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A Publication for Alumni and Friends of Maryville College 



Greetings from the Maryville 
College Campus! 


Readers of /^OCL'S surely don't need 
a lesson on the value of a liberal arts 
education. But maybe it isn't bad to offer 
a few examples of just how valuable the 
kind of education for which Maryville 
College is renowned can be. This issue of 
fOC{75 does that. 

Let me confess that I am completely 
biased about the liberal 
arts. Not only does my 
paycheck bear the logo 
of a liberal arts college, 
but all the diplomas 
in my family, mine 
included, bear seals oi 
liberal arts colleges. In 
fact, I may be unique 
in having signed and 
bestowed all four of 
those diplomas myself 
starting with my wife's. 
Two of our three 
children are Maryville 
College alumni, so 
Rachel and I are quick to 
give testimony about the 
quality of the liberal arts curriculum as 
designed for students here. 

While FOCUS readers share our 
enthusiasm for Maryville's kind oi 
education, there is widespread 
misunderstanding of it in the general 
public. When speaking to civic clubs 
and other groups, I take advantage of the 
occasion to underscore the educational 
goals of our kind of college, where the 
fundamental aim is to produce graduates 
who are prepared lor lives of citizenship, 
leadership and service. Maryville College 
has been doing that for 181 years now. 
And the liberal arts education it offers is, 
in my view, more valuable now than ever. 
In a world where the principal constant 
is rapid change, Maryville's 21" century 

graduates will find that their greatest 
survival skill is flexibility. A liberal 
arts education develops key skills that 
equip graduates to adapt to the shifting 
circumstances of lite and career that they 
are sure to encounter. These include the 
ability to: 

• think effectively 

• communicate effectively 

• make discriminating judgments 

• see connections 

• be quantitatively conversant 

• make a commitment to lifelong 

President Gerold Gibson, pictured here with his wife Rachel and their 
three children, has signed diplomas from liberal arts colleges for each member of his family. 

Undergirding all of this is a broad 
base of knowledge that equips one 
to see personal experiences in context, 
make informed decisions, converse 
intelligently, and escape provincialism. 
Add to this foundation education in 
depth in a major, an area of special 
interest, and you have a graduate that is 
ready to take on and make a difference 
in the world. 

At Maryville College leadership 
responsibility for the curricular delivery 
of the liberal arts core belongs to 
our Director ol General Education, Dr. 
Pe^y Cowan. She works with division 
heads to assure that the courses needed 
to accomplish Maryville's educational 
goals are in place. In the article by 
Karen Beaty '94 you will get Dr. 

Cowan's account of the general education 
curriculum, how it came into being and 
what its faculty architects intended it to 

The variety of careers open to 
graduates of liberal arts colleges is 
illustrated by the alumni who are 
highlighted in this issue of FOCUS. 
Dan Greaser '60 enjoyed a successfiil 
career as an executive with Eveready. 
Andy Ruhlin'68 began 3 By 4 
Inc., a creative services firm in 1987. 
(You may recall his work from the video 
that was shown at Founder's Day and 
Homecoming.) DeAnn 
Hargis-Kaminski '88 has 
responsibility for overseas 
initiatives of Lucent 
Technologies. Amy Lee 
'95 is a physical therapist 
at the Alaska Native 
Medical Center. 
Wherever they are and 
whatever their choice of 
careers, these alumni and 
many, many others are 
making daily use of their 
Maryville liberal arts 

You will find as an 
insert into this issue of 
FOCUS my seasonal 
letter reporting on progress at the 
College during this last year of the 
MC2000 period and announcing the 
creation of a new MC Window 
of Opportunity Plan. Be assured 
that, whatever the list of MC2000 
accomplishments, and however 
ambitious the Window of Opportunity 
Plan, Maryville remains true to its 
mission. Here at this 181-year-old 
church-related college, gratified by 
recent progress and looking to an even 
brighter future, we are as committed 
to the value of the liberal arts as any 
college I know. 

Maryville College FOCUS magazine 2000 (issn 309) 

Published three times a year 

Maryville College 

502 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway 

Maryville, TN 37804-5907 



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Page 2 

ation is worth. 

Page 6 

he administration 
illion, the highest 


Page 7 

^"S® '^ 1999-2000 Maryville College 
iscol operations at PRESIDENT'S • REPORT 

... Page 8 
.Page 12 
.Page 14 
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. Page 53 



Established 1819 


Dr. Gerald W. Gibson 


Karen E. Beaty '94, Director of News and Sports Information 

Mark E. Cate, Vice President for College Advancement 

Laurie Lyza, Director of Public Relations 

Ned Willord, Director of Campaigns and Development 


Tracy N. Wiggins, Publications Manager 


Greetings from the Maryville 
College Campus! 


Readers oi FOCUS surely don't need 
a lesson on xkc value of a liberal arts 
education. But maybe it isn't bad to offer 
a few examples of just how valuable the 
kind of education for which Maryville 
College is renowned can be. This issue of 
i^OCf/5 does that. 

Let me confess that I am completely 
biased about the liberal 
arts. Not only does my 
paycheck bear the logo 
of a liberal arts college, 
but all the diplomas 
in my family, mine 
included, bear seals of 
liberal arts colleges. In 
fact, I may be unique 
in having signed and 
bestowed all lour of 
those diplomas myself 
starting with my wife's. 
Two of our three 
children are Maryville 
College alumni, so 
Rachel and I are quick to 
give testimony about the 
quality of the liberal arts curriculum as 
designed for students here. 

While FOCUS readers share our 
enthusiasm for Maryville's kind of 
education, there is widespread 
misunderstanding of it in the general 
public. When speaking to civic clubs 
and other groups, I take advantage of the 
occasion to underscore the educational 
goals of our kind of college, where the 
fundamental aim is to produce graduates 
who are prepared for lives of citizenship, 
leadership and service. Maryville College 
has been doing that for 181 years now. 
And the liberal arts education it offers is, 
in my view, more valuable now than ever. 
In a world where the principal constant 
is rapid change, Maryville's 21" century 

arts edu 
equip g 
are sure 
ability t 

President Gerald I 
three children, has signed dip 

base of 
to see p 
make it 
Add to 
depth ii 
ready tc 
in the v 

of the li 
our Dir 
heads t( 
to accoi 
goals ar 
Karen ] 

A Publication for Alumni ond Friends of Moryville College 



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Moryville College FOCUS magazine 2000 (issn 309) 

Published three times a year 

Moryville College 

502 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway 

Moryville, TN 37804-5907 



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Feature Story Page 2 

Dr. Peggy Cowan knows exoctly what o liberol arts educotion is worth. 

Medallion Page 6 

Eoch year at its Founder's Day Celebration in October, the odministrotion 
of Moryville College owords the Moryville College Medallion, the highest 
honor bestowed by the college. 

Alumni Citations Page 7 

Meet the recipients of this year's Alumni Citations 

President's Report Page 15 1999.2000 m^yville College 

An onnuol review of gifts ond contributions OS well OS fiscol operations ot nDrcmrMT'c . DcnnDT 
Moryville College. I^RJ^^IDLJN 1 ^ « KLl UKl 

CompusNews PogeS 

Alumni News Pogel2 

Alumni Giving Page 14 

Class Notes Poge42 

Letter from the Alumni President Page 53 


Dr. Gerald W. Gibson 


Or college campuses everywhere, stately 
columns are traditional icons of higher 
learning, and these gracing Thaw Hall ore 
no exception. Imposed over the columns 
are campus photographs depicting the mony 
aspects of a liberal orts education. 


Koran E. Beaty '94, Director of News and Sports Information 

Mark E. Cate, Vice President for College Advancement 

Laurie Lyza, Director of Public Relations 

Ned Willard, Director of Campaigns and Development 


Tracy N. Wiggins, Publications Manager 

iberal Arts: 

h^mtionfor a Life More hindrnt 

By Karen E. Beaty '94 Director of News and 
Sports Information 

Whenever she is asked about the value 
of a liberal arts degree, Dr. Peggy Cowan 

A graduate of a liberal arts college herself 
and the mother of two sons who received 
a similar education, Cowan knows exactly 
what a liberal arts education is worth. And 
her smile is the outward sign of an inner 
belief in the life-changing power curricula 
like the Maryville College general educa- 
tion curriculum have. 

"The more you know, the more you can 
appreciate diversity and variety," she says. 
"It's as if having the vocabulary to name 
things allows you to see things you never 
were able to see before." 

Cowan, who holds the Ralph W. 
Beeson Chair in Religion and coordinates 
Maryville College's general education cur- 
riculum, recounts an instance when her 
sons, home from college and on break, 
were having a conversation at the dinner 
table and disagreed on the meaning of a 
word. Almost immediately, they excused 
themselves from the table to consult a dic- 

"In liberal arts students and graduates, 
there is a real sense of curiosity, I think," 
she explains, "There's an eagerness to know 
and understand. " 

The discussion turns to references made 
in movies, books and newspapers that 
other people may miss but liberal arts grad- 
uates may "get" because of an educational 
foundation that spans disciplines, history, 
religion, fine arts, mathematics, literature 
and science. 

Cowan explains that her own alma 
mater, Randolph-Macon Women's College 
celebrates the motto "Vita Abundantior," 
which means "the Life More Abundant." 

"It seems to me that ["life more abun- 
dant"] is what liberal arts has to offer," she 
says, "It means experiencing life in all of its 
richness and different dimensions." 

Gen Ed 101: The shaping of the edu- 
cated person. 

Its not a matter of pleated pants or 


blue jeans, 
T-shirts or 
starched shirts, 
book bags or 
backpacks, not 
even contact 
lenses or eye- 

Dr. Peggy 
Cowan is mind- 
ful of those 
images when she asks the question: "What 
does a liberal arts graduate look like?" 

That's why she follows up the term "look 
like" with other questions. 

"What are the characteristics of an edu- 
cated person?" 

"Where do we want our graduates to be 
- intellectually, spiritually, socially - when 
they graduate?" 

Cowan and other faculty members began 
with these questions six years ago, when 
a curriculum task force was charged 
with reviewing the gen- 
eral education courses 
(those courses and proj- 
ects required of all 
undergraduates) of the 
College. Asking the 
questions were a way to 
"get back to the basics," 
Cowan said, and a way 
to safeguard the process 
from status-quo 

Revisions to the cur- 
riculum take place, on 
average, every 1 5 to 
20 years, Cowan said. 
While the last major 
curriculum change had 
occurred in the late 
1980s and the College 
was due for a revision, 
the strategic planning 
process of the mid 1990s and the goals for 
a "distinctive and stimulating liberal arts 
curriculum" as outlined in the MC2000 
Plan further motivated faculty, staff and 
students to take a closer examination of 
general education at Maryville College. 
"The theme that showed up over and 
over again was the ability to think criti- 
cally," Cowan said. "But we were also care- 
ful to go beyond just critical thinking: We 
wanted the general education curriculum 
to have elements of personal growth, a 
sense of values and the idea of vocation." 
The general education coordinator said 
campus constituents distilled their answers 
into five categories, each with several 
distinct goals: Inquiry, skills, personal 

growth, intercultural understanding and 
values; and nine "distinctive features" of 
the curriculum. 

Printed in the front pages of the current 
Maryville College catalog are these words: 
"The Maryville Curriculum, a program of 
general education, is based on the con- 
viction that liberal learning is the best 
preparation for a satisfying and successful 
life, whatever one's vocation. While many 
aspects of the college experience, including 
major-field requirements, allow students to 
prepare for a variety of careers and pro- 
fessions, general education emphasizes the 
cultivation of those intellectual and per- 
sonal qualities that mark the educated 
person. Through the enhancement of skills 
and knowledge, the deepening of sensi- 
tivities, and the clarification of personal 
purpose, students learn to deal responsibly 
with a world of uncertainty and accelerat- 
ing change." 

A few distinctive features of the curric- 
ulum include an "inte- 
grated and sequenced 
set of freshman courses," 
a "range of coursework 
that provides grounding 
in the various modes of 
inquiry, service learning 
and in all aspects of 
the liberal arts," a 
"strong global and 
cross-cultural dimen- 
sion," and "attention to 
values and ethical deci- 
sion-making throughout 
the curriculum, with a 
capstone course focusing 
on these matters in Jan- 
uary of the senior year." 
Agreeing on the pur- 
poses of the Maryville 
College curriculum, 
members of the Curricu- 
lum Task Force then asked another ques- 
tion: "What are the courses that are going 
to enable us to [produce these kinds of 

From drawing boards to 
chalk boards 

The core curriculum, as the general edu- 
cation curriculum is also called, was imple- 
mented in the fall of 1 996, and the Class 
of 2000 was the first group of students to 
complete the 60 credit hours required for 

^Tiat changed from the curriculum of 
the 1980s to the current one. Cowan said, 
was "a whole bunch and not a lot." 

Faculty agreed that some requirements 

and expectations of the older curriculum 
were meeting the objectives and did not 
need major revision, she said. Citing the 
general education requirement for com- 
position, Cowan said students were still 
required to take two semesters of grammar, 
proper sentence construction and written 
argumentation (as in the curriculum of the 
1980s), but 
one major 
change to the 
ter course 
was the addi- 
tion of a 
speaking com- 

"One of 
the things we 
heard from 
alumni was 
that they 
lacked strong 

skills," Cowan said, "so we added that in 
the Composition 120 course." 

The freshman seminar sequence was a 
"clear innovation," she said. 

Today, freshmen are required to take a 
one-credit Orientation course, in which 
college policies, campus life, and Maryville 
College history and traditions are intro- 
duced, as well as issues surrounding well- 
ness. Mountain Challenge experiences - 
ropes courses, hikes to teach the use of map 
and compass, canoeing, etc. - are still a 
part of the freshman Orientation course. 

But what is different about the 
freshman-year experience are the "per- 
spectives." Namely, two- and three- 
credit-hour courses "Perspectives on the 
Individual" (Freshman Seminar 120), 
"Perspectives on the Environment" (Fresh- 
man Seminar 130) and "Perspectives on 
the American Community" (Freshman 
Research Seminar 140). 

During the curriculum review process, 
faculty members agreed that the basic 
questions of "Who am I?," and "Who am I 
in relation to my country and my world?" 
needed to be answered before posing ques- 
tions of major area of study and vocation. 
So they designed a sequence of courses to 
answer those questions, while also stressing 
research skills, analytical reading, critical 
thinking and effective communication. 

"Perspectives on the Environment," 
taught during the three-week January term, 
offers every student the option of taking an 
in-depth look at solid waste, water, forestry 
or energy. The requirement was born as a 
result of a "Save the Earth" January term 

course taught by David Reed Powell '66 in 

the late 1980s and early 1990s. 

"What we heard from students and 
other members of the task force was 
that everyone should be required to 
take Dave Powell's environmental course," 
Cowan explained. "Well, of course, not 
everyone could do that. So, this [Fresh- 
man Seminar 
130 course] 
is what was 
ments for sta- 
tistics, fine 
arts and for- 
eign language 
changed very 
little, if at all. 
were made in 
the areas of 
Biblical stud- 
ies and west- 
ern civilization, but the overall purpose 
ot the courses did not change. Instead of 
studying strictly American institutions in 
Social Science 220 as students did under 
the 1980s curriculum, Social Science 260 
sheds light on the social order of the globe. 

The curriculum revision of 1 967 first 
brought non-Western studies to the 
Maryville College curriculum. Cowan said 
the 1995 revision "continued and pushed 
forward" the emphasis on global and cross- 
cultural issues. 

"We did this with the recognition that 
our students live in a world that is inter- 
dependent and multicultural," she said. 
"There are no national economies any- 
more. You can't solve environmental prob- 
lems on a local level. 

"This curriculum revision reflects the 
realities our students will have to face," she 

Putting it all together 

As listed in the current catalog, the last 
distinctive feature of the Maryville College 
curriculum is this: "A curricular structure 
with integrated freshman and senior expe- 
riences that provide coherence along with 
solid beginnings and a clear culmination to 
the liberal arts experience." 

These "capstone courses" pull together 
issues introduced in the freshman year, 
experiences with community service or vol- 
unteer programs throughout the college 
experience and knowledge gained in major 
and general education courses. 

"Philosophical and Theological Founda- 
tions of Ethical Thought" (Ethics 490) 
took the place of the earlier curriculum's 

Humanities 390 course. The current 
course examines the philosophical and the- 
oretical foundations of ethics and how they 
"play out in the concrete realities of life," 
Cowan explained. 

"While we discuss some "hot button 
issues like euthanasia and abortion, we also 
discuss the ethics involved in vocation — 
what one does with one's work - and the 
environment and other areas. 

"We make ethical decisions every day," 
she continued. "[Ethics] aren't something 
we apply only to a life crisis." 

Another capstone course that is included 
in the core curriculum is Senior Seminar 
480. Course descriptions indicate that the 
Senior Seminar "provides the student with 
the skills and opportunity to integrate 
across at least two of the three modes of 
inquiry: scientific, artistic, humanistic." 

"With the Senior Seminar, we are able to 
provide a capstone experience for students 
that is interdisciplinary," Cowan said. "The 
topic must span not only disciplines, but 
academic divisions." 

Examples of the seven Senior Seminars 
offered during a year include "The Worth 
of Work: Labor and Human Vocation in 
Economics and Literature," "Finding Fibo- 
nacci: Exploring the Connections between 
Mathematics, History, Art, Music, Litera- 
ture, Nature and Economics" and "Death, 
Mourning and Madness" (a study of reli- 
gion and psychology). 

While the reading, presentation and 
research requirements for the Senior Semi- 
nar are demanding for students. Cowan 
said the preparation of faculty is equally 
rigorous. For his Senior Seminar course 
"Issues in Native North America," Dr. Carl 
Gombert, an associate professor of art who 
has studied Native American art exten- 
sively, has had to delve into issues like 
indigenous sovereignty, reservation condi- 
tions, casino gambling, racist stereotypes 
and the use of sports team mascots with 
Native American figures. 

"For the Senior Seminar, our faculty 
members are having to push themselves 
and go outside their areas of expertise," 
Cowan said. "They really get the opportu- 
nity to model life-long learning, which is 
also what the liberal arts teaches. 

"It's a great learning experience for our 
teachers," she continued. "And it's great 

Cultures and countercultures 

The cultures of communities, countries, 
religions and places in time are covered 
throughout Maryville College's curriculum 
- from the Freshman Research Seminar 
140 to Biblical Studies 140 to Western 


Civilization 390 to World Cultures 350. 

What does not show up on course syllabi 
- but what is apparent to several faculty 
members - is the liberal arts culture at 
Maryville College. According to Cowan, 
the liberal arts education is valued at 
Maryville, and faculty members believe in 
its ability to produce responsible citizens 
who understand complex issues and are 
able to make meaningful contributions to 

"Our general education curriculum is 
very much a part of the hiring process," 
Cowan said, explaining that job postings 
and advertisements for teaching positions 
make it clear that successful candidates will 
be teaching core courses in addition to 
major courses. 

"Division chairs and senior faculty mem- 
bers are heavily invested in our general 
education curriculum," Cowan said. "This 
runs counter to the culture of a university, 
where professors are encouraged to focus 
on their disciplines and majors, and gen- 
eral education is often left to teaching assis- 
tants or junior faculty." 

What also runs counter to larger colleges 
and universities that are not committed to 
the liberal arts is the sense of community 
and a willingness to share information and 
ideas across academic divisions. 

"There's a sense that [faculty members] 
are in this together," Cowan said. "We real- 
ize that our success is dependent on each 

Cowan is aware that success is difficult to 
measure when it comes to the current gen- 
eral education curriculum. Only one class 
(the Class of 2000) has completed the 
curriculum. She said she hopes alumni 
surveys conducted in the future will give 
her and other faculty members quantifiable 
data to consider when the next revision is 

"They may not appreciate it right away," 
Cowan said of recent graduates' under- 
standing of the need to study the fine arts 
or write a senior thesis, "but I think we're 
planting seeds here. Education doesn't stop 
when you graduate, and I think graduates 
will be able to, down the road, integrate all 
of these elements of their education." 

Amy Lee, Class of 1995 

What is your current job? 

Physical therapist at Alaska Native Medical 
Center in Anchorage, Alaska. 

What was your major at Maryville College'? 


How does your major relate to ivhat you are 
now doing, or does it? 

It provided all the prerequisites needed to 
apply for physical therapy school. 

Hoiv did your overall Maryville College lib- 
eral arts education prepare you for your cur- 
rent position? 

My liberal arts education prepared me tor 
my profession as a physical therapist by 
giving me experience in teamwork, cre- 
ativity, organization, communication skills, 
time management, and research to name 
a few. It also made me extremely well 
rounded and open to new ideas and 

What education or special training 
followed your Maryville College edu- 

I attended Duke University and 
received a master of science degree 
with a certificate in physical therapy. 

What advice would you give a student just 
starting at Maryville College: 

Give it all you've got. Get involved in a 
ariety ot activities on campus, don't be 
afraid to jump out of your comfort zone. 
Study hard, play hard. Don't worry too 
much if you don't know "what you want 
to be when you grow up " because the edu- 
cation and experiences you receive from 
Maryville will provide an excellent founda- 
tion from which to decide what that (your 
career) will be. It's okay to change your 
mind. Have fun in college, you'll remem- 
ber it the rest of your life. 

DeAnn Hargis-Kaminski, 

Class of 1988 

What is your current job? 

Title: Director Lucent 
World Wide Services. 
What does that mean: 
I am responsible for 
ensuring that Lucent's 
Services organizations 
are prepared to deploy 
all the telecommunica- 
tions equipment that 
we make. By "deploy" 

I mean physically and logically engineer, 

install and integrate new equipment into 

the public telephone 


What was your major at Maryville College: 

Computer Science/Business with a minor 
in Accounting 

How does your major relate to what you are 
now doing, or does it? 

My major was absolutely the selling factor 
for my first few jobs within AT&T (Lucent 
was spun-ofFfrom AT&T in 1996) - 1 was 
responsible for developing processes and 
systems requirements for the ordering and 
shipping of equipment from US based fac- 
tories to all international regions. 

Based on my experiences there, I was able 
to leverage understanding the processes 
required to build telecom networks with 
my Business background (and MBA in 
International Business) into the develop- 
ment of new business opportunities for 
Lucent services. 

How did your overall MC liberal arts educa- 
tion prepare you for your current position? 

The liberal arts education forced me to 
think and write . . . sounds pretty simplis- 
tic, but the skills I learned through those 
liberal arts classes were to look at a situa- 
tion from multiple angles and be able to 
convey my thoughts in written word. This 
is severely lacking in a number of young 
people entering the work force. 

What education or special training followed 
your MC education? 

I earned an MBA in International Business 
from Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ) 
and I took a Dale Carnegie course in effec- 
tive speaking. : 

What advice would you give a student just 

starting at MC: 

Learn how to write such that you can 
convey your thoughts in clear and concise 

emails (or letters) and be able to take an 
assignment, see beyond the obvious, and 
do whatever it takes to complete the task - 
doing only w^hat it takes to get by is a bad 
habit to form and very hard to break. 

Andy Ruhlin, Class of '68 

What is your current job? 

I am the President/Creative Director of 3 
By 4, Inc. - a creative services company I 
started in 1987. In addition to the admin- 
istrative and mana- 
gerial tasks that are 
involved in running 
a business, I spend 
most of my time 
managing the cre- 
ation of video, vid- 
eowall and multime- 
dia projects for our 
clients. 3 By 4 is a 
small company that 
serves the communications needs of large- 
to-medium-sized corporations and various 
not-for-profit institutions (colleges, univer- 
sities, museums, social service agencies and 
arts organizations). 

What was your major at Maryville College? 

"All of the above" might be the most 
appropriate answer! I started out as a 
Psychology major, switched to Political 
Science and ultimately graduated with a 
major in Art. I probably took enough 
courses in the English Department to qual- 
ify for a minor in that discipline. 

How does your major relate to what you are 
now doing, or does it? 

The Art major provided an excellent foun- 
dation in the aesthetic principles I use 
everyday. I learned the fundamentals of 
good design at Maryville, which have been 
essential to my work in a visual medium. 
As an Art major, I was constantly con- 
fronted with the creative challenge, with 
the "empty canvas." 1 learned how to 
use the tools and techniques available to 
express myself and to make a statement 
(not always successfiilly, I would add!). 
Though the tools and techniques I now use 
have changed considerably since my days 
in MC's studios, the discipline I developed 
there has been crucial to what I do. As a 
television writer, producer, director, editor, 
I still face the "empty canvas" and the chal- 
lenge of using space (and time) to com- 

My English courses and especially the 
exposure to great literature not only taught 
me how to write, but more importantly, 
how to tell a story effectively. 

Finally, I'd say that my theatre experiences 
at MC, both onstage and offstage, con- 
tributed tremendously to what I do now. 
As a director, I'm frequently working with 
actors and blocking scenes. But more 
importantly, I'm always dealing with the 
essence of good drama, whether it be fic- 
tional or factual. The "plays" I create and 
the players I incorporate must be arranged 
and paced according to many of the same 
guidelines that I learned on Maryville's 

How did your overall MC liberal arts educa- 
tion prepare you for your current position^ 

In light of the wide variety of content and 
messages I deal with, I think every aspect 
of my liberal arts education relates to what 
I'm doing now. In particular, I think the 
emphasis placed on writing and composi- 
tion has proven to be extremely useful. 
Another valuable gift from the liberal arts 
experience is an appreciation for the "con- 
nectedness " of things. MC's broad-based 
curriculum provided me with a perspective 
that I would've missed if I'd begun to focus 
too quickly on one particular subject or 

What education or special training followed 
your MC education? 

• graduate assistantship in Theater at UT- 

• Masters degree in TV/Film from Syracuse 
University (Newhouse School of Commu- 

Advice to new students: 

• sample lots of courses in different areas 

• recognize that the extra-curricular aspects 
of your education are as valuable as the 
curricular components, so make the most 
of these opportunities 

• "disconnect" from your Mac or your PC 
long enough to connect with other stu- 
dents and teachers; the deepest friendships 
of my life were formed at Maryville Col- 
lege, which are unquestionably the most 
enduring and most important "take-away" 
from that four-year experience 

• go hiking in the Smokies! It's a treasure 
you don't want to overlook. 

Sheridan "Dan" Greaser, 

Class of 1960 

What is your current job? 

Retired-General Manager-Operations, 
Global Lighting Products, Eveready Bat- 
tery Company, Inc. Prior executive posi- 

tions as Director of Operations-Europe, 
Director of Operations-Asia/Pacific and- 
Managing Director, Eveready Singapore. 

What was your major at Maryville College? 


How does your major 
relate to what you are 
now doing, or does it? 

Provided a basic 
understanding of the 
natural sciences and 
an analytical 
approach to problem 
solving. It served me well during career 
stints as Director of Technology and Assis- 
tant Plant Manager-Engineering. 

How did your overall MC liberal arts educa- 
tion prepare you for your Current position? 

It gave broad exposure to varied disciplines 
which helped understanding of a wide 
spectrum of issues. World religion courses, 
for example, helped in understanding for- 
eign cultures during off-shore assignments 
in Europe and Asia. Communication skills 
were very important. 

Maryville College's core curriculum and 
student involvement opportunities were 
key in developing confidence and profi- 
ciency in this important area. Learning 
French was much easier after having Span- 
ish in high school and German in college. 

What education or special training followed 
your MC education? 

Management of Managers Program-Uni- 
versity of Michigan (1974), Executive 
Development Program-Ohio State Uni- 
versity (1978-79) (Sent to both by the 
parent company of Eveready at that time. 
Union Carbide Corporation). Also gradu- 
ated from the Air Command and General 
Staff College (while in the Air National 

What advice would you give a student just 
starting at MC? 

The campus is a classroom. Learn broadly. 
Every class that you take and every activity 
in which you participate at MC will be a 
part of your experience base in the future. 
Get to know everyone, fellow students, 
faculty, and staff. They will be your best 
friends and special support network for the 
rest of your life. 

Think of your days at Maryville as a step- 
ping stone. Education is a lifelong process, 
and Maryville is your good foundation of 
higher learning. Above all, enjoy the expe- 



Dr. Arthur S. Bushing Awarded the Maryville College Medallion 

Each year at its Founder's Day Celebration in 
October, the administration of Maryville Col- 
lege awards the Maryville College Medallion, 
the highest honor bestowed by the College. On 
October 12 Dr. Arthur S. Bushing '43, received 
the award in a ceremony held on campus. 

A 1943 graduate of Maryville College, 
Bushing also served on the faculty for nearly 
50 years. He is married to the former Dorothy 
Barber, who graduated from the College in 1942. 
Born in Oroville, Washington, Bushing 
attended high school at the Alvin C. York 
Agricultural Institute in Jamestown, Tennessee. 
While at Maryville College, he majored in Eng- 
lish with a minor in mathematics and physics. 
Upon graduation in 1943, Maryville College 
hired him as an instructor of physics, a job that 
was interrupted by a call to active duty in the 
U.S. Army during World War II. He spent three 
years in the Army, serving 17 months in the 
European Theater. For his service, he received the 
Bronze Star in addition to the Battle of the 
Rhineland and the Batde of Central Europe medals. 

In 1944 he enrolled in Army Specialized Train- 
ing at Stanford University and in the summer of 
1945, he studied French language and civilization 
at the Sorbonne, University of Paris. 

Upon his return to Tennessee, Bushing 
entered the Universin' of Tennessee, serving as 
a graduate assistant in the English department 
while pursuing his master's degree, which he 
completed in 1948. In 1947, he joined the 
faculty at Maryville College as assistant profes- 
sor of English. For the next 49 years, he served 
the College continuously, with the exception of 
a rwo-year leave of absence to teach English at 
UT, during which time he completed course- 
work in the doctoral program. During sum- 
mers, he continued to pursue educational 
opportunities, taking graduate courses at the 
University of Iowa. Throughout the years, he 
also received numerous grants for research and 
writing, including the Mellon Grant for 
Research and Writing. He was also named a 
Ford Foundation Fellow in Asian Studies at the 
University of Chattanooga Consortium. 
In 1952, after completing his leave of absence. 
Bushing was named editor for Special Studies 
at the College. In 1957, he added the title 


Dr. Gerald Gibson (left) congratulates Dr. Arthur S. Bushing '43 
at the 2000 Medallion service held at Maryville College in October 

"dean of men" to his name, maintaining a half- 
time teaching course load. He served as dean 
of men until 
1965 and was 
named associ- 
ate professor 
of English in 
1959. From 
1968 through 

1977, Bush- 
ing was the 
director of the 
School and in 
1973, he 
helped others 
follow his 

example of lifelong learning by initiating the 
College's continuing education program. He 
served as director of that program until 1978. 

Beginning in 1975 and continuing until 

1978, Bushing served as acting chair of the 
Department of English. He served as coordina- 
tor for the Freshman Inquiry Program from 
1979 until 1982 and in 1987 was named chair 
of the Department of Languages and Litera- 
ture. From 1988 through 1993, he served as 
mace bearer, and from 1990 until 1993, was 
secretar)' of the faculty. During his tenure at 
Maryville College, he published four editions of 
the Manual of Outlining and Research. 

In May 1991, at the time of his official 
retirement, Maryville College recognized 
Bushing's lifetime of service and devotion to 
MaPiTille College by bestowing him with an 
honorary doctorate. He continued to serve as 
an adjunct faculty member until 1996. 

Retirement for Bushing has meant more time 
for pursuing outside interests, but in no way 
has weakened the bond he has with his alma 
mater, noting that he is frequently called upon 
to participate in special events at the college, 
and often to share the knowledge he has about 
its past. 

Bushing is also a renowned expert about 
the life and World War I heroics of U.S. Army 
Sergeant Alvin C. York, whose wartime cor- 

respondence Bushing is currently editing. He 
gives lectures about York at local and regional 

venues and 
leads tours to 
York's home 
place in 
The Bushings 
have four 
children: A. 
Stuart Bush- 
ing, Barbera 
Bushing , 
Kathy Ban- 
field, and 
Jennifer Hill. 
They also 

have seven grandchildren. In addition to their 
joint hobbies of hiking , camping, and garden- 
ing, the Bushings are active members of High- 
land Presb}':erian Church. 

"In word, deed, and action, Dr. Arthur 
Bushing has served Maryville College for more 
than five decades. His devotion is unceasing 
and his support untiring. He did far more than 
was asked of him and far more than could have 
been expected. If his pride in the College could 
be surpassed, it could only be surpassed by the 
pride we as members of the College community 
take in calling him one of our own," Gibson 
said during the presentation ceremony. 

At the time he was notified of his selection 
as the recipient of the 2000 Mar^'ville College 
Medallion, Bushing responded, "Since the first 
Mary\'ille College Medallion was awarded, I 
have watched with admiration as each new 
recipient was recognized. Although I feel in 
nowise worthy of being so honored, 1 will 
accept with gratitude and humilit)'. MaPiTille 
College has been one ot the most important 
influences in my life. Not only did it train me 
for an academic career, but it was here I found 
my beloved helpmate, and then Man,'\'ille paid 
me to do what I love most — stand in the class- 
room and learn about life and human nature 
from literature and mv students." 


2000 Alumni Citation Awards 

Dr. Sarah Brown McNiell 

Dr. Sarah Brown McNiell came to Maryville 
College from Howard County, Maryland, in 
1949. A fourth-genera- 
tion Brown to attend 
MC, she majored in his- 
tory. McNiell graduated 
cum laude in 1953 and 
completed her master's 
degree in American His- 
tory at the University 
ofTennessee in 1955. 
It was while working on her degree at UT 
that McNiell began her 40-year employment 
with MC. 

Married in 1956 to Stuart P. McNiell, Jr. 
'50, McNiell sometimes worked part-time so 
that she could stay home with her children, 
Stuart III and Helen. Awarded the Danforth 
Graduate Fellowship for Women in the early 
1970s, McNiell returned to UT to work on her 
doctoral degree in American History. Her dis- 
sertation, "The Theatre of Owen Fawcett: Half 
a Century of a Supporting Player, 1853-1903" 
was accepted in 1973. 

In 1982, McNiell became director of con- 
tinuing education at MC. A vacancy in the his- 
tory department led her back to the classroom, 
and in 1995, she retired as chair of the history 

Just as she was active on campus, McNiell 
has been an active citizen in Blount County 
and East Tennessee as a member of the Orga- 
nization of American Historians, the East Ten- 
nessee Historical Association and the National 
Trust for Historic Preservation. 

A member, elder, church school teacher and 
assistant in archives at New Providence Presby- 
terian Church in Maryville, McNiell studied 
the church's history and hopes to publish "New 
Providence Presbyterian Church's Pew Account 
Book for 1827 to 1852" this fall. 

A co-founder of the Blount County Historic 
Trust, McNiell has written several successful 
nominations for the National Register of 
Historic Places, including nominations for 
Maryville College's Historic District. 

Today, McNiell is a frequent speaker and 
presenter on Blount County and NC history, 
appearing as a guest at service organization 
meetings, schools and college forums. 

She and her husband live in Maryville. 

Dr. Clyde H. Flanagan 

Clyde H. Flanagan, Jr. majored in chemistry 
at Maryville College and graduated in 1962. 
He then studied medicine 
at the University ofTen- 
nessee at Memphis, adding 
"M.D." to his name in 

Now a retired colonel 
in the U.S. Army Medical 
Corps, Flanagan began his 
23-year service with the 
Corps in 1965. He found internships, resi- 
dency, and fellowship training opportunities 
in the U.S. Army medical centers in Hawaii, 
Texas, and Washington, D.C. 

Residency from 1969 to 1971 at Walter 
Reed General Hospital laid the groundwork 
for much of Flanagan's professional track: child 
and adolescent psychiatry. From 1971 to 1980 
at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, he 
directed numerous child psychiatr)' programs, 
services and residents and also served as the 
child psychiatry consultant to the Child Protec- 
tion Council in Washington, D.C. 

Flanagan's teaching career began in 1974 
when he was hired as a clinical assistant pro- 
fessor of psychiatry at Georgetown University 
School of Medicine. In 1977, he accepted a 
position as clinical associate professor of psy- 
chiatry for the Uniformed Services University 
of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. 
In 1980, he joined the faculty of the Washing- 
ton (D.C.) School of Psychiatry, where he led 
child psychotherapy training. 

From 1980 to 1986, Flanagan served as chief 
of the DeWitt Army Community Hospital's 
Department of Psychiatry. Later, he moved 
to the Naval Hospital's Tri-Service Alcoholism 
Recovery Department, where he was an assis- 
tant head of the program, clinical team leader 
and director of the division of psychiatry. 

In 1988, Flanagan joined the staff of the 
University of South Carolina School of Medi- 
cine, where he works today as the professor 
and director of the division of psychoanalysis, 
department of neuropsychiatry and behavioral 

Flanagan's honors and public accolades are 
numerous. He was an honorable mention for 
the J. Franklin Robinson Award for work 
accomplished during child psychiatry residency 
training. In 1994, residents of the USC School 
of Medicine, Department of Neuropsychiatry 

and Behavior Sciences voted him "teacher of 
the year." He has been selected for inclusion 
in "Who's Who in the South and Southeast," 
Who's Who in America," and "Who's Who in 
the World" and "Best Doctors in America." 

Flanagan and his wife Carol have four chil- 
dren, Jay, Christopher, Patrick and Colleen. 
They live in Chapin, South Carolina. 

Dr. James C. Fisher 

Dr. James C. Fisher began his career at 
Maryville College in 1951, graduating in 1955 
with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. 
After graduation, Fisher 
furthered his education 
by receiving a Master 
of Divinity, a master 
of science in educational 
administration and super- 
vision and a doctorate in 
urban education. 

Fisher's professional life 
spans more than a quarter of a century in 
parish ministry and two decades in higher edu- 
cation, as well as many professional publica- 
tions, presentations, and years of involvement 
in the communities in which he has lived. 

Fisher's dedication to the community is 
reflected in his professional choice to be a 
pastor. Since 1955, Fisher's experience as a 
pastor has included working with inner-city 
and rural congregations as well as two suburban 
new church developments. As a pastor, Fisher 
spent much of his time devoted to adult educa- 
tion, which led him to a second career in higher 

At the University of Wisconsin, Fisher com- 
pleted master's and doctoral work in adult 
and continuing education with an emphasis on 
administrative leadership. Fisher's dedication to 
others has not been limited to his work as a 
pastor or educator. He have been very active in 
his service to the professional communit}', the 
university, and the communit)' as a whole. 

For his many achievements and concern for 
others, Fisher has been honored for his work 
by the Friends of the School of Education at 
the University of Wisconsin, the Milwaukee 
Council for Adult Learning, and the References 
and Adult Service Division of the American 
Library Association. 

Fisher and his wife Barbara '56, have rwo 
children, Anne and David. They reside in 
Mequon, Wisconsin. 



U.S. News & World Report Once Again Ranks Maryville Among the Best 

It's official. Maryville College has once 
again been ranked among the best of the best 
in U.S. News and World Report s annual rank- 
ings of colleges and universities. For the sixth 
time out of the past seven years, Maryville 
College has been listed as one of the ten best 
liberal arts colleges in the South. 

One of only two Tennessee institutions 
listed in the top 10 of the category, Maryville 
College ranked seventh and tied with Asbury 
College in Kentucky. Berea College of Ken- 
tucky ranked first. 

"We are pleased to be recognized again by 
U.S. News and World Report," said Mar}T.'ille 
College President Gerald W. Gibson. "High 
school students conducting college searches 
naturally turn to these rankings, as do their 
parents and guidance counselors. The U.S. 
News and World Report Guide is an excellent 
way for us to share our story with these 
potential students." 

Maryville tied for seventh place in the 
rankings last year While the methodology 
used to rank schools may vary from year to 
year, the same 
retention, faculty 
resources, student 
selectivity, financial 
resources and 
alumni giving- 
continue to be 
benchmarks of a 
quality education, as 
decided by the maga- 
zine's advisory board. 

In addition to its 
annual rankings, U.S. 
News and World Report 
also issues a special report 

about paying for college. In this report, 
schools are chosen for the "Best Values" 

Category. This year, Maryville 
College ranked 9''' among 
Southern liberal arts colleges 
in the category. 

"The fact that Maryville 
has been on the list six of 
the last seven years affirms 
the academic quality of 
the college," said Gibson. 
"Making an excellent lib- 
eral arts education 
possible for students 
from all backgrounds 
and economic means 
has always been part 
of the mission of 
Maryville College, 
and being chosen as a Best Value is a 
great indicator that we're succeeding," he added. 

Joe D. Eakes Chair of Business EstabUshed at Maryville College 

On July 11, Mar)^!!^ College President 
Gerald W. Gibson announced the establishment 
of the Joe D. Eakes Chair of Business and the 
Joe D. and Doris W. Eakes Scholarship Fund. 
Both the named professorship and the scholarship 
program will be funded 
through donations by Mrs. 

A native of Maryville, 
Mr Eakes was an entre- 
preneur and investor who, 
along with his wife, shared 
a distinguished career 
which included the building 
of adult care facilities, tes- 
taurants, motels, and other 
commercial ventutes. July 
1 1 would have been Mr. 
Eakes' 64''' birthday He was married to Mrs. 
Eakes, for 36 years before his death in 1992, 
days before 56'*' birthda}'. 

The professorship and the scholarships ini- 
tially will be funded through annual contri- 
butions by Mrs. Eakes and later in the form 
of distribution from a charitable trust she has 
established. Maryville College is one of three 


Doris W. Eakes and Dr,. Gerald Gibson celebrate the 
eslablishmeni of the Joe D. Eakes Choir ol Business 
and the Joe D. ond Doris W. Eakes Scholarship Fund. 

majof recipients of the trust. Valued at $4.2 
million today, the trust is expected to grow sig- 
nificantly over the course of its lifespan. When 
the final distribution is made, Maryville Col- 
lege's portion ot the trust has the potential 

to exceed $4 million. Cape 
Fear Community College 
in North Carolina is also 
a recipient. Mrs. Eakes 
was honored there in June 
when the college announced 
it would name its nursing 
program after her 

Friends and relatives of 
Mr and Mrs. Eakes, col- 
lege board members, and 
local officials recognized 
Mrs. Eakes' generosity at a 
dinnet on campus. It was also announced that 
Dr Mary Kay Sullivan has been named the first 
Joe D. Eakes Professor ol Business. 

According to Mrs. Eakes, much of the last 
year for her has been spent in reflection about 
the many friends, business associates and family 
members who contributed to the couple's 
success. Upon reading a novel written by 

Catherine Ryan Hyde entided Pay It Forward, 
Mrs. Eakes was inspired by the idea that the 
world could be changed for the better through 
acts of kindness. The book, which was the basis 
for a film released in October, promotes the 
idea of repaying kindness through kindness to 
othets. Mrs. Eakes said she feels her generosity 
will motivate the students who are helped to 
help others. 

"God so richly blessed us, and 1 wanted to 
remember Joe by doing something to help and 
inspire others in his hometown," Mrs. Eakes 
said. "1 hope to encourage students helped 
through these scholarships to pay it forward 
through acts of kindness to others as opportu- 
nities present themselves." 

During the ceremony, Mrs. Eakes presented 
copies of the book autogiaphed by the author 
for the Collge library. 

"Mar)'ville College students have tradition- 
ally been dedicated to serving others and 
making their lives better," said Dr. Gibson. 
"We are delighted and gratefirl for Mrs. Eakes' 
acts of kindness. These gifts will support 
Mar)'ville College and its students for untold 


A Home for the Holidays 

This Christmas, a Maryville mother and her 
three children will celebrate 
the holiday in their new 
home, the first home they 
have ever called their own. 
The Drew family also had 
a pantry fiiU of food with 
which to prepare a Christmas 
dinner and many more 
meals throughout the 
coming months. The new 
home is the first built by 
the Mar)'ville College 
chapter of Habitat for 

Students began working 
on the home, located in 
the Eagleton Village area of 
Maryville, in September. Framing for the home 
was put into place on October 6 and 7 and 
students, faculty, and staff members from the 
College worked at the site every Tuesday, 

Thursday, and weekend throughout October 
and November. On 
Monday October 30, 
members of the College 
community hosted a pot- 
luck dinner for the family, 
during which they were 
intfoduced to the team 
building their house. In a 
separate lunchtime event 
held on campus in 
November, facult)' and 
staff members donated 
non-perishable food items 
to stock the Drews' shelves. 
In addition to the labor, 
the College raised and 
contributed $4000 toward 
the effort. Funding for the new home has also 
come from the Tennessee Housing Development 
Agency and the Federal Home Loan Bank of 

MC Chemists Receive Award from the ACS 

For the first time since 1981, Maryville College's 
student affiliate chapter of the American Chemical 
Society (ACS) has received an honorable mention 
award from the ACS. 

The awards, which recognize affiliate chapters' 
activities and programs to promote the study of 
chemistry, were recently announced for the 1999- 
2000 school year. Award-winning chapters will be 
honored April 1 , 2001 at the ACS national meeting 
in San Diego, Calif 

"It is an honor and great achievement for all the 
members of [MC's] ACS," said Valerie Malyvanh, 
a senior chemistry major and president of die campus 
affiliate chaptei. "It came as a pleasant surprise. 
Last year was the first year in a long time that the 
MC chapter has been really active." 

Almost 35 students belong to the College's affili- 
ate chapter, Malyvanh said, adding that the mem- 
bership has increased dramatically due to the prog- 
ramming and students' awareness of the oppor- 
tunities and benefits of being an ACS student affi- 
liate. Two faculty members serve as advisors for 
the group. 

"Our goals for the local chapter at Maryville are 
to bring together students who share a common 
bond: Chemistry," the affiliate chapter president 

said, "to teach and encourage young children 
about chemistry through various outreach activi- 
ties and to promote professional development and 
peer mentoring for all our students by having 
guest speakers and seminars pertaining to career 
choices and opportunities in chemistry." 

To celebrate National Chemistr)' Week last year 
and introduce the pubhc to the science, MC 
chemistry students conducted hands-on expeti- 
ments in a local shopping mall. 

Other programs included hosting guest speak- 
ers who work in the field of science, maintaining 
a usefijl bulletin board in Sutton Science Center 
and attending off-campus chemistry-related con- 
ferences and meetings. 

Malyvanh said chapter members are inviting 
more speakers and planning more programs this 
year. In recognition of the National Chemistry 
Week's "Kitchen Chemistry" theme, members 
returned to the mall to conduct hands-on experi- 
ments and also visited a local elementary school to 
show children the science behind foods and cooking. 

"One of our goals this year is to receive the out- 
standing chapter award," Malyvanh said. "That's 
not impossible." 

Gossett Named to 
Good Works Team 

Brian Gossett, a senior at Maryville College 
and offensive lineman on the Fighting Scots 
football squad, was recently named to the 
American Football Coaches Association's Good 
Works Team. 

Gossett was one of only 22 college football 
players across the country (in NCAA Divisions 
I, II, II and NAIA) named to the AFCA's Good 
Worb Team. He was recognized during halft:ime 
of die September 30 game against Millsaps College. 

According to the AFCA, the Good Works 
Team "honors those athletes who show excep- 
tional dedication to community service and to 
the betterment of the communities in which 
they live. . .Candidates had to display sincere 
concern and reliability, while also having made 
a favorable impression on the organizations 
with which they are involved." 

While at Maryville College, Gossett has been 
involved in the intramural program, the Student 
Government Association, the Academic Life 
Council, the Planning and Budget Advisory 
Committee, Kappa Delta Pi, Omicron Delta 
Kappa and the Highland Echo. He was president 
ofthe Class of 2000. 

Off campus, Gossett has volunteered for the 
Boy Scouts of America and has been employed 
as a teachers' assistant in Fort Craig Elementary's 
pre-school program. 

Maryville College Head Coach Phil Wilks 
said, "Brian makes a great impression. People 
can see him off the field and say, 'Here's a foot- 
ball player who is intelligent, who is involved, 
and who is personable.' He wants to play and 
not just sit on the sidelines. And I'm not talking 
about football only; I'm talking about everything." 

Gossett, who is the son of Kim and Cathy 
Gossett of Etowah, Tennessee, graduates from 
Maryville College in December. 


Maryville College Welcomes Five New Faculty Members 

At every gathering of Maryville College alumni, 
the topic of conversation almost inevitably turns to 
favorite faculty members and the impact they had 
on the lives of the Maryville graduates. That memo- 
ries of beloved professors should dominate the dia- 
logue should come as no surprise... one of Maryville 
College's greatest strengths has always been its 
faculty, whose members share a high level care and 
concern for their students, a dedication to the 
liberal arts, and a strong commitment to teaching. 

At die beginning of die fall semester, five new 
members were welcomed into the ranks of Mary- 
ville's esteemed faculty, and already they are making 
great contributions to the College communit}'. 

Dr. Kristi A. Kneas joined the Division of Nat- 
ural Sciences as assistant professor of chemistry, 
teaching Chemistry 117, Fundamentals of Chem- 
istry, and Science 350, The Human Genome Proj- 
ect. Kneas received her doctoral degree from the 
University of Virginia Department of Chemistry 
in August of this year. She earned her bachelor's 
degree, also in chemistr}', at Randolph-Macon 
Women's College in Lynchburg, Virginia, where 
she graduated magna cum laude. Kneas, a member 
of Phi Beta Kappa, has received numerous honors 
and research awards, including the Burger-Lutz 
Fellowship, the Randolph-Macon Women's College 
Founder's Scholarship and the American Chemical 
Society's James Lewis Howe Award. Her research 
has been published in several journals, including 
ihe Journal of Chemical Education, the Journal 
of Fluorescence, Analytical Chemistry, and Applied 

Dr. Nancy L. Locklin is assistant professor of 
histor)' in the Humanities Division, currendy 
teaching Western Civilization and World 
Civilization. She earned her doctorate at Emory 
University in Adanta in May She completed her 
master's degree at the University of Wisconsin- 
Milwaukee and her bachelor's degree at Hartwick 
College in Oneonta, New York. Locklin's disserta- 
tion is entitled "Women in Early Modern Birttany: 
Rethinking Work and Identity in a Traditional 
Economy" and she has given presentations at vari- 
ous conferences and meetings related to the role of 
women in pre-modern Europe. In 1998, she 
authored "Margaret Beaufort," "Lucrezia Borgia" 
and "Mary of Burgundy", which were included in 
Women in World History, published by Yorkin 
Publications in Waterford, Connecticut. From 

Maryville College welcomes new faculty members (left to riglit) Dr. Nancy 

Locklin, Dr. Crystal Wright, Instructor Williom Swann, and Dr. Kristi Kneas. 

Dr Alesia Orren also joined the faculty this fall. 

October 1998 to July 1999, Locklin conducted 
research funded by a Fulbright grant, in France. 

Dr. Alesia 
Orren joined 
the Marj'ville 
College faculty 
in August as an 
professor of 
Education. She 
had previously 
served the college 
as supervisor of 
student teachers 
and interim profes- 
sor of education. Orren holds a doctorate of edu- 
cation in administrarion and supervision from the 
University ot Virginia and a master of education 
in leadership studies from the Universit)' of North 
Carolina at Greensboro. She earned a bachelor's 
degree in family and child development from the 
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. 
Orren has served as curriculum and evaluation 
specialist tor the Tennessee School Boards Associa- 
tion and as assistant supervisor tor student teach- 
ers at the Curry School of Education in Charlot- 
tesville, Virginia. She also taught for several years 
at elementary schools in Tennessee and North 
Carolina. Orren is a consultant for the Delaware 
School Boards Association and the South Carolina 
School Boards Association. 

William Swann, instructor ot Music in the Fine 
Arts Division, defended his dissertation for the 
D.A. in music theory pedagog}' at the University 
of Mississippi earlier this year. The degree will 
be awarded in December. Swann, who holds bach- 
elor's and master's degrees from the University of 
Tennessee teaches music theory, aural skills, 
improvisation, jazz band, and general education 
courses. As a professional jazz pianist, he has per- 
formed tor many years with the Jimmy Dorsey 
Orchestra, the Knoxville Symphony Pops Orchestra, 
Lew Tabakin, Percy Sledge, the Knoxville Jazz 
Orchestra, and many other groups and performers. 
He has also performed on several recordings, 
including The Lettermen's Christmas CD, "A 
Lettermen Christmas." He is also involved in 
community service, participating in the annual 
Jazz for Tots Concerts and in live jazz broadcasts 
for WUOT public radio. At the University of Mis- 

sissippi, he was named Outstanding Student in 
Music Theot)' and was awarded the UM Jazz 

Scholarship. He 
is a member of Pi 
Kappa Lambda 
Music Honor 
Society and the 
College Music 
Societ}'. In July 
2001, he plans 
to perform at the 
Montreaux and 
North Sea jazz 
festivals in 
Dr. Crystal L Wright came to the Behavioral 
Sciences Division as an assistant professor of psy- 
chology from the University of California, Santa 
Barbara, where she received a doctorate in psy- 
chologv'. She is currently teaching Introductory 
Psycholog)', Research Methods, Social Psychology, 
and Perspectives on the Individual. Her thesis 
topic was "The Impact of Preparation on the Ingra- 
tiarion Success of High and Low Self-Monitors." 
While at the university, she also completed a Grad- 
uate Program in Management Practice, as well as 
a certificate in College and University Teaching. 
Wright holds a master's degree in psychology from 
the University of California, Santa Barbara, and 
a bachelor's degree in psychology from the Univer- 
sity of Richmond in Virginia. From 1995 to 1999, 
Wright was a National Science Foundation Gradu- 
ate Fellow and in 1999 she received the Charles 
G. McClintock Graduate Fellowship in Social Psy- 
chology. Earlier this vear, she was inducted into 
the Alpha Gamma Sigma honor societ)' induction. 
Before coming to Maryville College, she served as 
an adjunct assistant professor at Ventura College 
in Ventura, California, and at Westmont College 
in Santa Barbara. Her research has been included 
in Advertising, Consumer Psychology and Health, 
which is being published by Lawrence Eribaum 
Publishers, in the Blackwell Handbook in Social 
Psychology, which will be published in London 
next year, and in Psychological Science Laboratory, 
published in 1995 by McGraw-Hill. Wright serves 
as a consultant for the Mental Engineering televi- 
sion series based in St. Paul and is an associate 
team member for Consulting Services Network 
LLC in Santa Barbara. 



Dr. Arda Walker, Beloved MC Faculty Member, 
Lives on in Hearts of Students and Colleagues 

Dr. Arda Walker, beloved 
alumna, retired professor of his- 
tory at Maryville College and 
coach of the College's much- 
revered debate team, passed away 
Sunday, June 25. She was 8 1 . 

Dr. Walker graduated from 
Maryville College in 1940 and 
joined its faculty in 1948. By 
1963, she was chairing the histor}' department, 
a position she held until her retirement in 
1985. Her contributions to the College did not 
end in 1985, however. In the late 1980s and 
early 1990s, Dr. Walker teamed with fellow 
retired faculty member Dr. Carolyn Blair in 
penning "By Faith Endowed: The Story of 
Maryville College, 1819-1994." 

Dr. Walker's awards, honors and public rec- 
ognitions include "Outstanding Teacher of the 
Year" (1976), the Alumni Citation (1993) and 
the Maryville College Medallion (1995). 

In a letter to Maryville College President Dr. 
Gerald W Gibson, acknowledging her selection 
as a Medallion recipient. Dr. Walker wrote: 
"My long relation with the College for 76 years 
in one way or another has made it a large part 
of my life. The students with whom I've dealt 

College Mourns Passing 

E. Frances Massey, former dean of women and 
Maryville College alumna (Class of 1934) passed 
away Aug. 26, 2000, at the Asbury Center in 
Johnson City, Tenn. She was 88. 

A former resident of Asbury Acres in Maryville, 
Dean Massey had moved to Johnson City because 
of declining health. 

Memorial services were held Aug. 28 at New 
Providence Presbyterian Church, where she was a 
member, and interment was held in the College 
Cemetery. Another memorial service was held Oct. 
15, following a Homecoming weekend worship 
service in the College's Center for Campus Ministry. 

Massey's 44-year career in education began in 
her native Alabama, where she taught high school. 
Accepting the newly created position of Dean of 
Women at Maryville College, she returned to the 
campus in 1947. Before she retired in 1977, she 
had a tremendous impact on the student life at 
Maryville College and on individual lives of its 

so many years ago, certainly reinforce 
my conviction that I was right to give 
up a highly remunerative and influential 
job in Washington with prospects in 
the future to return to my alma mater 
and the greater rewards of teaching." 
Martha Hess, alumna and current 
registrar at Maryville College, remem- 
bers Dr. Arda Walker as a demanding 
professor, but one who brought people and 
cultures to life in the classroom. 

"She was demanding, but she didn't demand 
more of us than she demanded of herself," Hess 
said. "One of the things that I appreciated the 
most about her class was that she didn't just 
teach dates and facts; she gave you the point 
of view of the people you were learning about. 
Once you had that [point of view], you picked 
up all of the factual information." 

Walker's classrooms were always filled with 
wall hangings or artwork from her travels 
abroad. This art, along with Walker's stories 
and pictures, were incorporated into lectures 
and discussions, Hess explained. 

Walker was a life-long learner who supported 
and lived the mission of Maryville College, the 
registrar added. 

of Frances Massey 

students. Coordinating extracurric- 
ular activities, developing a strong 
women's student government and 
promoting honor societies were just 
a few of her contributions. 

"When Dean Massey accepted 
the job of Dean of Women in 1947, 
she joined a staff that was a full 
generation older than she," remembered Art 
Bushing '43, who served as Dean of Men from 
1957 until 1965. "A significant contribution was 
the effective way in which she moved administra- 
tive views into the post- World War II era." 

In notifying several former students and friends 
of Massey's death. Bushing said he received several 
messages that spoke to the former dean's fairness, 
cordiality, graciousness and sincerity. 

Of his own recollections of Massey, Bushing 
said: "I admired the way in which she quiedy and 
without fanfare helped women develop a strong 

"Dr. Walker truly believed in the mission 
of this College - that we are here to educate 
every student who walks through the doors, but 
also that we live life to the fullest and learn 
everyday, up until the day we die. 

"She did that." 

Dr. Art Bushing, former English professor 
and colleague of Dr. Walker's for more than 30 
years, said she was an invaluable member of the 
faculty and made numerous contributions to 
the curriculum of the College and the College's 
standard of scholarship. 

"Her colleagues had tremendous respect for 
her," Bushing said. "When she spoke, she spoke 
with authority. She was a very demanding 
teacher, ver)' meticulous, and expected the very 
best of her students in terms of scholarship. 
What her students received was a tremendous 
background for research and graduate studies." 

Bushing said he remembers Walker "team 
teaching" with Dr. Carolyn Blair, a professor of 
English and academic vice president and dean 
of the College. Combining history with English 
for courses that dealt with world history and 
wodd literature was "stimulating for students," 
he said, and one of the most successful cross- 
discipline curriculum offerings. 

Walker and her parents were charter mem- 
bers of Highland Presb}terian Church, and Dr. 

continued on poge 52 

Student government ptogram; she 
facilitated social activities that were 
suited to students' interests. Women 
felt comfortable coming in to dis- 
cuss their problems as well as their 
plans. Throughout her 30 years of 
service to the College, she often 
mediated between students and fac- 
ulty, students and administration." 
Massey held a master's degree in educational 
administration from the University of Tennessee- 
Knoxville, and completed additional graduate work 
at Florida State University. She was a long-rime mem- 
ber of die American Association of University Women, 
past president of die Tennessee Association of Women 
Deans and president of Delta Kappa Gamma. 
Massey is survived by her sister, Mrs. Lucy 
Vaughan of Johnson City; two nephews and their 
spouses, four grandnieces and one grand nephew. 

Memorial gifts may be made to MC's Lamar Mem- 
orial Library or New Providence Presbyterian Church. 



MC Alumni Board Welcomes Five New Members 

In September, the Mar)^ille College Alumni 
Board celebrated a reunion ot past members 
with a picnic at the House in the Woods. The 
Board had another reason to celebrate — the 
addition ot five new members, who will serve 
as the Alumni Board's Class of 2003. During 
their three-year term, the new Board members 
will serve as a link between the College and 
its alumni and will offer guidance in their par- 
ticular areas of expertise as members of Board 

Beverly Fox Atchley, Class of 
1 982, followed her Maryville 
College degree with graduate 
study at Bristol Universiu', 
from which she received the 
masters degree in 1990. Atch- 
ley serves as Senior Vice President-Auditor for 
BankFirst in Knoxville. She is involved in 
numerous community organizations and activi- 
ties and is a member of LaRetta Methodist 
Church. She and her husband, Jim, live in 

After attending Maryville College as a member 
of the class of 1969, Sharon Pusey Bailey received 
the B.S.N, at the University of Tennessee Center 
for Health Sciences in Memphis and the M.S.N. 

Kin Takahashi Week & 

Golden Scots Academy 

Planned for June 

If you think you can't wait until Homecoming to 
get together with old friends and fellow alumni, you 
don't have to. In June, the College will welcome 
alumni of all ages back to campus for Kin Takahashi 
Week and the Golden Scots Academy The two 
events are being held concurrently lor the first time 
this year to give everyone an opportunity to par- 
ticipate in either or bodi events, while allowing them 
to get reacquaimed with former classmates or perhaps 
meet for the first time graduates of classes before 
or after theirs. 

Participants in Kin Takahashi Week will continue 
the annual tradition of volunteering their time and 
efforts to campus improvement projects. The Golden 
Scots Academy designed fot alumni who graduated 
fifty or more years ago, offers a curriculum of enrich- 
ing subjects tor diose interested in lifelong learning. 

For more information about Kin Takahashi Week 
or the Golden Scots Academy contact Debbie 
Akins at 865-981-8197. 


from the Universiu' of Tennessee at Knoxville. 
Bailey is vice chief of nursing 
at Blount Memorial Hospital 
in Maryville. An elder of New 
Providence Presbyterian Church 
in Maryville, Bailey has also 
been actively involved with the 
Tanasi Council of the Girl Scouts, the Blount 
Count)' chapter of the American Cancer Society 
and the Diabetes Association. 

Bailey, who lives in Maryville, was married 
to the late Dr. Joel Bailey Their twin 
daughters both followed their mother's foot- 
steps to Maryville College. Joy Bailey Hutson, 
who majored in mathematics, graduated in 1999. 
Carol Bailey, a Maryville College music major 
will graduate this spring. 

A 1992 graduate, Carol 
Callaway-Lane earned the 
master of science in nursing 
from Vanderbilt University 
School of Nursing. Callaway- 
Lane is a bone marrow transplant 
nurse pracdtioner at the Vanderbilt Cancer Center 
in Nashville. 

A member of the Middle Tennessee Advanced 
Practice Nursing Socierv, Callawav-Lane is also 

a volunteer lor Habitat for Humanity. She also 
plays Softball on Vanderbilt Medical Center team 
and on the Westminster Presbyterian Church 
Team. She belongs to Westminster, where she 
is a member of the church choir. She lives in 
Nashville with her husband, Joe C. Lane, Jr. 
Daniel F Osborne 76, lives 
in Gainesville, Georgia, where 
he is vice president of Regions 
Financial Corporation. A 
member of Lakewood Baptist 
Church, he is married to the 
former Pamela Patton 77. They have three chil- 
dren: Jared, Justin and Jennifer. 

Dr. James N. Skeen '64 
recently retired from his posi- 
tion as principal, Museum and 
Theatre Services in Decatur, 

Georgia. Skeen, who earned his 
I If 
'■*-' master's and doctoral degrees 

from the University of Georgia, has also served 
as associate director of the Fernbank Science 
Center. Previous positions also include staff ecol- 
ogist at the Fernbank Museum of Natural His- 
ton,' and assistant professor of Mercer University 
in Adanta. Skeen is married to the former Mari- 
anne lefferson, a member ot the class of 1966. 

Asian Heights: A Venture to Tibet, Nepal, Ladakh 
and the 


Maryville College al 

ege ammni nave an unusua 

opportunit}' to see the spec- 
tacular beauty of the Hima- 
layas and the intriguing soci- 
eties that have developed in 
those mountain lands. A spe- 
cial feature of this venture 
will be group meetings and 
lectures along the way that 
will assist participants in 
developing an enhanced appreciation of East- 
ern religions while traveling in the lands where 
both Hinduism and Buddhism began. 

Beginning July 20 and ending August 1 1, 
the trip will leave Knoxville and fly across the 
Pacific to Chengdu, China via Hong Kong; 
proceed to Lhasa, Tibet, for a few days and 
then on to Kathmandu, Nepal. From there the 
flight will be to Delhi and continue to the 
beautiful Kulu Valley. The group will also 

Sites such as ihe home of the Dah Lomo are among 
landmarks trip portidponts can expect to see. 

travel through the Himalayas to Leh, capital 
ot the Indian Province of Ladakh. This stop 

on the Silk Road will be the 
most spectacular part of the 
trip. Finally, there will be 
.ui opportunit)' for reflection 
at a Hindu ashram on the 
banks of the Ganges. Per- 
sons who wish may break 
the homeward journey for 
a three-day extension in 
Hong Kong. 

This will be more than a tourist trip: in each 
location an initial guided tour will show the 
main sights, and be followed with opportuni- 
ties to meet with local people in more mean- 
ingful exchanges. Two or three times a week, 
brief lectures and discussions among the group 
will focus on the significance of what is being 

continued on page 52 


Bring Your Memories to Life Maryville College Legacy Camp July 1-3, 20001 

For years, you've been sharing your Maryville 
College memories with your children. Next 
summer, they can see for themselves what a special 
place it is, while learning everything they need to 
know as they begin the college search process. 

The Office of Advancement and the Office of 
Alumni and Parent Relations invite all alumni 
and their high school students to the first MC 
Legacy Camp, to be held July 1-3, 2001. The 
camp is designed not only to introduce students 
to MC, but also to prepare them for the college 
admissions process, whether they plan to attend 
MC or another college or university. 

The camp will include informative sessions 
about the admissions application, interviews, 
application essay writing, and financial aid and 

scholarships. Speakers will be recognized experts 
from colleges and universities throughout the 
country. Participants will also take part in a variety 
of recreational activities including Mountain 
Challenge ropes courses, hikes in the nearby Smoky 
Mountains, and other firn teen-oriented outings. 

While the kids are learning all about coOege 
admissions and college life, you can take advantage of 
all the East Tennessee region has to offer, whedier it's 
taking your own hikes in die mountains or shopping 
at die nearby oudet malls. A block of rooms has been 
reserved at MainStay Suites, located five minutes 
from campus. Special discounts are available. 

Cost of the camp, open to all children and 
grandchildren of alumni, as well as younger 
brothers and sisters of current students, is 

Maryville College Alumni, Students & Friends 
Invited to Explore South Africa 

South Africans are famous for cultural diversity. 
Their complexities and contradictions and those of 
dieir environment are endless, as might be expected 
in a country that is home to more than a dozen 
cultural groups ot African, European, and Asian 
origin. The prospect of learning about South Afri- 
cans, their history, and their culture is a daunting 
one even for South Africans. One reason for this is 
rooted in the policies of apartheid, where groups 
of people were forcibly separated along racial lines, 
leaving many individuals with litde or no idea 
about the religions, beliefs, culture, and history of 
their fellow cirizens. Another reason is that some 
of the most interesting people often live in deep 
rural areas that are physically difficult to reach. 

A tour, "From Mrs. Pleas to Mr. Mandela: 31/2 
Million Years of South African History and Cul- 
ture," has been organized to provide MC students, 
alumni, and friends with a much deeper under- 
standing of cultural and natural history, and hence 
a more rewarding educational experience, than 
other typical South African itineraries. Partici- 
pants will engage in cultural outings to theatres, 
jazz clubs and community arts projects. Special 
social and political history tours will be led by ex- 
activists in both Cape Town and Soweto. When- 
ever possible, lodging has been arranged in guest 
houses and Bed and Breakfasts. The group will 
gather for periodic evening discussions to under- 
stand and analyze the past and the present as they 
unfold before the participants' eyes. Time will be 
built in for leisure opportunities and reading lists 
will be provided to tour groups members to 

enhance their experiences. 

The 21 -day tour will begin in May and will be 
led Dr Chad Berry, who teaches South African 
history, and Dr Frank van Aalst, who has exten- 
sive experience in organizing international tours. 
The arrangements are being organized by Dr 
Thomas Wallmach of Geo Tours South Africa, 
with contributions from Dr Greg Cuthbertson 
and Dr Michael Tidestad, both of whom are spe- 
cialists in cultural tourism from the University of 
South Africa. Dr Cuthbertson will accompany the 
group on the trip. 

Comprehensive cost of the trip will be in the 
neighborhood of $5,000 and will include inter- 
national airfare from Knoxville and return, in- 
country transportation, all accommodations, at 
least two meals pet day admission fees, evening 
and cultural programs and English-speaking 
guides. The price does not include tips for guides, 
drivers, bellmen, room service, or any items not 
listed on the menu provided for the group; laun- 
dry; and other personal items. Passport fees, travel 
insurance, and any inoculations are the respon- 
sibility of each traveler Antimalarial medication 
is recommended for the bush.MC students will 
receive experiential learning credit. 

To reserve space for the trip, a $1 500 deposit is 
required by February 1, 2001, with flill payment 
due March 15. The tour is limited to 24 individu- 
als. Checks should be made payable to Maryville 
College-South Africa and sent to Dr Chad Berry 
Division of Humaniries, Maryville College, 502 
E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy., Maryville, TN 37804. 

Kenneth Talbott " 76 and his daughter Leslie, 
a member of the Class of 2003 

$110. The fee includes all room, board, and 
activities, as well as a camp t-shirt. For more 
information, contact the Office of Admissions at 
865-981-8092 or 1-800-59-SCOTS. 

Let's Take Our Hearts & 
Alums to San Francisco 

Planning is underwav for a Maryville College 
alumni trip to 
San Francisco 
April 26-29, 
2001. Alumni 
from through- 
out the coun- 
try are invited 
to join us for 
a weekend of 
touring, a spe- 
cial reception 
with Bay Area 
MC grads and 
getting caught 
up on happenings at MC. 

For anyone wishing to depart from Knoxville, 
a special travel package has been arranged. For 
$1,000 per person double occupancy or $1,250 
single occupancy, the following is provided: 
round trip Delta airfare, three nights at the 
Sir Francis Drake Hotel at Union Square, two 
dinners, a four-hour city tour, and a four-hour 
Muir Woods/Sausalito tour Additional charges 
will be for hotel shuttle or taxi from the 
airport. Those making arrangements from other 
cities may receive a five percent discount from 
Delta when using a special code the airline has 
assigned. This code can be obtained by calling 
the Alumni Office. 

For more information, please call the Alumni 
Office at 865-981-8197 or fill out the reserva- 
tion card at the back of this issue. The deadline 
for reservations is January 26, 2001. 



Celebrating the Maryville Spirit through Reunion Giving 

If you didn't make it to Homecoming this 
year, you missed some great reunions and great 
celebrations. For the Classes of 1935, 1940, 
1945, 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 
1980, 1985, 1990, and 1995, Homecoming 
2000 was one they will not quickly forget. The 
weather cooperated beautifully, the trees were 
in their splendorous colors, Bartlett Hall was 
dedicated, and of course the floats were out in 
full force at the Homecoming parade. This 
Homecoming was a special time to celebrate 
much of the College's success over the past 
several years. Thanks to the successful comple- 
tion of the MC2000 campaign, there were vis- 
ible signs all over campus that Maryville is on 
the move. 

The tradition among reunion classes is to 
hold a special reunion gift campaign to honor 
their reunion class. This year was made even 
more special as two classes went beyond the 
traditional reunion appeal to make special gifts 
to the College. 

The Class of 1950 decided some time ago 

MC has had much to celebrate recently such 
as the dedication of new or renovated build- 
ings, increased enrollment and deserved rec- 
ognition. Just as exciting is the continued 
increase in alumni giving (see table). Several 
years ago, the National Alumni Board set a goal 
of 50 percent participation among our alumni. 
Steady progress has been seen over the years, 
but the 50 percent mark has proven elusive. 

Maryville has been consistently recognized 
as a top ten school in the Southern Regional 
Liberal Arts category by U. S. News and World 
Report. Many factors, like alumni participa- 
tion, are considered when making these selec- 
tions. Based on all schools in the Southern cat- 
egory, Maryville ranks fourth out of all schools 
in alumni participation! It's obvious that such 
a high ranking in alumni giving helps us main- 
tain our prominence in the top ten category. 

At 46. 1 % Maryville has never had greater 
support from alumni. But please, don't stop 
now! Attaining 50 percent would increase 
our ranking among the Southern Regional Lib- 
eral Arts schools, but it would also help us 
reach national prominence as a school that has 


to make a special gift to the College. So, 
with the help of the Advancement Office staff, 
they encouraged classmates to make a three- 
year commitment to MC. Their goal was to 
present Dr. Gibson with a check for $100,000 
on the night of the Alumni Banquet. The Class 
of 1950 did that and more! Their perseverance 
and persistence paid off as they presented the 
College with a check for $140,490 with 63 
percent participation! This amount includes 
all gifts and pledges made to Maryville College 
during their three-year campaign. Members 
of the Class of 1950 Reunion committee 
deserve special thanks for their hard work. 
They include: Henry Callaway, Class Presi- 
dent; Duncan Bennett; Ellen Brahams; Peggy 
Campbell; Betty Cornett; Ann Crawford; 
Bo Henry; George McMahon; Stu McNiell; 
VendedaTulloch; Hilda Walker. 

The Class of I960 tried a different approach 
that has proven to be just as effective. Three 
classmates initiated a challenge to increase par- 
ticipation and support for the MC Annual 

— Calling All Alumni — 

reached the 50 percent plateau - a mark fewer 
than five percent ever reach! Maryville has been 
close over the last several years and now it is 
time to succeed. 

Many of you may have already received a 
phone call from one of our Phonathon callers 
or will receive one soon. Others will be con- 
tacted through the mail. Regardless, please 
give Maryville serious consideration. Your gift 
can be designated in any number of ways, and 
please know that it makes an impact not only 
on the students here at Maryville, but even in 
the rankings of U.S. News and World Report. 

Alumni Giving . 

Fund. Their challenge was to match dollar 
for dollar any increase in a gift whether the 
gift was made last fiscal year or you were a 
first time giver. Their efforts have paid off 
as over $26,000 has been raised. Thanks to 
Dan Greaser and Dan and Sondra Ellis for 
coordinating the efforts to publicize the chal- 

We want to thank all those alumni who cel- 
ebrated their reunion year with a gift in support 
of the Annual Fund. To date, over $143,700 
has been raised among all reunion classes. Cur- 
rently, the Class of 1960 leads all classes in 
dollars raised and the Class of 1955 leads the 
participation ranks (see table for class totals). 
Remembet, all gifts in support of the Annual 
Fund received by the end of the fiscal year will 
count in the class totals. Winning classes will 
be announced at Homecoming 2001 and will 
be recognized on plaques in Anderson Hall. 
If you need more information about making 
a reunion gift, please contact Helen Bruner, 
Director of Annual Giving at (865) 981-8202. 

Reunion Class Giving Current 
Operations 2001 

Class Record Donors % Gifts 



34.62% : 


37.97% ' 


31.68% $; 






1995 109 8 16.51% $1,210.00 

TOTAL $143,690.52 


































































Year Solicitoble Alumni Alumni Donors Percentage 

90-91 7,478 3,037 40.61% 

91-92 7,354 3,226 43.87% 

92-93 7,462 3,115 41.74% 

93-94 7,538 3,001 39.81% 

94-95 7,561 3,086 40.81% 

95-96 7,549 3,173 42.03% 

96-97 7,649 3,355 43.86% 

97-98 7,639 3,148 41.20% 

98-99 7,659 3,525 46.02% 

99-00 7,686 3,541 46.07% 

Annual Fund Gilts National % Avg Like School % Avg 































Board Of Directors 

Mr. Darrell Akins 
Rev. Ms. Emily J. Anderson 
Dr. Harold A. Black 
Dr. Charles Brooks, Jr. 
Ms. Donna M. Cobble 
Mr. Lee Congleton 
Mr. Joseph M. Dawson 
Mr. Buell G. Duncan, Jr. 
Mr. Lamar Dunn 
Dr. Virginia B. Eaddy 
Dr. Dorsey Daniel Ellis, Jr. 
Mr. K. Scott Fletcher 
Mr. Sidney W. Gilreath 
Mr. Charles E. Granito 
Mr. Sheridan H. Greaser 
Ms. Christine G. Hayworth 
Ms. Diane Humphreys-Barlow 
Mr. J. William Johnson 
Mr. Fred R. Langley 
Mr. Fred R. Lawson 
Dr. Naomi B. Lynn 
Mr. James E. McCall 
Mr. Robert D. McClenagan 
Ms. Mary Ellen "Sis" Mitchell 
Ms. Virginia K. Morrow 
Dr. C. Warren Neel 
Dr. Bergein F. Overholt 
Dr. Patricia D. Postma 
Ms. Sara Pope Proffitt 
Mr. Richard E. Ragsdale 
Dr. Marcia Riley-Elliott 
Mr. Tim A. Topham 


Dr. Tutt S. Bradford 
Mr. Carle M. Davis 
Mr. Judson B. Murphy 
Dr. Samuel M. Nabrit 
Dr. Harold Walker 


Dr. C. Edward Brubaker 
Rev. Dr. John P. Magill 
Dr. Dan M. McGill 

1999-2000 Maryville College 




1999-2000 College Revenues & Expenses 


Tuition & Fees (56% 


Scholarships (36%) 

Instruction (17% 

Private Gifts & Grants (21%) 

Endowment Income (5%) 

State & Federal Grants 2%) 

Other Sources (3%) 

Auxiliary Enterprises (13%) 

Depreciation & Amoritization (5%) 

Auxiliary Enterprises (9%) 

Plant Operations (7%) 

Public Services (2%) 
Academic Support (3%) 
nterest Expense (2%) 

Student Services (1 1%) 

nstitutional Support (8%) 


Statements of Financial Position 


f Cash and cash equivalents 


Accounts receivable (net of allowance of $ 1 62,000 
[ in 2000 and $165,000 in 1999) 

Notes receivable (net of allowance of $423,849 
in 2000 and $369,849 in 1999) 
^ Receivables for unconditional promises to give (net 

ofaUowanceof$229,916 in 2000 and $196,313 in 1999) 

Insurance proceeds receivable 
I Inventories '^///tf 

Funds held in trust 

Property, plant and equipment (net) 

Real estate 

Cash restricted for purchase of long-term assets 

Investments restricted for purchase of long-term assets 

Investments restricted for endowments and annuities 


Total assets 

May 2000 




*^ 24,787,226 


May 1999 












Liabilities and Net Assets 


Line of credit payable 

Accounts payable 

Accrued habilities 

Prepaid tuition and deposits 

Annuities payable 


Obligations under capital lease 

Due to U.S. Government 

Total liabilities 










Net assets: 


undesignated ^^^^^^^ 
designated for use as endowment 

Unrestricted — designated for student loans 

Total unrestricted 

Temporarily restricted 

Permanently restricted 

Total net assets 

Total liabilities and net assets 






' 9,636,858 





This report lists the names of those individuals and organizations who contributed to Maryville College during the past fiscal year 
(July 1, 1999 - May 31, 2000). Every effort was made to ensure that the information is correct. We apologize for any errors or 
omissions. If you have any questions, please call the Advancement Office at 865-981-8200. f denotes deceased donor(s). 

Isaac Anderson 

Named for the first president of Maryville 
College, the Isaac Anderson Society extends 
membership to those donors with atmulative 
gifts of $10,000 and greater. 

Founder's Circle: $1,000,000 

In 2000, due to the success of the MC2000 

Campaign, the Board of Directors authorized 

the creation of a netv membership level 

recognizing those members ivhose cumulative 

gifts meet or exceed one million dollars. 

ALCOA Foundation 

Dr. Tun S. Bradford 

Miss Margaret A. Cooper 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. Lambert '30 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Ragsdale 

Summa Cum Laude 

Extended to metnbers who have viade gifts 

totaling at le,lst $500,000 

Mr. Robert G. Cooper 

Mr. & Mrs. Carle M. Davis 

Mrs. Marion Lloyd 

Mr.' & Mrs. Harwell W. Proffitt '40 

Mrs. Esther Jarrell Snipes '21 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred ]. Young, Jr. '37 

Mr. Lindsay Young 

Magna Cum Laude 

Extended to ?nembers who have made gifts 

totaling at least $1 00. 000 

AmSouth Bank - Alcoa, TN 

Mrs. Conchita Bertran Blazer '31 

Mr. Kenneth E. Boring 

Mr. & Mrs. Claudius Clemmer '35 

Dr. Joseph J. Copeland 

Dr. ' & Mrs. Walter R. Courtenay '29 

Drs. John D. & Margaret P. Cowan 

DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc. 

First Tennessee Bank-Maryville 

Dr. & Mrs. Ray M. Haywordi 

Mrs. Mary Nuchols Hitch '27 

Ms. Diane Humphreys-Barlow '70 
& Dr. Jack Barlow 

Independent Presbyterian Church- 
Birmingham, AL 

Mrs. Robert C. Jackson '46 

Mrs. Mary B. Johnson '29 

Mrs. Warren E. Jones '36 

Mrs. Loyd H. Langston 

Fred & Sharon Lawson 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Leatherwood 

Dr. & Mrs. Dan M. McGill '40 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Mitchell 

Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Williarn H. Mooney '40 

New Providence Presbyterian Church- 
Maryville. TN 

Mrs. Archibald R Pieper '36 

Mrs. Margaret Gamble Purcell 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. ScUars '37 

Mrs. Earl A. Storey '40 

Drs. William R. & Mary Kay Sullivan 

The Daily Times 

Mr. B. Ray Thompson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Thornton 

Vulcan Materials Co. Mid-South Division 

Mrs. Ruth Freeman Webb '46 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Newell Witherspoon '52,'56 

Mrs. Mary Swain Wood '29 

Cum Laude 

Extended to members who have miuie gifts 

totaling at least $50,000 

Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Alexander 

American Rug Craftsmen, Inc. 

AmSoudi Bank 

APAC Tennessee, Inc. 

Judge & Mrs. J. N. Badgen, Jr. '40 


Bechtel Jacobs Company 

Mrs. Edwin J. Best, Sr. '36 

Frank B. & Martha R Bird 

Blount Memorial Hospital 

Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Bogert 

Miss H. Deane Brown '38 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Bushing '43,'42 


Ms. Nancy B. Cain 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Campbell 

Mr. Vernon A. Clark '40 

Coca-Cola Bocding Co. of Knoxville 

Dr. Betty Carolyn Congleton '47 

CSX Corporation 

Dr. William 0. DeWeese "64 

Dr. & Mrs. Dorsey D. Ellis, Jr. '60,'60 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Fisher 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W Gilreath '58 


Mr. & Mrs. Dan H. Greaser '60 

Mrs. Ruby Miller Griffitts '32 

The H. T. Hackney Company 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Haslam, II 

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford H.Henry '50 

Mr. & Mrs. J. William Johnson '69 

Mrs. Willard M. Johnson '28 

Dr. & Mrs. Elgin P Kintner 

Mrs. Ernest Koella, Jr. '41 

Mr. Frank A. Kramer '47 

Mrs. R. Arnold Kramer '40 

Rev. & Mrs. Glover A. Lcitch '36,'37 

Bill & Ann Mullican '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Bill A. Mullian, Sr. 

Mr. Joseph R. Poland '51 

Mr. & Mrs. George W Poland '61,'62 

Presbyterian Church (USA) 

Presbytery of East Tennessee 

Proffitt's, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Ray '52 

Mr.' & Mrs. Pete Robinson 

Rockford Manufacturing Company 

Mrs. Jean Campbell Rokes '33 

Ruby Tuesday, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren T. Rumbley 

Second Presbyterian Church 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Story '67 

Synod of Living Waters 

Rev & Mrs. James E. Watt '51, '53 

Dr. Glenn E Watts '52 

Isaac Anderson Society Members 

Extended to members who have made gifts 

totaling at least $10,000 

Anonymous (2) 

Darrell and Deborah Akins '73 # 

Alcoa, Inc. 

Anderson Lumber Company 

Mr. William R. Anderson '54 

Dr. & Mrs. Wayne Anderson 

Appalachian Therapy Center 

Ron Appuhn &. Karen Wenti tt 

Mr. Robert M. Arnold '40 

Ms. S. M. Atchley '69 

Mrs. Alice Blackburn Ayers '57 

Mrs. Karl E Bahret 

Mr. & Mrs. Boydson H. Baird '41 

Ms. Nancy C. Barbour 

Mrs. Eleanor Stout Barker '46 

Robert and Kiyoko Barker '46 # 

Mr. &Mrs. FrankH. Barr'42 

Mr. &Mrs. RalphJ. Bartlett'45 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Beall, 111 

Mrs. Catherine S. Beals '47 

Dr. & Mrs. Marvin R. Beard '67 

BellSouth - Knoxville 

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Bingham '72 

Dr. Carolyn L. Blair # 

Blount County Chamber of Commerce 

Dr. & Mrs. Dean A. Boldon 

Dr. Robert J. Bonham 

Ms. Sherry Proffitt Bonham '66 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Wilson Borden 

Mrs. Raymond I. Brahams, Jr. '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Brand '47 

Nancy Gamble Bromley '73 # 

Dr. Charles Brooks, Jr. '80 

Dr. Robert L. Brown '35 

Dr. C. Scon & Rev. Ann Owens Brunger 

Mr. Gordon C. Bunge, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Bush '72,'72 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Byrne '39,'41 

Mrs. Zurma H. Caldwell 

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Callaway '52 

Dr. & Mrs. Henry A. Callaway, Jr. '50 

Calloway Oil Company 

James C & Janice E. Campbell '53, '54 # 

Richard & Ruthanne Chase # 

Cherokee Lumber & Millwork Co. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Chewning 

Anderson & Julia Clark '5 1 ,'5 1 

Clayton Homes, Inc. 

Bill & Donna Cobble # 

Horace H. & Hope R Coburn '45 * 

Colvin & Son Hearing Company 

Ms. Janet Vail Conway '73 

Mrs. Arthur 0. Cooke 

Mrs. Jesse S. Cooper 

Ms. Carol Corben '51 

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Cornert '50 

Dr. & Mrs. John J. Craven 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy D. Crawford •43,'43 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Earl Crawford, Jr. '44,'50 

Dorothy Nethery Crawford '35 

Dr. & Mrs. Warren T Culver '42,'45 # 

Cumberland Securines Co. Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cummings '56 

Alan & Donna Davis '87,'83 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Michael Davis '68 

Marguerite Gilly Davis '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Dawson '69,'69 

Mrs. Edna H. Desnoyer '35 

Mrs. Emma Northwood DeWeese '36 

Dr. Robert C. Dickenman 

Dr. & Mrs. Mervyn J. Dbcon '58',58 

Dr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Duke '43,'43 

Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Dunn 

Mrs. Frances Lane Edwards '45 # 

Mrs. Dewey W Eitner 

Dr. and Mrs. Marshall C England, Jt^ '54,'55 

Miss Nannette Enloe '52 # 

Mr. & Mrs. James W Espy '66 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Eding 

Mr. Thomas T. Evans, Jr. '59 # 

Mr. Glenn Evers '38 

Mr. & Mrs. William 0. Faulkner '52,'52 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard I. Ferrin 

Mrs. Howard W Ferrin 

Mr. Robert J. Fiedler 

First Presbyterian Church-Germantown, PA 

First Presbyterian Church-Knoxville, TN # 

First Presbyterian Church-Lake Forest, IL 

Dr. & Mrs. Ted L. Flickinger 

Dr. & Mrs. Emerson C. Flurkey '53.'55 

Mrs. Marion Magill Foreman '43 

Mr. Paul H. Fox '38 

Mrs. M. Jane Fraelich '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fugate # 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Furgerson '43 

Furrow Auction Company 

Mrs. J. A. Gallimore'31 

Mr. Douglas A. Gamble '68 & Ms. Nina Gregg 

Mrs. Mary Neal Gamble' 

Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Gerra, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald W.Gibson 

Mr. &Mrs.JoeTGilliland'55,'56 

Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Goddard 

Judge & Mrs. Houston M. Goddard '68 

Dr. Margaret Knox Goggin '40 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Granito, Sr. 

Graystone Presbyterian Church 

Mrs. Mildred G. Gregg 

Dr. Bae Ho Hahn '58 

Dr. & Mrs. Roben H. Haralson, III 
A. B. & Clara Gowans Hardin '57 # 

Mrs. Mary Heald '24 

Mr. & Mrs. Don E. Heard '61 

Mrs. Barbara L. Heisey '32 

Mr. H. Bruce Hensley '64 

Martha L. Hess '67 

Highland Presbyterian Church-Maryville, TN 

Mr. J. William Holt '51 

Home Federal Bank of Tennessee 

Dr. Dorothy D. Horn 

Mrs. Gordon T. Huddleston 

Mrs. Shirley Hurst '37 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W Huston '3 1 .'28 

Mrs. William C. Ireland 

Dr. & Mrs. Homer L. Isbell, Jr. 

Robert A. & Sylvia Gilmore Jefferies '63,'63 # 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Jennings '55,'57 

Alfred & Dorodiy Jones # 

Mr. & Mrs. Elton R. Jones 

Miss Patricia Jones '55 

Joseph Construction Company 

Mr. Robert Lee Kay '50 


Dr. & Mrs. George C. Kent, Jr. '37,'36 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Donald Kent '42,'44 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Kerr '42,'44 

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Kidder '42;41 

Mrs. Dan H. Kinsinger 

Kiwanis Club of Alcoa 

Kiwanis Club of Maryville 

KnoxviUe News-Sentinel 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Koella 

Mrs. Jackson C. Kramer '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne R. Kramer 74,74 

Mrs. J. B. Lambert 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond R Lambert 

Mr.' & Mrs. H. E Lamon '40,'40 

Fred & Faye Langley 

Mr. Robert E. Law '30 # 

Law's Interiors 

Mrs, W. Baxter Lee 

Donald W. & Joyce Williams Leo '62,'62 

Dr. Virgil S. LeQuire '43 

Levi Strauss & Company 

Miss Viola Lightfoot '34 

Mr. Carl L. Lindsay, Jr. '50 

Dr. & Mrs. E Houston Lowry, Jr. '50 

Mrs. Lillian Proffitt Lyie 

Drs. Robert & Naomi Lynn '52,'54 # 

Rev & Mrs. John E MagiU '39, '41 

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Markle '81, '83 

Mr. David S. Marston '29 

Mr. & Mrs. David W Marston '64,'67 

Maryville Branch of the American Association 

of University Women # 
City of Maryville # 

Matsushita Electronic Components Co. 
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Mazur '44 
Mrs. David L. McArthur '35 
Mr. & Mrs. Gavin McCammon 
McCammon-Ammons-Click, Inc. 
McCarty, Holsaple, McCarty, Inc. 
Mr. Eugene E. McCurry '41 
Mr. & Mrs. Neil McDade 
Carl & Jean McDonald '63 
Dr. & Mrs. Norman A. McKinnon, Jr. 
Mr. Stuart & Dr Sarah McNiell '50,'53 
McNutt Oil & Gas Company 
Rev. & Mrs. John C. McQueen, Jr. '34,'37 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Merrill, Jr. 
Mr. J. Dennis & Dr. Sara Miller '63, '66 
Barton & Carolyn Balch Milligan '51 # 
Mrs. Irma Russell Miser '43 
Mr and Mrs. Donald B. Moffett '54,'54 
Monsanto Agricultural Chemical 
Susan Powell Moody '60 # 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome F. Moon 
Fred Gilbert Morrison Jr. '61 
Mr. & Mrs. Judson B. Murphy '39,'37 
Rev & Mrs. Carl C. Murray '48,'47 
Mrs. Albert F Murray, Jr. 
Mrs. Robert N. Navratil '54 
Mr. Raymond Nelson '38 
Mrs. Kathleen Mayurnik Nenninger '73 
Mrs. Ethel Newman '46 
Mrs. Llelanie S. Orcutt '59 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Overbey 
Mr. & Mrs. George A. Painter 
Mrs. Russell D. Parker 
Helen Mahan Payne '34 & L.G. Payne # 
The Perkin-Elmer Corporation 
Philips Consumer Electronics Co. 
Mrs. Meredith Preston Pierce, '43 
Rev Charles F L. Pierrepont '53 
Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Pigford, Sr. 
Pilot Corporation 
Mr. A. Coleman Piper '68 
Power Equipment Company 
PPG Industries, Inc. 
Presbyterian Women in the Congregation of 

Third Presbyterian Church-Pittsburgh, PA 
Charlene Williams Preston '70 
Mr & Mrs. Roberr Priddy 
Mr. Fred Proffitt 

Mr. & Mrs. John W Proffitt '41, '68 
Mr.' & Mrs. Walter D. Proffitt '46,"44 

Mr. & Mrs. William F Proffitt '49,'49 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Ramger '56,'70 
Mrs. Violet Webb Randolph '35 
Clarence L. Reaser '52 
Regal Cinemas, Inc. 
Mrs. Geneva Rich '38 
Mr. Daniel A. Rineer '65 
Robertshaw Tennessee Division 
Rohm & Haas Tennessee, Inc. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Crawford Roper '48 
SAFECO Insurance Companies 
Mr Victor R. Schoen 
Arch & Beryl Schwarztrauber '51 '52 
Second Presbyterian Church-Knoxville, TN 
Services Group, Inc. 
Dr. Lincoln Shimomura '51 
Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church- 
Signal Mountain, TH 
Dr. Quentin D. Singewald 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Knox Singleton '70,'70 
Mrs. Ben H. Sloane '30 
Marjorie & Francis Smiley 
Mrs. Alden Smith '39 
Miss Doris M. Smith '42 
E. B. & Jean Smith, '40,'46 # 
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W Spicbrd '45 
Dr. Otis H. Stephens 
Mr. George Y. Stewart '60 
Mr. George A. Stout 
Mfs. George H. Stour # 
Mrs. Richard E. Strain 
Sun Coal Company 
SunTrust Bank, East Tennessee 
Mts. Mautine W. Sweitzer-Baskin* '34 
Roy V Talmage '38 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel K. Taylor, Jr. '39 
Sir John M. Templeton 
Mrs. 0. F. Travis 
Dr. Kenneth D. Tuck, M.D. '54 
Union Planters Bank of East TN 
United Cities Gas Company 
W. Kennedy & Joy Hickman Upham '52, '52 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Van Sickle 
Mr. Leiand T. Waggoner '38 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E Walcutt 
Mr. Charles A. Warner '50 
Roy & Lois Ann Wauford # 
Ann Robinson Weaver '76 
Mr. & Mrs. Lew E. Weems 
Mr. & Mrs. Steve West 
Mrs. Opal D. West 
White Realty & Service Corporation 
Mr. & Mrs. Hilton A. Wick '42 
Curtis & Mary-Alice Wilbanks '53 # 
Mr. & Mrs. Dan W. Wiley '58,'59 
Mr. Edwin Womack 
Mrs. William L. Wood, Sr. '40 
Miss Janet A. Woods '53 t 
Woodstock Community Church- Woodstock, GA # 
Dr. Sue K. Wyatt 
Dr. & Mrs. John A. Yarborough 
# Members qualified in 1999-2000. 

The President's 

Contributors to the President's Circle 
provide a generous share of the College's 

income with their gijis made during the 
fiscal year. 

Benefactors: $10,000 or more 


Two Years 
Alcoa Foundation 

Forty-six Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Alexander 

Ten Years 
American Association of Univ. Women 

Five Years 
AmSouth Bank 

Twelve Years 

Mr. William R. Anderson '54 

Nine Years 
APAC Tennessee 

Twelve Years 
Mr. Ronald E. Appuhn & Ms. Karen K. Wentz 

Four Years 

Six Years 
Bechtel Jacobs Company 

Two Years 
Mrs. Earl W. Blazer '31 

Thirty-three Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Bogert 

Three Years 
Mr. Kenneth E. Boring 

Two Years 
Dr. Tutt S. Bradford 

Twenty-three Years 
Burger King Brands, Inc. 

One Year 
Ms. Nancy B. Cain 

Four Years 
Mr. Michael L. Campbell 

Four Years 
Mr. Vernon A. Clark '40 

Twentv-one Years 
Mr. and Mrs. Bill L. Cobble 

Two Years 
Dr. and Mrs. Horace H. Coburn '45 

Two Years 
Miss Margaret A. Cooper 

Eleven Years 
Drs. John & Peggy Cowan 

Fourteen Years 
DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc. 

Eleven Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Dunn 

Four Years 
First Presbyterian Church of Knoxville 

Five Years 
Mrs. M. Jane Fraelich "57 

Five Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fugate 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. Sheridan H. Greaser '60 

Ten Years 
Mrs. Doris R. Handy 

One Year 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Haslam II 

Eleven Years 
Dr. and Mrs. Ray M. Hayworth 

Seven Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford H.Henry '50 

Seventeen Years 
Dr. Jack M. Barlow 

and Ms. Diane Humphreys- Barlow 70 

Thirteen Years 
Mrs. Robert C. Jackson '46 

Ten Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Jefferies "63, '63, 

Six Years 
Mr. & Mrs. J. William Johnson , '69 

Six Years 
Dr. & Mrs. George C. Kent, Jr. '37. '36 

Seven Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. Lambert '50 

Twenty-five Years 
Fred and Faye Langley 

Three Years 
Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Leatherwood 

Fourteen Years 
Mr. Carl L. Lindsay, Jr. '50 

Four Years 
Dr. Dan M. McGill '40 

Eighteen Years 
Rev. & Mrs. John C. McQueen, Jr. *34, '37 

Three Years 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Mitchell 

Eleven Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Moon 

Two Years 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Mooney '40 

Five Years 

New Providence Presbyterian Church 

Thirty-two Years 
Mr. Joseph R. Poland '51 

Seven Years 
Mr. & Mrs. George W Poland '61, '62 

Five Years 
Presbytery of East Tennessee 

Fifteen Years 
Mrs. Margaret Purcell 

Two Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Ragsdale 

Eleven Years 
Regal Cinemas, Inc. 

Two Years 
Ruby Tuesday, Inc. 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. J, Knox Singleton '70, '70 

Four Years 
Dr. & Mrs. E. B.Smith '40, '46 

One Year 
Mr. George Y. Stewart '60 

Five Years 
Mrs. Earl A. Storey '40 

Fifteen Years 
Mr. Donald W Story '67 

Four Years 
Drs. William & Mar)' Kay Sullivan 

Twelve Years 
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Thornton 

Seven Years 
Dr. Glenn E Watts, Sr. '52 

Fourteen Years 
Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Wauford, Jr. 

Ten Years 
Mrs. E. Leslie Webb '46 

Sbt Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Steve West 

Five Years 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Newell Witherspoon '56, '52 

Ten Years 
Mrs. Mary Swain Wood '29 

Three Years 

Fellows: $5,000 to $9,999 

Blount Memorial Hospital 

Twelve Years 
Mr. Charles A. Brand '47 

Five Years 
Mr. Sam E Broughton, Jr. 

One Year 
Ms. Sarah H. Broughton- Ives 

One Year 
Dr. Joseph J. Copeland 

Twenty-three Years 
Dr.' & Mrs. Walter R. Courtenay '29 

Twenty-two Years 
Dr.&Mrs.R. H.Duncan 

One Year 
Ms. Nannette Enloe '52 

Five Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Guy V. Evans. Jr. 

One Year 
Mrs. Sarah P Fechter '55 

Two Years 
Mr. & Mrs. John W Fisher 

Seventeen Years 
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald W Gibson 

Seven Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Granito 

Four Years 
Mrs. Phyllis 0. Harder '42 

One Year 
Ms. Mary C. Hodge 

One Year 
Ms. Mary E. James '69 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. Elton R. Jones 

Six Years 
Mr. & Mrs. David H. Kidder '42. '41 

One Year 
Mrs. Jean Koella '41 

Nineteen Years 
Mr. Frank A. Kramer '47 

Eleven Years 


Mrs. Baxter Lee 

Five Years 
Rev. & Mrs. Glover A. Lcitch '36, '37 

Nine Years 
Mr & Mrs. Robert D. McClenagan 

One Year 
Ms. Amy E. Moon 

One Year 
Ms. Sarah L. Moon 

One Year 
Mr&Mrs. BillMullicanJr. '72 

Six Years 
Dr. & Mrs. B. F. Overholt 

One Year 
Mr & Mrs. George A. Painter 

Eleven Years 
Mrs. Sara E. Panetson '44 

One Year 
Presbyterian Church (USA) 

Thirteen Years 
Mr' & Mrs. HarweO W. Proffitt '40 

Nineteen Years 
Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church - 

Signal Mountain, TN 

Nine Years 
Mr George A. Stout 

Ten Years 
Mrs. George H. Stout 

One Year 
SunTrust Bank - Knoxville, TN 

Six Years 
Mr & Mrs. Lew E. Weems 

Six Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Dan W. Wiley '58, '59 

Eight Years 
Mrs. William L. Wood '40 

Seventeen Years 

Patrons: $2,500 to $4,999 

Mr & Mfs. DarrelLUins . 1973 

Six Years 
American Fidelity Bank 

One Year 
Rev. Roland W.Anderson '41 

One Year 
Anderson Lumber Company 

Twelve Years 
Judge John N. Badgen, Jr '40 

Nineteen Years 
Mrs. Eleanor Barker '46 

Two Years 
Mr. Frank H. Bart '42 

Seven Years 
Mrs. Catherine S. Beals '47 

Nine Years 

Thirteen Years 
Dr. Charles Brooks, Jr '80 

Five Years 
Mr&Mrs. Richard A. Chase '61 

Three Years 
Cherokee Manufacturing Co. 

Nineteen Years 
Citizens Bank of Blount Count)' 

Twenty-one Years 
Mr & Mrs. Stephen L. Coleman 

One Year 
Or Betty C. Congleton '47 

Seventeen Years 
Mr & Mrs. Carle M. Davis 

Twenty-three Yeats 
Mr & Mts. Joseph M. Dawson '69, '69 

Six Years 
Denark-Smith, Inc. 

Three Years 
Mr Buell G. Duncan, Jr 

Two Years 
Dr. & Mrs. Dorsey D. Ellis, Jr '60, '60 

Twelve Years 
First Presbyterian Church in Germantown 

Eleven Years 
First Tennessee Bank-Maryville 

Thirty-eight Years 

Mr & Mrs. Martin J. Gerra, Jr 

Five Years 
The H. T. Hackney Company 

Twelve Years 
Mr H. Bruce Hensley '64 

Five Years 
Mr & Mrs. Ronald Clair Jennings '55, '57 

Eleven Years 
Johnson & Galyon, Inc. 

Two Years 
Dr Thomas L Jones & Ms. Caroline J. Grandy '52 

One Year 
Kiwanis Club of Alcoa 

Sixteen Years 
Kiwanis Club of Maryville 

Sixteen Years 
Mr & Mrs. Fred R. Lawson 

Six Years 
Mr. J. Vernon Lloyd '41 

Two Years 
Drs. Robert & Naomi Lynn '54, '52 

Five Years 
Mr & Mrs. James E. McCall '57, '59 

Two Years 
McCarty, Holsaple, McCarty, Inc. 

Ten Years 
Mrs. Rebecca Morgan-Boyd 

One Year 
Dr, Rebeccah K. Neff '62 

One Year 
Mrs. Helen E. Payne '34 

Two Years 
Mr, & Mrs. J. Christopher Perry 

One Year 
Pilot Corporation 

Eighteen Years 
Dr. Patricia D. & Mr Herman Postma 

Two Years 
Mr James N. Proffitt, Jr 

One Year 
Proffitt's, Inc. 

Twenty Years 
Mr & Mrs. Daniel J. Ruggiero "50, '49 

One Year 
Dr Nancy C. & Mr Roger Sederberg 

Two Years 
Mr & Mrs. Rjchard B. Sellars '37 

Ten Years 
Miss Doris M. Smith '42 

Fifteen Years 
Solomon SmithBarney 

Two Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Spickard '45 

Eight Years 
Mr Samuel K. Taylor, Jr '39 

Twelve Years 
Tennessee Republican Caucus 

One Year 
Union Planters Bank of East TN 

Four Yeats 
Vulcan Matetials Co. Mid-South Div. 

Twelve Years 
Mr & Mrs. Elmer L White '52 

Two Years 
Dr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Wilson '44, '45 

One Year 
Woodstock Community Church 

Three Years 
Mr Fred J. Young '37 
Twentv-three Years 

Members: $1,000 to $2,499 

Mrs. Carolyn Albert '55 

Two Years 
Mr & Mrs. Thomas B. Allen '58, '55 

Two Years 
Mr & Mrs. Charles E. Allen, Jr '52, '52 

Two Years 
Mr William J. Arlington '70 

Two Years 
Mr & Mrs. Thomas M. Ayres 

Eight Years 
Mr F Weldon Baird 

One Year 

Mr. & Mrs. Boydson H. Baird '41 

Seven Years 
Mr Clark D. Baker 

One Year 
Mr Alvin C. Baker '72 

Four Years 
Rev. Robert S. Barker '46 

Three Years 
Mr J. Michael Barrows '71 

Three Years 
Mrs. Marion Bardett '45 

Ten Years 
Mrs. Kathleen Batchelder '69 

One Year 
Mr Robert G. Beam '58 

One Year 
Dr & Mrs. Marvin R. Beard '67 

Five Years 
BellSouth Communications 

Two Years 
Mr & Mrs. Duncan C. Bennett '50, '49 

One Year 
Mrs. Lynn Ann Best '36 

Nineteen Years 
Big Spring Presbyterian Church 

One Year 
Mr & Mrs. Frank B. Bird 

Twenty-one Years 
Mr & Mrs. Robert B. Bishop '79, '81 

Two Years 
Dr Carolyn L. Blair 

One Year 
Mrs. John V Blalock '46 

Two Years 
Blount County Japanese School, Inc. 

One Year 
Blount County Medical Society 

Seven Years 
Dr & Mrs. Dean A. Boldon 

Ten Years 
Mr & Mrs. W. Wdson Borden 

Five Years 
Mrs. Marianne Bowman '75 

Four Years 
Mrs. Raymond I. Brahams '50 

Twenty-five Years 
Ms. Nancy C. Bromley '73 

Six Years 
Ms. Deane Brown '38 

Eleven Years 
Dr Robert L. Brown '35 

Four Years 
Dr C. Scott Brunger & Rev Ann Brunger 

Nine Years 
The Honorable Martin Bry-Nildsen, Jr' '38 

Two Years 
Mr Donald E. Buddie '60 

Two Years 
Dr Ruth Burgos-Sasscer '53 

Two Y'ears 
Right Rev. Charles L. Burgreen '44 

One Year 
Dr & Mrs. Arthur S. Bushing '43, '42 

Five Years 
Dr & Mrs. Henry A. Callaway, Jr '50 

Five Years 
Dr & Mrs. James M. Callaway '52 

Fourteen Years 
Mr & Mrs. James C Campbell '53, '54 

Two Years 
Mr & Mrs. James E. Campbell '79, '79 

One Year 
Mr & Mrs. G. David Campbell '49, '50 

Two Years 
Mrs. Faith Carpenter '72 

One Year 
Mrs. Norman M. Gary '71 

One Year 
Mr & Mrs. Mark Gate 

Two Years 

One Year 
Mrs. Argyle Clarke '49 
One Year 

Mrs. Katherine E. Clemmer '35 

Four Years 
Mr J. Malvern Clopton '34 

Two Years 
Mr Paul C. Conklin '59 

Two Years 
Dr Martha E. Cook '65 

Four Years 
Mr Arthur 0. Cooke 

Six Years 
Mrs. Ruth A. Cooper '49 

Five Years 
Col. & Mrs, Robert H. Cooper '71, '72 

One Year 
Ms. Carol Corbett '51 

Seven Years 
Mr and Mrs. James B. Cornett '50 

Three Years 
Mr Hale S. Coughlin, III '76 

Three Years 
Dr Martha P Craig 

Two Years 
Dr and Mrs. John J. Craven 

Eleven Years 
Rev. Dr & Mrs. Earle W. Crawford '35 

Three Years 
Dr & Mrs. Michael D. Crowell 

Five Years 
Dr & Mrs. Warren T Culver '42, '45 

Nine Years 
Cumberland Securities Co., Inc. 

Twelve Years 
Mr & Mrs. James M. Cummings '56 

Three Years 
The Daily Times 

Twent)'-nine Years 
Danny Davis Contractors, Inc. 

One Year 
CmdrWilliamH. Dartnell'54 

Two Years 
Ms. Melanie Day '75 

One Year 
Mr Doug Derry 

One Year 
Dr & Mrs. William 0. DeWeese '64 

Fifteen Years 
Mrs. Michael J. DeWitt '64 

One Year 
Mr Rolfe D. Duggar '54 

One Year 
Mr and Mrs. Charles B. Dungan '65 

Five Years 
Drs. Larry and Julie Durand '8 1 

Five Years 
Drs. John & Virginia Eaddy '61, '62 

Six Years 
Mrs. Russell N. Edwards '45 

Two Years 
Ellijay Telephone Company 

Four Years 
Dr E. Stephen Ellis '70 

Four Years 
Mr Thomas T. Evans, Jr '59 

Three Years 
Ms. Christine L. Farley 

One Year 
First Presbyterian Church-Elizabethon, TN 

Eight Years 
Dr & Mrs. James C. Fisher '55, '56 

Two Years 
Mrs. Annie Dill Fleming '37 

One Year 
Mr & Mrs. K. Scott Fletcher '89 

Three Years 
Mrs. Jay E. Frick 

Six Years 
Mrs. N. Kay Gill '58 

Two Years 

Eight Years 
Mr & Mrs. Sidney W Gilreath '58 

Nine Years 
Mr & Mrs. A. B. Goddard 
Seventeen Years 


Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Graham 

Three Years 
Mrs. Mary M. Gravely '49 

One Year 
Graystone Presbyterian Church 

Two Years 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hall '48 

Two Years 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Haralson, III 

Nine Years 
Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Hardin '57 

Two Years 
Ms. DeAnn Hargis-Kaminski '88 

Two Years 
Mr. William E. Harmon '67 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. William T Harra '74, '74 

Four Years 
Mr. David C. Harris '67 

One Year 
Dr. & Mrs. Donald W. Harward '61, '63 

One Year 
Mrs. Nelle G. Haugh '32 

One Year 
Mrs. Margery D. Hay '44 

One Year 
Ms. Deborah Hayworth 

One Year 
Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Heard '61 

Seventeen Years 
Dr. Richard R. Henderson '57 

One Year 
Dr. F. William Henderson '43 

Four Years 
Mr. and Mrs.t Robert Herron '50 

One Year 
Highland Presbyterian Church 

Ten Years 
Mr.&Mrs. DonaldJ. Hill'59,'59 

One Year 
Mrs. James W Hitch '27 

Twenty-one Years 
Holston Presbytery 

Two Years 
Home Federal Bank of Tennessee 

Ten Years 
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Horn '36 

Three Years 
Mrs. Carolyn A. Howard '54 

Two Years 
Dr. & Mrs. Hugh L. Huffman 

Four Years 
Capt. David M. Humphreys '41 

One Year 
Rev. & Mrs. George L. Hunt '40, '41 

One Year 
Mr. W.Harold Hunter '49 

One Year 
Mrs. Margaret E. Huntzinger '84 

One Year 
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Ihrig '63, '64 

Six Years 
Dr. & Mrs. Homer Isbell 

Nineteen Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Rondel E. Ivens 

Four Years 
Mrs. Betty 1. Jamieson '45 

Two Years 
Mr. Sam H. Jett* 

Ten Years 
Mrs. Virginia L. Johnson "44 

One Year 
Ms. Patricia C. Jones '55 

Four Years 
Mr. J. Harold Jones '56 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Jones '59, '60 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. S. Alfred Jones 

Four Years 
Mrs. Warren Jones '36 

Sbtteen Years 

Mrs. Carol D. Kabatt '54 

One Year 
Mr. Robert L. Kay '50 

Eight Years 
Mr. Thomas S. Kees, Jr. '51 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Donald Kent "42, '44 

Four Years 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Kerr, Sr. '42, '44 

Nine Years 
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Ketchum '42, '43 

One Yeai 
Rev, & Mrs. Donald R. Killian '38, '38 

Two Yeats 
Knoxville News-Sentinel 

Nineteen Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Koella 

Sb[ Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Y Koo '64 

Nine Years 
Mrs. Jackson C. Kramer '43 

Ten Years 
Mrs. R. Arnold Kramer '40 

Nineteen Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne R. Kramer '74, '74 

Six Years 
Mr. Ken D. Kribbs, Sr. '68 

One Year 
Mr. W Harold Lastcr '65 

Two Years 
Mr. Carl M. Lazenby '49 

Three Years 
Dr. Virgil S. LeQuire '43 

Fourteen Years 
Mrs. Leola M. Lightowler '36 

One Year 
Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Five Years 
Mr. Robert K. Lockwood '43 

One Year 
Dr. Andrew W Loven '57 

One Year 
Dr. & Mrs. E Houston Lowry '50 

Eight Years 
Mrs. Lillian P Lyle 

Four Years 
Mrs. Nancy T. Lynn '45 

Two Years 
Mr. Joseph B. Magill '41 

One Year 
Mrs. Elaine A. Magliulo '48 

One Year 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert W Mahley '63, '64 

Six Years 
Mr. & Mrs. David W Marston '64, '67 

Eight Years 
Martin & Company 

Six Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Doug D. Mason 

One Year 
Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Mazur '44 

Four Years 
Mrs. David L. McAithut '35 

Twelve Years 
Dr. Charles S. McCammon '42 

Four Years 
McCammon-Ammons-Click Funeral Home, Inc. 

Eleven Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. McCroskey '82, '82 

Two Years 
Mr. Eugene E, McCurry '41 

Twelve Years 
Mrs. Nancy McDaniel '60 

Four Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl E McDonald '63 

Eleven Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. McFariand '56, '57 

Two Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. McLemore 

Three Years 
Mrs. Helen T. McMillan-Green '33 

Six Years 

Mr. Stuart R & Dr. Sarah B. McNiell '50, '53 

Four Years 
Dr. & Mrs. Scribner A. Messenger '68, '67 

Two Years 
Mrs. Mary M. Miller '47 

Two Years 
J. Dennis and Sara Miller '63, '66 

Eight Yeats 
Dr. and Mrs. Barton Milligan '51 

Seven Years 
Dr. &Mrs.SnellAMills,Jr'55,'55 

Four Years 
Mrs. Irma Miser '43 

Ten Years 
Mrs. Susan E Moody '60 

Six Years 
Mr. & Mrs. John S.Moore '51, '51 

Two Years 
Mr. Fred G. Morrison, Jr. '61 

Two Years 
Mr. and Ms. William E. Morrow 

Three Years 
Mrs. Dolores Mottesheard '35 

One Year 
Mr. Patrick W Mover '86 

One Year 
Mr. Raymond Nelson '38 

Seven Years 
Mrs. Ethel J. Newman '46 

Nine Years 
Mrs. Grace A. Nieto '53 

One Year 
Ms. Nancy Olsen 

Three Years 
Mrs. H. Eugene Orr 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E Osborne '76, '77 

Two Years 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Overbey 

Ten Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Lonas D. Overholt, Jr. 

Two Years 
Dr. and Mrs. Loren D. Pankratz '56 

Two Years 
Mis. B. Choi Patk 

One Year 
Dr. & Mrs. E Neal Peebles 

Three Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Pemberron '48, '45 

Two Years 
Mr. Kenneth L. Penegat 

One Year 
Miss Judith M. Penry'73 

Three Years 
Mrs. Archibald Pieper '36 

Twenty-four Years 
Mrs. Carl G. Pierce '43 

Nine Years 
Dr. Joyce A. Pigge '67 

One Year 
Mrs. Mildred Orr Potter '60 

One Year 
Mr. David R. Powell '66 

Two Years 
Presbyterian Women in the Congtegation of 

Third Presbyterian Church 

Thirteen Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Proffitt '46, '44 

Sixteen Years 
Mr. & Mrs. William E Proffitt '49, '49 

Five Years 
ProMedia, Inc. 

One Year 
Mr. Ronald Randon '60 

Two Years 
Mr. Robert E. Reidenbach '62 

One Year 
Dr. & Mrs.* William B. Rich '42 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Roberts '50, '48 

Two Years 

Mrs. Jean C. Rokes '33 

Eighteen Years 
Mrs. Elizabeth Ropet '48 

Ten Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Rumbley 

Eighteen Years 
Mr. J. Allen Russell '59 

One Year 
Ms. Patiicia Sabatelle '74 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Schember '63, '65 

Two Years 
Mr. Victor R. Schoen 

Six Years 
Mr. William E. Schofield '57 

One Year 
Rear Adm. & Mis. S. Archie Schwarztrauber '5 1 , '52 

Four Years 
Dr. & Mrs. William A. Seymour 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley B. Shields '37, '37 

Three Years 
Dr & Mrs. Lincoln Shimomura '51 

Nine Years 
Mr & Mrs. Lloyd C. Shue '42, '40 

Five Years 
Dr. & Mrs. James N. Skeen '64, '66 

One year 
Dr. & Mrs. Edward D. Smith '67 

Five Years 
Mis. Lois Smith '39 

Seven Years 
Mrs. Esther J. Snipes '21 

Two Years 
Dr John B. Springer '34 

Three Years 
Captain John A. Strand, Jr. '54 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. Alden Stuart 

Two Years 
Ms. Corita A. Swanson '58 

Two Years 
Target Stores 

One Year 
Mr. Tim A. Topham '80 

Two Years 
Dr. Kenneth D. Tuck '54 

Two Years 
United Cities Gas Company 

Thirteen Years 
Rev Dr. & Mrs. W Austin Van Pelt '52, '51 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R Walcutt 

Five Years 
Mrs. Rosalind Warlington '46 

One Year 
Mrs. Lawrence B. Waiters 

One Year 
Rev. Leslie E. Webb, Jr. '49 

Four Years 
Mr. Henry M. Wick, Jr. '42 

One Year 
Mr. & Mrs. Hilton A. Wick '42 

Thirteen Years 
Mr. Curds B. Wilbanb '53 

Seven Years 
Mr. & Mrs. Wdliam B. Wilson '39, '38 

One Year 
Mrs. Marion S. Wilson '44 

One Year 
Dr. & Mrs. Orval S. Wintermutc '50, '51 

One Year 
Dr. and Mrs. W. Scott Wood '69, '68 

One Year 
Miss Janet A. Woods '53 

Four Years 
Mr. Steven J. Yuhasz '75 

One Year 
Mr. Michael N. Zaparyniuk 

One Year 


Thomas Jefferson 
Lamar Society 

Nttmedfor the College \ greatest advoatte of the 
19th Cattury, the Lamar Society recognizes those 
who contribute between $500 and $999 during 
the fiscal year. 

Addy. William C. '53 

Althouse, Sue S. '50 

Anderson, J. T. '52 

Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. John 

Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. James E. 

Andrews, Mark L. '37 

Anonymous '40 

Anonymous '71 

Atkinson, Beverly Minear '68 

Beall, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. 

Berkemeier, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. '70 

Berrong, Mr. & Mrs. J. Leon '50,'53 

Bidwell, Mr. Lawrence H. & Dr Lee D. '81, '84 

Bird, Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. '49,'49 

Bishop, Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Jay R. '47,'50 

Blake, Ivan C. '41 

Brahams, Mr. and Mrs. David R. '74,'82 

Braymer, Drs. John and Meta '68, '68 

Brown, Mr. Lynn W. '73 

Brubaker, Frederick 0. '40 

Bugenhagen, Thomas and Katherine '56,'57 

Byrne, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. '39,'41 

Calloway Oil Company 

Carson, Lucy Carrick '5 1 

Childs, Brian H. '69 

Christison, Steve 

Coghill, Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. ■70,'72 

Conklin, Mr. and Mrs. David R. '65, '65 

Cooke, A. Wayland and jane 

Cooke, Mrs. Anhur 0. 

Crawford, Mr. & Mrs. Duncan 

Cummings, Margaret M. 

Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. '42, '42 

Davis, Marguerite Gilly '62 

Davis, Mr. & Mrs. C. Michael '68 

Delmar Haynes Pontiac 

DeYoung, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. '73,74 

Dirksen, Mr. & Mrs. Ray 

Doane, Victoria Hoole '44 

Dodd. Herbert R 

Dodd, Julie E. 

Dr. & Mrs. Bryant L. Cureton '60 

Duckett, Charles '50 

Duke, Dr. and Mrs. Sidney W. '43,'43 

Dye, Mr. and Mrs. David R '66,'67 

Fawcett, Ellen Gould '69 

Fisher, Carl D. '70 

Ford, Donald R. '56 

Foreman, Marion Magill '43 

French, Lyn 

Gibson, Dr. and Mrs. E, Russell '82,'84 

Gillespie, Marianna Hayes '49 

Glenmary Graphics 

Green, Mary Harrison '34 

Greve, Jessie Reed '43 

Griffitts, Ruby Miller '32 

Harman, Charles W. '56 

Harrell, Dr. Don R. 

Harris, Page '82 

Haynes, William J. 

Holland, Elizabeth King '50 

Holy Family Rector's 

Home Bank of Tennessee 

Houser, Marion Schanck '44 

Jacob. Sally E. 

Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. B. '71,'71 

Katie Dean Foundation 

Keller, Mr. & Mrs. John 

Kemp, W Abbott '47 

Kramer, Margaret Clippinger '43 

Laster. Drs. James H. & Madlon T. '56,'56 

Law, R. Eugene '39 

Lehman, H. Eugene '41 

Lowry, Steven A. '79 

Lyza, Laurie 

Malcom, Nona Roll '62 

Marvin, James E. '50 

McBrayer, Neal '86 

McGarey, Esther Farrow '45 

McKean, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. '56,'55 

McKee, Mr. & Mrs. James W. '50,'49 

McNiel, Rev. & Mrs. Paul R. '50,'52 

Merrill, Charles E., Jr. 

Miller, Elizabeth J. '44 

Miller, Rev. & Mrs. Bruce R. '53,'53 

Mixner, Mark R. '85 

Moffett, Vadonna G. '81 

Moore, Rachel Wood '67 

Morrison, John H. '49 

Mrs. Ila Goad Hooker '41 

Naylor, Paul T '75 

Nelson, Ethel A. '50 

Nelson, Realtors, Inc. 

Netzley Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. '77 

Odell C.Lee '61 

Pancoast, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. '49,'50 

Parker, Mrs, Russell D. 

Paxton, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. '48,'47 

Perry, John H. 

Perry, Thomas Lee '57 

Persing, Mae '42 

Prewett, Ruth Lane '42 

Pribble, Mary Jo '52 

Quarles Ventures 

Quarles, Dan & Dorothy '68,'67 

Ramger, Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. '56,'70 

Rochelle, Dorothea Woodall '68 

Rock, Mr. & Mrs. Alan E. '49,'48 

Rymer, Mr. & Mrs. Larry 

Satterfield, Mr. & Mrs. Lynn 

Schuller, Hazel Holm '51 and Edward J. 

Scott, Jr., Thomas S. '61 

Shook, Rosalba Pascal '51 

Slater, Marion Avakian '43 

Sloane, Jeannette Moore '30 

Sloboda, Mr. and Mrs. J. Gary '76,'78 

Smith, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. James E 

Smith, Mr. & Mrs. G. Robert 

Stewart, Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. 

Srroud, Sallie Favrot '81 

Sullivan, Mary W. 

Tait, Margaret Brown '51 

Talmage. RoyV'38 

Terry, Margaret Warren '52 

Tipton, Kathr)'n Woodward '44 

Trinity Presbyterian Church-Chattanooga. TN 

Tummell, Mi. & Mrs. Larry 

U.S. Foods 

Upham, W. Kennedy & Joy Hickman '52, '52 

Vennema, Mary Holly Webb '50 

Waters, Dr. Shelton B. 

Waters, Jerry E. '57 

Weston, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W '83,'86 

Whitman, Jr., William T '30 

Williams, Jackie 

Williams. Morris and Ruth 

Worman, Ella Thompson '48 

Wright, R, Charles 

William Thaw 

Named for the College's greatest benefactor of 

the 1 9th Century whose gifts helped finance 

the reopening of the College follotving the Civil 

War, the Thaw Society recognizes those who 

contribute between $250 atnd $499 during 

the fiscal year. 

Abbott, Margaret Trotter '40 

Akins, Deborah Mount '73 

Alexander, Ruby Laster '52 

Allen, J. David '64 

Archbold, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. 

Baker, Margaret Haynie '30 

Baker, Rev. & Mrs. Gareth D. '54,'54 

Baker, Sara A. '99 

Banks.WarrenB. '51 

Baron, Mr. & Mrs. Leslie 0. '80,'81 


Beck. Roland A. '34 

Bell, Janis Rose '66 

Bell, William A. '40 

Bertelkamp, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Henry E 

Best, Betty Boone '59 

Black. David & Marty 

Blackburn. Mr. & Mrs. Charles R '54,'58 

Blair, Mr. & Mrs. Louis B. '32,'34 

Block, Alice McCombe '59 

Blount Discount Pharmacy Inc. 

Bogia, Lois Tinklenberg '56 

Branch. Jean Hunr '51 

Brown. Kenneth & Kimberlyn 

Brown. Robert 0. '51 

Bunde. Terry & Pam '79 

Burkert. Lisa Harvey '88 

C & C Trucking Conttactors 

Carlisle. Christopher D. '64 

Case, Noel & Laura 

Cedar Ridge Community Church 

Chalker, William H. '50 

Chase, Douglas G. '73 

Childs, Mary S. 

Christiansen, Catherine Davidson '40 

Clark, Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. '64,'63 

Coates. Dona Sarver '60 

Compher. Jr., Keen '64 

Coon, Virginia L. '64 

Copeland, Harold W '65 

Corbitt, Kimberly E. '84 

Coulter & Justus, EC. 

Cox, Meredith Pierce '67 

Cox, Ruth Chittick '36 

Cragan, Thomas M. '41 

Crawford, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Earl '44,'50 

Crawford. Mr. & Mrs. Roy D. '43,'43 

Crews. Ruthellen '49 

Ctisp, Mr. & Mrs. William A. '61 

Cropper, Mr. & Mrs. .Alan G. '69 

Curran, Bette Alverson 

Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Alan W '87,'83 

de Nagy, Bruce S. '51 * 

Dent, Jr.. Dr. & Mrs. William H. '57.'57 

Denton. Jeffrey T. '87 

Dildine. Mr. & Mrs. Lynn L. '70,'70 

Dodson, Michael j. '64 

Doig, Mr. & Mrs. Glenn W '74,'74 

Doyle, Faye Robinson '50 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward A. Shorten '43 

Dtake Auto Parts 

Emery, Jr., John B. '59 

Fedric, Helen Bobo '39 

Fershec, Susan J. '69 

Fields, Harriet McKean '47 

Finertie, Mr. & Mrs. Robert W '57 

Finger, Kimberly D. '99 

First Tennessee Bank Directors & Employees 

Fisher, John H. '40 

Flickinger, Jr., Ted L. 

Fulgham, Louise Corbett '46 

Gash, William H. '76 

Gaughan, David L. '75 

Gheen, Gregor)' '83 

Gilmore, Rev. & Mrs. David L. '61, '62 

Gilmour, Zaida Brown '61 

Goddard, Judge & Mrs. Houston M. '68 

Gossweiler, Jr., Richard C. '63 

Greeno, Earnie '73 

Guess, L. T. 

Hammond, Rebecca M. 

Hannah, Lee '37 

Harper Infiniti 

Hastings, Marcia Hickey '65 

Henschen, Dr. & Mrs. Hal '41, '42 

Herzberger, Robert D. '47 

Hess, Martha L. '67 

Hickory Construction, Inc. 

Hitch, Jr., J. Parks 

Hoelzer, Mr. & Mrs. John H. '42.'44 

Hofferbert, Louis E. '50 

Hook, Glenn L. '34 

Hoyt, Mary Ruth '43 

Hughes, Glenda Gray '62 

J. C. Bradford & Co. 

Jenkins, Belinda Henegar '97 

Jenkins, Paul B. '64 

Johnson, Estle Kerley '39 

Johnston. Dr. & Mrs. Robert K. ■62,'62 

Jones, Nancy P '84 

Kehler, Bradley R '74 

Keightley VannieT 

Keny, Jack M. '55 

Kidder, Pauls. '51 

Kim, Young-Bae 

Kinsinger, Mrs. Dan H. 

Kintner, Dr. & Mrs. Elgin P. 

Kling, Marcia Williams '56 

Knott, Elizabeth B. '57 

Kramer, Lloyd S. '71 

Kramer, Mr. & Mrs. Roy F '53,'53 

Krebs, Drs. George & Eleonore '58 

Krebs, Edward S. '59 

Kren, Rev. 6f Mrs. James L. '52,'51 

Kull, Mr, & Mrs. L. Lee 

Ladner, Frank G. '50 

Lamm, Christine '70 

Lampe, George N. '70 

Larson, Rev. & Mrs. Robert A. '51,'51 

Leitch, Edith Hitch '41 

Lincoln Congregational Temple UCC 

Lind, Donald D. '00, '81 

Llovd, Mr. & Mrs. Eric D. 

Lorenz, Rev. & Mrs. H. Roberts '55,'57 

Lynch, Dr. & Mrs. William A. •59,'59 

Magee, John M. '41 

Magill. Rev. & Mrs. John R'39.'41 

Magnuson. Mr. & Mrs. Christian G. '73, '72 

Martin. Janet Cummings '51 

Matysek, Wilma Borter '52 

McClune, Ellen Myers '74 

McFarland, Joan Menk '60 

McFarland, Lewis M. '58 

McFerren, Donald C. '62 

McFerrin, Richard 

McKenzie, Mr. & Mrs. Mike 

McMillen, Mr. & Mrs. Grady 

McNiell, Helen A. '84 

McNutt Oil & Gas Company 

Meyer, Gary R. '68 

Meyers, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald 

Mize, Bob L '56 

Monk. Phillip M. '74 

Morris. Dr. & Mrs. Terry L. '64,'63 

Moser, Robert W. '52 

Mosher. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. '88.'91 

Moss. Aline Campbell '41 

Mueller, Barbara A. '59 

Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Judson B. '39, '37 

Myers, Roger 

Myser, Richard D. '71 

Napier, Mr. & Mrs. William J. '65,'64 

Navratil. Nancy Naylor '54 

Naylor, Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. '79 

Nenninger, Kathleen Mayurnik '73 


Nier, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. '55,'59 

Nish, Dr. & Mrs. William W. '50,'50 

Nooe, Jr., Dr. & Mrs. Roger M. ■62,'63 

Ophthalmic Group Worldwide, Inc. 

Palm, Louise Lloyd '51 

Partners & Associates, Inc. 

Patton Associates 

Patton, Richard E. '53 

Pcrcz-Reilly Elizabeth K. 

Pewitt, Harriet 

Phelan, Mrs. Jack S. 

Phillips, Robert B. '69 

Pietenpol, Dr. Jerry L. 

Posrier, Rev. & Mrs. William J. '72,'72 

Pounds, Janet Purcilla '64 

Proffitt. Kevin S. 

Pryor, Mr. & Mrs. James W. '66,'68 

Ray, Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. '42 


RenFro, Jr., James C. 'di 

Rigell, Mr. & Mrs. Craig D. '69,'69 

Rineer, Daniel A. '65 

Robinette, Charles 

Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. William N. '52,'53 

Robinson's Lawn Care 

Robison, Jeffrey & Kathleen 

Rodman, Janet Nisbet '49 

Royce, Alice Cook '71 

Russell, Harold M. '48 

Sallade, J. Gill's 1 

Sams, Ned H. '41 

Schmied, Lori 

Schneibel, Susan 

Shakley, Albert W. '51 

Sheldon, Benjamin E. '50 

Shiba, Kathie E. 

Short, Robert B. '41 

Sieber-Ford, Elizabeth '83 

Simpson, Tetry L. 

Smalley, Dr. & Mrs. J. Bryan 

Soud, Stephen E. 

Stcakley, Ralph D. '41 

Sthreshley Jr., Rev. & Mrs. Lawrence E '44,'43 


Straight Gate Ministries 

Stuart, Marian Hina '57 

Sullivan, Jerry A. '99 

Talbott, Kenneth M. '76 

Tallent, Kiistine R. '96 

Taimage, Drs. John E. & Sylvia '61, '62 

Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. '70, '68 

Thomson, Marvin '34 

Throne, Pauline L. '34 

Tinley, Mr. & Mrs. Gordon E '70,'71 

Todd, Carol Cocke '68 

Tomlinson, Lavinia Lee '57 

Toomey, Kent E. '57 

Van Peursem, Suzanne Drees '73 

Vanderslice, Edward J. '50 

Vogado, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Paul '75,74 

Vogel, Eugenia Jackson '54 

Walker, Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. '51,'50 

Walker's Supply Company 

Wallace, Larry '52 

Watt, James & Joan '51,'53 

Weaver, Margaret Kettles '52 

Welsh, Elizabeth S. '59 

Wengert, Betty Sue Talbott '63 

Whaley, Earl R. '57 

Wheat, Gerald R. '52 

Wheeler, Thomas V. '48 

White, Haydn 0. '48 

Willard, Mr. & Mrs. Edward N. '96 

Wills, Jr., Rev. & Mrs. Reese M. '62,'62 

Wilson, W Warren '82 

Wood, Sharon R. '83 


Wright, Barbara Murphy '53 

Yoakum, Anna M. '54 

Yohe, Lois Marian '45 

Ziegler, Delores Bowen '73 

Zitzner, Nancy Muller '66 

The Century Club 

Through their contributions of $100 to $249 
during the jiscal year, members of the Century 
Club form the backbone of financial support 
that enables MC to continue its purpose. 

Anonymous (5) 

Aaby, Trygve G. '78 

Abbott, Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. '54,'54 

Ackermann Public Relations 

Addy, Mary L. '64 

Addy, Sr., Mrs. Thomas E. 

Alderson, Thomas V. '70 

Aldridge, Patricia Baker '62 

Alexander, Floreine Rankin '35 ' 

Alexander, Mr. & Mrs. Charles 

Alice Blackburn Ayers '57 

Allen, Nettie Spraker '44 

Allison, Mr. & Mrs. Matthew S. •84,'84 

Allred, Jody L. '99 

Alsup, Mr. & Mrs. Thad '97,'97 

Ambler, Susan H. 

Amidon, Rev. & Mrs. C. Forrest '56,'57 

Anderson, Dr. & Mrs. John S. '57,"59 

Anderson, John B. '54 

Anderson, Meriam McGaha '44 

Anderson, Owen & Betty 

Anderson, W. Townsend '56 

Anderson, William R. '75 

Andrews, Mr. & Mrs. William B. 

Andrews, Virginia E '80 

Anthony, Grace Wallace '31 

Apking, Mr. & Mrs. Steve H. 

Arcos, E. Craig '77 

Argie, Rev. & Mrs. Robert D. '50,'47 

Arnold, Robert M. '40 

Ashby, Lucille D. 

Ashmore, Richard 

Atchley, Beverly Fox '82 

Atchley, S. M. '69 

Atkins, Jeanni '65 

Austin, Mr. & Mrs. Harold G. '41, '39 

Baden, Mr. & Mrs. Richard 

Bailey, Jack W. '49 

Bailey, Paul W '77 

Baird, John S. '50 

Baird, Jr., Rev. & Mrs. James M. '50,'51 

Bakelaar, Mr. & Mrs. John '69,'73 

Baker, Andrew A. '83 

Baker, Mike 

Baker, Robert E '58 

Banks, Virginia Wheeler '41 

Barber, C. Douglas '71 

Barber, George P '51 

Barbour, Mrs. Clifford E. 

Barr, James M. '43 

Baskin, Maurine Willocks '34 ' 

Battaglia, Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. '74,'76 

Battles, Princess L. 

Baucom, John & Shannon McKnight 

Bauer, Marian Lodwick '38 

Baxter, John A. '50 

Beagle, Almira Alexander '30 

Beasley, Mr. & Mrs. William B. 

Beatty, Carol E. '71 

Beary, Karen E. '94 

Beary, T. Spencer '99 

Beaulieu, Jean Ferguson '68 

Beckwith, Mr. & Mrs. Howard 

Beem, Mr. & Mrs. Richard 

Belcher, Janet Ann '54 

Bell, Jerry D. '65 

Bender, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. '53,'52 

Bengtson, Karen Kotz '83 

Bennett, E. Jane '62 

Bennett, Thomas V. '73 

Bercaw, Dean A. '70 

Bergman, Mr. & Mrs. Eric L. '66, '66 

Berkey, Carolyn Miller '52 

Bernstein, Bernard E. 

Berry, Chad 

Berry, Douglas E. '82 

Berry, Mr. & Mrs. David R. '67,'66 

Best, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. '68,'72 

Bianco, Thelma 

Biggs, Morgan H. '56 

Birch, Barry S. '64 

Birch, Susan Kisch '54 

Birkelbach, Clement '58 

Bishop, Joy M. 

Black, Mr. & Mrs. Donald E '45,'45 

Black, Mr. & Mrs. Earl P '49,'49 

Blackwood, Jr., Leiand C. '76 

Blankenship, Mr. & Mrs. C. Hall '64,'62 

Blount Dermatology 

Bloy, Dr. James A. 

Bogart, Lloyd M. '65 

Boggs, Betty Lou Cutler '56 

Bogia, Benjamin Preston '56 

Bollman, Mr. & Mrs. Jay W '58,'59 

Bond, Mary Ferguson '54 

Bonham, Robert J. 

Boring, Mr. & Mrs. D. Robert ■50,'50 

Bouch, Daniel James '85 

Bounds, Lilybel Gunn '47 

Bowers, Wilburn & Paula '60,'58 

Bowman, Suzan 

Bowman, Suzanne Jones '57 

Boyd, L. Adlai '57 

Boyd, Mr. & Mrs. Branin A. '52,'52 

Boyd, Richard C. '65 

Brace, Carolyn Symmes '53 

Bradsher, Jr., Jacob T. '41 

Brahams, Rev. & Mrs. Harry G. '50,'53 

Brake, Lena McGaha '52 

Brallier, Hugh 

Braun, Jim & Janice 

Braun, Dorothy Ann Hamory '75 

Bteazeale, Jr., Jefferson I. '47 

Breckenridge, James M. '67 

Brickey, William T '56 

Bridges, Kathryn Ann '69 

Briggs, Jeffrey E. '87 

Briggs, Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. '33,'34 

Brigham, Carol Morgan '59 

Bright, Mr. & Mrs. Russell J. ■68;67 

Bristol & Bragg 

Brock, Lucille Sitlcr '46 

Brown, Clyde R. '43 

Browne, James G. '49 

Browning, Toni 

Brownlie, Dr. & Mrs. A. R. '42 

Brownlow, Kendta L. '99 

Brubaker, C. Edward '38 

Buchanan, Elizaberh L. '74 

Buddie, Suzanne Tourtelotte '59 

Buford, Rev & Mrs. William A. '44,'46 

Bullock, Mary Jay Spencer '53 

Bunker, Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. '60,'63 

Burkhardt, Robert E. '61 

Burkhart. Dr. & Mrs. Patrick H. 

Burkins, Ruth Heaps '50 

Burness, Hildegarde Shaw '63 

Burnette, Gerald A. '83 

Burns, John T. '33 

Bush, Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. •72,'72 

Butman, Miss Florence E. '37 

Burner, Mr. & Mrs. Ken 

Buznedo, Mr. & Mrs. Justo 

Cable, James L. 

Caldwell, Helen '42 

Calhoun, Doris Somerville '52 

Callahan, George E. '48 

Callies, Fred C. '70 

Campbell, Dwight H. '66 

Campbell, John T. '71 

Canon, Joel D. '77 

Canupp, Mr. & Mrs. John D. 

Garden, Mr. & Mrs. A. Eugene '50,'52 

Carhart, Estelle Greene '36 

Carleton, Deanna Sturgell '64 

Carrick, Mr. & Mrs. Alexander M. '76.76 

Carrier, Jr., Wallace '81 

Carroll, Bob 

Carroll, Marguerite Priest '49 

Carson, Mr. & Mrs. Joe 

Case, Mary E. '47 

Castle, Loretta Nunn '48 

Catlin, Herbert H. '55 

Chaki, John J. '65 

Chambers, Henrietta Laing '55 

Chambers, Patricia Dobbin '65 

Chambless, Jacqueline Speigner '56 

Chandler, A. K. & Beverly 

Charles E. Bacon '50 

Charles, Mabel Hembree '32 

Childress, Denver R. '59 

ChristofFerson, Dr. & Mrs. J. W 

Christofferson, Mary Cathetine '69 

Claibotne, Maiia Wynn '35 

Clark, Robert E '55 

Claud, III, Joseph G. '50 

Cline, W Scott '92 

Clinton, Mary Schussler '69 

Cochran, Mr. & Mrs. William C. '72, '73 

Cockrell, David 

Coffey, Sarah L. 

Coggin, Judith Walters '65 

Cohen, Linda McNair '68 

Cole, Lynn L. Ramsey '68 

Cole, Mr. & Mrs. Larry 

Collins, Shari Tabor '84 

Congleron, Mr. & Mrs. Lee 

Conway, Ezelle Hayes '41 

Cooley, Grace Jarnagin '43 

Cooper, Althea Cable '43 

Cooper, Kenneth L. '43 

Corbitt, Mrs. Maurice 

Cornish, III, Mr. & Mrs. Allen L. 

Cory, Glendon 

Cothroll, Victoria Green '65 

Cotton, Marilyn Caldwell '67 

Counts, Mi. & Mrs. Lynn B. '55,'58 

Coup, James '62 

Covert, William 0. '66 

Covington, James Nance '74 

Cowan, Roger A. '50 

Crawford, Dorothy Nethery '35 

Crawford, Janice Graybeal '42 

Crawford, Mr. & Mrs. David N. '69,'72 

Crawford, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. '62, '64 

Creecy, Janie McGehee '70 

Crews, Linda Mae '98 

Croringer, Carolyn Scruggs '49 

Ciotser, E Max 

Cummings, Timodiy J. 

Cunningham, BeveilyJ. 

Cunningham, Dorothy Wells '54 

Cunningham, Jean Stamp '43 

Cunningham, Sam 

Curtis, Emma M. '55 

Dadisman, Phyllis West '53 

Dalton, Mike '66 

Damron, Linda Vansant '65 

Damrow, Mn & Mrs. Bruce 

Darling, Mary E. '61 

Davies, Charles M. '69 

Davis, Alice Whitehead '34 

Davis, Amie '92 

Davis, Charles I. '40 

Davis, Joan M. '57 

Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L. '74,'74 

Davis, Mr. & Mrs. William E '55,'55 

Davis, Sandra 

de Bakker, Jan B. '53 

Dean, Walrer L. '50 

Dearcopp, Janet M. '64 

Defenderfer, Victor R. '31 

DeForest, Anne Gammon '42 

Demer, Joan Douglas '54 

Depue, Fred M. '47 

Dewees, Jr., Col. & Mrs. Raymond '42, '45 

DeWeese, Emma Northwood '36 

DiCarlo, Philip A. 

Dick, Mr. & Mrs. James A. 

Dickson, Todd J. "83 

DiGiacomo, Cecelia Bridges '65 

Dockter, Jr., Albert W. '47 

Doolirtle, Pauline Jenkins '40 

Dorsett, Terry E. '69 

Douglas, Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. '74,'77 

Douglas, Sue Yehr71 

Downey Oil Company 

Diake, Emily McLain '52 

DuBois, Zenobia Bernardini '46 

Duke, Peggy-Ann Kessler '53 

Dummer, Catherine L. '80 

Dunbar, James & Bonnie 

Duncan, Barbara Sandos '52 

Duncan, Hubert L. '32 

Duncan, Kenneth L. '41 

Dunning, William S. '34 

Duram, Jack D. & Judy Johnson '53, '53' 

Dyksira, Terry^ Dick '61 

Eanes, Cecil 0. & Mildred 


Momgomery '43. '42' 

Earisman, Delbert L '51 

Easter, Stuart C. '76 

Easter. Wallace Edward '44 

Eastern Electric 

Eckwall, Mary Padget '86 

Edelman. Dennis Q. '65 

Eldridge.JudithE. '60 

Ellen. Joe & Susan 

Ellison, David j. '66 

Emmert. Robert '61 

England, Jr., Dr. & Mrs. Marshall C. '54.'55 

English, Jr., Walter E. '52 

Erickson, Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. '54,'55 

Ernest, Mr. & Mrs. W. Nelson '48.'48 

Erwin, Jenny Jen '68 

Etheredge, Elizabeth Gaultnev '4 1 

Ethng, Mr & Mrs. William H. 

Evans, Margaret Reed '54 

Evans, William W '44 

Everett, Barbara J. 

Everett, Wood '4 1 

Ezcll, Winfred A. '47 

Fairchild, Eleanor Dahl "29 

Farrar, Sarah Kemp '51 

Farrell, Timothy M. '79 

Farris. Charles J. '60 

Faulkner. Jr., Mr. & Mrs. William 0. '52,'52 

Fay, Mary Carver '49 

Feehrer, Mr. & Mrs. S. Wayne '54,'54 

Felknor, Cecilia L. 

Felknor. William B. '41' 

Fell. Harrv Ingram '29 

Fernandez, Jose M. 

Ferraro, Mary Penigrew '64 

Fichter, Margallen Hanna '56 

Figgs, Amy Nicholson '84 

First Presbyterian Church, Lewisburg, TN 

First United Church ot Christ-Sweetvvater 

Fleming, Philip M. '40 

Flood. Charles A. '51 

Flurkev. Dr. & Mrs. Emerson C. '53, '55 

Flurkey III, Dr. & Mrs. William H. '73,'73 

Forster. Brig. Gen, & Mrs. Frederick H. 

Fort, Joan Piatt '52 

Fox, Mr. & Mrs. Joe K. 

Fox, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony N. ■80,'80 

Fraelich, Margaret R. '87 

Frain. James E '51 

Francis, Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. '43.'43 

Franks, Mildred Miles '63 

Frauman. Theodore E. '59 

Fredericks, Margaret Mattcrson '52 

Free Enterprise. Inc. 

Freeman, Mary Bevan '54 

Freeman. Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. 

Freeman, Mr. & Mrs. Robert 

Freund, Janet Smith '59 

Frey, Wayne & Jean Reynolds '66, '66 

Frissell, Charles R. '57 

Fuhr, June Garland '47 

Fuhrmann. Anna Allcroft '58 

Fulkerson, Mr. & Mrs. James M. 

Fuller. Arline R. '36 

Furgerson, Mr. & Mrs. W. T. '43 

Futcher, Jr. Joseph M. '65 

Galbraith, Beth Weatherup '75 

Gallagher, John 

Gallahcr, Mr. & Mrs. Roy 

Gallant, Dorothy Leaf '37 

Galyon, Mr. & Mrs. Kent 

Gamble, Douglas A. '68 & Nina Gregg 

Gamble. Grace '29 

Garcia. Frank '59 

Gardner. Robert W. '71 

Garlinghouse, Gail Bock '68 

Garner. Phyllis E. '74 

Garner. R. Mack '71 

Garren, Frank H. '54 

Gash, Marion Falkner '34 

Gates, David E '54 

Gates, Dr. & Mrs. G. Kenneth 

Gawet, Monica J. 

Gearhart, E. Benson '50 

Gehring. Ruth Wilgui '82 

George. Sett)' Roach '52 

Gilded Mirrors, Inc. 

Giles, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald 

Gill, Deborah Forgey '71 

Gillespie. Ann Kuykendall '63 

Gillespie, Jean Hobson '69 

Gillette, George R '48 

Gilmore, Jackson M. '47 

Gilmore. Rev. & Mrs. 0. Leiand '31, '70 

Gilmour. Ill, Daniel N. '59 

Glanville, Maree Richards '53 

Goddard, Robert N. 

Godtre\'. FreelandT '56 

Godwin. W.Thad '52 

Goeller, Lisa Morrow '9 1 

Goelz, Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. 

Goldsmith. John Henry '80 

Golletz, Morna McEver '73 

Gonos, James W '77 

Goodfriend. Robert M. 

Goodwin. Melody Thurman '69 

Gorton. Carol GiOette '45 

Grad, Jennifer McCafferty '94 

Graham, Helen Coats '41 

Graham, Mr. & Mrs. Allan D. ■65.'64 

Grant & Associates 

Grant, Mr. & Mrs. Mike 

Graves, Alida McArthur '69 

Graves, John E. D. '56 

Green. Elizabeth Keown '27 

Green, Mr. & Mrs. J. Kevin '83,'82 

Greenawalt, Bruce S. '59 

Greene, Stisan 

Greer, Katie E. '97 

Grice, Mr. Larry 

Griffin, Elizabeth Hoagland '45 

Grigsby, Edwin N. '56 

Grosh, Frances Harris '44 

Grubbs.Mr. &Mrs. DavidH. ■51,'53 

Grygotis, Patricia Carter '43 

Guffin, Janet Roper '76 

Guillaume, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce W. '76.'81 

Guinter, John M. '42 

Guthrie, Ruth '32 

Haaf, Ardiur R '49 

Hachten, Sue Watson '52 

Hahn, Clement E '41 

Hall, Frank B. '73 

Hall, Gar)' W '61 

Hall, Mr. & Mrs. Jerry 

Hall, Nancy Halhburton '57 

Halterman, Judy 

Hamilton, Wm. N. & Juanita 

Hammond, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel 

Hamorv, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene 

Hancox. Mr. & Mrs. Jack D. '50,'47 

Harbison, Jason M. '88 

Hardy, George H. '57 

Harper, June Stewart '43 

Harris, Judy Johns '68 

Harrison, Jennifer L. '99 

Hart, Mr. & Mrs. James M. 

Hart. Robert L. '67 

Hassall, Mr & Mrs. Robert E. '58,'58 

Hawkey, Edward R '71 

Hawkins, John A. '43 

Hawkins, Lynn Houlberg '76 

Haxton, Phyllis Rainard '49 

Hayes, Joy '52 

Heaps, HenrvW, '51 

Hearn, Mildred MacKenzie '32 

Held. Mr. & Mrs. John W.'70,'71 

Heimlich, Fannie Weber '53 

Hein, Winifred Sommers '45 

Heiss, Virginia Baier '48 

Helms, Mr. & Mrs. Bobbv D. 

Helwig. Mr. & Mrs. David E '53.'56 

Henderson, Richard 

Henley Shirley Montgomery '44 

Henr)'. Susan Laymaster '66 

Hensley Paula 

Herbert, Christopher C. '87 

Herdman. Allan W '30 

Herren, Mr. & Mrs. William S. 

Heydingcr, David K. '40 

Hickman, G. Donald '70 

Higerd. II, Mr. & Mrs. Roberr J. '59,'60 

Hilton Knoxville Airport 

Hinger, Millicent 

Hoaster, Elizabeth S. '56 

Hoch. Julia Wolf '65 

Hodge, Jerr}' 

Hoffmann. Dr. & Mrs. Paul W 

Hoglan. Ruth Duggan '42 

Hoke, Allan S. '65 

Holland. Carol Markham '44 

Holsinger, Rev. & Mrs. Charles W '52,'53 

Hood, Dr. & Mrs. Clifton R. 

Hopkins. James W. '56. '57 

Horn. III. Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. '56,'57 

Hostetter, Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. 

Houbler, Patricia Kennedy '40 

Houdeshel, Rev. & Mrs. John H. '45, '46 

Houdeshel, William R. '49 

Householder, Mr. & Mrs. James A. '50,'48 

Houston, Marilyn 

Howard, Jack H. '49 

Howard. Rev & Mrs. George R. ■42,'43 

Howell. Mr. & Mrs. George B. '34,'34 

Howland. Anne Buckley '55 

Huddleston, L. Jane '49 

Huff, Carolyn '65 

Hughes, Bruce S. '65 

Hughes. Joan 

Hughes. Rev. & Mrs. Richard C '56,'56 

Hughs, Rev. & Mrs. Dan T 

Hulen, Dr. & Mrs. Stephen B. '70,'70 

Hunt, Elizabeth Lanterman '34 

Hunter, Mr. & Mrs. W. Max 

Huskey, Cora Dears '36 

Huskey Joseph E. '43 

Hutchison, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. '65,'71 

Hutchison, Mary Knox '33 

Hutton, Elizabeth Enloe '56 

Huxtable. Mary Walker '58 

Hyatt, Don D. '50 

I.C.R - KT 

J L Cable Trucking 

Jackson Properties 

Jackson, Debbra Chai '74 

Jackson, Elizabeth Widner '76 

Jackson, Joan McBrayer '92 

Jackson, Mary Fagan '61 

Jackson. Morse R. '56 

Jacbon, Shelley G. 

Jacobs, Anna Lee Storey '4 1 

James, Marian A. '57 

Jarrett. Evelyn Brackbill '62 

Jarvis. James 

Jastrem, Edward & Kay 

Jefferson, Mary M. '74 

Jeffrey, Gloria Hineman '53 

Jernigan, Karen West '86 

lohnson, Constance R. '38 

lohnson, Jr.. Galen W '52 

lohnson, Mr. & Mrs. Lee 

Johnston. Christy Nilsson '70 

Johnston. Dan E. '61 

Jones, Ann Jett '37 

Joyce, Patricia C. '74 

Julyan, Candace Parkhurst '70 

Kabelka, Melba Holder '46 

Karl, Iris Abbott '58 

Kasper, Sherrvl D. 

Kay, Michaell. '50 

Kav, Reda E. '60 

Keely, Mr. & Mrs. John L. '49.'49 

Kelley, Elizabeth Pascoe '42 

Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Grant E. '98, '97 

Kelso, Sarah Shelley '61 

Kemen, Beth Huftalen '47 

Kemp, Mr. & Mrs. David A. '76 

Kennedy, James H. '56 

Kenv. Raymond E. '51 

Kerr, Richard Y. '53 

Kerr, W Ross '65 

Ketchum, Alice Brownlee '65 

Keyser, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald 

Kidder, Jr., Dr. & Mrs. J. Edward '43,'44 

Kiefer, Dr. & Mrs. Steve 

Kiel, Johnnye Gudel '44 

Kimball, John & Alice 

King, David C. '93 

King, Lois 0. '43 

King, Mar)' Rink '34 

King, Mr. & Mrs. David S. '65,'65 

King, Mr. 8f Mrs. Ted J. 

King, RolloW '41 

Kirk, Deborah A. '78 

Kirkham, Nancy Hyde '69 

Kitchen, Steven D. '75 

Kittrell. Margaret E. 

Kleeman, Mary D. '87 

Klein, Gail J. '70 

Knoxville Moror Company 

Koella, Maribel 

Koopman, Rev. & Mrs. David L. '71, '71 

Kosk)', Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. '77,77 

Kribbs, Donald E. '49 

Kribbs, Vera Dockendorf '49 

Krogh, Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. ■58,'61 

Krywicki, Nancie Savitski '72 

Kusek. RobertJ. '69 

Lacy, Drury B. '78 

Lambert, Dorothy Gessert '42 

Lambert, Randall D. '76 

Lambeth. Mrs. Samuel 

Lamon, Mr.t & Mrs. H. E Lamon '40,'40 

Lamplight Package Store 

Lance Cunningham Ford 

Lane, J. Quentin '42 

Laney, John William '51 

Larrowe, Agnes McGuire '30 

Lawless, Commander 

&Mrs. Matthew J. '77,'79 
Lawrence, Ruth Romig '36 
Lawson. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. '57,'72 
Leatherwood, Janice Lindsay '49 
Leibrock, John R. '71 
Leisering, Margaret Brooks '49 
LeNoir.Jr., William C '51 
Leonard-Manin, Dr. & Mrs. Thomas '75. '76 
Lerman, Anita Baker '82 
Lester, Jr., Sherman N. '51 
Lester, Mr. & Mrs. James V. '51, '51 
Lewis, Mr. &: Mrs. Robert M. 
Libert, III, William Henry '70 
Limbaugh, Ty '77 
Lindsay, Sarah Jane '84 
Little, Lawrence E. 

Llewellyn. Rev. & Mrs. Ralph M. '36,'36 
Lodwick, Hedwig Nabholz '49 
Longwell, Mar)' Katherine Mize '33 
Lootens. Carol Short '48 
Lovingood, Mr. & Mrs. S. Harris 
Lowe, Bob & Saraii 
Luckey, Carol Millsaps '93 
Lugo, Jane McCullough '50 
Lukens, William E '91 
Lundberg, Bruce N. '58 
Lundell, Mr. & Mrs. David P. '76,'76 
Lyie, Karherine Wayland '34 
Lynch. Kevin R. '78 
Lynch, Laura Brock '89 
Lyons. Jr., E. Vaughan '40 
Mabrv. Dr. & Mrs. C. Charlton '50,'52 
MacCall, Harry E '55 
MacNeill, Sandra '59 
Mair. Jr.. Robert H. '43 
Manning. James H. '44 
Marble. Shirley Atwell '53 
Marion. Kenneth & Janese Trivette 
Markin, Ida Clark '42 
Marrison, Mr. & Mrs. William F. 
Marshall, Kent G. '72 
Marshall, Richard J. '66 
Marston, David S. '29 


Martin, Dr. & Mrs. John 

Martin, Genie Varker 79 

Martin, James R. 

Martin, Janie Corry '39 

Martin, Jim & Suzanne 

Martin, Mr & Mrs. James R. 

Martin, R. Brad & Jean L. 

Masker, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur S. '69,'67 

Massie, Florence Dillener '48 

Mathews, Rev. & Mrs. Ernest D. '35, '35 

Mathieson, Carol Fisher '70 

Mathis, John A. '49 

May, Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. 

McAfee, Wayne C. '51 

McArthur, Irvin K. '47 

McArthur, Margaret Jean '74 

McCall, M. Ruth '39 

McCallum, Hetbert M. '50 

McCammon, Donald R. '50 

McCampbell, Ralph L. '68 

McCann, Zelma Alexander '31 

McCarter, Mr. & Mrs. Scott E. 

McCarty, Martha Deal '37 

McClure, Catherine T. 

McClure, Janet W. 

McConnell, Rose '78 

McCordic, Betsy Burleigh '45 

McCreery, Linda Sutton '75 

McCroskey, Mrs. David 

McDade, Mr & Mrs. Neil 

McDaniel, Mr & Mrs. Donald L. '73,74 

McDaniel, Mr & Mrs. John D. '42,'45 

McGill, Rev. & Mrs. William 0. '39,'40 

McGowan, Dennis C. '66 

McGruther, Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. •64,'65 

McLean, Ann Daniel '56 

McLeod, Joan Johnston '59 

McLiverty, Marian Ruth '44 

McMahon, George T. '50 

McMaster, Mr. & Mrs. William M. •56,'53 

McMillan, Lyndall Becker '43 

McMillan, Mr & Mrs. Roderick E. '54,'55 

McNair, R. Kirk '67 

McNaughton, III, H. Doug '83 

Mease, Larry B. '62 

Meeb, Wilkison '37 

Megaw, Evelyn Ruth '48 

Mehaffy, Susan L. '75 

Meneely, Myrna Ginaven '56 

Menefree, Heather J. '99 

Merwin, Paul L. '53 

Meyer, Bill 

Mickey, Elaine Fichter '42 

Mignery, Suzanne L. '72 

Miles, Wesley P. '52 

Miller, David M. '52 

Miller, Gordon H. '79 

Miller, Karl W. '67 

Miller, Kathleen Walker '83 

Miller, Mona Ernest '75 

Miller, Ralph E. '72 

Millin, Paul H. '66 

Minear, Catharine Pond '39 

Minehart, H. Kent '63 

Mize. Margaret Fain '42 

Mock, Virginia Schwarz '50 

Moffett, Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. '54,'54 

Mondello, Carmela 

Moore, Dudley S. '42 

Moore, Gary R. '72 

Moore, Mr & Mrs. David R. 

Moorhead, Geneva Parker '75 

Morgan, Mary France '40 

Morgan, Lee & Frances Barr '51 

Morgan, Ruth Blackburn '53 

Morgan Jr, William D. '37 

Morley Dr & Mrs. Ronald B. ■57,'56 

Morton, Mr. & Mrs. John E '51,'52 

Moses, Jan 

Moss, Dean & Barbara 

Mouton, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. '59,'61 

Moyer, Mary Phipps '57 

Moyets, Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. '65, '65 

Mukabakaba, Tshiko '94 

Munn, Sarah Enloe '47 

Murphey, Elizabeth D. '56 

Murphy, Ruth Hults '66 

Musgrave, Katherine Ogilvie '41 

Myers, Mr & Mrs. Jim 

Myers, Mr & Mrs. Van Q. 

Myers, Ruth Rogers '50 

Nankivell, Jr, Mr & Mrs. Roy 

Neff, Robert C. '50 

Nelson, Mr & Mrs. Billy 

Nelson, Mr. & Mrs. Craig 

Nelson, St., Drs. Henry & Katie 

Neu, Jane Monroe '78 

Newcomer, Andrew E. '33 

Newkirk, Ellen Snively '84 

Newman, James A. '49 

Newton, Christine R. '99 

Newton, Norman H. 

Nicholas, Dr & Mrs. Robert B. '68,'69 

Nichols, Deborah Stearns '72 

Nichols, John W '65 

Norris, Mr & Mrs. Anthony M. ■79,'80 

Northcutt, Isabel Easley '57 

Norton, Clarence !. '56 

Nonvood, Betty Schuster '81 

Nugent, Christine 

Nuss, Mr. & Mrs. William J. '74,'76 

Nye, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond C. '71,71 


Oden, Sherry D. '99 

Orr, Thomas S. '76 

Osterhaus, Jacqueline Osborne '87 

Owens, Ronald & Judy Ledford '71 

Packard, Raymond A. '50 

Page, Mr & Mrs. Harry M. '61,'61 

Palmer, Erin N. '99 

Pardoe, Dorothy Cooley '53 

Parker, Jean McCutcheon '43 

Parkinson, Joan Liddell '47 

Parse, Katherine Eisenhart '61 

Parsons, Mr & Mts. Alan 

Parvin, Mr & Mrs. Charles C. '50,'50 

Pate, Dr. & Mrs. George R 

Paton, Ruth Nelson '56 

Paul, H. Edward '64 

Paxton, Jr, Mr & Mrs. G. Ben ■50,'50 

Pearce, Mr & Mrs. James W '81,'82 

Pearson, NealeJ. '52 

Pelton, Lorena Crawford '49 

Pennington, Danny & Ellen 

Pennock, William R. '59 

Pepper Geraldine Hogan '43 

Percival, luanita Hinson '46 

Perry, Douglas S. '98 

Peterson, Beatrice Wheeler '37 

Peterson, Dr & Mrs. Marvin D. 

Peterson, Lynn 

Petitt, Bruce A. '84 

Petree, Mr & Mrs. Kyle 0. '55,'56 

Phillips, Jr, Joel P t & Elizabeth '44,'42 

Pierrepont, Charles F L. '53 

Piper, Coleman '68 

Pittenger, Dr & Mts. John 

Pollard, Libby 

Ponton, Jr, Robert A. '76 

Pope, George M. '46 

Potter Susan L. '72 

Powell, Elaine Woods '45 

Powell, Heather Smith '92 

Powell, Lacy D. '48 

Powell, Ruby Harris '51 

Powers, Jeff & Ruth 

Pratcher, Ann Pcrr)' '71 

Preston, Charlene Williams '70 

Prichard, Edwin R. '71 

Proffitt, Robert D. '51 

Proflitt, Wilma Coleman '84 

Proffitt's Retired Club, Store #2 

Pruitt, Mr & Mrs. Thomas A. '44 

Pullan, Joyce Hampton '50 

Putman, Gayle Eggets '64 

Quinn, Joseph E. '58 t & Beverly '58 

Rademacher, Paul & Linda 

Ragain, Rachel McCall '42 

Ragsdale, Kevin G. '93 


Ralph, Kathy Dunmirc '79 

Ralston, Elizabeth Hucke '95 

Ramsey, Rev. & Mrs. David A. '55,'58 

Ramsey, Ryland E. '38 

Ramsey Mr & Mrs. William E. '89,'87 

Rankin, Lynn B. '31 

Rankin, Mildred McMurray '33 

Rankin, Mr & Mrs. Roy M. '40,'39 

Rankin, William C '69 

Raper, Dr & Mrs. Charles 

Raulerson, David Lee '84 

Raynal, Florence Clark '53 

Reaser, Clarence L. '52 

Rechtin, Mr & Mrs. James L. '62,'61 

Reeves, Mr & Mrs. Joel E.'57,'57 

Reeves, Nancy Barton '57, '57 

Regenbrecht, Rose Wells '45 

Rehm, Dr & Mrs. Bradford E. '63,'63 

Reichenbach, Robert '62 

Reid, Jack D. '50 

Reinhardt, Josephine Gillette '43 

Reinhardt, Mary Gravely '82 

Remsberg, Grace Bowers '45 

Renegar, D. Edward '47 

Renfro, Roma 

Renfro, Sr, Mr & Mrs. James C. '38,'38 

Renner, Helen Hasenstab '57 

Rethwilm, Mr & Mrs. Michael A. '89,'97 

Rettke, Dr. & Mrs. Gordon H. '49,'49 

Rhodes, Fred W '73 

Rhody, Rev. & Mrs. Fred L. ■39,'39 

Ribble, Margie Stevenson '61 

Ribble, Richard B. '51 

Richardson, Cheryl Laipply '82 

Rickards, Esther 

Ridgely Deborah Home '73 

Rigell, Virginia E '97 

Rink, Julia M. '34 

Rivers Advertising Specialties 

Roberson, Eloise Burnette '40 

Robetts, Barbara Bolt '89 

Roberts, Evelyn J. '32 

Roberts, Linda C. '61 

Roberts Jr. Mr & Mrs. WiUard V '58,'59 

Robertson, Ron T. '71 

Robinson, Mr & Mrs. Douglas T. '74,'74 

Rock, Janet H. '79 

Rogers, Eloise Zimmerman '4 1 

Rogers, Laura Pritchett '52 

Roselli, G. Craig '61 

Ross, Kenneth W '48 

Rostan.JuneM. '69 

Rothey DanaC. '71 

Roush, Sharon Hight '86 

Rowan, Mary Morgan '43 

Rowett, Richard L. '67 

Rowley Richard F "50 

Ruffiier, RicRodney "75 

Rupe, Jr, Mr & Mrs. Orus '68,'68 

Russell, G.Lamar '41 

Russell, Mr & Mrs. David G. '72,'72 

Sanders, Dr & Mrs. Michael W '75,'75 

Sanner, Fredrick C. '58 

Sasser, Mr & Mrs. Bruce B. 

Saunders, Dr & Mrs. Raymond D. '49,'49 

Sawdon, Marianne M. '80 

Schaller, Agnes Peterson '45 

Scheideler Mr & Mrs. Joseph L. '65, '67 

Schellenger Mary Knight '43 

Schloegel, Carol Brown '64 

Schooler, Lee Gageby '60 

Schraer, Pennie L. '00 

Schram, Kandis M. '85 

Schubert, Frank E '91 

Schiller, Ann Alexander '65 

Schulte, Barbara Woodwotth '68 

Scruggs, Mr & Mrs. Richard F '48,'46 

Second Presbyterian Church-Chartanooga, TN 

Sedgwick, R. Charles '72 

Seel, Robert E. '45 

Seitz, Henry W. '66 

Selander, GuyT. '57 

Sexton, Mr & Mrs. Lynn E. '56, '54 

Shackelford, Rev. & Mrs. Edgar R '56,'58 

Shackelford, W.Randolph '83 


Sharp, Mary Karg '42 

Sharpe, Larry S. '70 

Shearer, Lewis I. '58 

Shell, John R.&Gwen'47,'47 

SheU, Mary R. 

Shew, Sue Martin '52 

Sidner, William J. '47 

Siera, Drs. Steven & Maureen '70, '72 

Sikes, Lewright B. '66 

Singer, Susan Jennings '86 

Sider, William R. '53 

Sitzlar, Elaine 

Sleeper, Lucretia A. '99 

Slikas, Virginia Wood '50 

Smalling, John D. & Elsie 

Smarrr, Eleanor Rocker '43 

Smeltzer, Dr & Mrs. C. C. 

Smilie, Richard S. '48 

Smirh, Barbara Grinstead '70 

Smith, Barbara Hubbard '55 

Smidi, Mr & Mrs. Bruce R '68,'73 

Smith, Mr & Mrs. Frederick R. '43,'50 

Smidi, Karhr)'n A. '61 

Smith, Margaret Caldwell '45 

Smith, Maryel Vogel '56 

Smith, Miriam Nethery '41 

Smith, Mr & Mrs. Lynn 

Smith, Mr & Mrs. Michael G. 

Smith, Dr & Mrs. Robert E '48,'49 

Smith Jr, Dr & Mrs. Edgar W '60,'61 

Smithee, Mr & Mrs. Larry G. 

Smock, Mr & Mrs. Richard C. '74,'74 

Smoky Mountain Trout House 

Smoot, Jr, JohnM. '67 

Snell, Fred M. '42 

Snow, Mr & Mrs. Roben E. '71,'71 

Snyder, Ercelle Hunter '34 

South, Mr & Mrs. E. Wayne '67,'68 

Spangenberger Sandra Stewarr '64 

Spangler, Rev. Dr & Mrs. John J. '64,'64 

Spargo, Kimberly '87 

Speer Charles & Judy 

Spencer, Jeannine Fiori '54 

Spencer, Mr. & Mrs. Jack N. '65,'67 

Spickard, Brian 

Spickard, Richard & Laura 

Spies, Judith Sullivan '91 

Spining, Martha Brogden '57 

Spraetz, Webb E '64 

Springer, Evelyn Vaughn '48 

Spurling, Margaret Merritt '58 

Spurling, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rudolph '88,'87 

SRI South Management Services, Inc. 

St. John Missionar)' Baptist Church-Alcoa 


Stanbery, Robert H. '50 

Stanton, Norman & Susan 

Steele, Jr, Dr & Mrs. John 1. •65,'66 

Stephens, Otis H. 

Stephens, Sarah Durant '50 

Stephenson, John & Ruth 

Steptoe, Margaret Sample '60 

Stevenson, James H. '35 

Stevenson, Mr & Mrs. Richard R. '68,'69 

Stewart. Charlotte Cathey '60 

Stewatt, J. Ryan '99 

Stewart. Mr J. R 

Stocum, Helen Griffin '66 

Stocking, Anne Nakamura '62 

Stovall, Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F '50,'49 

Struble, Lee E. '78 

Sturgeon, Mr & Mrs. James 

Sumner, Kevin R. '93 

Swann, Mrs. Eugene 

Swarczback, Rev. Mr & Mis. Raymond H. '47,'45 

Swift, Joseph H. '41 


Sydnor, William C. '31 

falley. Lt. Col. & Mrs. George N. '69,'69 

Talmage, John E. '34 

Talmage, William S. '35 

Tankersley. Nancy Pierce '64 

Tanner, John C. '93 

Target Oil & Gas Corporation 

Taxis, Lois Hodgson '38 

Taylor, Lee N. '77 

Taylor, Sherrie Martin '58 

Teague, Stephanie Fugate '95 

Tedford, Mr. & Mrs. Sidney H. '57,'57 

Tetfill. David G. '67 

Terwedow, Mr. & Mrs. Henr)' 

Thalacker, Lorraine Briggs '65 t 

ThicI, Donald 1. '56 

Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. Hayne 

Thompson. Mary Ann '55 

Thurston, Mr. & Mrs. James P. '5 1, '53 

Tibbetts, Marjorie Orcutt '40 

Tope, John K. '33 

Townsend, Hazel Timblin '54 

Traver, Mr. & Mrs. David M. 

Trent, Kathryn Adams '38 

Trentham, Dorothy Miller '52 

Trinter, Christine Fritz '42 

Tripp, Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. '34,'33 

Ttotter, John C. '95 

Trousdale, Bruce W. '71 

Trump, Dorothea Stadelmann '37 

Tulloch. Vendeda Huskey '50 

Turnei, Ms. Justine M. '99 

Unferth, Patricia Chambers '91 

Valentine, Earl H. '51 

van Aken, Susan '83 

Van Cise. Oliver R. '43 

Van Cleve, Winifred Hart '44 

Van dcr Hoven, Mary Waisman '44 

Van Dorpe, Mr. & Mrs. Richard 

Van Sickle. Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. 

Varker, William D. '51 

Vas, Edna Brown '51 

Vaughn, Edward C. '43 

Veenstra, Julia Marshall '88 

Verhofstadt, Captain & Mrs. Albert P. '77 

Viney, Susan Foreman '66 

Vorvverk, Lenida Hawkins '85 

Vousden, Katherine Kerns '56 

Wagner, Jennie L. '55 

Wajte, Carol Moore '55 

Waldroop. Alisha '99 

Walker. Clifford Withers '34 

Walker. E. Gayle '68 

Walker, Linda Stritter '77 

Wall, Marsha A. 

Wallace. Hal M. '51 

Wallace. Robert H. '32 

Wallin. Barbara G. '50 

Walsh, Dean R '89 

Walsh, Eunice Grant '33 

Walton, Anne Snider '53 

Ward. Marc A. '76 

Ward. Maryanne Braidwood '60 

Warner. Charles A. '50 

Washburn. Robert W. '69 

Waters, Mr. & Mrs. Milburn 

Watson, Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. •6I,'60 

Watt. Rev. Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert '41. '37 

Watts, Ji., Glenn E '87 

Watts, Mary Ray '54 

Weaver, Ajin R. '76 

Weiss, Gilbert E. '47 

Weissenburger. Jr.. Mr. & Mrs. William '63, '63 

Welch. Mr. & Mrs. Bernard E. •49,'49 

Welch. Winifred Schaumburg '50 

Wells, Kathleen '70 

Wells, Randall A. '65 

Wells, Ruth Hannah '32 

Welsh. Mary Sloan '34 

Welte, Roberta Reveley '35 

Welton, Richard 

Wenkstern, Michael G. '75 

West. Anne Vanderslice '27 

West. David C. '62 

West. Walter E '38 

Westminster Ptesbyterian Church-Charleston 

Weston. Jr., Mr. & Mrs. John H. •72,'72 

Weston, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. John H. 

Weyer, Emma Hofmann '61 

Whalev, Wendy 

Wheaticy, Jr.. Mr. & Mrs. William C. '56.'56 

Wheatley, Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan 

Whclan, Donald E. '50 

Whitaker, Marion L. '36 

White, Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. '71,74 

White, Viola James '44 

Whitehead, Linda S. 

Whitehouse, Lee Fowler '56 

WIeck, Sr.. Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. 

Wight, Clinton A. '97 

Wight, Mr. & Mrs. James A. 

Wilbar, Raymond J. '36 

Wilcox, Leigh '78 

Wilcox. Robert L '41 

Wiley Dr. & Mrs. James 0. '54,'53 

Wilkinson, Kenneth J. '55 

Wdliams. Anne Robison '54 

Williams. Constance H. "65 

Williams, Dr. & Mrs. David N. '56,'57 

Williams, Di. & Mrs. Donald B. '55,'56 

Williams, Etta Culbertson '39 

Williams, Paul Douglas 

Williams. Rosemary Park '43 

Williamson, Mr. & Mrs. Max "58, '63 

Willingham. William W. '51 

Wilson. Brenda L. '76 

Windrow, Jennifer A. '99 

Wintermute. Rev. & Mrs. John B. '40.'40 

Wirt. Scarlett Carson '83 

Wishon. Helen Sheek '39 

Woehl. Peg Brackbill '71 

Wolfe. Ill, Mr. & Mrs. John G. '67.'64 

Wood. Grace 

WoodbyMr. & Mrs. Bill '61.'66 

Woodling. David E. '36 

Woods, Judith Pike '71 

Woodwatd &: Associates 

Woodward, Anna Campbell '29 

Woodward, Jr., G. Marcus '71 

Wootard, Louise Turner '74 

Wright, J. Lawrence '80 

Wright, John W. '87 

Wfight, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. 

Wright, Nathalia '33 

Wright. Steve H. '78 

Wylie, Sharon A. '62 

Wylie. Virginia Roseborough '68 

Wyman. E Laurence '57 

Wyman. Joann Antes '59 

Wynn, Dan & Marsha 

Xiques, Elizabeth A. '87 

Yeager, Ann White '69 

Yeaworth. James T. '50 

Yoakum, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy H. '58,'59 

Young, Jack C. '50 

Young, Richard 

Zebley Dr. & Mrs. Philip W '52.'54 

Ziegler. Harriet W 

Ziegler. J. Richard '70 

Zifcak, Mae Meriwether '50 


The Milryville-Akoa ColUgC'Cojiimunity 
Orchestra gratefully acknou'ledges the 
following who inake financial contributions 
during the 1999-2000 concert season: 
Alcoa Foundation 
Anderson. William R. '54 
Badgetr, Jr., Judge & Mrs. John N. '40 
Bird, Frank B. and Martha E 
Bishop, Joy M. 
Bloy, Dr. James A. 

Bushing, Dr. & Mrs. Arthur S. '43, '42 
Craven. Dr. & Mrs. John J. 

Everett. Barbara J. 

Gibson, Dr. & Mrs. Gerald W. 

Hodge, Jerry 

Houston. Marilyn 

Isbell. Dr. & Mrs. Homer L. 

Kininer. Dr. & Mrs. Elgin R 

Kull, Mr. & Mrs. L. Lee 

Lambert, Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. '50 

Luckey. Carol Millsaps '93 

McArthuf. Grace Proffirt '35 

McCfOskey Mrs. David 

Mize. Elmer E. '51 

Murphy. Mr. & Mrs. Judson B. '39.'37 

Olsen. Ms. Nancy 

Parker. Mrs. Russell D. 

Peterson. Dr. & Mrs. Marvin D. 

Pieper, Mary Gladys Brown '36 

Pietenpol, Dr. Jeiry L. 

Proffirt, Mr. & Mrs. John W. '41, '68 

Smalley Carol Ann 

Smithee, Mr. & Mrs. Larry G. 

Stewart, Mr. J. P 

Stewarr, Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. 

Target Stotes 

Waters, Mr. & Mrs. Milburn 

Wilcox, Robert L '41 

Williams, Paul Douglas 

Wright, Mrs. Mar;- Proffirt '42 

Scots Club 

The Scots Club includes Alumni, Parents, 

Friends and Businesses who support Maryville 

College 's tradition of excellence in athletics. 

Anderson, J. T '52 

Anderson, William R. "54 

Andrews, Mr. & Mrs. William B. 

Ashmore, Richard 

Badgett, Jr. Judge & Mrs. John N. '40 

Baird. Mr. & Mrs. Boydson H. '41 

Barker. Eleanor Srout '46 

Barrows. J. Michael '71 

Beals. Catherine Stout '47 

Borden, Mr. & Mrs. W. Wilson 

Bowen, Lewis and Wanda 

Brand, Charles A. '47 

Braun, Jim and Janice 

Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. 

Buddie, Donald E. '60 ' 

Callaway Dr. & Mrs. James M. '52 

Chambers, Mr. & Mrs. Gary 

Clark. Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. '64,'63 

Cline. W Scott '92 

Copeland, Harold W '65 

Coughlin 111. Hale S. '76 

Grain. Mr. & Mrs. Garry D. 

Craven. Dr. & Mrs. John J. 

Cropper, Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. '69 

Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Carle M. 

Deal Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Frederick C. 

Dearcopp, Janet M. '64 

Dildine, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn L '70,'70 

Doig, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. '74,'74 

Dunbar. James and Bonnie 

Ellen. Joe and Susan 

Eding. Mr. & Mrs. William H. 

Flynn. Patrick D. '58 

Gamble. Douglas A. '68 & Nina Gregg 

Greaser, Sheridan H. '60 

Henschen. Dr. and Mrs. Hal '4 1. '42 

HewittllI,Mr.& Mrs. Carl 

Hickman. G. Donald '70 

Hotnbuckle, Blake '91 

Householder, Glen 

Inscho, Barbara P 

Isenberg, Richard C. '51 

Jackson, Mary Elizabeth McKnight '46 

Jackson. Morse R. '56 

Johnsron, Dan E. '61 

Keahon. Mr. & Mrs. Mark E '76,74 


Kramer. Mn & Mrs. Wayne R. '74,'74 

Lambert. Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. '50 

LeRoy, Mr. & Mrs. James 

Libby AnnabelleJ. '52 

Macy, Jr.. Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. '70.'70 

Malloy Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. '68,'66 

Marshall. Richard J. '66 

McCroskey Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. '82,'82 

McMillen, Mr. & Mrs. Grady 

Mkner, Mark R. '85 

Mize, Bob L. '56 

Moyer, Patrick W. '86 

Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Judson B. '39,'37 

Naylor. PaulT'75 

Nier, Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. 71,71 

Ophthalmic Group Worldwide. Inc. 

Parker, Roberr and Marjorie 

Proffirt, Mr.- & Mrs. Harwell '40 

Proffitr, Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. '46,'44 

Proffitt, Mf. & Mrs. William E '49,'49 

Ramger, Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. '56,'70 

Robison, Jeffrey & Kathleen 

Rock, Mr. & Mrs. Alan E. '49,'48 

Ruffner, RicRodney '75 

Rymer, Mr. & Mrs. Larry 

Savage, Cydna 

Sexron, Mr. & Mrs. Lynn E. '56,54 

Shackelford. W. Randolph '83 

Shields, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley B. '37,'37 

Sigmund. Mr. & Mrs. Wayne 

Simmons. Nancy T. '96 

Stephens, Pat 

Sullivan, Wm. R. & Mar)- Kay 

Swanson. Corita Erwin '58 

Talbon, Kenneth M. '76 

Taylor, Jr., Samuel K. '39 

Terwedow. Mr. & Mrs. Henry 

Tummell. Mr. & Mrs. Larry 

van Aken, Mr. & Mrs. Antony 

Watets, Jerry E. '57 

Webstet, James Michael '76 

West, Mr. & Mrs. Charles T 

Wesron, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. '83,'86 

Williams, Jackie 

Donors by Category 


Ackermann Public Relations 

Alcoa Foundation 

American Express World Travel-Foothilis 

American Fidclit}'Bank 

AmSouth Bank 

Anderson Lumber Company 


Bechtel Jacobs Company 


BellSouth Communications 

Blount Count)' Japanese School, Inc. 

Blount Dermatolog}' 

Blount Discount Pharmaq' Inc. 

Blount Home Educational Association 

Blount Memorial Hospital 

Blount Veterinar)' Clinic 

Bristol & Bragg 

Burger Kin^ Brands. Inc. 


C & C Trucking Contractors 

Calloway Oil Company 

Cherokee Manufacturing Co. 

Coulter & Justus, P.C. 

Cumberland Securities Co., Inc. 

The Daily Times 

Danny Davis Contractors. Inc. 

Detmar Ha^Ties Pontiac 

Denark-Smith, Inc. 

DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc. 

Veterans Afi^rs. Outpatient Clinic 

Downey Oil Company 

Drake Auto Parts 

Eastern Electric 

Ellijay Telephone Company 

Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund 

First Tennessee Bank-Man'ville 


Free Enterprise, Inc. 

G. R. Rush & Company 

Gilded Mirrors, Inc. 

Grant & Associates 

The H. T. Hackney Company 

Harper infiniti 

Hickory Construction, Inc. 

Hilton Knoxville Airport 

Home Federal Bank of Tennessee 

Imbrey & Associates 

J L Cable Trucking 

J. C. Bradford & Co. 

Jackson Properties 

Johnson & Galyon, Inc. 

Knoxville Motor Company 

Knoxville News-Sentinel 

Lamplight Package Store 

Lance Cunningham Ford 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Martin & Company 

McCammon-Ammons-Click, Inc. 

McCarty, Holsaple, McCarty, Inc. 

McNutt Oil & Gas Company 

Nelson Realtors, Inc. 

Ophthalmic Group Worldwide, Inc. 

Partners and Associates, Inc. 

Patton Associates 

Pilot Corporation 

Proffitt's, Inc. 

Quarles Ventures 

Regal Cinemas, Inc. 

Richmont Inn 

Rivers Advertising Specialties 

Ruby Tuesday. Inc. 

SAKS, Inc. 

Smoky Mountain Trout House 

Soccer Line Sporting Goods 

Solomon Smith Barney 

Southeastern Orthopaedics 

SRI South Management Services, Inc. 


Straight Gate Ministries 

SunTrust Bank, East Tennessee, N. A. 

Target Oil and Gas Corporation 

Target Stores 

Home Bank of Tennessee 

New York Community Trust 

U.S. Foods 

Union Planters Bank of East Tennessee 

United Cities Gas Company 

Vulcan Materials - Mid-South Division 

Walker's Supply Company 

Woodward & Associates 


All Saints Church - Pontiac, MI 

Beech Grove Baptist Church - Louisville, TN 

Big Spring Presbyterian Church - 

Friendsville. TN 
Cedar Ridge Community Church - 

Spencerville, MD 
First Presbyterian Church -Elizabeth ton, TN 
First Presbyterian Church - Germantown, PA 
First Presbyterian Church - Knoxville, TN 
First Presbyterian Church - Lewisburg, TN 
First United Church of Christ - Sweetwater, TN 
Graystone Presbyterian Church - Knoxville, TN 
Highland Presbyterian Church - Maryville, TN 
Holston Presbytery 
Holy Family Rector's 
Lincoln Congregational Temple UCC 
Monte Vista Baptist Church - Maryville, TN 
New Providence Presbyterian Church 

Maryville, TN 
Presbyterian Church (USA) 
Presbyterian Women, Third Presbyterian 
Church - Pittsburgh, PA 
Presbytery of East Tennessee 
Second Presbyterian Church - Chattanooga, TN 
Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church 

Signal Mountain,TN 
St. John Missionary Baptist Church - Alcoa, TN 

Synod of Living Waters 

Trinity Presbyterian Church - Chattanooga, TN 
Westminster Presbyterian Church - Charleston, SC 
Woodstock Community Church - Woodstock, GA 

directed fffts 

East Tennessee Foundation 
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund 
National Christian Charitable Fdn. 
The New York Communit)' Trust 
Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation 

estate gifts 

Maryville College history is punctuated with 
estate gifts. They have all helped the College on 
its journey, sjjioothing out valleys and 
elevating peaks. They have provided buiUings, 
professorships, scholarships and capital 
improvemetits. During the 1999-2000 fiscal 
year, Maryville College received estate gifis 
from the following benefactors: 

Anderson, Lutitia E. '29 
Bird, Stan L. '41 
Colhns, Ralph S. 
Egelston, Suzanne L. '40 
Fox, Edythe '25 
Hinch, RoyO. '27 
Hoag, Carol C. '31 
Little, Edith '30 
Ridder, Garr>' D. '35 
Schwam, Sara E '39 
Scott, Edward J. '36 
Torrey, Marilyn '48 
Vick, George H. '33 
Wade, Mary J. '31 
Wilson, joe H. 

faculty & staff 

Akins, Deborah Mount '73 
Allen, Michael W 
Ambler, Susan H. 
Appuhn, Ron 
Baker. Linda 
Ballew, Michelle J. 
Bay, Jeff 

Beaty, Karen E. '94 
Berry, Chad 
Best, Rhonda M. 
Bible. Janice C. 
Boldon, Dean 
Bonham, Robert J. 
Booth, Angi Giltrane 
Booth, Eric D. '94 
Brand, Richard J. '84 
Braun, Janice 
Brunger, C. Scott 
Bunde, Pamela Riess '79 
Bunde, Terry 
Carman, James W. 
Carroll, Shawn D. '97 
Case, Laura 
Gate, Cathy Pounders 
Gate, Mark 
Christison, Steve 
Clark, Linda 
Clendenin. Nancy 
Coffey, Sarah L. 
Cowan. Peggy 
Craig, Martha P 
Cunningham, Sam 
Dent, jr., William H. '57 
Ervin, Larry '97 
Etchison, Eric S. '88 
Farmer, Marcus L. '96 
Fernandez, Jose M. 
Franklin, Renee 
Franklin. S. Kelly 
Prow, Cheryl B. 
Gallagher, John 
Gibson, Gerald W 
Gombert. Carl 
Gossett, Gloria 
Graham. Anna Beasnett 

Greene, Susan 
Grondin, Patricia E. 
Guillaume, Bruce W '76 
Haun, Ingrid Morgan '00 
Hawkins, Maria 
Hedrick, Rebecca Farr '86 
Heintz, Nancy L. 
Henderson, Richard 
Hess, Martha L. '67 
Hicks, Sue 
Hodge, Marlene 
Holt, Bruce 
Howard, Harry L. 
Hughes, Joan 
Hunt, Jennifer 
Hurst, Kaye 
Hutchens, Robert L. 
Inscho, Barbara R 
Jacob, Sally E. 
Jones, Elton R. 
Kaspcr, Sherryl D. 
Kigore, Peggy L '90 
Kim, Young-Bae 
Kirkland, Bob 
KuU, L. Lee 
Lacava, John B. '81 
LaEorest, Jean 
Lambert, Randall D. '76 
Leitch, Karson S. '98 
Lewter, Andrew 
Long, Debra J. 
Lyza, Laurie Grogan 
Maher, Margaret A. '78 
Martz, Kelly 
Matascik, Sheri L. 
May, Dori 
McFalls, Susan G. 
McNutt, Vickie 
Merritt, Charity S. "98 
Meyer, Bill 
Mohrfeld. Tara 
Moore, Linda Clowes '72 
Moore, Rachel Wood '67 
Moss, Barbara 
Murrell, Sherry A. 
Myers, Roger 
Naylor, Robert J. 
Nichols, Deborah Stearns '72 
Nichols, John W '65 
Nickle, Catherine 
Nickle, Stephen R. 
Nugent, Christine 
O'Gorman, Mark J. 
Overholt, Connie S. 
Overstreet, Marj 
Overstreet, Sam 
Ozolins, Christian 
Park, Choi 
Pavao, James R. 
Pennington, Brian 
Perez-Reilly Elizabeth 
Perry, John H. 
Pierce, Daniel 
Pierce, Jennifer 
Pietenpol, Jerry L. 
Pollard, Libby 
Powell. David R. '66 
Pyanoe. Nancy 
Quesada, Darcy 
Reihl, Alan 

Ribble, Margie Stevenson '61 
Robinson, Kore 
Rude, William L. 
Russell, Steve 
Savage, Cydna 
Schmied, Lori 
Schneibel, Susan 
Schram, KandJs M. '85 
Sederberg, Nancy 
Seymour, William A. 
Shiba, Kathie E. 
Simpson, Terry L. 
Smalley, Carol Ann 

Smith, Vickie R. 
Smithee, Larry 
Soud, Cathy 
Soud, Stephen E. 
Stanley, Randall R, '99 
Stephens, Pat 
Sullivan, Mary Kay 
Sutton, Elizabeth Walker '82 
Swann, Jerilyn 
Van Dorpe, Ellen M. 
Waldron, Heather 
Walsh, Dean R '89 
Warne, Paul 
Waters, jerry E. '57 
Wells, Barbara 
Welsh, Elizabeths. '59 
Wentz, Karen 

West, Jennifer Cummings '95 
Whaley Wendy 
Whitehead, Linda S. 
Wilks, Phillip C. 
Willard, Edward N. 
Wimbrow, Wendy E. '99 
Wood, Sharon R. '83 
Wynn, Marsha J. 
Ziegler.j. Richard '70 

former faculty & staff 

Alsup, Monica Blackburn '97 
Baird, Boydson H. '41 
Best, Lynn Ann Brown '36 
Bianco, Thelma 
Blair, Carolyn L. 
Bloy, James A. 
Booth, Eric D. '94 
Bushing, Arthurs. '43 
Cooper, Deitra 
Copeland, Joseph J. 
Craven, Ellie Morrow 
Crawford, Dorothy Nethery '35 
Crews, E. Katherine '43 
Cummings, Margaret M. 
DeLozier, Ruby Lane '37 
Dirksen, Ray 
Ebersole, Mark C. 
Engelhardt, D. L. 
Etiing, William H. 
French, Lyn 
Fulkerson, Jeanne 
Gordon, Chandra Moore '94 
Hatfield, Sarah Stevenson '97 
Hood, Billie Sue 
Huddleston, L. Jane '49 
Jones, jean E. 
Kardatzke, Lauren 
Kemp, Vandy Beard 
Kinsinger, Mrs. Dan H. 
Lance, Christopher Lee 
Libby, Annabelle J. '52 
Lucky, Carol Millsaps '93 
McDade, Neil 
Mooney, William H. '40 
Navratil, Nancy Naylor '54 
Nelson, Katie 
Perkins, Daniel J. 
Pieper, Mary Gladys Brown '36 
Porter, Scott L. '93 
Ramger, Robert C. '56 
Richardson, Jane G. 
Schoen, Victor R. 
Smalley. Carol Ann 
Stapp, Mary 
Stuart, Alden & Beth 
Taddie, Daniel &: Ann 
Turrentine. Virginia '36 
Walker, Melissa A. '85 
Welsh, Mary Sloan '34 
Worman, Ella Thompson '48 
Yarborough, Emily C. 
Yu, David C. 



The George I. Alden Trust 


The Coretla & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation, Inc. 
The Cobble Family Foundation Inc. 
The Horace Dawson Foundation 
The Katie Dean Foundation 
The East Tennessee Foundation 
The Charles A. FrueaufF Foundation 
H. R. H. Family Foundation 
The Jarrell-Snipes Foundation 
Kresge Foundation 

National Chtistian Charitable Foundation 
The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation 
The Rogei B. & Evelyn W. Paddison 

Piesbytetian Chutch (USA) Foundation 
The Ragsdale Family Foundation 
The Katherine and ]. P. Roddy, Sr. Foundation 
TheWiUiam B. Stokely, Ji. Foundation 
The Robett Lee Weiss Foundation 
The Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc. 



Alexandet, Don and Lois 

Alexandei, Mt. & Mis. Charles 

Alexandet, Mt. & Mts. Lamai 

Andetson, Owen and Betty 

Andetson, Mr. and Mis. James E. 

Andiews, Mi. & Mts. William B. 

Apking, Mi. & Mis. Steve H. 

Aimfield, Catheiine 

Aimistead, Mi. & Mis. lohn M. 

Ashby, Lucille D. 

Ayies, Thomas M. 

Baiid. F. Weldon 

Baiid, Nancy 

Bakei, Mike 

Bakei, Claik 

Baiboui, Mis. Cliffoid E. 

Bass, Leslie G. 

Batdes, Ptincess L. 

Beall.Ji., Mi. & Mis. Samuel E. 

Beard, Susan ]. 

Beaiman. Ed and Maijoiie 

Bell, Joy 

Bendey, Gaiy and Julia 

Beinstein, Beinatd E. 

Beitelkamp, Jr. Mt. & Mis. Heniy F 

Betman, David 

Biid, Fiank B. 

Bishop, Joy M. 

Black, David & Maity 

Blaii, Caiolyn L. 

Blome, Noiman R 

Bogacki, Geoige and Maiilyn 

Bogenn, Alexandei and Patiicia 

Bogeit, Ml. & Mis. J. C. 

Boiden, Mi. & Mis. W. Wilson 

Boiin, Lizzie Lee 

Boiing, Kenneth E. 

Biadfoid, Di. Tutt S. 

Biewei, James and Maigaiet 

Bioughton, Ji.. Sam E 

Bioughton-Ives, Sally 

Blown, Kenneth and Kimbeilyn 

Biowning, Toni 

Biownlie, A. R. 

Buikhait, Di. & Mis. Patiick H. 

Callaway, Matty 

Campbell, Mi.'& Mis. Robett R. 

Campbell, Michael 

Caipentei, Maigueiite S. 

Call, Stone 

Caifoll, Bob 

Caistens, Nanci 

Case, Noel H. 

Gate, Edidi and Shiiley McBiide 

Chandlei, A. K. and Beveily 

Chapman, Jeff and Vicki 

Claik, Jacqueline A. 

Coates, Taia Finnegan 

Cockiell, David 

Coggin, Mi. & Mis. James A. 

Colquitt, Renee 

Gongleton, Mi. & Mis. Lee 

Cooke, A. Wayland and Jane 

Cooke, Mis. Aithui 0. 

Coopei. Maigaiet A. 

Coibitt, Mis. Mautice 

Coinett, James B. 

Coiy, Glendon 

Couitenay Ann 

Ciaven, John J. and Ellie 

Ciawfoid, Mi. & Mis. Duncan 

Ciawfoid Jt., Mi. Roy 

Ciotsei, Mi. & Mis. R Max 

Cummings, Timothy J. 

Cummings, Maigaiet M. 

Cunningham, Beveily J. 

Davis, Gaile M. & Connie 

DiCailo, Philip A. 

Dick, Mi. & Mis. James A. 

Diiksen. Mi. & Mis. Ray 

Dodd, Julie E. 

Dodd, Heibeit R. 

Dovvhos-O'Goiman, Catheiine 

Duncan. Donald M. 

Duncan, R. H. and Maiy Beth 

Dungan, Ghailes B. 

Duiand, Julie R. 

Eaves, Mi. & Mts. Marvin 

Edsall, Mis. Waltei Sheiman 

Engelhaidt, Rev & Mis. D. L. 

Espy, James W. 

Eding, Mi. & Mis. William H. 

Everett, BaibaiaJ. 

Fansiei. Pam 

Faidon, David R. 

Failey, Chiistine 

Felknof, Cecilia L. 

Feiguson, Bob and Ginny 

Fiist Tennessee Bank Diiectois & Employees 

Fishei, Mi. & Mis. John W. 

Ftickingei, Ji.Ted L. 

Flynn, Mr & Mis. Mike 

Foistei, Biig. Gen, & Mis. Ftedeiick H. 

Fox, Ml. & Mis. Joe K. 

Freeman, Mi. & Mis. Richaid M. 

Flick, Annie Baiid 

Fiiends and Neighbois of Ciowdei Family 

Fulwilei, Mi. & Mis. Howaid C. 

Fuigeison, W. T. 

Fuiiow, Mi. & Mis. Sam 

Gallahei, Mi. & Mis. Roy 

Gaidnei. Katheiine W. 

Gates, Df. & Mis. G. Kenneth 

Galling. Patiicia L. 

Gawet, Monica J. 

Gibson, Rachel 

Giffen, Lowell L. 

Giles, Giace Hitch 

Goddaid, Robett N. 

Goddaid, Houston M. 

Goodfiicnd, Robett .M. 

Gtanito, Chailes E. 

Gieen, Reba J. 

Giegg, Nina 

Guess, L, T. 

Hall, Joseph and Baibaia 

Halteiman, Judy 

Hamilton, Wm. N. and Juanita 

Hammond. Rebeca M. 

Handy, Doiis R. 

Haralson, III. Di. & Mis. Robett H. 

Haidin, A. B. 

Halt, Mt. & Mis. John V. 

Halt, Ml. & Mis. James M. 

Haslam, II, Mt. & Mts. James A. 

Haslam, Mi. & Mis. William E. 

Haynes, Ullliam J. 

Heinemann, Don 

Hendetson. Mts. Joe S. 

Henning, Eiic and Elizabeth 

Hingei, Millicent 

Hitch. John and Ruby 

Hitch,Ji.,J. Paiks 

Hodge, Jeriy 

Hodge. Maty C. 

Hood, Billie Sue 

Hood, Di. & Mis. Clifton R. 

Householdet, Glen 

Houston, Maiilyn 

Hughes, Melvin R. 

Hughs, Rev. Dn G. Caiswell 

Huntei, Mi. and Mts. W. Max 

Huiley, Ml. & Mts. Leonaid E 

Isbell, Di. & Mis. Hornet L. 

Ivens, Ml. & Mis. Rondel E. 

Jaivis, James 

Jastiem, Edwaid and Kay 

Jen, Sam H. " 

Johnson, J. William 

Johnson, Mis. Lincoln 

Jones, Noima K. 

Jones, Jetty and Jean E. 

Jones, Patsy 

Jones, Ml. & Mts. S. Alfred 

Kadeshe, Mudtwah 

Kaidatzke, Lauten 

Keightley, Vannie T. 

Kellei, Ml. & Mts. John 

Kemp, Vandy Beaid 

Kiefei, Di. & Mts. Steve 

Kimball. John and Alice 

Kintnei, Dt. & Mis. Elgin R 

Kiiby, Wdbutn and Ramona 

Knee, Leslie A. 

Koella, Maiibel 

Koella, Mi. & Mts. Richaid A. 

Lambeit, Mis. Haiold D. 

Lambeth, Mis. Samuel 

Landgiaf, Nana W. 

Lawson, Mt. & Mts. Fted R. 

Lazo, Philip and Kaien 

Leatheiwood, Dt. & Mts. Richaid L. 

Lee. Mis. Baxtei 

Lewis, Mi. & Mis. Robert M. 

Lissnei, Adiienne 

Little, Lawience E. 

Lopez, Maia 

Lowe, Bob and Saiah 

Lyle, Lillian P 

Makinen, Teiesa A. 

Martin, James R. 

Martin. Jim and Suzanne 

Martin, R. Biad and Jean L. 

Mason, Doug and Maiy 

Mathison, Rev. & Mts. John T. 

Mayo, Mi. & Mts. Robert D. 

McCtuie, Catheiine T. 

McCluie. Janet W. 

McCtoskey, Mis. David 

McCutiy, Patficia S. 

McDade, Mi. & Mts. Neil 

McDonald, Jean G. 

McKinnon, Ji., Dt. & Mis. Noiman A. 

McWhiitei, Mt. & Mis. Teirell 

Meiiill. Chailes E., Jt. 

Meiiiman, Mis. Geotge M. 

Meyet, Lotayne 

Millaid, Piiscilla 

Millet, Ronald and Caiole 

Millet, Doug & Chiis 

Milligan, Barton 

Mitchell, Mary Ellen 

Moon, Sarah L. 

Moon, Amy E. 

Moon, Ml. & Mis. Jeiome 

Mooney Dorothea 

Boyd, Rebecca Moigan 

Moitow, Mt. & Mis. William E. 

Mullican, St., Mt. & Mis. Bill A. 

Myeis, Mi. & Mis. Van Q. 

Nankivell, Ji., Mt. & Mis. Roy 

Neilsen. M. Elizabeth 

Nelson, St., Dis. Heniy & Katie 

Nelson, Ml. & Mis. Ciaig 

Newkiik, Dennis 

Newman, Diane 

Nielsen, Jane Ann Evans 

O'Biien, James 

Oisen, Nancy 

Oft, Maigiet 

Oveibey, J. Douglas 

Oveistieet, Maij 

Paintei, Mt. & Mis. Geoige A. 

Paikei, Robert and Maijoiie 

Paikei. Mis. Russell D. 

Penegai, Kenneth 

Pennington, Danny and Ellen 

Petty, Chtistophet and Kathy 

Peteison, Dt. & Mis. Marvin D. 

Pewitt, Haniet 

Peyton, Mi. & Mis. Ronald E. 

Phelan, Mts. Jack S. 

Posey, Helen 

Post, Maiian 

Posdei, Judy A. 

Postma, Patiicia 

Poweis, Jeff and Ruth 

Pioffitt, Saia Pope 

Piofiin, Kevin S. 

Ptofiin, Jt., James N. 

Pioffitt's Retiied Club, Stoie #2 

Puicell, Mt. & Mis. B. Douglas 

Puicell, Maigaiet 

Rapet, Di. & Mts. Charles 

Radedge, Louise 

Reeves, Linda and Ralph 

Rensenbiink, Caila 

Richaidson, Jane G. 

Rickaids, Esthet 

Roach, Maigaiet Yotk 

Robinene, Chailes 

Robison, Jeffiey & Kathleen 

Rudd, Kenny and Susan 

Ruetet, Ji, Mts. K. H. 

Sandets, Mildied W. 

Sayles, Biad 

Schoff, Mi. & Mis. Stuait 

Selden.W. R. 

Shell, Mary R, 

Smalley, Dt. & Mis. J. Biyan 

Smalling, John D. and Elsie 

Smidi, Albert 

Smith, Mr & Mts. G. Robert 

Smith, Jr, Mt. & Mis. James E 

Smidiee. Chiistine 

Sooiet, Edwaid 

Speei, Chailes and Judy 

Spickaid, Richaid and Lauta 

Spickaid. Biian 

Spickaid, Andrew W. 

Stanton, Noiman and Susan 

Stephens. Otis H. 

Stephenson, John and Ruth 

Stewart, J. E 

Stewart, Mi. & Mts. Jack B. 

Stout, Geotge A. 

Stuart, Alden & Beth 

Siuigeon, Mt. & Mts. James 

Sullivan, Man- W 

Sullivan, William R. 

Swann, Mis. Eugene 

Tatwatei, Jt., Mt. & Mts. Tom 

Tayloi, Stewart and Janice 

Thornton. Mt. & Mts. John C. 

Tiavet, Mi. & Mts. David M. 

Tutnei, Mt. & Mts. Joe Ben 

van Aken, Mi. & Mts. Antony 

Van Dotpe, Richaid 

Van Sickle, Mt. & Mis. Richaid R. 


Walkei, Dt. & Mts. Haiold B. 

Walket, James and Mitiam 

Walls, Mts. Caimage 

Waldiall, Mi. & Mis. Bacon 

Waiing, Roane and Elisabeth 

Wateis, Mi. & Mis. Milbuin 

Wateis, Dt. Shelton B. 

Waneis. Marianne P 

Waufoid,Ji., Mi. &Mrs.J. R. 

Weaver, Martha 


Wecms, Mr. & Mrs. Lew E. 
West, Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. 
West, Mr. & Mrs. Steve 
Weston, St., Mr. & Mrs. John H. 
Whitehead, Mr. & Mrs. Neil W. 
Whitmer, Lester and Beverley 
Williams, Alex and Ramona 
Williams, Paul Douglas 
Williams, Morris and Ruth 
Wood, Grace 
Wright, Monika 
Wright, R. Charles 
Wynn, Mary, Jim and Brenda 
Young, Richard 
Ziegler, Harrier W. 

groups, clubs & other 

American Association of University Women 

Blount County Medical Society 

LC.F. - KY 

Kiwanis Club of Alcoa 

Kiwanis Club of Marj-ville 

Leadership Blount 

Maiyville College Compassion Committee 

New Providence Presbytetian Quilters 

Proffitt's Retired Club, Srore #2 

Smoky Mountains Garden Club 

The Southern Investment Club 

Tennessee Republican Caucas 


Akins, Darrell 

Anderson, Don & Deborah 

Beall, Sandy & Kreis 

Bianco, Thelma 

Blair, Carolyn 

Brallier, Dr. Hugh & Ms. Debra 

Carreiro, Joe & Sue 

Castro, Daniel & Ruth 

Clark, Mike 

Class of 1969 

Cummings, Jim and Marilyn 

Cummings, Margaret M. 

Davis, Donna '83 

DeNoyelles, Christine 

Duncan-Barnabas Award, JJ 

Falco, Paul & Judy 

Fine Arts Department 

Gibson, Rachel 

Gilliland, Joe and Janet 

Gilmore, Leiand & Vera 

Goad,J. D. &Billie 

Gossett, Kim & Cathy 

Hart, Herb & Jeanne 

Hedrick, Kevin 

Honaker Society 

Howard, J. Z. & Jessie 

Hutson, Shug & Deborah 

Independent Presbyterian Church 

Jones, Venita 

Kelly Amy 

Kirkland, Bob 

Koob, Carol 

Langley, Virginia 

Leslie, Dr. Van Michael & Elizabeth 

Lillatd, Ray 

Lynn, Larry & Stella 

Martin, Glenda 

McCloud, VickJ 

McCotd Family 

McElroy Joseph & Barbara 

Moore, Helen & Bobby 

Moore, Jim & Rachel 

Moss, Scott 

Musgrave, Katherine 

O'Connor, Francis P 

Otto, Richard & Arlene 

Parillo Sr., Robert & Sandra 

Pickney Dorothy 

Ragsdale, Dick & Anne 

Reynolds, Tom & Brenda 

Sikes, Sandra Wilson 

Stinnett, Lairy & Carolyn 

Stout, Marion G. 
Sullivan, William & Mary Kay 
Tylka, Diane Kline '66 
Urguilla, Marina 
Wagoner, Kaye McCurry 
Walker, Arda 
Walker, Glenda 
Warne, Dr. Paul 
Wieck Family 


AT&T Foundation 

Carson, Lucy & David 
Alcoa Foundation 

Ashmore, Richard 
Buchanan, Robert 
Cooper, Everett & Deitra 
Cornett, Betty & Jim 
Crisp, Bill & Carolyn 
Damron, Linda & Jack 
Elhs, E. Stephen 
Guess, L. T. 
Hannah, Lee 
Hoyt, Mary Ruth 
Jones, Elton 
Kerr Sr., John 
Koonti, Carl 
Kramer. Frank 
McLemore, Ronald 
McReynolds, Robert 
Paxton, Kenneth 
Prewett, Ruth 
Ray, Richard 
Ray Ruth & Charles 
Roberts, Charles & Mar)' Gene 
Spickard, D. Jean & A. W 
Story, Donald & Carol 
White. Oneda & Elmer 
Wilson, W Warren 
Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. 

Merwin, Paul 
Allstare Foundation 

Kehler, Bradley 
American Express Foundation 

Sentell, Aaron 
Ashland Oil Foundation, Inc. 
Davis, Carle & Connie 
Davis, Mike & Ibby 
Ball Corporation 
Cox, Ruth 
Bank of America 

Claud, Joseph 
Sanner, Fredrick 
Wegner, Muriel 
Bank One 

Lynn, Naomi 
Bankers Life & Casualty Company 

Gilmouf, Daniel 
Bell Adantic 

Rumbley, Warren 
Srocum, Helen &John 
BellSouth Telecommunications 
Carson, Joe 
King, Ted & Linda 
BOEING Gift Matching Program 

Stout, George 
Burlington Industries 

Cooke, A. Wayland 
CIGNA Foundation 

Wilbanks, Curtis 
CNG Foundation 

Horn, Elizabeth & Richard 
Carolina Power & Light Company 

Jones, Richatd & Helen 

McFerrin, Richard & Deborah 

Cropper,Alan & Kathleen 
Compurer Associates International, Inc. 

Walker, Linda 
Cummins Engine Foundation 

Newkirk, Ellen & Dennis 
Darling Stote Fixtures 
Toomey, Kent 

The Davey Tree Expert Company 

Buchanan, Elizabeth 
RR Donnelley & Sons Company 

Crawford, David 
Eaton Charirable Fund 

Dirksen, Ray 
3M Foundation, Inc. 
Ellison, David 
Exxon Education Foundation 
Gaughan, David 
Huffman, Hugh 
Lampe, George 
Magliulo, Elaine 
McGarey, Esther 
Miyares, Lisa 
Federated Depanment Stores, Inc. 

Carpentet, Carole 
Fidelity Foundation 

Farley Chrisrine 
Gannett Foundation 

Ketchum, Alice 
General Electric 

McDaniel, Nancy & Fred 
Meadows, Naomi 
Ruggiero, Daniel 
General Motors 

Weyer, Emma 
H. J. Heinz Company Foundation 

Comphet, M. Keen 
Lucent Technologies 
Hargis, DeAnn 
Miller, David 
Harris Bank Foundarion 

Young, Fred 
Home Depot 

Heiser, Linda 
Jenkins, Paul 
Honeywell Foundation 

Moote, John & Elizabeth 
IBM Corporation 

Donaldson, Raymond 
Gerra, Martin 
Johnson, Frances & Allen 
Lanning, Eleanor 
International Paper Company Foundation 

Crawford, Kathy 
Lorillard Research 

Ihrig, Arrhur 
J. C. Penney Company 

Counrs, Lynn 
Johnson & Johnson 

McGarey Esther 
SC Johnson Wax Fund, Inc. 

Randall, John & Carol 
Johnston-Lemon Group, Inc. 

Singleton, J. Knox 
Russell W. Ketron, CFP 

Buertner, Marianne 
Lockheed Martin Corporation/TSF 
Cochran, William C. & Karren 
Cooper, Robert & Julia 
Denton. Veronica 
Hill, Donald 

Keyser, Ronald & Meredith 
Miller, Gordon 
Schloegel, Carol & David 
Talmage, John 
Williams, Jacquelyn 
Marirrans, Inc. 

Moorhead, Geneva and David 
Merck Company Foundation 

Covington, Russ 
Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc. 

Witherspoon, Mary & Newell 
Metropolitan Life Foundation 

Clopton, J. Malvern 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 

Pfuden, A. Lorette 
Monsanto Fund 

Hutton, William 
Terry, Margarer 
Motorola Foundation 

Krebs, Eleonore & George 

Nationwide Insurance Enterprise Foundation 

McKean, Robert 
New York Life Foundation 

Finertie, Robett 
Norfolk Southern Foundarion 

Spurling, E Margaret & R. Edwin 
Philips Elecrronics North American Corp. 

Allen, J. David 
P H. Glarfelrer Company 
Crawford, Thomas 
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program 

Brand, Charles 
Philip Morris Incorporated 

Wrighr, Barbara 
The Pirtston Company 

Fisher, Carl 
Price WaterhouseCoopers 

Lloyd, Eric 
Procter & Gamble Fund 
Dean, Walter 
Parker, Phyllis 
Prudential Foundarion 

Huntzinger, Margaret 
Raytheon Company 

Moody Stanton & Susan 
Reinauer, David 
Ruby Tuesday, Inc. 

McClenagan, Robert 
SAFECO Insurance Companies 

Kennedy Robert 
Schering-Plough Foundation, Inc. 

Wiley Dan & Gtay 
Science Applications Intern. Corp. 

Jenkins, Belinda 
Scripps Howard Foundation 

Bennett, Duncan 
Sprint Foundation 

Fawcett, Ellen 
State Farm Companies Foundation 
Jennings, Ronald 
Magill, Joseph 
Pope, George 
TRW Foundation 

Roth, H. Douglas 
US West Foundation 
Mehaffy, Susan 
Temple-Inland Foundation 

Hatdin. A.B. & Clara 
U.S. Borax 

Anderson, J. T 
Upjohn Company 
Hall, Shirley 
John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 
Arlingron, William 


Appuhn, Margaret R. 

Ashby Ralph 

Baker, Ruby H. Thrower 

Boyce, Viola 

Bradford, Elizabeth 

Conklin, Carol Cole '59 

Cory, Philip M. '35 

Cox, James A. '29 

Crawford, America Moore '28 

Crawford Jr., John C. '27 

Crosby, Robert W. '29 

Crowder, Grace 

Cummings, John W. 

Davis. E. W 

Davis, John A. '30 

Davis, Shelley 

de Guzman, Maria E. '98 

Dean, Lottie Lavender '47 

DiCarlo, Jessie Kavanagh '35 

Durant, Judy Johnson '53 

Enloe, Winton '49 

Evaul, Philip '41 

Fardon, David F 

Ferguson, Blundon G. '32 

Ford, Bob 

Garner, Robert H. '48 

Gloucestet, John 


Gossctt, Conny 

Greaser, Naomi 

Grindstaff, Callie 

GrindstafF. Charles 

Guess, Virginia Hultquist '30 

Haner. Florence 

Hcrron, Mildred P. 

Hina, Naomi Woods '34 

Holzworrh, Lois Alexander '41 

Hudgens, Charlotte 

Huffman, Hugh & Gladys 

Hunter, Edwin R. '14 

Johnson, Willard M. '28 

Joiner, Derek Allen 

Keirn, Mae Caughron 

King, Virginia Crider '32 

Knapp, George 

Koella, Carl 

Lindis, Edith Monroe '43 

Leyen, Ruth Edmondson 

Lloyd, Bud 

Madala, Emma H. 

McReynolds, Robert R '33 

Minear, Marvin D. '39 

Murphree St., Wallace Wesley 

Newberry, Betty Griffes '28 

Orr, Horace E. '12 

Overton, Lena Frye 

Pierce, Carl G. '43 

Proffitt. Harwell W. '40 

Rich. Alma Mason '41 

Rath, Vera 

Roberts. Terry 

Rodriguez, Joe 

Ryan, Martha 

Shell Jr., Claude 1. '47 

Shelley, Edwin 

Shelley. Elizabeth 

Shepherd, Kyle 

Siders, Jack 

Spickard, Marcia Keirn '45 

Stephens, Itene Browder '38 

Stephens, L. Allin '37 

Stewart. Donald W. 

Stine, Esther Swenson '48 

Taylor, Beverly L. 

Thompson, William B. '63 

Watters, Lawrence, B. 

Webb, E. Leslie '33 

West, Larry 

Wood Sr., William L. '38 


Addy, Sr., Mrs. Thomas E. 
Akin. Sarah H. 
Alderman, Mr. & Mrs. Ross 
Alexander, Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. 
Allen. Mr & Mrs. Calvin 
Allen. Mr. & Mrs. Cecil W 
Allen, Mt. & Mts. Daniel C. 
Allen, Mr & Mrs. Hoyr A. 
Allen, Mr. & Mrs. J. David '64 
Allred, Mr & Mrs. William E. 
Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. 
Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. John 
Archbold. Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. 
Arnold, Mr. & Mrs. John 
Arwood, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. 
Ashley. Mr. & Mts. Stephen 
Ashmore. Richard 
Ayers, Mr & Mrs. Ralph E. '60 
Baden. Mr & Mrs. Richard 
Bailey. Mr. & Mrs. David J. R. 
Bailey, Sharon Pusey '69 
Ballard. Mr. & Mrs. Phil 
BartlettJr., Mr. & Mrs. Roy 
Bardett. Sharon 
Bartow. Mr. & Mrs. Larry B. 
Battelle, Mr. & Mrs. Fred L. 
Baucom, John & Shannon McKnight 
Bean, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy 
Beard, Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. 
Beasley, Mr. & Mrs. William B. 

Beaty. Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. 

Beaver. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony W 

Beck. Mr. & Mrs. Lewis R. 

Bcckwith. Mr. & Mrs. Howard 

Beem, Mr. & Mts. Richard 

Belflower, Mr. & Mrs. R. L. 

Benton, Mr. & Mrs. Allen 

Berkemeier. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. '70 

Best, Jr, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. '68,'72 

Best, Rhonda M. 

Bettis, Mr. & Mrs. James G. 

Bickford. Mr. & Mrs. Randall G. 

Blackburn. Vicki 

Blackwell, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. 

Blackwood. Jr. Mt. & Mts. Leland C. '76 

Bobbin, Mr & Mrs. Robert 

Bogle, Mi. & Mrs. Michael E. 

Bolte, Sherry 

Boring, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Jesse T. 

Bowen, Lewis and Wanda 

Bowman. Suzan 

Boyce, Jemel 

Brabender. Blanche H. 

Brallier. Hugh 

Brantham. Mr. & Mrs. Ivan E. 

Braswell, Mr. & Mrs. Randy 

Braun, Jim and Janice 

Brehmer, Mr. & Mrs. Ben R. 

Briggs, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis 

Bright, Glenda R. 

Brooks. Edward H. 

Brown, Dynna 

Brown, Mr & Mrs. Gary L. 

Browning, Anita N. 

Brugner, Mr. & Mrs. Frank 

Brunger, Dr. & Mrs. C. Scott 

Bryant, Mt. & Mrs. Donald S. 

Buechele. Mr. & Mrs. Franz J. 

Bugg. Barbara 

Bumbalough. Mr. & Mrs. Floyd A. 

Bunnell. Linda 

Burger. Mr. & Mrs. Larry L. 

Burrow. Mr. & Mrs. Gene 

Bushing. Dr. & Mrs. Arthur S. 43, '42 

Burner, Mr. & Mrs. Ken 

Buznedo, Mr. & Mrs. Justo 

Cable, James L. 

Cain, Nancy 

Campbell, Mr. & Mrs. Jack 

Cannon, Mr & Mrs. GaryT. 

Cannon. LaTriece 

Canupp. Mr. and Mrs. John D. 

Carson. Mr. & Mrs. Joe 

Casey, Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. 

Caughron, Mr. & Mrs. Phillip L. 

Chambers. Mr. & Mrs. Gary 

Childress, Mary Lou 

Childs, Mary S. 

Christofferson, Dr. & Mts. J. W. 

Clark. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin 

Clark, WJeffery 

Clendenin, Russ and Nancy 

Clowdis, Ronald D. 

Coatcs, Cameron 

Cobb, Clara 

Cobb, Roger 

Cochrane, Barbara 

Cole, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel K. 

Cole, Mr. & Mrs. Larry 

Coleman. Mr. & Mrs. Steve 

Cook, Mr. & Mrs. John C. 

Cornish, III, Mr. & Mrs. Allen L. 

Cotton. Mr. 8f Mrs. Noel 

Covington, Kay 

Covington, Russ 

Craft, Mr. & Mrs. David W. 

Craig, Mr. & Mrs. Albert 

Grain. Mr. & Mrs. Garry D. 

Cron, Mr. & Mrs. Charles P 

Cropper, Mr and Mrs. Alan G. '69 

Crowell, Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. 

Gulp, Mr. & Mrs. William M. 

Curtis, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. 

Cybulski. Mr. & Mrs. Lee 

Dale, Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan 

Dalton, Robert 

Damrow. Mr. & Mrs. Bruce 

Davey, Mr. & Mrs. William 

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. '87.'83 

Davis, Mr. & Mrs. C. Michael '68 

Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick W 

Davis, Sandra 

Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. '74,74 

Dawson. Joe & Sue Anthony '69. '69 

Deal, Jr., Mr & Mrs. Frederick C. 

Demi. Jr., Mr. & Mrs. William A. 

Denmark, Carol 

DeWeese, Dr. & Mrs. William O. '64 

DiGiacomo, Cecelia Bridges '65 

Dunbar, James and Bonnie 

Easton. II. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. 

Edwards. Mr. & Mrs. David R. 

Elgin. Mr. & Mrs. Douglas L. 

Ellen. Joe and Susan 

Ellis, Mr. & Mrs. Jerry 

Ermenc, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. 

Evans, Beth A. 

Evans, Richard 

Evans, Sherry 

Evans Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Vince 

Evans, Mr, & Mrs. Walter R. 

Extine, Connie 

First, Mr. & Mrs. Fred B. 

Fischer. Mr. & Mrs. Randall 

Fisher, Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. 

Flatt, Mi. & Mrs. Charles M. 

Flemister. M& Mrs. Chester L. 

Forster. II, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W 

Foster. Rev & Mrs. Fred 

Fox, Beryl 

Frederick. Sr., Mr & Mrs. William 

Freel Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Robert 

Freeman. Mr. & Mrs. Earnel 

Freeman, Mi. & Mis. Robert 

French, Mr, & Mrs. Jeffery R. 

Friechich, Tim 

Fugaie. Mr & Mrs. Steve 

Galyon, Mr & Mrs. Kent 

Garvin Ji.. Mi. & Mrs. James R 

Gerra, Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. 

Gibbs, Mr. & Mis. Enoch J. 

Gibson. Di.& Mis. Gerald W 

Giles, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald 

Giles. Mr. & Mrs. Sanford D. 

Gillooly. Mr. & Mrs. Edward 

Glisson. Sr. Mr. & Mrs. James 

Goelz, Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. 

Goodwin, Melody Thurman '69 

Gordon, P.imela Spoonamore '72 

Gordon, Steven D. '72 

Giant. Mi. & Mis. Mike 

Gray. Mr & Mrs. Jimmy W. 

Green, Mr, & Mrs. Johnny 

Grice. Mr. Larry 

Groves. Patricia 

Grubb. Mr. Rod 

Halkiades, Mr. & Mrs. Paul 

Hall, Mr & Mrs. Jerry 

Hall, Mr & Mrs. Thomas M. 

Hammond, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel 

Hamory, Mr & Mrs. Eugene 

Hansel, Jo Ann 

Harrison, Mr & Mrs. John 

Harville, Mr. & Mrs. j". Cliff 

Hawkins. Gale H. 

Hawkins, Jr., M. A. 

Hay\vorth. Dr. & Mrs. Ray M. 

Heckler. Harry L. & Miriam Stults '64,'64 

Helms, Mr & Mrs. Bobby D. 

Hendricks, Mark 

Hensley, Paula 

Hensley, Mr & Mrs. Stephen D. 

Herren. Mr. & Mrs. William S. 

Hewitt. 111. Mr & Mrs. Carl 

Hill, Nanette M. 

Hitch, Mr & Mrs. W Walton 

Hoffmann, Dr. & Mrs. Paul W 

Hollender, Leonard M. 

Holmes, Mr & Mrs. Michael A. 

Hoh, Gail B. 

Hopewell. Sr.. Mr & Mrs. David W. 

Hostetter, Mr & Mrs. Michael L. 

Howard, Dr. & Mrs. Harry L. 

Howe, Thomas & Amy Whidey '77 

Howell, Pat 

Hryn, Mr. & Mrs. Edward 

Huff. Mr. & Mrs. Frank 

Huffman, Dr. & Mrs. Hugh L. 

Hughes. Joan 

Hughs, Rev. & Mrs. Dan T 

Hundley, Joshalyn 

Hutson, Mi. & Mis. Richaid 

Hylton, Mr. & Mrs. Milford 

Indingaro, Mr. & Mrs. Richard 

Ingram, Mr & Mrs. A. Barry 

Jackson, Mary Elizabeth McKnight '46 

Jackson, Shelley G. 

James, Teresa 

Jenkins. Mr & Mrs. Dan 

Jenkins. Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. 

Jensen, Btenda K. 

Jessee, Mr. & Mrs. James G. 

Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis 

Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Lee 

Johnson, Michael V. 

Jones, Mary 

Jones, Mi. & Mrs. Thomas R. 

Kell, Mr & Mis. John 

Ken, Dr & Mrs. Larry 

Keyset, Mi. & Mis. Ronald 

King. Mr & Mis. Charles J. 

King. Mr. & Mrs. David 

King, Mr. & Mrs. Ted J. 

Kinnett. Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. 

Kinnetz. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene 

Kinsinger, Mrs. Dan H. 

Kirby Elaine 

Kirby, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne 

Kittrell, Margaret E. 

Knapp. Roberta 

Kobacker. Candice J. 

Kolman, jMartha Ann 

Kone, Mr. & Mrs. Austin C. 

Koudelis, Elizabeth R. 

Krogulski. Mr & Mis. Glenn 

Kiysinsky, Patricia 

Kyker, Mr & Mrs. Samuel J. 

LaForest, Jean 

LaForest, Mr. & Mrs. Michael 

Lang, Mr. & Mrs. John 

Layton, Mr & Mrs. Don A. 

LeBar, Daniel J. & Dorothy Bang '75,76 

Lehman, Mt. & Mis. William H. 

LeRoy. Mi. & Mrs. James 

Lin, Franklin 

Lloyd, Mr & Mrs. Eric D. 

Long. Debia J. 

Lovell. Mr. & Mrs. James 

Lovingood, Mr & Mis. S. Harris 

Lummus. Donna 

Mackay, Mr & Mrs. David G. 

Macklin. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. 

Malloy Jr, Joseph J. & Mardia Weaver '68,'66 

Marion, Kenneth & Janese Trivette 

Mariison, Mr & Mrs. William E 

Martin. Mr & Mrs. James R. 

Maitin. Dr & Mis. John 

Mathis, Mi. & Mrs. Barry 

May. Mr & Mrs. Edward G. 

McAnulty, Joseph 

McCafferty, Mr & Mrs. Daniel 

McCants, Natalie E. 

McCartei, Mr & Mrs. Scott E. 

McCarty. Mr & Mrs. W Powell 

McCollom, Mr & Mrs. George T. 

McCulIough, Mr & Mrs. Michael S. 

McDowell, Kadirj'n J. 

McElroy, Mr. & Mis. Joseph 

McFall. Mr & Mis. Geiald D. 


McFalls, Susan G. 

McFerrin, Richard 

McKenzie, Mr. & Mrs. Mike 

McLemore, Mr & Mrs. Ronald 

McMaster, James 

McMillen, Mr & Mrs. Grady 

Melton, Marie M. 

Melvin, Mr. & Mrs. Dink Dennis 

Merrell, Mr & Mrs. Johnny 

Meyers, Mr & Mrs. Ronald 

Mignery, Mr & Mrs. L. Arnold 

Miller, Mr & Mrs. Carl 

Miller, Mr & Mrs. Larry 

Milligan, Mr & Mrs. B. Thomas 73 

Mills, Anita 

Milton, Mr & Mrs. Raymond 

Mitchell, Mr & Mrs. Robert L. 

Mondello, Carmela 

Moore, Mr. & Mrs. David R. 

Moore, Gary R. 72 

Moore, Linda Clowes 72 

Moore, Mr & Mrs. Ronald W. 

Morefield, Glenn D. & Helen Miller 71,72 

Morris, Mr & Mrs. Victor 

Moses, Jan 

Moss, Dean and Barbara 

Murphy Mr & Mrs. Eugene 

Myers, Mr & Mrs. Jim 

Nam, Mr & Mrs. Ki Soul 

Nash, Mr & Mrs. James 

Nelson, Mr & Mrs. Billy 

Newton, Norman H. 

Nichols, Jr, John B. (dec) & Sue C. 

Nichioka, Mr & Mrs. Shinichi 

Noah, Mr & Mrs. Gregory B. 

Obermeyer, Dennis & Carole 

Obermiller Anne P. 

O'Dell, Mr & Mrs. Denis 

Oden, Mr & Mrs. R. Mickey 

Otto, Mr & Mrs. Richard J. 

Overholt, Mr & Mrs. Lonas 

Palmer, Mr &C Mrs. E. Lee 

Park, Choi 

Parsons, Mr & Mrs. Alan 

Pate, Jane 

Pate, Dr & Mrs. George P 

Patrick, Mr & Mrs. John H. 

Petty, Mr & Mrs. Alden 

Peterson, Lynn 

Phistry, Mr & Mrs. David 

Pittenger Dr & Mrs. John 

Ponder, Mr & Mrs. Hugh 

Powers, Mr & Mrs. Tom 

Pressley, Mr & Mrs. Danny L 

Prewett, Ruth Lane '42 

Prtichard, Mr & Mrs. Ivan L. 

Proffitt, Mr & Mrs. John W. '41, '68 

Pryor, Mr & Mrs. James W. '66,'S8 

Pusey, Jr, Howard E. & Nancy L. '72,72 

Rabenstein, Esther 

Rademacher Paul and Linda 

Ragsdale, Mr & Mrs. Richard E. 

Ramey, Terry 

Ray, Mr & Mrs. Richard D. 

Reeves, Mr & Mrs. Andrew E 

Reiter, Mr & Mrs. Paul T '69 

Renfro, Roma 

Renninger, Mr & Mrs. Ted 

Rigell, Mr & Mrs. Craig D. '69,'69 

Ritter, Mr & Mrs. Lawrence E. 

Robbins, Mr & Mrs. Keith 

Roberson, Mr & Mrs. David M. 

Robertson, Mr & Mrs. David 

Robinson, Nancy 

Rogers, Mr & Mrs. Danny 

Rosenblad, Jr, Mr & Mrs. John R. 

Ruehling, Mr & Mrs. Bobby 

Rumbley, Mr & Mrs. Warren T. 

Russell, Anthony 

Russell, Mr & Mrs. David G. '72,72 

Ryland, John A. 

Rymer Mr & Mrs. Larry 

Sacksteder, Mr & Mrs. John 

Sampson, Roxanne 

Sanders, Dr & Mrs. Michael W. '75,75 

Sanders, Mr & Mrs. Richard 

Sandlin, Pat 

Sasser, Mr & Mrs. Bruce B. 

Scarbro, Mr & Mrs. John 

Scares, Mr & Mrs. Richard 

Schneider Lisa A. 

Schubert, Frank & Dorothy Hembree '59 

Scinto, Barbara A. 

Scofield, Jr, Mr & Mrs. Robert L. 

Scott, Mr & Mrs. Jerry L. 

Scott, Mr & Mrs. Walter 

Scruggs, Mr & Mrs. Ronald 

Shelton, Carolyn A. 

Shepherd, Mr & Mrs. Rex 

Shields, Mr & Mrs. Robert D. 

Shipley Jr, Mr & Mrs. William N. 

Shioush, Marcia G. 

Sigmund, Mr & Mrs. Wayne 

Simmons, Mr & Mrs. Danny 

Sitzlar Elaine 

Slatton, Mr & Mrs. Terty 

Slusher Mr & Mrs. Joe E. 

Smeltzer, Dr & Mrs. C. C. 

Smith.Jr, Mr &Mts. Claude W 

Smith, Mr & Mrs. DwightT. 

Smith, Lois Sharp '39 

Smith, Mr & Mrs. Lynn 

Smith, Mr & Mrs. Michael G. 

Smith, Sr, Mr & Mrs. Thomas G. 

Smith, Vivian 

Speats, Mr & Mrs. James A. 

Stadtmiller Mr & Mrs. Kenneth 

Stalcup, Mr & Mrs. Fred 

Stapp, Mary 

Stephens, Mr & Mrs. Doyle E. 

Stephens, Pat 

Stevenson, Mr and Mrs. Richard R. '68, '69 

Stinnett, Mr & Mrs. Larry R. 

Stock, Mr & Mrs. Patrick M. 

Stout, Mrs. George H. 

Striz, Mr & Mrs. Scott 


Sullivan, Mr & Mrs. Tony 

Summers, Jean 

Talbott, Kenneth M. '76 

Faylor Mr & Mmrs. Frederick C. 

Taylor Mr & Mrs. Geoffrey R. 

Taylor Hazel 

Taylor, J. Graham & Jeannye R. '72,72 

Taylor, Lee N. '77 

Taylor, Thomas W. & Janet Ktause '70,'68 

Teastet, Robert L. 

Terwedow, Mr & Mrs. Henry 

Terwedow, Susan Anderson '68 

Thacker Mr & Mrs. Herbert 

Thomas, Mr & Mrs. Hayne 

Thompson. Joanne 

Tilton. lleda 

Tinker Mr & Mrs. Andrew 

Tomlin, Mr & Mrs. Millard 

Tomlinson, Mr & Mrs. Tony 

Tompkins, III, Mr & Mrs. F. H. 

Trambley, Renee 

Triplett, Mr & Mrs. PaulT. 

Tummell, Mr & Mrs. Larry 

Van Hooser Carol R. 

Vandiver Mr & Mrs. Loy 

Verhofstadt, Captain and Mrs. Albert R '77 

Vineyard, Mr & Mrs. William 

Walcutt, Mr & Mrs. Robert R 

Wall, Matsha A. 

Waller Jr, Mr & Mrs. James H. 

Watkinson, Watren B. & Allison S. '93 

Watson, Mr & Mrs. David 

Wells, Lois R. 

Welsh, Mr & Mrs. Dale 

Welton, Richard 

Wettime, Mr & Mrs. Rudolf M. 

Westbfook, Joyce J. 

Weston, Jr, Mr & Mrs. John H. '72,72 

Wheadey Mr & Mrs. Jonathan 

White, Jackie 

White, Mr & Mrs. David W. 
White, Dr & Mrs. Richard H. '71, '74 
Whitehurst, Mr & Mrs. Robert 
Whirver Mr & Mrs. Harry K. 
Wieck, Sr, Mr & Mrs. Paul L. 
Wight, Mr & Mrs. James A. 
Wilks, Mr & Mrs. Phillip C. 
Williams, Jackie 
Williams, Mr & Mrs. John M. 
Williamson, Mr & Mrs. Dean 
Wilson, Mr & Mrs. Tim 
Wineland, Mr & Mrs. Bernard A. 
Woodhouse, Mr & Mrs. Steven N. 
Wtight, Mr & Mrs. Rodney 
Wright, Mr & Mrs. Thomas L. 
Wynn, Dan & Matsha 
Yuhas, Mr & Mrs. John J. 
Zaparyniuk, Michael 

Alumni Giving 

CLASS OF 1921 

President: Unknown • Roll: 5 

Donors: I • Participation: 20% 

Total Gifts: $500.00 

Snipes, Esther Jarrell 

CLASS OF 1926 

President: Robert Wilson Bishop f 

Roll: 7 ' Donors: 1 

Participation: 14.29% 

Total Gifts: $20.00 

Vinzant, Eugenia Hagood 

CLASS OF 1927 

President: Roy Alexander Cortner f 

Roll: 13 • Donors: 4 

Participation: 30. 77% 

Total Gifts: $1235.00 

Gteen. Elizabeth Keown 

Hitch, Mary Ann Nuchols 

Shraeder Eleanor Collins 

West, Anne Vandetslice 

CLASS OF 1928 

President: John Gordon Jeffries f 

Roll: 18 • Donors: 2 

Participation: 11.11% 

Total Gifts: $t5. 00 

Belder Mildred 

Fortenbety, Marie Elmore 

CLASS OF 1929 

President: Florian Goss Hopkim f 

Roll: 26 • Donors: 11 

Participation: 42.31% 

Total Gifts: $55,235.00 

Anderson, Lutitia Toole t 

Couttenay Waltet R. t 

Fairchild, Eleanor Dahl 

Fell, Harry Ingram 

Gamble, Grace 

Marston, David S. 

Storey, AnnaTemplin t 

Thomas, Virginia Sting 

Wood, Mary Swain 

Woodward, Anna Campbell 

Worobrow, Louise Palmer 

CLASS OF 1930 

President: Frank Edward Baker f 

Roll: 25 • Donors: 8 

Participation: 32,00% 

Total Gifts: $1,590.00 

Baker Matgarct Haynie 

Beagle, Almira Alexander 

Crow, Edward C. 

Herdman, Allan W. 

Larrowe, Agnes McGuire 

Lord, Gladys Graham t 

Sloane, Jeannette Moore 

Whitman, Jr, William T 

CLASS OF 1931 

President: Donald G. Benn f 

Roll: 37 • Donors: 19 

Participation: 51.35% 

Total Gifts: $10,985.00 

Anthony, Grace Wallace 

Bass, Calvin 

Blazer Conchita Bertran 

Defenderfer Victor R. 

Fairman, Edith Olson 

Gilmorc, 0. Leiand 

Hampton, Edna M. 

Hendetson, Bertha Lawson 

Hitt, Travis 

Hunt, Genevieve Corbin 

Jarvis, Martha Everett 

Matshall, Dorothy J. 

McCann, Zelma Alexander 

McKeehan, Dorothy Bassel 

Murray Patsy Hall t 

Potter, Alice Renegar 

Rankin, Lynn B. 

Sydnor William C. 

Walker May Belle Frazier 

CLASS OF 1932 

President: George Henry Osbom, Jr. f 

Roll- 50 ' Donors: 15 

Participation: 30. 00% 

Total Gifts: $2,720.00 

Blair, Louis B. 

Charles, Mabel Hembree 

Duncan, Hubert L. 

Griffitts, Ruby Miller 

Guthrie, Rudi 

Haugh, Nelle Garland 

Hearn, Mildred MacKenzie 

Julian, Pauline Zachary 

Logan, Laleah Ball 

Ramsey, Lenore West 

Roberts, Evelyn J. 

Roderick, Helen Burdette 

Voofhees, Lucv A. 

Wallace, Robett H. 

Wells, Ruth Hannah 

CLASS OF 1933 

President: R. Conrad Quenelle f 

Roll: 39 • Donors: 13 

Participation: 33.33% 

Total Gifts: $3,050.00 

Bass, Beatrice Dreher 

Briggs, Donald W. 

Burns, John T. 

Hutchison, Mary Knox 

Longwell, Mary Katherine Mize 

McMillan-Green, Helen Thompson 

Newcomer Andrew E. 

Rankin, Mildred McMurray 

Rokes, Jean Campbell 

Tope, John K. 

Tripp, Willimae Renegar 

Walsh, Eunice Grant 

Wright, Nathalia 

CLASS OF 1934 

President: Robert W. Tripp 

Roll: 59 • Donors: 34 

Participation: 57.63% 

Total Gifts: $14,702.50 

Matching Gifts: $1,500.00 

Beck, Roland A. 

Blair Ernestine Smith 

Botts, Ella Kilgore 

Briggs, Ruth Farlee 

Burns, Herbert V. 

Clopton, J. Malvern 

Davis, Alice Whitehead 

Dunning, William S. 

Gash, Marion Falkner 

Green, Mary Harrison 

Hina, Naomi Woods t 

HoUick, Geraldine Monroe t 

Hook, Glenn L. 

Howell, George B. 

Howell, Vivian Kelley 

Hunt, Elizabeth Lanterman 

King, Mary Rink 

Kinnick, Phoebe Underwood 


Lane, Mary Evelyn Russell 

Lyle, Katherine Wayiand 

McQueen, Jr., John C. 

Payne, Helen Mahan 

Rink. Julia M. 

Smith, Edith Woods 

Snyder, Ercelle Hunter 

Springer, John B. 

Sweitzer-Baskin. Maurine Willocks t 

Talmage, John E. 

Thomson. Marvin 

Throne, Pauline L. 

Tripp, Robert W. 

Uhrich, Isabeile Harmon 

Walker, Clifford Withers 

Welsh, Mar)' Sloan 

CLASS OF 1935 

President: E. Neumiau Smith 

Roll: 55 • Donors: 22 

Participation: 40.00% 

Total Gifts: $8,057.00 


Alexander, Marie Bailey 

Alexander, Theron 

Alexander, Floreine Rankin t 

Brown, Robert L. 

Claiborne, Maria Wynn 

Clemmer, Katherine Earnest 

Crawford, Dorothy Nethery 

Crawford. Earle W 

Hardy, Dorothy Lewis 

Hewitt, Frances Deal 

Johnston, Ruth Perry 

Lamb, Evelyn Shelley 

Mathews, Ernest D. 

Mathews, Eula Sibcy 

McArthur, Grace Proffitt 

Mottesheard. Dolores Burchette 

Rayburn, Robert W. 

Stevenson. James H. 

Talmage, William S. 

Toms, Robert H. 

Welte, Roberta Reveley 

CLASS OF 1936 

President: Moses Houston Gamble, Jr. f 

Roll: 82 • Donors: 37 

Participation: 45.12% 

Total Gifts: $67,482.15 

Matching: $125.00 

Arrendale. Joe j. 

Bailey. Fern L. 

Barton, Richard W t 

Best. Lynn Ann Brown 

Brown, Arnold A. t 

Burns, Lurline McFarland 

Carhari, Estelle Greene 

Christie, Alexander 

Cox, Ruth Chittick 

DeWeese, Emma Northwood 

Felknor, Elizabeth McMurray 

Fuller, Arline R. 

Gleim. Elizabeth Reimer 

Greenlaw, Elizabeth McNamara 

Harris, Jane Pettibone 

Huskey. Cora Deats 

Jones, Inez Galloway 

Kent, Lila Carringer 

Lawrence, Ruth Romig 

Leitch, Glover A. 

Lightowler, Leola Halsey 

Llewellyn. Billie McCoy 

Llewellyn. Ralph M. 

Lodwick, Robert E. 

Marshall, Margaret Brient 

Miller, Marjorie Fleming 

Montgomery, J. Esther 

Nelson, William C. 

Pieper, Mary Gladys Brown 

Saint, Jr., James G. 

Sullivan, Gladys Reaves 

Toms, Julia Hilditch 

Whitaker, Marion L. 

Wilbar, Raymond J. 

Williams, CHffordW. 

Woodling, David E. 

Zirzner, Arthur S. 

CLASS OF 1937 

President: David James Brittain 

Roll: 67 • Donors: 34 

Participation: 50.75% 

Total Gifts: $25,144.38 

Matching Gifts: $2,200.00 

Andrews. Mark L. 

Butman. Florence E. 

Cooper, Margaret Heliums 

DeLozier, Ruby Lane 

DriskjII, Lillian Cassel 

Fleming, Annie Lou Dill t 

Gallant, Dorothy Leaf 

Gillespie, M. Elizabeth Lamon 

Glidden, Joan Dexter 

Grav, Virginia Worth 

Hand, Jr., Ralph W. 

Hannah, Lee 

Hardie, Mary Lawson 

Hurst, Shirley Jackson 

Jones, Ann Jett 

Kent, Jr., George C. 

Leitch, Helen Chambers 

Lewis, Elizabeth Carlisle 

McCarty, Martha Deal 

McQueen, Lillian Crawford 

Meeks. Wilkison 

Morgan, Jr., William D. 

Murphy, Lois Brown 

Peterson, Beatrice Wheeler 

Pirenian, Lillian Leiand 

Ramsey, William R. 

Sellars, Richard B. 

Shields, Mar)' Frances Dunlap 

Shields, Stanley B. 

Sporman. Anna-Margaret Staples 

Trump, Dorothea Stadelmann 

Watt. Elizabeth Brimfield 

Young, Mary Frances Ooten 

Young, Fred J. 

CLASS OF 1938 

President: Jaines N. Proffitt f 

Roll: 92 • Donors: 36 

Participation: 39.13% 

Total Gifts: $8,157.50 

Bauer, Marian Lodwick 

Black, Irene Myers 

Brown, H. Deane 

Brubaker, C. Edward 

Br)^-Nildsen, Jr., Martin t 

Coker, Alice Whitaker 

Ferrell, Mildred Jacobs 

Fox, Paul H. 

Galbreath, Martha Watson 

Hernandez, Gustavo R. 

Johnson, Constance R. 

Johnson, Lincoln M. 

Keller, Janet Talmage 

Killian, Donald R. 

Killian, Ruth Haines 

Maas, David E, 

McCaulley, Mary Rush 

Nelson, Raymond 


Parker, Roberta Enloe 

Plog. Phyllis Gessert 

Priggemeier, Mary Haines 

Ramsey. Rvland E. 

Renfro, Evelyn Ferguson 

Renfro, James C. 

Rugh, Donald E. 

Spencer, Jr., Simpson E. 

Talmage, Roy V. 

Taxis. Lois Hodgson 

Trent, Kathr)'n Adams 

Tuscany, Audine Walker 

Wallace, Frances King 

West, Walter R 

Wicklund, Dorothy -Armstrong 

Wilson, Evelyn Scott 
Winship, Dale Echols 
CLASS OF 1939 

President: Harold Eugene Orr f 

Roll: 66 • Donors: 34 

Participation: 51.52% 

Total Gifts: $7,950.00 

Alston, William E 

Austin, Susannah Lupton 

Baker, Irma Souder 

Blizzard, Harriet Barber 

Briggs, Virginia Boys 

Bruce, Virginia Pitts 

Byrne, Arthur D. 

Davies, Howard L. 

Durr, Irma Pate 

Fedric, Helen Bobo 

Felknor, Jr., George E. 

Garner, Frances Bowditch 

Goodman, Helen Ridenhour 

Johnson, Esde Kerley 

Kindred, Zillah McKenzie 

Law, R. Eugene 

Magill, John P 

Martin, Janie Corry 

McCall, M. Ruth 

McGill, William 0. 

Minear, Catharine Pond 

Murphy, Judson B. 

Paul, Mildred Dallas 

Rankin, Marguerite Justus 

Rhody, Fred L 

Rhody, Mary Chambers 

Setde, Kathleen Cissna 

Smith, Lois Sharp 

Straka, Lois Barnwell 

Taylor, Jr., Samuel K. 

Turrentine, Virginia 

Williams, Etta Culbertson 

Wilson. William B. 

Wishon, Helen Sheek 

CLASS OF 1940 

President: James Howard Etheredge f 

Roll: 106 • Donors: 59 

Participation: 55.66% 

Total Gifts: $72,153.74 

Anonymous (2) 

Abbott, Margaret Trotter 

Abel, Barbara McCutcheon 

Arnold, Robert M. 

Ashby, Helen Bewley 

Badgetc,Jr.,J. N. 

Bell, William A. 

Brubaker. Frederick 0. 

Christiansen, Cadierine Davidson 

Clark, Vernon A. 

Coles, Marion Garwood 

Curtis. Mildred Lane 

Davis, Charles I. 

DooHttle, Pauline Jenkins 

Fish, Charles E. 

Fisher, John H. 

Fleming. Philip M. 

Halsey, Virginia Knighton 

Hamby. Mary Buder 

Heydinger, David K. 

Houbler. Patricia Kennedy 

Hunt, George L. 

Kindred, Charles H. 

Kramer, Sara Heliums 

Lamon, H. E t 

Lamon, Ruth Crawford 

Lyons, Jr., E. Vaughan 

Marine, Hope Debuty 

Madiias, Dale 

May, Alice Weghorst 

McGahee, Marcia Sparkman 

McGill, Dan M. 

McGili, Joy Corrigan 

Mederos. Susan Allen 

Miller, Minerva Burn 

Mooney, William H. 

Morgan, Mary France 

Muse, Dorotha Painter 
Parvin, Wilbur R. 
Peterson, Elizabeth Seel 
Pflanze, Otto P. 
Proffin. HarweUW.t 
Rankin, Roy M. 
Ritzman, Erwin 
Roberson, Eloise Burnette 
Shue, Elizabeth Snead 
Smith, Edna Russell 
Smith. E. B. 
Storey, Mary Burns 
Taylor, Barbara Anderson 
Thames, Mary Waters 
Tibbetts, Marjorie Orcutt 
Tulloch, FredW. 
Tweed, Earl A. 
Wicklund, Harold A. 
^ntermute, John B. 
Wintermuie, Miriam Berst 
Wood, Pollv Hudspeth 
CLASS OF 1941 
President: Ralph D. Steakley 
Roll: 110 • Donors: 65 
Participation: 59.09% 
Total Gifts: $23,541.50 
Matching Gifts: $750.00 
Anderson, Roland W. 
Austin, Harold G. 
Baird, Boydson H. 
Baird, William E. 
Banks, Virginia Wheeler 
Bennett, J. Norman 
Blake, Ivan C. 
Bradsher, Jr., Jacob T. 
Byrne, Jean White 
Conway, Ezelle Hayes 
Corbett. Mary Cooper 
Cragan, Thomas M. 
Dunan, Kenneth L. 
Dunn, Lura Laughmiller 
Edieredge, Elizabeth Gaulmey 
Everett, Wood 
Felknor, William B. t 
Garner, George W 
Graham. Helen Coats 
Graham, Lorraine Adkins 
Hahn, Clement R 
Henschen, Hal 
Hood, Thelma Ritzman 
Hooker, lla Goad 
Humphreys. David M. 
Hunt, Mar)' Alice Minear 
Jacobs, Anna Lee Storey 
Kidder, Mary Orr 
King. Rollo W 
Koella, Jean McCammon 
Kuchier, Ruth Goodson 
Lehman, H. Eugene 
Leitch, Edith Hitch 
Lloyd. J. Vernon 
Magee, John M. 
Magill, Joseph B. 
Magill, Louise Wells 
McCurry, Eugene E. 
Mirra, Margaret Hammond 
Moss, Aline Campbell 
Musgrave, Katherine Ogilvie 
Pearson, Harry C. 
Peterson, Ardiur T. 
Peterson, Marianna Allen 
Pinneo. Lily L. 
Pittman, Margaret Lodwick 
Proffitt, John W 
Rich, Alma Mason t 
Rigell, Lula Diggs 
Rogers, Eloise Zimmerman 
Russell, G. Lamar 
Sams, Ned H. 
Short, Robert B. 
Smith, Miriam Nethery 


Top Participation 

Year Class President 


James M. Cummings 1 34 

Donors Participation Total Gihs 

66.42% $24,583.07 

2. 1951 

4. 1955 

James R Lester 138 90 65.22% $22,813.67 

Roy S. Buff at 

62.50% $40,103.00 

William F. Davis 100 62 62.00% $14,256.16 

Robert E. Seel 

60.87% $32,625.00 

6. 1950 Henry A. Callaway 184 112 60.87% $521,948.37 

60.34% $24,103.25 

Jack E.Maxwell 116 

8. 1952 Ralph G. Thiesse 146 

10. 1949 Chester W. Phillips 133 

88 60.27% $37,184.06 

59.78% $18,417.91 

79 59.40% $19,087.50 

Steakley, Ralph D. 

Stringer, Barbara Swift 

Stringer, Warner A. 

Swift, Joseph H. 

Tapp, Jr.. Roland W. 

Taylor. Thomas L. 

Thompson, Ralph P. 

Vogado, Marjorie Resides 

Watt, J. Robert 

Weger, Vivian Moore 

Wilcox, Robert L. 

CLASS OF 1942 

President: Theodore Long Holman f 

Roll 121 • Donors: 66 

Participation: 5'^.55% 

Total Gifts: $33,281.41 

Matching Gifts: $1,800.00 

Alexander, Jr.. Edwin C. 

Baptist, John R 

Barr, Frank H. 

Bennett, Eloise McNeeley 

Brownlie, Jeanne Strlngham 

Bushing, Dorothy Barber 

Caldwell, Helen 

Campbell, Lisbech Prater 

Crawford, Janice Graybeal 

Cross, Jr., Frank M. 

Gulp, Lois Thorson 

Culver, Warren T. 

Cunningham, Ben A. 

Cunningham, Margaret Proffitt 

DeForest. Anne Gammon 

Dewees, Jr., Raymond 

Eanes, Mildred Montgomery f 

Guinter, John M. 

Harder, Phyllis Overton 

Henderson, Dorothy Buchanan 

Henschen, Mary Mayes 

Hoelzer, John H. 

Hoglan, Ruth Duggan 

Howard, George R. 

Johnston, Marion Northup 

Kell. Henry E. 

Keliey, Elizabeth Pascoe 

Kent. J. Donald 

Kerr, John Allen 

Keichum. Lawrence R. 

Kidder, David H. 

Kitchen, Betty Pettry 

Lambert, Dorothy Gessert 

Lane, J. Quentin 

Lepicier, Lin Sutherlin 

Markin, Ida Clark 

McCammon, Charles S. 

McDaniel, John D. 
McRae. Inez Johnson 
Mickey, Elaine Fichter 
Mize, Margaret Fain 
Moore, Dudley S. 
Morrison, Betty Jean Felix 
Palmer, Amy 
Persing, Mae 
Phillips. Elizabeth Bryant 
Prewett, Ruth Lane 
Ragain, Rachel McCall 
Rav, Ruth HufF 
Rich, William B. 
RuofF, Mary Felknor 
Seely, Francis M. 
Sharp, Mary Karg 
Shue, Lloyd C. 
Smith, Doris M. 
Snell, Fred M. 
Stillwell, Ada Summers 
Tapp, Helen Pratt 
Trinter, Christine Fricz 
Tuell. Johnye Long 
Watkms. Jr., Richard W. 
Wick, Jr., Henry M. 
Wick, Hilton A. 
Wright, Mar)' Proffitt 
Young, Helen Cameron 
Zerwas, Helen Cone 
CLASS OF 1943 
President: Arthur S. Bitshitig 
Roll: 145 • Donor: 83 
Participation: 57.24% 
Total Gifts: $15,429.32 
Matching Gifts: $225.00 
Ball, Elizabeth Hains 
Barr, James M. 
Bigham, Perry N. 
Brewer, Carson 
Brown, Clyde R. 
Bushing, Arthur S. 
Carbery, Elizabeth Clevenger 
Clarke, Anne Brock 
Cooley, Grace Jarnagin 
Cooper, Althea Cable 
Cooper, Kenneth L. 
Crawford, Dorothy Jobes 
Crawford, Roy D. 
Crews, E. Katherine 
Cunningham, Jean Stamp 
Duke, Aura Santiago 
Duke, Sidney 
Eanes, Cecil 0. 
Edwards, Kathleen Rainwater 

Edwards, Octavia Blades 

Farley, Barbara Lorentz 

Farmakes, Ruth Johnson 

Foreman, Marion Magill 

Francis, Betty Robinson 

Francis, Robert B. 

Furgerson, Helen George 

Greve, Jessie Reed 

Grygotis, Patricia Carter 

Hargrave, William J. R. 

Harper, June Stewart 

Hawkins, John A. 

Henderson, F. William 

Howard. Anne Halabrin 

Ho)t, Mar)' Ruth 

Huskey, Joseph E. 

Jones, Cornelia E. 

Ketchum.Olga Welsh 

Kidder, Jr., J. Edward 

King, Lois 0. 

Kramer, Margaret Clippinger 

LeQuire, Virgil S. 

Lockwood, Robert K. 

Lorenz, Doris Murray 

Lowther, Elizabeth Winter 

Mair, Jr., Robert H. 

McCall, Mary Alice Fugate 

McMillan, Lyndall Becker 

Miser, Irma Russell 

Newcomer. Jean Barnes 

Parker, Jean McCutcheon 

Parvin, Ralph S. t 

Paul, Glenn R 

Pemberton, Jr., Olson 

Pepper, Geraldine Hogan 

Pierce, Meredith Preston 

Pinneo, Rose W. 

Pratt, Theodore B. 

Price, Martha Badgett 

Procop, Kathleen Sullivan 

Reinhardt, Josephine Gillette 

Rock, Walter W 

Rose, Helen Airheart 

Rowan, Mary Morgan 

Rowley Jr., Edward R. 

Rowley, Esther Winn 

Schellenger, Mary Knight 

Schwarzwalder. Robert W. 

Sherman, Margaret McKirdy 

Shorten, Virginia Williams 

Slater, Marion Avakian 

Smartt, Eleanor Rocker 

Smith, Winifred Hope 

Sthreshley, Mary Josephine Jennings 

Stoffel, Ernest L. 
Van Cise, Oliver R. 
Vaughn, Edward C. 
Walton, Mary Jane Person 
Wegner, Muriel Geisler 
Williams, Rosemary Park 
Williams, Ruth Stribhng 
Wetmore, Virginia Wdliams 
Winkle, Glenn L. 
Yunker, A. James 
CLASS OF 1944 
President: Paul B. Smith 
Roll: 111 • Donors: 53 
Participation: 47.75% 
Total Gifts: $17,628.00 
Allen, Nettie Spraker 
Anderson, Meriam McGaha 
Buford. William A. 
Burgreen, Charles L. 
Cook, Jeana Eddleman 
Crawford, Jr., Samuel Earl 
Dillener, Helen Fisher 
Dillener. Jean Lehman 
Dillener, Jr., Leroy 
Doane, Victoria Hoole 
Dorn, Ann Horton 
Easter, Wallace Edward 
Evans, William W. 
Gent. Grace M. Betts 
George, Veronica Hansel 
Grosh, Frances Harris 
Hay. Margery Roth 
Heischman. Ralph E. 
Henley, Shirley Montgomery 
Hoelzer, Catherine Tomlinson 
Holland, Carol Markham 
Houser, Marion Schanck 
Johnson, Virginia Cain 
Kell, Ruth Aiken 
Kent, Mary Wintermute 
Kerr, Helen Anderson 
Kidder, Cordelia Dellinger 
Kiel, Johnnye Gudel 
Knaupp, LyleM. 
Manning. James H. 
Mazur, Sara Jo Boiling 
McClure, E. Ruth 
McLiverty, Marian Ruth 
Miller, Elizabeth J. 
Neill, Alice Mathews 
Patterson, Sara Cameron 
Paul, Evelyn Gregory 
Phillips Jr., Joel Rt 
Proffitt, Bobilee Knabb 
Pruitt, Lois Wall 
Reed, 0. Matney 
Rock, Betty Parker 
Rust, Hubert 

Sthreshley, Jr., Lawrence R 
Taylor, John C. 
Testa, Christine Holscher 
Tipton, Kathr)'n Woodward 
Van Cleve. Winifred Hart 
Van der Hoven, Mary Waisman 
Watts, Mary 
White, Viola James 
Wilson, Marion Stout 
Wilson, Samuel M. 
CLASS OF 1945 
Presideyn: Robert E. Seel 
Roll: 92 • Donors: 56 
Participation: 60.87% 
Total Gifts: $32,625.00 
Matching Gifts: $1,500.00 
Bardett, Marion Schneeweiss 
Benton, Matilda Housch 
Black, Donald E 
Black, Mary Curtis 
Bost, Lucile Cathey 
Bowditch, Miriam E. 
Cassile, Helen H. 
Christianson, Joyce Odom 
Coburn, Hope Pleyl 


Culver, Katherine A. Garvin 
DiStcfano, Dorothy Brown 
Dewees, Mary Noblit 
Dunaway, Marilyn Bryant 
Edwards, Frances Lane 
Fershee, Marian Metcalf 
Gates. J. Edward 
Gorton, Carol Gillette 
Griffin, Elizabeth Hoagland 
Hall, Martha Dean 
Hein, Winifred Sommers 
Hobart, Jr, Richard L. 
Hooper, Elizabeth CoUum 
Houdeshel, John H. 
Irshay, Phyllis 
Jamieson, Betty Ballard 
Kester, Lois Collect 
Lcming, Margaret Troutt 
Leonard, Jessie Fowler 
Long, Loren W. 
Lynn, Nancy Russell 
McCordic, Betsy Burleigh 
McDaniel, Beverly Jackson 
McGarey, Esther Farrow 
Petterson, Betty Jane Meyer 
Pemberton, Lisette Gessert 
Powell, Elaine Woods 
Regenbrecht, Rose Wells 
Remsberg, Grace Bowers 
Rogers, Beatrice Hunter 
Rosenfeld, Ethel Beall 
Schaller. Agnes Peterson 
Scott, John H. 
Seel, Robert E. 
Shaw, Kitt)' Loesch 
Smith, Margaret Caldwell 
Spickard, Jean Huddleston 
Spurlock. Virginia Smith 
Stricklett, Frances Smith 
Swartzback, Jane Hays 
Timbie, Barbara Buchanan 
Wcstbrook, Mable Marshall 
Williams, Trevor G. 
Wilson. Lois Graf 
Yohe, Lois Marian 
Yunker, Carolyn Harper 
Zuercher, Esther Cleaver 
CLASS OF 1946 
President: M. Louise Fulgham 
Roll: 98 • Donors: 41 
Participation: 41.84% 
Total Gifts: $38,383.21 
Matching Gifis: $100.00 
Barker, Eleanor Stout 
Barker, Robert S. 
Bell, Elizabeth Proffitt 
Blalock, Kathleen Glymph 
Brock, Lucille Sitler 
Buford, Elizabeth Copeland 
Chamblin, Isabel Muir 
Conrad, Mildred Waring 
Damerow, Nancy Bryant 
DuBois. Zenobia Bemardini 
Fulgham, Louise Corbett 
Gary, Margaret Witt 
Henderson, Thomas E. 
Houdeshel, Mary Jamison 
Jackson, Mary Elizabeth McKnight 
James. Helen Wilson 
Junkins, Mary Jo White 
Kabelka. Melba Holder 
Keen, Mary Wilkes 
King. Kate Reaves 
Leishman, Sara Crider 
Luttrell, Virginia Brown 
Martin, Emma MclnturfF 
Newman, Ethel Brocker 
Oplinger, Phoebe 
Pcrcival, Juanita Hinson 
Pope, George M. 
Proffitt, Walter D. t 

Purifoy, Betty King 

Rullman, Jane Trotter 

Scruggs, Margaret Cross 

Smith, Jean Smith 

Stone, H. Dean 

Tavasci, Minnie Davis 

Waggoner, Marinell Ross 

Watlington, Rosalind Garges 

Webb, Ruth Freeman 

Widner, Nelle Ousley 

Wooton, Jean Keen 

Wright, Frances Ashby 

Youngson, Jeanne Keyes 

CLASS OF 1947 

President - Harvey Reed Overton, Jr f 

Roll -92 • Donors -55 

Participation - 59.78% 

Total Gifts -$18,417.91 

Matching Gifts -$4,500.00 

Argie, Maybelle Rule 

Bauman, Ann Haygood 

Beals, Catherine Stout 

Bishop, Jay R. 

Bounds, Lilybel Gunn 

Brand, Charles A. 

Breazeale, Jr, JefTerson I. 

Case. Mary E. 

Coffey. Ruth Wood 

Congleton. Betty C. 

Cross. Elizabeth Showalter 

Depue. Fred M. 

Dockter. Jr. Albert W 

Eckhoff. Dorothy Jones 

Ezell. Winfred A. 

Fields, Harriet McKean 

Fuhr, June Garland 

Garza, Mary Ruth Barber 

Gilmore, Jackson M. 

Hancox, Doris White 

Herzberger, Robert D. 

Huffman, Ada Yadon 

Kemen, Beth Huftalen 

Kemp. W. Abbott 

Kramer. Frank A, 

Lacta. Doris Fischer 

Mathis. June Hamilton 

McArthur. Irvin K. 

McGarity, Jr, Owen 

Meineke, Howard A. 

Miller Mary Jane Tedford 

Miller, Mary Robarts 

Moore, John R. 

Munn, Sarah Enloe 

Murray, Earnestine Harrison 

Parkinson, Joan Liddcll 

Paxton, Charlotte Proffitt 

Purifoy, Jr, Lewis M. 

Renegar, D. Edward 

Renison. Christine Wilson 

Richardson. Jean Balch 

Schieber Leonard 

Schwanebeck. Judy Turk 

Shell. Gwendolen Rees-Jones 

Shell. John R 

Shults. Bobbie Reed 

Sidner. William J. 

Smith. Jayne Shouse 

Smith. Mary Dellinger 

Swartzback. Raymond H. 

Taylor. Aldyn Graham 

Van Der Kamp. Jean Magill 

Weiss. Gilbert E. 

Williams. Jean Messer 

Wilson, Frederick R. 

CLASS OF 1948 

President: Charles B. Hoglan, Jr. f 

Roll: 113 • Donors: 62 

Participation: 54.87% 

Total Gifts: $8,085.00 

Matching Gifts: $1,900.00 

Anderson, Nancy Metcalf 

Barbour, Katherine Johnson 

Barker Jean Cotton 

Boldrick. Mary Smith 

Brewer. Ruth Williams 

Brown, Lillian Linger 

Callahan. George E. 

Campbell. Janet L. 

Cardella. Matteo A. 

Carp, Rella Anderson 

Castle, Loretta Nunn 

Culpepper. Mildred Jones 

Dillener. John A. 

Ernest. Martha Scanlon 

Ernest, W Nelson 

Fleck, Peggy Milliken 

Fought, Betty Absher 

Garner, Janet Rich 

Garner, Jr, Robert H. t 

Gaughan, Melville H, 

Gillette, George F. 

Hall, Shirley Oshana 

Hasegawa, Anna Sakaizawa 

Heiss, Virginia Baier 

Householder Julia Pancoast 

Johnson, Dorothy Crowson 

Lootens, Carol Short 

Lundeil, Lavonne Heard 

Magliulo, Elaine Kern 

Massie, Florence Dillener 

Maxwell, Marian Weiler 

McGarit)', Lois Thomas 

Megaw, Evelyn R. 

Moore, Constance Hawkins 

Murray, Carl C. 

Ncreng, Beverly Muetzel 

Oakcs, Margaret Frazier 

Oines, Joanne Hart 

Paxton, Kenneth L. 

Pemberton, Samuel H. 

Potter Mildred Orr 

Powell. Lacy D. 

Pribble. Emily Leery 

Prochazka, Virginia Wood 

Reese. Joy Stewart 

Roberts, Mary Lawson 

Rock, Jean Cobb 

Roper, Elizabeth Crawford 

Ross, Kenneth W 

Russell, Harold M. 

Scruggs, Richard E 

Seymour, Wilbern B. 

Smilie. Richard S. 

Smith. Robert E 

Springer Evelyn Vaughn 

Still. Jr. Frank B. 

Talbott, C. Kenneth 

Wheeler Thomas V. 

White. Haydn 0. 

Wilson, Elizabeth Saint 

Wilson, Gelolo Kell 

Worman, Ella Thompson 

CLASS OF 1949 

President: Chester William Phillips 

Roll: 133 ' Donors: 79 

Participation: 59.40% 

Total Gifts: $19,08750 

Matching Gifts: $40.00 

Bailey. Jack W 

Barbour Donald S. 

Bennett. Ilda Mosby 

Bird. L. Ann Cook 

Bird. Robert J. 

Black. Betty Moser 

Black. Earl P 

Browne, James G. 

Campbell, G. David 

Campbell, Virginia Hand 

Carroll. Marguerite Priest 

Clarke. Argyle King 

Cooper Ruth Ramsey 

Crews. Ruthellen 

Crotinger, Carolyn Scruggs 

Curran, Bette Alverson 

Detrick, Arline Whiting 

Doyle, Clyde H. 

Etheredge, Theron T. 

Etzweiler Barbara Bertholf 

Fay. Mary Carver 

Frost, James B. 

Gardin. Henrietta Turner 

Gillespie, Marianna Hayes 

Gravely, Mary Wooldridge 

Haaf, Arthur R. 

Hancock, Harriett Perry 

Haxton, Phyllis Ratnard 

Hebele, Violet Summerville 

Hoover, Eleanor Hawley 

Hostettler, David P 

Houdeshel, WiOiam R 

Howard. Jack H. 

Hsu, Anna Stevens 

Huddleston, L. Jane 

Hunter William Harold 

Jenkins. Betty Emory 

Keely, John L. 

Keely, Margaret Rock 

Kribbs, Donald E. 

Kribbs, Vera Dockendorf 

Lazenby, Carl M. 

Leathenvood, Janice Lindsay 

Leisering, Margaret Brooks 

Lillard, Ellis Ray 

Lodwick, Hedwig Nabholz 

Mathis, John A. 

McKee, Gwyneth Williams 

Meadows, Naomi Hoifman 

Moore, Katherine Boyer 

Morrison, John H. 

Nead, Alfred H. 

Newman, James A. 

Norris, Dorothy Spencer 

Pancoast. Edwin C. 

Patulski. Katherine Carpenter 

Pelton. Loretta Crawford 

Pentz, Grace Cross 

Proffitt. Vera Lusk 

Proffitt, William E 

Rettke, Gordon H. 

Rettke. Marian Pope 

Richardett, Jr. Frederick S. 

Robinson. Geneva j. 

Rock. Alan E. 

Rodman. Janet Nisbet 

Ruggiero. Anne Childress 

Saunders. Helen Gentry 

Saunders. Raymond D. 

Smith. Barbara Eggelston 

Stovall. Virginia Gress 

Thurston. Maryjane Blizzard 

Van Kampen. Charlotte Laster 

Webb, Jr. Leslie E. 

Welch, Bernard E. 

Welch, Grace Hildebrand 

Williams. Dorothea Friedrich 

Wilson, Robert C. 

Wood, Evelyn Anderson 

CLASS OF 1950 

President: Henry A, Callaway, Jr, 

Roll: 184 • Donors: 112 

Participation: 60.87% 

Total Gifts: $521,948.37 

Matching Gifts: $3,950.00 

Althouse. Sue S. 

Argie. Roben D. 

Babb. Anne Cress 

Bacon, Charles E. 

Baird, James M. 

Baird, John S. 

Barnett. Curtis Wilson 

Baxter. John A. 

Bennett. Duncan C. 

Berrong. J. Leon 

Bishop, Lois Miller 

Boring, Alice Davenport 

Boring, Robert 

Btahams, Ellen Collins 

Braliams, Hairy G. 


Brewer, William T. 
Burchfield, Verna Henry 
Burkins, Ruth Heaps 
Butterworth, Beverly Moore 
Callaway, Jr., Henry A. 
Campbell, Margaret Cummings 
Carden, A. Eugene 
Carroll, Edna Mae Burkins 
Carroll, Sr., Grady Lee 
Chalker, William H. 
Claud, III, Joseph G. 
Cornett, Betty Crawford 
Cowan, Roger A. 
Crawford. Ann Parris 
de Nagy, Dolores Green 
Dean, Walter L. 
Doyle, Faye Robinson 
Duckeit, Charles 
Eastman, Elizabeth Field 
Elder, Elinor Goertz 
Ferris, John P. 
Flaherty, Mary Watt 
Forrester, G. Nelson 
Gay, Dorothy Stater 
Gearhart, E. Benson 
Hancox, Jack D. 
Handley, George E. 
Henry, Clifford H. 
Herron, Dorothy Lambert 
Hofferbert, Louis E. 
Holland, Elizabeth King 
Householder, James A. 
Hyatt, Don D. 
Kay, Michael 
Kay, Robert L. 
Kiger, Paul A. 
Lacy, Clare Bolton 
Ladner, Frank G. 
Lambert, Harold D. 
Lindsay, Jr., Carl L. 
Lowry, Jr., F. Houston 
Lugo, Jane McCullough 
Lum, Mabelle Fong 
Lyons, Sara Vawter 
Mabry, C. Charlton 
Marvin, James E. 
McCallum, Herbert M. 
McCammon, Donald R. 
McKee, James W 
McMahon, George T. 
McNiel, Paul R. 
McNiellJr., SruartP. 
Mock, Virginia Schwarz 
Myers, Ruth Rogers 
Naundorf, Charles H. 
Naundorf, Doris Smith 
Neff, Robert C. 
Nelson, Ethel A. 
Nish, Margaret Newland 
Nish, William W. 
Packard, Raymond A. 
Palmer, Mary Mills 
Pancoast, Eunice Billings 
Parsons, P Herbert 
Parvin, Charles C. 
Parvin, Lois Deobler 
Paxton, Anne Gates 
Paxton, Jr.. G. Ben 
Pribble, Noble E 
Pullan, Joyce Hampton 
Reid, Jack D. 
Roberts, Charles W. 
Rowley, Richard F 
Ruggiero, Daniel J. 
Ryan, Wanda Onifer 
Sheldon, Benjamin E. 
Slikas, Virginia Wood 
Smathers, Betty Smith 
Smith, Clifford G. 
Smith, Muriel Headrick 
Stanbery, Robert H. 
Stephens, Sarah Durant 
Stewart, Lambert E. 

Stovall, Thomas E 
Tulloch, Vendeda Huskey 
Vanderslice, Edward J. 
Vennema, Mar)' Holly Webb 
Walker, Hilda Roberts 
Wallin, Barbara G. 
Warner, Charles A. 
Welch, Winifred Schaumbiirg 
Weston, Helen Hair 
Whelan. Donald E. 
Wintcrmute, Orval S. 
Yeaworth, James T. 
Young, Jack C. 
Zifcak, Mae Meriwether 
CLASS OF 1951 
Presidait: James Paul Lester 
Roll: 138 • Donors: 90 
Participation: 65.22% 
Total Gifts: $22,831.67 
Matching Gifts: $1,500.00 
Baird, Jane McMillan 
Banks, Warren B. 
Barber, George P 
Beasley, Jr.Ted H. 
Berrong, E. King 
Branch, Jean Hunt 
Brown, Robert 0. 
Burchfield, Neal 
Cale, Lois Johanson 
Campbell, L. A. 
Campbell, Marion M. 
Carroll, William J. 
Carson, Lucy Carrick 
Castrodale, Emily Martenis 
Corbett, Carol 
de Nagy, Donald Parker 
de Nagy, Bruce S. t 
Dooley, James R. 
Dosker, Richard J. 
Dwyer, Beatrice Swanson 
Earisman, Delbert L. 
Evans, Jr., Lewis M. 
Farmer, Frank M. 
Farrar, Sarah Kemp 
Flood, Charles A. 
Forrester, Gerry Hopkins 
Frain, James E 
Gage, Glenn M. 
Grubbs, David H. 
Handley, Barbara McNiell 
Heaps, Henry W. 
Herring, Carl W 
Hyde, Vernon E. 
Isenberg, Richard C. 
Kees, Jr., Thomas S. 
Keller, Elmer Lee 
Keny, Raymond E. 
Kidder, Paul S. 
Kluth, Laurie Dale 
Kren, Patricia Love 
Laney, John William 
Larson, Mary Wills 
Larson, Robert A. 
Latham, James E. 
LeNoir, Jr., William C. 
Lester, Alice Huddleston 
Lester, James E 
Lester, Jr., Sherman N. 
Lowe, Eileen Coulter 
Martin, Janet Cummings 
McAfee, Wayne C. 
Milligan, Carolyn Balch 
Mize, Elmer E. 
Moore, Elizabeth Dunn 
Moore, John S. 
Moore, Wallace 
Morgan, Frances Barr 
Morton. Jr., Fred A. 
Morton. John E 
Motsinger, Xen K. 
Noble, Margaret Sangster 
Owens, Dora Smith 
Palm, Louise Lloyd 

Poland, Joseph R. 
Powell, Ruby Harris 
Proffitt, Robert D. 
Ribble, Richard B. 
Scheffey, Letitia Plowman 
Schuller, Hazel Holm 
Schwarzenberg, Ruth Nicholas 
Schwarztrauber, S. A. 
Shakley, Albert W 
Shimomura, Lincoln 
Shook, Rosalba Pascal 
Stamper, Mary Kennedy 
Stanfill, George 
Tait, Margaret Brown 
Thurston, James R 
Valentine, Earl H. 
Van Nest, D. Robert 
Van Pelt, Lienor Kramer 
Varker, William D. 
Vas, Edna Brown 
Walker. Donald G. 
Wallace, Hal M. 
Watt, James E. 
Williams, Robert R. 
Willingham, William W. 
Wintermute, Martha Parker 
CLASS OF 1952 
President: Ralph GrafThiesse 
Roll: 146 • Donors: 88 
Participation: 60.27% 
Total Gifts: $37,184.06 
Matching Gifts: $11,325.00 
Alexander, Ruby Laster 
Allen, Jr., Charles E. 
Allen, Gracie Scruggs 
Anderson, J. T. 
Bender, Carolyn Marshall 
Berkey, Carolyn Miller 
Beverage, Janet Kihlgren 
Boyd, Branin A. 
Boyd, Jessie Dye 
Brake, Lena McGaha 
Brown, Harriet H. 
Calhoun, Doris Somerville 
Callaway, James M. 
Cameron, Elizabeth Moore 
Carden, Ethel Caldwell 
Clarke, William T 
Coleman, Mary Lee Snoderly 
Cramer, Thomas W. 
Cuthill, Robert T. 
Drake, Emily McLain 
Duncan, Barbara Sandos 
English, Jr., Walter E. 
Enloe, Nannette 
Faulkner, Betty Lester 
Faulkner, William 0. 
Fleming, Ronald V. 
Fort, Joan Piatt 

Fredericks, Margaret Matterson 
Fuller, Robert S. 
George. Betty Roach 
Godwin, W Thad 
Grisso, Mary Kelton 
Hachten, Sue Watson 
Hayes, Joy 

Hendricks, Jr., John I. 
Herndon, Cora Anthony 
Hill, Dorothy Johnston 
Holsinger, Charles W 
Hutcheson, Carol Jones 
Johnson, Jr., Galen W. 
Jones, Thomas L. 
Keil, Mary Butts 
Kren, James L. 
Libby, Annabelle J. 
Lynn, Robert A. 
Mabry, Barbara Blum 
Matysek, Wilma Borter 
McClure, Margaret Shields 
McNiel, Katherine Blackburn 
Miles, Wesley P 

Montgomery, Mary Blackshear 

Morton, Mary Fox 

Moser, Robert W t 

Mussler, Edith Lancaster 

Newberry, Christine Stephens 

Osborn, Robert H. 

Owens, Russell C. 

Pearson, NealeJ. 

Pickett, Ann Leeder 

Poole, Fletcher T. 

Pribble, Mary Jo 

Ray, Richard E. 

Reaser, Clarence L. 

Robinson, William N. 

Rogers, Laura Pritchett 

Schwarztrauber, Beryl Stewart 

Schwenke, Charles W 

Shew, Sue Martin 

Smith, H. Davis 

Stoder, Janice Marion 

Sutton, Sarah Hale 

Terry, Margaret Warren 

Thomas, Nina Gillette 

Trentham, Dorothy Miller 

Upham, Joy Hickman 

Upham, W, Kennedy 

Van Pelt, W Austin 

Varnedoe, Elizabeth Thomas 

Vigh, Franks. 

Wallace, Larry 

Watts, Glenn E 

Weaver, Margaret Kettles 

Wheat, Gerald R. 

White, Oneda Whitehead 

Witherspoon, E. Newell 

Work, Elizabeth Dinkle 

Young. Bobbie Graves 

Zebley, Philip W 

CLASS OF 1953 

Presiclait: Curtis Bryan Wilbanks 

Roll: 136 • Donors: 79 

Participation: 58.09% 

Total Gifts: $11,065.50 

Matching Gifts: $750.00 

Addy, William C. 

Bender, Joseph M. 

Berrong, Mar)' Lambert 

Brace. Carolyn Symmes 

Brahams, Donna Baylor 

Brakebill, Don 

Brehme, Mary Sue Munson 

Bullock, Mary Jay Spencer 

Burchfield, Theron H. 

Burgos-Sasscer, Ruth 

Campbell, James C. 

Carpenter. George C. 

Dadisman, Phyllis West 

Daglian, Shirland Roussey 

Darroch, Trudy Furman 

Davis, Barbara Scott 

de Bakker, Jan B. 

Duke, Peggy-Ann Kessler 

Dumas, Jeannette Whitaker 

Durant, Jack D. 

Durant, Judy Johnson t 

Eaddy, E Conrad 

Earhart, Mary Grace Pritchard 

Ewing, Sally Ann Korz 

Flurkey, Emerson C. 

Fosso, Evelyn Fields 

Garren, W. Homer 

Glad, Harold L. 

Glanville, Maree Richards 

Greenly, Barbara Rogers 

Grubbs, Sue Summers 

Haylock, Arthur R. 

Haylock, Martha Higdon 

Heimlich, Fannie Weber 

Helwig. David E 

Holsinger, Nancy Rose 

Jeffrey, Gloria Hineman 

Kerr. Richard Y. 

Kotz, Nancy Rogers 


Kramer, Roy F. 

Kramer, Sara jo Emert 

Leech, Karole Kapp 

Marble, Shirley Atwell 

Matthews, Virginia Sanderson 

McMaster, Jeanette Wiley 

McNiell. Sarah Brown 

Merwin, Paul L. 

Miller. Bruce R. 

Miller, Isabel Leitch 

Morgan, Ruth Blackburn 

Newberry, Harr)' E. 

Nieto, Grace Greenawalt 

Nuckols. Catherine Snedeker 

Nystrom, Richard E. 

Pardoe. Dorothy Cooley 

Patton, Richard E. 

Pierrepont, Charles F. L 

Poovey William B. 

Raynal, Florence Clark 

Robinson, Mildred Cooper 

Roussos, Mary Lavton 

Schroeder, Alice Larson 

Schroeder, Charles A. 

Sider. William R. 

Sutton, Edith McMillan 

Thom, Richard C. 

Thurston, Betty Hyman 

Van AJst\'ne. ^Vthur J. 

Walker, Hugh H. 

Walton. Anne Snider 

Watt, Joan Duerig 

Wilbanks. Curtis B. 

Wiley. Bettv Hammers 

Williams, Zeb C. 

Wilson, Barbara Miller 

Woods, Janet A. f 

Work, Galen R. 

Wright. Barbara Murphy 

Yandle, Elizabeth Stiles 

CLASS OF 1954 

President: Jack Edward Maxwell 

Roll: 116 • Donors: 70 

Participation: 60.34% 

Total Gifts: S24. 103.25 

Matching Gifts: $1,250.00 

Abbott, Margaret Evans 

Abbott, Richard L. 

Anderson. John B. 

Anderson. William R. 

Baker. Evelyn Boughton 

Baker. Gareth D. 

Belcher, Janet A. 

Blackburn. Charles R. 

Bond, Mar)' Ferguson 
Bork. Sue Binnion 
Bryles. Moody C. 
Campbell, Janice Eakin 
Counts, Norris L. 
Crago, Ralph D. 
Gripe, Helen Pcm 
Cunningham, Dorothy Wells 
Darroch. James P. 
Dartnell. William H. 
Demer. Joan Douglas 
Duggar, Rolfe D. 
England, Jr., Marshall C. 
Erickson, Richard J. 
Evans, Margaret Reed 
Feehrer, Alice Kelly 
Feehrer, S. Wayne 
Freeman, Mary Bevan 
Garren. Frank H. 
Gates, David R 
Gentry, Glenn A. 
Gray, Wilma Trumbull 
Griffin. Barbara Beavers 
Hays-Elam, Dean Styles 
Howard, Carolyn Bearty 
Hoyer, Emily Smith 
Hunt, Carol Cornell 
Hunt, James A. 
Kabatt, Carol Demler 
Kincheloe, Carol Fraser 
Kron, Joanne Edwards 
Longee, Virginia Smith 
Lynn, Naomi Burgos 
McMillan, Roderick E. 
Moffett, Donald B. 
Moffett, Mildred Mowery 
Navratil, Nancy Naylor 
Paddock, Margaret Sparks 
Poovey. Marian Rice 
Renaker. Helen Drinnen 
Rjckabaugh, Homer 
Sangster, Robert A. 
Sexton, Patricia Halstead 
Sockwell, Ethel Shockley 
SocknA'ell, Max 
Spencer, leannine Fiori 
Squires, Carol Moore 
Squires. James T 
Stevens, Patricia Laing 
Strand, Jr., John A. 
Stubblefield, Helen Seay 
Townsend, Hazel Timblin 
Tuck, Kenneth D. 

Vogel. Eugenia Jackson 
Watts. Mary Ray 
Wilcox, Helen Miller 
Wiley, James 0. 
Williams, Anne Robison 
Winsor. Elvira Pierce 
Yoakum, Anna M. 
Zebley, Maryalice Moyer 
CLASS OF 1955 
President: William F. Davis 
Roll: 100 • Donors: 62 
Participation: 62.00% 
Total Gifts: $14.25616 
Matching Gifts: $1,600.00 
Adams, Grace Harrison 
Albert. Carolyn Lime 
Allen, Ruth Orr 
Bailey Frances Morris 
Cadin, Herbert H. 
Chambers, Henrietta Laing 
Clark. Robert F 
Counts, Lynn B. 
Crowder, Lou Hutson 
Curtis, Emma M. 
Davis, Sally Butts 
Davis, William E 
England, Diana Evans 
Erickson, Elizabeth Parrish 
Fechter, Sarah Pledger 
Fisher, James C. 
Flurkey, Edith Keenan 
Gilliland, JoeT. 
Hassall, Harr)' S. 
Hertei, Margaret Fisher 
Hodge, WilHamG. 
Howard. Sue Hutson 
Howland. Anne Buckley 
Hyne, Robert C. 
Jennings, Ronald C. 
Jones, Patricia C. 
Kauhl, Herbert P 
Keny, Jack M. 
Kesier, James W 
Laurice, Katherine Chase 
Lorenz, H. Roberts 
MacCall, Harry R 
McKean, Abigail Crosby 
McMillan, Natalie Prinzing 
Mills, Ohvia Vawter 
Neel, Donna French 
Nier, Robert E. 
Nystrom, Margaret Myers 
Parker, Nana' Rideout 

Top Support 


Class President 


Donors Participation 

Total Gihs 

1 1. 1950 

Henry A. Callaway 


112 60.87% 

$521,948.37 I 

2. 1970 

Peter W. Peterson 


70 47.30% 


1 3. 1940 

James H. Etheredge* 



} 55.66% 

$72,153.74 1 

4. 1936 

Mose H. Gamble* 


37 45.12% 


1 5. 1929 

Florian G. Hopkins* 




$55,235.00 1 

6. 1967 

John A. Kerr 


69 48.94% 


1 7. 1957 

Roy S. BuHat 



> 62.50% 

$40,103.00 I 

8. 1946 

M. Louise Fulgham 





1 9. 1952 

Ralph G. Thiesse 



J 60.27% 

$37,184.06 1 

10. 1963 

William Weissenburger 



) 39.22% 


Peeff, Mary Moody 
Petree, Kyle O. 
Ramsey, David A. 
Robinson, Harry R. 
Robinson, Rosa Bauerle 
Sangster, Dixie Conner 
Smith, Alice Buchanan 
Smith, Barbara Hubbard 
Smith, Barbara Innes 
Sohler, Ruby Roberts 
Thompson, Shirley Smith 
Thompson, Mary Ann 
Wagner, Jennie L. 
Waite, Carol Moore 
Watson, Pat Ingles 
Watt, Eileen Marion 
Weaver, Robert R 
White, S. Reed 
Wilkinson, Kenneth J. 
Williams, Donald B. 
Williams, George R. 
Young, Shirley Axley 
CLASS OF 1956 
President: James M. Cummings 
Roll: 134 • Donors: 89 
Participation: 66.42% 
Total Gifts: $24,583.07 
Matching Gifts: $2,850.00 
Adams, Don F. 
Amidon, Forrest 
Anderson, W Townsend 
Bielawa, Kathr)'n Garrison 
Biggs. Morgan H. 
Boggs, Bett)' Lou Cuder 
Bogia, Benjamin Preston 
Bogia, Lois Tinklenbcrg 
Borter, John P. 
Brian, S. Douglas 
Brickey, William T 
Bugenhagen, Thomas G. 
Chambless, Jacqueline Speigner 
Cummings, James 
Cureton, 111. Charles L. 
Ditzenberger, Carol Sleight 
Driver, Susan Cook 
Dunn, Charles D. 
Dunn, JoAnn Brooks 
Elwood. Bettie Carroll 
Fichter, Margallen Banna 
Fisher. Barbara Cech 
Ford, Donald R. 
Gilliland, Janet Whitmore 
Godfrey, Freeland T. 
Graulich, John R. 
Graves, John E. D. 
Grigsby, Edwin N. 
Hammontree, Carol Hutton 
Harman, Charles W. 
Hassall. CarolvTi Caner 
Helwig, Jean Kemper 
Herbert, Carol Summers 
Boaster, Elizabeth S. 
Hopkins, James W 
Horn, MI. Charles S. 
Horn, Elizabeth McKenney 
Hoyer, Albert S. 
Huajardo, Delores Woods 
Hughes, Nano' Dodge 
Hughes, Richard C. 
Hutton, Elizabeth Enloe 
Jackson. Morse R. 
Jones, J. Harold 
Kennedy, James H. 
Klein, Cornelia Force 
Kling, Marcia Williams 
Lamb, Charles F. 
Laster, Jr., James H. 
Easier, Madlon Travis 
McCutchen, Martha Jacbon 
McFarland, Charles E. 
McKean, Robert E. 
McLean, Ann Daniel 
McMaster, William M. 


Meneely, Myrna Ginaven 
Michie, Carol Coker 
Mize, Bob L. 
Morley, Faith Nollner 
Murphey, Elizabeth D. 
Norton, Clarence I. 
Painter, C. Leroy 
Pankratz. Ethelyn Cathey 
Paton. Ruth Nelson 
Patterson. Robert L. 
Petree, Roberta Myers 
Potts, Margaret F. 
Ratnget, Robert C. 
Sexton, Lynn E. 
Shackelford, Edgar R 
Shock, Barbara Berger 
Smith. Maryel Vogel 
Sneedjr., Guy W. 
Spalding, Nan Spivey 
Spurling, Bettj'e F^arrill 
Stater. Doris Glad 
Thiel. Donald I. 
Thorn, Emma Brown 
Torrance. Robert E. 
Unetic, Sara Davis 
Vousden, Katherine Kerns 
Wheatley, Mary Alice Brasfield 
Wheadey, Jr., William C. 
White, Margaret Blackburn 
Whitehouse, Lee Fowler 
Williams. David N. 
Williams. Esther Lerch 
Witherspoon, Mary Lee 
CLASS OF 1957 
President: Roy Samuel Buffat 
Roll: 120 • Donors: 75 
Participation: 62.50% 
Total Gifts: $40,103.00 
Matching Gifts: $1,750.00 
Abbott, Suzanne Burton 
Adams. Ill, Jacob B. 
Amidon, Katie Marston 
Anderson. John S. 
Ayers, Alice Blackburn 
Bishop, Patricia Hoover 
Bowman, Suzanne Jones 
Boyd, L. Adlai 

Bugenhagen, Katherine Leeth 
Campbell, Evelyn Blackburn 
Chapo, Frank K. 
Conklin, James W. 
Crouch, Jack H. 
Daugherty, Nancy Brown 
Davis, Joan M. 
Dent, Margaret Jones 
Dent, Jr., William H. 
Dragstedt, Natalie Richards 
Finertie, Robert W. 
Fisher, Clara Joe Minarik 
Fraelich, Jane Hussey 
Frissell, Charles R. 
Fuller, Perry T. 
Hall, Nancy Halliburton 
Hardin, Clara Gowans 
Hardy, George H. 
Henderson, Richard R. 
Hopkins, Elinor Bass 
Horn. Barbara Packard 
HufF, Laura Teague 
James, Marian A. 
Jenkins. Mary Morrell 
Jennings, Marilyn Baumgartner 
Knott, Elizabeth B. 
Lawson. Daniel J. 
Lorenz, Joan McNaughton 
Loven, Andrew W 
McCall, James E. 
McDaniels. Theodore C. 
McFarland, Jean Dildy 
Moen, Ann Yater 
Morley, Ronald B. 
Moyer, Mary Phipps 

Northcutt, Isabel Easley 
Norton, Grace Roberts 
O'Bannon. Harold R. 
Perry, Thomas Lee 
Rahn, Mary Ann Worley 
Reeves, Joel E. 
Reeves, Nancy Barton 
Rennet, Helen Hasenstab 
Runyon, Joyce M. 
Schofield, WiUiam E. 
Selander, GuyT. 
Sieber, Graeme W 
Sieber, Mildred Beard 
Spining. Martha Brogden 
Stabley, Jr., Bernard D. 
Stater, Joseph 
Stuart, Marian Hina 
Stubblefield, Douglas N. 
Tedford, Barbara Wilkie 
Tedford, Sidney H. 
Tomlinson, LaviniaLee 
Toomey, Kent E. 
Waters, Jerry E. 
Wathen, Carol Lacy 
Whaley, Earl R. 
Wilkinson, Ann Fulton 
Williams, Jane Robison 
Williams, Jean Boyd 
Wilson, Jama Lane 
Wilson, Ted B. 
Wyman, E Laurence 
Wyman, Louise Ogden 
CLASS OF 1958 
Presidait: William C. Heird 
Roll: 125 • Donors: 67 
Participation: 53.60% 
Total Gifts: $10,389.50 
Matching Gifts: $2,800.00 
Allen, Thomas B. 
Baker, Robert E 
Barber, Barbara Godshalk 
Barber, James R. 
Barnard, Reba Roberts 
Beam, Robert G. 
Birkelbach. Clement 
Blackburn, Elizabeth Walton 
Bollman, Jay W. 
Bowers, PaiJa Cox 
Bridgeland, Ann Murray 
Brown, Robert H. 
Cooper, Z. Vernon 
Counts, Katrina Wells 
Davies, Bobbye Carson 
Dietz, Nancy Givin 
Ezelle, Anita Cole 
Fields, Carolyn Cones 
Flanigan, Judith Strahorn 
Flynn, Patrick D. 
Franklin, Helen E, 
French. Jack G. 
Fuhrmann, Anna Allcroft 
Gill, Kay Henry 
Gilreath, Sidney W 
Hansen, Jr., William A. 
Hassall, Robert E. 
Hassall, Sue Nelson 
Huxtable, Mary Walker 
Jones, Jeanne Berger 
Kaiser, George L. 
Karl, Iris Abbott 
Kendrick, Betty Springstead 
Krebs, Eleonore Koster 
Krogh, Robert C. 
Lundberg, Bruce N. 
Marsh, James M. 
McFarland, Lewis M. 
Nix, Ralph L. 
O'Bannon, Amelia Maples 
Owenby, Don 
Peschel, Jane Bradfield 
Platz, Gerald R. 
Quinn, Beverly Tillman 
Quinn, Joseph E. t 

Ramsey, Margaret Connolly 
Roberts, Jr. WillardV. 
Robertson, Shirley Napier 
Sanner, Fredrick C. 
Shackelford, Nancy Jones 
Shafer, Jon D. 
Shearer, Lewis I. 
Smith. June Keeney 
Spalding, Jr., James B. 
Spurling, Margaret Merritt 
Stinecipher, Grace M. 
Swanson, Corita Erwin 
Taylor, Sherrie Martin 
Torrance, Carol Schade 
Ward, Christopher B. 
Whitelock, Alan W. 
Wiley, Dan W. 
Williams, John R. 
Williamson. Max 
Woodhull, Gtetchen Hill 
Yoakum, Jimmv H. 
CLASS OF 1959 
President: John B. Emery, Jr. 
Roll: 12-i • Donors: 70 
Participation: 56.45% 
Total Gifts: $13,208.50 
Matching Gifts: $750.00 

Anderson, Judith Trnavsky 
Best. Bett)' Boone 
Block, Alice McCombe 
Bollman, Louise Pratt 
Brigham, Carol Morgan 
Buddie, Suzanne Tourtelotte 
Cantley, Marjorie Hunter 
Childress. Denver R. 
Conklin, Paul C. 
Crouch, Linda Hayes 
Cruze. Elizabeth Bixler 
Cureton. Mary Pakosh 
Dolch, Thomas E. 
Dominick, Jane Marshall 
Emery, Jr, John B. 
Evans, Jr., Thomas T 
Frauman. Theodore E. 
Freund, Janet Smith 
Garcia, Frank 
Gilmour, III, Daniel N. 
Greenawalt, Bruce S. 
Hafemeister, Georgene Rohlander 
Herbert, Jr., Charles M. 
Higcrd.Il, RobertJ, 
Hill. Donald J. 
Hill, Vesta Travis 
Holgate, Esther Balph 
Hunter. Virginia Lurton 
Johnston. Patricia Fahl 
Jones, Richard E. 
Kaiser, Judy Cummings 
Krebs, Edward S. 
Lynch, Mary Newton 
Lynch, William A. 
MacNeill, Sandra 
Marston, Joan 
Mays, Harold D. 
McCall, Colleen Crawford 
McLeod, Joan Johnston 
Mouton. Stephen E. 
Mueller, Barbara A. 
Mull, Donald R. 
Nier, Joyce Hierhager 
Parks, Patricia H. 
Pennock, William R. 
Pretti, Sarah Rupp 
Ribbte, Nancy Stere 
Richardson, Sue Trotter 
Roberts. Joan Schultz 
Rooker, Barbara Coates 
Russell, J. Allen 
Samples, Robert F. 
Schubert, Dorothy Hembree 
Smith, Robert D. 

Smith, Wesley Earl 

Snipes, Nancy Jones 

Stabley, Hillis McKamey 

Talbot, Lyie E. 

Tauber, Mary Murphey 

Townsend, Ruth Terhune 

Tropansky, Barbara Davis 

Tropansky, Joseph L. 

Welsh. Elizabeth S. 

West. Carol Ann 

Wiley, Gray Clarke 

Williams, Sally Lumley 

Woodhull, Jack 

Wyman, Joann Antes 

Yoakum, Mary Ann Phipps 

CLASS OF 1960 

President: Sheridan H. Greaser 

Roll: 103 • Donors: 53 

Participation: 51.46% 

Total Gifts: $32,592.09 

Matching Gifts: $1,750.00 


Abbott, R Don 

Ayers, Ralph E. 

Bair, Carolyn Thomas 

Bardsley, Graham E 

Barnes, Miriam Briggs 

Bilbrey, Carolyn Bohanan 

Bowers. Wilburn R. 

Buddie, Donald E. 

Bunker, Douglas W. 

Burger. Linda Messer 

Burger. Paul 

Burgos, Joe A. 

Carpenter, Ann Barnes 

Coates, Dona Sarver 

Crissman. Charles E. 

Cureton, Bryant L. 

Davies, Robert G. 

Eldridge, Judith E. 

Ellis, Jr., DorseyD. 

Ellis, Sondra Wagner 

Farris, Charles J. 

Fellner, Dorcas Curtis 

Gabrielian, Leon 

Greaser, Sheridan H. 

Hall, Helen Rankin 

Hargis, Ruth Sexton 

Higerd, Evelyn Crane 

Jones, Helen Moore 

Justice, Charles L. 

Justice, Patricia Young 

Kay, Reda E. 

McCuen, Jr., R. Howard 

McDaniel, Nancy Braden 

McDaniels, Margaret Longfellow 

McFarland, Joan Menk 

Mcllwain, Anna Keitt 

Moody, Susan Fowell 

Nelson, Mary-Gray Goodwin 

Patterson, Norman R. 

Popken, Margaret Reynolds 

Potter, Rosemary Lee 

Randon, Ronald 

Rhodes, Lessie Anne 

Schooler, Lee Gageby 

Smith. Jr, Edgar W 

Smith, Julia Sanderson 

Snider, Jane Planitzer 

Steptoe, Margaret Sample 

Stewart, Charlotte Cathey 

Stewart, George Y. 

Ward, Maryanne Braidwood 

Watson, Ann Newcomer 

CLASS OF 1961 

President: Donald W. Harward 

Roll: 106 • Donors: 60 

Participation: 56.60% 

Total Gift: $19,326.67 

Matching Gifts: $450.00 

Birch, Bonnie J. 

Brown, Harold S. 

Brovm, Nancy Hord 


Burkhardt, Robert E. 
Chase, Ruchanne Campbell 
Coen, Caroly^n Siera 
Crisp, William A. 
Darling, Mary E. 
Duggan, Robert 
Dvkscra. Terry Dick 
Eaddy. Virginia Bass 
Elayan, Sandra Brooks 
Emmert, Robert 
Evers. Una Rankin 
Gavic, Carole Black 
Gilmore, David L. 
Gilmour. Zaida Brown 
Hall, Alma Kidd 
Hall, Gary W. 
Harward, Donald W. 
Heard, Sylvia Fugate 
Henry, George B. 
Hertzler, Carolyn Gass 
Holley, Miry James 
Ivey, Nancy Martin 
lablonski.T. Henry 
Jackson, Mary Fagan 
lohnston, Dan E. 
Kelso, Sarah Shelley 
Kennedy Karen E. 
Krogh, Linda Dobson 
Morrison, Jr., Fred G. 
Mouton. Patricia Penland 
Myers, Harriette Blankenship 
Nabors, Gretchen Ide 
Odell, C. Lee 
Owenby Ninajo Tarver 
Page, Gay Landis 
Page, Harry M. 
Parse, Katherine Eisenhart 
Pearson, Charles P 
Poland, George W. 
Rechtin. Phyllis Hembree 
Ribble. Margie Stevenson 
Roberts, Linda C. 
Roselli, G. Craig 
Scott, Jr., Thomas S. 
Smith, Cheryl Gould 
Smith, KathrynA. 
Snider, Linwood E 
Stearns, Martha Messman 
Stefanic, Jean Geisky 
Stratton, Carolyn Lacy 
Talmage, Jr., John E. 
Watson. Robert H. 
Webb, Eleanor Kenst 
Weyer, Emma Hofmann 
White, Gloria Schwam 
Woodby, Bill 
Wormsley Harlan 0. 
CLASS OF 1962 
President: Lewis E. Pelkey 
Roll: 153 • Donors: 57 
Participation: 37.25% 
Total Gifts: $10,457.50 
Marching Gifts: $190.00 
Aldridge, Patricia Baker 
Barbour, Janet Kilgard 
Bennett, E. Jane 
Blankenship, Anne Morrell 
Breitenhirt, Joel K. 
Coup, James 
Crawford, Thomas H. 
Crissman, Faye Shelton 
Davis, Marguerite Gilly 
Desmond, Rachael Goddard 
Donaldson, Raymond T. 
Eaddy John A. 
Ford, Arlene S. 
Gilmore, Elsie Harris 
Greene, Wilma K. 
Grote, Jeffrey R. 
Hall, Miriam Nightingale 
Hartley, Judith Hirst 
Hoop, Nancy Hulbert 
Hughes, Glenda Gray 

Jacknian, Donald C. 

Jacobs. Nancy Frame 

Jarrett, Evelyn Brackbill 

Johnston. Martha Turnbull 

Johnston, Robert K. 

Kennedy Ann Kennedy 

Kruhm, Jeanne Wilson 

Malcom, Nona Roll 

Mason, Donna Jensen 

McCracken, Charlotte Murchison 

McFerren, Donald C. 

Mease, Larry B. 

Moffett, R. Blair 

Moon, Sandra Chidester 

Neff. Rebeccah Kinnamon 

Nishimura, Mikiko Shimizu 

Nooe, Roger M. 

O'Shea, Lynne Parks 

Owenby Billy M. 

Perkins, Jane Allen 

Poland, Carol Greenwood 

Ragsdale, Lois Lockett 

Rechtin, James L. 

Reichenbach, Robert 

Reidenbach, Robert E. 

Riden, Patricia Hundley 

Stearns, Larry M. 

Sterner, Dale V. 

Stoelting, Anne Nakamura 

Stupak, Donald B. 

Talmage. Sylvia Smith 

West, David C. 

Williamson, Susan Stewart 

Wills, Eleanor Ross 

Wills, Jr., Reese M. 

Wylie, Sharon A. 

Zumbro. Patricia Davis 

CLASS OF 1963 

President: William Weissenburger, Jr. 

Roll: 153 • Donors: 60 

Participation: 39.22% 

Total Gifts: $33,560.64 

Matching Gifts: $287.50 

Barnes. Clarissa Seely 

Bearry, Mary I. 

Blank, Rosalind Brown 

Bonney Grace Rosser 

Bruce. Jr., Herbert E. 

Bucher, G. Scott 

Bunker, Nanc\' Kinsman 

Burgos. Janice Walters 

Burness. Hildegarde Shaw 

Callaway David H. 

Callaway Sue McCoy 

Clark, Sharon Jones 

Clopton, Linda 

Cortese, Alda 

DePaola, Laura Compton 

Diehl, Jacqueline Waddell 

Easter, Jackie L. 

Ehasz.John M. 

Eslinger, Phillip W 

Fink, Joseph H. 

Franks, Mildred Miles 

Garloch, Gail 

Gillespie, Ann Kuykendall 

Gossweiler. Jr., Richard C. 

Gross, Judith Mikeal 

Hanton. Dorothea Saint 

Hanvard, Ann Mcllhenny 

Ihrig, Arthur M. 

Jefferies, Robert A. 

Jefferies, Sylvia Gilmore 

Koerselman. Carolyn Lurcott 

Kren. John E 

Mahley Robert W. 

Martin. Sarah Cook 

Mather. Elizabeth Fuqua 

McDonald, Carl P 

Miller, J. Dennis 

Minehart, H. Kent 

Moore, Connie Myers 

Morris, Linda Wherry 

Nooe, Carol Cox 
Park, Joy Godbey 
Rehm. Bradford E. 
Rehm, Patricia Crossley 
Renfro. Jr.. James C. 
Schember, George R. 
Schroeder, Patricia Adkins 
Shudy, Phyllis Tepper 
Smith, David R. 
Sterner, Madeleine Wilson t 
Stoner. Jeanne Price 
Stupak, Beverly Ball 
Tooker, Perry 0. 
Turner, Brynda Dalrymple 
Vann. Janie Swetnam 
Weissenburger, Lois Jones 
Weissenburger, Jr., Wdliam 
Wengert, Betty Sue Talbort 
Williamson, Frances Arnold 
Ziegler, Edward L. 
CLASS OF 1964 
President: Albert B. Randall 
Roll: 150 • Donors: 67 
Participation: 44.67% 
Total Gifts: $14,455.00 
Matching Gifts: $550.00 
Addy Mary L. 
Allen, J. David 
Bangert, Mary Dilkes 
Birch, Barry S. 
Birch, Susan Kisch 
Blanchard. Cynthia 
Blankenship, C. Hall 
Boone. Mary Gleason 
Brown, Alice Lewis 
Brown, Philip C. 
Carleton, Deanna Sturgell 
Carlisle, Christopher D. 
Clark, Robert C. 
Compher, Jr., Keen 
Coon, Virginia L. 
Cooper, Gerald H. 
Crawford, Patricia Anderson 
Dearcopp. Janet M. 
Deisch, Shirley Mease 
DeWeese. William 0. 
DeWitt. Martha Bess Ellis 
Dodson, Michael J. 
Durham, Wayne B. 
Elly Ronald D. 
Ferraro. Mar>' Pettigrew 
Fink, Lois Anthony 
Fox, Ruth Light 
Gordon, Caitlin Sturmfels 
Graham, Carol Wood 
Green, Carol Rugh 
Harris, Sharon Walrond 
Heckler, Harry L. 
Heckler. Miriam Stults 
Hensley H. Bruce 
Herron, Arthur J. 
Herron, Jane Hickey 
Hodgson, Jr, William C. 
Ihrig. Ann Stimson 
Jenkins. Paul B. 
Koo, Ronald Y. 
Leland, John W 
Mahley, Linda Kenzie 
Mansell, Ruth McCown 
Marston, David W. 
McGruthcr, Robert R. 
Monroe, Jane McDade 
Morris, Terry L. 
Napier. Susan Quigg 
O'Neill, Patricia A. 
Orr. Virginia Duval 
Paul. H. Edward 
Perry, Peggy Williams 
Pounds, Janet Purcilla 
Putman, Gayle Eggers 
Quigley Martha Hall 
Schloegel, Carol Brown 
Skeen, James N. 

Spangenberger, Sandra Stewart 
Spangler, Beverly Wells 
Spangler, JohnJ. 
Spraea, Webb E 
Tankersley, Nancy Pierce 
Thompson, E. Roger 
Tooker, Gail Bielby 
West, David L 
Wheeler, Kathy Ford 
Wolfe, Roberta Bryson 
CLASS OF 1965 
President: Gerald W. Stewart 
Roll: 149 • Do7iors: 71 
Participation: 47.65% 
Total Gifts: $8,812.50 
Matching Gifts: $150.00 
Ashworth. Virginia Brown 
Atkins, Jeanni 
Bacon, Barbara Pettigrew 
Bell, Jerry D. 
Besch, Mary Kent 
Bigart, Bruce T. 
Bogart, Lloyd M. 
Boyd. Richard C. 
Brown. Shirley Ann 
Bruce, Charlotte Speigner 
Burke, Elizabeth Lee 
Chaki, John J. 
Chambers, Patricia Dobbin 
Claar, Nancy White 
Clinkman, Jr., John D. 
Coggin, Judith Walters 
Cones, Jr., Harold N. 
Cones, Linda Schug 
Conklin. Carole Webster 
Conklin, David R. 
Cook, Martha E. 
Copeland. Harold W. 
Cothroll, Victoria Green 
Damron, Linda Vansant 
DiGiacomo, Cecelia Bridges 
Dungan, Janice Rickards 
Edelman, Dennis Q. 
Elly Ellen Saint 
Foust, Carolyn A. 
Futcher, Jr.. Joseph M. 
Graham, Allan D. 
Gregory. Michael C. 
Guellnitz, Arlene Pateman 
Hastings, Marcia Hickey 
Hoke, Allans. 
HufF, Carolyn 
Hughes. Bruce S. 
Hutchison. Jr., Robert E. 
Jerome, G. Philip 
Kerr, W. Ross 
Ketchum, Alice Brownlee 
King. David S. 
King. Patricia Murphy 
Laster. W Harold 
McGruther, Nancy Buckwalter 
Mitchell, ludy Wasson 
Mitchell. William M. 
Monroe, Benny R. 
Moyers, Gail Wilkes 
Moyers, Michael C. 
Napier, William J. 
Nichols, lohn W. 
Paul, Jr., Robert G. 
Petty, Roger T 
Rineer, Daniel A. 
Scheideler, Joseph L. 
Schember, Jeanne Steele 
Schuler, Ann Alexander 
Seeley, Ann Doscher 
Shafer, Arlene Larsen 
Spencer, Jack N. 
Steele, Jr., John I. 
Stewart, Gerald W. 
Thalacker, Lorraine Bri^s t 
Tocci, Frances Black 
Tower, Janet Courly 


Trout, Mary Lou Fuller 
Wells. Randall A. 
Williams. Constance H. 
Wrought, Judith Martin 
CLASS OF 1966 
Presidait: 0. Reed Tarwater 
RolL 133 • Donors: 66 
Participation: 49.62% 
Total Gifts: $5,983.51 
Matching Gifts: $200.00 
Barbee, Patsy Burch 
Barr, Nancy Hooven 
Bell, janis Rose 
Bennett. Dorothy Heismeyer 
Bergman, Eric L. 
Bergman, Sue Haldeman 
Berry, Louise Crawford 
Bonham, Sherry Proffitt 
Boresen, Jane Brenckman 
Brown, Susan Sober 
Caldwell, Audrey Poore 
Campbell, Dwight H. 
Covert, William 0. 
Dalton, Mike 
Dixon, Eugene B. 
Dye, David R. 
Ellison. David J. 
Espy. Marjorie Wismer 
Frey, Wayne 

Gaidry, Elizabeth Robinson 
Gross, Margaret B. 
Henry, Susan Laymaster 
Howard. W. Lynn 
Humphrey, Charles R. 
Humphrey, Judith Jenkins 
Jenkins, Martha Miller 
Komon. Ellen Lankenau 
Long, Stanford W. 
Main, Corliss Vogel 
Malloy. Martha Weaver 
Marshall, Richard J. 
McCampbell. Hugh S. 
McGowan, Dennis C. 
Miller, Sara Mason 
Millin, Paul H. 
Murphy, Ruth Hults 
Noble, Johanne Ibsen 
Palmer, Edna Beatty 
Papp, Martin J. 
Parker, Sara J. 
Powell, David R. 
Pryor, James W. 
Reed, Richard B. 
Reese, Marcia Bishop 
Resch, Elizabeth Lender 
Reynolds, Jean 
Sarver, Helen Ryan 
Schwister, Ann Layman 
Seitz, Henry W. 
Shaklee, Margaret E. 
Short, Charlotte Devine 
Sikes. Lewright B. 
Sochocky. Betty L. 
Steckel, Barbara Bullard 
Steele, Joy Hutcheson 
Stocum, Helen Griffin 
Tiffany, Celia C. 
Tylka, Diane Kline 
Viney Susan Foreman 
Whitney, Elizabeth Brown 
Wood, Jr., W. Lupton 
Woodby, Patricia Higdon 
Worobrow, David R 
Young, Jane Stapp 
Young, Paul E. 
Zitzner, Nancy Muller 
CLASS OF 1967 
President: John A. Kerr, Jr. 
Roll: 141 • Donors: 69 
Participation: 48.94% 
Total Gifts: $50,970.70 
Matching Gifts: $2,000.00 
Beard, Marvin R. 

Berry, David R. 
Bogle, Janet L. 
Boney Betty Currie 
Breckenridge, James M. 
Bright, Judith Hannah 
Christy, Jr., Kenneth L. 
Clark, Marilyn Rankin 
Cotton, Marilyn Caldwell 
Cox, Meredith Pierce 
Dorner. Katharine Hinger 
Doscher, Frederick C. 
Doscher, Margaret MofFett 
Dye. Margarette Mahon 
Eaton, Carrie Osikowicz 
Eaton, Harry Raymond 
Gibboney, Pamela Fredrickson 
Gifford, James M. 
Gilmorc, Charles C. 
Goodish, Katherine Schussler 
Greenawald, Marjorie Koehler 
Guidinger, Florence Corbett 
Hamilton, Miriam Peterson 
Harmon, William E. 
Harris, David C. 
Hart. Robert L. 
Hemphill, Ingrid Hellmer 
Hess, Martha 
Hitchens, Barbara Goode 
Hitchens. Kenneth R. 
Howard. Christine Lundstedt 
Hutchison, David P 
Hutchison, Elizabeth Doran 
Jenkjns, Carol Kaufman 
Koob, Carol Pusey 
Lucas, Marsha Burkhart 
Manrod, Margaret Bembower 
Marston, Linda Zacherle 
Masker, Martha Frazier 
McCumber, Catherine Wissler 
McNair, R. Kirk 
Messenger, Mary Jo McConeghy 
Miller, Karl W. 
Moore, Rachel Wood 
Muntz, Ibbiejack 
Pigge, Joyce Ann 
Fletcher, Heather Van Dyke 
Porter, William H. 
Price, Margaret Siefken 
Quarles, Dorothy Sansbury 
Richesin, Marty Lowe 
Rowett, Richard L. 
Rucker, Mary M. 
Scheideler, Christine Scott 
Schieve, Valinda Mondul 
Shauger, Joyce Bryan 
Smith, Edward D. 
Smoot, Jr., John M. 
South, E. Wayne 
Spencer, Linda Hayes 
Steel, Hazel Deweese 
Stewart, Reva Roark 
Story, Donald W. 
Terrill, David G. 
Thompson, Jeanne Graham 
Webb, Jr., Wiley E. 
White, David A. 
Wolfe, III, John G. 
Wortman. Jean Donohue 
CLASS OF 1968 
President: M. Davis Miller, I! 
Roll: 152 • Donors: 71 
Participation: 46. 71 % 
Total Gifts: $8,827.70 
Matching Gifts: $275.00 

Atkinson, Beverly Minear 
Beatty, Helen G. 
Beaulieu. Jean Ferguson 
Best, Jr., Edwin J. 
Brackbill. Donald L. 
Braymer, John W. 
Braymer, Meta Robinson 
Bright, Russell J. 

Brown, Cathy E 
Casey, Susan Scott 
Chesney, Roberta 
Christy, Katherine Doane 
Cohen, Linda McNait 
Cole, Lynn L. Ramsey 
Crown, Leigh Ogburn 
Davis, Ibby Shelley 
Dockery, Stephen T 
Edwards, Diane Hall 
Erwin, Jenny Jett 
Gamble, Douglas A. 
Garlinghouse, Gail Bock 
Goddard, Barbara Turpin 
Greene, Janet Wells 
Harris, Judy Johns 
Heiser, Linda Paulson 
Helms, Trudy Cochran 
Hogue, Jr., James L. 
Hogue, Sherry Wood 
Landolt, Alice Junkin 
Lucas, Robert M. 
Malloy, Jr., Joseph J. 
McCampbell, Ralph L. 
Messenger. Scribner A. 
Meyer, Gary R. 
Morris, M. Allen 
Newman, Howard A. 
Nicholas, Robert B. 
Piper, Coleman 
Proffitt, Janet Schaffer 
Pryor, Martha Anderson 
Quarles, Dan R. 
Ramage, Wanda Hannah 
Ridings, Charles D. 
Roberts, Elizabeth Trent 
Rochelle, Dorothea Woodall 
Rose, Denise Meury 
Rupe, Laurie Waller 
Rupe, Jr., Orus 
Schulte, Barbara Woodworth 
Smith, Bruce P 
Smith, Lizabeth Patterson 
South, Anita Emerick 
Stead, Batbara Lewis 
Stevenson, Richard R. 
Sydell, Barbara Roberts 
Taylor, Janet Krause 
Terwedow, Susan Anderson 
Thompson, Linda Roselli 
Todd, Carol Cocke 
Wald-Hopkins, Christine 
Waldrop, Betty Milam 
Walker, E. Gayle 
Williamson, Margaret Miller 
Win term ute, Steve 
Wood, Betty Abrahamson 
Wood. Jr., George V. 
Wood, Patricia Feller 
Wood, Ronali Anderson 
Wylie, Virginia Roseborough 
Yates, Jr., Richard G. 
CLASS OF 1969 
President: Alan G. Cropper 
Roll: 135 • Donors: 69 
Participation: 51.11% 
Total Gifts: $20,315.00 
Matching Gifts: $375.00 
Apelgren, Sally Green 
Ash-Larson, Beverly 
Atchley S. M. 
Bailey, Linda Keeble 
Bailey, Sharon Pusey 
Bakelaar, John 

Batchelder, Kathleen Musgrave 
Berg, Linda Neel 
Bettis, Phillip H. 
Blanchard. Jane 
Bridges, Kathryn Ann 
Brown, George W. 
Childs, Brian H. 
Chris to fferson, Mary Catherine 
Clinton, Mary Schussler 

Crawford, David N. 
Cropper, Alan G. 
Davies, Charles M. 
Dawson. Joseph M. 
Dawson, Sue Anthony 
Dixon. Diane Wood 
Dorner. Stephen R. 
Dorsett. Terry E. 
Fawcett, Ellen GoiJd 
Ferguson, Penny Blackwood 
Fershee, Susan J. 
Gibbons, Linda Reifenkugel 
Gillespie. Jean Hobson 
Goodwin, Melody Thurman 
Graves, Alida McArthur 
Harner, III, Robert L. 
Hollingsworth, David J. 
Hummel, Nancy Davidson 
James, Mary Paddison 
Johnson, Brenda Laipply 
Karns, Richard E. 
Ketchum, Susan K. 
Kirkham, Nancy Hyde 
Kusek, Robert J. 
Masker. Arthur S. 
McMaster, Joy Eichhorn 
Moore, Jr.. James C. 
Moore, Sue Edwards 
Nicholas, Frances Babelay 
Owings, Sharon L. 
Peter, Car! L. 
Peterson, Nancy Eaker 
Phillips, Robert B. 
Piper, Penny Proffitt 
Rankin, William C. 
Reiter, Paul T 
Rigell, Ann Litde 
Rigell, Craig D. 
Robins, Alexander S. 
Rostan, June M. 
Slaybaugh, Charles H. 
Smith, Joyce Reimers 
Stevenson, Susan Carr 
Stoker, Darrell J. 
Stoker, Noreen Bovis 
Talley, George N. 
Talley, Waynetta Bays 
Washburn, Robert W. 
Weaver, Alice E. 
Webb, Joyce Leibundguth 
Wilson, Brian T. 
Wood, W Scott 
Yeager, Ann White 
CLASS OF 1970 
President: Peter W. Peterson 
Roll 148 • Donors: 70 
Participation: 47.3% 
Total Gifts: $102,649.73 
Matching Gifts: $7,075.00 
Abel, Linda Gleeson 
Abel, Robert M. 
Alderson, Thomas V. 
Arhngton, William J. 
Bercaw, Dean A. 
Berkemeier, Linda Jones 
Buermann, Ann Briggs 
Callies, Fred C. 
Chase, Thomas 
Cholminsky, Neil S. 
Coates, Robert L. 
Coghill, Jeffrey J. 
Cooper, Janelle Van Metre 
Creecy, Janie McGehee 
Davies, Jean Griffith 
Dildine, Betty Graham 
Dildine, Lynn L. 
Dyer. Marian Erdman 
Ellis, Stephen 
Ferguson, Samuel L. 
Fisher, Carl D. 
Freeman, Cynthia Paxton 
Gibbons, Raymond G. 


Gilmore, Vera Wilson 

Graham, Thomas A. 
Grandcll. Darnel Birtcil 
Held. John W. 
Hickman, G. Donald 
Hulen, Dianne Vogel 
Huien, Stephen B. 
Humph revs- Barlow, Diane 
Hurst. Sue 

Johnston, Christ)- Nilsson 
Julyan, Candace Parkhursi 
Klein. Gail J. 
Kunz, Mary Harris 
Lamm. Christine 
Lampe, George N. 
Libert, III. William Henr)' 
Macy, Jr., Robert L. 
Macy. Sallie Davidson 
Mancinelli. Judith Young 
Marx, Patricia Hall 
Mathieson, Carol Fisher 
McLart)', Miriam Gillespie 
Minch. Margaret Spurling 
Mitchell. Robert W 
Peterson, Peter William 
Pigman, Ola Pitman 
Pteston, Charlene Williams 
Pruden, A. Lorette 
Rammer. Sue Kindred 
Roberts, John L. 
Rose, F. Larry 
Rosser. Cynthia 
Sharpe, Larry S. 
Siera, Steven G. 
Singleton, J. Knox 
Singleton, Peggy Tucker 
Smith. Barbara Grinstead 
Spear. Susan Smith 
Taylor. Thomas W 
Tinlev. Gordon F 
Wells, Kathleen 
Whitney, Lucas V. 
Whitney, Marjorie White 
Wilson. Jane Elmore 
Wilson. Pamela Pierce 
Zieeler, 1. Richard 
CLASS OF 1971 
Presidmt: Alia Tampanna 
Roll: 159 • Donors: 84 
Participation: 52.83% 
Total Gifts: SI 0.204.38 
Matching Gifts: $175.00 
Anonymous (2) 
Barber, C. Douglas 
Barker. Walter E. 
Barrows, J. Michael 
Bcatt)'. Carol E. 
Berg, Donna Hemenway 
Berg, Richard R. 
Black. Ronald L. 
Bodine, Lawrence C. 
Boyle, Richard P 
Brv'an, Alice Strohmeyer 
Bushing. Barbera A. 
Campbell, John T. 
Car)'. Marna Rice 
Coburn, Lynn Louise 
Cooper, Robert H. 
Crawford, Elizabeth L. 
Douglas, Sue Yehl 
Drexler. Sandra Brv'ce 
Fisher, Elizabeth 
Fogle. David D. 
Gardner. Robert W. 
Garner. R. Mack 
Gill, Deborah Forgey 
Gillespie. Terri Kremer 
Chater, Lynn Gillespie 
Hawke)', Edward R. 
Heid, Liz Beard 
Mitchell, Linda Heinze 
Hodgson. Jean S. 

Hollingsworth, Margaret Glenn 
Huffman, Lynda Thomas 
Hughes. Mark A. 
Hutchison, Barbara Cloud 
Jones, Patricia Pelzer 
Jones, Thomas H. B. 
Kennedy, Robert N. 
Kent, Rachel 
Kidder, Jane Dodge 
Knapp, Richard G. 
Koopman, David L. 
Koopman, Donna White 
Kosta, Linda Dimmick 
Kramer, Lloyd S. 
Leibrock, John R. 
Mara, Richard L. 
Moore, Susan Kehrli 
Morefield, Glenn D. 
Myser, Richard D. 
Nier, Gary 
Nier, Leslie Potts 
Nye. Raymond C. 
Nye. Rosemar)' Lindner 
Owens, Judy Ledford 
Pratcher. Ann Perr)- 
Prichard, Edwin R. 
Randall. Mar)' Jo Martin 
Rhone, Daniel L. 
Ringle, Cathy Ross 
Robertson, RonT. 
Robinson, William E. 
Rosswagg, Jo)'ce Seely 
Rosswagg, Petet K. 
Rothey, Dana C. 
Royce, Alice Cook 
Shirk, II. Paul R. 
Showalter, James L. 
Skiles, Barbara Wagner 
Smith, Stuart H. 
Snow, Janet Schmitt 
Snow, Robert E. 
Standridge, Elaine Dockter 
Stiles, Roger D. 
Tampanna, Ana 
Tinley, Janna Eerenberg 
Trousdale, Bruce W. 
Wells, Teresa Ann 
West, Barbara Morgan 
White. Richard H. 
Woehl, PegBrackbill 
Wolf, Mar)- Barr 
Woods, Judith Pike 
Woodward, Jr., G. Marcus 
CLASS OF 1972 
Presidait: William j. Postler 
Roll: 137 • Donors: 73 
Participation: 53.28% 
Total Gifts: $12,682.98 
Matching Gifts: $100.00 
Allman, Sherr)' E. 
Baker, Alvin C 
Best, Caroline Munn 
Bible, Ondis N. 
Boronow, Floralyn Gregory 
Boronow, George H 
Brown, Kathleen Peterson 
Bruggink, Lindy Harris 
Bryant, Mary Robertson 
Buckley. Jean Fiedler 
Bush, Edward G. 
Bush, MyrnaTener 
Busse, Suzanne Bailey 
Carpenter, Faith Baird 
Gary, Charles M. 
Cochran, William C. 
Coghill, Carey Cox 
Cooper, Julia Bird 
Corcoran, Jeffery S. 
Crawford, Eileen Suzo 
Galarza, Melissa Collins 
Gaughan. Warren J. 
Gordon, Pamela Spoonamore 
Gordon, Steven D. 

Grice, Paul E. 

Hunter, Mary-Gray Proffirt 
Jones, Christine Johnson 
Kerley, Selda M. 
Krywicki, Nancie Savitski 
Lawson, Gaynell Harless 
Magnuson, Rosalind Bennett 
Marshall, Kent G. 
McClure, Patricia Cardin 
Mignery, Suzanne L. 
Miller. Ralph E. 
Montgomery, Michael B. 
Moore, Gary R. 
Moore, Linda Clowes 
Morefield, Helen Miller 
Mullican, Ann Proffitt 
Nichols. Deborah Stearns 
Owens, Sarah Miller 
Postler, Janet Welton 
Posder, William J. 
Potter, Susan L. 
Powell, John F 
Pusey, Jr., Howard E. 
Pusey. Nancy Lantz 
Reeves, Patricia Henry 
Ritums, Linna Schotter 
Robeson, Julie Mobley 
Roseborough, Jr.. Douglas D. 
Roseborough, Jane Gilbert 
Russell, Carol Abel 
Russell, David G. 
Saven', Am)' E. 
Scheafnocker, Bradley B. 
Sedgwick, R. Charles 
Siera, Maureen Stern 
Slaybaugh, Carol Jenkins 
Spear, M. Shepard 
Stevens, A. John 
Stiles, Deborah Gerlach 
Tavlor, J. Graham 
Taylor, Jeannye Ruddock 
Urquhart, Elizabeth T 
Vial, David R. 
Weeks, John D. 
Weston, Carol Bailey 
Weston. Jr., John H. 
Wildi. Martha Walcutt 
Wortman. Charles D. 
CLASS OF 1973 
President: Carl Gray Pierce, III 
Roll: 120 • Donors: 48 
Participation: 40.00% 
Total Gifts: $6,886.05 
Matching Gifts: $40.00 
Akins, Deborah Mount 
Bakelaar, Barbara Bush 
Barker, R. i\ndrew 
Barr, David J. 
Bennett, Thomas V. 
Bromley, Nanq' Gamble 
Brown, Lynn W. 
Chase. Douglas G. 
Cochran. Karren Bryan 
Cortese, Robert A. 
Costner. Joe 
Cureton, David L. 
DeYoung, Jr.. Harr)' R. 
Flurkev, Deborah Graham 
Flurkey, III William H. 
Gardiner, Susan Hayba 
Gilmore, Christine Clark 
Gollea, Morna McEver 
Gordon, Robert J. 
Greeno, Earnie 
Hall. Frank B. 
Hill, Charles G. 
Holmes, Anne E. 
Humphrey. Mark W. 
Hunter, Jr., Hugh 0. 
Lanning. Eleanor Murrah 
Lotreck- Winkle, Susan 
Magnuson, Christian G. 

McDaniel, Donald L. 
Milligan, B.Thomas 
Morgan, Emily Hager 
Nenninger, Kathleen Mayurnik 
Penry, Judith M. 
Pierce, III, Carl G. 
Rael, Jr., Steve R. 
Randall, Robert C. 
Rhodes, Fred W. 
Rhone, Diane Caruso 
Ridgely, Deborah Home 
Smith, Margaret Van Sant 
Staples, Brenda Weiss 
Tibbetts, Beth 

Van Peursem, Suzanne Drees 
White, Dale A. 
Whidey, Jeanette Weaver 
Woody. Caria Hulce 
21artman, Barbara J. 
Ziegler, Delores Bowen 
CLASS OF 1974 
President: Wayne R Kramer 
Roll- 149 • Donors: 65 
Participation: 43.62% 
Total Gifts: $7,520.00 
Matching Gifts: $180.00 
Battaglia, Richard S. 
Bohlander, Carolyn P 
Brahams, David R. 
Buchanan, Elizabeth L. 
Child, Molly Johnston 
Closz, Jean Tiffany 
Covington. James Nance 
Davis, Mar)' Gross 
Davis, Wayne L. 
DeYoung, Sarah Winbigler 
Doig, Glenn W 
Doig, Joann Bitz 
Douglas, Steven C. 
Garner, Phyllis 
Gordon, Ann Funderburk 
Green, Jane Markley 
Harra, Barbara Robinson 
Harra, William T 
Hughes, Robert T 
Hurkett, Merida Kearns- Preston 
Jackson, Debbra Chai 
Jefferson, Mar)- M. 
Jillson, Edward W. 
Jillson, Linda King 
Joyce, Patricia 
Keahon, lanis Lundstedt 
Kehler, Bradley R. 
Kidder, David D. 
Kloss, Kathryn Custer 
Kramer, Sarah Hardrath 
Kramer, Wayne R. 
Lopez. Barbara Seeley 
Mallinson, Stephen H. 
Marsh, Cher)'l Swartz 
Martin, William R. 
Massey, Roxann Goshorn 
Mattson, Deborah G. 
McArthur, Margaret Jean 
McClune, Ellen Myers 
McDaniel, Nanc)' Valentine 
McFadien, Thomas Q. 
Millner. Robert W. 
Monk, Phillip M. 
Moore, Leanne V. 
Murphree, Brenda 
Nuss. William J. 
Radice, Thomas Anthony 
Rice, Kathryn Bentzel 
Robinson, Douglas T 
Robinson, Penny Smith 
Roderick, Carol Wylie 
Roth, H. Douglas 
Sabatelle, Patricia D'AJba 
Smock, Angela Petersen 
Smock, Richard C. 
Stone, Judson I. 
Taylor, Barbara RumpUk 


1999 Reunion Giving 

'class Class Chair Solicited Donors Percentage Annual Fund 



Karen Beaty 

Samuel Taylor 

Helen Kerr 

David Campbell 

Naomi Lynn 

Gray Wiley 

127 78 




Linda Mahley 1 




Brenda Johnson 135 



Bill & Barbara Harra 145 



Robert Bishop 




Helen McNiell 

99 40 


Scott Fletcher 



1 994 Jennifer McCaff erty Grad 1 72 

Trumborc, Todd F. 
Usanga, Eyobong 
Vogado, Denise Smith 
Wertime, Robert T. 
White, KathvCrahen 
Wilde, Judith Loeffler 
Woolard, Louise Turnet 
Yardumian-Smyth, Esther-Marie 
CLASS OF 1975 
President: Paul Thomas Naylor 
Roll: 107 • Donors: 44 
Participation: 41.12% 
Total Gifts: $5,733.75 
Matching Gifts: $500.00 
Adams, Nanc)' 
Anderson, WiHiam R. 
Barber, Hope Kren 
Barber, Thomas A. 
Beeler, Barbara Benson 
Bernhardt, Floyd V. 
Best, Linda Delaney 
Bowman, Marianne Harrison 
Brackbili, R. Thomas 
Braun. Dorothy Ann Hamory 
Closz, Charles R. 
Day. Melanie Kohn 
Dillener, Jeffry L. 
Dobyns, Robyn 
Dreety. Phihp C. 
Fatigati, Jane Dufiy 
Foster, Margaret Dickerson 
Galbraith, Beth Weatherup 
Gaughan, David L. 
Herron. Lynn Earnheart 
Isaacs, Cynthia Higgs 
Kitchen, Steven D. 
LeBar, Daniel J. 
Leonard-Martin, Thomas 
Long, Anna Prochazka 
McCreery, Linda Sutton 
McMahan, Jr., Earl R. 
Mehaffy, Susan L. 
Miller, Mona Ernest 
Moorhead, Geneva Parker 
Naylor, Paul T. 
Nicolaou, Maryann Pigan 

Price, Jr., John K. 
Ruffner, RicRodney 
Sanders, Michael W. 
Sanders, Sue Eaker 
Silvernale, William H. 
Smith, Barbara Sanderson 
Spicer. Jerry A. 
Valentine, Helene Hanchett 
Vial, Peter A. 
Vogado, Jr., Paul 
Wenkstern, Michael G. 
Yuhasz, Steven John 
CLASS OF 1976 
President: Craig Norman Larsen 
Roll: 148 • Donors: 62 
Participation: 41.89% 
Total Gifts: $4,812.00 
Adams, Richard J. 
Battaglia, Dana McDade 
Blackwood, Jr., Leiand C. 
Brackbili, Pamela Thomson 
Brengle, Peggy Leathervi'ood 
Bryan, Vanessa Pettigrew 
Carrick, Alexander M. 
Carrick, Debby Dorr 
Catrett, Louis H. 
Clark, Jerrell Dillener 
Coughlin, III. Hale S. 
Crawford, Cathy Henderson 
Easter, Sruart C. 
Gash, William H. 
Guffin, Janet Roper 
Guillaume, Bruce W. 
Haimbach, David A. 
Haislip, Maureen Meade 
Hall. Mark R. 
Hawkins, Lynn Houlberg 
Hefiin, Kevin 0. 
Herman, Mark E 
Hind, Susan Coram 
Hines, Patricia Jones 
Hines, Jr., Robert R 
Hutcheson-Sitton, Holly 
Jackson, Elizabeth Widner 
Keahon, Mark E 
Kemp, David A. 


57% $6,005.00 

61% $16,220.00 

56% $12,621.00 





38% $3,902.00 

34% $3,095.00 


Total: $121,503.25 

Lambert, Randall D. 

Larsen. Craig N. 

LeBar, Dorothy Bang 

Legard, Robert L. 

Leonard- Martin, Margaret 

Lundell, David R 

Lundell, Laura Dance 

Mabe, Nanette Garner 

Mallinson. Deborah Baker 

Nuss, Nancy Herrel 

Orr, Thomas S. 

Overton, Shada E. 

Phillips, Elizabeth Fountain 

Poland, Cynthia Ragsdale 

Poland, Scott K. 

Ponton. Jr., Robert A. 

Reilly Terrie Topham 

Sloboda, Gary 

Stevens, Anne Doupe 

StrohLJr., H. Frederick 

Sturge, Mary Apetz 

Sturge, Robert H. 

Talbott. Kenneth M. 

Timko, Christine 

Wade, Lisa McCafFree 

Ward, Marc A. 

Weaver. Ann R. 

Weber, Richard D. 

Webster, James Michael 

White, Bonny Marvin 

Wilson, Brenda L. 

Wishon, Lisa L. 

Worrel, Thomas D. 

CLASS OF 1977 

President: Elizabeth Barnwell Lowry 

Roll- 109 • Donors: 36 

Participation: 33.03% 

Total Gifts: $2,264.28 

Matching Gifts: $150.00 

Arcos, E. Craig 

Bailey. Paul W. 

Bone, Nancy Millner 

Bone, William M. 

Bridge, Carol Paris 

Bridge. Edward M. 

Canon, Joel D. 

Craven, Charles J. 

Denney, E Scott 

Douglas, Deborah Welch 

Gonos, James W. 

Howe, Amy Whitley 

Ignico, Arlene A. 

Jacobus, Philip Michael 

Kosky, Robert A. 

Kosky, Veronica Sawdon 

Lawless, Matthew J. 

Leonard, III, B. Curtis 


Litdefield, David 

Littlefield, Lynn Rumbley 

McCracken, Caron Crawford 

Mochamer, Sheri Bone 

Netzley, Robert G. 

Parrott, Nancy Reagin 

Pearson, Evelyn Blackburn 

Shults, Karen George 

Stevens, Robert C. 

Taylor, Lee N. 

Trumbore, Lisa Boehm 

Verhofstadt, Mary Williamson 

Walker, Linda Striiter 

Winkle, Mark W. 

Xjques, Lisa Wilson 

Ziegler. Barbara Hamory 

Ziegler III, William E 

CLASS OF 1978 

President: Steve H. Wright 

RolhlOO • Donors: 37 

Participation: 37.00% 

Total Gifts: $2,017.50 

Aaby, Tr)'gve G. 

Adams, Julia E. 

Amentastro, Ruth Ann Wilbanks 

Blakeman. Elspeth Robertson 

Britton, Carol Davis 

Carnett, Ann Kinsinger 

Coley. H. Dan 

Cooper, Gary L. 

Crye, Marjorie E. 

Garner, Thomas D. 

Giles, Martha S. 

Healey, Daniel R. 

Horner, Lucretia Watson 

Kirk, Deborah A, 

Koomen, Elizabeth H. 

Lacy. Drury B. 

Lynch. Kevin R. 

Maher, Margaret A. 

McConnell, Rose 

Neu, Jane Monroe 

Pearson, Jack T. 

Peters, Barbara Lundell 

Peters. Thomas T 

Potter, Pamela Smith 

Rushforth, Carol Friend 

Sloboda, Amy Smock 

Struble, Lee E. 

Thompson, Russell P 

Thomsen, Robin Regal 

Vance, Elaine Hicks 

Vest, Suzanne Schoen 

Waite, Cheryl Thompson 

Wilcox. Leigh 

Williams, Wayne L. 

Wiseman, Joan K. 

Wright, Steve H. 

Xiques, Peter J. 

CLASS OF 1979 

President: Colleen Mn Bystrak 

Roll: 88 • Donors: 34 

Participation: 38.64% 

Total Gifts: $4,162.50 

Matching Gifts: $75.00 


Bishop, Robert B. 

Boone, Robert A. 

Brown, Caryn Olsen 

Bunde, Pamela Riess 

Campbell, James E. 


Campbell, Priscilk Book 
Dolce, Lisa-Kim 
Ralph, Kathy Dunmire 
Eckert, Holli 
Farrell, Timothy M. 
Flint, Joel A. 
Gilliland, AnneT. 
Harrison, Jerry S. 
Horner, Sam 
Lawless, Juliana Driver 
Lawson, Ronald B. 
Lowry, Steven A. 
Lyie, Lea E. Adcock 
Martin, Genie Varker 
Miller, Gordon H. 
Miyares, Elizabeth Ceraolo 
Mortensen, Mark D. 
Naylor, Susan Keith 
Norris, Anthony M. 
Odom, Ellen Skipper 
Rock, Janet H. 
Seaton. Ann 
Van Arsdall, Sandra L. 
Vigh, David A. 
Visneski. Kathryn Whitt 
Weaver, Laird 
Woerner, Marian Hummel 
Youngs. Sharon K. 
CLASS OF 1980 
President: Randy L Sairlock 
Roll: 98 • Dotwrs: 28 
Participation: 28.57% 
Total Gifts: $7,473.34 
Allen-Demery, Ruth 
Andrews, Virginia R 
Baron, Leslie 
Brooks, Jr., Charles 
Davis, Jennifer Gary 
Dummer, Catherine L. 
Dunn. Wayne H. 
Finley- Brooks, Candy 
Fox. Anthony N. 
Fox, Sandra Son 
Franssen. David E. 
Gidley, Susan Wenkstern 
Goldsmith, John Henry 
Hinds, Denise 
lerulli, Carolyn Hurst 
lerulli, Tony 
Kauffman, Julie 
Koss, Jill Kinsinger 
Lankford, Susan Williams 
Notris, Judy Corliss 
Poole, Timothy A. 
Reilly, Kevin J. 
Sawdon, Marianne M. 
Sprigg, Joseph N. 
Stuart, Timothy E. 
Thompson, Janet Rickel 
Topham,Tim A. 
Wright, J. Lawrence 
CLASS OF 1981 
Presidetit: Larry J. Durand 
Roll 90 • Dotiors: 39 
Participation: 43.33% 
Total Gifts: $6,228.13 
Baron, Kim DeMaat 
Barrie, Elizabeth A. 
Bidwell, IV Lawrence H. 
Bishop, Shelley Ballengcr 
Honey, Lois L. 
Carrier, Jr.. Wallace 
Carter-Stiles, Catherine 
Chapman, Linda Rogers 
Culpepper, Katherinc N. 
Davalos, Edmund 
Dudek, Kathryn Nichols 
Durand, LairyJ. 
Evans, David L. 
Gilliland, Colleen Elwood 
Guillaume, Wendy Magee 

Harcon, Holly N. 

Hawkins. Mary Janeway 

Haynes, Mary Lowry 

Hayworth, Deborah C. 

Jones, Scott L. 

Lacava, John B. 

Lankford, Gary V. 

Liles, Russell J. 

Lytle, Tammy C. 

Metz, Sophia Shoemaker 

MofFett, Vadonna G. 

Nelson, III, Rodney Q. 

Nonvood, Betty Schuster 

Pearce, James W. 

Pritchard, John C. 

Rabun-Lind, Sandy 

Reese. James T. 


Schuller, Lars 

Stroud, Sallie Favrot 

Tabeek, Gregory L. 

Vance, Jenny L. 

Widner, David E. 

Zerick, Meelora Bowers 

CLASS OF 1982 

President: Mary Catherine Angell 

Roll: 106 • Donors: 48 

Participation: 45.28% 

Total Gifts: $4,294.00 

Matching Gifts: $200.00 

Allison, J. Bradley 

Angell, M. Catherine 

Atchley, BeverK' Fox 

Belitz, Glenda Brackin 

Bert)', Douglas E. 

Brahams, Teri Trotter 

Brewer, Edward C. 

Burke, Patrick T. 

Cassutto, George H. 

Clemens, Patrick L. 

Crabtree, Jr., Joseph H. 

Crow, Charlotte Hamby 

Dent, III, William H. 

Findley. Donna Owens 

Fortney, Janet Helwig 

Gehring, Ruth Wilgus 

Gibson, E. Russell 

Green, Deborah Blessing 

Green, Elizabeth Neil 

Harris, Page 

Heinze. Paul M. 

Hill, Jennifer Bushing 

lerulli, David 

Kinnce, Susan M. 

Lacava, Carol Carter 

Lee, David T. 

Lerman, Anita Baker 

Lindgrcn, Linda Crozier 

Lynch, Leslie 

McCroskey, Brenda Babb 

McCroskey, Michael A. 

Morris, Klniberly A. 

Pankey, Betsy 

Pearce, Julia Wickstrand 

Reinhardt. Mar)' Gravely 

Richardson, Cher)'l Laipply 

Robinson, Heidi 

Rodriguez, Mary Jane Babich 

Sanders, John M. 

Stembridge, Vanessa Logan 

Sutton. Elizabeth Walker 

Thompson, Wayne Steven 

Venditti, Edward J. 

Weiss, Michael S. 

Widner, Lesa Andrews 

Wilson, W.Warren 

Yuki, Atsushi 

Yuki, Masako Yoneda 

CLASS OF 1983 

President: Andrew Allen Baker 

Roll: 102 •Donors: 39 

Participation: 38.24% 

Total Gifts: $3,342.50 
Abbott. Jackie Dye 
Atkins, Shawna Allen 
Baker, Andrew A. 
Bender, William C. 
Bengtson, Karen Kotz 
Boynton, Bonnie Dobson 
Burnette, Gerald A. 
Davis, Donna Franklin 
Davis. Peter M. 
Dickson, Todd J. 
Dockery, Virginia Gorton 
Downing, Mary Manire 
Gheen, Gregory 
Gilliland, Donald R. 
Green, J. Kevin 
Hall, DeboraL 
Harris, Linda J. Hasty 
Lawson, Teresa M. 
Lemly, JoAnn Berretto 
McFarland, Br\'an F 
McNaughton, III, H. Doug 
Meeder, Valerie McWilliams 
Miller. Kathleen Walker 
Moore, Amy Grubbs 
Mullen William H. 
Pritchard, Barbara Booker 
Reese, Melanie Petrce 
Rhodenizer, Susan Taylor 
Riley, JefFery L. 
Shackelford, W Randolph 
Sieber-Ford, Elizabeth 
Spence, Susan B. 
van Aken. Susan 
Warren, Jr., William C. 
Weston, Thomas W. 
Winter, Shelley Kingsbury 
Wirt, Scarlett Carson 
Wood, Sharon R. 
Wortman, Michael R. 
CLASS OF 1984 
President: Michael Enstis Bell 
Roll: 99 • Donors: 41 
Participation: 41.41% 
Total Gifts: $3,460.00 
Matching Gifts: $550.00 
Allison, Matthew S. 
Allison, Susan Williams 
Allison, Terri Roberts 
Bidwell, Lee Millar 
Bonds, Evelyn Sowell 
Brand. Richard I. 
Brown, Thomas A. 
Clark, Angela Kirby 
Collins, Shari Tabor 
Corbitt, Kimberly E. 
Davis, Jenny Walker 
Depue, Tracy L. 
Edington, David L. 
Feehrer, Anne Coomer 
Feehrer, Samuel G. 
Figgs, Amy Nicholson 
Gibson, Kay Lippincott 
Heinze, Dorothy Carson 
Huntzinger, Margaret Andrews 
Hurst, Jennifer Denney 
Jones, Nancy P 
Kerr, Janet Apgar 
Kirkconnell, Lcslec Hay 
Lindsay, Sarah Jane 
Lynn. Brenda Bond 
Lynne, Jina 
McNiell, HelenA. 
Miller, Kama Cook 
Ncwkirk, Ellen Snively 
Paluga, Martin A. 
Paschal. Andrea Vousden 
Petitt, Bruce A. 
Porter, Glennis Ricdl 
Proffitt, Wilma Coleman 
Raulerson, David Lee 
Rush, John W 
Sanker, Kimberly Youpa 

Sasscer, James G. 

Smith, Ellen B. 

Smith, Sally Anderson 

Zerick, Daniel L. 

CLASS OF 1985 

President: Paul Gerard Atiagfiostis f 

Roll: 84 • Donors: 26 

Participation: 30.95% 

Total Gifts: $1,720.00 

Barile, Kitty Sperry 

Barile, Lindy J. 

Batson, Julie Humpert 

Black, Jennifer L. 

Bouch, Daniel James 

Brown, Karen Shafer 

Carroll, Ciretta Carpenter 

Caswell, Teresa Welch 

Cifarelli, Vincent M. 

Crothers, Kevin G. 

Edington, Lisa Yacks 

Galyon, Maelea Morrison 

Gillum, Libba 

Hernandez, Julia Nasipak 

Hornsby, Benjamin Wade 

Kuchlbauer, HanneloreA. 

Marshall, Joanie Williams 

McFarland, Diane McDaniel 

Mixner, Mark R. 

Muller, Sharon Pimm 

Porter, Christopher J. 

Schram, Kandis M. 

Tancredi, Paula Walton 

Vagnier, Jerry P 

Vorwerk, Lenida Hawkins 

Walker, Melissa A. 

CLASS OF 1986 

President: Stacey Davis Nordquist 

Roll: 64 • Donors: 22 

Participation: 34.38% 

Total Gifts: $2,615.50 

Burnett. Raymond W 

Ecbvall, Mary Padget 

Esrey. Elizabeth Goodier 

Goethe, Jeffrey S. 

Guilford, Greg L. 

Hedrick, Rebecca Farr 

Humphries, Glenn H. 

Jernigan, Karen West 

LaBadie, Loren A. 

McBrayer, Neal 

Moyer. Patrick W 

Nordquist, Stacey Davis 

Ramsey Ronald J. 

Roebuck, Diane Bailey 

Roush, Sharon Might 

Singer, Susan Jennings 

Vagnier. Amy Ralston 

Weston. Deanna Hanle 

White, Alisa Southers 

Wilson, Diane 

Womack, L. Mark 

Xiques, Donald R. 

CLASS OF 1987 

President: Christopher Charles Herbert 

Roll: 89 • Donors: 24 

Participation: 26.97% 

Total Gifts: $1,920.00 

Bennett, R. Gregorj' 

Briggs, Jeifrey E. 

Bryson, Angela Beckwith 

Davis, Alan W 

Denton. Jeffrey T 

Etchison, Bonnie Bouch 

Ferrell, Cynthia Claborn 

Fraclich, Margaret R. 

Gieser, Tcri Burch 

Herbert, Christopher C. 

Humphries. Barbara Moffat 

Kleeman, Mary D. 

Koehl, Nancy L. 

Lilley, Christopher L. 

Linkous. Brian C. 

Oiler, Alicia E. 


Osterhaus, Jacqueline Osborne 

Ramsey, Margaret Callaway 

Spargo, Kimberly 

Spurling, Heidi Weiffenbach 

Starkey, Laura Lynn 

Watts, Jr., Glenn F. 

Wright, John W. 

Xiques, Elizabeth A. 

CLASS OF 1988 

Preside7it: Russell Blake Thomas 

Roll 64 • Donors: 22 

Participation: 34.38% 

Total Gifts: $1,607.50 

Matching Gifts: $750.00 

Burkett, Lisa Harvey 

Catlett, JelTery L 

Cohen, Michael David 

Etchison, Eric S. 

Goethe, Jeannie Gorey 

Harbison, Jason M. 

Hargis-Kaminski, DeAnn 

Jones, Sherri L. 

Kiernan, Heather Farrar 

McCarty, Douglas M. 

Moore, Sharon Koehl 

Mosher, Thomas S. 

Ramsey. Julie Dodd 

Shook, James William 

Spurling, Robert Rudolph 

Thomas, Russell B. 

Thompson, Charlene M. 

Trainer, Donna Clancy 

Veenstra, Julia Marshall 

Walker, Andy Dale 

Walker, Melodic Sedgwick 

White, Jeffrey L. 

CLASS OF i 989 

President: James Alft^d Chiverton 

Roll: 77 • Donors: 25 

Participation: 32.47% 

Total Gifts: $3A32.50 

Blaine. Alec Gunter 

Blaine. Tammy Taylor 

Burgess, Scott Adam 

Chiverton, James Alfred 

Dixon, Donna Sue 

Faucette, Tracy Armstrong 

Fletcher, K. Scott 

HofFecker. Heidi 

King, Amy Delf 

Linkous, Mary Coleman 

Loughlin, Melissa E. 

Lynch, Laura Brock 

McCarty, Tracy Morris 

McLeod, Lissa Anne 

Owens. Sybil Porter 

Purcell, Stephanie Smith 

Ramsey. William Ernest 

Rethwilm, Marcia Kilby 

Roberts. Barbara Bole 

Uselton, Wendi Jo Medlin 

Van Duzer, Stewart Sayre 

Walsh. Dean R 

Weaver, Elizabeth Stine 

Wilmoth, Mary Gaines 

Wuhib, Abeba 

CLASS OF 1990 

President: Amy Elizabeth Jackson-Halftrty 

Roll: 107 • Donors: 14 

Participation: 13.08% 

Total Gifts: $395.50 

Abbott, Susan Johnson 

Allison, Jonathan A. 

Bills, Brian K. 

Chambers. Andrea Snider 

Dean, Robyn 

Harbin, Robin Schwall 

Henderlight, DwightM. 

Henderlight, Jan Tomlin 

Kilgore. Peggy Lynn 

Lane, Victoria Con well 

McCurry, Rae Ann Hickman 

Robbins, Cadierine Cain 

Tompkins. Terry Johnston 

Wayland, Matthew D. 

CLASS OF 1991 

President: Barbara Marie Brunner 

Roll: 104 • Donors: 19 

Participation: 18.27% 

Total Gifts: $1,252.50 

Matching Gifts: $40.00 

Brunner. Barbara Borderieux 

Damron, Ann Beaty 

Dannenberg, David R. 

Denton, Veronica Y. 

Goeller, Lisa Morrow 

Hoffmann, Ingrid M. 

Hornbucklc, Blake 

Lukens, William E 

Miller, Rebecca E. 

Moore, Michael Manney 

Mosher, Kathleen McArthur 

Owens, Myles L. 

Reno, Lori Smith 

Rhodes, Karin Marie 

Schubert. Frank P 

Spies, Judith Sullivan 

Tallent. Kathleen M. 

Terwedow, Keriann 

Unferth, Patricia Chambers 

CLASS OF 1992 

President: Amanda Lynn Krenning 

Roll: 137 • Donors: 27 

Participation: 19.71% 

Total Gifts: $1,295.00 

Carnes, loannaTruett 

Cline, W Scott 

Cole. Andrew Scott 

Crawford, Leslie Henry 

Damron, Michael T. 

Dannenberg, Clare Jacobs 

Davis, Amie 

Denkinger, Carrie Callaway 

Eichelberger, Tonja Weeks 

Goodrich, Michael J. 

Henderson, Anna Larson 

Howdyshell, Roger E. 

Jackson, Joan McBrayer 

Keck, Gregory C. 

Lemons, Cynthia L. 

Martin, Jr.. John L 

Martines. Kipp S. 

Martines, Melissa Pankake 

Masingo, Melissa D. 

Miller, Martha McCarter 

Nardi, Tara Fischbach 

Powell, Heather Smith 

Taylor. John R. 


White. Carolyn S. 

Williams, David B. 

Yocom, David R. 

CLASS OF 1993 

President: D. Alyson Knight 

Roll- 173 * Donors: 33 

Participation: 19.08% 

Total Gifts: $1,475.00 

Ailor, Marcelete Lloyd 

Aiishie. Julie Brown 

Beckwith. Howard B. 

Brew, Kelley Burner 

Chamberlain, Kristi McCroskey 

Davis, Mindy Brannon 

Denmark, Mary Catherine 

Dingels, Julie R. 

Evon, III, Donald C. 

Hall, Michelle R. 

Harrison, Jamie K. 

Hill, Brenda Williams 

Hof, Douglas A. 

Jones, Cindy Huffstetler 

King, David C 

Lambdin, Sheryl Ramsey 

Lane, Keith A. 

Lawhorn, Staci Crisp 

Luckey Carol M. 

Martin, Tina Pendley 

Porter, Scott L. 

Ragsdale, Kevin G. 

Rimmell, Lisa Branam 

Roberson. Heather Con away 

Ryland, Christopher R. 

Sedlacck. Caren Ann 

Smith, S. Christine 

Sumner. Kevin R. 

Tanner. John C. 

Watkinson, Allison S. 

Wiedlocher, Clare Allen 

Williams, Michelle Snyder 

Williams, Suzan Hudson 

CLASS OF 1994 

President: Lori Leah Schirmer 

Roll: 110 • Donors: 24 

Participation: 21.82% 

Total Gifts: $1,035.00 

Matching Gifts: $25.00 

Beaty, Karen E. 

Booth. EricD. 

Dowell. Michelc L. 

Fersner, S. Lee 

Gordon, Chandra Moore 

Grad, Jennifer McCafferty 

Hackney, Steven K. 

Hackney Tina Walker 

Harris. C. R. Landon 

Harrison, Sandra Brown 

Johnson, Leann M. 

Mukabakaba. Tshiko 

Myrick, Howard A. 

Phillips, Justin K. 

Reed, Jason K. 

Rosa. Jeffrey T. 

Schirmer, Lori L. 

Sentell, Aaron C. 

Simerly Carmin C. 

Steger, Mary C. 

Stonehouse. Christina Rapp 

Stonehouse, Eric A. 

Talley R. Paul 

Workman, James F. 

CLASS OF 1995 

Presidetit: Darrien Alexander Thomson 

Roll: 115 • Donors: 23 

Participation: 20.00% 

Total Gifts: $850.00 

Carboni, Cher)'l D. 

Clemons, Loryn Lamback 

Cowan, Jennifer J. 

Duncan, Rosa Dean 

Glisson, Timothy S. 

Hall, Letitia I. 

Kizer, Angela McCampbell 

Lance, Christopher Lee 

Lee, Amy Elizabeth 

Meyer, Joseph G. 

Miller, Angela Masingo 

Moore, KeelaT. 

Peterson, Heather M. 

Price, Tracy A. 

Quigley. Erin Elizabeth 

Ralston, Elizabeth Hucke 

Smith, Sarah Elizabeth 

Smith. Tevis S. 

Smith, Jr., Thomas G. 

Teague, Stephanie Fugate 

Trotter, John C. 

Wells, Jennifer C 

West, Jennifer Cummings 

CLASS OF 1996 

President: Deborah Sue Halcrow 

Roll: 152 • Donors: 36 

Participation: 23.68% 

Total Gifts: $1,012.50 

Bendever, Richard E. 

Brakebill. Elizabeth Malloy 

Crowell, Lanie Ann 

Gulp, Laura M. 

Edoh, Nadia A. 

Evans, Sheila Pid 

Evon, Wendy Ellis 

Farmer, Marcus L. 

Forster, David B. 

Forster, Kelly Sanson 

Garrison, Kelly M. 

Grant. Crystal D. 

Green, DaynaTouron 

Halcrow, Deborah Shewfell 

Houston, Jr., Mitchell M. 

Jackson, Kelli C. 

Kant, Kristin M. A. H. 

Khym, Christen McCammon 

McGowan, Darin C. 

McKeehan, Amy C. 

Noe, Christopher A. 

Norris, Megan E. 

Peters, Jonathan D. 

Quick, Jeannine L. 

Robbins, Jamie 

Settlemire, C. Dwayne 

Setdemire, Jeannie Frey 

Simmons. Nancy T 

Stadtmiller, Jennifer L. 

Symons, Craig M. 

Tallent. Kristine R. 

West, Brandee Shafer 

Wilburn. Rodney K. 

Wilburn, Stacy Brooks 

Willard, Maria Beasley 

Wright, II, Gordon E. 

CLASS OF 1997 

President: Kerry Lynn OKeeffe 

Roll- 154 • Donors: 42 

Participation: 27.27% 

Total Gifts: $1,767.50 

Matching Gifts: $100.00 

Alexander, Jabari A. 

Alsup, Monica Blackburn 

Alsup, Thad 

Brooks, Jason D. 

Caldwell. William A. 

Carroll, Shawn D. 

Cropper, Aimee B. 

Davey, Paul 

Duke, Kyle W. 

Dutton, Ricky L 

Ervin, Larry 

Evans, Jeremy S. 

Gibson, Laura A. 

Greer, Katie E. 

Hatfield, Mark A. 

Hatfield, Sarah Stevenson 

Hilton, Alison R. 

Hughs, David H. 

Jenkins, Belinda Henegar 

Kelly, Allison Pryor 

Lay, Jason 

Macklin, Michelle L. 

Mathews. Douglas R. 

Moore, Misty Summey 

Moore, Ronald W. 

O'Keeffe, Kerry L 

Parkhouse, Kristen A. 

Parris, Douglas K. 

Parris, Michael W 

Ray R. Adam 

Rethwilm, Michael A. 

Rigell, Virginia R 

Rudicil. Tiffany K. 

Simmons, Jacqueline B. 

Stephens, Christopher E. 

Stephens, Tammy Bartenfeld 

Stewart, Jennifer Stables 

Stoddard, Maureena McCullough 

Stone, Eric K. 

Weaver, Paul D. 

Wight, Clinton A. 

Woodhouse. Jenniler A. 

CLASS OF 1998 

President: Devin James Koester 

Roll: 171 • Donors: 31 

Participation: 18.13% 

Total Gifts: $813.88 


Blair. Lauren McArchur 
Blair, Peter J. 
Bowman, Angela J. 
Byrd. AndrevvW. 
Clabo, Martha S. 
Cooper, Paige 
Crews, Linda Mae 
Derrick, Brandon H. 
Derrick, Rebecca Lill 
DiGiacomo. DaraA. 
Diinnam. Judith L. 
Dupont, David D. 
Elgin, Leigh Ann 
Evans, Kenvon M. 
Johnson, Anthony J. 
Jones, Amy M. 
Kelly, Grant E. 
Kerr. Staci A. 
Kiefer. Rebecca Sue 
Kocster, Devinj. 
Leitch, Karson S. 
McBride. Manhew W. 
Merritt. Charity S. 
Nations, U'hitney M. 
Perry. Douglas S. 
Ruehling, Cade 
Simmons, Daniel Lee 
Stone, Leslie Piety 
Unger, Robert W. 
West, Christopher L. 
CLASS OF 1999 
President: James Ryan Stewart 
Roll: 182 • Donors: 78 
Participation: 42.86% 
Total Gifts: $4,787.32 
Arendale. Kristie Browning 
Arnett, Sarah Knisley 
Anvood, Kristen L. 
Bailey, Jason N. 
Baker, Sara A. 
Beard, Eric J. 
Beaty. T. Spencer 
Beck, Jeanna M. 
Bell, Bridget F. 
Bethel, Karen M. 
Bowman, Rebbecca S. 
Brabender. Nicole R. 
Brehmer. Kathryn L. 
Brownlow, Kendra L. 
Bryant, Shannon S. 
Carter. Terry L. 
Cotton, Jamie L. 
Chua, Calista M. 
Clark, Michael A. 
Coy. Daniel B. 
Craft, Jacob D. 
Czudowski, Tomasz A. 
Dawkins, Jessica West 
Diss-Boero, Marianna T. 
Dykes. CarleneJ. 
Finger, Kimberly D. 
Flanders. AmyT. 
Harrison. Jennifer L. 
Hedrick, Kevin R 
Huffman. Emily C. 
Hutson, Joy Bailey 
Jackson. Jennifer A. 
Jamison, Sarah Christians 
Kennedy. James P 
Kerr, Kelly Greaser 
Kershaw, Cassandra L. 
Ketcham, IK, Carl P 
Keyser. Gwendolyn M. 
Knapp, Shawn M. 
McCloud. Heather N. 
McTeer, Susan K. 
Menefee, Heather J. 
Messer, Julia M. 

Miller, Marissa A. 
Miller, Ryan T. 
Mullins, Sarah B. 
Murphy, III, Marl J. 
Newton. Christine R. 
O'Connor, Brian K. 
Oden, Sherry D. 
Orsborn, Amanda Boring 
Palmer, Erin N. 
Parillo.jr.. RoberiA. 
Parker. Kristie L. 
Paulin. Holly R. 
Phillips, Kimberly Flanders 
Pike. Melissa C. 
Ratledge, Holley E. 
Redfern, Carol L. 
Roe. Rachel R. 
Safflei. Kenny L. 
Shields. Joel S. 
Sleeper. Lucretia A. 
Stanley, Randall R. 
Stewart,]. Ryan 
Stinnett, Lori G. 
Sullivan, Jerr\' A. 
Tilley, Thomas B. 
Turner. Justine M. 
Waldroop. Alisha 
Warlick. Melissa L. 
Westerling, Karoline N. 
mite, Brooklyn A. 
Whittenburg, Gabriel P. 
Wimbrow, Wendy E. 
Windrow, Jennifer A. 
Woods, Trudy Hurst 
CLASS OF 2000 
President: Brian M. Gossett 
Roll: • Donors: 5 
Total Gifts: $280.00 
Boyce, Gregon,' K. 
Hutson, Travis K. 
Lind, Donald D. 
Rasnake, Melanic Wright 
Schraer, Pennic L. 

The Society 
of 1819 

Named to recognize those iniiividitaU u'ho 

include Maryville College in their estate plans: 

through their wills, living trusts, insurance 

policies.gifi annuities, charitable trusts or 

other planned gifts. 

Darrell Akins 

James E. Anderson 

Wayne and Anne Anderson 

Wiiliam R. Anderson '54 

Roland W. '41 & Ruth C. Anderson 

Doris Cook Austin '48 

Alice Blackburn Ayers '57 

Ciiarles E. Bacon '50 

Mrs. Karl E Bahret 

Gareth & Evelyn Boughton Baker '54, '54 

Nancy C. Barbour 

Eleanor S. Barker '46 

Cathetine S. Beals '47 

Janet Ann Belchet '54 

Linda Jones Berkemeier '70 

Lynn Ann Best '36 

Frank B. Bird 

Mrs. Earl (Conchita) Blazer '31 

Carolyn Symmes Brace '53 

Tutt S. Btadford 

Deane Brown '38 

Mary Lois Brugler '70 

R. Samuel & Isabell M. Buffat '57 

Mar)'Jay Bullock '53 

L Allen '73 & Patricia W.Bunge 

Paul C. Burger & Linda J. Burger '60, '60 

Arthur S. '43 and Dorothy Barber Bushing '42 

M. Helen Caldwell '42 

Mark E. & Cathy E. Care 

Ruthanne Campbell Chase '61 

Katherinc Earnest Clemmet '35 

Emily E. Clymer 

Janet Vail Conway '73 

Margaret Anne (Maggie) Cooper 

Carol Corbeti '51 

Eleanor C. Morrow 

Dr. E. Katherine Crews '43 

Jessie Curtis Daniels '40 

William Dartnell '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Carle M. Davis 

Steven C. & Deborah W Douglas '74, '77 

Rolfe D. Duggar '54 

Daniel G. Dunbar '53 

Terr)' Lee Dick Dykstra '61 

Drs. John & Virginia Eaddy '62, '61 

Dennis Q. Edelman '65 

Frances Lane Edwards '45 

Dan & Sondra Wagner Ellis '60, '60 

Grace McCammon Estabrook '41 

Lottie J. Ethfidge'58 

Mark and Ellen Gould Fawcett '69 

Mildred C. Ferrell '38 

Paul Harris Fox '38 

Lyn French 

Joe Gallagher 

Dorothy Carty Gallimore '31 

Janet Whitmore Gilliland '56 

Amelia Dickens Glais '33 

Bruce S. Greenawalt '59 

Shetidan H. '60 and Shitley A. Greaset 

Elizabeth McNamara Greenlaw '36 

Mrs. Fred A. Griffitts '32 

David H. & Sue Carlson Grubbs '51, '53 

Shirley & Dick Hall '48 

Phyllis Overton Harder '42 

William Ed Harmon '67 

Dr. Harr)' H. Harter 

Robert E. Hassall and Sue N. Hassall '58, '58 

Nelle Garland Haugh '32 

Don & Sylvia Heard '61 

Virginia Baier Heiss '48 

Allan W. Herdman '30 

Martha L. Hess '67 

Mar)' Nuchols Hitch '27 

Allan S. Hoke '65 

Eleanor Hawley Hoover '49 

Dorothy D. Horn 

Rev. & Mrs. Samuel M. Houck '37 

George B. & Vivian Kelley Howell '34, '34 

Joseph E. Huskey 'A'^ 

Mr. & Mrs. Uwrence W. Huston '31, '28 

Mary Elizabedi (Lib) Jackson '46 

Ronald C. Jennings '55 & Marilyn Jennings '57 

Mary Benn Johnson '29 

J. Harold Jones '56 

Robert E. Kallstiom '60 

Ethel & Elgin Kintner 

Mrs. Dan H. Kinsinger 

Harold & Jean Lambert '50 

W. Harold Laster '65 

R. Eugene Law '39 

Margaret Brooks Leisering '49 

AnnabelleJ. Libby'52 

Viola Lightfoot '34 

John&LouiseW. Magill'39, '41 

James E. Marvin '50 

Grace Proffitt McArdtur '35 

Eugene E. McCurry '41 

Lewis M. McFarland '58 

Dn Donald C. McFerren '62 

Dan & Elaine McGill '40 

Joy & Mark McMastet '69, '69 

John C. & Lillian Crawford McQueen '34, '37 

Dr. Elmer E. Mize'51 

Donald & Millie Moflfett '54, '54 

William H. Mooney '40 

Susan Kehrli Moore '71 

Fred G. Morrison, Jr. '61 

Edward & Marjorie Walden Morrow '62 

Judson B. & Lois B. Murphy '39, '37 

Carl C. & Earnestine H. Murray '48, '47 

Andrew E. Newcomer '33 

Dr. Howard A. Newman '68 

Rev. Stephen R. Nickie 

Sara E. Cameron Patterson '44 

Dr. Neale J. Pearson '52 

Darline A. Penhalurick '37 

Mary Gladys Brown Pieper '36 

George W. & Carol Greenwood Poland '61, '62 

Joseph R. Poland '51 

Mary Jo Pribble'52 

Joyce Hampton Pullan '50 

Margaret Gamble Purcell 

Rev. Dr. PaulT. Reiter'69 

Mrs. Miser Russell Richmond 

Daniel A. Rineer '65 

N. Lou Loetz Robinson '53 

Elizabeth Ctawford Roper '48 

Mar)' Knight Schellenget '43 

Kandis Schtam '85 

Hazel Holm Schullet '51 & Edward J. Schuller 

Edgar P & Nancy J. Shackelford '56, '58 

John & Gwen Shell '47, '47 

Graeme W. & Mildred Beard Sieber '57, '57 

Susan Jennings Singer '86 

Dr & Mrs. James N. Skeen '64, '66 


Doris M. Smith '42 

David Smook '67 

Robett R. & Marie Jensen SmyrI '36, '40 

James and Ruby Roberts Sohler '55 

Lambert E. Stewart '50 

Mrs. Earl A. Stotey '40 

Frederick W. Sttadtman '53 

Edith McMillan Sutton '53 

Corita Envin Swanson '58 

Pauline L. Throne '34 

Edwin Tolnas 

Dorothea S. Trump '37 

Joy Hickman and W Kennedy Upham '52, '52 

Leiand T. Waggoner '38 

Margaret Walden 

Barbara G. Wallin '50 

James & Joan Wan '51. '53 

Margaret Temma Weavet '49 

Ruth Webb '46 

William Gerald & Marian E. Weeks '67,'70 

Donald E. Whelan '50 

Mr. & Mrs. Hilton A. Wick '42 

Di. Robert LWdcox '41 

Rev. Reese & Mrs. Eleanor Ross Wills '62,'62 

Jean McKain SchofFWirz 

Sharon A. Wylie '62 

Lois M. Yohe '45 

Fred J. Young '37 

Mary Frances Ooten Young '37 & Paul D. Young 

J. Richatd '70 & Mavis I. Ziegler 

Arthur S. Zitzner '36 

In Memoriam 

Carolyn Bowman Carrier '49 

Mrs. Annie L. Fleming '37 

James Hitch '33 

Phyllis C.Irshay '45 

Edith Burns Liide '30 

E. Frances Massey '34 

M. Phoebe Opiinger '46 

Garry D. Ridder '35 

Sara Kititell Schwam '39 

Maufine W. Schweitzer-Baskin '34 

Algie Surton '29 

Mariljn Harrpence Torrey '48 

Mrs. Mary Louise Townsend 

Arda S. Walker '40 

Mr. E. Leslie Webb, Jr. '33 

Margaret Hodges Wilcox '4 1 

Janet A. Woods '53 


Florence Whitfield Barton '24, is busy with 
research and revision of her fourth biography of 
forgotten I6th century French personages. Her 
previous worics have been accounts of Robert Esti- 
enne, Olympis Morata, and Renee, Duchess of 
Ferara, disciple of Calvin. Barton lives in Ames, LA. 

Elizabeth Keown Green '27, is a retired teacher 
who writes that she "continues to reap the harvest 
of her life work." Former students still drop by to 
see her at her home in Juneau, AK, sharing with her 
their memories of her as their teacher. She is also 
included in many local groups such as PEO, church 
and retired teachers association. 

Genevieve Corbin Hunt '31, who taught school for 
34 years, now lives in Cincinnati, near her daughter. 
She has a grandson, who was born when she was 
8 1 years old. 

Alice Renegar Porter '31, celebrated her 91st 
birthday in October 2000. She has three children, 
nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. 
Since her husband's death in 1996, she has lived 
with her eldest daughter in Frankfort, IN. 

Mildred MacKenzie Heam '32, wrote a book, 
"More Legacies From the Crossroads," in 1993, 
which is a history of the development of northeast 
Jefferson County in Alabama. Proceeds from the sale 
of the book have made possible a $300 scholarship 
each year since 1993 to a horticulture student at Jef- 
ferson State Junior College The book was published 
by the Roebuck Springs Garden Club, of which 
Hearn is a member. She is also a lifetime member of 
the Alabama Garden Club. 

John E. Talmage '34, was the subjea of the "Hometown 
Heroes" column in the Asheville "Citizen-Times" 
in February, 2000. The column defines hometown 
heroes as "ordinary people who share their time 
and talents with their neighbors and communities." 
Among his community activities, Talmage has orga- 
nized "The John Talmage Group," an organization 
of tennis players ages 60 to 85. During the first year 
there were more than 30 players in the group, and 
he lined up games six days a week. 

ClifFord Withers Walker '34, became interested in 
genealogical research following her husband's death 
in 1985, and now belongs to seven genealogical 
organizations. She is a resident of AJexian Village in 
Signal Mountain, TN. An article about her research 
and other activities appeared in a recent issue of 
"Alexian Brothers," which was sent to the Alumni 
Office by Walker's friend and MC classmate, Ercelle 
Hunter Snyder, '34. 

Sarita Casseres Rueda '35, lives in Port Charlotte, FL 
and writes that she is "blessed with good health and 
vigor." She plays on a tennis team, which celebrated 
her 88th birthday by playing tennis for 2 and a half 
hours, then having lunch and a birthday cake. 

George Kent '37, has had the 9th edition of his 
book "Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates" 
published by McGraw-Hill. A Korean translation of 
the book is in progress. 

Skeeter Shields '37, has stepped down as public 
address announcer for football at Maryville High 

School, after more than 50 years in the pressbox. 
The stadium at the school is named for him. Shields, 
former Maryville mayor, was also public address 
announcer at MC home football games for 50 years 
prior to leaving that job last year. 

Paul H. Fox '38, who worked with Reynolds Metals 
Co. for 42 years, recently received the first Presidential 
Distinguished Service Award from Longwood College. 
He was the founding chrector of the Corporate Advi- 
sory Board to the School of Business and Economics, 
helped the school earn AACSB accreditation and 
implemented the Executive-in-Residence program. 

Minnie-Lou Chittick Lynch '38, received the Life- 
time Achievements in the Humanities Award trom 
the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities at the 
governor's mansion in Baton Rouge on Apr. 27, 2000. 

Simpson E. Spencer, Jr. '38, has retired after 19 
years as volunteer chairman of Ogden House, a HUD- 
subsidized 85 apartment residence for low income 
seniors in Wilton, CT. He and his wife celebrated 
their 60th wedding anniversary on Sept. 20, 2000. 

Frederick 0. Brubaker '40, continues in active law 
practice and has been awarded 50 year membership 
in the Pennsylvania Bar Association. 

E. B. Smith '40, has written eight articles for a 
soon-to-be-published ENCYCLOPEDL^ OF THE 

Helen Coats Graham '41, writes that she will soon 
be 81 years old and will celebrate the 60th anniver- 
sary of her graduation from MC in 2001. She lives 
in Canyon Lake, TX, where she is "well, busy, happy 
and grateftil for my good education at Maryville." 

Harry C. Pearson '41, and his wife have moved 
from the home they built and lived in for 47 years to 
a new apartment in West Palm Beach, FL. 

Patricia Kinne Searles '43, has moved to a new 
apartment in Schenectady, NY. She writes that she 
still watches baseball and other sports on TV and 
also enjoys history and political programs. She has 
four great-grandchildren. 

Rev. Duane H. Collins '44, is a retired pastor and 
lives in New Bern, NC. He has lived and served in 
many places around the world, including London, 
England; Singapore, Barbados, Florida, New York 
and Pennsylvania. 

Jane Short Hower '45, writes that she and her 
daughter had an adventurous trip to the Scottish 
Highlands in June 2000, "when our luggage was 
delayed five days, she got sick, and I heard from 
home that my dog had died!" On a happier note, 
Jane was pleased to have an article published in the 
August 2000, issue of "Civil War Times." 

Robert F. Huber '45, has retired as editor of 
"The Howland Quarterly," published by The Pil- 
grim John Howland Society. He became editor-in- 
chief of the award winning pubhcation in 1986. He 
is also stepping down as tour director for the society. 

Grace Bowers Remsburg '45, has been a firll-time 
volunteer for the Reform Parry of the USA in Dau- 
phin County, PA for the past sk years. 

John H. Scott '45, celebrated his 52nd year in the 
ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA) on Jan. 
1, 2000. He is currendy Parish Associate for Visita- 
tion at the Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church in Pitts- 
burgh, PA. 

Lucille Sitler Brock '46, writes that she is recovering 
from six by-passes, pneumonia and a bacterial infec- 
tion and is "glad to be alive." She lives in Indianapolis. 

Dean Stone '46, was one of 19 Tennesseans hon- 
ored recendy during the Governor's Conference on 
Tourism. The honorees were recognized as individu- 
als who had the vision for tourism in the 20th 
century and shaped that vision to make tourism 
what it is in their communiry today Stone is editor 
of the Maryville " Daily Times." 

Jayne Shouse Smith '47, and her husband moved 
to Brooks-Howell Home in Asheville, NC two years 
ago. They regularly take advantage of College for 
Seniors classes at UNCA and are active in several 
peace and justice groups. She is volunteering as an 
ESLA tutor for Spanish speaking people who are 
moving into the Asheville area. 

Ken D. Kribbs '48, will be inducted into the Blount 
County Athletic Hall of Fame as a sportscaster in 
November 2000. He was also recendy named to 
the Coastal Georgia Radio Hall of Fame, and is a 
member of the MC Wall of Fame. 

Dr. Charles N. Robinson '49, has retired from the 
University of Memphis and now lives in Black 
Mountain, NC. 

Bob Argie '50, and Maybelle Rule Argie '47, 
have moved to a retirement center not far trom 
where they previously lived in Knoxville. They write 
that they "love it and guest rooms are available and 
inexpensive. Come and see us." 

D. Robert Boring '50, and Alice Davenport 
Boring '50, recently celebrated their 50th wedding 
anniversary at The Brumby House in Marietta, GA. 
They also celebrated earlier by taking a cruise of 
Arhens, Greece; the Greek Islands, and Rome. They 
live in Cupertino, CA. 

Ruth Humes Folta '51, and her husband, John, are 
spending fall 2000 in China. John will teach English 
under their son, Sam. Ruth will get to play with 
three ot their 21 grandchildren, help with the newly 
formed nursing school and observe the results of her 
now widespread knitting project. They plan to be in 
China until January 200 1 . 

Vernon E. Hyde '51, is retired from teaching and 
lives in Smithville, TN, where he enjoys having time 
for gardening. 

Hazel Holm Schuller '51, and her husband 
recendy enjoyed attending South Georgia University 
Elderhostel in Okefenokee Swamp National Refuge, 
They live in Sanibel, FL, where Hazel serves on the 
Sanibel U. C. C. Deacon's Board. 

Charles E. Allen '52, was named Peabody at Van- 
derbilt Universit}' "Distinguished Alumnus of the 
Year in 1999. Charlie and Gracie Scru^ Allen 
'52, were honored with Nashville's Sage Award in 
1999, given by the Nashville Council of Commu- 



niry Services in recognition of their volunteer work. 

Louise Packard Butler '52, is active in ciiurch 
choir, drama and Sunday school at the Presbyterian 
Church in Hammonton, NJ. She composes music 
for choral use and is compiling a collection of ser- 
vice music and seeking publication of a Christmas 
cantata, which utilizes 10 original choral songs with 
dramatic sketches included. 

Marsha Beebe Green '52, and her husband had 
a spring 2000 mini-MC reunion in Georgia and 
South Carolina with Edie Lancaster Mussler '52, 
and her husband; Thad Godwin '52, and his wife, 
and June Goldsmith Grooms '52, and her husband. 
All three couples have also now visited Marsha and 
her husband in Beaverton, OR. 

Ruth Kuckherman Massey '52, lost her husband, 
|ohn, on Oct. 10, 2000, following a long batrie with 
cancer. Ruth lives in Huntsville, AL. 

Richard Newman '52, is the co-editor of "Guide 
to African American and African Primary Sources at 
Harvard University." 

Neale Pearson '52, spent time in Germany, the 
Czech Republic and Italy in May 2000. Highlights 
included visits to Dachau Concentration Camp, the 
Nuremberg Stadium and the Lecture Hall-Chapel in 
Prague where Jan Hus preached. 

Larry Wallace '52, and his career as a teacher and 
band director in Wheat Ridge, CO, is the subject 
of an extensive feature article in the Summer 2000 
issue of "Colorado Music Educator." The article, 
written by W. Christopher Suazo of Boulder Valley 
Schools, is tided "Larry Wallace: A Model Teacher, 
Band Director and Human Being." 

Paul L. Merwin '53, is retired, but continues to 
work as a consultant for Matson Navigation Com- 
pany in California. 

Charles Reid '53, and Ruth Cross Reid '53, after 
nearly four years of retirement, are enjoying nine 
grandchildren, doing work on their home, traveling 
more (including two trips to England) and remain- 
ing active in their church in Windom, MN. 

Henrietta Laing Chambers '55, continues to work 
for the Oregon Flora Project (volunteer) at Oregon 
State Universit)'. She is also Finance Chair and 
House Manager for the Corvallis Chapter of the 
Assistance League. 

James A. Mays '55, has been named Interim Execu- 
tive Presbyter and Stated Clark for Holston Presby- 
tery. He retired as Executive of Lackawanna Presby- 
tery in Northeast Pennsylvania in 1998 and moved 
back to his hometown of Greeneville, TN. 

Don Adams '56, was recently honored with an 
article on his Korean War service, which appeared in 
his local paper, "Ferdinand News & Spencer Counry 
Leader" in Indiana. He works parttime at Holiday 
World & Splashin Safari theme park in Santa Glaus, 
IN. Grace Harrison Adams '55, is day manager at 
the "Young Abe Lincoln Outdoor Drama" ticket 
office in Lincoln Git)', IN. Their daughter, Julie Adams 
78, is assistant librarian at Tennessee Wesleyan College. 

Jim Kennedy '56, is pastor of Presbyterian Kirk 
of the Keys in Marathon, FL He writes that "folks 
come to church wearing shorts and tee shirts, and I 
am more than happy to report that I have not worn 
a necktie in the past three years!" 

Ethelyn Cathey Pankratz '56, retired from Provi- 
dence Health System (Providence Child Center) in 
Pordand, OR in September 1999. In her honor, the 
Center established the "Ethelyn Fund for the Family" 
to assist families with severely impaired children. 

Don Thiel '56, is now Interim Pastor of the Ewing 
Presbyterian Church in Ewing, NJ. He celebrated 
the 40th anniversary of his ordination in June 2000, 
with a party given by Yardville Presbyterian Church 
where he was Interim Pastor at the time. 

Rev. Raymond J. Van Stone '56, and his wife of 32 
years, Elizabeth Hicks Van Stone, live at Morganwood 
Presbyterian Home in Swardimore, PA. He is currendy 
writing on the history and activities of four cults. 

Clement Birkelbach '58, retired as of April 1, 2000. 
He will continue to live in Whiting, NJ. 

William Hansen '58, is now living most of the 
time in the mountains of Central Mexico on a "any 
farm with 100 avocado trees, 100 rabbits, assorted 
odiet animals and fowl." As die only North American 
in the area he is enjoying "total immersion" linguis- 
tically and culturally and notes that "it's a wonderful 

Fredrick C. Sanner '58, has been called to be Stated 
Supply Pastor of LaCrosse Memorial Presbytetian 
Church in Hampton, VA. 

Dan Wdey '58, retired from his position as Direc- 
tor of Trade Development at Schering-Plough Cor- 
poration on July 1 , 2000. He and his wife. Gray 
Clarke Wiley '59, continue to make their home in 
Danville, CA. 

Jim Sanborn '59, and his wife, Pat, are independent 
distributors for Market America. They and their 

daughter, Amy, live in Sheridan, IN. 

Mary Murphey Tauber '59, retired in August 1999, 
and has enjoyed traveling since that time. She con- 
tinues to live in Urbana, IL. 

George Y. Stewart '60, is a founder and the 
President/CEO of a telecommunications company 
based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now building 
networks in seven cities in Brazil. Named iPlan Net- 
works, this is the only 100% Internet Protocol fiber 
optic network in Latin America. Stewart's email 
address is 

Robert E. Burkhardt '61, is working part-time 
establishing an English ministry at the Tampa (FL) 
Korean UMC. He expects to retire in 2001. 

Nancy Seeger Chapman '61, received her BA 
degree from the Universiry of California-Berkeley 
and is now retired. She and her husband live in 
Pullman, WA. They have three children and four 

Bill Crisp '61, was presented with the first Blount 
County Citizenship Award at a luncheon held in 
his honor on Apr. 17, 2000. The purpose of the 
award is to recognize an outstanding person who 
repeatedly demonstrates their care for the commu- 
nity and its citizens. Crisp has served as Blount 
County Executive since 1992. 

Janet Kilgard Barbour '62, is now teaching in a 
public school in Brevard County, FL. She had previ- 
ously been teaching in private schools. 

Evelyn Brackbill Jarrett '62, has retired as music 
director at Noland United Methodist Church in 
Newport News, VA. She and her husband, who is 
retired from NASA, have moved to Marshall, NC, 
where they plan to build a house. 

Charlotte Murchison McCracken '62, has moved 
from Delaware to a new home in Lewisburg, WV, 
where she is a representative for Greenbrier Greeters. 

Dr. Donald C. McFerren '62, is the fitst president 

Maryville College alumni and friends inducted into the Wall of Fame this Homecoming included | 
Monk Tomlinson, Sharon Wood '83, Gene Reynolds '51 and Don Elia '69. 
Inductees were honored at a brunch held in the Proffitt Dining Room Oct. 13. 



of the recently created Catholic Health Partners 
Foundation in Chicago, IL. The foundation raises 
funds and makes grants to St. Joseph, St. Anthony 
and Columbus/Cabrinni hospitals and to the Chi- 
cago Institute of Neurology. McFerren was previ- 
ously Director of the American Academy of Opthal- 
molog)' Foundation in San Francisco and Director 
of Development for the UCSF Comprehensive 
Cancer Center. 

Jack L. Easter '63, is a retired Blount County 
teacher and pastor of Meadow Brook Baptist 
Church in Maryville. He was also credentialed (one 
of 226 people) in Tennessee in 1999, by Com- 
munit)' Rehabilitation Agencies of Tennessee as a 
direct support professional. 

Robert W. Mahley '63, has been elected to the 
National Academy of Sciences, the highest award 
that can be accorded to a U. S. scientist. He is 
president of the J. David Gladstone Institutes and 
director of the Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular 
Disease and an internationally known expert on 
heart disease and cholesterol metabolism. 

Joy Godbey Park '63, has recently retired from 
Mid-Continent Public Library in Raytown, MO, 
where she was employed for over 20 years. 

Cynthia J. Blanchard '64, has accepted a full-time 
position as Assistant Professor of Social Work at 
Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. 

Mary Louise Fuller Trout '65, and her family 
enjoyed a visit from Arlene Larson Shafer '65, at 
their shore home during the summer. The Trouts 
live in Piscataway, NJ. 

Hugh McCampbell '66, has returned to full-time 
large animal veterinary practice in Sweetwater, TN. 

Ann Fleming Pearson '66, married Stephen Pear- 
son, an Englishman, thirt)' years ago. They have 
been living in Warminster, England for the past 
ten years, with Stephen's 90-year-old father, and 
their two sons, ages 21 and 17. Ann is Branch 
Chairman for the Arthritis Research Campaign and 
was recently featured in a national magazine "Wom- 
an's Realm." She has completed a year of civic and 
social activities as Mayoress of Warminster and is 
now 29th District Chairman for Inner Wheel (wives 
of Rotarians), and is the only American ever to hold 
the position. 

Jim Pryor '66, became principal of Gibbs High 
School in Knox\'ille in September 1999. 

Helen Griffin Stocum '66, is manager of the Audi- 
torium Book Store of the Ocean Grove Campmeet- 
ing on the Jersey Shore. She invites MC friends to 
"come see me!" 

Marilyn Caldwell Cotton '67, retired from her 
position as Assistant Vice President with Munich 
American Reassurance Co. on Apr. 30, 2000, after 
27 years of service with the company. 
Dr. Harry Porter '67, Director of the Criminal 
Justice Program at Mississippi College in Clinton, 
MS, has been promoted to ftill professor and is 
completing his 18th year at the college. 

Gary Phillips '68, is in his 33rd year as an educa- 
tor and has been principal of Fayette County High 
School in Georgia for 15 years. The school has been 
named a 2000 Georgia School of Excellence and a 
2000 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence 
by the US Dept. of Education. Phillips was named 
Principal of the Year in Georgia for 1998-99. 

Marty Anderson Pryor '68, was awarded the Life- 
time Achievement Award of the Knox area unit of 
the Tennessee Chapter of NASW in 1999. 

Denise Meury Rose '68, teaches at Rock Creek Ele- 
mentar)' School in Unicoi County, TN. Larry Rose 
'70, is principal at Temple Hill Elementary School 
in Unicoi County. Their three children have now 
all graduated from college, and there are four grand- 

Barbara Lewis Stead '68, retired in November 
2000, after 26 years of employment at Eastern State 
Hospital in Lexington, KY. She will continue to work 
there part-time. Her son is a junior at Presbyterian 
College in SC. 

Gayle Walker '68, led a travel seminar to Ghana, 
West Africa in Januar}' 2000, for Union Theological 
Seminary and Presb)T:erian School of Christian Edu- 
cation, where she is Interim Dean of Students. 

Don Elia '69, was inducted into the National Asso- 
ciation ot Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame in 
March 2000. Elia has coached wrestling at Carson- 
Newman College for 21 years and has had no fewer 
than two wrestlers each season qualif)' for the NAIA 
or NCAA tournaments. 

Arthur S. Masker '69, has been named president 
and chief executive officer of Holston United Meth- 
odist Home for Children in Greeneville, TN. He was 
formerly chief program officer of the agency. In May 
2000, he was awarded the first Arthur S. Masker 
Leadership Award at the annual meeting of the Ten- 
nessee Association for Child Care. The award will be 
presented annually by the statewide organization to 
outstanding leaders in child welfare. Masker was 
doubly honored by the establishment ot the award 
in his name and by being named the first recipient. 
His wife, Marty Frazier Masker '67, continues to 
teach 6th grade at Greeneville Middle School. 

Craig D. Rigell '69, is now superintendent of the 
Athens (TN) City School System. He was previously 
a school principal in Oak Ridge, TN. 

Gail Klein '70, continues to teach French at Tren- 
ton Central High School in Trenton, NJ. She has 
been included in the "Who's Who Among America's 
Teachers" for 2000. Klein frequently visits Sonny 
Myers '69, and his family and is godmother to his 
youngest son, David. 

Suzanne McCulloch Friedericks '71, and her hus- 
band have gone to Hong Kong under a three-year 
contract to teach at the Hong Kong International 
School, an American international school. Suzanne 
is teaching preschool; her husband teaches video 
technology and broadcast journalism. 

Lindy Harris Bruggink '72, is a full-time portrait 
artist (oil) in the Washington, D. C. area. 

Myma Tener Bush '72, after 25 years, is retiring as 
a professional volunteer and is now working as an 
interpreter/guide at Rocky Mount, the 1791 territo- 
rial capital of Tennessee. She was previously volun- 
teering with children and schools in environmental 
education, req'cling, spinning and weaving demon- 
strations and in developing a five acre nature trail at 
a local school. Ed Bush '72, is currently the COO 
for MEDex Regional Laboratories, a regional clini- 
cal laboratory in East Tennessee and is slowly learn- 
ing skills as a blacksmith. The family is currently 
restoring an 1 840s log cabin on Goshen Mountain 
outside of Church Hill, TN. 

Debbie Steams Nichols '72, assumed the position 
of Assistant Dean for Information Services at 
Maryville College in January 2000. 

John Powell '72, has received a master of arts 
degree in history from the University of Texas at San 

Douglas G. Chase '73, is currently enrolled in 
the Doctor of Ministry Degree program at Princ- 
eton Seminary. He is also serving as a newly elected 
member of Coastal Caregivers, a non profit, inter- 
faith care giver to the frail and elderly. 

Michael Montgomery '73, recently retired from 
the University of South Carolina at the rank of 
Distinguished Professor of English Emeritus. 

Kay Hurlbut Alston '74, lives in Overbrook, KS 
and is a principal in the Santa Fe Trail school dis- 
trict. She keeps up with her musical background 
through voice lessons and singing in church. 

Steven Douglas '74, addressed the Maryville Col- 
lege Societ}' of 1819 at their annual luncheon on 
Oct. 15, 2000. Douglas is General Sessions Judge in 
Cumberland Count}', TN. 

Carol Veltman Kariotis '74, has received her 
Ph. D. in Urban Leadership and Polic}' Studies/ 
Education from the Universit}' of Missouri at 
Kansas City. She is Director of Residential Life and 
Associate Director of Student Auxiliary Services at 
the university. 

Thomas A. Radice '74, and his wife, Kuuipo, trav- 
eled to South Africa for their honeymoon and vaca- 
tion. He is also involved in a community theater, 
music improv and a drum circle. He and his wife 
recendy moved into a new house which he notes 
is "thanks to a growing management consulting busi- 

Sean M. Sullivan '74, is now an associate professor 
in the Department of Pharmaceutics, School of 
Pharmacy at the University of Florida. He also has a 
joint appointment in the Cancer Institute. 

Barbara Rumplik Taylor '74, opened a private 
practice as a licensed marriage and family therapist 
in Sevierville, TN, in July 1999. 

Helene Hanchett Valentine '75, has been pro- 
moted to Research Associate at the University of 
Miami School of Medicine, where she has been 
employed for 25 years. She continues to enjoy the 
many activities in South Florida. 



Jean D. Erhardt 76, is a private and legal inves- 
tigator and has recently had her first book pub- 
lished. "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: A Kim 
Claypoole Myster}'" is the first in a new mystery 
series. It is set in Gadinburg, TN and MC is fea- 
tured prominendy. Erhardt can be contacted at 

Rose McConnell 78, and her husband, Ken 
Rosenberger, are living in Decatur, GA, with her ten- 
year-old son Michael. She is an attorney in Adanta. 

Sharon K. Youngs 79, has been appointed coordi- 
nator fijr mission interpretation and promotion of 
the Congregational Ministries Division of the Pres- 
byterian Church (U.S.A). She received her M.Div. 
Degree from Columbia Seminary and also holds the 
M.S.S.W. degree from the University of Louisville. 

Wayne Dunn '80, and his wife, Mary Lou, have 
returned to Maryville to live. He has accepted the 
position of Assistant Director of Admissions at the 

Robyn DeMaat Hosier '80, and her family are 
living in Seymour, TN, where she is Library Infor- 
mation Specialist at Seymour Primar)' School. 

Larry Wright '80, and his wife, Belinda, recently 
had their fifth child and now have five daughters. 
The family lives on a ranch near Austin, TX. Wright 
is a trial lawyer in Austin. 

Russell Liles '81, was one of 23 people from High- 
land Presbyterian Church in Maryville who went on 
a mission trip to Managua, Nicaragua in 1999. Part 
of the group, including Liles and Charlie Parsons 
'89, drove a used school bus filled with supplies 
that the group used to build RedCross/USAID shel- 
ters in an open field that will become a new city 
for people who lost nearly everything in hurricane 
Mitch. The rest of the group went by plane to get a 
head start on the building projects. Included in the 
second group were David Kemp '76, and current 
MC student Matt Btunger. 

Tammy Lytle '81, received her master's degree in 
Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in May 

Dr. Edward C. Brewer '82, recently accepted a posi- 
tion as Assistant Professor of Organizational Com- 
munication at Murray State University in Murray, KY. 

JoAnn Berretto Lemly '83, and her family are 
living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She and 
her daughter attended the wedding of John Cock- 
field '86, on June 17, 2000, in Louisville, KT and 
enjoyed visiting with MC friends who were there. 

Trent D. Gilmore '85, is now the choral director 
at Lenoir City (TN) High School. He has also been 
minister of Saint Paul A. M. E. Zion Church in 
Mary\'ille since 1990. 

Amy Waggoner '85, is an attorney with Boswell 
and Associates in Duluth, GA. She is also a judge 
in Union City, GA. 

Dr. Melissa Walker '85, is the author of the book 
"All We Knew Was to Farm: Rural Women in the 
Upcountry Soudi, 1919-1941," published by The 
Johns Hopkins University Press. Walker is assistant 


professor of history at Converse College in Spartan- 
burg, SC and is executive secretary of the Southern 
Association of Women Histotians. 

Cindy Claborn Ferrell '87, has accepted the posi- 
tion of Assistant Professor/Music Coordinator for 
Roane State Community College in Tennessee. 

John F. Heidelberg '87, is the primary author of an 
article tided "DNA sequence of both chromosomes 
of the cholera pathogen Vibrio cholerae," which 
appeared in the 3 August 2000 issue of "Nature." 
Heidelberg is a Postdoctoral Fellow at The Institute 
for Genomic Research in Rock-ville, MD. 

Bud Watts '87, is now a captain at Delta Connec- 
tion, Hying the regional jet out of Adanta. He is also 
on the airiine's accident investigation team. 

John Wright '87, has made his first professional 
recording with the Mozart Choral Ensemble Japan 
of Rossini's "Petite Messe Solenelle." It was released 
in February 2000, on "Music Gallery," a Belgian 
label. Wright is artist-in-residence at the University 
of Dayton. 

Andrea Dye Carpenter '88, recently completed the 
requirements to become a General Securities Principal 
and is working with PFIC Securities Corporation in 
Franklin, TN. She and her husband, Joel Carpenter 
'88, live in Maryville with their two children. 

Karla Beard Heidelberg '88, was part of a team 
of scientists that spent ten days in July 2000 in 
Aquarius, the world's only undersea laborator)' dedi- 
cated to science. Using video and otiier techniques, 
the group was to document how corals feed. It was 
the first time that coral feeding in their natural 
habitat had been ftilly evaluated. Heidelberg is a 
research associate in the department of biology at 
the University of Maryland. Aquarius is a a labora- 
tory with wet and dry space, computers and living 
quarters for six. 

Alec Blaine '89, and Jeff Seagle '86, have started die 
firm Blaine and Associates Realty, based in Knox\'ille. 

Laura Brock Lynch '89, recently enrolled in a clini- 
cal doctorate program in audiolog}' at Pennsylvania 
College of Optometry. 

Rose Ballard Justice '90, teaches 5th grade at Fair- 
view School in Maryville, where she also coaches the 
basketball team. 

Terry Johnston Tompkins '90, graduated in 
August 2000, from Texas Woman's University with a 
M.S. Family Nurse Practioner. 

Cynthia Lemons '92, has been appointed Knox- 
ville atea field representative for Senatot Fred D. 
Thompson. She will be responsible for constituents 
in a 14 county region. 

Julee E. Miller '92, is Director of Operations, Mas- 
sage Therapy for Back for Life, Inc. which currendy 
employs 1 5 therapists. The company has contracts 
with the Pittsburgh Steelets, the Pitates and major 
hospitals in the Pittsbutgh area. 

Alyson Neville Knight '93, is now employed in the 
Office of Disability Ser\-ices in the Division of Stu- 
dent Affairs at die Univetsitv of Tennessee-Knoxville. 

Laura Stephens Shockley '93, graduated as a Reg- 
istered Nurse in 1999, from Fort Sanders School of 
Nursing in Knoxville. She and her family now live 
in Murtieta, CA. 

Ayesha Das^ '94, is now assistant vice president in 
charge of marketing for Microcel in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

Howard Myrick '94, has completed four years as 
a Marine Corps officer and then taught English in 
Japan as a JET volunteer. He is now enrolled as a 
graduate student at the University of Memphis. 

Dana Michelle Brantley '95, received her Ph. D. 
in Cell Biology from Vanderbilt University in June 
2000. She is now completing post-doctoral ttaining 
at Vanderbilt in the area of breast cancer metastasis. 

Darrien Thomson '95, is now a customer service 
representative for, an internet service 
provider in Knoxville. 

Rachel E. Wmter '95, graduated from Columbia 
Theological Seminar)' in Georgia on May 14, 2000. 

Treva Anne Lewis '96, received a Master of Arts in 
Christian Education degree from Union Theological 
Seminary and Presbnerian School of Christian Edu- 
cation on May 28, 2000. 

Thad Alsup '97, is currendy a projea coordinator for 
Safety and Ecolog)' Corporation, a national company 
with headquarters in Knox-ville. He and Monica 
Blackburn Alsup '97, have bought a house in Knoxville. 

Aimee Cropper '97, is now wotking as an Admis- 
sions Counselor at MariTr'Ule College. 

Sarah Stevenson Hatfield '97, received her Master's 
in Communication from the University of Kentucky 
on May 7, 2000. 

Michael James Hodges '97, graduated fi-om the 
Knoxville Police Academy in June 2000, and is an 
officer widi die Knox\'ille City Police Department. He 
and his wife. Headier, were married on Aug. 22, 1999. 

Kevin Rowland '97, is in his fourth year at Heri- 
tage High School in Blount County, TN, where he 
teaches history and coaches tennis and cross coun- 
try. He is the nominee of die Libertarian Party for 
the US Congress in the second district of Tennessee. 

Aaron Nakia Stone '97, has moved from Florida 
to Ridgefield Park, NJ, and is pursuing his career in 
New York City. 

Andy Byrd '98, moved to Cleveland, TN in 1999 
to accept a position widi Cleveland City Schools. He 
teaches economics and coaches boys and girls soccer. 

Judy Dunnam '98, is in her second year of the 
nurse practitioner program at University of Tennes- 

Joshua M. Goocey '98, is now attending graduate 
school at Wake Forest Universit}', where he received 
an academic scholarship and assistantship. He is 
wotking toward a Mastet of Divinity degtee. 

Mitsunobu Hanyu '98, has received the Master of 
Science degree in applied mathematics from the 
University of Tennessee. He is currently a Numeri- 
cal Analysis/Design engineer at Toshiba Coip. in 
Tokyo, Japan. 


Tony Johnson '98, has been promoted to the posi- 
tion of credit analyst with Citizens National Bank 
in Knoxville. 

Marilew Rudisill '98, has been named program 
director for the YWCA of Blount County, TN. 

B. H. Cade Ruehling '98, is a full time student 
at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louis- 
ville, KY. He is serving as Youth Minister at New 
Salem Baptist Church in Cox's Creek, KY. 

Hallie Burger Shankle '98, and her husband live in 
Columbus, MS, where she is a financial analyst with 
Bryan Foods, Inc. 

Darren A. Shuler '98, graduated Summa Cum 
Laude from the University of Georgia with an MA 
in US and Latin American History. He accepted the 
John F. Schrankel Scholarship from the University 
of Tennessee College of Law and has begun classes 
there. He and his wife are living in Maryville. 

Leslie Piety Stone '98, received her Master's in 
Nursing from Vanderbilt University and is working 
as a women's health nurse practitioner. Eric Stone 
'97, is attending graduate school at Vanderbilt with 
plans to become a geriatric nurse practitioner. 

Jessica Wilkins '98, and her husband live in Louisiana 
where she is working with the Bureau of the Census 
and also as staff artist to the Tri-Parish Navigator. 

Alice Wong '98, is a corporate sales coordinator for 
Tiffany & Co. in New York. 

Ryan F. Argentino '99, has completed his first year 
at Syracuse University College of Law and has attended 
officer candidate school for the U. S. Marine Corps. 

Erin Palmer '99, is now in her second year of law 
school at the University of Tennessee. During the 
summer she worked in Knoxville at the law firm of 
Kramer, Rayson, Leake, Rodges, and Morgan. 

Robbie Allen '00, won the Council for the 
Advancement of Early Studies Undergraduate Paper 
Award at its conference held at Ball State University 
during his Senior year at MC. His paper, which 
he presented at the conference, was titled, "Roman 
Trade with India." He was selected to participate 
in the Japan English Teaching Program. He is spend- 
ing one year as an assistant language teacher in 
Yamanashi Prefecture. 

Emily Simpson '00, is now in Venezuela teaching 
and working on her master's degree. She is also 
participating in mission projects. 


Ruth Newton Hendrick '23, on Apr. 11, 2000, in 
Birmingham, AL. Survivors include her husband, 
James R Hendrick, who notified the College of her 

Agnes Lewis '23, on Feb. 14, 2000, at Asbury Acres 
in Maryville. She had joined Frontier Nursing Service 
in 'Wendover, KY in 1930, and served there for 37 
years, moving to Maryville in 1967. She is survived 
by her brother and several nieces and nephews. 

Alice Robison McMillin '25, on Jan. 22, 2000, 
and her sister, Mary Lillian Robison Spitzer '28, 

on Dec. 10, 1999. The College was notified of the 
deaths by their sister, Martina W. Robison '36, of 

Birmingham, AL. 

Jessie Post Gough '27, on Oct. 8, 2000, in a health 
care center in Texas. She had received her doctorate 
from the University of Georgia and was a retired 
educator. Survivors include a daughter and son, five 
grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

Maude Davis Paine '27, on Mar. 4, 2000, at her 
home in Maryville. She was a member of Maryville 
First Baptist Church. Survivors include two daugh- 
ters, two sons and their families, including 33 great 
grandchildren and one great great grandchild. 

Willard M. Johnson '28, on Mar. 17, 2000, in 
Texas. He founded Magnet Cove Barium Corp., 
later known as Magcobar, a world leader in drilling 
fluid and related services. Prior to moving to Texas, 
he had served as Mayor of Jamestown, TN, and 
was president of Union Bank of Jamestown. Survi- 
vors include his wife, Ruth Mayer Johnson '28; a 
daughter and two sons and their families. 

Walter Rowe Courtenay '29, on June 14, 2000, 
at his home in Advance, NC. He was preceded in 
death by his first wife, Emily Simpson Courtenay, 
with whom he had two sons. He became pastor of 
First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN in 1944, 
retiring in 1971. Survivors include his second wife, 
Ann Shattuck Croxson Courtenay; his two sons and 
four grandchildren. 

Anna Rowe Templin Storey '29, on Oct. 7, 2000, 
in Maryville. She received her degree in nursing 
from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and was 
a private duty nurse and friend to several people 
well known to MC alumni, including Mrs. Susan 
Walker at Morningside and Gray Webb Proffitt 
'16, and D. W. Proffitt '16. Survivors include her 
two daughters, seven grandchildren and two great- 

Frances Crabill Elzey '30, on Apr. 26, 2000. She 
had lived at Methodist Manor House in Seaford, 
DE, since 1988. She is survived by her son, Jon N. 
Elzey, who notified MC of her death. 

Edythe Obriene Covington '31, on Apr. 18, 2000, 
at her home in Birmingham, AL. She was retired 
from Union Oil Co. Survivors include two sisters 
and several nieces and nephews. 

Elizabeth Caldwell Overly '31, on May 21, 2000, 
in Knoxville. She was a Blount County school 
teacher for 34 years. Survivors include her son and 
his family. She was preceded in death by her hus- 
band of 57 years, ClilFord B. Overly '32. 

Mildred Erwin Spainhour '31, on Mar, 17, 1999, 
in Concord, NC. Survivors include her son, W. E. 
Spainhour, who notified the College of her death. 

Edward B. Cooper '32, on Feb. 4, 2000, in Char- 
lotte, NC. He served as a minister of the Presby- 
terian Church for more than 39 years. Survivors 
include three daughters, ten grandchildren, two 
great grandchildren and brother, Rev. Thomas M. 
Cooper '32. 

Blundon Glenn Ferguson '32, on Feb. 6, 2000, in 
Marietta, OH. Survivors include his son. Bob Fer- 
guson, who notifed the College of his father's death. 

Norma Spilatore Kalbhenn '33, on June 2, 2000. 
She lived in Altoona, FL, and was very active until 
the last few months of her life. The College was 
notified of her death by her daughter. 

Boyce H. Mahan '33, on Feb. 2, 2000, at Moun- 
tain City, TN. Survivors include his sister, Helen 
Mahan Payne '34, who notified MC of his death. 

Robert R McReynolds '33, on Feb. 22, 2000, in 
Sidney, OH. He was retired as controller from 
Stolle Corporation where he had worked for 42 
years. Survivors include his wife, a son and daughter 
and their families. 

Helen Walker Peters '33, on May 17, 2000, in 
Cleveland, TN. She was a former Blount County 
school teacher. Survivors include two sons and their 

Geraldine Monroe HoUick '34, on Aug. 19, 2000, 
in Vallejo, CA. She and her husband had lived in the 
Canal Zone and later for many years in California. 
She was a realtor in Berkeley CA for many years. 
Survivors include two daughters and their families. 

Maurine Willocks Sweitzer-Baskin '34, on Aug. 
22, 2000, in Maryville. She was a Blount County 
teacher and had been named Science Teacher of 
the Year by the Tennessee Academy of Science. For 
many years she led wildflower walks in the Smokies 
and had been presented with Maryville College's 
Alumni Citation. Survivors include her husband, 
Eugene Baskin; and two sons and a daughter and 
their families. 

Flo Rankin Alexander '35, on July 1 , 2000, in 
Dallas, TX. She was a long-time Maryville resident 
and operated a nursery school and kindergarten at 
her home for 30 years. Her husband, Andrew L. 
Alexander '34, died in 1984. Survivors include her 
son, former Tennessee governor, Lamar Alexander; 
and daughters, Jane Carl, and Ann Schuler '65; and 
eight grandchildren. 

Dr. George E Deebel '35, on Mar, 17,1999, from 
complications of congestive heart failure. He had 
lived at his home in Kettering, OH, until about 
three months before his death. Survivors include his 
daughter, Linda L. Salts, who notified the College 
of his death. 

Hazel Kinnamon Kidd '35, on July 1 1, 2000, in 
Newark, DE She was formerly from Maryville and 
was preceded in death by her husband, and a son, 
Donald R. Kidd '60. 

Richard Wise Barton '36, on June 28, 2000, in 
Nashville, TN. He was employed by the Federal 
Government tor over 35 years, retiring in 1979. 
Survivors include his wife, Ida Ferguson Barton, a 
daughter and son and their families. 

John K. Blackburn '36, on Oct. 3, 2000, in 
Maryville. He had served in the US Navy and later 
worked for Proffitt's, retiring after 32 years of service. 
Survivors include his wife of 56 years, a son and his 
family, and sister Mabel Blackburn Fox '29. 



Arnold A, Brown '36, on Dec. 2, 1999, in Sun 
City, AZ. He served Congregational churches for 40 
years of active ministry and as supply and interim 
pastor in later years. Sunivors include his wife, Eliz- 
abeth H. Brown. 

Martha McSpadden Linscott '37, in December, 
1999. She lived in Leesburg, FL. Survivors 
include her daughter, Betty Lewis, who notifed 
the College of her death. 

Irene Myers Black '38, died on May 15, 2000. 
She lived in Greenback, TN. Survivors include 
a son. Bob Black, who notified the College ot 
his mother's death. 

Mary Frances Dewell '38, on Apr. 10, 2000, 
in Lakeland, FL. She received her LL.B. from 
the University of Florida and was one of the 
first females to practice law in that state. She 
retired in 1982. She is survived by her brother 
and two nephews. 

Jack L Overly '38, on June 22, 2000, in 
Maryville, where he was a member of Trinity 
Presbnerian Church. Sur\'ivors include his 
wife, Pauline McCurry Overly '38; a son and 
5vo daughters and their families. 

Ralph S. Parvin '43, on June 1 5, 2000, in St. 
Petersburg, FL. He was a retired Presbyterian minis- 
ter. Survivors include his wife, two daughters and 
two sons and their families; two brothers, Wilbur 
Parvin '40, and Charles Parvin '50; and sister 
Roberta Parvin Tucker '43. 

Howard Fielding Lamon '40, on July 13, 
2000, in Marvville, where he owned and 
operated a dair\' firm tor many years before 
becoming an insurance agent for Blount 
County Farm Bureau and later president of Crum 
Insurance Ageno.'. He retired in 1977. Sun'ivors 
include his wife, Ruth Crawford Lamon '40; two 
sons and a daughter and their families. 

Dr. William Joseph Short '40, on July 3, 2000, 
in Newville, PA. He was a graduate of Temple Uni- 
versity Medical School. Survivors include two sons 
and a daughter and their families, and a sister, Jane 
Short Hower '45. 

William B. Felknor '41, on Feb. 21, 2000, in 
Marjville, where he had praticed law from 1947 
until his recent retirement. He was active in many 
church and civic organizations. Survivors include his 
wife, Cecilia, and several nieces and nephews. Two 
of his siblings, also MC alumni, also died recently 
Dr. George^E. Felknor '39, died on June 7, 2000; 
Mary Felknor Ruoff '42, died on June 9, 2000. 

Alma Mason Rich '41, on May 1, 2000, in Fairfax, 
VA. She had been a school secretaty before retire- 
ment. Sur\'ivors include her husband, William B. 
Rich '42; and son, William A. Rich. 

Clara McCord Bridges '42, on July 20, 2000, in 
Corinth, MS. She was a retired school teacher and 
active in Covenant Presbyterian Church in Corinth. 
She is sun,'ived by her husband of 57 years, Howard 
Wilson Bridges, and a daughter, Kathryn Ann 
Bridges '69. 

James E Garvin '43, on May 27, 2000, in Dallas, 
TX. He was a retired Presbyterian minister and had 
battled Parkinson's disease for about ten years. Survi- 
vors include his wife, Martha; a son and daughter 
and their families; and sister, Marian Garvin McLi- 
verty '44. One of his granddaughters, Rebecca 
Garvin is a current student at Marvville College. 


n July, Sharon Wood '83 (for right, second row) traveled to Taipei, Taiwan, 
with the R. William Jones Cup Team. Wood, a certified athletic trainer and 
head trainer at MC, was one of two on the team's medical staff. The Jones 
Cup is developmental ptogtam in USA Basketball and tied to the United 
States Olympic Committee. Wood is wotking towatd on invitation ftom the 
usee to join athletic ttainets for the 2004 Games. 

in Columbus, OH. Survivors include her husband, 
Floyd A. Hightower, who notified the College of her 
death during the Phonathon. 

Robert D. Thompson '48, in May 2000, in Hous- 
ton, TX. He served in the Navy in 'WWII. He 
frequently visited MC and was last on campus for 
the 55th reunion of his class in 1999. Survivors 
include rwin daughters and a brother, Ralph 
Thompson '41. 

Carolyn B. Kaye '49, on July 3, 2000, in St. 
Louis. She was a retired RN/Anesthetist. The 
College was notified of her death by her niece. 

Lois Lehr Pfeffer '49, on July 11, 1999, 
following a long illness. She lived in Winter 
Haven, FL. The College was notified ot her 
death by death by MC classmate, Janice 
Marion Stotler '52. 

Grace Gugger Schieber '49, on Oct. 2, 
1999. Survivors include her husband, Leonard 
Schieber '47, who notified MC of her death. 
They made their home in Huntington, NY. 

Glenn Edward Brown '50, on Aug. 22, 2000, 
in Mar\'\ille. He was retired from White Stores 
and Food City. Sun'ivors include his wife, Bar- 
bara, a son and daughter and their families. 

Wdliam W. Evans '44, on Aug. 21, 2000. He 
graduated ftom Washington University School of 
Law and was a trial lawyer in Missouri. Survivors 
include a son and daughter and their families. 

Joel R PhiUips '44, on Mar. 2, 2000, at his home in 
Winter Park, FL. He was retired as general manager 
and chairman of the board of Plymouth Cittus 
Growers Association. Survivors include his wife, 
Elizabeth Bryant Phillips '42; two sons and a 
daughter and their families. 

Haley "Pe^" Murrian Wampler '44, on Mar. 1 8, 
2000, in KnoxviUe. A Naw veteran, she was the first 
WAVE to enlist in WWII from Knoxville. She also 
taught school for 20 years. Sur\'ivors include her hus- 
band, two daughters and three sons, and their families. 

Phyllis C. Irshay '45, on May 1, 2000, in Red- 
lands, CA, where she was a columnist for the Red- 
lands "Daily Facts." The College was notified of her 
death by her attorney. 

Mary Phoebe Oplinger '46, on June 13, 2000, in 
Charlotte, NC. She was a librarian, retiring from 
Central Piedmont Community College aftet 23 
years as Director of Library Services. She is survived 
by her brothet, Nathan E. Oplinger, of Ocala, FL. 

Mary Elizabeth Day Smith '46, on Jan. 3, 2000. 
She lived in Hardv, 'V'A. Survivors include her hus- 
band, Frederick R. Smith '43, who notified the 
College of her death. 

Marilyn Chapman Tibbits '46, on May 11, 2000. 
Survivors include her husband, Charles W. Tibbits, of 
Tucson, AZ, who notified the College of his wife's 

Edith Earle Hightower '47, on Feb. 28, 2000, 

Dorothy Lambert Herron '50, on Aug. 29, 
2000, at her home in Mar)Tille. She had been 
employed by Blount County Schools for 35 years 
and was materials supervisor when she retired. Sur- 
vivors include her husband, Robert Herron; daugh- 
ter, Beverly Griffith and her family; and several 
aunts, uncles and cousins. 

■Verl W. Petree '50, on June 23, 2000 at his home 
in Dandridge, TN. He had retired from Rohm-Haas 
Company after 35 years of service. Sun'ivors include 
his wife, Betrv; four step-children and their families; 
two brothers, Kyle Petree '55, and Ralph Petree 
'55: and sister, Lucille Petree Way '62. 

Raymond O. Smith '50, on Oct. 1, 2000, in 
Mar)'ville. He retired from the US Air Force and 
later graduated from UT Pharmacy School and 
worked in the pharmacy at Blount Memorial Hospi- 
tal. Survivors include his wife, three sons and their 

Myrtle Lawyer WJliamson '50, on Feb. 25, 2000, 
after suffering a stroke. She lived in Flag Pond, TN. 
Survivots include thtee children and their families. 

Bruce S. de Nagy '51, on Mar. 29, 2000, at his home 
in Wilmington, DE, of cancer. He had had a 36 
year career in education, retiring in 1991. Survivors 
include his rwin brother, Donald de Nagy '51. 

Robert Daniel Lehr '52, on Feb. 7, 2000, following 
a long illness. He lived in Morrisville, PA. Survivors 
include his wife. 

Robert W. Moser '52, on July 15, 2000, in Pensacola, 
FL. The College was notifieci of his deadi by his 
wife, Mel Moser. He was retired from the US Navy 
where he had been a Chaplain. 

Helen Sims Stilwell '52, in July, 2000, in Brooklyn, 
MS. She was a retired dietician. The College was 
notified of her death by her daughter. 


Marie Lane Earl '53, on Sept. 9, 2000, in Chattanooga, 
where she had moved in 1957 from Maryville. She 
was a retired teacher. Survivors include her husband, 
three sons and their families. 

Janet Amelia Woods '53, on Oct. 4, 2000, in 
Pitcairn, PA. She was an elementary school teacher 
and had retired in 1993. Survivors include a brother 
and several nieces and nephews. 

MarUyn Johnston Young '55, on Dec. 12, 1999. 
She lived in State College, PA. This information was 
sent to MC by Anne Buckley Howland '55, who 

had received a note from Marilyn's husband. 

Joseph E. Quinn '58, on Apr. 22, 2000. He was 
pastor of Honey Creek Presbyterian Church in New 
Cariisle, OH, where he had served since 1967. He 
was active in many civic, church and community 
organizations. Survivors include his wife of 40 years, 
Beverly Tillman Quinn '58; daughter. Mar}' Ann 
Quinn; and son, Michael E. Quinn. 

Glenn Terrence Tipton '59, on July 26, 2000, in 
Durham, NC. after an extended illness. He joined 
the Air Force in 1955, and was a retired master 
sergeant. He later worked for Shoney's Inc. until 
retirement in 1999. Survivors include his wife; sister 
Shirley Greaser, and her husband, Dan Greaser '60. 

Lorraine Briggs Thalacker '65, on Mar. 27, 2000, 
in Fort Dodge, Iowa, of cancer. She was a psychodier- 
apist at the Catholic Social Services of Fort Dodge. 
Sur\'ivors include her husband and two daughters. 

Ralph W. Tucker '65, on Feb. 26, 2000, in New York 
ot complications of mukiple myeloma. He was a 
free-lance writer and producer ot industrial films. 
He had worked in the US and abroad. He had 
several works in progress at the time of his death, 
including a book about his life as a multiple-myeloma 
patient. Survivors include his wife, Helen Anne 
Easterly '62; son, Guy; parents, Walter F Tucker and 
Roberta Parvin Tucker '43; a sister and two brothers. 

Peter Jackson Park '68, on Mar. 24, 2000, follow- 
ing an extended illness. He was an emergency room 
physician at Lutheran Medical Center in Denver, CO 
until his work was curtailed by illness. He then taught 
for much of the time. Survivors include his wife. Donna 
Moyers Park '70; two sons; and a brother and sister 

Judy McArthur Hackworth '69, on Sept. 8, 2000. 
Her death was reported to the College by her 
cousin, Alida McArthur Graves '69. 

Lawrence W. Dimmick, Jr. '73, on July 2 1 , 2000, 
at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in NH, 
after a long illness. He worked for Purity Supreme 
and also appeared with his band. The Coachmen. 
Survivors include his wife and adopted son; his 
mother and two brothers. 

Terry Lee Noack '75, on Nov. 21, 1999, of heart 
failure at his home in Alexandria, VA. He was a 
partner in the design firm of Whidedge Associates. 
He is survived by his mother and two sisters. 

Christina LeAnn Keller '94, on Oct. 18, 2000. She 
taught third grade at Townsend Elementary School 
in Blount Count}'. Survivors include her parents; two 
sisters, grandmother and several nieces and nephews. 


Marianne Richman Buetmer '59, to John Replogle, Jan. 

Ginger Harris '83, to Danny Taylor, Apr. 18, 1998. 
John Edwin Walker '87, to Jodi Lynn Henry, Aug. 27, 2000. 
Rose Ballard '90, to Douglas Justice '93, Mar 25, 2000. 
Lisa Morrow '91, to Morgan GoeOer, Apr 19, 1997. 
Dawn E. Hill '93, to Charles N. Beasley, Aug. 12, 2000. 
Ryan Headi Riggins '94, to Knsti Mechelle Seal, July 1, 2000. 

Maria Brickell Beasley '96, to Edward Nolan Willard, 

June 10, 2000. 

Glen Cullop '96, to Maura Daley Aug. 5, 2000. 

Shelly Nicole Johnson '96, to Kevin Lamarr Kelly, Mar 


Treva Anne Lewis '96, to Zachary Scon Sasser, Sept. 2, 2000. 

Christen McCanunon '96, to Jason Khym, Dec. 18, 1999. 

Tammy Dee Wright '96, to Christopher Shawn Gate, 
Mar 18,2000. 

Dan Dockery '97, to Micah Hines, Dec. 4, 1999. 
Kelly A. Lyon '97, to Bill J. Rogers, May 30, 1999. 

Sharr Ron-Dale McGill '97, to David Shane Ruckart, July 
22, 2000. 

David Matthew Wagner '97, to Amanda Elizabeth 
Denton, June 24, 2000. 

HalUe Marie Burger '98, to Lex Brannen Shankle, Mar 

18, 2000. 

Amanda Jillayne Carson '98, to Charles Grant Johnson, 

Apr 29, 2000. 

AUison B. Dunn '98, to Larry Brad Smith '98, Sept. 

24. 1998. 

Jeff Huckaby '98, to April Elmore, Aug. 10, 1999. 

Mark Daniel McKeehan '98, to Carrie Rebecca Wyatt, 
June 3, 2000 

Christopher R. Ramsey '98, to Kristi L. Anderson, July 
8, 2000 

Darren A Shuler '98, to Cibele Manfredini, of Sao Paulo, 

Jessica Wdkins '98, to Patrick Thomas, July 4, 1998. 

Sarah Lynn Best '99, to Joel Micah Campbell '99, Mar. 
4, 2000. 

Jamie Cotton '99, to Patrick Chapman, Aug. 7, 2000. 
Ryan E Coudee '99, to Jodi Ann Argendno, May 27, 2000. 
Holly Paige Jenkins '99, to Brian McKendree Child, Dec. 

18. 1999. 

Audra EUzabeth Tinker '99, to Donald Eric Hornback, 
Aug. 5, 2000. 

Alisha Dominique Waldroop '99, to Randall Tyler Stan- 
ley '99, July 15,2000. 

Casey Anderson '00, to Andy Bartow '00, July 1, 2000. 

Jason Hunter Mashbum '00, to Michelle Diane Head- 
rick, May 27, 2000. 

HoUey EUzabeth Radedge '00, to Philip Grace, June 24, 


Martha Anderson Martin '80, and her husband, 

Collin, a son, Matdiew Cole, Oct. 12, 1999. 

Jim Engel '81, and his wife, Laura, a son, Matthew 
Garvey Mar. 2, 1999, their first child. Jim has three 
children from a previous marriage, who live with him 
and Laura and complete their family 

Lesa Andrews Widner '82, and David Widner '81, a 

daughter Elyse, Dec. 30, 1999. 

JoAnn Berretto Lemly '83, and her husband, David, a 
son, Zachary Tyler, Sept. 3. 2000, their second child. 

Dr. Scott Dixon '84, and his wife, Camille, a son, 
Jackson David, Mar. 20, 2000, their second child. 

Rethabile Masilo '85, and Ordi Masilo '86, a daugh- 
ter Diane, June 13, 2000, their second child. 

Brian Linkous '87, and Mary Coleman Linkous '89, 

a daughter, Miranda Kate, Sept. 28, 1999, their third 

Karla Beard Heidelberg '88, and her husband, John 

F. Heidelberg '87, twins, Christopher and Jessica, Jan. 


Elizabeth Prior Shashaty '88, and her husband, Ray a 

son, James Raymond, June 9, 1999, their third child. 

Jennifer Worth Spirko '89, and her husband, Rob, a 
daughter Hannah, Jan. 13, 2000. 

William Paul Ferguson '90, and his wife, Kasey a 

daughter, Olivia Gray March 3, 2000, their second 


Robin Schwall Harbin '90, and her husband, Brent, a 

son, Morgan Tanner, Apr 12, 1999, their first child. 

Lisa Morrow Goeller '91, and her husband, Morgan, a 
son, David August, Apr 29,2000. 

Leslie Henry Crawford '92, and her husband, Joey a 
son. Alec James Henry, Mar 28, 2000. 

Lisa Locke McClendon '92, and her husband, Timo- 
thy a son, Dalton Timothy Apr 3, 2000, dieir first 

Michelle Smith Zoppa '92, and her husband, Timo- 
thy, a son, Jackson David, Jan. 25,2000, their first 

Staci Crisp Lawhom '93, and her husband, Andy a 
son, Ty Hamilton, Mar 28, 2000, their first child. 

Janna McCall Nash '93, and her husband, Brook, a 
daughter Clare Louise, Aug. 30, 2000, their second 

Laura Stephens Shockley '93, and her husband, 
Brian, a daughter Kelsey Nicole, June 23, 2000, their 
first child. 

All Sohrabi '93, and his wife, Misty, a son, Aaron 
Eugene,Oct. 13, 1999. 

Leah Onks England '94, and her husband, Patrick, a 
daughter Kaylee Grace, Sept. 23, 2000. 

Jennifer Hearon Wells '96, and her husband, David, a 
son, Carson David, June 3, 2000, dieir first child. 

Brandee Shafer West '96, and her husband, Jason, a 
son, Brian Cade, Jan. 25, 2000. 

Kelly Lyon Rogers '97, and her husband, Bill, a son, 
Jason Robert, Jan. 3, 2000. 



A Call for MaryvlUe College Memorabilia 

Do you have Maryville College memorabilia 
chat you would like others to enjoy? 

... Maybe a letter sweater that someone has 
outgrown, a class ring that shrunk (!!!) since 
graduation, or photographs of MC students 
that really depict the changing times, fashions 
and rules at Maryville College? 

If you do, and if you're willing to donate it, 
we at the College have a place for it! With the 
restoration and expansion of Bartlett Hall, 
Maryville College now has a beautiful new stu- 
dent center, but we're calling on alumni and 
friends of the College to help give it some char- 
acter. Specifically, we hope to decorate Isaac's 
(the new student cafe) so that students, faculty, 
staff and others who frequent the cafe can be 
reminded of the long and proud histon,' that is 

Dr. Arda Walker, continued from page 11 ■ 

Arda Walker was later elected an elder. Bushing, 
another long-time membet of Highland, added 
that she was a driving force there, too, serving 
on numerous boards and committees and teach- 
ing Sunday School. 

Bushing said Walker's interest in traveling, 
flowers, art and needlework demonstrates her 
love for learning and love for life. 

In a visit with her not long before her death. 
Bushing talked with Dr. Walker abouc che 
improvemencs caking place on campus, namely 
che construction and restoration of Bartlett 
Hall. Though not in good health, she told him 
she would like to see the building. 

"Even then," he said, "she still had an interest 
in the College." 

Dr. Sarah McNiell, who was a student of Dr. 
Walker's in the early 1950s and joined her in 
the history department in the 1980s, remem- 
bers her former professor and colleague as a cre- 
ative, versatile and a very generous person. 

"[Dr. Walker] prepared extensively every 

Asian Heights, continued from page 12 

Dr. Frank van Aalst, who has taught World 
Religions and Worid Culture courses on both 
India and China at Maryville College, will lead 
che trip. He lived tor eighc years in India and 
has craveled excensively in China. In che pasc 
five years, he has led five vencures co Asia for 
MaPj-ville studencs, alumni, and friends. This 
will be the second crip co the Himalay region. 


Maryville College. 

Undoubtedly, you have seen antiques and 
localized memorabilia on display in restaurants. 
We hope to do the same in Isaac's, only with 
a lot of orange and garnet and a lot of "MC" 

Letter sweaters, class rings, athletic programs, 
choir robes, football jerseys, candid photos, old 
pennants, music programs, honor society pins, 
tennis rackets, etc. We are looking mainly for 
items that will lie flat, hue we will consider 
anything wich an inceresting story to tell. 

Items chosen for display will be put in shad- 
owbox frames and securit)' mounted. Unfor- 
tunately, we can't promise that everything 
donated will be used, and because of limited 
staff and resources dedicated to this ptoject. 

we cannot return items not chosen for display 
in Bardett Hall. Donations of memorabilia 
and antiques may be sent to other appropriate 
departments, however, to use as they see fit. 

We are asking that donations be sent co 
Libby Welsh/Maryville College/502 E. Lamar 
Alexander Pky./Maryville, TN 37804. Be sure 
CO include donors' names, addresses and any 
relevant information (i.e. dates, usage, impor- 
tance, ecc.) chac could be posted next to the 
item, if chosen for display. 

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail 
Karen Bear)' ( ) in 
the Public Relations office. 

night," McNiell said. "She was interested in all 
aspects of history - political, yes, but also arc 
and culcure." 

A hallmark of Walker's exams in English his- 
cory was one obscure question dealing with the 
material being covered. While the bulk ot the 
test dealt with facts and dates, McNiell said 
students were especially challenged with this one 
question. Walker knew how to draw out the 
competitive instincts in her students, McNiell 

"It was a very high honor to receive the 
highest grade in Dr. Walker's class, " she explained. 
"With this obscure question, smdents really 
became competitive. 

"At their 25-year reunions, you'll even hear 
them talk about these questions." 

McNiell eventually became the chair of the his- 
tory department, which meant going through 
some of Dr. Walker's files. 

"I was amazed at all of the work she had 
done tor the College," McNiell said. "She had 

done the research for the College's career plan- 
ning and placement office, the non-Western 
studies program. ..she had even gone to UT- 
Chattanooga to take some Asian history courses. 
"She didn't teach Asian histor)', but researched 
it so that she could develop the program." 

"By Faith Endowed: The Story of Maryville 
College 1819-1994" has been read (and is 
currently used as a resource) by hundreds of 
Maryville College faculty, staff, alumni and sm- 
dents. Not as well known is Walket's history of the 
Februan,' Meeting speakers. 

McNiell said she and others were critical of 
the authoress' brief mention ot herself in "By 
Faith Endowed." McNiell argued - against her 
former teacher and colleague - that modesty 
would compromise the ttue historical record. 

"But she didn't want to mention herself too 
much," McNiell said, "and she usually got what 
she wanted." 

This trip is endorsed by che Maryville College 
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cially for Alumni and Friends of Maryville Col- 

The comprehensive cose ot the trip will be 
$5250 (at current aitfare prices) and will cover 

all travel, lodging, breakfasts, dinners, and most 
lunches. A deposit of $500 will reserve a place 
in the group and must be received no later than 
March 1, 2001. Full payment is due on May 

For further information contact: Frank D. 
van Aalst c/o Worid Education Resource 2163 
Waters End, Walland, TN 37886, or e-mail or call 865-982-6726. 

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MARYVILLE, TN 37804-5907 





MARYVILLE. TN 37804-5907 


MARYVILLE, TN 37804-5907 


It won't come as 
any big surprise to my 

friends and classmates from 
Maryville College when I 
say that I wasn't the most 
"academic" person in col- 
lege. At the risk of the 
varied interpretations, I'll 
say that I enjoyed myself 
very much at Maryville. I 
played football. I greatly 
improved my golf game 
on the hills and "fairways" of the 
college campus. I socialized on the 
steps of Pearsons Hall every evening 
after dinner. I enjoyed late-night 
card games with my roommates in 

But looking back, I realize that 
I also changed for the better at 

And I realize today that the change 
is due largely to the liberal arts educa- 
tion I received. 

I majored in business and while 
I daily use the information that I 
learned in my social science classes in 
Thaw Hall, the courses in Anderson 
and Sutton Science Center and the 
Fine Arts Center have equally made 
a difference in my life. Every bit of 
that curriculum molded me into the 
person I am today. 

First of all, I think I received a great 
education. I was taught by some of 
the best professors anywhere, and the 
curriculum was balanced. From my 
English and literature classes, I learned 
how to write and read critically. I was 
challenged to participate in discus- 
sions on world events, and I learned 
to research and gather information 
throughout my Independent Study 

Today, I'm a senior vice president 
at SunTrust Bank. From experience, 
I know that my job isn't all about 

figures or percentages; 
I don't just add up 
columns all day long 
or figure finance rates. 
Banks - good banks, 
anyway - take cus- 
tomers seriously, and 
communication with 
them is important, 
whether that com- 
munication takes the 
form of a letter, a pre- 
sentation or a market- 
ing campaign. Because of the general 
education courses I took at Maryville 
College, I think I am more comfort- 
able with (and therefore, better at) the 
entire business of banking. 

From what I've observed in the 
hiring process of SunTrust, bankers 
tend to fill vacant positions with grad- 
uates who have focused their educa- 
tions in finance or accounting. Cer- 
tainly, I'm not saying these people are 
unqualified for the world of banking. 
They are qualified. But I do think the 
liberal arts graduate approaches work 
and life from a different perspective, 
and I think these graduates are invalu- 
able assets to the workplace. I think 
liberal arts graduates are qualified to 
do almost anything. 

The liberal arts curriculum has 
changed my life in two other ways. 
If English literature or natural science 
were not required for graduation back 
in the late 1970s, I'm almost certain 
I wouldn't have taken those courses. 
And not only would I have missed 
out on the sheer lessons of the sub- 
jects, I would have also missed out 
on the opportunities to hear profes- 
sors like Dr. 7\rt Bushing '43 and 
Dr. Bob Ramger '56. During the 
Interim period between Thanksgiving 
and Christmas, I remember learning 
to build a log cabin with Dr. Robert 

Bonham. All of those professors were 
really neat, and it was so interesting 
to see the world through their eyes, if 
only for a semester or two. 

Just as the liberal arts curriculum 
gave me the opportunity to learn 
under different professors, it also put 
me in an environment of diversity. In 
a Western Civilization class, I prob- 
ably sat between art majors and chem- 
istry majors. Hearing the perspectives 
and experiences of students very dif- 
ferent from me just added to my own 

Today, I'm the father of an 8-year- 
old girl. She's smart, funny and wildly 
imaginative. Ten years from now, I'd 
love to see her choose a small school 
like Maryville, so that she can receive 
the personal attention that, I believe, 
enriches the learning experience. And 
I certainly wouldn't discourage her 
from pursuing a liberal arts degree, 
because I think that kind of experi- 
ence would challenge her and supple- 
ment the tools that my wife and I are 
giving her now for a full and meaning- 
ful hfe. 

If 25 years from now my daughter 
looked back on her four undergradu- 
ate years and said that she enjoyed 
herself at college, how could I not be 
pleased? It certainly worked for me. 



l-Miihhshcil 1S19 

502 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway 
Maryville, Tennessee 37804-5907 


2520 ro>; CHASE LANE 




■'"..'■. .ll.i,,,, 1,111,,,. >l,l!,.l,,,, II.,. Ilnl, III,,. ,1.1,1