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Vol. 41 

July, 1958 

No. I 


More than 300 alumni and guests 
provided the smiles and laugliter that 
keynoted the 1958 Spring Homecoming 
Day. The "Flying Petrels"" found class- 
mates and friends aplenty with whom 
they could swap experiences and fond 

From the moment the first two alum- 
ni arrived on the campus, reunions be- 
gan and they continued through the 
day to the last refrains of the orchestra 
at Peachtree Gardens. 

The eleven-man Petrel baseball 
squad put on a gallant fight against the 
West Georgia nine before succumbing 
in extra innings, 11-9. 

Short meetings were held by the 
OABC and NAAOU in which the 
1958-59 officers were elected and Vir- 
gil Milton "30, Oglethorpe University 
trustee, gave an encouraging fieldhouse 
progress report. 

Undoubtedly, the climax of the Day 
was the smorgasbord dinner served out- 
doors between Phoebe Hearst Hall and 
Goodman Hall. 

The 1958 Homecoming was hands- 
down the biggest and best in recent 

Less than half of the alumni present 
signed the guest books. As a result we 
have a record of attendance of only the 
104 Petrels listed below: 


'20: Sidney Holderness 

'25: Milledge Brower 

Judge Thomas L. Camp 

'27: Harry Banister 

A. D. "Fish" Herring 

'28: Keels M. Nix 

Alumni, guests and faculty line up for smorgasbord dinner. 

'29: John W. Crouch 

Elizabeth Werner i Mrs. Sidney » Hold- 
R. Beverly Irwin 
Edna E. Lindsey 
Hey ward M. Lovett 
William C. Perkins 

'30: Virgil W. Milton 

'31: Katie Samuel 

'34: Mrs. Enri Patelli 

Mary Hubner ( Mrs. H. W. > Walker 

'35: H. R. "Nappy" Thranhardt 

'36: W. Lamar Adams 
H. Cecil Moon 
Ed & Kathleen > Wright > Copeland 

'37: Myrta Thomas "Tommie" Carper 
J. Hoyt Farmer 
Dr. Willard T. Hunnicutt 

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Abboff and Bieler 
Receive Grants 

Dr. Martin L. Abbott, Professor of 
American History, and Dr. Arthur Bie- 
ler, Professor of Languages, have been 
awarded summer research grants by 
the Southern Fellowship Fund of 
Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Dr. Abbott studied at the Library of 
Congress and at Howard University on 
the topic of "Southern Negroes During 

Dr. Bieler is studying in France in 
the area of certain phases of linguistics. 

^nc ^luina J elrel 

July, 1958 

Pub/ished seven times a year in July, September, Oc- 
tober, January, March, April and May by Oglethorpe 
University, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Printed by 
Russell & VVardlavv 

Creighton Perry '37„.-_ ^.President 

Stephen Schmidt '40 1st V. President 

Howard Thranhardt '35.. .__ _2nd V. Pres. 

O. K. Sheffield '53 -- 3rd V. President 

Betty Villegas "49 .- Treasurer 

Tommie Carper '37__ Secretary 

Daniel L. Uffner, Jr., '51 Editor 

1958-1959 Alumni Plans 

The Oglethorpe Alumni Executive 
Committee has outlined its alumni ac- 
tivities for the year '58-'59, announced 
President Creighton I. Perry "37. The 
projected program shows careful con- 
sideration and has been planned with 
the alumni in mind. The committees 
for carrying out the program have also 
been appointed for the year. 

The Finance Committee, under the 
chairmanship of Jim Hinson "49. and 
including Betty Villegas '49 and Bill 
Perkins '29, will give final approval 
to all solicitation campaigns, recom- 
mend expenditures for approval by the 
executive board at regular meetings 
and have authority to make expendi- 
tures up to S25.00 (each item) between 
meetings in emergencies. 

Steve Schmidt '40, aided by Tommie 
Carper "37 and Marvin Lawson '58, 
will head the Membership and Organi- 
zation Committee. This committee's 
duties will be to arrange appeals thru 
The Flying Petrel and by mail to in- 
crease alumni membership, complete 
compilation of all the class rosters, sup- 
ervise office work of checking year- 
books and alumni files. This commit- 
tee will also choose and help qualified 
prospects from each class to serve as 
corresponding secretaries. In addition, 
they will elect one person as an execu- 
tive secretary for each five year group. 

The Activities and Special Events 
committee chairman Howard Thran- 
hardt "38, working with Amaryllis 
Barnes "39 and Marshall Asher '"40, 
will make arrangements for the dinner- 
dance on October 24, plan with the 
Booster Club for the winter basketball 
homecoming, organize spring Alumni 
Day festivities, plan and supervise the 
publicity for local newspapers and The 
Flying Petrel and make recommenda- 
tions for any additional activities de- 


1958-59 Executive Committee (from left) Steve Schmidt '40, first vice-president; Betty Villegas 
'49. treasurer; Cecil Moon '36, director; Creighton Perry '37, president; Jim Hinson '49. chair- 
man; Tommie Carper '37, secretary; O. K. Sheffield '53. third vice-president and Hov/ard 
"Nappy" Thranhardt '35, second vice-president. Not pictured are directors Amaryllis Barnes '39, 
Marshall Asher '41, Marvin Lawson '58 and William Perkins '29, 

Creighton Perry "37 has been re- 
elected president of the NAAOU for 
the year 1958-59. Under his leadership 
the association has assumed its rightful, 
dynamic role in Oglethorpe affairs. 

The past year found more members 
contacting personally with other mem- 
bers than ever before. Aggressive action 
was taken by the executive committee 
in groups and individually, to support 
the field house program. The first din- 
ner-dance, a highly successful affair, 
was held at the Ansley Golf Club. 
Initial steps were taken toward the 
organization of classes. And the best 
and biggest Homecoming Day in recent 
years was experienced. All of these 
activities took a great deal of time and 
personal effort. 

Mr. Perry could not do all of these 
things without the solid support of the 

Those members of the 1957-58 exec- 
utive committee elected for the coming 
year with their current titles are 1st 
vice-president Steve Schmidt '40, treas- 
urer Betty Villegas '49, and directors 
Jim Hinson "49 chairman, Cecil Moon 
'36, Sam Hirsch '50, Marshall Asher 
'41 and Amarylis Barnes '39, 

A former member of the committee 
and returnmg to it after one year is 
secretary. Tommy Carper '37. Other 
new members are 2nd vice-president 
Howard "Nappy" Thranhardt '35. 3rd 
vice-president 6. K. Sheffield '53, and 
directors William Perkins '29 and 
Marvin Lawson '58. 

O. K. Sheffield '53 has been appoint- 
ed chairman of the Greater Atlanta 
Hospitality Committee with members 
Cecil Moon '36 and Sam Hirsch, "50. 
This committee will organize telephone 
campaigns for all special events and 
encourage alumni to invite out-of-town 
friends to homecomings. 

In addition to the duties of these 
committees, the program includes furn- 
ishing complete rosters of known alum- 
ni to all dues-paid members by next 
April and continuing efforts toward 
the early completion of the new field 

1958-1959 promises to be a full and 
exciting year for Oglethorpe Alumni. 
With the support of each alumnus, the 
association can carry out this program 
effectively and efficiently. 

Have You Forgotten 

Did you know that many corpora- 
tions and foundations consider the 
percentage of contributing alumni 
to determine which colleges they will 

If you have not paid your 1958- 
59 dues, won't you take time now to 
place Oglethorpe in a more favor- 
able position to receive a large 
grant? Make your check payable to 
Oglethorpe University with the no- 
tation: "alumni dues." It is tax de- 

Class of 1920-1943 S5.00 
1944-1953 S3,00 
1954-now S2.00 

Page 2 

The Flying Petrel 

Meet — 


When last seen on May 8, 1958. Wil- 
liam L. Nunn "22 was expertly making 
final arrangements to receive Scandi- 
navian ro\alty on the University of 
Minnesota's Minneapolis campus. 

Since the State of Minnesota was set- 
tled by people from northern European 
countries. Princess Astrid of Norway 
and Prince Bertil of Sweden visited the 
Midwestern State to help celebrate its 
100th birthday. Their itinerary includ- 
ed a stop at L' M where Mr. Nunn is 
Director of University Relations, a post 
he has held since 1945. 

Mr. Nunn. born in Lee County, Ala- 
bama in 1902 and a graduate of Buford 
High School in Georgia, graduated 
from Oglethorpe in 1922 with an A.B. 
degree in Business Administration. 
While at Oglethorpe, he was business 
manager of the Yamacraw and a mem- 
ber of the Thalian Society, Debating 
Council and Alpha Lambda Tau. 

Following a four-year teaching posi- 
tion at Oita Commercial College, Oita, 
Japan, Mr. Nunn studied at Columbia 
University and earned his M.A. degree 
in 1927. 

His teaching experiences include two 
years at the University of Pittsburgh, 
two years at the School of Commerce 
of New York University and assistant 
to professor of economics at the Uni- 
versity of Newark from 1929 to 1945, 
with a leave of absence during WW II. 

Mr. Nunn is a district director of the 
American College Public Relations 
Assn., and a member of the Public Re- 
lations Society of America. 

In addition to professional duties, 
Mr. Nunn has accepted his civic re- 
sponsibilities in the Minneapolis area. 
This is attested to by his being a former 
mayor of the Village of Champlin. 
Minnesota and board member of the 
Public Relations Committee of the 
Minneapolis YMCA and of the Family 
and Children's Service of Minneapolis. 

Oglethorpe University is proud of 
William Lee Nunn. To meet this man 
is to know that even greater achieve- 
ments and honors are in store for him 
in the future. 

July, 1958 

William L. Nunn 

Dr. Bohnhorst 

Dr. Ben A. Bohnhorst, education 
professor at Oglethorpe University, was 
one of the discussion group leaders at 
the "Focus on Youth" institute spon- 
sored by the Atlanta Conference of 
Christians and Jews. 

Albert Hahnan, O. U. 
Trustee, At Rest 

Albert E. Hahnan. trustee of 
Oglethorpe University and founder 
and president of the Tractor and 
Machinerv Company, died Mav 18, 
1958. in Atlanta. 

Mr. Hahnan was an active worker 
with the Boy Scouts, having been 
connected with that organi/alion 
since 1931. He was a member at 
large of the National Cotmcil of Boy 
Scouts of America, a member of the 
executive board of the Atlanta Area 
Council and honorary member of 
the Honolulu Council of Boy Scouts. 
He was vice-president of the Amer- 
ican Hunianics Foundation and a 
former member of the board of trus- 
tees of Presbyterian College. 

Surviving are his wife; a sister. 
Mrs. Carl Bartmann. N. Y.; and a 
brother, Harold Hahnan, of Ham- 
ilton, Ontario. Canada. 

Former Art Teacher, 
Navy Art Editor 

Mr. James Springer, former Art In- 
structor during 1938-1942, is now the 
Art Director of the Navy Publication 
"Naval Aviation News". 

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'38: Wvatt H. Benton 

CDR C. Frank Cauthen 

Creighton I. Perry 

Francis Scott Key 

Jeannette Bentley 'Mrs. Cecil i Moon 

Kimsey Stewart 
'39: Ralph "H. King 

Blanche Knapp 

Jane Clippinger ' Mrs. J. W. i Lock- 
'40: Mrs. Arvil Axelberg 

Steve Schmidt 
'41: Marshall .-^sher 

Phil & Jeane (Mulden Scales 
'42: Betty Waldron i Mrs. Howard' A,\el- 

Sarah Wright iMrs. Hughi Freeman 

Jeanne Fuller i Mrs. Steve ' Schmidt 
■43: Mary Bishop iMrs. Marshall' Asher 

Rhett Pinson i Mrs. S. S. ' Sanders 
'46: Bernice R. Hilliard 
'48: Florence Richardson iMrs. L. S. > 

Joseph G. Cannon 

Mildred Cragon (Mrs. C. F. > Daugh- 

Denny Wells Spencer 

Charles R. Weltner 
'49: Judge E. Harvey Albea 

Ed. L. Chandler 

Jim and Dot i Pickens' Hinson 

Dr. Kent and Joyce ' Rounds ' Hovis 

Grace Albert ' Mrs. J. Calvin ' Jones 

Dr. Steve May 

Betty Olds (Mrs. Albert) Villegas 
'50: Wm. Harold Crowe 

Vince and Anne 'Knudsen) Faraone 

Sam Hirsch, Jr. 

J. C. Robinson. Jr. 

George and Diane (Himmen Scott 

'51: Daniel L. Uffner. Jr. 

'.52: Nancy Downs 'Mrs. Ed. L. i Chandler 
J. E. "Mac" Henderson 

'53: Lucy (Mrs. A. E.) Leslie 
0. K. Sheffield 
Mrs. D. W. Waddell 

'54: Marie (Mrs. R. 0. > Beebe 
L. M. Lippman. Jr. 
William H. Maloney 
Mike Murphey 
Connie Nesbif 
Lt. A. Hermann Nienieyer 
Ava Hart (Mrs. 0. K. ' Sheffield 
Elizabeth B. ( Mrs. P. K. ' Snead 
Frank and Miriam ' Cowan ' Specht 
Don Ziirek 

'55: Nancy Camp 

Eliz. Anne "Liz" Mathieu 
L. J. McWilliams. Jr. 

'56: Ruth Daniel (Mrs. Geo. i Arger 
Monica Mueller (Mrs. John' Dupiiy 
Mary .Anne Foster 
0. B. Francis, Jr. 
Catherine Ochsenleld ' Mrs. Al ' hiyer- 

Joseph P. Lee 
Robert W. Loxett 
Mrs. W. H. Power 

'57 George Arger 

XeA\BU03 ( v H sji/yi) q iJeaj 
John L. Du])uy 
Sarah ( Mrs. E. V. ) Hopkins 
Ellen Kinsey 
Ens. Jim Magee. USNR 
Joyce B. ( Mrs. C. R. ' Minors 
Robert B. Oliver 
Karen (Mrs. D. P.) Stephenson 

'58: Mary Anne (Mrs. P. B. ' Butler 

Page 3 

Creighton Perry '37, 
president of NAAOU. 
presents Dr. Agnew 
with S958.00, the first 
Forward Oglethorpe 
fund installment. 



A few weeks of planning . . . several 
days of meticulous preparation . . . 
hours spent setting up tables and chairs 
and arranging beautiful centerpieces 
. . . and BANG! A quarter ton of food 
and beverages are consumed in 100 

This is the story of the Homecoming 
Day meal; the most thoroughly enjoyed 
dinner in Oglethorpe history. 

Ihe recipients? The more than 300 
alumni and guests who attended Home- 
coming Day. The Host? Oglethorpe 
University. The person on whose 
shoulders fell this superhuman task? 
Mrs. Martha Ann de I'Etoile, who uses 
her artistic genius admirably to sup- 
plement well her duties as Oglethorpe's 
food manager. 

The excellent preparation and tre- 
mendous quantity of food served, as 
well as the attractive decorations was 
an unexpected but delightful surprise 
to all in attendance. 

Many alumni have expressed a wish 
to relive those 100 minutes. Perhaps 
they can if they will lean back in 
easy chairs, close their eyes, relax and 
reminisce after they read the following 
menu of foods served and eaten. 

Roast turkey, 70 lbs.; roast beef, 50 
lbs.; ham, 40 lbs.; shrimp, 25 lbs.; tuna 
fish, 15 lbs.; chicken livers, 35 lbs.; 
fried chicken, 70 lbs.; baked beans, 6 
gals.; Iranian casserole, 4 gals.; cole 
slaw, 5 gals.; potato salad, 100 lbs.; 
stuffed eggs, 10 dz.; celery, ' _. crate; 
radishes, 4 lbs.; olives, 2 lbs.; Waldorf 
salad, 5 gals.; cranberry sauce, 4 gals.; 
curried fruit, 5 gals.; strawberries, 5 
gals.; layer cakes, 7; hard rolls, 25 doz.; 
iced tea, 10 gals.; coffee, 15 gals. 

Page 4 

Roy Goslin, professor of physics at 
Oglethorpe, conducted the second an- 
nual Fun With Science program at the 
Brookhaven Public Library during 
June and July. 

Mr. Goslin, member of the Brook- 
haven Library Board, has offered this 
type of program intermittently for the 
past several years. It proved so popular 
with youngsters from 10 to 15 years 
old, that a formally organized class was 
begun during the 1957 summer vaca- 
tion period. 

Participation is on a voluntary basis 
so enrollment varies considerably from 
week to week, but some 30 to 85 stu- 
dents are in attendance each class per- 
iod. The subject matter covers many 
phases of the science field including 
geology, meteorology, atomic physics, 
botany and chemistry. 

According to Mr. Goslin, the Fun 
With Science classes have started many 
boys and girls toward scientific collec- 
tions, and a sizeable proportion of his 
former students have taken an active 
part in the Georgia high schools science 

Mrs. M. D. Collins Dies 

Mrs. Mary Collins, 71, died June 
24. She was the wife of Dr. M. D. 
Collins "3 1 emeritus state superin- 
tendent of schools and member of 
the Board of Trustees of Oglethorpe 

She was a graduate of Palmetto 
High School and attended old Cox 
College in College Park and Shorter 
College in Rome. She was a mem- 
ber of the Second College Park Bap- 
tist Church, the DAR, the Rebeccas 
and the UDC. 

Services were held at Spring Hill 
and burial took place in Westview 
Cemetery with Dr. Harry V. Smith 
and Dr. William Allison "33 offici- 

Surviving besides Dr. Collins are 
a sister. Miss Margaret Cochran, 
Atlanta; brother. Berry Cochran, 
Palmetto; niece, Mrs. Jean Cochran 
Van Wheeler, Hopewell, N. J.; and 
a nephew, Jack Cochran, Gaines- 
ville, Georgia. 


Your alumni executive committee 
feels that The Flying Petrel could per- 
form a valuable service for you with 
the addition of the Job Mart, a feature 
in which employers and job-seekers 
can be brought together. 

On a trial basis, job specifications 
and personal qualifications will be 
printed in the Job Mart section of The 
Petrel. No charge will be made for this 
service. Please restrict applications to 
50 words or less. 

We Like 
"Fish" — Honest! 

(from lelt) Sidney Hold 
erness '20, Sidney Hold 
erness. Ill, Harry Ban 
nister '27, A. D. "Fish' 
Herring '27, Harwet 
Bannister {Harry's son) 
and Beverly Irwin '29. 

The Flying Petrel 

Are yOty Talking 
About Oglethorpe? 

OABC Executive Committee members (from left) Jim Hinson '49. second vice-president; Cecil 
Moon '36, first vice-president; Steve Schmidt '40, president; Ed Copeland '36, chairman; and 
Bob Oliver '57, director. Not pictured are Jim "Mac" Henderson '52, secretary-treasurer and 
directors Ralph King '39, George Kolowich '43, William Perkins '29, 

BOOSTER CLUB IN 7958-7959 

Steve Schmidt '40 has been elected 
president of the Oglethorpe Athletic 
Booster Club. Mr. Schmidt, the 1956- 
57 OABC first vice-president, has been 
a key member during the organization's 
initial year of existence, and a great 
deal of its effectiveness can be traced 
directly to his efforts. He succeeds Ed 
Copeland "36 who is now chairman of 
the OABC Board of Directors. 

Other officers for the 1958-59 term 
are first vice-president, Cecil Moon '36, 
second vice-president, Jim Hinson "49 
and secretary-treasurer. Jim "Mac" 
Henderson "52. 

Directors are Ralph King '39, 
George Kolowich "43, Bob Oliver '57 
and William Perkins "29. 

The OABC executive committee has 
met twice since Homecoming Day with 
a third meeting scheduled for the first 
Tuesday in August. 

Arrangements are being made for a 
Booster Club banquet in September in 
honor of Garland Pinholster, ""Georgia 
Coach of the Year". Members will have 
an opportunity at that time to meet the 
1958-59 edition of the Stormy Petrel 

Preparations are also underway for 
the Fall Homecoming which will be 
held sometime in December in con- 
junction with a home basketball game. 

The committee has pledged to stay 
behind the field house construction ef- 

July, 1958 

forts and to aid in everyway it can to 
bring the structure to completion as 
early as possible. 

The committee has expressed a de- 
sire for ideas concerning the several 
functions of the OABC. If you have 
a good one that will improve any phase 
of the Booster Club proizram, send it 
to Steve Schmidt, 2002 Wisher Trail, 
NE, Atlanta 6, Georgia, 

Patelli and Holderness 
New Life Members 

Mrs. Enri Patelli '34 and Sidney 
Holderness "20 have been presented 
with lifetime membership cards. 

Mrs. Patelli travelled some 900 miles 
from Elmhurst, N. Y, to attend Home- 
coming to become the Day's long-dis- 
tance champion. Her closest competi- 
tors were Harry Bannister '27 who lives 
in Dundee, Illinois, Liz Mathieu '55 
from Miami, Fla. and Cmdr. Frank 
Cauthen '38 from New Orleans, La. 
Mr. Bannister brought his son, Har- 
well, as a guest and Mrs. Cauthen ac- 
companied her husband. 

Mr. Holderness won his card for 
being the alumnus-in-attendance of the 
earliest class represented at Homecom- 
ing. Mrs. Holderness, the former Eliza- 
beth Werner "29, joined him in the 
Day's activities. 

Even though applications for admis- 
sion to Oglethorpe have increased more 
than 30% per year for the past several 
\ears, our enrollment has remained 
fairly constant — between 200 and 300 

The primary reason for this is that 
both the admissions and academic poli- 
cies have been strengthened. 

As you know, we will enlarge the 
enrollment to some 500 students within 
the next few years. However, this will 
not be done at the expense of our aca- 
demic program, which is stronger to- 
day than at any other time in Ogle- 
thorpe's history. 

In order to obtain this student in- 
crease, the Trustees and Administra- 
tion have initiated many activities that 
will aid in arriving at our goal with 
sureness and speed. 

Mike Murphey '54 travels exten- 
sively to tell the Oglethorpe story to 
high school and junior college students, 
their parents, and their principals and 
counsellors. He is supplemented by an 
increasing amount of publicity, and 
better designed literature, including 
pictures, that appeals to the higti school 

We have found that the most effec- 
tive way to interest students in Ogle- 
thorpe is through personal contact. For 
this reason, we have asked our students 
to visit their high schools and talk to 
their friends about Oglethorpe. The 
results have been extremely gratifying. 

If each of our 5.000 alumni talks to 
one good high school student or to 
their parents, Oglethorpe would have 
to expand to our proposed limit almost 
immediately. Alumni are potentially 
the greatest public relations force Ogle- 
thorpe has. A few words from you 
could direct an able student to your 
alma mater, and you will receive the 
satisfaction of knowing that he will get 
one of the finest educations in the na- 

If you have talked to anyone about 
entering Oglethorpe, or if you know 
of someone who is the Oglethorpe cal- 
ibre of student, drop a note to Mike. 
Give him the student's name, address, 
telephone number and high school. 
Mike will do the rest. 

This is the greatest contribution an 
alumnus can make to his alma mater 
and one that everyone can give. Make 
it a point today to talk to someone 
about Oglethorpe. 

Page 5 

Mr. Coulborn, June 1958 
Commencement Speaker 

W. A. L. Coulborn, professor of 
economics at Oglethorpe, gave the 
commencement address at the 81st 
graduation service of the University 
on June 8. 1958. 

Coulborn said, "The training derived 
from formal education is far more im- 
portant that the detail of any studies". 
He added, "Experiences from campus 
life are valuable memories to take into 
the uncertainties of the future." 

Coulborn pointed out that "the fu- 
ture could be a time in which mankind 
might exterminate itself," and affirmed, 
"that steady courage would be desired 
in the future." In conclusion, he said 
that "personal conduct rooted in hu- 
man goodness is the real basis of civil- 
ized society." 

Dr. Paul James, Director of South- 
ern Baptist Work in Greater New York 
and Pastor of the Manhattan Baptist 
Church of New York City, delivered 
the baccalaureate sermon. 

Marvin Lawson, president of the 
senior class, presented the senior gift 
to Dr. Agnew, a microfilm of the 1936 
editions of the New York Times. 

The Yamacraw was dedicated to 
Garland F. Pinholster, Athletic Direc- 
tor and Georgia "Coach of the Year". 

Graduating with honors were: Albert 
Sheppard and Evelyn Patricia Baker, 
Summa cum laude, Ernest R. Stone and 
Ann Carolyn Klein, Magna cum laude, 
Catherine Long Leonard, Mary Anne 
Sharp and Anne McCallum, cum laude. 

Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants 
in the Marine Corps were Ted D. Bay- 
ley and John Emil Harms. 

The Duchess Club award was presented to Mar- 
tha Laird, the Boar's Head award: Robert D. Mar- 
tin, the Sally Hull Weltner award: Evelyn Patricia 
Baker. Faculty Scholarship award and LeConte So- 
ciety award: Albert Sheppard. the Benjamin N, 
Parker Law award: Marc S. Weinberg, the David 
Hesse Memorial award: Jimmie R. Clower, the 
Philip Weltner Citizenship award: Linda Roebuck 
Hoffman, and the James Edward Oglethorpe 
awards for merit: Ted D. Bayley and Ila Ann 

Receiving the Bachelor of Arts degrees were: 
Theodore Dwight Bayley. Jr.. Shirley Benefiel, 
Hava Buttenwieser Bltan, Lawrence Lee Boyers, 
Jimmie Rodrick Clower, Peggy O'Neal Compton. 
Albert Lee Dismer, Clinton L. Fincher, Ina Dorothy 
Foster. William Royall Foster, Christina Rice 
Freeman, Arley M, Gardner, John Emil Harms, 
Harold Bruce Hauck, Russell H. Haynie, John 
Franklin Johnson, Jr., Ann Coody Jones. Alice 
Katherine Kincaid, Ann Carolyn Klein, Jack C, 
Lane, Marvin William Lawson, Catherine Long 
Leonard. Ann C. McCallum. Anne Genevieve Mc- 
Geady. John Alan Moore, Jay Camden Plymale, 
Charles Floyd Scott, Mary Anne Sharp, Franci.s 
Frederick Shipton, Annette Waldrop Smith, Eddie 
Starnes, Ila Ann Varelmann, Eva Jewell Williams, 
Hines L. Wommack, and Rosalie Brookshaw Young, 

Bachelor of Science degrees were presented to: 
Alfred Eugene Coker, Robert Leon Garbutt, Jr., 
Edward Leon Milllkan. Albert P. Sheppard and 
Ernest R. Stone. 

Evelyn Patricia Baker received a B. S. in Med- 
ical Technology and B, S. degrees in Education 
went to: Mary Anna Butler, Lois Lacy Cloud. Mar- 
garet Greer Morris, Emily George Owlngs and 
Mamie Hallman Ross. 

Page 6 


Mrs. E. Roy (Myrtle H.) Davis "45 
gained national recognition as a con- 
testant on "The $64,000 Question" 
television program. She answered all 
of her questions correctly until Sunday 
night, June 15 when she missed a 
tough one. Mrs. Davis" winnings 
amount to S24,000. Her opponent also 
missed the question, so both contestants 
were administered a written test, com- 
piled by Norman Vincent Peale and 

Bergen Evans, to determine which 
would represent the United States in 
the International Bible Competition. 
Mrs. Davis came through with flying 

She will leave New York on August 
4 for Israel where the competition, 
scheduled for August 19, will take 
place. Contestants from all over the 
world will tour the Holy Land before 
the contest begins. 


Oglethorpe University "s summer 
program encompasses several kinds of 
education. College preparatory courses, 
brush-up study for teachers, courses of 
regular study and a seminar course for 
college graduates are being offered in 
the two sessions of summer school. 

The college prep courses are new ad- 
ditions to the University's program and 
include courses for high school gradu- 
ates wishing to improve their English 
composition and mathematics. The 
courses are not offered for college 
credit but are valuable to students en- 
tering college and insure adequate 
training in these two subjects which 
college officials feel are vital. 

Also added to the summer offerings 
are two courses for teachers who want 
to improve their knowledge of mathe- 
matics and science, Basic Mathematics 
and Fundamentals of Physics. 

The Alumni Humanities Seminar is 
being offered by Dr. Stanley Daugert. 
It is a most enjoyable way to continue 
one's education and to gain an insight 
into the myriad problems affecting man 
and mankind. 

The Family Tradition 

Oglethorpe alumni play an important 
role in the growth of the University 
in various ways. A glance at the Fall, 
'59 Oglethorpe acceptance list shows 
that many relatives of alumni are en- 
rolling at the University. 

To date, Dwight L. Bayley, Jackson- 
ville, Florida, brother of Ted Bayley 
'58 president of the student body last 
year, has been accepted and will enter 
Oglethorpe next fall. Frances L. Ivey, 
daughter of Mrs. Frances N. Ivey '54, 
College Park, Georgia, will follow in 
her mother's footsteps. Kathryn Klein 
is the sister of Ann Klein '58 and Fran- 
cine Klein "60. Frederick C. Lubs, of 
Savannah, Georgia, is a cousin to Sam 
Edelman '57, Betty F. Webb, At- 
lanta, succeeds her mother, Frances 
Warlich Webb '27 and her aunt, Mil- 
dred Warlich Merrie "23, and Patricia 
Hinson is Jim and Dot Hinson's '49 
sister and sister-in-law respectively. 

Oglethorpe is becoming a family 

What's New With YOU? 

You are the most important person we know. That is why we want to know 
what you are doing, what milestones you have reached in your business, what 
honors you have received in your civic and social affairs and news of your family. 

Help your friends share, vicariously, in your fortunes by filling in the box be- 
low, now. Send it to the Editor, The Flying Petrel, Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, 
Georgia. (Note: don't be modest. We will keep all sources of informatiin confi- 


. Class- 

(New) Address. 


The Flying Petrel 


Bert Leslie Hammack "23 formerly 
personnel director for the Atomic En- 
ergy Commission for about six years, 
has been employed in that capacity by 
the Duquesne Power Company on the 
"Power Plant for Peace" project at 
Shippingport, Pa., dedicated recently 
by President Eisenhower. 

Harry Bannister "27 has retired as 
secretary-treasurer of the Mid-Union 
Indemnity Company. He now holds the 
position of consultant with the same 

Dr. Nicholas J. Torforella "27 died 
in Elizabeth, N. J. 

H. Johnson Reynolds "29 former 
manager of the Capital City Country 
Club and retired Sears, Roebuck & 
Company employee, died in Atlanta. 

Thomas H. Daniel, Sr. father of T. 
H. Daniel "3 1 of Atlanta died. 

Carl T. Sutherland "3 1 , Atlanta per- 
sonnel director and a major general in 
the Army reserve, has been re-elected 
to the executive committee of the Re- 
serve Officers" Association. He was 
named to the committee at the or- 
ganization"s 32nd annual convention 
in Atlantic City, N. J. Gen. Sutherland 
is commander of the 81st Infantry 
"Wildcat" Division, composed of units 
from Georgia and Tennessee. He is 
married to the former Alma Shaw "32. 

Fulton County Chaplain VV. P. (Bill) 

Allison "33 was commended by the Ful- 
ton County Grand Jury Thursday for 
his work in rehabilitating prisoners just 
released from prison. The jury said the 
chaplain gives prisoners clothing, finan- 
cial assistance and helps them find jobs. 
The jury recommended the Rev. Mr. 
Allison be given assistance "in the way 
of personnel and funds'" to continue 
the rehabilitation work. 

Homecoming, May 3rd, was es- 
pecially significant to the Henry Walk- 
ers this year. Twenty-five years ago, on 
July 30, 1933, they were married on 
the lawn in front of Phoebe Hearst 
Hall, with a background of a new moon 
and a blazing sunset, and music by 
Margaret Stovall on the chimes in the 
tower. Mrs. Walker is the former Mary 
Huber 34. 

July, 1958 

Mrs. Knri Patelli "34 is the recording 
secretary of the Tuesday Talkers, an 
organization that believes in promoting 
good speech. Its descriptive motto is: 
"The pursuit of cultured speech, leads 
one to many beautiful lands." 

James Mikell Holmes "36 died at his 
home in Decatur, Ga. He was well- 
known in Atlanta musical circles as a 
pianist, arranger and composer. 

Oglethorpe Alumni Executive Presi- 
dent, Creijjhton 1. Perry "37 has been 
elected associate editor of Lionews, a 
publication of the Atlanta Lions Club. 

Sam Finklea '38 helped promote a 
Horse Show for Benefit of Crippled 
Children this past May in Columbia, 
S. C. 

VVyatt Benton "38 is principal of 
Central Elementary School in Lancas- 
ter, S. C. 

Cmdr. C. Frank Cauthen "38 is lo- 
cated in New Orleans as District Mater- 
ial Officer in the 8th Naval District. 

LaVerne Partain Grey "39 an- 
nounces the birth of a son Christopher 
Perrin, born February 25. The Greys 
now have four sons and two daughters. 

Dr. Malcolm Mosteller "40 is now 

located in Columbia, S. C. His office 
is adjacent to Columbia Hospital. 

Nicholas Pope, Jr. "41 has been 
selected for Commander in the U. S. 
Navy. Commander Pope is presently 
assigned to the Office of Information 
and is Head of the Navy Press Section, 
in the Pentagon, Washington, D. C. 

Sympathy is extended to O. J. White, 

Jr. "43 in the death of his father. 

VV. E. Avers "47 was named presi- 
dent of the North DeKalb Planning 
Council. He is a resident of Mabry 
Road and retires in June as president 
of the Jim Cherry Parent-Teacher As- 

Betty Turner Boone "48 was pre- 
sented in Concert at E. Rivers School 
in Atlanta. She studied voice under 
Alec Buckingham Simpson, teacher 
and conductor of Atlanta and London. 
Betty has sung throughout the South 

and has made further appearances un- 
der the sponsorship of the Houston, 
Texas Junior League; the Houston Mu- 
sic Theater; Houston Summer Sym- 
phony; the Georgia Tech Glee Club 
and Cathedral Singers of Atlanta and 
Nashville. She is presently engaged as 
a choir director of St. James Methodist 
Church in Atlanta. 

"Gene" Ivey '49 is back in Atlanta 
and is connected with the national Bis- 
cuit Company. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kduard L. Chandler 

'49/'52 are the proud parents of a girl, 
Ellanc Alice, who was born May 18, 

Mrs. James K. Fancher '49. the 
former Frances Stribling, died in At- 
lanta after a brief illness. She is sur- 
vived by her husband and three young 
daughters, Laurie, Amelia and Martha 

A. Z. Johnson '50 has been installed 
as First Vice President of the Tucker 
Lions Club. Mr. Johnson is a teacher 
and coach at Chamblee High School. 

Douglas L. Cook "50 has been elect- 
ed President of the Atlanta Junior 
Chamber of Commerce. 

Dr. and Mrs. William Trimble an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Cynthia 
Ellen on April 4, 1958. Mrs. Trimble 
is the former Nell Poole "5 1 . 

John F"isher "5 1 of 54 Meda Place, 
Midland Park, N. J. is associated with 
Farris Engineering Corporation of Pali- 
sades Park. He is the proud father of a 
two-year old son, Brian. 

Mrs. John R. Fincher "52. principal 
of the Central Park School in East 
Point, died. She had been a teacher 
in the Fulton County School system 
for 17 years. 

Mrs. Jeroline Longino "52 has been 
unanimously chosen as Coweta Coun- 
ty's Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Lon- 
gino is a member of the faculty at 
Madraas School and this ward is a 
high tribute to her qualities as teacher 
and friend. 

Mrs. Polly Christie "54 was elected 
corresponding secretary of the DeKalb 
County Teachers" Association. 

Page 7 


Betty Alder Davidson '52 was 

elected President of the Georgia 
Science Teachers' Association at the 
G.E.A. Convention in March. She and 
her husband returned to Atlanta from 
Newport News, Virginia, last summer. 
At present Betty is teaching Human 
Biology at Southwest High School in 
Atlanta. Rod is connected with the 
Trust Company of Georgia as the new 
business representative at the new West 
End Branch. 

Charlie Scarratt "52 has been signed 
to a three year recording contract by 
Felsted Records, a subsidiary of Lon- 
don Records. He sings his own compo- 
sitions on his first record, "The Love- 
mobile" and "Two Innocent Lovers." 
In addition to the singing contract, 
Charlie has had four songs accepted for 
recording by other companies in the 
last three months. Let's give Ciiarlie a 
hand by requesting his records on disc 
jockey shows, juke bo.xes and in record 

Mrs. J. J. (Evelyn Balver) Allen 55 

gave birth to a daughter. Kathleen 
Evelyn Baker Allen on April 4, 1958. 
The Aliens reside in Hapeville, Ga. 

Bill Wehunt "56 is office and credit 
manager of Majestic Corporation, a 
wholesale drygoods company in At- 

Bob Lovett "56 is the proud papa of 
a baby girl, Elizabeth Howard, born 
on July 24, 1958. 

Pvt. Joe C. White "56 of the United 
States Army is now located in Ulm, 
Germany. He has been stationed there 
for one year. 

George Arger '57 is with the Catalog 
Division of Sears and Roebuck in At- 
lanta. His wife, Ruth Daniel Arger "56 
is doing social work with Fulton Coun- 

On June 14, Marcia Hiatt "57 mar- 
ried Jimmy Sivils '56. Marcia is teach- 
ing the 5th grade in Columbus, Ohio. 
Jimmy has completed two of his four 
years of medical school. 

Gordon Hiles "57 made the Order of 
Gownsmen honor society in his first 
semester at the University of the South. 
He is studying theology, a 3 year course 
which leads to the Bachelor of Divinity 
degree. Participating in sports, he won 
10 of 11 swimming races in the 220 
yard backstroke. 

Mary Loretta Koch '57 was married 
to Lirni Titincis Durbin of Kirk wood. 
Mo. on July 12 in Kirkwood. 

John Dupuy '57 has a teaching fel- 
lowship at Florida State University in 
Gainesville where he will pursue stud- 
ies in Marine Biology. Mrs. Dupuy is 
the former Monica Mueller '56. 

Mary Anne Sharp '58 went to Eu- 
rope this summer as a member of the 
Decatur Civic Chorus. 

Helena Carter '58 became the bride 
of Charles J. Robisch on June 14 at 
the Cathedral of Christ the King. 

Ed Millikan '58 was married June 8, 
1958 at Grace Memorial Methodist 
Church. The couple went to Mexico on 
their honeymoon. 

Larry Boyers '58 is now employed 
by the Boy Scouts of America in Cin- 
cinnati. He will attend the National 
Training School in September. 

Ram and Trevis Ingram '58/'59 have 
a baby boy, Robert William, born July 
18, 1958 at Crawford Long Hospital 
in Atlanta. 

Ens. John W. Voss '58 received his 
pilot's wings at Corpus Christi on 
June 20, 1958. 

"Mac" Willis '59 is playing summer 
stock in Ocala, Florida. 

John Daniel Troy '60 is engaged to 
Janet Coleman. The wedding will take 
place August 29 at the Morningside 
Baptist Church. 

Sue Snead '61 married Don Haddon 
June 15. Don is at present a student at 
Southern School of Pharmacy. 

Barbara Baughman "61 has been se- 
lected a member of Davison's College 

ffigldluirpr ^lluiUrrsily 


Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Atlanta, Georgia, 
under Act of August 24, 1912 

POSTMASTER: Return Postage Guaranteed.