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VOL. 51 



NO. 2 


For two months, construction crews have been 
working to redesign the flow of campus traffic and 
to fence in the campus entirely. When the construc- 
tion is through, there will be only one entrance to the 
campus behind Lupton Hail on what was called 
"Burma Road". A new road will then run across the 
front of the campus, down Lanier Drive, behind 
Goodman Hall and along Woodrow Way to the men's 
dormitory complex. This drive will eventually be 
completed to make an entire circle around the cam- 
pus to enable a steady and smooth flow of traffic in 
and r^ut of the campus. 

The back part of the campus will be enclosed with 
cyclone fencing. Along Peachtree Road, there will be 
a granite and wrought iron fence beginning at the 
corner of Hermance Stadium and running to Lanier 
Drive. This fence is to be made of two feet square 
columns placed twenty-eight feet apart with wrought 
iron bars between the columns. The structure will be 
very similar to the fence surrounding the Georgia 
Governor's Mansion on West Paces Ferry Road. 

This new security and traffic flow arrangement was 
undertaken to provide better security for the physical 
assets of the college due to vandalism and thievery on 
the campus. Also, the view of the campus from 
Peachtree Road will be greatly improved and the 
entrance gate will provide a means of providing 
visitors with adequate information concerning the 
campus. The entire project is scheduled to be com- 
pleted by the fifteenth of January. 

All alumni are welcome to visit and view the 
new gate and road on the campus. 


The Learning Center is equipped with eight listening 
carrels, each equipped with a cassette player and a 
set of earphones; a set of study skill cassettes; two 
Craig Readers and appropriate reading material; a 
group reading machine and appropriate reading ma- 
terials. All of this equipment is provided for the use 
of the students enrolled in the Study Skills Course, 
thus offering special opportunities for these students 
to improve listening skills; increase reading speed and 
reading comprehension; increase vocabulary; acquire 
better methods of taking notes, writing term papers, 
outlining and improving associated study and learning 

The eight listening carrels in the Learning Center also 
will be available to all students insofar as their 
respective instructors make use of such facilities. 

The Learning Center is another attempt on the part 
of the College to provide the best facilities possible 
for our students, using the newest innovations and 
the latest learning techniques. It is also an experi- 
ment. If these added facilities are used by the stu- 
dents and faculty to the fullest extent, the Learning 
Center will be expanded and additional equipment 


Amendment Number 5 on the Georgia General 
Election Ballot passed in the recent general election. 
This amendment will enable the legislature ':'■) appro- 
priate funds to citizens of the Slate of Ge^^rgia Vvho 
vvisli to attend a private college; or university in the; 
Si;jte of Georgia 


Mrs. Virginia 0. Dempsey has contributed $2,000 
toward the Lowry Renovation Project. Mrs. Dempsey 
was most gracious in contributing $5,000 last year 
in memory of her husband, "Jack" Dempsey. 

With this gift, we now have over $80,000 toward 
the matching grant for Lowry. The entire Oglethorpe 
community expresses their appreciation to Mrs. 
Dempsey for her thoughtfulness on behalf of Ogle- 

In other recent gifts to the University, Fulton 
National Bank contributed $2,000; Roy D. Warren 
Company $1000; Chatham Valley Foundation $1000 
(pledge) and Household Finance Foundation $100. 

All monies will be used toward the conversion of 
Lowry Hall for a library. 


Just before The Flying Petre l went to press, the 
'^'="1eral Government gave final approval for construc- 
tion of the science building on the Oglethorpe 
campus. Actual construction of the $450,000 struc- 
ture will begin shortly after the first of the year. A 
ground breaking ceremony is scheduled for mid- 
January. An indepth description of the facility will 
be forthcoming in the February edition of The 
Flying Petrel. 


By Joel R. Oppenheim 
Director of Continuing Education 

With the success of the Oglethorpe University Con- 
ference on Drug Abuse and Control, the College is 
again sponsoring another conference of public inter- 
est and concern-ABORTION. 

We feel that such an important topic deserves 
discussion in the academic community. Some of 
our guest speakers will be Dr. Newton Long and Dr. 
Charles Butler of the Emory Medical School and Mrs. 
Julia D. Freedman, Executive Director of Planned 
Parenthood Association. 

The conference will be held at the Oglethorpe College 
Center- on January 16, 1971, from 9:00 a.m. to 
2:30 p.m. There will be a registration fee of $5.00 
which will include a buffet luncheon at the College 

We are looking forward to a large group of partici- 
pants and therefore would suggest registration as 
early as possible. 

For more information and for reservations send 
registration fee of $5.00 for each person attending to: 

Director of Continuing Education 
Oglethorpe University 
4484 Peachtree Road, N. E. 
Atlanta, Georgia 30319 


Oglethorpe offers for the second time an exceptional 
opportunity for our alumni and friends to undertake 
a tour in the Orient, including Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan 
and Hong Kong. Departure is from Atlanta on July 

Plan to join other Oglethorpe alumni and friends by 
participating in this once-in-your-life experience. 
Detailed information will be provided in the next 
edition of The Flying Petrel. 


January 2 

Georgia State 









Georgia Southern 



Georgia State 



Tennessee State 







Lowry Renovation Project 

The campaign to raise money to renovate Lowry 
Hall for a single-purpose, four-floor library continues. 
The importance of Oglethorpe raising the necessary 
$250,000 cannot be over-emphasized. The College 
already received a grant of $250,000 which must be 
matched from other sources such as alumni, founda- 
tions, friends and corporations. If the grant is not 
matched the College will lose the $250,000, and it 
could mean a loss of one half-million dollars to the 
development of Oglethorpe. 

As of December 29, 1970, the College has raised 
$80,323.65 toward the matching grant. This repre- 
sents only 32 per cent of our goal which we must 
attain during 1971. Only money contributed to the 
Alumni Association or the College goes toward this 
matching grant. All money contributed to the 
Booster Club goes to help subsidize the athletic 
program of the College, 

Through the Class Captain's campaign, a fellow 
alumnus will be calling on each alumnus to contrib- 
ute to the Lowry Renovation Project. 

Class Captain Campaign 

The following people have accepted as Class Captains 
for their class years: 

Ernest F. Fleming 1922 

Joel B. Kersey 1923 

Otis M. Jackson 1924 

George W. Hardin 1927 

Roy L. Warren 1932 

E. Houston Lundy 1933 

Ben Hargrove, Sr. 1935 

John W.Hall 1951 

Stanley Aldridge 1955 

Caria Hancock 1957 

R.T. Bartenfeld 1958 

E.P.Jones 1961 

S. Dennis Kerr 1964 

Jimbo Hartlage 1965 

Elaine Law 1966 

Larry Shattles 1967 

Doug Alexander 1968 

Ronald Davenport 1969 

Bonnie Hargrove 1970 

Dr. Joseph P. Duckworth— '59— received his Ph. D. 

degree from Wayne State. He is on the faculty of 
San Diego State University, teaching psychology. 

Bob Johnson— '68— is teaching English at Fork Union 
Military Academy in Virginia. 

Mrs. Martha Hewlett Mobley— '63— is doing internship 
in junior college teaching at DeKalb Junior College. 
She is working on her doctoral program in guidance. 

Dr. William Smith-'64-has received the Ph. D. 
degree in physics at Duke University. Dr. Smith was 
a post-doctoral fellow at Case Western Reserve in 

Dr. Carl Dinerman—'66— earned his Ph. D. degree in 
physics at Indiana University. Dr. Dinerman was a 
post-doctoral fellow in chemistry at the University 
of California in Berkeley. 

Gwyn Cannon Jones— '66— was married to Carlton L. 
Jones in 1969. Gwyn is still employed by Vocational 
Rehabilitation as a Rehabilitation Teacher for the 
Blind and has worked m this capacity since gradu- 

Jack and Patsy Turner Warren— '62 and '65— an- 
nounced the birth of their third child, Charles Robert, 
in September. Jack was formerly with Boy Scouts 
of America and is now associated with Sears Roebuck 
and Company. The Warrens are living in Savannah. 

Larry and Loretta Shattles— '67— announced the birth 
of a son, Jason Todd, on September 15, 1970. 

Jerry and Vikki Brown— '66— announced the birth of 
their second daughter, Lee Ann. Jerry is still in the 
Air Force on Okinawa. 

Kenneth W. Powell-'67-is a U. S. Air Force First 
Lieutenant and recently participated in a NATO 
exercise in West Germany. Ken is a weather officer 
at Spangdahlem AB, Germany, and his unit provided 
weather information for military flight operations 
during the month-long exercise. 

M. M. "Muggsy" Smith— '28— has been appointed by 
Governor Lester Maddox to the Election Commission 
of the State of Georgia. He is one of the five people 
in the entire state serving on this commission. 

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Eleven hundred and eighty-six students enrolled for 
the fall semester at Oglethorpe this year. This repre- 
sents just over one thousand full-time equivalent 
students. The College has managed to maintain its 
enrollment when other private colleges across the 
country are losing students and in some cases, closing. 
Any alumni who are outside of the Atlanta area 
should write to Professor Roy Goslin, Director of 
Admissions, if they would be interested in talking 
with high school students in their area who have 
shown an interest in Oglethorpe. We receive thou- 
sands of inquiries from across the United States and 
in many cases are not able to talk with the students 
to tell them about our College. Professor Goslin 
would be glad to provide any alumnus with our liter- 
ature to aid in getting high school students interested 
in attending Oglethorpe. 


Free "Oglethorpe College" license plates are 
being offered to alumni of Oglethorpe for just 
fifty cents postage and handling. These very 
attractive three color plates can be obtained 
by writing the Development Office at Ogle- 

John W. Hill— '69— has been commissioned a second 
lieutenant in the U. S. Air Force, and awarded his 
silver pilot wings upon graduation at Reese AFB, 
Texas. John has been assigned to McGuire AFB, 
N. J., for flying duty in the C-141 Starlifter cargo- 
troop carrier aircraft with a unit of the Military Air- 
lift Command. 

Jerry and Linda Sams— '68— have announced the birth 
of a son, Christopher Kent. Jerry is now a second 
lieutenant, and they are living in Columbus, Georgia. 

Tom Bartenfeld— '24— is recuperating at home from a 
heart attack suffered last month. We wish Tom a 
very speedy recovery. 

Earl Blackwell— '29— as president of the New York 
Nine O'Clocks, hosted a most elaborate Winter Ball 
at the Plaza Hotel in New York recently. 

James E. "Mack" Henderson— '52— was Schools and 
College Division Chairman for United Appeal in 
Atlanta this year. Congratulations go to Mack for a 
successful campaign. 

Robert L. Bingham-'70-has joined the Ray Mitchell 
Realty Company in Tucker, Georgia. 

Carolyn Ellery Loughborough-'64— is currently work- 
ing towards a Master of Education at Emory 
University under a research assistantship funded by 
the Office of Education. 

The Flying Petrel 

Published: February, April, 

June, October, December 


4484 Peachtree Road 
Atlanta, Georgia 30319 

Second Class 

Posiage Paid at 

Atlanta, Ca.