska; scufTtb,l)iart/ ok; agoab, soeU; oToilmxxJt; vjiL. Mimu; "^ib 
faroj of GTenlouxcbU til Eoregs , ok/ "padcux Ul Islcuajdri; ok gerou luu cu Islcuidei'par miuuo "pxXi Xe/. 
ingejTjiLcu, oTt;muT\lLuTijOTuaia) leiagr UPcU. puu mwnh v\j}j\) faro; ok; gangcu sudr ok; 

TwTrux) vl oftr tub IslcundV Xxh T)U6 "piri^, olo '^ouTruuiJ't)ar Tdrkloi; tcIsI -ocj-cU, 25 

oltJ TTUJUtUi; "^OT TDcroJ okj Xakxxj tuwwjuJ DigsUu , olo "^or tTOwixtja' cuidojust. OT^ '^aJ 

T\nigrporst«m>?u' oftr, oki mxxf TduuIj flomJlik; Tumas okj foert tib skips .^OT^steiiaio TjoticU.' 

cfrmjdLb \ul' \ui' Gudrlde/ clUU "^ol erTum;TicifdLe; l\mliD. Hcuru scUxLe t)n\j -aorU; jor_ 

dj svnjou oV) TaJuCkTe;, oTc; for tJjj skips mx^jd; G\)udr\djw ttuxL aUf siJUbj T)\jo sklpil olc; fekJ 

11x01x1; tlU^ ok; foi*' svidan; tiL J?»trcksruxrdxirToTTJuTxujTi}dn; ijordutalT^bT^u^.G^u^ _.. 30 


Danish Translation. 

modcren oor, t]\iTuiarejser sig op pocuAlbuernc og roeJclcer sineFocLdcr 

vudu fra Sengcstxjltltciv og gritcr cftcr sine Sko. Og i d«t soiiune/Ttom Tkorstem-Bonde incL, 

og lagds Grimlulxl sig da,ncd^, og Ijragcdc del da tlujcrb Toninicr v Stum.. 

Nu ^or ThorstdTt Mstc til GTimhilds Lig og forte detbort og l)egraDcde dct . Hojv Dortoa- 

de stor og stork, og dogl)cKopcd«lvaaaL siivRraft,ftrend/TiaivfUtlu;mLel)ortfra/.. , 5 

Huaet. Niitiliog THorstewt ErtJ<ss6ns Sygdom, ogTunt^daondecLe. Gudrii, Itons 

Kbnf, rormcgctlifdroBCt. Da Dore de oik t Stiiav. GiidruLhoodc siddct/ 

paa m Stol-frcnuneforan dmBcE.ixk,"hoorTum'handc"Ugget , Tliorstein^.liencLes Husbond . Da 

tog Thorstdn Bonde Gxidriifra Stokni sia Faon og satte sig poa- ea anizn, 

Boctikmedlicndcligc oocrfor Thorstoiis Lig ogtultc TnedlxendcpaaTnaageMoaderog opmuntrede .10 

hxndc oglopede, atTimv t)ildcfaj'cmcdhendctilEnksQorA7ncdLigciafhcRdesHustondThorstein^ 

ogliansFolgcsBcndje. OgsaaskoLjeg skaffefUrreFoIkliCTtil, sigcrlunv, Dig tfl.' 

OpTimntrtng.og Morskab. Hiui takkedc Tianv . ThorsteuvErikssoiv scitte sig da op 

og sagde: Huor er Gudjid . Ill GaagesagdeWadcttc,m«aTumtao. Da sogde-luiatil 

Thorstein Bonde : HuoA skaLjeg,sDQrc paalians Sporgsmaal eller cj . Hon Isod Hende ikkc 15 

soarc. Da gik ThorstctaBondf oocr Gulod og sattc sig poa StoUiv,7nen Gudrti sadpaa 
"hans Ence; og da sagde Thorstein Bonde -. hood dU Da, Naone, sigcrTuin . Han scare?; da enStund 
DOT goact : Mig lysternu/ot sigc Gudrid sir\ Skoiine, poa det at' 
Tiun bedrc skal ftndc sig i min Dbd; tliljeg erkorameivtiL gode 

Hmkstedn-; incndet crdcrat sigc, Gxidrid, atDu inlblioe gift nvcdcnisloadskMand, _..20 

og locnge skal ware Eders SaraUr, og I skoL foa talrigl Af- 
konv, kraftfuldt, bcromt ogherligt, sodt og -oeUugtende . I skulk 
dragefraGroatandtiLNorgc, og derfratiL Island ogfoesteBopoalslandj dermoanel 
langc^o, og skolDu oucrlcoc kam . Du skal. drage Tidcnlaads og rcjsc sydpaa og 

"kommeudigjcn td Island til/ DiaEjendom, og dapiXder pcererejstea Ktrke, , 25 

og dcr skal Da Icoc og modtageNoaaepielse, og dcr skal Da do . Og saa 

segucdc Thorstcia tilbagc , og liaas Lig I)leoTda:dl' og fort til' Sklbet . Tkorstein/ Bonde 

\pfyldte godt mod Gudrid, alLkradliaahaT)deloT)cl. Haa solgte onx Vaaren/ sia 

Jord og sit Kporg og di'og tiL Skibet mc d Gadrid og oil sit. Gods, ordnede Skibet og ftk 

Moaidtil/det og drog saatilErxlts^ord. BleoauLigeaeJordedeDedEirkea.. Gadrid drog til 30 


English Translation. 

TDife.foT noTo slic raises Kerself up OTtlicr elLoiD, aacL stretckes Ker feet 

out from th£l)e«Lside, and grasps after ha shjoes. And allhesamje time ThorsteuvtheTiousemostercajnem,^ 

Qjid/ Grimhiii lay doTDit, aad/ creAkcd thereby eT»cry limber in. the room.. 

NoTO TKorstein makes a cbf fm for GrimhiLi's tody , and- troiiglit it moay , and tuiied. it . He mas 

5 lK)tK at)eTy toll and strong moa, but lu- hod need of all that, before he got Her oroay fronv 

the hjouse. Noro increased the sickness of TliorsteiaErlcssou-, and he diwi. Gudrid., his 
roifeiTOos nuich grieTied. Then- they xoerc all lathe room. Gudrld hod been, seated 
on, a chair before the bench, tDherthehodbcea lying, Thorstcuv, her husband. ThHvtook 
Thorsltin, the housemaster, Gtidrld from the choir in.his arms andsealed himself on, onotherbench 

10 TOtth her, opposite Ui the body of ThDTstein,andspohetoheriamamj u)ays,anden£X)uraned. 

her, and promised her, that he rooald go xoithher to Ericsflrth iDilh thehodies of Thorstein, her hushaad, 
andofhisfoUoTDers-'VndsoI shall take hithcrmore persons of the household, says he.foryour 
fucourcujcment and pleasure. She thanked him. Thorsteia Ericsson, thea sat up 
and spoke : rolure is Gudrid •. m times said he this.but she remained sUent. Thea said she to 

15 Thorstein the housemaster:- BhiJishalL I,ansn>crgu)etohi5 .speaking ornot. He bade her not 

t» onsroer. Thea Thorstein thchousemoster mmt iwer the floor and sal doroa on the duiir.bul Gadrii sat 
oahisknec; and then Thorstfin the lioasemaster spoke ; rohat n>iltthou,aamesake,sayshc.HeansTDers after 
a. Tiihile •. I inish no ut this , to tell Gudrid her fate, so that 
she may better hear mij death, for I am come- to good resting - 

20 plufi'Sjbut this thi'reis to sau,GudrLd,t7uit you mill be married to aaicelxiadic nuuu- 

and long shall be your life logciher, and much offsprin(j tdUI. front yoa 

come, good-lookinq , iUastrlous and ejeellenl , sroeet and fragrant. You shall 

go from Greenland to Normay and thence to Iceland and make your alode ia Iceland-, there yousholL 

ahideforalnag lime, and you shall oatlioc him-. YoashoUgo abroad and to theSottth,, and 

25 comel)'.fl;-tolceLand ay ain to your home, and thea a church shollhe raised, there, 

artd you shall line lliere and, take the neil as a nua, and there youshaU-die. And after 

this Tlior.stciii souk back , and his corpse mas laid out and brought to the ship. Thorsteia the housemaster 

fulfilled mcll to Gudrid allthathehadpronused. He sold ui the spriag his Ian 

ds aadhis li re - .-^tock , and u)cnt to the ship mUh. Gudrid- cuid oJlhis goods, put the ship in-order cuul qot 

30 mea to it , nnd th^n soiled to Ericsfirlh . Were now the bodies buried at the- church. Gudrid went to. 



Icelandic Manuscript. 





^p^t»qm ^a Imi tieli«a(bnrfe OmE?J>um tp«^»^'^d^e|g 
^^^^fnc^ftfo^^tear Ibndr^'d'fefiitr^ftfe^"^^^ tot 

twm»lffii rdm*t»airv«irfto:fltt^>fia8-'pAiem]n2f^*|ifl 

mar kA urau ^ Wl^r iWoyUSflit^ p^ j»4ir^ IWfei p» 

initiU ^lo^ittft tiiit^u^iutr ndtit^^^l^ eii<^^ 

a^1«j.^ afl,^jL aLi&I.*! »'^S*«.?g^^^:^pi^J 

* Weaw MnJmi ii^ Wziair fttflr ^ F^er ernti^ ^^**^ 


Icelandic Text. 

Loeifs j STotLaJ TTlJLjdy,cri;porsUmriJsuxutJu 9crdjtjl)ujj^lreks fuxLe; ok; "bio ^or raedjCuaiTuiW 
lifde;,6k)l)otLb ■nero' Turuii iJUOLs'kxustL' inxidr. TVaVuiLaTuijJ^' ferdivnu Jorfux-^iy dlvlmrrou fdogoinl 

Tv olL samcu suxmxp ~k/oviv skip of ]\foregij U]U &rcnlcu\xW; sojTrujjdjr Ti^Lporfmnr 

-L KoUa/' cfrvJL, er"^\ii; slope; slyrcLe' . l\axv var sow ^ordxur TwsOujL 

-- dxL^ Snxjrra; sOTUir pordar soruir froJ. ^'oi'^'^'^ ^«iW;^ cfui txjjt slor _ _ 35 

axudigr at fo^ okj 'oar tiiw ujeJbrirU j Brotta' hlidJ irijeA/ LafuL' ^ixcks sijixc/. 
BtqUi fdltie; luuv luiq \ili Gudrulr ololjad' "hxruxor, eai "Koiu ueOd ML Loeifs s\ij6Tixrt\J 
firir sig. SidxxjU vor lionj lijomxnx' fostnxitj, ok) gcrtj "bruidlilxxuLp "^cirray oj'fjcimJ 
XLCtri. Xtrv sarruu "ooor tditu TToejcLa; ou TJtralcui.dA/ for savru fojTr. Ok/ fy- 

sLuo Tixejuu IMX'i^ftii' TtxJLog ^euTox ferdar,"boejiijc. Gixdridr okj adrir Tiumv. Hu- dot _ 40 

Todjiv t«rd "hxuis, ok. red/ Tuxri' scr skLpx»€rLcU,"LM kxxJLoj ok konur v . "Jxxruv ttvxxL- 
dag ou gerduu ^cibr IMUbufixi/ ok "hxLsetar kaos , aJL iofruiuu/ kxjn/dujTV skylLdi 'paxr 
kaicu cJIl/ "^odjj cr l^eir kofdai feagi/ UL gcedxu. ^cu' kofduU vvuij s«r oJL _ 
la/ sko-njor fcmxt;^ ^uixut "^tir cctLodxiy clL VyggioU louxdil/, cf "^cir vnpiW 

fjot. KcdU; cfroU "bat/ Leif kjoso; oj IfudjQj\jdjej,€iijkxxnjku«txst lixi;TmmxiiJU ku;_ 45 

siiv, tai gcfcu cdgi. Sidxinj kdlAcu "^cxr j kjof skupiniuu okkoTrm; ttLLeifs Ijuu- 

dou -nxed kaUu okkollxinu;, oki"baruJ "bar ixppkadfoi su\J. "pdmj ^cur trdtJU j 
Itertdr TrukCl foiuj ok; god/, "buixilt; reydr vuar 'pox voftp Tckmy,kede. TnJ_ 
iMl/ okJ god^j forn; MJu sidoutU okj skourw kuLodiruv . SkorU/ "^ oigi rmxt;. TexU- 

ailr gek "par oulortd/ upp; «rU "paL uor IjraiU, clL/ grad; fa T?ourd; "urlgti, dky 50 

gerda Tniktl' vrnj sik.^dpkofda/ luxiv TneAJ scr gTotdixixg oeiruv. EjaUbufni/ \t)u 
fdlcL/ 'oidttJ, ok teLgtcu tCL skip sias, ok lougde; tildinrv cu ^iourg vxUu tUb 
"fjirrkouaop. "pcir kofdju; oU' goed^/ of laadkosUiTrv' 'f>cijm;, cr ^our T)ovu/,'\^de,aJf Tini. 
IjeriujtTv ok cihs,) skoTuir njeidtwtv ok g^xium.-. Efiir |»anTV uudj' Ivuuu ftjsioy' konv suj_ 

Tnxir; "^ou iwduu/jxiLr \uwi;r v\)u SkrceUnjgixaJ; ok for "fxir or slcogi' froumy 55 

Tuikil/ flokki- TTumjruiJ. "par \uar rxaurr ruuit/ "fe "fjcirraJ, tnl gradjungr 

lak/ ali})iJdaJ ok gtalLcL) akajTligai kodlj ew "poJu kr^ddiw^ty SkroeLLrtgar, 

og logduj \uudaa/ tnejAj \>iurduar suvor, ervi "^aJb vjox grcuumra; ok) saSvuoj- 

Vu, ok oJihu skoTUir skArvaaJ tuarcuj oksmwu UL lioelar KoUrt/ cfnie, ok uiUdLv' 

^our vrvnJ i/kxtsirt, <anJ ^KaJhueJikoJ \eJu uLerixj,' dl^r^wu)^Jr. IHiJuoTigir skildu/ anj_ 60 


Danish Translation. 


■ Lejf t BrattcUd , tmxi Thorsteiiv Soarte foestedeBo i EriksQord og tocde d«r medens \wax 
leuede-, ogT(ientesaLT),}iojstli«edfcrlLg Mood/. OraTluiTfiTis oglumsFoslLersVlrdjQndsfflErd. 
L en samme Sotthuci- kom ct Skib fra Norge til Groidand . Den- Mond lied Thxirfta 

'Karlsefiic, sonv styred« Skibet. Han rar Sba af TlioriHeste- 

IbODcd, SoTvof Snane, Soivaf THordfra ( ). ThorfmKorlsdne varviuqif^riq 35 

■poa Gods, ogl)oedeoTTvVlnteren/iBraUcUd Tios Lcjf Eriksson. 

SnartfoUclum Kcerliglicd ttiGxidrid'OgtglccU tiLTicTidc, nieri/Tiuaflk-Lgf tilat STJore 

forlicndf . SidcnLleo Turn troloDct til TioiTi', oglioldtcs dcrcsBryUup deiv 

Vlnter. Samtidig oar der Tale ora civ "VuilondsrgscsoTa for. Og tilslajndcde 

TTiaa Karlsefiic Tneget til dfTmeE.eisc,l)aade Gadrtd og andre . Nu/tlftD . 40 

IjesteTntKansFoerAoglvoerocdeliaivsig Skibsftlk, IXMceniog VKwindCT. Dagjorde 

Aftole Kbrlscfive og lions Bcscctning , otlige Del sluildc dfc 

liooc i alt, lioad dc file of Udbytk . Dcliaodc med. sig al- 

skcns Kuceg , fordl de agtede atl)osoettc sig iLondet, liois de fomtaacde 

dfit.Korlsefiie bad Lejf OTnliajisHuseiVuiland/,menluuv SBarcdeatBiUelaane \wain 45 

Hiisene, nien.ikk«.gloed£uv. Sidcndrog deudpoaHaoetmed Skibet oglcomtiLLejfs Bo- 

dcrbde og holdne , og bare dcr op dcres Skijvdposcr. Dcrrtlvoni sti-oks i 
Hcende en Fang st stor og god/, till en Storhool oar drcoen,op, baodc- 

stor og god; de drog Ken og skar HooLen i Stykker . Skortcdc del da ikke poo. Mad. Koce^- 

et gik deroppepaaLondj men det skete^ snxirt, at HankDa^get bleo uoornl, og 50 

gjordemegcnUfrcd. Deliaode haft med sig eaTijr. Eorlecftie. lod 

TVccer foelde og tilhuggetil sit Skib, oglagdc TVccet poa en. KUppc til 

Torring . De drog Fordcl of olle deLandslurligliedcr, sonv dcr nar, baade af V\xv- 

dmer og obkens Fangst og Goder. Eftcr dcnne ftrste Vuiterltom Som,- 

Tncren; do^bleo deraer Skrotoiger, ogkonvdcrof Skouen. fi-cnv 55 

en. stor Flok Menncskcr . HomkooEgct deres oarucerDcd, og "njTen/ 

tog tfl/ at brunune og briJle umaadeUg luyt; men det forskroekkede Skroelingerne, 

og delob derframed dcres Bylter, og dcrl oar Groaocerk og Zobcl- 

skind og olskcns Skindoorcr; og dc Dcndtc sig modKorlsefrics BoUg og oildc 

IdcrindiHuscrve, menKarlsefticlodDcergeDoreae. Deacnc forstod ikke deaaiv- 60 


Biisrlish Translation. 


LeifaLBraUalidituLTKoTsteuR.tJicSxDQTthjj took his ohodc iaEriLsfirth andcLrodltKereaslong as he 

ItBed.oaiL roas thought to heamosthonourahk nuaa. OftKc"\^Ln.elaTid doijcu^cs ofTKorfiaaainiHiifdloTDs 
\Qt same sunvmer a ship came from NortDcuj to Grc^nlxmd. TKcttuiivtdqs caUxdThorfLan 
Karlscfiie , toKo steeredthc ship. He xdos cl son of Tlvord the. Horsehca - 

35 A, soTLof SuoTTfc, soTvof Thor from ( ). ThorftnaKarlsefneTO€isT)eri|mlv 

ia noods, and stayed dunng the iDinter aLBratLoIid tDilh LcLf Ericssou-. 
Soonhx fellinloDf.roith- Gudrid and iDooed her.buL shemxuleLcif aas-roer 
for her. AftertDords shjeTBOshctrothcd-tohiin, and their hridaL toos made that 
Tulnter. At the sanietimeTneniion, toos mode of a^'uuland Doyage as hefore . And. col - 

40 ledpeoplemoch, upon KarLscfnctomahfc this Doijage.hothGudrid and others. Noto roas _ 

scltlEd his T)oajaqe and hired h£ ship - soldiers, LX men, and V to omen.. Then the agree- 
ment toas mode bijKarlsefne ondhis crero, that cuen shores sliouldthcu 
Tuuje in oIL, thai they got of goodthin^s. ThiTj hod TDtth them- all 

sorts of cattle, hecoasc tKcy intended to settle, in the conntrij , if theij Toere mightij to 
45 do that. Korlsefne asked LeiifoTliishoiisesiiiWneland, hut he replied.that he. might lend- him _.. 

thehonses.buLgtDctkemnot. AftcrTDQrdstKeijpntto sea TBith the ship and cometoLeifshooths 

TDhole and sound, andhorc there up their leather-hags. Theg got soon/in 

lumd- alojge and^good catch .foTaxDhale. xoas drLt)enupthere,hotlL 

Large andgood- theuTDejit thither and cutthcTOhole.Vere then notshort of food. The cattle 
cQ roent lip on th£ land, there, hilt it soon happerieA, that the males become muruly and 

caused much trouble. Theu hadhad/toith thent one bull. Korlsefne let 

trees fell and hetofor his ship, and laid the mood on a rode for 

drijin^. Theij profited by oil theprodacts of the land, that there roere.both of 

gropes and deer and fush and all good things. After this first mintcr come 
55 summer^ they become aroare of Slo-oling^,' and aune there out from the TOOodoy 

great troop of men. There mas near cattle of theirs, and the bull 

toolc to bclloTD and roar cxtremelgi but this frightened the Skrolings, 

and theg ran qjsdom icith. their burdens, but those TDcre greufor ond sable 

and all sorts of skLn-TOores, and theg turned totoords Iforlsefne's abode and TDOuld 
60 there enter the houses^ but Korlsefne mode defend the doors. I^cithernnderstood 

" the-oatiDCs . 



Icelandic Manuscript. 


uVitt :plrttfrip^*% go^ tiJ^n vtitit nr|i^' \,a mb^v j 

tm iHf ^7m cttgnAjf* far^ fttjtni tntmyMi 9« tnofa Ton tmf 

lujija? fell 9rl>^f fe «^CB»t mn l^ofHtr^hori^n d fidr ^olcn | 
iinJ% «J3^ ^^1^ *f ^ l;^"^ »^n mi^rt 4«au (h?f rmu »« | 

BrWaJirfitin^ ^1^4 l^mJe att^ ^c^ mitlH l: lidt? lut V 

kaw pj tkr ut#i 0tiJt9^ 0.^. nw mim' lyjjutr^d t'^aifi ittt 
9ud)>*n ino^f nd«r^ '5]j»ifetr1tairfetmr^a^(^r 



Icelandic Text. 

Ttars ii\alf. ^(Xi tok«j SkrcdiTLg\.cuf ofojt) "bokkcu sixvcu ok; ltt)Stu;,ok) Ijiiidu; ^jeimJ 
oky' iu,\ldAX) uopTV l\*lbist) fu'li'j ciV KalL'v cTiu; IjourvruxdU/ ^eirrU aJb selixjJ Ujopiuja)^o1oTu^'l;_ 
mXjos Ixxwv xaAii vmAj "p6^ro luKtU/, oct Ttafu "bcudU "ko-ntu^ berot' iaAj tuiiyl' cub "^eim;; ok; ^(b- 
ycur er "fjeip sou "bxinyt^jlpay xiUldiu "J^eu" IwujtpaJ "fioJU eru dtkii oiuuil'. K\ju \uir s _ 

iiy Iccuip for SkrcclJln^gijaJ, at'f>eu""barii;siTUTJ 'oorruji^ j IsroU^j nxog- 5 

Tjurnj si.nju.niJ. Etu XcJItv cfmJ olo fortuxoxilor Ixoltls Ttofd-U; t>ftiLr "baggcU "^drrcU 61t; skj_ 

uirta' i-iOTu;. Poruj "^eip Toixl sue bvuUU j bwrV. Kuu w frou I^mxj aJb segicu, oJU 

Ivollji; cfni; \«Xx gcrou sldu^^arcL/ TomOLLgaiui; "ovn) 'bp suirU oloTjijuLggiMist "pour noTixl 

J "jjojuiJ timxx; fcwLd^ GuArldr sxJteinJ bcurnn) TcotijoU KoHj^fnis , olC lueti sou suc,« vw S 

"txorrc;. A ovjuxdUterdjuuTiJ ocLrurriJ iLetjrv "^cu Tojuomio Skrocliun.gar tibU Tnx)bv tjuL'^o^oIc; i3ornjTn;_ 10 

ykluj f kit^o v(\} fy"'', o^ "txofdxv slikxurv 'DaxTUXot/ sejrru fyrr. paJ TnceUli KoIbwi'Tu; ti\jcU 

konuji': ^^XXJ sloxluu |)ftr bercu TOty sWfxirU iTUnJt;, sent fajir ujot TvJfoA/- 

sir, en; ekki' anjuiJU. Olo cr "f)dr sou "^xxjt/, "pcu kosUijdjuu "^cir IjogguiuJurW sijrujurLi ixccO 

yPli" skidgctrdiux^. Eto Gixdrlcbr sot/ j dyrumj uu\;c; irvedU xLoggtn; SnxjTrou soruxr sins . 

pa \)ar sVi^ggou j Ax)rr\Tt\ oW geki pour truX' l«)i\a^ j SLU)rt]ujnj "njctm; l^Ajrtll), .15 

Kdlcb" lag, ok; "hxifde; dregiL luuJ "hxjfuib, ol«.ilios 16 rp oJ luxr, foldli 
ok; imog cygd, suo oub ccicjii hxjjTd^e; iofruiJ ttuML ooi^giyU scli.j emurrv' tyxxxtltuv' 
Vtcuuuscy. Honj gek; poiT, oJb tj' GuuLvub' socL),dkj TTVodtX': lixuxJU "VusAJtir pW, seJ_ 
girlijOiL). El^'hxKiJli' Gudrulr, cxIp "hAiuxti erpilb TijodX/U. Eky IvoeUju G-uArulr, scgir lu)n/. 

poureUi/ Gadrldr "hjuusfr^xjicu 1\oruJj suuxi tUj Iteruuxr, cdj "Honi scciju TtjLou VuiruuJ , ij\) 20 

pat/ ^OJT cuUbb souTuxjU, oXi pa; lijcyrcLe; G^jirldji^ Toreslj tvuMjiajv, dit; uxxr pcu l<cj_ 
oTuxTu ^xDrfux), oTt; j pTxU 'vcxx olcJ uuxjiruTj cdTLTiJ SkrceUuxgr ccf odjojuum; luxs^dLey 
KoJjbicfnls, puiat/ licuru Ixofde/ uuliciJU tdkxjJ Tjuopruij pcirraJ. OkJforxjJrux/ j'brotbsfcnu 
tjijdxx.'vst.', eiu ItLoed^c; peirrcU IjQLguJ pcur cftxr okJ 'ooLrauijg^ceinjgti iruxxir Tuxfdei 

IvORU' p£«scu sctijiitoua) Gudrub" ocijxJ. Kul' ntu/uru^mi "osx purfou tily rculcu afc t/_ 25 

(xkaJ, scqir KdUU^rtu;, puicd. ck- liijyg , cUb pcAj* rruuxe^ TjilixaJ ixor T\ii) prldxjirU 

sijrLTte; mcA) a frldc/ ok' fijobrijeiu'dy. IVu; sIcjoUjutl uer toGkxvpaX/ rcuL,at X-iT>jeJuUfourij Projnxj 

OJ Ties pctbcu, gIcj s-yn^e; sig pour, cj\7 ouuxaJL/ Tidj uxjrt) sl^aly forou j skx)a q\v 1u)_ 

gguxu "poLT rlofilr firir lutuXy fe Tioru.., pcuw buJUUb kenxr franx) or skjogi/_ 

i\wjn;; uxv ski'AxJcmJ okJ txjGkxx' griAixJ-ivg xLonvrU okJlxUxu licuv) fcura' firir os, Etu pcuc 30 



Daiiisli Translation. 

cUns Sprog. Batog SkroEliagemecLcrcsPakkemed/Oglostc ian,, ogtUbocL ion/, 

og xnMchelsthaocVdabeTvdcrfor, meaKarlsdheforbocldem-atsoelqeVcuibciv, oqtui/ 

ftjiderluwvpacudetRaad, atlian/l)adKDlJulcnie'bcEreM(EUtiiA til dent; og soo. 

Sdore de soo-Moelken., saapUde deltobe ien og ikJce dndet. Nablc© 

da Skrodin^emcs Kobfterd-ttl, at debar dcres Vara- IjortlMoocr- 5 

tie deres . Mea Karlsefhe og hans Folk bcholdt Pakkcme deres og 
Slandoareme. Drog de saaledcsbort. NuerdcrotfortaUe^, at 
Karlscfne lod gore et starkt Plonkeoarlt onv sta BoUg og giordc all i Stand/ . 
Paa dca Tld, fodte Gudrid/, Korlsdues Kone, etDrcngebom/, og Drengcn-loildtcs 

Snorrt. IBcgynddsoiafiuiesteVuiterlcom SkroeUngcme til Mode mcd/ dent, og vare 10 

mange fUre end for, ogTioDdc sairnneVarersonvfor. Da, sagde Karlscfne tiL 

Kouideme: nnsluilk Hicereud/SligMad, sonvforDarmestte- 

goeri.bgikke ondet. Og dade saadct, saa-kasted* dePaWceme sine lad 

ooer PUuiketwErlvct. Men Gudrid sadtndenforDorenmed sut Son/ Suorres Vugge . 

Dakom en Skijgge forDoren , og gikderinden/XDneiensart snCTerlQortel, 15 

tcmmcUg lilk, og scnvluw)de Baand. onvHoBedct, og IgscbruotHaar, BorTileg 
og med saa store Ojne, at tngcnluujde soa stort Ojne set t noget Merauslccs 
Hovtd/. Hun gik Tien, Tioor Gudrid sad, og ■tnolede -. lioodhedderDu , sl- 
ger luuv . Jcg "heddcr Gudrid, mcnlwad erDit Noon . Jeg liedder Gudrid/, siger bun/ . 

DarakteHusmoderen Gudrid sin Haond/tU/Hcnde, alhun sTuilde siddehosTieiide, men/ 20 

det sltctc do/t del sammc, at- Giidrid liorte ct stortBrag , og var do^ 
Kbneatorte, og t det sammc tlcu en. SkroelLng of en Huskorl 
of Karlsefnc's.fordllmnliaDde TjUlettage' deres Vadben. Og drog denutort sont 
soedoanlig Tnm/ deres Kladcr laa cftcr denv og Vorcme ^ Intel Mcnneskc ha»dc 

set dennc Kone, udcn ene Giidrid. Nu-monnc wl troenge til Rood at t- — 25 

age, siger Karlscftie , thi/jcg mcncr, at de dUIc komiae til/ ■Dort den/ trcdie- 

Gang med Ufrcd og mandstcerke-. Nu- skiiUc t»l tage det Rood, at X Moend skulle gaa frenv 

paa dette Noes, og oise sig dcr, men en andca Dd af os skoL gaa ind 1 Skouen og luig - 

ge derVej for uort Koa^ , noor Troppeakommer frem-fra/ SkoB- 

.en<: m/ skuUeog tage TJorTyr og lode den- gaa forou/ OS. Mendet 30 


English Translation. 

the othCT's language . Tkcn Ike Sicrulin^s took dotOTL their packs and. loosened thAm/,ani ofFercAtiiem, 
and. desired tDeapous espccioIUj for \JMxn, , but Karlscfnc forbade Oveta to s«ll weapons', oiuL T\om 
he takes flie counsd , tlujthe l)adc the roomen, carry out milk to them,, and/ 
as sooTv 05 they saro the TuUk ,tlieii, TDould they huy that andnothina ebc .liToTO roa« this tlte 

5 purchosintj of the Slcrolings, that they carried- their bargain oroay in their sto- 

Tiiachs . But Karlscfne and. his foUoroers kept their pocks and 

skinroares . Went they thus aroay . Noto is this to he told , thai 

Karlscfive let moke a strong fence of pales round his abode and mode cdl ready there. 

At this time Gtidrid , Korlscfne's roife, brought forth, a nude child, and the boy toos called 

10 Snorrc . At the beginning of the ncit rointer the Skrolings came to meet u)tth flienv, and tuere m- 

any more ^an before , anA. had the same roarcs as before .Then said Earlsefhe to 

the xDomen: noro yoa shall carry out such meat,as tdcls before most aslted 

for, and nothing else . And lohen they scud it , they cost their pa>cl(s in 

oucr the fence. But Gudrid sat roithinthedoorTOilhthecradleof her sonSnorre. 

15 ThenfcHa shadoto through, the door, and entered there a tnonvan in ablacknarroro kirtle, . 

rather loro-buiU , and she had a ribbon round her head , and light broton hair , pale 

and largc-cyed , so that nobody had seen so large eyes in any human 

skuU. She ujent. up there , where Gudrid sat,and aslted: rohotis thy name , says 

she. My name is Gudrid, but xohatisthy nome.Jty nomeis Gtidrld.says she. 

20 ThcuGudrid thehouseroife stretched out her hand to her, that she should stL by her, but 

it happened in the same. nu)Tnent , that Gudrid heard, a great crack , and tools tiien 
the TOonuuv lost to sight/ , and at the same tinve one SIcroKng toos lolled by ahouse.carle 
of KarlsefWs , because he u)ould houe takeiv their iDcapons .And tDentthey noto axow^ as 
usual.andtheir clothes lay there behind, and their TOaresjnomonhad 

25 seen this TOoman,but Gudrid alone. Noto TOemaybeinnecdofcounscL-la- 

king, says Korlscftte, for Ithink, that tKeymoAj caU, at ours' the third 
time TOithun-pcace and with many men.Noro roe shall take that counsel, that Jtmengo forth 
on this ness , and shoro thcmscbes there ,but an other port of ours' shod go into the wood and hem 
there a road for our cattle , rahen the troop comes out from the too- 
30 od; TOesholl also lake our bull and let him. go ahead of us. But there ..__ _ _._. 



Icelandic Manuscript. 

ftgle nl»nu V<>wu l^iiT* jf fn Ihift i ^^ t^ifie cs^dtv fad; 

in n^vmiMl -^-aemfliiti J^^^otn glK f^^^wh^-Stf ^Aigi 
m^e prA mi f;ftpli? ami J5»d rt*u!^n^ uj^^t c^ slwr 




-oft ttnti|j)r'?r\»j11 fa^ginl^nu hna fv^f^ fin^*9«»pM»f' 
:/y//^y^^- n, ^6 jsj^ JW^ 906 til piAtr* ^atn J^fdma timi 

ft Ijel^a -zr^mbpflfl 3rba6^^|J4 drp^^lMpm iri^^ 


jT^tt^ "^ hap/6 gd Jdrtr tfttfnfe cnl? lipl>fn|i gwft Nr 
n) l;a^ft G^ fiw luHli vm ^pfT-S" l(hn uiii c>o l»mu p^ 


Icelandic Text. 

vox suLO TuxJlLojU, «^ furtdj" pcirroJ uxxr ceJCLodbr, out uxvtai vuour auudruu 

ctgdje/ UL. Nuu Ivornxu Slcrodinjyax j ^cu\ju sUuL/, «r Xalljwfiu; lunJTdc; oalocU \jXj \)(X\'- 

duLgO/'. Huj vuar par bcu'dxxx3&, okJ ftlL fioULcLe; cuTlixLcj SkroplinqaJ. Eijvn^ 

iixadj" wjuur TruJ-oLU dkJ ujocjutJ j lioLe; SkroeUji\gaJ,olv;^oUjUl{ajllMrTiJu 8anJluuUiTixutd£j'oerajlx6fdL_35 

\j\ja<ii paijrroJ. '^'w \wSd^ ccirux' "fMzVjrrcu Skroeliuijgcu XekxXj uupp bxJu einoJ, dkJ leiJU 

cu vaxV sUjutjoI;, oki rci-cLde^ oJb fcIojgoU suxujitv okJ >ujo UL luxros . Sou fdL 'f)cgajr 

dxuxcljpj ^ou tokJ scuhwuiy n\x)TdiC.i iTtoxij" vxJU dxibnjnjij ok) 'UxtJ oJ tjttv stAXJuU, 

oki xioirp "hjOTJUJ slAxua/ ou sioinnJ sejinJ leLagstj TrvoiJluluuiJ. ^rO sixLonJ ftyiou' ~ptJur 

cu skjoguunJ, suo "VixLtrr scmJ fcircu rnaJUlu, okJ lijfer^ar luju "^drrcij tJidLskiFUjUTiJ. 40 

Yoruj "pur XoXbudrvu ^ar ^cuxnj Tjuelr oJLanJj «nJ ah Tiarb 'paJ lyser IMLwdni/^oJUlxaa' uUl. elgi^cu' 
va-oj lodixgr, 6kj t?UL taraJ UL Grcnlxxadivy. Nnu ^}vu(xJ "pexjr fcrd; sijuu, ekJ Ttofdjuj 'f)adJ 
cut TTuorg gottLc/ j 'oijixjaidje/ o>v/ iDecuuTU ol^ skinjut; worix'. Uvu siglou ^cir j ~hau- 
f olcjlaxx)Trai^ tiJUJEirekfi fuu'dj(XP,sltq)<^sirui;T\£UA^^ Ereyobis 

"lyTAZj tdt/xst/ TJTTcrccdxxj aJb T\yujij vnV 'UvnLaxvdjv fcr-dU, XeL drepou Tarffidj-. 4 5 

J^l "fjuAjoub suj ferdj |)\kicr b^e godj \x\j flocr ok; iDtrdtagccr. pat; scotuxJ suumxiur 

"kxjrru sltjup of Worcxju tilj &r«*lcux(b;y, er KolUmlTtu; T«)TnJ of Vitilanxio, pnij skvpi^ st- 
'yrdjuU "br^Ar ij jTtdgL' okj rii\^oge-,o1c;'t»oruj "^onja) vmir aJ GraxLaruJlje/.p<iijr brcedr tjovijjlsb- 
oTUJaskir aJb IcynjC/ okJ or Austfiyordurvij. par ci" i\jju txb oUb toCkjOU, aXi Trc/_ 
ycbls ^Ireks dx>UUr gerde; fvrdu suujJ TLcJurruua) or G-ordAJurrU, ok; for MJu furtdLor 'v'xjAj "^xaJ 50 
Isrcedr Itdgou o^Tinnbogcti oTi; bciddc; "^cU oJU ^cIjp fccrti Uly YunlouruJU/ rrtedL' fcurko- 
St; siaruO; ok; "hjofoU Txebniixg goedxxj olbrdJ 'widU lixuux) ^etrraJ cr p>ar femnij^ySt;. Nlu j_ 
attxti '{>€ir "f)!!!;. pcdUxrO for Koru cu fujuL Lcifs "brodiu' sin^s olt7,atliarw gocfuL' Txenniy 
luxs Ijouuu «' Txcuru TixxfdC; gcraJ latit; cu UinJLounjdc;^ env Ivcov suuxrar liijojuu scuixoJ "kuuc;- 
zst' lixx; TTUJurvdxu TujLS cnJ gdbu ocigv. Sou voor inxxldxxgiJ THjcdJ ^eijriJXoGGbj/d'nJu^) ok;iVe;_ .. .5b 
ydise', at l\jax>Tijr skyUdjuu Txafou Tooe u^lgro/ TruxnruaJ cu skipe; okJ "kortar 

uunV frcuTui. En; rreydus Tjrou of "pvuu "pogar okJ Tuxfde; v TnonrajuTt' fL«'ixavokJTjcgTi/_ 
du f>cuTrU, oTo uxdjuu ^cir brccdr ceigl; fojrrv •old; ]icux)ctrir enj^drT«)TTux)liLYijriIajnjdv.Nu; 
letuJ '^cujl' j "hxxf, ok/'liofduu tiL'fiess mjoelt- oudor, at; fxjoxJ iTuxn^dc; souT\flo_ 
to; IxaSaJj €f suo uilldje; noerdoJ, oTo* ^ess t?cu" liJUiU/ muny, erO "jjo kux)TraA; ^<aj^ broedr 60 

' ) (.TjTQjjdruuTU ? j 



Danish Translation. 

Txi!?sajaLedes te3l<affent,lvoord£TesM6cL& Borbestemt, atder TlarVand/paacLen/CTlc 
Slde Tnc-Ti. Skop poft Aca andca Side . Na tlcD cUt Rood, Mgt , sum KarlscfTK', for- 
csloq. NxiliwTa Skroeliageruc til dct Sted, soTn-KarlscfaeliaodeljestcnvttilKamp- 
ai. Nu/Mco dcrKanrp, og faldt mange of Skrcdingcmcs Skore. Etv 

Mcuid/oarlo-afug ogsTTiuklSkrcclmgcrnes Skore, ogtrocdeKarls6rTie,1iaaTaoTiaeT)(»rcHoT)d/- — 35 

ingderes. Nalioode enof dent, Skrcelmgeme, taget cnOxe, og soo/ 

poadcaca Stiuid/, oqlbftededcn/TJioden/af sUvcFceUerogluigtiLhxun. Han faldt strax 

dod/oni; saatoglun store Mond Oaccn- og scjo-paa den- en Stimd/, 

og kostede den sldentSften^, detlangstcTumformanede. Men sldenfhjedede 

ind t Skowen., sonvTu)erkundel)edst, og cndcr dcrmed deres Sanunenstbd 40 

Var Korlsefne og linns Folk dirhele^Vintcrcn ; men med Vaxa•en/forkynd^^Ea^lsefiU',athant)iLlkkedcr 
^)a^rcloenger, og rlldragetd GronLond. Nalaoc de 1 StandtdFeerden, ogl)ragtedcr- 
framannc HerligHcder, "Vuioed/ og Beer og Skindoarcr . Nu sejle- de tidpaa/ Hao - 
et og kom til ErlksQ ord m«d helt Skib og nor der om Vinleren- . Frey dLs 

fuer derOmtalepaany omVlnlQnds-Faird, lod- droebeBrodrene- .45 

I fordi at saadan Foerd tykk^s god^baade tiLGods og Hceder. Den samm« Sommer 
konv et Skib fra NorgetH Grbnland/, da. Korlsefne kom/fraVmland^ dct Skib 
styrcdetoBrodrc, Helge ogFiimboge, ogbleodcn-Vlnterpaa/GronLand/. DisseBrodreoorels- 
loendere af Slagt og fra Osigordcne . Der er na at fortoUe, otFre - 

,ydis Eriksdalter g^jordc RcjsefrasitlQem, Garde, og drog td Mode med 50 

Brbdrcnc Hclgc og Rnnbogc og tilbod dem, at dc skuldc drage til VinLond med dere^ For - 

toj.og hoBC Holodelen medlvendc af alt,)voad de dir monne fan. Nu beja- 

cdc de dct. Denurst drog hunpoa Bcsog hos Lejf hendcs Brodcr og[bad]liam, gtoeUeade 

de Husc, sonvlian liaode ladet gore pan Vinland , men Han SBorcr det somme, slgende 

liain)UdclaanehcndeHusene,menUckc gioc. Son bleo Aftalc mellcm Karlseftie'' ogFr- ...- 55 

eudis, athoer skuldeliaoe XXX Baabcnfore Mcend pan Skibct og Koinder 

desudcn . Men Frey dis Wdi. strax deUe og lioodc V Mcend flei'e og skjul - 

te dem, og bleoc Brbdrene det ikke oacr.for end dc kom tU Vmland . Na drog de 

uulpaa Haoet og hoodc oflatt forud , at de skuldc sejle sam- 

men, Tuns aaableomuiUgt, og der oorkun Idle Forskcl, men dog kom Brodrcne 60 


*' SkrLofejl for : Brodrcne ? 


Biigl'sli Translation. 

iDcrc sucK coTidiUons , toWc Ikeir inectln^ toos planiud- , iKot xDOter toos on on* 
side tut a TCoodonthc other side. NoTO toos this counsel lak^n-.TOhLchKorlscfnep- 
roposcd . Now the SkroUngs come to the place , which Korlscfne hod fixed for the 
tattle . NoTO TOOS there Ixttlle , and TOcre slain many of the SkraUn^s host . On« 

35 man, TOOS tad and fair in. the Skroluigs host, and Karlscfae thought, he might be head- 

man of them,. Notd one of them, the Sltratuujs ,had talcen/up an axe , and loolced 
at for a TOhdejOndiifleditagainst his comrade and struck aihim-.Hefellatonjoe 
dead ; then that tall nuDt toolc the cuce and looked at for a Tohile , 
and hurled itaftertkat into the SCO, as far OS he could.Buttheathey fled 

40 into the TOood,CT)eriJ one ostesthccould.and ends noro their encounter 

Staged Karlsefne and his men there alltherointer,bulintlie spring Karlsefne aniu)unces,thathe roill there 
no longer remain , and xoill go to Greenland . Noto they make ready for th« t)0\jage , and hod 
TOUhthemnuuuj ooods in Toiae-Toood and berries andskin-Toares.NotDlheg soiLoulOTi, 
the sea and came to Ericsfirth.the ship whole , ani staged there ia- the -roinler . Fre'ij dis 

45 AT OTD is made rnention/ anew of Wlncland-wogoge, cruisedto be bJled the brothers 

X. ^ because such a ■oogage is thought good both for wealth and for honour. That same summer 
came a ship from, Norway to Greenland , when Karlsefne come fronvWuveland;that ship 
was steered by two brothers, Helge and Flnnboge, and stayed this winter inGreenkuid.These brothers were 
Icelanders of Ida and from the Eostfirths .This is now to be told , that Fre- 

50 ydifi Eric's daughkr mode a wxgoge from, her home at Garde, and went to m«ci with — 

the brothers Helge and Fuuiboge and bcule them- go to Wiaelond wUh their 

ship,and To go halixs wiUvher of all the profit , that might be got there. Now sold 
they ge* to this. Theacc she TOcnt to -oisilher brother Lcifand[as1ced]hLm- to gi»elter 
thehousos , ohich he had built oaWlneland ,bul he answers her the some , say - 
55 ing.he will lend the houses, but not gioe. Such was agreement bctrocea Kdrbcfne'^aad Fre- 

ydis,thal each should hooe XXX. warriors on the ship and women 
besides . But Freydis immediately -oioloted this and had Vmen more and conceal- 
ed than, and were the brothers not aware of this, untd they cametoWuieland.Noroth«y 
soiled out to sea , ani, hod agreed before , that they should^ciil to - 
60 gether,if so miglit be, and there wasbltle diff6rcace,bul yet the brothers cam;e — 

*)erratam, for : the, brothers ? 



Icelandic Manuscript. 

nolp^ftni yiti^ %\^9^U upbijm ^ftunfl ftii tljiilft le<)>f e « pt 
W j>a itili pc^ W'ljta hm IT tii l)«J ^«Si9 1)^ |midr^])U0 

Atifv'. l0Mi{|t ^'Tunm it^ 'Z^tcfsW-'^^fir/f^tiH^ 
-ut m^in ^ ml c^ titta ^tpV»<5 fiw JB^ |»^ flB^ drtw: «r 


Icelandic Text. 

-fxjoykxxjnxj f'yrrc; olo'hjofdxu u:ppl)oriJt/ fcuuutvg sirt' tXL TujtscuLcifs.ETv erTr. 
ttjdis \omj aXj \aj\Aej ,^aj T'ydixju "^cir skijp sUX^ ok; "berou upp ULTujls faurtg 
siru. pcu "mxDdJUu ProydULs:TuiJu "bccruj 'j)cr inju Txer fojortg 'ydr. 'puJjaJU'oerTijixg- 
dUJTb', segijcu ^cAr, ott TtoUdcLR^f Toxjinii oU; akixedinJ OTdJTY\;Cx3j oss . Mcrlede/ 

Lcifr "lui5CxnTUX',sejgir"hjOTt), orv oeigv Tjdr.pcUTuMlijHd^gii-.'^riotxjuTruxnJ okkr trroeAr ML- 5 

xsToju oiJt'^ijgj'bariu tuxj vXj fouuuag okJ gcrdjuu scr slcaXcu okJ sctljuu 

"^OTUV skxiJLou f ixr six)Tu,vrrt cu iixi3i^troixdluJ dkJ btuuggtu vuL 'xyvtv. 'Eiru Treydbus let 

fcHcU 'oicUai tU; sldjps sirts . 25\jj tdk; a±; vuiXrajj ok) toTjutdbuu "^cir Ijrcedr 

oJu txxkxxjvst; Truinxiiuu ix;pp "UxUcourr ok; vovrii TvofcL sl««mXcux). Sux> var gcrtj 

tirru stunjfiU "^or, tUU crTacnrt' Ixxnjuisti tierrcu j niAIIjeJ^okJ poj geroLLxst sujadr _ 10 

|yyT^kc; rrvedj 'f)«imj dkj tx)kijuvst; of locxkcur, ok; oii^gcr gcrduRst; "kux)Truxr rmlU; 
skaloTvmx/^ ok; for suo fVoun; lemge/ "uuetrctr. pof vajr oeiruxJ mxiTgTJirt' sTutrnjoJ, 
all Treydis stx)dj ixpp oV rumi; slrujJ oTdTdjocjdjdiiv^l/ oTvJ for ocigi) j skokLp^UcrU. 
Etv u€>dbru -axxr suxs fourVt', out ^gg vjxr fodiUnJ TnikiJU. Kon; tokJ "ko^W 

"boTxdx(J SLTLs oT^for j, en; sidUxrv gckJ iTjon; UL skxxLoj gck.' Kow xxh sI^xxLclV "^eirroy .15 

broc/drcL/ ok; Ul; dyraJ; <jnj Truxjdr emru TuxfdLc; vil gcij^gU; UtLuJ ojdr okJ loToJtTujjrdy 
cxJPtr ou TnidicmJ TdofoJ. Hon,' lajuGk; upp TvurcUjnj-u; ok-' stod; j gallxAjrnJ stunAJ 
|)ou oTc; "^axjdc-i; erU Fururvboge^louirmAstr t sTicCLarujurnJ okJ iJuxkfcUjluxrt' raceUjU: 
liAJtout -ToDCUbuL' lijbxg cut, Trey dis. ItonJ suxurour: <ikj uAL, ojU ^\xJ stouxdxr ixpp okj gcuTjgir 

i^t iTved; TTur, olJ ■uiL ck; IjoXcU ac)ljt'}3i^. Sxu) gcru^luxrU^'^oax; gojogot) oJU trc;,er ...20 

IcUxuxfljur s\x£Lou'i]ieggijajuuTt);Olc' scttbvsti ^ar Tvidr. H\Jucrsu;lxkar'^er,segirlxoTU^lxajusuxira^ 
godr ^\kju rrur lourtdw./' lojstur, en) "illr "pxkxi Trtcr ^ixstr s(x/, er ixor j truDiii er, 
"^TjuLaJt ek; "koXLoO ckkju Ixaicu Wu ordit . pcu scgir ^u; semj er^ scgir TijonJ^ okJ suo ^_ 
ijki) TTur ; eru ^ouU cr cyrcndc; "miJLU ay ^irui^ fujixdJ, at) ek^ noilLde; Tuuxpa; sl^ipumJ 

no'xXj ykkr brccdr^ pMxaX/ "pMj Tiafit rrtcu'ciy skip ervJ ekjjOTc nilMxu ek) j "broU 25 

ludjoW. pat TrtunJ ck7 lotaJ gongaiist, siLgir TxxiunJ, of 'f)€r Ixkar "poj t)cl;.Nu/ skjlloj "^cuo/' 
T)lt "^ot. Crcmxir Tudtu Tuiim;, cru Tuxabogei til) IxailiJU sinnoup. HoiV stigr vupp j vurm;t; "kollduuny* 
foUunJ, ok; uxxknruxr Tuuru porucurdr 'Did', okz-sp'yrr, Tujuu at "hx)n) 'ooeri,' svuo kolXd; ok* v6\hJ. 
HoTu suATor v[\aAj nxyMurrv "^iostij: ek) ixor gemgiti), segu^lxort', UL'f)elrrcu\)rcedra/ ah faXaJsky- 

tp atpeuTt), o"kj uxUdjou eki "kxiupaJ Tnjeira; sk^ip, eru "^cir -urdxU tjid.'^aJU sujo M}jxJ^ - 30 



Danish Translation. 

iwget for og hoode opbooret deres Sa^cr UL Lc)fs Hose . Men da Fr - 

eydis Iconv tilLand, da lydde de deres SMb og boerc op UL Huset Sagcmc 

dcrcs. DaToocUeFregdis: tiot barlheriadEdcrs Soger. Fordi at ri fro - 
cd«, slge de, at/holdcs slculdc helv Aftalen gjort incd os . Mig laa/ite 

JyCjt'Husenc, slgeiluin, lucii Ockc Jer. DaTOceUelielge: FoltesTixoTi osBrodrc ond 5 

VilUe iTbod Dig . Bare luixid Sogertic og bgggcde sig tt Has og satte 

d<t HusbortfrQ Strand«?i ccdcnlndso og qjordc del godL i SUuid . Men Freydts lod 

foeldc Trceei'Ul sLL Skib. Nuled dct-mod VtrUeien.og forcslog Brodrcne da, 

at bcgyndes skuldc Letje og Morskob holdcs . Sonledcs bleo gjort 

ca Stund, uidtil utinon liar sig slct od iadbijrdes, da simdi-cdcs l 10 

EnigHedwi iticUem. dem, og Le<jCTic lioldt op, oq iiigcn Iconi melLcTii 

HoUeme, og gik sooledcs Vintercn Icen^e . Dei var en Morgca tidlig , 

at Freijdis stod op of sin Seng og Hadtc sig poa og tog ikke Skotoj poa . 

Men Vcjrct vox Wuet sodlcdcs, at der Bar falden sloerk Dut] . Hun tog sin, Husbonds 

Kappc og Irak den paa , oq dcrcfler g Ik lum til Brbdrcues 15 

Hus og tilDOrcn; men en MandDor udgaoet dei'fra lidtfor og liaodc lukket Doren. 
efter sig kun lialxit i . Hun lukkcde Doreti op og slod i Aabningcn en Stand/ 
og tOD; meuFuuiljoge Uui iuderst i Staen og oar -ooogen ;, turn sagde t 
Hoad pit Du her, IVcudi.s . Hun svorcr : Jcg t)il,atDu staarop og gaor 

ud med nxig , og DvLjcg tale med Dig . Soagorhan; de gaa Ulet Tree, sonv 20 

loa ind under Husets Vccg ,og sotte sig nuA, der. Huorled^s finder Du del her, slgerhun ; han soarcr: 

gode tgkkes mig Loadet^ Frcmbringelscr, men ilde sgnes mig om den Ufrcd-, som os imdlem cr, 
fordijeg poostaor, ikke at ooerc Aarsag dcrtil. Det er sonv Du siger, sigcrluin, og sadedes 
tgkkes og mig ; men det cr Jlrindet niedinit Besog Jios Di^ , otjeg -odde bgtte Skib 

med Jcr Brijdre , fordi at I haoe storrc Skib end jeg, og "Oildejeg gemebort 25 

herfra. Detkonjeg ladegaa, siger han, h»is detfombjerDig . Na skUles de- 
eftcrdette. Gikhunhjem, ogFuuibogcUlHuile. Hua stlgeropi Sengen nud-kolde 
Fodder, og Doagnerhaa, Thoroord, dcrocd, og spbrgcr, hclhuaer saakold og -oood. 
Hun suarcr med stor Vrede : jeg Dor goaet, siger hun., Id dem Brodrene otkbbslaa om 

SRlbet med/ dent, og Dildejeg kobe storrc Skib, men dcbleoederoed/Soo/Drede^ 30 



Bnglish Translation. 

someTOhai before onihiod, corned thistr things up to Lelft houses . But. what F- 
reydis come to land,then empty thjcy their ship and. carry up to the house their 

luggage. TheaqujoOi Prey dis:Ti)hA) did you carry iahere your luggage. Bccxmse roe sup\ 

posed, say they, thai to be kept ©ere all, words giDen to us To luc Icrit 
5 LeifUiA houses, says she.oiulnot to you-Theiiqujotli HclcjC: to anting is to us brothers 111- 

TDilLagoiuat thee. Brought iioiD out their luggage and made tiu'iiisclBes ahoil and set 

IhathalL aujoy from the seujiear alake and put, it. roell in ordei.But Freydif! let. 

fell TDOod for her ship.NoTO it drcu) tomords roinler, ojul proposed the brothers , 

that tobetoivca up were games audpLays tobeset agoing. So idos done 
10 foraxDhile.uiiiLLlhemjeabarc themseLues a)orse to each other, and theaiDajs nuule osimder 

their union, and the games ceased, (uuL nobody did came betTocea 

the luills, and passed thus the mintcr a bug time. It mas a morning early, 

that FreydLs stood up from her bed and dressed and put on no shoes . 

But the. iDeulher had become siu-h ,lhat a mighty dcra had. faUen . She took the cloak 
15 of herhosbondondputiton.andthen TOenttothetuUI of tJie 

brothers and to the doorjbut amanhad gone out alttHe. before and had shut the door 

behind him only half-may. She opened the door and stood in the gate-roay a mhile, 

and mas silent,baL Ftnnboge lay inmost in the holL and roas amakcihc quoth; 

tohjot mill thou here,Freydis. She ansxDcrs: I milL.that thou standcst up and gocst 

20 out milh nue, andiBULl speak TOUk thee. So docs he, they goto atree.that .._ 

Iny uiuler the Toall, of thehaIL,and sal tlicrc dOTOU.HotBUkcst thou all things here, soys shc.heansToers; 

good 'think Ithe lands products,but id thinkl ofthe discord.thniisbetmcenus, 
for I pretend not to ha,T)e caused it.Thtre thousayest as it is, says she, cutd so 
it seems to me, but this is m,y errand at nvy BisiL Xa thee, that I mould erchange ship 

25 mUh you,brothers,bccause ye huuelorgcr ship thoTLl.ondl mould go oroay . 

hence . That I muy let go, says he, if that pleases thee mell .Nom they parted 
thercTDith . She mcnt home, but Ftnnboge ment to rest . She gets up into the bed mtth cold 
feet, and atD(ikeshe,Thoroard,thereby and aste.mhy she be so cold and met. 
She onsTDcrs TOith. grcut Qnger:lhadgone,says she,to the brothers to buy the sh- 

30 ip of them,andImould buy the larger ship'ibuL this they took soilL, - — 


Icelandic Manuscript. 

Hit fb^^ ^ ith^^tu^^y^^ nji d^ttt r^fburttfed-^r 
vtjiiHi fern WiSTw cii.'pr*ieti^c)m'|f&t feijPR^lW^ 

ffifr iTiifik ii6''4^ Mp ^fc^tjau -^VJceiH^-h few jf «ir.^' 

"^^Cf^im^i^ffnepr^ \)^ <tfflfe itl^ 

.., „ „ Ijcif fiio ti^nwn ^jTdrfiCB* ^ v^ftC )>^ ca? fib 
^ par 2,biwrt^ (pr^a; rtll Ul ^ tob^t^fTm d? liJ&|^ 
tnr ortvu.mmrra^tite(iSAte«i u^ Ifi^ ilrgky e«?^fir- tlf^ 



Icelandic Text. 

oJb "pfixr "bordUsj rnig , ok; \xkxx) sourlJLgaJ. Etu ^u;, uxj^oeUy TTLacljr,TrujjriJti "hjuLtrkoU xfilexxy reU- 
w rcXtar ii\iaruxr skammxir Tijc^'f>truu>jr, ok; mjurU ck; 't'cCU tol^ firuxoJ, ah iikJ er 
j l)TolUiJ af GrenlanxLc;, ok) rrwjn) cfo geroj skObrujJU vxxXj l^ig ,'DLarv "pvu "Kef tuji" "^csso/. OhJ 
waJ slodjst) Tioja/ cetgii aioUur Tunruxr olvjljajdj Trxjerua) "upp stjCuiruLou serru sl<Ajota7vsL' okJ 

bixkjaj "uxipru sirO. Ok; sijuo gcra) 'f)d,r ok; fourou t>cjgour tOj skaLou ^drrcx; brosdrcu dkJ 35 

gciruguu vnjrj aXj^exxw sofundu-Tn) ok; txikuufjOU okjfoerdba) j IdotuL dkj ItiddbiLi svjlo 

■vX. TtuxrrtTU, soru "burullnJ TjUxt, enj Treydis 1«; drqaou hjujtnxixi sem; 'oti'koTiV.Na' nora' 

^oor oJXir Teollar drepTur. Etu "koTuiP uxdtix' c/tir dkj v'xIXjAxj eixtgl; "fxxr d;_ 

repou.pou ttuxIUj IVcxjcLls -. foil rtvur oxxJ j TTjortcU. Suo xwor 2^^- SidLcmiJ xixgr IxorxJ 

cUb TcoToxmj f>eimJ ^ er "fxxr ajoruu ok,- gckk; of "fjcimJ duOuajdjujiTU.^TJU foruu "fxixutiL skcu- 40 

lou sirts cPtJLr fxxt/ tclj iHcu noerkJ, ok; farxo^t; "poJU odlti a; , aXj TrexjcUs "^iotXiu-stj oXb- 

ixjeLTuafcu trnxrodxt, olorruxltu "ovAj fclobgaj strux;: cf oss a)erdbr ouodlthj 

oJj koninJ VJU Qrrvnixvndj^, seglr iLoru , "pou skxxb ck; "JDonru mxuxTV rouio; of Ufe/ , «^^ 

SMjlr fra'^essiumj aJIbixTdumJ. ]!fu; sk-uLuu loer pat; segiof , aJU |)Ojuu buiy "hxr d" _ 

tAji^, "poj or Tser foruum; j "brotb.Nii/lDixLggu; "poir skipiJU sne^iunxcu' vm) 'vorXJo, "^xxKj 45 

(T "p^dr \)T(Xjdor Ttofdix; ciJU,ttu!x3u ^etmj ollam; gcexSxun;, er'^ouju ttxoILuu liL feu ok; sk;_ 
\jp\Xi l)ar. Siglou sidxxrU j Txof okJ /Tordjo; 'XJcL rocidj forcu ok; kuornjuJ j J&ijrcks fjoTcU 
skxpcj suTxu SHjemraou suunxors. ITxu toot "fjox XoHiwfni; firlr, o"k; TxoJTde/ oJUbixU; skJ_ 
ip silt UL "hxxf s , okj \)otijdu Tyyrvar; ok; cr paXj moL rrxcunrux;, at oeigb injundbej axujU_ 

goTOU skip gemgU; IxaJfa/ of Grfciilanxle;, cm "^DOty crlixxn; styrde;. Era/ I'rciudUusu 50 

rmjdijs for tuju XxL "bxjus suvSj'^Txlat' i^oJu "hxxfd-Cy stxxdJtt lYXjexlcunj nosk,)- 
oUli.Hon; fdc "rruMnrO feirtg fixxr 6\lxv foTUJxnjU; smiiJ^ "^uiat; lionj 
xiilldx' lexjTuu laXou lodjajdiixn; smurru. Slti' Tix)"r\; txaju j "bTju; sijnjuu. Eigii 
urCUai aUcr suo TuxlMiru ordir, out "^egde. yftr TdfluixvrrL' "^eirrou tidr ilbi/- 
skuJ, oLt; oeigi; kx»n\;e; \».pp oiru sid^er. Nuu korrv "fjcAto; "app tJTru sidcr ftrir LdjF "bro_ ..55 
dijur Ixmnar, ok;]f)oUi; Tu^njuun; ^essi/ sctgcU alLilL. poutjok;Leif "iij T>\jej\Ry of Udo|)eijrray 
rrcijdjLsar, ok; puu]Le» pou scLgTuxr ou xirw pivrmoj cdjburd; aHojxJ laJrmJ soumxxxUjOk; var 
nxcdj oeircuj rrtote; sogrxjv; "^cirrcu. -Eigi; ■njercnju ekJ, segirLcii^ciitigeraj'^cU/oijUTjldjTreydl&l'jSij- 
eUxr T>iii\x3u!, semJ Uoru v(ir\j vardu, erv spoj tyujui; ck;'{3eirrt''f)e6S, aJU pudrroJ afkxmruj 
THJurtiUU; aXj'^rifujm; 'Vtrdxv. Nuulceld; "^aA; sujo frora;, oXj oojurxgumj 'f)otlu -dtti; "paxxJ ..-.60 



Danish Translation. 

atde slogemig og tehaadlede mi^ haardt. M€ivDa^uslftMaJid/,£n--D\llje}uEO- 
ac miivSkxim dkrDin, og iiionjeg dctntt findc, atjen er 

"borte fra GrouLajui, og luon jcg T)iHe sMlcs fraDig, Tvcis iklce Dil Ticeoner dctte. Og 
nu. modstocLlian ikkc hejides Hoon,, og tocL Folkcnc staa op sonv snarcst oq 

tage dcrcs Vooben . Og saaledesgorc Ax og droge strax til Brbdrencs Hot og 35 

gik ind/ til deia og togc dem, soDcndc ogforle dcjivtBoand/og kdte saa 
enhoer tundm, ud, rtmi Fregdis lod droehe calix»er, sora Tconv ud. . Na voxt 
alU Mcendenc der drcebte. MertKouidcmc voxz. tilbage, og Dildc in^ca dtnt 
drcebcDasagdcPreydis: gtomlg ea Oacc iHoonden,. Saaledes bleu gjort . Dcrpaa droebteTuin 

dc VKotader, som Dorc der, ogforlod denv sontdode. Nu- til Huset _ _ 40 

deres efter dennc Id og onde Voerk,,og fandtcs dadet civeiid, otFreydis tgktc sig hdt 
godt at hooe luindlet , og luuv toUe til sln£ Folk- : Huis os bUocr fonmdt 

atkammetilGroTiLcmd/, sigerhim-, da skaljeg togeLioctof davMand, sonv 
siger uoget cm douie Bc^incnhcd ; na skidk dI slgc, at deblcBelier til - 

."boge, da'Didrogel)ort. Nalodedc de strox om Vaoreii/ del Skib, sottv ..._ _ 45 

Brodrme lioDde get , mad olle de godc Soger, sonv dckunde faa.,og 

Skfljetbcere . Sejlede sldeaudpaaHooetog flkealxcldigRejsc og koTntilEriksflord 

meddcres Sktb tidli^ pajO/Somnierejt. NaDarKdrlsefuc- der ogTiocde. fosrdig 

Skibet sttUlAfrejse, og'bi£depQa/B6r; og erdetsogtafniangc, at ikkc moTme rig - 

crc Skib -Doere gaact fra Gronlond., end/ del, soTivhon/Styrede. OmPreydis 50 

Frcydls drog ixatlL siitBoUg, soosoitv dmhxiodc stooet imdlcrtid u- 
skodt . Huiv ga» mcget store Goner Ul siae FolgesueJidc, fordl \am/ 
-oildelodc dblge siaUdaad. Sldderhunnu/t siaBo. Ikke. 
Dorc oUe soa ordholdend^ at tie om deres Udoad cUcr Ond- 

skob, atdctikkckom/opomsider. NakoTadetteopomsiderforLejf, _ 55 

h/endes Broder, og tyktes 1taa ont dette Udsagn- mcget ilde. Da tog Lcjf HTMead of Frcydis' 

Skare, og puite denv da til at oobenbare deniic Tildragelsc licit og fuldt, og Dore 

of enslndhold dcrcs Udsagu. IkkeTUEnnerjeg, sigerLcjf, otgoredet-oed Frcydls, 

mill Sostcr, somlumliar forgenb, mea spaamonnejcg dera dette, at deres Afkom 

■oilUdetkunnetrtDCS. Na forte det sooledes m^d sig , ottngervtcenkte om deia 60 


English Translation. 

thaL.they struck me onA treated mz roughly .But thou.iDeek m(m,,TDill, TLeither aioen^c 
ray shonie njor thuu.anxlTTmstlnoxDfuul.thjall oia 

uioai) from, GrecTilmuL.QiuLmtuj Imak* separcUijOTi from, thw.unlcssthoaaBengcst this. AnA 
iu)TB stood he m)l h«r scoffs, and bade, his mea get, up fortxDtth. and, 

35 take their TDcapons.AmL so they do arijd goal ouce to the luitl of thje brothers and 

u)alked la to them and took them, sleeping and bound thera ia dioins and led thus 
out each one.TDho tdos bound.ond Frcydis let kill eaery one that came ouI.Notd XDere 
ulL the mea kUlcd. But the xDoraen were left, and xooviA. nobody kill 
them. Then cpiothFreydis: getnxe on, axe into my bond. So xoas doue.Ttiea she sleo) 

40 theVTDomeathfltthcreajerCiOndlcflthemdcad.Notolhey xDenttothcirhalL 

oiler Ihis deed and bad tBork,and vtas found out this one thing, that FreydLs thought herself quite 
well to haT)c acted, and she quoth to her companions : if us be alloToed 
to come to GreeaLond.says she,thea I shalL bereawe of life thatman.Toho, 
speaks of this euent^noro me shaE say this, that they staycdliere be- 

45 hind.Tohea TDC ment aTOay.NoTD they loaded the ship early in. the spriny.thot, 

the brothers had. oa)ned, roith, aU, those goods, that they could get and the 
ship TDOuld hoU. After fluitput out to sea and got a happy T)oyage and came into Encsfulh, 
Toilh. their ship early in the summer.NoTD Koiisefne raos there and had prepared Ms sh- 
ip for departarc, ani, woikii for a fair xoind; and is it said by many , neaer rl- 

50 cher ship to haue gone from Greenland than that,TOhijch,hje steered . Of Freydls 

rcydls noTO mcnt to hjer abode, as it held stood ia the mjeonttme, unsc- 
athed. She gaue ucry great gifts to all her oompanions,becausc she 
mould make be concealed her misdeed. Sits she uoto taber abode. Not 
Toerc all so true to their u)ord,,cL8 to be silent about their misdeed or TDtcked- 

55 ness, that it not came out at lost. Nou) this at lost came out before Letf, her 

brother, and thought he this saying to be mholly ill . Then took, Leif III men- of the party 
of FreydLs, and tortured them to confess about this euent the TOholc together, and TOcre 
of one content their sayings . I cannot afford, says Leif, to do that to TVey dis, my 
sister, mhich she deserBes, but foretell mxuj I to them this , that their offspring 
60 a)dl only ltttlethriT)ing become. NoTD tt passed so.thot nobody thought of them 




Icelandic Manuscript. 

' i....k}X)^;U.,.mi>m^xm..^ 

va^^^^y^Vmt^my b^ ^ow uem ik(cll2^ w^f^ 

ev 1SU eVtviVbttr GB3^^<nn^ 


Icelandic Text. 

EoJlxtfrvu \3/yr skjjp sUt/ ok; siglcLe/ j "hxjJ; "hjOTUimJ forsb uuL 6k> IoottlI UL Noregs 
Tixed; ToeiUbuu oltjluilLdjrux.', ok/ sal/ ^ar iottu uuelrmrU 6W) seUlcLe; uxirnirLg 
sxnrO okj TvofdjCy "^or gotb 'yftrloexi/ okJ "Jjojuu "bgiije; Tux>tV of "Kmujny 

gofgoucuvstujnJ TTtoTUuxmy j IforC£jV. Etu ojtixi iixjtU/ cftjUr tio "hxiru sltjup siJtLtiL - .5 

IslxxruSbv, dkj orTvaru vcxr oJJo\iixvrO,okj sk±p "h-aix^ Lou liJb bajrixxr flrir "brajgg- 
TjonxuTV; "^oJ "koTTU "fwur ad^VtoTuumJ suxir mjoAr ciiuvj oeUajdr of BTimjunv or 
Sokajlourvdij. 'KoonJ folour aJU XaJUbvciVd; Tujlscl) snjolruJ "Vujjxs; ekjujjj ccLgv selicu,soiy_ 
g(ie;>ujjnJ. Ek;TTuxnJ gefou'fjcr-uil' Kalf Ttxork.' gulbi/, scgir sujdr Ttuxdr.KxLbvefixu^otUu 

vudj TidL^odJUU 6k;l«£yfljuu sijdboLnJ. Por sixdr -rruxxir j laurtTn^ob Tujusa; s_ 10 

Ttotraruo, cnj IMLUwirviy poi^siJ ceigVjTujuUU trc; warj ea; "fjoX^AJOT ttuuxsut, "kxjuuv 
aS TxuxJuojnjduU. lHw siglcr KaUuef njj j "hjof , oIoTiottv' sklpe/ stjua; ftrir TwjrdonJ Ixurtcb 
j SkoLgcu fiord;; o'k; uxxr^ar \Jtpp scXL skip 'hjOur\;s ^ti\) ixetrtrub. Etu /vrnj xwrxt/ 
TmjftjUTiojnj Glouombeixxr Icuxdj ol^gcrdj?jl3uj cu,ol^l3io^ca'Trudxijriy'l\ajrb'ljLfdAi,ok/' 

xuu' l^ijb Ttxestxxi gofu;gTnxaniy. Ok; er Tnjcurt/ Truxjuxob' frou TudtujutU T^omilJ dkJ 15 

GiAjdrldc; "koTuiy >uur\js , olcj godr oeJUCbogiJ. OTo er 'KoJJjxAfrvu xuax asiAwdji,\6kJ Gixdridr 
"uid^\)-uj& uardjaceiuU«luj,6ky STix)Tre; soru TLcruxxu% er f^ddr /dout cu TJinlxtnAe/.Ok^er 
Srtorrc/ xuax 'kixMru^ojdjfy^aJ for (rtJLdrldr ^/otxmnj okj gekJ sixdrjO^JTcoToJ /vl ocp - 
tr Mil 'hvus, Srtorrou soruiur sirts, oTolxofdx; "hxuvj^oJ Taliti gcrou MjrkJijuJ j Gb_ 

cuuuTil^. SidounJ \ixxrdj GxLdjridr "mjuxaoJ ok; ccirtseUL/koruiJok^iuxr 'f)cir,Tixedari7 .20 

liOTv USdju. Snx)rre; aXXxJ soru "pcuuv, er porgceirrTiAlj. HanJ /dot foudir JagiijelLdar,TnjO- 
durlBrajrc^/ Ij^skujps. DoUir STUJrraJKoJUUwjfnis soTuxrlijeJbllallfrLdT;"Vu)T\j/uxun TaodirEujiolj- 
fs,f6djuTporlak« bajskxips.^ix)rruvh«LsoTvTlaXbLcfTas okGujiruixxnlIan)/t)curfadirporuju\ar,iTU)durB- 
tarnnar Ij/yskops . Plolde/ Truxrurtou er fray KoXU^fruj korrumt^ok er luuvlcy asodii rruxdr or _ 

dirunj. Ok) >ufr Kolli^^fni/ ^vrsXj sagti odlrcu TruunruU outburd^/ A'mJ farcxr|)essccr cdlar^ 25 

er rwU er ru)l«kuty ordje; cu "kon\iJt;. 


Danish Tnuislatioii. 

fra deaTid oruLct end. ondt . Nu it atfortccUe om , ot 

KorlsefaebcrcdErsitSldl) og se3ledfi.udpaaHaDel.H0aTvgvk.dd godl, og}uiiv"kjo-nv.tiLNoTgc 

liel og Koldea og fortlea dfe.r onvVlnleren, og solgleVarcme 

sine og uod der godModtagdse.toade.'haiv og luuis Kotia, of dt 

aI^scUgstcMcendlNoTgc..Me^LVaaTeu,de^cft£^l)e^edt(^Tuu^SklbclslLliL 5 

Island, og daluuvDarf(Erdi£|, oc] SkibelTvoaslao-cfteTBor DcdBTyg- 

g en , do/lujTa der til luun, en. Si) dlaiule-r , stan nacnde/ fra BreTnen 1. 

Soadand. Hanonskjtv alkobe of Kdrlsefne lions Gallioasfigur. Jcg Dilikkz scelge, sa- 

gdeluuv. Jcg T)il glue Big derfor cnlmlT) Mark. Oald , siger Sajdlcenderen. KarTsefnc tvjltles 

DcloTn,Budct,oq solgtx dcreftxr. Drog SgdLcrndcrenbon med GaUions- 13 

figuren , men Karlsefnc viAsiz tkke ,kDad Tree del car, metv del ■oar Mosur, kommel 
fraVinland. NiLsejlerKarlscfaeudpaaHoDet, og liom.mfidsil SkLb nordpoa Londet 
t Skagefjord, og bleo der sat op hnns Slab 0Ta\1nte,ren.. Men omVaaren 
kobtx hnn &lomb6-Land og byggcdc Hjcm diir. og "bocde der, laedens hmvlecede, og 

■DOT denmestlVcmragcnclcMand. OgermegetAfk-OiaXommetfraTiam og 15 

Cnidrid, bxuis Konc , og enudmarkcLSLccgt. Og daKarbcfne-Pardod.tog Gudrld 
GaardensVdretxi^elscniedSnoiTe siaSon.soTnfodDarpaaVlnland.Og da 
SnoTreiiurblje.Pcngift, son drog GudridndcnLandsogrqst£.modSiJd , og koTa sidcn 
Ulbage lil sin Son Snorres Goord , og kacdc ban daladelb;jqgeKirkel GL- 

ombo. Sid£ableDGudridNonae.ogEncboeTslccoglikDder,uacdcns 20 

hualcDcde.. Saorre bxtode ea Soa, soiabed TKorgcjr. Hoaoar Fader td Ingndd.Mo- 
dertdBlskop Brand. Saorre KarlscfnesftasDallcrbcdHalfrldjluinDarModertiLRiLa- 
olf, Fader ULThorlakBlskop.Bjora bed Karlsefaes og Gudrtds Son . Hannar Fader ttL TKoran.Moder 
Ul BjbraBuskop. Tulrig SUegt erkommea fra Karlsefat, og erdct ca cedd, 

SloeqtblcncL. Og )iarKarlsefaeTu>iagUgsl af odefortaUBeglDenberaepaxLaLledisseRcjscr, 25 

sonvhernoget erkoTamellilOrdp, oia 



English l^rauslatioii. 

from, tfiot tinvebutilL. Noto to ToeniioTv , tlioL 

Korlscihe prepared^ his ship and, sailed- out to sca-jilTOentTOclLTOltkhinv, ondhecameloNortDavj 

■whole and souiiii and- stoijed-ihere during the Toinler and, sold his Toares, 

and enjoyed there good friendship, holh, he andliis Tnife, front the 

5 mostdislingiiishcdmjen.tnNoru)aij.Btdtlienexlsprtngliepreparedhis ship for ,_ 

Iceland, and nJhen he tdos (fuite ready , and his shiplajj TOoLtinq for aftne wind atthe/ 
quny, there came to him, a Southerner, aTxatLoe of Brcm£nta 

ScuEonland.Hcmshestohxuj ofKorlsefnetheljeak-headofhisshipilTDtlL not sell, sa- 
id he. I nnU-gvoe thee for it half G-Mork of Gold, soajsthe Southerner. Xorlsefne thought 

10 this to he a goodhiddlng and then sold. Vent the Southerner aroay TDiUvhissTup's 

"bccDv-lvead, but KcrlsefaeltneTO not.TOhnt TOoodit xoasj hut it tdos moior, come, 

from "Maelond. Noto Karlseine sails out to sea, and, came luith-liis ship to tkenorth,part of the land 

in Shogeflrthi and tdos fherehis ship laid up forthe rcrtnter. But in the sprinq 

hel)oughl Claml»b-L and and huilt his home there , and droelt. there/ daring his life, and 

15 mas a most distinguished mun. Andis much offspring from, hun, come, and from 

Gudridhis mife.aJuL agood,famdg -line. And mhen Earls cfric mas dead, Gudrid 

toolc tlie "DDording of theproperty.ond Snorre,herson,u)ho was horn inlTincland. And mhen 

Snorre TOOsnuuriefL Gndridment airood, and to the South, and caine after 

this againtothccLbodeof Snorre, her son, and had hcthcn mode mcLke a,churchinGl- 

20 Tuabo. AfteriDctrds Gudrid hecame a nun and an anchorUe, and Hoed there during . 

her bfetuue. Snorre hod. a son, coHedThorgeir. He roosthe father of IngDeld, mother 
of Bishop Brand. Siiorre Karlsefrie's son's daughter to as HoUfridi she mas thcmother ofRiuv- 
olf,thefather of Bishop Thorlok.Biom mas Sorlsefac's ondGudrid's son. He mas the father of Tlxorun,, 
of Bishop Biorn. Mang me^i arc descended fronvKarlsefne, cndhelvos got a great mcTaouicr 

25 progeru). And Korlsefiie has most ejccicthj of all related the cocnts of oUtJicseBoyagcs, 

as it noTD has Iscen put into words . 



Fragments of Original ilaniiscripts Referring to the Nezv IVorld 

OvvA^Xitt he t-mdif team, cur rauba • c6» 


orxjialldr "hjet; TixoLdr ^ouaJUbr Etreks ToojjaLcu. CapiUuluirL/. 

SOTV OsuxilXdb/,infs soruxr oocrtou poris soruxr. "^orxujlljdjr oToJEjV 

TTiortxild lu'ien-Moiui, Fortoelbjig ottl Erik deix rods. 

SoTv of OsT)alcL,Son of TJlf, Oxnc-ThorcrsSoTv.TkoruaUL ogE- 

TTior-nold voas calkd a jnan,, A MLe stor-y of Eric tTie EecL 

son of OsTxUd, SOTV of Ulf, sou of OxTia-Tyu)Ter. TKor-oaLcL oncLE- 



FrVgiiiciits Referring to .liiirrican Discoz'crics. 


Anno ^ 

1221 Eirvkr "biskuup of CrrotnLanjdju for cU/ \eiloJ "VmLoivajs 31 

31 1221 Eric,l)ii;l\op of Gtm-uIoiuL, tomito secTt^WtacloTidy..-. 1221 

ETikBlslajT)af Grdnlandf(5riidatoplede"Vuilaiid/ 31 


i285 "Faiuv "boiuii noi&Xr ronAarO tslourtdUu 53 

53 1285 Was t'ouiul land/ rocst of Icdonct 1285 

Fandlesct Land vest for Island/. 53 



Fraginciits Rrfciriiig to American Discoz'crics. 

AH. ^ 

l^oi^ftufe t|?«vi.tttpi4fe^sw. 

1289 EirUcr Toonungr s«xuii; 3 

Rolf UL Islour\ib^,at/leilxxyTuyiou\cavd3v/ _..4 

3 1289 Eric Idn^ scads 1289 

4 Rolf to Icdcuul, to seek. tlicTieo) land/. 

Erik/KongesemLcr 3 

Eolf tillslanjcLatoplMctLetnijeLaJid/ .— 4 

1290 PoVIUAfr AJixTv/ Is\£ur\)d;ol«;lu'afdLTrumv tU/ Tvyiou lourudbv ferdxiT 9 

9 1290 Went llolfoboiiL Iceland/ and/Simunone/dmcaforaTiciB-land-uoyage 1290 

Drog Holf onv tisland oq kiceocde Folk til Tog til detiujc Land/ _ 9 

^ , 896 

1347 46 

"kxrmJ skip of GranLajvdJu,^^)oULcr sotti "Kaf diJ tiL Mcu'ldx)uadjJ^,olo(UtiajiyTn«r\/i;ajOL/ 48 

46 1347 i:>47 

48 came sliip from Greenland, thotliad. saUed- to Maryland, and.ei<jlitccn,Tncn onVu 

Tcc:n.SldbfraGTdnland, som/Tiaodc scjlcttilMarlcland/, og oUenMand derpoo/ ., 48 





fife; e-i-r" n» •''"'C^-^*'" ^r '''*'''':''- ^?-\*«l^^^ 



Icelandic Type Text. 

English translation in "Norse Discovery of America," see page 192. 

[AM, .557, 4to, p. 27.] EIRIKS SAGA RAUDA'— 1. 

13. [Ojlafr^ hdt konungr, er kallaSr var dlafr hvfti. Hann var son Ingjalds konungs 

14. Helgasonar, Olafssonar, Gu9r03arsonar ', Halfdanarsonar hvi'tbeins Upple- 

15. ndinga konungs. (3lafr herjaQi i vestrvi'king, ok vann Dyflinni'' i It- 

16. landi ok Djflinnarskiri, ok g0r6isk konungr yfir. Hann fekk° Au3ar d- 

17. jiipauSgu, d6ttur Ketils flatnefs, Bjarnarsonar bunu, agsets manns 61 N- 

1 8. oregi ; {"orsteinn rauSr hdt son {jeira. (5lafr fell a frlandi i orrostu, en Au- 

19. 6r ok torsteinn foru J)d f SuSreyjar; J)ar fekk {"orsteinn turfSar, d6ttur Eyvindar 

20. austmanns ", systur Helga bins magra ; Jjau -dttu mgrg bprn. {"orstei- 

21. nn g0r6isk herkonungr. Hann i6zk til lags me5 SigurSi enum rfka, syni Eyste- 

22. ins glumru. {"eir unnu Katanes ok SuSrIand, Ros ok Mceri, ok meirr en 

23. halft Skotland. G0r3isk {"orsteinn {lar konungr yfir, a5r Skotar sviku hann, ok 

24. fell hann j)ar i orrostu. Au6r var ]pa i Katanesi, er hon spur5i fall {"orsteins. 

25. Hon Isetr ^i g0ra kngrr i skogi a laun, en er hon var buin, helt hon lit 

26. I Orkneyjar. {"ar gipti hon Gro, d6ttur l"orsteins, ok hon var moSir GunnlaSar, er {"orfinnr 

27. jarl hausakljufr atti. Eptir {)at for Au5r at leita Islands; hon hafSi a 

28. skipi tuttugu karla frjalsa. Au6r kom til Islands, ok var hinn fyrsta vetr 

29. ] Bjarnarhpfn meS Birni br63ur sfnum. SiSan nam AuSr gll Dalalgn- 

30. d, milli DggurSarar ok Skramuhlaupsar, ok bj6 i Hvamnii. Hon haf6i b- 

31. oenahald 1 Krossh61um. far l^t hon reisa krossa, J)vf at hon var skfrd ok vel 

' MS. saga eireks rauda. ' MS. [0]leifr. = MS. gudridar sonar. J MS. diflina. 

' ha«n feck repeated in MS. « MS. austz mamtz. 



frvcf vA pv ^ ^agi^Uo^i ct'(><jh^j|#Ut ^.Sytw^. eki^ ^ 
^ »^]i tr^ln^ ini4^ ueif« Mv^ to!^' <^ H^'W V^^^^-^-iii 

V^ rtt^fe^ lr»t)'n>efh ftvi4«< g:"^A'«tv^ . ©.f \n|b|jikim* 

p^ Am> t)v^ ^ Jjftffe^^t^ tU<*^^ 

rw) wr^ ^U»(< vtU*l tft{\^^ vm4i (^tott- kma?W ^« tiv^Vt) T» 

JKft^ it^i-Wmm ^W WsfbA ftlU. ^<£tr C C^ v^^ it>»k fkb^ 




Icelandic Type Text. 

English translation in "Norse Discovery of America," see page 216. 


1. ok heimamgnnum, ok bauS honum af at hafa slflit er hann vildi. Ormr Tpi Jjetta, 

2. ok tal9i Einar vera g69an fardreng ok au5numann mikinn. En er {)eir 

3. heldu a varninginum gekk kona fyri utiburs dyrrin. Einarr spyrr Orm: 

4. ' Hver VKii sii bin fagra kona, er })ar gekk fyri dyrrin. Ek hefi eigi 

5. hana hit fyrri sdt.' Ormr svarar : ' tat er Gu5n'3r, fostra mi'n, dottir torbjarnar at Lau- 


6. Einarr mKlti : ' Hon mun vera kostr goSr, e9a hafa ngikkurir menn til 

7. komit at biSja hennar?' Ormr segir: ' Be8it hefir hennar vist verit, ok liggr J)at eigi laust 

8. fyri ; finnsk {jat a, at hon mun vera mannvgnd, ok sva faSir hennar.' ' Sva 

9. me5 J)vf,' sag3i Einarr, 'at h^r er sii kona, er ek setla m^r [at] biSja, ok vil- 

10. da ek at fjessa mala leita6ir pa vi3 f>orbjgrn, fgSur hennar, ok leg3ir 

11. allan hug a, at petta. moetti framgengt verSa. Skal ek \>6t fullkomna 

12. vinattu fyri gjalda, ef ek get ra6it. Ma f'orbjgrn bondi \>zt sja, 

13. at okkr voeri vel hendar tengSir, {)vi at hann er s6mama3r mikill 

14. ok a sta3festu g69a, en lausafe bans er mdr sagt heldr a fgrum; 

15. en mik skortir hvarki land n6 lausafe, ok okkr feSga, ok mundi I'orbirni 

16. ver3a at Jjessu hinn mesti styrkr, ef jjetta tcekisk.' Ormr segir: 'Vi'st t)ykkjumk [ek] 

17. vinr t)inn vera, en J)6 em ek eigi vi5 mitt ra3 fiiss, at vit berim 

18. J)etta upp, JDvi at t'orbjgrn er skapstorr, ok \>6 mfctna3arma3r mikill. 

19. Einarr kvezk ekki vilja annat en [at] upp vseri borit b6nor3it. Ormr kvaS hann ra- 

20. 8a skyldu. Ferr Einarr su3r aptr unz hann kemr heim. N^kkiuu sf3ar ha- 

21. f3i t'orbjgrn haustbo3, sem hann atti vanda til, \>vi at hann var st6rijnenni mik- 

22. it. Kom J)ar Ormr fra Arnastapa, ok margir a3rir vinir l>orbjarnar. Ormr kom at ma- 

23. li- vi3 {"orbJQrn, ok sag3i, at Einarr var {jar skgmmu fra I'orgeirsfelli, ok gerSisk 

24. hinn efniligsti ma3r. Hefr Ormr mi upp b6nor3it fyri hgnd Einars, 

25. ok segir ^at vel bent fyri sumra hluta sakir, ' ma Jjdr, bondi, ver3a at J)Vi 

26. styrkr mildll fyri fjarkosta sakir.' {"orbJQrn svarar: 'Eigi var3i mik slfkra 

27. or3a af J)^r, at ek munda' gipta {jrsels syni dottur mi'na ; ok J)at finni \>6r nii, at 

28. fd mitt javerr, er slfk ra3 gefi8 mdr; ok eigi skal hon me3 Jj^r vera lengr, er 

29. \)6t J)6tti hon sva li'tils gjafor5s verb.' Si3an f6r Ormr heim, ok hverr 

30. annarr bondmanna - til sfns heimilis. Gu3ri3r var eptir' me3 fQ3ur si'num, 

31. ok var heima Jjann vetr. En at vari haf5i fortajgrn vinabo3, ok kom t)ar 

32. mart manna, ok var hin bezta veizla. Ok at veizlunni kjrafSi f'orbJQrn s6t 

33. blj63s, ok mselti: ' Hdr hefi ek buit langa sefi, ok hefi ekreynt^ g63vilja 

34. manna vi9 mik ok astu3 ; kalla ek vel farit hafa var skipti; en nu 

' MS. mundi. ' sic. .* MS. reyn. 




ai)wh i v> iptvj Mtt^ ^^ivy^ yp^fmi -.1}^ 






if^^.t^b. M^jIV- W>t^T l^H^^^%^' 

^ f^i ^vti Jjvrfn ^^fi|^-ttl ar jrt-ciiykJ.j^i^ t>n ^ ^ j 

-^ -n^viiftY^A Kin^^ .^U ker^ H^liWiml^'A 11^^ >^ 4tft5i 
py^^ j^t ^«U e«) crt^t^ ko*)^' ^<£b«f« (v^ n)Ctn ^ia ^^ 



Icelandic Type Text. 

English translation in '"Norse Discovery of America," see page 216. 


1. hon haf5i a halsi sdr glertjlur, ok lambskinns kofra svartan 

2. - a hgfSi, ok vi9 innan kattskinn hvi't, ok hon hafSi staf f hendi, 

3. ok var a knappr; hann var buinn me9 mersingu, ok settr steinum ofan 

4. um knappinn; hon hafSi um sik hnjoskulinda, ok var Jsar 

5. d skj63upungr mikill, ok var3veitti hon {jar f taufr sfn, 

6. {3au er hon Jjurfti til fr66leiks at hafa. Hon hafSi a f6tum 

7. kalfskinns-skua lo6na, ok 1 J)vengi langa ok a tinknappar miklir 

8. a endunum; hon haf3i a hgndum s^r kattskinns-gl6fa, ok vdru hv- 

9. ftir innan ok lo3nir. En er hon kom inn, Jidtti gllum mgnnum skylt at velja 

10. henni sosmiligar kveSjur. Hon tok J)vi sem henni varu menn ge5ja5ir til. T6k I'orkell 

11. bondi [i] hgnd henni, ok leiddi hana til {)ess saetis, sem henni var buit. i'orkell ba5 

12. hana ^a renna par augum yfir hju ok hjgrS' ok sva hib/li. Hon var fa- 

13. malug um allt. Bor9 varu upp tekin um kveldit, ok er fra J)vl 

14. at segja, hvat spakonunni var matbuit. Henni var gerr grau- 

15. tr a ki3jamj61k, ok matbuin hjgrtu 6r gllurn kykvendum t)eim, 

16. er ^ar varu til. Hon hafSi mersingarsp6n ok knif tannskeptan ^, tvfholk- 

17. a3an af eiri, ok var brotinn af oddrinn '. En er bor3 vdru upp tekin, pi 

18. gengr forkell b6ndi fyri {"orbjgrgu, ok spyrr hversu henni J)ikki par um at' h'task, 

19. -e3a hversu skapfeld henni eru [sar hib^'li e3?, haettir manna, e3a hversu 

20. fljotliga hon mun vis ver5a Jaess, er hann hefir spurt hana ok mgnnum er 

21. mest forvitni at vita. Hon kallask ekki munu segja fyrr 

22. en um morgininn -eptir, er hon haf3i a3r sofit um n6ttina. 

23. En um morgininn at ili3num degi, var henni veittr si umbunin- 

24. gr, sem hon J)urfti at hafa til at fremja sei3inn. Hon ba3 ok 

25. fa sdr konur pxr, er kunnu frce3i {Dat, sem til sei3sins fiarf, ok var- 

26. Slokkur hdtu; en pxr konur fundusk eigi. M var leitat at 

27. um boeinn, ef ngkkur kynni. Pi segir Gu3rf3r : ' Hvarki em ek fJQlkunn- 

28. ig n^ vfsinda kona, en \>6 kendi Halldfs, f6stra min, mdr a fslandi 

29. fiat kv3e3i, er hon kalla3i varSlokkur.' I'orkell segir : ' M ertu happfr63: 

30. Hon segir : ' fetta er jDat eitt atferli, er ek sella i 0ngum atbeina at 

31. vera, pvi at ek em kristin kona.' forbjprg segir: 'Sva m^tti ver3a, at ^u 

32. yr3ir mgnnum at li3i h^r um, en Jaii vaerir pi kona ekki verri en 

33. a3r; e,n vi3 {"orkel mun ek meta, at fa pi hluti, er hafa 

' MS. evidently by a slip, hrord. . ' MS. tan« skepan. ' MS. oddin«. 













Icelandic Type Text. 

English translation in "Norse Discovery of America," see page 216. 


1. nxT dagsetri'. torsteinn b6ndi ba6 Gu3n'6i leggjask niSr ok sofa; en hann kv- 

2. ezk vaka mundu um n6ttina yfir Iikinu. Hon g0rir sv^, ok er skamt leiS a 

3. nottina, settisk t'orsteinn Ein'ksson upp, ok mselti ; kvezk vilja at Gu5rf5r vjeri 

4. {jangat kgllu3, ok kvezk vilja tala vi6 hana : ' Gu3 vill at {jessi stund s^ 

5. me'r gefifi til leyfis ok umbotar mfns ra9s.' t'orsteinn bondi gengr a fu- 

6. nd Gu6ri6ar, ok vakSi hana, biSr hana signa sik ok biSja s^r gu5 hjalpar, 

7. ok segir hvat f'orsteinn Ein'ksson haf6i talat vi3 hann; 'ok hann vill finna \>\k, 

8. VcrSr Jju ra3 fyri at sja hvat pu vill upp taka, \>vi at ek kann h^r 

9. um hvarskis at ffsa..' Hon svarar: 'Vera kann, at l)etta s6 aetlat.til ngk-, 

10. kurra {)eiia hluta, er sfSan s^ 1 minni haf3ir, Jjessi hinn undarligi hlu- 

11. tr, en ek vtenti at gu3s gsezla" mun yfir m^r standa; mun ek 

12. ok a haetta me3 gu8s miskunn, at fara til m6ts vi3 hann, ok vita hvat 

13. hann vill tala, \)\'i at ek mun eigi for3ask mega, ef mdr skal mein 

14. at ver3a. Vil ek sf3r at hann gangi vi3ara; en mik grunar, at J)at 

15. man a liggja.' Nu for Gu3ri3r, ok hitti torstein ; s^ndisk henni sem 

16. hann feldi tar. Hann mgelti i eyra henni ngkkur or3 hljott, sva at hon 

17. ein vissi. En {jat maeiti hann sva at allir heyr3u, at Jjeir menn vseri 

18. saelir, er triina heldu, ok henni fylg3i g\\ hjalp ok miskunn, ok sag3i 

19. J56, at margir heldi hana ilia; ' er JDat engi hdttr, sem h^r hefir 

20. verit a Greenland!, si3an kristni kom h6r, at setja riienn ni3r f uvf- 

21. g3a mold vi3 lltla yfirspngva. Vil ek mik lata flytja 

22. til kirkju ok a3ra pi menn, sem hdr hafa andazk, en Gar3ar 

23. vil ek brenna lata d bali sem skj6tast, {jvl at hann veldr 

24. gllum aptrggngum ^im, sem h^r hafa verit f vetr.' Hann sag8i 

25. henni ok um sma hagi, ok kvaS hennar forlgg mikil mundu ver- 

26. 3a, en ba3 hana varask at giptask groenlenzkum mgnnum; 

27. ba3 at hon leg3i !6 {)eira til kirkju, ok sumt fatoe- 

28. kum mgnnum, ok ^a hn^ hann aptr g3ru sinni. Sa haf3i 

29. hattr verit a Groenlandi, si3an kristni kom 

30. Jsangat, at menn varu grafnir a bcejum, 

31. t)ar sem gndu3usk, f uvfg3ri moldu; 

32. skyldi setja staur upp af 

33. brj65ti hinum dau3a. En 

' MS. dag satri. 2 MS. gjtia. 

1 25 


Concerning the Church m America 
Before the Time of Columbus. 




j(t^€4-iZ-.^^^^>^'f'Z^ii^^'t^:^ei^ ^^^'^ir^€>e^^ ^^^/^J^^C^^t^:^'*!^ ^'^^^^-. 


/^-^i^iie^^H^c. ^ii^i^i'^^ ,^i^^-fi^ 


<9 /f-^^e^/^^ {^/^^L- ^.'. 



r/^c:*^ //^^^^/H^ ^/■^t'Jf^//:^ii 

^£^^^^^^^^t<^ ^ 



^^/^xi^ /arri^a^^z.^^ /^^:^t:/x^ ^^^^^^c 

<^«^^ /^fci^i^ii^^ /fH^:- ^fi**^^i^e^yc- //^?/!V?^<^vi:'/^.^ 





Disliiiguislicd Sir: 

Replying to request contained in your letters of May 2d and June 27, the Holy Father instructs me to grant you 
permission to reproduce by photography any of the manuscripts referring to the Constitution of the Church in Green- 
land, that were made a part of the Vatican exhibit at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. 

In communicating to you this benign authorization, I beg to ask that a copy of your very valuable work, in wliich 
the reproductions appear, be presented to the Vatican Library. 

Assuring you of my very distinguished consideration. Devoted to your service, 

Rome, July 14, 1906. R. Cardinal Merry df.i. Vat.. 

Sig. J. W. BuEL, St. Louis. 



T WAS a most important, and equally valuable, discovery, that was 
made in 1902, by searchers among the ancient manuscripts in the 
Vatican repositories, when the letters of several popes were revealed 
in which references are made to Greenland centuries before the 
time of Columbus. It has for a long while been a question, forming the sub- 
ject of a vigorous dispute, whether the claims of Norsemen to having visited 
the New World, as early as the year 1000, were founded upon any trustwor- 
thy evidences. Not a few of the most distinguished historians rejected the 
statements, set forth in the Sagas, as romances characteristic of the heroic 
aspirations of the people during what may be called the "Viking Age." There 
were others, however, who stoutly and with fair reasoning supported the 
authenticity of the discovery, basing their conclusions largely upon the sim- 
plicity of the narrative, the incidents recorded, the accuracy of the descriptions 
of coasts and places, and the sea-roving propensities of the Norse Navigators. 
To the question, which was very apropos, "If the discovery were made, as 
declared, why were not permanent settlements established, and why have 
proofs of occupancy not been found?" This answer was returned: while the 
Northmen were essentially a sea-faring people, and extended their voyages to 
all parts of the North Atlantic coasts, they never had the colonizing spirit, 
being actuated chiefly by expectation of immediate gain; their visits to all 
lands were therefore made principally with a purpose to forage, and it was this 
ambition that gave them a reputation as freebooters rather than as explorers. 
Readers of the preceding volume in the Norroena series, "The Norse Dis- 
covery of America," will recall that when Erik the Red discovered Greenland 
he gave an attractive name to the country with the hope that thereby many 
Icelanders might be persuaded to settle there. It should be borne in mind that 
the people of Iceland were not agriculturists, that their subsistence was most 
largely obtained from the sea, and being unused to cultivating the soil the fer- 
tility of a new country did not greatly appeal to their instincts. These facts 



furnish a sufficient answer to the enquiry quoted, and their setting forth long 
ago demonstrates the logical position taken by those who supported the claims 
of the Norse discoveries. 

Reproduction and translation of those parts of the sagas that describe the 
finding of Greenland, and the exploration of the Atlantic Coast of North 
America, in connection with the historical presentation of the subject in "The 
Norse Discovery of America," lays before American readers, for the first 
time, the documents that have been so fruitful a subject of dispute. This 
will be highly gratifying to every student of history, who is thereby enabled, 
through this accessibility to the manuscripts, to form conclusions as to their 
credibility as records. 

But if republication of ancient Icelandic manuscripts, that describe the 
American discovery nine hundred years ago, be so highly gratifying to the 
student, the masses, I apprehend, will be interested in having placed before 
them documentary proofs confirmatory of the Saga records. These it is our 
pride, pleasure and honor to present, the honor being the greater because this 
is the first time they have ever appeared in print. 

It fortunately happened that discovery of Greenland was made only fifteen 
years ,(985) before the introduction of Christianity into Norway, Sweden, 
and Iceland. Supplanting the old mythology, Catholicism became almost at 
one bound not only a prevalent religion among the Norse, but such earnest- 
ness was manifested that intense zeal to extend the faith became the animat- 
ing ambition of the people. This being known, historians who regarded 
the Sagas purely as romances combatted the claim of credibility with the en- 
quiry: "If Greenland and America were discovered at the early date fixed by 
certain Sagas, why are no records to be found showing that the Holy Church 
took cognizance of that very important event?" 

For more than a century it was suspected that manuscripts did exist 
among the great mass of records and correspondence preserved in the Vatican 
library, that contained references, at least, to the American discovery by 
the Norse. The writer was so deeply interested in the subject that during a 
visit to Rome, in the year 1900, he suggested that a search be made through 
the Vatican manuscripts for such documents. The suggestion was so well 
received that an investigation followed which resulted in the finding of the 
several Papal letters which are reproduced, with translations, in this volume. 


The importance of this literary discovery cannot be overestimated, to the 
church, to America, and to the world. These letters, from the several Popes, 
prove not only the discovery but that the Church, which ever follows fast upon 
the heels of the pioneer, was established in Greenland coincident with the send- 
ing of Leif Erikson to that country b>' King Olaf Trygvason, to introduce 
Christianity, who, the Saga recites, took a priest with him. 

A bishop's seat was established at Gardar, Greenland, and it is certain that 
the Greenland (Nidros) See had jurisdiction over all the extent of country 
embraced in the discovery. This conclusion is confirmed by the statement that 
Bishop Erik Upsi visited the Vinland colonists, presumably not so much to 
carry to them spiritual consolation, as to locate and order the building of a 
church, in which the settlers might worship. 

The earliest of the several letters herein reproduced is that of Pope Innocent 
III, February 13. 1206, but it will be noticed that the reference therein made to 
Greenland is of such a character as to indicate that the Church had been flour- 
ishing there for a long while. The Archbishops to whom these letters were ad- 
dressed had control over the bishops of Greenland, who in turn maintained 
ecclesiastical jurisdiction over that part of America known as Vinland, and 
therefore it was unnecessary for the Pope to make specific reference to Vinland, 
or any part of the American continent, since the whole was comprehended in the 
See of Greenland. 

And it must be told that the search which was so generously rewarded by 
the finding of the reproduced letters, has not been concluded, for so vast is the 
accumulation of manuscripts that several years will be required to complete 
the examination. It is perfectly fair to believe that prosecution of the search 
will bring to light other documents of a much earlier date, in which we can 
hardly doubt that some reference is made to the discovery, by Leif Erikson, of 
Vinland and the church that was founded there. 

But meantime we may content ourselves with the actual ascertainment, 
the positive confirmation, that Greenland was a Christianized country, as the 
Sagas describe, several centuries before the time of Columbus, and even in the 
absence of specific reference to Vinland, or the American continent, the conclu- 
sion is no less irresistible that North America, at least, was known to the Norse- 
men. We have seen that the Icelanders were essentially a sea-faring people; 
that they crossed the North Atlantic in their small, open ships from Norway 


to Iceland, 600 miles, that they made the passage from Iceland to Greenland, 
which is more than 250 miles in a direct line, and so well established them- 
selves there that the settlement continues to this day. Is it conceivable that a 
people who lived so much upon the sea, — who had crossed its most dangerous 
reaches, who made frequent passages between Greenland, Iceland, Norway, — 
would never, by design or accident, cross the 200 miles of water that separates 
Greenland from the continent ! And once gaining the shore of North Ameri- 
ca, would it not follow that they would explore the coast, as the Sagas declare? 
That they made no permanent settlement does not throw discredit upon the 
authenticity of the discovery, for, as explained, the Icelanders were not a colon- 
izing people. They established themselves in Greenland because that country 
so much resembled their own. Moreover, they met no hostile aborigines 
in Greenland, to dispute their occupancy of the land, as they did in Vinland. 
Conditions while probably more favorable climatically were distinctly less en- 
couraging in other particulars, and as to climate the Icelanders so greatly pre- 
fer the arctic that they rarely emigrate from their island, for which reason 
though they number more than 80,000 souls it is an extremely rare thing to 
meet with an Icelander further from home than the Danish possessions, or Nor- 

For the Papal letters which are reproduced in this supplement to the Nor- 
roena series, I beg to acknowledge my gratitude to His Eminence Cardinal 
Merry del Val, Papal Secretary of State, whose authorization was given in a 
personal letter which appears on a preceding page. These recently discov- 
ered communications, to the Archbishops of Norway, constituted a part of the 
Vatican exhibit at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904, copies of which 
were later presented to the St. Louis University and are now to be seen in the 
museum of that institution. 



Manuscript Letter of Pope Innocent III to the Archbishop of Nidros, 
Norzivv, 1206. Greenland-America was included in tlie See of Nidros. 

twltw (jjai. m utx ca« i)VA: *- >ifh«» lugnrwvne .■: trrClca^ ovuri ani que otnit^ Sninthar 
«nu« G.-n^irtt'tu{t^irVint)i£.zi«ni« ASeS. »nb.^>erre "^rkla6 me."^i»fceouje^.nv.c^iit 

6V^t»tA-t3.wnui.d m ■C*lii'm«» iw^itnc »igpixiuve,'ii>dl 6ii&:^^xuf vtnttrn myi oily T^v>»fta. 
tc a3^&nAv..>i,^tucuan>i ODA v^jScr.Ww -rtaJ V)Anc forma tn«rf'a bifticw f«ruAt\ tfr 

i«Qj?».i(ru.ta «dk A^aiiiCA truftatriA. <)[^>ii'«i\;>A "intttt-Ce jiCime tti ^mfii. fur cnii>mtt:^»6S, 1 

■i»v«>>x%iUig«v -.CTimv^ 





'A'/T Text of the Letter of I'of^e Innocent III. 

[Innocentius III.] [13 Febr. 1206.J 

.. Nidrosiensi archiepiscopo ei usque successoribu^ ca- 
nonice substituendis, in perpetuum. Licet omnibus ligandi et sol- 
vendi sit concessa potestas, licet unum preceptum ad omnes idemque perve- 
nerit predicandi evangelium omni creature, velut quedam tamen inter eas 
habita est discretio dignitatis et dorainicarura ovium curam, que omnibus im- 
minebat, unus singulariter suscepit habendam, dicente ad eum Domino : Petre 
amas me? Pasce oves meas. Qui etiam inter omnes apostolos principatus 
nomen obtinuit, et de fratrum confirmatione singulare a Domino preceptum 
accepit, ut in hoc secuture posteritati daretur intelligi, quoniam, quamvis 
multos ad regimen ecclesie contingeret ordinari, unus tamen solummodo su- 
preme dignitatis locum fastigiumque teneret, et unus omnibus et. potestate 
gubernandi et iudicandi omnes presideret. Unde et secundum banc formam 
in ecclesia distinctio servata est dignitatum, et sicut in humano corpore pro 
varietate officiorum diversa ordinata sunt membra, ita in structura ecclesie 
ad diversa ministeria exhibenda diverse persone in di\iersis sunt ordinibus 
constitute. Aliis enim ad singularum ecclesiarum, aliis autem ad singularum 
urbiura dispositionem ordinatis ac rerum, constituti sunt in singulis provinciis 
alii, quorum prima inter fratres sententia habeatur, et ad quorum examen 
subiectarum personarum questiones et negocia referantur. Super omnes 
autem Romanus pontifex tamquam Noe in archa primum locum noscitur 
obtinere, qui ex coUato sibi desuper in apostolorum principe privilegio de 
universorum causis iudicat et disponit et per uuiversum orbem ecclesie filios 
in christiane fidei firmitate non desinit confirmare, talem se curans iugiter 
exhibere, qui vocem dominicam videatur audisse, qua dicitur : Et tu aliquando 
conversus confirma fratres tuos. Hoc nimirum post beatum Petrum illi apo- 
stoli et viri, qui per successiones temporum ad gerendam curam sedis apo- 
stolice surrexerunt indesinenti cu- 



Contimiation of the Manuscript Letter of Pope Innocent III. 


ibtfitsM.ifemtn.m'ao u>x«=i Tux <»fitttj ■{seUmfWUw««itvc,T(^''p4trR.tirm"tutttitala" 

tnffentviItAS Attr^t in tnAatxte, tal/mxCvEbi creftttu Lii^t eft ii& tiGtrnwrt^ fia^Cfer 

n(M3?«iTirjitiiftcnJ'fMi tatsi«n»ar»ftt»\ i-ntp[c«itf.u>.«ct<:;9'-pjx$anc2fibr-nf a pceKw.^4il«il 
iol)t AucsflTdrt «io tn&uJdr.T tie-^sccro uuToe ilortS>«<' incmopoUtan cum ^joSic J»^c;» ' 
imflA gtiJJiiJtDi, fut iirbem m^roftefi <i^t:^tucie' ]y«u£ m2u»poUm. of&tnauit.ia^ 
Iom.AnuvtTi|nen.fiii^^T. 5KUUin0nw.Jn&tla6 iJ)rc46e?.JnlulAS fettit-.5utrijarr.-rj{lS»<ai 

incct-opoltwtui- (III* tmnCtbi^ fixt« fttc«trort^» obcOire .lie igur 4» xttoIcnttS iaiftttu»i fpi' 
wPi inu|^ hccar aqjunre tioS ft.we.p&o tRi^ai^.r^llev'. Atci' fjcmtts' ^'.rv-SKyiwivanpo 
ttftt ^l^ihg^5 ittftmce&.evrwf cSftiToin x.^uo.;i.<S,,..(».5iaui*ics v^t tUBM>fi?n«t. 

iif fito iticctppolttaij obf&iat.-r^ tnanu-uSv c6fttmT5t& ^ttvm CorttAut-.SuccefrotttSdur 
tjit AX> v^&mxii pdn§.oe tni papain. 5otvu' cotfoantoi^ a«5«>jcr.-7 ciCclutrwro 7 ■si>oni.inea1i 
fubiecTLfcm^ ^ciftaic.'pon'o tStcffo tibt-pall«>.|»OTiftcsiV.f ^otliaj pleturxi&tn e.m^m ^xia^v 
tm AT^facainitttuiio'lTtepiiiA^iinmiS'^-iuaA ttta.jitjs folumo?>o 1««>b5 sm ft-niiaiS' 
liiA wlvinc. qui niftrllcsguttr tn&rt|>nJLtcuitia.i!ei5nL C'j>i|>|j;&. (TcriA Mu .S-cfiitr 

vtwSh. Afceofccme. •p««o>fce^.^ii fAll^ntinnljj ^c aw ^e»\ircis t^^<^.- '^*^^- «vife-^'it* 
ltaof><HnI-}»ctn.zpauU.J«u<nto5.T9»uifa£u:w' fceftitcts.ndiiTviszvtE-tjt V,f^i.e; lw«'Tw.Sib> 

t'la.itafttMiuccuota^age.qijAtmtn.iKjtttiO;^ *rtumieta *^"t>fe haIc^w (oatiMt^.Swui 
crct&e ^jt»apiu.i6. «^ttatSfc tni»tt5. a«»e ■ptvtt *ifn.-et' in/Il«jo. ur;I'«\ ilb(»» c«xi nbtrir 

5tu»n«i»vta &<x:tn«aJ«JtiTii4.r.Mj«:t:tu-Cu uwt ticaxviiJi ^'ttAht<AvM^cn\xx> cfe^tAtV 
amitm rtgvm nuirH .^"uij *ia ffcu^ui tibi fir apKcc. tf^.Tvnyn^ hntvir obfet-uJU-c;tt» 
c^ri\Am.-:>nc xtic: <^«, hiiUi ol>e>vw^4?a» fr tttxpS^^jri^inr inulta.^tliAtjQjryialkt- 
pfaCiir&iJtij.^oiiviL.i f;icil%, cfV'aSxvtuScer A&xtnpfe pon^.fi turnvnT Otmu itiMftiSw 
Grt-uaTO hw«n6 7})«VitaxE.T ffeffwi© l7rt*ftcn^t6.inTiis b'cbts-ticniUTi ^.-^c.-uCf ixv 
fene. "6.^f p^tn afr.{'.y.|im.\n jp.CifVAf.m tf^frjuJ-T r>uic CarJ^.A^ i^-omaii ctd'c tfknc«?t4. 
rt5.jJ?{5*c;|tt&icrAn Jnmm.jnilcc- an»u>- ftJ- <^. V^ . pcnnficarxirdotwiulnnoCOTJ.^. 




Contiiuiation of ihc Type Text of the Letter of Pope Innocent III. 

curaverunt studio adimplere et per universum orbem nunc per se nunc per 
legates suos corrigenda corrigere et statuenda statuere summopere studuerunt. 
Quorum quoque vestigia subsecutus felicis memorie Eugenius papa, ante- 
cessor noster, de corrigendis hiis. que in regno N(n'\veie correctionem vide- 
bantur exposcere et verbo ibi fidei seminando iuxta sui officii debitum solli- 
citus extitit, et quod per se ipsum, universalis ecclesie cura obsistente, non 
potuit, pel' legatiiiii suum Nicholaum, tunc scilicet Albanensem episcopum, qui 
postea in Romauum pontificein est assumptus, execution! niandavit. Qui ad 
partes accedens, sicut a suo patrefamilias acceperat in mandatis, talentum sibi 
creditum largitus est ad usuram et tamquam tidelis servus et prudens, multipli- 
catum inde fructuiu studuit reportare. Inter cetera vero. que ad laudem illic 
noniinis Dei et ministerii sui commendationem implevit, iuxta quod predictus 
antecessor noster ei preceperat, palleum lohanni antecessori tuo indulsit et, 
ne de cetero provincie Norweie inetropolitani cura possit deesse, commissam 
gubernationi tue urbem Nidrosiensern eiuslem provincie perpetuam metro- 
polim ordinavit et ei Asloensem, Ainatripiensem. Bargensein, Stavangrien- 
sem, insulas Orcades, insulas Fareie, Sutrliaie et [slaadenseni et Grene- 
landie episcopatus tamquam sue metropoli |)erpetuis temporibus constituit sub- 
iacere et eorum episcopos sicut metropolitanis suis tam sibi quam suis suc- 
cessoribus obedire. Ne igitur ad violeatiaui constitutionis ipsius ulli unquani 
liceat aspirare, nos felicis memoi'io predicti Eugenii et Alexatidri atque de- 
mentis predecessosum nostrorum Roinauorum pontificum vestigiis iiiherentes, 
eandem constitutionem auctoritate apostolica contiiaiamus et presentis script! 
privilegio communimi;s , statuentes ut Nidrosiensis civitas supradictariim ur- 
bium perpetuis temporibus metropolis habeatur, et earum episcopi tam tibi 
quam tuis successoribus sicut suo metropolitano obediant et de manu vestra 
consecrationis gratiam sortiantur, successnres autem tui ad Romanum ponti- 
ficem tantum percepturi donum consecrationis accedant, et ei solummodo et 
Romane ecclesie subiecti semper existant. Porro C(Micesso tibi palleo ponti- 
ficalis scilicet officii plenitudine infra ecclesiam tantum ad sacra missarum 
sollempnia per universam provinciam tuam hiis solummodo diebus uti fra- 
ternitas tua debebit, qui inferius leguntur inscripti: Nativitate Domini, Epi- 
phania, Cena Domini, Resurrectione, Ascensione, Pentecoste, in sollempnitatibus 
beate Dei Genitricis semperque virginis Marie, Natalicio beatorum Petri et 
Pauli, Inventione et Exaltatione sancte Crucis, Nativitate beati loannis baptiste, 
festo beati lohannis evangeliste, Commemoratione omnium sanctorum, in con- 
secrationibus ecclesiarum vel episcoporum, benedictionibus abbatum, ordina- 
tionibus presbiterorijm, in die consecrationis ecclesie tue ac festis sancte Tri- 
nitatis, et sancti Olavi et anniversario- tue consecrationis die. Studeat ergo 
tua fraternitas plenitudine tante dignitatis suscepta ita strenue cuncta per- 
agere. quatinus morum tuorum ornamenta eidem valeant convenire. Sit vita 
tua subditis exemplum, ut per earn cognoscant. quid debeant appetere, quid 
cogantur vitare; esto discretione precipuus, cogitatioiie raundus, actione purus, 
discretus in silentio, utilis in verbo, cura tibi sit magis prodesse hominibus 
quam preesse. Non in te potestatem ordinis, sed equalitatem oportet pensare 
conditionis. Stude ne vita doctrinam destituat, nee cursum vite doctrina con- 
tradicat. Memento quod est ars artium regimen animarum. Super omnia stu- 
dium tibi sit apostolice sedis decreta firmiter observare et tamquam matri 
et (lomine tue ei humiliter obedire. Ecce frater in Christo karissime inter 
multa alia hec sunt pallei, hec sacerdotii, que omnia facile Christo adiu- 
vante adimplere poteris, si virtutum omnium magistram caritatem habueris 
et humilitatem, et quod foris habere ostenderis intus habebis. Decernimus 
ergo et c. usque in finem. Dat. Rome apud Sanctum Petrum per manus loannis, 
Sancte Marie in Cosmedin diaconi cardinalis, sancte Romane ecclesie can- 
cellarii, idibus februarii, indictione vj, incarnationis dominice anno M°CC°V°, 
pontificatus vero domini Innocenfii pape iij anno octavo. 



English Translation of the Letter of Pope Innoccut III. 

(Innocent III.) (Feb. 3206.) 

1. To THE Archbishop of Nidrosi (Nidros) and his successors canonicalh- 
appointed, in perpetuity. Although indeed the power to bind and loose was 
granted to all the Apostles, and although the injunction to preach the Gospel to 
every creature applied to all, still, as it were, there obtained with them a certain 
distinction in rank, and one in particular undertook to secure that care of the 
Lord's sheep which was incumbent upon all; for to him the Lord said: "Peter, 
lovest thou me ? Feed my sheep !" This one, moreover, was called Prince 
of the Apostles, and received special instruction from the Lord about fortify- 
ing his brethren, as it should be understood by posterity, that, although many 
would be ordained for the ministry of the Church, still only one should have 
the position and distinction of supreme authority," and preside in governing 
and judging all. Hence, not only has the Church observed the distinction in 
rank, but also, just as in the human body the various members have been 
designed for different functions, so, in the organism of the Church, different 
persons have been assigned to various grades and tasks. Thus while some 
have been given the administration of single churches and others that of single 
cities, still others, whose judgment should have the greatest weight with 
their brethren, and to whose investigation are to be referred all questions and 
undertakings of their inferiors, have been established in single provinces. 
Above all, however, the Roman Pontiff is recognized as holding the highest 
office just as Noe in the Ark; by his heaven-sent prerogative as Prince of the 
Apostles, he judges and disposes of all difficulties, and, throughout the earth 
never ceases to strengthen the sons of the Church in the Christian Faith, always 
carefully demanding himself as one who had received the word of the Lord : 
"And thou, being once converted, confirm thy brethren !" This injunction, in 
truth, those Apostles and others, who succeeded the blessed Peter in the duties 
of the Apostolic See, sought, with untiring zeal, to carry out, and throughout 
the globe made every effort, either personally or through their Legates, to 
right the wrong and decide the undetermined. Following in their footsteps, 
Pope Eugenius, Our predecessor of blessed memory, in the spirit of his office, 
ardently desired to plant the Faith in the Kingdom of Norway and to remove 
those evils which seemed there especially in need of remedy ; and whatever he 
could not himself accomplish, impeded as he was by the care of the Universal 
Church, he committed to his legate, Nicolas, then Bishop of Alba and after- 
wards raised to the Roman Pontificate. Nicholas, upon assuming office, put 
out at interest the talent loaned to him, even as it had been enjoined on him 
by his master, and like a true and prudent servant, strove to reap therefrom a 
harvest many times increased. But among other things which he accomplished 
for the glory of God and to the praise of his own ministry, in accordance with 
the admonition of Our aforesaid predecessor, he conferred the Pallium upon 
your predecessor, John ; and in order that the rest of the Norwegian province 
might not lack the attention of a metropolitan, he decreed that the city of Nidrosi 
(Nidros), committed to your direction, be the permanent metropolis of the 




Continuation of the Bnglisli Translation of the Letter of Pope Inno- 
cent III. 

province, and that Aslo, Amatripia, Barga, Stavangria, the Orcade (Orkneys) 
Islands, the Islands of Fareia (Faroes), the bishoprics of Sutrhaia, Iceland, 
and Greenland, be subject to it forever as their metropolis, and that their 
bishops obey both him (your predecessor) and his successors as their metro- 
politans. Accordingly, that no one may ever attempt to violate this ordinance, 
We, after the example of the aforesaid Eugenius of blessed memory, and of 
Alexander and Clement, Our predecessors in the Roman Pontificate, confirm 
the same by apostolic authority, and seal it by this document, wherein We 
determine that the City of Nidrosi be regarded for all time as the metropolis 
of the above named cities, and that the bishop of the latter obey both you and 
your successors as their metropolitans, and receive the grace of consecration at 
your hands ; but that your successors apply to the Roman Pontiff for so great 
a gift of consecration, and remain forever subject to him alone and to the 
Roman Church. Moreover, the Pallium granted you, the fullness, namely, 
of the pontifical office subject to the Church, your Fraternity should use at the 
solemn celebration of Mass throughout your province only on the days in- 
scribed below : the Nativity of Our Lord, Epiphany, Corpus Christi, Easter, the 
Ascension of Our Lord, Pentecost, the festivals of the blessed Mother of God, 
Mary, ever Virgin, the Natal days of blessed Peter and Paul, the day of the 
Finding and Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Nativity of John the Baptist, 
the feast of blessed John the Evangelist, the Feast of All Saints, at the con- 
secration of churches and bishops, at the blessing of abbots, at the ordination 
of priests, on the day of the consecration of your church, on the feasts of the 
blessed Trinity, and of St. Olaf, and on the anniversary of your consecration. 
Let your Fraternity, therefore, now that you have received the fullness of 
such dignity, earnestly endeavor to accomplish all things in such a way that 
the excellence of your character may rise as much as possible to the same 
standard. Let your life be an example to your inferiors, that they may learn 
therein what to seek and what to avoid ; be first in discretion, elegant in thought, 
pure in deed, judicious in silence, practical in speech, and let your aim be 
rather to benefit than to rule mankind. For it is proper that others be im- 
pressed, not with the importance of your rank, but with the equality of your 
condition. Let not your life forsake your teaching, nor your teaching con- 
tradict your life. Remember that the art of arts is the direction of souls. 
Above all things be careful to observe unflinchingly the decrees of the Apostolic 
See, and to obey the latter humbly as your mother and your master. Behold, 
dear brother in Christ, among many others, these are the duties of the Pallium, 
these the duties of the priesthood, all of which you will easily be able to fulfill 
with Christ's assistance, if you will cultivate humility and charity, the mistress 
of virtues, and if your interior will be even as your exterior. We decree, 
therefore, and confirm (?) the above to the end of time. 

Given in Rome, at St. Peter's, by the hand of John, Cardinal Deacon of St. 
Mary in Cosmedin, Chancellor of the Holy Roman Church, on the Ides of Feb- 
ruary, in the sixth indication, the year of the Incarnation of Our Lord MCCVI, 
the eighth year of the Pontificate of Pope Innocent III. 



Mcumscript Letter of Pope John XXI to the .Irchbishop of Nidros, 

nrfStM tu»U f rn ft n ene mtiirurotr nrm f o>lUcru> tecic rrr^ft i<-Pcgno tlortl^c ^ ltmi?.t|> 
i^fe-cwntffu TtUmi* t^jmnear rrpffr wr<»*<» j^«e etc "Cc^i ldx.-t0,^ boc^ffalr wii 
tnrtrt^ <^«tnin l|»fltWe uitcur ch f%irtm ^tic q It noi.ftticM 1 1i^;tio rriftw et*Dtni 
4 d9«ciofeltt3iYi«^4tiao hxrrcnwv^xjfttxifA «cr lUtK^pr ttwm<i ifs^mta xnx Kin O-utqn 

Itffitfnf t^ teae cofh tutv af>U«i« fine nm 4^ ^tee iUa^ no unleir j^uetnr mantcttu f<*fhi 
Uftt "fii^ hoc ^ 4^rc.|n«ttnM irmcbnl ^bilim -Ciifvett^ «jr »»«' colUem eic tcdribUio 

T fttdcp fia. ^hf tm tm^tfi* <rfcw on«ntr jtf>^tr<? tlUp irfHnmr^Mineo ^ <«» ckwhwt 

teat m^nt^tfT|r^nC' mcl>o i*^ eeUeettHi Jfjmii ^tr-tfm ofcivfc («UicmiHf fbrtnil l|«6» 

^0^t^^i\6nllkjccmyr 2nne iynxo' <Fifccitn ; — 





Type Text of Letter of Pope John XXI to the Archbishop of Nidros. 

[[oaiines XXL] [4 Dec. 1276.] 

.. Archiepiscopo Nidrosiensi. Tua nobis fraternitas intimavit, 
quod, cum tibi coUectio decime Terre Sancte in regno Norwagie per lit- 
teras apostolicas sit commissum et in litteris ipsis contineatur expresse, 
ut omnes partes eiusdem regni debeas propter hoc personaliter visitare, id- 
que quodammodo impossibile videatur, cum Gardensis diocesis, que de tua 
provincia et regno existit eodem, a metropolitana ecclesia adeo sit remota, 
quod de ipsa ecclesia illuc propter maris impedimenta vix infra quinquennium 
ire quis valeat et redire ad ecclesiam supradictam, ac ideo dubites, quod 
adhuc infra temporis spatium ad solutionem ipsius decime constituti aposto- 
licum sive tuuni ad partes illas non valeat pervenire mandatum; postulasti 
super hoc per apostolice sedis providentiam remedium adhiberi. Cupientes 
igitur, ut collectioni eiusdem decime sollicitis studiis intendatur, volumus et 
fraternitati tue per apostolica scripta mandamus, quatinus, si premissa Veritas 
comitetur, aliquas personas ydoneas et fideles, super quibus tuam intendimus 
conscientiam onerare, ad partes illas destinare procures, que ad executionem 
collectionis eiusdem diligenter invigilent et intendant aliasque super hoc pro- 
videre studeas, prout utilitati eiusdem decime videris expedire; nichilominus 
ad collectionem huiusmodi per te ipsum operose sollicitudinis studium impen- 
surus, ita quod proinde tibi a Domino premium compares et sedis apostolice 
gratiam uberius mcrearis. Dat. Vitcrbii ii nonas decembris, anno primo. 

Eidem. Tua nobis et c. usque in regno Norwagie sit commissa per 
sedis apostolice litteras speciales, et in eis contineatur expresse, 



Eiiglisli Translation of tlic Second Part of the Letter of Pope John XXL 

(John XXI.) (Dec. 4, 1276.) 

2. To THE Archbishop of Nidrosi. Your Fraternity has informed Us 
that, whereas in the Kingdom of Norway, the collection of the tithe for the 
Holy Land has been entrusted to you by Apostolic Letters, in which it is ex- 
pressly declared that you shall personally visit all parts of the Kingdom for 
that purpose, this seems in a measure impossible, since the diocese of Garda, 
subject to your province and said Kingdom, is so far distant from the metro- 
politan church that, because of the difficulties of navigation, one can scarcely 
make the voyage, thither and return, in less than five years ; so that you doubt 
that the apostolic command, or your own, can reach those parts within the time 
appointed for the payment of the tithe ; you have therefore besought the 
Apostolic See to provide some solution of the difficulty. Desiring, then, that 
the gathering of the tithe be carried on with earnest zeal, We order and com- 
mand your Fraternity by Apostolic Letters, that if the foregoing conditions 
are true, that you procure for those regions suitable and faithful persons, in 
regard to whom We purpose to bind your conscience, and who are to watch 
over and attend carefully to the collection of the tithe, and that you endeavor 
furthermore to provide other persons, accordingly as you will find it expedient 
for the tithe ; nevertheless you should also apply yourself with diligent solicitude 
to the latter, that you may thereby prepare for yourself a reward from God, 
and merit more plentifully the favor of the Apostolic See. Given at Viterbo, 
on the day before the Nonse of December, in the first year (of Our Pontificate). 



Continuation of Manuscript Letter of Pope John XXI to the Arch- 
bis li op of A'idros. 

nefdl^'^S'^HlfftwM' cortue MJi;fM0 ytt* off |>t>cijfr|>(idnlV mft«irrt»tbc^inflFlalcttl>i 
ftctuyttiti^XsfctttitvtiA «>gcrciti».<6«cfri ^ ttr';^ cr»ftc Inoc <»^ opU<sctortp?tc<icc*©6<lut»«^ 

9micv(aiM onctstrc ^limof btnoi f cAht Xncc fi»^ i^7 rede e»lUct%^'7tftwtixritiAeia 

tUtmMh noh (^ ttt^f\^ nt mwf ifitimm ttffiif loc; l?cg;nj fU>rtfi4^;ie i <^uo ^ f -g? b«aP a»Ucr 
t^ tvae ^ fcit ic^tzitc filbfitno cj»tn^»/tue Ccllcavtcfi mr^^pnu({ic<tj i^fei-^ -xj ihc 

tetwni a>lUgftr TCDllccta ftwMtti^tpiW t»tto% <»Uecn>nl«? Tc^^ 

I TUxtttitfti ixot q' V 'ftsg;?!© tlor^agic I quo ^ tecic -TMrloc a4kcn« c^fmtiffiEi nfcp aico 
^nihe «r tnetictn t>tnofa^ ttfiuJig ^cv i|nife^i IttnitcP t|?no ttc batcr q»tp iat®* 
jgtifc?l6- "P^w tnoncwnfiie 4U<^ -no enftifn ctcfair {cgcte^ iic? fm^l aIu gca^ 
;^uaVr>^ \Amcm^e ayifols; fcrc trii^jwr vuci tniln ftiflbcntTir ljmn4 (tti' Ci^oin 
^£iW& Vmx^'fttmifti c^tcrttA^ qiiirtcrkmatun^a^pticib; <TTri<mctn ip»tn« coUigjr 
tdXAtf ottntuttv^'^tl^^ t^ 49 en 4 ftw tttiltetat ti<^tu> tntctcntee e^-ttbtre iMJcwittr 

r»tvtnnri^r<^#mAlU^ tmtrcv€^ fliUii? tx^lliinlw to.-'R^nr q««>im«r «rt«riB&i^«oJ 
sweo Ukr *cnwc^ a evtlci^ q* ex iXUt ftiftcn«rt tt© p»|plr 'fjj» Ixibttw xutc tuc/Mf^s^ 
tntwJT Tiodx^ l^1«tr /ytT wc^«^tl«/^ 4em«t« >oti# ^ tn tecWttuWIf 



Latin Type Text of Letter of Fope John XXI (continued). 

ut omnes eiusdem regni partes debeas propter hoc personaliter visitare, ac 
plures dioceses in regno ipso tuaque pro.vincia constitute per maris spatia 
adeo sint disperse ac intra suos liraites dilatate, quod fere infra sex annos 
et absque gravissimo ecclesie tue dispendio partes omnes predictarum per- 
sonaliter visitare diocesum difficile tibi foi-et, cum nonnunquam per dietas 
quinque ac plures etiam te per talia loca procedere oporteret, in quibus ob 
doraorum defectum tecum deferre tentoria cogereris, concedi tibi, ut per 
easdem dioceses super coUectione ipsius decime certos nuntios tuos ydoneos 
et discretes, mandate apostolico contrario non obstante, deputare valeas po- 
stulasti. Nos itaque tua et ecclesie tue dispendia e\itantes, tibi, ut, si pre- 
missis veris existentibus expedire videris . super quo tuam intendimus con- 
scientiam onerare, nuntios huiusmodi per easdem dioceses super ipsius decime 
collectione deputare valeas, tenore presentium duximus concedendum; volentes 
nichilominus , ut tu illas ex predictis diocesibus personaliter visites, quas 
absque magno incomodo poteris visitare, sollicitum studium adhibens circa 
coUetionem decime supradicte, ita quod exinde premium expectes a Domino, 
cuius negotium agitur. et favorem apostolicum uberius merearius. Dat ut 

4< Eidem. Intimasti nobis, quod, cum propter nimiam episcopatuum diffu- 

sionem regni Norwagie, in quo tibi per apostolicas litteras collectio decime 
Terre Sancte deputate subsidio est commissa, duo coUectores iuxta promis- 
sionem fl. permissionem] apostolice sedis in qualibet diocesi ordinati ne- 
quaquam sufRciant ad ipsam decimam colligendam, nee per illos posset co-' 
mode colligi absque magno profluvio expensarum, tu cum consilio et assensu 
suffraganeorum tuorum ipsius regni pro huiusmodi utilitate negotii statuisti 
per rura singularum diocesum plures alios collectores, qui- suis laboribus et 
expensis predictam decimam colligant et cnllectam statutis temporibus duobus 
collectoribus deferant, qui sunt in civitatibus deputati, unde nobis humiliter 
supplicasti, ut eorundem collectorum rularium [I. ruraliumj labores et sum- 
ptus benigna meditatione pensantes, aliquam illis indulgentiam, concedere cu- 
raremus. A'olentes itaque, ut iideni collectores rurales fructum ex suis labo- 
ribus et sumptibus consequantur. eis iilarn indulgentiam impartimur, que ad 
promotionem negotii Terre Sancte opein et operani exhibentibus est concessa. 
Dat. ut supra. 

6. Eidem. Intimasti nobis, quod in regno Norwagie, in quo tibi decime 

Terre Sancte collectio est commissa, usque adeo vilis esse moneta dinoscitur 
usualis, quod extra ipsius regni limites in pretio non habetur, quodque in 
quibusdam partibus dicti regni monete usus aliquis nnn existit nee crescunt 
segetes neque IVugum alia genera producuntur, sed lacticiniis et piscibus fere 
duiiitaxat vita inib. sustentatur huniana. Quare sig.iificari tibi a nobis humi- 
liter petivisti, quid de decima, que de lacticiniis et piscibus et moneta pre- 
dictis colligitur, debeas ordinare. Nos igitur ad ea. que sunt utiliora negotio 
infendentes expedire videmus. ut. premissis veris existentibus. in aurum vel 
argentum . prout commodius fieri poterit , huiusmodi moneta et decima con- 
vertantur. De monialibus autem et personis aliis regularibus dicti regni, quo- 
rum proventus et redditus ecclesiastic! adeo sunt tenues et exiles, quod ex 
illis sustentari non possunt, sed pro hahenda vite sue substentatione necesse 
habeant publice mendicare et helemosinas petere, servare poteris, quod in 
declarationibus super ipsius decime editis plenius continetur. Dat. ut supra. 




English Translation of tin- Later of Pope John XXI (continned). 

?>. To THE Same. Your Fraternity has informed Us that, whereas, in the 
Kingdom of Norway, the collection of the tithe for the Holy Land has been 
entrusted to you by special Letters of the Apostolic See, in which it is ex- 
pressly declared that you should personally visit -all parts of said Kingdom for 
that purpose, the majority of the dioceses of the Kingdom and of your pro- 
vince are so scattered through the expanse of the sea and so extended within 
their own limits that it would be difficult for you to visit all parts of the said 
dioceses even in six years and at very great expense to your church, since 
frequently, for five days at a time and more, you would have to travel through 
regions where, because of the want of houses, you would be forced to carry 
tents with you ; wherefore you have asked permission to delegate certain 
prudent and able Nuncios of yours to gather the tithe in those dioceses, any 
Apostolic order to the contrary notwithstanding. We. therefore, wishing to 
diminish your expenses and those of your church, have decided to grant, by 
the tenor of the present document, that, if you will find it expedient under 
the above conditions, duly verified, in regard to which We intend to bind your 
conscience, you may delegate the said Nuncios to collect the tithe in said 
provinces ; at the same time, however. We wish that you visit in person those 
of the said dioceses which you will be able to visit without great inconvenience, 
and display zealous solicitude in the collection of said tithe, that you may expect 
therefore a reward from the Lord, Whose interest it is, and merit also greater 
apostolic favor. Given as above. 

•i. To THE Same. You have informed Us that, because of the exceeding 
territorial extent of the bishoprics of the Kingdom of Norway, where the 
collection of the tithe intended for the help of the Holy Land has been assigned 
to you, two collectors, appointed in each diocese by permission of the Apostolic 
See, are by no means sufficient for gathering the tithe, nor able to do so con- 
veniently and without greatly increased expenses ; and therefore, you, with the 
advice and consent of your Suffragans of the same Kingdom, have appointed 
many other collectors in the rural districts of the various dioceses, who, at their 
own labor and expense, gather the said tithe and deliver it, on the days appointed, 
to two collectors delegated for the cities ; wherefore you have humbly besought 
Us that, rewarding the toil and expenditure of those rural collectors with 
fatherly consideration, We grant them some indulgence. Wishing, therefore, 
that the same rural collectors receive some compensation for their toil and 
expenditures, \\'e impart to them that indulgence which has been granted to 
those who bestow means and labor upon furthering the cause of the Holy Land. 
Given as above. 

5. To THE Same. Y-ou have informed L^s that in the Kingdom of Norway, 
in which the collection of the tithe for tlie Holy Land has been entrusted to 
you, ordinary money (coin) is held so cheap that outside the Kingdom it is not 
in demand ; furthermore, that in certain parts of said Kingdom coined monev is 
not in use, nor does corn grow, nor are other kinds of staple food produced, 
but human life is sustained almost entirelv on milkfood and fish. For this 
reason you have humbly besought Us to declare what you should decree about 
the tithe gathered from said milkfood and fish and money. We, therefore, 
mindful of what is of greater utility for the undertaking, deem it well to pro- 
pose that, if the above conditions are true, said money and tithe be converted 
into gold or silver, according to convenience. But with regard to the monks 
and other religious of said Kingdom, whose ecclesiastical income and returns are 
so small and insignificant that they cannot draw their support therefrom, but 
find it necessary for their sustenance to beg publicly and ask alms, you may 
observe the directions previously given in the instructions about the said tithe. 
Given as above. 



Manuscript Letter of Pope Nicolas III to tlie .Irchhishop of Nidros, 

coftfKrW- innlmii ovntfi d>cccaui ifrn qxio^ t^ coft{Vit inmruwii<|ric uift 
mn^\)n cti ntu> qfA nmitc A^ cict'T^iCiilc lurttrtnonc tcitltiirt' ucla tn silttim. 
tut^tii^f circ»hmitntc'cni?trtta <^ii^ MfcnlAnni cxjlligtin ^ea«^a cdrntflo 4 
ioffiao cw Tttf* riAucifi a& aMivttft» trrtfmififti cwilc *7fub Ipt mc irmficattM^ 
cocciTtftt eitt nrcUcp^ ab rtcoii^Kuv c|v9i ^co cj^ 1?Yi{i>i luawtA m ftnntne 
flip ]-»oc ttTtmift tic (ckuim^ trvcxnxtin- abfojwcwjf ^ cu et& Wft£filter fitp tn-c- 
gtiiiemr fwjim^fmilcfbfiwn a»rinxerur.flii*A nobt»V>uiltr |a£HftiiUdi^rmnli 

tuimr Actjcfrt finu^tnbli* t^caamW «> hoc aimctc© Ktwn t«tf© tdizeii)^ «mm 
eve ^ata^|>iciili^ ^ cr{c<|iic6 occwiv^^^ificu* renicNo (^timt^ '^Cctmu tibt 
ai^omictrm /urnbfcthl3^l citccd m m t*ci cfita ^ijj& "fnliili^ n^tnfl cinf^fh 
tiuoe A pm f»itA tuvm ^li oa: *7^tfi:dmt^^ cm cif» fi^ trr*glfiTiwnf \^n^i 
lilxj* ,Dmicrt^uaIc^ dficui f>tj5 <^of»,tt*r coUccwie mmtimm A^ 1^T^^^rt^ft 
liifulsi&TclVinAfh xiVfiolitmi tpfW^tcfhrvibu* •tN^r'ToTn svi^ &aii yctvix i 



Latin Type Text of Letter of Pope Nicolas III 

[Nicoiaus III.] [31 Ian. 1279.1 

Venerabili fratri .. archiepiscopo Nidrosiensi. Ex trans- 
missa nobis nuper tuarum coUegimus serie litterarum , quod insula, in qua 
civitas Cai'densis consistit, propter malitiam maris Occeani, infra quod ipsa 
consistit, raro navigio visitantur; unde, cum nuper quidam naute ad eiusdem 
insula visitationem tenderent vela in altum, tu huiusmodi oportunitate captata 
quendam discretum virum, colligendi decimam commisso sibi officio, cum dictis 
nautis ad civitatera transmissisti eandem, et sub spa nostra ratificationis con- 
cessisti eidem, ut clericos ab excommunicationis sententia. quam pro eo quod 
huiusmodi decimam in statutis super hoc terminis non solverunt incurrerant, 
absolveret et cum eis dispensaret super irregularitate, si quam proinde for- 
sitan contraxerunt. Quare a nobis humiliter postulasti, ut ratificare benignius 
dignaremur. Cum itaque huiusmodi postulationi, ut pote que rationis viribus 
non iuTatur, [I. iuvatur, non] acquiescere favorahiliter nequeamus, ac propter 
hoc cupientes huiusmodi tuis desideriis annuere et animarum periculis per con- 
sequens occurrere provisionis remedio salutaris, presantium tibi auctoritate 
commictimus, ut absolvendi clericos tam in predicta quam aliis insulis maris 
eiusdem constitutes, a predicta sententia iuxta formam ecclesie et dispensandi 
cum eis super irregularitate huiusmodi libere commictera valeas officium hiis, 
quos propter coUectionis ministerium ad predictas insulas destinasti vel for- 
sitan imposterum destinabis. Dat. Rome apud Sanctum Petrum ii kalendas 
februarii, anno secundo. 



English Translation of the Letter of Pope Nicolas III, January, 127'.t. 

(Nicolas III.) (Jan. 31, 1979.) 

G. To OUR Venerable Brother — Archbishop of Nidrosi. From the 
series of your letters, lately transmitted to Us, we gather that the island, on 
which stands the City of Garda, is seldom visited by ships, because of the 
dangers of the Ocean surrounding it ; wherefore, when of late certain seamen 
set sail for this same island, you, embracing the opportunity, sent a certain 
prudent man with them to the same city, having commissioned him to collect 
the tithe, and, in the hope of securing Our ratification, you have empowered 
him to absolve the clerics from the sentence of excommunication which they 
had incurred for not paying the tithe within the appointed time, and to dispense 
them from any irregularity which perchance they contracted therefrom. For 
this reason you have humbly besought Us to kindly ratify your action. 
Since, then We cannot but acquiesce favorably in this request, inasmuch as 
it is highly reasonable, and wishing therefore to approve of your desire and to 
avert in consequence the danger of souls by means of a salutary remedy, We 
invest you with authority to grant freely to those whom you have sent to said 
islands in the matter of the collection, or perhaps will send in the future, the 
function of absolving the clerics, as well in said island as in others of the same 
Ocean, from said sentence according to the ecclesiastical forms, and of dispens- 
ing them from the same irregularity. Given in Rome, at St. Peter's, on the 
day preceding the Calends of February, in the second year (of Our Pontificate). 



Miiiuiscript Letter of Pope Nicolas III to. the Arehhishop of Nidros. 
June, 1379. 

iir £rt cfic;c cccrU? ifm cat* tH»nA ccftftetul '^mW^^c ^wue rtvi<r»*lui» 

^(oUuifo&ipi^^reii^mA inmm cultu^ ^f^i (hcmjnenni ^W" in*- 



Latin Type Tc.rt of Letter of Pope Nicolas III to the Archbishop of 

[Nicolaus III.] [9 Inn. 1279.] 

7. Eidem [magistro Bertrando Amalrici]. Te nuper significante 

accepimus, quod in cathedralibus ecclesiis in Datie et Suetie regnis conatitutis 
nonnulli redditus devotione fidelium deputati existunt, ex quibus per personam 
ad hoc specialiter depiitatam clericis ecclesiarum infra eadem regna consi- 
stentium vinum et ostie annis singulis ministrantur. Quia vero, an de huius- 
modi redditibus exigi debeat decima, consultationem a sede apostolica postu- 
lasti, nos tuam diligentiam commendantes discretioni tue per apostolica scripta 
mandamus, quatinus, si proventus ipsi sint adeo magni, quod ministratis vino 
et ostiis multum ex illis noveris superesse, volumus, quod de illis huiusmodi 
decima persolvatur; si vero nihil vel parum ex predictis redditibus superesset, 
nichil persolvatur de ipsis propter reverentiam divini cultus et Domini sa- 
cra;nentum. Dat. ut supra. [Rome npud Sanctum Petrum v idus itinii, anno 



English Translation of the Letter of Pope Nicolas III to the Arch- 
bishop of Nidros. 

(Nicolas III.) (June 9, 1279.) 

7. To THE Same (Master Bertrand of Amaericus). We learn from your 
recent communication that, in tlie Cathedrals of the Kingdoms of Datia and 
Suetia, there exist certain endowments established by the devotion of the faithful, 
out of which, year after year, wine and hosts are provided for the priests of the 
churches in those Kingdoms by a person specially appointed for this office. 
Since, however, you have sought instructions from the Apostolic See as to 
whether or not the tithe should be taken from these endowments. We, com- 
mending your zeal, entrust to your discretion, by Apostolic Letters, that, if the 
income is so great that you know there will be much left over after the wine 
and hosts have been supplied, the tithe be taken from those revenues ; but if 
little or nothing of the aforesaid income would remain, let nothing be paid 
therefrom, out of reverence for the divine worship and the Lord's Sacrament. 
Given as above. (In Rome, at St. Peter's, on the fifth day before the Ides of 
June, in the second year of Our Pontificate). 



Manuscn'/^t Letter of Pope Martin IF to the Arclihishop of Nidros. 



pcMAt- ft tpbtvi ttttttttrtt oix'neciA tp» t«^lMc>to <ti«lt^c«tw»lv»^^f'a»^«re- 
t«| ."lion a^-^nnj ^aittiO-vtruJ. • 



Latin Type Text of Letter of Pope Martin IV. 

pviartinus IV.] [4 Mart 1282.] 

8i Venerabili fratri . . archiepiscopo Nidrosiensi. Tua nobis 

frafernitas intimavit, quod decima, que in Islandie et Feroyum insulis in 
regno Norwegie constituiis in diversis rebus persolvitur, que de facili per- 
mutari vel pecunialiter vendi non possunt. propter quod decima eadem nequit 
ad Terram Sanctam vel ad sedem apostolicam comode destinari. Subiuncxisti 
quoque, quod Gronlandie decima non percipitur nisi in bovinis et focarum 
coriis ac dentibus et funibus balenarum, que, sicut asseris, vix ad competens 
pretium vendi possunt. Unde, quid super premissis a te agendum existat, pe- 
tiisti te per apostolice sedis oraculum edoceri. Nos itaque tue sollicitudinis 
stadium commendantes, consultationi tue taliter respondemus, quod tam in- 
sularum quam Gi'onlandie decimas predictarum in argentum vel aurum, prout 
melius et utilius fieri poterit, converters studeas, illud una cum [ilia] alia de- 
cima in ipso regno coUecta pro ipsius Terre subsidio ad apostolicam sedem, 
quamcito poteris, transmissurus, quid et quantum destinaveris fideliter inti- 
mando. Ceterum carissimo in Cliristo filio nostro . . regi Norwegie iUustri 
nostras rogatorias litteras destinavimus, ut non impediat nee impediri permittat, 
quin decima ipsa de regno suo libere extrahatur in predicte Terre subsidium 
secundum apostolice wdis arbitrium'disponenda, quodque .prohibitionem contra 
eiusdem clericos regni factam, ne quivis laicus ipsius regni sterlingos vel 
argentum aliud venrlere quoquomodo prcsumat, studeat difficultate summota 
qualibet revocare. Dat. apud Urberaveterem iiii nonas martii, anno primo. 



Eiiglisli Tninslalloii of the Letter of Pope Alarliii IJ\ 

(:Martix IV.) (March 4, 1282.) 

8. To OUR Venerable Brother — Archbishop of Nidrosi. Your Fra- 
ternity has informed Us that, in the Island of Iceland and Feroyes of the 
Kingdom of Norway, the tithe is paid in various things which cannot easily be 
converted or sold for money ; and for this reason the same cannot conveniently 
be shipped to the Holy Land or to the Apostolic See. You have added, more- 
over, that the tithe of Greenland is received entirely in cattle-skins, the skins 
and tusks of seals, and whale-bone (?), which you assert, can hardly be sold 
at a fair price. Wherefore you have asked to be instructed by the Apostolic 
See as to what you should do in the above matters. We, therefore, commend- 
ing your zeal, reply to your inquiry that you endeavor to convert into silver or 
gold the tithes both of Greenland and of the said islands, in as far as it will 
be possible to do so successfully and with benefit, and that you send this, to- 
gether with the rest of the tithe collected in that Kingdom for the good of the 
Holy Land, to the Apostolic See as quickly as possible, faithfully specifying what 
and how much is sent. For the rest. We have directed to Our very dear son in 
Christ * * * the illustrious King of Norway, letters requesting that he neither 
hinder, nor permit any one to hinder, the free gathering of the tithe in his 
Kingdom, to be disposed of for the benefit of the Holy Land according to the 
decision of the Apostolic See, and that, having removed every difficulty, he 
revoke the prohibition enacted against the clerics of his Kingdom, that no lay- 
man of that Kingdom- presume in any way to sell sterling or other silver. 
Given in the City of Rome, on the fourth day before the Nones of March, in the 
first year (of Our Pontificate). 



Mamtscript Letter of Pope Nicolas to tlie Bisliops of Schaolieii, U-iS. 



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Manuscript Letter of Pope Nicolas V (continued). 


-C,4-»»-of^<«<» iit-cfmt^ y*^^*«^tnt'^ at*Cf***^^»t- Ai-»«»»~»*»«H* *—"• 

><»«^ ».V~- 




Latin Type Text of tlic Letter of Pope Nicolas V. 

[Nicolaus v.] [20 Sept. 1448.] 

9^ Nicolaus etc. venerabilibus frati-ibus Schaoltensi et 

Poggius. Olensi episcopis salute m etc. Ex iniuncto nobis desuper apostolioe 
servitutis officio universarum ecclesiarum i-egimini presidentes; sic auctore 
domino pro animarum salute precioso Salvatoris redemptas coraertio nostre 
solicitudinis curam impendimus, ut illam non solum impietatis et errorum 
procellis sepius fluctuantes, sed et erumnis et persecutionum turbihibus invo- 
lutas ad statum optime tranquillitatis reducere studeamus. Sane pro parte di- 
lectorum filiorum indigenarum et universitatis habitatorum insule Grenolandie, 
que in ultimis finibus Occeani ad septemtrionalem plagam regni 
iSorwegie in provincia Nidrosiensi dicitur situata, lacrimabilis querela nostrum 
turbavit auditum, amaricavit et inentem, quod in ipsara insulam, cuius liatjitn- 
tores et incole ab annis fere sexcentis Christ! fidem gloriosi sui preconis beati 
Olavi regis predicatione susceptam, firmam et iatemeratam sub sancte Romane 
ecclesie et sedis apostolice institutis servarunt, ac quod tempore succedente 
in dicta insula populis assidua devotione ilagrantibus, sanctorum edes quam- 
plurime et insignis ecclesia cathedralis erecte fuerint, in quibus divinus cultus 
sedulo agebatur, donee, illp permictente, qui imperscrutabili sapiencie et sciencie 
sue scrutinio persepe, quos diligit, temporaliter corrigit et ad nieliorem emen-- 
dam castigat, ex finitimis lictoribus paganorum ante annos triginta classe na- 
vali barbari insurgentes, cunctum habitatorum ibidem populum crudeli inva- 
sionei aggressi et ipsani patriam edesque sacras igne et gladio devastantes solis 
[in] insula novem relictis ecclesiis parrochialibus, que latissimis dicitur extendi 
terminis, quas propter crepidines montium commode adire non poterant, mi- 
serandos utriusque sexus indigenas, illos precipue quos ad subeundum perpetue 
onera servitutis aptos videbant et fortes, tanquam ipsorum tyrannidi accorao- 
datos, ad propria vexerunt captives. Verum quia, sicut eadeni querela sub- 
iungebat, post temporis successum quamplurimi ex captivitate predicta redeun- 
tes ad propria et refectis hinc inde locorum ruinis, divinum cultum possete- 
nus ad instar dispositionis pristine ampliare et instaurare desiderent,et quia 
propter preteritarum calamitatum pressuras fame et iuedia laborantibus non 
suppetebat hucusque facultas presbiteros nutriendi et presulem, toto illo tri- 
ginta annorum tempore episcopi solatio et sacerdotum ministerio caruerunt, 
nisi quis per longissimam dierum et locorum distanciam divinorum desiderio 
officiorum ad illas se conferre Valuisset ecclesias, quas manus barbarica illesas 
pretermisit, nobis humiliter supplicari fecerunt, quatinus eorum pio et salutari 
proposito paterna miseratione cucurrere [I. succurrere] et ipsorum in spirituali- 
bus supplere defectus nostrumque et apostolice sedis in premissis favorem im- 
partiri benivolum dignaremur. Nos igitur dictorum indigenarum et universitatis 
habitatorum prefate insule Grenolandie iustis et honestis precibus et desideriis 
inclinati, de premissis et eorum circiimstanciis certam noticiam non habentes, 
fraternitati vestre, quos ex Vicinioribus episcopis insule prefate esse intellexi- 
mus, per apostolica scripta commictimus et mandamus, quatinus vos vel 
alter vestrum diligenti examine auditis et intellectis premissis, si ea veritate 
fulciri compereritis ipsumque populum et indigenas numero et facultatibus adeo 
sufficienter esse resumptos, quod id pro nunc expedire videbitis, quod ipsi 
affectare videntur, de sacei'dotibus ydoneis et exemplari vita preditis ordi-, 
nandi et providendi plebanos et rectores instituendi, qui 



Latin Type Text of the Letter of Pope Nicolas V (continued). 

parrocchias et ecclesias resarcitas gubernent, sacramenta ministrent et, si vobis 
sive alteri vestrum demum expedire videbitur et opportunum, requisite ad 
hoc metropolitani consilio, si loci distancia patietur, personam utilera et ydo- 
neam, nostram et sedis apostolice communionera habentem, eis in episcopum 
ordinare et instituere ac sibi munus consecrationis in forma ecclesie consueta, 
nomine nostro impendere et administracionem spiritualium et temporalium con- 
cedere, recepto ab eodem prius iuramento nobis et Romane ecclesie debito et 
consueto, valeatis vel alter vestrum valeat; super quibus omnibus vestram 
conscienciam oneramus, plenam et liberam vobis vel alteri vestrum aiuctori- 
tate apostolica concedimus tenore presencium facultatem, statutis et coiistitu- 
cionibus apostolicis et genei-alium conciliorum ac aliis in contrariura editis non 
obstantibus quibuscunque. Dat. Rome apud Sanctam Potencianam, anno etc. mil- 
lesimo quadringentesimo quadragesimo octavo, duodecimo kalendas octobris, 
pontificatus nostri anno secundo. 

Gratis de tnandato clomini nostri pape. 

1 68 


English Translation of the Letter of Pope Nicolas V. 

(Nicolas V.) (Sept. 20, 1448.) 

9. Nicolas etc., to Our venerable brothers, the Bishops of Shaoltensus and 
Olensus, greeting, etc. Presiding over the government of the universal Church 
in virtue of the duty of Apostolic service enjoined on Us from heaven with 
the help of the Lord We so apply Our solicitous care for the salvation of souls 
redeemed by the precious labors of the Redeemer, that We endeavor to bring 
back to a state of the highest tranquility not only the souls now wavering in the 
storms of impiety and error, but also such as are overwhelmed by the calami- 
ties and whirlwinds of persecution. Indeed, as regards Our beloved sons, the 
natives and all the inhabitants of the Island of Greenland, which is said to lie 
in the province of Nidrosi, in the extremity of the Ocean, in the northern 
region of the Kingdom of Norway, We have heard with sad and anxious heart 
the doleful story of that same island, whose inhabitants and natives, for almost 
six hundred years, have kept the Faith of Christ, received under the preaching 
of their glorious evangelist, the blessed King Olaf, firm and unspotted under 
the guidance of the Holy Roman Church and the Apostolic See, and where 
for all succeeding time the people, inflamed with eager devotion, erected many 
temples of the Saints and a famous Cathedral, in which divine worship was 
sedulously carried on ; but at length, thirty years ago, with the permission of 
Him Who, in the disposition of His inscrutable wisdom, afflicts for a time and 
chastises for their great good those whom He loves, the barbarians, gathering 
together in a fleet on the neighboring shores of the Pagans, attacked this entire 
people in a cruel invasion, devastating their fatherland and sacred temples by 
fire and sword, leaving in the island only nine parochial churches, these, it is 
said, extend into the farthest districts, which they could not approach con- 
veniently because of the defiles of the mountains, and carrying away captive 
to their possessions the natives of both sexes, especially such as they deemed 
brave and fit to undergo the burden of perpetual slavery, just as if adjusted to 
their tyrrany. As the same report subjoins, however, very many, after a time, 
returned to their own from said captivity, and, having thenceforth repaired the 
ruins of those places, desired to renew and extend the divine worship as much 
as possible after the pristine fashion but because, overwhelmed by the past 
calamities, and laboring under famine and want, they were unable to support 
priests and a bishop, they were deprived, for that entire period of thirty years, 
of the consolation of a bishop and the ministry of priests, except when anyone, 
in the desire of serving God, after travelling far and long, had succeeded in 
reaching those churches which the barbarian hand had passed unhurt ; where- 
fore they have humbly petitioned Us to deign to meet their pious and salutary 
design with fatherly commiseration, and to supply their spiritual wants and 
impart Our benevolent approbation and that of the Apostolic See to the 
foregoing. We, therefore, favorably disposed towards the just and worthy 
prayers and desires of said natives and inhabitants of the aforesaid island of 
Greenland, but having no certain knowledge of the foregoing events and their 
circumstances, commit to and command your Fraternity, whom We understand 
to be one of the nearer bishops of the aforesaid island, that you, or one of you 
(nearer bishops), ordain fit and exemplary priests, provide parishes, and 
establish rectors, who will govern the restored parishes and churches, and 
administer the Sacraments ; and, furthermore, that, if it will finally appear to 
you or one of you as opportune and expedient, you will, with the advice of 
the metropolitan, provide the distance of the place permit, ordain and establish 
as their bishop s.ome practical and able person, in communion with Us and the 
Apostolic See, and impart to him the grace of consecration in Our name, 
according to the usual ecclesiastical forms, and deliver to him the conduct both 
of spiritual and temporal matters, having previously administered to him the 
proper and usual oath of allegiance to Us and the Roman Church ; in regard 
to all of which We bind your conscience, and grant you or any one of you, 
by Apostolic authority, by the tenor of the present document, free and com- 
plete power, any apostolic regulations and constitutions, and those of the General 
Councils, and any others, to the contrary notwithstanding. Given in Rome, at 
the Church of St. Pontenciana in the year etc., one thousand four hundred and 
forty-eight, the twelfth day before the Calends of October, in the second year 
(of Our Pontificate). 



Manuscript Letter of Pope Alexander VI to the Church of Garda, 


IrnX- «*"^^ ^^T **^^ Y '^>*'»^>>**'»w^^.**J^ 

*Pope Alexander VI was born in 1-131, and crowned Pope August 11, 1492. 



Manuscript Letter of Pope Alexander VI (continued). 










Latin Type Text of Letter of Pope Alexander 1^1 to the Church of 
Garda. Greenland. 

[Alexander VI.] 

[Prioribus poatificatus annis.] 

10. Cum, ut accepimus, ecclesia Gadensis in fine mundi sita in terra Gron- 

Mandatum de landle, in Qua homines commorantes ob defectum panis, vini et olei siccis 
tisecde°3iMi^Ga" piscibus et lacto uti consueverunt, et ob id ac propter rarissimas navigationes 
quoad"' mtn'uta ad dlctam terram causantibus intentissimis aquarum congelationibus fieri solitas 
serv.tia. navls aliqua ab ottuaginta annis non creditur applicuisse, et, si navigationes 

huiusmodi fieri contingeret, profecto has non nisi mense augusti congelationibus 
ipsis resolutis fieri posse non existimentur ; et propterea eidem ecclesie simi- 
liter ab ottuaginta annis A'el circa nullus penitus episcoporum vel presbyterorum 
apud illam .personaliter residendo prefuisse dicitur; unde ac propter presby- 
terorjuni catholicorum absentiam evenit, quam plures diocesanos olim catholicos 
sacrum per eos baptisma susceptum proh dolor regnasse [I. renegasse]', et qixod 
incole eiusdem terre in memoriam christiane religionis non habent nisi quod- 
dam corporale, quod semel in anno presentetur, super quo ante centum annos 
ab ultimo sacerdote tunc ibidem existente corpus Christi fuit consecratum; 
hiis igitur et aliis consideratis considerandis, felicis recordationis Innocentius 
papa VIII, predecessor noster, volens dicte ecclesie tunc pastoris sdatio de- 
stitute de utili, de ydoneo pasto^re providere, de fratrum suorum consilio, de 
quorum numero tunc eramus, venerabilem fratrem 

nostrum Mathiam, electum Gadensem, oi'dinis sancti Benedicti de observantia 
professum, ad nostrara instantiam, dum adhuc in minoribus constituti eramus, 
proclamatum ad dictam ecclesiam summopere ac magno devotionis fervore 
accensum pro deviatorum et renegatorum mentibus ad viara salutis eterne re- 
ducendis et erroribus huiusmodi eradicandis vitam suam periculo permaximo 
sponte et libere submictendo navigio etiam personaliter proficisci intendentem, 
eidem episcopum prefecit et pastorem. Nos igitur eiusdem electi pium et laudabOe 
propositum in Domino quam plurimum commendantes sibique in premissis aliquo 
subventionis auxilio propter eius paupertatem, qua, ut similiter . accepimus, 
gravatus existit, succurrere cupientes, motu proprio et etiam ex certa nostra 
scientia de fratrum nostroi'um consilio et assensu, dilectis filiis rescribendario, 
abbreviatoribus necnon sollicitatoribus ac plumbatoribus illarumque registra- 
toribus ceterisque tarn cancellarie quam camere nostre apostolice officialibus 
quibuscumque sub excommunicationis late sententie pena ipso facto incur- 
renda commictimus et mandamus, ut omnes et singulas htteras apostolicas de 
et super promotione dicte ecclesie Gadensis pro dicto electo expediepdas in 
omnibus et singulis eorum officiis gratis ubique pro Deo absque cuiuscunque 
taxe solutione seu exactione expediant et expediri faciant omni contradictione 
cessante ; necnon camere apostolice clericis et notariis, ut litteras seu buUas 
huiusmodi dicto electo absque solutione seu exactione alicuius annate seu mi- 
nutorum servitiorum et aliorum iurium •quorumcuraque in similibus solvi so- 
lutorum [I. solitorwn] libere tradant et consignent, motu et scientia similibus 
ac sub peni,s predictis commictimus et mandamus, in contrarium facientes 
non obstantibus quibuscumque. Fiat gratis ubique quia pauperrimus. IL 
As. Ma. Vicecance'llarius. lo. Datarius. 



English Traiislafion of Letter of Pope Alexander VI. 

(Alexander VI.) (In the early years oe his Pontificate.) 

10. Since, as We have heard, the Church of Garda is situated at the ex- 
tremity of the earth in the country of Greenland, whose inhabitants are ac- 
customed to use dried fish and milk because of the want of bread, wine and 
oil, wherefore and also on account of the rare shipping to said country due to 
the intense freezing of the sea no vessel is believed to have put to land there 
for eighty j'ears back, or if it happened that such voyages were made, surely, 
it is thought, they could not have been accomplished save in the month of 
August, when the ice was dissolved ; and since it is likewise said that for 
eighty years, or thereabouts, absolutely no bishop or priest governed that 
Church in personal residence, which fact, together with the absence of Catholic 
priests, brought it to pass that very many of the diocese unhappily repudiated 
their sacred baptismal vows ; and since the inhabitants of that land have no 
relic of the Christian religion save a certain Corporale, annually set forth, upon 
which, a hundred years ago, the Body of Christ was consecrated by the last 
priest then living there ; — for these, then, and for other considerations, Pope 
Innocent VIII, of blessed memory, Our predecessor wishing to provide a 
suitable pastor for that Church, at the time deprived of the useful solace of the 
same, at the advice of his brethren, of whom We were then one, appointed 
bishop and pastor to that place Our venerable brother Matthias ; the latter was 
Bishop-elect of Garda, a professed member of the Order of St. Benedict, and 
had been announced, at Our urging, while We were still in Minor Orders, as 
intending to sail personally for said Church, inspired with great fervor of 
devotion to lead back the souls of the strayed and apostate to the way of 
eternal salvation, and to expose his life to the greatest danger, freely and 
spontaneously, to obliterate such errors. We, therefore, highly commending 
the pious and praiseworthy undertaking in the Lord of said Bishop-elect, and 
wishing to succour him in the above circumstances, because, as We have like- 
wise heard, he is sorely pressed by poverty, at Our own instance and with the 
certain knowledge of the advice and approval of Our brethren, commit to 
and order, in a circular letter to Our esteemed sons, the scribes, solicitors, those 
who have charge of the seals, the registrars, and all the other officials both of 
Our Apostolic chancery and treasury, that, under pain of excommunication, 
"lata sententia," ipso facto incurred, all and each of the Apostolic Letters, 
about and concerning the promotion of said Church of Garda, to be forwarded 
for said Bishop-elect, be forwarded by them and caused to be forwarded in all 
and each of their offices, everywhere gratis, for God, and without payment or 
exaction of any tax, all contradiction ceasing; and to the clerics and notaries 
of the Apostolic treasury We commit and command, at like instance and knowl- 
edge and under said pain of excommunication, that they freely hand over and 
consign these Letters or Bulls to said Bishop-elect, without payment or exaction 
of any revenues, or even of small fees, or of the other claims usually paid in 
similar cases, anything enacted to the contrary nothwithstanding. Let it be 
done everywhere gratis because he is extremely poor. R 

As. Ma. Vice Chancellor. Jno. Datrarius (Secretary). 


1 97189