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Letter from Dr. Gibson 

Greetings from the Mary ville College campus! 

Readers oi Focus have heard about the MC2000 Plan for some time now. We have 
repoited regularly on this blueprint for Manville's future since the plan was approved by 
the Board of Directore in April 1994, both the goals that it sets forth and the progress 
being made toward their achievement. For visitors to campus there is ample visible 
evidence of MC2000 progress, and for Marj'ville's faculty, staff and students there are 
.MC2000 improvements that enhance learning and strengthen community. 

This issue oi Focus announces the launching of the MC2000 Campaign. That 
word "campaign" has a military sound that suggests a detemiination and intensity of 
effort toward an important target. That's exactly what we mean. It's time for action! 
To renovate and expand Bartlett Hall to create a new student center, to restore the Center 
for Campus Ministiy, to build the endowment of the College, to meet the needs of the 
College for operational funds-all high-priorit)' aims of the MC2000 Plan-require a 
mobilization for the task. That's what the MC2000 Campaign represents. 

A successful effort to raise $ l6 million requires the solid commitment of many 
good people. The College is fortunate to have chairing its Board of Directors Dick Ragsdale, who has been my 
traveling companion for calls on potential donors to the Campaign. IVloreover, Dick and Anne Ragsdale have 
made a major financial contribution to the MC2000 cause, as this issue of Focus reports. On the cover of this 
publication you will see pictured Fred Lawson, a real "star" on Maryville's Board of Directors, Chair of the 
MC2000 Campaign Steering Committee, and himself a major contributor to the Student Center project. Other 
Steering Committee membei's, members of the Campaign Council, and Advancement staff membei-s are all 
important "soldiers" in this Campaign. I am personally indebted to all of them for enlisting, for dedicating 
themselves to the success of this vital endeavor. 

The theme of the MC2000 Plan is taken from President S.T. Wilson's centennial histoiy of the College: 
"the best possible college." That phrase is our Campaign ciy. It is a call to make Mamille by the year 2000 
the strongest college that it luis ever been. As we celebrated the kickoff of the MC2000 Campaign during 
Homecoming, and as we have rallied faculty and staff for the work ahead, I have been grateful for so many 
additional enthusiastic volunteere. We will need as many soldiere ;is we can muster to complete this campaign 
successfully, and I encourage all Focus readers to join Dick Ragsdale and Fred Lawson and all tlie rest of us 
who are committed to seeing Mamille move toward that "best possible college" ideal. 




Maryvillc College FOCUS magazine Fall IW (issn 309) 

Published bi-annually 

Maiyville College. 502 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway. M;uyville, TN 37804-5907 

Subscription price - none 

A piMiajlion for Alumni andFrieiuk of Maiyville College 

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1 1.,||S^I^[-f 

Maryville College Launches 
The MC2000 Campaign 

A vision for the year 2000 and beyond. 

5f3 Page 4 

Bartlett Hall as a 
Student Center 

A sense of history and an eye to the future. 

Page 6 

Restoration of The CCM 

An architectural jewel, the l\/IC2000 Campaign will 
make it sparkle. 

Page 9 

1 997-98 President's Report 

This donor recognition report lists the names of those 
individuals and organizations who contributed to Maryville 
College during the past fiscal year. 

Page 44 

Alumni News 

Alumni legacies find a home on campus. 
New board members introduced. 

About the coven 

Two years ago the editors of FOCUS introduced you to four outstanding students -- four members of the Class 
of 2000 We plan to follow their Maryville College careers until they graduate Last year we gave you an 
update on two of them, this year we revisit two more and see how their lives are intertwined with initiatives 
that make up the newly announced MC2000 Campaign Standing in front of Bartlett Hail, the future home of a 
new student center are Folami Ford, Fred Lawson, MC board member and chair of the MC20D0 Campaign, 
and T J Emory Read their stones on pages 5 and 7 

Volume Ninety-Nine, Numljer Tteo 
Fall, 1998 

Gerald W. Gibson 

Vice President for Advancement 
Elton R. Jones 


Emily C, Yarborough 

Director of Communications 

Graphic Artist 
Timothy M. Br\'ant 

Director of Publications 
Jeff Gary 

Director of Campaigns and 
Principal Giving 
Anna B. Graham 

Director of Development and 
Alumni Affairs 

Mark Gate 

Director of Alumni and 

Parent Relations 

Karen Beat)' 

Director of Gift Planning 
Lyn French 

Alumni Association Executve Board 

Tim Topliam '80 

Maryville, Tennessee 


James Campbell '53 

M3i>'ville, Tennessee 

Vire President 

Denise Smith Vogado 74 
Maryville, Tennessee 
Recording Secretary 

Jan Rickards Dungan "65 

Louis\11!e, Tennessee 


CUSS OF 1999 
Carol Corbett '51 
Greg Gheen '83 
Jim McCall '57 
Olivia Vawter Mills '55 
Tom Scott '67 

CLASS OF 2000 
Martha Bess Ellis DeWitt '64 
Russell Gibson '82 
David King '93 
Roger Nooe '62 
Judy Penry '73 

CIASS OF 2001 

Jonathan Allison '90 

Robert Beam 58 

Priscilla Book Campbell '79 

DeAnn Hargis '88 
Brenda Babb McCroskey '82 



Maryville College 
Launches the 
MC2000 Campaign: 
A Vision for the Year 
2000 and Beyond 

"Nothing happens unless first a dream. " 

These words, attributed to Carl Sandburg, introduce the MC2000 Strategic Plan, a living document that proposes specific 
strategic goals that promise to contribute to the success of Mary'ville College in the 2 P' centur}'. Five years ago this fall, 
members of the Mar}'ville College Community — faculty, staff, students, alumni, and directors — came together to envision the 
College at the tuni of the 20*' centuiy The fuel for this dream is the MC2000 Campaign, a $ l6 million dollar campaign 
launched during Homecoming weekend this October During the kickoff, Dr Gibson announced that the Campaign has already 
raised more than S 10 million toward its ultimate goal. . -,0' 

The origins of the MC2000 Campaign lie in the MC2000 Strategic Plan. The Plan addresses eleven areas — reputation, enroll 
ment, the students, the faculty, the staff, the curriculum, financial resources, campus facilities, the college community, the 
college in the external communit\', and a college of faith and learning — and goals for each of these areas. Each of these areas 
have seen remarkable improvement (see 1998 update on page 10) . 

Many of the goals of the MC2000 Strategic Plan have been accomplished through the hard work of many. However, recognizing 
that Marv-ville College must have substantial new resources if it is to strengthen its position in independent higher education, 
the College's Board of Directors authorized the MC2000 Campaign to help accomplish the goals of the Plan and keep the 
College on course as it heads into the 21'' century. "The success of the MC2000 Campaign," says Fred Lawson, Campaign Chair, 

"will position Maryville College to meet the challenges of a 


Capital Projects $7,000,000 

• Bartlett Hall/Student Center Expansion and Renovation; 

Relocation of Maintenance Facilities 

• The Center for Campus Ministry (CCM) Renovation 

Endowment Growth $4,200,000 

• Endowed Scholarships 

• Endovtfed Academic Programs 

• Endow New and Renovated Facilities 

Annual Fund $4,800,000 

• Annual Fund Scholarships 

• Supports Academic and Co-Curricular Programs 

• Balances the Operating Budget of the College 

Total Investment Required: $ 1 6,000,000 

new century.' 

Half of the campaign goal — $7 million — will be used for 
facility expansion and renovations. 1\vo major renovations 
are planned. One renovation, the $6.3 million expansion and 
renovation of historic Bartlett Hall as a new student center, 
will provide a much needed space for students, student 
programming, and a gathering place for members of the MC 
community. The Center for Campus Ministry renovation, a 
$700,000 project, will restore the "spiritual center" of campus 
and provide a much improved space for weekly worship 
services and campus meetings. 

A $4.2 million boost to the endowment will primarily support 
scholarships and academic programs. The increase will help 
the College expand its financial aid and scholarship programs 
to attract gifted students in an extremely competitive 
admission market. 

The third major goal of the MC2000 Campaign is to strengthen the MC Annual Fund. 
Donations to the MC Annual Fund generate approximately 1 1 percent of the College's 
educational and general budget, supporting student scholarships and programs, faculty and 
staff salaries, supplies, departmental budgets and co-curricular programs. For the past 9 out 
of 10 years, more than 40 percent of Maryville College alumni have made gifts to the College, 
double the national average. 

'The objectives for capital gifts in the MC2000 Campaign have been set based on the assump- 
tion that annual giving will continue throughout the Campaign," says Mark Cate, Director of 
Development, who oversees the MC Annual Fund. "Gifts to the Annual Fund will ensure that 
Maryville College will emerge from this Campaign with a growing base of donors and a 
stronger foundation for the Annual Fund." 

Alumni and Friends who support the Campaign may complete their commitments over a 
three year period. "We ask for the good wishes and prayers for those involved in the MC2000 
Campaign and for the success of our efforts. Together, we're going to do the very best we can to 
make this happen," said Gibson. 

Look for updates on the Maryville College 2000 Plan and MC2000 Campaign in the coming 
months. For more information, please contact Anna B. Graham, Director of Campaigns and 
Principal Giving, at 423/981-8202. 

Dick and Anne Ragsdale 

Provide $1 i\/lillion to 

Boost i\/IC2000 


Maryville College has received a 
$1 million gift from Chairman 
of the Board of Directors Dick 
Ragsdale and his wife Anne. 
The gift will be used to 
endow a scholarship 
program for international 
studies and in support of the 
new student center, both 
MC2000 Campaign priorities. 

"We are indeed grateful to Dick and 
Anne for their love, devotion, and leadership to the College," says Dr. Gerald Gibson, 
Maryville College President. 

Baxter Lee 

MC Board Member 
and Community 
Dead at 54 

The College community was shocked and 
saddened when it learned that William Baxler Lee 
III, S4, Maryville board member since Jaiuary 
1996 died August 18 of an apparent heart attack. 
Baxter wis chaimi:in and CEO of Knoxville-based 
Southeast Service Corporation, a janitorial service 
company he formed in I969 and which today 
employs 8,000 people in 34 states. 

Lee was a member of the Advancement 
Committee of the Board :ind served for the past 
two ye;irs on the steering committee of the 
MC2000 Campaign. He and his wife Sherri were 
also significant contributors to the College. 

"Few individuals have ever made a bigger 
impact on the College in so short a time," said MC 
President Gerald Gibson. "Ba.\1er's leadership, 
imagination, energy and commitment were 
absolutely Miazing. He leaves a void that will be 
difficult if not impossible to fill." 

An elder at Knoxville's Second Presbyterian 
church, which, like Mary-ville College, was 
founded by Dr Isaac Anderson, Lee was also 
involved with the Knoxville Symphony and Webb 
School. He was the recipient of many honors, 
including Knoxville 's Entrepreneur of the Year in 
1987, and he had otiier business interests 
worldwide. He was also a former member of the 
board of directors of the Nashville branch of the 
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. 

He is survived by his mother, liis wife, their 
three sons and a sister 

"We remember Baxter with profound 
gratitude for his extraordinary service to this 
College," said Board Ch;ur Dick R^sdale. "We 
extend to Sherri and tlie family sincere 
condolences on behalf of Maryville." 

The Lee family designated Maryville 
College as one of the charitable beneficiaries for 
memorial conUibutions. 






'^jif'^t^'' "?» '■ 

tiett Hall 


as a Student Center: 

A Sense of History, 

and an Eye to the Future 





"A living room for the MC community. " 

That's how Dr. Bill Seymour, Vice President for Student Development, describes the new student center, which will emerge 
from the renovation and restoration of historic Bartlett Hall. 

Most Maryville College students and alumni know the story of Bartlett Hall. An heroic and appreciative Japanese MC 
student by the name of Kin Takahashi decided in 1894 that he wanted to secure campus headquarters for athletics and 
religion. "The College has done so much for me . . . that I, as a Japanese, want to do something to show my gratitude," 
he said. By tlie time he graduated in 1895, Kin had raised some money and "college boys under his leadership made more 
than three hundred thousand good bricks," according to Samuel TX'ndale Wilson's history of the College. Kin worked for 
two more years both soliciting funds and constructing the building, returning to Japan only when it was assured that the 
building would certainly be completed. The Bartlett Gymnasium and Y.M.C.A. Hall was entirely occupied by 1901. 

Bartlett served its original use until replaced by the Alumni Gym in 1923 and later by the Cooper Athletic Center. In recent 
years, it has served as the headquarters for the College's Physical Plant. (The renovation of this historic building includes 
the relocation cost of the College's maintenance facilities.) 

This $6.3 million project will renovate and expand the existing building to include an attractive three story 
addition. The bookstore, post office, health and aerobic center, and offices of student activities and services. 

including Career Services and Minority Services, will move from their existing space in 
Fayerweather Hall into the new building. The building will include meeting areas for 
commuter, resident, and non-traditional students, as well as increased space for a wider 
range of student activities. 

"The student center will serve as an invaluable tool in student recruitment and retention," says Seymour "It will 
provide new opportunities for strengthening this growing community even further" 

To date, the College has raised more than $2.5 million toward the $6.3 million dollar goal. Throughout the next 15 
months, staff and volunteers will call on alumni and friends to support this important initiative. Early next year, 
alumni and friends will have the chance to "name a brick" as part of the new walkway entrance to the student center 




T.J. Emory might not have traveled as far from home to 
attend Maryville College as Japanese student Kin Takahashi did 
in the mid 1890s, but the Loudon County, Tennessee native is just as enthusiastic about his 
educational experience as the diminutive Takahashi was over a hundred years ago. 

Takah;ishi's indefatigable spirit and love for the College led him to raise money to help build Bartlett Hall, lead students in 
making bricks for the building and to organize, coach and play quarterback for the first football team on campus. 

While Emory isn't making bricks for the renovation/construction of the Bartlett Hall Student Center just 
yet, the Fighting Scots punter's love for the College kept him on campus all summer as a resident assistant (RA) 
for student development. 

"I just love Maryville so much, I wanted to stay here all summer," he says. "I was supposed to take a class, 
but it was cancelled, so I just stayed here and worked. It was great. I got to interact with the 
international students much more than I do during the year I really enjoyed it!" 

Doing classwork and playing football keeps Emory, a biology major with an eye toward 
physical therapy busy for much of the year In the off-season he adds student work study in the 
training room. "I help athletes with their therapy, work basketball and baseball practices and travel with 
the teams year round," he says. "I really enjoy it and it gives me experience toward my major" 

Emory added to his load last year when he applied for and was accepted into the teacher licensure track. 
"It's almost a double major," he adds. "It will give me more options when I graduate." 

Though a hundred years separate the lives of Kin Takahashi and TJ. Emory, it's clear that the Maryville 
College spirit is as alive and well today as it was at the turn of the century. 

"Maryville College is a real community," Emory says with enthusiasm. "It makes you feel welcome, 
not only mentally, but also emotionally and physically It's a great place to get an education and a great 
place to live!" 



of the CCM 

"A?i architectural jeivel neMC2000 
Campaign mil make it sparkle. " 

That's how Ellie Morrow Craven, Maryville College's 
retired Executive Director of Development and 
member of the MC2000 Campaign Steering 
Committee, describes the CCM and the Campaign. 
Craven is lieading the Committee to restore the 
Center for Campus Ministiy. 

The historic Lamar Library Building was constructed as a memorial to Professor Thomas 

Jefferson Lamar, the "second founder" of Maryville College. Since its construction in 1888, it has also served 

as a post office, print shop, and college book store before becoming the Center for Campus Ministry in 1982. 

The CCM h;is aspecial place in Elbe's heart. In 1981 and 1982, she worked with the classes of 1931 and 
1932 as they raised money to restore the centerpiece stained glass window depicting the resurrection scene 
from Durer's "The Great Passion. " The window was a gift from the brothers and sisters of Professor Lamar 
in his memory. 

The goal for this building restoration is $700,000. To date, more than 65 percent of the goal has 
been raised through gifts from alumni and friends. 

The CCM restoration committee has launched an effort to memori 

alize professors and special friends of the College with a 

new "windows" campaign. For gifts of $5,' 

or more, the windows in the CCM 

which surround the great stained 

glass window will be surrounded with 

a stained glass border complementing 

the center window; a plaque will display 

the names of those memorialized. 

"During our initial meetings, committee 

members recalled so many people who've 

drawing by Oavid Campbell '62 

made an impression on each of us. This project grew out of that. There are 28 windows; 

we believe this is an opportunity to remember wonderful people who throughout 

Maryville College's history have impacted the lives of so many, and at the same time, raise the funds to 

complete this project," says Craven. 

Those honored and memorialized to date include Mrs. Margaret Cummings and Dr McClelland. 

If you are interested in this memorial opportunity, please contact Anna B. Graham in the Campaign Office at 

Folami Ford, Class of 2000, 
Finds a Home in the CCi\/l 

When Folami Ford, a member of the class of 2000, came to Maryville College she had many of the 
same misgivings about attending college as her classmates. 

Her ability to handle her academic load, however, was not one of them. 

"I had no idea it would challenge me so," says Ford. "I found myself stressed out during my 
first year," asking myself, "what have I done?" 

As her junior year begins, however, the sign language interpreting major is more confident. 

That confidence comes, in part, from her year-long involvement in Intervarsity Christian 
Fellowship, a small, non-denominational Bible study group that meets weekly in the 
Center for Campus Ministry (CCM) building on campus. 

Although ICF is active on college campuses nationwide and offers retreats and 
chapter camps off-campus, on campus it offers small group interaction, usually 
limited to five to 10 people. "It's perfect for me," says Ford, "it's what I needed." 

Ford enjoys meeting with the ICF group in the CCM, noting that it has a 
cozy, intimate atmosphere. "It would be nice to have it fixed up," she says, "that 
would be really, really cool." 

In addition to ICF, Ford has a number of other activities to keep her busy. She 
belongs to the Sign Language Club, which she says is "good to be in for my major." 
The club holds silent lunches where members practice their interpreting, and works with 
storytelling festivals for the deaf. Ford is also looking to be more involved in the Black Student Associa- 
tion and International Club on campus in the coming yean 

Long range plans for the Maryland native are to pursue community interpreting and a masters degree, perhaps closer 
to home. As for now. Ford says, "God had a plan for me to be here. College might be challenging, but I will survive." 

ndowment Secures 
the Future 

Endowment Growth 


t 1 

1997-98 ' 1 1 

$23,162,000j 1 









1 8 000 000 




















1 2,000,000 , 

ne ckmghtei' of an MC professor, 

Arda Walker practically grew up at 

Maiyville College. She later graduated 

from it, then returned to it and taught 

histor)' for 36 years With Dr Carolm 

Blair she co-authored By faith 

Endowed, a history of the College, and 

in 1995 she was honored with the 

prestigious Maryinlle College Medallion. 

Dr. Walker has remembered the 

•e in her will. When asked what she 

most valued about the College, she 

replied simply, "her traditions and 

outstanding graduates. " 

table, steadfast, protected. We who love Maryville College want it to st;md firm against 

adversit)'. Strong leadeRhip is essential for security, as is a growing endowment. 
Between 1993 and 1998, the college endowment has seen a 71.8 percent increase, 

growing from $13.5 million to $23.2 million. Though we are encouraged by such progress, 

the size of our endowment is modest compared to many liberal arts colleges of similar size. 

What is endowment? Why is it important? The College endowment is like an institutional 

investment account comprised of many separate named funds and a general 

fund. All are pemianent funds established through gifts to the College. The 

corpus (original investment) is never spent. Rather, it is invested to produce a 

stream of income to be used by the College in accordance with the wishes of 

donors and the mission, programs and policies of the College. 

The Finance Committee of the MC Board is responsible for the decisions 

regarding investments, including financial advisors, fund managers, and asset 

allocation. The current asset allocation is 60 percent domestic and interna- 
tional equities with the balance in bonds and short temi cash reserves. The 

total return for the year of May 1997 to 
May 1998 was 18.9 percent. The 
average for the last three years has been 
17.4 percent. Though gifts to 
endowment can be made with outright 
gifts of cash, securities, or real estate, 
most are made through estate gifts such 
as bequests, insurance policies, 
charitable gift annuities, and charitable 

trusts. These gifts enable donors to make larger gifts to the College than would 
otherwise be possible and yet do not interfere with their lifestyle. 
What are some options? 

You may choose to make a gift to the General Endowment, the earnings of 
which will be spent according to the College's current needs. The General 
Endowment acts as a cushion that protects the College against hard blows and 
generates opportunities for development. A gift of any size may be designated to 
the General Endowment. An excellent way to help strengthen the future of 
Maryville College is to endow your annual gift by making a gift twenty times the 
size of your annual gift. For example, if you typically give $ 1 ,000 a year to MC, 
you could endow this amount with a gift of $20,000. 

Access to educational opportunit}' by all students of academic promise is a 
core principle of Maryville College. You can establish a named scholarship fund 
with a minimum investment of $25,000. 

The fxulty are one of Maryville College's greatest strengths. Endowed 

chairs, professorships and faculty development funds are all excellent ways to enhance opportunities for faculty. They 

bring prestige to a college and are strong indicators of the importance an institution places on academic achievement. 

They aid in tlie recruitment of distinguished faculty as well as outstanding students. 

Other options include endowments for the library, technology, historical building maintenance, special awards, and 

lecture series. The list is limited only by the human imagination and the programs, policies, mission and goals of the 


You can form a pemianent link with Maryville College through an endowment gift, an enduring memorial in your 

name or a name of your choosing - a parent, for example, or a child, or a cherished faculty member Your gift could 

provide an ongoing stream of opportunities to benefit tlie College and its students. If you would like to learn more about 

gifts to endowment, please feel free to contact Lyn French, Director of Gift Planning at 423/981-8191. 

The Society of 1819 

Honoring Our Heritage 
Building Our 
Foundation for the 

Explaining her planned gift to Maryvllle College, one 
member of the Society of 1819 said of her alma mater, "It 
values excellent education, development of the whole 
person and the dignity of the human spirit" 

Many of those close to the College want to express their 
gratitude and affection by including Maryville College in 
their estate plans - through their wills, living trusts, 
insurance policies, gift annuities, charitable trusts or other 
planned gifts. The Society of 1819 was founded in 
January of 1997 to recognize and thank these generous 
benefactors. Named in honor of the founding year of the 
College, the Society of 1819 celebrates these farsighted 
people and their belief in the enduring value of a Maryville 
College education. 

We are privileged to acknowledge the following Charter 
Members of the Society of 1819 This list is complete 
through August of 1998. 

Darrell Akins 

James E. Anderson 

William R. Anderson '54 

Alice Blackburn Ayers '57 

Charles E. Bacon '50 

Mrs. Karl E Bahret 

Gareth & Evelyn Boughton Baker 

Catherine S. Seals '47 

Linda Jones Berkemeier '70 

Lynn Ann Best '36 

Frank B. Bird 

Mrs. Earl (Conchita) Blazer '31 

Carolyn Synimes Brace '53 

T\itt S. Bradford 

Deane Brown '38 

Mary Lois Brugler '70 

R. Samuel & Isabell M. Buffat '57 

Maryjay Bullock '53 

Paul C. Burger & Linda J. Burger 

Mark E. & Cathy E. Cate 

Ruthanne Campbell Chase '6l 

Katherine Earnest Clemmer '35 

Emily E. Clymer 

Janet Vail Conway '73 

Margaret Anne (Maggie) Cooper 

Carol Corbett '51 

Eleanor C. Morrow 

Dr. E. Katherine Crews '43 

Jessie Curtis Daniels '40 

William Dartnell '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Carle M. Davis 

54, '54 

Steven C. & Deborah W. Douglas '74, '77 

Rolfe D. Duggar '54 

Daniel G. Dunbar '53 

Terry Lee Dick Dykstra '61 

Drs. John & Virginia Eaddy '62, '6l 

Dennis Q. Edelman '65 

Frances Lane Edwards '45 

Grace McCammon Estabrook '41 

Lottie J. Ethridge '58 

Mark & Ellen Gould Fawcett '69 

Mildred C. Ferrell '38 

Paul HaiTis Fox '38 

Lyn French 

Joe Gallagher 

Amelia Dickens Glass '33 

Bruce S. Greenawalt '59 

David H. & Sue Carlson Grubbs '51, '53 

Shirley & Dick Hall '48 

William E. Hamion '67 

Dr & Mi's. Harry H. (Florence E.) Harter 

Nelle Gai'land Haugh '32 

Virginia Baier Heiss '48 

Allan W Herdman '30 

Martha L. Hess '67 

Mary Nuchols Hitch '27 

Eleanor Hawley Hoover '49 

Dorothy D. Horn 

Rev. & Mrs. Samuel M. Houck '37 

George B. & Vivian Kelley Howell '34, '34 

Joseph E. Huskey '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Huston '31, '28 

Phyllis C. Irshay '45 

Mary Elizabeth (Lib) Jackson '46 

Mary Benn Johnson '29 

Mi's. Dan H. Kinsinger 

Harold &Jean Lambert '50 

R. Eugene Law '39 

Margaret Brooks Leisering '49 

AnnabelleJ. Libby '52 

Edith Bums Little '30 

Carol Millsaps Luckey '93 

John&LouiseW Magiir39. '41 

James E. Marvin '50 

E. Frances Massey '34 

Eugene E. McCurry '41 

Lewis M. McFarland '58 

Dr Donald C. McFerren '62 

Dan & Elaine McGill '40 

Joy & Mark McMaster '69, '69 

John C. & UUian Crawford McQueen '34, '37 

Dr EknerE. Mize '51 

Donald & Millie Moffett '54, '54 

William H. Mooney '40 

Susan Kelirli Moore '71 

FredG. Morrison, Jr '6l 

Judson B. & Lois B. Murphy '39, '37 

Carl C. & Earnestine H. Murray '48, '47 

Andrew E. Newcomer '33 

Dr Howard A. Newman '68 

Rev Stephen R. Nickle 

Dr NealeJ. Peiu'son '52 

George W. & Carol Greenwood Poland '6l, '62 

Joseph R. Poland '51 

Mar}' Jo Pribble '52 

Joyce Hampton Pullan '50 

Margai'et Gamble Purcell 

Rev Dr. Paul T. Reiter '69 

Mrs. Miser Russell Richmond 

Gariy D. Ridder '35 

Daniel A. Rineer '65 

N. Lou Loetz Robinson '53 

Elizabeth Crawford Roper '48 

Kandis Schr;im '85 

Sara Kittrell Schwam '39 

Edgai- P & Nancy J. Shackelford '56 

John & Gwen Shell '47, '47 

Graeme W & Mildred Beard Sieber '57, '57 

Susan Jennings Singer '86 

Dr & Mrs, Jaines N. Skeen '64, '66 

David Smook '67 

Robert R. & Marie Jensen Smyrl '36, '40 

Lambert E. Stewart '50 

Mrs. Earl A. Storey '40 

Frederick W. Sti'adtman '53 

Algie Sutton '29 

Corita Erwin Swanson '58 

Maurine W. Sweitzer '34 

Janet Whitmore Thompson '56 

Pauline L. Throne '34 

Edwin Tolnas 

Marilyn Hartpence Torrey '48 

Mrs. Mary Louise Townsend 

Joy Hickman & W. Kennedy Upham '52, '52 

LelandT Waggoner '38 

Arda S. Walker '40 

Mr & Mrs. E. Leslie Webb, Jr '33,'46 

William Gerald & Marian E. Weeks '67,70 

Donald E. Whelan '50 

Mr & Mrs. Hilton A. Wick '42 

Dr Robert L. Wilcox '41 

Rev Reese & Mrs. Ele;mor Ross Wills '62,'62 

Mary Swain Wood '29 

JanetA. Woods '53 


Lois M. Yohe '45 

Fred J. Young '37 

J. Richard Ziegler '70 & Mavis I. Ziegler 

IN iVIEi\/IORiAiS/l 

Carolyn Bowman Carrier '49 
James W. Hitch '33 
Mai'garet Hodges Wilcox '41 

The MC2000 Plan 



October 1 998 

13 Full time enrollment growth of 45 percent since 1993- 

[ST Overall retention has increased from 72.2 percent to 84 percent in 1998 

Ij Freshman retention has increased from 66 percent to 75. 1 percent in 1998 

\^ Fiscal year 1997-1998 marks the College's 10* consecutive year of operation in the black. 

\Sx Between 1993 and 1998, the College endowment has seen a 7 1.8 percent increase, growing from $ 13.5 million 

to $23.2 million. 
IBT Recognized by U.S. News and World Report as a top 10 southern liberal arts college for four out of the past five 

yeare, including the 1999 edition. 
U^ Recognized by the John Templeton Foundation in the 1997-1999 Honor Roll of Character Building Colleges, 

Petei'son's Guide to Competitive Colleges and Universities , and local publications 
^ Test Scores, high-school GPA, and class rank sharply increased for entering freslimen 
I2f MC Graduation rates significantly improved 
\^ New Maryville College general education curriculum implemented 
\^ New computer network installed and residence halls wired for network access 
[g^ College library automated 

[g^ Student Faculty Ratio is 12.6:1; MC2000 Plan goal is 13:1 
[3 Extensive renovations of residence halls, Fayerweather Hall, Anderson Hall 
[3 Deferred maintenance endowment established for Cooper Athletic Center 
ry Construction of the Beeson residential Village complete 
Ij^ Ground broken on the construction of a new physical plant building 
[jg Replacement of walkways and addition of campus lighting 

Uf Partnership formed with Ruby Tuesday Inc. with Morningside renovated and a lodge added. 
[3 Faculty and staff attending the new liberal arts institute. 
[3 Campus covenant created and implemented. 
(Hf Faith and Learning committee created. 

Board of Directors 

Akins, Mr. Darrell 
Brooks, Jr., Or. Charles '80 
Campbell, Mr. Michael 
Congleton, Mr. Lee 
Oawson, Mr. Joseph M. '69 
OeWeese, Or. William 0. '64 
Oungan, Mrs. Janice '65 
Dunn, Mr. Lamar 
Eaddy, Or. Virginia '61 
Gates, The Rev. Or. G. Kenneth 
Gibson, Or. Gerald W. 
Gilreath, Mr. Sidney W. '58 
Granito, Mr. Charles E. 
Greaser, Mr. Sheridan H. '60 
Hayworth, Ms. Teenie 
Hughs, The Rev. Or. G. Carswell 
Johnson, Mr. J.William 
Langley, Mr. Fred R. 
Lawson, Mr. Fred R. 
Leatherwood, Dr. Richard L. 
Lee, Mr. Baxter * 
Lynn, Ms. Naomi B. '54 
Mitchell, Ms. Mary Ellen 'Sis' 
Morrow, Ms. Virginia 
Painter, Mr. George A. 'Gig' 
Postma, Or. Patricia 
Proffitt, Ms. Sara Pope 
Ragsdale, Mr. Richard E. 
Thornton, Mr. John C. 
Weems, Mr. Lew E. 
Witherspoon, Ms. Mary Lee '56 

Emeriti Members 

Bradford, Or. TuttS. 
Oavis, Mr. Carle M. 
Murphy, Mr. Judson B. '39 
Nabrit, Mr. Samuel M. 
Proffitt, Mr. Harwell W. '40 
Sutton, Mr. Algie '29 
Walker, Dr. Harold 

Honorary Members 

Brubaker, Or. Edward '38 
McGill, Dr. Dan M. '40 

* - deceased 

1 997-98 College Revenues & Expenses 



























1 997-98 College Financial Statement 


Cash and cash equivalents 


Accounts receivable (net ot allowance of $221,500 in 

1998 and $218,144 in 1997) 
Notes receivable (net of allowance of $255,318 in 1998 

and $214,270 in 1997) 
Receivables for unconditional promises to give (net of 

allowance of $146,124 in 1998 and $25,802 in 1997) 
Funds held in trust 
Property, plant and equipment (net) 
Real estate 

Investments restricted for purchase of long-term assets 
Investments restricted for endowments and annuities 

Total assets 

May 31,1 998 

June 30, 1 997 

$ 1,091,088 

$ 685,730 


1 ,420,326 




1 ,320,877 









1 1 6,005 

1 1 6,005 








$ 40,833,988 

Liabilities and Net Assets 


Accounts payable 

Accrued liabilities 

Prepaid tuition 


Annuities payable 


Obligations under capital lease 

Due to U.S. Government 

Total liabilities 

$ 196,307 

$ 664,114 















$ 10,644,585 

$ 10,536,259 

Net assets: 

Unrestricted — undesignated 

Unrestricted — designated for use as endowment 

Unrestricted — designated for student loans 

Total unrestricted 

Temporarily restricted 

Permanently restricted 
Total net assets 

Total liabilities and net assets 





1 6,953,042 


$ 44,369,365 







$ 40,833,988 

1 997-98 Gifts & Grants 

Gifts to Current 


Gifts to 

Gifts for 


Donor Category 




Capital Projects 


Directors and Emeritus Directors 












Businesses and Corporations 














Parents of Students and Alumni 


















Faculty and Staff 






Federal and other grants/gifts 











- Tennessee Foundation for Independent Colleges 

Annual Fund 
by Source: 

ALUMNI -$833,150 (45.6%) 
DIRECTORS -$189,148 (10.4%) 

FRIENDS -$171,524 (9.4%) 
FACULTY & STAFF -$27,329 (1.5%) 

OTHER Foundations -$361,523 (19.8%) 
Business -$161,438 (8.8%) 
Church - $25,402 (1.4%) 
Government - $25,332 (1.4%) 
Parents - $17,353 (1.0%) 
TFIC -$7,000 (0.4%) 
Group/ Organizations - $6,500 (0.4%) 


Honor Roll of Donors 

Isaac Anderson Society 

Named for the first president of Maryville College, membersliip in the Isaac Anderson 
Society is extended to those donors with cumulative gifts of SIO.OOO and greater 

Summa Cum Laude 
Cumulative gifts totaling at least 

ALCOA Foundation 

Dr. Hitt S.Bradford 

Miss Margaret A. Cooper 

Mr Robert G. Cooper 

Mr & Mrs. Carle M.Davis 

Mrs. Glenn A. Lloyd 

Mr & Mrs. Harwell W. Proffitt '40 

Mr & Mrs. Richard E. Ragsdale 

Mrs. Esther Snipes '21 

Mr. Algie Sutton '29 


Mn Lindsay Young 

Magna Cum Laude 
Cumulative gifts totaling at least 

Anonymous (2) 

Mrs. Earl W. Blazer '.^1 

Mrs. Katharine E. Clemmer 

Dr Joseph J. Copeland 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter R. Courtenay '29 

The Daily Times 

DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc. 

First American National Bank- 

First Tennessee Baiik-Maryville 
Mr &Mrs.JamesW. Hitch '33,'27 
Ms. Diane Humphreys-Barlow 70 & 
Dr Jack Barlow 
Independent Presbyterim Church - 

Birmingham, AL # 
Mrs. Robert C.Jackson '46 
Mrs. Julian Johnson '29 
Mrs. Warren E.Jones '36 
Mr & Mrs. Harold D. Lambert "50 
Dr. & Mrs. John D. Langston 
Mrs. Loyd Langston 
Fred & Sharon Lawson # 
Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Leatherwood # 
Mrs. A. Eugene Little '30 
Mr & Mrs. Williiuii J. Mitchell # 
Rev. Mr & Mrs. Willim H. Mooney '40 
Mrs. Archibald E Pieper '36 

This report lists the names of those individuals and organizations who contribute to 
Maryville College dating the past fiscal year (July 1, 1997 - May 31, 1998). Every 
effort was made to ensure that the infomiation is correct. We apologize for any 
errors or omissions. If you have any questions, please call the Advancement Office at 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Sellars '37 
Mrs. Eari A. Storey '40 
Mr & Mrs. John C. Thomton 
Vulcan Materials Co. Mid-South Div, 

Cum Laude 

Cumulative gifts totaling at least 


American RugCr;ifLsmen, Inc. 

Mrs. EdwinJ. Best, Sr '36 

Miss H. Deane Brown '38 

Ms. NanqCain 

Citizens Bank of Blount Count}' 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Knoxville 

Dr John D. & Dr Margaret R Cowan 

CSX Corporation 

Dr William 0. DeWeese '64 

Dr. & Mrs. Dorsey D. Ellis, Jr '60,'60 # 

First American National Bank- 

Mr. &Mrs.John W.Fisher 
MrSidneyW. Gilreath'58 
The H. T. Hackney Company 
Mr & Mrs. James A. Haslam, II 
Mr Hugh 0. Hunter Sr 
Mr & Mrs. Willard M.Johnson '28, '28 
Dr. & Mrs. Elgin PKintner 
Mrs. EmestKoella,jr. '41 
Mr Frank A. Kramer '47 # 
Mrs. R. Arnold Kramer '40 
Bill & Ann Mullican 72 # 
Presbyterian Church (USA) # 
Tlie Presbjler)' of E;ist Tennessee # 
Proffitt's, Inc. 
Mrs. Margaret Purcell 
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Robinson 
Rockford Manufacturing Company 
Mrs.Jean Campbell Rokes '33 
Second Presbyterian Church - 

Knoxville, TN # 
Synod of Living Waters # 
Mr & Mrs. Edwin Williams 
Mr &Mrs. E. Newell Witheispoon '52, '56 



Cumulative gifts totaling at least 


Anonymous # 

ALCOA - Tennessee Operations 
Mr & Mrs. Lamar Alexander 
Mrs. Lutitia Toole Anderson '29 
Dr & Mrs. Wayne Anderson 

Mn William R. Anderson '54 

Anderson Lumber Company 

APAC Tennessee, Inc. 

Appalachi;m Therapy Center 

Dr. Robert M. Arnold '40 


Mrs. Alice Blackbum Ayers '57 # 

Judge &Mrs.J.N.Badgett,Jr '40 

Mrs. Karl E Bidiret 



Ms. Nancy C. Barbour 

Mr. & Mrs. S:imuel E. Beall, III 

Dr&Mrs.JoeD. Beats, Jr '47 

Dr & Mrs. Marvin Beard '67 

BellSouth - Knoxville 

Mr & Mrs. Neil Bingham '72 

Fr;mkB.& Martha E Bird 

Blount Memorial Hospit;il 



Dr RohertJ. Bonham 

Ms. Sherry V. Bonham '66 

Mr. & Mrs. W.Wilson Borden* 

Mrs. Raymond I. Brahams, Jr '50 

MrCharlesA. Brand'47 

Dr Charles Brooks, Jr '80* 

Mrs. S;im F Broughton 

Dr. Robert L. Brown '35 

Dr C. Scott & Rev Ann Owens Brunger 

Mr Gordon C.BungeSr 

Mr & Mrs. Edward G. Bush 72, '72 

Dn & Mrs. Arthur S. Bushing '43,'42 

Mr & Mrs. Arthur D. Byrne '39, '41 

Mrs. Leo Caldwell 

Dr. & Mrs. Henry A. Callaway,Jr. '50 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Callaway '52 

Calloway Oil Company 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Campbell 

Cherokee Lumber & Millwork Company 

Anderson & Julia Clark '51, '51 

Mr Vemon A. Clark '40 

Mr & Mrs. Jim Clayton 

Colvin & Son Heating Company 

Dr Betty C:irolyn Congleton '47 

Ms. Janet Vail Conway '73 

Mrs. Ruth Whalin Cooke 

Mrs.Jesse S.Cooper 


Mr. & Mrs. James B. Comett '50 


Dr. & Mrs. John J. Craven 

Mis. Hugh R.Crawford, Jr. '35 

Mr & Mrs. Roy D. Crawford '43, '43 

Dr & Mrs. Samuel E. Crawford, Jr '44, '50 


Cumberiand Securities Company, Inc. # 

# - qualififd for membership in 1997-5 


Mr. James M. Cumniings '56 # 

Alan & Donna Davis '87,'83 

Mr. &Miy C.Michael Davis '68 


Joe & Sue Dawson '69,'69 # 

Mrs. Emma Northwood DeWeese '36 

Dr. & Mrs. Mervyn J. Dixon '58, '58 


Lamar & Mar\' Ann Dunn # 

Mrs. Dewey W.Eitner 

Dr. & Mrs. Marsliall C. Engiand.Jr. '54, '55 

Mr.JamesL. Ensign '21 

Mr. & Mi-s. James W. Espy '66 


Mr Glenn Evers '38 

Dr Uirley Farrar '37 

Mr & Mrs. William 0, Faulkner '52,'52 

Mrs. Howards, Ferrin 

Ms. Maq Ferrin 

Richards Wendy Ferrin 

Mr Robert J. Fiedler 

First Presby Church of Germantown - 

Philadelphi;i, PA # 
First Presby1eri:m Church - 

Lake Forest, IL # 
Dr & Mrs. Ted L. Flickinger 
Dr & Mrs. Emerson C. Flurkey '53, '55 
Mrs. Marion Foreman '43 # 
Mr Paul H. Fox '38 
Mr & Mrs. William T. Furgerson '43 
Furrow Auction Company 
Mts.J. A. Gallimore '31 
Doug Gmnble '68 & Nina Gregg # 
Mrs. MoseH. Gamble 
Mr & Mrs. M;irtinJ. Gerri Jr 
Dn&Mrs. Gerald W.Gibson 
Judge & Mrs. Houston M. Goddard '68 
Dn Margaret Knox Goggin '40 
Graystone Presbylerian Church - 

Knoxville, TN # 
Mr. & Mr^. Dan H. Greaser '60 
Mrs. Davis W.Gregg 
Mrs. Ruby Miller Griffitts '32 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Haralson, III 
Mrs. Margaret Murray Hassinger '27 
Dr & Mr. Ray M. Hawortli 
Mrs. Man- Broad)- Heald '24 
Mr & Mrs. Don E. Heard '61 
Mrs. Barbara Lyie Heisey '32 
Mr H. Bruce Hensley '6^ 
Miss Martha L. Hess '67 
Highland Presbyterian Church - 

Maryville, TN # 
Rev Mr & Mrs. George W. Hoglan ■35,'34 
Mr.J. William Holt SI 
Home Federal Bank of Tennessee- 

Home Federal Bank of Tennessee - 

Dr Dorothy D. Horn 

Mrs. Gordon T, Huddleston 

Mrs. Charles M. Hurst '37 

Mr & Mrs. Lawrence W. Huston '31, '28 

Mrs. William Comer Ireland 

Dn& Mrs. Homer Llsbelkjr 

Mr & Mrs. Ronald C.Jennings '55.'57 


.Mr & Mi-s. J. Willi;im Johnson '69 

Mr & Mrs. Elton R.Jones 

Joseph Construction Company 

Mrs. Jeannette D. Kalilenberg 

Mr Robert ke Kay '50 

Dr & Mrs. George C. Kent, Jr '37,'36 

Mr & Mrs. J. Donald Kent '42,'44 # 


Mr & Mrs. David H. Kidder '42, '41 # 

Mrs. \'irginia Crider King '32 

Mrs. D;m H. Kiiisinger 

Kiwanis Club of Alcoa # 

Kiwanis Club of Maryville # 

Knoxville News-Sentinel 

Mr & Mrs. Richard A. Koella 

Mr. Jackson C. Kramer '43 

Wayne & Sarah Kninier '74,'74 # 

Mrs. J, B. Lambert 

Mr & Mrs. Raymond R Lambert 

Mr & Mrs. H. F Lamon '40, '40 

Law's Interiors 

Baxter* & Sherri Lee 

Rev & Mrs. Glover A. Leitch '36,'37 

Donald W. & Joyce Williams Leo 

Dr Virgil S. LeQuire '43 
Levi Strauss & Company 
Miss Viola M. Lightfoot '34 
Dr & Mrs. F Houston Lo\vry,Jr '50 
Mrs. W. Harry Lyle 
Mr & Mrs. Hugh 0. Maclellan 
Dr&Mrs.JohnRMagiir39, '41 
Mr David S. Marston '29 
Mr & Mrs. David W. Marston '64,'67 
Mr. & Mrs. A. David Martin # 
Matsushita Electronic Components Corp. 
Dr & Mrs. Peter M;izur '44 
Mrs. David L. McArthur '35 
Mr & Mrs. Gavin McCammon 
McCammon-Ammons. Inc. 
McCarty, Holsaple, McCarty, Inc. 
Mr Eugene E. McCurry '41 
Carl & Jean McDonald '63 
Dr & Mr. Nomian A. McKinnon.Jr 
Mr Stuart & Dr Sarali McNiell ■50,'53 
McNutt Oil & G;ls Company 
John & LilliM McQueen '34,'37 # 
Mr Robert R McReynolds '33 
Mr & Mr. Charles Merrill, Jr 
Dennis & Sara Miller '63,'66 # 
Mr. Inna Russell Miser '43 
Mr & Mr. Donald Moffett '54,'54 # 
Monsanto Agricultural Chemical 
Mr. & Mr. Judson B. Murphy '39, '37 

E.B. Smith '40 

was guest speaker 

at the 1998 Golden 

Scots Luncheon in 

May. Smith is 

Professor Emeritus 

at the University of 

Marylanci and is a 

frequent lecturer. 

Mrs, Albert F Murray 

Rev & Mr. Carl C.Murray '48, '47 

Mr. Robert N.Navratil '54 

Mr Raymond Nelson '38 

Mr. Kadileen Mayurnik Nenninger '73 

New Providence Presbyterian Church - 
Maryville, TN# 

Mr. Ethel Newm:m '46 

Mrs. Llelanie Sutton Orcutt '59 

Mr & Mr.J. Douglas Overbey 

Mr & Mr. George A. Painter 

Mr. Russell D. Parker 

Perkin-Elmer Corporation 

Phihps Consumer Electronics Co. 

Dr Carl & Meredith Preston Pierce '43,'43 

Charles E LaRue Pierrepont '53 # 

Pilot Corporation 

Coleman Piper '68 # 

George W. & Carol A. Poland '61, '62 

Mrjoseph R.Poland '51 

Power Equipment Company 

PPG IndiLstries. Inc. 

Presbyrterian Women in tlie 

Congregation of 3rd Presbyterian Church- 
Pittsburgh, PA # 

Mr. Charlene Williams Preston '70 

Mr & Mr. Robert TPriddy 

Mr Fred Proffttt # 


Mr & Mr. Walter D. Proffitt •46,'44 

Mr & Mr. William F Proffitt '49,'49 

Mr & Mr. John R. R;tine}' 

Mrs. Violet Webb Randolph '35 # 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E.Ray '52 

Dn Clarence L. Reaser '52 

Mr. Geneva Rich '38 

Mr Daniel A. Rineer '65 

RoberLshaw - Tennessee Division 

Rohm & Haas Tennessee, Inc. 

Mr. Elizabeth Crawford Roper '48 

Ml'. & Mr. Warren T Rumbley 

SAFECO Insurance Companies 

Mr Victor R. Schoen 

Mr. Sara Kittrell Schwam '39 

S. A. & Beryl Schwarztrauber '51,'52 # 

Second Presbylerian Church - 
Chattanooga, TN # 

Services Group, Inc. 

Dr Lincoln Shimomura '51 


Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church, 

Signal Mountain, TN # 
Marjorie & Francis Smiley 
Miss Doris M. Smith '42 
Mrs. Alden Smith '39 
Mr & Mr. Andrew W. Spickard '45 
Dr Otis H.Stephens 
Mr George Y. Stewart '60 
Mr George A. Stout 
Mr. Richard E. Strain 
Sun Coal Company 
SunTrust Bank - Knoxville 
Dr Roy \'. Talmage '38 
Mr & Mr. Samuel K. Taylor,Jr '39 
Sirjohn M. Templeton 
Mr. James W. Torrey '48 
Mr. 0. E. Travis 
United Cities Gas Company 
Dr & Mr. W. Kennedy Upham '52, '52 
Mr & Mr. Richard R. Van Sickle 
Mr Leiand T Waggoner '38 
Mr & Mr. Robert PWalcutt 
Dr Arda S. Walker '40 
Mr Charles A. Warner '50 
Dr Glenn E Watts '52 
Ms. Ann R. Weaver '76 # 
I>ew& Janice Weems# 
Mr. Opal D. West* 
Mr & Mr. Steve West* 
White Realty & Service Corporation 
Mr & Mr. Hilton A. Wick '42 
Mr. Alfred M. Wood '29 
Mr. William L. Wood, Sr '40 
MissJanetA. Woods '53 
Dr & Mr. John A. Yarborough 

# - qualified for memberehip in 1997-98 
• - deceased 

The President's Circle 

Contributors to the President's Circle provide a maior stiare of the College's inconne with 
their generous gifts made dunng the fiscal year. 

"Ifs people like you 
who make receiving 
an education 
easier for my 
Coming from a 
household of six, 
with one income, 
money is not taken 
for granted. 
Without the help of 
scholarships, there 
is no possible way 
that I would have 
been able to attend 
such a great 
college. I am very 
grateful for this 

Jennifer Lippincott 

Class of 2001 

Broady Memorial 

$10,000 ormore 

One Year 

ALCOA Foundation 
Forty-four Years 

Mrs. Alice Blackburn Ayere '57 
One Year 

Four Years 

Mr&Mrs.J. C. Bogert 
One Year 

Dr TLitt S. Bradford 
Twenty-one Years 

Mr & Mrs. James L. Clayton 
Five Years 

Miss Emily Clymer 
Two Years 

Miss Margaret A. Cooper 
Nine Years 

Dr. & Mrs. John J. Craven 
Nine Years 

DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc. 
Nine Years 

Mr & Mre. Lamar Dunn 
Two Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Dorsey D. Ellis, Jr ■60,'60 
Ten Years 

Mr. Douglas A. Gamble '68 & 

Ms. Nina Gregg 

Two Years 

Mr & Mrs. Dan H. Greaser '60 
Eight Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Ray M. Hayworth 
Five Years 

Rev. Mr & Mre. George W. Hoglan 


Eight Years 

Ms. Diane Humphreys-Barlow 70 & 

Dr. Jack Barlow 

Eleven Years 

Mr. & Mrs. J. William Johnson '69 
Fot/r Years 

Dr. & Mi-s. George C. Kent, Jr. •37,'36 
Five Years 

Mr. Frank A. Ki'amer '47 
Nine Years 

Mr & Mrs. Harold D. Lambert '50 
Twenty-three Years 

Mr. & Mi's. Fred R. Lawson 
Four Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Leatherwood 
Twelve Years 

Baxter* & Sherri Lee 
Three Years 

Mr. & Mre. A. David Martin 
One Year 

Dr & Mrs. Dan M. McGill '40 
Sixteen Years 

Rev. & Mrs. John C. McQueen, Jr. 


One Year 

Mr & Mrs. William J. Mitchell 
Nine Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Moffett ■54,'54 
One Year 

Rev. Mr. & Mrs. William H. Mooney 


Three Years 

Bill & Ann Mullican 72 
Four Years 

Mr & Mi-s. Bill A. Mullican, Sr 
Five Years 

New Providence Presbyterian Church 
Thirl^i Years 

Mr & Mrs. Harwell W. Proffitt '40 
Seventeen Years 

Mr. Fred Proffitt 
Four Years 

Mr & Mrs. Richard E. Ragsdale 
Nine Years 

Mrs. Sara Kittrell Schwam 
Seven Years 

Mrs. Mary Burns Storey '40 
Fourteen Years 

Drs. William R. & Mary Kay Sullivan 
Ten Years 

Mr. Algie Sutton '29 
Thirty-two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Leslie Webb, Jr. '33,'46 
Four Years 

Mr & Mrs. Steve West 
Three Years 

Mr & Mrs. E. Newell Witherspoon 


Eight Years 

Mr. Lindsay Young 
Twelve Years 

$5M00 to $9,999 

Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Alexander 
Eight Years 

Mrs. Maurlne W. Sweitzer '34 
One Year 

Mrs. Conchita Bertram Blazer '31 
nirty-one Years 

Blount Memorial Hospital 
Ten Years 

Miss H. Deane Brown '38 
Nine Years 

Dr & Mrs. Walter R. Courtenay '29 
Twent)' Years 

Drs. John D. & Margaret P. Cow;ui 
Twelve Years 

The Daily Times 
Twenty-seveti Years 

Dr. & Mrs. Willi;im 0. DeWeese '64 
TInrteen Years 

Mr. & Mrs. John W.Fisher 
Fifteen Years 

Miss Ann Robinson Weaver '76 
One Year 

Mrs. Charles D. West 
Tim Year 

$2,500 to $4,999 

Mr Darrell D. Akins 
Pour Years 

Akins, Tombriis, & Van Fleet 
Four Years 

Anderson Lumber Company 
Ten Years 

Seren Years 

Dr. Dean Boldon retired as Academic Vice 
President following Commencement exercises 

in May. 

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Gibson 
Five Years 

The H. T Hackney Company 
Ten Years 

Mr & Mrs. James A. Haslam, 11 
Nine Years 

Mr. Hugh 0. Hunter, Sr 
Sixteen Years 

Dr. Charles Brooks, Jr. '80 
Vyree Years 

Ms. Julia Anne Cain '96 
One Year 

Citizens Bank of Blount Count)' 
Nineteen Years 

Dr. Betty Carolyn Congleton '47 
Fifteeti Years 

Mr & Mrs. Carl P McDonald '63 
Nine Years 

Mr Robert R McReynolds '33 
Twenty Years 

Mr & Mrs. George A. Painter 
Te)i Years 

Presbyterian Church (USA) 
Eleven Years 

$1,000 to $2,499 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Allen 

Allen Temple AME Church - 

Woodstock, GA 

One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Elton R. Jones 
Four Years 

Alan & Donna Davis •87,'83 
Nine Years 

Mr & Mrs. Warren T Rumbley 
Sixteen Years 

AlliedSignal, Inc. 
Eight Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred R. Langley 
One Year 

Rev Mr. & Mrs. Glover A. Leitch 


Seven Years 

Dr & Mrs. Peter Mazur '44 
Two Years 

Presbvter)' of East Tennessee 
TInrteen Years 

Ms. Catherine Cain Robbins '90 
One Year 

Mr & Mrs. Carie M. Davis 
Twenty-one Years 

First Tennessee Bank-Maryville 
Tl)irt\'-six Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Granito, Sr 
Two Years 

Mr Clifford H. Henry '50 
Fifteen Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Jennings 

Eight Years 

Signal Mountain Presb\terian, 

Signal Mountain, TN 

Seivn Years 

Miss Doris M. Smith '42 
Thirteen Years 

Dr. Edward D. Smith '67 
Tlrree Years 

Union Phmters Bank of East TN 
Two Years 

Mr & Mi's. Lew E. Weems 
Four Years 

American Association of 

UniversiU' Women 

Tl)ree Years 

Mr J. T. Anderson '52 
One Year 

Mr James E. Anderson 
Two Years 

Mrs. Lutitia Toole Anderson '29 
Twelve Years 

Mr William R. Anderson '54 
Sa>en Years 

Mr. George A. Stout 
]8 Eight Years 

Mrs. Margaret Clippinger Kramer '43 
Nine Years 

Mr & Mrs. Fred J. Young, Jr. '37 
Twent\'-one Years 

Mr. Ron Appuhn & Ms. Karen Wentz 
Two Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Ayres 
Six Years 

Judge & Mrs. J. N. Badgett, Jr '40 
Seiientem Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Boydson H. Baird '41 
Six Years 

Mr Alvin C. Baker '72 
Two Years 

Mr & Mrs. Frank H. Barr '42 
Five Years 

Mr J. Michael Barrows '71 
One Year 

Mr&Mrs. RalphJ. Bartlett'45 
Eight Years 

Dr & Mrs. Marvin R. Beard '67 
Three Years 

Mr & Mrs. James A. Begalla 
One Year 

BellSouth - Knoxville 
Eleven Years 

Frank B. & Martha E Bird 
Nineteen Years 

Mr & Mrs. W. Wilson Borden 
Three Years 

Ms. Marianne Harrison Bowman '75 
Three Years 

Mrs. Ellen Collins Brahams '50 
Twent}'-three Years 

Dr C. Scott & Rev. Ann Owens Brunger 
Seuen Years 

Dr & Mrs. Arthur S. Bushing '43;42 
Three Years 

Dr & Mrs. Henry A. Callaway Jr '50 
T!}ree Years 

Mr & Mrs. Richard A. Chase '6l 
One Year 

Cherokee Lumber & Millwork Company 
Sei'enteen Years 

Anderson & Julia Clark '51,'51 
Nine Years 

Mr Vernon A. Clark '40 
Nitieteen Years 

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Congleton 
One Year 

Will Burkett, Lisa Harvey '88 and Jessie Daniels 

'40 look through a 1930s-era Chilhowean during a 
gathering of College alumni, parents and friends in 
Washington, D.C. April 28. 

Ms. Janet Vail Conway '73 
Eight Years 

Dr Martha E. Cook '65 
Two Years 

Mrs. Ruth Ramsey Cooper '49 
Tijree Years 

Dr Joseph J. Copeland 
Twenty-one Years 

Ms. Carol Corbett '51 
Five Years 

Mr. Hale Seward Coughlin, III '76 
One Year 

Rev Dr & Mrs. Earle W. Crawford '35 
One Year 

Dr & Mrs. Michael D. Crowell 
Three Years 

Dr & Mrs. Warren T. Culver '42,'45 
Seven Years 

Cumberland Securities Co, Inc. 
Te)i Years 

Mr & Mrs. Joseph M. Dawson '69,'69 
Four Years 

Dn & Mrs. MervynJ. DLxon ■58',58 
Eight Years 

Mr & Mrs. Charies B. Dungan '65 
TIjree Years 

Drs. Larry J. & Julie Durand '81 
Th'ee Years 

Drs. John A. & Virginia B. Eaddy 


Four Years 

Ellijay Telephone Company 
Thr^ Years 

Dr Edward Ellis '70 
Two Years 

Three Years 

Mr & Mrs. James W. Espy '66 
Twelve Years 

Mr Glenn Evers '38 
Sa'en Years 

Mr & Mrs. William 0. Faulkner 


Two Years 

Mr. Robert J. Fiedler 
Five Years 

First Presbyterian Church of 


Four Years 

Dr & Mrs. Ted L. Flickinger 
Twelve Years 

Mrs. M.Jane Fraelich '57 
Three Years 

Mrs. Dorothy Kellar Gallimore '31 
Ten Years 

Seven Years 

Mr & Mrs. A. B. Goddard 
Fifteen Years 

Dr Margaret Knox Goggin '40 
Six Years 

Mrs. Mary Going '29 
Three Years 

Shawn & Anna Graham 
One Year 

Mrs. Helen Thompson Green '33 
Four Years 

Mr & Mrs. William T Harra 74,74 
Two Years 

Mr & Mrs. Don E. Heard '6l 
Fifteen Years 

Dr F William Henderson '43 
Two Years 

Mr H. Bruce Hensley '64 
Three Years 

Highland Presbyterian Church - 


Eight Years 

"Please know the 
difference that the 
extended to people 
like you has 
made... May the 
kindness you have 
shared come back 
to you in 
abundance. " 

Mary Eva Merrell 

Class of 2000 

Andrew L.Alexander 
Memorial Scholarship 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Hitch ■33,'27 
Nineteen Years 

Mr. Bruce Holt 
One Year 

Home Federal Bank of Tennessee 
Eight Years 

Mrs. Elizabeth McKenney Horn '56 
One Year 

Dr & Mrs. Hugh L. Huffman 
Tlyree Years 

Dr & Mrs. Arthur M. Ihrig '63,'64 
Four Years 

Dr & Mrs. Homer L. Isbell, Jr 
Serenteen Years 

Mr & Mrs. Rondel E. Ivens 
Tliree Years 

Mr Sam Jett 
Eight Years 

Mrs. Inez Galloway Jones '36 
Fourteen Years 

Mr & Mrs. S. Alfred Jones 
Two Years 

Miss Patricia Jones '55 
Two Years 

Mr RajaJ.Jubran 
One Year 

Mr Robert L. Kay 
SL\ Years 

Mr & Mrs. John Keller 
One Year 

Mr & Mrs. J. Donald Kent ■42,'44 

7&/'ef }f'rtr.v 
Mr&Mrs.JohnA. Kerr'42,'44 
Seren Years 

Kiwanis Club of Alcoa 
Fourteen Years 

Kiwanis Club of Maryville 
Fourteen Years 

Knoxville News-Sentinel 
Eighteen Years 

Mrs. Jean McCammon Koella '41 
Seventeen Years 

Mr Ronald Y.Koo '64 
Seven Years 

Mrs. Sara Heliums Kramer '40 
Seventeen Years 

Mr & Mrs. Wayne R. Kramer '74,74 
Pour Years 

Dr John L. Law '75 
Two Years 

Donald W. & Joyce Williams Leo 


Ten Years 

Dr Virgil S. LeQuire 
Twelve Years 

Mr Carl L. Lindsay, Jr '50 
Two Years 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 
Three Years 

Dr & Mrs. F. Houston Lowry.Jr '50 
Six Years 

Drs. Robert & Naomi Lynn '52,'54 
TIjree Years 

Dr & Mrs. Robert W. Mahley '63,'64 
Four Years 

Mr. David S. Marston '29 
Twelve Years 

Martin & Company 
Four Years 

Mrs. Grace Proffitt McArthur '35 
Ten Years 

Mr & Mrs. James E. McCall '57,'59 
Ofie Year 

Dr Charles S. McCammon '42 
Two Years 

McCammon-Ammons, Inc. 
Nine Years 

McCarty, Holsaple, McCarty, Inc. 
Eight Years 

Mr Eugene E. McCurry '41 
Te>i Years 

Mr & Mrs. Charles E. McFarland 


Otie Year 

Annual Fund 
Total Dollars Growth 


1,825,000 ' 
1,800,000 - 
1,775,000 - 
1,750,000 - 
1,725,000 - 
1,675,000 - 
1,650,000 - 
1,625,000 ^ 
1.600.000 ^ 
1 ,550,000 
1,475,000 - 
1,450,000 , 
























/ 1 

, ^^ 


r 1 


1 "^7^ nnn i 


91 91-92 92-93 93-94 94-95 95-96 96-97 97-98 

Mr. Quin Mclntyre, Jr. 
One Year 

Mr & Mrs. Ronald McLemore 
One Year 

Mr Stuart & Dr Sarah McNiell 


Two Years 

Mr J. Dennis & Dr Sara Miller 


Six Years 

Mi's. Mary Robarts Miller '47 
One Year 

Mr & Mrs. Barton Milligan '51 
Five Years 

Dr & Mrs. Snell Mills, Jr'55,'55 
Two Years 

Mi's. Imia Russell Miser '43 
Eight Years 

Dr Paul T. Naylor '75 
One Year 

Mr Raymond Nelson '38 
Five Years 

Mr & Mrs. Charles C. Newman, Jr 
Tijree Years 

Mrs. Ethel Brocker Newman '46 
Seven Years 

Ms. Nancy Olsen 
One Year 

Mr & Mrs. J. Douglas Overbey 
Eighl Years 

Dr & Mrs. F. Neal Peebles 
One Year 

Mrs. Mary Gladys Brown Pieper '36 
Twenty-two Years 

Dr & Mrs. Carl G. Pierce, Jr '43,'43 
Seven Years 

Pilot Corporation 
Sixteen Years 

Mr A. Coleman Piper, Jr '68 
Nine Years 

Mr Hemian & Dr Patricia Postma 
Otie Year 

Presbyterian Women in the 

Congregation of Third Presbyterian, 

Pittsburgh, PA 

nirteen Years 

Mr & Mrs. Walter D. Proffitt •46,'44 
Fourteen Years 

Proffitt's, Inc. 
Eighteen Years 

Mr & Mrs. John R. Rainey 
Eight Years 

Mrs. Violet Webb Randolph '35 
One Year 

Mr & Mrs. Richard E. Ray '52 
Fourteen Years 

Mrs. Dorothy Hassall Rinckhoff '34 
Two Years 

Mrs. Jean Campbell Pokes '33 
Sixteen Years 

Mis. Elizabeth Crawford Roper '48 
Eight Years 

Mr Victor R. Schoen 
Four Years 

Adm. & Mrs. S. A. Schwarztrauber 


Two Years 

Mr Thomas Scott, Jr '6l 
Two Years 

Mr & Mrs. Stanley B. Shields 

'37, '37 

One Year 

Mr & Mrs. Lloyd C. Shue •42,'40 
Three Years 

Mr & Mrs. J. Knox Singleton 70,70 
Tbo Years 

Mrs. Jeannette Moore Sloane 
Tlvelve Years 

Mrs. Lois Sharp Smith '39 
Five Years 

Daughter Halla joins tner mother, 

Leslie Piety '98, in commencement 

celebrations May 1 7. 

Mr & Mrs. A. W. Spickard '45 
Six Years 

Dr T Bryson Staise, III '61 
Seven Years 

SunTrust Bank, East Tennessee 
Five Years 

Mr & Mrs. Samuel K. Taylor Jr '39 
Ten Years 

Sir John M. Templeton 
Tlwteen Years 

Tennessee Valley Authority 
Four Years 

Mr & Mrs. John C. Thornton 
Five Years 

United Cities Gas Company 
Twelve Years 

Mr & Mrs. Gregory J. Vervais 
Two Years 

Vulcan Materials Co. - 

Mid-South Division 

Ten Years 

J. R. Wauford Company 
Eight Years 

Rev. Mr Leslie E.Webb, Jr '49 
Two Years 

Mr Earl R. Whaley '57 
One Year 

White Realty & Service Corporation 
Eight Years 

Mr & Mrs. Curtis B. Wilbanks '53 
Five Years 

Mr & Mrs. Dan W. Wiley '58,'59 
Six Years 

Mrs. Polly Hudspeth Wood '40 
Fifteen Years 

MissJanetA. Woods '53 
Two Years 

Woodstock Community Church - 

Woodstock, GA 

One Year 

The Thomas Jefferson 
Lamar Society 

Named for the College's greatest advocate of ffie 
IGtIi Century, tlie Lamar Society recognizes ttiose 
wtio contribute between S500 and S999 during 
ttie fiscal year 

Akins, Delwrah E. 73 

Albert, CarolvTi '55 

Anderson, Dr. & Mrs. Wayne 

Arlington, William J. 70 

Atkins, Nanq A. '53 

B:iker, Anita M. '82 

Beall, Mr. & Mrs. Saniuel E. 

Beam, Mr & Robert G., '58 

Bell, Dr & Mrs. W. Kenneth 

Berkey, Carolyn M. '52 

Birkelbach, Clement '58 

Bishop, Mr & .\ta. Robert B. '79 '81 

Boldon, Dr & .Mrs. Dean A. 


Bonham, Robert J. 


Brand. Charles A. '47 

Bridges, Clara '42 

Brown, Robert L. '35 

Buddie, Donald E. '60 

Burgos-Sasscer, Ruth '53 

Callaway. Dr & Mrs. James M. '52 

Calloway Oil Company 

Carson, Lucy '51 

Cate, Mark & Cathy 

Ch:ipel By the Sea - Ft. Myers Beach, R 

Childs. Brian H. '69 

Chnst Presbyterian Church - Largo. PL 

Clark Linda Y. 

Clarke, Argyle '49 

Clopton, J. Malvern & Came Lou IWeed '34 '34 

Conklin, Mr & Mrs. David R. '65 '65 

Craig. Martha P. 

Crawford, Mr & Mis. Roy D. '43 '43 

Crisp, Mr & Mis. William A. '61 

Cummings,James M. '56 

Cunningham, Mr. & Mrs. Ben A '42 '42 

Davis, Mr. & Mrs. C. Michael '68 

Delmar Haynes Pontiac 

Dirksen, Mr. & Mis. Ray 

Duggar.RolfeD. '54 

Duke. Dr& Mis. Sidney W. '43 '43 

D\e, Mr. & Mis. David R. '66, '67 

Ethridge, Lottie '58 

Fatigati, Jane '75 

Fisher, Carl D. '70 

Fisher, Dr & Mrs. James C. '55 '56 

Fleming, Annie L. '37 

Foreman, Marion '43 

French, Lyn 

Gheen, Gregory R '83 

Gibson, Dr. & Mrs. E. Russell '82 '84 


Gustafeon, Mr & Mrs. James M. 

Haralson, Dr & Mrs. Robert H. 

Hargis-Kaminski, DeAnn '88 

Hess, Martha L. '67 

Houser, Marion E. '44 

Huber, Mr & Mrs. Robert F '45 '47 

Ihrig, Dr & Mrs. Arthur '63, '64 

Jackson, Joan E. '92 

Jacob, Sally E. 

Johnson & Galyon, Inc. 


Johnson, Mr & Mrs. Willard M. '28 '28 

Johnston, Mr. & Mrs. August L., '58 '57 

Jones, Thomas L '52 

Joseph Construction Company 

Junior Chilhowee Club 

Keitli, MarciaJ. 

Kemen, Beth A. '47 

Kemp, William A. '47 

Kerr, Mr. & Mrs. John '42, '44 

Kidder, Mr & Mrs. David H. '42 '41 

King, Virginia '32 

Lamm, Christine L. '70 

Lamon,Mr.&Mrs.H.E'40, '40 


Laster.W Harold '65 

Law, Robert E. '39 

Magill.JosephB. "41 

Magliulo, ElaineA.'48 

Markgraf.KurtW. '78 

Marston, Mr. & Mrs. David W '64 '67 

Marvin, Rev & Mrs. James E. '50 

Mason, Doug & Mary 

McBrayer, Mr & Mrs. W. Neal '86 

McCroskey Mr. & Mrs. Michael A '82 '82 

McLean, R. Ann '56 

Molfett, Rev & Mrs. Charles H, '62. '6l 

Moore, Mr & Mrs. John S.'5r51 

Morrow, Mr & Mis. Wilham E, 

M0S.S, Mr & Mrs. Jerry R, 

Netzley Robert G. '77 

Osborne, Mr & Mrs. Daniel F '76 '77 

Pankratz, EthelvTi R. '56 

Pemberton, Mr. & .Mrs, Samuel H. '48 '45 

Penry.JudithM. '73 

Perry, John H. 

Persing, E. Mae '42 

Pewitt, Harriet 

Pierrepont, Charles E '53 

Posder, Rev & Mrs. William J. '72 '72 

Powell, David R. '66 

Prewett, Ruth '42 

Pribble, Mary Jo '52 

Quenelle, R. Conrad '33 

Raniger, Dr & Mrs. Robert C. '56 '70 

Rmidon, Ronald '60 

Rochelle, Dorothea '68 

Roeber, Daria D, 92 

Ruggiero, Mr. & Mis. Daniel J. '50 t') 

Sandlin, Daiid 

Schofield, William E. '57 

Schuler, Ann E. '65 

Schuller, Hazel L. '51 

Selander, Guy T. '57 

Shimomura, Dr & Mrs. Lincobi '51 

Sidne; William J. '47 

Slater, Marion '43 

Smalley, Dr & Mrs. J. Bryan 

Smitli, Mr & Mrs. G. Robert 

Spickard, Mr & Mrs. Andrew '45 

Stewart, Mr & Mrs. Jack B. 

Story, Mr & Mis. Donald W. '67 

Sullivan, Mary W. 

Swanson, CoritaA. '58 

Talmage.RoyV. '38 

The Assembly of the Saints Dehverence 


Topham. Tim A. '80 

■Rick, Kenneth D. '54 

U. S. Borax 

Upham, Dr & Mis. W. Kennedy '52, '52 

Van Pelt, Rev & Mrs. W. AusUn '52 '51 

Walcutt, Mr & Mrs. Robert R 

Waldron, Heather H. 

Waters, Shelton B. 

Waters, Jerry E. '57 

Weston, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W '83 '86 

Wiley Mr & Mrs. Dan W. '58 '59 

Willis Corroon 

Wilson, Dr & Mrs. Samuel M. '44 '45 

Wood, Mary '29 

The William Thaw Society 

Named for ttie College's greatest benefactor of ttie 
19tli Century wtio gifts helped finance the 
reopening of the College following the Civil War, 
the Thaw Society recognizes those who contribute 
between S250 and S499 during the fiscal year 

Alexander, Mr. & Mrs. J. David '67 

Alexander, Ruby N. '52 

Allen, Mr & Mrs. Charles E, '52 '52 

American Fidelity Bank 

Atkinson, Beverly N. '68 

Baker, Donelson, Beami;in & Caldwell 

Beasley, Ted H. '51 

Belcher Janet A. '54 

Bell, Mr & Mis. William A '40 


Bidwell, Mr Lawrence & Dr Lee D. '81 '84 

Bishop, Rev & Mrs. Jay R. '47 '50 

Black, Mr & Mrs. Joseph 

Blair, Mr. & Mrs. Louis B. '32 '34 

Blake, Ivan C. '41 

Block Alice '59 

Blount Count)' Bar Association 

Bond, Mary V 54 

Bowman, Suzanne '57 

Brahams, Mr. & Mrs. David R. '74 '82 

Brown, Lynn W. '73 

Bnibaker Frederick 0. '40 

Bugenhagen, Mr & Mrs. Thomas G. '56 '57 

Byrne, Mr & Mis. Arthur D. '39 '41 

C & C Trticking Contractors 

Campbell, Mr & Mrs. James C. '53 '54 

Campbell, Rev & Mrs. G. David '49 '50 

Camell, C. Mitchell 

Carrier, Carolyn '49* 

Carson, Mr & Mrs. Joe 

Case, Mr & Mrs. Noel 

Chalker, William H. '50 

Chase, Douglas G. '73 

Christiansen, Catherine E. '40 

Christison. Stephen G. 

Coghill, Mr & Mis. JeffreyJ. '70 '72 


Cole, Rebecca A. '83 

Coon, Virginia L. '64 


Comett, Mr & Mrs. James B. '50 

Corriher Mr. & Mrs. J. Fred 

Cowan, Roger ,V "50 

Cox, Meredith A. '67 

Cureton, Bryant L. '60 

Davis, Mr & Mis. C. Michael '68 

De Nagy, Bruce S. '51 

Dean, Lottie '47' 

Denton, Jeffrey! '87 

DeWitt, Martha Bess '64 

Dickson, Todd J. '83 

Dulin, Frances W. 

Edwards, .Mary J. '48 

Emery, John B. '59 

Emmans, Henry A. '56 

Fawcett, Ellen M. '69 

First Presbyterian Church - Port Richey FL 

First Presbjierian Church - St. Petersburg. FL 

First Presbyterian Church - Valdosta, GA 

Flickinger, Ted L. 

Freestate, Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. 

Fugate, Mr, & Mrs. Steve 

Gary, Jeff & Lisa 

Gilmore, Rev & Mrs. David L '6l '62 

Gilmore, Rev & Mrs. 0. Leiand '31 '70 

Gravely Mary M. "49 

Green, Dr & Mrs. Floyd J. '4r42 

Guess, L, T. 

Hannah, Lee '37 

Harris, Mr & Mrs. R. W. 

Harris. Ginger L. '83 

Harney Usa M. '88 

Harward, Dr & Mis. Donald W. '61 '63 

Hastings, Marcia '65 

Haugh, Nelle '32 

Haxton, Mr. & Mis. Richard 1. '49 

Hay, Margery D. '44 

Heydinger, David K '40 

Hill, Bruce T 78 

Hoelzer, Mr & Mrs. John H. '42 '44 

Hofferbert, Louis E. '50 

Hoffmann, Dr & Mrs, Paul W 

Home Bank of Tennessee 

Hostetter Mr & Mrs. Michael L. 

Houck, Rev & Mis. Samuel M. '37 

Hughes, Glenda A '62 

Huntzinger. Margaret E. '84 

Hutton, William C. '71 

Immanuel Presbylerian Church 

Ingram, Dr & Mrs. John J. '70 

J. C, Bradford & Co. 

Jarrett, Evelyn '62 

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 

Johnson, Mr & Mrs. Lincoln M. '38 

Johnston, Dr & Mis. Robert K. '62 '62 

Johnston, Mr & Mis. William M. 76 '76 


Kant, Dr & Mrs. Kennedi J. 

Kay Reda E. '60 

Kemp, Mr & Mrs. Dand A. '76 

Keny Jack M. '55 

Killian, Rev & Mrs. Donald R. '38 '38 

Kim, Young-Bae 

Kinsinger Mis. Dan H. 

Kintner Dr & Mrs. Elgin P. 

Kirchner, Veta M. '34 

Knott, Elizabeth B. '57 

Knox Rail Salvage, Inc. 

Kr;uner, Jackson G. 

Kr:imer, Rayson, Leake, Rodgers, Morgan 

Krebs, Eleonore M. '58 

Kren, Rev. & Mrs. James L. '52 'SI 

Lane.J. Quentin'42 

Larson, Rev. & Mrs. Robert A. '51 '51 

Leitch, Edith '41 

Lewis, SueAnne '66 

Libby,AnnabelleJ. '52 

Lorenz, Rev. & Mrs. H. Roberts '55 '57 

Loven, Andrew W. '57 

Lynch, Dr. & Mrs. William A '59 '59 

Lyons, Bette '42 

Magee.JohnM. '41 


Magnuson, Mr. & Mrs. Christian G. '73 '72 

Martin, Dr. & Mis. John 

Mathias, Ruth '33 


McArthur, Margaret J. '74 

McClure, Rev. M. Scott '48* 

McConkey, Joan 

McComiell, Rosemarie '78 

McFarland,Joan '60 

McKenzie, Mr. & Mrs. Mike 

McNiel, Rev & Mrs. Paul R. '50 '52 

McNutt Oil & Gas Company 

Messenger, Dr & Mrs. Scribner A. '68 '67 

Miller, David M. '52 

Miller, Elizabeth J. '44 

Milligan, Mr. & Mis. Barton '51 

Millwood, Dr & Mrs. Roger H. 

Mixner, Mark R. '85 

Morrison, Fred G. '6l 

Moser, Robert W. '52 

Moss, Aline R. '41 

Moyer, Patrick*. '86 

Murlin's Music World 

Muiphy, Mr. & Mr. Judson B. '39 '37 

Myser, Richard D. '71 

Napier, Mr. & Mis. William J. '65 '64 

Navratil, NanqJ. '54 

Naylor, Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. '79 

Neff, Rebeccah A. '62 

Nelson, Ethel A '50 

Nenninger, Mr & Mrs. Glenn '73 

New Covenant Presbyterian Church 

Newcomer, Andrew E. '33 

Nier, Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. '71 '71 

Nier, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. '55 '59 

Nooe, Dr & Mrs. Roger M. '62 '63 

Owens, Judy '71 

Palm, Louise '51 

Patton, Richard E. '53 

Paxton, Mr. & Mrs. Kennedi L. '48 '47 

Payne, Helen E. '34 

Penegar, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth 

Pfizer, Inc. 

Phelan, Mrs. Jack S. 

Pietenpol, Jerry L. 

Powell, John E '72 

Proffitt, Mr. & Mrs. William E '49 '49 

Provident Life & Accident Ins. Co. 

Renfro, James C. '63 

Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. '50 '48 

1 997-98 Alumni Giving Participation 
MC vs. Peer Colleges 



1 1 1 1 1 r 1 


1 1 1 1 1 1 



II I * ' * . 



II 1 1 1 


III 1 



,1 1 






15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 

Robinson, Mr & Mb. William N. '52 '53 

Rock, Mr & Mis. Alan E. '49 '48 

Roseborough, Mr & Mrs. Douglas D. '43 '46 

Sams, Ned H. '41 

Saulsbury, Scott 

Schneibel, Susan 

Schram, Kandis M. '85 

Second Presbyterian Church - Chattanooga, TN 

Seymour, Wdliam A 

Shafer Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Shakley, Albert W. '51 

Sherwood, Mr & Mrs. Don E. 

Skeen, Dr & Mrs. James N. '64 '66 

Smith Mortuary 

Smith, Dr & Mis. E. B. '40 '46 

Sortino.John M. '75 

Springer,John B. '34 

Sthreshley, Rev & Mrs. Lawrence E '44 '43 

SUll, Frank B. '48 

Swartzback, Rev & Mis. Raymond H. '47 '45 

Taddie, Dr & Mrs, Daniel 

Tail, Margaret A '51 

Terry, Margaret A. '52 

Thomson, R. Marvin "34 

Tomlinson, Lavinia L. '57 

TWin City Buick-Satum 

Van Peursem, Suzanne M. '73 

Vandenberg, Dr & Mrs. Donald '58 '58 


Vogel, Eugenia '54 

Walker, AidaS. '40 

Watt, Rev & Mis. James E. '5r53 

White, Haydn 0. '48 

Wick, Hilton A. '42 

Wills, Rev & Mrs. Reese M. '62 '62 

Wilson, W. Warren '82 

Wing, Rose L. '78 

Wintermute, Dr & Mis. Orval S. '50 '51 

Wood, Dr & Mrs. W. Scott '69 '68 

Wright, BarbaraA '53 

Yarborough, Emily C. 

Yoakum, Anna M. '54 

Young, Helen L. '42 

The Century Club 

Througti ttieir contnbutions ol SI 00 to S249 during ttie fiscal year, members of the Century Club form the 
backbone of financial support thai enables MC to conbnue its pursuit of excellence 

Abbott, O.Clinton '66 

Abbott, Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. '54 '54 

Abbott, Mr. & Mrs. W. Paul '50 '48 

Ackermann Public Relations 

Addy, Mary L. '64 

Addy. Mis. Thomas E. 

Addy, William C. '53 

Airport Honda 

Alderson, Thomas V. '70 

Alexander, Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. 

Allen, Mr & Mrs. J. David '64 

Allen, Nettie '44 

Allred. Mr. & Mrs. David 

Althouse, Sue S. '50 

Ambler, Susan H. 

Andeison, Mis. B. E. 

Andeison, Jessie L. '47 

Andeison, Mr & Mis. John E 

Anderson, Dr & Mrs. John S. '57 '59 

Anderson, Meriam M. '44 

Anderson, Roland W. '41 

Anderson, W.T '56 

Andrews, Kirk E. '91 

Andrews, Rudi '47 

Andrews, Mr & Mrs. William B. 

Andiony, Grace '31 

Apelgren, Sally R '69 

Archbold, Mr & Mis. Dennis A 

Ashmore, Richard L. 

Audit Bureau of Circulations 

Ayeis, Stephen M. '75 

Bailey, Paul W. '77 

Baird, Rev & Mrs. James M. '50 '51 


Baker, Rev. & Mrs. Gareth D. '54 '54 

Baker,JosephW. '71 

Baker, Margaret '30 

Baker, Michael L. 

Baker, Robert E '58 

Banks, Virginia M. '41 

Barber, George P. '51 

Barbour, Mrs. Clifford E. 

Barbour, Janet V '62 

Biu-ker, Eleanor '46 

Baron, Mr & Mis. Leslie 0. '80 '81 

Bauer, Marian E. '38 

Beard, Mr & Mis. Robert M. '64 '64 

Beatty, Carol E. '71 

Beaty, Karen E. '94 

Beaulieu, K. Jean '68 

Beck, Charlotte H. 

Beck, Roland A '34 

Beckwith, Mr & Mrs. Howard 

Bell, Mary '63 

Bellerjeau, Jeanne V '45 

Bender, Mr & Mis. Joseph M. '53 '52 

Benn, Donald G. '31 

Bennett R. Gregory '87 

Bennett, Thomas V '73 

Beno, Mary M. 

Benton, Mildred '51 

Bergman, Mr & Mis. Eric L. '66 '66 

Berkemeier, Linda C. '70 

Berry, Chad 

Bertelkamp, Mr & Mis. Heniy F. 

Best, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. '68 '72 

Best, Lynn Ann '36 

Bianco, Thelma R. 

Birch, Susan '64 

Bird, Mr. & Mis. Robert J. '49 '49 

Bishop, Patricia A '57 

Black, David & Marty 

Black, Mr. & Mrs. Donald F '45 '45 

Blackburn, Elizabedi R. '38 

Blackwood, Leiand C. '76 

Blair, Kathleen R. '83 

Blanchard, Mr & Mis. John 

Blankenship, Mr & Mrs. C. Hall '64 '62 

Bogart, Lloyd M. '65 

Boggs, Betty L. '56 

Bogia, Benjamin R '56 

Bollman, Mr & Mrs. Jay W. '58 '59 

Bombick, Elizabeth R. 

Bouch,Mr.&Mrs.DanielJ. '85 

Bounds, Lilybel '47 

Bowers, Col. & Mrs. Wilbum R. '60 '58 


Brace, CaroljTi '53 

BrahiUTis, Rev. & Mrs. Harry G. '50 '53 

Brake. Lena '52 

Brallier. Hugh 

Branch, L. Jean '51 

Braun & Associates, Inc. 

Breazeale, Jefferson I. '47 

Breckenridge, James M. '57 

Brickev, William T. '56 

Bridges, Kathrj'n A. '69 

Briggs, Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. '33 '34 

Briggs, Jeffrey E. '87 

Brighl, Mr & Mb. Russell J. '68 '67 

Brinifield, Charles H, '39 

Brock, Laura E. '89 

Brooks, Dr & Mr. H. Waixi '72 

Brown, Clyde R. '43 

Brown, Douglas C. '73 

Brown, Robert 0. '51 

Browne, James G. '49 

Brownlie, Dr. & Mrs. A. R. '42 

Bruce, Joe 

Bry-Nildsen, Martin '38 

Bryan. J. Thomas '37* 

Bryant, Timothy .M. 

Buckles, Justin T '97 

Buffat, Rev, & Mrs. Roy S. '57 

Bullock, Kathy 

Bullock, Mar^'Jay '53 

Bunge, L. Allen '73 

Burden Family Reunion Organization 

Burgreen. Charles L. '■« 

Burkliart, Dr. & Mrs. Patrick H. 

Burlingham, Mern' '68 

Burnett, L. Jacquelene '54 

Butman, Florence E. '37 

Cable, James L 

Caldwell, M. Helen '42 

Calhoun, Doris '52 

Campbell, Mr. & Mrs. James E. '79 '79 


Canon, Paul M. '79 

Carhart, Estelle '36 

Carl, Mr & .Mrs. R. Richard '77 '79 

Carmack, Mr & Mrs. Jim 

Carrick, Mr. & Mi?. Alexander M. '76 '76 

Gary, Mama '71 

Case, Mary E. '47 

Cassile. Helen H. '45 

Casteel. Rocky '90 

Castle, LorettaF '48 

Catlin. Herbert H. '55 

Cayll. Ruth 

Chamberlain, Mr & Mrs. Richard 

Chambers, Henrietta '55 

Chapman, Donna '47 

Charles, Mabel '32 

Chesnun, Margaret A. '81 

Childress, Denver R. '59 


Christoffeison. Mary C. '69 

Chua, Rogelio Y. 

Claiborne. Maria '35 

Clark. Or & Mrs. Robert C. '64 '63 

Clark, Robert E '55 

Clarke. Anne B. '43 


Clinton, Mary J. '69 

Coates, Dona L. '60 

Coffey. Sarah L. 

Cohen. Linda '68 


Coleman. Kitt\'L. '93 

Coles. Deborah S. '86 

Compher. M. Keen '64 

Conklin.JamesW. '57 


Conway Ezelle '41 

Cooley Grace '43 

Cooper. Althea '43 

Cooper. Gerald H. '64 

Cooper. Kenneth L. '43 

Cooper. Col. & Mb. Robert H. '71 '72 

Copeland. Mr. & Mb. Harold W, '65 '38 

Corbitl, Mb. Maurice 

Cornish. Mr. & Mb. Allen L. 

Corrigan. Mr & .Mb. Daniel P 

CothroU, Victoria A. '65 

Cotton, MwilynL. '67 

Coul, Bette B. '49 

Counts, Mr & Mb. Lynn B. '55 '58 

CounLs, Norris L. '54 

Coup, James '62 

Covert. WilhamO. '66 

Covington. James N. '74 

Co.x. Mr. & Mb. Roy W. 

Cox. Ruth '36 

Cragan. Thomas M. '41 

Crass, Mr & Mrs. Ronnie 

Crawford, Mr & Mb. Daiid N. '69 '72 

Crawford, Dorothy '35 

Crawford. Mr & Mb. Duncmi 

Crawford. Elizabeth '71 

Crawford. Janice '42 

Creecy, M. Janie '70 

Crespo, Mr & IVIb. Daiiilo A. 

Crews. Linda Mae '97 

Crews, Ruthellen '49 

Cropper. Alan G. '69 

Cross. Prof. & Mb. Frank M. '42 '47 

CrotheB. Robert R. '33 

Crotinger. Carolyn S. '49 

CTI, Inc. 

Culver-Dyer Securities. Inc. 

Cuminings. Mb. John 

Cummings. Martha C. '55 

Curtis. Emma M. '55 

Dadisman. PhyllisJ. '53 

Daniels. Jessie '40 

Dialing. Mary E. '6l 

Davies. Charles M. '69 

Davies. Howard L. '39 

Davies, Marilyn '55 

Davis. Charles 1. '40 

Davis.Joan M. '57 

Davis, Mr. & Mb. Wayne L. '74 '74 

Dawson, William N. 

Dax. Bettys. '73 

Day, Melanie '75 

Dearcopp, Janet M. '64 

Dcfenderfer, Victor R. '31 

DeForest, Anne L. '42 

Demer, James '55 


Depue, Fred M. '47 

DerPilbosian. Phil '69 

Devilbiss. Douglas M. 

Dewees. Col. & Mrs. Raymond '42 '45 

DiCarlo, Philip A. 

Dickinson,Julia '32 


Dixon, Hubert E. '86 

Dockter, Albert W. '47 

Doig, Mr & Mb. Glenn W. '74 '74 

Dondero, Mr & .Mb. Joseph 

Doolittle, M. Pauline '40 

Domer, Mr & Mb. Stephen R. '69 '67 

Douglas, Mr & Mb. Steven C. '74 '77 

Downey Oil Company 

Doyle. Faye '50 

Drake, Emily M. '52 

DuBois, Robert E. '48 

DuBois, Zenobia '46 

Duckett. Charles '50 

Duke, Peggy-Ann W. '53 

Duling, Majors Mrs. Thomas M. '77 '77 

Dunbar, Daniel G. '53 

Duncan. Barbara M. '52 

Duncan, Hubert L. '32 

Duncan, Kenneth L. '41 

Dunning, William S. '34 

Durant, Dr & .Vlrs. Jack D. '53 '53 

Durham, Eugenia '6l 

Dykstra,TenyL. '61 

Eanes, Rev & Mb. Cecil 0. '43 '42 

Earisman, DelbertL. '51 

Easter, Stuart C. '76 

Easter. Wallace E. '44 

EbeBole. Mark C. 

Edwards. Frances '45 

EggeB, Dr & Mb. Frank .M. '67 '69 

Eldridge, Judith E. '60 

Ellison. DaridJ. '66 

Emmert, Robert S. '61 

England, Dr & Mrs. MaBhdl C. '54 '55 

English, Walter E. '52 

Enloe, Rev. & Mb. W. Winton '49 '48 

Ernest. Mr. & Mb. W. Nelson '48 '48 

Erwin, Jenny L. '68 

Estes, Ernestine '37 

Etheredge, Mr & Mb. James H. '40 '41 

Eding, Mr & Mb. William H. 

Evans, Thomas T '59 

Everett, Heather M. '97 

Everett, Wood '41 

Fairchild, Eleanor D. '29 

Farrar. Sarah '51 

Farris, CharlesJ. '60 


Fell, Harry I. '29 

Ferehee, Susan J. '69 

Fichter, Margallen '56 

Fields, Harriet E. '47 

Finertie, Robert W. '57 

FiBt Preskterian Church - Lewisburg, TN 

FiBt, Marie A. 


Fisher. John H. '40 

Fhmag;in. Clyde H. '62 

Flatt, Mr & Mb. Charles M. 

Fleck. Peggy '48 

Fleming. Philip M. '40 

Flickinger. Dr & Mb. Ted L. 

Flood. Charles A. '51 

Flurkey Dr & Mb. EmeBon C. '53 '55 

Foothills Travel. Inc. 

Ford, Donald R. '56 

FoBter. Col. & Mrs. Frederick 

Fort, Joan A. '52 

Fortney Janet E. '82 

Fox. Mr & Mb. Paul H. '38 

Francis, Dr & Mb. Robert B. '43 '43 

Franks, Mildred L. '63 

Frantz, Nancy '73 

Fredericks, Margaret '52 

Freeman, Mary J. '54 

Freeman, Mr & Mb. Robert 

Frey, Mr R. Wayne & Ms. Jane Reynolds '66 '66 

Frissell, Charles R. '57 


Fulgham, M. Louise '46 

Fuller ArlineR. '36 

Futcher. Joseph M. '65 

Gabbard, Eugene E '29 

Gallaher & Associates 

Galyon, Mr & Mb. Kent 

Galyon, Marias. '89 

Gamble, Grace '29 

Garlinghouse. Gail '68 

Gamer. Mr & Mb. George W. '41 '39 

Gamer. R. Mack '71 

Gash. Marion A. '34 

Gash. William H. '76 

Gates. David E '54 

Gates. Dr & Mb. G. Kenneth 

Gawet, Monica J. 

George, C. Frank '44 

Gerra, Mr & Mb. Martin J. 

Gilded MirroB. Inc. 

Giles. Mr & Mb. Ronald 

Gill. Deborali '72 

Gill, N. Kay '58 

Gillespie, Jean H. '69 

Gillette. George E '48 

Gilmour.John C. '60 


Glass, AmeliaA. '33 

Goddard, Carrie Lou 'H 

Goddard, Robert N. 

Godwin, W. Thad '52 

Goldsmith, John H. '80 

Golletz, Moma '73 

Gombert, Carl 

Gonos, James W. '77 

Goodwin, Melody '69 

Gose, Kathryn 

Gossweiler Richard C. '63 

Graham, Helen C. '41 

Grant, Mr & Mb. Mike 

Gieadiouse, Charles R. '56 

GreenhiU, Mary A. '53 

Greenlaw, Eliz;ibeth D. '36 

Gteeno, E;imie '73 

Giesham, Rebecca '49 

Griffin, Elizabeth '45 

Giosh. Frances '44 

Groves. David 


GufTin. Janet '76 

Guillaume. Mr & Mb. Bmce W. '76 '81 

Guinter.John M. '42 

Gutlimann. Roberta '42 

Guthrie. M. Rudi '32 

Hack-worth. Mr & Mb. William M. 

Hague. Bradford B. '74 

Hahn. Clement F '41 


Hall. Shirley '48 

Haniory. Mr & Mb. Eugene M. 

Hancox. Mr & Mb. Jack D. '50 '47 

H:uiler. Phyllis R. '42 

Hardie, Mary '37 

Hardin, Mr & Mb. A.B. '57 

Hardy George H. '57 

Harman, Charles W. '56 

Hamion, William E. '57 

Hiuper, June '43 

Harris, David C. '67 

Harris, Judy L. '68 

Harris, Martha P. '34 

Harris, Page '82 

Hart, Robert L. '67 

Harvey, Judith '65 

Hassail, Mr & Mrs. Robert E. '58 '58 

Hawkey Edward R. '71 

Hawkins, John A. '43 

Hawkins, Lynn '76 

Hayes, A. Joy '52 

Haynes, William J. 

Heaps, Henrv' W. '51 

He;mi, Mildred '32 

Hein, Winifred A. '45 

Heird, William C. '58 

Heiss, Virginias. '48 

Helwig, Mr & Mrs. David E '53 '56 

Hemphill, Ingrid '67 

Hendereon, Richard R. '57 

Henley, Shirley '44 

Henschen, Dr & Mrs. Hal '41 '42 

Hensley, Mr & Mrs. H. L, 

Herdman, Allan W. '30 

Herzberger, Robert D. '47 

Hickory Construction, Inc. 

Higerd, Mr & Mrs. RobertJ. '59 '60 

Hill, Mr & Mrs. Donald J. '59 '59 

Hinger, Millicent 

Hitchens, Mr & Mrs. Kenneth R. '67 '67 

Hoaster, Elizabeths. '56 

Hoglan, Ruth E. '42 

Hogue, Rev & Mrs. James L. '48 '46 

Holden, Sarah A '66 

Holland, M. Elizabeth '50 

Holsinger, Rev & Mr. Charles W. '52 "53 

Homans, Martha '50 

Hook, Glenn L. '34 

Hooker, IlaG. '41 

Hopkins, Mr & Mis. James W. '56 '57 

Horn, Dr & Mrs. Charles S. '56 '57 

Houbler Patricia B. '40 

Houdeshel, William R. '49 

Howard, Carolyn A '54 

Howell, Mr & Mrs. George B. '34 '34 

Bower C. Jane '45 

Howlaiid, Anne W. '55 

Huff, Carolyn B. '65 

Hughs, Rev & Mrs. Dan T. 

Hughs, G. Catswell 

Hummel, Nancy D. '69 

Humphrey, Fay '88 

Humphreys, David M. '41 

Hunt, Elizabeth '34 

Hunt, Rev & Mrs. George L. '40 '41 

Hunter Robert A '47 

Hunter, Mr & Mrs. W. Max 

Huskey, Joseph E. '43 

Hutchison, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. '65 '71 

Mutton, Elizabedi '56 

Huxtable,MaryE. '58 

Hyatt, Don D. '50 

Irshay, Phyllis C. '45 

Isenhart, Judith '60 

Jackson, ElizabethJ. '76 

Jackson, Jeanne L. '47 

Jackson, Mary E. '46 

Jackson, Mary S. '6l 

Jackson, Morse R. '56 

Jacobus, Philip M. '77 

James, Mary E. '69 

Jamieson, Bettyl.'45 

Jarvis, The Honorable & James H. 

Johnson, Constance R. '38 

Jolinson, Estle L. '39 

Johnson, Galen W. '52 

Johnson, Dr & Mrs. Kenneth 

Johnson, Mr & Mrs. Leonard W. 

Johnson, Ralph A '68 

Johnson, Virginia L. '44 

Johnston, Christy '70 

Johnston, Dan E. '6l 

Jones, Mr & Mn>. Richard E. '59 '60 

Kabelka, Melba '46 

Kasper, Sherryl D. 

Kaye, Carolyn B. '49 

KeelyMr&Mts.JohnL ■49'49 

Kehler, Bradley R. '74 

Keightley, Vannie T. 

Kelso, Sarah '6l 

Kennedy Robert N. '71 

Kerr, John A '67 

Ketchum, Dr & Mis. Lawrence R. '42 '43 

Keyser, Mr. & Mis. Ronald 

Kidder, Mr & Mis. Pauls. '51 '53 

King, David C'93 

King, Mar)' K. '34 


Kipp, Howard W. '34 

Kirkhart, Kathryn A '76 

Kitchen, Steven D. '75 

Klein, Cornelia P. '56 

Klein, Gail J. '70 

Kling, MarciaL'56 

Koopman, Rev & Mrs. David L. '71 '71 

Kramer, Lloyd S. '71 

Kramer, Mr & Mrs. Roy E '53 '53 

Kren.JohnF '63 

Krysinsky, Patricia 

Krywicki, Nancie M. '72 

Lacy, Drury B. '78 

Lambert, Rev & Mis. Guy E. '43 '42 

Lambetli, Eugenia R. 

Lamont, RobertJ. '41 

Lance Cunningham Ford 

Landgraf, Nana W. 

Larrowe, Agnes '30 

Laster, Dis. James H. & Madlon '56 '56 

Lawrence, Ruth '36 

Lawson, Mr & Mrs. DanielJ. '57 '72 

Layman, Robert E. '77 

Leatherwood, Janice M. '49 

Lehman, Harvey E. '41 

Lehr, Robert D. '52 

Leon Williams General Contractors 

Leonard, Bishop C. "77 

Leonard, Dorothea C. '45 

Lester, Mr & Mrs. James P. '51 '51 

Lester, Sherman N. '51 

Lewis. Agnes '23 

Lewis, Elizabeth M. '37 

Leyen, Dr & Mrs. Robert F 

Ubert, William H. '70 

Llewellyn, Rev & Mrs. Ralph M. '36 '36 

Lloyd, Mr & Mrs. Eric D. 

Lloyd,J. Vernon '41 

Lloyd-Sidle, Patricia '74 

Lougli, Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. 

Lovingood, Mr & Mrs. S. Harris 

Lowry, Steven A '79 

Lugo, Jane M. '50 

Lundberg, Bruce N. '58 

Lunsford,JohnieB. '54 

Lynch, Minnie-Lou '38 

Lynn, Nancy T. '45 

Lynt, Benjamin A. '44 

Lyons, E. Vaughan '40 

Mabry, Dr & Mis. C. Charlton '50 52 


Mair Robert H. '43 

Malcom, Nona '62 

Malheiro, Mr & Mrs. Michael F 

Mallinson, Mr & Mrs. Stephen H. '74 '76 

Manning, James H. '44 

Marble, ShirleyJ. '53 

Marsh, Joy 

Marshall, Kent G. '72 

Maishall, Margaret H. '36 

Maiston.Joan '59 

Martin, Mr & Mrs. James R. 

Martin,JanetE. '51 

Martin, Janie '39 

Martin-Wener, Luq B. '28 

Massey E. Frances '34 

Madiieson, Carol '70 

May Mr & Mrs. Edward G. 

McAfee, Wayne C. '51 

McBride. Richard W. 

McCahan, David F '60 

McCall, M. Ruth '39 

McCammon, Mr & Mrs. Gavin 

McCarter, Mr & Mrs. Scott E. 

McCarty, Martha E. '37 

McClune, Ellen E 74 

McCordic, Betsy '45 

McCreery, Linda '75 

McCroskey Mrs. David 

McDaniel, Mr & Mrs. Donald L. '73 '74 

McDaniel, Mr & Mrs. John D. '42 '45 

McFarland, Lewis M. '58 

McKean, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. '56 '55 

McKee, Mr & Mis. James W. '50 '49 

McKieman, Colin B. 

McLeod, Robert L. '58 

McLiverty, Marian R. '44 

McMaster, Mr. & Mrs. William M. '56 '53 

McMichael, Christopher B. '97 

McMillan, Lyndall '43 

McMillan, Mr & Mrs. Roderick E. '54 '55 

McNiell, Helen A '84 

McWUhams, Arthur C. '55 

Meador, Mr & Mrs. Jerry 0. 

Meeks, Wilkison '37 

Megaw, Evelyn R. '48 

Merwin, Paul L. '53 

Meyer, Gary R. '68 

Mignery, Suzanne L. '72 

Miller, Rev & Mrs. Bruce R. '53 '53 

Miller, Karl W. '67 

Miller Kathleen M. '83 

Miller, Mr & Mrs. M. Davis '68 '69 

Miller, Marjorie '36 

Miller, Ralph E. '72 

Millin, Paul H. '66 

Minear, Catharine E. '39 

Minor, Randall G. '73 

Mize, Bobby L. '56 

lUize, Margaret C. '42 

Monk, Phillip M. '74 

Montgomery, James E. '40 

Moore, Dudley S. '42 

Moore, Mr & Mrs. James C. '69 '69 

Moore, Rachel A. '67 

Moran, Sheri '81 

Morefield, Mr & Mrs. Glenn D. '71 '72 

Morgan, Frances R '51 

Morgan, Mary L. '40 

Morgan, Ruth E. '53 

Morgan, WiUiamD. '37 

Morley, Dr & Mis. Ronald B. '57 '56 

Morris, Dr & Mrs. Terry L. '64 '63 

Morrison, John H. '49 


Mosher, Mr & Mrs. Thomas S. '88 '91 

Moss, Mr & Mrs. Dean 

Mountain Hwy. Veterinary Hospital 

Mover, Mary E. '57 

Moyers, Mr & Mis. .Michael C. '65 '65 

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church 

Mueller Barbara A '59 

Muir, Robert B. '59 

Munn, Sarah '47 

Murphey Elizabeth D. '56 

Murphy Nina '35 

Murray, Rev & Mrs. Carl C. '48 '47 

Musgrave, Katherine '41 


Neff, Robert C. '50 


New Bethel Church 

Nicholas, Dr & Mrs. Robert B. '68 '69 

Nichols, Deborah S. '72 

Nicholson & Gamer 

Nicholson, Gamer & Duggan 

Nieto, Grace A '53 

Norris, Mr & Mrs. Anthony M. '79 '80 

Northcutt, Isabel '57 

Nugent, Christine 

Nye, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond C. '71 '71 

OdelkJohnE. '38 

Opitz, Edmund A '36 

Osbom, Robert H. '52 

Osterhaus, JacqueUne S. '87 

Overholt, Robert M. 

Owenby Don '58 

Owens, Sarah C. '72 

Oxendine, Sue '62 

Packard, Raymond A. '50 

Page, Mr & Mrs. Harry M. '6r6l 

Papa, Elizabedi 

Pardoe, Dorothy A. '53 

Park, B. Choi 

Park,Dr&Mrs.PeterJ. '68'70 

Parker Jean '43 

Parker Mrs. Russell D. 

Parkinson, Joan '47 

Parks, C. Eugene '52 

Parse, Katherine L. '6l 

Parsons, Mr & Mis. Alan 

Parvin, Mr. & Mis. Charles C. '50 '50 

Pate, Dr & Mrs. George P 

Patterson, Eisa '41 

Patteison, Sara E. '44 

Pahilski, Katherine A. '49 

Paul, H. Edward '64 

Pearson, NealeJ. '52 

Peck, Ann '53 

Pelton, M. Loretta "49 

Penhalurick, Darhne G. '37 

Pennock, William R. '59 

Pepper Geraldine B. '43 



Perry', M. Isabelle '40 

Perry, Thomas L. '57 

Pelitt, Bruce A. '84 

Phillips, Robert B. '69 

Pierce, Ellen W. '33 

PiggcJoyceA. '67 

Pike, .Mr & Mr. Charles D, 

Pireni;m, Ullian '37 

PI;Lstl-I,ine. Inc. 

Pixigomy, George '58 

Ponton, Robert A. '76 

Poole, Fletcher T. '52 

Pope, George M. '46 

Popken, Margaret L. '60 

Porterfield, Clifford E. '49 

Potter, Mildred '48 

Pounds, Janet L. '64 

Powell, Elaine W. '45 

Powell, Lacy D. '48 

Pratcher, Ann '71 

Price, Grace A '78 

Proffitt, Mr. & Mrs. John W. '41 '68 


Prjor, Mr & Mrs. James W. '66 '68 

Pullan, Joyce '50 

Putman, Gayle S. '64 

Qu;irles, Dr & Mb. Dan R. '68 '67 

R:ibun-Lind, Sandra J. '83 

Racisz, Mr & Mrs. Stanley F. 

Rademacher, Mr. & Mrs. Paul 

Ragain, Rachel K. '42 

Rago, Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. '64 '64 

Rahn, Timotliy W. '79 

R;inisey, Rev. & Mrs. David A '55 '58 

Ramsey, Ryland E. '38 

Ramsey, Mr & Mrs. William E. '89 '87 

Rankin, L. I. 

Ray Ruth Huff '42 

Raybom, Mr & Mis. Kenneth H. 

Raynal, Florence I. '53 

Reaser, Clarence L. '52 

Reeves, Mr. & Mis. Joel E. '57 '57 

Reeves, Mr & Mis. Thomas R. 

Regenbrecht, Rose E. '45 

Rehm, Dr & Mis. Bradford E. '63 '63 

Reid, Mr&.Mrs.JackD. '50 

Reinhardt, Josephine D. '43 

Reinhardi, Mary M. '82 

Renfro, Mr & Mis. James C. '38 '38 

Renfro, Roma 

Residence Life Staff, Aspen Music Festival - 

As;)en, CO 
Rettke, Dr & Mis. Gordon H. '49 '49 
Rhodes, Fred W. '73 
Ribble, Richiuxl B. '51 
Rich, Dr & Mrs. Wilham B. '42 '41 
Richardson, Cheryl L. '82 
Richardson, Mary Jo '52 
Rickards, Filher 
Ridgely Deborah '73 
Rineer, Daniel A '65 
Rivers Advertising Specialties 
Roberts, Evelyn J. '32 
Robinson, Norma Lou '53 
Rock, Mr & Mrs. Walter L. '43 '44 
Roe, Mr & Mrs. Michael R. 
Rogers, Eloise E. '41 
Rogers, LauraA '52 
Roselli, George C. '6l 


Ross, Kenneth W '48 

Ross, Mr & Mis. Mike 

Row;in, Mary '43 

Rowley, Richard E '50 

Royce, Alice E. '71 

Ruffner, RlcRodney '75 

Russell, A. Eugene '53 

Rus.sell, Mr & Mis. David G. 72 '72 

Russell, G. Lamar '41 

Russell, JamesA '59 

Sabatelle, Patricia '74 

S;uiiples, Robert F '59 

Sams, Howard L. '38 

Saunders, Dr & Mis. Raymond D. '49 '49 

Scheideler, Mr & Mis. Joseph L. '65 '67 

Schellenger, Mary '43 

Schloegel, Carol L. '64 

Schmied, Lori A. 


Schooler, Barb:ira L. '60 

Schulte, Barbara L. '68 

Schultze, Vickie D, '91 

SchwatTwalder, Robert W. '43 

Scruggs, Mr & Mis. Richard F '48 '46 

Scully Ruby '83 

Second Presbrterian Church-ChattanoogaTN 

Secrest, Leroy V. '47 

Shackelford, Beck7 R '90 

Shackelford, Rev & Mrs. Edgar P '56 

Sh:ickelford.W Randolph '83 

ShaferJonD. '58 

Sharer, Mar)' H. 

Sharp, Mary E. '42 

Sharpe, Larry S. '70 

Shaver, Phyllis A '43 


Shelton, Robert M. '55 

Shew H. Sue '52 

Shiba, Kathie E. 

Shields, Judge & Mis. Perry 

Shields, Mr & Mni, Stanley B. '37 '37 

Shields, Mr & Mis. Willi;im H. '51 '52 

Short, Robert B. '41 

Shorten, M.Virginia '43 

Sieber-Ford, Elizabeth '83 

Simmons, Jacqueline E. '97 

Simms, Carol S. '87 

Simpson, Terry L. 

Sinclair,JaneE. '43 


Skillem, Lyn '40 

Shfcis, Virginian, '50 

Smalling, Mr & Mrs. John D. 

Smartl, Eleanor V '43 

Smeltzer, Dr. & Mis. C.C. 

Smith, Barbara M. '55 

Smith, Barbaras. '70 

Smidi,Dr&Mrs.EdgarW. '60'6l 

Smith, Mr & Mr. Glenn D. '50 '50 


Smith,. Margaret '45 

Smith, Miri:im '41 

Smithee, l,arry 

Smock. Mr & Mr. Richaid C. '74 '74 

SmooLJohn M. '67 

SmyrI, Rev & Mb. Robert R. '36 '40 

Snell, Fred M. '42 

Snow Mr & Mr. Robert E, '71 '71 

Snyder, Ercelle ',34 

Soud, Mr & Mrs. Stephen E. 

Spangenberger, Sandra '64 

Spencer, Mr & Mr. Jack N. '65 '67 

Spencer, Jeannine '54 

Spining. Martha E. '57 

Spurling, E Margaret '58 

Stansbury, Lynda '71 

Steakley Ralph D. '41 

Stephens, Earl H, '47 

Stephens, Otis H. 

Stephens, Sarah J. '50 

Steptoe, Margaret '60 

Stewart, Charlotte '60 

Stewart, J. R 

Stewart, KeliJ. '97 

Stewart, Mary Ellen '45 

SUfller, David R. '71 

Stinnett, Mr & Mr. Larry R. 

Stocum, Helen D. '66 

Stoelting, Anne '62 

Stovall, Dr & Mr. Thomas E '50 '49 


Sturgeon, Mr & Mr. James M. 

S\v;mn, .Mr. Eugene 

Sydnor, Willi;unC,'31 

Talley LI. & Mr. George N. '69 '69 

Talley Michael M, '61 

Tahnage, Dr. John & Sylvia "61 '62 

Talmage.John E. '34 

Talmage, Williams. '35 

Tanner, John D. '63 

Tarwater, Dr & Mr. 0. Reed '66 '66 


Taylor, Sherrillyn '58 

Tedford, Mr Sidney & Dr Barbara '57 '57 

Tennessee Marble 

Tepper, Fred R. '60 

Terwedow, Mi. & Mb. Henry A. 

Thalacker, Lorraine '65 

The Appraisal Company 

Theal, Charles T '38 

Thomas, Mr & Mr. Ray D. 

Thompson, Janet '56 

Thompson, Malcolm C. '44 

Thorpe. Gabriel '80 

Throne, Pauline L. '34 

ThuRton, Mr & Mrs. James R '51 '53 

Tibbetts, Marjorie '40 

Tinley. Mr & Mr. Gordon F '70 '71 

TmleyJaneE. '43 

Todd, Carol B. '68 

TolhuRL Dr & Mr. G, Frederick 

Toomey, Kent E. '57 

Torrey Marilyn '48 

ToweR Perrin 

Travel Mr & Mr. David M. 

Trent, Kathryn A '38 

Trentham, Dorothy L, '52 

Trinter Christine C. '42 

Tripp. Mr & Mr. Robert W. '34 '33 

Trotter.JohnC '95 

Trump, Dorothea R. '37 

Tlimer Eliz:ibeth A '58 

"Mn City Nissan 

U. S. Cellular Telephone Company 

Valentine, Earl H. '51 

van Aken, Susan '83 

Van Cise, Ohver R. '43 

Vaughn, Edward C. '43 

Vaughn, Emmet R 

Vennema, Mary Holly '50 

Vickrey, Mr. & Mr. Barry R. 

Vogado, Marjorie '41 

do, Mr. & Mr. Paul '75 '74 
Vooihees, Edwaid A '47 * 
Vousden, Katherine '56 
W^oner, Leland T '38 
Wagner, Jennie L. '55 
Waldo, Mary C. '33 
Walker. Cathy '69 
Walker, Clifford C. '34 
Walker, .Mr & Mr, Donald G. ■5r50 
Walker, Marian B. 
Walker, Thomas M. '81 
Walker's Supply Company 
Wallace, Hal M. '51 
Wallace, Larry '52 
Wallace, Robert H. '32 
Wallin, Barbara G. '50 
Walsh, Eunice '33 
Walton, Anne L. '53 
Ward, Maryanne '60 
Warner, Charles A '50 
Warwick, R David '74 
Washburn, Robert W. '69 
Watkins, Richard W. '42 
Watlington. Rosalind '46 
Watson, Morrissa '85 
Watson, Mi. & Mis. Robert H. '61 '60 
Watt, Rev & Mr. J. Robert '41 '37 
Weaver Maigaret '52 
Wegnei, Muriel E. '43 
Weiss, Gilbert E. '47 
Welch, Ml. & Mr. Bemaid E. '49 '49 
Welden, R. B. '43 
Wells, Randall A '65 
Welsh, Elizabeth S. '59 
Welsh, Maiy Sloan '34 
Welte, Roberta '35 
Welton, Elizabedi V * 
Welton, Richard 
Wengert, Betty S. '63 
Werner, Mi. & Mr. Robert A 
West, Anne E. '27 
West, David C. '62 
West, Waltei R '38 
Weston Realty, Inc. 
Weston, Janet A '80 
Weston, Mi. & Mrs. John H. '72 '72 
Whaley, Wendy 
Wheat, Geiald R. '52 
Wheadey Mr & Mr. Jonathan 
Wheadey Mi. & Mis. William C. '56 '56 
Wheelei, Thomas V '48 
Whitakei, Marion L. '36 
White, David A '67 
White, Viola J, '44 
Whitehouse, Lee '56 
Whitman, Wilham T '30 
Whimey Mi. & Mrs. Lucas V '70 '70 
Wick, Henry M. '42 
Wight, Mi & Mr. James A 
Wilcox, Leigh '78 

Wilcox, Di & Mr. Robert L. '41 '41 
Wiley Dr & Mis. James 0. '54 '53 
Wiley Linda G. '81 
Wilks, Matthew C. '97 
Williams. Constance H. '65 
Wilhams, Di & Mr. David N. '56 '57 
Williams, Di & Mr. Donald B. '55 '56 
Wilhams, Etta S. '.39 
Williams, Ohver K. '66 
Williams, Rosemary '43 

• - deceasal 

Willinghara, William W. '51 
Wilson. BrendaL 76 
Wilson. Elaine 0. 
Winstanley, Man' Elizabeth '43 
Winton. Mr. & Mrs. Douglas 
Wishon, Helen E. '39 
Wolfe, Mr, & Mrs. John G. '67 '64 
Wood, Harry C. '33 
Wood, Ralph C. 
Wood, Sharon R, '83 
Woods, Judith A. '71 
Woohird, Louise '74 
Wright, Nath alia '33 
Wyatt, Sue K. 
Wylie, Virginia '68 
Wynian, E Laurence '57 
Wynn. Marsha J. 
Yarborough, Dr. & Mrs. John A. 
Yeavvorth, James T. '50 
Young, M.Joe '87 
Yuhasz. Steven J. '75 
Ziegler, Delores '73 
Ziegler.JohnR. '70 
Zifcak, Mae E. '50 
Zuverink, Mary Ellen '58 


The Maryville-Alcoa College-Community Orchestra 
gratefully acknowledges the following who make 
financial contributions liuring the 1997-98 concert 


Maior Benefactof: S500 and above 

Benefactor; S250-$499 

Patron: S100-S249 

Sponsor; S50-S99 

Donor: S5-S49 


Alcoa Foundation 

DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc. 

Stewart, Mr & Mrs. Jack B. 


Craven, Dr& Mrs. John J. 

Gibson, Dr. & Mrs. Gerald W. 

Millwood, Dr. & Mrs. Roger H. 

Olsen, Nanq 

Proffitt, Mr. & Mrs. Harwell W. '40 


Anderson, William R.'54 
Andrews, Mr & Mrs. Wilham B. 
Badgett.Jr, Judge & Mrs. John N. '40 
Bird, Frank B. & Martha 
Evans Jr.,. Thomas T '59 
Flickinger, Dr & Mrs. Ted L. 
Isbell, Dr. & Mrs. Homer 
Kennedy, Robert N. '71 
Kintner, Dr. & Mrs. Elgin P 
Lambert, Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. '50 
Lamon, Mr. & Mrs. H. F ■40,'4O 
McCammon. Mr & Mrs. Gavin 
Parker, Mrs. Russell D. 
Phelan, Mrs. Jacks. 

Rokes, Jean C. '33 

Schoff, Dr {+) & Mrs. Stuart 

SmalleyDr. &Mrs.J. Bryan 

Smithee, Lany 

Stewart, J. P 

Tolhunst, Dr. & Mrs. G. Frederick 


Best, Lynn Ann '36 


Bushing, Dr & Mrs. Arthur S. '43,'42 

Callaway, Dr & Mrs. Jaines M. '52 

Flynn, Mr. & Mrs. Mike 

Jones, Mr & Mrs. S. Alfred 

Kidd, Lynn A. 

Kinsinger, Mrs. Dan H. 

Pietenpol, Jerrj' L. 

Preston, Mr & Mrs. Stephen 

Proffitt, Mr & Mrs. John W. '4 1 ,'68 

Schoen, Victor R. 

Taddie, Dr & Mrs. Daniel 

Webb. Mr & Mi5. Paul E 

West, Mr & Mrs. Jerry 

Yarborougli, Emily C. 

Yarborough, Dr & Mrs. John A. 


Butman, Florence E. '37 
Gildrie, Pamela D. '69 
McCroskey Mrs. David 
Neilsen, Mary E. 
Swann, Mrs. Eugene 
Williamson, Mr. & Mrs. Max '58 
Wright, Mar)' R. '42 

Scots Club 

The SCOTS Club Includes Alumni, Parents. Friends, 
and Businesses who support Maiyville College's 
tradition of excellence in athletics 

Alexander, J. David '67 

Alexander, Mr. & Mrs. Lamar 

Amos, Keith G. '82 

Anderson, J- T. '52 

Anderson, William R. '54 

Andrews, Mr & Mrs. William B. 

Ashmore, Richard L. 

Badgett.Jr, Judge & Mrs. John N. '40 

Baird, Mr & Mrs. Boydson H. '41 

Balnl, William E. '41 

Barrows, J. Michael '71 

Beaty, Karen E. '94 

Bell, Dr & Mrs. W. Kenneth 

Borden, Mr & Mis. W. Wilson 

Bradford, •mttS. 

Bradley, Mr & Mrs. Joe M. 

Brooks.JasonD. '97 

Brown, Robert L. '35 

Brugner, Mr. & Mrs. Frank 

Callaway James M. '52 

Carver, Richard E '86 

Casteel, Rocky '90 

Clme, W.Scott '92 

Coughlin, 111, Hale S. '76 

Crass, Ronnie & Kim 

Craven, Dr & Mis. John J. 

Crockett,Joey '94 

Davis, Mr. & Mrs. C. iVlichael '68 

Davis, Mr. & Mis. Carle M. 

Findley, Donna M. '82 

Flickinger, Dr. & Mrs. Ted L. 

Gamble, Douglas A '68 & Nina Gregg 

Gibson, Dr & Mrs. Gerald W. 

Goodwin, Mr & Mrs. E. Keith '77, '79 

Gray O'Neal M. '36 

Hess, Martha L. '67 

Hewitt. Ill, Mr & Mis. Carl D. 

Hombuckle, Harrison B. '91 

Isbell. Dr & Mrs. Homer 

Isenberg. Richard C. '51 

Jackson,Jo;in E. '92 

Jackson, M;iry E. '46 

Jackson, Morse R. '56 

KenyJackM. '55 

Kramer, Mr & Mrs. Wayne R. '74,'74 

L:imbert, Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. '50 

Lambeth, Eugenia R. 

LeRoy Mr & Mrs. James 

Libby.AnnabelleJ. '52 

McCroskey Mr & Mrs. Michael A. '82, '82 

Mixner, Mark R. '85 

Morefield, Mr & Mis. Glenn D. '71, '72 

Morris, Ill,J.Skellie '75 

Morrison, Jr, Fred G. '6l 

Moss, Mr & Mrs. Jerry R. 

Moyer, Patrick W. '86 

Murphy, Mr & Mis. Judson B. '39,'37 

Nier Mr & Mrs. Gar\' R. ■71,'71 


Overbey Mr & Mrs. J. Douglas 

Painter, Mr & Mrs. George A 

Paul,Jr., Robert G. '65 

Proffitt, Mr & Mrs. John W. '4l,'68 

Proffitt, Mr & Mis. William E '49,'49 

Ramger, Dr & Mis. Robert C. '56,'70 

Ramsey, Mr & Mrs. RonaldJ. '86, '88 

Rankin, L. I. 

Roberson, Mr & Mrs. David M. 

Rock. Mr & Mrs. Alan E. '49, '48 

Ruffner, RicRodney '75 

Saulsbury, Scott 

Schoen, Victor R. 

Schwam, Sara F '39 

Sexton, Mr & Mrs. Lynn E. '56,'54 

Seymour, Wilham A. 

Shackelford, W. Randolph '83 

Shields, Mr & Mis. Stanley B. '37,'37 

Sigmund, Mr & Mrs. Wayne 

Simmons, Mr & Mis. Danny 

Smith, Dr & Mrs. E. B. '40,'46 

Story, Donald W. '67 

Struse, III, T Bryson '6l 

Sullivan, William R. & Mary Kay 

Taylor.Jr, Samuel K. '39 

Terwedow Jr, Mr & Mrs. Henry A. 

van Aken, Mr & Mrs. Antony 

Wallace, William E. '58 

Waters, Jerry E. '57 

Watts, Mr & Mrs. Clifford 0. 

Webb, Jr, Mr & Mis. E. Leslie '33,'46 

Weston, Jr, Mr & Mrs. John H. '72, '72 

Weston, Mr & Mrs. Thomas W. '83, '86 

Weston Realty, Inc. 

Williams,J. L. 

Wyatt, Sue K. 

Donors by 


Adams, Mr. & Mis. Milton A 

Alexander, Mr. & Mis. Charles 

Alexander, Mr. & Mrs. Lamar 

Anderson, Mr & Mis. James E. 

Anderson. Jr, Mrs. B. E. 

Andrews, Mr & Mrs. William B. 

Andrews, Ruth 

Armistead, Mr & Mis. John M. 

Ayres, Thomas M. 

Baird, Nanq 

Baker, Mike 

Ball, Don and Charlotte 

Barbour, Mrs. Clifford E. 

Beall.Jr., Mr & Mis. Samuel E. 

Beard, Susan J. 

Begalla, Marty 

Beno, Mary M. 

Bertelkamp, Jr, Mr & Mis. Henr\' E 

Bird, Frank B. and Martha 

Bishop, Joy ,M. 

Black, David & Marty 


Bogert, Mr&Mrs.J. C. 

Bolieau, Clifton W. 

Bombick. Elizabeth R. 

Borden, Mr. & Mr. W. Wilson 

Bradford, TbttS. 

Bradley, Joe M.& Terry C. 

Brown, Charles W. 

Brown, Reid 

Brownlie, A. R. 

Bruce, Joe 

Bullock, Kathy 

Burkhart, Dr& Mrs. Patrick H. 

Callaway Marty 

Campbell, Michael 

Camell,Jr, C.Mitchell 

Case, Noel H. 


Clayton, James L. and Kay 

Clymer, Emily 

Cooper, Margaret A 

Corbitt, Mis. Maurice 

Comett, James B. 

Corriher.J. Fred 

Courtenay Ann 

Crane, Frank and Elsie 

Crass, Ronnie & Kim 

Craven, John J. 

Crowder, Dr. & Mrs. W. W. 

Davis, Carle M. 

Dawson, William N. 

Day.James and Carol 

Dean, Susan Thach 

DiCarlo, Philip A 

Duggan, Mr & Mrs. Charles P 

Dulin, Frances W. 

Dungan, Charles B. 

Durand, Bemadette 

Espy, James W. 

Fain, Dr & Mis. Worley 


Fisher, Mr. & Mrs. John W. 

Flickinger, Dr& Mis. Ted L. 

Flickinger, Jr, Ted L. 


FIv-nn. Mr. & Mrs. Mike 

Forster, Col. & Mrs. Frederick 

Fox. Mr. & Mrs. Joe K. 

Fnsstale, Mr. & Mr. Robert H. 

Furgenon. W. T. 

Galfaher. Mr. & Mrs. Roy 

Gales, Dr & Mrs. G. Kenneth 

Gawa Monica J. 

Gibson. Rachel 

Giffen, Lowell L 

Goddari Houston M. 


Goddari Robert N. 

Godfre). Garr,- L 

Goagans. Thomas .M. 

Goleshi. Elaine 

Grahani. Shawn G. 

Gregg, Nina 

Gieshani. Kenneth M. 

Guess. L T. 

Gustafeon, James and Louise 

Hackworth, Wilham .M. 

Haralson III, Dt & Mb. Robert H. 

Hanlin. X. B. 

Harrell. FKiin 

Harrill. William D. and Vera 

Harris, R. W. 

Hartley. Jan 

Haslam II, .Mr, & .Mrs, James k 


Hendriv Gloria Day 

Hensle)-, H, L 

Hill, Morris R. and Family 

Hinger, Millicent 

Hughs, Rev. Dr. G. Carssiell 

Hunter, ,Mr and ,Mrs. W. .Max 

Ingram III, Dr. & Mrs. John 

Isbell, Dr. & Mrs. Homer L 

Ivens. Mr. & .Mrs. Rondel E. 

Janis, James 

Jennings, Arm Hickeison 

JetL Sam H, 

Johnson, George W. 

Jones, Palsv' 

Jones, Mr. & Mis. S. .Alfred 

Jubrxin, RajaJ, 

Keightlev; Vannie T, 

Keller, Mi &, Mrs. John 

Kidd, L)Tin K 

Kintner, Dr & Mt5. Elgin P. 

Kramei: Jackson G. 

Lamb. .Mr. & .Mrs. Kenson Z. 

Lambert. .\te, Harold D. 

Lambeth, Mrs. Samuel 

Land, .Mrs. J. H. 

Landgraf, \ana W. 

Le\w, Robert E. 

Le\en, Dt & .Mr?. Robert E 

Limone, Robert C. andjulie.i 

Little. LawTence E, 

Uoyd-Sidle. Philip 

Manges, Ronald C, 

Martin, k. Da\id 

.Mason. Doug and Mary 

Mathison. Re\-. & .Mis. John T. 

Ma\o, .Mr & Mrs. Robert D, 

McBride, Richard W, 

McConkei', Joan 

McCroske)-. M15. David 

McDonald. Jean G. 

McFeely. Sherry L 


McInt\Te.Jr, Quin 

McKieman. Colin B. 

.Meador. Jen^- and .Marsha 

Miller. .Adeline H. 

Miller .Mr & Mr. Charles W. 

Milligan, Barton 

Millwood, Mr & Mr, Roger H. 

Mitchell, ^S^UiamJ, 

Moody Samuel T, 

Mooney Dorothea 

,\lonow, William E. 



Neilsen, Maiy E, 

Newman, Jr., Mr. & Mr?. Charles C, 

Nielsen, Jane .Ann Evans 

Olsen, Nanq- 

On, Margaret L 

Oerbey Mr & Mrs, J. Douglas 

Cherholt, Robert M. 

Parker. .Mr. Russell D. 

Parsons, .Mr. & Mr, .Alan 

Pate, Dr & Mr. George R 

PatteRon, Vemer and Calli 

Penegar, Mr. & Mr. Kenneth 

Pewin, Harriet 

Phelan, Mr. Jacks. 

Postma, Hemian 

Preston, Mi & Mr. Stephen 


Racisz, Stanley and Ruth 

Raine>-, Mr. S.MR.JohnR. 

Rankin. .Mr. L I. 

Rickards, Esther 

Riedesel. Dr. & Mr. Edward 

RogeR. W. Kent 

Rosacker. Roch- and .Amy 

Rose. Mr. & Mr. Sam 

Ross. -Mr. & Mr. Mike 

Rylee, John G. and Carol .\. 

Sabatka, Robert and Beatrice 

SalyeR-Stoner. Connie 

Sargent. Patricia McGehee 

Saulsbun; Scott 

Sayles, Brad 

Schmutzei John and Susan 


Sharer, .Man H. 

Shell, Mary R. 

Shenvood. .Mi & .Mr. Don E. 

Shields.Judge&MR. Pert}- 

Smalle\'.J. Bnan 

Smalling. John D. and Elsie 

Smith. Mr. & Mr. G. Robert 

Spickaid. .Andrew W. 

Stephens, Otis H. 

Stewart. J. P 

Stewart Mi. & -Mr. Jack B. 

StouL George .A. 

Stuart. Mike 

Swrgeon. Mi & Mr. James 

Sullivan, Wilham R. 

Sutton. Josephine E 

Svoboda. Marjorie E. 

Swann. Mr. Eugene 

Taylor, Gertrude .i 


Thornton, Mi & Mr, John C, 

Thornton, Mr. Lloyd 

TolhuRL Di & Mrs. G. Frederick 

Travel Mr. & Mr. Da\id M. 

Trayloi T. Hamilton 
van .\ken. Mi & ,Mr, Antony 
Van Dorpe, Richard 
Vaughn, Ji, Emmet R 
\ickrey Barry R. 
Walker. Marian Black 
Walls. Carmage and Martha 
WateR, Di Shelton B. 
Webb, Mr. & Mrs. Paul F 
Weems, Mr & .Mr, Lew E, 
Welton, Richard J. 
Wentz, Karen 

Wemei .Mr, & Mr, Robert .A, 
West. Mi & Mr. Steve 
West, Opal D. 
White, Wanen E. 
Whitniore, Harold L. 
Wilson, Elaine 0, 
WinteR, Barbara 
Wisner, Clyde and .Ann 
Wood, Ralph C. 
Woodall. Leslie 
Wright Kristina 
Varbomugh, Di & Mr, John 
Young, Lindsay 
Zook, Walter and Ruth 

Faculty & Staff 

.vnbler. Sus;m H. 
.Appuhn, Ron 
BadiUo. Nana' 
Bay Jeff 

Beat}-, Karen E. '9^ 
Beck, Charlotte H. 
Bern-, Chad 
Bianco, Thelma 
Boldon, Dean 
Bonham, Robert J, 
Brungei C, Scott 
Br\-anL Timothy 
Bimde, Pamela Riess '"9 
Bunde, Terry- 
Case, Laura 
Cate. Cathy PoundeR 
Cale, .Mark 
Chern, E\eh-n '91 
Christison, Steve 
Clark, Linda 
Coffex; Sarah L 
Collins, Ann Marie 
Coning, Lynn King '89 
Cooper, Deitra 
Corio,J. R. 
Cowan, Pegg}- 
Craig. Martha P 
Da\is, Donna Franklin '83 
Doucette, Clarice M. 
Fernandez, Jose .M. 
Franklin, Renee 
Franklin, S. Kelly 
French, Lra 
Frow, Cheryl B. 
Fugate, Stephanie K. '95 
Gar\-. Jeffrey D. 
Gibson. Gerald W. 
Gombert Carl 
Gose. Kathn-n 

Graham. Anna Beasnett 

Guillaume. Bruce W. -^6 

Hess. .Martha '67 

Holt Brace 

Hood. Billie Sue 

Himt Jennifer 

HuRt Eldria 

HuRt Kaye 

Hutchens, Robert L. 

Inscho. Barbara R 

Jacob. Sally E. 

Jones. Elton R. 

Kasper. Sherryl D. 

Keith. .MarciaJ. 

Kemp. Vandy Beard 

Kerr, Rhonda 

Kim, Young-Bae 


Lambert, Randall D. "6 

Lewler, .Andrew- 

.Maher, Margaret A. '^S 

McFalls, Susan G. 

Moore. Linda Clowes '^2 

Moore. Rachel Wood '67 

-Moran. Sheri Trotter '81 

-Morgan, .Ann 

-Morgan, Ingrid 

Moss, Barbara 

Naylot Robert J. 

Nichols, Deborah Steams '^2 

Nichols, John W. '65 

Nickle, Stephen R. 

Nugent Christine 

O'Gorman, .Mark J. 

Papa EUzabeth 

Park. Choi 

Perez-Reilly Elizabeth 

Perr}-, John H, 


Quesada. Darcy- 

Ramgei Robert C. '56 

ReihI. .Alan 

Ribble. .Margie Ste\-enson '61 


Schneibel. Susan 

Schram. Kandis M. '85 

Schrum. Darid R 

Schrum. Kimberiey F 

Se™our, William ,A, 

Shiba. Kathie E. 

Simpson. Teny L 

Smalle}-. Carol -Ann 

Smithee. Lari}- 

Soud. Cathy 

Soud. Stephen E. 

Smart. Beth 

Sullivan. Mar}- Kay 

Sutton. Elizabeth Walker '82 

Taddie, ,Arm 

Taddie, Daniel 

Van Dorpe, Ellen M, 

Waldron, Heather 

WateR, Jerry E. '57 

Welsh, Elizabeths. '59 

West Jennifer Ann Cummings '95 

Whaley Wendy 

Willani Edward N. 

Williamson, JuhaA. 

Wood, Sharon R. '83 

Wj-nn, MaRhaJ, 

Yarixirough, Emily C, 

Former Faculty 
& Staff 

Anderson, Wayne 

Baird, BoyAson H. '41 

Bernard, David E. ;uid Vivian Lanfeai' 

Best, Lynn Ann Brown '36 

Blair, Carolyn L. 


Bushing, Arthur S. '43 

Copeland, Joseph], 

Craven, EUie Morrow 

Crawford, Dorotliy Nethery '35 

Cummings, Margaret M. 

DeLozier, Ruby Lane '37 

Dirksen, Ray 

Ebersole, Mark C. 


Ezell, Samuel Jason '93 

Fulkerson, Jeanne 

Hachenberg, Lynn 

Humphrey, Fay '88' 

Hurst, Etta 

Johnson, Kenneth 

Johnson, Vickre McClelland 


Kinsinger, Mrs. Dan H, 

LibbyAnnabelleJ. '52 

Little, Edith Bums '30 

Massey, E. Frances '34 

McNiell, Sarah Brown '53 

Mooney, WiUiam H. '40 

Mowrey, Thelma N. 

Navratil, Nancy Naylor '54 

Pieper, Mary Gladys Brown '36 

Porter, Scott L. '93 

Price, Harry 

Richardson, Jane G. 

Schoen, Victor R. 

Stuart, Alden 

Walker, ArdaS. '40 

Walker, Melissa '85 

Welsh, Mary Sloan '34 

Wormaii, Ella Thompson '48 

Wyatt, Sue K. 

Young, Irma K. 

Yu, David C. 

Worley, Joan H. 



Ackermann Public Relations 

Airport Honda 

Akins, Tombras & Van Fleet 

Alcoa Foundation 

AlliedSignal Inc. 

American Fidelity Bank 

Anderson Lumber Company 

The Appraisal Company 

Audit Bureau of Circulations 

Baker, Donelson, Beamian & Caldwell 



Biltmore Estate 

Blackwood Agency 

Blount Memorial Hospital 

Braun & Associates, Inc. 

1 997-98 Alumni Giving Percentages 
iViC vs. i\/iodei Colleges 








I T 



I I I I I I I 





30.0% ' 

I _J_ 



J L„ 

05 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 

C & C Trucking Contractors 

Calloway Oil Company 

Cherokee Lumber & Millwork Company 

Citizens Bank of Blount County 

CTl, Inc. 

Culver-Dyer Securities, Inc. 

Cumberland Securities Co., Inc. 

Delmar Haynes Pontiac 

DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc. 

Downey Oil Company 

Ellijay Telephone Company 

First Tennessee Bank-Maryville 

Foothills Travel, Inc. 

Gallaher & Associates 

Gilded Mirrors, Inc. 

The H. T Hackney Company 

Hickory Construction, Inc. 

Home Bank of Tennessee 

Home Federal Bank of Tennessee 

Ivens Construction, Inc. 

J. C. Bradford & Co. 

Johnson & Galyon, Inc. 

Joseph Construction Company 

Knox Rail Salvage, Inc. 

Knoxville News-Sentinel 

Kramer, Rayson, Leake, Rodgers, Morgan 

Lance Cunningham Ford 

Leon Williams General Contractors 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Martin & Company 

McCammon-Ammons Funeral Home 

McCarty, Holsaple, McCarty, Inc 

McNutt Oil & Gas Company 

Muriin's Music World 

Newell Office Products 

Nicholson & Gamer 

Nicholson, Gamer & Duggan 

Pilot Corporation 

The Pittston Company 

Plasti-Line, Inc. 

Proffitt's, Inc. 

Richmont Inn 

Rivers Advertising Specialties 

Shafer Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Smith Mortuary 

SunTrust Bank 

Tennessee Valley Authority 

TWin City Buick-Satum 

Mn City Nissan 

U. S. Cellular Telephone Company 

Union Planters Bank of East TN 

United Cities Gas Company 

Vulcan Materials Co. Mid-South Div 

Walker's Supply Company 

J. R. Wauford Company 

Weston Realty, Inc. 

White Realty & Service Corporation 

Willis Corroon 


Allen Temple AME Church - Woodstock, GA 
The Assembly of die Saints Deliverence 

Church - Villa Rica, GA 
Chapel By the Sea - Ft. Myers, FL 
Children of God Church of God in Christ - 

Knoxville, TN 
Christ Presbylerian Church - Largo, FL 
First Presbyterian Church - Knox-ville. TN 
First Presbyterian Church - Levvisburg, TN 
First Presbyterian Church - Port Richey, FL 
First Presbyterian Church - St. Petersburg, FL 
First Presbyterian Church - Valdosta, GA 
Highland Presbyterian Church - Maryville, TN 
Immiinuel Presbyterian Church - 

Pike Road, AL 
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church - Belmont, NC 
New Bethel Church - Charlotte, NC 
New Covenant Presbyterian Church - 

Knoxville, TN 
New Providence Presbyterian Church - 

Maryville, TN 
Presbyterian Church (USA) - Louisville, KY 
Presbyterian Women in the Congregation of 

Third Presbyterian - Pittsburgh, PA 
Presbytery of East Tennessee 
Second Presbyterian Church - 

Chattanooga, TN 
Second Presbyterian Church - Knox'ville, TN 
Signal Mountain Presbyterian - 

Signal Mountain, TN 
Woodstock Community Church - 

Woodstock, GA 


Addy, Sr, Mrs Thomas E, 
Alexander. Mr & Mis. J. David '67 
Allen, Mr & Mis. J. David '64 
Allred, Mr & Mrs. David 
Anderson, Dr & Mrs. Wayne 
Anderson, Mr & Mrs. Donald G. 
Anderson, Mr & Mrs. John 
Apodaca, iMr. & Mrs. Paul R, 
Archbold, Mr & Mrs. Dennis A. 
Ashmore, Richard 
Bailey Mr & Mis. David J. R. 
Bailey, Sharon Pusey '69 
Baker Mr & Mrs. William T 
Bartlett, Sharon 
Bauer,Jr, Mr &Mrs. Carl 
Beard, Mr & Mis. Don;dd G. 
Beaty, Mr. & Mrs. Robert T 
Beck, Mr & Mrs. Lewis R. 
Beckwith, Mr & Mrs. Howard 
Bell, Dr & Mrs. W Kenneth 
Bell, Mr & Mrs. Oliver R. 
Best, Jr, Mr & Mrs. Edwin J. '68, '72 
Bickford, Mr & Mrs. Randall G. 
Black, Mr & Mrs. Joe 
Blackwood, Jr, Leland C. '76 
Blanchard, Mr & Mrs. John 
Bleazey. John E. '72 
Bolte, Shern- 

Bontrager Dr & Mrs. G. DeWayne 
Boring, Sr, Mr & Mrs. Jesse T. 
Brabson, Mr & Mis. BUI 
Brallier, Hugh 
Brown, Dynna 
Brown, Mr & Mrs. Gary L. 
Brugner Mr & Mrs. Frank 
Brunger Dr & Mrs. C. Scott 
Buckles, James M. 
Buckner Mr & Mrs. Carl 
Buechele, Mr & Mrs. Franz J. 
Burger, Mr & Mis, Larry L. 
Burgess, Mr & Mis. Stephen H. 
Buschle, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence 
Bushing, Dr & Mrs. Arthur S. '43, '42 
Butner, Mr & Mis. Ken 
Buzzard, Mr. & Mrs. Frank T 


Bytd. Mr. & Mrs. James H. 

Cable, J:uiies I.. 

Calhoun, Mr. & Mrs, David J, 

C:uiipbell,Mr. &Mni,Jack 

Cannon, LaTriece 

Canupp, John D, 

Camiack, Mr & Mrs. Jim 

Carr, Mr & Mrs. Dale 

Carson, Mr & Mrs. Joe 

Casey, Barbara T. 

Cayll, Ruth 

Chamberlain, Mr & Mrs. Richard 

Chery, Joseph C. 

Childs, Mary S. 

Christians, Mr. & Mrs. John M. 

Chua, RogelioY. 

Clevenger, Mr & Mrs. Daniel 

Clough, Mr & Mrs. Guy L. 

Clowdis, Ronald D. 

Cobb, Roger 

Cochran, Mr & Mr. Donald 

Cornish, 111, Mr & Mrs. Allen L 

Corrigan, Mr & Mrs. Daniel 

Cotton, Mr & Mrs. Noel 

Coutlee, Eliz;ibeth 

Cox. Mr & Mrs. Roy W. 

Cr:ug Mr & Mrs. Albert 

Crespo, Mr & Mrs. Danilo A. 

Cropper, Mr & Mis. Alan G. 69 

Crowell, Dr & Mrs. Michael D. 

Curtis, Jr, Mr & Mrs. Raymond H. 

Damrill, Mr & Mrs. George 

Damrow, Mr & Mrs. Bruce 

Davey, Mr & Mrs. Williiun 

Davis, Mr & Mrs. Alan W. '87, '83 

Davis, Mr & Mrs. C. Michael 

Davis, Sandra 

Dawson, Mr & Mrs. Joseph M. '69. '69 

De Guzman, Mr & Mrs. Loreto 

Dean. Mr & Mrs. Thomas S. 

DeBold. Mr & Mrs. K. Dan 

Denmark, Carol 

Devilbiss, Douglas M. 

DeWeese, Mr & Mrs. William 0. '64 

Dicus. Mr & Mis. Albert R. 

DiGiacomo. Mr & Mrs. Michael '65 

Dondero. Mr & Mrs. Joseph 

Dunn. Mr & Mrs Lam;ir 

Durden. Mr & Mrs. Jeff 

Ebeling. Carol 

Ev;ins. Mr & Mrs, Walter R, 

Farrar, Mr & Mrs. Lloyd P. 

Ferguson. Judith S. 

Fiedler, Robert J. 

First, Marie A. 

Flatt, Mr & Mrs. Charles M, 

Franklin, Mr & Mis. Gerald 

Freeman. Mr & Mrs. Eamel 

Freeman, Mr. & Mrs. Robert 

French, Mr & Mrs. Jeffery R. 

Fugate, Mr & Mrs. Steve 

Galyon, Mr & Mis, Kent 

Gibson, Gerald W. 

Giles, Mr & Mis. Ronald 

Gilliland, Mr & Mrs. Wes 

Grant. Mr & Mrs. Mike 

Green, Mr & Mrs. Bill 

Green, Mr & Mrs. Johnny 

Green, Mr, & Mrs. Mark 

Greer, Kenneth R. 

Gregory, Mr & Mis. Henry 


Gries, Mr & Mrs. Ed 

Griffin, Mr & Mrs. DwightC. 

Groves, David 

Groves, Patricia 

Halkiades, Mr & Mre. Paul 

Hall. Mr & Mrs. Jerry 

Hall, Mr & Mrs. Phil 

Hall. Mr & Mrs. Thomas M. 

Hamory, Mr & Mrs. Eugene 

Hansel, Jo Ann 

Hayworth, Dr & Mrs. Ray M. 

Hedrick, Mr & Mrs. Willie 

Hees, Mr & Mis. Dan 

Hewa, Mr & Mrs. John D. 

Hewitt, III. Mr & Mis. Carl 

Hicks, Mr S Mrs. John L. 

Hill, kosanne E. 

Hoffmmn, Dr & Mrs. Paul W, 

Hogan, Mr & Mrs. Rudy 

Hollender, li;onard M. 

Hostetter, Mr & Mrs. Michael L. 

Huckaby, Mr & Mrs. Wayne 

Huffmm, Dr & Mis. Hugh L, 

Hughs. Rev. & Mrs. Dan T 

Hunt. Sr, Mr & Mrs. Randall E. 

Hunter. Sr, Hugh 0. 

Ingram 111, Dr & Mrs. John 

Jackson, Mary Elizabeth McKnight '46 

James, Teresa 

Johnson, Carol N, 

Johnson, Jr, Mr & Mrs. tonard W. 

Johnson, Mr & Mrs. Dennis 

Johnson, Mr & Mrs. James Philip 

Kant, Dr& Mrs. Kenneth J. 

Kerr, Dr & Mrs. Larry 

Keyser, Mr & Mrs. Ron;dd 

Kinsinger, Mrs. Dan H. 

Kirby, Elaine 

Krysinsky, Patricia 


Lang, Mr & Mrs. John 

Leitch, David K. 

LeRoy, Mr & Mis. James 

Lloyd, Mr & Mis. Eric D. 

Lough, Mr & Mrs. Ten^' L. 

Lovingood, Mr & Mrs. S. Harris 

Lunsford, Mr & Mrs. Ronnie 

Lyon, 111, Mr & Mrs. Leslie C. 

Macklin, Mr & Mrs. Thom;is L. 

Malheiro, Mr & Mis. Michael E 

Malloyjr, Joseph J. '68 

M;mess, Janel C. 

M;irrison, Mr & Mrs. Willi;im F 

Marsh, Joy 

Martin, Dr. & Mrs. John 

Martin, Mr & Mrs. J;unes R. 

Mathews, Kimberly D. 

Mathis, Mr & Mis. Bany 

May, Mr & Mrs. Edward G. 

McCammon, Mr & Mrs. Gavin 

McCarter. Mr & Mrs. Scott E. 

McCarty. Mr & Mrs. W. Powell 

McClanalian, Mr & Mrs. Robert D. 70, '70 

McCloud, Vicki 

McCollom, Mr & Mis. George T. 

McCrary, Mr & Mis. Glen W. 

McElroy, Mr & Mrs. Joseph 

McKenzie, Mr & Mrs. Mike 

McUmore, Mr & Mrs. Ronald 

McMalion, Mr & Mis. Richard 

Mignery, Mr & Mrs. L. Amold 

Milligan, Mr & Mrs. B. Thomas '73 

Milton, Mr & Mrs. Raymond 

Moore, Linda Clowes '72 

Moiefield, Glenn D. '71 

Morren, Mr & Mrs. Charles E. 

Morris, Mr & Mrs. Victor 

Morrow, Mr & Mrs. Larry 

Moss, Mr & .Mrs. Dean 

Moss, Mr & Mr. Jern' R. 

Muldrew, Mr & Mrs. Donald G. 

Murphy, Mr & Mrs. Eugene 

Murphy, Mr & Mrs. Terrence 

Newton, Nomian H. 

Nichols, Mr & Mrs. Randy 

Obenneyer, Drs. Dennis & Carole 

Obermiller Anne R 

Oden. Mr & Mrs. R. Mickey 

Otto. Mr & Mrs. Richard J. 

Palmer, Mr & Mrs. E. Lee 


Peebles, Dr & Mrs. E Neal 

Pern; Mr & Mrs. Alden 

Pike, Mr & Mrs, Charles D. 

Pitts, Mr & Mrs. Roy E, 

Pringle, Mr & Mr. Bob 


Pnor, Mr & Mrs. James W. '66, '68 

Rademacher Mr & Mrs. Paul 

Ragsdale, Mr & Mrs. Richard E. 

Rau,Jr, Louis B. 

Ray, Mr & Mrs. Richard D. 

Raybom, Mr & Mrs. Kenneth H. 

Reeves, Mr & Mis Thomas R. 

Renfro, Roma 

Rigell, Mr & Mrs. Craig D. '69. '69 

Robbins. Mr & Mrs. Keith 

Roberson, Mr & Mrs. David M. 

Roe. Mr & Mrs. Mike 

Rogers, Mr & Mrs. D;mny 

Rogers, Mr & Mis. Jimmy 

Rumbley, Mr & Mrs, W;irren T. 

Russell, Mr & Mrs. David G. '72, '72 

Sacksteder, Mr & Mis. John 

Sandeis, Mr & Mrs. Richard 

Sandlin, Da\'id 

Sanson, Mr & Mrs. John 

Schott, Dwain C. 

Schott, Mar\' M. 

Schubert, Dorothy Heinbree '59 

Sherrod, Mr & Mrs. Donald 

Shields, Mr & Mis. Robert D. 

Shioush, Marcia G. 

Sigmund, Mr & Mrs, Wayne 

Simmons, Mr & Mrs, Danny 

Smeltzer, Dr & Mis. C. C. 



Smith, Mr & Mrs. Kyle R, 

Smith. Mr & Mis. Ronald 

Smith. Sr. Mr & Mrs. Thomas G. 

Solomon. Linda 

Stephens, Mr & Mrs. Doyle E. 

Stewart, Mr & Mrs. David 

Stinnett, Mr & Mrs. Larry R, 


Striz, Mr & Mrs. Scott 

Studeman, Mr & Mrs. James M. 

Summers, Jean 

Suri, Mr & Mrs. Darshan 

Taylor Lee N. '77 

Tereshko, Mr & Mrs. John 

Terwedow, Mr & Mis. Henry 
Thomas, Mr & Mrs. Ray D. 
Tomlin, Mr & Mrs. Millard 
Tomlinson, Mr & Mrs. Tony 
Tompkins, III, Mr & Mrs. F H. 
Tootle, Harold 

Vineyard, Mr & Mis. William 
Walcutt, Mr & Mrs. Robert R 
Waldroop, Edward L. 84 
Waller, Jr, Mr & Mrs. James H. 
Watts, Clifford and Cherie 
Weaver Jr, Rev. Dr & Mrs. J. Dudley 
Weeks, William Gerald '67 
Wells, Lois R. 

Wells, Mr & Mrs. J. Wayne 
Welsh, Mr & Mrs. Dale 
Welton, Richard 
Wenkstem, Grant E. 
Wertime, Mr & Mrs. Rudolf M. 
Westerling, Mr & Mrs. RichardJ 
Wheatley, Mr & Mrs. Jonathan 
Wheeler Mr & Mrs. David 
White, Mr & Mrs, David W. 
Wight, Mr & Mrs. James A. 
Winton, Mr & Mrs. Douglas 
Woodhouse, Mr & Mrs. Steven N. 
Wright, Mr. & Mrs. Rodney 
WvTin, Dan & Marsha 

Clubs, Groups, 
and Other 

Americ;in .AssociaUon of Liniversit}' Women, 

Manville, TN Chapter 
Blount County Bar .Association 
Burden Fmiily Reunion Organization 
First Forties Generation 
I.VC.F - TN 
Junior Chilhowee Club 
Kiwanis Club of Alcoa 
Kiwanis Club of Maniille 
Residence Life Staff - Aspen Music Festival 

Estate Gifts 

Maiyville College history is porctuated with estate 
gifts. They have all helped the College or its 
journey, smoothing out valleys aod elevating pealss. 
They have provided buildings, prolessorships, 
scholarships, and capital improvements. During 
the 1997-98 fiscal year, Maiyville College leceived 
SI .4 million fram the estates of the lollowiog 

Bird. Stan L '41 

Dean. Katie 

Hitch. Gerline Luckett King 

Kimler William D. '37 

Penland. Lewis S. '33 

Richmond, Miser R. '26 

Wade, Mary Carroll '31 

Matching Gift 

3M Foundation, Inc. 
Ellison. David '66 

Akzo American Foundation 
Clarli, Linda & James 

Alcoa Foundation 
Admis, Milton 
Ashmore, Richard 
Bailey, Linda '69 
Cooper, Everett & Deitra 
Comett,James& Betty '50 
Crisp, Williams Carolyn '61 
Daniron, Jack & Linda '65 
Ellis, Stephen '70 
Guess, L. T 
H;mnali, ke '37 
Jones, Elton 
Jones, S. Alfred 
Kerr, John '42 
Kerr, John & Patricia '67 
Kr;imer, Frank A. '47 
Land, Mrs. J. H. 
Law, R. Eugene '39 
McLemore, Ronald 
McReynolds, Robert P. '33 
Nichols, Timothy 
Owens, Judy '71 
Prewett, Rutli '42 
Ray. Richard E. '52 
Roberts, Charles W. '50 
Roeber, Darla '92 
Smith, G. Robert 
Spickard, D.Jean '45 
Stewart, Jack 
Washburn, Robert '69 
Wilson, W. Warren '82 

Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. 
Merwin, Paul L. '53 

Allstate Foundation 
Kehler, Bradley '74 

ARCO Foundation 

DuBois, Robert E. '48 

Ashland Oil Foundation, Inc. 
Davis, Carle M. 
Davis, C. Michael & Ibby '68 

AT&T Foundation 
Carson, Lucy '51 

Auxier & Associates 

Lambdin, Sheryl '93 

Barnett Bank 

Apodaca, Paul 

Baxter Allegiance Foundation 
Chua, Rogelio 

Bell Atlantic 

Rumbley, Wanen 


Berg, Robert '70 

BellSouth Telecommunications 
Carson, Joe 

Carolina Power & Light Company 
Jones, Richard E. '59 

Chevron U.S.A., Inc. 
V;ls, Edna'51 

CIGNA Foundation 

Lane, J. Quentin '42 
Weissenburger, William '63 
Wilb:mk.s, Curtis B. '53 


Poland, George '6I 

CNG Foundation 

Horn, Elizabeth A. '56 

Cummins Engine Foundation 
Johnston, William '76 
Newkirk, Ellen '84 

Darling Store Fixtures 
Toomey, Kent E. '57 

Dominion Resources, Inc. 
I^atherwood, Richard 

Dow Chemical 

Renfro, James C. '63 

Eaton Charitable Fund 
Dirksen, Ray 

Eli Lilly & Company 
Delaney, Ned A. '71 
Tarwater, 0. Reed '66 

Exxon Education Foundation 
Fiedler, Robert 

PMC Foundation 

Deipilbosian, Phil '69 

General Electric 

Meadows, Naomi (Eric) '49 
Ruggiero, Daniel J. '50 

H. J. Heinz Company Foundation 
Compher, M. Keen '64 

Harris Bank Foundation 
Young, Fred J. '37 

Honeywell Foundation 
Moore, John S. '51 

IBM Corporation 

Donaldson, R, t '62 
Gerra, Martin 
Green, Bill 

International Paper Company 

Crawford, Kathy '94 

J. C. Penney Company 
Counts, Lynn B. '55 

John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 
Arlington, Wm. J. '70 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 
Christofferson, Mary '69 
Cooper, Robert SJulia '71, '72 
Gilliland, David '70 
Keyser, Ronald 
Lewis, SueAnne '66 
Schloegel, Carol '64 

Lorillard Research 
Ihrig, Arthur '63 

Lucent Technologies 
Berg, Linda '69 
Hargis-Kaminski, DeAnn '88 
Miller, David M. '52 

McDonnell Douglas Foundation 
Stout, George 

Medtronic Foundation 
Hitchens. Kenneth '67 
Mallinson, Stephen '74 

Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc. 

Witherspoon, E. Newell & Mary '52, '56 

Metropolitan Life Foundation 
Clopton,J. Malvern '34 

Monsanto Fund 

Hutton, William C. '71 

Motorola Foundation 

Krebs, Eleonore M. '58 


Claud,JosephG. '50 
Fortney, David & Janet '82 
Wegner, Muriel E. '43 
White, Joseph '70 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 
Taylor, Ginger '83 
Huston, Lawrence W. '31 
Spurting, F Margaret '58 

North American Philips Corporation 
Allen,J. David '64 

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 
McGill, Dan '40 

Norton Company 

Johnson, Lincoln M. '38 

Occidental Oil & Gas Charitable Fdn 
Huskey, Joseph E. '43 

Pfizer, Inc. 

Brand, Charles A '47 

Provident Life & Accident Ins. Co. 
Atkins, Nancy & Billy '53 

Raytheon Company 

Moody, Stan & Susan '60 

Reynolds Metals Co. Foundation 
Fox, Paul H. '38 

Rohm & Haas Company 
Marston, Davids. '29 

RR Donnelley & Sons Company 
Crawford, David N. '69 

SAFECO Insurance Companies 
Kennedy, Robert N. '71 

SBC Foundation 
Schuler, Ann '65 

Smithkline Beecham Foundation 
Smith, Joyce '69 

Sprint Foundation 
Fawcett, Ellen '69 

State Farm Companies Foundation 
Ediridge, I/)ttie '58 
Jennings, Ronald C. '55 
Magill,JosephB. '41 
Pope, George M. '46 

Temple-Inland Foundation 
Hardin, A B.& Clara '57 

Time Warner, Incorporated 
McNiell, Helen '84 

Towers Perrin 

Finertie, Robert W '57 

U. S. Borax 

Anderson,J. T '52 

United Technologies 
Canupp, John D. 

Upjohn Company 
Hall, Shirley '48 

UPS Foundation 

Morris, Daniel & Nancy '80, '81 

Vulcan Materials Company 
Lambert, Harold D. '50 

Wells Fargo Foundation 

Laurice, Kadierine A '55 


Appalachian College Association 

Asian Foundation 

The Corella and Bertram F Bonner 

Foundation, Inc. 
Clayton Family Foundation 
Horace Dawson Foundation 
Katie Dean Foundation 
Charies A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc 
H.R.H. Family Foundation 
Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation 
Presbrterian Church (USA) Fdn. 
Ragsdale Family Foundation 
The Katherine & J. R Roddy, Sr. Foundation 
The Thomas F Staley Foundation 
Tennessee Foundation for 

Independent Colleges 
Weiss Foundation 
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 
John & Nevils Wilson Foundation 

Directed Gifts 

Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund 
National Christian Charitable Fund 
The New York Community Trust 
East Tennessee Foundation 
Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation 

Alumni Giving 


Howard, Claire McMurray 


Lewis. Agnes 


Packard. Helena Farrar 


Richmond, Miser R. ESTATE GIFT 

Vinzant, Eugenia Hagood 


Green. Elizabeth Keown 
Hitch. Mary Ann Nuchois 
Welbon. Henry G. 
West, Anne Vanderslice 


Belder. Mildred 
Johnson. Ruth Mayer 
Johnson, WillardM. 
Martin- Wener. Lucy Horton 


Anderson, Lulitia Toole 
Courtenay, Walter R. 
Fairchild, Eleanor [>ahl 
Fell. Harry Ingram 
Gabbard, Eugene F. 
Gamble. Grace 
Going, Mary Carson 
Jeffries, Elizabeth Murphy 
Marston, David S. 
Rusk. Ruth Blake 
Storey, Anna Templin 
Sutton, Algie 
Wood. Mary Swain 
Worobrow, Louise Palmer 


Baker, Margaret Haynie 
Cleere, Anita Counts 
Elzey, Frances Crabill 
Herdman, Allan W. 
Larrowe. Agnes McGuire 
Little. Edith Bums 
Lord. Gladys Graham 
Morrison. Roberta Hickman 
Sloane. Jeannette Moore 
Whitman, Jr. . William T. 


Anthony. Grace Wallace 

Bass, Calvin 

Benn. Donald G. 

Blazer. Conchita Bertran 

Defenderfer, Victor R. 

Gallimore. Dorothy Kellar 

Gilmore, O. Leland 

Henderson, Bertha Lawson 

Hitt. Travis 

Jarvis. Martha Everett 

Marshall. DorothyJ. 

McClellan, Mildred Crawford 

McKeehan. Dorothy Bassel 

Porter. Alice Renegar 

Rankin. Lynn B. 

Sydnor. William C, 

Wade, Estate of Mary Carroll ESTATE GIFT 

Walker, May Belle Frazier 


Baker. Ruby Hitch 
Blair, Louis B. 

Charles, Mabel Hembree 
Cooper, Edward B, 
Cop)eland. Wilma Dick 
Dickinson, Julia Terry 
Duncan, Hubert L. 
Griffitts, Ruby Miller 
Guthne, Ruth 
Haugh, Nelle Garland 
Heam. Mildred MacKenzie 
Julian. Pauline Zachary 
King, Virginia Crider 
Ramsey, Lenore West 
Roberts, Evelyn J. 
Voorhees, Lucy A. 
Wallace. Robert H 
Wells. Ruth Hannah 

1933, Beatrice Dreher 
Briggs, Donald W. 
Crothers, Robert R. 
Glass. Amelia Dickens 
Goddard, Carrie Lou 
Green, Helen Thompson 
Hitch. James W. 
Kalbhenn, Norma Spilatore 
Mathias, Ruth Brocic^us 
Mclnturff. Emma Marshall 
McReynolds. Robert P. 
Newcomer, Andrew E 
Pierce, Ellen Macrae 
Quenelle, R. Conrad 
Rokes, Jean Campbell 
Tripp, Willimae Renegar 
Waldo, Mary Gamble 
Walsh. Eunice Grant 
Webb.Jr, E.Leslie 
Wotxl. Harry C. 
Wright. Nathalia 


Baskin, Maurine Willocks 
Beck. Roland A. 
Blair, Ernestine Smith 
Botts, Ella Kilgore 
Briggs, Ruth Farlee 
Bums, Herbert V. 
Clopton, Carrie Lou Tweed 
Clopton, J. Malvern 
Dunning. William S, 
Fo.ster, Janet Warren 
Gash, Marion Falkner 
Harris, Martha Watkins 
Hoglan, Jo Knight 
HoUick. Geraldine Monroe 
Hotjk. Glenn L. 
Howell, George B. 
Howell. Vivian Kelley 
Hunt, Elizabeth Lanlemian 
King. Mary Rink 
Kipp, Howard W 
Kirchner, Veta Stephens 
Lane, Mary Evelyn Russell 
Lyle, Katherine Wayland 
Ma.ssey. E. Frances 
McQueen, Jr. John C- 
Payne. Helen Mahan 
Rinckhoff, Dorotliy Hassall 
Rink, Julia M. 
Snyder. Ercelle Hunter 
Springer. John B. 
Talmage.John E. 
Thomson. Marvin 
Throne. Pauline L. 
Tripp, Robert W. 
Uhrich, Isabelle Harrison 

Walker, Clifford Withers 
Welsh, Mary Sloan 


Brown, Robert L. 
Claibcjme, Maria Wynn 
Clemmer, Katherine Earnest 
Crawford, Dorothy Nethery 
Cravvford. Earle W. 
Hewin, Frances Deal 
Hoglan, George W, 
Johnston, Ruth Perry 
McAnhur, Grace Proffitt 
Mottesheard. Dolores Burchette 
Murphy, Nina Gamble 
Randolph, Violet Webb 
Raybum, Robert W. 
Taimage, William S. 
Truan, Mildred 
Welte, Roberta Reveley 


Bailey, Fern L. 

Barton, Richard W. 

Best. Lynn Ann Brown 

Brown, Arnold A. 

Bums. Lurline McFarland 

Carhart, Esielle Greene 

Christie, .\lexander 

Cox, Ruth Chittick 

Fisher. Carl S. 

Fuller, Arline R. 

Gillis. R. Stuart 

Gleim, Elizabeth Reimer 

Gray, O'Neal 

Greenlaw, Elizabeth McNamara 

Harris, Jane Pettibone 

Jones. Inez Galloway 

Kent. Lila Carringer 

Lawrence, Ruth Romig 

Leitch, Glover A. 

Ughtowler, Leola Halsey 

Llewellyn. Billie McCoy 

Llewellyn, Ralph M. 

Lodwick, Robert E. 

MacCalmont, William F. 

Marshall, Margaret Brient 

Miller. Marjorie Fleming 

Montgomery. J Esther 

Nelson. William C. 

Opitz. Edmund A. 

Pieper, Mary Gladys Brown 

Saint. Jr. James G. 

Smyrl. Robert R. 

Sulli\'an, Gladys Reaves 

Whitaker Marion L. 

Wilbar. RaymondJ. 

Williams, Clifford W. 

Wismer. Hamet Clark 

Woodling, David E. 

Zitzner. Arthur S. 


Andrews. Mark L. 

Ashby. Ralph E. 

Badgett. Marguerite Gray 

Bryan, J, Thomas (deceased 11/18/97) 

Bums, Margaret Law 

Butman. Florence E. 

Cooper, Margaret Heliums 

Cross. Donald L. 

DeLozier, Ruby Lane 

Estes, Ernestine McCuUey 

Fleming. Annie Lou Dill 

Gallant. Dorothy Leaf 

Gillespie, M. Elizabeth Lamon 

Hand, Jr. Ralph W. 

Hannah, Lee 

Hardie, Mary Lawson 

Houck. Samuel M. 

Hurst, Shirley Jackson 


Kent, Jr.. George C. 

Kimler, Estate of William D. 

Leitch, Helen Chambers 

Lewis, Elizabeth Carlisle 

McCarty, Martha Deal 

McGhee, Leah L. 

McQueen, Lillian Crawford 

Meeks. Wilkison 

Morgan. Jr., William D. 

Murphy. Lois Brown 

Penhalurick, Darline Andrus 

Peterson, Beatrice Wheeler 

Pirenian, Lillian Leland 

Ramsey, William R. 

Renne. Evan W. 

Sliields, Mary Frances Dunlap 

Shields. Stanley B. 

Sporman. Anna-Margaret Staples 

Stephens, L, AJlin 

Trump, Dorothea Stadelmann 

Watt, Elizabeth Brimfield 

Whiteley, William M. 

Young. FredJ. 

Young. Mary Frances Ooten 


Bauer, Marian Lodwick 
Black, Irene Myers 
Blackbum, Elizabeth 
Brown, H. Deane 
Brubaker, C. Edward 
Bry-Nildsen, Jr., Martin 
Coker, Alice Whitaker 
Copeland, Julia Sellers 
Evers, Glenn 
Ferrell, Mildred Jacobs 
Fox. Paul H. 

Heidt, Dorothy Morrison 
Hernandez, Gustavo R. 
Johnson. Constance R. 
Johnson, Lincoln M. 
Keller, Janet Talmage 
Killian, Donald R. 
Killian. Ruth Haines 
Lynch. Minnie-Lou Chittick 
McCaulley, Mary Rush 
Nelson, Raymond 
Parker. Roberta Enloe 
Plog, Phyllis Gessert 
Priggemeier. Mary Haines 
Ramsey. Ryland E. 
Renfro. Evelyn Ferguson 
Renfro. James C. 
Rugh, Donald E. 
Sams, Howard L. 
Spencer, Jr., Simpson E. 
Stemple, Esther Sommers 
Stephens, Irene Browder 
Talmage, Roy V, 
Taxis, Lois Hodgson 
Theal, Charles T. 
Trent, Kathryn Adams 
Tuscany, Audine Walker 
Waggoner, Leland T. 
Wallace, Frances King 
West. Walter P 

Wicklund, Dorothy Armstrong 
Winship, Dale Echols 


Austin, Susannah Lupton 
Baker. Irma Souder 
Blizzard. Harriet Barber 
Briggs, Virginia Boys 
Brimfield, Charles H. 
Byrne, Artliur D. 
Davies, Howard L. 
Durr, Irma Pate 
Felknor, Jr., George E. 
Gamer, Frances Bowditch 

Johnson, Estle Kerley 
Law, R. Eugene 
Magill, John P, 
Martin, Janie Cony 
McCall, M, Ruth 
Minear, Catharine Pond 
Murphy. Judson B. 
Pearson, Eunice Wilson 
Rhody, Fred L. 
Rhody. Mary Chambers 
Schwam. Sara Kittrell 
Settle, Kathleen Cissna 
Smitli, Lois Sharp 
Taylor, Jr., Samuel K. 
Weils, Margaret Chandlee 
Wells, W. Carl 
Williams. Etta Culbertson 
Wishon, Helen Sheek 





Abel, Barbara McCutcheon 

Arnold, Robert M. 

Ashby. Helen Bewley 

Peterson, Elizabeth Seel 
Pflanze, Otto P. 
Proffitt, Harwell W. 
Roberson, Eloise Bumette 
Searls, Dorothy Quass 
Shue, Elizabeth Snead 
Skillem, Lyn Tyndal 
Smith, E. B, 
Smith. Edna Russell 
Smyrl, Marie Jensen 
Storey, Mary Bums 
Taylor, Barbara Anderson 
Thames, Mary Waters 
Tibbetts, Marjorie Orcutt 
Tweed, Earl A. 
Walker, Arda S, 
Wicklund, Harold A, 
Wintermute, John B. 
Wintermute, Miriam Berst 
Wood, PoUy 


Anderson, Roland W. 
Austin, Harold G. 
Baird. Boydson H. 
Baird, William E. 

Magill, Louise Wells 
McCurry, Eugene E. 
Moss, Aline Campbell 
Musgrave, Katherine Ogilvie 
Myers, Elizabeth Huddleston 
Patterson. Ersa Wilson 
Pearson, Harry C. 
Pinneo, Lily L. 
Pittman. Margaret Lodwick 
Proffitt. John W, 
Reid. Eugene W. 
Rich, Alma Mason 
Rigell, Lula Diggs 
Rogers, Eloise Zimmerman 
Russell, G. Uimar 
Sams, Ned H, 
Short, Robert B. 
Smith, Miriam Nethery 
Steakley, Helen Williams 
Steakley. Ralph D. 
Stringer, Barbara Swift 
Stringer, Warner A. 
Swift. Joseph H. 
Tapp.Jr, Roland W. 
Taylor. Thomas L. 
Vogado, Marjorie Resides 

Johnston, Marion Northup 
Kell, Henry E, 
Kent, J. Donald 
Kerr, John Allen 
Ketchum. Lawrence R, 
Kidder, David H. 
Kitchen. Betty Pettry 
Lambert. Dorothy Gessert 
Lane, J. Quentin 
Lepicier, Lin Sutheriin 
Lyons, Bette Umbach 
Markin, Ida Clark 
Matthews, Kathryn 
McCammon, Charles S. 
McDaniel, John D. 
McRae, Inez Johnson 
Mize, Margaret Fain 
Moore, Dudley S. 
Persing, Mae 
Phillips, Elizabeth Bryant 
Prewett, Ruth Lane 
Ragain, Rachel McCall 
Ray, Ruth Huft 
Rich, William B. 
Ruoff. Mary Felknor 
Seely. Francis M. 

Top Classes by Total Support - 1 997-98 





James Etheredge 

umber of 


Number of 












William F. Davis 




$ 89,285 

$1 ,594 




R. Conrad Quenelle 




$ 59,755 





Louise Corbett Fulghan^ 

1 101 



$ 57,263 

$1 ,432 

$ 100 



Sheridan H. Greaser 




$ 41,265 

$ 917 

$ 500 



Peter W. Peterson 




$ 33,626 

$ 480 

$1 ,250 



Sam Buffat 




$ 33,355 

$ 470 




Jack Maxwell 




$ 33,007 

$ 541 



Florian G. Hopkins * 




$ 32,060 


$ 500 


, 1939 

H. Eugene Orr * 




$ 29,950 

$1 ,070 

$ 500 








Badgett.Jr.J. N. 

Baker, Edward P. 

Bell. William A. 

Bingman,Jr.,J. Fred 

Brubaker, Frederick O. 

Christiansen, Catherine Davidson 

Clark, Vernon A. 

Coles, Marion Garwood 

Curtis, Mildred Lane 

Daniels, Jessie Curtis 

Davis, Charles I, 

Doolittle, Pauline Jenkins 

Etheredge, James H. 

Fisher, John H. 

Fleming, Philip M. 

Goggin, Margaret Knox 

Hamby, Mary Butler 

Heydinger, David K. 

Houbler, Patricia Kennedy 

Hunt, George L. 

Kramer, Sara Heliums 

Lamon, H. F. 

Lamon, Ruth Crawford 

Lyons, Jr., E. Vaughan 

Mathias, Dale 

May, Alice Weghorst 

McGahee. Marcia Sparkman 

McGUl, Dan M. 

Mederos, Susan Allen 

Miller, Minerva Bum 

Montgomery. James E. 

Mooney, William H. 

Morgan, Mary France 

Muse, Dorotha Painter 

Banks, Virginia Wheeler 
Bennett, J. Norman 
Blake, IvanC. 
Byrne, Jean White 
Conway, Ezelle Hayes 
Corbett, Mary Cooper 
Cragan, Thomas M. 
Duncan, Kenneth L. 
Dunn, Lura Laughmiller 
Estabrook, Grace McCammon 
Etheredge, Elizabeth Gaultney 
Everett, Wood 
Felknor, WUliam B. 
Gamer, George W. 
Gehres, Williams D. 
Graham, Helen Coats 
Green, Floyd J. 
Hahn, Clement F, 
Hartsfield, Mary Caldwell 
Henschen, Hal 
Hooker, Ila Goad 
Humphreys, David M. 
Hunt, Mary Alice Minear 
Jacobs, Anna Lee Storey 
Kidder, Mary Orr 
King, Rollo W. 
Koelia, Jean McCammon 
Kuchler, Ruth Goodson 
Lamont, Robert J. 
Lehman, H. Eugene 
Leitch, Edith Hitch 
Lloyd, J. Vernon 
Magee, John M. 
Magill, Joseph B. 

Watt. J Robert 
Weger, Vivian Moore 
Wilcox. Margaret Hodges 
Wilcox, Robert L 


Alexander. Jr. , Edwin C. 
Baptist. John P. 
Barr, Frank H. 
Bennett, Eloise McNeeley 
Blazer. Eva Jean Blake 
Bridges. Clara McCord 
Brownlie, Jeanne Stringham 
Bushing, Dorothy Barber 
Caldwell, Helen 
Campbell, Lisbeth Prater 
Carr, Lucille Lynch 
Crawford, Janice Graybeal 
Cross, Jr., Frank M. 
Gulp, Lois Thorson 
Culver, Warren T, 
Cunningham, Ben A. 
DeForest, Anne Gammon 
Dewees,Jr., Raymond 
Eanes, Mildred Montgomery 
Fichter, Elaine G. 
Green, Linda Robinson 
Guthmann, Roberta Hope 
Harder, Phyllis Overton 
Henderson, Dorothy Buchanan 
Henschen, Mary Mayes 
Hoelzer, JohnH. 
Hoglan, Ruth Duggan 

Sharp, Mary Karg 
Shelfer. Fred G. 
Shue, Lloyd C. 
Smith. Doris M- 
SneU. Fred M. 
Stillwell, Ada Summers 
Tapp, Helen Pratt 
Trinter, Christine Fritz 
Tuell, Johnye Long 
Watkins, Jr., Richard W. 
Wick. Hilton A. 
Wick,Jr., Henry M. 
Winkler, Sara Jones 
Wright, Mar>' Proffitt 
Young, Helen Cameron 
Zerwas, Helen Cone 


Ball, Elizabeth Hains 
Barr. James M. 
Bigham. Perry N. 
Brewer, Carson 
Brown, Clyde R. 
Burcaw, G. Ellis 
Bushing, Arthur S. 
Carbery, Elizabeth Clevenger 
Carey, Elizabeth Bryant 
Clarke, Anne Brock 
Cooley, Grace Jamagin 
Cooper, Althea Cable 
Cooper, Kenneth L. 
Crawford, Dorothy Jobes 
Crawford, Roy D. 
Crews, E. Katherine 


Doxsee, Mary Cowan 

Duke, Aura Santiago 

Duke, Sidney 

Eanes, Ceci! O. 

Edwards. Kathleen Rainwater 

Edwards, Octavia Blades 

Foreman, Marion MagUJ 

Francis. Betty Robinson 

Francis. Robert B. 

Furgerson, Helen George 

Grygotis, Patricia Carter 

Hargrave, William j. R. 

Harper, June Stewart 

Hawkins, John A. 

Henderson. F William 

Hoyt, Mary Ruth 

Huskey, Joseph E. 

Jones. Cornelia E. 

Ketchum, Olga Welsh 

King, Lois O. 

Kramer, Margaret Clippinger 

Lambert, Jr., Guy E. 

LeQuire, Virgil S. 

Lowther, Elizabeth Winter 

Mair.Jr, Robert H. 

McCall, Mar>' Alice Fugate 

McDaniel, Evelyn Williams 

McMillan, Lyndall Becker 

Miser. Irma Russell 

Parker, Jean McCuicheon 

Parvin. Ralph S, 

Paul. Glenn F. 

Pepper, Geraldine Hogan 

Pierce, Jr., Carl G. 

Pierce, Meredith Preston 

Pinneo, Rose W. 

Pratt, Theodore B. 

Procop, Katiileen Sullivan 

Reinhardt, Josephine Gillette 

Kibble, Mary Jane Costner 

Rock, Waller W. 

Roseborough, Douglas D. 

Rowan, Mary Morgan 

Rowley, Esther Winn 

Rowley,Jr,. Edward R. 

Schellenger, Mary Knight 

Schwa rzwalder, Robert W. 

Serin, Priscilla 

Shaver, Phyllis Cain 

Shorten. Virginia Williams 

Sinclair, Jane Metcalf 

Slater. Marion Avakian 

Smartt, Eleanor Rocker 

Smitli, Winifred Hope 

Stlireshley, Mary Josephine Jennings 

Stoffel, Ernest L. 

Tinley, Jane Glass 

Van Cise, Oliver R. 

Vauglin, Edward C. 

Walton, Mary Jane Person 

Welden. R. B. 

Williams, Rosemary Park 

Williams, Ruth Stribling 

Winslanley, Mary Elizabeth Winton 


Allen, Nettie Spraker 
Anderson, Meriam McGaha 
Burgreen, Charles L. 
Cook.Jeana Eddleman 
Dillener, Helen Fisher 
Diilener.Jean Lehman 
Dillener, Jr.. Leroy 
Doane, Victoria Hoole 
Dom, Ann Horton 
EiLster, Wallace Edward 
Evans. William W. 
George, C. Frank 
George, Veronica Hansel 
Grosh. Fnmces Harris 
Hay, Margery Roth 


Heischman. Ralph E. 
Henley, Shirley Montgomery 
Hoelzcr, Catherine Tomlinson 
Holland, Carol Markham 
Holland, Jane McFarland 
Houser. Marion Schanck 
Johnson, Margaret Gessert 
Johnson, Virginia Cain 
Kell, Ruth Aiken 
Kent. Mar^' Wintemiute 
Kerr, Helen Anderson 
Lynl. Benjamin A. 
Manning. James H. 
Mazur. Sara Jo Boiling 
McClure, E. Rutii 
McLiverty, Marian Ruth 
Miller, Elizabeth J, 
Neill, Alice Mathews 
Patterson, Sara Cameron 
Paul, Evelyn Gregory 
ProtTitt, Bobilee Knabb 
Pruitt, Lois Wall 
Rock, Betty Parker 
Scherer, Horace E. 
Sthreshley. Jr, Lawrence F 
Taylor, John C. 
Testa. Christine Ht^lscher 
Thompson, Malcolm C 
Van der Hoven, Mary Waisman 
White, Viola James 
Wilson, Marion Stout 
Wilson, Samuel M, 



Bartlett, Marion Schneeweiss 
Bellerjeau, Jeanne V. 
Black, Donald F 
Black, Mary Curtis 
Cassile, Helen H. 
Christianson, Joyce Odom 
Coburn, Hope Pleyl 
Cochrane, Martha Jeane Shaw 
Culver. Katherine A- 
Dewees, Mary Noblit 
DiStefano, Dorothy Brown 
Dunaway, Marilyn Bryant 
Edwards, Frances Lime 
Fershee, Marian Metcalf 
Figueredo, Virginia Gates 
Gates, J. Edward 
Griffin, Elizabetii Hoagland 
Hall, Manila Dean 
Hein, Winifred Somniers 
Hobart, Jr., Richard L. 
Hooper, Eliz^ibeih Colkmi 
Houdeshel. John H. 
Hower, Jane Short 
Huber. Robert F. 
Irshay, Phyllis 
Jamieson, Betty Ballard 
Kester, Lois Collett 
Leonard, Dorothea Leliman 
Leonard, Jessie Fowler 
Lynn, Nancy Russell 
McCordic, Betsy Burleigh 
McDaniel, Beverly Jackson 
Pemberton, Lisette Ge.ssen 
Petterson, Betty Meyer 
Powell, Elaine Woods 
Regenbrecht. Rose Wells 
Rogers, Beatrice Hunter 
Rosenfeld. Ethel Bcall 
Scott. John H 
Seel, Robert E. 
Shaw, Kitty Loesch 
Smith, Margaret Caldwell 
Spickard,Jean Huddiesion 
Stewart, Mary Ellen Northrop 
Swartzback, Jane Hays 

Tinibie. Barbara Buchanan 
Westbrook. Mable Marshall 
Williams, Trevor G. 
Wilson, Lois Graf 
Witherspoon. James C. 
Zuercher. Esther Cleaver 


Barker, Eleanor Stout 
Bell, Elizabeth Proffitt 
Brock, Lucille Sitler 
Chamblin. Isabel Muir 
Conrad, Mildred Waring 
Damerow, Nancy Bryant 
DuBois, Zenobia Bemardini 
Fulgham. Louise Corbett 
Heckendom, Miles J. 
Heckman, Janet Roush 
Henderson, Thomas E. 
Hipkins. Nellie Cuellas 
Hogue, Ethel Park 
Houdeshel, Mary Jamison 
Hughes, Mary Dickinson 
Jackson, Mary Elizabetii McKnight 
James, Helen Wilson 
Junkins, Mary Jo White 
Kabelka, Melba Holder 
Keen, Mary" Wilkes 
King. Kate Reaves 
Leishnian, Sara Crider 
Martin, Emma Mclnturff 
Mitchell, Nell Louise Minear 
Newman, Ethel Brocker 
Oplinger, Phoebe 
Percival, Juanita Hinson 
Pope, George M. 
Proffitt. Walter D. 
Reed, Mary Fletcher 
Roseborough, Barbara Burnett 
ScRiggs, Margaret Cross 
Smitli, Jean Smith 
Stone, H. Dean 
Tavasci, Minnie Davis 
Watlington, Rosalind Garges 
Webb, Ruth Freeman 
Widner, Nelle Ousley 
Willocks, Neysa Ferguson 
Wright. Frances Ashby 


Anderson, Jessie Lou Bninson 
Andrews, Ruth Kaye 
Argie, Maybelle Rule 
Beals, Catherine Stout 
Bishop, Jay R, 
Bounds, Lilybel Gunn 
Brand, Charles A. 
Breazeale, Jr., Jefferson L 
Case, Mary E. 
Chapman, Donna Smalley 
Coffey, Ruth Wood 
Congleton, Betty C. 
Craig, Jr, John 
Cross, Elizabetii Showalter 
Dean, Kathryn 
Dean, Lottie Lavender 
Depue, Fred M. 
Dockter Jr., Albert W. 
Fields. Harriet McKean 
Fuhr, June Garland 
Graham, Mildred Cundift" 
Grubbs, Alma Lancaster 
Hancox. Doris White 
Herzberger, Robert D, 
Huber, Carolyn LUrich 
Huffman, Ada Yadon 
Himter, Robert A. 
Jackson, Jeanne Heaps 
Kemen, Beth Huftalen 
Kemp, W. Abbott 
Kramer, Frank A, 

Latla, Doris Fischer 
Mathis, June Hamilton 
Meineke, Howard A. 
Miller, Mary Jane Tedford 
Miller. Mary Robarts 
Moore, John R. 
Munn, Sarah Enloe 
Murray. Eamestine Harrison 
Parkinson. Joan Liddell 
Pate. Barbara Wells 
Paxton, Charlotte Profhn 
Riiwson. Polly Lickteig 
Renegar, D, Edward 
Richardson, Jean Balch 
Scliieber, Leonard 
Schwanebeck. Judy Turk 
Secrest, Leroy V. 
Shell, Gwendolen Rees-Jones 
Shell. JohnR. 
ShulLs. Bobbie Reed 
Sidner, William J. 
Smith, Mary Dellinger 
Stephens. Earl H. 
Swartzback, Raymond H. 
Taylor. Aldyn Graham 
Van Der K:inip, Jean Magill 
Voorhees, Edward A.* 
Weiss. Gilbert E 
Williams, Jean Messer 
Wilson. Frederick R. 
Zamowski, Rutli Broadhead 


Abbott, Lorraine Swift 
Anderson, Nancy Metcalf 
Austin, Doris Cook 
Barbour, Katherine Johnson 
Barker, Jean Cotton 
Boldrick, Mary Sniitli 
Brown, Lillian Linger 
Callahan, George E. 
Campbell. Janet L. 
Cardella, Matleo A. 
Carp. Rella Anderson 
Castle. Loreita Nunn 
Culpepper, Mildred Jones 
Dillener John A. 
DuBois, Robert E. 
Edwards, Mary Long 
Enloe, Mary Stidham 
Ernest. Martha Scanlon 
Ernest, W. Nelson 
Fleck. Peggy Milliken 
Fought, Betty Absher 
Gamer. Janet Rich 
Garner, Jr, Robert H. 
Gaughan, Melville H. 
Gillette. George F. 
Grubbs. Merrill H. 
Hasegawa. Anna Sakaizawa 
Heiss, Virginia Baier 
Hogue, James L. 
Householder Julia Pancoast 
Long. Daniel M, 
Long, Helen Sorenson 
Lundell. Lavomie Heard 
Magliulo. Elaine Kem 
Massie. Florence Dillener 
Maxv.ell. Marian Weiler 
McClure. M. Scott * 
Megaw, Evelyn R. 
Moore. Constance Hawkins 
Murray, Cari C. 
Oines. Joanne Hart 
Paxton. Kenneth L. 
Pemberton. Samuel H. 
Potter. Mildred Orr 
Powell, Lacy D. 
Prochazka, Virginia Wood 
Reese. Joy Stewart 
Roberts. Mary Lawson 

Rock, Jean Cobb 
Roper, Elizabeth Crawford 
Ross. Kenneth W. 
Scruggs, Richard F 
Seymour, Wilbem B. 
Smith, Robert F 
SiQl, Jr. Frank B. 
Talbott, C Kenneth 
Todd, Virginia McArthur 
Torrey. Marilyn Hartpence 
Wells. Elisalieth Baird 
Wheeler Thomas V. 
White, Haydn O. 
Wilson, Elizal^eth Saint 
WUson, Geloio Kell 
Womian, Ella Thompson 


Barbour Donald S. 
Bird. L. Ann Cook 
Bird, Robert J. 
Browne. James G. 
Campbell. G, David 
Campbell. Virginia Hand 
Carrier, Carolyn Bowman ' 
Clarke, Argyle King 
Cooper. Ruth Ramsey 
Coul, Bette Alverson 
Crews. Ruthellen 
Crotinger. Carolyn Scruggs 
Detrick, Arline Whiting 
Doyle, Clyde H. 
Enloe. W. Winton 
Gravely. Mary Wooldridge 
Gresham, Rebecca Walton 
Haaf, Artluir R. 
Hancock, Harriett Perry 
Hiixton. Phyllis Rainard 
Hein, Rita Ketcham 
Hostettler, David P. 
Houdeshel, William R. 
Howard. Jack H. 
Huddleston, L.Jane 
Huskey, Rose E. 
Kaye. Carolyn B. 
Keely. John L. 
Keely. Margaret Rock 
Kribbs, Donald E. 
Lazenby. CarlM. 
Leatherwood. Janice Lindsay 
Leisering, Margaret Brooks 
Lillard, Ellis Ray 
Lodwick. Hedwig Nabholz 
McKee, Gwynetli Williams 
Meadows, Naomi Holhnan 
Moore. Katherine Boyer 
Morrison. John H. 
Nead, Alfred H, 
Newman, James A. 
Norris, Dorothy Spencer 
Pancoast. Edwin C. 
Patulski, Katherine Carpenter 
Pelton, Loretta Crawford 
Portertield. Clifford E. 
Proffitt. Veni Lusk 
Proffitt, William F 
Rettke. Gordon H. 
Rettke. Marian Pope 
Robinson. Geneva J. 
Rock. Alan E. 
Rodman, Janet Nisbet 
Rosensteel. Marguerite Priest 
Ruggiero. Anne Childress 
Saunders, Helen Gentr\^ 
Saunders, Raymond D. 
Smitli, Barbara Eggelston 
Stovall, Virginia Gress 
Tliomson, Robert G. 
Tliurston, Maryjane Blizzard 
Van Kampen, Charlotte Laster 
Webb, Jr, Leslie E. 

• -deceased 

Welch, Bernard E. 
Welch, Grace Hildebrand 
Williams, Dorothea Friedrich 
Wiilocks. R. Max 
Wilson. Robert C, 
Wood. Evelyn Anderson 
Zierden. Elizabedi Harte 


Abbott. W. Paul 
Althouse, Sue S, 
Argie, Robert D. 
Babb, Anne Cress 
Bacon, Charles E. 
Badillo, Jose E. 
Baird, James M. 
Baird, Jolin S. 
Baxter, John A. 
Bishop, Lois Miller 
Brahams, Ellen Collins 
Brahams, Hany G. 
Buckley, Jack L. 
Callaway, Jr.. Heruy A- 
Cameron, Howard D. 
C:uneron, Wilma Davis 
Campl^ell. Margaret Cummings 
Carden, A. Eugene 
Carroll, Edna Mae Burkins 
Carroll, Sr, Grady Lee 
Chalker. WiUiam H. 
Chambers, Ivan V. 
Claud, III. Joseph G. 
Corbitt. Doris Florence 
Comett, Bett>' Crawford 
Cowan, Roger A. 
De Nagy, Dolores Green 
Dean, Walter L. 
Doyle, Faye Robinson 
Duckett, Charles 
Fckert, Thomas C. 
Flaherty, Mary Watt 
Forrester. G. Nelson 
Hancox, Jack D. 
Handley, George E. 
Henry, Clifford H. 
Hipkins, George 
Hofferbert, Louis E. 
Holland, Elizabeth King 
Homans. Martha Kincaid 
Householder. James A. 
Hyatt. Don D, 
Kay, Robert L. 
Lacy, Clare Bolton 
Ladner, Frank G. 
Lambert, Harold D. 
Lindsay, Jr., CarlL. 
Lowry, Jr., F. Houston 
Lugo, Jane McCullough 
Lum, Mabelle Fong 
Lyons, Sara Vawter 
Mabry, C Charlton 
Marvin, James E. 
McCallum, Herbert M, 
McCammon, Donald R. 
McGUl. Joseph H. 
McKee. James W. 
McNiel, Paul R. 
McNiell,Jr, Stuart P. 
Mock, Virginia Schwarz 
Myers, Ruth Rogers 
Naundorf, Charles H. 
Naundorf. Doris Smith 
Neff. Robert C. 
Nelson. Ethel A. 
Packard, Raymond A. 
Palmer, Mary Mills 
Pancoast, Eunice Billings 
Parsons, P. Herbert 
Parvin, Charles C. 
Parvin, Lois Deobler 
Pate, W. M. 

Paxton. Anne Gates 
Paxton.Jr., G. Ben 
Pullan. Joyce Hampton 
Roberts. Chades W. 
Rowley, Richard F. 
Ruggiero. Daniel J. 
Ryan. Wanda Onifer 
Sheldon. Benjamin E. 
Slikas, Virginia Wood 
Smathers. Betty Smith 
Smith, Clifford G. 
Smith. Glenn D. 
Smith. Muriel Headrick 
Stephens. Sarah Durant 
Stewart, Lambert E. 
Stovall, Tliomas F. 
Vennema, Mary Webb 
Walker, Hilda Roberts 
Wallin. Barbara G. 
Warner, Charles A. 
Watkins. Robert Caldwell 
Welch, Winifred Schaumburg 
Weston. Helen Hair 
Wintermute, Orval S. 
Yeaworth. James T. 
Young, Jack C. 
Zifcak, Mae Meriwether 

Handley. Barbara McNiell 
Heaps, Henry W. 
Herring. Cad W. 
Isenberg, Richard C. 
Jackson. Edwin C 
Kay. Janice Landstrom 
Keller. Elmer Lee 
Kidder. Paul S. 
Kren. Patricia Love 
Lai^n.Mar>' Wills 
Larson. Robert A. 
Latham, James E. 
Lester, Alice Huddleston 
Lester. James P. 
Lester. Jr., Sherman N. 
Lowe, Eileen Coulter 
Martin, Jiinet Cumniings 
McAfee, Wayne C. 
Menges, William R. 
Milligan, Carolyn Balch 
Moore, Elizabetli Dunn 
Moore. John S. 
Morgan. Frances Ban- 
Morton. John F. 
Motsinger, Xen K. 
Noble. Margaret Sangster 
Noble. Maynard A. 
Owens, Dora Smith 

Berkey, Carolyn Miller 
Beverage, Janet Kihlgren 
Boyd, Branin A. 
Boyd, Jessie Dye 
Brake, Lena McGaha 
Butler, Louise Packard 
Calhoun, Doris Somerville 
Callaway, James M. 
Cameron. Elizabeth Moore 
Carden, Ethel Caldwell 
Clarke, William T, 
Coleman, Mary Lee Snoderly 
Cuthill, Robert T. 
Drake, Emily McLain 
Duncan, Barbara Sandos 
English, Jr.. Walter E. 
Enloe. Nannette 
Faulkner, Betty Lester 
Faulkner, William O. 
Fort, Joan Piatt 

Fredericks, Margaret Matterson 
George, Betty Roach 
Godwin. W Thad 
Grinstead, Billy M. 
Grisso, Mary Kelton 
Hachten, Sue Watson 
Hayes. Joy 
Hendricks, Jr., John I. 

Schwarztrauber. Beryl Stewart 
Schwenke, Charles W. 
Shew. Sue Martin 
Shields, Jean Pelton 
Smith, H. Davis 
Stotler. Janice Marion 
Sutton, Sarah Hale 
Terry. Margaret Warren 
Thomas, Nina Gillene 
Trentham, Dorothy Miller 
Upham. Joy Hickman 
Upham. W. Kennedy 
Van Pelt, W. Austin 
Varnedoe. Elizabeth Thomas 
Vigh, Frank S. 
Wallace. Larry 
Weaver, Margaret Ketdes 
Wheat. Gerald R. 
Witherspoon. E. Newell 
Woodring. Mary Browne 
Work, Elizabeth Dinkle 
Young. Bobbie Graves 


Addy, William C 
Atkins, Nancy Ferguson 
Bender. Joseph M. 
Brace, Carolyn Symmes 

Top Classes by Participation - 1 997-98 





10. 1937 


Baird. Jane McMillan 
Barber. George P. 
Beasley. Jr. Ted H. 
Benton, Mildred Sinimons 
Berrong, E. King 
Boram. Sr., Kenneth D. 
Branch, Jean Hunt 
Brown, Robert O, 
Bursey, June Spaulding 
Cale. Lois Johanson 
Cameron, J. A. 
Campbell, L. A. 
CarroU. William J. 
Carson, Lucy Carrick 
Castrodale, Emily Martenis 
Clark, Anderson D. 
Clark, Julia Breen 
Corbett, Carol 
De Nagy, Bruce S. 
De Nagy. Donald Parker 
Dickens, Raymond E. 
Dooley, James R. 
Dosker, Richard J. 
Dwyer, Beatrice Swanson 
Earisman, Delberi L. 
Evans, Jr., Lewis M. 
Farrar, Sarah Kemp 
Flood, Charles A. 
Forrester, Gerry Hopkins 
Grubbs, David H. 


Sam Buffat 

Number of 


Number oi 











Harvey Overton * 








James P, Lester 







$ 500 

Ralph G. Thiesse 









Charles B. Hoglan, Jr, ' 

' 108 



$ 5,708 


$ 150 

Ralph D. Steakley 




$ 9,912 



$ 500 

Curtis B. Wilbanks 




$ 8,535 



$ 800 

William F. Davis 





$1 ,594 


Theodore Holman * 








DavidJ. Brittain 












$231 ,889 




Palm, Louise Lloyd 
Powell, Ruby Harris 
Rahn, Willard F 
Ribble, Richard B. 
Schuller. Hazel Holm 
Schwarzenberg, Ruth Nicholas 
Schwarztrauber, S. A. 
Shakley, AlbenW. 
Shields. William H. 
Shimomura, Lincoln 
Shook, Rosalba Pascal 
Stamper, Mary Kennedy 
Stanfill, George 
Tait. Margaret Brown 
Thurston, James P. 
Valentine, Earl H. 
Van Nest, D. Robert 
Van Pelt. Elenor Kramer 
Vas, Edna Brown 
Walker, Donald G. 
WaUace, Hal M. 
Watt. James E. 
Willianxs, Robert R. 
Willingham, William W. 
Wintemiute, Martha Parker 


Alexander, Ruby Laster 
Allen, Gracie Scruggs 
Allen, Jr., Charles E. 
Anderson, J. T. 
Bender. Carolyn Marshall 

Hemdon, Cora Anthony 
HoLsinger, Charles W. 
Hutcheson. Carol Jones 
Johnson, Jr., Galen W. 
Jones, Thomas L. 
Kren, James L. 
Lehr, Jr., Robert D. 
Lewis, John H. 
Libby, AnnabelleJ. 
Lynn, Robert A. 
Mabry, Barbara Blum 
Massey. Ruth Kuckherman 
Matysek. Wilma Borter 
McClure, Margaret Shields 
McNiel, Katherine Blackburn 
Miller, David M. 
Montgomery. Mary Blackshear 
Moore, Moma Wright 
Morton, Mary Fox 
Moser. Robert W. 
Mussler, Editli Lancaster 
Osbom. Robert H. 
Owens, Russell C. 
Parks. Jr.. C. Eugene 
Pearson. NealeJ. 
Pickett. Ann Leeder 
Poole, Fletcher T. 
Pribble, Mary Jo 
Reaser, Clarence L. 
Richardson, Mary Jo 
Robinson, William N. 
Rogers. Laura 

Brahams, Donna Baylor 
Brakehill, Don 
Brehme, Mary-Sue Munson 
Bullock, Mary Jay Spencer 
Burgos-Sasscer. Ruth 
Campbell, James C. 
Candey, Jane Hahn 
Carpenter, George C. 
CoiJe, Martha Lou 
Dadisman, Phyllis West 
Daglian, Shirland Roussey 
Darroch. Trudy Furman 
Davis, Barbara Scott 
Duke. Pegg}'-Ann Kessler 
Dunbar, Daniel G 
Durant, Jack D. 
Durant. Judy Johnson 
Eaddy, F. Conrad 
Earhart. Mary Grace Pritchard 
Ewing. Sally Ann Kotz 
Flurkey, Emerson C. 
Glad. Harold L 
Green, Joyce Keppel 
Greenhill. Mary Ann Hicks 
Greenly, Barbara Rogers 
Grubbs, Sue Summers 
Haylock. Arthur R. 
Haylock, Martlia Higdon 
Helwig, David F. 
Holsinger, Nancy Rose 
Jeffrey, Gloria Hineman 
Kidder, Patricia Lewis 


Kramer. Roy F. 
Kramer, Sara Jo Emert 
Leech. Karole Kapp 
Marble, Shirley Atwell 
McMasler. Jeanelte Wiley 
McNiell, Sarah Brown 
Merwin, Paul L. 
Miller. Bruce R. 
Miller. Isabel Leitch 
Morgan. Ruth Blackburn 
Nieto. Grace Greenawalt 
Nystrom. Richard E. 
Pardoe. Dorothy Cooley 
Patton. Richard E 
Peck. Ann Kirkpatrick 
Pierrepont, Charles F. L. 
Poovey, Williiini B. 
Raynal, Florence Clark 
Reid, Charles E. 
Reid, Ruth Cross 
Roberts. George M. 
Robinette, Jeanne Ellis 
Robinette, Tasker 
Robinson. Mildred Cooper 
Robinson, Norma Lou Loetz 
Russell, A. Eugene 
Schroeder. Alice Larson 
Schroeder, Chades A. 
Sitler. William R. 
Sutton. Edith McMillan 
Thurston. Bett>- Hyman 
Van Alst>-ne. Arthur J. 
Walker. Gerald 
Walker. Hugh H. 
Walton. Anne Snider 
Wan. Joan Duerig 
Wilbanks, Curtis B. 
Wiley, Betty Hammers 
Williams, Zeb C. 
Woods, Janet A. 
Work, Galen R, 
Wright, Barbara Murphy 
Yandle, Elizabeth Stiles 


Abbott, Margaret Evans 
Abbott, Richard L. 
Anderson, William R. 
Baker, Evelyn Boughton 
Baker, Gareth D. 
Belcher. Janet A. 
Blackburn. Charles R. 
Bond. Mary Ferguson 
Bork, Sue Binnion 
Buchanan, Roben D, 
Burnett, Jacquelene Kendall 
Campl")ell, Janice E;ikin 
Cobb, Martha Burgess 
Counts, NorrisL. 
Crago, Ralph D. 
Darroch, James P. 
Demer. Joan Douglas 
Duggar. Rolfe D. 
England, Jr.. Marshall C. 
Evans, Margaret Reed 
Feehrer. Alice Kelly 
Feehrer. S. Wayne 
Ferguson. Fenton F. 
Freeman. Mary Bevan 
Gates. David F 
Gentry, Glenn A. 
Gray. Wilma Tmmbull 
Howard. Carolyn Beatty 
Hunt, Carol Cornell 
Hunt, James A. 
Kxibatt. Carol Demler 
Kincheloe, Carol Fraser 
Kron, Joanne Edwards 
Longee. Virginia Smith 
Lunsford, Johnie Griffitts 
Lynn. Naomi Burgos 


McMillan, Roderick E- 
Moffett, Donald B, 
MolTett. Mildred Mowery 
Navratil, Nancy Naylor 
Paddcxk. Margaret Sparks 
Poovey. Marian Rice 
Renaker. Helen Drinnen 
Rickabaugh, Homer 
Sangster, Robert A, 
Sexton. Patricia Halstead 
Sock-well. Etl-iel Shockley 
Sockwell, Mxx 
Spencer, Jeannine Fiori 
Stevens, Patricia Laing 
Strand, Jr., John A. 
Stubblefield, Helen Seay 
Townsend, Hai^el Timblin 
Tuck, Kenneth D. 
Vogel, Eugenia Jackson 
Walts, Mary Ray 
WUcox. Helen Miller 
Wiley, James O, 
Winsor. Elvira Pierce 
Yoakum, Anna M. 
Young, Donald E. 


Akin, James A- 
Albert, Carolyn Lime 
Allen. Ruth Orr 
Bailey, Frances Morris 
Catlin. Herbert H. 
Chambers, Henrietta Lamg 
Clark. Robert F 
Counts. Lynn B. 
Cummings. Martha Freeny 
Curtis. Emma M. 
Davies. Marilyn Kiefer 
Demer. James 
England, Diana Evans 
Fechter, Sarah Pledger 
Fisher, James C. 
Flurkey. Edith Keenan 
Gilliland. Joe T. 
Hassall, Harry S. 
Hodge. William G. 
Howard, Sue Huison 
Howland, Anne Buckley 
Hyne. Robert C, 
Jennings, Ronald C. 
Jones, Patricia C. 
Kauhl, Herbert R 
Keny.Jack M- 
Kesler, James W. 
Laurice. Katherine Chase 
Lorenz, H. Roberts 
MacCall. Harry F. 
Mays. James A. 
McKean, Abigail Crosby 
McMillan, Natalie Prinzing 
McWilliams, Arthur C 
Mills, Olivia Vawier 
Neel. Donna French 
Nier. Robert E. 
Nystrom, Margaret Myers 
Peeff, Mary Moody 
Petree, Ralph L. 
Ramsey, David A- 
Robinson, Harry R. 
Robinson. Rosa Bauede 
Sangster, DLxie Conner 
Shelton, Rol^ert M. 
Smitli, Alice Buchanan 
Smith, Barixira Hubbard 
Sohler, Ruby Roberts 
Thompson. Mary Ann 
Thompson, Shirley Smith 
Wagner. Jennie L. 
Waite, Carol Moore 
Watt, Eileen Marion 

Williiims. Donald B. 
Young, Shirley Axley 


Anderson. W. Townsend 
Boggs. Betty Lou Cutler 
Bogia. Benjamin Preston 
Bogia, Lois Tinklenberg 
Borter. John P. 
Brian, Stanley D. 
Brickey. William T. 
Bugenhagen. Thomas G- 
Chambless. Jacqueline Speigner 
Cummings, James 
Ditzenberger. Carol Sleight 
Dunn. Charles D. 
Dunn, Jo Ann 
Elwood, Bettie Carroll 
Emmans. Henry A. 
Fichter. Margallen Hanna 
Fisher, Barbara Cech 
Ford, Donald R. 
Godfrey, Freeland T. 
Graves, John E. D. 
Greathouse, Charles R. 
Hammontree, Carol Hutton 
Hamian. Charles W. 
Hassall. Carolyn Carter 
Helwig. Jean Kemper 
Herbert, Carol Summers 
Hoaster, Elizabeth S 
Hopkins. James W 
Horn. Elizabeth McKenney 
Horn, III. Charles S. 
Huajardo, Delores Woods 
Hughes, Nancy Dodge 
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Crawford, Eileen Suzo 
Dickinson, Judy Green 
Gaughan, Warren J. 
Gill, Deborah Forgey 
Gordon, Pamela Spoonamore 
Gordon, Steven D. 
Gaibbs, Jeffrey W. 
Hunter, Mary-Gray Proffitt 
Jennings. Linda Rowe 
Johnson, Christine A. 
Krywicki, Nancie Savitski 
Lawson, Gaynell Harless 
Magnuson, Rosalind Bennen 
Marshall, Kent G. 
McClure, Patricia Cardin 
McDonald, Anne Yoder 
Mertz, Mark T. 
Mignery, Suzanne L. 
Miller. R;ilph E 
Montgomery, Michael B. 
Moore. Lind:i Clowes 
Moreheld, Helen Miller 
Mullican, Ann Proffitt 
Nelson, Cynthia 
Nichols, Deborah Steams 
Owens, Sarah Miller 
Posder. Janet Welton 
Potter. Susan 
Powell. John F. 
Pusey. Jr., Howard E. 
Pusey, Nancy Lmtz 
Robeson. Julie Mobley 
Roseborough, Jane Gilbert 

Roseborough, Jr., Douglas D. 
Russell, Carol Abel 
Russell, David G. 
Savery, Amy E. 
Scheafnocker, Bradley B. 
Slaybaugh. Carol Jenkins 
Smith, Nancy Rankin 
Snyder, Richard B. 
Sp>ear, M, Shepard 
Stevens, A. John 
Stiles, Deborah Gerlach 
Wallace, Nancy Kennedy 
Weston, Carol Bailey 
Weston, Jr., John H. 
WiJdi, Martha Walcutt 
Wortman. Chades D. 


Akins, Deborah Mount 
Barr, David J, 

Bennett, Thomas V. 
Brown, Douglas C. 
Brown, Lynn W. 
Bunge, L. Allen 
Chase, Douglas G. 
Conway, Janet Vail 
Cortese, Robert A. 
Cureton. David L. 
DeYoung, Jr., Harry R. 
Flurkey, Deborah Graham 
Flurkey, III, William H. 
Frantz, Nancy Moschini 
Gilmore, Christine Clark 
Gibnore, Stephen P. 
Golietz, Moma McEver 
Greeno, Eamie 
Hull, Frank B. 
Humphrey. Mark W. 
Hunter, Jr., Hugh O. 
Isenberg, Dawn Sterling 
Isenberg, Peter M. 
Johnson, Jr.. Paul A. 
KLil")iak, Christine Sterner 
Lmning, Eleanor Murrah 
Magnuson, Christian G. 
McDaniel, Donald L. 
Milligan. B, Thomas 
Minor, Randall Gene 
Morgan, Emily Hager 
Nenninger, Kathleen Mayumlk 
Peeler, Patricia Wolfe 
Penry, Judith M. 
Rhodes, Fred W. 
Rhone, Diane Camso 
Ridgely, Deborah Home 
Rugh, Ruth Houdeshel 
Staples, Brenda Weiss 
Sutherland, Betty Goshom 
Van Peursem, Suzanne Drees 
White, Dale A. 
Woody, Carla Huice 
Zartman, Barbara J. 
Ziegler, Delores Bowen 


Ballard, John H. 
Bleazey, Virginia Rust 
Bradford, Louise McNair 
Brahams, David R. 
Buchanan, Elizabeth L. 
Covington, James Nance 
Cowan, Lois Anne 
Cunningham, Douglas L. 
Davis, Mary Gross 
Davis, Wayne L. 
DeYoung, Sarah Winbigler 
Doig, Glenn W. 
Doig,Joann Bitz 
Douglas, Steven C. 
Gossett, John T. 

Hague, Bradford B. 

Han-a, Barbara Robiastin 


Heath, Kathleen Colyer 

Hughes, Robert T. 

Hurkett, Merida Keams-Preston 

Jackson. Debbra Chai 

Jillson, Edward W, 

Jillson, Linda King 

Kantz, WilliamJ. 

Keliler, Bradley R. 

Kidder, David D. 

Kloss, Kathryn Custer 

Kramer, Sarah Hardratli 

Kramer, Wayne R. 

Lambert, Nancy McCleary 

Lloyd-Sidle, Patricia 

Mahler, Louise PLxley 

Mallinson, Stephen H, 

Marsh, Cheryl Swartz 

McArthur, Margaret Jean 

McClune, Ellen Myers 

McDaniel, Nancy Valentine 

Monk, Phillip M. 

Murphree, Brenda 

Pacifico, Melissa Durden 

Ringler, Jr., Clayton L. 

Robinson, Douglas T. 

Robinson, Penny Smith 

Sabatelle, Patricia DAlba 

Salazar, Amy Wcxxi 

Smock, Angela Petersen 

Smock, Richard C. 

Stone, Judson I. 

Taylor, Barbara Rumplik 

Trumbore, Todd F. 

Usanga, Eyobong 

Vogado, Denise Smith 

Warwick, David 

Wertime, Robert T. 

Woolard, Louise Turner 

Yardumian-Smyth, Esther-Marie 


Adams, Nancy 
Ayers, Stephen M. 
Banker, Arthur D. 
Barber, Hope Kren 
Barber, Thomas A. 
Bowman, Marianne Harrison 
Brackbill, R. Tlittmas 
Cunningham, Nancy Haller 
Day, Melanie Kohn 
Dillener.Jeffry L. 
Dreety, Philip C. 
Fatigati, Jane Duffy 
Galbraith, Beth Weatheaip 
Kitchen, Steven D. 
Law, John L. 
Long, Anna Prochazka 
McCreery, Linda Sutton 
Miller, Mona Ernest 
Morris, III, J. Skellie 
Naylor, Paul T. 
Nicolaou, Maryann Pigan 
Pacifico, Matthew J. 
Reinauer, Charlene Reams 
Reinauer, David P. 
Ruffner, RicRodney 
Schneider, Eliska Miller 
Snyder. Martha Thompson 
Spicer.Jerry A. 
Valentine, Helene Hanchett 
Vial, Peter A. 
Vogado, Jr, Paul 
Yuhasz, Steven John 


Adams, Richard J, 
Blackwood, Jr., Leland C. 
Brackbill, Pamela Thomson 

Brown, Jr., George S. 
Carrick, Alexander M. 
Carrick, Debby Dorr 
Coppage, Delberta F. 
Coughlin, in. Hale S. 
Easter, Stuart C, 
Gash, William H. 
Gilmore, Stephanie Crane 
Guffin, Janet Roper 
Guillaume. Bruce W. 
Hawkins, Lynn Houlberg 
Heflin, Kevin O. 
Hind, Susan 
Hines,Jr., Robert P. 
Hines, Patricia Jones 
Hutchens, Laura L. 
Jackson, Elizabeth Widner 
Johnston, Mary Story 
Johnston, W. Michael 
Kantz, Rebecca Teas 
Kemp, David 

Kennedy, Ginger Bohmian 
Kirkhart, Kathryn Ann 
Lambert, Randall D. 
Lancaster-Brown, Wynn 
Legard, Robert L. 
Lewis, Garry K, 
Mabe, Nanette Gamer 
Mallinson, Deborah Baker 
Osborne, Daniel F. 
OShaughnessy, ColleenJ. 
Phillips, Elizabeth Fountain 
Poland, Cynthia Ragsdale 
Poland, Scon K. 
Ponton, Jr., Robert A. 
Stevens, Anne Doupe 
Sturge, Mary Apetz 
Sturge, Robert H. 
Teaster, Neena Stallings 
Wade, Lisa McCaffree 
Walko, Lawrence J. 
Ward, Marc A. 
Weaver, Ann R. 
White, Bonny Marvin 
Wilson, Brenda L. 
Wishon, Lisa L. 


Bailey, Paul W. 
Bone, Nancy Millner 
Bone, William M. 
Bridge, Carol Paris 
Bridge, Edward M. 
Carl, II, R. Richard 
Denney, F. Scott 
Douglas, Deborah Welch 
Duling, Thomas M. 
Duling, Vicki Parsons 
Glenn, Ann Merrill 
Glenn, Robert E. 
Gonos, James W. 
Goodwin, E. Keith 
Hannan, Pamela Judson 
Jacobus, Philip Michael 
Kosky. Robert A. 
Kosky, Veronica Sawdon 
Layman, Robert E. 
Leonard, III, B. Curtis 
Littlefield, David 
Littlefield, Lynn Rumbley 
Lusk, Ann McDonald 
McGUI, Janet C. 
Mochamer, Sheri Bone 
Netzley, Robert G. 
Osborne, Pamela Patton 
Pearson, Evelyn Blackbum 
Reagan, Sandra Chambers 
Shults, Karen George 
Stevens, Robert C. 
Taylor, Lee N. 
Tmmbore, Lisa Boehm 

Verhofstadt, Mary Williamson 
Walker, Linda Stritter 
Way, Jackie Inman 
Worden, Debra Kees 
Xiques, Lisa Wilson 


Ad;»ras. Julia E. 

Amentastro, Ruth Ann WUbanks 

Blakeman, Elspeth Robertson 

Britton, Carol Davis 

Campbell, Kathryn Faust 

Crane, Tillman G. 

Damron, Floraine Ramsey 

Giles, Martha S. 

Henderson, Keith B. 

Henderson, Meredith Thompson 

Hill, Brtice T. 

Kirk, Deborah A. 

Lacy, Drury B. 

Maher, Margaret A. 

Markgraf, Kurt W. 

McConnell. Rose 

Neal, Freda Swabe 

Neu, Jane Monroe 

Pearson, jack T. 

Potter, Pamela Smith 

Price, Grace Riley 

Thomp.son. Russell P. 

Vance, Elaine Hicks 

Vest, Suzanne Schoen 

Way, William L. 

Wilcox, Leigh 

Wing, Rose L. 

Wright, Steve H. 

Xiques. PelerJ. 


Becker, Terri-Lynn 
Bishop, Robert B. 
Boone, Robert A. 
Brown, Caryn Olsen 
Campbell, James E. 
Campbell. Priscilla Btxjk 
Carl, Lynn Rogers 
Davis, J. Dillon 
Dolce, Lisa-Kim 
Eckert, HoUi 

Goodwin, Lisa Mongoven 
Gosnell, Dennis L. 
Handler, Timothy P. 
Lowry, Steven A. 
Naylor, Susan 
Norris, Anthony M. 
Odom, Ellen Skipper 
Rahn, Timothy W. 
Ralph, Kathy Dunmire 
Roberts, Diana Papas 
Rock, Janet H. 
Seaton, Ann 
Thomas, A. Daniel 
Van Arsdall, Sandra L. 
Vigh, David A. 
Weaver, Laird 
Woemer.Marian Hummel 
Youngs, Sharon K. 


Allen-Demery, Ruth 
Andrews, Virginia F. 
Baron, Leslie 
Brooks, Jr., Charles 
Cross, Diane Novak 
Darma, Stephen 
Davis, Jennifer Cary 
Dunn, Wayne H. 
Franssen, David E. 
Gidley, Susan Wenkstern 
Goldsmith, John Henry 
Hosier, Robyn Demaat 

Jones, Michelle 
Koss, Jill Kinsinger 
Morton, John H. 
Norris, Judy Corliss 
Owings, Thomas B. 
Sawdon, Marianne M. 
Scurlock, Nancy Winslow 
Scuriock, R:mdy L. 
Sprigg, Joseph N. 
Sutton, Donna Hurst 
Thompson, Janet Rickel 
Thorpe, Gabriel 
Topliam, Tim A. 
Van Cleef, James G. 
Van Cleef, Kymme Taylor 
Weston, Janet 


Adair, Kenneth 
Baron, Kim DeMaat 
Bidwell. rv, Liiwrence H. 
Bishop, Shelley Ballenger 
Boney, Lois L. 
Carter-Stiles, Catherine 
Chesnutt, Margaret A. 
Clowers, Robert E. 
Durand. LarryJ. 
Evans, David L. 
Guillaume, Wendy Magee 
Jones, Scott L. 
Liles. Russell J- 
Metz, Sophia Shoemaker 
Moran, Sheri Trotter 
Pearce, James W. 
Steratore, Sandi Sapar 
Tabeek, Gregory L. 
Tliomas, William L. 
Vance, Jermy L. 
Walker, Thomas M. 
Wiley, Linda G. 
Zerick, Meelora Bowers 


Allison, J. Bradley 
Alongi, Charles P. 
Amos, Keith G. 
Angell, M. Catherine 
Atchley, Beverly Fox 
Baker, Anita M. 
Belitz, Glenda Brackin 
Brahams, Teri Trotter 
Brewer, Edward C. 
Cassutto, George H. 
Clemens, Patrick L. 
Crabtree, Jr., Joseph H. 
Crenshaw, Darlene Gilman 
Cross, Edward C. 
Crow, Charlotte Hamby 
Davis, Michael K. 
Dent, III. William H. 
Findley, Donna Owens 
Fortney, Janet Helwig 
Gibson, E. Russell 
Green, Deborah Blessing 
Green, Elizabeth Neil 
Harris, Page 
Hill, Richard M. 
Hosier, Gregory A. 
Lindgren, Linda Crozier 
Lynch, Leslie 
Mackey, Nancy A. 
Manning, Nancy L. 
McCroskey, Brenda Babb 
McCroskey, Michael A. 
MuUins, Bobbie Wolfe 
Murphy- Walters, Angela 
Pearce, Julia Wickstrand 
Reinhardt, Mary Gravely 
Richardson, Cheryl Laipply 
Robinson, Heidi 

Reunion Giving & Classes 


1 947 Frank Kramer 

1952 Glenn Watts 

1957 Sam Buffat 

1962 Charles Moffet 

1967 Marvin Beard -'.■.■.■.■:.-.. ■ : 

1972 Al Baker 

1977 Curt Leonard 

1982 Anita Baker 

1988 Angela Beckwith Bryson 

1992 KipMartines 




$ 11,130 





$ 17,694 





$ 13,155 





$ 6,111 



33 3% 


$ 4,778 





$ 4,981 




$ 94 

$ 2,250 




$ 75 

$ 2,425 



34 9% 

$ 66 

$ 1,155 




$ 83 

$ 2,080 
$ 65,758 



21 .4% 

$ 69 

Rodriguez, Mary Jane Babich 
Sanders, JoIinM. 
Sutton. Elizabeth Walker 
Thompson, Wayne Steven 
Weiss, Michael S 
Wilson, Scon j. 
Wilson. W. Warren 


Aiibott. Jackie Dye 
Alwood. Kathryn Long 
Arg\le. William A. 
Atkins, Shawna Allen 
Baker, Andrew A. 
Bender. William C. 
Blair, Kathleen R. 
Boynlon, B<^)nnie Dobson 
Bumette, Gerald A. 
Cole, Rebecca A, 
Davis, Bobbie Jo Sallade 
Davis, Donna Franklin 
Davis, Peter M. 
Dickson, Todd J. 
Downing, Mary Manire 
Gheen, Gregory 
Green. J. Kevin 
Hall. Delxjra L. 
Harris, Ginger L 
McFarkind, Bryan F 
Miller. KatliJeen Walker 
Moeller,Jean Plant 
Moore, Amy Grubbs 
Rabun-Lind. Sandy 
Riley, Jeffery L. 
Scully, Ruby Prince 
Shackeltord, W, Rimdolph 
Sieber-Ford, Elizabetli 
van Aken, Susan 
Weston, Thomas W. 
WcKid, Sharon R. 


Alben, Alexander D, 
Allison. Maithew S, 
Allison, Susan Williaras 
Allison, Terri Roberts 
Argyle, Jennifer Fitzell 
Bidwell, Lee Millar 
Bonds, Evelyn Sowell 
Bridges, Darrell D. 
Corbitt. KijTiberly E. 
Curtis, Lisa Skeen 
Davis, Jenny Walker 
Edington, David L. 
Figgs, Amy Nicholson 
Fraser, Traci D. 
Gibson, Kay Lippincott 



Hall, Shirley D. 

Herrcjn, Mark A. 

Huntzinger, Margaret Andrews 

Kerr, Janet Apgar 

Kirkconnell. Leslee Hay 

Lindsay, Sarah Jane 

McNiell, HelenA, 

Newkirk, Ellen Snively 

Pancini. Linda Trostle 

Petitt. Bruce A. 

Porter, Glennis Riedl 

Raulerson. David Lee 

Rush, John W, 

Sanker, Kimlx-riy Youpa 

Todd. Mari Jennings 

Waldroop, Edw;ird L. 

Zerick, Daniel L. 


Barile, Kitty Sperry 
Barile, LindyJ. 
BaLson. Julie Humpert 
Black, Jennifer L. 
Bouch. Daniel James 
Edington. Lisa Yacks 
Gillum, Libba 
Gilmore, Trent D. 
Grelilini^er. Catherine Conklin 

Gunter, Brian K. 
Headrick, Kelley Wilkin.son 
Hernandez, Julia Nasipak 
Homsby. Benjamin Wade 
LoRay, Adrienne Ramsey 
LoRay, Robert L. 
Marshall, Joanie Williams 
McFarhmd, Diane McDamel 
Mixner, Mark R. 
Porter, Christopher J. 
Schram. Kandis M. 
Walker, Melissa 
Watson. Psy.D., Morrissa 


Armstrong. Donna Janis 

Carver, Richard F. 

Coles, Deborah S. 

DLxon, III, Hubert E. 

Dunlap,John H- 

Esrey, Elizabeth Goodier 

Fling. Pat 

Jernigan, Karen West 

UiBadie, Loren A. 

McBrayer, Neal 

Moyer, Patrick W. 

Nordquist, Stacey Davis 

Ranisev Ronald J, 

Rohe, Kathryn Balent 
Roush. Sharon Hight 
Thedford, Mark S. 
Weston, Deanna Hanle 
Wilson. Diane 


Bennett. R, Gregory 

Briggs, Jeffrey E. 

Brooms, Lori Suggs 

Bry.son. Angela Beckwith 

Davis, Alan W. 

Denton. Jeffrey T. 

Dunlap, Anita North 

Koehl, Nancy L. 

Lilley, Cliristopher L. 

Osierhaus, Jacqueline 


Ramsey, Margaret Callaway 

Simms, Carol S. 

Spargo, Kim 

Starkey, Laura Lynn 

Watts. Jr. Glenn F. 

Wright, John W. 

Xiques, Elizabeth A. 

Young, M. Joe 


Bengtson, Karen Kotz 
Bennett, Heidi Nitzband 
Bennett, Robert A- 
Hargis-Kaminski, DeAnn 
Harvey, Lisa M. 
Humphrey, Fay 
Jones, Sherri L. 
Moore, Sharon Koehl 
Mosher, Thomas S. 
Ram.sey. Julie Dodd 


Andry, Gary S. 
Andry. Heidi Hoffecker 
Bolt, Barbara L. 
Brock, Laum E. 
Burgess, Scott Adam 
Coning, Lynn King 
DeLozier, Angela Carter 
Essary, Stacy Beam 
Galyon, Maria Cole 
Johnson, III, JosephJ, 
Lawrence, Leigh Emery 
Loughlin, Melissa E. 
McLeod, Lissa Anne 
Ramsey. William Emest 
Weaver, Elizabeth Stine 
Wilmoth, Mary Gaines 
Wuhib. Abeba 


Bills, Brian K. 
Brothers. Sharon M, 
Casteel, Rocky 
Cross, Karl E, 
Harbin, Robm Schwall 
Robbins, Catherine Cain 
Shackelford, Becky P. 
Wayland, Matthew D. 


Andrews, Kirk E. 

Beaty, Ann K. 

Brunner, Barbara Borderieux 

Cherry, Evelyn 

Cross, Melissa Combest 

Davis, Patsy A. 

Goeller, Lisa Morrow' 

Hombuckle, Blake 

Keplinger, Eileen Freund 

Tom Eberhard '60 

and former 

Athletic Director 

Boydson Baird '41 

help restore "the 

ruins" - the steps 

located below 

Carnegie Hall, 

during the second 

annual Kin 

Takahashi week 

in June. 

Lukens, William F. 
Miller, Reliecai E. 
Mosher, Kathleen McArthur 
Murr, Julie Hampton 
Powers, Kathleen North 
Reno, Lori Smith 
Schultze, Vickie Wester 
Tallent, Kathleen M. 
Terwedow, Keriann 
Unferth, Patricia Chambers 


Anderson, [anna J. 
Boye, Patricia B. 
Cline, W. Scott 
Cole, Andrew Scott 
Damron, Michael T. 
Davis, Amie 

Denkinger, Carrie Callaway 
Evans, Randy C. 
Field, Laura Rae 
Gehlbach, Janet K. 
Godsey, Jennifer Conn 
Henry, Leslie Ann 
Howdyshell, Roger E. 
Hunt, Heather Newell 
Jackson, Joan McBrayer 
Johnson, James P. 
Jordan, III, F. David 
Lemons, Cynthia L. 
Martin, Jr. , John L. 
Masingo, Melissa D. 
McClendon, Lisa Locke 
Miller, Martha McCarter 
Nardi, Tara FLschbach 
Purcell, Megan L. 
Roeber, Darla D. 
Rueda, Enrique J. 
Sohrabi, Ben Dahvood 
White, Carolyn S. 
Wiggins, Charies E. 
Williams, David B. 


Ailshie, Julie Brown 
Arp, Melissa Suder 
Beckwith, Howard B. 
Bishop, Sharron B. 
Coleman. Kitty Bragg 
Cox, Regina Ford 
Crawley, Headier S. 
Davis, Mindy Brarmon 
Denmark, Mary Catherine 
Eaker, Paula D- 

Evon, III, Donald C. 
Ezell, Samuel Jason 
Gorenflo, Martha Willocks 
Harrison, Jamie K. 
Hill. Brendii Williams 
Hof. Douglas A. 
Jones, Cindy Huffsteder 
King, David C. 
Knight, Alyson Neville 
Lambdin, Sheryl Ramsey 
Lawhom. Staci Crisp 
Luchuk, Sara Townsend 
Luckey, Carol M. 
Martin, Tina Pendley 
Mattingly. Elizabeth Steverson 
Porter, Scott L. 
Rimmell, Lisa Branam 
Roberson, Heather Conaway 
Roitman, Jessica V. 
Sammons, Betli Steigerwald 
Scott, Jack C. 
Shoun, Leigh Ann 
Sumner, Kevin R. 
Tanner, John C. 
Watkinson, Allison S. 
Watson, John E. 


Allen, Nancy E. 
Averill, Mike D. 
Averill, Suzanne Long 
Beaty. Karen E- 
BooUi, Eric D. 
Brugner, Briana L 
Crockett, Joey 
Grad, Jennifer McCafferty 
Hackney, Steven K. 
Hackney, Tina Walker 
Hall, Tiffany Myers 
Harris, C. R. Landon 
Harrison, Sandra Brown 
Keller, Christina L. 
Knight, William P. 
Myrick, Howard A, 
Nagasawa, Yosliikazu 
Phillips, Justin K. 
Richardson,IV, William S, 
Schirmer, Lori L, 
Sentell, Aaron C 
Talley, R. Paul 
Walker, Julie M, 

Alumni Giving Five Year Profile 


93-94 $ 1,352.413 

94-95 $ 1,171,431 

95-96 $ 1,315,197 

96-97 $ 1,624,169 

.J97-98 $ 1.649,588 


Bowers, Kathy Whittaker 

Carboni, Cheryl D. 

Cobb, Lydia Keys 

French, Stephanie C. 

Fugate, Stephanie K. 

Giles, Mina Lucetta 

Glisson, Timothy S. 

Goelz, Sara Lyrm 

Gordon, Chandra Moore 

Graves, Cecilia F. 

Hall, Marc A. 

Klosterman, Lance A, 

Lee, Amy Elizabeth 

McCampbell. Angela S. 

Nichols, John P. 

Norman, Jr., Richard W. 

Prather. Brian T. 

Price, Tracy A. 

Putman, William R. 

Reagan, Richard C. 

Shimada, Kiyomi 

Smith, J. Kevyn 

Smith, Jr., Tliomas G. 

Smith, Margaret K. 

Tarver, David Keith 

Thomson, Darrien A. 

Trotter, John C- 

Weaver, Amy 

West, Jermifer Ann Cummings 


Anderson Sandra Yates 
Beasley, Maria 
Cain, Julia A. 
Crowell. Lanie Arm 
Culp, Laura M. 
Ernsberger, Kevin P. 
Evon, Wendy Ellis 
Frazier, Mary A 






39.8% $ 451 


40 8% $ 380 

3 177 

42.0% $ 414 


43.9% $ 484 


41.2% $ 524 

Garrison, Kelly M. 

Ray, Richard 

Grant, Crystal D. 

Rowland, Kevin 

Houston, Jr., Mitchell M. 

Rudicil, Tiffany K. 

Jackson, Kelli C. 

Schott, Amethyst M. 

Kant, Kristin M. A. H. 

Simmons, Jacqueline B. 

Lassiter, Lyle C. 

Stables, Jermifer 

Lewis, Treva A. 

Stevenson, SarahJ. 

Martin. Anranda K. 

Stewart, Keli 

Matthews. Waynette L. 

Stone, Aaron 

McKeehan. Ainy C. 

Weaver, Paul 

Miller, Megan A. 

West. Sarah H, 

Norman, Claire Thomason 

Wight, Clinton 

Peters, Jonathan D. 

Wilks, Matthew 

Powell, John Scott 

Wilson, Joseph P, 

Quick, Jeannine L. 

Woodhouse, Jennifer A. 

Settlemire, C. Dwayne 

Yeats, Ann 

Senlemire, Jeannie Frey 

Symons, Craig M. 

Tallent, Kristine R. 

Webb, Barbara M. 

White, Tracy Smith 

Wilbum, Rodney K. 

Wilbum, Stacy Brooks 

Woods, Amy C. 


Brooks, Jason D. 

Buckles, Justin T. 

Caldwell, William 

Crews. Linda Mae 

Davis, Jon 

Day, Jennifer 

Everett, Heather 

Gibson, Laura 

Greer, Katie E. 

Hughs, David H. 

McDonald, Kathryn M. 

McMichael, Cliri.stopher B 

Parkhouse, Kristen A. 

Parris, Michael 

Pryor, Carey 

Alumni Participation 


45 - 






— '' 




iH 1 



1 1 i 1 1 ! 
1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 

Summary of Gifts by Class 




Class President 




Total Gifts 




Lamar S. Wilson * 




















Robert W. Bishop * 







Roy A. Cortner* 







J. Gordon Jeffries * 







FlorianG. Hopkins* 








Frank E. Baker* 







Donald G. Benn 








George Osborn * 







R. Conrad Quenelle 








Robert W. Tripp 







E. Newman Smith 







Mose H. Gamble* 







David J. Brittain 








James N.Proffitt* 








H. Eugene Orr* 








James Etheredge 








Ralph D. Steakley 








Theodore Holman* 








Arthurs. Bushing 








Paul B. Smith 








Robert Seel 








Louise Corbett Fulgham 








Harvey Overton * 








Charles B. Hoglan, Jr * 








Chester Phillips 








Henry A. Callaway, Jr. 








James P. Lester 








Ralph G. Thiesse 








Curtis B. Wilbanks 








Jack Maxwell 







William F. Davis 








James M. Cummings 








Sam Buff at 








William C. Heird 








John B. Emery, Jr. 








Sheridan H. Greaser 








Donald W. Harward 








Lewis Pelkey 






* - deceased 

Summary of Gifts by Class 




Class President 




Total Gifts 




William Wiessenburger, Jr 








Bert Randall 








Jerry Stewart 








Reed Tarwater 








John A. Kerr, Jr. 








M.Davis Miller, II 








Alan G. Cropper 








Peter W. Peterson 
















William J. Postler 







Carl Pierce, III 







Wayne R. Kramer 








Paul T. Naylor 







Craig Larsen 








Elizabeth Lowry 







Steve H. Wright 







Colleen Masterson Bystra 







Randy L. Scuriock 








Lany Durand 







M. Catherine Angell 








Andrew Baker 








Michael E. Bell 








Paul Anagnostis 







Stacey Davis Nordquist 







Chris Herbert 







Russ Thomas 








J. Alfred Chiverton 







Amy Jackson Halferty 







Barbara Borderieux 







Amanda Krenning 








Alyson Neville Knight 








Lori Schirmer 







Darrien A. Thomson 







Debbie Shewfelt 







Ken^ O'Keeffe 

















Alumni News 

Maryville College Already 
Home to Oregon Freshman 

hv Kiirm E. Beah' '94 

Uhviior of Alumni and Parent Relations 

Sarah Berkemeier's window in Copeland overlooks the College Cemetery, 
reminding the Maryville College freshman that her ties to the school extend 
way beyond her 18 years. 

Buried in that cemeten' is John Franklin Magill, a student from the late 
1800s and Sarah's distant relative. 

When Saridi strolls past Anderson Hall, she is reminded of a story told to 
her m;my times - a story involving some mischievous shidents, the bell tower 
and a cow. Stories of Bamwamiing dances :uid student life in the late 1960s 
spring to mind when she passes the Alumni Gymnasium ;uid Lloyd Hall. 

The Portland, Ore. freshman says she is at home in East Tennessee - even 
though she's more than 2,500 miles and three time zones away from her 
parents, Thomas and Linda Jones Berkemeier 70. 

"It's kind of like a second home to me," Sarali said of Maryville. "I 
remember when I was little, taking trips to Tennessee - the c;uiipus. Cades Cove 
and the Smokies. But I never imagined this as a kid - spending four years here, 
spending this time of my life here. 

"It feels like I'm on vacation hut shil living in Portland." 

What brought Sarah to Maryville years ago were visits with her mother's 
family and friends. What brought her to visit Maryville in J:muar\' 1908 was her 
interest in a small, top-notch liberal arts college. 

"I wasn't interested in the large state universities." she explained. "I 
knew I wouldn't get to know anybody and I knew I wouldn't get enough 
personal attention for my education." 

Linda Jones Berkemeier said it w;ls her husbiuid who encouraged Sarah 
to apply to Maryville College - not she. "He thought it would be poetic for 
Sarah to go there, considering the family ties." Linda expkiined. (Linda's 
father, Alexander Jones '32, his sisters and other relatives were Maryville 
College alumni.) "I didn't mind her going far from home; I just didn't think it 
would occur to her to apply to Mary-ville because of the distance. And 1 didn't 
want her to make that decision b:ised on my idea, based on pleiLsing me." 

In addition to Maryville College, Sarah considered the University of 
Puget Sound in Tacoma, Wash., Seattle Pacific University, Willamette University 
in Salem, Ore., and Southern Oregon State College in Ashhmd. 

When Sar;ih began narrowing her choices, Mar\ville College always 
remained. During her campus visit last Januar\', Sarah said she felt a greater 
sense of communitx' at Maryville dian she did at odier colleges. 

"The admissions department did an excellent job of making me feel 
welcome." the freshman added. "And my financial package w;ts excellent." 
Linda agreed that the financial package was a large factor in Sarah's decision 
to attend Mar}'\ille. The 1970 alunma described the cost of Sarah's education 
as a "bargain." 

"Not in the sense that it's cheap," she explained, "but in the sense tliat 
the education is well wordi the cost ... and more." 

Linda said she keeps up widi her alma mater and fonner ckissmates by 
reading "every inch" of FOCUS. From reading recent testimonials of younger 
graduates printed in FOCUS, Linda said she believes the Maryville of the 1990s 
is similar - in several commendable respects - to the Mar^'ville of the 1960s. 

Linda 70 and Sarah Berkemeier 

"I tend to hold to the belief that the atmosphere is the same." she explained. 
"People still feel strongly about the relationships diey built diere. and there are still 
close feelings between the faculty and the students. 

"And I would assume that the good rankings (by U.S. News and World 
Report) indicate that the College has continued to advance the way colleges should 
advance. " 

A biology major at Miuyville. Linda said she has gone in "six different 
directions" since graduating, but stressed that her liberal arts background has helped 
her adapt to different careers. 

"I don't care what Sarah majoR in." Linda said. "The important thing for me 
is that she is in a liberal arts community. I'm sure Mar\'ville College will prepare her 
for ;inylhing she w;mts to do." 

While tlie alumna admitted that she misses her daughter, she added that she 
diought Sarah was in "very good hands." 

"The College takes care of its students while allowing diem to become 
independent, thinking adults. I didn't give (her decision to attend Maryville) a second 

Three weeks into classes, Sarah said her college experience was going very well. 
She has made friends ;md is looking forward to gethng involved in campus 
organizations. Probably the strongest evidence of S;u-alVs comfort at her mother's 
alma mater is the fact tliat she hiLsn't had to call her modier's local friends or family 
members for help or reassunmce. 

"l love it back here."" the freshman said. "I feel like this is where I'm supposed to 

Bring a high school student to campus! 

Open House dates for perspective students are Saturday, Oct 31 and Saturday, Feb. 

13, 1999. For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at 1 -800-597-2687 

or 423/981-8092. E-mail correspondence should be directed to: 


Your New Alumni Board Members 

When tliey were in school at Maryville. the year 2001 probably seemed a distant, 
distant place in time, A place in time that included weird-looking care, a computer on 
ever\ desk ;ind a robot in ever}' kitchen. 

The five alumni who recently agreed to seiw on the National Alumni Board - ;is 
the Class of 2001 - realize now the year is only three years away. 

Alumni board terms last three years, with members agreeing "to represent the 
Alumni Association in order to promote the interests of Maryville College and to 
maintain mutually beneficial relations between the College and alumni." Agreeing to 
sei've their alma mater in this capacit)' are: Jonathan Allison '90, Robert Beam '58, 
Priscilla Book Campbell 79, DeAnn Hargis-Kaminski '88 and Brenda Babb 
McCroskey '82. 

The first meeting of the National Alumni Board was held September 11-12. 

When Jonathan "Jon" Allison moved to campus in 
1986, he was already a part of the iNUmville College family. 
Just by virtue of being ;in Allison, he was family 

His father, James Allison, graduated from the College 
in 1952. Siblings Brad Allison, Matt Allison and Ann 
Allison Hall left with diplomas in 1982, 1984, and 1994, 

After making Maryville his alma mater in 1990, Jon 
enrolled at Ohio State University for graduate school, 
receiving his doctorate of jurisprudence in 199.^ He is now 
the deputy director for communications and legislative counsel for the Ohio Secretary 
of State. 

Jon, wife Kim and their 1-year-old son Benjamin, live in Columbus. The Allisons 
are membere of the Billiard Presbyterian Church, where Jon is a session and choir 
member As a member of the National Alumni Board, Jon will serve on the Communica- 
tions Committee. 

Freshman Children of Alumni 

The Class of 2002 includes several children of alumni. Some of those attending 
Parent Weekend September 26 gathered for smiles and reunions. 
(L-R) Sherry Potter '93, Ashley Potter; Amy Whitley Howe '77; Jessie Bailey and 
Janet Barber Bailey '75; John and Carol Bailey Weston '72 Alan Cropper '69 
and Elizabeth Cropper; Kathy Crahen White '74, Richard White '71 and Brian 

NOT PICTURED: Emily Howe: Rachel Weston; David Alexander '67 and Courtney 
Alexander; Linda Jones Berkemeier '70 and Sarah Berkemeier; Michael Bogle 
'77 and Brooke Bogle; Rick Ledbetter '76 and Sondra Dietz; Sheryl MacKenzie 
'93 and Loren MacKenzie; Howard '72 and Nancy Pusey '72 and Rebecca Pusey; 
Allison Watkinson '93 and Natanya Watkinson; Mary "Kit" Williamson 
Verhofstadt '77 and Erin Verhofstadt 

Our apologies to those who posed for an earlier photograph. Due to circumstances beyond our 
control, the photo did not turn out 


Retired Knoxville Catholic High School 
Assistant Principal Robert "Buddy" Beam 
graduated from Maryville in 1958. He eamed a 
master of science degree from the University of 
Tennessee in 1962 and subsequently worked in the 
Knoxville City School System. 

Buddy is a member of Inskip Baptist Church in 
Knoxville and is involved in the M;isonic Lodge and 
Scottish Rite Lodge. 

Ten yeare ago. Buddy w;is, in addition to an alumnus, a Maryville College 
dad. Daughter Stacy Beam Essary graduated in 1989. He and wife Wilda have 
another daughter, LeAnne Beam Moore. The Beams live in Knoxville. 

As an alumni board member, Buddy will sei've on the Alumni Ambtissadors 

After receiving her bachelor of arts degree from 
Maryville in 1979, Priscilla Book Campbell enrolled 
at the University of Oregon, where she received a m;ister 
of science degree in 1982. 

The group manager for research participation 
programs with Oak Ridge Associated Ihiiversities, 
Priscilla and her husband, MC alumnusjim Campbell 
'79, live in Oak Ridge with their daughters Elise, Claire 
and Amelia. They are members of First Presbyterian Church of Oak Ridge. 

Keeping busy with .school and children's sporting activities, Priscilla is also 
on the board of directors for Leadership Oak Ridge Inc. and serves on committees 
for MayFest and local scholarships at Oak Ridge High School. She is the fomier 
executive director of the WCA of Oak Ridge. 

Priscilla will serve on the Student Services Committee of the National 
Alumni Board. 

Athmla native DeAnn Hargis-Kaminski moved 
north to New Jersey almost 10 years ago. The 1988 MC 
graduate is manager of process and system implementa- 
tion for Lucent Technologies in Warren, N J. 

In addition to her bachelor of arts degree from 
Man'\'ille. DeAnn studied international business at 
Fairleigh Dickenson Univensity, where she earned an MBA 
in 1992. 

She is a member of Bound Brook Presbyterian 
Church and a volunteer group, Lucent Technologies Pioneers. 

DeAnn and husband Mark Kaminski are expecting their first child in 

The alumni board's Development Committee welcomes DeAnn into its 

Man^'ille College Wall of Fame inductee 
Brenda Babb McCroskey lives in Gatlinburg with 
husband Michael McCroskey '82 and 5-year-old son, 

The director of sales and marketing for the Lee 
Greenwood Theater ;uid River Bluff Liuiding in 
Sevierville, Brenda is also on the board of the 
Sevierville Chamber of Commerce and Kids Vote. She 
serves on Tennessee's Tourism Advisor)' Council and 
several other national tourism organizations. She is 
a member of the First Baptist Church in Gatlinburg. 

The 1982 Maryville graduate will serve on the alumni board's Student 
Services Committee. 

- If you're interested in becoming active in alumni events and programs, please 
contact the Alumni Office at 423/981-8197 or e-mail: 



Established 1819 





502 E. Liunar Alexander Parkway 
Maryville, Tennessee 37804-5907 







Maryville College Ranked As 

Top Ten Southern Regional Liberal Arts College 

For the fourth year out of the last five, Maryville College has been ranked as a Top Ten Southern Regional 
Liberal Arts College by U.S. News and World Report magazine and college guide. Earlier, the College was 
named to the 1 997-98 Honor Roll for Character Building Colleges by the John Templeto^oundation and has 
been listed in the new Peterson's Guide To Competitive Colleges and Universities . ^^/^jj^^^