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JANUARY, 1966 



Charles L. Towers of Atlanta has been 
elected to the Board of Trustees of Ogle- 
thorpe College. The announcement of 
Mr. Tower's appointment was made by 
Dr. Paul Rensselaer Beall. president of 
the College. 

Mr. Towers is currently serving as 
president of the Atlanta Symphony Guild. 

He is vice-president in charge of the 
Shell Oil Company's Southern Marketing 
Region, a position he has held since 
April. 1964. He came to Atlanta in 1961 
as manager of the Shell Marketing Divi- 
sion. Joining Shell after his graduation 
from the University of Southern Cali- 
fornia in 1937, Mr. Towers has served 
with the company in many capacities and 
his assignments have included work in 
many large markets in this country and 

In addition to being president of the 
Symphony Guild, Mr. Towers is also 
on the Executive Committee of the or- 
ganization. He also serves on the Board 
of Trustees of the Atlanta Arts Alliance. 
Mr. Towers is a member of the Com- 
merce Club, the Capital City Club, the 
Scottish Rite and the Yaarab Shrine. 

Mr. and Mrs. Towers reside at 4211 
Conway Valley Road, N. W. and are 
members of the First Presbyterian Church. 
The Towers have two daughters. 

Charles L. Towers 

Chris H. Burden 

Homecoming Set 
For January 8 

January 8 is Oglethorpe Homecoming 
Day and a fine schedule of events have 
been arranged for all alumni. 

A Homecoming Party will be held from 
3 to 5 P.M. at Cranham, the College 
Home of President and Mrs. Beall. 

At 6 P.M. the Oglethorpe Freshmen 
will play the Georgia Southern Freshmen 
at the Field House. 

The Stormy Petrels will then play the 
Georgia Southern squad at 8 P.M. There 
will be a special homecoming program at 
the halftime of the varsity game. 

See you Saturdav, January 8! 

Chris H. Bartlett has been elected to 
the Oglethorpe Board of Trustees. 

Mr. Bartlett. vice-president of Westing- 
house Electric Corporation, is the com- 
pany's senior representative in the South- 
eastern states. 

A native of Bessemer, Alabama, Mr. 
Bartlett attended high school and college 
in Colorado. He received his B.S. degree 
in Electrical Engineering from the Uni- 
versity of Colorado in 1928. 

During his school years he earned 
money for his education by such diverse 
occupations as driving taxicabs. working 
with power plant construction crews, with 
a survey crew in a gold mine, and as 
an iceman. 

Keenly interested in both the business 
and cultural life of Atlanta, he serves on 
the Adanta Chamber of Commerce, is a 
representative to the Georgia State Cham- 
ber of Commerce and the Associated In- 
dustries of Georgia. Mr. Bartlett is also 
a member of the Association of the 
United States Army. 

Mr. Bartlett has been with Westing- 
house ever since his graduation from the 
University of Colorado, except for a 
period during which he taught mathe- 
matics and coached football and basket- 
ball at a junior college. 

DEDICATED — The new Mills B. Lane Jr. 
Music Room was dedicated on November 12 
at Ogletliorpe. Pictured admiring the plaque 
that will adorn the wall of the new room 
are the patron, Mills B. Lane, Jr., President 
of the Citizens and Southern National Bunk; 
Dr. Paul Rensselaer Beall, President of the 
College and Professor Harry Dobson. Miss 
Betsy Prim, '65, now at Duke University, 
made a major contribution in getting the 
music room renovated. The interior decora- 
tion was given by William Trapnell. 

Dear Fellow Alumni. 

A New Year is here, and we are 
well on the way to reaching our goal 
of supporting our Alma Mater. As 
you will see elsewhere in this issue, 
many of you have responded already. 
I hope that your resolutions for 66 
included support for your college. If 
you haven't made your pledge, do it 
now, yes right now. Start '66 off by 
adding your name to the supporters 
in your class. 

You may feel that what you might 
send isn't much toward a goal of 
$30,000 but every gift, regardless of 
size, counts in equal weight toward 
our goal of 1050 contributors. From 
now on you will receive the Flying 
Petrel monthly. Make sure your name 
helps your class lead the way. 

By now you have received an invita- 
tion to an Alumni Reception at "Cran- 
ham" the new home of Doctor and 
Mrs. Beall on January 8, our Annual 
Homecoming Day. That evening we 
play Georgia Southern in what will 
probably be a critical game in the 
success of the team this season. 

Best wishes and success to you in 

Sincerely , 

TED BAYLEY, President 


This month we hare a special article by an 
alumnus. He is Ensign Herbert McMullen. 
USN '63, who finished his education at Ogle- 
thorpe through the Pop Crow fund. He re- 
calls fond memories of Pop in this article 
that all former Humanics students and 
alumni in general will want to read. 


The Pop Crow Fund 


It was late February of 1963 and time to 
start signing up for the last quarter of my 
senior year. It was no problem getting the 
classes that I needed to graduate, but the 
money for that quarter was nowhere to be 
found. I knew that the North DeKalb Rotary 
Club had started the Pop Crow Fund but 
never thought that I would qualify. Yet it 
seemed that like the spirit of Pop, they were 
there to help. Help they did. for with the 
$233.00 made available to me from the 
Rotary. I was able to get through that last 
quarter. You might say that without the 
help of the Rotary I wouldn't have made it. 

In any young man's life there are certain 
relationship with his elders that help mould 
him and lead the way. Pop was one of these 
people in my case. On a number of occa- 
sions, I can remember walking into the 
Crow's Nest (Pop's office) so bewildered and 
disgusted with school and any of a number 
of problems and Pop was always there to 
listen. He would sit back and puff away on 
his pipe, let you finish your say and then in 
his own special way guide you in making 
the right decision. His door was always open 
to any student as was his pocketbook. He 

Bernard Dekle, '27, is the author of a newly 
published book titled "Night Angel Street." 
Light and entertaining, "Night Angel Street" 
presents a view of Japan that never appears 
in the guidebooks. The book is published by 
Charles E. Tuttle Co., Inc. of Rutland, Ver- 
mont, and Tokyo, Japan. 

Mr. Dekle is presently employed by the 
U.S. Government as editor of Freedom 
Magazine, which is distributed in Korea. He 
is married to the former Mariko Niki, who 
starred for three years in the Broadway hit 
play, "Teahouse of the August Moon." 

The Dekles currently reside in the resi- 
dential outskirts of Tokyo with their six- 
year old son. Bobby. 

Stephen J. Schmidt, '40, was re-elected Vice- 
President of the Atlanta Braves "400" 
Booster club at their December meeting. Mr. 
Schmidt is also one of Oglethorpe's leading 

Edgar M. Vallette. '42, 

has been named Vice- 
President of the Fed- 
eral Reserve Bank of 
Atlanta. He taught at 
Oglethorpe from 1946 
to 1950. after which 
he joined the Reserve 
Bank's staff. He has 
been active for a mini- 

would co-sign a loan to help you get through 
school or even give you ten dollars for that 
special date. The small loans were always 
there and he never asked what they were 
for or even if the money would be put to 
good use. When Pop believed in something, 
he would fight for it and if he believed in 
you. he would fight for you. There seemed 
to be no obstacles that Pop could not con- 
quer in his own way. When the North 
DeKalb Rotary Club started the Pop Crow 
Fund they seemed to pick up a tradition 
started by a grand gentleman. It was a proud 
day for me when I was told that I would be 
the first recipient of the Pop Crow Fund. 

ber of years as an instructor in the Ameri- 
can Institute of Banking. 

James H. Hinson, Jr., '49 received the de- 
gree of Doctor of Education in Administra- 
tion from the University of Georgia in 
August. He is principal of Brown High 
School in Atlanta. 

Wayne F. Browning, '64, received his LLB 
degree in June, 1965 and is presently work- 
ing on his Masters in Law at Woodrow Wil- 
son College of Law in Atlanta. 

Steve Figler, '64, is currently working in the 
Financial Department of the New York 
Journal-American. Steve reports that he is 
quite pleased with newspaper work, and his 
ambition is to work in the Journal-American 
Sports Department. 

Glen Clifton Rose, '65, was married on Octo- 
ber 2 to Doris Joan Edmonson of Union 
Grove, Alabama. Mrs. Rose has joined her 
husband in Quantico, Virginia, where he is 
stationed in the LI. S. Marine Corps. 


Cj Sada Yoshinuma, '31, died suddenly 
last month in Jonesboro. Although 
born in Japan, Mr. Yoshinuma lived 
most of his life in the United States. 
He and his wife visited Japan this 
summer, his first visit in many years. 
At one time. Mr. Yoshinuma owned 
several restaurants in Atlanta. At the 
time of his death, he was owner of 
the Wisteria Restaurant on the out- 
skirts of Jonesboro. 

Mrs. Julian Harris, '41, died Novem- 
ber 24 at Stone Mountain. She had 
been Principal of W. D. Thompson 
Elementary School in Atlanta for 37 
years. Mrs. Harris was a leader in the 
development of the branch library 
svstem for DeKalb County. 


November 1 


1965 to December 15. 




Corporations & 

Foundations & 



















* Includes Alumni who are also Boosters and Faculty. 
^Trustee giving could classify under alumni. 

Page 2 

The Flying Petrel 



Mr. N. M. DeJamette 


Mr. Thomas Bartenfeld 
Mr. Otis Jackson 


Judge Thomas L. Camp 


Air. Boyce Gibson 


Dr. Willis T. McCurdy 


Mr. Clarion R. Carroll 
Mr. L. Marvin Rivers 


Mr. H. M. Clement 
Mrs. Lodowick Hill 


Major Gertrude Jane Murray 
Miss Katie Samuel 
Miss Mary Cor ley 


Mr. Frank B. Anderson 
Mr. George O. Luther 


Mr. Ben T. Hargrove 


Mr. William Lamar Adams 


Mr. Creighton 1. Perry 

Mrs. W. C. Dailey 
Mr. Carl Clark 


Mr. Jouett Davenport, Jr. 
Mr. Howard Axelburg 
Mrs. R. B. Brewton 
Mr. Stephen J. Schmidt 


Mr. John F. Agel 


Mr. Richard J. Hill 


Mr. Jinunie Clower 
Mr. Ted Bayley 
Mr. Marvin Lawson 


Mr. F. P Jones 


Lt. j.g. Robert Olson 

Miss Joyce Ann Gravel 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Christian 


Mr. Ralph B. Greenleaf 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Gupton 


Corporation Giving Through December 16, 1965 

1. Apex Linen Service 

460 Englewood Ave., S.E. 
Atlanta, Georgia 
Mr. B. R Cohen 

2. Mr. Robert M. Bunzl 
P. O. Box 12109 
Atlanta 5, Georgia 

3. Mr. Inslee M. Johnson. 

Fulton National Bank Building 
Atlanta, Georgia 

4. Henry L. Bowden, Attorney 
Fulton National Bank Building 
Atlanta, Georgia 

5. Southern Electrical Equipment 

Distributors, Incorporated 
1375 Lee Street, S.W. 
Atlanta, Georgia 
Mr. G. W. Mcintosh, President 

6. Young, Garber & Company 
First National Bank Building 
Atlanta, Georgia 30303 

Mr. Alfred E. Garber 

7. Gwinnett Industries, Inc. 
P. O. Box 570 
Decatur, Georgia 

Mr. H. G. Patillo 

8. Atlantic Realty Company 
Hurt Building 
Atlanta, Georgia 30303 
Mr. Francis J. Heazek. Jr., 


9. Mr. R. Beverly Irwin 
Irwin, Anderson & Smith 

1018 Healey Building 
Atlanta, Georgia 30303 

10. Academy Desk Corporation 
338 Peachtree, N.E. 
Atlanta, Georgia 




Dailey, Mrs. W. C. 

Jackson. Ga. 


Hill, Mrs. Lodowick J. Jr. 

Atlanta, Ga. 


Gravel, Miss Joyce Ann 

Miami, Fla. 


Carroll, R. Clayton 

Oklahoma City 



Davenport, Jouett, Jr. 

Atlanta. Ga. 


Christian. Mr. & Mrs. Wm. B. 

Charlotte. N.C. 


Camp, Judge Thomas L. 

Atlanta. Ga. 

1925 (T) 

Axelburg, Howard 

Atlanta, Ga. 

1940 (T) 

Greenleaf, Benton 

Atlanta. Ga. 

1963 (B) 

Adams. Wm. Lamar 

Atlanta, Ga. 

1936 (B) 

Agel, John F. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

1952 (B) 

Clark, Carl N. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

1938 (B) 

Bartenfeld, Thomas 

Atlanta, Ga. 

1924 (B) 

Hill. Richard J. 

Mableton. Ga. 

1955 (B) 

Hargrove. Ben T 

Atlanta. Ga. 

1935 (Bl 

Clower, Jimmie 

Chamblee, Ga. 

1958 (B) 

Bayley, Ted 

Hast Point, Ga. 


Gupton, Mr. & Mrs. James C. 

Raleigh. N. C. 


Lawson. Marvin W. 

Tucker, Ga. 


DeJamette. N. M. 

Atlanta. Ga. 

1920 (B) 

Rivers. L. Marvin 

Fairburn, Ga. 

1928 (B) 

Jones. Edloe P 

Forest Park, G; 

. 1961 

Jackson. Otis M. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

1924 (Bl 


Knapp. David H. 

Atlanta. Ga. 


Jones, Dr. Roy L. 

Decatur, Ga. 


Heard. Gunion M. 

Decatur, Ga. 


Oliver, John E. 

Atlanta, Ga. 


Schulze. Mr. and Mrs. Miles 

Decatur, Ga. 


Falik. H. Z. 

Wappingers Falls. N. Y. 

Davies. David S. 

Atlanta. Ga. 

Wilson, Mrs. Constance D. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Goodwin, Lawrence E. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Mathis, T. Harvey 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Adkinson, Hoas B. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Ricciardi. N. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Mather, Cotton 

Atlanta. Ga. 


Lilley, Harold R. 

Dallas, Texas 

Snodgrass, Robert R. 

Atlanta, Ga. 


Callaway Foundation, Inc. 

Pine Mountain, 


Foundation for Ind. Colleges 

representing gift from Atlanta 

Gas Light Co. 


Camp Chevrolet. Inc.. Rufus 

C. Camp for Pop Crow Schol- 

arship Fund 

(B) — Denotes Booster Club. 

(T) — Denotes Alumni 

who are also Trustees. 

11. Arthur Pew Construction 
5007 Old Peachtree Road 
Chamblee, Georgia 30005 
Mr. W. O. Thomas 

12. Southeastern Stages, Inc. 
226 Alexander Street, N.W. 
Atlanta, Georgia 30313 
Mr. Lon Shipman 


13. EmileT. Fisher, D.D.S. 
3100 Maple Drive, N.E. 
Suite 101 

Atlanta, Georgia 

14. Tower Travel Services, Inc. 
374 East Paces Ferry Road 
Atlanta, Georgia 

15. Ace Realty Company 
589 Ashby Street 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Mr. Santos M. Rodriguez 




January, 1966 

Page 3 

Petrel Basketball 
Team Romps To 
Four Straight Wins 

The Oglethorpe Stormy Petrel 
Basketball team is off to a rousing 
start, with four straight victories to 
their credit as of December 13. 

Here's a brief rundown of the first 
four games: 

December 2 
Oglethorpe 65 Northwestern Louisiana 61 

The Petrels were outrebounded 25-14 in 
their first win, but it was a sweet one. 
Training 35-30 at halftime, and with thir- 
teen minutes left, by ten. the Petrels stormed 
from behind and pulled out the win. Bill 
Garrigan was high man with 18 points, 
followed by Roger Littell with 1 1 and Wal- 
ker Heard with 10. Freshman Jim Hoggarth 
helped spark the come-from-behind rally 
with 7 points, all at crucial moments. 

December 4 
Oglethorpe 97 Georgia State 48 

Roger Littell gunned 16 points in the first 
half and 12 in the second, as the Petrels 
completely outclassed Georgia State at the 
O'Keefe High Gym. Oglethorpe took the 
lead early and coasted to a 43-23 halftime 
lead. They also amassed a total of 42 re- 
bounds, with Jim Hoggarth. a guard, leading 

with nine. In addition to Littell's 28, Jerry 
Sams had 13, Walker Heard had 12, Hog- 
garth 12, and Doug Alexander chipped in 10. 

December 7 
Oglethorpe 86 Belmont Abbey 51 

Jerry Sams picked off 12 rebounds as the 
Petrels slugged toe-to-toe with Belmont Ab- 
bey during the first half and won going 
away. Once again Roger Littell was high 
scorer with 23 points, but four other players 
scored in double figures. Heard had 11, 
Doug Alexander, 16 and Sams and freshman 
J. P. Bruzek had 10 each. Coach Pinholster 
praised the excellent defensive effort of the 
squad after the game. The score speaks for 
the offense. c 

December 13 
Oglethorpe 75 Shorter 52 

The Petrels traveled to Rome in the un- 
derdog role against a Shorter team that came 
into this one, 7-0, including a win over 
Georgia Southern in Statesboro. 

The Pinholstermen forget to read the press 
clippings and thrashed the taller Hawks. 
Once again, the Petrel defense was outstand- 
ing. They kept Shorter away from the boards 
and roared to a 37-29 halftime lead. In the 
second half, they did even better, holding 
Shorter to a meager 23 points, 8 of which 
were field goals. 

Doug Alexander shot 8 of 10 from the 
floor and 6 out of 7 from the free throw 
line to lead all scorers with 22 points. He 
also grabbed 9 rebounds. Roger Littell had 
13 and Walker Heard and Jerry Sams gar- 
nered 10 apiece. 


the leading lights of Ogle- 
thorpe's cagers in the early sea- 
son going has been Roger Lit- 
tell, sophomore from Osgood, 
Indiana. Littell has averaged 
18.7 through the first four con- 
tests and is second on the club 
in rebounds with 18. Defending 
against Littell here is co-ed 
Marie Anderson who is a grand- 
daughter of Oglethorpe's former 
coach Frank Anderson. 


You are the most important person 
we know. That is why we want to know 
what you are doing, what milestones you 
have reached in your business, what hon- 
ors you have received in your civic and 
social affairs and news of your family. 

Help your friends in your good for- 
tunes by filling in the box below, now. 
Send it to the Editor, The Flying Petrel, 
Oglethorpe College, Atlanta. Georgia 

Class _ 

(New) Address 


Pistol Teams 
In Action 

Oglethorpe College's Black Pistol team has 
won two of their first three matches. 

Led by Mark Gray's 281 and Jeff Mc- 
Gowan's 276 they defeated Wisconsin, 1333 
to 1322 and Colorado State 1329 to 1286. 
The loss was to Arlington State 1380 to 

Chief Sewell Edwards reports that the 
team is improving every week and should 
have a winning season with a representative 
team for the Regional Intercollegiate Cham- 
pionships at Knoxville. The Gold Team led 
by Fred Ackley has a much tougher schedule. 
The Gold Team has lost their only match 
so far to Army 1329 to 1421. Even in de- 
feat, the marksmen made a worthy showing 
against the cadets, one of the nation's best 
pistol teams. 

"7<£e "plyitty "Pettel 


Second Class 

Postage Paid at 

Adanta, Georgia 


Return Requested.