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A Publication for Alumni and Friends of Moryville College 



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reetingsfi'om the Maryville 
College Campus! 

The last fall ot the century! And an 
exciting tall it is! Maryville College has 
grown to the 1,000 mark in enrollment 
for the first time in history. 
Construction is underway on two 
major projects: the rebuilding of 
Fayerweather Hall and the renovation 
and expansion of Harriett Hall to create 
a splendid new 
student center. A 
b e a u t i t u I I \' III 
restored Center for 
Campus Ministry 
is in frequent use. 
The College is 
implementing a 
major technology 
initiative that 

promises to be 
nothing short of 
transforming for 
the campus. And 
we are celebrating 
recognition for the 
fifth time by U.S. 
News eJ" World 
Report as a top- 10 
Southern regional 
liberal arts college. 

One hundred 
years ago things 

were also exciting for Maryville 
College. Collegiate enrollment had 
grown from the 13 students present 
when the College reopened in the fall 
of 1866 to 93 in the fall of 1900 (plus 
another 309 preparatory students). 
Fayerweather Science Hall was new. 
Bartlett Hall was almost completed as 
Maryville's first student center. The 
fourth president of the College, Dr. 
Samuel Ward Boardman, was entering 
his last year of service after presiding 
over the decade that saw more progress 

than any decade since the College was 
founded in 1819, progress that includ- 
ed the addition of the technological 
advancement of the time - electric 

I sometimes wonder what President 
Boardman and the faculty, staff direc- 
tors and students of the College would 
have ptojected for Maryville as they 
stood on the threshold of the 20th cen- 
tury. Would they have predicted an 
enrollment growth of nearly 1,000 per- 
cent by the year 2000? Would they 
have foreseen the 40-percent increase 
in cam.pus acreage and the tripling of 
major campus 
Ir buildings? Would 
they have expect- 
ed several major 
curriculum revi- 
sions with new 
major programs 
ranging from 
Studies to 

American Sign 
Language? Would 
they have guessed 
that the prepara- 
tory department, 
with about three 
times the enroll- 
ment of the colle- 
giate department, 
would disappear 
entirely? Could 
they possibly 
have extrapolated from electric lights 
to the World Wide Web in every resi- 
dence hall room? 

In this issue o( FOCUS we look back 
over the century that has passed since 
Dr. Boardman's day. At Maryville 
College we are keenly aware that 
awareness of and appreciation for the 
past is important even as we look 
toward another new century 
Knowing that the progress of the 
MC2000 period is built on the 
foundation laid down by others, we 
give thanks for all those whose labors 

have brought Maryville College to the 
dawn of the 21st century. The overar- 
ching aim of the MC2000 Plan has 
been to assure that the College enters 
the new century in a position of the 
greatest strength that it has enjoyed in 
its 181-year history. I invite all the 
readers oi FOCUS to reflect with us on 
Maryville's progress during the century 
just past, to celebrate with us the 
achievements of the present, and to 
envision with us the Maryville College 
of the future. 

The envisioning of the future centu- 
ry is, of course, a tricky business. The 
best futurist among us can't possibly 
imagine the world or the College of the 
year 2100. (If you doubt this, find a 
magazine from, say, 1950, and see what 
was projected for the year 2000!) 
Change in the world around us is 
increasing at a breath-taking pace. All 
we can say with certainty is that the 
Maryville College of 2100 will be as 
different from the college of 2000 as 
Dr. Boardman's college was from 
Maryville today - and that's probably 

What is important is to recognize 
that we not only can shape Maryville's 
future, but that we have an obligation 
to do so. We have an obligation both to 
build and preserve, to reach for new 
heights and to hold firmly to the faith, 
the principles, the sense of mission 
that have brought this college through 
an amazing century. As we enter the 
homestretch of the MC2000 Plan, we 
are beginning a new strategic planning 
process that will assure that the 
College is not merely buffeted about by 
external changes, but that we set 
thoughtfully and boldly the course we 
want to follow. 


Maryville College FOCUS magazine 1999 (issn 309) 

Published three times a year 

Maryville College, 

502 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway, 

Maryville, TN 37804-5907 


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ents For Centuries Poge 2 

)fthe Presidents Page 5 

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ipotlight Page 8 

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Campaign Update Page 1 5 

'resident's Report Page ] 9 



Established 1819 


lie College Publications Manager Alan Reynolds scanned 
impute: a photo of the "M" Club, taken in 1919 on the steps 
egie Hall wing. He then photographed current students in 
ocation and digitally "dropped" their images into the photo, 
litting on the bottom row include Max Williams '00, Tanya 
], Brandon Evans '01 and Aimee Olivier '02. Seated in the 
w are Sue Nuckols '21, Celeste Moseley '19, Ethel Burchfiel 
'dith Davis '19. D. H. Briggs '19, Amanda Myers '01 and 
illahan '20 are seated in the third row. Ben Fentress '01, left, 
1 Wingo '01 stand at top. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 1 



reetings from the Maryville 
College Ca?npus! 

The last fall ot the century! And an 
exciting fall it is! Maryville College has 
grown to the 1,000 mark in enrollment 
lor the first time in history. 
Construction is underway on two 
major projects: the rebuilding of 
Fayerweather Hall and the renovation 
and expansion of Bartlett Hall to create 
a splendid new 
student center. A 
restored Center for 
Campus Ministry 
is in frequent use. 
The College is 
implementing a 
major technology 
initiative that 

promises to be 
nothing short of 
transforming for 
the campus. And 
we are celebrating 
recognition for the 
fifth time by U.S. 
News & World 
Report as a top- 10 
Southern regional 
liberal arts college. 

One hundred 
years ago things 

were also exciting for Maryville 
College. Collegiate enrollment had 
grown from the 13 students present 
when the College reopened in the fall 
of 1866 to 93 in the fall of 1900 (plus 
another 309 preparatory students). 
Fayerweather Science Hall was new. 
Bartlett Hall was almost completed as 
Maryville's first student center. The 
fourth president of the College, Dr. 
Samuel Ward Boardman, was entering 
his last year of service after presiding 
over the decade that saw more progress 

than an 
ed the 

I sor 
tors an< 
have p 
tury. ^ 
cent b' 
have fc 
in cam. 

have e) 
to the 
dence \ 
over th 
Dr. B, 
past is 
give th 

A PubliCQtion fo( Alumni and Friends of Moiyville College 


Maryville College FOCUS magazine 1999 (issn 309) 

Published three times a year 

Maryville College, 

502 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway, 

Maryville, TN 37804-5907 


Subscription price - none 


The editorial staff ot FOCUS would like to recognize those histori- 
ans - living and dead - who have recorded, researched and written the 
history ot Maryville College. For stories published in this issue, writers 
consulted four history books: Samuel Tyndale Wilson's "A Century of 
Maryville College" and "Second Century Beginnings;" Dr. Ralph W. 
Lloyd's "Mar\'ville College: A Historv' ot 150 Years;" and "By Faith 
Endowed," written by Dr. Arda Walker and Dr. Carolyn Blair. 

Because ot the volunteer efforts ot Mary Gladys Brown Pieper, 
Lynn Ann Brown Best and Jane fiuddleston in the College's archives, 
the writers were also able to locate important documents and pictures. 

Volume 100, Number 2 ♦ Autumn, 1999 


Dr. Gerald U; Gibson 


Karen E. Beaty '94 
Director of News and 
Sports Information 

Mark E. Gate 
Vice President for 
College Advancement 

Laurie Grogan 
Director of Public 

Anna B. Graham 
Director of Campaigns 
and Principal Giving 


Digital Manipulation by 

Alan W. Reynolds 
Publications Manager 


For Students For Centuries Page 2 

es of the Presidents Page 5 

in These Halls Page 6 

Alumni Spotlight Page 8 

Campus News Page 9 

Alumni News Page 1 3 

MC2000 Campaign Update Page 1 5 

Annual President's Report Page 1 9 


Maryville College Publications Manager Alan Reynolds scanned 
into his computer a photo of the "M" Club, taken in 1 9 1 9 on the steps 
ot a Carnegie Hall wing. He then photographed current students in 
the same location and digitally "dropped" their images into the photo. 
Students sitting on the bottom row include Max Williams '00, Tanya 
Kirlew '00, Brandon Evans '01 and Aimee Olivier '02. Seated in the 
second row are Sue Nuckols '2 1 , Celeste Moseley ' 1 9, Ethel Burchfiel 
'19 and Edith Davis '19. D. H. Briggs '19, Amanda Myers '01 and 
George Callahan '20 are seated in the third row. Ben Fentress '01, left, 
and Kevin Wingo '01 stand at top. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 1 

In 1912, aviation legend Orville Wright responded to a letter written to him by Samuel Boardman, then president emeritus ofMaryville College, 

"Your very kind letter of June I4th was duly received, " Wright wrote. "The matter of combining the principle of the balloon and flying machine 
has been considered by a number of persons, and some actual attempts have been made to do it, but without success. If the gas bag is made Imge enough 
to have any lifting effect, its resistance is so great and its speed so slow that the efficiency of the aeroplanes is almost entirely overcome. " 

Ten years after Boardmans death in 1917, the world would become a little smaller and life's pace would become a little faster when Charles 
Lindbergh would land the Spirit of St. Louis in Paris, following a 33-hour solo fight across the AtLmtic Ocean. 

One has to wonder if Samuel Boardman ever envisioned the cLiy when the masses would travel by air ...or when the president ofMaryville College 
himself (or herself) would depend on such a device - "flying machine" or "aeroplane" - to visit constituents and donors across the country. 

Certainly the thought of receiving Orville Wright's response by fax or e-mail would have astonished even Boardman, ivho was highly educated and 

Today, Maryville College lives with these realities - the airplane, the fax machine, the Internet - and many others. Science and technology guar- 
antee that the 21st century will be filled with more change. But one reality of yesteryear rings as true today as it did in 1900: Maryville College is 


by Karen E. Beaty '94 
Director of News & Sports Infortnation 


". . . Maryville gathers within its walls an 
exceptionally earnest body of young people. 
Many of them have some definite vocation 
in mind before entering, and lend all their 
energies toward adequate preparation for 
it. " - Samuel Tyndale Wikon, 1916 

As a high school senior, Nikki Note knew 
that she was being called to be a minister. What 
she didn't know was where God was calling her 
to begin her higher education. 

The daughter of a Presbyterian minister and 
a young woman deeply involved in Presbyterian 
youth organizations, Noto eventually setded on 
a Presbyterian-affiliated school in South 

But it was not for her. 

"What I was looking fot was a school with a 
connectedness to the church and the communi- 
ty," Noto explained. "1 didn't feel that at all 
where I was." 

At that point, the Sweetwater, Tenn., native 
remembered a conversation she had had with 
Maryville College Chaplain Stephen Nickle 
prior to her first semester in South Carolina. 

"Stephen Nickle's father was my father's pto- 
fessor at Columbia Seminary in Decatut, Ga.," 
Noto said. "We had met somewhere, and 1 told 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 2 

him where I was going to college. 

"He asked me, Are you sure you want to go 
there?'" she continued. "When I told him I was 
sure, he asked me to keep Maryville in mind in 
case things didn't work out." 

Things didn't work out, and Noto trans- 
ferred to Maryville College for the second 
semester of her freshman year. But she still was- 
n't sure whether or not the East Tennessee 
school was where she was meant to be. 

"I assumed that I would come here for a 
semester and then go elsewhere," she said. "But 
here I found what I was looking for: a connec- 
tion to the community and a connection to the 
church as a whole." 

At Maryville, Noto is double majoring in 
religion and theatre. Completing the require- 
ments for two majors demands a lot of class- 
room and study time, but whatever free time 
she has left, Noto fills with extracurricular activ- 
ities that mirror her passions. Noto has become 
a regular cast member on the MC stage, and she 
contributes much to the spiritual life of the 

It was during the summer of 1998 when 
Noto and another student, Sara Baker '99, 
decided to form "Sisters in Spirit," a campus 

organization whose purpose is to encourage 
women on campus to discuss theit faith, 
become educated about world issues that affect 
humankind and involve themselves in service. 

"We attended the National Network of 
Presbyterian Women in St. Louis and learned 
about the need for women to connect on a spir- 
itual level," Noto said. "We felt that we needed 
to start a group that would provide that kind of 

With a mailing list of 70 students. Sisters in 
Spirit has received a wonderfiil response from 
women on campus, Noto said. Last May, the ^ 
group was recognized as the best student organ- 7 
ization by the College's Student Development 

Noto said she knows she will be a leader in 
the church "in some way" following graduation. 
Seminary is a likely possibility for Noto; infor- / 
mation from McCormick and Columbia semi-"' 
naries is already appearing in her mailbox. The 
Presbyterian Church's Young Adult Intern 
Program interests her, as well, because of the 
opportunity to serve in women's ministries. 

Her experiences at Maryville College have 
opened her eyes to the broad scope of ministry, 
she said. 

"Never let a professor of this institution say, 
as one of the professors of one of our larger insti- 
tutions is reported to have said: 'We are not 
responsible for the character or the morals or the 
vices of our students; only for their instruction. ' 
Let this College continue to accept responsibili- 
ty for character as well as teaching. " - Rev. E. 
A. Elmore of the Synod of Tennessee at the 
inauguration of Dr. Wilson, 1901 

They are her heroes. 

They minister to her - not always in an 
"overt kind of way" but by showing the love ot even though Edwin 
Christ through compassion and concern, she Hunter, Horace Orr 

said. "Over and over I hear how these teachers 
changed and shaped the lives of these former 

"Most often the emphasis is on the standards 
thev set, the "enuine care thev demonstrated tor 

their students and the 
imparted," he added. 

Sadly, many of the 
faculty members Dr. 
Gibson reads about 
have passed on. And 

aluable skills they 

"They're incredible people doing interesting 
things with their lives," Nikki Noto said of her 
professors and faculty mentors. "1 feel privi- 
leged to have them as teachers." 

Perhaps no thread runs more visibly and 
strongly through Marwille College's history 
than that of faculty admiration. 

Dr. Russell Parker 

and Elizabeth Jackson 

will never be replaced, 

several current 

Mar}'ville College tacult)' members are on that 


And to alumna and registrar Martha Hess 
'67, there are striking similarities between the 
faculty members she learned from 30 years ago 

Dr. Chad Berrv 

Dr. Wayne Anderson, the College's eighth and those with whom she works today, 
president, once told an audience in 1982 that On her drive home late one afternoon, she 

he kept in his desk a thick file of "hearrwarm- saw Associate Professor of Biolog)' Dr. Paul 

ers" - letters from former Maryville College stu- 
dents who wished to thank faculty members for 
having "profound impacts" on their lives and 
showing concern for them as individuals. 

Maryville College President Dr. Gerald 
Gibson frequently heats similar testimonials as 
he travels the country' for alumni gatherings. 

"The facult)' I hear about the most often are 
Arda Walker '40, Fred Griffitts '25, Dr. 
Hunter '14, Professor Howell '22, Dr. Orr 
'12, Alt Bushing '43, Carolyn Blair, Mrs. 
Cummings, Elizabeth Jackson," the president 


m^m "r 

Junior Nikki Noto is double majoring in religion and theatre. 
Considering seminary study after Maryville, she believes she will be a 
leader in the church during her lifetime. 

Threadgill and several students on campus, 
labeling the trees. She said it immediately 
brought back fond memories of Dr. A. 
Randolph Shields '34, who chaired the 
Division of Natural Sciences for many years 
before retiring in the early 1 970s. 

The combination of gruff exterior and kind 
heart seen in Threadgill also makes her think of 

"He's a wonderful advisor. He cares about his 
students," Hess said of the biology professor "I 
never worr)' about Paul's advisees being short on 

credits or requirements 

for graduation." 

Both instructors ot 
primarily treshman 
composition courses, 
Lynn King Coning 
'89 and Jessie 
Katherine Johnson 
'21 would have taught 
in the same building 
and enjoyed each 
other's company had 
30 years not separated 
the retirement of one 
and the employment of 
the other, Hess specu- 

"Miss Johnson was a 


grammarian with a capital 'G.' She spoke very 
precisely and clearly," the registrar said. "Lynn's 
speech is also ver\' accurate and precise. I'm sure 
her teaching is like that." 

Johnson was a beauty queen while at 
Maryville College in the early part ot the centu- 
ry, and Coning's blond 
hair and fair features 
serve as another 
reminder of their simi- 

To the best teachet 
she ever had in her life, 
Hess compares Dr. 
Dean Bolden, professor 
of sociologj' and for- 
mer dean ot the College. 

"Dr. Arda Walker gave her students the won- 
derful foundation vou have to have when you 
study history," Hess said. "Her travel experi- 
ences made the difference. She brought those 
experiences into the classroom, so her students 
learned more than the dates, the places and the 
people of histot)'. They learned about the 
hearts of the people." 

Bolden, who took a sabbatical and traveled 
the Middle East last year, will teach the first 
World Cultures 350: Comparative Cultures class 
this spring. 

"The basis ot his teaching comes from his 
travels," Hess said. "He has to travel to be the 
teacher he is." 

Local interest - and not so much interna- 
tional - creates for Hess a similarit}' between 
Dr. Russell Parker and Dr. Chad Berry. 

Parker, who chaired the history department 
until his death in 1987, studied the histon,' of 
the Alcoa community and was interested in the 
Cherokee history of the area. Berry, a native 
Hoosier and assistant professor of history, has 
become an active member of the city of 
Maryville's Historic Zoning Commission and 
the College Hill Historic District. He works to 
preserve the historical neighborhoods in 

Bert)' said he is "honored" to be compared to 
Parker. Before the history department moved 
into Anderson Hall, Bern.' occupied the same 
office as Parker and said he often "felt [Parker's] 

"We are both American historians," Berry 
said of himself and Parker. "And another simi- 
larity is that Dr. Parker taught Aftican history 
here. I teach southern African history now." 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 3 

Hess never met the legendan' Lady Jane 
Bancroft Smith Alexander, but from what she 
has read, Hess said Dr. Susan Schneibel is doing 
for the Humanities what Lady Jane did for the 
division in the early 1900s. 

But the similarities don't stop there, Hess 

"The breadth ot what they can teach is very 
similar," the registrar said. "Lady Jane taught 
French, German, history and literature. She was 
also very educated - I think she spent a year at 
the Sorbonne. 

"Susan has studied abroad and teaches simi- 
lar courses, " Hess continued. 

Because of the collective efforts of Alexander 
and Schneibel, the English and histon,' depart- 
ments of Maryville College have been "particu- 

Lady Jane Alexander Dr. Susan Schneibel 

larly strong" and will continue to be strong, she 

"The general object of the courses of study is 
the thorough and symmetrical development of 
the intellectual powers and moral character of 
the student - not so much to make specialists as 
to graduate men fidly equipped for the highest 
demands that may be made of college-bred men 
everywhere. The liberally educated man is best 
equipped for achieving success in any special 
work to which he may be called in subsequent 
life." -The Maryville College Bulletin, 1905 

For the Senior Thesis project she will begin 
during the Spring 2000 semester, Nikki Noto 
will combine her religion and theatre majors 
into a single project. Currently, she believes that 
project will take the form of a play based on the 
biblical book of Esther. 

Noto said she is interested in studying the 
feminism demonstrated by Queen Vashn and 
Queen Esther. 

While students at the turn of the 20th cen- 
tury would have certainly studied the Bible, 
they would not have been required to write a 
Senior Thesis. Though several students wrote 
theses as part of an Honors Work program, it 
wasn't until the curriculum revision of 1947 
that they had to undertake the research and 
writing project (then called "Special Studies"). 

More than five curriculum revisions have 

occurred since 1900, but general education 
courses have always reflected the values of a lib- 
eral arts education. 

The 1905 catalog places courses into 10 
"groups," which would likely be considered 
"majors" by today's standards. The groups were; 
classical, Greek, Latin, English, English litera- 
ture, modern languages, chemistry, biology, 
mathematics and economic and political sci- 
ence. Eight of the 13 graduates in 1905 con- 
centrated their studies in Latin. 

In 1910, students were required to complete 
36 courses before earning the bachelor of arts 
degree. By 1923, the requirement had changed 
to 126 semester hours. The "liberal arts course," 
as outlined in the 1923 catalog, recommends a 
balance ot Bible, math, histor}', natural science, 
ancient or modern languages, English and phys- 
ical training courses for freshman and sopho- 
more students. 

Dr. Edwin Hunter, who served as dean of 
curriculum from 1935 until 1957, started the 
first formal counseling and orientation pro- 
grams for freshmen in 1931. Honors work was 
offered in 1 932, which included comprehensive' ' 
exams at the end of study. By 1937, compre- , 
hensive exams were adopted as a requirtotent ; 
tor graduation. ^ f^ ^ ■: ~''' 

Hunter led the curriculum reviskm of l^Aj., 
for which he and other facul^f'meEHbers spent 
three years planning. Tjze Special Studies, 
tfie "cornerSfqr(e" ' 

requirement was consideS 

of that revision, but sUo included two other 

objectives: a strond^tore of general education 
courses (with an emphasis 0n Western World 
history and literatufe^_:lii^ea|^ pf strictly 
American history and literatitfdjdajjd a deduc- 
tion in both the numbet of courses, offergd.aiJd' 
the number of classes a student cwild t^ J)er 
semester. The latter objective was adopted to 
give students greater opportunity to concen- 
trate their studies. 

Twenty-five majors (not including teacher 
licensure) were offered in that curriculum. 

The next major revision was implemented in 
the fall of 1967 and designed to "take into 
account the latest developments in education." 
In contrast to the curriculum of the 1940s and 
1950s, the core curriculum had four new 
emphases. First, it attempted to make clearer 
the interrelationships among the disciplines. 
Secondly, it strengthened the courses and 
requirements for non-Western studies. Thirdly, 
it brought into the curriculum - through the 
introduction of philosophy courses for the 
freshmen - a concern for values. Lastlv, the cur- 

riculum of 1967 created more opportunities for 
students to complete experiential studies. 

Courses that offered both interdisciplinary 
study and independent study were offered dur- 
ing the four-week period between the end of fall 
term and the beginning of Christmas break, 
beginning in 1967. Called "intetim," the course 
was eventually moved to three weeks in January 
- after Christmas break and before spring 

In the early 1980s, the curriculum was fine- 
tuned to meet more expectations in the job 
market. New majors like computer science, 
management, international studies and pre-pro- 
fessional health sciences joined the relatively 
new major in Sign Language Interpretation (a 
formal major since 1974). 

Students wishing to minor in available stud- 
ies were able to aftet the curriculum revision of 
1982. Mountain Challenge participation 
became a popular one-hour course for freshmen 
m 1986. 

The latest cutriculum revision was imple- 
mented in 1996. A curriculum task force of fac- 
ulty, staff and students submitted for approval 
general education courses that "emphasize the 
cultivatiorv-Bf those intellectual and personal 
qualities mat' mark the educated petson." The 
college catalogijeads: "Through the enhance- 
ment of skills and knowledge, the deepening of 
setisitivities and the clarification of personal 
purpose, students learn to deal responsibly with 
a world of uncertainty and accelerating 

Today, 60 credit hours of "core" curricultan^i 
courses are required for a bachelor^ of aff^ , 
degree. In addition to classes in composition," 
statistics. Biblical studies, fine, arts And natural 
and social sciences, students nb\y enroll in 
"seminars" - freshman .;^d s^n^rSfeijjjnars - 
that "provide coheregcfe alorig.witB solid begin-^ 
nings and a clear cufmination to thfe libeaal arts 
exp^ienee." ,;-' 

Vatiies and ethics are issufsyiscussed in each 
of the 49 majors offered at JMaryville. It is this 
distinction of the , M,aryvill^ ■ College general 
education curricillum' that-^ led the John 
Templeton Foundation to, tank the .CoUfege in 
its honor roll for "character-building" Cpllegel^. 

And it is this genetal education cu^^^s^iluTrl 
under which Noto will gtaduate in_^01. it's 
given her a "good foundation to stand^tji' .^^e^ 
said, wherever God calls her to stand. "^ .^-,^^ 

"Being in the pulpit - I'm open to that. Or 
being a missionary or an educator," she said. 
"Maryville College has taught me that I can do 
these things, and I feel prepared to do them." 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 


Major accomplishments of the College in the last 100 years... 


Enrollment: Student body grew from 300 to 400 (preparatory department included). Faculty: Number of faculty members grew from 
10 to 17. Physical facilities: Willard House, heating plant, Fayerweather Science Hall and Bartlett Hall constructed; additions made to 
Anderson and Baldwin halls. Fund-raising: First payments received from the $217,000 Fayerweather bequest; endowment grew to 
$247,364. Other notables: First campus beautification projects completed; first topographical survey conducted; the College's integra- 
tion policy stood firm against outside attacks; student self-help work fund established. 


Enrollment: College enrollment grew from 389 (preparatory department included) to 760. Faculty: Number ot faculty members grew to 38. 
Physical facilities: Number of buildings doubled - from 10 to 20. Fund-raising: The Forward Fund campaign brought in an excess of 
S200,000 and the Centennial Forward Fund brought in $500,000; Andrew Carnegie gave 550,000 toward the building of Carnegie Hall; 
endowment grew to SI. 7 million. Other notables: The College was accredited with the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary 
Schools; the Preparatory' department closed, allowing for concentration on collegiate efforts. 

Ralph W. Lloyd (1930-1960) 

Enrollment: 859 students were enrolled in 1935, 949 in 1947 and 725 in 1960. Faculty: Members numbered 34 in 1931, 58 in 1950; 
sabbatical-leave was offered; retirement-annuity plans and life and health insurance policies were offered. Physical facilities: 
Morningside, the Fine Arts Center, the Wilson Chapel/Theatre Complex and the Margaret Bell Lloyd Residence Hall were construct- 
ed; the College property grew from 270 to 375 acres. Fund-raising: Director of development position created; endowment reached $4 
million. Other notables: Major improvements were made in the curriculum; women began serving on the Board of Directors; recruit- 
ing efforts expanded; ties with the Presbyterian Church were strengthened; first admission counselor hired. 


Enrollment: Decreases follow national trends; College responds by creating Office ot Admissions. Faculty; Salaries for facult}' members dou- 
bled; 54 percent held Ph.Ds. Physical facilities: Dorms I, II and III (later named Gamble, Davis and Copeland) were constructed to replace old 
Baldwin and Memorial dormitories; Sutton Science Center was dedicated in 1968; the Physical Education Building (later named the Cooper 
Athletic Center) was opened in I97I. Fund-raising: Sesquicentennial Campaign met $12 million goal. Other notables: .Annual budget for the 
College exceeded $1 million; Sign Language Interpreting major offered; career planning and placement office instituted; Learning Center opened. 


Enrollment: Decrease continues; College responds by increasing number of scholarships. FaciJty: Number of degreed faculty mem- 
bers increased to 64 percent. Physical facilities: Renovation work begun on Willard House; wood-burning energy system installed; 
campus roads paved. Fund-raising: Toward Century III Campaign raised more than $12 million; alumni giving increased; endowment 
doubled. Other notables: Continuing education program initiated; Center for English Language Learning (CELL) created; Center for 
Campus Ministry dedicated. 


Enrollment: From 491 students in 1987 to 842 students in 1992. Faculty: 48 full-time tacult}' members; average salaries increased 35 percent. 
Physical facilities: Crawford House renovated and dedicated lor Lite Enrichment Center; Pearsons Hall refurbished; Sutton Science Center ren- 
ovated; soccer field made ready. Fund-raising: Endowment doubled; Vision '94 provided funds to renovate Carnegie Hall and the physical edu- 
cation building. Other notables: Mountain Challenge program launched; the College operated in the black for the first time in decades; com- 
puter technolog)' made available in library'; College joins Oak Ridge Associated University's consortium. 


Enrollment: From 752 students in 1993 to 1,001 students (record high enrollment) in 1999. Faculty: Full-time faculty numbered 50 
in 1993; in 1999, they number 64. Physical facilities: Renovation of the Center for Campus Ministry; addition of Beeson Residential 
Village; addition of the Lloyd Thornton Stadium; renovation of residence halls; Bartlett Hall renovated for use as a student center. Fund- 
raising: MC2000 Campaign on track to meet $16 million goal; alumni participation sets record with 46 percent in FY '99. Other nota- 
bles: U.S. News and World Report lists College among best Southern liberal arts colleges in 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000 annual 
issues; John Templeton Foundation lists College in its honor roll for character-building colleges; 51.7 million Title III grant recieved. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 5 




hy Laurie Grogan, Director of Public Relations 

If walls could tcilk, the historic buildings on 
the Maryville College campus would be 
humming with the stories of generations. 
Until structures gain the ability to speak, how- 
ever, they must find their voices in the people 
who live, work, and learn within them. 

One of the most prominent of these voices is 
certainly Dr. Sarah McNiell '53, who experi- 
enced lite at the College as both a student and a 

campus, Anderson Hall, was completed in 
1870 and has an individual designation on the 
National Register, which was granted in 1975. 
Thanks to its distinctive tower, there is probably 
no other building on campus more closely asso- 
ciated with Maryville College. Beyond its rec- 
ognizable Federalist facade, however, Anderson 
Hall has stories to tell that reveal more about 
the character of the College and its impact on 

history professor. McNiell, who calls the cam- the community than can be learned by a simple 
pus, "an architectural museum," played a key examination of its architecture. 

role in the formation of the Maryville College 
Historic District. Comprising nine buildings, 
the Historic District was officially placed on the 
National Registet of Historic Places in 1982. 
Five more buildings were registered in subse- 
quent years. 

"Historically the college built as the need 
arose and when the money was available, and 
built in the style that was popular at the time. 

Maryville College's policy of excluding none 
from its benefits by reason of race or color, not 
only set it apart from other institutions in the 
region, but also helped the college in its 
attempts to raise funds for Anderson Hall. 
Researching the history of the building, 
McNiell discovered a letter written in 1869 by 
a lieutenant in the Knoxville office of the 
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned 

The major architectural trends of the past 150 Lands, in which he commended the College for 

its policy and recommended a donation from 
the Bureau to the building fund. 

According to McNiell, the construction of 

years are represented here," said McNiell 

According to McNiell, such architectural 
diversity is common, especially among southern 
institutions. Much like 
Maryville College, many 
schools have a central cam- 
pus of older buildings with 
more contemporary struc- 
tures on the periphery. 

While McNiell noted 
that a more uniform con- 
struction style might help 
to foster a stronger sense of 
community, variety also 
has its merits. Each build- 
ing has its own personality, 
its own distinguishing fea- 
tures that link it to its era. 

The oldest building on the walkways to the Lamar Memorial Library (CCM) and Anderson HaU 
FOCUS Autumn 1999 6 

Since 1910, students standing in the entrance to Pearsons Hall have seen 

Anderson's Fayerweather Addition, which was 
completed in 1892, involved a unique fund- 
raising effort as well as the personal fijnd-raising 
plan of a Maryville native with dreams of 
acquiring land in Oklahoma. McNiell recount- 
ed a story told to her by Adele McKenzie about 
her father, Thomas Brody As a young man, 
Brody drove the brick wagon used on the proj- 
ect to finance a ticket to Oklahoma where he 
hoped to stake a claim for land. After reaching 
his original goal, he reconsidered and continued 
on the job long enough to earn money for a 
return ticket in case his dreams of acquiring a 
homestead failed to materialize. 

Of all the legends surrounding the buildings 
on the Maryville College campus, the most 
retold and beloved revolves around Bartlett Hall 
and the heroic efforts of student BCin Takahashi. 
Under his direction, fellow students made more 
than 300,000 bricks for the structure, and he 
spent two years after graduation diligently rais- 
ing funds before returning to Japan. Completed 
in 1901, Bartlett Hall served as the Maryville 
College athletic center until the 1923 comple- 
tion of Alumni Gym and housed the YMCA 
until 1970. Currently undergoing extensive 
restoration and construction of a new addition, 
Bartlett Hall will be home to a new student cen- 
ter in fill 2000. 

Throughout the years, although architectur- 
al themes changed, the spirit and determination 
that made Bartlett Hall possible remained 
steadfast. Following the loss of the original 
Carnegie Hall dormitory to fire in 1916, stu- 
dents and faculty cleaned 80,000 bricks from 
the old building for use in constructing its 
replacement, which was built in 1917. In their 
book By Faith Endowed, Carolyn Blair and 
Arda S. Walker '40, tell of the especially ardent 
efforts of the students, faculty and surrounding 
community to raise funds for rebuilding the 

Another common thread running through 
the tapestry of the Maryville College history is a 
sense of utility and resourcefiilness. As needs 
changed, many of the buildings took on roles 
that were quite different than originally 
planned, and often the later use proved to be 
even more fitting. 

A perfect example of this metamorphosis lies 
in Lamar Memorial Library Located in the cen- 
ter of campus, it was built as a memorial to 
Thomas Jefferson Lamar. With its turret and 
stained glass, the building had from its very 

beginning a religious air. It wasn't until 1981, st)'le into the mix. 
however, that it became the Center lor Campus "Willard House is classic Queen 

Ministr)'. In the almost 100 years prior, it had Anne and is probably the most 

served as a librap,', museum, post office, book- authentic representation of an 

store, and print shop. Still home to the Center architectural st)'le among all the 

for Campus Ministry, the building was totally buildings on campus. It was ^ 

refurbished this year. In deference to its original certainly the most luxurious. - ■ 

sendee, letters carved into the woodwork in In fact, the president apolo- 

1888 to designate alphabetized stacks of books gized to the students for its '§ 

have been repainted black to remind all who extravagance 

enter of the building's heri 


vhen hi 

when he moved 
With its high ceilings, Corinthian columns, in, because stu- 
and wealth of floor space, the first floor ofThaw dent housing 
Hall is ideally suited for its present day use as was shabby in 
the Lamar Memorial Library, so much so that it 
is hard to imagine it as anything else. The orig- 
inal plans for the building, however, designated 
the first floor as a dining room at the request of 
the major donor, Mary Thaw of Pittsburgh. 
Begun in 1920, the building took tour years to 
complete. The second floor was finished in 

McNiell said. 

Completed in 
1890, Willard House also captured the atten- 
tion of the local press, McNiell said. A detailed 
description was printed, with special attention 
paid to the home's asymmetrical lines, dormers, 
1921 and the space was given to the Preparatory porches and turrets. 

Department, which remained until 1925. In In more recent times, the Fine Arts Center 

1924, the first floor was completed; however, it evoked the most dramatic response, McNiell 
was never put into use as a dining hall. Because said. "It really caused quite a stir. It was built 
the College had more immediate need of new during the 1950s, a ven,' troubled era in the 
libran,' facilities, the book collection and muse- nation, and people were anxious and suspicious 
um were transferred to Thaw Hall, where they of anything different. " 

remain today According to McNiell, the ter\'or associated 

Whenever a new structure is erected on cam- with the Fine Arts Center did not extend to the 

pus, it is naturally greeted with a great deal of other contemporar}' buildings that followed it. 

interest. According to The Wilson Chapel, Sutton Science Center, 

^McNiell, certain buildings and Cooper Athletic Center were all built in the 

throughout the modern st\'le of the day, and were bv and large 

College's history have accepted by the campus and the surrounding 

garnered more than community, she said. 

ittle attention, espe- The Fine Arts Center probably received the 

most attention because it was the first and also 
the most flamboyant example of the modern 
architectutal style. 

Even though McNiell has devoted consider- 
able time and energ)' to preserving the history 
of the buildings on campus, as well as the 
buildings themselves, she is quick to note 
that the College is far more than the 
,structures that house it. 

"The buildings provide a won- 

"derfiil backdrop against which 

we live our lives, but it is the 

people who make the College. 

It is the people who cook the 

- meals and keep the 

Scaffolding surrounds Bartlett Hall today, as construction crews transform it into buildings clean and 
the College's student center. The building was originally dedicated in 1901. comfortable and 

the people who are here to teach and to learn 
who make the campus," she said. 

Throughout the decades in which she has 
been a part of MarjTille College, McNiell said 
there has never been a clear "favorite" building 
among students. "We all develop attachments 
for various reasons. Some students have a great 
fondness for their residence hall and some for 
the building in which they had the most class- 
es. It really depends on the individual experi- 
ences they have on campus." 

In addition to ser\'ing the physical needs of 

the College, McNiell noted that the buildings 

serve as monuments to the individuals whose 

efforts made them possible. "They serve as 
reminders of who we are and the sacrifices 
so many people made to make education 
possible, affordable, and intellectually challeng- 
ing. People are gone rather quickly but build- 
ings remain to help us remember" 

MC buildings listed 
on National Register 
of Historic Places 




Founded In 1«19 by the Synwi of 
lennenee. PreAjrtertan cimKli ij 
the USA. ai The Soithen ad 
Western The^oglcal Sentniry. tb 
flnt presWeirt wa« Rev. Iiaic 
Anderaon. D.D. Hsorlgtaaltnildiiisi 
were on Broadnay «< Cdlejc swrt. 
It wm noved to lt« I*"*" ""*"" 
in 1871. 

•Anderson Hall 1870 

• Lamar Memorial Library 

(Center for Campus Ministr}') 1888 
•Willard House 1890 

• Alexander House 1895 

• Crawford House 1876 

• Fayerweather Hall 1898 
(Destroved bv fire May 1999) 

• Bartlett Hall 1901 ' 

• Ralph Max Lamar Memorial Hospital 
(International House) 1910 

• Pearsons Hall 1910 

• Carnegie Hall 1916 
(Orginally built in 1910; 
rebuilt following fire) 

• The House in the Woods 1917 

• Thaw Hall 1924 
•Alumni Gym 1923 

• Morningside 1932 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 7 



By Karen E. Beaty '94 

Director of News and Sports Information 

Although his contributions to Maryville 
College are widely known, Samuel T. Wilson is 
a person personally remembered by tew today - 
some 35 years after his death. 

Viola Lightfoot '34 remembers him. 

"He was nice. Impressive," she said. "He was 
a tall sort of person, a nice looking gendeman; 
sort of had an air about him. 1 was expecting 
him to look like that." 

Lightfoot met the Mary\'ille College alum- 
nus (1878) and president emeritus in 1930, just 
days after she arrived at the College lor under- 
graduate study. A student assistant to Registrar 
Anna Jones '17, Lightfoot was called upon to 
t)'pe letters to family members and other docu- 
ments lor Dr. Wilson. Later, she aided the pres- 
ident emeritus in his "Second Century 
Beginnings" addition to his 1916 history book 
"A Century of Maryville College." 

"Miss Jones admired him so much. She 
wanted to send him the best that she could for 
what he wanted done," Lightfoot said. "I con- 
sidered it quite a compliment." 

One of only three students who could t)'pe 
proficiently, Lightfoot said she worked for Jones 
almost every working hour that she was not in 
class. For 1 5 cents an hour, she took dictation 
and typed in Dr. Wilson's home on Indiana 
Avenue. Defying the rule that forbid female stu- 
dents from going downtown without a chaper- 
one, she also took Dr. Wilson's letters to the 
Maryville Post Office - alone. 

"Dr. Wilson knew how strict the rules were," 
Lightfoot said. "If I was caught. Dr. Wilson told 
me to refer the night watchman to him. He 
said: 'I'll take care of that.'" 

It was during such encounters that Lightfoot 
said she would glimpse a "rwinkle in his eye." 
Although described as "puritanical" in a 
Maryville Times editorial written at the time of 
his death. Dr. Wilson had a "keen sense of 
humor" and a mischievous side in his latter 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 8 

years, according to Lightfoot. When her work 
for him needed correcting, he always corrected 
it "in good humor" and without harsh 

"But I tried to be carefiil," Lightfoot 
added, "because I wanted to please him." 

When Viola Lightfoot, 90, hears or reads the 
name of Samuel Wilson today, the sessions of 
t}'ping and writing in his home come to mind. 
What she remembers of his conversation and 
history book is the admiration he held for 
Maryville College and its founder. Dr. Isaac 

"He was always talking about how Mar}'ville 
College stood out," she remembered. "He was 
proud that the College offered religious educa- 
tion - and that there was no detriment to the 
quality of the teaching because of [a religious 

From those sessions, she also remembers stu- 

Artwork created by Maryville College students lines the walls in Viola 
Lightfoot's apartment. Tiie art reminds her of the 44 years she spent 
working - and advising - in the Registrar's Office. 

dents interrupting their work to ask Dr. Wilson 
about vocational choices and courses. Though 
she didn't know it at the time, Lightfoot would 
be offering the same advice to students who 
sought her counsel in the Registrar's Office only 
a few years later. 


Viola Lightfoot almost missed her own grad- 
uation. Figuring requirements and rolling up 
diplomas until the ver\' last second, Lightfoot 
hurriedly slipped into the procession with 125 
of her classmates and graduated cum laude. 

Jones, the College's registrar since 1930, had 
passed away a month prior to Commencement, 
leaving Lightfoot and a staff assistant to deter- 
mine who was graduating and who wasn't. 
Jones' death was "scary" to the student assistant 
for more reasons than the workload. 

"She was my mentor. She made a lot of deci- 
sions for me," Lightfoot said of Jones. "I was 
fascinated with biology and couldn't make up 
my mind what to major in. She persuaded me 
to major in English ... She thought I'd be bet- 
ter in that kind of work than [in] teaching." 

Before her death in April of 1934, Jones had 
permission to hire Lightfoot as assistant to the 
registrar. Lightfoot continued working after 
graduation, keeping the "assistant" title even 
though she was doing more leading than assist- 
ing in the office. In the late 1940s, MarvT/ille 
College President Dr. Ralph W. Lloyd '15 gave 
her the official title of "Registrar. " She remained 
the registrar until her retirement in 1974. 

In more than 40 years of service to the 
College, Lightfoot humbly said she has only 
one "claim to fame." It is not the student 
records that she kept meticulously. It is not the 
self-imposed requirement 
to learn the pronunciation 
of ever)' student's name. 
Nor is it the overtime she 
worked to stay current on 
changing requirements and 
an unyielding schedule. 

Her claim to fame is the 
very thing that Dr. Wilson 
and Miss Jones modeled 
for her: a willingness to lis- 
ten and a willingness to 

"I would listen to stu- 
dents, listen to their 
griefs," she said. 'A lot of 
times I went beyond what 
was required. I was probably 
more patient than some teachers." 

In the Rome, Ga., apartment where 
Lightfoot now lives, the walls are lined with art- 
work created by Maryville College students 
who tried to repay the mentor in the registrar's 

A watercolor of Anderson Hall reminds her 
of an art student she "prodded, argued with, 
fussed at and encouraged" to graduate. It 
worked; Lightfoot watched her walk across the 
Commencement stage. 

The former registrar occasionally receives 
letters from former students. They are the rea- 
sons, she said, she wouldn't choose biology if 
she - or Miss Jones - had it to do all over again. 
"I made several friends, and I liked the aca- 
demic atmosphere, but I also learned a lot about 
human beings and relationships," she said. "I 
liked my job." 


MC ranked one 
of best in U.S. 
News ranking 

For the fifth time in the last six years, 
Mar)'\'ille College has been listed in U.S. News 
and World Reports ranking of the 10 best liberal 
arts colleges in the South. The national maga- 
zine annually judges colleges and universities 
for their academic excellence and publishes 
rankings in its weekly magazine and education- 
al guide, "America's Best Colleges. " 

The only Tennessee institution listed in the 
category, Maryviile College ranked seventh and 
tied with Asbun,' College in Kentucky and 
Columbia College in South Carolina. Berea 
College of Kentuck)' ranked first. 

"Certainly, we are very pleased to be recog- 
nized again by U.S. News and World Report." 

said Maryviile College President Dr. Gerald W. 
Gibson. "High school students conducting col- 
lege searches use rankings like the one U.S. 
News publishes when deciding what schools to 
apply to, so we hope this ranking 
help our recruiting 
efforts this year." 

Mar}^^^ tied 
for ninth place in the 
rankings last year. 
While Gibson admit- 
ted that he liked the 
No. 7 slot better, he 
pointed out that the 
methodology used by U.S. 
Neivs and World Report to 
choose "Top 10" schools 
changes year to year. The 
magazine may compare thi 
same measures of a qualii'. 

education - academic reputation, student 
retention, facult)' resources, student selectivity, 
financial resources, alumni giving and gradua- 
tion rates - but the measures may be 
weighted differently from one year to 
the other, he said. 

In its "best value" subcategor}', 
17.5. News and World Report ranked 
Mar\T,'ille College sixth among 
southern liberal arts colleges. The 
rankings report 86 percent of 
the student body at Mar)'ville 
receives grants based on need. 
Rankings and college edu- 
cation-related stories were 
published in the Aug. 23 
issue of U.S. News and 
World Report. "America's 
Best Colleges" guide went on sale 
Aug. 24. 

Templeton recognizes Maryviile for character and service 

"Intelligmce plus character - that is the goal 
of true education. " 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Mar}'ville College has once again been rec- 
ognized by the Templeton Foundation for lead- 
ership in the area of student character develop- 
ment. Two of the College's programs, the 
Freshman Curriculum and the Student Literaa- 
Corps are featured in a guidebook entitled The 
Templeton Guide: Colleges that Encourage 
Character Development, which was released 
nationwide in October. Designed for students, 
parents, and educators who believe that 
character matters, The Templeton 
Guide contains profiles of exemplar)' 
college programs in ten categories 
including First Year Programs and 
Volunteer Service Programs, two 
areas in which Maryviile College 

Since its inception five years 
ago, the Student Literacy 
Corps has grown into one of 
the nation's most respected 
college-based literacy pro 
grams, according to Jen Serio of 
the Student Coalition for Action in Literacy 

Education. Serio said Mar\'ville's program is 
one of the few directed by students and that 
SCALE often uses the Marndlle College 
Student Literaq' Corps as a model tor other 
schools interested in developing their own liter- 
aq' initiatives. 

The Templeton Guide cited as exceptional 
three areas of the Student Literacy Corps — MC 
Families, the Blount Count}' Jail, and the 
Blount County Children's Home. The highest 
praise came in the summan,' of the profile: "At 
Mar}'ville College, graduates develop sound val- 
ues through outstanding examples of ser\'ice." 
In its description of the Freshman 
Curriculum, The Templeton Guide said: "By 
engaging students in application 
of academic skills to con- 
crete life situations, the 
program challenges students 
to take responsibility for 
their environment, their soci- 
ety, and themselves." The 
quote precisely describes what 
the College intended to achieve 
when it developed the current 
Freshman Curriculum in 1996, 
said Dr. Pegg}' Cowan, coordinator 
of the Maryviile College General 

Education Curriculum. In honoring the 
Freshman Curriculum, The Templeton Guide 
featured Mountain Challenge, Perspectives on 
the Individual, Perspectives on the 
Environment, and Perspectives on the 
American Communit)', noting that such cours- 
es "lay the foundation for a liberal arts educa- 
tion that supports Maryviile College students in 
developing informed ethical judgement, a com- 
mitment to service and global citizenship, and a 
sense ot responsibilin' for the common good." 

Though recognized in separate categories by 
the Templeton Foundation, the underlying goal 
of both programs is the same — to develop lead- 
ers for productive lives in a changing world, 
which is an overall goal for the College as well, 
and one for which the liberal arts education is 
ideally suited, according to President Gerald 

"We are very proud of Maryviile College's 
work to help students develop the strong values 
that will serve them well beyond their college 
years, said Gibson. "Character development is a 
lifelong process, and we believe that colleges 
and universities have a very important and 
unique role to play. We are delighted to be 
among the institutions profiled in The 
Templeton Guide" said Gibson. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 9 


$1.7 million grant expected to transform classroom instruction 

In a word, it will be transformational. 

That was how Mar)'ville College President 
Gerald W. Gibson described the impact a Si. 7 
million Title III grant will have on academics at 
Maryville College. The College learned of its 
selection as a grant recipient in late August. 

"What Title III will bring to this campus in 
terms of equipment, instruction and access to 
information is hard to imagine," Gibson said. 
"We are very excited about what this project 
will mean to Mar)^^^ in the 21st Century and 
what it will mean to our current and future stu- 

Earmarked lor instructional technology', the 
funding will come from the U.S. Department 
of Education under Title 111 of the Higher 
Education Act. The exact amount of the grant 
($1,749,982) will be financed - 100 percent - 
with federal funds. 

The grants are highly competitive. This year, 
262 colleges and universities applied for Title 
III grant funding; only 56 were approved. 

Mar}'ville College will receive approximately 

$350,000 each year for five years. In the cur- 
rent academic year, $349,997 will fijnd new 
computers and printers for all full-time facult)' 
members, one permanent multimedia "smart" 
classroom in each of the academic buildings, 
two mobile multimedia units, one laser-net- 
worked printer for each division office and basic 
computer equipment for the start-up of an 
instructional technology center. 

Throughout the five-year grant period. Title 
III will fund salaries and benefits for a director 
of instructional technolog)' and an academic 
computer technician. A "generous annual soft- 
ware budget" will also be a reality during the 
five-year funding, as well as on-going additions 
to the Instructional Technolog}' Center, the 
mobile multimedia units, computer classrooms 
and facult)- development workshop schedules. 

While instructors across campus are excited 
about the equipment and instruction, many are 
also excited about the semester-release time, 
summer stipends and travel allowances available 
for those chosen to participate in the Facult}' 

Fine Arts announces upcoming events 

Recitals, concerts, art exhibits and auditions 
are just a few of the events occurring in 
Maryville College's Division of Fine Arts 
through February. 

Senior art student Kimiaki Itamura's exhibit 
will be on display in the Fine Arts Centers art 
gallery through Dec. 16. 

The Delta Omicron Christmas Recital is 
scheduled for Dec. 2 in the Music Hall, and the 
Manr-ville-Alcoa College-Communit}' Orchestra 
(MACCO) will perform Dec. 6 in the Music 
Hall. On Dec. 9, the MC Communit}' Concert 
Band and the Maryville-Alcoa Communit}' 
Chorus will perform its annual Christmas con- 
cert in the Wilson Chapel. The Mar}'ville 
College Concert Choir will hold its annual 
Christmas concert Dec. 10 in the Wilson 
Chapel. All performances begin at 8 p.m. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 10 

Auditions for the Alpha Psi Omega produc- 
tion of William Shakespeare's "Taming of the 
Shrew" will be held Dec. 7-8. Auditions for the 
MC Playhouse's musical production of "Studs 
Terkel's Working" will be held Dec. 7-8 and [an. 

Associate Professor of Music Dr. Larry 
Smithee will give a trumpet recital Feb. 1 1 in 
the Music Hall. Clatinetist Mike Criss, flutist 
Karen McLeoad and pianist Janice Mitchell will 
perform in a guest recital Feb. 18. Professor of 
Music Dr. Robert Bonham will give a piano 
recital Feb. 25 in the Music Hall. Performances 
begin at 8 p.m. 

Senior Rick GaI}'on will give his senior recital 
Feb. 27, 4 p.m. in the Music Hall. 

For more information, please call the 
Division of Fine Arts at 865/981-8150. 


instructional Technology Fellow Program. 

Unlike many grants. Tide III proposals allow 
colleges and universities to shape the nature of 
the project - the work plan - to meet the great- 
est needs of the campus, said Karen Wentz, 
Mar}'ville College's Tide III Project Director. 

"In the proposal, we described the College's 
strengths, weaknesses and problems," Wentz 
explained. "And we described the College's 
strategic plans, setting forth our goals and 
objectives. The activit}' in the grant is the solu- 
tion to fulfill aspects of those goals." 

The MC2000 Plan, a strategic plan 
approved by the College's board of directors in 
1993, specifically calls for the establishment of 
a state-ot-the-art instructional technolog}' cen- 
ter and aims for the development of "instruc- 
tional use of technolog}' that contributes signif- 
icantly to the educational experience of stu- 

Title III grant handing will definitely help 
meet that goal, Gibson said. 

Southeast is MC Choir 
Tour destination 

Winter hasn't arrived yet, but the 
Maryville College Concert Choir is already 
looking toward spring! During Spring 
Break, student choir members will be tour- 
ing the Southeast, sharing their musical 

The tour will begin March 10, 2000, in 
Chattanooga, and end March 15. Within 
that week, the choir plans to visit Adanta, 
Ga., and Columbia and Charleston, S.C. 
The MC Concert Choir will perform at 
local churches and high schools in those 

Alumni, parents and friends living in 
these regions are asked to watch their mail 
for more information. 


Scots hit the hardwood for 1999-2000 season 


1999-2000 Men's Basketball Schedule 


Nov. 20 
Nov. 27 
Nov. 29 
Dec. 5 
Dec. 7 
Dec. 11 
Dec. 17-1 
Jan. 6 
Jan. 9 
Jon. 15 
Jan. 20 
Jan. 22 
Jan. 26 
Jan. 29 
Jan. 30 
Feb. 5 
Feb. 8 
Feb. 10 
Feb. 13 
Feb. 14 
Feb. 19 
Feb. 21 
Feb. 23 
Feb. 26 








Fri., Sat. 



















Emory University 
Centre College 
Greensboro College 
Fisk University 
LaGrange College 

Holiday Inn Tourney 
Methodist College 
Averett College 
Stillmon College 
Stillman College 
Thorros More College 
Reinhordt College 
Rust College 
Fisk University 
Rust College 
King College 
Reinhordt College 

Piedmont College 
Thomas More College 
Transylvania University 
Emory University 
Piedmont College 


Atlanta, Go. 
Danville, Ky. 
Greensboro, N.C. 
Moryville, Tenn. ... 
Maryville, Teng^^-' 
Moryville, Telin. 
Babson Pork, Flo. 
Moryville, Tenn, 
Moryville, Tenn. 
Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
Moryville, Tenn. 
Maryville, Tenn, 
Walesko, Ga, 
Holly Springs, Miss. 
Nashville, Tenn 
Maryville, Tenn 
Bristol, Tertii\.^ 
Maryville Teritt^* 
Savonnoh Go 
Demorest, Ga, 
CresNiew Hills, Ky. 
Moryville, Tenn. 
Maryville, Tenn. 
Maryville, Tenn. 


3 p.m. 

7 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 
3 p.m. 

3, 5 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 
3 p.m. 
7:30 p.m.* 
3 p.m.' 

8 p.m.' 
3 pm.* 

3 pm. 
7 30 p.m.* 
730 p.m. 
3p.m ' 
7:30 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 
3 p.m. 

' Denotes gome is double-header with women's team 
" SCAD is Sovonnoh College of Art and Design 

1999-2000 Women's Basketball Schedule 






Nov, 19-2 


Pizza Hut Tip-Off 

Arlington, Vo. 


Nov, 27 


Centre College 

Danville, Ky. 

1 p.m.* 

Nov, 29 


Emory & Henry 

Maryville, Tenn. 

7 p.m. 

Dec. 4 


Georgio Wesleyan 

Maryville, Tenn, 

1 p.m. 

Dec. 5 

Knoxville College 

Maryville, Tenn. 

1 p.m.* 

Dec. 8 



Henderson, Tenn, 

3:30 p.m. CST 



LaGrange College 

Maryville, Tenn, 

1 p,m. 

Jan, 5 


Berry College 

Maryville, Tenn. 

7 p.m. 

Jan, 7-8 


Moryville Clossic 

Moryville, Tenn, 


Jon. 12 


Knonille College 

Knoxville, Tenn, 

6 p.m. 

Jan. 15 


Stillman College 

Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

1 p.m. CST* 

Jon. 20 


Stillmon College 

Maryville, Tenn. 

5:30p.m. CST* 

Jon. 22 


Piedmont College 

Maryville, Tenn. 

1 p.m.* 

Jon. 29 


Rust College 

Holly Springs, Miss. 

1 p.m. CST' 

Feb, 2 



Maryville, Tenn. 

7 p.m. 

Feb. 5 


Rust College 

Maryville, Tenn. 

1 p.m.* 

Feb. 8 


LaGrange College 

LaGrange, Ga. 

5:30 p.m. 

Feb. 11 


Kentucky Christian 

Maryville, Tenn. 

7 p.m. 

Feb. 13 



Sovonnoh, Go. 

12 p.m.* 

Feb. 14 


Piedmont College 

Demorest, Go. 

6 p.m.' 

Feb 19 


Thomos More College 

Crestview Hills, Ky. 

1 p.m.' 

Feb. 23 


Georgia Wesleyan 

Mocon, Go. 

5 p.m. 

* Denotes gome is double-header with men's team 
** SCAD is Savannoh College of Art and Design 

$ 10,000 given in honor of Fighting Scot 

Kevin Hedrick, a senior at Maryville 
College, was named a Division III College 
Football Scholar Athlete by the Burger King 

In honor of Hedrick's outstanding athletic 
and academic achievements and his commit- 
ment to mentoring the community's youth, 
Burger King Corporation donated $10,000 to 
the Maryville College general scholarship fund 
in his name. The award was presented by 
Burger King Franchisee Russ Seus and other 
Burger King officials during the Oct. 9 
Maryville College vs. Bridgewater College 
home football game. 

Kevin's parents, Willie and Marie Hedrick of 
Sevierville, were on hand for the half-time pres- 
entation along with Maryville College President 
Dr. Gerald W. Gibson and Athletic Director 
Randy Lambert '76. 

An engineering major in the dual- 
degree program at Maryville College, 
Hedrick has maintained a 3.9 G.P.A., 
while starting as a defensive end for the 
Fighting Scots. In addition to his aca- 
demic and athletic endeavors, Hedrick 
also serves as a math tutor for both ele- 
mentar)' and college students. He also 
works with the Department ol 
Transportation and is an assistant Sunda) 
school teacher. 

During the 10-week program. Burger Burger King franchisee Russ Seus presented a $10,000 
King Corporation named eight scholar check to Kevin Hedrick during the Oct. 9 game. 

athlete award winners (two from each 
division) each week. 

According to Maryville College Head 
Football Coach Phil Wilks, Hedrick is respect- 
ed by his teammates on and off the field. 

"He played just as hard and aggressive when 

he came here as a freshman as he does now," 
Wilks told a reporter with the Knoxville News- 
Sentinel. "He is so quiet and so smart, then he 
gets on the football field and he really turns it 
on. He is the kind of person who regardless of 
what he does, he does it well." 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 11 


Gate, Ziegler join College Cabinet 

In July, Marwille College President Gerald 
W. Gibson announced the promotion of Mark 
Gate to Vice President for College 
Advancement and the appointment of Rick 
Ziegler 70 to Vice President and Dean tor 
Enrollment. In their new positions, Gate and 
Ziegler are now serving on the College's seven- 
member Cabinet. 

Gate, a Maryville native, succeeds Elton 
Jones, who was named Assistant to the 
President for Foundations and Major Gifts. 
Gate began working at the College in 1991, and 
since then has held positions in Residence Life, 
Career Services, 

Alumni and 

Parent Relations 
and, most recent- 
ly. Development. 
As Director ot 
Development, he 
planned and 

including direct mail, phonathon, communitv 
campaigns, tacult)'/staff campaigns, student 
campaigns and personal visits. 

A 1987 graduate of Carson-Newman 
College, he earned a secondary teachers certifi- 
cation in 1991 and a master's degree in educa- 
tional psychology from the University of 
Tennessee-Knoxville in 1994. 

Ziegler, a 1970 alumnus of Marpille 
College, worked as Director ot Admissions tor 
Susquehanna Universirv' in Selinsgrove, Penn., 
from 1985 until his appointment at Mam'ille. 

Mark Cate 

While at Susquehanna, Ziegler was responsible 
for training and directing staff building recruit- 
ment strategies and meeting enrollment targets 
for the liberal arts school of 1,600 students. 

Prior to 1985, Ziegler was Director of 
Admissions and Financial Aid at Phillips 
University in Oklahoma. From 1973 until 
1976, he was an admissions counselor at 
Maryville College. 

He is a member 
of the National 
Association of 
College Admission 
Counselors, the 
Association ot 
College Admission 
Counselors and 
the American 
Assembly of Rick Ziegler 70 

Collegiate Registrars. He has also worked as a 
consultant with George Dehne and Associates. 

Ziegler succeeds Donna Davis '83, who 
worked as Vice President tor Admissions and 
Enrollment from 1992 until June 1999. Davis, 
who began employment with Marwille College 
in 1979, left to pursue a doctoral degree. 

President Gibson said he is pleased with the 
experience new members will bring to the 
Cabinet and is looking torward to working with 

Staff changes announced 

Ned Willard replaces Mark Cate as director 
of development. A 1990 graduate of Rhodes 

College, Willard joined the Maryville College 
staff in 1995 as an area coordinator in 
Residence Life. A year later, he joined the 
College's admissions staff as counselor. In his 
new position, Willard is responsible for helping 
the College meet Annual Fund goals. 

Monica Blackburn Alsup '97 was named 
the College's director ot alumni and parent rela- 
tions. Before her return in August, she was a 
financial aid officer at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, 
Ga. A native ot Bethel, Ohio, Alsup is married 
to MC alumnus Thad Alsup '98. 

Alsup succeeds Karen Beaty '94, who 
moved into the College's public relations office 
and now works as the director of news and 
sports information. 

Laurie Grogan was named director of public 
relations in September. A graduate of the 
University of Tennessee, Grogan was the public 
relations manager for MasterCraft Boat 
Company in Vonore, Tenn., prior to joining the 
staff at Maryville College. She has also worked 
as a copywriter for Computational Systems 
Incorporated, a senior public information offi- 
cer for Oak Ridge Associated Universities and a 
reporter with the Oak Ridger. 

Alan Reynolds rounds out the public relations 
office as the College's publications manager, A 
native ot Crossville, Tenn., and graduate of 
Tennessee Technological University, Reynolds 
worked for TAP Publishing prior to his move to 
Mar}'\'ille. As publications manager, Reynolds 
will be responsible for graphic design and print- 
ing projects. 

Christmas at Willard House set for Dec. 5 

The Blount County Chapter ot the Mar\'ville 
College Alumni Association is hosting its annual 
"Christmas at Willard House" on Sunday, Dec. 5, 3- 
S:00 p.m. 

With the spirit of Christmas in the air, this is a per- 
fect time to come back to campus. Local alumni, par- 
ents, friends, faculty, staff and students are invited to 
see Willard House decorated in Victorian fashion 
while enjoying hot cider, hors d'oeuvres and 
Christmas music. 

"Beat the cold ot winter; come enjoy the warmth 
of friends," said Monica Alsup, director of alumni 
and parent relations. 

^wi T^^gfl^^H^^^^ 



■i^rT^i' - -^ 



College helps Maryville 
'have it all' in A&E series 

Maryville, Tenn., is among 10 cities that "have 
it all," according to an A&E Network weekly tele- 
vision series called "A&E Top 10." 

The television producers focused on unique 
programs of the College - Mountain Challenge 
and Public School ESL (English as a Second 
Language) - and the programs' contributions to 
the communit)'. Education, retirement, safet}', 
recreation and economy were five criteria used in 
the "Top 10 Cities that Have It All" selecdon 

"Top 10 Cities that Have It All" aired Nov. 14. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 12 


Five join Alumni Association's Executive Board 

Upon graduation, these alumni never 
thought they would be part of the Class of 
2002, but here they are! Joe Gilliland '55, 
Marcia Williams Kling '56, William "Wil" 
Lukens '91, Rebeccah Kinnamon Neff '62 
and David Russell '72 ha\'e agreed to serve on 
the Alumni Board's Class of 2002. During their 
three-year term, these five will "represent the 
Alumni Association in order to promote the 
interests of Maryville College and to maintain 
mutually beneficial relations between the 
College and alumni." 

The Alumni Board's Class of 2002 began its 
service with the fall Alumni Board meeting 
Sept. 10-11. 

After receiving his bachelor of arts degree 
from Man.'ville in 1955, joe Gilliland went on 
to earn a master ot arts degree from the 
University of Missouri. Once finished, he spent 
rwo years serving in the United States Army. He 
went on to become a reporter and editor for 
newspapers in both Arkansas and middle 
Tennessee. Before retiring in August, he was the 
assistant to the director of public affairs for the 
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 

Joe met his first wife, Joan Frei Gilliland 
'54, while a stu- 
dent at Mar}'\'ille 
College. The 

Gilliland's two 
children graduated 
from MC: Anne 
Gilliland '79 and 
Don Gilliland 

Joan passed 
away in 1997. Joe 
married Janet Whitmore '56 in July 1999 (see 
Class Notes), and thev now live in Asheville, 

Joe will serve on the Public Relations 
Committee of the Alumni Board. 

Marcia Williams Kling (known as "Miss 
Marcia" to many people who grew up in the 
Chattanooga area) is the director of communi- 
ty affairs and reporter for WT"VC News 
Channel 9 in Chattanooga. As "Miss Marcia," 
she has been a longtime television host of the 
children's program "Funtime." 

Marcia enjoys singing and is a soloist for 
Second Presbnerian Church. She is also active- 
ly involved in the Salvation Army Advising 

Joe GUliland '55 

Marcia Kling '56 

Board, Ronald McDonald House and Family 
and Children's Services. A cancer survivor, she 
was a winner of the American Cancer Society's 
Courage Award in the late 1980s. 

Marcia and her husband David have two 
children: John 

David and Maria. 

As a member of 
the Board, Marcia 
will serve on the 
Public Relations 

Upon graduating 
from Marp'ille 
College in 1991, 
William "Wil" 

Lukens went on to receive his master of busi- 
ness administration degree from the University 
of Tennessee, Knoxville. After several years with 
DeRoyal Industries, he is now vice president of 
E-Commerce relations for California-based 
Omnicell Technologies. 

Wil, wife Jennifer and their rwo children, 3- 
year-old Wade and 
2 - y e a r - 1 d 
Caroline, live in 
Knoxville. Wil is a 
member of Central 
Baptist Church in 
Bearden. In serv- 
ing his communi- 
ry, he has been a 
girls soccer coach 
for KYSO. 

The Board's Alumni Events and 
Programming Committee welcomes Wil into 
its ranks. 

Rebeccah Kinnamon Neff came to Marwille 
College from Kernersville, N.C. After graduat- 
ing from MC, Rebeccah received master of arts 
and doctoral degrees from Duke Universir\'. 

During her life,. 
Rebeccah has lived 
all over the country. 
She has had the 
opportunity to live 
in Romania and 
Iran, as well as 
Ohio and 

Washington D.C. 
While in Iran, 
Rebeccah was a Rebeccah Neff '62 

Wil Lukens '91 

professor for a woman's college in Tehran. 

Currently, Rebeccah is the director of cre- 
ative solutions for SAS Institute, Inc. She and 
her husband, Harry, live in Raleigh, N.C. In her 
spare time, Rebeccah enjoys spending time in 
her garden and creating pressed-flower art. 

Rebeccah will ser\'e on the Development 

David "Dave" Russell lives in Knoxville with 
his wife Carol Ann Abel Russell '72. They 
have three daughters: Erin, Sarah and Laura. 
Erin is currently a 
junior at Maryville 

Dave received a 
master of arts 
degree from the 
University of South 
Carolina. Since that 
time, he has 

worked in radio 

David Russell '72 j , i • ■ 

and television 

broadcasting and advertising. The former vice 
president of Roberts and Russell Advertising, he 
is now self-employed. 

Dave is involved in fellowship church leader- 
ship tor the Evangelical Free Church of 
America, as well as with Vine International, an 
organization providing aid to medical missions 
in Central America. He enjoys boating with his 
family when he can. 

As a member of the Board, he will be serving 
on the Parent Ambassadors Committee. 

Homecoming 2000 announced 

Homecoming 2000 on the Maryville 
College campus will be celebrated Oct. 13- 
15. Reunions will be celebrated by those 
classes with class years ending in a '5' or '0.' 
The class of 1950 will be celebrating its 
50th year since graduation; the class of 
1975 will be celebrating its 25th year since 

If you would like to help with a reunion, 
please contact Monica Alsup, director of 
alumni and parent relations, at 865/981- 

Other fall events planned for 2000 
include Famil)- Weekend (Sept. 22-23) and 
Long Weekend (Oct. 20-22). 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 13 


Alumni called upon to help reach 50-percent goal 

The Executive Board ot the Marn'ille 
College Alumni Association and the 
College's Office of 
Advancement are 
working together 
to help reach the 
50-percent alumni 
participation goal 
by the end of this 
fiscal year (May 3 1 , 

In 1998, the 
Alumni Board set a 
goal of 50-percent 
alumni participa- 
tion by the year 

2000. In tracking that goal, 
a 45-percent participation 

ii^i 4 

Members of the 1999-2000 Phonathon Team include (front 
row) Mark Rogers '01, Erica Hayes '01; (back row) Jennifer 
Lowe '03, Elisha Giles '01, Krista Smith '02, Erin Verhofstadt 
'02, Christina Fisher '03 and Amanda McMaster '03. 

Board members set 
goal in fiscal year 
1998-99, and 
alumni came 

through with a 
record-breaking 46 
percent of alumni 
making a gift to 
Maryville College. 
(The national aver- 
age of alumni par- 
ticipation among 
peer institutions is 
32 percent.) 

"There is much 
work to be done," 

said Ned Willatd, directot of annual giving. 
"In order to reach levels that tival presti- 
gious institutions, we need to increase the 
support received from alumni. " 

According to Willard, foundations and 
rankings, like those found in U.S. News 
and World Report, consider the financial 
support of alumni as a critical indicator of 
"customer satisfaction" among its gradu- 

Phonathon callers (all MC students) ate 
working year-round to contact all alumni 
and ask them for a gift. Willard asked 
alumni to remember the 50-percent par- 
ticipation goal when on the phone with 
student callers. 

Three Reasons to Establish Your Own Endowment 

There are manv reasons you should consider 
establishing your own endowment at Maryville 
College. Here are rhree: 

/. Unending Annual Gifts 

As a friend of Maryville College, you prob- 
ably make annual gifts to suppott the College 
and, quite possibly, gain great personal satisfac- 
tion from doing so. Our endowment program 
allows you to make certain that yout annual 
gifts continue in perpetuity after you are gone. 
The rule of thumb to "lock in" your annual gift 
is to give an amount equal to 20 times the 
annual gift. For example, a bequest of $20,000 
to the general college endowment would gener- 
ate an annual gift of at least $1,000 a year and 
allow a portion to be reinvestment for future 

Endowment funds ate basically investment 
funds that pteserve principal and make pay- 
ments (or gifts) to the College from the earn- 
ings. Assets are commingled lor the sake of sim- 
plicity and economies of scale, but the College 
maintains records of the individual endowment 
funds. After you are gone, your endowment 
would take your place in providing annual sup- 
port for the College. And this could continue 

2. A Lasting Legacy 

This is one of the most powerful reasons to 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 14 

establish an endowment. The ongoing nature of 
these funds provides an unending way to not 
only support Maryville College, but to remind 
family and friends of one's deeply held values 
and commitments. 

Grandchildren, great-grandchildren and fur- 
ther generations will encounter their own her- 
itage as they see "their" endowment at work. It 
you want to build a lasting legaq' to benefit the 
College and inspire people for years to come, 
establish your own endowment. 

3. Financial Stability 

MarjTille College derives financial strength 
from its endowment funds. Just knowing that 
we can count on a stream of endowment 
income permits us to make better financial pro- 
jections and to plan tor the future more confi- 

Also, income from endowments allows the 
College to do some things it might not other- 
wise be able to do. One donor established an 
endowment to provide students with scholai- 
ships for overseas study. Another donor is estab- 
lishing an endowment to provide scholatships 
for students who will do service in the area of 

Another point: An organization with strong 
endowment assets tends to dtaw recognition 
and prestige as well as support ftom other 

Several Possibilities 

You can establish your endowment in sever- 
al ways. You could do it all at once by making a 
major gift of cash ot marketable assets. You 
could also start now with a modest amount and 
add to your endowment later. Or, you could 
make all the arrangements now to establish 
your endowment in the future. You can do this 
through a bequest in yout will or othet planned 
gift such a charitable gift annuity, insurance 
policy or even the use of a charitable trust. 
Those who establish endowments through their 
estate plans are eligible for membership in the 
Society of 1819. 

You can establish your endowment for a 
variet)' of purposes. For example, a named 
scholarship fund can be established for 
$25,000. Endowing a particular building on 
campus or providing for faculty development 
are other options. 

Many of our alumni and friends have dis- 
covered that endowment building is one of the 
most satisfying means of supporting Maryville 
College. If you want to learn more about this 
program and how you can participate, contact 
Lyn French, Maryville College's Director of Gift 
Planning, at 865/981-8191 or use the tear out 
form (located in the back) in this copy of 

Donors Answering Call To Meet Kresge Challenge 

Since the Kresge Foundation of Troy, Mich., 
issued a $500,000 grant in early July, challeng- 
ing Maryville College to raise the remaining 
fiinds needed to complete the student center 

Jean and Harold Lambert were recognized by Maryville College President Dr. 
Gerald W. Gibson, left, during the 1999 Founder's Day Banquet. The 
Lamberts have pledged $1 million to the Bartlett Hall Student Center Projea. 

project by Aug. 1, 2000, response has been 
enthusiastic and meaningful. 

The College has received nearly $1,100,000 
in gifts and pledges in support of this challenge, 
and is actively pursuing the remaining 
$315,000 needed to meet the challenge and fin- 
ish the project. 

"The commitment by the Kresge 
Foundation is a timely one, and I truly believe 
it has helped to spark people who have been 
thinking about ways to help the College," said 
Anna Graham, Director of the MC2000 
Campaign. "To be under the half-million-dollar 
mark for this project is exciting. So many peo- 
ple have renewed their commitment and enthu- 
siasm for this special place - at this special time 
in the history of the institution." 

Jean and Harold Lambert '50 of Marvville 
are a perfect example ot Graham's sentiment. In 
response to the Kresge Challenge, they pledged 
$500,000 toward the effort in October. The gift 
followed a gift of $500,000 
made eadier in the year. 

Originally, the Lamberts 
intended tor their gifts to be 
anonymous but had a 
change of heart when 
requested by the College to 
share their storj-. 

"We thought it might 
inspire others to make a con- 
tribution, just as we were 
inspired," Harold said. 
"We're willing to do all we 
can to help make the new 
student center a reality. 
"We are so proud of the school and what it 
means to Maryville. The community would 
really be lost without Maryville College," he 

Vince and Cindy Evans, parents of Brandon 
Evans '01, were inspired to make a gift to 
Maryville College after a series of events 
prompted them to attend the Atlanta campaign 
event at the home of Nancy Gamble Bromley 

"Vince and I were driving back to 
Conyers [Ga.] after a football 
game (Brandon is a member of 
the Fighting Scots football 
team), and we were talking about ■-, 
how great it would be if we could 
make a gift to the MC2000 Campaign, 

Cindy said. "We put it into the back ot our 
minds until we received an invitation to the 
Atlanta event and decided we wanted to hear 

Just a few days before the Atlanta event, fire 
destroyed Fayerweather Flail. 

"This heightened our awareness of the need 
to take action and make a gift," Cindy 
explained. "And on the way to the event, as we 
were thinking about how to budget tor a gift, 
we remembered some stock we had not includ- 
ed in our long-term financial planning. We 
decided to make the gift with that. It's been a 
very attractive option tor us." 

Giving appreciated stock is a convenient way 
to make a gift to the College, according to 

"We're seeing more and more donors make 

gifts to the Campaign and in support of the 

Kresge Challenge through gifts of stock," 

continued on page 16 

Total Goal: $6.3 Million 

■ $5,985 Million to dale 

1 5500,000 Kresge Challenge 

$315,000 needed to meet challenge & finish project 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 15 


Graham said. 

"We're able to give something back - not just 
the tuition we pay - and not just in support of 
this building but also in support ot the whole 
College - facult}', staff, students - who have 
helped make Mary\'ille a good place tor 
Brandon," Cindy said. 

Christine "Teenie" Havworth, mother of 
Deborah Hayworth '81 and member of the 
MC Board of Directors, is an avid promoter of 
all things Mar)'ville College. And even though 
she did not attend MC, her enthusiasm for the 
College never dwindles. 

"I always get the biggest kick when I'm back 
on 'my' campus, " Hav'worth explained. "I real- 
ly think this excitement I feel has its origins in 
the fact that I didn't attend a liberal arts college. 
It's left a big hole in my life, especially when I 
look at what it's meant to our children - all of 
whom attended liberal arts colleges. 

"The sense of community that prevails at 
these schools is immense," Haworth added, 
"and they've taken it into their adult lives as well 
- as good citizens and parents." 

MC2000 Campaign Update 


$16 million 


$15,533 million 


S6.3 million 

95% ($5,985 million) 


88% ($617,585) 


$4.2 million 
98% ($4.1 million) 


$4.8 million ^ 
100% ($4.8 million) ^ 




Recruited to the Board 
of Directors by President 
Gerald Gibson and for- 
mer director Natalie 
Haslam, Hayworth was 
surprised by the request. 

"I've never ser\'ed on 
an educational board 
before," she explained. 
"When I was recruited, I 
wondered what I could 
possibly contribute to 
Maryville College." 

Ha\fworth serves on 
the Board's Student 
Committee. In addition 
to her work on the Board, she and her husband 

Participating in the Aug. 4 Bartlett Hall/Student Center groundbreak- 
ing ceremony were (1-r) Vice President for Student Development Bill 
Seymour, Board member Sara Pope Proffin, MC2000 Committee 
Chairperson Fred Lawson, MC President Dr. Gerald Gibson, McCarty 
Hoisapie McCarty representatives Mark Buchanan and Mike Keller 
and Johnson and Galyon Contractors Vice President Mike Mauer. 

or library. 

D 1 J r ■ 1 L I don't think anyone was as ill-prepared for 

Kav have made a hnancial commitment to the ' ^ ^ 

MC2000 Campaign. Also, they have helped ""^S^ "" ^ *^^'" ^"'"^ ''^'^- "^^^ ' ^°''^ 
enhance student life by renovating the Margaret Mar)T.lle once I got there - the campus and the 

Ware Dining Room and the foyer of Pearsons 


"Teenie has really helped make rwo of the 
primary gathering spots for our students and 
prospective students - particularly now, since 
the Fayerweather fire - much more attractive 
environments," said Vice President for Student 
Development Bill Seymour. 

For Mary Swain Wood '29, there was never 
any question that she would attend a liberal arts 

"In my family it was understood that first 
you went to a small, private liberal arts college, 
and then you could go on to an\'where else you 

The year Wood entered college was a provi- 
dential one for MC. 

"Centre (in Danville, Ky) was the college for 
my grandfather, my father, my brother and my 
brother's son. The year I entered college. Centre 
was merging with the women's college down the 
road and weren't accepting any other women as 
freshmen. So the family looked for the nearest 
Presbyterian school." 

The nearest Presbyterian school just hap- 
pened to be Mar)'ville College. 

She had little idea of what college was like. 
Her hometown, 30 miles outside of Louisville 
Ky., had a little high school with no laborator)' 

town. 1 temember walking to the Quaker 
church (now St. Andrew's Episcopal Church) 
for Sunday services because it was the longest 
walk back with our beaus." 

When the depression hit in 1929, Wood's 
family was unable to send her back for her sen- 
ior year, so she got a job teaching elementary 
school in Kentuck)'. Eventually, she was recruit- 
ed by the Scott Foresman Publishing Company 
as a reading consultant for the state of Texas. 
Her job: to promote a new line of reading mate- 
rials, starring now familiar characters Dick and 

"Every first grader in the state of Texas 
thought I was Dick and Jane's mother," she 

When Wood heard about the MC2000 
Campaign, the Fayerweather fire and the Kresge 
Challenge, she decided to make a gift in addi- 
tion to her regular gifts to the Annual Fund. 

"I'm so happy about MC today," she said. 
"The growth and improvement thrills me. You 
know the Presb)^erian Church is known for 
believing in education, and I believe MC has 
successfully met that goal. 

"I was a student when Dr. Wilson was presi- 
dent, and I never shook hands with him," 
Wood added. "I feel like if I were a student 
today. Dr. Gibson would know me." 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 16 


Center for Campus Ministry nears 
completion, fund-raising goals 

Workers paid close attention to detail when it came to restoring the Center for Campus Ministry. A metal roof 
and white "dimples" across the top of the building would have been visible features of the building in 1888. 

by Anna Graham, CFRE, MC2000 Campaign 

As the students returned to campus for the 
fall semester, they found workers completing 
the restoration of the Center for Campus 
Ministry (CCM). 

It's easy to see why this project has been par- 
ticularly meaningful to Andy McCall, project 
manager and Maryville College's director of 
physical plant. The restoration of a building 
President Gerald Gibson has called "an archi- 
tectural jewel in the center of our campus" has 
been a labor of love. 

When McCall talks about the project, he's 
careful to stress that this has been a restoration 
- not a renovation. 

He and his team paid close attention to 
detail when it came to replacing the roof plas- 
ter and woodwork. "Walls were re-plastered 
rather than replaced with sheet rock. A large 
part of the wood used for replacing missing or 
damaged detailed pieces came from the College 

"About 10 years ago we cut down a few dead 
oak trees, and we saved the wood," McCall 
explained. "It was too valuable to throw out, 
and I'm glad we didn't." 

The metal roof is a near replica of the origi- 

nal one. The white "dimples" across the top of 
the root were discovered in an old photograph 
of the building. When the roofers took the 
existing roof off McCall explained, they found 
what they believe is the original metal roof (that 
had been covered with tar) with some of the 
bases of the white dimples remaining. 

"[Roofing company] Baird and Wilson was 
able to reproduce the original pattern of the 
roof and spacing of the dimples, " the project 

manager said. 

The sole original door remains as the door to 
the office of support staff member Rachel 
Moore '67 and has been reproduced lor the 
entrances to the building. 

Dr. Chad Berry, assistant professor of histo- 
ry and member of the Maryville City Historic 
Zoning Commission, lound this attention to 
detail particularly appealing. 

"The detail of the small squares ot glass, 
based on rhis original door, really becomes a 
motif lor the whole building, " he said. 

The stained glass borders on the windows 
throughout the building continue this theme, 
and memorialize or honor individual donors. 
They were designed and crafted by Catherine 
Carter-Stiles '81. 

The Reverend Stephen Nickle, chaplain and 
director of volunteer services, said he is pleased 
with the results. 

"It's a warm and hospitable space that invites 
people to come in and seek nourishment," the 
chaplain said. "If there were a day when all the 
staff was home in bed with the fiu, the open 
doors of this place would continue to draw peo- 
ple into a community. ' 

According to McCall, the building is 
equipped with all safet)', ADA, electric and fire 

"It should be a good building for a long 
time," he said. 

Of the $700,000 needed to restore the 
building, $80,000 remains to complete the 
fundraising. For more information, please con- 
tact MC2000 Campaign Director Anna B. 
Graham at 865/981-8200. 

Inside the CCM, walls were re-piaitered. Wood work that was missing or damaged by water leaks was 
replaced by oak trees salvaged from the College Woods. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 17 


ensures Gamble legacy lives on 

by Lyn French, Director of Gift PLvining 

The following article is reprinted from the Fall 
1999 edition of MC Futures, the planned giving 
newsletter for friends and alumni of Maryville 

Margaret Gamble Purcell 

Among the tamily names that punctuate the 
chronicles of Mar)'ville College is that of 
Gamble. There have been 
Gamble board members, 
Gamble benefactors and 
Gamble students galore. 
There is even a Gamble 
Hall, named after Joe 
Gamble who was a stu- 
dent, board chairman and 

Far away in Calitornia, 
Margaret Gamble Purcell 
grew up an only child, 
learning the lore of 
Maryville College, where 
her grandfather, mother 
and father were all stu- 
dents - as well as scores of cousins, nieces and 
nephews - many of them twice removed. Other 
strands of Margaret's family were MC alumni as 
well, for example, her grandfather. Scales 
Amerine, who later owned the mill and the gen- 
eral store in Maryville. 

Margaret's mother, Eva Amerine Gamble 
1899, entered Mar^'ville Preparatory School at 
the tender age of 12. It even required a special 
board vote to admit a child so young. When Eva 
graduated she was - and remains - the youngest 
student to graduate from the Preparatory School. 
This was in 1902 - a time when Fayerweather 
Hall, Harriett Hall, and Willard House were 
brand new buildings on campus and Samuel 
Tyndale Wilson had recendy assumed the college 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 18 

Margaret's father, Sidney Gamble, left 
Mar)'ville College that same year. You might 
assume her parents had met at Maryville College, 
but no; they met as children in the school play- 
ground for a game of mumblet)'peg. 

"It was always understood, " Margaret said of 
her parents, "that they would one day marry." 

Sadly, however, Eva Gamble was widowed in 
1915. She developed a furnirure business to sup- 
port her young family and, in her 
volunteer work, eventually built a 
national reputation as a leader 
among Chrisrian women. She was 
a renowned public speaker and 
the founder and president of a 
statewide Christian women's asso- 
ciation in California. 

In 1920, at the age of 10, 
Margaret first traveled by train 
across country to Maryville, 
Tenn., for a Gamble tamily 

"A five-generation photograph 
was taken at the time," she 

Because her mother held it important to 
maintain family ties, Margaret traveled across 
country to Maryville every few years. At a 
reunion attended by more than 100 family mem- 
bers, she inquired of her Grandmother Gamble, 
"Are these people really all my relatives?" 

Her grandmother responded, "Oh, Honey, 
that's just a few!" Many of them were Mar}^^^ 
College alumni. 

Margaret did not go to Maryville College but 
inherited a love of learning. She earned her bach- 
elor's degree at San Jose State University and a 
master's of art degree (in music education) at 
Universit)' of Southern California and became an 
educator and administrator in California schools. 
Yet her scholarship was rooted in East Tennessee. 
She wrote her thesis on the folklore and music of 

Cade's Cove. 

Margaret and her mother became reconnect- 
ed with Maryville College in 1968 when they 
were contacted by then-president Dr. Joseph 
Copeland and Board Chairman, Joe Gamble 
'26, a relative. They were inspired by the 
College's dedication to liberal arts and its 
Christian values. 

Even after her mother's death, Margaret's rela- 
tionship with the College continued. In 1992, 
she decided to make a provision in her living 
trust, leaving the bulk of her estate to Maryville 
College to establish the Margaret Gamble Purcell 
Chair of English. Her mother had requested that 
she leave the biJk of her estate to a Christian 

In a letter to then Interim President, Dr. Mark 
Ebersole, Margaret wrote: "This has taken a great 
deal of thought and many prayers. A great load 
has been lifted from my shoulders and I am sure 
my mother would be pleased with our decision." 

But her philanthropy was not over. This 
January she established a $400,000 charitable 
gift annuity to benefit the College, the residuary 
of which will support the chair in English. This 
generous gift not only provides for the future of 
the College, but also provides Margaret a sub- 
stantial income tax deduction and a generous 
income tor life. 

Giving to her parents' alma mater felt so grat- 
ifying that Margaret decided to make yet anoth- 
er gift. Inspired by the MC2000 Campaign and 
concerned for the loss of Fayerweather Hall, she 
recently donated appreciated stock valued at 
$50,000 for the new Student Center. 

"I am delighted," she said, "to be able to help 
in this way." 

Margaret recendy had dinner with Maryville 
College President Dr. Gerald Gibson and his 
wife Rachel and pronounced the College "in 
good hands." 

The Gamble name has been an illustrious 
part of the Maryville College chronicles in the 
1 9th and 20th centuries. Margaret Gamble 
Purcell's gifts, as well as those from other 
Gambles, will ensure that the name remains an 
illustrious part of Maryville College for a long 
succession of generations in the new millennium. 

Board of Directors 

Mr. Darrell Akins 

Dr. Harold A. Black 

Dr. Charles Brooks, Jr. '80 

Mr. Michael Campbell 

Mrs. Donna Cobble 

Mr. Lee Congleton 

Mr. Joseph M. Dawson '69 

Mrs. Eleanor Dixon '58 

Mr. Buell G. Duncan, Jr. 

Mrs. Janice R. Dungan '65 

Mr. Lamar Dunn 

Dr. Virginia Eaddy '61 

Dr. Dorsey D. Ellis, Jr. '60 

Mr. K. Scott Fletcher '89 

Dr. G. Kenneth Gates 


Mr. Charles E. Granito 

Mr. Sheridan H. Greaser '60 

Mrs. Christine 'Teenie' Hayworth 

Rev. Dr. G. Carswell Hughs 

Ms. Diane Humphreys-Barlow '70 

Mr. J. William Johnson 

Mr. Fred R. Langley 

Mr. Fred R. Lawson 

Dr. Richard L. Leatherwood 

Dr. Naomi B. Lynn '54 

Mr. James E. McCall '57 

Mr. Robert D. McClenagan 

Ms. Mary Ellen 'Sis' Mitchell 

Ms. Virginia Morrow 

Mrs. Ann Proffitt Mullican '72 

Mr. George A. Painter 

Dr. Patricia D. Postma 

Mrs. Sara Pope Proffitt 

Mr. Richard E. Ragsdale 

Dr. Marcia Riley-Elliott 

Mr. John C. Thornton 

Mr. Tim A. Topham '80 

Mr. Lew E. Weems 

Mrs. Mary Lee Witherspoon '56 


Dr. Tutt S. Bradford 
Mr. Carle M. Davis 
Mr. Judson B. Murphy '39 
Dr. Samuel M. Nabrit 
Mr. HarweUW. Proffitt '40 
Dr. Harold Walker 


Dr. C. Edward Brubaker '38 
Rev. Dr. John R Magill '39 
Dr. Dan M. McGill '40 

1998-1999 Maryville College 

P RE si DEN f ' S • R E P O R T 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 19 

1998-99 College Revenues & Expenses 

Auxiliary Enterprises (13%) 

Tuition & Fees (53% 

Endowment Income (5%) 

State & Federal Grants (4%) 

Other Sources (3%) 

Private Gifts & Grants (22%) 

Institutional Support (8%) 

Instruction (17% 

Services (11%) 

Scholarships (38% 

Expense (2%) 

Support (3%) 

Services (3%) 

lent Operations (5%) 

Auxiliary Enterprises (8%) 

Depreciation & Amoritization (5%) 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 20 

Statements of Financial Position 


Cash and cash equivalents 


Accounts receivable (net of allowance of $1 65,000 in 1 999 and 

$221,500 in 1998). 
Notes receivable (net of allowance of $369,849 in 1999 and 

$255,318 in 1998) 
Receivables for unconditional promises to give (net of allowance 

of$146,124 in 1999 and $196,313 in 1998) 
Insurance proceeds receivable 
Funds held in trust 
Property, plant and equipment (net) 
Real estate 

Investments restricted for purchase of long-term assets 
Investments restricted for endowments and annuities 
Total assets .^^^^^^^g/^jg^^^^^^gl^ 

May 31 

May 31 































Liabilities and net assets 


Accounts payable 

Accrued liabilities 

Prepaid tuition and deposits 

Annuities payable 


Obligations under capital lease 

Due to U.S. Govemment 

Net assets: 
Unrestricted-designated for use as endowment 
Unrestricted-designated for student loans 
Total unrestricted 
Temporarily restricted 
Permanently restricted 

Tota iabi ities and net assets 















Hi) J53,33I^^K] 0.644.585 













'i'k 10 A 7fin 



FOCUS Autumn 1999 21 

Maryville College 


This report lists the names of those individuals and organizations who contribute to Maryville College during the past fiscal year (July 1, 1998 - May 
31, 1999). Every effort was made to ensure that the information is correct. We apologize for any eirors or omissions. If you have any questions, please 
call the Advancement Office at 865/981-8200. f denotes deceased donor(s). 

Isaac Anderson 

Named for the first president of Maryville College, 
the Isaac Anderson Society extends membership 
to those donors with cumulative gifts of $10,000 
and greater. 

Cumulative gifts totaling at least 

Alcoa Foundation 
Dr. Tutt S, Bradford 
Miss Margare[ A. Cooper 
Mr. Robert G. Cooper 

Mr. & Mrs. Carle M. Davis 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. Lambert '50 

Mrs. Glenn A. Llovd 

Mr. & Mrs. Har^vell W. Proffitt '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Ragsdale 

Mrs. Esther J. Snipes '21 

Mr. Fred J. Young '37 

Mr. Lindsay Young 


Cumulative gifts totaling at least $100,000 


Mrs. Earl W. Blazer '31 

Mrs. Katherine E. Clemmer '35 

Dr. Joseph J. Copeland 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter R. Courcenay "29 

Drs. John & Pegg}' Cowan 

The Daily Times 

DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc. 

First American National Bank-Blount Co. 

First Tennessee Bank-Marj'ville 

Mrs. Mar)' A. Hitch '27 

Dr. Jack M. Barlow 
& Ms. Diane Humphreys-Barlow 70 

Independent Presbyterian Church- 
Birmingham, AL 

Mrs. Robert C. Jackson '46 

Mrs. Julian Johnson '29 

Mrs. Warren E. Jones '36 

Mrs. John D. Langston 

Mrs. Loyd Langston 

Fred & Sharon Lawson 

Dr. & Mrs. Rjchard L, Leatherwood 

Mrs. A. Eugene Little '30 t 

Dr. & Mrs.' Dan M, McGill '40 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Mitchell 

Rev. & Mrs. William H. Mooney '40 

New Providence Presbyterian Church- 
Maryville, TN 

Mrs. Archibald R Pieper '36 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Sellars '37 

Mrs. Earl A. Storey '40 

Drs. William & Mary Kay Sullivan 

Mr. &: Mrs. John C, Thornton 

Vulcan Materials Co. Mid-South Div. 

Mrs. E. Leslie Webb jr. '46 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 22 


Cumulative gifts totaling at least $50,000 

American Rug Craftsmen, Inc. 

Judge & Mrs, John N. Badgett, Jr. '40 


Mrs. Edwin J. Best '36 

Frank B, & Martha F Bird 

Blouni Memorial Hospital 

Mr. Kenneth E. Boring # 

Ms. H. Deane Brown '38 

Dr,& Mrs, Arthurs. Bushing '43, '42 

Ms. Nanc)' B. Cain 

Citizens Bank ol Blount Count)' 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Knox\'ille 

CSX Corporation 

Dr. William O.DeWeese '64 

Dr. & Mrs. Dorsey D. Ellis, Jr. '60, '60 

First American National Bank-Knox\'ille 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Fisher 

Mr. Sidney WGilreath '58 


Mr. & Mrs. Dan H. Greaser '60 

Mrs. Ruby Miller Griffitts '32 

The H. T. Hackney Company 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Haslam II 

Dr. & Mrs. Ray M. Hamorth 

Mr. & Mrs. W'illard M.' Johnson '28, '28 

Dr. & Mrs, Elgin P Kintner 

Mrs. Ernest Koella, Jr. '41 

Mr. Frank A. Kramer '47 

Mrs. R, Arnold Kramer '40 


Mr.&Mrs. BillMullican.Sr. 

Presb)terian Church (USA) 

The Presb)'ter\' ot East Tennessee 

ProfFitt's, Inc. 

Mrs. Margaret Purcell 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E.Ray '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Pete Robinson 

Rockford Manufacturing Company 

Mrs. Jean Campbell Rokes '33 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren T Rumbley 

Second Presbyterian Church-KnoxTille, TN 

Synod of Living Waters 

Rev. & Mrs. James E. Watt '51 '53 # 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Newell Witherspoon '56, '52 

Mrs. Mary Wood '29 


Cumulative gifts totaling at least $10,000 

Anonymous (4) 
Alcoa-Tennessee Operations 
Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Alexander 
Anderson Lumber Company 
Mrs. Lutitia Toole Anderson '29 
Dr. & Mrs. Wayne Anderson 
Mr. William R. Anderson '54 
APAC Tennessee, Inc. 
Appalachian Therapy Center 
Dr. Robert M. Arnold '40 
Ms. S. M. Atchley '69 
Mrs. Alice Blackburn Ayers '57 
Mrs. Karl F Bahret 

Mr. Kenneth E. Boring # 

Mr. &Mrs. BoydsonH. Baird'4l 

Ms, NanL7 C, Barbour 

Mrs. Eleanor Stout Barker '46 # 

Mr. Frank H. Barr '42 it 

Mrs. Marion Schneeweiss Bartlett '45 # 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E,BcalUn 

Dr. t&Mrs.JoeD. Beals'47 

Dr, & Mrs. Marvin R. Beard '67 

Bechtel Jacobs Company # 

BellSouth - KnoKville, TN 

Mr. & Mrs. Neil A. Bingham '72 

Mr. &Mrs. J.C. Bogeri 

Dr. & Mrs. Dean A, Boidon 

Dr, Robert J, Bonham 

Ms, Sherr)' Bonham '66 

Mr. & Mrs, W.Wilson Borden 

Mrs. Raymond I. Brahams, Jr. '50 

Mr. & Mrs, Charles A. Brand '47 

Dr, Charles Brooks, Jr. '80 

Dr, Robert L. Brown '35 

Dr, C, Scott & Rev. Ann Owens Brunger 

Mr. Gordon C. Bunge, Sr. 

Mr. & Ms. Edward G. Bush '72, '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur D. Byrne '39, '41 

Mrs. Leo Caldwell 

Dr. & Mrs. Henry A, Callaway Jr, '50 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Callaway '52 

Calloway Oil Company 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L, Campbell 

Cherokee Lumber & Millwork Company 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N, Chewning # 

Anderson & Julia Clark '51. '51 

Mr. Vernon A, Clark '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Clayton 

Colvin & Son Heating Company 

Dr. Betty C, Congleton '47 

Ms. Janet V Conway '73 

Mrs, Arthur 0. Cooke 

Mrs. Jesse S. Cooper 

Ms. Carol Corbett '51 

Mr. & Mrs, James B. Cornett '50 

Dr. & Mrs. John J. Craven 

Mrs. Hugh R. Crawford '35 

Mr, & Mrs, Roy D. Crawford '43, '43 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Crawford, Jr. '44, '50 

Cumberland Securities Company, Inc. 

Mr. James M, Cummings '56 

Alan & Donna Davis '87, '83 

Mr. & Mrs. C, Michael Davis '68 

Mr. & Mrs, William Davis '62 

Joe & Sue Dawson '69. '69 

Mrs, Emma Northwood DeWeese '36 

Dr. Robert C. Dickenman 

Dr. & Mrs. Merv)'n J. Dixon '58, '58 

Dr. & Mrs. Sidney W. Duke '43, '43 

Lamar & Mary Ann Dunn 

Mrs, Dewey W Eitner 

Dr. & Mrs. Marshall C. England, Jr. '54. '55 

Mr, & Mrs. James W Espy '66 

Mr, & Mrs. William H. Eding 

Mr. Glenn C. Evers '38 

Mr. & Mrs, William 0. Faulkner, jr. '52, '52 

Mrs. Howard W Ferrin 

Ms, Marj Ferrin 

Richard & Wendy Ferrin 

Mr. Robert J. Fiedler 

First Presb)ierian Church-Lake Forest , IL 

First Presbyterian Church-Germantown, PA 

Dr. & Mrs, Ted L. Flickinger 

Dr, & Mrs. Emerson C. Flurkey '53. '55 

Mrs. Marion L. Foreman '43 

Mr. Paul H. Fox '38 

M. Jane Hussey Fraelich '57 # 

Mr, & Mrs. William T Furgerson '43 

Furrow Auction Company 

Mrs. J. A, Gallimore '31 

Doug A, Gamble '68 & Nina Gregg 

Mrs. Mose H, Gamble 

Mr, & Mrs. Martin J, Gerra, jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald W Gibson 

Mr. &Mrs.JoeTGilliland'55'56# 

Mr. &Mrs.A. B.Goddard 

judge & Mrs. Houston M. Goddard '68 

Dr. Margaret Knox Goggin '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Granito # 

Graystone Presb)T:erian Church-Knoxville, TN 

Mrs. Davis W. Gregg 


Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Haralson, III 

Mrs. Margaret Murray Hassinger '27 

Mrs. Mary Broady Heald '24 

Mr, & Mrs. Don E, Heard '61 

Mrs, Barbara Lyle Heisev '32 

Mr. &Mrs,CliflordH,Henr)''50 

Mr, H, Bruce Hensley '64 

Miss Martha L, Hess '67 

Highland Presb\ierian Church-Mar\Tille, TN 

Mr J, William Hoh '51 

Home Federal Bank of Tennessee- Knoxville 

Home Federal Bank of Tennessee-Maryville 

Dr, Dorothy D, Horn 

Mrs, Gordon T Huddleston 

Mrs. Charles M. Hurst '37 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Huston '31, '28 

Mrs, William Corner Ireland 

Dr. &Mrs, HomerL. Isbell.Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C, Jennings '55, '57 

Mr. Sam H. jett 

Mr, & Mrs. J. William Johnson '69 

Mr. & Mrs, Elton R. Jones 

Ms. Patricia Claire Jones '55 # 

Joseph Construction Company 

Mr. Robert Lee Kay '50 

Dr. & Mrs, George C. Kent. Jr. '37. '36 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Donald Kent '42, '44 

Mr, & Mrs. John A. Kerr '42, '44 

Mr, & Mrs. David H. Kidder '42. '41 

Mrs. Virginia King '32 

Mrs. Dan H, Kinsinger 

Kiwanis Club of Alcoa 

Kiwanis Club of Maryville 

Knoxville News-Sentinel 

Mr & Mrs. Richard A. Koella 

Mrs. Jackson C, Kramer '43 

Wayne & Sarah Kramer '74, '74 

Mrs, J, B, Lambert 

Mr, & Mrs, Raymond P Lambert 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard R Lamon '40, '40 

Fred & Faye Langley # 

Law's Interiors 

Mrs. Baxter Lee 

Rev. & Mrs. Glover A. Leitch '36, *37 

Donald W. & Joyce Williams Uo '62, '62 

Dr. Virgil S. LeQuire '43 

Levi Strauss & Company 

Miss Viola M. Llghcfooi '34 

Mr. Carl L. Lindsay Jr, '50 # 

Dr. & Mrs. F. Houston Lowry '50 

Mrs.W. Harr)'Lyie 

Mrs. Hugh 0. Maclellan 

Dr. &Mrs.JohnRMagill'39, '41 

Jim & Michael Marklc '8 r83# 

Mr. David S. Marston '29 

Mr. & Mrs, David W. Marston '64, '67 

Matsushita Electronic Components Corp. 

Dr. & Mrs. Peter M. Mazur '44 

Mrs. David L. McArthur '35 

Mr. & Mrs, Gavin McCammon 

McCammon-Ammons Funeral Home 

McCart}; Holsaple. McCart)', Inc. 

Mr. Eugene E. McCurrj' '41 

Mr. & Mrs. Neil McDade 

Carl & Jean McDonald '63 

Dr. & Mrs. Norman A. McKinnon, Jr. 

Mr. Stuart & Dr. Sarah McNiell '50, '53 

McNutt Oil & Gas Company 

John & Lillian McQueen '34. '37 

Mr. Robert P McReynolds '33 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Merrill, Jr. 

Dennis & Sara Miller '63. '66 

Mrs. Irma Russell Miser '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Moffen '54, '54 

Monsanto Agricultural Chemical 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome F Moon # 

Fred Gilbert Morrison Jr. '61 # 

Mr. & Mrs. Judson B. Murphy '39, '37 

Mrs. Albert F Murray, Jr. 

Rev. & Mrs. Carl C. Murray '48, '47 

Mrs. Robert N. Navratil '54 

Mr. Raymond Nelson '38 

Mrs. Kathleen Ma)'urnik Nenninger '73 

Mrs. Ethel J. Newman '46 

Mrs. Lleianie Sutton Orcutt '59 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Overbey 

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Painter 

Mrs. Russell D. Parker 

The Perkin-Elmer Corporation 

Philips Consumer Electronics Co. 

Dr.t& Mrs. Cad G.Pierce, Jr. '43 '43 

Charles E LaRue Pierrepont '53 

Pilot Corporation 

Mr. Austin C. Piper Jr. '68 

George \V. & Carol A. Poland '61, '62 

Mr.JosephR. Poland '51 

Power Equipment Company 

PPG Industries. Inc. 

Presbyterian Women in the Congregation of the 

Third Presbnerian Church-Pitisburgh, PA 

Mrs. Charlene Williams Preston '70 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Priddy 

Mr. Fred Protfitt 


Mr.&Mrs.WalterD. Proffitt'46,'44 

Mr. & Mrs. William E Proffitt '49, '49 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Rainey 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Ramger '56 70 # 

Mrs. Violet Webb Randolph '35 

Dr. Clarence L. Reaser '52 

Regal Cinemas, Inc. # 

Mrs. Geneva Rich '38 

Mr. Daniel A. Rineer '65 

Robertshaw Tennessee Division 

Rohm & Haas Tennessee, Inc. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Crawford Roper '48 

SAFECO Insurance Companies 

Mr. Victor R. Schoen 

Arch & Beryl Schwarztrauber '51 '52 

Second Presbyterian Church-Chattanooga, TN 

Services Group, Inc. 

Dr. Lincoln Shimomura '51 

Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church-Signal 

Mountain, TN 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Knox Singleton '70 '70 # 
Mrs. BenH. Sloane'30 

Marjorie & Francis Smiley 

Miss Doris M. Smith '42 

Mrs. Alden Smith '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Spickard '45 

Dr. Otis H. Stephens 

Mr. George Y. Stewart '60 

Mr. George A. Stout 

Mrs. Richard E. Strain 

Sun Coal Company 

SunTrust Bank-ICnox\'ille 

Maurine Sweitzer-Baskin '34 # 

Dr. Roy V Talmage '38 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel K. Taylor. Jr. '39 

Sir John Templeton 

Mrs. 0. E.Travis 

KennethD.Tuck, M.D. '54# 

Union Planters National Bank # 

United Cities Gas Company 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Kennedy Upham '52. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Van Sickle 

Mr. Leiand T. Waggoner '38 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P Walcutt 

Dr. Arda S. Walker '40 

Mr. Charles A. Warner '50 

Rev. & Mrs. James E. Watt # 

Dr. Glenn F Watts, Sr. '52 

Miss Ann R. Weaver '76 

Lew & Janice Weems 

Mrs. Opal D, West 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve West 

White Realt\' & Service Corporation 

Mr. &Mrs.'HiltonA.Wick'42 

Mr. & Mrs. Dan W.Wiley '58, '59 

Mr, Edwin Womack # 

Mrs. William L. Wood Sr. -40 

Miss Janet A. Woods '53 

Dr. Sue K. Wyart 

Dr. & Mrs. John A. Yarborough 

# - qualified for membership in 1998-99 

The President's 

Contributors to the Presidtut's Circle provide a 
getierom share of the College's income with their 
gifis made during the fiscal year. 

$10,000 or more 

One Year 

ALCOA Foundation 
Forty-five Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Alexander 
Nine Years 

Five Years 

Mrs. Eleanor Stout Barker '46 
One Year 

Bechtcl Jacobs Company 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Bogert 
Two Years 

Mr. Kenneth E. Boring 
One Year 

Dr. Tutt S. Bradford 
Twenty-two Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Bushing *43, '42 
Four Years 





Annual Fund Total Dollars Growth 













90-91 91-92 92-93 93-94 94-95 95-96 



98-99 1 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Chewning 
One Year 

Mr. Vernon A. Clark '40 
Twenty Years 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Clayton 
Six Years 

Miss Margaret A. Cooper 
Ten Years 

Dr. John D. & Dr. Margaret P Cowan 
Thirteen Years 

DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc. 
Ten Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Dunn 
Three Years 

First American National Bank- Knox-vi lie 
Eleven Years 

First Tennessee Bank-Maryville 
Thirt)'-seven Years 

Mrs. J. A. Gallimore '31 

Eleven Years 

Mr. Douglas A. Gamble '68 & Ms. Nina 


Three Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Dan H. Greaser '60 
Nine Years 

Mrs. Ruby Miller Griifitcs '32 
Two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Haslam, II 
i Ten Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Ray M. Ha^'ordi 
Six Years 

Ms. Diane Humphreys-Barlow '70 &: Dr. Jack 


Twelve Years 

Independent Presbyterian 

Church-Birmingham, AL 

Twenty-two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. J. William Johnson '69 
Five Years 

Mr. Frank A. Kramer '47 
Ten Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. Lambert '50 
Twenty-four Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Leatherwood 
Thirteen Years 

Mr. Carl L Lindsay. Jr. '50 
Three Years 

Mr. & Mrs. James T Markle '81. '83 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. A. David Martin 

Two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Mitchell 

Ten Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome F Moon 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Bill A. Mullican, Sr. 
Six Years 

Bill & Ann Mullican '72 
Five Years 

New Providence Presb)T;enan 

Church-Maryville, TN 

Thirty-one Years 

Mrs. Archibald E Pieper '36 
Twent)'-three Years 

Mr. A. Coleman Piper, Jr. '68 
Ten Years 

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Poland '61. '62 
Four Years 

Mr.JosephR. Poland '51 
Six Years 

Presbyter}' ol East Tennessee 
Fourteen Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Ragsdale 
Ten Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Ray '52 
Fifteen Years 

Mr. Daniel A. Rineer '65 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Seilars '37 
Nine Years 

Mrs. Earl A. Storey '40 
Fifteen Years 

Drs. William R. & Mary Kay Sullivan 
Eleven Years 

Dr. Kenneth D. Tuck, M.D, '54 
One Year 

Rev. & Mrs, James E. Watt '51, '53 
One Year 

Dr. Glenn E Warts '52 
Thirteen Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve West 
Four Years 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 23 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Newell Wiiherspoon "52, '56 
Nine Years 

Ms. Nanc)' Olsen 
Two Years 

Kiwanis Club of Maryville 
Fifteen Years 

Mr. Lindsay Young 
Thirteen Years 

$5,000 to $%999 

Mr. Robert S. Barker '46 
Two Years 

Blount Memorial Hospital 
Eleven Years 

Mr. Marcus E. Bromley 
One Year 

Ms. Nanc)' Gamble Bromley ' 73 
Five Years 

Dr. Charles Brooks, Jr. '80 
Four Years 

Ms. Nanc)' B. Cain 
Three Years 

Mr. & Mrs. James C, Campbell '53. '54 
One Year 

Mrs. Donna M. Cobble 
One Year 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter R. Courtenay '29 
Twenty-one Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy D. Crawford '43. '43 
Five Years 

The Daily Times 
Twenty-eight Years 

Mrs. Frances Lane Edwards '45 
One Year 

Dr. & Mrs. Dorsey D. Ellis, Jr. '60, '60 
Eleven Years 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Fisher 
Sixteen Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Gibson 
Six Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Granito, Sr. 
Three Years 

The H. T. Hackney Company 
Eleven Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hassall '58, '58 
One Year 

Dr. &Mrs. HomerL Isbelljr. 
Eighteen Years 

Mr. & Mrs, Elton R. Jones 
Five Years 

Dr. & Mrs. George C. Kent. Jr. '37. '36 
SLx Years 

Fred & Faye Langley 
Two Years 

Mrs. W. Baxter Lee 
Four Years 

Rev. & Mrs. Glover A. Leitch '36, *37 
Eight Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Dan M. McGill '40 
Seventeen Years 

Mr. Fred G. Morrison, Jr. '61 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. L G.Payne '34 

One Year 

Presbnerian Church (USA) 

Twelve Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Harwell W. Proffitt '40 
Eighteen Years 

Signal Mountain Presbnerian Church-Signal Mm. TH 
Eight Years 

$2,500 to $4,999 

Mr. Darrell D. Akins 
Five Years 

Akins Public Strategies 
Five Years 

Mr. Ron Appuhn & Ms. Karen Wentz 
Three Years 

AT&T Foundation - Nashville 
One Year 

Mr, & Mrs. Frank H. Barr '42 
Six Years 

BellSouth - Knox-v'ille 
Tweh'e Years 

Mrs. Earl W. Blazer '31 

Thirty-rwo Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Brand '47 
Four Years 

Rev. & Mrs. G. David Campbell '49. *50 
One Year 

Cherokee Lumber & Millwork Co. 

Eighteen Years 

Citizens Bank of Blount County 
Twent)' Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Claudius Clemmer '35 
Three Years 

Dr. Joseph J. Copeland 
Twent\'-two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Dawson '69, '69 

Five Years 

Denark-Smith, Inc. 
Two Years 

First Presbyterian Church-German town. PA 
Ten Years 

Mr. K. Scott Fletcher '89 
Two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Gerra, Jr. 
Four Years 

Mr. Sidney W.Gilreath '58 
Eight Years 

Mr. H. Bruce Hensley '64 
Four Years 

Johnson & Galyon, Inc. 
One Year 

Kiwanis Club of Alcoa 
Fifteen Years 

Fred & Sharon Lawson 

Five Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Peter Mazur '44 

Three Years 

Mrs. David L McArthur '35 
Eleven Years 

Mr. Robert R McReynolds '33 
Twenty-one Years 

Mr. j. Dennis & Dr. Sara Miller '63. '66 
Seven Years 

Mrs. Elizabeth Cain Notter 
One Year 

Proffitt's, Inc. 
Nineteen Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren T Rumbley 
Seventeen Years 

Saint Andrews Episcopal Church-Maryville, TN 
One Year 

Miss Doris M. Smith '42 
Fourteen Years 

Smith Barney 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W Stor>' '67 
Three Years 

Mr. George A. Stout 
Nine Years 

Ms. Corita Er^vin Swanson '58 
One Year 

Mrs. Maurine W Sweitzer '34 
Two Years 

Union Planters Bank of East TN 
Three Years 

Vulcan Materials Co. Mid-South Division 
Eleven Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Lew E. Weems 
Five Years 

Mrs. Oneda Whitehead White '52 
One Year 

Woodstock Communit)' Church- Woodstock, GA 
Two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred J, Young, Jr, '37 
Twenty-two Years 


$1,000 to $2,499 

Mrs. Carolyn Lime Albert '55 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Allen, Jr. '52, '52 
One Year 

American Association of University Women 
Four Years 

Anderson Lumber Company 
Eleven Years 

Mr. William R. Anderson '54 
Eight Years 

Mr. William J. Arlington '70 
One Year 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 24 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Ayres 
Seven Years 

Dr. Rebecca A. Cole '83 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs, Samuel J. Furrow 

One Year 

Judge & Mrs. J. N. Badgett, Jr. "40 
Eighteen Years 

Mr. AJvin C. Baker 72 
Three Years 

Dr. Bert)' Carolyn Congleton '47 
Sixteen Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Congleton 
Two Years 

Mrs. Kay Henr}' Gill '58 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Goddard 
Sixteen Years 

Rev. James M. Bair "43 
One Year 

Ms. Janet Vail Conway "73 

Nine Years 

Dr. Margaret Knox Goggin '40 
Seven Years 

Mr. J. Michael Barrows '71 
Two Years 

Dr. Martha E. Cook '65 
Three Years 

Shawn & Anna Graham 
Two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Bardetr *45 
Nine Years 

Mrs. Ruth Ramsey Cooper '49 
Four Years 

Mrs. Helen Thompson Green '33 
Five Years 

Dr.t & Mrs. Joe D. Beals, Jr. '47 
Eight Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Man'in R. Beard '67 
Four Years 

Ms. Carol Corben '51 
Six Years 

Mr. Hale Seward Coughlin, III '76 
Two Years 

Mrs. Jessie Reed Greve '43 
Two Years 

Mr. &Mrs. RjchardA. Hall'4 
One Year 

Mrs. Edwin J. Best, Sr. '36 

Eighteen Years 

Dr. Martha P. Craig 
One Year 

Mrs. Rebecca Marston Hammond 
One Year 

Frank B. & Manha F. Bird 
Twenty' Years 

Dr. & Mrs. John J. Craven 
Ten Years 

Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Hardin '57 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Bishop '79, '81 
One Year 

Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Earie W. Cra\vford '35 

Two Years 

Ms. DeAnn Hargis-Kaminsid '8 
One Year 

Dr. Harold A. Black 
One Year 

Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. Crowell 
Four Years 

Mr. & Mrs. William T Harra 74, 74 
Three Years 

Blount County Medical Society 
Six Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Dean A. Boldon 
Nine Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Warren T Culver '42, '45 
Eight Years 

Cumberland Securities Co. Inc, 
Eleven Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Don E. Heard '61 
Sixteen Years 

Mrs, Virginia Baier Heiss '48 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Wilson Borden 
Four Years 

Alan & Donna Davis '87, '83 
Ten Years 

Dr. F. William Henderson '43 
Three Years 

Mrs. Ra^ond 1. Brahams. Ir. '50 
Twenr\-'tour Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Carle M. Davis 
Twenrv-two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford H.Henn- '50 
Sixteen Years 

Breed Technologies, inc. 
Nine Years 

Dr. William 0. DeWeese ^(iA 
Fourteen Years 

Mr. & Mrs. W.Carey Hewitt 
One Year 

Miss H. Deane Brown '38 
Ten Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Buell G. Duncan. Ir 
One Year 

Highland Presbnerian Church-Mar)'\'ille. TN 
Nine Years 

Dr. Robert L. Brown '35 
Three Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dungan '65 
Four Years 

Mrs. Mary Nuchols Hitch 77 
Twenr\' Years 

Dr. C. Scort & Rev. Ann Owens Brunger 
Ei^ht Years 

Drs. Larr)'J. & Julie Durand '81 
Four Years 

Rev. Mr. & Mrs. George W Hoglan '35t, '34t 
Nine Years 

Mr. Donald E. Buddie '60 
One Year 

Drs, John A. & Virginia B. Eaddy '62, '61 
Five Years 

Holston Presbytery 
One Year 

Dr. Ruth Burgos- Sasscer '53 
One Year 

Dr. E. Stephen Ellis '70 
Three Years 

Mr. Bruce Holt 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Calkin. Jr, 
One Year 

Dr, & Mrs. John B. Emery '59 
One Year 

Home Federal Bank of Tennessee 
Nine Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Henr)' A. Callaway, Jr. '50 
Four Years 

Miss Nannette Enloe '52 
Four Years 

Mrs. Elizabeth McKenney Horn '56 
Two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Campbell 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Espy '66 
Thirteen Years 

Miss Mary Ruth Ho)-: '43 
Two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Campbell 
Three Years 

First Presbyterian Church-Elizabethton, TN 
Seven Years 

Mr, Robert A. Hunter '47 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Campbell 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Chase '61 

Two Years 

First Presbyterian Church-Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
Eight Years 

Dr. & Mrs. James C. Fisher '55. '56 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W Huston '31. '28 
Four Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Ihrig '63, '64 
Five Years 

Mr. J. Malvern Clopton '34 
One Year 

Mrs. M. Jane Fraelich '57 
Four Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Jefferies '63, '63 
Five Years 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 25 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronaid C. Jennings '55, '57 
Ten Years 

Miss Janet W. McClure 
One Year 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Ramger '56, 70 
Five Years 

Mr. Sam Jett 

Nine Years 

Miss Patricia Jones '55 

Three Years 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Alfred Jones 
Three Years 

Mrs. Warren E. Jones '36 
Fifteen Years 

Ms. Katherine Yoder Joseph '68 
One Year 

Mr. Robert Lee Kay '50 
Seven Years 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Kerr '42, '44 
Eight Years 

Rev. & Mrs. Donald R. Kiliian '38, '38 
One Year 

Dr, & Mrs. Elgin P. Kintner 
Two Years 

Mrs. Ernest Koeila, Jr. '41 
Eighteen Years 

Mr, Ronald Y.Koo '64 
Eight Years 

Mrs. R. Arnold Kramer '40 
Eighteen Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne R. Kramer '74. 74 
Five Years 

Dr. Eleonore Koster Krebs '58 
One Year 

Mr. W- Harold Laster '65 
One Year 

Donald W. & Joyce Williams Leo '62. '62 
Eleven Years 

Dr. Virgil S. LeQuire '43 
Thirteen Years 

Rev. Hal B. Lloyd '43 
Four Years 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 
Four Years 

Dr. & Mrs. E Houston Lowry, Jr. '50 
Seven Years 

Drs. Robert & Naomi Lynn '52, "54 
Four Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Mahley '63, '64 
Five Years 

Martin & Company 
Five Years 

Dr. Janet Cummings Martin '51 
One Year 

Dr. Charles S. McCammon '42 

Three Years 

McCammon-Ammons, Inc. 
Ten Years 

McCarty, Holsaple, McCarty, Inc. 

Nine Years 

Miss Catherine T McClure 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. McCroskey 

One Year 

Mr. Eugene E. McCurry '41 

Eleven Years 

Mrs. Nancy Braden McDaniel '60 
Three Years 

Carl & Jean McDonald '63 
Ten Years 

Mr. Quin Mclntyre, Jr. 

Two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald McLemore 
Two Years 

Mr. Stuart & Dr. Sarah McNieU '50, '53 
Three Years 

Rev. & Mrs. John C. McQueen, Jr. '34, '37 
Two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Barton Milligan '51 
Si.x Years 

Dr, &:Mrs. SnellMills.Jr, '55,'55 
Three Years 

Mrs. Irma Russell Miser '43 
Nine Years 

Mrs. Susan Fowell Moody '60 
Five Years 

Mr. & Mrs. William E, Morrow 
Two Years 

Mr. Raymond Nelson '}8 
Six Years 

Mrs. Kathleen Ma\airnik Nenninger '73 
Six Years 

Mrs. Ethel Newman '46 
Eight Years 

Mr, & Mrs. Daniel E Osborne 76, '77 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Overbey 
Nine Years 

Mr. & Mrs, Lonas D, Overholt, Jr. 
One Year 

Mrs. Edielyn Cathey Pankratz '56 
One Year 

Dr. & Mrs. E Nea! Peebles 
Two Years 

Mr, & Mrs. Samuel H. Pemberton "48, '45 
One Year 

Miss Judith M. Penr)' 73 
Two Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Carl G. Pierce, Jr. '43t, '43 
Eight Years 

Pilot Corporation 
Seventeen Years 

Presb}ienan Women in the Congregation of Third Presbyterian 

Church-Pinsburgh, PA 

Twelve Years 

Mr. & Mrs. William E Proffirt '49, '49 
Four Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Proffirt '46, '44 
Fifteen Years 

Mr. Ronald Randon '60 

One Year 

Regal Cinemas, Inc. 

One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Roberts '50, '48 
One Year 

Mrs. Jean Campbell Rokes '33 
Seventeen Years 

Mrs. Elizabeth Crawford Roper '48 
Nine Years 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Schember "63, '65 
One Year 

Mr. Victor R. Schoen 
Five Years 

Adm. & Mrs. S. A. Schwar^trauber '51. '52 
Three Years 

Mr. Thomas Scon, Jr. '61 
Three Years 

Dr. Nancy C. Sederberg 
One Year 

Rev. & Mrs, Edgar P Shackelford '56, '58 
Four Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley B. Shields '37. '37 
Two Years 

Dr. Lincoln Shimomura '51 
Eight Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd C, Shue '42, '40 
Four Years 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Knox Singleton '70, '70 
Three Years 

Mrs. Alden Smith '39 
Six Years 

Dr. Edward D. Smith '67 
Four Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Soud 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Spickard '45 
Seven Years 

Dr. T. Bryson Struse. Ill '61 
Eight Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel K. Taylor, Jr. '39 

Eleven Years 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Thornton 
Six Years 

Mr. Tim A. Topham '80 
One Year 

Trinity Presbyterian Church-Chattanooga, TN 
One Year 

Dr. & Mrs. Henr)'J. Van Hassel '54, '58 
One Year 

Dr. Lisbeth J. Vincent '68 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P Walcutt 
Four Years 

J. R. Wauford Company 
Nine Years 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 26 

Rev. Mr. Leslie E. Webb, Jr. '49 
Three Years 

Mrs. Ruth Freeman Webb '46 

Five Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Welch 
One Year 

Westhampton Presbnerian Church-Westhampton Beach. NY 
One Year 

'^'Tiite Realty & Service Corporation 
Nine Years 

Mr. Curtis B. Wilbanks '53 
Six Years 

Mr. & Mrs, Dan W Wiley '58, '39 
Seven Years 

Mr. Don R. Williams 
One Year 

Miss Rose L Wing '78 
One Year 

Mr. Edwin Womack 
One Year 

Mrs, Mary Swain Wood '29 
Two Years 

Mrs. William M. Wood, Sr. '40 
Sixteen Years 

Miss Janet A. Woods '53 
Three Years 

Thomas Jefferson 
Lamar Society 

Named for the Colleges greatest advo- 
cate of the 19th Century, the Lamar 
Society recognizes those who contribute 
between $500 and $999 during the fis- 
cal year. 

Mkn Temple AME Church 

Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. '38, '55 

Anderson, J. T. '52 

■Anderson. James E. 

The Assembly of die Saints 

Delivcrence Church 

Atkinson, Beverly N, '68 

Audientique, Inc. 

Baird, Mr. &Mrs. BoydsonH. '41 

Bcall. Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E, 

Beam, Robert G, '58 

Bennett. E, Jane '62 

Birkelbach. Clement '58 

Bry-Nildsen, Martin '38 

Callaway, Dr. & Mrs. James M, '52 

Calloway Oil Company 

Campbell, Mr. & Mrs. James E. 79. 79 

Carson, Luc\' '51 

Catc, Mark and Cathy 

Chase, Douglas G. 73 

Childs. Brian H, '69 

Christison, Stephen G. 

Clarke, Arg\'le '49 

Conklin, Mr. & Mrs, David R. '65. '65 

Conway, Ezelle '41 

Cummings, James M, '56 

Cummings, Margaret M. 

Cureton, Br\'ani L. '60 

Delmar Haynes Pontiac 

Dewirt, Martha Bess '64 

DeYoung, Mr. & Mrs, Harry R 73, '74 

Dirksen, Mr, & Mrs. Ray 

Duggar, Rolfe D. '54 


Duncan, Kenneth L. '41 

Dye, Mr & Mrs, David R '66, '67 

Farley, Christine L. 

First Presbyterian Church ot lMiox\'ille 

First Tennessee Bank- Knox\'i lie 

Fisher, Carl D. 70 

Fleming, Annie L. '37 

Foreman, Marion L. '43 

French. Lyn 

Gheen, Gregory- P. '83 

Gibson. Dr. & Mrs. E. Russell *82. '84 

Green, Mary E. '34 

Haralson, Dr & Mrs. Robert H. 

Haugh. Nelle G. '32 

Hayworth, Deborah C. '81 

Hess, Martha L. '67 

Hewitt, jane A. 

Horn, Elizabedi A. '56 

Householder, Mr. 

& Mrs. James A. '50, '48 
Houser. Marion S. '44 
Huntzinger, Margaret E. '84 

Hutton, William C. '71 

Jacbon, Mrs. Robert C. '46 

Jacob, Sally E. 

Jones. Mr.'& Mrs. Thomas H. '71. 71 

Keller. Mr. & Mrs. John 

Kenesaw Leasing Inc, 

Kerr. Mr. & Mrs. John A. '42. '44 

Kidder, Mr. & Mrs. David H. '42, '41 

King. Virginia '32 

Koella, Maribel 

Kramer, Mrs, Jackson C, '43 

Kramer, Rayson, Leake. Rodgers. Morgan 

Uw, Robert E, '39 

Luckey, Lance E, 

Magliulo, Elaine A, '48 

Markgraf. Kurt \V. '78 

Marston, David S. '29 

Marvin, James E. '50 

Mason, Mr. & Mrs. Doug D. 

McBrayer, W. Neal '86 

McCall, Mr, & Mrs. James E. '57 '59 

McClure, R E, 

McClure, Ruth C. 

McNiel. Rev, & Mrs. Paul R, '50, '52 

Meyer, Gary R, '68 

Miller, Mr. & Mrs. M. Davis '68, '69 

Mixner, Mark R. '85 

Moore, Mr. & Mrs, John S. '51, '51 

Mountain Life Insurance Company 

Netzley Robert G. '77 

Noack, Terr)' L. '75 

Ohta, Norio '62 

Paxton, Mr & Mrs. Kennedi L, '48, '47 

Payne, Mr, & Mrs. Warren E. 

Perry, John H. 

Persing, E. Mae '42 

Phelan. Millicent 

The Pittston Company 

Postma, Mr Herman & Dr. Patricia D. 

Potter. Mildred 0. '48 

ProfFict, Fred 

Rainey Mr. & Mrs. John R. 

Rick McGill's Airport Toyota 

Rochelle, Dorothea '68 

Rock, Mr. & Mrs. Alan E. '49, '48 

Roeber, Darla D. '92 

Roseborough, Mr. 

& Mrs. Douglas D, '43. '46 
Ruggiero, Mr. & Mrs, Daniel J, '50, '49 
Rukeyser, Mr. & Mrs. William S. 
Sandlin, David H. 
Schofield, William E, '57 
Slater, Marion J. '43 
Smith Mortuary 

Smidi, Dr. & Mrs, E. B. '40, '46 
Smith, Mr. & Mrs. G. Robert 
Stewart, Mr. & Mrs, Jack B. 
Strand, John A. '54 
Stroud, SallieF '81 
Tait, Margaret A. '51 
Talmage, Roy V. '38 
Terry, Margaret A. '52 
Twin City Auto Group 
Upham, Dr. & 

Mrs. W. Kennedy '52. '52 
Waters. Jerry E. "57 
Waters, Shelton B. 
Weissenburger, Mr. 

& Mrs. William '63, '63 
West, Opal D. 
Whaley Earl R, '57 
Wick.Mr. &:Mrs, HiltonA'42 
Wintermute, Dr. & Mrs. On-al S. '50 '51 
Worman, EllaM,-48 

William Thaw 

Named for the College's greatest bene- 
factor of the 19th Century whose gifis 
helped finance the reopening of the 
College following the Civil War, the 
Thaw Society recogiiizes those who con- 
tribute betiveeji $250 and $499 during 
the fiscal year 

Academy of Dance Arts Kingsport, Inc. 

Addy William C. '53 

Alexander, Ruby N, '52 

Anderson, Mr & Mrs. John F. 

Baron. Mr, & Mrs. Leslie 0. '80, '81 

BeasleyTedH, '51 

Beat)-. Karen E, '94 

Beck, Roland A. '34 

Bell, William A. '40 

Bell, Jams '66 

Bennen. Mr & Mrs, Duncan C '50, '4') 

Bidwell, Lawrence & Lee '81, '84 

Bishop, Rev. & Mrs. Jay R. '47, '50 

Bishop. Joy M, 

Black, Mr & Mrs, Joseph 

Blair, Mr & Mrs. Louis B. '32. *34 

Blake, Ivan C, '41 

Block, Alice M. '59 

Bowers, Col, & Mrs. Wilbum R '60, '58 

Brahams, Mr. & Mrs. David R '74, '82 

Branch, L. jean '51 

Braymer, John & Meta '68. '68 

Bridges, Clara L. '42 

Brooks, H.Ward '72 

Brown, Lynn W '73 

Brubaker. Frederick O, '40 

Buchanan. Robert D. '54 

Bugenhagen, Mr. 

&Mrs.ThomasG. '56, '57 
Byrne, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur D. '39, '41 
Campbell, Marion M. '51 
Carson. Mr & Mrs. Joe 
Case, Mr & Mrs. Noel H. 
Casteel, Rock>' '90 
Casde, Loretta F '48 
Christiansen, Catherine E. '40 
Clark, Linda Y. 
Coates. Dona '60 

Coghill, Mr Jefferv' & Dr Carey 70. '72 
Coon. Virginia L. "64 
Cooper. Col- & Mrs. Robert H. '71. '72 
Corbitt. Kimberly E. '84 
Cornett, Mr. & Mrs. James B. '50 
Coidter & Justus, PC. 
Cowan, Roger A. '50 
Cox. Meredith A. '67 
Cragan, Thomas M. '4 1 

Alumni Giving Participation Percentages 
MC vs. peer colleges 

0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 


Virginia Wesleyan - 


^Figures not available 

de Nag)'. Bruce S. '51 

Defenderfer. Victor R. '31 

Dent, Dr & Mrs. William H. '57. '57 

Denton, Jeffrey T '87 

Dickson, Todd J, '83 

Drake Auto Parts Company 

Dunbar, Daniel G. '53 

East Tennessee Medical Group 

Edwards, Mary J. '48 

Ellis, E. Stephen '70 

Emmans, Henry A. '56 

Essential Industries. Inc. 

Evans, Mr. & Mrs. Guy V. 

Evans, Thomas T. '59 

Everett, Barbara J. 

Ezell, Winfred A. '47 

Farris. Charles J. '60 

Fawcett. Ellen M. '69 

Fershee, Susan J. '69 

Fields, Harriet E. '47 

First Baptist Church of Annapolis 

Fisher. John H. '40 

Fugate, Mr. & Mrs. Steve 

Fuhr. June '47 

Fulgham. M, Louise "46 

Gilmore. Rev. & Mrs, David L. '61, '62 

Gilmore, Rev. & Mrs. 0. Leland '31, '70 

Gonzalez. Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. 

Gossweiler. Richard C. '63 

Gravely. Mary M. '49 

Green, Dr& Mrs. Floyd J. '41, '42 

Guess. L. T 

Guthmann. Roberta H. '42 

Hamor}', Mr. & Mrs. E. Ross '70. '71 

Hannah, Lee '37 

Hardin, Mr & Mrs. A. B. '57 

Harman. Charles W '56 

Harris. David C. '67 

Harvey Lisa M, '88 

Hastings. Marcla L. '65 

Hawkins & Family. Mary 

Hay Margery D. '44 

Hewitt. Mr. & Mrs. E. C. 

HillMr. &Mrs. DonaldJ. '59, '59 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 27 

50% r- 

Alumni Participation, 1990-1999 



















. ■ 




















Hill. Mr. & Mrs. Ruidall C. 

Hoclzer. Mr. & Mrs. John H. '41, '44 

Hofferbert, Louis '^0 

Hoffmann, Dr. & Mrs. Paul W. 

Home Bank of Tennessee 

Hooker. llaG, '41 

Houston, Joseph C. 

Hughs, Rev. & Mrs. Dan T. 

Hutron. William C. '71 

Ikeda, Chicko '96 

Jenkjns. Dr. & Mrs. Larr)' P. '62, '63 

Johnson, Frances '63 

Johnson, Ralph A. '68 

Johnston, Dr & Mis. Robert K. '62 , '62 

Johnston, Mr. & Mrs. William M. '76, '76 

Junior Chilhowee Club 

Kees, Thomas S. '51 

Keith, MarciaJ. 

Kemp, Mi. & Mrs. David A. '76 

Kent, Mn & Mis. J. Donald '42, '44 

Keny, Jack M. '55 

Kiddei, Dr & Mis. J. Edwaid '43. '44 

Kim, Young-Bae 

King, David C. '93 

Kinsingei, Beitha 

Kiichnei, Vcta M. '34 t 

Knott, Elizabeth B. '57 

Knox Rail Salvage, Inc. 

Koella, Hairiet T 

Kramer, Mr. & Mis. Roy F. '53, '53 

Kien, Rev & Mis. James L. '52, '51 

Lamon, Mi. & Mis. Howard F '40, '40 

Urson, Rev. & Mrs. Robcrr A. '51, '51 

Lehman, Harvcv E. '41 

Leirch, Edith '41 

Lester, Mi. & Mis. James R '51, '51 

Libby, AnnabclleJ. '52 

Limone-Rollins, Mis. Jane B. '83 

Loienz, Rev. & Mis. H. Robeits '55, '57 

LOVECO Paitneiship 

Loveday, Ml. & Mis. Kent 

Lowiy, Steven A. '79 

Luckey, Thomas M. 

Lundbeig, Biuce N. '58 

Lynch, Dl. & Mis. William A. '59. '59 

Magee, John M. '41 

Magill, Joseph B. '41 

Magnuson, Mn 

& Mis. Christian G. '73, "72 
Marshall, Kenr G. '72 
Matysek, Wilma B. '52 
McArthur, Margaret J. '74 
McClurc, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. 
McDaniel. Mn & Mrs. John D. '42, '45 
McFarland, Joan '60 
McKenzie, Mr. & Mrs. Mike 
McLemore. Mr. & Mis. Ronald D. 
McNutt Oil & Gas Company 
Mendence, Di. & Mrs. Donald J. 
Mcyeis, Mn & Mis. Ronald E. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 28 

Millet. Rev & Mis. Biuce R. '53, '53 

Millet, Elizabeth J. '44 

Millen Mat)' M, '47 

Mosen Robeit W '52 

Moss, Aline R. '41 

Mountain H\v\'. Veterinary Hospital 

Mount-Akins, Deboiah E. '73 

Muiphy Mn & Mrs. Judson B. '39, '37 

Navratil, Nancy N. '54 

Naylon Dn& Mis. Robeit J. '79 

NefF, Rebeccah K. '62 

Nelson, Ethel A. '50 

Nicn Mr. & Mrs. Gary R '71, '71 

Nier, Mn & Mrs. Robert E. '55, '59 

Nieto, Grace A. '53 

Nooe, Di. & Mis. Rogei M. '62, '63 

Ration Associates 

Patton, Richard E. '53 

Penegai, Kenneth 

Penhaluiick, Dailine A. '37 

Pennock. William R. '59 

Pewitt, Haiiiet 

Posilen Rev & Mis. William J. '72, '72 

Piibble, MaiyJ, '52 

Piuden, A. Loiette '70 

Ray, Ruth '42 

Rcnfio, Mn & Mis. James C. '38, '38 

Renfio, James C. '63 

Rentenbach, Mn & Mrs. T. M. 

Richaidson. Mary J. '52 

Richaidson, iMaijoiie D. '88 

Rigell, Mn & Mis. Ciaig D. '69, '69 

Riveisidc Camp Ground & Resoit 

Robmette, Charles 

Robinson, Mr & Mrs. William N. '52, '53 

Roc, Mn & Mrs. Michael R. 

Rogers, Eloise E. '41 

Ross, Kennedi W. '48 

Ruhlin, Andrew D. '68 

Sams, Ned H, '41 

Schneibel, Susan 

Selandcn Guy T. '57 

Seymour, Dn & Mrs. William A. 

Shackelford, W Randy '83 

Shafer Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Shakley. Albert W '51 

Shiba, Kathie E. 

Smith, Earl 

Snyden Mrs. I. K. '34 

Springen John B. '34 

SteakJey, Biig. Gen. Ralph D. '41 

Stephens, Otis H. 

Sthieshley, Rev. 

& Mfs. Lawrence F. '44, '43 
Still, Frank B. '48 
Taddic, Dn & Mis. Daniel 
Talmage, John & Sylvia '61, '62 
Tanner John D. '63 
Taylon Gingei L. '83 
Taylor Mn & Mis. Thomas W. '70, '68 

Teiiy, Maigaret A. '52 

Thomson, R. Man'in '34 

Thoipe, Gabiiel '80 

Throne, Pauline L. '34 

Tomlinson, Lavinia Lee. '57 

Tufley, John L. 

Van Cise, Olivet R. '43 

Vandenbeig, Dr & Mis. Donald '58, '58 

Vennema, Mary H. '50 

Vogado, Mn & Mrs. Paul '75, '74 

Vogel, Eugenia '54 

Walsh, Eunice G. '33 

Washburn, Roberr W '69 

Watlinglon, Rosalind '46 

Wengett, Betty S. '63 

Wheat, Gerald R. '52 

Wheeler, Thomas V '48 

Wiley, Linda G. '81 

Wills, Rev. & Mrs. Reese M. '62. '62 

Wilson, W Wanen '82 

Wood, Dr & Mis. W Scott '69, '68 

Wright, BaibaiaA. '53 

Yaiboiough, Emily C. 

Zueichen Esthei '45 

The Century Club 

Through their contribntiom of $100 to 
$249 during the fiscal year, members of 
the Century Club form the backbone of 
financial support that enables MC to 
continue its pursuit of excellence. 

Aaby, Trygve G. 78 

Abbott, Mr. & Mrs. W. Paul '50, '48 

Addy. Mary L. '64 

Addy, Mrs. Thomas E, 

Airport Hilton Inn 

Akpan, Okon H. 76 

AJderson, Thomas 70 

Aidridge, Patricia '62 

Allen.Mr. &Mrs.J. David'64 

Allen, Nettie S. '44 

AJIred. Mr. & Mrs. David 

Alt, Nancy R '87 

Althouse. Sue S. '50 

Ambler, Susan H. 

Amentastro. Ruth Ann 78 

Anderson. Dr. & Mrs. John S. '57, '59 

Anderson. W.T '56 

Anderson, Jessie L. '47 

Anderson, Meriam '44 

Anderson, Roland W. '41 

Andrews. Virginia F. '80 

Anthony, Grace '31 

Apelgren. SaJly R '69 

The Appraisal Company 

Archbold, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. 

Argie, Rev. & Mrs. Robert D. '50, '47 

Atchley, Beverly '82 

Austin. Doris J. '48 

Ayers. Alice B. '57 

Bacon. Charles E, '50 

Baird.JohnS. '50 

Baker Realty Company 

Baker. Andrew A. '83 

Baker.Joseph W. '71 

Baker, Robert F. '58 

Baker, Margaret '30 

Baker, Rev. & Mrs. Gareth D. '54, '54 

Ball, Charles K. '72 

Barber, Barbara '55 

Barber, Rev. George R '51 

Barbour, Mrs. Clifford E. 

Barbour, Janet V. '62 

Barker, Elsie J. '48 

Baucom. Mr, &: Ms. John Q. 

Bauer. Marian E. '38 

Baxter, John A. '50 

Beard. Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. '64, '64 

Beatty. Carol E. '71 

Bcaulieu, K. Jean '68 

Beckwith, Mr. &: Mrs. Howard 

Belcher. Janet A. '54 

Bell, Dr & Mrs. W. Kenneth 

Bell. Jerry D, '65 

Bellerjeau. Jeanne V. '45 

Bender, Mr, & Mrs. Joseph M. '53, '52 

Bender, William C. '83 

Bennett. Thomas V. 73 

Benton. Mr. & Mrs. Allan 

Benton. Mildred '51 

Berkemeiet. Mr & Mrs. Thomai A. '70 

Berkey, Carolyn M. '52 

Berry, Chad 

Berr}', Douglas E. '82 

Bertelkamp. Mr & Mrs. Henry E 

Best. Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. '68', '72 

Birch, Bart)' S. '64 

Birch. Susan '64 

Bird, Mr. & Mrs, Robert J. '49. '49 

Bishop. Patricia A. '57 

Black. David & Marty 

Black, Mr. & Mrs. Donald E '45. '45 

Blackburn. Elizabeth R. '38 

Blackburn. Mr & Mrs. Charles R. '54. '58 

Blair. Kathleen R. '83 

Blankenship. Mr. & Mrs. C. Hall '64. '62 

Bloy, James A. 

Bob Kidd Siding Company 

Bogan, Lloyd M. '65 

Boggs. Betty Lou '56 

Bogia. Benjamin R '56 

Bogia, Lois '56 

Bollman, Mr. & Mrs. Jay W. '58. '59 

Bolt. Barbara L. '89 

Bond. Mar)' Virginia '54 

Borcer, Robert C. '36 

Bouch, DanielJ. '85 

Bounds, Lilybel '47 

Bowman, Suzanne '57 

Boyd. L. Adiaj '57 

Boyd. Richard C. '65 

Boyd. Mr. & Mrs, Branin A. '52, '52 

Bradsher. Gwendolyn '48 

Brake. Lena M. '52 

Brallier, Hugh 

Braun & Associates. Inc. 

Breaieale. Jefferson I. '47 

Breckenridgc, James M. '67 

Brickey, William T '56 

Bridges. Kathryn A '69 

Briggs, Mr & Mrs. Donald W, '33, '34 

Briggs, Jeffrey E, '87 

Bristol & Bragg 

Brothers, Sharon M. '90 

Brown, Mr. & Mrs, Charles R. 

Brown. Douglas C. 73 

Brown, Robert 0. '51 

Brown. Susan '66 

Brown, Clyde R. '43 

Browne. James G. '49 

Brownlie, Dr. & Mrs. A. R. '42 

Brubaker. C. Edward '38 

Br)'Son. Angela '87 

Buchanan. Elizabeth L. '74 

Bucher, G. Scott '63 

Buettner. Marianne L. '59 

Bullock. Mar>' Jay '53 

Bunde. Dr. & Mrs. Terry A. 79 

Bunge. L. Allen '73 

Bunker. Mr, & Mrs. Douglas W. '60, '63 

Burgreen. Charles L, '44 

Burkhardt. Robert E, '61 

Burkhart, Dr. & Mrs. Patrick H. 

Burkins, Ruth H. '50 

Burlingham. Merr\' '68 

Burnette. Mr & Ms. Gerald A. '83, "87 

Burrow. Kathleen B. '68 

Butman, Florence E. '37 

Byers, Rev & Mrs. Andrew 

Byron's Graphic Arts 

Caldwell, M. Helen '42 

Calhoun, Doris '52 

Callies, Fred C. '70 

Cameron, Dr. & Mrs. J. A. '51, '52 

Campbell, Mr. & Ms. David C. 

Campbell. John T. '71 

Canon, Paul M. '79 

Carhart, Estelle '36 

Carl, Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. '77, 79 

Carmack, Dr. & Mrs. James H. 

Carpenter, George C. '53 

Carpenter. Carole *63 

Carr, Mr, & Mrs. Dale 

Carrick. Mr. 

& Mrs. Alexander M. '76. '76 
Carroll. Bob 
Gary, Marna '71 

Alumni giving profile 

Year Dollars Given Number of Donors 

%of Alumni Who Gave 

Average Gift 

92-93 $994,231 




93-94 51,352,413 




94-95 $1,171,431 




95-96 $1,315,197 




96-97 $1,624,169 




97-98 $1,649,588 




1 98-99 $1,791,330 



$508 1 

Case. iMary E. '47 

Cayhill, Ruth S. 

Chaki, John I. '65 

Chalker, Wiliiam H. *^0 

Chamberlain, iMr. & Mrs. Richard D. 

Chambers. Henrierta '55 

Chambers. Patricia '65 

Chambless. Jackie '56 

Chandler. iMt. &: Mrs. A. K. 

Charles, Mabel '32 

Cherr)', EvcHti '91 

Childress, Denver R. '59 

Chillion, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce 

Chiverton, James A. '89 

Christofferson, Dr. & Mrs. J. W. 

Christofferson, Mar,' C. '69 

Chrisr}', Leslie '43 

Chua, Rogelio Y. 

Claiborne. Maria '35 

Clark. Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. '64, '63 

Clark. Robert E '55 

Clark, Mar)- N. 

Claud, Joseph G. '50 

Cline, W. Scort '92 

Clinton, Mary J. '69 

Coen, Carolvn '61 

Coffey. Sarah L. 

Cohen, Linda '68 

Cole, Lynn L. '68 

Coleman, Kitty L. "93 

Colvin & Son Heaung Company 

Conklin, Paul C. '59 " 

Cooley, Grace J. '43 

Cooper. Kenneth L. '43 

Cooper. Althea C. '43 

Cooper, Gerald H. '64 

Copeland, Mr. & Mrs. J. Kirk 70. '69 

Copeland, Harold W. '65 

Corbitt. Mrs. Maurice 

Cornish, Mr. & Mrs. Allen L. 

Corrigan, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P 

Cothroll, Victoria A. '65 

Cotton. Marilyn C. '67 

Coul, Bette B.' *49 

Counts. Mr. &: Mrs. Lynn B. '55. '58 

Covert, William 0. '66 

Covington. James N, '74 

Cox, Mr. & Mrs. Roy W. 

Craig, Richard W '68 

Crawford, Mr. & Mn. David N. '69. "72 

Crawford, Mr. &c Mrs. Duncan 

Craw'ford, Mr. 

& Mrs. Thomas H. '62. '64 
Crawford. Dorothy '35 
Crawford. Janice '42 
Crawford. Kathy S. '94 
Crawford. Ehzabeih L. '71 
Crawford, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Roy D. '76 
Creec}', M, Janle 70 
Crews, E. Katherine '43 
Crews, Ruthellen '49 
Crews. Linda M. '98 

Crisp, Mr. & Mrs. William A. '61 
Cropper, Alan G. '69 
Crothers. Robert R. '33 
Crotinger, CarohTi S. '49 
Crump, Mr. & Mrs. John M. '36, '34 
Cunningham. Mr. 

& Mrl Ben A. -42, '42 
Curtis, Emma M. '55 
Dadisman. PhynisJ.'53 
Damron, Mr. & Mrs. Jack '65 
Danzer. Jill '59 
Darling, Mary E. '61 
Davies. Mr. & Mrs. Roberr G. '60. '58 
Davies. Charles M. '69 
Davis Newman Payne Advertising 
Davis, Charles I '40 
Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L. '74, 74 
Davis, Joan M. '57 
Day, Melanie 75 
Dean, Walter L. '50 
Dean-Smith. Inc. 
Dearcopp. Janet M. '64 
DeForest. Anne G. '42 
Demer. James '55 
Demer, Joan '54 
Denney, F. Scott '77 
DePaola, Laura W, '63 
DePue, Fred M. '47 
DerPilbosian. Philip '69 
Devilbiss, Sharon A. 
Dewees, Colonel 

& Mrs. Raymond '42. '45 
DeWeese. Emma J. '56 
Dickinson, Julia '32 
Dickson, Thomas S. '67 
DiGiacomo. Cecelia L. '65 
Dingels, Julie R. '93 
Dockter. Albert W '47 
Doig, Mr. & Mrs. Glenn W. '74, '74 
Dondero. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph 
Doolitde, M. Pauline '40 
Domer, Mr, & Mrs. Stephen R. '69, ■6"' 
Douglas, Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. '74. '77 
Douglas, Sue A. '71 
Downey Oil Company 
Doxsee, Mar)' L. '43 
Doyle, Faye '50 
Dragstedt. Natalie A. '57 
Drake. Emily M. '52 
Dubois, Zenobia "46 
Ducketr. Charles '50 
Duling. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. 77, '77 
Dunaway, Lance '73 
Dunbar, Mr. & Mrs. James H. 
Duncan, Hubert L. '32 
Dunnam, Judith L. '98 
Dunning, Wdliam S. '34 
Durani, Dr. & Mrs. Jack D. '53, '53 
Durham. Wayne B. '64 
Dutton. Dr. & Mrs. Gary J. '66, '67 
Eanes, Rev. & Mrs. Cecil 0. '43, '42 
Earisman. Del '51 

Easter. Stuart C. '76 
Easter. Wallace E. '44 
Ebersole, Mark C. 
Edelman, Dennis Q. '65 
Edington, Mr. & Mrs. David L. ' 
Eldridge. Judith E. '60 
Ellen, Dr. & Mrs. Joe W. 
Ellis. Thomas L. '68 
Ely. Elaine '87 
Emmert, Robert S. '61 
Enfield. Ella S. '52 
England, Dr. 

& Mrs. Marshall C. '54, '55 
English. Walter E. '52 
Enloe, Rev. 

& Mrs. W Winton '49. '48 
Erickson. Dr. 

& Mrs. Richard J. '54. '55 
Ernest. Mr. & Mrs. W N. '48, 
Erwin. Jennv L. '68 
Eslinger, Phillip W. '63 
Etheredge, Elizabeth "41 
Eding, Mr. & Mrs, William H. 
Evans, William W. '44 
Ezelle.AnitaJ. '58 
Fairchild, Eleanor D. '29 
Farrar. Sarah '51 
Fechter, Sarah P '55 
Fedric. Helen '39 
Felknor, William B. '4! 
Fell. Harr)- 1. '29 
Fichter. Elaine G. '42 
Fichter, Margallen '56 
Fineme. Robert W. '57 
First Baptist Church, 

Beach Station, TN 
First Presb)ierian Church, 

Lewisburg, TN 
First, Mr, & Mrs. Fred B. 
Flanagan. Clyde H. '62 
Fleming, Philip M. '40 
Fletcher Architect, Inc. 
Flickinger.JeffE. '87 
Flood, Charles A. '51 
Flurkey, Dr. & 

Mrs. Emerson C. '53, '55 
Flurkev. Dr, & 

Ford. Donald R, '56 
Forster. Col. & Mrs, Frederick 
Fort, Joan A, '52 
Forward, Christine 
Fox, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony N. '! 
Fox, Mr. & Mrs. Joe K. 
Fox. Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. '38 
Francis, Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. ' 
Franklin, Helen E. '58 
Franks. Mildred M. '63 
Frantz, Nancy '73 
Frauman. Theodore E. '59 
Fredericks, Margaret '52 
Free Enterprise, Inc. 

43, '43 

Freeman, Mary J. '54 
Freeman, Mr. & Mrs. Robert 
Frc)', R. Wayne & 

Jean Reynolds '66, "66 
Frissell, Charles R. '57 
Frost, Robert L. '50 
Fugate, Stephanie K. '95 
Fuhrmann. Anna '58 
Fuller, .Arline R. '36 
Futcher. Joseph M. '65 
Gabbard, Stephen A. '36 
Galbraith. Beth A. '75 
Gallaher, Mr. & Mrs. Roy 
Gallant. Dorothy E. '37 
Galyon. Mr. & Mrs. Kent L. 
Galyon. Maeiea '85 
Gamble. Grace '29 
Garhnghouse. Gail '68 
Garner, Phyllis E. '74 
Garner, Mr.' & Mrs. George W. '41, '39 
Garner. R. Mack '71 
Gash. Marion A. '34 
Gash, Wdliam H. '76 
Gates, David E '54 
Gates, Dr. & Mrs. G. Kenneth 
Gawet, Monica J. 
Gehring, Ruth W '82 
George, C. Frank '44 
George. Elizabeth '52 
Gilded Mirrors, Inc. 
Gildrie, Pamela D. '69 
Giles, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald K. 
Gill, Deborah '71 
GiUcspie,JeanH. '69 
Gillespie-Chater, Lynn A. '71 
Gillette, George E '48 
Gilliland. Mr. & Mrs. Wes 
Gilliland, Janet Whitmorc '56 
Gilmore. Jackson M, '47 
Gilmour. Daniel N. '59 
Gilmour, Zaida B. "61 
Glanville. Marce '53 
Glass. Amelia A. '33 
Goddard. Robert N. 
Godwin, W.Thad '52 
Goellcr, LisaM. '91 
Coins, J. L. '63 
Goldsmith, John H. '80 
Gollec. Morna M. '73 
Gonos, James W '77 
Goodwin, Melody '69 
Graham, Helen R. '41 
Grandell, Darnel J. '70 
Grant, Mr. & Mrs. Mike 
Graves, John E. '56 
Gray,Wilm3R. '54 
Greathouse, Charles R. '56 
Green, Mr. & Mrs. J. Kevin '83, *82 
Green, Elizabeth '82 
Greenhill, Marj' A. '53 
Greenlaw, Elizabeth M. '36 
Greene. Earnie 1. '73 

Gregor)', Mr. & Mrs. Henr)' L. 
Griffin, Mr. & Mrs. Dwight C. 
Griffin, Elizabedi H. '45 
Grosh, Frances '44 
Groves. Katherine M. '98 
Grygotis, Patricia A. '43 
Guellnitz. ArleneJ. "65 
Guffin, Janet '76 
Guillaume, Mr, 

&Mrs. BruceW. '76, '81 
Guinter, John M. '42 
Guthrie, M, Ruih '32 
Haaf. Arthur R. '49 
Hachcen.SueW, '52 
Hague, Bradford B, '74 
Hahn, Clement E "41 
Hall, Mr, & Mrs. Jerry 
Hall. Frank B. '73 
Hall, Nancy '57 

Hammon. Mr. & Mrs. George W. 
Hamor)', Mr. & Mrs, Eugene M. 
Hancox, Mr. & Mrs. Jack D. '50. '47 
Harder, Phyllis 0. '42 
Hardy, George H. '57 
Harper, June '43 
Harris. Judv L. '68 
Han. Rohen L, '67 
Hawkev, Edward R. "7] 
Hawkins, Lenida E '85 
Hawkins. Lynn '76 
Haxton, PhyOis M. '49 
Hayes. A, Joy '52 
Haves, WiUiam A, 
Heaps, Henr>'W. '51 
Hearn, Mildred '32 
Held, Mr, & Mrs. John W '70, 71 
Heimlich, Fannie W. '53 
Hein. Winifred A, '45 
Helwig. Mr. & Mrs, David E '53, '56 
Henley, ShiHey '44 
Henschen. Dr & Mrs. Hal '41, '42 
Henstey, Paula J. 

Herbert, Mr. & Mrs, Edward C. '79, '81 
Herdman. Allan W, '30 
Herron, Rev. & Mrs, Arthur J. '64. '64 
Herzberger, Robert D. '4" 
Heydinger. David K. '40 
Higerd. Mr. & Mrs, Robert J. *59, '60 
Highcower, Edith '47 
Hifl, Mr. & Mrs, Jerry 
Hinger, Millicent 

Hipicins. Mr. & Mrs. George *50, '46 
Hitchens. Mr. 

& Mrs. Kenneth R. '67. '67 
Hoaster, Elizabeth S. '56 
Hobbins. Pamela H. '70 
Hoch, Julia S. '65 
Hoerig. Carol L. '64 
Hoglan. Ruth E. '42 
Hogue, Rev. & Mrs, James L. '48. '46 
Hoke. Allans, '65 
Holland. M. Elizabeth '50 
Holsinger, Rev, 

&Mrs. Charles W. '52. '53 
Hook, Glenn L. '54 
Hopkins, Mr. & Mrs, James W. '56, '57 
Horn. Dr,& Mrs, Charles S. '56, '57 
Hoscetter, Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. 
Houbler, Patricia B, '40 
Houdeshel. William R. "49 
Howard. Mr, & Mrs. K. H. 
Howard, Jack H, "49 
Howard, Carolyn A. '54 
Howard. Rev. & Mrs. George R. '42. '43 
Howell, Mr. & Mn. George B. '34, '34 
Howland, Anne W '55 
Hudson. Mr. & Mrs. Edward W 
Hughes. Bruce S. '65 
Hughes, Glenda A. '62 
Hughes, loan G. 

Hughes, Rev. & Mrs. Richard C. '56. '56 
Hughes, .VIr. &: Mrs. Thomas G. 
Hughs, David H. '97 
Hughs, G. Cars^vell 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 29 

Hulen. Dr. & Mrs. Stephen B. 70, 70 

Hummel, Nancy D. '69 

Humphreys. David M. '41 

Hundley, Josiah 

Hunt, Ehzabeth L. '34 

Hunt, Rev. & Mrs. George L. '40, '41 

Hunter, W. Harold '49 

Husltey Cora M. '36 

Huskey Joseph E. '43 

Hutchison. Mary M. '33 

Hutron, Ehzabeth E. '56 

Huxcable, Mar)' E. '38 

Hyatt, Don D.' '30 

Intervarsity Christian FeUowship- 

Knoxville, TN 

Ingram, Dr. & Mrs. John J. 70 

Ingram, Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. 

Jackson. Elizabeth W. "76 

Jackson, Mary S. '61 

Jackson, Morse R. '56 

Jackson. Shelley G. 

Jacobs, Anna L, '41 

Jakubowski, Matthew L. 

James. Marian A. '57 

James. Mary E. '69 

James. Pamela S. '64 

Jamieson, Betty I. '45 

Jarrett, Evelyn B. '62 

Jeffcr>', Gloria A. '53 

Jenkins, Belinda C. "97 

Jenkins, Paul B. '64 

Johnson, Constance R. '38 

Johnson, Estle L. '39 

Johnson, Galen W. '52 

Johnson, Joseph J. '89 

Johnson. Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln M. '38 

Johnson. Virginia L. '44 

Johnston. Christy 70 

Johnston, Dan E. '61 

Jones, Ann J. '37 

Jones, J. Harold '56 

Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. '59, '60 

Kabelka, Melba '46 

Kant, Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth J, 

Kasper, Sherryl D. 

Kaye. Carolyn B. '49 

Keely Mr. & Mrs. John L. '49, '49 

Kehler, Bradley R. 

Keighdcy VaiinieT. 

Kelley, Elizabeth '42 

Kelso, Sarah '61 

Kemen. Beth A. '47 

Kemp, William A. '47 

Kennedy Carol '58 

Kennedy Robert N. '71 

Kerr, Barbara A. '76 

Kerr, Rhonda M. 

Kerr, Richard Y.' 53 

Kerr, Staci A. '98 

Kerr, W. Ross '65 

Ketchum, Dr. 

& Mrs. Lawrence R. '42, '43 
Keyser, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. 
Kidder. Pauls. '51 
Kiefer, Dr. & Mrs. Steve 
King. Lois 0. '43 
King, Mr. & Mrs. Ted J. 
Kinsinger, GrifFH. 
Kipp. Howard W '34 
Kirk, Deborah A. 78 
Kitchen, Steven D, '75 
Kiem, GailJ.'70 
Kling, Marcia W. '36 
Koester, Devin J. '98 
Koonrz, Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. 
Koopman, Rev. 

&Mrs. DavidL. 7],'71 
Kosky, Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. '77, '77 
Kramer, Jackson G. 
Kramer, Lloyd S. '71 
Krebs, Edward S. '59 
Kring, James B. '63 
Krogh, Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. '58, '61 
Krywicki, Nancie M. '72 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 30 

Kubiak, Christine S. '73 

Kusek, RobertJ. '69 

La Badie. Loren A. '86 

Lacy, Drury B. 78 

Lambert, Dorothy '42 

Lambert, Randall D. '76 

Lamm, Christine L. '70 

Lament, RobertJ. '41 

Lampe, Charlorte A. '36 

Lampe, George N. '70 

Lance Cunningham Ford 

Laney, John W. '51 

Lantrip, Mr. & Mrs, Steven W, '90. '90 

Urgen, Mr. & Mrs. William 0. '48. '48 

Larrowe. Agnes '30 

Laster. James H.and Madlon T. '36. '56 

Lawler. Mr. & Mrs. R Rodney 

Lawless, Cmdr. 

&Mrs. Matthew J. 77. '79 
Lawrence, Ruth R. '36 
Lawson. Mr. &c Mrs. Daniel J. '57, 72 
Leacher^vood, Janice M. '49 
Leibrock.JohnR. '71 
Leisering. Margaret '49 
Lenoir, William C. '51 
Leonard, Dorothea C. '45 
Leonard. Bishop C, 77 
Lerman. Anita M. '82 
Lester, Sherman N. '51 
Lewis, Agnes '23 
Lewis, John H. '52 
Lewis. Mr, & Mrs. Robert M. 
Libert. William H. '70 
Lincoln Congregational Temple UCC 
Lind, Mr. & Ms. Donald D.'81 
Lindsay. Sarah Jane '84 
Llewellyn, Rev. 

& Mrs. Ralph M. '36, '36 
Lloyd, Mr. & Mrs. Eric D. 
Lloyd. J. Vernon '41 
Lockwood. Robert K, '43 
Longwell. Mary K. '33 
Lootens. Carol M. '48 
Lovingood, Mr. & Mrs. S. Harris 
Luckey. Carol M. '93 
Lugo, Jane M. '50 
Lukens, William F '91 
Lumley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 
Lundeil, Mr. & Mrs. David P '76. '76 
Lundell, Lavonne G. '48 
Lunsford. Johnie B. '54 
Lusk, Ann M. '77 
Lyle, Katherine W. '34 
Lynch, Laura '89 
Lynch, Minnie-Lou '38 
Lynn. Nancy T. '45 
Lyons. E. Vaughan '40 
Mabry, Dr. & Mrs. C. Charlton '50, '52 
Magill, Rev. &Mrs.JohnR'39, '41 
Malheiro. Joseph L. '98 
Manning, James H. '44 
Marble, Shirley J. '53 
Marsh, Joy M. 
Marshall, Margaret H. '36 
Marston, Joan '59 
Martin, Janie '39 
Martin, Mr. & Mrs. R, Brad 
Martin-Wener, Lucy '28 
Maryville Orthopaedic Clinic 
Masker, Mr. & Mrs, Arthur S. '69, '67 
Mathias, Ruth '33 
Maihieson, Carol F '70 
Maxwell, David B. '69 
May, Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. 
McAfee, Wayne C. '51 
McArthur, Irvin K. '47 
McCahan, David E '60 
McCall, Margaret R. '39 
McCants, Natalie E. 
McCarty, Martha E. '37 
McClune, Ellen E 74 
McClure, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. 
McCreery. Linda '75 
McCroskey, David 

McDaniel, Mr. 

& Mrs. Donald L. *73, 74 
McDonald. Penelope W. '90 
McFarland, Lewis M. '58 
McFerren. Donald C. '62 
McGaiey Esther M. '45 
McGarity, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur E. 
McGarity, Mr & Mrs. Ralph C. 
McGarity, Mr & Mrs. Thomas 0. 
McGehee, Mr. & Mrs. William 
McGill, Rev, & Mrs. WiOiam 0. '39, '40 
McKcan, Mr. & Mrs. Roben E. '56, '55 
McKee, Mr. & Mrs. James W '50. '49 
McUughlin, K. Dale '58 
McLean, R. Ann '56 
McLiverty. Marian G. '44 
McMaster. Mr. 

& Mrs. William M. '56, '53 
McMillan, Mr. 

& Mrs. Roderick E. '54. '55 
McMillan, Lyndall '43 
McNair, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph K. '67 
McNaughton, H. Doug '83 
McNiell. Helen A. '84 
Meadows, Keli J. '97 
Meadows, Naomi H. '49 
Mease. Larry B. '62 
Meeks. Wilkison '37 
Megaw. Evelyn R. '48 
Mer^vm. Donald W '53 
Mignery. Suzanne L. 72 
Miller, David M. '52 
Miller, Karl W. '67 
Miller, Karl 

Miller, Kathleen W. '83 
Miller, Ralph E. '72 
Millin, Paul H, '66 
Mills, Snell A, '79 
Minear, Catharine E. '39 
Minor, Randal! G. '73 
Mize, Bobby L. '56 
Mize, Margaret E '42 
Moffett, Mr & Mrs. Donald B. '54, '54 
Moffett, Vadonna G. '81 
Mont, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. '58. '58 
Moore. Mr. & Mrs. David R. 
Moore, Dudley S. '42 
Moore, Mr. & Mrs. James C. '69, '69 
Moore, Rachel A. '67 
Morgan, Frances R '51 
Morgan, Mary Louise '40 
Morgan, Ruth E. '53 
Morgan, William D. '37 
Morley Dr. & Mrs. Ronald B. '57, '56 
Morris, Dr. & Mrs. Terry L. '64, "63 
Morton, Mr. & Mrs. John F '51, "52 
Moss, Steven S. '96 
Mouton, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. '59, '61 
Moyer. Mary E. '57 
Moyers, Mr, & Mrs. Michael C, '65, '65 
Mueller, Barbara A, '59 
Munn, Sarah '47 
Murchison. Mr. 

& Mrs. Richard L. '64. '64 
Murphey, Elizabeth D. '56 
Murphy, Nina '35 
Murphy- Walters, Angela P '82 
Murray, Rev. & Mrs. Cad C. '48. '47 
Musgrave. Katherine '41 
Nabors, Gretchen "61 
Nardi, Tara L. '92 
Neff. Robert C. '50 
Nelson. Henry and Katie 
Newcomer. Andrew E. '33 
Newkirk, Ellen '84 
Newman, James A. '49 
Newton, Norman H. 
Nicholas Dr. & Mrs. Robert B., '68, '69 
Nichols Deborah S., '72 
Nichols John W. '65 
Nicholson, Garner & Duggan 
Nishioka, Mr. & Mrs. Shinichi 
Norris, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. '79, '80 
Norton, Clarence I, '56 

Nugent, Christine 

Nuss, Mr. & Mrs. William J. '74, '76 

Nye, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond C '71, 71 

Obermeyer, Dennis 

Odell, John E. '38 

Ogle. Mr. & Mrs. David D. 

Opitz, Edmund A. '36 

Orr. Margaret L. 

Orr. Thomas S. 76 

Owens. Judy 71 

Owens. Sarah C. '72 

Packard. Raymond A. '50 

Page, Mr & Mrs. Harry M. '61, '61 

Pardoe, Dorothy A. '53 

Parker. Jean '43 

Parker, Mrs. Russell D. 

Parkinson, Joan L. '47 

Parse, Katherine L. '61 

Parsons, Mr. & Mrs. Alan 

Parvin, Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. '50, '50 

Pate, Dr. & Mrs. George R 

Patterson, Sara E. '44 

Paul. H. Edward '64 

Paxton, Mr & Mrs. G. Ben '50, '50 

Pearce, Mr & Mrs. James W '81, '82 

Pearson, Dr. & Mrs. JackT 78, '77 

Pearson. Neale J. '52 

Pearson, Katharine 

Peck, Ann '53 

Pelton. Loretta '49 

Pepper, Geraldine B. '43 

Percival, Juanita A. '46 

Perez-Reilly Elizabeth K, 

Perry, Isabelle '40 

Perry, Thomas L. '57 

Peterson, Beatrice '37 

Petitt, Bruce A. '84 

Petree, Mr. &Mrs. KyleO.'55, '56 

Petree, Mr & Mrs. Ralph L. '55, '56 

Phillippi, Dr. & Mrs. Raymond H. 

'69, 70 

Pierce, Ellen M. '33 

Pierrepont, Charles F '53 

Pietenpol, Jerry L 

Pigge, Joyce A. '67 

Pike, Mr & Mrs. Charles D. 

Pinneo, Rose W '43 

Pittengcr. Dr. & Mrs. John 

Plan. Gerald R. '58 

Plog, Phyllis J. '38 

Podgorny. George '58 

Ponton, Robert A. '76 

Pope, George M, '46 

Porterfield, Clifford E. '49 

Potter, Susan L. 72 

Pounds. Janet L. '64 

Powell, David R. '66 

Powell, Elaine W '45 

Pratcher. Ann P '71 

Preston, Charlene '70 

Prewett, Ruth '42 

Prichard, EdwinR. '71 

Proffitt, Mr. & Mrs. John W '41, '68 

Proffitt, Robert D. '51 

Pruitt, Lois W. '44 

Pryor, Mr. & Mrs. James W. '66, '68 

Puilan. Joyce '50 

Putman, Gayie S. '64 

Quarles, Dr. & Mrs. Dan R. '68, '67 

Rademacher, Mr & Mrs. Paul 

Ragsdale, Kevin G. '93 

Rahn, Timodiy W. '79 

Ralston. Elizabeth H. '95 

Ramsey. Rev. & Mrs. David A. '55. '58 

Ramsey. Lenore W '32 

Ramsey. Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. '86, '88 

Ramsey, Ryland E. '38 

Ramsey. Virginia '57 

Ramsey Mr. & Mrs. William E. '89, '87 

Randall, Dr. & Mrs. John B, 71,71 

Rankin, Lynn B. '31 

Raulerson, David L. '84 

Raynal, Florence C. '53 

Reaser, Clarence L. '52 

Rechtin, Mr. & Mrs. James L '62, '61 

Reeves, Mr. & Mrs. Joel E. '57, '57 

Reeves, Mr & Mrs. Thomas R. 

Rehm, Dr. & Mrs. Bradford E. '63, '63 

Reichenbach, Robert '62 

Reinauer Mr & Mrs. David P '75, '75 

Reinhardt. Josephine D. '43 

Reinhardt, Mary M. '82 

Renegar. D, Edward '47 

Renfro, Roma 

Rettke, Dr & Mrs. Gordon H. '49, '49 

Rhodes, Fred W '73 

Rjbble, RjchardB.'51 

Richardson, Cheryl L. '82 

Rickards, Esther 

Ridgely Deborah H. '73 

Rigell, Virginia P '97 

Rink, Julia M. '34 

Rivers Advertising Specialties 

Roberson, Heather C. '93 

Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. Willard V '38, '39 

Robinson, N. Lou '53 

Rock, Mr & Mrs. Walter L. '43. '44 

Rodriguez, Mary J. '82 

Roselli, George C. '61 

Ross. Mr. & Mrs. Mike 

Roush. Sharon L. '86 

Rowan, Mary '43 

Rowley Rev. & Mrs. Edward R '43, '43 

Rowley Richard F '50 

Royce, Alice E. '71 

Rugh. Donald E. '38 

Rupe, Mr & Mrs. Floyd O. '68, '68 

Russell, A. Eugene '53 

Russell, G. Lamar '41 

Russell, James A. '59 

Sabatelle, Patricia '74 

Sanders, Dr. & Mrs. Michael W, '75, '75 

Sato, Mr. & Mrs. Yoshio 

Saulsbury, Scott 

Saunders, Dr. 

& Mrs. Raymond D. '49, '49 
Sawdon, Marianne M. '80 
Schafer, Thomas A. '40 
Scheideler, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. '65, '67 
Schellenger. Mary '43 
Schloegel, Carol L, '64 
Schmied, Lori A. 
Schooler, Barbara L. '60 
Schram, Kandis M. '85 
Schulte. Barbara L. '68 
Schulrze. Vickie W. '91 
Scort, Hubert D. '77 
Second Presbyterian Church. 
Chananooga, TN 
Secresi, Leroy V. '47 
Seel, Robert E. '45 
Sexton. Mr. & Mrs. Lynn E. '56, '54 
Shackelford, Becky P '90 
Shafer.JonD. '58 
Shaklee, Margaret E. '66 
Sharp, Mary E. '42 
Sharpe, Larry S. '70 
Shaver, Phyllis A. '43 
Shearer, Lewis I. '58 
Shell, Dr. & Mrs. John R. '47, '47 
Shelton, Robert M. '55 
Shew. Susie '52 
Short, Robert B. '41 
Shorten, Virginia W '43 
Sieber. Mr. & Ms. Graeme W. '57, '57 
Sieber-Ford, Elizabeth '83 
Siera, Steven G. and Maureen '70, '72 
Silva, Mr & Mrs. Richard J. 
Simpson, Terry L. 
Sinclair, Jane E. '43 
Singer, Susan J. '86 
Sider, William R. '53 
Skeen, Dr. & Mrs. James N. '64, '66 
Skillern, Lyn '40 
Slikas, Virginia H. '50 
Smalley Dr. & Mrs. J. Bryan 
Smarn, Eleanor V. '43 
Smeltzer, Dr & Mrs. Charles C. 

Smilie, Richard S. '48 

Smith, Alhson B. '98 

Smith. Barbara M. '55 

Smith. Barbara S. 70 

Smith. Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R '68. '73 

Smith. Dr. & Mrs. Edgar W. '60, '61 

Smith. Joyce '69 

Smith. Kathryn A. '61 

Smith. Margaret "45 

Smith. Marv-el '56 

Smith. Miriam "41 

Smith. Muriel H. '50 

Smith. Mr & Mrs. Ronald 

Smock. Mr & Mrs. Richard C. '74. '74 

Smoot, John M. '67 

Smyrl, Rev. & Mrs. Roben R. '36. '40 

Snell. Fred M. '42 

South, Mr & Mrs. E. Wa)'ne '67. '68 

Spangenberger Sandra '64 

Spencer Mr & .Mrs. Jack N. '65. '67 

Spencer Jeannine F '54 

Spies. Judith L. '91 

Spining. Martha B. '57 

Sprigg. Joseph N. '80 

Springer Evelyn S, '48 

Spurhng, F .Margaret '58 

Stemple, M. Estber '38 

Stephens, Earl H. '47 

Stephens, Sarah J. '50 

Steptoe, Margaret '60 

Sterne, Mr. & Mrs. Carroll P. 

Stevenson, James H. '35 

Stewart. David 

Stewart. J. P. 

Stiffler. David R '71 

Stinnen. Mr &: Mrs. Larry R, 

Stocum, Helen D. '66 

Stoelting. Ajine '62 

Stout. George H. 

Stovall. Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F '50. '49 

Struble. Lee E. '78 


Rci-. & Mrs. Douglas N. '57. '54 
Stuhl. Dr & Mrs. John H. '76. '76 
Sturgeon. Mr & Mrs. James M. 
Sumner Kevin R. '93 
Sutton. Donna H. '80 
Swartzback. Rev. 

& Mrs. Raymond H. '47. "45 
Sydnor William C. '31 
Tabeek. Gregory L. '81 
Talbon. Kenneth M. '76 
Talley Lt. & Mrs. George N. '69. '69 
Talmage. John E. '34 
Tarwater. Dr & Mrs. 0. Reed '66. '66 
Taxis. Lois V. '38 
Taylor. Lee N. '77 
Tepper Fred R. '60 
Ternll. David G. '67 
Testa. Christine H. '44 
Thalacker Lorraine '65 
Theal. Charles T '38 
Thiel, Donald L '56 
Thomas, Charles R. '64 
Thomas, Dr & Mrs. Joseph E. '67, '69 
Thomas, Mr & Mrs. Raymond D. 
Thompson. Mary Ann '55 
Thurston. Mr & .Mrs. James P '51. '53 
Tibbetts. Marjorie '40 
Tinley. Mr & Mrs. Gordon F '70, '71 
Tmley. Jane E. '43 
Todd'. Carol C. '68 
Todd. Virginia '48 
Toomey. Kent E. '57 
Tope. Ma\ie '35 
Traver, Mr & Mrs. David M. 
Trent. Kadiryn A. '38 
Trentham. Dorodiy L. '52 
Trinter, Christine C. '42 
Tripp, Mr & Mrs. Robert W. '34. '33 
Trotter. John C. '95 
Trump. Dorothea R '37 
Turner, Elizabeth A. '58 
Valentine, Earl H, '51 

van Aken, Susan '83 

Van Pelt, Rev. & Mrs. W. Austin '52. '51 

Van Peufsem. Suzanne M. '73 

Vanderslice. Edward J. '50 

Vas, EdnaE'51 

Vaughn. Edward C. '43 

Vaughn. Emmet P 

Vcenstra. Julia E. '88 

Vogado. Marjorie '41 

Vousden. Katherine '56 

Wagner Jennie L. '55 

Waitc. Carol M. '55 

Waldo. Mary C. '33 

Waldroop. Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. '84 

Walker Mr & Mrs. Donald G. '51. '50 

Walker Hugh H. '53 

Walker Cathv '69 

Walker Mis. Clifford C. '34 

Walker's Supply Company 

Wall, Dr & Mis. James W. 

Wallace. Hal M. '51 

Wallace. Robcil H. '32 

Wallin. Barbara G. '50 

Walton. Anne L. '53 

Ward. Maryanne B, '60 

Warner. Charles A. '50 

Warwick. P David '74 

Wassum, Kathleen '75 

Watson, J. M. '85 

Watson. Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. '61 , '60 

Watt. Rev & Mrs. J. Roberr '41. '37 

Weaver Margaret '52 

Weaver Margaret T. '49 

Weiss. Gilbert E. '47 

Weissing. Mr 

& Mis. Andicw M. '76, '76 
Weitcis. Linda 

Welch, Mr & Mrs. Bernard E. '49. '49 
Welch, Ellen M. '32 
Wells, KadJecn '70 
WeUs, Randall A. '65 
Welsh. Elizabeth S. '59 
Welsh. Mary Sloan '34 
Welle. Roberta '35 
Welion. Richard 
Wenkstern. Michael G. '75 
Werner. Mr & Mrs. Roberr A. 
West, David C. '62 
West, Walter P '38 
Weston, Mr & Mrs. John H. '72, '72 
Weston, Sr, Mr & Mrs. John H. 
Whaley, Wendy 

Wheadey. Mr & Mrs. Jonadian 
Wheadey, Mr 

& Mrs. William C. '56. '56 
Whelan. Donald E. '50 
White. Viola J. '44 
White. Haydn 0. '48 
Whitehouse. Lee F '56 
Whitman. William T '30 
Wick. Henry M. '42 
Wight, Mr & Mrs. James A. 
WJcox. Leigh '78 
■WJcox. Robert L. '41 
Wiley Dr & Mrs. James 0. '54. '53 
Wilkinson. Kenneth J. '55 
Wilhams. Anne R. '54 
Williams. Constance H, '65 
Williams. Dr 

& Mrs, David N. '56, '57 
Williams, Dr 

& Mrs. Donald B. '55, '56 
Williams. Etta '39 
Williams. George R. '55 
Wdliams. Jacquelyn L. 
Williams. Oliver K. '66 
Williams. R. Keidi '79 
Williams. Rosemary H. '43 
Williamson. Julia A. 
Wdlingham. William W. '51 
Wilson. Brenda L. '76 
Wdson, Rev 

& Mrs. Frederick R '47, '48 
Winkle, Glenn L. '43 

Winship. C. Dale '38 

Winter. Shelley K. '83 

Wirt. Scarlett R. '83 

Wishon. Helen E. '39 

Witherspoon. Lois 

Woehl. Peg '71 

Wolf. Ronald M. '63 

Wolfe. Mr & Mrs. John G. '67, '64 

Wood, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard L. '71. '71 

Wood. Sharon R. '83 

WoodbyMr&Mis. Bill'61.'66 

Woodhull. Gretchen M. '58 

Woodling. David E. '36 

Woods. Judith A '71 

Woodward, G. Marcus '71 

Woolard. Anna L. '74 

Wright. Dororfiy E. '39 

Wright. John W '87 

Wright. Nadiaha '33 

Wylie. Sharon A. '62 

Wylic. Virginia '68 

Wyman. F S. Laurence '57 

Wyman. Joann '59 

Wynn, Mr & Mrs. Dan. 

Yarborough. Dr & Mrs. John A. 

Yares. Mr & Mrs. Jerry R. 

Yeaworth. James T '50 

Young, Helen C. '42 

Younger Jarred W. '98 

Ziegler J. Richard '70 

Zilcak, Mae E. '50 

Zitzner Nancy J. '66 


The Maryville-Alcoa Co I lege - 
Community Orchestra gratefully 
acknowledges the following who make 
financial contributions during the 
1998-99 concert season: 

Alcoa Foundadon 

Anderson. WUiam R. 'M 

Badgert. John N. "40 

Best, Lynn Ann "36 

Bishop, joy M. 

Bloy, James A. 

Boatman, Sarah E. 

Bushing, Dr. & Mrs. Arthur S. '43. "42 

Craven, Dr. & Mrs. John J. 

DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee. Inc. 

FHckinger, Dr. & Mrs. Ted L. 

French, Lyn 

Gibson, Dr. & Mrs. Gerald \V. 

Howard, Mr. & Mrs. K. H. 

Isbeil. Dr. & Mrs. Homer 

Jones. Mr. & Mrs. S. Alfred 

Kennedy. Robert N. 71 

Kidd. Mr. & Mrs. Lynn A. 

Kintner, Dr. & Mrs. Elgin P 

Koella. Harriet T. 

Luckey, C. E. 

Luckey, Lance E. 

Luckey, Thomas M. 

Mize, Elmer E. '51 

Mullican, Mr. & Mrs. Bill '72 

Murphy, Mr, & Mrs. Judson B. '39. '37 

Nugent, Christine 

Olsen, Nancy 

Overbey, Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas 

Pankratz, Beth 

Parker, Mrs. Russell D. 

Phelan, MiHicent 

Pietenpol, Jerry L. 

Rokes, Jean C. '33 

Schoen. Victor R, 

SchofF. Jean 

Shelton, Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. 

Stein, Adrienne 

Stewan, J. P 

Stewan, Mr. & Mrs. jack B. 

Taddie, Dr. & Mrs. Daniel 

Yarborough, Dr. & Mrs. John A. 

Scots Club 

The Scots Club includes Alumni, 
Parents, Friends and Businesses who 
support Maryville College's tradition of 
excellence in athletics. 

Anderson, J. T. '52 

Anderson. William R. '54 

Badgett. John N. '40 

Bajrd, Mr. & Mrs. Boydson H. '41 

Barrows. J. Michael '71 

Beats, Catherine S. '47 

Bell, Dominico K. '97 

Brand. Charles A. '47 

Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. 

Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Gary L, 

Buddie, Donald E. '60 ' 

Calkm, Mr. & Mrs. James A. 

Carver, Richard E '86 

Casree!, Rocky '90 

Chillion. Mr, & Mrs. Bruce 

Clark. Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. '64. 'G,^ 

Cline. W. Scott '92 

Coughlin. Hate S. '76 

Craven, Dr. & Mrs. John J. 

Crocken, Joel '94 

Cummmgs. James M. '56 

Davis. Mr, & Mrs, Carle M. 

Dearcopp, Janet M. '64 

Dingets. Julie R '93 

Dixon. Donna S. '89 

Dunbar. Mr. & Mrs. James H. 

Ellen. Dr,& Mrs. Joe W. 

Flatt. Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. 

Gamble, Douglas A. '68 & Nina Gregg 

Gheen. Gregon' P '83 

Gray, O'Neal M. '36 

Greaser. Sheridan H. '60 

Griffin, Mr. & Mrs. DwightC. 

Heinze. Mr. & Ms. Paul M. '82, '84 

Henschen, Dr. &Mrs. Hal'41.'42 

Hewitt, Mr. & Mrs. Carl D. 

Hornbuckle, H. B. '91 

Ignico, Arlene A. '77 

Isenberg, Richard C. '51 

Jackson. Man.' E. '46 

Jackson. Morse R. '56 

JaiVert. Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. 

Jones, Thomas L. "52 

Keny.JackM, '55 

Kramer. Mr. & Mrs. Roy E '53, "53 

Kramer. Mr. & Mrs. Wayne R. '74. '74 

Krysinsk)-, Patricia 

Lambert, Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. '50 

Leitch. Edith '41 

LeRoy. Mr. & Mrs. James E 

Libby.AnnabelleJ. '52 

Limone. Mr. & Mr. Andrew P 

Limone. Peter 

Limone. Mr. & Mrs. Robert C, 

Limone-Rollins, Jane B. '83 

LOX'ECO Partnership 

Loveday. Mr. & Mrs. Kent 

Lumley, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 

Marshall, Richard J. '66 

McCroskey. Mr. 

& Mrs. Michael A. '82, '82 
McKee. Mr, & Mrs. James W. '50. '49 
McNaughton, H. Doug '83 
Mendence. Dr. & Mrs. Donald J. 
Mixner. Mark R. '85 
Morrison, Fred G. '61 
Murphy, Mr. 

& Mrs. Judson B. '39, '37 
Nier,Mr. &Mrs. GaryR. '71,'71 

Obermeyer, Dennis 
Proffitt, Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. '46, '44 
Proffitt, Mr. 

& Mrs. Wilham E '49, '49 
Ramger, Dr. 

& Mrs. Robert C. '56, 70 
Renfro, Mr. & Mrs. James C. '38, '38 

Riverside Camp Ground & Resort 

Ruhlin. Andrew D. '68 

Schoen, Victor R. 

Schwam, Sara R '39 t 

Sexton, Mr. & Mrs. Lynn E. '56. '54 

Shackelford. W. Randy '83 

Shields. Mr. & Mrs. Stanley B. '37. '37 

Sigmund, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne 

Simmons. Mr. & Mrs. Danny 

Smith, Dr. & Mrs. E. B. '40, '46 

Stor>'. Donald W '67 

Struse. T Bryson '61 

Sullivan. William R & Mar>' Kay 

Sutde. Richards. '81 

Swanson, CoritaA. '58 

Thomas. A. Daniel 79 

van Aken, Mr. & Mrs. Antony 

Williams, Jacquelyn L. 

Wvatt, Sue K, 

Donors by 


Akms, Darrell 

Alexander. Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. 

Alexander, Mr. & Mrs. Lamar 

Alspaugh, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. 

Anderson. James E. 

Argo. Mr. & Mrs. James M. 

Armiield. Richard 

Arwood. Marcia 

Atkinson, Elizabeth 

Ayres, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. 

Baird. Nanc}' 

Barbour, Mrs. Cliftord E. 

Baxter, William H. 

Beall.Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. 

Beard, Susan J. 

Begalla, Mart)' 

Berry, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel 

Bertelkamp, Jr.. Mr. & Mrs. Henn,' E 

Bird. Mr, & Mrs. Frank B. 

Bishop. Joy M. 

Black, David & Marty 

Blome. Norman P 

Boatman, Sarah E. 

Bogert, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. 

Bonnev. Mr. & Mrs. Fred 

Borden. Mr, & Mrs. W.Wilson 

Boring. Kenneth E. 

Bradford, Tuct S. 

Bromley, Marcus E. 

Brownlie, A. R. 

Burkhart. Dr. & Mrs. Patrick H. 

Byers, Rev. & Mrs. Andrew 

Callaway, Jr.. Mr. & Mrs. Frank 

Campbell. David C. & Mary L. Tobin 

Campbell. Mr. & Mrs. John D. 

Campbell, Michael 

Campbell, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. 

Carringer, Mike 

Carroll. Bob 

Carruih. Sr.. Mr. & Mrs. Carroll D. 

Case, Noel H. 

Chandler, Mr. & Mrs. A. K. 

Chewning, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. 

Clark, Mar>' N. 

Clayton. Mr. & Mrs. James L. 

Congleton. Mr. & Mrs. Lee 

Cook, Marjorie i. 

Cooper. Margaret A. 

Corbitt, Maurice 

Cornett, James B. 

CoLutenay. Ann 

Cowan, John D. 

Craven, John J. 

Crawford. Mr, & Mrs, Duncan 

Crawford, Jr., Roy D. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 31 

Cummings, John W. 

Davis, Carle M. 

Duggan, Mr. & Mrs. Charles P 

Dungan. Charles B. 

Durand. Juhe R. 

Dwyer. Barbara J. 

Eaves. Mr. & Mrs. Mar\'in 

Ernst & Family, Bernard J. 

Esham, Faith L. 

Espy. James W. 

Evans. Deborah B. 

Evans. Dr. & Mrs. Samuel D. 

Everett, Barbara J. 

Fain, Dr. & Mrs. Worley 

Farley. Christine L, 

Fellows, Barbara J. 

Fero. Mr. & Mrs. James P 

Fisher, Mr. & Mrs. John W, 

Fisher, Ruth P 

Flanncry, Mr, & Mts. James 

Forrester, Sherri R, 

Forster. Frederick H, & Carolyn 

Forward, Christine 

Fox, Mr. & Mrs. Joe K. 

Foxx, Marilene H. 

Furgerson, Mt. & Mrs. William T. 

Furrow, Mr. & Mrs, Sam J. 

Gallaher, Mr. & Mrs. Roy 

Garlington, Jr., Mr. & Mrs, Aubrey S. 

Gates. Dr. & Mrs. G. Kenneth 

Gawet, Monica J. 

Gibson, Rachel 

Giffen, Lowell L, 

Goan, Charles W, 

Goddard, Mr. & Mrs. A. B. 

Goddard, Houston M, 

Goddard. Robert N. 

Gonzalez, Mr, & Mrs, Michael R, 

Granito, Mr, & Mrs, Charles E, 

Grandy. Caroline J. 

Gray, Dr. & Mrs. Frank B, 

Gregg, Nina 

Griswold, G. H. 

Guess, L. T, 

Hammon, Jr.. Mr, & Mrs, George W. 

Hammond, Mary R, 

Haralson, III, Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. 

Hargett, Queen E, 

Haslam, 11, Mr. 6: Mrs. James A, 

Hawkins & Family, Was)' 

Hayward, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis F 

Henderson, Joe S. 

Hewitt, Mr, & Mrs, E. C. 

Hewitt, Jane A. & Geoffrey Tuson 

Hewitt, Mr. & Mrs, W. C. 

HiO, Mr. & Mrs, Jerry 

Hill, Mr. & Mrs. Randall C, 

Hill, TifTannie C, 

Hinger, Millicent 

Houston, Joseph C. 

Howard,Jf., Mr. &Mrs. K. H. 

Howard, Mr. & Mrs. Tom 

Hudson, Mr, & Mrs. Edward W. 

Hudson, Mr, & Mrs, Mike 

Hughs, G. Carswell 

Hundley, Josiah 

Hunter,'Mr,& Mrs. W.Max 

Ince, Mr, & Mrs. Richard W. 

Ingram, John J. 

Ingram, Mr. & Mrs. Mark S, 

tsbell. Dr. & Mrs. Homer 

Ivens, Mr, & Mrs, Rondel E, 

Jafvert, Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. 

Jett, Sam H. 

Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Cantey 

Johnson, J. William 

Johnston, Mr. & Mrs. Howard R 

Jones, Mr. & Mrs. S, Alfred 

Keighdey, Vannie T, 

Keithley & Family, Richard A. 

Keller, Mr. & Mrs. John 

Kidd, Mr. & Mrs. Lynn A, 

Kiefer, Dr, & Mrs. Steve 

Kinsinger, Griff H. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 32 

Kintner, Dr. & Mrs. Elgin P 

Koella, Harriet T. 

Koella, Maribel 

Koontz. Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. 

Kramer, lackson G, 

Lambert, Jean 

Landgraf, Nana W 

Lawler, Mr, & Mrs, E Rodney 

Lawson, Mr & Mrs. Fred R, 

Leatherwood, Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. 

Lee, Sherri 

Lewis. Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. 

Limone, Sr,, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew P 

Limone, Peter 

Limone, Mr. & Mrs, Robert C, 

Little. Lawrence E, 

Long, Rev, & Mrs, Raymond 

Lumiey, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 

Lyle, Lillian P 

Mairs. Margaret 

Manore, Marilyn 

Martin, Mr, & Mrs, A, David 

Martin, Mr, & Mrs, R. Brad 

Mason, Mr. & Mrs. Doug D. 

Mathison, Rev. & Mrs. John 

McClure, Catherine T. 

McClure, Janet W. 

McClure, Mr, & Mrs. John J. 

McClure, R. E. 

McClure, 111, Mr, & Mrs. Robert E, 

McClure, Ruth C. 

McClure, Mr, &C Mrs, Thomas D. 

McCroskey. Mrs. David 

McDade, Mrs. Neil 

McDonald, Jean G. 

McGarity, Mr, &: Mrs. Arthut E, 

McGarity, Mt, & Mrs. Ralph C, 

McGarit)', Thomas O. 

McGehee. Mr & Mts. William 

Mclntyre, Quin 

McMillan, Mr, & Mrs. Johnny C. 

Miller, Karl 

Miller, Nancy S, 

Milligan, Barton 

Mingledorff, Mr. & Mrs, C, Glenn 

Mitchell, Mr. & Mrs. William J. 

Moon, Mr, & Mrs, Jerome R 

Morrow, Mr, & Mrs, William E. 

Mullican,Sr.,Mr.& Mrs. Bill 

Neilsen, Mary E, 

Nelson, Katie 

Newkirk, Dennis D. 

Nielsen, Jane A, 

Notter, Elizabeth 

Nowlin & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne 

Olsen, Nanc}' 

Orr, Margret L. 

Overbey, Mr. & Mts. J. Douglas 

Parker, June 

Payne, Mr, & Mrs, Warren E. 

Pearson, Katharine 

Penegar, Kenneth 

Pewirt, Harriet 

Phelan, Millicent 

Pittenger. Dr. & Mrs, John 

Porter, Mr. & Mrs. E.J. 

Postma. Dr, Patricia D. & Mr. Herman 

Proflfitt, Fted 

Proffitt, Sara P 

Rainey, Mr. & Mrs. John R. 

Ralls, Mr. & Mrs, Chris 

Rentcnbach, Mr, & Mrs. T M, 

Ribley, Mr, & Mrs, Thomas J. 

Rickards. Esther 

Ripley. Eleanor L. 

Roach, Margaret 

Robinctte, Charles 

Rooker, Vera D. 

Rose, Mr. & Mrs. Jim 

Ross. Mr. & Mrs. Mike 

Rueter, Elizabeth B. 

Rukeyser, Mr. & Mrs. William S. 

Sanders. Mildred W. 

Saulsburv. Scon 

Schad, Mr. & Mrs. Roger P 

SchofF, Jean 

Shaffer, Ediel H. 

Shell, Mary R, 

Shelton. Mt, & Mrs. Robert B, 

Simpson. Kristen B. 

Skaggs,Jr„Mr, & Mrs, William C. 

Smalley, J. Br\'an 

Smith, Earl 

Smith, Mr. & Mrs. G. Robert 

Spickard, Andrew 

Stephens, Otis H, 

Sterchi, Jr., Mr, &: Mrs, John 

Steding. Mr & Mrs. Ray B, 

Sterne, Mr. & Mrs. Carroll P 

Stewart, David 

Stewart. J, R 

Stewart, Mr. & Mrs. Jack B, 

Stout, George A. 

Sturgeon, Mr. & Mrs. James M. 

Sullivan, William R, 

Sunshine, Dr. & Mrs, Barr)' 

Thomas. Myrde C. 

Thomas, Walker R, 

Thornton, Mr. & Mrs. John C. 

Traver, Mr, & Mrs. David M. 

Turley, John L, 

Turner, Mr. & Mrs. Joe B. 

van Aken, Mr, & Mrs, Antony 

Van Dorpe, Richard 

Vaughn, Emmet P 

Wall, Dr. & Mrs, James W 

Walls. Mr. & Mrs. Carmage 

Waters. Shelton B. 

Wauford, Mr, & Mrs, J, R, 

Webster, William H, 

Weems, Mr. & Mrs. Lew E. 

Welch, Mr. & Mrs. Ted 

Wentz, Karen 

Werner, Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. 

West, Mt. Si Mts. Steve 

Weston, St., Mr. & Mrs. John H, 

Williams. Mr. & Mrs. Don R. 

Williams, Mr. & Mrs, Mark K, 

Wiiherspoon, Lois 

Womack, Edwin 

Wright, Kristina 

Yarborough. Dr. & Mrs, John A. 

Yares, Mr, & Mrs. Jerry R, 

Yates, Mr, & Mrs, James D. 

Young, Lindsay 

Young, Richard G. 

faculty & staff 

Ambler, Susan H. 
Appuhn, Ronald E. 
Ballew, Michelle]. 
Bay. Jeff 

Beaty, Karen E. '94 
Berry, Chad 
Boldon, Dean A. 
Booth, Eric D, '94 
Brand, Richard J. '84 
Bright,! J. 
Brunger, C. Scott 
Bunde, Pamelas. '79 
Bunde, Terry A. 
Carroll, Shawn D. '97 
Case, Laura M. 
Gate, Cathy 
Gate, Mark 
Cherry, Evelyn '91 
Christison, Stephen G. 
Clark, Linda Y. 
Clendenin, Nancy 
Coffey. Sarah L. 
Collins, Ann Marie 
Coning, A. Lynn '89 
Cowan, Peggy 
Craig, Martha P 

Grain, Drew 
Crawley, Heather S, '93 
Davis, Donna '83 
Dent, William H. '57 
Etchison, Eric S. '88 
Farmer, Marcus L. '96 
Fernandez, Jose M. 
Franklin, S. Kelly 
Freer. Johnni R, 
French, Lyn 

Fugate, Stephanie K. '95 
Gallagher, John 
Gibson, Gerald W. 
Gombert. Carl 
Gose, Kathr)'n 
Graham, Anna 
Guillaume, Bruce W. '76 
Guiilaume. Wendy B. '81 
Haun, Ingrid 
Hedrick, Rebecca '86 
Henderson, Richard 
Hess, Martha L. '67 
Holt, Bruce 
Howard, Christopher 
Hughes, Joan G, 
Hunt, Jennifer 
Hurst, Kaye 
Jacob, Sally E. 
Jones, Elton R. 
Kasper, Sherryl D. 
Keith, Marcia J. 
Kilgore, Peggy L. '90 
Kim, Young-Bae 
Lacava, Carol J. '82 
LaFo rest, Jean M. 
Lambert, Randall D. '76 
Lewter, John A. 
Mallory, Judith 
Matascik, Sheri 
May, Doris 
McFalls, Susan G, 
Merritt, Charity S. '98 
Meyer, William J, 
Moore, Rachel A. '67 
Naylor, Robert]. 
Naylor, Susan 79 
Nichols, Deborah S. *72 
Nichols, John W. '65 
Nickle, Catherine 
Nickle, Stephen R. 
Nugent, Christine 
Overstreet, Marjorie K. 
Overstreec, Samuel A. 
Papa, Elizabeth 
Pennington, Brian 
Pcrez-Reilly. Elizabeth K. 
Perry, John H. 
Pietenpol, Jerry L 
Pollard, Margaret E. 
Powell, David R, '66 
Quesada, Darcy M, 
Ramger, Robert C. '56 
Reihl, Alan 
Ribble, Margaret '61 
Robinson, Kore 
Schmied, Lori A, 
Schneibel, Susan 
Schram, Kandis M. '85 
Sederberg, Nancy C. 
Seymour, William A. 
Shiba, Kathie E. 
Simpson, Terry L. 
Smalley Carol Ann 
Soud, Cathy 
Scud. Stephen E. 
Stephens, Pat A. 
Strachan, Karen D. '98 

Sullivan, Mary Kay 
Sutton, Elizabeth L '82 
Tad die, Ann 
Taddie, Daniel 
Van Dorpe, Ellen M. 
Waldron, Heather H. 
Walsh, Dean R '89 
Warne, Paul 
Waters, Jerry E. '57 
Wells, Barbara 
Welsh, Elizabeth S. '59 
West, Jennifer A. '95 
Whaley, Wendy 
Willard, Edward N, 
Williamson. Julia A. 
Wood, Sharon R. '83 
Wynn, Marsha J, 
Yarborough, Emily C. 

former faculty 
& staff 

Baird, BoydsonH. '41 

Bernard. David E. and Vivian Lanfear 

Best. Lynn Ann Brown "36 

Bloy James A, 

Bryant, Timothy M. 

Bushing, Arthurs. '43 

Cooper, Deitra 

Copeland, Joseph J, 

Corio, Jack R, 

Cowdrick, Ruth E. 

Ctaven, Ellie Morrow 

Crawford, Dorothy Nethery '35 

Cummings, Margaret M. 

Davis. Connie 

DeLozier, Ruby Lane '37 

Dirben, Ray 

Ebersole, Mark C. 

Eding, William H. 

Ezell, Samuel Jason '93 

Gilmore, Vera Wilson '70 

Guss, Evelyn 

Hatfield, Sarah Stevenson '97 

Howard, Chris 

Huddleston. L. Jane '49 

Jones, Jean E. 

Kerr. Rhonda 

King, Virginia Crider '32 

Kinsinger, Mrs. Dan H. 

Libbv, AnnabelleJ. '52 

Litde, Edith Burns '30 

Mallor)'. Judith 

Massey, E. Frances 'iA 

McDade, Neil 

McNiell, Sarah Brown '53 

Mooney, William H, '40 

Mowrey, Thelma N. 

Navratil, Nancy Naylor '54 

Nelson, St., Henry 

Papa, Elizabedi 

Piepet, Mary Gladys Brown '36 

Porter, Scott L, '93 __ 

Richardson, Jane G. ^ 

Schoen, Victor R, 

Smith, Margaret Keitt '59 

Stapp, Mary 

Stuart, Alden & Beth 

Turrentine, Virginia '39 

Walker. Melissa -85 

Welsh, Mary Sloan '34 

Witherspoon, E. Newell '52 

Worman, Ella Thompson '48 

Wyan, Sue K. 

Yu, David C. 


Academy of Dance Arts Kingsport Inc. 
Airport Hilton Inn 
Akins Public Strategies 

Alcoa Foundation 

Anderson Lumber Company 

The Appraisal Company 

.Arrowhead Towne Cencer 

AT&T Foundation ■ Nasliville 

Authentique, Inc. 

Baker Realty Company 


Bechtel Jacobs Company 


Blount Memorial Hospital 

Bob Kidd Siding Company 

Braun & Associates. Inc. 

Breed Technologies ■ FL 

Bristol & Bragg 

Byron's Graphic Ans 

Calloway Oil Company 

Cherokee Lumber & Millwork Co. 

Chess Financial Corporation 

Citizens Bank ot Blount County 

Colvin & Son Heatmg Company 

Coulter & Justus. RC. 

Cumberland Securities Co., Inc. 

The Daily Times 

Davis Newman Payne Advertising 

Dean-Smiih, Inc. 

Delmar Haynes Pontiac 

Denark-Smith, Inc. 

DENSO Manutacfuring Tennessee, Inc. 

Doug's Garage 

Downey Oil Company 

Drake Auto Parts 

East Tennessee Medical Group 

Essential Industires, Inc. 

Evans Pharmac)-, Inc. 

Fideht)' Investments Charitable Gift Fund 

First American National Bank-Knox\'ille 

First Tennessee Bank-Knoxville 

First Tennessee Bank- Mar)'\-i lie 

JeffryT Fletcher. Architect, Inc. 

Ftee Enterprise, Inc. 

Ft. Sanders Alliance 

Gahagan's Music Service 

Gilded Mirrors, Inc. 

Grant & Associates 

The H. T Hackney Company 

Ted Hembree Legal Investigations 

Home Bank of Tennessee 

Home Federal Bank of Tennessee 

Howard's Donut 

Ivens Construction, Inc. 

Jackson Properties 

Jet-A-Way Cleaning Systems, Inc. 

Johnson & Galyon, Inc. 

Joyce Travel .^ency. Inc. 

K-25 Federal Credit Union 

Kenesaw Leasing Inc. 

Knox Rail Salvage, Inc. 

Kramer. Ra\'5on, Leake, Rodgers. Morgan 

Lamplight Package Store 

Lance Cunningham Ford 

Lockheed Manin Corporation 

LOVECO Partnership 

Martin & Company 

Maryville Orthopaedic Clinic 

McCammon-Ammons, Inc. 

McCarty, Holsaple, McCarty, Inc. 

McNutt Oil & Gas Company 

Mediation & Facilitation Resources 

Minority Services, Tennessee Tech. 

Mountain High\vay Veterinat)' Hospital 

Mountain Lile Insurance Company 

New York Communit)' Trust 

Nicholson. Garner & Duggan 

James Hugh Ogle &c Associates 

Operation Mobilization 

Parton Associates 

Pilot Corporation 

The Pittston Company 

Proffin's. Inc. 

Regal Cinemas, Inc. 

Richmont Inn 

Rick McGill's Airport Toyota 

Rivers Advertising Specialties 

Riverside Camp Ground & Resort 

Ron Ford's Office Supply, Inc. 

Shafer Insurance .Agenc)' 

Shear Magic 

Sb'master Center, Inc. 

Smith Barney 

Smith Mortuary 

Soccer Line Sporting Goods 

Southeastern Orthopaedics 

Twin Cit)' Auto Group 

Union Planters Bank ot East Tennessee 

Vulcan Materials - Mid-South Division 

Walker's Supply Company 

L. K. 'Walton, inc. 

J. R. Wauford & Company 

White Realty & Service Corporation 

Woodward & Associates 


Allen Temple AME Church- 
Woodstock, GA 

First Baptist Church-Annapolis, MD 

First Baptist Church-Bean Station, TN 

First Presbnerian Church- 


First Presbnerian Church-Ft. 

Lauderdale, FL 

First Presbyterian Church- 

Germantown. PA 

First Presb\'terian Church-Knox^'ille, 


First Presbytetian Church-Lewisburg. 


Highland Presbyterian Church- 

MarTiTille. TN 

Holston Presbytery-Kingsport. TN 

Independent Presbnerian Church- 
Birmingham, AL 

Lincoln Congregational Temple UCC- 
Washington, DC 

Middlebrook Pike United Methodist 

Knoxville, TN 

New Providence Presbvterian Church- 
Maryville, TN 

Presbyterian Church (USA) 

Presbyterian Women, 3rd Presby 

Pittsburgh, PA 

Presbytery of East Tennessee 

Second Presbyterian Church- 
Chattanooga, TN 

Signal Mountain Presbnerian Church- 

St. Andrews Episcopal Church- 

Maryvilie, TN 

The Assembly ol the Samts 

Church-Villa Rica, FL 

Trinity Presbyterian Church- 
Chattanooga, TN 

Westhampton Presb)terian Church 
Westhampton Beach, NY 

Woodstock Community Church- 
Woodstock, GA 


Addy, Sr.. Mrs. Thomas E. 
Akin, Sarah H. 
Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Cecil W. 
Allen. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. 
Allen, Mr. & Mrs, Hon A. 
Allred. Mr. & Mrs. David 
Allred. Mr. & Mrs. William E. 
Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. 
Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. John 
Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen N. 

Andrews, Ruth 

Archbold, Mr, & Mrs. Dennis A. 

Asbur)', Mr. & Mrs. Glen E. 

Ashmore, Richard 

Ayers. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. '60 

Baden. Mr. & Mrs, Richard 

Bailey, Mr. &Mrs, DandJ. R. 

Bailey, Janet 

Bailey, Sharon Pusey '69 

Baird, Diane S. 

Baker, Mr. & Mrs. William T 

Ballard. Mr. & Mrs, Phil 

Ballou, Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. 

Barnes, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H, 

Bartlett, Sharon 

Baucom, John & Shannon McKnight 

Beard.Mr & Mrs. Donald G. 

Beaty, Mr. & Mrs. Robert T 

Beck, Mr. & Mrs. Lewis R, 

Beckwidi, Mr. & Mrs. Howard 

Bell, Dr. & Mrs. W. Kenneth 

Benton, Mr, & Mrs. Allan 

Berkemeier, Mr, 6c Mrs. Thomas A. 70 

Best, Jr., Mr. & Mrs, Edwin J. '68, 72 

Bickford, Mr. & Mrs. Randall G, 

Black. Mr. & Mrs, Joe 

Blackburn, Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. 

Blackburn. Vicki 

Blair. Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. 

Bogle, Mr. & Mrs, Michael E. 

Brabender, Blanche H, 

Brallier, Hugh 

Brantham, Mr. & Mrs. Ivan E. 

Brantley, Mr. & Mrs. D. C. 

Braswell, Mr. & Mrs. Randy 

Braun, Jim & Janice 

Braun, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J, 

Braxton, Earnestine 

Brents, Mr. & Mrs, Michael R. 

Briggs. Mr. & Mrs. Dennis 

Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Charles 

Brown, Dynna 

Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Fred D. 

Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. 

Brunger, Dr & Mrs. C. Scott 

Bryant, Mr. & Mrs. Charles L, 

Br)'ant, Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. 

Buckner. Mr. & Mrs. Billy R. 

Buechele, Mr. & Mrs. Franz J. 

Burger, Mr, & Mrs. Larry L. 

Burde, Mr. & Mrs. James H. 

Buschle, Mr, & Mrs. Lawrence 

Bushing, Dr. & Mrs. Arthur S. ■43, '42 

Cain, Nanc)' 

Calkin, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. James A. 

Campbell, Mr, & Mrs, Jack 

Cannon, Mr, & Mrs. GaryT. 

Canupp, John D. 

Carmack, Mr. & Mrs. Jim 

Cart. Mr. & Mrs. Dale 

Carreiro, Mr. &C Mrs. Joseph D. 

Carson. Mr. & Mrs. Joe 

Casey, Barbara T. 

Caughron, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth 

Cayhill, Ruth S. 

Chamberlain, Mr. & Mrs. Richard 

Childress. Man,' Lou 

Chiles, Sr., John R 

Chiilion, Bruce & Diana 

Christofferson, Dr. &Mrs.J.W. 

Chua, Rogelio Y. 

Clark, W JefFery 

Clevenger, Susan 

Clough, Mr. & Mrs. Guy L. 

Cobb, Roger 

Cochran. Mr. & Mrs. Donald 

Cole, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel K. 

Copeland, Tim 

Cornish, III. Mr. & Mrs. Allen L. 

Corrigan, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel 

Cotton, Mr. & Mrs. Noel 

Coutlee. Elizabeth 

Covington, Kay 

Covington, Russ 

Cox, Mr. & Mrs. Roy W. 

Craft.Mr. & Mrs. David W. 
Craft, Mr. & Mrs. Davie E. 
Craig, Mr. & Mrs. Albert 
Crawley, Mr. Si Mrs. Michael 
Cron. Mr. & Mrs, Charles P 
Cropper, Mr, & Mrs, Alan G. '69 
Crowell, Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. 
Gulp, Mr. & Mrs. William M. 
Cybulski, Mr. & Mrs. Lee 
Damrow, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce 
Daniel, Earl 
Daniel, Elaine 

Darnell, Mr. & Mrs. Gregot}' W 
Darnell, Mr. & Mrs, Terry G, 
Davey. Mr. & Mrs. William 
Davis. Mr. & Mrs. Alan W '87. '83 
Davis, Mr. & Mrs, C. Michael '68 
Davis. Sandra 
Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne 
Dawson, Mr. & Mrs, Joseph M, '69. '69 
Deal, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Frederick C. 
Deering, Mr. & Mrs. Terry R, 
Denmark, Carol 
Devilbiss, Douglas M. 
Devilbiss, Sharon A. 
DeWeese, Dr. & Mrs, William 0, '64 
Dibble, Mr. & Mrs. Merton 
DiGiacomo, Mr. & Mrs, Michael A '65 
Dondero. Mr, & Mrs. Joseph 
Dunbar, James & Bonnie 
Dunn, Lamar 
Dykes, Mr. & Mrs. E. R. 
Ebeling, Carol 
Ellen, Joe & Susan 
Evans, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. 'Vince 
Evans. Mr. & Mrs, Walter R, 
Faylor, Mr. & Mmrs. Frederick C. 
Fentress. Mr. & Mrs. Neal T. 
Ferguson, Judith S. 
First, Mr. & Mrs. Fred B. 
Flanders Ralph M, 
Flatt, Mr. & Mrs, Charles M. 
Flickinger, Dr. & Mrs, Ted L. 
Foster, Rev. & Mrs, Fred 
Frederick, St., Mr. & Mrs. William 
Freeman, Mr, & Mrs. Earnel 
Freeman, Mr. & Mrs. Robert 
Friedrich, Tim 
Fugate. Mr. & Mrs, Steve 
Fuller. Mr. & Mrs. Melvin 
Gadd, Mr, & Mrs. Stephen C. 
Galyon, Mr. & Mrs. Kent 
Gamble, Sandra 
Garrett, Mr. & Mrs. Dand W. 
Garrett. Mr. & Mrs. Jerry 
Garrison, Mr. & Mrs, Richard 
Gerra, Mr, & Mrs. Martin J, 
Gibbs, Mr. & Mrs, Enoch J, 
Gibson. Dr. & Mrs. Gerald W. 
Giles, Mr, & Mrs. Ronald 
Gilliland, Mr. & Mrs. Wes 
Glisson, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. James 
Goodwin, Mr. & Mrs, Richard L. '69 
Gottschang. Mr. & Mrs. Harry 
Grant, Mr. & Mrs. Mike 
Green, Mr. & Mrs. Bill 
Green, Mr, & Mrs. Johnny 
Greer, Kenneth R. 
Gregory, Mr. & Mrs, Henry 
Griffin, Mr. & Mrs. Dwight C. 
Groves, Patricia 
Halkiades, Mr, & Mrs. Paul 
Hall, Mr. & Mrs. Jerry- 
Hall, Mr. & Mrs. Phil 
Hall, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. 
Hamby, Mr. &c Mrs. Herbert 0. 
Hamory, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene 
Hansel, Jo Ann 
Harmon, Edna K. 
Harmon. Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. 
Harrison, Mr. & Mrs. John 
Hayes, William A. 

Hayworth, Dr. & Mrs. Ray M. 

Hebert, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond G. 

Heckler, Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. '64. '64 

Hendricks, Mark 

Hensley, Paula 

Hensley, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. 

Herrell, Mr. & Mrs. Donnie C. 

Herron. Polly 

Hewa, Mr. &Mrs.JohnD. 

Hewitt, III. Mr. & Mrs. Carl 

Hicks, Mr. & Mrs. John L. 

Hill, Nanette M, 

Hitch, Mr. & Mrs. W Walton 

Hof, Mr. & Mrs. Robert 

Hoffmann. Dr. & Mrs. Paul W. 

Hok, Gail B. 

Hoomes, Mr. & Mrs, Robert 

Hopper, Mr, & Mrs. Michael 

Hostetter, Mr. & Mrs, Michael L. 

Howell, Pat 

Huckaby. Mr, & Mrs, Wayne 

Huffman, Mr, & Mrs. Max L. 

Hughes, Joan 

Hughes, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. 

Hughs, Rev. & Mrs. Dan T 

Hunt, Sr.. Mr. & Mrs. Randall E. 

Hutson. Mr & Mrs. Richard 

Hylton, Mr. & Mrs. Milford 

Ingle, Dr. & Mrs. Robert V 

Ingram, Dr. & Mrs. John J. '70 

Jackson, Brenda 

Jackson. Marj- Elizabeth McKnight '46 

Jackson, Shelley G. 

Jakubowski, Matthew L. 

Jatko. William & Beverly 

Jenkins, Mr. & Mrs, Robert S. 

Jessee, Mr. & Mrs. James G. 

Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis 

Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Lee 

Jones, Mary 

Kant, Dr. & Mrs, Kenneth J. 

Katambwa, Dr. & Mrs. Martin N. 

Kaufman. Martha Ann 

Keidi, Mr. & Mrs, Loyd D, 

Kell, Mr. & Mrs. John 

Kerr. Dr. & Mrs, Larry 

Ketcham, Jr., Carl P. 

Keyser. Mr, & Mrs. Ronald 

King, Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. 

King, Mr. & Mrs. Ted J. 

Kinsinger. Mrs. Dan H. 

Kirby, Elaine 

Kirby, Mr. & Mrs. Phillip 

Kirby, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne 

Knapp, Mr. & Mrs. Richard E 

Knapp. Roberta 

Kobacker, Candice J, 

Koudelis. Elizabeth R. 

Krogulski. Mr, & Mrs, Glenn 

Krysinsky, Patricia 

Kyker, Mr, & Mrs, Samuel J. 

LaForest, Mr. & Mrs, Michael 

Lake, Suzanne 

Lane. Mr. & Mrs. Eddie E. 

Lang, Mr. & Mrs. John 

Lanon. Mr. & Mrs. Don A 

Ledberter, Mr. & Mrs, Larry 

Leinenbach, Beverly 

LeRoy, Mr. & Mrs. James 

Lin, Franklin 

Llppincott, III, Mr. & Mrs. Robert W 

Lloyd, Mr. & Mrs. Eric D. 

Lombardo, Mr, & Mrs, Charles T 

Long, Glenda 

Long, Mr. & Mrs. Huey 

Loveday Mr. & Mrs. Kent 

Lovingood, Mt, & Mrs, S, Harris 

Lummus. Donna 

Lynn, Mr. & Mrs. David B. 

Lyon, III, Mr. & Mrs. Leslie C. 

Malloy Jr., Mr, & Mrs. Joseph J. '68, '66 

Maness. Janet C. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 33 

Marion, Kenneth & Janese Trivene 

Marrison, Mr. & Mrs. William F. 

Marsh. Joy 

Martin, Marilyn 

Mathis, Mr. k Mrs. Barry 

Matthews, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne I, 

May, Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. 

McCafFerry. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel 

McCants, Natalie E. 

McCarty. Mr. & Mrs. W PoweU 

McCloud, Vicki 

McCollom, Mr. &c Mrs. George T. 

McDowell, KathrynJ. 

McElroy, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph 

McEnroe, Sally 

McFalls. Susan G, 

McKenzie. Mr. & Mrs. Mike 

McLemore, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald 

McMillan. Sheila 

McQuillin, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis 

Meadows, Mr. & Mrs. James 

Meerdink, Mr. & Mrs, Perry 

Melvin, Mr. & Mrs. Dink Dennis 

Mendence, Donald &; Janice 

Messer, Mr. & Mrs. David W. 

Meyers, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald 

Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Carl 

Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. 

Milligan, Mr. & Mrs. B. Thomas 73 

Milton, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond 

Moore, Mr, & Mrs. David R. 

Moore, Ganr' R. 72 

Moore. Mr. & Mrs, Stephen T. 

Morefield, Mr, & Mrs, Glenn D. 71. 72 

Morrow, Mr. & Mrs. Larr>' 

Moses, Jan 

Moss. Mr. & Mrs. Jerry R. 

Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene 

Nash, Mr. & Mrs. James 

Nelson, Mr. & Mrs. William R. 

Newton, Norman H. 

Nichioka, Mr. & Mrs. Shinichi 

Nichols. Jr., Mr. & Mrs. John B. 

Obermeyer, Dennis & Carole 

Obermiller, Anne P. 

O'Connor, John E. 

Oden. Mr. & Mrs. R, Mickey 

Ogle. Mr. & Mrs. David D. 

Otto, Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. 

Overhok, Mr. & Mrs, Lonas 

Palmer, Mr. & Mrs. E. Lee 

Parillo, Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. 

Parsons, Mr. & Mrs. Alan 

Pate, Dr. & Mrs. George R 

Pate, Jane 

Patrick, Mr. & Mrs. John H. 

Payne. Mr. & Mrs. Jim 

Peebles, Dr. & Mrs. R Neal 

Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Alden 

Perry, Gail 

Petty, Mr. & Mrs. James 

Petty, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick 

Pike, Mr, & Mrs. Charles D. 

Pitts. Mr. & Mrs. Roy E. 

Ponder, Mr. & Mrs. Hugh 

Powers. Mr. & Mrs. Tom 

Pressnell, Mr. & Mrs. Larry 

Pre^ven, Mr. t & Mrs. Robert D. "42 

Proffiti,JohnW. '41 

Pr>-or, Mr. & Mrs. James W. '66, '68 

Puse>'. Jr., Mr. & Mrs, Howard E. 72, 72 

Putman, Mr. & Mrs. Robert 

Rabenstein, Esther 

Rademacher, Paul & Linda 

Ragsdale, Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. 

Rajkowski, Barbara 

Ramsay, Wanda 

Raulston, Jr., Dr. &: Mrs. Kenneth L. 

Ray, Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. 

Ream, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. 

Reed. Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph 

Reese, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Michael W, 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 34 

Reeves, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew R 

Reeves, Mr. & Mrs, Thomas R. 

Reid, Cynthia 

Renfro, Roma 

Renninger, Mr. &: Mrs. Ted 

Rigell, Mr. & Mrs. Craig D. '69. ■69 

Robbms. Mr. & Mrs, Keith 

Robinson, Nancy 

Roe, Mr. & Mrs. Mike 

Rogers, Mr. & Mrs. Danny 

Rogers, Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy 

Roitman, Dr. & Mrs, Joel M, 

Ruddick, Barbara 

Rudicil Marian K. 

Ruehling. Mr. & Mrs. Bobby 

Rumbley, Mr. & Mrs. Warren T 

Russell, Mr. & Mrs. David G. 72, 72 

Sacksteder, Mr, & Mrs. John 

Sampson. Roxanne 

Sanders, Mr. & Mrs. Richard 

Sandlin, David 

Sato, Mr. & Mrs. Yoshio 

Schraer, Mr. &C Mrs. Lawrence 

Schreiber, Connie S, 

Schubert, Dorothy Hcmbree '59 

Scinto, Barbara A. 

Scofield,Jr., Mr. & Mrs, Robert L. 

Scon, Mr, & Mrs, Walter 

Shields. Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. 

Shipley, Mr. & Mrs, Joseph 

Sigmund, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne 

Silva, Mr. &Mrs, Richard'j, 

Simmons, Mr. & Mrs. Dannv 

Sitzlar. Mr. & Mrs. Charles 

Slatton, Mr, & Mrs. Terry 

Smelcer, Dr. & Mrs. C. C. 

Smith. Mr, & Mrs. DwightT. 

Smidi, Lois Sharp '39 

Smidi, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald 

Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Scott 

Smith, Sr.. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. 

Spranger, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence 

Stalcup. Mr, & Mrs, Fred 

Scapp, Man' 

Stephens, Mr. & Mrs. Doyle E. 

Stephens, Mrs, Richard 

Stevenson, Mr. & Mrs, Richard R '68, '69 

Stewart, Mr, & Mrs. Herman 

Stinnett. Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. 

Stock, Mr, & Mrs, Patrick M, 

Stout. Mrs, George H. 

Stowers. Mr. & Mrs. Curtis 

Strachan. Mr. & Mrs. William R. 

Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Jerry 

Summers, lean 

Sumner. Mr. & Mrs. Ivan 

Suri, Mr, & Mrs. Darshan 

Taylor, Mr. & Mrs, Geoffrey R. 

Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. j. Graham 72, 72 

Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. Lee N. 77 

Ter^vedow, Susan Anderson '68 

Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. Ray D. 

Thurman, Mr. & Mrs. Rick 

Tinker, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew 

Tomlin, Mr. & Mrs. Millard 

Tomlinson. Mr, & Mrs. Tony 

Tompkins. 111. Mr, & Mrs. F. H. 

Van Hooser, Carol R, 

Vandiver, Mr. & Mrs, Lov 

Verhofstadt. Mr. & Mrs, Albert R 77 

Vineyard, Mr. & Mrs. William 

Vivyan, Jeanie J. 

Wagner. Mr. & Mrs. Kelly '97 

Walcutt, Mr. & Mrs. Robert P 

Waldroop, Mr, & Mrs, Edward L, '84 

Waller, Jr., Mr. & Mrs, James H. 

Ward. Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. 

Ward, Raleigh M. 

Watkinson, Mr. & Mrs. Warren B. '93 

Weaver, Robert J. 

Welters, Linda 

Wells, Lois R. 

Welton, Rjchard 

Wertjme, Mr. & Mrs, Rudolf M. 

Westbrook, Joyce J. 

Westerling, Mr, & Mrs. Richard J. 

Weston. Jr., Mr. & Mrs. John H. '72, 72 

Wheadey, Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan 

White, Mr. & Mrs. David W 

Whiiehurst, Mr. & Mrs. Robert 

Whirver, Mr. & Mrs. Harry K. 

Wieck, Sr„ Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. 

Wight, Mr. & Mrs. James A, 

Williams, Jackie 

Williams, Mr. & Mrs. Maxim 

Wdhams, Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph 

Worth. Jr., Mr. & Mrs. John T 

Wright, Audy R. 

Wright, Mr. & Mrs, Rodney 

Wynn, Marsha J. 

York. Mr. & Mrs. Bob W. 

Yuhas, Mr. & Mrs. John J. 

clubs, groups 
& other 

American -Association Of Univcrsit}' 


Blount Count}' Medical Society 

ln[er\'arsit\' Christian Fellowship- 

Know'dle, TS. 

Junior Chilhowee Club 

Kiwanis Club of Alcoa 

Kiwanis Club of Mary\'ille 

Mary\'ille College Communitv' 


Maryville College Compassion 


Maryville Music Club 

estate gifts 

Maryville College history is punctuated 
unth estate gifts. They have all helped the 
College on its journey, smoothing out val- 
leys and eleikiting peaks. They have pro- 
vided buildings, professorships, scholar- 
ships, and capital improvements. During 
the } 998-99 fiscal year. Maryville College 
received estate gifts from the following 

Bird, Stan L. '41 
Carrier. Carolyn '49 
Cowdrick, Ruth 
Hayes, Bonnie C. '42 
Hitch, Gerline 
Hoag. Carol C. '31 
Howell, Margaret H, '48 
lohnscon, Mary E. '46 
Kimler, William D. '37 
Kirby, William R. '50 
Lauver, Rowena 
Matthews. Kathr\-n K. '42 
Stearns, Elizabeth 
Swann, Amos A. 
Valentine, Gary M. '56 
Wade. Mary '31 
Williams, John E. 
Wilson. Joe H. 

matching gift 

Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. 
Milligan, Carolyn & Barton 
Akzo American Foundation 

Clark, James & Linda 
Alcoa Foundation 

Bailey. Linda 

Cornett, James & Betty 

Damron, Linda 

Guess, L. T. 

Hannah, Lee 

Hoyt, Mary Ruth 

Jones, Elton 

Jones, S. Alfred 

Kramer. Frank 

Law, Robert 

Paxton, Kenneth & 


Ray, Richard 

Ray, Ruth & Charles 

Roberts, Charles & 

Mary Gene 

Roe. Michael 

Roeber, Daria 

Smith, G. Robert 

Spickard, A.W. & Jean 

Stewart. Jack 

Story, Donald & Carol 

Washburn. Robert 

Wilson. W. Warren 
AlliedSignal Foundation, Inc. 

Kinsinger. Griff 
Allstate Foundation 

Kehler. Bradley 
AT&T Foundation 

Carson, Lucy 

Haxton, Phyllis & 

Ball Corporation 

Cox. Ruth 
Bank One 

Shaklee, Margaret & Hilhs 
Bankers Life & Casualt)' Company 

Gilmour. Daniel 
Baxter Allegiance Foundation 

Chua. Rogelio 
Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC 

Williams. Jacquelyn 
Bell Adantic 

Denney, F. Scott 

Rumbley, Warren 
BellSouth Telecommunications 

Carson. Joe 

Dunbar, Daniel 

King, Ted & Linda 
BetzDearborn Foundation 

Chaki, John 
Carolina Power & Light Company 

Jones. Richard & Helen 
Chevron U.Sj\.. Inc. 

Vas, Edna 
Chr)'slcr Corporation Fund 

Kusek, Robert 
CIGNA Foundation 

Weissenburger, William 


Wilbanks, Curds 
Corning Incorporated Foundation 

Mills, Snell 
Cummins Engine Foundation 

Newkirk, Ellen & 

Darling Store Fixtures 

Toomey, Kent 
Delta Air Lines Foundarion 

Jackson, Kelli 
DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee 

Ogle, David 
Deutsche Financial Services 

Allison, Matthew & 

Dominion Resources, Inc. 

Leathenvood, Richard 
Dow Chemical 

Nenninger. Kathleen 

Renfro. James 
Eaton Charitable Fund 

Dirksen, Ray 
Eli Lilly & Company 

Tarwater. 0. Reed & 

Exxon Education Foundation 

Magliulo. Elaine 
Fidelity Foundation 

Farley, Chrisunc 
First Union Corporation 

Lampe, George 
FMC Foundarion 

Derpilboslan, Phil 
General Electric 

Edwards. Frances Lane 

Meadows, Naomi 

Meyer. Gary 

Roberson. Heather 

RuEgiero, Daniel & Anne 
Georgia Power Company 

Pruln, Lois & Tom 
H, J. Heinz Company Foundarion 

Atkinson, Elizabeth 
Harris Bank Foundation 

Young. Fred 
Home Depot 

Jenkins. Paul 
Honeywell Foundation 

Moore. John 
IBM Corporation 

Gerra, Martin & Anita 

Green. W. H. 

Helrd, William 
J. C. Penney Company 

Counts. Lynn 
John Wiley and Sons. Inc. 

■Arlington, William 
Johnson & Johnson 

Sellars, Richard 
Law Companies Group. Inc. 

Rostan. June 
Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Cooper, Robert & Juha 

Hill, Donald & Vetsa 

Keyser, Ronald 

McCollom, George 

Talmage, John & Sylvia 

Williams, C.K. 
Lorillard Research 

Ihrig. Arthur & Ann 
Lucent Technologies 

Leiand, LouAnn & John 

West, Opal 
May Stores Foundation. Inc. 

Hoefer, J. Ronald 
Medtronic Foundation 

Hitchens, Kenneth R. 
Merrill Lynch & Company. Inc. 

Witherspoon, Newell & 

Metropolitan Life Foundation 

Clopton, J. Malvern 
Monsanto Fund 

Graves, John E. 

Hutton, William C. 

Terr)', A. B. & Margaret 
Motorola Foundation 

Krebs, Eleonore 

Claud, Joseph 

White, Joseph 
New Centurv' Energies Foundarion 

Morgan. Frances & Lee 
Norfolk Southern Foundarion 

Huston, Lawrence & 


Spuriing, E Margaret 

Taylor, Ginger 
Northern Trust Company 

Eraser, Traci 
Norton Company 

Johnson, Lincoln 
E H. Glatfelter Company 

Crawford, Thomas & 

Pfizer, Inc. 

Brand, Charles 
Philip Morris Incorporated 
Johnston, August 

Wright, Barbara 

Philips Electronics North American Corp. 

Alien,]. David 
Proaer & Gamble Fund 

Dean, Walcer 
Provident Life & Accident Ins. Co. 

Bucher, G. Scon 
Prudential Foundation 

Huncinger. Margaret 
Raytheon Company 

Mood)', Stan & Susan 

Reinauer, David 
Reader's Digest Foundation 

Richardson. Marv- 
Reynolds Metals Co. Foundation 

Fox. Paul 
RR Donnelley & Sons Company 

Crawford, David 
RusseO W. Ketron. CFP 

Buettner, Marianne 
SAFECO Insurance Companies 

Kennedy. Robert 
Schelegel Corporation 

Van Dorpe, Richard & 

Schering-Plough Foundation, Inc. 

^Cile)'. Dan & Gray 
Scripps Howard Foundation 

Bennen, Duncan & Ilda 
SmichkJine Beecham Foundation 

Smith, Joyce 
Southern Nuclear Operating Company 

Spri^. Joseph 
Sprint Foundation 

Fawcen, Ellen 
State Farm Companies Foundation 

Jennings, Ronald & 


Pope, George 
The Davey Tree Expert Company 

Buchanan. Elizabeth 
The Hartford Fund 

Golletz, Morna 
Times Mirror Foundation 

Whelan. Donald 
Towers Perrin 

Finertie, Robert 
TRW Foundation 

Roth, H. Douglas 

Wheade)', Jonathan 
U. S. Borax 

Anderson, J. T. 
Upjohn Company 

Hall, Shirley 
Vulcan Materials Company 

Lambert, Harold 
Wal-Man Foundation 

Knapp, Richard 
Wells Fargo Foundation 

Laurice, A-D. 


Appalachian College Association 

Asian Foundation 

The Corella and Bertram F. 

Bonner Foundation, Inc. 

The Clayton Family Foundation 

Horace Dawson Foundation 

Katie Dean Foundation 

East Tennessee Foundation 

The Charles A- FrueaufF Foundation, Inc 

H.R.H. Family Foundation 

John R. McCune Charitable Trust 

McCune Foundation 

The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation 

Ragsdale Family Foundation 

The Roddy Foundation 

The Thomas F. Staley Foundation 

Robert Lee Weiss Foundation 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 

John & Nevils Wilson Foundation 

directed gifts 

East Tennessee Foundation 
Fidelity Investments 

Charitable Gift Fund 
Presbyterian Church (USA) 

The New York Communit)' Trust 
National Christian Charitable Fdn. 


Anderson, Isaac 

Bailey, Joel 

Barriage. S, K- 

Beals, Joe D. 

Bradford. Elizabeth 

Carrier, Carolyn Bowman '49 

Caner, Estelle 

Casey, Mollye Ann 

Cate, Evelyn 

Christ)'. Kenneth L. '43 

Coile. Martha Lou '53 

Collins. Ralph S. 

Corzine, Sarah Frances 

Crosby, Robert W '29 

Crowder, Grace W 

Cummings, John W. 

Davies, Lavina Elizabeth 

de Guzman. Maria '98 

Flanders, Irving C. 

Fowler, Elizabeth T. 

Fox. St., Meredith Coyle 

Gloucester, John 

Goddard, Carrie Lou '33 

Greve. Willa '43 

Griifitts. Fred A. '25 

Guess. Virginia H. '30 

Haner, Florence 

Hayes, Bonnie C. '42 

Hensley, Charlorta Cook '64 

Hewitt. Glenn A. 

Hitch. James W '}^ 

Howell, Margaret H. '48 

Humphrey. Fay '88 

Hundley, Mary Ewell '39 

Hunter. Edwin R. *14 

Hunter, Sr.. Hugh O. 

Jennings, Nancy 

Koella. Carl 

Kramer, Jackson C. '43 

Laster, J. Hayden & Willie Nell '30. '30 

Lee, Baxter 

Limone, II, Andrew R '81 

Manges, Garnet E, '38 

McBride, Wesley 

McDaniel. Fred R. '46 

McMillan, Stiles '30 

Moore, Robert Breaker '41 

Newberry, Betty G, '28 

Orr, Horace E. '12 

Panei^on, Ersa W. '41 

Piper. Rose 

Shell. Jr., Claude L '47 

Snodgrass. Lida P 

Tope, S. Lyn "ii 

Torrev. Marilvn Hartpence '48 

Walker. Mary- Earl '35 

Webb. Jr., E.' Leslie '33 

Wilcox, Margaret H. '41 

Witherspoon, James C. '45 

Wood, Anna 

Wood. William L. 


Cummings, Margaret 
Gorney, James E. 
Hayworth. Christine 
Morrison, Carolyn B. 
Shields. Stanley & Francie 
Stout, Mrs. George H. 

Alumni Giving 

CLASS OF 1923 
President - Unknown 
Donors - 1 
Participation - 20% 
Total Gifts -SIOO 

Lewis, Agnes 

CLASS OF 1927 

President - Roy A- Conner t 

Roll - 16 

Donors - 4 

Participation - 25% 

Total Gifts -Sl,085 

Green. Elizabeth Keown 
Hitch, Mary Ann Nuchols 
Shraeder, Eleanor Collins 
Welbon, Henr)' G. 

CLASS OF 1928 

President - John G. Jeffries f 

Roll - 20 

Donors - 5 

Participation - 25% 

Total Gifts - S435 

Belder, Mildred 
Ellis, Anna Mae Coldwell 
Fortenber)', Marie Elmore 
Huston. Mar}- Fant 
Martin- Wcner, Lucy Horton 

CLASS OF 1929 

President - Florian G. Hopkins 
Roll - 32 
Donors - 8 
Participation - 25% 
Total Gifts -S5,410 

Courtenay, Walter R. 
Fairchild. Eleanor Dahl 
Fell, Harni* Ingram 
Gabbard, Eugene F 
Gamble. Grace 
Jeffries. Elizabeth .Vlurphy 
Marston, David S. 
Wood, Man- Swain 

CLASS OF 1930 

President - Frank E. Baker t 

RoU - 27 

Donors - 8 

Participation - 30% 

Total Gifts - S2,600 

Baker. Margaret Havnie 
Elzev. Frances Crabill 
Herdman, Allan W 
Larrowe, Agnes McGuire 
Little. Edith Burns "i" 
Lord, Gladys Graham 
Morrison, Roberta Hickman 
Whitman. Jr., William T 

CLASS OF 1931 

President - Donald G. Berrn f 

RoU -41 

Donors - 20 

Participation - 49% 

Total Gifts -518,908 

Anthony, Grace Wallace 
Bass. Calvin 

Blazer, Conchita Bertran 
Defenderfer. Victor R. 
Frier, Sarah Allen 
Gallimore, Dorothy Kellar 
Gilmore, 0. Leland 

Hampton, Edna M. 
Henderson, Bertha Lawson 
Hict, Travis 

Hunt, Genevieve Corbin 
Huston, Lawrence W 
Jar^-is, Martha Everett 
Marshall. Dorothy J. 
McKeehan. Dorothy Basse! 
Murray, Patsy Hall 
Porter, Alice Renegar 
Rankin, Lynn B. 
Sydnor. William C. 
Walker. Mav Belle Frazier 

CLASS OF 1932 

President - George H. Osbora t 

RoU - 54 

Donors - 1"" 

Participation - 31% 

Total Gifts - $64,966 

Blair, Louis B. 
Charles. Mabel Hembree 
Dickinson. Julia Terry 
Duncan. Hubert L. 
Ferguson, Blundon G. 
Griffitts, Ruby Miller 
Guthrie. Ruth 
Haugh, N'elle Garland 
Hearn. Mildred MacKenzie 
Julian, Pauline Zachary- 
King, Virginia Crider 
Logan, Laieah Ball 
Ramsey. Lenore West 
Roderick, Helen Burderte 
Wallace. Robert H, 
Welch, Ellen Metz 
Wells. Ruth Hannah 

CLASS OF 1933 

President - R. Conrad Quenelle t 

RoU - 46 

Donors - 19 

Participation -41% 

Total Gifts -55,051 

Bass, Beatrice Dreher 

Briggs, Donald W. 
Burns, John T. 
Crothers, Robert R. 
Glass, Amelia Dickens 
Green, Helen Thompson 
Hutchison, Mary Knox 
Kalbhenn. Norma Spilatore 
LongweO, Mary Katherine Mize 
Mathias, Ruth Brocious 
McReynolds, Roben P. 
Newcomer. Andrew E. 
Pierce, Ellen Macrae 
Quenelle. R. Conrad t 
Rokes, Jean CampbeO 
Tripp, Wiliimae Renegar 
Waldo, Mary Gamble 
Walsh. Eunice Grant 
Wright, Nathalia 

CLASS OF 1934 
President - Robert W. Tripp 
RoU - 66 
Donors - 37 
Participation - 56% 
Total Gifts -516,718 

Baskin. Maurine Willocks 
Beck. Roland A. 
Blair, Ernestine Smith 
Botts, Ella Kilgorc 

Briggs. Ruth Farlee 
Burns, Herbert V. 
Clopton, J. Malvern 
Crump. Mildred Schoeller 
Dunning, William S. 
Foster, Janet Warren 
Gash, Marion Falkner 

Green, Mary' Harrison 
Hina, Naomi Woods 
Hogian. Jo Knight t 
Hollick. Geraldine Monroe 
Hook, Glenn L. 
Howell. George B. 
Howell. Vivian Kelley 
Hunt, Elizabeth Lanterman 
Kinnick, Phoebe Underwood 
Kipp, Howard W, 
Kirchner. Vera Stephens t 
Lane, Mar)' Evelyn Russell 
Lyle, Kathenne Wavland 
Massey, E. Frances 
McQueen, Jr., John C. 
Payne, Helen Mahan 
Rink. Julia M. 
Snyder, Ercelle Hunter 
Springer, John B. 
Talmage, John E. 
Thomson, Marvin 
Throne, Pauline L. 
Tripp, Robert W. 
Uhrich, Isabelle Harrison 
Walker, Clifford Withers 
Welsh, Mary Sloan 

CLASS OF 1935 

President - E. New-man Smith 

RoU - 61 

Donors - 24 

Participation - 39% 

Total Gifts -SI 1.201 

Alexander, Mane Bailey 
Alexander, Theron 
Brown. Roben L. 
Claiborne, Maria Wynn 
Clemmcr, Katherine Earnest 
Crawford. Dorothy Nethery 
Crawford, Earle W 
Hardy, Dorochv Lewis 
Hewitt, Frances Deal 
Hogian, George W i 
Johnston. Ruth Perry 
McArthur, Grace Proffitt 
Murphy, Nina Gamble 
Padgert, Mary Gillingham 
Rayburn, Robert W. 
Rourke, Leona Johnson 
Rueda. Sarita 
Stevenson. James H. 
Talmage. William S. 
Thomas, Barbera Whitmore 
Tope, Maxie Smith 
Truan, Mildred 
Weite, Roberta Reveley 

CLASS OF 1936 

President - Mose H. Gamble t 

RoU - 88 

Donors - 40 

Participation - 45% 

Total Gifts -$137,449 

Bailey, Fern L. 

Banon, Richard W 

Best. Lvnn Ann Brown 

Borcer, Robert C. 

Brown, Arnold A. 

Burns, Luriine McFarland 

Carhart, Estelle Greene 

Christie, Alexander 

Crump, John M. 

DeWeese, Emma Northwood 

Felknor. Elizabeth McMurray 

Fuller, Arline R, 

Gabbard, Stephen A. 

Gleim, Elizabeth Reimer 

Gray, O'Neal 

Greenlaw, Elizabeth McNamara 

Harris, Jane Petiibone 

Huskey, Cora Deats 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 35 

Jones, Inez Galloway 
Kent, Lila Carringer 
Lampe, Charlorte Upp 
Lawrence. Ruth Romig 
Leitch, Glover A. 
LIghtowler, Leola Halsey 
Llewellyn, Billie McCoy 
Llewellyn, Ralph M. 
Lodwick, Robert E. 
MacCalmont. VCilliam F. 
Marshall, Margaret Brient 
Miller, Marjorie Fleming 
Montgomery, J. Esther 
Nelson, William C, 
Opitz. Edmund A. 
Pieper. Mary Gladys Brown 
Saint, Jr., James G. 
Smyrl, Robert R. 
Sullivan. Gladys Reaves 
Wilbar, Raymond J. 
Woodling. David E. 
Zitzner, Arthur S. 

CLASS OF 1937 

President - David J. Brittain 
Roll - 76 
Donors - 37 
Participation - 49% 
Total Gifts -$19,008 

Andrews, Mark L. 

Burns, Margaret Law 

Butman, Florence E. 

Cooper. Margaret Heliums 

DeLozier, Ruby Lane 

Driskill, Lillian Cassel 

Fleming, Annie Lou Dill 

Gallant, Dorothy Leaf 

Gray, Virginia Worth 

Hand, Jr.. Ralph W. 

Hannah, Lee 

Hurst, Shirley Jackson 

Jenkins, Elisabeth Spahr 

Jones, Ann Jett 

Kent, Jr., George C. 

Leitch, Helen Chambers 

Lewis, Elizabeth Carlisle 

McCarty. Martha Deal 

McQueen, Lillian Crawford 

Meeks, Wilkison 

Morgan, Jr., William D. 

Murphy. Lois Brown 

Penhalurick, Darline Andrus 

Peterson, Beatrice Wheeler 

Pirenian, Lillian Leiand 

Ramsey. William R. 

Renne, Evan W, 

Sellars, Richard B. 

Shields. Mary Frances Dunlap 

Shields, Stanley B. 

Sporman, Anna-Margaret Staples 

Trump, Dorothea Stadelmann 

Watt, Elizabeth Brimfield 

West, St., Charles A. 

Whiteley, William M. 

Young. Fred J. 

Young, Mary Frances Ooten 

CLASS OF 1938 

President - James N. Proffitt t 

Roll - 95 

Donors - 39 

Participation - 41% 

Total Gifts - $6,875 

Adkins. Jr., Stephen G. 
Alexander, Dorothy Bass 
Bauer, Marian Lodwick 
Black, Irene Myers 
Blackburn, Elizabeth 
Brown, H. Deane 
Brubaker, C. Edward 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 36 

Bry-Nildscn, Jr., Martin 
Coker, Alice Whitaker 
Ferrell, Mildred Jacobs 
Fox, Paul H. 

Galbreath, Martha Watson 
lohnson, Constance R. 
Johnson, Lincoln M. 
Keller, Janet TaJmage 
Killian, Donald R. 
Killian, Ruth Haines 
Lynch, Minnie-Lou Chitfick 
Maas. David E. 
McCaulley, Man' Rush 
Nelson, Raymond 
Parker, Roberta Enloe 
Plog, Phyllis Gessert 
Pnggemeier, Man' Haines 
Ramsey, Ryland E. 
Rentro, Evelyn Ferguson 
Rcnfro, James C. 
Rugh, DonaJd E. 
Stemple, Esther Sommcrs 
Talmage, Roy V. 
Taxis, Lois Hodgson 
Theal, Charles T. 
Trent. Kathr)'n Adams 
Tuscany, Audine Walker 
West, Helen Jones 
West, Walter P 

Wicklund, Dorothy Armstrong 
Winship, Dale Echols 

CLASS OF 1939 
President - Harold E. Orr t 
RoU - 69 
Donors - 34 
Participation - 49% 
Total Gifts - $5,201 

Baker, Irma Souder 
Blizzard, Harriet Barber 
Briggs, Virginia Boys 
Bruce. Virginia Pitts 
Byrne. Arthur D. 
Davies, Howard L. 
Durr, Irma Pate 
Fedric, Helen Bobo 
Felknor, Jr.. George E. 
Garner, Frances Bowditch 
Goodman, Helen Ridenhour 
Grondort. Edith Gillette 
Johnson. Esde Kerley 
Judy. Jr., Omer C. 
Kindred, Zillah McKenzie 
Law, R. Eugene 
Martin, Janie Corry 
McCall, M. Ruth 
McGill, William 0. 
Minear, Catharine Pond 
Murphy, Judson B. 
Paul, Mildred Dallas 
Pearson, Eunice Wilson 
Rhody, Fred L. 
Rhody, Mary Chambers 
Schwam, Sara Kittrell t 
Setde, Kathleen Cissna 
Smith, Lois Sharp 
Taylor, Jr., Samuel K. 
Turrentine, Virginia 
Williams, Etta Culbcrtson 
Wishon. Helen Sheek 
Wright, Dorothy Roehm 

CLASS OF 1940 

President - James H. Etheredge f 
Roll - 109 
Donors - 59 
Participation - 54% 
Total Gifts -$100,762 

Abel, Barbara McCutcheon 
Anonymous (2) 

Arnold, Robert M. 
Ashby, Helen Bewley 
Badgett.Jr.,J. N. 
Bell, William A. 
Bingman, Jr., J. Fred 
Brubaker, Frederick O. 
Christiansen. Catherine Davidson 
Clark, Vernon A. 
Coles, Marion Ganvood 
Curtis. Mildred Lane 
Davis, Charles I. 
Doolittle, Pauline Jenkins 
Fisher, John H. 
Fleming, Philip M. 
Goggin, Margaret Knox 
Halsey, Virginia Knighton 
Hamby, Marj' Butler 
Heydinger, David K. 
Houbler, Patricia Kennedy 
Hunt, George L. 
Kindred, Charles H. 
Kramer, Sara Heliums 
Lamon, H. R 
Lamon, Ruth Crawford 
Lyons, Jr., E. Vaughan 
Mathias, Dale 
May, Alice Weghorst 
McGill, Dan M. 
McGill. Joy Corrigan 
Mederos. Susan Allen 
Miller, Minena Burn 
Montgomery, James E. 
Mooney, William H. 
Morgan, Mary France 
Muse. Dorotha Painter 
Pearson, Ruth Woods 
Peterson, Elizabeth Seel 
Pflanze, Otto P 
ProfFitt, Hanvell W 
Robctson. Eloise Burnette 
Schafcr, Thomas A. 
Shue. Elizabeth Snead 
Skillern, Lyn Tyndal 
Smith. E. B. 
Smith. Edna Russell 
Smyd. Marie Jensen 
Storey. Mary Burns 
Thames, Mary Waters 
Thomas, Joyce Carson 
Tibbetts. Marjorie Orcuct 
Tweed, Earl A. 
Wicklund, Harold A. 
Wintermute, John B, 
Wintermute, Miriam Berst 
Wood, Polly Hudspeth 

CLASS OF 1941 

President - Ralph D. Stealkey 

Roll- 116 

Donors - 66 

Participation - 57% 

Total Gifts -$11,208 

Adkins, Florence Tousley 
Anderson, Roland W. 
Baird. Boydson H, 
Baird, William E. 
Bennett, J. Norman 
Blake, Ivan C. 
Byrne, Jean White 
Casada, Man,' Weaver 
Conway. Ezelle Hayes 
Corbett, Mar\' Cooper 
Cragan, Thomas M. 
Duncan, Kenneth L. 
Eatle, Doris Titde 
Es tab rook, Grace McCammon 
Etheredge, Elizabeth Gaultney 
Felknor, William B. 
Garner, George W. 
Graham, Helen Coats 
Graham, Lorraine Adkins 
Green, Floyd J. 
Hahn, Clement F. 

Hcnschen, Hal 
Hood, Thelma Ritzman 
Hooker. Ila Goad 
Humphreys, David M. 
Hunt, Mar.- Alice Minear 
Jacobs, Anna Lee Storey 
Karczag. Edna Manrose 
Kidder, Mar)' Orr 
Kilmer. loseph M. 
King, RolloW 
Koella, Jean McCammon 
Kuchlcr, Ruth Goodson 
Lamont, Robert J. 
Lehman, H. Eugene 
Leitch, Edith Hitch 
Lloyd, J. Vernon 
Magee, John M. 
Magill, Joseph B. 
Magill, Louise Wells 
McCurry, Eugene E. 
Moss, Aline Campbell 
Musgrave, Kathetine Ogilvie 
Myers. EliMbeth Huddleston 
Pearson. Harr\' C. 
Pinneo. Lily L. 
Pittman. Margaret Lodwick 
Proffitt, John W 
Rigell, Lula Diggs 
Rogers. Eloise Zimmetman 
Russeli, G. Lamar 
Sams, Ned H. 
Short, Robert B, 
Smith. Miriam Nethery 
Stcaldey. Helen Williams t 
Steakley, Ralph D. 
Stringer. Barbara Swift 
Stringer. Warner A. 
Swift, Joseph H. 
Tapp, Jr., Roland W. 
Vogado, Marjorie Resides 
Watt, J. Robert 
Weger, Vivian Moore 
Wilcox. Robert L. 

CLASS OF 1942 

President - Theodore L. Holman 

Roll -126 

Donors - 68 

Participation - 54% 

Total Gifts - $35,000 

Alexander, Jr., Edwin C. 
Baptist, John P 
Barr. Frank H. 
Bennett, Eloise McNeeley 
Bridges, Clara McCord 
Brownlie. Jeanne Stringham 
Bushing. Dorothy Barber 
Caldwell. Helen 
Campbell, Lisbeth Prater 
Carr, Lucille Lynch 
Crawlord, Janice Graybeal 
Cross, Jr., Frank M. 
Gulp, Lois Thorson 
Culver, Warren T. 
Cunningham, Ben A. 
Cunningham, Margaret Proffitt 
DeForest, Anne Gammon 
Dewees, Jr., Raymond 
Eanes. Mildred Montgomery 
Fichter. Elaine G. 
Green, Linda Robinson 
Guinter, John M. 
Guthmann, Roberta Hope 
Harder, Phyllis Overton 
Henderson, Dorothy Buchanan 
Hcnschen, Mary Mayes 
Hoelzer, John H. 
Hoglan, Ruth Duggan 
Howard, George R. 
Jenkins, Ruby Leslie 
Johnston, Marion Northup 
Kell, Henry E, 
Kelley, Elizabeth Pascoe 

Kent, J. Donald 
Ketr, John Allen 
Ketchum, Lawrence R. 
Kidder, David H. 
Kilmer, Jean Zimmerman 
Lambert, Dorothy Gessert 
Lepicier, Lin Suthetlin 
Markin, Ida Clark 
McCammon, Charles S. 
McDaniel. John D. 
McRae, Inez Johnson 
Mize, Margaret Fain 
Moore, Dudley S. 
Palmer. Amy 
Persing, Mae 
Phillips. Elizabeth Br)'ani 
Pickens, Sam 
Prewett, Ruth Lane 
Ray, Ruth Huff 
Ruoff, Mary Felknor 
Seely, Francis M. 
Sharp, Mary Karg 
Shue, Lloyd C. 
Smith. Doris M. 
Sneil. Fred M. 
Stillwell. Ada Summers 
Tapp, Helen Pratt 
Trinter, Christine Fritz 
Tuell, Johnye Long 
Wadans,Jr., RjchardW. 
Wick, Jr., Henry M. 
Wick, Hilton A. 
Wright, Mary Proffitt 
Young, Helen Cameron 
Zenvas, Helen Cone 

CLASS OF 1943 

President - Arthur S. Bushing 

Roll -146 

Donors - 88 

Participation - 60% 

Total Gifts -$43,681 

Bail, Elizabeth Hains 
Barr, James M. 
Bigham, Perry N. 
Brewer, Carson 
Brown, Clyde R. 
Burcaw, G. Ellis 
Bushing, Arthur S. 
Carber); Elizabeth Clevenger 
Christ}-. Leslie Gilbert 
Clarke, Anne Brock 
Cooley, Grace Jarnagin 
Cooper, Althea Cable 
Cooper, Kenneth L. 
Crawford. Dorothy Jobes 
Crawford, Roy D. 
Crews, E. Katherine 
Cunningham, Jean Stamp 
Doxsee. Mar)' Cowan 
Duke, Aura Santiago 
Duke, Sidney 
Eanes, Cecil 0. 
Edwards, Octavia Blades 
Foreman, Marion Magill 
Francis. Bett)' Robinson 
Francis. Robert B. 
Furgerson. Helen George 
Greve. Jessie Reed 
Grygotis. Patricia Carter 
Hargrave. William J. R. 
Harper. June Stewart 
Henderson, F. William 
Howard, Anne Halabrin 
Ho)t, Mar)' Ruth 
Huskey, Joseph E. 
Ketchum, Olga Welsh 
Kidder, Jr., J. Edward 
King, Lois 0. 

Kramer, Margaret Clippinger 
Lambert, Jr., Guy E. 
Landis, Edith Monroe 
LeQuire, Virgil S. 

Lloyd, Hai B, 

Lockwood, Robert K. 

Lorenz. Doris Murray 

Lowther. Elizabeth Winter 

McCall, Man' Alice Fugate 

McDanie!, Evelyn Williams 

McMillan. Lyndall Becker 

Miser, Irma Russell 

Newcomer, jean Barnes 

Parker. Jean McCutcheon 

Pan'in. Ralph S. 

Paul. Glenn F 

Pemberton, Jr.. Olson 

Pepper, Geraldine Hogan 

Pierce.Jr., CarlG. t ' 

Pierce, Meredith Preston 

Pinneo, Rose W. 

Pratt, Theodore B. 

Price, Martha Badgctt 

Procop. Kathleen Sullivan 

Reinhardt, Josephine Gillette 

Ribble. Mar\' Jane Costner 

Rock. Walter W. 

Rose, Helen Airheart 

Roseborough, Douglas D. 

Rowan, Man' Morgan 

Rowley, Jr.. Edward R. 

Rowley, Esther Winn 

Schellenger. Mar}' Knight 

Schwarzwalder, Robert W. 

Shaver, Phyllis Cain 

Sherman, Margaret McKirdy 

Shorten. Virginia Williams 

Sinclair, Jane Metcalf 

Slater. Marion Avakian 

Sniartt, Eleanor Rocker 

Smith. Winifred Hope 

Sthreshlev. Mar\' Josephine Jennings 

Stoftel, Ernest L. 

Tinley, Jane Glass 

Van Cise, Oliver R. 

Vaughn, Edward C. 

Walton. xMar)' Jane Person 

Williams, Rosemar)' Park 

Williams. Ruth Stribling 

Winkle, Glenn L. 

Yunker, A. James 

CLASS OF 1944 
President - Paul B. Smith 
Roll - 102 
Donors - 49 
Participation - 48% 
Total Gifts - 56,280 

Allen, Nettie Spraker 
Anderson. Meriam McGaha 
Burgreen. Charles L, 
Cook, Jeana Eddleman 
Dillener. Helen Fisher 
Dillener, jr., Leroy 
Dorn. Ann Horton 
Easter. Wallace Edward 
Evans, William W. 
Gene, Grace M. Betts 
George, C. Frank 
George. Veronica Hansel 
Grosh, Frances Harris 
Hay, Margcr)- Roth 
Heischman. Ralph E. 
Henley, Shirley Montgomery 
Hoelzer, Catherine Tomlinson 
Holland. Carol Markham 
Holland. Jane McFarland t 
Houser. Marion Schanck 
Johnson, Virginia Cain 
Kell, Ruth Aiken 
Kent, Mar)' Wintermute 
Kerr. Helen Anderson 
Kidder, Cordelia Dellinger 
Kiel, Johnnye Gudel 
Kjiaupp, Lyie M. 
Manning, James H. 
Mazur, Sara Jo Boiling 

McClure. E. Ruth 

McLivert)', Marian Ruth 

Miller. Elizabeth |. 

Monger, Ruthanna Merker 

Neill. Alice Mathews 

Patterson. Sara Cameron 

Paul, Evelyn Gregor\' 

Phillips. Jr.. Joel P 

Proffitt, Bobilee Knabb 

Pruitt, Lois Wall 

Rock. Bett)' Parker 

Rust. Hubert 

Sthreshley. Jr., Lawrence F. 

Taylor, John C. 

Testa, Christine Holscher 

Van der Hoven. Mary Waisman 

Wampler. Margaret Murrian 

Watts, Mary 

White. Viola James 

Wilson. Marion Stout 

CLASS OF 1945 
President - Robert E. Seel 
RoU - 97 
Donors - 53 
Participation - 55% 
Total Gifts -510,520 


Bardett. Marion Schneeweiss 
Bellerjeau, Jeanne V. 
Benton. Matilda Housch 
Black, Donald F 
Black. Mat)- Curtis 
Bowditch. Miriam E. 
Cassile, Helen H. 
Christianson. Joyce Odom 
Cobb, Imogene Everett 
Coburn. Hope Plcyl 
Cochrane. Martha Jeane Shaw 
Culver. Katherinc A. Gar\'in 
Dewees, Mary Noblit 
DiStelano, Dorothy Brown 
Edwards. Frances Lane 
Fershee, Marian Metcall 
Gates. J, Edward 
Gorton, Carol Gillette 
GrifFin, Elizabeth Hoagland 
Hall. Martha Dean 
Hein, Winifred Sommers 
Hobart, Jr.. Richard L. 
Hooper, Elizabeth Collum 
Houdeshel, John H. 
Irshay. Phyllis 
Jamieson, Bett\' Ballard 
Leming, Margaret Troutc 
Leonard, Dorothea Lehman 
Leonard, Jessie Fowler 
Long. Loren W 
Lynn. Nancy Russell 
McDaniel, Beverly Jackson 
McGarey, Esther Farrow 
Pemberton, Lisette Gessert 
Pettcrson, Bern,' Meyer 
Powell, Elaine Woods 
Regenbrechi. Rose Wells 
Rogers. Beatrice Hunter 
Rosenfeld. Ethel Beall 
Seel. Robert E. 
Shaw, Kitty Loesch 
Smith. Margaret Caldwell 
Spickard. Jean Huddleston 
Spurlock, Virginia Smith 
Stricklett. Frances Smith 
Swartzback, Jane Hays 
Timbie. Barbara Buchanan 
Westbrook. Mabic Marshall 
Williams. Trevor G. 
Yohe. Lois Marian 
Yunker. Carolyn Harper 
Zuercher, Esther Cleaver 

CLASS OF 1946 

President - M. Louise Fulgham 

Roll - 99 
Donors - 45 
Participation - 45"/b 
Total Gifts -524,919 

Barker, Eleanor Stout 

Barker, Robert S, 

Bell, Elizabeth Proffitt 

Brock. Lucille Sicler 

Conrad, Mildred Waring 

Damerow, Nanc)' Br\'ant 

DuBois, Zenobia Bernardini 

Friddle, Dorothy Dick 

Fulgham, Louise Corbett 

Gar)', Margaret Witt 

Heckendorn. Miles J. 

Henderson, Thomas E. 

Hipkins. Nellie Cuellas 

Hogue. Ethel Park 

Houdeshel, Mary Jamison 

Hughes, Man' Dickinson 

Jacbon, Mary Elizabeth McKnight 

James, Helen Wilson 

Junkins, Mar\- Jo White 

Kabelka, Melba Holder 

King. Kate Reaves 

Knaupp. Catherine Pavne 

Lcishman, Sara Crider 

Luttrell. Virginia Brown 

Martin, Emma Mclnturff 

McDaniel. Thelma Richardson 

Newman, Ethel Brocket 

Percival. Juanita Hinson 

Pickering, Carol Titus 

Pope, George M. 

Proffitt, Walter D. 

Purifoy. Bett)' King 

Roseborough, Barbara Burnett 

Scruggs, Margaret Cross 

Seel. David ]. 

Seel. Mar)' Batchelor 

Smith. Jean Smith 

Stone. H. Dean 

Tibbitts, Marilynn Chapman 

Waggoner, Marinell Ross 

Watlington, Rosalind Garges 

Webb. Ruth Freeman 

Widner. Nelle Ousley 

Wright, Frances Ashby 

Youngson. Jeanne Keyes 

CLASS OF 1947 

President - Har\ev R. Overton t 

Roll - 96 

Donors - 54 

Participation - 56% 

Total Gifts -516,052 

Andetson, Jessie Lou Brunson 
Argie. Maybelle Rule 
Be.ds, Catherine Stout 
Bishop. Jay R. 
Bounds. Lilybel Gunn 
Brand. Charles A. 
Breazeale. Jr., Jefferson 1. 
Case, Mary E. 
Coffey. Ruth Wood 
Congleion. Betty C. 
Craig. Jr.. John 
Cross. Elizabeth Showalter 
Depue. Fred M. 
Dockter. Jr.. Albert W. 
Ezell. Winfred A. 
Fields. Harriet McKean 
Fuhr. June Garland 
Garza. Mary Ruth Barber 
Gilmore. Jackson M. 
Grubbs, Alma Lancaster 
Hancox. Doris White 
Herzberger. Robert D. 
Hightower, Edith Earle 
Huffman. Ada Yadon 
Hunter. Robert A. 
lones. June Burns 

Kemen, Beth Huftalen 
Kemp, W Abbott 
Kramer. Frank A. 
Latta, Doris Fischer 
Mathis. June Hamilton 
McArdiur. Inin K. 
McGarity. Jr.. Owen 
Miller. Mar)' Robarts 
Moore. John R. 
Munn. Sar.ih Enloe 
Murra)', Earnestine Harrison 
Parkinson. Joan Liddell 
Paxton. Charlotte Proffitt 
Purifoy. Jr., Lewis M. 
Rawson, Polly Lickteig t 
Rcnegar. D. Edward 
Richardson, Jean Balch 
Secrest, Leroy V. 
Shell. Gwendolen Rees-Joncs 
Shell John R. 
Smith, Mat)' Dellinger 
Stephens, Earl H. 
Swartzback, Raymond H. 
Taylor, Aldvn Graham 
Van Der Kamp, Jean Magill 
Weiss, Gilbert E. 
Williams, Jean Messer 
Wilson, Frederick R, 
Ziegler, Jane Witt 

CLASS OF 1948 

President - Charles B. Hoglan t 

Roll -110 

Donors - 70 

Participation - 64% 

TotaJ Gifts -511,092 

Abbott. Lorraine Swift 
Anderson. Nancy MetcaU 
Austin. Doris Cook 
Barbour, Katherine Johnson 
Barker, Jean Cotton 
Boldrick. Mary Smith 
Bradsher, Gwendolyn Greenlee 
Brewer. Ruth Williams 
Brown. Lillian Unger 
Callahan, George E. 
Campbell. Janet L. 
Cardella, Matteo A. 
Carp. Rella Anderson 
Castle. Loretta Nunn 
Culpepper. Mildred Jones 
Edwards, Man' Long 
Engel, Elmer E. 
Engel, Marian Lewis 
Enloe, Mary Stidham 
Ernest, Martha Scanlon 
Ernest, W Nelson 
Fought, Bett)' Absher 
Garner. Janet Rich 
Garner, Jr., Robert H. 
Gillette. George F. 
Grubbs. Merrill H.t 
Hall, Shirley Oshana 
Heiss, Virginia Baier 
Hogue, James L. 
Householder, Julia Pancoast 
Johnson. Dorothy Crowson 
Largen. Edith Delaney 
Largen, Jr., William O. 
Lootens, Carol Short 
Lundell. Lavonne Heard 
Magliulo, Elaine Kern 
Massie, Florence Dillener 
Maxwell. Marian Weiler 
McGarity, Lois Thomas 
Megaw, Evelyn R. 
Moore, Constance Hawkins 
Murray. Carl C. 
Oakes. Margaret Frazier 
Oines, Joanne Hart 
Paxton. Kenneth L, 
Pemberton, Samuel H. 
Potter, Mildred Orr 

Pribble, Emily Leet)' 
Prochazka. Virginia Wood 
Reese, joy Stewart 
Roberts. Mar)' Lawson 
Rock, Jean Cobb 
Roper. Elizabeth Crawford 
Ross, Kenneth W 
Russell. Harold M. 
Scruggs. Richard F. 
Smilic. Richard S. 
Smith. Robert K 
Springer. Evelyn Vaughn 
Still, jr.. Frank B. 
Talboti, C. Kenneth 
Thompson, Robert Dickson 
Todd, Virginia McArthut 
Torrey, Marilyn Hartpence t 
Wells, Elisabeth Baird 
Wheeler, Thomas V 
White, Haydn O. 
Wilson, Elizabeth Saint 
Wilson, Gelolo Kell 
Worman, Ella Thompson 

CLASS OF 1949 
President - Chester W. Phillips 
Roll- 130 
Donors - 76 
Participation -- 58% 
Total Gifts -$10,558 
Balderston, lane Martenis 
Barbour, Donald S. 
Bennett, llda Mosby 
Bird. L, ;\nn Cook 
Bird, Robert J. 
Browne, lames G. 
Campbell, G. David 
Campbell, Virginia Hand 
Carroll, Marguerite Priest 
Clarke, Argyle King 
Cooper, Ruth Ramsey 
Coul, Bette Alverson 
Crews. Ruthellen 
Crotinger, Carolyn Scruggs 
Derrick, Arline Whiting 
Doyle. Clyde H. 
Enloe, W Winton t 
Etheredge, Theron T 
Fay, Mar)' Carver 
Gardin, Henrietta Turner 
Gravely, Mary Wooldridge 
Haaf, Arthur R. 
Hancock, Harriett Pern' 
Haxton, Phyllis Rainard 
Hein, Rita Ketcham 
Hoover, Eleanor Hawley 
Hostettler. David P 
Houdeshel, William R. 
Howard, Jack H. 
Hsu. Anna Stevens 
Huddleston, L. jane 
Hunter. William Harold 
Huskcy. Rose E. 
Jenkins, Bett)' Emory 
Kaye. Carolyn B. 
Keely. John L. 
Keely, Margaret Rock 
Kribbs. Donald E. 
Lazenby. Carl M. 
Leaihenvood. Janice Lindsay 
Leisering, Margaret Brooks 
Lillard, Ellis Ray 
Lodwick. Hedwig Nabholz 
Mathis. John A. 
McKee, Gw)'neth Williams 
Meadows, Naomi Hoffman 
Moore. Katherine Boyer 
Newman, James A. 
Norris, Dorothy Spencer 
Pancoast, Edwin C. 
Patulski, Katherine Carpenter 
Pelton, Loretta Crawford 
Porterfield. Clifford E. 
Proffitt, Vera Lusk 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 37 

Top Support 


Class President 





1 1. 1950 

Henry A. Calloway 




$528,560 1 

2. 1936 

Mose H. Gamble f 





1 3. 1940 

James H. Etheredge f 




$100,762 1 

4. 1951 

James R Lester 





1 5. 1932 

George H. Osborn t 




$64,966 1 

6. 1953 

Curtis B. Wilbanks 





1 7. 1943 

Arthur S. Bushing 




$43,681 1 

8. 1968 

M. Davis Miller 





1 9. 1952 

Ralph G. Thiesse 




$35,199 1 

10. 1942 

Theodore L. Holman 





Proffin, William E 
Rettke, Gordon H, 
Rertke. Marian Pope 
Richarden, Jr., Frederick S. 
Robinson, Geneva J. 
Rock. Alan E. 
Ruggiero. Anne Childress 
Saunders. Helen Gentn' 
Saunders, Raymond D. 
Smith. Barbara Eggelston 
Spears. J, Arthur 
Stovali, Virginia Gress 
Thursron, Maryjane Blizzard 
Van Kampen, Charlocie Lasrer 
Waison, R. Delmas 
Weaver. Margaret T. 
Webb, jr., Leslie E. 
Welch. Bernard E. 
Welch, Grace Hildebrand 
Williams. Dorothea Eriedrich 
Wilson. Robert C. 
Wood. Evelvn Anderson 

CLASS OF 1950 

President - Henry A. Callaway 

RoU - 183 

Dooors - 109 

Participation - 60% 

Total Gifts - 5528,560 

Abbotc, W. Paul 
AJthouse, Sue S. 
Argie. Robert D. 
Babb. Anne Cress 
Bacon, Charles E. 
Baird. James M. 
Baird, John S. 
Baxter, John A. 
Bennett, Duncan C. 
Bishop, Lois Miller 
Brahams. Ellen Collins 
Brewer. William T. 
Buckley. Jack L. 
Burchfield. Verna Henrj' 
Burkins, Ruth Heaps 
Butterworth. Beverly Moore 
Callaway. Jr.. Henr)' A. 
Campbell, Margaret Cummings 
Carroll. Edna Mae Burkins 
Carroll. Sr. Grady Lee 
Chalker. William H. 
Chambers. Ivan V. 
Claud. III. Joseph G. 
Corbirt, Doris Florence 
Cornett, Berry Crawford 
Cowan, Roger A. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 38 

de Nag}', Dolores Green 
Dean, Walter L, 
Doyle, Faye Robinson 
Duckett, Charles 
Eckert. Thomas C, 
Elder, Elinor Goertz 
Ferris. John P 
Fisher, E Craig 
Flaherry. Mary Watt 
Forrester, G. Nelson 
Frost, Robert L. 
Hamilton, Marian McBride 
Hancox, Jack D. 
Handley. George E. 
Heaton, Edwin L. 
Henry, Clifford H. 
Hipkins, George 
Hofterbert, Louis E. 
Holland, Elizabeth King 
Homans, Martha Kincaid t 
Householder, James A. 
Hyatt. Don D. 
Kay, Robert L. 
Knecht, Glen C. 
Krueger, Charles L. 
Lacy, Clare Bolton 
Ladner, Frank G. 
Lambert. Harold D. 
Lindsay. Jr., Carl L, 
Lowry, Jr.. E Houston 
Lugo. Jane McCullough 
Limi, Mabelle Fong 
Lyons. Sara Vawter 
Mabr)', C. Charlton 
Mar\'in, James E. 
McCallum, Herbert M. 
McCammon. Donald R. 
McGill, Joseph H. 
McKce. James W. 
McNiel. Paul R. 
McNiell, Jr., Stuart P 
Mock. Virginia Schwarz 
Myers, Ruth Rogers 
Naundorf, Charles H. 
Naundorf, Doris Smith 
Neff, Robert C. 
Nelson, Ethel A. 
Nish, Margaret Newland 
Nish, William W 
Packard, Raymond A. 
Palmer, Mary Mills 
Pancoast, Eunice Billings 
Parsons, P Herben 
Parvin, Charles C. 
Parvin, Lois Dcobler 
Paxton. Anne Gates 

Paxton. Jr., G. Ben 
Pribble, Noble E 

Pullan. Joyce Hampton 
Reid. Jack D. 
Roberts, Charles W 
Rowley, Richard E 
Ruggiero, Daniel J. 
Ryan, Wanda Onifer 
Sheldon, Benjamin E. 
Slikas, Virginia Wood 
Smathers, Bert)' Smith 
Smith, Clifford G. 
Smith, Muriel Headrick 
Stephens, Sarah Durant 
Stewan, Lambert E. 
Stovali, Thomas F 
Vandersllce, Edward J. 
Vennema, Mar\' Webb 
Walker, Hilda Roberts 
Wallin. Barbara G. 
Warner. Charles A. 
Welch, Jane Jessup 
Welch, Winifred Schaumburg 
Weston. Helen Hair 
Whelan. Donald E. 
Wintermute, Orval S. 
Yeaworth, James T. 
Young. Jack C. 
Zifcak. Mae Meriwether 

CLASS OF 1951 
President - James P. Lester 
Roll - 137 
Donors - 91 
Participation - 66% 
Total Gifts - $68,264 

Baird. Jane McMillan 
Barber, George R 
Benton. Mildred Simmons 
Berrong, E. King 
Boram. Sr., Kenneth D. 
Branch, Jean Hunt 
Brown. Robert 0. 
Burchfield, Neal 
Bursey. June Spaulding 
Gale, Lois Johanson 
Cameron, J. A. 
Campbell, L. A. 
Campbell, Marion M. 
Carroll, William J. 
Carson. Lucy Carrlck 
Castrodale, Emily Manenis 
Corbett, Carol 
de Nagy. Bruce S. 

de Nag)', Donald Parker 
Dickens, Raymond E. 
Dooley, James R. 
Dosker, Richard J. 
Earisman, Delbert L. 
Farmer, Frank M. 
Farrar, Sarah Kemp 
Flood, Charles A 
Forrester, Gerry Hopkins 
Frain. James E 
Gahagan. Charles 
Grubbs. David H. 
Hall, Myrna Boring 
Handler, Barbara McNiell 
Heaps. Henr)' W 
Herring. Carl W 
Isenberg. Richard C. 
Johnson, Mary Lyerly 
Kees, Jr., Thomas S. 
Keller. Elmer Lee 
Kidder, Paul S. 
Kluth. Laurie Dale 
Knecht, Berry Jane Greenwald 
Krcn, Patricia Love 
Laney, John William 
Larson, Mary Wills 
Larson, Robert A. 
Latham. James E. 
LcNoir. Jr.. William C. 
Lester, Alice Huddleston 
Lester, James P 
Lester, Jr.. Sherman N. 
Lowe. Eileen Coulter 
Martin, Janet Cummings 
McAfee. Wayne C. 
Menges, William R. 
Mllllgan. Carolyn Balch 
Mize. Elmer E. 
Moore. Elizabeth Dunn 
Moore, John S. 
Morgan, Frances Barr 
Morton, John E 
Motsinger, Xen K. 
Noble, Margaret Sangster 
Ogle. George E. 
Poland. Joseph R. 
Powell, Rubv Harris 
Proffltt. Robert D. 
Rahn. Willard F 
RIbble. Richard B. 
Scheffey, Letitia Plowman 
Schwarzcnberg. Ruth Nicholas 
Schwantrauber, S, A. 
Shakley, .\Jbert W. 
Shimomura. Lincoln 
Shook, Rosalba Pascal 
Stamper, Mar)- Kennedy 
Stanfill, George 
Stephens. Millard M. 
Tait. Margaret Brown 
Thurston. James P 
Valentine, Earl H. 
Van Nest, D, Roberr 
Van Pelt. Lienor Kramer 
Varker. William D. 
Vas. Edna Brown 
Walker, Donald G. 
Wallace, Hal M. 
Wart, James E. 
Williams. Robert R. 
Willingham, William W. 
Wintermute, Martha Parker 

CLASS OF 1952 
President - Ralph G. Thiesse 
RoU - 147 
Donors - 84 
Participation - 57% 
Total Gifts -535,199 

Alexander, Ruby Laster 
Allen, Grade Scruggs 
Allen, Jr., Charles E. 
Anderson, J. T. 
Bender. Carolyn Marshall 

Berkey, Carolyn Miller 
Beverage. Janet Kihlgren 
Bleiler. Robert E. 
Boyd, Branin A. 
Boyd, Jessie Dye 
Boynton, Lois Layton 
Brake, Lena McGaha 
Brown. Harriet H. 
Buder, Louise Packard 
Calhoun. Doris Somerville 
Callawa)-, James M. 
Cameron, Elizabeth Moore 
Clark, Mary Lois McConnell 
Clarke. William T 
Coleman, Mary Lee Snoderly 
Cramer, Thomas W. 
Cuthill. Robert T. 
Drake, Emily McLain 
Duncan, Barbara Sandos 
Enfield, Ella Swift 
English, Jr., Walter E. 
Enloe. Nannette 
Fort, Joan Piatt 

Fredericks, Margaret Matterson 
Fuller, Robert S. 
George, Betty Roach 
Godwin. W. Thad 
Grisso, Mary Kelton 
Hachten. Sue Watson 
Hayes, joy 

Herndon. Cora Anthony 
Hill. Dorothy Johnston 
Holslnger, Charles W. 
Johnson, Jr., Galen W. 
Jones, Thomas L. 
Kell, Mary Butts 
Kren, James L. 
Lewis, John H. 
Libby, Annabelle J. 
Lynn, Robert A. 
Mabt)'. Barbara Blum 
Matysek, Wilma Borter 
McClure, Margaret Shields 
McNIel, Katherine Blackburn 
Miller. David M. 
Montgomery. Mary Blackshear 
Morton, Mary Fox 
Moser, Robert W. 
M ussier. Edith Lancaster 
Osborn. Robert H. 
Pearson. NealeJ. 
Pribble. Mary Jo 
Ray. Richard E, 
Reaser, Clarence L. 
Richardson, Mary Jo 
Robinson, William N, 
Schwarztrauber, Beryl Stewart 
Schwenke. Charles W 
Shew, Sue Martin 
Smith, H. Davis 
Stoder, Janice Marion 
Sunon, Sarah Hale 
Terry, Margaret Warren 
Thomas, Nina Gillette 
Thompson, J. Laurence 
Trentham, Dorothy Miller 
Upham, Joy Hickman 
Upham. W. Kennedy 
Van Pelt, W Austin 
Varnedoe, Elizabeth Thomas 
Vigh. Frank S. 
Watts, Glenn R 
Weaver, Margaret Kettles 
Wheat, Gerald R. 
White, Oneda Whitehead 
Witherspoon, E. Newell 
Woodring, Mary Browne 
Work, Elizabeth Dinkle 
Young, Bobbie Graves 
Zebley Philip W 

CLASS OF 1953 

President - Curtis B. WUbanks 

RoU - 136 

Donors - 83 

Participation - 61% 
Total Gifts - S60,428 

Addy, William C, 
Bender, Joseph M. 
Bird, Shirley Posdethwaite 
Bleiler. Sara Drum 
BrakebiH. Don 
Brehme, Mary-Sue Munson 
Bullock, Miry Jay Spencer 
Burgos-Sasscer, Ruih 
CampbeO. Janies C. 
Carpenter, George C. 
Coile. Martha Lou t 
Dadisman, Phyllis West 
Daglian, Shirland Roussey 
Darroch, Trudy Furman 
Davis. Barbara Scon 
Drennan, Grace Osborn 
Duke. Pegg>'-j'\nn Kcssler 
Dunbar. Daniel G. 
Durant, Jack D. 
Durant, Judy Johnson 
Eaddy. F. Conrad 
Earhart, Mar\- Grace Pritchard 
Ewing, Sally Ann Kocz 
Flurkey, Emerson C. 
Fosso. Evelyn Fields 
Glanville, Maree Richards 
Green, Joyce Keppel 
Greenhill, Mar)- .\nn Hicks 
Greenly. Barbara Rogers 
Grubbs, Sue Summers 
Haylock. Arthur R. 
Haylock, Martha Higdon 
Heimlich, Fannie Weber 
Helwig, David R 
Holsinger. Nanc)' Rose 
Jeffrey, Gloria Hineman 
Kerr. Richard Y. 
Kidder, Patricia Lewis t 
Kramer. Roy F 
Kramer. Sara Jo Emert 
Leech. Karole Kapp 
Marble, Shirley Anvell 
McMaster. Jeanerte Wiley 
McNieO, Sarah Brown 
Merwin. Donald W. 
Miller, Bruce R. 
Miller, Isabel Leirch 
Morgan, Ruth Blackburn 
Nieto, Grace Greenawalt 
Nuckols, Catherine Snedeker 
Nystrom, Richard E. 
Pardoe, Dorothy Cooley 
Pacton, Richard E, 
Peck. ,Ann Kirkpatrick 

Pierrepont, Charles F. L. 
Poovcy, William B. 
Ra\'nal, Florence Clark 
Reid, Charles E. 
Reid, Ruth Cross 
Robinette, Jeanne Ellis 
Robinette, Tasker 
Robinson, Mildred Cooper 
Robinson, Norma Lou Loea 
Rose, S. Raymond 
Roussos, Mary Layton 
Russell. A, Eugene 
Schroeder. Alice Larson 
Schroeder. Charles A. 
Scott, G. Edward 
Sitlcr. William R. 
Sutton, Edith McMillan 
Thurston. Bett}' Hyman 
Van Alstvne. Arthur J. 
Walker. Hugh H. 
Walton. .*\nne Snider 
Watt, Joan Duerig 
Wilbanks, Curtis B. 
Wiley, Betty Hammers 
Williams. Zeb C. 
Wilson, Barbara Miller 
Woods, Janet A. 
Work. Galen R. 
Wrighc, Barbara Murphy 
Yandle. Elizabeth Stiles 

CLASS OF 1954 
President - Jack E. Maxwell 
Roll- 110 
Donors - 67 
Participation - 61% 
Total Gifts - 534,977 

Anderson. William R. 
Baker, Evelyn Boughton 
Baker, Gareth D. 
Belcher, Janec A. 
Blackburn, Charles R. 
Bond. Mar}' Ferguson 
Bork. Sue Binnion 
Buchanan, Robert D. 
Campbell. Janice Ealdn 
Church, Clifford W 
Cobb, Martha Burgess 
Counts. Norris L. 
Crago, Ralph D. 
Crawford, Dorothy M. 
Cripe, Helen Petts 
Cunningham, Dorothy Wells 
Darroch, James P. 
Demer, Joan Douglas 
Duggar. Rolfe D. 

Top Participation 

England, Jr., Marshall C. 
Ericbon, Richard J. 
Evans. Margaret Reed 
Feehrer. Alice Kelly 
Feehrer, S. Wayne 
Freeman, Mary Bevan 
Gates, David F. 
Gentn', Glenn A. 
Gray. Wilma Trimibull 
Hays-Elam, Dean Styles 
Howard. Carolyn Beatt>' 
Hoyer. Emily Smith 
Hunt. Carol Cornell 
Hunt. James A. 
Kincheloe. Carol Fraser 
Kron, Joanne Edwards 
Kunen. Adolph W 
Longee. Virginia Smith 
Lunsford, Johnie Griffitts 
Lynn, Naomi Burgos 
McMillan, Roderick E. 
Moffen, Donald B. 
Moffen, Mildred Mowery 
Navraiil, Nanq- Naylor 
Paddock, Margaret Sparks 
Poovey, Marian Rice 
Renaker. Helen Drinnen 
Rickabaugh. Homer 
Rose. Margaret Points 
Sangster. Robert A. 
Scon. Lora Kinsingcr 
Sexton, Patricia Halstead 
Sockwell. Ethel ShockJey 
Soclcwell, Max 
Spencet, Jeannine Fiori 
Stevens, Patricia Laing 
Strand. Jr., John A. 
Stubblefield, Helen Seay 
Townsend. Hazel Timblin 
Tuck. Kenneth D. 
Van Hassel, Hent}- J. 
Vogel. Eugenia Jackson 
Watts, Mary Ray 
Wilcox, Helen Miller 
Wiley, James 0. 
Williams, Anne Robison 
Young, Donald E. 
Zeblev, Marvalice Mover 

CLASS OF 1955 
President - William F. Davis 
Roll - 98 
Donors - 62 
Participation - 63°() 
Total Gifts - S8,048 

Adams, Grace Harrison 

Year Class President 

Total Total Participation Total 
Class Donors Gifts 

1. 1951 James P Lester 137 91 66% 

2. 1948 Charles B.Hoglant 110 70 64% 
4. 1953 Curtis B. Wilbanks 136 83 61% 

1954 Jack E.Maxwell 110 67 61% 

6. 1956 James M. Cummings 133 81 61% 

1943 Arthurs. Bushing 146 

8. 1950 Henry A. Callaway 183 109 60% 

1949 Chester W.Phillips 130 76 58% 

10. 1958 William C. Heird 

121 70 58% 







Akin, James A. 
Albert, Carolyn Lime 
Allen. Ruth Orr 
Bailey, Frances Morris 
Barber, Barbara Bunrill 
Catlin. Herbert H, 
Chambers, Henrietta Laing 
Clark. Robert E 
Counts, Lynn B. 
Crowder. Lou Hutson 
Curtis, Emma M. 
Demer, James 
England, Diana Evans 
Fechter. Sarah Pledger 
Fisher. James C. 
Flurkey, Edith Keenan 
Hassall, Harry S. 
Hertel. Margaret Fisher 
Hodge, William G. 
Howard, Sue Hutson 
Howiand. .Ajine Buckley 
Hyne, Robert C. 
Jennings, Ronald C. 
Jones, Patricia C, 
Kauhl, Herbert P 
Keny, Jack M. 
Kesler. James W. 
Laurice, Katherine Chase 
Lorenz, H. Roberts 
MacCall, Harr>' E 
McKean, Abigail Crosby 
McMillan, Natalie Prinzing 
Miller, Evelyn C. 
Mills. Ohvia Vawier 
Moody, Dwight M. 
Neel, Donna French 
Nier, Robert E. 
Nystrom. Margaret Myers 
Peeff. Mar)' Moody 
Petree. Kyle 0. 
Petree, Ralph L. 
Ramsey, David A. 
Robinson. Harr\' R. 
Robinson. Rosa Bauerle 
Sangster. Dixie Conner 
Shelton. Robert M. 
Smidi, Barbara Hubbard 
Sohler, Ruby Roberts 
Thompson. Mary Ann 
Thompson, Shirley Smith 
Wagner. Jennie L, 
Waite, Carol Moore 
Watson, Pat ingles 
Watt. Eileen Marion 
Weaver, Robert P. 
White. S, Reed 
Wilkinson. Kenneth J. 
Williams. Donald B. 
Williams, George R, 
Young, Shirley Axley 

CLASS OF 1956 

President - James M. Cummings 

Roll- 133 

Donors - 81 

Participation - 61% 

Total Gifts -519,687 

Adams. Don E 
Amidon, Forrest 
.Anderson. W. Townsend 
Boggs, Bett)' Lou Cuder 
Bogia, Benjamin Preston 
Bogia, Lois Tinklenberg 
Sorter, John P 
Brian. S. Douglas 
Brickey, William T 
Bugenhagen, Thomas G. 
Chambless. Jacqueline Speigner 
Crawford. James L. 
Cummings, James 
Ditzenberger. Carol Sleight 
Dunn, Charles D. 
Dunn. JoAnn Brooks 

Elwood. Bettie Carroll 
Emmans, Henry A. 
Fichier. Margallen Hanna 
Fisher, Barbara Cech 
Ford. Donald R 
Godfrey. Freeland T. 
Graulich, John R. 
Graves, John E. D. 
Grcathouse. Charles R, 
Grigsby. Edwin N. 
Hammontree. Carol Hunon 
Harman, Charles W. 
Hassall. Carolyn Cancr 
Helwig, Jean Kemper 
Herben, Carol Summers 
Hoaster. Elizabeth S. 
Hopkins. James W 
Horn, III. Charles S. 
Horn, Elizabeth McKcnney 
Hoyer, Albert S. 
Huajardo, Delores Woods 
Hughes, Nancy Dodge 
Hughes, Rjchard C, 
Hutton, Elizabeth Enloe 
Jackson, Morse R 
Jones. J. Harold 
Klein, Corneha Force 
Kling, Marcia Williams 
Lamb, Charles F 
Laster, Jr., James H. 
Easier, Madlon Travis 
McCutchen, Martha Jackson 
McKean, Robert E. 
McLean, Ann Daniel 
McMaster, William M. 
Michie, Carol Coker 
Mize, Bob L. 
Morley, Faith Nollner 
Murphey. Elizabeth D, 
Norton, Clarence I. 
Painter, C, Leroy 
Pankratz. Ethelyn Cathey 
Patterson. Robert L. 
Petree, Dorothy Bumgarner 
Petree. Roberta Myers 
Ramger, Robert C. 
Sexton, Lynn E. 
Shackelford, Edgar P 
Smith, Marvel Vogel 
Surren, Betty Messer 
Thiel, Donald 1. 
Thompson, Janet VChiimore 
Torrance, Robert E. 
Unetic, Sara Davis 
Van Stone, Raymond J. 
VanZant. in, William W. 
Vousden, Katherine Kerns 
Webb. Grace Benham 
^CTieadev. Mary Alice Brasfield 
Wheatley. Jr., William C. 
White, Margaret Blackburn 
\XTiitehouse, Lee Fowler 
Williams. David N, 
Williams, Esther Lerch 
Witherspoon, Mary Lee 

CLASS OF 1957 
President - Roy S. Buffat 
Roll- 117 
Donors - 67 
Participation - 57% 
Total Gifts - S9,320 

Abbott. Suzanne Burton 
Adams, III, Jacob B. 
Amidon, Katie Marston 
Anderson, John S. 
Ayers. Alice Blackburn 
Bishop, Patricia Hoover 
Bowman, Suzanne lones 
Boyd. L. Adlai 

Bugenhagen, Katherine Leeth 
Campbell, Evelyn Blackburn 
Crouch, Jack H. 
Daugherty. Nancy Brown 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 39 

Davis, Joan M. 
Denr. Margaret Jones 
Dent, Jr., William H. 
Dragscedt, Natalie Richards 
Finertie, Robert W. 
Fisher. Clara Joe Minarik 
Fraelich, Jane Hussey 
Frissell. Charles R. 
Fuller, Perr)' T. 
Hall, Nanc}' Halliburton 
Hardin, Clara Cowans 
Hardy, George H. 
Heatherly, Shirley McNiell 
Hopkins, Elinor Bass 
Horn. Barbara Packard 
Huff, Laura Teague 
James, Marian A. 
Jenkins. Mar>' Morrell 
Jennings, Marilyn Baumgartner 
Knott, Elizabeth B, 
Lawson. Daniel J. 
Lorenz, Joan McNaughton 
McCall, James E. 
McDaniels, Theodore C. 
Moen. Ann Yater 
Morley. Ronald B. 
Moyer, Mary Phipps 
Muir, Margaret Wilkinson 
Muir. Philip H. 
Nelson, Virginia Zwicki 
Norton, Grace Roberts 
O'Bannon. Harold R. 
Perr}', Thomas Lee 
Rahn. Man' Ann Worlev 
Ramsey, Virginia Marshall 
Reeves, Joel E. 
Reeves, Nancy Barton 
Schofield, William E, 
Selander, Guy T 
Sieber, Graeme W 
Sieber, Mildred Beard 
Spining. Martha Brogden 
Stubbleridd, Douglas N. 
Tedford, Barbara Wilkje 
Tedford, Sidney H. 
Tomlinson, Lavinia Lee 
Toomcy, Kent E. 
Waters, Jerry E, 
Wathcn, Carol Licv 
Whaley, Earl R. 
Wilkinson, Ann Fulton 
Williams. Jane Robison 
Williams. Jean Boyd 
Wilson, Jama Lane 
Wilson, Ted B. 
Wyman, F. Laurence 
Wyman. Louise Ogden 

CLASS OF 1958 
President - William C. Heird 
Roll- 121 
Donors - 70 
Participation - 58% 
Total Gifts -$19,956 

Allen, Thomas B. 
Baker. Robert E 
Barber, Barbara Godshalk 
Barber, James R. 
Barnard, Reba Roberts 
Beam. Robert G. 
Birkelbach. Clement 
Blackburn, Elizabeth Walton 
Bollman. Jay W. 
Bowers, Paula Cox 
Bridgeland, Ann Murray 
Brown, Robert H. 
Cooper, Z. Vernon 
Counts, Katrina Wells 
Davies, Bobbye Carson 
Ezelle. Anita Cole 
Eegette, Kathrine Hummel 
Fields, Carolyn Cones 
Flanigan, Judith Strahorn 
Flynn, Patrick D. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 40 

Franklin, Helen E. 
French. Jack G. 
Fuhrmann. Anna .Allcroft 
Gill. Kay Henr)' 
Gilliland, David B. 
Gilreath, Sidney W 
Hansen, Jr., William A. 
Hassall, Robert E. 
Hassall, Sue Nelson 
Huxtable, Mary Walker 
Jones. Jeanne Berger 
Kaiser, George L. 
Kennedy, Carol Williams 
Krebs. Eleonore Koster 
Krogh. Robert C, 
Lundberg. Bruce N. 
Marsh, James M. 
McFarland. Lewis M, 
McLaughlin, K. Dale 
Mont, Paula Kronenberg 
Mont, Stanley J. 
Nix, Ralph L 
O'Bannon, Amelia Maples 
Pafford, Roberta Gibbs 
Peschel. Jane Bradfield 
Platz, Gerald R. 
Podgorny, George 
Ramsey, Margaret Connolly 
Ribble! John P 
Roberts, Jr.WillardV 
Shackelford, Nanc\' Jones 
Shafer. Jon D. 
Shearer, Lewis L 
Smith, June Keeney 
Spurling. Margaret Merriti 
Stinecipher, Grace M, 
Sullivan, Catherine Volbeda 
Swanson, Corita Erwin 
Torrance, Carol Schade 
Turner, Elizabeth A. 
Van Hassel, Ann Wiley 
Vandenberg, Donald 
Vandenberg, Erma Pinkston 
Ward, Christopher B. 
mitelock, Mzn W 
Wilev, Dan W 
Williams. John R. 
Woodhull, Gretchen Hill 
Yoakum, Jimmv H, 

CLASS OF 1959 
President - John B. Emery 
Roll -121 
Donors - 63 
Participation - 52% 
Total Gifts - S6,550 

Anderson, Judith Trnavsky 
Best, Bett)- Boone 
Bird, Ailene Jones 
Block, Alice McCombe 
Bollman, Louise Pratt 
Brigham, Carol Morgan 
Burneite, John S. 
Byrd. Marilyn Myers 
Candey. Marjorie Hunter 
Childress, Denver R, 
Conklin, Paul C. 
Crouch. Linda Hayes 
Cruze. Elizabeth Bixler 
Danzer, Jill Smither 
Dolch, Thomas E. 
Dominick, Jane Marshall 
Emery. Jr., John B. 
Evans, Jr., Thomas T 
Frauman, Theodore E. 
Freund, Janet Smith 
Gilmour, 111. Daniel N. 
Greenawalt, Bruce S. 
Hale, Elizabeth Brown 
Higerd, II, RobertJ. 
Hill Donald]. 
Hill, Vesta Travis 

Holgate, Esther Balph 
Johnston, Patricia Fahl 
Jones, Richard E. 
Kaiser, Judy Cummings 
Krebs, Edward S. 
Linstead, Sue Trotter 
Lynch, Mary Newton 
Lynch, William A. 
MacNeill, Sandra 
Marston, Joan 
Mays, Harold D. 
McCall, Colleen Crawford 
Moses, Robert W. 
Mouton, Stephen E. 
Mueller, Barbara A. 
Mull. Donald R. 
Nier, Joyce Hierhager 
Parks, Patricia H. 
Pearson, Susan Parkinson 
Pennock, William R. 
Pretii, Sarah Rupp 
Ribble, Nancy Stere 
Roberts, Joan Schuln 
Russell,]. Allen 
Schubert, Dorothy Hembree 
Smith, Margaret Keitt 
Smith, Robert D. 
Smith, Wesley Earl 
Stevens, Robert E. 
Tropansky, Barbara Davis 
Tropansb', loseph L. 
Welsh, Elizabeth S. 
West. Carol Ann 
Wiley, Gray Clarke 
Williams. Sally Lumley 
Wyman, Joann Antes 
Yoakum, Mar)' Ann Phipps 

CLASS OF 1960 

President - Sheridan H. Greaser 

Roll - 102 

Donors - 51 

Participation - 50% 

Total Gifts - S24.971 


Avers, Ralph E. 

Bair. Carolyn Thomas 

Bardsley, Graham F. 

Barnes. Miriam Briggs 

Bowers, Wilburn R. 

Buddie, Donald E, 

Bunker. Douglas W. 

Burger, Linda Messer 

Burger, Paul 

Burgos, Joe A. 

Carpenter. Ann Barnes 

Churchill. Kenneth A. 

Coates, Dona Sar\'er 

Cureton. Bryant L. 

Davies, Robert G. 

Eberhard. Thomas G. 

Eidridge, Judith E. 

Ellis. Jr., Dorsey D. 

Ellis, Sondra Wagner 

Farris, Charles J. 

Fellner, Dorcas Curtis 

Gabrielian, Leon 

Greaser. Sheridan H. 

Hall, Helen Rankin 

Higerd, Evelyn Crane 

Jones, Helen Moore 

Justice. Charles L. 

Justice. Patricia Young 

McCahan, David E 

McDaniel, Nancy Braden 

McDaniels, Margaret Longfellow 

McEadand, Joan Menk 

Mcllwain, Anna Keitt 

Moody, Susan Fowell 

Morris, J. Thomas 

Morris, Joyce Traut\vein 

Patterson, Norman R. 

Pierce, David J. 

Potter, Rosemary Lee 
Randon, Ronald 
Schooler, Lee Gageby 
Smith, Jr., Edgar W. 
Smith, lulia Sanderson 
Spelman. Kathy Sanborne 
Steptoe, Margaret Sample 
Tepper. Fred R. 
Thompson, Herbert M. 
Venver. George 
Ward. Man'anne Braidwood 
Watson. Ann Newcomer 

CLASS OF 1961 

President - Donald W. Harward 
Roll -106 
Donors - 49 
Participation - 46% 
Total Gifts -$23,316 

Birch. Bonnie J. 
Bird, Leon 

Burkhardt, Robert E. 
Chase. Ruthanne Campbell 
Coen, Carolyn Siera 
Crisp. William A. 
Darling, Mary E. 
Day, Keith A. 
Eaddy. Virginia Bass 
Emmert, Robert 
Evers, Una Rankin 
Gilmore, David L. 
Gilmour, Zaida Brown 
Goos, Walter R. 
Hall, Alma Kidd 
Hall. Gary W. 
Heard. Sylvia Fugate 
Heatherly. Don 
Henr)', George B. 
Ivey. Nanc)' Martin 
Jackson, Mar)' Fagan 
Johnston, Dan E. 
Kelso, Sarah Shelley 
Kennedy. Karen E. 
Krogh. Linda Dobson 
Morrison. Jr., Fred G. 
Mouton, Patricia Penland 
Myers. Harriette Blankenship 
Nabors. Gretchen Ide 
Page. Gay Landis 
Page. Harn' M, 
Parse, Katherine Eisenhart 
Pearson, Charles P 
Pearson. Ronald B. 
Poland, George W 
Rechtin, Ph)'llis Hembree 
Ribble, Margie Stevenson 
Roberts, Linda C. 
Roselli, G. Craig 
Scott, Jr., Thomas S. 
Smith, Cheryl Gould 
Smith, Kathr)'n A. 
Stearns, Martha Messman 
Stefanic, Jean Geisk)' 
Struse, HI, T. Bryson 
Talmage, Jr., John E. 
Watson. Robert H, 
Wever. Emma Hotmann 
White, Gloria Schwam 
Woodby Bill 

CLASS OF 1962 
President - Lewis E. Pelkey 
Roll -151 
Donors - 57 
Participation - 38% 
Total Gifts - $6,503 

Aldridge, Patricia Baker 
Barbour. Janet Kilgard 
Beat)', Mar)' Parrott 
Bennett, E. Jane 

Black\vell, Clara Green 
Blankenship, Anne Morrell 
Crawford, Thomas H. 
Desmond, Rachael Goddard 
Disharoon, Lilouise McMillan 
Donaldson, Raymond T 
Eaddy John A. 
Eberhard. Diane Powers 
Flanagan, Jr., Clyde H. 
Ford, Arlene S. 
Gilmore. Elsie Harris 
Greene, Wilma K, 
Hartley, Judith Hirst 
Hughes, Glenda Gray 
Jackman. Donald C. 
Jacobs. Nancy Frame 
Jarrett, Evelyn Brackbill 
Jenkins, Larry P 
Johnston, Marth,! Turnbull 
Johnston, Robert K. 
Kennedy. Ann Kennedy 
Kruhm, Jeanne Wilson 
Leo. Donald W 
Leo, Joyce Williams 
Mason, Donna Jensen 
McCracken. Charlotte Murchison 
McFerren. Donald C, 
Mease, Larrv' B. 
Moffen, R. Blair 
Morrow, Marjorie Walden 
Neff, Rebeccah Kinnamon 
Nishimura, Mikiko Shimizu 
Nooe, Jr, Roger M. 
Ohta, Norio 
O'Shea, Lynne Parks 
Perkins, Jane Allen 
Poland. Carol Greenwood 
Rechtin. James L. 
Reichenbach, Robert 
Riden, Patricia Hundley 
Stearns, Larry M. 
Sterner, Dale V. 
Stocking, Anne Nakamura 
Stupak, Donald B. 
Talmage, Sylvia Smith 
Weinreich. Ill, Herman H. 
Weinreich, Kathleen Moyers 
West, David C. 
Williamson, Susan Stewart 
Wills, Eleanor Ross 
Wills, Jr., Reese M. 
Wylie, Sharon A. 
Zumbro, Patricia Davis 

CLASS OF 1963 

President - William Weissenburger 


Donors - 60 

Participation - 39% 

Total Gifts - $8,680 

Barnes, Clarissa Seely 
Beatt)'. Mary I. 
Begun, Judith Smith 
Bucher. G. Scott 
Bunker, Nanc)- Kinsman 
Burgos, Janice Walters 
Burness, Hildegarde Shaw 
Callaway, David H. 
Callaway Sue McCoy 
Carpenter, Carole Cooper 
Clark, Sharon Jones 
Clopton, Linda 
Coon, Diane Schaffer 
Cortese, Alda 
DePaola, Laura Compton 
Diehl, Jacqueline Waddell 
Ehasz. John M. 
Eslinger, Phillip W. 
Fink. Joseph H. 

Franks, Mildred Miles 
Garloch, Gail 
Garrert, Michael D. 
Gillespie, Ann Kuykendall 
Goins, J. L. 

Goss\veiler. Jr., Richard C. 
Hanton, Dorochea Saint 
Ihrig, ^-Vrthur M, 
JefFerics. Roberr A. 
Jefferics. Sylvia Gilmore 
Jefferson, Mar)' V. 
Jenkins. Doris Glenz 
Johnson. Frances Frost 
Koerselman, Carolyn Lurcott 
Kren. John F 
Kring. jamcs B. 
Mahley, Robert W. 
McDonald. Carl R 
Miller, J. Dennis 
Moore. Connie Myers 
Morris, Linda Wherf)- 
Nooe, Carol Cox 
Park, Jov Godbev 
Rehm, Bradford E. 
Rehm, Patricia Crossley 
Renfro. Jr., James C. 
Schember, George R. 
Shudy, Phylhs Tepper 
Smith, David R. 
Sterner. Madeleine Wilson 
Stoner, Jeanne Price 
Scupak, Beverly Ball 
Tanner. John D. 
Tooker, Perry 0. 
Turner, Br\'nda DaJr)'mple 
Vann, Janie Swetnam 
Weissenburgcr, Lois Jones 
Weissenburgcr, Jr.. William 
Wengert, Betty Sue Talbott 
Wolf, Ronald M. 
Ziegler, Edward L 

CLASS OF 1964 
President - Albert B. Randall 
Roll- 150 
Donors - 69 
Participation - 46% 
Total Gifts - 510,460 

Addy, Mary L. 
Bangert, Mary Dilkes 
Beard. Jean Currie 
Beard. Robert M. 
Birch. Barry S. 
Birch, Susan Kisch 
Black, Donald C. 
Blanchard, Cynthia 
Blankenship. C. Hall 
Brown, Alice Lewis 
Brown, Philip C. 
Carlisle. Christopher D. 
Clark, Robert C. 
Coon, Virginia L. 
Cooper, Gerald H. 
Crawford, Patricia Anderson 
Dearcopp. Janet M. 
Deisch, Shirley Mease 
DeWeese, William 0. 
DeWitt. Martha Bess Ellis 
Durham, Wayne B. 
Elly, Ronald D. 
Ferraro, Mary Pettigrew 
Fink, Lois Anthony 
Fox, Ruth Light 
Garrett, Phyllis Deloteus 
Green, Carol Rugh 
Harris. Sharon Walrond 
Heckler, Harry L, 
Heckler, Miriam Stults 
Hensley H. Bruce 
Hcrron. Arthur J. 
Herron, Jane Hickey 
Hoerig. Carol L. 
Ihrie. Ann Stimson 

James, Pamela Poole 
Jenkins, Paul B. 
Koo. Ronald Y. 
Leland. John W 
Mahley Linda Kenzie 
Mansell. Ruth McCown 
McGruther, Robert R. 
McNamara, Virginia West 
Messinget, Joyce Koch 
Monroe. Jane McDade 
Morris, Terry L. 
Murchison, Linda Probasco 
Murchison. Richard L. 
O'Neill, Patricia A. 
Orr, Virginia DuvaJ 
Paul. H. Edward 
Perry, Peggy Williams 
Pounds. Janet Purcilla 
Putman, Gayle Eggers 
Quigley. Martha Hall 
Randall, Albert B. 
Schloegel. Carol Brown 
Skeen, James N. 
Spangenberger, Sandra Stewart 
Spangler, Beverly Wells 
Spangler, John J, 
Spraetz, Webb F. 
Tankcrsley Nancy Pierce 
Thomas, Charles R. 
Thompson. E. Roger 
Tooker, Gail Bielbv 
West, David L. 
Wheeler. Kathy Ford 
Wolfe, Roberta Bryson 

CLASS OF 1965 
President - Gerald W. Stewart 
RoU - 144 
Donors - 70 
Participation - 49% 
Total Gifts -S18.094 

Ashworth. Virginia Brown 
Bacon, Barbara Pettigrew 
Bell, Jerry D. 
Besch. Man- Kent 
Bigart. Bruce T. 
Black, Tena Criner 
Bogart, Lloyd M, 
Boyd. Richard C. 
Brown, Shirley .\nn 
Burke. Elizabeth Lee 
Chaki. John J. 
Chambers. Patricia Dobbin 
Claar. Nanc)' White 
Clinkman. Jr.. John D. 
Cones, Jr.. Harold N. 
Cones. Linda Schug 
Conklin. Carole Webster 
Conklin, David R. 
Cook, Martha E. 
Copeland, Harold W 
Cothroll, Victoria Green 
Damron, Linda Vansant 
DiGiacomo, Cecelia Bridges 
Dungan. Janice Rickards 
Edelman. Dennis Q. 
Elly Ellen Satnt 
Futcher, Jr., Joseph M. 
Gregory, Michael C. 
Guellnitz, Arlene Pateman 
Harvey Judith Walters 
Hastings, Marcia Hickey 
Hiler. Jr.. Ernest E. 
Hoch, Julia Wolf 
Hoke. Allan S. 
Hughes. Bruce S. 
Hutchison, jr., Robert E. 
Jerome, G. Philip 
Kerr. W. Ross 
Ketchum. Alice Brownlee 
King. David S. 
King. Patricia Murphy 
Koop, Margaret Hanson 

Easier, W. Harold 
McDermott, Elizabeth Devente 
McGruther, Nanc\' Buck\valter 
Mitchell, Judy Wasson 
Mitchell, William M. 
Monroe, Benny R. 
Moyers, Gail Wilkes 
Movers. Michael C. 
Nichols, John W. 
Paul, Jr., Robert G. 

Pa\'ne. Vi 



Phelps, Donald R. 
Quay Cora 
Randall, Jeanie Page 
Rineer, Daniel A. 
Sabine, Michelle Douglas 
Scheideler, Joseph L. 
Schember, Jeanne Steele 
Schuler, Ann Alexander 
Seeley Ann Doscher 
Spencer. Jack N. 
Stewart, Gerald W 
Thalacker, Lorraine Briggs 
Tower. Janet Courly 
Trout, Mar}' Lou Fuller 
Wavland. David 
Wells, Randall A. 
Williams, Constance H. 
Wrought, Judith Martin 

CLASS OF 1966 
President - O. Reed Tarwater 
Roll - 131 
Donors - 65 
Participation - 50% 
Total Gifts -55,813 

Allen. Nana' 
Barbee. Patsy Burch 
Barr. Nancy Hoovcn 
Bell, Janis Rose 
Bennett, Dorothy Heismeyer 
Berr)'. Louise Crawford 
Boresen, Jane Brenckman 
Brown, Susan Sober 
Campbell. Dwighi H. 
Covert, William 0. 
Dalton, Mike 

Donohue, Carole Brownlee 
Dutton, Gary J. 
Dye, David R. 
Eiff, Mary Ann Wilson 
Ellison, David J. 
Espy, Marjorie Wismer 
Ferguson, Eileen Wagner 
Frev. Wayne 

Gaidry, Elizabeth Robinson 
Gass, William H. 
Gross, Margaret B. 
Hanson, Mary Simpson 
Henr)', Susan Laymaster 
Hoppock. Linda Home 
Howard, W Lynn 
Komon, Ellen Lankenau 
Koza, Rebecca B. 
Lave re, Steve 
Long, Stanford W, 
Main, Corliss Vogel 
Malloy, Martha Weaver 
Marshall, Richard J. 
McGowan. Dennis C. 
Miller. Sara Mason 
Milhn. Paul H. 
Murphy Ruth Hults 
Patron, Lois Grinstead 
Powell, David R. 
Pr)'or, James W. 
Reed. Richard B. 
Reese, Marcia Bishop 
Resch, Elizabeth Lender 
Reynolds, Jean 
Sarver, Helen Ryan 
Schwister, Ann Layman 
Shaklee. Margaret E. 

Sikes, Lewright B. 

Siver, Judy C. 
Skeen. Marianne Jefferson 
Sochock)', Betty L. 
Steckel, Barbara Bullard 
Stocum, Helen Griftin 
Tarwater, Janice Best 
Tarwater, 0. Reed 
Tiffany. Celia C. 
Tylka, Diane Kline 
Vinev. Susan Foreman 
Whitney Eliz^ibeth Brown 
Williams, 111, Oliver K. 
Wood. Jr., W Lupton 
Woodby, Patricia Higdon 
Worobrow, David P 
Young, Jane Stapp 
Young, Paul E. 
Zitzner. Nancy Muller 

CLASS OF 1967 

President - John A. Kerr 
RoU - 141 
Donors - 63 
Participation - 45% 
Total Gifts - 57,709 

Beard. Mar\'in R, 
Berr)'. David R. 
Bogle, Janet L. 
Breckenridge. jamcs M. 
Bright. Judith Hannah 
Caldwell, Maren Wright 
Cieply, Donna 
Collins, Hazel Saint 
Cotton, Marilyn Caldwell 
Cox, Meredith Pierce 
Dickson, Thomas S. 
Dorner, Katharine Hinger 
Doscher, Frederick C. 
Doscher, Margaret Moffett 
Dutton, Johann Beall 
Dye, Margarette Mahon 
Eaton, Carrie Osikowicz 
Eaton. Harr)' Raymond 
Ferr\', Ellen Hamlett 
Gibboney Pamela Fredrickson 
Gifford, James M, 
Gilmore. Charles C. 
Greenawald. Marjorie Koehler 
Guidinger, Florence Corbert 
Harmon. William E. 
Harris. David C. 
Hart. Robert L, 
Hemphill, Ingrid Hellmer 
Hess, Martha 
Hitchens, Barbara Goode 
Hitchens, Kenneth R. 
Hodgson. Stephen R. 
Hoppock, Lawrence A. 
Howard. Christine Lundstedt 
Jenkins. Carol Kaufman 
Lucas. Marsha Burkhart 
Manrod. Margaret Bembower 
Masker, Martha Frazier 
McCumber. Catherine Wissler 
McNair. R, Kirk 
Miller, Karl W. 
Mitchell, Daniel M. 
Moore, Rachel Wood 
Mulholland, John C. 
Muntz, Ibbie Jack 
Pigge, Joyce Ann 
Fletcher, Heather Van Dyke 
Price, Margaret Siefken 
Quarles, Dorothv Sansbun' 
Rucker. Mary M. 
Scheideler, Christine Scott 
Schieve. Valinda Mondul 
Shauger, Joyce Bryan 
Smith. Edward D. 
Smoot, Jr., John M. 
South. E. Wayne 
Spencer, Linda Hayes 

Steel, Hazel Deweese 

Stewart, Reva Roark 
Story, Donald W 
Terrill, David G. 
Thomas, Joseph E. 
Thompson, Jeanne Graham 
Walker. Patricia Brown 
Wolfe, III, John G, 

CLASS OF 1968 
President - M. Davis Miller 
RoU - 149 
Donors - 71 
Participation - 48% 
Total Gifts - 536,733 

Atkjnson, Beverly Minear 
Beatr)', Helen G. 
Beaulieu, Jean Ferguson 
Best. Jr.. Edwin J. 
Brackbill, Donald L. 
Bra\'mer, John W. 
Bra)'mer, Meta Robinson 
Bright. Russell J. 
Burlingham. Merry L. 
Burrow. Kathy Bishop 
Carie, Jayne Smith 
Casey. Susan Scott 
Chesney, Roberta 
Cohen, Linda McNair 
Cole, Lynn L, Ramsey 
Craig, Richard W. 
Davi's, Ibby Shellev 
Driver. Linda Giesselmann 
Edwards, Diane Hall 
Ellis. Thomas L. 
Erwin, jenny Jett 
Franklin, Jean Bettis 
Gamble, Douglas A. 
Garlinghouse, Gail Bock 
Goddard. Barbara Turpin 
Greene, |anet Wells 
Harris, Judv Johns 
Johnson, Ir., Ralph A. 
Joseph, Katherine Yoder 
Landolt, Alice Junkin 
Lucas. Robert M. 
Malloy Jr., Joseph J. 
McCampbell, Ralph L. 
iMeadows. Donna C. 
Meyer, Gary R. 
Miller, 11, M. Davis 
Morris, M. Allen 
Newman, Howard A. 
Nicholas, Robert B. 
Piper, jr., Austin C. 
Proffitt, Janet Schaffer 
Pr^'or, Martha Anderson 
Quarles. Dan R. 
Ridings, Charles D. 
Roberts. Elizabeth Trent 
Rochclle, Dorothea Woodall 
Ruhlin, Andrew D, 
Rupe, Laurie Waller 
Rupe, jr.. Orus 
Schulte. Barbara Woodworth 
Smith, Bruce R 
Smith. Lizabeth Patterson 
South, Anita Emerick 
Spencer. David L. 
Spencer. Susan Talmage 
Stead, Barbara Lewis 
Stevenson. Richard R. 
Stout, Nancy Ryan 
Sydell. Barbara Roberts 
Terwedow. Susan Anderson 
Thompson. Linda Roselli 
Todd, Carol Cocke 
Vincent, Lisbeth J. 
Wald-Hopkins, Christine 
Waldrop. Betty Milam 
Walker. E. Gayle 
Wintermute. Steve 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 41 

Wood, Berry Abrahamson 
Wood, Jr., George V. 
Wood, Patricia Feller 
Wylie, Virginia Roseborough 
Yares, Jr., Richard G. 

CLASS OF 1969 
President - Alan G. Cropper 
RoU - 132 
Donors - 70 

Participation - 53% 
Total Gifts -$8,861 

Apelgreti, Sally Green 
Ash-Larson, Beverly 
Bailey. Linda Kceble 
Bailey. Sharon Pusey 
Berg, Linda Neel 
Bridges, Hithryn Ann 
Brown, George W. 
Childs, Brian H, 
Chris to fferson, Mary Catherine 
Clinton, Mary Schussler 
Copeland, Kathleen Smith 
Crawford, David N. 
Cropper. Alan G. 
Davies. Charles M. 
Dawson, Joseph M. 
Dawson, Sue Anthony 
Derpilbosian, Phil 
Dorner, Stephen R, 
Dorsett, Terry E. 
Elia, Donald P. 
Fawcett. Ellen Gould 
Fershee. Susan J. 
Gildrie, Pamela Huskcy 
Gillespie. Jean Hobson 
Goodwin, Melody Thurman 
Graves. Alida McArthur 
Harmon, Helen Barr 
Harner, 111, Robert L. 
Hollingsworth, David J. 
Hummel, Nancy Davidson 
James, Mary Paddison 
Ketchum, Susan K. 
Kilgard, Jr., Frank 
Kirkham, Nancy Hyde 
Kusek, Robert J. 
Marine. Jr., Kenneth B. 
Masker, Arthur S. 
Maxwell, David B. 
McMaster, Joy Eichhorn 
McMaster, Mark W 
Miller, Judy Hannah 
Moore, Jr., James C. 
Moore, Sue Edwards 
Nicholas, Frances Babelay 
Owings. Sharon L. 
Peter, Carl L. 
Peterson, Nancy Eaker 
Phillippi, Raymond H. 
Piper, Penny Proffitt 
Rankin, William C. 
Redmon, Lynn Duke 
Rigell, Ann Little 
Rigell, Craig D. 
Robins. Alexander S. 
Rodriguez, Alice Orman 
Ronco. David H. 
Rostan, June M. 
Slaybaugh, Charles H. 
Smith, Joyce Reimers 
Stevenson, Susan Carr 
Sullivan, Sharon 
Talley, George N. 
Talley, Waynetta Bays 
Thomas, Laurel Erskine 
Walker, Cathy Hallman 
Washburn, Robert W, 
Weaver, Alice E. 
Whidey, Ann Reynolds 
Wilson, Brian T. 
Wood. W. Scott 
Yeager, Ann W-liite 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 42 

CLASS OF 1970 
President - Peter W. Peterson 
RoU - 146 
Donors - 81 
Participation - 55% 
Total Gifts - $33,168 

Abel. Linda Gleeson 
Abel, Roberr M. 
Alderson, Thomas V. 
Arlington, William J. 
Berkemeier, Linda Jones 
Bettis, Jr.. J. Mack 
Brugler. Mary Lois 
Buermann, Ann Briggs 
Bullard, Michael A. 
Callies. Fred C. 
Chase. Thomas 
Cholminsky. Neil S. 
Coates, Robert L. 
Coghill, Jeffrey J. 
Cooper. Janelle Van Metre 
Copeland. J. Kirk 
Crcecy. Janie McGehee 
Curlee. Kathleen Saint 
Davies, Jean Griffith 
Dildine, Betty Graham 
Dildine, Lynn L. 
Dyer, Marian Erdman 
Ellis, Stephen 
Fisher, Carl D. 
Freeman, Cynthia Paxton 
Fritz, Barbara L. 
Gilmore, Vera Wilson 
Grandell, Darnel Birrcil 
Hamory, E. Ross 
Held, John W 
Hickman, G. Donald 
Hobbins, Pamela 
Hulen, Dianne Vogel 
Hulen. Stephen B. 
Humphreys-Barlow. Diane 
Hurst, Sue 

Ingram. Patricia Hammontree 
Johnston. Christy Nilsson 
Julyan. Candace Parkhurst 
Klein, Gail J. 
Kunz, Mary Harris 
Lamm, Christine 
Lampe, George N. 
Libert, III. William Henry 
Macy, Jr.. Robert L. 
Macy, Sallie Davidson 
Marx. Patricia Hall 
Mathieson, Carol Fisher 
McLarty, Miriam Gillespie 
Minch. Margaret Spurling 
Mitchell. Robert W 
Mitchell, Terrie Kane 
Park, Jae Lee 
Patron, Eloise M. 
Peterson, Peter William 
Phillippi, Georgia Briggs 
Pigman. Ola Pitman 
Preston, Charlene Williams 
Pruden, A. Lorette 
Ramger, Sue Kindred 
Roberts, John L. 
Rosser, Cynthia 
Rugh, DavidJ. 
Sharpe, Larry S. 
Siera, Steven G. 
Singleton, J. Knox 
Singleton, Peggy Tucker 
Smith, Barbara Grinstead 
Spear, Susan Smith 
Stewart, James R. 
Taylor, Thomas W. 
Tinley, Gordon F. 
Wells, Kathleen 
Wencl, Jr., Albert Joseph 
White, Joseph L. 
Whitnev, Lucas V. 

Whitney, Marjorie White 
Wilson, Jane Elmore 
Wilson. Pamela Pierce 
Ziegler, J. Richard 
Zimmerman, Eileen Myers 

CLASS OF 1971 

President - Ana Tampaiina 
RoU - 159 
Donors - 80 
Participation - 50% 
Total Gifts - $6,863 

Anonymous (2) 

Baker, Jr., Joseph W 

Barrows, J. Michael 

Beatty. Carol E. 

Berg, Donna Hemenway 

Berg, Richard R. 

Black, Ronald L. 

Bodine, Lawrence C. 

Boyle. Richard P 

Browning, Astrid Peelle 

Bryan, Alice Strohmeyer 

Campbell, John T. 

Gary, Marna Rice 

Chater, Lynn GiOespie 

Cooper, Robert H. 

Crawford, Elizabeth 

Douglas. Sue Yehl 

Drexler. Sandra Bryce 

Farrar, Ellen M. 

Faux, Jr. Thomas S. 

Friedericks, Suzanne McCulloch 

Gardner, Robert W. 

Garner, R. Mack 

Gill, Deborah Forgey 

Gillespie, Terri Kremer 

Hamory, Christine McCormack 

Hawkey. Edward R. 

Heid, Liz Beard 

Hodgson, Jean S. 

Hollingsworth, Margaret Glenn 

Huffman, Lynda Thomas 

Hughes, Mark A. 

Hutchison, Barbara Cloud 

Hutton, William C. 

Jones, Patricia Pelzer 

Jones. Thomas H. B. 

Kennedy, Robert N. 

Kent, Rachel 

Kidder, Jane Dodge 

Knapp, Richard G. 

Koopman, David L. 

Koopman, Donna White 

Kramer, Lloyd S. 

Leibrock, John R. 

Lindstrom, Rene Paine 

Mirchell, Linda Heinze 

Moore, Susan Kehrli 

Morefield, Glenn D. 

Morgan, Albert L. 

Nier, Gary 

Nier, Leslie Potts 

Nye, Raymond C. 

Nye, Rosemar}' Lindner 

Owens, Judy Ledford 

Pratcher. Ann Perr)' 

Prichard, Edwin R. 

Randall, Carol Foreman 

Randall, John B. 

Rhone, Daniel L. 

Royce, Alice Cook 

Shirk. II, Paul R. 

Showalter. James L. 

Skiles. Barbara Wagner 

Smith, Stuart H, 

Standridge, Elaine Dockter 

Siiffler, David R. 

Stiles, Roger D. 

Tampanna, Ana 

Tinley, Janna Eerenberg 

Trousdale, Bruce W. 

Wells, Teresa Ann 

West, Barbara Morgan 
White, Carolyn Clark 
White, Katherine Hoyt 
Woehl, Peg Brackbill 
Wolf, Mary Barr 
Wood, Leonard L. 
Wood, Nancy Rose 
Woods. Judith Pike 
Woodward, Jr., G. Marcus 

CLASS OF 1972 
President - William J. Postler 
Roll -136 
Donors - 66 
Participation - 49% 
Total Gifts -$19,345 

Baker, Alvin C. 
Ball, Charles K. 
Best, Caroline Munn 
Bible, Ondis N. 
Boronow, Floralyn Gregory 
Boronow, George E 
Brooks, Jr., H.Ward 
Brown, Kathleen Peterson 
Buckley, Jean Fiedler 
Burdick, Laurie Guild 
Btisse, Suzanne Bailey 
Gary. Charles M. 
Coghill. Carey Cox 
Cooper, Julia Bird 
Corcoran. Jetifery S. 
Crawford. Eileen Suzo 
GaJarza, Melissa Collins 
Gaughan, Warren J. 
Gordon. Steven D. 
Grice. Paul E. 
Grubbs. Jeffrey W 
Hunter, Mary-Gray Proffitt 
Jones, Christine Johnson 
Krywicki, Nancie Savitski 
Lawson, Gaynell Harless 
Magnuson, Rosalind Bennett 
Marshall, Kent G. 
McClure, Patricia Cardin 
McKinstry. Dan H. 
Mertz. Mark T. 
Mignei^'. Suzanne L. 
Miller, Ralph E. 
Moore, Gary R. 
Morefield, Helen Miller 
Mullican, Ann Proffnt 
Murr, Kenneth R 
Nelson, Cvnrhia 
Nichols. Deborah Stearns 
Niewoehner, Richard D. 
Owens, Sarah Miller 
Parker, Phyllis Conrad 
Posder, Janet Welton 
Posder, William J. 
Potter, Susan L. 
Powell, John E 
Pusey, Jr.. Howard E. 
Pusey, Nancy Lantz 
Reeves, Patricia Henry 
Ritums, Llnna Schotter 
Robeson, |ulie Mobley 
Roseborough. Ir. Douglas D. 
Roseborough, Jane Gilbert 
Russell, Carol Abel 
Russell, David G, 
Savery, Amy E. 
Siera, Maureen Stern 
Slaybaugh, Carol Jenkins 
Spear, M. Shepard 
Stevens, A. John 
Stiles, Deborah Gerlach 
Taylor, J. Graham 
Taylor, Jeannye Ruddock 
Wallace, Nancy Kennedy 
Weeks, John D. 
Weston, Carol Bailey 
Weston, Jr., John H. 
Wildi, Martha Walcutt 

CLASS OF 1973 
President - Carl G. Pierce 
Roll- 119 
Donors - 49 
Participation - 41% 
Total Gifts -$11,851 

Barker, R. Andrew 
Bennett, Thomas V, 
Bromley, Nancy Gamble 
Brown, Douglas C. 
Brown, Lynn W 
Bunge, L Alien 
Chase, Douglas G. 
Conway, Janet Vail 
Cureton, David L. 
DeYoung, Jr., Harry R. 
Dimmick, Jr., Lawrence W 
Dunaway, Laiice 
Flurkey, Deborah Graham 
Flurkey, in. William H. 
Frantz, Nancy Moschini 
Gardiner. Susan Hayba 
Gilmore. Christine Clark 
Gilmore, Daniel D. 
Gilmore, Stephen P 
Golletz, Morna McEver 
Greeno. Earnie 
Hall. Frank B. 
Humphrey. Mark W. 
Hunter. Jr.. Hugh 0. 
Johnson, Jr., Paul A. 
Joyner, Elizabeth K. 
Kubiak, Christine Sterner 
Lanning, Eleanor Murrah 
Lotreck-Winkle, Susan 
Magnuson. Christian G. 
McDaniel, Donald L, 
Mllllgan, B. Thomas 
Minor, Randall Gene 
Mount-Akins. Deborah 
Nennlnger, Kathleen Mayoirnlk 
Niewoehner. Alice Hook 
Peeler, Patticia Wolfe 
Penry. ludlth M. 
Rhodes, Fred W 
Rhone, Diane Caruso 
Ridgely, Deborah Home 
Rugh, Ruth Houdeshel 
Salage, Ronald J. 
Smith, Margaret Van Sant 
Staples. Brenda Weiss 
Tlbbetts. Beth 

Van Peursem, Suzanne Drees 
White, Dale A. 
Woody, Carla Hulce 

CLASS OF 1974 

President - Wayne R. Kramer 
RoU - 142 
Donors - 68 
Participation - 48% 
Total Gifts - $5,623 

Battaglia, Richard S. 
Brahams. David R, 
Buchanan, Elizabeth L. 
Child, Molly Johnston 
Closz, Jean Tiffany 
Covington, James Nance 
Cowan, Lois Anne 
Cunningham, Douglas L. 
Davis, Mary Gross 
Davis, Wayne L. 
DeYoung. Sarah Winblgler 
Doig, Glenn W. 
Doig. Joann Bitz 
Douglas, Steven C. 
Garner. Phyllis 
Gibson. Merllyn Dukes 
Gossett, John T 
Green. Jane Markley 
Hague. Bradford B. 

Harra. Barbara Robinson 
Harra. William T. 
Heath. Kathleen Colyer 
Holley, Tern- 
Hughes. Robert T, 
Jackson, Debbra Chai 
Jefferson. Man' M. 
Jiilson. Edward W, 
Jillson. Linda King 
Johnson. NadJne Hays 
Joyce. Patricia 
Keahon, Janis Lundstedi 
Kehler, Bradley R. 
Kidder. David D, 
Kloss. Kathn'n Custer 
Kramer. Sarah Hardrath 
Kramer, Wavne R. 
Mallinson, Stephen H. 
Marsh, Cher)'l Swartz 
Massey, Roxann Goshorn 
Mattson, Deborah G. 
McArthur, Margaret Jean 
McClune. Ellen Myers 
McDaniel, Nanc>' Valentine 
Millner. Robert W. 
Minn IX. Michael V. 
Moore, Leanne V. 
Murphree, Brenda 
Murr. Luc}' Schindler 
Nuss. William J. 
Robinson, Douglas T. 
Robinson, Penny Smith 
Roderick. Carol Wylie 
Roth. H. Douglas 
Sabatclle. Patricia D'^'Mba 
Smock, Angela Petersen 
Smock. Richard C, 
Snyder, Sandra Stickler 
Stone. Judson I, 
Taylor. Barbara Rumplik 
Trumbore. Todd E 
Usanga, Eyobong 
V'ogado. Denise Smith 
Warwick. David 
Wertime. Roben T. 
Wilde, Judith Loeffler 
Winstead. Barbara Belt 
Woolard, Louise Turner 
Yardumian-Smnh, Esther-Marie 

CLASS OF 1975 
President - Paul T. Naylor 
Roll - 106 
Donors - 40 
Participation - 38% 
Total Gifts - S2,580 

Adams. Nancy 
Banker, Arthur D. 
Barber. Hope Kren 
Barber, Thomas A. 
Best, Linda Delaney 
Brackbill. R. Thomas 
Braun, Dorothy Ann Hamory 
Closz. Charles R. 
Cunningham. Nanc)' Haller 
Day, Melanie Kohn 
Ditlener, Jeffrv L. 
Dreen,'. Philip C, 
Foster. Margaret Dickerson 
Fowler. Arthur T. 
Galbraith. Beth Weatherup 
Herron. Lynn Earnheart 
Isaacs, Cynthia Higgs 
Kapchonick. Gregory 
Kitchen. Steven D. 
LeBar, Daniel J. 
Long. Anna Prochazka 
McCreer)', Linda Sutton 
McMahan. jr.. Earl R. 
Mehafiy, Susan L. 
Miller, Mona Ernest 
Morris, III, J. Skellie 
Nicolaou. Maryann Pigan 
Noack, Terry L. 

Reinaucr, Charlene Reams 
Reinauer, David P 
Sanders, Michael W. 
Sanders, Sue Eaker 
Schneider, Eliska Miller 
Silvernale, William H. 
Spicer. Jerrv' A. 
Valentine, Helene Hanchett 
Vial, Peter A. 
Vogado, Jr., PacJ 
Wassum. Kathy Royal 
Wenkstern. Michael G. 

CLASS OF 1976 
President - Craig N. Larsen 
Donors - 66 
Participation - 45% 
Total Gifts -S6.416 

Adams. Richard J. 
Akpan, Okon H. 
Battaglia, Dana McDade 
Brackbill, Pamela Thomson 
Bryan. Vanessa Pettigrew 
Carrick. Alexander M. 
Carrick, Debby Dorr 
Catrett. Louis H. 
Clark, Jerrell Dillener 
Coughlin. Ill, Hale S. 
Crauiord, Cathy Henderson 
Dotson. Linda Barras 
Easter. Stuart C. 
Fowler. Penelope Lopez 
Gash, William H. 
Gilmore, Stephanie Crane 
Guffin, Janet Roper 
Guillaume. Bruce W. 
Haemmel, Elizabeth D. 
Haimbach. David A. 
Haislip. Maureen Meade 
Hall. Mark R. 
Hawkins, Lynn Houlberg 
Heflin, Kevin 0. 
Herman, Mark E 
Hind, Susan Coram 
Hines. Patricia Jones 
Hines, Jr., Robert P 
Hutchens, Laura L, 
Hutcheson-Sirton, Holly 
Jackson, Elizabeth Widner 
Johnston, Mary Story 
Johnston, W. Michael 
Keahon, Mark E 
Kemp. David A. 
Kerr. Barbara A. 
Lambert, Randall D. 
Lancaster-Brown, Wynn 
Larsen. Craig K. 
LeBar. Dorothy Bang 
Legard. Robert L. 
Lundell, David P 
Lundell. Laura Dance 
Mabe. Nanette Garner 
Mallinson. Deborah Baker 
Nuss. Nancy Herrel 
Orr, Thomas S. 
Osborne. Daniel E 
Overton. Shada E. 
Phillips, Elizabeth Fountain 
Poland, Cynthia Ragsdale 
Poland. Scort K 
Ponton. Jr.. Robert A. 
Stevens. Anne Doupe 
Stuhl. Sue Conner 
Srurge. Mar)' Apctz 
Sturge, Robert H. 
Talbott, Kenneth M. 
Wade. Lisa McCaffree 
Ward, Marc A. 
Weber. Richard D. 
Weissing, Andre\v M. 
Weissing, Lynne Hanson 
White, Bonny Marvin 
White, Linda Davis 

Wilson, Brenda L. 
Wishon. Lisa L. 

CLASS OF 1977 

President - Elizabeth B. Lowry 
Roll - 106 
Donors - 39 
Participation - 37% 
Total Gifts - $2,882 

Bone, Nancy Millner 

Bone, William M. 

Bridge. Carol Paris 

Bridge. Edward M, 

Carl. 11, R. Richard 

Craven. Charles j. 

Denney E Scott 

Douglas, Deborah Welch 

Duling, Thomas M 

Duling. Vicki Parsons 

Gonos. James W, 

Hannan, Pamela Judson 

Henr\-. Robin G. 

Hollingsworth. Deborah Ackerman 

Ignico, Arlene A, 

Jacobus. Philip Michael 

Kerle)-, Myra L. 

Kosky. Robert A. 

Kosky. Veronica Sawdon 

Krug. Jr.. Philip T 

Lawless. Matthew J. 

Leonard. Ill, B. Curtis 

Lusk, Ann McDonald 

McKinstr}'. Kevin L. 

Mochamer. Sheri Bone 

Nerzley Robert G. 

Osborne. Pamela Patton 

Pearson. Evelyn Blackburn 

Scott, Jr., Hubert D. 

Shults. Karen George 

Stevens. Robert C. 

Taylor. Lee N. 

Trumbore, Lisa Boehm 

Verhofstadt, Man,- Williamson 

Walker, Linda Strirrer 

Way Jackie inman 

Winkle. Mark W. 

Worden. Debra Kees 

Xiques. Lisa Wilson 

CLASS OF 1978 
President - Steve H. Wright 
Roll- 103 
Donors - 32 
Participation - 31% 
Total Gifts - $2,990 

Aaby, Tryg\'e G. 

Adams, Julia E. 

Amentastro. Ruth Ann Wilbanks 

Blakeman, Eispeth Robertson 

Brewer, William R. 

Britton, Carol Davis 

Crane, Tillman G. 

Crye. Marjorie E. 

Gensler, Ingrid M. 

Giles, Martha S. 

Kirk, Deborah A, 

Koomen. Elizabeth H. 

Lacy, Drury B. 

Malone. Karen Amos 

Markgraf. Kurr W 

Morrison, III, William S. 

Neu, Jane Monroe 

Pearson, Jack T. 

Potter, Pamela Smith 

Rushforth, Carol Friend 

Struble. Lee E. 

Thompson, Russell R 

Vance. Elaine Hicks 

Vest, Suzanne Schoen 

Waite, Cheryl Thompson 

Way William L. 

Whitehead, Joseph F. 

Wilcox, Leigh 

Williams, Wayne L. 
Wing. Rose L, 
Wright, Steve H. 
Xiques, Peter J. 

CLASS OF 1979 

President - Colleen A. Bystrak 
Roll - 88 
Donors - 31 
Participation - 35% 
Total Gifts -$3,100 

Bishop, Robert B, 
Boone. Robert A, 
Braxton, Marie R, 
Bunde, Pamela Rjess 
Campbell, James E, 
Campbell. Priscilla Book 
Carl. Lynn Rogers 
Crews, William R. 
Davis. J. Dillon 
Gillikmd, Anne T 
Handler. Timothy R 
Herbert, Edward C. 
Lawless. Juliana Driver 
Lawson. Ronald B, 
Lowr)'. Steven A. 
Lyie. Lea E, Adcock 
Mills. IlI.SnellA. 
Miyares, Elizabeth Ceraolo 
Mortensen, Mark D, 
Naylor. Susan Keith 
Norris. Anthony M. 
Rahn. Timothv W 
Rock, Janet H, 
Seaton. Ann 
Thomas, A. Daniel 
Van Arsdall, Sandra L. 
Visneski, Kathryn Whirr 
Weaver. Laird 
Williams, Keith 
Woerner, Marian Hummel 
Youngs, Sharon K. 

CLASS OF 1980 

President - Randv L. Scurlock 

Roll - 97 

Donors - 33 

Participation - 34% 

Total Gifts -59,316 

Allen -Demer)'. Ruth 
Andrews, Virginia E 
Baron, Leslie 
Baumgardner, Mark L. 
Brooks. Jr.. Charles 
Carpenter. Shirley Ambrister 
Chapman. Julie Clements 
Danna. Stephen 
Davis, Jennifer Car}- 
Dunn. Wiyne H. 
Finley. Ill, E. Byron 
Finley-Brooks, Candy 
Fox. Anthony N. 
Fox. Sandra Son 
Frain. Dale L. 
Franssen, David E, 
Gidley, Susan Wenkstern 
Goldsmith. John Henr}' 
lerulli. Carolyn Hurst 
lerulli. Tony 
Julian. Bett)- Vars 
Kishimoto, M3sa}'uki 
Kishimoto, Rinko Makiyama 
Koss. Jill Kmsinger 
Norris. Judy Corliss 
Sawdon. Marianne M. 
Sprigg. Joseph N. 
Smart. Timothy E. 
Sutton. Donna Hurst 
Taylor. Beverly Woeber 
Thompson. Janet RJckel 
Thorpe, Gabriel 

Topham, Tim A. 

CLASS OF 1981 
President - Larry J. Durand 
Roll - 87 
Donors - 41 
Participation - 47% 
Total Gifts - 59,333 

Baron. Kim DeMaac 
Barrie, Elizabeth A. 
Bidwell. IV, Lawrence H. 
Bishop. Shelley Ballenger 
Boney. Lois L, 
Burnett. William Mark 
Carrier. Jr.. Wallace 
Caner-Stiles. Catherine 
Chapman, Linda Rogers 
Coyle. Jill Flickinger 
Culpepper, Katherine N. 
Durand. Larry J. 
Evans. David L. 
Guillaume, Wendy Magee 
Haynes. Mary Lowry 
Hayworth, Deborah C. 
Herbert. Pegg}' Stewan 
Hill, Roberta M. 
Jones. Scort L, 
Julian. Kevin C. 
Lacava, John B. 
Liles. Russell J. 
Markle. James T 
Masch-Clark. Man Ann 
Metz. Sophia Shoemaker 
Moffett. Vadonna G. 
Norwood. Betty Schuster 
Pearce. James W 
Rabun-Lind, Sandy 
Reese, fames T 
Sallade.J. Gill 
Schuller. Lars 
Stabley III, Bernard D. 
Stcratore. Sandi Sapar 
Stroud, Sallie Favrot 
Surtle, Richard S. 
Tabeek. Gregon' L. 
Thomas. William L. 
Vance, Jennv L. 
Widner. David E. 
Wiley. Linda G. 
Zerick, Meelora Bowers 

CLASS OF 1982 
President - Mar)- C. Angell 
Roll -106 
Donors - 48 
Participation - 45% 
Total Gifts -53,192 

Allison, J. Bradley 
Angell. M. Catherine 
Atchley, Beverly Fox 
Behtz, Glenda Brackin 
Berry. Douglas Eugene 
Bourque. Michael Bruce 
Brahams. Teri Trorrer 
Brewer. Edward C. 
Burke. Patrick T. 
Cassutto. George H. 
Clemens, Parrick L. 
Crenshaw. Darlene Gilman 
Crow. Charlotte Hambv 
Davis, Michael K. 
Fortncy Janet Helwig 
Gehring, Ruth Wilgus 
Gibson, E, Russell 
Green, Deborah Blessing 
Green, Elizabeth Neil 
Heinze, Paul M. 
Hill, Jennifer Bushing 
Kiersnowski, Thomas M. 
Lacava, Carol Carter 
Lerman, Anita Baker 
Lindgren. Linda Crozier 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 43 

1998 Reunion Giving 

CLASS Class Chair 

1943 Art Bushing 

1948 Ehzabeth Roper 

1953 Janet Woods 

1958 Sidney Gllreath 

1963 Dennis Miller 

1968 Cole Piper 








1973 Janet Vail Conway $7,885 

1978 PeteXiques $2,975 

1983 Susan van Aken $13,940 

1988 DeAnn Hargis-Kamlnski $2,050 


Ml 111 




1993 David King 



$95,668 1,357 








Lynch, Leslie 
McCampbell, Rachaei 
McCroskey, Brenda Babb 
McCroskey, Michael A. 
Mullins, Bobbie Wolfe 
Murphy- Walters, Angela 
Pan key, Betsy 
Parenre, Nancy Mackey 
Pearce, Julia Wickstrand 
Reinhardc, Mary Gravely 
Richardson, Cheryl Laipply 
Robinson, Heidi 
Rodriguez, Mary Jane Babich 
Sanders, John M. 
Steinbeck, Andrew E. 
Stcmbridge, Vanessa Logan 
Sutton, Elizabeth Walker 
Thompson. Wayne Steven 
Vendifti, Edward J. 
Weiss, Michael S. 
Widner, Lesa Andrews 
Wilson, W. Warren 
Yuki, Atsushi 
Yuki, Masako Yoneda 

CLASS OF 1983 
President - Andrew A. Baker 
Roll -102 
Donors - 39 
Participation - 38% 
Total Gifts -$12,107 

Abbott, Jackie Dye 
Atkins, Shawna Allen 
Baker, Andrew A. 
Bender, William C. 
Bengtson, Karen Korz 
Blair, Kathleen R. 
Boynton. Bonnie Dobson 
Burnette, Gerald A. 
Carroll. Kathryn Fitzell 
Cole. Rebecca A. 
Davis, Bobbie Jo Sallade 
Davis, Donna Franklin 
Davis, Peter M. 
Dickson. Todd J. 
Ghcen. Gregory 
Green, J. Kevin 
Hall. Debora L. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 44 

Harris, Linda J. Hasc)' 
Lemly. JoAnn Berretto 
Limone-Rollins, Jane Jafert 
Markle, Michael Mertes 
McFarland, Bryan E 
McNaughton, 111, H, Doug 
Meeder, Valerie McWilliams 
Miller, Kathleen Walker 
Moeller, Jean Plant 
Moore, Amy Grubbs 
Mullet, William H. 
Reese, Melanie Petree 
Riley, Jeftery L. 
Rop, Robert N. 
Shackelford, W.Randolph 
Sieber-Ford, Elizabeth 
Spence. Susan B. 
Taylor, Ginger Harris 
van Aken, Susan 
Warren, Jr., William C. 
Winter. Shelley Kingsbury 
Wirt, Scarlett Carson 
Wood. Sharon R. 
Wormian, Michael R, 
CLASS OF 1984 
President - Michael E. Bell 
RoU - 96 
Donors - 44 
Participation - 46% 
Total Gifts - $2,450 

Allison, Matthew S. 
Allison, Susan Williams 
Allison, Terri Roberts 
Bidwell, Lee Millar 
Bonds, Evelyn Sowell 
Brand, Richard J. 
Brown. Thomas A. 
Clark, Angela Kirby 
Coleman, Wilma D. 
Collins, Shari Tabor 
Corbitt, Kimberly E. 
Curtis, Lisa Skeen 
Davis, jenny Walker 
Dishman, Elizabeth S. 
Edington, David L. 
Feehrer, Anne Coomer 
Feehrer, Samuel G, 
Figgs. Amy Nicholson 

Fisher, Lorie Peters 
Gervasoni, Edward K. 
Gibson, Kay Lippincort 
Heinze, Dorothy Carson 
Hill, III, Samuel C. 
Householder, Sally Anderson 
Huntzinger. Margaret Andrews 
Hurst, Jennifer Denney 
Kerr, Janet Apgar 
Kirkconneli, Leslee Hay 
Lindsay. Sarah Jane 
Lynn, Brenda Bond 
McNiell, HelenA. 
Miller, Kama Cook 
Mueller, Heidi 
Newkirk. Ellen Snively 
Paluga, Martm A. 
Petite, Bruce A. 
Porter, Glennis RiedJ 
Raulerson, David Lee 
Rush. John W. 
Sanker, Kimberly Youpa 
Smith, Ellen B. 
Thompson, Peggy Millsaps 
Todd, Mari Jennings 
Waldroop, Edward L. 
Zerick, Daniel L. 

CLASS OF 1985 

President - Paul G. Anagnostis t 

RoU - 84 

Donors - 32 

Participation - 38% 
Total Gifts -$1,788 

Batson, Julie Humpert 
Black, Jennifer L. 
Bouch, Daniel James 
Brown. Karen Shafer 
Carroll, Ciretta Carpenter 
Caswell. Teresa Welch 
Crothers, Kevin G. 
Edington, Lisa Yacks 
Gaiyon, Maelea Morrison 
Gillum, Libba 
Hawkins, Lenida F 
Headrick, Kelley Wilkinson 
Hernandez, Julia Nasipak 
Hill, Rhonda Benton 

Hornsby, Benjamin Wade 
Kuchlhauer, HanneloreA. 
LoRay, Adriennc Ramsey 
LoRay, Robert L. 
Marshall. Joanie Williams 
McFarland. Diane McDaniel 
Mixner. Mark R. 
Muller. Sharon Pimm 
O'Reilly, Kevin P 
Poeppel, Donald L, 
Porter, Christopher], 
Prevatt, Karen Holloway 
Saylor, Steven M. 
Schram, Kandis M. 
Sipple, Steven H. 
Vagnier, Jerry P 
Walker, Melissa 
Watson, J. Morrissa 
Williams. Joyce S. 

CLASS OF 1986 
President - Stacey Nordquist 
RoU - 62 
Donors - 21 
Participation - 34% 
Total Gifts -$1,419 

Anderson, Michael L. 
Armstrong, Donna Jams 
Burnett. Raymond W. 
Carver, Richard F. 
Dunlap, John H. 
Esrey, Elizabeth Goodier 
Fling, Pat 
Harmon, Terry 0. 
Harmon, Victoria Durham 
Hedrick, Rebecca Farr 
Humphries, Glenn H. 
Jernigan, Karen West 
La Badie, Loren A. 
McBrayer, Neal 
Nordquist, Stacey Davis 
Ramsey Ronald J. 
Roebuck, Diane Bailey 
Roush, Sharon Hight 
Singer, Susan Jennings 
Vagnier, Amy Ralston 
White, Aiisa Southers 

Womack, L. Mark 

CLASS OF 1987 

President - Christopher C, Herbert 

RoU -91 

Donors - 26 

Participation - 29% 

Total Gifts - $2,695 

Alt, Nancy Gourd 
Bennett, R. Gregory 

Bnggs, Jeffrey E. 
Brooms, Lori Suggs 
Brj'son, Angela Beckwith 
Burch-Gieser. Teri 
Davis, Alan W 
Denton. Jeffrey T. 
Dunlap, Anita North 
Ely, Elaine Williams 
Etchison, Bonnie Bouch 
Ferrell, Cynthia Claborn 
Flickinger, Jeff E. 
Fraelich, Margaret R. 
Herbert, Christopher C. 
Humphries. Barbara Moffat 
Koehl, Nanc}- L. 
Lilley. Christopher L. 
Oiler, Alicia E. 
Ramsey. Margaret Callaway 
Spargo, Kimberly 
Starkey, Laura Lynn 
Watts, Jr., Glenn R 
Wright. John W. 
Xiques, Elizabeth A. 
Young, M, Joe 

CLASS OF 1988 

President - RusseU B. Thomas 

RoU - 68 

Donors - 15 

Participation - 22% 

Total Gifts -$1,978 

Carpenter, Andrea Dye 
Carpenter, Joel D. 
Cadetf, Jeffery L. 
Etchison, Eric S. 
Hargis-Kaminski. DeAnn 
Harvey, Lisa M. 
Jones, Sherri L. 
Kiernan, Heather Farrar 
PetJtt, Teresa A. 
Ramsey, Julie Dodd 
Richardson, Marjorie D. 
Trainer, Donna Clancy 
Veenstra, Julia Marshall 
Walker, Andy Dale 
Walker, Melodie Sedgwick 
White, Jeffrey L. 

CLASS OF 1989 

President - James A. Chiverton 

RoU - 77 

Donors - 20 

Participation - 26% 

Total Gifts - $3,905 _ 

An dry, Gary S. 
Andr)'. Heidi Hoffecker 
Bolt, Barbara L. 
Chiverton, James Alfred 
Coning, Lynn King 
DeLozier, Angela Carter 
Dixon, Donna Sue 
Faucette, Tracy Armstrong 
Fletcher, K. Scott 
Johnson, III, Joseph J. 
Kant, Raina Boring 
King, Amy Delf 
Lawrence, Leigh Emery 
Loughlin, Melissa E. 
Lynch, Laura Brock 
McLeod, Lissa Anne 
Ramsey, William Ernest 
Rethwilm, Marcia Kilby 

Rule, Tammy Long 
Walsh. Dean P. 
Weaver, Elizabeth Stine 
Wilmoch, Mary Gaines 

CLASS OF 1990 

President - Amy E. Jackson- Hal fert\' 

Roll -105 

Donors - 21 

Participation - 20% 

Tola! Gifts -SM 26 

Abbott, Susan Johnson 
Alhson, Jonathan A. 
Bills. Brian K. 
Brothers. Sharon M. 
Carroll, Cynthia A, 
Carter, Cherv'l Combest 
Casteel. Rock\- 
Cross, Karl E. 
Dale. Brian K. 
Davis, M. Kent 
Harbin, Robin Schwall 
Hudgens. Scott H, 
Kilgore, Pcgg)' Lynn 
Lantrip, And! Bristol 
Lantrip, Steven W, 
McCurr)', RaeAnn Hickman 
McDonald, Penelope W. 
Shackelford, BeckT R 
Tompkins. Terr)' Johnston 
Wayland, Matthew D. 
Wimmcr, Sarah Schaeler 
Yarlett. Kathleen R. 
Young, Sharon W 

CLASS OF 1991 

President - Barbara M. Bninner 

Roil - 100 

Donors - 29 

Participation ~ 29% 

Total Gifts -$1,245 

Anderson, Christen N. 
Athan, Jacquelyn K. 
Brunner, Barbara Bordcrieux 
Cherr}', Evelvn 
Collins, Brenda 
Cross, Melissa Combest 
Damron, Ann Beat)' 
Dannenberg, David R. 
Denton, Veronica Y. 
Dudinsky, Kathleen Anderson 
Everett, Kay Stafford 
Goeller. Lisa Morrow 
Green, H. Troy 
Ham by, Gary D. 
Hornbuckle, Blake 
Keplinger, Eileen Freund 
Lukens, William E 
Miller, Rebecca E. 
Moore, Michael Manney 
Murr. Julie Hampton 
Osborne, Wayne 
Powers, Kathleen North 
Schultze, Vickie Wester 
Shih, Ingrid Hoffmann 
Smelser, Mark L. 
Spies, Judith Sullivan 
Tallent, Kathleen M. 
Terwedow, Keriann 
Unferth, Patricia Chambers 
Walsh, III, Walter R. 

CLASS OF 1992 

President - Amanda L. Krenning 

Roll - 140 

Donors - 3 1 

Participation - 22% 

Total Gifts -SI. 084 

Carnes. Joanna Tructt 
Cline, W. Scon 
Cole. Andrew Scott 

Crawford, Leslie Henry 
Damron. Michael T. 
Dannenberg. Clare Jacobs 
Davis. Amie 

Denkinger. Carrie Callaway 
Durham, Vicki Winget 
Godsev, lenniter Conn 
Goodman, Janet Gehlbach 
Goodrich. Michael J. 
Henderson. Anna Larson 
Jordan. III. K David 
Keck, Gregory C. 
Martin. Jr. John L. 
Martines. Kjpp S. 
Martines, Melissa Pankake 
Masingo, Melissa D. 
Miller, Martha McCarter 
Nardi. Tara Fischbach 
Purcell. Megan L. 
Roeber. Dar1a D. 
Rueda. Enrique J. 
Sohrabi, Ben Dahvood 
Spears. Noel Royer 
Taylor, John R. 
WTiite, Carolvn S. 
Williams, David B. 
Worth, III, John T 
Yocom. David R. 

CLASS OF 1993 

President - D. Alyson Knight 

Roll -172 
Donors - 46 
Participation - 27% 
Total Gifts -SI, 998 

Ailor. Marcelete Lloyd 
Ailshie, Julie Brown 
Bishop, Sharron B. 
Brew, Kelley Burner 
Brown, Rebecca Perkins 
Chamberlain, Kristi McCroskey 
Coleman, Kitty Bragg 
Connelly, Laura M. 
Crawley, Heather S. 
Denmark, Mar)' Catherine 
Dingels. Julie R. 
Eriksson. Paula Wdl 
Evon. Ill, Donald C. 
Ezell. Samuel Jason 
Fitzpatrick. James E. 
Fly. IV. Joel 0. 
Friend, Jr., Thomas A. 
Fr)'e. Leigh Ann Shoun 
Harris. Lisa Bullis 
Harrison. Jamie K. 
Hearon, Evelyn Ford 
Hill, Brenda Williams 
Jones. Cindy Huffsreder 
Jones, Wayman C. 
King, David C. 
Knight. Alyson Neville 
Lambdin. Sheryl Ramsey 
Lawhorn, Staci Crisp 
Luckey, Carol M. 
Martin, Tina Pendley 
Moore. B. Kelly 
Nash, Janna McCall 
Porter. Scott L. 
Ragsdale, Kevin G, 
Rimmell, Lisa Branam 
Robcrson. Heather Conaway 
Rodriguez, Ramier 
Roitman, Jessica V. 
Ryland. Christopher R. 
Sedlacek, Caren Ann 
Sumner, Kevin R. 
Tanner. John C. 
Vichich, Terri R. 
Wardeska. Angela G. 
Wackinson, Allison S. 
Wolfenbarger. Emily St, Clair 
Wolfenbarger, Tony R. 

CLASS OF 1994 

President - Lori L. Schirmer 


Donors - 29 

Participation - 25% 

Total Gifts -$1,1 18 

Averill. Mike D, 
Averill. Suzanne Long 
Bcaty. Karen E. 
Booth, Eric D, 
Brugner, Briana I, 
Crawford, Kathy Scott 
Crockett. Joel 
George, Jr.. Jerry A. 
Gonzalez. April Millsaps 
Grad. Jennifer McCafferty 
Hackney. Steven K. 
Hackney Tina Walker 
Hall. Tiffany Myers 
Harris, C. R. Landon 
Harrison. Sandra Brown 
Henr)-, Michael T. 
Knight. William P 
Lassiter, Nancy Allen 
Matthews. Renae Rcnfro 
Moore. Danielle BuShea 
Myrick. Howard A. 
Newcome. Jennifer H. 
Phillips, Justin K. 
Reed. Jason K. 
Russell, Pamela K. 
Schirmer, Lori L. 
Sentell. Aaron C. 
Shelton. Ryan G. 
Simerly Carmin C. 
Tipton, Tammy D. 
Workman. James E 

CLASS OF 1995 

President - Darrien A. Thomson 

Roll- 117 

Donors - 27 

Participation - 23% 

Total Gifts - $808 

Ackermann, Karl P. 
Bowers. Kathy Whittaker 
Carey, Sara Goelz 
Cobb, Lydia Keys 
Coffey Laurinda EOis 
Cowan. Jennifer J. 
Cummins. Patrick 
Ezell. Lucy Giles 
Fugate, Stephanie K. 
Gallo. Carrie Susan 
Glisson. Timothy S. 
Graves, Cecilia F ■■ 

Hail, Letitia I. 
Hall. Marc A. 
Lee, Amy Elizabeth 
Moore, Keela T. 
Norman, Jr., Richard W, 
Prather, Brian T 
Quigley Erin Elizabeth 
Ralston, Elizabeth Hucke 
Smith. Angela Masingo 
Smith, J. Kc\yn 
Smith, Sarah Elizabeth 
Smith, Jr.. Thomas G. 
Trotter, John C. 
Weaver, Amy Fenner 
West. Jennifer Cummings 
Winter, Rachel E. 

CLASS OF 1996 

President - Deborah S. Shewfelt 

Roll -150 

Donors - 35 

Participation - 23% 

Total Gifts -$1,148 

Anderson, Sandra Yates 

Bendever, Richard E. 

Brakebill, Elizabeth Malloy 

Carver. Janet Vaden 
Cogan, Tina Huff 
Crowell. Lanie Ann 
Edoh. Nadia A. 
Ernsberger, Kevin P 
Evon. Wendy EIHs 
Ewing. BridgetieJ. 
Farmer. Marcus L. 
Forster, David B. 
Forster, Kelly Sanson 
Grant, Crystal D. 
Heil, Lucille Bayless 
Ikeda, Chieko 
Kant, Kristin M. A. H, 
LaForcsi. Jennifer D. 
McFali, Amy Prince 
McGowan, Darin C. 
McKeehan. Amy C. 
Moss, Steven Scott 
Mueller, Carol L. 
Norman. Claire Thomason 
Peters. Jonathan D. 
Quick, Jeannine L. 
Renninger. Kristi D, 
Settlemire. C. Dwayne 
Setdemirc, Jeannie Frey 
Smith, Sally Harrington 
Tallent. Kristine R. 
Turner, Kevin L. 
Ward, Melissa E. 
West, Brandee Shafer 
■^^ite, Traq' Smith 
Wilburn. Rodney K. 
Wiiburn. Stacy Brooks 

CLASS OF 1997 
President - Kerry L, O'KeeflFe 
Roll - 153 
Donors - 41 

Participation - 27% 
Total Gifts -Sl,679 

Alsup. Monica Blackburn 
Bell. Dee 

Blackwood, Ginger A. 
Brooks, Jason D. 
Buckles. Justin T 
Caldwell. William A, 
Carroll. Shawn D. 
Cropper, Aimee B. 
Davis, Jon E 
Day. Jennifer E. 
DeWeese, Bradley W 
Dutton, Ricky L. 
Gibson, Laura A. 
Greer, Katie E. 
Guthrie, lulia 
Hatfield, Sarah Stevenson 
Hennesscc. Christopher E 
Hilton, Alison R. 
Hughs, David H. 
Jenkins. Belinda Henegar 
Kellv, Allison Pr^-or 
Kidd, Ralph C- ' 
Macklin, Michelle L. 
Mathews, Douglas R. 
McDonald, Kathryn M. 
McMichael, Bo 
Meadows, Keli Stewart 
Moore. Misrj' Summey 
Moore. Ronald W. 
Norman, Rebecca Badgett 
O'Keeffe. Kerry L. 
Parris, Michael W 
Planenburg, Greg B. 
Ray. R. Adam 
Rigell. Virginia R 
Rudicil, Tiffany K. 
Simmons, JacqueHne B. 
Stewart. Jennifer Stables 
Vaughn. Jon M. 
Wagner. Cheryl 
Weaver, Paul D. 
W^ilson. Joseph P 

CLASS OF 1998 
President - Devin J. Koester 
Roll - 141 
Donors - 72 
Participation - 51% 
Total Gifts - S2,993 

Ballou, Andrew J. 
Barriagc, LeAndra 
Bechman. Daniel I. 
Bowman, Angela J. 
Brabson. Johnathan W. 
Brents, Sherrie L. 
Buechele. Kara S. 
Burger, Hallie M. 
Buzzard, Elizabeth S. 
Byrd, Andrew W. 
Casey Meghan A, 
Chambers, Karen Taylor 
Clabo. Martha S. 
Cobble. H. Kenneth 
Cole. Mark T. 
Cooper, Paige 
Crews. Linda Mae 
Davis, Staci D. 
Derrick. Branndon H. 
DiGiacomo. Data A. 
Dollenmayer. Mandi L. 
Dorschug, Torrie L. 
Dunnam, Judith L. 
Edwards. Richard W 
Evans, Kenyon M. 
Fehr. Lauren W 
Ferguson. Ir., CIa\ton L. 
Fox, Valerie N. 
Franklin. David L. 
Fugate, Mark H. 
Garner, Jamie Clinton 
Goocey Joshua M. 
Groves, Katherine M. 
Hollender, Alison R. 
Hucbby Jeffery W 
Johnson. Bradley D. 
Johnson, Christy N. 
Jones, Amy M. 
Kelly. Granr E. 
Kerr, Staci A. 
Kiefer, Rebecca Sue 
Koester, Devin J. 
Leiich, Karson S. 
Lewis, Angle L. 
Lill. Rebecca E. 
Lummus, James F 
Malheiro. Joseph L. 
McBride. Matthew W 
McDaniels. Jaclyn Lang 
McDonald, John L. 
Merritt, Charity S. 
Mims. Ashley B. 
Nations, Whitney M. 
Nuss. Tamara R. 
Opiola, Lisbeth A. 
Paolozzi. Timothy M. 
Peerson. William G. 
Penland, Bryan C. 
Perry, Douglas S. 
Piety. Leslie R. 
Pope. Bethany Hodson 
Rajkowskj, Christine M. 
Ramsey Christopher R, 
Rau. Catherine M. 
Rucker, Marianne M. 
Smith, Allison Dunn 
Smith, Larry B. 
Stalcup, Clay E. 
Strachan. Karen D. 
Vaughn. Amy Taylor 
Wagner, Sarah E. 
Walters, Joy B. 
West, Scon D. 
Younger, Jarred W. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 45 


A mini Maryville College reunion was held for the birthday of Olga "OIlie" 
Welsh Ketchum '43 (bottom row, right) at her home in Dodgeville, WI. 
Joining the Aug. 6 reunion were (top row, r-l) Jan Winkler '69, Larry 
Ketchum '42, Susan Ketchum '69 and Dottie Stadelmann Trump '37 (bot- 
tom row). Jan and Susan were roommates at Maryville; Dottie, a Florida res- 
ident, spends summers in Wisconsin. 

Eloise Zimmerman 
Rogers '41, has com- 
pleted her 1 5th year of 
retirement and her 
1 0th year as secretary of 
Alachua Co. (FL) 
Retired Educators 
Association. She 

received a pin for 
10,500 hours as a vol- 
unteer at a local hospi- 
tal, accumulated in the 
last 1 5 years. 

Ruth Lane Prewett 

'42, lost her husband 
on Aug. 25, 1999. 
Robert D. Prewett died 
at Blount Memorial 
Hospital in Maryville. 
His daughter, Ann 
Prewett Harris '70, 
also survives, along 
with a son, Gary 

Lucretia Dorsey Thomson '23, continues to live in 
her home near Gainesville (FL) High School with 
her dachshund, Ziggy. She was part of a family 
whose history in the Gainesville area dates back to 
Reconstruction. An extensive article about her fami- 
ly and her influence as a teacher appeared in the 
April 18, 1999, issue of The Gainesville Sun. The 
article was sent to the MC Alumni Office by Evelyn 
Anderson Wood '49. 

Stanley B. Shields '37, has retired from Maryville 
City Government after 12 years on the School Board 
(Chairman for 6 years), 4 years on City Council and 
32 years as Mayor. He and his wife, Mary Frances 
Dunlap Shields '37, continue to live in Maryville. 

Paid H. Fox '38, and his wife, Frances, have been 
married for 57 years and continue to make their 
home in Richmond, VA. He serves on the boards of 
Career Shop, Inc., Health South Richmond 
Advisory Board, Longwood College Business 
School, Longwood College Foundation and Legal 
Resources of Richmond. 

Howard L. Sams '38, continues to live in Asheville, 
NC. His wife died Apr. 12, 1998. He is retired from 
the NC Department of Labor where he held many 
positions from 1950-1981. 

E. Vaughan Lyons '40, is currently serving on the 
San Diego County Grand Jury 1999-2000. He is 
also Chair of Council for the Synod of Southern 
California and Hawaii. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 46 

Bill Buford '44, and 

Elizabeth Copeland 

Buford '46, now live in 

Wesley Homes, a 

Methodist Retirement Community in Des Moines, 

WA. Their cottage looks out over Puget Sound, and 

they are close to two of their daughters. 

Dorothy Green DiStefano '45, and her husband 
have returned from a six-week tour of England and 
Ireland, where they visited friends that they know 
from their travels. 

Grady L. E. Carroll '50, is the author/compiler of 
"Medley House, Mt. Vernon Church, Martin 
Family and Memory Lane: Essays" published pri- 
vately in Raleigh, NC May 1999. 

Ed Ben Gearhart '50, retired from a career in the 
public schools in Portland, ME, in 1984, and is in 
now in real estate sales and owner/manager of resi- 
dential property in Florida. 

Benjamin E. Sheldon '50, and his wife recently 
returned from a six-week visit to their daughter and 
son-in-law in Afghanistan, where they work with the 
International Assistance Mission. While there, they 
were able to baptize their 30th grandchild at the 
Communit)' Christian Church fellowship in Kabul. 
Since retiring from the active pastorate in 1995, they 
have visited their children in Afghanistan and 
Switzerland and missionary friends in Korea. 

David Grubbs '51, and Sue Summers Grubbs '53, 

took a river cruise from Amsterdam to Vienna, July 
15-August 2, 1999. They are enjoying life in their 
retirement condo in Murfreesboro, TN. 

Xen K. Motsinger '51, was recently inducted into 
the SC Aviation Hall of Fame. He is also a member 
of a church building team in Honduras. 
John H. Lewis '52, and his wife have left Alaska and 
moved to Willow Street, PA. 

Richard Newman '52, is the author of "African- 
American Quotations," published by Onyx Press. 
He is a research officer at W. E. B. DuBois Institute 
of Harvard University. 

Ann Leeder Pickett '52, and her husband, Doug, 
are both retired from the U. S. Agency for 
International Development. They now live in Cosby, 
TN, where Ann has her own business, ANNimals 
and Things. She makes various kinds of stuffed toys, 
which are sold at the Cliff Dwellers Gallery in 

Naomi Burgos Lynn '54, has announced that she 
will step down as chancellor of the University of 
Illinois at Springfield on May 31, 2000, and retire 
the following year. She is the first chancellor of the 

Herb Catlin '55, enjoys occasional church supply 
and will make his 25th tour to Israel in January, 
2000, where he works in a kibbutz. He keeps busy 
with canoe building and reconstructing log homes, 
one of which (circa 1850), he lives in at Cookeville, 
TN. He would like to see more news from his class- 
mates in FOCUS. 

John P. Borter '56, retired from the Presbyterian 
ministry in October, 1999, having served as pastor 
of the Slippery Rock Presbyterian Church in 
Pennsylvania for 30 years. In June-July 1998, he led 
a 6-week ser\'ice team to Israel. He has also become 
a grandfather. 

Susan Cook Driver '56, continues to paint land- 
scapes and show and sell them regionally She recent- 
ly won first prize in a national competition. She and 
her husband live in Centennial, WY, and are com- 
pleting an addition to their, which is in an 
aspen woods along a trout stream. 

Booty Miller '56, has retired after 41 years as an 
educator in Indiana and Blount County, TN. He 
retired as principal of Walland Middle School. An 
article about his career recently appeared in The 
Daily Times. He expects to spend time in retirement 
remodeling his house and hiking. 

Ted B. Wilson '57, retired from teaching and coach- 
ing at Dobyns Bennett High School in Kingsport, 
TN, in 1993. In May 1999, he rerired as Music 
Minister from Higher Ground Baptist Church in 

Jim Barber '58, and Barbara Godshalk Barber 
'58, have moved to Willingboro, NJ, following Jim's 
retirement as pastor of the Gwynedd Square 
Presbyterian Church in Lansdale, PA. The church 
had a retirement dinner and program which includ- 


ed a skit on MC with four church members dressed 
as cheerleaders. Jim's brother, George Barber '51, 
was one of the speakers on the program. 

Fred Morrison '61, has been reappointed as a 
member of the North Carolina Sentencing and 
Polic-v Advisory Commission tor a term to expire on 
June 30, 200 1'. 

Constance Beagle Fulton '63, is an independent 
associate with Pre-Paid Legal Sen'ices, Inc.. putting 

33th I 

I ot his 

Kenneth Talbott '76 attended Parent Orientation with his daughter 
Leslie, a member of the Class of 2003. 

customers in touch with top lawTers to help with 
their legal questions. Her daughter, Michelle, was 
named Charleston "Woman Sailor of the Year" for 
1999. The family lives in Mt. Pleasant, SC. 

Kent Minehart '63, is owner/president of Scooter 
Guys Inc. in Woodland, TX. He is married and has 
six children. 

Robert C. Clark '64, is currently acting dean in the 
College ot Education at Florida State University. A 
member of the FSU faculty since 1974, Clark has 
received numerous honors, including an FSU 
President's Teaching Award for his work in child- 
hood, reading and special education. 

John D. Minear '65. was honorably retired on Oct. 
12, 1999, after thirt)' years as a pastoral minister in 
the Presbnerian Church, USA. 

Stanford W. Long '66, moved to New Hampshire 
in June, 1997, where he is sales manager with 
Spectro Coating Corp. He married Sally Ann Carll 
in May, 1998. He has been appointed to the Zoning 
Board of Adjustment in Jaffrey, NH, and writes that 
he plays as much golt as possible. 

Richard J. Marshall '66, retired on Dec. 31,1997, 
after 25 years ot public education service. For the last 
17 years he was Assistant Superintendent for 
Business/Board Secretary of the Scotch Plains- 
Fanwood (NJ) Public Schools. He has taken up golf 
and is looking forward to returning to MC for the 

Carolyn Turner Newman '66, retired from Knox 
County Schools in May, 1 998, after teaching for 32 
years. Louis Newman '68, taught for 31 years in 
Maryville City Schools before retiring in May, 1998. 
They recently celebrated their 32nd wedding 

Robert L. Hart '67, became rector of All Saints' 
Episcopal Church in Pontiac, MI, on Jan. 15, 1999. 

Jayne Smith Carie '68, and 

her husband celebrated their 
30th wedding anniversan' in 
April, 1999. they sold their 
home in Colorado and are 
full-timing RV'ers for a few 

Cole Piper '68, has been cho- 
sen as the first executive-in- 
residence in the University' ot 
Tennessee College of Human 
Ecolog}'. He is teaching a 
course in the Department ot 
Retailing and Merchandising 
on the KnoxTille campus. 
Piper retired in January, 1999, 
as Executive Vice President of 
Protfitt's, after a 30-year 
career with the company 

Janice Winkler '69, has retired alter teaching tor 30 
years in the Knox County schools. She lives in Alcoa, 

James F. Daugherty '70, has joined the faculty at 
the University- ot Kansas, where he conducts the KU 
Concert Choir and teaches in the Division ot Music 
Education and Music Therapy Choirs under his 
direction were featured twice last winter on NPR's 
"Performance Today" 

Rob Snow '71, has been promoted to Special 
Projects Manager at Turner 
Broadcasting in Adanta. Janet 
Schmitt Snow '71, has com- 
pleted chemotherapy treat- 
ment for leukemia and is seek- 
ing a call as pastor ot a small 
church and/or campus minis- 

Patricia Henry Reeves '72, 
and her husband were married 
in Hawaii. Both are members 
ot the Board of Directors of 
the National Education 
Association. She is a kinder- 
garten teacher in Blount 
County, and he is retired from 
teaching in Colorado. They 
plan to maintain homes in 
both Tennessee and Colorado. 

Dale White '73, has taken the College of St. 
Benedict/St. Johns University Wind and Jazz 
Ensemble on an extensive tour of the south, includ- 
ing New Orleans. He has released a compact disc for 
trumpet and piano and conducted the Collegiate 
Minnesota Honors Band at the Minnesota 
Educators Convention. He is Professor of Music at 
CSB/SJU in Minnesota. 

Melanie Kohn Day '75, served as one of two coach- 
es tor the Operafestival di Roma in Italy during the 
summer of 1999. This was the second summer she 
has worked tor an Italian opera program. She is 
Director of Opera Theatre at Virginia 
Commonwealth Universirv. 

Amy Wynn Lancaster-Brown '76, and her hus- 
band, Keith, recently returned from Russia with 
their newly adopted daughter, Lena Grace Brown, 
age 8. She joins Jonah, age 18; and Hannah, age 15. 
The family lives in Paducah, KY, where Amy is in 
private practice with Psychological Associates of 

Paul W. Bailey '77, has recently organized a new 
community hank in downtown St. Petersburg, PL. 
He is CEO ot Signature Bank. He and his wife have 
two daughters, Michelle, 16; and Claire, 13. 

Keith Henderson '78, was recently promoted to the 
position ot District Sales Manager for the Twin 
Cities metropolitan (Minneapolis- St. Paul) area with 
Cronatron Welding Systems. He and his wife, 
Meredith Thompson Henderson '78, live in Hager 
City, WI. 

Pete Gardzina '80, is Assistant Professor of 
Aerospace Studies at the University of Delaware. His 
wife, Yvonne, is working on her master's degree in 
nutrition. They have two sons, Eric (10) and Dan 

Joseph H. Crabtree '82, is a partner in the 
Memphis law firm of Stewart, Wilkinson and 
Wilson, PLLC. His practice consists of defending 
personal injury and workers compensation cases. He 

Freshman Robert Taylor, center, follows in the collegiate footprints of 
parents Tom '70 and Nan Krause Taylor '68. Robert's grandfather, J. 
Wilson Taylor, was a member of the class of 1933. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 47 


and his wife live in Cordova, TN. They have two 
children, Houston, age 10; and Catherine, age 8. 

Greg Gheen '83, has been named to the Leadership 
Knoxville Class ot 2000. He is president and senior 
manager. Realty Trust Group, Pershing Yoakley & 
Associates in KnoxTille. 

Aug. 15, 1999, at Smoky View Baptist Church in 
Maryville. He has been serving as the youth director 
at the church. 

Morrissa Watson '85, has been promoted 
position of Director of Mental Health 
for the Florida Department o 
Corrections and is responsible for 
statewide service delivery for the third 
largest correctional system in the 
country She had the first article writ- 
ten to address advanced directives for 
the mentally ill published in 
"Psychology, Public Policy & Law," an 
APA journal. 

Victoria A. Black '86, has recent 
completed a tour year program in tra 
ditional Chinese medicine and plans 
to practice in Asheville, NC. 


Leigh Emery Lawrence '89, 

College of the death of het 
Thomas Lawrence, on June 13, 
sudden illness. 

has notified the 
husband, William 
1999, followins a 

Steve Tensi '86, and his wife, Ruth 
Ann White Tensi '85, now live in 
Asheville, NC, and are awaiting the 
birth of their third child. Steve is a 
claims specialist with State Farm 

Wayne '74 and Mary Gross Davis '74 participated in Parent 
Orientation sessions and events with son and freshman student 
Craig Davis. 

Norehan Abdullah '87, is a lecturer in the School of 
Economics, L'niversiti Utara Malaysia in Kedah. 

Cindy Claborn Terrell '87, is now Music 
Coordinator/Director of Choral Activities at Roane 
State Communin' College. 

Laura L. Starkey '87, has recently returned from 
one-and-a-hall years in South America. She was in 
Venezuela tor six months (where she saw "Julio" 
Virginio Pesiri '88) and then lived in Ecuador for a 
year, teaching English to junior and senior high 
school students. She is now living in Flotida, prepar- 
ing tor graduate school. 

Beth Lewis Lazar '88, has been named business 
office manager ot Low & Tritt, a Knoxville advertis- 
ing company 

James Shook '88, has returned to teaching at a 
Catholic high school after five years as a stay-at- 
home dad tor his son, Jamieson. He teaches English 
at Aquinas Institute in Rochester, NY. 

Charlene M. Thompson '88, has accepted a posi- 
tion with NewFields, Inc. in Atlanta, as an environ- 
mental scientist/chemist. The company is a strategic 
environmental management firm that tties to devel- 
op the most comprehensive, effective strategy to 
minimize or eliminate envitonmental liabilities for 
its clients. 

Stan Ballard '89, was ordained into the ministty on 
FOCUS Autumn 1999 48 

Traci Wear Jennings '90, and her family moved to 
their new home in Maryville in May, 1999. She 
resigned her position as a kinder- 
garten teacher in Blount Co., to be 
full-time mom to their three sons, 
Micah. age 5; and twins, Noah 
and Nicholas, born Mar. 2, 1998. 

School in Adanta, GA. 

Paula Will Eriksson '93, and her husband are 
building a house on Tellico Lake in Loudon Co., 
TN. She received a degree in intetior design from 
UT, and is an intetior designer with Bennett 
Galleries in KnoxTille. 

Keith Lane '93, Victoria Conwell Lane '90, and 

their daughter, Kaylee, have moved to Denver, CO, 
where he is now Vice President of Service with 
Marks-Lloyds Furs. Victoria is primarily a stay-at- 
home mom, but is also assistant athletic trainer at 
Eagle Crest High School. 

Allison Smith Watkinson '93, has been named 
"Outstanding Teacher ot the Year" by the Rotary 
Club of Knoxville. She is a fifth-grade teachet at 
Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Technology Center. 

Stephanie French '95, has received her M. S. degree 

in Entomology and Plant Pathology from the 
Universit}' of Tennessee. She is on the faculty of the 
University of Georgia as a 4H County Extension 
Agent, covering three counties. 

Chandra Moore Gordon '95, is presently wotking 
at Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY. She and 
her family are living in Central Islip, NY. 

John Paul Nichols '95, is a teacher in Blount 
Count}' and also is pastor of Rocky Branch Bethel 

Lori Smith Reno '91, was recent- 
ly hired as a project specialist 
doing public relations for 
Regional Sales and Support in the 
downtown Marwille office of 
First Tennessee Bank. 

Frank P. Schubert '91, received 
the MD degree from the 
Univetsity of Tennessee-Memphis 
on June 4, 1999. His wife received 
her MD on the same date. 

Mark Smelser '91, and his wife. 
Tiffany, have been married for 
four years and have a two-and-a- 
half year-old daughter. They are 
building a home in Kingsport, 
TN, and expect their second child 
in 2000. He is assistant manager 
of Texas Roadhouse Restaurant. 

Scott L. Snyder '91, recently left 
Notre Dame High School after 4 
years and 2 state championships to 
accept a position as head coach for 
boys soccer and U. S. History 
teacher at The Westminster 

Young alumni join staff 

Throughout its 180 year history, the work of Maryville 
College has been carried on, in part, by staff recruited from the 
ranks of the institution's own alumni. 

The names of Ernest C. "Brownie" Brown '13 (campus engi- 
neer), Viola Lightfoot '34 (registrar), E. E. "Mr. Mac" McCurry 
'34 (supervisor of men's residence) and Raymond I. "Brick" 
Brahams '49 (vice president for administration) are a few of 
those who appear on the roster of MC alumni-staff members. 

There ore currently 12 recent MC graduates contributing to 
the work of the College as members of the staff. They are: 

Monica Blackburn Alsup '97, director of alumni and parent relations 

Liz Bentley Anderson '96, campus database administrator/webmoster 

Karen Beaty '94, director of news and sports information 

Joel Campbell '97, computer/network technician 

Shawn Carroll '97, network administrator/webmaster 

Heather Crawley '93, switchboard operator 

Aaron Oamril '98, resident director 

Larry Ervin '97, director of campus programs and minority services 

Marcus Farmer '96, help desk coordinator/technician 

Karson Leitch '98, admissions counselor 

Charity Merritt '98, admissions counselor 

Charlie Wiggins '92, ossistant football coach 

Wendy Wimbrow '99, admissions intern 


Baptist Church in WaJiand. He and his vvite have 
two children, Caleb, born Nov. 11, 1996; and 
Joshua, born Sept. 28, 1998. 

Peggy Smith Stone '95, recendy accepted a position 
as Advertising Manager at Biuegrass Cellular in 
Elizabethtown, KY. She is completing her MBA 
degree at Western Kentucky Universitv' and traveled 
to Ireland in May, 1999, as part ol her 
marketing/business studies. 

Linda Strickland '95, received her Master's degree 
from the University' of Tennessee in August, 1999. 
She teaches emotionally disturbed students in Sevier 
Count)', TN. 

Julie Williams '95, lives in Yardville, NJ, where she 
is a holistic massage therapist. She also works as the 
box office manager at a local independent perform- 
ance theatre. 

Jama Cameron Anderson '96, has completed her 
Master's and Ed. S. degrees from Lincoln Memorial 
Universitv' and is presendy teaching 1st grade at 
Rockford Elementary School in Blount Count}'. 

Amanda Martin '96, was recently promoted to 
assistant news editor with "The Daily Times' in 

Geoffrey Vinson '96, is a Customhouse Broker 
Specialist with Union Transport in Adanta. 

Brandee Shafer West '96, and her husband recent- 
ly purchased their first home. They live in 
Shenandoah, VA, and are expecting their first child. 
She has been accepted into the graduate English pro- 
gram at James Madison University and plans to 
begin classes in 2000. 

Laura Gibson '97, was promoted in June, 1999, to 
Account Executive with Nova Information Systems, 
Inc. in Knoxville. 

Douglas S. Perry '98, has been accepted into the 
master's program of physical therapy at the 
University of Tennessee-Memphis. He began his 
work in the fall of 1999. 

Sarah Christians Jamison '99, and her husband are 
living in Indianapolis. She is a teaching assistant and 
student at Purdue Universit)'. At their wedding in 
July, Jennifer Bradley '00, was one of three brides- 
maids, and Lisa Higginbotham '00, gave a reading. 

in memonam 

John B. Bassell '24, on Sept. 22, 1999, in 
Springfield, TN. He had worked for TVA for many 
years at Norris, Knoxville, Chattanooga and Muscle 
Shoals, AL. He was later employed at Cape 
Canaveral. Survivors include his wife, Juanita Law 
Bassel '34; a son and his family; and sister, Dorothy 
Bassel McKeehan '31. 

William T. Swaim '28, on July 30, 1999, in 
Newville, PA. He was a retired Presbyterian minister. 
He was executive of Presbyterian Homes of Central 
Pennsylvania, a position from which he retired in 
1969. He served on many church committees at 
local and national levels. Survivors include rvvo 

Donald G. Benn '3L on Aug. 6, 1999, in St. 
Petersburg, PL. Before retirement he had been 
minority counsel for the U. S. House Judiciary 
Committee in Washington, DC. He was president 
of his class at MC. Sur\'ivors include his wife, 
Josephine W Benn; and a sister, Mary Benn 
Johnson '29. 

Elizabeth Bacon Bell '34, on July 1, 1999, in 
KnoxTille. She was a retired teacher in the Lenoir 
City School System and active in numerous organi- 
zations in Lenoir City. Survivors include her hus- 
band, J. O. Bell, a son and daughter and their fami- 

Mabel Rowland Garber '34, on June 18, 1999, at 
her home in .Vlamille, after a long illness. Survivors 
include several nieces and nephews. 

NeU Jo Knight Hoglan '34, on Apr. 2, 1999. 
Survivors include two daughters and their families. 
The College was notified of her death and that of 
her husband by their daughter, Ruth Ann Smith, of 
Wichita, KS. ' 

Howard W. Kipp '34, on Sept. 4, 1999. He lived in 
North Manchester, IN. He was a retired Presbnerian 
minister. His death was reported to the College by 
John McQueen '34, MC classmate who was also 
Kipp's roommate at Louisville Presbyterian 
Theological Seminary 

Veta May Stephens Kirchner '34, on July 9, 1999, 
in Nashville, TN. She was a retired teacher and 
active in the Methodist church. Survivors include a 
son and his family 

Martha Wray '34, on June 25, 1999, in Greenville, 
SC. No sun'ivors were listed in the notice of her 
death that was sent to MC. 

George W Hoglan '35, on May 19, 1999. He was 
a retired Presbyterian minister and U.S. Navy chap- 
lain. Survivors include two daughters and their fam- 

Stephen A. Gabbard '36, on Sept. 2, 1999, at his 
home in Booneville, KY, following a long illness 
with cancer. He was a retired school administrator 
and farmer. Survivors include his wife, Naomi Green 
Gabbard; two sons and rvvo daughters and their fam- 
ilies; and brother, Eugene Gabbard '29. 

Doris Cooper Young '36, on June 27, 1999. She 
had taught at Richmond (IN) High School. 
Survivors include her husband Leslie Decker, four 
children and their families. She was preceded in 

death by rwo husbands, David Caldwell and Eugene 

Charlei Bulow Pflanze '38, on Sept. 3, 1 999, at his 
home in Maryville. He had a degree in accounting 
from the University ot Tennessee and had served in 
the US Army during WWII. He was active in efforts 
to preserve the natural beauty of Blount Count\'. 
Survivors include his wife, Thea; sister, Eleanor 
Pflanze Frishe Graham '36; brother, Otto Pflanze 
'40; rvvo sons and a daughter and their families. 

Philip Oscar Evaul '41, on Aug. 18, 1999, in 
Newland, NC. A Presbyterian minister, he had 
served as a missionary in Columbia, Chile; had 
taught at Lees-McRae College where he also served 
as Chaplain and served as Chaplain of Cannon 
Memorial Hospital. In 1975, he founded Fellowship 
Presbyterian Church in Crossnore, NC, and was 
pastor there until he retired in 1981. He then served 
as a supply pastor in several areas. His memorial 
service was conducted by members of his family 
Survivors include his wife, Peggy Cloud Evaul '39; 
six children and fifteen grandchildren. Three of the 
children are graduates ol MC, Phyllis Evaul Mills 
'66; Bill Evaul '67; and Bob Evaul, '71. 

John Rainey Sr. 

Former Board member 
Rainey dies Oct. 14 

|ohn Rainey 
St., a former 
member ol the 
Mar}'\'ille College 
Board of 

Directors, passed 
.iway Oct. 14 at 
his home in 
.Vlarwille. He was 

Rainey was a 
1950 graduate of 
F u r m a n 
University. In 
1961, he began working in the automobile industry 
in Blount Count)'. At the time of his retirement, 
Rainey was president of Airport Toyota in Alcoa. 

Rainey ser\'ed on the MC Board of Directors for 
five years. During those years, he served on the 
Advancement and Building and Grounds commit- 
tees. He took special interest in the College's fine arts 
programs and campus improvement projects. 

A member of the Isaac Anderson Societ)', Rainey 
was a long-standing financial contributor and helped 
in fund-raising efforts, including serving as vice 
chairman of the College's Blount County 
Communit)' Campaign. 

Survivors include his wife Doris, daughter Beth 
Rainey Willocks and son Dr. John Rainey and their 
spouses and children. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 49 

Eugene Wilder Reid '41, on May 5, 1999. He was 
a retired Presbyterian minister and lived in 
Heidelberg, MS. The College was notified of his 
death by John M. Magee '41. 

Bonnie C. Hayes '42, on Mar 29, 1999, in New 
Jersey. Survivors include sister, Ezelle Hayes 
Conway '41; brother, John A. Hayes; special friend, 
Mary Jane Shaw of Asbury Park, NJ; and ten nieces 
and nephews. 

Guy E. Lambert '43, on June 9, 1 999, at La Posada, 
the Mesilla Valley Hospice Residence, Las Cruces, 
NM. He was a retired Presbyterian minister. 
Survivors include his wife, Dorothy Gessert 
Lambert '42; a son and two daughters and their 

Carl Gray Pierce, Jr. '43, on July 26, 1999, in 
Rehoboth Beach, DE. He had served as a deck offi- 
cer on destroyers in the North Atlantic after gradu- 
ating from MC. In 1945, he entered Jefferson 
Medical College and received his MD. He practiced 
medicine in Rehoboth Beach until his retirement in 
1987. Sunivors include his wife, Meredith Preston 
Pierce '43; daughters, Meredith Pierce Cox '67; 
Pamela Pierce Wilson '70; and Margaret Pierce 
Collins; and sons, Carl G. Pierce, III '73; and W. 
David Pierce. 

Phyllis Cain Shaver '43, on Sept. 17, 1999, after 
suffering a stroke. She lived in Morristown, TN, 

where she taught history at Morristown East High 
School before retirement. She was the widow of Ben 
H. Shaver, a former sheriff of Hamblen County. 
Survivors include two sons and a daughter and their 
families; and sister, Virginia Cain Johnson '44. 

Virginia Miller Christy '47, on Apr. 29, 1999, in 
Philadelphia. She was the wile of J. Wayne Christy, 
to whom she was married for 51 years. Thev lived in 
West Chester, PA, where she was active in a number 
of organizations. Sunivors also include a son and his 
family; and sister, Barbara Miller Wilson '53. 

Walter Winton Enloe '49, on Aug. 18, 1999, at his 
home in Pigeon Forge, TN. He was a missionary to 
Japan with the Presbnerian Church from 1961 until 
retirement in 1989, and then served several pas- 
torates. Survivors include his wife, Kitty Stidham 
Enloe '48; two sons and two daughters and their 

Anita Withers Best '51, on July 22, 1999, at 
Colonial Hills Nursing Home in Maryville. She was 
a retired school teacher. Survivors include her hus- 
band, James Edgar Best; three step-children and 
their families. 

J. A. Cameron '51, on Aug. 26, 1999, at his home 
in Storrs, CT, from non hodgkins lymphoma. He 
was a microbiology professor at the University of 
Connecticut before retiring in 1995. Survivors 
include his wife, Elizabeth Moore Cameron '52, 

Thompson, Gilliland "re"uiiited 

The marriage of Janet 
Whitmore Thompson '56 
and Joe T. Gilliland '55 
brought together two fami- 
lies with extensive Maiyville 

They were married July 
17, 1999, at Trinity 
Episcopal Church in 
Asheville, N.C. with Rev. 
Thomas D. Hughes '54 offi- 
ciating the ceremony. 

Joe's daughter Anne 
Gilliland 79 and Janet's son 
Kent Thompson'83, partici- 
pated in the wedding as well 
as Janet's daughter Faith 
Thompson McClure '83 and 
Don Gilliland '83. Joel Flint 
'79 also participated in the 

While at Maryville and 
thereafter, Janet was a close 
fi-iend of Joe's late wife, Joan Frei Gilliland '54 and Joan's late sister, Elizabeth Frei Carnell '56. 
Joe and Janet Gilliland are making their home in Asheville. 

Thomas D. Hughes '54, center, officiated the July 17 wedding cer- 
emony of Janet Whitmore Thompson '56 and Joe Gilliland '55. 

and two sons. 

Bobby Larsen Chaffin '59, on Aug. 27, 1999, in 
Beaumont, TX. She had completed a Master's in 
Religious Education at Princeton Theological 
Seminary and worked for a time in campus ministry. 
Survivors include her husband, Pat Chaffin; a son 
and two daughters. 

James Russell Stewart '70, on June 19, 1999, at his 
home in Minneapolis, MN, following a nine-month 
battle with cancer. Survivors include his parents; his 
wife, Cheryl Miner Stewart; and three children, 
Whitney, Melissa and Luke. Word of his death was 
brought to the College by Meredith Thompson 
Henderson '78. She and her family were close 
friends of the Stewarts. 


Patricia Henry Bleazey '72, to Larry Herman 
Reeves, May 30, 1999. 

Staci L Ames '90, to Anthony L. Bell, Aug. 28, 

Karen Palka '90, to Lee Nelson, June 12, 1999. 

James Bryan DeBula '94, to Jennifer LaPlante, 
June 12, 1999. 

Karl P. Ackermann '95, to Robyn Ann Gaylor, Apr. 

24, 1999. 

Christopher M. Jenkins '95, to Kimberly Carter, 
May 10, 1997. 

Julia Cain '96, to David Phillippi, Aug. 14, 1999. 

Jama Cameron '96, to Donny Anderson, June 26, 

Megan Gay McWTiorter '96, to Joey N. Jones, July 
24, 1999. 

Virginia Whitehouse '96, to Brian James Seals, 
Mar, 21,1998. 

Kyle Duke '97, to Allison Burgess, Apr. 17, 1999. 

Allison Pryor '97, to Grant Edward Kelly '98, 

June 12, 1999. 

Christopher E. Stephens '97, to Tammy 
Bartenfeld '97, May 22, 1999. 

Eric Stone '97, to Leslie Piety '98, July 31, 1999. 

Lauren Parks McArthur '98, to Peter Joseph 
Blair '98, July 3, 1999. 

David J. McGreal '98, to Angela Hicks '99, July 
24, 1999. 

Andrea Suddarth '98, to Jake Craft '99, June 5, 

Joy A. Bailey '99, to Travis Keith "Murph" 
Hutson, June 26, 1999. 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 50 

Sarah Christians '99, to Christopher Jamison. July 
10, 1999. 

Kellv Michelle Greaser '99, to Tommy Lvnn Kerr, 
jr..Julv23, 1909. 

Sarah Elizabeth Knisley '99. to William Charles 
Arnett.Junel9, 1999. 


Roger H. Reiter '74. and his wife. Lvsa, a son, 
JacksonWolfgang,Jan. 22. 1997. 

Marianne Harrison Bowman '75. and her hus- 
band. David, a daughter, Hannah Elizabeth, Oct. 
1, 1998. 

Wilma Coleman Proffitt '84, and her husband, 
Jim, a daughter, Grace Amelia, May 27, 1999, their 
third child. 

Louise Donahue Albino '85, and her husband, 
Aaron, a son. Stuart Steele Ka Wai Ola Albino. 
Aug. 22. 1999. 

Lynn Smith Purcell '89. and her husband. David, 
a son. Sean Logan. Aug. 9. 1999. their first child. 

Scott R. Farmer '90. and Marilyn McCoy Farmer 
'90. a daughter, Chandler Marie, July li, 1999, 
their first child. 

Angela Stinnett Lunsford '91. and her husband. 
Steve, a son, Matthew Preston. June 4. 1999. their 
third child. 

Christopher M. Jenkins '95. and his wife. 
Kimberly a son, Austin Michael, Apr. 2. 1998. 

Giffin receives presti- 
gious educator award 

MaryviUe College alumnus Joel Giffin 
'62 was one of only four educators in 
Tennessee to receive the 1999 Milken 
Family Foundation National Educator 

Giffm is the principal at Maryville 
Middle School. His selection as a 1999 
award winner was made Oct. 5 in a sur- 
prise assembly at the school. Jane Foley, 
vice president of the Milken Family 
Foundation, made the announcement. 

Criteiia for selection include skill as an 
educator, commitment to professional 
development and innovative techniques, 
leadership and the abilit)' to instill charac- 
ter and self-confidence among students. 

In addition to a cash prize of $25,000, 
GiflPin receives a free Internet account 
from MCI Communications Corp. and 
access to Intetnet-based software and pro- 
fessional development opportunities. 
Next summer, he will be recognized 
(along with 171 other national award 
winners) at the Milken Family 
Foundation's National Education 
Conference in Los Angeles. 

Maryville alumnus Joe Malloy '68 was 
awarded a Milken Family Foundation 
National Educator Award in 1996. 

The July 31 marriage of Hank Curran and Bette Alverson Coul '49, center, set the stage for a reunion 
of Maryville College alumni Peggy Brooks Leisering '49, left, and Marguerite Priest Carroll '49, right. 
Husbands Alfred Leisering and Bruce Carroll joined in the reminiscing. 


Tim Tophain '80 

Mary\'ille, Tennessee 


James Campbell '53 

Marwilie, Tennessee 

Vice President 

Denise Smith Vogodo '74 
Mary-ville, Tennessee 
Recording Secretary 

Jan Rickards Dungan '65 

Louisville, Tennessee 


CLASS OF 2000 

Martha Bess Ellis DeWitt '64 

Russell Gibson '82 

David King '93 

Roger Nooe '62 

Judy Penry '73 

CLASS OF 2001 

Jonathan Allison '90 

Robert Beam '58 

Priscilla Book Campbell '79 

De.Ann Hargis-Kaminski '88 

Brenda Babb McCroskey '82 

CLASS OF 2002 

Marcia Williams Kling '56 

David Russell '72 

Joe Gilliland '55 

Rebeccah Kinnamon Neff '62 

William Lukens '91 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 51 


Tim Topham '80, MCAA President 

W' ere sharing a lot ot information in these pages of 
FOCUS. I hope it paints tor you a good picture of 
things happening on campus. 
But with a college ot 1,001 students, 100 or so courses, two 
building projects underway, 10 athletic teams, a calendar full of 
fine arts events, and many club and organization-sponsored 
activities, it's difficult to paint a detailed picture - even in 52 

As the Maryville College Alumni Association (MCAA) pres- 
ident, I'm happy to report that the alumni presence on campus 
is dynamic, too - just as it is represented on the cover of this 
autumn's FOCUS. 

New members to the Association's Executive Board are list- 
ed on page 13. A complete listing of the 
Board is on page 51. We met Sept. 10 and 
1 1 to discuss the work of the Association. 
It was a productive time. As in every meet- 
ing. Board members receive from the pres- 
ident an update on the present state of the 
College, and staff advisots share particular 
details about their respective departments: 
admissions, alumni programming, devel- 
opment, public relations, student develop- 
ment. And while there's no question about 
the positive direction in which Marwille is 
moving, the Executive Board is also 
apprised ot the areas in which the College 
needs help - help from its alumni - to keep 
the momentum going. 

If you read this column regularly, you've read some of my 
suggestions for how alumni can get involved. You've tead about 
the importance of building a new student center, boosting 
alumni participation, identifying prospective students for the 
College, adding new members to the VISA Affinity Program, 
planning (and attending) outreach events. I still stand beside 
those "causes, " and I hope other alumni do, as well. I'd like to 
share additions and updates, as they came trom the September 

Just as Maryville College grows, so does its needs. 
• The VISA Affinit}' Program. Several years ago Mar\'\'ille 
College established the VISA Affinity Card. The number of 
card carriers varied, as businesses joined and left the program. 
In recent years, carriers numbered about 300, but the Executive 
Board voted to have 200 new participants before Dec. 31, 

With each putchase made on an affinity card, the 
Association receives a percentage of the purchase. And, as 
you've likely read before, the Association purchases gifts for stu- 
dents (see freshman T-shirt on opposite page) and sponsors 
alumni-student events with the money earned. 

I'm happy to report that First Tennessee Bank has decided to 

re-market the VISA Affinity Card, which should make it easier 
tor alumni to apply Applications should be mailed this winter. 

• The Milestone Traditions School Ring program. Alumni 
trom reunion classes may have received a brochure in the mail 
this summer about the official ring now being offered to stu- 
dents who earn a minimum of 59 credit hours. 

The MCAA took this program over last yeat, because Board 
members believed that a school ring could come to represent a 
tradition at Marwille College. And who better promotes and 
keeps traditions than alumni? 

Through an agreement with ring manufacturer Milestone 
Traditions, the MCAA receives a small amount ot money for 
each ring purchased. The MCAA has decided to use that 
money for a special ring ceremony, during which juniors and 
seniors will be presented the ring by President Gibson. 

Martha Bess Ellis DeWitt '64 chaired a committee of 
alumni and students to plan the first ting ceremony. It was 
scheduled tor Dec. 1 in the Proffitt Dining Room. 

• The Career Services Task Force. Connecting alumni with 
students who need job experience has been an important issue 
of the Executive Board for some time. This summer, a seven- 
member committee of faculty, staff, students and alumni was 
formed to discuss students' internship and job placement needs 
and ways in which alumni can meet those needs. The last few 
months have been a great learning experience for everyone 
involved; we hope the next few months will be very productive. 

Along those lines, the MCAA co-sponsored the annual 
Senior Luncheon with the College's Career Services Office. 
During the luncheon program, Austin "Cole" Piper '68, Ann 
Little Rigell '69 and Wil Lukens '91 gave students advice for 
life after Maryville College. 

Although juniors and seniors may be too buried in exams, 
labs and Senior Thesis projects to realize it, there is life - for 
many alumni, long and fulfilling life - after Maryville College. 

Alumni on the cover of this FOCUS illustrate that. D. H. 
Briggs '19 earned doctoral degrees at the University of North 
Carolina and returned to teach psychology at MC for almost 
30 years. George Callahan '20 went to medical school after 
MC and became a doctor. He died in 1995 at the ripe old age 
of 94. Ethel Burchfiel '19 (the woman in the letter sweater) 
married Finis Cooper '18, and before their deaths in 1984 and 
1990, they set up a trust fiand for Maryville College. That trust 
fund, now maintained by daughter Maggie Cooper, has pro- 
vided funds for (among many other things) the renovation of 
the physical education building. The building was renamed the 
Cooper Athletic Center in 1993. From the trust fund. Miss 
Cooper has also given money for the kitchen area in the new 
Bartlett Hall Student Center. 

If any of those early century students were living today, I'm 
sure they would applaud the efforts of the MCAA to ensure 
that Maryville remains "for students for centuries." 

FOCUS Autumn 1999 52 

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MARYVILLE, TN 37804-5907 







MARYVILLE, TN 37804-5907 

What^s key in taking a picture of the largest freshman 
class in Maryville Collegers history? 

"Location, location, location," according to Knoxville 
photographer Neil Crosby. 

For the fourth consecutive year, Crosby has pho- 
tographed the freshmen in their Alumni Association 

The side entrance of Thaw Hall is perfect for the 
shot, he said. 

"The steps are just the right height, the 
columns are nice in the picture and the sun is 
angled out of the way by 
the size of the build' 
ing," he said. "The green grass in 
front really shows off the beauty of the setting." 
Technically, Crosby uses a medium format camera that produces 
a negative roughly four times larger than a 35 mm negative. Standing no more than 
20 yards from his 300+ subjects and using a standard 90 mm lens, Crosby said he 
is able to get a "true" picture, a proportionate picture. 

He lines students up by height, starting with those over 6 foot. From there, 
every step is designated in inch increments: one step for those who stand 5- 
foot-11; another for those who stand 5-foot-IO and so on. The shortest stu- 
dents are asked to kneel or sit. 

"It's the largest group I shoot," Crosby said. "But we can get it done in 30 
minutes - largely because of that great location. Those steps are life savers." 

Not only does the Class of 2003 total more than 300 students, but the College reported the 
largest student body ever - it's 1 ,00 1 strong. 



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