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Vol. 51 


APRIL, 1971 

No. 4 


Plans for Alumni Day, 1971, have been completed 
for the festivities on May 1st. An unusual aspect of 
this Alumni Day is that it will be held at the same 
time as the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta and some of 
the activities will be in conjunction with the ending 
of Greek Week on the campus.. Fraternities and 
sororities were reinstituted at Oglethorpe in 1967 
and have come to play an integral part in the opera- 
tion of the college. 

Alumni who visit on May 1st will be given the 
opportunity to participate and listen to discussion 
between faculty members and various students. 
Betsy Primm, Class of 1965, is serving as Alumni Day 
Chairman and has worked out a unique and informa- 
tive program which is on page four of the Flying 
Petre l. 

In addition to the many new buildings of the past 
three and one-half years (College Center, men's and 
women's dormitories, renovated library, and swim- 
ming pool), there are currently two buildings under 
construction that will be of great interest to alumni. 
The science center and the president's home will be 
part of the tour of the campus and these are 
facilities that, when completed, will be the end of 
any new construction on the campus for the fore- 
seeable future. Lowry, Lupton and Phoebe Hearst 
Halls now must be modernized for classroom, library 

and office space. It is possible that renovation of 
Lowry Hall for a library can be begun this summer 
if the money can be raised and after completion of 
the science center. 

The Alumni Association would like to extend a 
cordial invitation to all alumni of Oglethorpe to 
make plans to visit the campus on May 1st. 


Roger Couch 

Roger Couch, Class of 1961, has been named 
Head Basketball Coach by Dr. Paul Vonk, president 
of Oglethorpe. He succeeds Tom Norwood, who 
resigned ai the end of the current basketball season. 

Couch was an outstanding athlete in his collegiate 
days at Oglethorpe and lettered three years in both 
baseball and basketball. Upon graduation in 1961, 
he was named head basketball coach at Decatur High 
School and compiled a 92—29 record during his four 
years there. In 1965, he became head coach at Gulf 
Coast Junior College and had a 21—8 record during 
his one year tenure at the Panama City school. 

Returning to Atlanta, Couch became head coach 
at Druid Hills High School where he has been for the 
last five years. At Druid Hills, his teams have won 
106 and lost 24. 

Former high school Ail-American at Druid Hills, 
Rudy Kinard, will team with Couch next year for the 
Stormy Petrels. 

He is married to former Oglethorpe co-ed Judy 
Townsend, and they have two children-Rory, 8, and 
Crista, 5. 

By Dr. Thomas Key 

Students in the Urban Ecology class and members 
of Sigma Zeta are enthusiastically tackling ecological 
ills. These students have started salvage areas in 
Lowry Hall for glass, aluminum, and paper, and plan 
to start similar salvage areas elsewhere. Two weeks 
ago the Urban Ecology class spent a considerable 
amount of time picking up bottles and cans on the 
campus to add to the salvage deposits. The class 
members and Sigma Zeta members plan to sell these 
materials for recycling, and to use the money to build 
up the ecology section in the Oglethorpe Library. 
All students, faculty, staff, and administrators are 
invited to bring their glass, aluminum cans, and 
newspapers to the salvage depositories in Lowry 
Hall, or to the other salvage depositories as soon as 
they are started. The salvaging projects are valuable 
not only for conserving natural resources, but also 
for reducing air and water pollution involved in 
manufacturing paper, bottles, and cans. 

The Urban Ecology students and Sigma Zeta 
members have been writing senators, legislators, and 
industries each week recently, to express concern 
over environmental problems. Several students have 
used their telephones as a means of urging industries 
to improve their ecological practices. 


Funds are still being solicited for the renovation 
of Lowry Hall for a library. As of March 31, the 
college has raised $115,684.65 in cash toward 
matching the $250,000 grant that Oglethorpe re- 
ceived in 1969. In addition to the above, we have 
another $80,000 in pledges toward the project. 

If you have not already given to the Alumni Asso- 
ciation this year or feel that you can give again, please 
make your donation at this time. A new library for 
Oglethorpe is a must and we cannot let this oppor- 
tunity pass us by. Every dollar given now means five 
dollars toward a new library facility. 


Oglethorpe University has scored another first! 
The Le Conte Society, the Biology Club, the Chemis- 
try Group, and several non-affiliated math and 
science students joined efforts for at least three 
years to found on the Oglethorpe campus the first 
chapter of Sigma Zeta, National Science Honorary 
Society, in Georgia. 

Thursday, March 4, 1971, Alpha Nu chapter of 
Sigma Zeta was officially installed by the national 
president of Sigma Zeta, Dr. Homer Paschall, a 
nationally known physiologist from Ball State Uni- 

Faculty sponsors, active members, and associate 
members were given certificates of membership and 
were charged by Dr. Paschall to uphold the spirit of 
inquiry, high academic standards, and the goals of 
Sigma Zeta. Following this, Dr. Paschall discussed 
membership requirements, the history, and signifi- 
cance of the Society. 

In behalf of President Paul K. Vonk, Mrs. Vonk 
welcomed Dr. Paschall and the Society to the 
Oglethorpe campus, and extended congratulations to 
students in Alpha Nu chapter. 

Professor Roy Goslin, Chairman of the Division of 
Science and Mathematics, also spoke a few words of 
welcome and congratulation. 



The 1970—71 Alumni Campaign has raised a 
total of $13,824.91. The money will be used to 
renovate Lowry Hall for a library. There has been 
some confusion over the listing of alumni contribu- 
tors. Lists published in the February Flying Petrel 
cover only gifts made since September 1, 1970. 
Listed below are recent contributors: 


John J. Brock '39 

Mrs. Medora Draper '40 


Mrs. LaVerne G. Beutel 
Dr. & Mrs. Joel S. Dubow 
O. B. Francis '56 
Ansel W. Paulk '39 
Mr. & Mrs. W. P. Woodson 


Mrs. Richard A. Allison, III '69 

Edwin W. Anderson '34 

Mrs. Wilma B. Bass '62 

Milton Baumann '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Ted D. Bayley '57/'58 

Miss Manora C. Brown '69 

James O. Bundy '64 

M. Tyus Butler '35 

David F. Camp '60 

Howard Duke '69 

R. B. Eason '57 

Nellie Jane Gaertner '34 

Mrs. Martha S. George '51 

L. R. Harbin '64 

John D. Kuiken '62 

Mrs. Ethel H. Law '62 

William T. Lawler '62 

Carolyn Loughborough '64 

Mrs. Nancy E. Luke '62 

W. R. Massengale, Jr '33 

John Meacham, Jr. '43 

Mrs. Paul H. Melmed '65 

James Jay Millard '62 

Dr. W. Bruce Mitchell, Jr. '67 

Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Moore ■63/'65 

Mrs. Emma Gates Nottingham '34 

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin R. Packer '51/'53 

Mrs. Philip A. Pettus 

Mrs. LoisG. Phillips '62 

Louis E. Rossman '70 

Charles F. Sanders '66 

Anna E. Senkbeil '36 

Mrs. R. M.Speights '58 

Charles Stamey '69 

Miss Betty Van Houten '51 

Bartlett E. Walls '34 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Williams 

Myrtice D.Wright '62 


Fulton Federal Savings & Loan Assn. 
The Kercher Foundation 
Plantation Pipe Line Foundation 
Walter & Marjory Rich Memorial Fund 
Guy T. Steuart Foundation, Inc. 
Trust Company of Georgia Foundation 


by Dr. Ken Nishimura 

Oglethorpe is offering, for the second summer, an 
exceptional opportunity for students, alumni and 
friends to tour the Orient with Dr. Ken Nishimura. 

The tour will include Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan and 
Hong Kong, and will depart from Atlanta on July 20, 
returning on August 10. Included are such famous 
places as Kamakura, Hakone, Nikko Ise as well as the 
cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagoya. Visits will be 
made to Kabuki Theatre, Shinjuku's Coffee Shop, 
studios of ancient Kyoto, folk art centers, factories 
and Japanese homes. The National Musuem in 
Taiwan will be included as well as shopping and 
dining in Hong Kong. Time for relaxation in Waikiki 
Beach will be allowed before returning to the States. 

Dr. James D. Mosteller, B. A. '40, M. A. '41, 
Instructor 1940-41, Professor of English 1941-42- 

was elected Dean of the School of Theology at New 
Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary August, 1969, 
and in addition served as interim president from 
March to November, ^970. Jim went to New Orleans 
in 1967 following twenty years as professor of 
Church History at Northern Baptist Theological 
Seminary in Chicago, at which he also served nine 
years as Dean. Dr. and Mrs. Mosteller (Iris Edmunds) 
who attended Oglethorpe during 1941—42, reside on 
the campus of the New Orleans institution where 
Jim serves as professor of Church History in addition 
to his administrative duties. They have two children: 
a son, Don, who is completing his Ph. D. in English 
at Vanderbilt University in June, and a daughter, 
Lynn who is a senior at the University of Texas in 

Mrs. A. J. Cazalas (Mary Williams Bearden) '54— has 

been appointed Assistant United States Attorney in 
New Orleans, Louisiana. She received her J. D. degree 
from Loyola University in 1967. 

Gary P. Collier '69— has been promoted to Army 
Specialist Four at Ft. Hood, Texas, where he is 
serving with the First Armored Division. Gary's 
wife, Connie, is living in Kiileen, Texas. 

Jeffrey R. Roesch '69— participated with his unit, 
the 84th Artillery's 3rd Battalion, in a NATO 
Tactical Evaluation Test in Grafenwohr, Germany. 
Jeff, a Private First Class, is assigned as a clerk in the 
battalion's headquarters battery near Neckarsulm. 
He entered the Army in May, 1970, and completed 
his basic training at Ft. Jackson, S. C. Jeff's wife, 
Nancy, is with him in Germany. 

Orlan R. Swennes '64— received his MBA in 1965 at 
the University of South Carolina, and is now with 
Main, Lafrentz & Company in Atlanta as a consultant. 

Barbara Baughman '61— has started her own fashion 
consulting business, "The Fashion Directory", and 
directs shows for some of Atlanta's leading retailers. 
She is also substitute teaching in DeKalb County. 

Charles L. Weltner '48— former Congressman from 
Georgia, and now in private practice in AManta, has 
been appointed to the Kennedy School of Govern- 
ment's Institute of Politics at Harvard University. 

Neil Bailey '63— is in ballistic research at Eglin Air 
Force Base, Florida. 



12:00-1:00 Registration 

College Center, Woodrow Way 

12:30 Booster Club luncheon and meeting 

Field House 

1 :00 First tour of the campus for those 

not attending the Booster Club 

1 :30— 2:30 Representatives of the student body 

will have a "rap" session with 
interested alumni 
College Center 


Second tour of the campus 


Carillon concert 
Lupton Hall 


Alumni "chat" with faculty 


College Center 


Third tour of the campus 


Carillon concert 
Lupton Hall 


Fourth tour of the campus 




College Center Conference Room 

Business meeting, election of officers 
College Center 

Lt. Thomas Hewlett '62— has completed his M.S. 
degree in Optics from the University of Tucson 
under the support of the Air Force. Presently, Tom 
is assigned to Wright-Patterson Air Force Research 
Center in Ohio. 

Sgt. Charles Weathers '62— has returned from Viet 
Nam. Charles was a junior physicist with Sperry 
Rand at Huntsville, Alabama before leaving for 

Norman Hatcher '56— ranks in the top ten in the 

scientific ranks at the NASA Space Center m Houstori. 
He holds many patents in space science. 

Professor Kenneth Steele '59— is teaching in the 
Department of Finance ;jnr) Busines." Economic^j m 
the Universi-y o^ Souther'-, California. 


Approximately 500 to 600 copies of each issue 
of the Alumni Newsletter are returned by the Post 
Office as "undeliverable." Each returned piece costs 
10 cents plus the time required to "trace" the new 

You can save the Alumni Office a tremendous 
amount of time and expense if you will call or 
write us prior to moving. You will be helping us in 
addition to ensuring that you don't miss an issue. 

The Flying Petrel 


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