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VOL. 51 



OCTOBER, 1970 

NO. 1 


The annual Alumni Basketball Dinner will accompany 
the opening game of the season this December 1 when 
the Stormy Petrels of Oglethorpe tangle with the 
Shorter College Hawks at 8:00 P. M. in the Field 
House. The dinner, an overwhelming success last 
year, will be held in the College Center at 6:30 P. M. 

The dinner will be $4.00 per person and will include 
admission to the game. Reservations can be made 
through the Development Office at Oglethorpe (404- 
261-1441) or by returning the invitation that every 
alumnus should receive in the mail in the next couple 
of weeks. 

We look forward to seeing you on December 1 at 
6:30 P. M. 


From early to mid 1930's Oglethorpe University 
operated a radio station, WJTL, the call letters honor- 
ing John Thomas Lupton, donor who made this proj- 
ect possible. Recently WJTL has been reactivated, at 
640 on the AM dial. 

Richard Mertz, General Manager, expressed the desire 
for the station to become a "true communications 
medium." He explained that, "We communicate 
music, of course, but we also want to serve as a 
messenger service. Radio stations are extremely 
capable in this area, and we are building a very capa- 
ble operation at WJTL." 

WJTL is currently operating on the entire campus 
with studios housed in the College Center. The 
station is operated entirely by Oglethorpe students. 


President and Mrs. Paul Kenneth Vonk were honored 
at a dinner on October 15, 1970, for the tremendous 
job that they have done during the last three years at 
Oglethorpe. The dinner, held in the College Center, 
was attended by more than one hundred thirty 
friends, trustees, students and faculty members of 

In three years. Dr. Vonk has increased the endow- 
ment by one million dollars, increased doctorates on 
the faculty by thirty-eight per cent, built a new girls' 
dormitory, renovated the library, and given the Col- 
lege a true sense of direction to be, in Dr. Vonk's 
words, "the best college of its type in the United 


Four new faculty members have been added to the 
Oglethorpe staff for 1970-71. With the addition of 
these members, the faculty now has sixty-one per cent 
of its members with the Ph. D. Degree. In 1967, 
twenty-three per cent of the faculty had the doctorate 

Dr. James P. Golson comes to Oglethorpe from Duke 
University where he earned the Ph. D. Degree in 
Physics in Experimental High Energy Nuclear Physics. 
He did his undergraduate work at Auburn University 
where he received honorable mention in the Woodrow 
Wilson Fellowship Competition. 

Mr. William Brady Harrison, a 1964 Oglethorpe grad- 
uate, is returning to teach chemistry. A varsity base- 
ball player at Stetson before coming to Oglethorpe, 
Mr. Harrison attended Georgia Tech and the Univer- 
sity of Georgia. He is currently completing his dis- 
sertation. His Ph. D. will be in organic chemistry. 
While at the University of Georgia, Mr. Harrison was 
awarded the Dow-Corning Fellowship for graduate 
research. His wife, Marie, will also be teaching at 
Oglethorpe in the Humanities Division. 

Mrs. Ann Morris Powell received her Bachelor's and 
Master's Degrees from the University of Mississippi. 
She has previously taught at Hinds Junior College and 
Mississippi University Center. 

Mrs. Betty Waters is a native Georgian. She attended 
Converse College and received her M. Ed. in 1968 
from Georgia State University. At the present time 
she is working on a six year certificate in special 
education at Georgia State University. 

The Flying Petrel would like to remind all Oglethorpe 
alumni living in the State of Georgia about the Con- 
stitutional Amendment Number 5 on the November 3 
General Election Ballot. The amendment would pro- 
vide for funds for citizens of Georgia who attend pri- 
vate universities in our state. The Flying Petrel en- 
dorses this amendment and encourages you to vote 
YES on Amendment 5. 

All fund raising efforts for the College this year are 
concerned with raising $250,000 toward the renova- 
tion of Lowry Hall for a single-purpose library. 

The $250,000 is necessary to match a grant that 
Oglethorpe has received which would mean a total of 
$500,000 toward Lowry Hall. The Alumni Associa- 
tion, Trustees and President's Council members are 
currently contacting individuals, foundations and cor- 
porations for funds for the project. 

As of October 12, 1970, $69,205.24 has been raised. 
This means that we have attained twenty-seven per 
cent of our goal. It is hoped that you will respond 
when a fellow alumnus calls on you for funds for 
this most worthwhile project. 


Douglass Alexander, Class of 1968, has been ap- 
pointed Director of Development for the College by 
Dr. Paul Kenneth Vonk, President. Mr. Alexander 
succeeds Dr. Garland Pinholster, who left Oglethorpe 
to enter private business.- 

Doug Alexander will be in charge of developing the 
alumni program and general fund raising for the 
College. At present, the challenge is to match the 
$250,000 grant that will be necessary to convert 
Lowry Hall to a library. Twenty-seven per cent of 
that goal has been attained so far. 

He is a member of the Atlanta Tip-Off Club, Atlanta 
Braves "400" Club and the Northside Kiwanis Club 
of Atlanta. In 1969 he was named one of the "Out- 
standing Young Men of America" and in 1970 was 
named to TOYPA (The Outstanding Young People 
of Atlanta). 


To the Alumni of Oglethorpe College: 

Oglethorpe has been indeed fortunate by being named 
recipient of an anonymous $250,000.00 matching 
grant to be used for complete renovation of Lowry 
Hall. All four floors of the building will be razed and 
the entire structure converted to much needed library 
facilities with reading room and areas for both quiet 
study and open discussion. In addition, the exterior 
which was never completed will be extended to the 
north with stone-work to match and balance the 
existing structure. 

Oglethorpe has suffered long enough with her present 
library, which is totally inadequate, and has not met 
the unparalleled growth of the school during the last 
three years. 

This is our chance to make the dream of a new library 
a reality, but we need your help. We will lose this 
offer of funds if the grant is not matched by Decem- 
ber 23, 1970. With two months left to go, we only 
have approximately 27 per cent of the total amount 
needed. The situation is urgent. Every dollar you 
give means two dollars toward construction of the 
new library. 

As President of your Alumni Association, I am urging 
each of you to send your check or pledge today. We 
must not fail to capitalize on this wonderful oppor- 



Franklin L. Burke 
Class of '66 

Kenneth P. Davis— '64— has been promoted to 1st 
Lieutenant in U. S. Army Signal Corps and is sta- 
tioned at Phu Bai, Viet Nam. 

Diane Leonard Davis— '64— is teaching in Augusta, 
Georgia while Ken is with the Signal Corps. 

Benjamin W. Sellers— '64— has been decorated with 
the Bronze Star for meritorious service in Viet Nam. 
Ben is a captain and now serves as chief of flight 
facilities with the Air Force Communications Service 
in the Philippines. 

Norman R. Hurd, Jr.— '66— is serving with the Ameri- 
can Peace Corps in India. 

Kathryn Anne Russell— '70— has "won her wings" and 
is now a stewardess with Delta Air Lines, based in 

Soon Young Chung— '70— has announced the birth of 
Patrick Chung in August, 1970. 

Sarah Magill Dennis— '27-has given the Oglethorpe 
College Library a collection of 209 volumes, many of 
which the library did not own. Mrs. Dennis gener- 
ously allowed the librarian to select from her large 
personal library books that were needed by Ogle- 
thorpe. We are most grateful to Mrs. Dennis. 

Stephen Wayne White- '66-has received his Ph. D. 
from the University of Georgia, and has been ap- 
pointed assistant professor of philosophy at East 
Tennessee State University. 

Charles W. Bishop— '69— has been commissioned a 
second lieutenant upon graduation from OCS at Fort 
Sill, Oklahoma. 

John D. Kuiken— '62— has been appointed director of 
corporate support at the University of the Pacific. 

Ken Steele— '49— is currently with FundScope maga- 
zine as staff economist in Los Angeles. 

Ronald Cenzalli— '66— was married in May to Susan 
Louise Alexander. Ron served with the 101st Air- 
borne in Vietnam and is currently employed with 
the National Bank of Georgia. 




After more than twelve months' delay, bids on the 
new Science Building will be taken on October 29, 
1970. Problems with funding and architects delayed 
the construction of the building. 

An artist's rendering of the new building is seen below. 
It will be located next to Faith Hall, and the Chem- 
istry Building will be torn down. All of the science 
departments and the psychology departments will be 
housed in the $400,000 structure. 

James A. Magee— '57— Lieutenant Commander, USN, 
has completed a course of instruction at the Marine 
Corps Command and Staff College at Quantico, 
Virginia, and has been assigned to Air Antisubmarine 
Warfare Branch, Undersea and Strategic Warfare De- 
velopment Division, in the Pentagon. 

Carolyn Adams Saunders— '65— has announced the 
birth of a daughter, Paige Elizabeth, in Baton Rouge, 

David S. Davies— '65— has been promoted to Director 
of Activities with the Atlanta Area Council, Boy 
Scouts, and is living in Forest Park with his new wife, 

Ted S. Bayley— '57— also with the Atlanta Area Coun- 
cil, Boy Scouts of America, has been promoted to 
Assistant Scout Executive. 

Karin Steinhaus— '69— was selected to lead a student 
group to France during the summer of 1970. Karin 
is with The Experiment in International Living, 
Putney, Vermont. 


Free "Oglethorpe College" license plates are 
being offered to alumni of Oglethorpe for just 
fifty cents postage and handling, These very 
attractive three color plates can be obtained 
by writing the Development Office at Ogle- 

The Flying Petrel 

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