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Vol. 45 

Published by National Oglethorpe Alumni Association. October. 1962 



Definite phases and steps in the Oglethorpe University development pro- 
gram have been completed and the artist's rendering shows how the campus 
is to look several years hence. We should all be encouraged at the con- 
tinued evidence of progress. Monies received and "on the way" will make 
it possible for us to think about the time when we will actually break 
ground. However, Dr. Agnew feels, and correctly so, that we must get 
the endowment picture strengthened as a necessary first step toward the 
realization of our goals. 

Ulie ZJ-tuina J-^etrel 

October, 1962 

Published seven times a year in July, September, Oc- 
tober, January, March, April ond May by Oglethorpe 
University, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Printed by 
Russell & Wardlaw 


Sam M. Hirsch, Jr. '50 _ _ President 
Phil Hildretn 'cs4 .. _ 1st V. President 
Jim Holliday '49 _ - 2nd V. President 

Martin Sterling '36 3rd V. President 

Marv Ann Mehre '54 ... Secretary 

Wayne S. Traer '28 - - Treasurer 


Howard G. Axelberg '40 Chairman 

Mrs. Virginia P. Cutts '24 
Mrs. Mary Walker '34 
Mrs. Tommie Carper '37 
Mrs. Philip Scales '41 
Mr. Bert Robinson '50 
Mrs. David Garrett '52 
Col. Frank Shipton '58 
Mr. Norman Arnold '50 


Mrs. Joyce B. Minors '57 


Five new facutly members have 
signed contracts for the 1962-1963 
academic year at Oglethorpe Univer- 
sity. In keeping with the University's 
policy of maintaining an excellent and 
well-qualified faculty, three full-time 
and two part-time teachers joined 
the staff in September. 

The Division of Citizenship added 
two full-time teachers, one in the poli- 
tical science field and one in eco- 
nomics. They will replace Mr. William 
A. Carroll and Mr. Max T. Johns 

Dr. Ida M. Chairaviglio, who re- 
ceived her Doctor of Philosophy degree 
from Emory University in August of 
1962, with specialties in American 
government, constitutional law and 
political theory, will join the Ogle- 
thorpe faculty as Assistant Professor. 
Dr. Chairaviglio holds the A.B. de- 
gree from Berea College in Kentucky 
and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from 
Emory. She also attended summer 
school at the University of Wisconsin. 
Dr. Chairaviglio has taught political 
science at East Tennessee State College 
and at Emory. Her doctoral disserta- 
tion was on "The Contribution of the 
State of Georgia to the Development 
of the Concept of Federalism." Dr. 
Chiaraviglio is the wife of an Emory 
philosophy professor. 

Mr. Harold M. Shafron joins 

Page 2 

the economics staff as Assistant Pro- 
fessor, coming to Oglethorpe from the 
College of Charleston where he was 
head of the Economics Department. 
Mr. Shafron holds B.A. and M.A. de- 
grees from the University of Alabama 
and has taught at the University of 
Alabama and at Fairleigh Dickinson 
University in addition to the College 
of Charleston. Mr. Shafron also has 
considerable business experience, hav- 
ing been co-owner of a textile fabric 
company in New Jersey. He served as 
economic aide in the Third Military 
Government Regiment during World 
War II where he worked with officials 
of war damaged industries in Germany 
and Austria. Mr. Shafron's wife is a 
professional artist and art teacher. 

In the Division of Science, Mr. 
Joseph M. Branham will replace Dr. 
Arthur L. Cohen, coming to Ogle- 
thorpe as Assistant Professor of Bi- 
ology. Mr. Branham holds B.S. and 
M.S. degrees from the University of 
Florida, where he is presently a can- 
didate for the Ph.D. degree. Mr. Bran- 
ham has been the holder of a teaching 
assistantship at Florida State Univer- 
sity, and has also held research as- 
sistantships at the University of Del- 
aware Marine Taboratory, the Marine 
Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, 
Massachusetts, and the Oceanographic 
Institute at Florida State. He is mar- 
ried and has a two-year old son. 

The Division I foreign language pro- 
gram is strengthened by the addi- 
tion part-time of Mrs. Claire Hubert, 
who will teach a course in French, 
allowing Dr. Bieler to offer a course 
in German next year. Mrs. Hubert 
holds a B.A. from Duke University 
and an M.A. from Emory University's 
Institute of Liberal Arts. Her special- 
ties have been in English and French 
literature. Mrs. Hubert has attended 
Harvard University Summer School 
and the University of Aix-Marseille 
in France, the latter under a Fulbright 

Mr. Ralph L. Carnes, who was a 
part-time teacher of philosophy last 
year, takes over as full-time replace- 
ment for Dr. Stanley M. Daugert this 

Mrs. Charlyn Harper will join 
the faculty as part-time teacher of phi- 
losophy. Mrs. Harper holds a B.C.S. 
degree from the Atlanta Division of 
the University of Georgia, and she is 
currently a candidate for the M.A. de- 
gree in philosophy at Emory Univer- 
sity. She has also attended New York 
University's Summer School. Mrs. 
Harper holds an assistantship at 

Mr. Duane E. Hanson will give a 
laboratory course in art. He received 
his B. A. degree from Macalester Col- 
leges and his M. F. A. from the 
Cranbrook Academy of Art. Mr. Han- 
son is a sculptor who has exhibited 
widely in this country and abroad, has 
taught art, arts and crafts, and sculp- 
ture both here and abroad. He holds 
commissions for public buildings in 
the Atlanta area. 

Dr. Peter Mayfield has joined the 
faculty to teach psychology. Dr. May- 
field is a consulting psychologist in 
Atlanta. He holds the A. B. from 
Emory, the M. A. from Duke, and 
the Ph.D from the University of North 
Carolina. He has had a great deal of 
clinical and research experience. 

Graduate Of 1925 Awarded 
Diploma In 1962 

Dr. Agnew with M. V. Braddy — Class of '25 

A diploma was awarded 37 years 
late to Mr. M. V. Braddy, a graduate 
of the class of 1925. The event took 
place at the summer commencement 
exercises held at the University on 
Friday, August 17. 

Dr. Donald C. Agnew, President, 
presented the diploma to Mr. Braddy 
explaining to the audience that rules 
governing the awarding of diplomas 
in 1925 required that a graduate must 
have been present to receive the certi- 
ficate. As Mr. Braddy had been of- 
fered a teaching position in another 
city, he had to leave the campus before 
he was to participate in the graduation 

In August, 37 years later and hav- 
ing retired from active business, Mr. 
Braddy received his diploma as Bache- 
lor of Arts in Education — Date: 
May 21, 1925. 

The Flying Petrel 

-STiumni rJurivc K^/j-j-ers i^halleneie 

With the unprecedented response of nearly 829,000.00 and 97 1 donors to 
the Forward Oglethorpe Fund drive of last year, the 1962-63 campaign lias a 
real challenge ahead. The goal is S40.000.00 and 1100 donors. 

With the growth of the alumni the 1 100 donors represents nearly one third 
of all known alumni. 

This year, there has been added a new category to which alumni may 
contribute — Endowment. In addition to the library and Women's Residence 
Hall, this new category will represent another permanent project for the Alumni 
to help build for Oglethorpe. 

With the help of interested alumni for Oglethorpe, we can make this year 
one of the biggest and best that the school has ever had. We can show that the 
alumni are interested in the growth and development of a great institution. We 
can show that Oglethorpe alumni are strong in spirit and support of their school. 

Mr. Cohen Authors 
Book Of Poems 

Mr. William Cohen, Assistant Pro- 
fessor in English and Human Under- 
standing at Oglethorpe University, has 
had a book of poems published by the 
Southern Illinois Inc., located in 
Cartersville, 111. The book is entitled 
"A House in the Country-Poems From 
Southern Illinois." 

The jacket of the book contains a 
statement by Peter Viereck in which 
he calls Mr. Cohen "a poet of life 
and ever renewing himself." Mr. 
Cohen, whose poems and Rilke trans- 
lations have been praised at the Li- 
brary of Congress by Peter Viereck, 
is completing his Ph.D. courses at 
Emory University in Atlanta. 

In addition, the library at Ogle- 
thorpe University will display the 
original manuscript along with letters 
of comment from leading modern 
American writers. 


Plans are underway now to hold 
the first Art Festival at Oglethorpe 
University. Areas to be included 
will be theatrical performances, mu- 
sic, an art show, poetry and dance. 
It is hoped that lectures, readings 
and performances can be obtained 
by outstanding persons in the area. 

The Festival is tentatively slated 
to begin the last week of February 
and run into the first week of 
March, 1963. 

The next issue of the FLYING 
PETREL will contain more defin- 
ate and detailed information. 

University Marker Is 
Gift of Class of 1962 

Inspired by President Jack Warren's 
determination to open Oglethorpe's 
striking campus to view from Peach- 
tree Road, the class of 1962 recently 
dedicated its unique gift to the Uni- 
versity. The handsome granite and 
marble entrance marker, pictured be- 
low, replaces an unsightly transit 
shelter and a tangled and overgrown 
clump of shrubs. 

Class members moved the transit 
shelter to an unobtrusive location and. 
incidently, improved its appearance; 
cleared away the shrubbery, graded 
and curbed the area. Class member 
Bob Olsen was a leader in accomplish- 
ing the physical work involved. 

The marker, with its gold lettering 
in polished marble surrounded by a 
granite frame will stand through the 
years not only as an asset to the Uni- 
versity, but also as an enduring re- 
minder of the thoughtfulness and 
originality of the Class of 1962. 



DECEMBER 8, 1962 





8:00 P. M. 

July, 1962 

Page 3 

Reminiscing With The 
Wendell Browns 

We remember the first year of our 
life at Oglethorpe the pathetically 
small class of twelve entering fresh- 
men. We remember one freshman 
trailing across the campus (we were 
then still in the country) with a gun 
under his arm, his coon hound Cinna- 
mon at his heel, the two followed by 
what looked to be a faithful colored 
retainer to bring in the game. This 
squire of the Old South lent a great 
deal of color to the campus even 
though he turned out to be only six- 
teen years old and the faithful retainer 
only Fletcher, the janitor, who, as 
usual, was dodging real work. But 
the spirit was genuine enough, and in 
the years this freshman was with us, 
he led the campus in memorial cele- 
brations of Robert E. Lee on the gen- 
eral's birthday and master minded the 
battles against the Yankees (we had 
and have many) determined to keep 
the stars and bars off the flag staff. 

As time went on, he became active 
in school affairs as diverse as design- 
ing the crowns (still in use) for the 
Lord and Lady of the Oglethorpe Ball 
and helping to start a rival newspaper 
to the Stormy Petrel called the Men's 
Free Press in order to show the ortho- 
dox sheet what a paper should really 
be like. 

He was invited into Boar's Head, 
and in his junior year, 1947, was 
elected president of the student body 
and chosen for Who's Who in Ameri- 
can Colleges. 

In spite of his age, he tried for and 
made professional option. That is, he 
entered professional school after his 
junior year at Oglethorpe and did his 
first year of law and last year of col- 
lege at the same time, a feat only 
accomplished by a superior mind and 
strong determination. 

Even at this time he was certain of 
the way he would order his life. He 
would earn a law degree, practice for 
experience, and go into politics. This 
he did. 

And now, after a hard race, Charles 
Longstreet Weltner, '48, stands ready 
as Democratic nominee to Congress 
for the Fifth District to battle his Re- 
publican opponent in the general 

P. S. Just to keep it somewhat 
in the family, that opponent, Jim 
O'Callahan, is the brother of Mrs. Ben 
Lorenz (Catherine 'Cuz' O'Callahan. 

What Are We Waiting For? 

Some of you may be asking at this 
point, "What are we waiting for?" 
Well, the fact is, we're not waiting! 
More gifts are being received — some 
challenge, some with strings. 

Definite plans for what's first and 
what's next are taking shape. A fine 
artist's drawing of the proposed cam- 
pus has just been completed, and you 
will be seeing more of this. 

Sometime within the next few weeks 
you will receive a letter outlining plans 
whereby you can make contributions 
to the University and yet retain the 
equity of your gift in your estate plus 
receiving substantial tax advantages. 

Many are saying there is a wonder- 
ful new spirit of progress at Ogle- 
thorpe, both on and off campus. Our 
"image" is emerging in a constructive 
and truly positive light. Heads are 
turning at what we're doing at Ogle- 
thorpe. And this is only the beginning. 

Dreams are nearer reality than they 
have ever been. And we will keep you 
informed, for you will have a big part 
in the total development picture. 



Mrs. C. J. McElheny (Anne Dye), 
'31. Mrs. McElheny received her 
bachelor's and masters degrees at Ogle- 
thorpe. She was a retired school 

Mrs. William O. Pierce (Madye 
Forrester), '28 died recently in At- 
lanta. She had taught biology at Ogle- 
thorpe for several years after her 

Dr. Frank McCormick '25, Dr. Mc- 

Cormick had made his home at 4815 
Highpoint Road, N. E., in Atlanta and 
had been engaged in the practice of 

C. Ort Jenkins, '27 died at his home 
August 25, 1962. Mr. Jenkins was a 
retired executive of Sears, Roebuck 
and Co. at the time of his death. He 
has been with the firm for 36 years. 

Faculty Member Donates Subscription 
In Memory Of O'Donald 

A subscription to the VIRGINIA 
given to the Library at Oglethorpe by 
a faculty member who wishes to re- 
main anonymous. The publication is in 
memory of George Marion O'Donnell, 
former English professor who died 

Dr. Abbott's Essay To Be 
Published By Fulbright 

During 1962 the Fulbright Com- 
mission plans to celebrate the tenth 
anniversary of the Fulbright Program 
in Germany by the publicaiton of a 
volume of essays written by certain 
elected contributors who have served 
as Fulbright lecturers in Germany dur- 
ing the last ten years. 

Dr. Martin Abbott of the Ogle- 
thorpe faculty was asked to contribute. 
Dr. Abbott spent the year 1960-61 at 
the University of Mainz in Gerner- 
sheim, Germany. 

The title of Dr. Abbott's essay is: 
"Ferment of American Freedom: So- 
cial Reform and Reformers, 1820- 
1860." In this he has undertaken to 
show how and why the tradition of 
social reform developed so early in 
America, and to treat some of the 
more and significant of these: the tem- 
perance movement; women's suffrage; 
better care of the insane; the various 
Utopian communities that were estab- 
lished; and of course, the drive to rid 
the nation of the blot of Negro Slavery. 

The volume is scheduled for publi- 
cation sometime this Fall. 

Page 4 

The Flying Petrel 

Notes From The Athletic Department 

The intramural program is off and 
running again at school, destined to 
be the most successful in the history 
of Oglethorpe University. 

Spearheaded by Coach Billy Carter, 
this program has attracted the enthusi- 
asm of a majority of the students, 
offering each student some sort of 
sporting competition in which he or 
she can compete. 

With the beginning of the new year, 
the intramural touch football league 
started. Other activities planned in- 
clude volleyball, basketball, softball, 
tennis and ping-pong and badminton 

"We think the success of the pro- 
gram last year," Coach Carter said, 
"has created a warm climate for an 
even larger program this year. And we 
further feel this interest will be shown 
in the larger participation by the 

It's also time for the soccer team 
to get underway. Again Coach Carter 
is the bossman of the operation. Ogle- 
thorpe plans to play six matches this 
season, with one trip being considered. 

The schedule will be more ambi- 
tious than last year, the first season 
for this new sport. 

"We expect to have an excellent 
nucleus with our returning players," 
Coach Carter said, "and then add sev- 
eral new players from our freshman 
class. We hope to make soccer a major 
sport on the campus. We have games 
with Emory, Berry, Emory at Oxford, 
Maryville Tennessee, and plan to 
schedule one trip to Florida to com- 
plete our schedule. The matches with 
the two Emorys and Berry are sched- 
uled on a home-and-home basis. Last 
season, a get-acquainted year for soc- 
cer at Oglethorpe, we played three 
matches and they were well received 
by our students. We anticipate a large 
increase in that interest." 

Coach Garland Pinholster has 
signed for 21 basketball games with 
the hopes of adding two more before 
the start of the season. The Petrels 
will defend their Christmas tournament 
title against three strong opponents — 
Georgetown, Newberry, and Valdosta 
State. Both Georgetown and Newberry 
were ranked high among the small 
colleges in 1961-62. Valdosta State 
won the GIAC championship, capi- 
talizing, we might add, on the Ogle- 
thorpe Wheel offense, the invention of 
Coach Pinholster. 

July, 1962 

The Petrels will also travel North, 
playing St. Peters in New Jersey and 
possibly one more team in that area. 

Other clubs scheduled include 
Carson-Newman, Georgia Southern. 
Murray State, Belmont Abbey, Cen- 
tenary, and New Hampshire. The 
New Hampshire battle will undoubted- 
ly be the highlight of the home slate. 

Freshmen signed by Oglethorpe are 
Ronnie and Donnie Owens, twins from 
Kentucky; Pasco Tilson, Jr., of Forest 
Park, Georgia; Walker Heard, of At- 
lanta; and Bill Garrigan, an Air Force 
veteran from Pennsylvania. 

"Our main question mark is at 
guard," Coach Pinholster said. "We 
have two big guards returning from 
last year, senior Darrell Whitford and 
sophomore Ray Thomas. But we have 
no third guard in sight. If we are 
plagued by illness or injury at this 
position we could be hurting. Our top 
five boys are potentially as strong as 
the top five last season. Of course, we 
will have to sacrifice whatever in- 
tangible qualities Tommy Norwood 
supplied our team. 

"We hope Garrigan will develop 
fast enough to give us a No. 3 guard, 
or possibly challenge Whitford and 
Thomas for a job. Garrigan is 22 years 
old. We also hope Billy Parker will 
develop into a No. 3 forward and that 
Heard will come along to be our No. 
2 pivot. Our fall practice will be dedi- 
cated to the development of these 
three boys and others who must im- 
prove so that we may have adequate 
bench strength to play a schedule that 
is probably our toughest of the last 
seven years. We have to play Murray 
State, Centenary, Belmont Abbey, St. 
Peters, and others like these on the 

The Booster Club has started its 
financial drive for this year and Presi- 
dent Steve Schmidt feels confident of 
reaching the goal. 

"I think we have the finest group 
of Boosters we have ever had," Presi- 
dent Schmidt said. "And I think we 
have a group of officers and directors 
who will dedicate themselves toward 
the fulfillment of our goal and will do 
whatever work is necessary to reach 
this target. 

Furman Bisher Authors Book 

Fur/man Bishop, who has featured 
our Stormy Petrel basketballers several 
times in his popular Atlanta Journal 
sports column, has written his first 
book, entitled "With A Southern 

The book, with an introduction by 
Bing Crosby, is a collection of the 
many humorous, dramatic and heart- 
warming columns written by the eru- 
dite Bisher. 

The book is published by Thomas 

Nelson & Sons. 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Christian, 
Jr., '59/62 announce the birth of a 
daughter, Jacquelyn Ann last Feb. 20. 
Bill is associated with the Georgia- 
Alabama Council of the Boy Scouts 
of America. 

Mr. and Mrs. David Wall (Holli 
Neeson), '60 announce the birth of a 
daughter, Margaret Wendy, on July 
30. in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Bob and Barbara (Coffee) Olsen, 
'60/61 announce the arrival of a girl, 
Katherinc Lynn, June 1, 1962. 

A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse 
(Mary Pool. '9) DeFore on Sept. 8, 
1962. She has been named Dorothy. 

Oglethorpe University Basketball Schedule 

Date Opponent Location 

30 Piedmont Oglethorpe 


6 Murray — Murray, Ky. 

8 Carson- Newman _ _ Oglethorpe 

15 Cumberland Oglethorpe 

17 & 18 Oglethorpe Invitational Tournament 

Valdosta State 
29 St. Peters Jersey City, N. J. 


1 Univ. of New Hampshire Oglethorpe 
5 Piedmont _ _ Demorest, Ga. 

10 Georgia Southern Statesboro, Ga. 

12 Centenary College of Louisiana 

Shreveport, La. 

15 East Carolina Oglethorpe 

16 Chattanooga Chattanooga, Tenn. 

26 East Carolina Greenville, N. C. 

28 St. Bernard Columbus, Ga. 


2 Rollins - Oglethorpe 

9 Carson- Newman 

Jefferson City, Tenn. 

15 Chattanooga — . Oglethorpe 

18 Campbell Oglethorpe 

21 Georgia Southern Oglethorpe 

23 Belmont Abbey Belmont, N. C. 

25 Athens College Oglethorpe 

Page 5 


The Alumni Office, through the 
help of Tommie Carper and Mary 
Walker, has compiled a list of all the 
alumni who for one reason or other 
have been lost. We need your help to 
find these people. In ths issue and in 
the issues to come the FLYING PE- 
TREL will print a number of names 
from each class. If you know the 
whereabouts of any of the lost alumni, 
would you please fill out the form 
provided and mail to the Alumni Of- 
fice so that we can include them in our 
mailings once again? 

Mrs. Johnnie Grace Clark 
Prank Ray Conway 
William Marcus Deal 
Linda Kay Marable 


Joe Norton Anderson 
Charlotte Daphyne Bennett 
William Dexter Berry, Jr. 
Barry Alvin Bishop 


Charles Alvin Alford 
John Wesley Bookhultz 
Loreta Mae Gilliam 
James Warren Haxelwood 


Frank Horace Armfield 

Albert Nathan Baer 

Mrs B E. DeCorse (Carolyn Murphy) 

Mrs. Donald Hadden (Ethel Sue Snead) 


Patricia Alexander 
George Sidney Anderson 
John Joseph Bell 
Clyde Wilson Bennett 


Virgil Roberts Banks 
Howard D. Barber 
Mrs. Nell Elizabeth Bigger 
Clyde Kenneth Bankenship 


Mrs. Marguerita Dixon Adams 

Mrs. Truet Bickham (Evelyn Augusta 

Verlene Frieda Dennis 
Donald Tyler Dubose 


George Arger 
Charles D. Arwood, Jr. 
Charles Eugene Autry 
Charles V. Bethea 


Wilson Lee Brannon 

Mrs. W. H. Dempsey, Jr. (Jane Allison) 

Charlotte Ann Endley 

Mrs. E. C. Hinshaw (Joan Andrews) 


John Carver Blake 

Mrs. E. C. Caldwell (Charlene B. Caldwell) 

Charles Albert Carpenter 

Joanne Lee Cooper 


Mrs. Nessmith M. Baker 

Mary Loyall Brown 

Mrs. Ramond K. Chamers (Kathleen K. 

Mr. Warren E. Coleman 


Sallie Patricia Allen 

David Alpert 

Walter Jack Bunkley, Jr. 

Mrs. Wayne Butler (Thelma Harbin) 


Raymond Howard Backes 
Roy Winston Bynum 
Joanne Virginia Cole 
Gernett Craig 


John Peter Amico, M.D. 
Mrs. Ethel Vivienne Bessner 
Mrs. Dorothy Carroll Brennan 
William Edward Dove 


Betty G. Anderson 
Robert Bruce Baird 
Chester E. W. Barton 
Doris Violet Bergman 


Mrs. Edward Forest Baker (Nandell Johnson) 

Mrs. Ann Talliferro Dennison 

Mrs. C. C. Clark (Emma Fife Clark) 

Paul Hawthorne Hanna 


Annie Laurie Brown 

Mrs. B. S. Cable (Emma Cagle) 

JImmye Anne Carnaton 

Mrs. Donald A. Denny (Margaret Coulson) 


Elizabeth Alderman 
Thomas W. Anthony, Jr. 
Betty Sue Barker 
Maxine Betts 


Mrs. Donald Ahlquist (Jean Rattel 
Mrs. Joe Frank Barton (Ada Meek) 
Mrs. C W. Bridges (Ella Mae Bridges) 
Frank L. Bullard, Jr. 


Alyce Blankenship 

Mary Lou Bollinger 

Mrs. Frank Brown (Evelyn Ergle) 

William Herbert Burch 


Arvel Walter Braus 

Ann Elizabeth Bray 

Lt. Com. & Mrs. Don Bursey (Barbara Boze) 

Thomas Albert Cantrell 


Jack Anderson 
Arthur Bacon 
Mrs. B. C. Bass 
Henry Whitfield Belcher 


Ray P. Adamson 
David Edward Atkins 
William Fred Banister 
Leslie Howard Batte, Jr. 


Trenthan A. Allen 
Geraldine Askew 
Joseph Barenie 
Warren Ernest Bobo 


William Frederick Allen 
Louise M. Allison 
Osborne Andrews 
Jean Etta Blakelock 


Mr. Clare Aldrich 
Herbert Archer 
Joe Nathan Bass 

Mr. & Mrs. James Russell Beavers 
(Dorothy Goodson) 


Nassir Joseph Adamo 
Sarah Coates Barnes 
Lonnie R. Bennett 
Sherill B. Biggers 


Albert Clarence Adams 
Beulah Adamson 
Robert McAfee Alexander 
Elizabeth Marie Allen 


Robert L. Adams 

John William Alden 

Mrs. Thomas DeWitt Alexander. Jr. 

(Mary Blackwell) 
Jane Frances Arenson 


Mrs. Grace Russell Adamowiz 
Virginia Sallie Ballard 
Mrs. Jane Crenshaw Borman 
Oscar Tilden Braden 


James Herman Abbott 
Donald D. Adherhold 
John Floyd Allison 
Mrs. Nicholas Balboa Perez Colcho 
(Georgia McDaniel) 


Mrs. Virginia Turner Avery 

Sam Baker 

June Hard Barker 

Mrs. W. L. Blalock (Emma K .Gerner) 


Mrs. H. R. Wall (Lacy Acosta) 
Kate Atkinson 
Joseph G. Bishop 
Raymond Boone 


Harold Adams 
David B. Alleman 
Willard H. Backus 
Frank Bankston 


Jennie Adelia Alexander 
Thomas Bryan Burks 
Horace Mann Bvrd 
Edward Fred Callaway 


Bernard Adelson 

Ruth Evelyn Amstuts 

Lucile Apfelbaum 

John William Armstrong, Jr. 


Alton Allen 

Robins Oark Armstrong 
Mary Adelaide Banks 
James Lewis Bean 


Naneita Antioltti 
Loy P. Austin 
Willard Theodore Bandy 
David Monroe Barbee 


David H. Arnold 

Mrs. Boyce Godson (Mary Louise Smith) 

Alton Franklin Harden 

Neal J. Harman 


Leonell W. Best 
Elliott Lawson Baker, Jr. 
Jacob Beniamin Black 
Harvey Carson 


Ben W. Adams 
John W. Akridge 
Harold B. Askew 
Helen Elizabeth Bagley 


William M. Acton 
Walter Lewis Baum 
Nelson Burton 
Leo Clinton Dickens 


Henry Walker Bagley 
Nick Kelly Bitting 
Robert Girvin Blanton 
Charles Edward Boynton 


Benjamin Franklin Hawkins 
Joe Chapman Lane 
Archie T. Lyon 
Joel Hamilton Price 


George Ernest Alford 
William Vollie Barton 
George Augustus Caldwell 
James Charles Andrew Cates 


Velma Keen 

Please mail to 
Alumni Office 
Oglethorpe University 
Atlanta 19, Georgia 



Page 6 

The Flying Petrel 

Alumni Hold Dinner-Dance 

Sixth Annual Alumni Dinner-Dance which was held at the Standard Club in Atlanta, attracted alumni from far and near. 

Shown below are pictures taken at the dance. 

Albert and Betty Villegas 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Elmer George 

Mary and Henry Walker 

Rosylyn and Sam Hirsch with Elmer George 

July, 1962 

Page 7 


John K. Ottley, Jr. '25, has been 
elected president of the Georgia State 
YMCA at a meeting held last August. 
Mr. Ottley has been active in affairs 
of the state YMCA and was vice- 
president of the organization prior to 
his election. He is vice-president of 
Liller, Neal, Battle and Lindsey, Inc., 
in Altanta. 

O. B. Nail, '32, of Orange Park. 
Florida has been installed as new 
president of the Southeastern Oriental 
Band Association. The event took 
place at the Gator Bowl and a mass 
concert played by brass bands under 
Mr. Nail's direction followed the 
installation ceremonies. 

Mrs. Ray Barnes '39, chapter direc- 
tor of the Delta Zeta sorority was 
present recently at the 60th anniver- 
sary National Convention of Delta 
Zeta held in Hot Springs, Arkansas. 

Margaret (Mrs. Ralph O.) Powell, 

'39 has had a book of poems pub- 
lished recently. The title "Torch- 
bearers and Other Poems," deals not 
only with the provinces of Nature, 
God and Beauty but also with the 
everyday occurances of life. 

Mrs. Powell makes her home in 
Rome, Georgia. 

Wilson P. Franklin, '39 has been 
named to the position of assistant vice 
president for equipment with the 
Coca-Cola Co. He formerly held the 
position of fountain equipment section 

Mr. Franklin is a native of Duluth, 
Georgia and is now residing in Dallas, 
Texas with his wife and two children. 

Edwin H. Ashendorf '50, is the new 

president of the Georgia Optometric 
Association. He was elected to the 
office at a meeting held at Jekyll 
Island, Georgia last June. 

Louise Mapp Cameron '53 received 
her Master of Arts from George Pea- 
body College for Teachers at the sum- 
mer exercises held last August. She 
is a teacher in DeKalb County. 

Richard S. Gumming, '54 has gradu- 
ated from the U. S. Naval Post Gradu- 
ate School in Washington, D. C. He 
is currently serving as Commanding 
Officer of the USS Lipan (ATF 85). 
The home port of the ship is Pearl 
Harbor. Hawaii. 

Nancy Camp '55 has married Mr. 
Howard Hubbard. The couple is now 
residing in Sherborn, Mass. 

Joe Accardi '57, has moved to Pas- 
siac, New Jersey where he is attending 
school. He will graduate next June 
as a registered nurse. 

Lt. (j. g.) James A. Magee, '57 is 

a flight instructor at Pensacola, 
Florida. He had been serving with the 
US Navy in South Pacific. 

Jim R. Clower '58 married Miss 
Sylvia Blalock October 11, 1962. 

Phillip L. Howell '61 has just fin- 
ished a four month tour of duty in 
Thailand. He is now stationed at 
Cannon AFB, New Mexico. 

Doug Mote '62 is working in the 
programming and budgeting depart- 
ment of the Army Missile Command 
at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, 


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