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The 1995-96 
Board of Directors 

Mr. Darrell Akins 

Dr. Charles Brooks, Jr. '80 

Mr. Michael Campbell 

Mr. Joseph M. Dawson '69 

Dr. William O. DeWeese '69 

Mrs. Eleanor Galbreath Dixon '58 

Ms. Janice Rickards Dungan '65 

Dr. Virginia Bass Eaddy '61 

Dr. Dorsey D. Ellis, Jr. '60 

The Rev. Dr. G. Kenneth Gates 

Dr. Gerald W. Gibson 

Mr. Sidney W. Gilreath '58 

Mr. Sheridan H. Greaser '60 

Ms. Natalie L. Haslam 

Mr. J. William Holt '51 

The Rev. Dr. G. Carswell Hughs 

Ms. Diane Humphreys-Barlow '70 

Mr. J. William Johnson 

Mr. Fred R. Lawson 

Dr. Richard L. Leatherwood 

Mr. Baxter Lee 

Dr. Naomi Burgos Lynn '54 

Ms. Mary Ellen 'Sis' Mitchell 

Ms. Virginia K. Morrow 

Ms. Ann Proffitt Mullican '72 

Mr. George A. Painter 

Ms. Sara Pope Proffitt 

Mr. Richard E. Ragsdale 

The Rev. Mr. Gordon C. Stewart '64 

Mr. John C. Thornton 

Dr. Jon M. Veigel 

The Rev. Dr. Thomas D. Walker 

Mr. Lew E. Weems 

Ms. Mary Lee Witherspoon '56 


Dr. Tutt Bradford 

Mr. Carle M. Davis 

The Rev. Dr. J. Hayden Laster '30* 

Mr. Judson B. Murphy '39 

Dr. Samuel M. Nabrit 

Mr. Harwell W. Proffitt '40 

Mr. Algie Sutton '29 

Dr. Harold B. Walker 


Dr. C. Edward Brubaker '38 
Dr. John P. Magill '39 
Dr. Dan M. McGill '40 

* deceased 

Cava photo by Stanley McCleavc '78 


A publication for Alumni and Friends of Maryville College 

Page 2 

The Class of 2000 

This year, MC welcomes the students that 
will lead us into the 2 1 st Century. 

Page 4 

The Right Chemistry 

Student-faculty research project 
helps prepare a future physician. 

.. >HLa m 

Ajmim. -I 

Page 6 

The Business of 

CEOs, students interact in 
strategic management class. 

Page 8 

Marching With Spirit 

MC Student Senate President seeks to rediscover old 
traditions and create new ones. 

Pages 10-11 

Presidential Points 

Insight from Dr. Gerald Gibson on the points of progress 
the College has made toward its MC2000 goals. 

Pages 9-43 

The 95-96 

t's Report 

This donor recognition report lists the names of those individuals and 
organizations who contributed to Maryville College during the past 
fiscal year (July 1, 1995 -June 30, 

Volume Ninety-Seven, Number Two 
Fall 1996 

Gerald W Gibson 

Vice President for Advancement 
Elton R. Jones 


Emily C Yarborough 

Director of Communications 

Staff Writer 


Director of Publications 

Design and Layout 
Timothy Bryant 

Director of Principal Giving 
Jeanne Fulkerson 

Director of Annual Giving 
Anna B. Graham 

Director of Alumni and 

Parents Relations 


Director of Gift Planning 
Lyn Habercom 

Alumni Association Executive Board 

Jan Rickards Dungan '65 

Louisville, Tennessee 


James Campbell '53 

Maryville, Tennessee 

Vice President 

Denise Smith Vogado 74 
Maryville, Tennessee 
Recording Secretary 

Carl McDonald '63 

Maryville, Tennessee 

Past President 


Al Baker 72 

Melissa Durden Pacifico 74 

Tim Topham '80 

Jack Turregano '80 

Judy Pike Woods 71 

Class of 1998 

Debbie Mount Akins 73 

Larry Durand '81 

Ron Jennings '55 

Rosalind Bennett Magnuson 72 

Kathleen McArthur '91 


Carol Corbett '51 
Greg Gheen '83 
Joyce Runyon'57 
Tom Scott '61 


is a publication of 
Maryville College 

For comments, Letters to the Editor, 

or story ideas contact 


Maryvilk College 

502 E Lamm Alexander Parkway 

Maryville, TN 3 7804-5907 

or by E-mail 

When these students graduate, they will be the first 
to walk into the 2 1st century. 

W ou can't become a member of the 
Class of 2000 like you'd join a 

There's no unique preparation. 
You can't train, athletically, for the event. 
You can't take a test. 

It's an exclusive group - the Class 
of 2000. There's just one way to become 
part of it - it's your birthright. You have 
to be in the right place at the right time. 
Like members of other special classes at 
Maryville College, the Class of 2000 
serves as a symbolic marker on a time 
line. Like members of the Class of 1919 
- the College's 100 year anniversary, or 
members of the Class of 1976 - the 
country's Bicentennial, members of the 
Class of 2000 serve as shining beacons 
of the College's ideal set forth by its fifth 
President Samuel Tyndale Wilson and 
reiterated by current President Gerald 
Gibson. That ideal is "to be beyond all 
question, the best possible college." The 
following students will help the College 
reach that goal in the next four years. 

T. J. Emory 

Students like T.J. Emory will help 
the College reach 

its goal. A biology 

major from 

Loudon, TN - a 

small town located 

just a few miles 

west of the College 

- Emory says he 

has developed a 

strong sense of 

pride about the 

College in three 

short, but very hectic, months he has 

been on campus. 

"I chose to come to MC because of 
its long, outstanding academic 
reputation," he says. Emory wants to 
become a physical therapist upon 
graduation. The College's biology 
program will serve as excellent 
preparation. He knew this, he says, 
because of the College's ranking in the 
top tier among small, private, liberal arts 
colleges in a recent U.S. News and World 
Report survey. 

Emory is also contributing to the 
growth and development of the College 
outside the classroom. He serves as a 
member of the Hall Council for Gamble 
Hall and he plays football for the Fighting 

"I actually feel I am a part of the campus 
community," he says. "The campus is beautiful 
and is a relaxing place to live and go to school. 
I feel like I am at home." 

Folami Ford 

Folami Ford, from 
Lanham, MD, also feels 
at home at MC. She 
chose to come to the 
College to study in its 
renowned sign language 
interpreting program. 

Ironically, she 
says, MC was the last of 
seven schools to which 
she applied. Now, she 
feels, she saved the best for last. 

Ford says she is struck by the 
friendliness of the people in the MC campus 
community. "The people continue to amaze 
me with their pleasant smiles and cheery 'good 
mornings.' I look around the campus and see 
faces that I actually recognize. That is quite an 
accomplishment for a freshman!" 

Ford was also impressed by the College's 
U.S. News rankings. Since arriving on 
campus, she has been equally enthusiastic 
about experiences like the College's 
Community Forum series and Mountain 
Challenge activities. 

"Maryville's curriculum is geared to 
developing the whole student, not just giving 
them a meaningless degree. So far, Maryville 
has more than lived up to my expectations of 
what college should be like." 

Maxim Williams 

Max Williams 
looked at a number of 
large colleges before he 
found MC. The 
decision, he says, was 
absolutely perfect for 
him. "I preferred to 
attend a small school. I 
do not see myself feeling 
comfortable or 
connected at such large 
schools. At MC, I am able to more closely 
interact and seek assistance from my 
professors and fellow classmates." 

A psychology major, he has become very 
active on campus in the two months since 
convocation. He is a member of Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes and the Black Student 
Association. A Bonner Scholar, he is also 

participating in the Special Olympics 
and Habitat for Humanity. He is also a 
member of Circle 'K.' 

Williams is originally from 
Toronto, Canada. He comes to MC 
from Port Charlotte, Florida. He 
hopes to eventually become a Ph.D. 

In the meantime, though, he is 
enjoying life as a college student. 

"Maryville College seems to be a 
place where I can receive a quality 
education and develop into a more 
well-rounded individual. That's a 
good combination." 

Crissy Wieck 

Crissy Wieck 
is a double major in 
history and business 
from Nashville. 

Since she 
comes from a small 
high school, she was 
intrigued by MCs student-teacher 
ratio of 14:1. 

"The curriculum is challenging, 
but I haven't been overwhelmed. It's a 
tough school, but everyone is great." 

Outside the classroom, she is a 
member of the soccer team. And, like 
many of her classmates, she says she 
loves the mountains that surround the 
College. Those mountains serve as a 
theme that reverberates through the 
history of the College. 

Dr. Ralph Waldo Lloyd, the 
College's sixth President, drew 
inspiration from the view of the 
mountains he could see outside his 
window. Further, the mountains are 
mentioned in the opening stanza of the 
College's alma mater - "Where 
Chilhowee's lofty mountains pierce the 
southern blue proudly stands our alma 
mater, noble, grand and true..." 

Even on the brink of the new 
century, the College continues to stand 
noble, grand and true. The College will 
enter its third century adhering to the 
ideals set forth by its leaders of a 
different generation. 

But it is this generation - Emory 
and Ford... Williams and Wieck.... that 
will lead this College into the new 
millennium. It is this group of student 
leaders that will help the College 
become "beyond all question, the best 
possible College..." 

^^ne day in the near future, Maryville High 
School graduate Clint Wight hopes to be treating 
hometown patients as a family practice 

His current research, as a senior chemistry 
major at Maryville College, is an important part 
of the foundation on which his career as a 
physician will stand. Under the direction and 
guidance of Dr. Terry Bunde, Professor of 
Chemistry, Wight is completing his senior thesis 
the capstone project of research for Maryville 
College students since 1947. 

The hands-on research project, combining 
the expertise of a dedicated faculty member • 
Bunde- and the curiosity and exuberance of a 
college student -Wight - forms the relationship 
which has made the senior thesis a key element 
of Maryville's liberal arts education for half a 

Many students and many professors have 
enjoyed such a relationship over the decades. 
In fact, a significant number of Maryville 
graduates have built careers around or because 
of the senior thesis project. Many of them 
say it is an invaluable element of the 
Maryville College experience. 

Inspiration and Serendipity 

"The result," Bunde says "is that we can 
now download raw spectral data and use 
spreadsheets, graphics software and a plotter 
program to prepare final spectra which can 
then be incorporated directly into student 
senior thesis documents and which are suitable 
for seminar presentations. 

"It has helped us to present a senior 
thesis in a much more sophisticated way." 

Klosterman, incidentally, has continued 
to develop his interest in computers and 
science. He, is currently a medical school 
student, who has spent this past summer doing 
research in medical imaging using a computer 
intensive medical diagnostic procedure. 

More Pieces to the Puzzle 

Wight began to formulate ideas for a 
research project during a biochemistry class. 

"I have come into this research project 
with a much more broadened view of 
how this instrumental technique can 
be applied to biochemical problems. " 

Some of the best research projects at 
Maryville come together through a combination of 
inspiration, hard work and chance. Wight's 
research project illustrates such a combination. 
Long before Wight enrolled at the College, Bunde 
had learned of a gift the College would receive 
from the Perkin-Elmer Corporation - a Perkin- 
Elmer LS3/B Fluorescence Spectrophotometer. 
The gift commemorated the retirement from 
Perkin-Elmer of long-term chemist. Bill 
Margrave '43, himself a chemistry graduate of 
the College. 

"I was thrilled by the gift," Bunde says. 
"But, I wasn't quite sure how we would use it." 

The total gift ($50,000) included two 
spectrometers and a high performance liquid 
chromatograph. Bunde wrote to the company 
and asked for some manuals detailing the various 
applications for the new equipment. Soon, he 
and his students began using the fluorescence 
instrument in his biochemistry laboratory 

Another Alumnus Helps 

Another chemistry graduate, Lance 
Klosterman '95 had a tremendous interest in the 
combination of chemistry and computers. His 
senior thesis project involved networking the 
instruments in the Major Instruments Laboratory 
to a single computer to facilitate data collection and 

As he used spectroscopy in the coursework, 
he found that fluorescence was a way to 
explore his ideas. 

As Wight began to develop his ideas for 
a senior thesis project, Bunde was 
interviewing for a sabbatical leave position 
at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 
Bunde worked for six months in the lab of 
Dr. Tuan Vo-Dinh during the 1996 spring 
semester. Much of Bunde's work dealt with 
the topic that Wight would be researching - 
synchronous fluorescence studies of proteins. 

Since Bunde was conducting research 
in this area during his sabbatical, Wight 
saw the opportunity to continue the process 
of knowledge-base building at the College. 
Another current student, Matt Wilks, is 
beginning his senior thesis study working 
with Bunde in the same research area. 

Specifically, Wight's research 
investigates the effects of pH changes, the 
presence of salts and the chaotropic agent 
urea on the conformational changes of three 
proteins. Using synchronous fluorescence 
spectroscopy, Wight will monitor changes in 
the three-dimensional shape of the three 

"It is purely serendipity that the two of 
us would wind up doing the same type of 
research," Bunde says. 

Adds Wight, "We have been able to feed off 
each other's ideas, basically." 

Bunde adds "I never would have thought a 
six month sabbatical would have been so 
rejuvenating. I have come into this research 
project with a much more broadened view of how 
this instrumental technique can be applied to 
biochemical problems." 

Other Senior Theses 

It's not unusual to find such a close 
partnership between faculty and student 
researchers in a chemistry senior thesis project - 
or in other theses across campus, for that matter. 
Bunde says many chemistry-related senior thesis 
projects focus on the fields of organic, 
environmental, analytical and biochemistry. 

And, for students who plan to teach high 
school chemistry, there is a major track in 
chemistry which works well. Many Chemistry 
for Teacher Licensure students work on senior 
research projects where they introduce chemistry 
software and hardware into the high school 
chemistry curricula or laboratory. 

It's a practical, hands-on approach that will 
benefit these future chemistry teachers once they 
enter the classroom or the laboratory. 

The Wight Experiment 

Meanwhile back in the laboratories at MC, 
Wight's research moves forward. 

He is completing his research on protein 
denaturation by investigating another spectral 
technique, Fourier Transform Infrared 
Spectroscopy, that may be used to monitor the 
unfolding process. 

And, as Bunde has opened the door 
through his affiliation with ORNL, other research 
possibilities are beginning to develop for future 
generations of chemistry students at the College. 

"Most students see the senior thesis and 
senior comprehensive exams as the final hurdles 
that they must clear to receive their diplomas," 
Bunde says. "As they begin the senior thesis 
research, they find that more questions are raised than 
they could ever answer in a two-semester project 

"They begin to appreciate that the senior 
thesis is the first small step in a process of 
individual, life-long learning. Clint's senior 
thesis, during which we both had the intellectual 
opportunity to mutually explore new experimen- 
tal techniques and areas of biochemistry 
research, is not unique but rather a common 
experience across the campus for student-faculty 
projects. We, as a chemistry faculty, are 
committed to this kind of individual student- 
faculty research project as the capstone 
experience for our majors. And our increasing 
enrollments are testament to our success." 


Student - Faculty Research Offers 
Hands-On Learning For Both. 


^"%s Pat Rogers was winding up her senior 
year last December, she was enrolled in a 
strategic management class, Business 401. The 
class is required of all business majors and 
taught by Associate Professor of Management 
Dr. Mary Kay Sullivan. Although many 
students exhibit "senioritis" during their last 
semester in school and tend to coast for their 
last few months, Rogers did not have that 
experience in Sullivan's course. 

One reason why Rogers stayed on her 
toes is because Sullivan invited a group of area 
business chief executive officers to the final day 
of class for a capstone event in the 
management major. According to 
Sullivan, Maryville College is the only 
undergraduate college in the country to 
offer such an event, in lieu of a final 
exam, to its students. 

As required by the course, 
Rogers and all of her classmates 
divided into teams which then 
researched and analyzed a local 
company and made a presentation on 
the results of the analysis to the panel 
of CEOs. The teams took on the role 
of management consultants and 
produced documentation and visuals 
to support their presentation. 

The CEOs rated the teams on the 
work they did, and on how well they 
presented it. Although the CEOs were 
not affiliated with the company being 
studied in class, they acted as its board 
of directors and brought general 
knowledge of the business world to the class. 

Rogers is now employed by the Tennessee 
Valley Authority as an assistant for the 
Internship Program. She helps Dr. Gail Mosby 
of TVA administer the internship and 
scholarship program. She views the experience 
she had in class last year as beneficial. "I think 
it's of great benefit," says Rogers. "Most 
businesses now take a team approach with 
presentations as a part of routine business, and 
you have to be able to think on your feet. The 
executives ask a lot of the class and you get 
experience fielding questions. You get an 
understanding of what you'll be expected to 

Rogers says the CEOs asked her 
classmates very interesting, probing questions. 
"I think they surprised some of the students by 
the depth of their questions." 

Sullivan has been utilizing the expertise of 
area businessmen and women for five years 
now, and feels strongly that the program has 

merit. "The program is a great motivator to 
students to avoid senioritis," she says, "and some 
of our students have received job offers or 
established business connections from their 
experience." Sullivan has a number of objectives 
for her classroom scenario. First and foremost, 
she wants to present a challenging learning 
situation to her students. This is a way to bring 
together what they have learned at Maryville 
College. They draw on the content they have 
learned in their major field of study as well as use 
their research skills, their analytical skills, and 
their oral presentation skills. 

"I think our alumni would 

be quite pleased to see 
how thoughtful our students' 

analyses are and 

how articulate and poised 

they are in their 

presentations. " 

Secondly, she wants to expose students to 
the "real world" beyond the classroom. They apply 
what they have learned in class to a "real world" 
setting in a way that helps refine their speaking 
and writing skills. 

And finally, she wants CEOs in the area 
and beyond to see what outstanding students are 
enrolled at MC. "The response from the visiting 
CEOs has been overwhelmingly positive," says 
Sullivan, "they are tremendously impressed with 
the ability of our students. The students really 
rise to the occasion and I am so very proud of 

The names of the executives who have 
participated in Sullivan's class reads like a Who's 
Who in business in East Tennessee. Twenty-eight 
have participated to date with four more on board 
for this semester. Steve Coleman, President of 
Anderson Lumber Company; Harwell W. 
Proffitt '40, former CEO of Proffitt's 
Department Stores; Baxter Lee, Chairman of the 
Board & CEO of Southeast Service Corporation; 

and Joan Allen, Chairman of Aztec Enterprises 
are scheduled for class in December. 

MC Board member Michael Campbell, 
Chairman and President of Regal Cinemas of 
Knoxville, is a former panel participant for 
Sullivan's class. He speaks highly of the 
experience, both from his perspective and from 
the students'. "I knew Dr. Sullivan before I 
became a member of the College's board of 
directors," says Campbell, "and I was impressed 
with her effervescence and enthusiasm. When 
she asked me to be a panel member for her 
class I did not hesitate to agree. I enjoyed 

watching the young people getting that 
first experience of business." 
After the presentations, 
Campbell spoke with some of the 
class members and got to know them. 
He was so impressed with one young 
man, he even offered him a job. As a 
further result of his involvement with 
the class, Campbell is willing to offer 
internships to MC marketing, 
accounting or business majors. He 
adds, "I think it's a good program...the 
size of the classes permits them to do 
what they do." 

Given the success of the class, 
Sullivan plans to continue the format, 
but she does not want to limit 
participation to East Tennessee. She 
notes, "If MC alumni would be 
interested in coming to town to 
participate in this event at some time 
in the future, please have them contact 
me at 423/981-8234." 

"I think our alumni would be quite 
pleased to see how thoughtful our students' 
analyses are and how articulate and poised they 
are in their presentations." 

Step by 

I nture this: a band of face-painted, 
garnet-clad crazies, whoopin' and hollerin' 
their way from Anderson Hall across campus 
to Honaker Field. 

Does that set the tone for a crisp 
autumn afternoon in the shadow of 
Chilhowee's Lofty Mountains or what? 

Thai's spirit. 

A total of 177 years, 10 presidents and 
more than 7,000 alumni. 

Thai's tradition. 

MC Student Senate President Jason 
Thompson and a group of his senators have 
heard that charge and they have taken it to 
heart. Thompson, who won election last 
spring by promising to 'put the student back 
into student senate 1 is now trying to return 
the by-gone traditions of another era to the 
students of Maryville College who are poised 
to take the College into a new century. 

That charge has excited the students 
who form Senate's Spirit and Traditions 


The first goal of this committee was to 
accomplish a Thompson initiative to gather a 
band of spirit-filled MC students just before 
kickoffofhome football games. The students 
get together at Anderson Hall and wind their 
way across campus. On the first such 
occasion, they were joined by the College's 
first couple, Dr. Gerald Gibson and his wife 
Rachel. They brought along their Scottish 
terrier, Lady, who actually 'led' the group into 
the stadium. 

"It was quite a start," Thompson said. 
"We actually had 20 or so students who met 
us that day. Eventually, we hope that group 
grows. There's no limit to school spirit." 

Another twist was the addition of 
another Scottie, a yet-to-be-named mascot 
that made its debut at homecoming. The 
costumed character, purchased by Senate, 
might even don an oversized jersey for 

different sports. 

The mascot 
will hopefully add 
to the craze of 
rabid MC football 
fans on beautiful 
October afternoons. 

Old Traditions 

Another goal of the committee, an even 
more important one Thompson says, is to 
resurrect old traditions. Senate members recently 
found logs of past meetings dating to the 30's, 
40's and 50's. These serve as a treasure trove of 

"There's no better place to start than the 
past and these logs serve as a great model for us," 
he says. "I'm sure these past students had no idea 
what kind of record they were leaving for us. 
Wouldn't it be awesome if we could leave a 
similar record? And, members of the Class of 
2040 or something will look back to 1 996 and see 
what things we were doing." 

Thompson and his committee have been 
trying to identify class leaders from the past. 
They hope to contact them and learn the 
traditions of the past 

The committee is chaired by sophomore 
Ryan Stewart and is made up of sophomores and 
freshmen. Thompson hopes they will heed his 
charge, and keep the idea alive to learn these 
traditions after he graduates in May. 

"We have years of history around here. It's 
just a matter of looking and of turning over the 
right rocks. We know we'll find out some great 

While some march to the beat 

of a different drummer, 

Maryville College students march to the sound 

of bagpipes and vision. 


SfifHmi tke/ {ffi+esu/ent 

"Making History" was the title of the my Opening 
Convocation address as the Fall '96 term began. As the 
College community looked together at faces from the 1929 
Maryville College yearbook, we reflected on the impact of 
so many faculty, staff and students pictured there on the 
history of this College. The Class of 2000, the freshman 
class entering in Fall '96, 1 observed that day, is filled with 
history-makers, too. They are part of a student body that 
gives Maryville the largest enrollment in its 177-year 
history, and each and every one has the potential to make a 
difference in the world and a difference at their college. 

The historically-high enrollment makes us optimistic 
about Maryville's future. But even greater optimism comes 
from a recognition of the quality education that the 
Maryville faculty is providing to this record number of students. 
Our focus is on education for the individual, something that has been 
a specialty at this College for 177 years. It is education with a 
purpose, education that is value-based and aimed at preparation for 
citizenship, leadership and service. We believe that the greatest hope 
for the world's future lies in producing graduates like Maryville's. 

In this historic year we have new construction underway 
for the first time in over a quarter century. To accommodate the 
growth in the student body, a new residential village is being built 
near the spot where Memorial Hall once stood. This is the first 
project to come from the Campus Master Plan approved by the Board 
of Directors in April of 1996. Others will follow. 

We take pride in the history of Maryville College. But 
we recognize well that history is also being made now, as we plan 
and work together to create the future that we mean to claim. The 
Maryville College 2000 Plan and the Campus Master Plan are our 
guides to that future. In this 1995-96 President's Report you will see 
some of the history-makers now at Maryville - and names of our 
many partners in providing a quality education for the individuals 
who will go on to change the world. 




Points of Progress 


1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 

This fall, Maryville College has reached a 
record-high enrollment of 927 students. 
But, there are many other points of 
progress at the College in an eventful and 
dynamic year: 

We have launched a new Maryville 

Curriculum, a program of studies 
designed to assure in Maryville graduates 
the knowledge, skills and values that will 
prepare them for citizenship in the 21st 

The campus computer network has been extended, 

and the Sutton computer lab equipped with all new 

The campus has been connected to the world tlmugh 
the acquisition of a Maryville College internet node. 

Retention has improved steadily. 

Along with enrollment growth, there has been a 
significant improvement in the academic test scores 

and high school grade-point averages of incoming 
freshmen, and this fall's freshman class is the best- 
prepared in more than 20 years. 



In the fiscal year just completed, the 
endowment grew by $3 million, 

and gifts to the College reached $3.8 million. ,6 - 000000 



New flower beds and a commitment 10.000,000 
to campus beautiflcation brought 
numerous compliments from visitors and 



A new Campus Master Plan has 
been approved by the Board 
of Directors, and will guide the development of 
campus facilities for the next two decades. 





Additional painting, roof repairs and other 
improvements have begun 

to address deferred maintenance needs. 

Through a gift from the Class of '46, 

the Fayerweather Hall interior has been refurbished to serve as 
the interim student center, pending the construction of a new 
Student Center before the turn of the century. 

Within a few weeks, construction will begin on 

new residence halls, as we create a new residential village near 
the spot where Memorial Hall once stood 




Where the money comes from: 

Federal Grants (4.4%) 

Other Sources [5.0%) 

Gifts [1 1.2%) 

Auxiliary Enterprises (1 7.2%) 

Endowment Income (4.2%) 

Tuition and Fees (58. 1 c 

Wliere the money goes: 

Debt Service (2.7%) 

Plant Operations (5.9%) 
Institutional Support (9.8%) 

Student Services (1 1.7%) 

Academic Support (2.6%) 

Amortization (0.3%) 

Scholarships (30. 1 %) 

Auxiliary Enterprises (12.8%) 

Instruction (21.2%) 



Statement of Financial Position 

JUNE 30 




Cash and cash equivalents 

$ 140,500 $ 




Accounts receivable (net of allowances of $90,310 in 1996 and $69,955 

in 1995) 



Notes receivable (net of allowance of $203,128 in 1996 and $158,206 in 




Receivables for unconditional promises to give (net of allowance of $25,802 in : 

996) 301,558 




Funds held in trust 



Property, plant and equipment (net) 

10,369,895 10,642,576 

Real estate 



Investments restricted for purchase of long-term assets 



Investments restricted for endowments and annuities 

15,363,221 13,547,853 




Total Assets 

$ 32,735,748 $ 28,709,879 

Liabilities and net assets 


Outstanding checks in excess of bank balances 

$ 184,986 $ 


Accounts payable 



Accrued liabilities 



Prepaid tuition 






Annuities payable 




4,701,998 4,117,217 

Due to U.S. Government 



Total liabilities 

$ 6,904,262 $ 6^1,040 

Net assets: 

Unrestricted - operations 

77,616 (168,077) 

Unrestricted - quasi-endowment 



Unrestricted - plant 

6,875,670 6,797,486 

Unrestricted - loan 



Total unrestricted 

7,214,430 6,896,237 

Temporarily restricted 

4,391,225 2,965,932 

Permanently restricted 

14,225,831 12,566,670 

Total net assets 

25,831,486 22,428,839 

Total liabilities and net assets 

$32,735,748 $28,709,879 



Gift and Grants 

to Maryville College 

July 1, 1995 to June 30, 1996 

Support li>r Other Gifafor 

Current Restricted Gifts to Capital 

DonorCategory Operations Contributions Endowment Projects 



$ 395,697 $ 21,090 $ 750,062 $ 22,373 



236,256 31,485 1,396 23,200 



106,114 29,957 9,941 23,532 


Ind. College Foundation 3,550 



52,441 944 855 



7,775 3,233 50 37 



435,286 9,832 851,661 12,550 


Foundations 294,300 76,759 40,000 40,000 


Faculty/Staff 32,337 10,458 84 533 



5,250 300 50 


Government Grants 26,000 56,798 



$1395,006 $240,856 $1,654,099 $122225 




Zfc>f t 




Summa Cum Laude Members 

Summa Cum Laude membership in the 
Society is extended to members who have 
made outright gifts totaling at least 


Dr. & Mrs. Tutt S.Bradford 

Miss Margaret A. Cooper 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Cooper 

Mr. & Mrs. Carle M. Davis 

Mrs. Glen A. Lloyd 

Mr. & Mrs. Harwell W Proffitt '40 

Mrs. Esther Snipes '21* 

Mi. & Mrs. Algie Sutton '29 

Mr. Lindsay Young 

Magna Cum Laude Members 

Magna Cum Laude membership in the 
Society ts extended to members who have 
made outright gifts totaling at least 
S 100,000. 


Mrs. Earl W Blazer '31 

Mrs. Kathenne E Clemmer '35 


Dr. & Mrs. Walter R. Courtenay '29 * 

Denso Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc. 

First American National Bank - Maryville 

First Tennessee Bank of Maryville 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Hitch '33/27 

Ms. Diane Humphreys-Barlow 70 & 

Dr. Jack Barlow 
Mrs. Robert C. Jackson '46 
Mrs. Julian Johnson '29 
Mrs. Warren E Jones '36 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. Lambert '50 
Mr. Douglas H. Langston 
Dr. & Mrs. John D. Langston 
Mrs. LoydH Langston 
Mrs. Jack D. McSpadden 
Mrs. Archibald F. Pieper '36 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Ragsdale 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard B.Sellars '37 
Mrs. Earl A Storey '40 
The Daily Times 
Mr. & Mrs. John C Thornton 
Vulcan Materials Co. Mid-South Div. 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Youngjr. '37 

Cum Laude Members 

Cum Laude membership in the Society is 
extended to members who have made 
outright gifts totaling at least $50,000. 

American Rug Craftsmen, Inc 


Miss H. Deane Brown '38 * 

CSX Corporation 

Dr. John D. & Dr. Margaret P. Cowan 

Dr. William O.DeWeese '64 

First American National Bank - Knoxville 

Mr. & Mrs. John W Fisher 



Mr. & Mrs. James A Haslam, II * 

Mis Roy 0. Hindi 

Mi Hugh O. Hunter, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Wdlard M. Johnson '28, '28 

Dr. & Mrs. Elgin P. Kintner 

Knoxville Coca-Cola Bottling Company 

Mrs. Ernest Koella, Jr. '41 

Mrs. R. Arnold Kramer '40 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard L Leatherwood * 

Mrs. A Eugene Little '30 


Mr. & Mrs. William J. Mitchell 

Proffitt's, Inc 

Mrs. Margaret Purcell 

Mi. Miser R. Richmond '26 

Mr. & Mrs. Pete Robinson 

Rockford Manufacturing Company 

Mrs. Jean Campbell Rokes '33 

Dr. William R. & Dr. Mary Kay Sullivan 


Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C Williams 

Other Individual and 

Corporate Members 

of the Isaac Anderson Society 

Membership is extended to those who have 
made outright or cumulative gifts of $10,000 

ALCOA-Tennessee Operations 

APAC Tennessee, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Alexander 

Mrs. Lutitia Toole Anderson '29 

Dr. & Mrs. Wayne Anderson 

Mr. William R Anderson '54 

Anderson Lumber Company 


Appalachian Therapy Center 

Dr. & Mis. Robert M. Arnold '40 


Judge and Mrs. J. N. Badgett, Jr. '40 

Mrs. Karl F.Bahret 

Mi. & Mrs. Boydson H. Baird '41 


Ms. Nancy C Barbour 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Beall 


BellSouth ' 

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Bingham '72 

Mr. Frank B. Bird 

Blount Memorial Hospital 

Dr. & Mrs. Dean A Boidon* 

Dr. Robert J. Bonham 

Ms. Sherry P. Bonham '66 

Mis. Raymond I. Brahams, Jr. '50 

Mr. Charles A Brand '47 

Mis. Sam F. Broughton 

Dr. Robert L Brown '35 

Dr. C Scott & The Rev. Ann Owens Brunger 

Mr. Gordon CBunge 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwaid G. Bush '72, '72 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Bushing '43, '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur D. Byrne '39, '4 1 

Mrs. Leo Caldwell 

Dr. & Mrs. Henry A Callaway, Jr. '50 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Callaway '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L Campbell* 

Calloway Oil Company 

Cherokee Lumber Company 

Mrs. Mary Whitde Chnstian '25 

Citizens Bank of Blount County 

Anderson &Julia Clark '51, '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Vemon A Clark '40 

Colvin & Son Heating Company 

Dr. Betty Carolyn Congleton '47 

Ms. Janet Vail Conway '73 

Ruth Whalin Cooke* 

Mrs. Jesse S. Cooper 

Coopers &Lybrand 

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Comett '50 


Dr. & Mis. John & Ellie Morrow Craven 


Dr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Crawford, Jr. '44, '50 

Dr. & Mrs. Roy D. Crawford, Sr. "43, '43 


Alan and Donna Davis '87, '83 

Mi. & Mrs. C Michael Davis '68 

Mr. & Mrs. William Davis '62 

Mrs. Horace Dawson 

Mrs. Emma Northwood DeWeese '36 

Dr, & Mrs. Mervyn J. Dixon '58, '58 

Dr. & Mrs. Sidney Duke '43, '43 

Mrs. Dewey WEimer 

Dr. & Mrs. D. Daniel Ellis, Jr. '60. '60 

Dr. & Mrs. Marshall C. England '54, '55 

Mr. James L Ensign '21 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Espy '66 

Mr. & Mrs. William KEtling 

Mr. Glenn Evers '38* 

Dr. Turley Farrar '37 

Mr. & Mis. William O. Faulkner, Jr. '52, '52 

Mrs. Howard W. Ferrin 

Mis. MarjFernn 

Richard & Wendy Ferrin 

Mi. Robert J. Fiedler 

Dr. & Mis. Ted L Flickingei 

Dl. & Mis. Emeison C. Fluikey '53, '55 

Mr. Paul H. Fox '38 

Mrs. Herbert H Fuller 

Mr. & Mis. William T Fuigerson '43 

Furrow Auction Company 


Mrs. MoseH Gamble 

Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Gerrajr. 


Judge & Mrs. Houston M. Goddaid '68 

Dr. Margaret Knox Goggin '40 

Mi Dan H. Greaser '60 

Mrs. Davis W Gregg 

Mrs. Ruby Miller Gnffitts '32 


Dr. 8t Mis. Robert H. Haralson, 111 

Mrs. Margaret Murray Hassinger '27 

Dr. & Mrs. Ray M Hayworth 

Mrs. Mary Broady Heald '24 

Mi. & Mrs. Don E Heard '61 

Mrs. Barbara Lyle Heisey '32 

Mi. & Mis. Clifford H Henry'50 

Miss Martha Hess '67 

Rev. & Mis. George W Hoglan '35, '34 

Mr. &Mis.J. William Holt '51, '52 

Home Fedeial Bank of Tennessee 

Dr. Dorothy D. Horn 

Mis. Gordon T Huddleston 

Mrs. Charles M. Hurst '37 

Mrs. William Comet Ireland 

Dr. & Mrs. Homer L IsbelL Jr. 

Mi. & Mis. Ronald C.Jennings '55, '57 


Mi. & Mis. J. William Johnson '69 

Mr. & Mb. Elton R Jones* 

Joseph Construction Company, Inc 

Jeannette D. Kahlenberg 

Mr. Robert Lee Kay '50* 

Dr. & Mrs. George C. Kent, Jr. '37, '36 

Mr. & Mrs. John A Kerr '42, '44 

Dr. William D.Kimler '37* 

Mrs. Virginia Crider King '32* 


Knoxville News-Sentind 

Mi. & Mis. Richaid A Koella 

Mr. Frank A Kramei '47 

Mrs. Jackson C Kramei '43 

Mrs. J. B. Lambert 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond P. Lambert 


Mrs. J. Hayden Laster '30 

Law's Interiors 

Rev. & Mis. Glovei A Latch '36, '37 

Donald W Leo & Joyce Williams Leo '62, '62 

Dr. Virgil S.LeQture '43 

Levi Strauss Company 

Miss Viola M. Lightfoot '34 

Dl. F. Houston Lowry, Jr. '50 

Mrs. W Harry Lyle 

Mi. & Mrs. Hugh O. Maddlan 



Mi. & Mrs. David W Marston '64, '67 


Matsushita Electronic Components Corp. 

Dr. & Mrs. Peter Mazur '44 

Mr. & Mrs. David L McArthui '36, '35 

Mi. & Mrs. Gavin McCammon 

McCammon-Ammons, Inc 

McCarty, Holsaple, McCarty, Inc 

Rev. Dr.M. Scott McClure '48 

Mr. Eugene E McCurry '4 1 


Carl & Jean McDonald '63 

Dr. & Mrs. Norman McKinnon, Jr. 

Mr. Stuart P. & Dr. Sarah B. McNiell '50, '53 

McNutt Oil & Gas Company 

Mr. Robert P. McReynolds '33 

Mi. & Mrs. Charles E MemTLJr. 

Mrs. IrmaR Miser '43 

Rev. & Mrs. William H. Mooney '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Morgan 

Ann & Bill Mullican 72* 


Mi. & Mrs. Judson B. Murphy '39, '37 

Mrs. Albert F. Murray 

Rev. & Mrs. Carl C. Munay '48, '47 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert N. Navratil '54, '54 

Mi Raymond Nelson '38 

Mis. Kathleen M. Nennmger 73 

Ms. Llelanie Sutton Orcutt '59 

Mr. & Mrs. George A Painter 

Mrs. Russell D.Parker 

Peikin-Elmet Corporanon 

Philips Consumer Electronics Co. 

Pilot Coipoiation 

Mr. Joseph R. Poland '51 

Power Equipment Company 

PPG Industries, Inc 

Mrs. Charlene Williams Pieston 70 

Mi. Robert T.Pnddy 

Mr. & Mrs. John W Proffitt '41, '68 

Mi. & Mis. Walter D. Proffitt '46, '46 

Mi. & Mrs. William F. Proffitt '49, '49 

Mi. & Mis. John R Rainey 

Mr. & Mis. Richard E Ray '52 

Di. Clarence L Reaser '52 

Mrs. Geneva Rich '38 

Mr. DanielARineer'65 

Robertshaw - Tennessee Division 

Rohm & Haas Tennessee, Inc 

Mis. Elizabeth Ctawfoid Roper '48 

Mr. & Mis. Warren T Rumbley 

SAFECO Insurance Companies 

Mr. Victor KSchoen 

Sara Kittrell Schwam '39* 

Mrs. David A Scott 

Services Group, Inc 

Dr. Lincoln Shimomura '5 1 



Mrs.Alden Smith '39 

Miss Dons M. Smith '42 

Mrs. Esther Jarrell Snipes '21* 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W Spickard '45 

Dr. Otis H Stephens 

Mi. George A Stout 

Mrs. Richard E Strain 

Sun Coal Company 

SunTrust Bank 


Sir John M. Templeton 

The H T Hackney Company 

Mrs. James W Toney '48 

Mrs. O.E Travis 

Miss ZulaK Trotter '36 

United Cities Gas Company 

Dr. & Mrs. W Kennedy Upturn '52, '52 

Mr. & Mis. Richaid R Van Sickle 

Mi. Leland T. Waggonei '38 


Dr. ArdaS. Walker '40 

Mr. Charles A Warner '50 

Di. Glenn F. Watts '52 

Mi. & Mis. E Leslie Webb, Jr. '33, '46* 

White Realty & Service Corporation* 

Mr. & Mrs. Hilton A Wick '42 

Mrs. H. Young Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. E Newell Witherspoon '52, '56 

Dr. & Mrs. Alfred M. Wood '29 

Di. & Mis. William L Wood, Si. '38, '40 



Di. & Mrs. John A. Yarborough* 

* qualified for membership in 1995-96. 



Membership in the President's Circle is 
atended to those who give $1,000 or more 
each year. 

Two Years 

Mrs. Luana Toole Anderson '29 
Ten Years 

Mr. William R. Anderson '54 
Five Years 

Two Years 

Four Years 

Ms. Teresa Ann Ashley 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M Ayres 
Four Years 

Judge and Mrs. J. N. Badgettjr. '40 
Fifteen Years 

Ms. Nancy G Barbour 
Two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Ban '42 
Three Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Bartlett '45 
Six Yean 

Dr. & Mrs. Marvin R. Beard '67 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Bingham 72 
Six Years 

Mr. Frank B. Bird 
Seventeen Years 

Mrs. Kathleen Glymph Blalock '46 
One Year 

Thirty Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Dean A Boldon 
Seven Years 

Dr. Robert J. Bonham 
Two Years 

Ml & Mrs. W Wilson Borden 
Two Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Tutt S.Bradford 
Nineteen Years 

Mrs. Raymond 1. Brahamsjr. '50 
Twenty-one Years 

Mrs. Nancy Gamble Bromley 73 
Three Years 

Dr. Charles Brooksjr. '80 
One Year 

Miss H. Deane Brown '38 
Seven Years 

Dr. & Mrs. A R. Brownlie '42 
Twenty-six Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Bushing '43, '42 
Three Years 

Dr. & Mrs. James M Callaway '52 
Thirteen Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L Campbell 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Christman 
One Year 

Anderson &Julia Clark '51, '51 
Seven Years 

Mr. & Mrs, Vernon A. Clark '40 

Seventeen Years 

Dr. Betty Carolyn Congleton '47 
Thirteen Years 

Ms. Janet Vail Conway 73 
Seven Years 

Ruth Whalin Cooke 
Four Years 

Miss Margaret A Cooper 
Seven Years 

Nineteen Yean 

Three Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter R. Courtenay '29 
Eighteen Years 

Dr. John D. & Dr. Margaret P. Cowan 
Ten Yean 

Dr. & Mrs. John & Ellie Morrow Craven 
Seven Yean 

Dr. & Mrs. Warren T. Culver '42, '45 
Five Yean 

Alan and Donna Davis '87, '83 
Seven Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. G Michael Davis '68 
Seven Yean 

Ml & Mrs. Carle M Davis 
Nineteen Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M Dawson '69, '69 
Two Yean 

Mrs. Emma Northwood DeWeese '36 
Six Yean 

Dr. William 0. DeWeese '64 

Eleven Yean 

Dt. & Mrs. MervynJ. Dixon '58, '58 
Six Yean 

Mrs. Frances WDulin 
One Year 

Mrs. Janice Rickards Dungan '65 
One Year 

Dr. Larry & Dr. Julie Durand '8 1 
One Year 

Dr. John A & Dr. Virginia B. Eaddy '62, '61 
Two Yean 

Mr. Kenneth L E. Eggers 
Two Yean 

Dr. & Mn. D. Daniel Ellisjr. '60, '60 
Eight Yean 

Miss Nannette Enloe '52 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. James W Espy '66 
Ten Years 

Mrs. Lottie Jerkins Ethndge '58 
Two Yean 

Mr. Glenn Evers '38 
Six Yean 

Mr. Robert J. Fiedler 
Three Yean 

Mr. & Mrsjohn W Fisher 
Thirteen Yean 

Dr. & Mrs. Ted Flickinger 
Ten Yean 

Nine Yean 

Dr. & Mrs, Gerald W Gibson 
Three Yean 

Six Yean 

Mr. Sidney Gilreath '58 
Six Yean 


Thirteen Yean 

Dr. Margaret Knox Goggin '40 
Five Yean 

Mr. Dan H. Greaser '60 
Six Yean 

Mrs. Helen Thompson Green '30 
Two Yean 

Five Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Haslam, II 
Seven Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Don E. Heard '61 
Thirteen Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. James W Hitch '33, '27 
Seventeen Years 

Rev. & Mrs. George W. Hoglan '35, '34 
Six Yean 

Dr. & Mrs. Hugh L Huffman 
One Yean 

Ms. Diane Humphreys-Barlow 70 & 

Dr. Jack Barlow 

Nine Yean 

Fourteen Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur M Ihng '63, '64 
Two Yean 

Dr. & Mrs. Homer L IsbelLJr. 
Fifteen Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Rondel E, Ivens 
One Year 

Mrs. Betty Ballard Jamieson '45 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A JefTeries '63, '63 
Four Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G Jennings '55, '57 
Six Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. J. William Johnson '69 
Eight Yean 

Miss Mary L Johnston '46 
Two Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Elton R. Jones 
Two Yean 



Mrs. Warren E Jones '36 
Thirteen Years 

Mr. Robert Lee Kay "50 
Pour Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard L Leatherwood 
Ten Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Baxter Lee 
Two Years 

Mr. & Mis. David L McArthur '36, '35 
Eight Years 

Mr. Dennis RMcClain 
One Year 

Mrs. Jean Campbell Rokes '33 
Fourteen Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren T. Rumbley 

Fourteen Years 

Dr. MaraaJ. Keith 
One Year 

Five Years 

Rev. & Mrs. Glover A. Leitch '36, '37 
Five Yean 

Donald W. Leo & Joyce Williams Leo '62, '62 
Nine Years 

Mr. Eugene E McCurry '4 1 
Eight Years 

Mrs. Nancy Braden McDaniel '60 
Two Years 

Mr. Victor R. Schoen 

Two Years 

Sara Kittrell Schwam '39 
Five Years 

Dr. William D.Kimler '37 

Three Years 

Dr. Virgil S.LeQuire '43 

Eleven Years 

Carl fcjean McDonald '63 
Seven Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Scruggs ** 
One Year 

Mrs. Ernest Koellajr. '41 
Fifteen Years 

Mr. Frank A. Kramer '47 
Seven Years 

Mrs. R. Arnold Kramer '40 
Fifteen Years 

Dr. F. Houston Lowry.Jr. '50 
Four Years 

Dr. Robert & Dr. Naomi Lynn '52, '54 
One Year 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert W Mahley '63, '64 
Two Years 


Fourteen Years 


Eighteen Yean 

Mrs. Carolyn Balch Milligan '5 1 
Three Yean 

Dr. Lincoln Shimomura '5 1 
Five Yean 

Ten Yean 

Mrs. Alden Smith '39 
Four Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne R. Kramer '74, 74 
Two Yean 

Mr. David S. Marston '29 
Ten Yean 

Mrs. Irma R. Miser '43 
Six Yean 

Miss Doris M Smith '42 
Eleven Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. Lambert '50 
Twenty-one Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Rodney Lawler 
Eight Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred R. Lawson 
Two Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Marston '64, '67 
Seven Yean 

Mr. Charles N. Martinjr. 
One Year 

Dr. & Mrs. Peter Mazur '44 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Mitchell 
Seven Years 

Mrs. Susan Fowell Moody '60 
Three Yean 


Two Yean 

Mrs. Esther JaneO Snipes '2 1 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W Spickard '45 
Four Yean 

Mr. George Y.Stewart '60 
Three Yean 

Three Yean 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert N. Nawatil '54, '54 
Nine Yean 

Mrs. Ethel Brocker Newman '46 
Five Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C Newman, Jr. 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Overbey 
Six Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Painter 
Eight Yean 

Dr. William H. Peacock '32 
One Year 

Mrs. Harriet Pewitt 

One Year 

Dr. & Mrs. Carl G. Pierce, Jr. '43, '43 
Five Yean 

Mr. A. Coleman Piper, Jr. '68 
Seven Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. George W Poland '61, '62 
Two Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Harwell W Proffitt '40 
Fifteen Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Proffitt '46, '46 
Twelve Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E Ragsdale 
Seven Yean 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert C Ramger '56, '70 
Three Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E Ray '52 
Twelve Yean 

Mrs. Earl A Storey '40 
Twelve Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W Story '67 
One Year 

Mr. George A. Stout 
Six Yean 

Five Yean 

Alden and Beth Stuart 
One Year 

Dr. William R. & Dr. Mary Kay Sullivan 
Eight Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Algie Sutton '29 
Thirty Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel K. Taylor, Jr. '39 
Eight Yean 

Sir John M Templeton 
Eleven Yean 

Mrs. Joyce Carson Thomas '40 
One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. John C Thornton 
Three Yean 

Mrs. O. E Travis 
Twelve Yean 

Miss ZulaK. Trotter '36 
Two Yean 

Two Yean 

Dr. Glenn F. Watts '52 
Twelve Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. E Leslie Webb, Jr. '33, '46 
One Year 



Mrs. George D. Webster 
Twenty-two Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Lew E. Weems 
Two Yean 

Mr. Curtis B. Wilbanks '53 
Tout Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Dan W. Wiley '58 
Four Yean 

Mrs. H.Young Williams 
Sixteen Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Newell Witherspoon '52, '56 
Six Yean 

Dr. & Mrs. William L. Wood, Sr. '38, '40 
Thirteen Yean 

Dr. & Mrs. John A. Yarborough 
Two Yean 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Young, Jr. '37 
Nineteen Yean 


Allied Electric Company 
One Year 

AlliedSignal Inc. 
Six Yean 

American Weavers 

Analytical Systems, Inc 
One Year 

Anderson Lumber Company 
Eight Yean 

APAC Tennessee, Inc. 
Eleven Yean 



Nine Yean 

Blount Memorial Hospital 
Eight Yean 

Cherokee Lumber Company 
Sixteen Yean 

Citizens Bank of Blount County 
Seventeen Yean 

Coulter & Justus, EC. 
One Year 

Cumberland Securities Company, Inc 
Eight Yean 

Denso Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc 
Seven Yean 

Ellijay Telephone Company 

First Tennessee Bank of Maryville 
Thirty-four Yean 

Fox Home Medical, Inc 

Home Federal Bank of Tennessee 
Seven Yean 

J. R. Wauford & Company 
Six Yean 

Joseph Construction Company, Inc 
Four Yean 

Knoxville News-Sentinel 

Sixteen Yean 

Martin & Company 

McCammon-Ammons, Inc 
Seven Yean 

McCarty, Holsaple, McCarty, Inc. 
Six Yean 

Philips Consumer Electronics Co. 
Two Years 

Pilot Corporation 

Fourteen Yean 

Rubbermaid Maryville, Inc 
Nine Yean 

Tennessee Valley Authority 

United Cities Gas Company 

Vulcan Materials Co. - Mid-South Div. 
Nine Yean 

White Realty & Service Corporation 
Six Yean 

Thomas Jefferson 
Lamar Society 

Named for the College's greatest advocate of 
the 19th Century, the Thomas Jeffenon Lamar 
Society recognizes those who contribute $500- 
$999 in the fiscal year. 

* - deceased 
Anonymous: 2 

Amencan Association of University Women 
Jesse T Anderson '52 
Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Anderson 
Mr. & Mrs. Toshmon Asahara 
Rev. Roberts. Barker '46 
Mrs. Catherine Stout Beals '47 
Mr. Robert G. Beam '58 
Dr. & Mrs. W Kenneth Bell 
Miss Jeanne V Bellerjeau '45 
Mr. Joe Black 
Mr. Charles A Brand '47 
Dr. Robert L Brown '35 
Dr. & Mrs. Scott Brunger 
Dr. Henry A Callaway Jr. '52 
Mrs. Lucy Carnck Carson '5 1 
Dr. Brian H. Childs '69 
Mr. & Mrs. John P Chiles, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Malvern Clopton '34, '34 
Bill & Donna Cobble 
Dr. Martha Shaw Cochrane '45 
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Earle W Crawford '35 
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Dirksen 
Dr. & Mrs. Sidney Duke '43, '43 
Mr. & Mrs. David R Dye '66, '67 
Mrs. Anna Mae Coldwell Ellis '28 
Mr. Henry A Emmans '56 
Mr. Thomas T. Evans Jr. '59 
Mrs. Sarah Pledger Fechter '55 
Mrs. Marion Magill Foreman '43 
Mrs. Jane Hussey Fraelich '57 
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fugate 
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Gerra 
Mr. Gregory Gheen '83 

Mrs. Mary Carson Going '29 

Shawn and Anna B. Graham 

Mrs. Mar)' Harrison Green '34 

Mr. L T Guess 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Haralson, III 

Ms Martha Hess '67 

Mrs. Catherine Crothers Hodges '46 

Mrs. Marion Schanck Houser '44 

Capt David M. Humphreys '41 

Mrs. Margaret Andrews Huntzinger '84 

Mr.&Mrs.LawrenceWHuston'31, '28 

Mr. Philip H. Jacobus 77 

Miss Patricia C.Jones '55 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Alfredjones 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Kant 

Mr. & Mrs. John Keller 

Mr. &Mrs.J. Donald Kent '42, '44 

Dr. & Mrs. George C.Kent, Jr. '37, '36 

Mr. & Mrs. David H.Kidder '42, '41 

Rev. & Mrs. Donald R. Kilhan '38, '38 

Mrs. Virginia Cnder King '32 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy F.Kramer '53, '53 

Dr. Christine Lamm 70 

Mr. Robert E. Law '39 

Rev. and Mrs. H. Roberts Lorenz '55 

Rev.andMrs.JohnM.Magee'41, '40 

Mr. Joseph B. Magill '41 

Rev. James E. Marvin '50 

Doug and Mary Mason 


Mr. & Mrs. James E. McCall '57, '59 

Mrs. Esther Farrow McGarey '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart P. McNiellJr. '50, '53 

Rev. & Mrs. John C McQueen Jr '34, '37 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Dennis Miller '63, '66 

Dr. & Mrs. Sne!l A. Mills '55, '55 

Rev. & Mrs. William H. Mooney '40 

Mrs. Ruth Blackburn Morgan '53 


Miss Phoebe Oplinger '46 

Miss Judith M. Penry 73 


Mrs. Ruth Lane Prewett, '42 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Proffirt '49, '49 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Rainey 

Mrs. Violet Webb Randolph '35 

Dr. & Mrs. William B. Rich '42 

Mrs. Dorothea Woodall Rochelle '68 


Mr. & Mrs. DanielJ. Ruggiero '50, '49 

Mr. & Mrs. W Kevin Russell 74, 74 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Schember '63, '65 

Mr. William LSchofield "57 

Mrs. Hazel Holm Schuller '51 

Rear Adm. & Mrs. S. A Schwarzrrauber'51, '52 

Dr. Robert W.Seaton 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Knox Singleton 70, 70 

Mrs. Marion Avakian Slater '43 

Dr. & Mrs. E.B.Smith '40, '46 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Robert Smith '40, '46 

Mrs. Ercelle Hunter Snyder '34 

Rev. Gordon C. Stewart '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack B.Stewart 


Rev. Dr. & Mrs. W Ausdn Van Pelt '52, '51 

Dr. 6cMrs.JonM.Veigel 

Mrs. Rosalind Garges Watlington '46 

Rev. Leslie E. Webb, Jr. '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A Werner 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve West 

Mr. Hilton A Wick '42 

Dr. John D. Williams '43 

Mrs. Lorraine Werner Wood 75 

Dr. & Mrs. W Scott Wood '69, '68 

Miss Janet A Woods '53 

Airport Olds-Cadillac 
Calloway Oil Company 
Delmar Haynes Pondac 
Drake Auto Parts 
Ft. Sanders Alliance 
Rick McGill's Airport Toyota 
The Pittston Company 
Wyatt Investment Services 




Named for the College's greatest benefactor of the 
19th Century, whosegfls helped finance the 
reopening of the College following the Ck/il War, 
the William Thaw Sonet) 1 recognizes those whose 
gifts total between SI 00 and S499 in the fiscal 

* - deceased 
Anonymous: 2 
Dr. Trygve G. Aaby 78 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L Abbotr '54, '54 
Mrs. Susan Johnson Abbott '90 
Ms. Julia A. Adams 76 
Miss Mary L. Addy '64 
Mrs. Thomas E. Addy, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Alexander 
Mrs. Ruby Laster Alexander '52 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Allen, Jr. '52, '52 
Mr. J. David Allen '64 
Mrs. Nettie Spraker Allen '44 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Allen '58, '59 
Miss Sue S. Althouse '50 
Dr. Susan H. Ambler 
Mr. James E.Anderson 
Dr. & Mrs. John S. Anderson '57, '59 
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd A. Anderson '48, '47 
Mrs. Meriam McGaha Anderson '44 
Rev. Roland W. Anderson '41 
Dr. & Mrs. Wayne Anderson 
Ms. Lelia R. Annich 
Rev. Russell WAnnich '29* 
Mrs. Grace Wallace Anthony '3 1 
Mr. William J. Arlington 70 
Dr. Imogene E. Atkins '65 
Mrs. Beverly Minear Atkinson '68 
Ms. Jane A. Ault 
Mrs. Alice Blackburn Ayers '57 
Mr. Paul W. Bailey 77 
Mr. F. Weldon Baird 
Rev. JohnS. Baird '5 1 
Rev. Si Mrs. Gareth Baker '54, '54 
Mrs. Margaret Haynie Baker '30 
Mr. Robert F. Baker '58 
Mrs. Judith Perov Ball '60 
Mrs. Virginia Wheeler Banks '4 1 
Mr. C. Douglas Barber 71 
Rev. George P. Barber '51 
Mrs. Clifford E. Barbour 
Mrs. Janet Kilgard Barbour '62 
Mrs. Eleanor Himmelright Bard '34 
Rev. & Mrs. Donald L. Barker '44, '46 
Mr. J. Michael Barrows 71 
Mrs. Maurine Willocks Baskin '34 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Beard 
Drs. Richard & Dorathea Beard 
Rev. TedH. Beasley.Jr. '51 
Miss Carol E.Beatty 71 
Dr. Charlotte H. Beck 
Mr. Roland A. Beck '34 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Beckwith 
Ms. Janet A. Belcher '54 
Mrs. Elizabeth Proffitt Bell '46 
Mr. William A. Bell '40 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Bender '53, '52 
Mr. William C. Bender '83 
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Benelisha 
Mr. Donald G. Benn '31 
Mr. & Mrs. Duncan C. Bennett '50, '49 
Miss E.Jane Bennett '62 
Mr. Thomas V. Bennett 73 
Mrs. Matilda Housch Benton '45 
Mrs. Mildred Simmons Benton 70 
Mr. Dean A. Bercaw 70 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Berg 70, '69 
Mr. & Mrs. Eric L. Bergman '66, '66 
Linda Jones Berkemeier 70 
Ms. Carolyn Miller Berkey '52 
Mrs. Lynn Ann Brown Best '36 
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Best, Jr. '68, 72 
Thelma Bianco 

Mr. & Dr. Lawrence H. Bidwell, IV '81, '84 
Mr. Barry S. Birch '64 

Mrs. Susan Kisch Birch '64 

Mr. Clement Birkelbach '58 

Rev. & Mrs. Jay R. Bishop '47, '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Bishop 79, '81 

Mrs. Blanche Everett Black '38, '49 

David & Marty Black 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Black '45, '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl P. Black '49, '49 

Mr. Ben A. Blackburn '27 

Mr. St Mrs. Charles R. Blackburn '54, '58 

Mr. 8t Mrs. Louis B. Blair '32, '34 

Mr. Ivan C. Blake, '41 

Mr. St Mrs. C. Hall Blankenship '64, '62 

Mrs. Alice McCombe Block '59 

Dr. James A. Bloy 

Dr. Lloyd M. Bogart '65 

Mrs. Betty Lou Cutler Boggs '56 

Ms. Lois Tinklenberg Bogia '56 

Mrs. Mary Ferguson Bond '54 

Mr. Robert C. Borcer '36 

Mr. Walter R.Boruff 

Mr. Daniel James Bouch '85 

Col. 8t Mrs. Wilburn R. Bowers '60 

Mrs. Suzanne Jones Bowman '57 

Dr. L. Adlai Boyd '57 

Rev. William D. Boyd, Jr. 

Mrs. Carolyn Symmes Brace '53 

Mr. St Mrs. David R. Brahams 74, '82 

Rev. & Mrs. Harry G. Brahams '50, '53 

Mrs. Lena McGaha Brake '52 

Mrs. JeanHunt Branch '51 

Drs. John W and Meta Braymer '68, '68 

Dr. James M. Breckenridge '67 

Mr. William F. Breen '55 

Mr. William I Brickey '56 

Mrs. Clara McCord Bridges '42 

Miss Kathryn Ann Bridges '69 

Mr. St Mrs. Donald W. Briggs '33, '34 

Mr. St Mrs. Russell J. Bright '68, '67 

Dr. Charles H. Brimfield '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Brooks 

Rev. Clyde R. Brown '43 

Mr. Cyril H. Brown '30 

Mrs. Susan Sober Brown '66 

Mr. James G. Browne '49 

Miss Edna L. Broyles '31 

Mr. Frederick O. Brubaker '40 

Mr. Joe Bruce 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Brugner 

Hon. Martin Bry-Nildsen, Jr. '38 

Ms. Alice Strohmeyer Bryan 71 

Mr. Timothy Bryant 

Mr. St Mrs. Joseph Bubernak 

Mr. Jack L Buckley '50 

Mr. Donald E. Buddie '60 

Ms. Suzanne Tourtelotte Buddie '59 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Bugenhagen '57, '56 

Ms. Jessie Cassada Buhmann '38 

Mrs. Mary Jay Spencer Bullock '53 

Mr. L. Allen Bunge 73 

Dr. Ruth Burgos-Sasscer '53 

Bishop Charles L Burgreen '44 

Dr. St Mrs. Patrick H. Burkhart 

Dr. Ruth Heaps Burkins '50 

Mrs. Hildegarde Shaw Burness '63 

Mrs. Jacquelene Kendall Burnett '54 

Mr. St Ms. Edward G. Bush 72 ,72 

Mr. Eugene D. Byrd '81 

Mr. St Mrs. Arthur D. Byrne '39, '41 

Miss Helen Caldwell '42 

Ms. Marilyn L. Caldwell '67 

Ms. Doris Somerville Calhoun '52 

Mr. George E. Callahan '48 

Ms. Carol Callaway-Lane '92 

Dr. & Mrs. J. A. Cameron '51, '52 

Mr. David W Campbell '62 

Rev. St Mrs. G. David Campbell '49, '50 

Mr. St Mrs. James C. Campbell '53, '54 

Mr. Christopher J. Capato '92 

Mrs. Sharon Carey 

Mrs. Estelle Greene Carhart '36 

Mrs. Charlotte Augustinius Carpenter '34 

Dr. George C. Carpenter '53 

Mrs. Carolyn Bowman Carrier '49 

Mr. Bob Carroll 

Mrs. Jeannette Eshelman Carter '32 

Mrs. Laurie Nelson Cartlidge '84 

Mrs. Marna Rice Cary 71 

Dr. Mary E. Case '47 

Mr. & Mrs. Noel H. Case 

Mr. Rocky Casteel '90 

Mrs. Loretta Nunn Casde'48 

Mark and Cathy Cate 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Caudle 


Rev. William H. Chalker '50 

Dr. Henrietta Laing Chambers '55 

Dr. Singtoh Changtrakul '63 

Mr. James W Chapman '43 

Mrs. Julie Clements Chapman '80 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Chapman 

Mrs. Mabel Hembree Charles '32 

Rev. Douglas G. Chase 73 

Mrs. Ruthanne Campbell Chase '61 

Mrs. Lyn Cherry '91 

Ms. Margaret A. Chesnutt '81 

Mrs. Catherine Davidson Christiansen '40 

Mr. Stephen Christison 

Dr. & Mrs. J. W ChristofTerson 

Ms. Mary Catherine Christofferson '69 

Mrs. Virginia Miller Christy '47 

Mr. Rogelio Y. Chua 

Mrs. Maria Wynn Claiborne '35 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Clancy 

Dr. St Mrs. Robert C. Clark '64, '63 

Dr. Robert F. Clark '55 

Mrs. Argyle King Clarke '49 

Mr. Joseph G. Claud, III '50 

Mr. Robert R.Clements '40 

Mrs. Katherine Earnest Clemmer '35 

Mrs. Mary Schussler Clinton '69 

Mrs. Dona Sarver Coates '60 

Mrs. Hope Pleyl Coburn '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Coghill 70, 72 

Mrs. Linda McNair Cohen '68 

Miss Martha Lou Coile '53 

Mr. Francis E. Collins '32 

Mr. Paul C. Conklin '59 

Mrs. Mildred Waring Conrad '46 

Mrs. Ezelle Hayes Conway '41 

Dr. Martha E. Cook '65 

Mrs. Grace Jarnagin Cooley '43 

Miss Virginia L. Coon '64 

Mrs. Althea Cable Cooper '43 

Rev. Gerald H. Cooper '64 

Mrs. Grace Rogers Cooper '46 

Dr. Kenneth L. Cooper '43 

Col. & Mrs. Robert H. Cooper 71, 72 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Copeland '65, '38 

Miss Kimberly E. Corbitt '84 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Corlew 

Mr. St Mrs. James B. Cornett '50 

Mrs. Victoria Green Cothroll '65 

Mr. Andrew L. Coulter '30 

Mr. St Mrs. Lynn B. Counts '55 


Mr. 8c Mrs. Robert Cover 

Mr. William O. Covert '66 

Rev. Roger A. Cowan '50 

Mrs. Meredirh Pierce Cox '67 

Mrs. RuthChittickCox'36 

Dr. Thomas M. Cragan '41 

Dr. Martha P. Craig 

Rev. John Craig, Jr. '47 

Mr. St Mrs. David N. Crawford '69, 72 

Mrs. Dorothy Nethery Crawford '35 



Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Crawford 

Ms. Elizabeth Crawford 71 

Mrs. Janice Graybeal Crawford '42 

Mrs. Janie McGehee Creecy '70 

Dr. Ruthellen Crews '49 

Mr. William A. Crisp '61 

Mr. Alan G. Cropper '69 

Mr. & Mrs.I Peyton Crosby 78, 79 

Prof. & Mrs. Frank M. Cross, Jr. '42, '47 

Dr. Robert R. Crothers '33 

Mrs. Cajolyn Scruggs Crotinger '49 

Mrs. Grace W. Crowder 

Dr. & Mrs. W. W. Crowder 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Crump '36, '34 

Mrs. John Cummings 

Mr. & Mrs. Ben A. Cunningham '42, '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Cunningham 

Miss Emma M. Curtis '55 

Mrs. Phyllis West Dadisman '53 

Mrs. Jessie Curtis Daniels '40 

Miss Mary E. Darling '61 

Mr. Charles M. Davies '69 

Rev .Howard L. Davies '39 

Mrs. Marilyn Kiefer Davies '55 

Mr. Barry K. Davis 

Mr. Charles I. Davis '40 

Ms. Joan M. Davis '57 

Ms. Ruby Prince Davis '83 

Dr. William N.Dawson 

Mr. Bruce S. DeNagy'51 

Rev. & Mrs. John T. DeForest, Jr. '45, '42 

Mrs. Martha Bess Ellis DeWitt '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry R. DeYoung, Jr. 73, 74 

Deacons of Bonsack Baptist Church - 


Miss Kathryn Dean '47 

Mrs. Lottie Lavender Dean '47 

Dr. George F. Deebel '35 


Mr. Phil Derpilbosian '69 

Col. & Mrs. Raymond Dewees, Jr. '42, '45 


Mrs. Dorothy Brown DiStefano '45 

Mrs. Julia Terry Dickinson '32 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Dirks 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Dixon '66, '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn W. Doig 74, 74 

Ms. Judith A Dollenmayer 

Mrs. Ruth B. Dollenmayer 

Mrs. Pauline Jenkins Doolittle '40 

Dr. Elaine Dorward-King 79 

Mrs. Mary Cowan Doxsee '43 

Dr. Faye Robinson Doyle '50 

Rev. Robert E. DuBois '48 

Mrs. Zenobia Bernardini DuBois '46 

Mr. Charles Duckett '50 

Mrs. Peggy-Ann Kessler Duke '53 

Miss Catherine L Dummer '80 

Mr. Daniel G. Dunbar'53 

Rev. Hubert L. Duncan '32 

Rev. Kenneth L Duncan '41 

Mr. Wayne H. Dunn '80 

Mr. William S. Dunning '34 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Durant 70, 72 

Rev. Eugenia Miller Durham '61 

Mr. & Mrs. E. R. Dykes 

Ms. Terry Dick Dykstra '61 

Dr. Delbert L. Earisman '51 

Mr. Stuart C.Easter 76 

Rev. Wallace Edward Easter '44 

Mrs. Frances Lane Edwards '45 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Eggers, II '67, '69 


Dr. Stephen Ellis 70 

Mrs. Marcia Thompson Ellis '41 

Dr. John B. Emery, Jr. '59 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip H. Emery, Jr. 

Mrs. Ella Swift Enfield '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Marshall England, Jr. '54, '55 

Dr. Walter E. English, jr. '52 

Rev. & Mrs. W. Winton Enloe '48, 48 

Dr. Richard f. Erickson '54 

Mr. & Mrs. W Nelson Ernest '48, '48 

Ms. Jenny Jett Erwin'68 

Mrs. Ernestine McCulley Estes '37 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Etling 

Dr. Lewis M. Evans, Jr. '51 

Ms. Barbara J. Everett 

Mr. Wood Everett '41 

Mrs. Eleanor Dahl Fairchild '29 

Dr. Turley Farrar '37 

Mrs. Helen Bobo Fedric '39 

Mr. William B. Felknor '41 

Ms. Susan J. Fershee '69 

Dr. Elaine G. Fichter '42 

Mrs. Margallen Hanna Fichter '56 

Mrs. Harriet McKean Fields '47 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Fields 

Mr. Robert W Finertie '57 

Dr. F. Craig Fisher '50 

Rev. & Mrs. James C. Fisher '55, '56 

Mrs. Annie Lou Dill Fleming '37 

Mr. Ted L. Flickinger, Jr. 

Dr. Donald R. Ford '56 

Mrs. Joan Piatt Fort '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony N. Fox '80, '80 

Mr. Paul H. Fox '38 

Mrs. Mildred Miles Franks '63 

Ms. Nancy Moschini Frantz 73 

Mrs. Margaret Matterson Fredericks '52 

Mrs. Cynthia Paxton Freeman 70 

Rev. Herbert Porter French '3 1 

Mr. Wayne Frey '66 

Mrs. Sarah Allen Frier '31 

Mrs. June Garland Fuhr '47 

Mrs. Louise Corbett Fulgham, '46 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Fulkerson 

Miss ArlineR.Fuller '36 

Mrs. Helen George Furgerson '43 

Mr. Joseph M. Futcher,Jr.'65 

Mr. Stephen A. Gabbard '36 

Ms. Maria Cole Galyon '89 

Mr. Douglas A. Gamble '63 

Miss Grace Gamble '29 

Mrs. Mary Neal Gamble 

Mrs. Henrietta Turner Gardin '49 

Mr. R. Mack Garner 71 

Mr. Jeffrey D. Gary 

Mrs. Mary Ruth Barber Garza '47 

Mrs. Marion Falkner Gash '34 

Mr. William H. Gash 76 

Dr. & Mrs. G.Kenneth Gates 

Gatlinburg Scottish Festival and Games 

Mr. Richard H. Gaunt, Jr. 73 

Mrs. Betty Roach George '52 

Mrs. Veronica Hansel George '44 

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Giancola, Sr. 

Mr. Donald F. Gilbert 74 

Mrs. Pamela Huskey Gildne '69 

Mrs. Deborah Forgey Gill '58 

Mrs. Kay Henry Gill '58 

Rev. George F. Gillette '48 

Rev. & Mrs. David L. Gilmore '61, '62 

Mr. Jackson M. Gilmore '47 

Zaida Brown Gilmour '61 

Judge & Mrs. Houston M. Goddard '68 

Miss Carrie Lou Goddard '33 

Mr. Robert N. Goddard 

Mr. William Golding 

Mr. John Henry Goldsmith '80 

Mrs. Morna McEver Golletz 73 

Mr. Richard C. Gossweiler, Jr. '63 

Mrs. Tina Blevins Gould '90 

Mrs. Helen Coats Graham '4 1 

Mrs. Mary Carter Graham '42 

Mrs. Darnel Birtcil Grandell 70 

Mrs. Mary Wooldridge Gravely '49 

Mr. Charles R. Greathouse '56 

Dr. & Mrs. Floyd J. Green '41, '42 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Kevin Green '83, '82 

Ms. Mary Ann Hicks Greenhill '53 

Mrs. Jessie Reed Greve '43 

Mrs. Elizabeth Hoagland Griffin '45 

Mrs. Ruby Miller GrifTitts '32 

Mrs. Frances Harris Grosh '44 

Mrs. Janet Roper Guffin '76 

Mr. John M. Guinter'42 

Mrs. Roberta Hope Guthmann '42 

Miss Ruth Guthrie '32 

Rev, Arthur R.Haaf 49 

Dr. Clement F. Hahn '41 

Mrs. Shirley OshanaHalI'48 

Mr. & Mrs Jack D. Hancox '50, '47 

Mr. Russell H. Hanna '26 

Mr. Lee Hannah '37 

Mrs. Phyllis Overton Harder '42 

Mrs. Dorothy Lewis Hardy '35 

Ms. DeAnn Hargis-Kaminski '88 

Mr. Charles W Harman '56 

June Stewart Harper '43 

Mr. Louis E. Hofferbert '50 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul W Hoffmann 

Mrs. Ruth Duggan Hoglan '42 

Rev. & Mrs. James L. Hogue '48, '46 

Rev. & Mrs. Charles W. Holsinger '52, '53 

Mrs. Martha Kincaid Homans '50 

Mr. Glenn L. Hook '34 

Mrs. 11a Goad Hooker '41 

Mrs. Elizabeth McKenney Horn '56 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. Horn, III '56, '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W.Horton 

Mrs. Patricia Kennedy Houbler '40 

Rev. & Mrs. John H. Houdeshel '45, '46 

Mr. David C. Harris '67 

Ms. Ginger L. Harris '83 

Ms. Page Harris '82 

Mrs. Alice Johnson Harrison '24 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry Harter 

Ms. Lisa M. Harvey '88 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald W Harward '61, '63 

Mrs. Marcia Hickey Hastings '65 

Mrs. Nelle Garland Haugh '32 

Mr. Edward R. Hawkey 71 

Mrs. Lynn Houlberg Hawkins 76 

Mrs. Margery Roth Hay '44 

Miss Joy Hayes '52 

Rev. Henry W Heaps '51 

Mrs. Mildred MacKenzie Hearn '32 


Mrs. Fannie Weber Heimlich '53 

Mrs. Winifred Sommers Hein '45 

Mrs. Virginia Baier Heiss '48 

Mr. & Mrs. David F. Helwig '53 '56 

Dr. F. William Henderson '43 

Rev. & Mrs. Thomas E. Henderson '46, '42 

Mrs. Shirley Montgomery Henley '44 

Ms. Robin G. Henry 77 

Dr. & Mrs. Hal Henschen '41, '42 

Mr. Christopher C. Herbert '87 

Mr. Allan W. Herdman '30 

Mrs. Margaret Fisher Hertel '55 

Mr. Robert D. Herzberger '47 

Dr. David K. Heydinger '40 

Mrs. Edith Earle Hightower'47 

Mr. & Mrs. DonaldJ. Hill'59,'59 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Hill 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Hill, III '84, '85 

Mr. & Mrs. George Hipkins '50, '46 

Mrs. Martha Moore Hobson '43 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Hoelzer '42, '44 

Mr. William R. Houdeshel '49 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Householder 

Mr. & Mrs. K.H.Howard, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Howell '34, '34 

Mrs. Jane Short Hower '45 

Miss Mary Ruth Hoyt '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Huber '45, '47 

Dr. G. Douglas Huet-Cox 71 

Dr. Carolyn Huff'65 

Mr.JeffreyD. Huffman '94 

Mr. Bruce S. Hughes '65 

Mrs. Glenda Gray Hughes '62 

Rev. & Mrs. Dan T Hughs 

Mrs. Nancy Davidson Hummel '69 

Mrs. Elizabeth Lanterman Hunt '34 

Rev. & Mrs. George LHunt '40, '41 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert W. Hunt '36*, '35* 

Mr. Robert A. Hunter '47 

Mrs. W. Max Hunter 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh O. Hunter, Jr. 73, 72 

Mrs. Cora Deals Huskey '36 

Mr. Joseph E. Huskey '43 

Mrs. Janice Caldwell Hutchens '38 

Mrs. Mary Knox Hutchison '33 

Mrs. Elizabeth Enloe Hutton '56 

Mr. William CHutton 71 

Dr. & Mrs. John Ingram, III 

Miss Phyllis Irshay '45 

Mrs. Judith Godfrey Isenhart '60 


Mrs. Elizabeth Widner Jackson 76 

Mrs. Joan McBrayer Jackson '92 

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth McKmght Jackson '46 

Rev. Morse R.Jackson '56 

Dr. Sally E.Jacob 

Mr. Philip Michael Jacobus 77 

Ms. Mary Paddison James '69 

Dr. & Mrs. S.Craig Jarvis 


Mr. G. Philip Jerome '65 

Ms. Christine A. Johnson 72 

Miss Constance R.Johnson '38 

Mrs. Estle Kerley Johnson '39 

Mr. Lincoln M.Johnson '38 

Mrs. Virginia Cain Johnson '44 

Dr. Ralph A. Johnson, Jr. '68 

Mr. Andrew P.Johnson 

Mr. DanE.Johnston'61 

Mr. Philip B.Johnston '62 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert K.Johnston '62, '62 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Michael Johnston 76, 76 

Mrs. Ann Jett Jones, '37 

Ms. Naoma V.Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Jones '59, '60 

Mrs. Margaret Spayd Jordan '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Horace N. Justus, '42, '45 

Mrs. Carol Demler Kabatt '54 

Mrs. Melba Holder Kabelka '46 

Mrs. Norma Spilatore Kalbhenn '33 

Mr. Robert E. KaJlstrom '60 

Col. Albert G. Karnell '34 

Dr. Sherryl D. Kasper 

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Keely '49, '49 

Mr. Thomas S. Kees, Jr. '51 

Mr. Bradley R. Kehler 74 

Ms. Elizabeth Pascoe Kelley '42 

Mrs. Beth Huftalen Kemen '47 

Mr. David A. Kemp 76 

Vandy Beard Kemp 

Mr. W. Abbott Kemp '47 


Mr. Raymond E. Keny '55 

Mr. Richard Y. Kerr '53 

Mr. W. Ross Kerr '65 


Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Ketchum '42, '43 

Ms. LitaJ. Keyser 

Mr. Lynn Kidder 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Kidder '51, '53 

Dr. Young-Bae Kim 

Mr. & Mrs. Koichi Kimura 

Mr. & Mrs. David S. King '65, '65 

Mr. David C. King '93 

Miss Lois O.King '43 

Mrs. Mary Rink King '34 

Mr. Rollo W.King '41 

Mrs. Dan H. Kinsinger 

Dr. & Mrs. Elgin P. Kintner 

Rev. Howard W.Kipp '34 

Mrs. Veta Stephens Kirchner '34 

Mr. Steven D. Kitchen 75 

Miss Gail J. Klein 70 

Mrs. Marcia Williams Kling '56 

Mrs. Kathryn Custer Kloss 74 

Rev. Elizabeth B.Knott '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. Koontz 

Mr. Jackson G. Kramer 

Dr. Eleonore Koster Krebs '58 

Rev. & Mrs. James L Kren '52, '51 

Mr. John F. Kren'63 

Mr. Edward Krusman '63 

Mrs. Nancie Savitski Krywicki 72 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Lee Kull 

Mrs. Catherine Sisk LaVallee '46 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Lacava '81, '82 

Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Guy E. Lambert, Jr. '43, '42 

Mr. & Mrs. H. F. Lamon '40, '40 

Dr. Robert J. Lamont'41 

Mrs. Nana W. Landgraf 

Mr. J. Quentin Lane '42 

Mrs. Eleanor Murrah Lanning 73 

Mrs. Agnes McGuire Larrowe '30 

Rev. & Mrs. Robert A. Larson 51, '51 

Mr. W. Harold Laster '65 

Dr. & Mrs. James H. Laster, Jr. '56, '56 

Rev. James E. Latham '51 

Mrs. Ruth Romig Lawrence '36 

Mr. Ronald B. Lawson 79 

Mr. Robert E. Layman 71 

Dr. William C.LeNoir, Jr. '51 

Miss Garnet R. Leader '25 

Dr. H. Eugene Lehman '41 

Mr. RobertD. Lehr, Jr. '52 


Mrs. Edith Hitch Leitch '41 

Mrs. Dorothea Lehman Leonard '45 

Mr. B.Curtis Leonard, 11177 

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Lester '51, '51 

Miss Agnes Lewis '23 

Mrs. Margaret Lewis Lewis '27 

Mrs. Sue Blair Lewis '66 

Miss Viola M. Lightfoot '34 

Mr. Carl L. Lindsay, Jr. '50 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Spencer Little 

Rev. & Mrs. Ralph M. Llewellyn '36, '36 

Mr. Vemon Lloyd '41 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L LoRay '85, '85 

Mr. Robert K. Lockwood '43 

Mrs. Virginia Smith Longee '54 

Mrs. Mary Katherine Mize Longwell '33 

Mrs. Carol Short Lootens '48 

Dr. Andrew W. Loven '57 

Mr. Lawrence L. Lowe '40 

Mr. Bruce N. Lundberg '58 

Mrs. Johnie Gnffitts Lunsford '54 

Dr. Leslie R. Luxton '40 

Mrs. Minnie-Lou Chittick Lynch '38 

Dr. & Mrs. William A. Lynch '59, '59 

Mrs. Nancy Russell Lynn '45 

Rev. Benjamin A. Lynt '44 

Mrs. Bette Umbach Lyons '42 

Miss Tammy C. Lytle'81 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Charlton Mabry '50, '52 

Dr. William F.MacCalmont '36 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Macy, Jr. 70, 70 

Dr. & Mrs. John P. Magill *39, '41 

Mrs. Elaine Kern Magliulo '48 

Mr. & Mrs. Christian G. Magnuson 73, 72 


Mrs. Margaret Mairs 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Malheiro 

Dr. James H. Manning '44 

Mrs. Shirley Atwell Marble '53 


Dr. Clinton Marsh 

Mrs. Margaret Bnent Marshall '36 

Mrs. Virginia Thompson Marston '3 1 

Mrs. Janie Corry Martin '39 

Mrs. Lucy Horton Martin-Wener '28 

Mr. C. Randy Massey '81 

Mr. & Mrs. John W Massie, Jr. '48. '48 

Mrs. Elizabeth Fuqua Mather '63 

Rev. & Mrs. Ernest D. Mathews '35, '35 

Mrs. Ruth Brocious Mathias '33 

Mrs. Wilma Borter Matysek '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Alan Mays 

Mr. IrvmK. McArthur'47 

Mr. David F. McCahan '60 

Miss M. Ruth McCall '39 

Dr. Charles S. McCammon '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Gavin McCammon 

Dr. Sandra Briggs McCann '66 

Mrs. Martha Deal McCarty '37 

Mrs. Frank McClelland 

Mrs. Ellen Myers McClune 74 

Miss Catherine T McClure 

Miss Janet W. McClure 

Rev. Dr. M. Scott McClure '48 

Ms. Rose McConnell 78 

Mrs. David McCroskey 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. McCroskey '82, '82 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. McDaniel '42, '45 

Ms. Penelope W McDonald '90 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. McFarland '56, "57 

Ms. Joan Menk McFarland '60 

Mr. Lewis M. McFarland '58 

Dr. Donald C. McFerren '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. McKean '56, '55 

Mr. & Mrs. Mike McKenzie 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald McLemore 

Rev. Robert L.McLeod, Jr. '58 

Mrs. Marian Ruth McLiverty '44 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. McMaster '56, '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Roderick E. McMillan '54, '55 

Rev. & Mrs. Paul R. McNiel '50, '52 

Ms. Helen A. McNiell '84 

Miss Evelyn R. Megaw '48 

Miss Susan L Mehaffy 75 

Dr. & Mrs. Scribner A. Messenger '68, '67 

Mr. Gary R. Meyer '68 

Miss Suzanne L. Mignery 72 

Rev. Wesley P. Miles '52 

Rev. & Mrs. Bruce R. Miller '53, '53 

Mr. & Mrs. D. M. Miller '50, '53 

Mr. David M. Miller'52 

Miss Elizabeth J. Miller '44 

Ms. Joanne Miller '79 

Capt. Karl W.Miller '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Miller 

Mrs. Mary Robarts Miller '47 

Ms. Mona Ernest Miller 75 

Mr. Ralph E. Miller 72 

Dr. Roger D. Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Davis Miller, II '68, '69 

Mr. PaulH.Millin'66 

Mr. SnellA. Mills, IH'79 

Dr. & Mrs. Roger H. Millwood 

Miss Winifred A. Minear 73 

Mr. Randall Gene Minor 73 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Mintz '58, '59 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Mitchell '67, 70 

Mrs. Nell Louise Minear Mitchell '46 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Moffett '54, '54 

Dr. Dudley S. Moore '42 

Mr. & Mrs. John S.Moore '51, '51 

Ms. Leanne V. Moore 74 

Mrs. Rachel Wood Moore '67 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Moore, Jr. '69, '69 

Mrs. Geneva Parker Moorhead 75 

Mrs. Frances Barr Morgan '51 

Mrs. Mary France Morgan '40 

Mr. William D. Morgan, Jr. '37 

Mrs. Rebecca Morgan-Boyd 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald B. Morley '57, '56 

Dr. & Mrs. Terry L. Morris '64, '63 

Mr. John H. Morrison '49 

Mr. Fred G. Morrison, Jr. '61 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Morrow 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Morton '51, '52 

Mr. Robert W. Moser '52 

Mr. Herschel Mosier.Jr. '53 

Mrs. Aline Campbell Moss '41 

Mrs. Mary Phipps Moyer '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Moyers '65, '65 

Miss Heidi Mueller '84 

Mrs. Sarah Enloe Munn '47 

Mrs. Dorothy Murphree 

Mr. & Mrs. Judson B. Murphy '37, '39 

Mrs. Nina Gamble Murphy '35 

Ms. Angela Murphy- Walters '82 

Mrs. Elizabeth Huddleston Myers '41 

Mr. Richard D.Myser 71 

Dr. Paul T Naylor 75 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Naylor 79 

Dr. Rebeccah Kmnamon Neff'62 

Col. Ethel A. Nelson '50 

Drs. Henry & Katie Nelson, Sr. 

Mrs. Kathleen Mayurnik Nenninger 73 

Rev. Andrew E. Newcomer '33 

Mr. Wallace E. Newman '45 

Mr. Gilbert A. Nicholas 74 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Nicholas '68, '69 

Mr. &Mrs. GaryNier'71, 71 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Nier '55, '59 

Mrs. Grace Greenawalt Nieto'53 

Mr. & Mrs. Hideki Nishihama 

Mr. Terry L. Noack 75 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Norris 79, '80 

Mr. Be Mrs. Raymond C. Nye 71, 71 


Mrs. Nancy Olsen 

Rev. Edmund A, Opitz '36 

Mr. Thomas S. Orr 76 

Mrs. Marion C. Osborn 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Osborne 76, 77 

Mr. Carl L Overman 

Mrs. Sarah Miller Owens 72 

Mr. Raymond A. Packard '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Page '61, '61 

Mrs. Louise Lloyd Palm '51 

Mrs. Ethelyn Cathey Pankratz '56 


Mrs. Jean McCutcheon Parker '43 



Mrs. Russell D. Parker 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey R. Parkhouse 

Mr. C. Eugene Parks, Jr. '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Parsons 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Parvin "50, '50 

Mrs. Ersa Wilson Patterson '4 1 

Mrs. Sara Cameron Patterson '44 

Mr.* & Mrs. William L. Patterson 

Mr. Richard E. Parton '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Paxton '48, '47 

Mr. & Mrs. Rudy K. Payne 

Dr. NealeJ. Pearson '49 

Mrs. Loretta Crawford Pelton '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Pemberton '48, '45 

Mrs. Geraldine Hogan Pepper '43 

Mrs. Juanka Hinson Percival '46 

Dr. John H.Perry 

Rev. Thomas Lee Perry '57 

Dr. Robert D. Proffitt '51 

Mrs. Harrv Proffitt, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Jr. Rolland A. Pmdhon '65, '65 

Mrs. Lois Wall Pruitt '44 

Mr. & Mrs. James W Pryor '66, '68 

Mrs. Joyce Hampton Pullan '50 

Mrs. Gayle Eggers Putman '64 

Dr. & Mrs. Theodore D. Putnam '66, '64 

Rev. & Mrs. Joseph E. Quinn '61, '58 

Mrs. Rachel McCall Ragain '42 

Mr. Timothy W. Rahn '79 

Rev. & Mrs. David A. Ramsey '55, '58 

Mr. Ryland E. Ramsey '38 

Mr. Ronald Randon '60 

Mr. L. I. Rankin 

Mrs. Mildred McMurray Rankin '33 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Raper 

Mr. & Mrs. Keith G. Rasmussen 

Mrs. Edna Kidder Ross '27 

Mr. Kenneth W Ross '48 

Ms. Mary Morgan Rowan '43 

Miss H.Lee Rowland '71 

Rev. Richard F. Rowley '50 

Mrs. Alice Cook Royce '7 1 

Mr. RicRodney Runner 75 

Mr. J. Allen Russell '59 

Mr. Howard L. Sams '38 

Mr. Ned H. Sams '41 

Dr. & Mrs. Raymond D. Saunders '49, '49 

Mr. ZigmundJ. Savitski '38 

Dr. Thomas A. Schafer '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Scheideler '65, '67 

Mrs. Mary Knight Schellenger '43 

Dr. Lori Schmied 

Dr. Susan Schneibel 

Dr. & Mrs. Stuart L Schoff 


Mrs. Beatrice Wheeler Peterson '37 

Dr. & Mrs. Marvin D. Peterson 

Dr. Bruce A. Petitt '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Kyle O. Petree '55, '56 

Mrs. Betty Meyer Petterson '45 


Dr. & Mrs.* John E. Phay '34, '36 

Dr. & Mrs. JackS. Phelan 

Mr. Robert B. Phillips '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Joel P. Phillips, Jr. '44, '42 

Mrs. Mary Gladys Brown Pieper '36 

Mrs. Ellen Macrae Pierce '33 

Rev. Charles F. L. Pierrepont '53 

Dr. Jerry LPietenpol 


Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Pike 

Miss Rose W Pinneo '67 

Dr. George Podgorny '58 

Mr. John R.Poland 

Mr. Robert A. Ponton, Jr. '76 

Mr. George M. Pope '46 

LL Col. Clifford E. Porterfield '49 

Rev. & Mrs. William J. Postler'72, '72 

Mrs. Mildred Orr Potter '48 

Mrs. Janet Purcilla Pounds '64 

Mrs. Elaine Woods Powell '45 

Ms. Esther H. Powers 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse T. Powlus 


Mrs. Grace Riley Price '78 

Mr. W Douglas Price '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Harwell W. Proffitt '40 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Profit! '41, '68 

Kevm S. Proffitt 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Rayborn 

Dr. Clarence L Reaser '52 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Rechtin '62, '61 

Mr. & Mrs. Joel E. Reeves '57, '57 

Mrs. Rose Wells Regenbrecht '45 

Rev. Eugene W. Reid '41 


Mr. & Mrs. James C. Renfro '38, '38 

Mr. James C. Renfro.Jr. '63 

Dr. & Mrs. Gordon H. Rettke '49, '49 

Jean Reynolds and Wayne Frey '66, '66 

Dr. Fred W. Rhodes 73 

Ludie and Christine Richard 

Mrs. Cheryl Laipply Richardson '82 

Mrs. Mariorie D. Richardson '88 

Miss Mary Jo Richardson '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Don Richesin 

Rev. Dr. Homer Rickabaugh '54 

Mr. Garry D. Ridder '35 

Ms. Deborah Home Ridgely '73 

Mr. & Mrs. Craig D. Rigell '69, '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rightmyer 


Mr. & Mrs. Charles W Roberts '50, '48 

Miss Evelyn J. Roberts '32 

Mrs. Geraldine Fans Robinson '65 

Mrs. Norma Lou Loetz Robinson '53 

Mr. & Mrs. William N. Robinson '52, '53 

Mr. William N. Robinson, Jr. '78 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan E. Rock '49, '48 

Mrs. Eloise Zimmerman Rogers '41 

Mrs. Elizabeth Crawford Roper '48 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Roseborough '43, '46 

Mr. G.Craig Roselli '61 

Mrs. Lee Gageby Schooler '60 

Mr. LarsSchuller'81 

Ms. Vickie Wester Schultze '91 

Mr. Robert W. Schwarzwalder '43 

Rev. Leroy V. Secrest '47 

Dr. & Mrs. David J. Seel '46 

Dr. Guy T. Selander '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Lynn E. Sexton '56, '54 

Dr. William A. Seymour 

Mr. Edgar P. Shackelford '56 

Mr. W. Randolph Shackelford '83 


Rev. Albert W.Shakley '51 

Mrs. Mary Karg Sharp '5 1 

Mr. Larry S. Sharpe 70 

Mrs. Phyllis Cain Shaver '43 

Mr. Fred G. Shelfer '42 

Mrs. Mary R. Shell 

Mr. Paul Shelton '32 

Mr. & Mrs. Don E. Sherwood 

Mrs. Sue Martin Shew '52 

Judge & Mrs. Perry Shields 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley B. Shields '37, '37 

Dr. Robert B. Short '41 

Mrs. Virginia Williams Shorten '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd C. Shue '42, '40 


Mr. & Mrs. Graeme W. Sieber '57, '57 

Mrs. Edith Traylor Silva 

Mrs. Sheryl Lay Simpson '76 

Dr. Terry L. Simpson 

Mrs. Jane Metcalf Sinclair '43 

Ms. Susan Jennings Singer '86 

Mr. William R.SitIer '53 

Dr. & Mrs. James N. Skeen '64, '66 

Mrs. Virginia Wood Slikas '50 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Bryan Smalley 

Mrs. Eleanor Rocker Smartt '43 

Dr. & Mrs. Edgar W Smith, Jr. '60, '61 

Dr. Edward D. Smith '67 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick R. Smith '43, '46 

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn D. Smith '50, '50 

Miss Kathryn A. Smith '61 

Mrs. Louise Stevenson Smith '45 

Mrs. Margaret Caldwell Smith '45 

Mrs. Maryel Vogel Smith '56 

Mr. Larry Smithee 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C Smock 74, 74 

Mr. John M. Smootjr. '67 

Rev. & Mrs. Robert R. SmyrI '36, '40 

Mr. GuyW.Sneed,Jr.'56 

Dr. Fred M. Snell '42 

Ms. Jeanmne Fion Spencer '54 

Mr. Brian Spickard 

Ms. Judith Sullivan Spies '91 

Mrs. Martha Brogden Spining '57 

Mr. John B. Springer '34 

Mrs. Margaret Merritt SpurHng '58 

Mrs. Louise Orr Stafford '38 

Mrs. George V Stanley 

Brig. Gen. Ralph D. Steakley '41 

Mr. Earl H. Stephens '47 

Mrs. Margaret Sample Steptoe '60 

Mr. & Mrs. William Steverson 

Ms. Charlotte Cathey Stewart '60 

Mr. J. P. Stewart 

Mrs. Mary Ellen Northrop Stewart '45 

Rev. & Mrs. Lawrence F. Sthreshley, Jr. '44,'43 

Mr. Frank B. Still, Jr. '48 

Mrs. Helen Griffin Stocum '66 

Ms. Anne Nakamura Stoelting '62 

Mr. H. Dean Stone '46 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Stovall '50, '49 

Mrs. Sallie Favrot Stroud '81 


Mr. Kevin R. Sumner '93 

Mr. Richard S.Sutde '81 

Ms. Corita Erwin Swanson '58 

Lt. Col. George B. Swindell, Jr. 

Mr. William CSydnor '31 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Taddie 

Mrs. Margaret Brown Tait '51 

Mr. Kenneth M. Talbott 76 

Lt. Col. & Mrs. George N. Talley '69, '69 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Talmage '61, '62 

Mr. John D. Tanner '63 

Dr. & Mrs. O. Reed Tarwater '66, '66 

Mr. J. Wilson Taylor '33* 

Mrs. Sherrie Martin Taylor '58 

Ms. Margaret Warren Terry '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Terwedow 

Ms. Keriann Terwedow '91 

Mrs. Lorraine Briggs Thalacker '65 

Rev. Charles T Theal '38 

Rev. Donald I. Thiel '56 

Mr. Charles R. Thomas '64 

Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Thomas '67, '69 

Mr. Mike Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray D. Thomas 

Mr. J. Laurence Thompson '52 

Mrs. Janet Whitmore Thompson '56 

Ms. Mary Ann Thompson '55 

Mr. Marvin Thomson '34 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Thornton 

Miss Pauline L. Throne '34 

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Thurston '51, '53 

Mrs. Marine Orcutt Tibbetts '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon F. Tinley 70, 71 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Tinley '42, '43 

Dr. & Mrs. G. Frederick Tolhurst 

Lavinia Lee Tomlinson '57 

Mr. Howard J. TomlinsonJII 

Mr. John K. Tope '33 

Mr. Tim A Topham '80 

Mrs. Marilyn Hartpence Torrey '48 

Mr. Bradford B. Towne 73 

Mrs. Robbie Martin Trafton '25 

Mrs. Donna Clancy Trainer '88 


Mrs. Kathryn Adams Trent '38 

Mrs. Christine Fritz Trinter '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W Tripp '34, '33 

Ms. Winifred True 

Mrs. Dorothea Stadelmann Trump '37 

Dr. Kenneth D. Tuck '54 

Dr. Elizabeth A. Turner '58 

Miss Virginia Turrentine '39 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Kennedy Upham '52, '52 

Mr. Eyobong Usanga 74 

Mr. Oliver R. Van Cise '43 

Mrs. Winifred Hart Van Cleve '44 

Ellen M. Van Dorpe 

Mrs. Suzanne Drees Van Peursem 73 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald Vandenberg '58, '58 

Rev. William D.Varker '51 

Mrs. Edna Brown Vas '51 

Mr. Edward C. Vaughn '43 

Mrs. Mary Webb Vennema '50 

Mrs. Marjorie Resides Vogado '41 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Vogado, Jr. 75, 74 

Mrs. Eugenia Jackson Vogel '54 

Mr. Edward A. Voorhees '47 

Mrs. Kathenne Kems Vousden '56 

Mr. LelandT Waggoner '38 

Mrs. Mary Gamble Waldo '33 

Mr. Edward L Waldroop '84 

Dr. Arda S. Walker '40 

Mrs. Clifford Withers Walker '84 

Mr. Thomas M.WaJker '81 

Rev. Dr. Thomas D. Walker 

Mr. Hal M.Wallace '51 

Mr. Larry Wallace *52 

Mr. Robert H.Wallace '32 

Rev. Harry P. Walrond '34* 

Mrs. Eunice Grant Walsh '33 

Mrs. Anne Snider Walton '53 

Mrs. Mary Jane Person Walton '43 

Mrs. Maryanne Braidwood Ward '60 

Dr. William F. Ward '63 

Mr. Charles A. Warner '50 

Mr. Robert W Washburn '69 

Dr. Jerry E. Waters '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Watson '61, '60 

Rev. & Mrs. I.Robert Watt '41, '37 

Rev. & Mrs. James E. Watt '51, '53 

Mr. Gilbert E. Weiss '47 

Mr. & Mrs. William Weissenburger '63, '63 

Dr. R. B. Welden '43 

Mrs. Mary Earl Walker Wells '35 

Miss Mary Sloan Welsh '34 

Mrs. Roberta Reveley Welte '35 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Welton 

Ms. Betty Sue Talbott Wengert '63 

Dr. Michael G. Wenkstern 75 

Mr. & Mrs. Rudolf M. Wertime 

Mrs. Anne Vanderslice West '27 

Mr. David C. West '62 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. West 

Mr, Walter P. West '38 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Weston, Sr. 


Mrs. Mae Masterson Whatley '28* 

Rev. Gerald R. Wheat '52 

Dr. Thomas V. Wheeler '48 

Miss Marion L Whitaker '36 

Rev. Haydn O. White '48 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. White 71, 74 

Mrs. Lee Fowler Whitehouse '56 

Mr. William T Whitman, Jr. '30 

Mr. Henry M. Wick '42 

Mr. Howard G. Wickman '38 

Leigh Wilcox 78 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Wilcox '41, '41 

Dr. & Mrs. James O. Wiley '54, '53 

Mrs. Anne Robison Williams '54 

Ms. Constance H. Williams '65 

Dr. & Mrs. David N. Williams '56, '57 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald B. Williams '55, '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Williams 

Mrs. Etta Culbertson Williams '39 

Mr. George R. Williams '55 

Mrs. Rosemary Park Williams '43 

Rev. William WWillingham '51 

Rev. & Mrs. R. Max Willocks '49, '46 

Rev, & Mrs. Reese M. Wills, Jr. '62, '62 

Mrs. Elaine O.Wilson 

Mr. W Warren Wilson "82 

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Winton Winstanley '43 

Mr. Daniel W Winter '50* 

Dr. & Mrs. Orval S. Wintermute '50, '51 

Mrs. Helen SheekWishon '39 

Mr Ronald M. Wolf '63 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Wolfe, III '67, '64 

Rev. Harry C. Wood '33 

Mrs. Mary Swain Wood '29 

Ms. Sharon R. Wood '83 

Mr. David E. Woodling '36 

Dr. Mary Browne Woodring '52 

Mrs. Judith Pike Woods 71 

Mrs. Louise Turner Woolard 74 

Mrs. Ella Thompson Worman '48 

Mrs. Barbara Murphy Wright '53 

Mrs. Frances Sisk Wright '43 

Dr. Nathalia Wright '33 

Mr. Steve H. Wright 78 

Dr. Sue K. Wyatt 

Ms. Virginia Roseborough Wylie '68 

Ms. Emily C. Yarborough 

Mr. James T. Yeaworth '50 

Dr. Anna M. Yoakum '54 

Miss Lois Marian Yohe 78 

Mrs. Helen Cameron Young '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Youngblood 

Mr. Steven John Yuhasz 75 

Ms. Delores Bowen Ziegler 73 

Mrs. Mae Meriwether Zifcak '50 

Mrs. Zula Vance Zinavage '39 

Mrs. Esther Cleaver Zuercher '45 

Mrs. Mary Ellen Lee Zuverink '58 

Business Sc Corporate Members 

Airport Hilton Inn 

Airport Honda 

American Fidelity Bank 

BTR Sealing Systems-TN Operations 

Beal Office Supply 

Berea College 

Blackwood Agency 

Blaine Construction Corporation 

Bob Kidd Siding Company 

Braun & Associates, Inc 

C & C Trucking Contractors 

Contractor's Machinery 

Danny Davis Contractors, Inc. 

Downey Oil Company 

Duggan & Anderson, Attorneys 

Fire-Tec, Inc. 

Gallaher & Associates 

Gilded Mirrors, Inc. 

Graphic Chemical & Ink Company 

Hampton Inn - Townsend 

Hickory Construction, Inc. 

Home Bank of Tennessee 

J. C. Penney Company - Maryville 

Joseph Construction Company 

Laurel Valley Country Club 

Leon Shields Insurance Association 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Maryville Furniture Company, Inc. 

McNutt Oil & Gas Company 

Memorial Funeral Home 

Mountain Life Insurance Company 

National Electric Coil 

Nicholson & Garner 

Oceangate Forwarding, Inc 

Pope's Garden Center & Nursery 

Rivers Advertising Specialties 

Smith Mortuary 

Sterling Engineering, Inc 

The Daily Times 

Twin City Buick-Saturn 

Twin City Nissan 

Walker's Supply Company 

Weston Paving Company, Inc 

Weston Realty Inc 

Willis Corroon 


The SCOTS Club includes alumni, 
friends and businesses who support 
Maryville College's tradition of 
excellence in athletics. 

Anonymous (2) 


Jesse T. Anderson '52 

William R. Anderson '54 

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Andrews 

Richard Ashmore 


Judge J. N. Badgettjr. '40 

J. Michael Barrows 70 

Bill and Joanne Beard 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Beckwith 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven P Belair 

Dr. and Mrs. W Kenneth Bell 

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Benelisha 


Mr. and Mrs. W Wilson Bordenjr. 

Mr. and Mrs. L Jim Braun 

Robert L Brown '35 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brugner 

Henry A. Callaway, Jr. '50 

James M. Callaway '52 

Mr. and Mrs. Noel H. Case 

Mr. and Mrs. John R Chiles, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold W Copeland '65, '38 

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Corlew 

Andrew L Coulter '30* 

John and Ellie Craven 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Dicus 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dirksen 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W Doig 74, 74 

Kenneth L E. Eggers 

Mr. and Mrs. John W Fisher 

S. Kelly Franklin 

Eugene F. Gabbard '29 

Douglas A. Gamble '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Godbey 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Goede 

O'Neal Gray '36 

Mr. & Mrs. Hal Henschen '41, '42 

Carl D. Hewitt, m 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul W Hoffmann 

Glen Householder 

D.Mark Hurt '90 

Arlene Ignico 77 

Richard C. Isenberg '51 

Mary Elizabeth Mcknight Jackson '46 

Morse R. Jackson *56 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. King 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Kramer 74, 74 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Lambert '50 

Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Limon '40, '40 

AnnabelleJ. Libby'52 

Mr. and Mrs. David L McArthur '36, *35 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. McCall '57, '59 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe W McDaniel 

Carl P. McDonald '63 

Larry CMcMichael 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L Macy, Jr. 70, 70 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Malloyjr. '68, '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Mays 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Mills 

Rev. and Mrs. William H. Mooney '40 

FredG. Monisonjr. '61 

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mullican, Sl 

Mr. and Mrs. Judson B. Murphy '39, '37 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Navratil '54, '54 


Carl L Overman 

Mary Mills Palmer '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Payne 

Mr. and Mrs. Harwell W Proffitt '40 

Robert D. Proffitt '51 

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Proffitt '49, '49 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert C Ramger '56, 70 


William C Rankin '69 


Mr. and Mrs. James C Renfro '38, '38 


Victor R. School 

Sara Kittrell Schwam '39 

Mr and Mrs. Lynn E. Sexton '56, '54 

W Randolph Shackelford '83 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Shields '37, '37 

Dr. and Mrs. EB. Smith '40, '46 

Elizabeth Sabel Steverson '93 

Donald W Story '67 

Alden and Beth Stuart 

Dr. and Mrs. William R. Sullivan 

Richard Suttle '81 

Corita Erwin Swanson '58 

Kenneth MTalbott '76 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Terwedow 

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Thurston '51, '53 


Mr. and Mrs. Antony van Aken 

Robert H.Wallace '32 

William E. Wallace '58 


Mr. and Mrs. E. Leslie Webbjr. '33, '46 

Dan W Wiley '58 



Blackwood Agency 
Fox Home Medical, Inc 


The Maryvilk-Alcoa College-Community 
Orchestra gratefully acknowledges the 
following individuals and businesses who 
contributed financial support for the 
1995-96 concert season. 

Categories of gifts 

Major Benefactor $500 and above 

Benefactor $250 -$499 

Patron $100 -$249 

Sponsor $ 50 - $99 

Donor $ 5 - $49 

Major Benefactor 

Mr. & Mrs. Tutt S. Bradford 

Denso Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc 


Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Anderson 

Frank Bird 

Mr. & Mrs, Michael R. Caudle 

John & Ellie Craven 

Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Newman 

Mr. J. Douglas Overbey 


Mr. & Mrs. Charles Alexander 
Mr. William R. Anderson '54 
Lynn Ann Brown Best '36 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Cunningham 
Mr. & Mrs. Carle M Davis 
BarbaraJ. Everett 
Dr. & Mrs. Ted L Flickinger 
Helen George Furgerson '43 
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald W Gibson 
Mr. & Mrs. K. H. HowarcLJr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Elton R. Jones 
Mr. & Mrs. Gavin McCammon 
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Ft Millwood 
Mr. & Mrs. Hideki Nishihama 
Nancy Olsen 
Mrs. Russell D.Parker 

Mr. & Mrs. William N. Robinson '52, '53 

Jean Campbell Rokes '33 

Dr. & Mrs. Stuart LSchoff 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Bryan Smalley 

Dr. & Mrs. Larry Smithee 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack B.Stewart 

J. P. Stewart 

Michael D. Thomas 


Dr. & Mrs. John Yarborough 


Victor R. Schoen 

H. Dean Stone '46 

Mr. & Mrs. Ceo! Q. Tipton '42, '44 

Carolyn M Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Yarborough 


Dr. & Mrs. Billy H. Blanks 

Dr. & Mrs. Dean A. Boldon 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Brooks 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Bushing '43, '42 

Dr. & Mrs. Henry A. Callaway, Jr. '50 


Dr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Evans 

Thomas T. Evans, Jr. '59 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Fulkerson 

Dr. Carl Gombert 

Millicent M Hinger 

Mr. & Mrs. W Thomas Howard 

Mary Elizabeth McKnight Jackson '46 

Dr. & Mrs. Elgin P. Kintner 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Leyen 

Margaret Mairs 

Maryville Music Club 


Mr. & Mrs. David Mynatt 

George E. & Mary Ellen Naff 

Mary Gladys Brown Pieper '36 

Jerry L Pietenpol 


Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Proffitt 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Reynolds 

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Ross 

Joy M Bishop 
Dr. James Bloy 
Davma Brown 
Dr. & Mrs. David C Don- 
Mr. & Mrs. Wade A. Fulks,Sr. 
Phyllis Overton Harder '42 
Dr. & Mrs. Harry R Harter 
Mr. & Mrs. Yasushi Iwata 
Mr. & Mrs. John Allen Kerr '42, '44 
Bertha L Kinsinger 
Beth Hitch McArthur '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Judson B. Murphy '39, '37 
Margie Stevenson Ribble'61 
Edward Sooter 
Alden & Beth Stuart 
Daniel & Ann Taddie 
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry West 
Dolores Willey 


Mr. & Mrs. William G Adams 

Mrs. Thomas E Addy, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Alexander 

James E Anderson 

Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Anderson 

Mrs. Wayne Anderson 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Andrews 

Lelia R. Annich 

Norman B. Annich 


Teresa Ann Ashley 

Thomas M Ayres 

Mrs. Clifford E Barbour 

Nancy C Barbour 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry L Barrett, Jr. 

Joseph S. Baylis 

Frank Bird 

Joy M Bishop 

David & Marty Black 

Joe Black 

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Blackwell 

Billy andjulia Blanks 

Mr. & Mrs. W Wilson Borden 

Walter R-Boruff 


Mr. & Mrs. Harry Brooks 

C Dudley Brown 

Charles W. Brown 

Davina S. Brown 


Joe Bruce 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bubemak 

Elton E. Buchanan 

Mr & Mrs. Edward O. Buckbee 

Dr. & Mrs. Patnck H. Burkhart 

Bob Carroll 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Caudle 


Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Chnstman 

Dr. & Mrs. J. W Chnstofferson 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Heyward Chubb 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Clancy 

Ben C Clark 

Michael and Linda Clement 

Mi & Mrs. Norman G. Clyne 

Bill & Donna Cobble 

John T Collins 

Mrs. Arthur O.Cooke 

Miss Margaret A. Cooper 

Mrs. A. P. Cornell 

Mrs. Walter Courtenay 

Mr. Robert Cover 

Dr. JohnJ. Craven 

Mrs. Duncan Crawford 

Grace WCrowder 


Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Cunningham 

Mrs. Alfred RDavies 

Barry K. Davis 

William N. Dawson 

Deacons of Bonsack Baptist Church, 


Mrs. George D. Devereux 

Philip A. DiCarlo 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Dirks 

Mrs. Ray Dirksen 

Judith A. Dollenmayer 

Ruth B. Dollenmayer 

Dt& Mrs. David Dorr 

Nancy A. Downey 

Frances WDulin 

Bernadette Durand 

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Eaves 

Mrs. Walter Sherman Edsall 

Kenneth L E. Eggers 

Mrs. Dewey W Eitner 

Barbara S. Ellis 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip H. Emery, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Erickson 

James W Espy 



Pboto by Neil Cosby 


Mrs, William REding 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Evans 

Barbara J. Everett 

I>.& Mrs. Worley Fain 

Norma Fall 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank L Paris 

John M Ferren 

Robert J. Fiedler 

Mrs. Paul E Fields 

Mr. & Mrs, John W. Fisher 

Stephen Fisher 

Ted L Flickingerjr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Ted L Flickinger 

Carol E Foster 

Gary and Sue Fowler 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Freestate 


Mary Neal Gamble 

Marion B. Gardner 

Nancy Garretson 


Mr. & Mrs. Martm Gerra 

Lowell L Giffen 


Houston Goddard 

Robert N.Goddard 

Garry L Godfrey 

William Golding 

Mr. & Mrs. J. W . Gordon, Jr. 

Ardis L Grader 


L T Guess 

Mr. and Mrs. William Hammonjr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Haralson, HI 


Mrs. Joe S. Henderson 

Adeline L Hendrix 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Henington 

Carl D. Hewitt, III 


Mr. & Mrs. Douglas S. Higgins 

Mi & Mrs. Jerry Hill 


Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Hodgson 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul W Hoffmann 

Mrs.J. W Hood Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Hombeck 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W Horton 

Glen Householder 

Mr. & Mrs. K.H. Howard, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. W Thomas Howard 

Hugh 0. Hunter, Sr. 

Nancy B. Hunter* 

Mrs. W.Max Hunter 

Mrs. Tom Hutsell 

Dr. & Mrs. John Ingram, III 

Dr. & Mrs. Homer LIsbell 

Mr. & Mrs. Rondel E Ivens 

Mr. & Mrs. Yasushi Iwata 

Philip H. Jacobus 

Dr. & Mrs. S. Craig Jarvis 

Philip B.Johnston 

Frank E Jones 

Margaret F Jones 

NaomaV Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Alfredjones 

Mr. & Mrs. John Keller 

Gene and Debra Keyser 

LitaJ. Keyser 

Lynn Kidder 

Mary H. King 

Dr. & Mrs. Elgin P. Kintner 

Jackson G. Kramer 


James N. Lamar* 

Mrs. Samuel Lambeth 


Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Lawler 

Jennie M. Lawson and Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Ledden 

SueJ. Lehmberg 

Robert E Levey 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Leyen 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Spencer Little 

Margaret Mairs 

Dr. Clinton Marsh 

Charles and Roxie Marston 

Charles N.Martia Jr. 

Doug and Mary Mason 

Rev. & Mrs. John T. Mathison 

Dr. Peter Mazur 

Dr. & Mrs. John G McAmis 

Dennis H. McClain 


Janet WMcClure 

Mrs. David McCroskey 

Mrs. Neil McDade 

Nancy Mcintosh 

Mr. & Mrs. W A. McLaunn 


Mrs. Harry Mercer 

Mrs. George M Merriman 

Mr. & Mrs. L Arnold Mignery 

Dorothy N. Miles* 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger R Millwood 

Mrs. William H. Mooney 

Laurence Fremont Moore* 

Rebecca Morgan-Boyd 

Mr. & Mrs. Winfted H. Muckelrath 

Mr. & Mrs. Bill A. Mullican, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. David Mynatt 

George E. and Mary Ellen Naff 

Mary E Neilsen 

Dr. Henry Nelson 


Mr. & Mrs. Charles C Newman, Jr. 

Mrs. AlvinH. Nielsen 

Mr. & Mrs. Hideki Nishihama 

Nancy Olsen 

Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell S. Oitutt 

Margaret L On 

Marion C Osbom 

J. Douglas Overbey 

Mrs. Russell D.Parker 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Parsons 

Dr. & Mrs. Marvin D. Peterson 

Harriet Pewitt 


Esther H. Powers 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse T. Powlus 

Mrs, Harry Proffittjr. 

Kevin S.Proffitt 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Quails 

Michael W Quesenberry 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Rainey 

Mrs. Randolph E. Ramsey 

Robert L Ramsey 

Mr. L I. Rankin 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Raper 

Mr. & Mrs. Keith G. Rasmussen 


Miriam Reed 

Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Otto F. Reenstjema 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Reynolds 

Ludie and Christine Richard 

Mr. & Mrs. Don Richesin 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E Rivers 

Margaret York Roach 

Mrs. Sam H. Roberson 

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Ross 


Mr. & Mrs. Warren T. Rumbley 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L Sadler 

Rev. & Mrs. Ira H. Sadler 


Mildred W Sanders 

Mr. & Mrs. E H. Satterthwaite 

Brad Sayles 

Dr. & Mrs. Stuart LSchoff 

Robert W.Seaton 

Mary R. Shell 

Mr. & Mrs. Don E Sherwood 

Judge & Mrs. Perry Shields 

Edith TraylorSilva 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Bryan Smalley 

John D. and Elsie Smalling 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Robert Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Snead 

Edward Sooter 

Andrew WSpickard 

Brian Spickard 

Barbara Stanley 

Mrs. George V Stanley 

Mr. & Mrs. Lynn A Stephenson 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael W Stephenson, Sr. 

Mr & Mrs. Ernest E Stevens 

J. P. Stewart 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. Stewart 

Margaret J. Stone 

Mrs. George H. Stout 

George A. Stout 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stuart 


Mr. & Mrs, Gregory D. Surbaugh 

Elizabeth Sutton 

Mr. & Mrs. L L Sweatman 

George B. Swindell, Jr. 

TN-KY District ofUnite Staff 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Taylor 

Mrs. Donald F. Taylor 

Sir John M Templeton 

Mike Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Thornton 

Jean M. Thurman 

Richard Tippens 

Dr. & Mrs. G. Frederick Tolhurst 

Mr. John P. Trainer 

Mrs. 0. E Travis 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. True 

Winifred True 

Mr. & Mrs. Antony van Aken 


Rev. & Mrs. Robert M Walker 

Elizabeth Elyea Ward 

Mrs. Mead Warren, Jr. 

Lois R. Wells 

Mr. Richard J. Welton 

Grant E Wenkstem 

Mr. & Mrs, Robert A. Werner 

Mr. & Mrs. RudolfM Wertime 

Mr. & Mrs, Jerry West 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve West 


Pboloi by Nal Gu^y 


Mr. & Mrs. John H. Weston, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. RunaS. White 
Carolyn M Williams 
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Williams 
MyraS. Williamson 
RemellWilmoth 1 - 
Elaine O.Wilson 
Mrs. Beth R.Woltman 
Dr. & Mrs. John Yarborough 
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Yerger 
Ken & Manon Youngblood 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Zappa 


Dr. Susan H. Ambler 

Dr. Charlotte H. Bed 

Dr. Jiii Stapleton Bergeron 

Dr. Chad Berry 

Ms. The! ma Bianco 

Ms. Abigail Blankner 


Dr. Robert J. Bonham 

Mr.RichaidJ. Brand '84 

Dr. C Scott Brunger 

Mr. Timothy Bryant 

Ms. Pamela RiessBunde 79 

Dr. Terry A Bunde 

Mrs. Sharon Carey 

Ms. Laura Case 

Mrs. Cathy Cate 


Ms. Lyn F.Cherry '9 1 

Mr. Stephen G. Chnstrson 

Mrs. Sarah L Coffey 

Mrs. Ann Mane Collins 

Mrs. Dei tra Cooper 

Dr. Peggy Cowan 

Dr. Martha P Craig 

Ms. Donna Franklin Davis '87 

Dr. ClanceM Doucette 

Mr. Samuel Jason Ezell '93 

Mr. Pepe M. Fernandez 

Mr. S.Kelly Franklin 

Miss Stephanie K. Fugate '95 

Mrs. Jeanne Fulkerson 

Mr. Jeffrey D. Gary 

Dr. Gerald W Gibson 

Dr. Carl Gombert 


Mrs. Anna B. Graham 

Mr. Bruce WGuillaume 76 

Mrs. Lynn Hachenberg 

Ms. Nancy L Heint2 

Ms. Martha Hess '67 

Mrs. Donna Holmes 

Dr. Harry L Howard 

Mrs. Fay Humphrey '88 

Mrs. Kaye Hurst 

Mr. Robert L Hutchens 

Dr. Sally E. Jacob 

Mr. Elton R. Jones 

Dr. Sherry D.Kasper 

Dr. MarriaJ. Keith 

Mrs. Vandy Beard Kemp 

Dr. Young-Bae Kim 

Ms. Jean LaForest 

Mr. Andrew Lewter 

Ms. Mary Lunsford 

Ms. Susan G. McFalls 

Dr. Roger D. Miller 

Ms. Rachel Wood Moore '67 

Ms. Ann Morgan 

Dr. Robert J. Naylor 

Ms. Deborah Stearns Nichols 72 

Rev. Stephen R. Nickle 

Ms Christine Nugent 

Ms. Elizabeth Papa 

Ms. Joyce Perkins 

Dr. John H. Perry 


Dr. Robert GRamger '56 

Ms. Margie Stevenson Ribble '61 

Dr. Lon Schmied 

Dr. Susan Schneibel 

Dr. William A. Seymour 

Dr. Terry L Simpson 

Mrs. Carol Ann Smalley 

Dr. Larry Smithee 

Mr. Alden E Stuart 

Mrs. Beth A Stuart 

Dr. Mary Kay Sullivan 

Ms. Elizabeth Walker Sutton '82 

Mrs. Ann Taddie 

Dr. Dan Taddie 

Ms. Chen Torres 

Dr. Michael Torres 

Mrs. Ellen M Van Dorpe 

Mrs. Cheryl Wagner 

Mrs. Heather Waldron 

Dr. Jerry E Waters '57 

Ms. Elizabeth S.Welsh '59 

Mrs. Shirley Whitehead 

Ms. Julia A. Williamson 

Mrs. Lisa M Williamson '94 

Ms. Sharon R. Wood '83 

Ms. Emily CYarborough 


Dr. Wayne Anderson 

Mr. Boydson Band '41 

Drs. Richard & Dorathea Beard 

David E. and Vivian Lanfear Bernard 

Mrs. Lynn Ann Brown Best '36 

Dr. James A. Bloy 

Dr. Joseph J. Copeland 

Mrs. Robert Cover 

Ellie Morrow Craven 

Dorothy Nethery Crawford '35 

Mr. Duncan Crawford 

Mrs. John Cummings 

Mrs. Ruby Lane DeLozier '37 

Mr. Ray Dirksen 

Dr. Mark C. Ebersole 

Mr. William H.Etbng 

Ms. Lucy Proffirt Farrar 

Dr. Paul E. Fields 

Mrs. Vera Wilson Gilmore 70 

Ms. Lynn E. Hachenberg 

Ben E. Hancock, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry Harter 

Mrs. Shirley Hasty 

Nancy B. Hunter* 

Mrs. Jean E.Jones 

Mrs. Virginia Cnder King '32 

Mrs. Dan H. Kinsinger 

Mr, L Lee Kull 

Ms. Annabelle Libby '52 

Miss E. Frances Massey '34 

Mrs. Frank McClelland 

Mr. NeilMcDade 

Dr. Sarah Brown McNiell '53 

Judith Ann Mizell 

Rev. William H. Mooney '40 

The Rev. Dr. Thelma N. Mowrey 

Mrs. Dorothy Murphree 

Mrs. Nancy Naylor Navratil '54 

Dr. Robert N. Navratil '54 

Dr. Katie Nelson 

Mrs. William L. Patterson 

Mrs. Mary Gladys Brown Pieper '36 

Jane G. Richardson 

Victor R. Schoen 

Dr. A. Randolph Shields '34* 

Mrs. Lois Sharp Smith '39 

Mrs. Mary Stapp 

Howard J. Tomlinson 

Miss Virginia Turrentine '39 

Dr. Arda S. Walker '40 

Dr. Melissa Walker '85 

Miss Mary Sloan Welsh '34 

Mrs. Richard J. Welton 


Mr. David C. Yu 



APAC Tennessee - Harrison Division 

Airport Hilton Inn 

Airport Honda 

Airport Olds-Cadillac 

Allied Electric Company 

AlliedSignal Inc 

American Continental Techlab, Inc. 

American Fidelity Bank 

American Weavers 

Analytical Systems, Inc 

Anderson Lumber Company 

Apple Valley Farms 

BTR Sealing Systems-TN Operations 

(formerly Schlegel) 


Baxter Foundation 

Beal Office Supply 


Blackwood Agency 

Blaine Construction Corporation 

Blount Memorial Hospital 

Bob Kidd Siding Company 

Braun & Associates, Inc 

Byron's Graphic Arts 

C & C Trucking Contractors 

Calloway Oil Company 

Cherokee Lumber Company 

Citizens Bank of Blount County 

Contractor's Machinery 

Coulter & Justus, PC 

Cumberland Securities Co., Inc 

Denso Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc 

Danny Davis Contractors, Inc 

Delmar Haynes Pontiac 

Deposit Guaranty National Bank 

Dominion Resources, Inc 

Downey Oil Company 

Drake Auto Parts 

Duggan & Anderson, Attorneys 

Elliiay Telephone Company 

Fire-Tec, Inc. 

First Tennessee Bank 

Floral Designs: Gifts 

Foothills Travel, Inc 

Fox Home Medical, Inc 

Ft. Sanders Alliance 

Gallaher & Associates 

Gentry- Wilson Realtors 

Gilded Mirrors, Inc 

Graphic Chemical & Ink Company 

Hampton Inn - Townsend 

Hickory Construction, Inc 

Home Bank of Tennessee 

Home Federal Bank of Tennessee - Knoxville 

Joseph Construction Company 

Knoxville News-Sentinel 

Laurel Valley Country Club 

Leon Shields Insurance Association 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Marriott Food Service 

Martin & Company, Inc 

Maryville Furniture Company, Inc 

McCammon-Ammons, Inc 

McCarty, Holsaple, McCarty, Inc 

Rick McG ill's Airport Toyota 

McNutt Oil & Gas Company, Inc 

Memorial Funeral Home 

Midland Dry Cleaners 

Mountain Life Insurance Company 

National Electric Coil 

Nicholson & Gamer 

Oceangate Forwarding, Inc 

J. C Penney Company - Maryville 

Philips Consumer Electronics Co. 

Pilot Corporation 

Pope's Greenhouses & Garden Center 


Rivers Advertising Special ties 

Rubbermaid Maryville, Inc 

Smith Mortuaiy 

Smoky View Auto Parts 

Sterling Engineering, Inc 

Stevenson Tire Service, Inc 

The Daily Times 

The Pittston Company 

Twin City Buick-Satum 

Twin Gty Nissan 

United Cities Gas Company 

Vulcan Materials - Mid-South Division 

Walker's Supply Company 

J. R. Wauford & Company 

Weston Paving Company, Inc 

Weston Realty Inc 


White Realty & Service Corporation 

Wilds Auto Parts 

Willis Corroon 

Wyatt Investment Services 

Matching Gifts 

Alcoa Foundation 

ARCO Foundation 

AT&T Foundation 

Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation 

Air Products & Chemicals, Inc 

AlliedSignal Foundation, Inc 

Allstate Foundation 

AmSouth Bancorporanon Foundation 

American States Insurance Company 

Ashland Oil Foundation, Inc 

BF Goodrich Company 

Ball Corporation 

Bank One 

Bank ofBoston 

Bechtel Foundation 

Bekaert Corporation 

BellSouth Telecommunications 


Betz Foundation 

CIGNA Foundation 

CNG Foundation 

Carpenter Technology Corporation 


Cummins Engine Foundation 

Dana Corporation Foundation 

Delta Air Lines Foundation 

Dominion Resources, Inc 

RR Donnelley & Sons Company 

Dow Chemical 

Duke Power Comany 

Dun & Brads treet 

Eaton Charitable Fund 

Eli Lilly & Company 

Exxon Education Foundation 

FMC Foundation 

Fleming Companies 

Fluor Foundation 

Fox Television - WATL Adanta 


Gen Corp Foundation 

General Electric Foundation 

General Mills Foundation 

Georgia Power Company 

Grace Foundation 

Harris Bank Foundation 

Home Depot 

Honeywell Foundation 

IBM Corporation 

J. C Penney Company, Inc -Dallas 

John Hancock Company 

Johnson & Johnson 

Johnson Controls Foundation 

Kimberly-Clark Foundation 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Loew's Foundation 

McDonnell Douglas Foundation 

Mernll Lynch & Company, Inc 

Metropolitan Life Foundation 

Monsanto Fund 


Nordson Corporation 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 

North American Philips Corporation 

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 

Norton Company 

OXY USA Charitable Foundation 

Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation 

Pfizer, Inc 

Philip Morns Incorporated 

Provident Life & Accident Insurance Company 

Prudential Foundation 

Public Service Company of Colorado 

Raytheon Company 

Reader's Digest Foundation 

Reynolds Metals Company Foundation 

Rohm & Haas Company 

Schering-Plough Foundation, Inc 

Schlegel Corporation 

Science Applications International Corporation 

Scnpps Howard 

Shell Companies Foundation, Inc 

Smithkline Beecham Foundation 

State Farm Companies Foundation 

Sun Company, Inc 

Texas Instruments Foundation 

Towers Perrin 

U. S. Borax 

UPS Foundation 

The Upjohn Company 

Vulcan Materials Co. 

Wells Fargo Foundation 

Whirlpool Foundation 


Concord Presbyterian Church-Knoxville, TN 

First Presbyterian Church - Elizabethton, TN 

First Presbyterian Church - Germantown, PA 

First Presbyterian Church - Knoxville, TN 

First Presbytenan Church - La FoOerte, TN 

First Presbytenan Church - Lewisburg, TN 

Highland Presbytenan Church - Maryville, TN 

Independent Presbytenan Church - Birmingham, AL 

Mars Hill Presbyterian Church - Athens, TN 

Mt Sinai Baptist Church - Clinton, TN 

New Providence Presbyterian Church - Maryville, TN 

Pisgah Presbytenan Church - Heidelberg, MS 

Presbyterian Church (USA) 

Presbytenan Women, 3rd Presbytenan Church - 

Pittsburgh, PA 

Presbytery of East Tennessee 

Presbytery ofMississippi 

Rocky Branch Missionary Baptist Church - Walland, TN 

Second Presbytenan Church - Chattanooga, TN 

Signal Mountain Presbytenan Church - Signal ML, TN 

Synod ofLiving Waters 

Vernal Presbytenan Church - Lucedale, MS 


Mr. & Mrs. Robert A Abbott 


Mr. & Mrs. Toshinori Asahara 

Richard Ashmore 


Mr. & Mrs. DavidJ.R. Bailey 

Ileana Bailey 

Sharon Bailey 

William T.Baker 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bauerjr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Beard 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Beard 

Mr. & Mrs. William B.Beasley 

Gerald Bechman 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis R. Beck 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Beckwith 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven R Belair 

Mr. & Mrs. Oliver R. Bell 

Dr. & Mrs. W Kenneth Bell 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Benelisha 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Best, Jr. '68, 72 

Mr. & Mrs. Randall G. Bickford 

Mr. & Mrs. Leland C Blackwood, Jr. 76 

John Bleazey 72 


Mr. & Mrs. Jesse T Bonng, Sr. 

Constance Bostwick 

Viola Boyce 

Mr. & Mrs. L Jim Braun 

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Brugner 

Norma Buhl 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry L Burger 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald P. Bums 

Mr. & Mrs. William A Caldwell, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James L Carpenter 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel L Chapman 


Rogelio Y. Chua 

Mr. &Mrs. Macon A Clark 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Clevenger 

Mr. & Mrs. Guy L Clough 

Clara Cobb 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Coleman 

Mr. & Mrs. FL Lee Cooper 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Corlew 

Mr. & Mn. Allen L Cornish, DT 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Corrigan 

Mt& Mrs. Noel Cotton 

Mr. & Mrs. David W Craft 

Mr. & Mn. Alan G. Cropper '69 

Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. Crowell 

Mr. & Mrs. William MCulp 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond R Curtisjr. 

Mr. & Mrs. George DamnO 

Mr. &Mrs. Alan W Davis '87, '83 


Mr. & Mrs. Randall Day 

Mr. & Mrs. Loreto De Guzman 

Dr. & Mrs. William 0. DeWeese '64 


Carol Denmark 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert R. Dicus 

Mr. & Mrs. ER. Dykes 

Carol Ebeling 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Ellis 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J.Ellis 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E Emert 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F.Fehr 

Judith S. Ferguson 

Ralph M Flanders 

Roberta Flores 

Mr. & Mrs. Meredith C Fox, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fugate 

Mr. & Mrs. David M Giancola, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Enoch J. Gibbs 

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Gibson 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Godbey 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Godsey 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Goede 

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Green 


Patncia Groves 

Mr. & Mrs. YoungJ. Hah 

Anita Hardeman 

Pamela J. Harris 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey G. Haynes 

Jerry Hennessee 

Me & Mrs. John D. Hewa 

Mr. & Mrs. John L Hicks 

Rev. & Mrs. Roger Hilton 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Hodges 

Leonard M. Hollender 

Mr. & Mrs. Hobson W Hombuckle 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Howsejr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Hugh L Huffman 

Mr. & Mrs. William A Hurfsteder 

Rev. & Mrs. Dan T. Hughs 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack N. Hunnicutt 

Andrew P.Johnson, Sr. 

Carol N.Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Alun Jones 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Kant 

Mr. & Mrs. Loyd D.Keith 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L Kennedy 

Dr. & Mrs. Larry Kerr 

Mr. & Mrs. Koichi Kimura 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. King 

Elaine Kirby 

Dr. & Mrs. Albert L KJosterman 


Mr. & Mrs. Eddie E Lane 

Mr. & Mrs. John Lang 

Dr. & Mrs. G. Dwaine Lawrence 

William ULedbetter 

David rCLeitch 

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lindsay 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L Macklin 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack L Maddox 


Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Malheiro 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Malloyjr. '68, '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Marcum 

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Mashbum 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Alan Mays 

Elizabeth H. McArthur '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McCafferty 

Rev. & Mrs. Davis McCammon 

Mr. & Mrs. Gavin McCammon 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. McClanahan 70, 70 

Keith McCullough 


Mr. & Mrs. Henry L McDonald 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry McKeehan 

Mr. & Mrs. Mike McKenzie 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry C McMichael 

Mr. & Mrs. Jon C McWhorter 

Geneva Medlin 

David WMesser 


Mr. & Mrs. Larry Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Mills 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Milton 

Mr. & Mrs. Herman L Moore 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry R. Moss 

Mt & Mrs. Jon Dean Moss 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Muldrew 

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Mullaney 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. Myrick 

Carl L Overman 

Mr. & Mrs. E Lee Paimer 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Parillo 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey R Parkhouse 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne D. Parns 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Parrott 

Mr. & Mrs. Rudy K. Payne 

Mr. & Mrs, Charles D Pike 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy E Pitts 

James M. Prather 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert LPnce 


LaDonnia Proffitt 

Mr. & Mrs. James W Pryor '66, '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R Prueitt 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Putman 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R Raybom 

James D. Reece 

Chanpen Reneau 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Riggins 

Mr. & Mrs. Craig D. Rigell '69, '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rightmyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Charley Robbins 

Dr. & Mrs. K. Larry Roberts 

Mr. & Mrs. Jose Rodriguez 

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Rogers 

Dr. & Mrs. Joel M Roitman 

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Rothweil 

Mr. &Mrs. Cecil Saffles 

Mr. & Mrs. John Sanson 

Dwarn C Schott 


Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Schraer 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Shields 

Mr. & Mrs. Danny Simmons 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Stadtmiller 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Stalcup 

Mr. & Mrs. Doyle E Stephens 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stevenson '68, '69 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve F. Stinnett 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Suddarth 

Jean Summers 

Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Sumner 

Hazel Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Terwedow 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray D. Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy M Thompson 

Sue Tinch 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Tinney 

Mr. & Mrs. Claude L Turner 

Mr. & Mrs. Maunce Vaughn 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L WaJdroop '84 

Judith Green Walker 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur E Weber 

Mr.&Mrs.J. Wayne Weils 
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Welsh 
Mr. & Mrs. RichardJ. Westerling 
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Wight 
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Williams 
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Williamson 
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Wilson 
Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Wilson 
Mr. &Mrs.John T.Worth, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Younger 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Yuhas 


American Association OfUnrversity Women 

Appalachian College Association 

Criminal Investigations, Roanoke Police 


Foothill Stnders 

Gatlinburg Scottish Fesnval and Games 

Krwanis Club of Alcoa 

Kiwanis Club ofMaryville 

Maryville Music Club 

The Pittsburgh Conference 


The Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundadon, Inc 

Clayton Family Foundation 

Robert H. and Monica M Cole Foundadon 

Horace Dawson Foundadon 

Kaoe Dean Foundation 

Delta Foundadon Fund of Memphis, TN 

Charles A- FrueaufTFoundation 

Handy & Harman Foundadon 

Charlotte W Newcombe Foundadon 

The Kathenne and J. P. Roddy, Sr. Foundation 

Thomas F. Staley Foundation 

Teagle Foundation, Inc. 

Thompson Charitable Foundadon 

Robert Lee Weiss Foundadon 

John & Nevils Wilson Foundadon 


Ruth M Asbury 
Stan L Bird '41 
Callie M Cavender 
Jonathan Gillmgham '35 
Rebecca Bigger Haskins '25 
Nancy B. Hunter 
Inez Hamnck James '33 
James N. Lamar 
Dorothy N. Miles 
Laurence Fremont Moore 
Lewis S.Penland '33 
Edward J. Scott '36 
Henrietta Smith '25 
James B. Wilson '25 
Rachel King Younger '45 




This report is based on gifts reamed 
during the fiscal year beginning July 1, 
1995, and ending June 30, 1996. 


Classes ofPreparatory and 

James L Ensign '21 
Alice Johnson Harrison '24 
Bemice Jones Holm '22 
Agnes Lewis '23 
Helen Ott '22 
Esther Janell Snipes '21P 


Rebecca Bigger Haskins* 
Garnet R. Leader 
Helena Farrar Packard 
Henrietta Smith* 
Robbie Martin Trafton 


Denna Reaves Dame 
Russell H. Hanna 

Ruth McCulloch Hemdon 


Ben A. Blackburn 
Elizabeth Keown Green 
Mary Ann Nuchols Hitch 
Margaret Lewis Lewis 
Edna Kidder Ross 
Henry G.Welbon 
Anne Vanderslice West 
H. Young Williams* 


Mildred Belder 

Anna Mae Coldwell Ellis 

Marie Elmore Fortenberry 

Mary Johnson Grassmann 

Mary Fant Huston 


Lucy Horton Martm-Wener 


William T. Swarm 

Mae Masterson Whadey* 


Lutitia Toole Anderson 

Russell W.Annich* 

Ruth Bailey 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter R. Courtenay 

Eleanor Dahl Fairchild 

Harry Ingram Fell 

Eugene F. Gabbard 

Grace Gamble 

Mary Carson Going 

Elizabeth Murphy Jeffries 

Mary Fitzgerald Kennedy 

David S.Marston 

Ruth Blake Rusk 

Anna Templin Storey 

Algie Sutton 

Mary Swain Wood 

Anna Campbell Woodward 

Louise Palmer Worobrow 


Margaret Haynie Baker 
Almira Alexander Beagle 
Cyril H. Brown 
Andrew L Coulter* 
Elizabeth King Driggers 
Frances Crabill Elzey 
Allan WHerdman 
Agnes McGuire Lanowe 
Gladys Graham Lord 
Gordon M Miser* 
Roberta Hickman Morrison 
Jeannette Moore Sloane 
Vera Boyd Stupak 
William! Whitman, Jr. 


Hessie Keeton Allison* 
Grace Wallace Anthony 
Harold E Baer 
Calvin Bass 
Donald G.Benn 
Conchita Bertran Blazer 
Edna L Broyles 
Jane Morrow Coffey 
Victor R. Defenderfer 
Edith Olson Fairman 
Herbert Porter French* 
Sarah Allen Frier 
Dorothy Kellar Gallimore 
0. Leland Gilmore 
Bertha Lawson Henderson 
Travis Hitt 
Lawrence W Huston 
Dorothy Bassel McKeehan 
Dorothy J. Marshall 
Virginia Thompson Marston 
Eliza beth Caldwell Overly 
Anne Deal Pickett 
Alice Renegar Porter 
Lynn B. Rankin 
William G Sydnor 
May Belle Frazier Walker 


Junius Allison 
Ruby Hitch Baker 
Louis B.Blair 

Jeannette Eshelman Carter 
Mabel Hembree Charles 
Francis E Collins 
Edward B. Cooper 
Wilma Dick Copeland 
Mildred Childs Davis 
Juha Terry Dickinson 
Hubert L Duncan 
Blundon G. Ferguson 
Ruby Miller Griffitts 
Ruth Guthrie 
Nelle Garland Haugh 
Mildred MacKenzie Heam 
Virginia Coder King 
William H Peacock 
Lenore West Ramsey 
Evelyn J. Roberts 
Paul Shelton 
Robert R Wallace 
Ruth Hannah Wells 

Class ofl933 

Beatnce Dreher Bass 
Donald WBriggs 
Robert RXrothers 
Stella James Gass 
Carrie Lou Goddard 
Helen Thompson Green 
James W Hitch 
Mary Knox Hutchison 
Inez Hamnck James* 
Norma Spilatore Kalbhenn 
Mary Kathenne Mize Longwell 
Robert PMcReynolds 
Ruth Brodous Mathias 
Andrew E Newcomer 
Ellen Macrae Pierce 
Mildred McMurray Rankin 
Jean Campbell Rokes 
J. Wilson Taylor* 
John K. Tope 
Wilkmae Renegar Tripp 
Mary Gamble Waldo 
Eunice Grant Walsh 
E Leslie Webb, Jr. 
Nathaha Wright 


Eleanor Himmelnght Bard 

Maurine Wdlocks Baskin 

Roland A Beck 

Ernestine Smith Blair 


Ruth Farlee Bnggs 

Herbert V Bums 

Charlotte Augusrjnius Carpenter 

Carrie Lou Tweed Clopton 

J. Malvern Clopton 

Helen Crecraft 

Mildred Schoeller Crump 

WiOiam S. Dunning 

Marion Falkner Gash 

Mary Harrison Green 

Naomi Woods riina 

Jo Knight Hoglan 

Geraldine Monroe Hollick 

Glenn L Hook 

George B. Howell 

Vivian Kelley Howell 

Elizabeth Lanterman Hunt 


Mary Rink King 

Howard WKipp 

Veta Stephens Kirchner 

Mary Evelyn Russell Lane 

Viola MLightfoot 

Kathenne Wayland Lyle 

John G McQueen, Jr. 

Janet Warren Manley 

E Frances Massey 

Frank R. Mease* 

John E Phay 

Julia M Rink 

A. Randolph Shields* 

Ercelle Hunter Snyder 

John B. Spnnger 

John E Talmage 

Marvm Thomson 

Pauline L Throne 

Robert W Tripp 

Maisie Thomas Tunnell 

Isabelle Harrison Uhrich 

Clifford Withers Walker 

Harry PWalrond* 

Mary Sloan Welsh 

Jesse M Willis 


Anonymous: 2 

Rex N.Allen 
Robert L Brown 
Maria Wynn Claiborne 
Kathenne Earnest Clemmer 
Ruby Hall Collins 


Dorothy Nethery Crawford 
Earle W Crawford 
George E Deebel 
Lucille Kinnamon Elliott 
Margaret Kelbaugh Ferguson 
Jonathan Gillingham* 
Dorothy Lewis Hardy 
Frances Deal Hewitt 
George WHoglan 
Eleanorjohnson Hunt* 
Ruth Perry Johnston 
Fred Knisely 
Grace Proffitt McArthur 
Ernest D. Mathews 
Eula Sibcy Mathews 
Dolores Burchette Mottesheard 
Nina Gamble Murphy 
Violet Webb Randolph 
Robert WRaybum 
Garry D.Ridder 
Santa Rueda 

Barbera Whitmore Thomas 
Mildred Truan 
Samuel T. Waid 
Mary Earl Walker Wells 
Roberta ReveleyWelte 

Class ofl936 

Fern L Bailey 

Richard W Barton 

James G. Bean, Jr. 

Lynn Ann Brown Best 

Robert C Borcer 

Arnold A Brown 

Lurline McFarland Bums 

Estelle Greene Carhart 

Alexander Christie 

Ruth Chittick Cox 

John M. Crump 

Emma Northwood DeWeese 

Carl S. Fisher 

Arline R. Fuller 

Stephen A_Gabbard 

Elizabeth Reimer Gleim 


Elizabeth McNamara Greenlaw 

Jane Petabone Hams 

Herbert W Hunt* 

Cora Deats Huskey 

Inez Galloway Jones 

Lila Camnger Kent 

Ruth Romrg Lawrence 

Glover A Latch 

Leola Halsey Lightowler 

Billie McCoy Llewellyn 

Ralph M. Llewellyn 

Robert E Lodwick 

David LMcArthur 

William F. MacCalmont 

Margaret Bnent Marshall 

Ruth McCampbell Marston* 

Marpne Fleming Miller 

J. Esther Montgomery 

William C Nelson 

Edmund A Opitz 

Roberta Howie Phay* 

Mary Gladys Brown Pieper 

Martina WRobison 

Edward J. Scott* 

Robert R. Smyrl 

Gladys Reaves Sullivan 


Zula K. Trotter 

Elizabeth Kunkel Weaver 

Manon L Whitaker 

Raymond J. Wilbar 

Clifford W Williams 

James B. Wilson* 

Hamet Clark Wismer 

David E Woodling 

Arthur S. Zitzner 


Mark L Andrews 
J. Thomas Bryan 
Florence E Butman 
Mary Wilson Clark 
Margaret Heliums Cooper 
William J. Davis 
Ruby Lane DeLozier 
Lillian Cassel Driskill 

Ernestine McCulley Estes 

Turley Fanar 

Annie Lou Dill Flemmg 

Dorothy Leaf Gallant 

Virginia Worth Gray 

Ralph W Hand, Jr. 

Lee Hannah 

Mary Lawson Hardie 

Shirley Jackson Hurst 

Ann Jett Jones 

George C Kent, Jr. 

William D.Kimler 

Helen Chambers Leitch 

Elizabeth Carlisle Lewis 

Martha Deal McCarty 

Leah L McGhee 

Lillian Crawford McQueen 

Walter K_ Maude 

Wilkison Meeks 

William D. Morgan, Jr. 

Acton WMowatt 

Lois Brown Murphy 

Beatrice Wheeler Peterson 

William R. Ramsey 

Evan W Renne 

Gwen Vaughan Roberts 

Mary Frances Dunlap Shields 

Stanley B. Shields 

Anna-Margaret Staples Sporman 

L Allin Stephens 

Dorothea Stadelmann Trump 

Elizabeth Bnmfield Watt 

William RWhiteley 

Fred J. Young 

Mary Frances Ooten Young 

Class of!938 

Frances Nelson Bettis 
Blanche Everett Black 
Irene Myers Black 
H. Deane Brown 
Martin Bry-Nildsen, Jr. 
Jessie Cassada Buhmann 
Lois Black Carr* 
Alice Whi taker Coker 
Julia Sellers Copeland 
Glenn Evers 
Mildredjacobs Ferreil 
Paul H. Fox 

Martha Watson Galbreath 
Janice Caldwell Hutchens 
Constance R. Johnson 
Lincoln M. Johnson 
Manan Thorson Kehrwald 
Janet Talmage Keller 
Donald R. Killian 
Ruth Haines Killian 
Minrue-Lou Chitnck Lynch 
Mary Rush McCaulley 
David E Maas 
Frances Penin Maude 
Roberta Enloe Parker 
Phyllis Gessert Plog 
Mary Haines Pnggemeier 
Ryland E. Ramsey 
Evelyn Ferguson Renfro 
James C. Renfro 
Donald ERugh 
Howard L Sams 
Zigmund J. Savitski 
Simpson E Spencer, Jr. 
Louise Orr Stafford 
Esther Sommers Stemple 
Irene Browder Stephens 
Roy V. Talmage 
Charles T Theal 
Kathryn Adams Trent 
Audme Walker Tuscany 
Anne Sherrill Wade 
Leland T. Waggoner 
Frances King Wallace 
Walter R West 
Howard G.Wickman 
Evelyn Scott Wilson 
Dale Echols Winship 
William L Wood, Sr. 

Class ofl939 

Susannah Lupton Austin 

Hamet Barber Blizzard 

Virginia Boys Bnggs 
Charles H. Bnmfield 
Virginia Pitts Bruce 
Arthur D. Byrne 
Howard L Davies 
Irma Pate Durr 
Helen Bobo Fednc 
George R Felknor, Jr. 
Martha Bowditch Gamer 
Helen Ridenhour Goodman 
Mary E Hundley 
Estle Kerley Johnson 
Robert E Law 
Alice Prime Mcintosh 
Janie Cony Marnn 
Cathanne Pond Minear 
Judson B. Murphy 
Mildred Dallas Paul 
Eunice Wilson Pearson 
Mary Chambers Rhody 
Sara Kittrell Schwam 
Kathleen Cissna Settle 
Lois Sharp Smith 
Samuel K. Taylor, Jr. 
Virginia Turrenune 
Margaret Chandlee Wells 
Etta Culbertson Williams 
William B.Wilson 
Helen SheekWishon 
Zula Vance Zinavage 


Anonymous: 2 

Barbara McCutcheon Abel 

Lillian RadirT Adams 

Robert M. Arnold 

Helen BewleyAshby 

J. N. Badgettjr. 

William A. Bell 

Fredenck 0. Brubaker 

Catherine Davidson Chnstiansen 

Vernon A. Clark 

Robert R_ Clements 
Manon Garwood Coles 
Mildred Lane Cums 
Jessie Curtis Darnels 
Charles I. Davis 
Pauline Jenkins Doolittle 
Mabel Ennis Duckett 
James H.Etheredge 
Margaret Knox Goggin 
Virgima Kmghton Halsey 
David K. Heydinger 
Patnaa Kennedy Houbler 
George L Hunt 
Sara Heliums Kramer 
H. E Lamon 
Ruth Crawford Lamon 
Lawrence L Lowe 
Leslie R. Luxton 
E Vaughan Lyons, Jr. 
Maraa Sparkman McGahee 
Margaret Sisk Magee* 
Hope Debuty Marine 
Dale Mathias 
Alice Weghorst May 
Susan Allen Mederos 
Minerva Bum Miller 
William H Mooney 
Mary France Morgan 
Dorotha Painter Muse 
Elizabeth Seel Peterson 
Harwell W Proffitt 
Eloise Bumette Roberson 
Thomas A. Schafer 
Dorothy Quass Searls 
Elizabeth SneadShue 
Lyn Tyndal Skillem 
E. B.Smith 
Edna Russell Smith 
Marie Jensen Smyrl 
Mary Bums Storey 
Barbara Anderson Taylor 
Mary Waters Thames 
Joyce Carson Thomas 

Photo by Stanley McClawc 78 


Marjone Orcutt Tibbetts 
Earl A. Tweed 
ArdaS. Walker 
John B. Wintermute 
Miriam Berst Wintermute 
Polly Hudspeth Wood 


Roland W Anderson 
Harold G. Austin 
Boydson R Baird 
William EBaird 
Virginia Wheeler Banks 
Stan L Bird* 
Ivan C. Blake 
Jean White Byrne 
EzeJle Hayes Conway 
Mary Cooper Corbett 
Thomas M. Cragan 
Kenneth L Duncan 
Marda Thompson Ellis 
Grace McCammon Estabrook 
Elizabeth Gaultney Etheredge 
Wood Everett 
William B.Felknor 
George W Gamer 
Williams D. Gehres 
Helen Coats Graham 
Lorraine Adkins Graham 
Floyd J. Green 
Clement F. Hahn 
Lois Alexander Holzworth 
Thelma Ritzman Hood 
Ila Goad Hooker 
David M Humphreys 
Mary Alice Minear Hunt 
Anna Lee Storey Jacobs 
Mary Orr Kidder 
Joseph M. Kilmer 
Jean McCammon Koella 
Ruth Goodson Kuchler 
Robert J. Lamont 
H. Eugene Lehman 
Edith Hitch Leitch 
J. Vernon Lloyd 
Eugene E McCurry 
John M Magee 
Joseph B. Magill 
Louise Wells Magill 
Aline Campbell Moss 
(Catherine Ogilvie Musgrave 
Elizabeth Huddleston Myers 
Ersa Wilson Patterson 
Harry G Pearson 
Lily L Pinneo 
Margaret Lodwick Pittman 
Eugene W.Reid 

Alma Mason Rich 
Lula Diggs Rigell 
Eloise Zimmerman Rogers 
G. Lamar Russell 
Ned H. Sams 
Robert B. Short 
Minam Nethery Smith 
Ralph D.Steakley 
Barbara Swift Stringer 
Warner A. Stnnger 
Joseph R Swift 
Roland WTapp, Jr. 
Thomas L Taylor 
Marjorie Resides Vogado 
J. Robert Watt 
George D. Webster* 
Vivian Moore Weger 
Margaret Hodges Wilcox 
Robert L Wilcox 


Edwin C Alexander, Jr. 
Kathryn Estes Anthony 
John P. Baptist 
Frank H. Ban 
Eloise McNeeley Bennett 
Clara McCord Bridges 
Jeanne Stnngham Brownlie 
Dorothy Barber Bushing 
Helen Caldwell 
Lisbeth Prater Campbell 
Lucille Lynch Can 
Janice Graybeal Crawford 
Frank M Cross, Jr. 
Warren T Culver 
Ben A. Cunningham 
Margaret Promtt Cunningham 
Anne Gammon DeForest 
Raymond Deweesjr. 
Elaine G. Fichter 
Mary Caner Graham 
Linda Robinson Green 
John M Guinter 
Roberta Hope Guthmann 
Phyllis Overton Harder 
Dorothy Buchanan Henderson 
Mary Mayes Henschen 
John R Hoelzer 
Ruth Duggan Hoglan 
Ruby Lesliejenkins 
Manon Northup Johnston 
Horace N.Justus 
Henry EKell 
Elizabeth Pascoe Kelley 
J. Donald Kent 
John Allen Ken 
David R Kidder 
Jean Zimmerman Kilmer 
Betty Pettry Kitchen 

Dorothy Gessert Lambert 
J. Quenrin Lane 
Lin Sutherlin Lepicier 
Bette Umbach Lyons 
Nannette Gamer McCall 
Charles S. McCammon 
John D. McDaniel 
Inezjohnson McRae 
Ida Clark Markin 
Kathryn Matthews 
Margaret Fain Mize 
Dudley S.Moore 
Amy Palmer 
Mae Persing 

Elizabeth Bryant Phillips 
Sam Pickens 
Ruth Lane Prewett 
Rachel McCall Ragain 
William B. Rich 
Francis M Seely 
Mary Karg Sharp 
Lloyd CShue 
Dons M Smith 
Ada Summers Stjllwell 
Helen Pratt Tapp 
John H. Tinley 
Ceal Q. Tipton 
Chnstine Fritz Tnnter 
Johnye Long Tuell 
Richard WWatkins, Jr. 
Henry MWickJr. 
Helen Cameron Young 
Helen Cone Zerwas 


Elizabeth Hams Ball 
James M. Ban 
Perry N. Bigham 
Carson Brewer 
Clyde R. Brown 
G. Ellis Burcaw 
ArthurS. Bushing 
Elizabeth Clevenger Carbery 
James W Chapman 
Grace Jamagin Cooley 
Althea Cable Cooper 
Kenneth L Cooper 
Dorothyjobes Crawford 
Roy D. Crawford 
EKatherine Crews 
Jean Stamp Cunningham 
Mary Cowan Doxsee 
Aura Santiago Duke 
Sidney Duke 
Kathleen Rainwater Edwards 









Class President 







William CHeird 









Florian G. Hopkins' 









James Etheredge 









James N. Proffitr* 









David J. Brittain 









Peter W Peterson 









William J. Posder 









Louise Corbett Fulgham 103 








Henry A. Callaway, Jr. 









Paul B. Smith 







Octavia Blades Edwards 

Barbara Lorentz Farley 

Manon Magill Foreman 

Helen George Furgerson 

Jessie Reed Greve 

Patricia Caner Grygods 

William J. R. Hargrave 

June Stewart Harper 

F. William Henderson 

Martha Moore Hobson 

Mary Ruth Hoyt 

Joseph E Huskey 

Elizabeth Getaz Jeffers 

Cornelia E Jones 

Olga Welsh Ketchum 

Lois O.King 

Guy E Lambert, Jr. 

Edith Monroe Landis 

Virgil S. LeQuire 

Robert K Lockwood 

Doris Murray Lorenz 

Elizabeth Winter Lowther 

Mary Alice Fugate McCall 

Benuce McClanahan McCulloch 

Evelyn Williams McDaniel 

Robert H. Mail, Jr. 

Irma Russell Miser 

Jean McCutcheon Parker 

Ralph S. Pamn 

Glenn F. Paul 

Geraldine Hogan Pepper 

Carl G. Pierce, Jr. 

Meredith Preston Pierce 

Rose W Pinneo 

Theodore B.Pratt 

Martha Badgett Price 

Kathleen Sullivan Procop 

Mary Jane Costner Ribble 

Helen Airheart Rose 

Douglas D. Roseborough 

Mary Morgan Rowan 

Esther Winn Rowley 

Edward R. Rowley, Jr. 

Mary Knight Schellenger 

Robert W Schwarzwalder 

Patnda Kinne Searles 

Phyllis Cain Shaver 

Virginia Williams Shorten 

Jane Metcalf Sinclair 

Marion Avakian Slater 

Eleanor Rocker Smartt 

Frederick R. Smith 

Winifred Hope Smith 

Mary Josephlnejenmngs Sthreshley 

Ernest LStoffel 

Joseph N. Suitor 

Jane Glass Tmley 

Oliver R. Van Cise 

Edward C. Vaughn 


John D. Williams 

Rosemary Park Williams 

Rum Stribling Williams 

Mary Elizabeth Winton Winstanley 

Frances Sisk Wright 


Nettie Spraker Allen 
Meriam McGaha Anderson 
Donald L Barker 
Charles L Burgreen 
Jeana Eddleman Cook 
EstelleFanow Craig 
Helen Fisher Dillener 
Jean Lehman Dillener 
Leroy Dillener, Jr. 
Viaoria Hoole Doane 
Wallace Edward Easter 
William W Evans 
Veronica Hansel George 
Elizabeth McConnell Gorzolla 
Frances Harris Grosh 
Margery Roth Hay 
Ralph E Heischman 
Shirley Montgomery Henley 
CamerineTomlinson Hoelzer 
Carol Markham Holland 
Jane McFarland Holland 
Marion Schanck Houser 
Sara Holland Jackson 


Margaret Gessert Johnson 
Virginia Cain Johnson 
Margaret Spayd Jordan 
Ruth Aiken Kell 
Mary Wintermutc Kent 
Helen Anderson Kerr 
Benjamin A Lynt 
James H. Manning 
Sara Jo Boiling Mazur 
Elizabeth J. Miller 
Paul H. Moehlman 
Alice Mathews Noll 

Sara Cameron Patterson 

Evelyn Gregory Paul 

Joel P. Phillips, Jr. 


Lois Wall Praitt 

Dexter B.Rice 

Horace E.Scherer 

Lawrence F.SthreshJcy, Jr. 

lohnC. Taylor 

Christine Holscher Testa 

Malcolm C. Thompson 

Lois Howarth Thome 

Kathryn Woodward Tipton 

Winifred Hart Van Cleve 

Mary Waisman Van der Hoven 

Margaret Murnan Wampler 

Mary Ray Watts 

Viola James White 

Manon Stout Wilson 

Class ofl945 

Manon Schneeweiss Bartlert 
Jeanne VBellerjeau 
"ManldaHousch Benton 
Donald F. Black 
Mary Curns Black 
Minam E Bowditch 

Anne E Brogdcn 
Helen HCassile 
Joyce Odom Chnstianson 
Martha Shaw Cochrane 
Kathenne A Garvin Culver 
John T. Deforest, Jr. 
Dorothy Brown DiStefano 
Marilyn Bryant Dunaway 
Frances Lane Edwards 
Manan Metcalf Fershee 
J. Edward Gates 
Elizabeth Hoagland Gnffin 
Peggy Case Hame 
Winifred Sommers Hem 
Richard LHobartJt. 
Elizabeth Collum Hooper 
|ohn H. Houdeshel 
Jane Short Hower 
Robert FRuber 
Phyllis Irshay 
Betty Ballard Jamieson 
Carolyn Huberjustus 
Margaret Troutt Leming 
Dorothea Lehman Leonard 
Jessie Fowler Leonard 
Nancy Russell Lynn 
Jean Ellis McCuiley 
Beverly Jackson McDaruel 
Esther Farrow McGarey 
Clarence McKetvey 
Wallace E Newman 
Lisette Gessert Pcmberton 
Betty Meyer Petterson 
Elaine Woods Powell 
Rose Wells Regenbrecht 
Grace Bowers Remsberg 
Beatrice Hunter Rogers 
Ethel BeallRosenfeld 
John R Scott 
Robert E Seel 

Kitty Loesch Shaw 
Louise Stevenson Smith 
Margaret Caldwell Smith 
Jean Huddleston Spickard 
Mary Ellen Northrop Stewart 
Jane Hays Swartzback 
Barbara Buchanan Timbie 
Mable Marshall Wesrbrook 
Lois Manan Yohe 
Rachel King Younger* 
Esther Cleaver Zuercher 



Eleanor Stout Barker 

Robert S. Barker 

Elizabeth Proffitt Bell 

Kathleen Glymph Blalock 

Lucille Sitler Brock 

Isabel MuirCtiamblrn 

Mildred WanngComad 

Grace Rogers Cooper 

Evelyn Conner Cox 

Sue Clarke Cox 

Nancy Bryant Damerow 

Zenobia Bemardini DuBois 

Louise Corbett Fulgham 

Margaret Wirt Gary 

Essie Broom Green 

Miles J. Heckendom 

Janet Roush Heckman 

Thomas E Henderson 

Nellie CuellasHipkins 

Catherine Crothers Hodges 

Ethel Park Hogue 

Mary Jamison Houdeshel 

Edna Watts Jackson 

Mary Elrzabetb McKnight Jackson 

Helen Wilson James 

Mary E Johnston 


Melba Holder Kabelka 

Mary Wilkes Keen 

Kate Reaves King 



Emma MclnturffMamn 

Nell Louise Minear Mitchell 

Marprie Stokesberry Moehlman 

Ethel Brocker Newman 

Phoebe Ophnger 

Juamta Hinson Peraval 

Carol Titus Pickering 

George M. Pope 

Walter D. Proffirt 

Mary Fletcher Reed 

Barbara Burnett Roseborough 

Margaret Cross Scruggs 

David J. Seel 

Mary Batchelor Seel 

Elizabeth Day Smith 

Jean Smith Smith 

H. Dean Stone 

Rosalind Garges Wadington 

Ruth Freeman Webb 


Neysa Ferguson Willocks 

Jean Keen Wooton 
Frances Ashby Wright 

Jeanne Keyes Youngson 

Class ofl947 

Jessie Lou Branson Anderson 
Ruth Kaye Andrews 
Cathenne Stout Beals 
Jay R. Bishop 
Charles A Brand 
Virginia Miller Christy 
Ruth Wood Coffey 
Betty CCongleton 
John Craig, Jr. 
Elizabeth Showalter Cross 
Kathryn Dean 
Lottie Lavender Dean 
Albert W.Dockter, Jr. 
Dorothy Jones Eckhoff 
HametMcKean Fields 

June Garland Fuhr 
Mary Ruth Barber Garza 
Jackson M-Gilmore 
Mildred CundifTGraham 
Alma Lancaster Grabbs 
Dons White Hancox 
Robert D.Herzbergcr 
Edith EarleHightower 
Charles RHildreth 
Carolyn UlnchHuber 
Ada Yadon Huffman 
Robert A Hunter 
June Burns Jones 
Frank A Kramer 
Dons Fischer Utta 
June Hamilton Mathis 
'Howard A Moneke 
Mary Robarts Miller 
Mary Tedford Miller 
John R Moore 
Sarah EnloeMunn 
Eamesttne Hamson Murray 
Joan Liddell Parkinson 
Charlotte Proffirt Paxton 
Polly LickteigRawson 
D. Edward Renegar 
lean Balch Richardson 
Leonard Schieber 
Judy Turk Schwanebeck 
Gwendolen Rees-Jones Shell 
John R. Shell 
Bobbie Reed Shults 
William J. Sidner 
Mary Dellinger Smith 
Earl H.Stephens 
Raymond H. Swartzback 
Aldyn Graham Taylor 
Jean Magill Van Der Kamp 
Edward A Voorhees 
Gilbert E Weiss 
Frederick R Wilson 

Class ofl9« 

Lloyd A Anderson 
Doris Cook Austin 
Kathenne Johnson Barbour 
Jean Cotton Barker 
Mary Smith Boldnck 
Ruth Williams Brewer 
Lillian Linger Brown 
George E. Callahan 
Janet L Campbell 
Rella Anderson Carp 
Ruth Plyler Cook 
Robert EDuBois 
Elmer E. Engel 
Manan Lewis Engel 
Martha Scanlon Ernest 
W Nelson Ernest 
Peggy Milhken Fleck 
Janet Rich Gamer 
Robert H. Gamer, Jr. 
Melville RGaugrian 
George F.Gillette 
MemllR Grabbs 
Shirley Oshana Hall 
Anna Sakaizawa Hasegawa 
Vuginia Barer Heiss 
lames L Hogue 
Julia Pancoast Householder 
Margaret R Howell 
Darnel M. Long 
Helen Sorenson Long 
Carol Short Lootens 
Lavonne Heard Lundell 
M Scott McClure 
Lois Thomas McGanty 
Elaine Kern Magliulo 
Florence DillenerMassie 










Class President 







Harvey Overton* 


















Charles B.Hoglan, Jr.* 









Robert Steel 









James P. Lester 









Curtis B. Wilbanks 









William B.Heird 









Ralph G. Thiesse 









Theodore Holman* 









Ralph D.Steakley 







John W. Massie, Jr.* 
Evelyn R. Megaw 
Constance Hawkins Moore 
Carl C Murray 
Joanne Hart Oines 
Kenneth L Paxton 
Samuel H. Pemberton 
Mildred Orr Potter 
Emily Leety Pribble 
Virginia Wood Prochazka 
Joy Stewart Reese 
Jean Cobb Rock 
Leila Ambrister Rogers 
Elizabeth Crawford Roper 
Kenneth W Ross 
Harold M Russell 
Richard F. Scruggs 
Robert F.Smith 
Frank B. Still, Jr. 
G Kenneth Talbott 
Marjone McCaleb Thomas 
Virginia McArthur Todd 
Marilyn Hartpence Tbrrey 
Thomas V Wheeler 
Haydn O. White 
Elizabeth Saint Wilson 
GeloloKell Wilson 
Ella Thompson Worman 

Class of 1949 
Jack W Bailey 
Donald S. Barbour 
Ilda Mosby Bennett 
L Ann Cook Bird 
Robert J. Bird 
Betty Moser Black 
Earl P. Black 
James G. Browne 
G.David Campbell 
Virginia Hand Campbell 
Carolyn Bowman Carrier 
Argyle King Clarke 
Ruthellen Crews 
Carolyn Scruggs Crotinger 
Arline Whiting Derrick 
Mary Carver Fay 
Henrietta Turner Gardin 
Mary Wooldridge Gravely 
Arthur R.Haaf 
Harriett Perry Hancock 
Bobbie Bums Heidel 
Carol Hall Hildreth 
William R.Houdeshel 
Jack H Howard 
Betty Emory Jenkins 

John L Keely 
Margaret Rock Keely 
Donald EKribbs 
Car! M Lazenby 
Janice Lindsay Leatherwood 
Margaret Brooks Leisering 
Hedwig Nabholz Lodwick 
Naomi Hoffman Meadows 
Katherine Boyer Moore 
John H Morrison 
James A Newman 
Edwin C. Pancoast 
Katherine Carpenter Patulski 
Loretta Crawford Pelton 
Grace Cross Pen tz 
Lois Lehr Pfeffer 
Clifford EPorterfield 
Vera Lusk Proffitt 
William F. Proffitt 
Robert H Reeve 
Shirley Ballard Reeve 
Gordon HRettke 
Marian Pope Rettke 
GenevaJ. Robinson 
Janet Nisbet Rodman 
Marguente Pnest Rosensteel 
Anne Childress Ruggiero 
Helen Gentry Saunders 
Raymond D. Saunders 
Grace Gugger Schieber 
Barbara Eggelston Smith 
Virginia Gress Stovall 
Maurine Owen Thompson 
Maryjane Blizzard Thurston 
Charlotte Laster Van Kampen 
Leslie E Webb, Jr. 
Bernard E Welch 
Grace Hildebrand Welch 
Dorothea Friednch Williams 
Robert C Wilson 
Evelyn Anderson Wood 
Elizabeth Harte Zierden 
Robert D.Argie 
Anne Cress Babb 
Charles E Bacon 
James M Baird 
Duncan G Bennett 
Ruth Davis BiggerstafT 
Lois Miller Bishop 
Ellen Collins Brahams 
Harry G Brahams 
William T. Brewer 
Glenn E Brown 
Jack L Buckley 
Ruth Heaps Burkins 
Beverly Moore Butterworth 

Margaret Cummings Campbell 
A Eugene Carden 
Edna Mae Burkins Carroll 
Grady Lee Carroll, Sr. 
William HChalker 
Ivan V Chambers 
Joseph G. Claud, IB 
Ernest P. Cook 
Doris Florence Corbitt 
Betty Crawford Comett 
Roger A Cowan 
Dolores Green De Nagy 
Walter L Dean 
Faye Robinson Doyle 
Charles Duckett 
Elinor Goertz Elder 

F. Craig Fisher 
Mary Watt Flaherty 

G. Nelson Forrester 
Dorothy Stater Gay 
Jack D. Hancox 
George E Handley 
Dorothy Lambert Herron 
George Hipkins 

Louis E Hofferbert 
Martha KTncaid Homans 
James A Householder 
Robert L Kay 
Charles L Krueger 
Frank G Ladner 
Harold D. Lambert 
Carl L Lindsay, Jr. 
F. Houston Lowry, Jr. 
Jane McCullough Lugo 
Mabelle Fong Lum 
Sara Vawter Lyons 
Herbert MMcCallum 
Donald R. McCanvmon 
Joseph HMcGill 
G Charlton Mabry 
James E Marvin 
Virginia Schwarz Mock 
Ruth Rogers Myers 
Charles RNaundorf 
Doris Smith Naundorf 
Ethel A Nelson 
Raymond A Packard 
Mary Mills Palmer 
Eunice Billings Pancoast 
P. Herbert Parsons 
Charles G Parvin 
Lois Deobler Parvin 
Anne Gates Paxton 
G Ben Paxton, Jr. 
Noble F. Pribble 
Joyce Hampton Pullan 

Charles W Roberts 
Richard F. Rowley 
Daniel J. Ruggiero 
Benjamin E Sheldon 
Virginia Wood Slikas 
Clifford G Smith 
Glenn D. Smith 
Muriel Headrick Smith 
Sarah Durant Stephens 
Lambert E. Stewart 
Thomas F. Stovall 
William Swenson 
Mary Webb Vennema 
Hilda Roberts Walker 
Barbara G, Wallin 
Charles A Warner 
Winifred Schaumburg Welch 
Helen Hair Weston 
Donald EWheian 
Daniel W Winter 
James T. Yeaworth 
Jack G Young 
Mae Meriwether Zifcak 


Jane McMillan Baird 
John S. Baird 
George P Barber 
Mildred Simmons Benton 
Anita Withers Best 
Kenneth D. Boram, Sr. 
Jean Hunt Branch 
Lois Johanson Cale 
J. A Cameron 
William J. Carroll 
Lucy Carrick Carson 
Emily Martenis Castrodale 
Anderson D.Clark 
Juha Breen Clark 
Carol Corbett 
Bruce S. De Nagy 
Donald Parker De Nagy 
Raymond E Dickens 
James R. Dooley 
Delbert L Earisman 
Lewis M Evans, Jr. 
Sarah Kemp Farrar 
Charles A Flood 
Gerry Hopkins Forrester 
James F. Frain 
Glenn M Gage 
David H Grubbs 
Myma Boring Hall 
Barbara McNiell Handley 
Henry W Heaps 
Carl W Herring 
Richard G Isenberg 
Edwin G Jackson 
Thomas S. Kees, Jr. 
Elmer Lee Keller 
Raymond E Keny 
PaulS. Kidder 
Patriaa Love Kren 
Mary Wills Larson 
Robert A Larson 
James E Latham 
William GLeNoir, Jr. 
Alice Huddleston Lester 
James P. Lester 
Sherman N. Lesterjr. 
Eileen Coulter Lowe 
Carolyn Balch Milligan 
Elizabeth Dunn Moore 
John S. Moore 
Frances Barr Morgan 
John F.Morton 
Xen K. Motsinger 
George EOgle 
Louise Lloyd Palm 
Joseph R. Poland 
Ruby Harris Powell 
Robert D.FToffitt 
Richard B.Ribble 
Letitia Plowman Scheffey 
Hazel Holm Schuller 
Ruth Nicholas Schwarzenberg 


S. A. Schwarztrauber 
Albert WShakley 
Lincoln Shimomuia 
Rosalba Pascal Shook 
Frederick A. Sieber 
Mary Kennedy Stamper 
George Stanfill 
Margaret Brown Tait 
James P. Thurston 
Ear! R Valentine 
D.Robert Van Nest 
Elenor Kramer Van Pelt 
William D.Varker 
Edna Brown Vas 
Donald G.Walker 
Hal M. Wallace 
James E Watt 
Robert R. Williams 
William W.Wiilingham 
Martha Parker Wintermute 
Charlotte A Wyman 

Class of 1952 

Ruby Laster Alexander 

Gracie Scruggs Allen 

Charles E Allen, Jr. 

Jesse T.Anderson 

Carolyn Marshall Bender 

Carolyn Miller Berkev 

Robert EBIeiler 

Branin A Boyd 

Jessie Dye Boyd 

Lois Layton Boynton 

Lena McGaha Brake 

Louise Packard Butler 

Dons Somerville Calhoun 

James M. Callaway 

Elizabeth Moore Cameron 

Ethel Caldwell Garden 

William T.Clarke 

Mary Lee Snodderly Coleman 

Thomas W Cramer 

Robert TCuthill 

Emily McLain Drake 

Barbara Sandos Duncan 

Ella Swift Enfield 

Walter E. English, Jr. 

Nannette Enloe 

Joan Piatt Fort 

Margaret Matterson Fredencks 

Betty Roach George 

WThad Godwin 

Marsha Beebe Green 

Billy M Gnnstead 

Mary Kelton Gnsso 

Joy Hayes 

Cora Anthony Hemdon 

Charles W Holsinger 

Galen W.Johnson, Jr. 

Thomas L Jones 

James L Kren 

Robert D.LehrJr. 

John H. Lewis 

AnnabelleJ. Libby 

Robert A Lynn 

Margaret Shields McClure 

Kathenne Blackburn McNiel 

Barbara Blum Mabry 

Wilma Borter Matysek 

Wesley P Miles 

David M Miller 

Mary Blackshear Montgomery 

Mary Fox Morton 

Robert WMoser 

Rosalie A. Munson 

Edith Lancaster Mussler 

Robert HOsbom 

Elizabeth Crawford Owen 

C. Eugene Parksjr. 

NealeJ. Pearson 

Fletcher T. Poole 

Mary Jo Pnbble 

Richard E. Ray 

Clarence L Reaser 

Mary Jo Richardson 

William N. Robinson 

Beryl Stewart Schwarztrauber 

Sue Martin Shew 

H. Davis Smith 

Donald CSttlwell 

Helen Sims Stilwell 
Janice Manon Stoder 
Sarah H. Sutton 
Margaret Warren Terry 
Ralph G. Thiesse 
Nina Gillette Thomas 
J. Laurence Thompson 
Joy Hickman Upham 
W Kennedy Upham 
W Austin Van Pelt 
Elizabeth Thomas Vamedoe 
Frank S. Vigh 
Larrv Wallace 
Glenn F. Watts 
Gerald R. Wheat 
E Newell Witherspoon 
Mary Browne Woodnng 
Elizabeth Dinkle Work 
Bobbie Graves Young 


William CAddy 
Joseph M Bender 
Shirley Posdethwaite Bird 
Sara Drum Bleiler 
Carolyn Symmes Brace 
Donna Baylor Brahams 
Mary-Sue Munson Brehme 
Mary Jay Spencer Bullock 
Theron H. Burchfield 
Ruth Burgos-Sasscer 
fames C Campbell 
lane Hahn Candey 
George C. Carpenter 
Martha Lou Coile 
Phyllis West Dadisman 
Shirland Roussey Daglian 
Peggy- Ann Kessler Duke 
Darnel G. Dunbar 
Jack D. Durant 
Judyjohnson Durant 
E Conrad Eaddy 
Mary Grace Pritchard Earhart 
Sally Ann Kotz Ewmg 
W Homer Garren 
Mehm D. Giles 
Harold L Glad 
Maree Richards Glanville 
loyce Keppel Green 
Mary Ann Hicks Greenhill 
Barbara Rogers Greenly 
Sue Summers Grubbs 
Arthur R.HayIock 
Martha Higdon Haylock 
Fannie Weber Heimlich 
David F. Helwig 
Nancy Rose Holsinger 
Gloria rTineman Jeffrey 
Richard Y. Kerr 
Patncia Lewis Kidder 
Roy R Kramer 
Sarajo Emert Kramer 
Karole Kapp Leech 
leanette Wiley McMaster 
Sarah Brown McNieO 
Shirley Atwell Marble 
Paul L Menvin 
Bruce R. Miller 
Isabel Leitch MiOer 
Viola Marshall Miller, 
Ruth Blackburn Morgan 
Herschel L Mosier.Jr. 
Grace Greenawalt Nieto 
Catherine Snedeker Nuckols 
Walter WOguVie 
Barbara Scott Patton 
Richard E. Patton 
Ann Kirkpatnck Peck 
Charles F. L Pierrepont 
William B. Poovey 
Florence Clark Raynal 
Charles E Reid 
Ruth Cross Reid 
George M Roberts 
Mildred Cooper Robinson 
Norma Lou Loetz Robinson 
Alice Larson Schroeder 
Charles A. Schroeder 
William R.Sider 
Edith McMillan Sutton 

Betty Hyman Thurston 
Arthur J. Van Alstyne 
Gerald Walker 
Hugh E Walker 
Anne Snider Walton 
Joan Dueng Watt 
Betty Hammers Wiley 
Barbara Miller Wilson 
[anet A Woods 
Galen R. Work 
Barbara Murphy Wnght 
Eizabeth Stiles Yandle 

Class of 1954 

Margaret Evans Abbott 
Richard L Abbott 
William R. Anderson 
Evelyn Boughton Baker 
GarethD Baker 
Janet A. Belcher 
Charles R. Blackburn 
Mary Ferguson Bond 
Jacquelene Kendall Burnett 
George S. Caldwell 
Janice Eakin Campbell 
Noms L Counts 

Mildred Mowery Moffett 
Nancy Naylor Navratil 
Robert N.Navratil 
M. Jacquelme Sparks Paddock 
Manan Rice Poovey 
Helen Dnnnen Renaker 
Homer Rickabaugh 
Pamcia Halstead Sexton 
Ethel Shockley Sockwell 
Jeannme Fion Spencer 
Patricia Laing Stevens 
Helen Seay Stubblefield 
Hazel Tunblin Townsend 
Kenneth D. Tuck 
Eugenia Jackson Vogel 
Mary Ray Watts 
Helen Miller Wilcox 
James O.Wiley 
Anne Robison Williams 
Elvira Pierce Winsor 
Anna M Yoakum 

Class ofI955 

Grace Harrison Adams 
Ruth Orr Allen 
Frances Moms Bailey 


1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 

Ralph D. Crago 
Dorothy Wells Cunningham 
Joan Douglas Demer 
Walter MElwood 
Marshall England, Jr. 
Richard J. Enckson 
Alice Kelly Feehrer 
S. Wayne Feehrer 
David E Gates 
Glenn A Gentry 
Joan Frei Gilliland 
Wilma Trumbull Gray 
Carol Cornell Hunt 
James A. Hunt 
Carol Dernier Kabatt 
Carol Fraser Kincheloe 
Joanne Edwards Kron 
Virginia Smith Longee 
JohrueGnfritts Lunsford 
Naomi Burgos Lynn 
Rodenck E McMillan 
Donald B. Moffett 

Barbara ButtnJ! Barber 

William R Breen 

Hennetta Laing Chambers 

Robert F.Clark 

Martha Freeny Clark-Cummings 

Lynn B. Counts 

EmmaM Curtis 

Marilyn Kiefer Davies 

James Demer 

Diana Evans England 

Sarah Pledger Fechter 

James C. Fisher 

Joe T Gilliland 

Harry S.Hassall 

Margaret Fisher Hertel 

William G.Hodge 

Anne Buckley Howland 

Robert GHyne 

Ronald C. Jennings 

Patricia C Jones 

Jack M. Keny 

James W Kesler 

Kathenne Chase Laurice 


H. Roberts Lorenz 
Abigail Crosby McKean 
Natalie Prinzing McMillan 
Arthur CMc Williams 
James A. Mays 
Olivia Vawter Mills 
Donna French Neel 
Robert ENier 
Ralph L Petreee 
David A. Ramsey 
Harry R. Robinson 
Rosa Bauerle Robinson 
Barbara Hubbard Smith 
Barbara Innes Smith 
Ruby Roberts Sohler 
Lois M Speaker 
Mary Ann Thompson 
Shirley Smith Thompson 
Jennie L Wagner 
Eileen Manon Watt 
Robert P Weaver 
Donald B. Williams 
George R. Williams 
Shirley Axley Young 


Don F.Adams 
Forrest Amidon 
Betty Lou Cutler Boggs 
Benjamin Preston Bogia 
Lois Tinklenberg Bogia 
John P. Borter 
William T.Bnckey 
Thomas G. Bugenhagen 
Jacqueline Speigner Chambless 
WinfredR. Croze 
Carol Sleight Ditzenberger 
Charles D. Dunn 
Jo Ann Brooks Dunn 
Margallen Hanna Fichter 
Barbara Cech Fisher 
Donald R. Ford 
FreelandT Godfrey 
John R. Graulich 
John E D. Graves 
Charles R. Greathouse 
Edwin N. Grigsby 
Carol Hutton Hammontree 
Charles WHarman 
Carolyn Carter Hassall 
Jean Kemper Helwig 
Carol Summers Herbert 
James W Hopkins 
Elizabeth McKenney Horn 
Charles S. Horn, IB 
AlbertS. Hoyer 
Delores Woods Huajardo 
Elizabeth Enloe Hutton 
Morse R. Jackson 
J. Harold Jones 
Cornelia Force Klein 

Marda Williams Kling 

Madlon Travis Laster 
James H.Laster, Jr. 

Charles E McFariand 

Robert E McKean 

Ann Daniel McLean 

William M. McMaster 

Carol CokerMichie 

Faith NollnerMorley 

Ethelyn Cathey Pankratz 

Dorothy BumgarnerPetree 

Roberta Myers Petree 

Margaret F. Potts 

Robert C Ramger 

Lynn E Sexton 

Edgar P. Shackelford 

Maryel Vogel Smith 


Nan Spivey Spalding 

Donald I. Thiel 

Janet Whitmore Thompson 

Sara Davis Unetic 

William WVanZant,ffl 

Katherine Kems Vousden 

Mary Alice Brasfield Wheadey 

William CWheatley, Jr. 

Margaret Blackburn White 
Lee Fowler Whitehouse 
David N. Williams 
Esther Lerch Williams 
Mary Lee Witherspoon 

Class of 1957 

Jacob B. Adams, 111 

Katie Marston Amidon 

John S. Anderson 

Alice Blackburn Ayers 

Patriaa Hoover Bishop 

Suzanne Jones Bowman 


Katherine Leeth Bugenhagen 

Anthony J. Clark 

James WConkm 

Jack H Crouch 

Nancy Brown Daugherty 

Joan M Davis 

Natalie Richards Dragstedt 

Edgar H. Drum 

Lila Crane Engle 

Robert WFinerae 

Jane Robison Foster 

Jane Hussey Fraelich 

Perry T. Fuller 

Elinor Bass Hopkins 

Barbara Packard Horn 

Laura Teague Huff 


Mary Morrell Jenkins 

Marilyn Baumgartner Jennings 

Elizabeth B.Knott 

Ruth Keene Lancaster 

Daniel J. Lawson 

Joan McNaughton Lorenz 

Andrew W Loven 

James E McCall 

Theodore C McDaniels 

Jean Dildy McFariand 

Ronald B.Morley 


Grace Roberts Norton 

Catherine Richtmyer Nyland 

Thomas Lee Perry 

Mary Ann Worley Rahn 

Virginia Marshall Ramsey 

Joel E Reeves 

Nancy Barton Reeves 

Helen Hasenstab Rennet 

William ESchofield 


Graeme WSieber 

Mildred Beard Sieber 

Martha Brogden Spming 
Bernard D.Stabley, Jr. 
Douglas N. Stubblefield 
Emily A Swanton-Drum 
Barbara Willde Tedford 
Sidney H.Tedford 
Lavinia Lee Tomlinson 
Jerry E Waters 
Jean Boyd Williams 
Jama line Wilson 
Louise Ogden Wyman 


Thomas B. Allen 

Robert F.Baker 

Barbara Godshalk Barber 

James R. Barber 

Robert G. Beam 

Clement Birkelbach 

Elizabeth Walton Blackburn 


Paula Cox Bowers 

Ann Murray Bridgeland 

Robert H. Brown 

Katrina Wells Counts 

Bobbye Carson Davies 

Nancy GivinDietz 

Eleanor Galbreath Dixon 

Mervyn J. Dixon 

Lottie Jerkins Ethridge 

Anita Cole Ezelle 

Kathrine Hummel Fegette 

Judith Strahorn Flanigan 

Patrick D.FIynn 

Joyce Boyd Fort 

Helen E Franklin 

Anna Allcroft Fuhrmann 

Kay Henry Gill 

Sidney WGilreath 


Robert E Hassall 

Sue Nelson Hassall 

Jeanne Berger Jones 

George L Kaiser 

Iris Abbott Karl 

Carol Williams Kennedy 

Eleonore Koster Krebs 

Bruce N. Lundberg 

Lewis M McFariand 

Betty Lou Zimmerman McKay 

Robert LMcLeod, Jr. 

James M. Marsh 
Nancy Peters Meise 
Ralph L Nix 
Roberta GibbsPafford 
Jane Bradfield Peschel 
Gerald R.Platz 
George Podgomy 
Beverly Tillman Quinn 
Margaret Connolly Ramsey 
Jon D. Shafer 
Charlotte Slappey Shaw 
Lewis I. Shearer 
June Keeney Smith 
James B. Spalding, Jr. 
Margaret Merntt Spurting 
Grace M Stinecipher 
Catherine Volbeda Sulhvan 
Conta Erwin Swanson 
Sherrie Martin Taylor 
Elizabeth A Turner 
Donald Vandenberg 
Erma Pinkston Vandenberg 
William E. Wallace 
Christopher B.Ward 
John R. Williams 
Max Williamson 
Ruth Wilson Woodard 
Jimmy H. Yoakum 
Mary Ellen Lee Zuvennk 



Judith Tmavsky Anderson 

Betty Boone Best 

Alice McCombe Block 

Louise Pratt Bollman 

Carol Morgan Bngham 

Suzanne Tourtelotte Buddie 

John S. Burnette 

Marilyn Myers Byrd 

Barbara Larsen Chaffin 

Denver R. Childress 

Ruth Ann Wagner Childress 

Paul C Conklin 

Linda Hayes Crouch 

Elizabeth Bixler Cruze 

Jane Marshall Dominick 

John B. Emery, Jr. 

Clifford M Evans 

Thomas T.Evans, Jr. 

Theodore E Frauman 

Janet Smith Freund 

Peggy Davis Fnschmann 

Bruce S. Greenwalt 

Georgene Rohlander Hafemeister 

Elizabeth Brown Hale 


Donald J. Hill 

Vesta Travis Hill 

Virginia Lurton Hunter 

Patricia Fahl Johnston 

Richard E Jones 

Judy Cummings Kaiser 

Edward S. Krebs 

Sue Trotter Linstead 

Mary Newton Lynch 

William A Lynch 

Colleen Crawford McCall 

Sandra MacNeill 

Harold D.Mays 

Janice Johnston Mintz 

Barbara A Mueller 

Robert B.Muir 

Donald R. Mull 

Joyce HierhagerNier 

Patricia H. Parks 

Sarah Rupp Pretti 

Nancy Stere Ribble 

David Ross 

J. Allen Russell 

Wesley Earl Smith 

Robert E Stevens 

Barbara Davis Tropansky 

Joseph L Tropansky 


Elizabeth S.Welsh 
Gray Clarke Wiley 
Sally Lumley Williams 
loann Antes Wyman 
Mary Ann Phipps Yoakum 


Ralph E Ayers 
Carolyn Thomas Bair 
Judith Perov Ball 
Graham F. Bardsley 
Carolyn Bohanan Bilbrey 
WilbumK Bowers 
Donald E Buddie 
Joe A Burgos 
Ann Barnes Carpenter 
Robert G.Davies 
Janice Peterson Duncan 
John B. Edgar 
Judith E Eldndge 
DorseyD. Ellis, Jr. 
Sondra Wagner Ellis 
Rosalie Tipton Erwm 
Charles J. Fams 
Dorcas Curtis Fellner 
Leon Gabrielian 
Sheridan H. Greaser 
Helen Ranlan Hall 
Evelyn Crane Higerd 
Judith Godfrey Isenhart 
Helen Moore Jones 
Charles L Justice 
Patncia Young Justice 
Robert EKallstrom 
Margaret RadKimry 
David F.McCahan 
R Howard McCuen, Jr. 
Nancy Braden McDamcl 
Margaret LongfeOow McDameis 
Joan Menk McFarland 
Barbara Gronbach Manch 
Susan Fowell Moody 
Margaret Reynolds Popken 
Rosemary Lee Porter 
Ronald Randon 
Lessie Anne Rhodes 
Lee Gageby Schooler 
Edgar W Smith, Jr. 
Kathy Sanborne Spelman 
Margaret Sample Steptoe 
Charlotte Cathey Stewart 
George Y.Stewart 
Herbert M Thompson 
Maryanne Braidwood Ward 
Ann Newcomer Watson 

Class ofl%l 

Ruthanne Campbell Chase 
William A Cunningham 

Mary E Darling 

Eugenia Miller Durham 

Terry Dick Dykstra 

Virginia Bass Eaddy 

Robert Emmert 

David L Gilmore 

Zaida Brown Gilmour 

Walter R Goes 

Donald WHarward 

Sylvia Fugate Heard 

George B.Henry 


Dan E. Johnston 

Fred G. Morrison, Jr. 

Gretchen Idc Nabors 


Gay Landis Page 

Harry M Page 

Kathenne Eisenhart Parse 
George W.Poland 

Joseph E Quinn 
Phyllis Hembree Rechrin 
Margie Stevenson Ribble 
Linda C Roberts 
G. Craig Roselli 
Cheryl Gould Smith 
Martha Messman Steams 

Carolyn Lacy Stiatton 
T BrysonStmse,ni 
John E. Talmagejr. 
Bonnie Birch Trayner 
Robert H Watson 
Emma Hofmann Weyer 
Sandra Poole Winn 

Class of 1%2 

Patriaa Baker Aldndge 
Janet Kilgard Barbour 
E. Jane Bennett 
Anne Morrell Blankenship 
David W Campbell 
Emily Wood Cochran 
Arlette Roselli Conkkn 
James Coup 

Rachael Goddard Desmond 
Raymond T Donaldson 
John A Eaddy 
Arlene S.Ford 

Elsie Harris Gilmore 
Jeffrey RGrote 

Miriam Nightingale Hall 
Judith Hirst Hardey 

Nancy Hulbert Hoop 
Jeraldine Boone Horton 

Glenda Gray Hughes 

Donald CJackman 

Martha Tumbull Johnston 

Robert K. Johnston 

Jeanne Wilson Kruhm 

Donald W Leo 

Joyce Williams Leo 

Donald GMcFerren 

Nona Roll Malcom 

Donna Jensen Mason 

Larry B. Mease 

John R. Mitchell 

R Blair Moffett 

Marjone Walden Morrow 

Rebeccah Kinnamon Neff 

Mikiko Shinuzu Nishimura 

Roger MNooe, Jr. 

Lynne Parks O'Shea 

Jane Allen Perkins 
Carol Greenwood Poland 
James L Rechtin 
Robert Reichenbach 
Larry M Stearns 
Dale V. Sterner 
Anne Nakamura Stoelring 
Donald B. Stupak 
Sylvia Smith Talmage 
David C West 
Eleanor Ross Wills 
Reese M Wills, Jr. 
Pamaa Davis Zumbro 

Class ofl963 

Clarissa Seely Barnes 


ludith Smith Begun 

Mary McCampbell Bell 

Janice Walters Burgos 

Hildegarde Shaw Bumess 

Singtoh Changtrakul 

Sharon Jones Clark 

Linda Clopton 

Jacqueline WaddellDiehl 

Jack L Easter 


'Phillip WEslinger 

Joseph R Fink 
Mildred Miles Franks 
Michael D.Ganett 
Ann Kuykendall Gillespie 
Richard C Gossweiler, Jr. 
Dorothea Saint Hanton 
Ann McDhenny Harward 
Stephen R Henderson 
Arthur M Ding 
Robert A Jefferies 
Sylvia Gilmore Jeffenes 
Mary V Jefferson 
Sandra Presley Jones 
Carolyn Lurcott Koerselman 
Edward Krusman 
Carl P. McDonald 

Robert WMahley 
Elizabeth Fuqua Mather 
J. Dermis Miller 
Connie Myers Moore 
Linda Wherry Moms 
Carol Cox Nooe 
Joyce Hutchison Phillips 
James CRenfro, Jr. 
George R.Schember 
Sondra Bracken Schutz 
Phyllis TepperShudy 
David R. Smith 
Madeleine Wilson Sterner 
Jeanne Pnce Stoner 
Beverly Ball Stupak 
John D. Tanner 

Perry O.Tooker 
Janie Swetnam Vann 

William F.Ward 

Lois Jones Weissenburger 

William Weissenburger, Jr. 

Betty Sue Talbott Wengert 

Frances Arnold Williamson 

Ronald M Wolf 

Edward L Ziegler 

Class ofl%4 

J. David Allen 
Mary Dikes Bangert 
Barry S. Birch 
Susan Kisch Birch 
Cynthia Blanchard 
C Hall Blankenship 
MaryGleason Boone 
Alice Lewis Brown 
Deanna Sturgell Carlcton 
Christopher D.Carlisle 
RobertC Clark 
William Cochran 
Virginia L Coon 
Gerald H Cooper 
William O.DeWeese 
Martha Bess Ellis DeWitt 
Shuley Mease Deisch 
Ronald D.Elly 
Mary Perrigrew Ferraro 
Lois Anthony Fink 
Phyllis Deloteus Garrett 
Carol Rugh Green 
Arthur J. Herron 
William GHodgsonJr. 
Ann Samson Ihrig 
Paul B.Jenkins 
Linda KenzieMahley 
Ruth McCown Mansell 
David WMarston 
Joyce Koch Messinger 
Jane McDade Monroe 
Terry L Morris 

Linda Probasco Murchison 

Richard L Murchison 

Susan Quigg Napier 

Pamaa A O'Neill 

Virginia Duval On 

lanet Purcilla Pounds 

Gayle Eggers Putman 

Phyllis Sauerbrey Putnam 

Barbara Berg Rago 

Steven D.Rago 

George A Shafer 

James N.Skeen 

Sandra Stewart Spangenberger 

Gordon C Stewart 

Nancy Pierce Tankersley 

Charles R. Thomas 

E Roger Thompson 


David L West 

Kathy Ford Wheeler 


Roberta Bryson Wolfe 

Class ofl96S 

ImogeneE Allans 
Barbara Perrigrew Bacon 
Mary Kent Besch 
Bruce TBigart 

Photo by Smnlty MiCbmc '78 


Richard C Boyd 
Shirley Ann Brown 
John J. Chaki 
Patricia Dobbin Chambers 
Martha E Cook 
Harold WCopeland 
Victoria Green Cothroll 
Linda Vansant Damron 
Cecelia Bndges DiGiacomo 
Janice Rickards Dungan 
Dennis Q. Edelman 
Elenora Easterly Edwards 
Ellen Saint Elly 
Joseph M. Futcher, Jr. 
Arlene Pateman Guellnit2 
Maraa Hickey Hastings 
Julia WolfHoch 
Allan S.Hoke 
Carolyn Huff 
Bruce S.Hughes 
G.Philip Jerome 
W Ross Ken 

Alice Brownlee Ketchum 
David S. King 
Patricia Murphy King 
W Harold Laster 
Henry R Lingtnfelter 
Judy Wasson Mitchell 
William M Mitchell 
Benny R. Monroe 
Gail Wilkes Moyers 
Michael C Moyers 
William J. Napier 
Robert G.PauLJr. 
Virginia Salmond Payne 
Jane Best Pesterfield 
Roger T. Petty 
Geraldine Fans Robinson 
Joseph L Scheideler 
Jeanne Steele Schember 
Ann Alexander Schuler 
Arlene LarsenShafer 
Jack N. Spencer 
Lorraine Briggs Thalacker 
Mary Lou Fuller Trout 
Randall A. Wells 
Constance R Williams 
Judith Martin Wrought 


OdisC Abbott, Jc 
AnnaBelle Mmear Allyn 
Nancy Hooven Ban 
Jams Rose Bell 
Dorothy Heismeyer Bennett 
Eric L Bergman 
Sue Haldeman Bergman 
Louise Crawford Berry 
Jane Brenckman Boresen 
Susan Sober Brown 
William 0. Covert 
Brenda Cox Crisp 
Eugene B. Dixon 
Carole Brownlee Donohue 
Gary J. Dutton 
David R. Dye 
Mary Ann Wilson Eiff 
David J. Ellison 
Marjorie Wismer Espy 
Eileen Wagner Ferguson 
Wayne Frey 

Elizabeth Robinson Gaidry 
William RGass 
Margaret B. Gross 
Mary Lee Zorb Harmon 
WLynn Howard 
Margaret Haggart Keeler 
Ellen Lankenau Komon 
Stephen Lavere 
Sue Blair Lewis 
Stanford W Long 
Beth Hitch McArthur 
Sandra Briggs McCann 
Martha Weaver Malloy 
Sara Mason Miller 
Ruth Hults Murphy 

MartinJ. Papp 
James WPryor 
Theodore D. Pumam 
Richard B. Reed 
Marria Bishop Reese 
Elizabeth Lender Resch 
Jean Reynolds 
Helen Ryan Sarver 
Sara Parker Scotchmer 
Margaret E. Shaklee 
Charlotte Devine Short 
Lewright B. Sikes 
Marianne Jefferson Skeen 
Helen Griffin Stocum 
Janice Best Tarwater 
0. ReedTarwater 
Celia C Tiffany 
Diane Kline Tylka 
Susan Foreman Viney 
Elizabeth Brown Whitney 
Patnaa Higdon Woodby 
Jane Stapp Young 
Nancy Muller Zitzner 

Class ofl%7 

Nancy Am 
Ruth-Ellen Bates 

Marsha Burkhart Lucas 
Catherine Wissler McCumber 
Linda Zacherle Marston 
Martha Frazier Masker 
Mary Jo McConeghy Messenger 
Karl W Miller 
Daniel M Mitchell 
Rachel Wood Moore 
Ibbiejack Muntz 
Joyce Ann Pigge 
Heather Van Dyke Pletcher 
Christine Scott Scheideler 
Valinda Mondul Schieve 
Edward D. Smith 
David Smook 
John M Smootjr. 
Linda Hayes Spencer 
Hazel Deweese Steel 
Donald W Story 
Joseph E Thomas 
Jeanne Graham Thompson 
Patricia Brown Walker 
John G.Wolfe, III 
Jean Donohue Wortman 
Dana S. Wyman 



Howard A Newman 

Robert B.Nicholas 
Peter J. Park 
A. Coleman Piper, Jr. 
W Douglas Pnce 
Janet Schaffer Proffitt 
Martha Anderson Pryor 
Charles D. Ridings 
Elizabeth Trent Roberts 
Dorothea Woodall Rochelle 
Andrew D. Ruhlin 
Laune Waller Rupe 
Orus Rupejr. 

Barbara Woodworth Schulte 
Bruce P. Smith 
Lizabeth Patterson Smith 
David L Spencer 
Susan Talmage Spencer 
Barbara Lewis Stead 
Richard R. Stevenson 
Barbara Roberts Sydell 
Susan Anderson Terwedow 
Linda Roselli Thompson 
Betty Milam Waldrop 
Steve Wintermute 
Betty Abrahamson Wood 
Patncia Feller Wood 
George V.Wood, Jr. 

Marvin R. Beard 
David R. Berry 
James M. Breckenndge 
Judith Hannah Bright 
Marilyn L Caldwell 
Marilyn Rankin Clark 
Richard C. Cleasby 
Meredith Pierce Cox 
Katharine Hinger Dorner 
Johann Beall Dutton 
Margarette Mahon Dye 
Carrie Osikowicz Eaton 
Harry Raymond Eaton 
Frank M. Eggers, II 
Charles C Gilmore 
Kathenne Schussler Goodish 
Frank N. Gready, II 
Florence Corbett Guidinger 
Minam Peterson Hamilton 
David C Harris 
Robert L Hart 
Ingnd Hellmer Hemphill 
Martha Hess 
Stephen R. Hodgson 
Christine Lundstedt Howard 
Carol Kaufman Jenkins 
John A. Kerr, Jr. 
Frances J. Lantz 
Thomas M. Llewellyn 

Beverly Minear Atkinson 
Helen G.Bearty 
Edwin J. Best, Jr. 
Donald LBrackbill 
John W Braymer 
Meta Robinson Braymer 
Russell J. Bright 
Susan Scott Casey 
Roberta Chesney 
Linda McNair Cohen 
Ibby Shelley Davis 
Diane Hall Edwards 
Jenny Jett Erwin 
Douglas A. Gamble 
Gail Bock Garlinghouse 
Barbara Turpin Goddard 
Judy Johns Harris 
Kathenne Yoder Joseph 
William E Keeler 
Alicejunkin Landolt 
Jeanne Yarrington Long 
Robert M Lucas 
Joseph J. Malloy, Jr. 
Scribner A. Messenger 
Gary R. Meyer 
M. Davis Miller, II 
M Allen Morris 
John A. Myers 

Virginia Roseborough Wylie 
Richard G.Yates, Jr. 


Beverly Ash-Larson 


Linda Keeble Bailey 

Sharon Pusey Bailey 

Linda Neel Berg 

Sue Sullivan Bledsoe 

Kathryn Ann Bndges 

George W Brown 

Brian RChiids 

Mary Qtherine Christofferson 

Mary Schussler Clinton 

Kathleen Smith Copeland 

David N. Crawford 

Alan G. Cropper 

Charles MDavies 

Joseph M Dawson 

Sue Anthony Dawson 

Phil Derpilbosian 

Diane ^Cbod Dixon 

Stephen R. Domer 

Terry E. Dorsett 

Sandra Johnson Eggers 

EOen Gould Fawcett 

Susan J. Fershee 

Pamela Huskey Gildrie 


Jean Hobson Gillespie 
Alida McArthur Graves 
Robert LHamer, ID 
Nancy Davidson Hummel 
Man- Paddison James 
Brenda Laipplyjohson 
Frank Kflgaidjr. 
Nancy Hyde Kirkham 
Robert J. Kusek 
Joy Eichhom McMaster 
Mark W McMaster 
Arthur S. Masker 
Judy Hannah Miller 
Sue Edwards Moore 
James G Moore, Jr. 
Frances Babelay Nicholas 
Sharon L Owings 
Carl L Peter 
Nancy Eaker Peterson 
Robert B. Phillips 
William C. Rankin 
Ann Little Rigell 
Craig D.Rigei! 
Alexander S. Robins 
Alice Orman Rodriguez 
Joyce Rentiers Smith 
Susan Carr Stevenson 
George N. Talley 
Waynetta Bays Talley 
Sandra Hynd Taylor 
Laurel Erskine Thomas 
Susan Mackenzie Thornton 
Leah Cromer Tyler 
Robert W Washburn 
Alice E Weaver 
Brian T Wilson 
W Scott Wood 
Ann White Yeager 


Linda Gleeson Abel 


William J. Arlington 


Robert J. Berg 

Lindajones Berkemeier 

J. Mack Betnsjr. 

Mary Lois Bnigler 

Ann Briggs Buermann 

Thomas Chase 

Neil S. Cholminsky 

JeflreyJ. Coghill 

Janelle Van Metre Cooper 

J. Kirk Copeland 

Janie McGehee Creecy 

Elizabeth Pope dimming 

Kathleen Saint Curlee 

Jean Griffith Davies 

Betty Graham Dildine 

Lynn L Dildine 

Robert F. Durant 

Manan Erdman Dyer 

Stephen Ellis 

Cynthia Paxton Freeman 

David Taylor Gamer 

Vera Wilson Gilmore 

Darnel Birtal Grandell 


Diane Humphreys-Barlow 

Patnaa Hammontree Ingram 

Christy Nilsson Johnston 

Qndace Parkhurst Julyan 

Gail J. Klein 

Christine Lamm 

Candace Merritt McClanahan 

Robert D. McClanahan 

Miriam Gillespie McLarty 

Sallie Davidson Macy 

Robert L Macy, Jr. 

Judith Young Mancinelli 

Marilyn R. Martin 

Patriaa Hall Marx 
Carol Fisher Mathieson 
David E Messinger 
Margaret Spurling Minch 
Terrie Kane Mitchell 
Barbara A. Nead 
Donna Movers Park 
Peter William Peterson 
Ola Pitman Pigman 
A Lorette Pruden 
Sue Kindred Ramger 
John L Roberts 
David J. Rugh 
George CSchnitzer, Jr. 
Larry S. Sharpe 
Steven G. Siera 
J. Knox Singleton 
Peggy Tucker Singleton 
Barbara Gnnstead Smith 
Susan Smith Spear 
Gordon F. Tinley 
Kathleen Wells 
Albert Joseph Wend, Jr. 
Joseph L White 
Lucas V Whitney 
Manone White Whitney 
Jane Elmore Wilson 
Pamela Pierce Wilson 


Anonymous: 2 
C. Douglas Barber 
J. Michael Barrows 
'Carol E. Beatty 
Donna Hemenway Berg 
Richard R. Berg 
Lawrence C Bodine 
Richard P. Boyle 
Astnd Peelle Browning 
Alice Strohmeyer Bryan 
John T. Campbell 
Mama Rice Cary 
Lynn Gillespie Chater 
Lynn Louise Cobum 
Robert H Cooper 
Elizabeth Crawford 
Rachel Kent Delphin 
Sue Yehl Douglas 
Sandra Bryce Drexler 
Thomas S. Faux, Jr. 
Robert W Gardner 
R. Mack Garner 
Terri Kremer Gillespie 
David H. Gordon 
Edward R. Hawkey 
Liz Beard Had 
G. Douglas Huet-Cox 
Lynda Thomas Huffman 
Mark A. Hughes 
William CHutton 
Robert N.Kennedy 
Jane Dodge Kidder 
Richard G. Knapp 
David L Koopman 
Donna White Koopman 
LloydS. Kramer 
John R. Leibrock 
Rene Paine Lindstrom 
Susan Kehrli Moore 
Glenn D. Morefield 
Richard D. Myser 
Leslie Potts Nier 
Raymond C Nye 
Rosemary Lindner Nye 
Judy Howe Owens 
Ann Perry Pratcher 
Edwin R. Prichard 
Darnel L Rhone 
Dana C Rothey 
H. Lee Rowland 
Alice Cook Royce 
Paul R. Shirk, II 
James L Showalter 
Stuart FL Smith 
David R_Snffler 
Janna Eerenberg Tinley 
Teresa Ann Wells 
Barbara Morgan West 
KatherineHoyt White 
Richard H White 

Mary Ban Wolf 
Judith Pike Woods 


Akin C Baker 
Caroline Munn Best 
Ondis N.Bible 
Neil A. Bingham 
Patnaa Henry Bleazey 
Floralyn Gregory Boronow 
George F. Boronow 
Larry Eugene Brown 
Lindy Hams Bruggink 
Jean Fiedler Buckley 
Edward G. Bush 
Myma Tener Bush 
Suzanne Bailey Busse 
Charles M Cary 
Carey Cox Coghill 
Ellen Gerra Conner 
Julia Bud Cooper 
Eileen Suzo Crawford 
Judy Green Dickinson 
Jennifer Seely Durant 
Deborah Forgey Gill 
Pamela Spoonamore Gordon 
Steven D. Gordon 
Mary-Gray Proffitt Hunter 
Christine A Johnson 
Selda M. Kerley 
Nanae Savitsla Krywicki 
Gaynell Harless Lawson 
Patnaa Cardin McCIure 
Anne Yoder McDonald 
Rosalind Bennett Magnuson 
Melissa Collins Mann 
Kent G.Marshall 
Suzanne L Mignery 
Ralph E Miller 
Michael B. Montgomery 
Gary R. Moore 
Helen Miller Morefield 
Cynthia Nelson Morello 
Ann Proffitt Mullican 
Deborah Stearns Nichols 
Richard D. Niewoehner 
Sarah Miller Owens 
Janet Welton Posder 
William J. Posder 
John F. Powell 
Nancy Lantz Pusey 
Howard E Pusey, Jr. 
Julie Mobley Robeson 
Jane Gilbert Roseborough 
Douglas D. Roseborough, Jr. 
Carol Abel Russell 
David G.Russell 
Amy E Savery 
Maureen Stem Siera 
M. Shepard Spear 
A. John Stevens 
Nancy Kennedy Wallace 
Carol Bailey Weston 
Charles D. Wortman 


Deborah Mount Akins 
R. Andrew Barker 
DavidJ. Barr 
Thomas V Bennett 
Nancy Gamble Bromley 
L Allen Bunge 
Douglas G. Chase 
Janet Vail Conway 
Robert A Cortese 
David L Cureton 
Emily Hager Davis 
Harry R.DeYoungJr. 
Lawrence W. Dimmick, Jr. 
Lance Dunaway 
Nancy Moschini Franrz 
AnthonyJ. Gagliardi 
Richard H. Gaunt, Jr. 
Moma McEverGoIletz 
Eamie Greeno 
Frank B.Hall 
Lana Grubis Henley 


Mark W Humphrey 
Dawn Sterling Isenberg 
Peter M. Isenberg 
Paul A. Johnson, Jr. 
Christine Sterner Kubiak 
Eleanor Munah Lanning 
Christian G. Magnuson 
William RMathieson, IV 
Winifred A. Minear 
Randall Gene Minor 
Kathleen Mayurnik Nenmnger 
Alice Hook Niewoehner 
Judith M Penry 
Fred W Rhodes 
Diane Caruso Rhone 
Deborah Home Ridgely 
Ruth Houdeshel Rugh 
Ronald J. Salage 
Mary Hodges Sowders 
Bradford B. Towne 
Suzanne Drees Van Peursem 
Vaughan Kennedy Walton 
Dale A. White 
CarlaHulce Woody 
Barbara J. Zartman 
Delores Bowen Ziegler 


John H.Ballard 
David R. Brahams 
Elizabeth L Buchanan 
Molly Johnston Child 
Christina Bergner Clayton 
Jean Tiffany Closz 
Douglas L Cunningham 
Mary Gross Davis 
Wayne L Davis 
Sarah Winbigler DeYoung 
Joann Bitz Doig 
Steven C Douglas 
Michael L Ehasz 
Robert M Erwin 
Phyllis Garner 
Donald F Gilbert 
John T. Gossett 
Jane Markley Green 
Kathleen Coryer Heath 
Jennifer Hiers 
DebbraChai Jackson 
Edward WJillson 
Linda Kmg Jillson 
Nadine Hays Johnson 
William J. Kantz 
Carol Veltman Kariotis 
Janis Lundstedt Keahon 
Bradley R.Kehler 
David D.Kidder 
Kathryn Custer Kloss 
Sarah Hardrath Kramer 
Wayne R. Kramer 
Patricia Lloyd-Sidle 
Ellen Myers McClune 
Randall WMcGill 
Stephen H. Mallinson 
Cheryl Swartz Marsh 
Robert WMilIner 
LeanneV Moore 
Gilbert A Nicholas 
Melissa Durden Padfico 
Dana D. Poore 
Caii Peeples Russell 
W Kevin Russell 
Patricia D'Alba Sabatelle 
Amy Wood Salazar 
Angela Petersen Smock 
Richard C. Smock 
Sandra Stickler Snyder 
Judson I. Stone 
Todd F. Trumbore 
Eyobong Usanga 
Denise Smith Vogado 
KathyCrahen White 
Barbara Belt Winstead 
Louise Turner Woolard 
Phillip CZiglar 

Class ofl975 

Thomas A. Barber 

Floyd V Bernhardt 
Marianne Harrison Bowman 
R. Thomas Brackbill 
Dorothy Ann Hamory Braun 
Charles R. Closz 
Nancy Haller Cunningham 
Philip CDreety 
Steven D. Kitchen 
Anna Prochazka Long 
Susan L Mehaffy 
Mona Ernest Miller 
Geneva Parker Moorhead 
J. Skellie Morris, III 
Paul T Naylor 
Maryann Pigan Nicolaou 
Terry L Noack 
Matthew J. Pacifico 
John K. Price, Jr. 
Susan Hendricks Ramage 
RicRodney Rufrner 
William H.Silvernale 
Jerry A. Spicer 
Helene Hanchert Valentine 
Peter A. Vial 
Paul D. Viggiano 
Paul Vogado, Jr. 
Kathy Royal Wassum 
Michael G. Wenkstem 
Lorraine Werner Wood 
Steven John Yuhasz 

Class ofl976 

Julia A. Adams 
RichardJ. Adams 
Leland C. BlackwoocLJr. 
Pamela Thomson Brackbill 
Stuart C. Easter 
William R Gash 
Sally E. Gillespie 
lanet Roper Guffin 
Bruce W Guillaume 
Elizabeth D. Haemmel 
Lynn Houlberg Hawkins 
Kevin O.Heflin 
Patricia Jones Hines 
Laura L Hutchens 
Holly Hutcheson-Sitton 
Elizabeth Widner Jackson 
W Michael Johnston 
Rebecca Teas Kantz 
Mark F Keahon 
David A Kemp 
Barbara A. Ken- 
Paul C Kirk 
Robert L Legard 
Laura Dance Lundell 
Nanette Gamer Mabe 
Deborah Baker Mallinson 
Colleen J. O'Shaughnessy 
Thomas S. On 
Daniel F Osborne 
Elizabeth Fountain Phillips 
Cynthia Ragsdale Poland 
Scott K. Poland 
Robert A Pontonjr. 
Sheryl Lay Simpson 
Anne Doupe Stevens 
Sue Conner Stuhl 
Mary Apetz Sturge 
Robert H. Sturge 
Kenneth M.Talbort 
Neena Stallings Teaster 
Ann R. Weaver 
Andrew M Weissing 
Lynne Hanson Weissing 
Bonny Marvin White 
BrendaL Wilson 
Lisa L Wishon 

Class of 1977 

Deborah Darnels Allen 
Paul W Bailey 

Carol Paris Bridge 
Edward M. Bridge 
Deborah Welch Douglas 
Thomas M. Duling 
Vicki Parsons Duling 
Robin G. Henry 
Philip Michael Jacobus 
Robert E. Layman 
B. Curtis Leonard, III 
Ann McDonald Lusk 
Sheri Bone Mochamer 
Pamela Patton Osborne 
Dee Ann Dunwoody Ostby 
Evelyn Blackburn Pearson 
Karen George Shults 
Robert C Stevens 
Lisa Boehm Trumbore 
Mary Williamson Verhofstadt 
Jackie Inman Way 
Lisa Wilson Xiques 
Barbara Hamory Ziegler 
William F Ziegler, III 



Julia E. Adams 

Ruth Ann WJbanks Amentastro 

William R. Brewer 

Tillman G. Crane 

T Peyton Crosby 

Martha S. Giles 

Lucretia Watson Homer 

Deborah A Kirk 

Elizabeth H. Koomen 

Drury B. Lacy 



Freda Swabe Neal 

Jane Monroe Neu 

Joan Wiseman Parnllo 
Jack T Pearson 
Barbara Lundell Peters 
Thomas T.Peters 
Pamela Smith Potter 
Grace Riley Price 
William N. Robinson, Jr. 
Carol Fnend Rushforth 
Ronald E. Shadduck 
Russell P. Thompson 
Elaine Hicks Vance 
Suzanne Schoen Vest 
Cheryl Thompson Waite 
William L Way 
Leigh Wilcox 
Steve R Wnght 
Peter J. Xiques 
Joanna Carlson Yohe 

Class ofl979 

Carol Alette 
Robert B. Bishop 
Robert A. Boone 
Pamela Riess Bunde 
James E. Campbell 
Pnscilla Book Campbell 
LeAnn Vandermark Crosby 
Elaine Dorward-King 
Anne Gilliland Flint 
Joel A Flint 
Timothy P Handler 
Sam Homer 
Ronald B.Lawson 
Joanne Miller 
AlvinJ. Nance 
Susan Keith Naylor 
Anthony MNoms 
EUen Skipper Odom 
Timothy WRahn 
Barbara Kees Remmey 
Janet R Rock 
A. Darnel Thomas 

Sandra L Van Arsdall 


Laird Weaver 

Marian Hummel Woemer 


Ruth Allen- Demery 
Charles Brooks, Jr. 
Juhe Clements Chapman 
Diane Novak Cross 
Catherine L Dummer 
Wayne R Dunn 
Anthony N. Fox 
Sandra Son Fox 
John Henry Goldsmith 
Michelle Jones 
Susan Williams Lankford 
Daniel R Moms 
Judy Corliss Noms 
Donna Hurst Sutton 
Janet Rickel Thompson 
Came Hendricks Wallace 

Class ofl981 

Lawrence RBidwelL IV 

Shelley Ballengei Bishop 


Eugene D.Byrd 

Catherine Carter-Stfe 

Margaret A Chesnutt 

Larry J. Durand 

Wendy MageeGuiUaume 



Scott L Jones 

John B. Lacava 


Russell J. Liles 

Tammy C. Lytle 

James TMarkle 
Sophia Shoemaker Metz 
Nancy Freudenthal Morris 
Betty Schuster Norwood 
James WPearce 
Lars Schuller 
SalheFavrot Stroud 
Richard S.Suttle 
Gregory LTabeek 
Jenny L Vance 
Thomas M Walker 
Meelora Bowers Zenck 


J. Bradley Allison 
Judith Creer Archer 
Beverly Fox Atchley 
Ten Trotter Brahams 
Edward C Brewer 
Sidney L Bnght 
George RCassutto 
Patrick L Clemens 
Darlene Gilman Crenshaw 
Edward C Cross 

Michael K. Davis 
Janet HelwigFortney 

Deborah Blessing Green 

Elizabeth Neil Green 

Page Harris 

Carol Carter Lacava 

Leslie Lynch 


Michael A McCroskey 

Bobbie Wolfe Mullins 

Angela Murphy- Walters 

Julia Wickstr and Pearce 

Mary Gravely Reinhardt 

Cheryl Laipply Richardson 

Hadi Robinson 

Mary Jane Babich Rodnguez 

John M Sanders 
Barbara Stansbury Selph 
Vanessa Logan Stembndge 
Elizabeth Walker Sutton 
Wayne Steven Thompson 
Michael S.Weiss 


Scon J. Wilson 
W Warren Wilson 

Class ofl983 

Jackie Dye Abbott 
Shawna Allen Atkins 
Andrew A Baker 
William C Bender 
Bonnie Dobson Boynton 
Robm Rimmer Bnght 
Gerald A Bumette 
Bobbie Jo Sallade Davis 
Donna Franklin Davis 
Ruby Pnnce Davis 
ToddJ. Dickson 
Gregory Gheen 
Rachel Reese Graham 
J. Kevin Green 
Ginger L Hams 
Bryan F.McFarland 
Michael MertesMarkle 
Valerie McWilliams Meeder 
Jean Plant Moeller 
Susan Taylor Rhodenizer 
W.Randolph Shackelford 
Kathleen M Walker 
Thomas W Weston 
Shelley Kingsbury Winter 
Sharon R. Wood 
Michael R. Wormian 

Class ofl984 

MatthewS. Allison 
Susan Williams Allison 
Terri Roberts Allison 
Amy LeBar Bell 
Michael E Bell 
Lee Millar Bidwell 
Evelyn Sowell Bonds 
Richard J. Brand 
Laune Nelson CartUdge 
Angela Kuby Clark 
Kimberly ECorbitt 
Jenny Walker Davis 
Kimberly Hatfield Daghton 
Tracy LDepue 
Gregory L Driver 
David LEdington 
Amy Nicholson Figgs 
Shirley D.Hall 

Margaret Andrews Huntzinger 
Janet Apgar Kerr 


Sarah Jane Lindsay 


Kama Cook Miller 

Barbara Ann Morrow 

Heidi Mueller 

Ellen SnivelyNewkirk 


GlennisRiedl Porter 
David Lee Raulerson 
Laura J. Robbins 
John W Rush 
Ellen B. Smith 
Man Jennings Todd 
Edward LWaldroop 
Darnel L Zenck 


Kitty SperryBanle 

Lindy J. Bank 

Jennifer L Black 

Darnel James Bouch 

Ciretta Carpenter CarroD 


Eleanor E French 

Maelea Morrison Galyon 


Catherine Conklin Grehlinger 


Julia Nasipak Hernandez 

Rhonda Benton Hill 

Adnenne Ramsey LoRay 

Robert L LoRay 

Diane McDaniel McFarland 

Kevin P. O'Reilly 

ChnstopherJ. Porter 

Steven MSaylor 


Mehssa Walker 

Teresa Dee Welch 

Class ofl986 

Donna Jams Armstrong 
Raymond W Burnett 
Elizabeth GoodierEsrey 
Pat Fling 
Edward E Forbes 
Glenn R Humphries 
Karen West Jemigan 
Stacey Daws Nordquist 
Sharon Hight Roush 
Susanjennings Singer 
Amy Ralston Vagnier 
Paula G.Walton 
DeannaHanle Weston 


RGregoty Bennett 
Kimberly Spargo Burnette 
Alan W Davis 
Jeffrey T.Denton 
Elaine Williams Ely 
Cynthia Claborn Ferrell 
John F.Heidelberg 

Christopher C Herbert 

Barbara Moffat Humphnes 

Christopher LLilley 


Margaret Callaway Ramsey 

Carol S.Simms 

Heidi Weiffenbach Spurling 

Elizabeth A. Xiques 


Martha Cornett 
DeAnn Hargis-Kaminski 
Lisa M Harvey 
Karla Beard Heidelberg 
Fay Humphrey 
Sherri L Jones 
MarjoneD. Richardson 
Robert Rudolph Spurling 
Donna Clancy Trainer 
Andy Dale Walker 
Melodie Sedgwick Walker 

Class ofl989 

G.Stanley Ballard 
Alec Gunter Blaine 
Tammy Taylor Blaine 
Barbara L Bolt 



Laura E Brock 
Angela Carter DeLozier 
Stacy Beam Essary 
Maria Cole Galyon 
Joseph J. Johnson, III 
Raina Boring Kant 
Leigh Emery Lawrence 
Melissa Loughlin Lyne 
William Ernest Ramsey 
Tammy Long Rule 
Wendi Jo Medlin Uselton 

Class of 1990 

Susan Johnson Abbott 
Staci Lyn Ames 
Sharon M. Brothers 
Cynthia A Carroll 
Rocky Casteel 
Tina Blevins Gould 
Amyjackson Halferty 
D. Mark Hurt 

Rae Ann Hickman McCurry 
Penelope W McDonald 
John P. Rhoades 


Kathleen E Anderson 
Jacquelyn K. Athan 
Evelyn Cherry 
Tammy R. Guffey 
Ingnd Margarete Hoffmann 
Kathleen McArthur 
Rebecca E Miller 
Lisa C Morrow 
Kathleen North Powers 
Stacy R. Reagan 
Lori Smith Reno 
Karin Marie Rhodes 
Vickie Wester Schultze 
Judith Sullivan Spies 
Kathleen M.TaJlent 
Keriann Terwedow 
Patricia Chambers Unferth 
Cynthia Broughton Williams 


Janna G. Anderson 
Carol Callaway-Lane 
Christopher J. Capato 
W Scott Cline 
Michael T. Damron 
Came Callaway Denkinger 
Randy C Evans 
Jennifer Conn Godsey 
MichaelJ. Goodrich 
Patrick fvLHagerty, Jr. 
Susan N. Helton 
Leslie Ann Henry 
Jennifer Stanley Holley 
Joan McBrayerJackson 
F. David Jordan, IH 
Sarah Beth Kittrell 
Melissa Pankake Martines 
Yoshie Matsumura 
Martha McCarter Miller 
Megan L, Purcell 
Cora E Robbins 
Darla D. Roeber 
Carolyn S. White 
David B. Williams 


Marcelete Lloyd Ailor 
Julie Brown Ailshie 
Howard B.Beckwith 
Sharron B. Bishop 
Timothy J. Brannon 
Ginger M. Chapman 
Kitty Bragg Coleman 
Laura M Connelly 
Amy Crowe Cottam 
Regina Ford Cox 
Heather S. Crawley 
Staci J. Crisp 
Donald GEvon,E 
Samuel Jason Ezell 

Martha Willocks Gorenflo 
Cathy Pierce Hampton 
Jamie K. Hamson 
Brenda Williams Hill 
Cindy Huffstetler Jones 
Douglas A- Justice 
StaceyE Keith 
David C King 
Cynthia Huffaker McFall 
Robin R Morris 
Janna McCall Nash 
Scott L Porter 
Robert LRiehL Jr. 
Lisa Branam Rimmell 
Heather Conaway Roberson 
Jessica V Roitman 
Elizabeth S. Steverson 
Kevin R. Sumner 
John C Tanner 
Angela G. Wardeska 
Allison S. Watkinson 
Mary Jarrard Waycaster 
R. Samuel Waycaster 


Nancy E Allen 
Karen E Beaty 
EncD. Booth 
Matthew D Cottam 
S. Lee Fersner 
Lynnette M Frye 
C R. Landon Hams 
Sandra Brown Hamson 
Jeffrey D Huffman 
Leann M.Johnson 
Julie M Walker 
Lisa M Williamson 


Cheryl D.Carboru 
Jennifer Ann Cummings 
Stephanie C. French 
Stephanie K. Fugate 
MinaLucetta Giles 
Timothy SGlisson 
Sara Lynn Goelz 
Gregory WHeisIer 
Virginia Dillon Jabbour 
Christopher Lee Lance 
Angela S. McCampbell 
Bnan T. Prather 
Tracy A Price 
Aimee L Shoun 
Sarah E Smith 


Evon, Wendy Ellis 

The Class of 199 6 held 

a "Senior Gift" drive 

to Maryville College 
for the 1996-97 fiscal 

This report lists the names of those individuals and organizations who contributed to MaiyviBe College during ibepaa fiscal year Qulyl,199S-Jnne 30, 19%). 
livery effort was nude to envnrcthat the information is correct We apologize for any errors or omissions. Ifyon have any questions, please call the Advancement 
Office at 423/984-8200. 




Total Total 
Class President _ _ Participation Total Gifts 
Class Donors 



thru 1924 

33 6 18% 500,526.00 



Jean McMurray* 17 5 29% 265.00 



Robert W. Bishop* 13 3 23% 175.00 



Roy A. Cortner* 24 8 33% 2,710.00 



J. Gordon Jeffries* 25 10 40% 1,265.00 



Florian G. Hopkins* 36 1 8 50% 34,080.00 




Frank E. Baker* 36 14 39% 1,915.00 




Donald G. Benn 49 26 53% 8,312.50 



George Osbom* 58 24 41% 3,620.00 



R. Conrad Quenelle 58 26 45% 6,705.00 




Robert W. Tripp 76 48 63% 7,835.00 




E. Newman Smith 67 33 49% 6,867.50 




Mose H. Gamble* 105 53 50% 11,815.00 




David J. Brittain 83 43 52% 32,412.76 




James N. Proffitt* 103 50 49% 33,227.50 




H. Eugene Orr* 70 35 50% 7,058.00 




James Etheredge 116 62 53% 33,520.00 




Ralph D. Steakley 121 71 59% 13,100.00 




Theodore Holman* 131 77 59% 14,502.50 




Arthur S. Bushing 155 86 55% 12,370.00 




Paul B.Smith 108 57 53% 15,662.50 




Robert Seel 96 60 63% 8,062.50 




Louise Corbett Fulgham 103 57 55% 18,644.05 




Harvey Overton* 101 65 64% 12,167.50 




Charles B. Hoglan, Jr * 110 69 63% 4,580.00 




Chester Phillips 135 76 56% 6,462.00 




Henry A. Callaway, Jr. 183 99 54% 17,984.50 




James P. Lester 139 85 61% 11,375.00 




Ralph G. Thiesse 144 85 59% 13,303.50 




Curtis B. Wilbanks 137 83 61% 8,280.00 




Jack Maxwell 114 57 50% 7,950.00 




William F. Davis 100 52 52% 5,677.50 




James M. Cummings 135 68 50% 10,343 25 




SamBuffat 113 58 51% 6,288.50 




William C. Heird 121 73 60% 35,557.50 




John B. Emery, Jr. 122 59 48% 4,800.00 




Sheridan H. Greaser 104 48 46% 12,834.57 




Donald W. Harward 108 40 37% 7,010.96 




Lewis Pelkey 150 48 32% 4,210.00 




William Wiessenburger, Jr. 144 56 39% 6,492.50 




Bert Randall 144 56 39% 9,367.50 




Jerry Stewart 144 57 40% 5,140.00 




ReedTarwater 133 61 46% 4,882.50 




John A Kerr, Jr. 141 56 40% 5,576.00 




M. Davis Miller, II 150 59 39% 5,651.20 




Alan G. Cropper 140 63 45% 6,212.00 




Peter W. Peterson 150 68 45% 28,877.50 




AnaTampana 157 65 41% 3,825.00 




William J. Postler 134 62 46% 20,153.00 






Total Total 
Class President _ ' Participation Total Gifts 
Class Donors 




Carl Pierce, III 119 48 40% 5,550.00 




Wayne R. Kramer 146 58 40% 4,207.50 




PaulT. Naylor 108 34 31% 2,737.50 




Craig Larsen 147 52 35% 2,702.00 




Elizabeth Lowry 111 26 23% 1,237.50 



Steve H.Wright 102 33 32% 1,775.00 



Colleen Masterson Bystrak 87 28 32% 1,430.00 




Randy L. Scurlock 97 18 19% 3,530.00 




Larry Durand 91 29 32% 3,125.00 



M. Catherine Angell 106 35 33% 1,784.50 




Andrew Baker 101 29 29% 3,815.00 




Michael E. Bell 99 38 38% 1,665.00 




Paul Anagnostis 84 22 26% 612.50 




Stacey Davis Nordquist 64 18 28% 1,007.50 



Chris Herbert 95 14 15% 495.00 




Russ Thomas 64 10 16% 600.50 




J. Alfred Chiverton 77 18 23% 531.00 




Amy Jackson Halferty 107 11 10% 580.00 




Barbara Borderieux 101 20 20% 989.98 



Amanda Krenning 144 25 17% 1,430.00 




Alyson Neville Knight 168 37 22% 1,066.22 




LoriSchirmer 114 11 10% 409.57 



Darrien A Thomson 118 17 14% 439.57 



Debbie Shewfelt 116 2 2% 37.07 


TOTAL 7.702 3,173 41% 1,081,410.70 


Enjoy a unique four-day adult learning experience featuring regionally known historians, writers and artisans 
presenting the distinct flavor and rich culture of the Native American Indian. Held on the historic Maryville 
College Campus and in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, the conference offers lectures, 
performances, workshops and hands-on experiences. 

Watch for details 

in the next issue of FOCXJS. 

The Summer Institute at Maryville College 

JUNE 1-5, 1997 
Maryville, Tennessee 

Upcoming Alumni Events 

The Alumni Office is planning events for 
the Spring of '97 in the following cities: 

Los Angeles, Tampa, Asheville, Nashville, 
Washington, Pittsburgh, Tallahassee, St. 
Augustine, Philadelphia, Knoxville, 
Chattanooga, Cincinnati and Atlanta. 

Alumni, Parents, and Friends in these areas 
will receive detailed information including 
dates and locations of the events. For more 
information call the Alumni Office at 

Tailgating in Memphis 

The Alumni Office sponsored a "tailgate" 

reception before the Maryville/Rhodes 


game. Although the turnout was light, many 

alumni joined the crowd at the game. The 

day was perfect-sunny skies and the SCOTS 

won the game. 

Alumni Gathering in Ohio 

Rev. Joe Quinn '61 helped organize a 
picnic lunch before the Maryville/ 
Wittenberg game in Springfield. A good 
crowd of alumni, parents and friends 
gathered to cheer on the SCOTS! 

Alumni Board 
Fall Meeting 

The Alumni Board held its fall meeting 
September 20-21 on the college campus. 
Jan Dungan '65 presided over the meetings 
and declared it to be "the best in many 
years." A new committee structure was 
implemented to increase board involvement 
with departments across campus. Some of 
the meeting highlights included: 

- the continued work and improvement 
of the Alumni Ambassador program 

- plans for increasing alumni events 
across the country 

- plans for a readership survey for the 
publication FOCUS 

- recommendation that an alumni column 
appear in the student publication the ECHO 

- decision to re-market the alumni affinity 
card (VISA from First Tennessee) 

- adoption of 43.8% alumni participation 
goal to the annual fund 

- presented the college with $2000 for 
children of alumni scholarships 

The alumni board will meet again in the 
spring during commencement weekend. 
Please send suggestions or comments to 
the Alumni Office. 

Charlotte Event 

Kathy 73 and Ed Nenninger hosted a dinner in 
honor of Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Gibson at their 
house in Matthews. Dr. Gibson gave a brief 
College update and a good time was reported by 


First Row: Judy Woods 72. Carol Corbett '5 1 . Denise Vogado 74, Greg Gheen '83. 

Second Row: Ron Jennings 55. Melissa Paclfico 74, Tim Topham '80, 

Jim Campbell '53, Al Baker 72, Ryan Stewart '99, Kerry O'Keeffe '96; 

Third Row: Mark Cate |Alumni Director), Tom Scott '6 1 , Larry Durrand '8 1 

Jack Turregano '80, Jim McCall '57. Rosalind Mangnuson 72, Jan Dungan '65, 

Nathan Anderson 00 

If you're interested in 
contacting your Alumni 
Office or sending alumni 
news, write to: 

Maryville College 
Alumni Office 
502 E. Lamar Alexander Pky 
Maryville, TN 37804-5907 

or call: 

or by E-Mail: 

Alumni Trip 

Would you like to ride the rails between Quebec 
and Montreal? Mary Lib Jackson '46 is planning 
an alumni trip in Canada for September of '97. 
For more information call Mary Lib at 
(423) 982-6400 or from outside Tennessee dial 

Homecoming '96 

Alumni, parents and friends who returned to 
campus for Homecoming '96 enjoyed a 
sunny, crisp fall day with loads of activities. 
Some of the highlights included: 

Academic divisions and administrative 
departments hosted open houses/receptions 
across campus with the opportunity to visit with 
faculty and staff. 

The 1946 Maryville College Tangerine Bowl 
Football Team was honored with a luncheon 
and half-time presentation. Twenty-two former 
players attended the event. 

A memorial service was held to honor alumni 
who passed away last year. This event will be 
held annually. 

Dr. Gerald Gibson hosted an "Ask the President" 
session in Willard House with guests having the 
opportunity to make comments or ask questions 
pertaining to the college. 

Lunch was served on the grounds and music was 
provided by the Voices of Praise gospel choir, 
students Aaron Stone '96 and Dara DiGiacomo 
'96, and the Maryville College Jazz Band. Gene 
McCurry '41 was the master of ceremonies. 

The annual Harvest Crafts Fair and Bake Sale 

was held in the Cooper Athletic Center. 
The event drew a tremendous crowd and proceeds 
were donated to the College by the Blount County 
Alumni Chapter to be used for scholarships for 
Blount County students. 

Reminder!!! Reminder!!! 
Reminder!!! Reminder!!! 
Reminder!!! Reminder!!! 

The following classes will celebrate their 
reunions at HOMECOMING '97 on October 


50TH Reunion 

1972 - 25th 



1977 - 20th 



1982 - 15th 



1987 - 10th 



1992 - 5th 

Plans for the reunion events will be sent to class 
members in February. If you do not receive 
reunion information, please contact the Alumni 
Office at 423/981-8198. 


Maryville College 

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