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Vol. 50 


January, 1970 

No. 2 

President Vonk Presented with American Oil Grant 

OC RECEIVES $250,000 

Dr. Pinholster announced that the College was awarded 
a grant in the amount of $250,000. The donor must 
remain anonymous and, in order for the offer to be 
realized, the College Development Campaign Commit- 
tee must raise sufficient funds to match the grant. 

Another grant, in the amount of $2,500 and unrestricted 
as to its use, was received from the American Oil 
Foundation. The grant was presented by Mr. Howard 
Kemper, Marketing Manager and representative of 
American Oil, to President Vonk. 

The 1969-70 Annual Development Committee project 
is an effort to transform LOWRY HALL into an air- 
conditioned, refurbished, well-equipped four floor 
library. It is anticipated that these grants and sub- 
sequent matching funds combined will not only reno- 
vate LOWRY HALL for a modern library, but a full 
$100,000 will be available for the purchase of new 


Coach Norwood and his team deserve much praise and 
encouragement for their splendid performances during 
the basketball season thus far. Although this is Coach 
Norwood's first year as head coach of the Petrels, he 
has compiled thus far a record of 11-3, including four 
wins in the last five games. One big factor in the recent 
surge, a factor bound to make Oglethorpe a year-end 
tournament threat, is the tremendous play of guard 
Ernie Grain. His shooting has bordered on the unbe- 
lievable and he might definitely be mentioned among 
the All-American roster. In the last five games, the only 
loss came to Tennessee State in Nashville. The latest 
four wins came versus Mercer, 66-57 and 87-70, South 
Alabama, 87-62, and Shorter, 86-50. However, road 
encounters with menancing teams like Albany State, 
West Florida, and Georgia Southern, are upcoming; 
but with a successful outcome in these games, Ogle- 
thorpe would have another shot at the NCAA 

Schedule for Remainder of 1970 

February 2 University of South Alabama 
4 University of West Florida 

10 Clark College 

14 Georgia Southern College 

17 Tennessee State A & I University 

19 University of Chattanooga 

21 University of West Florida 

23 Georgia State College 

26 Mercer University 
March 2 University of Chattanooga 
Home games are played in the Oglethorpe Field House 
at 8 p.m. and all alumni are urged to attend. 

Basketball Season: 

Mobile, Ala. 

Pensacola, Fla. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Statesboro, Ga. 





Macon, Ga. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Coach Norwood 



During Alumni Day 1969, 
Mrs. Virginia O' Kelly 
Dempsey talked with me 
very briefly about a desire 
to assist the alumni effort 
of 1970. Her comments 
were encouraging but did 
not prepare me for the very 
great surprise her letter of 
December 26, 1969, 

K I ).ick" Dempsey The primary message of her 

letter was an offer to con- 
tribute $5,000 to the alumni effort if all other alumni 
will raise $15,000 by May 30, 1970. The contribution 
will be made as a memorial to her husband. Jack 
Dempsey, class of 1929. 

In a telephone conversation with Mrs. Dempsey, 
she revealed the fact that her primary motivation 
stems from the desire to see LOWRY HALL com- 
pletely reconstructed for a four floor library. 

Mr. Jack Dempsey was a member of Oglethorpe 
College Trustees at the time of his death. He and 
Virginia have long been active members of the 
alumni association and the Boosters Club. Some of 
their sports enthusiasm surely stemmed from the 
fact that Jack wore the Stormy Petrel football pads 
while a student here. The couple attended every 
University of Florida football game (at home and 
many that were away) for many years. 

Virginia now resides in Tampa. In this city, Mr. 
Dempsey developed an outstanding reputation as 
a business and civic leader. He was owner of a large 
automobile dealership and one of the founders and 
chairman of the board of a bank. He had many re- 
lated business interests. The spirit of Oglethorpe 
College was always present in any group if the 
Dempseys' were present. Virginia has expressed a 
wish to see an alumni unit developed in the greater 
Tampa area. 

This offer comes in the true spirit of Oglethorpe. 
The alumni will surely respond in kind. Every $15.00 
gift will result in a total of $20.00. Every $75.00 
will get $100.00. I have talked with a number of 
alumni officers and class captains. All are dedicated 
to reaching the goal. 

For her encouragement and financial offer, we salute 
Virginia Dempsey and pledge our untiring efforts to 
meet the challenge. 


Elaine Law 

President, Alumni Association 




$ 4,549.00 

$ 375.00 













(Including Trustees and 

President's Cou 






Oglethorpe announces its Winter Session of Adult Non- 
Credit Courses. This marks the second year that these 
stimulating and rewarding courses have been offered 
to the general public as a result of the expansion of 
the Continuing Education Department. Classes begin 
the week of February 16 and are offered in the even- 
ings at either 6:00 or 7:30. The meetings are one night 
a week for eight weeks and the cost per course is ten 

The schedule is as follows: 

Monday 6:00 

Techniques in Sales and Marketing 
Shorthand II - 1st Half 

Monday 7:30 

Greatest Events of Western Civilization 

Tuesday 6:00 

Elementary Mathematics 

Tuesday 7:30 

Oriental Flower Arranging 
Creative Writing of the Short Story 
Introductory Data Processing 
Portrait Painting 

Wednesday 6:00 

Shorthand II - 2nd Half 
Painting and Drawing 

Wednesday 7:30 

Ceramics and Sculpture 

Thursday 7:30 

Major Religions of the World 
Investing and the Stock Market 

Information and a brochure can be obtained by call- 
ing the College at 261-1441. This affords an excellent 
opportunity for the alumni to return to the campus. 
Register now! 


The number of accepted students for admission Fall 
Semester, 1970, is running considerably higher than 
last year. So, from present indications, even though 
we have raised our admission standards, it would 
seem that more students than ever will be enrolled 
by Oglethorpe in the fall. Dr. Garland Pinholster, 
Dean of Administration, and his staff are to be highly 
commended for the student information program. 
Prospective students and their parents are continually 
visiting the campus and such visitations are a part 
of the admissions policy in that potential students 
are strongly encouraged to actually come to Ogle- 
thorpe before they matriculate. 


E. L. Brantly, '28, is Assistant Superintendent and director of secondary curriculum for the Henry County School 
System in Alabama. 

Alfred A. York, '28, retired at the end of 1969 after serving twenty-two years with Walker Martin, Inc. in Greens- 
boro, North Carolina. 

Charles T. Gifford, '32, 1969 marked his twenty-fifth year of service as a peace officer for the State of Georgia. Mr. 
Gifford is associated with the Cobb County Police Department in Marietta, Georgia. 

Charles C. King, '39, and his wife live in Milledgeville, Georgia, where he is principal of an elementary school in 
the Baldwin County School System. Mr. and Mrs. King have one married daughter, Carolyn Larson, and a son, Philip, 
who attends Georgia College. 

Zola Marshall, '45, is employed as a psychometrist in the Area IV office of the Atlanta Public School System. 

Etta G. Bates, '48, is serving as Principal, Isabella Elementary School, Daugherty County, Albany, Georgia. 

Richard H. Stroller, '49, works as Branch Manager with the New York Stock Exchange firm of A. G. Edwards & Sons 
in Columbus, Georgia. Mr. and Mrs. Stroller have one daughter, Susan, who is a junior at the University of Alabama. 

Donald J. Bloemer, '53, is presently Franchise Director and Vice President of Learning Foundations International, 
Inc., located in Athens, Georgia. Jane Cowart Bloemer, '52, received her M.Ed, degree from the University of Georgia 
in 1969. The Bloemers have three daughters and a son. 

Mae Y. Westbrook, '53, retired in 1969 after teaching elementary school for forty-six years in Cobb and Cherokee 
County schools. 

Ila Varelman McCoy, '58, and her husband, Donald, announce the birth of Scott Christopher on August 21, 1969. 
The McCoys, who also have a two-year old son Mark, reside in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Mary Anne Sharp, '58, is completing work on her master's degree at Emory University and also teaches school in 
the Atlanta School System. Miss Sharp is director of the Decatur Civic Chorus which toured Europe and partici- 
pated in the International Music Festival held in Wales. 

Barbara Marsh Gotsch, '60, was selected as Outstanding Jaycette in Georgia in 1969 and was also honored by being 
named as one of the Outstanding Young Women in American 1969-70. Mrs. Gotsch resides in Roswell, Georgia, with 
her husband and their two children. 

Joseph M. Harb, '61, was awarded his Ph.D. degree in Biology from Tulane University and is currently on the faculty 
of Tulane University Medical School. His major field of interest is electronmicroscopic research on heart disease. 

James L. Delay, '64, is, at the present time, employed as a vinyl chemist with Flexible Products Company in Mari- 
etta, Georgia. Mr. DeLay, before joining the company, served three years with the United States Army with his last 
year being stationed in South Vietnam as a platoon leader with the 1st Infantry Division. 

Charlotte Smith Winsness, '64, and John Howard Winsness, '64, announce the birth of a son. Shannon Kent, on 
February 27, 1967. The Winsnesses make their home in Tucker, Georgia. 

Elizabeth Primm, '65, received her M.A.T. degree from Duke University in 1967 and is presently Director of the 
Reading Department at the Georgia Institute for Neurological Development in Atlanta. 

G. Hoyt Wagner, '65, was recently promoted to supervisor of Commodity Planning Groups, Bendix Launch Support 
Division, located at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Mr. Wagner's group is responsible for the planning and scheduling 
of propellant support for the Apollo missions. Mrs. Sandra Wagner is teaching second grade at St. Mark's Episcopal 
Church, Cocoa, Florida. 

Adrian Elson, '66, was married July 23, 1967 to Neill Fleishman. The couple are living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina 
where Mr. Fleishman is attending law school. 

Anthony P. Franceschelli, '68, married Candy Fennimore, a former student at OC on June 1, 1969. They are cur- 
rently living in South Weymouth, Mass., where Mr. Franceschelli is associated with Press Publishing Company. 

Robert Furman, '68, has been commissioned a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force upon graduation 
from Officer's Training School at Lackland AFB, Texas. Lt. Furman is being assigned to Vance AFB, Oklahoma, for 
pilot training. 

Ted Kallman, '68, and Judith Mossman, '68, were married June 22, 1969. Mr. Kallman is completing study for his 
Ph.D. degree in history at Michigan State University after receiving his M.S. degree in June of 1969. Mrs. Kallman 
will be awarded her M.S.W. degree in June, 1970. The couple live in Haslett, Michigan. 

Paula Haver, '69, is presently a graduate student at Duke University studying for her M.Ed, degree. Miss Haver is 
involved with the Therapeutic Educational Program which sets up demonstration kindergartens for Durham County 
and City schools. 

Kristin Haug, '69, presently teaches mentally retarded children in the Special Education Department of Avondale 
Elementary School. 


Now, as in previous years, Oglethorpe provides its 
graduates with a placement service to aid them in 
securing employment upon the completion of their 
college careers. Many alumni who have become es- 
tablished in the business and professional communi- 
ty, could aid Oglethorpe in serving the students' 
employment needs. When a job opening becomes 
available, the alumni could simply contact, or have 
their Personnel Departments contact, the Placement 
Office on the campus and an interview with a grad- 
uating Senior would be arranged. If the qualifications 
required by the Company are described, the Place- 
ment Director will make these available to the 

In addition, many students are interested in part- 
time employment during school semesters and full 
time Summer work to help defray college expenses. 
Should this type of employment be necessary, stu- 
dents can be lined up through the College Placement 
Office. Alumni cooperation in these projects would 
result in benefits for both the Companies and OC 


Dr. G. Malcolm Amerson, Assistant Professor of Biology 
and Assistant Dean, has been appointed Dean of The 
College by President Paul K. Vonk. Dr. Amerson suc- 
ceeds Dean Edward Garrett who has served as Dean 
since the Spring of 1968. Dean Garrett is leaving Ogle- 
thorpe in order to enter business. 

The very likeable "Doc" Amerson, as he is called by 
his students, will assume his duties on February 1, 1970, 
and will continue teaching biology during the next 
semester. A native of Georgia, Dean Amerson was edu- 
cated at Berry College in Rome, Georgia, where he 
received his Bachelor of Science Degree. His graduate 
study was done at Clemson University where he earned 
both his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy 

President Vonk commented, after making the appoint- 
ment, "Dean Amerson is an energetic and personable 
teacher and scholar who will go a long way in college 
administration. In his position as Assistant Dean and 
Director of the Evening Division he has demonstrated 
outstanding leadership. Oglethorpe college is fortunate 
to have Dr. Amerson available for this position." 

Dean Amerson resides on Hermance Drive on the 
campus with his lovely wife Jo and his daughter 

For Oglethorpe Alumni in Education Careers, March 13, 1970 

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