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Full text of "The Flatey book and recently discovered Vatican manuscripts concerning America as early as the tenth century. Documents now published for the first time, which establish beyond controversy the claim that North America was settled by Norsemen five hundred years before the time of Columbus. Sagas that describe the voyages to, and character of, the new country, and letters from several Popes directing bishops in their government of the church in the western world;"

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Concerning America as Early as the Tenth Century. 





Sagas that Describe the Voyages to, and Character of, the Nezv Country, and Letters 

from several Popes directing Bishops in their Govemtnent 

of the Church in the IVesteni World. 











TEPHEN HANSEN (Stephanius), who edited Saxo in 1644 and 
served as Royal historian in Denmark, died in 1650. Upon his 
death Frederick the Third appointed the Icelandic Bishop Brynjulf 
Sveinsson to succeed him as Royal Danish Historian. Brynjulf 
was born at Holt, Iceland, in 1605 and died in 1675. He declined to accept 
the post of honor offered him, as he was indisposed to abandon various other 
literary works on which he was engaged; but he promised the king to do 
what he could to collect manuscripts and other monumental works in Iceland. 
This agreeable duty was accordingly assigned to him. 

One of the first acts of the Bishop was to request all people residing in 
his diocese who owned manuscripts to turn them over to the King as a gift 
or for pay, either the original or a copy thereof. Many valuable manu- 
scripts were secured in this way, but the most important as well as the most 
beautiful one was a magnificent parchment, of large folio size, which was 
owned by Jonas Torfason. Jonas Torfason resided on Flatey (Flat Island), 
a fertile island in Breijdaford, where Bishop Klaeng of Skalholt had estab- 
lished a cloister in the year 1172. This cloister was in 1184 removed by 
Klaeng's successor to Helgafell, on the coast of Iceland. The owner was utterly 
unwilling to part with this parchment, until the bishop made a personal visit 
and appeal to him. As a result of this visit Jonas Torfason made a present 
of the parchment to the bishop, whereupon the latter in return exempted Jonas 
from paying ecclesiastical taxes on his land. 

From the house of its owner the manuscript got the name Flateyjarbok, 
that is, the Flat Island Book. Presumably the manuscript had been in the pos- 
session of the Jonas Torfason family for some time; for the Saga of Olaf 
Trygvason, published at Skalholt, in Iceland, in 1688, contains an appendix 
copied from an old document, the date of which could not be later than the 
close of the 15th or at the beginning of the 16th century. At the end of this 
old document it is stated that Olaf was King when the Flatey book was writ- 
ten, in 1387. From this we draw the conclusion that the parchment was known 
by this name before it came into the hands of Bishop Brynjulf Sveinsson. On 

the other hand it could not have been written in the Flatey cloister, as this had 
been moved long before and at the date mentioned was Helgafell cloister. 

The parchment itself contains satisfactory information in regard to its 
origin both as to authorship and locality. On the first page we read: "The 
owner of this book is Jon. Hakonson." The work, which comprises 1700 folio 
pages, contains a variety of matter almost equal to a scrap book. The first 
pages introduce songs, followed by a historical description of how Norway 
was settled. At the conclusion of this account occurs personal reminiscences 
of Erik Vidforle and Olaf Trygvason, with short stories in which these two 
characters have a part. Thereupon follows the Saga of Olaf Haraldson the 
saint, with short stories, and the Saga of the Jarls of the Orkneys. Succeed- 
ing in regular order are Sagas of Kings Sverra Hakon, the old, and the latter's 
son Magnus. Next following is a short story of Einar Sakkason, of Green- 
land, and of Helge, and Ulf the bad. 

Finally come the annals of the creation of the world down to our time. 
The priest Jon Thordson wrote the story of Erik Vidforle and both the Olaf 
Sagas; but the priest Magnus Thorhalson wrote what follows and also what 
goes before, and revised the whole, thus dedicating the work: "May God Al- 
mighty and the Virgin Mary bless both the one that wrote and the one that 
dictated !" 

As the author of this dedication states that the annals written by the priest 
Magnus Thorhalson went down to the time of writing, he must have been a 
contemporary of the writers of the manuscript. The annals end with the year 
1395. Thus we have an exact statement in regard to the time when the parch- 
ment was completed and we also have in the document itself perfect evidence 
as to when it was begun. In one of the stories we read: "Hakon's son 
Olaf was King when this book was written and 1387 years had passed since the 
birth of our Lord Jesds Christ." This parchment was originally bound in a 
single volume, but is now in two volumes, for easier handling. 

Selected from these are pages bearing upon the Greenland discoveries and 
Vinland settlement which are reproduced and translated in this work. They 
contain the story of Erik the Red's discovery and settlement of Greenland, of 
Bjarne Herjulfson's glimpses of America on his way to Greenland, and the 
voyages by Leif, Thorvald, and Thorstein Erikson, and also of Thorfin and 

The Flateybook parchment is kept in the Royal Library in Copenhagen, 
where the writer has repeatedly seen and carefully examined it. It is one of 
the most beautiful manuscripts, on parchment, to be found anywhere. It is 

written by a master of penmanship, and the initials, as the reader will see, are 
rare examples of the penman's art. 

The other manuscript which tells us of the Vinland voyages is the so-called 
Hauksbook, giving the story of Thorfin Karlsefne. This equally exquisite 
parchment is preserved in the so-called Arna-Magnaean collection in Copenha- 
gen, which is a part of the Copenhagen University Library. The date of this 
manuscript is not older than 1299, or later than 1334. Hauk Erlendson died 
this latter year and there is substantial evidence that the manuscript was writ- 
ten partly by him and partly by his scribes, the parchment showing at least 
two other penmanships besides Hauk's, from whom an autograph letter is 
still preserved. 

The Hauksbook takes its name from the powerful and distinguished Nor- 
wegian who lived in the early part of the Mth century. His father was Er- 
lend Olafson the Strong, who had served as lawman and sysselman in Iceland, 
and whose death occurred about 1312. Hauk's mother was an Icelandic 
woman. In the year 1295 he was chosen lawman in Iceland, but about 1299 
he moved to Norway where he held the office of lawman for a number of years. 
In 1302 he became a member of the King's cabinet; in 1304 he was Knighted, 
and subsequently he made a number of voyages to Iceland on missions for 
King Hakon. In 1319 he was one of the Norwegian representatives who con- 
cluded a treaty of union between Norway and Sweden, making Magnus Erik- 
son King of both countries. He died in Bergen, Norway, about the year 1334. 

This Hauk Erlendson took a deep interest in Norse history and literature, 
and as a scholar he rendered most valuable service by making excellent and 
highly critical copies of laws and Sagas. Some of these are still extant in the 
so-called Hauksbook preserved in the Arne-Magnasan department of the Uni- 
versity Library in Copenhagen. This choice parchment contains the Landnam- 
abok, the Kristnisaga, the Saga of Thormod Kolbrunarskald, the Thorgeirs 
Saga, parts of the Skjoldunga Saga and of the Trojamama Saga, a Norse 
version of Merlin's Prophecies and, what is of special interest in this connec- 
tion, the account we give in this volume in facsimile of Thorfin Karlsefne's 
voyage to Vinland. It will thus be seen that this precious manuscript dates 
back to the beginning of the 14th century. 

Publication of these thoroughly authenticated documents, with translations, 
must compel acknowledgment of the truth of the claim that during the 10th 
and 11th centuries Norsemen discovered and visited a great extent of the east- 
ern coasts of North America. These documents will doubtless also lead to 
the conviction that for four centuries, immediately following the discovery, in- 

tercourse between Greenland, Iceland and Vinland was never entirely discontin- 
ued. The main fact is certain and undisputable. On the other hand, there are 
in them, as well as in all other ancient writings, certain portions of the narra- 
tive which are obscure, and which it will devolve upon future scholars to clear 
up. On this account we think we render a very important service in publish- 
ing the original sources of information, viz., the ancient manuscripts them- 
selves, so that all may have the opportunity to consult them and to form their 
judgment as to the accuracy of the interpretations given. The evidence pre- 
sented in this work proves beyond dispute that the coast of North America was 
discovered in the latter part of the 10th century, immediately after the discov- 
ery and settlement of Greenland by the Norsemen, and that this coast was 
visited repeatedly by men in the 11th century, and likewise by colonists and 
exploring expeditions in the 12th and 14th centuries. 

But even this is not all. These Northern antiquities also show that Chris- 
tianity was introduced in America, not only among the Norsemen, who settled 
in Vinland and other places, but probably also among the natives, that the 
Norsemen found there. 

Finally there is a chain of evidence making it highly probable that Colum- 
bus had knowledge of the Norse voyages and was guided by this knowledge 
on his ever-memorable voyage in 1492. 

With regard to traces of the residence and settlement of the Norsemen 
on this side of the Atlantic in the 10th and succeeding centuries, we may con- 
tent ourselves for the present by referring the reader to the facts as stated in 
the Vinland Volume of Norroena. The matter will doubtless never cease to be 
a subject for interesting study and investigation by both European and Amer- 
ican scholars. 

In the meantime our text books on American history will continue to tell 
our school children of Bjarne Herjulfson, the first European whose eyes be- 
held the New World. Our sons and daughters will be taught that Leif Erikson 
was the first white man who turned the prow of his ship to the west and landed 
upon the shores of this vast continent; nor shall Thorvald Erikson, the first 
European, and the first Christijin buried beneath American sod, be forgotten. 
We shall not forget Thorfin and Gudrid, who established the first European 
colony in the western hemisphere, nor their infant son Snorre, the first child 
of European blood to' open his eyes in the New World. 



Icelandic Manuscript. 


Kl^ftnlNk W -pwf urthrtotjcittt^. i bio ^ &wei| ft«<vt^Flr I 
IjAJft^if >|M>i^^^%" an^-^ f^C^iietih afloat 

»Jt»<iWyMr a^«ff^ bio rf)vi rt«|i fur l^l'iw^noar I 

cftctr^ij^iiu4$^i;\a^&ftftr K5i -w^vm cJ(W- on? Ois^ ■ 

^^ft in fw0ft» cr Witt '^«i ijj:a?i# wb^ autfe ^mnein^^ 

p-m^i^«dn %uefnm>fhvc ppdrfum »ll> tfpore Pmn run 
i^m^fi\«r)nf ucom p^ m ^ttiAv Wa«»rn ajfliiikr d 


Icelandic Text. 

Tckr Tf\junr\j TouodLc/, son; >u)urxA , foruj of Ja<drli tili IsUurvdbt/^flrir -oiga; soJkir.^ou vojr xnidjoj 
It-ygt/ Islcmjd;. 'p€ir Tsixiuggu; i'ysf oXj Drcuuuagurrt^ cu BbTTuxstroixawm;. ^ar ondadiR/- 
St/ poruoXldbn J&\T«kr fcW ^ou porhUldxxr^ dboUiw Jorujxdxir dkyporbxxxrgar "knoTTar^ruvgul 
ct'^ol' ojUi; porbiornny Turux) TumokjdxKlskJL). Eediiist/ JEir«kr pcU rwvdajnj ok) "bio 

aj ^irdcstoduutn; Tuxx) TloUUiChxjrnn^e^. Son) ^ireks ol«; porhilMxir "Kct; Lcifr. En^ 5 

cfUx TJuLg Hjjvulfs sojUTS okJ "KjobngajanjguJ Hrofnjs 'oar ^ixekr g«rr "brof 

or Houkou dboly. Tot ^xxxxx) vuiJsXx UL BrcldLcU fuurdxur okyTju) j 6ocri£y aJ-Sltr«k8lodjuxnJ.lIan/le/- 

di) porgeslxJ setiistjo'kka/' okJ ncudL oelgvj "hjocrO Icalloud*; iJXj. "pxduanj ojf gcrdxuifili AwJbuur ok; 
T>ardjCLg(xr TaadU'^cunJpoTgastUjSemj scgirj sogwJEireks.Styrrporgruns son/iuiDUuJEirekual/ 

nuiJbLunJ, oTtiEyiulfr or Suiirtey okj synxr'Brajvki oV A\ftxxJ firdJU ok) porbiomnJUtfUjB 10 

sonJ. En* porgestlirijgujrW xueiHiU sojnir pordour geUis o"kJporgceir or Ifijtar dxxU. 
-fitrekjr iixxjrdj s<>kr ou pornes ^in^ge;. 'Sio M\reki^'\xv skip sUtilxafs j jE.\jrekj6 uxjgc;, 
(OV irlfHxxV Mxxx "bmnn;, fylgduj'^cir Styrr TionumJ Dt tmrv) eyior. ^irckr sougdA/ 
"^eimj, (xXj "hxxnj cxXXxxAiu oJbTjciJbou louaR/pc>ss, er GiurKbiorna) sorv) "Ulfs "krcukuu soJ, 

er rcCky u>estr ixrrv T\af, "^oj er Ixxxju f arvn) G\jmTtbi^ sT^tr. KuuXa; >uxn) of- t5 

\r -nxuuxduu XdJtcu MJu "oxrtoj strvna;, ef luux/ fj^nAc- louvdiJU. Sirdar sigldA' -unAarv' Sn;_ 
^•zILto iokli;. Houai fixruv "Uuxdit olc "konu lUlan; aX;'^Juiu,'^ar 8CTn;>uinJ ■kaDLoAe; Mvdy_ 
iolcuL; sou luKJUUbr nxju ;Blou8€rkr. Hon; for "^ou'^cudxin) suxir TYvadU "Uinduuju aJL' 
yXXioJ, cf "fKJjdxxrij ^oerl; 'b'yggUjjrtdcu londjjt'. Han) "uxxr "hiruu fysUu mmXt j ^Ircks- 

oj) nccrr nvldru "hinne; ci^sU^O "b^gcL-IInxJuoriJU cAir forTvxxnJ UJU^irek^ fuirdar oky 20 

"txlk; ser ^fxxr bw stod). Kcov for "^ox; suracur j hiruxy iXiestrb u»}yy gd) 6k^ goJT 
xujdxU ornefnJU. Han) uxxr curuuxn/ u*ir j KoljinjumJ mxXj TIrafmxs gnipuJ ; en7 
TiJUU'^ridjLcu' sumajrtf for Ticca) MXJ IslcuruJU/ ok) "komJ sldjpc/ sinu^' j BrcJulo) fixjrdLHojv/ 
"kcQIaiLC' XarijdJUUj'^ouU cr "Kofdfc funjdiUl', GroenUuvdj, "puilat/ "hxax) TuuxA), ^^aU nujurtdu) 
fojsoU •mxmvi'^cuagat/, er IcuxdJut luJjUiuil;.-S.trckr xuxr cu Island^/ vum) ujeArir\J,en) t)Tn/ 25 

suumxDurif cAir for "hxuD oA; IJ^jgvxxJ Icuvdit; ; hojoJ ^ijo j BraXto) KUdU j -fiircks firde/. 

Suo scgicu frodJUrnxennJ, out cl' pvuu ^axnaJ suurare/, er JElrekr tomAju for aJU "by _ 

ggioJ Gromlxuxd;,'f)Ou for"holfr flordje; togr skxpcU or iraldxu fixde/ ok) Borgor 

ftrde;, en; fix)Tioin) "kwiDmuuvst; W "pojxj^aXJ; sujmi rokJ aftr, en) sum) tynJ_ 

^djiw^t;. pal/ MxxT jn mJuxxxtw), f'yr ervlcrlstruJ uxxr logtekirv cu Islouadc/j oJ _ 30 


Danish Translation. 

rtk- dm Rode, "hems Son, drog fra Jcederca til Islcuul, for Drabs Skyld . Da dot T)ldtonv 
"beboigget Island/. De"bo«d£forst"paaDran^e t>ed.Honistrand/. Dir doi- 
e ThorooM/. ErUc cegtede da ThorMld/, Datter af Jbrund, 09 Thorbjerg Ktiorrarbrttiga, 
soiTi daluiDdje cegtet Th0rb)6nvdCTtHoltdx)lsTte. Drog Erilt dauordfro/ og boede 

poaErUcsstfldued/Vatshorn-. ErUis ogThorMlds SoTvhedLejf. Mcii/ 5 

eilerEyulf Sors ogHolmgang-Kaihs Drab l)leo Erik forDistbort 

fra Hokedol. Drog hoivDeefll^ tilBreidxiQord og boede poa Oacno poaErlksstod. Hcuvlcucuv- 

teThorgest SoedcstoUcr ogftk/dorviJcketflbagej luuvlcrocoededa/. Dcrafkom, Toistog 
SlagstnaoLmed/ ThorgestUn^cme, sorafortodlesiEriks Saga. SU|rThorgrimssoTV}jdjedeErik!^(Elpl 

Sagen-, ogEyulffraSDtno og Broads SomierfraAlptaOordogThorbjoniVlfUs- 10 

soiv. MeaThorgestUngeme stbttedcs of Tfiord GcUers S&raicr og Ttiorgejr fraHUcrdaL. 
ErifcbleBfredlos poa Thomoes Ting. ^ord6ErikdaSkib€tsttsg1]darttErikst)aag, 
og dahoa warfoerdig , Mgte Stgr's^ionviidoTn. Oerae. Erik sagde 
d^env, atlian. agtede atlede detLandop, sonv Gunribjom., Ulf K-agcs Sotv, saa, 

da[haa] drei) BestpaaoperHaoet, dengang ai ban/ fandt Giuiabjoriis Skcer. Sagde, luuv til- 15 

bagenunuie drag&tllVeaaeme sine, TtolshoafandtLandet. Erik sglcde"bort fra Sn.- 
efjcddJokel. HaivfandtLandet og"koTTv\idcfraindttLdet, sonthxia kaldte Mtdt- 
jokel, dejv bidder naBlaosirk . Haadrog da derfra sonder med Landet for at 
sogc, om-dersteds Landet T)arbebyqgdiflt. HaaBorhin/fdrsteVlnterpaaEriks- 

onarMidteaaf dm SstrcBygd/. Om/Voaraiderefter drog Tuui til Eriks^ordog 20 

tog sig dbrBolig. Haadrog dertSoTnmertildenDestrcTJbygd og goo 

rundt om Stednoone. Hcivoar den/anden/"Vlnter poa Holme BcdRofnsgTupaimeit 

dov tredie Sonvmer fdrluuv til Island/ og konvmedsvLSkibtilBrcjda^ord. Han 

koldte Landet, sonLhoahoDdefizndet, Grttnlood, thl ban sagde, detmonne 

.troekkeMandderhea^naor Landet bed smukt. Erik war paalsland/om-Vinteren/, men- om 25 

Sonunerea efter drog hoa bort at bebggge Landet; boa bocde poa Brottelid 1 Ertks^ord . 
Saa sigekyndi^c Folk, atldeasammeSoTnmer,lu)or Erik dea Rode fdrudotbebijg- 
ge Groalaad, da drogebolofjerdstadstL*^ Skibc fraBrcjda^ord og Borgor - 
fjord, og ^orteakoTaud dertil; sonvme dreo tilbage og sonune for- 
liste.DetDarXWuitrefor^ndKlstendoTnmcableoloofoestetpaa Island; v 30 


English Translation. 

rUth*R«d,hissoiv,twiafro!aJ<td«rca'lo Iceland Jor manslaughter's sak«.TliMt toos nldely 
colonized Iceland. TKeij Itoed first on^Dronge otHornstrand.Tliere di- 
ed ThoroaUl. Eric married tlieivThorhUd.daugter of Jorund and ThorbLerg koarrarbruiga, 
■©ho thea hod married Thorblorn- the Hokdolcr . "Went Eric Ihea from, nxjrOv and took abode 

5 at Erlcsstod beside Vatnshora. Eric's and ThorhUd's soutoos coHedLelf.BuL 

afte.r Eijutf Sdr's and DueUuig-Uofas slaughter Eric tdos mxide aiDaa| 

from, HolcedoL .Vent he tD<stt»ard to BreldaArlh, and took abode in Oxoei) at Erlcsstad. Hi lea - 

t to Thorgest Ms seat -posts, and got them not bock,- h* then, claimed Uient. Thence ©as mode quardling 
fighUng xoUh/ them, the Thorgesters, as it says in Eric's Saga. StjjrThorgrunsson. aided Eric in, 

10 OiemaUer.andEijulfofS'oineg and the sons of BrandofAlplaflrthandThorbionvVlfils- 

son-. But the Thorgesters xocre aided bg the sons of Thord GeUer and Thorgeir of HUardoL. 
Eric TOos outlaiDed at Thor ocss Thing . Made Eric then, his ship reodo) to sod , uv Ericst)dg , 
but when he toos ready , foUotoed theg , Styr's ,him out around the islands . Eric said 
to th6m/,jhal he intended to search for that land, -rohidv Guribiorn Ulf Kragcs soa soro , 

15 tDhMvMxBas drioen^TDcsUDordaCToss the ocean/, toheahe found Gunnblorrts Slc«rnj.Said,1w b-.._ 

ack might go for his friends, if he found the lond.Eric sailed aaxuj from 5a- 
OTofell's -Jokul . He found the land and came from iDUhout to that , tohich he called Mld- 
jokul ;is coded now Blaserk. He roent then fronv thence southtDord along thelond to 
search.if thelond might be fit for settling . He tdos that first winter on-Erics- 

20 ey.aeartheTmddleoftheeasterasetJlenieiit.Thespring afterhetDenttoErlcsfirth, and „ 

took there his abode. He toent that summer to the tocstern/unhabited tracts andgooe 

far and roide local names. He toos the second t»inl«ratHoUaeby Rafasgnipa-jbut 

the third sumnxer he went to Iceland and come roithhis ship to Breidafirth.He 

called the land,thatHe'hadfound,Gre<nlQndifor he said, that might 
25 aUroctmca thither, -rohcn- the land had aflne nam*. Eric tdos on, Iceland during theiDinler.buton,. 

the summer after he went out to settle theland ; he Hoed at BroUalid iaErlcs Arth, . 
So sag iDl8emen,thatin,thesames\unmer,xDlhen,ErictheRedsetout to sett,- 
le Grecnland,thea three tens and ahoU" ^' ships sailed out of BreldaArlh and Borgar- 
flrlh, and fourteen, came out thither -, some xoere drlDcabock and some c- 
30 ast oooy. That TOOS XV TOinters.before Christianity tdos fixed bg low uv Iceland ;ia 



Icelandic Manuscript. 



f dtnilAi^r tfv«ftfttfli<p' 

_,^ ,j^ ,.- ..---, „..-- — J ^ cirQ?uri?duit^9 

\At\iMi& 0irtrt)ln6 Wt9 l«BirToii opi^nttT^^rmi 

trij^a ton « hotm^K^dthi Hf ^niofid Bfc* tmir lee^"^ 

"^^^fjprw^Kiim Ticwt tiTljiHIatS Gidvin (iitwii ^:!^«»W 
,„J^^ rotiAttrd iwi^^ Kluljioi gap ^atiWt& amili 

p^totft-u^ Jje^aimfta alltf ndrd Trm goirtKrarrptdr5fc 
hmgar Mttufb^ cr'bSii fteftjf • IptrT bi«^ efe mmiM 


Icelandic Text. 

'f^^xxJ sajmjou sujnr?y foru; iitOjrv;I'rldrftkrT>TjsTcu|iolcJpOT\juiUjdj' Kodranssoa.^sirm«ui;ruU- 
rrux) Icuxd' oj GrenLcuxdJL'', w "^aJ foruJ vli nruxlJiExrckJU: Tliw'LuXfr Jiaruxlfs fu)rcL',>U)urL' TjU) 
oU HdrujCLfs txasc;; KctjUU XelAls fu)rd^)ltrafiUL) Hroftiixs fiord/; SoTuii) S6luuiU dJ~ 
oL; Hclgliporbrcuax' sort) Alfto; f UKxiU; porblomn' Glora'SlgUiu ftordjif'.triaTJE.ijruvjrs fior^; 

HafgruTirEaigrLm;s fiordJ olc^lIcdJixxJluurfujU; Aranlaujgr AriuTXaogs fiorcL/; .' 35 

em surrur foru/ tiL "Uje^lri/ "b/ygdUw. Leifr "hjeprcu ajour skirdr. 

Pou er scDctcunJ uuetr ULoruulidrur, froj^my cr^irekr" Tcuxdc/ for 
CO/ "b/ygglcU GrcertLcxrtd;,'^cuforLeijFr sonJJG.ircks "ulcuxJ of Grxtn/- 
"Icuxdje' liL lifoy^s . Kottv 'Uxxrv til/ praadU^eims "uurru "hxuasUX;, "^ou cr Olafr "komwigr 

Tfyggijuxj sort) \wxTlcommrO nxjrdojx) of HaXoga>'loarijdjc7. Lcifr lagd«; skf- 40 

pv sirujU "UxriJ ttU IJiAcxr oss dk^ for "^egor cu furuJU OLoifsla3Tairigs.lBo(icLdje;'kx5Txxtrvgr irv 
'hjonxvnn) scnx) odruumJ TTjeidnu-nv Tnx)Tuuxrny,cr ouTtxuxa fujadL"kx)Truu Gek/ltonuuxgli ^xxju (xuj- 
dxmcljULgai xuJU Lcif ; vuabr TxanJ "poJ skjurdr ok; aHer slajpijuerlar >uxn«. "Uar Le- 

xfr TTtedi "konxjuxgi; txrrv) ujeArinnJ vuih luxlXdimv) . "Buxmiy "leUxxxlL &Totnlar\;dii/. 

Hcrlulfr \xar Bordxur soru Hkrlulfs sotuut. lloroixor froovdju Irugo- a 45 
Ms IxxjaobrvourrujU vrwjnjrvh/. pcimV llerluClfuJU gouf Jnxjol/r louvd' 0011x11;- 
c/ Uogs olollcyldxi/njes. Hcrlulfr \)\J0 fojstj oJ Drcjpstx)!^!^!^. porgcrdr "h^t/ 

"koTxayTuxjixs, eru Bixxrnrue; sotxJ "^cirrou, ok* ojour "hJunny efTxilJlgjLstU rruxdr. Haxiy' 
fystu^t/ \jUUux) "^egor ou ■ujLgou oIMrivj ixord; honnmJ goUU "bcedjej IxU fiar oTt/' 

TruuuuAirdiJixgar, ok;iMxr suuu ujeXr "hjuuort/ nXaiv Ixirxjdjv' vAr mjeAj fcdr suuxmJ.'B- 50 

TolhoMJu Bioroae; skip j forumJ, dkJ 'hhxxxj sidLoivstou \i;cAr, er"hxxjv) ^var j Uoregijj 
^cU trrou HcrijuQfr tCU GroenLoumJcrdjcxr TrvedJ^u-duJ, okJ "brou'buuj siruxj. 

MsAj HerujilfuL' noar ou skiupe' suxircy skr ttuxxIt "krlstiruaj, sou cr ortJU HoJfger- 
dingor djrojpxiJ.^OLr cr 'f)ctJbcu stef j : Mruxr "bidr ck; rrumkxx/ 

Tcyru/ linmux; locasomru foTcx; Ijodrux^ I} lueidi^ Tmllxlcy TuilJbar folWUxrl 55 

"hxuXLcur droUiruU -yfur Tn^r stxxUiJ 1 . Heruulfr "bio OU Hcrlulf s tvcjsc/ ; 'hxxjyJ vox 

Tiiniv gofgcu?^tJu TTU)uir.^lrekr rouudc/ "bio j BrocUxjJ "hl]idL/;"Kxxru unr 

^our mcdj rrtcstrv xurdmgu;, ok; IujLuu olUr UJU Tuxixs . pcssv tjoro/ "bomru JBireks: 

Lcifr, poriunlldr 6kJ porstccuuU, cru Trcijdifi ^Vi)J doUirlvajrxjSj'KonJ uor giA/ ^ciirxji ttuxjuijL'^ 

crpor\U]Lrdr"K«JU,oT«;"btaggW'^ctiuu'j G6rdxAjmJ,'^our scrrUrujuer'b'ijslcuLpstoUj.Hon; 60 


Danish Translation. 

dm, sanune SoTTurier drog afstedyFrcdrik^Bislcop og ThorodLiKbdranssort . Dlssc Moend/ to - 
qe Lonxlpaa Gronland, som derdrog ud mcd Erllc : Hcrjulf Hcrjulfsgord,)iaiv'bocde 

poaHcrjulfsticesj KcUl KetilsQord; Ro/HUa/hsQord; SobeSobed- 

oL; HclgcThorbrondssoTvAlptxifjord; Thorbjonv Glora SigleQord; EjnorEjnarsQord/ ; 

HafgrinLHofgrtmsfjord/ oq Votnehcerf; ArtdogAmlogsfjord, 35 

mca somme Tor til Vcsterty gdeib . Lgf den LijkMige'bLBO dobt . 

Da at scxtervAAntrc oarc forledne, fra dm Gang olErik dm- Rode drog ud 
at bebygge GronlaiuL, da drog Lejf , Eriks Son , bort fra Gron - 
land/tiLNorgc. KomliantiL Trondhjcm/onvHosletv, daat Olof Konge** 

TrygDCS Sou, Barkommeanordcn fra Hologc Land-. Lejf lagdc Skib- . 40 

ei sit tad til Nldaros, og drog strax t Besog lios Olaf Koiigc . Bcbudjcde- Kongen Trociv 
hanvliflesom, andrc hedenslcc Mcnneslter, derkom t Bcsog hosliam-. Glk detlfc for Kongert 
let m«d Lejf; bleo Tian da dbbt og aUe Sktbsfolkene lions . Var Le - 

jf Tu)S Kongen omVlnteren oelbehandLct . Bjarae opsogte GronLojicL 

Hcrjulf oar SonafBordHcrjulfsson/. HanoarProende of Ingo - 45 
If Loadnomsmand/. Til Herjolf's goo Ingolf Land imeH- 
em. Voog og Reyklanoes . Hcrjulf boede fbrsl poaDrep-stok- . Thorgcrd hed, 

"hons Koue og Bjamederes Son, som oar enhojsi eonerig Mond . Han 

Ifiengles iidenlands aUerede i sin ungc Aider; Turn stod sig godtboodc med Elgdom- og ^ 

■medAtiscelse, og oarhoerA^terentenudenlands cUcrhos siJiEoder. Sn-- 50 

art cjedc Bjome Skib t Fart, og den sidstfc Vinler at ban oar i Norge, 
da beredte Heijulf sig til Gronlandsfcerd mcd Erik og brbd op sit fljcm . 

MedHerjulf uar poa Skibet exi sydcroisk krislen Mand, som gjorde Hafger - 
dingaDropa . Direr deUe Slco i -. Mine bcder jeg Mimkcs 

PrbT)er|| mem-loseRgscrfremniC;!! Hogcns bolde HceUes Jordcns || 55 

Hallens Drot OBer mig S(Bde|| ?^ Herjulf boede paaHerjulfs-Noes; Kan Bar 

en hbj St onset Mand. Erik denKodeboede poa BrutteUd;b£in oar 

dkr med mest Agtelse.og lode oUebom . Dissc pare Eriks Born: 

Lejf, Thoroaldog Thorstein, men Fregdlsliiid bans Datterj"hum)argift,med en Mand, 

som h*d THoroord, og boede de I Garde, dir somnaerBispcstol.Hun [oar] 60 

*'35 ^'Jeg'bederMunkcsmenlbseProBcrCChnstas) fremmeTruneRejscr; 

JordensHoettes (HimUns)MalLersDrotboldeH6gens Soedc (Hacuulen) owernu^ ! 
^Iregerede fra 995 til 1000 


English Translation. 


thesanve/ summer 'n)«nlcuDai)'Frederic th*BUliopatiAThorT)oliKbdransson,.TIvesemen- to- 

oltlaad ln/GT€«nl<md,to]u) therv TOcnt out tdUIv ErU: Heriulf HertulfsftrUv, he drodt 

Ql HcruUfsiiess ; Kelil KetUsfuiK j RjoTtv Rxifns firth- ; Soloe Sotoed- 

oii Hel^c TKorbrondsson, Mptofirth/iTHorbiora GLora Slglcfirllv; Eiaor Eiaarsflrlh.! 

35 HafgrimHafgrlmsfirtKanAValn«hDerfiArril6g Arnlogsflrth,, 

butsom* TOCiU/totlic-cBeslCTit setllcment. Leif the hopp-y tdos chrtsicnecL. 
'hea siitecn. TOvntcrs taerc passed, sin«. Eric the Red toctvI out 

10 settle OremUuuL , th«iv TOent Lelf Eric's son- out from Orcen- - 
knd-toyorroaj) . Cam« he lo Drontheim in iho ouluma .TDheit Olaf kino * 
40 Tryooe's sotv, was com* from/ Hdogaland/.Lcif laid/ his shi- 

piJVtoNidaros (uuLipenlatQiUjeon/at)istltoOlaf kin^. Expounded the- Idn^ tKefoilh/ 
tohimosto other heolheiv m«n- xDho U)T>isU/ him/ com*. Was to the kin^ this ea- 
sy tBiUvLeif i tdos he theiv diristeaed and aU. his shipmxites too. Was Le- 

tf TOtlh the Tdng all lh«/ totnter tDclL treated . Blarn/e- sought OreenLaad. 
45 "fjertiilf TDOB son-ofBordHertulfssoTv.HcTDOs aldnsnum-toln^o- 

JL ilftheUmd-laking-nuin/.Tothem/Heriulf's gooe In^o¥landbetD>e- 

eaVdg ondReyldaaess.JlEruilf droeH,f\rst otDrepslok-.ThorgerdtDas called 
Ms TDlfe , and Bvarne their son/ , Toho TOos a most promising mxm- . He 
longed to go abroad eDea in-his })Oung age; was he -roeH off bothuv taeolth onduv 

50 men's esteem, and was ct)crTj TOintereUher abroad or -roUh his father. 5- 

oon-Biarne oxDued ship ia freight, and the last TOinter, that he toosirvNorTOajj , 
Heriulf set about a Greenland -voyage mithEric , and broke up his home. 

\Rth Heriulf idos on/the ship a Christian man from the Sudreyr "'^.XDho made theHofger- 
dingaDrapa.Th6reistlussta»€iaU-:Miaebeg 1 nvonks' 

55 searcher ll,fauUlessT)0j)age6 to forTOard||jlheh<UDk^Tnaij heboid the hood oftheearth|| 

the halls king over me scatl^. Heriulf dnKiltoivUeriulfsness; he toos 

amost TcyarAed nuuv. Eric the Red drodt at Broltalid-; he tdos 

there TOUh most est-etm, ondlouled all to him . These -roere Eric's chUdrcn- : 

Leif, Thoroald, and Thorstein/.butFVetjdis roas calledhisdaughlerish«iDas xDcddcdtoaman/ 

60 colled Thorvord, and dneU/theii at Garde, there TDherenoTD is bishop- seat. She [tdos] 

vin-the south of Noro)(U|. ^'35. ^'theHebrides. vlbtg the fauhUss monk -seardi«r(Christ)for»arA 
]ju|-Doyaje«;ma)) the kLng of the hoUs of the earth's hood (HeoDea) hold the hooik's seat (lusWd.) over me! 
^'reigned from 995 to 1000 



Icelandic Manuscript. 



fiftfettttbm vti'ptt«»{^ naif Ittt) tMt imr ifmioa 8c))tn t|»«ftr 

ti^tritiirttin- enbi|in^a^b^ttiu4;£la|j^m^ittti(emtr 2))abttr 
iU fid iinmn WditU n?fr u^$ iw iqgl ^ figto \aA tngitr^ 


.^^„Ar?tt^firptiiJfa^ — _^ j._ - w ~ ^ w 

"i^f !^«5^i»^^P ^*^*'™^^ Mar ijtitl^ Uef £ 
DM* l)C<««1|»rl^ t& aa»n luo '5*^ c^-p-im' 



Icelandic Text. 

8uourT«, TTukJlb, vn) "ponxardr mxxt "UUJU Trunniy ■, uxxr ^wnJ TTvLog gcfviu tiL f«xxr. 
HoeldJUt/ uxxr folk; ouaj GroenJLouadi; j "^ouruv turvoJ. '^ali homjoJ sumxxr "komJ Beorruve/ 
sklpi/ struU OJ E-yror, «r fodir Vuwas "Kafdo "btx)!!/ siglti /dttv ojorUj . ^axxJ 
MA/mBjii ^otfciL/ Bixxrruui7 mJukiL', olc) /xnUlde/ oeigli "bcrai of 8kipe> siiui/ . paJ spur- 

du;Kous«Jbciurluuvs,"huxiljcr>ujiTi; "bcervMt ftrirjeru"hjajvsuxxrour,oUl'hxxjrv aiXXoAxj oJU 5 

"hxjUdLct' sidjuuenijuJ sirurtf ok) ^iggicU cxX* fddr surujurrJucXr rtrUtj okJ ntriJU ck^ H/ 

aUdcU skLpinw; UX/ Grenlourvdv, ef ^^ roxixXj mxr f'ylgd/ /oaiibaJ. AlUr cjixodU- 
■uast/lumB Toudxjurru f^lgiou MUxjJ. pou mjoeUJli/ Biximrijcy: ro A)UrUjg Truxn; fyCkia; 
Mjov f«rdj,^ar semj oeJuagi/ vuovr 'hxJrir'konvJu j QrrmXxxxvdj/j'haS. Eru^ "hxilU- 

"ldLcu'f)€ir txwj j "hxxf, ^egar "^cXr ^dotti; "bujrur, ok sigiabo^'fjnx^dougiX'^^xu'lJUOa-loirvdit'. .10 

■uuxr ijxxttjnjuxt;;«nJ "^xli tok of ^xyruuf, ok) lougde^ olcU TUjrromiir ok 'fjokur, 

olo uissuj ^fyvcr oelgi','Vuwrt oUU ^poir foru/, ok skuptU "fxxJ/ -morgurrv dotgruumj. Eftir ^^xxt/ sou "pwr 

sol/ sixx! okiTuuxtJbu; ^kx/ deilxx^ctJtlJbrj-uuvdxx/TUJu 8«;g\; ok slglxu'^etta/ datgr, 

oudr "ptir so) TxurvdJ, oTt/Tcedduj \umj vrxAjdu sePiluMUjlandju ^)OULouTTvujnJ vterou; enJ "Biarrute/ku//- 

tvst >wyggixu, oJb "fjouu truxadi/ ouLgv GTex\kuvd;.p«ir spajrlcU "hux)!^ "hxuv \xxlL slglou at/'^fc6suy.-...15 

launjdJU eAr adqi). pot- er "mUt/Toua-dj oJb sigloj j Tuurtd; nil) XorvdiX/. Ok stjuo gerai't)«ir, dk* 

scu "^ot/ "brail/, oJU TxxndiJU uar ofLoulLotl okj skogii xuxxil/ okJ arrtour "Kojjdxr 

ou "louodtrvu/; okleUju lojxdili ouba]«J bordxu oTtileliJU skouil/ "hcrfcu oulcurvd/. Sidjcuv) 

siglou'^dr XxxJb dxxgr, ouir "^dr sou Xourvd/ ojuuxt;. pdjr spo^rioj, "Kujort; BLoumJU/ |t/- 

lobdje/'^KxlA vfV GrenXourvdj. Han' "kuuav celgv Tulldr oeJtLcu ^etloj Grcnlojvdy w Tut; fyTra/TE>uiL' 20 

oub ioklxxr crei "mixjg nvylcUr sajgdibr cu Grcnlourudii.peir •aolguAu^nst' "broil; 
^elloulajui; ok) soJ paJu noeroj s'Ull/larui' o'kJ tjixije; /oaacil.pajtdk af T>yr firir^^)«unipa/ r- 
otAdii^Tvajselarj^at; ot/^cirnJ'^tlJu^^KxlraAal takcu'f)al/laj\;d;,eruBiarTUX«/uill;'t)Cil celgu 
'pcir ^otliwist' "boeAc/^uj'fuxxyAJvd/ ok nxdlnJ. At; ongiju txvo f)cr pvju obxrgir, 

segir BiorTuxA-j «ru f)o fekiTuiru of 't)ui/Tixildaxt ajruxlju of "hoscXumJ suurmj. "Kounj "bol/ 25 

^a; /Tnrvdxx) segli, ok* s\ijO noor gerU, ok s«x1juu fyoxn; stxifnru fraiXandje; o"kJ slglou j 

"houF nots^Tuiirtgs "byr ^ruu dxxgr ok) soj^ou'kavdit/ "jprid^aJ j en; "^al^i lourvdj uxxr lv/_ 

alt ok) fioDjoUj oki iokaUU oj . peir spajTioJ ^o), cf Biounxc/ fcilldjf olL lojvjdjt) 

lalou "fxxTjWiJJ/uuU qu«v/ oeLgv^|)cOl (t)llixij,^iju^ . 

Uu/logdvju ^^)CJUr oeijgi/ scjgl) sUljTuxlLdjo/ irvedJ lajbdiruiJ frorru dk)8aJ,al)^^xxli roar eglxuvdV, 30 

8«lUuu vnrv sUvfnn) (OixL ]puxJ loixdv ok) TiAULdbuu j >uxf "KijuxJ sairux) Vyr -, enJ rot) - 

dr ooc; j "hondj, ok) "boud; "Bixxrrvcj'^a/ suJLptxjj okJ oeigv slgla; TTuieixaJ erv'boexijt) dsu- 

gd>c vjth skbpi) "^Kirrcu okjradAw. SijgVdxjU t\xxj ftogur d^r.pousou'^eirlajvdj 

"hil fiordxiy. ^ou spurdjuJ 'p<ixx Bijarrujj,lujjort "Han; odOuoAxj^oXXw (ViToJ GTorlandj ^jjdr ccLgi/. 

BioTTve/ suxxjror: "pidJxx) erlikouvst;'fcfuJuerTTur ersoigt/ f rod Grtnlondi', ok)>xjO' ttujjuo titraD'Ujuadl/ .35 

koCLLdoJ. SujO geroo' ^eir ok tdkou lonxi; uixjdtr odrihujerux; ■ruse' at kuullAt/ dxxgs. 

Ok) uxxr ^ojr "baxur cu Tvejsurux;, crvJ ^ar "bio Iferixilf r fo^dir Biomo; ou ^^njuu tusv) . 

Ok) of fjul) >ufir n««\l) TuxfrvrU tekUU ok; er sijdxxru "kcxHaJt Hcruxlf s tvm . Tot 

BixxTTU; ruju ttU fouxdxxr sirts . Ok) "hxellir njuu sigUrxgu/ ok) er rrted; fodur struxrrt), 

TTVAdjcuiJ HeriwJLfr liFdje;, olt; 8vAciru'b\X)lux]rv "f)^ efUr foduur suuO 40 


Danish Translation. 

Tncget stoiraadig , Tn^n-Thorooi^ijarealflkMcmAjTjcu-Tum'mestgtoeaHaiaforlxaiisRi^donts Skyld- 
Hcdensk-parFolkettGroTilaad/paaflLeivTlcL. Dea samme Somm^rkonvBjame 
TTud sit Slab tiLEyrar, daPcwUrcalians T>ar bort sglet om Vdarca . Den 
Tidoide iyktcsBjomc slor, og Tfildehaaikke udlode of sit Skib. Dcl spurg - 

tcBesoetnin^cTvhxms, Twod/Qthaahaodefor, Tncn/hoiv soorer, othxuvogtedeal/ - 5 

holdeSoedoQiiefbsuvogtxigeliossuvFaderVinterbo; oqoiljeglv- 
oldc med- Skibet tiL Gronland , Tvois I oUle mig Folge ydc . AUe tilsjofl- 
de at Billefblge bans Rood/. DamoUc Bjame : ukLog mon, tgkkes 
BorFcerd, eftersonvingeiuafosbanxErctiGrbnlandsHao. McrtdogHoL- 

dtderaiTidtiLHaos, straxdc Tare rede, og scjlcdetreDage,lndtiLatLandet 10 

var sl<jult of Vdndet; mea da tog Borea of , og de ftk/Nordcnstorme og Taogcr, 

ogt)idstedeikke, boor de fore, ogmcdtog dctte mangcDage . Dcrefterftkde 

Solea at sc og formoocde da at sltelne HunmcLegaenej Hej sc mi/ Sgl og scjle denae Dag , 

ftr de saxLLaad/,og roodslogeTaed/bDerandrc onv, bDod/Load. dettcraoaooere; og Bjame sag - 

desig atracae, otdetBorikkeGroalaad,. Desporg^otabxia oil scjle til dette. 15 

load/cUerikke.DetcrTaltTlaadatsglc iNcerhcdeaof Laadet. Og sadledes gbrcde, og 

saa da snort, otLaiidetuarufjeldetog sliXJobcDoacct og nied. smoo/Hoje 

■poo/Laadet; oglodLaadettilBagbord oglodSkbdetDcnde mod Load/. Siden/ 

sgle de to Doge, for de soa et andctLoad. Dc sporgc^onvBjame mca- 

te, dctaarar Groalond. Haasoarede,tlU;ebiU0-troed*bxiad«tteparGrdalaad/n\er6nddetforrige.ThL ....20 

JdMer ere m«gct store poaGronbuui, crdetsagt. Denoermedc sig snort 

detteLand og saa/dctt)arfljadtLaad.ogBldtbeD03£ct. DatogBorcaaf fordcia. Daud/- 

taUePoIkeTic, atfor denitglttcs detraadeligst atto^gedetLond/, mca-BjarneDiLdetlkkc . 

Demmteboodc saoneVcdogVdnd-. Med/iatetde-rof ereluforsyoede, 

sigerBjomc; mcadog fik/baaderfornogeal)ad£laf FoUcenestne. Haabod/ 25 

dabejse' Sejl, og saoledes bleu gjort, og satle deForstaoneafra-Laad/og sgle-ud- 
■pafl/HooetforSydBest-Bbr treDoge, ogsaadadcttredleLoaij og dftLand/uarU- 
ojt ogbjcrgigt og med- Jolderpaa. De spbrge da, onvBjarae vtMz tilLand/ 
"Ueggeder, meaboasigerikkeatBUle det, tbtnug synes deUcLaad-ugaonligt. 

Nu/lagdedeikk« Sglet dercs,bx)ld6 longs Load^tfreiaog saa.,atdetT)areaO, -30 

scette- otter Bagstaoiicn' mod detLaadogb^old* xid/tilHaos for samme Bor; meaViad/- 
en Doaxde slrojc, og bod/Bjarae darebe og ikke sejle stcerlccre cnd/boodepas - 

sede T>eb for Skibet deres og for Bigningea/. Sglede au/i fire Doge . Da soxbde Load-, 
det^crde. Da spurgte dcBjorae, omlvoaskonnededette'DoereGronland/eUcrikke. 

Bjoraesoarer: detteerligestdet, sommig ersagtomGroriLoad, ogbermoaaeBltiLLaadx 35 

holde . Soa gore de og tagc Land/ under ct Noes ped/ Koteli . 

Og Border Boad/Dcd/N^cesset, og dcrboedeHerjulf, Bjornes Fader, poa det Nojs. 

Og of hombxirlfessct tagctNaoaog er sideaTtoldet Heijulfs Noes . Drog 

Bjorae aa UL Fader sin/ . Og opgiocr an Sgliiigea og bU»er Kos Fader sin-, 

m^densHerjidf Leoede, og sideabocdclian dereftcrFodercasia-. 40 


English Translation. 

ytry proud, l)ut Thoroord/ loas alUfleiruuv; she was chiefUj gioeato hint forhU loealtK's sake. 
Heathert were the people liv Greenland/ at that Uine. That same summer came Blarne 
u>ithhis ship toEyror'^, lohen^his father had, soiled, aiDoy Uv the spring . This 
tiding seemed/ to Blame great, and, loould/ lie not unload, his ship. Then,aslt- 

5 ed,luscre«), xohot he intended,; but he answers, that he meant to , 

IceeptoMs loont and, take loiih his father winter-oiode; ond/ioilLI g- 
iDith the ship to Greenland, if ijouujilLme compoayhear. All re- 
plied,, his adolce loould/theij foUoio. Then, quothBiorae : unwlttu may be thought 
our Boyagc , since none of us has come into the Greenland, sea. But yet pu- 

10 ttheynou) outtosea, ossoon asthey wereready, and, sailed,foTthreedays,imiil thelxuui 

was hiddeu under the loater, but the fair loind foiled/, and/ changed/ into north-ioinds and, fogs , 
and, kneio they not, irhtther they went, and lasted this many days . Thereafter got they 
sight of the s\uv, and could, distinguish the airts; hoistnou) sail, and, sail that day , 
ere they sau) land , aiui deliberated/ lotflv each-other, u)lwt land/ that mightbe; and Biomepro- 

16 fessed, to think, thatmightiiot be Greenland. They ask-, whether lie loUL sail to this 

land or not . It is my counsel to soil dose to the land . And so do they, and 

s<UD that soon,, tliat the land loas mountain -Ic^s and ujood-groion and snuill hiUs 

on the land ^ and left the land on larboard and let the sheet turn, toioord land . After tlutt 

they sail for Udo days , ere they soio another loTid . They oslc, lohtlher Biorae suppo - 

20 sed this TOosGrec'ilandyet^ He quothnomore to think this to be Greenland than the former. For 

glaciers ore uery large soidto be uv Greenland . They approached soon. 
thislandandscuDtttobeaflatlandcuidiDideU) xoooded. Then- failed tliefolriolnd them. Then/Ut- 
tercd themen^, that to them seemedbest to take- that land , butBiome loUlnot . 
They pretejuled to lack both u>ood and water. Ofneiiher of these are yowunrprooided, 

25 soysBiame; but, though, gotheforthis some blame fromhismcn^. He bode 

then hoist scul , and so was done , and set the stenv from the land and sail 
to sea urtth south -westerly wind for three days, and sow then the third, land; andthis land was h>> 
igh and mountainous and with glaciers on it . They ask then , If Blame would to land 
lay there, but he quoth, he would not , because to me appears this land unprofitable,. 

30 Nowthei) didnotlower their sad, go a-head,along the landandsan),thatit was an island,, 

setagoiuthe sterntowordtliisland and holdout to sea with flu same fair wind, but the wind 
waxed at once, and bode Biamethen/ to reef, and not sail/ faster thoa both would 

suit well their ship and rigging . Sailed, now for four days . Then sow they land , 
the fourth . Then asked they Blame , wheflierlu thought this to be Greenland or not . 

35 Blame answers: this is likest that, which to me has been told about Greenland, and here may wc to the land. 

steer. Sothcy do and take land below someness ateoe-tLde . 

And' was there boot at theness, and there dwelt Heriulf, Blame's father, on that ness. 

Andfrom-him the ness has taken name , and is afterwards called Heriulf 's ness . Went 

Blame now to his fotha-. Ajidglocsnow up his sailing and stays with his father, 
40 while Heriulf Hoed, and afterwcwds dweltlic there after his fo&icr. . ,._ 



Icelandic Manuscript. 


l^ d* tjm i^W* «J b<*^ rtir ^^^ Ijafp- y^va^icr t^ 


Icelandic Text. 

'^ TDat cr Her Iwfr GrcmLenjdxnjgTux. "^oxilt. Coupfitukun; 

TUi/ ^essu TUKsl , at Bixxrnnje. Heruilfs son, "konx vUxru 
of GTcnLoiuie/ afunjcL R^trcks jails, olo lok jclL vxAj ■hc-mmv vAj, 
soqAjij BianuiC/ fro, fcrdum./ struurt, «r "Kan/ hxifde/ lonjii 

S€t , ok ^otU/ TTvoTimjum/ Tuua. ToeriJl luifo) Tforuilin , cr HjOiv „. 

\aSiii ckkl at segio/ of ^eurt lonxkuui , olt fdc "hoii. of ^uL nokkut arrudt. 
^iamne gwdbist >urdTnjadr jalLs, olt fort)! tjGL GrenLondx/ t>TT\/ stumnrit/ eixur-, 
voT TUK nukAl TmroBcLo/ vm, loixjdjOL Imlxun . li«ifr, sorb J&urcks rojiy. 
djCL 6t ^Toltahljjdj, for Oj fandb Bixwnruij Hcruilf 8 sotvot ok. feeyfte 

skip at lujnnm , oTc< TcdytiL luijseta;, suo; at ^cir votvu Tuilfr fjorde tfigr 

TTuuuuv soman/. liCtfTl)a;dl siiv fodbur ^irck , al Ixxuv TTujxiile/ ouv firtr tjctq/ fdv. 

mnjU. JEiirekr toldisst ItelLdr unjdnjU; kuebifit ^a; tjcroj "hniguv/ j alldr, 
ok/ kuelxst) rmjanxL mje^oj v\d. wjost/ ouUw ui; var. Iwfr qu^dr Turn; eruv numdju/ 
TTvestri; IwilL styro; of ^cmv froraxAuurTV, ok. l^ctto; let Ssvnkjr cftir Lrift ok/ Tidbr "h,. 
«iTuuv^ "^o) cr "^cir oru; at "^mj "bumr, ok/ tot ^ skomJl al fara' til/ skipsuus 





Danish Translation. 


|cracester HcrcrFortx)ellmgen.OTTvGroTiloenjd£rae'. 

■lULalforloeUe, atBjQnuHerjiiUssoTbkonvudfc ■ 

fra Grdnljond- ogljcsogteErik Jarl,og JorTeatog odunod-hxiia. I 

BjonieforUiUe om-smel^scr, da.Wa"hfljDdeLQridc | 

set, og ttjMes det mange, athxuiliaudc uctretxiotdcbc^CErlig^ eftersonvTion/ .- 50 

intct hood*' at' sigeoTudisseLonde, ogfUcKon/derforTiogCTvDaxijel. 

Bjame qjordcstiL Jarlens Hlrdmaad,og drogiiAtdyGrbiilaad/ Sommerca efter; 

dertjanuimegen-Tale-onvLandopdagelser. Lejf, Soriaf Erilcrd- 

defro/BratteM, drogiidatl)CsogeBjameHerjulfsson og kabta 

Sidbafham, oghpcroedjfcFolkdcrtil.safl.atdeDarliabTfjerdeTl** 55 

Mand lolfc . Lejf bad sin Fader Erik/, abluia oilde Dore Anlbrcrpaa 

RejscTv. Erikiuidslojldtc sig, og anf6rteatT)(Breform«get,til Aars 

og inindre Istand/ end. for til oLloole Soens BesooarUgliedcr. Lejf sagde, haiv cjiddamoTine 

rrudmestHeld stgrePromdeme, og do-goDErUt efter for Lejf, og rid^r Iv- 

icnunelra, dade porefordigc , ogoorderltortatfaretiL Skibct 60 



Bnglish Translation. 

I o be told is Here is the histxjry of the GreeaLondLers . 

TVOTD next, that Biame HcijuLfssoa cam* out 

from, Greenland to ■olstt Eric EaH,, and received the Earl him tdcIL. 
Biome told qf his tra'oels, xohen he had lands 

50 seen, and TDOS thought hy many to hawc been incurious, as he 

hod not to tell of these lands, and tdos he on account of this somexDhot slandered . 
Biame tdos mode the Eorl'sman.cmd iBcnt out to Greenland the siunnur after. 
Was there noro much speaking of londseeldng . Leif , son of Erix; the 
red from, BratlalLd, xocni to visii Biame Herjulfsson and bought 

55 ship of him,, and hired a crcto, so that there mere three tens and ahalf ". 

m«n together. Leif begged his father Eric, if he xoould a leader be on 

tke expedition . Eric excused himself, said he toas too old in, age 
and said he could not endure the troubles of the sea as before.Letf soidhe ijet might 
TOiJh best luck rule Ihcm-.the kinsmen, and. thenEric ijielded to Leif and rode 
€0 from home, Tohen theoj were ready, and there TOosnotforto go to the ship 




Icelandic Manuscript. 



|pcEft«<rii« b^aii* ;»tnimiimnrtm««M^cfngrfjflIertfe: 

/i^ gviif wMmr mjiWcr^ djfe^i^ c^ i?. ic mn hdlfl ^» all 
Pttl <eW*nA Vvd Umw ^ ll)ti5t^k^-niJ> ^k ^tm Unit 

emntt ftfiiSir ii« mlTc^ecBd iiipri In^nuriMltt UdfuB 
CaU C11 drltiife'^tortd dttwii rkart raStri t«tf *90d aHiSfe 

ftp In^nii 3r ^u ^ftir itjji % fd^-v f goim ue^^ ^im^u 

aM.f fun^.p cirlft ttiiUe ctndvtnair2,if«(r|jcir ztxixx^^ gck 
tp fnKttiir ft^fnOM f ii^liir (rfi-^iieCr],arnftr gfnrrcpui tu 
it<r ftr fJ«a Mcrpair ? ftoft ^ tt]|ii l^ip ^rd ^ luHr ^a jatij 
f^lliop arftaptelf^^ti^u <?^uairii«> mtN^<^utrnidar 
|a«a til fe>fi»irar|ir nctttu cvJjGftar bim ^fw^'^dlru 
M^tupfai:^m*Ttl t52|}<hrcac^pi^(^ua^ci?^^ 





Icelaudtc Text. 

Ihtjpr 'Hestruuv' fottt/, sou or ^trekr reli;, okJ fell; Tvorv of "boik* ok/ IteUMli 
fotr "haoK j'^oJ ttujIU; Xirekr : ekkl/ muiU nur ottlaJb odU fmna/ "liond/ flrirfc m> 
"^yeltcu er tui; TDOjggtujTV TOtTiTnuiuxinJ uocr nru tkJdulxingr fcurou alkr somf. 
Tor J?iirekr "kdrtv j ^ralixxJ "hlii/i «nJ Leifr redjvst til skips okifdogcir "Wans vntAJ 

Tioimra); luilfr ru)Tde; togr raomW. par uar sudr madr aojnni j fcrdJ, tr T^rkcr.— . 5 

luJU. Ku; 'buiggiL' '^)cxr skip sUl/ dki sUjybaJ j "hof "^cu er "^exr 'ooru; "bimirj- o\d 
fundjo) "^cu "^odb laady fysU er "^cir "BixumjuJ fujid.a' sldxujBf . par si^W 
^eir aJU"UmAcy okJ kostuAe/ akktrmai ok) skuluJ "bate/, ok fcruJoulondJ, oki soU'llMir 
ax^v grousj loklajp tnykLer tjotu; clUjU lut/ efm), enJ s«xru am) kdla) uoert aUJ_ 

t til/ iokLcuiaa/ fraJ alonunt/, okJ sijixjdijvsli TiebfTv'poitJ land; vuvj goejdxiJ loiustJ. _ 10 

■pou maUlleifr-. oeigi) cross tuu'^kiI' ordil/xuw '^ctlouXanfl^ luifinudgi; 
"koTTul ouloadif . TfiuTTum/ «k) gefoJ nafmiJ lardirux; ok "koJULoJ KdluLourvd.^. 
Sidmu fonw "^mr Ub skipsj efler'fwtJLoU siglou'pcur j "Kof oki fujadu/landJ aiuuxf , 
Siglou eim; at/"laTid& ok koustjou Ojltk«uttv,8laotcu sxAojnJ 'hoiju ok; gongoU al \ax\AiXJ. 

pocb Icuadj uour sltU; ok) s"kogij uxuxxU okJ soLadjor "KuiJUr 'oldAi'^ar swmJ'^aT foru/ — 15 

ok oscebralt. ^ou nuieUi' L«f r -. of "kostairv skal/ "^cssuJ lond^; ivxiftuv' g«f , ok kalloL/ 

Mark lojid/. Totuj si;ijan^ ofouv aftr till skips senv fUuotxwi/st . Uuu' 

slgloi) f)«ir "poudxuv j liof laninyTdiags uejdr oki yxorw vMj Ij d^r 

oudr "^cir soulflndJ ok sigldjuU oIj lajtdje/ ok/ "koTruiJ at cy timut) er "lou nordr 

of laadijuU, okgeingu/ 'f)ar \jtpp ok sojist; -ottu j godjuU uedrU dki f unAiu 20 

"^xxXj ati di5gg ■ujot oj grxuslmiJ oki -uxurdj "^eim; "paXj firir, oJb "^dr to. 
ku; "hoTvdum; siimmJ j dcginxi;, ok "briigdu; j ttuxjuD ser, okj "^tLoxst ekk. iaf- 
wisoeit; ^tb \afujOU, sernj T)qjU vox. Stdaru Ibruu ^^)eLr til; skips sins ok sigL. 
duj j STUidy lf)aJb cr WTTulle/ eylaruixir dkj t\jess '^css, er Tiordi' gckJ 

of lojijdimL'i slefiuliuyj UAstr oetJb firvr TU«Ui;'^ar uour grnrLsozfui/' vn) . 25 

ikit/ aJU fijOTii) siofttir, oki stod;'^ttJ uppl» skip "Jjeirro/ ok xuu-'^ay "Uuxgt; 
l£l siofar oIj sixiJ froJ sTdpum/. Eu/'^ijnu mxr sajuo nrukil' foraUiuu; a at 
furoj tiJU londjLsLas, aJU "^jeir rwnhxJ odgi) "^css aJU "bldxii/, aJU svorr feU£/\uv_ 

dir skip "fieirroj, (ik Turuuv tiL laudx'', ^or o' oU odru fell' or' uaJtlxu/ owuii.Tin/ 

T^egor six)rr feU u?iidir skip '^eirra/,'^ tx)ka) ^«ir"baii»m) dfo rem) til; skip- „ 30 


Danish Translation. 

Hestcnj,somErvk/Tcd/, sniiblede, og faldtTuuv of og soorede 

staTodj da sagde ErCk : ikke moTv van migljcsleint atfuid« flereLond* zxA 

dette, SOTTV vi mt^ebo; monne vimi Oikelcetigcr folges alle scunmeit . 

Drog ErikTycnvtilBrttttdid/, nxeTvLgfbegax) slgtil STobetoghxms Stolbrodre rmi, 

'luini,luiU)f)crdsuidstl'^^MoEnA. DerDoreTvStjdLoenjderTnwLpaaToget.som-'h^d 5 

Tyrker. Nalooede dc Stdbet L Stood og sglede iLdpaa-HoDet, dadeuare ferdige ; og 
fandt dadetLondforst, somBjanxe'sfcmdbsidst . Der sejlede 
de til Land ogltastede Anker og sltodBoodeaudog giklLonAog soad^r 
tritet GroBS; store Jold^ruQratsclangtborte.Tncasonicn-Steiisletterarcilt 

UgctiLJolderne-^fraSoea, ogsynlcsdiCTadett6Laadatt)CEreud6n/Goder 10 

DasogdeLgf: iWccerdt^mi-gaaetosTnjeddetteLaTid, somBj<u-n£, otmikkeluiBC 
Dceret iLond . Nun)iLjeg gioe NooatiLLandct og ItaLde- det HelLeland/^) 
Slden, drog de til Sldbet,og dercfter sejledc de udpaaHaoeb og fixndtetaacL&tLoad, 
sejle igea til Land og l«i5te Anker, skyde soctBaod ud og gaaiLand . 

BctLandoarfloudtogsT£OpT)et)03cctogltDldeSand*rldtom.,l\»ordcltonvfrem/, 15 

og ikkf/bratmodSocn. DasagdcLejf: elUrBeslmiTiOThedcnskaLdetteLaridgiDCsNaonoglaildes 
Markland*? Drog sldea eftcr til' Skibet som. snarcst . Nu- 
scjlede de derfraud iHooetmed NordbstBuid/ og oore ude i to Doge, 
indendesoaLond^og s^ledemodLond og Itoratil en 0, somlaanordeTv- 

forLondet^ og gik^der opog saasig oinkringlgodtVejrogfondt, - 20 

at der par Dug poo. Groessct, og gUt dct dera da- sooledes, at de to- 
ge medderes HasndervDnggea og forte- til dcrcs Mund-, og tyktes ikkc 
lignende sodtatTiaoekendt, sonvdetuar. Sidendi-og de til Skibet deres og sejl- 
ede-indictSund, som-lQa/nteUjemOeTvog del Noes, sommodNordgik, 

iid-afLandet, stoeDnedeT)e5terpaaforl3iNcessct/; denjarmeget grundt- — - 25 

Bed/LoDBondc, og stod/ da- dercs SkibpojOyGnuid/, oguarderlongt 
tilVandet at scfra Skibet. Mende wire saaTnegctbegoerlige eftcr at 
konunetilLaadet, at dj^neentetkke atblc pafl>atVaridjet steg lin- 
ger deves Skib, oglob iLond- der, Hoor cnAafoldliidfra ea So. Men 
saa snort Vojidet .steg under dercs Skib, datogdeBoodenogroedc til Skib- - _..30 


English Translation. 

Tke Korae stumbled, tDhich Eric rode, arul fell he off from its back and. Hurl 
his foot, then quoth Eric : not is for me fated to find, more lands than, 
this luhere ine noTO dtDelL,XDe noto no longer may foUato together. 
Went Eric hom* to Brattolid.and, Lcif tnent to the ship, and, his feUotos tdUK 

5 hinriithree tens and, aholf "men, . There tnas a southern man TDUKthem^xDhoTyHter 

TDOS called. NoTO they built their ship and Toenlto 3ca,TOhentherij had finiahed, and 
found then, that land first, TDhickBtome'sfoundlast. There sailed 
they to land and cast anchor and put out the boat and -roent ashore and saxo there 
no gross, large ice mountains Toere seen for axDoij .but like one stonefleld toos qU. 

10 tothe icc-rnjountoinsfromthe sea, and seemed to them, this land tobe good for nothing 

Then. quothLeif : not to us has It happened toilh this land as toBiame.that roe haue T\ot 
got upon the land . Noto I TDiH gvoe name to the land and coll it HeUuLond ." 
Afterroards tliey toent to the ship, and then, sailed they on the sea, and found another land, 
sad again to land and cast anchor, flien put out the boot and get ashore .. 

15 that land TOosleocl and TOOodcouered and TBideTOhite sands, iDhereuer they Toent. 

and not steep at the shore Then qufithLeifMertts quality shnlLthislandhateuame.andbe colled 

Markktntf IVent afler that to the ship as fast as possible. Noto 

sailed they from, thence on, the sea before anortheost and toere out for tXDO days. 

ere they sato lond.ond soiledto this land and came to on tslond.tohichlay to the north, 

20 oftheland,and toent up there and looked about tnfW Tueother and found 

that there toos deTO on. the gross.and it happened to them, that, they 
touched the dexn TOtth their hands and broaght to theirmo\iths, and thought not to 
haT)e knoTon anything so sxDcct as this tdos .AftenDords they xocnt to their ship and soil- • 
ed into a sound.thot lay betTOeen. the island and that cope, tohich, xoent to the north. 

25 from the land, steering tothe roest of the cope, there toos Dery shoUotD 

at ebb tide, and stood there aground their ship, and toas there far 
to the sea to see from the ship. Yet they TOcre so uery curiou,s to 
go ashore,, that they could not bide, that th* high-Tooter toould rise un- 
der their ship.but ran, to the Land, tohcrc a riDcr fell tnlo the seafrom a lake. But 

30 as soon as the Ude rose under their ship, they took the boat and rotoed to the ship . 




Icelandic Manuscript. 

^T> V^Ilft^m4*fHii um <tdttii&0c c c»r^ l|a]9"&u In^ttlJ 



Icelandic Text. 

Sins obfUvMu.' =pat/ upp j aiw; • tldLoiv J-Tiixitriii dfe) kjostuAji^^cur oukkerunl', 
oblxxru; of skijpe/ lujudfol stru dVo gerdxu "par lnL4Lr;tflka;'f)ai^ vaAi siian; 
odb "buflxst far 'fTn.' T)cauv U/dr okj g^rdja) "par Tujus T>uki]l. ltux)r'k& ski- 
OTtU f arXQao j ojuxcj lue; j uxxUbtujuju, ok) sloerroulax/ ert "pdr "Kiefd;?/ 

fjjTT set. ^Jor ■vwj' 8TW) godr "Uxi\ib)ij"ko5lr, at "^ui/ cr "peimJ s'VjTvdJUL/ 35 

ail Tcir "munAe; oei:age feaouclE foAr "purfcu cu ii^etrmnJ. par loju). 

niru oebtgo frost ou ncbrurrO, olcjlilt Teaadxu T)ar groxus. Meira' 

\uQr "fxir TjofTxnjdfgrl) «ni oo &TcmLand£) edr Islands. S6b^^odFcU/1par ajfaUar. 

stodJ oki I)a^TTuiia) stad; "uirv skxunjdLegD. ]En/ er "^eir "Kofduu loldt "Ka*. 

gerdj siiuve;, "pou moeUli' LcifrtTli; fonuueytt sUt: tux; mL ekj s'ki^ "UiJta'lida/'ooTnx/ 40 

j Tj slad;C/j ok) uily ck/ kojuuD lalou lourvdiJb; ob skoL "KiliTujigr UoU •percu vxij 
skaLouTuuTtO/, eru curuuxr "hjeLmiagr skalL "kcuuuL/ TxuicUt ok faro/ ceigv ItOLgra', 
enj1>eir komju "hjetmi aJu 'kuudlAjb ok skObostJ oelgii. Nuj gerdxu "^cir svjio vnv s\ixx\Aj. 
Lcifr gerde/ jjmuBt/j oJUhxini for nxed/ "pcim; cdr vjox IvdmaJ oJu skolau/. Lcifr uar nuk- 

xll/ Tnactr oki sterkr, Trumuxxxy skoruCUugcustr at sloo', loiir iruxAr ok god)* 45 

koTsTTuxdrtuTV aUaJ "KlutU. Iidfr Itmruliaprw fajfuhvxerm) v skeru o; "haft. 

oaai "kumu; kuellde' "bar "^ab tiL tid;cridxxy, at) nuuuw uar vfwXJ' 
. aS UdLt) y<iixraJ, o\) vox ^at Tijrker sudr raadr. Leifr kujom/'piu; storlUa; 

"^moJb Tijrker kofde^ "leinge/ Dcrit mjtd; "pzmv fedgumj olo cU. 

skat TTvtog Idf j "boTruvotskcL. Toldbe^ Leifr tuju miog oj >vmdr foTu;. 50 

"nxurUuTV smjuuni ok^iowt UL ferdar otloeLLa) kajas, ok :xn: ttuiul' rrudj Tumuumj. 

Etvj erfdr votxxj skamJt koTtuur fta; skala/,pa; gek Tjjrker j mot "^eimJ 

ok uar "hxjruim; vAj faQTvaii. Leifr fejurv "fKXt "brolt , cit fostroj "KojiS vox »koJ_ , 

7p faOi; "Vuiai Tjor'bTatt loair ok; "loo^uscygr, smxiskifLLgr j ajidUdtf, "lju_ I 

mil TJueocsUi oTo uefioligr, eiu ifrottou raadr oj oLULxskoTunr "hjogleJOky. paJ 55 

■mxj^lU; Lcifr tLUlum* : kut Tortu; sux) soebrvru, fostru TtunJ,okfrajskd£;foTtDwytum/.llajnJ 

loiLade' "paj ftjst "Umgc/ a/ "^rskuJ ok skocut "mxxrgoj u£ga) ooiguJ - 

"mim) ok grctlL slg, en/ "pcir skildu/ oeigv Tujuit cr "hxtm sagd^.koMUodUi^a) ivot. 

Tdam/ «r t^xndu "Uid/, ck uor gemjginJ ocLgvi iTUjkUiy lodagroy m) ^Mj koit) 

ik T^i^tkur TojTuerru:; at segiou, ck fojaiv vxrO v\Aj ok^tmt'ber. Miuv' 60 



Danish Translation. 

ci og forte det op i Aoert; dcrcfter 1 Soea og liastede dJer Anker, 
ogljarefraSkLbetderes Skiadposcrogl)yggedje dferBoder; tog dca BesUitning sxAxxi 
at dBffile dcr deii. Vinlcr og VgggcdB der et stort Hus . Hrerk&rv sltort- 
cdedetdh-poaLoae lAoeaelLerv Soav, og storrcLox crul deTuLodLe 

for set. Dcroor soagodeLanA-Bcttagelscr, atdetsyiitesdcm, ol 35 J 

denruialtjeingmyKDoeg Foclringl)ehoDcs oTn.'Vlntcren-. I)erltx)ra 
tngeaProst/omVlntereTi, ogUcLetDlsnede/dferGrcessct. Merc 

tJorderligeLoengdcforNatogDag encLpaa GronLond ellerlslcmiL. Solcalicu)dcdcrEijl<tar 
Stad*'oq Dagmjodo/ Stod^' "pajcudealtartestc Dog . Mea da de hxjuodelaoet Hus - 

l)uqranqm,dercs, dasagdaLgf tiLstn^Kxntnxerater: TiiiBiljcgla^ 40 

i toDde, og Ptljcg IJade und«rs6ge Londet; og skcd dcrvlxdtoe Plolc Dcere veA/ 

Hollealijemmc, tticti dea onden. HabdeL sltoLTuidcrsoge Landct og drageikkcl(Em|erel)ort, ■ 

end at deltttanfcltommc lycra omAftenca, og sHUes Ikkc. . ¥u gjordc de soxdcdes en/ Tld . 1 

Lejf gjorde skifteois^ soaotTuiadrog udmcddera cUenxirliicmTae ucdHolka.Lcjf oar ca 

storMoadog stcerk, eaMcu\d der oar raoadig absc, caldog Mond og ca . Ab 

TaaadeholdeTv Mond t olle Dele.- Lejf dealojlckelige fondt FoUc poaet Slcoer I Honet. 

Poa caAftenVagtes dea Tideajdc, ob eaMoadljleo saoaet 
1 deres Trop, og oar det Tyrker, Sydlcmderca. Lejf foUe deroed stor Uro, 
saasoav 'RjrlccrlmDdelcengeuceret/Tnjedliaia ogTuuisPoder og clsltet 

LejfTacgett deaacs Baradom. TaltcLgfaaaiegetluuirdttil „ 50 

slaeP6lgcsoeadeogl)6dtLl Tog for cdopsogehjoia, ogXEMoeadraedliaja. 
Mea da dc oare Itort Vej l<x)n\ae "fra HoUca, saa gilc Tyrk«r dera imode , 
ogl)leol\aaoelmodtaget. Lejf foadtstroxad, otFosterfiidercaluias car 
opliidset. Hoa Dar"h0)paadet, Tacdurolige Ojne, sraoaFregaert AnsigtetjU- 
dea af Voext og TibctydcUg ; racaldrcetsraaadaicdalsltcasKimstfcerdigTied. Da 55 

sogde Lejf tCLTuna -. lu>i dot da soa s^, Fosterfadcr mia, og sldltes fra Kammeratcnie . Hoa 

tolcd* da fbrstlcerigci sU, sydlaadslt« Macd og TTdledc-aicgctTaed Oj- 

Ticne og ggordcAasigtCT) meadeforstodxkke,>ioad/luiasagde,haatall6dapaaNor- 

diik, efter at eaStoad DOT gooet: JcgpargooetikkcTaegetlceagere; dog Itaa 

jeg aogctayt sigc; jegfaadtVlab-cecr ogViabccr. Moa , 60 

')35 *>StmLaadet ^"SkoDlandct *)gi3tTtedeaerKL.3 ^^stodopforKL.S 


English Translation. 


(md coaDeojcd, it vxp the. riT)er, aflenMorclg into th* lake and cast there anchor. 

oavdL brought from the ship their lefltherbogs and, made there hooths, took that resolution, after oDorda 

to abid* there for that xointcr OJid, made there a large house . Neither TOonled, 

thert salmon ta the rluer nor in the la)te, and lojgcr salmon than, tlieu had 

35 before seen. There mere 80 good land/quahties, that tt seemed to them, 

that there might no cattle fodder be TDarOed ia tninter trnie. There ciune 

no frost in, TDinter, and little iDithcred the grass. More 

TDos there ctpjaLlengtk of daij andnighlthan,in,Grc<!nlandor]celand.The sun had there Eijldar- 

stadtKndDagmxda Stad on the shortest datj .But mhea they had made their 

40 housebuilding.Leif saidtobisfeUoTOS notoItDilllei our compaa'i) be divided 

into IIparts.andlTDilllel the landbecxplored,and one half of the partij shall remain 
athome.-rohiLe the other half shall CDcplorc the land, and go not farther aroatj , 
than that they can return in the CDetiing.aiuinotbe separatBd.NoTD theg did soforaxohiLe. 
Leif acted ahemjotel'g.going out xotththem or staying at bonve lathe holl.Leif togs a Dcnj 

45 talLnum and uigorous.amaamost'oaliant to 8ce,axDi8emfln,andaDerTJ 

moderate man inalLregards. Letf the hxippij found nuirL on a skerry at sea 

On, one cuening come the tiding, that a man, toos Toanled 
of their troup.ond that toos Tyrker.the southern nuraleif was tierij btmbledbij this, 
because Tgrkerhadbeenlong totthhis father andhimself and loued 

50 muchLeif in his childhood. Letfnou) 8CT)erelij blamed bis com , 

panlons and ordered an c3cpedifcLon,ta scorch of him^ and XII men iDtthlunt. 
But OS they TOei'e gone a short XDoy from, the haU^Tyrker xoent lo meet them, 
andhe tdos tDclLreceiDed.Lcif found out at once, that his fosterfather xoos 
" • excited.Hcliad aWgc forehead and restless eyes.smollfreddes inbis focey 

55 alotB stature ondTmseemly , but amaaforemjosttaalL sports. Then, _ 

Lelf saidlobimiTohy TOertthou 8olate,foster-fathermine,andpartedst from thy comrades.He 
spoke then first along time ia bis southern tongue and rolled much bis eyes 
doidmode Tory foces.butthey didnot understand TDbxiLlw 8aid,be spoke theain 
northemlangujage after a TobxLeJha'oe xoalkjed not much farther, ijetl can 
60 8om«!^jinq curious relate: I found xoinetrees andxDineberries.MaTj _ 

''35 "The stonylond '*Voodland *' Sunset after 3 EM. ^'Sunrise before 9 AM. 




Icelandic Manuscript. 


^ftMftrbuojte ft»«^ iilvATft -o^nrtm Itti)|tf ^ ftp (wi 

^U^ dp -oin bm nu x> ^oflmfmu-rtf^jitr-i ?iu^*v-UA^b 
lUBUift-pirj-rielbu^ i:^^|«prr nOpii fnJMiuj c^R 

p^ Ij^S tir fti«>i wtne en {» cd at eUfpd ei^ l.u£ (^dj ^r 

tttti umTtie^tr rc§ Itwu At- nfit tp4 cy in eru buretu^ 
p- fr <fe ^«ia lit \A (W0U -» tf uihi taft Mn^ otTeW Sbii^ 


^we &J^ )mr g |tti^ti4^ti let^ir fp^l f^ ^ fan cyn-^* 
146 9 tj^ttd I)ll> Teg ^'^q fiuj ^4 ini lul p^ JqJ.fTbio&ft 




Icelandic Text. 

^1^ 8aJl,fosthjTTUJUv,qujOLd;l«ifr. At/ Dtso/er ^Qlt salt, quedrluu^/.'^uiat ek/ ■Bor'^ar 
fctddr, er "hjiorkft skortu uuvbld/ tu, •Dlnher. Nil sujofit "fidr of ])ou' 
noil; eiv Tom. Tuorgumrv irudljlLeijrr v\A, TiaselXL suuv: nit skoL hxifuxL-' 
tiunruir sysUir frajrv, ob skoL stam (log "hjaort leso; t>uib«r tSx 

Tiogguoi wwidU olofelku Tuorkencu, sux) ailiatj vvria fornxr tiL skips 5 

TTunS; q\) ^eMoi'Dar rouis lekU/. Suo er sogt, aJt; tftjir Iwxtr ^eu'ro/ var f. 
■jjUdr of t^inberuurU. "Nuu DOur Ivoggwa/ formr oo skijpiJt/. Ok-«r UflTar,'^Qj "b. 
iiigguxst/ ^cir ok/ svgldjuu "burl, ok/ gaf leifr Tuifnjtb louadiiujo cfUr "UxnA . 
kostAJuru ok; IcaUxLOLe; "Vuiland;. Siglou lux; siAan; j \uif olo goJ ^currv TeL })'}ir\j, 

^^ar liL er ^eir sou GrraxLounil ofe fu)U/ unAlr lokUwrV; ^ toTo oemru iruxdr UJl mxxlfi ^10 

olo mxellL' vXAj Leif ; Ifuij styrvr ^uj sod Tniog \ir\dir UAdr sklp\]tujL;.L«XiV aoorar: 
ek/ Tujgg ccb stloTTv ttuiuu/, av'^ mxv at/ fUirou , «Ar lumti scxii/ "^«r lfl> 
tLdeacLou . ^«jur loxodjmst ckki seai "^oJb er tiimdiixnJ soeUi/.llkk/MeiJb otigxi, 
scgir Lcifr, "Viuxrli vkj s* skiip edr skja\ lu/ sexu "^eir, ok/ qujoduu sker 'wernjjlvxuv' 

soi'pTxL framar etv'peir, ot^uut/ sou tmnru j skmrui;;Tm)Xal ek(,cdj Tier^ei; 15 

toru vxxdir utdrU;, segir Leifr, suo at nxiim; tiL "peirrcu, ef TTxexvnJ eru; "piirftogir 

odbTUU uorunu fixivi*, do er ■nmijis'ynj ou ocb duigou "peim)-, enJ iruedj 'pvuu oJU 

"^ar stj oeigv fr\A> mxxvnjj "pcu oa^iunJ t)er cCDLxuv "kost w\dir oss, eix/^eir ekktundir 

ser. ISvu sockiou 'piix "undir sTce-rVJb ok/Aogdjuu ^,kx)sludu/akkeri) olo skuJ. 

tu/lijfljujmj "boJUu odnun), er "peir hofdjiu Tuift med/ ser. ^ou spwrdjt; TyTk*r,Tuiur .20 

^poTTede/ firirUdfij sou Tcael-^st 5)orir "hxiitxu ok/ noerou -rvxjrcmn/ "mojdr aJU 

\^\je/i edr Tujitrb er "pUJb uafruu. leifr segw UL siru. Ertuj sow JEijreks tol). 

U/dLoj 6t IraUxo "KM;, scgu-lum/.Lcifr quxiAi siio twroUiTviu v\L ek),stgirleUT,bu)dxi/ 

■ydr oUiunJ qj nutU s1djp okJ feinmuun) peim;, er skipU/ mat v\Aj Xakoi.'pwi- "p. 

OLguj "ponn; kost ok; sigldiu sidxuv tiLiSireks ftordxxr rnjed/'^eimyfarmib, "por^i^ 25 

"pcir "kflinui tiL TJroltou MLdxir . Barui fourmmi of skipe/. Sidjotru "bcui/- 

d>- leifrJoTutiL 'T)i5t)0U'TTied;8«r,oToGuArlde.,koTua/luuv5,o"k/ \y thjotviuutvi ouirumi 

«a/ fdtf uistir ou/idrum; luxfietiim; "bjAa^o^^ ok/ siruumv felJogtinv. leifr tokl 

:xy "tn^nrO or skerinu; .HoM ujOt sidaixJ kalLadr LeiiV luiuiv.' Ixjcpni^ . Leifr vardb i\). 

TV "b^jd£j goU/ tiL f uu- ok/ TTUiriTOxbrdwigar. pouva/ ujdr "korru soUj imk/' 30 


Danish Translation. 

iet'ersandt,T'oster&idcr"mia, sagdtLejf. Tibisse erdetsoiidt, sagdehfln-, thijegljleo d«r 

foil, lioar cLet Tioerkca slcortede poo/Vinb-occr eUzr'VinAnier. Nu- sod iz ijav 
Nat, men ontMorgcacn/ sagdeLcjf tilBcscrtraagCTV sta : Ttu skoL Dilian& 
tcendc Syslerfor, og sltaLhncrDag ejtbm scuixle Drucr clkr 

liu^gcVtnlrcKogfoeld^SlujqsQaatdetlMm/DordeLQdnmg tCL Sktbet 5 

mtt; og djettcRaadlfleDMgt. Sao/ersogt, otdcrcs Storbaod l)leo f- 
'jjldbTned-'VlndnLcr. NuljlcolvuggctLadiiingtiLSTdbet. Og do/detblcoVoar, dcL 
gjordc dc Mar og sgledc-bort, og gao Lcjf Naon tflLondct eftfrLaivd'- 
pi'odiikteme oglcaldtedetVmlaad;. SglcdeiiasldcTviiiitHaoctoglxaocLegocLBor, 

xadtJldcsaaGroTiland ogrjclde "under Joldcrne. Datog crtMandtiL Ordc _ 10 

og sogdc tilLcjf: HoistgrerDusaamegetSkibctimderVuidcii-. Lejf soarer-. 

jeg passer inttRor, tuctu dog ogsoanogctinere; mealvoai serl of 

TTiarkcligt.De soaredc, otdexklie saaTiogetTTvcerkeligt. Jcg ocediWce, 

sigerLejf, oiajeg seret Skib cllerct Skxcr. Nasaadeddjogsogde del oar ctSkxKr; "hxm/ 

soa sltarpcre endde, soo/OtTian/ saa.Moe-nd.paa Sl«Erct^TU)iDTljeg,atoi}ioTde - 15 

nxodVtadea, si^cr Lgf, soa atrjlnxuLttl denv, "KajIs de eretrcengende 
tdat Diltonune-til denv, og der crNodoendigTied, for at/Tga!;lpe/ detn^ nien"hms at 
deiWieerefrcdeligc, da/liaoctjtalUBetmgclsertilDorFordcl, mcii dc iWte tU; 
deres. Nu^sejlcde-deindmodSltcerel oglod[Scilc;^gao/,l«isted£.Ank«rog skbd 

dm/ andCTvliILe.Baadiid, soiadeT\ax)dcliaftme.dslg. Da spiirgte Tyrlter, Tvoem 20 

dcrroodedC' for Slcai'cn ; Turn sagdc sig lieddc Thorcr og ware Nordinand of 
Slxcgt; men TtDodcrDit Noon. Lgf slgersit'. ErdaSonafErikRo 
dcfraBrottcUd, sigcrhan.Lejf sworcde.^ saawar dct. Nuudjcg, sigerLejf, Ijijde 
cdcroHciidpaamitSlab og derVios dciGods, sonv SkibetltanTaodtage. Dc 

loge dctle- Wkaar og sejlede sidencfto-tllErlks^ordnuddenneLadntng,mcttil 25 

dc Item til Brattdid'. BragtcLadniagcnfra Skibet. Sid^ntilbod 

Lijf Thorer at bohos sig incd Giidi-id, hons Konc, og BE Mccnd dcsUidcn., 

00 fik Ophold andet Sleds forBcsa*ilngen, boade Tliorcrs ogTvxms egric FtcHer. Lejf log 

^IvMenncslverfraSkcerct. Hanblco siden-"kaldlLejf denLyltlcetigc. Lejf oar rt- 

tv Ijaaderlgpaa Gods og Jire. Dennc Vintcrlconx stor Sot -.. 30 




English Translation. 

that be true, fostcr-fatkcr mme, quoth Lctf. To be sure It is troe , quoth he, for 1 was there 
born.,tDhere Turtth^r vim nor qropes ore scarce. Notd slept they through that 
Tiight ; but the "next mornirvg Leif said to his crero : note xoc shall haoc 
tTDO TDorks , aad shall CDcry day either gather gropes or 

5 cut mncs cold feU. timber, so that they TTUuj be a lading for nvij ship; _._ 

ojvdthis aduice toos taken.. So is said, that their oft-booL tools f- 
illed TDifli grapes. Now toos heron a ladLng for the ship. Arid TOhea spring conte, theii 
moule ready ctad sailed atoaij ; and, gaue Leif Tvomc to the land after thie loadls 
prodacts and colLed itWutdoad . Sailed tioto after that to sea and got fair tDvnd, 

10 until they saro Greenland andfeUs under the gloiciers ; then took- aman to speak 

and quoth toLcif : Why stecrst thou the ship so "much, under the Tnind. Lcif anstoers : 
Itcike care of my rudder, but of more thauthxitbesides ; or rohot do you sec of 
remorlcablc. They onsTOcred, that they sau) njothing remorlcoblc . I do uot Icootb, 
said Lcif , if I see a ship or a siccr ry . Notd they satD it.ond said it lobe a slcerry ; h* 

15 satD yet sharper than they , so thatlve saro men, on, the slcerry ; now I TOllL,thQt xne 

beat against the xotad , sous Leif , so as to get near to them,, if theu b« xoanting to be 
found by us , and there is t\£^ to assist them , and if 
they arc not peaceable, then haue xoe aU adBontoges for us, but they not for 
them, . !N^OTO they sailed to the slcerry and let go [sa£^, cast anchor and put 

20 out another bale boot , uihich they had had with them . Then Tyrker oslwd, tDho 

TOOS the leader of the party -, he told himself to be caUed Thorer and to be of northern 
Idn; but rahatis thy naitu . Leif told it him,. Art thou sonof Eric the Red 
of BrattoUd , says 'he, . Leif replied that so he toos . Noto I mill , says Leif, bid 
you all on my ship and those goods ,that the ship toUl hold . They 

25 cuxepted those terms , and scaled afterroards to Ericsftrth tnith the lading .until that., 
they ccune to BrottoM, . Brought the lading out of the ship . AflcrTOards 
Lclf bade Thorer to dTOcll milh him, and Cudrid,his tnife, andIIIoth«r men, 
but got droellings for the other m«n ,both Thorcr's and Ms oron. Leif took 
IVmen from the skerry . He tdos ctfterroards called Leif the happy . Leif toos n.- 

30 ou) TOcIl off both as to riches and honour. That TOtnter come nuicK sickness 



Icelandic Manuscript. 


?^2^pwn>KMdtti? iKoi^^fim -ovfw feerittt Vapdv 

^dlrt ft^ Gjrf tlilf 

lie I^Oj. tr Q\;£n 5* 

_ ^^-v tjunur i»» cu pitair »««■ my j^yinrt nijimi Wc(?t^ 
|#^ • %D^iir Cmf flisiii bui9U pr d^ip 'rttr-a jjcildu <' ^jd^ >^ 
P>^Ms^^9^ V«i ft>Srti ^f & ^ pitv c p ^mtia i- \jtti/n5?-r 

a^ra en f cyiu tvfn'^ iwrtflnuya ^uti5o B!r'|usttb^**^ttt 

fr ^6ii^n«fecfiiu ^^t^jT-Uf 2r^pimJ Wolniun&d (k 
ptttM ^ VjSpdujjdtrldngftbuol^-bofttu lb4|j fur |jd mlT 

Enxitr^nAittii CtxxA nu uil ct ftt u Foeirtni j^u^ kolm 

etS dlRJ'* 9^t^ W' Ml' »*'»* "P lif all<» p«hird rtnA K 
(fetfirifc fia ft frtuftniiT fnptrti IjopMito ti^^ljcrJttr^^tjl 



Icelandic Text. 


\)j j UA/^^omSjok^ arvdxiuaiasft "hxmJ ^orir oVimkilL >iLulii MAs houfvs. ^Xum/ut/. 
r omAcuoljuwt; oloJEmkr toixAz. 'Svovuar vomraiAw ttuML Ditu TTuilajadz 
for L«ifs , olc/ "^oMoj ^oTUjQlbcLe',"brodur Txcuxs, of v vxAoJ \ojvi\xxXj 'hxxSoj tJ«r_ 
it londU;. ^GU TTuxlll leifr tat ^oruoILd/.^Uj skxilx; forou ttwioU skip TTuJbjVodir.e/. 

f ^uyufll' UL* YuxLonjdjL/, ok) uili ckj "po, at; sktpU; fori; adjc «ftUr yxxAjiJ '. 35 

"^xdxnJ, er^orbr odUi j skmxuxJ;6W sujo uxirgwrb. "J^oruaMr forti]U'V]|Tiljajidbi/. 

ruljuiist^poruunlidr Ul "^euror feroLanned/ XQC TTumnu/, iixed,' um/Toidx/Leifs, 

iVodiir suvs. Svdjouai tuiggxu "^dr ski;p sitt ok; \elLdbuu j "haf, ok/ er 
odnjge; fraj sognn) dttu ferdj'^eLrraJ, fyrr eru'^ur Iconrta; tiLYvriVajoda/jtil; 

Xeiis "budLou, oTo l)taggiu "^ "dtoi sltq? svjtt) olt/ salu) ujtvTcyTll ^ajuUuurtr, 6\x) 40 

Txdiduj flskoJ lib Truitour ser. 'Sin vm uoril vxjxIAxj ^OT'ocOOLdrj at "^eir slcy\ld»/"bu/- 
oj skicp sUt , ok/ skyUdbw cfUr "balr sklpsuvjs ok/ -nokkxiru" Truim/ nuA; fooroj ftrir 
uefitan/lanAjU ok/ "kojnrmJ "^or vm) swmmaxMj. "^eunru s\jTvdi/-«tj XarvAil; fagurt 6k> 
skogotL, olo sknirxJU xmlLe/ skogoor ok* siofor olo "huilir sajvdjoj" •, 7*<w ooar ey . 

xott/ TTUjog olo gTT7n*otfuL' TT>i)dJb . ^dr fVuxdii/ lui^rge/ TmiKnja» ■d\j6Uttu; 45 

dyraJ ; ml j eyiu/ odiuiA' -uAstflfligou funflu/ "^eix 'ksjvvjn) "hixilmJ 

of tre)j oagli'fanjdru "par flaxrti mjoiynaJ xuixk), oki foni; aftr okJ quxrrmi) 

till; Leifs "biijia) at "hoiustJU. !En) at suirmj oiru) foT^orualldr fmr aauslanj mjiAj 

kouuup skipit, o\)lui) "oyrira) ftnr "UmjdiJb . "paJ gerde; at T)€wtU u^dT "himJ. 

St fiiir oniudj-u&ti eiiUL), old tcGci "^oJ l^ar upp olt/ "brTitoii Ickiliim) uivdoiij iki)- 50 

"puWj olv TvofduL' =par langa; diuili oTo'boeltuO skip silt. paJ itudlt 

^orTJolLdr T)it forurumtaJ sinjoJiTux/ -uit ik},oXj -aar TooUsufni "hjer upp "kJLdUxuv 

OJ TUisirui) olo "kolluTi; l^oJirmr tus, olc/ sua gcrdu) "Ijeir. SidjoiU svgla^ "^dr 

^oiouu j "braiit ok.' ouuLStr furtr "Uuidit ok) ■uvru j fiardjor laaila)/^aJ 

er "^oriiOTu/ Tvotsttr, olt; at lurfdjoJ "pcLm/, er'par gek/ fraJT\J;Tuuu tjor dSx „ 55 

skogw uoadni} "pculeggiaJ "^dr frairu skip sm) j lagvj oki skiotaJ "brij. 
gguuui a) lojxdy oTu g«iagur 3)0TUjaUjdr Jar oj "[taxAJ upp iiudj dlLou foruruuilou svntxJ . HonJ 
TTudtiJ "^oJ : >ur er foLgAixt, olcj liCT" luildjo) «kJ ^orj Tniruv toosol/ . Gangoj SAjdLODa/ txU 
skips, ok; iioy a^ sanibuuimi vnxv frou WdjamurU iij "hxaier ; olc foru, tUO 
"^oivgat ok) scaJ "^"hujdJ "kjeipoJ iij ok, Uj Tuenxv \miir Tuimurn) . pcu skip- ..-. 60 


Danish Translation. 


"blcoutt Thjorers Skore-, og dodelum/, Thorer, og ca stcrDelof kuis Skare. Deraie Vla- 
terdocLe ogsoia Erik Rode. Nu-ucurToleamcget 0^TvVmlJand8- 
&raJcaL6jfs, og tyltes det ThorDold, lions Broder, at utilstrcikMigt vwr undersogt 
Loadet. Da sogdeLgf til Thoroald/-. Du skol fareTixcdTntt Skft), Broder, 

.Tiois Da oiltilVialand/; og fliljcg dog, at SkibetfarerforsteftcrdetVed/, 35 

soTTv ThorerTiaodepad/ Skarct; og saoiledesl)l60 gjort. THornald giJoUL VmLond/ 

fu. forljeredte THorocdd/ slg til dcres Fcerdincd XXXMaad/.TuedRaadgiDTicng of ligf, 
I Hans Broder. Sldea gjorde de dercs Sldbi Stand/, og drog ud'paaH(U)ct,og er 
der tngea Sogiv om/ deres Rejse, fbr mA, deTtoTn tiL ViaLond/, tH 

LgfsBoder, og lagde db* deres Slab op og sad/ roUgt deaVinter og 40 

foagcde Plsk tiL Fodc for yig . Mea ont Voorea sagde Thorocdd, Ob de skuLde be- 
rede Skibet dercs, og skulde Skibets StflrbaadoguogUMflBadmeddea-'farelaags 
Vcstsidca of Landct og undersogc dcr om Sommercn.. Dem/tylttcs Laadetfogert og 
skoorigt, og kortmellem' Skooene og Hooet og debcide Sonde; der oar Ocr 

moagcog meget/grundjb. Defondtb-oerkeaMcnneskeboligcr eller .45 

Dyrclger; mempawavO, der loo mod Vest, f andt de et Komskur 

of TroB; IkkefondtdeflereMenneskeocerker, ogdrogtObogcogkora 

ttLLgfs Boder om-Hostea. Meadcaiuieste Sommer for Tborooldosterpoamed 

Hoadels-Skibct og onvpaa dm-uordre Sixic- of Londet. Daftkde etbflostVejr 

u4 for etNces, oglcostedcs op derpaa ogbrode l^oleaxuiderSkib- 50 

el, ogTiaode de derlangt Ophald/ ogbbdcde. deres Skib. Da sogde, 
ThonBaldtiL sineF6lgesoe?ide : nijuriljcg, atoirgselier op ^olciv 
<paa!N{Kssetogl«ildedetIQabuiraces, ogsacdedesgjordede. Sldenyscjledc 
i|3Lerfrabortog6steaoTTvLandctogiadt;Qordinundingeiv, sonv 

derwarTOBTDcd, og til eLHoT)ed,soTn.gik/ udder; det dot gaaskc- - ■. - 55 

sItoBbeTioxet; dcrloegge de forst Skibet deres iLge, og skod-Bryg- 
geaiLond/, og goor ThxjrooddopiLondetmcd dlle sinePolgesBende.Han/ 
sogde do: Tiererfogert, ogHfrDildejeg gemerejsemuvBo. Gikde siden/til 
Skibet og sao/paaSaadetindenforlloDedetlllHoje, og drog did 

}mi og saa dcrHTSktadbaade og MMennesker xuidcr b»er. Da del- 60 


English Translation. 


amx)Tig Thorcr's Tuca , oiijd/ died Thx)rcr and, a great deoL of Ms troop . That toui;- 
ter died also Eric thJs Red. Iforo there tdos much, speaking of the l^Tbelxmd- 
t)oijagc of Leif , ouid thx)ugltt ThorDold. , Ms hrother, not eaougK explored to ha^e been 
thAland. Thea quoth Leif toThorooLd: thoiL sholt go out TOith, nuj ship, brother, i- 

f thoa TOvltgo to"Wln;eland,aad I to UL, though,, that the ship is to go first for the wood 

xoMcK Thorer hxid on- the skerry ; aad so it toos done . TKor r)ald Tnent to Wln/eLand . 

OToThoroald prepared for their tjoojage with. XXX vum. .under the admsing of Leif, 
his brother .Afterroards flieij moui/i ready their ship and put out to sea, and is 
there no saying of their boij age, before they come to Win>eland,to 

40 Leifs booths , and laid up their ship there and Icept quiet that tDinter and 

caught fish, for their eating . But tathe spring ThorTJald said, that they should make 
their ship ready , and should the oft-boat of the ship and some men toiOi it go to 
the TDestcm part of the land and explore there during flie summer . To them, seemed the land 
TO.ooded , ondnot far from, the moods to the sea and the toMte sands^ there TDcre 

45 many islands and sTuJIotos . They fonnd dTOeUings neither of men nor 

of beasts , but in one of the roestern islands they found a corn- shed 

of TOOod , not found they more morlcs of man, , and mcnt bock and come 

toLetf 's booflis athar-ocst-tmu . But the next summer Thoruald roent eastxoords Toith. 

the m,ercliant-ship, and to the TU)rth of the land. TTien come upon them a hard TDeother 

50 off a ness, and were driuen, on shore there and brolte the Iccelxaider the 

ship,and hod there along delay and mended their ship. Then said 
Thoruald to Ms foUoroers : noro I roill ,that me raise here up th« ked 
on theness and coll it Ktabutr IJess, and so they did. After roords they soil 
fromtheace oroay and to the east of the land and into the furlh-moulk.that 

55 TOOS there nAitto"it,and to a hjeadland,u)hich, sprang forth/ there > it toos all 

TOOod-gTOTOn,( there they nuike first their ship fast, and^put out the 

gong-board to the shore , and goes Thor-oald there on shore twilh all his foUoroers . Quoth 

he then: here is fair, and here TOOuld I raise my abode .Went aftenDords to 

the sMp and saro on the sands nyUhuv the headland HI Mils , and went 

60 there and saro there EI leather-boats andllmenuader each of them. Then they dL- 

^the ness ofthe ked 



Icelandic Manuscript. 

mm i flllr f Ti«pr t>^;Gp |>« '''•ft ^»P l^tt jjdpA-i p ftrtu a 
(V^^3rftUeir W ^«^ ot ^drrt- pira IHbe ftm (tToidaftlhap 

Tnor luo 9a pr en (Utrccluiflfttr (Vvmi djia vitt ftimb c yifeik 

t6v^ cp^ir ua?reiiobbtftftv'pVuo^tiit^afl^vtfcfei)f 
IP poeiTiBir raxrutjb^ii ^^^ p4b i^^iwlle |Vi|i hj^fmiar 
wiflUiftvf^iT imi^ pih lU 3 c^ Ijcr <^» w niu xms Emi ttlk 
iftttfl Iciift na -©(jpft ei ar jT bun- pt -jj&ja (m -pUbctert: a^ 
aliciS ctt ewp'lgurpimiiiJ^dljtmldpi evttietfjjom bi^i 
1i9«l»flr^a mflMa ftriii Ij^piu mtr dtnim bofi drefe roiTr 

amn vw ticjir cp^ nl at-enl&b t >ia»twu li^tpe frnii f ceuti 

Jj*pAt hitmatei!- i: pcti^r Qruajtittetlrtarndr 2to»c 
fftetti cw"»ro« ^^dr AiihUtt epr Iit«piidtt»2l>jo^r^lV I 



Icelandic Text. 

\ixj '\)eir Udc/ suva7 dWyvofdjo; IwnAr oj upturn) oUujnx) waxuiJ (mmJ Tcomxst' j "burf 
nvcd/ Iwip smn;. ^«ir drqao; Mruw Toii^ ok» gojijgcu sldxua/ oftr ou "KSfdxmJ 
okJ sicuvst; '{)aT tJiru 6W slou inn; j fjordinnJ "Koexier Tuiltkjurar, okJ ctdudy- 
Mj 'J)«ir 1>at/ ■oerou lyygdir. EfUr "^oJb slo ou "^ou "Viofgcu svjlo "nuWbura', oJL ^jdr 

ttujUUui cclgv ixjokii; luilliUx; okJ sornxi; 'pcir oJULer. ^ou Icorn/ 'kaJJj oj- 5 

fir ^o/ sixjO aJb "par vmSkjmAoj oiler. Suo scjgir laxUxJU: vjxki/ "pvu, por. 
uaUdr oikj ciIU; ibruuruexjto "^UJl, ef ^w laUl/ \if ^Ub luifoj , olf fQr't)U; aJ 
skip ^\iXj dkj ollcr Trtcnjv ^inir, oVy farllt frou "louudA scjmj skJloUxjosb.^a/for 
Innanj dUr firduuumJt) txil luLdkoelpou ok/logdjuu aJb'j)emL'.por'DcCUjdr nuEUju^iDer 

sloiluurrv fcercu vl aJbordb tJigflekxiJ ok; nocrixxjiist; scm/"bc/XSl;,avv]ue;goi;lAJt j 10 

Taot/. Siix) gcrcu'^drjCiv) skroelmgar skuutuu cu'paJ vmj sXxxxxdj, erv flyia; 
sidxjjv j Ijiirt;, senv CLkaioAst; Wer scm; modJLu. pou spui'de/^orwolldr -nxemv' 
suvjo;, cf "^xar wjixrej uokkul; sonr.^eJur'kuodxJUi^t' ceigii scurir ijcra;; ck;Tvc/_ 
fir fceirvgiJb sour xindjcr Ivcadiy, segir \cuv^ olo flo or tyuHc; skip \)ord;is\n« ok; 

skiolldarms under Tiond; mjtr,6k' er lur orin;; enn/ nuxjo; mig ^eXXxu ixL'h- 15 

ixjnxxj leioLcU; tul reed' ek;, at; "Jjcr ^uit/ ferd -ydro; scm/ fUoalJtst oftr 
cu Itxid, em en; "per sTmluUb foercu mik; ou hxjfdo; 1)anny, cr rrur "^oiU; lyyggi;- 
ligouxst vvro); vnxx) "fjojt vvrw, cdb mer hoAu' soit ai irujurin; Icorrtttj at ek,' munij 
porbuxti au vxrv stund. "^ar skulcu "poxr milc^gralcu dk^ sctiaJ Icrossa; oL "hxjfduum^ 

Tn^r oTc; al fotuniJ, olc; l<uaUit/ 'JdoI' krossa) tlc-s lofnAA^ sidxxny. Gr^nJLondTXir'^ 20 

To'istnjtatr, vxi ^o andadlast; ^irekr raude/ firir Itristni; . l^vu cuxdoduvst ^or_ 
TUnlLdr. Ew '^>eir gerduj dlli; dUr ^ui; scm; luuv "hxifde/ mx]eUj,oky fora sldon; 6k;lujUja' 
"par forunxuuULou s\rtaJ,6k; sogduU luxorir odrum; slik; tLdend*; sem/ tjlssii/joW^iugg 
^ar 'f)ai\TL ^xtXr okJ fcn^guu scr a?inb«r dkj vxxv v\A) til; sldjp sirts . Nu; "buxjjvsf 

"fyadan vm) uorii; eftir tiL GrcnLanjcLv.ok/ToiLonuj; skipc/ sinxi; j jEirdts (jord; 25 

6k/"kumujt/Leif oIj segio) mxkijl tidjeade. porsleinj Eircks son; aadadi^jyi; 'oe&trv'bi^gd 
joXj 'kaSdjb gcrzst; tiL tixiendoj nxedcmi cu GrenLondi;, at; ^orstemn; j .Sircksfird 

Ivafde "kuongaxsti ok; fengit Gudridxir ^orl)iaraaT dolUxr, er 

all; KofdC/ porirajuLStnruxdr, er fyrr vuor fray sougt. Nixj f'ystUvst; 
porsieinnz-^irelcs son; at; foraj tiL Yinlcurvdv cfUr TXkc/porudlLd;i/\)rodur sinSjOTc 30 



Danish Translation. 

tc de deres Folk og lat) de Haandpaa deia alle luxdtogcu, eiv, soTU/konitort 
TriAd smBoad.. De drcebehiiu YJII oc] goa sidenefterpojaForbjtrget 
og saasig cm. der, og sttatadje.iFjorden,TU)gleH6je,og ontog 
de.detmaoite'CCE.reBoliger Efter del slog sig soastorTljTifldepaadCTi.Qtde 

foriimjafAe.ikkelu)lde,sig oojagne.og desooolktrid. Dakom-erLXaLdovo- — 5 

■OCT dem.soa at dfolleTianfinjtde. SacdedcslyderRadbel: oaagn, op, Da, Thor- 

T)Qldog'hekDU.F6lgc,h«lsDuT)iLl)eT)areDU,Llo, og drag Ul 

Dil Sklb og alkDtae,Mocnd,,og rgsfraLand som snoresl. Dakont 

u\de fraFjordtaUtxiIaf Skindboodz og ojujreb dem. ThorBold sagdedo,: -ov 

skalle oabrlngc udenbords Stormskjoldtoguargeos soTTi,bcdsl,m£n.aJigribelauvMl. 10 

Saagjordedfc.mea SkrtEUngernje skodca SUuidpaa dem-, og flycde 

sidtivborL, saahiirtLq som e,nh»cr kande. Da spurgU Thoroald slat, de uore noget saorede. De sogdf ikke oLuare saarede., jeg luir I 

faflet Soar uaderArnieTt, slgerluiTv, og flbj PtLnuUxm. Skibsborde-t og 

SkjoldetindimdemuaAnn-og erhcr Pilen, og Tnoniie rriig dctU UlB- -15 

antbHoc-i Tvarooderjeg, al 1 beredeEders Fard som saarcslpaa Tdbage- 
Tejse,m£ivIskull£f6Tc.Trug Ul detHoT)ed,50Tn.tykl£STnigbedst bcbo- 
digti detkaTtDffircaLdElDar saadt,hi)QdTnlrvMundsagdje,aLjM)moTitvje. 
dtr bo eit Stand. Der skulLe I bcgroot inig og scetlt. Kors oed mil HoBed 

og pfdFoddernjcogkalde detKorsncES altuLstdETvcftc-r. GroTvLcLnd ijor da _. — 20 

krlstTiet,og doq dodi- Erik dcivPiode for ChrislendoTTinun,. Nudbdc/ Thor- 
oald, og de gjorde all efter soialuuvkandc sagt, og drog sidfiii, at mode 
dcres Foilltr, og sagdc hoerandre slig TidenrLc sottv dc Didste/, og boede- 
der deu-Vinter og samLcde slg Vrndruer og Vuvoed, UL deres Sklb. Nttberedle 

desif) paantdrage, dcrfraVaareacflcrUl Grdidand, og kom- dcres SkibUlEtlks fjord - 25 

og kuadc UlLcjf siqc slcre Tidendtr. TKorslje.iTi.Eniisson.dodci VesUrbiiCidta. 

, c1 luuuU' hiviukl Imcdcns i Groiiland, at Thorstcin lErlks Fjord 

kocde giflet sig og foact Gudrid Ttiorbjonisdoltcr, som, 

forlixiDdcThorer Oslmaad, somforlieii trsofjl. Nalystede, 

TKWslPm- Eriks SoTv at fare tdVinloiid efter Ligct of svaBToderTKort)ald,oq - ..-30 



Bnglish Translation. 

TOided theirpart'y and, laid, hanjds oa thent aILl)uL OTie,TOho escaped 

TOilh, his boot. They IdLL those "VHI and go ofterroards OTitheheadLand 

and, loohcd about, and, saxD up the firth, some hills, and, supposed, 

they those to be seUlemcnts .After that theij rocre striclvea TOtth tDeoriuess so grcat,thattheri) 

5 could,notl«epatDo}ve,andfeU,the\) allaslcep.TheTvcanve acalL a- 

boT)eUicm,8o that they all axDoke. Thus sai)sthecaIL:AtDdke,thouThor- 

■Doid onA all thy compoay.vf thou TOiltlicep tKylife, ojuL go thou to 

thy ship toiih all thy itumv, and, sail from the land, as quickly as possible. Then, came 

from, roilhin. the firth Tuunberless leather boots andmodje ol them. QuoththeaThoroaU,: roe 

10 slialL put ouiboards the shields and, defem). ourselioes as best toe may, but attack only 

Utile. Sothey did,buttheSkraling8shotatthemforaTOhik,and,fled, 
ctflerxDards au)ay,CL8 hurriedly as eochofthcnxmight.Tfiea asked, Thorooli his 
men,ifthey u)ere aayhoro mounded.They answered, not to be TOouadcd,,IhaT)e 
got aT»ound.\mderthc arm,sayshe,and,fle'a) an, aiTO-robetTOceathe shtpstd* and, 

15 the 8hijdd.vmdermyarm,an£Lhereisthe arroxDjOndrnjaymethisto d." 

eolhleadjUOTB I aduise.that you prepare to go as soon, as possible 

back, but you shaH bni\g mn to {hfllheadlonji,'a)hichlll\ought Tnoslhobv, 

table to be .may be.thatatnije TOord came of my mouth, that Imight 

dioelL there for a while. There you shollbunj me and set a cross atm,y head 

20 andatmy feet; and. cahitKrossaness'Yoreoer oiler. Greenland Toasatthattime — 

christianized ,lhoughErijc theRed, dicdbefore the Christendom.Nou) died Thor- 
-poli-AndtKey did, all according to xohathehod soid.ond went then to meet 
their comrades, and sold, to each other such tidings as they knero, and d-TDeU, 
there thai ruinter and, gathered grapes and uine-TOood for their ship JNotd they prepared. 

25 to go thence neod spring to GreehUuidand, came their slop inErlcsfirth 

and, hadgreatUdings to tcdtoLetT.ThorstetrLEricssoa died in the Western setlLemjent. 

Ilhadhappenedmeanrohile in. Greenland. .thatThorstemtnEricsflrth 
hadmnrrifd and got GudridTliorbioms daughter, xohom 
Tfiorer the Eastman had had, asbofore toqs menlioned.Nou) xoished 
30 Thorstein Ericsson to go toWinclond for tlxebody of his brotlxerThorooldaud 




Icelandic Manuscript. 


>iicjffti3tj ftps tntt" 


4;J ttar|mar{lAalicrllJbatl^t•'ftplJct•^^J^ufutB^/l^^lJ 
yi)|ii ]^Vmda^ aullil hafetu (^iTtnj ^xKAjid-ldiif-iUottaff tin 
, J 1 »CdJtllnl!e Fiiflir twti ittft ftttti W artidlJi^ bra fti wA 

wwtiJTi mttrhrhg^are^nil Bfota ^ttsr ta^uljionu cd{' 
ttftrtil mT> pb ^ft- lulia l>dpd V wr^ ^u frftdtr c f ha 
JJ^^wivujatdir^puVia'i»Mic^fe<miAe]?r^i ^kra- 

fft^e wr mitrr m^ tti at- V A ^uiarlj ^ v |>ar ^i» |j (h: el e^ 

^f c^M (>auni; tft^- fudinatil tuftat 3: Utmn IJ"^ liTauS^ 
mc^iiflrrt^uUa bond ftt-CA-2>iutr botiftlb^urreltTth-v 
a th; oUmifi ttrni frv tnma um fon-^^lib p^cemf 

lata ^luna ttl o?ir- b atfunnit oUTiMl tw ^bcT ibSr a-rbf 
at at rtio lurtmr f ^pWpr^ njfe tona BCKJirHuft- ebct 
fl rTp_ (,011 iiatr a&ap: tmM -i f^b fern Utlair e >© ^^c 

twife nwi i flnba6nft-gnt|r l^txna fft-'dfe «t c tf-toTiAo 
^ Wt ac^ jFU^.^rJt^ rtopime e^ »iol ar1e0itf a hbtr GTui^ 

(b^lhii j>a trill "p^opuTi^. mj inttetrfteir Vjorttt ^iiu v ijpir 



Icelandic Text. 


"bio skip "Kit samxx/', o\j walcU/ "Kajv "lidL cdl aftl ok; \jic3ctJu, ok/'hxxfdA' trtet 
scr "kolfort "^stIoLccu tog Trtcuruui; ok; GuudriAe/ koncL stacu^ok/siglaJi "hxif, '\)ej. 
gar ^au/ ero Tsvuru olc or laiuisyrf . pcof ueUOi; v^ alU; siunorU/ ok/ tjUs. 
vu odjQXi "hjoor ^tuu forxu Ok/ cr vukcu xuit af itejtri, "pai toka ^cir "land; j Iajsdu. 

fu'de cu GrcerJxiruJk/ jTiixxTtc/iijeslrt l3y9dj.poTstjeJurm.lo^^ t)m; -olsUr, ok/ ^5 

fck; raster cuulkuTU IxjOSOUiTTL' sauun/,cnj>uxj\; tjar -uist l£uu;s ok.' ko1^a'l\ans. Niv 
Toru; ^cxw.' efLlr at/ skupc/ tuxiAJu uokkjuurcur rujetr. pa ufir, ciut uru^ "krlst. 
T\jt/ aj Grv<a\haj\jduej. pat uxirreijrub dxuj at-TaeiuU laicmi) at itolLdlo t)euTaJ srurartrta. 
Soj spurd* cr fvru' ])eijn,"oar, lujuatTtuinnaJueri/j Uolldimji;. porsUyjuv suourar-. ij m«mv,segir 

Tixxru, edr Ivuerr spyrr at. porsteiiuv; ^cdti; ck/ ok «r ck/TcoUxulr porsleuuv sux]urlr;ero|xiter 40 

eyrcnAt rTxtUy>un;gQt,atekiJuul;"bu)dijt ijkkr 'bajdjurtv TuLotviutv mywv. 
stxir txL mini, porsteiruv qu£;\st/ mldw kxxfoi vmrouA^i koruxi suurvjor, w Hon; T9a7_ 
d; Tiaa) toxLoj; ok rax) lalojr lixxnj pessu;. pojnuxnJ ek korrui./ cflir -ykkr aa;! 
Tix«rgm nuAi ci^kfc, puixit skorUr ekkUtiL oJL tJceitou ojkkr 'olst/-, ixv fa/_ 

simve/ cr mikit raedi vnjvr oXi -DeroL/, pudxxt uj" vrv v'xXj "Jjot hix)ni,puiat eko' 45 

oem^ykkr nrvlog ; ajrufxarv' slxL "hxfir ck ok', cru '|)cr TuiiJfit', ok/ oeilxiu ikJ paonn) 

po "bctroJ er |)CJ>TLafU;. Nvu koniJ luuf eftir pcimJ vomj rrwr^vixxjv maij Mjko 

ok) foTu/ pojuj TTvedj porstcirtl suxurtO/' tiLui^Lor, ok* uxxtUi; 'haxv pcint' vuth. Gitd/_ 

Tldr UAT skoriCUg koneu at s'wJ ok viitr kona/ oki kuionje/ uueJU aty xrcr- 

oj TTtcd okunrujuii; raonnujiw. pat; tcu' sncrrunxxj xjLctrar.soU/konvj Ud^rslemsJExrcks soTuiLr,...50 

ok* andodiivst par TTutrgli' foraruxxitor . Tjorsteiruxi bat gaoj kislur at TikurTV p_ 

eirroy cr onduuduast ok foerculAl/ skips ok bixa' "jjour vmJj p\Aiat ek' vSX) 

loto/ f ly tLo; UjL JBireks fjordor oL iwcnx'v dlL "UMa). Ifu/ «r p«tt skarrxt at "bv_ 

dxiu aXi solt kcrrvr j >a)bile;pOTslelnj8,ok)tok' korux/luxns sott ftjst, cr>ut' 

Grvmhildr. lloru uxx-v oJmjSMjqw mxkxh ok/ sUrk) san) kollxxr, en;pokomJ so- 55 

ttUrt Tvami; \irtdir, ok) bralt efUr pat tok; soUiaaJ porsteiarvi^ireks sonJ ,6klan-u' pajuU 
"boexlej scnrUyok coxdxijcUx^t &Ti]mihildrko"aajporsteAJ\« sxuirtcij. En; trUoTV 'dot djcui;- 
d pou.gek/porsteuux/ froinjor slofxxruvc; cfUr fixil/ at leggixi; ouliXit;. Gvud/- 
TixiT TTUttltU paJ : vorWu litLo; Tirldi j Wott, porsleiruv vfwnJ, scgirlvoTOjTuuV' qiucdr, svio waJ 

s^AplAxv. ^ou TTvoeUi/ porstcirux)jE\rcks soTv':TTud'"undxurliguiTu'hxK)lJU; cr lux; /TmU'hjujBfp- 60 


Danish Translation. 

beredlc dcL soimuje Sklb, og -uolgtehaiv ULFolge starke og -oelDOXTie/ Folfc og hxisde ined- 
sig liaLBlrcdsuutsU '^ Mcuui og GttjirLde.sia.KoT\*,og scjleujcLpoa-Hoajet, 
saa smut ik ere f(Erdige,og ml. uf Landsigtc . Dc flakkede onvliele SoTmiitren 09 oicL- 
stcikkt.h.Dorde'Darc. Og daen Ugeaf \TjUtreR.Bargaa£t, saagikdeiLandlLiiSfc- 
l'jordpaQ GronlxuiAl deaceslre-Bugd/. ThoTsteinljcdLe cflcrBolig til deTii/Og .- _. 35 

flkBoUg tilhjde. staBesctlalng, nveivhxm- og hans KoneTDareuden-Bolig. Na 

\>\e.v detilbagcpaa SkibetinogkNatlcr. DaT)arr,ndjui-Krlst£.n.- 

doTiuiitiv Tvg paa GroTdond. Dd. Bar civDag, at dcr kom. Folk til de.rcs Telt lirtlig paxiDogeTV. 

Saa spurgleliQiL.som, "oar oBCTdem.kDod Folk denjor 1 Tdlet. Ttiorslmv sparer :II,siger 

.haii.nierv-lvDCTTLsporger dcronv. ThoTsUuvludderjtgogkfll4csTKorstcuvdm.SorU.j mcrtdeler 40 

TTiiL^TiMf.lud,, aljcg Dtltydttcgge^ cder^gtefeUjertiLBo- 
lixj kos Tiug. Tlu)rsl£ln, sogde at -oilkkoldje Raod med. siaKone , meakim-b- 
adkam-TandCiOgTui sagdehaajaderUL. DamLjen koimnc et'UrEderl 
Morgea med Hcstc ,llu. der skortcr mig inlet UL at -y de Eder Oplioldi mtafttci- 

taULnlmeqcL er detlu)S lalg at -ocere., fordL vi 2 jEgtefollcr crc cue, saasom jeg er ,. 4S 

inegct cgcaraadigi caondeaTrohaT jcg ogsaa,cad Iliaoe.ogmeacr jc^ dea 
dog kedre , soial Iultjc. Nakom kan cfur dera om Morgeaca medHesle, 
ogforedcTmidTkjOTstetadeaSorU,lilBoUglioskain,,ogkekandlcde.kflademT)cl. Gud,- 
rld Dar eamandig Koac at se.og eakLoq Konc og.forstod godl at v<xre. 

Maadt frenuaedt Meaatsker. Cct'oartldtigpaaVmtCTca.aiSolkoiivklaadlThorstE.iaErikssoasFolk, 50 

og dodcmaage. of lions FolgesDcadc.. Thorstetakod gore KLstcr lilLlgeac of 

deia, somdode, og at fore^ dentUl Skikct og bexjare dtta der, thljeg dU 

IxukfUjttetiLETiksfjoTd tdSoauatraUieLigeat. NaTJarcde. detkuakort^ 

forSotkoTatTkorstELasBas og aagTebf6rstliaasKoac,soTaked 

Grlmkild. HaaDarTacgelstor og stffivksom eaKorl, mea dog -oaT 55 

SotcakendeforsUtrk, ogkort tfter del oagreb SoteaTKorstclaEnksoa, oglaade- 
kcgge samtLdlg , og dode GrunMLd, Tkorstttn dea Sorks Koiic-. Mea dxtkuii. Dar dod, 
soa gik Tkorslda ud af Stuca eftex ca Fjcel atlxegge-Llgetpaa . Gad- 
rid sagde da : kUo kaa ea Ikka Tldkorlc, Thjorskiatnia, stgcr kua ^liaa siger, soa skuTdc 

'd«tBoere.J)asagdeTkDrstelaEiiXssoa:paaimderligMaadcT)lser slg aaHas- 60 j 

' '. \ 

^25 ■ 


English Translation. 

prepared the same ship, and seLadedhe a crcto of strong and tlQlLTnJen.Qn4hJad,tDtlJt 
hun,tTDolens(U^Jiahalf ^^m^iv, and Gudridhis •rotfc.cnd sail out to sea, as 
soon as tluiy ore ready.ond out of land-siglit.Thcij roDcd aboiil all the sununer and did 
nottaioxD rohere thet) TOcid. And mhen a vottk of the xoinler tdos gonc.they made land inLtjse- 

3 5 firth on, Grcenknd.inth* toeslera sctflcmeid.Thflrslein sought out hoTiies for them, and 

got homes for oll.his creTO.butTOashomeless.he andhisxoife.NotB 

iheij xDcre left inthe ship forsometxDonights.ThcaTOafe Christendom, still ijoung 

in Greenland. It raos one daij.thjatmen came to theu* tent earUj . 

Then aslvedhc.that toos obooe t}iem,TOhat men were inthjctent.ThorstdnanstDer8:IImen,8aijs 

40 he,bidTDhoasl«.Thflrsleinismijnain«,andIomcdlcdThorsteintheSn)arthij,butthlsis 

m.'u errandherc.thfltlTDillbidiioaboth consOTis totdkc a- 

hode TOtlhm«.Thor8leinreplied,he roouldtoke counsel of his tBifc.but sheb- 

adehim. to decide, ondnou) he said ijes toil .Then xoiU I come for you to- 

iiiorroTD xoith horses, as I am not short of means to get ahom* for ijoubothibut fero- 

45 pcopledis it to dTDclLTOithmje,bccauseTDe are there onlijtrao consorts, aslam 

much self-xDilled,and another beUefhaTjeltoo.thon you haT)c,andthink.Iyct that 
beUer,iDhichijouha'DC.NotDhe came for them in the Tuoming with horses, 
and Toentthe'i) tDilKThorsteiathe SroarOvij to his home, and treated he themrodl.Gud- 
rid TOos a stout TOornxui to see.ond a TOise TOomaa,andloietD toell hoto to behat)- 

50 e oonong unknoTonpeople.ItTOas eorl'ij inthe Tointer, sickness came into thetroopof ThorsfceinEriiSsoa,. 
ojxA, diedmang of his feUoTos.Thorstein ordered to moke coffins for the. bodies of 
those u)hx) died,and to carry them, to the ship and keep tfijem lh«re,for I tDilL 
let remjotte to Eric^ firth neact summer ollthe corpses. Now it xoos not long be- 
fore sickness came to Thor8teirtshom.^andn)astakeaillhis wife first.TOhose name was 

55 Grimhild.ShexDOsmost robust and sti-ong as aman, and yet the sickness 

oBerpoTOered her, and soon a/ler that the sickaess took ThorsteinZrlcsson, and lay they 
bothillat aUmje.ond died Grimluld.Thorsteinthe StoarthAj's TOifc.But rohcashc tdos dead, 
Thorstein went out of the room for a plank tolaxj the corpse on. Gud- 
rid then spoke: stay onlai a short Ume aToay.Thorsteta mine, says 8he,he ansTOcrs,so sftofl. 

60 itbe.Then said ThjorsletnEricssonin a strange may acts noTB our house- 

'thenessofthecross. ^'25. 



Icelandic Manuscript. 


^ft% j)erljTb9i at-frmfif fe mr1jr til cewf • tnj !tk fe rt^ i-'B; 

^^ btmZk ))iu>;r fFeU luojijcmd^rmeilr rtr r? ]/lfl6ffa ce 
fufl- bA er^ teffClj.^f 9o[pB-?.f«rRfl- flftolni c eTf fdrf bn 

^Tt«^'h1 cr ftnrtil ^girftr %ia pu&f.pofilaufl ffntilpTtft}; 

I/aftfl^c^etr (Tdrfcgra p(^ (tr|minr gj^ioa frtib^tTw 

^mA]Mft>(ta ftmr biarr^iflowr fcrtrit ihiiarOt* itDmu |>^ 

Wmft x«" ftpnr ol iHnft* nl huf (jftiT-j ]?a m5 jT Wih 1»ift iSl 
l^nfgtr W^nr-i^itairljufr'to liV^r-2:^a?irrt' f^f'pP I,. 

^fifift^ y^e ^^ lpi^fin;9^- wr flWr fro- hio lVi| ^^ 


Icelandic Text. 

Tcbu/ ujorrar.^xJixU/ tuw orgUrusb lum/upp Tti) olhbogou, olo ^wVor fotunv sv- 

Tunui frxju sloTcki', ofo "^jmfor liL skux) siiuxo/. OTc j '{)ui/"koTny]^OTstjtirou "boivdei \j\x\J 

okiloLgdixst/ GTunhilldr nidr j'^Jui;,61t)"brakciLdj& '\>oj'^ "Uumjo'trtj stoftwuvt/. 

ISmj gerir ^orsieLrcrolujsUju at;l£k£) GrurOuIdxiirjok/foerd*; j Volfc.okj^io mn^.Ban/uar'bt/- 

di) TTukiOL -mxijdr ok; stjerkr,dk;'\3urfU;"hajrv'|)css oUsk;, oudr "Vuuu TtomJ lif/mi; iDurt of ..5 

^xtruxm}. Ifu; ebfuudx; sotJtlnJporst«TuiJuJEtrc]kj6 sxjmi,dkj andadixBt luxn/GuAiidr "koiv. 
oi Tumfi Touuvti "pui/ lidUU. "pou tjovu; '^axu axUHj j stofuruije/. Gxiudrldr ItioudLe/ «cUt) 

"kj porstdniu "bonjdLe^ GujdrldLw of stxAmuan; j fouig scr, ok/seliixst j bekkixv ajruu)- 

aru TTuA) luxju)u,gegTiJU "Uka Jorstems, dki tdLdLey lurvftrir lunni; Trujrgou \Jugaj,oToWggadA 10 

\ajuiu, oToTxillvenTOu'^iii^aiTuLrvTraijtd*/ foura;Tn£d/lijmjablU;JLueksfiardoirTTved;\jJ«;pOT^Ui^ 
ok;forurumiouluu\js.Ok>sux) skoL ek; takxt) Tungot/ "hixjTxj floeire;,8«gir"hxm/,pcr UL) 
Tiruggojijar ok. skemianxxr. Ho-n; "^oikkaiU/ TxjOTVujmJ.^orsteiruv JEireks sotv setlixst "^Kuupp 
okjTnallii:luuar«rGuArldr; in limi]UTru)dti;l\cuu'^elJbou,m;T\onj'^agdA.'pa; mjot^ 

"porstem; ^ouAc/: Tujuort; skoGb ek»,suor uoeilou Items Trvjale- edr odgi.HaruTjadbhxxmiuaigi; :15 

suxxrct'. ^ougeki^orstttJUV^OTidLecyfir golfif dkJ seUJAst ou stjoliaru,env Gudridr soL j kn;_ 
iojtn' TtoTuinv'; ok/ '^ "mxrilu ^orst£mnjl)onAt:luMiJU xiflJbuuunoftuu/jScgu'Wn). Haiv suiirar,er sUuu. 
dj laid;; mer «r ojtt lib ^jess, oh segixu &adrid;e/ forlaug sinJj liL pees oDiJ 
lujTv/ "kniuije; "^ouTjctr ourijdIcuU; mirvu/j Juiat/ ck; er "komirv til/ godrou luulj- 

IdxL'stadxw^ovfKulcrperat; segiou, Giidridr, ait "^uj TrmrU; gifi'oeroU is\em>«1cum; rnxxmii;, 20 

olc mxuxuy louagar 'oerou somfarar ykkror , ok; ttuxtIi nuxjruxcu ttujuvj fixxj •ykkr 
l«ni\xjJ,'|>TOskay sajrr\t;,T)iart/ olc) agoett;, scelt; obiiroaJb uucL. Miuuu T)lL 
fourou ci" GrenlcLadiU til/ Borcgs , ok. "pouJxuv tiL Islondjo ok gerou bvju ou IsXande-por ttuutuj "fjH 1*. 
tngcjbujOv, ok/tTuwUu/lijOTUiiTU leiiugr lifcU. pu; TtuuunJt/ trtoja^ faro/ oTo gouxgcu sudr ok; 

koTtvoU TJl aftr tCU Islaftdri/ UL1)U£ 'pin5,ok;'^ouTrujuai'^arMrkUju relst D«rai, ...25 

okj TTmnlJUU "par DereU olo toikxxj "tuxmuiJ -Bigsluu , 6k^ Tjot ttumxIu,' ouiAxjuvst. Okj "^oJ 

TuvLgrporsUmsC oftr, ok; iixir 1)uj1j nonulik; Tuxns ok; foert liL skips . ^orsUiiuc bon6Lt' 

cfruxdi ufeL wL OuArld*; oiUl/ "^oJb €rTuuv'hjajrd«; luKiliU. Haru selliLe/ ■omj vumJt/ jot>_ 

dj suvjou ok; "kuikJie.', old for \xL skips vkxAi Gudride; rruxL oillt' SUJI3 ^ijo skipU; olo fck; 

■m«ui; tCUj ok; fo;f" sldioru liJU JRtrdts fiordxu^ToTuiixuJ llkirO ijordut od/ l«Lr^^ 30 


Danish Translation. 

TTioderen- vor, thiTuiarcjser sig op paxi/Albtternc og ro&kkcr sine- Fodder 

ucL fht Seagestokkeiv og gribereftersia&Skx). Ogid£tscuiuTie'l«)m TTvorstein/Bondamd, 

og logde Gnmluld sig do/iwd, og Ijragcde d«t da tlwcrt Tonuuer i Staeiv. 

^u gjor Thorsteiiv Hstc til GTimMlds Lig og forte dettort og "begroBede dct . Hon, uar T)Qa- 

destar og stork, og dogl)choi>edel\aitdLsln/Kraft,ftrendharvflIchiend6^ortfra , 5 

Huset. Nutiltog Thorstcjiv Ervkssons SijgdoTTv, og'haivudciandede'. Gudrid, "hans 
Kbne, Dormcgcttedrouet. Daroredeolki Stuen-. Gudnd hjoodc siddet^ 
paaeTvStol-frcnutveforaivdervBra{k,l\oor"hmvluu)de'llgget/, Tlu)rstcm,lmuksH\isboTid. Da- 
tog ThorsteuvBond*' Gudridfra Stokivt sirvFaon og sotte sig pact en anden/ 

Stcnk medlicndc^lige oxjcrfor Thorsteins Lig og taUeTaedTvendepaaTnangeMoaderog opmuntrede .10 

licndc oglouede, otTunt Dilde fore^medTiende tU/EriksQordmedLiget of Tiendes Hastond Thorsteiiv 

og Turns FolgcsDcnde . Og soa sludjcg skdfe fUre FolkliertiL, slgerWu, Dig til 

Opmiuitring .og Morsliab. Hiin tokkede Wnv. ThorstetaErikssoTV sotte sig da op 

og sogde: Hoor er Gudrid . IIL Gaag&sagde^Tuuvdctte,mealmn'tcu). Dasogde-luuvtlL 

Thorstctn Bondc : Hioad slcaljeg,ST)arc pcui/lians SporgsmooL elkr ej . Hcuvbodlxendeikkc 15 

SDore. Dagflc TKorstdrtBonde ouer Guloetog sotte sig poa Stolen/, inea- Gudrid sod/pao/ 
Tiaas EiuE; og da sogde TKorsteln Bonde: hood oil Du-, Naone/sigcrluia. Hansoorei; da enStund 
DOT gooet: Mig ly sternu/ at sige Gudrid sia Skabne, poa det ab 
'hu7vl)edre' skoLftnde sig t mtaDbd; thijeg erkommea/tH gode- 

HuilcstcdcT; mendeterdcrat sige, Gudrid, aLDuBilblioegift,TivedeaisUmdfilcMand/, 20 

og loenge s1«d Dare Eders SamltD, og I skal faa talrigt Af- 

^^om, kraftfuldt, beromtoglierUgt, sodtogDeUogtende. Iskulle 

dragefraGroulandtiLTforgc, ogderfratiLTslandogfcEStcBopaalslandj dcrmoraiel 

lcengcl)0, og skcdDu 0Dcrlet)e>iam . Du slial drogeudenLands og rejsc sgdpoa og 

TcoTTune udigj en id Island tJlDin-EjcndoTit, og daDilderDcereTejstcnRtrke, 25 

og diir slioLDnTeoe og modtage^onacDielse, og der sltoLDudo . Og soa 

segnede Thorstcintilbage, ogTians Lig tlcoTdcedt og fort til STttbet. ThorstetaBonde 

\pfgldte godlmod Gudrid, cdLl\oadl\aivlixn)deloT)et. Han solgte om."Vaaren sin 

Jord og sit Kuceg og drog til SMbctmcd Gudrid og alt sit Gods, ordncde Skibet og fik 

Mcendtildet og drog saatiXErilts^ord. BleonaLigeneJordedeDedlQrlteiv. Gudriddrogtil 30 



Bug{isli Trmislation. 

TDift.for noTO sk raises liersclf up orvhtr elboro, aacL stretdus hjw f«t 

out fromthetedsidt, and grasps ttfurhashjoes. And. alUie soon* time. Thi)r8ltUvtht}u)U5eniastercaiaeta.> 

and/ Grimhild laij doTDa, and/ creaked thercbij tDery limber in/ the room.. 

NoTO ThoTsteiamtikes acoffm for Grimluld,'s bodi), and/Voughttt cuDai), aadLburled/tt. He mas 

5 T>ot}i a wTTj tail and strong TOan.,biit}ie.}uid, need of all that, before- he golher oxoay from, _ 

the house. Noto increased the sickness of Tlu)rst£iJvEricsson./,aiid/hedijed/. Giidrid/.his 
■)ife,xDas nuich gricflecL. Then-the-y TDcre all in,the room,. Gudrid hod been, seated, 
oa a chair before the bench, xoherthf hodbcen, lying, Thorstein/.herhnsband. Then, took, 
Thorslein, the housemaster, Gudrid-froin the chair in his arms ondseated-hunstlf on, another bench 

10 TDithh«r,opposUe to the body of TKorstfin, arid spoke to heriamamjTOCujs.andencoiuciqei 

her, and promised ber, that heTOoulA go TOithher toEricsfirthTDilhthebodies of Thorstein,ber husband., 
ondof hLsfoUoTDers„%d,sol shall take hilhermore persons of thehousehold.soujs he,for -gour 
encouragement and pleasure. She thanked htm. Thorsteia Ericsson then, sat up 
and spoke : rohere is Gudrid.. HI times scudliet}us,bui she remained silent. Then, said she to 

15 Thorstein the housemiisler:-iDHich shall I, ansuicrgioe to bis .speaking ornot. Hebodeheraot 

t» onsmer. Then Thorstein. thehousemaster tixtU urcr the floor and sat domn, on the chair,but Gudrid sal 
onbisknec; anxlthen Thorstfin the lioiuscmnster .spoke: rohat nnltthoa.nxunesake.saijshr.. He answers after 
a, tnhile : I TDish no a» this , to tell Gudnd her fate, so that 
s1u nuuj better bear maj death , for I cua comu. to q ood resting - 

li50 plocirSjbut tills there is to sajj,GadrLd, that goa mill be married to an, icelandiciium/ 

and long shall be your life together, unil much offspring toiUfroni, uoa 
co7ne,good-lookinq,ilhistrioiis and ejr«llenl , sroeet and fragrant. You shall 

go from Greenland to NorTBaij and thence to Iceland and make gour abode ia Iceland) there uoasholl 
abide for a- long lime, and gou shall oullioclunb. You shallgo abroad, and to theSonthyQiui 

25 come bark, to Iceland' agciin to goAU home. Olid then, a cbiirch shall be raised- there, 

oral uoa shall liof tlure ondtokcthe oeil as o-nua, and there yoashaHdic.. And, after 

this Xlior.-itcin sniik bock, and Ids corpse luas laid out and, brought to the ship. Thorstela the housemaster 

tulfilled u>cll to Gudrul oUthatliehadproiaised . He sold ia the spring his laa 

is and, his li^e - t^tock , aad TBent to the sbip mLth/ Gudrid cuul all his qoods, put the ship in order and got 

30 inea to it. and thm sailed to Ericsfuih . Were, aoa) the bodies buried at the church. Gudrid toentto 




Icelandic Manuscript. 





ttt^oiTpcjidt Ixtttdr sir cct^oWi fir h^gid t^l$i* "i^fitm^ 
flt^ 0e^ )jar rtfii? wjji ?^uftvli?diJ- dr^w^^ -^i ini'ar o^ 

— , . -x»,w.^ *pv Mu .«VM( Jim 8^ft4|oft 

mftr kA Urdu ^ W^tiir flwliSgii^ ijA, (,4^.4 f^ifm 

*W0au ttnatn ti^ Wair rfiidire fe^itir «Hii'fi i^%ii4 


Icelandic Text. 

Lodfs j BrxiliaJ l\lijd7,eiv porsUtmiJsmulJl' gerduej^aij^utke ftrd*; oTc'bu) "^or TTwdjOTV^uuv' 
lurde;,ob'^Uii locra^ "hiirmJ iu3usl«asljU Toadr. Tro/Vuxlcuidbv ferdiiuru porfuxx/ dk/lJ«UTa/ fclogujul 

Twotsomtu siurmr Icoitu skip ai" Jforegi; U]UGTeiilcu\dx^,saj"mxxjdrlvetpoTruxar 

Jl KolUUv cfnJL, er^ui; skjupe styroLc^ . ^^axv vox sow ^ordxir >v«fiflu)f_ 

- dxii Srtorrcu soruir pordour soruir froJ. ^ovfuuvr TcouUk. ciVxi/ txir stor . 35 

cuJudJLgr oUU fc/^ dki/ vox vmj vjdxiiV j BTotto.' >\lidJ fnedj LdfuL JEvrekfi s-yrbey. 
BtoJUU i<t)ldjL> "hxxru luig tiL Gudrldr okjljajdj Tunruir, v\j "Koru uueOti tiJL LcEifs suorunv' 
firir s\g. SixixinJ vox Uotu TusnjamJ fosUiulj, ok) gert l)T\udWLouujp ^^xdrroy aJ'|)cuTv' 
xutri. Jttru saraxju vaor vnv roiAaj ou TIwiLocadA/ for svrru fyrr. Q\j fy_ 

slU/ Tn£JTai TCalLxdVd/ Tidog ^)eirrcir ferdxir,l)t»djt &\judjrldr okj ajdrinaeruv.Ku/'cour.. 40 

TcidiTv tcrd; \ouas, ok, red; \axv ser ski;pt)€riaJ,ut "kflUcu oV Twrnur v . "^twwv raoL _ 
dago; gerdu; "Jjcir T<aUji*fTu/ dkj'hxLSctarlvxu\6,aljiofTUJum; "hjonAom; sltylldi; 'ptxr 
Tixxfcu oUt "^ouljiir '})dr luifdru fcixgl/UL gcEdjou. Ipcir TuofduU irudj s«r aL_ 
^sxJ skaruxx fenaJu, ^vjuaii "^dr cetloduy oJb l>yggtaJ louijdil;, cf "^cir -m^JUiJ 

'paXj. Kolbi; efnJU ^at/ L«if "hjosou oj lJmlxiTtdje/,«njlvxxn; luxidAst iLouTTUindiJj lm/_ 45 

sia/, crvi gcfcu cdgt. Sidoiu "hidLdru "^cir j \wS skipiruu dk."koTnja/ tiLL«ifs W- 

Aw irxjiAj TuUuu ofeTuiUxiiuju , ok/"baTuJ "^or "upp lujuifot; sinJ. peLmJ 'box \)raXJu j 
TvAivdr TTuMl fong okj god;, "puxaJf r«ydr vuox 'pox xtpp Tckuv,"bcde. mj- 
xkil/ ok; godj forxu liL stdLojo) okj skxxrxx/ lujuiluuv . Skortu ^^ od^v ttuxJU. ToU- 

oudn gek; "^or oiltrndi upp; an) 'poju vuox "broUJ, oJu grod f© Dord; nrlgt/, ok; 50 

gerdej TTukU-'omv slk'.JeLrTu)fdui;'>uxft'Taed; ser groudung ceLruv. KalLuf nv Irt; 
fdlo; tjlda;, ok/ tdgtcu tCU skip svjas, ob lougdt iDlduuv ou ^iourg citb tiX 
'f)urkanxir. "pcir Ixofdxu oU/ goede; of lorndkosUurv' "p&inj, cr "pox Tooru^^l^dtaf -oim. 
Wiunv oki olLv skcuor u«Axlum; ok gjdiun,. Efiir ]>anx\j u«itr1\uuv fysicu' Iconv suj- 

TTuxr; ^ou uurda/^eir uxxrir viii SkrceUj\jgiciLl3 ok) for ^oro'r sk59l' frounv 55 

■tniLkiL flokki' iruuutaJ. "^ox uar njaerr xwmXj ifj "pwrra), axJ gradumgr 
lak/ oMjdixiu ok/ gtcJloJ akafliga; liaJLlj en; "paJu hj^dduASt; SkroeUiLgoT, 
og loc)du; urudourv mjudj ^rdor siaar, <av "paJu vuar grouiuDrcu ok) safvux'- 

Vu, oky cdbv skonjor skmaaJ uxura;; oksrajux; til; "boelor KalUv sfnis^ olc uiUdu/ 

\tox xxvnl v^nxx&in,, cn^ .IKiallruBlVa' let nar'xw di^irruxar. ICmorlgir skildu^ <ut/_ 60 



Danish Translation. 


Lgf iBrotteM, TTim. Thflrstein/ SBortefffistedeBo iEriltsQord.ogbocde d^rinjedens hoj^ 
IcDcde/, ogmwites atTXKreeaHojstTuKd&rlig MantL. OnxTlxoTftas ogliojisFodkrsVtnlaadsfoerA. 

>ea sommt Sommer kom et- SkibfraNorgetil Gronkmd.. DejvManinied Thxjrfta 
Karlsefive-, sont styrede Sklbet-. Han- car Son- of ThorcL Heste- 
luooed,, Son-af Snxnre, Son/of THordfrou ( ). TTvorfUvKarlseftve varmAqtf/rl^ 35 

■poa Gods, og'bocdeom/Vlnteren/iBraltcUd'liosLgf ErikssoTV 

Snort ftUehmvKcerligTiecL til Gudriclogl)glcde' tiLliende, nien/luuvflkLejf ttLot suore 

forTuiuU.. Slden-LleolviuvtroloTJcttilTiam-, ogTiolcLUs AercsBryUup iav 

Vinter. Sointidlg oar der Talc onven,'\ftnlcindsrgs6Sonvf6r. Og tilsliyndede 

.man-Korlsefiiemcgettildennell^sc, ^aade Gudrid/ eg andre . Nu/tleo „ 40 

testcnvbhonsToerdogTioerDedje-luuvsig Sldbefolk, IXMtmd-og VEoinder. Dagjord* 
Aftale Korlsclhe og Turns Besoetniag , otli^eDel sloilde' de 
Tia»cialt,]u()addeftlt af Udbgtte . DcTixrodemcd/sig ol- 
skens Kooeg , fordl de agted* atT)osoette sigtLand£t, hols de formoxiede 

det.Karls«fiiebadLejfonLlumsHusciVuiLand,nien/luuv soorede at uillelaan*' haxti 45 

Husene, mervikkeguoedcnv. Sideadrog deuApao/Hacctmed/SkibetoglcoTn-tiLLejfs Bo- 

derhfile og holdiW/, og l)are dcr op deres Skindposcr. Denvltonv stroks i 
Hoeade en- Fang st stor og god, ^ en- StorKool oar dreocn-op, Ijoade 

stor og god; dedroghervog sl<arHoalcn/i Styldtcr. Skortedcdetda.ikkepaxLMajd/. Kooe^- 

■ ct gik/ der opp& paaLand/j mea det skefe snort, otHankooBgctljleouoornt, og 50 

gjordemegeaUfred,. DcTiaudeliaftmed/Sig caTyr. Eorlsdhe lod^ 

TVoeer falde og tilhuggetil stb Slab, oglogdc "IVoeetpoa en, KUppe til 

ToTTuig . De drog Fordd of cdle deLandsWligTieder, som, der -oar, baode of Vla- 

druer og alskens Fangstog Godcr. Efter dcnne fbrsteVuitcrlomv Sonv- 

mxraiy dcutle© de oa«r SkroiUnger, og konv d«r af Skoocn- frcnv 55 

en- stor Flolt Mewieskcr . Homkoceget deres oarnflerocdy, og 'I\jTen/ 

tog tQ/ atVummc og "brSl* umoadetlg liojl; men, d«t forskroekkcAe- SkroeUngerne, 

og delot derframed/ dcrcs Bglter, og deri oar Graooccik og Zotd- 

skind- og alskens Skuidoorcr; og de Dcndte sig moi/ Korlscfaes BoUg og oUdc 

feUrindiHusene, mcn-RirlseftielodT)(iergeDdren£'. Deacne forstod ikke dav ait- 60 


English Translation. 

1 — — — — 


Leif atBroUalicL, butTKoTstetn-the Sxporthy took his abode in-Ericsftrth- anoLdiDPlLtJiereaslong asKe 
lujcd., onrl toos Ihoui^bt to be aniflst honourable -man,. Of th£"5?Lnje.lQjT.d t)oijage3 of TKorfma and- his fdLoxDs 
at some sunvmer aship camje fromNonoay to GreenLojuL. Thenunvroas colled Thorfuui 

Karlscfne , tuho steeredtlu ship. Jfe roos a son, of Thord the Horschca - 

35 d, sonof SuoTTe,son,of Thor from,( ). ThorfuiaKarUefheTOasoeryTicK. . 

in. goods, and stayed, during the tmnter otBraJialid tDtth- Leif Eri-cason,. 
Soon. he fell in^lone-roilh. GudriA. and TDOOcdhjer.but shemadeLcif ansroer 
forher. Aflenaoards site XDOsbctrothedto him, and their bridal roas made that 
TDinter. At the same time Tneniion. roos made of a^uielamL TJoyo^e as before . And, col - 

40 led people mnch, upon. Karlsefnc to make this -ooyoge^both. Gudrld and others. Non) too* _ 

settled. his Doija^e anilhiredlieship-soldiers,LXmen.,andVTDomen-. Then the agree- 
ment mas nuide by Korlsefne and his crei», that eDen shores shouLl they 
hxtoe in oil, that they got of goodthings. Theg hojd xoiththem, all- 
sorts of cattle, bex:oii5ctheg intended to settle in the counlrij, if theij were mighty to 

45 dothat.Karlsefne asked Leii for his housesiaWlncland., but he replied.that he might lend him^ 

the hovLses.butgipe tKem,not. AflerxDords they potto sea mUh. the. ship and come, to Leifs booths 

xohole and sound, and-bore there up their leather -bags. They got soon. in. 

hxuvd alorge and.good cotch.for amhole^ U)as drtoeuup there,botli, 

larqe and good, they roent thither and cut the mhale-.^f'ere then, not short of food. The. cattle 
5Q tDcnt up ontKelanA there, but it soon, happened/, that the Trtoles became xinrulg and/ 

caused much trouble. They hoi had/ toith them, one bull. Korlsefne let 

trees fell and heto for his ship, and laid, the -roood on. a rock, for 

drijin^. They profited by all the products of the land , that there mere, both of 

grapes and deer and fish. and. all good things. After this first rointcr came 
55 summer, they becam£ aroare of Skrolings^^ and. came there out from/ the xoood/O/ 

great troop of men.. There mas iwax cattle of theirs, and. the bull 

toolc to bclloTO and TOOT eitrenuly j but this frightened the Skraltngs, 
and they ran oroay -rotth. their burdens, but those mere greyfur and sable 

and all sorts of skin-maTes, and they turned/ toroords Korlsefne's abode andTOould 

60 there enter the housesj but Korlsefne mode defend the doors. Neither understood 

*' thenatiDcs . 



Icelandic Manuscript. 

u b^ ^^ ll^vts?bn0j«i <it pr brl^ em -Sine ^' b^oit^ ftwj 

Hvrtc « ftmi^iM"tt6</ lu»t- jiii tiio f^cT f itior ^^u^ ^ ^a, 
uVii ^rt tft? GJ>^-% Hopil^tt iitkitt viittt Ccffii [,^ ijiF MK'x» 
fcmwr tin m )^^ »«« -w fU^j tji^ f«n p»)f uar^a? 

w iVi^ f>in en 9ttA?^ fi»r? i^vu ttje tnj iiJ gu fnof/l foiTtmC 
4tnJ% «JP TiiiJ ftr fler }>df'fe t^ii milrt dHiju (hr^'cmu w 

kW dlir ntinihi ^^4 j^emric^ ftu^ bjcft- mttiri ?: t^dt? Ii4 V 
aiirf pft * f^r ri0 jTe*! Hn<H: lid iii^ tK^tff^f^a i^y 

► •* 


Icelandic Text. 

TuxTS mxxL. "poj lokAV Skrodlagixjur oforU 'bokko' suvaJ 6kj l<ystu;,6k( biJidu/ |)eUnJ 
ok) luJULduj uoptv "hAUastj firir, eiv KouDbv cfnJu Tjcmnxjultj ^kxxxv aJu sdlai uopiiiru^ok; tujl'I/- 
oeiutoLr "hxxjru rods vmAj peira' IvobUU/, cuL Iuj/u IjouL "kciuir tcrou u)l Wiiy t oJl "^emv j ok; \itj- 
gar er "pixr sou tunyt, ^aV tjUMju; "pwr TuuipoU "fjoJj cm ckki/ arurvoiU. Kiu uxxr s _ 

w "koup for SkrodJUagixO, odt^di^^iaru; slruu -Tjcirnmg j "broUbj Tnog_ 5 

xun) iinxxxix). Ert KoUUv cfniJ ok» foruruuUUxr "hons Tujfdjo/ cfUr "bouggcu "^eirrcU ok; skj- 

innxx) uoru;. Forw ^tip vxAj sux) buAJb j "burV. lifiju cr froo ])\iju oJb seglou, aJu 

Kolbo cfni/ l^ gcrou skldjgard' TcunLLgajruV -xjitU "b^ suvnj okiTjiuLggiwist/ ^cur oomJ. 

J "{jcuuTJ Mmxxj fce-dAe; GvitcUruir sotUri; \>axvjrv Tconjo/ KalJUvefnis, oTc TuX; sou sumvo/ S 

TLorrc;. A aujxdUi^rdbujna; odnim^ vueXi^v ^cu Tcuxjitud Skroelmgar \xh vnjoXM vidj^^aj^oh voruiW- 10 

y\dw f ku'o eru fyrr, ok; "KofdbuL* s\i3«uru vaxnxwJo semj fyrr. pcu modJlv; KcCUbwfTu; -Didj 

konuur : ruxj skn\xv por bcrcu vV sUJcxirV rruU;, senu f'yrr vjcxr r^ojk/- 

sir, enJ ckki' ojuuxJU. Ok; er pelr sou ^at, "^ou kosUjudjuu "^cir bogguruurv' strutun; xnx\) 

yfu' skidgcu^dinru. Etx; Gudj-idr soJb j dyruumj vnxw rrwdj vuoq^^Ju SixOTrou soTuir stas . 

pabojr s^amggou j 4yrrm',ok) gckj ^cur xniv "koixa./ j sixxjrturrv; nam; "kyrtU;, 15 

Kdldr lag , ok; "hxifda dregiL lun) IvofuJb, okiUos lorp oJ luxr, foleU; 

ok; nxlog cxjgdi, saxx> aJL ceigi) lujJVic; iafTwvJ rruML augw scJU j txxxKxmJ mwniVK/ 

Ywax&QJ. HoTv gck) pox, aJb a' Gixdrldj' saJU,6k; rruxlJUL': "IvxuxJt; "hxxilUir "^iwJ, scj- 

gir hjoii). Ek; TruxiXi; &udr\dr, gAt "hjuurt er pUJb TuxJUi;. Elo UocJUUb &ujdLrldr, scgur Tton/. 

pcureUJi/ &adridr "hjuusfrfAjioj IxoruL sliixxj tJL lijcnxuir, cub Txonj soeiii >uxi;>ujruuJ, «r\J 20 

"pall bour cuUUb scuruxru, oJt' "^a; ItcyrdLc; Ouudrldr Ijrest; TuiAkinn;, ok; wax |)cu A<u- 
OTUXTV "horrmJ, ok; j "pvoj tjcun olt) ixycgton; ceinjnJ Skrodjuo^gr of ceiruuuYV lujuskitlLcy 
Xolljiefnis, ^^ujuxJU Tuxjnj hxifdc/ uuLloOj takoU UjOprux) ^ctrrcx). Ok) foru; njuu j "brott sertu 
Udxuxst, eiv/ kLocdA) "^cirraJ baguJ par eFlir okJ ua.raLn^^oeinjgti TrtOjdr Tuifdc) 

konu/' pesso; sclj,ntourx) GvulruJU* oibx). Uul' nv.ujru\juunJ Tjer puurfo; til/ roudxi; oJb ti_ .25 

oka;, seglr Kolb^^frxju, 'f>ui<:it. vkj bijyg , oJb ])eur Trujurtc; uilixx; xxjor hii) ^ruLcoJ 

suuLei med; o frxAej ok' fioUTuuini;. Nu; skuiuuTv D<tr toJIcar^ati rad;,alKinjenjiv/faru froum) 

OJ mjs p«Xljaj,6!':j s-ytve sig par, en; cururbol/ "Udj ux)rt) skol; foroi j skog ok; 1to_ 

ggvui; "par rloclr firir iujluX; ffo tioruu, pojw iJuAJJu kjtxnr frqumj or skogi/- 

tuum;; ujtv skx'AxjomJ dk^ txiGkxx; grtdxuvg \juornja' ok/lata/ >>a;ii; faro/ firir os, Etu pair 30 


Danish Translation. 

dens Sprog. Da tog SkroEUngcmecLeresPakkernML ogloste denv, og ttlbocL denv, 

og xnlde hdsthaoeVaaben. derfor, TTvcrvKorlscfHe forbod- deirv at soeIfl6"Vaabea, og Tui/ 

flnderTuin-paadetlUuul, at'han/l)ad/KDmd^me"bcErfcMcelk-ud,tildentj og sua. 

saare de soo/Mcelkerv, saavilde de-lcobe dctv og tklce dndet. NaT)leT) 

da Skralingemes Kobfterd-tlL, otdetardcresVarertorttMaoer- 5 

nc deres . Mav Kuiscftie og luuis Folk teholdt PaWterne dcres og 
Sldndoareme. Drogdesoaledesbort. NaerderoifortoeUe, at 
Korlscfrie lod gore et stiErkt PloakOToerlt ont sin- BoUg og gjorde dlt t Stand/ . 
Poa den. TuL fodte Giidrid/, Karlsdues Kone, 6tDrcngebam/, og Drengen^lcaldtcs 

Snorre. IBcgynddseaafiioesteVmterltofnv Skrceluvgcme tU/ Mode nud, dera, og Dore...... 10 

mange fUre end- for, ogliacde samnieYorersonvfor. Da sagAe Karlsefne tiL 
Koindeme : tul skolU' I boere tid/ slig Mad, sonv for dot mest be - 
goert.bgikkc andcfc. Og dade saadet, soaltostcde dePdkkcme sine ind/ 
ouerPlonltCDarket. Men- Gudrld- sod/tadcnforDoren/med/Siii/Sbn-'SnorrcsVuggc. 

Daltom/en-SkyggeforDorea.og gik/ derind-en/Kone ten, sort sneuerlQcrtel, 15 

temmeUg Tille, og s(mv"hat)de Boond- onvHoTjedjet, og IgscbrmitHaar, vor'bXeg 
og Ttied saa store Ojne, at uigen/lia»de soa store Ojne set t noget Menneslies 
Hoped/. Hua giklien, Iwor Gudrtd- sad/, og nuded* •• lioad/Tiedd^rDu , si- 
ger luia . Jcg liedder Gudrld, nxcn-Ticad/ erDU/Noon . Jeg lieddjer Gudrid/, slgerlunv . 

DarakteHxisiaoderen- Gudrid/SuvHaond/tiLkendc, athua sltulde sidAeTioslieiide,mcn/ 20 

dct sTtetc do/t dct samme, at Gudrid^ Tiorte et stortBro^ , og dot da 
Konen-borte, ogi det samme- blet) drcebt iM, Skroeluig of en, Huskarl- 
of Karlsefne's,fordt1um,TiaDde mUettage deres Vaoben,. Og drog denu-bort som, 
soedoonlig ^mea deres KlxBdcr loa efter dem, og Vareme ^ iatet Menacslte hoode 

set deane Kone, tidcaene Gudrid/. Na-monneuitroengetllBaad/at t- 25 

age, siger Knrlsefhe , thijeg laener, at de DiUc- korrane til/ T)orb dca tredic, 

Gong mcd/ Ufred, og moadstarlte,. Na skulk Bt toge det Road, at XMoead, skalle goa frenv 

poa cletle Noes, og t)ise si^ der, men en oadcaDd of os skoL gaaind/t SkoBea og luig - 

ge dirl/cj for port Koag , aoor Troppeakonuaer frem/fro/ Skou- 

.cn^; irt, skalle og toge DorTtjr og lade deagao/foroa OS. Meadet 30 


English Translation. 

tlic otKer's loaguajjc .TKct. Um SicruJtuigs took cIototl th«ir packs aitd, loosened, t}i£nv,aiii offered, tlunv 
and dtsxTcd iDcapous espccldllij for Oiem, , but Karlscfnc forbade t}vem to seli weapons , and rura) 
he lakes ^ counsi'l , Uiotlic bade tlie roomen. carry out milk to thcTa.aivd 
as soott OS tlwv) sUTD tK*; TiiUk,tiveR.TDOuLdth«tj buy that and-ru)thina dse.SToTO too* fliis ttie 

5 piircHasin<j of tli« Slaaliags .that thet) carried their bargain- arooAj iathetr sto- 

nuLchs . But Karlscfnc and his foUoroers kept Uietr packs aad 

skiaraorcs . Went they thus aroa^) . Noto is this to be tobd , that 

Karlscfnc let make a strong feuce of pales round his abode aadtnade <Ul ready there. 

At this Ume Gudrid , Korlscfne's ipife , brought forth, a mole child, and the boy tdos colled 

10 Suorre . At the beginning of the ucitrotnter the Skralings came to meet mth, them,, and XDercmt: 

any more ^aa before , coid hoA the same XDorcs as before. Thea said, Eorlsefne to 

the women,: nxjro gou shall carry out suxh meot.os tdos before most aslced 

for, andy uothiag else . And mhen, theg s<xxb it , they cast their pcicks ta 

ODcr the fence. But Gudrid sat xoithtn, the door mUh the cradle of ker soaSuxyrrc. 

15 Th,cu fell a shodoTO through, the door, and entered there a u)onum, in, ablaclcnarroxo Idrtle, . 

rather loro-bmlt , and she had a ribbon, round her head , and light broiou hair ,pale 

and large-eyed , so that nobody had seen so large eyes in, any human, 

skull. She ment up there , where Oudrid sat, and aslced: rohatis thy name , says 

she.My name is Gudrid. , "but u)hat is th,y name. My nam* is &tidrld,says she. 

20 TheuGudrid thehousetnife stretcliedout herhandtoher,lhat she should sit by her ,but 

it happened in, the same moment, that Gudrid heard a great crack, and toastiien, 
the TOoman, lost to sight, , anA, at the same time one Skrahng ibas killed by ahausc-carle 
of Karlsefne's .because he TOovild hooc takcit their tDcapons .And mentthey worn onjoy as 
usual , and their clothes lay there behind, and their TOores ; no man, had 

25 scea this TOoman,but Gudrid alone,. Noto TOcmaybeiancedofcounscL-la- 

king, sags Karlscfne,forIthuik, that they may call at ours' the third 
time TOithuib-peace and roith many mea.Noro roe shall take that counsd.thot JCmen go forth, 
outhis ness , and shoro thenisebcs there ,but an, other part of ours' shall go into the wood and hem 
there a road for our cattle , Tohen, the troop comes out fronv the too- 

30 od; TOe shall also take our buE and let him go ahead of us. But there 



Icelandic Manuscript. 


ft^te Vmtiu f^'f falHh i h^ t^ifi^ o^act tea 

in ti^TOikll -tuowj^liis M3^\>mn W- f^^wta^^ ^6:f6 
mfte p?a mi t;ftp^ arm Jjid JVoTtrKcr up ^yr cftfi *l«r 

^u^ |!A t«i^ til jnn mi)We mrt^ -orr d^iie it ten? a-w Amd 

-oft ttr^B'f^^il' pk^ffn^^nu f «« p*^ rtn^^9of ^u|r 

^^rji rt^ tn/til 9nlfe wl?l^K«^p wife U fl4«1t 

ft Iji^pa •zrpmVflfl 3li«*ar]j4 arte^^hflpin trtjife w; f W 
d mi ptf'p jTAti ^^ tf Apini^ F kabur finf^ dt-^Ta'Pptti^^^' * 

tt Bv5 c ^pc«l«r|«?d flp p )je0 -i^ljrtpZr.v-ltti pjdntTlcjf« 
l>i b 5r mrftu pIB cr mm v («l ^ir ?^ t<m»u t tMt»*nii 


Icelandic Text. 

vom- soo TunJUxU;, ec furuti> pcirra; vucxr ceJCLodbr, oJb aaXru yxar autdUnju 

TncguVjCAX; sl<jogr ou cltuuui; luxj. Nuu \)U)ru/ "^essl/ rcuL hx)fd', er KalbufruJ L. 

cLgdLc/ UL. Nuu l^omjuy SkroeU-TUjajr j ^cuvjv sUuL/jdr Kttllx«fiuu hufdUe; oiAaL UL boi'- 

duuga/. Kuj vuax ^cur bou-dago, okJ felL fixjlide/ of UxLcj Skjrwlinxjicu' . Eurn^ 

iruxdj" \uix TruJdlU olvj uoejuti j UjcLc; SkroelJui\gcO,oT^])oUJUl{aj|jU«AiJL/ semJlw«VTTumjd£;'rcrou>v6fd_35 

ijivqc) Ijeirroiy. Nuu VuxTdLc/ oeiiuu ^cjutcu SkrcdUuijgcu tckiij ujpp oxJu cirtou, okJ IdJU 

cu xum) sturuJU, okJ Tci.djdLe; aJU fdxujciU sIjojuttv ok) "hio UL "hxxjxs . Set* fdJl '^)egaT 

dLojoxlr; ^ou tjok) scuhJuuu nvyTd^G.' iruiudbi' vxXi txxjvnju ok) leiJU cu 'Dvnj stAJuruU, 

o\i Ajtou^p "h^nnii sldaW ou sloinnJ scmJ leingsl/ TruxUJb hxuxJ. Etv) sixlcwv.' ftyixx' |)dT 

ou skxjgituiJ, svu) Tuurr scinJ farcu TROjUi;, okJ Tykr'^ar luju '^ciurra' tjidskAfUjum.i 40 

Yorgu |)cirKoOULuAfTXV^ar^aruu ijuelr oJLttiUj cnJ aJLi Tiorh ^oJlyserlfelljwdVuy^al^han^uUl.dgl'^aj" 
veroj lodrtgr, dk^ T?iIL fora) UL Grciilxxruii;;. Nu; Isucu ^cir ferd; suuu, ok) "hx)fdjuj padO 
Qxvi TTVorg gowLc/ j -Duuxidje/ oik l3c;rvjujTf ok; skiruuty ttonx'. Hw siglou "ficir j Ttou- 
f okkaoTTUA^ UlyjEirckB flai'dxir,skLpc/SuuijT\;eilu;,olonooruj|)cu' 'wm^xuet^^ Ereydis 

"VTuj tekxst/ x?Tru'oaLou oUU tujvjuj vrwJ Utnlcuvdbv ferd;, lei drepou Vcsdx 4 5 

J^y 'pMxxxXj suj ferdi ^iMr h^Az^ godj liJU fiour ok Toirduxciccr. pcct; sarrujj &XLTnxtr 

koTTv sl«Jup oX Norcgl) tii) GrerilaruW, or KoJUUcfni; koTOJ of Vtnlxxnxic/, |)uiy skip:^ st _ 
(yrduJ "bi^dr Ij jT^lcLgi; ok PirvnJbogcv, oTc t)ori]u fxxrux) ix*lr ou GrpjilarLdjC/.ptjAjr Ijroedr t)oru;ist- 
«mAskir ah kyrue^ ok oV Austflordjuuru. par cr tuxJ ULi at/ tcikxx;, oUU Tre/_ 
ojdAs j5!iirek6 dolUr gwde; fcrd* sirux) TuLmjonJ or O-ordAXJiW, dkj for \Mj furtdajr 'vi/ij "^oJ 50 
Ijrocdr Hdgcu okj Ttruvbogcti oliJ IjeLddc^ "^ou aX) ^cir fcerU UL' Yinlounjdjj/ TTi*d.' fcurko _ 
St sixui); ok^ lx(if oJ "hilmjuig goeclcu oOUbrdJ tJuiU >ixjaxx)U ^cirraj cr ^ar fcmg'bvst'. N\ju j_ 
aJLLuu "piAX- "pwu. pojdLojO for hjorv cu fuj\;d; L«jiJFs lirodjLU' sirus ok'.otTuuv gocfux'Tvenmy 
\\xxjs, Ifxjuuu er yyjojv ^xxxJtduti gcro) Ixjlit/ cu TJinlxunjde;, ca/ "hxuv sxuxrour luiuju scurtcU "kuuc/- 
zsL' lieu TTuuvdn^ Tuis cru gcfoU oeigu. Sou var inxxLdogij mjcdJ ^mTUXcGObvcfniu^) olcIVey- .. .5b 
jjdtse-, oJb Ttuxjrir sTojUdxiu luxjfou too. ULigrou rruuiJUX/' cu sklpe> dkJ "konxur 
VJxxJ frounrt'. Etv IVeydis Tjrcu of ^xuu 'f)cgar oTcJ "hxifde/ T tuotitujutiJ fLcirouokleyTV- 
dJu ^euTt), okJurduy'Jxiir Ijrccdr csxjqxj fyrrv vXAi )3cuijarlr em'|)<drkoTTUJUULYvnXajnjd;;'.T!tuj 
leXAjj '{)aja' j "hof, okJ Tiofdiuu UL |)<i5s iruxLu cidr^ oL "fyoixJ TrujunjdjC; samiXo_ 
tou lujfoU, cf suo uilXdjc/ nocrdxU, oTo' 'f)es5 var VjMj ttujuv, «jrx) "po kuomjuu "poxr 'brxxAT 60 

*) Uroedxum; ? j 



Danish Translation. 


va}- sadkdes tcsk<iffeat,h»or deres Mod* Tjorbcstemt, at der ror Vond paa deivenc 
Side mm, Skov paa deit aadciv Side . Na tlet) del Rood fulgt, sonv Korlscftie for- 
eslog. NultoTTv SkrceUngemetildctStjed, soTivKarlsefneliaDdel)CstemttilKiinnp- 
CTV. Nu/tleo dcrKomp, og foldt mange of Skrcdtagenies Skore. Etv 

Mand/oarlo'afti^ og smuktSkroelingemes Skorc, ogtroedeKarlsefiie,}iaamonne'D(BreH6T)d/- 35 

tn^ deres. Naha»decaaf denv, SkmUiigeme, tagetervOxe, og sao/ 

poo/deaeiv Stuiul, ogloftedc-dcn/Tivodervaf sineFoeUeroghugtilhxint. Hoafoldt strax 

dod OTH; sua tog Tiirv store Mand Oxciv og saapaa dea ea Stund, 

oglcostededeiv siden/tSfien^, detltrngsteTixuvfomuuiede. Mea sideafUjedede- 

ind 1 SkoBen-, soTa'h»erlaindel)edst, og enderdermed/ deres Sammcnstbd 40 

Var Eorlsefiie og 'hxins Folk. dirliele"Vlnteren-i mat med VooreivforkyTiderKarlseftUiatluiaoU/ikkeder 
TKErelcmger, og uildrogetiL Gronlaad. Nalaoe del Stand til Foerden., og"bragt6d6r- 
frairumge Herligheder, Vuioed og Boer og Skindoarer. Na sejle. de udpao/ Hoo - 
et og komtilErtksQardmedheU/Skib og Dor deronvVinleren- . Freydls oTTvVinlands-Foerd, lod droebe Brodren^, 45 

I fordi at saadarvFcerd tgkk«s godbaade tiLGods og Hoeder. Den- sanunc Sommer 
Iconvet SkibfraNorgetd Gronland, daKarlsefnekom/fraVmland^ dct Skib 
styrede toBrodre, Uel^e og Finnboge, ogbleo den Vintcrpao/ Gronlaad. DisseBrodreuare Ts- 
IcBndereof Sl(EgtogfraOstQordcne.Dereriiu.atfortflEU£, otFre- 

^ydisEriksdaUer gjordcRcjsefixLsttHjem/, Garde, og drog td Mode med 50 

Brodrene Helge og Flraibogc og tUbod iarv, at dc skulde dragc til Vtnland nwdb deres Far - 

tbj.oghaoe HdU)dclenTn«dTi«?idc of alt,ln)ad de der monne foa. Ntibga- 

edc dc" del. Deraoest drog hunpaa Bcsog hos Lejf ticndcs Broder og^ad]Ham, gioehende 

deHuse, sonvlumTiapdeladctgorepaii/Vuiland, menhon suarer dctsamme, slgeod*' 

"haii-BUdelaaneHendeHnsenejmeaikkegiBC. SaablcoAftalemelUnvKiarlsefive*' ogFr- 55 

egdis , at h»er skulde liooe XXX BoobcnTore Maivd poa, Skibet og Kciader 

desuden . Men Frey dis br5d slrax d«ttc og lxa»de V Moend flere og slgut - 

te denv, og blcce Brodrene det ikke ooer, for end dc konv til Vtnland . Nu, drog de 

udpaa Haoet og liaodc aflalt forud, at dc skulde sejle sam.- 

mcn, luris saa^"blcomuUgt, og der uor kun liUc For sk«l, men dog konv Brodrene 60 

*> Skrtofgl for : Brodrene ? 


English Translation. 

mere such, condilions , xahxre, \lmr meeting toos planried/ , tlvot TDoler roos oa oive 
side\)utaTDOod oivtlie other slAe.Noto toos this counsel taken,, XDhidtKorlsefae p- 
roposcd . NoTO th« SkrdUn^s came to th^placc, TOhidv Korlscfoe hxid. fixed for the 
battle . NoiB tdos there battle , and, Doere slaia many of the SkroUng^ host . One 

35 man TOOS tail and fcdr in the Slaoluigs host, and Korlsefn* thought, h« might be h«cul- 

manof them.NoTO on6ofth6m.,theSlu"alings,hadtaJc«n/npanaJe,andloolc«d 
at for a TOhile, and lifted it against his comrade and struck at him. He fellat onM 
dead i then thxit tail man, took the axe and looked at for a xohile, 
and hurled itafter that into the SCO, as far OS he could.But then. Uicg fled 

40 into the Toood.eoeraj one as best Kecould,and ends uotd their encounter 

Stayed Karlscfae and his men there all the winter ,butin1he spring Korlsefae announc*6,thfllhe anil there 
no longer remain , and toUL go to Greenland . Noro thejj make reodij for the ■ooijaae , and had 
TBilhthcm nuuuj goods in tDine-TDOod and berries and skin-toarcs.Nou) theg sailouton, 
the sea and came to Ericsfirth,,the ship rohole.ond sUujcd there in, the XDinler. Fretjdis 

45 1VT onoo is Tnode mention, ancTO of Wlncland-T)oya;gc, causedto be kUled the brothers 

±. 1 because sucK a T)ogage is thought good both- for toealtK and for honour. That same summer 
came a ship fromNoTTDOu to Greenland, rohenKarbcfne come fromWvnelandithat ship 
TOGfl steered by troo brothers ,Helge and Finnboge , and staged this tDinler inGreenlond.These brothers were 
Icelanders of Ida and from the Eostfirths .This is now to be told , that Fre- 

50 ijdis Eric's dougUcr mode a wxuage from her home at Garde, and went to meet xoith, 

the brotKe^s Helgc and Finnboge and bade tKcnv go to Wineland tdUK their 

ship.und to go haloes mUther of all the profit , tKot might be got there. Notb said 
theg ge&to this .Thence she uoent to -olsU, her brother Lcif and&islc«d]him to gi»elier 
thekousos.rohuJi he hod built onWineland, but he answers her the s«une,saT)- 
55 ing,h^ u)ill lend- the houses, but not gu>e. Such toos agreement betroeea Kdrbefne^'andFre- „ 

ijdis.thot each, should Hooe IXX xDarrlors on the ship and TOomen 
besides . But Fregdis inunedialelg violated this and hod Vmen more and conceal- 
ed, them, and toere the brothers notcuDureofthis.untd thegcameto^Cineland.NcnDthej) 
soiled out to sea, and had agreed before.thatthcu shouldi^ailto- 
60 gether,if so miglttbe.and there TDOS tilde diffcrcace,buluet the brothers came ^ - 

*leiTatBja for: th*.broth«rs ? 



Icelandic Manuscript. 

F jjttfiMfl ret ^ mm Ji^fUnJi liclai t9«»t« ttii olitr IP U) 
^dldvdu It) l^tprimCim r»i ^/uim^^^tiibAn Br^' 

bdtiJ^ nnf ^f 9?^ cii fiti$0c^^4 Ml 9(^ jftd (Udl« W4 
iWii^ eti^e Mrtiift mitr(»tH ^mi^ ^^"tiBit bivp^^v^ 


Icelandic Text. 

Tvokkoru' fyrrc; ok/"hx)fdxL) upplwrit' fooutg sux/ UL TuxsouLcifs.'E.nj erTr_ 
eydisTcoTTti atiland€/,'|)ouTvydixij'^cir skijp sUX; dk;"bercuujppULTua8 fcuuvg 
siJV. poj ttukUjI IVcydijs:Tu)uu "bouruu ^cr uurv Twr fauivg -ydr. puJLafc'ocr"hxxg_ 
dUJTU, segtou f)ciT, cict>u)iIldaR«f Tnucnjl oU; dkixedinJ ordJTTvejdU oss.McrleAe/ 

Lcifr l\iiScuartcu,segiTU(m),cn;ceigvijdr.pcUTnjocLlJuHd;gi^ 5 

xskuu 'Dit'^igj'baruj tuaj vV fcuaag dkJ gijrda; scr skxxluoj ok) scJJLuJ 

"^aruv skoOLct firr sixinura.' cu xu^utstrortdLuJ dVc) "buxggtu MftL tmv. Etv TreydbLs let 

feJJuaJ ajidbuu tiL skips slrts . Hw tok; at uclroj^ ok; toljadu; "fxzir brcedr 

at toCkojvst; Trujuadu; ucpp loeOtarr ok; vcxrxi kofd; skemlojrt). Sux? -dot gert 

'xjrru %\xxx\jdo 'paX)\il/ er irvmxO \)(xjrwiu^v 'v^rroJ ^ vnj^^ sundr 10 

"fyykkc^ rrudj 'f>«un; dkj tokuuvst of locjikajr, oTc onger gcrdujist kiJioTruxr TruHey 
skalanruaJ^ ok* for suxs fraxTV Idrtge "Ujctrop. pat; dot amrU Tvurrgm) stuttux), 
at TrexjcULs slodj xupp oV rumi; sItujU olOkloedAuvst okJ for ceigii j skokjLe;dm). 
Etv ijiedru uor sux5 farvt;, aJb djogg vjor foJOdjnJ rrukiJU. Hotv VSk) kxxjpuJ 

"bondxaJ sirts oT^ for j , cnj siflxirv gdc^ 1xon; tU; skxxku gck' Vujt^ 15 

broe^ay oTf Xxh dyroJ; vrO rrujudr emn; Tuif die/ W gcAJxglt' VJdxx) oAr okJ I6kut>ujurdy 
aflr a; midiart) kLo1"a). HonJ Xojuik^ upp Tvurduruxe/ okJ stodU j gottuumj stundJ 
|)ai ok; "fjogde;; znj Eumboge/loumnjxstr j skalarujurTb' okJ ixxxktUj'KxxjnJ raccUL': 
"hAxof tJiUta; IxirtgafjTrexjdifi. ItonJ suxirour: ek; \JuL, oU 'f)uJ stojadxr \A;pp ok gonjgtr 

1)0 racd; Tn;cr, oTeJ uiuU ck; tola; TDU^'^lg. Suxj gcrir 1uirij;p<xu; gcuxgoJ aJU trc;,er.. -..20 

Xayxxndir skx)Cla^ijitggtrvura),ok) scUisist "^dr -nXAr. Hu;ersu;lJikxxr'^<a',s«jgixlion;^Tu)urusuxxrar: 
godr piMj mjerlondjv' kostuur^ «n) HJcr "^xkJu vruur pvi&ir so/, cr "oor j rrOllii «r, 
^-uxoXj tkj "kaULo) ckku TxxxJcu tlL ordtt. pa; segtr ^u; son; vr, scgir TuDni^ ok^ sux) ^_ 
iki; TTur J cni "^oAj cr eyrwTjde; ttvAJUU a; "^vnjn) fuuxdj, at ck; vxUAjv kaupcu skip-ucmJ 

'Blt'ykkr broedrj pvdxxXJ ptt Tvaflt Tocira; sktp cnJ ck;,ok; 'uUidoJckJ j "broU 25 

ludorv! pot mjunJ ihJ lata) googoa^t/, segir }wjnJ, cf ^ Ukor ^oi tjclj.Nii; sktUoJ ^fxxxi/' 
-Dd; ^af. Cremqr Tiotu Tmirv, eai Tuuibogei til) Tiuila; strmxxr . Hon; stlgr upp j riuniut koUduurt'' 
foUuni, ok Uvokruxor 'hjourv poruordr -Did;, ok/-sp^rr, Tuu; aJt "hx)n) t)CErl; sux) koUd/ ok x)6t)x). 
TToTv suixrar Tn€A;Trtyklx]Lmj'f)iOstU:ekJ uxxr gcJurtgmi, segxr>U)TV',til^€wrai\)rcedra; at foXoL'sk/. 
if at pdim;, ok; xxxUxixD cklkaupaJ -irteira; skip, cru "^fjeir \irdu; 'ovd^'^odt sux) iJULo;, 30 



Dcuiish Translation. 

uoget for og liaode opboorct dercs Soger til Le)fs Huse . Men, oLa Fr - 

cydis la)nv til Land, do- rxjdde de dcres Skib og boerc op UL Huset Sagcme- 

dercs. Da laocUePrcydis: Hot bar I her tad Edcrs Soger . Fordi ot bI tro - 
edz, sige de, olholdcs sloildc hcle Aftakn- gjort med/ os . Mig loonte 

LcifHusenc, sigcrluui.inciiilcke Jer. DaiTiffiUeHfclgc: Foltes inou os Brodre ond 5 

VUlie Tnod Dig . BoreivaudSogenie og bgggedc slg ctHtis og sotte 

del Hus bort fia, Strandett Bcd ealndso og qjorde dct godt i Stand . Men FreydLs tod 

failde TroEcr til sH Slab. Nuleddctmod\^iUerm,og forcstog Brodi-me do/, 

at begyndes skutdc Lc/ge og Morslcab tiotdcs . Sooledes blw gjort 

en, Stund/, tadtit ut innn bar sty stct ad tridbyrdes, da sondredes 10 

Enighedwi nicUem, denv, og Le^^ne, Ixotdt op, oq Ingcn ItoTii meUenb 

HoUerue, og glk saaledcs Vintcrcaloenge . Dei var ca Morgta tidlig , 

at Frcijdis stod op of sta Seng og Mosdlc sig paa og tog iWce Skotoj yiaa, . 

Men Vejret var bleuet saxiLedes, at der dot faldcn, stoerk Dug . Hua tog sin, Husbonds 

Kappc ogtrak,den,paa, oq dereftcr g iJcluuv tit Drbdrcives 15 

Hus og tilDOrca; men en Mand^ar udgoact dcrfralidtfor og Tiacdc lukketDorea 
efter sig kua lialot t . Hua tuJckedc Dorc^v op og stod t Aobniiigeiv ca Stoad 
og toD; menFinnbogc Uui iadei'stt Staca og dot T)aagea,-, luuv sagde: 
head vil Du her, Frcgdis . Iliin, sparer : jeg -oil.atDu stooj-op og goor 

ud incd, mig, oq Ditjeg tale nied Dig. Soagorhaa; degaa tilet Tra, sonv 20 

loQ/ tad under Husets Vceg ,og satte sig nzd, der. Huorlcdes fuider Da dct her, sigerhua; han sBorcr: 

gode tglckes mig Laadets Frcmbriagelser, mea ilde syncs mig oia den Ufrcd/, som os imcUem, tr, 
fordt jey paastuar, ikke at ooerc Aarsag derttl . Det er seta Da siger, sigerhun, og saolexlcs 

tylckes og mig ; men dct cr .£rindet med mit Bcsbg hos Dig , at jeg vMe. by tte Skib 

med JerBrodrCjfordtat Ihacc storre Skib eadjeg, og-oUdejeg gcmebort 25 

hcrfra. Det koajeg lade goa, sigcr han, hois det fornoJcrDtg . Na skUles dc 
eftcrdctte. Gikhaahjem, ogFtanbogcUlIlDilc. Huastlgeropi Seagea nud,koldc 
Foxlder, og Daagaerhan/, Thoroard, deroed, og sporger, hoihuacr soa kold og Dood. 
Him, sparer med storVredc : jeg -oar gooet, siger hua, tit dcat Brbdrcae atkobslaa om 

Skibetmed/ deni/, og DUdc jeg Itbbe storre Skib, m^adcbleoc deroed saa,Drcde_, -30 


English Translation. 

s«vara>hat before oniluud, corned iHdr things uf to Leif^ houses. Bui. xohea F- 
reydis came to land^then empti^ thry thjeir ship and carry up to thf ho\isc their 

luggage. TheaquDthPVeydiSzTDhi) (tuLyou, carry in here youl"lugg<iye. Become tne sup» 

posed, say they .that to be kepi mere all, TDords giiBen to us To rrie lent 
5 LeifUie houses, says she.ondnoLlo you. Then quotJi Hclye: roiuoing is to us brothers tlL- 

TOilL against thee .Brought iiotd ouL their tuggugc cuid inode Uieiaseloes a hfllL and set 

that halt oroay from, the seu near alate ondpul-iLroeHin oixler.But,IVeydl8 lei. 

feliTDOodforhej- ship.NoTOitdn'U) toroards roinler, aiid proposed the brothers, 

that to be taken up Tuere yoines aiid plays to be set agoing . So roas done 
10 for aiDhile.unliL l}l^m£nba^e themseloes worse to each other, mid then tous mode osiuider 

tlieir union, and the games ceased, and nobody did come bettoeen 

tlic lioUs, and passed thus the rointer a long time. It tdus a morning early , 

that FreydLs stood up from Ker bed, and dressed and put on, no shoes . 

But the rocdther had become 8iu:h,that a mighty dexo had. faUm. She took the dook 
15 ofherhusboiidondputtLon.andtJifnTOcnttothe KcdL of the 

brothers and to the door, but a man had gone oul, a little before and had, shut the door 

behindhim only halftoaij. She opened the door and stood in the goteiDtt-y a xDhile 

and XDos siLentjbut Finnboge lay inmost in the ludl and tdos arooke , he quoth.-. 

a)hat toiU. thoahere,Frcydis.She onsmers; I roilL.thnt thou standcst up and goest 
20 out iBith,me, andxDilLIspeakTDilh.Oiee.Sodoeshe,they goto atree.thot 

Icuj under the TOollof lhehall,and sat there doron-HoiDUkest thou all things here, suys she.he onstoers: 

good Ihink I the lands produ£l8,b\d ill flunk 1 of the discord.thntisbetroeenxis, 
for I pretend not toliaue caused tt.There thou, say est osUis.says she, and so 
it seems to me.but this Is my errand at my oisit to thee, that I u)Ouli eaxhonge ship 

25 roilh yoa brothers, because yc hnoe larger ship thanI,andlTOOuld go atoay 

hence . Thid I may let go, says he, if that pleases thee TOed.NotD they parted 
IheretBith. She tDenthome.buL Fbmboge toent to rest. She gets up into the bed raifh, cold 
feet, and aa)akeshe,Thjon)ari,thereby and asks,TDhy she be so cold, and Toet. 
She onsmers TOvlh. great anger:lhadgone,says she, to the brothers to buy the sK- 

30 ipof them,andlTiK)uH buy the larger ship, but this they took soilL, 



Icelandic Manuscript. 

^ lj?«rit ^ gtrtir-zrinu ^ 04 fliilitar'tf big vt^^ l)c|»ir^* 
tiu Ibft^r^ die Attitmir^iur'^ ^^ tn a^ dmiZi» W^siat^^^ 

^u ^ dr^ i^Rdu ^rtcla^ ir^rtfij^ ^b^Vldfon^ 
^>air eAvF Salter e^e^itt^ c t«ii tti^a e^^^»tfU& (% |w«r> 

lid Ijdad-wiiptfaif -ii^IrA ^cidgft HiiSi c^ qIT^a? au?>db 
^^^t^Cf^L^atmiarf \)^ rt^y ««^^ 

ifle^ Uam* \ettSt ^/kftff f<Mu ft»r Jfnw ^JwOlfeiu c 



Icelandic Text. 

oJb "^cxr 'bordbX' mig , ok; lOai) sourtLgoJ. Etd ^uu, vjuesail' "mxidjr, nuuxX/ hjuurkou xf\)MaJ r€d. 
cu reUbor Tninruir skommxnr TVe^'^injruxjr, okJ Tnjuua) ek; "Jiot; tuv finnxx), oJU slo* «x 
j \)ToUxL) of OrenLoLn;3j&. ok) vnxxxx) vk) gtra' sWIncUt' tjldU lf)ig ,'dIcuv ]5u; >wf yut t>ts8<x/. Ok^ 
fxxxJ stx)dj8t) lixDunJ ceigiJ odbolur "luruuxr ok "bctdj "rrtennj tupp stxM^dxxj serru sklolas^f ok; 

toJlccU \)Lopru sirO. Ok* suo gcraJ "^cir ok; fourou f)agar tiGU skalou f)drrcL' broidra/ ok^ 35 

gdjHjgu; ituv at/ ^curu sofunAxxm) ok' tokuu ^cu ok) foerdba) j borvdj okj "UjuMuu sux) 
Tyt >ixX;eirTUVj swru "bujodm) xiuur, «rt) Trcydis let; drepou Tujurnrv) strrv 'T)t/kx)TnJ.N\ju corny 
'f)Our alLer kodlar drepnir. Etu koTuir ijiotia; efUr ok; 'olUdbf euogij 'f)ocr dy_ 
Tcpou. t)ou TnxxlJUU Prey die : fodU rc\jir oxjj j "hortd;. Sxno "uxxr gerU SidxxW xu«(t "VtorxJ 
ojU "koTUJuu; "^drnJ "V er ^cir oooru- oV gekk; af "^mrti dxxAJijdjuumJ.IIuu foruj "fMiJUUtJH/ skou_ 40 
lou sins cjFUr ^oJu id.' iHcu T^trk), ok) foruvstJ "f^xL' oeUij cu , out Treydis '^oUJji./St oJUU- 
ixcLTvajToj t)Tnrcuditi, ok/TruxM/ vvdo fdxx^cu sirtcu: cf oss otcrdr cotdithj 
oJb koTivoJ tJly GrcrCloindji/^segir ItOTU, "pou skaJU ck "jDcmn; mjcuxrv rodxx; oif lJLf«/,ci- 
saqvr frcu "^cssiumJ albuTdixm). Nw skuhju tjer "^oJl; segicv, oJb "{jouuu bwy Tut «f _ 

tir, "fxx/ er locr forum; j "broUb.Nii/biujggu; "poxr skxp\Xj srxjuxnjrxxxJ vmJ 'vorxXj^^aXi 45 

er "poir hvcuAr "hx)fdixj oJu, vnxidj "pdjnv olUmij goadjura;, er'fjauj "nuxljUuu lib fou ok sk*. 
ijpiJt; bar. Stglo; sldanJ j "Vuxf ok) lordxju 'ocL rceLdj faroi ok; kuorrujU j J?iVreks fjordj 
skipcj auuxJ STverruTui; survxars . ISvu xxxr ^or XoIljLcfrvjL; firir, oTc TunjTde/ olbuiJt sk^- 
ip sUt' tU;"hx)ifs, ok bceiLd. laajrvorj ok er "paXj raoJu vaxxxmau, cub ocigiy Truind*; awx3L;_ 

rjouro) skip gcirvxjU; Tuxfou of Grti-vlartde;,enj'^aL crTuxnj styrde;. T'roo I"rcxjdjusv 50 

rrcydls f or tux; tAL b-u* staSj'^uaaJU ^CCU Tiafdjey stxxdxt Tnje;dxxja; 'oskJ- 
oubb .IToiX) fcki TniMnrU felrtg fiar oUjuu foTiuxcytiu striuJ, ^uiajty lionJ 
uilLdt' "Uyna; latxx) isdaAxum; swuimj. Sitr Tujtx/Tui; j "bui; sirux;. Eigf 
urdjuu olLer suo Tvalldinj ordir, oub "f^agdie. 'yftr tjdxxjdunu "pyeLrrou exLr iILR/_ 
skuu, oUU oeigv koemjc; ixpp oiru slder. Ntju koin; "fjettcf "app vvnj suier firvr Leif bro_ ...55 
dur TunrLor, ok; "^oXXxj borujurv ^essi; sougaj cOL UL. pa; tok;Lcif iAj mjenny of UdLe; ^drra7 
Preydisar, ok plrui*; 'poj sagixajr a; iVTrv ^ctutjou aib\xrd; ollajx) iafnnJ samxxjrU,ok; vox 
-fixed; ceinru Trtotc; sognn; "fjejjrrou. j^ligv rijenjni; okJ, segtr Leif,atigeraj^fKxt oL -oldTmjdjLstjSy. 
elur TTUjtuxJ, semJ TvonJ -Dcrb t)crd;, erx spa; rmuv ck;'^ciTTu'f)C6s, out "^jeirra; afkuxrrd; 
mjUTuUU; ojb'fjrifujn; ■T)erdja/. Nxulceid; "pcxXj svuo from;, oX; cajurvgunx) "^otUu nvru t>oujU ....60 


Danish Translation. 

aide slogeinig 09 liehxmdlede mi^ haardt. McaDa^iisleMond/.TnoTLhserlteivmlleTuBO- 
m iTUivSkaja dlcr Duv, og nioiijcg detnu, fuide, atjeg cr 

"borte frO/ GronUuicL, og iiioTt jcg -oillc sMUcs fraDig , Tu)is ikke Daliatoner dctk . Og 
Till/ modstoi han tkke luivdes Hoaiv, og bod FoUteae stoa op som- siuircst og 

tagcdcrcsVoflben. Og saoledesgdrc de og droge strox til Brodrenes Hal 09 35 

gik/indtildein'Og togc deia sooende og forte deni/tBaand og ledte saa 
enlu)erl)undm,ud, TneaFregdisloddrcebeenlroer, soiakonviuL. Nuijarc 
dUe MoMiderve dir drcebte . MealGjindeme uorc tilbage, og Dvldc iagen, dtnv 
droebcDasagdeTVcydls: gtOTnig ervOxe iHcumdm,. Saaledes bleo gjort . Derpaa droebtehua 

de VKouidcr, sonvDoreder, og forlod dem som. dode . Na gik de til Huset _ 40 

deres efter iame, Id og onde Voerk/,og fandtes dadet eneud, abFreydis tgMe sig helt 
godt at hxroe Tiondlet , og luui/ tulte til sine Folk/ : HdIs os bUoer fonmdt 
atltomme td Gronland/, sigerbun., da- sluiLjeg toge Ltoct of den- Mand, som- 
siger uoget om- denne Begloenhed; na sloiUe -ol slge, at debleoe her Ul - 

.bage,da-DldrogeboTt. Nuladeda de strax. otiv Voxiren/ det Slab, som. 45 

BrodrenehxiDde get, m-ed allege gode Soger, somdc1amdefaa.,og 

Sktbetboere . Sglede sidcaudpaa/Haoetog fUten/b^ldigTlejse og ItomtilEriksQord 

med deres Sklb tidUg poo/ Sommereiv. Nu/T»ar Kdrlsefiie der og boude fcerdig 

Sldbct stl til Afrejse, ogbiedepaa/Bof; og erdetsagtafTiiangc, atikkemonnerig- 

ere Skibt)oere gaaetfraGronland., end/del, som, haastyrcde. OraPreydls 50 

FreydLs drogaattlstaBoUg, saxisomdeahxtodcstaaettmidlertida- 
sTcadt . Hua goo meget store Ga»er til stae FblgesTjeade , tbrdi hua 
Dildelade dolge siaUdaad. StdderkuaaaisiaBo. Ikke. 
'Dore oUc saa ordholdende, at tie om deres Udoad/ eUer Ond,- 

skob, atdetikkel«)m.opomsider. Nultonvdetteopomsider fbrLejf, 55 

heades Broder, ogtyktes baa omdetteUdsaga meg et tide. DatogLgfUTMcEniafFrcydis' 

Skore, og piitte dmv da til at oobenbare denae TUdrogelselielt og fuldfc, og Dare 

of ens Indhold dcrcs Udsaga. Ikkeammerjeg, sigerLcjf, at gore detuedTVeydls, 

mia Soster, sombuabor forQeat, mea spao-monne/jeg dera dette, at deres Afkom/ 

mlUdetltunactriDes. NafOrtedetsaaledesm>edsig, otiageataTiktfcomdera 60 


English Translation. 

Ihol.they strudt me oM, treated, mt roughUj .B\it thou ,iBe«k nuuvToilt n«ilher avenge 
lay shanie njorthine.aiuLnmstlnoTDf^nji.thatl am, 

Qioay Irom Greenland., and moAj I moke separalijon, fromthe«,imlje88 thoa (i;oenge8lthi8..\nd, 
iiotD stood he nol her scoffs, and bade his mea gel up fortiDilh. and 

35 lake Iheir TOcapons. And so they do and goal once to the hall of the brothers and 

toalked ia to them, and took theia sleeping and bound them, ia chains and led thus 
out each one.TOho tdqs bound.ond Frcydis letkUL euery one that come out JfotD toere 
qlL the mea killed. But the iDomea toere lell, and roould nobodij kilL 
them. Then, quoth fVeydis: get me aaaaceinlomyhflnd.SoTOasdone.Thea she stero 

40 theViDoniea that there TDerc,andUft.them dead. NoTDtheij went to their halt 

after this deed and bad Toork.and tdos found out this one thiag.thot Freijdis thoughtherseirciidte 
TDeU, to hare acted, and she quoth to her companions .- if us be aUoroed 
to come to Greenland, says shc,thea I shalL bereoae of life that maa,TDhfl! 
speaks of this euent^noto me shall say this, that they stayed here be- 

45 hind.TDheamc mentaTDay.NoiD they loaded the ship early in.thespring,that 

the brothers had omned, roiJth all those goods, that they could get and the 
ship mould hoR. After fliotput out to sea, and got ahoppy T)oyage and came into Ertcsftrflt 
milh, their ship early vathe summer.NotD Kariseftie mas there andhadpreparedhis sh- 
ip for deporture.andraailedforafair mind, and Is it saidby mxmy,neDer rt- 

50 cher ship to hat)e gone from Greenland than, that.mhichhe steered . Of Freijdls 

reydis tu)to ment to her abode, as it hxid stood in, the meantim* unsc- 
athed. She gaT)c -oery great gifts to alLher componions.becouse she 
TDOuLd make be concealed her misdeed. Sits she nom iaher abode. Not 
mere all so true to (heir TOord,a8 to be silent about (heir misdeed or xoicked- 

55 Tie8s,(hat it not canve out allast.Nom this at lost came out before Letf, her 

brother, and (hought he this saying to be mholly ill . Thea took Leif HI mea of the parly 
of PWydis, and tortured them to confess about tMs etent the mhole together, and mere 
of one content their sayings . I cannot afford, says Letf, to do that to R-ey dis, my 
sister, mhich she descn)es,but foreteHmoAj Ito them this, that thor offspring 
60 mill only Utile thrtaing become. NoTD itpass«dso,that nobody thought of them 




Icelandic Manuscript. 



Icelandic Text. 

Kalbwfru; \vyr ski;p sUt/ ok) sigldLe/ j Tuxfj "hjonxwrU forstj vjth okj Icjora) til/ Noregs 
TTved; "hjeiluj oltiT\x)lLdrujL), ok/ scub "^or tjirv ■ukJLtuuv' oki sdide/ vuarrung 
sinn^ ok; "hxxfde/ ^ar gotJL 'yftrloetU dkJ "JjoaU "b^jdLe; IujOtV of huuijny 

gofgcujmuiUxTnJ TnoTXiuirw j Iforcjgv. Etu tj-rrv ixjorif cfUr bio "hxxjv skip sitttilU 5 

IslourvdLiv, oT^^ «r >uuru txxr olbuJuruTj, dkJ skip "hxxns \xju UL Is^yTuur firir br/ygg _ 
tu;riujny; '^oulcoTTu'fxxradjhxjnjujrnJ suudr rnjoudr eiruv, oeUajdr of Brunura/or 
SosxJlciuadA. Houru folajr aJU KalbtcfnJu lujuscu snxslru; "hxiTLs; ek-uxL cdjgi/ S€lia;,scii>'_ 
gdje;"Kxin/'. EltntuurL' gcfou^crtujU Tuilf nxorkJ gulLn/, segtr suxlr TTxaiir.3(ciilji«fTii/^oUiu 

\wL -tJuLbodiL o>Lilc«x)fUJu sixiounJ. Tor s\idr rruxxir j Isurt nvexJL Tujlsol' s_ 10 

-aolrurtoo, cnj IfciUjufnij' /Toifise) oeigv.TuixUU tre; txirj erv "^cUU/ocur ttuxulsut, "kouuv 
of TtnXonAei Hvo slgler KaUnef ni7 j Ivxxf, ok/T«)TTv sklpe suvu; firir nordanj \ax\A) 
j SkagoL/ fiord/j ok' \)jox "^our uupp sctL skip "hflurvs ^nv) uutrmri/. Etv royrO ux)r\jt/ 
ImjflJU Txxxrvj G\jOJUJnrvbciar IxxrvdU dk;gcrdje;l3UJ ciu,ol<jT)io^cu'TriAdxiJa/'l\xxnylAjfdfc,6ky 

MXkx "hitj Truestxiu gofu^gmjenni'. Olo er Trtourt; ttuuuuxJ frcu "hfiTUUTV "koTnit; olc3 15 

G-\jjdjTAe; "koTTjuu Tuu\j6 , dki godr oeJUQbogiJ. Olo cr KodJji«fTU; uxxr art3uajdj-,to"kJ GiAjdridr 
"luA/bius uardjujoeJUjisluu, olo STujrre; soTu'hjenjnxiur, er f^djdr fxxur oj TJtrdanjdLc;.Ok/«r 
Snxirrc/ xuajr 'kuoixgcxdr^'txiU for &Ujdbrldr /tTtonJ okj gek) sujdr,oTc>'koTa' roh cqp - 
tr UL "bujs Snxjrroj sotlolt sirts, oToTuxfcLe^ "Hxxjtj'^ou TojUJU gcrou lurkixU j GL- 

ouuurnH^. SidxuTJ uxxrdj Gxidbridr TUJunjacJ oTc cciun^«UjjlsoTxxiJolc;uxxr'^aT,TTV;edjaiv/ 20 

Tu)Tv Ufdje/. Snxjrrc; oJUJU sotu'^cuuv, er porg<xjLrrT\AL.lIbjx)/xHxrfajdir jTvgix;dlAar,7TU)- 
durlBrariR/b^skujps.lDoUir STUDrraJXoJIuftfnis soTU)LrlxejUKcdlfrldr;>uiTVuxxr mx)dilrlUu\x)b_ 
fs , fodjjur porlaks b-yskuupsiBlonuvh^cL sonj^JoHMfnis okiGujdLridaxHan; /ocurfadir ponuxnor, irvodurB- 
ixxrTmxirb/ysTaips.Pix)ld£/TTUXTurux^er froL/Kall!^^ koTTunJUb,ok'«r"hxiji\y'kyrisoelL"rYUxAr ot_ 

dirux). OkJ 'hjd'r Kalborfmy gcrst; sougt/ cdlrcu Tuxxmuu cdtburdje; /dttl) fooxir "f)e6sar cQLcir, 25 

er njuu «r rujkkuJt' ordje; ou TeomiJt;. 


Danish Translation. 

fradeaTidoitdLEt end at foTtocUeoTa, at 

Korlsefne bcrcder sit Skih 09 3e3ledeuipajQ,HaT)ct.HQm,gtk.detgodt, oghaii,lu)m,tilNoTqe 

heL oglioldenog forbko dir onvVbiieren-og solgteVorerac 

siiu og nod. dir god.Modtagdse,1)ajQde.luia og Itons Kone, of de 

onseligsttMoendtNoTge.MenVaarenderefterljcredte-hanSkLbclslLtiL _ 5 

Island/, og dxtlum-DaTfou-din, og Skibct lions "Lao- cftcrBor nedBrajg- 

gcn, da.liom d£r ULliam en S-gdlande-r, stojiuacnde/fra Bremen i 

SaxUmd.. Han- onsker afkobe of Korlseftie. huiis GolUcasfigur. Jeg dU. ikke sedge, S(h- 

gdelum. Jeg tiil/ qioe Dig derfor cnlmiT) Mark, Guld, siger S^udlffinderen. Karlsefne tyTites 

Del ontBudet, og solglederefter.DTog S-gdloenderenbort med GalKons- ID 

ftguren, men Karlsefne Tjidstelkke,lu)ad Tree del vox, men, det -dot Mosut, l«)mm£t 
fraVinland. Nu. sejkr Karlsefae,udpaa Horet , og kom, med sit Skib nordpaa L andet 
i Skogefjord, ogbleD dir sat opiums Skib om"Vinteren.Men omVooren 
kobte ban dlbmbo-Land og byggede Hjem/ der. og boede der, locdens luinleBede, og 

DOT deiumestfremrogendeMond . Oyer meg etAfkomlu)mm£tfrabam,og 15 

C<udrid,luinsKone, og enudmarkel Slxegt. Og daKorlsefac Tardiid.tog Gudrid 
GoardensVoretagelsemedSnorre sinS6n,somf6d,TiarpaQ\1iiLaad.0g da 
Snorre nurbkTicngift, sandrog Gudrid iideidajidsog rejste.mod.SiJd,ogkDiibsiden 
tdbage Id sin SonSnorrcs Gonrd, og luiodeluindaladetbTjqQeKirke/t Gl- 

ombo. SidenbleT) GudridNonncog Eneboerslteog bleu der, unedens 20 

kunleDede.. Snorre luusde en Son, som lied Thorgcjr. Hon oar Faxiertd lngT)eld,Mo- 
derdLBlskop Brand. STU)rreKarlscfnes6nsDallerhedHalfnd,luui.oarModcrtLLRiin- 
oU, Fader ULThorlaXBiskop.Bjorn bed Karlsefnes og Gudrids Son. HonDarFodertd Thx)run,Moder 
UlBjornBusltop. Talrig Sloegt erkommenfra Karlsefne, og crdct encedeL 

SloegtbleneL. Og luir Karlsefne noJagUgst of aILefortdUBcgiDcnbeme.paaalledisse.Rgser, 25 

som,ber noget erkom^mjet Ul Orde oub 


English Translation. 

froTathntUmebuLilL. NoTDtx) menliOTt.thiiL 

Korlsefiieprepored/liis ship and- soiled, out to sea^jUTOeiaTOcUxDllK'him/, ondhje-cametoNorTDay 

vhole (Hid so\uid; and, staijcd^tKere daring the TOinler and, sold, his TDores, 

cmd. eiy oij ed there good fHendahip , bo Ih, hjt ondTib TDlfe , from, the 

5 1njDstdi8tlriguish£dmeamNorTDajj.Bult}uTiextspringheprq)aredhi5 ship for 

Icel(uid,andTDheahetDas (piiteTefldj),Qiidhls shiplcu) TDoituig for aftat Toijvd oithe/ 
qum),fli£re oametohim, a Southerner, aiuLtioe of Erematm 

Scuemdand. Hemshestohuy of KaTlsefactheTjeok-heodof his ship; iTOtlLnot sell, sa- 
id he. ItrrilL gtoe thee for it half aMorlt of Gold, soys the SoTithemer. Xorlsefne tKouqhi 

10 this to he agoodhiddlng (md then- sold. Vent the SouthiTRerQiDCU^ TDtflvhisship^^ 

ieok -head, hut KorlscfneltneTi) -njotitohnt TOoodit tdos; hiitil tbos Taoxor, come- 

from- Vtaelond. Noro Korlsefrie sails out to sea, and came mOthi* ship to thenorilvpart of thelond 

"uv Skagefuihi and xdos therehis ship laid up forthe urinter. Bat in the spring 

hehought Clujnio-Land oadhivilt his home there, and drodt there/ daring his life, and 

15 roas a Tnost distinguished Tnun,. Anits much- offspring from hint come, and from. 

Gudrid his xoif e, and a good fomdi) -Itae . And uihen Kirbefne roas dead, Gudrid 

tooh-thexoording of the property, and Snorre, her son, U)ho toos horn InlTincland. And iDhen 

Snorre toos married, &udridu)ent ahrood, and to the South,, aivd caiac after 

this again- to the abode of Snorre, her son, and had he then made moke a church in- GI- 

20 lunbo. Aftenpords Gudridhccomeamm- ojid on anchorite, andltDedfliere during 

her lifetime. Snorre had, a son, calledThorgeir. He roostJie father of IngDeld, mother 

of Bishop Brand. Snorrc/ Korlsefne's son's dxiughleru)asHalLfridi she tools themother of Rim.- 

olf, the father of Bishop Thorlok.Biom toas Karbefixe's ondGu^rid's son. HeTOOstliefoflierof Thorun, 

of Bishop Blonv. Mamjmen ore descended from- Korlsefne, and he has gotagrcot tnemx)tturr 

25 progeny. And KorlsefixehosniostexactU) of alLrelaied the eoents of all these ooyages,... 

as it rwxB has heenput into words . 




fragments of Original Manuscripts Referring to the New World 

OtttftllJto Ufrmdif feettx cur rauba • a9» 
Con oPu^lj^uI^ram ^/nafiCfW^pttlW j 


soTU OsuuxULdb'jinfs sotujup 6ocrvaL' poris sonxir. poruxjlldr dkJ-ffiiV 

Tlionjoldlied-en-MaacL, FortoeUmg am. Erik dea rode. 

SoTV of OsDold., Son. of TJlf , Oxne-Tiiorers Sotu Thonxild/ ogE- 

TTiorDold TOos calkd a man,, A MLe stor-y of Eru, tlie Red 

SOTV of OsBold.soTV of Ulf, SOTV of OxTUL-TKoTcr . TWuald ancLE- 



Fragments Referring to .iinerican Discvicrics. 



31 1221 


53 1285 

EirVkr "biikrqp aX &TctnjUanjdju for aX/ leitnJ "Vurxloivd* 31 

Erlc,l)isTu)p of GTecnlcuut, tDentto scek/^Wtoclaad/ 1221 

ErilcBlslaipaf GTonlxmdfdr\iAatoplede"Vinl(iiid/ 31 

/ JC. 

TcuvA/ Iturvd/ rcujsXr nmAsxjn) islaivdJu ~ 53 

Was found land/ rocst of Icdancl 128S 

FcuidtcsetLoiid/Vcstforlslcirid/. 53 



Fragments Referring to American Discoveries. 

Cf^terfiEMS. ^ 

^-ROI^ « Atfe * ^BtSttt^fer^air. 

\289 Etnltr TconjuaLgr servdbU 3 

Rolf MJu l€iJ0iX\M/yOJu\miJoJ^VlL^\J0u^xxnJ^Jk/ — 4 

3 1289 Eric Tdng sends 1289 

4 RolftoTMicuul, to sc«k-theiierolcuid/ .- -. 

Erik/ Kong 6 sender 3 

Uolftil/ Island/ at oplededetnyc Land- 4 

1290 Tor Rolfr xunrW Islojad^oloTaxifdij-nrvMUV ULmjiou lourvdjv ferdxxr 9 

9 1290 Went llolf about Iceland andsnnunoncd/men/forane'ro-land-Doijage 1290 

Crogllolf onvt Island oqkJ•a^ocdcFoDt til Tog tfl/detuye Land/. _ - 9 

^--^ ■' ■ fA 896 

1547 46 

TSiOmJ skip <xf GrcenloridJjj^^HxJbcr 8oUjl\afdiJtiL McurldxuvdJiu,6lcaUian/TnjSAA/c^ 48 

46 1347 «i7 

48 came sliip from Greenland/, that liad, sailed, to MorkUuid, cuid/eiglileeammoait 

Tar::i, SktbfraGronland, sontlxaode scjIet/tilMarldand/, og oltenMond/ derpaa. ^ 48 






Ln«^ V" i^.^vSH. ^-p/.^fori. .i^Ti^c^OtM. frx^^;; iM«f oft*^^ 



Icelandic Tyfc Text. 

English translation in "Norse Discovery of America," see page 192. 

[AM..557, 4to, p. 27.] EIRfKS SAGA RAUDA'— 1. 

13. [(5]ldfr' hdt konungr, er kallaSr var 6!afr hvfti. Hann var son Ingjalds konungs 

14. Helgasonar, Oldfssonar, Gu3r05arsonar ', Halfdanarsonar hvftbeins Upple- 

15. ndinga konungs. (5lafr herja9i i vestrvlking, ok vann Dyflinni* d fr- 

16. landi ok Dyflinnarskfri, ok g0r3isk konungr yfir. Hann fekk° Au8ar d- 

17. jupau9gu, d6ttur Ketils flatnefs, Bjarnarscnar bunu, dgxts manns 6r N- 

18. oregi; torsteinn rauSr h^t son |)eira. Olafr fell & frlandi f orrostu, en Au- 

19. fir ok forsteinn f6ru \>i i SuSreyjar; J)ar fekk {'orsteinn turffiar, d6ttur Eyvindar 

20. austmanns^ systur Helga hins magra; J)au dttij mgrg bgrn. torstei- 

21. nn g0r3isk herkonungr. Hann i6zk til lags nie8 Sigur5i enum rfka, syni Eyste- 

22. ins glumru. teir unnu Katanes ok SuSrland, Ros ok Mceri, ok meirr en 

23. halft Skotland. G0r6isk torsteinn J)ar konungr yfir, d5r Skotar sviku hann, ok 

24. fell hann t>ar I orrostu. Au8r var \)i i Katanesi, er hon spurfii fall forsteins. 

25. Hon Istr pd g0ra kngrr f sk6gi d laun, en er hon var biiin, helt hon ut 

26. 1 Orkneyjar. {"ar gipti hon Gr6, ddttur I'orsteins, ok hon var m68ir Gunnlafiar, er I'orfinnr 

27. jarl hausakljufr dtti. Eptir J)at f6r AuSr at leita Islands; hon haf8i d 

28. skipi tuttugu karla frjdlsa. 'AuSr kom til Islands, ok var hinn fyrsta vetr 

29. i Bjarnarhgfn me8 Birni br68ur sfnum. Si8an nam Au8r 9II Dalalpn- 

30. d, milli DggurSarar ok Skramuhlaupsar, ok bj6- f Hvammi. Hon haf8i b- 

31. cenahald f Krossh6Ium. l-ar l^t hon reisa krossa, l)vl at hon var skfrS ok vel 

» MS. saga eireks rauda. » MS. [0]leifr. • MS. gtjdridar sonar. • MS. diflina. 

' ha«n feck repeated in MS. • MS..austz mannz. 



^ »i} ir^liuJ*) inikr> ^^^^'^ &ftv flrt^. <*b;A ^<rt^ ♦iotUnVv^-tflt. 

vi*tt^ jn^A^ftV* etflpo^it) eki^^ viyttr -rcd^ ^vjj'at^ v\^ WtSn^ ■ 

fe^ v|p Urt ^ ^ftffe'^t^ tW<«^>^^ J9& >n^«n>^^ 

fw) W^ ^U*^ \nU4 fAtsitt-^t^^vte^AoEm- bc^o^ir &• livnili^ t* 

j^^Af -nv^lLttn ^*At* Wj^ faU- ^<£trC. e^C v^ tntk fitb^ 
|*«^wr Wnt e iWt wj^^'m'^ «^ ^ Wn 'w^^ y<r V A u»t)^ «^ 1 

<v<^1i(ijm>Af[vW e^^v<*n lyii^ (><^ vn^i t>A> ^kS' j>Ai^ " 



Icelandic Type Text. 

English translation in "Norse Discover; of America," see page 216. 


1. ok heimamQnnum, ok bau8 honum af at hafa slfkt er hann vildi. Ormr ]^i jjctta, 

2. ok talSi Einar vera g68an fardreng ok au8numann mikinn. En er Jjeir 

3. heldu d varninginum gekk kona fyri utibiirs dyrrin. Einarr spyrr Orm: 

4. 'Hver vseri sii hin fagra kona, er \>zi gekk fyri dyrrin. Ek hefi eigi 

5. hana hdr fyrri sdt.' Ormr svarar : ' fat er Gu6rl8r, f6stra mfn, d6ttir torbjamar at Lau- 


6. Einarr maelti: 'Hon mun vera kostr g68r, e8a hafa ngkkurir menn til 

7. komit at bi8ja hennar?' Ormr segir: 'Be8it hefir hennar vfst verit, ok liggr {)at eigi laust, 

8. fyri ; finnsk pat d, at hen mun vera marmvgnd, ok svd fa8ir hennar.' ' Svd 

9. me8 J)vf,' sagSi Einarr, 'at hdr er sd kona, er ek aetia mdr [at] biSja, ok vil- 

10. da ek at Jjessa mdla leitaSir t)u vi3 {"orbjgrn, fgbur hennar, ok leg8ir 

11. allan hug d, at petta maetti framgengt ver8a. Skal ek J)dr fullkomna 

1 2. vindttu fyri gjalda, ef ek get ra8it. Ma t'orbjgrn b6ndi \)zt sjd, 

13. at okkr vseri vel hendar teng8ir, Jjvl at 'hann er s6mama8r mikill 

14. ok d staSfestu g68a, en lausafd hans er mdr sagt heldr d fgrum; 

15. en mik skortir hvdrki land nd lausafd, ok okkr fe8ga, ok mundi forbimi 

16. ver8a at J)essu hinn mesti styrkr, ef J)etta tobkisL' Ormr segir: 'Vfst {)ykkjumk [ek] 

17. vinr J)inn vera, en \>6 em ek eigi vi8 mitt rd8 fuss, at vit berim 

18. l)etta upp, J)vf at I'orbjgrn er skapst6rr, ok \>6 mttna8arma8r mikill. 

19. Einarr kvezk ekki vilja annat en [at] upp vseri borit b6nor8it. Ormr kvafl hann rd- 

20. 6a skyldu. Ferr Einarr su8r aptr unz hann kemr heim. Ngkkuru sf8ar ha-, 

21. fSi forbjgrn haustbo8, sem hann dlti vanda til, \)\i at hann var st6npenni mik- 

22. it. Kom J>ar Ormr fra Arnastapa, ok margir aSrir vinir {"orbjarnar. Ormr kom at md- 

23. 11- vi3 I'orbJQrn, ok sag8i, at Einarr var {jar skgmmu frd I'orgeirsfelli, ok ger8isk 

24. hinn efniligsti maSr. Hefr Ormr nii upp b6nor8it fyri hgnd Einars, 

25. ok segir ^at vel hent fyri sumra hluta sakir, 'md J)dr, b6ndi, ver8a at \>^ 

26. styrkr mikill fyri fjdrkosta sakir.' torbjgrn svarar: 'Eigi var8i mik sllkra 

27. or8a af {)dr, at ek munda* gipta {jraels syni d6ttur mfna; ok {sat finni {)dr mi, at 

28. fd mitt {jverr, er sUk ra8 gefiS mdr; ok eigi skal hon me8 J)dr vera lengr, er 

29. \>6i J)6tti hon svd Iftils gjafor8s verS.' Sl8an f6r Ormr heim, ok hverr 

30. annarr b6ndmanna'' til sfns heimilis. Gu8rf3r var eptif me8 fgSur sfnum, 

31. ok var heima J)ann vetr. En at vdri hafSi I'orbJQrn vinabo8, ok kom t)ar 

32. mart manna, ok var hin bezta veizla. Ok at veizlunni kfafSi forbJQm sdr 

33. hlj68s, ok mselti: 'Hdr hefi ek buit langa xfi, ok hefi ek reynt' g68vilja 

34. manna vi8 mik ok dstu8; kalla ek vel farit hafa vdr skipti; en mi 

' MS. mondi. ' sic. ,' MS. teyn. 









THE HAUK book. 

Icelandic Type Text. 

English translation in "Norse Discorery of America," see page 216. 


1. hon haf6i d hilsi sdr glertglur, ok lambskinns kofra svartan 

2. i hgfSi, ok vi8 innan kattskinn hyft, ok hon haffii staf I hendi, 

3. ok var i knappr ; hann var buinn meO mersingu, ok settr steinum ofan 

4. um knappinn; hon hafSi um sik hnjdskulinda, ok var J)ar 

5. d skj68upungr mikill, ok varSveitti hon J)ar i taufr sfn, 

6. l)au er hon })urfti til fr681eiks at hafa. Hon haffii d f6tum 

7. kalfskinns-skua lo3na, ok i Jivengi langa ok d tinknappar miklir 

8. d endunum; hon haf6i d hgndum sdr kattskinns-gl6fa, ok vdru hv- 

9. ftir innan ok loSnir. En er hon kom inn, l56tti Qllum mgnnum skylt at velja 

10. henni soemiligar kveSjur. Hon t6k pvi sem henni vdru menn geSjaflir tiL T6k torkell 

11. , b6ndi [1] hgnd henni, ok leiddi hana til t)ess ssetis, sem henni var biiit. torkell bafl 

12. hana J)d renna \>a.T augum yfir hju ok hJQr8* ok svd hibfli. Hon var fd- 

13. malug um allt. Bor8 vdru upp tekin um kveldit, ok er frd pvl 

14. at segja, hvat spdkonunni var matbiiit. Henni var gerr grati- 

15. tr d ki6jamj6Ik, ok matbuin hjgrtu 6r glluni kykvendum {jeim, 

16. er par varu til. Hon hafSi mersingarsp6n ok knff tannskeptan ', tvfholk- 

1 7. aSan af eiri, ok var brotinn af oddrinn '. En er borS vdru upp tekin, \>i 

18. gengr {"orkell b6ndi fyri forbjgrgu, ok spyrr hversu henni {)ikki J)ar um at' li'task, 

19. e8a hversu skapfeld henni em pax hib/li e8?, haettir manna, e8a hversu 

20. flj6tliga hon mun vis ver8a Jsess, er hann hefir spurt hana ok mgnnum er 

21. mest for\'itni at vita. Hon kallask ekki munu segja fyrr 

22. en um morgininn «ptir, er hon haf8i d8r sofit um n6ttina. 

23. En um morgininn at dliSnum degi, var henni veittr sd umbdnin- 

24. gr, sem hon puihi at hafa til at fremja sei8inn. Hon baS ok 

25. fd s^r konur Jjser, er kunnu froe8i Jjat, sem til sei8sins \>&'d, ok var- 

26. 8Iokkur hdtu; en l)3er konur fundusk eigi. I'd var leitat at 

27. um bceinn, ef ngkkur kynni. I'd segir Gu8rl8r: ' Hvdrki em ek fjglkunn- 

28. ig n^ vfsinda kona, en \)6 kendi Halldfs, f6stra mfn, m^r d fslandi 

29. Jsat kv3e8i, er hon kallaSi var81okkur.' torkell segir : ' I'd ertu happfrfiS.' 

30. Hon segir: ' I'etta er pat eitt atferli, er ek sella f 0ngum atbeina at 

31. vera, Jjvf at ek em kristin kona.' i>orbJQrg segir: 'Svd msetti ver8a, at t)ii 

32. yr8ir mgnnum at li8i h^r um, en l)ii vserir \)i kona ekki verri en 

33. d8r; en vi6 I'orkel mun ek meta, at fd \>i hliiti, er hafa 

' MS. evidently by a slip, hrord. . ' MS. tan« skepan. ' MS. oddinn. 







Icelandic Type Text. 

English translation in "Noise Discovery of Amerioi," see page 216. 


1. naer dagsetri'. I'orsteinn b6ndi ba6 GuflrfSi leggjask niflr ok sofa; en harm kv- 

2. ezk vaka mundu um h6ttina yfir Kkinu. Hon g^rir sv4, ok er skamt lei8 d 

3. nottina, settisk l^oisteinn Eiriksson upp, ok maelti; kvezk vilja at Gu6rf3r vsri 

4. l)angat kQllu8, ok kvezk vilja tala vid hana: 'Gu8 vill at l)essi stund s^ 

5. mdr gefih til leyfis ok umb6tar mfns rifls.' f'orstcinn b6ndi gengr i fu- 

6. nd GuSriSar, ok vakSi hana, biSr hana signa sik ok biSja s6r gu8 hjilpar, 

7. ok segir hvat t'orsteinn Eiriksson haf6i talat vi3 hann; 'ok hann vill finna Jjik. 

8. Verflr J)u rad fyri at sjd hvat \)U vill upp taka, pvi at ek kann h^r 

9. um hvarskis at ffsa.' Hon svarar : ' Vera kann, at {jetta s^ aetlat, til agk-, 

10. kurra {Deira hluta, er sfSan s6 i minni hafSir, Jjessi hinn undarligi hlu- 

11. tr, en ek vaenti at gufis gaezla' mun yfir m^r standa; mun ek 

12. ok a haetta me3 gu8s miskunn, at fara til m6ts vi8 hann, ok vita hvat 

13. hann vill tala, Jdvi at ek mun eigi for8ask mega, ef mdr skal mein 

14. at ver8a. Vil ek sf8r at hann gangi vf8ara; en mik grunar, at Jjat 

15. man i liggja.' Nu f6r Gu8rf8r, ok hitti t»orstein; s^ndisk henni sem 

16. hann feldi tdr. Hann maelti I eyra henni ngkkur or8 hlj6tt, sv4 at hon 

17. ein vissi. En J)at maelti hann sva at allir heyr8u, at t)eir menn vaeri 

18. saelir, er truna heldu, ok henni fylg8i 9II hjdlp ok miskunn, ok sag8i 

19. t)6, at margir heldi hana ilia; ' er {jat engi hdttr, sem h6r hefir 

20. verit i Groenlandi, siSan kristni kom hdr, at setja menn niSr i uvi- 

21. g8a mold vi8 li'tla yfirspngva. Vil ek mik Idta flytja 

22. til kirkju ok a3ra pi menn, sem h6r hafa andazk, en Gar8ar 

23. vil ek brenna lata d bali sem skj6tast, p\i at hann veldr 

24. pllum aptrggngum \ie\m, sem h^r hafa verit f vetr.' Hann sag8i 

25. henni ok um si'na hagi, ok kva& hennar forlgg mikil mundu ver- 

26. 8a, en ba8 hana varask at giptask grcenlenzkum mgnnum; 

27. ba8 at hon leg8i (6 Jjeira til kirkju, ok sumt fatoe- 

28. kum mgnnum, ok pi hn6 hann aptr g3ru sinni. Sd hafSi 

29. hdttr verit d Groenlandi, si3an kristni kom 

30. J)angat, at menn varu grafnir d boejum, 

31. {)ar sem Qndu8usk, i ilvfg8ri moldu; 

32. skyldi setja staur upp af 

33. brj6sti hinum dau8a. En 

» MS. dag satri. » MS. gjtla. 




Concerning the Church in America 
Before the Time of Columbus. 








'—^i^^^^i^^^^/'ri^^^^irl^^UL. £Z/i!a^ /t;^(^i^^y^^^^Jiy^J^^^ 



Distinguished Sir: 

Replying to rei|uest contained in your letters of May 2d and June 27, the Holy Father instructs me to grant you 
pennission to reproduce by photography any of the manuscripts referring to the Constitution of the Church in Green- 
land, that were made a part of the Vatican exhibit at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. 

In communicating to you this benign authorization, I beg to ask that a copy of your very valuable work, in which 
the reproductions appear, be presented to the Vatican Library. 

Assuring you of my very distinguished consideration. Devoted to your service, 

Rome, July 14, 1906. R. Cardinal Merry del Val. 

Sig. J. W. BuEL, St. Louis. 



SJT WAS a most important, and equally valuable, discovery, that was 
made in 1902, by searchers among the ancient manuscripts in the 
Vatican repositories, when the letters of several popes were revealed 
in which references are made to Greenland centuries before the 
time of Columbus. It has for a long while been a question, forming the sub- 
ject of a vigorous dispute, whether the claims of Norsemen to having visited 
the New World, as early as the year 1000, were founded upon any trustwor- 
thy evidences. Not a few of the most distinguished historians rejected the 
statements, set forth in the Sagas, as romances characteristic of the heroic 
aspirations of the people during what may be called the "Viking Age." There 
were others, however, who stoutly and with fair reasoning supported the 
authenticity of the discovery, basing their conclusions largely upon the sim- 
plicity of the narrative, the incidents recorded, the accuracy of the descriptions 
of coasts and places, and the sea-roving propensities of the Norse Navigators. 
To the question, which was very apropos, "If the discovery were made, as 
declared, why were not permanent settlements established, and why have 
proofs of occupancy not been found?" This answer was returned: while the 
Northmen were essentially a sea-faring people, and extended their voyages to 
all parts of the North Atlantic coasts, they never had the colonizing spirit, 
being actuated chiefly by expectation of immediate gain; their visits to all 
lands were therefore made principally with a purpose to forage, and it was this 
ambition that gave them a reputation as freebooters rather than as explorers. 
Readers of the preceding volume in the Norroena series, "The Norse Dis- 
covery of America," will recall that when Erik the Red discovered Greenland 
he gave an attractive name to the country with the hope that thereby many 
Icelanders might be persuaded to settle there. It should be borne in mind that 
the people of Iceland were not agriculturists, that their subsistence was most 
largely obtained from the sea, and being unused to cultivating the soil the fer- 
tility of a new country did not greatly appeal to their instincts. These facts 


furnish a sufficient answer to the enquiry quoted, and their setting forth long 
ago demonstrates the logical position taken by those who supported the claims 
of the Norse discoveries. 

Reproduction and translation of those parts of the sagas that describe the 
finding of Greenland, and the exploration of the Atlantic Coast of North 
America, in connection with the historical presentation of the subject in "The 
Norse Discovery of America," lays before American readers, for the first 
time, the documents that have been so fruitful a subject of dispute. This 
will be highly gratifying to every student of history, who is thereby enabled, 
through this accessibility to the manuscripts, to form conclusions as to their 
credibility as records. 

But if republication of ancient Icelandic manuscripts, that describe the 
American discovery nine hundred years ago, be so highly gratifying to the 
student, the masses, I apprehend, will be interested in having placed before 
them documentary proofs confirmatory of the Saga records. These it is our 
pride, pleasure and honor to present, the honor being the greater because this 
is the first time they have ever appeared in print. 

It fortunately happened that discovery of Greenland was made only fifteen 
years ,(985) before the introduction of Christianity into Norway, Sweden, 
and Iceland. Supplanting the old mythology, Catholicism became almost at 
one bound not only a prevalent religion among the Norse, but such earnest- 
ness was manifested that intense zeal to extend the faith became the animat- 
ing ambition of the people. This being known, historians who regarded 
the Sagas purely as romances combatted the claim of credibility with the en- 
quiry: "If Greenland and America were discovered at the early date fixed by 
certain Sagas, why are no records to be found showing that the Holy Church 
took cognizance of that very important event?" 

For more than a century it was suspected that manuscripts did exist 
among the great mass of records and correspondence preserved in the Vatican 
library, that contained references, at least, to the American discovery by 
the Norse. The writer was so deeply interested in the subject that during a 
visit to Rome, in the year 1900, he suggested that a search be made through 
the Vatican manuscripts for such documents. The suggestion was so well 
received that an investigation followed which resulted in the finding of the 
several Papal letters which are reproduced, with translations, in this volume. 



The importance of this Hterary discovery cannot be overestimated, to the 
church, to America, and to the world. These letters, from the several Popes, 
prove not only the discovery but that the Church, which ever follows fast upon 
the heels of the pioneer, was established in Greenland coincident with the send- 
ing of Leif Erikson to that country by King Olaf Trygvason, to introduce 
Christianity, who, the Saga recites, took a priest with him. 

A bishop's seat was established at Gardar, Greenland, and it is certain that 
the Greenland (Nidros) See had jurisdiction over all the extent of country 
embraced in the discovery. This conclusion is confirmed by the statement that 
Bishop Erik Upsi visited the Vinland colonists, presumably not so much to 
carry to them spiritual consolation, as to locate and order the building of a 
church, in which the settlers might worship. 

The earliest of the several letters herein reproduced is that of Pope Innocent 
III, February 13, 1206, but it will be noticed that the reference therein made to 
Greenland is of such a character as to indicate that the Church had been flour- 
ishing there for a long while. The Archbishops to whom these letters were ad- 
dressed had control over the bishops of Greenland, who in turn maintained 
ecclesiastical jurisdiction over that part of America known as Vinland, and 
therefore it was unnecessary for the Pope to make specific reference to Vinland, 
or any part of the American continent, since the whole was comprehended in the 
See of Greenland. 

And it must be told that the search which was so generously rewarded by 
the finding of the reproduced letters, has not been concluded, for so vast is the 
accumulation of manuscripts that several years will be required to complete 
the examination. It is perfectly fair to believe that prosecution of the search 
will bring to light other documents of a much earlier date, in which we can 
hardly doubt that some reference is made to the discovery, by Leif Erikson, of 
Vinland and the church that was founded there. 

But meantime we may content ourselves with the actual ascertainment, 
the positive confirmation, that Greenland was a Christianized country, as the 
Sagas describe, several centuries before the time of Columbus, and even in the 
absence of specific reference to Vinland, or the American continent, the conclu- 
sion is no less irresistible that North America, at least, was known to the Norse- 
men. We have seen that the Icelanders were essentially a sea-faring people; 
that they crossed the North Atlantic in their small, open ships from Norway 


to Iceland, 600 miles, that they made the passage from Iceland to Greenland, 
which is more than 250 miles in a direct line, and so well established them- 
selves there that the settlement continues to this day. Is it conceivable that a 
people who lived so much upon the sea, — who had crossed its most dangerous 
reaches, who made frequent passages between Greenland, Iceland, Norway, — 
would never, by design or accident, cross the 200 miles of water that separates 
Greenland from the continent ! And once gaining the shore of North Ameri- 
ca, would it not follow that they would explore the coast, as the Sagas declare ? 
That they made no permanent settlement does not throw discredit upon the 
authenticity of the discovery, for, as explained, the Icelanders were not a colon- 
izing people. They established themselves in Greenland because that country 
so much resembled their own. Moreover, they met no hostile aborigines 
in Greenland, to dispute their occupancy of the land, as they did in Vinland. 
Conditions while probably more favorable climatically were distinctly less en- 
couraging in other particulars, and as to climate the Icelanders so greatly pre- 
fer the arctic that they rarely emigrate from their island, for which reason 
though they number more than 80,000 souls it is an extremely rare thing to 
meet with an Icelander further from home than the Danish possessions, or Nor- 

For the Papal letters which are reproduced in this supplement to the Nor- 
roena series, I beg to acknowledge my gratitude to His Eminence Cardinal 
Merry del Val, Papal Secretary of State, whose authorization was given in a 
personal letter which appears on a preceding page. These recently discov- 
ered communications, to the Archbishops of Norway, constituted a part of the 
Vatican exhibit at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904, copies of which 
were later presented to the St. Louis University and are now to be seen in the 
museum of that institution. 



Manuscript Letter of Pope Innocent III to the Archbishop of Nidros, 
Norway, 1206. Greenland-America was included in the See of Nidros. 


u«l.ut <ij6i. m uvc ca* Vjua, e tnfttetB ty\gtvvaa\B r. Zrnla^ auin cKtvx que muibi tmihuhar 
tmue ■li-n^ttr(t''Curc4>tr>intvJL.Bte«»ti«A&eil oaii.peiire -tn»astTie;^4fctou«>.nv.<\Tit- 
MUtttttttx: oft ApK>i/ |fnia^>ar^-n«t\ obnitutr .t *e ftm <&6f»ii.\C3e a b^ii: y«ytu Aoct^ 

Tc «^i&«Aiv>i,-«utMc;wt>i ;>»» ^35«t;.V«V* -rt^^Aiic ftnrma tn««?a ^:ft^c» C«rv»at.A tft- 
i«{^i<rul3. eofe .t»au»tA triiifcciriA ^j^Titch^A- >i«*tte pC»ne tn^uvfi^fui ot•^lmV», 

pC^nXu^i^i.'i i« wiTmGi^i cat* tuiuaurTciifpoiUT.-z pt«iiwftlorb< eocfe FvUasm^pt*- 
17C fti»Si)r*kflnti«it* '.ic-6-^tnic dfirmA*«. tali Cfecuta* T«^r'i?>4n5>«.i:itu\u«* bi^CAJn 





Type Text of the Letter of Pope Innocent III. 

[Innocentius III.] [13 Febr. 1206.J 

.. Nidrosiensi archiepiscopo eiusque successoribu^ ca- 
nonice substituendis, in perpetuum. Licet omnibus ligandi et sol- 
vendi sit concessa potestas, licet unum preceptum ad omnes idemque perv©- 
nerit predicandi evangelium omni creature, velut quedam tamen inter eas 
habita est discretio dignitatis et domiixicaram ovium curam, que omnibus im- 
minebat, unus singulariter suscepit habendam, dicente ad eum Domino : Petre 
amas me? Pasce oves meas. Qui etiam inter omnes apostolos principatus 
nomen obtinuit, et de fratrum confirmatione singulare a Domino preceptum 
accepit, ut in hoc secuture poateritati daretur intelligi. quoniam, quamvis 
multos ad regimen ecclesie contingeret ordinari, unus tamen solummodo su- 
preme dignitatis locum fastigiumque teneret, et unus omnibus et. potestate 
gubernandi et iudicandi omnes presideret. Unde et secundum banc formam 
in ecclesia distinctio servata est dignitatum, et sicut in humano corpore pro 
varietate officiorum diversa ordinata sunt membra, ita in structura ecclesie 
ad diversa ministeria exhibenda diverse persone in di^ersis sunt ordinibus 
constitute. Aliis enim ad singularum ecclesiarum, aliis autem ad singularum 
urbiura dispositionem ordinatis ac rerum, constituti sunt in singulis provinciis 
alii, quorum prima inter fratres sententia habeatur, et ad quorum examen 
subiectarum personarum questiones et negocia referantur. Super omnes 
autem Roraanus pontifex tamquam Noe in archa primum locum noscitui* 
obtinere, qui ex coUato sibi desuper in apostolorum principe privilegio de 
universorum causis iudicat et disponit et per uuiversum orbem ecclesie filios 
in christiane fidei firmitate non desinit confirmare, talem se curans iugiter 
exhibere, qui vocem dominicam videatur audisse, qua dicitur: Et tu aliquando 
conversus confirma fratres tuos. Hoc nimirum post beatum Petrum illi apo- 
stoli et viri, qui per successiones temporum ad gerendam curam sedis apo- 
stolice surrexerunt indesinenti cu- 



Conthvuation of the Manuscript Letter of Pope Innocent III. 

r . . ~ . _ . 

-rftasturt&A (hwtu (imwtS ftvAOucvotr jtjX-uciity uefh^a fubftcur fe .ui^, ^vjwuyp^nir 

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tiofa^TeiTtuimfterHfui cBtsicn»ai»««i '«ip{4i»ur.ui««a.q9'-piicjaivccfi«rnr«i pccMK.^jiWil 
loiji Aucsffon ttio tn&uHlc.7 ttr'Secew uuTae ttffrtt><a«' nvenropolicut aun potftr accffcco" 

tnemopoUtatu* fine wm ftin^ fm* ■ftuxufforifc' ot«0»r« .ne ig»r a© utolcntiA cSftiTUKit jp-* 
t\X\\ in\^Uccar Aq>uitt«tJ^fr-«^«^-p»S 'S4^ii^.rrUe?r.An:^^'itlcmns-pt>\r»ratLi«mAK^ 
nftt auihofiji^ ■iitt!<nre&.6wvx?c5ftitom »^uc.a.«&»7p.C.^»».5«vni«ra vir tlilm>fim«t 
vtims ftt^vtduru ut-lnri ^icttns cptni" tn«aT)|»oUs Kmir.": ta?t «pr m «bi ^hiis fuct«{l>tu> 
iir fiio intttopoUtafi obc&iar.-r* tnamiuSt cSfttetwte ^jtatn CwtMnr.SttccrfToiiJSduf 
au ao •AMiwtt ponSv-cc nli ^te^itx ftontT c5&anrot$ dft«>jLT.-r ci Wunwro r eccli 
fiibt«crLfcinp$ci{b.T;.|>cjn» <5tsffo tiln-pall«>.^OTiftc*l'.f ^oftiaj pIttimitine.tnfKV K^n- 
tm A>Cwuinu.fll\Jiio11eptiiA^iinui{a;^>tucxa tiiajnjs foluniefe* Tn^t-? im ft-nta.s- 
tiul lrf«lnc.qttt tiiftrt Ugivttr ttifct-ipti.IIatu.i»taiEl>m. €pi|>T)Mi. CtnA »nt .S-«laf 

trecroc. afcen&cme. "^««a>{tev'\\i fAtl^nitrvnl^j 't« &« ^xttns C-^^^-- uvrg", tnarte-^'""^* 
liao Uotni vortT paiili .Jntwntoe .t ^utttari?* fee crttcu; . lldnYvu.s\tc- I>i Jc-Ht*; IwtrjnS.Ftfl* 
l>iy'V)i5'«UAgHIH..C5ttittix«in»eoruni fc^.jno>fcctni£i\v-» ctdki.' xil'ej5i^ ^S^iiict^riB 
aiSm.0t^rkAXD\by plnrost .]« &i«r {fffectivtcli? «crl« «u*. ac ftJH'? rdf mwimjis -j Tn OV-uti 
rawuerCino tue wftaatofc Jnc^^tiijsAr^ ruxf^.vlenint&itM- «vntr t>i{j*iitsm&&iror 

tretoe ^yt«apiu»s.«^uat5«' tntnis. acto^ pttr; *dVnjT?Mi/ilci;o.iirU.'M\ ilbo. cuta nJntir 

5tu» n«mta ixJctnnS 2«ftM:«ar. w<c«u-{u wot ixiaxwix cw2V*icar.rt)c»ntxJ qVe*rf 
'amutntrgiwv nutt-u^$'iij»»iiiftvx^iu tibt firapKcc re.T«ti«xa.t'.nT\ir*bftru?u-eifcs 
^■maIT^-:^nc ttift ci. huUi ol><*iv«^4xce fi-tnxpilLni? '.nf inviljanliA.tjGufpalWi- 
pfACwfectii.^otivx.v f.iciA* vfVASiimAK: A2>titi|>tc potifi.ft turnvnT Otmu ittagtwiw 
catttam hume 7})uVtt?UDe.T i^effini© bti eftcnJJis.intiis Wcbt5.t>ccix\m y.ic.uC^ \i\ 
tvne. «^m Av^f.p.ijmAiT jc.fA'Af.m tf*f^m^T Puic 4>vr{*.ri% ii-omnii ctdi <iiT»c*!U. 




Contimuttion of the Type Text of the Letter of Pope Innocent III. 

curaverunt studio adimplere et per universum orbem nunc per se nunc per 
legates suos corrigenda corrigere et statuenda statuere summopere studuerunt. 
Quorum quoque vestigia subsecutus felicis memorie Eugenius papa, ante- 
cessor noster, de corrigendis hiis, que in regno Norweie correctionem vide- 
bantur exposcere et verbo ibi fidei seminando iuxta sui officii debitum soUi- 
citus extitit, et quod per se ipsum, universalis ecclesie cura obsistente , non 
potuit, per legatum suum Nicholaum, tunc scilicet Albanensem episcopum, qui 
postea in Romanum pontiflcein est assumptus. executioni mandavit. Qui ad 
partes accedens, sicut a suo patrefamilias acceperat in niandatis, talentum sibi 
creditum largitus est ad usuram et tamquara fidelis servus et prudens, multipli- 
catum inde fructum studuit reportare. Inter cetera vero. que ad laudem illic 
nominis Dei et ministerii sui commendationem implevit, iuxta quod predictus 
antecessor noster ei preceperat, palleura lohanni antecessor! tuo induhit et, 
ne de cetero provincie Norweie inetropolitani cura possit deesse,.commissam 
gubemationi tue urbem Nidrosiensern eiusdem provincie perpetuam metro- 
polim ordinavit et ei Asloensem, Ainatripiensein, Bargenseni, Stavangrien- 
sem, insulas Orcades, insulas Fareie, Sutrhaie et Islanilensem et Grene- 
landie episcopatus tamquam sue metropoli perpetuis temporibus constituit sub- 
iacere et eorura episcopos sicut nietropolitanis suis tain sibi quam suis suc- 
cessoribus obedire. Ne igitur ad vioientiam constitutionis ipsius ulli unquam 
liceat aspirare, nos felicis memorie predict! Eugenii et Alexatidri atque de- 
mentis predecessosum nostrorum Romanorum pontificura vestigiis inherentes, 
eandem constitutionem auctoritate apostolica confinnamus et presentis scripti 
privilegio communimug, statuentes ut Nidrosiensis civitas supradictariim ur- 
bium perpetuis temporibus metropolis habeatur, et earum episcopi tarn tibi 
quam tuis successoribus sicut suo metropolitano obediant et de manu vestra 
consecrationis gratiam sortiantur, successores autem tui ad Romanum ponti- 
ficem tantum percepturi donum consecrationis accedant, et ei solummodo et 
Romane ecclesie subiecti semper existant. Porro concesso tibi palleo ponti- 
ficalis scilicet officii plenitudine infra ecclesiam tantum ad saci'a missarum 
sollempnia per universam provinciam tuam hiis solummodo diebus uti fra- 
ternitas tua debebit, qui inferius leguntur inscripti: Nativitate Domini, Epi- 
phania, Cena Domini, Resurrectione, Ascensione, Pentecoste, in sollempnitatibus 
beate Dei Genitricis semperque virginis Marie, Natalicio beatorum Petri et 
Pauli, Inventione et Exaltatione sancte Crucis, Nativitate beati loannis baptiste, 
festo beati lohannis evangeliste, Commemoratione omnium sanctonim, in coa- 
secrationibus ecclesiarum vel episcoporum, benedictionibus abbatum , ordina- 
tionibus presbiterorijm, in die consecrationis ecclesie tue ac festis sancte Tri- 
nitatis, et sancti Olavi et anniversario- tue consecrationis die. Studeat ergo 
tua fraternitas plenitudine tante dignitatis suscepta ita strenue cuncta per- 
agere, quatinus morum tuorum oi-namenta eidem valeant convenir«. Sit vita 
tua subditis exemplum, ut per earn cognoscant. quid debeant appetere, quid 
cogantur vitare ; esto discretione precipuus, cogitatione mundus, actione purus, 
discretus in silentio, utilis in verbo, cura tibi sit magis prodesse hominibus 
quam preesse. Non in te potestatem ordinis, sed equalitatem oportet pensare 
conditionis. Stude ne vita doctrinam destituat, nee cursura vite doctrina con- 
tradicat. Memento quod est ars artium regimen animarum. Super omnia stu- 
dium tibi sit apostolice sedis decreta firmiter observare et tamquam matri 
et domine tue ei humiliter obedire. Ecce frater in Christo karissime inter 
multa alia hec sunt pallei, hec sacerdotii, que omnia facile Christo adiu- 
vante adimplere poteris, si virtutum omnium magistram caritatem habueris 
et humilitatem, et quod foris habere ostenderis intus habebis. Decernimus 
ergo et c. usque in finem. Dat. Rome apud Sanctum Petrum per manus loannis, 
Sancte Marie in Cosmedin diaconi cardinalis, sancte Romane ecclesie can- 
cellarii, idibus februarii, indictione vj, incarnationis dominice anno M^CCV", 
pontificatus vern domini Innocentii pape iij anno octavo. 



English Translation of the Letter of Pope Innocent III. 

(Innocent III.) (Feb. 1206.) 

1. To THE Archbishop of Nidrosi (Nidros) and his successors canonically 
appointed, in perpetuity. Although indeed the power to bind and loose was 
granted to all the Apostles, and although the injunction to preach the Gospel to 
every creature applied to all, still, as it were, there obtained with them a certain 
distinction in rank, and one in particular undertook to secure that care of the 
Lord's sheep which was incumbent upon all ; for to him the Lord said : "Peter, 
lovest tliou nie ? Feed my sheep !" This one, moreover, was called Prince 
of the Apostles, and received special instruction from the Lord about fortify- 
ing his brethren, as it should be understood by posterity, that, although many 
would be ordained for the ministry of the Church, still only one should have 
the position and distinction of supreme authority, and preside in governing 
and judging all. Hence, not only has the Church observed the distinction in 
rank, but also, just as in the human body the various members have been 
designed for different functions, so, in the organism of the Church, different 
persons have been assigned to various grades and tasks. Thus while some 
have been given the administration of single churches and others that of single 
cities, still others, whose judgment should have the greatest weight with 
their brethren, and to whose investigation are to be referred all questions and 
undertakings of their inferiors, have been established in single provinces. 
Above all, however, the Roman Pontiff is recognized as holding the highest 
office just as Noe in the Ark; by his heaven-sent prerogative as Prince of the 
Apostles, he judges and disposes of all difficulties, and, throughout the earth 
never ceases to strengthen the sons of the Church in the Christian Faith, always 
carefully demanding himself as one who had received the word of the Lord: 
"And thou, being once converted, confirm thy brethren !" This injunction, in 
truth, those Apostles and others, who succeeded the blessed Peter in the duties 
of the Apostolic See, sought, with untiring zeal, to carry out, and throughout 
the globe made every effort, either personally or through their Legates, to 
right the wrong and decide the undetermined. Following in their footsteps. 
Pope Eugenius, Our predecessor of blessed memory, in the spirit of his office, 
ardently desired to plant the Faith in the Kingdom of Norway and to remove 
those evils which seemed there especially in need of remedy; and whatever he 
could not himself accomplish, impeded as he was by the care of the Universal 
Church, he committed to his legate, Nicolas, then Bishop of Alba and after- 
wards raised to the Roman Pontificate. Nicholas, upon assuming office, put 
out at interest the talent loaned to him, even as it had been enjoined on him 
by his master, and like a true and prudent servant, strove to reap therefrom a 
harvest many times increased. But among other things which he accomplished 
for the glory of God and to the praise of his own ministry, in accordance with 
the admonition of Our aforesaid predecessor, he conferred the Pallium upon 
your predecessor, John ; and in order that the rest of the Norwegian province 
might not lack the attention of a metropolitan, he decreed that the city of Nidrosi 
(Nidros), committed to your direction, be the permanent metropolis of the 



Continuation of the Bnglish Translation of the Letter of Pope Inno- 
cent III. 

province, and that Aslo, Amatripia, Barga, Stavangria, the Orcade (Orkneys) 
Islands, the Islands of Fareia (Faroes), the bishoprics of Sutrhaia, Iceland, 
and Greenland, be subject to it forever as their metropolis, and that their 
bishops obey both him (your predecessor) and his successors as their metro- 
politans. Accordingly, that no one may ever attempt to violate this ordinance, 
We, after the example of the aforesaid Eugenius of blessed memory, and of 
Alexander and Clement, Our predecessors in the Roman Pontificate, confirm 
the same by apostolic authority, and seal it by this document, wherein We 
determine that the City of Nidrosi be regarded for all time as the metropolis 
of the above named cities, and that the bishop of the latter obey both you and 
your successors as their metropolitans, and receive the grace of consecration at 
your hands ; but that your successors apply to the Roman Pontiff for so great 
a gift of consecration, and remain forever subject to him alone and to the 
Roman Church. Moreover, the Pallium granted you, the fullness, namely, 
of the pontifical office subject to the Church, your Fraternity should use at the 
solemn celebration of Mass throughout your proving only on the days in- 
scribed below : the Nativity of Our Lord, Epiphany,. torpus Christi, Easter, the 
Ascension of Our Lord, Pentecost, the festivals of thfe blessed Mother of God, 
Mary, ever Virgin, the Natal days of blessed Peter and Paul, the day of the 
Finding and Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Nativity of John the Baptist, 
the feast of blessed John the Evangelist, the Feast of All Saints, at the con- 
secration of churches and bishops, at the blessing of abbots, at the ordination 
of priests, on the day of the consecration of your church, on the feasts of the 
blessed Trinity, and of St. Olaf, and on the anniversary of your consecration. 
Let your Fraternity, therefore, now that you have received the fullness of 
such dignity, earnestly endeavor to accomplish all things in such a way that 
the excellence of your character may rise as much as possible to the same 
standard. Let your life be an example to your inferiors, that they may learn 
therein what to seek and what to avoid ; be first in discretion, elegant in thought, 
pure in deed, judicious in silence, practical in speech, and let your aim be 
rather to benefit than to rule mankind. For it is proper that others be im- 
pressed, not with the importance of your rank, but with the equality of your 
condition. Let not your life forsake your teaching, nor your teaching con- 
tradict your life. Remember that the art of arts is the direction of souls. 
Above all things be careful to observe unflinchingly the decrees of the Apostolic 
See, and to obey the latter humbly as your mother and your master. Behold, 
dear brother in Christ, among many others, these are the duties of the Pallium, 
these the duties of the priesthood, all of which you will easily be able to fulfill 
with Christ's assistance, if you will cultivate humility and charity, the mistress 
of virtues, and if your interior will be even as your exterior. We decree, 
therefore, and confirm (?) the above to the end of time. 

Given in Rome, at St. Peter's, by the hand of John, Cardinal Deacon of St. 
Mary in Cosmedin, Chancellor of the Holy Roman Church, on the Ides of Feb- 
ruary, in the sixth indication, the year of the Incarnation of Our Lord MCCVI, 
the eighth year of the Pontificate of Pope Innocent HI. 



Manuscript Letter of Pope John XXI to the Archbishop of Nidros, 

Jl "ftr wmtflTii ni Itttt* ifbf -rmnetr frf flip ur <»♦«» ytee cVe 'Ccf^m tAxA»jifi boc^ftfalv wCi j 
tnrfiNf <|n«C^7n l^cfltW* uifemir m fVrrtrti tnioc <\ Ic nm.^icu i 'Cwno rtifbr ec<Uctn I 
« ax tt gy ol tt iti eet .itw ftr itnt«n, i^ ir tpn ecc iU«tc j|pr mmi^ tfrtnthta mr tlwi C-wiqn 

lim^nf t^ tede r&flitutt :i|>U<u fiue nm 4^ :^te* iUa^ no lUloir j^ncttc nurCtam pfhi 
lii(h ftt^ bo< ^ n^tc.^ttevA trme^ttl 4^btlctl .Ctnpm^ t^ ur coUccm eic tcd« {i»Uia 

iftttiw fi» ^Vv ttM tm^m cMcw oncvitr 4^^tc^ iU4<> idhtimr^xutic* ^ ttt CT«M«Sr? 

Wcve ut^fn^«v|r^nc - mcBo *^ a»(krtfd<j iTmei ^tr-tpm ^ptvfc foUintu^if ftutnii l|3e&» 

^^•i^ik'ttdn^>crcmlyr -^tm^ -j^mo. <PUscin •. — ^H 



Type Text of Letter of Pope John XXI to the Archbishop of Nidros. 

[[oaiines XXL] [4 Dec. 1276.] 

2. .. Archiepiscopo Nidrosiensi. Tua nobis fraternitas intimavit, 
quod , cum tibi collectio decime Terre Sancte in regno Norwagie per lit- 
teras apostolicas sit commissum et in litteris ipsis contineatur expresse, 
ut omnes partes eiusdem regni debeas propter hoc personaliter visitare, id- 
que quodammodo impossibile videatur, cum Gardensis diocesis, que de tua 
provincia et regno existit eodem, a metropolitana ecclesia adeo sit remota, 
quod de ipsa ecclesia illuc propter maris impedimenta vix infra quinquennium 
ire quis valeat et redire ad ecclesiam supradictam, ac ideo dubites, quod 
adtiuc infra temporis spatium ad solutionem ipsius decime constituti aposto- 
licum sive tuum ad partes illas non valeat pervenire mandatum; postulasti 
super hoc per apostolice sedis providentiam remedium adhiberi. Cupientes 
igitur, ut coUectioni eiusdem decime sollicitis studiis intendatur, volumus et 
fraternitati tue per apostolica scripta mandamus, quatinus, si premissa Veritas 
comitetur, aliquas personas ydoneas et fideles, super quibus tuam intendimus 
conscientiam onerare, ad partes illas destinare procures, que ad eiecutionem 
coUectionis eiusdem diligenter invigilent et intendant aliasque super hoc pro- 
videre studeas, prout utilitati eiusdem decime videris expedire ; nichilominus 
ad collectionem huiusmodi per te ipsum operose sollicitudinis studium impen- 
surus, ita quod proinde tibi a Domino premium compares et sedis apostolice 
gratiam uberius mcrearis. Dat. Vitcrbii ii nonas docembris, anno primo. 

3. Eidem. Tua nobis et c. usque in regno Noi'wagie sit commissa per 
sedis apostolice litteras speciales, et in eis contineatur eipresse. 



English Translation of the Second Part of the Letter of Pope John XXI. 

(John XXI.) (Dec. 4, 1376.) 

2. To THE Archbishop of Nidrosi. Your Fraternity has informed Us 
that, whereas in the King-dom of Norway, the collection of the tithe for the 
Holy Land has been entrusted to you by Apostolic Letters, in which it is ex- 
pressly declared that you shall personally visit all parts of the Kingdom for 
that purpose, this seems in a measure impossible, since the diocese of Garda, 
subject to your province and said Kingdom, is so far distant from the metro- 
politan church that, because of the difficulties of navigation, one can scarcely 
make the voyage, thither and return, in less than five years; so that you doubt 
that the apostolic command, or your own, can reach those parts within the time 
appointed for the payment of the tithe; you have therefore besought the 
Apostolic See to provide some solution of the difficulty. Desiring, then, that 
the gathering of the tithe be carried on with earnest zeal. We order and com- 
mand your Fraternity by Apostolic Letters, that if the foregoing conditions 
are true, that you procure for those regions suitable and faithful persons, in 
regard to whom We purpose to bind your conscience, and who are to watch 
over and attend carefully to the collection of the tithe, and that you endeavor 
furthermore to provide other persons, accordingly as you will find it expedient 
for the tithe ; nevertheless you should also apply yourself with diligent solicitude 
to the latter, that you may thereby prepare for yourself a reward from God, 
and merit more plentifully the favor of the Apostolic See. Given at Viterbo, 
on the day before the Nonse of December, in the first year (of Our Pontificate). 



Contimuttion of Manuscript Letter of Po/yc John XXI to the Arch- 
bishop of Nidros. 

jfcc<i^.:^tefcKt«t»Wii a>g;ct«ii6-co<c^ •^ ur^ Mfte ^lic 6^ a>(I«tjpf tp? ted** ct©0<lutw* 
ta«f ytD«oe itiitcto^ m^t^itv ixyano ne obftatctc)mmtci«4lc^ pftnlAAi .Tl«0 unq( ttu 

>mi <c(aca4 ©tietmac AUmd<» bww p cnfer Inoc fi»^ tp7 tcde ooW««tMJc "Te^mctte-tMileiff 
ttn<w«r^p^.^^J^T.iH«^«n^^^:M>U««• rwXyS ur ni til4«» er ftd« ^^•c ^mAmi'qua* 4W<|f nut 
{(no tcotnetD ^pme mbtxne.feUuim flu^ti} avbtie^ tm tx^teneij vcatr {uptce^/^ ^ct>«i 

TlttriMfh not q* cw4|»r tttmt4 tf]^<mw ttffiiCtoc; IWra fU>rTfe4<^xc J q»«> ^ f ^ i««aP «Ua- 


0it>m.tfi ncqtuq' fi<flFicufril^ ttMUti 1ccmt4 a»Utactfh4. n^ iHofi |x>(rer (mntfir coUtgt^^ 

tctmvi eolkgptr *i coUccta fbttun^ t^tW t»uoty* crUectonl*? Tcfi%ir ^iiir 1 Citutaaif* xcfu . 
fitcf: 4ltqtt4 illi<» tnl»ttlgctwi wttc atvxrctn fcoietce tcwp wr tjti <^U«nnc^ xhttaUe 

■ TrnWifti not q- 1 -tVig^no Ttci'tfcagiC t quo ^ wcie trrlor cdlcctio c;srmx9]n \\{c^ ntco 
Inike <5r ntot^ctn■^tttMCl^ xiCxiMte q» «v i|n IVj^t ltm»tc<J t ^t»o tto bal^ q<p i otfe* 
^»t»t9l6- "iP^ni wionetcniMg iilu^ -no ertftir -n cnrfair {cgctee nc? fru^l aIu gc»5i 
;^Uavr ^ \Actianuff a^fab; fcrc ^It^jwriutJi mtln fa ftcn tarljmn4 C^ fi^icairv 
^4.YW^ btiilrictmijfl* q^tetc«34 qiictc^LimcttUTii»aptftib; <T-niot»eni ^ta« cgiU^ir 
tdxA0 ot^niiiie''^iTo9 1^ ii» ci q iiir ttnltcm ticgotw* 1ntt^enteo e^-M^rc twion ^mr 
fmtlh^ titti^lnaftctiWtnCUtm lU'arjgctttu^wt <onu»tfii ^at«r tnnm tnonetnT^co^ 
anxvnvr!^«n0*tuilih a»rc;v(c^ ftltii<i Tcg;litnl»j tet''B^ttv qn«i»»m«r «iari»&i^«c2 
Alto iur tcnvtc^ a evtl«* q'crillM^ fnftcn«wtto |«»iplr'fi^|»b«Wt«i vUtc fuc -Wbftr 
tntiioe nc(XCl>Al:c;%r/ytf .'me^u3«^ (cr^ikte mmp ^ tw tecUmtuUf 

^»^ i^t leocnc ^m<s ^Iciit;;rtincr.-Ddt- itr f» . >a5tm : -^ 



latin Type Text of Letter of Pope John XXI (continued). 

ut omnes eiusdem regni partes debeas propter hoc personaliter visitare, ac 
plures dioceses in regno ipso tuaque proyincia constitute per maris spatia 
adeo sint disperse ac intra sues limites dilatate, quod fere infra sex annos 
et absque gravissimo ecclesie tue dispendio partes omnes predictarum per- 
sonaliter visitare diocesum difficile tibi foret, cum nonnunquam per dietas 
quinque ac plures etiam te per talia loca procedere oporteret, in quibus ob 
domorum defectum tecum deferre tentoria cogereris, concedi tibi, ut per 
easdem dioceses super collectione ipsius decime certos nuntios tuos ydoneos 
et discretos, mandato apostolico contrario non obstante, deputare valeas po- 
stulasti. Nos itaque tua et- ecclesie tue dispondia evitantes, tibi, ut, si pre- 
missis veris existentibus expedire videris, super quo tuani intendimus con- 
scientiam onerare, nuntios huiusraodi per easdem dioceses super ipsius decime 
collectione deputare valeas, tenore presentium duximus concedendum; volentes 
nichilominus , ut tu illas ex predictis diocesibus personaliter visites, quas 
absque magno incomodo poteris visitare, soUicitum studiura adhibens circa 
coUetionem decime supradicte, ita quod exinde premium expectes a Domino, 
cuius negotium agitur, et favorem apostolicum uberius merearius. DaL ut 

4. Eidem. Intimasti nobis, quod, cum propter niraiam episcopatuum diffu- 

sionem regni Norwagie, in quo tibi per apostolicas litteras collectio decime 
Terre Sancte depulate subsidio est commissa, duo collectores iuxta promis- 
sionera [I. permissionemj apostolice sedis in qualibet diocesi ordinati ne- 
quaquam sufficiant ad ipsam decimam colligendam, nee per illos posset co-' 
mode colligi absque magno profluvio expensarum, tu cum consilio et assensu 
suffraganeorum tuorura ipsius regni pro huiusmodi utilitate negotii statuisti 
per rura singularum diocesum plures alios collectores, qui- suis laboribus et 
expensis predictam decimam colligant et coUectam statutis temporibus duobus 
collectoribus deferant, qui sunt in civitatibus deputati, unde nobis humiliter 
supplicasti, ut eorundem collectorum rularium fl. ruraliumj labores et sum- 
ptus benigna meditatione pensantes, aliquam illis indulgentiam, concedere cu- 
rareraus. Volentes itaque, ut iidem collectores rurales fructum ex suis labo- 
ribus et sumptibus consequantur. eis illam indulgentiam impartimur, que ad 
proraotionein negotii Terre Sancte opein et operam exhibentibus est coneessa. 
Dat. ut supra. 

6. Eidem. Intimasti nobis, quod in regno Norwagie, in quo tibi decime 

Terre Sancte collectio est commissa, usque adeo vilis esse moneta dinoscitur 
usualis, quod extra ipsius regni limites in pretio non habetur, quodque in 
quibusdam partibus dicti regni monete usus aliquis non existit nee crescunt 
segetes neque frugum alia genera producuntur. sed lacticiniis et piscibus fere 
duuitaxat vita inib; sustentatur humana. Quare sigaificari tibi a nobis humi- 
liter petivisti, quid de decima, que de lacticiniis et piscibus et moneta pre- 
dictis colligitur, debeas ordinare. Nos igitur ad ea. que sunt utiliora negotio 
intendentes expedire videmus, ut, premissis veris existentibus, in aurum vel 
argentum, prout commodius fieri poterit, huiusmodi moneta et decima con- 
vertantur. De monialibus autem et personis aliis regularibus dicti regni, quo- 
rum proventus et redditus ecclesiastici adeo sunt tenues et exiles, quod ex 
illis sustentari non possunt, sed pro habenda vite sue substentatione necesse 
habeant publico mendicare et helemosinas petere, servare poteris, quod in 
declarationibus super ipsius decime editis plenius continetur. Dat.. ut supra. 



English Translation of the Letter of Pope John XXI (continued). 

3. To THE Same. Your Fraternity has informed Us that, whereas, in the 
Kingdom of Norway, the collection of the tithe for the Holy Land has been 
entrusted to you by special Letters of the Apostolic See, in which it is ex- 
pressly declared that you should personally visit all parts of said Kingdom for 
that purpose, the majority of the dioceses of the Kingdom and of your pro- 
vince are so scattered through the expanse of the sea and so extended within 
their own limits that it would be difficult for you to visit all parts of the said 
dioceses even in six years and at very great expense to your church, since 
frequently, for five days at a time and more, you would have to travel through 
regions where, because of the want of houses, you would be forced to carry 
tents with you ; wherefore you have asked permission to delegate certain 
prudent and able Nuncios of yours to gather the tithe in those dioceses, any 
Apostolic order to the contrary notwithstanding. We, therefore, wishing to 
diminish your expenses and those of your church, have decided to grant, by 
the tenor of the present document, that, if you will find it expedient under 
the above conditions, duly verified, in regard to which We intend to bind your 
conscience, you may delegate the said Nuncios to collect the tithe in said 
provinces ; at the same time, however. We wish that you visit in person those 
of the said dioceses which you will be able to visit without great inconvenience, 
and display zealous solicitude in the collection of said tithe, that you may expect 
therefore a reward from the Lord, Whose interest it is, and merit also greater 
apostolic favor. Given as above. 

4. To THE Same. You have informed Us that, because of the exceeding 
territorial extent of the bishoprics of the Kingdom of Norway, where the 
collection of the tithe intended for the help of the Holy Land has been assigned 
to you, two collectors, appointed in each diocese by permission of the Apostolic 
See, are by no means sufficient for gathering the tithe, nor able to do so con- 
veniently and without greatly increased expenses; and therefore, you, with the 
advice and consent of your Suffragans of the same Kingdom, have appointed 
many other collectors in the rural districts of the various dioceses, who, at their 
own labor and expense, gather the said tithe and deliver it, on the days appointed, 
to two collectors delegated for the cities ; wherefore you have humbly besought 
Us that, rewarding the toil and expenditure of those rural collectors with 
fatherly consideration. We grant them some indulgence. Wishing, therefore, 
that the same rural collectors receive some compensation for their toil and 
expenditures. We impart to them that indulgence which has been granted to 
those who bestow means and labor upon furthering the cause of the Holy Land. 
Given as above. 

5. To the Same. You have informed Us that in the Kingdom of Norway, 
in which the collection of the tithe for the Holy Land has been entrusted to 
you, ordinary money (coin) is held so cheap that outside the Kingdom it is not 
in demand ; furthermore, that in certain parts of said Kingdom coined money is 
not in use, nor does corn grow, nor are other kinds of staple food produced, 
but human life is sustained almost entireLv on milkfood and fish. For this 
reason you have humbly besought Us to declare what you should decree about 
the tithe gathered from said milkfood and fish and money. We, therefore, 
mindful of what is of greater utility for the undertaking, deem it well to pro- 
pose that, if the above conditions are true, said money and tithe be converted 
into gold or silver, according to convenience. But with regard to the monks 
and other religious of said Kingdom, whose ecclesiastical income and returns are 
so small and insignificant that they cannot draw their support therefrom, but 
find it necessary for their sustenance to beg publicly and ask alms, you may 
observe the directions previously given in the instructions about the said tithe. 
Given as above. 



Manuscript Letter of Pope Nicolas III to the Archbishop of Nidros, 

tmfVniflH n<>W nuj^ nina^cplU^m fcru Itrttmp aS>"^ritU tn c^\\e\ CtuxtM^ cx*~ 
h\ cbfifHrW- innlina ovme dHaDcant ilrn cji40i> i^ coftfhr inw rmttK^o wift 
wn^^n aVm»j>^Jtt natitc A^cile'7M^lU Mifitnnone tcitit\cr wclatn sAtivn 
tultfni^t o|x»hmimtc-cfU?wtJ\<^iici« Mfcni"Vnm cpUl9t^t ^e^1m c&mtfTo ^ 
bfhao en to** naunf, A^ ciivttfttf trrtfmtfii^ crnitt <? (ub fpt ntc intificsttoi^ 
cocciTtfti c»ie urclicp^ ab rtcoif^fTrm <^ ^co (j^ l,?tiu>i tcatiti m ftnntna 
flip Koc rntrntft no (ciuerw mcurttnt nWdMcrc^r ^ cm ci6 btfipefhrw fi'tt* tire 
gKintmr fu^m,|mti6c~fbfit7tn CDnnxtwr.tfU*Anobt»V>MiUr|apihiUfti/ttrmnfi 

luimr ac^ct ^u>mbli* »ic^«m ^r tt> hoc aimctte Kniot titi© icfoeri)^ arnm 
crc *7ai«y'|>icult5 ^ cofepwe oocuvc^^tUoiB remcNo C«Uit2m« '^tcmm tibt 
Ai^micnm /ur Abfolll^^l cticw» m m i<w q^ eilt^^ Jntidte n;winfl «ii?5fh 

lilx»« .Dmtcr^^u4le<iP ofhoA V»t}5 <pof»,»r a>llcctwe mmilmitt Ab p?^j^«5lft 
iMfulsi&TclhnAfti \iVfoBmti tpftv^ic(nTVibil»fc*^'ToTn a^^ ecni ytotnl 
1) WfcbnuT^Sbm^^ccitritD- ^B^c5ll^:-'-» 



Lati)i Type Text of Letter of Pope Nicolas III. 

[Nicolaus UL] 

[31 Ian. 1279.1 

6. Venerabili fratri .. archiepiscopo Nidrosiensi. Ex trans- 

missa nobis nuper tuarum collegimus serie litterarum , quod insula, in qua 
ci vitas Cardensis consistit, propter malitiam maris Occeani, infra quod ipsa 
consistit, raro navigio visitantur; unde, cum nuper quidam naute ad eiusdam 
insule visitationem tenderent vela in altum, tu huiusmodi oportunitate captata 
quondam discretum virum, colligendi decimam comraisso sibi officio, cum dictis 
nautis ad civitatem transmissisti eandem, et sub spe nostre ratificationis con- 
cessisti eidem, ut clericos ab excommunicationis sententia, quam pro eo quod 
huiusmodi decimam in statutis super hoc terminis non solverunt incurrerant, 
absolveret et cum eis dispensaret super irregularitate, si quam proinde for- 
sitan contraxerimt. Quare a nobis humiliter postulasti, ut ratificare benignius 
dignaremur. Cum itaque huiusmodi postulationi, ut pote que rationis viribus 
non iuvatur, fl. iuvatur, non] acquiescere favorahiliter nequeamus, ac propter 
hoc cupientes huiusmodi tuis desideriis annuere et animarum periculis per con- 
sequens occurrere provisionis remedio salutaris, presentium tibi auctoritate 
commictimus, ut absolvendi clericos tam in predicta quam aliis insulis maris 
eiusdem constitutos. a predicta sententia iuxta formam ecclesie et dispensandi 
cum eis super irregularitate huiusmodi libere commictere valeas officium hiis, 
quos propter collectionis ministerium ad predictas insulas destinasti vel for- 
sitan imposterum destinabis. Dat. Rome apud Sanctum Petrum ii kalendas 
februarii, anno secundo. 



English Translation of the Letter of Pope Nicolas III, January, 1270. 

(Nicolas III.) (Jan. 31, 1279.) 

6. To OUR Venerable Brother — Archbishop of Nidrosi. From the 
series of your letters, lately transmitted to Us, we gather that the island, on 
which stands the City of Garda, is seldom visited by ships, because of the 
dangers of the Ocean surrounding it; wherefore, when of late certain seamen 
set sail for this same island, you, embracing the opportunity, sent a certain 
prudent man with them to the same city, having commissioned him to collect 
the tithe, and, in the hope of securing Our ratification, you have empowered 
him to absolve the clerics from the sentence of excommunication which they 
had incurred for not paying the tithe within the appointed time, and to dispense 
them from any irregularity which perchance they contracted therefrom. For 
this reason you have humbly besought Us to kindly ratify your action. 
Since, then We cannot but acquiesce favorably in this request, inasmuch as 
it is highly reasonable, and wishing therefore to approve of your desire and to 
avert in consequence the danger of souls by means of a salutary remedy, We 
invest you with authority to grant freely to those whom you have sent to said 
islands in the matter of the collection, or perhaps will send in the future, the 
function of absolving the clerics, as well in said island as in others of the same 
Ocean, from said sentence according to the ecclesiastical forms, and of dispens- 
ing them from the same irregularity. Given in Rome, at St. Peter's, on the 
day preceding the Calends of February, in the second year (of Our Pontificate). 



Manuscript Letter of Pope Nicolas III to the Archbishop of Nidros, 
June, 1279. 

■nii|? fi^crttr Accent' c^T <r?ttf v^mU^; 6<cit|^ i fiatie^^tcnelWni^ cvffmi ^ 
i MotilTi l1rtf^l A Jiiotionc -fttcUri te|9ittnti eniViir^^bj^ *;fc-Ma .l^ hoc fji-'ir 

»r i%<}Vmt".(l^i\ tie AM t« l^tiici ttJ^^lnln frijt tvivftr c«atm cdriilmticnc Afctc 
^ pofVijbfh n<»entA^t3t,(^n4^cvtncnMtc»^t^r'^A^'^-m'•^'^ft^tl^ 
^lr.1^eomJ^t a»mtftmtif iimc *r <»fVip ;-t«J^', c^ilUf-n<nu!?i{iiit«ce \\e\\\m 

f (Mit4fcei^_^ret(^ma mnmi culttt^ <7i>^t Gicwjucwnt-Wr iif^ 



Latin Type Text of Letter of Pope Nicolas III to the Archbishop of 

[Nicolaus III.] 

[9 Inn. 1279,] 

7, Eidem [magistro Bertrando Amalrici]. Te nuper significante 

accepimus, quod in cathedralibus ecclesiis in Datie et Suetie regnis constitutis 
nonnulli redditus devotione fidelium deputati existunt, ex quibus per personam 
ad hoc specialiter deputatam clericis ecclesiarum infra eadera regna consi- 
stentium vinum et ostie annis singulis ministrantur. Quia vero, an de huius- 
modi redditibus exigi debeat decima, consultationem a sede apostolica postu- 
lasti, nos tuam diligentiam commendantes discretioni tue per apostolica scripta 
mandamus, quatinus, si proventus ipsi sint adeo magni, quod ministratis vino 
et ostiis multum ex illis noveris superesse, volumus, quod de illis huiusmodi 
decima persolvatur ; si vero nihil vel parum ex predictis redditibus superesset, 
nichil persolvatur de ipsis propter reverentiam divini cultus et Domini sa- 
cramentum. Dat. ut supra. [Rome npud Sanctum Petrum v idus innii, anno 



English Translation of the Letter of Pope Nicolas III to the Arch- 
bishop of Nidros. 

(Nicolas III.) (June 9, 1279.) 

7. To THE Same (Master Bertrand OF Am.^lricus). We learn from your 
recent communication that, in the Cathedrals of the Kingdoms of Datia and 
Suetia, there exist certain endowments established by the devotion of the faithful, 
out of which, year after year, wine and hosts are provided for the priests of the 
churches in those Kingdoms by a person specially appointed for this office. 
Since, however, you have sought instructions from the Apostolic See as to 
whether or not the tithe should be taken from these endowments, We, com- 
mending your zeal, entrust to your discretion, by Apostolic Letters, that, if the 
income is so great that you know there will be much left over after the wine 
and hosts have been supplied, the tithe be taken from those revenues; but if 
little or nothing of the aforesaid income would remain, let nothing be paid 
therefrom, out of reverence for the divine worship and the Lord's Sacrament. 
Given as above. (In Rome, at St. Peter's, on the fifth day before the Ides of 
June, in the second year of Our Pontificate). 



Manuscript Letter of Pope Martin IV to the Archbishop of Nidros, 

^ l»t^ ^tntflU ■.i%te«^;CMX>u enfttt /i3ctt|fV» 't%^ t> ji*> ftti/k cmculu «CDcetii r(\o^ tot 
t«*»* iUmI' invt c»t^f$4 i»lul««J« tn i|biP^^ oD(l«cm^pt|>i tct« fUWltno 4b .j^ 

«ti •Hon avitTM SUnt\oi'^^»ntf« • 



Latin Type Text of Letter of Pope Martin IV. 

I^Iartinus IV.] [4 Mart 1282.] 

8, Venerabili fratri . . archiepiscopo Nidrosiensi. Tua nobis 

frafernitas intim^vit, quod decima, que in Islandie et Feroyum insulis in 
regno Norwegie constitutis in diversis rebus persolvitur, que de facili per- 
mutari vel pecunialiter vendi nnn possunt, propter quod decima eadem nequit 
ad Terram Sanctam vel ad sedem apostolicam comode destinari. Subiuncxisti 
quoque, quod Gronlandie decima non percipitur nisi in bovinis et focarum 
coriis ac dentibus et funibus balenarum, que, sicut asseris. vix ad competens 
pretium vendi possunt. Unde, quid super preraissis a te agendum existat, pe- 
tiisti te per apostolice sedis oraculum edoceri. Nos itaque tue sollicitudinis 
studium commendantes, consultationi tue taliter respondemus, quod tam in- 
sularum quam Gronlandie decimas predictarum in argentum vel aurum, prout 
melius et utilius fieri poterit, convertere studeas, illud una cum [ilia] alia de- 
cima in ipso regno cbllecta pro ipsius Terre subsidio ad apostolicam sedem, 
quamcito poteris, transmissurus, quid et quantum destinaveris fideliter inti- 
mando. Ceterum carissimo in Christo Alio nostro . . regi Norwegie illustri 
nostras rogatorias litteras dfestinavimus, ut non impediat ncc impediri permittat, 
quin decima ipsa de regno suo libere extrahatur in predicte Terre subsidium 
secundum apostolice j.-^-dis arbitriuni 'disponenda, quodque .prohibitionem contra 
eiusdom clericos regni factam , ne quivis laicus ipsius regni sterlingos vel 
argentum aliud venc'^ere quoquomodn prcsumat, studeat difficultate sumraota 
qualibet revocare. Dat. apud Urbemveterem iin nonas martii, anno prime. 



English Translation of the Letter of Pope Martin IV. 

(Martin IV.) (March 4, 1282.) 

8. To OUR Venerable Brother — Archbishop of Nidrosi. Your Fra- 
ternity has informed Us that, in the Island of Iceland and Feroyes of the 
Kingdom of Norway, the tithe is paid in various things which cannot easily be 
converted or sold for money ; and for this reason the same cannot conveniently 
be shipped to the Holy Land or to the Apostolic See. You have added, more- 
over, that the tithe of Greenland is received entirely in cattle-skins, the skins 
and tusks of seals, and whale-bone (?), which you assert, can hardly be sold 
at a fair price. Wherefore you have asked to be instructed by the Apostolic 
See as to what you should do in the above matters. We, therefore, commend- 
ing your zeal, reply to your inquiry that you endeavor to convert into silver or 
gold the tithes both of Greenland and of the said islands, in as far as it will 
be possible to do so successfully and with benefit, and that you send this, to- 
gether with the rest of the tithe collected in that Kingdom for the good of the 
Holy Land, to the Apostolic See as quickly as possible, faithfully specifying what 
and how much is sent. For the rest. We have directed to Our very dear son in 
Christ * * * the illustrious King of Norway, letters requesting that he neither 
hinder, nor permit any one to hinder, the free gathering of the tithe in his 
Kingdom, to be disposed of for the benefit of the Holy Land according to the 
decision of the Apostolic See, and that, having rem6ved every difficulty, he 
revoke the prohibition enacted against the clerics of his Kingdom, that no lay- 
man of that Kingdom presume in any way to sell sterling or other silver. 
Given in the City of Rome, on the fourth day before the Nones of March, in the 
first year (of Our Pontificate). 



Manu script Letter of Pope Nicolas to the Bishops of Schaoltcn 1448 

~ ~1 

yrLo^(£^ py^,a ^•••♦^«»»v /l4.>-r„»«;i vif.«^..,(;tr ^r~x 


»^ »«xtr 

»«/Jy«r- fil^ut'O^nCt'in- rftfitftt- i*-**^ *»^«^s'-»u *'''-*'^u>t*-f riA^wnt 

■IP'^".^ r>«K^ -HMt^ili^.-. <««7^#^ t*~ipX KttfTU^ <^Y^J^ 

A^y^'tiw'W 'V^T ). Jm P^'»^ >«'l.«*-».rt«^ .USsf- 


C^-»' ^♦•<^»4./^' 



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r<tC>*/b<#«&<«^ *4^f^'t^^ti*%'6tt f^r^^ffy, ^r-'CtJif plfiiff 



Manuscript Letter of Pope Nicolas V (continued). 

!»"••»- 4» 







Liitiit Type Text of the Letter of Pope Nicolas V. 

[Nicolaus v.] [20 Sept 1448.] 

9^ Nicolaus etc. venerabilibus fratribus Schaoltensi et 

Poggias. Olensi episcopis salutem etc. Ex iniuncto nobis desuper apostolioe 
servitutis officio universarum ecclesiarum regimini presidentes , sic auctora 
domino pro animarum salute precioso Salvatoris i-edemptas comortio nostre 
solicitudinis curam impendimus, ut illam non solum impietatis et errorum 
procellis sepius fluctuantes, sed ct erumnis et persecutionum turbihibus invo- 
lutas ad statum optima tranquillitatis reducere studeamus. Sane pro parte di- 
lectorum filiorum indigenarum et universitatis habitatorura insule Grenolandie, 
que in ultimis finibus Occeani ad septemtrionalem plagam regni 
Norwegie in provincia Nidrosiensi dicitur situata, lacriiiiabilis querela nostrum 
turbavit auditum, amaricavit et mentem, quod in ipsam insulaui, cuius habitti- 
tores et incole ab annis fere sexcentis Christ! fldem gloriosi sui preconis beali 
Olavi regis predicatione susceptam, firmam et inteuieratam sub sancte Itomane 
ecclesie et sedis apostolioe institutis servarunt, ac quod tempore succefiente 
in dicta insula populis assidua devotione flagrantibus, sanctorum edes quam- 
plurime et insignis ecclesia cathedralis erecte fuerint, in quibus divinus cultus 
sedulo agebatur, donee, illp permictente, qui imperscrutabili sapiencie et sciencie 
sue scrutinio persepe, quos diligit, temporaliter corrigit et ad nieliorem emen- 
dam castigat, ex flnitimis lictoribus paganorum ante annos triginta classe na- 
vali barbari insurgentes, cunctum habitatorum ibidem populum crudeli inva- 
sione aggressi et ipsam patriam edesque sacras igne et gladio devastantes soils 
[in] insula novem relictis ecclesiis parrochialibus, que latissimis dicitur extendi 
terminis, quas propter crepidines montium commode adire non poterant, mi- 
serandos utriusque sexus indigenas, illos precipue quos ad subeundum perpetue 
onera servitutis aptos videb'ant et fortes, tanquam ipsorum tyrannidi accomo- 
datos, ad propria vexerunt captivos. Verum quia, sicut oadem querela sub- 
iungebat, post temporis successum quaraplurimi ex captivitate predicta redeun- 
tes ad propria et refectis hinc inde locorum minis, divinum cultum possete- 
nus ad instar dispositionis pristine ampliare et instaurare desiderent, et quia 
propter preteritarum calamitatum pressuras fame et. inedia laborantibus non 
suppetebat hucusque facultas presbiteros nutriendi et presulem, toto illo tri- 
ginta annorum tempore episcopi solatio et sacerdotum ministerio caruerunt, 
nisi quis per longissiraam dierum et locorum distanciam divinorura desiderio 
officiorum ad illas se conferre valuisset ecclesias, quas manus barbarica illesas 
pretermisit, nobis humiliter supplicari fecerunt, quatinus eorum pio et salutari 
proposito paterna miseratione cucurrere [l. succurr^ere] et ipsorum in spirituali- 
bus supplere defectus nostrumque et apostolice sedis in preraissis favorem im- 
partiri benivolum dignaremur. Nos igitur dictorum indigenarum et universitatis 
habitatorum prefate insule Grenolandie iustis et honestis precibus et desideriis 
inclinati, de premissis et eorum circumstanciis certani noticiam non habentes, 
fraternitati vestre, quos ex Vicinioribus episcopis insule prefate esse intellexi- 
mus, per apostolica scripta commictimus et mandamus, quatinus vos vel 
alter vestrum diligenti examine auditis et intellectis premissis, si ea veritate 
fulciri compereritis ipsumque populum et indigenas numero et facultatibus adeo 
sufficienter esse resumptos, quod id pro nunc expedire videbitis, quod ipsi 
affectare videntur, de sacerdotibus ydoneis et exemplari vita preditis ordi- 
nandi et providendi plebanos et rectores instituendi, qui 



Latin Type Text of the Letter of Pope Nicolas V (continued). 

parrocchias et ecclesias resarcitas gubernent, sacramenta ministi'ent et, si vobis 
sive alteri vestrum demum expedire videbitur et opportunum, requisite ad 
hoc metropolitani consilio, si loci distancia patietur, personam utilem et ydo- 
neam, nostram et sedis apostolice communionem habentem, eis in episcopum 
ordinare et instituere ac sibi munus consecrationis in forma ecclesie consueta, 
nomine nostro impendere et administracionem spiritualium et temporalium con- 
cedere, recepto ab eodera prius iuramento nobis et Romane ecclesie debito et 
consueto, valeatis vel alter vestrum valeat; super quibus omnibus vestram 
conscienciam oneramus, plenam et liberam vobis vel alteri vestrum auctori- 
tate apostolica concedimus tenore presencium facultatem, statutis et coiistitu- 
cionibus apostolicis et generalium conciliorum ac aliis in contrarium editis non 
obstantibus quibuscunque. Dat. Rome apud Sanctam Potencianam, anno etc. mil- 
lesimo quadringentesimo quadragesimo octavo, duodecimo kalendas octobris, 
pontificatus nostri anno secundo. 

Gratis de tnandato domini nostri pape. 



English Translation of the Letter of Pope Nicolas V. 

(Nicolas V.) (Sept. 20, 1448.) 

9. Nicolas etc., to Our venerable brothers, the Bishops of Shaoltcnsus and 
Olensus, greeting;, etc. Presiding over the government of the universal Church 
in virtue of the duty of Apostolic service enjoined on Us from heaven with 
the help of the Lord We so apply Our solicitous care for the salvation of souls 
redeemed by the precious labors of the Redeemer, that We endeavor to bring 
back to a state of the highest tranquility not only the souls now wavering in the 
storms of impiety and error, but also such as are overwhelmed by the calami- 
ties and whirlwinds of persecution. Indeed, as regards Our beloved sons, the 
natives and all the inhabitants of the Island of Greenland, which is said to lie 
in the province of Nidrosi, in the extremity of the Ocean, in the northern 
region of the Kingdom of Norway, We have heard with sad and anxious heart 
the doleful story of that same island, whose inhabitants and natives, for almost 
six hundred years, have kept the Faith of Christ, received under the preaching 
of their glorious evangelist, the blessed King Olaf, firm and unspotted under 
the guidance of the Holy Roman Church and the .Apostolic See, and where 
for all succeeding time the people, inflamed with eager devotion, erected many 
temples of the Saints and a famous Cathedral, in which divine worship was 
sedulously carried on ; but at length, thirty years ago, with the permission of 
Him Who, in the disposition of His inscrutable wisdom, afflicts for a time and 
chastises for their great good those whom He loves, the barbarians, gathering 
together in a fleet on the neighboring shores of the Pagans, attacked this entire 
people in a cruel invasion, devastating their fatherland and sacred temples by 
fire and sword, leaving in the island only nine parochial churches, these, it is 
said, extend into the farthest districts, which they could not approach con- 
veniently because of the defiles of the mountains, and carrying away captive 
to their possessions the natives of both sexes, especially such as they deemed 
brave and fit to undergo the burden of perpetual slavery, just as if adjusted to 
their tyrrany. As the same report subjoins, however, very many, after a time, 
returned to their own from said captivity, and, having thenceforth repaired the 
ruins of those places, desired to renew and extend the divine worship as much 
as possible after the pristine fashion but because, overwhelmed by the past 
calamities, and laboring under famine and want, they were unable to support 
priests and a bishop, they were deprived, for that entire period of thirty years, 
of the consolation of a bishop and the ministry of priests, except when anyone, 
in the desire of serving God, after travelling far and long, had succeeded in 
reaching those churches which the barbarian hand had passed unhurt; where- 
fore they have humbly petitioned Us to deign to meet their pious and salutary 
design with fatherly commiseration, and to supply their spiritual wants and 
impart Our benevolent approbation and that of the Apostolic See to the 
foregoing. We. therefore, favorably disposed towards the just and worthy 
prayers and desires of said natives and inhabitants of the aforesaid island of 
Greenland, but having no certain knowledge of the foregoing events and their 
circumstances, commit to and command your Fraternity, whom We understand 
to be one of the nearer bishops of the aforesaid island, that you, or one of you 
(nearer bishops), ordain fit and exemplary priests, provide parishes, and 
establish rectors, who will govern the restored parishes and churches, and 
administer the Sacraments ; and, furthermore, that, if it will finally appear to 
you or one of you as opportune and expedient, you will, with the advice of 
the metropolitan, provide the distance of the place permit, ordain and establish 
as their bishop some practical and able person, in communion with Us and the 
Apostolic See, and impart to him the grace of consecration in Our name, 
according to the usual ecclesiastical forms, and deliver to him the conduct both 
of spiritual and temporal matters, having previously administered to him the 
proper and usual oath of allegiance to Us and the Roman Church ; in regard 
to all of which We bind your conscience, and grant j'ou or any one of you, 
by Apostolic authority, by the tenor of the present document, free and com- 
plete power, any apostolic regulations and constitutions, and those of the General 
Councils, and any others, to the contrary notwithstanding. Given in Rome, at 
the Church of St. Pontenciana in the year etc., one thousand four hundred and 
forty-eight, the twelfth day before the Calends of October, in the second year 
(of Our Pontificate). 



Manuscript Letter of Pope Alexander VI to the Church of Garda, 

b»^-~ *^^ ffc^ cw*^(ic«y A/^l>vKX>vx>w^^,Cr^ 
<f«vy>0..vt^i^^ -F *^-Ar-«V^^»«HYCTVUnt.U*iW-' 



*Pope Alexander VI was born in 1431, and crowned Pope August 11, 1492. 



Mamismpt Laicr of Pope Ale.randcr VI (cou(im,nl). 






"'^''-'-i'—O v,^ „„^..„5s^^ '■-^'^•^•'^'^W^ 

'^'^^'^ X^-r^. 


/" -iWrW/ 



Latin Type Text of Letter of Pope Alexander VI to the Church of 
Garda, Greenland. 

[Alexander VI.] 

[Prioribus pontificatus annis.] 


Mandatum de 
^xpediendo gra- 
tia ecclesiam Qa- 
densem, etiam 
qooad minuta 

Cum, ut accepimus, ecclesia Gadensis in fine mundi sita in terra Gron- 
landie, in qua homines commorantes ob defectum panis, vini et olei sicci^ 
piscibus et lacte uti consueverunt, et ob id ac propter rarissimas navigationes 
ad dictara terram causantibus intentissimis aquarum congelationibus fieri solitas 
navis aliqua ab ottuaginta annis non creditur applicuisse, et, si navigationes 
huiusmodi fieri contingeret, prefect© has non nisi mense augusti congelationibus 
ipsis resolutis fieri posse non existimentur ; et propterea eidem ecclesie simi- 
liter ab ottuaginta annis vel circa nullus penitus episcoporum vel p.resbyterorum 
apud illam .personaliler residendo prefuisse dicitur; unde ac propter presby- 
teror.uni catholicorum absentiam evenit, quam plures diocesanos olim catholicos 
sacrum per eos baptisma susceptum proh dolor regnasse [I. renegasse]', et quod 
incole eiusdem terre iri" memoriam christiane religionis non habent nisi quod- 
dam corporale, quod semel in anno presentetur, super quo ante centum annos 
ab ultimo sacerdoto tunc ibidem existente corpus Christi fuit consecratum; 
hiis igitur et aliis consideratis considerandis, felicis recordationls Innocentius 
papa VIII, predecessor noster, volens dicte ecclesie tunc pastoris solatio de- 
stitute de utili, de ydoneo pastore providere, de fratrura suorum consilio, de 
quorum numero tunc eramus, venerabilem fratrem 

nostrum Mathiam, electum Gadensem, ordinis sancti Benedicti de observantia 
professum, ad nostrara instantiam, dum adhuc in minoribus constituti eramus, 
proclamatum ad dictam ecclesiam suramopere ac magno devotionis fervore 
accensum pro deviatorum et renegatorum mentibus ad viam salutis eterne re- 
ducendis et erroribus huiusmodi eradicandis vitam suam periculo permaximo 
sponte et libere submictendo navigio etiam personaliter proficisci intendentem, 
eidem episcopum prefocit et pastorem. Nos igitur eiusdem electi pium et laudabile 
propositum in Domino quam plurimum commendantes sibique in premissis aliquo 
subventionis auxilio propter eius paupertatem,- qua, ut similiter . accepimus, 
gravatus existit, succurrere cupientes, motu proprio et etiam ex certa nostra 
scientia de fratrum nostroi'ura consilio et assensu, dilectis filiis rescribendario, 
abbreviatoribus necnon sollicitatoribus ac plumbatoribus illarumque registra- 
toribus ceterisque tarn cancellarie quam camere nostre apostolice officialibus 
quibuscuraque sub excommunicationis late sententie pena ipso facto incur- 
renda commictiraus et mandamus, ut omnes et singulas litteras apostolicas de 
et super promotione dicte ecclesie Gadensis pro dicto electo expediendas in 
omnibus et singulis eorum officiis gratis ubique pro Deo absque cuiuscunque 
taxe solutione seu exactione expediant et expediri faciant omni contradictione 
cessante ; necnon camere apostolice clericis et notariis, ut litteras seu bullas 
huiusmodi dicto electo absque solutione seu exactione alicuius annate seu mi- 
nutorum servitiorum et aliorum iurium -quorumcumque in similibus solvi so- 
lutorum [I. solitorumj libere tradant et consignent, motu et scientia similibus 
ac sub penis predictis commictimus et mandamus, in conti'arium facientes 
non obstantibus quibuscuraque. Fiat gratis ubique quia . paiiperrimus. R. 
As. Ma. Vicecancellarius. lo. Dalarius. 



English Translation of Letter of Pope Alexander VI. 

(Alexander VI.) (In the early years of his Pontificate.) . 

10. Since, as We have heard, the Church of Garda is situated at the ex- 
tremity of the earth in the country of Greenland, whose inhabitants are ac- 
customed to use dried fish and milk because of the want of bread, wine and 
oil, wherefore and also on account of the rare shipping to said country due to 
the intense freezing of the sea no vessel is believed to have put to land there 
for eighty years back, or if it happened that such voyages were made, surely, 
it is thought, they could not have been accomplished save in the month of 
August, when the ice was dissolved; and since it is likewise said that for 
eighty years, or thereabouts, absolutely no bishop or priest governed that 
Church in personal residence, which fact, together with the absence of Catholic 
priests, brought it to pass that very many of the diocese unhappily repudiated 
their sacred baptismal vows; and since the inhabitants of that land have no 
relic of the Christian religion save a certain Corporate, annually set forth, upon 
which, a hundred years ago, the Body of Christ was consecrated by the last 
priest then living there ; — for these, then, and for other considerations. Pope 
Innocent VIII, of blessed memory. Our predecessor wishing to provide a 
suitable pastor for that Church, at the time deprived of the useful solace of the 
same, at the advice of his brethren, of whom We were then one, appointed 
bishop and pastor to that place Our venerable brother Matthias ; the latter was 
Bishop-elect of Garda, a professed member of the Order of St. Benedict, and 
had been announced, at Our urging, while We were still in Minor Orders, as 
intending to sail personally for said Church, inspired with great fervor of 
devotion to lead back the souls of the strayed and apostate to the way of 
eternal salvation, and to expose his life to the greatest danger, freely and 
spontaneously, to obliterate such errors. We, therefore, highly commending 
the pious and praiseworthy undertaking in the Lord of said Bishop-elect, and 
wishing to succour him in the above circumstances, because, as We have like- 
wise heard, he is sorely pressed by poverty, at Our own instance and with the 
certain knowledge of the advice and approval of Our brethren, commit to 
and order, in a circular letter to Our esteemed sons, the scribes, solicitors, those 
who have charge of the seals, the registrars, and all the other officials both of 
Our Apostolic chancery and treasury, that, under pain of excommunication, 
"lata sententia," ipso facto incurred, all and each of the Apostolic Letters, 
about and concerning the promotion of said Church of Garda, to be forwarded 
for said Bishop-elect, be forwarded by them and caused to be forwarded in all 
and each of their offices, everywhere gratis, for God, and without payment or 
exaction of any tax, all contradiction ceasing; and to the clerics and notaries 
of the Apostolic treasury We commit and command, at like instance and knowl- 
edge and under said pain of excommunication, that they freely hand over and 
consign these Letters or Bulls to said Bishop-elect, without payment or exaction 
of any revenues, or even of small fees, or of the other claims usually paid in 
similar cases, anything enacted to the contrary nothwithstanding. Let it be 
done everywhere gratis because he is extremely poor. R 

As. Ma. Vice Chancellor. Jno. Datrarius (Secretary). 



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