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Eoiruv fiv E. A- BAKER, M,A. 

I, Lit* Bad Opiniana of John Bnncle, EAqtiire. By Tieohas 
AkomT t'Thc Kngliih Kabe1il«% 

*; AdTCDturtr> of Doa Sylrio dc RomItb. Dy C. M, V^tuiXD, 

^ The HtfpUflieron of the Quccb of Navorrv- TidtiAtHt^d by 
At i-HE^k VArHSK. TFie CompL^ie Tut, vLIh Vfn« Tnmliutoni 
of the VrVktft- 

nf BoccAcdo'a D«c4merMi. Tfct Compt«le Teict; ituvlAteJ by 
J. M. Riixi, M,A- j With J. Ai>pmoTX>N SyMi>Ki>'« <&»/ m 

5. NoirdsAud Worelette*- (Orootioloi oi,The Koy>1 SU«e; Tic 

Fnir filr ; The Nitb, elt> By Mrt. Al*llB> BJOttt. 

6. Guru Rom«DOnim ; CnlcfUiining Sloriei iavnl«d by the Monki 

u ■ Firoiilo RrcT«EJoii, Trance lh« moM Gcl0tii«t«d of Odf ovn 
FVkU And OE-Iicd btvc cxtrvcted Ifacir PtoU' Tnul«ted| wllh 
Inciuducwo Aii'l Ndtcs br Kcv. Chaklia SnAH, 

7. Th* Fool of Qualitf. I*f Hknbv Kirtnut Wiih KiMA^Ltv^ 

tairorlucLlwi, oad a eomprtheniLki** LUv cf tbe Author b; E. A. 





Win* A BroGHApmcAL Pruace it 

Akv a xkw I.rrK nr t»<ic AtriiioR hv 
£. A. BAKER, MA. 



MKW vouK '. tL r tiunon * go 



Amp tether Iniroduciion to nn auihoi vhom Chirlet 
Kia^r u*^«Md ID witb so eulomtic « preface would 
be A *<»)t of supererogMton, hftd not the opportunily 
tristn of miking iomn juldilfona to ibe little tliat ii 
j<enenl1y known About Hcniy brootr Kmffiky'» prefect 
has been retained in the prc^crt edition of 7>&^ Iw/ </ 
Qma^t for it ia now idcr>ij5cd with the book in it way 
mti f«r prrfiPT* are — ai all rvrms JiirrK an air wnilro in 
ifttrcducc otttct mcn'» vork. It contains the fincat portrait 
we hftTG of the chjunc^cr of Brooke, ft portmii that \u the 
charm of etoquencc a/id cnihi:&fi^Tn, ind diit|ilAyi the in- 
•Egbl bom of w^mplfte and frrreni symparhj-. Kinsley h*d 
tbe J[O0d luck lo find, in a writer vho hxd preceded him by 
narif A centuiy. a nuui ninicuEaily like himself iri temper^' 
ment, in tmagin^titni, in 3t>cu3, elhlculn vid reli^iuu^ ideu. 
No proper bit^^phy of Hcniy Brc»oke etiiljng — for 
Kingiley'a lecoonc is, ailcr aII. on\^ a akt-tch — there is 
Qo cxcu&e necdcJ for Xtyhtg to fill tn ttic ouiline) with a 
few ^^e^h deiaiU. For much of the naierifil to be u^ed 
for this putpow 1 am indubic^d to Mr. Honry Brooke of 
Uvopool A dcaccmknl of Rot>CTi, th< yoiinj;cr brother of 
the Coun&ellur Biooici ft^ he wufl fAoiilLAily koo^An in his 
own d*y, author of T^t f^i of Qstahty, Mr, Brooke hai 
kindly supplied the appended famtily tree, which he ha* 
Ukcn COnKiderabie F^r^s 10 verify, and hu lent for repro- 
duction the h£r>likR monochi(>mc porinut which i> included 
bcr& He hu alto pot st ny diipo^l, for the purposes of 
Ibis introduction, his interesting collection of Brooke p&pcrs 
uKi letters. I im fuither much indebted for a number of 
reAtrences and other nmea in Mr. Ernest Falser, who has 
made a fpceial study of the hfe and wortu of ;he author. 
Several of ihc icfcrences to the coniemporaty prcM arc due 
to Ibe rescirdici of Mr- J» K- tX^wIirii^ 

Ai !he reader who «sis an eye over this introditrtfon 
*tU doubtleu peruae ILings]e>'s preiftc«> I wid not worry 

^^mfmm&mnMU uuuiid, ionner or latcr, to prootn 
Liki? Hctiiy Ktookc »nd a book like TV Iv§/ iff] 
Henry l^rookc wa» the Kcond of three som oi 
Willi.iin DrookL-, nml not, b& hithciTo maic<J» ibe 
two. The eldest wai DiKliy Brfjokcj bom 169J, ii 
Cav^, and ciiuoucd bj his father- He entcti 
CotUgc. Dubin, in 17*4^ ^^HiiujiLcd R-A. in 17] 
M.A- in 173*, W^Bt hfli-pencd to him aftcrwan 
be traced. It i£ probable thai he d^cd youn^ as 
DC mcrttion of him cahcr in the eld biognphic* ol 
letter* utid |iaper» left hy hU nc-phc^ws and nieces, w 
to two brother* only — Ht nry, trie c- Jt-r, jnJ Rober 
'bther, Ibe Rev. WiUiam Ur^okc^ of Kantavar; (bor 
died 1745). vros the eldest of tlitce bivLhcD. 
Williaeu Kroolsp, 4 piiyskian ir f-otintjr Cavan. 1 
rector of Moybolgtie (now BiUie - borouch), U 
KillifikeTf, Innistnjgcath. Kild&ilon, arid Larcy, 
large iirtai in the urne tuuoijr, itrid is altiu »iatcU I 
been rhuplain 10 Kint; WillianM. ]r\ a memoir pr«n 
the /if/i^utt r/ Jfiik /^frpr, by Henry Bruokc'w da 
Charlotic. he it dc&ciibed m 'a \rtnon oi cotuii 
taleritf »nd amiable vijiih.' He whs a n hoUr of 
CoUe^>-, and «'GLs elecCfid a member of tbc Convi 
proposed to be be!d in [7^4' At tbc tinie of his ^ 
November 10, 174S — a h'iig obituaty notice aj^i^a 
George Faulkner's DuMtn JvidmaJf which natc 
' through a residerice of fifty jcaxa and upwarda I 
diiiiiigutibcd i'jz his piety as a clcri^ymao, hia jui 
a (D'l gist rule, and his l>t:iit;volcncc as a m^in , - - J 
death ruu deprived ue of the only penon that woifld 
dicr thii ficciu.1 of hifl irirfiirr * Un a^j^^^^a^ 


bMlllBr. Roilvcrt. «4id Kvcril KcncTatJi>ii» of the latlci'i 
diteci^bnti, dcriivd their uiJ^ic ikiiV The pcai- 
mDdn»«h4ir of Letike, lattice Fltzg«nt^ who xtmrM 
Sir ThoBifti Uisby, and ktcr becanic Baroness ot OfTtt1y> 
when nlonc in ha outle of G«AsbilJ, King's Countr, tn 
AfwiK ift.(a> ■" bciicgcd Ijy tJw rebels, and coodurtnl 
An heroic dcfcace m pt^r^iL^n. 'A» the Uuxmcis iras 
looking cut of a wmdoA, a shot happening to strike the 
wall b«3ide hcc. stjc miojcdiatcly wUb Ilci handkcichicf 
wiped the cpot, fihowtng liow Ititle the caxed for th« 
fltt«(np4s of t)io Asaa^Urua.' ^ much lor the Vtgby and 
tba G<tiiidin« blood. Th< rcIauo:)shm between the Brookoa 
Aod Sherldans reata OD\y on an old lamdy (failiiioii, corro- 
boiaied by a few other drcumfitanccs. ^Sce /j/t <^ Mrt. 
^WMw .S^Afrii/diT, by Mlis l^o Fanu, p^ io8» and Lcrd 
DuJTcfifi^ lie of his roolhcr in her collected pocnai,) Wc 
And tbc yotin^r mEtnihcra of ihc twobunilid addtcaing 
•ach other a« ccutint, 

Heniy BrooW wu bofa in the bouse of RAnUTtn. wbkli 
itood on the paternal property, not fj<r from the vill^c of 
VifgTTUfl, ED ihc county of Cavan. Kingticy gives the dait 
of hjs birth oa <7c£< (he wnlcr in the Du^tn Univt^sfiy 
J/tf/itiMtft tbc Rcr. K. S^ Biookc. from nhom he bonowcd, 
■S t;oA, Hut we KavR the re^i^lcr of MauicuUEiun at 
Trinity Colicgc, Dublin, which nins aafoUows: *' Fcbruarii 
die scptimi, 1710. llcnricu» Bri>ok, Tcnsaon, riliui 
Gulielmi, C1cnd> annum o^^s dccjmutn seplJiDiJin, luius 
In cnmiute Camn ; educatui Uuhlini luh Docttjrv Jones." 
He wu bcvn, ih«rtiror«i la 1703* H« wud a deiicatc lad, 
aod bccfluoc the apccial charge of \m mother, who early 
rahit'aieJ iu luui a Tliv« of ktloa. At ibc age uf ^'ven. he 
waa aE>l« eo repeat ma&y Ane paauiffitt from the Kngliah 
EMxta and dtUUttiaU* Hia finl achoolma^ter wai Mr. 
FclU Connerfbnl, who, uyi Ur. C* U^ Wilkoii. auihor of 
the anonymocs Hna^fktiiin^i^ 'hnd irjitversixl ihr leiierr^ shorei 
d antiquity/ xnd accorditiKly 'imagined that ail biowledge 
worthy the pursuit of a mttonal bcmg itaa treasured up in 
the deck md Rontan loo^iciti' cirei> other lajigiMg« being 
Bierrly ■ jargon, unfit for uiyihing but tocArryon thr? cooi' 
inunicalioa of «ordid trade, ci tbc mfcrior a^u of hfe- 
Another writer dcsonbcs Dominic FcliJ^ who was the 
principal Kxhuulmailcr in (!avan, as * pdg^sb, aotce, 
■cb^ascEc, inienieJy profession jJ ; lilce logo, '-nothing if 
not critical," pouncing Lke a hawk on every breach of 


^WWrnfTBTOr — Wfiwi Hany » abour lf> ieavc 
vchool in Dublin kept by Dr. Sheridan, wht>, 
mvi admits ' in jiolilLorl lilcmljni jalniam irnc 
lone eicellcnt advice lo the father and mother 
plainly sec il, thai Nature inicndt that ihia c 
act some grvai \ii%n on the thc^tK of humAn Mi 

I say, ur nilher tlitr (j-^ uf Nd[urL\ hd« rnduw 

an «xce11eni memory, and tfie aeedi of Uft« al 
top«cpJorih. VcunsoA he is, he ti iotore«tie( 
thing ihai imcmts ta^a.' ' 1 waa walking mxh 
Oiher d«y/ rontimira Mr. Fclisr, '%nd a» wr w*^re 
aD old h<dg« he pointed to a buih. '' If I choi 
" 1 could hive caueht A (brush on bcr ncil in 
bul I would nol fni ihc vrwid,' added he; " h 
Hif h ft CTuH act. 1 wiA tfnid that «ome of the c 
would have found it, but luckily^ they did not ; i 
ttif grtaX joy, Lhc moihcr and her ycung have i 
This fcmiT»[i» one stmiijjly t>f the earlier chapie 
I^ca/ e/ Qua/ify, lh« autobiogTaphirr «lernoni 
abould not b« lost sight of— aulc^bioj^raphiCt thi 
interpretation of character. 

Dr. Thomas SheiiclATi, 'the Quinilliari of hi> 
th« grandfathei of Richafd BHnsiey SheHdan^ m 
remarkable chamctcr even tlun Concrfordi an 
Ponoii not only as a clashiCAl scholar, but alao as 

5r>od liver. Swifc and he were ai one time clot 
he Dean koa often cntcrtatned at R^ntavan on 
Tiaii Sheridan at Quilca, But SwiU pi?»ently 
with his eld friend, ;indt roi content vitl\ gihU 
livingT asiiiled hrffi tavigcty after his dc-iih. ^'nu 
was an nettiMl t>v a aatiic__tluL^^ia£^^AM^M^ 


not like pe;rsotul1)r, ibit he * iwanied neither pafb nor 
VHenUure, bill ihai hii vanity ind Quriotiim obtrurrd K\% 
mtTkXt,* Harry Brooke, ihc Uocior'fi favourite pupil gi^es ft 
more soncroLis EcsUmoTky to his Uilent) &nd hm chir&ctcr. 
SereiAl of Hany"* LULtkUix wric Uught by !!)r. Slieridun, 

Tte uDlv«nl^ regtai^ alr^Mly qnoEed prove* that Hi^ry 
Brook* went to a third school, about which nothing funh^r 
U known. Brv^JtiOMa pioerves many relics cf his ju^mli*. 
profte sn<l icree* none of them in 6iiy way irmafkAhtoi 
•aocpt aE fhovinx hi» natursl hcnl for Hl«)ftry connpovitiotft 
Dr. Sheridan ntadc hftn an excellent dfitskiJ «:hoUr, but 
the fnhuc Dominie Comcrfoid htd hAd in hi« cducAiioin 
inutt not be forg^.licn. li wat brgrly tn hi« matter and 
bet tniinini^ that he cmrcd his derrp retigious fervour, luid bis 
km of gitlI And religious liberty, both of which were to b« 
exhibited poivrrfully in hit rondart .tnd bin miltnga, jind to 
bftve no snull «^eci upon hi« Tortunct. 

'Riough Herry h^d been enten^ oi 9 pensioner it 
Trinity College, Dublin, and d^ily %ervcd hi« tcrniK, ho 
WAS not intended by hi* father Id follow his own fooMepa 
In the Churcb, but va» tenE to London in 1734 t^ read 
b«. In his short slay at the Tcmpk. be made itio 
^ijualiitaactf of several mwi of wit and Itarnirg, including 
Pop* and hoft LylTtlEon ; Swtft he h^d already met Ai 
Kanuvui I'he Uean i< r<;poiteJ to have ^aid thAI 
Brooke WAS A 'youDf; man of |;ciilu}, but be was forry to 
find that genius incline to [soetry, whirh of s<\\ oihci pur- 
ttiici wii the rao^e unprofiiahle/ He [reot^ the yoimg 
man witb grtAl kindness and indulxcnce, And was repaid 
by sincere admiiAtion for his powers and keen sympathy 
with the potriiiiiun di-'splayiHl in ihe Dmpisr's f^liert. 
Sfooke ivai tuddcniy recalled to Ireland by the news Ih&l 
a beloved aunt waj on her deathbed. 

He arrived in lime to receive the btetains of his rclAtlvo, 
who delivered 10 hiK guardianthip ht^r daugViier, Caihprine 
Mem^ » beautiful girl of tvelve. The rvlAEionabip item 
to have been on hia mother's, the Digbys*, side. TTie chdd 
waa lefl wiib huL small provision ; wt at his norther's 
•uggotiton, HfQoke look her 10 Dublin, and put her in fi 
botirdiog-sGhool His visits were frcaticnt, and the pair of 
children At once fell in lovc^ Catncrinc^s schoolfellows 
WTir not long finding out their secret, and vraced brr roO' 
tifiually KiLb tbcLf nuUery. AC lenK^h the contpLained to 
KcT precocious guardian, wiio pnopoted an eiToctual rcJiied/, 

BUnlafCi Tho clandestine wedding romEn«nied upon «o 
fo^Uft^T by Ctwrle^ Kin^si^y wjli iho r««u]t A Idler of 
CathcrJEic'i lo bcr nephew, Hcnrir Biookc Junioi, gi^o ua 
^impscJi of ft lotAblc cha/^iciff : 

Dhai MakRVp— 1 am T«iy piuda obl^vd tv fiTB fn iroiir CPtHf 
ktru. uid&MTtiL your offn. Vou iJwJl now bs myiLHrdcncr, if jrutu 
broihcT >Ul Jolfl to ticlp ;vu. T hue sp«d(v nAkinc f^' p^^ b^ih, 
■Qft 1 v^iJI givv y«u whfii wb^t* ^Q plNM. I l^ld on* of lh« coflt 
you wFrff coming, ud th« v4i lo gliJ tfip oilvM !>i| w«lr, Ihat 4Tw 
inijthi h*7r mil): enoagli fnf yoa ; bul I *in ifnirt yont ?(«inr prtraite 
■ill W tiLHj Hiicy 10 iv A L)<^ltntt \» ■ twur fMiai. fftu. «< aiuil a 

Ehiion Hd|T, ud h« vhnll <iJK 4ll ibt vi(gW, iin-i vy prayen f^n ui on m 

S)i* vu A]rth»rnftor« a vomAn <kf pl«ty ind gocd i«n^ 
cu Tnny be inferred ficrn a povlscripl ithc adds tu a Jcttcr of 
bcr hu»LMnd'& to Mc. Gcor^t UowAid ; 

One wind more of ycur £raE]tur1e anJ llic imtn wuold tie ingry ; yuu 
Vn^tr he GUI tic vetcU , »j tliui*i:^i >i-iii liu,vc i^nl uul of cai-iiimn duLi^i 

r>T«kfl him, fciT fw f ibnald cotnff in ^r h iharr of vrKai ycu ducTTb 
km, I ihinU, jtiit uirb a bmf qdc-I for riothiric «( yen l«]Y ti]«, uhI 
Chntlnir* k fiAwn ■ rn^rh tvllet prl^ And wr aiioUrn t^t^rri (he lorn 
of oui [lax Mr> Ilovaril ttEi*n ihc -oil knil bu»iiieii of ihr diy ii ovtr> 
Mat llic C'tJit ijf Iv^c uid mrtiJ^ blcrt liiui in iJl he umkiaKe* ; itiay 
he be ■ hlriainf^ ^th^revcr he £o<t md vflierctcr he lUyi, ii the «metl 
pmjffle vf bil iiDCuily gflBrtiomtt 

W« now com* to the time when Brooke went back lo 
London, and bei-ar hia litcmry circ^r, a pcriud upon 
which our infonoAiiun ia, unh4ppilT, reiy ^caI;ty indeed 
III 1 7 93 Iir wrute his be^ i^cH-tn, Utrtr^^ai Bfttu^^ 'Am\ii 
nhicli ther« U no need to Add very touch Co what Kingiley 
l»i uitdi Though tiow ii poMOBWs merely a hihtorical 
intcrcstt (or ii li«« sufl^cicd llie fate of ncAiiy oil didicctc 
noccry, ihr work hR« Mrrlin^ meriu » a vummiry of the 
nn«flt ihoughti of \\& timo on Natur* and lh« Otator, iind 
br^Tt ftmplc tcs^imc^ny to Brookc'i depth of schcUnhip- 
lli thciin It, ihai Ihc bcfliiiy i;f the unvvrr^e is the 
exiTctticjn of the Divine order imnuncnc ui t\\ creation, 
ft tCAuty which 

MiTiiiek«d Id oor hueaMw «mun^ 
lUaMrkrai, ihnf tht wofld'^ gmt po«n trifiu. 

tSTRODtjortOK il 

Popc'i (mnody. * 

C«r man. coDgluUait bj Ui«lf tfcijjikc deKcmJ, 
Wkh vidi\€T aiirr opiirAiPt rhr dbuil. 
And oVr fl^c vtpour Om>^>k n whlii^nhij^ ihinuJ ; 
ScAi Uwn (be OQDtsw, hovrriniz At*c» fall, 
Wbne nkJir B»iur« dothn oiu ailva ball 
Or wL«n Lho tbD4-4i k«ui«4 Unc Hbic AJ«t| 

Covcninff Htsil^ in v>ntr infftinr kiujv, 

And dotfli [he ifmpesi «lth ■ iv\\<k vmbnoe ; 
TIk cbf>it*l pctTeu ai the ioucIj ':4»i:u1t 
Asd Avm the tivdi>d rc^jund* (he riiUUn[b«i]. 
Or coiatiiit iaEac thi* (.diJJcsT d^^elU, 

AnJ jI^eI fri3in U\k h<i|fHri i>itf ciuit it-pr]*^ 
Tbff Aiwir.MV Airt«VKiii bt fitnlrrfc rMn, 
Hb lordly Taunu, or his Aliliu ppcn i 

Ob(tiuc(*J (jjriJi'Tii El>r conmi^riii^ hjil. 
And KMking ihfo' iHt piroui crri rlimf t 

Tbc tabivrruicuui Rooil ImpfiieiLi iwclU : 
Whcncq uwiB£ tumnt^ buf^I iHc muuELAin Mdi, 

Still ««ntnt finm (he viJp ^iifmnfliinnfl -a^v-h 
(VHiHC briny daiJi rsrh botm^l*-! rf^C^n livrtj. 
Tft* vDi^, iFrki ttun^, Iw/S\t> [he tiftp fcrkfri. 
And iDftfiAEt, la xhi.' iiTJifltljiiiiilij^ ^,n■^^ utpirf*. 

Tbc tinun nt^cr ccriuttit on the founi i«-iLl>t 
Bu< rhpt pwrcttite, vtib daaundlnn pitc, 
Aud iLiaea, mro* oauif » Ic^pw, Ita w >EUiD|{ nun ; 
Hcfc ttlrcuM. iNv'LU wiih infrfrimg riU*; 
And fcara ihc lakv'i cjli'uEuijs cinnn Tiilii 
Or vrinl^iii hcic a biULLy TiLl/yilnih i^^uki i 
bnpCffYHius lixrv, uticb iadlcmdon f^ai»: 
Or Ml* vHilh rapturv khaoi* tfw bttbtr olftdc, 
AAd vhiiftiinjf ulvf,^ m iht lon^ ntoida. 

The tbet^g; of tbe pc^en^, lAc >tui of 7'itf F&oi tt/QwtA'jy, 
batfOTttly iaipti«gnftt«<l witb tli« doctrin«« c4 the mystical 
^cobiMiint. The ume i» the ca^c with toother Jonj 
pocn. ^tifrwiffitii. Thrte pjrrms ^ppcv again In Uw 
colI«ct«d cd)U09 of h«f f«iih«r's poetiol works midtt hf 
Cbvloitt Brooke in 177^. Ak much of hit poetry a* lh« 
ordMwy fcjtdcr will ciuc to cxAaiinc will be found id 

FUIUI7 lifurf) perhaps thf n4cd« of his children, who 



wcsre multiplying nipidly, recalled Biookc to Ircknd; for 
MTCit or eight yf^aiK he pr^utised in DEihlin av a (^hambrr 
COVnftd ; but LUsr^ry nmbiiiun brought him tct London 
ftgair in 1736. Ho received a cordial urdcomc from 
Fope diid Lyttdlon, a[iO vrt^ itiUuUuicii b)r William I'iiU 
Afterivjirds Eafl of Chatham, to FtcdMiclf, P*inc« of 
WftlcH, 'who CAtCGAcd htm with f^rcAt f&nali^Lty^ And 
prncntcd him with many cl^gftiit and v^uftbte tokens of 
friendship,'' No doubi \\\^ '^ng^&*nfi charjcici and 
demeanour, backed by an attractive [letson, did m<>ro 
lo wm him a aocinl and literary position than his achieve- 
ments OS an autiior- Diopkc «aa a goc'd Frcndi and 
lulian ichoUi^ ami about this trmc brought oui a transla- 
tion in vcr»e t>f the firrt three books of l~a^i>'s Gtmsakmme 
Zf^j-aia. U WAS highly praitod by lloolc, who slated 
that hiB own lran%liitiou of the poem would hivr. been 
retider«d imnec^isaiy had Mr. Brooke turned the whole 
Into English. 

Kingilcy baa icld the atorr of the production of 
Gustavut f'rtjfj, !i play detrrribed by one of Brooke'* 
eulogiflttas * the forcmuHl prodcjction of human povven/ :ind 
of the drcumatanccB thai lod to its aulhor'a final r^rlurn to 
tieland*. Tbtre iii little icasoii fur doubting that Lht^ cause 
of h 15 retirement from thi' itouhled ^lea of politirs in London 
was r«aJly the one alleged, n.imely, his wife's ^jcessive tears 
lest he should get in:o trouble thrjiigh his impxnsigned 
advocacy of the Prince of Wales. The Knig had now 
puHicly broken tuiih his son, who wjtbdrew from the Court, 
and t-sot the lead of iht: oppcsilion- ThouK^" eh*eut frcm 
his fricndi, ISrookc sciii kept up an active corrcapondcnce. 
Tho Vrincc hunouicd hita wiih more th;in one letter, which 
with others froni Lord Lytt«lton sind Cheftt«ifittd perished 
in 11 firCi SoA'Oral Ictten that |>assed betwet^n him arid L'opv 
have been preieivcd by the author of Brvohana. Bivoke 
lajs many flntirring things to ihe pori, bii( in A Tone of 
linctfrity that it unmistakable. He £]uote« a oonvotsation 
thai he bad hitd with a Mr. Spcncc, who had aatcrtcd that 
Pofic was tbc pere»tc»C poet that ever li^^ed, an opinion from 
whicb he dUacrtcd. 'I lold hina to the piir|metluit Virgil 
gave me ec|ua] pleQiure, Homer equal warmth, Shakespeare 
groater rapture, and Miltoo more uti^nishmcnt, 30 ungrateful 

^ A ^td Kal iJreictit^l ii^ hiiu by itjc I'rbu li »(il] MUiiL 
*AciciMdlfk£ oa an okl pLnybilL, Gmtstms yaia wili fine occcd la 
Uva^oul, ia t83T» by Muiti Dvuri 'ibc young KoKiu*.' 




wu ] Co refute you your due prAiKe, ivhen it wis not 
unknown to mc ttiat I ^ot fniNirls^ unii rcptitation by your 
mfXtig ihvngit of me which no one would have thou^hl I 
mcnied, haJd yoti not said ihcm.' Brooke i) ptuiicuUrly 
wuLioua to cljcil lomc decisive cxpici?i(>n of 1u» jMitror)'! 
nligjoux viewt; bui Fopc'x re?(jliFs, far he wu ftl bFftri a 
good Cttholic, Jire very cauEioutly i«OTCJed^ 'It » tm- 
ponnble/ ny* Fopc. '1 ihoutd aciiiwcr ycur letter any 
funhct than by a sincere avuw^il that 1 do rot dcaetvc a 
XttA'ri pan or what yoj uy of m^ as a writer ; bui as a man 
1 vt\\\ not. imy, E ought not, in gratiitid« to hiftn to whom I 
ovc whaicvci I am, ar>d whntcvcr 1 can confcaa* to hie 
lilory, I Mill not say 1 Ji.-r)> thjiL you ihirtk no better of me 
liun I dcicrvc; I «iii<^cty worship God, believe in his 
rcvdationh, rcsifi^n to hi» ditpcnutlioris* Jotc elU his creatures, 
aui ijt ctaiiiy tvjth all denomination* of Chriitian», howcircr 
«ic>1m[ly they irral cmrh oihrr, nrd d*-lrsl nonr ^n wiirh nil 
that profligate race vtto would Icoscn ibc bands oi morality, 
oLbcr urdcT the pretence of rchftion or ftcc thinking/ 
Such views wcic too broad anil Ulirrnil, ard too iion- 
Mffiimittal, to aatitfy mniiy pc^r^pk in cho^e dayii, when, 
occepi wbcre the iniSucncc gI blcthcdism bod bllec on 
fniitTjl soil* there «aa tnorc dogmatism than Christianity. 
EtrooOu; wa^ buwcvcr, one of tbu^c vrlio valuE^d tL-Iigiun 
more Iban formaJiani ; he naa cevet a party man, even on 
those raottera which sttned hi» feelin^g I7i0ttt profoundlyn 
There IB evidence enoujjli ^i that in hit poliuuU atliiudt^ 
which vaa fio indeitentleni thai it annoytd VVIiigi and 
Torieet Protectams and Caihoiics almo«l equally. Hi* 
brother, Robert Brookt*, and two of the lattcr's sons, bccamo 
MeltiodiftU- Another Hiruiy Lioi.'Lc> the eldest uf xht: two 
D«pb«ns of our Hmry fiiooke, diAtinguiEht^d himself by hit 
fweat piety. In his life, compiled by Ut, Uajc d'ObcTj 
there ia n full account of hi» ttpiritUAl history, and of hia 
cprrrspcindcnre with thtr Rev- John WilUam de la Fli*rhfcrc^ 
or Fletcher^ Vieai of Madeley, the friend of Wesley, and one 
of the fQOnt devout and camciit workers in the Methodint 
fau^c. ThU Heni> BTooke Junior wai himself an active 
lahmirer in the tame (itld ■ 4c\-cral hymnn and mediuiicin* 
c<jmf:ot<-'<l by him are inserted in hu memoir, The tide of 
Mcthcdinm reached our Henry Bioobc, but he was not 
ranied away hy it, A leLu^r written by hi* daujthier 
Cbartolte to bet ^^eod Misf Thompson ihowt bow be 
regarded certain of their tenets. 


t«2 iMin 10 iiepui rrom fonr 

Hti sympaThy with ibe hcti^r jviri of 
appears at lirge rn ib« piget of 7>/ Jw/ ^ ^t 
11 corroborai<?d hj the ua that John Wcsl< 
ihougVLl (it to isiuc lti£t book. tt>ian itluMiaiJ^Tn 
thmiRht noWe^r in rhe-"Oficlfjc: of Tiff. In th^ltr* 
BtooIec Junior, it is Tthtod IhAt th« book fell into 
of Mf» FIclchcT, of M-tdcl'ST, who, »ui>pc»ing it to 
by htm, wmtc m ^iron^Rpprov«] of the (rligi>:iii« 
ientitnentA ronUrncd in it, ami ktkcd hit CDrretp] 
be ln*rd up to them. 

Id the year 17^5 old Mr, ISrookc died In eml 
drcumstiJictfi. About tnh limp H^^ry wtt^ ma^l^^l 
muter of MuUfnpar,* in ^hich appointmcm he diitii 
himself, as Kmpley rcUtc^ by the publicatioi 
jKunphlct on the various ahiiTns connrvfd at 
tuthoride*- This lengthy pimpblni nrn into Thr*« i 
I h4»e never seen it, but the vfut-^r in /ft? DuPiin U\ 
/fi*fanW d(icrit>cs Brooke's tnannt^ very t-nphical 
•ay*: "With a patient flaj) he thfcuhrd (he whole 
«h»f by Kheaf, rccitEirrrMlly turrtii^^ bin ivop 
flourithini; iieice bloivs afCAiriti Any little abuie or eh 
on vbtch occoaioni, no doabi. he dcilt hini»clf 
hmny hlow on thr heflri, which rniri fnially bri 
future tmcreti, and killed dovnH^bt any hope 0I 
meat for him on thf ptirt of l^c Covcramenl 
Qur:iotifn) of 71v Fov! of Qttatify waa not more t 
thjin thxt of Henry Biooke. UndoulKVdIy, in ll 
the book is tb& maa. 


The ^t of his ritbeft iJeiib wit (b&t of the JacoMb 
Rebellion- The (ollowctn of Charles li^lwanl lubdl overrun 
ScotUoil. von ttic bftitlc of J Vfi to 11(1^111. tod inv«dod 
Bnglsnd. In 1J46, whcfi thr r*"l»Hion «»n stiil ninning 
itA coI]^a^ Brooko pobbih^ hii f'urmer'f Litun^ cAltirig 
atfcr.tioD to the perpetual source of diiv^r to the cocntrr 
th«l c-MMcd in Ifirkuid iii the irnecDrciUbIc C&iholicti vbo 
outnumbered tbc PfoiMtjinK by *ivp to orw; and wptc 
ftft.dr, tiov AS ever, to rise ogicntt tbcir KnglUh conEfUcTcirt 
vbciKvcr tbqr received the le^st support 01 cncouipigciDrni 
from otitnde- Ldiet crent^ tuvf^ iinivrtl ihc )UKcicc of 
Brooke*! reading of hiiiory, aikd h\s di:ignoatt oi the 
{enefaJ situatio<i. He survcyi ti<e course of English 
hiAtoffy 09 a proLncicd slniKglc bctvecA tbc iAadact of 
liberty and the foteefi of oppreunon, tradrif; tl» iAnibter 
inflijenoe of ihe Ptpicy throughout, and pointing out that 
the fetem of ihc Sluirti would nean a reviv&l of ihc 
pciuc^jlc of abboliilc uiojiArch)', and Lhc poiaiLte ovc^Jiiow 
of Ih*^ Prr«rtrari mublitlunorit, 'This rommon enomy,' 
he declarce, * i4 now h hand- Ho is our enemy by nat>Arc 
« well *A edDcaiioni and my intent U \o prove ihat, were 
it pov^ibUr for bim to prevail, the corLwqucncc to u» would 
ba ch« ifiac u if Uut whok frftmc of bcivcn iruJ earth vai 
to be broken and thrown into it4 brut darknci* aiul con- 
fiukm ; for »uch is ihc intipJtliy between a Popbh prince 
and Pioteuant mbjccii, *nd surb wouJd br \\\c ruin of all 
our inieieala, and the mter cub%crvmn of our Stale.' But 
the tinoe lor vuch a rcvolotion hid long parted pw«y, at 
Iu3t in Englind i the letters were bftrdly in print before 
the JiLcubiie R(beIlJ>on coJlapied, and Uie c^ute of ihe 
Stttiria and of a Cathoiie Macti9n wm 1o« tor erer. But 
in IrcUnd the danger from the opprtitcd Caihotici yet 
reuained — B dangn tliaE waji ^ulE being fomemcd by the 
mh**^t* and dowc^rifthi t^rannv of ibo Bngliah, ai Bioofce 
r«TMi)y denonmated tn a ixicr work \ ipcdmen of 
hia powen of argument, with tbc declunaiory doquence 
into which he CDnrintmlLy rises, nuij be iiDotjed ; 

I hAt« alrc>id| R|Etaci]ieil rn yva, tn (4^ rurmit reitfr^ (fie pt*l 
■ad h«av7 dtfi£m 'XtX '-ta^MrtiA cvpr m and aur pcUcriiy from th? 
pi}«r«r of FnncT4nd Sfvin, the niimpin ol o^i" imubt* ftirmm, and 
tbc Lutil^iaof the ClkUKh <>f KjMDf, v-ho, lik» i|>p wnrV), (he A«ih, 
mil [he defil. nuic up • Irfpic JtlTlflniv of lErengch- fntnucy, tnd 

TeUfion and Itl^itr. I fevc &P»i> th^wn yen hw the Choiim ol Iwrnr, 
Iflie iImii Ki<h-p^liijciin, nwLn wc of bgLh tht oiher powvn to mfucB 



loanaiEe lo you thu ihvtf n riD nci^rHity fnr Ihu grHl « 
notbinie !■ mcukl of Llu^e tvlU I b«vc [qjinmtcil ; uiil tba 
tateEide<l If Ehv procnl in^aiiipn b « Uftbticicticc uf ilic Cr^ 
oul any <1cu[n i^tintl our cuiullifltiort. our ViTtriiJck, ut ui 
Tli4y will pcniuutf jroru that tbc jroiui|- cnsn who h>th mdv 
dufinii an Fnl#mrv u i f r«>ri of nviny tinii'ii aiut arrrimpl 
thit he hki imdcriaki^n :mi ciptd^tJaa mcrrlF t^ pioDioic ou 

fait hoaoar, lo ^tctcive uui cuiiMlluHoa in C hutch MndSiKEc- 
ny OMttlt^CB, he promiiPA uddb hit honour^ Whu it thcD 
lav* ■! tit fiaiilrn bU ml^ct^n^ni ) N^l J. vnt yrm. I ^luiid r n 

Lvvb and die Pupc— wlia voulil lay thu cki\d it our floor! 
ready ro to«i all iciin^ jiihia tiuiuc^ Hit )j|uiijfke»t iiKircdii 
Imt Uea*<n prtvvv 4« frura itu wucful perfuJimincc- 

Cma he pi<^miiH away hia nAuie aj%i cdbcalkn } Can h 
awtiy the [aiincipLtM and lilooA of hit ancR--orc/ Can h* '^fn 
licTiopethnbixtUftily gwtnftnttntm^rf, hit gTaiirudc to 
uid pir«n;;ngcrTLenu (o conColM^t» F 

Ducatc liifl wTuViiBd *rF T>?( rcudv lo prunii^c wfiiil hi 
power u i^uidcl) dJMrDv; Irul ihe prLJtaixi o^dcji^n «rc like 
lo Ji buildim* — U-.ty aic tnml* hut for iha uajon. Uic/ ma frtt 
bronchi m Tiqutlulmn, lEii*jr fngtf^F in Lircln rn Ar*MOy\* 

T» a brjcc exicni, th« /^ruvr^s I^tttrt ircrc 
oKninn A danger that no longer cxiNlcd , they m 
jdiogeih«r TiuT to the Irith CathoUci, whwe; ditafleci 
at Icoat the excuse of dcGf> provocation. Brooke I 
and in \va Tryti! of iht R^moA Co^MUs. published i 
he tried to itdiewi the Wancc Hctc he take 
contrary atuiudc; though no: an inconnatcnc oj 
pk'ads for justice to hia Caihi^lic ccunirymcn. \\* 
amends aL the same time foE anotlier [luhliuLiion ■ 
ngiin*f thrm, The ^Hi ft/ Part}^ which h^d be*n 
criticiMd bv Charles r>'(^nrir *»H*t.^i- ^i m '- 



WiHI ibe Citbdici. ']h« pUn of Ixu book 14 veil mc 
^ifcl by the cUlc-p^eC, wh;.ch mm ab foUowa: T'-tr Trya/a/ 

i,efd CHf/JmtHa Iimf9n, //irrS CAuf Bii^n fntfrtit, amJ 
Mf.Jmlm CUmtn^; Wtdntsd^y^ Augtut jlh, j^6i^ Afr. 
CMwariAy C^mmcn-scnfttfirt'aAn o/t!u/uryt MrSergennJ 
S^fktr, Ctmnstl /or th4 Crown, QMiianitin Candottr, Esy.^ 
C^tu^eifor tkt tUOiStd. 

WlL«er«T tnth «fi4 Ihlerat A»M cmbiace^ 

Mr. CAndoar'i 4r^umcnt la th^t hu cUcuta wcrt moat 
unjuaiiflably oppressed ai the prr^erti tini« bfoui»corihc 
>U«lg«<l fins of \he\x &nc«eiorf. Bvon were their fiUi<r« 
proved Kuilly of the charge* brought aKiinat tbcitii thiA was 
EiOt n£bt in justice Aud ciiuity; bui, he inaiiiuttis, iheii 
mippoitfd guill ii miinly n f:ibriratj<>n of biaEsed h](Ujri;in», 
For JQStiiicc, the CathoUcs arc denounced by Cl-ircndon 
uid other irriien for having in 1C4J nLus&aed more than 
forty thoLitdud Froiest^nr^- Biookc's &fioki?&m3^n, by a 
ftoroewb^t Rophbticil analysis cl the evidence, proves to 
the Ulufaction of ju<3gc and jury, and nUo of the h<titi]c 
advoCAtev who confesses him&i^lf convince, thai this 
occunenoe never loot place on Bnj'thing lilte the stilc 
depicted in the current accountiL, Thin he describet as a 
fiir exumplc of the unfonnded chjtrgca under which hii 
unfortumile dienli hate laijourenJ, *nd fjr which ihcy have 
sufTered all sotti of outrage and cortumcly. To the 

SBtiOti whether 'the People, propetiy called the Roman 
bolic» of Ireland.* were guJly ol the barbaiitiea alleged 
■gaimt ibem in 1641, the jury lerurn an answer of not 
guilijr. 'Are the religious fihnciplea of Roman Caiholtct 
C0D«i9t<»t, or incons)5(en1, with the welfaK of civil govern- 
incni^' To thia abo ilieie t& a fAVoji&btc reply* and the 
Mmc again 10 the demand whether there \\ anjr danger to 
mprefaend from the atl&chmcfil of Irish Caihohcs to the 
Culcn home of Smart. So ends the Tryai proper ; but the 
Popetr Law* themselves are next indicledj and after ft 
fnrtlKT hearing Baron Inicrcat eoncLudes: 

Ea«^, caoDfh, Mr Candour. Vqq b«tft deinoti9tra(tJ, in (It 
lifbtti IMT Iki Una, ovpcdtl)^ ntlfsl (ht Popery LAwt. hive conduecil 
TMTlatkto Ih* drcAgucmni; of ihe ilir^>ne or govern rn^ni ol tr<UQd| 
■aa I an pemudcd Ihitt Mr, 5rr(tc*iiE him^flf u omw atm* opiiiloD. 




Another pmphkt coniwctc4 wiih ihis qucttion vu 
imitcn by JJrookc, Cnlilkd, A frupifSiiJ /jr M< Ureter utt^tt 
of Piihlic \Vt%\Uh tjjtd Crvdil fy MriiK\ of u Ijnia /r&m the 
^e-maa Catholics c/ JrtlamJ in Cansidtfa/fim of aniarpng 

Girrlck idtlrc««C(] I^1C f'^IIowin^ lirtcs lo BiooLc, on hii 
publication of ihc Fi^nnn^i Ltfftifi^ which were rcaU wiih 
much «dmiralion in Lcndon : 

O tboU) wb«te KrtlcM fiuborc mi^u> chkrmt, 

Wb«a niuic efi] ruh p4Utol bovum wuzu, 
Purdii" Ihc ^IririiiL;! UiU^rh** jilfsunn Tnil ; 

Emend [be Fani]«i*& carr to liuman klnd« 

/"**''* jjlunt itli^cion, Tcucffi. fcetiicim, tfulh | 
Aod tew (ht a*«di> dI vjrriid iti k>ar yourh, 
r^< nrt rank Wi^dn fomipl, nr hnmhln ^-hnkr. 
And sFukr the Tcimin from ihe Dntlfl^ oak. 
From iK'itlicTr] bTuti friutfi^t L|lc rcriul bluom, 
AkI £UU^ our puliire« fnfm llic nulve* of Kamc^ 
On Qiiuin^e IJL)«ilf cncrHft Uiy nnmv, 
Aod iMp Ihc buvctt «i et«nul fnffit. 

BiOok« vnu nol seduced by tm!i invitation to foraak^ Ms 
rcbremcnt IIi* uLirical opcri>y'»ijt Mj iSiaHt-QntU<r. the 
belt of all his pot^cical works, which npiJcattJ i*u yiairt 
*ftor the FQrm99^s Ltfffrs, <ljd not, Ki King«ley fiuppoien. 
escape Ibc vkgituio: of the cemot. AAcr bdn^ once &cted 
in Dubliu, it ojct tbc fate vf 6'wjatwj Ktuo, and wu 
prohibited under in sict pii««ed by Wa1po1« In 1736, on 
the score of \U poUtc^l alluMonv, tirooke pubJitfied Ch« 
I0D^» eonUincd in it. And issued 4 pamphlcN written tn 
scriptural >iylif» eniiilcd 7^ /><*/ .S^r/i 0/ J&^ Gff^, 

Qn ikr 1st of April, t'?4S, ani txt^Ud en tkt ihird ^/ 
Ufay' /ijliou/ing, Thi« Lract i» fuU of bttler »CLrc«sni Bgeinst 
venality ftnd cjirnipiinn ; *r*I,' an ftrimirrr sny^, 'so varied, 
«o Tersotile, And we may add so anomalouii, wu the inan's 
mJDd, thAt be aums up aU with « pcrotntlon dcKiJptive of 
the grcKl Klory of Re<trmjjuon, »o rlcqucnL and uithodosi, 
that a I^ighiofi njighl have read it for it* tpiritual 1.>ejiuTyt 
B CaWin endnr^H it for iTii truth, and in Kdward Irving 
preached it foi ila Kxacefulncw and originality/ One of 
the vongK ciintiincd in thii opru urau such a favourite 
imoog Brooke's re«den aisd be*rer< ihit ti may ai wHl M 

quoted At 8 Apcctnrcti of hh vcrsci. It i» rounded on ihe 
VAX &flUi(t c<l tW(j yuung jreojJi; he !cnctr. 

/iHDt ! FjtrnrffU lo my Gf4n|-, m> Gr«««y to tvw t, 

"Iliy j«V, lie '■til l»ni;uHt ir»l loiit fljT llie day 
niU pJiaII liiK tU 4t*l t*tf^ QfhJl ><><« «vi;r- 

Tbo' hoaovtr in^TOMvWuJl luirvJ itall ^fov, 
And fonuM Ul Ltd« iIilII fiemilly low. 
Nor tK^nouf, nor tottunt. ihy Juirli nhiU rk-fjift, 
Bui Jjc'll cumc lu hin Ghlct- hii liaLLJ ApUD- 

A|*aiii At oar d«or, n th« tnominr ^f <prinfa 
Tom llifltuo fict, 4nd hnf goicfiTictict nbfil 
To rouK our oimpjcii^ns and inUi^of the MjhlTj 

Tn cop«f« Eo £4i»Tul, Id aie»^li>wft to plnr. 

Or to £«l)3a( fr«ili duplet^ <Acb Ud for H« 1m» i 
T9 4i>jt viJ to <i40cf t uiii W «pori '^n tht pUin, 
Tbf J4ck ihilt rftirn 10 hit Gtu«> ^tn. 

Ot *kii7 la tiU Cit4Cc/> >wc4i mta\iitTty hint, 

To hilp Ki b«r m»d'drtc« und hvrbt fnr iho po«f. 
And WBln»it« tht ilnngvt ihal h'op* tt i>ic Aooi. 
A( nifcht. r/?i i^ur Tir« ind ■ cup of (IrAF i]p. 
Ta hdi the bawn ncwi ind the rnvrlltr't ule I 
Tti mule Kiaity life* liU wir lioiJ^ lliry |^uw li«V| 
And pMil fMSt br >h<«p «iid ny Cnc«r 00 nvre- 

Brpolic did not iiopr^c the »cnjc by chAxigin ; Groccri 
the wicclhcsn, into A f-hUri, Tills, like ina^ij irnirc of tSfi 
toogip wjts comp^^icd Tor one of iho mdcdici ti^k^w to 
IreUnd ard Scotbnd^ find familiar to iirookc*s Audicoce^ 
to wit, ■ LochaKci iio mote'. 

Qrujlr wasconiJnu^lIy writing pbyi^fett, if to)'. of which 
is th«re U17 reason lo EUppose vac Buccesjtru]. The 
biogiopber of h\i daughter wonders boir it enme about that 
A mU] wilH so strong 4 bi«i for 'MethuiJistiedl' opiniom ta 
ftligion fell h:msdf at librtty to write «o perfi«venng!y for 
lb« stue. Il wu, I fiufpotc, only another iiuLtnce of bis 
nACuiATttbenhty axtd brc^iih of mind. Tbc saxuc writer 
tdls aa Inlcfeailng tWry of Brooke's jirofooiidly religiou* 
chanctet, and giftt chat might huve Htrcd him for a caiecr 
io the Chttfch. "One Sunday, fthtle the congregation were 
aficmblcd hi i\k pttrj»h in wbidi he IWcd. they watted a 
loii£ dmc ihr arrival of iheir clergyman. At list, fmdiii^i 
be was not blccly to come th&t day, tbej^ judged that acme 
accident had dciaiccd hiaii and being loth to depart 

xt lyntoDucTJON 

CQltrcl^vrithcnil their crraod, ihey, witb cntr accord, requited 
(hail HT' Brouke would [Jt^iorm ihe service for them, and 
93ipoiiml a part of the SoripttiKS, He consente<l, and Ihe 
previous prAVCrs bcin^ over, he opened the Bible, and 

F reached c«iciu[/uic uti the fii^i lexE tliiLt struck hit eye* 
n ihn n\it\\i nf hU <Ii*iroiirw the: rler^tynian rrifored and 
found hia whole congfrftaiion in teart. Hif entrealed Mi. 
B/ookc to proceed; but iWit he nodeerly ccfuscd; and ihc 
otiier as modcdy decUretT, iliAt after the testimor^y of 
superof atiilitits, whieh he jjcrccived in the moist eyei o* 
all prescnl, he w*juld thtnk it prcsumpticn and ioWy ic hazatd 
anything of his own. Acccrdmgly. the coudydmg praycn 
alone were said, and the congregaiion dismissed for the 

In 1749 Brooke vras solidted by a large body or the 
elccluts 01 Dulilin lo iland ht lliat eily at the aiiprmching 
election, bin he declined ilie honour, 'beciiuse oi some of 
the mc«t eminent merchania having published a docldration 
in favour of Another man. who/ he modestly »yi. 'to the 
advaniagec of being a free dttEen and eieellinK trtider, he 
add* an acknowledged ftupenotity in eveiy other mertL* He 
waa probably of too Quixotic a dmpositiun to succeed in 
pirltamcnLary life* Hi« various exeut^Lun& into poliELt:^ div 
pleated tvery party; his iracis or the IfUh Cfltholirs, in 
spite of the prJi^e they won by their lilciary menta, had no 
pracltcal effect whalcvtr. Ii hAi been well taid ofhimthnt 
' he saw ihe peaks of virtus tn cnthu^ijJL^iic lights, and if he 
eonfdved thAf he wa« sailing on the current of tmth, hi£ 
course then became recklessj and he would scorn the rudder 
while he hoisted every &iil to drive with the breej^c or catch 
the bbijt. He h«d a lhc»rough knowledge of tht world in 
theory, and saw into character with a piercing eye ; but he 
itaa ample and artlcis in his practical conduct, and too 
diivalrou* for common life/ The Mine writer records a 
pleasant mh in his rhnracter- *A devtrr paciiphleT was 
pubhebed a^ningt him full of per^onahtiett, and just afkr he 
nad finished LtJ perusal s friend came in And LtiquiTcd how 
he hjid liked h. Brooke aribwcred, " Wh/L sir, T Tnogbed at 
its *vii, and smiled H ic« malice." ' Miny letton and ether 
^d<nce« arc on record of his atcrt eympAlhy wiih the joys 
and vonow) of \m fiends ; he was the luiideit of Undlordi, 
though nftm impn^M upnn.and cnierrd into the trt>ubtes nf 
ev&ry cottLCZ on his estate wiLli a degrc« oi lympathy almost 


Aflcr the death of hii father m 1745, he Urej for votnc 
j^ciu lii ilie dd HfJU!ic of RanUviin wilh his broihn. 
Robeit, who had mArn<:(I hit ci:4i).iQ» Honor Brooke. The 
liro faTniJicst numl]<:ring twuniy pct^Lm or motu, lived 
10(:cthcT in ibc rjirc^t hfirmcny. Rob^n ^u an enthusiastic 
pAintcr Henry Brooke Jevotrd himsrir eo ihe cducatiOD 
tfif his children. Hi« daughter Chariotte heart witnets 10 
the £yalemaiic icfll wilh ivhich he t viper in tcndcil her studiesL 
Bui hL« opcr-handeiJiicu and iiitpiujcnce aL la^l resulted in 

GciinJary rtnhamt^bmi^niK, Hr wrr fore«d toj^iveupth'T 
ppy homoj to inoitgA^c, and eventually eoscII (Uotavani 
uid ti> rent a place c^Ucd l>ut>j Patk^ near SaKins, in 
C0UT115 Kildarci from hiA<:ou»]ii, Mr. r>igby,of Landcnslown. 
Rohrrt hid alfcody, in 175S, mijpated 10 Oshtrstown, neat 
KiEUbes*, in the same county,' where by the interest :jf 
the lame cousin he had been made i^af^muter to the Grand 
Canar Henty livcO by hh prriantlthi? [JUffmnf hi!ignvcfn- 
nent appolntcnent, which brought him tn al^out four hundred 
a ycAf, And Robert added to h;i^ income by ihc uilc cf hia 
pictures. This phoae of hii life camc^ to an end with the 
erent^ narrated hy Kmgdey* which led to his moving back 
ftboift 1770 to the nci^libourhood of Rjintavan, and building 
'LonK^l<^\ Of Corfoddy. During the latter portion <if hii 
fife^ a|;ficul(i]ic ahh \\h raltng jta^tiou ; he not only ptuvighed 
asd planted, »nd wa^ed brge sijui» on unproductive 
SclitiDca, but he wrole many able eaay^ on the subject, 
which had a wide circulation. ' To hiiu a xtn of marl waa 
more prririous than a vrm of gold/ a con-esfmndenT writes 
in Br^kiana, * 1 believe ho had all Ihe writings of H«i<>d, 
Xcnopbon, Aiatua, EratoMhcncs, Cuo, Varro, and <vcti 
Magoa> thr old Cartfiaginian, by role.' 

He ttill nur*e(i literary ambitions, projecting wveral 
scheme* that came lo nothing. In 1763 he had become 
Ibc editor of Ihc J^rteffmn's Jiurta/, A prospectus for a 
hiatory of In^laud (mm the carJicsi tinier Iwd Iiecn issued, 
probabfj tome year^ ago, hut the {'reject M) throu[i;h, 
difficulties harinjE amen ik» to the uoc of certain documeota 
and other raaLcriala on which be had counted. Many of 
Ilia productions vere in the laai degree fugitive. A nitonbcr 
Wife publiahed anonymously, for be was very carclciift in 
filch mattcts. Amon^E thcAe wns a scries of translationa from 
the FrcEictk of Cooitc dc Caylua, issued In two votumct in 

^ Rob«fl'« daiijjhiti, Smh^ hmn in r?^ bos 
he *lFft hit brother llfnryai Kaniatan. 

Ipfl it an r««or«! Uhi 



1750, unda the title, A New Systtm ^ Fkiray ; ar^ A 
0>/Mn'**fi .]/ /Iii'rj' Tcif/s ; fftfi'refy ww . . containing (as 
wnA aIwAy« ctufii t«d in those days eren of vrotki written for 
cntcrl^ir^mcnt) many uacful Losoruand morjU acntiracnts.' 
It mu»t bu AujMhLlcjd, ttkh n^arJ tu tficiic inifising wcitIcSi 
thu, lho\:gh it would bo Irticrcfcing to kno« ihetn, few of 
Brooke's writings arc rcidabLc now, wit^ the exception of 
TfU fht^ of QuaUfy- He was sinty yctrs oM when this 
hrpun to flpj>eflr, and hy the lime rhe last volume was 
published, m 1770, he wot a broken old min. His beloved 
wife died in 177^, And he nover rceovcicd tj<tm the blow. 
He wu reduced for 1 IciiEth of timc« ne xte told, ' Co a d^le 
[jf almost total imbenliiy.* 'The powers of his mind were 
decayed, and He p^cniuE daihed only by hts.' Another 
novel, /v/ftf/ GWrtfiV/if, WAS a product of ihii period. An 
extract frotn il, a» just publi^hei appRared in 7^ WfdfeAati 
J^nrm'*^ J^iisf, of ^sth Decombtrr, 1773, the subject bemg, 
■ True Courage/ It was tran^Lii^^d into German the following 
yciu^- The following notcit from contcraportry ncna^pera 
mi Jntcre&ting : 

Al Drnry Lan^- Mr. SherSiSftn, we htar, l(t04ppnr1nl>iachiiric<tM 
Af the f.uE <iF t^n. in ilis fiftgrdy ttl ihtT nftinf, wrln^n hy Mr. 
BtiJoki^. Ihe nuTlwir at Cutbittii ^iirii, anti nevfi yei per'orracd in 

Thu dny war ptibli^licil, piicc li^ 6U', T'i' .^ti>-/ ^ SufJt a new 
tni(*A|y, a& IE it row itim^ U lh« T;im.IiC Ruyjil ifi Drurj Lnnti, hj 
H*nry flrooke, 1^*^-. ■■"bar nf i^u^mmi ^'arit. — ijnd Janmr^, 17ft i^ 

TNi pdiy u criuinfy iDUfb mpcH-Ji 10 elLt)«r nf tb« 1*0 fomift oofi 
on thEi Moiy, etCi crtc. 

Dublin, i^ih ScpiemTici, Ciu" Street Tlicairt—M*. Bitfukc hu 
wiitlcn » FfcfM ill which Mr. Birn- ami MrJ- Dancer are to ixrf^m. — 

Ihibhn, lit Nr^vfinhi^f— \Vs#reIiih*ve l*fl n*w pi«rt br<*ii(jhT out 
ftl the rhmrf thin iriian. if vtcan(«t ttctnni ^ . . (heonc. ■uogtily, 

tsih N(JtGiii]j<j, 176E. 

Brooke died at Dublin on the loth October, ijSj, 
'He died/ sayfl Mias Brookc^'aa he lived— a Christian- 
With ihr iiiL'ekr»b uf a laiiiU, and llie foEtJludc of a hetc^ 
be aujjporied the tediout inflrmltlc^ of !!£*•, ih**. langunrt of 
lickncca. Mid the poinB of dUpolijcion ; and hU death, like 
his life wa* in»tru<:tivc/ ' My father wki the beat of men. 
Yet he did not die rrjoiclng. He ditwl icsigr;til, meek, 
humble. Ti U the Lord, let him do what teemeih him 
good.' H« WAS buh«d in his faiher^s old churchyard Ml 



Vaa^. In 1S5 J, ' B ' (Ibe Rev. RichoM SmcUir Brooke, 
btfacr of the Rev. Stopford Brooke) who wrote ihc memoir 
oJ Henry Btcxvlu; for ihc Ihtllin l/nivenity Ma^a^itt, 
lo tht" »im« periodicul how he ncC with 1 very 
■nd vnnUeJ wctinan^ by name Judith Gallunpic, who 
nnlcd cut ihc preciac spot where Ucnry Brooke wis 
PUTJwl ; for ' ttvenly long yea« »gO Bh<% aa i& youog 
lleen, want wiih the whole couniryside to Kelli to m«t 
ibe fu'^cral corning (toui ]>ubltn.' *And tthti icld cf the 
l^uwbs^uiiG a;id c^Llu::tuic vihLb Luul Ixxri eioulcil, but now 
fltt< all hmkcr dnwn and dJcpTArrii, 8ficl srarcf a VMlige 
itir&incd Gftvc a few Runkcn Gtor)e& But tbt ancient croiw 
Hooped oTci the >od- and with her long staJT aa with a 
dJTJnci't lod, «hc tr«(«d the linen, aui\ accariEely squared 
the ipoc where close under the touth wciiCcm wall of the 
lin, and '*in sure and certain hope of the resurrection to 
Lcinal life,*' lay the gentle duat of one in whom were 
'jnngularly comhinn] the hi^hcii tnEcllei:! with ihr^ hc^mblr^ 
'jpACei of a CZuiabn, Hi;re indeed is no lomb or 
j&onumcntal marble ; but in the abiicnce of all »uch dccaT* 
a^jtc lUjtEcr. Gcrd'ri SiUn ihino pcrcimi^lly on the ipoi, and 
;ve?ry cvf^ning iti (]«c4aidin^ b^umi *i\\ vWn ihe old ruin, 
and with thciir rid) and tender light rest on tht good nioo'i 
grarci baihing ihe green acd in gloiy,* I have qiiutcd this 
tsage for \hc taXt of the tcveri^nt feeling that it allows fur 
meraory of Brooke. Such a feeUng was by no meaiu con- 
led to his own rcUtivca. Among lEc lines writicn to hia 
memory raay be quoted tbo»e by tlic honc»t blfickaniuh at 
[j>ngfipld, who wrote them the moment he heard of hia 
natter't death : 

Heic lie* a head vlib Ifurn^PB All'd* 
A OMifaff in Gr«ik ap^ l-a(in fldU'd I 
A beait (o pily alvay* inooe^ 
ThaL felt foi viiri:t»i rof ^]^ owTi ; 
A blUtll UUl lElily Lir rcUcvc ; 
THe |)uuf< indceli way Uuly i^jpve. 
Hu^CI? kcliB tclicT'4 Chcif mulii 
And tdigbiwi^d up thff'f e\nojRy htantt | 
An •yf Th»( *)iil(M ai <km"rV tcurinp. 
And ftn flov ^t?l rr> nnUr uml ruTingi. 
A fool Eluii uft?n tioU ill fuaEh 
The falh) tbiil ttivJ lo piiuic Bait tialli 

I II It etiriDDi thai on the rc^Bterof 5l Ulchan'i Chnrrh. DuKIIhj 
appru* thn vriliy; * )7B]|. 0<^E<jbcr ii. 11^ Diiiuk»/ It may \x a 
CUDEidcDcr) or p«ilwp iht entry w-u to fuUl iodic lennkliir m 
ociuitction Mr'nh rtmai^g rht body tQ Countj Ctviti- 

nh lytRODVcnos 

Id iJ] tDttMauti« b FHmd, 
Sla», do«r ta borrow, <]tiick lA ]«fL(fa 
In ftJI his icift »laafc «nil juiL, 
Then ilrtfp A LOU upvo bnduti. 

Of the Iwo beat portnuta of Brooke one is rtpra- 
dooed here n !(uju11 monochrcHnc waicrr-cuTuur beiirintf 
tba ifiicrtption, ' From a piciun; in pOBie&sron of W, 
W4lk«T, 8 Cray's Inn Square. Enj^riLved and publii-hed. 
iSii. Engraving, 6i5t edilioii. Pval ef Qnahfy , HcnqT 
Crook<^ After Brfhoke h/ Thuriton.* This *r«5 chofton by 
Charloiie Urooke sts the portrait to iliusmte h«r bthci^t 
*vorhs, nhich would probably mean Jl wa,f the better of 
the Iwo best khovn pojlrajt^- An engTdvJng of it was 
pubtishe<l in London by K. & S. Haiding, on July 16, 
>79J' '^I'oio t^c original piciure in the collection of 
Mr- tlfLtdin^i TaU Mall; Brooke pinxt- ; CUmp sculpt' 
Hie otht^r puurail allucled lo is the large oilpxinting 
called The Farmer^ now in Mr. Heniy Brooke'* potio- 
Bion. Ic waa painted by T, Lewis, x London painter, 
and ;K:cDc-<lccr;rator to Thomas Shcndon, who. on a visit 
10 Dr. Thomas Sht-ridan at Quika, fininted Sheridao'i 
' I'iLinted Parlour-' I his lai^ dl-p&mling wile engraved in 
Irelaind by Andrew Milter, in 1756, with the ttle of 
TM /arm^, and wok reproduced jigaiti in J. C. SniilhS 
BntfiA Mftte/inf Bngravtrs, 1SS4. The Duttlin l/i/tvr^ 
sity Afa^^'ne lor 1S52 has a delicate otcbing, Full lenclh, 
fiom this painung, and KingHley's edition ol TJU /W ^ 
Quatily. 1851;, has a hatf'ktigth engr.iving, by J CL 
Aimytagc, from the sjrna porirait, An admirable word- 
pOTtniit of Brooke i» pr^wrved in Stookiarttt. It ia 
contained in a letter describing a visit to Longficld. 'To 
tell yon rbe truth, I was charmed with the manner in which 
he received me, 1 was tearce half-an hour \r\ converEatlon 
with him, when I found 1 could trace him in oil his 
wiitint^ He wu dressed in a lung blue cluak, with ;i wig 
thar fe]l down his shoulderf, a little m^vt. as neat ft! nai:- 
work, with on c^'ol tice# niddy cocoplcwun, ancl liTge eyefi, 
full of fire. In *hort. he \% like a picture mellowed by time. 
Mrs. Brooke is in a very ill-sCat'? of health: she i» quite 
emaciated, and to feeble that she can tcarcelv walk across 
the room- I never saw ao affectionate a husband, and 50 
tender a faiher, in tuy life. Out of I wu-and- twenty chlldien 
there are only two sWvt, a aon and a daughter, Arthur and 
Charlotte, I did not see the ion ; ibe dsiugbter inheritc 2 

C0DiidenbI« poTtion of the counEcnanc^ of her fQiher ; but 
she i% at pile a> & primroac. and atmoit ^^ thm as her 
mixbc. Our ct^avcD&lion nI dinrier [united chicHy aa tlic 
disiom«atf)d mjuinenorihe fnhabitanift in ilie ceighbour- 
bood- You «ould rt&lly t>)tnfc tliat Mr 3rook< ns.£ talking 
of his own chi[<^rcii, x\\cy fttc \\\ t,o dc^r la liiui ^ he p£&) cd 
for than uid bleued chem ovi-t .ind ovrr sgain, iviih lean 
iohla^yo. . . . In th« evening we walked tnio thegafd«a; 
hii fnvouritc flowers wcte thc-te ihai were plaiiecd by ihc 
tufidb of hl^ wife and dajghlc-r, 1 vu atlonuheJ at bb 
ftkin in bnuny; he riwell for some momenis on the vimwr^ 
of the raoftjidi wccds^ and then Uuncl^ed cut into KU^h a 
panegyric on vcgcuble diet, that he ^m09t mode mc A 

Of his Twenty-two ehSTdrtn orty two siirvfred bim— 
Atlhiir» a bfa*c ioldicr, who scTVfd m Cannda, and after- 
wards in Irdla. wbcre he died. Alter atuinine the iSLTik of 
captain; and (rh;irlo(tie, llie Inxh Nc:hular- She w^ an 
early pioneer or the Celtic movement, anticipating the 
labour* of Lady Gregory ind Mia* Hull by a hundred 
ya^n, though bet wojk has not Eiad tlic pemuncnce that 
may be antL<tpai«d for iheirt She made the nii^t^ik^ of 
tnnslatmg the old Ihth le^endft >nio wte, a form tor 
whidt] ifacy arc naturally unbttcd. But she bas the credit 
of being a pioneer, arid of cilling artention lo chis otass of 
forgotten liitiaturei though hor appeal 1q\\ for the time bcinj 
upon doJif osra. Kingitey gives some acccunt of Brookc'a 
relatives. A cou»m and nauic&akc* Henry Biooke, was 
high tn the H.R 1, Co. s serrire nt Fnn St George, Madras 
and a fneod and correspondent of Warren Hastin^ift. Two 
of Brockets nephews went oul lo Ihe Cast ufid«r his patroiv 
age. Digby woa killed in action; Robeit, his elder brolheif 
Btuned lo btgh miltrary rank, and amassed a large Tortune, 
He founded an indosImC FilUi^e m Kildarc for the purpose 
of coUt^n spinning, calling it Proapen^us; and was able to 
■nisi his uncle liy n^lectning the moriRagc nn the Cavan 
property. He wa* afterwnrJi Governor ol SU Helena. 
The family ircc which Mr, Hctiry Brooke has kindly drawn 
up give» lome inlercating pcuiicularxas to other members 
or the family. 

In the memoirv cT Henry Brooke junior, an an«cdot« f> 
related which cunccma ihe origin of the present book. Ho 
and his uncle, the puct. used freiiueniljr lo tide together 
from K{3I&l>i!^9 to DubliOi and the incident took place 



durirg OTIC of the»c rjdca. 'Mr undc deiircd me,' he 
rdare^, 'lo k4:«{> sll^nctr^ (ill I haci his pernDSiiOo to (pe^»k. 
W« rocl« on logeiher for a ccrtiidoratik- time wl;hojt Aiiy 
conrerMbon whati'jcrcr, He then broke ailcncc» «nd 
c&Uecl lo mc: " Huzry, J h^vc been ju^t ruutrEiuiJii^ uvcr 
ihc prettiest itory imaginable ; wmj1<1 yf^H lit** to hear It ? " 
"By all in»m> tif* it w;>ul4 i^oid ht^h amu^cmcni on 
the road ; 1 «u lonpng to hcu you »y tooicthioK " 

' The iin<lc ihcJi prijceciiocl lt> produce from ilic copious 
storehouse of htE livdy imaginfltrQn, And wieH that biMi^ry 
of lAj^fiuoKc of which he was i^ cornfiletc it mo-ttcr, A ^tory 
coniainiog all the Icadinit ficU which Jrndcr the voik so 
very fljnusing and inTctt-iiting. This aflbrdeJ ample enter- 
taininent (or the rcmamdrr ot thit journey; Mr. Htooke 
wu hardly les) dt;]iglit^d ^tb thi; brilliancy of the con- 
ceptions than tbe enupluicd uncle ; and auJEiou^ to iccure 
lo invaluable « germ^ the teed of 4o rich a itit*nral harv^s^ 
&i eoon aa he ahghced from hia bor««, h« retireti Co a room, 
and while the iiupreaaion was vli^ii and the rccolloctcoD 
tinin]]Kiir^d, htr pr^jvidcncly coinmilTe'd liie whole itory to 
writing, aod Ukd by the manuscript euiofuLIy. The termina- 
tion of the ride concluded the story kr that ttme. and do 
fuitht:r niJlicc wae ulcvrnn 

' Abotii twelve nrionrhn flf^er, one day that Mr Brooke and 
biB uracil were alone togeEht^r, he thus ^icco^ied bia Eiephew; 
*'IUrry. <JonH yoti rcmcoibcr when you and I were ttdiutE 
from KilUbf^^ lo DuLttn neiiily a ^eai ago, how I u>1<J you 
one of the prettiett stories you evet heard in your lile?* 
"1 do indeed, 3zr" ^'It is entirely gone from mc; I havo 
not the laintcst trace in my tnaid of the paniculars; I 
«halt never be? able to cotlcct thetn agiin: I havc^ nnly 
the general recollection of iu being very entertaining. 
How glad would I be if 1 bad then written it down. 
1 Am sure h would make a rery pretty book, and be 
much read. 0\\ my Harry, what wouTJ I now ^ve 
for it I" 

^ ' Mr. Brooke then slipped out of the room, and g<>m% to 
bis e^eritoiie took out his manubcHpLt containing <.-v(.'ry 
particular of the siory ii related by his uncle with the 
gtmosl esciness. He immediarcly t^turned and handed 
him the paper. The sutpTiac and dcUi^hi of the unde may 
he eiastcr imflgirjed rh^i dy^eribcd, lie emhrjced his dea» 
nephew, ;ind expretied with rapture the overflowtngA of A 
Kratcfut heart Couiuietlor Brooke now began to wiite the 



woA which he fitndfult)' cctillcd, Tha F^i c/ QtiaJify. 
He WAK sixty yean old or 0:1010 when be began tt, And 
nearly sicvrn^ when the fiual voluiuc apiicarBl-' 

As IcUen now ctUnt contam evidt^nce thai Henry 
Brooke did not return from LUisy I'ark lo County Cavoit 
uuLl 1 76^70 (new cr old 4l>tc). tlie wurk nm^t have been 
writien M (he Ibrraor plac*, for tbeMhuid final Tultime 
appear^ in 1770L Thtrt ire long «Kr«ec« ficm it at juAt 
Otltintht: %Vkti€haiJ Ev^ing Posi <3i lolh ftnd lalh April, 
of thai jrtar. Kiii^tlcK icblca liow Joho Wc*lcy rvpubUAhcd 
TSf 7Mi*f ^ Qitn/ity^ wi[h rrrtAin eiri'^onfij <tafinj{ the 
aoLhor*s JifoETmCr under the littc of T'^A/ iiiUary of h4nry^ 
E^ri ef M&rtlanJ. He redu«d the bulk by lit l<A*t one 
ihird, omUting what he calh ' che uninicicat'irg diglogues* 
t»t««en the author and his ^icnd, ■« well u oiVMt 
ineidefit* 'that would pive little cntercainment to mcti of 
undcrnlandinj', lie aboomitteci 'great part of the Mjstic 
Divinity, a» h it mote [»hittF*c|ihiad than Kcripiuml.' 
W«flcy'fl pirehce U Enlereittng far its candour ; the 
criticisms arc very free, but the praiic i* ohvioutly sinccTc, 
and foil of distiy^ni^ir.rjt. It is worth while cjuuting a Iriltr 
written by Wetlty 10 H^nry Brooke" Jurior frum Hull, 
Sth JtiW/ xnAf u it beJpt to explain liow iie cmne to 
adopt the boot: 

Dau llaaiv*— When f raid am to firlind TV Av/ </ <?»dA'Hrr, 
I coal4 not but dbaemi the dtoirn of ii, ti> piomore iho itl^oa of im 

lH[*( I ob**rffTj fl wcpt f* r*o ii£o, ton« ruing yxA*/ (,>*nii7j'*. V>t 
tTifTf w^mpil ift m^ to (ic ■ fr« pbAx^ri IjHth In ibf <jrn- 4i"! iri Ih* 
otha vhkh D^i:hi bu alie-rt^ (nr rbt; rj^n«F : I di? titjE mean w> much 
wtlh le^aid f ibe Knumenltk vhitti wc G«of lalV vtry jail, u wiih 
rciEtttd 10 tht Mruau'C of (he tiory, wbich accnica )i7i« uifl Ebrit to 
be not oiitte cJou. J httd M 6n| ■ ib-iii(ch1 of wtiUii^ 1u Mr. Biookq 
himitTf, nuv t <!ld nor know nhcrhf 1 I mishr (ak^ rhe liherry, Fvtr 
■mSnn will iTunk yna fc* lEtia^inin^ rnn Hffl *Mf fn rurtfrr rhur 
worki. Bai if be quuliJ (Mat Jl, bikI Lhink Lt ir:>qkt be of any uie. I 
Wkmlit give ifiolbn ivftdine l9 L«(h Lb<*i vwkj. and kDiJ lum my 
ibouf^iU vicbcvl vtwrvci \^^%i ai ibvy ofOJr. 

Trti yean ajto, 11 well-known writer atated in an articltt 
on Thf FgoI iff Qii-jHty, that Wesley toiilly apprniiriaded 

the hook, cutting tint whirt did not mo-i with his approraT, 
'ajsd had the impudence and dishcnetty to publiah it 
thus ottttiUled, without the atiihor'a consent, and in his 
lifetime, under a a%ht1y altered tiile . . - and thns 
doctored, thti hook hai been paired off aa a eompoaition 




of the grtil head ind founder of Mcibodiwn.' This, as 
wju EnaUntl/ jiomtod otil hy cotrcsixjitdcnb, h noi (juile 
true li ia conrmdicccd by WeHlt^^s ovn preface; >Lnd 
ihe Taci that Brooko jrvit«d p«rmissioii js conflrmQd b^ 
It Iciicr front Henry Brooke Junior, which coniiuru the 
follonint; pos&igc ; 

lie [lIcQcT Bruoke Senior) In docply Kuiiiblc oT jtmt very Idad 
p^u «id inott carddlljr cml^ricQia iL Hf JtHi^ Retired mc lonrpreulhs 
wanmlli of hit £mri<udv in (h« irft^ngnL Itnni, ir^A ciyn b* mc«i c^uwt* 
full^ y^f^'l* lh>^ unlnmrc yi:ii] ■nenlLr>n lo yo^i' lUpFnnr JinlgiiLpnl, ro 
firwru. eikic. and i.l[cj u yoii I'^lutc. He only vtiht^ ttt^y could hmvo 
h«iL fLrui eye bc/uLc Lf^r 'Pl'fmf'l ^^^ pul'lic- Buk il u uul ytL UfO 
loll. A wcaod <cLirifi3 will xppcai to ijTciit w-lvnnui^f: when thvjr hiiTB 
undeicoAC lu kiod « rcTiiul. Hut h« ii Bjipfrh«i>>ivc your time it «i 
prtcinua ihsi ti may ht torv ^rtai an (ntfTicinii up<^ n, iinint mix<]p a 
work nf l*«ii''t *ft*i opjitnf unity. Vtr. m ynu haut |jn>fffiff) i(j ^it mtl 
Eioi £^vc up ih« pitvikvc: bm ho|fV Iciiuic lujiy be fvuml foi » fricDdly 

The fir« two voliimciq of 7"ir ^W if/ ^waAV)- were quickly 
sold <jutt and s Kcconct edition vru cjiilcil for in i jC^. The 
publisher wiw \V, Jflhnson, of Liidgaie StreeL Wetlcy's 
vfinion also went through a large number of editions, and 
itta indeed the form in which ihc book waa bcit known, 
un(il ihe iw^>TijIiiine cdiiion appPBicd in 1859 with 
K-irgiky'i jirefice. The hook U 1* (^turling to d«eribe 
u, Mft j''*' Atio/omy of M^Uttth^ly^ ot 2h$ l}i>fUr. it is 
not oiily > novel, but aUo a coinmonpUce book, conE^ln- 
ing the Authot^s ilit^u^hTS on eihic^ and eocml economy, 
poMci, religion. oHLhecica, and indeed aannany niLiliifaiiouB 
topLC« as those dealt with In ihe dUtcMtons of La Iv^uvefk 
Ntiottt^ \\sc\U Such i. theme as the yi>uih aikd education 
of An idrjil nnlileman gives ample oppominity for wido 
mcandcn ng, 

Kin^^lcy'i fnihisc is cnthuaiutlc; but not ondiacrimLnani^K. 
Ris Appreciation of Henry Brooke \s eminently jeim and 
fair, In ipiie of numerous defects ae a wort of an, Tht 
Feet of QtiaUiy is, indeed, a brave hook, and an eloquent 
bcx^k, lillcd with A noble inspiration that may well kindle 
namicr feeling of lurr- »iid rript'cr ht its author ^han 
hundreds of more fauULestt worka «iU i?ver attain, On the 
other band. Brooke'a editor w» juat oi rif;hi in critici^uig 

> U H OTiTy fair to itLif that Brookf Wm*ptf wa ^atinz ■( thf l^ifie, 

Mii4 bK n?pbfiv (iracliirally 1 «k (he tnLirlpr inio his owq banJii in 
(■riijiiD£ ih? Ifrmibian, W<tley»*]tu. LikI |iJLij>c>r open tufriticiini by 
oat oLciitioninG ^^< "^*>' ^^^ 0^ ^b( Litlc-pnir «r m hikowaprclncc 






^ faKsfiefcnre, hi« cmggenttcn, and forv!n^Kc for impro- 
tvbBiW. It is Ehc fftlaent chonctuiitic of ihe hook ihftt 
everylhing a in excess, th^ heto*» pcrfcctionK moti of aU. 
For prigs Brooke hul nc lovcj but with tht; tuu<kl ill Itidc 
of thoM who pui id^ heroes oo a leiUttic Mage, he dtw* 
□ot filw^p cicipc the pLlfalJ of making; Toung Hbrrr 
Clinton Look pii^girli. Tbc ^vuts arc as jct-bUck, and 
ihe huibsf aA ^nuw-wliile, aa in (he irorkf of iny m^lo- 
ftrmiBitift of our o^ri leoEira^rtuJ iioiioii ; although in thiA 
ptniculir rca|>cct thi: book U infirtitcJy aufrcnor Co the 
BBOttlkUc sLorica that wc^icr ill yc%iic lUctt And \alci, tiQl 
•xcepting the 'improvrng' fiction ot Minn Edgewonh, 
Th« AlcidcA cxptoiU of KAiry'i boyhood and hU dcods 
of ch&ritT arc cxtrftvaK^^Lly overdone ; so arc ihc caUmitica 
at ihe bCamclf^u tinJViEiunBLti, and l)ic marvdloiia lurn^ of 
fortune by which innocence » it last retrxidcd- And the 
pMhoB and lean arc carried to preposterous leAgthr. One 
focU oAtimci 09 if the vidims of ingeniouA villainy, by 
ibeir udpitnlidcd itiipulity, drtcivcd all ihpy got ; and that 
we should hke the hero and his friends a greil deal [>ettcr 
if they were a little l»i dcmon^tricivc tn their cmotionn. a 
little lew effusive in lht:ir love of rcciauUe, BuL aUowarjtc 
Rijft he made both for th« amhor'a ttrong ^nd r«nent 
Datura, and tor the tnlluence of ihe school to which aa a 
novclbt he belongs, if he bclung to any. Sltmc Arid 
Richaidwa *vtc the powL*n that reigned supicme ovei 
the Action wnLCcn tn the third quarter of iha cighieerth 
century, Mackcndc imiutcd btcme. Robert Bagc took 
Rtchardson fo) his master ^ Mu^ Inchb^ld* Mn. RadclifTc, 
Mdha Regirut Roche, ard a mmber of writers who arc 
row almost entirely fo^ottEso, produced novel after novel 
m the manner laughc in the school of ten^btlity. There 
wasr aj thingalcy obacivca al>out Henry Biijoke, and might 
have said about ji score of other novehitt, something rather 
French or Irish in this ' passionate ontl tearful sen&ibiUly ', 
something uEtcrly opposed to EtiglrEih phlegm « Brooke's 
seriti mentality, huwevcr, in al aiiy rale* not of the oiofbld 
kind. It i« the generous exccsa of the man's cempetameni, 
the natTiral ebullition of fedin^, Ihai make^ him enter with 
the same ^uaio into the dure^cvil fe&tA of Ned and Hair/a 
boyhood, as in:o the tniraculous virtues of th^r precocious 

Ilicrc i* another point that his not been noticed much 
by ikookc'i critics. TM Fmt oj Quuiat^ ytoA the Eiitt or one j 


of the; vpry fint riovcla conuinin^' i rAtion&J tkfid fytnpftlhctJC 
£tuijy (jf diildhoud It fia net lit! ncjrty a century loict 
ihat a brttcr |-jicruT« of Irje boyliotxl iqrijCArcd- I hh miisE 
nifcly have been oae of lh? attr^citons thAi anpcalcd mosc 
•ironislT lo Charles Kirplcr, a man w fond of ckiMraa, 
and in\\t such m iniittit iriio tlictr mind The chaptcn cn 
HftiTj'* infancy »nd boyhood ar* wfcly the undcr^t and 
th« roosi fa9CLii4ling in the whole aiory. In Riany of the 
aocial and ethical I'd^s ih? influent of Rouncflu is 
probably In he irac^^ but most of aJ\ in thoic on tduoitf On, 
Harry's upbrinjmg by his LincTe, Ch« natural mod« of 
educdtjofi, which b'ingv out ihc child's inborn tcndenciea 
and |>ovcr«, in conlijslcd vrith the fdsc ind arlil^cUl 
vnechod« to wtiirh 'I/^rd Dipfcte' fall* a vit-tinj in ihc 
band* of hit Qn*Ue parents, Bui th« book tUi if not ahcstd 
of Jl3 lTmc» at any mtc, on the Tcty crat of the wave Of prt>' 
^rs^t in ull its idsu. snd in its frcLiloni frutn ^ny aorL of Cant 
or adTMtation. Why compbfn of onr author"* inrnb«pncc 
and lack cf oonstruaivc tkill? Book* lilte TMf Fc/>i iff 
QMtMjf Ate net to be pbced in the aime eatcgor}/ aslhe 
ordiviary itercotyj^d novfl- Tbqr Ix^lunj^ tu That class of 
book uTiich we rtad in, but do not read ihtough, at l«ut, 
not al a Miting. lUtbct ve »hou1d dip into them, jump 
ligblly ffom tbaplcr to chapter ; pick out ait cpistjdc here, 
and a pretiy anecdote there; rariiaok ihrm for pithy 
qkolone^ and Calca of heroiatn nobt^ told. Taken in this 
iny, Uk book haa in it much that a ereat. Partn, I submit, 
of 71* ^w/ fl/ Qu^iHty arc inily in the giand %lylt Story, 
ctaaractc^r and thought are^ in miny paiiagei, wrnu^ht inio 
a perfeei harmony, and inspired with an admirable «'tsdom, 
a E< nuinc humour, an^i n roblc ardour of feeling thai mike* 
ihe rmder's heart glnw with rrtpnnictvr pauion. 

Among panages thai may he lindcd out eu equally l^ne 
irt manner and in matter, aie ^\i<h iKin^? a:» the fable ol the 
Three Trouts, and the old siorj rct«jld of Damon lud 
Pyihiai; Brooke'^i^kill in rchandling an old and harkneycd 
taJe, and endowing it vrith a rewfmhneaa and power, of 
itvcif matka him out as a vrrtcr In his ncir vcnion of the 
prophet Esdni!^ he catch^i something of the pocLic ^lirlt 
of tlW Biblical vriten, uwdl ai the magnificence of diction 
and the slatcty rhythmi of their Kngliab ttan^latota. 


1/ bt cri« »«, il tj w»r i Ihc t*fln«ri ^1 hlootl irt Irt loou to rt» 
atad, 1011 t&« BQund of the cLuion kiodtet all m«n v> b^rtf . Hia 

iyn:oDur.r:ox mi 

hone* bvjjin tc ntigh ind Iht up 'i-f j'oiind, u'] hii ehinnliio r«1l 
u dtauii ihuorlpn. They tavyt iukI cv¥rf dx wih >«Me v the cyt 
ouk ivtch' flic fcrcM* m bud ftiii, tbc maunlaiu tLikc 1;eiie*lh ibcm, 
«id a«ith«i tbc rocU nor th« nren im|>«df ibc mrcii af hin umicit. 
TlMf trample inio dim th« froiu al Ih* IibM, and ihr lAbauni of th* 
|ndMr[ou»; Aoiufs wiae^Brdi lAd MUding earn; ihp ritlagei and 
rowni iinat« on t%trj tide. 

Bu< rho goin of ihe boolc (<w ts \i onJf the pffiC9 llut I 
tc-rcad la£t?) is the slr>ry trotn Froi^^rt of tbc »iirrc&<Ier 
of Ca1aj», AJid Qijccn FhilLj»pa'& iutciccAMOa fur the 
burghrtt; \ct mr quote r few sentence* thorefrom : 

Af f*«a Mt)i*yF»ilf#ic^vdrtwTkra«Tie&— HaunyiMyiihcmcinuCh, 
*i« dwtc Ui« phnckpal inhibiiinn: i!if CiLait ^ They sirt, utyi Mtuny ; 
ihef tnnol only tbc pjUid(ul a>cn uf CUiill). (hc^ uie tlir princ](>al 
Dim of Fmnce. Eiiylun,i(niti)chuuij'hTijucmihf mL:Eof cnn^UiciK^-^ 
W<f( ihcT flflifttflJ p« mWj I (aTi Ed^arJ; Hn» ibcrf po reaiat- 
(LD«, ot> cnnmDiiMi ftvonc th* pvnpit ' - Nn( in thr kbti mr loni i 
ibr p«pl« uoold Bll luvv prnthpil tuttipr fhnM bs «« 4lt1i«tred the IfAit 
oflhtw to ]rogf majoir- They kc «lf-dfii»*fHl, lelfilcvMRl, lad 
rLimr t^i uHn uij tlicii iucMiitiAblG 1ica}» u hi iJii|iLir ti|iiivalcnt tot Itn 
IBDIOID of ^huuHOdt' 

Thai 1% ihc ii^ht epic uole. The dt;thor himneir 
antidpAte« the; objectfon^t of rhoMr who think wt axvf b«vc 
too much even of a go^ boolc 'Sir,' h« flAjt, 'a. book 
tea; be oompnred to the life of your neiehbour. If it bo 

Sood it cannot tut Eoo long ; if bad, you cannrit gee lid of 
too e«rlT/ 



UwTtnal BMUty ; % philOROpbieil povin in aix booki. T7J5- 
A TtAnilAtlon of lb« first iliicc boolu of Tasio, 17^7- 
Giutavu* Vm : tha D«liv«nr of bit couotiy j x Ira^cd/- 

[nEnidrd h> fr*v# bMn Acrtcd at Prufy I.*n*. 1739. 
Ccct»uniin : or. the Mta i^f Law's Tal« (id Ogle's CftnL«tbiiry 

Pn)sp«<cu» of a work 10 b* enfitl*f1, 0;;y>:iaa Talei ; or a 
rnririii« nvllmlon of Irisli Fablrt, Atl^goti^s and Hisioririt 
from the rrbtionv of Finune t\\e Ajfed, for tlie oQtoruin- 
mcnl rjf Cilhal Crove iJarg, diiring irtai I'rince'a abode m 
the UUtid of O^Brjuil. 17^3^ 

FaUM tor th« romAhs 5tn, by Kdwarcl Moc>ro (author of Tbe 
CnmeilcrV And Htaty Brooke 1744. 

Tti* Earlof W»|[Tt(}rc:urid; au«£^^ ■74$* 

nt Funi«r'« L«(t«i to th« Frot*»tMtil« of Ireland, 174^> 

Tb« Lut Speech of Joba Gocxl, vulgarly CAlled Jack iLe Gfaat- 

Quetlcr. I74S< 
Saw h'ablu- 1749< 
All OccAftiona] Lctlor from lh< FarvkCr lo Ibo Frocm«ii «f 

Dublin^ 17^9' 
A New Syitem uf pAJtcty; o(, a Collc^ciion of Faiiy TaJc»^ 

Eriijtly nnw ; Iran^liilcd from ibc TrcQcii ; 1 toU. l^jOb 

RcdcsnptiOQ ; a poem. 1750. 

A De»ciiption of the Collcfo GiMn Club, by H> B. f 17SJ- 

Tfee Spirit of Part/, 1754. 

Tht loxtrttt* of Ireland Considered, I7S9- 

Iht Eat) of Eisev : a aew iro^edy, a» it it nov acting ic dM 
Theatre Rofiil in Dniry Imc 1761^ 

Tb« Trynl of iho Koninn Cafhotici. T76:. 

A papoul for the rcuoration of public vc^lth and credit by 
aicaitf of A loan fracn the Rooii^s CUihoJicaof Irdiuidui 
CDiiiidctatrDti cf CtitiiricinK Uicir piivilc^ca. C I76i. 

Tbo l-'recinaci'i journal lediivd by licnry bro^c), Dublin. 




TTi» Fnol of Quftliry ; V(^. [, ; DTihlln, Ptintpd for the atrvhor 
{ttc) by l)ilTnri ChrtmlwrbineH' in Diime Street, fj<if»i 
FnwnejH Street. >76S' 

^^Vol. U- PHntcdfnr W. jAhnMon. 

-^VnL Til- - 

Vf>L IV, - 


^— Vois. I. nnd n. „ 

^^ Nevr ciliiiun, i^reAily Aliered uid Improvecl. 
Ij^ndrn : F.dwarri (fthnsion, 1777- 

^^ Anoih^r ctliiiou. DubUu, J796- 

^^ Veil, IJ. London. 1809. 
■— '■ EdicioD in 4 voh, S;inic d4:e, 
— — Couauble's edition. 18^. 

HMPy. EnrI of MoicIah^, An i^dicion <rf The Fool of QuiliEy, 
**lr(efJ, wrth f*tr*nchm*nTs, by John Wesley- TjSl, 

Second edition , r793- 
Julict Gicntillc. 1773. 
Juliet Cienvllli? : oder, dU Getchithu dM mtnichlichnn 

Herrpni. L^ipriij. 1774. 
A Collection oF thn Ptcccs formerly puhUahed b^ Henry Itroi>lG«» 

Esq., 10 which trc added several f lavs and Poems ; nn^ 

first priQt«d, 4 ^Sh London. 177B' 
Anoiher editioLi AUh U^kc oniiK&!ont. 4 volt, Dublin. 1797. 

These tvro cdittoni were unimlioriied ond dcTecuve, 
The Hiitory of a Reprobate; being ihe Ule of David 

Doubtful. 17*4. 

Piraphrased hy PhiUipa. iSaj. 

Th« Pocliul Worlu of llciuy DrooWc^ Chuloae Drvuke'» 

edition. i79>> 
Chalmers, A leuEider WnrV*ofthcEngli5h Po«s, VftL Ja'IL 

Hwiiy Brooke, eic, i*t«. 
Bcnigaily ; or, the Ways of Happiness. Selected from the 

WorVi of Henry Brooke. iSi*. 
A Guide to the Suii ; being ah Ci^ty method of ktiowiiii; (he 

reUlivc poiitioD of all the princip^ fined lUn. i63ol 

(Jobiuon, SainueL] A Coinpleal Virdicailon of the LiCrii»CT» 
ofthe Suge from ihe iiulic^iciu^ tLtpcr^ioas of Mr. Urooket 
by An Iini>iiU;tl Hand. ir^g. 

Brookfana, An^cdotei of Henry Hracke. ^vots. London- 1104. 

Mr. Morton's 2aTin$ki and Henry Brooke's CHsi^twj V/^a 
compiredH 1795. 

I ChftmbvrUin* was <aib«r of UrtL Frciioei Shefidont mother ol 



■ Ai^icutttirc^ manvfacrarcs^ftnd 

Hcredily, 141 6> 


1 comTiiertre. (be ptUan o( Ibe 

H«roet 'defined, ttC-, 43-j. ^^^H 

1 world, jj 7. 

Honour, 3;cl ^^^H 

^^ AUrui«n), Jl^ 4^ 3&I. 


^^L ArikLO<Eacy, 3;6>^ 

Jiapn^nm^nl Tor debt, >H^*- ^^^| 
Jadutiry, J51-1, 354. ^^H 


Beauty, 133-6. 

Infiddity, 324-34- ^^^H 

Blq«hing, i34A 131. 

Inland nav^tion, 3(6^ ^^^H 

Biibery snd comipiion, joc^i. 


Bhti«b Conftieuticn, 37}-^ 

K\tif[y Thv, 373-6. ^^^^H 

CacAlK, 3^6. 

Law and liwy«rt, 149-54- ^^^H 

Chiitit)', iS'-> 

Ltbmy, Crvic, 304-99, ^^^^| 

Chriftt. Dh'inity flf, 314-34- 

Liun and doj;, Stciy of the, ^^^H 

„ omnipretenfic cf, 395, 

3iS-9> ^^M 

ChrUtianijy, 419.1a 

London, 309. ^^^1 

CommtrtP, 353-6. 

Lycurgui, <be greawsi bero of ^^^| 

Court, The, 3a6- 

antiqtiity, 43^ ^^H 

Cniici, 68.9, 


Ma^rlalene Houfic, 313. ^^^^| 

Ditnon and PythiM, 3^-3, 

Man. i^fl-wj. ^^^H 

Delyei* and debts, 524-7- 

Democracy, 379-^1. 

Money ^ i:<i j^bligatlonif 346. ^^^^| 

^H Don Quitoir,th?gTeAt»ihero 

Mu5iCt 309. ^^^^1 

^^H ormodrm timr^ 44-S- 



pArtijtmpne, «Si'4, ^^^H 

W Education, ClaJi:itftt,7J-i' 

Phyiiognmnyr 12S, 133. ^^^H 

^^ iifriii, u^ 


SH^36i,J99' ^^H 

^B r^uiu, 130-3. 

■ FncndHhip, 31-40^ 

S«ir-]avc, etc, 3i-4<>> ^^^H 

£in,33oi, ^^H 


,So<ieir. ?S9-^ ^^H 

1 G«iiUemAa» A, ij?-^ i57-6a- 

Siatei likcneii to men, aS7> ^^^H 

1 GbcDU. 17- JUL 


I Cm! in hh Workv jio-JO- 

Tlim Silver Trtruis, Slory at ^^^B 

1 God-s^ Anger/ 7»d 


^^ Good aibd crJ m all men, 

Trade, ^^^H 

^^1 Good tfid avtL DilTemicc be- 

TyvAOU, m-99- ^^H 

^^H twcea* ;4o-i. 

Wine. Kin^, WumAQ, ito-i. ^^^| 

^^F Goodncia^ 367-9L 

WoiiuiD, itg-^v ^^^1 

V Grict Kind5 0^ 398-9- 


^^L '°' 


I7 is nii oaay to ciraw a IrnirtwortJiy pfotnre of II*nrjr BrookOi 
Tbf* m^firiiLh for It Blilt^b nnrab on' vi^ry vnnt}. <1tiIj frtwr 

bjMVi ponovm^ Chdoil from tam'u mniid»-^t vod very diffloolt tA 
lK«t doUib «l hi* mtIj lifo. Ho WJ lltiyl too Inini;— toQ loox, if 

li^wi for bnp|ilniG» tad for famn, Thi? pnpll oT 5wlft ami I "npn ; tJi* 
friend of LjltJttan «&d QuUuun; Ubv darling of tho ("riuco of 
WaJtM; hoitxit flvordmkin, yriky poot, courtitir; tho minion cooe of 
fortnne, j«t nn«T»ilt t; all her airt«rtta, bftd Uaiic bov& Inown ta 
Imbmoa emjIj iw Uia nlnttjr rrnliiHJ of T/m^Add; and httttly u 
•A fropOTfirtAftI oM mMi, faUing nwoy bj tha quiet enthuuifai of 
« Moond ohlldhood, with <m» kwtwl diuigtiUr— -Uw onlj iurriTiDf 
chUrl t-f tw<iity'tiPi>^cUDs{nc 1o bhn, ukd y«t ioiiporUny Llm. m 
try tbc HKiuUoriiig w^. She won the chEliI of hb oil igc^ 
" maeniberfnic mtUdnir of hrr ^ther." mj« h Mri^Tiiphcf, ^pmioiu 
to hb r«tir«in«n1 fhom cho world ; itii<i knowinff lilll* of hitn, mv^ 
Out \te iHirv tho loflrEdtio* •ad mUf<iTttincai of hk dcclEt^ni: 70*19 
wilh the hotakm of tniA ChriatSonLr;, Anil that hi> wu pomiciMid <iC 
Tfrtnaii uid fboUngll vhlt^h [thL»ua fcnUi lo tho lul iiiooiL'Ut gf Ul 
UI<V (inlniFttir^l b]^ the 'llxlpbitloii* of piin, find viMhAkAn Amfel fb^ 
njJiw of ^nam," 

80 MT« lb* bfognpbar tff 1797, hi tho amlntioiB rijb of thoM 
il*;ii; bat ikmbUcw wllli tHrrr«jt Irnlli, Yel nv^iOivc he, ujr aujr 
oilur bic^mpber irttb whom 1 nm norjuAlntetl, ^& nny d^tnElii of 
fho raol chSTVilor, iho toner llfo, 0I tbe nun. Ona longi, but 
1c«va alcnort in Ttln. for any ooriLp of diniy, pnratc mF^dLtaticc, 
#T«D fiuDDinr Uttor, from one who Wl M«n. rwf> Mid aU>ra all 
•nffhrod, m nnKli nnd so vulouHly, t^nt with tlte <iiica|>tkFr} <jf 
hftlf-^HlnttW bttort^ notldns of ihn klnil Kcnu lo mtt. Tiin innar 
lift oaii only bo jrafMMil at; and oil Umi us known of hia outer lifn 
hM bcMi compraped larto one ebott lOticTo in Ifae />W4^n tn^trftf^ 

MoQiuiwte for Ftbrnary. 

IBOS. full of KOO<t 

vritiug lUid of ipnid 



iMtling. \U ftothor if n 'iMMnrTo&t of Honry ltro«kc ; nn^ to lilni 
1 aa bound to olTiN- mjr tiuutla for ^ ajMtaao« ^liEch h« lut 

Omft WOULI Irii ^Ari. Ioi\ jirphTfJr^>Tinmj Ik>. nx aorni? hi>ld, & key 
to dururier,) <J' kprid tmrv-orthy iloiichplKin or itortmil c>f hia 
ontward man; to have known cvod tho colour of hS^t oyc# 
hur: but 1fai>, iMj, u nut lo Le luitL Smmc Irtnb frtniul rtoAOilbM' 
lihii In tMnw c«in«rftl en>Hi4fh; Hfv when yurfn^^V "frr«h Im^kin^f, 
idimdafly fftmiAd, Jin4 AXMH^n^ly ^mwraf. K^* liitd ui craJ face, 
nidilj oomp^cxioti. onJ Inr^ v>ft cy™, full of Arc> ITo ^vo* of 
f:rai£ perKninl conriMrc, bat tutct known t<» oflcml nnf mon. Ho 
wu AIL ciuelTQiil »wuii|Ariinri, hik] cvuM doiiu- tnlh much gnodh" 
'llitnt AT* ntrfalnlj nnm hofw of UiAt b*r(Ar^A] T*Tii|t«rftm«ii(; 
iii>nciiK| wiOiA.1 bf doltcftt* uanUUCy, vhicb phovn Surlh In 
OTcry Uno of Ua writiiucs. And there w cui^Uicr «k«1ch of him, 
m 17T£, whJcli irirM tbo Baine noEJon ^^^ lis wu cljyvt In * 
tTTi^ b'ii<B i^lnfik. with A wifr thjit X*\\ doivn hl4 obonlrl^n ; n liltl* 
RtKn, « iHWt fti WDjc-wcirk, vttb on oml ritoo. rncltlj or«n]>Icxii>Q, 
Wr« or«ii fuU of £ro. In »hort, ho i> liho a plolatc tooUowod 
Ijjt ttiBi>* 'niont b A dnkwEo^ of him vhk^h RDdnM to be tlM) 
R^m« lui ttaftt pnAxod to hli ptmni. If thit, anil Itu *Tfn fitwr 
h«tvl on tho tHU-pitg« of BrooUutiL, be trulworlhr. Xh\* ftux mqat 
boTQ bfwn one of « Tery delicato Kid rocuLu b«antj. Tho kiico 
nft ej?. tliH /bbuUir unihrr^ieLiLL tho ftnelj wfajfil ejebnnr (aJI 
nor«« of ft awMt atkI ilrh, jf^t ofAT-wrrurilfri* nAtiim), or* t*rf 
romorkabU. Thoro it a nrtiuii imoo uiJ doroicja, too^ ftt>ouc tiio 
flgnroi whlfh wrrort with the etorry of hia lm»tn(j hwti 4 ffood 
liHOCor and Awcnbnian. ^iit on llic typ? of bmin. naid cvi?n of tlio 
nuaqiic. It t« iwirv (!Enii>ri)t to ]ininiftin<ii>. FVirrmiri of the elffhU 
^ODth owlitTy, not rcty tnutworthy Ln tv^j 'U^tifl. tfiy eqiociAny 
OftrelOM Ja Uicw. There tnmu no rciiM»D to HLii»i->rwe tliot En^liFib 
ft£<R wMtt more acOBaal or moTo Muno a himiln^l riutrn n4,*tj liiui 
t)i#7 ue now ; yt/t whi^ In looking ronnd t fiunlly portrntl ^■'■Ti 
hfti not retD4rkoi1 tho dlffbrvnc« botwrcn tlio b9a4i of tho »voti- 
tomth ftnd then* of !hfl oijjtit^rith CJintnry? The formfT ofv of 
iJio EfliDo tjiT AK our ofiTi« (uiil wtth iKiT wi)0 nUorte null Tu4l?l| 
pftTimality ; thn kttef pifnrrlly Ilkn, both ta rarh nfhflr flin! in *a 
OlUfluAk; tlie Jaw rounfi wpuk. nai trnrunj; tba foraboiul Qvtov 
uiA petroalJiw, B^\ tho rwo re*llj dptronoralod for m irhllo, or 
1VJUI t!w lower typo adopted intPTitiunnlTy, out of compHmcot tn 
$mn» ^nmt por*ocpiA«T Fh^ ihnl m tt mjiy, ITnnry UriKik^'f portrait 
li too Ijh9 dcSEOM of tbftt dny ta lh> much truKlAcL Hvon if wt» 
aocopi tho lower part of tite fruw, rcnind snil wr^ok fihi^uA not 
coHi^^ w tho murk of tbiit "flntnt of per»*reraiiM wbkh -wn* la 
vortiUf tiimtiL-ns hU **>ni (h^fiHt, jcl «« tvuiuut iHoopt Oip Ic^n^^th, 

PJtrFAOK vnbr 

betvMt) ihc noae *ii^ mctiih (wbi^h -Icmi not ftpptiif In the hr&r^ 

lh<« Hitrkof %n int«l['S?1 in rnnHliil hfijI tto itiik.fli«: 'Hvnplf^il, lorj, wllb 
tht hWnJ mtfw iiJMUii»iT*iy ihatt I'tiy tnan vf hi" liiTjn, \/}'t- ItrOtHtb 
ucnm llie tiyebn>i«ii, viUi iuikK i^rfnlAr )>ru>:[ih ncrow UfT upprr 
put of the fornhiUfl. Jn Itui nornujl ftimi of m^^h hriun ni>u, lu it 

wu ID iho FliziLl«ifinFi iigth; and w« mmt t«*lii-Te li to hvfb bton 

jLoothor M>urn> fmcn which cd« ml^ht hiiTc ««pntod to l«&ni 
MRDOlUlU (if Omrr bnrnkis uiil frum itluch "iiv will )mnk liltlo 
m nathiitg. %n iwn vobinnji nl " lirookliLiiHr jiTiMWierl In Ijmitnn, 
iHtH, Uno ktuw ilut o«r Irmh poiMirm, wnr*^ thdp tnany obnna- 
iDfE qunlit'c*, tU-i not aJway» iwliothfir tj^ TJi-ta* of fumc atnia oJ 
Mjlcnnn liluod. or of tbr mere tnflueiioe of that vivituic utmufpUoF* 
wbivh imcte tlw NorriUMU r^f lb« Tulc ffirvrniir Jj-fij^r^ir) 
pVMMl ttw fucultf of hjiit^ho inMhod and accunti-j; hut v'nt'h » 
mtm biCDbt^rorkco u IhcAc Broahfonu one (^id not expect. ThA 
editor fsatelj an Idriiininy •cnai ra Iutc hiquirvl of nil likely 
TiiiJiineii Bud ittJinrn Tcr nnrt-vTcitci iif Mcnry lirtHikc, niid to taAYt 
r«<K«T«*l LQ AlmuBt «vi-T7 cwp ThQ equitutont of tlw «rvll'lcn(^ii>tt 
IridtaMvTff: "Ko; I dont ppcah GH^nnon; but 1 hATc a bn4h«f 
who plajv on Ik* (IvnoMO fiit«v<;" i^h^h sJiitwer ih4 Httor hu 
Jojftillf RrGffplnl wi thi! bivt hr ctnihl i^nl, Hiit tlllt-i hiv rnliimni 
vtth tnocdotc* of «rprj ^nc cicopt Brooke, uid with tictsi 
thoTcoti; Qotu on ihn aitcitnt Irish: Dot«a mi tho tava of 
KklktniiJ. its tnirUle 1>uu*r« aiiiE fm wbuol rai'lcrad dckuBbA^ by 
ILp fact thdi Mr Itrouko niKiri [>rnif«'1 « Mn. nri^moD vTio wu / 
bom kl Kit^nnj P'**'^ on i^ll Bu|jji*r!»i, Iny twi^nly 'Min^rttnK 
pO«ple» vho hivd oJT hibl QoT Kfvkcn to Henry l^x^hi^ u1 tt^mc Hnio 
or other; Dr. Urvtt'a dcdinitiuQ u lan\j Ouo^iic Ruiacli uf hU 
■ormnn on WchIiIolI Luvtr, wlwrthi thn iluirtur ftLicouiwtti Inmtotlly 
on lliQ thrM Mp>Tr1t« ^if klwutA ; lluisl tmiuiljith^JiB nf TrUh jxwmt 
M«t U> Mr, iJn>okD L-j at poncn ubcw) nfunn Is now foi^tTrn. obf of 
wbich W|£jiu— " Oriui; the hiRb-tonnd hjirp of iho nLODj aouqiUti^ 
rtria^ or* the mi BH-cn^f ihe bluir-loppf^'t umiinlaiju of tho 
irido ott«ndo4 viry;" <if <Ahh<h ff Mr. Itniok^i t*K.\A mnm, it In n 
frdth firoDf t^ his cAi^xlinff ftwi ou-ik-c* ; una tvtn « loriff trJiDNli^ 
timof *lk loQlUkdic pafCOTiLl '*bj A yr>ri]iff rttiin nho wm oaal-kil, by 
A4 frkO'Wiip of Mr. Drookn, to uttulj tljiit ](iti^iiJagp."-'A mvro 
•O^gitri*! of liToUivnnt rumJp not Tnw from fhe «in of [viqvJirnnlty 
dn^ints- in gtvoi folk*' iMmni rrum ih? furih'^'t «n<I i^f tht^ «^tb, 
■limiicij fur tht man pIuiHiir^ of iiuiijri;; them iIowti in pHnl 
Hovvrttf, tti« alii* editor. wli^eTi^r Up wiut, iiia«t bo luiic »Ltio« 
9on« to hia w^Mitnt: anA wn mr^ Iravn hJm In pom, onrl tfj 
to «|»1J out for oanclT^ froia tho lew hmti bo taM TOOohl^M 

tu, Aomclliln^ oT lTi« «hiinu*tir »4 fortunH t^ ihU ^r«4l Irii«h 

fie w 1mm in ITAt^ in Ihe hou*9 i>f lUnunvu niunlj Cdtiui, 
Bl« Uah/fr wiui A Tf\ivHhr (mt! w^rih}- |nn»D ; bit mnUinr n !>1|c1?i 
ft wocofA of iuii» aiul uf ifood Inniilf, cif vhom Swift {vtOppiEi^ ok 
B«iUt im on faiia waj* to Slieridua At l^iikvi) vm said to etud morft 
iij HTD tluii of iiwf4 ciMiDtrj ladJtVL 

The Ixjy Wit* ■nnt to tdiocil Id nn« IVUt WumpTfonl, for wli<i*a 

of c^ifilnn thut "Nitui* iiilerndtti tlul liie cbilJ AbaoU KCt vmo 
)Crr4t piTt cm tho tlioalrt of hutiun Life," at> ■voet^mtumil, oo 
(frM"1j uf it^jimiiJi: wu« b«. And no iluabt Jle>tiry Bnxikc «hw 4 
prttotH'iuiiit f'liilil. At «rght jr<an aIiI a Mlow «cLujUr lirouglbt him 
•ft oJ* to tlic DDOOD, vhicb t>rok« cff with thd Hd»— 

Uftdtt wk>cb Henr; wrotfi at on'«:<— 

Bmirt (moii^ 0'>Kiil«rrTiLC hifl rr«it% '^'^ *^<^ fumhio?! of the tioMfi 
lui'l «fUTww(|«, when h« Wk* K^nt Co Dr. SbcridAn'ii »'hoo1 in 
iJuMiij, hv s«TO fnukh ptoob of thEi rhymlnx pqvpj-. Thrrv aro 
thria of them In BmolUiiiu, wIlJi « thDDiB or tvo, faU of ^tm* 
And lira. 

Wtdlo ho WM at cotlOKOi l^v^ft proph«(dofL woiid«f> of Hm— onlj 
"MKivttinc lluit h^ ttlnil juliiloi lowuib poctrr, wfaiuh of 
All iKtnalln WW miHt nnprrifluiMc." Thn Denn, mi^h rnfikljin^ 
whMi be WW hen* thoTOTijjrfilj' modmt Atd nhprpifln-Ilnfl' be Wiw. 
*'lk«vQr iul((^r1 hJK ftpinimi i^f iuit rrmttor whioh wrd ttcjonil hi« 
pOwoTi or wliicb mifc:lit ftriibnmwo liim.** The artl'^ui Tini^ity 
Mpd BAO<ftuP«i» <if U10 U>1 rd'Vnift tu Imvr M»fl<MiiJi1 i^vrii ibnt c!rDol 
hAtrt It tittflHj ciiptlnl<<ji. Id tJm rn*it fi>w ji^urt, itifH (if «qajtl 
tcklcnt ojvl ef more honuinit^, A^licti ho wvnt to atuftj bw in 
LoDHlob, in 1721, bi? beouni) at enr« the prt of Pc>po and Lytttnlijn ; 
WmI ono of llio frw rcJIy imiHiifjifit IhiiJin^ in Brtxildana ar« « 
fiv Inttcim Mlrvt^d fmro n nnrrtwprini rr-niw Ixttv^n Broohc nd 
pope, whieh Initc^d for mnny yrxn, Whoro or^ tht«A U'tUn dowT 
Woulj th&t the Kiiilor lio^l trivt^i tbc^m nil, even thoujch, to miik^ 
rooiu firr tlMrrn, hu WI i?iiu*iini(^(l to t^wiii-Ttjr a diwiEi of Irlhh 
Vi>rl]ili'ik Iin>i>ki% Ln rno of Ibimt vrttU^i in IT3^, It h^tj •olidton* 
Abciut IoIw'h rrligiotu trneM, haling b«ir| il iiiKinimt'H thai h» 
"hod too morh wit to be ft man of rvUgldii, nnd ^x> much rt^fine- 
laont to bo that triflEnu thliij; caUciI a Cbi'l*1iiui j " wlucb Puiw 
HBHwca nitfufactnrily t'flaiik'h. winJioK- liim n - Tln^»iyition nf ^ha 
TmtCf oa Man from Ibe oxpeniionA and mlatukoa ctf Ur. OoiusLaj* 

i&H Mj!nir« ^ hEcutelf. tf»t bo ^i^Kcnlj vor^pt God, boliav^tt 
in hie rtr\<UtforkH, rmvns i> hat Uiapvimliau, tom oU hk crMlnreft 
UlnchiLriL; wtth an lUDOmlmlJoiU uTChrleitliuui, hovrrtrr tiolantl; 
ihoy trwLt o*«h oltiw, hiwI fkrlMU noa« k irnauli u that prcdligvto 
moo «1it> would Iciovca tho tiADclii of montlhy, eithrr u&t]?r the 
|Bvt«iii:e of nlifiiDn or free tUnkinjf. T hute uo m&u m b riui, 
bul I bnto TJA* ID luijr mnri ; I IlhIt iki wrt, hut I hntn unch&rt- 
tAtklntittM In flu; vet. ThL» inijcli 1 ny. intfr«Jj in coinplrftjioo 
vitb four dotiro that 1 thouJil toj MmotbicK o^ aipnlf*— a 
ooufnaan of fiiitli which vrill doI imrpHM llie r«w ^hv Mill tmrjwd«r 
(with Hvntj BiDuktit the 'Eaaa.y tm hinii txi be one cf ihp imMoal 

It lii worth vliila t<> rvnuiTb, In Umm l«tt*f^ llivt (ho hi|:b lenai 
in whkb l^opc bpoaJs cf joani: Jlrtxikfl ; of hiM " lUoiJcst^ unnpoilt 
bj ft|fplAnKi," hbi ''sooil qimlltini it Ihir hMrt fw yt*M ># or tb« 
llffid/ hi* "tlwofil bonminltlc on<1>-" aixl nrxt, the nliHlntS 
wionhip with whioh Drouko r?EiitiiB I'upr -«pci1of:mng 1c him, m 
one iilMCt for biiiiox confeBeti Itut ** V\t|pl kv»v» ma vquaJ pEciumrot 
Huidvr v<|ua) wanutfa, 8Uik»iK«je gnaUr mplnns Miltiii luvro 
iiat/tnkfihmnni ; so nnj^t«rfti1 w*i T lo tfifiiu Jfotl ynur lUw pnUm, 
wht^Q It won not unknown Ut nio Ibat L got fnonrlR hul KiputLtJon 
bj jooj fftylnj? of mo ikinss which dd oac would h^ve thought 
1 meritoJ. had tioit yon eud tbriu. Dat T «i>^kt wUhuut tiouk 
At the tSme. T hftd not l>*wn ^^ntnr^t lrk!f> iIia iipfrit: nf joitr 
woj-bL, and 1 bfrlivv« tber4> u^ f>»w who tmrc. « • • • Anj 
0E« of joar orfcififiA) vrrdn^ b ^niLivfmtjtMy a moro floJihcil 
pitvc Ihim hnt L410JI wroli! hy jny dlIilt imui, TbeiL' in ono 
ooMialaat g«nhu ibmtij^b tbn wboir of juitr uurk*, but that 
gtuoi iNm tho AiuJlDr b; bcmif divided. # ■ • * Kich 
iHlttaot pMibniumce b tho porfonimniv i>f u M?|iAr.kt« aulltor, no 
out b«Cii|f ktt-^ euunicU tu cuulttiiL yxiu in yoar full illiuuiuifuEi*— * 
uul mm4i nkor«, at Kblnh wf« may untlo now; lUiil iiii»Lb]y. If 
vo bo m«Q of tbo world, blot that tbc yuunjc Hiifh'>r illc] not 
vorvK^P the gTMt Utcniry nbu- for notbiaC' rvrlukpe. Duv«rUu»k(«i 
"tbe whlrU^if nf timn niny bftui: ruuad iU rvrtiHicTV," ond 
AklVL'lcr Pope bo ntv^. If Ddt >t)i hl;;b M joiing Un»kn mtm 
Um, fct Btill far more bti;blr ihcirt now. And moon wliEtcv 1> ^ 
DOt m th« lutor* of nil noUb^ >^iin^ sotits t4 wunbip a pr««t 
nna when th«y tjui find h^Qk? Aihi onctit it tot to Ihi in Ibolr 
luvtnni? Jt tbnro onj foclinj; mom umioMirii; (tWT« tn f^w mon 
dollitbtfy) tbui tiiAi of lookin;; dp tn flilmiration (amn thotigli 
ft bo esngtCBrmtcd) to a hv\nx mh]tir than oncuLf? AU*I for 
the null who bw uut f«]t llmt out; iJirvu^b tccpcct for otJion 
an trao MlPrarp«>ct tw irr^lnnrl; thnt ht^ who wonhipi iiLilliiajCi 
wDI noiw bo wotvblpful hirnMlf. Rcvorvnl^ oonfldii^ lojaltj 

hif b>«n m J9\ tho i*rait a( »Tt truA fff^tlnni. uiil will (m to 
to dvr oAit of time, tn judga from the nif^^iBi ot tho TrLTiHitlantli] 
Btt«iapt At btxxr^ without lo^kltT. It u ev^ t> bout of freedom 
imi niilcpeiiJpiic« . Uit thflre art thctfc who irooid qaostion (b» 
HrDf^ Urvjke wduI^ tutvir duua) wlit^tlmr Qnn wait nut u mu^b 
miuly Irkilap^n^lannA In tha h«HTt of the Kik^IialunAn whi> knMtla 
■Dil tnnndJoB^ ho knova not whj, bvtbr* • i>ftr'AEn Ift-ly tn 
61 JftTncd'n Polftcc, u in fh? LnHit of tho Tanko* hv\ who l-oitftn 
thiit lio b ^'w uood Qfl Uio rroHlilRiil" 80, ht Inut. Uinnght Tlcnry 
tkook«L Hd IbiH lui Iiilvtw* npadtir for wonhkp. All hli life ho 
ddi^tod to look tip to bftinpi hvttof tbuu hirnKlf. imd, ttirc^u^i 
thorn, to Ho'l. 9f itiQ "iim ■»<! »iilwtanoe of 1II ihnr cood&os: nail 
iiut in >^|iit« (if LliEit, liiiC bi^ciimi; ot timt. Iut wah, in l)m vr^rj Imhl 
innd* of thn worrt, « I.itwsriJ. A(rflii>flT. all tyranny, crodlty, vntl 
wrontr: nfliircijit tho phioanorio* nf ;ho law fuil tho ch&rujtoiiaK ot 
pnlitJciim\ \xM roico wna hlwafu Ion<l utd crimrfl. Hc IrtLl 
pclltK^J oi^lniotni whldi *re now !h.'I4— or, ai Ipiut (u-tixl on— *tjr 
CTofy mtionril Fniiliihnuiii, *lielhur Whijf rir Tory, Imt whii.* 
wore Ihfn c>oiuMur*d (Ungorooa^ (leRlriiHiTv, iii]iiji>r4] ; anil I10 
ufEcrd fcr hrn opiiiiL>mi, lu Ciaii: 'iiii| in piK'ki?l. nii-L hvll Ihriii iitrl1> 
N»ver niMi ^(vbH it nton* wHirhnI. wlf-fltfT*iinhwl, inil^pi<nrl«n1 
lifo ; but I16 knexi' Twiw to k^v^ honnor wh*r« bOQOUr wm i1ii«. 

it] l^n -un I1V I'Eu lioil Uw. hjlI Mijoyol aix^h Mcdoty ii« Pope, 
Ljltltftiin. Uiit ^Swifl i>uiiM uWo him, llut. tb»i: ihi<Tic»« buwoviTT, 
ftii<1 Ihift lOfioij were qiijJntly ciiijujrh tntnrrupU'ii, IT* wiw ro- 
Mllorl tr> Iroliuid bj a liph^ nunl to become (fO'irFbri of hor i^htH 
ftbcAUtifol little prl of tactic C^lbcnTio Morxru ofMMroM TouKn 
of 4 EWrl old WtHlmfMlh hutwp llq pul 1;tir« wirvl^r unonirli. tfi • 
hoHrdiniTM^hiiol in DiiMhi : luid wlrliln Iwo yejiix tiol t\n\if m 
vi^y, mnrilDd bar uorctlf- \ai. naithnr thO faoavoiia nor hifl 
|iu&il7«conn to ha^o bcca VD17 wroth with tho follj. 1lie mnmoffo 
irM M happf A <nio £<« thii carlb «vcr mw : tho porrrQU — Irbli 
pMpla not boliljntr th« t«Dvtt of Mnlthrm— «oii1il nm flml It in fheir 
IkMjtv to •oold AO prvtty a p^r of tur1l«*« and tikm^^y r^imrrifd 
thoio. and 1#fl tbvm t> r4A[] tho Awfal fntkt» of lh»lr ovrn folly in 
the foruKjrh child prr jmt\ Oa wblch mntt^r, <1oabllwH.niiuii 
n]i«ii*i1cim hiw l*ftn» an^ will hn, tnlUivl In rommnnplm'rai whirb 
0V4<ry OFK* <^!iLTk »i(-iiry for hlmtclf. I^nt it i» worth wbila t^ c^c^t 
ono'n Tuiii 1 of f«nt if U 1« mly to fu Ico Ilinnr l^iw^ki' foirly for 
fliri^ ininiib^ jmd co 'U>Hrntnn'jt* fn^in cnrb ulber miitv iif Oie oinity 
Quonn^l obJcc^Tjinuiwhijb. an iifimK nrv fiijiiuipv^l to fTiHk« ont? «UTind 
OfM. II i" wrontf k» marry in*or»lIy, Tnic, iliit whii-h *« worw? 
to marry Bccrcllr, or to l-o Tid"i»* *ccrfttly, witJi tbti ritft tn«jority 
of joaD£ luvti? H btui^ b lo l>c JuJi^oil for doJDjf wbnt hb 
pikronla dli&pprovpc!, thun bit la km, mil not more ^iiilty, tbw 

tttSM jOQPfT Ti^o c^' ^ four— nct^iBc p^rcnla wcnM tvJ\j prdbr 
loo jrcan cf nco Itir llicix Btun. Itj tLu ctiLa <pf oa ewlj taN> 
ria^ .An-1 tlio Inilh in, thut |»n<iit»— tUv avnrax* rtlJfflou 
pucDt*. 04 w«U AA otbvrv— ilo pTvfAr tZi« rlcn to dro BULnlag« ; 
Bl«nco thoir «oiucwtic<tf mMkii «hf]« {with ui hjpDoriaf w u<l tf 
liplicrmu) by ii«bitv lu iLUtwtHjna^ Iwl tlivj ikhcPiiJd diK(»Tor^vlui 
lli^y jvtrfMrily uuil tnow of alreaily ; ^d no luw, for Uio tea miwt 
Impurtimt yo^jt of Uio yoatti'a life^ all mAnU ukfluaocv, 411 miUtul 
conddcDtc, if not nil iniitDiil r^f^nct. 

" But ^rlj nuLrriai^n ub » iinpnuTfoL* Wlu^ wi>i>l<t 1wr« 
boM mc«t im|inif1ent fr-r lti>ni7 llnwik^— Tn mn tUi^ rbonne, u 
Uk>v4) out of ffnir ma. at iJMlrojing tiotb bwly orul K>at Ld bull, mid 
brliw^n^ lo A kto iniirria;;^ tho Jrv|> itl^liG of bm iviuititatJfm nod 
hii hvojt, or oi IfCtfiTiuio^f iLfi: cm il kuiucvbftt diwUer yaorly 
bkcnnip? or ^nuTvr. if i* Ufo iVTii[c-fi4 tn the aibunt^siuw of 
tho tiling u'hicb bo pCHscBCi^ rrookc iwuit tk« iDorv iDijiru I«nt of 
thrr tuc , but one ttron^ itiillicnty, nt Ifik^t, m^y bo quoted 
airaiuBl lliut uuitt^nvny reccii^ed cani>u. lloury Hrw^Lv's MtK voor 
Clftt^il f n blfi l»riy mnnl tltiiJftnl, Mtn^thr^r hnml-Titl x\v\ ^in\M^f> ; 
ttt LU 4«lloiJo tffJiuSbill^ (<tiilIo ditfornTil frjiu ecnAtlTono^ diild 
of vu^IjMDiJ ill'leiDpor) ; io Hjb ■^b]«[ilr<>uti roa|>cct t\>x woiiti»»; En 
hi* Ntronif tni»t Xn ciuunklnil : Ln hi4 idt-M jcjimln^, jm nf a ntvins 
■agtl, OTor oil tin ftnd Mitw ; la bu fixuib o&d full tnontiooil, lufiMt 
geitLo] ukj jot inait pure ; Id thiyi» very YirtaoBf to tcU tho u^j 
tonth, which An moit cnuhoJ and lituntod In jomu; m^n. SuixiTy 
ODo luu ■ ri|;ljt to laik for «Qiii('vbiit cif rho cau^c af luch, la tlv 
bnotd fact that Cbutr tun yoora vhicb uf nil olburi an ^t to b« 
1^0 moat hrviCidMinUt Urouku ii(u«<<l in puro ond happf wodtock. 
Wlut if Uw itJ|jrui1'SU0* of hl» early lu&rriain^ did OiU» IIjb c^bilf^ 
«lfn tA h^vn 4 fru' nvirn rJifUrrn? Urfl may Iir»ld1y ui«w^r. flifTlj^ 
**W1iat mAtt«r?" onJ aocOQlly, '^I do cot ULj«vo tlw faid, tLoj 
ttoro tliikJi I do ccrtiun BUltbuMfin atJitviuimi* azkant fnoh niAttfirt, 
nblch roqoJre a cuioplvlo n^oxnuiination, nnd thut by men wbo 
knuvr ft! Lonirt a lillla both of j>hyi>oln[.T and of hitmikh tuHiro." 
B* Uut ftA it may, tho bvantiful btCio clLiJii-wif« brought him Chroo 
dUl^Q boforo aho w«a tajrhtctn. and UrtKike, in eoirtih of wme 
liKir* tvj%^ rvad lu a uiiiipcU.'jit int^tuu Lbuii ttui BLndy uf tZia lav 
tfltned. wntft ^or^ml xXtna to Tj^uIoii ati^I IiIa j^n^t fjiAmK 

Xlioro Lo vioto ati^i fubluWI, DTi'Ecr tho «yo c( l'oi>f^ bia 
poon of " CTnJTvrwJ Boauij/ a 0urt uf *' Bri-tffeiniTfr Tr^itiiv in 
rhyme,** ati (t \vvt W^n hji|i^iily otlJuJ, Whal *oft of tliAndlrj \% ia 
bo Bipm-hMl frafn il yoiiQf: nun of twfinry-tw-o, may be ciully RiiBMAd, 
It ii^ M pvriups it cIloqIiI lio, ambiticiuis dognuktii^ traiUdhiK tho 
twdor n»wh with mucc'tutha* ami fomid uuititi uotJoan. tthloh 
dnrlwn ULtt mom ; a fault vudlj piaUtiiioJ whtn tarn perr«lici that 



It ift CAUiod not 1/ bisto or Ta^muioifli. but ij too eomcct ftttempb 
to caimpreM mora fubo wonb tlun woriin wfl! i^att;, kiilI Id TittrmM 
tb« fpadOo ffnTiey It t^ uxpeawv of tnuitfpntciKy. hotk^wbltf 
llmmghoDt U that Pluloniu uitl r<«l(et DiotUud of ihottcbt in wlxitrli 
he pmiiBt^ ihfuui^lioiit lifi;, alfjjoet hlucuf id Iu» ift'iiinsUuii. uiil 
which nuw lUiil Itii^n loiulit him, yanng an bp bi, In vfiry niitili 
gliingieiM intu ihti wKn>t< of nitaro, am in Cbo«o Unoa; a Uir 
■jHKBiiiwn t>Qth or U« o^Io u)id hw phllo«oph;:— 

Abd fVr lll« vuf«i;« iWrjrrl -wlMLulq UK*; 
Th* vrrduPdb* bvUltiqa aliviB nr thwllhfld «7H- 
ILul vTijjII iLJitiVl tiu fqgl ftoD vOdM IklJ lUtl 

An4 d«U iinn«M hKM* iIm vinkn fhriru j 
Ttw tfUinu] ipvdM lu v Influjl niimU. 
AbJ ftfidlDM AvUl to IMnilPfl >l.i4n' LtoLL 

l'l»riiTiiMiiilut,aAlaB-il •i>T'4>llP4ir •»!. 
Kir P*rt-«u oad iMUM ■■Ull iinvDfd^ 
la fonu I imjilrtt, wnlliHf uliln 
Ttit rnurt HBO, lUaKtol ^miD -. 
And khtm i<alU| lb* tfB^i ifiv biui^ lb* fiAl. 

Aj»i)j Um tr«li «bA Aunt ihr hbA vodOM. 

Aid tmntf n iJMiiiMi ^aa ftoiA'' 

WhfttOTor cflrfmoE a piil'Hc acmiBtompd to a irory (liffi^reot etyle of 
vnnB uia; kiiui uf tliuw. yi»t tLv> will flud uuujr imlilo jMiimpw 
b0th i>f {KH'trj Anil nf thonln^ in thin poHm ; pAMi|t«fl wUoh 
jvtJj tko high oxpootAtiotui whJiJ) 1*01X1 htul formed of hi* pnpll 
Mit tho boQonr which ho \* noi'l to haTo dcmc to Bn>ok«, in 
retcnicLiIni; miLil i?veu iiucrtiu^ innay lima, Icdt^ud, Popc^ ii^ 
fltipuoo ia [iliiin tbrriiii^hoDt, «iid IliJ- piijiil hHA tif^iT Ini(1jit,lrt|; Iho 
nunly 1<iwa«w. tli'iii^rli hv luu; lidlvti of Lho cHjm htiLt<ilitiMiii or Ixia 
cr«ftt, thoutffx now hAir-fovfcotton, tTimft^r. 

l^biittly nfU^r tliii i^iiktbcntlaa i>f thut |iQ<!m, hn iMi^inui to hikvo 
nliinifti to Trnlamii ; and cl^ht yrairn. of irhtoh na nwoM 
MWPH t<» mniufi, ho spoilt in Ihiblio lic d chamhor CDUiLUfl, not 
wEthoot HOci>?-0 , ftH'l to luhTO wurk*^'! for d^ht y^an, At eo DncoD- 
gi^iiliJ u liUFLmt^*. iu th» wry hv}i\i\j, tou. uf liiA juiitL lUirl 
ambilkin. %ni nvlo^m liim ii<>mAvhiit from thut trnpuTiitiikn <if wunt 
of pomoTOWOOO whkh In aiXim urffod ngniut hStn, Let lUiii luro 
tiko CTOilit of horhif; ic^vcn Iho law % Ukr trnU Jlin rojuon* for 
thJDwiDf up fal» prof^Aliui uro t4wL|y gtieund. Thfi tliiluyi* haiI 
ehkonerltv of courbt in tlu» 18th ct<DlaT7 nrc wdH kuKAvn. lldti^y 
Brookn'v jodE^iic^t of th«m BUf b« nmd at krgo is tho " Tool (^ 
QiiAlJty." 1^0 Triftb Bftr, loo, wa* w>t in bia <t»ya ilirtuipjifiliod for 
moiiUitjr ; uii uuo uuij null ujuodUv tliul t)njuki\ wi»ojiiUjr ■■ « 



j«t r»miiiA AA honot mui. 

No notjilcr, then. Hui w« Qnd bjtn in 17^ b*ck ■(oSn to T^ondno. 
Hb uiui srJominl Ujcrt lij I'opc udlI Jxint T.jltlclcin, Vitl (Lurd 
ChiitbaiD} a]tri>Jii^^l lum to fho I'riiMv of Wa.1», Awho "«itvcKd 
faim," nj the faiufTi|ib«ra, * uitb ifrM^t fomiliuitrt and jraunt^d 
Un wtib BuAT olcicact %nA T&luaMo t«htiiiB <f fneiidBhi|i — l^Liub, 
bmte ptttauJiLgis Acc-" ^Miut lootn <:oulii mim nrwit. In ibiji* »li*tfi 
lolhlzijr tt«* to bn giUFLCii without ■ pflnronf I nlorlnuuilr for 
BroViko^ naal auccca in iho w^rlfl, hk palroti, tho Trinvc. wun in 
oppoiition, uii. u Btooko concdnd, in hu heaiUoQt* chimlrcu^ 
IrUL HHj, wi oi^jjivasEil litvui, liiiff uuulyr of hii uwu liiiiuu ; mid 
ba tbnrvforo *'iiiiut nAeiti, if ho hu & chano*, op«n1j vtpouw* hi> 
PAtPon'* quurol, onil UlutuIot fortli hln wronit* to tho worlil" 
Kotdo {dmum> ft puvpoio u tt hitk^ \i first to^ht; br nliila tL« 
)iiQlKU7 itnudJoJlj fvonIpteJ of WaI|k)1i>. tlii* CoiiH, >iArl f1ii> Iwo 
NewrcaatlttL. th» OppQadlm itnmbDrod lb tho Uouba, Htit, CtM»t«T- 
SttbL ilirlOTot, W^mdhuD, l^tcc;, AigyU, and. In & worl, D14 
vtroDCMt mcQ in EDgloud ; atui gatnio Uio Houtoj oa >kirmi»Ui?r« 
of the pen, Popo, FicldEitj^, Johiuon, unci Glcvpr. So UiAt, c^ion 
from ft worldly [Kiint of liew, tt niiA nu unwiM Mop id young 
Brooke lo bhnjE <mt ^t Uniry tjuto hia trofiody of QiuIhtvo Vium. 
foil of potriotifUiO, hOKuAOH^ dcMfa (o t>^lal1I^ iailL;r«nHlrW riKtlB uf 
freomcdi, uid othor oonnnnDplncfi^ at nUi^ uv cmji nffurd lr> jm^Ar 
■ow vopttraliouKTy, it beicir cot only thv proprmity )>itt tha ngbt 
«if hoiDMoity to kk-k du«u tho rtool by wkicJi it biu olimEiTd. 

Th* pity itelf ^ ffUoJ (UOOKb ; Lta alytr thai ut 1L« txiuo; it* 
dunotore ctot oo oiiKb hmnuu U^injn^ vi wbicbT* Hir TJrtunuA <t 
viciom MotftoontiL If TroUk^ tbfr cciuttor Anibhivbop of t~jj«A), 
bo really moont for Wdpokt, he will vbind oquolJy veil Ur «ity 
ittdoQit IHOil. TW Ooly touch of wbot irc now coll bumitn iui»to 
0n plain vordt, of conlitry) b to b? fuiuid fu the uim fiuncnji 
ioano in wtuoh tho ^rmnt trim to Cnut 'luflUvns' n^KiJvt^ by tbu 
throot of rpurdoniif; bio mother anil «iAtor. In it ihnrtt id rmJ 
dnimaCw poin^» oupcKor* I oboold Niy, to thAt of ikuy RrvlJiih 
ir4/«bTi>Ln of tJia Iflth n^nniry, onit nifllricnt la mlrjin thn piny 
tr-ym Ml^r droarinuv, In ttio oyai of u |rcui:rntJrai vbic^h Zioa louirl 
tbfeioU Awodoo did not thinkn tUk, aaiI act half like Ft^aiohiQcii, 
half Ilk* Mitiqae BoDuttL Dm iho rul woith of tho piny by. uijd 
Uea atiU. In tho lofUMos of iu HuttinH.<nti. Hion vera tlmro in 
^rhlch toon voro toanor hnd moro ipiorant, bttt yot hvoitior imd 
bctt}thicr tlufi iioyr. Tho» "ialitawloa of tho human heartv" 
vbidi im tmtmvtdM Dottier by \irvi\ig^Ui Ftoacbueo or piova 
EnglitbwonivD) aro W'V in iirfti high nnil all bal aoIa i^onunit, 
vera tlion lv«ked on cblvUj Jia lodi^iutjguii of tho huunn *l<jma(ih, 


or othar phyiical orvw j tM lh« jinhltc wuitAd, orar juul abov« 
tho prrtmUiiL niljcol ^4 love, »oni^ talk at loont ftlxwt TaJonT, 
parriijrJBm, loyultj, chJTJitr;, EUDcn^KJif. tbo pn>t«ctJaa of tho 
OjiLirt>wi>1, flu* rim^kvLlion of the Innrx'vnt. imd <fthar like rcivtton, 
VtiK-lii tLn) now buoLabi?d uUko from |riil}>it ua'I froii; slJi^fCi and ontf 
Coll fcrrtti Hp^iljiuto {HO 1 mn inftnDOil) frors tbv ttlut* aarl roub^ltf 
In lliK /dl^^'X ^'f I^w VicUirm tliivilrv^ In Ibiil [bi^otnt. Imt 
aanlr<!['c pim In l^cmf^nn. IrUnIuwB Vrml ^in do Qmu cluttgvj fXilf^t 

It tuok ia l^rooWe tJmo, ^Dt b:j a fiiAhmn Ycrr ^liflcttnt Erom 
Itut wliicli be tjit?cL-tad. Arifrr Ixrintr Zrit^epf^il mt I rurjr Lautr. 

of th« fjTood fooYD, il v^sM |froliJbiluil by tlu LorJ (JhAcaborbiJD^ oD 
ftOOOuDt of Ha pi'litic*! trrrLiltMicy, 

Budi idllj lymnoy turo Kui-h Ihiit u tc bave sooo It bcox JD oar 
OWD dojii Utile worUI tiiUhT nnt bde*, bA I^rurt rhi^ world couM 
rv«4t Broohe pcibli.^1iQ'l thf piny in Boir-^lolcinc^f mjh\ H>Ui taat 
thorkMnl »t flvu fliitlin^ii (4i:T). Tho I'riiiof Mnt bm • bnnOrod 
guiiiOM, Cti(}^tvi]ii'Mii>iik forljootik^\Or, John«un|>ublI'Jioi1fv1uit 
1 am ftAhamocI to uy I hi^v« not Muni nn Ironb *'C'ctnpkio Vinil* 
cation of tho Lic«D>«rB uf tho Ht4ijrv. from tbo tmJiviaai aupvnuou 
of Mr. Unkdkc, nothor of QluIotx]* Vana;" oDil Br^ko ^nd ft 
UJiiiplfjtc tiiumrih. and a Ihuunuii] i.-iiitLev( inLo llw ljiu-i:ii[n ; louk 
» irilU fci TwJt>ki»ohiim, d«o to P<^I»l*X wnt to Twlnri'l for hTH 
lumilj nti'l liifL wjf>>. M'liu (M tlM Triuv* pro|)os«(I) vim 1o l>o fontof- 
niuthrr tn Itic yet unWm Ofcruo [Il^and Ml up Id lifci at tho offv 
of thirty 'tlu'i.-o* lu a ill«lJntr>iE>JLnil lilcnry dukcuiter, with all llial 
hn ncofjsdbpth of "pmlno and pinlilfn^," 

If tho ch^hnuio;; lOut nidocvfnt Irishinui horJ Intt proipfintd 
tlwnot>rorUi, a» mo»t muti prosper tn th« vorLf, tboa wo diould 
Liive luut lUiutJior lEUiut MU^rniy puifvuji^v, imir^ftkly Atiothcr jc^cat 
pnrlUm*mliiry nTHinr: \ml wn lihookl not \iiv\e fatd "Thu Fool 
of ijiiiJiTy;' vid Iroknd proboJjJy woald not ha'o hii'l th* tmat 
Honry Uro«ko, A coano of ohutt^ning borrow woa aj'poJrjtod for 
tJiLB man, all tbo mi^ro buj; uuJ Ullctr, t^rtidiio, lietvuH Ims whh m 
iWr to lliuv^n, "AVborn ihn Iri^n! loveib ha ihiiAi^noih/ wiu iho 
law luifoii elno*« iui<.L wtll h% ^I'bjipi. until tho ond. At loiut, it 
vo* K* will* liuiii7 OfciukTi, Frir fruin povta iml o^jurtiom, imd otl 
ilitt *M \K-i:'aaii'\iz to mtijit[i.'jLto (ii»it niiut liaro intoxii-SLtcd i hja 
nuMe hfiurl. 1k«i imi^I iil tlimut^b loni* ycun of D^rjjrtuvinf; 
(KjVf^ity lUkil liJiinliTioHo. vnl<0iiji]c Uj4f corptun of hitf dond obiliirm, 
doad joy», dooil lii}(»o«, tiU ho hat loount tho iroMon ttucrfft, wkJ 
liiorary foiac. and jiU f'ltac •*hioh UNn OU K^vo, Ijia for liohirj^ Un 
wi^t^ tlii-gUtu^rin^, polffinaiu tttrth-fo^ which Itb^oul 
hi* puiiHod «pirit ruu mto thoHo pnrv iKoghtt vhuh ho obJj iaw 



ftfar oft. vbeA bo vroto bis TniTerwl BMOty.'* ai • UrI ol 
tw?at J-tvt<^. lie slull return 1v his fiivt luvv : but ho alml] rvtom 

Jn 1740, in tfi* T«r7 Iwyflfly i^T liU uca««t^ fca b tftbAn ftUntieii/tr 
m. B« moM tij bin puro nativt^ air of Rf^Iavan ; otjd hr trict> it, 
ttd vMOratt. One*) rtcU ftKft^ be viU of coufm ri?t<ui* li> l^ii'l^rii ; 
ill Ma fTMtt frion'1* «]ipM<t Jilm. To their lUHnniKhmt^t he ulli 
off bin fDrnltortt M TwickQubom, rida hiniMlf <if hM rilLt, uid tt«p 

*Hli vUbp** uy lliv Lioirr^jibfif^ ^wa« hfrui) Ivat hk uml for ^hv 
PrtltM ihonlil ^t him iiiTi> imnM*." Thnt miL^ hmr^ im^n tlie 
•Vflttsriint whl«h aho aeod kn wurtU t liitt what ir>4<l Wf^mm hH« not 
dmb frutlnctn an'l fortcn'bdp ^Icnf^r mvX ^-iJ«r iImlh her 
iHgniDotitB? Thoro injL7 bfin U^it ucuir rfsancini lamt yot noDO 
of tlwra fltidianoiiriil'lc to Rnv>kfl^ r>r wHfiirawlftg tb« moM 
ohiTiniiif- or hu^lionHi fiv>m ■ fhvolou* «bJ f^roflijnto dly. v«f>ooLA]]f 
wb«0 IbAt bUfllioBrrs pam hal a pfliTiinln] tonilmti? to emiitT u 
llvt MM b fltl«t A| lout tfeurjr Hronkv wue irut? lovsr ui<l wtie 
man inoTi|:b tn o1>^ : trt ftfn* tip I^nrfnn. f»trH« ftnil fjuihfon : «Liid 
In Iho tod«l7 of A tronuiii whom h'> Wl U>v?it frf>m i-bililboocT, nad 
ttt vboM <Ui4lh> *t kitk hi> |iiiii>il awiiir, bc7](»r<rrth to *Mri»k wutgr 
ml cf bin own «priiiif : " Mi'\ & nr»1iWir act of ■cir-rcniiin'tKiton ooo 
ieMom niMiii nith. It ibunpi tbo umx tX oiuw ■« what bo ««oj 

lli» cro&t fricDik lutd tbo rnair« unoot: them, wroee to him ib 
bin rfllrf'inHnt, Ipttorn wbk'h *r* mkl \iy bnto [irrlnlit'd (n Bonw (Ire. 
B* TiiiHrHht-!, trtO, tfowi tiTirn ti> tirm^ n pKruplini"- tA "Tbo Milh 
«f tdw'H Tnlo" fbr Qfflo'a <^iiuvr, wbJtb w<i nEitJl nof jimft^r to 
^ ori^^itiA]. Tbo Rurl of WeAtiuoroUn'l, % tnuc^^iy. vr^w I'l^ r^rmt^il 
■t Dnl^n. u ip»d u ifthor m^^En of Ihit A%f. Fnr »ri>nL] 
5MU% lOflMd. bil bBokonn^ for tbo vtnpu ^ntintioH. to Eho kliQiIilI 
of vomo of bis bio^i|kbcn : ono of whom, Mr lUohiu-d Rjna, a 
Bomihtj f'jniiriEtrr df ** liTiQft <if Iricdk Wurihioar thuti tviita lii« (or 
bit Moib'HfiM Jiifiinjivi^) reiqwotahlllt; on Ibc mjLttf«r:*- 

" Durlnjf Iho ifrOAtor port of Us Ufo blv nliinoiifl dpinion* 
■pprf4cho<1 to wfafti ftro ga1I«i1 Metl^o^UHbcal, yot ho luiKortulj 
V&ppotli^l tFin >»1it4:Q. ikfvijrfbdli'^ II ih ^tiitHin bu \U(^\ in«rv 
BHWlBlrnflT Ibm hn wmlfl. No dflX P*""*! i" viHr-h hn rllrf not 
eoBect bil fjFEiilj \f> pnij'or. .\ti.\ road oinl cxpoandtd tbo SoriptnroA 
Id thoio with D clcvim^v mlI fcrvcncy^ crlifyiiur and intemttni;.'' A 
■InuiKc pbi:Duiu«DcD mrut Ifcar; Broc^v 1i«vr liom, IhtOiuboilt 
lUi 1iff<» tfi l.ilpilii Hrut f]rt«ciplr>n« tit nil il'niiniEnAtlnn^ t Hata not 
bftd tbo (JtMJiurv of r«Hditi[£ Mr. itiirb^fl Hy^D'fl bJographf, a Rtl9> 
fertnao vhidi b edqcIi loftrtnoii to mo fay tho penuAl of tbi* 
^ttoUtion frDm it- Doubllun Bruuko'a Mcthodiit fdeubik bul fiiuj, 



wJkA Qiti lUprh bnvon. luil tha inAklme or H«ikT7 Jtreo)»t wutd 
hBV« tiiMit«4 bun sJiUtr tko •uuin Hn;<:niHtu«ih moth^l Od J«bo 
l^«a)oT iTMkd tbo Foof of QiutJCy. ^birh \k jiunrcd of nii:li 
p(ii«4i-ai lu wcTA nnt tn hffi minil, aimI ihnn ri^pul ilithHtl diiHng ihn 
4iithor'i lift-tUQC", u tho " UiAOvy of Uairryf IJirl of 31 orvluul,'' a 
JiUn wlik>h WEu BO coDiplotolj ■nfifiiatfill. tilot country Wcfllcjiui' 
«tiJ] b«UoT« 1Li:i[r ^tvaX |jtDphet to hwro been Limwlf th< tkutbur of 
tlie I'ook. 

Broolcc 4wbo wju of on Lr^tcf'CiiiJcuiv uf fipfrlt too ntre lu Iroliknd 
thcnt "VM AmoQLE Uie lont to pajr Lin rmpiicrj to him," he no^ 
«li|K)iiitod Wtiuik-ujiuLcr uf MulEiTijru'* wltli n suUry H-orth u dour 
£t[KI ik J««r. A ratLorml tiiHhriiATi <«l |I}<mj tiujv «'7uM hiiir« 
pook«C»il hl« money, atiil haJd hit l4iiiffi;ii> ; but Elrookd miut do^Ih, 
with timt fbolbtU hoitMl; whkh olw^yA luu^icr^;-! hlm^ tborou^jfhly 
work out the hbtorj of ttiCBv aud olh»r liiih tutjTiu'ki^ Uicir 
](iN)er7, iKJciiUtion. ftTtd what no^ and throw tho whulo Into a 
hktirio&l ]hUDphIt#% "Tho S«or«t UlaloiT and M«Diaii« of th» 
Bttrmcka of Jr«Jaad :" Uiorchy pottfuK & »aftldouUy wvt bluakct 
Qixiii luiy chukoa of ftituiD gowrnnktiiil prvfvniK^tit. 'JluiL ^<-ki hilw 
Iho publication of lili''Fknnori" r^itton',.'' wTrtiea in (hr Bipt*ctA- 
tioa of » roTolt ctf Uw Imh Rotqw Cutliolics, Tlu; Qvcifol 
maoh att^nliciD &t th« tinw. but woro Jfluoiutccd by totao for tb«ir 

HUI.^|)(Hl.^l] H'Veritjr. tlj\iukt;'« TEtlfUlJUliuU uf tllf^lU, OVLlUllElillj; lU) toiuo- 

ilote h^inonr-iMfi to t\if\ IrlnEi far hJA ill^fOTinES^tl fiTpe<;1utioh of u 
r«b(»l1i4n, TTiJij 1)0 ffruti'l in ^!n>E)kiiuiii, vol. I, p, i:^ — ft mixlol of tiut 
EuiE^ii^^ pn^no of whtth he njidt il t^rfm^t mMtor. rxnd ft moibt tuo of 
giKJil hdiih' ilimI hifiLutikity. Ill nutbUitj. T iniiy ihjty hnr*. Oocm 
Bn>ok« iliow more In Efh-nnci.^ of Lin p.*Di>nLtioti, ttian ia hU 
cpfnloim HA tc tho rij;bt nkutbo<l of fuvvrtiitiB; the liink CutLolin, 
opmionfl which bftre Imwo eino#, when nil tut too Utc luaivoTuJIy 

In IT47, h« wrote four pormn for MooroV ^FiiMpia tar Ibrt 
iVmnJ* tifli," on© nt loji« of whioh, "Tbo Spvrow uvt tho 
DoTo," ift ft boatttifiil mflf^i^tiQEi of hii own pnnr wcitdi^l life : Liul, 
Indood, Henry Btuuh? u uevcr mort nuMt^, uut cvi^u wbtuj be falkn 

tbAOkigyp tlnn Whi^n hA fJiAnkK ^if WnmnH. 

Tw^ ywi« ftflftT, V4 Uiii] bim " Hollc^toil i>j % Iuta bodj cf tfut 
laiUpottJMit «l9<rlon of DuUtn to piuid for Ihjit city," uid Jo- 
cIlninif^M nno wfubl tiuvi^ cxprv^tJid liim -"l>ni!4LiM0 Illi^iTi wu 
HJioThot- ouidictnb^ In tbv Aold, wha wu not uily (ivhat be wu 
noi) u> '*<Tioulliii^ tnuler," i:iut htkd"idi achi3uwiodgi>d ftaporf<nit]r 
b orery uUnrr merit." 

Ovrii^ bilfuat tlib time. '^(>rerad liim b bbillliif,' h Itnn fhr 
ftifiaqrililiif ho irouM vrite for tha sUg«, prorider! bo uTcto lor 



bhn fllona^* Rroriko rrftiM*1, ut h [dau wlin M not r>hi>W9 Id mU 
Im tmini lo mf nuiBcr; ftriil & ooobwA oiifiiwl UitwMin theio. 
Goirich v^(« oot lb« cal7 niMi. it fleonuv wban bai>ff^«tJ<Hl tj that 
ifidvfvcKlt'tiiw of iffail; wlilch, hoircT«r softrraed hj Kin DAtunl 
Rwmtniviii, motit Impta haon gvUIn^ tu all lenwlj, fiiJiL,(rr Hajjar 
iBkm nvfl' JoAouon, thoiif^ lie iritwi to bit ritr lo bim, «nit 
vindlcftte^ hSa tiiKCariM Vaa« in piihlS^, oonl'l not oiMivorU lila 
Ailftie of & man wlio WM ct-rtAinlr kw ■iii>rirLOT In inU1lElx1^ vtuf 
bftd no foc^Unation to Ikiw ih>wn util wonh^i:^ wli>?ii kviirilup Uiu 
nutely dcmuiutod : wlum ^ni« And CDiirtnajr nrnit have Komcil 
to Hie ^Tcot bOftr more fc>ppiEhnaa«; uid whcoo lilcraJ opiaioni 
fpenartcil in Hirouchont tii«| miKt hJkT« b«Mi AluKkiriiT to iho 
Torrwrn of JmliEwtu's Jjittrr jwvi% lib »il1]r pttndj on k fiiuj Linv 

-Who nlv oW tann abAvOd bcu^ M fttC 

It InU •aooR)^ kxiovn: 

ufVAT«d JotmsDiEi. Uojcliini: (he onlj kncv why) at thft acffitinicnt 

Tlknt hoiv u'lUi a <|iLitrrt>i 1x*lwai^n tlientt l)irrc ib?i'tnii to be lui 
doabt; ind U> it i* KtinbLit«<l Joluw>n> omMoo of hia ume 
from t}]i> IJvm of tlw KriflJ^h prHjtih Bh <l««imiUiit Mfs {X>Mh 
Vnh^iity Atai^a^wt ilut tiif^ tiiM^IlHiimiy nCuij In tlitiir Aunil; w 
to tha nuvw nf qiinrml tiAan n hnartly nn Jolimnn'ji KiAfinnr, 
■sd k ao flattj^ricg to tho i?<}Tirfc«/ al tbo poet, (hut ho would 
jnfw nd to vmt? it down, M^hy »? Uno wonld bo fi)ad of uij 
fnah nai^irdobe. dlibar of Bixfokr cr 3ii\iVBoai Iml be tho Atorj 
1n]« i>r f^ln*, thon «KH vwml pntbablj » lutiintl anTa^nhru 
b«tv**n th* tvo worthJon; Id fhiirt^c^r, a« b«tw«oa ft dftUoftte 
«Dd k coarM natorc ; and \n iti%cV.ctti, tus br^t^n^n noralnRlbt and 
fealkt,— thoAe two world-wiilc tji-ea of liniibui lunin whirh hji^* 
qnAJrcllrcl iliKW tho tTr^jitiim, and wEII c^niLrird tfEl tbv tin/ uT 

Hum wbilo nJl wout nuonthly nl Rk^iUvovIp H<^ivTy'H brothi-r, 
Bobart»^vbo ww »■ fcinil of thiiulific w be of pM^Ui. Mrvil wilh 
Mm: ^^oth nf ifium In tuiny nJniimiilfuinAf, i^rl |>olb with chn<!mn 
(m u fit m (hu prqbfl4> $xr of Enn) InnumaiuMg. ^tnuigo to ta^t 
ibfi two lamilL«B did not qiurrob " Tho boiuo.* writoa wnw ooo. 
"mi littlo IiwUm, Iho abj<]i? uf jnux) uoiI lure." 

Adtfr A vhfle, however, tJii« Hlomui l>e}i:in In hunt. Hfmrj'fl 
diitdnm b^s^in lo dfo ooa (Jlcr tho «thi^r, *>id <nth dwth camo 
(vo an not told hav) poverty, llio Ctn^Hj ndato had to t» 
Burtpigcd and lolrL Hcfliry. haTtiii; i^ild hi* dobt% birod DtSuj 
Tv^ in Comity K[ljtire; hU Urot\\*-x tnok n hoitm nntr him, 
lliOTt^ tho OOD livcl by bin {«hinlin|;>, Iba otbnr by hi* burdck 


mtmtnr'rk fAne^ utA hj Wliiar |>oliti<nJ fMcta. wUch, thnoffh thay 
•oil, scrrni to hnro AtthAa^i Tt»ith«r jmttj. Th« CnthoUo* cooli 
ooL |lki> lui QiKiTpr nf Urn *ff™ftl and gnoH King WlUlMm;" tJi« 
ProtMtmtB, ou« vha prT««hofT commofi mcr^^ unil jnalim b> ^h* 
Ottboliot, «nd Dxpo««<l 11)0 (fujdrhil FoUj of prvAxrtJiv th<ira, bj 
pviul Uww, ttvmt impnrrJtyr their own land*, or fkrfUjjnnc tbfl r©- 
Murcm nf HiNr mnnlrj. Of hU "Trial at t^w JUutaut iMthoMok," 
ill 1 Clin itnj ii, thAE thA p^irarta ttrym It In IlrfHikeiAiiii are futi of 
«ciiinil wiffom, bfjtb mord And polttioal: laxd^ aa far aa H goc^ 
ftJTDCAtcd actifainc bnt Ihi^ Fcry poHflT wbidi ill wt now >ctv«d 
to jiufHUO luvflfi] till? Celtic tan*. 

Alxittt thU tfrnik luimrt of llhiAtrA'^ ivIiLtiona wmw iiLiB.Un^ ^irCT' 
forturiM In InJU; uiJ and of Ihnm, (.'hoIoraI EoUtrt Bmoko, «b4 
•c«mi to liATc bcm a nobk chorn^tDr, 4iid ■ ;;aoJ voLUer, Aent 
boaiv Id Ills filther lUuk uuole l^kOCOL ce^icciFUl; lo ictkem th« 
'rtnrf^puffl iin Th4' CAvnn ]iri>i*rl3r. ^(^►Icf fJM ■(}, hjiJ loiHl a 
kk|g« thi»r«on, oiiIliTi^ it LonjrGotL!. or i.1ai-^0^i-\j. llori^ tiv j^to 
Unmlf up to o^fricnlturtLl upouvlntionfi ; ilR^aod a lake, and j^t 
ft txV iivtoftd; cxpfrriniDnioJ on watn^-powci ahiI dTEiinii^n, ukI 
MDk (t grottt ilta.1 of moncj ; u man^ another hnrifvt gc-nlli^nijuj 
ktf doDO, wbo bu (lured to Iain]ior witJi tliat ftut^boni tUfooi 
Ucthtr t^rth. without bainf ^rod to the mniiner. 

Ilowuwri IT hu vH^Le'l zuiiuh UHFimyt hv whaIviI iL hi.anjur^bly 
anrJ tinerHn^ " Vfl>ir unmA of nirn<>j miiM ha^i* ]hiA4i^! iliiYin^'h hia 
haii^rft." uyfl nna Tvpartor In l^ronlo^nk. Uut th4>7 puAjuii al loiwt 
Into the packcMi of the ■lorviiw TrijJi, in the furm not only of alrtus 
vhioh tic puiu liut too lArialilj aud OftTc^lcwlj. hut of «iri)jl&jDicRt, 
of now noiuv**!^ new ^inli>nH. un 1 a |.'eiii>nil {nuni^JiMt of uivjllnt. 
lion, phyHkiil anil moriiL No doni^t, hi** ilnuiimi wvrt* vri\i«r thuc 
Um «QOC«mH " Wnnli^ yna )ichcvCf" itntu onCf '- tliat llom^ Brooke 
Waiii (jult tbo awcct Taloa i>f Dixi.-<y I'nrk to pi^i tho cTCNJn^e of 
Ui ttft lit the foot uf a tinrrt-n lunrititjiin in Cmifo'tily. or Ixjn^uli, 
u hd o^ll* it. in ihi^ uiMiiiit [kirt of (he corinty? Vet he ii an 
phJteiiofhitiAJ M poutioul, HHiS M <ihL'erfii] na wur. Ho waa bom 
in a drfwiTt, svil to a il4>«rt he ha rrtiim«ii. AnJ ri^t fa tib 
imai^EuiEScrt Ha hrw a1rni>ly jplnni^hnl thn oni^balf of tba lund ; 
ifittakUid tho comktrf all rounil with iiiiig coitacr*"; alren<l; h« 
tiilnka ho boan tho olack of die hiuy nuU, oad tho miiad of Ih^ 
BfiTJI. To do him jUBtiue, ho«eiDr, he hu olrendj' hujlt a hoiiK« 
of Ume anil KttiiM^ two itt^irir^ hjifh. wtih ir'wH wlittlowv ton. which 
T\evft farl lo atlraet Ihd foza ui4 aclniii^tlun of Um Mulitai^ 

Tho aecrot cEuum of IfonjirficM «a«k pcrlmfA, th^it \i wm lit« own: 
hut them i> mwi; k mrtn iu Irvliuiit iind alpswheni vho Wfnilif 
hav« tvalAi in the ttiera »4«dm of pnnaniiiqii, wltlioat coand«rliif 



UnfcK t'onfi'l h> 1It« mi hit «^m Mt(il«> Fut pfrlupi Tlri>nk« irag 
ton nm^ciitkiu^ fti wril us loo kin Mtmrli?cl » nuu4 lo K'ave tltc 
vHrl Irttfi ur rorf>ttf U* (diil for theniRvlvtA %i\i\ vn (thnn^'h (h^ 
flM« MuM n<H t«t fc^ n <^ uifl hiimbl^iift an(> la limi, for onl; 
Utft vito (iff WH* tbe 0l<1 ' HoiLM (jf [tuiTttarnn," vrhvre b« vu 
bom, nuw tiMwul into oihcr himtii} lie uculi} in> >u^l1 ^^v^^ Kn>I die 
unon^hi* own pof>p!«« uid iro whikl i^nM trc done tar ihcm : imd 
not ilto^tlior in v^jk, Ut jiJj^O Irom uioLlier ivport writt«ii «ciai« 
ton ff«r« Ulor:' 

■ Wlic-it t 4:xiiiiv viUitn six or nv«n tdHoa of Mr. Br^mliv^'B, I nt-tt 
ftMil I Uiniitil mlitjUcp thn tr^y la each n uLM part of rb^ «Yiiinty. 
•0 tlut 1 ukc^ Abno«1 wt^rj one 1 mct.-^mon. u-oirmn, util ohJM, 
' Ia lliia tho wnj to (.Wroililx^* Kvc^ry otm kntw Mr. Ur^^ilici^ 
#Ttnr one pr«M<^ ItiTxi, niKt vi4iCEt lio nif^ht Ijt* Tor ercr. 

^Am r kiww llutt the uiilhor of Oiutflvnn Vhm fuJ wrItMn & 
gTttAt <1rnl tn pnlv of h^cultnr^ 1 oTfUHiHt OT CWinti, m 1 
apptnootuMl hi] hoaM. (hot it wonUl b^ boiom«i1 higb Ih 1ufU<l 
trw" (a lourt Iruli Trptctafion. •winjE iJuit the wJiI hoiwv Viu<l 
only bopu buiH a ■lo/«ji jpiira). • • * "But [ wit» neror «i 
dlMppciiniMl in mj life — dcA a trv* on lhi> wlmlo rvxid, not « ht Igo 
to bo Men, Aad tlu w*y &) Uul. that I Am atiiv it ntii-4 bo im- 
pMUblo in til'! wlntfTT, lli« bouK •ttn<lit on a liincn npot, acr] 
the Golr Impravcoiunt T conM nn, a tittla intrlnn to the Tront 
diHdtfd with ft bw h&ff-ttnrr^l HniK, iluit »4'»tti ntii«T 1c b4va ttMn 
p]flnl«i1 \ij diHOO* thftQ d'HiiEn" 'I'hiH hnrdly aKroTv u^tb tlio 
account nf 1b« £>iM4n roffwrAtf^ Mifituit^^ thnl tb« rooflrt^ mllu 
of Ilia liii-aarorii' DotlApM FliU vtinil* nurl ttui hbi hrjiniiillr work* 
wc>r« jit oTiA timo w flTt?nalTi>, u to fri^riirn iha mlllnri on tho 
Hltickw>it«r into « rli^puration to Lord lioudfort, otiironliiif; that 
Ur, Urookv mi^clit not larv tfan ooitivc of th<? whole river; to 
*Mch l^r-l HTlulfjil lUiiwrrii^l *' TI.kI limy liml Dutliin;: to fciif 
fimm Mr, Bmotr. lli^Lt hn ilirmM Ihi ftnrrj in mfcMtA wilh fhnt 
gonlbumti," The diMppoiDlcd touriit, howcru, HniU hoijpilAlity 
AQft ftn ff2cvUcat library, and at Irutt Mr- and Mm. i^roohe. IUa 
«dt«bd) of Ihff old man Ijjid Woo alrviuly idvpu; tho cblld^uifc. aIoaE 
vor« oilt hj luuiHni^ vul l«ln^ rhlldmn^ fR j|ii11^ »<rr]oi^itf«rt, Hfid 
M fo»U!o *]»o Cfln hnrtUy wnllc aerow ihn rocm " I Tii^vor snxtf vo 
ftffbetlonaio a huabo&d, uid » l«nilof a fi^thor^ f>nr convonAtion 
ot dlnaer tumod on the nuuinmn juid ciul<^i nf ihc inha]>Lfiiiiti 
of the nri|:1il«QHioo<l. Yon wEiidd rvnUj iTiirik ihit >lr, llrooko 
MU UllrtoK of liii nwn fhlldrf^n, rhoy w«r« 4II ao 4«iLr in Mim. 
Bo pmyo4 f>r Iboni, Jind bLoivod Ihcm oror ond otot nicnin. with 
h«rfi En hU cyn*," (lie wni «0 tcTiiIrr hciirtcil. thry wy, ibil 
Wt>. Ilroofco WM nlwuyii afnld to 1*!| him of ihp dmrh of a nolsih- 
boimnff oottager.) "lliAl erming wo vnlkcHl into tbo g&rdcc. 



IIi> £iTour[tp fTi<m-r3 wpra iHovo tbflt sfitt rit«AMi3 )t ^ bimdl 
uf his ttifi? Dji<] 'tHDi^lilcr. t VTBH ulmlflmil at bU iikil] in lAitanfi 

CFUt kftto siicii ft pui&^rio oq reg^tikblc (bet* tbat h« nlmoAt nm^lA 
xno A r/thA£otv4di. • • * We c4Jii« to a lltUn Ktir^Snff 
MtrettitL Mr- Bmuke (nLo wa fruiti ji^ntli s fliw lUli&n KlwUr) 
guwl oa tt for fcim^ mrjinvnt*, tful Ihfin rafv^UHl 11i«o Uti^sa out 

Cbm fJTvU la fbadtf 4f«a« 

** Afirl XohTi VIU4 A Jnit (luiii. Ami p^Tf-tcl In bin fftnKmtlonn ; atkI 
ldi>i4h witlkft-l with cio.1." Htpp iiirh wm il™f7 ?l^^^okfl, rhriugb, 
V\.tt Noah, ho aiw oftUinj to bo .1cio|ily dimtuftcil with thn ititA of 
tho woiU (injimit him. an<l favc much ticcllcot mM** In bin 
timi^ for wbiub he viin unly Lkizj^buil aU f^tiiuly rko Unrauiiirii 
(pn^litbly fviin^mit'^il ]rj tb^* itri1r>iit, Iruji^inftUr'Ti iif Iho Miloctun,} 
vJiich oro fu^d to hjtvo p«B«d tiuonffb hla bukdfl, were not Uto- 
tirlbiT rIV«pi!nt (of wisruidorinr thor« to no proof), if thvir tuuj 
tKJtivbL thHt vtlilfh Ja ft1X)V>i aU |>rinf^, Ibn Inrp nrnl iimyrtn < if ott^i^ 
human being roUTSfl; Jf tUoy hnl trono K» mftcti nnH rlavolop the 
hnnionit; of those p-:)Dr uvogc rpprcncd Cplto, Jlvt Ihci njonpy 
been iaT^ettxl m bn^m«9, tind lo#t {ob tncn of hnsincv noiV'^Hliijn 
luviVLmt li> Tfini-^ lu tb'* iinnrml iiikI nv^H'c^l-iliK' urny mf TnnkruptiTT, 
no onr» woiiM hsiTo tlirMX|cbl tho wflrw of hini, Aisd vnrvlf llotvy 
Srooko, Ilka omrr man in a froo <vun1i7» hoiL n riftbt t<> vpcoJ bii 
monojr aa iwcmcd tent to Win. Wbeo h* owod be p<JJ. thciuEHi it 
t'wt him iri'tfikt si^riflcv*: be bul \v> fha litit imoii^b whnnvin fi 
11*0 bonnnrmt. nrid t/> -Jte b^jw: *"'' ^^^^ ''wfl mnn annt mora? 
Thftr4 atviLyR bhViF Exxrn, hrnt lbf<r« jUvm^y u^lII Lid, tho» wfa« 
barinf; fooij fK\<\ numciit* fitli^l 4t l^nrl for tbnir AfAtloOi arv there* 
with content, iHiotnNi tboj [kroror thu iruktnic if hLimfji chftrriottTK. 
Ibclr own anil otbnrn, to tba mnUng af mnnrf ; nnit Ami tbnt <jri« 
hnnum bniu cnnnot attOdd to boUi oc^ap'LtioQfl at odd^ Of m^b 

Of liU Inter puUiottlouD T «!uiJ1 Mft7 iQt Utile: s dovor pollthil 
o|wm nf hti. -.iBrk Ih* flUnt-qnnllpr,*" wm nctorl in Ouhlin u 
norly M 17^4. fHll if not of huinonr, itiEl of Huont lri*h wit, Uirovvn 
into conijo warn* of hui Uffiinl loftf Tiionktitr, Thn c«riAOT of Uir 
Dilldu) sId^. tu <lo him jOFilico. miut huvc licim for uiofa tllifr^l 
thnn Ihfl KnfiUnh T/»fi1 flmmJuirlftin, fir tb^ niunj-rfiicllcr wooJd 
biiTo boon ft co-marlyr wilb <4iiHtitviui Vii*l ThTre anj tfcvoral 
iiior« tnti^odiciA Jkod HvmodiM from faU p«xi, MX'riinffly fint frinlcd 



rstMrAOA m 

m ITTS, vrben bo Ikoit ^mpxI 1o wrilu. ud & novol. ** Jnlitt Oraik- 
viU«, cr tbc DUt<jrT of tbc Hoimm llHit," palliohod 1774^ ill 
which bU hloEnpii^-n only «cc ** Uio ruius «f cooIun" 

Of hi* ImC j«r«» whkli Kcm tl-^Dl in l>iit>lEn wflh hk only MN 
vMn^ Juxgh1«r, iw Tvcord rtVMiuN. Alr«. Brooks ttlod In ITTlf, 
and a tar7 dear dauftbl^r ju«t Uforo hoi; Hf« onlr imnlTiDg m*, 
Arlliurt wu wnfaif Id iha umj ic C^ouadot «cid he won left ahiM) 
vilb ChAflottp. now tlU3 tnlf K^ri, an (UKMrnpTlitbod wdouui of 
g«iiia«,ftjid atJlborof th»««rlJMt truMl>tiODiioririihpo«tT?. Krom 
ttw tfaio of hiif ikifo'B d«ath ho (but UroMlf vj* frooi tho woHJ^and 
WW tbouifbt hj muiy to bo dcatd. He went Afui a «lkElv 1<> nuUliu, 
vbem ifk> Clur1oiTj> Rmnkc tM Miirin Eflpcwnnh) hn umvI, Imirntl 
«f viJldng up and down bu room ix<m]^)tiDf;. To mt tor bouni 
fuinjC into rtt^aoyi and dJod pMotfiiUy in 1783, a§K^ povoaCy- 
•0TVO joarv'— Mft ho livoii a phibMc^iher. a i«atloiDui» uid a 

Knt M all hU worki^ tho " Fool of Qooht?" wi« Tho boft, ih» 
nuiit <Lanij^1crf*tic^ odA j>ȣiilily the ta-ni procioiu in bin ojNia. 
JIc FT>^]it KvoT'U j&un t^vcr it. Tlic ILral to]iiid(4 w^re imbU^iod 
in IT^'>, Hhcti hr wak ilxiy y^im ulct: rhr flflh rtut till J7T(X In 
H wo huvu tbv whola tnon: Um «iiaoAt!<in <<f un i'U>a] nobbmill 
bf an Moal mirchitnl-prinra Uw pvon bini rurnn ft>r iJl Uiil q^oofr 
latji:hji0 ou tliouluirxt |»»UUi;a1 f^xiuumj, tbo jx^Utimtt uf k<x Mnd 
fva^y, mul Itio InhilniJ:, moral and ph^vlcAJ, of o (IbrUttui ^m^ 
tlomaii ; nnrl to ihcm plot ond pfobaWtity or« too often KcnIknL 
Ila patho« b, perhiipo, of too hcolliiy «ad mnipiL* a kind to l>o OOO* 
AiJorcd TQt7 loiiL-hrnu tj a public nbuw Uetti iiiia bcpn pdlod b; 
tliH ■■ i#»tlii?iik' linmity Mnrl ^-nyennw"' (jf Fffmli nuvH*; John 
Wf«lC7i ofitnion oif It wiui, that it wui 'ono of th«i mn«l tipAntifiil 
pMarea tlutl ever wnc dranTi m Iho vorld ; tho itrclK* ofo m 
doUmtcly fine, tho touclica ao «iu;^. oAluiaL oikl aOccdn;;, tbnt T 
kiMW out who L^on BUTTuy It wllb li^irlvBi cyeB. Eiulno bis luu m 
hitait of vtono." 

h*Tcrt^ici]c#a, ovfinnufh irlTlvinff for prtthna la tho dtiwst of tho 
book Tho 4!humct(Mi ilk it, !□ proportiOD m tlii^^ luv moftnt to 
\» cood. uv prkn) wiih a tufvlunnlo aad tevfiil i^nidtjUjt;, wliluh 
l« raUMT Frtdioh or Tnitli tJmn I'^wliib, and whitt wil] irritJiW. If 
aot iKVort, nany wbow Iviktooio Ivinpvmnioot loiul» thort to 
pride thcnuiclTa* mthir^ on tho roprcMlon tlinii tho rjiprcmon of 
omotim, uieI to 1>«IIi!'bi: (ahiI uqI anlndyi that fi^olhif^ atv ciUmt 
In proportion to their df^pih. But it ■honi) be rBcollocmd that 
IbSt Ottfvmo afrooLdlitj wun a pri^ nf Hroukfi** own ohiLnLOtcr: 
tlukt rtb^li tnanV idoal mnnt bv, nwro or Tim^ tbo tTanefiimtDtion of 
that uLidi ho finds iu hlniMrlf ; ni^r t1i.t[ bu nupi hoiioti H^jd tntfvmL] 
la bdlovtatf ihat ht> Honiil bUlty. |nil u mut^h a* any oUmr nrnpartr 



of hlj hiinanniti', vbflD punA»| fnon «dfkliija« (vhtnb wni In hto 
alba (bo onlj maihu^l nf p^rfinrtl'in) caulil iin ntitl* tm aobU, bklr, 
aikl oafftil, a* «ay &ltL»r fM^ulty whuh Ood Wl ffiv^x 

TlwftfUirulitnie^at^iaLiijfljr iJtiblMbu-l in 1770, a ivj-Urnly fQr«riur 
10 llw r«at Aol without «ecfug iu it >a txjuie hjivc ilmuf, onij ^- ih* 
wngiitlWwnt mJoa of ifcnlui*" nna r>iy Jnljr? frcm tf thnt bit ii»(<]« 
llrtalhwit WHi loiliDf- npiftlj. dvcd bof^irL^ lli^kl ]'M« vf his wife vblcfci 
gKfttbc dcutb'blvw (iliho M tcAi-t anil ^i-Hinu Nor«rth«lD«, orom 
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of h» vio, |irB4chiQ7 IrttUii wliJfih arc el'^vt A««ptcd by nOMift 
oduL'«te<l t^^-tUhmon, oA-] olhar tnitiu wliich wUl Ire oocopl«d lij 

Nflf vrthcUvi. Ilukt "Roixf wiiiB n^wlt nn IrOflh," in utol/lfrovorb; 
OJU w true, tlui tfi« fact of t^iiit t>i>oLc ii<«dmg & prtldoOf vill |iq*- 
■ftjy croatc A pTkijiirlifio fn llio «yc« ')f mujij. 

The IkkjIu il will tio M^<^ in not ^M & bcuHnfd jrtam oMt If 
tlMwfikr* II hu! liOHk of r»] tnln*. It wfiiiM i^jt hfLV« gu Boon kmt 
Iti po(>tikuHt]r. Sitraljr, «om* intrinno iUinct in it bun ooowd it 
to b« uot iin-ic«rTod1y f>nr»l'«n. Ami IS tat &vcr«icv reader 
ilriirwirl to (ipvn tbo took, bo nxnilil |irv>hLli]]r AriJ in tbu tint 
tanlr^ P*e** ^^^t" ■•naorb to jnrtlfy b> hlmwL! hU pr^a<lio«i. 
n* OWBBO of its Culuro^ biA would say. is potoTiL Th« plot ii 
«3rtnMCBat BO vflU « iH-vrovon, mil krukcDH LciilJodi, bj rvltudei 
DA extTHTBtfatit 10 itMitf- Tlju tuoriilily jh QuiujLiL\ ami |iniuUc«|]j 
iDiiK«iiH^«. Tho nmvMilrtn^, wh<fibor thaoloKto*! or oodal, io 
oqnoUy oJumtj Aod dbtrouvD, Wittiout ftrtUtio mothoil, without 
k&oiriodgo ^ banun iutur<i and the rm] i*arlrl, tho book omd notot 
h«TD tDoched nuuiy bnarto, ruiil CJUk tuuoli ivjjk now. 

To til vhkrb K miiy t>A JtTuwnnnl. ilut If \hM frirm of ]lr^1ian tv>w 
pApolwll tbo oDly n^bt fnnn; — it m-URtio nkiith'>r1 nrruuct4 mun^yln 
drufttfo tt&itr of Enknut. In wotT^ni; n pLut wbitTli -hnll ktyep the 
rriilfir «ip«ataDt juU aiudkiI. nithaut drmiinLm^ of bini vvmei * 
BMXMtiftt raflaolion :— If kiK>w1i>t:0 of huTnnn luitoni U te lAxnify 
Bi<>rv]y ^ erci7(I«3r uiit pMttoil |Miiow, Uiimv*. motmii;— UL m 
m «v>rJL ttie guoDJ whkb aro mcobavx fbr a oticxMHoful std^ ploy 
■ni akslD hmit fidiuti of «rorj kin.) ;— llivn tbis buuh. aa a AHioi^ 
Il ■ nrf bftd OtiA- ■ui'1 ll> erlltin mniit flinwunih to thn toa protiAbb 
YCrdiot of 4D »ge whieh aotau detenninoi tbit uft nMl coaflno 
IMelf nwro and taart e:bcltuiT(?l5 to tho tnm], the t«inponuT< vui 
tbo TUlgf: whidt hai made ap ito niiJiil to haro ib Dorela written 
by joang IvllfA, oinl tin plrtiinA pttJnlMl Uy pr^fU|thH*liln; and 
In trhifih HpmI ^rt, wbatbar tn AL>tioa or in p^Qtuo^, womi nloibldf 
djific oat— fwrlupi for vuat of tbkt very roolutic tono of thuu^bt 
ifhkh U to bo fbwi4 m Utnrj Brocko^ 


If, ig^Jn. tht<>\n(ST* ^ttfpmif to mtlnci, la to b« hv&^^rth aai 
exiiaot ■dortcc ,— if iwtbiiu can t)o known of God** rliAroHcr, tna 
firum tbi? ;>.-rBcD of JfiMB Ohrbil, uvo ihjit H« will floam lo eadlw 
Uirlnrn iJia vut m^nrfty <if ib<> linmnn rno^ while b» hit* mn^c^ 
i)rlh» inrprHff »rrl«liv«rinfr t Tf^rr umiill miiini^ty, 4 cvrtiim highly 
irttflcdol amin;^-rmorit« to !« «;f|1lull4^<l by no hnmoii QErlknu of 
toitiDB or of I0TC ;-^f tli* lUftno nHiTitlit; bo uttorlf iMTliicnt from 
Ifae IHoat nr hiiintn mnrtllt^ :-Jf i:rii«rnqJtj. mn^innlmltj chlmlry 

all whicih H4nw mrxt ilivino tn innn — ia 1» liikri> nh likisni?*i in 
Qo\ na ptiiM in lhi> Mnic* of llo!l;^f th'^ itvctlvfA of mlij^^a 
ihTv to Ue conflnoil boncofcrrth to Iho miutt »chlKb of hituuiit Iii)tjM, 
Mid Una Immt Af ^mAn fufN;— ir In « wonl, Spanr<»ntBnir 
iBh«tlur ProiMtuI orCHlliolic\ i«tlw onljfltrroAf) formmkind;^ 
th«B. inlo^L dl the Msmingl/ riolb tOM;l^iit of Uii* bool, howerer 
muob U ttwr mm to r«11o;l (fit) Itfv of riirltt, itt tb« UftcbinK of 
0U hii1« It MpnrJlLin(M; ahI IIa 4latrl1«M laiy be pwnnl over h* 
lapertiiiaQt loto^feraow* «ith ih<: 4rim iTio nnily of the plot 

Hut if an iibul 'toee o^vt 'if tha biimm soul na «f tho hnmui 
b»lf ;'if H bo Koa\ to rr<iy>1le<7.t thnt Moni nr>w lunl tlirri, luicl to 
eompMra vlint mnn h wIMi ui'fiHt rnxn mi^il Im; — if thit Wrolc 
Ht«fHtiif» of orery ration, *nJ ahorr nJl thm^, rh* Sfsw Tntanimt 
it»]f. fkro v£tni>iui T-tr t^itt rpirjtanl iiiscLl. jiuit mt Ore«k itatuoiy 
anil thft (kuntinc* of Ihc frrt^t Ifalinn mnattrni oro ^tnf»M for 
Ihv ph^t^l iJfinl .—if Ihnl jr3«l thLiiijrli imiiiA^rMo witt timu, l>e 
pTMiSiile Willi Uwl, Ami fb*"mfow thn pnal inwitnl whEnli PVffrj man 
pboQld toiKl, oven IboQ^li hn coia« ahort of It;— then It mny Lto 
tUom^lQ for wmo nl loort flmmu the wrikra of firtim to vot 
Ibrtb UuL J'l^, ajtd the nutltut of (he " Too\ of (junlity" oiur be 
Jaht bi trulj a niivpVHl hi hU uv-il way, u tho HutlkurtiM of 
•■gDOMrbj" tii'i 1h« *^Wl.\<» WiU W^H'ir Thoro an Ihov, \n- 
da»V >f^li loJton '*rth vbo licbcvc vhr umtocnplhtion of ibc Eiotaal 
{•aay aa^ aniuwln;; m It L«} to So pornidoiu lu most men w^tbcut 
ft oaathiunl r«mirinUriim'«^ of llio Msdl ; who woiihl not i>iit Into 
jDond tuinilA #v*n th^vt Kli»kiii[iAHM whn Fdlla llinm ^h,il mem ar», 
Withont fivbii^ thAin, nil o ci^rroettvfi, thit Sjjnnuir nod tho Milton 
who Ml tfiorn wbiit men uiLfhl be; ^ho ^naM ctgq {tbcolot^c^ 
qiir4T£ruM kpurtk rvconimi'n'L 10 tbo |>tifIuKi}ibJ'.-)i1 Hlailout uf mtm 
humiin nnture the fi?tir <ir>«iwli4 niihcr Tlmn B«1irju.v But nurh nre, 
dOObtlCM* BO B0DT7 liro'»kr> w-u, ilnuunon luul iilcnKHlfi, 

And if. acaffi, a thoobfy ln^ (himjIiIiiii anil an ontliropoU^ not 
OOaMdlotory lOi but founJud un, lUiU tbooloi^ ; — if tbo old 
^JIP^hlM^' 'leffnM ttuLt thn Son of Mnn tru the Ukunmv <>r hJtt 
Valbe^fl ^ory. ani tho iMprraA ima^ of hie penrm, Tonjr bA ljoli«iocl 
■Un <a« tt ifl by a lin^^irinj; fov nmoiv L'briAttjuiOt in any honovt 
amA Utonl pncUoil miib« ;— if lii^l U* Uuv wUioli Mr J. dtourt 


1,1 PEMWAGm. 

Hill toT* in hl« Ut« ^rnuwl KMbhf u(»>a Ult^rtj, tliAt 'oiir papakr 
rvliffiotu tjttiiceij \^ holrlin^ anX tbii hopi> of hM^vcD nuJ th« throat 
^ h«]l, M Iba itpi>f>iritoJ And jLp|jr<firUt« motlTcji to & Tirlvinid Ufo, 
fkll Atr bnlaw thn b«t of tho Andont*. unil do wlut Uiey oau to 
gii> to htimDH moriLltty im MMMitniUjr ■i^]fbIh <4ianot«r :"^'lf t^r {tJi 
Ht. MiUuyHi ** difoardin^ UuiM ao-oblUd tfaualitr «tBnr!inla, ilvrtvod 
from Gn«k osA fidiitfu irritar^ vhiob Ijcrotofciv cx>-«xbt«U >4-Lth 

Uhl fllJll^llKlUKltwl oltllt*** (which UlCluLl Ijfi CAlUtI TLOl CtixinliAji . 
tnit moTLJUitic, luid tht^ " »ciiUr" oamullvdc nf wlilch irllM rcdin^n, 
thoak ^iod, in tbo tcoohuig of our public tuhooLt. cmd oFourlwi) grvU 
uJvornitiui, 'ictcivuig soioe of ita «pinl»a&il Lnlufimf into ttcomo 
ufthtir*. ML^tv in i^v^a now rcttultiuic ^ li^w* )iIijL'<''(. mhIId lypo of 
cluiractdr, «hi^h, auLruI lUelf m it idh; bi whit It fliwriia thv 
Haprvnu) vill, u imjapublo of niiug ta or lympnlhirJiig in Ihu c4tK 
C-cfition of SupFYTtno ;f(wdaL>n -" — if this, or h»Lf cf lUin, W tnw, 
ttMD it timj b(^ wtirth whilu fijr i^i^^ufot laon to cuiufiilar w«U If tilM* 
Murnlngly impArtiujint HnrmonlxlTiga at Ifnnr; tlmnkn bn not nAndod 
now-tL-da^ -. eron thou^jh ho iliiruE bj tell hii reiutor, kd*! indeed to 
Uko Ofl his toj:t IhjxiUj^Iiout tho Look, tbot " all rirta«, c* cc jiutio* 
ita^lf. *rc ajorolj Ulff'Tfcnt foraa of U-WTVolflnLXf," aa»d that "IwDi^ 
voleuito prodnr^M mul (v.iTudi1i]l4'4 thr htvivi^n i>r lieiiliiiido vX (lod 
himvelf, Uti ia u^ oilier than ^u mlinit^- mid OtMUiltiOOD Wtl^. 
Hoocroltiico roiifft, tticrDforo;, C0KiAtJtiit« ttio bcttflnda or hfravcu of 
ftU d«pcad«Bl bccD^" 

It uin> ha wall. tuo. Id mx binr. In IiJa Djra, |t whm not unly riirhl 
uid iruifiil, hiLl [vutiiibld likiiwiftA for a 1lriti«h noMtfrnitti of llu> ITlh 
o«ntury to copy 1><h1 who nudo hJin ; how, in 04i.i'urtiti|l that druxm 
of hift, bo did not dbiLoiii to um Ulom ajjoloffiio* ood ma-iimfl of 
wuo old hcAtluaiB, which wfll Uvo, wo nuy hopo. a* Ion;: u am 
E^llflb Mhool uid m Ejtjflibh K<bul*r axkt on ourth:— hou hia 
ooDoopUon of tho idoal of huwouitf , btoaiu* St U founiM on tha 
baliof that that IdoiU in iho Tcry Sioitfo of Oorl, i> ualtijcr " low, 
abJccL nor wn~^hi>" bat alto^thor chlnlmiii md heroio ;-'ajut 
limt1> how, in hb oyn, tlio humbrnt radgiutlan and tfaa loftlcit 
aapJration ar» ko fur from being ooDtradlatorT virttiMi tbat ft ii 
only [» bo IidMh) by rWnjc to tho " oonooptioA of tlw Kuprcmo 
t^oc-lQiMfl^ that man cau utiaia " aubmlftHSou ti> the Soprciue vUl." 
And whtfo tba reader hit* cn»n.itdnred tiiin. imd mcn-L* which bu may 
nnl ia tliitt book, lio will imbkio himwJf no mora about dt!f<>ctt of 
OdtwarJ luotbod, but wjU bo ountunt to bjt tJio auUiur tMoh hii 
Dwn Won ui his own way. trii"tJu,r {iii^d lie will nut trii«t in train) 
tiut caob •ovinluff Intorniplioa U bat 4 Klvp fofwarLl in Uiu moral 
|i*aeMifttivhiehthL« author kuiu : anit r.bfit thcru in full and cunvcioua 
OMUdat*noy ^ Ur. Itrooko'^ruotboH, v^'jLhvror ootthara bu dramiitio 
ludiy in hii plot. By that tiuu aJao ooo may hop« Hio oAmost 



^UTImik fargoOMi' br t wMb : tnrl porhipt ta flnri th«in ixit in 
ftotioAMt* bat in tto oioftIloD«t«* ; in tu docp uid ^ninil othjo*, in 
lift bro»d and EQiiial lunDMu^. in tho (ImL? vaJw which it 
4CUdit« U) Uw raUttuoA of boaluKl uiJ w!|i.\ GiUut uitl ihtM l 
ud tti !>]• tittAr fthv.rin* U>ih of ihit vntltoiaCBlkm ami tXxwX. 
NiMMlilioo, whicb luTo b«Ei Bl(«niatv-1jr dabwwhJng of loift 
jtan Hie mrada of tbo jonni:. And if ho ohiU tiir« arriTnl at thui 
diPOO'Vigr?) bo vifi b« aUo t^;njUr tv ri^pirl At lowt witJt pntioucc 
dunn whnaT«^ nbih nAMgh tii nAUim tlml thi^jr h«vn l<«AnLl from thifl 
book mt^ro wbtcb to (Qfo, ncrod, aj^d ctomoX thu £r«ra ftAf Tblch 

So £<!> forUi onu mora, bravo twok. u God «hiUl «pAH^ tboo: 
AD'l v}l'^^«Tflr th'>a mQctr^i. vh(*th«r in ^>?aaut or in fK<^r« witb a 
rci>al bcut, tcivlcr uid truo. cincuuilm4>iu and c1uTiiJrLj[|Sh '^ntrr in 
uj'l i^wr-U Horn; ferff )ii:lp iUi (iv»4r U^ )ihi'4>ln^ ffiA Ihiii) vonHt 
hf^tf bjm) A Miin, n (.'ht^tiua. wiiJ a {ieiitWmou, mi Honry Urool* 
«•» Uloro biBk. 



Ladt Mc*iiEUiHT>. ft FtEiixii't <]jibj»hTa, wliam lie mnnit* wsS ttttlet 

doHu hi(b. arirv lifi tiu in40< up hi< mind i« ni«m- 
SlCHAVl^. ' Laid t>iehi«,' Atit «ldB>t ton. 
McviT CUFfiuH. tbpir sftond Km, irbCfD tbcy aeclRL 

Mr, MiiHi V. ■ mptctfti inrniE n1 Lhe MmlanilL 

TOMMIT ThuciE, ■ viUdfte unbin, vha (litA«bu Lafd Didii« bwI ii 

ihndMNi h^ \-\stTj. 
KlO, 4 poor Fpd/ Ixfrjfindfd by Hany tnd Mr. Ffnlon, 

VnndM Brimbl«Tniit«J 
KAUUiti Clehcvt, tbr fjcnccaiDd>oaof«ric1itndaiiMii, rncociJ rrum 

■(«iva;lan by Mr TcciLgiu 
AlAtBU^. bitvbircL 
£DWABEk l-i^Ki.riKtn. a rMvnTrmii ^rmnf rrun, who dcfetidi AnbrTU 

ItoHI ti^ ^har](f af niuldrr, ^tt'J nriCiWBrTli 1hL1» ill lb<t *llb L^. 

M-v ntiti ''An FiKijfi^c. N«4'L Mnjf-IOkT pcuFQU. 

Tut t::AkL (TT M^-Hur 1*1.1^ 1 u^nt^dkL* n^.U^ri^^a' 

Lo«D B- TTOU, h[i c>n«iis) and &rio(fiini i«ti. 

Ijht Mfc»<SfiiiMi. Lnrrt llndnmF tlot»np mmtiiT. 

Tmi Couninu or Maltianc, viberwckc T-irtfiy QoDditl, M»dbioiicw 

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HiMOotDiHO, bltlaufbttfH «Fiu ioutM tltDryCUnt^ ihetlikr^ 

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TVmwr r>.<ittV, Ipft for rtrad Tn Hamaby. 
Mr, DJid NizV RUTMh (KLftiEKrJ fiJC dctiL 
Mr NinG4>i>, ii<3«I-pN». fr**i] t^ Mbttt, bvl Bn^rwnrda nughr tntl^ciga 

pocr Diui anrnaaiti^iy- 
QWfAtiO HoMALT. u uflfwtdiUite niniy. Iotdk/Iv ibe kviodt cf Ur. 

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flni WiixUK THoRniiiLt. (Umd/i luicUoid ud crotcoor. 


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Maiia m LAv«4HhK,«iWPlem/4 c^l wha Cklli In lovcwHh Tlury, 

AuikAiciH, oiIic!rvi» Atrnaldr. dniJElitcr ar KteLq (KuBjr 0«xUiU*i 
couiio) aod Uk £iapc(«£ «f Marumj^ Hjvty't bridcw 






^^^^^^^^Bfce ^rui^fithfrr of our tiFFi\ whji <^nnoMr^r1 hj .Timm 
^^QHH^P^P'JT'^ iiiHrHi<] H Idvnljr i^frl nf rim >Ln<'Eeiir f^rnll^ of llie 
^fSfflmSTin Ibii nuuniy erf ^iTirrvy^ ami at srvt^i riMmi' iMiIhh™ had 
two Bum, Kkhiiri And Henry: buL <ljiu^ urulj lu Una relL^ nf 
Chnriw Uitf Pint, liv ^tqumlkiei] £1^000 (o hit yiiuucufl, AuiTimir 
£MlOOi> anniml tnocpmo to hln cKJcat itoQ^iut Id May pRnonnl pr^ 
ftrence Ut Uia t^tjUicr. Tmt u oxii: ivho waH to cupiwrt tlo nuuo 
on! haooan of ilm liimllr. Uo Hrcointvil td« lri>uii»rjii'Uw ox* 
ccutor ftfid f^vftPlUrif y/n-t, tdvetttinfc the chiHren agrft t ift b ln U> 
iMt dlflvreni forturts aa'^ prMpvcts in llf6i in nboat n.<vrn jcoin 
■Act' th« dcttth of thoir fnllit^', srAt Ait^hAnl viiMi a tutor to t&ka 
tiw tour of Europe, uid l*fiiiiiJ Ut>tvry apprcntico to a oonaidorikHa 

Dttriiw the tniv«L( or thu on4 nrid tlio iijfjirfiTtlic^vliEp <^f thi^ oIlHir, 
ihn iwovSim f^tppanod-. uxi OrotovcU oHumoiL iho ro^^ncj. l<otoro 
tb« loran* <ir IM MoreldJiili cnndil Iw forfi<it«.l or on<ld]ijc->Tv<l, by 
ddlog vWi tha cnwn or iho common vflulfii. 

lU^iird retiuiiMl to Eo^Aiul A fttkort liuic l«forv \h« Rovfonttitin: 
KTti}. hHni; ton fkT aaU\ too illaaolur* fnr llif [ilfKl^ttnt^ A.iiif hyp^rtny 
nf (VnmvftU loulliU Duutls, ha wltbimw to thn muulon-hnniHi of 
hi* fan^th«ni. 

On hi* bui^lSnic he litrt Inqalretl for hl» hmtfrnr Hoory; bnt 
hf-AHiiif Ibat b(^ WAH \nla]j tnaniod- viit vhully iliMrlwd in multont 
of DicwluadJH^ u Ikt lud the utmovt conlvmpt fof all dtB nad 
Lnc1t<ra. be l^toh no furlht^r iiulico of U\m. 

In lh» coanti7, ho unuwJ biiuHtf willi his tottlc. hcoindi; 
hawic*, And noMOVbCti ; bmi ott th« mtunLtion nf his tnnjVctr- of 
plq—onddo iiwfnarf. lio h««kiROi:l to conrf, vh'^m }io Tf<1]i''l awvjt 

~ ihooo fti fn hw tiA^te vphenL Ho w alnoya of the [Artr 

t rnic rt>OL or u^ALtrr. 

of tt« Ubf, BoehHiiff-r &t\, irfa«ra rirtno viu Unshod ont <if 
oonnkBM&oc^ utd wbero dl moemor of itifHiiub^mva bpmnw &t- 
tnrtlT^mi rfOttDDiondftU* by tb« tiantM nt imirrinuiut iui<l luiot of 
wit But tovtrd tiio Uttor aid <A Ibi* droll rtign, £arl Richnrrt, 
being admLM>d in nj^, and bdnic >tt[l ^»liU<r in ofinittrntfriii flui-D 
\tMT%^ Imi^n ti lliiiik of prorlifliuf a» hfrir tA liU aHluto t and. ta hn 
find Udri^n rust |ULn< 1o irnpair It. fan mrLmni] il cltJM^'* ilniij-ljl'T 

vftw f<itnti11y VHntiit>f on Iieji ]eu1 

Wtr.h \\U Ufly. Hp ngrdn ri-trn*tis! In thp H^untty. whnrr. In lr» 
Uun A f oar. iJiL^ EiiiLilt liini the vjiultiiij; faUirt uf u lliu< buy. uLviu 
Iw QiUod Hk-Zi'^nL 

mdmrd ii|>n^'U!y lnHimxi.' tlin nolo wDtio of nil liu molJiL^r'n bo 
^tod«# aHii ulTi'cljijnH. Ami lhuu;:ti vitbiii tfir Hiiru^ ttf tha two 
HiGico«4iiiiE jcun iili« wjut ilfOir'-ivJ nf a moomiI Voy* Tct. oti hb 
infant ntpci^t wiu ]cmi promiADg bdiJ taor« uaiafortuc^ thrm 1u0 
brothor'n, flho s^nl Lim fbrtlk to bi^ nuniHl V/y tlin rv(>ittt wifo <>( 
a Dciir^boar^DK fi^nncr, ^shorv^ for Mxf jip^en of apwnnb of foot 
joan^ llOWM AOUOttT^d with :ii> linkcn frtia fnthcr or raothor, WT9 
como «ucul moMigiM to know fixt(» lui)i< t<f Iiulij if llio cfuM «M 
ill iK^alth, 

'Jilt* boy ^VM caUod Hcmrf. after faii ancle b^ iho futJu^r'i hUo. 
TIm airi ud Jntoly ient to ixmrkm tri ijiiik>> iji<)uiry &ft«r hitt 
ttfOtbw, but eOQid Imtu no intmncr <4 tf-Un^ dJiiMJiung htm. 

MonnwhUo, tho vdumllon af ihc two ctuliiron vu citrnncly 
cootriitoil. ^Ir^&rd, whi» wrin hln^ady rii^^tk'-T my liJtU- |r:ircl wh« 
not jM'nriFtt/wl T« lin>j*lh'' ihf milonftwi of Ihp wTrn Un his pllphf^ 
Mt irirUipoiLitlon, thr^ wIloIp Ui^hbc wiui In iiIjLnnH : hi* tuuvioiu hiul 
ftill w<o(m in ftll Ihi^Er infant Err^<|rilHrirfi<H; tifn ^rmiiH Kti^ijnt 
ItiI'i a iiotl>«<1, by \\w %'iiTiiilh nf H|i[>1uiM-n i;;1ti'n (i> every Itvbt 
cf hU cfcitliti^ E^int) ; jukI iJiu wUJu tuulty (wohpirml, frvm the 
tl|ElW0t to lliu 1uWi.-Bt» to Qw lUJij uT fjroiiilalfjif LuIr^uU and tt 
tcacTolcnf hcait. 

Youni; OdiTY, on thfr other Iminl, liad tvcry mrmbcr cm veil oa 
fbfttcuq expOMM to nil w^ntlK'ni; u-ouM run ftl)out> niotljiM' nakf>iL 
for no*r ui hour, in u Urmi; niondEix; von ni;^i11i<ir jiUj^dc^if 
into ddJoocr, nor Battered into pride ; wiuvc folt Iho Mmcuionc*, 
and nmcth Itm nodanrtood tiio ruiil? of cbll^inK: and wew Jiuly 
OTOQpiod In tilayfaff nd irrMtLins yrilh the ]*l^ /av\ two mon- 
gnl fpoiDfik on th^ conunon ; or in kiniiLD^, noml'^hiiig, or Iroxing* 
vitli t)i" i'hi](lr*.iM fifth" villiipe. 

When IIlljt^' liarl ptAt^i^d liin flfih four, htfi Ihlhir, on a fo«1iTal 
duy, hmrbty propoicd lu ^cad for bim to hie nfn^o, ia ordDf to 
ribRflrr* h-'>w Tho In?)' niiyH turn ont; fti^d my Udy, fa a fit of* 

C-hnmonr, (wwnto«l hurae, oopordiTigly, do^kod him cnl In 
lulMny jinttiorhiUf fthd viLtkoil w^lh onr Tipfo Co the ^rmt 
hnnw, AA il^jy (iiI1i>t jt. 

A brilUiint KhTifrmrm of Ihfl nrfghVunrirp prmtry wan* mfll In 
a xjivX pnrl^urn tbjit ap|>«EinH] to \jn viMouXuA oJlEf ibo mnrlul of 

Thuni! wu Rii ChrUt<>|ilior rkmdy, who know niitvli Uitt Mi4 
nothinc, with b» lorj ccmcmblf.- Wy. who hiuvc know by halves 



birt mkn hf whaluolo. Id Ihi^ uuno nui^^f* wfW 81^ MttdU 
%tMfyt who in all fompuiiMi bold tho lint plow isx tii own «itDCfla. 
Next lo hJDi Mt Ln<1v C^i]<]i«h ; it wm. nt liN«t, ttEht; jMn ifnoo 
th«#» folUfin ini|rt>l PitTo hMx-TTiA h^tt whic<b «fipf«r«el At> T«ry 
rVUr^Umi U tlic cifr« of Afly-flvo. Bf bcr «<le wora the two 
SClltDM; « bliQ4 rriHFi ivmilit «vrc«r Ibnt thv <4io wa« a cl»wn 
■nd tbn ochar a gniitb^mfan. liy ib" tnnM of thorr vnk^^A N^if lr> 
thMS wan tvo prdr of v^ry III mal*-! tnrHr««— Mr (iMlllo; who 

hul riYmjHir trf a My hh! niTlinl^Tit wlfr; und Sq^trrt Snlkr, 4 
IvbUI foal, vt^ tjTViabiad ovnr iho nKvt muflilo mud niiut nmJ- 
■Ub of her wjl 

Oa lliB oppodto fkl» VM Ixtnl PHn, ivho i^vlilmlt; talxniE^rt 
hard to be cujr In comcrBitiDn: uid nr-xt lo tuin wzn» Lonl 
PliKaalk vbo fipok^ nopw ng g with vtcni fucilHy Bf liii nilo 
Mftt fb« Ur bOt dtl«ctotl Mif« Vi'illnw; Ah4^ \iM La^b iKMc^rercd 
irhKl ft mufortoiw ft vmi to be l«a-n lo ^it« br^uty. nnd Mfflociuc. 
te 4irM ot^til qfuilifintaoiM that Ico*! tho eex to Mlamitj'. N«xt 
to W WM Colwfil Jol^, wltb A lioitf« OTOr tonod (o nvrrimontt 
aoA Hnet fo Utishtvi', m\ he Inown bow to tJmcr h[p fiM, tbo 
UiQcli nii^il hnvo EToim ont'^hitiir. Itdow him wiu fccitcH Mr*^ 
MiTTtiT, ftwiplow Ivly, in'tiiPlrifjcmly iMVimpUj*ht^<l £n tin* fniilfj* ^f 
riooplo of fudiion. And bclov her idl th« bolovod nniJ ivfpi«oliNl 
Mr, Mcokty,whf> alwAjv Bmiffht to biHc bdiin<l tho mi>ntfi of tho 
conpaj* N«t to Will WW M*)<fr S4>t1[«^fio ono dpok" *ifh inure 
IviftoftftPM en tUnoB of iio Kt^itt^tlmi. And bcAi<f« him nkt mIh 
IfOvtlf. vho InokiM •mtinen'^ ui4, vrhile aho wju idlent, trupirod 
otik«n wllh Mnm a&it Tirtno. 

Tboo wore IbA prtftrfjn! rhftRurfrni T^n tV!*t f^iilil not ho «Irl 
to ho of 007 cbuforhrr nr nW. Tti<* dolh hrul IhM^n IntHy rrmorofl, 
wir?)ihoiKt of jflmaeH ninl ^li^c^iirKi^ i^'-Muh^] <yii ttin uIiIvh vbi^ In 
rmniiw ftmn^ tttarffOtr^rtM i>y hk minif , 

AH the ffytn of uv ('unipuij~ wtr* ln^tAIl1ly linvn nn-m liim: 
tfflt Lv mlTuKt-*), wilb n ^ii^Mirl 4Ji'1 uni>liwrt]TL£ v^ifHioLniiiriiir, nrvj 
thLmfffat ni> htgbr-r of Ihn lUL^^iiit'lj iJum im iif fxr iiuii/ innuuLiilo 
tit a cuDdtrr Wnkn 

hiohy» »iT limr, Mp mj hwly, k^ uiil welc^irw yoar brother; r 
vbfirtAt THok wctit iir^ t^^ok IIorrT Vj ih^ hixrul, ui'l W«*i^l l»im 
with moth nffbctioix Jliurry. Thprcnjion. hAViov t^pil his brother — 
I d<mi know y<Yie.. wl hr\ tliiofl^, but at Iho klui^ tinic h<'l<l op 
UftBttIo moath t» kiw hho tf^u. 

IMelcaiLjio mj Udj, vet y^i^vr lai?oJ hnt upon Efarry, that vo Di4y 
i«# bow it bocoBOft km, vhub hv {mnii?!^!'.'!;' ')i4: hut llnrrn 
CMlln{( ta mmu] oaomn^l-mncn on hU h^a4, took off tliu b*t, ftoil, 
horlng for «oinc trmo ]ocA:v>t oonldDjrtiiontTj pit it, ho 4:<tft il from ( 
him v^th (iiiliinn itnrl Utp]^ jurk, ^ \u^ n'i^\ t^ 'ah^ lint 4ff»nM | 
lo — ta <fatki lUitt dnJ:cii In tha mill-pMid, Iho Imi f^iok Ibo 
fH^Mmm an<l ttMOAlnn in foU coT*^er: cmub ^ iho gbiGtc^. ntmai 
poor» Iha wtso on dwlinif lj«-fti, DrMlm iiiin>ri4, ~f<ilvn«l iflki^ 
Unl ridi hrocndoa; fivrnalu Anvniiu illlnrt cIia pf.ihMrr; Itw real li 
cqoal to tho nproftr: ind it wjvt long ere tuoct of ttictn conU b* 
~ to flwir pW>«. 


i Tint FOOL OF tfVALlTT. 

Id tli« mwmwbilv, lUrry took i^o itiul of inf«f«#| jii their out- 
cttm M lUatrcMca , but «pyiD^ a lonra SpooiAb |>oiDl^j, tltAt ju:<t 
iLuL CLimo fmn under tho teblo* ho apmsjc ftt lim lilu liclitjiiiu-. 

pcintd bits 1^ dio Ciollttr, iLnEl TAaltad on bli liAdt «itJi {DCOnfqJTubU 
■C^lity. Ttin .lisc, vhciUy duK'^jooottoi by #0 ynoccuniomeJ (t tmr^ 
^Mk, OL|i?r«d Eknj pUin^rvl nbont in A vbEriLt majujL^r; trut Horry 
^Mi« ft uuttor horeoniAn iliim t<i tut k> <.tif<i[f illMnouAtwl : vhoi^voa 
tbo ddg ffroff rotrn^uM, ui^l, nuhine ijiU> a group of UttU miMM 
ojid muster^ tbo 6biLlr«n of tbo vuduintA, ho o^rtfarenr thorn lik* 
nino-]iliiN^ Lhonco procoodlnff vilfa oqnnl npMlty b«tw*oii tbo 
loga of Jdt*. Uowdj-, n yvty fat nxvi «lderly laity, *ho iMhrnllf fioll 
l*ok witb « violent nhri^k, nml. In bor inM. it»f"rtiv%nu^}y ovurrlirow 
Fnink tlio ffiXhnnKr, vlio oridlhraw AiLtlrnw tho juijifi^r, vho ov<ir' 
throv Bob thti hr!Aii. who oloMd tiiD oAtoMropho. 
Our h^^. nimintime* waa 1m|ii)ily diMnoimliN] 1:iy llio i]l^«Tcc11Itln^ 

IitTtiii^iairi^ Hfiil fHiilv liUd, wltJjoiit ifainnicv^ in t^m riMltTL Imlrii 
np^ FVoth thnuv fio arow al hii Iflbum, imrl Hlrnllrr! nbniif tlM 
ifum «itli u uuixi[ii'4'nkL-d uii impoi^t on if tiLrtJiiti^ hjL'l Iiiippf^nml 
ftfuUs Mid f« tUtmgb hii IitilI iiuiujvrvt ikji' \luI in tliif fntJilful 
j_ dliiCiomflturo. 

Wlwa omttera hcnj once niaro. b mmc luwimiru, ait to rigbto— 
My hcttiDiBl GX(^W">(]d nijr Wjr, I *luJI fniat I Tbo Imj ia mi- 
UvoIt uk iiUot; ho bu no ApprchontfoQ of conrci^tian of pnoM 
or tnin^ Como hither. drrnL. ihio ori«d, ^-iih on aasstj Mvt; 
btit, iMM of oompljpiiw! H«n> c«^l fio. hor ■ loc^k of rowntmvut, 
tfid ddlod OTor towurd am nxintt. Divky, tay do^r, mid mj luty, 
p> and pro1«ii'l to boat fain foster- mothar, tbnt wo mrij try if tha 
diLli tiiia Any kind Af idoiu^ H«ro h«r lii«Lyfllkt[^, Ity ill fortunOi 
WPS u muoh uiuidvLfoi] u bor faT<»urit4r wu imhiLppy in tbo ^xn- 
cntiod nf bi<r <inlvni : for vbiU Iii<<k hIniLk nt rii.> nurao with 
ft 4^01111 Uif4JtAi) fiEiuion, Hnny luftjinlty rvit1ilftrir><1, und kuva bii 
brother Kiifli h KUdilrn p»Hh in tlio fiico, tlint his nou juid moutJi 
guthoil oot vrirh bUnwl' l>iffc BPt iiji T.ho rnur; mj' Irtdy wroiimod 
oni, tmAt Fining nnd nirmln^ aF; llarry vU.\\ jill linn^niiUI^ fiiry, 
the cwitfht tilrn nii h n ttklimn would tnuv a nnbin, iDmi^ii vny-r 
fats |Wf.fiiv>uiH, Jitrf rTt^tlAt>d bLin willi hH tliL* I'ltdrrrim at vhifh 
hor nr^lirwry hju^ rwpHlde!. Our h«n.j, liownvi^i-. ni«it1uir (i^ttTTPid cry 
mjr (Ijopiwd Jk 1«ai; but, btinc net liowii, bn luinwl rtmmJ on 
ihv cotupmij uu vyv uf iijJiLCtuilIuu. Iligu cHcd — Cuiuu awiij, 
DitEmmy^, dJid luuod hom tbn jiMi<iidj1y. 

Uirry hiuJ BC4r«o mode bia etit wltoii hit mother cxdobned 
jailer b^m — Ay, ny. tflltu falm vnj^ uoriMl toJic him axny. tbo 
Uttlo -MT^t^'h, ant ci^TrT let nii> tee bin ftco OKtfoI 

i hha-li not dptaio mr imdor with n lodlous dctdl of the hujiT 
ftnil dlETdtinjc <<piiijuiih Utiit tliv i^uvuimiijc company «Tprca4oi ^th 
rc^rl io our aoro; lot it Hulticio t'> oluorvo, tb^t Ibity RononiUy 
tffiixkd that, thouffh the 105 dil not nppoor to bo oodowod by da- 
Inri! uith fk ■intflr litridry nt lh<t dnimqJ rali^^iu'U. ho Rught^ novor- 
thvlon, bo ronnk-rM-l c'jtpAbLc. Ui tlnu, ol mniiy pl^Ms of vory 
bonountblo und bi(<nitivo ompioyment 

Ur Mechly alanp, thL>Tign an contlo ond comidyiu^ at o1fa«r 
tlinftv now |iri.HtiniDd to dWmt from tbo nitfo of Iho c<imp^y 


I taUblBK *^ ^?> l^t ttiw infoDt i> llu? ]jraini>c ^ the Grtflilc«i 
jAfloavfiSrarMHj hero ibal <iiir f«e ii likoly Ui prvfuoc tly icfi» 
mif hii r«ipoet to Ibow faiictGcUl libcjfii-tlon* whkh UmtM bis 

apppora bim»rir th« phOMopbar; uid hs tfae qtiMnow ef tiu 
ftolui^ Tor iruurod iDnaecDM, ixid Lb bolimoiv in dcfendbig tbont 
to vabm Ub Qsvi ia atfacbott, fan apf>T<rrte himiolf at oqm tbo , 
hvro aitd tho roan. "^ 

Hairy lud now rcmaiTioii m nwdth* man> witt hii mmv, oa- 
njT^J fn hi« <-ijxf OTriary vtrmH* 4od (KcuHtii.^iv. Uv wu drmf. 
Iiy bin i^iximgaf hbi irtr^ajfUi^ uid *r1ii>Q, l>ocoro# tr^nwuloni to tfl 
IbP liltie hcnf% of tb* TtlUgis-^lhcT hurl nil Olinffi t# btr IpiHn Ua 

irf a ^rrcing: fifid thbi, *l»<^. *«* SmrflrtJul tri Mm nnflv^ Hli]|>MHy. ' 
Tbe Iwu aiotL^^n:! ik^^ wcra hi* iiuvponiblc pkrfrlloM^ : Ihtjr 
ven 4II titwl U\^•t\^^Jr iu lb* Mrtttpit Ixinrts <if rricivlHjjfji, aiiil 
■tmiL—jJ mrli ulltn »h1i lli^^ iiitnst n^inii unJ Dtif><l^iu1 tJlt^i tEcn. 

On ft mmuucrn day. v be etroU^I htdx niUi Ui«(i.\ hla futhTul 
aUoxulaiita. tiod nmbltd iutu a park "aLium tul*' ti<-^ w^w *j\Ki\. liv 
pomiTod, In o little Ct^E*^ thitl WiUrvd un n lifJipruil. n Mruiicvr 
a«aM on & bcDcb cif tunrT, lIuTy drcv ucof ^iit liia umol intrc 
piditTit^ULe ^l«cni:<l tbat ibcmimhadii rDvcicuJtKord tbul viircufl 
OTcr hi« lircii*t » tb^t Ijo \»M K>iitctbiciif En hiH }kiiiii] ou whivh liv 
nxed »ith a flxod atlcntlt^D ; «4k<l that ibc Icon rcllod down hiv 
u*oki witikout ocoriuj** 00*1 in Mitncc. cTf'ciit Iho bulTwrticwicil 
iObo that olivD broke from Lifl iMihikii- Uurj «1ood a «iuLc lu- 
movoidiU — bk ^te burt wtia s^tctcd— he nmmiobod Uio old 
mui with a Rootlt rQTj>r«not>, a&il loukioi; up io ws Uo«, ttd x^t- 
\oa faJDMLf [^y hlK tid*, thi> tuijm-Im of bk InlhAt vp«ct Uigaii Eo 
rtkx, and iio wopt and sobLoil a« faM lU bid oonipit&iviL 

cb.u*tf:k n. 

Tu£ irll ^tilVitniui tlintRd lUiil ^vir'\ mX ihr: v\iS[i\. as on ^\xm 
^ndi[r|i H|ijixnliitri Hi" li7U(« »|j'jii>^t. I1>* rftuitmil Ihr |j1i:tijrc 
vltldi be UL-U i)dJ> Idx liAKrRi ; lUiiU lifilriif i^jf lib vT^i—Oj-vat 
Pq»wiar- bo cried, ia Uiin tlie qUp. id" all tho inji^UU «hw lij»* tuij 
fotliaicA for mo? I» it tluv Uhbi?« LLi) Buckliiiic, vhc^ii Ibaii b^L* 
MOt to 1)0 a pirbLkcr Jn kit (Ti'^^'U ■^■Jd U111 ^luittir of niy nfflicttoriB? 
Wclocma*. ibriL nj IHtlc fHcmU ould bo. tcn^lerfr lnnuTijc *Ji»l 1*- 
■«ift«r lb« cbnd ; 1 vi^UUto tfao lonircr for ihy Mk^ and U}Joar«ur 
to ropay tho toam tbon fcjifit fho<1 in irty bc^hi^f. 

llic liuipiai^ of true Wc i« tindorittood by all OTMtarw, luiit 
vMi thjit i>f wbj<.'h HArry luut, aTrti^p-l, thu only porcoptloiL Ho 
rotmnfld bia &liind'> oaroHCa witb unairectod ardour. Add do two 
could 1« moro MgMy grvlifieit in tbo Qittoanninta trt Aurb o11i«r 

What ifl joar n^njo, my <lwr7 «aid !)]*> old pntlonutn. Htnv 
CUntofi, dr. Harry CUnU-o! rnpiiuti^d the old man, and ftartod. 
ADd. pn^' ^''^ ^ T''!!^ fiTbpr? Tho tlttld tbon, lookfng tcnd^rlj 
•t UEDr lYpHnil^ni linv« vein fur a fiUhur, tf yun pkttw, dr. I1w 



Atnoictrr tii^ii nuiuljt him iin in liEs H^EIl^ iini] purfoiutvly ox- 
oIuJjiihI— Yau iJiaII. joq ibALI. my ilnrllng. for the teiulw«ifit cf 
Iktlmn^ nevur tv Iiq I'lni OHunilrr till ilvntli nbnll [mrt ml 

Tbufi nakLuc Iiiill wtiL-Ei; Iw Uti.^1, mid Hairy ijuiullutc to Ui« 
tows before mm. thrv Ixrih ifi>t n]> iviil went lownrl* fb Our 
huro WW now akiud idl i:k'c^ iJI aiztiun ; ha F^nniji^ fmm cuij tu 
hie tniauU Aod ployod nml ifantfiutctl Atroitt [yjo, liko n joimi; 
iptalol In a nioriilnff jtut koAed from hU cluJtu md *diuittc-I to 
■ooomiiiiiij hiB DiMlrr to the fiold. An hia two d^c* frkkud about 
hiBk, u9 WOuM now niiiiint iipi>t& iJliOi tlitci biMirid iiErim Iho OtW* 
Afiil Oli&h gj'Miocd And iJOTLvicil imdcr him as delighted with tho 
banloa Tho old gentUmon bobold kU with a plootforo ttiat hu'l 
lony bv«ii « atraagor to Iiit Irooat, tad aiiarod la tho Joya of hia 
joaoa u»«dato. 

Baug unv«d jii^ia the fiirm-hmuo, ni>rt«. who rtood at tho door, 
MW th*in anatMuohJv^, And oii^d out — UAlTvr, (Jftlffr, hf»r« oomtiM 
CRir HATTf VKh iho dmob gvntlomnii ! Whan tho; voro coma up— 
Gktw' iwjplo, wvy» tho ftruip»f, is Ihlft joor child ? No, nf>, iJr. nti- 
ftw^rftil th<i imrn-'j wi> ftPH bin hU fji,4t<?r*"rt^ Aud, pruy, whrt T* hlH 
fiilhcrV Hr 1a iriYind hhi, fc1r, U tho I'jU-I of Mfih-rlund, Thp Ritl 
of Horelmd T ytm »mK/a tno ^rratW ; i« fhla nil iJ^n iii>Tic.v> nnd lAn 
tiey tHk6 of w\u-\i a fjvadun?? hfr, tv^jiii'.*! Ihfl norw-, lht> never 
mnz tor IiEtu hut fuim - ihoy don't hilod hiui— Il«f ijtka hhn for a 
IVjoL Torn fiwdt cHnit hft, and fctn>iik hli hnw! In tokno of (Uteiout; 
1 luu tturr^ hu hiu tiir* wjpcail rcf nil huiuuri hr^jirlK 1 wish il qui; lio 
H1J, Kif, »iiid (]ji.^ jiiitw.\ bill li>] l>tdiJLM^il wry fvuJlj, iK<U)U tinio iU[:o< At 
tlifT ^-wtit hiiur*n. KIk' \]\\:\i nmiW a rv<JUl i>F itlL out ^infi hero's 
wlvL'iktLim ill iliti luiiuuLfH iMirlour; utfieiU tliL- nld iecittlffiiian in- 
WuUljr oLui'klud, aik) fiir the llivl tiiuw t^MUio jicurr, |fonaEttod hb 
bfttan* to TcUi Into a vmiLc of rhnnrfrlTifw 

KoTw.o&id ho, oTory thintf that I hcta and *«« oft^B child, aerreft 
tho m^iT>: 1o cndcAT vid bind irio to hiin, I'm/. l>e hi K*?*^ ■'^ tc> 
oocoinpiLDj itB to my b^niAo : wo will trj t^ oqoip him liotior l>oth 
OB to lA'non and vurltintuJidin^ 

Aft thia )Knuij;r«r'i< b>iil mjido TmxX of tho vPlAff*. thoT vor« •con 
llwro. Uo fU*t whi^fiorod hii old domcitto. who liion looked upon 
th# ohJtl with Kurprieu and plouiarv. Ths fwtniou wjm fiN:t wnt 
to brin^t 1h<> tidor, nnd u^mA ll^flir xrofTt froin lh<4 ti.wn ihop. Mk^ 
terv hciiLg thiu flofjKLtcht^cl wlili n-tpcti to our horo'i Artt oont juvl 
1ir««dii«4. (lurvo UD* ki-pt to diiiiior; nnd afior thin ir^tilTt^n^nn hivl 
*ThtArlj»fnod Kix yiiiiiiK (Encnt with n VHrE^lv of litltn irl^-kA, rhildlij] 
p1air% And i»lhiir fimlftiin^ townrd otunhi^ lin ilhimtiiHil him and Ub 
name, w^th n mqnort thit Him wtmlil »nd him eviaj d^ji ^^d a 
pr<.ii]iiH>* rlint li» tJhiiiTd ht< i-Htitiiuyl *}Vrry tjS^ht if fJlU 0«flml It 

HjhiTv. ti£iiu^ thuh fiLndhh^^d with thi^ i^iI^tiiuJ lohcu of n truut- 
child liuviuc iH^oit lioru iulo tlii.- wor)il, hcnuiiif on lowpBidHblo frhgid 
8nd iiluyfullow Ut hib p(iti\iii. AtiiL]]f.« rt'liLutlun, tW i^ld icrntlo- 
DUtfi. wjlh tho itn*i wlitnliijf And ji(>iatLil.iiij: nddrcNv nuloavoured i' 
to iprn hi* mhkd Mtd CultlToto hu» mniLLK It ^ thudOo&d littlo 
foMr^; budi lu oTbaldqiirrottauid noTii^lily h^U ihiiX vrorv corrivd 
awn; hf the howk^ or dvvonrod hy iho wulf, jLJid of ^vl rot^iiu ami 
iiJiovont lozaba that tho T«iy havb >Ad woltce thomAclvoB won 

ra» rooh OF QrAUTY, 7 

fbnil of; for ho nef «r pmhoteil ftrijr FTirocnijrmioiit or nrv-ajirt to the 
ti»!»n <if cmr Iwm, iu\t* iJuT nf |}ih \mt* art) Hii[\rit^i\iCii\n of <itJit*n. 
Ai lljiT iLiiift* of Midi iwljijijliijfi, Ilfcfrj, who JinrTV nn irthvr i\o* 

fjxifjtf U|Nni liA kiin*, li*uk ni» !'► li* fiic*: 'J*??i;;fikKl, mil (niinTilj 
uiDtiLc Uto «ivectntM of Uittio [cMiruL w1i<j*o jiii|M^iv»iiiiiis ucfltmr 

Sf^ nor anj wmir^fio^ could ar^T nlUr crnft^ i to prcvvJoit on» 
ilicUU* ofUp* Uut Are WIovciM 

At other lima^ tbo vtruki^ wotild cnttr wiih tmr hpn> into «I1 
hf« littl* frolfCM ttKl diElrtM vuBTiirs woaM tun ozid wrtotlQ with 
Urn, Hdc tli« rod*, roll Atjvnt urn fdoTMi, vtl nnvcr f«1t »ucIl ^mcj t 
•anaatiDiu ajiuI rnvvd dolight n^ w£cn he wu» &ngii^&l m nucb 

Tb«r» «u ft oock at lUny* tmna'A— Uia Urvi <tf iho flucfcliUl — 
bf1v«i«n vbom nivl our hvn> a wry jkLrfii^olnr ititinui^ kaiI &i<]Dd- 

1U11I I>ick, fct thc» iNiot wu ta nl\oi\ wqtjU! hop Into thi» ohlMn 
ti|i (kDil j^rk hin i^Intbr^ anrl rub hM fmalhrn ii^niiuct bin, atvA 
«Rirt lUrry In Ui-kln nnrl Htn^hn atii) p1«^ vJth him. 

Upon RTimvn Ti»*lny, whiln Hftfty ww «n ht* rcnul fhim hlB 
pMrcmX tuteiidiii;^ u sLtrt vinit u> li^i utLnc njid fiMUi-fnUu?r, a. Ikil 
cnoo to llm ihwr tuul ufTorvd tinOer i rluaMir jiritv fitr Pji^k ^ ihts 
tvnpihi WM oidcltlj^ nuLfJo mkI Qio hut Imni iiff liCh iiri^t^ In Iftuiuiih, 
■BdOaS^ irilhdrvw to the numaiini: of « bArk llvil, JclkI nt UUt 
<riib Udtij cmie u|). mid JuMuir^d of l!iu iniiM fot LIh tWily uiil 
tnADimy. trat wu duvvvii^l tW mlOK-ir iif Ih'-in vruji vtflJiin. Tit 
thfti uk«^ lADr 1^ &Taiuit« oock. but no? t^M that tun divddj 
biwl, thftl vbnrte, sold him tu juinkT mut. who wm ftliaoii out t^ 

Awnj tpranf; out kcro like on iutow frcxo & bow, and hold Ifa* 
DMA 1& V7t^ ttll hfi saw h»iL «nl'jr * Kivid ^njwd lil thj> Ji\i}t*'T i^ni 
6t tha Hnei. Vp ho oomfin ut hut, i^nitA cut of broiili^ ant m^k 
log w«]r throngh tha ntfomblv, nmxtiTcd hi* w^k, at K>Eti& ilitljinou 
tM ic K «hurt «lldE<^ Uid & Ucf pMtpftrinir to ttirow Kt hJm rvilti n 
Mldt. F<ir«rafid bo roahorl as^ta^ (uiA ttai^od raAolut^l; lioroi^ liia 
Url to vur! the blow 4'ith lun rnvn t^onon, tt the imrtmr ttmt t^» 
cilr^ hftd Uk<>[i itfl ilijfbi. »>*'^ ftut til ihe penpT« ori^l ont. lloMi 
holiJ ! <*no fliid (1 tho #hrlc took Kftrr7 cm the loft iihmiMcr, imd 
bnil«i>d him ■nrrl)^: bnl not ro^fuTHEnir rhnl, h* InirtaulJy Btoojieil, 
d^Iiii>fHt hii4 (ujiiEvn Aiivi>Tirl tj^t ^'lii[ir blni uinW hih aim, cai^ght 
up th<» Btick, flniirtihorfl It OH In *lfillnn™ of all njijxfntnlji, idmIo 
hoTEunriitil tLiun^i ihe oniwd, ami Wd0 fQlh>w«0 hj tin! accUmft- 
Ihiim uf Xhv «1ii>1l- avwitublj. 

Thn okl g^nbk^iiijiu vica rtiuiilln^ Vmfnri? hh court lioor whoa Ub 
frvDuntc VTitnl tJl hi a fevcAt. WliJLt's this uiultpr. lu^ ilnir, 
•B^ hof TVlut ni&<lo j^ |rui joui«olf iutu Buch « hoikt? ^Vhat 
cock b tlut 7011 hiiirc iinilor fmir *mif In uuwer to tJu*'; tony 
nJ qnotictt^ UnTtj inconiioaslj ccmlbwod tho wholes a^r; an<3 
wlien Li* palrou **ith lotno WMtnth cridJ— Why, raj Jovo, did 
Toq TMitnro voar lifo for a idll^ ciwk ? Wliv £d 1 ? ropQati^d tlLo 
<Ud ! ^rti7, «lr. boootiac bt> lovod m«. The BiruigoT thcm^ MojiHn^ 
UmIe, adtI ^Ekxifig upQtt luin viUi ojm of tmJor AdnUmtioti—MnjF 

ft Ttl£ FOOL OF QUdUTY, 

\fHM-n tor evpT tt1i*«> iIji'iv my liftJtt atii:i^I. hn «Xi[4ft!iniMl, And 

I cotitiiinL* to iiii4=r fnnu thy 1i|A Ihe wniinitiilii tJuit it Jusjilrci ! 
TlictL cnU'liJi^' him up in tiit vtutc lio liilliL-^l liim witJi liu tcura. 
M^fX ■IriiiH ulidoi] liiiu wIlli bin ctfrt**.^. 

In a fpw il^ya our hem wm aurtin icrtlorc<i, bj fnxiHent fflmortv 
ticnUi to Ifae iu» of his nrm, tmd bis d«4ft| dA ti« Okllcid hiut, uiid 
b«^ r«luiiK)d to thotr <dtl recrtftttooi* 

Ad HnnyB Utiu bcotfi to opcft and cxponid, k« craw ouHliovs 
of ^}jLi<.tr \K'VfvT arvJ koowlodgft. Hq vialioJ for UU) ako&Kth of 
ttj^t ball. lUiU for tho flWiftnoM of fonrfor lK>ru ; And oa tbo «lo#o 
of a wlc^tnn mkI Mrt^tc aummor'tf oroninp. whJlo ho and hu9 p«lruii 
Miak4<l til tJk» gmrt!«n, fiw wiijii>d for >#mj£H. Uifel hi iu]|[1jt Uy up 
tJid M« vhat tho skjr, and Um etimi, uil th« liatngr moon, woro 
mAdo of. 

In ordOT to roftirm Ihin inordinttniiy (t( lila t!«ii1r«8, hSi |)a1tciti nd- 
drvwd Mm In ihn following uuiiiTuir:^ 

1 will l(*tl yuu A (Ltory, tnj Httrry. On the olbcr Ki<li* of yurnlpr 
hill th>tf>t I'ltTiA ft nilxljly rU-ixr rivtir. hth! in MljiT. HvHr. on A tlrm-, 
ihctp livnl lliri!<5 riWnr irmit*— ilm j/Tortiwn Utile flshw tbal miy 
uuo ci4ir Hiw. Kuw. ^Ikxl i'.tiik ii E-n^it IJkJii^ mul Xarn Ut Xh\^w 

5nilCy nUvijr lnjutA. AJid hv ]vi Llir-m \vuiit f^r uoTJiiii^; Uuit lucl^ 
rtli ll'.hi'M >^>ij1i1 hiivii oi'^'ilmTcii fihr; lint twi> of them gruH Md uid 
diBUJuteD[(;i]. aJiil tlio ima wl^hud fur tliU tliiitg, and tUo otiior 
wiflLod fijr lliat tliitij:. t\Jid iitltlifir of tliom ouuJd lak^ plcrL^iv in 
Any tliitiif tbit til* y li^ul. tx^LVtuM tli^ won dlwdjn ion^^ for 
■omcUucie that tiUoj had not, 

No«'i nATTv. ji<u iDiMt know that aJI tbid waa xtty QAUi^bty lb 
tbAPfi t^>? littlo IrvpijLf^ f^kr f ii>il hivt I>o<4l laornid^nj^ly mnd t> Ihcm; 
bo Ilu'I [^iycii thom CTcjy tiling tiiai wn* ilt1f(<t fcr ttn^nu Aikd li« 
nu^-^r imidpxl Uitia nny Ihioe that vaa for thoir {c^x>d; Init, tn- 
ttond of thonkinf^ bim f -r rdl k& oivo otuJ tiU tdndnoMt thoy htamod 
him in ihoir own mindv for ro^uing thorn oitj tbio^ luat ttivfr 
slilv fimoioA vvr» im »|Km; in nhorl, thi^ro wu no j^iid of tli^ir 
vdibiDg, AiuL lODgtng. And quArrolUnf In thair hoiu-la, for lliii tlun^ 
iaJ Aft othor. 

At lAAt CM vu Ao pr»vnk^, th^t bft r««i>1v«'l to piinlAb tbetr 
DUj^tlTUW by griiiitinif thi-ir doiin^ and t» miiko tlin folly of 
tbOM two lilllr Hriihtiodi tritiTtt an cxninplo to all Tho fbolbh flflh 
la iTiB uluili* iviirl'K 

Vtir lhi> jMii[H4.ii, hu c-nlEtiii r>itt l» th<« lliri>e Ijtiln Allvcr tniat>» 
Alid told thviEx Ilioy nhoidil brLit< wbiLtiTVnr Ihry vl^hoil fur 

Kow tliv vld-s«t uf Ibvw Lroiib> utu h vtirv proud IJttJv fli^b. nud 
vnuitc^l, forfootb« to U^ iiol ui' nbuif ^11 otj^ci UuIit IwhuA. May 
It pleoAu ymir la-OAiacwH any* hi<, T miut Ik? r^«i to tell jcu tlut 
I do ihi>f, nl aH, liko tho wiy in viliii^li vc«a haw pUL^L^d tati. Itoro 

rm hftTc pnt mo Into n piior . mI 1ruoM<<*uino i^TCf, where 

am atnittpricd ccn the ri|;hl 'triiitMLi!d on tbo left side, 

and cun iirJthtrr jpH down rntn irir? t^T-umd. nor up intu thv «r, nor 
G|^> uhtrop ]:kOr CO oiif thboir I liu^*^ n tiiinil to ilo, T nin not no 
blitui, fur aH, bat ttiat 1 oon mo wtll tnouph h<i* n^ifhtj bind and 
boQQt]ftit yon GAA h# to otiu-ra. I'ijpro uri? yonr tuvonrito li*t]o 
btrd^ who Bj tbi« wof and thnt woft and mount ap to tbo vorjr 



and do wbat«T«r Itoay f Intsu^ i^f* tu'ra •vary Chin/ at 
toOKmoi^ heaama jon hnv* ^Tfi tJinm alng*. <;h-o tni? sach 
wlncB Bbft SB foil b&v« irfvt<7i Ui ilifirti, hii'l tliiv] I TifuiJ] linn> tome* 
thTng frtr whtcn T nnglil to th^k jcn. 

Ko^ tixiiHr luk tjuui hni^v Hi^ TL^It thr* \rln|f» he wtriHvl fiM- 
grovirini; fnxu titlivt -irli^. ttut], Eu ii iiimulif. }ic >|]rai^ tLtgu bbrmd. 
ruid roM ont of t\w rnvtrr. Al Hiiit hi? Hi ji »"iiFli:ifiiI iiTwAitn 
in Gudiuc hisiKlf nbji? tu Cly. Ho mouDlrd UJ^h mio iZiv Air, alxno 
Ui^ Tfiry cU>vJs> nnd ho luuk^ dowu with eoom uu all tlie finbes 
ia the wcrld, 

Ki« now n-«DlTed to trnrvl. ntu] to t«ko hi* ^vcnJoii fiu And 
wldiy Ho (tow ever t^tct^ An-I mAodowtk «nd woocb uu) mgua* 
Uius ; bU, grnvLJiK faint with hun|»r aoI tUnt, hi* wEnic* bojcu 
to tul hittu •od bo thoD^ht it Invt lo oomo down to gvt nomc n- 

Tbo UttJe fool 4id itot coiui^lcr that ho ^oa dow Ln k »Ctun|fo 
tMoXrjy uid itumjr a mil* from thv twwt river %vhoro be hjiji b^iii 
uk/l bmil. und !uj1 rM-i>tvoi1 oil bU nmirlhlLiiiotiL lid, whtu h« 
mmt ftovTL be hDj^ADctl to D,Ughi lunoiia ctiy atnrti uiJ rt>clUi, 
«h«i^ tlt»T-« wM not A tdt to «d, cur h drori of waitr to drink ; 
ami m Uion> h« I17 fdnt iinil Cirn], nit^t uniLhh^ 10 Ha^ ]£u6[Linfl- 
ftnd dativring uid butfDg htnurir iiipdiut tbo itfiniu. tHI nt lengtA 
ho Acd In ^rast pdo luid mlun?- 

Naw the mc-oni] stltvr troiil. tbiniifb ho ww tkt>l «iu hirh-mfnrlerl 
a* Xhtt fint llltlo pmiiil Imul. yi biT iHJ ju>t wAot liir i-iiiu^ilt 
eiuniKh: awl be wiw, inorccr^rr. n muTo*-liuui*rti oud vdt/ "tlfUb 
lliUu ImuU liuiTt |iiuvldtfil hv liiiup^lf wnv wvi^ uid nfa* bv diil 
not ooro vLit t<cfttnv of ftU tlio IIiJii^a In tho woiU. 80 be Ri>* 

Uj^ it plooM jour buBOOf. 1 idou't wS«b, not F. for vitjEs to Hir 
oat of l3ii^ ival-^r, uirl to r&mllo into ttnouo pUccfl, wboro T doni 
bxnr wtiQt may bccotrn? cf lao, L UW ^nk^tcd Mtd hupp/ 
iooudb till tbi <^hor lii^. tkb^.ri, u^ I pit uu Joi' « oool l»nk from 
tbo MBt of tho Biii^ I uw a yjvat rnpi^ i^timlnj; (knrti into tho 
v«tor, ojid ft bitoui>l itnulf, 1 dun't know Low, oWt Ibo gUb 
<€ o IH11« Ihb tfant WB>i ld«iEiii)f l*t<td'\v itHi, aini fio WSA liflod out 
of th« wntor, almggbiig And narkm^ tn groat paiiu tUI bo wai 
oanitif, 1 know not wbrn, anitv cmt ol inj li^bt; » I tbougbt In 
m/ oiif» niind, tJutt tbJ* orll i4rin:i« Ifnid <ir otfur mny hnjipnn tn 
fo^Mlf, HAil mj fetfMt imrablod wfthfn mc^ nud I buvr bnoti vrry 
M iatI /tiKim1mCf<i| ovor nuw. Nt'V, til 1 <]i-iwrt- of jr^ni !«, tlmt 
yrm wiitiM ti»1! nt»« tlvi itinMilnip of thi^. nnil of 4IT tb<' i^-E^irir dnnifrm 
b> wlikh yniT h*vn niljprtiid n*, poor llttte mortnl fWi™; UtT thifll 
1 vbidl butc iviur i?»oii^'h lu l4kt* tun? uf loj uwfi mftftj, anil 
I aui very wvll ^li^t^ t'> provMe fur my ohtl |]ib>jf, 1 n«rrvit yon. 

No loonor nsbl Hum iUitn\ (ht<\ imme^\y p\)r:no<{ hi* IUhIct* 
■tandJug; and bo kiivw tUe imtiirc lUid nita/iini^ of tutft*. mtta^ 
buoks, and liiiea, and of idl Ibu djmi:Tn (o ^ltii.)i eui:b littlo trout* 
&}M \ni litd'lc- 

At flrvt be i.-Tcatly n*jV>iL«d in tl^ )ii* kntntlod^; a&J he tM 
to hifUMlf— 'Now roiplj I pludl b« Uio linn^VM 01 all llehMi for 
na I uridoreUiid and ata forc^iuuod of o^oiy cuaddef tliAt can 



como nMr mo, I'm FUro I loto m^lf too wc4] not to fcf«p out 

From tliiiT timo foru-jird h& took «kre not to go Into any dc«p 
h<^V*K ivt UfLT llmt M jitkn or Vumo <>thor bn^ Hah miglit tiu 
llMirv, WhQ would muko n^lhinif of nwvUovliig him op &t oiio 

10 9^90 kept ftwAT irFjrii tht iIjhIIiw jiIuoWh iflejuic'iiiliy {ti hnt 
wnatlifir, tftk't Ihr* sun iJimiM drf Ihoni ati, mi^ not Xfwm him 
iritor fiDDOgli tn wv^tn In. Wlicn hf^ aivt tna tluflow of n c<1<nicl 
rorn^rtjf jirn! morinic a|»n <bif Hror — Atu! Hail he \o hSnnM<Tf^ liom 
BTPi thft I^HhflTtnAti vita thnlr not* ; mul immivtUt^lj he ^1 on *irin 

ukrri till tiw *4*fltil WW |BiHi. Ajfaiti, wh"M liP *aw a fij f«kj*T»iiui|£ 
on t^ii wiitj^r^ or n Wfrmi r^nntiitt: '^'jwu ll)o st-rtAia, htr lUi) nut ihrc 
to bll*. liowtver hiuit'ry hu lu'iiiliX 1* — No. m>, lai'I ho tc- tlj<:ni, 
mj bouQAt TriuiLrlFt, I aJii uut PiLcL ri fixil u thnt coiiif.'? lo nvlthiir; 
gvi joiir vnyH jiiiil tf-nittf, tUtHd v]ji> Iciinw no licttrr. who iir« not 
BW« tfant jou miiy acm? rw luiU to some troocliotvjiH licFolt th*t 
U«a bill for the tkvtmction of thoN ijctionmt «fid idllj' tronte that 
nn not en Ihoir jrnmL 

Thii» tbifl ovor-c±rftfal trout knpt Uimsplf m i^ntintml frightd 
and jUonud, odA oouH in^^ithcr ^al. nor nlnnk, nor olfipp in patoOn 
ImI t«>infi niiM-lu'^r nhoiiM hi* nt }i»iii], fir tlutt h*) ntii^itt bv tnh«n 
napping. Ho ^UIIf pi^w jMjortr nnii poorer, njiJ BiwMcr nod 
MOOT, for be fimp-l owa/ vifh lTunp.'r. nud t^itrho'l himnclf to ftkin 
«ul 1>(>ni.t ; liTI, VL'Mii^d nhnnht tu iiufiiin;.' with mrfi im'\ niohin- 
eholv, bo at Imt illoil, lor Ittor of <If ing, Iha meat miHraLla of ftU 

Ni>«, whou <i<Hl I'pmn Ut ihi^ jonnif»t idlynr IrnTrt, wid ftUii>i] 
blm whnt ho vliihciil for— jVliut hlIiI ihin d^irlfnc* Itttln rrrmt yon 
know, vny it plnuv yonr wonibr[i. tb/il I rtjn }»iil n very ffKiTiifJi 
lUii! f^iifxl fur niilltiiifr IHiIm fVih; mul 1 lUm'i know, nrkt T, whnt bi 
pM)d fiir mo or whfti 1> tHvl fnr mri ; vtA 1 vonii'T biiw 1 came to 
ws wurlit brtiuriiiix InUr tbi? worl!, ur whiit vtiu muld fnr in ntti 
to UXo ni;> tliijti^tit nWut »)v. l^ut. If i iiiil>»I ^vJnli fur »L/[fif'UiiiJic. 
it fa thnt yoci wuubl ik> w(tJk nm vrbjitfuiHTVor jou tliLok ixr^t ; niici 
&t I sboutd bo pkttAxl to Uto or diu, l'WIi jiut aa >ua would 
linT« tn«. 

Kow. a* *oon wi thl» ;>rotionfl front mfula tbin prayer in bl* jjood 
AHii l)nmf>lo llttio fHnrt. Trod took autb « tikinjc iind il Iota to him 
tA Uk^ lik4 ><^)Mt nwnr ka'>wn. An<l Cod foiinit it hi hti oifn bcivt 
tbnt bo conlit not but t«kc f^nnt ooro of Ihli wo«t Uttlo trout, 
irbo bad tnvUd Unucif V> wholL j to bbi loro and poorr ploimnrt : 
«Dd Qod wMt «b»neo«vOr b« w«it« wd wu nimiyA vi4tb him aixj 
khovt Um^ ftml wm to Urn m h fatbor, imd &i<«nd, ftud eonpinion: 
tnd ho jmt oonl4intniont into hin mind, nthl joy into hi* boart; 
•ltd 40 IaU UttXi* Iroist fli^pt nNfiy? in p«a«d, And wjikanail tn gitul- 
nOM; Ud, vholhfT ho vna full r>r ^ihtiOTt OT whAtOT«r bop^OiDd 
to him. ho nw «tjll pl'.^wfr^l and ihonkfTir; MBd h« wns fbo bnfi^oJt 
of dII 11h^<« TliHt ^VHr AWiim iti uti; vjiUir. 

Unrry, il tho clwn of thin ia\>\f, lookrvl dovn nnd (TT^^w Ibonffht' 
fkit, luii) iiin p/Ltron l«ft him tu hlniwlf lo nuuEniittf on whiit ho lind 

rnE Fooi or ^vjlitt. 


btsvl Now, Hun Lad oHdii h&ivX ulk uf God, ami luul Ndno 
IcenerU Ihoorh «<iit»Mil DotioiM of Lin iwi^^r 

Th« eext dftj ho r»Tao«l«d Ui patron lo if-iK^i Ihc^ »loi'y <if tho 
ibrve tittie alTor tnratt. When be tii4 cnibd— IMa, t^n Umit, 
K l>«]i«T* I bcv^n to jpMM a littb at what joti niiNtii. 1 du wooFii 
not Lavo uo vlih ht oiij tUnft, bat loavo cvi-ry thin^ K' <Ji>-l; 
(ud if J UwufEfct that OH^a Icved mo luJf oi %vcll u ^cfu Iovi^ tno, 
I w<inlj IvoTo «rai7 thhw to liImMll, 1ik« ihv (cnud liUlr> troul. 
Eo 4iM^ mjr UAnyj bo u/rm yon n thouwiM nmc* b«tlor Uun 
I love yoTi. lUij, a tluniMiul liaiei b«itvr thun yon lore jounoll 
God it OH lov« ; It la b« who mulo ororj Utinip, anH ho Iotm over? 
UdDff tlut ho hat lEuda, A/^ but Aubt I cjin't, for tho hoart w 
TW^ hi«lp rdTj^^ tho twri poor Uttlo lun^litf trouli. If God kiro* 
4>t^i>i7 tnin^, why i!i>l hi^ makpi wit fhtne to die? Von he^h to 
Ihhik too ilorritl/. Hurry; mi win BpMK (iwjjn of ihooo tnntton 
AftiythvT tlmi*. For Om iTvvnl, let it urinicc lo krunw, tbnt lU lio 
out y\\\ li^i I5UI lU*^' iimki' ulivn iipxfn^ nl lir* ihwji jiMi-iirt'- 

Unxry \ini\ imw rcpiuljicil ilIxhiI t4<ilvn cLitnilliA with li)it putrnn, 
uLnj rt uiis mlluuilud io ihv uul luiil bin ljid> that thu rlumli rnaa 
IujI ifi.Liiii A faiio tr> tliCir <:bitr|, utd thitt lio wtie ^uuwt I'ojj^UkiLtly 
rrs^iluiit at bb noow. AUnnul at tikb ncm. nn>) apitrrboi^Oiiitf 
thtt tbb oiDA imjrht bo flomo >ni)>oeitor or klitntippor. thoy dnoa 
ouiio BvnC ardors to tlw Tiimu lo bnoi^ tbo Lcj bciitL-. 

Nnno r*a fa a bun? lo tlio itrantv^r^. auA, bnvinK Enfom>oil 
U» ol tbo ncBtwdty dio wui onitor to take awvlj tho i^hilj. muiy 
nmtaal loan woxo dMtl al ptrtint; ; but Marty ma the boooot 
pftdfi^'i vbon nnn*t tol-l him ibnt it wbe but for a abort ilslt, m 

Whm Ibof cunc to tho cnttb?. thcro vxtfi no c^rmintfij in tho 
pftrloor birt tho ooH oihl hte liuE^, ivtib J^rl KichaM ad'I •omo 
othor niMter* of laftlity. abont hiii ago ojii\ laac. Uortr, bc%'o^^c^, 
too1i«4 tlwitt with a brow of dwiui : und whun mj libly 'l<Mtri3il 
hfin to fottv* ami ki« iie^MAjl>4i jfurii whip inn, h^ aruw«r»J 
md'i'JiiJy, Nc, ilko ropUoi^ IT yon <ltj;t irtriko y^iar hrotbcr Dloky 
tfif nioivv 1 wun't t>t«t bim, *ik^ Htirry, if hv von't h*'nl nuxminj, 
Cnmo then UiA k1^ nw. my iWr^ ^Irl nty Iwtj ; wlti^iron HiiiTf 
ftlmioail with a «Lnw matiDn. an'! h^Ui np h\M bttJo muatb to 
nnfrs Imr ftiLiit«. Ho yna. t)mi lcba&] by hiri fjilhcr, biH Imtfaer, 
■ad tho Utile waston; &m1 hU lliinjf* pnniilM>Et ftitnro r<3cnndl«dn«nt 
Bul amh5' 

A niuili-r gf irEltlrtfiii; Uiyu wvn? theu pnw-ulod to Huiry ltu 
all «[r}fA; bv roctfiTod IboiiJ, Eu'lmit. iu i^tpoit jmuI, bot lm<l Uivin 
oQ ftfidc Afpcn, fjf thing* of whoao ii«^ bo }ot wiw m^t wiao DuoofEh 
to bo ppprefaon^re. 

fWawL Ta It m>t too oariy for jcnx Loro to th^^v a contcinpt 
of Urjt} 

Juittor. My lAd;^ M y*fn will k«, Empatod it to bin Tolly, not to 

rritttd. kul ohil^tr^n batD h imtcmU (ondoooit fcrr floo thla^ 

JaMor. How *o? ti there a nntunhl valim in thonif 

/WMd. Efo. Bui 



toril; the tva^ nml U-tlA luitJi rufjinrii on th«' Iiawtip to be dt?* 
Uehtod with Mimd -uit c^litMi. )Lb< rLc cliilil of on mliabilmit of 
j£uiOiiM>t«iM n iwtnrnl fi^i^'lTii.-^ fur pirl/iiu^? 

Fr^avL J think not. 

Jfitlii^f. Jlut vlicn 1u is tn0tnict«-l tr> prise thcto, ui<t «c^ it tr>bo 
tiM fiiAhioti to l<o adninod wltb mioli tlitii^ Ko iirtion tlum t^ tho 
gUfctor of j^M flEul poivrl. Toll mo, wjui it tha Ltl;, av |>biki«ophy, 
of iho ouok in tlu.^ fubti\ tluit ej^anioil llw diiiauudt <^'l "viMhoii 
f<<ir tho lHiil<>y-cf)niV 

h'ritwt. TIi« tnor&J mr* Ihut it wn* Uk folly, ihnt did not low* 
hoir t« make ■ ri^t «ntiinilt« of lliinftit, 

j|HfA<>f, A wianr nHimt wonld «y It wm hU pfalloBojih;. itint d^it 
know how to TDX^ a i^lClit ntftunlo ^if thin^ ; for af wlint hup 
roiiLfl Ihn ttbiix^ml be tu thi: f^-k? In llifi n^fi '>f WL'om^ jtntrorrlpnt 
to Uen>« ttinl t3kii m^ al iJuit^iiciatt Tiliiluk^jucuk. h KSri^lc^ l>«rUty-i-rknL 
biwl Imnn of mt<Tvt VLilnt tu lunJikJEul tluui uU thu lUamDnilA rhiit 
Iflcwed ill UiTT miitu-i uf lurlia* 

JWvcL Vuu *i^ howoTci. Uiat n^v. loAoction. uiil ijliilunoiiUy, 
con h^rdlx WDUi p(M>p1o from their tarXj fimilai^A fnr Hbdw. 

AiShf:ir. 1 HOC. aa tlif? cuntiiiry. (luit tbr? uKlcr tliey inxnr. an<I tlitt 
wiMJT tJio/ tbiok th^iriMrlvM. \lw. luur^ tlji^y In^^ruw ftttochoil to 
trlflciL WhAC WOnM 7<pu tlilnli of a m^'c i^ininlcr of »tat^ whc 
aboald m^ke H the ntniciat Lcii^bt of hia ^riftoH oad ooDLitJoii to 
bo mounted on n bobl j-Unrvc^ V 

^HiwJ. Yea can^ bo ncrious Ibr tJio Mid of jron. 

jHCAor. It hu boon Borioiulj, and trnljr. and litonllr tbo &ct i 
for UnDun bdoic Mkcd bjr tho icruAlo*! inonikrch iipon «<irth. what 
■LQuIrl ho done mofit dourat^lo for the mmi whom tho Idofi tklightol 
Co bi^nuur? bi5 uiHwrt^d (in tJit^ p«nnijuilun llut h« hinUfrlf ,vi« ^ 
ItHnmn), " fi«I tho njjnl AjipnTvl f>A Itron^ht, nnd l^t him beWnycul 
thorowith, uid ]tt him b'? put ttj<oii th<.* hornc Ih^l the kins Uictb 
to ridr. iind M him l* bninuhl T|iry,iii;li i\\t^ Btrwt, iiml hAfts it 
prcclAJmnil b^fnn» hlni, Tltn^ vhull II h<i iloiifi tn thi> diah vhnm 
we Icln^ d^ll^itvrh to honcinr" \Miir hJulII wr uy h«ri?? cuiiM 
iiw sue uid tutil'Ij.idiiH Hjuuuii tlihik *\X rmliiiu; WHj^i- ihtut »hnt 
vomlfl llAV? KuiUHl lhi> iiiqiiiEht nA iL diTId til' ^vi^ yvsit* utd? or HH8 
it tiuit tht? Bmpetur of Asl*. or tUui wiilit ilsiclf, ujtil nollilut; morn 
Wuablo \a 1w»luw thau & finv coat, suirl fi tiubl-^' liur v.^ ? 

FtUwl, How mftiiy volumi* do yon tijtcl ihi* woih **tll 

JjftlAiH. Sir, ■ 1>ook mny W ix>mpftrod to tho LiTo «f jour nriidi* 
Wtt. Tf it Ire trooil It OAiiiiot Ijuit too long; if bftd. you otui^ut 
gtt rid of it too ^*ki-ly. 

FrtmA, liut how lonfF, 1 My, ib you propOM to nmko yonr 

A^ihvf. IXy good ^'^ndt tho ntivjlor may muko it Bn uliort M liD 



Ut tiidT. piquc/i thorcot tf>ti^ tho cor] Ihnt tho mnUf^d od» tnoio 
to prorvc th« wiU of tljp yoiiri^lrr ; nm). wTit)i[i«niig I0 Ditkir. bo 
tmmediAUly v«nt oai u)il u>ot w^th hint hli* compMilooa. Socin 
ftfter, DkJE mtnnu uttham fan iiho«. vui w3tb a pfdml flu^o, (dca^ 
BrMur Hkrnr, I wAcit a rnJr uf nluNtt ttiUy, wlU yon ^re me 
^ovjsT Ye«, 1 wEU, ku'I Knri-y. htkI CdaIohII^ flriw. nml ptWDls 
t1:iemto1dTn, TVnrHtnw^d juiirtliiirlinT. pindilcinftaclnllilvirtoi^kingv 
In Uuf like ]>?TJijijf]irjj; luuiuitr ; AiiifUiar IjesotoiI tax liaU !uioili«r 

hcdfation ^ hut ytht^it Ihc tiut t^j cam« iit imil petlt[aa«<l for Jifd 

lOJVOlfl Mj Ufij ihcfi cicliimoil, Tj^iji in; ln^iionr, tliciTr Ei liul 
tha tlddEtwn of & btt cf Unca botwoca tbJa dkiU uid a ^civnri^ht 
fccA. Bnl my ]orA rwo il|^ took UniTj £d Lis ann& i^d hAnne 

icnfce thoo an bonaar lo Old EnglnDdr 

Ufn&ar, loott iitor w ord'-tixl xm, And Hury |i«rmltt«d his 
niLnvi to retfro pciioi^ily lo Ibo hUontin ifitiir^ tho tntorral, an 
be und all tbo tnaatcni woro ttcc od tCEiu cf niuily. 

Uj Iftdjr |lt«cd llnrrv no^t h^rtotf al ia\ih. but no i^^r «T«r 
paU nob a price it l'autiu-^t> an mir fllaavan^ bnivk lUil tlml dor 
lor hU ordinary ? foi bo miut lit op Ja«T m, >nd boJd bife kntfo and 
Cork jufit *o, and <7dl hU m^r. aii>1 ..[wn lila moiiai,aad swallow hit 
Tfr'UiuK JqhI 40 Ami lu^ ii-Tt'l in An ^ thi^n btttmwn Amnrtwit wonhi 
lfann> won tn bo h> iilui^ tiij loniv viil iii> ladtH, nnd 1 tliAnV yuii, 
eiir, tnd I Uunk von. riirbWu. un'l iiiiif<ri-r lliU mid muf<frr tUnf, llmt 
[MHir ITiury. no funi^Hr nhh* u< t^E^inudii Ijljmtolf, criutl^l wi>b 1 wiia 
witJi luj Duunny In ibo kikhca. 

AIW din&rr die diltdtvu Armf »*t k> qur«lik7jiB ntid oomnuuida; 
bill burv uur Lvru vm ),pual<u liiilUiw. jia fau niiM iifV'' wiiiil at draw- 
kIoto and ahudle ibo nlimK^i. Thcj ntxt cjliik! to h^^^t ixi^kloi, and 
UATTT Ixdiv first di>iiti, bOil bl» l(ft hnnd w-iU-ndrinr-) for uv^hs a 
qOAtler of va how, tifl. uirrrn Uy i^uoil Irji^k Ib^n HJiy frothl pnUo^i 
bft Axod opoD A t^tlicAto littlo (foiitlcmoA, tbo Km and hr^ir of 
Lord and L»iy Toilet, vho lay di>wtt Ei>^o<«rdiivb^ i 'vt'hvn Hanj, 
adMtOurinif to nnm atl tho ^tdojii bo bad rooolTOd bi ono pax- 
moot, gara toaOor vocfa a wbtrriok, tbat Ida coJu toitantly ioanded 
tho m |rfv# tiUrn to nob Uod of dlvaralon*. Out Hitrry bAinff 
cblddfln for hla RidofMM, and (^»%oil to OAb pardon, all ^ivi aoon 

Kow, thn)Uij;hoiir lhi>ir4 f^tvirtiL flmrtiU'mtfarK, thrugli thus ^frvnip fif 
Uttla qnaliiy bobavod ibMtiM-lv« with grwt ^od mnnnnrs tDWELrila 
OUT hcrot yot, Oi my bidy's Jndi^i.'rTt of hh tni^lE^oU booaiui:^ 
«itnvnt thitdii^ tJiM iNiniilry, hniI ttixl :l!I ffuik hiiri to lit* Mu\a 
rirmoviiil fnmi 11 ruininl. ihtM^ jmiall ^erftry also h^ld bini In tfan 
lownct mntPUilif, and |p»t thrJUulvFb BuctvL u^it fur lixB d«47ucy 
of Ibeir miuluul m Li? bvlialt 

Tmo or itimj \it Hn-nt, bgwuver, batlug uialldoiUkly coalfivod ki 



H>t him ia a ri'1i<'i^1i''Liii llffKL pr^ttiilitd njtfm his brAlliir to Join in 
th& plot, Tha^ aocor^liiig^ly [^ropcAi^it k yity^ uhcrcin Unny vw 
Oiyomod lo rtimJ in llni rvtitrv fff w nmny mniiift>H, wtf hnur. inridoa 
^ cr rrhL-ntifiQTit, li>t liU fOTn|hml4iiati ilt^ i^'lint tl^'^ wfiiil! nhant him. 

r>Dr lii'tn, f>on»aiirtit3y. Ami hliriM^lf bi il poKlnm nnrt ooantiv 
Mint^c nlto^nlh^^ ii^lrnifLlnpil. wtif*ii thrT ulinrii inntuiUy b*KBn; 

twif'ih-*-! Mm by Ihfl Imlv^ *oinfl niin'liuiS him bj <bn nnii. one 
tvrantff'l bim liy tlip uohv nnil »]ih>Lhi:t FT|)irr'-rI water full La Itlv 

ftcttc l)llIiMn|^i4ir, till my btily, ruiilo (niiAvtli^iit, filoil otit — Did ^n 
over kco Ibc tlk<?? eudi n pftnk nf fl .ZiilJ. fiuoh n ataluu! ^by, 
biO buB n'> kimj uf fo^^liiiff <j!fbor of lu^^ly tfi it^i'i'l^ 

Wbllci AiC W4* pivmourwiiav tfirt wortK joiiUfi f^nkcT, rlJct 
tfta to h woiltliy i>]iiirc?, a clkabVt:^ unliK'ky boy, a\t<mi llie rtf? of 
Lord Riiliriril, put oho fuuiil vitliiti lln; fitJir^r, iirrl (b-.^trVil Hiirry 
to •triko ^oroon, wbiob ko did occonlin^'l^ : lint f'^clLUg niiiL-rqrJ 
tDUU% oitd fifrf at th* trouboi7 th*t lie. jiwtly. cotiocirod waa in 
tbo OM** Hjut7 nvo him moh a iftMen rUl in tho ivrTinbi jw drove 
bim vti^vvitDif Mokwikrd Mvcnd Mop*. >*kink*rr, nholly <viirr\^t'l, 
and ocotfoioiu of niporior itnnwth, fc^potlicitily rniamt^d. aitd witb 
an biw Ttiitfht LCKVL^ Hmtj u «tn>lio on tbo hoiul. whioh 0<>mpluTiL^ut be 
r«tiim<A<l \'j » riEiQcb In iha ayo.ns rapkl (l» tj^htnlno:. All iha bojn 
filood ftlool nud uii[Uod at the ciMDbitt, lly Udy fchenioDtly t^od 
out. t« (Mirt t.honi ; hut my 1"rv1 rrjio and p«*rL'Tri[i(Orny rciinnitinflixl 
Ifcif-plfiy. Mflnnwhlli' yoiMip: KWnlt'T. wlniUj il^pftmt** U) lift f*)lle*l 
liT ciHo ib> rniirh hlrt JiiEdWin ftrvn^h nnii nndc^r^tjinillnff. flnvnn 
Hnmr blcD a fnry, and ItutlvDml tlip nail* of truth hu handi on bbi 
foosi from vbli^h jr^^ oar h»rci hh iiudt-tlT dWiufnitieO btmaeU' 1i> 
di^ne UEti tir^I Tnt^ tlu^ nmu mid itioiiITi iS bU nilvorauT* who 
wufl [tLiUnlrly ci>VL'red «]Ih Mucirl. Ibmi^L hla pa^iMi iroiud not 
Ihiriiilt liEEh lo Jilifliiil Ut xUv EVLiii ; fur. vxvitinif Iiih laflt odbrt, Lh 
cloAcd to OD tntr little chkm)ilr>u, athI dntvnnUiiHl At onoc to ^\tUl\ 
tho <ioiijl/at by tiflme and duhiiie bitn afcainst the immtiii ; bat 
HsLnT, fin<lhi:c hUiiAiTf t^'iug^ iiiioblj |iu( viw r«it bcibind, and lul 
Bkinktr in tho Iiiuiu and ^t Ibo mine time pnrthln); fonrard witb 
aU hi» fo1r-^, jironi? f-j1l iho uEifortiiaito Sbiakcr, prooipilalod by 
tb« <toitljlo wni^bt iit 1iL(jif<i If Hiid bjA juitoirofLtH^ ood Ue Imi^ r^ 
bfMinilcd ii^*iunr!t tJio Qnmc. vhHo up i^niiDV uutTJ^ OA^ wlih a 
|>nu':b m tbo Hi<v]riJk''U nd Skmk':r, jnit a poriod to tho fhiy. 

All illAiEiity^^ 1 iinil wliiilly di^H^iindi'd'^rl, Kkink*ir hTowlv oroM^tfid 
bogVt to L?rj inoft pit<^bi[y. HJh ■^'iiiipmioiu thin gntharod wOOt 
Um, aijil, «:cujr>k»<ionJLliiiK hin (1li^hl. tnraL^d nn c<ro of iAdJfEBiilioill 
Upon Itm Tirt^w; idl pjY>fiii'*Miiffuly "iHiuiuMd-— O iv, M»*t*T Hatt, 
I am qaita iiAhamryl ^ ^Imj^Ict ^ihrrj, y<fL] tr-ira ibA flint liCov: It 
wiw jftH tbnt ir»v* ili fir*! blow, j£ulcr MfifryT To all whict re 

Cu'hra lUn^ nirllly lA^tllKl'— Tf 1 |p4T« fmt blmr bw £STi> fim 
Cotntc wnitit ^nM triy Turd, lhc*rc itiiud fv wnrDclhln^ mcrD In 
dib nAJr tbun wc am y>-i ^tntuiiliif'Hl ultli. ftnav l]j(.b<^r, ?hfnMi*r 
BkinkoTi toll ma tlw liutU, my *l<tit : wb^t ¥H4 it yon iltd r^k 
HfOTtwproYDkDd biiDtuvlnkoyoul Tiukol vli, niid SUukcr. 



I dM not InUud to hurt him to inuc)i._ Wbeo t EaT« him ono 
lifiod to «trik<\ ] hi'M « pin urtKiiL nilo iti tbi» otW, Lmt tiic pin 

doMffre vhAt jou hm pot. \'on arc «d )I]-hf«rtDd \toy. ami fluJl 

My bdy ti^n uJlod JI^tt, <k#irnd Id look at 1^ hand. ax\'i fouAd 
th« pcJin c<rTon>d with ti]oo<L This tfhc Vbilicd Awa^, aiuL bavinj;; 
(bukd tbo vtmfxt, ihi> flit H ntniiM Hi of l>1*C^ «LtkJ£m|t «ilb to Ui« 
odflc«v avkI ILury iuftimllj tu'U hiruu^if m Mtitul n mra on over- 
It WW tboa thM. inaiood ctf (iinlfine «t crowfnf oror hU odw- 
luir;, ha UfU to r«tft3C Into mdUDoJioIy sJid d^lentan, and lideUac 
or^r towd 8kuil:rr, Djii looking wmill? m hi* iftco — It mm 
H4n7, ^vlUi n tn^iiiTitin^' liji, if jou vriV kFlu und W frttuia vilh 
ma, I'D Dwor b<Al jcon niiy mon>, Tn thb or^rtore 8k:inlt«r wmk 
vrlUi ■ vtWan rrdairrnncr, i^rrviijUi^l hj hk comptDldHi; Ami ftnm 
that KETOiDrtit tJw vi<;Uir b vnui in j^^u i^tohimI In tlia haul atut 
Hwxl mces both <if ftiilmr fiJut iiMlhrr, 

Kllfnt now appnuu^bnl, the <!fLn<]|ni urm llghhirl npy vnA lh« 

Ttteb H^ji»i>criiitf Ut h\« tarvunu*. iWi*itv\\ hvr jjuI Ui U? fiijEhlvuvd 
&t wtuit xhia niiicht ivfw amt Immi^iliiLtirlj wilhitirw. Tn a fdunt 
Udiv bo rcturuf<i ncd, Rathcriiih^ oil Ilja litik i.-f]nJiiiiiiiuiii iitiu a 
ICfOUP in tbo tri-ntro <if dio parkjut. hvld Uu-in n. <4hUu in ubot; 
vttflu, ImutDibui! A back door 0otr o]k-ii. aihI In ^id«d « 
mttrt t g ri ftf tn j: and honiblo afipariticn); the LoiI;r mid Vwm from 
lJi« bccb dowtiward» wrro wraiil in a wuhUdk obj^ot ; and the baad» 
thwiych foar could not altoad to itn form, Appeared whciHr illn- 
miiuTcd «ith flazDOs^ tliat gbuxd Ihruuf^h tho cyci^ DJOutb. i4id 

At tiftbt h«roofr BLttlor DIoby, npi-cj^rinff th« (nl 1o to fHKh& 

for [VOtMtfoa: Clio piiTiji.' ^rri'v- irDrtuully oonU^kiuttn iiikI oLt tliu 
hoil of lltUo i^Dtr^, who voro horvhft^r to f(<n& our ii»nat«a, and 
to lead oor anuie*. rui nhnt^kinjf imd ihircriag to faido tbcmtclvoA 
In hohm Mbd Ut tr^tiiMi) fti i.vinii<rA. 

Omr h»TV. »lono. mnnl nndnnntod^ Ibon^b conocrrtf^ ; onit Ilk<ii 
an aiitTTinoincr. who vnih C4]iiu) In^ml mid nftMirion <xi]t<'tni>1iitpa 
HOiDfl mddeoi |tlLi'ririiui^riuu ru lU** ht^iuii^. Hbjih Ue K|]£irtihr:]idA 
to hii faent M li^i %i\ti\^ OT fiin^njiiiJiT tti llii: Inll of iril^ht^ ei|'i:i«^ 
or dbfKoplllB^ of luilJcitui, w ITiLfi?. iftilh bc^nl. mid njiiindLttiMttf 
binnn, beadifaiiil o.n]piiFtn-d ihi^ HMjruulkijv >4'<h'Ij«. 

D« biul ii«fpt hi'iu'iL tiui' fifiiij'ul aji> Idoa <rf ^hmU ft hol^ 
robl£[»; bo ihcrcfore stood to dellbofBle wh»t h« hml to ft«r 
rnxn it. II rtill ^ilr.uu^ upou biui, m^r t^ul he yirt 1>ud|:t*t; 
when hU broUiBr tried out, (TOai behlud mj lodj* iJmr — licot it» 
IToTTj : li««i it I Cn tbo nutanti Uarrj flor bwk to the comer 
iKxt the hall, iir}d ^vitrhifijf Dp nil ntflir. tho trophy of SUrero 
TmalaT. ho rntnti^fK! ujtan ilio npocm^ and cdiaJnK a noblo Uov 
at tho mumiTkaiod wom^ ho at once Ruachod tbo ontvu^ lin- 
tern, drcvu Uio mndltv J^Atno and all lido iH month of him who 
hM it, uid <ji>oiuid hi» u[9or lip from tlio n'Mc to tbo tooth- t>nl 
■jioutod tho Eilood lu from a f|%ot Tbo ghg«t ckp|>od all tbo 


ma rooL of qpalhy. 

tiaiulff ihAi hH ht\A to hT^ motiilk, muI nliii;h Avny. to »h«w to hie 
ftkndfl fa (1)1! kiriifin-ii hov bo Uiul tj«i:ij liiifHoil fkihl nuulc^l hy ajn 
Infiut ^ifwvoJi Mimmm 

JB«&v«u ^fivMno ual vilwl ivy hif\y : wi> r-huW bai« iicrOJijje 
Imft Irofb And Uooddiod In tbc lioiut*.- ^ti^li? th^ dilld 1* aniujkc 
i& Indeedv nj ^mt. ropliv^ tlie cor], if thotr i^u unj thiot; 
BMn fluin nan «<dil«nl Eu tlii* UnnincMt it WM Iho CiiLlt of TOur 
faonrita UIdi7, who riopJrc<l tUc bo; to irtrihe, 

Btf tin* tine, tbo Htfie gvnUy ompo oil Trom 1h«ir lurkxnjrhctla^ 
ttxmiili fVt pftlo utd imiUfUTttil; uul, wlui1ov«r contditipt thoy 
roifilit han for the fntiQlUiot* or Hiarj, iboj hod nov il tct; «ui- 
Otn T«D«rotioii for hia prcvnK 

B«iUtimn now >|ipr<MCh]nKr (uicl lUl boinir ngniu Nittl^Hl— lEorrf. 
mrt my loril, jcm naro b*oii a roo' rW boy to-day. aiul hnro 
fniMi^'l v)th ymir conpntdoiu iu jlU tLdr ]iut« |iliiy»: luiw. if y^ 
liAni uiy plavn to «lk^ tbjim, I flm snrn Xht-y will havo thn gixid 
munnorv To iio b« yon fteflre, Whftt vif you, llnrryy huTV ymt 
nnj [ihy bt Hh^w timin ? Yew, wr, ^ifil Hnrry, T hiivo u niiuiy of 
Ibnm ; lhn™''i^ Unt. It^ip-trog, jmA ihninh-a-thrimh, Tn It. ihcn, 
Hanj, iHiyp tiiy liml; uiwl ijnyr. «1] ymi liUlo pmUEmcn. do yon 
oleunu Lu ilitLtoljiiicti, 

Nc> Mioiirr fvuil lliuii (]i]|if\ TJAiry look \i\* ivjnimiiUjii* ono by 
ciiH^ im'} cai^iii^ llii-'iii lo Ktooi>. wEtli iJiirlr h«:a<b Uiwup) thn 

ritud ill iL luni; Utif, iuii1 ut Ootiua diiluL»v4 ciuh l-cfuns ilin uthar, 

to iinjckai hid motima. hn l^Jd hJ^ hnndit on thi> hock of the huid- 
mOAt, azil ViiiikiD* 1i(ilitlj oror hiia. fau, with nnuu'.in^ i^jiidity^ 
fli'w a1l>[||^ th« Y'hi>]n liixit vK^Hriit » idjiti tit <^V4>r7 mntjCLir till hu 
■di^rttod Eiflfarc tbo foroiuont, uifTdown ho poppoJ ia tbo poatoro 
<;riho«) bahiiid. 

Idy liuW. in ittt^r a«toiiE>ititnonL UfCbag up her hofKU lUtd oyod, 
CTiJlaiiaod— U tho line oj^oriiiiro ? Q tbo gmcttfiil crcjitutol if flicro 
wiLh hul a Trtind »n rmil^'h ibat bo-ly, Umtb *vmI\ rK»l bo 4tKih 
ftnotborboy in the miirorw^ 

Lord Rk'bjirrl. biding now hindmcKt. wnii thio ni^Tt who Advoii> 
tnMd, Ari<1> witb Hi-tlfiii 4>n'iri^:h, rUiintil bU tH^ Hrxl, iiien : lull 
1Jlion.iwvlDS b»t tho rulriiTirjifpn of bin run, anA f\U fornrann tfifng 
of morn than onlliDuy nlvf}. \\e nr«t itticlt titwiii hn Imc-lc nn.'} \AU-h^ 
Infflhetuic^ ht«lfi<tliJrt Ttir^h^ml av.iiln^t r,b« m^.r. Hm j;h1 ^ii. bow- 
bVoTt wUb aplcMont count ^1^1 1 1-11, ftful. rinnlng ftloni^ilc Urn huw. 
■ol bintobir In hb flinnor pimturi' UU*tv hin hnrthur. The hiucl- 
mort tliuuj will llii.^ii Lhti iivjit. mtd thu uhiL. mik) bu uuwnnl. tuok 
tbelr toiuR itL •uvcciMi'iu, wkhiutt ruiiy Irclt^J' hioi.^?m, TIjo one 
brvdied hb ahouldcr. ooathor bpiuIdclI hb ^jrr>r. nnothor bumpoi 
tds bead, acotltor broke hia poso, Ak'. Act-% Su ihnt in km tlmii hvo 
nuDutca my h/dy hiul ip>t an lioi<vitd of her own, lhou4fh not all^ 
gntiket ccMutinff of JQContbloi^ 

Now, «pfiit« IM rinoffni-, brown papf<r, bkok plater, &o, wen 
tallvd for In ft hurry, lutd tbe Mvcnu riupn and <tr«i«dnga bofn^ 
■UlTliJIj Applied, tho 4^hi1dn?n wcro ordoivd to thoir rape<Ttivo 
bcda; cmrl niin» vi%a arnvniifil upon io oofttitini) with fwry till 
bo AhoQJd bo r««<>iicilcFj to bis dqw Mmia mnd oaodatoL 

THM FOOL OF ^r-ir-irn 


lUrry war now b«c<imo ft fiivotiHt<^ <«|wciftl1y vnoofc tlio Be> 
b« mad tlio buligoblin, 
J'Wr^i. H<il>g6bU!i: m giood tfaro^. r^oitiiiig •touM* mo *o much 

ha« imh-anully mt«TtiiCnai1 6f e'toflu imil fpontrw. 

jHtiUjr, Do yon toot thorn? 

FrirmL Ko— I cuit'X wj^-iiLil inuch-^^-^airiL-thinj; «f thlai for- 
Ihnrlf. T nIinnliT nat lilr^ i-»in tuiu^ In llii nloiitv hi » nuiiiil« 
dinmber i* j niiriDiin i-iurtlc* Ktiil ti* In? haUTUQil, and Ixavn my cilf^ 
tuint. Hi iiU'luiL'liC uputioil hu^IiIi-eiIj u^liu iil« by a Ji^AiliVhcad 
obd tbotlj liuuw. Ail iKflMiuw 1 k»(m iu i\iv enHjf imjudiut* uT 
4 danUtiilj DiUQT— I fiw, while I cuu tujivincL^d thcro u iiotUng to 
b« liuvd. Do jroa tliink tboro la anj such Ihinte in fiAturo w 

Avth'>r. I know not that tbcro in tfiy nach Ihmg In n^taro •$ 

iWir**l. S'ot kuiiw IhrKi ifl lUTT tma^ thfcikr ha umttcr? Voa lovo 
to tmslc — to throw lorn into Tho fond cif «)nimc(n«nw, Whfll 
olio iS» yi>fi ki);iM' 7 froiii whHi <'W C4ui joa fona iiny kind of 

jlfefW, Tho ttxTM if voiTD onoi][jfli, mora hvitt in nco<j]cMk I 
know thftt ttiought* utd FonrcT'lIoni oro ruiwMl in my mind : but 
hov Tbey iLTtt r(if»4yl, or flint luity ivrv juIi><jiu1^ iiiiJLM^.<a ot tliingtt 
MppoACij io bo roprucnIaL 1 biuV ik'I- What if IhtA ucmctbln^t, 
or thfa hOlliiruc. <mI1«] mhVt«r, shouM b(? a ohndow. u Vkumiua ID 
umpM^ of "pirir. MfhnUy h«Ibi1«m to it *nd juin-w.lhMft by U? t)r 
vhat IT It b<> no othA? thui n vitrlotat tnMnlti^ttntiGii of ihc u^VL^nU 

Sod ami mil qui^JtlA or ipldt? If our- fcithiilv miiirit. im \t H«|d, 
l« tide uikt?oniv. All oEUit ri^Arrni'v luiwT 1h> t^it jl8 ih« qiAoe 
wbervln he cwwntinlly ftbi^fivi nRrl intinrji; Itnlt^oit, lhi-y nnuM not 
hv (VLt'luLvd, ur lonlliiEicrt fijr u fnomunt, but Ly lihi i-xifitiii;; <rtulj[* 
|ro(nit)>, uithvittlUj, vutJLifljt; m auil Ihiuuclifrut ev^ry lAitU 

I'fiemd. Tbiii I« new* bi^n rifw; buC I trdl lurL bjilb-c niy brftlti* 
fVnait your outre. AcizQriIiiie to yoiir tlicoiA, whca a Diun ia ap- 
|ir«hoiniTQ <ir ft »|>irJt or siwutn, it IB nut of ahcvIutT but i>f euL- 

JUhnt. CVttoilUy , his principal npprclii^nsjoti a.nM« from hia 
hilEuviEij; if inoro Huffidtot, more pwwiTrfnl, um\ nioro foi-nililnUbi, 

tilEUl hiSlMlf, 

hFWM. Kxoum mcn Ihnre aro moro trcmtiidifuis ivaMinn Ub tho 
«spfioittion <<f AKt i>niotlO>ii>fin*< iliuiHi *ort of hLvi«tbla icttitiy faavo 
taaiij oilvriDtikgiv ovcir uil 1'hcj aiva » omn iio mjuiaof of fikir- 
pUy, Tliffj hmvo you Lcpo, uirt nATe you llictv, utnl your Itvct 
vntfh Ami wtiril i« no Iic<t1i<r Ihim fornirij: ^^JviHt ^tn InvbJlMo 
flnil. Rnt, *ort»ni»|y, ilo joii ll;inlc we hiiTfl on/ Innnte ictm of 
th<*H< mniu^rv? 

^■rVr, All onr X»n fti'1«>« fWim iht^ ft^ni^ rif mir own wnnknfVM, 
ttui) of tliQ Kinvr And Int^llniition tlinl ol}n>ni mnj* hnfn [n burl iin. 

i'tpiffui. If otir liDrror trf ^j^nrilionf I* nut hiriBin, buw ixiiiii.<i It 
to pMi tluit viliLiuni. thnt j{i.«rie<nkj ofllcvni. ulio linn* nil otiu-r 




dtnf^ ; Itiat lioiyu?*^ who, liloe Bnitiu, hiivo ^vm <1«ith to thom- 
»plrH«i or vrho ]iAV4 tir>vii li^rl to 4'i«<:iitloii withonl n olimt^ng 
choctt^Tivc yf>t cSron-Ic.T to Up nlnno, nr In {to Ji>ft In tJw rfftifc ? 

^FjJjUr W<? rll wx* thiil n Mjvn'. Ihik *mT powfr. Nothing eUa, 
In iTLith, cun Il-ah /m/ jH^ui^r iif nil Wi- jv^rr'Alvf, hj var80lv«« 
nnd nthi^™, with whrit oj*** ii van aft upon whnl wn fill man*r : 
h*»w il iDtiTjHH, Jkiw Jt liflB ii. Pfrhnijs wrn? our iiitrilH 'leljulird 
fr'LXii IIlU iliM"mji«ri^t itrTitiiii, In vhiiTi Ihn J>>|fiitinrhr)i (ff ttitr 
fjillun lUitimT tum ni:i(lijj>i) Ihrrii. tlu^y lul^T^I nuirc ooiily wlilrl 
& muutiWu llituiu:1t tlji: atfuu-p1tcrL% llmii iiivy rac Doiv ciwt a 

Thj» vtoruv u»tJ by aiuxti uid ROdain «boat a wioter'a flro, irbea 
Ibo yotins: AiLtiiiir^ <ri>ijr)i o1o»or ano dowo' focvthor, «Dd (Mr« not 
look *l>oat for Ccor cf wimt stmj bo bchiiul Uwia, loaro trD]>rcM|i>ns 
Hut DO rabtoqncnt TtmsoD or relij^^cti oui cWux. llio id9«» of 
■n ^HMdtion, on IhoMo ocoounioiUk <kn> «ou*cted w£t^ &{] ttio hotror 
of wElcb iaStOit ImogtofttiooB oaa bo nuontiUo : itat^ botTut, ^ 
tlirMtoniiuE mien, wiuoer ojo«, ft fimniDg l>rMtli, lUicl u dcikdjy 
niBpoot. Whan ohildrcm tan to]'i of fkirloa who oiiny off iioplti lo 
dwd) wilJi tliom nader grouiid; aad of onl ^irite via tntiU-h 
Bvvj vcnl aaJ body tot-etiivr, ti> b« Fbvir [tfli»oin.tHt in ro^'ioni of 

dVWWH and V0»— tlie f^nr of ftui^li eviU j{n<Eitly )ritritn»«vi4 tluMo 
of duktb, M It we<te tniupiy to ©liatniini* tu^yaati li* sfnivfl, (>n 
tbo oantnuy idilo, had sprritn 1iern ori^milly rc|]ii»i^nlc<j lo infiuiin 
M bfdnip of as MniAlt1i> ii|i[i*\ii^n<'f, hti'I ith irmirilfma li'-hin'»kijC 
and iMUTflonni tn mmi ; hmi tlk"/ fiirlh'*r *H^7iftfl to vlulT an iimlpr 
mr^ rD|rr«untatiuiu ; lUiJ, hud we tx^M^rk-ui^^d !lie mhimtiigo tit 
lliuir liihU-iLr'EiniiB ftnit jc>i]d iinii><H^iaT< nliLJiild Luvu in«t Uiem vHJ) 
tfjtnxiiOfCv K(i>l UiLVD ]jriitnil with rr^'t. 

FiiM't, I tilificne thai, v tmr ftuulo llnt^Jan[ianH drop off. our 
fivth lu Sptrrtr^w pi'fwjrtJblv dwnje, W* hiH"'J lUfi tin; llfUcilh 
Btwj, oltli^i" iPiopji^'ntivl or ImllflTnd, H»i\l w.wt nniilil^d liH ttJhj«I 
whou I iroB A hoy. What llunk yon. i» it for, or lumi&A roBgloD. 
tlial Diidi fAhloa thuuld ri^t fnutiri^ nmuni^Hl tiuakinJ? 

AUhar. I novor oould think it for thv inUrottt of rdlgiOEi, that 
tho proridcDOO of Qoi tbould bu tlbowcd, m it w«rp, qiSto oat of 
tha W<v4d bj ft «jat«m of doDioni^nkn On tho <j1tkur liAnrtf 1 toio 
ti^ dorfl to bo A |«ivoniigo uf much more pr^lonco than to 
frlg^tMi hiK favctuntc* From hiro. by uiumjiu; wiL'h hornd and 
dfajfufliru] <L^'iKtAiiu»M«, Ui» ruthi^T cnoH«jj« lo Im-lc In^btni] tom)tta« 
ban. in tho aUorainait of hMUty> tho cUtctuthtlnMi of ■miloi, Oio 
Klo^^iof; of compUmoiiti, in rvvN und Uuif|iiL^t]iig» in titla ind 
Ivinonni, In th» ftUlUr of orrwnent, itfid ro tho ]v>nip of utale. 
Vlien God Mndu hl« aplritt on mcMAfroa to man* ihrrn In t mnaji' 
btf of ImnorbuuM In the errand, 8ui?h uwi Uut of hii aii^l t^ 
nfino^h, tat tlw dellreiy of a |>eo|il4> : ^uid lo ^charlM aii-1 Um 
bleated tlivln. fnr thn rndAiiiptlon ft hninim-kJnd, Hut v\\pn ihn 
derit ie udd tu rvxid bin eJ[i]rtiLriuH tl]iirii):huiit lim ujirtli, iift K}mt 
ermndi ikn^M IUi« juvh |KjlUiiMtm uujikltiy (hi.tiu? J^^^n Kuch m 
Wkukl Bitit ao other thim a duDco or a ilrfTwllCT, I novor j<it heard 
of oAo of tlK«] niwu^Jiui that i>/uld be wiitaLniod to auj inlcntka 



of mn^ur #r *™*^*^^ ***f* I thorofbrD hold ttie Ic^vti^ of hia 
fl^iMtJ^ nritobon to b» ■Uofifollior apocrTptuL 

>'r<f«>i. KvvrynuncfivsiviKiiHMii* miutb«of tho*psio««di^ 
Aiki yi'\ hfttv ron Isoirn vof pvivon wbollf fr«» fh»in >Ddi pr^> 
Judlcvi^ v^ Biwld no dfatindJoEX on ttia futU*tt<«l fkttida, Im^Iwaoii 
dMhMi RBd nu^ttj, belv^eun u Vax\y diairwI-kKiiua BAd a fill 

jHiBr>r. r lu>*o ; bBt Ihcy wt*r* tnr^n of oimixlinfr ntnmg nrrvnn, 

coDi5fiK fruiTi (i|iixy-{lv ixrinli^ 4HiiinlJ> LD«t for tbH nuiii^ pijr]>iv« on 
thb occMlcin. 

Tun mrtUp^^ lilt ono » [DZLO (rf (liufy. tlio otIiL-r n pr(ifiJ;nLt«i> 
niL't elL & oumiUj ititi Ju>l ii» tuiclil Humi ti|ii.iu \hvm- U lAua 
lIillowl£ili>>£>rc, tlw »«*c«i, ilk tlvrto ^a^B. nhrr-^in llii^ tlirvtl vi|j« 
mM CO kocp htith canuTil, rni'l wlicn uU the mkuliiiAnU nf tbo 

For yrmL!i of iettor ocnjuiij our tnToUcn made up ilii ccqujuEtt- 
MNOi oud futbar Mmfintocl it by 4 Jii|E of ffooJ li'iuor. Tbo wA% 
vM ilu1t> flio gtrk of tho bcnuo bod iiov*wuh&l tb<iir muo^K 
lo be bon^ to tiio fire, ao^I iuntod bj Iba ffbootly rttfcaixblujEicoi of 
tboir *we»tbwirt8: will Uio convotfittjoD, m tb« kiUitaon, mn en 
monf on (uithiinllf^ njimtiTo ^f npot^lroH. nrul pArtK'utiirl; fin tbd 
HMQ ta fcibbctft vbo biuiL; liy liio road, and wbo wu rcportsd, 
botwoen tvoLve •nA on* iit &iiH)iii|.-tii, io doMond from tbi* ipdJowv, 
md tftko JtiRt 1kT«o tuna «hoiir ifKi oUi Iimil 

Do J^^1l tkvUoro uiT of tliii drell Hnff? mH tho proaiirnte. I 
know iii>t wbul 1r> tlimk. iLh-wir'-l tila ]il(nti i-umimnlim : 1 Arid oil 
the tf orLl In IHa mxatt Hbuy, uiil jv.t. ft» Uto mjtIti^ K I nr*Tar mw 
aaj Ihioif marv f^itTal Uwn mywlf^ As for m^ iliarr, mXA tho 
iuti61f|iti^ r ildak 1 dwitll not feu- tbo rrwit rliTi-ll biinwlf : md 
tttJeoa I dic^utd lio cIimJ ti> luivo a Utile L^'hiit wllli Mm i}]d fMEtl** 
nutO. Slant M jt^u hTO. r^^ckEiiod bb aKupnnion, J wSll lav joq 
a tct of Cie cruBtifl tbnt yiMX Liro utot khjid a immuKor of iiratht 
and », iui<l *^Tur 't wicUtiul 1bi?r«i to tbo lum in ibo fibiwfa. 1 
viS doiiond uii f^^ur honour f^r i>crfonnAnco of Artlc]i?i. ^'is donoi 
otiod uu) otJitr, Tb<3 bfhi Hciv jirgditcad) mid rmpi?ctivoEj do* 
poutvd m ibo luiinU of ni/ JauiJliuly. 

Onr jdow mrcllcr, who now b«^ to bo rditrmoi^ ft^ hia irvf^t; 
vbolo aubr onl^ iHiilv bio ouEnpooioa ^» tm^itMJ in hMkttnir tbo 
brotfi* J]« iDSilo op to IhotiLuM vboro tbo ilfHXuuK^d nulfrtuclor 
vu ttfjEbw tiko frtvfci air. Tho Ballovrft vm low, aorl, by tbo ^d- 
Ti&logQ oTo b«n]t behind niid tiut oivn i^Htji bo l0H]>43<l "]>, ond 
bntoaod bis omu about tbo iiboaltUm of tho oorpM, w tbftt tboj 
bottt inCAiwI boi ■■ t>«0 bc>dy. 

Ho mH iott fLnxl bimn^lf tn hia tnindn ^hon up comca bU corn* 
pattiofi vlth tbo pnn1ngi>r smd n 9iaa\, Jin dlrortiy mnnntr^rl iho 
vtool, and rtArhtn^ iiti a inocirrfitl of Itirilh f'> tbn mmtb of tho 
dood, with a firm luiil l>i.ibi yuil'O bp rri>v|— Siiji nnin! wli> dUD*t 

S»n« had than von^ b^^ utb-^red, ^bm, r<<iLrbi] lo boor! 
«iUi n torio dw^ ua liuU and iUmiuJ hs tbo jfrHVU, tbu iuhh Ui 




g[bb«te r^^1i"r1^lc I— b tfio ho^U And, oonftyniiJ j/mit wh)r liiiit 
yon blow it Th*n ? rcjoinoH ibo oiLcr. 

iVirtJ. Uj ncrro- viU iiol ulniif ft IIiih f*^ f*i<^t The tftle ^0- 

tan/ 1r« mtriLtolttu, Ltut, «likt1 we novcr rctutn t« titir rtloiy ftpiin ? 
^ul^Ar. ]t ninltoni nut h'lr f ii- v'i< fmv^t fi'cm Itj liiH^U UtO TDii^ 
«if u vah can brEn^ uk tioi^k In n twinkling. 

chafte:! IV, 

Ur^i! Iifct, idltE ftiv-lfinf*. Sic^. hnA now bnon 
r, wtlli iL Q'>n' cuK of I'lrrtjipf, triiiniio^ lilci:< tho*o 
cf ywv t<pnti^n«»^'1a, iiiltfUfly onllo'l hnffviMiflf. Thr^" v*i.'r« Irituf 
Oil in Uiv pTt^<tK-« <if liib lun'rilit. utxii highly H|ijiniT#rl \<j n\\ «x^-pi 
Hunj himutlt. who ■onmi'U 1^ hU rti I^'Plirtr" to lio nonipwhnt 
dbfptfted lit Ihii new kin'l «f i?iv.-(iiitl<m)ir.r> Ifnrry, luij^ my 1tini. 
jfintH nM> fn nitn'l nf th'> H^n nf .Itwi^ in lh«* «ii7iiiinr nf KiJiil. nn hfiA 
nof ypil. pi>3V*i(l J)tem. WHl, ll»nj\ hnw ilo yon lltn jountf^lfl 
1 dfHi't kirjw. iial I, Hkyi Hurry, Itfjt. iviim. aai yrni IcU uir? ^hnl 
th**#? Ih'iTijp" iim fif* In truth. Hurry, yini inw* nui, IVon'l 
iKiDhV" \tnv my lK»rt«i; *ir? Wil a wlili imlnul. Hurry, ivrillfiil 
iLivWcL i^in! Iirl]» iVint lUih Utt\'> hriui uf fhhio! Int<'mrti.-4 aiy 
Ijuly; if poopk^ won't Iotc ihefr. tlioy U rtupiM't !!».'<■ IIhi laotv. 
Koul'x h<fwl! re;>o4i«it my IutlI. u£i«>ii iu> «L>ril tliv AM hm niutu 
f«,>riw lli'ut liutf our niiMlity, 

IlruTj bA'l bftUk new neat a mcnth Mnth hir) ^arrnli^ and oB hiB 
Lurw luul (lOt r«t iisr(nl. hif wn* iJ.'inl.lj uiiinualjlc to ffunlJly 
(Covprnmflnt. lJcwrv*f. In? pineil m tho ftlrtfuci? t?f hit dttda, ft* b<3 
CTkllvd bim. nnii dolly impijiimio'l tiiv hr<\ ub't L^ly to b« p<.imiil1«d 
ia Ji» fUtd fiVH h£in : f?r. v- ifurn'h \u-iix\ UtU\ him lUiit hi^^ iKrijrclod 
doflft UwcA liini bett-sr Tb«n nil tlio world, w I'VTV lcn'*l him 
It'ttor tJukii Ihffo i^'OrHs; for ho win pT^r JcftirtJUfl 'if (roiiii^ thr^ 
Udwa n» fur, Ir4 iLlfiH'tidti htkI ^im^iI iJUc4v», ajj luiy otko wnt for tilnL 

Al lea^h b* cbtniiiod «ai»nt, noil wns pondnotftl by hti QUTM, 
In oU hk Huc^ry. oti a vuit tc his ik^iir HmUL 

Th«lr mMtinir wna >jyiaTripAn&»il by tiVLn of W on both sd-l^u ; 
vhOQ 1A« old ^rtitlenian. Hfrnrk with ronivm at llir ^jtrh Iti v^htdi 
Im mm lib d^rlloLT, crltd imf — .^tj-I n)n\ n»y -U'^ir. init t)ii» (vfV* 
rmi npnn my i^bHd ? Ff»ora iv«if^ nir ! my^ Hutry. Ti*«, mj l»>vn. 
It in wfjiwi tliiui all thjit; they wnro rwy nJinplUy doctorn ^-h" 
luim firiilt-^vNunfrl tu priiHiUEi [i|T buy. Thum i» nutii U[( nf nil this 
1ai?o ami riLQl^ii^ tluit i« not lull iif nuik loTiUfn^ I will toll you 
p nfotj, niy Ilwry. 

'llivfv wiu uiLtV upcn a iiinc, & rcvj ipKid Vid tdij cIctct boy 
oltc^t n*ni]ltid, Ab he (rtw ni», ^rc^iilw bi» pr«y«r« and hi* ln^ok. 
lit vnB Taat^ht 1o mn imil Imp; ta riiio, wrotlc. Mid c«hl|;cl; uiil, 
Hk^ii^Il lt<i w fiMn U/ Wht oil tluf lx>ra in tho pariflh, be ncTtr 
iLwihl to LiTrt Of liunrivl >^iib (U»y of tbcrn. H* tlicl nni iritittcr 
«oU, nor buuecr, ncr what bo oat. Dor what he driink ; nor bow, 

TUK FOOL or QfTALtrr. 



DOT vti«TO ho Ihj; M'I Kki wtiTtt nlwAjfl rlrMB^l m Uio «kin <rf a 
vSM buvt, tJiLEil <Knil'l l>oAr nU winrlfi nnri wi?iiith>'i^, iMiJ thnt h> 
CDULI mt un or cpfT «t ploiu^tro : for be bnow thnt iiit 'Irau vu Od 
fart Of bimaolf, iuj<1 I'ouLd iifiiiZu>r licM U/ Mm iior ixk» ft^Jinj- naj 
tfaui£fr<iiin bim- 

vorlt lining f[ni>] In oil |lIiu'^: lit^ljilfiic Ih'i Hi^k, ai'i'l ri<Ai1Snff tho 
huDfilfy. filiil rlfrtliinp ihi* luik^fl, nviif fo^l^o^^Tlg thoa; ihnt pnedi 
Wd IWBtinir 111] lbi.LMT ulto iliJ liiirt or htoh^ Ui rrllirrsi and nil 
Kootl peci(iUi liivjvl Ittiii ^vlih i1>':tr i^lhJt^ )kiuH., hihJ ilII rtnuflity 

litif, O Hul nur] dlHuuiJ ! A Wly wliuni lit bad uLvrct fi^rni ^rcat 
liiirt hiriit fihjLiiii', uijiilij iJuJ n )irvM.'iit of h uvw (.'vit, wliirli whs 
caIIclI II iJuft in thant tb^ w llicy noro it nnxt tlji> jikin. Ami 
OOVt inr U1U17. lakrf iiltLuv, Tin- Indi hii^l covcml liu oont lU 
over with lw-«^ ^nk vrith l-itlHmi^ jukE -aUU \<ni'h r>f »:lrt9, ud 
mch otlict ioolciicv; m thnt |>o<jr UcrciiltA Uokird imit fbi flue a* 
you d<> flov. And ho tuned biiD to this si^lo. ukI hu tnmod him 
t» tlui f^c]«, uid ho bojtria tj> Uiliik m^ir nh>l Ititlor «f ^Limmlf. 
Immum lie bod ^t thi* foolV C4»t oiwn Um. ABd ^0 p<:A*tm a 
H cDtorecl into hii bod/ nnd Into hu minij, uid brcugfat vroak&oM 
anrl diiHftnn]K^r9 imon ih« oni} and Ibo oiLtr. And bo fTrow no fond 
of tl^ that tkooculJ not l>ciu-to haT« Et t)iH aft: ^or ho tliou|^t tlut, 
to Mrt vitli it. ^^"||1 1 I'O to jQJi HilK hi* Ck-vh Frcon \h« lion«iL 
N«&Jirr v^/Mil'l h< i. .iriini jjiit ill tim riiin ui^x mnr« ; imr \a>% nor 
WM«ti« wilJj iiti) hiLnJy, lur Jorir ol uinilliTif- Kk lino cent. Ki> tint 
bii timo I10 1o«t flit k>vc iiDi^ ilto |ktTiJF»(Ti u1 vvory body: unit all 
people ioonihJ hint, aui\ iHiirtL^il h1 liim fur d forti Hml & coii^riLb 

For HirriD tiniu nflcr Ihi? uUl f:*^lTr.'miiiL hoii flnlthtfd hin Htory, 
thi« i^ild <»iiihif)ur1 (<) piy(.4 Tijh nt him, wtili f ij'rl cyuH hikI oiwD 
nioa|tt» a> C-hHuI of Imiiu naj k^lliiMiT ibit hn iiLii;ht nttnr: till, 
rvcoD^ctJne liiinsclf. he vj'n-i\ ouL O, Oil* i* 0. wry Rifl nkH\ Lngoedl 
1 uifli mj cuiil HM Ituut. eu [ tlu : Imt Juu'l fviki Tjr iiur, iJufJii. 
Wl^, hcivv tb-d, llnj77? rcplU^I Ui* lliilftnr Wliy. 1 uuit Hud ft 
tricK fnr oil tbiri, dAida; I ytumnt 70a novcr ko mo in Clib iij^ly 
uoat ^coui. 

Aftor thin. Anil nfimo tether bwtrnctioiit ond miitnnl on-loannonti^ 
QTiTBe pTCflAod tc bo pno ; and thow two fnn^l fric^aJH wero «oia- 
pelbil li> ffunlor* with a promuK on Horrya purt of a ajxMdj 

for «onc thnc nftet bu nrnvid nt tho mnnsion bomo. Uury 
•ppMired Iborrvhtfol find m'UAtly ilvj<s?l4"i. vt-hkAi iiu-y H»*Til>od t« 
hw pirting niUi bla olrl fn«Dd ; but HHiry hiul »f'h«mcr« In bla bood 
thftt thoy woro [ittio tbTo to folbDm or giu.'A at. Hnvintr po»p«4 
■boat far mmv Um*\ ho found a knifu in v windov. whLoh ho 
ia»tnntly fr>irA| iipfm, nnd tlicin «to!o np^ wltJi jUI poniLlilc piivnoy, 
to hk it|uHmctiL 

Tlien- \w >tri|ipnil hrmtu>tf ^n n hurry, ht\'\ f^Llliiif; m oiLi^kTy to 
vorfa, Iri^fLn tn out nml rifi nnJ ithiI awny ih>k UoIh]^ cir ht« nul^ 
without BiitLrlng (iltlli or w^un. Wlifli' ho wj?i Ihu* hi tJus hait 
imd v«Ty luidilld uf bin buHiubttf, bu lioarxl bimefulf rv^HHitwUy ctdled 



<m tin «tiu;i^ nnil hiarn^ng on hv- ch^t» tv a^^j tti« ■BttWOW t Bl> 
rna ilovn to tha ivtrlcnT, vhh half the trimining* hnjiKiDg la 
frittDra rui<l Initfra nboLit him, 

Tbo droll and Ttr? vxtnMrHinHry ftt^m tlntt h» <tii rtniolc «n 
ttw coiapaii/ !>Lbo Titter AnuAJv^nictil. Hariufi piaoii on blm for 
wont) tivo in a hind of Mlcut «topoT—Wh}r, Iflorrjr, cHott 1117 UdTt 
wkLt> 4U ttiM fbr? Vr'lio alrfttMiToii, m^r oliitd— vbo pot joti in 
ifctf pfa^klo? Come faltbi^r, «tirt t«U mo who ^oflod jraor olothoi, 
1 k\m. tnndain. Ycm did, wmh, imtd mj Udj-, ffiring ujn % tkak9 : 
ttr'l tiftw flnw 7<>a iqkitl thein ? Whj, li«mUB» lh*y wuitsil to Bpoll 
mn, MJ*! Harry. And wht» toM tou thoj WfFull apod yoa, «lmh? 
1 won't tell. 'B^t^^ HHrrj-. TH l^y a wajftr, cDod my Iwly. it 
^a\ llinf. nid mpiJi wilti thft t>oft^l; Imt 111 liHvn Urm vhippod 
ftir n TmI nnrl a uitAir out <if Ihc nirjuh- T'nny, Eny ^ti^nr. If paticTkt 
« litth% **^ ^^ lordtlitP, nmir tii>T>.<. FTniry. nml TfII n« 1ti«< trath 
ftoatly, ukI no lumn tluktl fiH|nKiii u% voa. or yi>iir djid^t with ihe 
bwtfft Ciiiif, vpcijik. nh(tt tmll itjil h[? find \klTh joiir dotlirn? 
Wlijr, air. lie tAid tlii^y n<iidil ivihui tjit^. P^d-iob juu. my dpur ; 
pmy, huw w[i# rinit? Vi'Uy, nt. Ik* IoM iiw Ultra wvA li litUo 
mq^icr oi11i>il TI«ici^W. mtiL hn mm 4 iidjHiCj ffoo*l lioy, and VM 
cclJ and huiunr. <^i>i^ elmord naked, uii3 did not matkr >o w be 
ctrnM do r<HjJ to mrry lioilj , and orerj body lorff) 1ui);i wilh 
t\\ lliidr Uvu-i. And ilion. hv told m^ ho fot n mls^ty finn co«t, 
And looked hciv jinil lookod ihi-rt^n And niEnilfHl iiolbbir^ tmt hia 
Mint : imd how his cont poitoncd hiiD« nnd ivould nM lot h;m do nBy 
moro prfid. Hfiil Tinv all ibQ hoy» llicn hnt^l him, ahiI ff^ruf^d hJm, 
rfr—Mid hftv-^I hBlEftvo thfttln aJI, nlr ! 

U«r& my loril and Lai^v took sai^h a vhmh of InucbJn^ lliat ft 
wrui onmo titno liToro iTi^y ooidd ircoviir: vih^o Hnrry [<KkkoO 
ftlulio<i and dJicoiKcrtoil, But ray loriJ rocfklloctiag liiiu««U^ took 
tho clnld tm 1j« kn?o. imd wnmly pnwnig him to hi< boaom— 1 
ntvatt t4>l] yoL]» my HArryH nn^il lui. Ijow yon kt* 4 mifhty |p)Od boy, 
•Ad bow ycmr dadn wJiti % \<^Ard U a znltr^ty pud dodi^ nnd hni 
tckid yon all ttiat ii« rieht 4nd true: hv^I Uut I will k^ niyH*1f, onn 
or tlimn dnya, hnd 1)iiiiiilE hhn In pf-rwti. Tlmrik yon, fiEr, puyn 

Vfiill, HpLrry, wM niy kml. T jimmbo Ihjit iw onu dinU inioin 

i^pu &i;T innrv yiHh mv i^^nnoiit Wlii.iri>ii|in]i Knolhcr mfw nnl waa 
mcTKiULitely apimiijInHl. of h klnrl ilint nhnnid t«ai T19 voathor ; oor, 
ill ('/i»p nf i]ift or fljiaii;^^, dntw upon Uury tJio nooDliiunit or 
a'trmtiiJlJod* tit\iii* iiwiuiinh. 

Jnit na dinner ima wrrcl tp. Mr- Mtokly^ cntoroil and tork IiU 
ftCJll Ho Gtme in orlof to concilintu a liTe ditTcrfncu bctworn tho 
C*rl and Sir Slmidlnli ^latnly; und In IIiia h>' t'mvl im ntjui^nct of 
diflicnilv, aa my tnrd viut by natni-G of a kindly ili^pcpfltitm, r-nd 
TOt^nliv'd no irjoro tiiiui n ftr?rt odvnnoo to bo rrcoQciloJ 10 any maiit 
T>tinng tlio cnicrbiLnRKinl Ifany Iwpt hii «yat fiiad en Mr. 
Mf^kly; and, jv ho(>ii m Iha doth ttna off. hc roeiCT wool orer to 
him, tuolcQd lonilly In hU Glcv, and toi^k hold of his hand with tho 
fuinil^jtrtTj cif on old ncqnointjutCOi. 

Mr, MivLly fluiiT my km!, m nn Himy payi yon n very par^ 
tSL-4ihLr and vary dcwrved tf<^inpUnB«Bl ; be pw» mo in mhid of that 



■orl of ittflind bj vtiioh 4 tCnogv ^'^ ii alwnvn tfm to rlivoovDr, 

Ion!, Mid Mr^ Mu'lcly {<nrT?siu^- ilio dillrU, 1 hnov not whittlwr by 
iottiivt, or t>y wIihI f\ihvr iiimirt, 1o <.>43] my Own Ceolfrjfjy; bnt 
oorlMkk Lt i^ thjii Uu» flnr ninmnnt I mw )itm in hU llllt» ppHAuiit 
prtlifnftlii. f fonii'l IU7 ht^iui BtniTiglj jiffmctf^l U^VAnl MiD- 

Iii a nhijii time rji; UJjr mtinM with Ihe cLiMtvu, ami lofl iha 
fwrl Hint >Tr. MtH-kljr ovi-j u UoupnEato Ihtllltt. Mr, IklLirklv, miM 
oqr JonI (loUus lunt ctmlkHr hj tbs hAUil^. I nijoiiu «t llti jul- 
tBidap» of Qor late HCqiuiniMM^v, or ratlivf I rvpln':- thai it uiu 
Ml Mrlfor. I ia irrCAVf^ intcrtnif^rl. fir. [ii n^inif jt»« a Cpw 
qiMrtkttM^ if I tl^oiifbt 1 juicrtit do it witlioui offoui-.c. Are ^nu fuij 
waj einiteao*! m jvui dix-iitnrrrHCMV? N«, mj lurd. LSul nculd 
jpon not irftb 1h«in more oEllo'iit — woqI'I ;oa not wiiii, Uuit your 
TCWC^ «f dvW fcood irati vjorc cxtcnBirc, umitc mtfvcmblo i4> tlio 
MMFVoUtiov of TOOT own icic^liriiitioiw? I <KUknot ttij that I wouH, 
1117 lofil I havD apvflrda of Bovon bnndrod Orjcsjc diur iDoaxoa: 
tM thiit b oosMilvMUy mora Uun J bavo oocuoon to Mpond. It 
yr^ii U SibbUoftUt npUod th« fttri, T«n iad#l£ott« to mtn, that 
I aSL KidTj for jtm proapoHQr; und jvt 1 find that 1 shoulrl hstvtt 
baw bi|ipr in jour dWtroMv &n 1h« prmijr il uonM liato KiTcn mo 
ta iwm. ti> AbKpL jfi». I wfint A fiiAii'l— T wnnt )ufLt iiilt^ri n fn^'nil 
Q* Mr, Mi^i'klj • tavl I knnv oj no pri*^ at whifh I wimjI'1 m<i» w^wJ^y 
imn^htw farm. My lonl. I nm j<iiir^ fri>r1y. nflcdioAAlrlv foqrt. 
«f4]ii>ul fro ur comlLliur]. Sir. i>ijiimM my U>n), u 1 flTirl tlint I 
i&mkcil miikit (Fill 4 rit.l»> T<] )'r>Lii- iJ/iitJiiil^r ntldu'hiin>ikt, I mri ivtiifiNtt 
to bo ttk^i hiti> Ihd ^'tiLH-Al rirvlo uf yuijr lK^n('V{i1cn(ir', 

Tli« wvrlil. Mr. Mri.<L1y, ItiiuJ^ jil^i tl^^ luipijiMt uf iiiuu: Ultnu^ 
In iQjr faiuyy, iu uif fiii-iuU; wIiIj lirdlhb, IjuijiriK*. nllWiutv ; «iLli 
tbo pome lA gmif>u^>: «ii?iy ^li^ili Uut Iluuimi Tiuic^ cnii fcimi. 
DqC okfll my MikaUi^iria ato vvty fiu' fmu HlQnuinK theit jatlg^ 
moni of Umm mikttoA; iumI I will rtr^rnc yoiii' mlvii^, yoar oou- 
■olntjan, if yon «uk «flbpl it, by loihttooajing nijoclf to jou without 

Wbca I ittiect <ffl my fait Jlfo, I look en many Dorta of it ititlk 
repuiu&oo^ adJ oq ttw «holc tritli regret Not thai I vijilh tJiii 
n\nn of plvacwa tb^Li I now tittqdM, or of yo&fi vpciil i& 4 
muUbVT tlut rtttno aad commcpn-conto tmiai «c|UHJly ^^ipprovo; 
but t UD (LniT*d at my eviMung of Ofe. iiko a fjiortanAa who, 
bjLrjnf Irfrfvt Id jntnmEt of giun* aj tiu J^y, tvtiinw Jiomomrd, 
nnoirfal, futij^qcd, uvi dlaappdntiKi. WiCb mwj advuilaga that 
oanld gmli'y dihvr ptj vanity or my AppotHc*. I caiuot affltm 
that I t-\fr tAKfd'rl rif miA rti^ymi>nt: aii>l 1 now ^«U |utr<«<ivv 
that I liiu kr<i>t Irrjm hnln^ mluniMn, merely ity ariinBAmnnl HmJ 

Aa I hail tlie DiiAfgrlmio to iie lK>ni to n tlUo hHil a vnai eatAtc^ 
bH pooplc ri9|)ooto<I fa mo dw [ow tw don of tbont otfjiira ^tilch 
Uwy thcutfelroB ycvtv in punaJt of. I wju miucqacntly boact with 
«yixi|diaiiU Hiul ilocvifom of al) «orta, aiid tliurabj Uaui«d Irom my 
inbacy to qnaroidabk prfl!D<iici^A urranv and Tain ffrtfaoatm i:tr 
atary thiufc- I ww* sot ootunJIy ill-^ispcaoii but I WDa ptrpetiially 
lOdOm fioiu ali zuy Uuitur t«iiiIvijno«b 



BolJi mjr turrntc dliwl Iwfbn- 1 ftrriveil tX tiiiwu ymrt whrrfilTi onr 
Iftwt mIIi^w iif n»/ lltlu to lilncrvtkdt, T h^fl l>itt orie limUH-r, Oh. 
ilui (btftr hf L'tlji^r. Imw nuhy lit^liH hn hivi riMit nio f I wiu< t.ittlrr 
ttuot him \rS J0«>iit *«vrii yiMin: luid Ihii ilIf^oHlj iff inir HifP. 
lOinHlwr witix 11j» vtvVAtrui: h^ilJuti uf uiy biilliH^it. |i[»vv lUd tliv 

him, Thi* lUDtitoJly prcTculod Outt coidj^itr, Ihat ijnJtotiiSf, I 
Biinr my. hj whiuli bntlbora »haa]il t^ O-'m^^nt^^ ilunair Oivir mi- 
Qonly. Anil hlicn oar Kii'LnliAD, u T ilicii jnd^f'il, lubl tii> for 
beimjrcd liu tnul m iA binJ mr brotbcr iipprcntKc to a tmdor, 
ud tluiri>lTy t« fkipriTo Ijint of ilII UeI'j 1ij ^^iniiliiy, I loQk^il iih<i]i 
hlui M 1 bnuii'h cut otf fri>m ttto tainilf trcn ; uul, on my Uu>aglibi 
Abunt hiTn ^Forg Ekccompanicd by ajltlumi or du^uot, I fujitroro to 
nuLkii uiy iru^iiiry t^riTiOfimiiifj: him. 

1 nm h]>t i<> flunk, [xc»wov*ir, ihiit ho wa* no! cqufllly Dnnotuml 
on hi* |iart ; but. hoAriu!^ of Iho <]i-vi.>UTt« lifv 1 lo<i nn nir ri^Torn 
ftnm trAV»l, tio inkjclit jitntly ik<('tTi m** tirmorThy <if hJH Hi-tiitiiiiiUiiOA 

PuriTij: tilt timi* of my [nTliiimy uELh b(w Ule innjt^ty, and the 
mlftjflt-ini of hlA plwwnri'^ nml pi*li'*y, n luirvjml lima^it itia wnrd 
Uuit a psntlimifto, atlfinrl'id by :» nnmlHtT of ^hn prinj'Jiuil rltlyrn», 
wuitn] fur lUQ In my uiLoHuunber ; ufiert-upoii 1 piiu cirdeiB fur 
tiic^ir iinfiji^rlvbto iiLtnirlui'linit, On IIieiij ijjl.iiunv. [ hha mv TiiIIj 
Mrni-k ukh iho ikii;u^]iE'ti of iJinir iirinrl]»l. with Il»i^ dri(miiv> L>f 
hid li^oro. tho i)cri>teut-A of hb jvii-ct. eujiI thti ciue of bu mldii^n; 
ttiiil i feU tuysclf djwu to Uicu by n buiJdin) kiuii uf iimliui'tivo 

My lof*i top lie, wo como to mut upcm you in tlw nunc of tho 
Ypry n*p[.'o'ljiblo body of (ho dl(ft;i» of Law\an\ flOirti infririifo- 
monti hjtTo U'cn laWly nmdo on Ihdr dty-ohftitor, ctud th^^ir iLtvt 
AppUc^ition ifi to ya^t lordnUip, oh tbcy wiislii above *I1 othi^rB, to 
ba obKfcud lo roil for Uicar rodruM. 

Ill*}- have boon vofT dlMroot, mU I, ID thoir cboiM of Ut A^ 
TOCrtb). I'livir (icTJiAn'li miut bo <^xoTbfUiil lE thiiy ItuI of tuoooM 
ntllo you ojo tholr twlir-Jlor. 

Tliu pjippr, prooeodod \%a. »Qtun« « fbor dotiul of tboir rigbti, 
nnd ftnfTronohTn»«nt» that bavc Ix-en ruwto Ihermii. Tb«y ftm MH- 
idlilo of your ImvUblp'v Intaifat vlth hli nu^jMrly And tbn mk^trv, 
and thoy hnmbly potjtfon for yonr favnur and buppy iEiHiwiuw ui 
thoir behiiir. 

Withuiit yHni-nv T ivplii^l, or hiny lixluronkfint mvo tlmt of your 
owD t L^cjLitvi Int nvT hut knciw iiliAt T liiii tu (Uk, mid 1 ftliiill tlUnk 
lujA.'lf hilly bouorired lUid ubtJtiwI l-j juiir luuiiii^uiiLh. 

My lord, W i-jijiu^ut, I th iH?t wbb tu brttii> )t:iii Inio nny ml^ 
tith?tL or unnicnJciJ t<kmpliU3-in«^ I am bal a tnulpr, 4 dtbm 
of tlw lijw* I urdor. 

I now f^lt myself Muhh N^illi »h,iuio f^l diAnppolntiaout ; I 
MflODtod my troinp dwcixcd by tin? dicniry of liif« Lki^iKumncc ; and 
I WW mcro pttrtioiiliu-ly jibin^^d by (]|i- «iiniii<lWl kind of Aoilo wilji 
whiob ht alo^orl hU dockratJon. All oonfuwd, 1 locikod down, and 
pr*t**tii liyl |ij ouiit my tyoe ovor tlir iKiixr. m ord^r 10 ^in tino 
for rocolioctioo, iJ«viri|f, at intQivulA, iuutt«ivJ & Itrvf word*, viicli 

Tsa FOOL OP njjAhsrr. 




v clurfcra^ icnnt*. prfrllqc''^ tuimu^Mn^ and m fnrlh^T lun not. 
inM Ih ajn»(i»'riiy ti llip lAvmir nuilw of tih-ii : pm-r ii-njiir runst Ik^ 
iLUil (bf^ir vcrrliv, im nrll u fniliurilJiiijII*jn. U niH'iitu;ry tfk Km^Aljr; 
but 1 cfiijfuB 1 wnB AJirnirf ftmrl nf lliuv hUTnpiuiLij linn tlinl ooo- 

Uj lord, njv tc, wttti Uio meet ewry >JixH |tf>iroldrc mworLCcro, 
when you rJiail t< |il>^ajuHl to look down frum Iho mrDvrioritf or 
70«r vUtkiD, aibi 1^ oonafder thinj^ tatA ponwiw oDconluiK to iWr 
meriki jmi iriU nol iIm|iho >otci<4 morol; ror Iwlof; of nso to othcnn 
ThowMtlh,fn>4p^rit7,ftndt[nportukooof nn thu world hi* fouuiled 
and orortctl en llijr^o Ihintf pilUin, tlt« l*iu,vui of tho ^and, 
lb<- MkKFFACTrnES, uid Uio IitEBcnAXT. Uf tJiic«C| ^« tilitr i> 
na|)p<«*4 to l>o ttif loiut rai|Motji]}|A. u h* r«qnD^«ia tho tra^t of 
gmw. faiTfutioQ, Of Addraii : ami yoi llao plcughimin THptoboins 
wu woi«hf|iiicil M « Kod, mhI Uio pJodglmiiiii C^^(<i^rL^tall >it vtill 
hoM tn m M^h smam oii U17 pacr of U17 realm. iup» thai of 
Grvtt TtritAin, 

1 lmvt< kiiii^n, hitd I, u moli f>f •iiirh ic^hlv And dlctnlorEt tiuimv 
wh.U *linf[vrnnji ni tiTnps. 1 tthi»1 I* livn In t*>11 ymi, mlclT, that 

1'li«i ri-rjk^ iuid onkn Kd tni^n arn now apfxiiiitfu) niiil ttrmwn, 
uitd oDv (l('i¥trtnicitt niiifit t>ot prtT^unio I0 br«k iiL npmi imrjtjki^r. 
Mj bokcTi Intbcr, lirower, biikbfir, batter, hixa«r, via bulor, ar« 
SDomatiniubl} of oitf, iboij^i I turr^ nul Itio hotMMir of Ulojf «■> 
quliitod ^tb ODO of them \ and hJih4.-rlo I ti\ti- dt^Q^led it suOiirifTDt 
t<) vend ny strvn&to to <^ntcrt«in ^n^l julj IhL^m liioir bllU, wiibout 
ftisdninir Ihcrii tr a iMt-.i-Lt*. an m- pn'^^nt. 

Bo now ri'jciincil, wi:h a liltio witmith — Wj- lofil. wr> pardon jonr 
iodbUoaor m cionjfiilorjfctikju of your error, lb".' vr'ifirahto lK*i?y n<*w 
prttMt ThlErht l>« *flmit1«tl to a Ut*-^-iMt vttii thu l^nt mUU of 
tfdt ktog'loin, vifhout lui^ c^onilMvcnaon 00 the nu-t (»f m^jc^ly. 
AikI, troQld you nllov joorwlf to k« cinly htforruvil, I «hoQld Kxni 
nutko Ton Hnsiblo Uut wo bmo Hctnnlly- dano jrou tbo ho&oiir 
whifh TO intended by (hi* rivir. 

Pomft. in& b> r^jwit, tfm \\v>\ wojkhh» prcHpAritf. ami im|virtarofi 
of angary tliino: npftn <»Tlh. irlu^ fri>m tfto TiujcUh the IUnufao 
TtJHJlB. onrt tlit* MirHCHAVi' ; nrul fliitl. u itoUdnc U Inilj nUinitblo 
WITO En proportion tiJ its uUlitjr. thw* «rrr f-niinciiuniUy vnry Qix 
frTHn triiliiff rtintwDDiltilfi dmnHnni. 1h*' idliT *ujf[>lio* iJjp iniiiiU' 
ftrtiL-prrp Ini! innuuMctarTt MipplieB Ihu mL-o-'biTil^ ;iriit Uio iii-nvhuijt 
eujijdiw th'T wciHd wilii aII 1(4 wi^^lk It U tlim that Ludci^tr? ui 

SrtrELLi>(r<L »it« Inivmtnil 4ad hnprorioil, commtroe cxtcu'led. [mp«r* 
(uticB iiuttiJ»ttj fcDib^l* vantB iDndi^Uy nippliifid ; Ihwl «ni'^h ni^ri 
bewnutfO ft utoml nitttsl'Or cf (ocStty: fbit eodotlon licrr»mo fiirthcr 
of ivlrantiffr to Mc^ olbor ; anil thut itnton «ro ctinblcd ti> par oti'l 
d]|niil7 th& nppor vcrronb] wirh titJoa,riob TCTcnuo>^ [iriridiHuitiMi 
kQ4 crovwi. 

Tbo cKnJiant. abovo all, is cxicvmxt^ ccq»c1«tihblo, and po- 
BpoctablCb bj hid oooufution. Jt m liu <4'ho ftirrri^hoo L^vury ooinfurt, 
omtHtoo*^ Hkd «UfUMO CT Ufo ; wlto g:4rrie« olf av^^ry n>'hinrEu]i?o, 


raff root OP QVAirrr. 

vjio flIU up i~rurj M^iit; yiUo H^ ttrxuitry to i^ETuntij* vul clioil 

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D!iTc« bim nn mtcrcft m wtmtever ts tuoo apnn ««rfli ; wbo ftinitfJiov 
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and tbua kniu t»t^ oni: fuRilly, «n<l troa^xa into ooo ¥n>b, ^ 
ofllnitj cuid brotb'^rhood of ull tnLnlGintL 

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ti(Elit tn ililfl nmrf^'T, T Am iii>na1^]i> ihat thn ^nlTfimf'i) of hr^ 
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m&nniaotiirer, oil tbo otbcr hnivl di>p«adi on tbc knd^i lutorcvt 
for iKkthiiw Mro lb« mctti^iiala of htn t^nJt; imd tli« murcbimt b 
wbolly inrUiprindcnt <rf oil Ie^K no*! riilhor, hi? lh thn Lienor*] pfttran 
11i«Tc«f I [uiLirt fixrlhcr oi>9crTc t> your lorrlAip. Uint tbk bcoio- 
&WDt proronidii ie by bO mvuitf ooufinoil to IbdiiidiiaL^ w joit 
vronli Wto It Lajco BOdctica of mwi, luqr, mi^ty luidoDS, lauy 

Wortliy iiurpoflo, M\v^ ant fonuifd ike a Miih vitJiin iJin lAMidi of 
tbo motnor, u coiutitntian mitun the gonoraJ hIjjUj or comtlttiticD ; 
Uifiir pHrtitmUr hiun ■i>d rvi^^ilcitionv nu^ht Hlb'nvit to bo coa- 
fnrmftblfl to th[>Bi> nf Ifiri iiiLiifiiiul Ky^litin; hiid. In tJtiit C<4«e, «i:cb 
ooipomticDH gtrntly pondnoo to Ibo pn*™ nrnJ goofl oMftr of 
ultiiM nutl Lir^ towuHn imd to the in'itciul |k^wlt and proi^niy 
of Ulo n?i1?cin. 

A luiloit ch^t k n uiOFT'ImTit h«t no nr^^d nf jin «xtnnt of tanda, 
AH it tan cluriru Id itetulf iiiil»iBit«U'« from id[ jiirb* trf tbc kIoW^ 
1V>«' WON HfuulcEt ill a uiuili iohud uu Hki ojfL^i '^f rbubiilcb^ aat 
yrrt that f\t\^\n \-X\y i^MittJnoil Itin iitust ffuuhihinj, I'^mbraL Ukd 
poWL'tfiil iiati<m iu ibt* umverao i a naliLiu llmt Iodk WJtbstood iLc 
Viiitoi fuiu:A vftUi: lliue Gnt lUunuxi^kk^ li«»(tL:1it upLitut bar by 
KeSnrftadBon^ ufl Aloacaiylor il^ (3c<^]it, Thi^ Svcn ITtiitotl 
ProriiWM do not contain land mffidoiit for the subnistcnoc of ono- 
tliird <'f tbuir inbabitonti ; but thi'j r^rv a nation of mtixlifknt*; the 
wcirld funilnhM tboni with im Abuuil4nco of clM ^whI tlilupiv; by 
Ovmoieroo, tboy haVO nrnvc^t at cniptru: thoy haro ojvDinod to 
tJioiuMiivuio Uio poindp^ity of tJio 4>f<iiii^ : iinil. by }>oititr lorUit of tbo 
ocoiui, oro in .x racutiuro l<Ci!i>mo tha jtropri^toni of ull Itiiiiln 

tibodlrl ttigWd «ror oj^iu bcr uyui tu Ui>r own intoroat, wha vlll 

Tffg rOOL W ^VAltTY. 


Mkflr iho naain prMfuroaft cuJ «mioMiii^ profic«doa: alio v(|l 
conform to tho c<m9<TUMicc« of bear dliutJcn. Sho ivO mo tbat* 
wiihniil * luwl pr«-«nuii«aD«, aZi* ouinol bo mAi ; bikI Uutb witlu 
oat trmJo, bcr nAf^ powar «aimot l>o nnpportoil H«r ilory vUl 
■lu flo» from iti* Murco of fcer inlerotft* florl ii aul-jwra «iill bo- 
rame tli« h^fflirW fli>i'pm* of h^r JE^-ntty. STi/* flrdl ihHTi flii'J Uut u 
■lng|« Irlnmf^ at lirr fluff will Im mom HFikJInlklfl frt; hrr pi'imjtfrtlj 
thiun the fyini]m«l of Ihr four <'tiiTtiiir*ntH : tliiit h^v tmv^inirii'aii'D hy 
t>ni iwry and flirfUju> hf>r friflitirLru uvur »11 uu^la; uml ibnl 
wutcnitl Enfliii^nof? Ea nitiTnmil ilofii^rjkin- 
Awkc. ray lorrl, amy i^v : rutlvry tony ^imikr: nvw niltirB 

Baj win rktki. ofini]ncron iiuy «iil k(Tijfi1cini» ; Imt all mvh niojuwi 
of acqqincic ncboi aro truultiit a&il ilctrrmmnUc . vrhf\e lulimtTf 
«nd OMQiQimc mo ilio UrttumJ. th» lifiiijc, tb? novoftulini; fuuii- 
Idn; fri>m whfrniro llio vo^hli of thin nurid oun oloao bo tA»Kht 
(o How. 

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of jcmnolJ, tasa joor IcSlowdtit, tt> »tir Jtntuh iiotJ» imd fB^ncop. 
vtto dnnvo their pov^m njul rli^UicA from tlu» «Toaj1ffL»t oxt^ul of 
Iboir kftfl^ {lORnmoiM? Voa it t>y ImrUir hjliI 1>a]'ffnin thjit <iLr 
blvRTdt nc*^ Rf'nrTS ichinvM fhctr conciiici.tia on llio <:nntinvnl? 
or WM it iy poflKn nn<] irujoluiuA. ihiuk rou. Ihjit th« flulda c^f 
0«Mi. PolPtli>ni, tfif! Aprim^nurt iiro rf-n Jcrncl f irrnioriHl ? (So,] txrO' 
ttamec^ ">'>^ «luwhrnt frr fwltna of ycur liLH^gnifltviit gilovancM ; 
weom little to *tur Jy bogm^ but oothinK to isinr-y nxiilf. 

VPofiSIf ftlniitvT fij till* ftivfrtliOt hn nu^, m mn a llArrii i\jv\ 
mvnmfnff rwari ; duvI yMt a vrArv juvnnt^ tind n fAiiv i^knco tJ>At 
*1me l1ri?^>Vli(<n imnr^nn (uEd hci aciiuEra cmiidiucui-hiikoh uiicl 
lori!ii hJuU )iaip l^mitMl fi; WTiiivij flirmfdvoR \fko ir«n^(u< H. I ttu^S 
(to fturh n ono tin iKinunr t^ ot-kiii'nilciT^ ]iEin for Ji brothcir, 

Vtiur broUtorf wrfiuinciJ Jfr. Mctklj— yimr ("lyiliiir, my loni! 

¥<i^ Mr- MvofcWr my Imrlhi^r— my uiiEublv. ujy vcr^ iueiEbLIo 

and liontmniblo trotnor, Jmlcoill Biiti tiunEog <ijiA(i:ii4ituoiihly 
from uiOi bo mibixitlT ^kporM wrth hui «ttcn^njf titiiciiA. 

1 ouiht to IwTc folla>r^l— I oD^ht to bikvo aIaijoJ him. 1 ehoolil 
bftTO blioo ii^oa hk nock; wllb toy tcnn clacT tvircfvi^ I aboijLE 
htTO ^tronff a pdidcin Frcim htm, and not havo nicforizil liim to loaro 
mo till, by tnj wohtaMffta, I \aH\ oVfjuiic^'I ftilt foTiflvciiovL 'J'bift 
bidood, wiM mr flrtt cmctina : but tho rocoUcction cf toy long uid 
aaaotanJ aoinoiTt, my utkr 'lj£r?par*l of 1ii« pvntm cmd »aiMnu^ 
now «ggi»fntod by my bto humnn^ pDrfo^od mo that a toccofe- 
dliotfon on hi* nut vm impoittlbl^ 

t mikaliHxt 4liiii<'{«rHvn(if]. HmL (rn^iitlj (ttstnrboil, I folt utrii whnt 
pHflc uirl fmrwji-^rt T cViniilit no^^'^hhTft fldOKlvbvtfri^, havr* oonrtfvl. 
luvo cWiHxl thi* LrutJiur Ut qjj licHam : ttct my fnnty rr-iirr-^i nrp<i 
blm aafco tn my anrvv m «1it1rik1ti^ hviI hifnirLif frtmj n i mu'? <lirv 
^iKt ftnd dlHUIn- At Um<* I fomkod a buinlivd H^linni'^ inuiui! 
fDVOiuUgr hla nlTi^tiJiii; but.a£<iiD rpjniJEUE Hu-m im mL'Ilci.'l|m|, 
I«ii(Iwuujrnl (0 ('jjLfHjIc JuyxtT f-jr bin Eum, fy oju'u'dvriiir bin klc 
demmiiciiiT n* rx<^i>rfilnf; fktltjr, ajiiI «xijiviaIvi* of 't i1b<(iisiriuL ta- 
nflbrU4y proud tmd i^rerbcRnu^ Uy Wft* ludooil, aciuu^^tvili^Hd 



Ii-Trtf vflrj Inwly ho ir,ui In hii pi-t^nri : Imt iiii> mpvrUMv\ty of hta 

thiit wiM fnif /ikoiri'ih^-r *»i ^'TiiUnfiil 

All -.luy 1 kt'ift iiij (uinrrjni^t-, In ili^iiliqiHrini At mj lirnlhnr. m- 
Mlf NHfl lJ»o wteJil. Thft OfJit tnomlnp ! wjw< fnfnrmft!, that ihi? 
niaiuuiit he IrfL uiu Ld went Ut llu? DLir^lilcrr. wlii> un^aKwl- at liix 
fiutarLCO, W hum v^iy ^iavatica Uuil hu uJuijiUiiiuit uf rvilnvfvl 
to It* vxtcnt ; that Uw Edinbtcr had (LTtorwnnlt iiitrotlnonl litm 1i> 
Iii» Dtnjoatr in full Innte Hint like biac; h^kl )un^ id hmi aa^ funt- 
Umt oonrtcmtlon, and tbat all tbi^ i^i^iirt ivAf> ptf/ruo of tbdz ftd- 
mlmtiAn aivI pcwm of Ur. dinton. 

Thn fiW? WW frosh mAtt«r of triumph to (um, and mortiHr'Atifiri 
it lEic- Jt y/n> now «vIi3cDt that iti^ L>ro1.fir:r'» aiiplimtlon to me 
VM ifttcrd^d iDfToljr lo da mi* pcoQliar hoiionr ; nni m rctiUTi, (Mil 
J lo nijTtt'jlf, 1 \u\w t)n'\vi\v*>MTM to rovur Jiim with i^tififiuion ftfiil 
dlAgTAOO. Vot, vlki<EL 1 iniilonU^irl that hn L)kL <IiA(JiUTwd 1o itjvi>* 
ij<A mo M bw brother, or of hiii btoa^l. 1 nju HomoH to -Jf^rive 
lovlro from nny Hnini of HlTiiiiTv wtUi him; and 1 rur1hf>r folt 
that I iWd not f(?r^T4 bSin iha rD|iroflchoii which bo cdurtmlnod 
mo to ^vt< myttAtin hin holuilf 

Fitnn lliftt tlmt^ T \ne>k fTwit |mTri4 lo ilf:4hipiilj? or AMp|inDA Ih^^w 
nnitfucy uptWRtlwiw wblrh tho mmcmlimnix' f\t him pnvi^ nii". I3ut 
bftf^r T tiiul DtnrriAil nnrl rctlrcnj from fh>* ^Inrr lUirT hiuTl4> uf tliL* 
world : firiil Hionr |BiriSi."iiliirly tn itir liirlh <if mj flnt ohiM whwi 
1117 hoiTl EiiL't oiilirroil liirn ii twvt *i|4liiTti <if ilnri^i'Ki.Lc. rii>tiii|£ii, thk 
dciir liTOlii*-! ivtumod whh floiihlft wrij^ht hjhui my inlud, V«t 
Us tl(M wdB uu tuiL^r ui\-unr].i]Uiif^() ti}" viit j or mvriuueiit^ bul by 
uj jiflcctionptt^ HiJtl nwixiti thijuirh iJAiiiiutr. itriuorw^ 

I iVTQEo him a letter full nf |ii:hiU'iitU1 ^ulnt^liiAiiiiu, vid <>f tcndcT 
ACkI atuuiui; prajom for patJun ami rfciiiK-ik'Uu^JiU Itut. nliAl 
mjr moftaotifffiT njturruyl vilh tidirnt* ILkI. K>n»^ y:tii-* i-jf^ he lifcJ 
vfthdnim from tfodc, had rptrrt-l to FtniLi^^ cv Jlirtlimd, hftd 
drtMod <i1 ooTToapoiLiIoiio<, otiil tluit no coo ia Kn^^luoJ knaw 
irhfltbiir bo was d«Ml nr olive. 

Ah, my brcitJicr! my dear brother! (I would often rep««pt lo 
myMlU bu «Lny rvrone of forhme happt>ucd t^ yoo. my br<ilherV 
■nno oomontlo cnlaialty, aomi? bAATj ilifltr^u, j>i>rha{fA7 and no 
broth&r at hjind 1< coqhoId cr cJiiLro roar cifl1ii7tloru- Itetuin to 
tnn, <!iv1d* my hcwrt, <lirji.i..» my foHTin*". with nw und mlnnl 
Alu^ vntdi V\it I run T vau kiif>w luit tliiit yiHi Urivi a hTuthor, 
one d«Bcnr{n|f of thnt naiiii\ Yuu Itrion not thnl thii bcKDm of 
flfnti In now h 11 til It 111 21 '1. Jim1 Tiinlliil rlnuti fn llu* r-rvfrnr nf tdT'Cw 
tlon lowjiTvlii you. ^OH JmlP it^o. y\in (trajii^n inn. my AirxUibk' 
lirotliL-L'I How. now, *bm T nuik^ ymi *rnKil>li> llint my ipart fa 
fidl fif your iwn^t ttt eMUMn, uf n-Dd^nwt lovrv for tnf Loraly 
Iffury ninWiii *. 

I lu^nliL Hcnt crtlicr locaMEiLgDn In March of Intelhtrcncc. cuid t>">* 
etireil lutk^nf iv> the bankem and mernhiuiti of prindpal note 
nbrmbl : tiTjt nil lay iKitidtiidos and inquirtvt w^ra vqually fmltloiL 

Tho cricf that tliia ocottriomd £nl (ousht me to refloctt ami 
KWl e tJinrlo ovur tho lutre of «TefT olijcct abont ne. The worM 
no more appeartd ai that vorli vbluh, TentiArty, h<vd hcM oat 

rif*: rovL or qi-jut/. 


bippliMM to dthcr hjmd. I na lontrtr bi^}i?]d It thrtjiij^ tho Ti«<r- 
ffkectfro* «f curioRlj «r joutk'Til Joi'x^ I hurt wcm oirt nil il» 
j^^m; i hwl GxluiDvl^it nil i1« ili'li^ti; tor lav It biul uoUifng 
mora Id promin cif li&«l4^- ; and ;ct L uw no Icttor prwiioot, 

bliuutfl 1 tank t& T^iiffiai\. k Ultlo ol>«T\nl]on Unghl iiM, Ihflt 
tli4 doT^tcoB ihomiti^lTcii irerc ^nnn ut piimiit of fljcL'tJt uf whfL^h 
I wu lirorl ; iiwti thpy w*rt' sliM niT|Ji.vl to lt»fl |iH»il*aift aJiil 
4lMfrM of ibo vurbl ; and v«fi' no Wfif tc lio cUntrTtpttiJiorl from 
other nk«n. «m by pn uiuodotito mMTVf, or gbam^ ml of 

jOIiy I \>niiirft Ut crmffv to xrin, Mr Mn:<*ktyH 'l*ri>. *t tTtnm* of 
laj ^Icipondcnri', 1 cUrinl to ciOl ih-r jimJi'i? tuiii *Lvi<aH of Omni* 

Hi}«r it JiH it UH-tii* K- »Urii1, Eiii1i-tH'iiiU-iLt nf any uiJuft, imil uo 
one UvJne con maij^D ^ jjiiiflv cm) ur imrijciH^ fcv yiIJlU It CouU b« 
mOfd^ Ittm U^ n<>?n u fhtir f^llciw itiwct?; iJirv n'si? tu )jfi.\ 
•<i4rt tlioir tin«iui»^iLlJS auil fltilU-r hIiiiuI 'liutiiK llio immnior of 
didr Uttk pUHtui ; then drt>op, dfc ftwa^H iiai) ii-ro fliK^coLlt^d, uul 
flDCCM'lorl in iiiAi^iflt^jint mtnlioD. Lvoii lliu l^nof^t huuifkD CAto- 

d Doblcf fate or O loiter <!unLt^o]; :|f the tatglifjcst lllm^< <md 
tAtions parish 1ft« imliridnAb; in odo Uof vo rtiOfE liioir hi»- 
lory, vi> mimiru Ihoir ucliiitr^mKnU, Wfl nw inlcmolflil in their 
mkoaomm, tui, protect t> Utt ncxU an4 no moro ihtat « ndino U 
toA: tho KLht^Thn and Ktattylacn of ^lin ore faUtoii tb« I>pui4 
ft&d Ath«ni of llr««04 «>« ni.1 tnt?r«i; hud ib^n nicmiimimti that 
pr<naiffMl to okhirft to ctamlty, nT>> orauxt tiltc tho mount of uiid, 
vtiich ycst^rdn; th» cbtldrcn at<t up on tlu^ tJiorL^ 

W1kf>n T bonaM ibJg btomikIou*' «xpimiui^ in vLnnptnoniJy ftiiv 
niilicd irith (t profoilnn of plMicti nivl Uiminnrn's, rcvcilvinp In 
■fificdnted ooanvH. nnd dlTondf^nL; rhv KrurmM. T km* ii nurk lluit 
b ftllOirellifTr wrifUiy of n f^iwl, Aipiln, yOiih 1 ilw*.*Nid U\ iwrtli. 
Miri IfK^k [ihrotul ii|HH» Tilt liiftnlti- proilnr.iUMm uf miturii. U|xm 
prcviabns » omf-lji tui-t^i^Hiii: to thr bUfits or every Uy'iuj: bviii^:, 
■tul on oVJ<x:ta wi'l oruuifl bu Hui^ly TitIihI 1i> t^ucli otb'T* I trnvtr 
4 coudUoIoiI muo m ^IhIoiu. iomiLy. fiinl Ih^lcioU-qiv, But 
^m vim 1 MV nil thcno bi»atic?5 uul bcocnis c'ou»rcnL<tmI Vy w>aiv< 

^^B adlWM mil ilMtnictivp I>tiD(Jii]o; wlirii llto LiavijIl- loitlf^r thck 

^^r <i«idi ami roll their tbundor* a^toro, and the c^irtli bet-ins to qiuLk<< 
V uul open bonMtJi tuv ; ^Limi the that Kpmoi) bo Intv to bo Uio 

I hrarth taS Mm of lir^, ;.-Tcm« |in^irnri»l witli a ^oriiity of p«l9^ 

f pkenca, ftftd poiiKWM : wh™ lifi* tbwlf ix frim-! to bo no ctlicsr iUim 

I tbo ttortJuiUBa or hnbitttion of donit, anl t!iat all loj^irbiLile ftiiiE 

I animal lyvUiaB itioludcs wlthm ih^ir rnnri^s Ibi^ piinokplu ol iJi- 

I oVltaUo dlftoniiMir and ilintolntion: vLmi* ikrIHttionat to all ihviiv 

I natural miiohf^ ] corwidar (Iw tit««l ntid ciTtjiio- nf moml ^vit 

I Qpon «ar1h : vh4«u E liehnld the wretch«<i iHr^h.itilc iLboH-lltDd 

^^— onlinal, eolUd mttn, for tho v«lu« of Mmo mntr^T or pruprrfj nv 

^^^ kWipwlM: vhnn, tTOt O'lntj'.m ufih ih^r f^vlbi that nftmn* hrm nn- 

^^H tailM upnn hltn, nuin cicrti aU hb tulontfl for miilTliJylng uid 



ipcedias tiie mcMui <f pcrdiUim to hua : wbco J boa bolf tbo 
n/tM qmlmd in puiUnff ^« othar halT Ernu Uia v«ti^ of rrxbt- 
nMt And uoa dr^irpiti^ bftor 1b ut aniUoHi tnccowteo of iumJO' 
Toiraeo and muoqr. 1 Lvumoc potfUilj rootmdk cnidi oimtnuti 
AJiil onttruilidtoM to thu a^otj, or «vod panmaioii, of tbo ono 
oTor-mStfLg prlndpb of goodELOtf ttU«d Gcd, 

CouIlI Dot Omnittonw fortvw ■noh oouequocow u cnaUon? 
UnquGAtJOQnMf , mM Mr. Metttlj. 

Might hn not Lura ardof^d Btftttirts ft), AH to haVA [vraFanM 
the jtondlillfty of dtiy rU'^^ms of naluntl or TnonJ evil fn hm Qtd* 
t»™bT^T tUidk b<i itifk'^i> my lorJ-— Why dU\ li« rmt Mjl-h iirr- 
TViit tlmnt? bi wkii£ iviJ I'oiiM bn i)i>nuLl nn^ multi^illinl rnalrt- 
ToliaiMi mill minr; niuoajr lib ormturc* ?— For cnJi^ w^rtAJnljr, 
mj liunJ« lufluiUfljr wgrllijr IjuLIl uf his ihrisluui &nd hlti pHnlnusi, — 
I BQ dodtou It iboDM bii it<> i liExl vjuiiivl ixmcolv^ counut ivadi 
ILo VBT or mooiw of oomiiiuniDs nui.<k nn luteatloii, 

Oui jou nut Mipptws ttud Mr. MooUr* l^l l'viI loiij be aflisitteid 
lor cccoTitnliiiLinj; Ibe |iTe*t<rr «&d toorc iilxuiTUnt fo<Nl? UtLj 
not p«rtiaf And tomporarj taaIcvcloh» t\JtA ihImit be ftnaUy iro- 
dqotar» of ludvonnl, duniH«, oni tinchan^scublo utf«UtU'lo? Moj 
ftiTt ibo udTono, «T<n iiow, tio in tb« iivniea of tmviijl, <i UJ^our 
farmdia blrdi,«iuh n blcdBodcoomminaboii? 

It wrO| ivjoinail tha cttrl« aa our ShitkMpaan tny* — it woro 
fu^lovd a I'ODAainmHliou <lov<>ut1]r to bo wi^^d t Bui hticUl not 
OmnlpcrtniLQO hara timn^ht Al^at a (WitiiinaiiLtlcm <H|tKilI^ i;ikh] 
wilhODt any {ntorrantji^h of proocding <-vl] Y^IIiul thiit Icon pat^ 
fS\tl*f, ny lori', it wuhM unqm.'flli'rti'ihly liinv bviin ^Ef'jiJloJt But 
if o«rliUa rflUllooiL lu-inrt Iw-twi^fn Ut"! nji^i lila cnuititmi, itwi !»*- 
tvpm tnnti on-l roonn nhioh fouH not oriita ihlto on ttic picvioiv 
(ni|tjhi4iTuifi Hf f.n'il. viflntiil \«'hir1t. m^kyril, riHtUvr Hv* aitnhiiU'4 of 
<i*>t hJmnnTf, Twir ihfl (Tiaii:!lrkni'y, d'ipi>niiftnM. ar olilij^lifln ct tim 
•frrttiirr. caa\A hiirr li^rn rfiily iHwovmhlo thnwigtaaut eUiniUy; 
tliwi T*'min>nLr}' ♦'vil TiH*rtrtn.'*i mHU^ii''rmiUlj nvt^ttKOTj In tin* lioh- 
■C'lmiLLO imit i^iiihLi?riiijrilit>ii of 1li<i |(i\ui.r^Al. jfMud. 

Viiiir nolI(*ii, fTKcliiirm^il tiii? c^iH, iii grrmt, flmiixin^-, tmljr k'liiriijnei, 
BDiT wvjj vv4> wi/JlUy of u (li)r] u}up, in wil^Ii li aate, vuutd Iw iu< 
ibiftol; mjitliy of uU mir?hip| Ih [hia lliu nvtfioii, Hf. MM^klv, 
that vlut WD ntl Ml ciirhtollV tf<ik fur b luiwLcio to bo fi>iiudt 
ihai no puHion ur UaIv uf iuvpjiiTirdi U to hn buil uifoii nfi^V 

I do mti ^ty fo. my lor<L I lliiitk fL^it u nihn, Tvrn on vortk, 
mny be ooMidoniiny, niiy» -JomM.v nn^l ^-xciiorHnfflj happv. 

Wliati lLiJ)py — imr.ilJj, i^^rroctiini^'Ir jioppj'? JPiK^f'.l Hio Oftft 
I WW told tViit tJj'j fXirf.rijTin^] »i m,-t>4, ^h-vt iiMUp^ijiJij, *ad ovfln 
dittaitj, luJ luriioj wlch RoIoiLi^m En tlii*— tli&t aH ui>aQ outh 
mu ffuu^ txA Tdxallun of spirit. If uijr miiij Dujiiy luLpplcuMa 

pamwlod, Hr. MoakIj^, tlut yoa yooi-volf too tho nun. Yoor 
up*, indoc!, taj noUuc^ <f tb» matter: luit ncitlirr yoiir *jm PM 
yntkr nupfKrl cttQ iwiffmin tbe wcrr^^i-^ii <>f •<*«»!> «xtr;u»filLTiBiy »«• 
liftl abldo* wtibln, UI fciy Acn, my 4!»s!ir, mj- t-tHimble irivtvt, 
wh#nre, how, by vhrtt mr^nn^ mny a tiujr urrivo at lunjpiuwi?— Kj 
gpttJnf out of bintMilf, iny lurd. 

TUB rooL OP QVAirr7, n 

tDflktloii Id Uaism, iuin*tuml, impcjolblc!— God miuKl]', 1117 lord, 
cauaal uiakv « luoii lufjij hi AEiy oiLci v^y. eiUiur b«n: cur hoj^ 

Jt b, aid thD 04rl, an i«titl>littbDi tnaxiin iudciik ft& tbJnklrig 
ia(?Q. vbMti«r ^rian or pMtosoidM-rt, tbat Sbl?-i^i>tk ii tho 
moEJVD I0 «n Imniiui iK'lioTLA.-^Vfiint> f6r^Ul ceoMdhkI ^. 
UookJr. All actiovB ar-> ju.iU; licJd gooit cr «nT, bono or bonour* 
abV«, drtcfftablo OT vcuaLIoi Eoi^relj ttcoording t^ ihutr naotJTcs; 
tui if thr' rnotin Si tiio tttoft to ul, thoro U an vnii, fti <moOi to 
tho pcAibUitj ef vlrtuo— tho ontd imd tbo Idnd, tho biC^fi]! an j 
tbn mll'laoiu^ the pfOBtituto nud iL« patiiotj aro ccofixuLd^ 

Do not >JI (oim, Trttirtic^l t]i« ciarl, net Agronbly to IbiJr 
own propflnutitiii onil i&otitmEJuirt? Do liti'y nr>t iu;t M) or ao, 
BWnqr bociiUiO )t i>U>-tti-A flmcn flu Kt APt? Ami m not this plviwiir^ 
tbo luno moti™ to all?— I^j no mi-jiiM. my W*! ; it nftrnr m'«» n^jr 
€tn Vtt Che nuitivD In any. \Vu mimi ^ a (iiiRiUuii <kir|.cr ta 
dliCOGar 1li« lenmt |irtriE-l|d(i rir itprTTUf nf lOrtJnii, Ofii^ iruui ti 
|>1m»«! to ifo gfirwl, fluo^hrir f» plnundto do ntll ; now, wlurnrn 
u it thai nf'ti £ |hli^juH'fl vltli pLirptBUi la HkIi tmlnre isu op^xidto 

to «£4fMa In OKC^ are u npiKwiU- mhI sa Incwiii'iliLlili; n« tb« 8C- 
tioiia themKira : tlw odd Eh proiairlcd, uixl tJiorcfure |ilcnM^f]^ 
wBtb Ine porp^wc uf dohif cril lo othm thLMui^h votuD hutu pro* 
ipMlof mCemt rr'li^tJTi'liiu; to IdiuJiolf ; l'u> olW i* pivmi^kd Aod 
iparrod, ofid tborvf^iro plun*0"l, wlEJk Itifl riurpctio or cntiLLuirriiuff 
&• ponnn, or nilTtrin^ ia bis fottunc t!irrjii;:h Ifii^ iHjuetolent 
puniest « tho coud tiiat aIulU 11uir>jUy n>loiiiiiI (o ^ihi-ni. 

Iwnire b £t>alf od dTrct, ajlJ c^miiot be tho caiuc, or prin< 
oiito) or moti«Q, to any tiling; it l« jul ftgrtcnbLj accaj^on thst 
intoL Id not Mdnut, on it« blmCd^ or «<iot«mpUtbi^ >A obfoot 
t3hit u Mdtod to Ita noturo. Aj fkr a« tiio DAtvro of «dca on oiuinnl 
It ovi]« ot{I obJMtB («ii bloDo tdT^ct it with pk^onuro I ae f at ns tbe 
DBtare or«i:h:b an onlnuil 5b £Ood, tLo oUJot-U uiiut bo good wboroby 
it* pji;i>«ara nn> oXflloiL 

WhuQ lUmoD vu apal«iir«d. by DioD.riduH of Sjracuio. to dio 
ott surh a <by, bo prvyotl mnniiidon. In fbe inrorfm, lo rc^tlm to 
lilv owTt omintry to vot aw aJiyw of hLa dJjunmolalc f^unily In oridcr. 
THa tlio tynuit IntmcTod nuft i#n^T>U'ri!^' tit Tirri-)«, by pmitln^ 
ll, m |m i-jinivlvi<d, on iTm iiti|KMtibm L-iLii^Kflun of hit tinxiuln^ 
mttat^ ono tn rrmaln m hriaUp' fur hit rv'tiirn, uniirr firLiudTarWtOTO 
ofllft*. Pjlbiiui bvnrxl llu< LMniljIion, iiri'l ttlil not vnit fur ut up> 

StimTjmi OJL Um port ut I>4Uluuj hv irislntilly uOirroil liJiUwlf to 
arvicir In ^Ihoo of bU fdciul, unl Dtmiou wqa Acoordio^ly sot 
at lil^rtr^ 

The kuuc Aoi] all bia oouitiera w«ro oatouBhoi) At dila aottotk 
M tbcy coold Diyl acooonl for Lt on niw oRowod piindplM. Sol^ 
lot«v«t. In thcilt jo'lpvent wm the lolc XDorar a homan ^ffiura ; 
and Ihcy looked on Tirtnc^ frlcTj^HiIp, 1*«ji«toU>cico. Iotc of ooontrf^ 
ftoj Uk' Ukov MA lornifl icTfiiitiiJ I'V tbo vi^n to lm|»ao iip<m tho 
weak Tboy, tJioroforo^ JaptAod tnia oot of PytJuoa tg tb» oX' 



tnmCBlKNi of hh t'lly^ to th» iTi^tV-rt of hc/u1 nu^mly, niifl im vnj 
to urt lirEiii? cjf ^-iMJil qiulllj' of hcaii. 

hj^t tiLiT <;uHcMS(y to vvit IVUiSjib Su lii« rlunj£n>iu Jlavinjr r^- 

trottdiod Hm Tqt tha rimuuidc Atuplcllty of \tim coudnd, and nUi«ii 
im £ar mdio tira^ oa hu maiinMa m prasunuiiic tint Pamoa, bj 
Ida rtrUm. vooltt pmve n* mi4t s fool m TihuMlf— My loni n^ld 
Pjrthloi^ with a 0nn rcplco and noble Mpoct> 1 ■viy\^d it wore poftiUo 
ILat I nifht ffiETc^r n thomand dcullii mUii-r ttiOo nij f^^iri hliouM 
frul In noy ftrtloli> nf hi« honour. Hi i'^onn^l Uil tbo^Vin, ray lor*!. 
I am n« cc^A'lvnt of hk Tirtuo ca 1 am of mjr own oxulon^o- hnt 
1 pn^j^ I Xu-V'H-rU thi.« nd*, to tiMwm the lift Htiii InUgjttf of 
my DHmrm toj^thAr. i^pctf* lata, to wtiid*— j>rov«nt tho ou«^ 
n««« uicl impattoniz^o df Iti« Lotiomiitilo 0DdoiLT0llJ><^-and fufTur htm 
not fo arrlvo UTl, h^' my tlctrlti. I hiivo KflMmoil A lifv ft IhoUMtml 
UmM r»f morn oomf^iifiic^, mnrt fsilmfttioii, than Vif own; mom 
SHtJnirtbla 10 hSit lovoly wife. l4i hh iiTiM-iouv liltlu iTinrhLTnla^ tr> hin 
IH^ndK. to IiTh oounr.r> ! O Umvc me ik»t to i]f» Ui<t wiii«L c^f di^UiB 
In m; DamoFi ! 

Diooj'iiiua nuB umfoundi^^l JUirl nw<td bjr the dlvulty uf thcwo 
wntiuwntH, fljid by llie JiuimLcr rviill uiom Heii[imi<iil{d» in tvhjcb 
tht> w«Tc Dtti:n]<l- Hir f^-U Iuh Ik-jitE. nUiirk liy it tllsi^it n^Ei»? of 
tiiviuKuf (Ji^tli; Iriit it A«rt<:i] nttliisr lo I'uriili'x tliiui i^-i iinilnx^lw 
hiju- lie lirtii-iic^I— to wuuld luivo sjrtkcn; bat bo Itwki^l dumi 
kind rr'Jn:^! m «lcwii:6, 

Tho fiitol tiaj tiirirtA. I'^lli^ut wu looXiK^t fortli, utd wnJkcd 
fLTniflfrt tliL* piard, witU a iwriouB but mtisfitd Eur. to tlio plaoo of 

W^injrimi wto nlrcndy ihut-. Jlc wiw c^cUlcd on n tooT^ni? Ihraro 
timt ^vod dni-vn hy fix ivhitc hr^nicA. ojid eat pensive aiii) altcnti^ 
to lli'T dfimiiiLTYfnir <r1' Hjij |iriH4iri<.'r, 

I'yihiu OLUEP. lio vMiltijJ ll^rUIIy on Iho hjiDoIi); aiid Iwv 
liolifiniT* fiiT' ^nui'i tmip, the upjuir.'lDn of \\\k dciith, bo titmofl 
WLtb a ph>]ui4>rl oiMnu-ivv itn<l jul^ltiHMd tlio luiu^iildy. 

My pruypnt iirc hi>!.fif. ho crnn\ : Tha go4h aro piopiTlnnal Yon 
know, tny fHi.Hin1^ llul tho «in t* Liitr bwn LMUirniy (ill y^!irt^l^iBy. 
lUmriT] muM ni)T. r^hTriA^lht ^-^iiilif luit mmt^i-r tiu}Mi»#ilh]11li(^; bo 
vILl ht} TuTc* tn-rnoTTov, nml ilii^ Moorl whiih Ik nhnt to-doy whtkM 
tiAVe ruTiHi^iMbJ thr? Iffr or my frirnjl. Of roiilil T vnuta fh^m jour 
bmnnrn ''Vi>iy tlijiilrf, r<ii'ry nwnu mt-yy^Uat <.*{ tht^ \\\n\\vir of tlw 
lajin fur wh' lo T mii ulinu In hufli^r, I Oioiild gi» to my dtiatb #iT«n 
UB i uuiild lu my liriTjil ! Bl* ii PiifflckiEil, tn Uiv hil^iiu lim»> Umt 
my frrrnd will bu fuuiiil riuble- Unit Itm Inilb la uiumpiHM'limblv : 
mht bt will ffpflcrlily uH'^rvo il; tltjit be j> now oii hi* vi«j, borrj* 
InK <iU, iu.\:u»qUL' lilui^vir, rbn (ulv<;Eve ck^iuculii. and tbo rihI*. Dut 
I tUUtK lo im'vt'iil Id^ Pijw-I; uxm-'uliuiiw; tw yonr idDcel 

Ad tc pronoiiTji'i^l t\ii.- Ui«t wunl>« r; Iiliuti bofMi to «>W bBlone 
lhi> ri.MD'jttMi of the pctFiile. A dlatwt voic© wftn beard The 
crowd nuitilit tho ^'ofh , ojid — Stop, otcp tlio execution? wns r^ 
peotod \iy Ibc ^^bc^l^' iL-<<iiriMj, 

A iDRii c'luiio at full uptod. Tho tbrong i^va wnj to Hp ap- 
pi-CHu;h. ito WAS vnoiintod on n ati>pd of fomn. In im Jiutimt 



b« viu olT Ilk liunM^, oil the MuCt^ll, Ukd b«ld Pjrtbltf Mnllly 

You JUD nfb. hi3 crkd — jmi oro tak^. taj fiitad, ra; tidovcd! 
Tlie cwla Im irnLiwiI. yuu \n nft] * I uum Xmw ii^lhitJU liul deuUi 
to saflTrr ; ahiI T ajrj ilcUvormt from tbo nn|:uiiili »f tJiiuo irpiiHuJiti* 
vbicli 1 c&ro lEiyttclf, Cor Imtiiuc coJrui^crvd a life co much dcoroi 

Pil^ cirU. Kiid lulf )ipc«!chlfM In tJio oTnut of bifl Damon, Pjlliloc 

I«|i1ic<l in bFCik«tt mccto— FbtaJ hoatot onid ii0|i«ticiLtc ?— irhat 
«>^i(nu puwora luvo wnogbt inpennJIIItM bi your fitvoar? hwx 
1 viU itat bo wholly dfivi^idul^ : vinco I amitot fUo to o»d, I 
will KLOt fwrivft you. 

IKonjflHi* hufd, boliolil* (kikif rroriij&ilotvd nil with juitofiiibmrat. 
Bli bMrt m* loodiod : hia c^v* wcro opcoiMl : and ho c^^^t^*i no 
Imrtr nfwo bii a*«cnt t4> triilba mt iiK'tJiitwIably atiproroi L^ 

Bo dewnnflnl from bin tbriMip. Ho ia«ffli1c*l tho ■fnffol'l tJFO, 
llrOi JO injpompxnX'tic pa^r! b^ •*ic>liiiiiM.<d Ye )in\p bomo un- 
^nilMiiuili1f» TtfAtlmrmp t^ th^ oiLflt<inrd s>T v\Ttno: -tnil tbut vSrttje 
Hliull^ cvSncni ihi crrtnJntjr of tho c^vlriuv cif a iM to rowrtrrl 
it. LitH bflppy, live renuwiii.-<] \ ouiJ. O furui ido lij juut' ftvctiitd. 
M yifli hmv iiLvilm) ieii« hy ytrar i aii[il|i1i^ Ut hr wujtbjr uf ilM 
ItfLJlidjKLlJon of «o untTotl & frJdinlMtlii, 

You brini; yuit Jin^nnieiiia ttoito licnDc. 31r. ^tufklj. nid llw 
«tfl; the uodcrBLAnditiK csiinut rrjeot whiit tlio hvikii »ii Kiuublv 
fttii; Hi aoul dtx-jily un^kuowlnd^ft the i:xJ9lnni?« of vltIiji^ ulih 
Hb onaillil BXkd hJlcrciit di&rtoco from ^icc ; and tfaio dJfFti?u». 
1 Ackoowleilfet most im ij<><rmjLri]y bo r<^ti>ilwl in Ov* il^ltvitnoo 
cf the ijinr.i»i|<Tft iryrm wht'TH>* tbty prooocd : tnt whvit those prin- 
dpica arc 1 fcncrr not slid 1 am citunil; a ri(ninc:«r to ubut yi^ 
inUntl by n mim't p:ltrii>; ottt of hiTn^Lf Jii nrlur to biippu;«tt; 
%'Lat ftn. 1 1<i ondfMtjjirt ty tb" tomi kU4", Mr- McckljV 

J&r«r;pBrtioloofta«ttor, my lord,bflii a *kxk, or (bmiurt idontitr, 
liUJmiKii M ft oumot bo any otbfr pirtjck of ii)Hti<r Nov, irbib 
It «oirtlimo* In thiD vtnto of iXLiruu^iaB, or absolute d^simctton, 
ft i» ittt«Tly iwokM onrl iodgnifiwnl, and ifc to tlio uriv^rM w 
ttKnub It wuTD not Jt hu* boworor. a prini-T|1i> of ftttrutkn 
(nuASomi or annnnblo to dralto In ih^ mni\t. vbi^retty It co* 
uufcmn lo derive to ilMlf Ibc pown nnd Adrasnu:^ of Jdl olbitr 
ICfrtinn» of crmtl'V. Put wb'-n llu^ cljviTift limilliK^-nco bjitb hop- 
mnnfn^ ncrUln nnftl^tSi* of inir}i dlattiirt pfirtidcB iulij <.«rtnJn 
wtbunl or ni^tnljli* f-T^iPiim, ihiH piitJtipTc of attnuiloB m mch 
bOTWOoiue. fur nub bi^.vum atlTHriv*] hjj4 ibunii hm Ic ^cre tttan 
SUiJ: Cncti yffiblit up tbt iH:jAi-iit 1o Ihn Ircjidlt ar tbc vrholo: and 
then, tiid tht-p onlj. beccjiutfi n^iublQ luid jjruilijcliro Lrf ^biLpoi 
COIOvMdJT- bnuty, Uo^tqis, fni4:r]iJi4.i:. nriil fniil'. 

Btt |iloaN<] KM to ol«en^ my l(>i<t. Iluit iliii^ <TpcnHon in matter 
fi IK> otber iJion a madfcAtalloii of tho liko prw^w m miurl- ojin 
thit no Mral wua ^tct capobl* of any dctfreo of rtrttic or biLpiitiic«, 
3XVC 00 fu M it JH i\TK.wtt AWfty Id It* aJfoctJOW froiQ rclf . hitc do 
lor a* it i» UEpgoJ ifk wiahmtr. wntriTto^. cni^rurr^iu-ing^ promotmg^' 
and r^OoidDg 01 tbo irdfaro ud Iil<ii>;ucm I'f uthutu 


Tn£ FOOL OF ^uLrrr 

II t^ thcrdbrv^ Uut ihf^ kTn^dom or ht^v^n b meat AplTr. tiiA 
most MVUlifiUlf, cutDioAxl (u h Ir^iT kMC^tic fniJI oci<t rlifluAJii^ 

vbon bnnchM a» the li|«n>d mfnnberv^ reccdiins oomntimfttiO 
boalltiMit rrtiin tZw nci of cr«fBntiinimtioii. 

I tlJbk. Imli^d Mill the ojiil, tiiat t o&u fotm Mtno cort of 4 
Holloa of Eiidi A pcH-ttty in Ikm^vcg. Uiit it woold ptoe yooi Hr<. 
Ji««kly, to oxompliiy your pOfltkai from mi; body of inoa &nt OT<r 
woro npo&oarth. 

Pru) p&rdoa nwh my loTtJ ; the »me8 of S|iarte vtd B<«ao d> 
rirocl thvir lQ«tr« nnil [xjwvr, tb«ir «halo piMmfiaMM fttiit pnbt*. 
from Itli |iirlncipb oT mraumiikaiioQ. vbi^h. In tlifcio, vm tdlod 
Ion of counirr. Bui lUa b«iviri^ini2 |irini^fii1i^ wm Ml nwr* 
cmtomntly iniitaiiHKl In iha UKJofy or thci rljtircli of JcmMilrrm, vto 
hail oil thln^ iit ormniciti ; who InipnrTnl llicfr poi«p«iiQnA to all 
[iietj» HH ^i^r/ luiiii IluiI vit'Oil: himI Oh^h^i^ ilii! tiut thnilr cmniuoD 
ttfaul vitli iflailocM uiil i^ngloncgn of hotat> proJiUii£ (hn\, and 
hvrliv GiTOur vUh oil peoplit. 

|i You uy* <rij loid, Ihnt luu ^uii fifna a nolion of «orriti sucli ox- 
ecUonce ui hcAvcn; |jut I crin foiTLi no notion of any akxIIoocc 
moro adimml'b m hf^Tcn ilaelf, tluui ^hrju a man, m hi0 prcscDi 
»1ati^ <7f fnJl vjirl nU'jinivi^ iiotuJi-. f>Trr1<i.iu« hi" inTTOniJ f*Mn <jt 
pain jmJ niorUlftj, imd yfrlifji op din IiolK to AMimd pcn^lHon for 
paljlio gooi or for the OiUco of thoso «liom it dclight^tt Um to 
pr<«orvo. ■' 

1 ahdl paw over t^iri instJta'SiH of tlio RfimAZi lEcpaliia and tbo 
VvM. to iilio tbnt <jf L^onJitiia oad his throo hundrpd SpfLrtonft, who 
ri«T<^ th«Ir Htm for tlio lib«rbM ofarMco. Wb* that cnnfUdftio 
lov ft horo, who, bduf( rqkctod trou Iwing <iDa cf tbcs« lolf- 
doT«to(V «xduia«d^Tho god* (« pniiwd, tlior« tr» lhT«o himrbtd 
tn SpATtA hattor mfm t)un my^^tf! Har 1 comib n«aror oar own 
time* and our own nAtlon, ta oit^mpll^ thfa (Unr^int of m-lf. Iho 
vita) ptrnin^A And nrtasrdple of wtry viriw. In vn m^Hiinl^ cir 
vnftiiintm rf ihc (JfT or CVhInlfi. 

Edwurd (he Thlnl ttSUr ihr Tiuttlir of Crmi]. Wd idn^fo tn OUnlK. 
Ho Wl fi^lloil hin »iiiip ill wi iiri|iii-j^ud)1if ii runTJiirr. ttuii ntl tliu 
cfTiJtlJi of Fnnco pn^vtHi InoETi^rliud ut n\M tliii vl>*^i>. or tlirow 
Buojuiii'* into lb* dty. The dli/ni-'iu, honcror. undor the muiluct 
of Coast Vlcnnf\ tl^r g&Uuit p>ttTiior. viiv\t> eu aJudmlitv do< 
faaco. Ifny tJUt day tbo UntihiJj tffi.^:tcd ounnr ■ laYMudi, which 
thoy np^AtoiUy expected to etorm la moniinK ; but •^ih/aa monum; 
afpoorod, Ihcjr wondoftid to b«hotd now nAipmti nliod, nljtttly 
i'r\v.^V{l out of tho rntiiA vhloh tJio day hod Baii4«, 

I'^niiivi hiLfl IJ4JW ]iiir tho eicklc into bor xoond harrmt, anott 
Kdwiuii ivillt bii YiclorifiiiB aitny «» dowii Icfoft !hr> toiiT>. TliO 
cy^ <jf All J>:itn)|H> worv tnlnnt on tfac iuuo. I'bo Kii^tjLh mado 
UMiir Apfimaclifl* And ftTtocka MrlUioiil rf<mii«ion^ bnt uio ojIlwum 
wor« Ai obttinAto in ropolHn^ pJI thefr tOctm. 

At Ifmoilh fiiTnlTift <1jr1 moTO fbr Klvord than nrmt. AftM th» 
dUlCculi hod drvnuroil thr li^fln i^fimvtvq cif ih^Mr PtjLrv«(l chIIIa, 
tiufjp tor« up old fV>uiji1nt{i]Tui axiii rTThbU.h tfi iMMirrh of Trrmln. 
Thoy fod on boIWtl luiThrr hqiI tlio w^ods uf rxbAiLBie<1 ^r* 

TSB FOOL OP itrrALrrr. 


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Inttvit lo liim, Ifccir true nnri iirfiinJ Born^Tci^ni that, howercr, 
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jMowmt for ilwt Vfiiril of reboHiun with which tttcj^ hmt inflntn^ii 

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vu no iiipieal, cxpootod mtb beating hoarta tho tcoitc'nt'^ of tho 

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M th* pfkvi pr<>prMta!? i^hmn hul ih<iy :o ifdlTir, «ivfl imrpnO. 
bmthDnk klnlr^L ar yaWanl nc\r^i\t^t\in who hiul wi orU'o ptjucwtl 
tJtt^ ]iTv# ];i ihrir ilcf'-Eiru? Ti;! ri TriTif Hn>l ili^il nili'iirir ihvi^i 
dclm rair] p^irui* Ku<ix^lL-ft liB KibAjwo Bl rJciro, f;ctihis up to 
ft litilo cmuiciiot, ihuH AcMrono-l (ho ii»iiinli]j : 

"My fHciiiK vtf nrv InMuht to arw** (traits thi* diij. Mo 
iDOft tkihtt BiiLmit to the tfiicks «f oTir cmel and crumnriiit' con- 
tmtnr. or 71^ up our IcixTor InffinK our vrivr^ noil cluuto 

Wo voU know what the tJTiUit uitouijd hy liM np^n'aiu oSoTt of 
iBor^. It will VLot mtjuto IiIa vonfc«uicw To rocihi um mmly 
fnlMonblo ; hn wrnil'l olvo noko ua criminal^ hr woqIH mJce iv 
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our bomg: iviwnrthy of it- 

" took uhout you. my l^onda. and Ibf your ojcs on tho porMOM 
vfcMo you tt'wh lo -i^-livftr Up >■« th* rirli'mk of ynir own Mbtf. 
Tffbii^h f.f fhi'W Wftnl^ yt* jipp-^!nt to llio rnrk, tho UKO, or tJm 
hnJtfir? lu iliom any hf^m who tijw mil Huti'hivl for ynu. ^'Ikv 
bnu not fbught for yuu. wIk> hjm not Mwl for juii 7 whi>, tliroii^h 



Tffs root or avAtiTY. 

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inlt^lit iHir^Jvo i<i (bi)» cif fivm^ iml jini-ixTfity"? \% It yonr pre* 
nrrrtm. Uu^. ivlmni jmi wouM divliiiu \\i 'k^rinjuUmi? Tuu will 
not, jrou uihijut ilu iU JusticiiJ, Louuui; JiuuiutJly* nuiku SLti.'li n 

"WLcrc, lico, in ow tcnuurM? I* tljLiti noj tfipodiunt left 
wlioroljjr w umy Airaid nilt ami EufiLRij imi Ui« c<ii« birtl, or tJio 
doAoUtiott nnU tLdfTOtv <ff ft Mck«l cltr on tfao olbrT? There b, 
my frichclB— thore {» imn^ Mp«dicnt Urt; & in'ikcioiu. on oxocU^at, 
% KOdinto csroo^i^ciit! In tliciv bn; htuv to <vlu>in ^irtuo it <lcHi^r 
tbAn Hfo7 L«t %\m oflor hiitvolf on olTliitiou for tbo odoty of hii 
pADpIo 1 Ho thuU not Hul of i\ l>]L'-«vd nfiprctbalJon from tbitl I'owcsr 
who Offoroil up hiA nnly K>in Tor tbu ndvutiOJk uf iiudikiiuJ," 

Uo tpokc but kQ UDirfinnl lUofwo oiMiod. Eaoh mari lookatl 
iin>un'l fmT tJti« f^xaiTipIo of Hint tirtno md nutrnnEiiniitj iit otheriL 
which aLI wlAhriil ft> ft|ipri>Tii tn thirnwlTMi, thcin|fh (hfiy want#ii 

At l^rtiTfh Sf. VTrti-T* Ti*4Jim<^^l— ■■ It h«*l lioirri >wumi in Jt\K l*y 
runow-rftlvjiTW, t<> projift*!^ jiny Tirnlli^r of dnniHiw Ui nihftf*, whli^h 
I mywlf IukI not ln^fin vHtin^ t& imitriyn Iti my otiti pi^rwin. But 
I hm It UTi;r<-rirrnfix lo flifjrivc niij tinn of thnt (i^^ffiirrK^ tJirl 
Mdmatloii wtiHi rul^'lil ivili*rii) « flf>t ulTi^r mi w hliriml iin ihhwiIoii. 
For 1 ik^nlit ntrt Imt tljirm nro uuuiy l^i^it? im n^ti'ly. tmy. nioi^ 
AHtknj*^ of \\i\t iniLifyrlom, tli^u 1 cim Irn. howmi^j' iiLfhiirsity Ui<l 
tint feni' of iiM[iirk<<l (»l>'(]biiii>?L ULiy wiltiliuM Lbvui from bcui|r 
brcuioiht Ell t'lliJIihJiiif llu'lr invJib^. 

" lijdfc<i, Ihe nUtjaii to wUinh tlie oiiptiTitT of Lonl Vicmie bi4 
utilmjiiiiLy miwcl tni% JimihiriM u riv'ljf lu btf iLo Hn^t. in trirhur my 
IJlo lut your MkoM' I iij^po It f[c^i:]y, I y^k^K W nlKfnrfiilly— who 
comM noTt?'' 

y<njr *u>u ! cx^UiniOfl ^ ynnih, m^l ji^t fwirn? to tnnlnriiy^ " Ah, 
tas chUiL'^ c^l St. IlcTTo, '* \ M\\ thuii 1wl» H^riUojd. Itut no^ 
E Dftd mdwr bQp>ttO[i Ihoo u 90<<onil bmo. Thy y^^in itni fflw t>ut 
fill, my «nn \ tho nctlm ^'tf i-irfna Iiilu rAiirhi'cl fh» iitnxo«t |iiiqioi^ 
w1 g:oal of moftflJltT. Who ncti, iLi;r fnondJi'/ Th« U the boar 
oF h«rcK]»I'' Your kitumbni criM Jdlin <lv Airv! Yout kinimnni 
priori Jnmon Wlncmt! Vdiir kdniimiLn, riittil I'^rir WI«MU:t1 Ab, 
(MCnlalmf^rl Mr Wjilt*r Maitny, iumiing Into toojn, vhy w™ tint I n 

Th* riitli Ticttii) WKfi litltl vnntlnif, Tmt l^Afi qnfrlcly fiii(^11o(\ 
hf lot, fhnn nnmlum ichn iroti; mnr omrilimi of m fomotillng «a 

TTiP fcor« of Iho rity wc^re »>ieiti ■lolk^rofl lo ftir M'*Jter, Ma 
took the nx priM)E)i*n Into hiji ciiHliMly. TIo ntilortxl thr< ipitM In >ri> 
o|irnaii Bn<l tTivt t'buiTo t*> hb flltentUato to coiirluoi tho rvDuLininff 
uiti£cn% wjfh thoir fnuii1i<>s Ibroiurh tho cxiup i?f iLo l'Inj:linli. 

D«fi>ro (lu'y iliin^tmL huwori?r, thor it<«]r«il {[K'Hiiiwioii l^i tJiko 
their LurtmUi^u oi ih^iir dcUT^n-rv. VrWtii pnrtioK— wiAt A«aonol 
l^hry rrovrded with thoir wivpe nniT rhiTrlr^'n alxmt 8t. I^icrre ukd 
Ilia fnllow pKicD*ni : Iboy cmbmccil— iJii>y ^ lim^ u^imd— ibcy foU 
pTOfftmlo bolbro them i thej cnMxivd— 1007 wept olc^ ; and the 

fn nM or ^autt. 

OAft dw, nc« H|lti I ^ -to |m»l «4 

oTbii vim ffctiib to -vIcMt >»« fitatete Hi* l«M>iMi4 b- 

VMkMS VM aU« tv b««r. in «nbr to H9vl7 Umb «tt 

M kwk 8t Fterv «d &« U>« vtotiM Hf^nd «»lw 
Uto MnIM <f flfr Wahtf «id « nHrt. AB tko to«to «r Hit 

pvii «id am^v-l IbmlTW <m mA Mk to htMK ^ ot*- 
toaaflu^ to titnov tbl« 1ltll» b*M tt pMoto «« Iti^ |hi««4. 
1^ bov«<l -i^wn to ttaa d* aO 44m ; ttwjr MMfMWtfoJ iMr 

to •aiotfw; nd ib*j rmnkiL Uhm* roM ^Ueh tb*v ImiI 
TohstHttr •■vft*^ «lio«t wlr »*rki, m onuieKt of crtrtBr Asnlty 
(htt Uptt or Hie IHd* put«<r. 

Afl ttion an ttw; iMd ruftrbnl th* iwiwoo*— )Unnj-T wji ^ 
moonrvh, jy% thnc ilia |*1tidp«l LnfaAniBun vf CaIaIiV Tlicy ifv, 
«jm Mamj i Tb«j 4n not only iho nriBdi«l imm of C»Mml. 1lt«jr 
>n the prludiwl iMra ur KtviMv 1:17 lonL Ir vliiuu 1m vif *hu<i 
to Uin act of i^nAi>Mlug-— ^'0n> tlii-y^ ilrliicroj |iMfraLLjT m^% Kd- 
want; «u tbm no iralfltniw. iw L^miai^tloD auiuiv Ibu ponplot 
^Nut in dw )ta»t> m/ lurJ: tliir jm^ilr ^■\yM ail lin^tL [I'lMitiii 
ntbcr thiui Iwvo citlivtrvil the IlmiI of tlLtviv li> jout m<\)i.mlj 
Tbej iffo acir-dtiliT«rwt •plf-Jcvotwl, aiul cotiio lo (ift-r tjit tlwir 
bwrtliDabla head« ut an auji^to viiuimliiiC fur flio nutvjtu at 

Edmrd waa kktcUj- td'ianl nl thl* reply of Hir Widkr; Iful 
ho Imow th« prtv^loito «f & IhStiih xttjo^ anil «i]pi>r« >*''<l hi* n- 
ccclmoni. LlxpcritAcOf nja lie, l^ntli vnf tht:vn iluil IriiUy ftuif 
aeniM to ^nit* pf<>pl5 to new ciiiiim. Mo\«rII>, at lim^v, Ik litiUr 
pMunl^ nocwan^, to tintur tuVJ^vli intii jiiiI'mEMlaii hr |iunf«Ji- 
nwnt uid oxampla^ Ox ho arla<!, to an ofQcctr, UuA lluw* iih^ 
1e aiwutJAn! I'oiir r»b«IIkin, oontifiuoJ ha, nildnffdaf hbnaalf 
to Sl Platra — vmir r*l>ollkin affi^^ait m«, liia natornl hair oT (bt 
cnnriL b hl^ly aggrarntml hj ronr (nrvwrit pT**nmptlrin anri 

EnvTJva; Aifn wIiaI ^nn rMiiuit rvftrno w. ^^']mt Eh ilui'f Vcn^ 
atfcomi nijr tortl, wbl KiurtAiv, nnri wtnt fMit villi IiIa i^^riipiuilniia 

At thirt iuituil, a auiim) Of (Huirjfh vb* hnarl Ihrvujchuiil dm 
artiK Tim fiui^u hat] jQ*i arrivi^t villi il [nrvtrfiiL nnhfrin^^m^nl 
of lAoa* iralUui HlfUcr^ at Ihn }mu\ of ulu-uii iba hafl cniHiikt^mil 
8o9<lattl. anrI lakf n the ktnic oipth*. 

Mr ITaJtor VTimnj f|iw to rw«ira bar mrfvlT. aiul briBSjr In* 
fimcd Imt «f tho paHwolara rorM0nc Iba oa tirtima. 

la aooE aa ■!» had bocn vabaTMr] br l^warrl jinl hW mnrti 
iltt dbdii»l a prirato ndUncv, Uv Wl ar^M *h^ i^«" 't-^-'''^n 
1 am taaatoroponilsrt toodi^ tW liiaa of a tw t., , , f 

« flMtUr non artinabU Ihm Uw UrciUall u-- ■—: -.r 


TJ9K FOOL or ijVALrrr. 

of rnwoo — 11 rrepcda tbc honour of tbc Encluh notiap-^t rodpcota 
iba g^^iTf ^' ^7 ^■upt« toy LiuboA-l. our LLi^^ 

\<tu thitik y</a bftTo ■oiitaoaoil ttt el jw WMmton to doatlt. 
Ko, my krd. lhL7 haT« (scntojioed ttutOBfrh^ ; trnd di^ «xc?utlaa 
vivuld bo tli4t «i«uutio& of Umbt owd orJi^n, not tiia of^«n of 

TbiOj Iwvo lwhAVi<<1 IhriavlvH worthily — thr^luLTci twbivrtiil t1i«m- 

thi^m, K>T IpftiriTip n> no«> in Uui hnnonr of i!i!» actJoti, WiTn 
ihiLt of ^^mjitiii^ II iiuor, iLfiil iiiitlp^xiiiublt parlon, 

hiuiitf:. Thfty 'vwn pnrvod ttio mnrt tnvrifmtft uiil oniiwknm nf 
jFinii' onumiui. Tht*y Hlom Iihtq wllhiflooil tho ni|j1c] courw uf 

jCTi vfoxx: UiTiL In it thiT^fDriT Ibat ^<m wucjIiJ rawanl thcra?^ 
titat jou ^n-uuld i:TTilify iLcir il^.-dm — Uhkt }ou voiiIl) Jiijul)^ tJieir 

But if cUioh a tIcAtb wnuM ouiU uif^i^hAii^M over tbo fan^ (tf tho 
nmt niufliijoui biTot.'^ how vould thu onmo of BiY l-^lwi^il. utith 
iJJ Ua IriimLuhi* onJ hiiii-mrA, \<o t4inii)b«(l Ibfirvij? WnnM It 
not bo odd UM initg&iLnimity nni Yhtiu OTO grown odJiiur^ in tho 
m* of ttw mounib of Urilaiii? vid Ihut tbo obj«vU wbou h« 
MstElMBtotbopunUhiac^t of ftdcin.'i.firo t1u> r^ noo vho iU«om 
tha pnilvo ftnl «Hto«m of m>;nkiml V Tho Blnfio on whitdi tbof 
would juffcr wotUd bo to them n rtojco of bononr; but & ttugo 
of «hitiuu to l-'^wflu'it— ft rc^procLub to hU C0Dqu«*itii — t. ^ttk tod 
InJallLilti lUi^rTvoa to hU tuunoT 

No. m^ krrl; lot tu rmtbcT vlunppoint till* mdi^j ftmtiflJun of 
thi^-i«i hnr^bt'FH. wtio winb ti) l|iv><Kf |b><rrteo1viw wllh t^loir At nnr 
cojinnHo, Wo citanot, IndAikd, wholly dopnti- thnm of UM niorLt 
uf n iDfriflMi BU nnbly inT^ndnrl : but v/v w\\y rtit OiTri nli^jri fif 
th&ir ilv«lr«s; Id tbo idv.^ of ihnX rbtiiib liy «bkb thi^d i;biry 
would tff coiwimm^ittnl, U^t iw lnjiy tbciu uuW ^fU,lvl u? piit 
Ui'.^tu t<] hbuiiic wilb pmiwu ; nu sbull tbi'tvby tTefual tlttiLi fjf 
Uitt tx'iTijIm ifjiLUHrn wuicb novvr Ciila to slloud tbom wbcj sufTur 
In the Gifti^ of viiluc 

I am <^or^Tuu7od — yoa h^ro pf^Toibd^bo H lOj <7iod Edwird^ 
UroiTUl tliij -^rocn'ion— bftvo tbtrui itwtuntlr brfvni lu! 

They cuuic ; whrMi tlio qaMa,wtth on uiicctund ooocDba difliunn^ 
ev'CCbieBB* ma bnpok^ tboin :— 

NfttivoA of ftnnt^MKi ioh:*bitLrilfl of C^aIaIkI— Vo horo pirt tu 
fe> TJut otpciLw of blood wid troftjcrc in tbc rc**ovi*ry of crar 
jUBt and ditnitil inlieritaa<.'o ; but jiju (fcrt^^d Mi> lo tikft l-ufct <tf 
ail om>uoouj< jurlt^vntf nnd w« iulTmri> nitd honour in yoa that 
vulouf and vTrtuo by nhldi wo ato ao tong k^-p^ ^''^ ^ ^^u* 
ritftitfal fioaKwionii. 

lou nabb> boPicbftrH— yon oirollflrl dtimtuiT tbongli yon wpto 
teivFblil tha onAmlni of our {lonon imi our tbroTip, wo riLH fv«4 
nothln;c Oti onr jiort aiira ro»riO'^i luid nffi.H^iiftri for yon, Tou 
hava hann anflVlfrntly t^tnl. Vi'a Inow yimr i^tialnt* un? HnitrrJi 
yijii f^m flio osLflbbl ; ixnd wn ibjink mi for Ibai Ipm'O of huinilw- 
tii.iiJ wbJcb ytru UvuJi ii9i wbon you uiow ta tbat< tixmilU'iLL^ m iu>t 

ju}£ Fw/L or QVAury. 


oT bloo^ of titlo* or *tatJoii— that tirtnc gircA a dlicnity i<ni|>rTrior 
to thut of kiDfEtj; uid tlut thcto whom flw Almif-litT' Inli^mm 
wiib coDtimatiti UkA y^tMn, ut^ Jotl^ uid oixJiMtntl^ luiMj uboro 
■U hooHA dktmotioiw. 

¥<n an ttow Aw> to <Itf]]««t to yoor ^tsTolk, ^our oonntjyinoa— 
to aU ttiM* whoio bfoa mkI Uicrlifit yon havo «> nc^lty rwIovTaoiI 
— pTWrided jou rcFcu« not ic cnrry with jou iLii dao toUtrriR of 
our «(lMem, 

Vnt ura wvnLl nllior Mnd jrnn to oiumlvp* ty ovi^ry anilMLrinff 
uliU^ioii : and. for thin ttiirj^fw, wi^ ofli-r Ut jim ;aur rlioli^d ^ 
th^ giftt wul honitnm Itutt. tltlwHnl hut lo liftslow. Riv.ili^ for 
fiono, bnt ilvtnjH frij^mlR to rlrian, wo vUh tlut Rnglund were 
uuUdnl lu uUl juu licr voiiii. 

All, ni> t^iruitrv ! «3ii4uiuud BL Plerr*, It Ih ik>w that T trvmlite 
fbr yiia. EdHUU oiolJ only viln jruiir i^ltkPv but Iliniiiim i%)\i- 
quen L«nr1& 

Brnrtr fit. Hen*. mM ili© -inctiri, «1]vref>r< I(H>k to h> <lrjix-t<?d? 
Ah, laflifftinl r^^JJixI St, rjpno, vli™ I a^cKt with nith finotbct 
OtfiKirltiiut/ t<f dymi;. 1 fihtiJl uul oij^rtt thul 1 ?tjrf ircil llu^ ilay. 

Umooli Mr, Mcijklj, wid tc, yoa hus-c no-* tirovod t« m^ jour 
poettlon mor« dfodiu^y, tnoro csitivindYly, tliJUL all \Uf power* 
of mtfocinatioQ conU p>«iMj do- Vh^lu ><7ii roUtiid iLr vtory 
of I1lm» difine dtiaoou*, I wu inxpoKOpUhly vudDn Awaj, an*! von 
ttotirolf from h1£ I «Bttrod Inlo aU their InltrMt, Ih^ir pnMionri^ 
ADil o9Mllon»; vid wu WTAppod. na kt woro, Into n rwvt v&rlii of 
dolij^itAil ■nuaibUitioa. Im tW wh^t yon call virtual — vhnl jcvn 

A pXKl d«il of (1, mj lord. Thoro nrn In nntnro IheJ tim klndl 
of «Jr^ In citJiirr wcd^lt, thctv uv Imt two -wrifi uf ;\'j[] ui tho 
aiiN«rBVt th" will <it luflnliH iivihlnm, of Inltuilo 1icn«vo1i>n(«, Koltv 
rnrtli In t>oau1> mul lvhr4liuhr ua nil orcotarca ; ami the Will S 
iho cmturo, ilcBijiiiir> nttnitlJiiir. ciivjini:. corotiui^ and rending 
■U Xhiixat frcrm all. (o ito i^n iuti^riM mul ftrlvn)Jliiin% lu tLc 
flrrt vill Hntsirb <^ pccoihlo good ; frgim the Pccvncl orinci nil 
poitftdc eril: and did not tho Sivt vill, in Bomo mooffaTt, infonn 
ODit D3<'LI<ri«(o tho atforLil, the wHl of ^1^17 cnntnrc w<it)1i1 be 
nn tabniad— hk hnnd would bo oi^nimt txiry tn}c, nnd etcry 
ono^ltfAiI acninMt bJia; vid tlivfo woull ho notliin^- l^t Alrifi} nnd 
dkMrtfeoi, hiiirod, liormr, irut inlt«ry. tliTT)ni{lv:rot tho ^rontion. 

Ilcooo it foUonn thmt, mi thoro in Uut duq will fmm otcmitjr, 
Ihftritolj wfM I0 dIfMni whftt U l-"*! tht^n^iont tho univ«rH». 
taiflnttoly gocd to dulro tho ac^rDpllAhinifnt (i vthnt ii bt«t vui 
fnfinitoir i>ovprfu1 to pnt what i« li(4it. In ciiKtitivn ; 9rtry will 
that U not Informed 17 thbi oxv vn-i^ irtTict of nnMwity net m 
IgDoranoo, to bltndnnK. nnd trmr. T vTl fiiilhf^r nfflnn, that t\try 
tft of eyiprf wfIL Ihii t» iifd [iifi^nuM l>y ilh' unb Vf'iLr> of good- 

I tfc> not m> Mic. ttMwiiltJ Cf Uiut, iv-|it[iHl the (*rl 1 w^ll pcr- 
colvD thai i^utl uHi irivv tu jutrljpui'ut Kiuj^s luj cAmk'iK'^ cr 
tdiL'[itJly divlirivt fivtu oIuiM^lf. f»r I aim: i.hjit hr< boj dontr It^ l/Vfciit 
jdxHild ihcrol^tc (wvont hku hvuj sivkg ^uulitivii u dUtiuct from 




^^uUI h^- uol. rv[i»ri|ui^iilljf Ih^ MiAmfjiiiuJ uf wluit wrut lii^hl iUi<1 
bouitifial? WDoLd htr not txi oc'rccoMc to imoh & jiut appro- 
latioii ? Ki^ wouLl riut i»tidi ucL^ Xtt fitljr ftdvuiitfMl tlw acIa of 

At thii iniUnt & mroKiij-er orriTod on Iho Bjiur. II« troUE;ht 
word to Ur. Mo<<klj tluU hi* friiiml lit. HuAl^inriH wii« tnkin p»tl- 
dcalf 1U. UV>1 OAmmtK roauojitod to mo lim dirocily; v^iitrenpon 
Ur* WoofclT. wha prek-n^d oiiy mAttor of chnnl^ I0 nil otbor ooii' 
eiftoj^lioittk iiDBiMaiiloly ifot Ll|^ niivk n dUiut tov, uiJ vjLiiiglimL 

Xo rotnrn to onr boro. At h>on u bo una acw ngi^l, h<; prAvod 
for ftnother TJivt fo liiri |ntrun. whc r^weiiwl biiQ wilh uociiittoiusd 
t«iTirl9m^44« hilt ^r"^11f vnml^rfrd at IkEv pfuuwni timw. NuiM 
then rodtM to him tlio uhot^N Ailvtrintra of tho fricit^rw] roNnpi; 

whOrMt the iiU |^<Ti1]>'iiirLri Ell a niJLiiiii«r ^lovoiirwl llflti wilb tllO 

OUttmfMP of hU mmwjt, 

whj;n nunta ADd Harry wore dvjmrtflJ* ha utllcl ti) him hU oM 
domattJo, Jsuitw. nlJ be. ^iUi u tuir yvl yUuifliutf m bin eye, 
Tt-*n 110 loniri^r llvo wtthunt lliir rvimiiniij of IbU ilrjir rlHlit: liHKt*^n, 
tJi<^nrfoi-ii. lbii *>riU^ni 1 luivo >Jrc<«ly p\oii vou. And brt a11 IIiIil^ii 
bv in rbodbw fur ihv flrat oirpuituuitj. ^ 1 be (b>mwtic^. wliij bvl 
(Wiiclit Iho ailviii bjkbit of hi« mwtor, with rv bow aflBeul«d, aiul 

Aatamn vnu now bdranood, cuid I^ori Dicky, with bus trotiior, 
tk UBaLbof of little iu«<vinlA'4, arjI on aLLcndin^ iVrctmnn, lE*>t \*Mf*> 
to 0i> td ibf? cojhtc A nnttmc- 'Vq tho chJlitrva wciv jHrroctlf 
AO>|IKdnt<^r^ with thi; wpit, i\w Norvniit ^TrjHicpiS tO iJny Ihibiod a nhilo, 
ia oftJcr Mh nrivi.k b(M>iu ior piilLni; ftown tbo [jpimi'bflK. Tiii» waa 
gnntod, vid foHJi iTioy ai) ipniivl iii bi^h vhuX ixnil fpinbi, 

Tbo cop** lajr lU foian dUUuxci>, oh tiiiu Ai/lv of tb'> purh bobiod 
lbs maJiJoo-llOlUO : but vhoii Iho; bait nearly uppronohoil tl:o 
plflM of tboir fb«tifiAtion, II1UT5 muvfjl * pirU^r. nnd, proutAag 
ifMirlily Ta fv|ntn hlfi iwmpnnlOEu. wrnit ht\/'V \ct u^*V \U 

In iha TAQim time bin iwbHdiLtM, en <?ntoring fhir woorl, out nilli 
unuthf^rllltlr (Bn*!? uf ihr? tHIhico fry, wlm watp on th^-ir rcliini. onn 
ufwlmni curieil «b«tf <if mtiit thiil H^imnkl bulhliir tJrkn Tbr l>eurrr. 
tto, gDn1I«ni(Mi, m>« Lonl Ditky. wbczii nn: jaw ^ibif ? IVIlt, 
bome-'WlHiro thuiuJ wn i:(i? Hnys h ]ittl« buor duJlcaiy, And, 

e, whftL bHvu vini bocm cIoEd^F klva ibv lord. OnvtM, njti Ibn 
, U £t nutii that 70a hnro Rot intbaibcc? d<rmAiii!i^l tJu^ toitl. 
Adc to-nonow, Buettored t^o boor. t^Irrnb. sutb Dicky, a Ulito 
WOTDkodLliOw dtn you to como njid pull nofn bi<rc, wiibuut wir 
loATfl? Why, Mfor tBtt^Mr, Dicky, roplJod tbo otbcr. I know y->u 
wf<U cDou^Eh, and I wooMn't ahW yonr loar« ui* you wrro twiriily 
lonlf, not 1. Strnbb, Aim [bt^ky, 1 hjn<<t a KTcut tiiinrl t-j 1^'> 
jruur nuts from you, a^nh ici pvi> yon u gc*d a Tfoutinf, into tho 
btir.f'iiii, ^ wpr you Lfot it; your Mh. .\j* tVff tJiat, iJr, Dit-ky, 
ODolly ftjiswfTft'l tho vtUiiiiCflr. yon must do !joih ^-r Tmilhrr. licro 
1 lisy <kmn my nnta bvtwnm u* ; eukI now coroo nnj two of your 

TfTS FOOL oy QVAurr 


it«r-flro«1 n«?imcQt, oarr ilown, t'otJior corna on ; jut4 if I flon^t 
g(r« fo j-cur bcllir-i fitU, why, IIX'A, tikko wy nab pud u'otiuDiOf 
to naokc up thi* w'linr, 

Tbb fpwuii mrttnticm vu Atx^^ptcl on th^^ vpoL Lonl KtcJiArit 
dic*» hi* compuAion In jLnn\ iLOil ^>^rh MMK^hyl <iuiri> Qiuh «ad 
nuflfkoiccif rlrtnry! fnr, ibon^ nftrhc-r nrinnm tmil hfwn r^n^rl in 
Iba grtnnBj'tic otrrrivo*. tli'^y ^hil iicl ^iiiit c<iiEn^r. ani\ tltt^y kiU!W 
thnt tiiHr dulteu^r wwt llwlr inr^^cSor \a iitr»»;rlli «jk1 In j>fLi» 

Hut, ii»lih|rpUy for |liiv« two du]U|iiiiiiH iifiiimUlji, 'Vaminy 'J'rirclf. 
tbiilr ivtvcnKjj. thttl, Uko Horrj. Itcvn t^ truUtr finai iwo ymj> old 
jtml tjuwil, Ubl wu bald lu viiKvirJuii, tia Uivlr l^'ruT^r tm<X iJkQir 

llO^] BtdioH \K-ipm the uMult. I>ut wui ^ovn \n a twIiikfEpjf. 
Tofaim bia friend «uo<T^'ifjI, bat wrib iii> Nttcr fortun^H A vniii^ 
or oip i>f Tummj** i»0Qt thctn innUntljr, ha Aldild4 H;nt Antdpua, 
to gftihcr rtrvuRth frnai ihcir moihtr r^irtii. AjkI tliMteh dwo 
iammar horvw, Jik*! iliv jounji Knnuui mibiUI; at tbo battle of 
^Thtit'H ■'**^ «olcly intent on a^foa^linc tbo^ protty fiMH from 
nmojKico. 5ot Tdnimy, «t Ibo thirl tuni,lia<l bloodiod Iten b»th. 

Harfy^ vho WM ni>w on bU nrtiim, porofthod Uu «iwv«nwnt: 
ojiit raanins Dp, juid miihinf; in hcrtvoon tbo «onibftUiiti^DiUipo»>i{ 
vith U r<i]i:o <i1 authority, miil [«rb<'l tbu fmy. 

H**inir iiiiiTiii\-<l« Hiul iluly infv>ritioil liiTji*rlf nl ibo iQ^Ht* of th« 
CAM, Im> tint trtmorl him to l^^nl hlrtunJ^ And nld^O bnolhnr 
DHtjr, broihcr TJlpky, yon on^t not to nlnibr poor bc»y« from 
pulling; ■ frv rlirty unln— what fdgnlfU* 'fim ? Itixn tniTifnif b^ fh«> 
fhrtllong^r, hlfl olfl nri]iu»1ntnnc<^-ToDimy, my* hi', "Ud y^rti bnnw 
thui l>ickj WM my bnjdiur? Ywt >iijb Tommy niUtly: nJid *bat 
UKni^h [f ] diit? (> iKiUjhur Kt nil. ujh llrurj ; Intl [ whuL In 
«DCAk wLtlj yrju. TipDuay. Wlinnri^pcin lici totik iha cmniut^ruj^ iiiiJiir 
Iho arm, untl vn^kal awjij with hini, wry lovi[i_'lj m oU up- 
pcAFuiop, lULikiiijc abonS to toko kiuv tiuil nunu n( iho Wys 
tcrllowdS hhn. 

Mouktimo the little cvntry thrrrw oat tlicrir tnTccti^co m prafiuiioa 
ni^iLtt our ihT|Hkrt4\I ilqio. I ttUuki M/s ottfi, ttjut jMu^or iTnrrj 
but JL> nioi-h Ilj Ijliuno in lonuity lw I^ixI Dioln-, Ay* uiya onotltoi. 
ono wmild tbiok bo uil^ht m wvU havu t^ikcn hrs Ln?ih<7r'd iHtrt ili 
tU blAekvuArdlk iMMiU it wiv^ v->ry iiniuiliry uf hiTii^ Attyt a 
tbiid, For nj piu^ ny* 4 fotirtb, I will ncvor bnvo niiy thing 
man to vy to binu 

WUto tkofl ttioy vlbltod Iboir Uto fr-lonrF, Iw and bin ietlttv cbom- 
pton vmlkci4 nna-iit4nn in ft pUIco anij nnmlcrraptcd lulcnns tjl 
coimtw to a vmali op«nIns. In a «f>cn't |v<ri of tJii» wood, fUrrj 
qtdttad bli (wmptfdon. i^(«Ir«i1 him to ulrip, djiJ Inftvitlv out 
Mldo Irii <rwn b*t, oont, anct wid<[<'OQt^ \^liy thoiild I fttrip r ityi 
Tcmrny, To boif, «ya Hirij. Why hbould voir Ih.ti ^*di me. 
BaTTyT ftUTV 1 tlid'ot rtriko ymi. ml)* 1V»n. ^ufi, «fir, rt-itUml our 
luvro, you ^tnick nic vhcn yiia tliuLk L>Ecky. luul knnw that bo 
won my hrotbf-'r. Nny, Hanry, crU-rX Tom, If it'B fluht yvu iu« for, 
m ciitf yuu vucruL'^L L.if ji. I ^^ujuM yoii- 

Tuui WM idrf>iJt clifht nK<nEti5 oU^tj Th/in Itirry, bill «qital in tLo 
piiwtico of nniuw nnil luudi lliv btn>upjr. Dut may mvi foil u 



Ifll], mA hl> mnticTu^ qnfclu-r than thoii^l^ provmtiul tiio tmrd 
of iiM W^ i>xiirrSi<iii«it j^l^twn'. 

iVi^^ibf^r i\\ry Eiif^lii-it liku two lJtt]e Uv<'m> At rjnr:!ii difry Attni'k 
ftpcl ikuzii>d. oulI, WdTcltiiu; uvi^rjr ojKiiiiij;, t\u*y iUtIihI tlin^r HIIIa 
ftpto lik'.t iiL^Kjt<a at uv:1i utli^r. But Tuiii, nnirhriiy tliu i|iiLc:bit«BH 
ioil fifvUuif lltCT »ujirt *if llMtrj't «1rokca« MuMmily Ie4i|ni) wSUim 
b^ annok Uiro liiia doAvn to the CAJtb, niui tnutupluntiT e^to him 

Hflrr7 rwe (o'UgiMurit, brt vnm^d b? Ao irtftfigth 0^ 
to botter cunlioiL U« iicwfDm^iiionTaTaof;uid.wTcim|niBed 
Qpo& him, Lu »t ouco Kun^'li^'l* Atriich, aaJ ufK^to'l like on oxr 
p>rioiiood oock, vrtthont quittint^ the tjjt of hoitonr. 

Tom, ftiblini; hinutir ivtmlty fi>i\vi liy tliis I'urtlkian cict|u>d of 
oomtKoitjjifftlD nubfril ^[K>a hu watny, who ma now Aivnrv <■! tliu 
vboolL They clo*Di, tbof grQiiplod, wy cwifht «*d} other 1>7 ilio 
ibauM«r«, JuintKt b«itfl to hc«i.f, «irl |]iv««t to imvit^ uirl sT/^od like 
two iiillnrA, mcrolr mpnartivd lij tbair l>a«rtng ftgnJiiflt ona ii^nthor, 
Anu tFiry iliEf^'-i fhn N'ft Knn. miipht tvu-h ^tTitr ilmit ttiD niN?k, 

mMnn, til] IVrTTi, JnipiTli'MT. of thi* Uti^-iIi of ImTTlfl, ^vn lUn^ 
h f*[iU'4iA 111 '/. i\i\<) HniT^, irivln^ Turn a tiip Hi thv iiiaa tticu, tliny 
Iel] BiJfj by niilc (^itLi^hur iiiH^ii llie viiilL. 

Thn/ rfHi Mjji) rriTTuilt^il Ut ifi-4W IjreRth, aa liy rnntoal c<vvwit« 
They Kl^iroi oii oJii^ annllhor wJ(!i im vy« of iJiiJJriivfl ft|>pnh«D> 
man. ^or iH^dicr of iJifiti cuuM uuw IkjuiI cf tnorf (^iiua llun 
Po1j[rh(mtaA > Biiil fr«n tlicir U^tvlujntU Ut thdr *1ivc« tti«y vara 
in Ode f orfi i>f Mnd. 

A)(i%iii thuy Il<rvt ii[ion each oUi«r« Affun they Mmck. foinsii, luul 
dofoniloi!, atkI rJtijfnJit'^ly pn^fnvl on imfl rctrr^ibtod hi larife^ ttU 
HaiTTt spytDg Qik <FpcELini;. dnitod his fist 1ik« n pLot into tiu re- 
mftinlnic <iyn of ltr« i^noiny, Tom. fiu^lin^ himiutf in nttor du3(- 
ncn, iiutantly npniiis (ipon bin fi:io, tad oanloATCtiied Co mratoj 
liil Fliij-ry vilb «>jiiiu itfeolit; arajd^d thd diock. nnd ttvtvt&g am 
oDil thoTdf i)<vtt kj>j ivIvt'tMu'y aX plcumire; till Tom crM tml—t 
yi<^W, I yioH, JLim% rot I cwn't mo to flgbt any moro. 

TlHiTi Hurry ituM Tom liy llu* lnuit], ami IlhI }imj W hk dotlic*, 
mui. havltKr ii»ilwtj>J him tA<lTr«shri nPTl.illl iho winift frfflnilly olflc* 
tf) hlmiH'tt llipti, fLnn-lti-ftrm, tlir*y rcdimpii mnrh more Icidn^ In 
Tttilrt/ OiJin il^ny hl-I vnU Tuvini* Ihh^ii ^w.*af*'n iiit'> s fnie rwpirt 
iuit! itflnr^TiiiEj Inr r^^Hi oTiier 

SrjuLD tJULiT lirfijrr |)iL> ibo foiiIiTiLiTk linil joinul hlf yoant^ !onl ivitJi 
tilt' «uiL<ruJ LiiLj>K'ii^(iijl0 r*^|m(i-il fur jjuliiiiic. Tlif<v hd^l A^iuly 
l^ulkiL 'l&»Ti ^mt i{tiiirj|]tii>: th'.' ymirji; <iiMlIty hml f^tuAvit their 
lith'ktts i mill tlie little pltli-iftm *!ir* hjvl .uriit&il trcrc now pw- 
>niir<^il Uf \m \ttyf in ^thtiiiiir up Ibr irfuw, Mlir<n nil Imniuj; 
nt the cry of — Thiiw is llnrry, tluro i* Tixn l Uiot ponvJvnvi our 
i^vu ohunpions ndroitciiig loivui'cly, hut buntt in IuuilI, as tricodi 
dDeI brii>thoi& 

Thpy bnd Inft thj^Sr clolhra wiVnttftncil for tbo benefit of th« 
ooMicu; nir i nnd. as tfif v npnrftrk-^h-'l, ih*?ir tompnnipna von frOKOn 
tnto jutonii^iuitubt *t iitv tljfljtt of ihUr two fH^nJi nil oovtrtd 
vlUi rrJiuaoiL 



Tboj vftw rL«ith«r fibid to Aftmioe 1o niMi cbom, nor to tpoik 
«a«h tluir flTTlrflil- '1111 TxiH Dli:ki^ flrvt inqiifml into ihi* tJimdj 
oMutmpno. uhI liftny rcmuiiiMc uhnlly Kilrtit cm ilui JuhJAd, 
liHn-! Triinni/ mlwjl nnT— Wtiy. Mubi-t UU-Vy, rhn tnifh In. tliat 
llazTj Jrfint Till* ]">oAun' I l>pjil yon. Thun Picky, fwlln^ « mdili^n 
in^ i>r gliLtJUlJli? itnd rLffutlioij rfuiiLr ii|> iii Iiin liu'^U], tonkoi! wlnU 
t\iMj nn )ii» 1)Mitl)<-r, hiirl kueT aiIL n [Jiiiutivh viru^r^-^) |iti.il1ii?r 
Hanj, brtitlkcr Uurrj', ^-m ai« nvMj hurt ; taul, hmiin^r At>ont, ha 
benu to nu<Tp mowt Lillorly. But Ilanj saI-I— I'ahiLw! Irothi^r 
VtOf^ -bn*! rry i[1ii.T)^ I ilvut nirkU' r it <^ the hoiul of >i I'nuo pn'n, 
Thf^ tiinuri;;: to tite footnuvi wilh Tom sbH In 1)1> liaml, b« 
cnrii — Uprct JoIuIh Inkr^ thjit Tnf: c<f nat« tOk'i fx^pr blinil Tommy 
t« mr nuutLTiij'*, uid tcM ilaila tliat I Jc>iro Kiia fo >oo tljfiiu both 
uib uomc- 

PnViul. Sir« ^oor hfcTO Ic lixlnoil n bofo ; hd xniui ti« ovor7 
boJjr'i boro. 

Ju/^'. fiif, yna dn m^ a viut hononr t inJ T ahonli) b« proDd 
of yOEi fUrlher uutructioni lownfil h:ii rtipijartm^ tho dlffnltj of 
t^B duiru<ter yoii kcivti liirn i^'iiy. vlmr nn> \\w jn^rcdiciit qna]^ 
tJr* of vtiinh a b'irn U i-omjtDnniloi!? wlktt liT^ bnv/> joii fann«d 
of moh A pBrwiuqfA? trll mo. I Uuotvli jrnn, wimt tn a hnro, mj 

Aimd. Fi]uiv«-w1]at ft aufwtfijn 1 — cvKiry Tool Icnowit Ihnt. A 
ham b— «i thongli <n>e v^rtald n^r— a ouin nflilfih nriilovfiiriont^ 
vlio jMrrfuTTni ftimmm «xpluit»— wbo <lo™ (litm.'i tnnt »jt hcraknt-^ 
auA m jiU Ills iH'tji.irm and <1ciuitfuiuiir b a horv milT^ml. Why do 
yi^j laiLfb ? I will t^lvo yon Hie Inftanfy* oppFonod diioiighcn]! tb« 
mnM . reocrdod ood daXj »lr^bT&<c<l liT ixx'fas, fuJaterv^ Mmtprtonv 
stotuariiA. autl Watoriam. Tbrny wua ut<^ AwyiJim NiiiuiL lue Sd- 
Wrtrli of K|:7pi, the Cyua of PorOLA, tlic AlriXLUiilcr cf flmo«, thft 
Qmt of Rcme, an-i piiitiy m cm cmn day*, tboit' ans Uio Ccndf of 

FVaaoo, tbu Choi-loa of thrwlon, and i'cknia's Kaali Ki\a, What 

dko |i1ac<u ^0^ t^ Idlow Imgh at? 

Makifr, 1 am Ua^^ifn;? to tluak what a blooklioad HiomistodM 
«M. Botnfr itfk->-1 vhom li<i i><^nflldor«<l t» tha ffr«at«ft of horoM — 
Kot him who conqoc^i* tut wlio •»«<}«, replied TtumittwlM ; not 
fbft Daavfao nuDN t.vt Ib" tniu <4-lii> ^rfHht; xvho of a vjltjk^ out 
llial?« a city, or nm a il^^iUi^uMci pnplfl inui n gTHt EiAtlnn, 

Pi'Wivf, Aoi*Drd1ng to yunr notJon of h^miuu^ Iliat boor nnr) («r- 
barWi, Potor AleikivKxof Ttwciin, wm tlio |fn«iLif«rr< ^ero thM ^vfrr 

JitiAor. Tnw, my fHcnd ; for, of a utinu-miiH twofdop ha dhwn>- 
bnilttl «nvry on« vru>'^i( biniu^ir, nut thvn, m ilII fi^iiiity, luxiKUEbt 
to dlvlilo bb ekn7 vim Kul» the wiuhiM^omiLTi, wh^f buioniilxud 
Qa man that hacJiAiLiHril a mtiutu 

5Vvi»f. Wbuui do yuu Ulii? lo lukvo been the iiEiuat^t hero of 
uliiliuiy 7 

AmTtuit. T,ycnrL,Tl9, without cturpciriBon tho rrcnlnrt of btioH miJ 
the ptatnt of 1' cWnton*. Xu thi»n- Vi^ry ijjly dflj?> thi? ptnplc of 
lAOvii^iivn wpf* (ixtrcrrjoly ralfr ^nd ipn'irnnt t tlmy i*il^ow](vljf'l 
no kvi a*ic the di^tatw <jf tbijix dwii ^^iI]< or tho rrill of Ibclr 



mkn. t.jcurriiA n^ajit Iiavo BMumed Uio BC«ptr», but bb am\4* 

fmmod ft Itoily of lh« iiKv4 cxtraoriliikajj iuitlitaUons that ever 
ciit<Toi) [nto llan Iwtut or bcnl of miui. Next to thoco df «iir 
Dinno L«cpiUlor, lt«j were uitcn-Jod to forra <k new croatarv. 
£l« prcffvUoiI upon llk« ridi t<> iRiiki> nn oqiod divtribation of tbdr 
londv nlUi tho pocr. Ilo prohi1iitc<l 1)^ f»a of iU «uGh mnnof m 
W eomnl Kmong oftcj' riittiotuL. anil thorvbj prahibitoct tJio Im- 
poHatifm of tb« dmmiib nriil nmli'rttU ^f ptitnii hti'I lurary. ilo 
o^Jdnwl thom to food In roirancia, aa rtniplo Hid iruanl tht*: Ho 
tfcrbld aJl ffOTveoumcM of furnJlnro aoil appuvt. hi ihcrl bo 
milMToiiivirl tn Biiy^imw orfry <ii>n«iAl nnrl vin^h irH4J]4>, by m- 
JnnntiiMV nf rtallj' imri'lsf. Iiits, nn^l hsitilutiliv n. pfxTl^^nt flnJuruin'» 
of poto, Vtd a noblfi mnTvmpt of ik*nlh. At lotij^h. ftkLrnin^r fnmo 
ooouon cflirlftt a>ir"Ji4 fnr a iv^iuoci. hn oim'tr<il nn mitli frfim iho 
lAOArbffilOQlfuw, thitt llif^^ *biiii)i1 Mrii'lly olMinv lilh Uw*, vilbmit 
UlO MDAlloit bifflni.'v^iur^nt, lill Illi ivtuiu, T1»u.-v for tho \<tvc of hii 
oouitfy 1u «eril iriUi tvrixliiii^ IniM^ilmiviil truvi iu And htj (cck 
iDMUHirwAt bif rb.'Jilb, Uiril ^^^ Ijoly AbuuUj Jii.ivri l>v firiimf, IohI il 
«bou1d bo cftTii<^iI back to Sputn, aiu) ffivc htn conntrjinrii a cvloui 

for dtnolxing ibdr wJb. 
F'ifwi u^Qic TtTirr Mtilo, who t}iink yon wta tho iroatoet boro 

Jrt/Aor. To confcfl* tbo Imth. nmfma nil tbftl 1 kore hoard or 
rvdii iif. tLc b«ro whoiri I m<^t b^wi vm « nifttlruAn, ukI tlio 
laiTEiTur wliorn T ntort aJTooi vm n fool. 

J'fiem/, Troth, T bolioTo yon iictw would haro bopn tie viitor 
jon DTO at tbitL rliiy, if you IjikI ru^t mtopM ooni«Tlut of both th« 
i^d (|tMlEt£e>H. iJiLt came, uimitiHQ, 1 batoooh yoQ ; vh«rc Dinj this 
fiiVOnHto liafo iitiil ]ppi»lntor bo feiindf 

iMAnr. ]n K rri^Tri^nt Of 1h« SpAnbd) hiHlnry, boqTioalbril to 
tho Mr<prbl hj oTifl Slpnior Trtr^'wat**. 

i)\«nJ, fil biire you le-J mi» to my old «™iiiijitiiriw? pwy, hn^ 
not your PogMiu 8(iiiio 4mrtf<*h nf tho rjiulttICA nf Uut fn-moitn 

>tiaiArv- Quite la cbnutv. I nsair« ymi. Itui I penwivo thnt you 
dilTik r tm ilrutlJTi^: you rio not i^umnAO thAt jmi run t^vcr lie 
MfffiVHly of thft *uu)i! <ijjlriici[i. Vfrt, li you dduiHid tif ycmr oi^n 
lurrninry, fnr wlwil !mvu (li* tTciit horow IhrtJiiiEUaut hr»(orj b«n 
rutxovTjed? Et uiuat ttiihi*'?r, for uii*f Jiiof triisraly, for wiUMiJiii;; ^Irnft- 
lilruu auilvHUiiilty juaouK mnu. JIow cTEutly. bow clodoualy. haH 
dlvlnoly naporior was our hero of thn Mwichn. who w^ui oloTit 
ligllChv of wronc*. uid roclroan'off of L^uiio*, UftEfur up tlic fallon, 
and pQUing down t3ko«o whom loiqnl^ had oiaUr^! In tKb his 
DiAfTolloQi rnidertaldnci wh&t buni?bn|E0( whut bnJ^inpi, whcit 
trartiiJliOif of rib*, wbnf poumlin}; <-f ixu'lsfltrtVfti iid b^ bont* not 
Wti-IUKl (Mino nchod ttt Ibo rcduf-] But IciL ^w bu bvd of 
down, Bod tho honie of pun nniH to bun « bower of liali^'bt, whJlo 
h« oraMlilorvd hJniMlf lui fniRAi^l In k'^^ oaM, tttnuitajiOf and 
hiipiiinoM ta othon. It e/nttU did not Mktvor to tho ^ntorprJMO 
of li'iit iioiLTt, tt U nnt to ho fmpotod to tho nafi but to hl« in*My» 

THJs rvoL or vtuui'r. 46 

Jbr, hjtA U» pov(7 tad niocojw ^*ccn i\3 «xt«Tir4rc <ui h» lieooroliuioe. 
all tiiisn nin^ upon wxtb wvuld taBtoLtljr haxo hvm eot u straight 

Bat btmo lam. with rDTcrcnoc^tokw tho ben of the rol^n i>f 
the moit rotpocrtiiblo of itQ eovanKM tral lugitlatort^ Sancho TanikL, 
WtbBl Jailffin«nU T wtut fnantulioTuf how u^ lltnon, itrul Solon, i^ 
flut lupdroiJ of tUa goddc«» .thrift hon> «dif«M>ii Snn-^ho^ tJiun 
vul m pouuuil, tliuu u'litft iUitfiuto. Ihna wont u cjim[« Tor u mau, 
bul nn i^rijc*] for « KOT«nior: mMntncli ft^ ponlrhrT U> tJiii <:iiMtuin 
t*f all otlxo^ enrfninrt, thou dirlrt not <ipidrc nny Ihlnf^ thon dlilit 
ftOt wi*h for any tkinf;, t)vim «}fo wim m^t tfitt t'> noy tlnsts ^'^'"^ tbc 
fOOfl Of Thy pAoplef l.hfirfifnnA^ rfuui nituMut nr»t fxntj, thnu hiidfl 
no other w»r tn li*aFnL OcmM ^mp** !*»(? havr liorn mrtvMl (o 
Bctkm (Fpuu iLq mmv tinnci|i1n. iht rvi:T>tii.'y uf ulufk* IukI not prcs 
nlled amiuv mviL H4»w ami 1 iin^vukciir V'luifti. vheti I am tLn* 
liMnltcMll Hov UE I srtpvnd whi^u I iM tijoo ibponAd! Savlviie 
file reaJnu <if a ocrtata mwuiy' 1 >a;- 4ud ui^U to iQjtolf— \) thht 
Qw wholo ttuth vroro on thiuo iHlfiDd uf EtuabLriut oud iLuu, Buiclio, 
Uk Ic^^UfT tnil Ihn rakxr ihorcof] 

Friend. I f««I wnTidJOD; 1 cohfost it* But tdl mo, I pray jou, 
wlup ha» th« ii^rl'3, rhrcuich nJJ an^ rLoil luktioiift, uniTtnuiljr U' 

jfaAor. Throogh Iho rcxpcct, ha I tolta il, that tJicy Imvo fttf 
pmrw H«a h or niituro wmJc : bo iA buni iu ami to n etsto of 
wMnd«BOo;lt» tli«rofbT« natnnitty eoaln taid Lwlualioiit for hole; 
iDd vboro Da oUitfTGfl tbo ^^ftatort pmvct, it in ihoK that he 
WffiUrn oad prm fi>r protootion, Xow, thmiich thin poivcr should 
M 4izen«d to bs (I*nu4;('» liivtnM f4 fl->f<^D00t It huJcm ho tdUimXiaa 
ia }^ nvDrobM for U: ho iwin whili^ Uo tromblc*, and wtiiJo bo 
d4tMti bo vronh}|M In Uti^ |>rw?ni ciui«i. It U wilJi man lU it in 
Wittk <iod ; hii Id n^'t co HUtiil kh^I nthbiriff; lici la nr>t lo tniHih 
attandDd to tn th^ raiuihlTic! lujil gnntlo ilf ikii ol liii |hrmri<|pnw nnd 
tt«i%aftj, u In bla K^rt&la^ «jul IIiiuiilBn^ bin clou'I* and hb 


or oui< wliu ifl FU|K^r^'^ En iiiuil- iiiiUi. Jtiit how i.uut (Jila iniHTciorlty 
or disLJm'litin Nr ■ihrtWii':' ilii^ Muvm* m-fih ci1' bvmlhTTJi^-, Ok* Hliuift 
■ud dtU] Tuic<' of pM-InuHi. ui-i it'Illn^f ju.i>rtii[jnQiuLl liy ihiImc nor 
fWtenlAtioii' Jt IB [i[>pja.r. imd luiiiiill ratlior, iLr lumLtuu; of 
jtocJcad oJtii«. Ui<i (JiritL* tX oijln^c^rl iii;ihi.i[i;s riii'I tllu |CKJ»n» v^t 
djifo^ natioiu-v thJLt till tbo ininip of ttunc Mi!u of powor and 
Mlbjiion find disLincticT) ui'^ irtcrry rcr^r n:aLlII>- AttoinoLlo ia Uua 
»iy» •• (t S" ili'Win|wriMT i]n>rc '>v«v J-i ili'Airwj iW to create, to 
am dofttb thuk to jzl^f UU, 1o rmll <li>uii lEirm fi> Ihavld up, to l/r'mtc 
oevnatution imd liUiH;r7 lath^T iWi pkril^' bud pHicQ and |iroBpcrity 
vpon oarib. 

FWhi'!. Woro not mookin*!. in Utii ioftnncv^ iu btlnd to th>rtr 
evs inlOKvte, HI they itvrv iiiii|aito(u !□ giviu^ ^Jory uhiTo shnjno 
idoM WW dxifL y 

^■rtor. En »o doJJiff, Ibfj p"OVftd ?»t f'TK'ft tho drippfl (irrl vlotinia 
or llioir own fi^lLy. t^roiio n chil't for hi* ^n^niun m prunlti of 
tDttchlof aDj mal«Tol«DO«t >sd yuu ^oiufcoii hlio m tha d:i«ct toad 



to tLe ^nlTov^ It i« just nj Itut Him wim- wojM liaa 1<tci3 up H0 

ttut onllod lotidlj for blaini' And the eitibct; fi^r iho worlfl ^ut an 
«M from ila mry DcmoDeiiCAfiwnt, uiil it will ccvitiauo • (bmrTeriioBd 
to the CEUI. 

FkiomthobapMungof t)LU^(tK long tiiDOoeo)tbo joint Env«[tllcia 
oTmnUftd tai0i1I«oOT«TO<lbQttiflN>iiu)Uki>(li OfrnffnnTii: rUM^ujinc^* 
onMrtli: tiiD Itrvt by ttc Uhour oT Ib^ own lumdi^ Ih^ cocood bf 
ttintoiai- U[i} liiirKlB of i^thom 

AU mr^tVsrfi nre^ ^xv^tt^.^*fl, at Rt iMflt oaffbt to t^ fliflnrlod, frotn 
tooh ft vorld, u-ho rchnu ti> M-oiir, ar, wtut b itiU vorao^ viio 
dfilorb unit i-rt^i'itt ihv hli/aiir of otlinm 

>^mniig lho*p who will not Intmur, wi* mny immbflr Jill who hnvn 
thif TinpiiliLraw of htrhi^ bom tci no rnjinncr <if (<n(l : nicfi lU iho 
MoTikj* #>f i>vwry i-oirntry. ili*' iJf-jvi^i^h .if P^'t>iji„ llj^" Brw3itii[n» i.if 
ImUa, tfin MjuiiWItji of ( Iliuu, iuliI thd tkntlcuiiirn nf Ouvtf Cna lUitl 
poiywd ofttioii*. 

ThMO W« lii(rt)iii]V t*> Ji) hat to sli^cp i1, to yi-ake it : Id Mt f t, 
to drink £t ; to tbnoo It, to i^oko it , 1o Hot Ii, lo mftr ft : lOid to 
rh'oIc« in tlie toni? OAnic«t whkh ^jm tfotid hu icivfm t2icm of tlio 
Jollitio«ofth« nrrxt. 

AsMOg thoM wJio disturb ttL« Inl H>iir of i>Ibc^m, T n^Vt^ a11 roEU' 
mBcdlj A!e3nnr1ei« miJ (Vwan, whctlicr andpnt or mo<Icm» vbo m 
tiunr nts of rrrn^ ruul folljr Acompor otiouti hnvikini; the huit<<iiia 
iBul 1«at;^nL; tho ^flLtt^h of thU woridj to the j^riir^t oniovAirK^nl of 
women and torror of Ilttk diUdroa : (unl nho Boom to think that 
B^UTOn ^TO ftOMi ttd hMtiB for no vhil in n*lur» Uitt to b« 
Uoodad And orftckod. Jn rftort, I hE\rn do piiilntK^ nhcn 1 hcur 
flUE of IImmo fiuliou-i. I Am not half 10 fmii^".] vlion I hojvr ray 
voriv rood,— Uo on, I rrqiccst jou. It mnj htn^^ ^ P"^ ^^ 


Thk yiiniu; i*r4ilU'i[ii?ii wur'r nnw npLiii tlicir rvtiim. nnd m Uujjr 
niinnxuni"! dn; Fkihi"l' ibcj (.niflrlL-it nln^iil M.iirj lu k*n'j» Ijiin ffuni 
twmir *oon, till Itc luok ^in ciii|HirLiuuf 7 (if alipiilii;^ ^-nay llijiI rtwlini; 
Up to hia diniubLT. tic no«' ;-tcw rtilT nnil wrr ; adiI hJV nnnr, 
Imvin^ C*>^ 'i^} intiiiintiim <if wltitt Wl IuliiJxih^], hurrm] uji to h\tru 
(mi3 w^t ovff b[m Ti-itt alpiinilant toan of cor<'tItU iiffcf^on. She 
efrDiKbt nn^liTMnJ »a'\ imt him to hoc) ; ukI lutvio^ <m1cri>l M>ino 
vhiti^-tvlno whcj, ot wnl^h fho mndo him ilrink plontJf^Bjr, «ho 
■i«o uiilrcvsod DAii nc?nt to Ltd to him ; uid Uonj, fortins his 
Ifttlo am abont h<^ iKvk, nnd imttJzu: hlB i^cnd in hor ho«on, waft 
tut uUtnp in a tninklln^. 

Br tl^ ttmo John had rvturnod from tho cxccnbon of hii Com- 
Tolanan- 1l« had ho«D fnilr npjtiizi'd tiy ToiTinij, on tlie road, of 
all tiio drainulQnMi nUtfof^ to tfala bfood; titudnoa* ; and. gdng 
to hiA lord and l^cly, hv ^;avo ihon the whole dot^, ocnalanAT^ 
dwtlltng and MrjiaHntln^ an itarrj'n «Aitraff«. hU pro«««. hb) 
hoTwur, and li3« in^ncnMly. Thnr ™nld now no Tnnr^r fnrt^nr 
tndalglntf tbaiM»lvaa wllli Urn ^Eut of a thllA in whom thuj Iwld 



ud bftfing got A pv«p Qt Hcu^ (Lnrl oliAtn-tiuc U't »<> ^*>* ^^ 
«^P> <Wr *tcdo ■» tcAlj bock avu^i, oacli liiw«rdLj oxaltiufi 'm 

Our turo vm eootco rorovorod Gxm hur vcnnd* ojid limim^ 
vbon oa B diy lu- iti«l ^ IHtlu bugpirb^ *t Ibe hAtKli><>r, lull 
aakod, ■At KlLJDijE}; and (.blvodng wtth ««ll. Hit hcArt Bon m- 

hAnJ^\rtun l« roar lumo, di/ j;^or linia bor? un llAny, 
Xoililj, dr, wyt tto child And \Fh*vtr'» jijiir iladV tnd dnuiudt? 
O. (ilrl Bnwrcivil K*iJ, r h^vt no iljwlilj' nnp ntAinnif In the worn 
wIiTp- IVm't rry. <^on'i cryT «yit Hrtny, I hnv« invrnJ il«il1lm 
uifl nuuiuuliss jLUil I will t^TiT you <inci nr two of l3nia, Bui ulntn 

llic Hull! EiL jk jjitd^'iEt itoi^-nt ^^Vt]. ni U. Si ricint nuUcr, Nedd;, 
for 1 hull.- m*.Av ^|uUini U^\ mr* Uany. ^^ ttUn^ liuu J>ff^ »y 
11h9 hflUfl, Im bxl him uji 1'> \m j^uttiu^nt without heiOfC pMXcivfrl of 
on); ftJid.he1|jln|;hiinli>'tn]vtLc iUili> kUclotcirorlfie ihlrtwUi^ 
tit a«d b»t turDTm oflT. m<l |;itt H on thi> D«w«M«tiQr inf^ oqiul hAdt& 
vmI doTteht- Ho nrit r^in (t lli« eoliro wiSt ilut hU boArdod diiU 
luid given him; uiil lui-tng hcl|wd «ad »bcwn liim h*)^ to put oa 
tfae frec«h««Y bo drew on Ifao •tockni^ imd ahfiM with h\A ovn 
bafid& To UiT^ faoiyit<Wd Uw coat oud wulvtoool ; au'l N^ w^ifi 
now fitll iw vdU Htf^^l IV hU f-onofjictor. 

fijorvr hud onr hiTtn t^jci'ct] bimcoEf >a hiirlily W whtfe ho W 
Unit oniptojM, ^her ht kid Imiahoci bin optrsdarw, ha UmokloU 
■nd maXMf tnmod N«d round uid roiix&<t, vtnJIcoCi bcro uxd thero 

abOQl hfalV otid Vft« «0 pnracl of him U If Ito hfld IJMOl nboli; <tf 
Hi <kw]i puldnff. 

^ nckB- npim became dirnrghtAil, forvf^wlfaiff fti \k mbtl tbo 
fntticulArv thm rui^hl fkrlhirr Im requi«JU< fur t1iL< u'lYmiinrhlntfaTi 
of hte jciiwl ; fur lir «iiH itT<»i»'ri Urn fmirt »f Mim to Ifiink of ^buUrur 
■mlilunly. He tliwi noilVn^lM rtii juljo^nln;^ lunilier-nxun. null 
tikiujf Kol with hiu, llu-y fuuiiil rh IRtlf? ohl iiiHltrm, tthJi?!, vltli 
nuiUd vtroiiffth, Ihcy ilTiur^^^it fmlli, mirl )viltfi<<l in n cudvvmcul 
cvnwr of tho *:}mbt. To thi» ilu^y jvMc-l a j^iSt of oL) bbitkcla; 
«Bk1 Iluiy, tuTuw Hjrtufl ihvtn fur KlvIc ri-t>frw in lliu btQl uuuinw 
liO wan Mct ukoi bb ilopvoiUnt If hi) ik^u not bqn|;jj 

Toy honiETr. in^lcod, dir f criod Ned, 

^4) vxiaor Bof'! ilmn Hanr 

porriTLgci' of mjlk uid n ItmcJuon of bronrl, that ono r^ ttc scrvoiilB 
ood prDvi<lod for a yoan^ ruvmiito cF taoir ovs, ho loimtl opoa 
tbom Uk4f ft Imnkn AnJ, Jum^'infug opiia l<i hU oIuiTnl>or, dollverod 
tbom to Noddy, wbo ikcody bivl bolf^lovanrAd tliom vith hli 
ojCit K«d Ljii^MjLtly fell to vltfa tLi& nptnn} of ft oormonkAU o^ 
iny npliETo That ronbp RtipTioAh! If^w thnn ihiilff his trirnd llanx 
\rha i[ti>:tFl over him vllh tJ)c Awtlngn <^ i furrni tnrllp Ihiit ftsnu 

TOT af^u" (Iftjn Kiirrj- hrrit hlff rti-pfoilunt flTirir iiii m Mi rJwimbfiT, 
cr divnt, nitUiiul iho icilTlt} of uny iif tho fiuiiily, i':»vpt ziEirw, 
to nhuiu hv LuiJ rviwiknl tliu oJloii' uuih<r itiu mwJ of ilia ninticai 



Bat on « cr <w>d>jr, %my^ tb* haaunudil, h^Tliv enlDred iritli m 
D«v hroom into cwr bcnTB aiMlnu^itl, potcrifctlfn * riomi>r flm 
1iittQt«il ^luixi^t ur Ncrl't vilifiiiJi] iTilifiipt, JLful llfUni? Ilu^ni at ■ 
ooutlaiw <1Utinim wlUi a llTig^r uui lfaitiiil\ the perceived uldo, m 
uiAuy [jtber ttliilaauijlLeni liftvo ilonio. Ui&l Uiurct ih iki |url vf tJiifl 
Clut'fT <Aludi i» DUl iwiulvd irllb finnonft vf ui(iiinlf« if nj«n hod but 
altcatb>n uid cpfjtit* <lalr nco<>niiuoilATf>d to tbc ripign. SKt 4rrfti|ni.T 
tbe lifinjf innuc^ut u (htiUKti viln? hifl tAlira up & bunun^ hi/nv- 
riiO0i owl waA Jivdanily |jcuii1vtL \^ lir^r prfflJflc triuigtiuitkiD, wilft 
tribci of tho iuno >podOi fi^m Hqa'I to fotU 

Id thiH fit of liiiwiul, Sof? hnn<ii'''U itnf^Hiiiiul<lf. i> «(«p tnto 
tbc riMctf ojtit mploJ Nc<I in a cUni <v>ntvr. whoro he hod tqiMttod 
wud drawn hinWlf ap to iho kico of a lio-lg^lii^g, 

&b# imnwlutclr Ouw At him. lil» ond oT ttt« Kvn«id(JM, «od 
dn^QB^ hijn forth ia iho bgbt. m OotcnlM 1« Mid to taMv« biAl«d 
Cbnu from Lu dctj. !^ai> qnntionttd him wMl ft vofo*^ uT iiT]plHi-%hl« 
uithortly. iinti Sv<^, with hunib<1o niul tag^Dnaw TitHTH. louletfod 
Ifao ivholD vivrmnirA' but Kuijr, no waj mpltfi). cxdvliiw] 
-wVlint, Bimh! bnve jon ui'l jonr niwlL^r ITkit; k nlid Id 
Inrnd Ml alTMfon in ih^ hnnw? I wtll n<Tnit nT un mf-h dnfnjn, 
for I hw«j an iitl* r nonvniirton tn lirpi'nr«-hriil* aail vcmiiii. Rlnr 
tLen uuedihuhIimI luni U^ LutiiIIu wp hui oli) ntp^ an^l, ilt [^bii: Liui 
dora-BtBim Wcir> lir^r. ^^ dfnrrjlw^l lilm from iTm luJl-iliior with 
■ |nlr of cntorl lir^it'M oil llii* mIiUi uf hbi Imj^Ih mtd ufilciv<l hint 
noicr niDtv tu ik^fri^tl h»i >Lt,-liL 

Poor Ned wt'iiL m^iAiii: ujd wiulm^r fi^^ ihe door, ^hcm wIm 
■hciuld h« we, at uWlji llfty i^iritL ^lihUuit. U^t tiin Ircbrcd patron 
JtofTT. ^h(i hiul iKXiit ruttiji^ a «wjuh fajm Um noxt h^dic*. To 
hhn hv nn with prccrpitAtian, Unrrj. 1oiii.IloI vjlli McompMihnL 
not &0G fnpm rvtcntUBCOlfe to m« his frLvuuiit« m !<«», domondod 
the can«o of Ui afipHrent dktrvMk Trhidi ycd tnitr rci&tod. Ow 
htTo ihi^rvupon M<«mo thMwhlfol and mooilf ^ nniL Jodfilnf th«l 
Biuj bofl Bot nfit«1 thoA witJu)nt authority, ho conooJrvd a gonvral 
di4(piit at n fjuuilr who htul lrcal*>d him bo iT^turoiMly Jn tho 
ponhju of hii Ncfldj; Itot. oomr^rlinp lib< ■k<|i«nclAiit tho b*«t bo 
could— Comjf, No.»Hy, anw h", don't .-ry, my tQjin, I will bring 

C(Tu, thnt T will, to my own door ^la^ and \t> %i1l wvtcnnm «n^ 
iv« yoQ for my aoko^ Thon, nukiiiir bi« wwy ttircingh ii amall 
hreofiQin tiiA n«b^b<mTlDg hoif^o, hn onlomd \od to fulFow him, 
uirl Rffw acTDM tCa 0d'l bko n hJrd of p4aei|re« in a dirci't lino hi 

Tb* obi gfimtnman naw bfm Appmu'lilTijr. nnii ^^ id^ to IiIa 
VKiut dcmitvtic. wlio wjthdnTW wjth |im<Jpitaiiu]L Ho rtf»?riviHj 
MkI caiiULii uiir \i-erv uith niuiv tJuui urnuiJ lffUJ«i>ur^Ai;iE who, 
my tloar, *iiy» b>v b tJd« prHty liltl* boy thnt jou liari* p>t with 
yuu ? If arrj- thru. Ifko tho Qrcdan I>riiLantbrnn, tnkirijc tJTn*< b> 
wana biinvitf ^t^ith the nocillcn.'tiDn of hit umu ii]on>, ami Hottiiii:: hb 
poraon fc^rili u ilfi kn nrtion and mloiir UwlI rt(<t«naiui>d to prettiil» 
tHAde tho fo1b>wing omtloii^ 

"Why, dadft, I miurt toll yoci \\\r*t thi« tioor Utth? (jot, for ho to 
ft TCiT poor Vttio boy, nnd bia rumic in Nodrty, fir, anil he tii« no 
MMid in tho wido world bat you igid I, mi ; and m, fir, ha I was 

rrr^ root of QUAirrr 


tolUiy: jrnu. lie iniTtii* In lliir iIimit, L'.rj-iiJj; mHIjt for wjli3 anil hmttrer, 
fur faw Jiful 110 (loLhi^N Jill iliiili]^ Eior nNiiitiny nt nil. tUt, viiL i Iwi) 
n nuuj of tlir<[ju uid ttml hjib iinl lait you klHnr, idr : mul T vm 
Iq Um Luiiiour tu jfivo Uiiii 4I] iLir iIuh.Tjki «tid rmuiuiuui I liuil la ttia 
vurUI cjuvi't jun. Kir« «ul mommv imrH^. Aiul «v I tvok lJ:ii ujk 
itoiiv, ui'l t pdl tli(^ ^lottKn npon lum Uut jToo i;nvc im? when 
1 vrac & jKivr Ijttir Imy. ^ir ; Ef'T huIkhW hM/i to Air tj llLcm bub juu 
uid l^'df ^ *»■) 1 ku^^ tli^t 70a wijLiUl pkr TH^qr l^tllii Nvililj mor* 
Ihm I pitied luin nj>pclf. nr. And so» iLtIah tlicy lo^k my poor 
littt« Vml^Y h>^y. ojlI IoxjJ'I iLJni, ili^^I Umt hiiu hiIIj-, And tnmuil 
hlro out of doon; oo<l u 1 moc liiin crv^iif; iml i''>jLnii^, niul ho 7011 
know, fllr. bow t hid nnOiii^i; I0 iln l>ut 1u brin^ hm to ^0, nr, 
<tt to Stoj Mill C17 with htoa for c^nup^ii^, itir. 

Horo orutor Huiry ooauil to f^vAk, oxofipt bt bin toivra, vhidi 
ho cOqU do ItJTiffer nv^niln. uirj wh^ch iir{;i^yiiiL>il tn plijid most 
^mplMtlMllT f'lr him. Kilt hiJi pjLtmn trxtk Fiiui in hU hirnvi^ a&d 
kWffd the ilropi fj»ii] Tioth t>n, nnil uid — Do nnt cr^, tny rWlltlff, 
for I atu Tfiiin^, my Tliirry, mid hII 'linf- L Imvv Ih yniiri ; ftrnl If jcu 
hvl hPonpUfi a whi^lo rv^-!mi*nt nf pf*or hnili^ N>ilitli^q with jro<j, 
ihi-y hIiiiuIjI Ik" -ill i»^'lt'<H[iL* U} mt', ftir jiiiir uJii'. iiiy ILirry, 

'Djt^U ilaffj Hprau;: up bjl<I t-uuclit Mb (uUiju nlMiiut ttiu cnrk, 
«o that it wtttumnii iinm tH^flire tljv old tr'utUMrmu iv>i)U1 i-vt Iciow. 
But lluryr uj> bc% I juii puJn^f jiirtt naw lo luivi^ thin c^^ntilrv ; 
will jTou and your mui Xivldy wmc aJontf vilii toe? Over Uw 
Aurld vfido, dtkttt! m.}9 ILut? ; ktt vklniir ato r<>ii ifumic* Mr? 
I mm gufn^ Ei^bcjcciikK. H/irry, tbnt wUl t>o bruvo sport! mj» 
lliary. 1 will toll yoa mHixI jiti lAuJI (Jo, diula. M'hatV that, mj 
lot*? ^TiT, sor "»T* Hurry, juu niuj^l jcei a k^^aI Ut^, !ikfl tbo 
eU tnm ftnd Qttiv cblUI thiLt was At U^-ior t'ltU r >ljiy ; uud Ncclilj 
KoA I wQl bff; for jou. ^r . tknd wc ^111 tJUt nil tZint ^o ^ i?t into 
jDnr Knvt Ihw. ba Umt iri»>l lltlto diiU -ltd fur Ihh lUilty, »lt burnt 
tou<l&g A bli^ tJLOQph b<« n-U hungf? onou^li hinuclf, po<>i f^^llav, 
1 VDm&L ESut don't lot ui fco to boK 1'^ T(i|4i'« <lt^or» tur ; fur if 
70a di>T Uii^y wlU Ihii ftnd botit iu» anil drivo uit awk/^ »A tliny lUd 
to j»or lltiio Nivfdy 1o^by,nr. 

ilt^ old ifvTitlMThin, tlii>r<tiit, hftjl hi* ivxtnT^niin^A ilivMcil l4>twlxt 
tbi9 riiing tAur nnd Ih<> burrCng Iniiffh. Hn^ luking Hkit; I^t Iho 
bnivl, bo nid — S'o. no. iry h«iircnly rrejitiin*, T oin nut t^olnic <■> 
bw of uij innti llvinjr, l>ut tu lt«ir of C|i>i1 bt fHii;r iVivn liln fnll 
voffbt nf Idnwdn^ upon mj llArry, uid to i-nilia^uiiT tn tmnllrm 
tiiflm ta bim, bqili hnn niul mnnltar, by my cum imd iunuuLdiojuL 

Haiilu thus »|Njkti]. bu iml it IrLjL:(i uiKi< ijitu ibf> tiAJnl <jf <;ih;h 
01 Ibo (duUlvu. nnd o^vnniii^ tlimu ia drink a ftaU ^Lv«i of muU 

«hlte tiiao. bo took tbeni into m lock-ysnt, wbciv n Liirbt (Shicli 
vfth VK horMS. uir) tLirf>« Mirviuto roadx RJoijuk>3, attmidnl; and 
barloic plnocil faU jounjc fompanloiu, a&d fontoJ Unuvlf bot^von 
thfftc, ATn? titc o«cb i^mvo at ft tnrocpbw CoHop. 

Abont tho liTne thAi cur horo «kd hi? r^^r^n mt out, niuw went 
vp-Mi* vMx mf«t bountiful cat of bnm^- \<ii^cd brood n&d bnttor» 
for tfio oraimcmont of the ^onng otitiff wboni hIio lud loft In tbo 
doaot: but i;rA linifltuc h^m Ihoro, ob* ha^UL; dropp«d bor pro* 
vendor on tho flnt mdow «bo xno^ and, bnnying doMn to tbo 



kJtdmii, nuTiMtlf Snqiilrcd tor the Utlb bncrir^ic^? frhom MmtM 
HafTjr IiAd takvn m1i> lin wrriof^ Al Uu» aun^liaii nil ITk< K^rrAiiU 
ItOOd ia (ilOTit onuuciuefii c^inepl 81117. ^"O hridKiij; iipn ami m»- 
inafiuc th« whole iropijrtaiico ofber >Utk<i^Whj. nunc. t»yi ftbc. 
TDU timet no! oppoM that I am cotn^ her* 1c mtCV ml to (-lo^n 
•ftor loiuiy llulo ibttnmbt ; it wt* un^nt^ to lireiBd ati ruiUi' km, 
thAl it «^u« in tlic lunua : *o what mo^ifloi tniay worls^ r took 
thft littlo dirt; trrftt, ami t^ti3'4i Tiim v^t of ihwia^Yuni 'Vui. hun^, 
■•jv nar»n ; you doro to ^r>int anil vrt di; oJiifrt— ray liftid ukan^ 
tlio honoar Bnil pHd« of oU tho ramilji f And » nfiiijzrt ^<^ upi 
wilL hvr bniNMiy oitn, ind nvo 8iikv Hmfi 11 iloiipu on tliu siflo of 
tho hojwl, Mi l^rt bor fnat A*Mop f^iiv tirt liour uil Dpvud, 'tlMBi, 
ranmn^ np-HCvtrs ngaln. uho vpnt wuvJuiig ucd ohmoorfn^ for 
H«ifr MhoQt dw bCiQBii, fn ordor to conifort And con>1cT-> with him 
for malAiM. 

Dinner wm nov nrmd ap imil th« crmi[iin)r n<jE&«i1, an6 nil tha 
MmnM r#n •*^vf mlly h<?i> i<«il Thftn*, rp|n?jii*^ny hitiniBi'nirijr MuKwr 
HuTj Ifi iilti'ni); hut Hhjtjt inwt out nf hoArin^ 1>y mimy « iurt^. 
WUca Ihn clnlh wrui reninvoii nrnw rflbtittl with an asrwH, half 
in twirt luid ludT disttiK't-^l. tiuil t^idiuuii.^ (hikt Ler L'bilij iaih iiut 
to bo fmiiid, Afjit wlmt, TiiiL'^t. KkjM ||](.i oiiL'1, ilu TUii HiUtk b liv- 
comn i^if him ? I hcjic. my laul, paj* t-hm, tlint hn M nlthor ntny oil 
t<i tin 'liiJdy or to tlio diimli fDuMi-'nuui'ii^ Thon mnstiLKf^ won> 

tiiUiitpt IhuLt M^ialfir Unrry \uiA not boon MVi ftt hh fiNt'ir-rHlliirr'*. 
lUid that no one wnant hamcatthohnawof tftednmbccntlcnijui, 

Tbfl bitffawBa utiyr hvcomo nodone amd fJuniitnj: l Ui« ^bolo bouM 
WM fo ouDXootbzL uirl aJL tho it>jn<«t'i(«, tfii't unr h«ro** IotIdjc 
mirw* with XiOrd DJ^kf in her li^ui)^ mD KnroMng throi^ih th« 
ij^iirdcmi, the floldiL and the pxfvm^ thiit rcmundod an aU aidtf with 
Iho fiumo of tho A.F>«cnti>fi. 

On their return from & diB^nintion, m irmiXom 01 Bcilidtiniv 
nnvM d^ruUnxl hfir iiTi]in>Ei^n«ifinH ihAt Hnrry hnd gono off with % 
bttlA Ux</V7itQ bny niioia ho bnd |jdE«n intd florvlc«,uul whom Chi> 
hoawMTflid t^at mDnuLi^ hiul bavton o^t of doom Svj, btittg 
D9ftril r««0Ter«1, nnrl now calM and quoarioneil hereon, wb* ocm- 
ptllod to oonfAn ihn fknU thonfth In fomui I«m lunght;^ ami kM 
bTogant ihiin »«in] ; whnn my lonl. tonkin^ vtrrnTv ai h^r^And 
who. yiin iriipinl^^iir. Hlnf.. lui <*nf*r1. ^ivo yiiu ftrii7koritT I0 turn snj 
onamitor my hoitKi wlinni my noTiLo and iMnenjiift lioy «M |i1«aBed 
tA hrinff bt GiJt yni^ Innijiiiily AWJ17, aiul nnrnr lot mcf hit ici ni^ 
hA|i|)y V tu t«i?T^ thut itt^o atraia. By Ihfn time thu trlioTe tiUaca 
KiiJ iii^Jk'hb'iurlKjuti. aa w.-U ^ tiis uoMv Cuiiily, wvra in liuubla 
uiid aJiuctia iiU Hid IfHL of i\iAr litlht CELViiLtjll'\ ^hKn r nmnliyiniui 
cntcitd In a hwiwtj hiufb!. rxrnl dofdrod wii.bimt pn-fn™ Vo }a! ui\- 
mJttod t> iho mi'L My lurd. »y» bti, 1 (Zutik I o&n tivo ymi vumo 
oowfi of yuur i1c>j».i- 4-hEliL A# E vii« retni-r^iiu: homo on ibo T^ondoa 
roaif, t tavf n conch nod tfix drivlnir ti^wanu mo nt n pvmt rote, 
auh| thourh It paaod m^ in huto. 1 iturk?'] that tho ffontkoua 
wlUk lh^ honi^l ini« ill il, hnd thnt ho hvi ivo chililr«ti Wh hlm« 
OUD on oiwh hand, though 1 had not tlmo to oh*pivi> their ftt£>o*, 

B(^<' id «omi:thiDjc for your nown^ Mod tho url; Jt amy h» 

THt FOOL OP <?Fiiirr, 

M Jon ny. Hvm^ Jctm, lake a ixvsr i^f (ho Kniuitv tlonx vktth 
]r(iu; irolci hiuLto b> UiAt umi'* linnto; it ni>«itici juifweiVtlmvit »]k^n 
tlw dooi, oful Ldafi im w»rd of what jou oia bdm ocotooraiuff Lam. 

(V<dn^ who «D* Ili« lii>mf-«tova^ httrriod i&ilfltill? oq hU 
ODminlBiicA ; ukil ttniUnic iiU In flilcncpo nflcr L»i4 and npcalod 
haooktpgp, b& and hu oijmiidattf btirst open tha doof , ud ruUun^ 
b IQB ogi BBd down throuirh oU thv opirttriciitfi. 'ilitj fouAl tht 
b0V» rv-iilr ftirnlidiofi, o litniry of <?hakc book* «bon>it«)ni, a 
bMuQbt full of aamj pUlt^, and cvoev tJuiite m ord<rr, tt if pnv 
pw«4 for 1tv« r«Mp1ioii tf a familjr of AsOwjti9a- At tMf ihny all 
notid utooidMi^ tlU Jolm, cMtuog hb «jp* lowud a tabi« tu tita 
«0«et pftrkmr. peTOcdrwt « P*pv. vrliieb bo boMilr au(lc1i«d) up, 
MArl Ibii&i) 1ri be n ]«lt«r doqr fbbleil ftiirl iHlorl. niri arliLnMAl to 
hk loftf, KatnlUTiK nt litis dln^rory, hA Irft xmif of iho iDrvnnCi 
to wmti^ iho ^ocdM^ And hoTilBt! Iwlc with ijl poi^lfle i^idhI to 
hirt caiiiifur. 

Mt IckFit, iMj« J<ihn. vnli^rlny. an^l htrlTto; to nvoror lirvftlh, Ota 
dumlt fcntlenmn. ox ihi^j l^aII luui. miLHt be m aaan rich imjiH Tur iho 
tury nimittiru of Lu houm cauuut txa wi>HL lew than Hdoo 
thoamji^b uf poDfulH. Johii Ibeu prvicatot thv Utt^^r, vthii^b Ibo 
mtI tuittly l4riko opfln, Find foand to ^o w faUown^— 

•Ut IhOMX— I Mu lit IvDi.'tb prCTontOi! with mi <»pi»MinHJly of 
fOTjifif- ot) jxnir linUi Itnirr— the fcrt4tc«t tronmro that over 
parcfflta w^9 blcttod witb- 

•^'Jlo dMrw i^t 1 r<cl in Toi^^ciTLic tho Affirtion Ouit li£» 
ibienpo will cmom to jflnr vbi^o fuinn^, boa rint born aMo to 
pnral for 1b« raifpMuioii of thht cntnpnH, 4» titi dplir* inttruDt 
ud hHpiimf*** OdtwvijEbs wilJi iTi«, «J| other roiLolJcntionii, 

"I'crtnit mo. bowtiTVT, to twOiTo your lordibip Ihnt oar darling 
ut iiiTDT7*«fc Hinl votj offtvhiititLbi nan^li; th'l ihnX it >hnil hw Iha 
ab«to fonfirn urnl i>nipbyiDOht nf my hf« !o r^mifr atjiI to ivFiirn 
tabn In yon, in 4ln« tlino, tine luost aixomjjlinhod and inort por&ct 
of ill hiiniin Ivin^, 

"Tn Ihft ni«Ni wbile jr^r ntmoot (u*4irrh und inin&iy nfTtrnA 
ttHI bo frafthm. Z Iouta bk ymir tonlthlp my hrninc luirl fiimlfuro 
■a ft plMli:o uid uramnoo nf tha Into^^l; of my ltLl4.-ntJGiut,^ 
And «D, Af^." 

Hie myitery of uur bc?ni*ii night wiu now. hi & irrvnt nicHonro, 

IBnvttllMl; l>al no uno ondil fi.Tiu «ri> nvrknud v«iui.^:turv tuili^ 

tiBff Ibo motiTUH <if tliv^ (iM ui^ut^riEuMrit pii>rfiifurii In thr^ com ; 

nd oU wvn atoggvtvd 4t hii kaviui; atK^b a miua of wc^Jth bolund 


ito Iho ftUtnjr on of ft dftrk id^ht rcn^lf^ro-l all jmiruit, for that 
tfM,iinpmotio&I«, my fc>ri otdtrod the porrant* to Iwd, ihnt rhoy 
tttthit nn b«foro day- hii<I llt'n f<i ia^t i<vory horaA tio fawl, 
Oneh cottio nm! oUh mid to nuuiFcr nnd mouut thi:^ y^nnj; tu«n 
of tho TJIk^. and to ijiiimo after tho fuf-itJVL'« by <lI(frrT^nt n^a^e^ 
nooording to Iho bM likelihood or |D^>!ti>^<1]r>N tboy mi^^lit r^piv«. 

In \hS hfifptftiX procpvo^ 1^ tuuiA uni^ iL^iUtt hi iu-tan nKtuiiro 
eompoMd; ^ oxcopt poof fntm. who would tut bo o^mforbod, 



noilh«r iMntJH bo prt<MuL«r1 njjon to Mjlcr ia at tho docrv; but 
fit! nit:lit on thci cM uUim, or ruiit'Unj; throini^h t^ nv air, 
tontinucd dnjipTnp ajiri wringing hor hoAdJ, *md bcvftjUng tbo irrv- 
ptLniUa low c4tKr Hnrry. 

On Um fcltorviTi^- r\uy^ my li>rii ordivnul n mimita Eniontoryto 
bo lAkon of dJI the hiraJtaro m Ibo fcHniilc^n manfdofi'lionH) ; ntirl 
farther ■pp<iint«<l Hnrry'n f'Wt»'r*fnlti**r, mHIi hin fwnily, Ut ffnler 
Info pO"*ft«irton, (li'I Tf» take pij-n of tbi* *>«•*(*:*, tlU wnch liin* »ii 
Iho pmpiirlor nhoiiM ivft*'U- btft j'Jjiim. 

poflBA thMt wtfnl In qu«t rif our niTunrHjn ivliifn^i^l. nil rtrooplnp 

uilI itiiivpnAUj' lie(iptiLt4rn<<l vr cuvvtiM «Jlb niirfi, vrthuut niiv 
'^([iiKnlitut f»r irfiiiirmlikbLe Uibugfi ti> liuJiiiii:« llid wi-ij^bl of llmti' 
Wi^n^or and f atL^uc^ 

Tlip bAiir'i'Jtm "I vrrek'hi'<liKj'e of LurruHi lirn. im it tJiuulJ wem, 
iluf« not M> much iki4ir(i»l on tbo loon or aoqaiHltlon of rcid mV 
TdAbi»i oi on tbo 0ur4iiotiiw i>d]LJona nad luui^rinMJou of men. 
'Jlio aWnco of tbift infnni, yfivi. liit ii few montbn boforc^ biul no 
nmnncr of (nt<?Tc*f m the \ioff^ affoptiouis or Bolidtu*!** of tbk 
noblf fundi;, kkppcarrd now a» thv lutH ofoU their hotioaiii nnd 
fortuh««: ft p-n«ml fii»t of moomLnir wotDed to darken tvcrr 
apdjtni«&1 ; luuf mv Jorit oni tnil^ no mon pdd vfulU, nor rvcHToA 
•pv>Uo compnny- Ti>oy 'ff«r&, however, imcnfiTc in many oontri* 
TUr«« for nniiamfr km OfflUOUnff tbi-ir IhiUtij- Pfnky; bct ot«& 
tbll wiU tn lltlU piirpoEO, for he Vm otion frruuj tilonlJy luiguliih- 
liip jh «imen, or ciymp — O. wlioroli my l>rotbor Hftny, my oiwn 
ii****l bititht^r HwiyT idiiJl T iwvor two my own brothor H*riy 
onT mow ? 

Itfy torrl bfi^ ilrAiuly cTrwjnti-liivl a miiltitiirto of drcnlnr Irtfori 
l/t nil hi* nf^]itri]iii;iui'OH, wUii [hthor aatb^ tbronclioul tbo kin^^ 
tU/KK ci'iitfiiniii^ olTurH nf itfupli ivHonlii for tlui ncovtty of 1& 
cbild, t3i]t lliiilin;: all incifltH'tUB], be OBUflcd wlvcitiffrmf^la to 
thi^ MiiEio |)or|iu-^ lo Liv lojMiU^illi/ uok*rl«d !ii tJl tb« iJul>lJo 
jHpoifi; u TijLi Hijii'<. i» flnoht, uc ittlll oxtont. nnil may be foumi 
in :hc intifiy <.'bri)iLirl» of thi>« linyB 

^VitliLh a tvvi bT<(kft <iftc« tbi puMihM»j: '«f tb?--^o al1v««lIftc^Iaonbs 
my lorl ron:lT«d a httor rcnx^iiup bb hh Itnny, that ftfibnkd 
ercot ooQiwliition lo bim nnd }m Wy ; itiiuj^much that, with ^tn 
Mp of tbo lonii]i)t liOAi] of tinio, in I^ thiin tbo vpoco of twoho 
&kOQt}w th[» DoNo CimSly Vforc rortoroi lo thoii fonner cbooriuloom 
ond Inn^QilHty. 

Hut to rvturn to th« idtnAlion In vhich m l«rt oar Iwm i tbo 
cOM-b itroro m at ft roiind rnic, onrl tho ihililiec oonti&tiod hi hjgb 
^lofr. jia^I thfmght iha^kindof ooihr«ijnm« tbi> liiu^ npoH iru«0Tu]bil0, 

\Vln*n Ib'y i'nti>fiifl n fi\tnf* fin Thr rtmi romrnoti, tbi* coivhTnfln 
lontiifl ftl>finl lo talin oar*, that no mm wns fn ni^bl : nnd, tiimhij: 
Ic the rigbt hxoti, be lR*ld ^ntly on llll h** iiifin" to anftlTn'T [fTpal 
TOft.1, on wbirb h^ Arav9 fit. bJa former rnir, This hp i\li\ n^iln 
nt thn nrn ftninmnn, unci oonTtntr to ajmib^i' roiiil Ibij U-A also lo 
LumbHL niHlni^-itnuvm^iirvftcbui^bt? put up aIUiu fbttgrvut ifiu 

rns POOL OF qvauty. 


HuTT'a jMlroa liad Uu> pr«<mitioii to JtHb hia prcat-rwnt mnffUil 
about Jila fic^^ m thkt no one ooul*! ol*orvw iiU Kurl. IjU tb^j- wcro 
k^nti to a roi>m, and flro and Modlc* voro li^Eitinl cp. I Lea his 
A&CMDt fnVnd noil domcvtio hvrio^ pivri^^'^ HiBtan and lrB|i1o- 
tnonln for Aluvfog, lookod tiL« door, tnd Mt In «crk in tlio ptAonoo 
of tbo cUildron. 

Il«rr7 tvM ilII ntt«ntiori rlurinf: th« whoEv pro»M ; uxii wbcu llw 
G^aratlon war nnltn roni[dnt«c1, faa drow ntfnr to hii jutrmi with t 
QKiticMiA ktaul oiJanJouny. wid looting dp to bin fn^n with th» lom 

In IiIh Hltlo' Vyrt — ^v*jili; In mi», »ir, Buy* hft; pr»y, tpwifc td mc. 
U to. ftfwwfiri'il tht^ nil g*>Htloinjin, ihn only lYHiifiirr. «hf fujp llf.:i to 
bo Willi JDH. Jinrl to »paik to jo«, luj Hnrrj, 'Ih^ rhiM. h'juin/ 
Ibe WQfMcnuwn vcikv uf Crimi^Hliiu Inua'jilLili'ly l'^Ilhu.hI luriLJn- uid 
rsAcUiHt u.p bill llttla anm to «ixkt}nirHi Ubi ]j,'ifriiik— 1>, liu^wil, my 
hi', 1 liuUiTVO you arc mj own tWla still! 

Tlicuj^h IL^rrj u*a dow rvooiunlff^l to tlio iilcntitj of hii frlothlt 
rot bo folt A Biimt ictfTot foi- ih^ Hl«<^m:o of hi» bouni: tx hv 
Urod aU and ovorr port of hioi u cntir«l:r th^t the Ion of a taLr 
apprar«*l a Tom nnd a wiuit to Iho bcurt <<f ilHirv. 

After Ml ft«*Jy Hnpiwr, iinJ two or threo «n«al kIiUm* of win* 
por num, this gentleman, vhojo hi* i«muitd htu^ tmv rLnnomitv^ 
bf the nuao of Ur. J'^oot^o, proposed hMo-an<l-p>>»:ck to hit 
MBOd«l«tt. Tbia in^fiUtioti wvi M00pti?1 whli tnimikOrl; n;t<J &ftor 
th^XVOT* dojod vitb faido-onri-cook, iLoy oil ptofi^d tigif tUl tiko; 

Mr. F^ntUQ orilorwl a pallHl into tlw ohiuiiljKr for jKmau, hit 
bitiifbl iooMfltkv flDd Uttio >Vl Th^n, bctfiit^ to tmlnM liiavf^ 
ho put him flrvt Co b<s1 ; uiil lin^f^nin;: »ft<^r. h? looh h'\* itATlm;r 
to lib bocom. and Un^lfirlf rir«±»vl ^ilm in a Ie^ujt t^,l1 I<>vvn<] Lim 
natfi thaii ari Tb^ wnrM, lUiu nuyn thjm thnt wotM Ten titnir-A lolJ- 

Tn nhniit tikm iliijt Tiitiiv llivy xrrlrivl mtii nt HniTipal^nd. anil 
UuiiliiuLC Hi llin coiirl iif II bir^ liriiuu*, ttint tviui ■li'H/lifrtrllj 
dlllAbM. thfif wrro vnU'iim<Ml l»j a jpinlii-vouiiUily-lr-sklni!; mnfi'on 
whom JanL-B Imd HkwI fur huuwkBeiK^r. a,buui a ftJttiiJirht l^f-fon^. 

'Hjf^ jmil itix Mr. Fvntvii ajid hi» LJilhu coiu^Jinli^iB wtvrv 
fttU'iLiE«il At bJilo l>]r JaeuomiU tlio two fL>otmciL. 

Aa Auou li-n tko latlor cnce vnj» iiJd, oixi Uio clolli tAlc^u av»7 — 
llany, mT« Mi. Fonton. It b now our turn to vndt on Jaiiiok vjitl 
hiji nlkm-wi^ivjuiiia : for God tatuh u> aU m 1>t scrvimU to cMh 
OtIiPi : oa« tmm is not bcrm a bit li^ltcr than ojKilhtr ; eJid he i« 
tho b««t Uid |cr««taii of all whn kit.;* aiicI «tt<tLiE» llio tiioflt, Aiid 
nqoim lootttn bo «irrc<l and littcijilc^f upon. Aod m? pn^^ioiu, 
ho tlut v & kiotf to-diiy, if m it plml] t''l'>^itw <^*oJt nmy b«(ioTi3L? a 
iMocnr W'Oiorrow, And it in good thil pcoplo nhould t>a pn![Mn>d 
■g^it aJ] thnt majF happon. 

lUTipg Bi> uiJ, no took hi* fodatwt down Kt Iba btU. Jiul h* 
tho oonvnti tmd oAt down to ^llnniir, If« jpivo hU ^tvmtnAi* l\\ti 
yiinkr «nd tcirtnninff to oot lh« oxomplo, u^«l Mtx HcnniJi, and 
tlr JtUiM*, tful Mr. Frunk. mut Mr. Aniln^w. vhtir tlii^y would 
plow to ImTO? Tho i^rvhntK rfculfly falling; Ui uitli tlii>ir TitLfinUr^i 

ntUng^ onrl ilAiry to do tliU, oiLd Hirr? to ili> llmt: nbiln nArry, 



idUi % ^rraoffful Action, uid mar? Ijt^iulirul iboii Gfui^modfi, llio 
CUpiJtMJvr of llic ^uiK IIl-w oIiikie^uIIv oitout fivrn isdfl to wk\*^, tm^ 
Ti^iJtliiK tlto nlii1jr« of $3\ *l UMd^ »a tiul t)iny prHir«il U|i<>ii biru 
ft thtmnnd bk— Jwj from tti« bottook «f Uuor boutn, ui'i wiiahl 
Ki0t now liavft pctftsd with hSm fbr th^ milditr rdwarila wliich lu« 
ftjtitf MiTnfi tfmo ftfbor DTopowd for Uii nMurofy. 

WHhlQ ft fr>rt&ieht after ihu, Mr. Juaoa. tlw tow^^towd, fur- 
aialwd n liu^i lunbor-rDom witli bundn>4» of oo4t^ oiitH»«tiL, 
iihta:^ vMkSAliwi^U, brfff^nhflA. Ktoddnniv, '*'*^ •hoofti Cpf tUflgrrot •oHa 
■nd eUck, bat bU vf u-ujin and olun, though bomolj, m^torkli. 

WhoA thifl «&■ ')(>i>o, >ir. lf«Dtoa tod hta fMwritft op lo tho 
>tevM, AOil add— My UAny, jwu m* ill iktm thlBA and I taak^ 
A prcfcnt of all tbo«e tlii^ to 1117 Hury. And ntiw iciE tab, mj 
loie, «fiflC wTO jron do mh tTifm? Wljy. flailft, fciiy* Ksity, jun 
IcnOT* tbiit 1 □vuvn wmt tbmn my«*!r- Ko, my rl'iar. iuva Mr 
Fentn, fbr joa bave olo^e* enonirh bMid?, imd uritn? of ihom 
vouM not fit Ton. Bad fitTivr* would nmfdhtir yoii_ Whnt Itifin 
will yoD iln with \\\t^n\ will yon lnim liintu. <ir llimw Mmtn uMmj ? 
O, tint WoiiUl bo vrry nnujrbty niid ^rit'Iiw] iijdund ■ mi^ Ilarrj- 
Nu< iladiK HM 1 i.Tu iiul >^iut llii^iii tuyavlf. t will pvi? tLotii tu thiiw 
||u( t\w TIjiiTh ta'il! til viiy hiu^ivtly i\^\m uf )Vii, luv* Mr. tViikni; 
ioi, in tnith, thry hivo it ^-ftttrr rictt to thoni, my liiuiy, tluifi yoii 
hav^ AJ>d ibut ^'lilch you nuuiol. luo uinuul Itloni:^ to jou. Su 
Ibai. in LiTiHi: ymi tLvw t1kiDK*> my iWIljii:, it r^UnuM m^a u 
if I nmili] yiiu ii» i;]fL rit nil- 0, a Tcry mviHtt jc^ft! hk^n Harry, 
lIoTv in that? mja Ml, t*eQtoa. Wfay, tilft «jft Cif doinK Ko™l tu 
olhor pf'of^li^ ifir. Mr. Fi:]iton, th«n tfl^ppinir bftok. and i;:iuiiu; oa 
Qitr lu^ri>, trie) —^Vh4H] VAC f^ttk'rnptp to inibiict Umo, niy anicoli 
mupt himvolf be iiuiniclod of hoavcn, who wpcoSa by Hial nwoat 
I, IJut llorrr. It would not l>« dbcTOot of y<m to fi:lr« thnitii tliinj^i 
'td tbo ixunmon t«B;f;iin who oomo crvty <ky to var door; j^ro 
tii«7ii vi^tunU AiLd nidrj>rn<w or fWKio j^jiiw^n^ iuieI u^Tf^rnv : bnt 
U you pira muli EMgirBn Iwcu^ ntti of ^ilolhoii, thoy irii) cahI 
tbcni aU off and put on tlii<ir t%^ n^in, \i\ td<jvo people to pity 
llk^ni. TSnt wben yoit 1*1^ nny [nmr t.™\'*'npr* e^oln^r 1*10 «*■?, nod 
jroor ftyM ■*» that tW ani nakftl, or jour b™n tfllTs yon Ihjti 
thoy tavi hoDfrry- thnu do not wait till tfi/iy ly?^ of yoii, hut ^ jutd 
hi*i; of tht-m 10 fitvoar yon with tbi^lr ^un^iiI^umi^ ; lb"ii \f\v llumi 
unto tl)'< tlri> nitd unnn Ihfim And fiv^l fhi-io. nnd wh»n yi>n lijvvo 
•P di^nn. |Akr> tllt^tn up ti> yiiur Htorerrxsm iind doUic xhvta. with 
irlutpvcr you think ttity wjitit ; mvl ^t^li'-ti* \t\v^ nry H^rry, wlieu' 
ftttryoo aroiXFld, or hiiTiiriy. '^r ivnuinltitl. (Ji i» *Mml, <ir In ulukiii** 
yO[ir>«ir. the Terr loniiru^ljiikf^'i^ cf jotii Tin^in;^' I'l'itlioii, ijid fi:J, 
ami ittK'-l <sn'\ i."omfortCTi tbi* miitfl lunl Mm Imim - , iln; Titmnflcd 
AAil tliu afflict'Td, niJ ti« wurnithi -uid fi^nJ. ^ur! iul.l:i. i];i^ juid tmlui 

to jour o"mi mind. 

Whno Mr. F«»too *poits tbo cnii>dM of IIbtit'o cxprcMiT© 
canncciun«o. 1lk» «& «qiuktly tuti«ii CnMlnitncnt, uttorerJ ntusois to 
evory word bo bovd. 

F)i^ this dftT fbrmnJ, Homy uid N«d te twM wcro fipoqnrirtly 
cnt ontbo w«tcb; «ndoft«arfii^l<^orln pcun, or by whobj iMOilJu^ 



Bum vobid Uk& lit » |>o(ir Tatfavr iukI nii>th>r, vilh liicdr holp- 
l«» fnfiuitp, drtvan pftrhku from hoiwn cir bonw tiy fliv or otmr 
aWbrtmiGV or npApNafvo UntUotri nr rntlLlrs ctoAitttr; vM hAVtnff 
wum^l, 4iir1 U*i 41L1J cV>thiv1. iirvil lr>*nl«(3 tlie oM ones ju lua 
pfU^ntH^ Mn\ Iho LJUTfT nikH ua Ma lirotljrm anil aIhIai^ ht* wonlil 
|[irr tbom uJiUtJcuuJ nuiiH^y fir chiirtc^ <n; Uta nwl, lutul K^nil ihrnn 
Bvm^ Ihrf fcamiiHfi uf dl i>>?<i|>lr fiif'i'jLi hiuneilf, 

Bj iLb iHUf, Mr Finlon luul itniiiliixl fiito Il>e drtiirrj^ibniCM 
■ad ulureoWni i;f n\\ tht- inxir Ju tiLu l^^vhti luu! thnnq^linut Um 
iredncto; BAil.h&ti[iK icfuluU uraiuaruKdtlki^ mtdHi.'LiKv hah^d 
raMirvJl bj ft Mrauu^t iiK^vcliuu JiijJ vjeil fruiii liuum tv huuM* 
ud hATinc muo cotrEw oT idl mch 4a t^r iJiX'-iur^il j'uJ nL'JouU 
iod vdtbj of bii bdkvflccDc^ lir iniit^ tlic b»<b of the mtooJ 
faaillM to taho » dinner willt tirt^ irvcry tituu^lkr «t hie WL 

On ttio foUcrwEnt? ^ndnj t}i«iti uuio Aboiit tJifrt; ot Ifacib) 
vuJUabih wliJcb DTUnbcr n:iDn mcr^ucd to flAjr trnkJ^ ^(«U. 

hftving ooanUd Lcmidi^ Ud it ctvvii in wlvar upon oror^ pUli^i 
vrhioh fini w>urve vn< o ino«t tisliflliiaf vaoc it aU tiiol foUoAod, 
A pl^ntiriil ifintK^r ura« thw iiiirodi&o«a| Rul 1h« gooit* balnu rwi^tcJ, 
ft£r. KontocL Uorr^t ^od, bdiI tbs mr domwUn ftttooJiHt, uui 
dlifiowd tlumMilTDN in a numncr 1^ mart ntbAj to lutjiljr tlio 

WtMB of II19 oompunj. Th.*.- gUUfU^ aU obotbed WkI cu[iK>imd«d 
nl whftt th^ Mw, ttt nani* ttme with open nnnUi nnil tiMtfAliow«d 
vtdnnlf ; iTiDc-Ji loM dfd thtrr pndMitn^ 10 npplj to tba vvittm for 
nny krtidn tlu-r wBntMl, til( Coln^ raoonnwea and t^rlt4yl up by 
ihA Htj^iiffntriMH^ fMW« »ni iwuliimn of tliSr nCt^nituin^ fJvijr Iw- 
auno Ij iJogTTMM qaH'^ ^PP7 '"I'l JovUI ; imil. liftcir a ntunttJng 
mrol uiJ mu MiTiTi.-iiijkf cup, Ihi-j <1ppi/li^1 with cIpvuIj^I NiflrllB, 
with hniiJJuiEh"! tiDijini^r*, nriit uttfi hi'Hrf* whtOkhJ ih Klfuc^tfitn 
tomrd vyi-ty luriiili-r oi Ibk fiUnanMnHtj hotvtt^ 

By iho inc^u of lliu w«k^} txiuuty, thctc roflviofiT linulH» wcni 
Boun ukalilnl to deu tlivir liulo iTcbUi to tht» chaoidler^ wliivh hurl 
compcllcil Ihom to IaIcc up <TVi,irx tljlti^ ^t tb« JtWT«t ImiuI. Tlirj 
vert ij» Inriher oniibW to pardnM vboob aad other impIomuiD^ 
Mith Um nkateriala of flix end wool, for omplorinf: the Uto idle 
hojiilt «J ihri^ homvhold, Tb«j now tpp^tnd douontly olnit, find 
with bftppf countonAniM* l tboJr vcnlth mavMtd vilh tboir tniltw- 
ttj. anil UD prodnci of Uio onplormfflit of no Toaay )aiU ivKh?«ti 
rnomWi bocwno « iW ftoo«fliion ci wvnllb to tho inujlJc So trno 
it k Chnt dio profpcrilj of that ^^orlil, and of o^Qty nntioQ and 
•0(iH7 dicrv^o. dopo&^ noltW oa iho mduflta^' or [mUMibotnrca of 
tho linSvlduAla. And to mn& raoro lioMj difl thU prlv^to polrovt 
net thm lUI anoJttit locialoliDf*, or modcvn piitron* and Undlordi^ 
WhcM Mlfiahnoaa. if ti»y hftd but comvion oonnbjr or commoa- 
MDMb michl iTUlmot thf^m t^ IrcmoK" thpir propor rrmU, nnd mt' 
rMl thffir Stttiw fonntry, h^^ nipih^ylTi^ tho hAndH nf ill iJi'* |>f>or 
wllUn tiudr inJlaooo« «'li)i tlic Liii[ik-iD4ii^ta luul iuaUtjilLb of ihu 
pnqerlty of ftk^h. 

In tlm BUMUi timn, Mn. TT^mnnh MU Ittftmotad ttm chlMna fn 
&t Rttdlng of SntflUi : nnithcr wwt Mr. Pcutcm hinttwillvv to uij 
nauoa Hiu might pr««frto and pmiuotti the bealiJi, mfikHK uul 


rjTi: rm)L of QrALirr. 

OOmiVl «xnD«B««« OT KIh lJttl> rlintnpinn. Ha ha4 ft UfEO Lawn 
bolBnd Ui niFii«n ; tnd hirhor bo vLiDumoood, tkinw tivie* in ov?<ry 
v««l; »I| tEo boyi «f Iho ndnBp) who woro b«<t«««a tw^i j'd«n 
»dTMi»Kl a.hnv9 tliii Htf<i iif our h«ra. To thflu b« «fipotiiT«'^ prc- 
tnlnia< for fonMtall. huriiDp. vTUlUng; 1oniii|;, rtinninj;. nn^p'lfini;. 
»nr.1 brifniiii: Unl Hiv (.'haDipoTw wn» Jiq}obte>1 to mMtd ttinir lUta 
wUh UtlUi mDnVmj iTiMffniirh Umt, hnw gmat ftwirnr ihi^k il^ur 

Nov, though lJiHH» fmmlunift w«^ nliuMt imiveitslly wtjuilKncI 
to tb« purly Lif wliich Hwr; tlmn liftpptoraJ to b« a mr^mUr.M-, ur 
fnilkldimlty to blTUicdf tar bi* nfTi>:li* p™wm™i iuipI pm fnnliii'iKv. jwt 
Lh EiDi Lir uould cuusnat to Ivnr tiif |>ii» fruni llir fivM* I'til <.ntJiV( 
g«vo_lt lo Kiitm fjiTouritu iijj]ui;k' IJjuvt nJtli ihtjuni ho liod Ucca 
UBomtct], or to the pcLTtltinbu: vhamcion vhcnn l}c had wtntvd in 
cuutcal; fur Uv fAi llio abjimo ojid ctolait of liia murlifivil adrMWiy* 
and oonAoUniclj hinlr^l jtt iboi itiiii^ttoft of tiift Jia^ffc** «^ roforfiiM 
tiioir error bj Tic mioiuticti cii the rovord, 

On« dftj, ■ftUiU^ Hurry wrw ^ratohinB to iiaUn>*|^ p-^w IrjirollonL 
■A ««fi«rlf 01 n fQwIt'f rtfi1<:1v'0 f^^r Ihn rlnni;: of bi» |0>°"Cf ho hc«ni 
lb pLuntj^v rwoc tichiDd tto bcd^. lUt lio thou^ht^ m Uio o|ipoMt9 

v/tiia. twn fi^iod tbK imhu|ipy uLl)m:U ha toc^ht lor. H« ftood tbr 

ti>iLrH i}T aiicrdiic^* ; but, niddtnly tufnlng mi-i Hyinj; iHLOk ^^v, 
ho nmlinil with jir«dpifalion Inw ttiM roniii whAm Mr Fnrrtoix wrm 
writ^Plt n Ictior. IViiiit to tb* uifttt«r? Aold Mr, IViJtoQ, «tiirtln^ 
what hHft rrik'1"t'>«I jro«. my Uftrrr—what iiuikt<H mt m [aI*? Ti> 
thU I lurry n'|ilirf1 nnt: Imt rfttftiinit holil of Tito luuki. nm pulling 
*itli ull UV f^irpti — O i^omi^T it«yt hft ; rt rrmn, (iji*lj», iind ■hoI 

Mf. tVMim tXwa t^ol iifi, mul tuifrroil himwif Jn I* ti^d where 
tlm ilkilU pli'T^Kit lJ> t-tmdrirt hSm, uitliniit ^rmlJinf ntiiil Imud^ 

ft Wln-H tb^ij wore L"[in? intu [ii* fltM, Mr. Fputon ijluH-rvoJ a luui 
VttiDjf ou tbf: Ki^'^i'^1' EIj'' i't-}lUv« bVir^oi-L froiri ImAil tu fcx^,, lU 
th& t*tlf red reniftiiijpv of lii^lli.i tlii^:*, Thi<'iu;h ji e^nimlid wis '"^'1 
l<uinl^ liU tkjp fnc^ nri^J^J""'' ju^'t tmcturcd with a fainl wid "ii-kly 
rO'l: uiJ dEa hdlow nyH ^'rir\ ti;«<d i]i>»ii Ibti fUfY of n vonijiii. 
vhof: hv^wl he btld <ji bu kact*, ftnJ who knjUe*! to bp Jea<U i>r 
(h'tnjf, tiii>iij;}i V rlhout Liny apuiir«iit u^rouy . whilt^ « nui]« iitT'ini, 
about four yoom of daOt vm luJf Atnrtohod oo tlin umund, und hnlf 
AOrois th« woDuut's kp, with 1I0 titllo iic«o piDcJicii by fiLmino. ^nd 
Hm AycB (itiLTlnjit about wiUJj, tbouph without lUtcrtion \o nny 
tlkLii;r- L'iitrcu w«m«d to uvo «Xp<m(I«(l lt# nbnrMtl bitlt-iriM 
nn tlii'Ao nbJi<ctitH oad the lurt dg^ and Uw to bflv« bc«n ob-oftdy 

|inhji|)[>y nun ! <^0t1 Mr. F^ntor, jiray. who or whnt om yon? 
T<h v/hi^li l5iD fitmni^ fmritly rrplifd. wirbont hfbnfr hu cyoc— 
WboiTVtT you iiMy \h>. dinfitrh not tbo Uml hour nf Iboao whi> Afnh 
tu br rit peiLcr. 

Riiit, Ilarryj utya Mr. Fcuton, dnidte nil thfl vorvitntA to rmna 
to mo iEuiiiudiaiiuiyi aod bjd Mik Huiimfa bHoK Home bio'tAhucn 

Tiftf FOOL OF QVALtrr. 


Xwj fiev Hurrv. like fntbcrcd llcrmn'. ^n hit gottlifet orrud. 
foitb W»>iL Mr, Jjiiu-'4, Vr.^nU, nit^l Xiir1rt<w; atvi lOfC OUM 
Un. HaJknobf virh Uw Zuiiiuiimiil uiul (urilluU 

Hmub atoopc4 in hmtl*, imrl nfiplicfl bnrt^hom (a \he uMfr of 
Uu wmnm^ whn ii|ip«jtn<J ivlittlly inuinAllilf^. AfT«r mithi^ Iitdk, 
lt»r hntom h«xo(1 wiTh n Vjnp-rWn^ muI Hutiidilinjr *Ji;h, iui*l lu^r 
frjr* f^^bty opmcrl, uid IntriiMilnti^lj diH^l Jiirtin- Tlt^'ii hf m, Had- 
Hah ^'t IliK }mii>4'.riiKM, ruiMii^ ItiT (.'I'lillj hulwrt^n UiMii. ifrit a 

tijr; absorTod tbiE fJil< bUaliowtit il. 11ii-n 'Til[iii<->. Fl-iUi1^ .^ll'bTW. 
>Jirl ihv hotwuiidty jurriiu^ fvniii*. IJftnl ]if.'i im, rtuil Iwrv 
her. ftd cosy oa poMkblc. tenant iJiv hcaio ; Vktiilc II/ltij cnut;l1 

<)»Ur^ in onSor to fcKfi:i> It b * pUoo of LiroK< tiiin iLti-l r^My. 

Jn the mc&nttmo, Mr. Fcnton ukd Mn. Jldjvnnli pat (bdr lioxt*' 
bon wilh frTiAt tra<l-?nicv I*} tho uohlnlv of ilio itrHDf^i nod 
nqu«fif«<t tiini ti> Iitki? II tiip <rf the (^r^Lml ; but lus lomiiiif op b(fi 
dim tLonph exprcmvG efca, fcel'lj^ cricO - Aro f«a « man cr an 

T\uty nEl>t>«(l tilfl l4mpkB willi Mm tplHhi. ukd (lid Itiolr nhnont 
to ro«or«r hiio ; tmt a ni.Vi«ti gtud of givtefol pwion hnil prcivod 
too itreog for hii ooutihition, Ou tba rolvni of thv s^rvftnu Jio 
vta •1m> cArT4«4l fn. A t^byiidvi wm fiui«»t]7 ei>nl lor; Ucis v#rit 
prcTliTail 4n'l wiu-mpd In luuM— thn now pio*t» vem nil ;;n-™tly 
nndruMflJ, niKl InU tlicroin : ami, l«fnff cdmiK^Mo'l tri f^nTUw » lltlhj 
M»i^k-«hP7, lh<'y nt'i'^r^l f^ a kiiirl nf lnTiyiiM afinuLMUTy. 

Tha phynlHftn rnT*t It n* h^i iii»liif™fc, ilmt ihU iinhnpciy AtnUlj 
Wrrrv rciluc'H t^ iWr pri'M^iit -' i - l<> "i^uen at i^tf uid fuiaitJU : 
ih^ inttirtKTnih-nt rifimilil }ii' i -im r.:-ip'iit| in 7iitJ Hunli prO|>or* 
ti^iiu ; uriil [Jmt ilii'y NtiijuM i-: k-i^i im qiijot MM poiwitilc. for n 

Whitu &1] iiiuwiniLblc oorc ia Ukinif f^r (hi< ni'<A-pry of lliiw^ poi>r 
people, H« bes 1<«i« 1^ ivturn lu Ifii; ufl'jJca of tLuLr piotocU^n 


a m^nih boftiro thk* Mr. Fctilon hod «tig>g«d aw 1&. 
ibc HnlkMiZmaMor of the town, to como fur An hoar ot«y 
, __ uxl Uiittal^ lh» two boy* fn tboif U4ia gnimui. But 
1» tktiTa ipoaal cftotloa jtlvon him with m^oct to ttio goDOToni 
Ocporfttefi of OUT bofo, wMeh -wnt tald to bo Iniinf^d to do ny 
thEnff b5 tiniln— 1 hat lo l>o hftrdfoinl usd rcnuMd Into oppmltlrai 
by upvcriiy. 

Tn Alioiif u^n 4ey^ iiftar tho \ntt* aA^Jttvn\ Tkfr. VeitUttt nitf odM 
to L^lirldn* H|ii>rt^ h>< wiut lUtaac^fl nliont Utrt*? ni«4hik En AotlUn^ 
bit Imaln (Nlth hli Unicb camponiirnlK miil In cnl^Iiik' In n very 
lancv nriiMr vf intArait ihat nun iliio tu hiut upou hJD ilt-pt/iito in 
tba funiU 

Dndpi; hu aWdoc. Mr. Vlnd^i bvnji to jvBnuiLc i\ minrc ciipindnit 
■nlbority, lud k'nvo « frvo Kvpc to tbo aniLy knvrs of his etxUDO, 


T£B TOOL OF (iUdllTY, 

Ni^d tt» hy rataiMt m tW7 llri-]>, biil ¥vrv ibr^luljuit hoy • anA 
vhcD VbilciL iie|rnivcd falm wilh lib? iEnpcj-inl bmw hu4 vokc of tiio 
OfV«L Mojpil, Nvd cMt uiKm hmi ui vjr uf Mich «i|cniflmi1. UJU- 
tvmirf. M IM> BuLuJivtiaEtf vt tdSvrioss ("i thii ixut uf Ui« wdbmJor, 
coqM cicr after compcjualA 

'J hv iivkt •lay Mx. ^'imlax rotunt^dj doalrlx iinii«^ vrfih n mon- 
ntK»i]j Inrili-rod In ww btnili Ukd ft fnrfiU i^i Iho utLrr. IV fint 
bu liizng tifx in tsmnin, tm ft nielnr U uid to hiuif: in the hcftTtau^ 
thkrouti^iiia^ Futuro fftfitvfttion to tlie <;bil<lrcn of moii. Tbo iccona 
bo boU M d»t»n]ai&od moo jnmni u/tka ; nor ww Iw uuuhidftJ 
of AAjr bcok whereon to lan^ p MiU »» thot^ tniTftllui£ froaa H^^ 
io left and from J<n t6 riirbt, bi> ih> winovd th« h«ai£ «( lb« var 
tortiuuklo iCdvunlf a^ mined tlko minn^ noobonoiy of faifl oonDtniliM, 
A&d rodoood bim to a di'AErccntil^ |>qrtiiorBhip with tbo Jifiiirt«d. 

Cb thft dopaHurei <if Vin'Ii^Xj Uion^U Ni>Jii droUorjr wm dlmujwl, 
hii Kju^ktTTifiiit wvH lij ni3 mouM erfuUcAtvd; for tb» prluHLiL^i uT 
hcd wiu uhaltf Aicn^nblo totboDiottDof ATCiiTiiiibl««p?iiu4icoiii 
tviil \#m-' TB< »m/m?ir twy-Mir MTfci ft tvtrifni of whciao im^irojirivly not 
fit, AntbckHj MnjM'If \\>nH ihivamnTn hrtn. 

AH iitv'hl lit Liy nimiiutfjng unl l*rooi1int: nn mlscMof In hi* 
Imit^Hiiiitiiui : tinrl bavin;* f>nT]«l Ihe niiiliiii^tt of liii plun l4>iviird 
mitfuhi\£. hv ti^i^n tn cliiuM^^ huiI iximfurt iiiutvlf, viii\ vxixh in Ihe 
«juii-iiLi(iii. 11(1 Uh^ti ruT«ftl«l bSft |jni|oi^ to bi« li«4jfalljjw, Mr, 
jaiuu. «Ik) wtui loftily iluklod tiwrowiUif And jirumlwd tu join in 
tint |ilut^ 

iSill aff^iniit ihtj porliJ lliiii opoood maa the aoliodrooin. tbov 
stood Ai) u-rjcicut and olevjktod dudf, wtu«o fonu wjw mflkicnlly 
«:(|irp?4iv« uf lit uupurtoim, Mr. Vludex hftd soWlvd lliia mn- 
JcaLi*; iHt^v of fiiniitiiro uA ftJonc inaitolflo to iim ilijcnlty of hia 
GwUicn fiUtloa ; for ho jiblldonntr cciifdd«red tiwL tf llnvnof uid 
btu^« -worv tuk^n from (uacii:!^ mca, Uicro vonld b« ui ond of «J1 
donixtiaD nfid JnstiHi npoii eula. 

Through the centre of tho acnt <>f thljt cbnir of autharitf, K&d 
get Mr Jnincis to drill & tmnU hulo, not diacvrniMfr l^xn^I on n 
rtry lULi^uto neruLiay- Ho tb«b jinniJod ft <ivtliiilri«wl Htivh «4 
■boot i^ ischv in U^ncth, to oito ond of nmoh ha Gtftonad a 
|f*0* of iMd, and in tJjo other Md ho fliod 1h« ond «f A lo^ 
newlli. TblR n^nrllri hi^l \nHin a plnvi^rX nf jippTTTVod tnatnl, k«OQ 
and pollidioil, Anil tbruo^nrini toui'iirJ the |foiijl, for n qntclt aoJ 
lOft'ljr |>Oii(rlrutloD ol loacQ IciiUilt. TIl* ui-xt fiiM^nvid t^j/tt amaJ] 
4)ordA tnnmiHlf to Ui*^ loA<l«^r ovir^iifiity of thf- itirk ; ud, Juin«a 
■Mdntiiig; ihay tnmt>n\ thn dinlr ivllh thn bfilUim iiinrhtil, ftiid 
tju^kt^il tim Fotir f^rrli of tho ronh in hiil^Ii n ruLiLii^^r om unswored to 
Uii? fftiLi (nr<lJiHLl iKiirifi vt Iho rt^mi'i* ; wWlf iTif> ^Mih n.*(iihhwd 
llilMJf1^n1llv1 In rtn iiimHitI '1I>tm^(1<fii, v.iiU ihr yAtil (if tW iu>[>iJI'^ Ju^f; 
w fur UiTDUfih wxt <liill. im put it upon a icnvl wilL thv ^u;faua 
of Uw wbAh fiOBtlj. thflf foHicn^ A luujf aaij uvli-vrKjud thraul 
nlnut tho uildilltf uf llw utiuk. iiud drnvinir lli* tkrMd OT«t Iho 
iqipcc tuoic. thdj ({r"nH«E tho cud <pf It Jofft under Koil'0 otcuL md 
tiepU««d the Kot of Wnbg hi It* fcotnor poution. 

nrcftOy lUd Ned tttindi- >l, when ou tritil ho fuund thftt hJA 
naohiao umrarod to a mirftdo; for tho fticJE botng rcfltnlnod 


iMm lUoj moUiin, tAv* tbHt in » (iir^tl>>n to Ihn lunllh. on fM 
~ _~\i«Bt twitch of tha tbrOAd tha TiAwlln bmbiuely iiioDni4vl fxiT'- 
IIkiIm of tvo ini^hM alioTO iho varfsce uf thu luwt, nmi wiu r|iilak]]r 

At It* AppnlntA! hnur nf nuigtutrdnl appRiftnh, In ivrmM Hr 
TlmtoL Uutcr Hnrry bjhI Xl^cI uu LmllcrJ. EbcJi Beum kk Ixiok. 
iod takM ll« vi^Ht >iA u>iiuJ tn n linn, DAnrljr tlim^vuiJ eo llti^ rlirl^t 
Anit loft ODTiicr nf tin? (JmJr of Mittmnty. Mr, V^uli-]i iuiiuai« thu 
ihxonti ; but bcbtoi; won bu crowoixi whop Nl*<] cii™ the prdaedi- 

«■ ihrco cap*nM tbiiuvlj lie Ijui'i ljo«n mddoiilT«tuEig b^n tA^fjiliiliL 
He atRna wUdlj otcut—put^ tu Wd bchiud him mh u toiiL^h of 
tcndw «MiclDl<noa^r0tiinifl to thi> chiur-'iicuni a11 cror it vith 
«JM of tho moat prx^ng liMpoctliKi ; hvtu not troidirii; to Ux: 
twttJmour of hU ocnbr tcim m a onm that «o ror7 (mud^ m* 
ftiltd Ito tfvSfltCMM, ho mcnHid hi* finpm orar aad OT«r ir/*rj part 
of tho imriiioo : but fonnit tkU nnrhiih unA fnfr. In fipito of tlio ulo 
Mfimlilo douMniiitmlioa to tbo coiilf ury. 

Dovm hi^n, v-ith 4ltm i.-jiiit&iin^ hiibtilM Mr^ Vfntltfi:^, rOC<tti- 
noitrlFifr thti piomLbv to tho rl^fil Lhinf nnij t<> tLc !utt. 

At hu lio]D|Mr wu net now in tUo mud diikx^t iiirtx>*^<^>iiT l^*^ 
fli«t JoolwL BtomlT at Ntd. BOd thw Cuniin^ towMrl llnir?-. ^tfa 
sn «T9 thjil wivhl <HXWdon fiarnwant qnAml. ho qm^ttiui^i him 
noPMfdf on teaaa ^rttaloK of Un Uiann; tvhcn N^i. not cndnrlng 
f&di ■& tnrttnritjT to t^ pntrai cf hi< llft^ iviil fririiKUM pk\i^ 4 
wronft tirflfh with liftilAr wIlT. flrii^l mm^h mora Itviit^ th^ ih^ 
fbvt; iMid np wikin >ijttiiij.' VJmlfix nllh m^louhliMl Tlp>ur juid 
uiJon. ojid buuiuloil. pEuncvil, jjid pmut'tMl abuul (Jiu nH>ni. an lie- 
wtkiwil llti ifUrvrl. kjhI wutn^liml jJl Himut «ith n frnJiljr [jpiiv- 
tnlion, and |ir^nivil iii1i> v\e\y &intci for the TkpiMc cu iuvkallili^ 
pafpotr^lcLi of thon iiiJ!t:tui:£i : vhmi. bi.-nriitt: a lilUt? titt<:r. lie 
Doi^ 10 auwll A fcrx, and, ^titll a molirxiont dctcruiitHLiun uf 
hotter 00*0 far 11m> future. Iio nrlumoil vlth a countciiMico of ilU- 
■emhled domttUt?, vid. rcBiuciD^ hia dudr, tepoi to dMiuim Hm 
bm with a voico • fj par ont jj timod bj nxxi Ivmticr and afi«clioai. 

Ihirin^ Hit* ihurt fioMU)| poor >>on hapiMMd to nnko n IttUo 
trip b fun ni*iiintAio. when Vbidrji taru«4f mid criod to our hofi^- 
Mr. HiifT^, mj dcoj, (xi vo htad nfl l« g«t Up and nnwh mo j^oii 

ThiVao vordt hod not fullv poaaed the lipa of tho htaklew prO' 
99pt», wiLVti Hw\ pLack^-l 1b» ttratkg vith hi* utmoiat fbrWt and 
Vbdox tboiiffbt hlinaalf at loaat lmp£«d on tho npot. Up ho ahot 
cnoo tnoro^ liko a ntddcn prmiaid <d flam^ Thi.' in^ituid «onU do 
Igioor r«italn liini-H^ Mar«d aLtft, ronrii>1 nn^i rAvici lik« m thoa- 
MU Infdrtnbi. Whlln N01I, with im ajipcd nf iho most mntlolinB: 
bjpooilfj, nnd worda hnke hj « tDno <tf mourning, tondorly 
In^lnd ef hta aSliEenttL 

Tlihiiei tirniAtl upon Mm on <tyn nf j^nloim nuflgtillJt Mid. Inking 
ft MMlllan thought. 'bo flL-w to tlir^ Hrnir (jf hiK nrpoalinl Inflii'Unn, 
■nd tandjv n^t tho boiloui uf tbu stvt uf tviln, thiH uumpUoalMd 
iObrt uT vatnKirdiunrj Ctthat Uj mv tvili-<l, amt <^|>vibl to vol^ 



He fint taammtfil uinnlcly into tUa pnrto mul cnnstiuctlvD of 

l«toc]. He then dnw tiio vtrin^, tatd ftimlrctl witli wtut ft 
tqcrtiojc wiitj Iho Dcvdto conliit be b]r *o ilistvut a bood. 
Aa4 Uuvtiji and i1cLi1*ctaUi1^» ho Ion Away, iiloco by btocv, tb« 
vbolo »m|HMitio^ IV hii mBeoJlj' biroibron, Ibc Turlu. hara ftliio 
dooe, in ihnjr njitipftth^r ia aJ] tliA tnonumootA of uta^ gvtiiu, aqiI 
lfi*mj]w, throa^oiit tu« oarih. 

In Uio locnn t^hUp. our fiioDd Edvnrd uX trvmbMoa onJ ^ql; 
bl hft tVin. All hiv HrnM4^ Iwl fofBittt^]] hiin ; nor hiul Ik> u fiQ^lu 
curt of otAtrlVMico for o«Liltng riw moantdn of mlAtihLorit thitt lin 
itw Imprarlfn^, How, in'lo^J» <^<mhi ho patUotd? wlitt hnd ho tQ 
hope 0? pl'^ail ill mltfjfiitirtti lit thf j.-imTiy, frb«»n>. In t\w pfvrty «a 
fairhljT nM'mTpit, hfl Mw hU Julir^t ninl hln ^n^iiiHrtiifir? 

MrVln^lvK had nnw rh« ball wbully nl liiH onti fi^ift; uirl Ulrt 
X«d w»4 t'vrr til Imvtt hi" turn kintin, whj* > iriHtt^jT no wnj* pro- 
tnintl hj prcM--nt niipcaiiuk-iEt. 

Vbdex at bnjrtli l«iki?d amTinclr &l4mt liim, vOh mui:h fim m 
hifl fiujVi but uiuiD tuij|[nuii» iu hl» bmirt^Mr. Ivtwitnl. niiicl hts 
DorhApi jou w Dtrt jct «p|iiifwd cf tlio JQACior gf the Joniih hiwi, 
IW dftim im eye for id cjc, anil a Ir^A^fa far ■ bn4<^h ; but T* mj 
cbiM, will folly inttniiJt yo\i lu (bo fiuiwv end i^ropricty of Ibcm. 

TIk^ii, t<4tchlnif At tho nyl, ho coisod hi« shrinUnft proj «« « Utt 
Irwvcs 4 roUn; he Wd luat, Ultea licUcondE, ncrcwriiitovrnalAal; 
odTKO thu trouBorp, ottd v^itli thi[< loft bund he hoE'tfl Uim down, whilo 
Ui« rlicbt !■ ioici itt liini with thi^ ftpnhodtloii of a vc«dnan, w^o 
rc«alri(]B to okor poH of tho rorD«t b«ioTV nc>on, 

Uury, wh(* wxtf DO V4y prii'^ to t\i*f miiobiiiftlton of tba iMiMlk^ 
iu>uf ufpf!ro'L4'b->4l, Hiirl inuiia>>K»>Hl in t-ohull f4 UU uiihfl|ip; fUrrtnt. 
Uo poliliQiiDd, Ua knoclihl, be uqit ; but hi* prnrun uud touw wm 
Mil lo fliM ivi[irft fuid the ftK'kM. til] VtndMC liMdrvthiced poor NtJ 
lo « pltrhi Imrtr ^tiffbnmt frmn thti at Ht llMtholomAw. 

Mr. vinih't JiiKhly drT«mL<4l that bo hul new jrivPEi n 1<v«on of nudi 
junplri iTKii'iii-tion, tf ml^bt LliHpi>nf*> w\xh htn (irMtono'^ for noTrin 
darn ul Iciuit, 

In the Dteiui timi.% Kvd's fit^nrlu^ bulil him cunOncd to bis bud, 
whcit* brt liHil fill) tiiriK nfiit iKiMini lo fliiiTHvit M'ilh iriu' l^uiIh k JlJfit 

uid worthy rrilrlliiiilnii fi^r lhr» nufTorJiL^ nf dii! oihor. 

Horrj^ levut uft^rn lo &it and c^jniluli^ ivitb Nf*i}, in tJut tbr namn 
of hl» oaJftriiity ; hU'I mji hi? hftd uuw connviroit <t vti^tic avt-riioii to 
the ifcdn^^o. rpQ ficcaunt of his borVrrHty, ho offered to omBt hm 
friond la any nicMiaiir« Jplmik:^ vk^^Tintc to th? etr^|ic« anil injiirice 
ho li**! r«i<iiT*"U 

Tho hoiuo of Mr, Viodox w b Iuu-o and oldfunhioD^'l iulldiDir, 

boloro tho Joor. Nod TU ogBJn tm bu h^^; Ihik n^ht vrttt ex~ 
ronivo ibirk. and the fiLmiJy of the prci'Dptar oud junt finiiliod ui 
•flj-ly *U[ipi>r. 

Al^tiit thi- xttao Si f^miif nppiii^' vu* bo(u>I, anJ * i«rv«nt opon- 
iQg tho Avr. lookoil thitt wiiy and that way, oiiri cuJIed oat ri;- 
pMtodly to hnov wbf) niM ihw* ; tmt no vnlw rpjilrinjc, 1t> i^^rtrftfl 
«nd oliut all lo bgTJn. ScAr«i w h« TOHjntoiwI whan ho h<^ua 


Th* rfllow*^ ftut*r was 


now kinillod. ud 
ogaODf EDO OOOT fUrl«3(!nl>. Im Ijihuui.-'kI nut nt oiMVii til nninr to 
•Ete w munreiT ; t^ut H«iot; tw crcatoir. bo tcpui to feci a 
oonAof chlllnow, flcirl liU h«jr« lei Mir. u Ihooflji «ncli had |COt tbv 
Gib 01 m ooL Bodi ho uliinL dMnd the door ^th tho isn^lMt 
hmiemom, and enpl dowix to rvvoul (l MouUin^ «f hi* km to hlo 
blloHO Id Ibo lEit^h^^n^ 

Ifow, thovG:b moa uid nuU^iB bu^hoil licnrtll^ at tho ftppi^ 
llCMJOTU of UmLru, th<?y ml^n1v'l tbri imnlf i:<Tt Ujlmi boon, m tbej 
enllod It ; unit jftttin^ ul! up tf^^'lhi^r in 4 Fr^rirpi thoy *UJ7 t^n>wclvil 
bohiild tho door, with ttic liitf!h in oim ot' 1h(^lT aaDAtif r^iSf To uuno. 
In ith tniTliiiif, niM i1>-(m't the iJdinquvnA. 

Thfj v/i-n Tifk! *iiiiTi>Pftil to frw», Knwk. tiAwt, kruvk, Irnnolr. 
kiLork. iljr'h tflfn Iha (hyw, Hni otit niitTi Ihc? wnntiM. Nothing 
Hl>ixnn»<l. Th'*y h11 stdod ttllwil, htwI JUt<ii^L'*liTirl lipjonFl irjniaTV. 
i^taa, liuwi^irr, wrlh natwjirt] hmvHtli^. brit invniii fn*MililIji|civ 
went »c«n'lifii£ nltnis ^t nnlb jukrl WUiul tlin pAl* far mmo 
lurchu. AfiaEn tlit-y nattiutvd to Ih^.^ 1juiitLC|r-|]lanr, niirl vfuud 
wblfDorlusl^ iluliitioff wW ihi^ luJ^hl W; vfUru. 1 < ^^^ mv^ 

piOMblo tcrmr tuA diK<nmflloro »f all proHnti th< 1 1.1 uih 

■uodia' vcDunod enddm life and iiK>tii>a, tmd itdhTc amh cv pmaI &ad 

tin mat; And tu they rmheri AsiAtriL one an iIjc Wk uf Ihiu otiicr, 
■Dd clopp^ to ihc door, ltd in thi; fftto of on hofct of punmini; 


Mr Vindci ojid Ins Wl}', for Mino time put, hAAl boon nttin^ 
oppcslo^ and nod'b'nu ovtrr & firo in Ibo I'lidk-fwrloitr, vfi^rv lljoy 
rotunukil wuIl titbci'^i 9jiriitf> witlk ih« ifmntcuil fiOtvl mmiiL^n aiih 
HUKtOntitf iinh^TuilLle. )1p now itoHr-l on hfdrin^ the nurtlitkg 
In llw boll, onrl Miirily ('hII<v1 l« kriuw vhnt whk tbi> iTknttor 

T3m!«X, from tliO |mvii^r11rs> o1 AJtu^hon (Nirin; liln liifuicjr. hod 
ooncvlTed tiu ntmoil <pitr lo all ■j«ctmi mul holi^-uMliu^ invoiniu-h 
Hitt 1» idfthwl to d«|iHvn tJion «f tb«b- vvry r>riftt<<ittVH^ behI in- 
iHinrMl tA ponnFul* hlmnlfn im woll ot ^ffhnrik of Ihnir ncinmtity; 
liut ti\th |iroviT(l too jFtroo^ withju him, fhr iiU bin ^i^rUU iwnuki 

WbQe lim fwciuniA, ulih |uvTn fhi^^ ftnil vhnrt liimlb, miulc tholr 
rdatloir, tJ]o nuwibienuL irKntw^iihcr dJd m uictr, aucI cuutnuiJi- 
iHnuly tCM tluH wAy anil tuu clJioj'. auci lliruw liLmnir Wh in *t^rb 
■2«ct&l ^Ib ijf luijuhtrr. a* miUihjtf t^oiiKl hv 1I1e« It. till, louitcici^ 
at the oound of another pcaI, ho muiterod the irfaulr* ftimilj, 
boarder* and all. U> iibore w*ente«n in uaut}wr> lo^'ctljcr w[l)i 
Uoilain Vtndox. wbio w«ii1il not hf. kit ftn1o; atl^I nov Ihcy ai>- 
M«red ffiidi an vtny m tnw ^CEicif rjt (o foc<? any ^mcb devil nt 
ifaat; luid forth thoj iwuod and filU-d thv liinUiiijr-plAxi^Ot louWne: 
ttiQ itoor on the jor- 

Horo Mr. ^'Lnd<r]t tam^l, onrl, vltli hit faco towEird th« loMclur, 
fliuA oiidroaH^l tlL* juwr^mMy :^ 

Hf bonivt tjiit liniplc ifiQDdi, qoolb boy nui vay thin^ pc-miuidQ 
yon that a vptrit or ;^iwt, w ytt mil ft — a br>nilb or tx-infc of nir— 
h MiiiPthlnf or nniltfii^ tlut In nolUior U-ncellile nor vlH^lthi, nm ]nj 
bold of thflt vMuh U? Or BJO yo fiicb frnom as to imagine Ihnt 

m Tus pooi. OF QVALirr. 

fOQ Icnookor (for lio Oiil not jvt t«q1ui« Io U<udi It^ a nibrijuiD* 
of vUd Mill iiMl1«n bna^ vrdmnc mcmbcn or ornn% or mij Iik 
temal vjnkn or oppm^tw Cot the pujpCBOL c«ii vcl m «n'>ii(xl wItJi 
rTII, rtrAlini. or an; kintl <if inti«lli|Euiio», wlaaa ta» lout liKMiiDutlv* 
fiiLtthy. ifi iJia mcuout rcpl^OH iDD*t of Tiocoa»lt|r bo jirotiiled wilh 
jui itiiiiui^lj rtoM meohdoiffQ «l ncfrei^ taboo, rttunroitn^ lortsi^ 
uirl t^llvjrs tCT tho bi^QCf^; ' »huuld drMrc<lit vty own eemve oB' 
juiF «|jpeanxif« contTM? In HUcb p^lpAlilo demuuilr&tiofk In alt' 
UifW— Soit— bro&k wo off— look whcro it oonkca oettinl^For, fn 
ihu fiutnnt «f Hfllrmation, bo pvnffQptory tad onciluuro, tlio 
knookor^ «# m c^ntfinpt nai\ H(Ur dr^to to philonoplijr, a», 
J«vdJv roltilod cTcrr d^IkUlc of tbr prcmitsM, oa 1m noitliDr tlniiO 
nar ilKlniati<« 10 Vinil<jx for u ri<|>W ; Hit, niKhin^- <ilMp«nilolj' 
fbnnnl, ho tnuvt hi at tho iiorUl i^'^ih nui-h u hrui pr«iHfioe of 
miad to lak« odvvitatfo of uifl rifPL'ninjf; tnd, turaint: BpJrL and 
•hntttog thii door viowiU^ in tfiti im-v of U^lf !iih fumtly, ho nm 
Uid throw htiniMilf Into tUM rhutr in an npntiT i>t i^rlrllL 

The nrvniin iind IwMvnlcn^ iaMhth Vrndi.'K IkuI Hbnt ctif. not 
aldilfr;^ ti* May In pn^nffiiv nf tItA oIJjh'I nf flirlr li>rn»i>, ti^nbtt^d 
tn a hnnp ilnvn tho KtAlnv luirl. gmthcvtitf thnmu'lvM iifi iui^oIti. rui 
dhnnuily la ciiiiiiiimilcntu to n]] iMr n^rillinan njid riJ'qi[nlnUji<« 
tJio l.[<liii^ uf tho eDchzLittoil knm-Ver. Tljcir amtni^uiJi LcmIi> anil 
nnMH jp&vo 1h» fttnto 11iro(iL;liii»t ; Imt rtirkotity i^r^tr^Inir Hbore 
■L|iwltfriii|]on, tho town Ihi^flu to ipttlifsr, tJkmi(j;b hi*t In thin larUim. 
■nd At a couUoiLB dialaiicc. till tli^ crowd. iiLL^rwdiJi^-. t>jx licul 
ud rvBDliiliiiii fro<u uuubcr, nUiJ vivitiii^liv ui* n sUrp vr Iwu ut 
th« HlfliiT. Slid Uuiig «tilL iiKPMit and orpoik forward by dcvh^c^v;* 
frwiL liehEnd, Ihcj at loam ^^ ti>^ «-hule Bicht and landbcv>lnce^ 
and ODO of tliom ffrowinf 1>old cnotich to liir 'hit Imwl to^vHrd llus 
knock«T, tba knocRor EimcTriiifllj tutiiinrxKl bin that na jiMiirtAiiCi« 
wm muitine. Bap, mp. rap, np. Jtap« rap, lup, mpL lU^ rap, 
rap, inp. &ok rwoil uo forvmont ronka, ctkAtir^ olT luvl 1ujnl>Ung 
fh^or tnrj nakti \'v\iM. No cno aUjrad to ^vo bolp or hnnd to 
friend or brritlior : tut, ntmit or acTruiablin^ off oa wl'lbiini, ooob 
mniXa th^ W-ni of rii« w^iv (o t^io llrKt Mylnni, nm! In iMi t^ia Icil 
flKjijuil* th<*r<i v»'iui not n nJoiifl« (tivi'iui- ItirouL^tinul tho itttttt. 

If 1 bad the iJ'iuLtiiTi; of Biuch ii^iUion un Loro to pwsdOk J tbo 
caig'ht loiiro tiie fcir«ipln|[ onlgDia to Im «oW»d, or rathar unuM 
iDoro S}ri]>Hi:-ll, In rniffi wop aa philoaoph; mlvlit Imto to aooonnt 
for It ; tart. In «nnipiiMlon to tho ]iiiiiM i>f a latioitrinfc imtt^BAtloQ, 
1 choQtfi todtlireruiy roadar wf Ih nil jx-AMiM^oflWiand deMpAT'Jl, 

Th* fiirt K Ihat tnem nstfiTiI»h^ri;7 nnrl livinrniloun plmnoiTinBa, 
Ihftt iliwftrrjftlryl n Uttir dtjr, iJmujt*] Iht* coiintfy Hjtjiid, ond rt- 
iniRivtfjitnd tJlo idi^rlni vik\ 1'<;^iiii1h iif tli>.- did voiiiftj uT idl 11m 
pirinfif'K fruiTr Hurik'^l in ]A>iir1nn, vnci^ iJji^ iAhiili> lutd mIo covh 
THviii]iit> of our hofo'ii petuUitt rcJundUn^', duiujf a ulgbtljr Incu* 

^l>ll h4<l acwrllnKl^ iniiuulid Ilia plmi of OL>oratloii» to Uurj, 
iuhI iWry liwl oiiffac^ ^^^^' H^'iiuLb in t1i« plot. 

Now Mn. nHtmnh hnd n hmw in a Ljirrnv pnrt of thf> atroetk 
Jnii Oppodto lo that of Hr Vmd'ix, nhcru her uU-<c lUid nid Hrrmnl 
TUu lioovo vaa DoiTijn, but of the bcjj;bt of lour atorloa ; 

rrtK FOOr^ OK QrAUTY. 


tatA «ll thv AiviO Tni^tiicimM<.> ni^-hT, Nni i!r->f>pis1 th^ fii<1 of n 
bottvra oJ iOaatl tirtiit.< fi\>[n (ha pirrft ulmbw. w^ich Kuiiith IatiIc 
aCFOB the WAj, iind lufltoni.'H| nith a 'loaMe kuct tn Uic knookct 
of VinilMC'« liiior. And ni^w it m twenty tiv one tlvit, if Viiiii?x'« 
fiunflf nCbl tb« TfAt of thL> luriL'hlioTirhOod >url l>o<i; 4ivcn lliUH fnx 
iM Dto Ibe BiNfrDl, llioy uiDuld uirt huvv bnn ohogellicr «o mwM 

I liHva rnftd Af gvncTATi who miM f^ttm. but not mniTitnln «rt». 
oneicb; mil of wiimen vho omiM ki^ip .ill HrrH* hitt 1hr<Tr tpv^. 
TlnMlt hfipiWfinJ Cri \'a1> Him vjiritrj wv «t li<iut <ifi u W«1 vllh 
hli tnprminy; hr wm k* rfniix! with th« mvfvtm at hta n>f»nl 
Btrmlnp-ni. tltit ho iHiurlriil of It to wnw nnH hn|&^A-1i1ii|vn*J It 1o 
trttic'i'Si, till il iviuiL- 1u Ihu fBiB uf ihu mut.-h-<?Liurivml<.-4t Vlnrtex. 
Vlnikji, in tti^ Itji4 Ikixit jiTi<l vvry Ifill of Iii« iHiwiiinr^ hiiuti^lit^i up 
ft bngn rod. jii>t cqt &«td that trw whow Inn: niuui.' «[rlkc« terror 
tfuuvli all uur AoixdMiritB t^t kaniini;. anl bliiiif with him tvn 
«l bU boftrdttffi, he iTirin-lu^A dln^ctt^ chswn to tho ^rnw« of Kr. 
PEatto. ftnd tiitu (jimiiUhlT 4nuo<1 lio Dntcn th« &tel ■choo^room. 

KftJt b7 n'DHt ici»rl forWu} for hiixuclf. au then At*jnl ; but 
our bi«ci luffxiuiiir to io iLero* Vhxkx iii#un(1y Bhul cImj ttoor, 
Mid cnllorT lum to liuk. 

Ufttftfir liiUTj. fcij-i tc, did you lowif mt Ihm^ of Ihc rtrmyrc 
fc&Oclinf[ at my door liBt Tucftfaj iti^ht? la thm qnff^tiin, tlnrrr, 
WbO VIM loo Tiiliant to bo ivrnptfl^l 1o 1«1] a XUj tJtruitk'h '<^^4 wllh- 
OSt bOAlation aiwctvd in th« ftffinnAtivc\ Y«tt did, firrnh ! replied 
A* todi^wno t nod na \mn tho ini|indonoa abo to f^ojiftw it Ipo 
flaiy6r«? U>r«,J«c£y, down wllh hLi t]<(mMra,*nd huiM hlu for 

jMk »iia a Intlj iTiVtHsrIj bof. tkbifitt ton yeart of Bgtt, iiul 
■tonpliV to ^inbRT.ti>n Hhirry^ nctxirtliriK to <^n\nt^ imr h«n> ijjyit^ hitn 
>nch ft nddvn fUt tn ih*t mnrith. ni diuhi^^E in two of bla t«tb that 
llitn b»]ipm4if1 I') 1>« ninultinL'- fOiH *er; him n i^yin^ nnr^ blM»diD|r 
tn « T^^on* Rkftnimr. VlnJi-t fhnn riisii ifiti* f^irililfliTy^ nnil t*mk 
oitT hnm In tmrd hlcnunlf: niul nor.witbriAriillnf: ffiat hn ^fTiw), nn^i 
kidud, nul kn^ii it iiiuit titaiLfttI!r> Vtm^i^x at loricth im^iittDiwI 
bb trfiuisni, BnirMl him in i1iit^ frirrLk nu Uiu bad (iflLK bimirW. 

Tbff p»li^ro][lt(f, nt liiwtv ^ivi^ Uim th« thi^Mi Hi.viiHlj>nki^l iLtnikn^ 
U hard tui ho iicitll tlraw. Bo luut-hH mf fHrivl, My% tio. b for jour 
•WH fih&rv of tliu burilpti: atv\ nuw tcU ins whn ytvcv juur COu- 
foi1nrjit«» BLiiit «t>vtfuni in tliU liiiv |i)uE, I'lidl f will ii*;vur IcU too. 
dfrVhomtelT ukd rwolnfeTf fLtinmnwI imr befo, TiVb*t. ahiU 1 ht 
bttUM ana «tttbrnTcd« lypliod tlic frantic mtu^, bj irncb a onir 
i« TOn? Yofi Utl]^ JHtfil'bcrm rilLdn. I vil] tkj jcu a^iv4\ T vill 
cuccmadc fou an ihc fp»t. Bo Mjint;, b<i IaIi^ at hiin lu thotich 
ho hnd \<t'm a ah(-af of wheat; wLLc llarnr. Imllgnontlj. f<Di1iiri]<t 
tlw tertiiriv, Mud hohHuff tn bEn brtmtii that hi? miKht not pi*« 
Vhidex the ««llc{art1oii of a groui, bd d«t«nnmi>'l to pflfiUi rtthor 
thnn to Ixrlray. 

In tlio njoitfi Uni«^ NaI hml pupod In ttt tho k^yhi^lfi, and Appufi 
tbo «l1tuit3iMi onLl plight of hi* lovod nbtmn« be rnn to Mn Hauuh 
uid nQparlcd th& horrirT (iiTtTi(|:«. muiuih m** with all tbo «Talb 
of TWpbonv in h^r roaniriumro, nnd ftyinff to Iho »chou!rnon, ibn 


tax moL or t^vjurr. 

riubod TlalrmUj ocninirt tko door, burrt ft opvii In a hrifihtliii,-, «a4 
ffpritueinj; forwur-T, fflc&C'.l en^rj mJI she^ hji<I m tho face ajl'T c^ m 
of VtndaXi (inl ton- nwny aurl iiiiHuil nt n fuLrful rriti^ «Tfii<k. nfc 
tMitpDrI>i, lubi Let hw riacr to tho GT^>i]n<l; ^vhrn tUrry. OLlrMnir 
4t fe awori Ititt liimj^ ofc^trwt ft vnJnT<M>L ^'lirf>|K^ it itoH-n. lukd 

Vliiilux. in oMcr to niu hini thmngh the l*^lj; tut, liuppily, not 
liAvini; h4'l \hv jmliciKML t'i ;n>t itp hi* tirovrhH^ thoj trajruneElod 
hiiD in \\\tt lulviLiitvi^ fDu! hA fdl) pn»tmtJ> witli tb« fewoni ju \\\% 
h«Wl, whifh ro[u?hiNl tlip lo^ of 1h«> p&ingngnD, toA garo him a 
ftHght woiimT jii^T. [h li** WB* Hiuluivi>iiHnir f» nuihr ixli wnj throuElL 
IhA flfMir Jvk tiuil idniRiljr mAilo hU mnapn. Amt IIia mrirtli^fl [tny 
na|if4ir Aounpurod vXUt^ vim 1ii« uor< miti^U hitter mtrm^^d, juifl hbi 
Icmjdr Iwtter wcHed. Ihun >vlu<ri Iji.- >.<iilf.Tt3il. 

Bwy faor« hii nLbdVittuim ullli n hijI. orMiltriti t^i>iii;!i rthiLmt!- 
boed phJlopD^Jty. Hut etco' ^tbi?r mi^iiilicr tjf t^iin lii>iioiii>klil9 
bnUT AliDOvt (ultirbd ^in fur tJiv blcwlx iJiuuf bo Wl ^w^tx cf 
hl« virtu«i v^ vovrcd nnfitj^ni; TOiiKOiini;o cm tlio cii^'vikciiJUB 

Durinic tbo ftboTo tnuianctionA, thi^ r<1rrtn;r«f> vrh>7m Mr, FcntOQ 
biui rvcdpol iclo bin boiiKi h»^] Wi^n t^n b^ I ^tli jfrunt hnnuuistj, 
mill) wvti> DOW ciQ iho ii?;'Ovtrj. 

M^> JaTiL'.n on ODQwrnnjE with tlh> hi^^ of tlila Ktttl^ fan^ily, ol>* 
mrro^L Uiat bo ^vim ilti <pi«<^4Unj{ «fiuillrlo p<iT«nii, aikt hiul prori'lud 
tdm wJtlirL <l«CD[it> though out mrt of Lit ouwlor'n: nnl bofL oJto, 
with th« oMiwtniioo r>r Ain, Huntmh, |>ut his wifo tihd little boy mti> 
r:do4Ln on^ uonil; fljtj>jktoi- 

As Jluavi's tbvmt^oD ^ns OD thi> raok to ^t iLd«r]iiato mtUfiiottOli 
cm tho brtift^flritJ.'iJ Vui-lri. ho «'<*nt. Jj> (■''nmilt fciw nnw fr><ni!, wbo 
drmiAil 4 loAT rif ^^LAl^>»ITy ^M oilinifHlkiTt on hMuring \l\o Mloty 
cf fUiry'* bu^rohmv nn-l HohlHtj of ^mil, 

By lib mlvkv. Mr. Jn;iii.<4 «]iifti)rirdiei1 a ineoMOj^ in r <1mgg]<t 
ftt TinmloTi, fttiiJ In ***vrriLl oilmr Mhtrtifl for minihy npyrAintijrt; urn] 
ItpiviTiLr rill thiupi In rtf'TuUjiiuA. ^uiil Vxarty \tv\tivi 1H>»' Ma To IvRnf 
a yavi iji Itm |jl)iy. JuiU'-4 wtil h ilrtiUL^t? |>urltr lu Viiulev. wllh 
CONi]jliriH!ij1j» fr^ini lijj> niiulur, u ZhviiKh bo worv JiUl ivQi« tuJXUifi 
ujrl rc^iUMtci^ ti) J|>i^ with bfro, 

Viiirjoi ftix'^jrillii^Ej ixiiTit<« Luiit k]tf>ckB. Tbo door opviii, ba 
fititcrtf futil It iiiirjuilly *buU ufton liitn, Hq HtoriA tiftck wElS 
borror, m at the riKht of Jlcliua. Uft porcdrca th« bnll *U In 
bUik. wrlhontaaiu;:^ rty mvo what pr»«*wo4 lYom b ftichlv 1am|T, 
ihat MxatV. K\w K^i^i^m vUiUo. He Ia mrhiMilj wlaed npto \y^ ti*t) 
itibimt deiiji oovcnrl over with pdbt«4 fbinea, Tboy m^ him to 
tJia vohooh^r^m but O, t«rror of toi-K'THl he know* tho pl(u>o of 
hli priiidiw iiutlioHty no iii/kro- Ho l>obabU a hoU moro fi'Aifiil 
thmi hU fuicy hn^l yet framcl. The edlin^ «««mo.i to bo multihj 
vlth Mrpenift, litrpion, uirl hyilraa, Ibat ■TriYlH''l Hvi^l fifo. And 
bona, tha ll'^plioTn^^ tkl^^'ra, am! Alocto of ihr hrailnMw App«iLrii4i 
to oratopd for fntffilliitnc^t with Miltrjn\ TXi^^h unil Stn. Foui 
flmrli rini tuT) l\\.i\i* ini^H at uno« TaIiI thi^lr fjui'jTt npim hfm, nnri 
vonhl luvn (1ra|?»Hl bltn ta tha rroiTnLl ' titil rha ifmla^;:iiD vm a 
aLunl; atiiUtIo bUow, and ooflbd, lUkl Krutt^liuJ, luxl ru^nxl it out 

TTTff FOOT. OF t^rAlTTY tt 

Tho riflvll. hnnTOT, prnTing toi> atnmg fbr Um 
viu cMit (iTcifiraic to rfip oarrh ; athI bolnjc l«fL in n- 
I, HM bHrj> jiri Knrti^r Tini^, Koimt Mt upon Mb abomdon to 
kMp hEm ilnwn, ultllft j^ih'in fm Aftch Httlnp almmaTc^ kpc^ili^ time 
like thu tliruhom of tmrlcj, nnr fUiggor Kodti a flrfirlnip ft« hiv 

Ciutoil un Ilia munorj, to iiih IuhI. ntuto of nugSMrnpf, n ftltoT' 
line for the wiTorlnipi i>f pi^ciy ilvliiKiD^ntin 

Dcdag mil outbrentiiifrl In tunu^ they mmlltnfl from IboFr loll, 
■imI DOW ftpworad Iv be a HI of tL« mornrst Imp* that aver 
Avooktntt. Itif-y f;ixU!n«4 tbo oluUiv* i^f chv lUitcoiuMlaU; Vludi^x 
•boat hb neck ^tb hU cwa aiIijh; and. hnv^iL^f nknL(iib:li.-(l Ijih 
Hna-i# b«foT« him. th^j lunwd oim locw to tho rircct^ Wtilr he^ 
with A wonderful prwonod of nUod In ibo nudrt of liie torivJA 
nuiod hb bjukilB ttio bert nuy he oonl^ to cover hii fucc, aiiJ 
bnrtM hMQunranL 

Wllfain « taw rlftTR qJXct thU jblrnnEnrc, Mt- Fo&ton rotnmcd 
At tb« flnt rig-ht of cino &iioihcT-, be and hi> Han? gnv tngothor 
for n«ftr h&lf un huur^ H* ihvn iblilr»>«od ovor? mombcr of hti 
family oii« by on« : un^!, viihA fAmilUi gooilnnivL lm|iiirH Aftortfavir 
Acverikt healths and ooni^cnu. Ho aI» Mkdl aftur hJE Uta j^pio'lii, 

Ukd dnlrotl to io« tbom; but uu Mr. JticLs^* iuiUuiLtloD. that bo 
hAj ioEOOvhal of oou«qii«rii-« to inn]4rt U» hifii. thi.>y r^^tir^fd to 
thi nort room, 

Hcn< JH(nr« miuTv him 4 mlntitr nrvftol of the prewding n/]- 
Vflmut™ ; Jiml iu>t fortii, In <!nft <vintraM!. tho linnmnrv* Aud luxrlnuity 
of Vlni^'-I un thi? ori'* I'wrl. nod titr iiiiikAwmAi^lr wr>rlhl]ic»i oT bill 
Haity (jQ tha <itliL'r; ^vl]df.< thu irriujw of lliln tzZi'ntit of the iild 
IP'tilL'tiiHu'M urml Miirik. Iikci tint lnkfm -if iHlimd, iJimn hln Kirtmilvd 
□iluil, mid iJiurv^t nrfuUtait^:-! vicrr momoriol of funoLT grk-C u^d 
pbmtcd A Dtw sfjdrif; d limn.- nnd joy fn dioir ruuiu. 

T\iv tiLblc^ iHitiJV hjiiyikd fi'r ilt^iiurr, Mr. I^ntoo WHit t^i 'liuiro tho 
ftnui^r uiil bjj Utilo fiuuily rthoutd join coiniion/. Tboy c*mOi 
Aocordiacto crrder : 1<ut fUtrrL^l. cvMpntlj^ oTcrootDfl by & weijcht of 

■hoBOO Ottd iftntitiiik^ t<^u i^rivvoiw Ut hi: ttornfv. 

Sir. FttQlon iww their oppr<iofflnn. ^ail f»?k tbc wholo burden upon 
hoA <nni ■houldon. Il« uxonlin^lj vim inl-cruiCod and 4M*lidtotiB 
Id Etf removid, vihh-\i hi^ <<l!'iHit'>d villi tkll thiit lUdroM of which hL» 
humanity bml m^da hira n tiniphcd mutor. 

lliroiiich thv< *!nto\'\iuK» of tho MruigvT'M mod«Nty. Mr F«nion 
<liiv»rTw4 maxis tliin^^ jprvc^lncf 1h« Ti|}||Ar ruk of man, Hr, 
Clomttot, ftvd b», I un ajFtoFiuhcii beyond inoMnrc tbut k pt^rvon 
of leiten, m yon uo. find who iiun k> miii?h of t^e irftntt^rrmii In IiIa 
Mraon *ni1 nunniir, ahonld j*x b*- n*Jn**fld Ui mch un oitromliy 
In a Lhriitmn fmiritry. and rtmonjt: 'i priipio ril<tiritrii^*i<'i1 for tJw*ir 
hnnuirily. Tli(<rr miiKt bi? ikimcitliio|E v^ry niiufU^ir unit vifi^b- 
ordloAry In yoar raw*; vnrl Ihlit nl^ht. If jod an *i Ir^imirr-, imi] 
thftt tbn rnnlt.*! U not diMciMoblo to you. yod woubt ubligr me 
by your utory. 

fiir^ au»«rrT4t Mr ClomMit *\nco my Ufb b youri^ t<^ii have 
ovrely a rliclit to nn lUxiHint of yoar pm|icTty, IVWiovcr jon 
tUuk pmpnr. I wtl! cliwa'fuUy *?lity yua. 

Mr. rtoitoii U9H row ond Ht^riTpcd Into town. adJ cvUini: upon n 


TffJT moL OF ^r-*r.rTT, 

nftli::hboiir, whom far took lo tM tAvrrn, bo Mikt fcr Mr. VLidflx, 

Vho OUDO U^»Il tll< naiUEDlMl9. 

Ur, S'iii'lci, aiijr) liOr priij taki? rom- kaI 1 am sony. Hr. 
VJuflex, for tAft treotvnoiit jcn Uavn ipat In mr hoiiA*^ aii'I MJil 
Bornpr th&t joti rot il fto T«r; dc*t-rv«jfj. 
7 1 bAv« lonjir th^Qjarht, Mr. ^ in'Ii-x, ihiA tho mi>tlic>fl cif K^hool- 
nmU'r*. io uio initraotioii of our ohlLlrcii, 1b ftlUjc^ttLor i1m> 
roTcrao M v^hnt H ought to t># Th^ gcnomllj Uj boM on tha 
himum mrjJtitittlon, ha a pTlnt Iajh tirJil an the nidiler of • iJiip, 
fay tb» tiLtl. t>T tho ftlbglO notlTO offO&r ■lOQO^ 

Kow, ■« f^r hu n^ «MMom viA «» tUn; but iTJutr. it Ut 
Kbm most rxmflnAd, miHt mnltEfiMnt^ Rnfl 1)t^ luw^.^ llinnKh tbf> 

TTio piirly who \t tKP*o*i^p<l wStb it» will »Mt*"n to nrrthin^ but 
die tlfi'lJitiH ttt hit own tnrrnr. luit ftciii|r1<i uiy tbfiiK lluit ttih* 
co¥cr bini fnnQ Uio onl a[jprchL*ni)i>L Iln will |irn^ irk'-atA Hiid 
\hl if tfaut fie IB quMtiimivr far wtU ruudi it hj pcijurr; ■'^'^ 
if b« liapi>UJ» to Jo on in.lnrjr, he niU Ijq toiiifloi] U> cucDuiit uiinlvr 
toprcvoot tilt offipctd of rcwiitmnil. 

Fo&r noTtT wibi n frti^ml lo tlit^ lovo «>f Ct<vl or man. to doty or 
ACUafmc^tmlb, probity, or boaoar. ll thoroforo ofta &«v«riiutlE» 
A lE^ MilJMtt ft ffood dtlnm, or a kooA •oJiUcr, tiid. tcoit of alV 
6 Bpod Ohmctiim ; oacwpt tbft devita, who Lollovo ani tremble, an 
to be Moonted f»od ChrMaiu. 

How rsrr dunrenl U tho Iobcq vUdi our nuurtar CniiTPr 
toBobutb. who ■:<iiTi)i];U](li7th tu nol to tvia wbat mui ofkn do unto 
11^ ; to ttta}& at ai(ki^j<» imJ fAUinity; to hao HopArii^r to Tuun gviH 
death ; nnd ta regrard nothJDLr, bat jlji it trnit to tbo goal of that 
fmrnorfnblj wbii^b htk ^txpi^L W tiroiii;lit to ^i^Ut T 

'i'huru 11^ Mr Vlnrloit. but one occairton wfavnttn rnitr mnv li« 
nwfn! in k-]]oo18 nr ^'nminnnvi^kllhi; and IhatK vhpn it in plofn] 
ui apiJUxJ ii^iiiKl «vit, HJid «l^I-l»^^ nrlth I1« iTtnIjnilinif nwK r(>pT*. 
and r\X(^Jv tf^ ilni^r all *hfi Iwfidlil from np^nnirhln^ lliflrntn. 

Rat tbi^. Mr. Yiti^lvK, in fur from bLMU^ ihn jutn nicvAJiifin cm 
ttluVb M^boolm»Ji1'!E>i a|jp^I Ibo luotiviy of feur uuil (aufli^tLlJoii. 
Tht^f tiMdi^JnHK tho Idew of pain to ibme luuoiiit and vSrlui^a viii'ivh 
ihfi plHAUie at cnt'-unuEi-iUfint ou^hl aJvtu) to iiu:u]cAt<7 : iUey jut 
toon dvi^KKUiij vrt'tr tlii^ tiiab for iJio indL]]jci?[iL.^ uf iLvir owa 
Ycahiii'ur-Ji, tifjij for tuc gnatffloatJofk of tti& TimLonoe of tlt<^ir <r^u 
iiAiiKbty pa»irpn9 ; Fwid I bair^ 0Ma * irfiuit of a wdaicoRTic, niinfC. 
roei^. aH'I fEtjLTninjt, iwcr a gvonp of ahrtnyni; iDfixutRi lik« a kite 
<FTcr n oroiifibioic pftujol of yonng tmrkcyK 

Tbcrc arc, J a^mil, tiomo [larvxili ^mrl prvoopton, wbo annox 
oth^ TnutiT^xt to Ihal of tho roil; tho; pf^miw' nionoyt tP^U'^ 
Vbthitt^ qjid vwootniiUti» to obiUron ; aod, m their nuutncr ai 03(- 
paliAtinif on thts iiit« and vtUvo of mil artiol^M, Vtey oHva t'ltittis. in 
tbdr 1itrl<! min'bi, thti flriti^tm Of aTaiIco, of vunkty^and >ii«n«i)4lity ; 
tboy (Uao HOTiLctiinoi add the motJTO Of vshtX tboy ^^oll cmolatlan, 
>>nt wblt'b, in fiict. U rank onvy, bj tellfiu ODh Ixry bov much 
biilifjftr, nr r1i'hi>r, Oip flnor, Mxithnr In than hlmsnlf. 

Siivt-f tboiigh ^rnvy aarl vmulntlim mo ofWn (lUifoDZidod tn («tiTtf, 
1hfv« atu nut two uiliijp TiLore iM^todI, boib ia rmjreot to thrrir 



oftfeot KDil m rifipt^ci to thi^ir Dpcratiim :>— ibe clrjcot of qqvj Hi 
tbo p«'rpc«k ttJiJ liiit Iho pxri^llcjjiw. of *aj ouo; but the tttjtvt 
of cmuUtion ui oKi»l]oni:o *Innc, ob whraj Chuiht. citltiuK an to 
W 4tau1vai Iff Urn cio?it]cii« of God hiniwlft Uii^ lu I'u pcHVct. 
«# <'iir Thllur **hi(h in in hcarcn is poHoct;— ttto opcrntlon of 
cnrj i> to pull others ilo^vn : but ttie act <tf OimiJAlioD £■ to cinlt 
ourwlvffl to ftomo onuii^noc or 1irl;rfat propofccd :— tho <*y« of rnry 
■j<c »r« ami fiickt/, axtd Lofo 1<r I'H^k ikt thn linlit ; tint rntnUtiiiti 
hu the c^ye of oo caglo, uid lOon, vhilo it |pLto> in tfao tio* 

^ W«T« tDli>ri htlf a* BcJidtotui^ throa^tiotit thffir acodomiAi, to 
iMke mm of worth u to Piaka dqod «f iDttim. thfro lut^ a 
hualTAd pi^tcy &rtii1ofiA, vfiiry obrlmifi to hi» c-ontrivorl flnrl jtnirflriod 
ftr til* pnrpoM, Thfy miffnt bjirimtju rflp* of shiunci nnrt wivaTh« 
of bfniOTtr in thcfr whtiubt ; thry ml^ht hmrn buir mnlidti, r>T- 
prM«Iv« rtf jftrlSt'iilHr virHiwi. f(j hn flxi^i! on lint Ijrwwi of Ih* 
iffhScTiu' lill (t)ifi-.lUi\ \iy ilr.UitXl: 14111I on ihit ri'iioit of mij Ihij'* 
hNTinif jictfuimL-d a M-nuil uctj^n tiT i^iihl imturr^, ^irTUrlftliii^ emliJ' 
tudo. RIUift0ii;jr>or hoiLE^ur, a i-tl^K'ti (jf vmiiii^imi uiJuht l^t :<^iiKimT«d 
Ibr bun to dt on, n\\ih nil ihi^ iv^i of t)j^ i>i'hi>ol thiiull hm 

ilinCJn^^UJiiir &flp('fioa Kud approtiAlIiiu uIulEi uII [H^rtM^im od^ht 
to diow U' rbUitrfiii uf iTi'^r-II^ wuiilil 00011 tntko a new natiun of 
JDJuilA, and coneciintiilly of mi?a, 

WhoQ jm, Bir. Vindex, im<|iLilou?)y took upon y<m to chJuillMi 
wj mott noblo Mod mo«t fn(»in)iiiiuljli> boy, yon finit whipped him 
fer faiB fc*3hjit opid gnnoTOUs ivowol of tbi; trtith ; and next, you 
bvluoiMlj lla}'od bhrt buubiuw ho rofonoJ Uj ljotr«7 tho*o wh^ luwt 
ooBfldod hi hip intcfiTity. 

When I bohold to numy ■conndroEi u'alking optjttly thrwixhonX 
lh« Imd who an atrlod yoiir bi^nour, <irkH yrmr Tmrji^ir. aiuI whn 
luapadaatly lunirp tho mwt wxnlrnd oJ ill thorm^t*?*— tho chnniotof 
of A ^iitU.*nuui : I no lijn^r nDndcr, v/hi^n 1 I'oflc-t tha-t tlK^y bjiya 
bAra pHnc1pl«i^ or rtkihar unpHDoJpTfiif, liy «uoh tutori as Hr, 

*nw mmry dovflN, Mr, Vfni^ftr. vho tonk yoii En luiiir!, vcru not 
of 4 »P4w|m m ■^wattfd firotn iiuniiLniiy fix ym ^ii'i^Uv htnutfiu*; 
they lui\t?, Ihtirtifi^r*', nppolrtlf^ nm ilwir vtihldti iif houio oouu^ 
ajonty lu rMcanjtrTiftc, but dcAiro tis fiirthor ndvnDto^ lS«n yoor 
ouminiiy or uuLnirtiuut. 

So ujiiV, Mr, KruiiiEj i^iut A pnrBi: of flvc-utd-tvoDty inil>l(M 
into tho hiULita cf tho pfuotptor, and withdrew without npoAkiiiic 
ftaothor word. 

PH^nd, TTpon loy rrodlt, this Mr, Fonton— 1 lotii: to Inow MfOO' 
Ih&if ■D'k'^ Of bun -h4< 14 a Ko^Ue ^d of ft mail, and hAH vlTDn 
na vctoib Tcry v^xuhlu hinln opcti c^hioitdoti. Unt nn&y I Ko ao 
tno with you aa to ircip vmho gvnonl raxtazlgB iipi>n 1L« wholo of 
whiti I h&v« roftd? 

Jufh^r. VWo, Af?? by all inoofii : eu fr?o ma ^fiu pTonu, to b« 
nn, BoUfiTQ mo, yoi] minot du me a (;TeiLt<ir favimr. 

iVinul. Why, Ui(*T«^ tho \^^l^toxt od^ now; you b«gm to 


kindle aJreoilr. Ah! w«r« jKflx aulfaori xtr know tho thi^iiHtmlfb 
port of the Ui>«r1£v» thftt nro toJccn bchicii vcor buck^n jou vfun\\\ 
ietni to boftr w{i]j idotd hcioilitT <t i:«nUo ftdoxoiuticc. though 
Qttorwl to four (nc<*^ Few, imleoa, bavo Hko mav^yy 'jt* rvon 
liiuoai^Qr^ ti> Intimate whol ihoj^ ^MUBclTci ulnk^ or vrhai tho 
world q>OBkB of yonn W^ or^ coldom or4>r forward to nay miy 
tUbff ukt ralfi^t |:iv« di*p]onMir« to <h1h(ir% l>i>r«n>o wn Uhn tliAt 
olhoni ■hcmld bo plotwod with <mn«lT» : but in jt^t abi«nco 
wv paj onTvplro* Urir<>l; for our tacitunutj in jcur ptvtenM, 
uid ^ hAvo orur Entt^n in oompany wboiv ibo jnUnmld* anil 
ecnfldanta of yo\i nuthorc Hatd doprodatBd and ridiciilpd tho 
^^ly iMTif iHK^ipfW whii^h thr-y flpplHTidrd with crio* urn! Hflpn 
In jnir ^ilritj'tA, Tlift wvjtM, m.v frti'n<!, hiw *njlMttniTi*il fi*^ 
intinnari In Iht? p1ru?n fif ^^ni tuitiirc: wliorvcr cotilornu 1o tho 
ffimipr b <tlKp*nw<l with fnjni uit olHi*min™ nf th* bttor. 
Shall T &cM ffor Ili« DLlKfortimi^ tif yoti iufthi>rK)» ilml therv |k » 
■ot of Emni wbn at oaw dlapuan wkh cfcmmou nuouim jup] 
(xnuniuD humaml?? They i:v uudar Ihe uuuiq uf mtjot; am] 
iniv<i be incrn of wruJtli, uiftl Ihe doforooco paid tc fortune crmy 

5iTi3 Eb lurt of BtAmp atid anireno/ to the mm of tli^Jr praditioD, 
D tb« etridMi VQue, indood, th^ mo? tie cnllod men of Ictten, 
tlicir MiiiW as irdi pa capoicatT beiiHr nwrlj oonfTiwd to hjukI or 
«rthoijcnphJ«aI dliipoaHSoik of Uw alphobot. Thoir liiiHii]i>M b lo 
rficooiVNtro t^ ciat-vark> of ^oniv^ » tia^ buvu no k?; to tho 
R»toa of nature or aBntiinail Tbor HwfT fnrill" tmm itiOF, «o 
cn>q^ ncoTit ojirrion^ luirt di-lljrht lo pu-k, anil to pi^y, ond to dwoU 
upon thorn, Th«y c&tcr tike WEvrp^ njH« tho eu'dciin of litorb- 
ton*, dot to rwliHh iiry fnumuii*<s or -'ivct Hiijr 8va«t% but 10 
pfijnpoF their nuJovoliTioo with ovonr thin;- that Mavinm of rank* 
m^HH or f.ifSf!ax». Ilftppily fi>r ihcio. ibdr Hi^riifity do^^ not land 
ffi thA lUi^ioTary oT laorit ; In <<ii4-h a 4^kv» a work <if iffniiiB voiud 
^vf* ihctin tho xplAon far n nnnth, or pouLljly dc^prcvH lUclr itpirita 

'!'o ihMA hl^r^i ami ilnuulflil lorda-JnttlftUilnn. Ihft rrili™ anlhrkn 
doiim It inniitnlicnt to mlmiit thi^ prndnt^ uf thrSr lucnhnittonai ; 
Dul in tin* |ir«iiipiH'.t of nn> Hdvnjilaiiri* frr^fii thoir wlvicv ur luiunrul- 
\onion)i; nolthinr tn tho hofx'.A ut ftctiidiir^f ihi^lr frimitpJiIp or 
pdlrmuwi:; (jut mcioly lo hxiHiD vti\ th-pi^vMUs Uin cflbctA of lht<ir 
maliiEuitj* AcuinHo^lj, I bavo Imo imcoot whi^o ?itmie of lUn« 
dicta Too hHVO \f*^in yn^^tvuh*'} with ht njiujuhN'ml il# nil-h Hn huTiiblf 
pctiiicdi; the; luvo tbcrciTpai) uBnmcI thL'^ »jm!i^ •anidu* 
tha bencb wtion a criminal la coJTi^ii Ivrforr binL, not in orJer lo 
iritA or hoArint. l^t to p«ntonoo anil oori:1rifEinAtf»n. To ^hnt 
rectus of norliflottdoa haVQ I been witocfln on mirh occaAicnr<! to 
vluitu pftfldo of &b&teinont^ of al«iMTn)cot> of ontiTbilutioD. hu^o thi:» 
antortalnoni Af thi^ piuh]i4:< lioon doprovod !— *' 1 am «nrry, J^r. to 
«dl Toa that tfali will not do— a tew pttetopti horo and there, bat 
Ihftt wlU tint ocTnp^nntft l(«ro affnin, how injudidou0, nbfuird, 
QSpanlotuiMo ! HwkI eir, yon nhonld hftT« eomudorcd Umt whtoi 
a rrun nirA <Tc<vn to writo for Iho mbllc, tho Tciut oomplimont Thcj 
eifN^'T fj^it" hlTO ia, thul hfr nhoiibl tbiuk— Hjuv, n»y fnood, I li*iv# 
■ci-n uoongb; 1 cuinat nffVant mjjndgnicnl u> much, an fiithur to 



r«oraniiiciK] or pAtroniio your pcrfoftniviKC ; nil I am <lo r>r *ou 
UU> Iw cilent <m tlio ^nKjixit. ixn<\ pi.TMil fools U? npiTCiro vho hAT« 

not mhw to <UM«m." —Thus <\o Ibr«n 4?rlttrf> paramount, witU 

Um d«L'<<iK7 nnd oonpunoD oif tho lotturcra uT tbo Iiunwi^oni, 
Moroh «itt All Ui« «euti of ««ittdliilEtT '^0*1 M>lfHir)inpluovtio«« in onlur 
to uttng wlih thD iQoro quii^l; «ijI tiUing polgnunty. 

Now, mv Aixif fhfrii'Uib^ yoa buvo iK>t upli^'l for iha fdvuvj of 
thcMB BBliu^lifJiHl Ar4>lii']ii'>ni nf /i^niiis arifl lEliimiim*. }r<m ai« niit 
to nnac^ tho Iniui mrrfy from Ihom ; nml I nm Aim f>™f to tfill 
Ton, tWi t kiuiw nf no wHirr uho hr* muro opuii to lli?[r atNMrkit 
ViMi Am jHjrrtKlvflly Ini-orwipf- Xtnir works, on thft oni* hftTnl, hATO 
not the lifiud, apjinmuina of thn Litrm Udtor: nnr. <m. Thn fitlirr, 
tiHtQ tlicj tJiaL t^uHf wUdi 00^ to ■Otftd tho liJbic Willi wliidi 
titty ntunt L> LiM wrlltMk An^D. jon ftr« cilr^mtilj' iia^iqiiiil laiil 
noc mtHUjint jroa tioar wbcro uo t^o (%m ««, uiil 
t| ihwueuil HiLh m|ijiIUy. to i^rcrp in thn ral^^nr |<Ijinrw at 
tbutibtrtm\\U lUtrl children. TLum jxru ntv «i> iJF«allcir7 thut w* 
know Dot whctc to bnrv p:iu; yon tir> foonor fntero«t as (n on« 
^b|co^ tiuii ji>tt ilroK no, bowcrcT reludzuit, to onuthor. In i^ort, 
I iKfuM wtt^lb^^r you loiil latj kiiul of piim IrtrfrirD yon »i al>uiit 
Itio bial'line; bm vo iJkdl vco bow yvor fortuitoun ooinxiuno or 
tttomi will tarn oul 

jiuijbiv. iJo 1 wuiit lutmo? 

J'Wwf. Ho. 

JuTAor. Do 1 wemt Hjrtrit? 

J^ritmJ. HMhfif Xco nmi^h of flro at tlmoic 

S^or. Ho I wont fcntimoDt? 

fVwwl Not ifcIloi:o1>ii^r. 

Jufflw, Thtf^n, Bir, I abftU b« moil aaiI rrui4 Af^n, In dcopitn i^ 
mj own ih^rcrlVy and cjf ntl tTiEit yon ruid yonr rrrin L-an *ny or *\o 
■(■InwLmt^. IV triilb K thut Ihv iTitEc« j^re vii^T^ Hu- ffi)ni Im^Sil;: 
Im^uAT* to m"; tlxny h^in rtlwAy* proTfld my rrlpml*, my Ui*i 
1inufLU:tiinL Tbry vrufri lb» llr^t vtiii urlt mn Jntii atiy kiii^l uf 
rviiutalJoii : ami 1 luu uivtv liL'huliltiii Ili (Jitir iiivivtitij^ llmu 1 nni 
to niT own iprmiLS Un &ny litlit^ ruuin' I iiu:y luviri ifijt in llir woiM : 
am I IiavQ to fcnr in, that thty nr* already lirtil of i*iilinc. and umj 

ikol (looui tD« v>>Mb ilii^ir fiirtlHir notiL'4. -Itut pmy, ui^ k'ooij «ir, 

if you docfr« tbvit I ^bollkl profit \iy ywiv Mlmon[tLoa^ ouebt yon 
uot to (rivo mo iniituiMtf of tbc Jdulta vnth vMtt yxni rrprojiob me ? 

FiUfvl, Thftt «Wd bo fi&io nnd Inboiir jJtrtjt^thDr tl»ft»wn nway, 
«• 1 have iLOt tbo auQcwl bom of brin^i^ you tc oonJoviaQ, 
VoD ftro a diRpalnnt* a nnuAk by your odtuntjoo : ^a iltv i^iiiiUty 
•tiidiad and pniutJtod in turnintr tiny thln^f Into notlLin^. or l<ilii^;c 
«U ttdnga tMioont. Unt rlo aoi nattor yourvolf tluit 1 huvo yot 
|Ct*n r^n tb« douil or bnlf ymir fault* ; ycu ara ofUn purafloxiriil, 
anil ottrotnoly pormnptoiy jtii'i 'Ii-iqii>r4ti» in your uMrtJoruk In 
thi« Tdf bMrt p«(ro yon iilTfrrn tlmt tlio rbiiraFtar of a ganlltfmiiD !■ 
|J|«< mo>it M>f«tublr\ lh(t hiu^i^f (jf all '.bEU-iK-ffm. 

.{u[Ar)r, T did. sir : 1 ilo Afltrm It, Ami will niflkA tc |pii>1, 

Fintr T Tsnow It, idr. T knnw !t ; bril iln fjot dtonm at pWiWftt 
If^ i.'ijt^T mt^i thi- <lJA-ij>^irja. At tlii^ ticit puuw I iihiil] vllllu^ly 
huu you iHj iliiv qii>'*tmn. 


ran KOOL OF (^vautt. 


Ov bin rrlnnj Le i^niliTHil a l\r« avl n fidtltj uf wJni? fnio Iils 
»tQ(!tT> ^'^ 'i^it Tot Mr, ClvmriJU Mr. ClnioimU *Ajr* \f\ *il ilij^^n. 
1 amire joa, Sir, Ctrmr^&U I am Incthicd to thisJi rer^r wc-1] of y^nu 
But pnj lol ID17 }iai« Ui(} D&rintiTv of yvta bfp aud monnvt* vitli- 
Dttt dif^^div. An fnto^nQiv ronTi^tiJnn uid prurdo of pojif vrror^k 
hu ooinciluiiff in it. lo m** |ilI] 110 juniabl?, or taorv^ iImld if A Viua 

Hb^ layi Mr. (Tlcmt-nt, I ham Indood bocn fiml^, vor; ftuilt; in 
Jay utUAhrtn ; thoiich God biui hitherto prw u rt ^l rui* frcra anjr 


J3ttrthuIginoT Qpinent air. n t^Uilflr of hurdttfiro en tbo Stmnd, 

piiefqr; bat prooociliaff in wlut they c^ the do«-trot«f Life, aad 

iwiriiu; b «io^lo eje to Iho iiuJdiig of moneyi he bcoaca^ TtkBtljr 

ridL «ikJ hM now ■ Urva Incotne from homcdt »»■! icn»tad-raib 

Jtt tile dty of W««.tiiiln«l«rt tho frxiltn and ocquEidtioo <f bit ovn 

1 mniMiibor nc^dag <tf m? mother oxi?o;tt hor fonilncM for mo ; 
nor of hfir 1■hJLmci«l^ 0)3Wpi thu Uatv thai I hAvn hH^ mv £ikUi:*r 
»hed whcm oorodloniu MtcuiobIbiicm have brouglit bc^r frub lo hu 
m^ZDory. B^ho lUi^il whot^ I «u ia vj Mv<«rith yt^iir. I won Ui^^ir 
aaij MTTiTln^ diJd ; mul m; tfttbiff tnuuftsFTod ail hln tundonww 
for hsr to mo, 

Thw lovo vi my fjithor vut twt th*t trn't\* luirtiHlity or prvJiuliM 
of n tnjvint ; it wm not tm flito^tltin : hf> harf n TnAdnn for m» tjiat 
(viilif bo etitirtllpd by nothini:; bttl htfc nuiftj in in/ fwhdt Ho 
tiuuilv»iil, liH mil'l^ llinT- lltHTh Mhrmlil l»i iitin pmilh'Tmin En thi< fKiiilly; 
imil hIUi thU vl*^w hn Tn*lMoil hi* tinin fif hiving mn ahvrkyii to 
biA aik'bL. lUid (icct mu lo WnninJiuitLT hbunK uiid frciiu tlitjjcp to 
C4iUibrji.L'i', wlip^rn 1 cvimuntHL Ull t wiuf Iwout^ j«uii of nuiv ^^ib- 
<itit uiy ihini; huiipt-nhm ^h^U y/an imi-'uaiiuiiij, or dnHTvfng of yoiir 

la Ibv mtttii tJiELi^ iTJjr fnther W!i4 u« LKiMl^i;jd of liin purw towards 
mo OS ho yint rif hi^ duivui^f^ Hit bmi nir^ ^iih litni cmry Tot^^tlnn. 

eo Tinted mo fiy^iumtly darinfi tcun. nnd Bccmed to bfl(* lio 
tter half of hu <:u'<lmoe wtpn wv ^rtod. 

H« hod iaftuod Into mo n ^tront: tinduro iif hla own ruiity and 
viows, I lovt «Tea a portion of that condcruiOH and roapott wbiL^h 
1 bod folt iD Ui i«fEitfid. lie wru* a tnior, a iu«<ihunEo : 1 rijrl^d 
fiir bla ropifilo itluto : and 1 lo^ih^d down upon him op loanu did 
C«i that VOTT l4th^ frcnu whom ho b4d dorivod i^^ian for no oxBJt>^l 

A^ apptioittHii, aooordinj;^, woh ^qncU to my nialiitioD. I iktui 
not nmly a muicr, 1 vu ■ <^^ iu fho ^Ijiuiml lii)iiruiip>«, t 
mllnhfid, and r.<ortitrtnniMl ort thf }iNa\tU^ nf ch^ tir^li nih) I#j(11ti 
■utiiora; wu a thoroiLgh camoWour tn iho du^tomii and mamwni 



of thtt Msd«nlji : ABd rooU drttHTt thi> UifElit^vt fr«KUwr««rioa of 4 
«x]l|itAr or dHlgth>r b tbaEr fbldloff of th« Uarrinn tnga. 1 aUo 
hA-t ihi? Iionijtir uf Imin/ liLtlmol-^ with all tho j^rtuX cT sntlqiidtT: 
I rrvi|i)i>nt1y Hit in fivni^V vll^ t^^i^ vtu'ilii (tfiivo of Ui<^ linftlJiAn tfooiiv 

|H-]uJvnn>> by n^ t>^rfifiil kiiuvli 
Dkl«|rr«]£n4f«> I KjhI irmnJ tin 

<l 1 . tl dii'ir BMicl lujmn iJicI 

■ltd Iflhacon* down to Kliudiuii mii [.ncivtint^ imii from tlM:m 
dovn t^f Dil Gartc«« Oomcuiu, oiirl JltjbbFP ; lUiil i iru m Uuroui^' 
pftMil «L Bickpl tn aD Ihv Miltlotio* (J l<«iu, tliitt J cjEiJiJ coi^ritlv 
tad duJUCD )iid« without loeiii^ ai faioh or grooad Uiat J hod 
|[tinod upui uty udvtTMTj. 

I no V tiua|riDo>| that I wui utItc-I nt the voiy ^Imiiuli^ vf honuui 
excfiJIcncc, lOid thai furtuno ou'l bonoiir vcrc wilhin mj ^luip on 
«ltkir hmd. 1 bokod oti Ihfl <Jijijii>'lJii[^hj|», m ytitnmy m thiui^s 
that nnut oodm la ccqevo, Jiad I v-u ccntjriiia^ aoiu<^ at«tioD moro 
vWuta t« ttw h«igLt of niy munte u^ axabiii'jn, uboA £ rvccavcd 

" Roa Hamjiel.— HsvH lal'r<1> iiK]iJn?d into tliy life uud t^hzmu^tcff: 

loot lOj Ttionrj and iny cJinil, Thou hant *:ot tt^ynrlf from my lovrr ; 
I imvv tnit ihtL- Froni my fnrtuup. 1\^ (tjiijfurt mytclf hiirv IaLcq 
1 1i*la:hlj<fiir*« uriilow t^< vif-.T. (.k>Trir7 luA ii'^r ili^i ; t vrill iwi »i?o 
theck. \Vould pray for tfaoc« if I *M aot think It Id vnin. 

^ir jiomfl tinti> «ftor the rcMdpt of tlii* cni^il loUvr. 1 ronMlnc^l Ln 
A irtate of stnpiility, I cMiH hM lioHtvo the tcd^noar of my vooao*. 
I Avo Ik kiui.1 uf dJM.-nrdit to dl thliu:^. Bat^ Awueinc from thb 
!«lfaur|Qr tcto tpgxpKwfl'lo onKaiith, mj tonl vu root by diffcrcDt 
and contoDdiiif: pMvnf, 

Wkit«Tor cumtcnifit I mi^'bt hiivo for the »tiitioii <f inj bthvr, 
t vtitL loTcd bia jtcrutn hcttf-v than Hahca uid hooovfi. Bat bo 
hfTed no no mom — bi^ vu gonv ho ^vn» lofit : he yrtut t^oAr 
4M<t Hivl ti^rivil, «t l«a«t to Tn(H, 1 <Ta>i iiiytuilf on th|t pvta^I, 
1 crootiw!, 1 vopt ftloiid, I tw^iulnd hmi, u thcugb ho had tain 
m lJf«1«B rorpw Wi>r« m?. At Ivn^^fh, baring vcntod tiu» firtt 
mriiiim of my ptuiJun. I rom Hnd u^mt^ to mj [ixth«r tn ttiiw«r, 
of which this In my jiorbot'lKiok k 1hi* m|^ :-« 

*Wa,— U yoTi Iwl Frfit wtfihpid t^ Unit thow funltii yon •nnt to 
<Mk vftcr^ In JL life UuLl rlnfln* iiliU™, riiid 1> livhcilly Ijitpnat^lmblxi, 
yoa vnmlJ uul hu^'t* k^ivi^n vn^dit to HL'Liuurh^lH. Wlit> nmuoi jadi:? 
of iIhi iiiiniliiil ijf :l ^iTitU^Njui; ibjr bava vnuiUiniia/tl y^ur ijiily 

"In cuLtioi: mo fr\jm y•<\\^ forinriu, juii only cut niu fiuiu what 
X d»qM»c.<; but m lAjitiiik: 11 ' biMLj yipUT hvc ytm huvo unjiutly 
robtKiii UK" of «b(it ««/ fi>rtnuc (an rcpnir. 1 oce that rou aro 
iiretdcndily bkkoa iiniiT froni lao ; I ahall cover moiv bi-bold my 
ladaJiCtnt mkI fiKjd father; and 1 ihoU not ct^cuHt to ktnvtit hb 
loa Wkth toon of fUial nflootJctu But for thii novf frLthcr* vtcmo 

hoort DDuJd didole » tuuutitnJ aod inhMfnun ^ IcttcTi 1 equally 


TBjf pooh or QVALnr, 

dittfiTaJm aH rommcrM uid «oiirwm with him. Ami roiiM it 

n^Jar^ii] Ia Indlennoo or lUntri^rs ymu >Jl% aiti Ihi^ vcrj l;iiit miuj 
UtKJli tiArtZi 1u WDoiD E wiTuH ^pp^y, f^r Crcrtu wLuiii 1 vuuld dcinfa 
to BOtfiJt nihi-r 

^But £1^ oil the olhor \uuv\ It i(hocilil plriiuiA God bervoCUr Co 
vitft ]n>iir Wd'bMrtc^actB vfith afITi<:ljaa and po^rtfj. iuk] that 
I, Kko tiio »uu of Iho Ytladumith in ibi^ ^it^yh ot our fiijclith lUrrjr, 
■IiDuU] vtmi lu^xt thi? Ihnno tn tUt^iity unil hanoura, j^m vi\] thc?Ji 
fiuJ IDO dcrdrciiiB f>f makiTi;- )-i>a rdl M>rt4 vf nabmimJoiirt— jn^a wiJl 
tJu^ri liikil thfi ifiifjftilli'fit llif] fonili^^c. «ni1 Umlorwi <if 4:biLJrca, JD, 

** Hamujgl Clement.** 

lIftV3£g thiu rontod tb& giuu uid f«olbif;i of my h^mrt. I tK<,E:iui 
MrfOtviIj to think i>r tbo (*iiiim? I rxiEfht Ut tjik>:i; lUnI 4v>n4ii1i>~h-^! 
liOnilAn vA IhA npharc in wliirh « Inuiinij-ry vuqI^I flpp^v with thn 

1 -liAnhhr^rl m^ A^irvuiT^ hiM ray two |r**1*I^TiKfl. <lfi^vi*^ nf mj 
room, mj fiimltnm, nnrt mnni of mj hfln&, nnrt hftTiiig mTiirtfirf^fl 
wnuewhrLt npuAxil of thri^L^ hiiHrlri^tl uml flfix [miiuhU I liifl^ri 
tlia iUtvv< Luuilru'd injiimEB uilli ii ( 4iiuUri<Tj*ii ilralrr. frutri wbnni 
T toi)k MHa nil UIh okii»(|H>rMli<Til hi I^)iiir>]iH tnnl twt uni ui riiy 
ciwlltion in Ulc: Aot nUt^:- 

I tiwk c'hiMip ]<>]^iiit,'b uuj duuinff Ctt)w; T nun oJtuircUicr 
UiJuiuwjiig uijrl i]tiii)i:>wit in ILhI urvut illy; ui'i, r.'tkvLiru l^uLt 
A hlilflcu tri^nauti: tiLniioI Im Oitl.^ iik(iiim(<^i!. 1 rimly fjoiUMOt^l 
IfArkbun/A ocifT4.i'-lioiJH<. 4Lllljd^t a, piomiscumv n^tort of nvcrdflUitMt* 

Itctt, ha-p^tninti Ui di^tmbCn^Ah mytclf on a fisw occwiDiui wbcro 
0omo arUtil^t of ancbnt hiHtcn-^, or tenet of Tluli^ or ]a* of Ly- 
ourfl^ chonood to t^^ In riiwatioo. 1 iKifw to bo r«f|«nL d wttii 

An olilorty pLrktltiniitn. ono ciny, who «ut ntUjitivo in li cvmor, 

Uli'> thnru of it pint in tho next room. 1 gi'ntefijliy obcyrd tho 
HzimitiriFu', nml vfit^Ti wf> (mil ilmolc » ^Ijwv ii>|ii'*'v — Mr, Clvinvnt. 
tay* hp, yen nf^Mur to havn *tiit jov firniiftlmAnr#, rihI mAy pf***! ily 
uaiif ti menil. My forliiiir i« vriLfilL (iiit i hiipo wmn inilur^nrrr 
tn Ihlh tuuTi L hikK ii» 1 liiivo tdk'-ri tin Eiitlin^iriiin Uy yuii. I rJiixild 
bo ^Uul to urvf^ ynu. If tht* mT-itiim la not ti>n tTf.e\, pmj, M'hnt 
is your provnt <lr:ptrit1r^nrr [uiil pronptM^t for life? 

liAtltijc, witii a iCTiiLvful WiiMiith, utkitu^lriluT'i! lii» iruoilciom lo 
mc, r Jnj(pmiLiii»1j nmfi-pvHul llmt iiiv iiii-iinjntjuir» wnru mry 
n1aui1t>r, mul tbut I dliouTil lio iiiad of aity |jljiA.'t) ^br^rDOi 1 ctntld 
bn Qiicfdl fur u^jrruif Mul taj i'[up]i.ivi.'r, Aail pr^y. f^yp, :ri} frii'ml. 
wliat fJacftvniuil b«*t mh you ? 1 iiiJ[>r'. nir, n]]>wrr<<| I. uiyiNluea- 
lioQ hoB b«on nich, tbnt loyiat: nvdo tbc m^mwi 'T^ifto. ilicro u 
jjot Uiy thinjc ft>r «hi(1i I Mn nnt. <|iuUSllod, 1 an KToatly ptftftiod 
to hoar it. rc}<Uod Mr^ >>ooi{vL|k, atu\ hopo noon to bricig jon 
iMnS tliftt vilJ ni^t bo i^w^iT<v«^t>>, 

WiUpQ ft Uw ili/A Kb- OoodTtHu Ei^^uiu cntor^il tho uuffi>0-lioiuo 



vitii Ch ^PP7 rurpect. lie bcckotiai] mr aridf?. Cl^mentH np bo, 
I W« tbo plotu^ra to lolt you iluit I hjnr l-iroiijfht jnn tbo ohoJoi> 
<d two ttfjr (ulvantaffcoLiii plM^r^. Mr, Citlei, the tanbor, vutH a 
<]t«A vbo COD vrite a lini> hanil niul Ihui nuuW iomo profideiuy 

morduoit, wooM s<vo Ifirco cnooonni^-^TnpTii io ft jmtm who tibdoiw 
tUiidii tlw Italiui moUion of tKM>k'korpiuif. oA taj» bmdiMNi bt veij 
«X!|niUi(Ti», anri reipir«H fii« ftort<>cf um! ^tMinxt fraoitm' of «nlT7 

My trivnil htrw [viuMtd. luiil I blMAlind «oi1 hTinjr donTi toy hivid, 
tod wnn whully «mfinm(!flil. At l*'ni^Th 1 nnswrml hpjsitnrinply^ 
Polwpi, ijr, ymi hiitp lirtjrHititMi an llif r>iif> Iwo iLrtirlr* In Ihh 

VrVil. ^1^11. mj U»y. My» fii% iliHi'l l« (Lm'lkijii^i^iL I >fjll liy wlmt 
fnrUicr owj ho <li>oi? in four bthiJl 

Within aUnit ih futtuiizlii «fl'T, Air. iJc^KiM'^ K-ut iii(< a ijol«, 
to fttteoJ h-^m at fain Ihli^iTi^ In lUA hion ^LMifin^, 1 ^-fml, tlii^ltivl 

tconifht TC'ii Ih^i "flVr ^i IhfW <lilTi3fyiit plutPR, and botov <ftn: of 
tborn, u I triM, ipnrt ^nly At ytm. 

Unr >A4t India Company jirotioflo to mak<^ a fl^ittloiDCiit on tho 

ocHwt of LVvomMLdol, bful aro i&qoiiJtiTO afUr eom« youthe \fho 
hiive tuulfi A piwTM* in i^ouno^, and an> moro «fijiocuUy Ptofilod 
in tiM.' wjwiKio of fcirtjflcatiat). Thoro to alao tha ooion«l of a regi- 
n*nl^ an #U iuthnale of iii£m> who la grAng oc fom^ mitIo*, 
and Jw. Uk tnitb, n|^ti«<1 to tno in rac4>ininonH him a porcnn who 
waa iUllod in tbo mc^hnnK' lovfm. iLn^r tnfiTv porTit'tiljirly. who 
hail flf^lKl hTDiMlf to miTtTti ly iin^l ••<nir\h*i-r\Tig. 1'hera ie, lAfltly^ 
iha rcfoad tOb of a Tirhmnrric^n fc vhom I tinve fhe honoar to do 
known; he |i oaplnin of n Tniin irt wnr, nn^l wntiM ip\p twy i^in- 
iddcntJon To n yoimi: mnji of muhi lirM ItitlKrH iaIhi ta jt }ii<inrti<iLt 
In lavlgntidn ami In 1hi> umv of Om fluut oniJ I'l^inpAw. mul uLo, 
eit tlw BUCII9 dino. mi^ht ktvr ah a fiitud iind <.'oiii|NUtiuu. 

8&r> MiicI J. i]iiiti< itfriimihliixiH I buv^ Ih.^ii u ttitilt-ut, jin iJolijklJi 
VAa A Dkoo iif V. II riiiiLi Eii> cliilitliiHiil If nJl my tut^im did not 
OafitoT mc, oiv v:i Hi'i' <-■' - c^xtrnrovo : nnd my proifTon m ItNinuni; 
iDAy protii Oni[ III, ;, '] \'.ii>u liriK Urta trKlfiUitLL^Hblc- I know 

atl thm^ iiaia I J. I I.' jii.- lit ' i thAt tht iiDoktnt ot modoni 

w«ri(l, tut I *nd ti>liJ. Ill ■■■►ujitH.'l ni ittcm if t-nUmHo <*ni'Iilioa or 
rwoicnSuLncv. anri yt<t I huri* not «0 mnch a» h<)nr1 of the uo or 
QBtJiDAtioii of any (4 tlupo m-fcno.*, fcquirclH oa jcu my, by pvnons 
iQ Li|^ tnL«t ana fcmmiiMaci. 

Ur. UooilTiOo JMrvuiiun looh«i] conoramf, and ibook hia hrad. 
My <l*jif ClTODtiil, wyii no, 1 rio ant Hanlft ynnr tilciilit or I<<>Lmrr»^; 
bM I n<yw begin to dou(jt vhot]ii]ir tlitty hhv4> liftrn tlirf^L^ritiil nr 
lUiplloil to any iE»efii1 |iiirpo». My wnmin (loorlirtUc liilormw me 
uiat the hUlop of St. Aitiph l* In flfniriw for a ynanjr ^vnilrinniL 
A miL of TTioniln nod a Ifnpiint, wliri )iiik iVfiriH kriiiuVi^'i' In tlin 
anon anit i^Evii \nv. ha hit vli^T-f^nontl 1» IntJ^ly ficuul. Tie trlla 
DO farthnr Ihjii A (Tpntlcmnn, a fViiml *>f Li.'c. who !w hi gtr-ai 
dKXUU^Uurm, anA who m ijovi Atruut [iiiix'hwiug tU« pliiri? i>f eui^ 
voyi>i^iiJtL»l. wuiiU u yoiitli whu hue ^cit aomci UlLlt suattoiing 



la ardiKcciuro, wul him an elegant luniL pit iho itmwioc of p^Hnu 
Mid aoi-iiMi& I am oliio k3h>wn to cue cif Uat mmntlul'mnn ot 
«xd««> uij. it joD Are bmlj ioiliiitail w k'siiieiu^ ur Hurvoyinif. 
I Ihkik I coold irat /oD Into •cuno vojr of tirmfi 
Alw^ Hf, 1 rp|>1itfd, in « Jt^iKiailinie tone, 1 mu cquallj n AUotJi^^r 

f otfaaTik Hil'i Mr, OooiviOe» I oonU o&t jou Into boly «fdo» If 
jou OTA thut itnv inrliDvif. Aro jon wij] dmiI in Uionknr? 

T«i, yoBt ^^ ^ liritJily AJitwon^i: I tun jxirtii^tiir ftot^oihintod 
vitfa Uto godn and maaaom of vonbip thrci^fh all lutioaf ^IDOO 

Ifut iLTc j^on, raplkod m^ fTl4Ji4. oiituli; rorhOil in thA t^luinUim 
di(p«(Dii«4ion ? Ujir* jcn vfniiitd ourlcumpil c^omtijontaton <m fho 
CrMdAf Are jon tmuI in lol^'crir- divijiit^; luia iu\« rem 8 triMU^r 
of th» M1U0 Bhd omblfDiatinil Mon^nivr ttut Uic tild Toitommt 
bMn 1o the Ka« ? 

8ir, Mil] I, T lmv» oftt^Ti flliijwd. viUi (ilwH]n.\ the ^tLblu. m 
Ibgrn anr nvutj iujwi|;w in u nxtromdj AfToc^tiujf, und othuJii full 
tS dotf Jinni:T-r5 aaA tha iniB hublimu, 

Hjr (Hx»r d'jiir I'liiM MuifU(i)fijJJ|i nii&wunHl Ur. f1*>mlvill^«X ^f ^ 
1 oftu nai] yoq know ai> one Ihiny cf Oiu to jouinDlf. oi any otJior 
potKKi tlTinjT- citbor vtth r»p«1 to thiQ worlj or the world to 
ooniv. Cvtili] juu BukL< II ^lh, or u vriuriixttt truttuiin vr fumi a 
joD-boXi or woft^o a coLboice noti or nhapa * i^jL>1i1<t> l^at. \^ Un« 
A lilook fbr 4 Wbor, or £ our of tboA.- thiQci I'j ^Ikicli nullicmtf 
doilr muntaBD thcmMlvc* in ■upjilyrn*; tti>i yriuits and (n'i.witiniit 
or uahionc uid vuiltiui of othcif*, you might aot bo imdcr tbn 
&0MBdt7 of pcriffbb^, 

Tho w(iy» *il" Hfi* r>r which your otrnJift* huvn !>«t prvperod joq 
vo pt^io AQd tbo Uv. But then thcf roqniro groiit cxpoii*<^ and 
a& mtoDM npptuNitioQ of muif ^rvon to <7omc<y boforo yoti «m 
propo«» to j-nt^r on a ]lT«1fhood by oittir^r <if lhM« nrofi]iMfa>niL 
Xao, (iW dl, jmnr mtfl*™ wunld Im rory pr««rtchtu^ ft yon wero 
not ■otir'ifM by TDMiy fHviiihi and a RlTr>rijf inlunMit, at li.-4]»t <in 
ftmt mvUnv HOT. 

T fuiTO nlnukdy tflid j*m. n<^m(?nt, Uml I jun in»l rii^h, and If I 
vurv. It IH riot h« wlio i^ivuH j^ii nioiirv, Lint 1m wUo puiH yoa mUl 
k way (if if^tiaif It, ttut (Jrn^A you a frijinditNijr. 

1 uiii jvlvlitcfl la Kf> t'> MoDlLKiliur for iIjl* oilnl lUAliiuDnt of my 
liboJlii. aflt'l' a Ic'Jiguit fit uf ^li-^uwa Umt I lubl at l^tJi, I iduul 
fwt ->ul iJi aJAful a mi>idli, l^ut U;ri>rf^ 1 1^, ttir diild. t wuiJVMJy 
wi«h ani] ailvlw ymn lo Qx ou aomo cmfl ur tiMo or nunukcr of em* 
pknFUUC Tour tiia<^. tlmt wUl «tu)Lit« yoo lo cam a o«rtabi BabcdrtencOt 
aiul* at ta* wuno tiaio, mahc yon n wnrfhy mi^mlur df Ui& commu- 
nity. Fdi, l^jiore mo. mv bi^y, tbit it U not rEpccuk^vo Kdcnco. 
no* nor aU Uw cowsy Jind j<>wi1i!i ii]miii i.^irlb, tlut nuhk? nny pari 

artldoi that aro nao^l and bcbofldoi to i«>c4c^, that oonMitutwi 
ihti tran Ti<?hiv of oil miUiLcind, 

Aa (uxm AH yoQ hn*o ntkdo your okotloii, kt mo eaa yon afl;*^ ; 
anit. It jJt evCTitt. let me hw ytiv Iwfor* T trt out. 

U(Tivu|K>u I ln^^ud Mild ivtitiiiJ, Itja mail inuiliAud and d^oclad 



cf iJl fadap. I wu lA )ov nn^ difiplrltod (haft I couM acucv eV( 
ifc Dir kdcmKiL I threw myacli on tho 1^1, llio irfliin^ «f tlto 
vtpoon <■ cnmdcux Alii uaLitloo, tluL Liktt ilc Hkr of 4 mjimncir'a 
eroniny, luid d«UKli!«d w pf««Mcts oow vlioU^ JbappMn^, uid 
a u^t oT tfiiL^ocvJiDB duibuv nil mt; oq m; vouL 

iAa tliirJ of DiT prinal|ial fuiJ wim omkwt nnk-CLtid mj' imo^im 
tloa condiivrod ibo nHnAliulor am alroftcty vmiihod, wftiioLit Uin 
poMtibililr ot Mipplj^ <f mpcnimx ] now HMTvtJy cnnod tho xi^nit? 

I h»A teoo bom to do muiDDr ctf owL Had | boon tho «□ of a 

ooblilto-, of B porUT, an o«tler, of tb« Iowmi wrctob who «itu lui 

brvifut try thn nwfof nf hht fimw, 1 thnuld not y^t Imta he«iti rKtlnivrl 

f^fe thn womt njinrlcin of lx*^j>riuy — ihnt rif l<!|ra::llig With nfumil Umt* 

of tbo rj^MkliL>]j : for. fniru^, thuC U ib» ona of a pixir M^udihr atul 
« pnjF ^^nrJc[Q4A 1 

lutu Uir «nruii4ri wiil ELuiji]'oi)i-t» mi tiii^ti^'iin (luil [|iHiiilain<M tv 
BUQ[ IJKiuund* of dctiiG hAflde and dojj ttao* throu^gut Ihnt 

Ono oTdJoiE. te T lotunwd ht* und fiitiKiuxl tlmuich Chu|fdfkk 
I obaoTTod a qmA vOTt hnportim&to witli & womfin who Wilkcd 
Man nio. Bomotunoi Ao troiJd ban? os, «ikd iwfniii make « luU 
tfOft and «atneet]j bMeoob him to go Aboul hl« IrtuiiinM ; but, in 
^no of hof o&troihlloiL bo tnUl aRiokclMoto bcr.tiJU coming to Iho 
flM of • bLitd dJIc J, tw floddtnl; Mibud hvr hy thu ajra, and indJcd 
}ua ttb «ftw tiiAi. 

Kb* abrioksd out for help vith repeated vodft^rntic'ii ; whi^o. 
r«coUuotizv All m^ force. hahI drnwiTt^f uiy nworj— ViJluin ! 1 cniHl 
oat, ttoJt tb« wonuni Imtanilf, or jon afo a d»cl nifin I Ho jwr- 
cdvod (hn gllttorlnif of Uia wsiipnn. ftnd rvtirod a fbv fnivfl; h^^ 
taking out a ixv'kot pistol, ho (iWlmrgml It ftaU &t rnp, owl nin cff 
VIA prhflrdtAtion. 

Thft half rnio™d mjrclotliMi aul llMJi.nnd liwtjnwl on ihn ratnh 0I 
joy htt ann. I ft^lt n iliurt |kuiK- liuL iiul nili^iuliiJif to it, I tuuk 

1 tol<t hi-( wn 1m>t i» llnic 1i> lclfh^ /uul ilL^^irt^d to know whcnr ttho 
UtwL SZ»> afun tJDcd— At tkti tuira v^ the VaJi uud l^utllt:. lu Ftv«t 
ftlnoti ^liirti ^]ii> kfi-t '^ mtlliii'ir'A thvy. Wo hjiil unl fnr t<> jro ; 
W9 mivJn tlio l/t'flt of 'Xic FiKTC^t, und woie lot in t; n poriAiit-Qjidd, 
who ahovei hb (q o bKk inrlour. 

J«iintj Mid JdraH Oravoa (tliii wjijl Iinr nnmo), ><rin^ a irlivv. uid o 
bottle of tim oordlol wtaio. Vou louk a little (n^o, mr; 1 hi>po jcu 
MV oot hurt ^ot moch, I thiuk, inndAin, fiiil I T-?! a mull |huu in 
ny left aboulikr. 8ir. hpre [« mv l-u-i f>:rvieo to you, witti nij^ !iuii 
hfwlimw anil 11071: n for foii to the hud hiirir ef 1117 tife. Voa miivt 
dvii^ :1 off» m ^ w« ivtii bIjui'I in iit^'^d of H ; iliui whs a fri^htfa] 
«CUr- Jl*Mnj, vfiL^nt'A Am^K^JbiV WlU;in n fcv doom, mAi^luD, at 
fta UiM Uodg^ni'. CotDo, ur, uid Mn. Gnven, t tnail look at 
irar itaoQldM' ; Uwn. ^ifiiMuiit- the top of itiv wni^tiv^at, Ah«< InManUj 
MPMDitfd Ond Ood pri'Jti.^rTo my dnllvitrori 1 tniu* ho In wmmibid 
dflngomuilj. jornijr, Ikf to Mr. Wt'Idoii'ii; briii^' him with ;fon 


nrar fool or qVAtnr, 

ixniaDdiHlcl J : do not t<oaiu williuut him. Drareetk worthioat of 
nwiii l«t iiie tiTM* KOutlier «!*** "P^" ;ou. Tl bi imco«u7 in gnch 
A Mto «f blood md Hpiriti^ MMoia, I r«p1lod, tlio wouid oumot 
be «r «C0MqiWDco: bat I in» creatlr fi>ti|:a*d at tbo tSmn I hud 
tfa» fa^itnon to r«acw> yon ftom that niffljm. 

Hm imvoon aooa «uab cmd. Icoldo^ ftt nur mvund, huM aon^- 
tlunp Mput to Mrr. limvtivi, vho tliorvupoa onjorod Ji5TUiy to g«t a 
flig, ooi lo mikfco and nnrm tho boJ In tho beet cJumbor. 

Kr, Mid I to JUr, AVddco, do not ^nn thu gontl^womu, I «xn 
not of A EMTfol tompti', «i](9 bop« to bear jri,T forttiiw liko ft Tnon, 
filr^ Add ho* four voimd hw boon modo bf a rlflod bdl, uid Ic in«jr 
ooiit jcu mofpli puin to KKtnot it. Ton cnnKt nut tlttiik of ctfrriiw 
rrom hi>nr4 fnr rlio (irHumt Hj UkA tlmo yorir \t»<\ In nuuly I wilt 
bn liru'k with thn drmtncn. 

ri'iriiij- thp uir^cin'* &b«FTlr.<t^ ^Ir^. fJniviw wiw uTl iti U'JiTu, wlillfl 
I huli hii^ih'uiIhcI livltfwn iiir TMliint] iiiur* dT lui itii|iii^-hjn^ ilW^- 
liitiuu, luti] iijy bopM of Ixfuii; Mulrlcntj ud Ivt^iu-Ij fjuvjdcd firr. 
Tiki* oniolt^ of inT fjiiJusr. the dimppouibncDt nnd oirrthrvw uf till 
Eiiy i^LiviLtixl iiKj»oi1^tHiUk wnl loY UttfT il)Cv|JTU'iljr ijf Ih'ni4£ af thi; 
iDmUtiAt ujv to niy if or auuiktna. Wl ciTeA nxi? a kind of Wttioc 
to b'fc. 1 hod PoU ici^Md. flttcuilpd to my duty w tk rhridtiuii l but 
X VM tiuQ Inuoccat of nny ikIiiaI or iulcntioiui Q?il> im<i a» n^ 
QQOMicnco dJ(i not comloroD laCy I looked to more/ willi o kSnd of 
Mmble rtAgnotJoiu 

Mr. Woldcai muo ivSA tte dr««d&£H> Kia o1dc«t appraatioe. And a 
vua-Mmni. I woa than ooodootod to nay oWnbor^ocd bolp«d to 
b«d, wboro I WAi put tognuttniigiiJRhui woactmctitiauf tho bollf 
«B m podoHtomn \ioA k».-n Itto^mtod, oikI tbo iMd, b»in^ (lAttMwd, 
AZtAa4«d raufh lt«yoikd tha wnond W YixA in4dfr, 

HATinff pdBod A retj pninful and ro<tli>« irisHt, I raoomli^nd 
BOtbiuroEtlior, tJll, %\ 111** t-TEiiimtinit oriwunty-OAO dAjD, [ M^tnoMl 
to AWUAA out of ft lf>ntf ami imi>]|«; drrtain, 

I tnmod my lv*id ntid Imhi'ld. on 1 imni^nnl, all kmiy^Hi In 
■hinlnif wliiti*, Mriil Hf iTiy }»<ilH&ilM, ji» fnliHliilH.Tif, i\i uimri flipniior 
ngion; fiiritnvrir till ihi^n luil 1 nnfrn. nnr n\i'iL <nnrfiETci1 un IdcA, 
cff Aitj farm ta lovely. 

T«li VM. mud 1, fair i^TtvttUEV. oa wfinL worlrl luu I tJiroftTi? Hut 
butcHd of ropljinfft »bo flirw i>Lit of my n|iiirlnii:nt, luid hkiIi Jiftr^r 
rotnnwd, ■orampmnicd Iry Mn. OmTca. wbow liujtib uod try^a w«ro 
cIovhIaL oa in boum cjttniOtdiuJUT lonvlJuu. 

Ml*. UmvL:ii>, mid I, how M you doP 1 hopo you mc woH. I 
tiov bei^In to coAjootiuc whermbculB t ou. ^ut ncltiwr did flbo 
A1UWC4 : but fiJlini; on bor kuom by mr b«d, nnd takinjf liold i£ ViJ 
band— I thukkUnxKOmyOod! iibo i^od; jutd, bunting Into tcora, 
abo «Qpt And ACilfbcd like an litfimt. Ab, Mm. Orbrottf Aud 1, 
1 foAT that yOQ bATo had n vory cnraMMomo ROMt of di«. Bot 
tboOf mj*> «BA, WA nMoiimFior thikt troubkr no moiVt now that yoa 
ATo. CiQ^ >£idll, bivn Into the W(;rld. 

Imrin^ Uio fbw tnoovodi&jc diij'ii in ^hkih I ki>pt loy liAd, Mrt. 
UfATCH anil bar fAlr&locOt Aniboiio, wham I ha^i taken lor n rijdon, 
COnvtenlly KrcnkfiUff'nl njid ipri<Dt ih^ir OT«<uum; io my upnrtiurMif. 

I guve Uium H tkoTt nurntlTo of raj Anre^injr hUiory ; Rnd 



tL* Lite Jtcttrrml Blr. GrAVrt. c/FiiIju'J"* wbti Kj^il bttlo iiioru lo 
Ixqaauitli lluui Lin tiuokn ajid furiiiturt. &iuoiiiitiaiE to abaul Ave 

Aft T tcwco rviuotiLlM4t^ toy mcFthcr, und had cow, an it vtrVh 
ikd forUior rdftlloa aor Mend wptfn ovtii, I felt a incultY in my 
aovl Aomcwhnt like tfaol of ill conp^ rtonkoch, dctircue «f tttking 
oit tlu flnt foofi th«t Akould prvMOt ittelf to mj (ntvijii,-^, Doluht- 
fill MnfllMlil3« I tfwoot bnfifiorinit cf nature alti-r itf kindl Thfi 
nod womnn hivI her nivoo Imqueio all iho ^orld to mo. Tho oaa 
ud tfo&cflivul lor luu nil th9 IMtffrfon of h pttn<iit ; th<- <iUii^r, tlwt of 
the foDdol iLoi tcikdcirct cf iiitcrv, Vtt tbo othf<r lutnH, 1 had for 
lln OniVfM nil thv rtH'lin^ of « i;Ui1rl w]io (*i7ii(<vfvu« himtclf ■ tun 
oi Ihr- t^xijaTAnoe <>f hi>r uho lion> him; uil^I my ^jift and acuotw 
(y>iiH not forhrNir lo <1|»«nvcT lo Anil>rl|A. thitt nf httUi vju that 
of Iha n>fHl HfTwtJtinati* of limUiera. thoiurli too ditlioito to indal^ 
ftwilf Id thoHT CuiLlllnr vndifiiTTOfinlh wlili'h thi* nnhmnw of bEnilTitrt 
nd£bt Touture to clmta. 

WkMn 1 ttnM uyr and nUiut cliv LotL»T\ I fvquiHt4.«l Uiv> Onm to 
mike ont liTjT hjit fnr rrty IdumI, luid fi;r rny iilijiir-JHRt ffJlVHOlli 
dxi[>>« ^,. diiiiiu; my 1uri]f illiti.-u, licrL^iiiun nhi? lnokLtl iHtfiirty 
Uid tiimlvitj at rup. Mr, '. Ivziiuiit. Kiyn ^t*. 1 lliiak yuu utr luo 

SDrr<HiA ilmifcCiWiliy tu n^yi'iiirh U" wllh wlwt vt owi> jou. Bat 
■ «^t Id it, my clifld, IJittt yon dctdffi qh to oJuujCfr jou? 1* tt 
for reecainjc mc from dL-^ith, or a simian MorH< thjui deatlj'-^srobablj 
flrom bothr Or U it, f^i- itiilivfiHrii; lUiH^ my dArlSn^, from tooUttor 
giiof Olid dlaircfla that my lo« mnrt hflTt' ij^npUt upon hoT^ Or 
do jOtt tttfior d«trn to |u^ U4 for tlic fcrufLil iroiCLP ojiJ idcknMi 
wlucli FOQ JinAoroil on oitr ibCf>'titi1, loid liir hiivui;: rn^^i'lj forii^Knl 
joor lib ID our dafoooo? 5o. Mr. ikntont, yon miuE not thick of 
wjll^ tis Iho *c«r7 d«titH thai ii^ owr you: at<'re, indwd. Mr. 
tSonoDt^ ih^n aJl oar IIHlit fortnm, than tbft i^nxluot ^ Iho Id- 
inHtrj of our liTrv, <:oii ci'or r^pajr. 

H^r* I w*ui 4iiU^ni»«.t for ih^ j"^"*^"** ''^^ i" no depro* <*onvuw»d ; 
nnd I fAtt, In a tort, Iho dlfunmr t't nn Inji^rnf pM'Aon, noMuy ttnA 
BliidioDB. till vnnt* rcvrn^rr irii^ht hr h^iil. 

1o Cvo dnyfc nfl' r, M'hih- Mr>- GniiT^ vtifn ut mrtrknl, und Arv 
bollft gouii vEfii A llniidi^lH hi^il lUid iiiHIia fii ^ voUJitf liul}' of diib- 
tfoc^loOi 1 rtemod int^) chc [«iiop HhoioJtNiLny trKltod mo ronimuuld 
of tbOM lliat uiuuli.1 cull. I hnd w")!!!.? c^lfiml whi^ii a hlkiilT^* 
oAoCT appcaT«<l aI thi^ tl*tvt. nnl, lM>lriri|{ iLi, lojd hU txriiilion on tlin 
ilxp tar «b;htr-frT« prundti odd rJuUinkr^. at the mill of Mr, Uard^ 
lEAie, the LNUubrio und ht'v ninnlMiit. 

1 VA« «t fimt mrptiicti ai:ii iir^fvad. hiil plcumin quickly miiv 
o««d«d to my nooorb on the o^ciuion. 1 took oiit my pocket-book, 
iUBWdifttrly diDC^luiTj^d Itr drl^C u'tlh l'rp>t^ rind envci « crovn to 
Jaianr 6C her nolcmri iuviinma> that tha woald not cctray n lyU&bto 
of v£at hod htiiprncd to htT nuntrMH or AribtlU, 

SonnfUr thu jtm}.! h^uIIowocma md htrthc^ rotiinv<it, dlnnor 
wu ord«r«d np, nnl l ul itomi to tohio ttith a hoort lUid coun- 
teuDooiDorocAij oad c^hootfol thoa ordiiwy. 



B0fo]« ih9 c\ath ^ofi rvmorod, J«niiy como wad doUvorod a sot* 
1o ber mitfrcn. 8hr? ^^ad it oror and ovsr niTL apfBr«tit nTprUo 
tint iLttfatJont >^1(4i<l If tin* in<d^<rij£ifr wut witllSnj, und i>l«j>pr*il to 
tfao door. Agntii fJm ntumod. h1 donA vjthont ffoil:taff a nont, 
uid th« immlciii of lit?r ooontnumM T^^i)lf; MruQ^ afiMftcX «bo 
cnnld nn Irm^r r*la1n bAr pMafim. and hrr f^vii hnirfli fi^nh 

Whikt in Iho matlxtr? mod AmtioLta: my 4iini— my dpAT. di^^r 
liiotJn*r— n^j (inly frif^ul uid pnrv^t ? And, lirpuluiis; also into tean. 
itt tlkr*tw fiHi'hilf /tlHiiit hor nerV. 

0» UtiT(> j» it<> tiT-uilDg of Uiiii! mu^ldJniod Mr*. Ohitgil Thb 
yvmju£ num. my ArnLrrlEa, diatnTws lu bryuiid rlprMeloo. Ho luft 
lliih Vt'[7 dfty, lEiy lii''^. for {li<i HTf'Mni! 1Jtrir<, ^iifilrJii.Mt uk fitiiD 
tnAt4Jil ruin. 1 «oqU1 tcU you If I o^-L spuk: bat rami th&t 
note — *ljitli bIh? did twT<iT<ljtu:ly, 

'l*hfi ncit/: vt-.tA ni^iid Fti'r*ii-*no HnniprriYo; ftnd hnjiorti^d how 
•orry bf? woa that hia luto toiTfiwi by tea hn^l put tim iinlur the 
imwttitjr '>f Iatitu: lui «itj>oulJan <n bor hoUM w)thf>ut cuntunu/j 
notliK- Thftl bo wiv gUd, homrrvt* fbo hnd m latvo 4 «nni r«MlT 
w £90, the Tvcojiit of which ho ac<knowkdg«d, utd oopcd tbit flni 
UTiilr wfrtM toake no ttliTviTOiKe with rttpoot ta Uxdr fatur* 

And vhy, beat ud dMr««t of woni^n. fud T to Mrn. QnvM-^ 
vhy wi>n1H ynii (>7lnvn f^iit I *ihon1d fimlAOiVniir U* iwll^v^ rnjwlf 
turn n pnrt of thnt bnrd<«n with tPhlch your gDodnm juid nmigit* 
tiogi hnr» m gnwtJy «mpmHr>d mt^y O llint It were In my prrwer 1 
I criM; itnri my baud* tin**!*!! i^Jt^Ji otliffr wflh rtn In^niTUitiuj 
anlour. Tlut It nflTir will — it iwvnr ran I* jKnifinilo — tot iiin tO 
proi~u tlia puuiiun tba-t my aciil liim fur ^cu. unl — iLtte 1 hivilatod 
—to thfjw yva^ I auj, tbo kiw tbit I biiY« fur ytni, Mrv, Oni»t«. 
Yon twr> ujiiio niy urorldf anil Alt fJjAt J am cxiuccmnd for or 
dnirc theretii, 

Kincx- thjit h ihf Dt^rtAd M»^ Omvo?, with a vnWn nnd a toar 
Itfit B^btcned tocotiipr. if yrni trill odniit an eqmal pumiciti from ono 
■o old uj 1 AID. it vpro pity wt* rbnuld ovt-r r*rt- [>cni^ my L'hili!, 
Uiift T*iry <Ijiy^ rmd dbihitpo jowr formor KT^fljifja, 'i|j*> tinio tli*t 
we vpcnd tiitjotbi^r ctinnct but W hnpjjy. All ou-i?* rut) locscncd by 
ttw HiXii^ty of Um» vtt luvo; lui^l I'lir witiaf^i':lLoiui y-iW tuj doablod 

Ij tuttnfl for Mch «tbor, 

I (fid not Mt thAt timu know tho wbolc i^uon cf the delight witb 
vhi4?1i I ftWVpteJ IIiIk i^-TiHn>«» iiLttUthn. T »*»ll!^d hI Mi» 
QmvAA'n wilbaut luiy fumukl A^ratinMa^ and all my KItUi m«1fi>rfl 
Wtpo dlroptly brouglit; home. 

O, bow hitiifiy wi-it* TTiJiriy wjo<iettling day* ! HowrtilT nioin ^mppy 
wbfn ^•I^\^t^»f\i^'\ wilh lliu misery Ib^tr emied ! We j^H>nt jill tlin 
tiino liit-f^'thi^r ihit tiiuiiki^-td lifid attention tj> Jliv fAui\t wu[]M prnnit, 
ud wi? i:rudp?d t^xffiy iiioirienl iLut whh bihuI. iiHiud^rr. 1 rvlalml 
Uf tlH'iii II IbiiuMml Oll^!^tJlIaS]^ fftoricA, Ami puwi^fk otx^t^ji^riiilly 
rrcoUcded fioin tlio TKK^ta oail hutorliuui of antiquity; aui] o vti^i^e 
emotion. And iuwnrd «rdoQr fer plvttiiii:^ ^sro mo Suentiy to iutvi^ 
ncne AondmoaUl dleorrAtloiii uid perUnanl i%T«jvdotui, motv 
aolifditibl to my Andrtory fluiD oU my quoted onthoHtiop, 

1 WAA now didly f^lhArlDg hoftlth Aad Hrooctli, to w hich tJx& «C«n- 



Edflcenoo of 017 mbiil j^nntlf fiontrlbotHl : whim mi« frcnlnfr. Vnu 

Qnm nttnrDexl rmnv diiJH'l^xl Oitui iintfrrtry, [ ii]r|ii[rt<r1 into llm 

with n wTJottiiiti> mill ojunrainimur I.W1 luTiimlh' rqiriHWil 

the Intemft ! tiMik in Lvr f^rTiiicriin. \Vliy. iijy duir rlUfcL »jv Tihi% 

perbftpv 1 llHVO IjL^i.'U Imttl LirillFltiuPtLL tiUrl UJiIiHCnHSt, Lul I ITMMIll 

ofl for tlio Irfsl^ Von mM*i knjw, tlicn, iJuL 1 bavo lioen on a tinil 
(0 JW fflthtT> To tnj fatlicr. QuuWn? KvcO hX 1 would to 
H«aT<« thai lift rfcrc* '>>A)"l(jr t<j to x-nlM JKlhtr Ur flin.'li a wo, But 
«a X WM wv^ — jonr fftiher, Mr. i;i<*Tn<:nt, b In j^rnt drfirni- 
ftUiCM; h« KMfe hJB coif^h. hiia inkcn tt fine nrw hoiuw. bjliI ]it?« 
ftt a hf^ mte. 1 sent in ny rauao, witii ii<»tlr<(i Umt 1 ranu' f4> him 
on Ijudmcfs oF oonNqunnoo. I wa« tboronpon jibc'^ra to 1^ t«fli 
Mrkiur. whi^rv ho ent in TOmpumy with Mn, Clctrnftbl aD<l n \osty 
uMooiCUkc joimif nntlenuui; Iml ynitr i^tt^pinikthor Ium a (-(tinoij 
uid gwxl-limuoiirDd «oiinttttMiH!0 ; alio oUo Ji|i|N>a» to ho fiti od- 
TUicA'l in hur prvj^iUBcy. Mn. GnT««, Mid tout fAf}if<T, laktt a 
Hat, WliAt AM yonr oomnunrh vltb m#, nutdoin ? f ■'i^iinf*, «fr. 
to let jon know Ihnt yonr non. Mr Eliunmal Clomants, tho luwt nf 
hiiYUOi bi^TU") ]tw TH?i-n at llit^ |>ciTnt of flMtb. Hnvr* yun niithln^ 
to my ti) mil, nifltluiTi, (nit vhttl niTKiafmH my ami Hamnipl ? T linvn 
Ui>t. 1 coDfiiA, irir— liul iJjnt In moro IniUi cnniigli ; U In vnrj 

Ur. CIctQAiat, foil I will u«rcr Timnr tvill Lni h^ th(i hiiti^^ iiwiiu 
oT&tb^r; Lcrr. I uy, be atiulcd otwaxid ^otchoif ai a liook. ho 
prvHitil it Iw hi^ lifl nnd criod^l Bwcwr by Iho rirlu^ cf Mob 
anJ all other hoi; L>ciob>i thoA f iHI] nrvrr liM^Mi to any pcrvoc 
who would 0pMLk n nulo word in behalf of ItAiriui?) Cl^^ment ; ond 
XI, mJfltnxc. irivo rDokiivo to nhow >ou tli^ wuv onl ii|&uq. Ho 
Mjin& ho cM^i^ht my huid uil drew mo t« tho door, while I 
tUBM und vrii%J to your ^ti^piiothor — U madam ! whnt wrt of 
n hf^Ait ii f<>i]Tt, Ihi^t ri<fiiai4 iCH intanWHioii on thin o<ioiui<in7 
Bat <hr ^td mo lui t.-yc nitrl «noor, of lUrh a miwhicvotis mcULtng', 
■a 4iRir>uab<«l ihi> vWv fitfoJ un<1«r thif fniiuH of oil iiiig«l. Wbcfi 
Mr. Ctomr^nt htu] tAlwn ma to rh^ nnlvunl door, T Jiut tarn^ anil 
•alrl— 'I nm Burrv, rir, thnt ■ mim of yonr gmvo nn<ct MmfhlA 
a|k|w«mniv Hbcmlil nifl^ yi)iim<'lf Fo h*^ w fhifv^l 1? tMnfilt* who«» 
hitiTn^il U (■ to ibv«!vi] ymi: liiil^ it^HUlriir tnlri fhriiHi. Tin piva mo 
a Tiulpiit (iTiiih from iiiin. und ilatrth^d ut thii dmir In rny fpuNf. 80 
(hiLtt in »livrtp niy diNtr ihild, I Icwr I liavtf duiiff ytm hoiiu. whvre 
1 mniit yoa trao #r^oi\ 

It mattcin nat« my motlicr. aud 1 fcndoaTotuiiiE to Bnxjprm) a 
tear of l«te)«r rrMntJnvitik 1 will FfKRi^ t imeU procoro forao kind 
ofindBpcfidontfoontfaAt bArluninn ajl^I bi« fortune; and whUalhata 
you and your AnboUa, I ohAll wiuit iicithi^r ^tli^ nor friend. 

Bc^li^ now T0X7 mnrty Ti>-AcfaiMi«b«d in my h'^idlh, 1 Ml out 
again u »ardi oAor ■oino employment thnt mt^t tuixt mo. An 
I wi« MroOiiv on Towor^ttilL fobecsved a ahop on mr loft hand ; 
ttvna thnt of Ifr, W<ii1of]t,abookwlI«raiidprlDtBr. 1 iniipp*d iSj 
and aflor aomi^ iiLlrodnoto^ du«iiif« 1 Baked him If h« bad occa' 
rin^ to tb» vny of ht* bwdiKM^ Tor a frknd of mina— a gonll^ 
nmn to dlntrsiu, tint ot p^rlM and Loaniinir AIjm. alrl i?Hod 
Wellcot. Kuch cnAlmvi ai yon mantioQ aro a drug i)|ioi> oArth : 



t±Lin b 4 i;lut of them in oH iiiitrk«t& 1 vould iei'tq nnjr ono k 
broail fiiTHi^ iHjr auui w]ii> sliouM rSi^1h«i^ mc ftvni tKr«« or feur of 
t.hi'.rii ivlii> lie hcAvj 011 my bamk. Kni, aTh tbcit tluiy ore t T w Jy 
or uUo in Ibc l«ut : I »a cot one «f tboH ircDHoiuen, pb jira on 
pkowd to ctU ihriitH on whoM •dvcfttfim iuoto moiMr tut bwn 
aXBODflod than. At thi^ c4>mEnon and lo^ tntefCAty mmid oiAlbtahx 
B DDC^nt futnil}^ CO (ho iind of tho wvrlil 1 nan eoi ono of tbom. 
1 n«x- ^* In^iiiJT llkii M luiolaiof liortA from monunii; to n^jrht* at 
1o« wA£«ii tUn I could liir» A VBMvJlj |ioTt«r or ■ho6-boj for tliroo 
houn. 1 vmrplcy thom oooAdoakUj in oomotiitt the ivwa. or lold- 
Inff or <iiljiliii;H tha ilw«ti, or niAiiliiff of oFToDi!*, But Uion, ^r, 
tboy have nli cf tbftm A«piMi> of MOch n biliouv deapiXlitariM, thftt 
A Tnjoi mjiy with 1««i metlniidtnly l.*>^[>lil a ■ItwllrtthOttil ; amd 
T*rtllj, ftlf, J nriulcl iihi irtin! If^ If mulom, n* T nwy my, illil not 
bardf^ii mo hy thn prrpotuul vliaun of thr«o Bprctn*. 

Ulillf YV>il('nt wiu HpMUnjtr I tiimjIh h *«<r;sr«it vow acKlnit luTlng 
Kxxj ktiul tit fi^iiutiv.KK or cmconi with tionkiuilkirt or iirlnipr* for 
At loiLBl a ctiitiiry to cinne ; but, fi-niini; to bo ampoctcS ii« a [urlj 
iMixii'unu?J, I AiTi^ottiil JUJ jui' u imuj m iwwUilu, amli ubwrvitiu ttanii] 
fiUMlm whti wrrD UiiAj la ttiUhlngi |umphloU. I ukIl^| hiju if tlj«jr 
«ont<uaf>d AiJT thin^ imw or ontortMiuii^ 

foa «dd \VolIi^ot. iLi9 is AD ukbonit'j porfomuuuxf of the mart 
omi&oat of imr ixilijvl wrilrm; 1 [iikj liim, nt tbc 1ow(*ts flrv 
ffalnnw wc<dilj; ui^l could aitj moa write vith <Taalrlo bin mlrfi 
and lO^niuA, I cooLd hotter ^iJI'cird to tHvo thftt outhur a hunilrod, 
ft^ CJViJ writJiip ATo like UJHiuoTJik tJiat uro valued Aocorlinc to 
their C4mbi: do Ifut doiiUs their w-cight. ntd they immodlr^l; 
b<jO"»iii> of twuuly lirof* Iho t^trtiTualinii. 

'Vh\» puiJpliUt cotiaIa14ii[ of A Hhaat, MVOd In blno pAiMT, 1 
iiktoutly paid axy twopcQt?D, nnd EAt <louni te poruBo it. I foond 
fhhl it fiiffil4iTL«E] Hovvrnl vi<ry trvi- rt'fuorinTniiK;^^ Amilklt kun 
innjr*iy ami ihii nfclnlntwr* for Joining *'llh I'rancw In t2» vtf 
HirnJiHt Holliuiil in ir|ijH«lt{i>]i to thii rlvil ,u>d reh^niu ^nti^TVittA Af 
H^lAnd, ti)@Hth(fr w>lh il few iMUjtturHl dljm^ftarciiM fn H>««']t 
nf MiifUA Clinrtfl. 0* ihc friftdora of man In prn^-ml. aih! nf Hrilnnn 
Jti inLttk-idor. I pL-ruQhiHl tlmt jl utih wrilleik wiib miH'b mnm 
jiiilt^inni". lh?in L^niu^ -Vnd Turluit. mid 1 Ut Wtlk' s^-ill yon ifitp 
to tiiiit lOLkii wbu ^jhlL ounf«wwdljr^ hmxI tbii vcjui niri"t tinEniirtt of 
patriot viitcEs U|in» bUowu «a1^«d^ dad Ln bid own ^iiy? GUis 
air? cried the bookuUvr: mojiy ihaiJcfi. (tnd & rirv/]jorliuiiAbIc lo- 
craoM of tbe profltA. Ilnuo^ Air, 1 MiuiWDiuiJ ; jou dull tuuu 
hoAT ftom mo opdo — T wiah yuu a poed-morri>w. 

<>n taj rotom 1 Cdllnl At Ikir- (loodvlLlo^i. tut br bnd miI^ for 
Fronuo uliont a fortnJ^bl l>^rivro. I then wtnt ahout to a number 
of pani[rhlct idkopB, imd boiL>.^ht up nil tbo politicul ]>Jiporv that ht»\ 
nny r^.^fpronoe f<t tliL* maltpr iri It^nd, 

1 MLl dnwn to my u^rk liki^ a hui^rry niAn to bu victiiiJA; and 
I gradffed my bourt thofr iihart inluU^ncH whioh it c^jofod Jn 
th« •Of^ty of tZi'> two objiji^bf ^if jl» f<ihd<«At (iin>icttonh. 

HAVlufT flnldhAt my nrwt |itj»r in nhout a fortnifrbt, I ontitM 
It tho ff**Hy AfMiiTflr, and look it <liro<r(ly to \Viv||™i'*. Horo, 
rfr, uJd f, 1r tTiy ftlondV rttvi tiAntnm. ISiit Ilhm your rrii>ni\ d» 

Tffff TOOL OP QUALtrr, 


Ibr Aft Dr>t Soiptvaikin uf a |oniLg HuUior':' T\\ai «1iali imt bq 
WBottiVt r •Mwoptd^ if joo i*quiri? it. Mr. Wolloot '^^■hy, mM 
b>, I uo not Utr Mfnin Tne tA Ih> A Jiirl|^ (n^iu.* matlMii; v^ 
Y»l rrnivTom hwi i^vrai mn a ithrcmJ aoit at 4 ^kuw. Com(». itlr, I 
hare a frw niJnuUv W llimw hinii>, niwt tli'-y uro at joomervlHi- 

ndd bti ilfr; lion't Mlwn;> tUi ihi» At Nt;winiirkul ; ;uur frlcml, 1 
ftnd, hd* vut out At tht? toj> «f blti ii;>enL. 

Ellor? Ami thill, in OL^t^ilJT:^ to the llilii imi£i> — TUa nkinho, luiift 
LTO bc«ik f<toleEi fmm one of tLc nudratt* b^-Aiue uen; U ttt> 
BMdkrn «^K(> in>uM whti^ i\kt it, W«1!, nrr, ^ii ciM^j Dot riie 
joitTVoir furtikur inmllc h-r the prevent. I vill pHol tHjt flmt 
p«p?r 111 mv ova nit. Iki^irv jotir frJimt to bo onrurnl oboat tbe 
wcoiirl. Cii^l on mo In a vivf\^ 4aJ I thiiik I hIuU bo aUU la toll 
Ttfia Hom«iluni; thtii will p1c»L> yttu. 

Hififr tli{i0fi\t Ih *3tiri<4'tutloii— lii^w i^l^irntorl ift boi>« 1 1 ntTLllwd 
wilt thn fmtho™ o! ilonniry at my bock, 1 wt J^boiit my tftconj 
faprr wilti 'knblv jErTiiu* Di\'\ iipplipulion. TiFy ;']c(ui vtrv more 
«xpiivd«il— niT «pEHu more suIjIItdhI. /11 tVc< H^rftLJiAlvoa or 
Cwro; a1] tlie fhiLTbtnr <if l^nnkocthonni ; oil tIulI I liivl Tniut «n 
Iho tnpli* of lllwrt}'. in [nptiUr ^arpmiiLDnfji or coirimmiwi?iii]thf(, 
uci.iirr^l i" my TfTUMml mn^"", 

1 llTilfthoil nw mn-onil cj*K»y wllTiln the Wfi**I[. I ijVnnt wltli it to 
W«1lcut JU'l u^ |nL'N?ui<<<l iitL' at Fijj:h1 willi luviity euiucim, Tt 
B iDun.'. uld 111-) tlijui IJlIiiiiIi) i-uiiii.^ io ji^ui ^uii-r ; hul I love 
to imooiiniti:*, luiil T tni^t Umt la the nm J i^bjil] ant be a liHor. 
I ivU tluii pnaiptitDt for twoi'tiLL't] ; nnfly two'finirtiu ihvTvot Co to 
pcintinir. pniwt* A:c, . ASiitWr f<piEit|i 1 t^wsttv w ui ri^tiir^-lcut for 
tajF milicAWin ^nd kni^wlotlf-o in tJiui wny : aod Ike ifitvikvUir li 
A rciimiAfico wHcb, on cxtnwr^inary tiaofi, ou;:ht fc Ifovr to dio 
wrllifrH Tim <1iMaan(l frJr IhU {jri]'f^c ^la« tii^CJi vt.ry unitiEujihm ; 
mlf by yrhot I udi jn^lgf, the u^e maj' in time aniQiuit to twi^lvo 
fllOWwH. YiMj TKHxl itui, nir, Ixt iixIihuioiI to aL-kiji^H'lorlp? yoittin^lf 
Iho Authfiir. iVf«frvo liol a ni^tnty of ilio Hjjlril ol thiii El^li 
vitft which yoa hi^ro fot out, ami my r>wii Jiitorc«t» will iniiCrDCl 
in« tfl «"rv(* j<.m i-ilTivNully, 

1 t»«w rotiirtifli! aji In fl frinmphil chariot, ! nrvor brforo ro- 
ttivMl ibr pnw, m I mtiy my, of jMT*Hiiif |»row*'*- Thp fortwno 

my TaiUi'T — liin fnrfuni^ /if uM irmn Uvlnp whn nur** m*rrpty Iwini 
fominii — cliniinl*lirH lirticnth HJi?- O how awmiL mlU 1 to my- 
Bit. how ibrliciuui mn thr* fruIlK nf ii uiruiV uv<n p1iLri^-itin[it TIidii, 
Wk* ifiA lignriomi AOfl lnilfT|)*miFrnli ^plilnr. I^Iji InlHiim will tn 
cnmniHl Wim porToiviI faonour mii lucttm. vhJlu he r^iii^^ li» bub- 
riitiuiiLLi from uis ptuprr bowvla. El ii tb'^n. hjhI liim niilj, thflt a 
nun Oiftj !« Nurt to li(< tliH inii^ ytii\>t\cutr ot wbil 1k< |h?i«7iim9; 
Sfid thi;^ Tdlno !■ cnJciuci^.aiiiL tbp cnjujojont iloutlcil, tbf r^tiy. 

1 luitlcOQd to icapdit tny tmiViJoH^ i- Ihn lxi<i ]-jrtj>{ ol"j<H'U of 
All ny cuYfl ontl Aali*fii<^lloii^ nlonfiy told mn that iuir miQlrona 
wo* nut nl homc^ but thai Mice Amb^'UiL ^viu obotc in her «U>»Qt, 
1 noi Hp, I to^Jpc-l At Ita floor, hut so onu tui^weriv]. A|:Ain I 


K run rofiL OF QUJLrrr. 

iap^tfA AAd •d'li>d tii» wit toiov at Ckflbctioa, ToquestiiiA 1o ti« 
a£utto^ At kngth dio opoood, bnt loukcd uk, ftnil nift 
woUon imi] dovncud vyuK. I pdrMivod «lio luuT liccn in t«an^ 
iLiiH a ea^ttUni frofi ti-Il upon rJI my rtfiLE^rhfA. WhM la tbe DUtten 
mUi^ i cno^X : nw L:<l«r, m^ iwi^ot fnond, tnv d«»roit AnbdlnT 
FLiid I gt-nily toul fai>r hiiud b«twMfi U^th cf aaim. I vidi joa 
luul not <viino 4T thifl tlniA* Mr. CT^m«nt| Mid dip, coolly. Bat yoK 
nnuir pnrtoit m« to knap my llttlo ^pSt to mytelf T«^ I rapuoijt, 
If It In your pleantn to tortitn', U* kill nm utitrf^lil, refuse mo my 
poHiuii Iq your tnVireflto ariI oom-t^iiiK O, Mr, t1«ii>eot, 8ttyH ^9. 
jonr uniil 1« tiKj CT'iicrori* — I dnr« not ti^ll you : I fr«l mtiiit jnn 
wciiilit tuffir tJiuuJil >uu knuw (Jiui yuu un? (Vut'vriHxi m the cauw 

|«jt, Mr. Clomcat nnd tUat nui^icnly. 

Ucre lv7r Toic» fiulcd, nml Lbn^wlut li^.^tm^tf into & chd^, aLo 
Vonl oat Aftcnh Inio a tfiutb i>f iiHi^tUtu, »T]i1<i I Atoud juiLoalshoL 
oniU drjppini: bcddo her on cup kaicc. awMted wilh iiiw|»cak4blfi 
unpiipb tt« ^UHp-jiwioH of hor ifriof. 

Al Ic^nji^tb* pcrocMn£ my »tui4tloii— Rlnot i^* ^c trlnd, I entreat 
you t> n»; and toko 4 oulr bosfdo mc* and 1 <niU tdll yon a* Cut 
e« ] ijjui (il EhiH iti«trMiM ImiijMtt. 

Yoa mm^t know that L vM^ A whik nf^o, At tlio HUm Hi]dj;;li0\ 
Tbov dTQ vtitj frioHUr, ci&d good yoong womcij, vni told mo bi 
oonndonnj, though vlth moch Mocfnv Of n whitptr in iho Tiijif;h^ 
hoorhoodp Uuit mr ftimt had entertAJn*^ & yomig jfAiilliimAB in tlio 
honio vho vu culinitted to ntoh fAmiliju- mid otnmutkiit IntJmaoki^ 

htttwiii^ti i^rhiEU ofonp m^ itad si!x. 

Nnw, Mr. Clamrnt, I lun no way iwluunud to oooAmi timt T hnvn 
nolhfri^ fu hmvr<n fiut my \nnnwnt:v, Unr on *artt hat my ehM- 
mct^j' ; lujtl I tJunk you y/hih luo bt^tliTr tiiiui tt> dirir* thftl I 
jhcuU futCut thu oiti: or the i^Uior. Dislrc it ! O hcaTonii ! I nd* 
dflbly pii;liumu<l I utill (vt crvor eufkrd tlit'in hutb to the \aat drop 
of oiy Miroil. tujj Imit bimtZi of my WM AlcmJ ciiotl Atslivllik yoit 
arc tho num. of aLI othi-rc!. whom tho irorld voiUd not admit Cor 
nj dumpEoa in tiiJh li^i"!^ ; ih>^v utl^ nliaolvto JndrM ; dioj otiichl 
lo bo oboyod ; our porting will ho painful, bat It mint ho ccm- 
fifed vifli. 

Butt my (dflbor, my AtoIkiI^ trioet Iov><!y unI moft h^^lovod of iill 
the humim ■poc'iisl (ell mo, «aJd L my aJlf^'t, 1a thcro no othor vay, 
lUt cupudiout to NLtisfy u muHloaming world, cavo a rcm^'ly that U 
wo»« thsD dMth IbiAtr? No, *uii aho, with •& air vouiuwlwt ri>- 
MOluto Afid •mltid^ tharo u na othAt cocpodlont ; at Itfut, no otbor 
to which I Oia oonwfit. Q,)imGnT«il iuuwerodT,with « Ilu^ 
ddoutlon, IT ^t fl th« 0M» 7011 ibaU be ohoyM ; t md h\<W*'i wry 
imnnpT^,Tmt Twinnct halmpnrtonntr, Aitinj^drapart of <Tri-aii]T«^ 
ELdifHt, f'lr rvf-r! T Jipnkc, and t(uid(.<nly withdrew, und ^me hr^, 
Eui T ir»j^^MH!. iht* bi*it f]iritwi>11 l<K»h, 

Hold, ftlr ! ihr rrjic! ; prny. ^my u mnmflnt, 1 thnnld Vfn wmuhrd 
hnyond iiK(iti?siitii if yvn Kviit away hi tha i^^atcit cif oJI trium< 
But it) it |u]!«iMi.^ >L»u »ihvuM lluuk tli^k( t '^uld [luvui uiy tlJk:hi 
to yi)u, Mr. Cluiu^ut ? Hilt iiz^ uit, ol ali aniu Uvuj^ ; liutu^ it vol 

Tn£ FOOL or <tCALrrr. 


not fKiMibli*. T tfitikc' throng ut fanmblo *diiiic of taj nwa do 
rnvriii*; nif flcl^i'iiiiiuiii^n wb« Juxt; I i]i.i jvit tvivai mc nf it. 
I— T— pi^rUiiiJt, fclr. I liHVit nift iimtvulfrful jtm ■ IiiilKiiil^ I naiic-i 
kttuir what 1 si^r or doUl mywJf.^Of lliSn, liowavor, Ih* uaiirci], 
tJukt I ittU uollhur dOi nor vAvr Jiit uur isvvr ctm* inutm uny uffi'uua 
to Mr> CloD^at 

Vn^o bLc dpoko 1 bod kneeled boforo bcf. I took hot kimJ uid 
p rwp j it to lOr lip*aiK] mj Uaoui. U; AthU-Uh, nJd 1, 1 ouqIca 
th«t tfab Tu DO tiTemcdlUtocI motion f4 ruW. Najt. thSji v^^ry 
moniiiir, tho vrom ahoald not Lave prcTu!cd vilb mo to hATo 
ftiWfpM (Uh hood for vhkh I now umI. 1 woii Uum poor ud 
wrotohod, vjdiout rvfocrco ; aud 1 mjdM not thJnk of brioitbK 
dktTMP Qpon bor, indoiNndoiit of wbc«« ImppiiioM 1 could havo no 
«tl3(;>jmont. I wiw tomlblc tkit 1 l(m>d juu witb infinjto t«!biltr' 
boa* with muLjiOfLkabla ardmr : but my piuudon did not i^oro to 
wlfuit of bopo — 1 could h^vo rufibrod all tbtog* to hjivo hoapcd 
iTltwmjpT upon 70D: bnt I woaM nut [i^milt la nij trnil thi^ ilittttiit, 
tbotUjb dotf vldL of boln^ ba^ifif with von, Ali! vlut jx«tari> 
la tliB? cxoUimod Anbolld. Nn^. yciu iZmII nut ttir. I vnod. Dor 
will T rW till jou have lujuLrrl mo il f>iw wohIa, r^nii^ m^^mlti^. 
1 mKf, 1 hnvn iroi mnm fn h^jpr^ i.hjil m/ AmbfltU wmiUl not bfi u> 
im}iiipp]r ui ! fpiLrcfl. in Ma^ nnlti^l to mn, I vflJ not iirp? bar 
howvvur. I lo]kT« 1i«r frw- — I liviif tier tui^triw of ht>T own wfll 
luid Mrtloiui; bill hMv I vow lo btiavuii, Umt wbrtUkir aIiu Kin ar 
die. DOQWQt or nat i'liauiiU I will norer 11UUT7 &nL>tbi:r. I am. 
Ck^KU tbu muiut^nt, Ltr wiKld^^d fbr viermiy. Iha fuiLliruJ ufiJ fund 

Sv iftjinff* 1 roM And iciitod m/Mlf 1>caldc her. Sbo Iwknil 
iikmhhed ud «ilovt«d btijuiid m« power or utti^rruii >.i ; but, 
CDTCTbuc bar foco wStb tk hKniUeriJLki; aIio icontly l;-iui(:d tuwrud 
iD^jiDa Abod « {pI«ntiMiii shower oT toon upon d^ booom. 

wbea MfV. Qiwoft retiini«^ I toTd hor of loy oxtnK^rdmJuy 
mooew at tbo b»nka«UorV. I bod U^foro l;nadi^ hj^r tbo trduiuror 
of m; UtUo pe— Bwriattf, and I potuxd my twenty ^i»}m into 
bor 1^. 

ArWoolla, iw L oojji^^lured, <Hrl not dolny tct Import to hor aunt 
the Into idvontnre ; Cot 1 obwrvoJ tbit Ito ejc« of Ihat good 
wwakU dwfllt uvea mo with « fronh Aci'4jft«ion of IoikIiiOv* ojid 

Hating flnUbcd my third paper. I took It to WelU^i. uho pn> 
•ntterf tne with twCTity punoiw ; niirl furtb'/r. Aj-knowlftilit^d himself 
mj iMitOT. ItfitinTijnif boini^wnhl, I rojit np, In n plriulnj; kind ft 
mcntel utUimntlf', hnw rou^b my nn'kly nrtinty Kuiueiu would 
uDOtuit to ■! Lbif joar'tt *'n'\. anil fciuiid It iuik'U brrnncl tny iXH'wdoiie, 
VTTU En lh» itUte nriiiiiT.riEntinj. 

1 nirw Imik'^l upon njyHcIf ua In Ibo Dorttin re»ipt of « pleuiifnl 
iuujmv, uid ttuA emvuriu?^ me to pnv9 fur Uio coinpli^tion uf ruj 
luppIiHw, Dvcvuiy ttlojiv i\>idd vivo dilUvultj or doUy in tn aSafr 
tb*l wuoqoAllrthD wiibofftUpuiivB, IV0 vcte privately tAorried 
b ILe pncicnoA of tho Midt liod^nB' and two «r lhr«o other 

Dolahbotm; ojid I wa» i^ut tu powwrfop «l |h* blnAUaffM^ ftOT- 

fdlkv^ AOd fondest of Jill bddcA. 




Jcb rerj ptt^ «a]«— "SJuJl «o rec4U<i gcod ni tho hjukdi of 
0<id, aod ikot rcMdt^ erUf Acd jet, I imofdiiw. thtt Ac rcool- 
Udfon of pMd tji[>pinMi Tmtb«r hrdghtoni than nllntlBrnn UiA mdv» 
td* prc«c-at dittrdiia. My muV tn tboiV ^tij% «ajot'oil p tUto of dal^ht 
n tlH> fi]ln'>iM of it* v^ihfj^tatt} ft> Uie Rt^i^ftlL of it» i.'»pa(^. I 

thno^t tbitt nil thru nn pnnon hoA rr^r Iriivil sa T Ioi«i1. RnC 
the love of my AnhT«11n wu a kind uf ]iiiJiilini Tiuit wnntDrl n ttttr 
twm" vimivhy ff> i>X|irti4t it. It va^ Oil H>iwnL'e-vi Mil of death 
to aU irihi-r olJiM'lii. )l wn# a jdnMiinr lixk pAlidii^ ^ n iTifitrvHAil 
uttcDtian : iKt ihTorico of n iniiHTr v/htt wat'.'hui orrr hi* fiutirl^ iinii 
jvii0 Iv Utu rn|ittJiu wtlli wliuJi Uo boUulite it, (he Icrrlfjiui; JiJum 
gf ii>li1ii^i> mill litfA. 

I hohl now. wiibm thfi apftoo «f flre vro^ke. itc<utciI ntoiit ono 
biiDiljt:*] un<l Iwimty cul&ov on the tcJo of ii^j 5Utujlur, wbdi. uumjf 
ibrOftd ODO ercnio;;. I ><^w eitopiwd, witliiD * Ic* drxirr of inv li'XiSh 
by ft pntod-WlEif^k- prnuta, viK^ atikisl iS my luimu '^■iia Cit^tac^ii 

jcnty^B Tuuno (or loiht^oD, and a iilwl oinunflt tlit >?cy<imiminU 
rhcn, biTi.-kimiT^ to tltnc or foitr HtfncvJutta llut utUi&dod, Uq hod 

Aft I wu hot of fl fimorooi t^mivr, nor iviiiwjoiii of tbo nrLotk^t 
tuLctUTD of the cninH wilii wbirli t wori cluiivo'L I nhoald h«Vo 
innrlo MH\v nif-cf iIifui « Ji^rt ttS thli hnaSmuu hml I not f n^inMod for 
tha Hppi MhirmLnTLR of ihotf who 1 knew vi'oiiM trY^mlili^ S«r nut. 

On ipc wmjr, iM* odlcL^r iiLfr.*ni«** inn llmt my tK>ok*enpr hiid b^ 
truyi^il mi*, xtirl li^i^l roitfi^JAftit to thfi ni1nli.tpr>i That I wh« thii mtthor. 
f>f « fAmooK iijunphlet, nnrltloil Uut irf^^Jj M{,ni!i\r. Rising rinnvAPn^' 
tA th<^ kr^trjj^rr. I put u, ff!U pJriovB iiilo luf liiU]d,utid vu (Ujuluttnil 

I hnnimJlutt^ly jtujit for l[i]iii|ihrv> Cjj'bf^r, lliiq^ innfcftniHit'UW| 
whom 1 Ji/wl oULTT ociaHcuihill^r fw*"! Eti I't^b^ilf of JltP, Graiva; noil 
I BCnl, iLt tTi" MTU' liiii'' fill \i i*it of tlic UW^iiv Miiniinr, H'hdB' 
Mr, CjphiT i?"iij' I '*- pivot5 mto his hiLmJ, nnd hadng 1o1< 

him my <^^bv* I r. i i i. : lum r^i Jithhi-i Ihc? jiripi n< in <|Up*tion, 
to irivi> Tier, p^ if]iiiiici(i ihcmon. JlaTfu;; Tf»i\ thr.rn wjth ilttf a^| 
Untlon Mr. i'lcraoot, aayv hp. 1 pcnwhu thjl jon arc a loiimoill 
and iiiiJffiiiiiiiA y<>iuif^ pi»Tli<ria^kii ; hat 1 find lliJit ytiii uv beltOFi 
oiT'ttinitjt^'il Willi thQ rcpaUlJL'i of Grootw, than with tha rmturo aiij'! 
constitiilion of cat UduM monnrvhy. Hi-nci\ oJono. hiLth prooc^dod 
tomo IfepiWandloiMVipUeAXlonflthiity'iiir HE^irAiirUiHwoulil fnyhold 
of. Yiit thitT* If nothing snwly t^-\iI^\Ul\u or Eaolii-imiii tliroitgbou^ 
m>r what miiT nmouot to Oio mirimhirof ii urnfiiumK', by tha 
riolvnt iv.kTi-ftViitiit or WTMtlnjf nf thH «inHn If yoii An> tuoUlMi^] 
mys h^p tft prttfMd tn tho ootmM of tbrm M-pon. 1 would nf1ilA#^ 
yon tr> pat In Imil. and fu Htttld Cho hCttoii, fUit an T nm pcnmAded 
that thif ooitrt }mve iKinunra^^ t\xU pmhAontlon w n timUrT ^rlf^nflT| 
ki JfiTfAnwi, b) diiU'r yon from n work ihjil dvoi thorn ^lUiT, i1fft^ii«t 
tf Tmi hiivn any ^yilIi.'u] fripud whu tvijulil Hulicit la yimr Favmir, 
and itrtMEiiw a (utijrri tyni'lort moru JUin^iitilJi- lu iwivii-r. yuu wijiild 
umhioliLiTdliy ]»* 1 1 iki liiii k'f 1 ] wlihoot fiirlhoi cost or livuMo. 

1 iiHani^d (oy warm orkTiowli^l^mcnto to the iK^rH^i^knt for hb 
friendly cumwd. mid tolil hjm 1 would ccnaldur of it hvUjn> I care 

TBE root OF iiVdlTTf. f/^ 

hint fiirtlti^r Iroiililn. W'lii-n fm hha x^nia T i'[t>p»ir1ti>i! a !«itti>r ic 

iu ft luttiuwrut titili; AlumUiiie lu pw«iUi«. I rviiuoHk-il hi^r Ur pct^ 
Tld« Vi«J1 Tor iiif ■ppOMTOOa at tui; liiil juniAkil ibaT, tjLt lhi» wa» 
^Offw.ndtlier ihe itor AnbelU iJiduIcI oomi) Ur tnf pHsnn. luii thai 
1 had pTCD pLTEirtvtf onlcrpi thbt lUc^ ptiuiiL^l D(it bi^ iurmil1i>L 

AIm! lud LnpT ccmptfotl with ii]]y itlKchon*, bow )ut|)pj mifht 
vo tiMTQ been oil to^tticr oi Uii* il*f ! Bat tho cema of their 
fO0dn«w vmt iho 'Witc <>f our wmmon nnn. Tliflir AlH^vtiM) wcmld 
not be Mtl*fti><l ivfth flimplc bdl ; and the^ raulvod never to rvat 
tUl thoy hflH prcK*iii-?d my fvU iJiaQbor^- 

Thny ww»l ftlioiil to ivll thvir mietcitnn« of any difiMprticm- *rh*y 
•olidtwi, pelitiotHHl, wi iirttiAd T^tLout m«AmrD, Ih^y torrovn^ 
monof 1o the ntmot oxtcM of their cre^tit; uid imuTLiid or aold 
All Ihdr offMbi iiiu1»«r prhni* roj^t. HiiAy ^va a puna i^ oiM to 
briq^ thmn BCi^nniriToit nfth anMhrF^ on vhnrn ih'^7 bcftnw^ a 
hry^'' BUFi t<t iiitrvHhk'i' ifk'<ni 10 il liiirrl. Hnvinc Ht Ipnirth mad^ 
tholf iTAy In Ijfinl StJKTfl, ^r^ ji^Tti* of III* miiilhffir. hi" Thoo>rhl h* 
snv lui lulvimiiUT" In fr"3itirii; Ihriir n^qui^Ki. «id iny iIWIiat^ wm 
jtuvli? 'Jill >viihout fiiTtluT 'l«liiy. 

Oh tbw Tiflh vvwuhi;; fruiii idj FiuMri^iiimL'nt (hn iJonr 1/ inj 
chiLtnlmr o|ieni«L Hiiil En »tnii^ my iWr Auut wfth my ilrjir^r 
AnbcIU — ihi>j flow utmn mo— -they cliupril mc on mcu riJc lit 
tfctlr Arm*, adcI uj wir? imlaiitly swouiid Awuy a|iii my bovoni. 
Blio MMHt roTlreil, hc*"«<i m1. iIk- Iitmiwii nucf^ 01 Iotc; and on 
QTorr door lor my ciil,< n prpWcutJr opcobd, wc 

wmt dovn, ^H}i\>ii'X iiibi I :i I ri :ri>vr homo dlnvclv. 

Hero I •*« tbo flrM imlijci i^iid ™u*c of nlflrm tBo iljcp Wb* 
bh&l ap! f tma fihoiikvil. nrul folt n ni^iduu i^hit^iKM oomu upon 
no^ViQt dill not vtTitnrti to inquiry -rx'^'i^t l>y my nyc^ 

Tbo bottlo l^iciTLf ^Icwii, oDii nJI Foai^'l to Toa. I intrT>ctn4>oil tlio 
Affair with *a vflvdril nnuonccrn, ui'L l^ 4^ut'«ikm ifU^r tiDMtioa, 
ArtfKilly oictrftcte'l traru my cii)in;t«nioTkA Uw uh^tlit tji^li^ry nntl Ad- 
Tontnttt* of ihe flvo brocwmi^ clay*, wboroby J rounil that thpy hid 
eipmrl«<) in my \i^\\\i bc^}vmfl Tho liwt poimy of tbr^ir own vnh- 
vtAncin; adiI th^t nothing ivmaJpflil BAve cnui himditvl mnil flny 
pounili^ to Blilrh tho ■Dvorol d^po«itA mnoatitcd^ vhlch I hiul mii.dc 
irlth Um. Onivw; 

1 could now no li>fiifii'r i^nfAln inyw^lf. Cm^l woman-^lnhtimAn 
ftitndB! I cried : Ihr liltiirnius uf'oiiiiLLfy. Uw niniuur oF hitiUlv. 
nniM itt^tft ltd*':* btuiijrlit mi uvil like thb u)>ou mi!, Aix'iitwd 

IhOB wfaotu 1 Houlil feei] with my Mood uid foi^r with my VLtplal 
Woikk) to hfrtriTft 1 Iiiifl Tni|. Wn liurnl (n VmuM I Wl 1?0fU Wll 

offb; xreoe quick and hjirlil juiijifincrTit crri llibhad lupficnod! 

Uer^ Mi& Qtatw di^w her t^hoir oIwq U^ minoi Aod mtobiDg 
me About tho mck, aqiI dropping u]>f»n nu> a fow toAnt that ^0 
•fm^led to :nipprff«— Do ttot *rrioTo, my chilrl aho criod ; do not 
■ffliot youmlT wt tmthiDir> AJl in ti« it nUould bo, Thoro U no 
hjirm <\imi*- YoQT ArAbaltA inrl 1 i^aji aIwajv «Ara ifATitiHd «Af[ io- 
di>p4ndafit bvOAd, iriflwot shop OT Other monM than tha work of 
oiir h«nl*. Wj» na n^vOT wAnt. my Hhtnmy. W« haTc done 


nolliincr for jfm. KHilitr luw naj tbfTiff liappcnc*:! wKfrrwIth ytin 
ijiJCLl t^ repro<w:t jcurwlt WLnt wo Jid vm fcr ♦juintlvc*, for 
iLo relief m iho onj^juah of <>iir </vn hi«Hc i tc bnn^ ir>>u homo 
to 10 9/f^ >* A^Jon M pomflilo, m; Ma, nHncc wo ha^c (ouai] Uul 

Within a few d^p 1 Twrouivt^il that my dear Mint tiOffVA to 

■Dxlot^ of H^ritu ] Iroiuibt on abb ph^okn to hor, but Lo. 
ooold lonu DO judpnoDt <Ff tiiu nAtnrv of Kt diMorior, till «omo tiiM 
aAtfr, wben hor coinplnio& b«|[ft& to oliuiif^, lui^l tho Joclor d«- 
duvd bar to b# m th« JftondicoL lie bogon to applr to iho 
iXmUtmaiy rowKrhic*. bjhI no (*i.t* nor <'Trn.*ivir* •nwt sjwrfl^rl fot li«r 

anil ult tbo tlnj yre tvoA to hor koedv bcok of ami»r>Tzicnt, in o^le^ 
tD^lai|iHt0 th« Tii«lLiii.illo]jr f>f litir iliMtMf. ftiity aliii ' nil f^VJr r.trw 
ami n^QiUoi^ nnr nib^iliim Aiid Mdlfitthlo, our irrhyors 4iid kuff^ 
pmvoil <-[^ual1> uu-iittucavfltl, uikI ut tJu> oQil of flvo moatlu ihe 
miJirpd iKilIiiu 011I ofius. 

AmIrdU Uir'Ti L)iit1( W li^ld. luid dooiaf hoT ruiik* uimti W 
bosom, lud looking i>acrrlj oa tbc Tacc ODOfr U lonely, jmii ^wars 
Ul7T0(lI--you oro then at poow:. edd aha. my mullicr. O dvntljl 
Ijiflet tboQ nirt «aoaicb of tortorr in t(^ iii*i'ixM« i^iiLt-tit uiLdirijc 
to i3kj uoaEcr thoM of teu^ng hom he* tivit whkli wo pnuia 
ftboTo lifo? O mj friond! m; onW piirL^at! my d«irc«t. dc«ra«t 
mollitirl ^ht oould mj ao a)Oro,bi;t iuionyliuklf fujuW &waj 
apoii Uio liodj. 

t tack bar up in mj vmB^ micL oarryiiiig hor into tho noxt room, 

t<s tnkc <nr*j of bcr roecvory, and cboTgcii thom QOt to pomttlt bor 
li> HHi litrr mint iiii^ ruorv- 

I tliitn rf-tiirih^d u- 1b» ohiunbor vhcrtiin thit wvioitm" ralnn of 
tho liidf fjf mj TPorld WW InJi 1 lot-kej tho 3<wr wlitiin iiidD, 
I apL>ruq4-h'-ii Uio ha^iy, tnd bnn^ ovor IT. uul f?a7«1 aimTi it vtth 
iTiffTpiw^lblA nmntfnn I Tnpnn,rAd1f dapjwd my hAAoii tngpth'^r. 
r nl^Miix'*! (bmi, Mvd tlsipcl iirii-i rt^kJwnil hnr aM Up* in on iwo^ny 
ufriFTL^'tLoiL. 1 icibV4< & fn^t «ixi|iif tv uiy t«arB, Hulw.mirl lii]tit4iuiiiju& 
Ah ! I iTfi^l, iiiv iMTi-nt, my |>9iI,imij>^.v4 ; ith, n^tht^ir to ihtr win of 

Sor uiihupiry filecttoai Hutc I lost 7011, mj uiJj |ifO|j? Aro you 
- K^vtT diTpTLrttid frum nH% mjr FUpuort and coiiscit.\lJoii j I was 
ftl«i:id"U'>l I'X i\K winMby ffif-iulft, Mii?r, iiujI rolntiuii"; Utt foa 
boeuiiic GiD wodi^ «»! all rolutJ'riu.i to lao. '*X w<ui a aUtuicc i^ad 
ytttx UicV mo ID ; I ««« scIe, and in priBOo. ajid yon miniKtc rcil utito 
Jnd " Hut TOO KTO ffODO, yi>a nr* iMno IcOmi mc» afw off; lUid I Jio 
ik thoQr^AiLd ^lothA in tho iiicuuiti of Kiii'viTkiK yoLL- Jlcri? you IJo. 
my toother, the rlctiia of y^ur gwdoL*** to your arhicky jcnwi. 
Wroteh that 1 um« (ioomr?d I0 bring do portioii rnvQ tlmt <>! i^iLLLKiiSiy 
to tbo«« who rt^gi4rrl ni« I Woo of wom, wIutd now ahitll 1 gllh ciy 
Houl of its iimpportablo boidvn? td thoi debt with irhiuh it kbovA 
to tliU kiLd oriMtiir« ? Sho will ao mnni ivtom ta tjiko ougttt 
at my bauda, aad I mitst mflcr the ofiptcuiok tfaroagh lilb no^ 
thrnujrb '■»*>niity ! 
Hating thiu vented tho exi^stei of my paHloo, my apLrila nubt 



fidod into ft kind of gloomy odm. I rolnntfifl to taj iHfft- But 

I IM^ Mr. JOQ w too maoh oflbi^tAd I iiill cot thvoU on ttLi 
ittAbAOhDli Moou wi V longer. 

ftaenl ^nxnuci^ 1 fotuM that oar fortufio di^l not niooant fn tttt^ 

emmliL My wtf# wflA niv* fur oflTanowl in fipr iir^giimn-y: tier 
»»onr vta hwunocl ly b«r grltf wifl latn TivtlgnM ■ wn1 it* wiw 
<TtitlV(<rvd of tliAt boy whom ytmr rhnHtj & kooqii tinio braashi 
titto tbb lAorliL 

A« I wiu n<iw ftll tJiUg* 1j> my Amhr^lU th« only ronsrilntlim •!!* 
bsri U|.<>n emtIIl. I ni^icr kfl. hF<r diirfnj^ hnr niinw IE7 l}]f! tlmo 
alio WW utr Jiui] iliuuU nluit ivElli Uirr cWi.'cfi irf diiliRH-'jiriut:, oii't 
ft ijiujler'* rent, &«.» -jai' titu-i vpa A^mUi funk vijtlmi llm »iim »rbiu 
poiinib ; and 1 was i^oiiig aaa «tfiuiik U> look out fur vuiuc iimploy- 
ncnl. ^Lir.i:t wo ho&nS a rap|MT]ft of r1ifltiiii.rtjiiii at tbv iluor. 

Jcirny oftmc In ft hniry. Nitn>nnicEit m w*irl tbat LoH t^orv 
wna uk the pdkrionr, <inil ^Irnirpd lo iprtfik ^rith mc, I went ^owxt, 
(Tixtiy «iUTiriK(1. Htid M^ni^tZjini: UFLmicit at his ii«it MrCloninit. 
«wa b«, with a QUtiflUr air, I hnvo long v^fiboil Ut noo yrm ; hut I 
did not think it Boatoikftiblc lo disturb yr>a 4txnng tbc mief irdine of 
voor tualfjg tnd tb« flJTi4Mi of foar w]f«. Your tiv^viy Art^if^rv 
navo ipnhtt «nA n>trit, htit ttioy luvo dcno u>mo mlib^hkJ vhii>h wo 
wich toiiavo rouocUf^J, A» how, prw. mj 1«tvI ? Why, Mr. Clomcnt, 
1 twwr knuw a vHtint; in Tift vour of utwrtTi or n^iti^ aiiy n^iftfijnw 
of fp^voiuiEiMit, vhivh Hut fK'pnlRDa dtd not wtn^i In fATonr of 
UwndoacDDtft. and tc iha esiMtitig uddo aill Rmncer oE mU* Nivir, 
hir. Cl<*ni<^r)t, vrt ^unt ymi to oDjiIh^aIw oi\t miws whlc^h Ia by 
Tnnoh t\v> mnrp rftiiarinnTilft ami on^flfly rMa nf tho argtiinrtit; In 
fthort. \/i^ Uiint j<ni to rffritc jcpiir own thnpcm 

n. Tiry Iwni I I nn^vtrt^-U 1 *hoiiM llmik IT. ui tinfmiir tn aorro 
yaar lirTiMiIii c«r 11l>i TiiTniAtn OTt mj rflln^r nci^nluri. But In n 
maltAr rltat mml Ikilntf iiuMic Infjuiiy nyuu itjcx inilo«d, tay hx^^ 
ytHi tuu>f i!Xt.'ii.ifi nic. 1 dljuulct bt piMJiIci] ut. an lUi h|HieUtv ruiil 
prwtjruk-, hy hU incu* hud ht'my: uiy iv(K>u aul wiil-Iiigoi iuio 
«iicb i)iai:;rn»;. ojl w-nill fui cvm^ diuhlo mc from tctving cithor 
m jTvlf or yoor IcprdiJup. 

WoU, w, rcp\M tuy lorl, I iM not llm ii»T»»l on n fonnnl 
rcfutotioit of ymir uwn wrifliiftt, T only wk. if voti ftrc ^Ulini; to 
m^iigC m our qnntrel. na fnr u is corvutrtont withlioitoiiT nJi^tnjtli? 
I iOa, my I'^Mi I ri^iiii'iil. ns tut aji Ik txiiu'i;ftfut vvhh my rrvrn 
OTMt ftnd th« f^d or my rounlry. 

lliO gwi <J yoor ociuilry, Mr.ClcDu*ntT Mja my I'^H- 1 hopD 
joa do not think Ibat ifuvununout Ia vontnry to tho good ef your 
Dountry. Pny. in wb«t do you nuLke thiit tnnsBTV cootitt, of 
irhkli you il/v t«oomo ao *minont h pnlrfin? 

11if<r« nr*> twn uttriA nf JinKU-nr. my lord,! nivwcirMit tbo ft«t 

mnnily: thi> wt'nnifo until utx^h tho pHttIc^kc nrnl bjijipiiif« offtmnn, 
nvr^'ly ha hi* In a rEkf<fiiT>4<r at nny Ktnf4« nr roirimfki^vnnlfb. 

TncSlijicnili'Ht of **0Tnm[iT»liy< n mon b m> tkr fr«, and no fitrtbcr. 
tliiin }ir^ iu-1* i))i to tbi< rlii-lnl'^f <if rnutoii nuil ^oty. in cTtHiiib? ttf 
Inumnl njijiulil^* tmd (iiitunnl l(dluc<iic<>. 



As B DMiiit«r or Lv>mruiinUjr« n man h mt far fT««, wut no ftdihi^ 

ihjiD iijiuiajf hi* pervun, or aocmidiine on ha pn^pvity- 

Iimmtiitrly irvU iksfliiud ! criud hui lordsliip. 1 l»vii nnuf voluniM, 
In foUoh upuD die nildoct; Imt nov^r know vhitt liilebtt ^hub 
l>*ftffe. mC MTi Ol^aoat «s tha lukbty of T'liim x«, In nil 
r«H[ioctH, »ti> <»ppoiiU to Ilu) UroatioiMQMi 1 vw ijJktiiir cif, it lonnct 
bat mjiLc mnJnlj in fnTOor of good jE«voniincnt 1 thcrofore 
jY'iiiird 7011 to writo * troMitiiM to the pnrpoHi cif lour rlo^iiition ; 
^'itiid to tuco w with yoUf m faj wi yoa tum- Wo aWJ not tc un- 
gmtefa] : we nro good pajnuoaUtyH *3r- ^Vfay rlo fou hciiidiivV 1>)(I 
jiiii not trtU n>» yon wvr* iliffioetti to mtvu 110 ? 

Mf tord, 1 rot^Oft, I Caar I •honhl full oreDllj^ hhort of your 
ei])nrhiTuitii<. 1 nni not ttnrliod in the MnuvmitJon of Ttirvltti-ii Hl^irnit; 
And Ikfjw filtult I Im» ftliln To JtittJI^ taiy novtininipnt witli roi^ieoi to 
miMiiiri^A thiit. p^rhAjB, nn^ a Mvmt to all rxc-i^pt tLr' m]TtiKU<nt? 
X iJiEiut fitflli'T »(ntrn> 1(1 vf^itr ti)rt1ii)]i|\1tLiit my h>riiLHr Tl-Oil lArhiLlJ 
t» >.iivit<l>' L<Eint.nii1''i1 (lit thih oi^-^ui^ni, H in %4'.ry ntu-y urnl obvioiv 
to (iiid fiiult ait<\ U> Gx\\ ill qri4U(tii]ii : I'Ut to liaJimte tiutb iteelf 
^hIiii'Ih im^lmjIilc |>(*t}t)itii.\it '"": fj"**. Uic Wkjf Mf, 

ilr. tli'niMjt, ikijfc my iiinl, I mm piouil U»j*t wa hftT« bo* * P^- 
tlijiiiLftri of mi mmh h*it\t.r^ty jlikI iop^^noflj to ticfricnd tiB. If hJifJI 
Im> Illy cflir l<f if^jviJc juo with ^u^tol'Hli^ unrl I urn t'oiirnlciut tliHt 
«o ;:rcat n miuitar irf UJt« tik^tnininnt itf yoii 4TT, will iiiAk>> ciiclknt 
iaud<i on & low fnndnrnczLtAl natt-n- Itorp on twenty piinntf 
•fkiDvulf iircl V'CJ |COir^i?i« ^^tjiill Ui [luJ r«u vcnikly, IJll wci nji Itx 
fou in oomc fftntioii ol dur^ horiroir a,a\l uilvimUjcc. I will toko 11 
I^M* or ft iliah of 1o« vitb yon in a fitw daya. and I wiph yoU ft 

Oa tlu thirrt moiiin^ alter tbiB intomcw, mv lord rvturntrd 

K/ma TtuwtMciipt tuitiu BTiil btiiti for luy mstmrtlon. Ilo brcnk- 
fUtOfl with lUk ttrul WW cAHy politOn nn't «-lirprftJl. 

I iHTW cntjTivd on my n4«iv pn>vSnc>s l^nf- '>»t villi n«iud Hnlnur. 
An 1 luul forxaerlj humxl thrt liunl^npr, '^nrrojirlmmnts Mifl n^^ 
cIi^ubhom of ^tt«r, Isn nnjiiiiiuii* of udihiiluiI oter ftlivna luid 
ODfimiCiV thui OTcr Ihv vvry jH^giik il, n.if. vinliuuiid lo [uoUi^: I 
&m (HI iht olbnr hand. n^(iiiki:'U wjtli likfi jKrlmoi^ the tiutone* 
itfftiOQt. *Dd AodtUiiuH imi(>tjuitii? of n lurlnilcnl. LomUonv lUnI 
tlluutwoi^ ponp|«. cTcr ri'iruiciuint tj.! i^it^orniTii^ril. unJ rcluctiu)! to 
tbo nliCD of tL<.i i^'ntlcnt mlor. I iirovcd. froiik laaJtj adtJioritwA 
ont] EnAliinnM, (Jnriviiil fmrn Grcow niiri lioiU'?. tluit |h?w(t w liCTcr 
w> dAUf^rooi to A popiiljHf- uit whin Tt l« tnkfLD mto tbi^ own 
hAiiiU; tliftt th< ^^vcmam nad gisvom^'l, by the vialottco of ooU 
tkiDO* juo apt to lly tri i'3iti-i<nkK <in 'Tith^r «i(lo; llittt viAmhj 1* 
thi« mowt diract of oil r<Hulu to tyr^mny ; and Uut a poopla, vrhr> 
hovft no will to bt* ifovijmijHt rcduwi lbi*inML>l*-^in to tho atsoMdiy of 
bch;C cnwUivl, ln*flHr><1, und tpv-rtipd, wKn'thirr fb»'y will of (MX 

rCo4\ Htr, tbga^ I thm aJlomftloly cirlod with tbo pooplc amfrwt 
tiowiir, Hti.l vflih pow«r agaJ&st thr* ixMjplf^. y<,t T Ktmrlc ui nrifhinif 
imt fjiidrji on nltMrluaift,Mid equaUv Mjwertftl, on lioib liilea of tho 
quuptiuu, thp mtiMs of tiy coiintry, or Kliflrty, nni truth. 



I t«ak trc timoB Uw }ad^ wiUi tbiMs Inttor ptfxjn ihnt I did 
vHth llii^ fbnn«r. adH jot 1 oonlM 1 httd wt eiuu flMtun* in tti« 
dctlfuiy I uni nlft4t p«nmailtt<t tliRl l!wn h*d mnir thnA iloablc 
rhi> rn«>nt oT Ito ather: md* iit point of •ttttinwnt, m<ii*l «iii1 ifi^onl 
tiUhtnii^i Ion, wiir«* of tvpnty Umfw tlie nlii* Ia siaiiMivI ; hm hnw 
oin llua Intfni^r whieh (■ not nii.>nf|ix1 in? It wu tetitiuUed lo 
tho i)MfiiIe iliMt. lluiv hiiil 1^>o<<it uriifjMi ml IIjl* iiLHl4;i>.^ of UhuT 
pmnuim; MJut tJK-y winiM ixtt brivt IJkIiihmJ 1o ui oAda If 
attcrcif frrjiu Iba iiiimiiTr. 

8ii tnmitJifl lintl ddv rluiscl in Uinc |iii:u1>ralii>u». I had dol^ 
Tend Cn iiij viitr titu hunuLipil hjkI ^kty ^uiimi*, Uio ^^vklr pH(« 
Ol my latwum, Wc lia<l li»c*l with infttt fcoc»Iitj. Atnlfvilo hnd 
mJh tak«D In BB oiQcb vork <» hor nuj^nj: ADd Mtcntion U the 
c£Ud Wonlfl odniit; nni\ V(i Iiu'I »oroo pIi^QOB loft of omr former 
run&anlt wbr« Larti Stivtjn caII^I in n^ me. with plouurc uid 
food ftftw*, M Et vora prolofcno in bi» iui^i4<l 

Mr- deoutit, mv* hn, 1 wimt to v|«ttk to joa «{ttrt. 1 hiul 
yMi^riiLj hjdic bilk with tho imniiter «bcnit joii, >ui<1 lui biui 

CnUicd niti liKtr bundrv"] H-jftu MfM^W fOT VoU till tcirncitlung 
(4^ o<iui bo <lftii« ^ Hnd tbin'U tCil>o ^hoJI^ vwar uH'T nvfir joi^r 
ww.fe|j- «-a4:i]i4 thf Un gninnu, *bilu wo ii'cp yun *k Imrfl nt wnfk. 
Bnt ifllL met Grmvot, •u>'« be, Itjln^ ld« band nllb ah HfTprlioniitif 
bmlllnrttT upon tnj nhfnildfir, uw ^ ot ■■ InJout iJMnitr? Tbr 
fT)Tlh'<4l from tt, my Inrri, of Any man hmtlimiic. OhT 1 luii ^hfl 
of Ihil . tint. If yn nxtt; I luvr jiitlhiiij: c Kx-ttiiiimblc to Lim^iov. 
Tu liv «hi»rt, fiolf ft ilfi'/r'Ti nf iiftlilpniriL. iJl mjF fricii^K and pm<|'bT 
vf slrJL'l prubily aEiil lirltjF-. bavt i-iii?z4E«d lo H^i'i'd a ftbAfV of 
1c-Tm^^^»w in t\ \vitXy if I'loiiBUiv u|hjii tiio Tlumii*, and nc b»TO, 
•adi of uv, kit! 4 tict vf A bondrod initna*s. th^t irom thv numl^ur 
ol hii rvlotJoiu. bis frloudi^ or utquolabinnh br> will bring tfio 
iirftticflt womui Iv tbix fiold of roni'tiliojj' I bad daaed on Lady 
rnna>' Stondvili* n \oTt\y crt«tiirCf cmd & relation oi mv own. bnt 
th« nnfnniiMtoly Imppccici! to be thr«^iik'Bt.i>'I ^ '^n*' or my uvula. 
J «m IboreCBfO qoitB ai a bw», *nil muKt infiilliblj' Iml* my uwr 
tf yon 'J<i w>t fiirtmr me willi tho comjuny of Mm, Cltuwnt- With 
bur J CAD (iiHti< nn i(ii'^Niii»ii <T i'<mc)i><^T4t ; mni 1 fj^vo yna Tt^tkCnvnT 
to pour mt» hor bp tho wholo tlYc buix^Lrad g1lln«4u^ tlw jOAt prist 
«if tistr bxtiity, 

Why. my Inrd, I ftnntorwl. 1hk> k» tnilMfl a tnty plofunnt prvijBM, 
And bivi noihinff In it fixc'ipTlonAblc that I tnn pernilvv^ If no ons 
^71111 In kniTiV ntw rhinir of tl(f> Tnixnvr Hill whjit will thu vorM 
IM to Hw yi^nr t^rditbiii «■> pnlrtvt? — ridvi. ncirr hn^i llie workl. 
CwDwnl ! I tLC] yiniv vavl'l Tiijin,— Yrmr tordshj[i bru h icry ffoud 
dfht lo •mm mi mf^rkht wi^rb), 1 niJL>jiiHiI , imt the vcirld dob ui 
eanil ni^ nnd would c-rrbiin1y iiiAo uw of it. in iJii> ■<!<'rnrn;£ 
rf HDJ wHfc— WTui- Gfd-l liL\ Wflniiljr. Yiiu *il] uut lb<in tonfldo b<ir 
in iny fr{«ai(tfhip nul buncnr?— t nHl itot, ray lord, conllib bor 
bo&CfET mmMOMftrny to any duui. from nnder ibat i^nnrdiunblp 
«id fmptwtioci whk'b 1 vow^d t<' hnr in Diarrlfi^. — It u ^ry 
vvllj ftLr> Olmout* yvu may hnir from mc to-morrow. And flWity 
be vent 

H#wt^ oi|unllobi4 viirii Tho Tgry nait morning I xrm tf M rt oJ 


rnt: fool op qv^ijtw 

ftl Ui pult for two banirvd viA iaartcorp inii^^*:"! the Amouoi oT 
tjl tti&t I ha^ nTOviml fnim liiiu > uid I w» liuni«d to tin Flovt 
priioii vfttiout bvbiff pomkJtt«ii to vipr«k to onj one. 

Ab mj lonl know tJut. on isuc* 1 muit cwt him in tus vtio& 
nuA fitttb^-r t'omo nDon btm for r^xciul dAmHff* anJ Um ctQrw«» H 
IniktAJilly (HVurrt^J tliut thbt wom iiLi^ri'lj a Rfrtilo^m iar the *i^du&^ 
tioacrmj Amlx^lla; anii her ifcfciicfloffi ftatn^f^f^v- mc ii]ra)irmibl« 

«|iprohoulon«, wliic^ njihaftpflir ^ ^ pAitfoM woro to4> vnH' 

Hut, «ir, I will not MMci yon or tajtoSI bv ffivina yon a <li'tnll nf 
tb«Q oxtraorcUnar; oroalA, m I oftorrnrlii loamoa tncm from tJio 
iDonth oT mj vifi. ukl frcmi tho tcttiironj uf otht^n ov. triui in Thi* 
pjil'llc («nrt> For, alMt »vmi ihtw, wIm>ii «J] itn^r flbcioM \^ d^^. 
tTio ntmomfinmpA of m much iTijnrx attii ontrkgr oflbn?!! tc ono m 
ppirp, «i^ })f'1]i1iMi^ JLTi^A BO i^nilc, uuLnt i][i tbri oil inclii^unf^nT], biid 

SiiUl<'[<*ii[ 111 tiny r.lfcjvt. Uking wowlon ^7 my •b^tim:. inj lord 
pud toy vKu a vjul: tlul hv \iml tliu norWrlj tu ucnlif Iwjw «vur- 
tuM Eo htir, aiid lo \ti-oti'vt lift m Uj}^ |iiir»ri : tT^o Ullw^^t ^^lv Iwl 
reppiilici] witli wcant. Utr Lktti^r aJtL- luut flujt£ Afi'^r hiniH aji ho 
RtrvJttAl lidQucI and ouiii^l, Kbi^ tlttiL at orjie i^umuitfiicml^ lo 
luokv oil a suoi bj tiw itJ? of furmtuiv, aiiJ *.'ih'.^t «Hi(lL« which 
•b(i i^ulit »|iAn^ tiid l>y II1U iirr^dJiioM <i tl;D ^'Ibxrfnj;; itoj, with 
jxtcrcJtblc Idnmr elic had i3n:»Gnrcd £40, which. *JtJx her former 
d<?]><>iit o( X^^. nm mori? lluuis;:f!ii.Kihl for mj rrkttM; a&Ji M«ho 
Vfjuk pcittiii^ oil licr luintiot to o>iiH^ t'l mv, hc^i* mold wu auddcnlj 
oUJod bto tho ■trcoL and Lont l^tlvoiv ont«r«^ Hioo h«|-[Ui the 
Ant «ot of tho trofco^^ wtuch ahodowod ov lif!» n> h»r; 1l« hiid 
bribod hor Mmat arvl liJM hor Utobotk wltli bb rotvUzioni. At 
Oncfr, and costiDg wide lUl diwnim. ho jLddrvii»'l favr in tcrau 
loutiwom« EA hor tun> wctiuinTy tuklare; vinl. ili(ffijp^tfvi]E h^r 
pathot^c ptfQrm^ «iul Hopvftk to w boctsr teotipg*, ho (irooci^cd lo 
oit'-h h nii<ri«i]riT of Tlol«nco that ho >tnng tiio Inmh into n Uunrw; 
ftn'l ^nrlintf no h#ln from OtfUi or han^^Ofi. n*^T-, in f Iv^ jqfOTiy ukd 
tbDM-ntlli nrthn ii^nto,idif> liAnuiui thAjiuHHornf hnr nwri parity 
aaJ thi? t^fH'iirifiTiLtr En tlio ouim f>f bcr ondAn^n?<l huncur, 1^ 

VnifiL ih<T TauI bUiw witM irlvi^ik, idirt nt unct^ uf^nt mnnln^ to tho 
<m'I]L\ whf<n: ht^r infant ]iiy r.rjiinr: , fJic c^aifht hint in 1ir?r Aimii . 
vi\ uiTuiii^ iho d)nii]tii.'r-iTour vjfijj. nnri vhiiltifJK r( iifl^ii b.T. pJiu 
ttcpp«d Jown-ttftir* M iif^Tt frnlliri*, and vtoaliiii; I0 tho tiiivrt^kjur, 
>ho ope&ed it nddcnU. nubcd into the street, uid hnnic'l on till 
ib* CMDO to n rt«ul of coa^h«», whan iho hind tiuj fiivl t^t' met. 
tlirow hfftMdr bofltUy ioto it, and dftdred i^ nun to driic with oil 
■p««il to tho Hoot prUon. 

On h<T EUTiYn] ohe dinchnqEOd tlio ncticn and ft^ta of on^ftt vith 
iiU pDi«lblo doopatrb, nri'l then hnnicil np to nn5 apArhDoot. On 
tho fiitt etunMO I irpmnt; to her. nbd lAnirbt bor in n\y iirma with 
imvptekftblo oaoMiHirt, kmt lindrnf^thv ohiM uith litr. luul ol)«urvin|[ 
thnt hor broiUli vim quSot and nnor^MiH I wiiblrew 4 rtpp or two, 
and tookvd •B^oriy at her; i&nd purtwivin^ that idw mm fpah, md 



h^l n Unrl or ^lilnon k h^r vy^e ami inuti\in«— Wbat ii Iho 
autttji, mf lore, I cried ; vtut hv Imryjcooii to yoa? — t lunv ncpt 
boon vrdlj e^& awwerod with vi aficctcd aaoon^Din ^t^lortt ihv 
kMp«r. But gvuj cono iJown, m; dnnr ; J<ru urv turtch >imtciJ, 
ud (ho cot^h III in v'l^tiitff. 

NvtIuAjf furtbor pri>«cd t^twcoc cb till w^ j^ into tbc coocli, 
tAd that my wifi> dusU^ thn ttum to itHvu to «(jido utt^dibourinj; 
ftroot, ind itop aX tbo Onrt door wturo ho mw ft UIE for ladj^iw-H. 
Tor 1oi1f;ui|2;a (urtiDp 1 d^miinilud : for nlLora dooi my Ar«!l>cT]ft 
d^itrw K' tAkit I<>-f|Cfcti|fH? tor yon ajid mn, Mr (ri^mf^ol— f>r fov 
uid mo. tho ^-riixt wrin^ng tor hMKi» togcllior: Lcpl Sthvr* liw 
ut^lirririjf in Ilk blocvl nl oiir tiunft», ddpri^^l uflir^ vitfatn thbt fcalT 
hoar lif iny^ nnhA|:^ hsaifl. 

I isnt muMpnlj rtndc dnmb with rafprlun unci htrrrrff. All tfta 
ooroilotu uhI (vMeqiunntt or lUt iMmal fu^ni uhTrlod thm^gh 
iny Inu^iiHlfoD in .a iWlta) liuixuwron- ^Mmt lunM niin Ih^miih^ i>r 

Xwitri iKilc iinjojmnul! what tarticnltif « uniut Iijivit Ijfiii nfTru'wil t 
t ontni^ iLjjftil the lui, rjir nalliurt mutt &lio utjt liiivu tiUiri:^n.Hl 
b«for« bIw wuM l>o l>i\>ii](l»t to prnvUitttr w t*jii'i!tk' h 'l'.-(."ll 1 
mw [offtAUtlf rick> ocil puttJnc 1115 bead tbJcruK^ ^l^i^ ^iiilow. 
(?«9Lr«it Uiu (Qnulunuk to ntop at tliv iintt lavcni^ 1 (rr!i-rL«i) ihu 
iJrmTr to hu»t'n, «itli ft iiiMt -^f Si«iiihh >tiUlU: wiuo. l^* tin? Jwir, 
ftoil I pr<*v^l fiaiS <«iin>iillu<I ntj wiFt to mrjjlow a |!iirf. Our 
tpiriti l>viiu- in siHBp ip;;r>?L* B-MtW^ th<?tvJvj, wg drovo to a i-ririitc 
Mn«u Oil iho riiht-hftn'l ^f Ch^mfuit^*^, ^hiT*^ 1 l«nk .1 TuLj^ft-i-ifom 
And clOMeC, tip two piii of stun, at cmo Mn, JoonoU'rif Em old 
naU md cl manttifi UMLor I unD)4*Iifii«1y ortloru-l * ILv to bo 
k&kdtodi Ui'^ tlic tOivtlilrLj^n If^ bn taJJ, runt, glvEoff the mrv&nl ft 
csiQwn, dc«JiN>d hor to brii^ the volno in proper infrr^oabi. 

Tha ^Toning waft now aliut tn ; ftnd, u-hilv tl^o ti^jOd v«» blnMd. 
not ■ «jIIh1>1o pmiwhI hetwonn mj wita Ami mt'. i ilr^ulfiil to 
InqQirv of vbdt I >cJU mon> drwidod to mdcralo&d: and ArBl^cDa 
ttMtn^d to IaToiit iiTiiii*r iioittf> nlf^cy opfinffdon. lV1i«ii retJiin; 10 

Itn^^UnE' rlnwTi Ijj' h\s kIiIc, lirnVe' forlti Into a vlolnnl tommt of 
tcnn, EirtiTifiin!:1i-i[ witli hrai'ln|» nni3 Uiitr'i^nintEW Mb*. 

1 ut Ntlll >vil1iiiiil utfmtnrto otiwrro h«r trtnougn- I wad Mmhlblt* 
Ifant lutam wiuLt<^] tUlB kiiuUj tvlEcT. Tho ten «ad nunxt vi^ro 
hrcuL'ht. til'.- ki:ti\ti wu put oil thu fin?, aod ttlft nud'l Tiri^l n^iL 
ivtirctl ; wh'^n T v<LiLtly udM to inj Arftb«llA to utmc forth, nitb 
ft Toko of tUo trucrt loTic, and wjftwit oadeAnnmt. tbftt oror yet 
t»rcstJiO[1 &T)ia A huTDon boi^m, 

Hor -^yo* wi^re alfcmly wip*l, lior coiiDteJumi^c oomptticd. iwd 
her iiit>tlo[u jLfjd dcfccacctir irn^h raoro KrltV"! Ibuji Ixfor^' ^ho 
Mt dui^ti ^nth n riviiv ^'(fb, whfr-h kIio chockcii vitti a bull' hmlla. 

my QiimciL>(i]r«<l blcnung I vUikt 

Mj AmttolIiL, ojiid I, oif only joy. 
ift It thflt thai d["vtrr)tiM my 'Vvuvr 

frfirt of *iJtftHnw? Vour minil* 
joar f^urit, my "114^1!, 1*^ mElU puro unl lUipoiilutudt And bo41(u uv\ 
inpird]; lua tioiios, inonpabl^ of H^^fU^inent. being GOf^iuc*] fnnn oor 
Idrtti to dbBoIaTiriT] nin^ ^y^ii'mptioii, — Ah, my HuTiifny! *ho ex- 
dftimtNt) you htv iiriitd ^•eHi<f« thu mark : 1 fdgh not^ I w^^^p not^ T 
grlovo not for myb«11 I itaa not nor rcgiird th& oonit^inmns. 



how«rer fntal. uf wTjkI Ilab Imtiptotvil— ' — Supixflo ft vwVkni and 
■hdinrTfut (lc«lnl — ! tivink my OtnJ for i1, ikiith will itfTirr mo & 
TicCiia ftiU pun> AZid uninlliilcd. But, O Uto wrolclifjii 8^vora! 
^■tut ift QUA' lifici)[»ii of uim, Mntt »o fiud^Ttnfy uid iLa.proTjMod, to 
hb etenukl ■ailit'' T'nhnpof lluit 1 juii 1 TKirhop* nn InatnuncDt of 
H«^tioa (^ ui LmmoTiol mui& Al^ ntlur ibot 1 hibl iu>t bo«& 
Mnl wi>nM £ tMul p«ri*b*d in ni« «i««dt Adiwth in thAc^iM* of 
TJrtno hod beoa mjr advoc^to for morcj. 

Hov it lhi«. mj Anb«ll&? I (mod, 1« condoomAtioii then to W 
brmiffhl iiiHiii t]k« gixul b«fttiUij fJi^ n])TKv<o tliviuwIrM lo «tU? 
Wottkl foa bflvc ccnanrad «oj otto tiring, ottoopt roiii«o]4 Cor 
lUTiog R;iT*n jnu thin ddiv4>n&w by iJw do>ih Of tu flpoU^rf No, 
(mmly, fri ihi< dftJty uid nljfhily ro^ifd*^ nuiJMirrM, init ftmemlnrii* 
ticin*, Llui ihn Tfolcmt mndibuto optlrui fhn [K^nml^it: Ih It Ihe 
fuTill nr Ihi.*^ whu ituid In Ul^ dc^feriLV oF rij:h1r<]i[MiLV«^ llut 
vjIIhIii* iifrt^iL jkitK«li In tint lu-t of tr.LTkr^rhmEon ? T«lt mc. nij nwmt 
moNnmr. in the aiL'kiox' i't ft I'itv. uliir^i tim wIVI niid Mijt^ij aoldlorx 

koivUii^ aiHl viuUtiiiw; i* it llic i*'*n***iHU»t» -^rull IIm^' henuri 
lint jfFH coTnpi\flflii>n-itc, vheu they hapixin to 1"C iiiwhuJ In ihe 
ruins thoj hi»*<.i wr^Ubrlit? UeritorioiLi, ult Ariktwllju rootd tncri- 
tcrion* wcro Ikut Jmitd wlb> bb«uld cut a whuU^ li'i^t vf au'^h irLforbok 
firnai t^ outh . reimdnfru; InmicAnkio lUid viituc ^I'nlil Ihi liU 
debtcn Icr eror. CoromucntioQ |-> the A^'tiouA is ci-uclt;^ to tbo 
Jiiat ; (Uid lio vbo qiuM tlioiu Iwoomos thu jLOoompliou of All thur 
niCoro oritEicft. 

Doiini; l«i, rn^ Atfo piYc me nn mnplo TinrriLtiro of *]! th«t 
lupp«cii*d aI 'Jitr lifM]far< wikiE<i I witu in ftin1tii"rrit<u(, X" ^bi> ■•j>oki>, I 
WW" l^rpl sfhSOfhU** wItJi fockHul nod janHnff *xpoi'1ation : I vrut ibOb 
kicdli^i iut> fiary und n v^hgrnontthind 1:4 wtii^^wtfn : and. loiitlj^ I 
HKH »](tviitj>d iiim Ofi jiMfiiL r^ptiir^. 1 Iri^^ki^'l M mj viffi \^11h «iy«4 
flvfinmtntr with I'vn nrn] vnni^mttnn ; 1 rem* from my^ acai : i thtvm 
tnjttelf nn my lEnnw, uml u'rimbr|>pt.*d Ihnt fhntUKxa whc Innj^lroi 
jind ^irlSjrhifl in mch jrfirii^i^lrint >w ! fhr^n fijiw l^f'ifM nn*. 

Ihir lurtiinn WM now r*idiK'o<t t^i wty Ilitlc mon? ihon HftiROii 

SuJDuau. Wh luul uu d'tlLoH \njl wbul we woru : jitiil ^v cUd jiui 
liiv to levi iir Mniil 1(1 Liur htnvii! (iti- uLtmiH, iwLlliur U> nwke our^ 
wIth kriciirii to aay m-4]muulaDiv. 

Wif nanl by ttiu uaJiia uf !^1fl[j1i?t<^ ; acd OH tiio fidluivinc uiKlib 
I vi'ututoil ndJurvl. lUii] lioij^ljt hrr ni^HTilf ii fr^ ih^^DriiMiiLruj nldrlx, 
with a moimou i:o\%n, mid soiuc clunii^M of linnn for lay wiFe. 

OYfl over Ik fii'whjM»|i.:r tJi4t i-lni Ii^jI IwrTflm'il trt\t]\ Mr», Jrrnnctt, 
*to tunn>d nuddoTiiy pule, Wlwl, nbo cried, iHfftfv I Coold quortlon 
hor^ AixnLfcd of ri^bbt^ry v wall v miirdsrl that is hard, inrTc^ud. 
Hnt T Iraiit lUiit my lut hhid) nnt oxcood my mif^naXioa. \tv\ m 
Mhylnf;. mha handed Du Qvor tbo papor with m mulot ^ vrhicb hon^ti 

'ilwi iwivfTtlfaTiuint r*ti Uma— • W'nr.itcxa Ar*ltotla (.'IftTnihnt, 
lUiiu (rm^'c*, duJ on tho lOth diiy of Sopltmber imtTnnf. marl bar* 
bftJ^'ti^ly fctiib *nil inririler tlui rl{;ht Hi>n, Jfl/nf« * • • •. IriT'* l.nrd 
Htivcm, At n honso whore -he formerly hiwt kopt « tnlllSrfir"* ■hn|\ 



In FlMt-HttiyTt; <utd vhcrun bUo did furthfrr rab the floJd ricll hon. 
^C- cf a loTifF jJitFK urmoncj* Ulh |eo!<1 rcjHtnrvr, Huuff l«x, jiMDOud- 
riaff^ ^-; juiiJ <L'l, liiHtlj. fl«« foi' the f>CLm^ a* nuy l^ proved, itnti 
ift evident &om tb« oxBiniontion onA tc«tiDUHi7 of throe ooDCumiu 
wiltMi^M: Scvr his taA>*ffty. in hin t-rHdona iLbhorrwu* oTmcG 
erlSMii doth horvb^ pr^^tnii* « rcwkM <d thrco hondrftd ffblii«tta to 
9BJ porvaa who thalf utor^ ducorrr, or arrL^t ^ mid Anib^llti, tc 
tf Uwt tbi^ mjtjr Iw l>n>ivnt lo ivini1i|;Ti «nil li^fttqnntA pminhment, tf 
any ^nph imiy l^r- foioifl, lor mrh nnwinnllwl nflpTitNu, 

O, luiirfl in>' wlfiv I )>i<ii'oivr^ (lijrt my f'lkirwt'ri wlU Kwoir home 
iDdfiedf T\iiAT jilnndnr nr l^nl P^tlvnrA i-jiii no mv^ tv^ lUtfiiiviI «vr« 
by mjr rnnrti-mnnTloii, Rut J* ll Jin It nny : thut Troviib-nrp, wbn 
oTrtnilr^ fZu? w[^'kvilm3i i^f Dun wniM, rricij jtt iH*^^ iitiliitiJAiJtin n 

clw* Ur ■:WnL|i« iln jii-(]i1i'Jit(ji.-«> uiid iti> ieljhk I'liiiT. 1 l.iiiM, ^lil In* «rr 

•qnlvnUnt t> uU iLut tbi^ vorM I'^m luAii.^ luiil muii) mora lIud mt 
equlvaknt Ui nil Lhat it 1.^11 bi^bb^K. 

J now luid 4)voi7 dibif li^ fr^r Tii inj' Al^liolk, fU woU ^«iiU ill*.' 
fotoiwtvd fflUinj of the v^ItTL^Mf?^ n* from the p(m«r bf tht: 
idnfMrr. tokd tli« icMQtnjoat of the c^ktioija ot »o i^'o&t 4 mfot : osd 
I lookod upon hnr <!<^Al1k tf> he jih i^ortjuii m hor cfwtioEu Bftd I 
bo«D tho flnt in runnictlcr' to flic ^ouicnt cslAtD in llngiud, I 
would turre exohufod my whole iaUxoat for im much rwidj wsh 00 
wcnild bnvo ftctrwl 10 coiiviy tn to nomt* n.ijr>i'i» <i' 'Jifiity. ISnt tliiv 
W cot pTMtioiifclQ witJj Uifl vi>rv i^uilII niiiifumlfv trf iho wruok of 
od fbrtubo ; and vv luul taktm <nxr lodging cvrtvn a.1 fifty tdulLii^ 
pco- quutor. 

We appvnrod vi Uttic m p^vit^lo, ctoh lo iho lodprrt of tfcA 
Iiohm; «nd I Intmiativl to roy IniuUady, thnt it hiu Th« fito of 
muy ft ipetillnDiin to tw ol>Ugi^1 itt nlwond till hU nflUirv conM be 
eompomulnl «lih bvd-lioailrd j^rcdltoix 

tiTirin4^ the vjNuyi of nm^^ niriullw our prlndpAl ilft^t wrm vpjik tm 
and brVHid ; «iil If wn v> itlun d, al i>lil IJnifM, nn ■ niimU JnScit of 
toBAC, It Hirvnd m cdU, hiuJjui), jmi] roliHvil, fnim fiiiu m^k to Dia 

Ab my wih did ool dHr« to tu3(v In work, nor T lo »1ir alnwl 
ti> look fbr «Ei]p1ayTnciit, wix chkf i^Dicrtuniuojit w th*^ rcaillnB 
Prn&o old folio Itoob of h}Bl4.it7 und divinity, wliJcJj 1 Uinvwcd 
fironi Mtv- Jonnott, jukI vhkii hnA li<i1on(totl Ur bcr fatbc^, 

Qow nneJI cniiflt he the ci^iriTi^ri of flimplo totnm. yrhtn a family 
fiko ours ««nHtoEno(l to jUMiiorxxi, ooiild nibtM in l^onduri, without 
anpi n i u rfpy. for opTord of nino Q]cij:ithii. oa Um dion D^bt ^non^! 
Birt oar tiicd ^^*«« dow <achttnat«d to ^ luw fJiillmgn; and my tfword, 
vatch, luid bnokltt w«re ktoo |EODe^ iil tlJBoh«ri:« of (nir lhr«« 
qxiorton' ri>nt to the limdUitr. Eoto •tittod iu In tho lofo, 1 
b^iolii u it ^QTQ a fHiIf^t nnfcithomnlilo uid impuuttblo. f^^nfnif 
bomaath our Utst, iinil h^vcm hud luuth Jolnoil to pTiAh u« ilown tJku 

Wo »t Ihod a mf>rrT-b Ioh^tpt, oti oniir^e br^jl and 0(»Td wHt^r, 
yiith auttlft rr>i1k Mibli'h w«' puf. itriw :iTirI thftn, fpf fhp '^hfM ; Irnt, 
1 fion:>Aa.1iii1 from Jiiy vnfiT rhiil nn luuiE not a itngilii ifsqjc im- nnw 
lart iijiTfli cnrth, 

I louknl ii|i Uf Iwtttfmi, liut without tvve or coiifldifii^ Druadftit 


TBS root OF grjzj77. 


powL*r 1 [ crieil oiTt, whu thuB lirvaknit to iKiwIvr th& poi>r tvAiclR 
of Ui/ criHtJt^ii ' n'lino urr. wtX to t(i n iHtrjtitinnui mirl bcjkrviiUjtt 
catoror bi tliri n^kwii i>f iIut <ii!iiiu:e. util to Uic ^uiuui of tliv uirth. 
Thuu dullitirt tW bltflx of Ibu ulr lUil tlic WiUftn uf lliu fare^t : 
(Wv Luj)t:t;r> uittl Hrid a WiLjui.ttut liiu:il Tli'^i p'WiMi^iit the <lo^ 
of tnj ccinfuit* OTfiEL (in thr luu^l^litfonii ; thou opcnrat tbj huid, 
■sd all thinfC* Utvu- aro tsaid to l>c fUI^i vritli plcntooiuaCHB, Ato 
w« ftIoD« «3iorriteil Truut tUn iumi'^iity irf tliy works? ibnil Ifao 
piatj 4f my vifo* lOiaU th^^ bnoccooc nf laf ioTocit, thus faniia3>, 
ii&ivpknka oiitl unpitiH, before lliov? 

Ah, Et 1» 1 wlit> ihi- I'ViirMxl Unn^ who Irinjf ptApiiCF iiprin 
ell witli whoED I jun ixiimo<?t<ri1 ! Kvon the liibcptin trt mj* Jifo, Iho 
iwiivu of my }n)nt.wt inHiisTrj'. Ljivu Inx^ti i."3xjiiiuyi I hy thy tirMtu^xv.'m 
Into n(tlJ;l^i^ liul lULiii^t^k^ ; t> thi^ kiujirlA^unuint nt mj punun; to 
till- nun of thoK^ who hiul Ihc oiLffortiiDii t4> licfriciKl mc : and to 
Iht^ i1i>;ith» iljiiii^r. H.iiil i[iiHr>1»tinn nf nil wlirtTTi 1 Tif^rl ild-ar, I ntrlve 
In vom wiih thy omnipotfintv' ; it it !»>* inlii:hty for ini% nnr! i^niiJini 
me \v\ov thu wntrc. Fciir <nit then, tho vc?ifr«?I.* of tTiy uniTli 

rij iiij lieml Uil, ijTi my \uw\ Hloiir*. O junt Crwiltir! Mul tiky 
n ]iUli> ODOH to thy in<rri-j, fiir tb«y tvumut h^tvd |NLrclc'l|tiLtoil of 
CJiL' uuHt tllou ttft plv«i>u) tci iinputu lo int. 

W.U ti iiT^ht »h^:h wouli] ihJinLt no my of cotuforL nur lookci^ 
<r«r to tJL'liold jmoUicr momioff- I tHoJipJ iox iliifolatiuD to taj- 
#ulf. to thf* uiiivurEV. I nIshiMl to m<< tbc twu jjr<}prLc.(i/r» of uy 
boiiI'h luto lUTiFOlioriA no;v Ijin^ pntt^ nnd tirejit]jlt^»i Ticfiiirj n^ cyc«. 
1 ^ould tLot biiTo cDflnrcd my hdl oootber mockonL 1 irE>ur<l haio 
y^Tva rkyu-lf ijkKtoAt dMtL ; bat I drwut«d to Io«vo nj cT<«oUte 
vidow njv] ht'lfili^u on^li'Uh without a bionj. aa I then conceived, 
cithiir in bcuvi-n or c^rtli. 

hiy viU^ hnd lain <Io»ij uttli lirr infjuit on tho lic<l, A HnEhlnn 
tvQvctton kitartoil. T^It il^'^kili. thoiiifht i, iruiy fet tc n^ofcL t<:i Tlioto 
for H'boru only I i-ntitrl htbIi (ci hvr. I roie fnujlimllj rlt-tomiinviL 
My briUii wmi on Htv. i to^k t)r>wn ad oM [Liawl whii^h himif in n 
fonu>r : I imt it Into my treusi ; down-*tAini I vam, ant\ LHfiied 
to thf? Btrwt. 

T WHi^ Iriiitt on J40iiiethlii4: rV«tM.-rHtu. bnt, know not wluLt I biul 
not c^mn fiU* wJmn 1 wlw « liirpc^ tATi-m (ti^n Imflido ithj. I pruuHvl 
lliruiivb Ilm i<ntry. ni\'\ nmuiiuf iiii-x^Liij^ Ujlrll^ tiiili?ru<l Ibt ilininK 
(miuIh wiii^LV a iniini?r<jui) ■.onipriiiy "f jf^^nlluun^n vol lutinil U(wif 

nicu, I crit^d : I fltanre. I die fur wout ; iwoh'u iiisUuitly to n-Uavo, 
or to p<irj»h nlonu vtUli Tm>. 

Tboy all A^O't their «yr# apon mo ; but the tncAffro intixy^ u I 
RUppow. H'hit'b tlicy tun in my oonnf 4'njiii<x.\ bt^ld them atlvnt. 'Vho 

IwmUiJ wLo wfui riL^Hr^-'t, 4]iro(;tl5' tuok out Iijh parni jmtl pr-iwiitor] 
t to me. I fi*:nin ri^hmird it to fiinij rind pnttini; up my piatol — 
Ko^ QOi BIT, 1 criod. I will not tukc ynur ^li^ 1 oui no ruHbor. 
Hat ^vo iiiV fi>>Eiifi Mdvi>r unions >'', lit \<M-p u wliita frvim thd |Cniv« 
tliKic i^i'i^turm w|]u liknxiiali ELiiuilj-t a ylcntii\i\ worUl. 

Thoy rill^ im hy otip rtijiwnt, \>\U tlir^ir handu to Ihuir puCkvlH. 
■ad iuHUiLtJy niHde » h'>4p of npuurrlM ot itLrvH p<i[iniU. 1 do- 

TBE FOOL or qvALrrr^ 

niirit of 

_, ^, _ __ ;I ttnfifld li Into' _ _ 

Voc^tet; sndf'^'riii; foo Foil of MknovT^graoaU to thank Qiy 

w«]#fUTto» hj woril or Kilwn, 1 bnM torth intu 1««ra. mid, tuni- 
Ing fitim them, I got oac« mor« into tbo cttv»i witlxoaL luy 

■toroil The pictol to Ici old vrniuin. I th<!n wi^t to tho olotivl, 
wli'.'r* my ttif** lny tflill uhIwil I r^nily wakd Iwt liy Iho fotil- 
onvx^r my mrrtftf-jL My AntlM^lL^ I cr[i^]> 1 Imvn v«.^iir.ijn^l out for 
thi! Ilnl Um1^. ruiil }mavcu Lu H-ut uh noinu Jiriirill n^-IU-f lij a frlenrl 
llint I hiiirppii«t Ici mvvU litre, my luw, t tui4. futUiii; n i^niwn 
Into hor nojQjl < i.'ult iliu iqilIiJ, uiitl Kinl out fu£' buiui} cviuforLablu 
■Qstrnaucc ; i^iixr fittt luw boon loog Indeed. 

WilJiJtj A few d«jB our Btnnictli ^mV ov iToriU bocaii to rocmJt, 
tlMmH:h wo «tIU oontiniir>4 to llvr much vithin tbfi tionn^b of lorn- 
pcnuico- Uj BOut d^TLiiL acttltd into a kiud of riillcji cdo^ uui 
lOOkoJ forth) Ibixwh itt » ilifltKntv^ to Kimu futuro <Lawtiiii^. 

(>no lUy, (■■ my ULndkbty^i IIUL^ Uiy Mhnt t^oforo m^j^ n, nuddnL 
thoutfht oocorrod, I bmitboi up to <3oc| a ibort and mlL-nt ojncnkf 

TjOMffa upon vbich ray tlicimb Aboiil'j hjippan to met od (iitMniiiiC 
tho oook I iOKtiuitly nuulo the voninrr. mi found the folbwlng 
vnnbi ■ " I will iirfi*) and jfo m my fHtb'>r, unit will ifij litiIo blu^ 
P«fh«r, T hitTD iiliinnci ttilnct tbcc, Uid THifcrn boaTaa^ lunl luu do 
mop* worthy to tw mlloa Ihy noil " 

Atn*! I WHH fitrfrtiiTi hTui^ntnK "t Ihftt tlmi> thul U Wiut ^in otlier 
than my Faihm In li-NL^i^n vho cftllod mot tuJiI who wouUl tJicmby 
Late clJj-c<]tcd ruii t'uoduok'il tuo lo bhunlf. 

I i^ukJvJ luid rM-kuiJ my EutKuoiy bj in wbnt 1 bul 
sivon JQnt offcQcv :o my «nrtbly progenitor, but rcAulviMt At oil 
cvcEite, to ol^orrr^ the admonition. 

in tliu <1iiAk of th': on^nuik'* I tiutl my hjuvlktirchii.^ ftdloT'liho 
■tfont my tieck, I pulled my wifi f<irward, «n>] rlLHicJiinp my hrit> I 
tUd out of dourp ; aud. stooc^ni; half <:toab]c. I Lmpcfl with a. coim- 
VffUXUA jjail towiu^l my hlh^ir'n. I wiui duly ajjpriAod thai. If 1 
ksuMkod at tbo door, or <diructLy biqoirod for turn, I thoold not 
bfl ftdmillod. I th^n-rore wAlkvd to and jigikin, now n«v» now ^o<£, 
fl>r DOor on bciu, boforo hta door. In pi^ti<*nt «xp»ctAtioa of hija 

1 hftd tvpoftlM this ^Tpripfpte< Tor fltt^ Knrv'MAivt^ ^v^niTi^ whor> 
Ihc door Kt linwtJ) njnnnd, uid a (v rviuil In llri^ry cAjaa up aorl 
affooslml mtv Tji ytmr narno Clmni^Titv idr? Sopjiow ft %vr>r«, wiys 
I. 9u|iro«4n^ »<>. tv^ilLe*) bo. T mn oMeni>d to l4*11 yoii thjtt uiy 
nuHtor 11 woti lafonucd uf Jhll yonr vkioliofl dcvJ^n*; find ttut. If 
Mtr yxiu ntipnr inrnin in wjrht of bin wbiilowB, to will ncnl yoo to 
yoMxalu wltbotit luill or iu>tujiN'ivV| ujid jirobvcuto you lo Uiv U*C 
<X the hw» of tho luut. 

W* ptfted wilboot oiiotlior wotii rmd I crcBwd otcr tbo way to 
A cliiLUdlcr'f ihop. Tho ffood wonwn of tJio boiiM tbo b&ppcaioil 
to wiXi «ume nuU aIo in W Ixkck apvliuoatiL T foUcd for a imVi 
«a4 T«qn(6tc4 h^rcompony for A few miuutcfl. JiloT aomii intiXK 


mt WOOL or qvalttt. 

dadboTf <luvtt I E^rMwJ hn In a nrnnner tluU 1 JiL3;:«d roMi eo- 
KMcbv for ortf in hi^r iHj»hfirA. ^lin vory fmnlr toi<l m> Ihr? ht^ 
toTTc^ m; fkllor rml hit pTVHmt ftvmLl]r : find further, that tt him 
his ouvtom on rr^j Mdnliiy VkI l*''i<|;^ to rTpair to Iho Trftidc^ 

thft dook at DLgbt. laA tint t» return Itll fiTtoat doron. 

X went iKkiav ifinjot'iiiiit «if jufltil wfTh tlii*' ]TiM1fn>^niv*, %* I &0T 
kii«w vhiira to Stihl my iirinatarik] purx^nt. ihnntrh hin liM \tHr\-ttnm 
Mifl Imililnf vnuco tmd natilent'i me lidptlr^ii^ aiuI qtilto nTfliw 
Cn Aiij kini! of lipntJo&don to tdm. 

Vf" Tkibl nnw llTflrt thrrt- mnnlh* Irmctr un tJift ImI thooty or 
i-hiiJ^ty, T know ncit wbiili t^i «il} it. VVu wyre upiJU rrxfurn] to 
Uie Uunt BliJlliiit'. mill, ^luil wjtfi »lJLl hiij-h'. crit UiiLEIadj' botsmc 
Uiportu'ui<' tfi- hvt nuiitici'f icut My wife hcul Ut«l/ moucfllvil 
W to IcHjk out for Biiuu? w:mni(xy-wuHt lUDuu^ Iho noiiilboari. 
Thb sill) |jn<iniwil to ill). 1>nt i^urpovolj dooUnod, v iihr> uid ber 
fiunllj ^t tbc Irf^nf^At <*{ fior ]aX<ntr gm^ 

1 boffiLO Difnin to r.'turiL tv> my fonnvr ovfl thooriits* 1 recolrod 
to mftkc war u]ri>ti ttic wtiolo roco of num. tnlbor thou oiy vlfb fuid 
infant thoul'l poriib in my riffht ; \ni T i\^U4><*torT that it wtw rooro 
^qoitnlilv to ix<cin witlj u rAi!ii>r, in hIjutu niLturti birl i^vpn mo « 
fighx of it«|diiET«nc^ thu) to proy iTpoii iinin}^!^ on uvlivm WH 
OMdty alono CodM f^vo mo lUiy oiaTic, 

It WW Motttoy nicht. Tho i*lwk trtnick li5n, 1 toi:>k iJown tlio 
cM liiaiiol, And roircbo-l towftrrl tli^ Author I pAm>ll<»l ntw tiM 
plflOtt of oz|]octotton olnvo mn hour. Thf ni^T wqb oxoaulrft 
dark, and no lun[w in that purL >^t li>nj;t,h 1 llar^ititr^ |j> tfio wund 
of dlitvit ffr»pf; urifl %nnn ftfriTr fapAnl a toI<mi nry Mnrilur, niiinlr^r! 

I nn b> th(^ ciy» &n'1 |x*rj<«fv^d orin nifm on UiH iitunml, and 
uioUittr fdi^iiKii^-, in m:t lo rlflr hEn pockc^tx. 1 in»tjmtiy ilmw my 
tilitol. luid mikliUi: ot ih'i rl]lllrc^'^ uvuri Hith nij full tcrtfr. I kid 
aim BQUHteu uu Uic pavc^muut. I tlirn icriully t^j^oil tin? oilier, 
vtio vtf bloedlUiV '■^'1 id:unni;il by tlio rtroke un ltji>1 m^r^L^t^rL 1 
vnpportod blm rtiep bj sitcp towanl « dirtort Ifliup. ^hcrc at lonirth 
wo arrived, Mtlif fouflddfitvi?™ ctHjn. I(iiil<Mxr!,iuifl iiMprrdn room 
wltii fira and U^itu; and de*\cm that a idt^^oel nbonll W irninc^ 
dEaldr oaUedn "ITio ijrMitlnmiin, whoAO Bico wn* acntiy covorod 
vith blood iLn^l dtH, Ih^ehji now to roovror hFd ntroaj^tli nnd pvoAfA. 
I ffot htm to irvoUow a imuUl ^ram of npiriu imJ ho i^ppat with 
mo opatmni, mar7«1y leowg on my »huul<^ktt. 

WblLe we eot by (bit firv^ ind a najdciii and worm vaUtr wfir* 
gotlln^ roftfty, th« itnuupor irrow pdMionnt« in hi^ noknowlodf^ 
mraM for tho lifo wtiioh ho Mid hi> nvfvA nto. nnd whit^b ^'^rrJL'^ ho 

' whrn bo hml Wiuh^'iJ Bin:] wiprrl iiuny Ihr liT'irnT Jinrl r!lrt fmm 
hit fjuir? : hcnviiii r wbrif. WPLK Fiy Mnnrifiii ;Lt iTif t*l4cbl. (ifHii jRiiwt 
wir*' Ml l<jv»d jiiiil Mt n-<V4->r«>dT All uxy injiirlfit mul rmii'iiiiii*Eitji 
vuiSiibr>il Iruiinrly t'oin my incinnry. I fif^ll at bit kum wiUi 
a tffpttt to ^I* ^t y^'^' JbF!ii. iny fiilh^r? n\y omit i!<-hj> my I'vpr 
deal lujtt Un;«.-iiEf:i1 (ithurT U il t\\<^ itco uf a f:tl)Ltr thai I ut Inn 
behold? I tuiet into toon: I wept alou^l, I inturruptodlj do- 



njnncfcd— Win jou not ka<ryr ao? will totj not own mc? wl!! not 
nfclurc HfH.'nk in yon'i will yifii iir>t jfiuowlctlpJ your (co, junxr 
oriL'^ IhiIav^iI lln/i:imi^l. r» \ai^; ttu^ ciJLitkirt of your ji^ soJ tbo 
pri<^c of your oKpcotati<ttlf^ ? 

\VKi|n I Kfllpl<l^, my fjilli<>r 1'Xik»«<1 nild anti CHgor Qpnn mt. Ho 
tt kn^Di ni^<i[|i]ftf^i| Eiio ihniutfh atl my loiUinoH naii piioi' AjipmL : 
■Bil. boAiUtiiu;. rvtilioi] '1— 1^1 bclioro judood jwi aro m^ child 
Hoinmcl, anil tcr^hi r»intv[1 nvny. 


TtrmtSKG ^E)' flt, tliu flurv^oit vmw with liU ixiKinimHTiUi und 
ilr<:bi[u:ii : mul hciv^iif In miIu atli-jiipuii! I<i laiiEjin' hjiti. hy Hprink- 
iluii; H.ib<r iu hid Ial-c^ aqiI Ky the iipiilimliui] ot luirUliorrk In his 
OOMr •A'l u-Miplr-K, tiri lijoh wnir hluvil t'ruiii limii ^livniati Ur <<tm»-'l 

hw wound, wlikli vim a littJc aboro hk fon^hMd. aiuI ilcclorc'l it m 
tlifl^t «• »Ottro<i to )m? riA iStCDio Ieh- kooLMnK Keh dmmthjr. Tli4^ 
fUmcoo, baruK drouod Itr recolvoii Us w aiul i^tirod ; anrl mv 
Ctthor rioidiie »r tho dmvror, otder^ up a fliuUt of Gnrgujidy, ^itt 
a oo3d fowl, oil, md tfnmr. 

Wlwn Ihc teblo was lold^ and tho waltor dcdrcil to HlUtitmv-. 
1117 fhtber again looked ooncvti; a&d compasaaoiutvly upon me— 
1 botioTo, mt bo, tDj child nuy t>e linnury ; and «tr»iicht hu 
C0imtttnaiiQ» uJlinff> and tho m^wlH ot his Irpi Iwdnniue to v&tk. 
ho brdco Into toan^ BarbiLroiu wrt^ldil lii> i^Trlntnit^T : uriTintiiral 
ostrich 1 who oouJrl thiu Isatci lh» flmUliAirrtiuin of thy Ixiwela to 
tba Aflk»dQ«» af Uw (nndi^ and to tho blmiriri^ or thn plcmfinta. 

Ka, Di\ xny fiLlhtr, I crM. R^aln Ukrr^win^ niyxftf fm tuj humw 
bQfbr» hfn: Wll mt* not wltti jonr twtr^ rninJi my ni't wllh tlifs 

riiir numiiritfid iifni«Tn! .Ml in nv]). nil In firip|>y and h1r**i*d n* 
mil IxNLf it tu be TIiLi EuuiEK^nt (rvtnu^-n my ymint of un;riiLF(h : 

S(Wr (upjinr, tit vhkh mj ftifJuir aivitvir ttuli^il. ho e«it lip. lOkd, 
« X roM Qt €aD aauw Uiui% lie nt^^piKM] U3 im, and culcluiiK idu 
paMkoatelj Id his ann»> mid iFuttixi^' hj^ ixxk nc:ro«« mmc — My 
cUhl,hocHod; my 1>«1nvp>] c^Md,my UCcVblowcdiircaoTrcrl oome 
oncQ more to my 1j4Bcim.«nf<:r thy fonakm miknaonl Too toiw ba« 
it bocfi d<«^rt Jiiid dowUto without tboo 1 But h^ro I vow to tin 
AlflJebt;, thai no ftepdnniot, nor viporoiu iiL^rtiinoaln. nhnll ovcff 
horwUr iiiauiaat< botwoon lU : ^ctynmd bo Uuiy tvho eliall nttompt 
to dMrio luj and may thoy oomo to an ovil end who ahoU denro 
to dnriro no of thc<v tho light oT tnino ojoa. tin I am cold vul 
iBf™*^ lo «Torj othor joy. 

VMLa w» aat <T*or out |JO^tI^, mj filhcf ftallofl for hik and pipnr, 
VDfi Hrrt pK«ntia^ m** with a pntw: of fifty ^h]i>iiM. h*» agwln 

fTV m^ a hill At H|;fht nn hte tmnkfr fnT llTn hnmtrAd pndlulK. 
HtATtrvl on, hut KiApiilnc tiu-\ he cniDd^flolil, hoki tay Hnmvy, 
I ■» mywif oTirTfiid ia tbu wknuwtvdpnrntM uT thnt dear thoajfli 
iMBCn ouuntenauk-j^ ; and lJi«^ii »m 1 knei*1od 1>oforD hbn, with boilt 



hanfe h»Id OT«r mo, and eyva nuHc^ lo bi<av(4i, bo bIc«»M me b 
aa <ijAaii1atim9 of tho tODdravvt ardour. 

dour, 07 fiktlMf d«alr«E| mo to iii'.<Mt Juin nt th« «Ain(> Vaivni |h» 
fomwina ortnlng ; aiut Mid that, m Iho mcim tlmo. ho voold (bink 
of irttln^ Kn&a certiln fDOOUM upon me : nnd thui vo parted n* 
ituagi DOT Mvii bad ACOMBpa&M Mcb (»thr^r. 

It wu now luar tvo o'd^c^ and tlio mnmln? Miur ivtUI, Mjr 
AToboUa liad, Icog oIihss, {rat bur oblld to rwt : nniT T fiTmil lii?r in 
tMt« by aflra. emnw alive, fbe flldrievl uji m; my '^nUTriiik'; biir 
&o<i irlcfluunl wllJi M ilt'kly Ji>y : nnil i^br utfi^ri>a hjcijh tfift rv 
priHuOiw, of luiu HUrl uirprthtdfiion, fur 1115 jit«c.'[i<» at Ukb? liuunw 

Lk^furv: I Y<^iittiii;il Ur bit ju Ihe lull Uilv uf our rt:1uriiiiiK bsppf- 

nod li pint of neb. wbicb I ha4 parpmolj brocicht in mjr pocket. 
I brohe Kitno NAvIr-* biMiTnii juto h ivy, luij p>iirinf ao^ho of tb» 
wtneupoiiit,! Act bor th(;cxuQpk, wiiprcTailcdfiDberloe*! 

U«ittirtiil» «bo jtMod o«nuA]:r uid inqukititdy in iny fixoo, 
Ifv Haminf, abc t«Bdtflf oM* v^t la tho moonlnK <>f thla? 
wnat ofOi u<« thovo. ILudidjT wbat saw kia^l af a conntczumco 
-b tbb Toa hAT« bronjcl^t borne to mo? Ab, Torbid It, nj God T 
Cut tha datllnfT <tt my noul Rhonlri Kato don*^ nnj Ihlnit: ortnifnnt. 
Fint, perinh yt^ir AraTwlln, jwri^Ji alto hor InCivnt ntlhfr fbon. 
OB our lU'Connt, or on jutj a^icomit^ Oib Iwut of the virtnCB of my 
Hunm/ lihonTii ho Intr, 

No, firj, mj rif>;:rl, T .Tlod, dADghter of hlgbod benvrdi ! God hfta 
twn wtiTnlriTnily irrai-iiiim to me: be UoaMa mo for yaw mikn, vn 
ATTitidllA- I liAv<f i*^-\i w^ fAlh^r: w» nm bftfipily n>nnno1lAd, tuA 
CudIdd mid iiGliLtiuiL nluill mtiip Eii'iir uri no incinv. 

1 lliuiL I^hjW til'.* lii.'lluwFi HLr] liirbU'tt up n r<wi1 lire, anit vIiUv wo 
froro cniptj'Jnc; our pint, c>f whii U T ciini|Mi1b;rl iitj vi'ifii to riiJLfT Ibfr 
Urffor Fklioro, 1 pivt hor ^ tincaportiiur Octal] of wtuit hm] tased. 
ud poun^^d my |iLjr»<> 1/ k^immv* in(u Urn- bp. 80 \«-fi viuai to bod 
1b pon«ev rpj;ardlfm of futurJtj, tho hnppir^ of 4IJ the pain Ott 
wbom thij rmvoOflinjr «iin iLrr>fK*. 

Wo lay Id 1^^ till Tho 'Uy \rikii fiLr lulviinoitl. I tb«li ord^roil 
MOW comfortiDi: vhitc vnmy caudle f<ir broftktftJit, and, dUbng Op 
tha InmiliLiiy, I dia-h'Uin.'il '>ur «i«rirtorB rtnt. 

Whim oho vaa rfiHmtnafl'I. 1 ff-TihitIt<*d with my wifci wh^tJiftr Kho 
mndd ehoyio to TvHrv to KPTtni.-'* ox Holliuid; or rntJicr to YoHt. or 
•dma olh«r ivmniA plA'^i xtitliirj t'ldi kirplirni. Hut, rvllivijnjc hvkIu 
on th* mtottt cxvctt of my fjiHirr't; ti^n^lomNii mr nw, nho Jomd 
in l&hiUnff It odvlmhlr Ui fu^t wtth bin nmrarrt'nor ; and I il»> 
l^n»i?Tifjrl ifmt v<?ry ♦'vi^uricir to rwvMjd Uk bhii. hi ivmTlJenC'^, tl»e 
vlmli: (ikllmlji^ !k[[itory of our nmrrW^i -ind >uli4'U[irf(tf. 

MiHnwUl« 1 tliuU|i>lil it htiaU iii nil t^wnts. tii [tcctmr tlin inmtH 
of OLOilbtutiilj couf|JH^ui: oitr purjiiH:^, \,y tHkiiuc up tlm tSOO 
tram taj taloor'n luuikcr. 1 fiiiind, by rx^iorlvtLfc-, iIiaI 1 biul now 
little to ftAT 6am beiiiff loiovn to any nnc. M5 nbabbj a|PMRil, 
•Od tniMUtcd fjxv^ w[| tirnlM, lli^t bd^ jirvrrntcO tho knorWlodCO 
nid remcmbrmoo of a fiithor, Lkjt^niinid a douhln •rnurity afpthtai 
oD Other uyvk 1 thoroti^ro lulvciitursd, though aot ^tboQt dnAUD- 

Uj frici^ Skid Mt. GilM, it id Dot tWL> baoTift pjary) ft Atop wm 
pvt V> tho |>jiyiii'.n1 of llut f]ntii;:ht: >k4 1 was if««Sn<l, at tho 
Maw ttoM, to |Jiit ihiii^ pi'p^T- into ihu h«iiiln of Iba paiw ivbo flbonld 
c«l]. So aiying ho ms-o ma a coto, which 1 opened vnth it traptda- 
ticD Qui VIA tiimtffl fn(4 Ji^n? <'t: n^ulJiifr Ihu fbl1t>«'SiiK w^rln:— 

"To Hasuuki, CXEMfiyr* 

**]ffoirl mttin, uiil ru'At fu^-nnu^l or aII rnml oinrdvpnil thou 

didrt tbyioir, tht^u. apI Dint vilUtn an Uty f^irtlliih unil fimil bitlti^r; 

by ttrlioui his TiIikhI ^im ehril. rui^l hjft llfi* Dtwffy lust. 1 nraotiom 

tJMn, 1 jilriiJii' I 111 I- IrijiPi 1l('I|i^4 fur III, Fdrl fur vvrr, .^jitl Mif( J ixifi' 

tinuc to diwl Ji'! -■ ii.^ Ill lir ^ "ith th«, dtb« boro oi horwiftvr; 

•ft mftj hofrveu cuncmoD lo jjroApori 

" Bjlathijlomkw Chsmv/rrS* 

Ob nMdtng thi< dwAdftil paper. ! rprip?<l from tho mnnter wilh- 
Ont l|jMUb|r » vonl. I lE^^C homtv I Imryvr i\M twv ; for 1 noithor 
know what I 'lEU, oor coiui'lorc^^l wfiat I nu nlKint J wnlki^ri ttp. 
doin wilfaont ptrcpivin^ thit 1 wiu foll<j«c<Fl, Itut 1 hud rar^^o 
^nt Inf A my n>on\ wh^Ti 6vn tr 4ii iti'^ti i'nt''T+rl iilitiiAt, Mlonc; wiTii 
jDf ; wi(t nnn ftf Ih'mi Jit^pfrinp iHhvTIj np to my v!fi*, frfflc!— 
Mli^rfifv^ I BiTCiit jtni in his TnajocljV iiEitriF^. 

I QVSttt Dp tlK^ ffiki^r. fmrl ■itit^ng At a iPall-rlitufAl lunri wfirmi 
Inn wiifl out uLMIt uiikiio^^ n. bad who pppcutvl tfio inmt luUre 
iOd joyttJH uf tiip ITTW. I mi»wi''l Ibe crown <if hi» Im'iuJ. but tare 
off ono CAT. Aitil <'iit hlni Uirmifih hix cinthnt aqiI ihi»ali1rr to thff 
boDO' I tbtn flew upon the mt. I do&lt mj Mown with likixrft- 
<vivKiil'r fury and c|iii' ftin^**, 1 oleaKnI my rwim in a hw second* ; 
ukd IhtOJK*' ncvenvl shr>ta w*to flrwl ot me ftvm3 thL' stmB, I rhwKxl 
Ann aU to ibo cntrfi "i^* rvtiinun^ to my Arabclhit I barricA<d<H>d 

It WM then tbftl the intorpifcsd. and, dropping en ]it^T krift^r* 
bofon m^— Wbfit i« my Hunimy Aboat? vhc critid , whit nitbincM 
htf pOA^MoJ my Uixo't WuuJU yoD bv ipiUty of i^tQu) jtnil ii^tftoc 
niira«t% throiigh > rub and vwn (tttcmiit of rwemri^ from our 
Utt« ft Mnon nbom nintbr^r nod nor nuoi tuitii yat ^^nnd* 'TriTK^d ? 
TliK !nrtpoi1, wrrrfi in rnwn™ tho niln jfin ftpprnhfinil. Ah, no, my 
hpflrfi mortrr, Irt ns neither oomfiilt nor [nlqnltj'! Join wilh 
nu^ my Hfurifn:* let na IniAt in our God, a^d nuthrfv bat ffowl 4«ii 
htpiifin iinui I A 

While riiD ipokix the Ut« tcrron of lior r^unitnucco dincpciuisd, 
■ml her vprvt wm miluAUT OTOirirmu) vith h Mtrmity. bo be 
biijtviiivil, Sn mouv raouitrc, ?roin the fiictT o( an cvnimc bvAvcci 
IP aatumn, vhea tho boui^ of hanrcut ore hoard throiub the rUUgM 

1 fftjifr! Oil h<T wtih a Bpi>ooh!em nnd pDnaplttc^nt roTcrcnnt. 
Sho ffflUHy took Uio wnpoti frotu wy viavnaihus uikud ; uod^lpndictf 
no todc, pho m^itixl IQO in tho funhvt chnir. Hhf- ihfm nvtnutfd 
orvn* ta^ ftiul obttofit^ to Aatp ^nlniioo. Ttw juirt wwo imw 




ffllnri with ptOple vlio luvl Iwm ail1e<1 to U10 oaktuKv of ^ 
khtg^A otnG«nii uDl thtj fttJIl appnBrvd H|i|in<h"iifllrtt, ud fearful aT 

QeaLlandD* ■&id Aralwtln. t>c pIubdJ to nmtk In ; I deliror nrjat^ 
MMftll/ Into rotir hidMl»; TV vlioJJ lliuT iiu furlhvr c^iKinlikiu lu 
ak iiMJcvtj or the lav*. Tbo cfflccn ac<Kir^3Iiie]r «ntcrcil. but 
Ifowiiur. and vit}i a tiioiiT kind <if iwrccfc: nottbot ilid any of Ihrm 
oJTcr li> Lvf A hatui nuiii h<-<r. Good God. vubFrum I hjli Iji^inr.^d tJi« 
foremoft Id it p^liLc jou vbould h& scultjr of tbo crlmu \M to 
Tonr oharn by tluit ruoal, whom toot huabud Uhb luJf killed? 
Ho 1a cArrUd off to Iho dootor'A; Imi I tliliik, In my cair'Ii'iico, 
iiukt lio hu gi)t hi* d«»rto : oikd, m fbr the few bnjts that wr Iuto 
n^('civ?i1, «v csmu* joitf tnubund. mftditm, for yuiir uko j uui ^*« 
tliliik him t}i« hraror ui4 tba lH>t(«r muii l<>i' uhut bft did. FeVi Ir 
tjnth, tfoifot mftdam, jon uro wall worth dcfotichnt-, 

] iltHith 7i>, ir^titl«tm>n, >aJd mj' viro, pnofuUy nnSIOff ind 
rtiTliyln^ : i^rfiy, )« pbMod to alt vhflo T |tfcparo 10 altond yon. 
T tin [milty, Indwrt. of thu dt^ath of n nti\n. Kod yet guilty ot luv 
tliifik; lliJil. I vjiitlrl iKit TfjH-Hl ill Ihf i}fti'Ut'i' iif \1rtuo. Bnl, 
^nilnntcfi. tnjti HhtH. afnJn •inltln^. yrin nmi Ifkfly f<* b* tmuHod 
ydih tntitv |>rb«iii*?ni ttizui yuti hmk k>T. OtiL^ tif llii'm ImirM^d, in 
jouji;r. uid tLH IK^Il^ lueniuui; of liui ui ii> luiy vuv va liin inullicr. 1 
nwU 1b[^riifarL*> Ijtiy yoiii- iiidnlifr^iicv in h^ik^Iii^ Tit ji itnii^li ; uiid 
pniy» do nw i\n- fuvuiir tv urj.«|>t thiii tdQi^ im iln? miuuiH fd wjUnhJik^ 
Bwmf aDUaouiy l>til^Tr<iii juu tuid ujj hu^liiuij. Sir fu^ ihl', nlit pre- 
BTDt^d tli'-ir I'firrf wilS n ^'ijiof^il; wIjij. lihiuff ^d uv%fu]!iy twtt'mjr. 
or<Uii:pd riQL- of Lho others t** iit*p for n iXhkch. 

iLbi th'> hnTi< of <.in>t)riu been tuned lik« thi? voicms of cor AfV 
b^lU nl. tliin hivuH^ii, It lA not tu bo W0QilQrf»d lb«t tfiC&T^ fthaald KTOW 
tAiiic, tnd iKMLm cmurh ilovm bcfOTO hiia B&d lick bin f^ut . ainfo 
wrotc1i<ci lihv th'.'M^ linnI'.<Ea<id in hourly Mta of lUli^foTicc and ia- 
hnnsanltj. vpro nt-w hwcI lo ilr>wiicnflt roTonsiiKi. loid, <jr hor 
Totorn from thu t'^K^t n-itli her infant in lior ditqi. dropped a touj- 
ol wtiJJ ojniim»4^4i, fui tl)Oit|fh lh^ had DOl wbully ioqgoixm Uut 
th»y wfipc bom of womon. 

In tho Mcnn tini<>, my fury lutvin^ Biil^iitilpd nt th? ttLtbini« of my 
«rifo, 1 ifhoiilil iwi-T;ihily hhT^ fniitrM If 1 liAfI nnt lnyin r«1iHvi>il liy 
a irnAh nf toAni : whi^'li 1 ondf?nvi>nrvd to oonroil liy mmlnt? luiido 
and imrtin^ tiiy Iwrnlk^^prhiof lo my fm'i- A ilrnid of lhij.'k dark- 
ll«#» ii^'uin ovpi>pri'»i/l Tiiy ""nil : tuvl vY^ry iiil4.'nijr] Idiii ktvw 
prujTiihrit. ntirl luJumi^'d wilh ftj-pf* lii^xmiou Hitl Imrmr. I p<irMd 
my m^tln?- vUli my fitibiLr. ajid Wa tvt^jn-h'-tonp ri|ip<<ajunu? of 
iHiiinty. whk^h h:vl tn^nvi lu VriuE: Ihli dvc-jtav^- ruin nfnru uh ; 
(knd I loukvd iiikin fi>rfiiiio n* nidkttoiu iiud Liuliuti juila to liriii^ 
n\\) and tWtcuctltfii oat of otot; pTfwntmcnt and prgauH of 

Bebtf umducted to N«wirnti^, I acr^d with tho hecptf Ibr ft 
tdfltabio apartrno&t at twojruinoaa per week : and, pvHiii^ on Ae 
laat chMr I ociold aff«(jt bof'^ni uiv wir<^> 1 ecnt out for a Doori»h!njt 
dfamar; for I iarljcvd It Uto to tc fnic-al vrhon doatli wm at orir 
door, nod J had d^tonniao'l not to ntji^iTu tay Arabella a motiLcnt 

Tho <Iay fullowirv, 1 proccrad copiw of Ul» dvp<«itk>ii« of Ui« 



thnM wiizkMiB*. thd fintt of vhorc wiin onr ov^ Hcrvur^mtiJi. 
Tho«* 1 lAJri Ivfi^rv Ivo or lh& itij^I lAitniAil (n tttts Uv, Imt 
roceiirad t>o coQAalation from thcU repon. They t^lH mo Ihot, lia<l 

haTfl hnil (J»nii' pi'-mpt-ef of Viting aoqwlttwd nf thfl miinlnr, hy luring 
wudil^l ti hrlhn nir the eitibEic'\ Tint rJiut, U hIia v't» rcall; 
iBDCWTnt of Urn ivb\<fty. m T nrTimifHl, it llibti Iiwhuli^ Ihv vvrj 
CAWO jw vi>Il JU4 itjt'^ri>>iC vf tlio ^iiilt/ i>vkk'jicii to Iihvc ht^r nor^ 
dcmiioil un iKitJi utiiJiiA of uwuwkLkpD. 

Afl iho feoHul (Iajt itppraiii^lif^l, 1 Iwti^hl &t ««txniii-biiFid tiro 
tlfiTiit t^aiVi vT TiioiLnJiiif^ Willi tlL« r«qaUito ftpponrliiKi^ fcir my 
*ifL* luvi mj^tlf, Vhciwvcr I could Rot Hpa/t> I ww drown<vl itt 
lof xvnn ud luUfvafibcated by mj soba; and I di^l fttry fhiutr 
but prikf for atj AnbolUi for I c<jiil<i not think t^t lEftiEjjC m^ heui 
to hwvcQ, vlioTO I hobd ki(A aU 4otK^ad«nc«. 

la tbo mflon timt mr boIorOfl uidlj rc^'ovirrod llvUi 'LAtl hoaJth. 
Uer oyM grow nun l>riltliuit, har cowith-^nn more ckor. hnr 
ccmimMOMivwwtlioanirfaco of ji depth if |>oui:c: luui 1 ^athoriMl, 
I kntw not vbj, « UikI of r»ni)Ot«d vonfiiivi^if hy hvhiA<iiBg ber 

£&rl]r on the fntul momiDir, when I had loA hor witbin at lier 
pmver^, ntnl h«il |iij1Urt ttiJ' l^jit ov^r rnj r»yf<t. hthI tat %\KtvfM In a 
imniflr tn v*fit tIw* tlirolililnffn nf tny liftwt, ! i^fl mv i-jt on « 
pqvr ibrtt iLp^wtiru'l front iimlor tha door. T took It itj> wiUi 
fi«dpjtatJi.iD, and in [f fmiiid t|jf* fnllonlQfC Unw:— 

tiDu nlliimnA EThcIobil 


VikU aumil Tlib oavlUa iwiidH nigh, 
And mW* Oif JdHTMM ^la( ih* fifrth 

T bod no KK]iM*r md this M^pL^r, tbou I ibopiicd iluwn JnTolui^ 
tfkril; on ntj kuen*. Mjr biJi<U < Ivai^bi^t livi^tbiTc; uiiT T tin^ihlliiHl 
up A mort Bfilpnt i^cliiiiiD. iWt Mino orcr-nJiii;; powci vouU tak« 
IDJ Ajiiib<:UA iiLil^r bU tTotactJon. 

Soon ikftflr flho cnmo fcrth, adomod Iflto tita luoon when g^rt 
About with olond^ tiiroojEb whoAO bbcknoo) bcr b^^ut^ brcdu 
fortb w>tH iiiiproT«d Imtnj. 

Wbklo v« btt at broakiitft J pTCBDt«d b«r with tlio vdtuk- Sbo 
road ttien over uid ovor wttb ilevp ftttvjkbon ; Bn<l ihon r«lnruin^ 
tb«D with ft fmilo — Tld*) ttyn i4itf, niM \tMni iba ftraXAgtta d naaa 
\vrf i-itATttabHa |KiTwn, ttho jud^d tbiLl bopo vu wuntcns t> 
■nppori mo kt tii'^h a thid. 

Alt thi> finwifid \vfeT V.-HH xi bnrnl, tiict ai 1 luul n>iift1i1emd beftT^ 
ODW Ibftt At btfl It itii^vt c^rmi', I hfcd pTvpATod & Olnll 1rcFttI» cf 
paltK luiii (X oor<tur rn ■ijiipurt tnjwlf u voU «* my wJfta frcoa ui 
UMrt.'mly d'-Jixlirn nf h|iiHii vit coiirl. 

Ab, *^t\ Ktut joa ii.'U Eiiu lii>« uiiiT tbEns «lioub1 come to puef qbu 



fOL MOOKBt for tiik tnott oxtnordiiuiiy of aC tli« vorkiiijV in 
.naputfl iwtnr»7 ttuA a idad «t tonM tioiM idMald loore fi4-ti«e^ 
fflT*. or dtft In oltHt^ tluA In UnMoU Had 1 bMO callsd lo vy l*a 
indit, bad ili« dKfjiJon oT mj own **H*ii*» bom «t auk^, nqr 
aapnhmiCaM^ u. I ililnk. mhiU not luvft aVwUeri wh^tl MtU 
tbt period. 

AllMwtiLfbe)»Kipera]ipcan^uKl vtinied mj Anbcfla that 4ia 
mut t^wUy wi (iiiu 1 lumeil UMnatiy o»lit ami pale ; muI U «w 
lon^ licforii I ns>wiim1 ^trco^ctlt tv rift.- ftuiu m\ vJiilr. In tbo 
iUL-4^1 ihao taj *Uo ^tanir4 t« oar be-Kh&mlvr. vkJ, bHo^OK 
out bcr bbknt, k«t« liln in «bvv> to • uuso-ko«fic« * flli« «Ml 
b«ld hor bmiii ofcr hint, and r&iaod her tm* to h««TeD In hltMfaa 
fat Aciino luEL«. Affva bIm} fix«d Uirm on hu Aioe. ttad puaw npn 
Link, M Ji wero, to* & lut Auvwdl 1i»>k. tou drfippcd afbtf tonr In 
« pibthoiia and ottbdionAte sjlc^noo. 

IMajl oondnoM to Uic< uu iuilv^/. mj* wife oa «ntcdQR tfad 
QMirt bomod nHdaiilj j^Jo ; ancl bor ctunlcauiioD m« downowt 
With > difflilooiTo ibrii iho couliJ not for Mjuiv tme ovoroonKk The 
conc^an* waA M^-H>tf^ otljiCri'>i, Mill <:hE»ll J oviiifTiiijf erf tiw nob^ 
mn\ gDOtry of both miM. Hw ^At man hlmtQir wiu tbcni, vlth 
a OTOwd of blB ilppvudAiila, and aU fb* male tmtl fiucolo relDnticiu 

T ciLTr my An.h*y\lti thn uitU w nncll in ; aSiA, aji Khs ««aklf 
and taiJifally ndThiiroJ tit iho bnr, n iv&Tiurd aiu] Jurinfc niurnnur 
WM held <irL All Hllr^, yiial the words Impudenoe aud Iluixvdus 
fiMOiuitlnd tltiiJii>,'tumt. 

Vhcii. luxcriHiu: tu orlor, sbc had bold up biir IuuhI luiil hi^nnl 
Lor iufllrtiUfiut. rJk<« judco. vitb « ocniril«ti»:ki?o and tuicvr t^qiiitlljr 
at«Tn, dcnumdixl fiuSllj. oi not icai\ty*i f^h^ oiunvnicit, QuiJiv. uiy 
]orA, I ooiiftm,gf tbp d«aib of Lord tiliv«iT; biit notrr Kuiliy of 
■oy kjnd <if nrUii^ry ur mnUocb Woman, eald tbo Jodiro, joit oj(if«M 
jonnclf tmi]ty> and I abnil proooed to yoar MfrtCdo«. Bat I iMk 
jOQv for the butt time, fnultj ct not ipiuiyl Not inidtj. m^r tori^, 
iho tbon Rjjoinod l itUt 'to ^^'bdt I kpproviJt itnd AbiiU m^wr rciK^nt 

ci^ la not to bo giUlty. 

Af^ tha mumnr wu riMx*]Lt4«d ; but o'lntjnuod muoh lonf^r, 
ifid «rlth nora Tlral»DOo on t^i^ ono port, tujii mor^ cxtric<(ra on tb^ 

I nhnll Tint dhtiln yon, idr, wftb on iKVroimt of Tbo emnunatlan td 
Ihft l;wo flnit ftllm-**™. una of whfirf* Tiinl Tiai^t* onr own aftrvin^ 

art. JUid Utt oth^r llm prtnciJjAl fucilmJin of l^irit ^itlvcra. Tbo/ 
id nil manner cif ■^n^'^mm^-i^ni'Tnt nnd ovuiit^iuniLV fruni the conrly 
Badoniimrriiil In vv\:ry I'ln-iiitLAULuoti ilmtctpuld hi-rvp fur iXinifenina^ 
tUni. TIjit Miknd <>( trluiiipU wna benrd Ibrniirlj nil Hw gimiry^ and 
tliLMmpubcf! tiiLhiii^l; u^ivf? tny Arabella for loFfC, 

'ilif^ ihlrU wijjivx* vrkw [lii-ii vftllvil llo WUB tb VbTj ^puiUwl iud 
moili'it-loiikla;;^ 7<>aiu lunti. mi'l wrii now oat rf Uf^rj, 

Mr lorii mys he. ^ith a rcspcitful but reeolnfo votoc, beft>ro I 
^VA Tn.T Ii-Htjiiiofij' fn tlii^ r-jv*.\ I ruqaort tb«t tho two fint 
viloF^>i^ shi>QM be ^iki^ri inu< i'iiJiti>ly, Into coatody! oHtMl tlio 
Indffo; <1o 70U fcn^iw wbut jmi my? I do knov wUat 1 my, my 
tor^ uid J voiHfiLt my ru^uovtt tUnt Lbuy ob^d bv tukuo into 

yUE FOOL OF i^UALiXr. 101 

thrM witnnttCHE. tho ttut af ^hom «v oiu ovn nmuit-Qudd 
Tha«» t Imil iH^fiiT^.k two of tbL*< moat l«iini«d fn Ibo Uw, bat 
rcoetrc^ tio conAoUtttm from thotr roport. Thnf lolrl mo IbAi, bad 
iqy wifv liH« Eii:tii4l1y jmilcy oC cli« robber} uc jtIT--p.-i]H *ho mifr^it 
lUTO hm] ft^mri |iriMpo4-r itf tk^iij; tuiinitV"! of ihi* miirrlAr, I j h^ln^f 
■DAblul In Ml\a nil Ihn rvldonr«. flut UmI^ If Hhn wiu tiuiLlj 
limnivnt of t!ip riiVbory, n* T klflrmitd, it then bj^onnt* Ihi* tnrj 
c&iifu HJ* weU rt* fnlrt[v*t. nf tli*> jrullty ^vfclMn^^i^ lo h»iv*> h"r ruo- 
domm^l cm doilt iirlii^lrj of mviiMith>jL 

Ab Uie f«iLrfut d^ iipinwichAJ. 1 bouulit at awooil'hiuiil two 
4*oeiit »uil» <jf mviimiitic, wilb Ulv rpiuiMlfi nD^iltqevr fur lay 
^fb uid Duysdf. Whetjovcr I coulil i:vt aptai. 1 wivi Orowned in 
&I7 tOM^ ud liAlf«Q0ocilted l^ m; hjTjh; uid I dii^ c^vcrr thibE 
bat vny Tor my AT%b«llji : f6r 1 cotild nuC Uiiuh uf UlLiiJji vu/ li<urt 
to boaTf^n« vEi<<F« T had Imt a!1 dcwBdcAC^ 

la llw monn tmo Diy bvfotvM] doUj reooT«Tcd Ec«b aod boiltb. 
Bv «70« JETT"^ riioro UriUuiJit* Lvf oomplozUiQ iuon> cUfkT, bor 
oovnknonro voaoa tho cturi^iccof ixdopthof pcocA; imd I cutAond, 
1 know not wbj, a kind of roHvtlod iKAL^JoriL-u by buboldin^ bor 

lisrly on tho ffllol morniijc. whoa I bad left fcur wltbin at hot 
prftyon, and hud ptUlcl m^ uut ovor tay eyi^K and «t ilown in » 
corm-r to T*iit (h* thri»bMiim of my t.-jiii, I tiiftl niy *yi* oti » 
p*par thftl npjuflTod from und^r the ■^cmr. I took it up with 
pndiiilatloii, U)d In it fuiind Die folluwiiLg linn^' 

TlwacD tilth ADd ban an tvnto wf taA 

Tlwacbwth «DaDSiriuo f^^Qiy 

All], pirnnv V Im amDM, lo h*^ 
Kijxh ■Urtpl vliri nudwn BM[tK- ikL|rii, 

I b&d no KurpniT r^iul iIjU iH)mr, ihun 1 droppi^d down Invnlun- 
tarily (in tjty kni^H. My luimln rlt^ndiL^r] Ti:ip>Lbi]r : nnl [ brt'ntliHd 
Up ft mmt JuUiTiit |ii:iitIoii, i.luit Hiituj Gver-i'ulLuE pnwLjr vould iHhB 
ihjAaIkIU luii-lcr hu pn^tptiiou. 

Socn nftvt efju twtio rorUi, udornoti like (hci moan wb«u i^rt 
abfMl vliJk clomU tlinmvlj wIujm b1ib:kiioi« bur liimuty bruihn 
forth with Impfored Ituiie. 

WKli] vf<i «nt at bitAkUdt I rrOfntcl tir.r witli ihn tri«i^ft. flho 
rtttd them over AJitd oror witJi iLc4:p attention ; onit ibcri rcEnruiiit; 
t^om i^Ttb a smile — Tbia, ibjh nbo. him \<wa thv rtmlnpom t-f v^mo 
rwf CthATitAblo porson. wbo jtvlgvd tbut hopo wu wanting 1i» 
rapport TOft ftl fluoh u tHul. 

Xb tho dreadful Lciir 'mut at hoo-l, Jini] a> t li44 ooiwdoTcd bofbrc 
now UiKt uC iMt it mtwt nunw. 1 bo;) pivivihrod ft nuoU bottlo of 
iilii tnd a oordbd, lo ijuiiikiil iii;/Mlf om woil aa toy Kir* tmm ta 
MywcTPty d^ioction of iqnnu ia oomi^ 

Abj nr, cui you tj^lt ntn bo4' on* tb;i\g altoold come topaa? can 



iO«i» Mmimfi tMntii» conrcHiomUx ttiHro: UitI Sdvi>rfl wHLt np- 
atHlra, whlb we ToRowod Iho nudd. Mm. Iif l^itiji. tr> iho kfK^hcn. 
T KOfin olivf'rvul ttut mj coin}ttaiion» Mr. Ilcibrri llicrt^, wui Inlmt 

on mHldnir up hEa A^^innlntAiLrA vrtih Mn, tit^tionjli ; nntl, ah I fnnnil 

ulaenioO* uud, ilcaUog up^oirH, 1 ]}\ii my <:)Lt to iL^ iIuct Vplitro I 

wmifmoiLbi vM 1 thai tiu iLinacctL h1lu<^»! to whiit t>r^>o&i of lui 
umofoncv uf th^ movt oxnltvd itntuiii! if 1 ehuald vaA be icdioiib I 
wruld ll'?1ivl^r li> tli* ooot^Uj vim. nty lvi<L iu jnu lii^uliu — aoJ li> 
rem. gcatlcmcn «J the ^n/j, Uic beat oct^oiul I caji nf tlioK Wdodcr- 

ticif nim— 1if«r liiin— ht^or hImT war tlicn nlmoot t!i« iiTiI/crsnl 
wy, ^ he woi permitted bj iho bcuJi, aad <l<*Lr«d bj tUo jnj^, 
to Aicofe with frifN^JudJ. 

uo then rvpeatod, In & raoro nnplo nrnl pjkthotlo inAnu«T, rJL llmt 
pttdiOd, u I buv« toll yon, botwoen LorJ Stivcn bokI luy vifo. Ifiit 
lO/ffpffina, u ho tlrt'^^ iivAr tn th^ fiu*l ootJUAtri^jilin— i ttuiilil no 
lon^r DMT, ba ttiua, the [ai^rciiw crlop^ the oenauiiic; Ahrloks ol ooa 
in Ridi irrfretLlify. Hurl I tmy kind of WMipon 1 tlioti^}iI I idioald 
hAi'n ilnn<» my Icinl (fiH»(1 lorvlm !■/ pn-wntlng hia wlrlH^^lTinw. Itiit 
I Ln-inT>li^1 njul ^f^v 0i»w<}lnj^ lick, lUid hiwtirciTig dinni Id tho 
kilchi-nn I tJtroiv ni^wlf lni<i r\ c1»1r, nnd swnoned rtwny, 

Wliilo T WTiH in luy flt. nfiil RolMrt and Di^liunih W4.ire bui:iy 4huut 
mf-. tim fktjd hlii>hii, lu I iiiiji|fln«i,wM |[1v«'(i. juiO itin prlMni>r nuule 
hur CBCOU: ^llli lu^r Irifjuit In bnr nrrniL Wltoit 1 \trm mniowlut 
rMOWtiX mill hull tiiki^n a driiui tif Mik Di-bunJi'v KiUlt, fJk- jicjI 
dami tbft k^lLlr, mj<I invlioil i4ii U\ » riiitli ^f u^iu ] n''iLii4lf>l my 
oompmioQii. fium time to timr:, to jitcp out and UbIoii, but thoy 
ttpcffted thni tdl vma iiuict Jilriirq «tiiri& 

At length II fiTo-w tUrlniUi. tmd l^njj; oil of n* nurpriicd that no 
OMlJkB VMro culled for. wo wi:^t in a body Dp^tiurf^ and iKrbomh 
Ttatur^d fiODtly t-i tup At ihn duor; bnt hwinje no vatov nor 
BiJrrJikc in the ehiunbcr, ihc tumod tho bolt mftly, nfid peopuuf h^ 
»tLV iptvo u luud dhriokt and drow amldonly bock i^ain. W» Umi 
«otOKd toffothor, ftnd un I waa propAtijd, by tny kiio«'l«dK« of th« 
laibr^ Tirtnc, ior <oino dreadful oataiErqibo, 1 wm tho lo« «hocJcod 
Am] oooc«m»1 At vbut 1 1whv1<l 

Tho floor wJtA hull i-ovftrA.! ivlth blood. Mr EnMtpr Uy 1n 
thn nddr<t^ iJn^ody idlf imd coV) : and port cif Iho fntfd scuun 
tnu Ktlll wirliiii Hv? woiind. W* nil Kt*»d for Homo tiiotf In tflont 
aitDoUimont: nnd \ht*u, wifh JrtEnt t'jmi. Ijimiknt'tjl bU fnf^. At 
Ingtlk M3n< Ih'liomh, I wnnid ^XaiWy Ktn if niT bloody tnktri«j« bu 
Inken CUN» lu proTirla fur hr?r juunii^y. So itnytri^. hJii> nt(>ti|ii>'lt uml, 
loklnc hl« loRlHhip'R piirw fNim hlx jmcki.-!, aho fontitol (k>wn t.A*o 
fanndiod and nhndy-dcvm giiiiKiiiA. Mu^ Ibrii Toid. oTit \\\^ fine 
iCn!*l ii'S^Mter, iJiii iif^l 3iip K<ild anufF-boX, iifld but. louh IlIb bUK^ 
dioDiMnil tiui^e fium htA lin[:fr. 

Coijic, tuy WId^ nij» I>*rlioriUi, my lonl'* il]rn»« ;rfy<?» coiumt* 
nii>t vt^ ran nc m^r^ Lif? muI to rob tbl^ pi»e <if i^iLttb. tbon tbo 
poopiv in Xhii tnihc* vho i^itbur icold from clny. Tf piy iiM»tr««» It 



con «be ntii"t tiLinV^r (l«Ath Tor ih» mntA9^\ Anil llmj can do 
iin mcrv lt> br-r fur Ui<' r^hlATty^, Jmil twenty nii:h iiuiltcni Uif el]^«r. 
Xr TDU «j1I llitit^uto bv uf U15 c.H7U[, wv >vill ctiiaft^tt uuisvKtd 

behPccii lui that iw oije cin; hm) 4 right Ic, ii4id (JiAt aolii>i!j 
will wont 

HoU^ti iLii-l nul hdtnto lon^. In * lilflo tintc he oppcaro^ morft 
RUi^Cu: tJua Deborah htfeoU: anil ihoj urTr*"! nnj to join ibcm bj 
ft xramUir of iatormtinif n&il ujjolinjf IuhIjuioca. 1 vuf dJi'inritM— 
1 wui AflHghtod ; 1 mw a kc<m of bbof) lutil ilanghtor (jdoro zno ; 
MAd I douHcd uot that, if I rcFoMd thoni. 1 HhoaJd bo mucto tJio 
NOUid vjctirn Ut thoir r««nntni«i| laul ATuti^iv, I |>n?iti>i»rli>J |u 
voIdo tfco vatch at lUi iiniiMMimLli> raU, utd tlui 1 HtiDUlil \>q 
grofllljr Ibv giuiii>r if I got ft fbr mjr dindcinii Uln. I ivtcmfi thcti 
vtwt t4k \iw TTilfliMK't tlntwant nnd tAkinir ont half n dtnu'rj dtlror 

Mir £iir1jr l^ld llirfn lii!ri>r« Uri; aii<l obvtrvei^ nt flit< Wiitrc tioit thit 
lior mihlnwi wiiriltl tint t-ull In a biirrjr lo itdiiiHiid iIjimi, hufI tliAt 
tbit bindlMxl mcnilrj tiJ-kn jJl If ** ill<1 Iicil coxae \a {nT iniiiv\\%. Sbn 
Lhtiii luuda n iiuiv -liilnlun: bLd iH<iii[#11c(] me fdrlliur tu uxtpL nr 
Uv* Mijfl'tiulL. ^bfi ifiLW lilt' iniiTHi vf )|mM i.iijLiri3 It} VmXwjK, luifl 
conl^TiU^I hi^rvlf niili ihr tliombnil ring, podlc gold Qicdnli^ mj 
UniTh liimilhrTL'liii'f, cjiil the plumlti uf her uciatixTn. 

Wluli^ Mr. Lo]iirfU't<i »-an iu lliv- |mil uf hln UVtiQWUy. Uk» Torv- 
uifljTj ikf tbi- Juij L lii'rl oul — BUj, jir! Good p^opk^pToj utop thou* 
mtnftacs tlifit— 1 m:c tbry ikn: niAkiiiK off' And now do oa tbo 
&^«iLT 1^ witi:h ib^.Jt jK.i*^4*, [inj W put whfti yo find &uto two 
hatjB^ k^Ti^rull^, Eiti't lo li'Lud ihcm ap to oa^ 

Tw b«!ru; o^onliiurly duuv, Mr. ]#(iii|:li(4il, ta^ 11it> foirman, 
b« p3«ftMd imyf lo t'^^^i'"'- 

r bav« tttlfl farth«r to hij, noplicd Mr. Lcm^uld, Uoro i* my 
iu)bl« mutar'a ««tcli) nnd n«ri< M hix KTti[|i-t>ox Hii.'/ «i> uu- 
ddnbt^dly lEnrnm U> mnny h(in»nmTili> pcnutTLH nt pivtmt In ivrnrt ; 
«sd I tarn my God IIibI 3 hnvo hct'ti 4'iuiblpd to pnw^rv^ Theirs, 

fiir th» Tji>r]i4?uiJoa (^ ijuichwnfj«. And ih(< iiUiHrrAtJoii of tirnie, tt 

thin llAf- 

Bftr Mr. Tjorjf^flidd fnuutit : >md the jmljr^ vHi^d imi^^^Tlcric; 
baiul lue Dp t.W i^:uiiTtliiMUiri iff lUii^ prf^viirliiilH>r. TTjIh hu lord- 
■blpptTniviilulJli II C!Ouui('Jumt'L^ juid irnuliiy itpEHU'rcitlj'invr^flinito; 
but nndhii: iLiit ihn JupuiitQt bad not tuuioieii ujiuu tbv ivbbcty, 
and lliiil oeiUjei tb'j wuido /fJun^iol/ in>r t;/ maikiv mjrv iiuvjrl«d 
fa) Ib-it fhirt Itat rc6;rTcd tf> the ilcath of I-cnl ^lircn. ho ioTtt tb« 
«ianiiniticin into twcotj pie«cA. Com^ (Widi.-, be cried ot-ain, I haro 
ftot jfll doim with tbih Mmo L<fTt|:1]iiltl, I imrtjcivo iwrfc^tl; well 
bow he CAinc by thn watch and nmfT-bcoc. llic tnuidbreaoc irii> 
not dUficolt from tJio prisoner wbo bIuU* 1hf<m 1c thi» W-t (Km- 
fcdcroto- Itut tfi)] u^ iTty n^^hdorfully hfirK«l IrSc-nd, how «iinio 
yon to fcunp thivti fjjiiipw from tboir lAVifuL onntin for tho Tory 
MSg nuv of twelvu moottw and upwJir^M* M'by did you not 
tnimMlUtoly, or loiif b^Coro itow, 0t* infortiuitioiiP flif-iii't tlio** 
whom you so tudilunly t*-Uci ii ljitu vomt hn.*d to ictuaw? Ami *hy 
woold yon mftcr that » au«cdia^ cluuto luid innocent k4y I0 



UUiLir, «I1 IhiA time, niulcr Uw Isfomy with vhlcfa bor dunurtoTi 
b luj jadj^cut !■ rttll juatlj lovW ? 

Ti» aU IhVBo quMtiou Mr. Looicfi«ll bftnli fnuilod ; btit Lowtdie 
ir!ih hU hoMrlf niu '■**iH^ « motion witli Ida Luid to two ^mUciuoi 
who axt <m oaa airlo of tbo b«iu3b, Ur Archibald. «i Mdiuat 
mombnnt uirl nn di-ttirauii of tho dty, Kot up and «|Kikft to Iho 

1 nidh. m^ lord, ihiA 1 €<iul<i aa well ountcut your lonbhip* q« J 
<Mn «ali-ij tb-j fory ttcid dl oUiifre tiuftobt oo Uio ivlidcm you 
T4viiiin^, TJiti ilnjp iminedkhdj' iaoo»odl&c thta fabl nooident, 
Mr. LcDfrticlJ cuootomOkUirl, Ibtlk* profCoioB of Ur.l^iuloTe h«r», 
inf nvti\ty athI vubffUrktf*! mit|fbbuiU', nT» a d«taU, thawi word 
Im- worJ, of ^ that ho haji thlA hour d^rpcaod in coiirt ; bo tb«& 
Hepncltj^i tbu mtcli uui tnufrboi vUh nt. and did oot roclatin 
Ihoni tftl aatIt Uibi momlnit. Ao T un oT hb maJoaly'A pMOi^ Iw 
ilUi) gnvti tn trrii cxuninnlton bcfcim mn, irliioh hovnrrr T ntirct Mt 
Tiinlurw ti> lu[irl nwr U> ytnit bintnli^ii. till I baVv* ycitir pn-rloni 
«ii^4fl<iii(iMt t\ ^uii will tint tiuT iL J iLrrvft^ti^ ciirKrtiil U- Imne 
wuTAfliK tw ii|)jj|vJii*H<l[nif t\i<^ df liiujiitiiU ; tut Mr. Ij€infl;rt«lii 
must rwiiMblj iiiii.1 juJuiuuflj uluvrvud. Uwt iiuuh a i4i:|> mati 
uu4ti'4tiiiirHM> ti^iut thv dour aK&iuit Jiusltoe Mod nil )aiCMttl»lv0 of 
ihc tnith; that Ibo crimbida wxiretvo to ODC Wbkiltbdr Acctitof ; 
lliAt. <iii the* plwlitt'Jit hWm. tlu.'y woulJ lufalljlily alipotriid *ir mnkc 
«wiiy wjtli thfi oIlDcUkOf wLii'Ji tlu>riiuw hi^U iLi^nuBcfxe tbc iio40^ 
ftbt* Kiiil uA^DUtUiBftd poflMMOrii ot ooutrlft Kano fuTtltt^r i^lot to 
InToIidAto hw OTid«iioo; or. proMbly, moke him «^rar Ij jjuioI or 
poboD. EUid 00 dcpnre tbot oiduppy n&llo«muii of thin onlj viS 

^ «Oort ondc^r thn couAiloiioi) of mr pcnfrdaruy, thcj will hftvo 
tM> itOOTTO D|7-}ti thi^mt DO forDfonDod om^iuriri or O0fttnv«iM<fl fat 
Mcopo. My uiKitpiictod tfxiUmo&y wlil audJ-joly oanfoaiid tix^ 
guEt, OAd Ibc7 imy hflfpon to Cftn7 ootno «rtiolo« about IbviJi whicAi 
nuirhl oorr^ ^ir ih<.'ii- ccnvioUoa boyond ton wHhmom. 

Id tha Qi^an 1iKi«, Mr IXingfliil'L Mr, 1VudIo*d, nnd I varo 
oolidtotu and. trnvusaid in our inijuirica nflrr tliv otLfortuikAto 

SrWjhiir. tliit w« riiEj^r. in^r^ntuli* hi<r tf> Kt»m\ Ufr rrt.t], aiiiI to 
ftllVflr hf'iutlf im 1.1 jpHtiiT. Unt all our Bnixrph pmvnd fmllbiM 
mi tliD day on wbfrb A%e via dimvircrc] lUid loJrrn. 

HBrp Mr. Anhlludd -'n-l'.'d, und th« ;ii*liCi' wU'ljilmed^Crlor I 
odl tbr> livi> Itrvl wIlaiiiWNi Stilo iiiurt, UiaI wr in*y bmr vshnt tboT 
*uiy to Ibi* fitlr-woUhtr iqioDch. Tbn trior ■iixcr>linir]> v^jciiorotod 
pctund Oynx'H for Utrbunb t^iiiivr nuil BolTrn Cullzar tu cofno 
iuto court, UuL tubl Ib'Y Ii^i-m witiiiii i3il1. (Iv^y itid not choooo to 
heivr, Dviiiu thn Attnnhc^ cf tlio court and jiiry ^ oldornua 
Archibald, they bad icipiinvpliMy Mnfif^t b«ibijLd tJidr U9Xt 
u<-it[])b(iiir»; AJ(J piiHH'riiiri/ in Ubc Riimnc-r from one to o&otbcr, 
thoy 4l kn^tb ccmroundod thcmjclrca with ih« t^ro^ oJvd ^ 

My lord ihi^n ht?^\n to nnro hSii i^bji^:« to tbo jury, rmd dvFollod 
with n^Qoh omphfliaa on mono iirticlct. Jivro* nyr bv. wo haw 
luHt Ji n^blomiuk— u mu^ixtf^T -*mn Of tbo find ur/uutifjiita fjf pot 
oonntry And otiya oT our land. And what, 1 pnt^ y«» haTo ww 

TSH root OF qvALtrr. 


tot in fvonnpmiM of Uua mviit daiuaiec? VHijr. loy fiioiiiif, ve 
EtftTo irot * now i\\\aiA \\\^t\ Ok: f^urlli. wo fcaio i^ ih ftAii»i; of Uio 
boiMUJ of A tniliiUDr. But if thu vonum w uiridalc, m «tiU li 
pntmdod, bcw cftiuu ftlto tv b« iruiltj uf tJiis tnt»t boiricj of oil 
miFdoii, before aho Imcw U^ Nvli^ht cxtrciuLtv bU lorlAU^i would 
bftTo pr«<>M(3od? How pIecJ tho dofo c^itepUy to cMwto • potf 
cf tbo t<«ftb»> tJii llii^t for wbich our Lih« wouU not bavo <HnifiDvd 
A cocnmoQ porUirV TUi* wookim mmt, ooitunly, tuvo Imma a tr&dor 
ib Mood : joid hvr ftloujoim iaU'Dla oibl idaIhv *n foUy tfipriianij, 
to Ui* \9ty jidouliftr umi uid irihimiftOLty oFth» woftnaD wttb vhich 
abc rurpLjiTiitod ttu ia«i dHporicto d^od. Too OQcd jwl thorcfoTOi 

rnui'DH.^, |ri.i mil <A yonr Ixix 1o tiring hvr fn (nii'tj '^^ 'li<^ funitlor. 
vfIL noti ofllm with a^lujiI ivo'iAtniy tituWifnu; rho KiMifii?; anil 
jot to mo U U iibjunrnt. Ilut iihfl i?oi]1d ikol hiLVu ?ut«riin»i| ao 
Mrbaroos a fjui, ir Kbi* hnrl uot dnui- 1i in pranwot of iJrituJHrlnir 
ib» il«cmBp(l DiJl^ lUJ tdm U c^i^lfnlly pimwuibli) In the flrvt 
intfljkc^ I luiv<T jOp K'^iLclL^ii^^a* ^ JotcniiiiLR of tlio McoDiJ aX 
ploBdimL— Fiivt permit (lb> my luiU. ivplii^l liiv ft>ii<iiL[Lu, tu douiliiti 
wbftt vo hftv* ifot In Ukw liut*- ilo Ujuu ilrow a knv pui'»o from 
tBtoax tbc roU^s of Bobcit; anil, iiaviuir conotod oat MTcorfj 
cuinonft Mr l^JifHuld, saja he« woold you knownv^lw^^ piu9«T~ 
If U f» roy mufitor^A pntvo. «ttii1 L^Djr^ol!, il U ol ictmu sQk, aaod 
litt^ tovMcl t^Q tots ft corooct and the ltlt«r 8, wr«U|rht andcr U 
in silror twist. — 'SIm jcrf vaoK^ dr. indocti, rrjoiDDd Uuf forcmui, 
AjiJ ik>v lot ii» M« what Uik DMornlt mii^hl hftvo vot in bor 
lkonc«t keeping? So an^jn^, ho took from tho Mccdid Cot a mall 
voi>fltfD box Udutly vtiilir^l with i^(.t<iD, in which ho fbo&il loj kmJ'iA 
diuoiind Ting:, thr\«.^ gold mcd-'Uii, luli) tho onda of thi huidlM of 
ftovcmi ulror tpoooj. >!». ClciniitLt, Hiyi be, 1 imagiu wo nu/ 
hov(i pjt ^jun^ i'f ynitr |irf*jM-n.y jini.>nir i\* V'mj 'lui yottooijt majv 
to fiior ttlvflr ipociEU /— ^ t'fl, sir, aiLil nh^, rn^nv uortLMj - jk li at 
top for GntTT*. ind & T» uid ■ A tiok'W fnr Domiliy iiai Anbi^Ud,^ 
1 wi*(h. niJiilBir. rtiji]fi>«t thlK CKiiilfiniiTi, llmt vrv n'l^n* miimUy 
cnalJn^l Ui tlni3 jm nqnlrnli^nt fcir yocir nu^EtH^ a£ Ut i\MiU)m m yon 
diU trifling ramuoit of war tighU. 

Coml^lCB^tk^MJl,cd»d Ibtf iuik«itlwd]i)'w«»ap^ IliHUniu 
for you to rrtim, Jiitil (^iTiiiilt <iri tJm vvmlii-t yo urt lo brJu^ Jn. 

My lord, aniiwvzi:^ the fkiriauut. ytm irulj cili»ericiJ thai wc noc^ 
jHfi loaie Diu bux fur tho purpoio you ivr]uin.\ W« oiv ninmidy 
wnod mu] tiiMidvtmu la ohj wutel -\tu\ I w»ult) to hcoron 
ttwt wo wcio Diit oooflnod, on ^\» ocoMion, to litcrnJ prooodcptB 
md fivw of hkw, that w« might i^rr a verdict pomrj wilv jkdoqualo 
to ibo xnorit* of tho pripoiicr^ who, howovor dopn^tnoid Sy fortniw, 
il mipcHor in oJl cxocllon^^icB: whom wd jtid(-c to t« on Lonoiu 
to hiimun luturc, and Iho li rti ,^nu7« ATi<) oniAiiinit cif hor owti nu. 
jivC 4zioo wo an hudtvd Irj oiutom >d ibtwi miUton. wo da atf* 
vitt ono Tdoo, nnd a ccnflciflOQQ that L^^mpt'ln im to nttarantio, 
Hot ffuHty, my lord— rtot guilty r 

Tlw word* wflf* BfATOO proiioiuiped wbcn tho «>nrt-h(HUBe wsm 
afaviMt i!pUt l>y a midden posA. }laU, ^'aI«. uirl irii^ UTVircntoUy 
flUcd tho ur. and Jo<tM M^niiitt t^^rh nibcr. TJki^'iritEitir^h v,-m 
ita/Of^A and oohoed by Uto crowtbt wiihoiit; aikI Iho aa^unl wut 


rmt fonz or qvautt. 

mpfljttnd, Ani ftoato'l from vtMOt to MrtMt, till It ■«»«! ta din 
K<mT In diatAnt fKirt* of the dtj^ 

f Ihjuih yon, ulr. *iy* rfir : I thnnk jr.. ffmlTnTncin, unjii *hc, nj-ntn 
uilrtByitiij L* tlio n*ut uf tli'j jur>. Ainl thuu. irlmu-iuif lUfjdvptly 
[viuirX bIj^ Fuilurvd ilm ii^V'tuMy, tiuil niT. tlouti. biit f oujM tiol 
oontajii my jfrutituiir-, mj U(m<|n:nt i'i\cjp>we(oi3 me; oDd filUjur 
oa mj knto^ unil lifting uij lumis tcvnnlA Ibv jiirr~<9ijJ oloii'* 
oui rowfcrd jr, p^utTriimn I 1 irirn.!. May tin fjr *n'r ppcwjvc t\v> 
broponJo*, iKtnoiinh, ami ftninicd at tha worthy dtis^jv af Loodon 
from viointJon mid isunMl 

I thOD roAO bftrtil;- I >iTtppi><l out <if tlio bur ; uiJ ruhing up t« 
BTr. LongfioH 1 c*tchod him ouoriy nbont tJio ni^ck. 1 oould not 
■poak, 1 hid mjr Ineo in hn bwnit and lir;>ki> into Ivaix Ho 
nttrTnptttA to ilfMnai^c* h^nvAlf; but I hdfl lunk foirt 1 Ij«lk6v«, 
tiiid ho, yan miut DO Mr. tlcnivnt, I conermtitUtic yuu, dr, witb 
(Jl my *3i;l, Hul yoo ow* nu' nctbinif : I tajwly -lid my ^Tiity, 

II, my fritirnl— ray ^^l>lhl'^— my pmiwrporl I oiod ; I ow» yoa 
mt>ro miD lifp FxieIpdcc brul fii^H.'n my orrr^AtMt of aunai iriUuNit 
yiyii. l^hiLl T iiiii nnf, iT, thi* nifirn^ftt, tli« <t*ii>n«iif fiipiiTitnl rhf thr* 
rnftntiin; (Iwt I fJnd myvn^lf thfi mart !>l^vianTl of ilII Iirlnjpi; t-i 
yau nluno ft 1h uwlt]^, my Ijuii^-flt'lil, my dulivetprf Kjiy. Iiopn 
nut Uj fVtuktHi mq ; mv iK^yi^r mutv lutir^l |>nrl. Vuii 3Lr« [tiy niHivi? 
for Ijf'v AeliI I. lUiil jiU lliiil I urit, nr hvvr, in yoiin to eti'inily. 

As tlii^ |ipo[pIj? wltblij lULiI vHliuiit wcri> vlill ui invnt {'iinimotjori, 
tha ooiirt ap^^arvil mutli ulnniLv<h luid tlu* {ii<1ip uid inust vf 
'Jin jcitiiLr^ riiitli^ lujmnvtfu^l, ihroiUfh a prlvntfi door ihot OpMtd 
into a ^Mu^k M1<;>', Hut th^^ir fbAiD woro irnoimHll^n ; for tlio crowd 
vnut wholly int-^nt <m mnjtijjjr objovl, wicT ini|iitlEunt|y viJtod tot « 
vight fjf luy Am}<rjln. 

Ai ibo wnJkixl forvnir^l. «ttciihttid liy Mrr LoDgflcId nnd myMlf^ 
1Ii*y n*d« VMy lor hor on ^ithnr hund^ uid tho fltni'»^pliftT4' ii4ptiii 
mn^ with vhontH ktifI nptUmntiixii. So ihiocTD n Tiio rvapcct tbot 
tho jK^irrjIiirtft pty tj> virlriii ; uit'l Jirif'li Ih tlifrr i-xiillntiun vhoQ 
Inniv'imiw riiu's siipr-rlor to o]>pro*»ion1 lliit wha« Iwiooftooft MVl 
virttir^ nn- nrf'itrriji;iiiroiT by tH«(tiLiy. thi*\r r^vunnfs i^rowi klmort 
i.'rinifnit1 uml ii|ipEMM-rlii4 fo lulnriLlJon. 

Thiw wn mtnrnfid |<j fSt*wt'-Fii<*, iimiiW. fhn lilrssln^p^ pray^^r*, 
imd ir(iLJ>t« uf D, }'it]ttlji): iiiu]Li[n(li:, vrhu aliU nrsiwrtfiiUy opnlif^i 
oa ArulxOU jtlvjtni^i^d- Tlu' wiiitJoHh oh lill vi'Wit iwuthI fvrlJi 
congi^LlJiUlionK ; anil thow tliront^U whom w? tunl ijiummI |»)-v««vii1 
fonmnl for auolhfir R^Ehti m thoiu:^ thdr i^ycii ixiakl not bo 
KtlH)i^(l with (•rlir-llIoL;, 

Bpforo wo cDtorod hor Into prinon. my wir^ tamfld about aad 
cnrlsiiMl thre« or ^rar tSlD«« to hi^r niiiriiiTfiUrt aUomlaabf. vrlth on 
n^kmiwlft IfflTif^ erxMC tnd bumility ilmt mcju^.-I oTi|>rrMr;4 hy thnr 
fiironn. f^b? ib«D cntvr^ii ba«triy. oiiii mnnEii^ up ^ tuuiv, *Jii> 
rriLivlit hvr flULij fpom th» nmiA-ki»iiHT, She* Vi"li| him e^omo linio 
bi her nrms; Iwr l^oaom irvntly t*jnvod : dju! lhi> l.>nni fuHtd m 
■lloniy- down hi^t plAPJd i^ODnr*niifii^ Kiit on ttnr ap^tronvii. fthi> 
ttirnnji mil^ldnly Inio tJir ^tr^rl-fliJimhiT. nhiit t<> lliu door, (Uid ODti- 
lirm«d thore In i»ri^iil« for mitr an hour. 



In tlm mcAn Urnei I M'nt out fi>r a wumi iltDniRr luid » l>ott1i> of 
wluc, Mr. Ijiiu:Qe1<t utrw told nw tJinl be bait uftcu Imit li'itiiiivij 
to inlro^Qoe luiDPHlf to ub duruuc iiif wrfc'ft uuufTiicmrEit , hm 
tw fattrod ttui£ Qw ill«ocivcry vt uty HA^jiiiL£iildJtt>i or o>in.^)Jk'jji]-;uo« 
bQtttMn ns toIh^ proJudke AnkboVa upon her uial; Ami (1ul|» 
ihorciorOi he ml nwh uw oT 1h« little itntb^'C'irt of tLv vcima 
wlilch ha htti ihrwt ;)niW «ur dtarr, in crrlor to prMorvo n* from « 
total deptcAtUm of opinta. 

WhOb the (tul.fl \\Mi luiJ^ I wlu^Hinul ircntlj tllroll^b the bejr' 
bolo to mv Arat^cLlnL : imtt aood tiu-r ntu C4Ditk forth, wttb ft hor- 
tnon; and beatitude of motion imd lupixit, ilb thoiich the hnd 
luiUntJv r1ropip«iJ from thiit h^vifn v^hii^h bi<J wht>Uj poAuHcd 
her flnnng luir nfaumoo. 

At tuble^ Air. Loiifiliold ^tv u*i istani* bond* of bin hintort, llo 
ftirtbor toM 1IB. tlinl hIiin* tlio ilwiLth uf iii^ tnt^ lunl lift hiul i-i^ 
laTod hiT« HurttinHr Horvice ; but th»t ho hud bPoti cut of plaoo for 
almnt m rnontli putv 

hU^T Httnv furtlirr dift-Eiiirto. T tnlliil iiii flir kri-tivr. iw-l wrg«il 
tie nvkonln^ txid t*^ru, autl tviumM thiinla for hU i'tvUllj- tn my 
Araln-Un, I tlu-u atml for * L-vuch, oud we i^ujvl' humv toKacltct. 

Mj^. Jannvtl tv;)oirwl lu wiUi wmiu vutiumtubdiorui; w immt^- 
ilintrl^ mijtcil hnr l<« (b dlfth of tro, <rV(T wliloh «Iiit J^rtnl #tth 
uar flitiid fur llit !itrrct-ru<Tii on tlm vmic flwr ai three ahilliugn 
p^r wppk, ArAbulU ww ik/v fit lilwHj lo ravivit li'^r olrl aoigauat 
idUe< t^hi: vtn# iiioro oArattcd than CT«r. uid look in »o roDrJi wurk 
that aho iMu oblicod to bin: n ^1 to [tttcnd tu (hr: cii^lil 

I ira» nov at Sw rcsj i>iijiiii'^1c of hacnAii hAppiiiv^. Affliction 
«■« fio moro^ The rctx^mtinnco of duitrafli lOid pov^tij faod 
naoborl ut a drc^am. Our day* T(it>TT»d Qp uid down, ucd joy «ad 

Mr. L^mf^tlcld voa vcrj tuvi>|y in hit pcmon and muinon. Wo 
had DOOlmictiHl a fnunltlup i^lixb I ii>iu|EJni><L rnu Ktrk*t for time to 
UBtSo; and 1 IatihcI lijm lh« li'tli^r fi>r hih ikfrfntLon '<> m^ Andi^llH, 
vhOiO Diitortiii>iiDci}t Hcmcd To Ioiid ihiy (.<hiof doLk'^ht of hia Hie. 
I (|piT« Irrm ny i*T<^ry iri pHrt- ri'r>tT» tiri"' (i) tiini?, :ijif| ho had 

SAntEflilly waT^'ivd thi> wvitaI p^jawi^i with hfa li'^irii- He iniw^ 
l«wl mc to hir. TlLirftdt, bin lulo [rLutc'r» tci wlKim ho luid r^<<oni- 
mrndpd mv hH jutvak- l>il"r to )iiK win; and wo ii;,;ps»d at flfty 
Ihrimdu iHT HiiniLin. 1o ritmiii^nj^^; im wiliei iik tlw yijuiiij tfOQlleraaji 
■li'jiild doj«-viid fi'om tluT n[irwi>, 

Mr. L4iiis:(}old< <u 1 lubl tou, wuo Tt>j'> li>ii?],v iH hiH perectj, mid 
111- U iikui<} daily nioro antiablo ami cnpaeiiLi;' m my cjc*^ 1 vtiis 
plrrL.«cd that ho appearod ia the aanaie Ufcfat (o my ^ifp, I thgti^Hit 
th*i wo could Dirr«r lor^ hhn cnoiigb ; aad I daily importuaad my 
^fuliflllA to dfcct him viih a t«ndonMB «qiuJ to my ovti. 

At loaffth I booamc uiK^My, I l:a«w not vliy nor wJiorDforc, 
Whon I <:(^itM form u Eirci!4^iir!<t for retiring Of min^ atrrooil^ J tooh 
a MJIUry walk- or withdrow to «aoo mxift, Wtore I lightt^ncd my 
oppr«a-ii:in by ii:irva a Ii^ehw to my taua, Ab ! are not thu rev 
•Vuf of IHk KuCliritMit? Vfit man add* to the haap by hit toodwoy 
to rooliMj what is Tucrtly ininpiniiry- 

XLo warcc of my maJiAdy wua now no luDgar a uorot to ma. 


rns FOOL or ^vAitrr. 

sir. I.Anirfl'^Mt T rrii^fl to mwlf mf AmbclliiH 1117 An^! fvn nrtt 
KtiEl Uthfiil, mf Loui^'flfiHl Tou an? ^Ml rhnf^ti. my Aruli^lln? 
Hnt ycin ata hnih of yon tcm NmlnMn; vnu nm Atunt fbr nki^Ji 
nthnr. Toiir frfrnrl Ijivns you toti woU tn V a bar lo ycmr hniipt- 
IKML He win huTu 1^0 lilitfl Trut yuiiTH ; ymir hapfnnivtt hluill m 
Lis; iu)ijt Ud will il]« tu u^xKJTjt&itihh ii. mijew liu Ufo j« od iiiktm)-- 
lion. T wn^ plcAncit tlut T ibily declInfKt : Imt tJte «flb«ittt30C «f 
d:w«rfDliic» bwBijie pftiufiil 1u tuv. On*? niEbt oa vre Ml tiwtJipr. 
my wifr luok^il Kt mn n{th ut «ilVHioziAt(i 'liRlnrbMnro. wlul b* 
tii matt«r, nammy? Bhc crifMd ; wh*t di come over tnjr lov*? Yon 
look uotk yon ppotik rnjE, like tho D110O (riail, Ibo ftclij^ritini: Ofid dfr- 
lijcht^S COiiAf>Ft fif ynuT .Iralwllft. 

^! I mcd ', it id cnuaj-h. 1 i\\^. oni I die oaol^nCod. tiluM T 
JoaT» tl» only Iwn hn|rjry t.>r ^-hotn I i^jtiE*! wiBb to Jir*'. Whiit i* 
tUl f boar, UoounyT replied my AmVollA^ you dla, yon My. «&! 
fo« ft^ mlio 70a al« ty^nT'ii^iiv^ Ahf yoa lore in« tio Mfivr. 

mill, bat alio fiutantly ■wirfmed wem^. 

At lr[i;:lh Nbo opL-ned her vyt^^ and Todkln^ abont w'ith ■ Tnn^nifil 
kinri fif i^flfiliuuiiiro— Mr TYJTLgfli»M,«iy4iiTin,ymirft<nf1i>'iilLAirnhiWTi 
jfiMit ; Init nt prwpul I un not anclor an^ ww^ndry for jenr niatin* 
Uimp. vrlii-rva[Jtil] hd ulnnlly 1ion'i.<d luid vitbiTL-w ti> 111; aiHLr1m?nt. 

I th'_"n i!rappvd on i".v kjnv* U-t>\-^ W. My Am'-t'TK I ^-Hcd, 
loTnliirst nf wctumUtid ! But Iwre, with a f JrbliHinic UnOil. nod tt 
Lxmiitriiniim arvrtctl -F^o, Hamiay. no. n^3» ^a* im n >oi»< toM^ 
ruLjlcd liy l^r^^ iLni^r whiit hjkA (iiuwrl ^vnt Ijpo T ojuinolt bff 
docoErcff. Ajid 1 will not he comforts. Ton vaaifl luitv ai«, yon 
•fcjj Hnmmy: anrl wonl? yuu Ioh^o me foTlom? Hnl T will not b» 
fnrmhnn. I vlll prw^tit your nDhimlnr^M. I wfll go wh^re I ohoU 
not bo oltofcthi^r frictullaa. Ah, my nunt \ my all rriUtioiu id on« 
<— nhy f^J yoq ulmriilon m^V 

Core her worck woro nflMntni] by *otii onii « brntt df olSictian. 
RtiI Kisn i.v.intiiiiifn[i my po*lurfl— 1 M<\ pilty, my lor«^ 1 «rf*d; 
I nm ffiJllTy (ift«t jiirilon. Hot r will Tttp if yon rlndrd It, nqr 
Ambclln ; will live to ivj^^nt my TuUlnt nnri lo ro|Alr ray dcftiiiltB. 

tint T cAnnot a mSnnte kmaer iorrhe jour dlMpfmKitrrr. Slw Iheo 
boi^kmiAl hm to riitf< nml idi lM«!d4i Iwr, «^blrb 1 \M'\ ; >«'lH<n. rnMd^ 

lii^ vivi urm alHiiit my nfjc k. ruiJ !ri--ittly Irjmlnir over, riiu joluDi] ItBrr 
ffuyi to ciiiKT, luiil vilnillv *)ivrl ti«r Fvure inlu my loturu. 

Rooii nftfir 1 ptiii-«i;vcJ tJut ahe waai wilxoil with n kiuJ of nhlvcr^ 
iitc. ajji<i amiiu: to th? ^r!. I <hr>^«T^} h«r in bJI hutc to wanu tho 
bv-l, ftiiil I Maisted m^ I'ifn to nij-ltf-.-*, 

A* won im eke hqr cown imd wtu BoiDcwhut cwmponftl, I 9t*ppo4 
t<> my frtfrud'a (tpaTtmrmt. I fotirtl bim loaning on a tnMo wftk hia 
oy4)B ilo^vriAftut, lllli) tbo W^^t of rhKv>rafoTt rtooptoft ovnr a mono- 
mcul Wbal u tba mutter? E BrJ<i; whbl ofb my 'Wr Long'li^lil ? 
1 hoj>.> I hjLVO not <ifl>riJi><1 him p^fit b'rtfirvin.fl»i, Ind^'l I ixin 
Hdt woU, ioya ho, ( bo«wcb yau to loavo itio to my own tbougbta 
till morning. T nnf^ri^tAiid yuu, Mr. Lon&ffiolcL I irncd : I oonfeM 
mpolf no foiig4r worthy of your rpfi>nikhlti, ao'l I «luiU no mofo 
danuncl it nf yuii till you onndrvivvl tn mohe Uw lomtfr ; and, to 



AH nlgbt niy AntxillA wm cold ah'I liot h; lam*, nnil htrr tli^p 
wia duMUnfcBDi] ^7 atAiti ami nioHTiinj^. Tii tl» mrjitlu^ I 
ot««rT«il Hut her br«Alli rub iliotl nO'l fciv^tial}. bjiA I ^it tip in 
lMftoui4 wotit f<rr « |iL7«tdui. Ae cuou an he Lul wii(if<ii IiJa 
prc«CftptkiD, 1 VTQt Da^orlj to wUi Mr. Loneft^hl « ffoc<1-infirn[ur, 
and to gpo\t>pxv foi th? abmptircfB of leot akht'* WbhTUJor; but 
Vr- V«<iiiii:fivH LaiI ukcn a Lvdje iiUtii, «dJ thin kttvr nw all 
tbNt T boJ Uft to cooiolo mc for bl* Icnv :— 

■Til Mm, n, Ci.vtiEST. 

- 1 Ipftvc yon, <lcnrMt ol l^andi, wvl I Icatc yon for mw. 
Wn*f**h tb«l I *Tn t ti> hnv* bronjrhl ftfBitrticm on tho only twt* ffir 
whom f BfiiiM hiiTH liii^T, fnr wbrmi T vftnlrl liRv»^iHwi HfAvraii^ 
wlut ■ ftilc 1* mfni5 f I TolriTifJirtly drpntt. aai I go whor^ 1 mart 
t« mLHr-nh]f\ 4(ini.Y« r If^iiif? ihcMv wtaa«» tAgHt und ronTCtw imulo 
tbe nliolitrrr my ti^i^yrmi;!. Ilmt, vlildi doublM foy UBhoi^DW* 
in, p&rtlj Ui 9n%n<-*-t iliut I hHvu liivn ^Uy. 

" Tour Ambellii, my llEiriimy ! — 1 1h>^i Io fenr Hull I loT«l yntir 
A:c^1hi11]u Atna! I iw\ (Luib I ttill krvu hw, ami iLul I iiiusl luvv 
>wi donit^ Ifn. 

*'Ab. f«iid (Uid fooliflh paauofi* Ihat cfrclil nritbcr bopv, AM' 
iTilIu mri eTfn accept of any kinj of cmlifiuiLioij, Htt tbL* siiEbt 
Aiuf fodotj of tho object of ile arliiLjr^ >'t}, nwhi uii\inU\r of 
facn, were it pmniblfH for ymir AToLi^lla to ntray but iu tkoufrbl 
fn>iD bor tnith. from hi^r Anij, horn her toiudcmoM fur you. 1 ooulil 
liftTc loTC'l hfir no lu^irrr. 

" X ua JM^oiu for votL tay Mend- 1 nn JrAloca of tnywlf in ycmi 
dtitMft boluilf - uurl I will uuply ATfin^o you c4i tliu iljuhoue *ikl 
laplov LoTififiiiliL 

^Abf lot no auLb hQD«fortb conftdo in bii oini itrongth, 1 
<UIIy ItlnH yotir Ambolld ; I dofly oonrftr>"*'l vith, Imt 1 «iw not 
my rbnigfir. Tha ^^^^'''"1"'*'^ of bnr mnttnwi, lb* mimd of bor 
n4(M| «nd the lofclintrM of her iu«vt. hoitrly ttmk rnto ciy <uii1 
widi Vt fntOlS'utin^ ili-Oi^lit : ujid f uikhhd, nmK aim hiiUi^^Toiu Tn 
boccmui pViining !n hrir fly*, (*t rhn tlmp that I wnuM liavrt iHfcnn 
die IIAs €\f my mjui wIhi btd nttniiptod tci ik-prlvn yim of your ftjU 
riffitt bi hpr uITi^rlJitni 

" If y mnfpi*"ion nuu'bi-* i)j»' ulnifRt of my fuLiftA: bnt frr«ji wbn.1 
A drevn of dDlJtjht him it aiKldt^nIy annkeO me*. Kai^lunLiuu t*?u< 
Vtfou! yuu atn driHCU-fpft tor etcr; and nil tlio futum (vtliuN fJiut 
jon 1<u^v mv In Ijilti^i m<^«0^ 

^ P.8.-— In tb« dmvcr of my iaWc. OQ tbc loft hand^ yoo viU find 
imc4bor paper, ct^nifiiDy »<nk^t niht o^Idr^RArtd 1o yon, It cxiiLtniJW 
n iTcoT IffAcy, ttougb all thnt coald bo t«<tvvntnvd by^ynic do- 

1 imi u I rood thia patbotic opitftlc. My hrotuit ho&vvd, Md I 
WM afptated by Mnotiona of iclf-rvpraftcb, mul with n tiil« of r»- 
tuning tomWrnoM to poor Loiigfiotrl 

A^ w^ivt thonfth mort gen cn wa of nun ■ I en^limiL^dn T niotio 
a& fiiiltr> ukd thou MRmkOft to thjMlf a borAtM ifast thy viHu«« 


WK foot. OP QVAUTT, 

dvoUnii Would to EwAitn ihtd lutiu au*! aiic«}« vcaz^i lom mj 
Atabvik Klib ft purttj UlM tJilnc. 

r found aprc(U»n miinau in the fonyrooatkiabl mp<;r. a. nuvt 
aaaiBoniMq, uil vot u miMt imjic^TpUlilo «a|>pl7, u 1 r«urv<1. Trcn 
fJi« ^ncrcdtT « l^ii|t4oldV tamper, tlttt It conloJiioil wry ncurl^ 

My wtfi»> tlUtomptT (ameil out a Utilta\ (urnit ; and at IdiDjirtli 
Httl«d Into n oditftln rhoQiofttifniL, that princt^aUjir <(tfbc4ed hnr hima 
ui'l h&ad«, mivl thereby prt^oiitod hi^r ounuig Vlf ntbnuleDM fi>r 
^^Fh^lf iir h^r infAlil. 

Tl WM Tfcow npmiTtln of four month* rinrw Mr TimgllAili) hitS lirft 
tu. < In/ Iviririi^vi wore nffUfi R^lni:<4?i ti.^ n^iriiif two fprinMJk 1 VM, 
hi^wnvixr ounfttU-rtt ckf n rumiI/ In iTtft tiilorbhin promlvf! rr^ bj 
Mr, Msiiiftit: wiil I Jriwuxl In iJu? ^»i>*t I «>ulfl. lUni wnliJid upon 
hJiu. r H'm (tmoTiipd U} flnJ tJi*? r»iiiilj Tri VW'k. But whon 
Mr, MftriVlt; 1iSrii)4>'irii|i|i»4trfu1, miA ItrM u^i, «it1i u voice tDt«TnKili»it 
wjtii M\\^iw. Itial. tii> (tiily hoqh mj I'lipU iu cx|>wbUKc, had beoa 
Utulj cairbd u(r by a malliciuuit biuaDpox my inoumiDi; iRURod all 
shawM of Nirivw, 

I took 1115 have vtith a ilcjcction und otrHuoc <if niiml tluvt ftar]^ 
tiufQ wa« any rani left tor mo upon MUlh. I wriat, I kiifiv nob 
wbcnx. a way tJiAt li^il from kaioo. 1 law nothiiiK t-ut tljn lalyrfn^ 
vitldri toy ova twtl ; aud from thom^a I Mttld pcrcoJro aoithor 
oatlot nor oioap«. 

Mt «j«« at laiA wore oponwl, lUid T pvKviivi^iT that 1 wm ooir 
mcica fmlhirr from my lodging* tlun wfa<m 1 nat onl from Mr. 
Marf«]f ^ I tomoi] homovi^rrl as vol! a* I ouuM, ftti^fiiPH] in boty* 
and wtlh Tni>ri> tluai a moittitjiin'* tf«{ght opon my mini], 4Jn thi> 
wny, I l^llAil up my 4yA«f and rung my handi twcHicr in li kmJ of 
at^ny, Brbftdl l^rcmif I orit>:l tnwmvlly. Mtr(ifi3] h^voiv ft 
Uttio, hnt a vc>ry liil]<> litAOf] f Kly h^lpluH wkfo ! my hnlploai IQ- 
fdTit! A Itttio ptttuuw fnr thnm: I cmvo it In mNvy! and, O navn 
mv from b^holrllTur thf<m famiiilwrT, nnl pnnjifn^ fur a ijii>t>u1 of 
mwtciniuin* lH*f(ifr* my tun-' 

:\n iofin /tl I tiiid irmwlftl hnmr, ntinthrr M'Hjfhl wiw uddod to iha 
Imrli-u I alrim^ly Liun.v AbuiUJT ynk>^ la ^hiuliiiirr (uiil my Uiiulliuly, 
wIfJi ui a*|iu'rt un iuBiui'JiMo *n iiTu;, jidfifi'd mv '1ir>.-'j-tly tuto 
cmto^ fur Llio Iwt cjuioter'* rent. 1 vk* (ta ih» ocowfrKi (jiilli.'i*!! 
tu rlialiurHi Joy Ijlij two i:uiu(-7V^ uiiil Turllj^T ttt dv|KiaL my vdfe^a 
fcown It* a tucurity fur tin? mutll n-mniiuki of r>irit uid (tiv^. I tmd 
not nov whorow^dial to parehaM n pt^nnprorth of brc*d, O^iit liXo 
tho v^dow of BaropUt TSJ wifo* my r)xlli, lUid [ for tlii» lorrt time 

ml^ht 4t down tesoUior and «fii twforo wo dkd. 

r pTohwdod to havci IbreotteiL aomewhiit. und ngaiii hutaQod oqt 
Of doom. Tho mHrht hod juat faH'm, nnA yfM Miil and doonqr. 
Haffo, angnfah, uid doi^r ^to no now ^tranj^th cmd spbibi; and 
I tat7i4>>t florvoly dr>\iii nn imfroquifnt^H rtiVfiL vliJlmiI any orma 
anvn my fciry nnd nutunil i'tnic*, uirli ^^hlrh I rlnl^rmlQAil, libi iLfl 
mnt^^nuJ Lqncw, to rend ffalAUtoai^e for my young from tbc flrvt 
T Hhniild 44^fouibTt>r 

T pfTiiftlT«l n mun jiitrnni^lnp at Homo rllsrjuuv. I hwit^nfld to 
tihvllihn: Kud, ronUnj; wltliJn a frw jwni — SUnd! T crlod; fiaai 



no fUrlhtfrT Why, nnlil lie. witb \< Ti^Arfi-^ Aud brnvToluit toIoK 
to thvnt ftHV thi(i|f vWrt^in ywx *\rH\w i hhcmM MTVH jo«? O *ftT* 
met T ropUDd ; /on nin^t, jnn kWM hh-vu ujr frnm thn torr1til» 
dumuitKiD of weiujE idjt uift mul iiiTiiiLt ihiihIi bcbm roc.^jci 
Mid he. MOib juu IIlIb b)' lujr IuuhIk Uli kvb >uur lUalraBr but 
dlMfiprore* jour conduct. liui» CSoinoutv bomn; tJio tUril t£m< ; 
lomer oSbmw lib thn vould iiToto &t«l to 7011. 

Tie fpoirr-. niLiI puttiue firo KuincM inCo pir bftod be hutanUj 
ft1ipf«<] awiy ; for juch wofi mj' crndflcii artonituunotii ftod coufbidini 
Uu»t I ncilbur rmutrkr-d jior hiw nrhat bcounc of luni. At Ifrnfth 
I AWihoi] Afl froiu n tnuicv}. I flkpp«d up tc a nlnylo Itmip tJiitc 
^'mmorod bcfcro mc, uid <kp«Tiiiuf 107 baud 1 pcrcdvod that Uio 
moDoy wbiub I hold wwi i^m. rbitiri^^J it into my |KN>k«t, and 
tuniDg back 1 tu>g«n flli>w ami pcnAlvo I0 mnvD tawiitiI bomo, 

Ab 1 I crii>d : 1 aed thcu kitown. 'I he dArknus of tJiQ nigfat hatb 
nof been ftblo t« oorir-j>jil mo. My jniilt i« Iniil (■t>«n 1>f<f"iv God uud 
hJa angubi ; nncl 017 nnwnt and podt imiv^rnKlonit ant sniorwl Into 
Uh book. H9 yet prafv, be yet rvUovo* mc. Ho omlofaM mo from 
tbfl piir wbeimn 1 hvl ^tivimly pTnnjci^r! unci R:t.w nn honom: tu 
•bow mo that nn rxtrrmlty c-in pju* H* piwfir, iuieI tliikt ipn Ibh 
Bbfe of «iiHL«niov H Lh Jilw^yi Xm a-otIj iti il<i-i:Liir cif IiJn Ijuunty. 
Ah won lui l tfot I0 my buli^inp^ I rr^Wrm^l riiy ^\U''^ f^<nnn. nnd 
•Cht out Air AmiiFfd »ii|>^inr, 1 thtm tt^r^iiA-it Li^Miijiirii, itirl. raking 
Acltalr just u]ipuBit« tii mj v\S*s, I titt Oovu uid ctiiitiuDDf] idli'Ql, 
bui^Suxv) nut to li^ulfc Qp. Sbe eyed mo tbruu^^b mil lhiiiui:h. My 
Htuiinij, (iAy> f\\i\ yon nrti ii|it tt niout vtltb Hfmn^^ ibUE^ritan^fL 
I ItntrV yoLi n'^t for tlio Hmi? pcmon; you iir« tldI nL^t 7'i:>u vivre 
ft few mmutM A|CO. 1 found coysclf unrlrr tbc iLi.rc>«iif r <'\ rivnwinj; 
to hiT d1 Ihikt biul baiipcncd. Ihit^ sncEaw hchvou ? uinnj^h tbne 
tod tbrcragb otonuty never dull I fi^^ thu rcf'ly rJit<:. 

Huomy, My* ftho> «ilb Ibo fteOi tlr, ud fit\vnr ^'f bihvt-n'rt 
«dld«*t mmirier. tt 111 b«oom«i ma to npnro a r«j)c<Tti?il JkLTjtiojid 
fbr tte fJDOOM ef bis soodim to nw vid ny ohiM - wd yet 1 hare 
fan««d uort from tbo couildiinttkn of tbla «xcfi«^ th^n from all 
enr othor cnlflinitlGfl pul loprtbcr. I lovo yon entirely, njy llanimy: 
but I Ifivo iJukT port of you ihiy munE uhitjh joii Dti|iL-nr fo rrij?ird 
tbo IuiukL It b n put IhAt muht it^ niv^t llii> flluiomtlon of ■Ifitw 
rwl thiffr atiart joyn, their idlo Lln^^f«e», thnlr tlcroo d^-stovt^ jukd 
ttnpty poiMwIcm — nnd \i tnuvt iltoirafTi.^r be j'jiinw-lf 1<1 <iW ei«raity. 
I oont tluMwht, my lovii tlutt buirii[|i|/ w«m. lIiit jifiut jpwl i^n^niutx^r 
of Diuty. Bac 1 Iuvd lung «tnrr iliKLx/icirL-*! Uuit to Litcrw ih not to 
f»l, nnd lluit ari£Uiiient am! JUL-ImcLrJt/u arr uHvii ju» opjiumbp at 
AJvt'^itui'.v liiTitl. it^fiuv lUl UHjftjip iif ii>i'fliiiulen>«iL 

I will Mi|)iif](M you, for iiuihuico, id Uie dtplb uf your luow^edt-^j 
the wi»c«t diiK'cii'i^jYi tf the DttributSi of iufimly* Hut ^^b^t will 
Ibta (1^ for yfjii, n^ UnAimy? Ton may i^onUTaplftto tbc«o great 
oti}e(t* M mattora with whitb you «ro no **y CDi]neHtf<l. 

God, wiib nil Ljv omuipolctiofv o&n no ollitrwbko nmkc w bnppy 
tfitfi t^ connecttni; bimnolf wlt& ha ; tud tbu caunecliOQ <ua oo 
vaj be fonnod but by oor depoiidoiio« upon him. Ami thiK de- 
Mnd»ur4.« OJLIL no M'ny be made tiot br oar confL'knf^f- in bivii; hy 
tlttUng that ui can^'lTM, or the "vmi A/ouud ua, thoro ta ooitbor 



footbv *v bold to WTD oi from ftnktnjc f<iT orer; Aad 1^ cMcbllv 

«t God akrae &v Uio Mipport of diAt cxivtciioe vhkli bb bcpinty 

* - -* . — . ■ 

It b tlil« oonflilrnra, 017 (l«ar huriMuul, Hut In odJtt by tbo wud* 
of FAirS; of vbiob wd ou|,-tit to luvo nKli « KortJun at It^M o* 
&Jfbt na^ » t<t Mjr «» tbo vont tbU ou WIaII, wlut Iha tlii4« 
JovUi taptlwi laid to tho kUig of lUgrkoi, -' Uor Hod la abU I0 
^liVM mv** and bn vAI m fhic tuiw wOrcr u» fmiii kH IhMO 
BflJ^tlcoii. FdV liiaagh bn ihunU hoC dellvor ilk ^vo vjlj u^t &>nMto» 
OCT oonfldoiim tn hliPr nollJicr hmr to Adjr temptation that g^dU 
amwt up. 

Rluoa n»(l> f ljnr<^fiin% i^^uLrii^t ivaiiiiiiinlmttu bMjiiiIiyM Ba (MM wbo 
reftiMH to tnjKt Iti bid pHKlifl^M, Of To niuru uiHmUn power: vbon 

4Dd iui|ipo£ntiiWiU. Q« tin»lEiuiitelktDiill(liopiii|«of Muddlj 
coafckttot?. He mMxhm Ukou him tbo bubs on vUidi bi« bopc« 
had laid hold: UiaJ m Uhi uuIadI of luihiiw ho taaj oAob at 
hb Oreotor, aikd throw hiniMutf on tho boaom of that infinito 

I an ywir loviuc wife-, my buntiud, and tbd* h tow dftu- and 
pvoQkUiiff InfiBl. Out. vbal nn wo furth&r to jroa? You ncitlwr 
mado oil, nor can jroa prMorvo at ; nor uti yon obli^ to ivortdo 
fbr w 1>vyuii'i ^pour wauk iknd OiiSta oo^loAToaiv. Oondnit oi, than, 
tit llii^j 111 vtlit^tii va hvriM oar <3diitonoD; and know that ahould luo 
fdrmat CJtLH inaoHbl to anffivr. and my cooiidoDOV in bii noorcx M 
fail of aa|rpi>rt, tlw rMrilMtkA i« iiwtjmtl; uid lirilimoly in bii 

Horn ondod my Amtwlla: but the Mwo«luna of her toIo» coo* 
tiaiwr] to vtbmt« in mj *wj-. 

Sha bid hoUlflf UiP Hiurm Tnr nwklng thd Lmpr^'olon lihff dmirad, 
ai nj ndibd ww BtlU afff^^ldl iuhI Bifii'dfyl by tlir^ W« ailTentunv 
1 <!ld oul. tndeW!, y«t btiU^lil iIjh worM nr Itn AutUnr In t.ho ]lj£|it 
b/ wliloh tboy aro rciinvwalud In Ihu Chrbtijuj «j>t<:[ii • bul, otm 
in tho cjo tif philiwiph.v. all ibat taj vrifo hod ewd appoand 
ruaauuablo, and conCun^JiiLil^i to Ihv untum ol' a [Ivinic iufiiiib^ly 
powoifkiL bcnoroUntt and wIkc 

In tbno KiittmcuCi 1 oaficrly a|iirlivd for Rirtbcr iuLtmotioD to 
tlKH> wHtLiJi^D thnt bad brooffht \{k ai\d hunrkorlaUty to Li|^ 
J U-^an III tbo cnaU'^n, and procc«l«d ^ih tho doopoit attention 
and dfliiclLt. .VnLiUicr system of nudt^^r tnt<\ lUoraJflt luulhor worid. 
and ODOtriur GoiJ, nra*ratod thomMlToa bofbra mc. Uut 1 ihall not 
hofo detain jon with an acoDdnt of mr now UiUu iw i may joAlsr 
odU it; for ttiougfa I olmtya hvl bald mywLE, vut^pirly (poking; 
a ChriiJtiJiu, 1 ftfunil on oxiuuinfttlon that i bat! bc^cu uh<>liti/ & 
ctrangj^r to tbo novovlty, aa veil m tbo bcftUty, uf ihu Chnctton 
dinMinttitan; polthor hud I folt a lOiJiflft ray of lU comforting 

Uy witb bofltfi bow to rncovcr of hor Tbi'umjttftini^ and hopHl aoon 
to b»«M0 towui in wtcV. I diAt»rmiiwd, lunvovf^r^ to be bpA»v> 
bond wtlh har. If poaiJblB ; fbr at this tlnw T n^^^Djilnd not hoar 
mean my oconatleai wodd be, provided I uu^LL mm any kbd 
of lioui:«t bnatL 



AMcritnuclj^« a» I mmUod £n Mordi of ctaploTiatfiit, 1 ftbnorrod 
A porl«r ^tli?n(1inK bflfbre tli» door of a t^rvni, mi in on <H>Liiatfy 
mek, wiih A Mfi AfifBit hU inuAt, and m apron tH«fnr* iLtm. 1 
tbarMpon vcat to Uomnaath-ftfNME, and pmeouod Da rnitfarm fcir 
lb«1i^pnTivjA>v T TVn j«a>«d tliron^ *«v«ral ntPMl^ till I oniuD 
to a nA<^fil ULVi<m wh<trn nn pflrtM- v»* In midriff, 1 4i>ip|)t«) 
mror Ulo wiyr. wlicrn 1 ili-irsltr-l m fciniipr «itt with n poor 
bockatir-WMiiuui. to vlicjiji 1 ]ii->niiiwf>l sunir* wvilT inallc*r for tlio 
ItoqUo 1 ifaic biir- I Uwa t1rii«i^l tai iny pnrti^il/ tof^v^ am^ m^k 
liljini; to thfl cbitf ^inwDT, 1 promlHid bfm inrt of my ouiiliigi 

I had not atoytd lon^ till 1 irw d«i|«itc^ail lo a nijuuiUrvtrb 
AMbiwo vttlt a lotMr. t wm aAarwiras MOi <n a vodctr of 
tnmdi uvl nua^pa : and bf tb«do«B of ^ day f hid acciuoo* 
btM Urn* ahitUtiK*, ■*"r***-^ iduroof I gave 1o tho dmv«r. 1 tbiaa 
rtmpd in Ugfa triumph Ui IDT fricod tw badotflr-wommii, I gn-n 
hftr TwioiMncia, twmuuwI my fomor cub, aid Jv(l my wooda in bor 
<nutod7, 1 tctomod homa whb a MiWwtkiTL to which I bod baan 
a atnin«f\«r for ^ lon^ tine ; and I thai ni^t ate buirtiljri taQcod 
duarfalJr, kn^l nlopt tn p«ac4i. 

i MnDanfri] tluf occ-Uf uitioo dunng fivo onoccnjvo dayn, tB titta ttf 
wtdoTa I aanuvl Ui Ihi^ nTciniiritrf f]v« vHiUui^ 1 U1UI now mi^uad 

to «M of tba lowiHt. iLiid bu4xt 1iJor»tivii, ^nipluvnivnla of fcfa: but 
ft Dtrlna fHond «u nt hiin^t. of whinn tavonr I wnji faftAilMil. 1 
«u aontont: T wn« dHwrfu) : am! 1 futt n :x4o« wltlilTi iluV (imtoil 
all tha nnrh^mrjttirlln^ 1 iilLiudJ mliiirwlw- lutvi^ luul iif li4ii|aiiiv«; 
tfcangh 1 luut 1<*t"n in tHifftK«<Ion <i thfl <mwn mveniiM. 

I^t* UD the Af[i] m^ul ur my ucvujKtiuu, lui I voa ua uy rvtuni, 
and w^Uib a fow ilourt of gu^ ti:i J^iitL', ^ wu mbtjo^l af id mvultud by 
fair mecL wla>woTo|wrtDra,a* I fmmO by ibvaeqaol. I atm^'Leit 
40 boat 1 oould, and irat one of dxan niidar mo ^ b)il thv rnl TdU 
moo ma, and hdch«d« oixAd, and braird ow In a ndHtablo riuuuLt^r. 
(m \ tb«y oriod— 7^1 ara a |E«9itl«awA I and jrat, tbkf aa yen oro, 
jwi ami atoal inio our bunncwk and clean awaj iLt few peac^ 1^ 
which wo get our (lollj bread; bnt w vill cvayoQ fbroanrtiw « 
burdens, wo wnrruit yon 

T\t»y woald iiiiLli>i)ti(«.11y hare murdctcd mo had 1 not fetijfnad 
mtMaXrmds do&d ; but olfvmng that 1 Lj withoat mi} Hl£&a «f 
JtAt ttwy inik<lt< *jQ m biutQ, 

1 rm oa wfill ns I iritf tiJir. Liid, bnldinu by tlie r&iln hiuI viUI. 

rwlth iliflft<?u]ty hoiHP, tvhorv. crBwhUff uj^*tiUni, mj wlfo holp*^! 
itnrlni^ nie, uid 1 wont to bod. 

Aho then aanc Ibr oxu M phfrialan. who onlrml mn ai^ma 
potiirad, n-iih ontward fbnwnaitiopa to Fumnrr t}iD mnUuiroiui. I 
wiahuw«T«rtBf»»J1bat nlKbt wirh a vlcili^nt r<VHr. wluVh (tmttnucil 
gpwanhi of tfana wo«lu^ oat wltliotit nny iluliriTim , uid wiUihi 
■iKrtbcr nwk T wna able to ilt up, thoui^b still Ti^rj weak and 
Umtly cnuLcirLtcd. 

Tbv hi^t m1' ijur «iU>Lk, with (In- frmlli* <»f tu^ Ijite ■<iiipLovicievtti 
vtfo DOTT noflrly cxpc^ndod rm doctor. drnc'K wm lo forth. Whriro- 
fbro T fr^pitoil it Dco?9vijy to nbriiio^ o\tr Aooiwtii- uluret u dof^; 
AD pweibh) ; ojud bnvliM; *a^t our i^irl wiih u l4>kan for my portw'! 




luliilioMiitl^ 1 E&Ta iJic^nL tu lirr m Wru. cif wlut nfount^l of Iwr 
vaMl^Md wtfh Iho hrilp ofnik Eblililiijim! vtiiUiiiif 'lEAchni^^cil h07. 

1 WAS pow «.b1o to hear the Ucrht, vul the- wliidom wero )i4)f 
Cip»DV4i ; hut how vtua 1 »ihachuj( on ottf^rrinf- thai mjr Arnfc«l1& 
u4 my iLltic Toiutiiv worv «m j«Io (inri a^ taiu^ii lAlLfn awiiy an 
nmcin For AraboILn hod hAlf-Atarrod hor inriuii. uid nlinnt 
woolly <torv'.>4l livntdf, in ordot to «bvo cuRiinTOt for mj HtiKt'iiAJiof- 
dnrlnji my tUnoM ; v«it nb« borp up Kith n awc^t tnd QniJlnff mou- 
bkiic»,>AdiaboTn[uBo«u rooliMd nil thiit «ver I Ii4v» >Doa «d tho 
tiOttiCvd p(kli«tK)» of Btoiaim, or of 1h« pow»r of ChiWud^ In 

Wltlui) ft Uttl» tlm« I WW CQce mon ftbk lo waUg SLbont tlie 
toon; wbfti, en llu dfty neMdinjt thia wh^rtrfTi nnr iiunrurli r^nt 
VIA to bofionvh doA. Vm. ^<*1n»»rt >^nr*rn1 with a font whrmfn wu 
pciAnd whatttver tmolrnLV, hnnbiw uf h^Mri. or umrcrnpt of our 
vTotched «ltiMtl<in cciiVT illrl^f'^— ntr, ri^iTiHiif, m^* fdi<s if »i* l« 
your Tiuao bn Cloni(iTJt, I mi^jjioko I Am imt Ut U-ll yi^u llinl |jv 
marruw ib iiuutcMliiy. Ami yt^K U mmt iirwjiW, Mr, CIciiktiL 
caii't MflWiL to cut* I cui'i tw how they can »i^m to juLy runt. Mr. 
CIcEuont; wid iicr, yoa know* *ii* vtvtj liU m comfi^rloLbr to tlAnn 
in juTt ui ia lorl^iu.'v, Bat tliia in nottitiic to Hio parpoAe. I taa 
iiiy^\t but a pit<>r wi>nini]t nnd do l><<ttar thia rSohor foLkft. Yoth 
pofir fifl 1 am, <^iiiipiirbock» tony Ih; o^liL^aa bofrroCD eono iKoplc ond 
«omc ficoplc; and then I dcrn't <^m(^ firohnrlty, I como for noibm^ 
iMit my oivn, ami th&t, yoa kita^'« in tho ttMHt that will mt.i'fv uny 
body. If yoQ Wl any oao oteo to b«lMond yiiu l^ut mynili, yen 
iq1|[1iI a' l>i?Mi |Mt op on tbo porioh bdiuro thin. Uau v 1 wu 
aunniTt I oan't bo an only fncnd uid nil frit^ii^At onoo. And Inut 
t^ yon thAl 1 bAlo oHihjU; for t hirtf iii> nnvch pity in my natoro 
that it p\iti# mo lo look at *om- nnd. at-or^aJl, i caaH nlJdc "om 
In rny owri houK*. An<l vet, mt t told yuti. Mr. ConrtAtJo will ho 
haro (-a thn morning, nnrt Iia wit) dhow yon Tn Ir^lu^riL^ thAt vill lit 
yon much batter; nid «>, Mr, Clomi-nt anrl Mrn. ( lonK^ntn If to lie 
thHt yriur JH»mr*!i \m Cltmuiii. T wiwli jou Imlh n iriikdity P»t1- 
mumlHff, And no nWAy shfl wi"inf wlilmiit wiiStSnj^ im siriflw-flir. 

Ak HKfti lui nhii w\tn E^mn — llLimniy. Kiyv Ariibnltrt otir Idlul Und" 
Ltiy iiNbi iriu tu luiud uf iht^ Vfif<i *it Uim^pi byiLi-itcs. whoiD Uv took 
t\'i( tao IrJnJ uhI o^i^vJmt of Iliu ti>Ltt4'iiiT. ,^1l, linu riiiit^iiiK wM 
tliift wuiiiJUi! how iuaolfnl h »ervJUij wh<>n Jt ftttsun* itnj i^iwcr! 
But v^tnU i wiiNdi-'r. ■» W-onm of our ftivnrb ttw !dt» ilvdi:i]m«? 
1 would linr-^ h-rjt u> iri'|iiir<^ aSu^c tliMii. Imt t w^a jif^tl'^d At tlioSr 
noftlcct of la nJunnj; our Iniii;: IUumb, I will ulcp thiTre tb» mimito. 
AXid borrow u macb^ At l-z^nt, ha will «nnt«:h m> iliuiiiny from iLe 
CkiUE* of thh Ibfy, 

so saying, wMk oi ihc wpa, the ilmacd hcni>If vrith n cheerful 
nir, v>-\ |^>^^I4;. pUoeftntU rt'ptNilod— Your f"?rvaT7t. Mr. ncmcnt, if 
to h*i that your luitaa bo Ctomont, 1 hIaIi yoti a mi^bty good- 

hh« WM not lonct Abroftj]^ Ami on bor rotum I ohtcnvd ft 
kind of hoAtflrdy rit'Iiiinco thnt ivcniod to l>oAm lhr(ii]0lkO«t 
ker oountodiinop. from wbt-noo I |imp1io»ii>(l uL man^or of Coppy 
flacoi«. ihjt 4?ontEuutii|; Jiilant for hoiiii^ tioM, and looking oa^nny 

mK pool OP QVAurr. 


ftt nio. aho sndHloalj tkr^w hcmlf into mj Ijuioin, auJ btitvt into 

Ab, lUmtny] iho cHci3t I hod bopcn I vn xtn atant: but 
fnil DAtuTD* lu rptto of irmco* confcttiv cuv ii ctnvuril. I thoucbt 
T oonld havn teen jon porlih with iMitJoricc. wjtb ilvli^ht, {intiiitoif 
1 M V & liAppx iiamorliilil^ bofora yon, Bat now timt yaar «af 
F»rSft|tA KKi ILL Zijui'l. 1 fiml thoOi InoQppOrtabli). I trdiihlM ji<4 for 
ntnr laiib, l«^ it uhL'old cot mppart 7011 undot tho uupiaiillng tj^d, 
Vc^ HuiuDj. All tfl ovvr A]] M tVniwMd, tnf Um, na th^ hoJiit cf 
oar Oc»4 in In tt (Inr di^nr ULu HodgffUM Wfire nf^t Ut IiIhitk* ; tlio 
•Idwt dtorl mildcHiilj «itco wo «aw them, mrl the youngfsi U with a 
iltHtMnt re1jit}r>n in fh^ jvninirv, Wn b*iVM fHrtbins rurf.lii?r to hop«, 
DPltbrr lo fKir, fmm fliitivfirM, Our Oflit hAfifihnt he oit£ I17 ^ivvry 
iluor; Diid will iititbrr jvnnh the fr1«ndililpt thn humonily. or 
chvlty of otbera, nelihvr uur uwn ImJiiMry or iriirTntilry. tn yErlil tn 
fe umol of bnwii; to oonvliio* ud that wd itn^ liii^ mirl thfht nil 
HasgM ar^ bin ; tbat when ho optncib hln buu) there ii [iIitrIv on 
wary tado. I'Ut ntu-ri li^ jikvLviL l-^ Hliut flwre l» do revouKv. Wlutt 
WiJ yoiL. thrill, uhy hij-^bukt]? Aiv yoq wLlUnff U> nin Ihiii buitfJiurt 
<OTiive? Thfi ptias IB k'tc>rioii3) tmHppoknblo, lUid Upp mtbin a vocy 
firw p*rv of ji^iir jctAffi, V011 iniii-t tun t1, itiy htinlmnil, ivjrl yuof 
npagailkOft wonlii bne ktva to imko it invutfin-tible. Hat ] gblimico 
■Bidemmgoivoiildnvs T4D strctiirtb to cndun^^ and 0. littli^ furtJior 
«Hdbtni^ tpO tho wiU <ri oitr l>iHf>i>»<ir wimll rum lUt lh» bittvranu 
fato dftli^t. Our timo la dono. our talk » IhuidiQii ; vo aro Urowlj 
brought to artifmit:, that our ol\ mtj bo iti 0>cI. 

Vim, I uiJiStf«r»iL, ii is «Tid4ikt from a c-itmn of laccoHiiii^ proo& 
I uw tho huk'l of Uod Id aU tilftt ormccnu lu ; and I nn^ plwumd 
vilh Mij foHdinoM of bit Dotioe ftnit altfinrlon. w!Lhf4*vrv bii fioiU 
pwpoK ruy |]0- f ^n no loiiffor ptranrlo vlib hit omni[iorj>nr« ; 
aornftlnviy l^onfiirct il iu>nn£ngl1ne for liix iinl>otTntni*4l wUdom. 
If tone^ou iiiirl tiirr lUiU^ iTii]Dwnitb» fitiTiiKliiii^' ly rh? hour: it. 
In iviMli^iiiiiirLUng y<nr vhjiU xtrnl fnuif^lnlnt' yoor |4lIik I ftif-l «n 
Alj^jiab iifjcivc v^liut dtiidi cBii invo ; wLiy. ttit H bo : rvQi^, hrnrf, 
taitu H IbuuBiuiil iitffi'VH! A jfvtiod (iiott nt k'Eitrtb bo |iiLt to our 
mflbriikicii: r^nd nil ]ji:^und flutll be ]HiM«»or what Ocl iili'wtvf* I^ut 
do JMU AntlvUiw do yuu I«id llw? wny, my patojiMHs, mjdiroctorl 
I wsH ondtoioiir lu fctii lii" liriKhtJirw* of ymir <iXaJii|»lo in ricw; 
l&At Dtflthu here, nor tLcrouficr. 1 may lo» Fij:ht of hor, without 
vboBDi bore or hor««ftor, 1 Itijjik I niTLnot t>fi hiti'py^ 

AbObt iJno the DL-xt momEog on; laiLdUdy oat^ircd, followod by 
twi> cowtitdM ozkI twQ upRuatn. Thmi autboriKod, u vbo imo- 
ttiB*d, fho nnrt tbln^ iho W wna to aoftfch oiir pot^UoU for nionvy, 
MB Wldioilt «fifiCt: oa wo luui cvpimrlQ^l our lort pcouiy thn day 
bvibre tor brevd. ^0. bow^vr. frnind ny u^fl^^t r»(f> of w^iaton, 
iu\A othfT impiamenti forhnr ImtlnHi: ^nd gntlicHng irp oitrl^im^ 
lliu^n, ImivIkAvdlllifi^ and n vnri^ty of Arti(<E« «^ioh vi« noTnr hai t 
oatioQ cf wiTorlifur inrn nmri^y, hUo UwI rWm oil bflJort* Iho 
HHJililiU, who, nn f<i-qmiit. i>onf<ii1l&floik. raliii^d Il]>< wnm To fijur 
pCNnkk oLnn ahlUlngv, iny VplfL^n ;,'irwu IfK-ltldi^d. bring; n^niMtnd- 
tbkty Uiilliniri mote tliim wo ovvth Hat thiE, our butioii, landhdv 
vary prwUtiiUy vlnvrv^jjl, wiu* H»ruj anfflcima fur cwie aud citiior 


rfljf rooL or, 

4aiiie«« which idw bftd «iiSorDd, «r niiirht ha*o sofl^rt^ or mipht 

TbiK wo vcrc tiutiotJ oul. nlianct lui^i, to tiio rncicy of tlift 
«]&aient', Ui how di^^p]^ -Icifridod bd</vr Ihu binlji nl Uiv air Uid 
b<««ti of tho rontatjor ovnt lii» wormfl M ib» nod, who ri|(htfii]]^ 
dium nutoruntv from tho «ATth wbotuot they w«n br«d, kd<1 h«T4> 

Thct wi^lii, tmlnnd, Hj tcffiffl db. It vOM wlila Mul flUnniAloiitnt ; 
onil yot notfalTii; to our pnrpoiv. Wo hoA nniHiM' mrt nor purt, 
friTiJ-<>m r-r tiit4imi> thrtrin. It niu to ti» m a hjirl>oiir Tn toatpr*^ 
biiAtAn nijulnpn, who uro thni <int wk) fti^t^in th»*TiL<fl »ij Aijupli^Jun 

of UioplniroD. 

Ali bopuleaiv wmk. luil faiiit» wd tuuk oui' m^j. Mfu kucw not 
whtthn ; vltfaoiil bomo vborvki vv lulirhl Inm^l I'l fniii ythi^nh) 
we might Meer. Wd coold tblnk nf ua Lino livini: Ahu wnlil 
ncolTOorAokuonrloiJKDM; aaJ wd Momod to hji*« tiLiway tnw tlut 
«f hutaaditf «» fiuft ■■ wo could from thv proi^oov (^f iitni;kifL<t, 

Slow Hid toilcriiiff «« w« wcot, mT wifo and I caftivd cur little 
Tonror h^ fntnsj fta4 in tbo moofW plaom bo wnlluvl with the 
liotp 01 OOF hoada, ThM. with mndi tnit an*! fatipiu* «d ^ out 
of London, Vtd ropvoed ourvdvcA on tt bank Thnt Uv n littlo off the 
ttMUnVy- H«r^ wo fbood OtUWlTM fCTM-Uy <U»lrk*Mii u Jtli iLirrtt : 
Ol^ gtttfa^ up oi;obif v« mjuto loward* a onnll hnt liMt Mood 
hmm t^ roul, whoro tboy had ttio chiirity to ti«*t -u vitti a 
dnught oT oold tntn: With tU» wo wmv wtmderlullj ntfrvHliod 
Uid Tvcniftocl; onrl, [mttiiiA on kpnlo^liunmf, vLfv mj Ar^bAlk^ 
ac oomqnoror cm hlo tHnniphaJ ontiy into Homo ever ciulto'l m I 
do In yoar forH^oile thi* day. At»l whml *ifpiifl*w it t»'jv thnt it 
WBLttH tA ttin tf«| 1 Tt In bTit to tniTol^ mv love, till wi> rnn IrAvol 
no IhrHft^r : ntvi thi*n wfl drcp, fit nnd roAdy. iiind ripp for <'ti*nilty. 
h<"* Kwm4 it (k 111 |H?TiMh whh » tHLl(«nrti tJml im phvuu-il ; hrm 
t"nii\it- hiiw liorrihlo^ to die KtruinfUng and kirtdng Agnlud tlm 

Aj wo wont gendy ;(1<r]ii:, rVA) iimlitjilly fiQiiiH^rtint: anil exIiorUiv 
4Wcti flthoTt I applied for it!iii« fffpni tlu^t t.i tiin» ti ft imnilior of 
yWMOTym; bat ntj vdcc and od^rtrn wi>re m fioeblj importanato, 
«r tlrttr Attetition «n« v^ <iik|FEVV'l un -liidjint Mid iliffbront niAltcra, 
i^mJt my onttorr rctnrnci) aa oap^ « it act out. 

At lonetb I met tk foor bwEnr-maiL with • wife and vevon 
rhi14Tii» fitllowincinfttrninp I Inohod fcthEm wVittaU;, «xid, barftift 
c[7in>- nulntcd btm^ 1 ontTDftttid dome UlUc outliar fhrm fau bo^ cv 
hu cnn, to koin hit infant from poriHhini: on thr> U^woj. God'o 
BMKjt mfiRt^^ f «aH tti« chftrttarlo minidii-jml, I ntii v»t^ Aomr to 
to* taj body poorer than tnf»]f ; but tlio truth la, dut I Wo 
tnToUod 9. rriat w^-, nnl hnvo «t and dnnk all ovnpt tin* lict 
tw<q>«n/*«(-hftTfponny. Kor-* it ^ nnttar; God'a blMtfng go ftloQg 
with It T I ^oTA, anri idull giicvc^ that t1 b net two poondi foe 
jonr nako. 

In *iTpc<^tEr>n nf thi* T*ffMlinu'"f wn thonH ifftrirf* frriTn thTu 
vaipply, wn fcppt nn At a cn'<'plnfr poro iJII wn piann In & l^ttlr oU- 
botue that «timi!» ntuKit lioir n tni^ from thin tffwn, lln^tn wo cn- 
lora^ lAil chllvd fur n iviinywoi^lli ^ Liwi^l nonl n |ani of (1riah« 



v^ Hnnw milk Ut ibe M]d. While w> nat lo nrai« cmrvdvnL 
the pMir nuiii of Iho hoiuw hovlas: c^od me with o hind of t^tnem. 
OODDMHon — Ym look, paid he. to bu in tnaoh tTmil>1o : biUfr;<iar 
iKKible liotfl kiTv! tlut in&;b« «ar*il, lli«i^ i« onn Mr. li'prrloii at 
bukcL wbfxjo G«d DM |ilac«d IQ ttk oonatry^ dh tho mm tn hftivAi^ 
lorlvc mmfort to dl vHhin hit mtHi. 

Mv haul Kvivi'il wiihiri iiii^ ni IIlam tttHngff ftnrt Wu fttrlhcr 
jiimttrtic- oTmnft hAfpy mvMntlaik, IljiTlng Bobbwl onr p(ni^ uuf 
Euiff up llirf ranalnlirr rrf* mtr hmil In Mctfv wo i31irha^«d mir 
nrhitm'rtir, uid nvt, iiiit- <iii iiiir Ivii Jita4c*<i 

Thft jifi-TJnrt of tiptMMty ivHd. pjkI rtirr pnmjhllltf HiaI f|, mtght 

|itt»lH>t iiri tjll wfi i-«jiir^ nt^^rl; i.>|i|«Mit<T Iw thl» hviaw, thiragk im> 
did Dot then know to « hom tt lirUvgod. UcTc^ •IndDotinz fmr 

p«ci0» w« finind DundTTB s'W>ii|r*ili'^^r>^; irlkcilwr n win 
tfaat v« woro oT«Tpow*«TiT t? Uw kto imaUiBM&l no Ind talEffi, 
cr bsr ^ toO mujI Aitif^ie ^wt ntrpaivcd our atfUtlM. 

Haaunjr, ftdd luj AnWIU. God N ptBiBwl !— H is doM i Jt is 
bdthod, I dio, my lliLtntny ; hil T voold not dfo within ijio m^V 
of pabUo pOMDtigcrt. Help mo into thr? Eold, if yod (tf^> Abto, mj 
toror i uato ti» forlfatr ntr for oharrty now, hlti* that of h^io^ 
1M' Uml<t vllh ^tf'CCtii^v ill th« fj^'iniiuL 

Elba itioko— nor hn'l I tho powr tn uivwcr. Bui, oT<Tcf>mo att 
I WBK Eiy BctowM liHil ongiufli. 1 oTOrted invMtf to h*y\p bor 
thronsh tht tvnati1«; urid, iltt&nff <!own on th« Aod, I iKiil htit 
lL«ftd bi mjp 1^ vlum iho laictcd Bim , And tharo w« ivquuIiiinI 
Ib iIm Mutfiii In whi^^h your chmnfr kiiuxl iv. 

PWffwI. Ydiir starj of Cloaiant, my frTmid, l« tnily httr^n^tin^, 
nDfl In itimit' psMO^v* mny l)» cdtfp^ilT ■)*"- 1 Trii^<* <^Hy Id fifwrvo 
that It Ifi fdX) Ifljiic fcir Ah i^^ilMvln, Ami itut Ihn dmrb-Ur (if }*jiir 
licn:dnc-ED91iaor U <<iniitjirdi;ml 4n'l muiataml: It U eli'vaTcl nli<^vii 
thr fi>ii.ilutiu -ind virtim at maa lumftilT but qiuli? ont of tlir n\i:Y\i 
niji] i-iiuHiji ■?! iioy ui' hrf »i.'[ik (Uii| hillj n'\. UjuI fJiL'* liwu a 
priiumw nu cnqircKi ibp coolil not hfrvc fl^aired En jcfut Hir 
tarf mth jpvat«t dE|nii^< 

Ant^itr. Tlivtt tiiy mj r<nT>r, rdr : anhiu^iiily I did not f^ifoct. 
thii£ roTiiltr <T ttntion wu noccATkry to Cftrutiaa rvci^ation aaa 

^rinvl, Vflttr drollcty In tiiow rar-votin^ than oJir'i^'intAtlw, I 
miut loll yM^dr. 1 «nui not epcnfdiicr of l\w IowUhlwi. but of tho 
fOTtfltld* of yOQT AmlH<lU ; tn^lvi-d it rx^cda own ttiintr thai 1 
bflvo out lit roiQftn^, Such ad cxiJtiticin of fenuua chor^fttr in 
mf vfil taAncmiTo unon;^ f h^ h^ ; t«ch vomu wlD \m apt to vr^ 
gMO ■ain« <if tU'i rniHrir 1<' h^rvZf : thodr VttTdtJ WlU b* llifllted, 
MDd AdT «1l) rl*>>, na tha vtitlv of AntieDa, Ifi a pnwimptnnnA 
lie««1 vfu UinErruhiiirjl lr>rrl*imd tmultir^ Women nniturMionjiMj 
buTn lhi>lr lM4^irnrii>- 'pEulltjif- : In thn ^taiU^Tiaialinr, KlfiJitiii. nntl 
ncrwery, tht^y atk ni*tai lo itiaJi; but beyoad tMU, my flifnd. 
Uury aiif t|tui<7 cmt of tZi<' t'l<?mi.-ul uf onCurfi tuid ouauuua-Mmpir!. 

JSKlhrr. T }mvt< mill; lr1i^t]lhl.-n till" ^bulo Bfr^jr. it fwrmii: I 
OQtDidly up^cliHtJiUd 1^ W4Jinui inl|{hl tic tkiloiJttml oa li ciinw 



pudon to nuku, oni] w inietii^pfi qocbjicieuIIj to wfteo hii toDpef 
and p«]ihU liis uuoatrrF. 'Vhvry bnve «t liniM fonaixJ tovoniora, 
lod^tOK «dJ heroes The i|rc*t rcrfi.lcw Jorlrod ill to* poinof* 
<rf hiv cTfttofy. nafl tho tkffiaob of hu Lute, from tlw cxBupIo «iid 
imtnctionc of iho lordj Atptfiiki ruil tiio Gnutchf aIso <-«nff1tt 
tbo viiirit of tlu^ cbqiiouoo« Ukd the fln> of t^«ir jmtHotijan, 
from thotr m^ttiar Ooraoliih, 

JVimJ, t'Hiiiiw f tho vttiiKin yon lmt« mmiEionoil worn liut M 
sinetc Itimirmrifi^ ppThjL]a ono tn many c!«Dti]Hai, vbo idiot irnoy 
afLdBhoiiD oat <jr tLcir afipoiLil^d Hjihi.'it^. 

AtU/irir. MK/Kiip I rjui pmilit^ii iilill luiltitr niithorlty to prove 1c 
yoa, my fncnd, ihiit woidjui vu not m^Tclj- urtoinl&d to form and 
uutrnct «iH. lo nofii^p). ntiil ]K<ti-h fSi> nirlf.'in.-^f f^t our nutt; Ao 
wiw ji1j40 n|ijtfilnri>i1 fr> iiHtlvn i^ni^lrti atu! jlomEnlon <tf«r Tnur, 

Krifitd. nj nil nn'jini, niy d*v*r pir ; I am qaltn ImpLtJrnt tO bfl 
tDBtructui in ih«< pi^lkiw tinkl ioivptiluliun of thla jruur pettlcott- 

dM^or, Vbcncvcr you RhoU bo nkwiod to tum over to Um 
third oUnptor of the ml book of tiiu propUi?! &dtn^ yon wiD 
thuTV ^TiJ it writtaa to iht followiuy iaifi)w«^' 

lb tbr^ r^lkOi of Dmiai tIyBtiiAp«k •ucj:cMor to tbo irrnnd Cynu 
(irhom >oii may hAi« rcivl of in roiDiiJ]C«\ DoHub luio a irroot 

nut to att Ilk yHuoi;* atd noblosi chief cupialat diul i,-otciiiora of 
Ub hofkdred «sa tifVnty-«OT«& proTlnc««. 

And ftt tho feftJt. thivo youiw tnd princely ^oiiuw oroBOi and 
ofloTod (o tjiuputo fur pri>'r<iDinr(ic« ViforL' tuo |pwt iwniinhTj 
And tiko L|iio«t]on tumod on, ^Vlukt wila SrAOxanr? And tho 
flnt •aid. VVenb is fitranpwt; (uirt tho accanii nuid, tit KXKO i* 
itron^'vt; nn'l thp IMrd Kiid, Wova\ m iTlrvrtff<vft : toid thon tho 
kdTOMtv U/f tho bottio thi» hcpsm :-" 

O 70 priniNV I L>«u- dmi toftunoiiy thai wine pvct aud toJcoi 
ftWAf «occnh'ii;r «» itti mu:iirirL4?»L It 1iik«« ilwaj tho Mrtigilh «nd 
G«fiMdtlM of nEitura ; anil g^t* ponvm, virtue*, «id talenti 0I tu 
own uqnlriQg, 

It tr^ up fhii^r, aiiH lay* * nlRnt h)v; and bean Ibo 
tt^UU And thrt fn\rfli] Into iho mUluT at The tnttto. 

'WJnii in" nn oiwner <rf hciiiti wul ■ rnvMler of niTL'rrtit It TtHmm 
hojHvi hitci i^vrUtiitty. aud jpvM ji>1Uty uiil t^tijiiyiiii^rit iit i^jii-littii^ 

Tt nnfoliln tho pumo of tho tuiurvr and onrioUn the noody ; Aiid 
freiu llu? piiqoni^r &om hi" cluun an<l tliL^ doUlor from LI0 oblifmtian. 

11 kvuU ttiu iJi;b 'Uiil 1)111 i»vor. tl^r iifb juiil Ihc low, th" kiiv 
W)d thfj cloHii. to ooe tamper ncd condition. It caji «t cxmu- 
poiiioiii* friends, and brothon at variants And cauM.- rivals, com- 
potitora, ttnd oocinio* to ooibraco^ 

Wine cnUfjT^ tho nurrow hnirt nnd thau-H tb« fruan ofiiler^ 
■tindini;: it tnAtmoti tho iptor&nt in ikrta, nod to Ihc lolcnt «ad 
iUitcmbo pvo*phrntoNad olooutlori' 

It oaa oloTAbo tho pooMJit frott a oottago to % throno; ^ bo 
who io dnmk is u great vm on cinfir>ror. 

U y» prinoo* 1 irhut in tuitiiro am hn Ktronj^i tlma that Ly whloh 
aU Iho powoti dt nutnro ato tnvonod or vurpuood ? 



HhU an^fio Ow odvoral-^ fvr klu^Ij itomlainn, and, wHTlnn hb 

|irLQoi<»[ hvw HLurt imd vlrklj i» Ihv hillutiuw of wiim< ft 
UUH9I ikwiij ii# u \apuuT ftt lilt- ilntvnJjiK: wo rc^tiUcct ii ititli 
aidpBit, or rtmembor nolhiiu; tiverool But nil paver that U 
w>lo or ihinUrle KiL^iijri* b DM|dit7. 

The krinK Eei bni niic aud arpmut n hnndrc^i nii^ tWf«tj-MT^ 
OfttioDs ot moik : >ct bu oTcnoatb. canuccla, ucd eorvnu tlio 
wbob^ tiki ilto tJio lu>noui% ooobmLs utui 4trodjrtJi of di bu 

Tbc «in, who from <m Ush lookoUi 4own on tbc wii3c world, 
bvholtlttih iiot fti ono» tbo oitcnt «f oi:r kl£ig'# ilAininit^A, tio 
muEl tnvol for tho provpoot thrciugb the blu« cxpoiuD «l boivon, 
a&A lomo tho vrootom nationi, intolveil Jti tii^it, whMi bio boom 
boKllu to riftO on tlkctlr f«lkiV4nbjMlA in tha o^«nt. 

For the Idn^ th'?y pliiiipb, ih^f «w, ""I'l thry ro^p wu! pl*nt 
vivFjiirTK For him ifin kIjiik thirir ririil ubiul ln1)rt<>n'y« itpKi <?artb, 
•nil Ififi HftwriiiA I'haiiffp: trt TffW riiir mnnnJ%'h vflrl*i|j' of [inv 
dmrtJon* For him rhti fruiw ri|ifn. Iit« nhnili* <lmp ih^lr iwlm, 
oiirl Ihu t^lijvijziui brwilliv LEidr ihIouih; all wiiida Lluw iiutcdu 
to btru ; tuiA \\\*9 fdur ^Ljiirtcm of tli>* woHrl pny blni iriliute ik}r 
by Jay. 

If b(' blJH to buHr), tbvj buIM: fljLd jr be bids to \a\ wAJib% 
^« uatioiiA are niailo <Iuoobit<i, iJlin Ohrl iHuir^ li^■^ .hal tltutti, 
ruin auil r««lonitloii. arc la tho breulh of bin \\\^ 

U be <Tia0 Wiir! it ts war l tLt Iraiitirni of bluod arc lot loiuo 
to the wind, and lb« m^i^aJ of tlicr liliLrivn btiulU'K nil ni^i^ b> batttc 
HU borta clotbo thcnutclrc* in bantca»,fLnit valves' ^ t«mUo nrmy; 
ond hu boncB b«^ to ndiEh uad t^ux uf^ tbc Eruund, ani] Iriji 
ohtfiote t» roll oo ilivtont tbundort. TWr m-^vr luid (lovvr tho 
•tffli vido aa tho oya oon nftoh. Tbo lorc^rK am Iiu4 fint^ tlio 
momtbttiv ibofcc bcDcoth Chcm* and noitbor tbv rookit nor nv^rv 
tnpoiJo Itc EDoroh oT bl« armki*. 
of iha tlolcl, uid tho kboiiDi of tho 
and itiinding corn ; tho lOa^eo a&d town* tiaok- 
OTorr «i4«. 

Tot Dono nuk thp bin^, Whorclnrn in pjAc^, or wborrfor^ U v«f ? 
(br he vlnJoda uinll^^il in niin, 'lurl i« irloriflml In dmiruef ion : hki 
wonl fi Iho l»1l at \rtifW\\U\t: powiv, nml hU ulll miikuM tbn 

qnolnlinnn mikI uji<<tlmil4i of Uw. 
ud htviw H' Bditt, bo (Nit down uujd iJiv BjiplauHu of ^uo 

IMI7. «lnw and tuuhful. iiro>e the joohie ulvoooto for ihc Faiil : 
and, bouixt^ tbri^-e attiuui], be let hl» wonw ic^ forth oe the bnulh' 
UV of Bofl xouiic :— 

Onat, prince*! ffreat lo tho strtuvth of WnfCn ond macb 
creotAT ia tbo vtitivtb and irbr; of IktAJsarr^ But rot th^ro 
le a bowL-r tlut Umpor* ond modoralc^ to wHch micro womMlvoa 
poT ddikhtfnl obodlooo«. 

liut loju ibo roufch and onido olonMDt of Mith, mmolEfiod bj 
tho ftoiiity ^ valor «ad light HooTon tiioro&ro not WOMAM-— 

Tb*y trunpl^ hilo ihi»t thu frxnta 
LO sudnarlotv : bouKfl, vinvyniiiM, 

mi'l Qsiaio on 



Sntlfvlrrijclir. unit lirrmlvotui womui— to iM(tlw^ri>niu*nr1 nii 
n nu^nivfr of IiIh mum*. 

bri^'htDcn uf tJir iDonutu: 1>TaiQ; thr^ jRiimxrritilJj bifiUcA Ivra 
uiJ (lolj^Ht laUt Jjicn, uid tiE^U lii« nfTty-tionii ^ forlh npoit Idniirod 
uid oountrj. 

[The pbntor who ptentml t|i« Tin»y&H, mtd th« vintopr "whi^ 
ptmmtd tft* mpo. voro bom of w«oun; Aid b^ vianMn tlono 
ike nillJMi «nd tbo MTtirdgii r&Mivo tatteaiss, with all that om 
nutkit <adat«nce a4t«aM|reona «r dnutiMf^, 

b> IeI» rtroii^ : ho » IcHFtored m bor bowm, bo ^ noondiod vita 
bsr nbMviviv uH Jio fmbibM Into bia bolfi^ th« gweotatio «l 
liamjmltf wltb ttitt mIUe <rr Ii)h mMtLor, 

Wilhcmt woDum, whoro wonld bo fnthor. or vhmr vonld bo 
eJiitfll' whn^ th« ri>1«ii^iri«, <^lHmTti>tilA, AnrI <iriru)cotkatt ^ UiH 
dred^ tfcA chorttlw ihAt i>(nji fltc wi'to nnrfd icgiitiMr Into ona 
bwdivlra ikntflj, tho ittvaI. liRirz-FKRiiooii or Max? 

ttio OOOMt not ft^iikf. yoit in llio lin-n'lTl^ i<r wii(ihh,crr rV«ifh1* 
flf pnwfr, Shr rnmf* in thr ixnnfnrt nnil rjiU li^^hl of iH-miiy; 

uU-y. Yt*l bi<rH is thv tui>^«t of oil ^itriuujiiv ou Bhicili ; fur titr 

fnou hur j^iku in uhjit mr iiuio i^nlti Uaj*. 

Hf?rc aiu no Uinm of bucua ^TfrmmT^iit that esaa ?^xpnlpt tu 
ftOTQ hpf »n**Lj ; no AVBli-iMi of \aw9 ihni OAJi fvxfitnrle hoT ihUltLOrilJ. 
Do wo not Ktudjt i*A nml nvcAt. nui] i^> fnctlL jn ^.tie darkrirn. anil 
pert ov fioo to «vciT deower, to wio juuI bHutr bom<* tn«»ui« anJ 
onunxnti to oor lot<i ? Gv'^n Urn TfiMuT* ami Mvnito »ipo41^r« of 
mmkfad grow tuno to thn drillidn^ prtni^^thv of bouv^- 

If man soek pMoCi it im to livo in kiit>1l]r soraotj vioi w<iiiuui ; 
and, if thoT aoak wv, li in to ptoom hiiir witJi Iho ropini anl noiovB 
of thoir viuoiiT. 

Kvrai th^ faijfhiwt nnrt m^fl-htiwi— thr* lord of loM* oni! Kn|i of 
Iringi— k cflQ^t la tho fooi^rirjtiaif nitt of lit« AjHuno. I ut hor 
a«it«(1 lij hi* Mid«; «1id took tho fTov-c frtna li^ii Vtintn am3 ^i^b it 
nt*w InntNT f^ thn l>AKnij ^f hftr lin^w nml thrt liri^btneoa f'f h^r 
tiVMo*, 1 nw hnr dUda Mm ttt bor ploTfdhirv, nni iMko blm 
In hrr pf<tiiLuii.yi, yet ho |Vnw-il tlw bimH rrf birr plrturin^ |v»* 
jflmmtjon tt' bi^ li|x; ht* p'J^'l fiindly owT fl:ii>d1j «ri Iwr: If rfifl 
liLiixluvl. Irf Ijui^lii'il ilImj; ImL If ihn yb(4pd (fb^lnumni, hd 
Fpokv iind EtHjIuid Hi]tmiii«lcj(i» riJtd wiui fkbi lo ptfod and nw for 

Opriro emboli tha blnoinlne onitor. Tho inonuioh txma frmn bk 
thnne mid enn? loud appljusp, oitd tho roob moundwl with Ib9 
ibontB oad ftiX'Liuiittion« uf llje ^ijn.-rDtiljr. 

WH^Mbro It WM decr««<f< Viv tho Uwp of iho ■*U«do« «Bd Pc^ 
oiuu.*' ibat fomolo boftut^ oiiR^t tr> c^vcm tlio worid £& moataww^ 
ao^l Umt nt<G oivod ther-ant<r a roliuitatr obodi«DCO. 

fW-wf. Pn,T> mf good or, tbit auno £»drw^ So it maoue ^^ 
ouioolcal boob«V 

rrrx fool of qvALfrr. 


JiiKnr. I cfuinnt aHIrm thfkt it fi* ; ttit it is hi>ld us oathortic, and 
WVTj •fcorcw], J oMnrc jtdu, 

i'Vb^j/. It tA n utj Uiut your tTdtQai of fomole gnTrmm^nt 

minioD to b* Jut^ dMw^ p^ntut tua to rvt^an loy lulth, and to g<o 
on irith m J Rtory, 



Mm- f'l^RMKxr. udd Mr. Ft^biriH 1 uta wEn^rnliu-TT ohlltrnl und 
inttvuL'tflJ hj juur tlury. 'Hii- E(ji-iiU^lt> uf yuur lifi? lu^e l]t<(<rj rcry 
«ltosordti«r7, ami hATo l>H-a ^viili^uUj A»xin]|i«iiiiF.| hy ijiv utli^n- 
tfm and coatud nT » proulinr prtAiilpnc". I'hc nunc |ir:idit4iiH« l» 
nndonblMlly witli, nii'l i>^rr alU ^i" wurka; Chi>i;e^ vro «fv not 
vilUnff lb ftdmit hloo hi vlut vc (?all 04>R3iaan oi^^arrroreei, md 
whidL, urn tbuik. ve ao oocoimt for ^tliont hU Interporition. Flut 
in tlM pMwftOft of jouT 4i<ri-y vd ihx^ f 'nuu]*otano» imUone oAaa^ 
vlHi yov. ^cft f&f atop; by nuidon mooootcb, ti^ <«liuiifti«« ae 
■nddcn, <ioiiipeuiiie tou to ntToitd to him l wrDnchutg cvvrj ti^vr 
|K|i Mid «apport freaa j<mr d0|>viui«oo< ; abuttiw Torj other 
■mpMt Hd Tewarao ftom inmr >d0t«; and ii«v«r TonRk&<r T^^ 
n yrvd or in wo«« till h« hod fully gon ^in iMd jon of hk fidiowiUp 
and rv^ird, And IijliI toooni^flnil jou 1o 1h« liHtfinsft of lb* dtipowi 
iUa» of your Cnator. 

Toot iicry. my fTcar fh^nil. h>» h(i*n gvnramUy oonTf^sunt bt 
Mtddto or lov liffi ; tan\ 1 fiiiurrrfil Ihnf tIuitb 1m SMrt* a rnrc^irm* 
ataniNk In It whUb mTght nol bafn lu|i]fon«| to Mir bnly nn imj rUy 
of thfi y«Ar. And jpt^ on fh*9 wImh^ I find a rluJn of mriro ntr* 
ftidntp ami Wfeotli^ AVfiitH than T mtir mirf. wlU) Di hEhtury. or 
em nnramciK 

Ood. f WW, lim nuulo tiwj of Tory aritn uwtliO(b to oaU joii, and, 
aa T may tt:r. to oompol Jon to coma tu. Itui. do juu ilijuk, Mr. 
CkmviTJi, that vny inot&odi kM «e?oro vrmiLt havn U^-xt i^iuult; 
«flbGiaaI7 Too mnst adndt tbey wonLI not And Av deraouftntca 
lo mo Ibo di0)oiiltj» and abnont thA troixxriUUtr. «f dlrertlDff aay 
RMB from that hukdt of tfdnktn^ dui) fictini; v^'iih fa« cvmtnrtji ^m 
tbo people nith vhom ho ia dnilj t^nivr-Ajit, In n vorLI of H^ntfl^ 
a dnaJtr Dwt bo a dorll ; but m a world of dnTii>r», the nun wlio 
haagMoe to dorlata nviPl be a ndnt indood. 

Bad I boon in yoor titoatlou on tho day in wUoh ycm aay ny 
dMirtiy i9llor»'l yoii, I «tumld haro tboncbt mmlf Tory Uttla b^ 
boldon to tlukt f)cnoa irtio would hava |taokod ma bai^lc fr«ta toy 
opf«itn|( Mnid«ii.\ into a world of wboto wn^a f had boon iO >ltt$ 
wftai^, ri<K T]<s niy rrioAd ; I dli] yon And your AraboUa tiw wmt 
^r*. >* T ibtntt. tMt yo viD oror reoaWc. It ww not to y«i that 
0«i intmdfltl nny br'm<ni Iry rwtortoir |1N) to llfo; ft wm to thnO, 
and I hoiw ih<v f^rn mEinv In number, u-fio ar« to hai^ tbo adTVAtngn 
of yn[ir Axnrriplr rind rnr^i njcrl f'^la. TI ]h nn adraiitaKO of vhldi 1 
a\vy ptuitr\^j Iv aT.iil iHjHlf; nnil E rf'i|Tiiiii yon. En tK^hn^f oT wy 
liitU IIU17 in putiudar, to ocoept your flnt tntvnax from our 



ras FOOi OF QCAurrr. 

gDta«a ulo Oknwntli coctfxxkAt, vtit, hflKtii^ ulllng to know If 
•onparwu nftdTi^*^ ^>b mum wltimiit I'l^rv'Triimjr. 
in ftliout uk LoQr dte dorli whj< UjiI. h^hI ?klr, hVnlon i^nli^rwd 

HLmb titt ttiiv lifir DtijirunKxl ftt Uiuir fin»l Uinrtiiitf. iJuL uun bu 
nriiKtt u'L^re ddl npcri ooil aHto far olpucrvtilitni ; aniL on h«T caUanov^ 

bibd not ytii reooT«t«d hor flub «r her ooa)p1cxli>ii; uid Mr. 
Fenton fttr «can« liuo loukod At hw in raJa. to ducorcr thoa« 
Rtriklns: lUkd brofdiitJblo tcnutln* la whifh n ^lirilf; poopk hfitl lH>ni« 
joint ttfltimonf . hy n vouclioi' of pqbli« piroftmtJaii and ^ipiaDMt. 
fliit ijf nil iJtat Mr, bVritoii Jii4/I |irvv1ouvj 1boU|lllt DMOilUT fbr 
produ^-m^ linoh cxtniorilirLjuy find utoEildhlnff nwnAthlDjc 
but % KcTiinoiit nf Inwtmfwi tbr<fTEfi:hi>u1 : a cooiodiing in fiii>OH in 
vdIoo, unci in moUAn, tlini v/tiS\ lorvly. for »<» nth«r r«attcqt tlwt h» 
c»iiU HnrJ bet for Itn bdng qnitn inipovtblc thnt U HhaaUl tiot ba 

Awa, gratJtinl*', vpini^purton, (inrt n il^kptli of aftlf itnliiwflnioTii, 
onllnlto op|>rc»w lliP hnun. iiQ<lKp1Ht*tif AmhrllA: nnrl In thn iviarin 
oT COQVtmHllun nIil* ftf^iiiEcnll} h>-niliitr<1 nml liEinlii^l '-trtsNtinjctj- 

Mr. FsnU>U. wTlJt IjU h'umI'J tliilu'ju'j^. iiinEf*' IuixIj* li> f11vr«^t bar 
nf Umt wrl/M imili^r ^\i\i-\\ ^w niiiHinitilj UlhiuruiL Mjuluin. miltt 
|u?H vitli A ilini']i-'jit viitEf'i^ ooJ iloH'iK'iLM l[>ok on hJa uwit prut, vli^ 
UuH (;u]id(i:tiUiL, wliy aJl thin LIuaLIii^, m> dmr MfK CloiUQut? ii^ 
deoil It ift ft coiRErLmeaL tiutt vo cfiiniot diT#rrvu, 

Ah, lir! cried Mrt, Oloment it in a Ajmplimait which I would 
xm irlftjllT iTimrf.\ if T ocujKI help it Ttut 1 ennvt bo ft very irnilty 
biNqr. t« Lc jiuro ; oxxd tq,j fj^tilu 1 flnct inwit bo rior? much o^ 
Onimiiud, whrii they ore rcwlv to II; in my facv ctoiy muRi^nt, 

Wh;. MrH. t'U'rotidt, aaicl Mr. Kr^nlihti. Jo yen hoM blttflkinj; to b« 
uw ovidoDcA of cuilt V— LVrrAmly. tvc^ mjH Arnhcilla; it ^d^ bA 
Boihlajt bvt a fjtiniicitoiihTt<4«i of rojiDciV-hat ami^ Ih^t oij^C to invo 
lAumo, to an; ouoUbla p«noii. — &1r- SvFk^ntit C'loiiiinnl <:nAd Uf> 
Benton, piLy, whnt iv yovr jtiHifmcMt oii thi^ i^oj^ m bnni^'r 

lb traih. air, niiid Cli'irK-nr, It U li «miu^ r4> wtiioh 1 urn not tii^ 
|liir*fl Jfi pl^nd. I hftvi*, Inilmid, hflarrl wiling uTirl vaHnii* opltdoni 
iMithP Kulijwt tho«rh tTOtTnEljr wiiiR-Miri^ will* thfllof my AniM-lln. 
And uitiTF^ J>u*tfi;uliiHy In nkrivnisutliinu rl riliHli entf^rt^ T ^v^ 
hnur) It ftfflnniivl Ihit TiJn hliiidiin^ of n worniin Ifi n tiirn priiraf df 
har unrJirmianfliiiK much nii>tv tluui titr^utie ber 

Hokl lJiPtT>. uriiO M(. KriidHiri, Wv- rmio lUini^r-ramllciff of jood 
or oxil ciui till ]iiiiri> Ihs n fn-ult m iJio cuiitiirn tlum in the Cftatw; 
Uio (ilFbiiw of t-iiilt bfliTB rii> n^lorenco t'^ knoivT(idt"p. bul ouiijitt^ in 
tlir^ ii|>]jJMl>atiun uf t^^il nl'ttr. \ HOiiiAn lhc:r<:for«, who btu*br« 
nr vliii-l fh<^ cliufiiiiovcA, bLaah« not for hcmclf, bat fur Che f^alt* 
of her mile tmtl ill-monurrol ^i7rii|Hiny, who h*vo rii>t tlir> jcnc<' t/> 

Wfaea I BpMk horc H' hlij^duag, I would not bo imdontmid, by 
any niUAna, to itushidv tbv Btithinif of tjtnity, or tlm rwld^nlnjtf of 

TRE i^OL vr iiVAUTY. 


r. or »iiy nach lite tDrinnlent *»hl Jrrr'fpal&r KWtionfc 1 ro^aa 
TW»tkcr th^Eii ihiLl r»>«fl/ fMTtmoD of s1iam<^ wUd^ » <Nir Aral^<4>]U 
«W4ictl; bLnt«d jii^t HQvr. arUoH frcra An Kppnrh«ftSiM Of cDia«thiii|t 
ticiiitE aini-b in cmiMlrfS, OT othctv. But vhck or «lMt ^ it tllMt 
A|>|i^tluiEirlH ill tlilA OMO? Li it piiJLt tJut M afmiil or asiuauHl of 
guiit? iia. BOrcIf, It in TlrtiM ftlona tlul cftD toor or ba v-tLAmBd 
of Ibu 'iNtEliKourb'O'l <:f itJ odvoratrj. 

I will THkf u)i ifituuK'v iriitD a pvnon vha in tti*lmL[ly i^iiZiy of 
Mnethin^ vrry^-nnrmovu; And wha Miu^qi on hmbMnff fiiiMtlnnM 
or nitpLv-rprl mf lli« tnukKgrnurirm. Ill* bhuthin^ lu^rp ^it^nLOtijitntrv 

ttlthln bira, Ant ^Msaprmivnil *inl nrT^^**''^'''! ^''^ ^f'*" whni hn Iwl 
tMCJiiTilKml. Ami H4> Ioti;r 'lji thlv -tpirlt {ir prindpk (r-miiJii:! axf 
qnctii-liiil ill llm Irinmri ; mi tmij; Hf« lb" wli'UphI llii'mwlvivf v4m fw^l 
cumpaiK-'tl^inH nud bn iixhiinK'il of wli^»tii(?Bi; Mi Innff thifir nxtivrry 
ui nut Ui ]m^ il-^epbir?*] of. 

It U lbi'(iifi>rr. fji^m tlifj fiiuuluiu of virluo u]ou«. tbat Uu*. flusli 
of Bbarao<ii.<-iTTir^?.^ cjtn fwriUiiUly Haw; and a dcbcACT of onmpnnclinn, 
mt Hucb (jci:4L*ic'iis. is a sciuitito ploot of nrtuD id the KmX tlutt 
fiwUf nhriiiliA, Aiiti is ftUrnwd o& tb« al[|;ht«et spprohoivkii of 
bpproaohing ovIL 

Wellt m. Mid \nKM\iK oli^vnttt: tJi that jciu hitv^ oArojtt^ m 
livhatf of blutfbvr^ {And tfuii ia i^ouie; tbcm iDor» faTninr thmi I fvor 
tib>T flikunw}, cnn It nmoitnL 1o itiorn tluin Ihk; IbAt ho««^vr 
fihuftf Uit^' tnLOj l)Ct Iho^ uliU have LTiotJTK-in cnotigfa to n^knowloilco 
liuijr iruilt ; vr^ in otlv.<r word*, tMt Ut^-j- lk»vo thk^ JniLtifle to bo 
achamwl of tfaaoMlrM^ 

Tc*, mndflm. taid Mr. Fcntoo, it nmoimta to muub moro, and jm 
know ilijit It dAr«. Itut ymi BTO ft vfokod IKtlO aophtour, and <!«•> 
wMvo io \« pnnidi^d. liy <mr yiitUfn|f to yon Hia caoua dmt fm 
hnvp unrlnfrA*!! npninut j-crnraclf. 

Wb»in I fflH^n-r^l tliur niitbrii;: Viit xirtuij o*™ld unrMifOwllj 
i«K|Eri4iifti|ln^pnilittliiiri of vicr, f »iiF.-bi furlbur Ui bjtVT olnu-rviiil^ 
lint Iba gTi»t«r *nr| thn jrarwr. liu* ntom ^'irvUi-ni [inrt mon? vitiii 
that lldb virluL- H Uiu wore apt it nlll be to lokv oLltiu aI die baru 
ifnnhciiKio)] uf haTtnff asid or i\ont, or of bvliw p<Li«|ioetod 1o hAVu 
aild, or doac, or tlumglit of ruij tiling Moim, or ixiutruT to Ito own 

Aa far it« a eniltj prrwm Inv*** unJ l« n;ootjcilei«! U> (cnilt, It W 
cornea a pvrl of himwlf, imd he conaot blv^ at it. ETiit |0>odiir«i 
will 1>hMi in n du«ct, in n ito«trt« in fUrkncw^oD fwHiu; it wtm In 
dniffcr to bavo «kicl or dono ni^ thing anbccocahig or dlogiutfiil in 
it* own aoindbilitica. 

Hut again, wboro noh a dalioato Tfrtno l» oooocnponi'vi br lonU' 
naai^ th^ iw»d« not tatj tMnfr ambus i>^ t^ all^tcA i:tiLfrT>h''nii)on 
of any thing anuat, to ointo tbiA vw^oi ccnfiKJon i» int^ Hovii tmd 
bh Iba counMiani>t HiimShty will Mitah Tn bo f^tmd in th» prv- 
aonrs» of thfi«« ubom It rotcT«: h wlU bltiah to bo thouj^bt of 
oiihcr too mi^jEily ir too liig^filj by thove wbOM^ fHvoorabJo <^n1nn 
it virinw to m*»Tit. 

ThftifPM*fn! rfftwlon fifft virtnnnHftnil hiimbjr Ittiirt U, iw I oni* 
Idntod, tba high»t, md jfonomJIy iht oMot ^h-ltil oouj^LiutrjJt 


not WOOL or QVAtnT. 

thAfc tha li*irm cw pij to lb« OMMpiaj ; w it k u «ii;r««do& 9f 
ddlvnwD, and a oompafmtlra MflDUWlftilgmL^i fif HinHor iu*rlt 
T^ H iff mora anonllnrlj HiniiiltlD fn jonr ivi. lln ripmi^t ; it b 
tlmt iJiLtmAdirvihM K> KTi^t^iil 1r r.oil and nnA, hihI vhinh in 
»(.rij>Liini u allied Ifap nuvt Itommtng f'lotldng luvl tdci onMrarakl 
of D WLiiiiim, 

Howcftjr, mi dtmr dilLI. tiA Uju ciEiijliutj In ^□i-rKU3r Attended 
villi aome litlio loiitlcr of iniii. iIjv prrH-^Eil «kiiipii»y u^ too njucli 
JODT frmdv to cvcvhv om idiul cf plcceun; Innn a o cimp Miaert 
A* imiiMtlrt «• ll lA vbolU antwoointT. And, in trutfa, flut* to 
Imt «n« tUo^ UmC 1 can thkk of (br wUob UiVi C^emenl vo^ 

IVitv, fdr. i|oi/t liokl mo Sn ptdii; what i« ii>T botcxdi joqT — 
It tB for Ix'itu- a rcprcacb iklniovt to taor vbola «e«. 
Ah, ALT r iTi'<-i Ar.ib-jllu riinafr. tt^JOff <uid blualuiigi mid ciutqt' 

tn^ ^IdWD to tha flfL'ouiit, gixoiwa mo if I iloni fltaj 10 hoar UljiMV 
mi •l>iiiw>]; otiii, tuming ikuojr, iilio rwun and da4ip««JM «i 
AH InaljLnt 

An hMtn ju fJu? iru gono, ClnmMtl took oat blit pQna of R 
fanriHlm4 jriiiiuiiH And prny, idr. kijiI he, what HtiLlI T do with nil 
iMn nifjmy?— lihT ah for tJint iHnttj^r, ahIiI Mr Fi'Htfin, I kiii>uir 
pcoplr not luilf HO In^nlniu jm jrou are, whn orinlil ijijliMj^ in-knfrtvci 
to j£Cl t\'\ ufu tnuiili lOT)^ AUD, LUV it out b doiXT.L r liiOiiiU' iVr 
jHur^ir uuJ yuur AiuUtUh. uid I wdl fiud euum ^.y lh hiiM yn 

juu. if ni,T furLUDQ tmvj »rr* ft»r n nufflcient wtnerit. 1 irUl |bT 
Jill K'.'v. fiiin<ir^i3 jrninr.rt* yr^rlj «!iilD jun bUj *itii uie. bldiJ 1 will 
i^-\ !< jn ;iiu vuf. lijoitALiii) irfiuikitA {ii <aMo of EUj mort^tj, to F"^ 
3*sw iLjt'> 4(.4D« little BtaTion of itnl'^p^ailciiDc. 

Sir, *iir ! iTiftJ I'li.iMn-'ril. hi'^iliirin^^Tir, juu utj)|ir*.ian Infl^ JPtHI— Hn*h, 
Wh I tujJ >[r. 1\eiIoij. putting hu huni U^ W iDoatli; &o «oinCili- 
ni^'nU, my divhr fn-jtil, II \« Tiot roar tLo&k^ bill jOllt iMTiMB 
UldI 1 wiuit; (m(] toq maj rr.iibliJv mafco thorn iDoro IbJtt «A 
•qtuv'^nt to cucb mattorL I Woo tbo tnMOUfif;: of o fir^lo 
priiif^ijilo of cf*-lii<*« or hirtiotir into tb« mind *f mj do*T Hajtj, 
ttjond dl the wojilth fhji.t iho Tn<li«i ran rttmM. Ah, ITftmmH! 
vliy witH nuf Ihnt briit of yotint ■ i^rl in«trad of m toy! Shr mlsist 
ODfl day lmTi» lnvin l.hoKlf-* of my jini'ioiia Hiury; *0(T 1 <uigtit thwi 
|]tt<ro luirl Hfuin f>f tliti hnMMl of thin wnHilrfftil Arnhnllrt- 

Bnt* lljuuiiiy, <^iilhiiiL'it Mr. Fmitun. I uthulil nol hav« ymi. 
UiroUffa nuy fi^\ vi uIUhsIih^iuI [v mv. iJiiiik uf ini'^Uiig my li^y 
Into IpamliTg of Ulo Ijutjcuagg* bt^yaud 1ji« ova iilcmuri;, NuUlujr 
votUd I biLTu yuii iri'prrvifl ur prniijcn hia iufout luioil ii\\h. tho dwp 
or loysUfious pwlM of <mr lnjty ivliiriwa. I'inrt, !■■ it >i>nr nu* l»> 
Imfnict him In momlily; tmd let tiic Uir prvcoili; th* |r«F^I* (br 
MLJi:b WBff lU-? *<iU(otion th^d fJod B|vpijln*i?d for the woi"ld. tliva 
bin^by f^Tuilirtr Hint hUruriiul lEiftiftncc^ lUi niirly iini>ro«rioTi of tho 
^MTt&on^ of huEQtui Ufc, iia*! of tbo lutarv of the vorJil in which ho 
ll plAo^ Lvt liua loam,, from thi/* <Uvy fomwd, to <iktinf(ui>b 
fatttWooa tuhtonl umI linAglniiry u'lLiitji ; ^liiEmtnotfalnfftosUtnubk, 
or ongbt to bo d««ir«b1c, bat no fiu- iw it \m tiMMBuy or vnofnl to 
Infitrocn uiy ^liu'liujc d^ily lo^ boiirly, if |>uHiltlii^ in ■ 



pTBCemioo of nnumcrB tad tiuneft Ihftt bo^j an intrinsJc vnlno, to 
thoM tbnt rvui^vii tlioir tnlno tncr onrmicy frotci tluj Art'ilni7 and 
McUa atuap of fiuhloQ. l^how Um nUo, mj ilAmiiMJ* that tho 
MBMt toib lurtd mfiario^ tbu «aiuu po^r«-^ eund pii^ frocn wbuih 
people now flj h« thty would tutin a pljwoi^ w» cdm the dMirv 
ofbaroMBfid thdftwh]«itofiial3«na; nod tJut tbonund* of p^triotit 
of capicimiv And philaiO|ilMff«v Hirungb a 1ot« <rf Ihvir ocmiTtnr or 
oTirfor?, of appUlM* dartuff Ufia ox illRtincTSon jilUr (ImilI^i* inr* 
nAaaa wmIu «nd j^Miiin^ conbnnd wut uid htj<d*hip, uid 
rabnd nor^ frMi a vbhiaiHi? iiii>riiik«tkm and HlMoaUf, Uun 
oor rinnvh uionifl Ut reqiilre tn itiMin i}ajn fnr the mnnueat ef a 
ivmunl worlit inlo wlilcli hi; aj^ £u}U-ji, ULiI for cadUi^ig ua lo 

va* ktok wLdied Cloruvnt a (Co<>d'iii(^t 

Oor litaxf voA now gLKht jnuv of irD, BDd wcckl/ obd duly cgn- 
tioued tn Ut oxfircj«wl in fulfl of bodUj proves hu<1 Aiiotiljr^ uid 
iu Adfl of TncnlAl bciH^n>kuLy> and H«nic« to nmkinil. 

Mr t'ciiton hiij) iLlrrfT'rj |iri>vi<T«.^l hk brooritd iritb A dfrnciDC- 
TikMl^nr, ihk> nivw'l bppruvvd tor ikUl lit hit vr^tf^^f^a; na alio wltii 
a Dotod f<bd(u- niirlvr. wbo ftirlhiT bioghc lum tho nobUs Miciioo 
oS Hilt <nvltful nutl ttUjirtt^r^UIE tl« ww now ua Iha MVOh for tho 
roofl ^tlvtiiignlH^Al flmnifO^a of Iha B«a^«uOMl, ik <tf>lor to 
Dfcotnpluh cut- iicru iii tho laytUrim of bminng; of wnMlttigi and 
of irimnnfc ; nil liav^ ta a aliart ttnw firocQracI t^ partKi 6^ 
Blrc^, ho jflirvtuuwd for bl4 Hanry a mMl hat hMUtlfu flftanUi 
JeDDiat^ wet v«a ii/.'rfmMlf drr-wM nn thcj mllud tt, or rU lo tha 
UMiiiAe«, anl mod lii i^vtry wi^t^h or 1<>rlrui:hl ltt> lurcoiDpaalftd hia 
bailing to th<t rld(n£-hflitflf \n Ullnj^t^n, whi>rA hn law him Ir- 
iitniiTU.-d la ftU tliu uu miil c!l('|.iinc'ii?s ilT horwuuLnFiUlp. 

TtiUH Harrjr lud Lis lillle haiidH lu full uf bufiiuni att thej Cuuld 
1l<*M. Duilw was lulumlly ufaaiictWv ami virld dtqwiMoa; iOil 
Umo^ Qiwmulojrvd. Im d|iui hiui oa Uio Iwavlcut and uuMt Irnonia 
^ an bonkue. Uo tbtrdbrv ptwoedad frani Ide book to Ik 
«nrdMa, aafL from odo tftwtlw to afLolhvr^ M u epiciu* ik>ra 
aiaoTiR n uutnbor of dubook wbero lh« rarioty of ihv Moaoiuii^ 
eiiclla* in LJm n now appotito to «aoh. 

Within a fow vooln after Iho lato fHawittatfuii upon blmbinf:, 
tbo iamo cotopauT bving pvccoot, ud dlnaor rt^crvod— Uarry, 

XUr. F^Dlct], toll TU wbioh cf tb« two U iho ri-hi^f, ih^ nun 
waati laMrtortbo nuivAo hatb modt'/^-l-^t mo thmk. luthur, 
M|N UttT/, Whj. ttre (bof ar* Ilia nmo tlmic : arc not tbrj* 
4«idAT— Bjr DO tnaana, my riarltif, ofed Mr, Kivir-m. 

TbfM UvmI two fiutiomi naa at thet vrnic itmo, tlia ana wna 
callfld. Dh^dUM, and The OihfuT Alunnrler. Dio^nra reftawd lo 
anvtit at ATij worldlj tffMd*, lAVfi fjriA *icvir1«n nm lo pmttj wniat 
ta mi mfralht I'Ot whnn ho fonnd thAC hn onnlil drink h/ Jjlog 
dovD Uid jinltinf: hlei jiii^utli to thu Uxuiud, he tlavH hu cii|f nwnj, 
H a lihhtiz thai Lr iHd nul »unt. 

Alaxiuidiir, uii thi? otUr-r iJib?. wan a (root cooiiuonir: and wbon 
ha bad ccnqocrod and cot pnocvkib of all tbu irorld, hu fr^ll a 
«rjrhi|E bacaiM) then wm OOt a buiulrtnJ ujoiu «ach worlds for hiiu 


ta flnqMT. Kow, vhicli oT Uut0 bvu Mwt Uu riLlmU du joq 

O* «idi^nac"l II ntry, Di0e«'L« to be mirc— Diopooos to bo rare I 
TU w)ii> w«iiu QoUiinj: b 1fa« richcvt ihau ia tli« vorld. Dii>j^noa 
WOD ricliRr than Aloxniidor hf ft IniiHTjvrl vh<irli)ft. 

Vtry inm, mj low, ti^oIdck] Mr, Tcntob- Al^xcutdcr liod <l 
wholo wijflil noftf^i Ihiui l>j<it;<.']ivti imnlocl, and ytX HMircd a hnndrad 
worlib inoro Uuii be hud. >iow, nv an iniui will ntlow Ib&t ho 
umb what he <k» not riciiro, nxid all affirm tJut tbov wont whnC- 
noTtr th&y <la ile^lm, ilvvinci kpiI wjiitv lire p-'iurmJIy rit^oonnr^rl 
at or^ niul thr^ saia^ thta^; mrl jai:^ m^ Hany. lhon> U a tiling of 
iffhJ^fi If mny U^ mi'l. thfti tbo moro we dedvo tt tbo Icri \^o want 

IT. Ad t)l:it lhr> TCM V'O iMf* Of tl» fhe ajTMl^ lA J^lir WHlit, 

WliLkC En tlL« vorlil am that 1A fkmr?— It U j^ihItiou. ttlj 
Idvc— W«]L siyn Hniry, I wUl not poivla mjr Imins nlmrt n!c« 
tBstt««^ All I kmiw !s tliAL iiH iiiiui lifvt muw iciH^iSrinw iIj^ui bn 
wnntB. eicvpt It bo ^Quni^lf. I i|t> not Ulk tit woiuAn. fur I boUavu 

Dtft jou t^iJiik (Jir if Tory jfjo'l? 

I *o^, HArTjH »ud llr- ront<ai, that jtma*? u jwi *rc yon arc 
ft pcdo-t pliyno^oif imiqt . — y-'hj. pray, ar. raid AnbcllA, ii it in 
Mnw«t your oislnJoTt, that tb<i ohiowtor of rnimi or mniLiit^rfi taav 
In anj TOQajion he f^tborod from tHo Fnnn of tho oanntcniuicv? 
If not tho worlil lUkwl witli ntoriud of deceit and truach'*ry of ^ixJi 
Um ftppoantncoa? Vou rrmovtbin'hoir Uofioo Rdjv, Itutt n i>ni<lcat 
sidrinor puti do tnut m tho gildii^E* o' paintiag* i>f □ »hip ; «uoh 
npvriwL ghmdnfK ^ <av cught lh\Tik. fni^-hf nith^r tr> b« «uh- 
p^Wd of im iDtwitloB 10 ccnn^Al ^fn- rj^it'^nnnu of ihr^ niahv, 
Alul tiun the ^kaaafft olf tho famoiu ph^MotnLomurtii at Atbnu, » 
often quuterl na & proof of cafmtoEry ni\d liTiiiwli«il(f« in t)ii» way. 
miOT«a wholly Ibn rpvnmo m 1 Tj^ti* it. Th<^lr Juilj^nii nf SofTftt« 
n CtppoidtO Ui Initfj fD c^iJiy iiiiliiijw: tlicy iiron<ninw^(l hhu the 
nMWt del>ntn."ln«(|| in(Hfil»lt'. mul iriiiliriiuiK iif iti(<T) ; Mini if. Li rt vrry 
jiinir ii[niUii,-T tbnt Win'ml^'* niiJ*<« fi*i' IhcSr JfinoTrUiw. when hv 
aMnoa that Ito IVtib tj LirUi thu vcij [jltwih they dwuicd biao. bill 
tiut pbiLobOrhj hju.! in^tii iMrn » ]it<v ti/iluixi ; fur, iT olTucaIiou Wtt 
eluDjEO tho nojut wJtliout ohnii;:in^ tbo imiiitcTi^i^';, bow am tro 
fooQ fcJij cflnjj^otitri.' of Ibo am? ly the oth«r? 

Though [ iriniHlp Afrv. ClTrnu-nt, thut yon ant wr<rnfr fn your 
thofld«, riiillod Mr. FtjatoDn I O'lmit that yorj nro porfoctij Jutft te 
yeror Inforoimo, Fot if a obniufu <jf njirnl ur mjinaan qvi ouke iw 
chiuge in ^U•^ u^^'% thn wholo AoLrjicQ of phf^agftomj novt All 
to the ground, I ih^.Tofoiv tul-o thin pMngu rrifltjnfl- tO Socntof 
to ho a U]*-Ti* i\<!ii*tu; iiinl I -ilhtia ihikZ noltboT philoAT^tgr wr 
t^Tiictiitmry can rankn n. nnw hcatt t^r n noir utttnro m nuit, mboiit 
Tnntinff h "iiitutile (»]r**niTion in h'H t^^hj-h 

As Thi- bi^iiv*<nii urn rruulo I'lprcailvp nf thn plory of riml, ilumpTt 
frrqncntly nvcn^iul wlt}| cloiijn iLitd tu]]iiK.'f<tfi. lUict nniintlmrii lir^wk' 
fn^ furlli in iJiaui)>mi lluiL U-rHrir. tm\\ IJ^litumirs Uiat tdiut; bo 
th^i l.'VDdntl U^iuiT uf a huinrm iMrmitojuuiro U ni^ido t-.ijiriWvo of 
the Tintiini uf tha k?u] Ibnt Uvcv witbiu. aiul bo vbidi it ID onlakod 
ftu iuvolunlotj iAlcrprotcr. 



lUuj |wnoDR lutvi* iiii>fl« it tlio vbivly at ^-tmI i^rt of their Ifrai 
to QOUalCTRCt r>ovEcl4MuK> En lliSi Imiir^t H[i[ioSitlTiipti1 ; U> khut 
tUi irindow, Ifj vhich on Jnip Jtim-jji «<hr1il in m Jtfit t» piwiji ii>^ 
and Bj>y wliVit lJi«^ lire alxnit: mitl, im fiir aa jxmablv^ tb Qmko 
tho ci|irTH(cin» nrtljcir Mjui^tcujiuuii lu bi<Uti ovi'ijr wiitiiiitfut oxid 
Qinolicii of Iho hpart, 

I hihro kriiivtn hn^ooTEHy, tnncLcryp |H*idck unJiopi bad lost, 

bonoTdonoO. OM duurtit^ Dni it is loinful to koi^p tho bnw cif 
nfttV« loner mt; fto &Li>f1ic'ity will jflill jrlrtiimhi f.?b»vi: i* rcetorpd; 
uid II nkivo! diocfinier, nt Uto ttcio of nuob rtuTui^lou, will ofEtm 
ilat«<t tho <liiTL^rvniiv bvt^ciTn a rmt thnrjictcr Lud tbD rK-tJng of a 
|k«ri. Kor nhun DHtiiru ijEc;LjiUiA, Iho wLoli- iiuui ajx^ilJu : j-II ih 
uniform uid oooHnitini; m lolo** nuoQ, moUon, iho tarn of oach 
ftfitliirv, Wkft 1l>c CJWl of 1h« vy^. Hut vhon ort ■ iho t[tokn€iatm, 
bQiJ Ibflt lUtnro In ar>l (Jtnj^lb^r ttn\>jir(tttMlf ttut turn of lhi> «^je 
niAj iN»ntinrtf4Tt iho (intit:!!^, and Ibn miurlr* fft tho fiuv tnn^ roiin- 
UnK't. luii'h nlli'-r In Uirir >H>vrrii1 workiTi^. And Tbii:< T buTo 
knnvni wi o^nmsJon of r<**iHpnnrnt rfmnln on llio hn^w, vhidp tho 
rucv lAboucvd lo invL'At ll«p|f i^ilh ii iniile oT coini>L'ui7niv : n?td 

I luvtf kuiriKii tliv f^c In biiru vtiili iUifOvurDL-d lUimuijiHt^oi^ 
nhflt^ viilfA AC^tfoii. and &jldri«Fi uultvil in the arvwjU <<f duwtv 
vkd bimounldi? n^'UJfW 

I ptrixdiT, sir, fluid Mr. Ctcmf^nt by yuor own accounts th»t bo 
muA Iw n vL^r^T l'^ttfIlvd iJt^L-iciit in Ibi^ «lijilj of pbjfl»ciiMni; who 
ou <feciih% wltli ojijr kind of coiiitiatj, on no art that rei|iLJro> 
mebatlMitiou ajtd pent ImT ion, 

T b«a l«(Lvo lo dilbr, Mwwored Mr. 7onb>n. Tbc Acknoc in mxidi 
QLOTQ obrloiu tbma ymt Duf trnuim ; imi) I £:mor tbcrc ru^c vcty 
fieur pbTBOTu who do not tni»L witboct rofloolin^i to Ibcir own rikill 
ha thii^^viy; na-i wbn do DOi mtniriirlDntl; form a Qhwliar to tbem- 
ftolvo* «r oJmoflt oil tbc pooplo «1tb whom tiKV v« oonTonuit 

I un |vnaiiid«d that thun it not n aldcJo MiitJEM&t* wbothor 
touUfig te ffootl or orlL in Uto Luniftti aouI, that Iur not tCi dlidiDot 
■nd T«^«citm intorprotor fa ikt gkaco of tho vrc, ajid ia tlio 
mittclhig of ib« fxtamoouiM. lVlt«n lutHTV SHiiomiifUtri t(}rxi4r«M 

fWFBSlf Vllh ftWHlcim ti7 UjIa lAngtiae4 af tba fnoo, «ho U iincIcnZood 
bj >A pmtili': iTid Xhi^v wbn rir-vor wen InuirhT n K^lErr, Fon 
itt*bijrt1y (x«il btr idirimhu^-* Mid iuiiinmioTW ; ^wtiMtlvr tlu} Ihi of 
kvniilx, fuitrKit, «nr7, |irii1#i, JnAloiuir- Ttcutlon* □umi^iiiiit, |iaLn. fW, 
borfcir, and lUiimiiy; <«■ of atti!ntJciii.^ntttiwt. wou^Ivr, MttuiM. 
tilnutir^ tnkiietiuit. UNUpbK.vjiC0t iJTeuliiair «IvoI'^ poncit, IowUjiom, 

New. nil fci^'iu 'uv bcni vilb proswMlticfl (nbetber thvj" bo 
mental or 4xiti>^jliiliojud| to ttxo* pnwont vod nflbctlonii, tv^kvx IboA 
tooltes. I vill lako twoijutanoMi the om of a mul^ ii^foiLt, who 

II bom witJi a prdpenfldtj to pndo ukJ arrienfttic ; tin* oitift of a 
ftta*\t infiint, whu h Iwrn vith m proMuStjr i<r bufhCnJncw and 
lovltnoNL In dlhor cok, it U cridoot tnat* from tho ftnt oocBiion 
thai mny ««rro to oxoito thow (w«nl «f!Wtfoii« In lb««» wvond 
infiub, ih« B«itini«nUi of thrlr lOtiTi vnii T« ituuIiI}- nnd uit^Uigibl/ 
9ipfVM0dhi thoir Aipecti; ftOil otdtj furlbcr ot;caaion of renautinjf 


mtc FOOL OP quAr.rrY. 

tts mMAO loBinMltfll will mtdt^T thorn mvro olmoTU uul Ii^gihU to 
#f|rT ejn. rn^nipuch that, it no (ntuni {ntlaoiiocs 'L'if^ fruia 
•OBlocnt or frJQL^ation, iIulII obcck tlic^ prida of tbo Ot», or iltrcut 
IhO loi'liane <>f tiiu t?U»i'r, tlui vjiok «Llf b» mm to li>alE od thoHi 
iboul him vtth an huLntunl Ra1t«i11Bdo&c7 and onntompt »f IJi 
ipedoN; Mid tin fcnulo will b* Men ti> ragnrd bnroLm-titid wit)k 
■n ftfnUble ififlU«DOft And a oonpUoMit ngpM. 

I4t m KMi, howmrap, hdw fir •dncfttiaQ nugr ha aViin to oluu^ 
thoM vtntimenti; and how &r ft ahjinstt of fimtimmitJi m^j |m> 
dnce a rhui^ of fiuw. 

Tf thfl uttfirnw n^cmlil hr> bo h*i>py m tn moot wllh wfkrthjr tntnp*. 
wims unci dlltoont Ia iaculud-to tJwi iDBufliLileiicj) of all i-reatun*. (tnti 
tnurv tvu llL'4ikrly Itici wiLiitfs wihiLdi!h»w. tko/l vHtiui^Ri 'jfuur lu[cutl 
ruttiirtiK, nitd iJutL int lioitoiir djui Ijnlifiqf 1o ijuuk in tliljt pLiCm (if 
ddpHLvlIy : but above dL nhoold tlii» wamoi prgro su buppy u to 
\n OnJucakii] iu Ibo mjTer^ulinjf soliuul of Cknafi«4i iui;tikiii»e^<voa 
thQ Acho»l <if atlvrntty, (if ftja, AldauaOf ilq;xta^ii£r p(rt*--ttj ahiX 
mortlliMtioa— kiii iLifty crcrt by dogreoe will U' tflVctuidlj uir 
pliiuii<d; hu HuffioK iki.'y lac) h ii;ti-uii[ii]oiitie«M will hlnk to uin Einmbl^ 
prnTor knd lortk-ottt for rcJicf; qikI bo will r<»mct ov<:u Ibe 
irmebod, btKnUao Iw idll iwqiuns a fioaiid miubo and foUoir f[>oliDg 

tf lluir tPTVtobedDOM. 

Hero iht/n Ja uothor fnui, 00 now muAtt nnd oe iliirar<>TJt fntn 
Ua former Aolf as bo mn poudbl; bo EDppog«c) firom 0115 »tbi>r of tiio 
bvnui vp«doa- Bitt will tiiin iot«l clun>c« of S'lntlmoTit j>ro^luc« no 
xdionge of Mpvct, tiiiiik y« 'f Will thld bnnnvoteat nnd lowlj ituia 
ntoin tho ansae front (if hpugtittDow. tho umo brow of orap- 
bflkrano«> tho nuno «yL* i>f ok*^'Alfijii. th^ mmt^ 1ip of Hdicmkv mid 
Che flam6 £limc« of n)rLtAiiipt? It ouitupt bo utL\, It <'jkniiol bA 

When God, Xyy^in Ituiilnd ponmvn, i?:iiir»«e»t bi» tT^U^ULliun of 
a totty look, wm bi> ^X'lPU'rolifnic, ilo yoii tunb, yfiUi tbo riMiuriJ ujil 
Uiittvoiilablo cjtst of AD uixlinji|iy ciirml^roiLnou ? No, no, mj clool 
friuu'LL III ctmduiuiiln/ h iiruuJ A9[nct> bu i^uuJvtiuiud a ^tuud 
hvnJii ; funmtiu^b a« bu kmiw tUit ti bflbti^M of luuk and a eauu^ 
ncas ci •oul oould not l>o iUvMciU 

Bat tQ dfTur up tJUH 4](ibBt]uu frum any nmiidahn: duubt* lot tiM 
(Hjfj>u«o ttifLt tko f'i^udij jiifiTi^, >vjtli b.iy^liliil ^ir] Li'^ly iircpoiifittri^ 
U jiwt lirotiffht down, blurtliinc and fj^mtliw; ^™ the nunt^i?. 
Let U0 etittpupi: bcr odumtlou t/j bu iitkt,u to hand by h mamma of 
t}iCur<7 lUvl bL>«kti>ii, iind by otlL-^r iW;ioa (1 oiinlity. wbofo oalJinatA 
of happinoaa id niO(Uiiux>d mcrolj by thu niirnio. Sho now bcoom*^ 
iodtmctud ia m^rc m^Uiiiciis of TclT-cbm^ul thim Huch aa. diotalcd 
raid tiuiAd liy ChrifitJiuittT, would liAvi.^ dJiuW-Ll hor for otond^. 
She b bLueht 10 fnipprou bcr natDnd fooling and mclinaticiiu^ anil 
to bridlu Inc iTripuWvof ilti ^ffvctinnnlc ctud un buml'lo beart. Sho 
ti tAUg^bl I0 jirlTii vrhat ftho db<lik<ti, :uid Li i^raliu' whut id>o di»- 
npprove* ; to iifcct mIIqchi *nJ dutinpo to liifcnor* vhom shd 
rivi^rili'd, and 1c |iTOj<t»tiorL bcr «ppi.*uruitw of irtf-firialioiL mtd 
rrvp.»ri Ui lli*! nIhTIuo fif fhft (airty. 

At I hiitu bnon «tr-wltne*» to MVriial of tluyie qiuilitj-lt^fnirM, 
] uli^t gliu >ou maEi^ ftuidUur Uu»biuiAu of tLbir uulurv and 


Iciul^nny,— Tin, Hwrict. ft<jt saj IwJy. vhai ilocn tho trlil Miuifa 
Pt? Tiia on? luuiilHinm am] Acll^iup^d. my Avmr, nib\ biVQ 

cxmpt dllj omUiEjj girl* wbo aro itaifraal of tho world. Dnl do 
not ]^t jrvur ftbCQ b« a towu-<;riijr, lUrni^'t, t<i lot crviy hodj knov 

gnatut of aU «}iiunf« 

AguD> mj ilonr, I wurn yon that join mi>>4 not 1>c« ao Toml of ttw 
Htw Oolo«Me, vW noad to vUt ^n In tho aumor;^. For, tluHigti 
tbey tr^KOMiort of girlSi th^paKntauropc^tplo Jti l^tt miildling 
li&S anJ w* ootfor adi^t ttucu vrbint Uiurv^ oompanj In tbe honAo. 
A&d thou Uuiro'fl Ulc Mint SjncUin, hov \<vk jmt ounidod to thorn 
t<c«tonbj, BAd wluit a rout yuu miulv alK>ut W4>1c<kihinj; nD^l ontci^ 
nliUnn Uiiiim ; but lat D» bLT» W> iaar9 of th>tU for tliongh V»f 
artt rldi, thnr am dtft am! paqrio of butnoja; uni ji ni>'l of ^oar 
kMAil, or tEKutoatioTi IcwjuyTh a niirtiry, n/ltJi Hurm* Vf^iit njiil J^tHM, 
wh^n Ihiiy Hxk ^nn n <]ii4iHtHiii, vTll Im MintUir onnijgli nrmilnli Hint 
^tlinnlirsr from joH ttf (hpiu. 

I miui ^u^l]l<.'r nJvLft^ you. Hanivl> uut to beap auoh moutitaluH 
<if »iijrar> iiuj' 1-> tJtjur nwAt il itt^liii^) i>r ofiwia hito j»nr iaAziMtvph 
vm <xtrldliit> UiVi' jrni for t}ir lUughivr tjf a iLdrjiiukltL liLtjre Ifl 
Tomii; Jeupj Qain^ wlu> bi a Uilj 1<t tirUi. ouil iiho W brought 
Mtnir Id I&] iKirJt'CtjfU uf nt-vor sumriDK the UuctniV of her tcft 
Id b« ifKifM 1') wtiit^iilritr, dot tbo Aarour to lio ailnltonitoil bj a 
Cnin of 0wo«i. Amt then jrna toj joq cannot like off^-c, and I 
ootild not but 1at«h, thoiuifh ] v«« (|iut« n«lu)n«d at t^io wrjr f«tt« 
jpo nadn tbo oilier An^, when TOa inlatook tho oUvi^fi for 
«weclmoabL Hut thcoo thjiifK, hqt diUd are n>1u)biMl by pcroons 
of ta»t«, and yuu uiiul foroo joitnolf fo r^^fuw mid n-LitJi 
them al». 

1 vnu taUdru^ a ^'hilu ago of young Ladv June Qoinp. There'i a 
lialCem fvr yoTi, Iliu-rii.^t ; ftai^ vhi> nvvi>t ukvH« or ^bUfeca, or nn 
or do«« «tiy thing a haJrVtrD4iith Esuyonit Uio ptiik of th« maaSL 
She la Wljr ^^ ** tru<i, imrl vi^ry ilLnntiirvd : hut dwo i)xB ii flntlj 
hfVd, afirt tuu all Ihi^ iH^f^nHTt^: nSrn fY n mlm of dlHttnotttfi, H«r 
jon rtitut loYO, my child, and to Uor you mn-i poy vmir mtiTtj for 
JM tami learn to Inve iind jirtfi^r kilcIl iniitl'TM und |if'rw«n« nlonn. 
Mi will mryx^ in fho fc^* m-*.!*, to i^ud**/ you nuU*il iuid ro»jii>clei1 
fnr Ilio iu^^ini[ill*lmipnt» m nupii.-. 

Tbwr ImtuiLB ami r|Tuit>, ui Umv. Imvo Lh^^ii i(iOui?iiLv. Hlna 
oomM to HOCoiuiuodjiLv hvi IjuIu jukI (i;]j*Ji of iJjuiifh to the iatUt 
titd rdbh of thme whom hho i« proud Ui rovmblo- Bhc new U 
ubmed (if nuthiajei but Lu piuifortiuEi ii» it u b?luw tliu tap uf llio 
PichIo; aad she bhvJic« nt rj<j iikI^ooiii't that fnAli^on Sa pkAMtl to 
adopt Ikar whole nonl und cnwnoo in tutjlisott tu\d Q.tfrdcloii into 
fthov ajkd «pc«1kiiLltt. Shrr It^jirripi thut frjr.'ii4lfibi]r in luii^h lifc^ ia 
bOth£iur Iml ocmr^*IJfni'nt« nnd xlAitf^ Uit^B^acioA, atid ouanootionib 
fbc polilo gritriiLv of (iconic tA dijtmotion: ^t to talk ologant^ 
tipob Dotbinic Ji tbu duu uf oouvuruktioa } tLat l>«nnty and dreo* avo 
the coniCltiiMQhi of fomahr »rf»oilon ; aod tli«t tM iDora wo d^- 
predate and dotnict &on enter*, tbo mora onitutntly vo otnaolvfa 
ihaLL iluna futlb, afiJ bv ijjullvii. Kin? fa foUowod oy f(;|ia» iibo ia 



TB£ yvoL vr avALm. 

wonthlppfld by foTtnnO'huiittff*. Slio In inouatcd aXc^ upon IIm 
wIngM 01 fijLttory. uiJ in hutlciwi) h^iki |wUi« oploioai Uf aoU* 
oonoeit While ih<> iif^holilit a clrr-thuc ffroTitt nT Ibfl ttIlAr'« crmUon, 
xAninEig tbo hiraumy of ber motion*, thr tln«ii«M of bar ooon- 

C' [ion, and tlie Iwtn or>i«r onum«tkt*, Th.) nirtii^ vutfty tbrtt bhh 
10 ba dA«1n)n«t ^ ronqU'V*^ Mdfi lutr (tl>n i» iluplfA ihf>m • lint, 
itar ^a TuigHr worlii, *\if rv^nU It n \\\i^ i\uyt IwneAth Lot iiTr[«^ 
orebtoil to no t^TLiU Mvtf lo bo lMtluei3 <Ti>wn npUD. aud tmdili^n 
imilor foot , 

WjII 50 iHiw Aflnn, or con fa ndicmo, tlut on? tncfi of lutifo 
btuhfuliim aiut lutoliiii^n riiould iivumu iu Uiv ff^itLllvt of (Lb 
[^«o<L urtxiiJtl-iHirnfticlJ^'ii? Ku *ucb trooo cud rf^moin. 

As 1 olfterred %c jo bofon, tiut tTwy ftHbdiva of tire huDi«a 

1 lun fEirfher t" take QotiiYi, tbot Ottoh of thoae nuny iutDjpretcn 

wlik^h ll><i LjIimk] uml hE>irit» Lli>w i>n t]i«dr nspootm OEontkn, llittS 
whjktovor tlic' ^nt^j^ tenor of a. porvrn'tf tompor mur bo, foch ■■ 
jojoua or mcl'tnoholy, irvcibic or pf/LtiM. imrl M foTto; tbft ^■a^oli 
r«Uitiv« to tlit^v itri<ii'1iiiri-i urt^ to[>i oi>ciii and tnll by nn alaic^t 
Ktmlaiit tlov oE the btood unri onmiDl (piriti. imd imprua tn^ 
•vi(k&t dvuuclcn of timl iKiiwrnA 'lE^potiriou m uro not to bo 
npproiud WOWlit for a tiirici, nnil ffint Uio tj nnrntL po«ri>rfii] and 
fippcBilta pnnlnn- Kor the mnwlfji, «i cnrjiluj-ft!. gn^w *trmiffnf 

jind Ilif RhrkiiIi!i-iN iif n {Btrii^r. rU^HvA bulk nnil dlflfiTi'tinn front th« 
jwullftrlty <if EliilT rn'ni]intirin, 

Ntrv I will Liki^ ihi! rtiy^jniont In iLc p<tiijti^L bjrtit Jij^ajtud n)3^ 
W<ir 1 will Mimiir^ii u iiinii t'» bp tilt (mill Ijr oJ ji mvUiirdiiiTj' i'A^L fif 
(MuntiTiifiiu'v ; Ikkt li<T briji tl^i^ lulditioitdtl unbupiiiiicdw of u biUoEU 
COOfltitutioQ ; lUiJ tZial he in < <i;iIif iri'.^l m \\\if louk and habit of 
dMKrHJriuili \iy a rjiuii -if -li-ii' -Jul < Linimittuirr^ till \\o arrin^ 
At lli» twentieth or Ihiitl. Ili \. -.v. T ^^lll iln n nti[fljQPii; thot Ma 
bftUt ofboi^y luid lfiiki~ r <'l ii.iri I ;ii-s l.<i, llj . |..ii;^><.h| Uy xtit^iizm^ 
A flow of iraJ'i'frtJ, 11 \\'^yyy tm n ►■!' ri ji_-.nii eljU fi -j:.-nnl[(m, or [Wirbflijn 
of GOnipliu'L''n''< in iJn.' ilivmc <^in[ii^iL',kTi.-mn, He now pTJWU foanbJc, 
bcnOToVrit, jlnrHiil, .iKtJiv* fiiM"!^ ^sll^'Tl iti '''"iifP'niy, juni pluud 

tPhOD Olon^'. I :i 1^, OIL 'I -■• W. " ' iliTlflC to HO lh« 

umo i^oirl iiu i li!il<i'- <<l ni'-iiir ^'IiliIv in il i i Tint^njinoo ? ^'o 

rnoro than j« tr^si »h«i> ihv iflHum i>r luit wtriltrr in th^ niLlllnff Mtvno 
of a ■amnaorii ovBnin^. For *onio bmo 1 ndmlt it wUI bg iHHkDlt 
for thy H^t of j<7oui( mtiiiclp* aoi glunt'Hi to ovprpowvr ibHr in^<^r^ 
lurlaA vho hAVi> 40 Ir^hif hnpt llii> (leld ; bnt, In Uia ml, thAy mimt 
prpvafi; t^i^f idll roortvo rj^nittnnr liiiirpUiv frinm vIlbLn, nnd Iha 
]MWHK*w for thrir rriiif*irt't'nnL'iii will (n* niwni^l Hifiw und more, 
while thftlr opjhmmiU diiilv muIhuUs S^ivu plACi^ Miil lUiuiijn^ir. 

What I haw oWrvud with rc*iwcl to mclutiKolj* m^j bi> 
oilutiUr hfQi'iuad of utiy otbor nfibction whose opiuotc piU bji 
hobitujil viujiirn hi Elitj i»iiii, 1 «i^ bftl»ltu«l* twcwuM tb«re ar« 
some p?rMni9 of audi voria-blo mul flactutinjc tr^Qiporpi, aow fuiiou, 
now coinpUct^nt; now chui'lixb, DC jcOnOrouA , now tuopioclj 
nwJuiL'holj', now mcny to moibLuii ; now plows <^^^ fjruTaiio ; aow 



omtHy hariUTuULrtoil, nr»ir nkoltjn^lj hnmnnn — thai « mnn c«Ji no 
Tnon> )n-\!^f cf wluit tiatiin; cir 'lTii|KHtt^on iiicli tii»|Jc urr, lluui bo 
Cf<n «Lf(ti<iTnmt' vt}vtt wlml mIuiII rjrnlt>mii]]ifj^ iinl April; ariiL jct, 
wbrai thi* wlml Mnun. h« qui till hy «\fTy nUiinl iimJ wi>»!h*"riii>rk 
frum vkiiL jKitnl It ramoi, «id nuj lu niAtljr dcrliJLnr Uin pn«r>nt 
Iviuprrr bjr 1ti« u)<r>cl. 

ISut^ k]t» mill Ai-ti?>»t]«« xnlitl)! not nnliint IxniinM^ fin Ea llie c«*h 
of 9Dcn1a». «ach ccamiJiaaciu ctunctcr* ^ff tIco [hi Ui* (ei^iilliir owt 
of coimUmuwe and aUoni: tura of ciuKliaici lui no luUrtul rirtuc* 
•lumld b« ttblo to mlract? 

Djr DO mcoAA. nudAm, ftnawotxd Hf. Fcntoo- For if inich t-ho- 
nctor* vo iinprf«>f?d bj nolure on n coitntcniiriOi;, iji'lTiffliiHlcnt 
of wtj mch ^-hartv.•U^r* m iht* mind. Ibis voult l^ral orrHhrovr 
tllc vnio\c ii^<cu or tbc phj,flii>£ttoniwhk who jiKlircd of the mifirl 
by t^ wjuntoniiEuw ftlimv; nsii ^m^mvILt. it vuuLl ovi^ribro^ iho 
opinJoo of SocnitM htmiwlf, who ilbM-fni Ihat bU ccmntuiuutrif 
Im nociverl Rich imprcHiniw from tbc nntuml bent and tlispvd- 
tSoQ of bin niimt l^iit itt^tt, it thv Tiuiid ho* ^^illy il )uiwt>r to 
tmirOM bar own obnmdor or bfcrni>«i ou t}jc» ooiaitcrjun?*, what 
AottM Iftfco ii4nj thm puwi.-r7 yvUy •y»M mit nb^ trfiiri if >^faj 
•bonbl not a loul i'b)inpii> nl I'luimf-ri-r in tli^^ luiiil, it>uhi> mt^tho 
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dOM liuko A total (^hui^- Aikd ihrrc an? tbinisiiTirlH of iai^nt tn 
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of <rioiidft Hooroo any ^ng, vivo ^ddim povion. f-ui thrn l>o 
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Ibr foB to Aimnco to rlitiim m fon whwins in ypurx you vlll 
bonow gN/w k^mnUMo in tho ejm of inortali,ui your bwiutiM 
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mray fucoi. each a natiinil nrmnictrr or <liBOTCi)0Tt]OD V ti 
poMinllx tJtiM by the n^Lizio of buiiuly Afid ujcltncaBL lliui^ is 
•ome oi>uuloiMbc<», j'ou ijorcolvo a doc r«Utioa and actoetiw&t 



betif««n tiiAjMriig vUIo in dhnn the fjn^hcail mnj^ ovGrnVlia 
Uui cctiisr fioOj «t ttt moulli ilm.^^lvn to dcimur tlu.* «thor 
fttfnttn: cr tUo noAo nay Apiioir m * liiif,M ]iu><t|>|^ tiut UrJua 
k flnul ^aharvh ; or *• n moimUiii thikt ia tho whole of ft iqaaIb 
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th«iT fuco. m Iho pTOtoni <yi«> iboy mux l* pui'l lo »'ant n hu^^^ 
lo thftir DiM«^ But thin ftp(Mn(-« of tt'iiii^ nJid ugliness frii^itct DO 
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ttiro |d*ttaa of ftnilit^tnm, wfiorc cats in cxocnTi)cl vilh j^niity, 
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tliow tvo Ijilllllti*:^ wn nwy anna to i!ot«rt Mi'! flToM tlirt dnrr, 
awl to U/ve mid fruqtii.H|iL tlii^ liiLlc^r, fuT iho wiki* of tlLu-v vho 
livo Uien^iu. Aim! jui«i »u il< h willi ircLJlU'r fju;« llml I'Xtrmd 
a tti^fuirailj of «oq1. lUtd with ihflfJTciprii'^rjTicvl rutiiiVA Doijt iiijl; 
bi>"C7iur bo inwuMit with tbrj Ur^utj uf HniliiutiiL 

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•c^moiib or jcDomotrico] prcpoitjcu ; dot that which cxdt^ 
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OFA bttttcrfiy. AL thoBc have, anrlonlitDiIIf, tbcfr i>cfij.1kki Ix^FLuty^ 
bat then Uut beauty \u^ no rvlotioii ti> thv puwc'r i>r |<prcop1ioti c4 
thJit which ooDtoUw iX\ it I0 diinvod from »<>inoUiiiur thtit boJtv 
£:i^:h<ii' f>niit^ uid owoa tlj« whalo of Ihi merit to tho nijivHor 
Afl mid mfiucnco or Uod cv nua^ 

in (ho dwi^iti^ or«oulptoti^ of pa]nt«nt trnd »UtvnH««, wo 
how(»v«ir »#« varj (CTMt AJUd truly imcfrtm^ hnnatj. 1 faaTS, «t 
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liowim thi> Kctiml «Triotf(tt^ fif dUinkw iind iVMrij>ii>«;[iri. of ftlnnd* 
pblp nnd of Ioto, 1 amIc, thfii, wlint U wha that oidU<| thaa» 
■cnutioiLB? Cottlil nny lin^s C4>l»ciniip^ nr nu^nr iiyniinr«tT7 **^ 
jDHDlcDato portf, iuKjitn) iifTui'l iur jm, uf wlkfrh In ciiuan«W«i tbvy 
w«ro Lnoa|«r1o? No; Uh-> i^iiild only Ki>rvc iw tha vchlcloi m 
Bomr^tliuv intcmloil to iiu*|nrc fHnJi esuuslbiUtJei Dothinc fiutiiar. 
WV iJiLial iJieKlinv Ilk'K lii^lii^t fur u ivuw muio twU'uuate to Hnb 
«:Etnv>i>liiuurv <^flfi:U; nutl tlm Tiifit thit iKi^Mntii IfM^ff to Iho 
(icH^ar. ^-{fy miidt Imvo conc^iTod iLiiiiaMc sciitiiiicTita withiir 
hJuiMlA lioTun:' hv iviiU] unpn*^ Ihcir hviiiilr uu tLv«tf hU IuIqe^ 
pntcn. in oritur to oicito mltthlo aJKrctfoiui m othcm 

Hero ibcn it iv Qridtnt, that whJttovu w« nflbct or T070 in tbe 
dMiRH, ii DO othi,«r limn Itio Muttintimt or fu^ul nf iho d<«I|(nE>r, 
ttcusih wc noltiicr pcc nor know uiy tJiing fartlior coni^Tnlng 
hJm. And tiiDif n vcntptor, u pomk^ri a etntdiLry* (ir bimahlu 
«itthvr, hj G<)iLVfiyiri;c thtiir »vnlSm«nhi In Ijt^tjni; imd Intftlllgthlo 
Clmnv?Ioni to nuuil^iud, tany ninllc tho world Ofimircr* iind loTon 
of their tioHitty. when Th'<ir r<Liitiin-« aliul] tf? riifi^.! njjd EncHtwhIe 
of ^TpruflMinn, And whiyn Ibey Thc^niwrlTAa uluill no longer oxlit 
ftmong man. 

From h-^no* It bIhitiM M^'m, hm frnlrti**! F htii TuHv p^'iTniidivl, 
fhfti mfnil CJin flfloofiTtt:ly lovo notliln^ Imt mlrnl : And thnt 
nnlrpnal nnMre rjiii cililliit no rAn)^\v girwo or bvjiutf that dooi 
nut ttiiBO IiMin twuthuviLt nloue. 



Tho ^trwuT of Ihii kcntimr^tol bvautf , p« 1 vwy tay. 1« In hifliw 
OMIll prrviLt. omntiue. Kn^l iiit^ not yet Ui*vn rm<cutili^l for, tfafit I 
kltfiw Df, lij iiny i^hklovnptii^r, ikh^i, or fLiilltor, tlirtiiuh tM^voml havo 
wikfi» It tMr p««iiliftr rtodj' oiid kobjoct. Wo hiLV« faan inni] i>>«J 
of *»19 tautuiOM wh«na It tjutiw ]>vo[Ji>. lu it Mt^iv. imip oot of 
tbAinMnrp*, VhI plvni thinn tn llvn unil In !>t^ inii^r^iHtiHl iti tlu> 
oMeol of thHr nf1tff.'H<iiJFi nlunfv 1~ho/ nitl itin 1o H^t, hliM^rt, 
■mhr, mill r^vt^n U< drv Su IfH ^It^fL^iKr ; miiT fn Hh ofwtii^- tbey sltl 
' 10 ojiJ i1i-«i)»JrT hijlI alfi-(ii|jt lu di«(n>/ LlLtitjjM^lvt^ rsfliur Una 
to 1« iirviiluil froiu ttiuii Uuif Ioto itt u nuiitiidr ubijn) tMr 
own viiBk'Lct-. 

Tliin j« mjjjik-rful, iN'tti:j|* mjftotkiUB, uiil iuu> pumiMt ha lu- 
fdnod 1& LmpcnctTAlilc duikanv. Let a* try, bowcvcr, it vc con 
throv iUT prob«l>lc liditu iiikfh itv 

Wc hMx rdtr—ly Kivti tW hiLDkui ftrtlficor* am itaitnm tho 
beauty oi their 4iwn Kntimcalp cn their buoliantc irnru, &u|^ 
p«c. tbuii. Unit Qud tiuuld b« loudy tiw umo to uiiivcibJ nAturo 
that ft ftdto dvdsmr U to Ibo pioco bo bos b ba&il. Ho flndi 
that Utt itnff or material iHuob ho ia to fona and to Jnlann. It 
ia ItMlf uttorJ^r iniACnlli^ of unj thin^ tbot ia dcdroMop Ho 
thorvfom Rndi hfixiviif nnditT lh« niK^Atj/ of im|artin|r to bto 
worki aonia fiimt moiuloMatioo or cimilLtuio «f hlmwlf; for 
OthernjnM ^ty iMoaot htt unublo. ndthvt vatx ho *cq hiv iludow 
In IlLtim mIiL ujy il>tlijc)tt fin itmrtt^r. iht^hifoTV* )ii^ fir¥l iniriri*W«* 
■tit'li .titJt'^]^!. <'li;inu^i3ni of hli tivn IriMiiiiy ju ibn tuT^t^ will \u*j ; 
111 tbv tshrj of tliL- bmvpiu, m ihe movvTiii*Di of ttic* jilnuctii, in tlio 
pyrnmr^DT of f.-irm, in tlic Imnt^my of ariTior!*, in Ihi' rfilt^Biiiofl of 
culour*. m tbfl i^lHlMinitn tr'Tlnm of thr mniJI*'rt liia^ nnn tii tl» 
InJlitTtrly^flrir- ini>i*hjiniHtii of hulIi Irir<ivt« utd nlniuiB of tuUuru Vt 
arv H»SVf# vihlbl»* t<> eji?* of rb<> <'I"iir>nf. (liftr*i*r[iiiier(L 

Jini vihvii ficHl (viEURA limuji^ii bunu^H ^f t^^i- l^bnwo iu«y \io 
aJlumccI ; when ho mi|iiv<h4 on iiitcliii:i*nt atiirlU a ocwit mwoi' 
UiLiicifi of liiiii»rir. still ItujmrtB 1o Ititiio ivleo n prnvtrtlua EUid 
roHih of tbrj 1>f^nuty ^jUt ^Eiab hi? Iiiui ruEiooi) iWiii-'lu; Uuui 
dvluibld to bcbi-iM, and vrkU otrnuJlj flcli^'ht to l>cliold biv imo^^, 
9/> fikirlv niflrx't^jJ b^ FiMch a lirin^: mirror, Yit bIjII tbcy ttro mt 
Other taui hJft o-mt Lu^^lUca tlu.t h^ b^fa^jlitfl in \t\n irfoilu; for 
hto oiniupotcDcc ran imprwd, bat omnot pouiLly <Ictach, a ainglo 
graoo from hiniiiolt 

1 btQ not qaiic ^jtgaita ia thj» ofdnion, I hftto *omowhor« rood 

Hm ii nln a litUo ptii'in. lately puLiUtihucl ua a litdy vlio wtm 
bolio)(l«n to t})o mw.'ffl of Uor fi^ul tl^un for oil tliu lUlxnclkiu* 
of h«r pcnoQ and counC<:iuiico :-» 

T^niv^iTinn, roLEjun pal^ or vwn 1 
^ k* Li, #> W aoma ibDiLed^ 

Trg""' Ui Ud Turn ui4 >h«i 

'T\f watimml tluPi hitnl ^oil ifvn 

It 1* tha anrt nJ^Ud ■» 
JDivkAw Wmtfb Uisivil ofclwi 

Wnpi 111 sncu* ^i* iv brwIlB 
IVir «ir ««M^ and fnp wr lAl 

U 11liL*lfT u — 

H4ro WO rtiuh kt th? natum <if ihAl unfhjmTfm^nC or nnft£ii«liffni, 
widi vtileh vmnifr irnuau nn ta tniri^rfiiJIj nniliuNl mi to 'Dgtgv 
tte LTldng of bJI whu hm^ buhom fTirm; m i^ximiitrDMil «4Yen 

Urn? ilIfu hd¥t'( M liy Uit hlln wlilcL mi tvuli fiflrr t1ude« 
uur ifr»*i> i why il v^»h«#. ■* U wpnt, in lIue OiwiHTiL tjf^itu'n'X- 
Hwnt. jitI *UU (KHitailuui to Coaciiuitc niul vtUuft ui htiurt^: fiir* 
■«llllli:ll na Uzo UiiAim nlVr ^liJcli ir« mr^h. b not nBcnlioll^ ui 
tho minxr vrhorc iro liohoM iln tinifl^tiirl^, TUlia, Ixion '** a^UJ 
to bavia dw^cd 0, clou^i ^*Tthout rirUcctiiibr ihot it vw but a b«rii 
naemtilMnoo of tlic rc^J illviiijly who hicl cxcttcl Mit |iru»(on. 

Thfo wlU flt once ii<Dooiiiil for oil thn ^-ourltrfitl oftbclv of boratf. 
For. if nothltL^ bnt Oi>d w IotdIt, Lf nothing t-ho c«n bo bobm. 
Iio la hiim^lf tiio iiniironuJ juiit irrwlAlibld iuftfpiiHt> that ctnmrt ^ 
jiiloII%ont and «£MitioD*tc WJi^jp^ thn»Qi|ch ttMmtdbim af orMturMh 
%o tho pWMt of th^'ir Croator ; tiU tbc voll «luU lltt^Ulj b« Ukoo 
Avay, and thtt b<^ luiriHi.-U' UiolJ oj^<ir, in bin cti^mAL unrtomlDdi 
iad voHvJc&ble lwinlj\ tiifltUtiOy \itv\\ly iind inrirdULly bvtovo^. 

But I hAVo oot-tUlc^il my time, auvv 3Ir. ycitxtm. niifig And 
looking at hiit vmt^^b. T dm nigiigf^d for oji Iu>ur or two abovo 

0& ft <tfl; vhl1i> Thir. (iVrrian W4Ji nlimojl, V«l,who vnuld not irflU 
1ngl7 bnvo i-hiri|^i4 hii unliirkiiivMvi ff^r tho h&Irahhi of tin utlAlei, 

lUpneDOd to iiO^y ulUlIn nmiblo Ifinm^l lllO tOWTU HoMiIft Stioh, 

to thi^ <*nil of wUlt'li b<^ lm*I ri Kjiiv r.-nifo of hoHow i\n. wbich bo 
Cfiukt lak'i off til |jli.vLfriin.- : imil imta Iho ntrc'Uiily of llu- furub:, 
tl]i<rv 4ILW*: M piuuul (.'ijll^Irrul jii|ii.'. ijl vu Hut:^]F< irJ' hIxjuI fi.iTt>-iltO 
4offrocfl. Ho hnd flUcrl tlkin l>^iu!c vtlcli j^uildlir Hulcr ; vhiclt hy 
ftidil«& proMaro of the tstickp ho codU sqiurt out i> doable tho 
hpiirht vf his own riAtxiro, 

Oil bLi rctom, bo wv an elilcrlr icontlomoA an^fandiw. wboM 
•luidow. bcinif lctiEtic'[]i;d by tlii? dccliiutu; hoii. att^ndoil with a 
■Juw anil -^tAtoly hk'H'itv. Aa N<^L n&[iToiiL:]>C'l. be (AclAimcil with 
ft well c<niTiTiLrl. itLil fLiii Loih. lookl whAt*fl tint behind joo? 
Tnko pons ni vin It, iiir ; fur ll™vDnV iv»ko. tjiko coro, 

ftiiil lunli.4 it t.'[n:i4'i| |.. I:j:i.i I .iiii, cind OS olthoT dctc. when tied. 
r*'.''^fnriK' li''= '■'■uTiiiTk iri.";, ^jmiI <J iir, 1 beg poHiOD, I bvliove £1 
ift uoltiTo;; Ntt jriiij -luilo*, \Vh«E» 4imih, cried tbo fRttiUofntfi In 
A torif Vii^hly ox»jjp*iritft<l. baifn jon laLimtid no (>on«r nuumor* 
t1< II 1<> ■ loror yoiir »uji«rion? and then, lifting n oaiio nvilHi, h^ 

FWffkJ. Hilitf 1 |in9unu<| niUHt b? «inw leiy n»po«1jililT> |»(^ 

TUB root OF QVAUn\ 


imuiev. Mmo «TliiinniiT^iii7 fi^vonrlra (if ymin ' ^sif>o, wSthfit a few 
]Itii4iJoi] rfjrli? hicn tlifm of foii* Cm™ l<y jour^mort Tiriuinil^ 
of all tJiktf, ihiA lU]4< rif II p'nLVinan." 

J«[Aor. 3(n I wniilfl nnE liol^T Ilir«> worcla nf rrnvi-rbtidQ with 
uij Diuji » h(j <liJ [jot (l(\'»L*rVi! Ihn uppfillntlon nf i^nilrrniaTi !»y nuuij 

/VhtiJ. VpHi:*, Jjkii, kill yud wiito or #qwrJt uTtli nm-h arknow^ 
lifdj^rd i(uprj[iriotj"? 

Avffujr. i tlijiiK fur ui}e«]f, liut I ipe&k fur the pcciplo. T roar 
Ihink A* I plcojb^. (cT I iuir1r^rri|»iEi) tay dwu llutQ^bld ^ lju(« wtiuld I 
b« nitdoiBtood whra I spc^ik to oibi^n akoy I minrt Rpcitli v j(h tint 
pMple i 1 nost e^icak in ounmun icnos, Mconiui^ to their oonunun 
or Mtwml iiHM>ft|ibitioD. 

Tlio» id bc tortn m ow Imvnuif^ more ccmmoa tlkiii:i that at 
gUiiiibipan j onX vbnvTtt U w kiurd. tJI arroii to tbr i^cncnJ i<lAit 
of a mnn Mmo wo^ olovatod ahova Iho Ttu^fiir. Yitt p«tIui|>^ no 
two liTfDg an praoucljr Agreed roapoctioif the mioIiti&K tboy think 
Nqiildtv fbr tiomtltatJw thli dl«rftCUr, AVlivn wu biXLr Iho 
epitluti of ft "^a gi>iitlcnFm, a |ir«tt; ffotll^man, mnvh tif u 
l*pntl'^(riHn. t:Fni1i?iiiiin-tikj>. Knnitlfaiag of a gentltmiLii, aoihiog mf a 
l^imilflmHn," mill m fntth ; hII tVw ^iH^ivnt a^ki'iflliitioiui mTixi in* 
tmi| It pri^ilLuftf iiTim>^ni1 Xa Iho &r1cAa of ThDW vdio vtpnw itit^m ; 
Ihiiurli no Ittt. nf rtinn. m I wild, mny n^roo In tba conuiitnftnt 
<tiftiilitieK*if IJki diamcVr tJwy Ijjivl' fonnwl m tliL^fr own muirl. 

ThL^i>» Imin Iht-n Imlitw wim iltiJint^il it bt^-wEif, 4. biHwIlnl widKr' 

friHli>^ul« in lliu oui[i|juuliou of — Ji ^^\i\hmusi. 

A tturUiiii nv-y iKiyityiU'iKv iu;ijiiJiv<l 1<y I'jwr |ii.t.<i)1it^ 1>ir bvui^f 
<(UHuTty oauvijE'ujLt UL hi^'L lifu, ouo iMUAcd a iuliu tUiuu^u iiumj 
coijiEiuu>« fur— tt tcn-uLtijtTinn. 

In the ctnintrf a iwA \nii unit loiu; wIilii iQako*-* criitlciikaiL 

With bcnklds, trtty t^d^qirc i» bUiLiputuUy — a £«Dl]i!mini. 

AnA tho hifiihwnrnLAD. id lufi manucr of ukiiur /our punt^ >n4]% 
bowevicr, ho allovod to havo n>iii^h— ^f i\v\ ^.tilh-uaau 

FfinU. Ai TOu «gr, my fricod. cniT idtuu of ttiu matter are rcry 
voiions flAd tiClritTWf- In our oun minck, pprli^irjEk iUvy nrv aleo 
vmdottniiitaiod ; and 1 qu<iHCioEi Ef luiy idjul tirm fumiud to hinksolf 
■ O0BW«]rt£cUi of liui chiLTiLOtor vith Kiijtici«nt pri>4.'Ltftijn. Tmy — woa 

fdiittof. FUto, imion? iho phiWciilu^ni, vtw <*(hD moat cif a mim 
nriinhfftri :^ And thiyrcf^rt* nllowod nt the court of Sjniciija<< to tifl — 
Vit* Triri4t of a pinlliiiTiiin. 

ftui, fcrioQiiiy^ 1 GjipTrrbmil thnt t.1iln nhjirictor In prottj mucih 
upon I}m rnud<<Tn. In oil aiioii.-iTt i>r ilfliil bmifunir^'H wi* Iih^it nr> 
lorni luiy >vny miU<i)iluIii nlnimliv »n mi^ fiKi)f»v> it. Ta tliu haMto, 
nuuuiL^rx (ui<l (^hjuacii^m nf M ^'itorta nuil o\il lUimc, we liuil an 
aulipalhy tci all iUn tToQu-D(j( uf iijodcni i£«:"I^lily- AnimiK thCM 
ludu lUMl tui£K>tuhoi] i^iJi'K jriHi L\'4d fff |rliit(iKJ| iliiTTs of oratory 
pitdotfL« lii^nHH, memI dDQiiL:i>dft , liut Ton noTet hr«r <jf acj chonuto- 
W aldffimt ao Hut of— a prmty i^DaUunuui. 

VlMi tboae tiatifinA boworvr. 1-ecinw reftked into whnt their im- 
ODitoDi mwld haT« oailcd oorrnptioii; when kxmT mtroducod, and 


TttM rr>OL or QUAhrrr, 


Mi^ ^unhlinjc, choatiii^, ^T^^ ^°'^ ^ pmctitionofv uMurnxl 
th« Ti»« bl]« orK'XltlAEn»l^ Oil Wlk |rniit]nni«& b«oani« oA pk^tlMini 
u tUf« in tbo mJIkf wof. And lovt diitJDotion mcroljr bf the con- 

irfllim, uid af«iuqrd*«00|iMolhi>|x>piilAn-fr»ni ibcfrlwiIoTv. nmMutin 
jmlgivl it iicoMMBn In aHiI fiirthfir inirhFi ami tTltrriuiK fur BbVi^rluf 

AooohUngly. If \hn noniriKmHlI; wore utiff;iTcd tn hmvo ft p^ 
prUHitT to njuriufi, Ibvlr HUpHrioiii anf^rricrl Ji ilbulUll uTtfUcIi vul^r 

And M ooiimi:^ that jqmnxDil at Ihc U^nr of Ood« wcfO aociJiiixticd tbe 

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titcor ^sjohtf jnT« ovfdwuw thAt tni^ dif^mtf waa aJtntro bJjoar or 

vtUttTj and uuLt U/ U X^ru to no tiitil was tiio preroflhlifo <f— • 


If tho oonuDon port bf tkoir c<Qiiduc<t dorl^ro & rcawat f?r tha 

JnntltutlcinH of drll iVioJotv uivt p^iocj ]];AViirTir^nnt« 1ni>ir ImHurH 
-tfftqau flnoh tmiulInniinEhqh'i'oiit'oiTmty, Ami tha mi^ntmf t^*« f ity !«' 
(^Mmag regtird lo tlto dir^imitiinti* and olluvr of thg suporior Iib^rtioi 

II thn [ovur (rft fchow n tiTrtn ^if rommnp honosty and rommim 
order, thoM vho would tl^iirv in fho world iLirik it iucnnibcut 1o 
danoruifDil^, ihiiT. 4irrTi]k1/LiRmrf> tit {nfi^riiirv^ f-mTtmon rrirmnnn^ ron^ 
mtin fvjiiitj, ar any ihing f'lmini^kn, !p qjiitU) bonrmlli thn oClvnticin 
cr Miliara of*— a r^ntlomiin. 

Xoff.aii ujirli-ilEn^fri rir« vnt-t lUitVUioiia of lioitathiic nid nsarpliw 
l]io uuuiURn of Uit^lr mi^rktT*^ tini\ m UiU i^tjito of tm^rtall^ w 
indilont lo perpetual cluuuro uiil rcvolutloo; h niaj luippan» tlujkt 
vb«D tho |iop(unc(^. bx edEruocliiuj; c>u iho proTiudo cf ffontQiV* 
&ATO airirod to tlioir ne ^jEv ullrxi of Ili»i)li'ili19* ttolinitcb6i7, Im> 
UKka, &Ci, tiio 6ctibr7, in OTctcr to bo afiaio dintlaenubtvd, tnuj 
tmatOA th« «t»tiwi that Eltoir mrcriura lubl f<>rBiikL'ii, juirt, bovcTtr 
lUkniloDa ^ fnppoidtfo]] run; *p|ji^ir ut pri;f«bt, liiunonity^ ^qoitjr, 
ntilil^i compWvucD mut [Jr^ty, may b timo come to U) Uio tb^ 
thwiuBhiTiff cbjinu^turiBtkv of — « iccntlaaan. 

Mftiwf. From vluit yon liafo mlI^L ft apjKVfttr ttut tfaa caott 
fttwnl idea M-bich poopJo huro foi^raod of a f^cxitknuiii i^ UiaI of 4 
ponock of fortmieit uiovo thi> rulgiirf (uul cnili«i]i)'b-<I by loanaara 
flut *r* buhlonoh1» in bi^'h ljr<>. ~ In Ihia oa^^. fortuno and futhiofi 
W0 tho tvo Of^fftitaont in^edicati in iho compf)Bi1ioD uf niodain 
gi8iiit1omi>n: for, wJmtover fiio twhioti tuny \>s, wb>>thsr mnntl or 
Dnmopal. ftir or A^iiwi r^A^OQ, right or wrong, il is Gqnn!lj" the dnty 
ci u ffriktltmiui to cnnform. 

Aitifuif. And yH I ttpprebi^aj that trae p>ntilily l» jiU^>^»tbor 
IndRii^ninEit of rnrtane or ^irfdon, of tJm<^ rfisT-^iinfi, or oi^fdrioji nf 
uj> kln^L Tbrr rarr lomA a^Filltint rhfti t^nwtUutiJd a gT^uUi-iiuai 
in Lhu llivt b|p) of Uiu Avurtd, arv pvniuaiBatljr, iuviu-Milj, oui in- 



rilHpniuvLliTr Txoisu«nf7 lo Cjio Goni^llti^llon nf tbo mu) duttni^tcr to 
IIm cut] uf lliiif^. 

J'ri'*;, lljr whM you wtj, I jwrcdvo thul *o hnvc ntd j»i 
faodiiTiJ on your lount iwi-nkEitp of oil i!hju(u:t«n. I am qn^la 

rvpaticni to hoar joar Jeflnition. ot wlhtr deacriptJon, uf yotir 

^ttAor. Tho VDr7 £nt tiin« 70D Idro, I wUl indulgo j-gu^ if ytm 


Kd woi DM oF A tiMtipcr lo cnrltire jnvcYi without ntlcmpHnff At 
nttUition: nn'T, HlniHE-iju^r il^ft pip^ ^^r Ihh fHniT'^ lo Tim front of hii 
■drArttLrr. be Hn<!doiiTy fll-fMrp^ Uw fiill cvjnij^nrja in Ilia cywi iijil 
ftoe, Atia iifioti bla clGthfnc; pjul »tntf;>i1 Inkiit^ U> hi* hrok, ha 
Iu|iei1 to i'vL En At l.trM iliirir boforo ^ Mmii^r i^uld rlvur liia tjj^ht 
to tfikr iimiivi nbrnv hi! i^liolt^^nHl. 

Nh! howi-vor hatiifluini at thiN time, to bo ikimnrlml OTfliv 
BUfTiiuv III liis tMjiwItttJuiBL Mr t^imrlv, fur Uuil wtu Utv utiuiD uf 
the ptilj^ tn^ikvltcrci^it luiil Joftt <J<«hii\l r:iac ejf^ 1a max^on to nini^k 
yrhbrt &m ciienijr hoA cnkrod; wid hoatriunc iomc. bi? ^aMiod^ 
ondnMncI* ind viifM bid Unm rjirl clotLtv. witL loaf lu-uoa imd 
ftfirvr CVfKK t'T the 1iA]r, Uuifi lio cnnocivcil lo bo dno lo «o out 
neeou on iiuult. 

Bbk Baorlo lud bim«■^lf Imvn n hniDc nrivt En bi» Uuiti, mjliI hud 
MOtvtrod % pnttj C0nijJ«1cxux^ ^7 mr; foAhiraublc VKonii; tudi o# 
gidiliBiig, bcttring tMlunofiy for n fnf nd la dittrf«t, fovcunjig in- 
&lllic*t]i<o for tbo miiudrr. Ac. fti>. Ho hml, lomo jAar* jt^, b(^4>ii 
bulliod Into morrlon Uf ibo KiUtion* cf a voonff lanA^imt. Sho 
vraj neitbcr i^tlo nj nzitnro, nor po^ivJxod Ijj «qiicatioti; »h» Ukod 
notbli^ oT li«r ^nsbAnil oxt<'pt hw rottiUH ; ADd tb«y Imd togotbsr 
Ina itAta oT pr^rprtiiAl altnrcAUan And matitd d^flpiirtr. 

Old ig&, hud TL r|iuiTroliotiio oompuiioii for lifr. it'ldtiTn hnp|>fm to 
faA nrAM^firii of trui hrmifin tATnptir : And Mr, SntLrI»> had nnv mv 
qi^md rarh a qnAnrvrii c>f ihn JnilfHiJrlp* l«.th <rf IjorJy nnrl mind, 

tMlr-jk n hukilvime bumo oii thH nUt for l\n* U'Dt^fit of air. Aii m<ta 
u he hftd rvdAJmod blnifvir from tlii' ijkkli: liiW whith Nod liod 
|nit biiu. ho ftttit to m^iuirc 11h.« iiituic iind <:hAnii.'t«r of tbo ovmr 
of tluit }iL>Lj#if ^'iHiro lio liitil tJiLtJi itifiiico; und^ \ndn^ fufQd<;ntJj 
ADprriBod of *bat bo wanttd to know, ho ujkod tawAid Mr. 
r«crton'ii, Wb^oi&i: bin |hl<;u yiiih llio if|unt uud ^ipooUtioo of 
31r.iriontoE Iwd Amrrd bat n UttTo b(<fori?, nndt dturing to know 

TAtlnft and isvotomt?, of tho vdiolo cdutm nnd biat^iry of hlii*9 
miibAATioar- Th^j delinquent Uiorrujton wju oiilkd Tip (o imljuit 
trtAi. Ho boiu>fitlv confowod tho tAfitBj but pliMUbkcJ, ia TeiiiJ|[alioo, 
tho bootiiu* that Mr^ Snulo b>d olrondf Krrcn lum: but u Mr, 
Tttatah dU not jntlan iV'm ndflckot to moom th» lumml pf^iiiUnns 
of m diqtoGiiion thnt oihcrvtai tm &ot Told of Dwrit, a roii vu 



baincilUtolj brcm^bt, nEii Andrew wiw onlcT^i to lionr, ftnd Tvoix'k 
to flue tho t^muiAl in fircwnot vf ll^o iJttrty ncsrlercfL 

DariiLjf thiit ci^,-nttiun, >Tr. Kauris obfcrrod titat FnuikD hrmi did 
noi oJto^ct^r mwrer t^ tbo btiu-vdloiMv of Iuh o^i^ liivut ; wtjor^* 
upon 1m fiiriouidj m^fi~Ei<^iI ihn r>A frimi Tiim, nnd ticgiui to \af tX 
Ned witli nJ^gfat Mtd mnm. llt^roiLt Mr, Fcuton crrdc^nd Aikuow 
to Lot ttlO boy dowiu mad. obeamn^ tlkiir fn vituUl no titrth«r In- 

terlbM inttCftOBO whorollifl Kip«lItLEit . <! ul^TuoDt ondoicccu- 

iloQlD hbn*olf, he tiaj-aVmiy wttt^d \ i r.^Mti Mr Sruu-I*, uid 

kft lum tn cool hi» piUBiJona by liii ^» ' - ^^ ilL hniufltfftriL 

h»fir- Nrtl wtwi nxiriO ftfndjl of Mr i'Mi-un ^ jlisploMiiro itian bo 
would hnv^a bpon af & full broihor lo tlto ufijpjiiTi^ h*^ ^]ll1 foL 
Tint. Mr. FmioTi wjui Um |{i>nftriiitH i/i fuM rJijf u^Ti-iily nf his nvn 
rn(imniini;«fi to iho Wfrlsht nf frs-nk** hjinrf, and Srri wa* <iuiiAkly 
i^JiLStjitnl in tb* p«Dd jj:nK<i4 uf iho f^iinil; 

l[i4 ^iiliiri^ liirwi'Vur. roUinuiLl witli mi iuvnlitntAry !i»Mkl lowftnL 
obtniiilng nftlirfm^tion for Iho InJurii^ lio Uinl rooohol from Mr. 
S[tru-le. tnuvid'Ml he iiiii^ht retaliiitc tritUwiL fiw ol dotvdiun ; an4 
hi:^ AVII9 not *\i>v til i>iniiiviiiiE toiynd^quato fDC»uu> 

Thcio w(u a vilLt^r la Ikm^traii, Mitml lea jMim of nee, who 
}ubl oi^norhTx] on oiKonuDoa kmdjicv fcir S«d coi account of hiA 
jiprf;rb1]ifi':As liiii wH. ond pwd homoDr' To tbU ooidalin^ frUnd 
ho had ifIl1lflti^d b]pt frievuiaw ; and on him tJono ho depended for 
{lEvcittiin} of the proJDfrt propiuicd tot rodrun. 

(Ill a c<irti<in incoid"^ iii^lLT tb'^ mnntfirod fbar tnno Oftt^ Aftd 
hnriiiif boniid man^ fucn n>i]ri<l tbroo or four Inchn of tiu^ «& 
triitai^ oreads ijf tii^ UiKtbi?; lodgi^d them lopttlior id h ^yf^i 
tnil fiomowhitt iiR«r m]ipOMfm»i vthtm kM rhi^ towti ^um ntL^hnl* 
tho^ mAfchod noftly ttna cuitfoml/ to tbo houu ot Mr. Sotfto. 
Tbvru X«d'i» frioiul vfth hi* koifa dcttoTonitiy jfurked ftwaj tho 
putty fram a mno of tho window of n alilA-ohunl^or, vhora no lljcht 
nirfK^iLTcd ; Dncl having pitt lire to thf fiito <Tf oof h bid <nt*iM?Hlv«lT, 
thi^j »ll|iiHi{l ilif'lr imtM 0Ti4^ ]:lJ^ oitL* En at the w^iiiik>W| Hiut huuh 
bat'tn^ IH^tfgi^d tbo [DiiiiT InUt Itn |i1iu^ LIih/ wlthiTruw to a lilt!«i 
diBtuiOfl |u wut^b Iho luiiin. 

Tliv L>uor cniz) rviurmivil fiI1c<iit, elthI iiritvr<i--.'i1t) inolToiiaivi^ uhDu 
th«^ ftdt no damnifO. Itut un •"im i> tin iln^ liml n^M^] i»n 
thojr tiutn, th^y bc|^n to pplvlK Ui )iru li; 4 UiiLj;:ua.sD ulioUj 
pc^iilmi; OB uno would lluak, to Hiulinitriilii and fuuuihi uf itiubulku 


Mr. uul Mn. ^nrEc had fx^ou j^ui^lJns ever tbc fire id ftn 
OpfKifut*.' jwirloor, whi'n tlirir ^tiwputij wm -ud*]<:idy fettled by thU 
outcry, ofi, ihfiy imfl^ni>l, of a lo+^on of Enfi^nmhi. Ilwiy inatanlJy 
aturtod Dp, and codt a ouuutenaiLW cf polo aud ocmhi^oaa banhi at 
Mch Qtbcr. Bat Uooiv^ tho footman* ft abrui^" ^I'l hohl f<01ow. 
barmif juvt bcforo ontmd on oonui hiudiUM to bli inA^tnr, turned 
luiit mn to tha chzLHil^er from whiMw^ tbe jmmlJ came, 11« thivw 
op^n fh« lioor vltJ> hU ^imtod mii^^imlity - bitt tbix vttJi nn far 
lu mortal courugo wuld go: for lb« catt sp.viQA a pHU«4i^ wbcrobj^ 
w Uwy ooiwelr^ lh<>y might fly from lh£V pais, nubod wvV 
dculy flTid Jnfntly on thn Cu* mwl trptut of Gvovipe, hii'l Iw^t ha 
ftill wjtb d cry of t^^rror oiul cUvpiTriatiorL On bowever unnt the 



of Mr> ftjBrli? : JtTiil iiH hi< buly Hcnvimr^rt utit nn^l rla|'^ioil h«r liAndft 
bsfbra tMrfafv, )ii)iil1]i<i'fMHl'?rie<1 nlfh njiii^fjinpi tut litft bwt Bnufili 
hiuA, Rud rent iuilI Iflm aw^T /ifTrr ft Um^'Uliiiilii minnnr. 

Hie ctuJiifinuuid an<\ t.iH)V^ liufuiii^ iht^ iijrrihkr fcviii iLii kltrhrn, 
vv«r9 ftf^Hi'l t<> HH'i'Jul miii bIjU uiui^ uriiijil Ev pUy briuw alone: 
U»ej liercfoKi (TPjit wfllj juiil fi>?uiij|iitK ujrstiii*, Tim UJiliirw 
tlj« cat» KEi^rr lu did uul. pctiuil tlitin to livi atUchod to dJiy sJnjjln 
objtfct. 'Hir^.V tuirl (jultffvl Mr, lUiil Wtp. ^uiitV; ;iUf\ riiin' 1li:w Jibuiit 
A« potbur, Tmn^hing, 'la^hiiu-. and ovcTtiNiuiii^ V^^^ kIaamtis niid 
chiflA, nxifl wliAt<ii?r <:aju« in tli<-ir welJi oa tliDUfii tt had boea tlio 

dwr^c vu aguin on hJci log? : hu muitor and mintriea* hAd oloped 
fmm llui |>ivr1oiir« in^l ni'^t f ho tvti nuudj^ in tliu middto of tha tiniy. 
Thcj ocini?lad<^l, mtj, dua^ to sol u f^|ioo<Uly m thttj alg^t fram 
tba oimirtcfrv of dArk&oov u^ vonld vOUwr Iut» OMtpod bj 
thA ttTM^McjOr ; but, ftlAA r titia wa» n«t pnaaUft; oti4 of tD4 caSt 
gmnrdoil thfl ptuni, flat, cllnffliiff Ut fhfl grout lock wtlli nil bla 
TiJorii, (rmuTpd ruul ypjltd in the diuJoct of twc^ofy fi^ud*. TTjo 
utAin. b^'Wi^vi>f, r«rtiAlni>it opt^n, Jiml itjr flioy Wf>iild luiivt niHlind, 
l>ut worr K> piit^oiflfl^l bj uii:lr fright liiat ll ixmbl not ho ihmft 
{d till? wnjr at a iw. 

TlHvint; vsJfiil m for tfl tl>v <U;iJni^TooTii, t]i4^j ilII t^nr^rixl nnil 
boltrfil tXw ilnor.Ariil MrKiiJirli^, 0|wn9ii|; n himhiw, maw a Uiuti [niMit 
of ncJjflibourr v-hif luir] ;:Lirlti?ivd bclow- ^'lint u ihu inattor. Ht? 
gfiwl uuH of Utni] : v\m{ iv Ih'.t [iitHrnrjif vT Uu'a huirUJi* uiiiuur 
Aftd dlb? Odr: ^i»ij|il ilimh f^iul hi'll vtim (^m|iiy» Mid ItuLt iiU iC« 
tnbAUbatfl vcrc coicl* to kctp cjunrml in yotir boiUHp 

O, n Inddtr, It UutdiTl i^m Hr. Snorlv; di'ltvor hh. i^ood iH-^ipt^i 
COOo C3ih«tlf4i p^opki; A lAdder. wo ItCMki><^Lh time; n LuUtoF. a 
ndderl— Thai, md«cd, criw n «n^, b the Uat ^ad tun on honovl 
llDow hM oeoado& for. 

TitA U/ldorviu «ai>n broiL^ht, imd thk mml^Hibrlckoii fviUly «vn> 
holpDij dovn, uiil tjLaritdibly dntlui.t .d to tho f nM^I mn of SI G<<orgQ 
tfui the Dra|f<»n ; wli^iv. ^tith ihi- h><lp ot mck-vflwy, ^anw tir<dri, 
Ai>d iholr romniniitfi w^rroni, thov got n Iwartjr (Wt^kt, and vero 
•omewbiit i^omfKimyrbr tt-n o^tock neit tdcmhi^. 'Hivy Ih^n i^ot 
ii|>, nnit, having ttr«iAkf;iHTAl t>n u \\or of nllM chr>i*ntflti\ Uii-y 
Irarrind to ljc^<m wiihmit n/kontitrtng to 9taA tn thp hnnnTcd 
tniuiKEoii frir «nj oban^ of rlolbi^ w Uiiwi ; for fbt'i w«uM nthi^r 
hflTft jmt on jrnrmirnni thai bwi hiwn <t*iipnf! In lb** biooil of Nfi«nip, 
iLnn iLntp toQcbod onj ililn^r In n bniw ta wlucb, ivilli tUL< futci- 
tiiiT^ pluCfs. IvdiHuLr. mid vlhvT nrfjurli.'UHUL'ff^ lL« duvil» w lli^jr 
CUii'cLrcil, IiaeI ttklLini litj;*! mul fitll |rii9«r-jinroQ, 

In Inrth, tlicic wn* itULrcc on iiibul>itaut of Ibc whole town of 
HampriiMd who dlilvird in <^piiiiiiQ oa tlili ho*d; inH>inurh thotk 
ii i^jf afUr Aaj hc^ttat imu^iudly to thui la, aH poonin who Imd 
ooounon to pui bj tha dwdlinc of tho Uto oj«ot?'i Mr. Bnarlis 
kept TDoro and toon bhMf to uo opporilo *idc nf the v^y. )n 
propottbci w &dr r^j^rahcndcoi liKirMHd with tho dA^ And 

ftU tUagi ia tho Imuw romainod oa ttifb from doprodAtion. ua thou^ 
thoj tm bom fOMdod hj ft rogiao&t of <iiogootiA. 



Tlio oaU, in llm mnm Unto, Ut^ d ptc^atifiillT Ami at fti» coat OD 
ILe ccpld uuMa wlucb tboy found in tho IdU&cii A&d Inrdor ; uld, 
u tbo aafUlBli of th>*ir tuls viW now no inoni nanuaborec^ tbo? 
Jwpl rndStorbol powcMiioc of tbdr luw AojuUdon; ao thn^ 
ddring flkur nddonoo, not cvon a nxnvo wna ctuting- 

A* Mr. Fctttoti could not b^xt b« EnqMDtJj auptitod or iIlqm 
prodi^vp and nlnniUL tbat kcpl cill ilnmpdoad wnkuift atkI nightly 
gTV>upc<l ovary tuuilf mlo a ungls rouin; ho oomporcd, Ul his O^m 
tmtiif t^ diMXimlitim and LaDiflhnuQt of the naftornuubt* SbvU, 
>vitli thA fdromurtuioM of tiu provocatiini vUch NodhAid nctfrAC 

Ha found thiit on uuu'4>rii>d. %t vi-H In pf^nt of tiino» u to XodV 
hjifiiml i[ii1iV'I<fii"-M iTnl ultHUU of fnviHitr^on : yt>t hi« iv-iiM h'^Ar^ 
omcdvQ huw n ciUhl, llttU^ inarr' lIlui ci^^it jnjLni of a^, jLliniild tfl 
ouaUo of oontHvtv inbdiiH^ tu R'nojilubl^ m iliiiir etrciiiioo, 
tfjR «o ttiUniidvo In lh«lr coiirs-jji^i'UnfH, Nnw NihI w/ut hu Imjipy, 
on thiA tliu^Uf noc'uibuu. tlut uutlilii:- tj~4n--jpl] ad : vhcrnfura, u 
Mr. Fculoii (vjiild proWvDo uuiti(j(T<>r piviA^ho una tuQ ileUcale te 
uk lUiiy i)a(<«t!iJiu <jii i\iu i-titfi ; Itiit* <Jit ^nn Ljuid^ tio nhould IcmpI 
llio hoy Uito a Uc, or, oq tho oijior, tre oblip^l to cbMtwc or cJioGk 
kim for faulta thai )m niurowtj mifffal induco hlca to oonliEtfv. 

MEilt<iri\ tborefiv^ in& rcupcot lo Nod, profiorvoil Uwir itato 4f 
tTLUbimlltty : tixoiueh llr. Fo&ton vculd oftoa war Wm ^Rith in ^o 
of mondcr ohhI NUPpEsUn. <nd «ouU hvdlj bring lunHolf to bcUcvo 
tLit a bciy of Uh i.^xInMrtHnAry ic^^dite shoold b« no oUin- liy Urifa 
thibti n 1 H>jo^.ii-'n bmt. Lai boro pArd<ai nu, Mr. Fo&ton, £f 1 dlaMat 
from jour fpimon* With hiitnliLu d«f»rt]&cio to jrour jud^voot in 
<»tbcr Tuiittvr^ 1 coiLf.%iT« thiLt ut infjuit \^i^t. oa a diknjthQl,\ 
broiij^ht fiji'lti In a pigstpn <md £wutlLe4 vnih the rotten nroonint \ 
of the oorcrtTUj; of aa lue, nin^r liHVe talenU and ci^ndty ttbore^ 
Uio *>a of *ii onTptx'or, 

Frinvi. Tho Knii^ljirfty of your Rpntimf-nlH often FtHkm me 
with uM'iiilHlimi^ni. Dii ymi r&i)\y ibliik iii a wny ruvLrt fitmi ^1 
othor iMMi[>k^? vt in it n di^lin'-'tFoa liuit yuri iLlTi^t^t? fltim yoa act 
younuAr ai flDticiUf^ mIUi iLiiJtti>H,l ivTiiu;udiru. MitU hlBtUflcil] Ikult^ 
mid wjUj tbti vxi^:i(i:ii(^ hs wi-U im opltiion <rr«]l acvi, 7gq •««m 
wb(/l]j to bavo fiirp>t thr dicuiasbuiocs tluit nttendod flm Urfli 
imd ififw:oroij of Cjrus, of Giili|>u\ of l{<anuIiaB duid ntmuBi, wWt & 
thouMud uthor IiwIauoc*; Mh^^rnlij £t In oritlcfit tliftt tbo Uwi^, 
prvhwt^w, nod Tittoot of gtoail and ^lorioiU] bnocaton n&tumU; 
dovohv upctn thcar oflhpiiiW' 

timt Ji tilLfM- tcgtta tho ion] on Wl (u Iwity of hiA child ; and thu 
■tronelj coinddM ^tTi yrflir Jadirmtrnt of Ino unLtb.-^r. All onimtd 
naltiix' iUko iwrit-iim in tha MLmo pcudllon: ^i4 t)ui oIl^prLn^; of a 
llod, tin oi^;[<!« aait on cum, invariably p*itiiko cf tho ^UAliliv of 
tlicir pro^rtT'itB, 

lo diii v«iy Jiurly ngrm of mfintimi, vhc>n honour «nr1 omfAr*!, 
prcvdcooo nod slAtioa. trcm oHij^cd to tup^nor mfjnt donc^ to 
prov^M in tliik flMil. or M^i>utiiTn In iho iNinm^; It It liit ikktinnl 
t^ mipiKfcw 11i.lL tho mnn? Iminc'dlaU* <Sr*LM!nrSjin» (it iiwih hnfOM or 
pdtrioid LoLfintod hi a gtvai twMUMtv thu IxAUly^ Htrtn^tli, ^cnfin^ 



iuA ^Irootftfon of thrao frnm vh^vm thf^ ipiiniT. Bat MBk* 
euii«]Laiof7«ttnaToiioiW]«>wrLnif ^cmt itir, mriiMY aU this TM^fifv 
IM been tiVtutij p^vfnwl. HV^tl tlii^ worM ufTcub bul very ran) 
btUHVA whi^r^^ w^u^hi^inionhiEi ftr t\if.^nTt\\ vU^nt « OtThi^riTifi of 
fivMdii. or KiiiiU Kaii cif TcnU. or Thcnulare of <^onilPA, l^y thn 
nuuv fi>nv cif t'^'iiiTjA^ luLVu nilivil tLcJEinplvm fruni uUc-urity to 
donaJitl-iii, Thif^r JTiHlunc^n^ nhvt hit vfiry £kr frLjiii iiiiLkiiv bLiiy Uiiuif 
In bvouT of }oij uffiuueut ; tbimtih, u£ii"<^^iiu>'M7< vcic >i>ii Ia 

Cliliii iv^Dctfvo pc>^i£n>a from Uw 4umu> oi Uiciibk or huuo 

•OkDonm in Una attUM foautfntta. 

wli«n tbm wu r>uiw, wboD mffiL vore nmcM lod ttdTUced 
(u I mUi Mcordlnff to tlk«1r peraoul 4bltncd<icui aoA aeoon3|JI«h- 
nuntAt unccmmcA hnaakj. sIrctiEili, aixd ft^ty «f bodj, Informod 
fcy auporto {oaittA and taloatb, wr*.' MCCrantod (lODtturt prooA «f 
• royal or noblo dfltfctmt; but b ptoooai of fOM* wh«& ut had 
Introdnoed Ivnvy, and huonr bad btroducoa co mi ptiga aiaaag 
to Cnat, ft iMbU dlflteinp*nHi Cruno, blbrm*d bf a |3^ 
k&imoQ^ and Impalloat tnnpar, bocotno mh IndlMion by no moniu 
ttntiTobaDla of tha gttnninc M4Mnt of a ohild of quuli^v 

Vi-t'«?. Hj dear t^t^ii'l. l>e ^<ivitkRu; to flpw nfgttlj or d^ 
gnbifnifly of di^ty and bIaHoti doot not bvooma paoplo of ft 
cnrtnln iftbrTC. 

JM&or. Wtth in d«fKvnne hthI dvit aubtnMoi to ttntt> who «ft 
fn tha mtt nf hl<iv<A, nr Irt Ih^ lhroi»» of Opohj^ vhon «0 ifiOAk w 
])hlTohiplirrii 4L* thonld Minj^k liuVpi-iutiuit of ral£hf prajiuucD. 

I uui tuiL fiuuujb](i uT tJiAt iuLvniuJ r»|iti<t wbinli !£« vtoHd la 
plvand tow 1^ iiitiTnuil 1tiM|ii\ If [>[Jo jijrij ni>ju£rf« n, vrowD, 
f^T^M^ a rod hnL uul uiuilicr n iximjioL I17 mouu that deBomd 
fhd jdlib«t of Hamau, thoy imUiitlT bnfintui tbc imsamptlvo 
|3PctipMon of I blow not wbnt inUl<v:<i<J vt fine qnalHSov and 
MOOODfiU'liakCiltih microforCi. tm X 4m tu idn^Eiu% m lurrtrtcv or 
iD mibmV. a0 to differ &on llio jndirmcnt of w wibp a wrirlil in 
Hdl UMCr. fl {fl tllU nwro UHi]inl>riit llfk^n tun to l>niijf unnrfN l]L»t 

ftio wdf'OTldont, At Ibo oomo time iJuxt 1 trut ^o rcvonklb a nabjcct 
^rilli all prjau^Ja ddicai-'y. 

1& t^ tm oicw of AcOA»)^ ul}<cn nil ILmt nwUlnod Iha tfn^ 
Baton of aaa bi;r opon luiij in iM>ncLiaon, liko light and air, w peopto 
knw tjf nothing fvthCT t^t wiu to hv liwl, liu-y lifmnht 1ti«re 
VM uoUilngf firthcT t^ bo d<«lr«d. Ak tboy hiJ na viih<«« thoy 
fbtt DOvHiir*; ftn'l neither pride, mvy, «7rL^oritnw, nor drlhiiicTicry 
Oifllil OfuriTijuiw. bi'ffrtv iht?y rifTitrivM tht^ diHJinrltftn* at prftp*rfy 
«id mflT'irlHl* <<f ^uti'mprrinw', wid Ihoraby contiivod Uu cmino 
<(f qiijirrrl and <'ctniptl<io. 

Bui, Hd ilurju« *«y-. "yiiiini r^Tilid tafytmnl nuiain^" wll(in lfcf<y 
lOffMi to tmlUl and A<)t out Iiiiiilnmib^ to plough jmd t> naw. to 
q£i and to wc«vv, to tumilh? the fib ami hBrnuit^r; b pixipf^nioa 
m ll« Milvnncvment of iUTUnliLai and Brt«, ou Jwcovaity <ou- 
tMlooco arceCi ip|)vd tXJorcnlcnrc ologuue* upin cIo^uko himty ; 
aew deidrco Jn^'ruKj sn<l nndtlplkd ytilh the nuoui of cmtJ^- 
«Mini; rool wifihEO Inniuo Ibe oCbpricir of imairinii? WAUle: 
a» ttoM wiilic* WAi*d ^onn, Ujo faaiiuui Tor« «iJdndI«d; nud 


nor FOOL or qvauty. 

tk* tIoh^ Ufti;, grov in nulliftiutdcd ji iopfftion to th« srovHi 
of AoimmKoii^ 

AH Utrt«rtMi, &• well fvubno ai aoicro^ In «TS«]r ng^ in ovttT 
B»tloa, adJ to ov«r7 fatftuoft, beftr iinq|iiBlkinabl« lortJmonj to m 
AboTOftot* of fiiob; andhonoa onfu«ettio nobtmatj of ctit grp^nng 
won* tnd w«rMt till tli« ptoud* of m shall pot a limit lo (l««in. 
tDl toraciCtoii ihaU b» (ahatErtafl» and no ko^r proliflc trf luv 
mntv 4a4 ft^dcoiA wuha* in man. 

But 10 long » iinU1»i1 allnrtnuinU, ao lonff aa nntjtftad plAAnirta, 
•■> Icng aa now ot^fnTta etfi ka aat up to oiir iTno^rlnnhtin fti our 
aagar pumult alVr liaiii^ikMsi nn «Ar1h. uur wfhtir" v III indiiTiit;! uur 
linpatl*Ti™ irt n^flrfi tnn prlM ; In prnportion u» thut ImjHT-Ji^nwi 
oar «1ir1mTiniTii wtll t>o rxrrtrd ; In pn>pf-rticm in vunh iixnmon, tJ]ii 
feiuTfl of kw anil luundn vtill Iw btuki.- Uiruiu:lj or tnuiitJ«it imwa; 
ttfi:l ill |jiiiiiiii'liipii Uv llir LEiMiftlriKiirj nf iruirid itwUuLiU, kI) iiorta 
of rmmliuii] vidcQoe. (<f UoojiUauiuLcw uid (corruption. otdtAmat^xiry 
mill proQii^iM.^ luual iimrjul thicu|;lioul ih*} yrorh\. 

fwUtid, From irhjtt jroit aaj^, I thuitll ixindiidc thafc poop^o of 
woaltlu of stotioD, uicl t^vcr &rp thi> lo^urt imtuuriooM ODd thd 
ino»t ^tiiove <ii fldl llriMi- fi^inuuiuvli a^ lli^o' art aJranHv ift 
poaKttrion of whnt tlivlr ^nfrriom h> Aoitrndy i^mtlnao to tUmt, 
and to choM. nud to LilKiat after. The ^rout er*i thcrit tomptotion, 
thi* vorM h(L» notliin^ further to cihibil fbr tb9lr aottuotion ; aA4 Iq 
thm li^Jit ulaa lh<^; aro bwoinfr tlm muivt rocpoctabk nfo)] pciipln, 

Jbrhvf. WhttDorcr joo can niako it oriJcut t]ut. io huiubla tiw 
ppirit ol man. you oucht fo place hiir iii 'kiitltirrit; ; llul, !> rrrti- 
Tinco lilm of pf<r«£inFil ilobnita nnd Inllrmltloii, j^m ->ii^lit lo r*noto» 
him «-itfi ip/<x'[>hiiiil« mill !<on'}1i> floponilanti ; tliiit. 1u atokr him 
looiiiurHtn, yi^i ali'iulil **^l hi in ai fh« IaIiVi nt X-ntMlUth- lUiil rhnt, 
to homanlft hla illici-^alllnn, /^lu uhniilil nimoTo hlir u far oa poAlblo 
firom a aefi»> of tht< miwrii-ti (if bin fr11i]WH.Ti?tLtiirt'H : nhrn. Id inin> 
a HuiTi iif i1|iit«ii]jH«n« iTirMvnt fo bin rinliirri, yoH vuuUI t^f'*' bbn hi 

wmIUi, atAtioiu and powur ho pruducliTo of ref >rmntJoii nod Fittuo 

lu IflllU. 

Your fiirar lay iu !iii[j|Kidjiik; t.lmt ^'n<aa1 apprilta and iipdjltiud 
ainbition voold ty.aat aitA abntr on CT(klJfi<:jLlioa ormdulc^Qoe. Boi 
tti)» U uul iF.iMiLrtfi. 'I'bu Miirit c^ uuui is a doalblMa iMra ; (to 
crarinjf* cunnot lin satiated tiji it k poa< w ii a 1 of toOM) oljftrt that la 
ftdcquato to itfl nahirc : and, aa thia world boa no moh eljMt to 
ttihioil. irn^til\^U'>iin onlj Mrr» to prorvVc^ to farther IdKb-o^ or 
flfiol]; to flluk ltd into utlor dorpcndcnoDL And thiB tantat the morU 
that wiu i[il<?ti li^d by lh« fAnloeopborSt when llu>y fublod Ihal Iho 
Bon of FliiLi* hruko fnto a ftanuon of l''«rv nti liTkittn^ that no 
moro worlds ifonjuntyl for him to oon^jiwr. 

Your paidon jel, 1 jmiy With nMpi»ol to yi>ur (-iiiniciiL, that 

IhA deaooirlHiita <tt Ibv numbly ami ihA pxalf^ InS^^iit w qtTfttltira 
«w] cxodlennM of their prognrnicors. jou s|>oBk ■« ibnugh t]ii* 
onrtb, %w\ dJI that was tbr»r»fiii, wen* tnvnriidily |tnninr*i'nt ; whi*ni- 
BA ihv 1c^l)uli^J^<»Tl»lfl vrLU f^Il y^m ThHl titn onii util Thn otbor are 
wuyoot Ui annnil, ufid cniMi illiimnlH rovi>]iilhiTu<. 

F«rbA|JH thvry ia nut a b«cip^ *^ »l»w upuu uafth wbuw Mm« 

Tfftt FOOL OF QTALirr, 


tirn? prcffenjlor ktb* not d prinro or on omp*ror ; pcrluvpa Hitro Ea 
not Ik |ii-iru^ or <iiD|wr(iT upui <vuili vho^f t^ma timis proflVioltor 
voA not a tlovc Of a bof-gnr. liavo von, tbon. tho <tiK«trini7at to 
Mnwivc ID thtf bogpir tho llunqUuixitA of t!ii3 pruiM* or in ihc prinoa 
b r»tno* 11m> LiiuuiiJHinlH of th-i tH>gB«r? Yon Intro tiul, emij^o dr. 
I will toll jon H ttoiy. 

Th« Oiniiml OanpejTU^ or xmio vac>i griMl tMirdimil. ]ukppanad to 
tarn a rl^ifiiito a1lK lh« Daka of Modan*, AllOroAtirjii mtv bigli. 
Do joo knov. miyx ilio priniw la pudan. Hut joor fjtiiflr wvt* no 
|t«tU*r tliiiiL rtiy fnllit^rn hol^^P^l1? I know It ftU wtD, i'Of>ll3' 
AOffiirnniil lli^ mrrirniLl : wwt 1 am iwniuulnfl 1hat» luul ycmr hi^h. 
HUB IwfMi ilct Hill uf my fullurr. jtni wciill havu nmdniuvl nf iho 
tuituv I'tLirnnloiL 1u tku^ dnv. 

lu lui'Ji ft wiirlil cm tbiji, %U thlnv* uo In pvnwtitfd ohaocn, 
loteikiu. mul rctulaUau; it U antnrv^ praccn, Aa tbo muunLnr 
ittd wiiilcT icnKlunlljr Biii-'xitil noil onuroAcri upun mcJi otlivr: or m 
the nm 'InwikJL nnil oriju from dorkncB tilt lio mnchrA Uio itiiil'duj 
fcrrour of hui culmliulinjr boim, and titc3Q» <}cc1jil<« tj]] bo 4c1ii la 
Dttur fclooDi : ovcij mi iiitj,-htv niirjiiuH, w woU a« funtJliov, hunt their 
oocanMOConiont* uccnt, ami nuDuait* tludr doclozuiloiii clootji Aiul 
pt^riod. Tbu virtu? of iJl latUutfM nnd fifc»"Nirtf btjam in povof^. 
IhfiEK-o nrwM tc> io'lnhttj, (dddIiu, hDnour, iwrhapv to conqotft oaa 
cmpiro— tikor*> thoir a^u ; but thon oomcv on tb« loiul of po&- 
d«mf wtHilth, t)ut gnduaJI^ woigba them down froa thk nol* 
dtea, to indalgoDoo, MuiuJity, efuilt, vormptioa, prtnfimtiai, ilftvar;, 

Lot na nov. vitli the rjG «( titiilofionby, oOTtidfTnr two men in dto 
mott iwntr4flti<1 Rtjkt*> thftt thiA v^rlrl r-^n ]u1nliU-aIMlJ>^lAtt u. ktiii; 
«h1 « l^irfir. HifT* tbo ktnp lii mori^ hiphlj frii nm moro gnl§ 
<'t'>Thf^rl t>iiir tiw tii<^iirt buT K thntw rtn AdvnntiigOM ilm^nrfn;; 
«44irriiLtiiin. w«t iHibttM \ut\\i ihl> hiKiirj «itil luhlTB Miniaw^il by tlw 
1hii< En tint ifiir-Ef'iL. njkil llhi lily in l}v viUc?. Further, wliJilnvur 
Uii.' tuilfvr '||]ilU1h» uf tbo klii;; ur Iwiqsir IDAJ l>t<, iiiiTtinuduitt 
<rf tlii^ >aM ^aIj^^ujlI vt in.'^ivijiiul ilJHtiJiijtiun. we liiay, Ii^nvtvi. Ijo 
aiwirvil, thnt an odiia)t[t>n In tbii mtilAl of vniunialStj uid ilci^p 
tioa. of tbc fixbibition of lomj-kktraas ani] eratificAtJoQ of ttiBt«, of 
pHMltM uhil pnoilefi. oboiionoo wul proMntSoiw if oorixniJ b- 
cnlnenM lAd xnantMl impooitLoVL, eta bo no vcf7 good frlcrnl tc> dio 


If wo t^ary Ibo comjoririOD firtbcr tJun tbtOf wo Und tbc bodf of 
iLo Uctt to bo OB &pil, tut oUnoxJDUd to puiij, diBOow, uid ui- 
doiiKaKa««t DTQn 00 njiktol, pixir, uiiL porjtibikMo, u tliAt of a 

a if WD tiko tho vyo of fniih to *o« fiirthoT ttttD witb that of 
llkJUoorl^J'' ^'^ lH'Zu>I(r th'ir ifkitU nliko IniiMirtAl, of »qiu) <llgn!1y 
■ml OXtf<nt; wo wo crcntitron fWDmblinff tho CfMlor blmaelf— 
bnuthnd fn>m hJK mrn K[»iri>— fonue'l m 1i^ own Ithdu^— ntit} 
ord^ncd to bba own bwititnito nnd ntcmlty. Tlrm aU otbi^r dli^ 
tteodow fiJI ftwigr unl Iok their rEvpnrt— tui an imtMit vuu]i1 Oo 
fn nuapulpnn nf r^^iv, or n Jii<rlL*1u1l in ODTiiiuriHJti of you IaiuuiIU-w 
Olpomi; And hviv miliiiit u fN-j^t^ju'. xvlnnii lltn kJiit; biiiiH^tf Ubm^ul 
ti> rever«[KW wa Nun^ tin-' imiiiu'^tioucd Ucii of a Ki:iu, ia cum- 




imriftjn of irhom all otlior hdncn ftro t^iU m (^okhm'^ Hov otlerT? 
yIL^ and DODtomptfhle in nil ili&^nitj aor] i]nmmlnn to nadi Ui helr- 

DMi ahall pvicii power, bii eoTnijilion put ctn giory, uid bi« moirtil 
b« irhoUf BwiitknrMl nj- rf JmiiicjiiAUij I 

t\itm4. I ^onbiB tliAtt for onoc^ 7on uato c^nrtnc^d m«, UfTo mo 
lanF» to pniokod. 


dOMB Itiruf tiftpT thli^ Mr. PHiton )irlvu1«W look Ned lotu Id* 
otoMih Mill i^iHin^r him h t^^^xl Ihij, Hurl ulrdij; Rtm ft few fiMUfTtji:* io 
bfljr liltiythiiuni* ilmdrml hid t-u ^vb Iho hort hiftor? ho mulil n>* 
nMnlier «f bioiKlf uivl hi* [L^i-oaUirai be&tv ho loot with lUity* 

8bv mLI NtiU tlio lit-qt lUnc lli&l I itcaambei- of mpotf Is mv 
fOtnf fivin KoiLM iti 1ion*i! fr^iARirinff wfth mr nMiniay. t dtOMnwf 
iMCod tluLt r wdfl once in n fliKi hDUdr^, anil inioiie fine poopkv but 
I don't kviow lA'ti^rv iior ^h'TU ; and kj 1 bc^lJon^ m T m?, ft itm 

IJo yua romi^Twr your Cititor^ Nod?— No, dr, I noror had a 
laihr^T thbt ] know of. My inunDij wnA T017 oroefl (0 mes aoO 
lucr] ti) tjLki> fmin mit nit Uif> inonr^y luid vfotixftte Itiat J t^aifHi, ibd 
tliikt woiL A ^At ilfidj f[>r I aovor let poopio rcet tiQ thoj gnvo ou 
BniDrrthin;;, Ani bpo. rar. m I nM ■fflQlT, I117 fnammj waA V017 OTOW 
14) iDi>, HA'I Tib<E] to luUf-^tAire 1D«| Aid gATB me ft mting for ov^iy 
houf tn Ito dnv. 

Iiid Hbi' Uiuvb 3'C)U Toor pmjpon, N&<1?— Mo^ «fir, 1 fcel!«T« )b» htd 
nn iiTAyin to U\ti^ii rni^ ; for hIia iinoil to Bwonr ntid aoold Mdtj. 
Atirl A<i, 4r. u T vju tolhhg /on, wo I'^ifgcl from houeo to botUB, 
VTiTitftimm in ti Utwu unci n^ir^tSmw in tlie roijnlr?, till Vhe rhy«ba 
run AWftj from mi*, 

Jltnr cntQu J^mr uiruiimj in n\n nwmy frxim yim, N<*J?— TVliy. rip, 
WD wvrts L(?ianiilE Elf yuuf Uivn. mid hivl irut tv>mr Imliiwiic^ uid 
filUd our IjA^c. And ui wit hi^Hhl n mtii ^lumctri^ In^lkind ni)* hihI 
Bif mdiiimj turnf^il oimI uw him nmniiii: iifter hor very lut vii to 
■he thnw duwrk hvr ui^.-ul l>ai: uij tli-.' tivuinL »jj1 uimlu 111? hi?«t 
of b<r W«r to tb<i itrtvl h'^lri'. jiAit ^t thri>ri^h tl. 4ir; «nd Mp T 
MtfX iftw any moro of hor. Then, sir, 1 fell orcnrirc aii-i rftuinj; 
terHklr to }i> XtsH UlIotic, and to havo aolwdj in iIlo worid who 
would bATo ACT Ihhi^ to Miy 1c mc; ATid I w!h1i<^1 f^r mjmanant 
mtx, \itv\ Od nhc vru to mo ; and I atroTo to follow ht-t ihroucfa 
uo hod^. bni wiin not abb. And bo 1 luiw a irrot huum t>n iino 
iido* ud 1 wu T«7 Md ttbo& I w«tit to Itt nnd Ihfjro H wit* thAt 
1 not vaj own jooAg nuMor, «)d ho put t^Mlipi uixm mo with tiii 
cvn dear hAodi, imd ho took tdp to hnmvlft 'ud ho 10 ciuririaiM iO 
Undto Qothat i( Ir^-iiM'tn inu n^ty mnrh ; for I cvin do riotblny M 
bH for hho, jon know, air, and ihat ^OVM ino moro tkut aU tbo 

W«tlf Nedily, wf« Mr, Fenion, do hot 0^7, icj Dblld, St A food 



\tof Ufrl mTniT jiinr lirvik. juifl tf >^tr« jtdq tail Do HM, Ilot d» 
iiNVhLL^r In Any tuxly : ^iml I n\l\ Ukn coni of pni, ocd bo a bthtf 
1c Tini tnjnr^ll But Ivll tiJ«, Nnl, wuuM jron UMiv tlie wouuJt JOlt 
<aIi >oor imi[ULU5, if yuu Kki»u]<] w,-i> lia^r A^in ?^yM, ;«, car I cried 
Sud- Tlii-ii^ wriA not h r|&7 ctf nij life bbt >ho tf«TO mv rrawo to 
rcrat^intirr htr ; I Fitn^util know her from ivll th« world, jf I wu not 
(o B?« tlw fw^ of Iji.-i ftjr It bundi-Q-l >rarrt to como. 

I fla^i Nttl, niU are not over fonil of ymnr iciiniTiij.^Wo, 

lote younwtr tT 1 ibirfMl. xir. letter t}inii ii tlutiiKirnl r^ui^h mnmiiii«t< 
M* minn wm ; (uj'1 thut, 1 mippcw, j« very nuu^'hty: for dl pood 
<4iJMniu thcT BKjr, Iot^ Ihoir btlnm tiad mutlKrrf, — M'ol], Veil, lajm 
Mr. PmUtn, [r joQ hnjiiwn at xaf timo to ma lji>r utuoii^f iht ^^^t 
namtcn of begguv tnit <oni« tc our door, doi^^ too upotik u> hctk. 
or ibov ihat fDtt Uko tiM» ]«>Hin notk« of h«r; but oome uid MU 
TOO. or boiwvt JniiMi Ilk mjr iiibAAnc*^ ihiit wo may tako core of bor^ 
ojift fofoo bur to ccnftm whether ibo b Cn nuUiy yv>nv niotbii^ 
or not. 

WhElA Mr Ffnum mui i^vvildTii^, Andmu- ontrrnil «'llh ttillrric* 
thdl n c'liBrtot in» nwatunH-'Hl hhi Iwtntj j-iirJ* frvmi fho ij«if, Rnd 
Ihht tc fi^arrd l)it< poojile in it wvrv lumli IruH Mr Fptttnnli 
hnmniiily ww iiiorh jiltinvwd at the n^wH : tii> onlMxil tV N-miiitji 
to fi)]lo4 him, unit hiKtnntly barrfnd oiit to t^trn iJl Ibn nwifLtjijioo 
ko cculd to tbiT Elrjtjit-L-[?<. 

Tho tituTKit Tui|i|imLL") lu bv ov^rlumoil ty tho »1]|I|J]ilu out of 
ODO ci Iho lioch-puw ttmt \*jtX thi^ ^hccl on Ihc aa^1c-tjifi\ Tlio 
oomponv luLd olrcftdy eot out. Xhty wore aa ftcrocablc jirung 
«oqpK Ur. PioliJiujc mi'I hia wife, who hnil como f^>lII rrniHon en 
poipoM to t^e AH airing on the klU. Mm RoMinj: ha-i *nfFet«4 
notniricf CXt^pl from her fcttn; but Mr. I'lollinir'a rj^ht nrm witi 
oomcUuntf limiNxl, 1^ bEs DodouvoUTin^ Co [irvMrvo Liu hdr in 
tL« fiJI. 

Mr, Footon iippv«rtd llio g^nxktoirt tnjforfir of ti^e thri>p, nnd 
lul'lrrm^l tbfl fttrutiff^*™ with n <xniii(*T»iini'c| thuC eotiviucod thL*ao 
how fitfltnply ha »u titvrDatod in ihtir milL^ty. ilo Ult Amlnhw to 
hkTv tbc chiutat M't tf> Hgbta: uti.l» biiving conducted his tuw 

SifxN TO hlq own hr»iH>, ho oTilfired up a \»oM\9 at mek tud toou) 
uiIh oakcji to tho rifllaor. 

when tli(^y wn^ iiTl RFViTt^rl, tinrl the ^Inw liaci jcoiifl rmiml— .1 flni}, 
rir, luM Mr. KlrMlnj^, iTrnt; p^oplft nro apt Utwt rito^i^Tivl WTtb 
what thoy cflll *«Jr[finin. uiil whfch mfly aftprtrard tnm rini t<t 
ihcLr pVfilfltt ndTdiilovv- Fiu-ba|» I alii}u]d iirTi^r Iiiltu knnHTi 
whrtl IruH ImnwiEirl/ amh. if iitir iMtrnji^' bvl orjt l^viD uwrtUTiitil 
Ibfo iLay. — If jiiit kmw eUl, bid Mr, t'fijtUirj. witli a l^rndor i}lE]nfr-^ 
BOML K>u would be fitr from ItOJUK Uiy limuiuiily «t my door : al&ot 
I rajolce a1 eui MrcSJrut vhorv iho iIuhhk^^ Us an youra, uid tho o^ 
TiAt^EC that jirluM fitim It b oQ my own. 

1 w^iild hold fifty to on«, (frieil Mm. Field intr, thnt tHft h Hit 
Ten Mr. Fuiifna wo )iuvd hpOtfd 00 nindt obodl,— Indeed, oiAdaia. 
m&i llr, Frnk'n, foo otrpvte no mnch ; if I had the plounio ol 
over knovint; yon. thoro i« Mmuthhie in that taca I abovU &ol 
h«T« rvoidily forp?n. 



Na air, mid Un Fieldiiigp I tpeak trvm iufbrLnntion, 1 ao»r 
htA Out livMincM of Ujlne known to jou liM it^m, V^o bftve « 
fbiterer In t&i* rfUAira, Hmv JenkJiw, m ponr vHdovr, one of thorn 
wmj ucTVjm TOU hinro down m ycmr Iwl. Slip »» nnrBC to our 
«itf clill^ ; wuL!c Im LitciI imrl w ^vllli ii>« nbo n-M ■ T^nMani 

VMtuit, but u Boon— n« won oa fll^^r? Mrv. FioM^ hudwtod^ 

hor tip tromblH vtd h«r «iyo ^UnlUMd wjUi a filling toar^ I mij, 
Hr, M Mjon iw a vor; pad attur hj^ppanodi thn poo? vonum OUM 
bioar na na moi^H One dajr^ nfi «d vorc Inking tbo air thKtif|;b 
thid Urwh. [ tbnufulit t eaw A ^\> Uitit wu« fiicnilinr tio m«> I c«l]od 
to H>t> iMULchnun 1o <U4i- Ti vm m; oM nam. >i1xn twd * fiunilj 
of nniLlI children, uid lud ftiLen mOj to 4ocoj bufbro yoq oime, 
Mr. Fant*m, tn «**UTfi Sn T.h*> l^^wn. 1 rliH br*r fnr ftwvrnlfti; « 
*tnma?i*r to ub. Ah, miuluniT mvUl Uii* klnri crwitnm— thft t^ftf* 
bunting frojD her eje<^-hi^i« could I ffo ihmt n pliuti wlierp orrrj 
thing wouM put urn fu luiud of my d-tiir Iml rbtM? Stw rLHI 0.iu- 

tluued to Hoop— 4ind I — nupt fur cuiij|Biny -I put «k ntlni^ In 

W hand, and iraistod ua hvr oinunj^ tc ws lu. Sfair dH ao. It 
nu then, Mr, Fuiiton. tbiit ho Jount"! yuur uuuo uorl duuniHer ; 
and /on mimt expect tbo mortiflcAlfon, nov rinil thiru, of hoonn^ 
ft littlo of thoM numj tlunica thut aro spokon to your advfiijtdcc. 
I %m wrry, nkaduu, »aiil Mr. FL^alou, that uiy nvihioicv ulionld 
^ UBiod of. loit it khould Intimitlo thjtt other jjuopla aro ]c«A 

MiK Fioldiiw viui '■tiU alltKtod Ijv wbut eh« hnd boon njbv; 
and though Mr. Faiiori \diihod to Know what the md oflhtr wu 
at which fiho Jirid hintoJ. h? doclinvd asking anj qucolJcniv for fbor 
of l^nijwifLtc hvT jitTlJ^f^r, 

Mr, imrl Mjv Clement hiid walfcod ahmiLd. npon a. ti»jt with thoir 

Snpil ilaJTy; mo thai Mr Fvnton anrl hu fri^Jii] N<iit. wjIIl Mr. and 
Ira, n<il<!ln|/, mniift tbfl uh^l4> of Iho j>F««»iit (Yrmpftnv 
Von .irv h/ipjilly iltimtflil, jlr, jay> ^f^. Fii^lflinfr I blump mywlf^ 
nn<\ ttJl ofh<*rx ^^^^^^ hjin* uny inilf-in'mTriM'tij unl yH Hvfl in iJw Hty. 
Ifr^alth, flj^jinurr. Ami npniijj mv (ill for rh» ^nnijy. IHd any 
pirla cir phik;j(ci|]lK'ni <^vor plju^^ t]u^i^ ^-nlitf^n criu ut f^nldpn n^niv 
auiMat BiiL'U !t tuuEi TH rnuniluu? A niiii oiin -f.^iurc ln^ hJmstlf^ he 
Sa I'mifiiiBtit lUiil iliMi|»rj^l hy Ihv vAih^iy ft iii^^Ktt* aii'l liUHfJn tlutt 
anriciuniln him. To ihurt. mxc. I um liku nimny iitiierx thv itvmo 
in penUBitod of vlial I aui in pmctJL'oL 1 IKo in a •.-'Ay. u]r1i<iiic]i I 
dfttC'A It U lA Uoi' fliAt T am foinl <yf «iPtii En »fii1 ii'^ijjhli^iii'huoil ; 
tml cxpcitoncn hw shown nie tlwt Lor»iJoii i-- jjiI lii-: [hlit^o la which 
I <an onjoy ft. 

No, atr, hfiM Mr, Ponlcn ; U 1 wod a l'W<:r of K)btIll1l^ if I wUhod 
to bo ibt mo^ rt^oliuw cif oil mtctoritcfl thikt hid udica to tho com- 
mcri^ of iDr\nkiiif1, I ^^'Oll^l i;Uan*ti Lon^h^n for mr lniH, It i* tn 
%\jf.U n cl)7 iil»ni> that ix uiah niu^ ki^op wholly iittkitown and un- 
nodcod- Uo u thorv Ad EL hnilKtona nmidat a gTHl ahowor; ho 
Jumpt aitd I'UiftloH iibout u tvliilv, 1hvn lj«l n»V JUurmic hit fi^]lovii, 
vrithoul lioiiijr iLhy moro ot^orvod tlkon £f ho v&n not u^-ou <inTtli> 
tJII ho mollB AV4y nnd vukUboii with tho rest of hu fmiomity. 

I Wn not for A Wll, lir, i*p1ii>(l Mr. fiyldin;?. I lov'i* ^virtTj, hut 
yot 6 tiMio^ Ihat U foiiT^iUiil on frlonJAhlp ; and pooplo tn ^itt 

THK trOOL OF QPitnr, 


oWoa an m drUod osd dMul^'l bj the multitude ef «oUdti»ff 
Ol^Mti ivl wavuDrbaoo, tJut thfV uv rpn<1?<iY<l inni|iili1i> of k 
piirafUlAr iiltiii-mni'jil. I trn«^iio<, bovovor, tliur )il a n(i|j-|ioopkil 
•ad ririLcTvi) |)u-t Tif th^ ivpiiijiry. a tCAll nlgfct QLjikf< aa election of 
iMrnnrm iL^.^ninf his itftMin, mc^n n* tic nouli ^ii-h tt> IJt« wiUi in 
« happy 1niL>Ei-huiijf« irf Mnd otTifij* hn'l nJTt^f-iJniui. Tfalo^ hidOAil 
la my ilIaii frr m; mmAJmWF nf hfii : tint tho bmniltiL In whfoh T 
UD Hi |iTWL^ril fuvolrMi, wfll not permit dw to j;u lu A^&rdi of my 

Al lu*^! ticUiUHxl Mr. Frnlon; IhRn, iwf, ytm wu iuu<^h to be 
bkCii>r|, ur luuL-Li lu be i^tjeil, 

I boire rslbw to ic plUotl Uutn Umwil, rvJoincJ Afr. FloliUnc, 
Four viaia defended to uut on the jurt of my own faihcr. miii thtiDO 
im tho pan uf tiiv fAlhcf ot iu]f nift : mxl mj aJyorMirin^ ^n all 
ridM, im «>i<:h 1:0* Kk i/f ihn tniri:i\ llml no omrtan* (^juk iiuliicc 
ihon U> UkIuh to U15 tcrtai (<f con^pr^miiv or McommociotK'D. 

If CUitlarv of %CttlUi or prci|>nrjv. mH Mr. »nVjn, ato r««U« 
inatton of TaluiAila cMimntjun \it uU^ it I* much to Iw laacntca 
that tii4fT« it no pWo on urth Htcrom prcjictly ton lo uiti to b« 
tixt^d or AMifrtfunoil- 7hrvu^tirjut tlui nviune ul £Iahi>m*t and 
Aid«tLc dOEpoImn, bio fuwl pntpertj aro aUk» lonnroa at tb) \rill 
of tb» nikr. A^ln, tluvuffhrmt tha EnrapOiJi mnttQcnt, no mim, 
l&f!«9d no nation, tmn be luiurcd of thvir pCMUMkoi; 4aqioa*d M 
tb*; on ta th0 nmbitian uJid nvari'v of thair ftlmixt ponwIUBlly 
InTM^fni; nffi^bonnL ijucily. in thno noriliCTn itloiirli. iff n*# At^ 

of drchng rtvkii ftnd ff«ti- thbt ilru'f not tiov'Tnr <bifrnd a> ttvai 
iiibulrio conraliLlont iukI chiui^w, llirnb whnt ■ |,-i-iiiTraJ <ibug|0t] 
or jmifiiuly ha» U<on iiiiulv ht r-mti itritnjjri durin^c t1i# two Yaij 
bito rvTolutionii ; 1 urti IM ilmtf in a luiMilioorinif cpuntjT, the 
klienalioD Ina lioi-a ni^ortjr uelIvqewJ: pcrup* a tlilrd rpvulutiua 
k abo At Imml. 

It ifl oflinrtoil Uuit lli<^ dvU vunfititntion of EsylAnil In tho bo*t 
Ctkulsttti for tho Hfojrity oriilxily und frroiierty cf nn^r that <T«r 
WnAfr«ni0il tj Ihr policy <tf mnn , and jntm^nj-, pprhnj", it im^lit 
hvra been M, wlirn (>4dv>.- rtiELi]ilu kud iujioit^id tucn vcjtf &Hxdatod 
fbr tb« ffpem tikt ^nJ ilrtoiriiEnatioii of bfb and proportr. 

Oot ttuMMiorH, iinita«tioiuLljl]ri w«a« ftt that tujio cnhloMcd by 
tfirv lilwr&l and Lohtnod profMoo of tho Uirg rabo ; they wculil not 
oThiirwLHo hnvo rotnjidttol tbo di«potition of ;rrv]wrl7 in mattoF 
bokl 10 roarh n>onr nJuabb thu &at or lifuf X*> h (c« tnrto. vlu> 
oooJd hnv* no virtno an'1«T btevOD to rwcmmond iUmh, *««» th^ 
two 1tl!i0rtitc qiijilitia ot mnmon amiAo «ikI <v[iii)k'in h(>n«'»^- 

Thijw wro iif^r^H of niMit^ iWrlnvMi^ and no wny illumined, lu 
v» arc, t^ chow iTumi^nui ntid ImrEUCnlotD raltnnc« of tvfliiffd and 
Icfil Tnftbmbgwic'si tliKi now pnn* the ihelfM of the Utiniod. vaA 
mn nmA lAih fnii^h ilr^lJij^hL A miiin hi thorn tfnwt bMil elo pUj fee 
bbt nuD^; ha vnn tllbar airlppi^i tir mriclind of k mi 
Whaivw nnw. bi the VMUstconie.W)'^ bl»n dutiu^LCo; and bopt 
liidil toL« Uiv<et (-oritlid m liu« tjdu ufhuiLiiiLi cfliLlrnvf^riy. 

ib b pMdly b) \n\ t^iiiHiittjd thill Ihn louno<i in our la^m tuv not 
M iiumortal m Ihu ftuiu fijr which tbcjr nro retniuiod. It "vro 


TfiK FOOL or iiUALrrr. 

tbortfon to bo vubod tlut ui tict or porlinmait imjcht b« ««pcdaUj 
•ptmtd fer ihnt pumn" i n hiiiTf^ir no vu7rni[inurljc«l>1a.(aiw<kriiw 
tho fToat tnloivfl tJtou jf^nilomvn buTc in liin llouw. In truth, n 
9tonui hi^^ expedient tliol mi iiLfinity dI y^^rt ahnnld bo a«^;nod 
to M<ib »tu'T«iit of llio A'U" M^'M >>f otir ]a»m. to i-iuiMi> them to rMvl 
<ifVf that Inffoity cif v(^liinic« vhn>h Iutq nlii^A-f; tuua pablliborf ; 
t:i Bij nothing of tho itiHnily ihnt iiro jot td mmi\ wfajfih nill ba 
Imll trqiiJiiJf nvcMury for iiTiil^rhljiivlinif tht^ jirrtfi^Miiin, nf ftiilnillf 
fUiUnsnlthlng and ciraticinc«tlf oxjint^jitinf- on Uw ^ptimlt kw, aw> 
i^iitft COM. luiUioritx aj^rd nmhurfly. prMwdent ffialnit |a«- 
<«i1nnr., HTjitntJi Ei>:>dii»^ vljilut'-, luirl >Lr),iiTii4>ikr, atjirhlnHt ffwinoii- 

Jr mjiUf^ni nf no ^ft\.u^r mnni^-ni than Hfti nml ilcdth, jnri», nn 
■1 IfaL- bc^;^nnlnj.'. ura AtilL pvttiultod lu victor cllrvirtly on the haaitag 
anil di'^'iniuu ; Vtxi m runllom to eooml u liiul of pnnrtf, OOT 
oQurU aiv rKlmnofj cttutioini nf Uw nnrlj ut orrcr lii jodsmMiL 
In onlar, therefore, lu ufl ui'l boiiLt ihoan to tiu Toiy ma, tbaf 
ant lUlirtrer] ar'>r to the Itiwyt^n, who oro equil]/ 1b« aJEniwre util 
dbiputcin. the ploodont uid impWdori, rcDmviiteni Ukd uoimipr^ 
v;nton»«Kp]iuiicn9flnd confomidervof txirlAWN; our kwyor^ thnre- 
Ibr*, BOiibUin llirArH^'ht of b««iu:tiddfortbc£r locviraitytnputliaff 
«tid IioLUqi; 4lt prr>)>']rH«« In ocbfttd. DohaM [wopmcft oant^ 
qaeailij bocvmc uio piopcctica of tiw lavjorf^ u lonf; i« Biurvti* 
CMi bo p'lcn io tdlU, or rvplioa to uwwenk or rqjvoidon te nplicck 
cr robuttjrn to nTjoiiulon ; m lonv ■» tLe bsttlorlore* caa ltrik« iod 
bdndT, iA^t till tho almttJocork itMH of ItAolf to tho groimd. 

SobcTljr And «enoiudr qMakiDg, Hnetiidi praporty* y/htn odoo 
4«b«iod, i« moroly tt iMXttm of Miit«BtioiL wxta v^tU^h intf-rpodns 
bvyoni fidl u crvnotoMf prira and proj crni&fr xh*^ oombat of tho 
oUjtOiViti., While uiT Uoui nsmnbu on a bo1kf^, it i*on1inn»i ft bozw 
^ oonlvTiticiti ; but eo «cx«i M iha ]«<Amod jini^iilloiviT hAV» fdcbod 
tt qultft olnon, tho hattlft t> i>vcr, M^ all Mg«lti ti poftoo umI Mttlcd 

It 1b vrrhTiliy 4>r intidi plf>:i»mtrynniMhjLkiTi|r cif Rtrlm tn ohwrnt 
thjit, In IntiifTufc. kniilly. nnrl **ilT<Tnplj pnrplntlri;- ftutm, wlwru Iho 
N^nv of llw jfuuii uJvl t^'lf nre m tiii/r.tuil lut not (o know wluit lu 
Uidn of iJie EiiHr.t>.*r iWy ttivn bv^tuwiUj it Iv thu wtNtnOiiii nmI 
ftwvU of twD oi tbTf< plain n>cji ; or. I^y rwfiJil to the jmljin'JCDt of 
tvohe nimido bommt follow^ ivbti, outiDi: aiudo aU rtcard to Ihu 
fannof wntoauil (IcoUrstiom, to ih« Ui^ nJt utonvcj^Mct^ vorb^ 
nUtftlmi ftnd mUnonurn. i>iit«r ut cmi^p iLpou the pttb ukd nuoTOv 
of Ulo IfOilneu. und in ihftc houm dclcrmoifv odcordjnff tO oqoItjF 
iod truth, what hwl li^on evvmhUd^ in lim duUon» nolc* «f 
MtlMrinAUoa. qnoMioni iiltonMoni nud pc<?<inirtry oomidoratioQi 
ibr ihri:^>-Jtiid twoat; ywt. 

NoUhor do 1 Ho« >ay poriod to tho progiMi Ot tU* o^l ; tho 
ftTQnu<j tiJU op^hf^ nad 1aftd» on to hrthiir mlKhicfr: fbr tho dio- 
tinotionfi hi law nro, Uke tho Nowtoaian puliol** of tnivtti»r. JJ«WW- 
•d A^nirtMi, lliOY have b«jfi <hv;din|t UXi fnbdlrlrlin^ W Knno 
0«ntaria« pMt, uid the Mili^tiTiAimiA at* m tiltcW to be nil>dividii^ 
fn* orat; twiomii>.di ihut lav. thai divisible. rU^ivit'Mbl^. and rTi^ 
lay»].>1o, U bocctoo a grMUr grivvMnco thRti ftU that It w intended 
to rvdn>». 

TBE root or avALirr. 


I bMlv Mkod ft plciRttint gvntlonwn of tba ordf tf ti« thmigttt il 
yoidblo IPT ft poor nun lo olitaln a ilorrM, En nulliir of itropcr^, 
W*la>lft rfdi nuui. Tl« unilHl.fiiHl vigwinntd wKtinllivtu wTi-liitEirei, 
mftfwttii nrm it vju lm|fodadMi-, ftut tli&t nil thln^ woti^ giocnnito 
bL> God." I mtfiiiK bi! luoint thut tlii3 Jwrnii ciT lbf« cinirta of 
ifMbdivlvr wvro hnrtttllw- tu U* n^viwd, 

ZMuf^ rif, «I4 Xr, Pldiling. ndllior <jiix Uwi nor our lawTWl 
«np ao undt lo bluDe, u the ptv^U wlw ftn^lj tc tbom for pr> 
MSoo. fbr jiiotiosi nliitkctioi), or rsTOteeu MW not ttw ptf to ^. 
who BflT<ihtu« OD lbs conno of HHsotioit, Vmk^ ^rhrm tiioy tfo 
moeit Llulr lo end tlicar career, in tlio awanl of > lov pcmmB, ta « 

Tcrdici of tw«}rQ |ioIi|U>oiin? 

Bat th<i lULtoTQ of lonn ii pnmo to eoite&tioi] wai qtiairch Tlwro 
ii A ccrtMft portiim of yewit cr fbrVMnbtkni in faoi miv, thjil will 
hmt* vufti ici oome vor : imd en «<vrli oF law ora tlu iaa*t obvi^uo 
rooA^rtftOlm fn^ th« obnJUtiona of pridc^ avuicfi, 00^7, rnwDtckoat, 
nod vTmtbfulactt^ tlu iiuoldno* of tcnpcTi and vtfifii^vhiigi of 

Mr. hcruplft, ftti actofnuf. ft vdij vniptkr mon in hli mtj, «nu 
httl; reeommnided to nw m ft [ttmn dpinll^ qnalfflivl for aHvim 

a or OOnpoUinif mj Iffffr-itinfr nppnii<<ntii to on ftroommrhliiTlon ; 
b* told Hm fui viivixUng pIcftwM stoTj, OM 9vi\ TWHcdng 
IliB jmctm ftOil foRDJi ctf oar conrtii cif In^, lu rw^v^iniiig iBa ooiH 
tmtioiin 4lfK|rMii1on of imr irvlKhlmimL 

^jrr>'> liiiii* hiiinH, Wftli'tf wnnnhoiiv^ ft jinl»tiU]lUl ftirnwr In 
bpi>x. «^v^ a*triiE<3Ll Vy Afirc:nii]t Ovtt, tliml hs lirul AH naqne^ 
ttauUOn rii'bl Ut n tvrtjuti ItTiHiUDUl in Ibv |jt«««»iifu of Ltoniabjr 
B?BEtfftPg| int uni iipitrhlmtir ■fi'l E^Mril*, whci IdtUMiOal t? tbo tfot 
<if jeood ftb uid >;^^^ hurmiur. 

BftTDftbT. vfao fKiiuJl; Livtcd firtwt? luid drj boWftlB, oftjnd Ii> 
Wt? tb« iiiAttor li) cjuasdoii to oiiv l^iiic^t ndghboon of Wftlter^ 
onr4 ■hiX'siiitt: 1 but Wftlter, prouJ of a ncifrh^ opmlon and ■■ 
vooEbty a poma nyecittd llic iTcffcred ccvnproiaEM %itli oooniL 
ud 1f?»k • LnoHftl ikTtmoD to hoiw#t BftTMbji beowao ho tofEjm 
lo unrrvctJci- \ua po^udou en douonil 

Wkltrf Wknnhonao ie04Vdin|Elj bcpm the fttteck Id fonn s Int 
Mr. IknplOi >^'bo horl tho oaooimnim r<mirif<jnirio Co mmLimliar Ihftt 
BftAftlij hiL^ anco tvccvcffod bv pvne from ft hlffhnnymajk. dfr- 
1niBin»d ai fiv ■« poniUq to |a««arro tin proif^rtj <Ff hf£ old 
ftiiBd inor tbkpamM holwpt mUy ud tixnfly on tho do- 
fuvln ; BJif!, «4iw bo brid a wetp'hfol eye om itir mvliuiu of 
tho iHlTcr»fj. ho f'.»Ui>w«l liiin ('W«i- tbninjrH « thirtwm jrar^ 
U^^rinlh <if Uw-ftiTTun : *niT. vh*t v\th neriiUoM to b£LU niid 
tvplk«« Avptourivr eammimhm for ftnunlnjillaD of wltnMMi, d*- 
mumr, Impirlonrv^ ftiid esotrav irffh beftrinjci enil r»4k«ftrhi2«, 
4oCBr of hman llk«rHin. cnttr> nf Knit uirl n^i* of ulllf^, hL> iinrity 
Mftjly eiluiiMt^l Ivth Uti^ pijmc lUuI tlic lariniicv of llit valoroua 
plnlntlfT WiJirr Wiuiulioiiw. >MLtrut]puii liio |>uh'iil ivlrcu, 
the Kurxl t^ramul Cln^t, ■Ii'4.'tU(*it U hlff^tixDO CO OOUMlit b> A 

tTJOliiiiL fit r.'f^iiTinv thi^ <jwo to the tftitrntJon ftnd avurd of 
ccitiLn imipaov tbmigli not of bie dient'e cKooBJiig, u at Qn4 



Soon Bitot ihlN oTilor, Sais««nt <:^w hA^I <t«»lon to travel to 
tbn fixrtlwr partn <>i &myx. Mid 111* rob) lod to tiw cunoiM-iut nf 

Ufint hJrn. uTiit MHriii«il IiItil <if UiA nirmifiiLI dnngnnt i}f din wm^. 
Mud of tho numlKm of tbkvm uul bl^'liWAynini tUnt ii^r^tlfyl tlm 
PHAwte Uut ky jnbt bcrurD him. AiiJ ijny< ^1^'"- ^'^-^^J' Bntoutkljr 
Hfi Um sarsMfil, i» iLciv iiu voy (Jtroujpi yuiir lii>3iX Mr. Wnn»- 
iMHHiS-^nxm 1^ iJr, *ahl Woitnligiuc. u g«od m nay ^ EiV 
Uad-^-Aad nuv I nvt ba |n^niLilt«il lij |j«at?^MGeii Mfctj, uad a 
t^iLMi^iiiil Wooinc*. 

iUrtijpuo diritt WiunnbouM opobcd tho BpUe thnl kd from tiie 
ri>iU into tliu lii:l<]ii, Eiii>l iu iiAuod tlio (^^ui^utui; of hi« kntuiHl 
odvooaU &nd hinil ifalroo, 

Ooodman Wumaoow wu nKruntoil on a ronnrl. nmblm^ im^ 
mA n>do mnoh «t hi* ahm V tln^ oluLriot <if hi« uukticcor. 'I'hcij 
duttvd, M tbov voTit, abniit tbc priooi of cattle and ifaprofemcnt 
cf bntdNL tho ful ^itd ri» <if jtruin, Uiu iM^^^itirty of fndnntij, uifl, 
ftbovA nil, oT fJ)A ftitvLLTiljijiii i>r Ki>Ofl cncltflnrra, %'hi<Jt, mt tba 
Ht*r^pBut obspivod^ vcro cmlil^Mrii of tlie li^nglMi Inut. und ir>Gnrad 
ev^ry nihn'^ i>f("|if?fty frnm qiit^riun or enTr>iii*hmfluf. 

Whtlf Ihnft Ui*ry in'jrijilrtil tTip. ^^'^^J'. IVallpr li-il hie rrapontiil'ln 
poUun ibniiigh lliln dnld rLnrI (Imi fl^lil lUid tlirxmch joa pnto 
and 1)l^ tithor ^tp. rmd now trcuf iJii-^ul \W^ a f»i, ami now 
doutliirl likH H liHT><: till, liuiirur riui:b*d 1^ Hfiil rircl<^i U fiir Ibo 
Bpu» of Chrw liuiim, 1h> JltuiJIy i^uMituL-lctl Uie Mrguant to llio 
vesy ifate at which bo boil flnt unlnrml. 

IIow, liMwl vii'lfliuiK lli« HrrKWLUl, luHliinkfi we at^ Ji:At wli«ro 
vo not out; y/a \\\i,\t\ not i^ikincrd an Ihc^Il <pf ^ohqi] by tJt« miof 
miloi wo have travi-Ucd! 

Qjiil^.' «ji Diwb* nj'lkil IViJitr, En n jounicj of Uiro<i houns an 

i'cTQT hofiiiiir pviiLi>l (ti f\\v ki\ A jouTtJcj of thirtwn r«*"; oJ^ I 
i«m» jou Qd ytiQ Ii]fl ino iiist vrliprc yoii ft^ind mi.*. 
Vcriir At>ry, i^rjinl Mr, K<nli.<]i, ^ Jia pU^^'^tt A" It 1" apt : Ui'l 
nmjivJa tao ot im ilafTv^tJoQ oiodc try Hcoty IV, of FrdJLC«, tW b 
•qOftlly ^H^rtiiivni to tbo Ailijcolv 
A «ott»ti Jud^ of ft oourt of Jaw fn thitt klngdnru hud pwn 

Lfoh tie hftil ptiiitd, and vMck v«to all iivvMi<«d ri»tifnmiHl>lrt lo 
tho moKt potfHTt niMumro uul dliqwonti'in of ffv<)iiiiv. Thn gaJn<<n 
dT tlici M-i'c-rn) mlTc Jipptnitdod hw dlWTbrmomt Jiail Justini lo Iho 

nkiiiAi^ nfifl I'Vf.tri t}iL<< L.4A>i> uHrrWHil llrFtl ih/tj l»d flO iSfiflt l'> I'liTii- 

tihdru Tba fjimn of hit ntnifoin nni] intwrfty rntdwd Uio Ibrtinn. 
XLo uicifmrdi uiu iTiirlLiiiH tu kv juilI jiiouc of HI jnvuliu a obbL 
ub) dwnMtur. uinl ho smt fiir liioi unilrr u;l'?m^ uf tluuikiu^ luui 
Cbf tlngroNt honaan whii-ti hr hjLtt donn t> hb Tcr).i<jicy, 

After n nuwt gUbdoiiA nir^i^pUQUH iwd tiomo fcoipliiuiAiita aI tlio 
lovco. tijo tirinco took Jilni tj|virt, iiulI lu t^uiiliiltiiLas cdii; — 

''Hy lonl jodiTC^ tlio litfmllo i-oinpUint* that como before me 
frcTu ilII jatXm of tho kin;:dcpin, rcAr«'titur tlio OTTon^Hme or 
iiuquIt<>itFi wvTitt-noee i\n\\j pawwd by yuur fnittTiiily, cftflt tho 
hif:b(>rit luttro on tJjc Hiijiulunly of jaut conihict, iinil giTo rao on 
eag*>r tiurioKity to knovr Ly ivbat tnooAUttti you Jiiltv boin AlwUod 

tsi§s FOOL OF qVALirr, 


itcnt «11 pirtlH^ I Euljiuv yau. tlicn, hy alt Qrat jmt rv- 
L-. to JlwuiK tiuiluiuf from mo on Hut howiL. Vuu tmie not 

to ciontcnt 

vorctii:!.-. to UuvuiK tiuUuiuf 

■0 Tcrj mcccMfol. and ycva hove oil tJiiocv to hope tea ooj 

lb* Jadco dicocopon oiot Umwlf At tho fcot of Ui priiico, and 
liriiitf, «d<ruKed him ttrua :—- 

" Ire jTOii, aj vuTvroqnH as to liwfvn« 1 vfll opsin bij y/hol^ coiiU 
In thM Aral placo, to OMor to mobla myuM ta pTo ji guca wboihar 
&» jodgnunto to bo pronouocod mioLit bo nght or vnm^, 1 gtr* 
«Ii poMiblo ottotttion to 1L« ntora of ttcb cuo iJuHng th« 
proc4»; I diHy took minaloa of tbo ploadingi oo dtlior tftfe ; I 
enlnr^^ and oomiDcaitod en tbon miTntM wliilo imtton v«re 
frwii in riij vKtooTj ; «ml I neT^r inlomipt^d •nj cftiu* HI! It 
hftd ran ItHlf out of liroath throng tho olmdl of lomu and duo 
covnB of \hv. 

" fn Ihi iif^it pluri'. vmy H ]»>i'iii*> your innjrtty, T vn'ivr took 
brtlii? or fjri-i«'ni ui' nns kliiJ, or fnnn anj- Jiioid. li»l Uvmr or IneJJ- 
luliju uliould luwm^iEil; leinfit mo tu coi;. or icivu a (orLioi tum 
l« llic- liuali^fcl. 

" Thtd pn-|#ivil. ij^ WMm ju> uiuttrr* were rip^ for a dnrrcc — that 
fa to mjt ■» MXin ^ Ihi^ rL4]itctivD luvv^ui^ liu^l .at^tiAtl (uiiur^c titii]- 
mItm tlmt ijgtJiJut: liiom wu to l« ni>U I'l imy tliinu aivtv to be 
cot* on oitLor iQd« of lliti qiiE>irKii^I *ii»ii]i'rui>d up llic rc|ii^niiiiT 
iDonb CO oqoAlly «nd LiniMudiJ]^-, with rtfipcct to cirnoDftaitcc, 
•ridCGOOp 4&il oriliimiLcc trt ]ht, oh iudurod both partkilb DOW 
VQtried our] wirliiEikc for ri-^, to ihiidi ili*t tbo doom mart Ift- 

MrtKili bour for utlitio^r ib(i faUJ acnli.'iico, 1 jcOt op nftdor ti^Uo 
COBoom u)4 rttimL 

"Frnn tbo bonob. to ploano fijor gndDumoSv ^ wiliiifrcw to 
M^Okaoti and. b&Tin^ Wktid mjK'ir nj^, 1 cAUofLiipnnmy tut^lnir 
uid noTDiHinta^ dlro«ton itx tbo boiutfon of oil knoti BSd im- 
wimHiig of ftll inlrkAoioi^ In iliurt. I wont to % litUo dvower «ztd 
tofib rmt^my bcdc and dlo^' 

" Boat Euid illml" oinlnlTridjl tha raonftrrh, bjilf ilArtlng from bla 


• Y<w, rfrv,*" rr^iiliod lli^ jinlire : ■ I ftptHt it, I'Oi itnil dice. Atul 
if foor m^fiAljr vlll Im^ pWxub-il to altvml toi n Uth autiacaUf I tni*t 
to OMIvilNJe jou cif the priiprirtj cT ihia prnrixlini;, 

^ JT wa m w 04 Tfrarr, TbiB. nij Ijt-'Ct^ !»< m urnXJlii (hut tum tiuv<T 
jot boon mnlroveitod hj procvpt or Vj prixtlco ; U'l it u us much 
•0 to oar that life ia n looro Uli jrinth ol crtonK m whidi iilJ iDcaott} 
■gipcintM to tiavoL uid to tlrar- 

"Kothinc M^e naml^r ukd moiuiLro i« yet dctomdiusd tipoii 
<ar|^— DOtbing i* <«it4uii, mrc that tutj ond two binJct^ four, and 
tbat IhMfl oro oqtui, or differ uocording to tbotr dinunidoiui. 

A^ moL ftothor thiui tlui». di-jwiid npon rcoMii m ttcii* fti- 
Vgfatowr ud itirootco' m tbL^ t>smih laf Iriilb ; hod yvt rvLH-tt it«olf 
kat nothJniT whorMin it ruj^y roct or J^fK^, it Krvt doultc^ bihI 
thm TmKM»d« to aiuniOA l it (sUi in evidence and ar^ajat-ata on 
A&l *ido BJ»d on tlut Btdo, jiro and ora ; it wiupare*, nmroso^ 



md dbaiUHN; nfU and l^iultt tiuttw*, mppof* to 11m voty bnut; 
it ATidamviran to poilM ihi^ vtlt* of lit o«i nncAflidnly. nnil now 
tv^xrvon Himc- liLfvi^ rtn-umnfeviM nr\A ovtif li into thli vmlr. niul 
apiin tHrnwii tiiini* nriir itruoT AT dlvrCTifr^ infn Ihnl Hi^lr^ uiil tn 
^AiWM Itii nplTtion frnm liiif Ui cl^jr ; whiU ni^Jitdln^ uul purtlAllty 
■to J taFtrilJ; nt Hji rttMiw, EiiLiI lit ItnjrUi dtflcnulno tlin IcniirKUi- 
pdodtfd fcwUaoft Ly [^«dtjuic thtir <rwn w--ik'lL(H Into uehi hvIq ur olbtfTt 

" Tnu, iC plooM TOUT ii]pii.'iijA<7j. farvi kwca souk in u totj 
dew a irell m te mou Uiv tivi^-irjcEiud fiilhom of mere hoiuui n^ 
IkduttoBk wbathor \%\>n ^ Ji-^or ot rctHiUjr ol pbvtfc* or vtli^ 
phndoi; tfao dMaotiDMiaplilloMdiT| 
mA I flpfttor mrwlf tbnt 1 dono. ibfi l^firi and meat nziiik«1y n all 
yiior n:u^r.v<1f'ii aiilJecUf hnvn fait u|ri'T^ a nirilhihl f>r fblODCf lip 
tnith. 1>v a bnc which I DCkiMnrlclcc in not of toy cnm twifllnff. 

■^W'itlim my nMiXDaiy, aotl neark vitJun Uurt or your aialMil7t 
pvtlcQkr lawn have tMi ba forco Xat trliU (7 conthAi, uid tfUJ bj 
ordocJ ; and Ifainigh at proa«<tt tikoao lawi trt kc^ld to hiir<> bcon 
bslfmitow ukd wboUj aMinl, thftj could tloI bftvv lafvn ini<Tituwd 
wimont fast ani pondflTous roiuinDP, 'l'h«y r^ibito-l, roy UAfi<^ m my 
■onttfiMa do. to Xhty i>Ltor[>»itirjT] of Pi-otiHdhw in tha J«wlui lot^ 
nhomhy all lUmlitiitKrvri'iriir in'ri'-ml, 'otiM iif Hjiwdily aH»ir1abMd; 
whcrck ttiA lutton dnw li^r^ m' i-I'T. ' t, . i\-\\^m, mh? trilMa aecort- 
faDg tn fanfllao, and thfl fHnii!i<^ m^ miij^iiiujilii, t^\ tb» frtmlnat 

"ThDii, In trial tiy nfiirilvit, 1 haTA known arul rvarl muiJfhld 
Inirtanwa, wlmniln otHIF [^oiirupe imd iirfmTjji h«Tn bwai fofl^^fl by 
tJiti woLk aiid fL'iirfiJl; lUid, In ttiHl 1>> unlunl. bvAvm iwwr laili?d 
to ^Jtf Ibr Bl¥|)fl uf iIh- Iiui>fl-«Uibe<l uiuucout Kdvt'-N llju 
niuTDw laltrviiln nf tljir bLiniiriK |)biii|;tt>luuui. AnJ tbiiA. nnv 
AciuuB pf my owti i&lltTiiitT iui«] lIlDilnrav^ I hare r^&n^d oil fiiy 
do^n^<d to u pitwiir of ti'.^tk'r diet>jnui>vut ; aud ba navar failed ia 
d&tctraiiio aeodfilinc t« tnuh." 

** IMtchI." s4Ji:l iLr moDAick ** 1 oumot whoUj dTnppaore rOBr 
motliod, wru>fi I ri^llrti i>tj yi>ur mt>tiv«. And, aooardnw t^ fOOf 
aooovnt. when 1 think on tbr \h\^i> and anxiety, loia ofttana osd 
lofli of furtun^ to whii.'h my niLjcctB are pnt bj thoM prefiMon «r 
tho lav, yoTi haT« doarlj oonrinoad ma, my oood lanf JocIro. that 
H woald no mflnitolj faottov fea oiit lUoa at the bog^anrap. tban to 
fLra tlk* moat righCoov JadgTcant at thn and of tuiy InwvnU." 

While tha ffantlaQfin wora tbnn plnnp-i^d in thA (^itiindlAa ^f 
of the law. Sua. liotdlnf; Itockonod Nc>d to a rMnotc part of t^ 
room, and wu gtaatlj taken wtlh Kin lit«1y and innomnt chat. 

Prwr, Mr. Fanton. Mid xhi^, In thin ycinr ar»n>-.-\n, mndam, wld 
Kr. Fentnn, wo ItHAw not tn wbom ho IwlanTv, poof ivWwt : uiil 
I am iwrRnadod. frrim nuiny cdrmimHtanMi, tltnt he wai» af>v]«n la 
hln tiifuricy tTiVii\ bix T,niii [mrvnti. 

ftrn. FlvLlIng io^biiitly <^)Umnv1 libo K!aili]t : and uwtlng at her 
huabaml Em oaicur nJid anlmnlcrl look— 'Bnv-JunH liuvonf nlie 01- 
elattued. wbo blown, mv tlvrir. but iliin may U) uur ijnviijii*, oar 
lort ami lAi:iplii.iti(<iito<l uw. io whcua FmidDiiMt tLli day bac 00 
vundcrfuUj ccmJuoted qa 7 

TUK Fool or QVAt^m. 



uv yoiJ'ljr iiiiriktl awftf fram Uki^tr imrout*. l> gi|^»t tif befsm 
bo cxdtc charity, and 1>; kirlDQifpoiH tc tmrty lu the i>la|ilBbfiiUi ; 
bul I hear yf wry f*»w tluL *;v»t liuv« Ikwii rv«lLn<>i], KMtx\A in 
rniDUiH. Trnj, b/ul fca nny t>fijtii-ti]«r mcmonukJaoi «t nunrk 
vhcrrlij yen would kafiw blm to be yoor diiid, on the p:^9Utn|itiaD 

Alofl? Eu\ nr, ujd Mr*. Ficlliajj'; ho WM KOjrco two !ro>w «^ 
whi^rt hiH nitrH ^'^it Ic<lvc to fo oAd Me ft nJfttioD, ihfb Qolj vudt. 
poor uroDuu, Uu^ >dic ciiulu from Uso lln« sho took in; cUlil to tbo 
brovt. Sbo loA him ia the con of tbo baaxmuidj whd mod to 
car«M him with partimUT tt^adonuiK, Ho ■t4M>d vrtb her at tfao 
deer; ootno ona cullod titir in njiJ^vnlj, |«t, qitl^klj T«tnmhi|i|; mj 
diUd wffOEiol 

AIilMuid 1h«wt«trhMvho took him hat« ^trnaed at lh« hoart* 
rtbdlng angnkb vYdoh ttiAt low ooM imi\ it w<irv not tai tho Rfttniv 
of hubfLrluu, of brntcw, of fipTii1» ihrmu'lTm, \<i hnve tmaelnDd a 
i5«wl 4if HK'li r1«wlli»i«W For flirvp -Ijifi and thitkc uii^itu life 
homrad Ilka & ftuna lliAt wa^ Jnnt ilnfiiirtSnff^ nnil w^ oniT Tvr«1nHl 
Ij mj fraituevl and Ions hwocirlnt-n that for ct limo ubitl nii iJl 
nno JUirl racuUeulkia. hoilLtr ilu I tliiiik that m^ d«.-]ir Fiiutmiil 
RuflivfHlmi]i'h!i>MW Oum m^ir. )|^wl*vf1^ lit- ml^'lil ntn^friiJn luittrtert 
hkiPpbitii in kiYir up* OA It wnm, raiEiit^ flLii|iiiiu.4JLE<i^ nf niuri1iiioH>, 

W^ dwpat<;Lf>i iTLcm Uiroujihoiil. tlitj ^^Jt liJid tliroui^ alt tlia 
EkCttflthouriii^ ffjwns wjih "llVn of vsot rr^^tdiu'dw* l^i w»j wtiu 
dtoaU dbt'JTcr nn^l rcf.ti>rn *iui' t:hiU k* u"; 4inJ wc i^oniinTied for 

Cars to ailvrrtiw him in all tho pablio idpcra. iSui. aina \ li« mitft 
*« bwo talMD bjrecMfKi rri-/ illitiimir i*rclrli(« w|v> c<><lH iifil rwu!, 
■od who nevtf htard of ilic rcvanli th^t wrrc offi^rcd ; ilirir own 
intenvt mmat oth«Tv^ hur? ci^^r^rrid tlicia to rchzm him, iVajr^ 
Mr. Kiint/ifi, !iow did t(ni *iimio hy lliw j»r<iffy Imt? 

Eirrti} Nod aMUtod Mr, Kenton to (^n a dnlnll rwxicimp tJm- 
Mlf «f tho ciniunstaiion alrudy ro«itodt oad Hf, rcAton nun- 
HofMhl th« imK^ufton h4 kful Moa for H&zkg his fomivr Diainxnj 
tf tKcT ihff fdionld nuJEo hor apprarnni^o. 

If beavpit hIiuuM ever bk-w ran with moro iJiililrcn, aaid Hr. 
FfrlJlD^/. T tL]i\<> cti^t#miiftivl t/i fit •ormt tnrbriilllft VULfk upon tliAmj 
■iu<h DK Ihnt of Ihn Joniiuilnm trtlitrn. tiimt tB CMA nf luvidmt, 1 
miiy If abiti tci 'lUcrrijfT ajiil HHTitain ny omi offi^rinif fnmi all 
ctlmn. SiW'h II ]it<«itiitioi^ viiil Mr, F^'iiiEoti. U ntom (vpanlall* 
InanEubiint cm tlim vho vml fhrlr rMldrrn abmivl to ho normi!, 
vht»re H il pEBotiisUn for fuvtunm tti LnifvMo n tivint; tiifant iu the 
pl^ of 000 irho haft diod ; or. by nn f.-ki'Uimiri^, (17 i^K'I'n a <diJVt uf 
ifarar ovn to an hdu^tanrc: for Iht^ fi-JttuT(« fif InrEini^y ircniTaBy 
dwilEtf to a flcKTn that sborlly Ioavp* 110 tmo; ol tZw onj^inal caat 
cf coontonnDco: and it ia common Hitli |iu^rii« to loaro tiiolr 
cfaDdreD at ininii> for Jpcan, vlthotit aeoiriK or rcQ0«ing tho momoiT 

Mr. FcntoDi, f*ifn 5frT, Fi^^Miojf, will yon irfro njo yonr Intorort In 
iUi 0weot fonodJuis? I Till rvg^rd bun m> my mm rfaild ; 1 will 
ba 9D01J to him fin- Oocako of tii« ono 1 haT« lost IVII mo, my 
dMo^iVtEl 3Fon«oaM and lXy% vSth moF—What tiuy y^ Kvd«Mji 


rar F^OL or urjjin'r. 

Mr. TMtfk VOOliS von Irln tit ^^ ami live vHh llutt loily? — Ok 
Virl ortod N4d,tfODUI AtjiI Id mr hmri to Idatl- }UbI4>t llviy ii^ 
n^ to b0 mm I would ecitv II10 vrurld ti> b« with Uii» dnt liuly. 
Bo itt^itf* 1^ uAlt'b«4i si tifT btitd AU'l f/rtmnA U o«^rl j tu LU Ii|n, 
UnTrmuinff lbun<l bci'H-lf MirpriBCii «n<1 cuntatcd by Uiin actina; 
and tftkbi^WTa in her onnN and rcrpcMtvdly ki«i[Le hini, tbv >riAh <if 
iwuiou wliLoii «bo ^LJlr1 MiDc t^aa nffiraMd broke fcrlh, utid fjm 
i^K^d n tilt'nteoui i-lfiAvr of twa lUMO him. 

Worj Iroin;; now l^roia^t tlukt tM duiriot VM pot to rif^t^K uid 
at ihu doOr, Mr. jOiJ Mrn. KfvidlBff took tk lanAot furcw<iU C4 Mr. 
IfvntoQ fuii Nod, oDit ut off for Loodim. 

A> wc pnopoMv bAct tho manDor of tb« c«lfl(ml#l V«Hot, lo drop 
■11 tbu Mif «ih1 Inudnuta |xtfti of nor htntory, and to rotiau 
notUng hoi tho lifci and *fdht thcrvcif. wc tiiho tlus liberty to pun 
OW « few noDth^ durfiw ^vhlrh notTiin^ mHi^ritt bn|hii«ned. Mve 
tii*t fmr lUrry tDOvoMd In ftaturn, uid u nil iwrwnuJ <md mbnUl 

II viqM Uii* Uttor «rii1 or Aii£i)f<^ 'Iih weaiber fiti UJrl I'leMM/iL 
vlwai Bnrrr ImiDnd IhrtJx t» hln illttc rafii^ju nm/r^. act^najiutlMl 
liy Kflddjr nJLd Utu laitHul Jouwo. 

Ul^ wiiB llni* mot \fj hi« cuvUiiaarj c<na|Mnl«Dt tii Hrtua ; tun) 
tJii^T li'i'L noutr v^ttlod their counv« «Ad CM^rlpep fm- tho nvnlni:, 
vliim \x ynuiu pIhikjIui^ji^'jl of ouliILiij miulu hii iiiipo^jvauc Ilka 
a (ikviux luuutiu flic Yul^iu' bir-Jrw Alt&uded by twu acmuita iu 

AU the bapi cxocnt Hurry, and Ntsd who kepi do«e to him, 
kSimedlately Appix^thcd the irlitiiinni: sliwijccr, uid pud their 
fiM|p«ot9 With juiniihilion iind » kiuil nf awk^krd obriwaeo, ivUl« 
Jliiny cyod him haiIeiuifo 'Mitfa u IulIT rollon a&J half ^■4*«i»ft*i 
Mjptrd; and, aotwiilihUiiidrri;; iht? natl^o bvuvohaoo <p! UB MnpOTi 
Ibli iLd Icbid of comptucoocir m y» bci»>m t»wiu<d h^, 

Tho jewzi^ tiobln&ui. to TEoka s pun^o ^ hu wMillh, imd rit the 
■una Ctw to Indulge hii potulaii'v of di«po«1llon, tofik ^l Imidful of 
tfTpraoM aad ahiUnigv frDtn hu poolict, and thrawt&g ihon ojDCffig 
the ctow^ rrlerl — A AE'ruTitl^li-, hirj-4— il wirvoitJ*! 

Itf-fenpoft ft BfTifflrvmj-nJ tnjifjmtly k^iufliiMl. All nf thflm, nftv# 
threa, isigurly ^mpjilcil at tho pli^-i^n thnt \vxt\ ftxnd Uir^lr cjc; whila 
«iioh, ttt rki] hurnu qiim\ ivd»t>d and sUl^^^lr^^l niih Ids fellow. Crur 
h«rO| moiknuhlloi otmarfvd oU Ihftt pu*M\l with a ilhtUnipifhhinif 
attcatli-n. Uiit, u Ihr cnnvo of qiurrel wu qukkli L-navoyod from 
ri];lit« uulhiri'j wor»i? Lai^iK^Jtvil tluui u f.'w lriii4 luid boxes, to wh^ 
till? |.uti-tiirA hjul W\'\\ ki>'My\if\ufA. mid tljrii'fori; JiiL not r««ont ; iW- 
KUnrii h tijut my lord wnii vhoUy dcfi^a.1«d of tho bencroltnt 
iriti^Tjijiiu uf hJfl ji^iTtuiiwilr^ mid l^'hod iiTxvt IjuLKK'lf M dvlhudttl of 
hu com. 

'i'o oomponuto tblif dimppciinlrnrnt, und to make mrer for tho 
fnturo of Jii« dviirly bcibv<>fl inJM'bUl. hii lAok ■ i^rown-pli^a frrtm hU 
p<>ckct, and, holdlnfr it up To iho ftdl Tjow ol tho Mwomhlj, he jfto- 
cliUnl#il it u tho pri"^ nf vUl')ry l.ivtwci'ii miy two who chould Atop 
ftJTtb cn tho M|>ot imd inji^^ In u bo^ng^^Aiitvh. At tha word on 
unknown champion qiniuj; forward, initnnt^ ■tripped, and chalp 
kui;od tho nelX 



lljiAtmkncvnluul arrEvn'lbnt (lutt rnrj-manilitfewllh hin [Mr«ntl, 
who i&mo to viIiIl'' nl tho t|IIaa-v- He «<iu hy lutnnc it vury mJTAlit 
biif rrry <t[i4i'n-lM"n]r \wj, l^r luid, riiiiww|ti><ratlir, lirfiD en|!ii^;ed la 
ft namlkrr of <icnuifn«J mmlinli^ whf<Kln hn luul irnwiriilly rtimn off 
vkluHmiB : anj tibU pinr hUn v riill oJi lUHinUin o( I'anquaat on 
UunKli his bruw Wl nlr.-fMly iwi-ihud tlK< «n%iih. 

Tbt) ^Inutgco' lu hulk j^juI pIaiuiv exuHib^l thr DHit aiu] po ona 
bad slot off^nl hinwelT on AUtPiconnt^ vbrn Harry vDti^diig up, 
Iboi addnnxi hSiy in a |cviitJ« but ■^t™""**"^ vxvnt ^ 

I And. rir^ yoa &r« n Atmnfrvr ; jon «n? Ihpirrtfii>rc u> l-^ <4)nvi>d 
far lifiliATiiuoiiuMi Hfl ^ou arc yot mmcqiLMutcd nilb tho laws cf 
t^H pUwc. But I miurt tt<3n Itc w frri- ta iiilVrtTti jtrti, lliiit ivlicicvor 
qiuuTob hart or bose* fi^r inoitvy iiiq»1 Arf(!rwj4.Tfb. tiihc a tiim vrilh 
BM for nothitiir.— Aa wrll livfor? u oAcr, brtuklr rf;>1>td Iha ml' 
nntxj; bat ] Koorn U teho 704 «t *a Atlvwator ' -pr<'i«r<i yunrwlf; 
wd AripT—Voa cniul ilnt <bo« mo, n[i<dikod Hurry, ttut you nra 
vortfa BtTippififE for, 

Tht unnovn laMuitLj flrvd at what h# Imtd t« l>« a Iviwlfitl 
Innill uul knpnjr forward, oimcd a punch at Hatrjr'u vtoiniirh tHf}i 
all hu f&rcf* ; uIli'Ti Hiirrt, nmil»Vy f<jitr:Uni|f ihn ri|£hl ^riii uf Tiit 
advfiirwry In l\\t Infl hnni\ iliiiI iclTln^ him 41 th^ wmn IniiTAril n 
■ijiWpn trip n-iih hU right toot, nrni n fttDkr iutom tho nr<U witJi 

hU ri^ht nrm. Ibi*i itnn^ Iu<tt>'n hiyili flrw np^ imi.1 I^k Nlioiiklnn 
nd Mad vanw wIJi a niuMt-h ti> (hv furtli. 

Aa Ihln niifbrtniula iihompluii tny imUoiUhchl, lUnitaynL euii 
^liotly d{iif;tuiUflcd by Ids ClU fhun fhitber cuntonUcMi, H^ury 
vtiwixJiuT} BLvti[>v<I furwiirl niul uOvrud U) nd«a blia. But, ninihiBr 
imtt hLti, lir lAihirully tu'il ilowly arMe, and, omttorSxtf: ocanvthlnif 
not inttiUJ^ibli:. liu wdlketl awiy viit 4>u)eD hut much *luiwd 

Harrj** conmnhmalieTeat b«eiyi to aot ap n cry of trininidi aad 
deridoa after Ow vuuiuUh«d, But Harr? »u<l-ti.<ci]j' KFvpttV'f t]ii*tii, 
nd ericid— For utinmn, naj rt-Lnnda ; he iit ih bnm: Imv, unr! iluorvca 
to be hoiUrvc<i, Ihout^h a ■tmugrt to oiir wntv, nti'l I hopo, in my 
h«er^ tUnt lio nuy not bo hurt, nor di«coura|^><l fr\->in f^vuimn utaiMtn 
lu nay moro, 

Uoj Toong noUomm tDoanwhib had obnmxl nil th^t puxiMi* nnij 
CKBfdond our han) vtth an attTtoDP tad fnillrFniint fttT^Higiion < qhoQ 
Hftrrjr «JlW **> W™ "» throo boyt who buH lirilinivJ t> partiJio 
cf Iho aenni'tl? f'*f my loH^ mcawy^My pj'Lit Ixiy^ ^^rii* Im 4I0U1I, 
yrm hnil <h» hnnoiir lo rr4^uii> tn ^ntm^l, laiii U^ar ymir mm^iuuciiui 
ui-l fHcmils to pk>c». for t)ic Ality tnattot of a fu* milpciiOHW am] 

Ni Hi>l]iif. lid |ii]t Ei^ji hnnil In hia [nckol, aod, laUng fiat three 
vmwnj, laiLili! a ^iri-^vnt ai unc to each. Than fevlliis a NCfcrt Wutii 
of Klf'upprubntKiti, Uv liuiLt^ lo my Linl'i sorrurt*^ mkI adibriMod 
tlicm II) All iuvrrit vjtA vlth qji octtcni rather loo hJ|i^Ly oleratod :' — 
Q9, ho cno4, toy frictuU: take yaor jtnma mvtci' h-jmo to his 
faiiior a&d mutJii?r, aorl toll thvtii from m^r. thai Hn4.-o [I117 hn^c 
alroadr mado him a h>nl, 1 wtah the ntxt tJitng tbuy ilo woohl Lo 
to n^ him » DKvri.eMAM ■ 

WhaltjonfMiuidr«it wiod my hrdi do youlcLL kdo to mj fa«* 



ihtl I im ncit ■ aimllAnikJk f mil living inatAntIf at Huty, ho ga,T* 
him a tnvut vtnk» an iho k^ tha-k, Harry had UM. iM^m to 
rncoHrrt hlK ivru; but, Ik-Iil^ n^tn ItlndhMl Tit qtdA muniment, 
hi* Iu3f rwjrMVAl lUkil half •infnnuHl » miclihm puTKib whldi ha 
roachril At tbp nom nf hbi Innhhtf^ whi^ rfvliv <^ ■'^TMin, Ml biok- 
\(^u-it luiil [ii<4ifiLir>^l luH I(i];.tb ou ifae tieSL 

mwUtr ; taii\ luui of Uiciel hltfUly cxuponlod to mm kin Inrl hi tlMt 
nuidition, tiUTOtl fanaavir apoa lUriT In anlc« io cfawtiw hW 
But Jaiok TYnfinni hk tmloK^wx-rtnU ttniiAi csiickt tuu l^ Uio 
vm. crrf&g— nold ! Piitrick— hold ! B«tiwmhor un [ilflj uj UIO 

So Mjri^iKi lio AU'llcu]? stooped, OAdtol fit our boro'i! bwid, wid 
|a<uH»d it wajiikl7 to hk 1^ and «riod— O^ nj iioldcal cUhl, bov I 
•■TT tho hA)mi^cw of tho«a vho wmto jod 1 thoQ tnniiiig ho took 
U> lord hj iLo tuind, nod dtmijj^t !«<] hint avmy fhom tbu fiold 
of bftUlo. 

iVinJ . ApTDjiOtf to fDOr Tornloff n lor4 Into i i^nntldinflii. Wliun 
nui boro 0iro tlut Joi^ tiHmgh ovor-hui^^ ivpncot t« 1^« 
BiaOleao« adu petoluio* or tho ggnf strutffer. tuul Ii« not o olc«r 
ociTHviptimi nf Oin chnfUf^tBr of ytrnr tma gnnili'mMn ? 

JulA'ir If ha hiut not k prfllllvi*, fvrt ^mt no ho \uA A KUVnClTiC 
Ap|irf'Tif<]iiiicm <if thv irntllL^r. If he *.tnilA nut uj wktt il w to ^fl 
<— >rt Iw <*ciiili1 li^ll jiiii wiiHt it wiW — nut tr> W » pfirlMiDMi : an*] 
h^ iilr-hily pnrt«lTft<l liiat mithiTf (TiHTy. grujulmir tirMiiii|iiif^v till". 
V^nlfh. Ktifc-HciT nim, uflL-ctilifiEi nf i:<t]tt:nHJty— (leltliinr a Oilivhlnf- 
uifiJdiu; tr?[iL|Kr. uura Itkkiiu; ilditrbt Lu Uiu trt^jhs L'mdlictot pnadana* 
aiiU (Miun of vrhutK, worv uiij ktiEi»tltUf:nt quBlitu* m Iliift vuObrUde 

Fiivd, 1 UsBHy^h 70Q th«n, al Ibi^ inttrrd, to tatib^y mj im- 
jpstfoftoc, ftiid 10 mAkc trood four pruiniK. Uut jon ^oulrl irir* lue 
• 4etni] of Ui« <|iULh^H that Dtttitlc; a mm to thjei pnpromo of 

^■Mf»'. Thftl porhap* mnj bi? doDA with bettor affect to tho 
undcrtTtAailin^ rm vri>U oh (ho houl, bj mHtajLciag ami oKompUfy- 
inir, raTh<ir lUdii ■luUiiini^. 

Thi^ v^i'iitnil of prcrit pooti, in hi* pJuiPsrtOr of Uc^tor, baji (ciTOH 

US tho iiitoiii]ii.*aTii <.if the* ftnti (uul mijBt fibiidivd (TontlcmAn that wo 
VUMt JQ pmrjiiji^ btttrkvy, nilimmhlv anil iuiitLi.1tIy liuiliUio^it in hk 
attMthiOOnli ia hi* country, in hit t\Ual iUcctiiiat, id hu runjTijXfli 
lieUoacooM^ In hii jwi'-ruM fiwrtLii^^nt, in hi* hi^Idut fur lu> fri^ndi^ 
Id hia htimiuiity ii~i h\& L^imnnLW, unA &\'an Jn bis pffiiy to th>« tc^ia 
IhAt he wnrahifipeil, (ik> iletlucibun frum hin conngD, ■DOanUiig tn 
RDdont orttlxmBtiLO) 

Smut ihiw oftur dw twttlv of Cr«m/. l^wanl tiio IIjIH of 
Kn^liLTirl. niLiI Kifwitnt thA Btnok rrinc<-. tbo iruini tbui hiiir of bb 
rHtlaiii'K n^onii. |Jiiaioi) Joba Klor of Fntuoc In iitdiilt^ tbfm ullb 
tba plawurv of un cvmpuiy &1 Irfruduu. Juhn wiu ihsirDUn of 
fffi^T^Fir ^e uivihitJoii, MM aoccuiiIn£l> hut] iJiu prtiiuml bvlbra 
bis pthiLiLnirMjt nl r^krif. Tho puliomcat cbjocifi). UiAt tho Invl- 
iitkia baii Lccu made nith ou iiauclioue d«i^ of aamug bis perscdi. 

Tilff FOOL OF QOdury. 


flicrobr to nuiko thA <^hNkp«r tad ^talpr rbc^nlKltion of tho crcwa. 
to which Edward at Uwt tltno pfelcndtH. ihrt Joha rcpli^rl with 
•CBM warmth— lltftllio wna tHUinJent h[e brothvr t^J^rDni.afiiil mofo 
«q;ioda11y hin rriiinj^ ^f>n»JDf wr<rA too nnu^ <M the OmTLeaiLkjf to 
■bwt hiui in t]i,\t iHAEuiLT. lia did cof my too mni^h (>f tho Unjj^ 

of tb» Ii0r<i. «ir h\ lhf< >niiit but too mUCh <^f Iba USKTLUUll to 
bojpniltj oTftny truiAnoin, 

Tho wquel vonQol thi* opiuoo. At tlio liutUe of Poirtwn Kmff 
JAbik IMS lud* vrUODsr, lutd toott iA>r oondnotMl l^y ilm Ulnck 
Prince to RngkiLd, Tba pilnoo •PtDml Ijondon tn trlviTtudi, anilf! 
it*f f.hnm>; njhl JKvlamftffonPi ftf mrDioru of tim iwojilc. Tlt]t Ulcc 
UlU fiLilmr jipfiAArMl TJ> hA tfiA triimfih nf th^ V'ti^ni^h kini; t^eal 
tJmt of hi* f«nL|nnror, -Tnlm wn* iriflie<t *in n prmii iflwiil myally 
rotivfl. ajiil ntUimkil Trj n tiiini>iti.iUB eukI r^rvHiuti tmln uf tho 
Itt^ljhh iiijliilit.j ; wIijIit hk (imriii^mr iirnlmtrjitriul, m mui:h u 
pnanilrU^ to ilUiimiruu'. nml t\>Ii« liv hh ftlilii iu pUiin ntlliv, HIh] 
dwiwliuulj BMUd on a llttli* IneJi h<jM<\. 

jU AHitfttl* md the ('tilKs 'krivM tli-^ir ntl«« ri>r txno i>oo1iT7 
Kid the MbHmo, ftnm a ikicili which I knunr huii written Xnn^ ho- 
fon the nlo) werv r(>nnr<l cr lav? fy^tnt'li^hnl foi' the piirr-iOH ; thus, 
ftom tbodctocAJKHtr juiil ihimt': htiti('i|]1i.x<Ff prLr(ii-i]lAri;<^ittri|n(Tn,art 
luMi bom>w«i] ind {OMtftiili-il ttu^ iimiiy mn'l^ of tmhftvtour wL^li 
fiw worid bd* adoptod u&dcr tho tjtlc of t^od miuirii?nL 

Onif qu^it7 or * fcttfitJoiiUhii ie ttiril of ohiii^ly to thn |>oor ; And 
th(« tH dcllcatoly fastDncod In tho ai^otn^ni wLil-Ji Dent Quixotes giv«a 
to hU Iwt frlond, SftOL-liu l^uuu. of IbL* miorouB Lnrt jot more pioud 
teMMrrant, M&t Itartm. 

ihi ft diiy.aiid Cbtt Dcpd, ^int S\rtn\n Tnot n ftoor mnii luJ^nakod^ 
Uid| takiiu; Ua oLmIc from hi< fih<.irj|il<.<r>. 1]<> flivul^^d tt nnd pivi* him 
tlt« OEif^ tulf. Xow, telJ mo Ht ^l hill i'mu^ M thi> y^r Iltii tiikpimml? 
Wdji 1 wkmna? qoolh Sotirho-. how the im^-mm^ thinlil 1 know 
In what ywir, or wlmt tinm of the ymr, k linjj|niriHl ? Ilurlirt 
tlxiti, ShiiHio, n^UjlTiixl Ifm knit^hl^ any Ihin^ wltliln thoo of llif> 
•BQtinit^Til of flajnt Mnrrtn, thou mii*l iamrmllj hnvo known tlmt. 
lliift hairpcood In wiiit4fr: fur, had it b«ca lUiDmor, daixit Mortiu 
woaU Iwtvo ^lYVD tbo wholo i;lo«k. 

AnotliDr cuinrvTtpHii1i<^ erf the tnio trDntlrnriAn 1> i drlloacy of b^ 
lurfdnr toward that v.i. vlioiu imlurv bua tiilillrd (o llip iiiiTteudou, 
■nd con«o<iof^iJy ^titlUoi) to tbu toodtiijcrtit. *ji mAii. 

The jiMDt BrmllonuA-cimDL calorlDf; tailo a wood on n [fntmiiorn 
•rcnijilC, fpiuid himtrir ett&lvJod Unotv note of ^iix^n thri«iJ, tlutt 
hcTt and thoro huLjf !K>m troo to 1to<>; aikiL t^i^nroLrlnfir it lotao 
lDatt«r of fjorpoflod coi^iiratJctn» puftiod ToJor^aal^' fcrwiird to brouk 
UmUKh tlw DiiLstumtiDCtlit H«roii|>nn poiiic lioMttiful (ilif'[ibnri»aMl 
Jotovpcved with A <rrf, and hooonght hiin to Hjnro ihc implcmonto 
4iF tonr hmocont rorrenfEon. Tbo laiiirti^ niirprind and nhannftd 
'I7 Cb» lin'on, Tvphfitr^-Kiir ciVHtifrHT my fin'^inr^ to to prolan^ 
BOt to IqJVEra: to acoh ait mcuu i>f »n-ic<\ hot ccrcir of oflbne*, 
noro tapftetelW to ut; of jonr *i^\ hikI njiiiu-rnT I'lrvUmrrc^ Ycur 
pTifitty MlB bwv* Mp lint a nmnll p^m^^ t^f fNvniiivnl i^ronnd ; lnrt dfd 
thpy onrlmn ihft worJd, I wfniM (b^Ic not ni^w wor!dH wharohf I 
vJgbt will a poMago ralhor Uuiu break them. 



Two vrrfy lord/ bat nhAim^rftfctl flrlR ba*! ft caiti« <if Moa 
vcntt^|UL<noa dcfvi^dlof^ at Wu«tinlititnr, thit indt^tppnialilt mqniivd 
tiwtr p^noiiBl sMWHiwiM. Thoj wm rebLliam nf Sir Jon|di 
JffkjL AAiJ OQ tftl* liTEiii«Ddcptui «cca«ton TequoHt4>d liU i^mt\fmy 
aiA prmnifnaiiDi Kt the nmrt. Sir Jcmph ittriirliyl nmnMln^ ; 

Vj ciititlu tl-iow katlicK hj thty ilrTriniiuiMLJiiff <.if AyltMrtf'r Nu. my 
lorit, Mid Bit Jowph, thtj uo lilicd of tho rolky : llirj toil wil^ 
neither do Ihoyqiia* ^tt yo^i K<e that fju unLrmtrli. la oil Iiib i^li^iry, 
WM ner tftfl^r^ llh« <m« of thiJM. 

Another my po^ului cIvirTri^tcriBtlc of « ^psnttcmon U tho (^ling 
plac4\ niul jirliJin;: to aH ^tL wharo ]ii> ba» !■> tU, 

Uf tMii wo \uivti a lUiinSEi? anil «ffc<itinj£ Initanoc la At<nihMii, 
imlu^ tho mail iuy^^in]'liihod chaim.i«r that itiaj be fciimd in 

A ccifttontioD bivt viiwji uolwoon iho \uyr\Umtfn of AEirabiim niid 
tho hcrltiiicn vf kin neplHW, Lot, noipvoliiu ^hc pnnirK^ly i?f Uio 
|iitJtf.iir^ 1^ tho biTKtA ini«rslii Ihe^ dwttlt, thut otiiil'f nciw tnrfo 
oijTitUn fho ntuiMWLCfl of ihfllr r'nItU? : ninl tho»» Kirmrrt*, a* la 
UHWnnaWy Tho iviHi?, hiul rm|ioi?fivr1>' i.'n'k*«vourDi| to kindJo and^ ll]*«ir iiiMi/trA villi ih'ilr o^n jyn^auK 

Whnn AbmhmuL In iMtn^'qiinnif* of th^K pnrt^Mvtv} th«t tbn 
eotmtonani*o of l^il Ui^im Id Hinn^^ (fm-.irl hiin. ha cuUr^J, aoiI 
pnMmifl^ eipociLulMi^l ivirb )um hh fvlltiv'^rh— 

' IajI tni'iif Ixr nit htrJri-, 1 [imy liter. IwtwiHin mo ra»] Um«, or 
betwoon mj biinbvmiii ua I Iby ^i^^nlinif :ri ; fur wn bo Im^rtdi^ 
If III l» Uiy i)<ni[u lo w.'iJiLr]iK< tliy^i^lf ftom □».■. m nut Iht^ vrlwlti 
IhikI LvruEU Uii:o? if Vvm ^vtli Uk<i Ll^vi \'-t\ biLHiL tfj'ii f will 4EU 
fai IhiT rlt:bt ; or if thou dcp.i,it ki liic ii;;ht biLinL tbt^n I viH eq to 
the J^ft " 

Arjiitln^ OiL|iluJ quality of tho tmo iccmtJctmin K th«t of fpolfpit 
himvilf coTJcemoil and mtcr»t«d la olhora, Sever van thcit «o 
bcai^volent* »u ivffpL^tiru, itu patlwtio a rii^o« of ur>t^ «AtiiJ.qlod 
upoa earth, m thut of Alrralijuii'« filtfttdmir with Uod lor ayotIJew 
the jLidtfintrate tfmt tJion Lmpnndoa ovor Sodom. But tho suttor 
!■ ftlituidy H(» (^'iionLlly iN>IidjTHU«d, that I nm iTonstrunod to nf«T 
my roiid«t to tho paAHtga at I^IL : tiuaa IbA imjkUatft <LbtidKni«ii< 
muKt do^toot from ita Iwautii;*, iui<t that itotlun^ aan bo ftddod to 
llio ocrwIk-noeH ihtn^of. 

HoTkniir, flffJ^n, \a ul<1 In «trrtptitre p»nl1nrtjr To dlmliigitiib tho 
ohanvrrtsT of A f^flcmnn : wbfTre It ff> writtr^n of F4bruhi<ui. tho adl 
Of llJimor. " Tojrt }n^ waa mnre himcinr^blo t]\M\ All fho hniwe of 
hk father/' 

This yunn^ prfnpo, ^^vte »»»j to the vIoIpul-w of IUb iJHsdon. Imd 
dfahonoarkbty dtifkiwtvrl l>iivdi» thu iluibfhl'.-r of -iMiXib. Thil hui 
MTfCtfoiie tail frfiiil f-litnroiL to tliir ^aty whom hn liod l[;jiiriTd. 
Ho fvl no liiiilU t<> hb offere f<jr rviKuiutiC iJie wictiK- "' Ask m*," 
hv Htid to ht>r kmiiri?']. "ii»k lou UL^vvr 40 eeiucIi ikiwrj arnf pA, 
HAd i vilW \^tt «tiMr-\\n£ n*. jt idull my eidIo ro^^. but ^Iyv nui 
tha diitmol to wifo," 

l^rum hoaco il niAy bc jnfrrri>i, Ibal humun cxccllvnco t>r humaa 
AioiobkaoM doth not ao much oKuint iu a Crtcducii Eroim CraUly, tm in 



crnr recovOTF from btiiMtt, oux ii]«to«tatioii cf our oi^n ffimnptiloin 
Uiii oar dcttlrv of nicinia£ by all powibte mcmiji fur th« ioJuHe* 
w« liAVe dwKn oOi! the ofcccce iro havQ pvun, Jlcnln, tbercTcrer 
mij ooodtt tho TOrj dDitultf <ti>tinclioii vhJch tho ffmt ajxiitlo 
EtuLk«« b«ttiT«n litjt cAlkiutimi of n juM and of a mod Dum, For 
ci JQirt or riehiooud tuAm soyti hi;, *' oqi^ wooU gruSffo to dio ; bat 
tot Ap>od nua. CUV m'liuld (rvi^n MAtv tu dio." Smi thejnit nuA !■ 
Auppi^Auil t> iutii«ra Etrictlj to tb^ nde of right or comtj'r onJ to 
QtA^'t frjm otiura the msin iDMiiiT« tlul ho u utufiod to moot; 
but Uio tcood inan, iliOD^h m'4M«](iimUy b« d^ fiiU diort ol ju«t3c«^ 
luu, pToporly tpo4klng, no mcostire to at* beoeroUDCA ; hln icAnsnl 
propciuLtj i« to jnvty iiuir'^ f !i»n t.]ii> due. Tlih jiut won cmrlomttL 
ArtirEitdi>H|ri>n4 <^ piinishm^, iho trcitf^grmu^H of i\w line jirv4cTibM 
ta himulf ; hot tho gnoil iDnn. in lh« ■rnio of liu: ovLii fiULl ud 
fdltiip^ ^'Ivi^ ]nTitiJ'k\ i)iili]1;^iiLvt, »ml imnSin lo ttiit-n; bojnrlffu, 
hp ^l»i^tll.■lN^>^ rw otm hHVw hinii»nlf Tim jUHt iimn In h *invuii tliat 
dovlfitiiji not to thiT rl^ht or k^ft fmm ETm ikiskiLitU^l i'lmiLiii>1, m^lllittr 
Ib owdIIihI t>j tJiQ Ucrtjd uT jKiniuii nbu\e JU IiuuIa ; tmt tht^ lu^iiri af 
tli« pwd niuiip t\i*^ (juu; ^r liuuoiu. Llir ^Njiktiimii, Eh ui a lump 
BBhtcil hy the Vrcath of liorl, uk4 iioiic oarc GoiJ hbotvlf ctm 
BOt UiaifB to tbi? effiux ar irraJJutiiinfi thcrixnf, 

Aicun. thu lEmltuEiuiii iirvDr riiviL-pi iliij vu|cri<rr uac«l1cfioa; hut 
ffrom himhiir uusTQ ^ict'llcnt. \j bc^nK tho i^ndrcr. promoter, nnil 
lOToT thereof. 

BkiI tuu<i to hU (K»ij JontLtJkiuk^ "I'hoa luin ol tlko pcrT«w> rohvl- 
Uon w<imAii ! <Jii not I know that ihott hjurt clioBon tho »)ii of 
Job* to thiuL^ fi^v-Q i^HniiuiuTi V fiir h« loiitf ii« tbv vou of JnHJ livoth 
iriiOR tliu ((Tipiiiid, UviLt flhvil not \nt uTA^U^Ad, nor thy k^nudoioit 
Titercfora Koid an*] fctt^h him onto mo, for ho <JhUl OMK ^oT 
H?re tTciy lnt«r««tUjg lootife tlut otn ponibi; b« oonoefwd to 
liHve -Ln trjniMftco on duui, onftod to am Jonnthnn to tho il^stnio 
tlon nf Dqvifi ■ be woiiM thtroby hjiTo ohnyoJ bte king, ftnd padHad 
a fHltifT vho WM i^ni-^K^t M^rASriKT him: he wooM tbcm^ havo 
rpmovftil fhrt iti}y !iiin(iinFy that Ihrn ffMtitn\ thn briffhlnikin of bb 
mm lU'htnvLtirii'iitt ; and uo uw, els hltt inllmr wJi]. tlvLl tbr dmxth 
cf Vta\ii\ nlrMi" ixiulil ivlflhlixh 1hi< kttipluni jri 1i[m«fiir iinfL IlEb 
HM^trtty; luit ftll Ihtdo ofiMHEtU^iHtU^im wt^rn of no hvhll l4i luakv 
Jdijathiui KWCJTD froui booour, in (JncXf^ii the ImuiiIh <ir ]iIb fiiilh, 
cr nwl thfl wikriuth vt Iilb friviiiJahJiJ. O Junotbn^iT ttiu a&cdfii.'O 
«blch ib(iii fliL^o uuub^Kt to firtuo waa Intumihualjly^mon? tUiuiIrloTia 
in the BK^t of Ood anil hia oii^rvK thhii all lliv mbwqoobl gl^'us* 
to ^hioh David attiunoct, Whnl n .:fi>wti wa« liiitjfl, "JoTUkllum, 
w'bcu Ibon iToft hinin fn Xhhw blgli pUco* t " 

Biml of l^mu. kftcTvorde cidkod Piral, bod hi-«n a nun of 
Liip>tr7a bkx»d^ Miq vlaloniM) ; making tiATOo of, imil hrvMhlri;; oat 
tbrMtciLliigii >Ad ftlmwhtor n^init All who y/ora not of bii oum 
•Mt and pomUfiOD. T^ul vhi^n llur Iplrit of llmt Inlnut. yrlttt luld 
hlBiMlf In tli« mung^iT of bunum dcih, ofimo Qpon hiitij ha iK'qnlrml 
A DOW boiut vx<t a now nDturi> ; und hc< offtToil hinuctf u mlhng 
tdb^d to all Uio vuFvrtnj^ and prtrtM^iitJotiw nlik-yy h» btkij l>iMuj^ht 
upon otii«rv 

Pnnl, from tli«t tima, cscmplifte"* to hfa own ppivm all tboito 


THE mot OF <?l7-ir,!Tr. 

qiuHtJu of tho ffCDtlomim whioh he aftDrwtlc ipMofica in U« 
«ftlobnit«<] 4««criptT[>a ct Itwt chuitx- whiiihr ti !i» aajri, a1<iik« 
Maanatti for ttmr. 

\fhtat FattOM criod vfHi a bud vofro, "Pati). thou art bwido 
ttiytioir. mndi leufiiiudMli nuk^ ttii4> rrnul;" Pitiil «lrM->hM tbo 
hJtn'l, iinil ftnfiri«rfii^ 't «m nnt tmut, mott noMr Vivnu^ : imt ipAolc 
forth tli(? wnnl* of Iriilh mad B*^^^!!!*- F<^r tiii? fctng knowvtfi 
of tJu<JHf lltlii^ Urfofr uh'jm tiiNn I qirvik frwiy : r>r I H£i mt^ 
flmuW thnt *iiin« ^r ihi^Ho tti^itj^t hi^ hUMin Itrim him. n^ 
AcHj^Mi hoMoviwI thcpu lliL^ iiriJi>btrtii? T kitciw thut thiin IftUerut. 
Twm A^rip^mlil unto iWl. " Almmt lliuj tiptiTUiuhTit 11113 lo b« b 
OiriAUHu. Ami full tvijil.''T wuulJ LuUud rimt ucl 'i»lf thiiu.liQt 
aIwi *]1 Ihathciu xat th\* iIav, wro notonlf nJmMt. but aJtogoUicr 

UoTO, wTtJi irhot ou f;iEiuiMlilo eJecntioo dfi) thi« mAn, En hi* own 
p«rfoni at once mm ap the otmtor, tho mint, taul Ihc i?rmi1tnm& ! 

pS^im thno intftanroe, mj frkmd, jou moet hAVo shu that the 
ohjinu:tor, oi- mtiioi- qruJitr of ft GHtm-BKAKi do«< not jn any d»- 
p«« dcpon-l on fiL^hW or mode, on hIkIIozl or cplnl«»; noltbor 
ehmra with ountonv, diiruto^ nor «g««. Butu tooJ^pont of G^ 
oiA dono ia^tpiTD it into man ; so It Ifl u God b, thft aido yaiti wJ ay, 
tiHlfty, Mid for ovor, 

FrrdTi'L It l# a jitAiidiiril vrhdnb; I pn>poFP« for- the f^ihiro, ti> 
mfrosur^ jmd judgo of «U my ooiuointUKW. Uut let un rotoni to 
oar liitlb g«na«iiuik-moiilt«r. 


titerBS AU BvTT ImI tilroMf 80 do^iily morUfteil, m d«bajwd In 
Ui 0V& eyM^ W inaa my Idli!\ footmnn, In tnmua and utlh an 

iV^tlon PK) nnc^mmotily mprclful. luu! ^loi>|]L*d lUid kuarid ia^ bruid, 
nifl hmrt* l>ut iu»t Ix^rvrtw hj^l w'}uF<|H.inxl u.' Liiu dutt iJiv utuiiucr 
Id whit^li ij^ tubl (liliiKtidphoil Iho ynun^ ntjIilr-niMi c!iiit<i<m^I uioro 
erf" tiic priJt nnrl inwlfraw of Wflo^TJ tomjwr iZuA mij &fnnlly fa- 
tiDliuEi to nir>nu Itio fiinll* of iiii'iili'.<r ; uhI ho AlxviiiLy l^^VMi b> 
flitBpHtt thai tho nvmn'^r in >'hli h ho hfid dlifNtfiM<t 1i^ mm ravalf » 
fihi>Bcd thn iiomD oeitc^nUtion ^vhlch ho mouit ta reproves ■'^ *w 
irhich h^ hud been so hUrhly oFciidod in hia lordtthipp 

Thufl <lisj:iwto<! wilh binwol^ W»d poiucqncntlT wiA aJI ftbont 
btiPi hf tnmi^l nvby from Lin ccunjiijJonn, ntillEod dlcTjt LUid hooniv 
WftTdt and, ]HvMdng tvMy through Iho hull, with'irrw to hut ova 

Jikmofi hnj\ foUovod Unrry at mth a dirtjuxc^ rui jnit I0 Iroop bim 
In idfht, nnd flnlcriiu; wh(»ro hit* moM^r nX mvltng in tho fnrionT, 
Mr. F^jiton ir^oiiirtJ ^Hfferly flflflp hU boy, Jnmr* i*aal M hii 
DiH«U»F A look 01 much H^cmntty. nnd ifanUnLf hla bond b laban of 
ooni^im — Ah, lirT imid hi>, I ritn Mrry to Utll yon that Mwtor 
Hurry, t^vdiiy, vrh hdt ftl»<^jwt.hftr ao |?rn^! a Tifry iw T wnili hard 
wl^lifld. Tmffflil, I oliMirvii r-f L*t' t}iiil nl tirtiftt Tin U npl to hi 
VoryoKldcin iLnd|iuBHlonAl», rduuM^Mir^wuflliiLlI havo wofaldcdngl 

Tffff rOOL Of QPALtTY. 


5iaA bj; bo tiiw t'»rri>>lr UiiwH tml luitttreil th<> son 4U)>i faolr 

Englnml. To b« iniri> wo «h«il liui^i^ lad oomplainti fl£piiT4itt him. 
1 WHA prvAi^iit ai ftll (hkt \wtat\ : uid tfntj Miutvr Horry wo* voiy 
mnoh In fftult 

You (Inltt^hl mo— jDtt trniuport no I rrind Mr. Fdnim : tny oo^ 
adllEriiftn wh« Oi^il tif^ tnd no £fii1f*k 1 v^nl him ia hiv-^ fnulo^ 

Piicli fxrtlu Mf« TLtny uiakn htm fn^l t) t. Hut 1^11 iii** linnntrt^. M 

imtJculjiily tu yoii l^uo. hon tUix altar lkJk]j}H?ni^L J^ei'M r.hctj i^ve 
H aiwolHl ilvlaJI of kJuiI we have n<fiItHl. Wtii?mi|KiJi Zdr. Fn^tfin 
excUmod-H), »i> iiijl'lt, tiiy |p?ii>.nvufc, my iinn.»miiaiHlklB bo J ! 
Wliofe b he? Lctino>r« liloi ? Whixt u Lrcnmi- nliiJm? 

tJpon inqiurj, Hn. Sunin rc|crt«d tbnt vhv hibJ £mn hiia »tc«Ilw 
•ofUqr «p>^nw Ur> Footon Ihcn. tikint: hj» brn^k b liin tuAd, 
■tob 19 aAe< hlv lUrrj; ottd, oprsin»; hi* rhamlwr-door tthh tlte 
bttfl DoiM pMrib1«. nv him (rmt>l, in «^ dcjvctcd attitudQ. in a flv 
«cmk(tr of llio room \ aul^ looldnif atUmtiviily at him, pproflit' i pd Aftt 
Ilo lubl boon id tconk 

II« th«rcii|>cii teok ft cfifur, an<l E:i~ntTj «r«tjnff himaelf badiJc 
hlifL^Whftl m tho mAtU^r, my Hnrii-'^ ht bjiM; whfit l11« m^ loro? 
-— Dofit juk nw — doat wk mo, mrT orjnd Harry : I flnro nnt toll 

Kii — ^indiwd I rlorv not. You would 1->vo mo bo lcin;;tr ; yon wnulii 
|o iii» if I «>ii'iiiTrl itiW yrin,— 'llhtii ynn, mj 'Urllnni oneJ Mr. 
FthUm, thnl in qnlto impririMfl : 1 rain niv^r hntp Vfto, mj Hiirrr, 
Bat cmn*. tM froe Bith jour frivnd : luil rn* o|>onty and hMiHlfy 
iTrr vbftt no rnti think 1 diniiM Tukl« foh?— Kor n^jr flaiJCM^ <ir; for 
my flmltA, To hi> mr^ Uipm In nnt hi tlin world » IaI o^ iMtj im 
TiLTiB^lf ; iLEid, w)int fn voTVf iTinn 4i11 tlmt, ulktii 1 lh[nk and tni-tm 
In il» JM'tlpr tlmn eif(-r, umiplhlTY (vinii.-n tii th« imy mul «i*"lrt tlir 
wholOt *nit 10 tnnm nil thn ifoo*! IbHl Ik In old Into uoUtlriif tut 

Fore Uaitj cottid ounluin uo liTTJirrr. but 1<urTl litto a pnnjuonntr 
iltiab of Wtm HTid J-otv: ufxl Mr< hVEtlmi utiiIctI^ nml/Tiiciiu: him» 
•od InJdnc him on ha karw, axid cbuiiiine him to tiiji buoin. caw 
^VlJ to Ine k^ndrfd ?Tni>tion thitt ff>r<^]]t>(i in Um own broot, Mod 
&1ID1M hl> Joyful Uun wfth UuMo of hU ITrLrry. 

Ai Moa M 1l^ pwdon «f tbno tm fncn^irf hod enMded, Hiurty 
ImOU ic talfo iu<w OMUHra fr^n tho coroi^'ipt of hifl dwr fkllicr, vlio, 
H Oft Mttrfbly fntt* woi]1d Tiuvt^r hi^to or famaJ^c him, how«v«r bo 
m^t condfrmn ofid di^toft [iiin»lf 

Wi*l) th<.'n, "IP. HiijH h»«, Kincio yort or* ao vwry pfto.1, 1 wfll trnitt 
you with THY stoiy, 10 far fts it bru If' *ny to itic littlo thiit I can 
romembor <J my nits In )t. 

Too mnfl know thjit 1 !iiv1 t14> «nori(>r ^rrt fnli^ yoor floM Thnl ynn 

B(l*nMPfor*mrplnjn thnr n Tminjr mcu^cr nimr* nplr* ii*,mi ifTRTifEly 

roroMvl lUid iittfiiidiHlH 'iJiit wiTh »iirb a HHiir^y atr. \hitl tn* Aiw-Tth*iT 

h* ffvy In bbi owti TiiErnl— Atl tlu^vi nre but dtrt !n iToni|iar!h)n of 


Ai T WiohHl at liim, ha bintL^it br my mind Ibr slory yuu oMa 
IdM mt) of H^iviilt'ts v]ii> wu ih^miimhI hy hit? (Uii: <xMt- Si> I bt^vmi 
lopEty him, ftnd, I Nd^C^vi^. tn ilu.pjiio hln tor>; «nil Ibnl, ytiu kiHiw, 
VMmnriffht; farycm toMmr ih&t nhuctimleBpbtaAiHjUior grun 




worw thm thft ctm he ckspiw*, ami fall* below h*m, wblle ha tlilaka 
to vt hinuelf Above him ; bin tlutt (Lul nut ornne Into my bend ■& 
the tinw. 

And no, idr. ti nh^w iu kII that Th* Hid net mnttnr monpr. or thnt 
ba |uvr<d nuM^liiuf Ujl* U.'ltizr ur llit tnu, Lu 1ui>k t^ul n liaiiilfu] of 
gOwraui] Lhrvw it Muucw U]> ouiupaJiii^jM, tio Mt thorn by ili<: t^iLtn; 
iud tJun imivokrvl wid bo^ui to ooalw^ mo "^xy nupy wltli lunt : 
ind Uutt ono AuiU farouufat mo tuto uiotbcr rJxav it, liko— Wtter 
w dkidUM «MM dock. 

DQt thift £d not ntiofy mj y<nmi: lord— for th^ t^od him lorj 
■i bll t bo oniAt Uko <ral a crvvtiiH ^xd I'llcr il (<> miv tiru of uiy 
CompnnUiDi tliat would boT for it. ^ n ntmngcr m*t woi junt 
come cflctxid to liox imy vdq in tbo <vTJ:i[iuijr iur it ; Imt 1 do Ocrt 
m>oni <if my iH'iilirif hiiii, booAruu) ho v^i^ tliti i^tulbniror. 

But the w^orri m yot t^> «fiq?, wr, Thoro wci^ moo of uj oom- 
tioinou who n^fuHH.! to Jdin in the tfunimblu for llu monoT, i&d 
UMt p]«n>»rl Tn« \fry miii^h: and w, to rewAnl thom, 1 lonk ont 
A lundA:! of monrv nnd guro tliom n orown nfdooo. But. jou know, 
1 nwd htve Jiik^^n niiT, trif>w rnfiru^y fluiti 1 im*«jit. 1*^ pv* lTit*ui, 
If il vxfl lint pfLTtlj to i\\tyK my Inn! ^\v\X 1 hint lu miirJi mnnny mi 
hiotHdf ; jitiil » 1 ;:ut wiyti'M up t) thu bturi nnd ow In the verjr 
ivno (anlt thai T f^nind with Idin. 

Kow OOTHW (he «Titvr. cf nil. For, irr«wify: iimoil jukI ooncHtcni, 
■H tr 1 h^ul iin onn fault ht Ihir i^nrTd. ilhi) jm If lh<T hk« of nw ^iw 
only lit to npnjvc oClttin and tKu:h tlu^ui tlb.'ir Juty. I fli^fdivl thtf 
fiiiK mulf^r lo |jikr< liituK-lf butuu, and, sliiuu lie vmh » 1ojil> to leura 
qImi ic> 1>o fl K<^niJ<^<iJii^ ir^D that ho tpiTc mo a blow, vbk-h I 
daii?rred T017 vioU - liut I dinl not matter biA Mow a Ullip if I hoi 
DOt tbrriiK^kt it oJi HnVnnt Icfi'iv my oiimpnnuii*. So my tnu*ii>]i 
LcfiOD to TiK^ and t cn^c hint hiilf a ntrokc. but urilu^kity it Itit htm 
fnufai tbonoiw. and! t>m iifrnd hi> i» burtod vcrj ndlj, 

Vtiridttf All, fhLlhciT. I know wlL i>non|rh tlicirn vilL «ffn(i md com' 
plAintH Lt^iiiflt m^ nn/l so I ehall liring troQblo and divtorbanoo 
upon yoaj ixriii ihul ib ^rivf u]>iin irrbf. 

Do not fcar for tno^ Hnrry, ! ahjUl do wflll ^nmiirh, myi Mr. 
r*nlriD. Biit, Hnrry. yrm lun« not tc.ld mt nciir u grt^ttt iwu-» ui 
901) thmijcht to di>, I lti]»w nil %\*-<f\^ that yoti hiid a ^^ry rijiritchlr 
tc; wllhin ynii : but 1 forborn to l-^ll yon ui, ))<<]iw 1 rfilhrr 
wishiMl jrou »hoiilfl moki* Ihr ^linrovt^ry yoiiTW^If ; imd urnr, Gt>d bo 
prilniNt ! vitit hrivtt fcmrnl out Ihn m^rri'L 

An-i what gtiort will It c^o mi"< ulr. to kniw that 1 nm limT, vhn.n 
I do [lut kiiuw huw to make iiiyrvlf litfttirr? for to-tjiy I tbiJUKtit 
mid m<^Ajit Ui It vi'fy ):u(kI, iLiid >vt f<iui\il my«»^lf Jii t^w mi<l l4j Iv 
worvc tbjui *mir. Out tu ytm »y, to be "urt 1 h^ve lici'd very bod, 
tlwujcb I hAr\lW kiif-w miy lldiu; of th-.' n^ilttr till tvsy. I now rv- 
mcmbf^r how 1 biul Uhi' t<i muri!(»r |>Kir Mt- Viiidrx ^Itli ttio Fword. 
And ft himLrcd other thing's if I coold bnnpr them to mind. WliAfc 
ahidl \ do thrti. ^ir— fib T whnt fihoJl 1 do 10 firrow sood? 

1 »in tfill yiiii, my Hivtry, f«iy« Mr, Pont<Lii. And m <roa bovQ 

EncronOj intmirtcd mo with ono nccret. that of having a vwy 1^ 
y viNiiit vou ; it iB buttvr thnt 1 eliuidd intnutyoa wiUmaotbfr 
iecrvf, vtuca Is ^at pftMvJn^on «eoodiug sood bo^ within ;rM« 

WTT Aug 



twohftp tn «iiL«,iAr. bow «m Ihftt **? 11 1* omti cr^mf 
; j/tni juumelf tolH mv im mnrb. Did jon nc^t «nj thai, thu 

t3ia dhrtr? tint. \he ono wiw prund, ai^omfiil, (jsti-niutloiu, jqn^l 
Tr!T<*np.'fiJ : till? utlii^r litiiubtd, E^utlfv gcJwruUK Itivlu^, ajiiJ foi^ 
jftvitii:'' ariiL Ihjil wlmn i\\\^ lijul Iwj p)i Ih** l«tl*f. IJm- |^hi1 In*/ 
toktk liliiL to XivV. ouil Tc'iidnuiiuluil uul MTfot^ rctruJ^rd liiiu, nnil 

Wbit yi-iL hi>, trj lf.xiit> ftfr, le MioolLinft v«r7 1A« it; 011I7 1 cno- 
nol thiiik liow one Ixf^- oon tc two Wn,-— Do fca remember. Hiury, 
YhjLi j\yii rtoti lA«t rii>;hl m liir 01J TMtamrDt about Bcbcbab. ibe 
\rtf>j (ir 1i!iaAC| whc» ^0 *ii> wUh (litM ?^V<4^ viir^ w«n, pir. Aa 
bow rfic viii iHlii difid with twinft, "mirl tho ohlUnjQ rtrucplcd 
to^lhi>r within tier; tmJ abv c^uJ, Jf it U^ »<;. whi'niu I tbun? and 
tbo wOAt to kiqnlra of tb« LorJ.*'— V«rv rii^ht, niy I<iti> ; onrl I nov 
■^r to 70Q who.! Gi>d then Mid to UobvkjJi, i do bol monji that 
90U hATO l»o bojA Mitbin y<y\\ »f thcB bodilt boUt, f«fltiu^ and 
•hiqm ot irounrill ; hot that joa hapo two iblnir^nt ^tito or prin* 
dplcd witAiii jrou, vhiob, lik? Vwni and Jiti:ob. hiiv? qmic diB'trorrt 
aM lUltVTV nninrid, Eru^llEuitioriA, 4.Tid ili^irt^; lbi> <«m> jtnirnpttnf^ 
uid ImnTlnff ^n into 4II Ib^t bi «i1l, Ibo oth#r Invliin-^ uml litiulln^ 
fca Into iUlthat ii ttoo^L So yini c^, riiirr;, nttrl j-ihii buvr frrit 
wA, Ulu^ Reb«k»h. 3Tru huvi^ ymir ^mn Ktviu nnd ymir ^wii Jiu'ab 
0lniix:11n2 wIlLin y*\\\: Katiim l a;i<l ihr ^ht bntVki^^ik tb<<m hUiiII 
HTcr oouto, till tlm odd Hlmll luivu wluJl^ vomfUiirvd uod Hulj^tiMl 

To nitfco thin iimlt^r iilnliu^r nnd <^Ti>ircr to r^t mj^ Jnrlln;. I 
wiH tell you ft prrtlj stoiy oui of the bcok tbnt i» iu my band 

Ojrua wu n kiiij: and a i;rr.iKl ooiiqiicivr, bill iit bin iirlTAto 
Q»p«city ft Tcrjr vlrIiioti5 ntun. <>n a dny. nomc of Lis OApTAiui* jiut 
nCaiUcd fr>m an rvinditihiii, infbnncid bim that tbcj bod lirouubt 
lum i\\if i^TviLb^t ^vonilor in tbo world, a vuuru; |irinMW Mllod 
PonUifn, whom thi^y bjul tAk<iQ lAptiTc, and hd)Ci«o oiiunai ocoodol 
all thftt tcnld hv imit^JiKvl of woman. 

iVrtis, Mf 1 told jwi, wiw ^'irtiioiifl. He ^ii>i alTM^T mftrrfod; 
fttid tio lirondod rumUng Iba rule of bfiln^ udticc*.! Irom ol* honoftf 
faj thv dftogvrauA lUurMuenIa of thi* om^hantiaiff bovilj. H« Uiir^ 
ftro obvUiMtalf, thoagb rci?uotantlj, fbrbid n*r Appnkiu:h : nnd 
donlod hIniMlf tha plountrD bo might Wf tjcnn In boboldln;: birr. 

Wm Ottvt hotkour. tiowcv^r. ami lb« rr«|)«vt dua to th4» qnAlIty nnrl 
#Oor»n|ibhTiTnfinTs of <ho bulv, d^n^iKlnt lill poAdblA ottmitkin tmA 
pnmniiiiiL In hr^r IwliiLlf. For thi* piirfxw^ Itc ffumnonoil bii' cbiuf 
C«|riiiiiu mid fh^diirtU'H. He B■lt^^l wliiuL uf thoniwoirl'l Hdvtmluitt 
lo tttotbaoku^i^oflblh younr tiBMJtjr ; uid b«pmmiMit] the? lUsbcst 
nwKrd* to diavo «tio pJiLtuld tJnnoiurnbljr dlvohargo tlioir tnteU bui 
ti^totvnod Ua doepni diflid«*iire to any whio >£>iild brtr»j it. 

All of tbna ahniiik at Iho upprcboiMoii i>f tnktns npon th«ia 
Ibo pcnomd PiiUidj im) oairo ot » bewity. wlhjm tbeir jrr'«At ai») 
Tirtooiu moQorDb hod not «tmi ^ared Co look cpoji ; «3i'\ wo one 
luid oflbrvd lo undortnkc tb1« pcrikni* «ommMon tQI a toIIiuiI und 
Bobic yoDth. named Anep□^ hImhI forlb. 

JYoB BV inloticyr O Cyru I Mid tbo ftmfal Advcnluror, I tuLvo 



h%m ««mM la lh» iAod, adA Iniwti up nt tho r^t, or the 
dhfu Softttftor. I im aoaoranod fc>in 1117 chlUihond to o'MnljAt, 
oonqnor, uid «cont aII aenniB] Ndvoan. J Itoll viriuo in nuim o^ 
M Its onlr objpct; m; hmt drt««mM and '^t<i.^ il M my unty 

rl ; tI)D EUhEurt^ ttiorvor La» l^tromo <pii« vitb m; natura : uid I 
not rf^cmlxT tbo haio vhctvin I tuva bocn lcmpi«d to 
d^Tfiiltt fn;iiJ rm'fJtuiU', «r iritik UtriLVth tht* <**!!* of bnTnnir. 1 
cuinot tlfcdri'fnpn iMll foillfl ftt (Im four of mv o*^nipimii>nL 'J'htdF 
oooraeo Qt > lirr^iL^ti or In 1I10 Hrlfl In nnrtncfUoiuLlilr. T have Men 
tteoiftOa a ilxijimfiil rli^jiili*i ^ I linre w.>i.mi tkuni nuib inlu daiij^n: 
And yot thir/ ilfi-ul Uiit hi;pht. of 11 xiiitrlt* juid wmklj ri^nmln Fnr 
ULt alif.' cull hnvn nn t4)iri^i% ulnnn T iim i>i|t of thn puiA'dT ftud 
rvwii uf livr allim^tiK-uLtL, I will unrlttLikfl Uir dianrv uf eIuh fur- 
ad(U>lo CTOfttut rtl llii.^ rirJi uf uiv Zu^mtir, nl Ow rJHk of uy liii^ 
ud nKiTD lluuj all, at Uio li^ of tlni fuTr/ur iif Ojruf^ 

Qfrna bad Iithit luvod Uw petioo, doJ wnl^iJiplAtoL] imij ulmirvd 
tL» lirtlK* of iJMft fonlhi ]j« tberofonj. vilh ji.i> lui'i itiitA'kncek 
OMnmittcd the prcdooi dopodt bo hi* tni»t ; iri fiill A^iurunco thxt 
tko pvcKHi &nd honour ^^PacIIwq coald tjowhfltii he w> sifrj m in 
the trotoorlon of «^r1WlF)c«. 

1 lw3 jounp boro had itt ToaUtj rJ! fljo virtnoa ttmt ho booitted. 
Hi* i.nlimitivii Mii'^vr BO bolorpd mil rwpcftnblc ik ninctrr ; \tU owJj 
ftnd lott^ Imhir of o^'iioc^Ltu; fmd rcjtttijke ^'^^^ 'mjdkfit iucit^iik^t to 
nco; njid ttic doli^'utt* i*liioli li>« uvm iiiv-iiiiUtinni1 to tVcl in tbo 
MnlimotiU lujd prnctico of vhat hU ju^ltfm^t uppftiTod— bnd in « 
Burner ii(» wliHjlty lullci^ his nun^iity wif Ut <l'.*r«|v Uutt hu did tiot 
BD KDOah OK ^Imkm tbmt Jh> liArl 4n i^it^imy witliiti mm^ 

ThK nay Harry, wm hiJi bonyy mldorluncr, ond ibo Md oooudMt 
Of tl* fiOI. For, nni knuH-inif tbut hit evil jtuni wim irtfll aINe In 
hln ItOKom ; not knrj^tii;}; rlml b*< hncl Aiiy one t^ t-Hpirrcvi or to 
llrni^1f> vfth — Iw kivit nolili'tr warrh nor troftrd. and m la/ tinkvfl 
aii4 ojiHrj to tbe Tiu<>i.'til>^f t}mt ouiiu nptm hliii, aa 1 am jpktntr 1" t«ll 

Ou bis w?c!iiiK' tlic U/ly wbn wnai (Nimmtttfld in hh tnort. ho felt 
tio auotkin iiur Mriitiuiciit kivl- Ihnt of wuadcfr. eu in l>^1ioldinic tliv 
mo«t perfect of Iho work« iif lij" Cn>iitor ; mni hv luok a ]>U:iutiir« 
in pro<rJdltLg tfiat nhi^ nboultJ bn trmttxl and nc<'AimnrLoHat>d wjih 
•11 pofldtiltf aitcntigii tad ruiJL-ot. w dao to po ooc^nipliBLed ami 
pmmlmnt a bcioic, 

Aa tho nfttQtiD of lib oommMon vavo Mm frequent ocaaaon of 
bvsfc >Har and ahonl th« pcrvoii of hia auu^lc word, mw boaallfa 
i:row iUlly rteiMo nod open I0 bla ejtr^. Butt Ahoro aJl, Jn ccu' 
voning with htr, ifae niudo of hor lUK^iita nnd tJio olosuiM of ber 
Bfintimoala foil iiuoiuibly oq Iu» aotil, that druk Hum np at a df7 
gfoud MiIb Qp Iho jdtUUo d«v of ths aTonlca, 

B3i oeoaaloih* for attonrllnj^ hn, and dohg UtUa offloo* and eer- 
riocA About lior. nov dojly mprnund withoQl aeomuv to do ao. 
Vflivo hrt WAi oitk.Ml, and inu^n'k^d to jco ^laowharv, bU faot Imwi^ 
0*pUI»1j ojOTla-I Jitm to tlia Tin^'ui^c^ of raitChan. il» altLai[«ni 
wore ^ort, uncniy. ani brokun; nnd at lacaU ho knuw not 
WtLl^tlKT or nn whHl U» fod. 

At langth bU oyc* npcoiwl to Iho naliunJty of fall coDdfttDo. Bat 

TH£ Fcol cp qviLur. 


who hm lialtJ Lis fjual uimu luin.1. juid. iLiuhiEii; UiiJitcIf »«t'iJH', 
httii folluit iHjltvv Ibnuiik : liul "rvhilv ti<i tU-iit, a, B^jniii^-trdv cuius 

nd vweEcd a]idi>r the boat. tLUd huvcd it from laml, oni tumjij^ 
bom It farthor and Turtiier 1ft tn*st^ Tbcti »vk-rik'.'(L(»I iho bf<)ptca$ 
aukrincr. nnprorbSnl of mJI or oar. or nX (\nj iur.^ixw lo v^-^ c^r 
attempt a rotiim. He mw his l4Mrt mIbU— ho EtTLnctod lua wnm 
ttrvftrtlB tho Wd ; bul vliflo liu n^^^kud H willt (u»t tyvA, hu foufjd 
hlimwlf oftnioil by on trroiifltlblo povcr otiJI more nod mon dicbuit 
from tiM wglit. 

ThiiA ititviX \i wSlb ihn vrftohnl, I'lnt, fallen v'fm.f Ank«po«. Ho 
a*nikcniKl to lilfl cnuditicjn — liu looked niuunil, hul feiinnf li^wlf 
bcJpkiM, llts uxitiTJ Lav« Atniu^od— lu) vrifllii>d bli rotun to 
vMw ; bitt hb u-iihvt u't^re ijok^— « finMe tt a dtwnj and Iw 
ftlt hlmmU' l^imn nuiiy^ t j n >D>*riQt and mbUlft fiuvo, m»m that 
}miEU>ur ti inMch hi* nunv bnn^ly retnlnnd n. dfictAJit fnvHtivtut. 

Tho iniltriHrmAit iliv thitt jnvy«^f \\\tii\\ hint ^t Uiiiiftli booama 
InnifrnniMfl, and hi* ilciipirruUily drbinnlni^i! tn «wlc rnlfnf. 11a 
thrtw li;]iL-'<!f at Mu: Te'l^I of Ihi^ (jbjt'it of lli» liivo, [iV(iVR<1 tfao 
arduur of htn in^duD, 4Jid tHimnj^fjt hrr ^I'ly. 

T}lo |rrLiii-'W rii|)!U<i1 In ii mild \\\\i nuHiliito ai^^^nt^T do |ntj 
fuu. ArD«L|i(«; 1 iiilv jnit tlic; ei^i'Iv, oh jt Ik all tliit (dj power rftD 
er«r du for yuu. iVu Jit^nnuotujUMi! UuTiLira u[ipuw jcjuj dnH^oi 
^Uiu (lEio u» ui.> htiiKiur. ifir iitln^i: my iiic^Uutt^uii, 1 luu aJroiulj 
nmriicd Ui n Tiirri*; h':n.--'lbo iniic* nud rotrifi* of hb pcOtJo "tb» 
□i«t ac^-omi'fiflbL-il of hlfi KJt— oinl on litinoiir to Lumiui Qatnrei 
bo i« lu/ ^nt luvi Em! lovo — L<j iKiAMuftoa my liciirt ubully; Wt 
u^ro it fimi'tiol i^f JiFm. tt wonil iH^t l-o omptfcMl of flu vlHoo^ 
aad tba thoUKhla of Any <Ttlwr wuiild bi- lUi offcnc.<i^ to my soul. 
IJ4 (itlvif^l tti^in, AnmjM.'Sn dnjnu-l Ironi lfim|i1iAtiuii, iLbd MoL ^i 
ftbSiMiw ft cura for tho iiiditrmtion of yoar !qvo, 

CcrjiTniwU utf^eltod. ^(cchlow. AnuiK4 Icirt at once th« littlo 
tbat r»jxkftlaad 1« him of virtii<j Tin I ri']i>ii.)ii, llv know not whttt ho 
dfd— Iko wouU havft iiToooodod tu iiokncc, wh.^Ti lb* prlnoMA sn^i- 
iS^qIj drow a jionmrfi and i>>iii(vd it wt bur boai^ ; wticroat 
Anupu nbmgbf vtthdivv, <ivcn«>i'diafid with Rb«ni^ dba|ipoia^ 
ntvnt, nud ^WpiLlr 

Ah wviii HB liv Itrtfl rc'fjTr<l. tho jiriTK^i-^ took a little tablet, 
Kirrcidi jbo ili*frtE>iMl tlui f(illftw-lnir worrlur^ 

"To Oimcii. 

"YoMfarixiril^ Xitj- itcktujtA ^fe imrti Iki womM hAre oO«r«d 
iKolciuoc. lUik w^t b duo to youF own honour, u ncIl m 
iJialoT ^TASmiHA." 

Tbu sho d«ipaK'bu<l to tbo monu'aU I7 od« ^ her fnJtfariil 
mitQBp Ai BOOD oa Cynit hitl jxinuwd it, bo Bi^Ehod, and drq>Md 
a toar, aa Otaf Ibo dr^pAztoii rLitao of hb tic«t L^lovf-d fritind, lio 
InMBtthr Mht for Aratpi*. ArutpM dunrl qcI diMboy. Uo fauo, 
jBdOvd^out ibfru h(i did uA duio 10 look ui^wajd 


TiiK root or qrTAtrrr. 

AfUr It tHietb^^f OD both >dtlc«, Cyn» criod out— WIiootot tboa 
tiL Aoocumt lc mif for my fncml, rM»oiint lo mi* for Ida vtrtiitt--ik 
mu» UiAt I ili*»*m«<l 10 lie impMiibiA, nnuMJUUA. WbcmopOB 
.kJUpoa Eiiftd« Itio liAlowtng mort mc^iorTLblf* of urwtn, 

M jon IL» bnt kteJf oDicrod dO jour flrvtik, iri; Ha.rrj, I wfll 
flnt rMd tfte i^iMiro to yoiij nud thnn givn fiKi Uia jwnw of ft^ 
w*»i* for wonl :— 

*U C;rti&! it w nuknlfbd tliat I hvr^ two eoiib; ibr jfl bod 
1)ut obc Fijul tt C4?dii Dot bo at otiix both rood toA otD— DOl « 
lover At tlu Mine ikoo of irbnt In brawil oad dJahowrt; tfc coold 
not at OQOO doMrv ru'l bo ihrorH to IIiq umo thiiv* It faw tbO£^ 
Ibnit inovt erUciit lluil wo ka^o two «fialii ; nnd whrai tiiA sood 
sou] hatb tho damiaLtu good worki ato |>crionni»d; but oiH works 
vrhvn thij <ivi] Boul prodaEninnt**,'* 

Kc'i^, Uarr;, jou BOf» lAore woro two men In ono mui, whlcb b 
tbc QkTOo thing u) tivsro bdnfr two bo^p In yjon. For t^ toul b 
I2ii^ luou. IliLriy; oitd tho l^oJ^ i» but m a sign, tc f^vo notiOO tO 
Olbcnt tlmt ttui-h n ijiAii rlwi'lla withtn. 

But, dr. Mf » ilnriy. otiico, ok yon ai^ (md u ! ttA^ I Iuto two 
dHTornit ooji or iouEj wiTtiin mc; pt^^r how cun^ 1)i^ to 1*^ 
dUfernnt? dtd ihn mttm* Hricl ilint i1min>rl txi ninkA IhA nnn ual 
|Wd, dfldrc iJui to tnukr tUn athtir iiml ovll? 

Tour (ia(*BlJou, mj rbirlln^;, li very pmppf, thniiirh v*ry dpftp- ' 
wUl howcTVi^ utiiU'avuitr, lo llin litvit (if iii>' i^vmr, to oooomiuodjtto 
inj lUmnvrB to the wuuluios* of your Mi|Kwltj. 

ni>t vhu tH rji.Ttlii»t but i^oiLuvtiB, cAQtiot tio»i1>1y df<flara aiiy 
ktiH <rf cTil; a)]ij thinnforu crkunvL bc>, jlflnicilUU'tv* llic nulhi^r 
Ihcrvuf. Flut lio fjin make or rriAln iiucb pooT little [ji^;Mufii;Ant 
boin^ U you ftinl I nro, II^rrT i ttiotitrh otl that Cod lihii-nlC tnn 
do »i cur boholf cumot poujlil^ nk.iko u» k^hL or o^^llfnt* or 
porfoot, *iiT othorwitfo thrm by iofurmbj; un with his own goodnoM 

Tliift would lead mo, ny Ioto, to tho onfoldlu^ Ihnt aapitnl si^orvt 
<d which yoQ Hr» not yot tuMWptlble; % loorot upon ntiuili tltu 
world, can. moon, ond rtar*, ^-ilh lUJ Iho worMfl uj-in uxirida Uuil 
lla l«yoni1 thiMa, d^^poud iind hitag, la your hnt would hong upon 
joii'ItT npiiL 

'rii'j iiuj,ipl« llmt (iTt now In hnftn^Ti nro ptnatv g»>t>1. pnrfofl^KUl 
sL)E JiJiin UiUi^ ; borwiw tlioy jLru flUod with the grratnu^ fWMt 
uiffi, k'lorj, uuc] iwrfaoUoo oT Otvl. For they know Itut of iheio- 
«vlrf« tbi?y zkiv uullihig ; and tlut In ih^rmwlvtai ihoy nm no other 
than c^nLpty luirl dark iraitiirdiv taotw xoUAlhlo f-jLj4id[Ef*i prvpamj 
fbrlbc iv^vptiuiD, thi; ri.^1irjjf, luiil i'iui>jmviil of ihu HthU rirtuo, 
and blMMxfiicn of Ihoir iKmutifid Cit.-4ttt«i. 

flow tho ^Jrit of Eoaii cuuu tu bo. in itiwlC w uiudi wuiw tboo 

TTW rooL OF urALtrr. 


■n tmi^tf uid lUrk ciVJituro ; hoip it chjih* tu b« filled and poUnUd 
'Vrlth All miUtrvr of atII, with ulflnhncuu, prlda, i <ittTOMDiii, 
alKoniiuibl* Imru. c^tj. hjttrvtl, motLct'. TovijQie«^i1ticM» and wndu 
fnlivm^ hnw Et fiirthi^r ^^nv* I'k Iuitm it iljfl^fvnt ^unt b(*|;ctt«ii 
within XI, InformlniT It* hnarl imA TTiming lhr< chnrrba Ihnriirkf to 
MKiimcnfti of liumilitj, nhnrily. purilj', lovp, paili-ni'nH lUiJ pnowi — 
Ihii^ Hjiitj, Ix llin irrivit M-rivl^ tpf wh^i^li ymi utt* ^►I ypl ciiTnljIe; 
tho wcn}t> Jii^ I I'lUI yon, u]ti'Ti-<Jit tint mhi'U iun> Ltanipt, wni-rvtij 
U hu boot cbniu^l. iUiiI nlicrtty it ^111 l^e renewed. 

la the xnmutiuti^ lui it auIIIcci fur yuu Ui iw\ niid tu kutrw. tlut 
jDur duk f|jij1l, w filled a* T mid vlth «Ti^ U jnarteM, uij Ilarr^ 
^e aU thjit 7VU buvc of the frrDntnro within jrou ; imd niat tlto 
p«iil #iiiri1, which )h"ll*'ri wIiJjId your ovil hpiriU in brMthed 
into JOB bf iho power cmd npirit at GoJ himself, h) onlor to 
OppcM lAd ('onqdL^r Ihc t'rtl, Jini] cotiglitcn Iho dorkncn, nAd 
punfy tho foii!n<*(i of .vtmr fcttl^h or oradur*^ spirit, DiliI jttu 
BUj flfiaUj bocoma at tbo Angob Itat oro in beflm3% flllod with 
tbo pnri^, JEt<"7< ■'^d MaMOdiwa of jour Ood. 

Know thcroforo from hotu'ttffirvnr-l, imd krt ihf nonu of U «ink 
Irfci yotir Kmiil, mj durUoifH l^t at) tho otiI v-hitL in in you l^oloogi 
10 TU»rT*i*1f, Uid that «JI tiiO gi>Od uIulIi U in jn»n b^lrmpi to ynnr 
Gnd ; thAt yoii cAdnot, fco or of yoaiMV, bo miiHk hji iliink u, jp>od 
tiion^bt, or Tfurm n good wMi, or oppoao a dn^^lc trnrfhtiilon nr rvfi 
motfon wfthin you. From heniv? 1<<^Lni tn 1u< fiiLriibtii, nml ff) rhiTtk 
ni«aidy (at yoiir^wilf, mud m>t hmtHIw Ut ymrr»itr iiny klrul of i^iHHliicif* 
orvlrttH^^ f)r ihiLt wmikl U^ uiTili^'; If nouM |m tn mb G<k1 of MjI 
pacnliAf ijru[vrij ui i^wHlu«<tn. Fruin Iiuillv rirLhct 1riir[i. Dtvvr tv 
pr«fer jt'.mn^^if t<» uIIi».t'» w to thiuk Lvtt«r of jourwif Jlujii of *iny 
ODo liTiiu; ; for. u* im lut yr>u aro a oreatorc, no vm: cua be iiIeF or 
frullier tluu you <trv. lu^cnr Ood mvj bo pTnecd. Ihitxij^b liin 
menjf ad boo&iy to ton. u, Ih> Wtter hi Toa th»ii In olhrm. 

NoTor tialt youirvli, my HAiry ; nolthor In company nor convctM- 
Cion of any kind My, t Sii tlua or I did that, or, 1 ftud tfai*. Of I 
aud thai ; r>r In <^:oiliii4c yotinolf, wu t^iCAlt vo^tr own prond and 
0^ tpihl ndwTp the good and meek spLrit of Qod ttiat ia in you. 
Lot nil tir.iiec- lO'iHilr iindl>o& rfprnncib 'o jour «oii«dono«,l>nlT4iko 
bhono v^lli paticm'fi ami ploAHum; in bj<Mii(; you will flpiiroTO jfoot^ 
Mlf A lover of jujkliw, u vcU at a lover of your own rofommlaon. 

lABlly, my Ioto, tnm rvfir wholv will nnri nf^nrnmu from your 
own uvil Bpint, to tho jipHt of God that la In yoo ; far that k i~ 
nUao«t tliHt any man can do towa^ hia own «AlviitIrin. Kpv[*ii'1. 
a|Viiii,iDHl ikitMil i^rory irwiirm to m\] ; omhrir^, ^^hnrlali. And Uiko 
In foar hoart ovmy motlmi nf emnt ; ymi will tlu.-nitFy rLtiiuire tho 
noTCT-ondinie scion of harhi^ Jotnod with Ood i)i thu mmiut mid 
(rDiin(H tluit ho a ilnfrom of ohtalninir otot all tbo gvJlt, nndooa- 
nan^ aoil dcprsTlty, Into vblcJi yoiir miltirD b lUlofi. 

Iloro Andtvw came np with urAk-v to Li> master ihnt tho Earl of 
JfouifiLdd wiu bcUrw, lUiiT n^i^n-^tf'il to ^pcak with hfan. At tUi 
Qarry «i1oiir««l up. And <'nori— l^id nut t tcIF yoit, Mr, ivhat trouble 
1 abottld briuK njhin you ?— I>o U'>1 Ihj ubnui>lt mj iIoaf, iay* Mr 
Font«ai; do yon HF^y h^rr. If tboro b n nocoon^for your ap- 
pcAttPoe, 1 mil ccnd yon word. 

lur \ 
ho ] 


nrs FOOL OF ^VALrrv. 

n« Ubar <rf T^^vni I-tinl Bottmn wm in ever^ TT«ppot tho 
t m v m «f Ui MD. Iln bBAl c<iiii-t oa ftjot without ■tutidant*, m* 
ditMid la ft pIrIii itniipfHi ooolt uul Iwl thu Piluii «iid aiiimmirn 
of Ml hoDJtA ujoaiiy eiuaor. 

Ml- lord, ttft U r. Fcjituu, I ttotHA lliink smolf pvatJj tuinoimvl 
hj (oil rytt if 1 ^n» not w muilt coiuwnjvJ ad tEe otxAswti uf tL 
I tm tmlr erievoil UuJ aqr 0m abauli) tuTo daw mttk giwl o0lnio* 
lo joaDji: Lord D otlopL B lr, Mgm lh« wrU 1 And TOD Imto qiiitB 
BMikoD ^ ktcftt of laj Tudt ; I un OcBDo to tik«^ jroitt Mb for 
the just tad doUq kmtm vliioh bo gATc to muMi «nd ifl^ bo 
biB eo fan4l>1y lii^n«»Hi npiMi hU niCDiorr, m mil &>< 1 UmU 
|i«niiit Hm to farg«t h n a hairy. Mj br^, mplt^d Mr. Fcutoti. 

KUttlo lullow ift vorr wcutl.<U< <if bia mmbvliATknir in Ihk baittxanL 
w«t Ihti lint to ohuw him^^U: luiri Im told DH tho ttoij, very 
mooti, 1 umn- rour lo^I*l;i|\ to hu own dlAuWonCaSOh 

Mr. JiDDtou. r«j'iin(i<l U115 t^rL, diorwiut 1 h»ro liQ«rd cf joitr bof 
fron Ottft jAck Krvonuin, « rorj IftlihfDl tnil intolligont avrvaat <if 
mint, T nm quite impBtinnt to ■» blm, oqiI thoro to mitMnit 
gonore u n vhliti 1 aiu not wnUog to b«Ueva conooniog him. ^ij 
wtfh, tnilftfHi. Ffi tKit dt fUl tliriH In in^ vinj of 1liiiihiii|r. Mm Lift 
takAEL hrr 5<'Uiur t^^^^l ^^^tli hl^^ t<] tann, fn thit dncwfit; utA I om 
fiMKJomed lit tlir TiubtKyr uf tLc^ ii^eiLliDi^uL wUU^ iih« i nx|j nn<wl mt 
Ifali oonuAun. ma H \itny Ui 4 iiii-jitih itf '^.■f^■ rHri^ tIlM oo|tuinteun 
ind bitJiDHCij wkiHk I lii'ATtll^^ ubOi to vitlrjvuiri* wllb the fiimitf <idr 
Hr. Fcubuu But wlu^re U tbLi wttnikiful IK17 ? I roqooH li> 
(H» him. 

Murij, br^rvni'tait wiu [nuaodi«to]> oaJIihI duwu. As h« ■|ipnf 
kcnitpil lliat hevnA ecDtfor lo bo i^Tcn>l7 cliii3d<^,n lIlL^c ri3ic>ntfu] 
hno^luMo arovo in hu mint <uid olJtfwtfaoDod it afEBixivt tho 
vIoUdm el th« c^proofe th«t he omctod, llo thoraforv futcrad 
witli an dr tliat nf> wnjr fovourH of morlidciiition. and nsAdo b«t a 
oold thuu^b BoWnin Ik'w U* tiio onrl. 

bluMt im>. fiiciliUmod my bnl, what a «trikbi|f r^wtrohbinM I I 
never uv two dtvvt or p^ntcBn oo mneh eiIiUd, Thoro to no dl^ 
fonnoc, Mr. Ktrnton, l>«rtv*«n jon ulJ yt>nt wn, 0100^ what age 

hod B Qotiao tJLDl j4iir h'-ri.H.** VpTD.* biij^ fi<llouT : Lui b«tv 1 thtnk 
w« bATO not bomion qcUto In mlnlntiiro. i^ tfaU Lc Uu ono who. 
«ii I am told, wtth a trip or a blow, ovntthrovi nnd domotttboo «U 
b«foT« hbn f Gomtk to mu* tnj ()ivu» and j^Ito mo kinro to i^lnto 

lixrry mpeotlblh- Aptinuched ; und mr lorc^ tnUnif h!tn In hln 
«nuH nufl wwiuljr kinuiic hiin, nud-*1 luuik jva, msF Ultlo nuui, 
fur d]<j ipfiii'Lfoiu loMMD which jon g«To lo my vurj nauuLtv Uiy; 
and for tlio diHonmoe whioh jmi bMicht Bin to v\\ik\j fur tliu 
fuLuns l.ielwcun te a M otoWi of • bnl niiU lL« flmtUuenU li n 

U*rr7 folt himBoIf at ono« diH<?r»fiwrt-vl, abtuod. oaJ wholly cut 
<knmt by 1hi» ocnpJimont horn blf lnnWii, At kn^'tb rMvrcrin; 
htmndf no aufworod^You manii. tu l-o mira, nir, to rcproTc mn too 
moro by «ba1 yon havo *il-1 ; tiut^ if yi^ii luv in (.^iimcft. 1 iitn mro 
it is a vory tod IcoKin which you teocu m», air, vliun yu\t pruH luo 



for mf ffinltv* (ml m> (innouraff« wt in th«in. — Fuilttl my di»r, 
oriod Ui« ttai, 1 hniinl r»f ncino nirh ; ttiut do jroii inewi t^ yoor 
fkulf* ?— >l mi'An. ?irr, 11i:ii whmi T ti.ilil y^tur vod ui macb jib tnnC h9 
ffaff nrit n iFimtlfrmnn, li itiowtiLi (Tint ! vtia atlll Im« of die gviitt«» 
miui tny.^lf: luid 1 vary well ilcH'rvrTit thn Ibw irhlij) hn mva m» 
riir fiUL'fi lui iifltvut ; nuT) I niu iVbrly 1u a*^t hi» jnHon whnnnvnr 
7011 ^lU'ju^^ tiijf UjI(1. — No, no. tit; iriim^ ■■i'hiI I^inl Mrwiffli^ld. yim 

B0 Anqd)^ bvjr.^I »Lill IliiiJi it Lo tJu^^iiLci?, tjuidt Juut clITuuI* 
bmr ftptted lurry* Iv uuikci hiiiiiiit«^ii^^i# to tay vnv wEio is K^n to 
nuA Ik cv^tlctnon ae mj Lard Mruuildd. 

Hy loril fcr rurnr tiirKi loiikoit wilh fietoni^lmiotit At the cbUd; 
VMt Mffcrty (iiC<:UJtiK anii (irc«Jn)c liirii Ia hi« l-oevoi, ho ori^^ out 
— Od my ttmour yon am tho <woeUrtt ui well iw Iho noL»U*il fftllow 
I WM <iror »0(|U«iiFlHvil wltlk ; nnd, tir, I hltn-lJ think it nn hcoLonr to 
ba adxnittot AnwHig your tricniK miii ihal'a M'biLt 1 wi^itJ^l nut hj to 
IBJUy m Uld Kngkifiii. Mr. Fi-nton, izontinuoit tlio cari^ A jou wlU 
|!iT» yotuiwif tba croti!>1(i ia iiniiitm o»l my littJfi L<iil|j^ itn iho hill 
yon will obUg* no ; ti^ough 1 es^vy ^our oWaobir, I Hhidl 1j« |{Ja4 
of your ooquuDlaDOn So ioyinjc. Lord Mniufii^ld got tp aftor bla 
blupl muiinAr, ahiI |intdiritAlpIy vliliilrev. 

On ihn tjitlowing OToaltLg Mr. Ftmlfin Ux^k Tlnrry and Mr 
CLMOL^nt int4> hln tvHy ; iohI taking fmia hJa poi^kof-^ioak a iiiiiiiL>i?ir 
of bfiiik-liUI" — Mr. GfffTnwit, myi ho, T h<*r(» iiinkv ray Hmrry h 
pnw nt (if nfkKvi]) iLiiiulml iHitmiJA. rw^'niiijf uit!> t« irL^'iiolf the 
prlvnef.-n ctrniklidii^ Iidw it mny bv lul^l out lUiil wL'uml for him to 
the Ltnt EMltuntbicp. 

'ri>iiHJi'n>tt (Licjniifur jmt not} h<J An? U» t^t oat on UM for Louiluu. 
■fid thtrc ta tike UkI^dcii u near (u tbo Flc^^priHEi ivi yuu iULa 
OanvtfinicLitlj bvMicojiuiiiudatoL Vtiuiin? tLitt to itJlJy tu LluTk»pcr. 
■bfl to c&VD hjiii n frnktuity for riuiktiin i>iit A wHltou liflt of nil tbo 
prisonc^rv Malar hu custotfy, vith ihclr qniUI^ end cvjn>lilSuQ 
annoxod, v afeo tJu etima rvvpeotivcly duo, oad u^c totiEo dimnf 
lAbh tfioj Imvo boou In coiifiai»n«nL 

¥00 tfo thm to inquro from liim tho «o7onk) chomotorA, dt»- 
fatw, 'tnil i»'>riC» of mU tht jiri"oiiorH of iMti', and to mnkc ut 
O&try tharoot In a ni|)«ratio paper l but Ibi^n yon firvi aoi to <lv|M7ad 
ftho0OthAr on bia njHirt* Yon «io to ^ irom room to toom. to 
MDTiar«o with the |imoti«ra apart, kud t>> iiKtitcr^ from eaoh tho 
fihuactcn, fartunaa. and dlaaftom of the othi^m. 

lUa inqnlntfiDn, Id aj] ftkohhood. ffiJI tiLk« yon up aboTo a Giii- 
Vtl^ Bvt, above all, rvmiembfir that th(>tu> jimoiiiF ih^m who arv 
noM aflbntari by tha dlKtruPM of thnh- fi^llnwn, ni^l l>> 1m tha 
prindpal ot^t^ta of your own churlty anri rvlk-f. 

I^t flro biiiirjr^il |Kiijii4lii of t^L^k louni^y W hppn i|kHiifiNl tu the 
ntlanprnwnt ai ^nAi piliuinuTn nn hjc unilor dunMut (or wuoa not 
UMumtiiit to too ptimuls; You nitl thcroby fnw tbo cqrtive ; glvo 
nnaaii of bread to Ihv ttmnfty ; atilI ne#torD to your voimlvy many 
iii«iuIhitii Ihikt «ru wonn t\iaa ubvU^a. Ihiit Lirt nlw a dcfK^t*ol|[ht 
tnii eacnicbranco ti|^<iii hir Lnt the r^mniikJiuc tbouawid praoila 
b» appSai to Ihe enfmncliWiot^tt or nWat of Ihosa pamMnnm of 
aoUh vfaOM ctM» ud calomitioa oaJi for abigiikr ixiRpawofc 



b* voro to k«rp M teoCRUit wliPTo roLif ncioey nuij fnll »h(rri of 
fOfli TttloAblo pqnoaea; and, lu Tur h fivt> huiulri>l paonil* moro 

Uenmpm Harry caught hU patron aboat tkK: notJc, jinil rc- 
pcotodlf klvoiur aim, oicd-O nr. how hnppv, bow ivt7 luppy 
you ro*k« nro r U, UiaI w^ }u4 mantj «QOtJir" to «m}>luj ototj- 
furlni^lit tb» fou- nHiml hka thiA vTMt forCtilprjl ! 

The \-ory naxt momina; oiir tnr^'Uer* set oul un tfavir ^rciLcrom 
Mpn&UoQ. But v« foTOMir to my itny rJiin^ raUtir* ih^nno till 
thvir retnni; oa thajr ttwnutnt cuv tho ho«t qiuUAiul, and la 
tnitli havq tJnj bwt ri^itk to ^td iho |'uU™ of titotr own 

Onr HnrtT ntn] hi* frimil flmmrnl hiul T>ot Sojmi gona Ahnm aa 
tu>i[r» V lii'n Mr. FenUdi rvcrivnl a cjioI fmrn tin? C^^uatM* of Uklt- 
liLnil, ifiifvihi^ hiK ciHiipiLitj t) O'llT-^ iu ll'r cvwIniT. Rbs WM 
vidow lo llui I4I0 at^r}^ u vt^ry tcivolj wcrmoA, lud token thn rniiht 
•amptuuiiB huuA? un iLr bill, and wm miH'tG4| lu tiy piuul>i^ni of 
tho iSi'st flKiirO) frL>Eii hiin'iiu: wIli^ia rIjr Wiu iHif^'-lly ^iiuliEiotl to 
lojkkt o icloctioo, i>xoorMliri;.'ty cBtcl Wimnc h> ht^ncU^ of Uiv ^vttti'\^\^t^ 
too «keuiti ani tbc Imlit^rouB. 

Mr. rcnton Jitlonjloil my Uulj imc^l^ at the tiau> njifDlnitA, 
Whtn lio «3i!«rod, iho wai> writinf b note at licr dcnk. On trimiru: 
her tj^ to tho door, ah* v*a undrtenly ntm«k with (k^ p^w of hU 
flpiro, tho an^^i^tiKWA of hln a^pevl, oiid tho («m af hu lifmiilauiiil. 
^uo wut fiirthoi' itrui^k vJth a ivcolloctJon oi of MmAllhig nrj 
iDtercAtiru;, Hit nhiL>li hud hopponoii at n wat dfttonco, or of which 
•h« hud dn«>ain«il, H*fT ht>jLrf w^jcf olfivtcd; thH ool'>tii>'i| up. iiod 
Affnin tojtiarl piilc, wlthmjt Loing ^ot nblo to movo from hf r <ilmir, 
At length ivcovfTio^r. nnd rinii»(r *nd nrtv^TH'iTiji lowiird him — Ur, 
F'tintim. fcij'» "hr'n thl* ii; a v^rj *Jnffnl«r fnvfwir^-ft fftrwiir for wliirh 
I h*To long winhoi^. TTiIjih iilr, yoii know, in tny tiiirj ttmn of "king, 
but mj two former r«rU wpm riur. wi hnppj h>i 1o brin;? yoii.— 
Madiun, mlrl lir- ivinOiM^y, 1 sun but 4 vnry lumr viftlfj^r : btivver. 

SUJllULiitU. Hi ]w.Vi\ ttV »ILOV — I hUYH bl^ll HOW, uiJ ttu? fuutittv^ 
IhiYii tLMEilli* ^>ti th>: I1UI. Wrdiiii tliut ItJtiti 1 \t&y« i^iplwcl to aU 
my iu>qimiuUmo. Ill onlor to £ct jionie uf thi^ia to Jntnhhico nw tO 

?uu ; but noiiii uf ITlmd « r.inr h> f^'rlu^iiil^ ob Id knou jcnir noinc.— 
*0 tK^ knowi^ iu,i,ilmti, rv^.lii' 1 Mt, FcijU^ii. a p(M>-jn tiwi^t hnwj h9Vi 
in wni'; waj conwiiriiibl.' : inJccil it ia no vtaj dbttirnioatjlG to mj 
o^^TL ii}rUri/4ii<7Ti4 t-} pn/^ cliti '^Jiitrt r^ntiUDt of ao imdjcnifiauit lifo ^a 
Utile n«tdl^^ lUL |K>r«<kM(t-— ^uuh fonipuj tboQ como in, aaiI tho 
oroniit^ VIM vpctLt in n^waldo con?t«&ti0a; aaX on tho party 
brAdcinir np, tnch inijiDbur of H «t« dlfftioci nt^Mdor inTflationc to 
lilr. i^oni^m, which fao m poUti^ly oJKmmd hinuolf from attending 
to nt pnMrnl. 

Un thft roUaiHnjrmorninir;M»hi> Mt In hU Mudy, mhiw ono tafiped 
nt tba door; ond. on Mng deidrad I0 walk In, vho ahonU enti^r 
bnt lAfljr MAJtlund In nh ijrr^idili' dinhuUllp. 

Mr, >"ontflii, irtlrl fchu (r!*^i»plj Mnahftijr niiil liwilntlnjrl, T, T — JMI 
mmt thttjk U mrr nUl^I imr. dr. 1 iihr>iilrl nnf hiVA intruitfid itpnn 
yvUt Ihw out of uli furin, |*u1iH|n mOvi^ullj, iiTiwiuKiUFibly.— rii>iw» 

raff FOOL OF QVALirr. 


Iplmfttitiif, Mt iiirii-E-iiiivi;: 11 iTiy |H4u-tf« tliul I r-^uld ijitt nrruKo 
agwlf UiEH [>|)|riirtimily of hiraklriK tu upuii you^Eki inhiirvil, m; 
mr dmi1hui« Umt Uifi yrvuugii iiltnhiitti ]ruu uui do mc U to li?t 
aw kiHiv, «« soon i> poMolltv rtLeretu I c«d nn9 joli, 

Elm the (oiintnw, looking on^ufly and InndftdtitcJ/ on hlni, pat 
bar bond in bcr bo6fun.t<iok oiit« picture oudiJtarauiUilrcQrrcTiii];; 
^ one jinil ihd urli^— Ypii. abe crM. it In. it iiiii*t corUiulj 
bo 00. Tbeft, rcacbini; not ibc pIctnTO, Can jon tell mc nir, oiitti 
■bO| fisr ^Ijcim thid wiu ^rawn, or mthcr do ^uu ruuHmltrir toirhttm 

Mr. F^-aion took tbo plrtoTD. baked at il, tifid etixrUd: vhon, 
r«Of<llMifi]»ff iduAt and pniMtgx n« fra&i «fiir olT, ho oxoltiimod — 
GwMl (>c,l ! la It tMHtfbI«, oin ycm bo my littto t'onnj (JoorUiJ ? — 
Vvs Tuy <icni'»l ooiufn, uvworod tfao countvik m mielj w j^fm 
ATo ihp «tjli irwi knfablo Barrr CliDlon. 

ElcromoEi iti^f both TOM RlitdNily, OAd Ur, F«n1/in, rntcliiiur 
biv qiiLirjrlfi(ji Funny In hla omu:* timmj bfrr ta liii ttcnm vJTh 
tvAruk HMt\ kEmlriMl i^fJiecflon. Tint tbr ki^iiii-fliin of llk^ crxitiir^M w 
tiio hlif ffir iitiiTfln™ : till. rRmmlnff h'-r oJuUr, hIui gftvo hcoim* 1o 
her i^iminti. inil Immt Into ■ vluktit flood cif iciir^ 

Ah"f H iriiiliud ajid nfrrrlmir hilmja* — A\\\ frit* ^fr- Ki.'(iion, in 
ft Fifloai I'Hiiti'^xito nr itiMiii r'riio|ii)tip Ituw iini l» my 1<j\(rt/ coiiriii. 
to inteipiut Uiutit Uiun? Am 1 lu cuiiJ^irlur Xhcra hb fiutbtr pn^cifn 
of juur ajident nverdaii 1o mt^i' " kimily miil doir iivUui-tij 
«f ^niir rvtundiiK aflifcliouV Thu iXJUnlcfA ftidw^rvd miU uitl 
Ut. Fcaion ooninuod^-* 

Voa Duy remerolHr, mj cooBin. that 1 bjtd vorf fow rt4nlii>n«. 
MjoqIj wr^or <Yirr riontiT^iKKl lr> li-hn^i^ liEiULi^'If tovordu mt OA 
iO olkc and in mnmj \ imd my ontj undc uiii gnordiftn. wbo in 
U« IaIft yr^irv bcamo j«ur bitbor, wow nu imy oj^noul^lo to my 
tMto or dlHiH'Htlii-iTj. In ytHt. tli^rofoNv frora your Infancy^tn 
TOO ftlooc\mr lunlablo coiudn — 1 hnd cvntrod all my Mr^uLtioiui 
of fttbwbooo, brotborhood, all tlu* rL{It>i.-tton4 \\.\\>\ t^iiil^-r fcL^lin^ 
llwt Mtumlly ftriM Trom fcimiiiMJ nml i^'nuuijiriinitv. ilow Imvo 
1 tiMn d«ligDtod wiih yottt infiuitmr pmtdol fcow huT* I cKuitod 
In yiMir opvnjrifT dwmwl On Iho dwtli of my flr^r »ifn joii wtro 
my mify otinaftlfltlt'tn ^ bpcI in yonr inmtJi'fTnt fixfrau'* nnd Altmrtltn 
Wiitphmirftt* T fi>lt a rtrwOKwi (tfcmotinn thitt I iH*vcr h.dl Iwfum. 

<in my rrlTim frein Fmiiw, wllh wb^l Tniii^i^irt*' rIEd y<m reoeli« 
nm! *■*! jTTfiw. fls ii w^rft, in r*nr i^nhmnnniPnU" fo ku?1i other- Yon 
vuiv Iht'n, ru I ji[i]irrhnut. it>ont ton ytiurii of iit*e. But on luy ut^Jit 
Tlptl yuu rrfiimd to bp wen by mi-. Suod &(lef yoo uerw tHbru lU. 
I (1iu]y itriit <Ah :\\\ Hrbiii^ h'-iv\ fo Etiqiiire after yourliCoIlJi; tut 
yuuT tnJUiniEiit |>crtTJtpti>r]ly ii:fur<-t] edv fu.LmimOD to jiwr fntWPM 
tilli cu y<mr nx:oTcry, yuu nvn txiuvvycd IWrin mo* «ikl •Knvtcd 
kito tlL« coitntT?. 

IhoTif^ tbb uriklndnfffi it'ciit niMkr ray b^rt> it did not oltor mj 
affoftion*^ 1 ndll oooliliiutHl to rntinifs; nXitt ^ou, I Mill ci>atinuod 
to bo EiitCTcrf«d in you, uid 1 prcf-irrcd my ordort viiibOM mid 
pr&ycn to Ilcutcq for yoiir prc*pprity. 

Ut. F^nion. rwd Lady ^uitlhnd (yon liai-c unriuoatioiukbly jonr 



re^Kfrv for ffaaoaTn^ to 1m «o s^mW^A l I am rMj MnrfUft, ffa", I MJ, 
of jcnr ntniOrliiiUT puiUh; (o hip tram nir o«riin>i jtstr%. Totir 
tenJ«nhVMt. hk vvmi ra^nlinaHd. wm time of ^i< fikruV*: *>t fuli^m 
or limihn^ Von knaw llic (w^m tnd ktotl irf AJfiwtjdn Uutt whm 
ValtaMf? 1>3tvi7Qn lach priiilicntv and jnu kcjit jmin^ll IvecMj 
wlUiju (Lc IjEuitoh BuL aJul F^tr luf paH 1 kimv tttt W9A AEik 
tfitcttiMkiL 1 wj<i M n fil'<« cT riretn wuL* wuiuod Abd WflUopI/ 
jloUiiii; tc Ihs Hut kiudV impttHW. Y<ni tpntti tlwt iiMj«wicn, 
nr ootuD— j«« nuilt) i1 iM «nd ctiUra. A« 1 h^ bat Uw otie 
MVt •» 1 h«d but Ae MM kivo; ukd iM lore ra aII jonr ovti^ 
vithont ^BrtiDotka or jorrec 

QnciM* hMTMl M^mdl Mr. Fnilan,i>Ut l» Ifcto iron loU 
n^niAdtfn? bttiHMiUiledut, At fntr jMn, yon tho^oDbuST 
ooDceJTc a pution for cdo who mE^ dnM hm fc«<fli four gnw' 
fiitlwr? Ahl if tUI b* tlio OMW, vUt taTft 1 not t* utf««r for 
iQ^TilHlEiff ycfti and tD^lf tc thooa bnooAt mtvpoh. which u that 
tinw Rifiiily cf^urtitiit^l \h*t mint iiUaaTnr ■wmrjnni nf mj tiri 

Abml iv^llci'l th^ nonTtfitu. If vmi nvs^ vij Itiinjr to umrar 
for «& IhiLt nocoUTTt, the c^or^ mil^d !■ T«rj iwgbtgr wUcb 
I have kh Ivin^ i^uiat yofi. 

T wivi not nEstit yMM 0I1I vtinn I bi^fK«w1 thifl ptrrnm from ^nn, 
whldi Ton gpwirvnulf rnrlrhvJ wltJi ihin rlTc^Irt of itlanrttdi. 
floon anar, jon w«nt to Fthiht ; and diirinir jrnor vLaoiuw Ihh 
) vaa mr «arBiiTit OJiui|iti)iir)». «'Ur<rn ) i^kthmmI, wban T 
t>, fliwl to vhom FiiloDA I nuiliB m; i^miilainlii tn all Enj Uttto 

I kuow iirji by vtut Jimtjijct ur Linil uf unmin;; it wnN* tlut I 
eiiduavvxipyl lu oiuLrJil ui^v aH^iiiHuji (or tUU vi^ur it^ait4Mt»»i toA 
DftVflr nm<tfl njy oitirt to it bqt when I wm alMio> 

Till? luDc-itlu;: aft^r your vtntV, nii yotir rcliitu fnun rarift la I Vift 
Gftrelnwl.v iifi-foniiioir tli*^ Viimili«^( of my little toilette Worv the 
gijuv. 1 <ook out your nirtUTft nud lurrcjoil it with ncir and 
meratfau^ dclirht, tn tlii^ m^Euti time 1 nbd not know Ihot my 
niamma abood tiohl&d m<i, iittontiTi: |n aII mr Ti)ni*^iii#« th-it vcro 
roflMtod to hor by tho mim>r. Sht hcorl mo i^lk t^i your piatuve. 
ibo aaw tne kin 1t» and M^tty jirovt it to my boMm, At Urt I 
toniAcI HIT ffyo to tlio gliuH, nnd |Hiri'*^viAd a pl«(*o of b«r Itaa^; 
vbonan 1 iturtod, volourad, tnd1n»u.liUHl.and waa tbrowTk, i k;^ v 
not why. into tbv< iilmoM conf^tfoDp 

Ab, rumy! i^rlAit my tn^thar, whAl U thla that 1 awi? yonr 
young hmrt, my «hlld, la cortaloly oifbctod. Uoquctftioiuibly yoa 

ftiight r not M I0V0 him, mAdAm? dnu hn nnf lova mn u well 
•a I Ihtr hint? — Nn, no, my ^torllTii-f »i|d niy moifurr, I wonlil ti 
betvflii Thiir he d^L Ymr '^uihlti (lluUir IndLVil It wortliy <ir >JI 
lov«^ bnt ihMTi }|Ai hui TFkt<<1y ^vnn Avny hU linnirt to imutluTr. H* 
la marriod. my roijuy' — Ami nanniit bn lura ma atUl. Eor all 
tint, i&*ilMa?—By no tar*Kiia, my cwoet tniux^nt. Whoa *yaxM a 
Ipu Qumirit. lie voA^i, md 4wnm. imd olilii:i" biiuhidf to lorv 
■tolicxly Uvtii^ hut hin wifo; ajid what la Tikori'. my TAnny, H li 
acooauted T017 naughty in n&y pr] to think of ]or^n£ mcb a oiM 



lon»t but r-^HEjljnt'nt. (or lite timc^ cot Ihu ap^^r hnnr!. I bnd 

'TVI fbrnioS no Mr^^ of thr^ ivliitiom of m^ or cuiiiznoiLjr, or a^ 

toqJiijKnl (pliUfrtit^Mi Hiv<^ iJiAt of lore alono. Bot thofi (t vm mflU 

fliont to mo that I lubl gLTotL yon mv w-holo Koorti flwt nothliiff 

llM IhlBJtlQt vrholo hCiUt COOld MtlCfy DM in r«tlim; lUlrl ] fm 

VjlDlf frflondorl (tml ontrcieofi (o tbo uit do^no, l»y ^ar bATlrig 

Thi> <ULy followiTij;, jiH 1 •»* liirintiil wwl much rllvompoMfl, >« 
woU fc^ T117 pwuloD M wont of r«fft tho nlfrfat bolom, ny munrD* 
etlM np to t«II molbat yon wuro liolov, nnit mf^uirvil for mv— No, 
no, TWj ^^jf*^ mtuoTMi, *tA*\ T. \t ■toi'i nr^f Klirnlfy, 1 u-III iv>t, ntw 
him. t^ him gn lA ulKfmnrfir h^ lfiTr« !ifiiL — lint what (luill 
I Mj to htm, my Funny; uliut rM^rmi; Hhnll I makf!?— No mAttor 
Ibr anoMv madHii ; t^U him tlntt I nev«r rfefdre to im hta Tbm 

Aa iii:im<!lb1nir informed ma thnt you i-nalil i»t hfllr fttlU Tcn-fnc 
aw tt Ititl'T. \ hill tiulit o( iI»lI llltie luvu lu pir]ut«, luiil iWibli^'v, ckim 
,ti« m^K^'il of voa for foar pvrfiJy ; mi^t, ■» 1oti|f w 70a ilnyeii 
kUta tiioii£btA <if m pdti And miMdTinB I iirmiintd yon mro under, 
lire mc rut delist Bat u lixm oA I ^da tolil you wen pni^ 
n^ hvart MiuH rlowii, ob fiom a mouut of tjttuii]iU, t^ito a df^t^ 

h^ uimna «mc up to conule mo. She hi^-hly uppliuidod my 
^drit, and tho rMratmimt I l)<ul ahowocl ; ivkI f^r bluiiwd you f^r 
DuuTyinic ftnollx^r. At n time tlut yon [^rotcD-loi so moch fondnoM 
ti> mo. Etc fnruwr oiiilofivcmnHl to mI mo iw&ii4(t yiMir nfga. 
Bho told me- that yon miTirt *<^n bnj <*M unil n(3y and wrSnklad, 
•nd ibnt 7<)a won> ranoh fltU'r to ho my Mhor ttian my lorar. 
I^bo al»o ifiolbo to mc of my vait forliuw, of mr l>Miiry, elfiiI M 
forth. ta\i\ that t iiu^rlif hn^« my iiitk hiid c-boivn of hH tlia 
young wid handftimt* f^urU and jlaV'^a In tho nntton. Shi* njirnnd 
to mo, in n vahdy of (rlitlvrin^ proifcdm, nit tho pknniTV* niitl 
^rl*iantAp>a of v^idTti, t.iflf. srAli-, 4K]ii^ptjr«, wiiTi tlH> rvvjiAriH And 
arimlnuSfin ci rrowita Imnding nrmud mi* A* nUo rn[irM(intAEl 
thnm to my imn^utli-htL. T cnfi^hn) &t i^nch tif ilirm for fvmfori; 
ymX. nliwt I dkl iktI And you airionj; th«n), and all I0 mo IwuAina 

Tlut nIffUt my tcnilrr mnmmn forwiok hor 13*11 l>od> uid auno to 
Lv Ed tiiltiti. I Auw ituLi ?liu but] 1k«.'ii airU<.'tf^1 ; *% fur ftjnr cf 
■ddiuft ^> bur li^ruMi^n 1 Miptrewoot] my nwit rmottcma. anil frr^ 
lOQiIo^ to he lulecp. 1 Uy <|iilct \y h«r nido till tcward muminci 
wbiMi I «^ui BcE£vd vith a Ticdcnt ftrer. Dunne Tny illnfi^ I wtio 
1i>1d tlint 1111J vfimoiUly to Imiuirc fibonb rao; lutd lh»t,I boUcTO, 
b1k>vg nil thLnt;B. contribntod to my recorcry. Oqq dity my mommJi 
Mme And Infonncd mo thftt yon Mt bclov in toa»^ on^l cnntn'ilf 
TMBe rt t J to bo piimltteit to aco mo, O how iivoat ami ^omfortinir 
^ ^oM tdftn ihNfm to drop i^ion my heart! bat, iatuc«riii^ fJt 

a' Uttk prido nnd rnnaii^A^ di^ty— Ko. &<». my mamma, I 
od. 1 v^\ die llt>t T If hi) d(>«4 not first vnm&rry hlniAolf, I will 
ftoTtir BOO h£ra any more. 

Vilkon I h*d gotten itraigth enough ta -mSk thfM tho chttmbM-, 


THE rooL OF QVAurr. 

mjr numunA tikA I bdng ■Iaiip, E frtot to io|' iliKvor, and t&kin^ 
cut your iHt'lo'Vi and tiirainff laj bf«d ninc1o» 1 rMtdisd it to hor, 
■uliiff— licro. ■"*^"", tkko Ihb uid lock It trp from mo : for, whLIo 
1 loro it nai k&t* it to mttch, il tnmLlM mo to Vook at it. Hj 
aurnvft th«niipoti t^^^k H Irmn tii«, n.riil mtob^xS m« ti> her tioroin; 
tPQt vltiMmt fllfing A vorcl, slia tmrrt into tcuhTc, and vtntlgiLt 

quiKAd tbt noonL 

Al toon as It ira« JuilfC*>rl that I wnji abli> f^ lmT#t, nt^ piLT«iit|^ 
\fj ttw (utrkA of thofr doiinni. toot mi:^ fw intn rhn ™urtr7. Mf 
iw>th«r In Uw meuii tlmn hud VTirim^tlJDiwMjr cuulfiTvd icir vmtcI to 
mf Gitlwr; frir> Itiricurli Ij" wim nnljjDLlly nf ■ 4i^vi>ti« aiitl lu'kv^nl 
tnrapfir, bn liromn^ cstrtnw-ly tWitlnr lUid iniiil;"-i*nl l-JWAfrl me. 

An 1 ^vru Iht unly child Lhcij uiiT luul. thi.-ir vhula uirtf lOij 
BcjTi('jliiil<T »ii* iBVi'liotmlfly i^niiduycl Jh priM.HriuK «i* h mrHsty 
of Eini^tioatioiui und iiiiiaj>i'[ar]|,Ld. Whnu I niui in Jipllita. dicy 
wore Id a huil of Iriumij]]; but ii^ ili<j«1kiii wu 1o tZi^m tlw 
nutt ktIovolik of Jill op[>E'>^Mi'jii»- Thi>y lrx>k iloMu my Kivik^ 
BttffbroM ond aoalchmuitor nitb Uirm, uid tbcjr ooUcctod from rUI 
partft tba UMt ftjETMAblft a«t of taiwN onil moMor* tlut tlv.^v coaM 
uiMtor; Mt ttiAt my time viu portioned oat tbo moHt f>jiii|ily 
tlut i>^iDld b<\ licttfcoo liUi!qh4.'n and roviakticififi that were oqdnllj 
plCMiAiii^, 'llii<y ^)ul t^f<n imui tltiit your nutno Afimild novor In 
montionod bcfnro mn; mut Ihotij-fi al firriMi my nonl vafl nthinti 
juid my *itu ofXMiftI Lxnl tunio<] ti> h«Ai tittiiijii coQooming joa, fel 
fr oevtaJn OAbVe buhfclnoa and fpnr tif ofloudiiuE dgoiiut oeoanaj^ 
did not poriD^t nm to Inqutro afb«r yon. 

Thu * teogtb of «Uenoo and » voJiety of d^mpati&rD^ by docreM 
gTMtlfMbStod Ao irdonr «f boJ pmikiD, inv>im]rh Dmt I rlid not 
(Wm to ImI any mnm for yrm. whim uny nn^jHlcin. Iinnvwnr, nw 
nownd In mr- Iho Tinnrowlaii of fcimii-r urcntw. a IhrllUn^ Hirt of 
vhHlnm* WiHiM niTi luruiiifh my hlfxvi And ilC uUi'^r <Jnim, wfapn 
alonn iiml thinking of yoQ, Jh «whnmbjg klTid of Ktapur would tbll 
nwUy upuu pi? uuL 

On our return to Tiondon, aftvr Ctt ydots' nternco. tlia pvat 
nnmbcr of pnoido. ullb tho noToltr nud viirit-ty of object* UiM 
OTOvdod upon my ri«w, amoood nnd cii^:acT<l ta-j whole ttttentioiL 
Boti vh«D we ostorod 11k^ vld ntijk»4<>it— wlun 1 tnniod ny 
on mn pUooH iTbore yon Mt, wlir^tx^ jou volkod* vhor« yon 
oiiil used ti> Oftr«« no — juu bcorunu od it wcro aotnaUy vUUo to 
my oyw; BCinctthiDiE Mftmcvl fr vrvu tny hoArt; and I wa< no-^iod 
with A niokn^iAi ncftr to fidTitmg. 1 took bold of my mnld by the 
iLrm, n&J nitk her Mp wiiEkccriikto tho f^nbii lijr frMl air; bat 
thom t<Mk yoii liAfl ip>t iHjfore m«. ^in tho" Iottii^ In tbo mUkifl «nd 
B-Uoys, vhoro yon usfd to run loignod m<i?i with mo, raid to ^ihor 
fruit for mv, and \'\ fiUy wiili tni.' nt lK>l>«borry, nnrl HfU>r#Hn1t to 
prew ttw Ii|i4 ihHt h^d i^in>?j1 rito firim. J thm tnmr-d mmy fnam 
h p]iu?« that ntfbrdwl mi^ tio imyliim fifim yriu. My [Tiolh^r mot, uid 
(wp^rly ii^ki^d whnt iille<l rno ? — 1*1 ti» [Co, mittritnis t rrifnl ; lei Uft 
gii siiuif-wliiM>i ><t4i>. 1 Hin not. hMh tv nlay in thk pku^n any longitr. 
— Aiv:ofdiii^ly, ihii vciry rxridni? KB rcmovHl to furlpngft ; und. In 
& ftiw duvH. my f^itlior look nud liinuBtiHl a new hoanv. 

1 fih«ll nut dnulL uiy dotJj^ air, ua a tdTU) dotal! of tJio muuj 

Tffs mot 0w QUAhirr. 


cf fcmr ■iicC4viIlii:&r yi^BTL An intlnlfj^ orjjiil<ini jiniil llii^Ir a^lrLmv* 
to TTl^ or my rr>rt]iii>v I iir}flu*r linHW \\nr (iin-<1 In vtliirli, for T ctifl- 
tiniiwl Allkr InvinnlMii to 4I], It 1h tni^, Itiat rluHng such a Tiiimbff 
of ytuin, liiirlm; nrftlwi- h%d nor IviAnl frnm yoa. 1 ilnuT"! ntl 
tLcvichta of }vu. juid schtcv rvUiiuHl Uur Inuxv ur Uui^ujih-dIm of 

Bur pnvon or luvoct. Ptotd thn iinprrMlixi. Iiuwnmr, whii^Ji yiiij 
I in uj uicd, I lud fannod to iii7>oir b ch&r. tJiouj^U K>nf[«]d 
fancv of tb« lo«^i of 1fa« telnblo, u'l thh l ]i>'jki;<l for orary- 

bi tiM meftu tlnw my parp^^it? ui^ul mc ttr>n>-lv t) matdmavr. 
Hwy ijroctuiKiT ropr«*vTFli:-1 Otai rhnv rhtniM niit rlli t:^ fifMv, if E 
did not [JToni lliftri ibc rr>flpw>l of p(«ric1imtin^ th^niKilvcn In my 

O^prin^; iiuch iii tht funil euocccLuiDiiin v^lkidj nhi^rt-liT'xl <rc«taros 

pR1>ow for A^=i^ i>ul tluir oxi*t«ou», ahJ njiptjlDg tho lot «l vi 
UHrnteblo morlifilj, y/f iho fiAttcring tiwo^ poor fntwtitiito of a 
ikua» or bar* renMmtoHWol 

At Inttftb 1 told my i«rtnt* that, a« I oonl'l not form my cJtoIco 
«f my ovn, I woubl tnwt «thoUy to thoir jcl^cnl, imd tnko tip 
Vtlti whiMnioerfsr Ihcy nhould t>r> pitmv>rt ti> AjiiKpinr Ht^n^iiixkri 
Afgr fwvtmiwindeil tne Eteri of IkUfrlnnil in inn, 1 ki^pT; ui niy 
prcffotiD. (in I wo vni9 oonwqiK^ntly rnnrrloj. 

Mj hiutbnnH w comolr In hlv p'rum. muit and afTAbLe In )ili 
tNnp«r.A»d 4 nmn uf tijnjtimr w^iiHfi nii'1 IcItmTurb li/nl. He luvtuj 
ton with pfUMlon : ilimI, iu^ T lumUl n^t [ni.}' him In Mix^oic, T rn- 

dtdiftniriKl Ui npiitf >"y ^'^tnt of HflUitJuu lu Ulia by my atiauUuo 
url aaaiduIlJHK, 

On lite AJkh yau of my muilw 07 fnlb<^r lUnJ of ft ffooi oU 
age : nnd in ibi^ ywuv mgro my Mjwit luudii^r Wft >ui? (W>bl«, 
In ber I btt Uto only olijooi oT fomi affi^i timiit tltnl I lul opoa 
oartlL MOd my look* tAcItlj roproAcled my liLubuiiI tor hu wuit of 
povTBT to conaolo mo. 

I boUoTo it WW oMftUr nnhAppy fisr mj brd a« mjMlf ihnt ^« 
von not blcflvod wllli chlliltvn. Tho deij vx\ Under attuchmooui 
thftt tiind parvnb t> their offiqirinf* »crvo ulio eta a tfiibM<liinit and 
&>r« iJloctinir noptiiii twnd fbr nmrim tiioto parontB moro ia- 
timatily 10 oub otbor. Jt dnms ^t'.>iil ihcm a new rirclo «f m- 
tvrcvtv «nd unitioo: aikdL by crv-itiiig u b]i;<i>iiI <^iTtli'Wfdp forljjdA 
tha iMnuLon nf thfai JaoIoiuUu ituit nnu>it ai nil tim^v pri>Hnp|KUft 
an aUanAllon <A roi^ti Thla^ boviiTOT, wu not lUo ciim> bctufwn 
lAfA MrutlnnJ lA^I nitf. W«> n^or ha/I fl cbilil. Parbipc, fn B>mi« 
njrutjtallciTift nn iininn of uiiU iw mil ah pfimnm moj bn rf^riJidt^i 
far vTuih [iQ eAcot. 

DoHnv <I>o iw) ywin fini.-rHwain)[ thr* iWlli of my ilenr motlior, 
I coDCttlirod « (LU^iut Li^iiSiJKt vominuiy uiit «iLt«TtAliUDcaDL I Book 
n mbc^um tum. 1 looked upon thiv vrorR w>f] oJl Uut it oo&tdiwd, 
W qoile uii»aiiby lliv itcuxl oTaa Eououiiul li^riic. Tbc prindpu 
[mrt of my tln^i: nju< ukm up in book* adJ <iinDc« of dtrotJon ; in 
which cmplojraL^Qt 1 [UtcniAbely rank under tho moot cloomy ^ 
prenion of «[nrit*, «ad otfaln wu okvfttvd oboTO mynolf inipo a new 
worU of iOTB anrl inorprnfiblo opauoKi. 

At la^ I WH tnkon exoo^liivly Qi c>f wbot tho phyiioiaiiie 



oihlbiafoTfrr opon Uic iivrv<ii. whiob cMo^eJ meto ittftcd abon 
rix wooka DuriniE my llltti»«, mj tmcboid vu Hw nori oonvtani 
tod irfilnnni or mI 1117 attojiilimlft. Tho affutlonito ittdiicaL tho 
poinfnl dlttroik t1i& i^iJar mlidtii'ilA that was vidblo in a]l bis looks 
ind ftrtloin^ hukIo wn into mf eani vltli aa cbU^rliw lmpr«itlan| 

toinrd hjjn^ Iot*;, i>t fomStlLSOf toQiiiir ttd rerr liko to loro, toca 

A* Hjoti on 1 viki cm the rftooreiy, mjr faatbiuid rilwjwflftwd, wllb- 
iPXt t&ldng 1i>iLT<> or jcivhig mr vjij nnlitHi : aviA for tbrvc vmI> C 
knew Tiot what viui lx^<unnn nf bim. At 1i>n^h hn rvnimiyl, Ml* 
Old grcaHv t^rutdatoii 1 hjxl yc^t liwt nuiK? of Uu^ trnilnrnoH vttd^ 
I ooncUvw fur him iltLiLijZ my iIlui^eFi. I tuuk huu ailtHflluiiiitolT Iv 
fiiT» Hand, vhlrJi iflonnl 1[k» a oad <if llm* Alil 1 rrii.Hl. wiiere 
Iiaro youbtcn? *Uflt loolcBiirotlip»,iiirbr<l? wlulbtbc mcimlitf 
of all tfih? \\*i vuwi;fi.^t iiM : bill willulruwiDtf his hMiAt anl 
ft04r« iV-ilj^iii;; to lo^ik towikr<ifi mc— 1 *m iK*t well, Iw tii&tlj toJJ; 
Imufit pj ta mj boit 

Mliilc bto Mirante nndjNvvcrl hlvn, T AC<M7rl In nlont astonWinmii 
vbtbl; EiKshtf' at tho coruo of this cxtraonllniuy bchftTloiv; Uj 
HiooQ M ho hftd Uin down» I i(i<r1c a tuit by hi* sldo, and 0Qyiis 
iDd niTnnini: one of Iua haiuit Ix^tv^n mipc. f hnafco into toan. 

After A SM 4hd notna) allonoo— Ali, nuulABi I critxl mj hiubfliid, 
vrhat am I to ubdcnhmd by thoH toai«¥ 1 lua xdlUng to ooniddcff 
tbom lui t>roofo of jonr hcuuntuty, but I cuTinot conniW thom m 
iDfftuWM of four ijtbolf^^nH Yoa iDvo met not, maiUnt ; y<ni n«Tor 
did ]ov» no. AH flic coonlowy im>l cotDt>liu»nco «f ibc molt ordont 
pAuutm, all inj VKk»our« nti'l ]ti«n<liiituA, haro not tMOti ahio to 
pi-noiro mo tm ■moLllnn Inlf^rcAt b yonr honrt I bUmo yna oci^ 
nu^un : n]ju ] wn am not thL^ u[l^< m nf h>ur own aJTof^tloTiL t un 
HUiiiiMa tLrtt r n0T«r tiMervvrl }'riiir IcAf. That wm a tilaudnp 1^ 
iofviiil fur A fitom MonlnMn »tt.ii^t. Lnl tlit^ thn t4nil<^rrip?« jviil 
tziuh (1 inj ulLkfJEUiurit U* JiJii. miu^kt buivI; haw Inict ildin to « 
bluru of >'L>(ir I'utifliltiiitv. AL, iivw jirticioiu hud huuIiu cxiJiQilbUUtt 
Xjcvw to ^LT hctirt! It tuhtl citoriil ti:i mc in thu pliwci '>f jour lovc^ 
nnil I »bouliI u^t hnvo rppriorhod yon for invM^lihlo prapeiuItJOT ; 

B vw nr»t in yo<ir i«vwr tn rL'foKi uki>flkVT joirr lovfi; but then yog 
mifiht huTc iijliriitt^d jour huBl ^luiil to a nhiiru of jour fririylAl^p. 

You bar* tay ffion'lHliiji, I I'l'iii!; ftij* l<'n<[on>t fpouflehip^ mf 
mMt AQbi^liiiTiJkto rr^ntfi. If Tuy Iotq U tiot u ntilcnt ofl y'>ii couH 
vtohf jou howc;vi>r huTci all t>io loTo of wliich I am oi^iUiJo, ani 
jOtiiHiflKiA it <mlir*j iiJi'l H(uUvi<1<ML 

What ie thitt you toll m<«. itui'iun ? I would to lioavon ja^ coiiU 
fitni deceive mt^tiukt 1 Iwl tiilt ^'mtSnuod tafg&onmool Hut that 
iA |»ftet; it \A over, mitliim ; my **?« nm n|v>ni>il ty my wmtcheil!- 
now, kod I flie in the tloxjlilo wjuit uf yonr ii^th nnd yoiir ttlTcrtkin. 
I hftw 8een yoor luvrr. Iit/ly ; 1 *aw hlni fnnr lUjf n^ FroTn nti cp- 
pOOilO window- Ha ir|f>m1 hnfnin th^vi tif/Tiw In ronw^rm ^ilh A^- 
othflr. T nrpwti^d nxnty raaounit, ihax. inWng rvlvrmta^fo of my 
ftlubjiiw, h» woiilit luiw K^nod mlTuiminr] Ut yyw.. \ hild my ^uiiirl 
rM»ly tu rollifW, to ikioroo hli hoiul, miJ ^ucrJIlrc blut to Uui diuu4 

THff moL CF QUAirrr. 


of my "hnntmf mJi mj Inro. But h<^ tnAAen]^ d\Mj^t^^^, aihl 

team, at who b i( lluit Ilia tliii't cnidly LUifiowJ ri;ruu you ?— Vuu 

idUovr. hi* iiuliKUAully dcmiiiiilQj — Uo jou know tliL' onpnnl of UiIa 
mrtnUt, 1«4j 7— Ab, ] wivhidoi). I cwnfuw Id I fU- k»i ^Kr hStn, I itid 
KDOW litai fni&M : m wa« tho Iilnl of tar ha«it ; I dcli^hW in him. 
1 iIoaM upon him I'-Ytm thru mrknoWioiIicO'N yua *rciw ii, rrjoinea 
my hmlui-nd ; ailJ ihl Uttu^iK yoQ 6ni^ to nuun mo tho conniunt of 
ft pvonoa vbicb 1 npiHac, in your favour, 1o hnTQ 1)««d inrolnntary. 
AnJ had I boon 0*rW ap|AHd of mj ubhapplDcaB^ t mtffht tart 
faATO Mmk nuTlor thn Ttn^v|><iDt«<l tatil mMt^i |irT«niTV iw I do flt 
ttil d«7. But >ny nho nuJ what ■ tfaii firrtniiluble livuJ, vbo niba 
ia» of mj war«, wlio t*JirB my li^ frtim rnv ? 

Flnrt toll nifl, my Innl, BdJ I, how ymi ram** lij (hfs picfnre? — 
J fonnd it in your sblnct dtirbfr your illn^.**!, luJrt hf\ whpo I 
ft>nrfhAr1 ft^ your w*i-ikn^ tn r^lif'^^ y^i) from m fAlntinj; lit. I 
t]iittfTn>viiriri)iiit 1 urn nnt of jv j«v!^mfl itJqvrttlnn. OnHiMilfy flmt 
liK^itL-J mc to hnrnr li Jnto tny prirlirL I nflprwur*!* minrnyivl it 
mon atteisriTv. itnrf •dmn itiirlltn^ lUniblM nTii<r*e. 1 r^rnlmvoarftd to 
Wipprpj^ thiim : I &rpMT(l with axyn-li IhiiL It ml^rliL 1« a riinilly 

Iif^iijH', ilii! n^jwOTELWlvo of a tmlluT or (Ti^iiT i pktjun tlLiM.*a«*if, 
•iti l}]i.'ri Hume ffficiny of my xf-ado fl4aki[i wlriiiwivd iu uiy "i>i(tt, 
th&t, Ef tliiH Imd li«VQ llw casN Jttu wojIiI imt U- it^ fulldtoijii It 
CPdfQ*] It from mo; yoQ wmdil rftthcr have bnut^d of nuch ui 
Oraamrat oif yimi Imoai-p : ynu noiiM tinrv hccu prond to oxliibit 
h hdbnr nil iwtfiil*?— Ihifl nUaTTrviJ mo 1 voLfi^ ; wid (HMlticmnl 
Anhts uid nm^tioni wor? rni|>rtkd iiiion my noiiU ^bc rr4crvc4i 
thii, Mid f te TDTMlf, for b«r own eye uid itv^rf <j(ioii ; 1o nmrc it, 
to pUGo und liwil upon it in fiuvrott und tt» p1i.?i>>f- bi-r aiftbt willj tlio 
BiToiirito imi\co that y> imptomt>A opou h^r Jicort, At eaich of thcM 
■vfl^Otiona 1 loit o vting in mT boenm ; nml tbr? man* } rrrolvc^l nnd 
debate CO 11j«M QDCi'rtj.^rit]>^ thk» ^>iil«r Htn'ntrlti they j^nmi, 
ml drvw noiroT to dcmduftration. Ah I J cncd, h<<r rc<ftl coldncM 
■nd IMpiod n^vdi u9 piow emuilEy iL(w*^nTi-d fr>r, 6tiJj d<<^rT<<fl 
vu, Ao T mp o— VKm m9: mi [ %iLi <vkiiiju<i-iiiii i^ my turn til) 
tide myrtrry \r AotPftt^A. 1 thnn atlrmpttd, fttid wmild ha¥n fim- 
IttnJiMkrl mjwdf. tf> look at jxm with my .i^'distOTiu'd timlflmw*, hot 
J frmud ItTmnowlMfi. I (hfr^fow vllhilffiw widii^nEy, anil wilJwnit 
fuy riLilJciv If rTiT ■h4^ hnd \ xin\^ttitn of rrlf*ndidii|i fur atv. ihuiicht 
I tfae npiM^^miBJnn of my low vi11 hv^jiJlii in hr.-r n Hnrjw llivi^vrf, 

yoai T took my rt*iiocj »t iln? window, 7 wa* on tlio waJth fnim 
Biom till luwD. to mokr 11 tLi.rroiii;Ti inquntion iaii) yonr i^ifii1it<:t 
dufcip my nl^wnro. 1 «Hdt ili>Eij>rr lii^r illirpo«iti()n. mid T. by the 
vWtuite whom «h« nx»lTc»: bnl; diiHiur ji forOu^t of oth^rrBlion, 
1 Offold not wroMve that, of tbo iramber* vhc> oulod, nny oiin wui 
tdmitt^rl. My Jmlnfia iKUMbDA abalod, ond 1 hof^ to rtprooc^h 
iny»«|f foi haiiaij oTor oonooired Ihcra- wUpb, to my utt'?r con- 
fiuion, tbrrro itood fall to uy \^aw. In dra^ ■epeoL mii-n^ atttlndo, 



rns: fool op oraurr 

a« dbtinjriilHlittt (FH;^riiLl of tho portrait wLIeh t hiul In mjr 

Ueru t ims^onuCcI; bmkr In iipim mj hunbimif* narration. Ood 
btt priLfwil! I ou^iaiiiUHl : ht> thf^i liv«,ho bIlU Mya^ my must dcnr 
HIM aiulrtlilv <X'iiAhi. Uidit^h I nci^ur mih lo lrt;1i»1iJ lus faoa onj 
mure t H7 oa}y rrUtion. p«ihap» now my onlj birjt^l. jdd vq *1m 
li-ruiic Guirl I tnut rou arc bappj; andthftt k cnoajrlif 

Your fcUlioL^jcur w^lj rftfAtlaa, imcImb— <^i1^1 my lonl! T* ho 
»(> Dwir 7 Ii he no ncar^rt no dcnrcr lo you, Ihaa ctHiiAinpdtiity will 
v&mmt?— l^roe'j^rl, my Ion). I fluil ; I >V]]1 U^(^ tell j-jti all v-itli' 
oat ^tliwtiix^ OT jiAlfUtion, 

I oon(c» to jon, \wijrpvi>A my hiiKfwid, tlint Ihf? sight of him 
«lnicb xny MiuT witli Uio fitllnt ootWc:<tii>n <if my kmajg bfrtmjod. 
My J"HUiiua ixmjfR i«tiini»il uitli -l<>ubl« pol^njuic/, 1 vui CC' 
kindle : 1 vu »l on firo ; tcy heart wu rvnt ivrtml wajm, A 
vIolraC T«T«r ivir4->rl itiMm me. but njy fury irkJ tliir*t of vumiio* 
■npparr«d mv Dndi^r it Frir fanr dftyn lonp'cr 1 hotil np In thft 
Impntinnl c^qMVtHtjDn af on^xi more hoholftlng your 1<iTfr» that f 
tnlifttt pffiroA him In ft rlion«}UiEl pl^tcv^, in i^'rvry nfitUwiTi^ ptri 
ftbrait }jlm. Jliit n^tnrr nl iPiijrth fruv** wny; T imnk unxEr^r iho 
oiipruwjuEi ; ujil I rL-iuraecl, 4um« fur iJI, to bdit/lil. to rBptwdi, 

0, III* liii"fiiirjiT, my fmiirl, tiiy tnm bri-r! T iirfwiJ: how 1 pCly, 
bow 1 Uin\ fur yciLi 1 I <'icnw your Httxpidifn^ howorcr lnjuiinm ta 
my LiQUoi]r» runec your ji^u^ouny i^ikiujiii u not W'hi^lE^ ^ilhaat 
fmiiiiUlJuo. I 1U1I iiulutnl luv<T Uiij E^-ii^jii fui »hi/iu llul pujlnui 
Vroi drnwiit Wktli tru^ti rutttt. with iht*M(iii . hut« boIioTe me, vfaos I 
aABorc jou ibikt t huTc not sc^ my cyoo cithvr 00 the oripJAd or 
ptdvrv tbcw twenty yoiu*. 

What in ihU;ri>u toll IDC? cxdahnoil tny lonL Yon ojn) not fot, 
u 1 tuJEo it, tl»rly ycon of a4;o, Coald you Ion, «vcc lo pMxaaon, 
at ^ vorY ourly 11 fi^irioc)? 

Hflrc 1 Cuitni^ dywlf iiniTor th« nccaaity of di«covcrin(c lo my 
hniiliAnil tho liitio odvmituri-a, utJ]>roBUorLB, aad MDliBwailii of my 
infnncy, whortiwlth jan ato nlroorly uriiuJntsd, WLui 1 bA4 
nniiif>i7<] toy uhort niLnntiTe, he aei^fd toy hand, ud piugjug It 
wvioojitiOy (0 lii'i lii>*. HTnl tltt'D to biH turning t>o«om, lie mvlM 
mto toATK O my Fanny! he i*ria! j tny moat in^Mr, my ftrfnrnblo 
DTWtnns ! Whut n i^ombit havi* yon faiij^hl ; whnt n onni4iL*>t hnvo 
yon tgdowl. of ^iiu'e ovpr nnfur^ — of vlrliM n^ficl |nwHf«nt r«u 
yon noniw mfl? Will you foigi^o nui? Mi»y 1 hnno ihni you win 
rwtor^ mo ta thi? blrwiinpi erf" your tHiTiiWiip ? May 1 Ihilcr niy- 
Miiir Lluit yuu travv am lu miiiL as vuu cvnM uf yuur kS^UuiiaF 
TLi'it if ytitt imil Iwuii nliUs yoii woiiVl hjtVR IiirtvS mo vrith * loro 
tike Jnirie? 

[ will iiul. din! rc«i you. my comni. by* iIliBi^rjpti<in of llw nfftrilloif 
•cf-iK4 thiit oiutii4>t My huAlMuid Icit me tcaK ridj, hut ilill moro 
forlorn, DmiQff <heflmycanof widc*hW3cl. t Icwkodupr^nmywlf 
4* ft friondlore on-l winccttWi-ry liar'lin npon Ofvrlli, I'lioiijirh I 
thoQght of you ftt timois h wim not vithunt a rucnlmcut ojii a 
Finctiirc of avonioCr for your ucvor hariog dpi|*iii^d (0 inqnire or 
QnkI <jut vhotii«r ftqy n&U porwon w your t^ ftObotioaftto Fuiaj 

THK FOOL nr QVjtLrrr- 


GooiT^ wM in th«> \iiriA «f Iho livJnff. Ai loneih my '^AtyMjua 
•Ad Rij Mirnilik [w Utrj 9tyUd tfaoiuMlTos} prm^iiil upon iai> mioo 
uoro t^ cntor lato tlic li>:hu nnd mt, and o^aMincnlii nf Ihoir 
WorEiL 1 crii]«unr(>4- I fmiii'I in; Mhuttg* in it 1 gr^luiUlf rut 
rid of tho (TTlavouf opprcbion that ky upon my ftpir^tiL Sin<^ all u 
TRAt^i tiiou^ht I, let lu p«it&1c« cf the ^nipnttoo, And Dmk« it w 
plMftBff M u« onn ; adiI Mvonllnjfl/ jou Toiiad mo in tbe ongng^ 
tnanta vhirb jnn lionDiirol with JCHIT Im^WdJotl jrMtonlAf, 

When jroa rnti^ri^L 1 ili<l not hnciw jon> The tclRUiff? tuuna or 
Fcnton, M* wtl im ihii ulbinitkni whlrh ynun liml nucfe m jroo, ihtit 
fOQ out Almnvt «hoUf from mjr rv?oUtictinn. I fdlt m^wlf, hAw«^r. 
MglbUed, I kuflir ui>t wh/> SvnwUiiuL' in yuiir itvrvm nnd mimnnr 
t«luwui.l hi my hnii MliinHlTnrMlhiii N> 1 U* Itiii^e u-likh urro onoe 
ttB nIa ciUDmm- 1 ixialO not look at jou, I couKi aat n^-j«k Ui jr^u, 
wHhoat cia^iiuii. Alt trtjrlit 1 Ujr di»tiut«d, id tnin vDdvncwinff 
to ramntibiT i^brn (*r ivhin? EhvlMni joc AtiaoniliuCk«iuiUeii 
lifiilit durtfti] Ed itjH^n mj pund. £ ffot up And flon t« jou pictiink 
khich it □aD^ bud all oiwOr bnd detfCtM jour dijunUtv. 

Voii &ni uiitf'b lillTih^l, ci>tiiln. Mat] I lifitl k'-h viiu na jon now 

Xaj, I think my yoinig heart woul<i hcfI huvHYiiftn fo ikM."i<!y 
u^d. Thi7 ruin, ho^^o^iT, U stil] vor^' uobk. oad oudiTnain^j 
rwncwi* Id id*- iUv kkin 'jf wlmt tJn? l^uiMlm; oow wuat 

V<kur iiliHlrftiCtcil *ir, oqiI tiio choice (rf jour Diinii\ c^^m to 
btinnto nm? dJBT— JBtt vitoBtum ; but if ^flf thcohuul tTMinla or 
ttiAt fuiu iloiiblod, wOl M of OM to yon, I 4hi^ lor iiicc ttimk that 
fbrtimo liM bcon of ^Tnntngf ^ tOf^- 

Hy tQoit di>iir oixd gerwroui i^oiuin. rvpticsd Hr, FootflQ, I idullfMm 
j«Hon mjT*plf i!if>*i* |frt»*f« vhi'h thi* '-ir^w of my tffooTion innd- 
vnrl*nlty <.«yunontn1 yon. No InriitJu^r ovor loTOtl aidtKir^ no |pHn>nt 
A I'hilflH with foiidor jitiHi[>n. Tho BTemoii whleh 1 thnqght yon 
luhl HudilimW uVru 1j> me^ wm oiko of lh« uitwt aMmfhle Jilflictlaai cf 
my Xiii).; iuA my i^iiomntn of whiit Intlnrly 1i«iuinio<Tryiiii| ran uitl/ 
In Eitfoiuntt^l for hj lUi aljiUrh-l uf niy ohil iiliiry. 

Uurv Ml. tV'ntori i.'ultv<l fu[ -.-hiji^hittf. And, ufWr bnMikfiist. ha 
(Avo lAily M^lliuid thi; fcdloviiic itffix:tlciir hiftLvr? uf lin ijwu tfu 
and mJvoutiutA. 



Tn ivorid, my \^t\j o«una— th« world Jis to man m Iu> toraper 
or oomploKSnn. 'Hio niiTu) >H>ii«itrti]fo* Ita owa promnHty mm! advor- 
idly; winua prvonta no cloud to a cli««tfid t^rU^ ndthor can 
■utmccr find vanehino for r1i<< epint tlwt b in o «t&te of di^oditai. 
Iel idv youth, «T«ry ohkct prfdcniKit mn with liifipinMi ; IniC, ftlM 1 
Ibo tjcu camo whoa tho nnivieno fT-pcnml m a vult whcMvlTi J07 
wui ofitom.1^. tnd tho ivd hfraAtlf hrii im & IniDp thmt tcrvod to 
ihow Che eloon) luid th^ hnrroni mvTiTiit Tnr> 

A> my nttmr aikl nu.'tliL^r ^Fi?*! bpfon^ T w takpn fftn nnnip, 1 
knew ncDD tif Ihmt pruvittd tvii'Ti^mmtM am\ pnrSnnnrJiCi ttui 



grQAfdkfL A« I iw natutullj, Ilowdvct. of a bciiQirolciit «ut, 1 
ttooidit fur thoM ailbctioM udH niuiUoft ttuouK riJ^i^^ra wliich I hod 
&«t fonnd tn tho baiomii or fiicc* of IdA, I paM over tbc imimatcrUl 
piota of my IJfo nt hl^^iooL ss\A ^ill<s^, and hutrD to %\ka mvrv 
impoTtnnt jHiriti^ &f Mijr Ji|i|>(iiitjftinlii|il 

Voar CbthcT boELod mc to Mr. (Joldinir, « vary «Wtlij oad 
MwiiiMrt mordbwir vlu^ IitV'^] ovr*r Hpuitii ili^- K):oTi«nir«. H4 lud 
ItMti H)m« yatn n wlilnvnr, juiJ ]ii« only i^\\i\t\ a danghtnr, vtf 
thnn at a bairilrn^-»?hoo1. 

Mr. G0M11U?, wirii H ptnEn itnlp^rtfhinilSnz, whs a nvm of fiTCiMidlnfr 
Tinn'uifty nr\<\ it j]N4V|jtLh1n hi-urt At llnl fl^hl hn rcmr^lTnl a 
|HLitlnl aiTocdon frr triL-^ aliLn^fhc pivt* ifw very fnvjucnt njiJ Ten 
tcnil^r pniiiri : heiiL hm he Htrxul |j| iiio in (lii> iiUme of » |ittfi>ii nna 
A THttLiir. I U\i fur liim h11 iliu fiinit[ii^«( iirnl «lticUiiiiiiit of n difLL 

Id Uki^ foiutli year tJ my afpi^<^u[Irnlj]p lio callixl tnt^ Utbtidun^ 
Uirl tukiiMC mo liDilly Ij Diu kui'l— IJurry, say« ll«, I lot« ^ou ; 
jviir Jiktctcit Ucfl bCAT uiy hirurt; fcr iltoii^h yi^ia &ro cot tlu b^ 

IDttan of my body, you vt the cbild of my afoctiatiit Bo qnioi 
[arry-^lot tdo ip<Ak"'I havo to bilk to yon of niAtv^n* »f cunio- 
qu«DCi^ I went yi^AtfTilny t) yuar ui^'k OLtriilill. (i> kriov bow 
MiCounU vtood bctvocn you ; tJioiu-Ei lio U Imt a cold kliumab, lio Ia 
ft Tory toithfiil fpiardijin. Ho hiio junt inarriDd a T^ry IuT-*ly jouD^ 
VOmULt 9Si/\ [ wonj'l btvo you ^n on^l p^iy yonr foinnTimouh to 
IhciB Ob tbo ooaudon. Ywtr iujoIo facm liJd uut your Uttfu p**''''^ ^ 
good odTante^ ind your 4ll^,4>ti> Ia iiou iiciu-1y doobt^d. 2Ad 
sow, Harry, a« joor father did ii<^t tiahiiva lik« a fatb«r knrard ^oa 
tai tiio dlvldaod wbicli bo ulq^.Id between yoQ ani) your brotb«r, I 
pFopoaa in •otha iriNiaTirr- fA autjplv hiH pU^o, and I mafc« you ■ 
prracrit of Ihln noti> of £12^)013, wbl<*h. fu:MorL Id ynar llttln mlrt- 

mony. mny onabic yon nh, idrl I <<riorl— Bd r|uf«t. dhllit T uy 

ag&tD, till yrtii Hnd vTmlhtiT or nr> yun ^holl liai'A rHimin to lluink im*. 
Tftm ffmwlnfl otfl, mv nnrrj'. Aad liy « kmg (inin» of Inctuntr^ limo 
lumuirt a Wiv\ cir tJt.k' l'> pcriii'- liitlc int - I touulil tliumfurc ^Wbr 
maka a oi^uji^nitj'^ci lirlwi.'r<u joiir rLiipliiVLlJiru uid ii;t rviruwh I 
i^liull wtt \m inf oftoh hi IltT' tiiuiituie'liciLisiT u« u^uol. I iiropiMc to 
take yoi] into liiKiiL'dirLt'] |>nrtUL<iTliJ|>» Out, oa 1 nbto iiicirMH.' Ibut 
yuu wfiJI *« tit thi-oi-ft^iiitJw of lh<' tnniM'T, it J» but Jml tint 1 
^huidil (iDfir jfixi a jm fportiooaUo n^vnjitM:^. Xow aa triy CApJIol, 
Horry, is more than fiv? imu^f lu mTu-b ii« jcun of i!3€,Q0O, I odcr 
to your »ccj|>taairv a lull fiu^ivly of di Iho i^nrfllA. ld tvoonjponw of 
yonr cxtnwrdiiiArr Attention an! appliontion. Hear foo out — I do 
Bot tbini that 1 tiQdll Iu!U Uy thiM liurpiin, Thu oiFdrtt of Potfphor 
prci<f}er«d uailvr tbo h»n^\9 ot yoim^ Jtiutph; mid I LiolJoTo ibal 
jOVi ftlia. ara a favonrito of your iJo^i 

I could not fponk. Thr< }:t:i<j(} toJin |>on.^invcd my oj^prwrioD, <nd 

Oatchiiiff mo in lii» amut, nail |)i>wlnjc nm lo bl4 iKiHiro, b« ebcd a 

fllent tau- of mllHfixctioo irpon mo, nJiil wHt'livw MiUiuat iaying 

anotfaor vtorcT- 

KoT ft«ver«J iUy*^ following^ Mr. OrjIUiug w^ cmployod !n adiiaiiig 

ror FOOI, or QVILSTY. 183 

fall OMfayiudcnti flut T wu now lichXiEiKi hU ihutanr nml chjiifU iu 
tmcio, and ] wiiA HQBiiod wiUi LHinsiahilatiuus oji my boIiLi: <iTke of 
thi> lu-ijicipjU Dierohoala ib Lu[ii.1uu iMfura 1 LhJ tktiAim^ nijr 
tvrcntieth yoor. 

llio otIipitiorLB nud iLdTafL<iu?Mi wbich tbifl cood man liu 6c* 
llfClitf^ to lii>rLp t)i>^ti iTio. Sridtod mo t) Joubk appficKtion u^ 
■hgndty* iut4 uJl uic c^c* of Ar^^ur >r4re op«Di»l ^diln mo for 

THntoJvlirit; mul pmrriln^ thi> inlctvofi) (>f mj fA\fron, 
havo often thought it ftonKi^hiit t^iinoiiUt' tlmt I nlKitiU win 
both my wtTM by a. mutter of ndventnro ; m tint Uxoir turtioJit? 
ta my mvinr oi^ifit, |H^rlui]>», Xi> h*^ wfiriborl ti> a fvntimonl lif 
gmtttoija, nthor tbu lo any Ukla^; whioh tboy n^l^t talio t> 
m/ pvraoD. 

()zi 11 day tn «ni^Tn«r I ror1« t4 B«ini«l to B4>Ul4j icruonfi vith Hr. 
Fr&dgU, a pi:tiT€«pciTi4^nt of mj martyrs, who was Mid to be ti^ 
dbpuMvl tt fdv roi]iilrj4.*&t. Am T n|i[>rLiiu^li(Ml tho tmm, T ohflcmd 
M> ftldrriy ginll>»*i»iTinii vrslkhij: It'ihcirt'ly tow»Lrr!« me, Btt^ndol by 
IU) orilorly tmln of jijuilij: nialili'iBi, 1 fjlrw-nnl, ^l ihr> «jimui fiiiifj, 
Iwo iiifh iit irlhtorLjij^ apiurvl wbti hji^tJIy riiUow^d. iind «milng 
qnickty iijt, |jiit iJ] Uie itMUjd'.'^ lo a FtlAiid, utitT ulujhmI tlii^ui 1^ 
Knthcr in a ^>np m for mufiird dt-fonci;, Um of llif- niLiri. butv1^vv^> 
Di> wny dMmtnt i^ thn op|HKulInn of m unTnciroTj* n aimp*iky, nnlidy 
CftUjcbt one of Uio oldirr mifcc^B lti his umrt, tuiiJ retwatrilly klmed 
her. MmQwIilk ihn ^minic 1j\<1y «|ji1ok*d and crM ftloud frr bvli>; 
iirht>D, Mlas oaddf^nl^ np, I Dtmck the nCBoa to the ground «thh 
the boftvy ci^ cf mj wbip. Hi* compaaiun lii?T4iipcn drr^ hu 
pword ftcm tanuid n^on mci ; bnl. jmiihEn^ tas Imrti: 4t liLni, ! rH«t 
iling, I bi 

falm a1» to tho mrth ; then aligbting, I brok« tbdr wordL Abd. 
In n pli>r^t uot fflddenlj to b« dttodod. I 
bdfUo tlLI 1 naw my Uk nnrda til nfo to tboir 

bd loy hoT«o b} 

Bnmo monthft afler tliix hicifliint Mr, GoMEd^c otJled iM «iido, 
Itury, Myi ho, my djitighFor bj nav ilmntog to vonuui^ mUU, ftnd 
should l^icD vomrihm): tiioti? mtntAntiA] than w»adJo-«ork, *iid 
ilnnrtnj". im<l hnrpilrhnrila, mid FrflnchlfUwl phm*«. 1 thr»rofoh> 

Ern[»fiw to liikp lirr Jiumn, wh^lV', by tbf hHp of nnr oook luid 
uiiH'kt^'iixir, i-li'^ oiny fH:* t^i^bl bow tu make a 8tiiubiy'ji puiliUn^ 
uiit tA siijTiilitbuid II funnily, 

I ro^nUrly ptf to m>« L<'I cinfis En every n^int^i. iwHi'»T(iiKmI(*iI by 
soma mal« or feniolo MizuidnULiK*^, bot utitF railed yon lo bo <Ef 
the pul7i AA wci ci>u1d noi t" v'i>iiTi.^Eikiiillj Ia^ IkjIU fnnti liiiiuc^ 

My child, ibonfib a plnia ^rtrl, i» vory dutiful oxnl ifooS-njitiiictli 
Her f>r1i;ii<:, tu* yoi) rxo KtU4l>k, will mlitTQ hor to tb? first lord 
of tbc land: ynl I know »ot bo^ it In, 1 wmU nthor tlint luj 
drl Bbould bo hikjniy than grcati 1 do not irUi to havo hcv a 
mo-tiUod dMDO. 1 nould rallitf, I My, e«o bar nurriod to Kniu» 
hoooit and IcodCET-boiulod man, vhom W« vdrht faiduoo biia t» 
d^mofUmta with h«r« and to Uro fMQoably una pkxutrie^y -vHtfabi 
hto &n^T dreU, Ihjui to M>e her nAtoil with a priafiQof tfio b]oo<L 
Nov, UjirTTf fiii thiB Attuir of ftll oflUn otbt nvurpft xt my ht^rf, 
it ii greatly m your power to obUgo mo boyond cn}^^ficilon- Uu 
tgj ^u^Ipu-'* roTiiiii^ hoTD«, E cODolode w» iiball b« bo*ct b^ a 



number of raortkn; stich an Am, wh^^n freii:1it«il *itb nA 
fl«o««. wiU ODqiMBUoiuiblT bo bcU tn cbftw hy loftigr » 
Wboitli>rCt 1&7 ■OQ, I would luTe no koepft diaq^indfi 
ejD tkmi 70V. md to tAk« k™ 11^ ^ the mmnon wad di»- 
p^dtknofniti inlton lu m; dona^tcr iduU ippoorlo ft«wd.a0j 
ftWo to Inqnfro miaotolj uttc tboir tvxvaaatuitm Mid dunoteiVi. 
Vour T^IODM md |>oD«1nit)on idat eaT« q* from nun, Shoold 
mj cihIM lio paoflo nntuii^, joar mood muit 1m motit mbttnl^lo. 
Bat I do|>vQd, mv <!cor Barry, that while I liffo yoo will pr^fo a 
kicii broUwT to iw-r, uid timt yrm viU pn^vo n f«th«r to ber in 
trAAft of mj mcrtaU^. Hor« Ib^ gix^l mfui, 1:0 ]i>iisor rIiU lo 
rulsrain bu pnrriim. pat hk handkerchief to hu c3'di md i^vittMt 

WltJxIn ft fi*w ilfljn Mr (ioHlng irit out. JuviimpnniM bj a num- 
ber of his <:ily fnomlf In cr-lrr to [*oti^iict M» djiOfrbfcr homo. 
On Ihpir nrrfvul T w*- (IiwpT/ 1-hi.74ni.ft In tJir (i-iurlini-boTUK^ nnd 
It mM iii^r Iho tiui< for i<ii|j[4t lurfon^ 1 cijilM Attwtd. Aii T f<n- 
Uoed Mr, (^oLSiijjT i>rrtitiLtp(l me to bJK dimu'htarp najint!— TbK 
my door, in Mr. L'lJfili'K^iuy i>itrtucr, wy rricnd, uLjr tun, and junr 
t>ro1lLer. UonmiK'n Mim <~3MilEtL;{ txtlnnrrad, aiv\ ilrawlii^ bock oal 
approHicbcd to ulutc bi?r— If I lun tiot □UBt.ikpii, lir. Mid iln^ ht 
Ift aoskotbiitt fuurc to ue tbnu oU jrou bnvo uieuUonvd; it irould 
HI bocttoo TOO Ui foricct iLut hu I9 Ojii Ortivt^rcr cf juur dflnirblor. 
—Your doUrorcTt my ric*r Matrj! how, wbciv, when?— Wlij; 
nruj, pupa, did Hi. Clmtari ecvrr toll yoti cf hu ud^cntaro h 
lltimot?— Xo. tiirloo'1, rifj -T' «:.— H in nE>t cv^iry ono vho tvoold bo 
viloot whcTQ ao much WW to bo vodd to ibdr oivn booou. I romcm^ 
bpr that your kniirlito in ri>iDnni<rH whcii loo Tnodc«t 1<t boost of thi^ 
own jbchlcv^iiuoxih^ luuul I^ p^rotlt «cima triutid r^r «i|i]iro Ut ifcUvw 
down to poftcniy the hirtorj of their odToaturc and I IaJco tbo 
liberty to li* sqiiicy lr> Mr, lUirifon w Vn^ hk'i 0('i'ii^ii.iri. 

Hen Mbii <1ohlinfr bfliw* ti (rtvfl n njirmlfro nf fh* natlw 
rdrOKily r*»rtted. htit Jn Imns of hijrh pmli** nml nggnimt«>d en- 
nnmlunu Wh[|o nil aTieuaIiimI Hn^t f-fiiifniii-d, 1 wirfuln^w, Miyln^Cn iHt 
1 <U[) nut rtnirmhtir to Kilta bojtrfl of itTty knlj^liTA who HUfM to 
hmr tbr^Ir uwji slory. 

In IihJ1i» 1 WM* rinHi ^nrpKaml Ui b«ir MSw OvMfiuf mentfon 
tbc oihiiiihji'n iii HftiTLcl. : fur 1 t\l\ not Tfu'cillr^r-t l)int I hud AV«r 
Bficti her, bjid hud takvn much nmre nolo of two or Ihruo otber 
nilv<j* tbiuk 1 liad of hor, 

J^^:\nK roHiDnunoiifid fo nipper* Mr Oohlhiif ukot nio M I ontcroiX 
oud tL\n^ lao in hit anuf.— Ob. my lUrry? he crioil hmr iron* 
dortiilly KTOcbni ha* God Icrn ti> me. in ertidinf: m; br«t rnVni to 
Ibo f^ccito of my only rhiU; Jn px^TitlSttur, ut m entknl heiI vi?:^ 
foariU & OOHJonotiiro, perhap* the only ptr^u who ha^l cilJier 
gftlhiritT^ or ounumity ontiiiffh to pri.florre lii?r. — Tndpt^J. tir, 1 
ropti^jd, you owe mfl noihinif ; 1 did not rvMi know tlut tho ImIj 
wftO your diioffhleri and I coidd not pri^lc mj™tf» m nny di^roo, 
oA nn [iclicm uhich 1 thrtijufht inpuiid-ful OTi ov^'ry man lo jwrfnnn. 

JJimng Buiipor, Mi* tioI'Ln^ *ii*. very c*hiH]irfiil And fteri^MildA, Hfir 
fiiOQ; ladood, corUd not tw numbered iimoug tbo beaanen : bat tLOT 
ptfobn WJM gTMO nd nu^wry, th'tu^ta in minintoiv - hot OonvoRft- 



tion WEU [i1«uuQi- ; unil nLtc tdia Bimi; or touditd lirr instrunM^JtU, 
lor itte WM mi«trf'(p vf ttr^vnil, liur mku fui<J iDutiuuB wtrc miicic, 
McAi note pocmci a ticnduiciit, imtl w« fdt her fijifcr* ijUjiujc ou 
tiw oord&i:« of «iiT bouio. 

For U}c Mri*l tbroo nontlui ulW Mfn QolJinic'fl oTrir&l, oU wofl 
crowding and pictv, oMoiablf and CcftiTtl^ at our Iujimo- 6^€ wu 

^^t^M toff4tt}ii>r. lint, M biuilriniw tinpy^riocl ii> b« -vt^ry urjiccl 
wX tbfi MUUoo, I wiu bot bt lib<<rty to [lorlfJcu of \hc\t oinu^rinonffi, 
ad I rMiK^K.*'! fu Mr. GoMiiiff fliu L-oaitoiiMOD ^hich bo bjul ^on 
mfl nmcunp Iha prirtiuii vho <Uicliu«cf thoniMtTM iuitor& 

Al ttioBo curton, in a dailf Kbd nnmoroiu mcMdoo, npp]i«d to 
Wr. OoTdlnir for hm ri>naPi:tt.tilR )C^Ui*nil aintwr m»» tbAt luagood- 
llUngwu (itb'|iimtKlA rrom Uiftt <if hiaonlj chlU; Ihnt hu would. 
Vtb^ pIouDii. ponnilt hPT on the nw/iidon, mul filfJ^hilly Niport 
to (hem nor apfvubufJuTi or r)fi«i<nt In X\v> ]jlc<- o^iTic'lusrivD miknner. 
whnn Mr. llolalnjf rf^ixiHtwl]; iiiifvtUirii'il \\\n dnuirMt^r. tUw wotilil 
lakL* liin luiml lrt'.tw<*n hem, flini kirmlng It, *fl.j — Oh t\o\ nij i]i»«r 

|M^ lliLB i» Uul Um duo. 

Ono <UTt u I Mt ftlono \x\ Uiu ci>ijiiiiiik'-1ivij>t«. MTn Q<>IJ[jj<: <?]i- 
tervd Mid pre«entoii ia« with nn order froio her fathiT fi^i £ZtA>. 

PUTQ without M%Y <>ii^cr uto bor ova intJuuvlion.— luitt^cd ] oro yoti 
0(^r]ouf\ Mr. Cliaton ? 1 uin rorr proud. I mnuo jon, lo hate » 
muiib cr<iili( wilh jou ; h\\t, Mr- H«Jiy, how WiOif* it 1i^ pwe tbat 
iFO hnvo Mi little cf jour oompotiy? — Your fiitlnrV l^ixninwts 
B^*^>*T", dcprivo* me of the plutb-mr 1 ohoald olborunrv have ID 
■ttOftd&v TOO.— Aniii, «Lr, ] Aijj t\yiiu> proud that it Ln yuuv fiXtvt^ 
tio& to m; fiithor ikao, whiob pr«vcni> tout hating on; attontloD 
for hii daa^]|ti«r : oo Mjing* «ho raniibM 

Tfnm«dUulr f «u vfruclr vllh ■ Ellmisa of mno TUioomnoD 
in«ftiitnff In tlic words and tri^hnTloar ^t MM Goliiin^; buT » 1 
retiT Titfal looked loworil rb» wny of h«r idkotioiu, I pusvd it 
ll(rb11y^ oTftr, Rji wmw in«ttor of vhim oT roprion In lu^r i«'i. 

AmoEitr tho hrillbuit oonccinnn of ximon llmt IV«inrn1nt imr 
bouto^ tliera w£A <ttie Hr. t^^llin^'. n voun>; i^i^ntltman, hiifhl; 
xnomiillilied in bb penoo wid mnnnntK H^id <>r h uiUMt rtr^inbtn 
oouatoiMtico ond diHpoidlFnn, IIU fatlkor, Ilkt Mjjs Uoldlitgy hjul 
liMu & mcrthniiU lui^l Ilk'.' IkJia. Um^ hvl oquuskmI aa ciLVsivrf 
Ibnun*. Av Ik? HOfl tnoiUT^t. nn 1 nuijr ^y, Uj ft iloifn>o vf «}uui;c~ 
faocd&«Mi,ho did ni>t ilecWo binucif & loitr till ticoilj the nholo 
multitndo of oampctitcin hod t^u^n dtscJiT'W ; tlttin, wtlh & bltiab- 
loff diflUnnovt ho ktowi^I hi» ihim^ou 1o >f r. f'ioUIini;, nrxj cathi^iJx 
booiuht hbi oonpctifc imil intcr^nion in liin fiiToEir— You Imve not 
^Odr my 4»in»oiit, n^itiod iho jcoud old nmii, von Ilu^« ii1«o qj^' bodt 
irfuiM, and sbnll havo m; ticAt tftdoavunre fi-r ^foitr tmocctu. How- 
«rer. I miut worn jcra ot tLo Nmo timo, Mr, ^p*llinc, that I will 
t>ot do u>y riok'noo t<i \h'\ indiMdiora of my ( JiiJ^I, Hlthoiigh thcro 
aro not two in tha world vhom [ wmdd jn-fi^r l>> yo«, 

1 vnu ^nlin^ in uiy elowt tvlion Mr. (roldinK ojuno in, wtth an 
ioxloui im|i^«lJUMM in lun «OQntviujK-o, wid told luo what ^moA 



Iw tw oon Un and Mr, Sftidline, uti ^t^d If I tM not Brprcim the 

F^nilllh.r-1 do not know, Hi, niil f. ttuit uun iu f'ji;:liuit{ u li[> [ft no 
faor dng of yomr dMutter m M>. Sjioll^Utf.— Tbmi, u;y dear IlAiry. 
IbiTio * oomiauvon to pvo jroo. Ilotilja hM* gioiU rcupcot for 
jOQT Jodomotit; I \miwsk joa ti> moke uie of rmtr infiii«iic« villi 
jkoF. ud to com aH par ontorr In bohfJf of Ibit ^ronof utn.— 
Bii4 ^. wiU ncit Ute Hotitili Imik on thU w & nuttor cf Uji^ 
pntnmption In on» «'ly> him t^o nmrvkiir of H^rhl to AJTitoT—Xo 
flt^nDr: jnanuf toll her Uuiyi^adid it by m^ doiirc. oriri that vo 
tint bcjtji of a miud with r-^RjiM to Udc linifnNt ^VrTl, «ir, aiid 
I. Atni^ yon am liKUt nmm 1^ I will olwy jrOQ^ lioi k b th« flnt 
time that over I oboiri^it yoa with rcliictmo*. 

Soon iiftvr Mr. fjol'lm;: t'ift wr Iiih 'UiiffMor «intefie<V ^rftli % 
rminfjtniinoh ^itlMf unr^nlnt iirnl ^^niift^nod. nj pipft, idf, tafil th^. 
hifonnit mi) lluit yon hx^^ u liiufnt^ of oooMquaam to ttnpart ta 
tov. — 1 hojiq. uiiubiru — \*y^^, \-'< f^fu^l^l & nvxaent IfLd^wL my diUr 
JltM (n>1i!liir, thJK uHliw \4uft iiirt iif niy chcxMlng; and 1 hope, I 
^y. ji>u will In to E(Md u Zo iw^a mjr pirstunptloiL. in ooinadcr- 
Aliuii of tuf Actiujc bj tour tulaa'e (roniuumd.^i ud aliinu cn«, Mr. 
Clbloii ; |iroj. |tfoc«ad.— Mr ^poUinft, vuvhaa^ at Icnfith bji# hwL 
tho uauriuio« to declAre hi* poA^oa far j-ou, Youx fath«T bliMr 
apim^rn of Ml. BptJJbv for a fton-iri-kw : and indow^ mipt\ nujcfat 
1 do/o to 0poak lay jnibmott, I know not wh-,~ro jroD oouTd diowo 
to bettor oHTniktneOb — If dut b th& oik. Mr, llarry, 1 wub thtvt f 
■iao ootild bo of tho Mma opirjion.-'Auil rm j^ja not, mivliuii? 
wbat olJooUon oui joa (orm^ >vl>[ht cxo<;|jti:>ij <^n yini hMT«, to m/ 
frJcnd fiwUing?— A very aimplo one, bij'. ojxd no Utter thno thu, 
ttiMho 14 iiotUwnum v,h<t ctii uuikv m^L fvii>py.— I tun auttj for it, 
in/<l«nr MbwOolding, 1 am tvuly icrry farit; wore I toplokfhjn 
id, *TOro I lo chociw thni«;;hoiit Ihu world, if "ly on* c«& 
I jou it i« fliir*»ly rJiifl *flTnn Spoiling, — And yef^ Mr. H&rn, 
I ramenilMiT to hivn uicri th« num blir<. fn evnry ^uv and nioni. 
It tnHnltoly |iri.'fenililo lo ytntr Tivi^uritp Sjnillijii^.-^Whprt'H »!ion, 
Wf doar mh»?^^VbHn t n.nt lirmt^Fit in tlin l<irlnf>T. T rriKy j>owfhlj 
bo nndor ^m nooavliy of e^ifLlr^tiu-.— Pjirdixi, piuitf^n, immt 
mftdAml 1 cavaat no "ffvuoD ; Jtitd yt-l I *ah ttt hc^veu I kriuw. — 
Sal tlxftt TOU Itfivor »luiU kmrw. Mt. IJoiry— tViiy tU'vx, imuljuu. 
If X JiiAy iavt^ntan im ono iinc^ijoi] moTi?, hn^ tli^ivuixty »it hi^d/ 

itirTjr; biit<if what aiWtfitii^ coulil bin knonl'^df^ |>ruv<i to mo. I 
boiMob roa? Out joa (mppow that oui^h cl pomon u I havo 
deuHbod could doifcit to looV ^Il\ fnvour oii nui:h a one u I am ? 
^1 do not boUcTO, nadflm, that tbo dua U in ^i^ud w1u> vronU 
not think yiniolf iuchfy honoarod, InMj UoM% bj ycm himd. 
Bat thoa ora ;ou ruvnir^d, mInL that thto man 1«i worthjr of Itf— 
M^ tikm Ug< m^ miFfartaoer hA la t:» tvoHhy, too nobbi, too 
ftooozr^lUtod, too luvi^ly, coo mooh t/ri^ry tfiin^, for my wiihdi to 
lov^ ast IhiDir tij my luipiu. A>ir1 riov, Air. liarry^ thai I tuts 
fatrtbitea yon ^Ib my Jtorcl, 1 Iu>jhi yon will not l^tray my mn- 
flriiTiccv iifti n)r«il it TO mv piipn. i milior tniKt iind rwpWKt that 

em Hill itM* rtfUhft mhir rri'onr for m«inpflbw *iim fo my rtftrto? of 
Ti SpclUne: BOd, tu mnlua yua njiao aiai>:i& far tho mortlfimilon 



I luive i^ivcTi yod, by n:3<KTtiia; youf iwlTociitimj in bchftlf of yonr 

llioujc" I «]■> nut prooiiAts dr, Uuit jou t\u\M tlii'Tnl^ lo mj rKi^ic^. 
Thuru 111 oQft thing fttrthor, Ur ClmCoTi, m vrhrch 50U nLn>r oMifco 
mv ; It ii to prevail on in; fitlior tr> [Iimh^w Ilt(^4> iu»iini1illi« «urt 
T*T*I* Ihflt mior nor honm : indfuvl, Ih-'y tirrrr wnrri tn m j loMfit, 

ft lililp iniiTkT <if riii>lini-lv»ly t!iat liimi: mniii irjj inSmI : tint wnr 

dkiU of my nrkna Vii^ pAtroiL the cue in whc^m hiB hopv &iid 
fortoDM MM very Kb wcro w^ript up — 1 oaw ihwi nhc vne iirilmi>py, 
IL^I Ao m TCty citjhik|ipy, nf n timr lhijt ^0 bAfI forldiica mo 
■to ttttMnpt her roUct though I vouM ^W.ily IiaTc [oJi^i witi half 
ray f'lrtiULv to haw Wuii CnaLWd to |i^V4a Uuj oIjJ^ <if her vlii^off 
to ht-T knoa. 

In tbo mpHfi u-hila. iny denroM nuHani, H wui dio furthiMt of ikU 
th[D||l front ^iit^riiijf iniA mj Imiurltuitlon, tbitt 1 wu tho vary 
p«rwn who aut »o d«v bor h^irt. T doilr mw ^io lor^^limt yotiibj 
nnd mliMl ch1(*fii of liio InO'i iLtTfrTt'luTit »ri hi-t wnnbi mirl hrTiit^v, hixI 
hnmhiy snlng fnr h^r favniir ; t bhv nUa, tJmt h*^r tmmrn*i» fjinnno 
KD'i mn^ ftitnv>thu)it JaBllT antltlcd hrr Ui th^^lr liumn^ : nfut t WJtf 
imlilinr vrJii tfnon^h^ nor ouv enough, \o Htt'mtfjt u i.'<;ijj[H»rJtitiu. 

.\4 Iri luymilf I wna wliullj rlwuJjl c^f itaiMitm, I Itpul nHlh^rr 
nm niir apjirHii^iidon fcr ihc (llKtriimrmt uf hum, TUou^rfi I hul 
oltc^u Htjti. J bvliiipm ha/} ttjiy kiui] uf[ivv*r?iij wUh Ltir: uiil vlturo 
Xhv hiftul h vnea^^uJ jjuiiI in a iijiuliiit alMorlrfid hj Ixmliicn, tJki.*re 
k neither kimro nor rooEa for 1oti> to oatet the hmut, Oa tho 
dlhcr buirl, a swrvon aflbuted c«n bvtontlj penctnLk^ tlu^ Ui«"nk of 
tho pnrtf b^IrtV1^^ iui4 there dticcni a vaooaI and fniKiiidblo hoatti 
«« U^ly u a pri»t i^f Imn conld dodr^ier hkETO^pltm 

Oiwdttji M lhoLijri.-uO(l totJcuMDoarbctrantM^ambo^lbi^iril llio 
imrbl«, a« 1 thoiurht, of dlntont att\ ethereal mndo. 1 apjrronchc<L 
tovanl the Bound; tbo door woa <di tfao jar, ukd, ^ntly oouuivic 
It, 1 ontitrud and ftood bohind b«'r iiTiptfr<i<itvt>:]. Sht nikt an^ mmff 
to tcr lulc, Tbo w&Pd» woM Hhofcspciirfl'i. but ■wc^tly Mt Ij 
henelf. Thar «nir«M«d that poniu^* m hli tiUy of TvrclRh NlgUt, 

Ah I bow aflTcclioely did her tnntraracnt uift«er to lior toIco. ntJla 
ahe itfutly tutiJL^I hrr wtba to tht' noft uul rodancbtdy raden^ 
Mj r^rotut vit^ ^:t ^wrllL-d 1'j- a (luxtui^ i.if au^itdi iUiii uan|ifM>ion, 
tiiat I coold no li^m^cr whnlly Mjau ea i a ri«bw jfroan. Ilorcal 
ill* atarM ruid UMi»yl : u-nd nuw ■oddeolj', bar cjro* «hot drv. mid 
bcr iioe plowoil yrith mAi^avttkin and Tcamtmionii hv.U c^iwrtit^ 
tbo toan that vrtill tncbloil lonn my cbodt*, bor counloiunoo wai 
a* mfldcnlf <'huip*'l liiIh kiudiuiu^ and tht caat upon ua a kofc 
of tnaxprcmiblo conipliioijnt:«. 


TBS FOOL or ^r-iirirr. 

All, Mr, fliuTT! ittvp «lw. 1 WKf. 1 Mu that j(m Imve & ti^flo 
ftuJ a kJTk'lfpil kinJ </ hnorl ; onJ that, if ci'cr jou h&iipon t> Itnvv 
Toa will love with Croat Undornwa Unrc yon cTcr lorol, 
Mr. HAn-yT^lni^eo'l. mJi'Uni) I HLiin<-t My; D^ DonLmprM lui 
booh Torj little amonir Ihn liUiciL If I not lava oa mj ^aj. or 
OTion foutid it in my np«rt> porlup* I eboiLlrl ti«t rightly know 
wh&l t> tfjjik^j of it, IJnf, my AlntlU. my cIi^iiiitj|; fuRli-r lyoinr 
fiuhor tiu j3otiflnrcd mo with Iho prlTiEogv df ciUlmg joii |iy iLii^l 
dov, that tr?]iHi.>r itfuao > why wiU jou not tctnut ycuT bott, your 
troMt tri<'iii1 vithlta tecEr«t of TOurdUqoi*!? Wh<Kn«r Uw object 
tityovr Mronm nwr ba, I hot« w>]amn1y mgng<^ M th* Jirk of mj 
tttb and tiw lr*( of my fortune, to bdrt^r tiiui vt>litn1«Hly to ivy liu 
VDM ftt yimr rp«L a my flljrr-^r' T Wi>ii1ir 1^ hAATf^Ti llwt lifl Tih/I 
nnv birrs lirc^ni, a* I h^rn Imri; pnwnt, tr> hnvo hk nonl mrlwid 
witl mlriLt^a tv* rvhv* Uu Iwrri : hin b4.'Eirt niftnt Iuivh fm^ti tmriiTar 
thjiu ttiii fihidiiM (if 'I'hHiHw, II yon tlh\ mil Mlr^u't ii auA riirive it Kt 
plouuit!, Iry iLu ttjiicb (»f X\i\tM fljtj;vn^ m^il tl^c IriTvit^'hrnrnt of 
thoao Bovuta-^Ab. yuu Qtttttrctr! pJir, r/irTi ■! T,itv fTinrd 

ti> hftnaony. am) ftBM fenaoiL cf Hiiii1i'.\ ■ ■\ i i :. :li|ie hk in 

bellyott wW, for tbo wiwUl, 1 wouli n..; ■■ . li ili_: .^iJi un.-- lU tiic 
trorM should kiio^. i3iit I tD'uit -Mi '!. k : ,. . if from llkp ■lAnf:vr,^ 
Bo ••ylni^niiil ou-tJi\ir ftt n;o n i-'^n iuTiy .luiw, «^io w« out of 
night In on in^iuit. 

Ail oiir unitoTA hod now hoen ^ismUscd, ond oiu oasDiablin <lis- 
OOntiDuod, Miv) OH^Ldiiu- DL^i?mc<l quJto ploiwJ wfth Oltr domoMio 
qnlot; it iinvo ila fn>|LiLiTit oomrodji of bdoff t<«olhori &nd I 
cndeaifoTirfld, by a TTLri^ty of tondor offtow aal IJttio nmuota^Qta* 
Vf >lir[iHi| or (iivt^rt the DK^liuiGholy umlsr whioh i thoaffhl nh^ 
Uboaruil. I WM [{T<"tl1y i<urpri»d ftt my own moooA on thi* 
4KV7U1DQ ; her cbaL>rtulnM« rolurnod ; iho dimWrOTOd DOW uid 
•triktriif pTitJ.'^H in Ikcr tnDnn<?rH nni\ <t^von&(iE>a, ftfid la ft UlU« 
tJmo did not amwiiir Ia want nny ocmnolntlrn- 

Ono dny. Itcuig on thn Kiplinnt?*. T uian aci-MttA hy it Jew, who 
Inld iTiH Uint tin wmrtjul h htitii <'>r nuinity, lui'l woidil *ifhnr Hdl or 
pnwii tn mil n Jnwnl rif prniil prl«* : it vttm n I'Jifairf, mmjmnw! nT 
^jricntul iwu-K wl'h u iILaniGnit or Iht- flr^t wftlcr niirl uiE^nillado 
lu tl^ Ofjittrv. AAur Huuiti chnfnTrJJij;, w« ui^^uil tuv ika&t 
Clitfii^riil |ili^i'oji, luiil 1 put it liuo my [KiL^kJit<t>ook, An my 
buBiaaN] <kLLiiif>tI nia on tbo nxchiu];:^ fill zt MJki IiiIf, T tliucd 
witJi ttvu ar tlirt^ nC'ituiiil-iUHV? nt tLv <Jiui>-lirjLiF-f, lUxf lUJ uot 
rotam till tin' rvi-nuiK >^ji* iulv(>ni>iid. 

On Tny cntcrinn; I n-^ut told t^uit >lr. Ogldinp wba bl-road, uid 
lhfttUi» MatiMii ]x%<\ jn^t ort'^ri^d colTeo fir tamtt lixli'tf in hor 
dro«riiiic-rtMfm, InmioilS^l^ly I mn up nnd opcrnod tJi« door withoat 
cerQVOiiyt but vtan iiu^tantZy atruch vilh llir Iwk wlikih abo turned 
tofT&tilt mo— In^k Uuit Jit i-w*^ ttiiimnXf'l d'rji-ctlou and dtfiffnrt. 
Dnri»42' coffofl I unliHivourfld to hohiivo with ray ■ujninl aniX>aooTfi, 
bur foand it impowiblo to Lvoid fharioe: in thnt i-ikTiHlrviit iindflT 
V'fiiidi Mijic' MiitiLdil ni'^d wirEunl]^ litf^tlinwL l it\ thiixt, * jclMnf 
vttltniuH cprta^l throiifrU fho wEloI^^ ocmvoi'uTion* and I baUwo no 
two pcr*JM fn c"iDp(Uiy wor<> rightly Kiti«fi<>'i witb Oftj*h otbor. 

An fioon Ad thA cn[M worv removed* ttm fiUr vifitf.infi» got up; 



doKiM Lw d(?«rr? oftkc^ at«.n«>, they fti,^ncJ a farther cnpuEo 
moint. «Ad tvnr formiJIy took ihtir Icflvo, 

When i4io hatl kcoti thctn to tUo door, uid tluit I Wl hanilod 
thom into tlwr cnrriiipm, tho turned vitJiant f|^«akine to ttitt, ami 
wlthdmir towonl ht-t ova HpMtnmnt. 1 f^kllnuvil, uid ikfl bIw wm 
About to cnicT—Mv MfllilJxi, D17 lUiTtr, Cfiid I, wnti ft TOk^ (tf 
ooTiLal IcndtrooHii clo your Hurrv thu fkroiir lo jujocDt thjJt trsflt^ 
AA in In«tutM <tf my rofc&nl for tJin t^gfittur of uj liienl— fbr tti* 
dcAToat dt^tet upoa daHq of my ««trc.m nM Kfhetifm. 80 (K/JBet 
T prMvnied facr villi my rttxvt purr<hriMr. ^bi> dirl not, fcovover, 
tmsn Attlgn to 1nnk at I:. ; trt, ntrrf^vinfr m't froTn tiAAil tn f^i with 
AH tiya uf itmn^ pwdmui, ilii' tnti tt and <]iuihiHl it ngnliul l}i» 
fiour. HU'l, iKHlirnjf uilo lior ohuui1ii<r. "Im nliut Lu tlw dotir utiou lur, 
vlthouc «p«nkiiv ft word. 

I «UknI In on IucqikcIvbIiIo MldiilftiaLint ujil v<mivm. In vaia 
I M&rdietl and rt»whod my uieiuorr fjr Uiv rvij^lleclitm of Botae 
Jiutonco w)k««(|i I mifLl Wt (ifTvuM lirr ^ lut not prctiumuif 
to ottnide upon bcr, in ortlvr t» qimtion 11 cxt»jMu]»tD with 
her, I rdnatod to mj ftpikrtuiciit udiIct tho dci<']>«t dcjocfiou 
of R>[Hti. 

Ifr, Golilinj? dH not rtlnm till it voa Utf: irt tho cvctdnK. Ho 
imrnDdJiitoly Bcut for mr, Uajjy- sayii bo, ^hot jb the ouittcir? 
Ui« AUj tmu hui]p«iiO(l Alicia*? 1 iwvi^r mw von k>ok n illBOom- 
pOAod — ladood, ifF, I Am lut aa ^t^U ai i (^>nia wUl^BIam dm^ 
w« tiujl bettor Pond for a d^iotor^Xo, wr, 1 kin Jn hrp«a It nill 
Aoan Im OTor,— 'Vrh<rr« in M^UMa? — In har chiunbOT, vlr, I |]«li(jT«. 

He then CAlbd Hrs. fiusoa AAd Ud bor tell UAtfldA Uut bA 
<!f«rr«a to >pvi^ wiTh hAr; bat ihA aavwatoj^ thai bor mlniMt 
yrta pino to |j«1 indJ«i>oae4, and »qiUAtAd tintt KhA might Mit 

b(f clLlltUrtKM]. 

Siifjpr-r hyitu! wrroif ni>« we Mat rlfnvn In AJIttD(« ; itnJ aa nolChar 
of uii tifliRrait to tube ■« bit. I Tom. vUUail Ht. Gcrlclln^^ a pKjd-nl^fhl, 
wii] rctfrod tii my duuii1>itr, 

/fUT a fkrirVw m^lit. lujr mrvmit vntvrvd m u vifilik ulaini. 
ADk] lolil mi^ t\uit Mj-d nutilirti: wwt eitnrmely ill, Rjiil lluit okaort 
all thf] phJ^iL^iuD?l ]i; LoiLd^hU hul U^ou wut fut. 

Vo(j uiJininjy Hutu jimiij 'i^'O^i-ilirii; diiy*. I aiw my fricmt. my 
fathf'r, thn Huirj 1 lovi*:il aIhivk iJic HurlJ — 1 naw Hm m a d^fth dt 
distrrtvi thnt I-ordcrtd on <liiitjiUTlJO% A&rl I foiiar] my buort vt-udjc 

Thonjtb I wai in my inquiries nftor Miff Goldinr, yot 
I purpo**ly nroidcd iiptvirirjf ui hK-r ^•T^r^ni.Mt, [<^«t Iho RiMlit of 
ono K' obnL»iJoiu hIjijuM wli lo htr ilifitnaiptir. At bn^ tho good 
oUi mini cuma Ut in(<, wrin^:in^ hit bun<)H— WUl yon net j^, Harry, 
•ay* ]t(L— ^v'lII yvn n"l (^^ and kihi Miitilfa br-f^nre she dlM? 'J^h^ 
iTfHTtJini li-ll iw* iht'j Yiiivv Irlt'il nil thn poVT^m of mr-diclEm, bnt that 
thrylo not fet knuw yrrhnt tn trxJik^ ol Vt W('kT»«(s. 

IfcFy ilimr *ir, *3.iH 1. it 1m Ih^rn mi |jnig^i>r timi* 10 coni?cal (Vom you 
vrlutt r know r>p fonjiv^irfi cimrrnilitp tliis iiiJit,l<?r. Ml» Bl^-tudA 
honfir intnu(4i«i mo nitli the Bn.-rcl, IjuI undc-r (hv ftliii'twit 
fqJUDcUoaa ur«ilidi]t«; Uw «iu«Diity of bui «w«t<, bcwovar. oaicht 


MB m)t 9P 4tU£JTr 

to dispfUM irtlli ftll 8Ucb vnipiffCtnioiitp. Tom- r]jtDtr1it«T \ffn% 
fir— iihn loTiiA Kflli ptMloBj bat vbo thi? obj^^^t of hrr a5r>[!tton 
li, J coDiict tmftaiui. Let il be yoar pivrt t4i -Ij^ti^yot nliat Dihri b» 

antlioK^, nr mtbcr to tha tomlcrnQM, of nek a parMit. 

Uare Jlr, QoUiw lof% bm, t>ut rvttune'l ^ «bout on Tii>Qr. Ilk 
wbol« ftaiM •Hmod 1« Ubour vrith pomatbtog artnutrdliu^. Yna 
wtvo ri|^t, HijT7, he <vidd; jcn nn ri^l in toot <oi^jooti3rea I 
Hv pnftjora and DV tMn 1i*t« a1 loriitih pT«ir«11iv) - with itHIIcnilty 
I UTO wTvng thn soorot IVom hrr. O. tn^ tofi T it t« gnofttlf In 
ychiu' potror to bHVIoEKt m ^'f^vll 70B not An wm^ifhing f>r the 
t^tkl "f Li family whn iTi^t iijifm fr>Ti m wa iIo? vouTI rnti not ifn 
nnnii'ihlinF fnr your ol! frirm!, tvIjo hrrm joti n* ftmilj «» r\cr 
fnUinr triTiNl n HiJlil?^^mi*.-LLiii;: for T^ni» BOT? imH 1. ^ib> ^^i^rT 
tiling— ilH iTiEiikpi Oj^C JtTr iiimiihU to bo doil& iHit nrftr, Jtir^ ilo I 
Vdov Uui juuty? — Vciu iId. lEnrry. ^ou clo. ho crlod; toa*, ■■ tbo 
p[utili<^t sM^I unto DbtiJ, Thoit art (he maul 

vho lifitcs mc — sho dctoite tbo croUQi I pj npoiL— Not bo, HdA 
he — Qol fo 1 *he iorw th'j iffrr <Jiinl iiptm i^ch yciJ tread. Soo^ 
Uiint: ^r> 1y is dti-t hi niilifi^iition of the uitLunlttM whkh jnon hftVo 
Ocx4fitonc<l. Wo Un at roar iiH;r<7, Mr, Clintoo, nay pro<!foni 
dnai^btcr and myKlf; :t ir jcnm to bid us liro or djo at yonr 
pU^Ufiiiv : to crush 1L8 into nrjtljini:, or to ronton) aa to cxIM^jimo, 
to ht^tlth, to or^>^ont WlU It hnrt yoo, 107 Mm, to <fo m ih«m> 
groat IrttKifLtit? U it iL noAtUY ^cvons to gir^ bopfoiutt to fhotf 
vloAo oxtv^vi) to/0 to you Em Ihc^ir only mint ortvxK ? A pr^ncfllf 
f>ilciio ftttan^n jflU- Wo and all wo hnv*. im jronn^ Mr. Llinu^ 
Wo uc dojiiroTu of di«]vnfUiij^ oTi ymir liouncy ftlmow 1^^ tho 
«:Xtn*ni>4iruvu of mv d]iui;hri>r'i jitiN^on fnr frm <'aBdte nofnfrChliEt 
mmv kini^; thnn nntird In jctir hn^ut. If not for her wvkn, jet 
for miin'. iiiy U^l'ivrfJ Hnny, Irl ttw l»*Meerh you lo cuMtniEu jonr- 
PRlf lh'liin> hi>r, to ufTm-l, Mfimft llUlf tJ^nd'^miMi, lumin niiprawTiDM fif 
ivp^^ ^^^^^ JiL'^y tcvivLf ht^r. nwhUe ni IviuU frum ihu df.-p1i)ruhl0 
•t«t« uiidvi' whk-Ii aLu Ijm^t^r??. 

micht linTD procc«dcr1 mack fnilher Lrf^irc J shonM have had Iho 
powoT t« rtply. At Uiujjih, 1 cvut iiip*.'lf cii ii»y ku'xi, mid cAkh- 
mg hb hwid to my Iioh^ih — Ah, my Wend, tnv tiller, my dotf 
liklhcr! ] cried; am I thm no better tkvi n barbarian in jxxir 
«<4>f1il? Jo niit :v(iiild yon iDpoto mc\\ Hiiutimrnli? tJ I'.meUy uiil 
ini^titudo ? Tiite my hnnfl, sir, fciko mv heart, diupwo of th*m 
tut you ]:1i>Afie. All thut J huvc, ta>'i «U 1 ma, it) ycun^ uir| your 
dmi^ht^r's^ wiLUont 4n; ktajl of roHarr^ for any oth^r ^rttKi 
broii thing. 

Tho ^rovd wun cAM^ht mff in hi* ftnrvt, ttd pni^M^I me to hit 
hrcdat 1q ft \or\g unri Bp<vi-hl«iA n^vtmy: thf>ii, iikini; me bj thd 
hmid. ho led me In iHc^nro to hk dftughter't nfnrlinnnl. 

A.4 v^ ^rit^rnil ri1it> iiinicirl hfir eyi]v4 f i^'itrd iln^ dof^r. ami! hnr ptla 
ftinl l*n^1d enmjiennnf* wfui iitnif^^ht miftijipd with n ■hrirl-lhiid 
HmL 1 vna lo ikfTiM*t4Ht ti>' thn ct^ndltlon in whlrli I tmhi'lif hor, llmt 
1 *owi^?1jr VKHB sXAv tv ruJU-'li Uur hMlMiila, wUi»ni, kiinoltng rlovi^ 



I nniXj toolc 0T1& of h<»r linnrip, nuil |imKfng It lnjtVBWi mbidj 1 

Mr. (.livUtti ^1* iwrt^iJTily infrirmod nf my wnokiMWi,— T am fnfnminil, 

KmjItTiH] ii>hiitn for nlmiiiiiMwUMtlHiiiOiillQtFAlMAb my morft; 
tt it HliiaiUMfi<«0uli£liif^11iilitlniH«fD]y Jilh toikf^rreft 

Vj dwr, hM Mr. Ookltof > I pnroi^tQ roB an mnodiln^ 
iDNtBnd ; jMir ooiulibitlro I0 Wo vtm frr snuli vnwtkma v Ibon. 
For the fmeol, roar brotbor Hurj tnuH Wt^ jon. To-mompw, 
I tnat, roawfllM better &b1o to rapport mtr c^DifKUiT^ 

Horeapon I tctok her handi ftn^ inipT«ieinjr iiih>» it a Urdcr iLacI 
vm kM I Jn^t Tcntottid to ich>1i upt imcl mw hor flno c^ca 
tuflurf iTith a flilUtiiu: tear, and hor i^ciiDtciianco bent mwn me 
iidtS abokcf tmlL^^Uibl^BweoliiuaB iini ddiclit & bixt Ur.OoMiniri 
to prvvent tha olTbcin of too toulcr <i «o«fio, mstantlf took dw ^ 
tho am ftofl led Tiic ikwpj. 

A* ba &J^Tit0'1 thut toy iq^SHts \ttf\ l>wn na^h distQrt-Arl, ho 
^mlarod alAltb to lilj o«^chamlTor,im'i tatt) mo tliat b« rcqntstod 
iCNikO fnrtlipr i^nvorfc vrith mo. Ai a^OQ U wo bnd tuknn tmr 
iuttthe look4<l ^^nmoaily npon inf», tlien AAbM me by ihi« hnmf, unt\ 
loolwl at ma inin^ bnt tOEldftnly j^Uln^f np. hn tnm<^ anil 
Vtopped to tba window, nm hreaktitg Info tonn. ho tttcn wrpt oihI 
puUl«d for guodl pAJt orhn hour. 

Ab *iittt\ nj bn w Mimnwlitit (nnipoicil. ho r(«nTnoi1 hli irnit. 
lln Clinton, hijh hr, am yau renl!/ hJtutrrp m ycinr urvfiaBlcrtUi wilh 
Ttvpcut (V iny duui:hLvr? tSbtJL 1 1>«i rid of niy auubU nI uiiciiT 
Mny [ >tEilu[iT l<> iLik joa a qaritUiiiion wliiih my o^n lllri, nn wdII 
nn Utai ot my cliil,!, nuy d^ivnU? Shoiilil tt pK-i^ic tlic AluiitrLty 
to rvH b<:r &uia uvr priArjt liU'l of flif:kjit^wi, i« it Aclunlly j^ur 
faitcutbn w nijilci? hf!r your wlfo? 

Jlcre 1 ilcmatnicJ ^rith domt nTnimth— Is tho* quc^tiDQ, «dr, at 

or ray tmtb? — I t]o not nupoct yt>Q, tny Fifirry, I iL) ni)t «iii^]>iTi>t 
joa; 1 kaowyoawTMiliI not do<'i^i«a m^. Lut yoa may bu-vo deooivcd 
jOttTwlf, Voiir oalnro » tftodir n>u! fali of pity, imd in tho c!o- 
plonblo ttato id irlii[^h my girl li^, yoar grvut com^Midon mnj' 
ba^a ODiaJy been iu!«1nk'Mi by yoti for lovi^. Yonr fnvod^hib for 
ma aTw roty hiivo htljpi'd t^^ Imjumo itfirui yon, aiiJ ynn mny iiaT« 
conatmod jonr wpird unrt ntlrnhniool to tlic tr-llirr irrtr* n i^Tittnu'Jit 
of tCiTifTfinvw nncl HlT'^rtfim f tr lhi< ihUjI. UitV oTi, my Hnrry! khnnlil 
any mhnr womnn bn prrfnriil^ln In jnnr f<yt*. t>r tlwntXd \t not hn 
In toy ^rrn j}f>AA7r to ^Id mid wmr yimir unbitioiu, I slmtl Ibvti 
bnvo iHitiri LnxintTii-'^itjLl hi rrmkliijr yoo VTffrhfil; nnd my 1ii>iirt 
HUH Hji wpU Im I'mln-n tlit out vnyiu tho olhor.— No, my fflthor, 
no f 1 hiiTo ni> fcirciiai L^UInlis, no Mx'tvt Atiiuim. no pli-it«urt« thai 
rfiun ttio ^iihi. M> b^^nrl U a Tiiyia b<.virt, /mil njy Mntilcia 

From the timo thitt I voj if?n^Mo of rny riitbrr*e gortJi'^tr. * 
Uttlo nuntlvr of lirtifiUinn, wh<«llicr bndAMo or othori^ieo, Ebnt(4 
mo to attempt a ili-tln^tiffD ihnt v^n]<\ mipo BIO tovftH o IgtcI with 
an otdy broibcr, vbo bvkoi tlowu with lu^ect and oratciDpt vjfoa 

na TUB FOoi OP QVALirr, 

mo. ThonM 1 booun* tnrlHnti^hlo In my fiT.iii1fi<»- nt Ktii>o1 cinil 
<K>11f<tP\ tie ttlw [d my tipiilinUion noAtfr ><ili, tit. ^liLvIut: Ut4' ftrvt 
y<ijini<jir my |^)prenlIcD■bibL ami UjIh Iuft mo no miuinor of Ininini 
Ibr ffluub aitaahiOinibi. Itulrol. 1 div^tsil the ftpimniaDQ of any 
minaon frjm Htv wx. luiil Uriiu^L frum llietn dm I wuuld f£>riu u» 
mtD/^cbvi or ultTulU purpw^ly \\us for my dotraoticin. My coir 
venftlvHi, ni, hu Uxdi rvrj ]iitl« nrDrnur t^? Mr; nti-U cx<vptta? 
107 nAtqjiil propMMllj to L]i<> itrx, 1 iinvrr, till viif j Ij.trly, <xini;«trt>d 
a iMac (ot aaj vonum. In tnilh. my <Iou- Inthor, UkAt Ukiy U cot 
alk^ >rhcna 1117 jodgm^Dt or hidiDiitioiu vontd wvkr to ymir 
UfttildA. Y«ii aiMd not foar my boini;: wrol«h«d— -I think myaulf 
motft hnppf In hor idToctloiw. 

llion* aud Lo, 1 prtmcFUiKc htj tfae huirpioAt of womf^ Ani 
now. my Hurry, I will 1i>1] yovt A d^crftt. rrom Iho fknt thnv that 
I bohi^Ld yoa, I wiahoct yoa for my divugttor; 1 vishod tbAt <hD 
nowht hftve (birriiu to plirmn nnd fir y^ir honrt ; but oi I flMivd, 
inS wM pmniuilo-l Uutl thin wiu not ih'' r;ti^, T forhon to Indclfn 
myMrir tn inu-h n.iTtcrtti^ atpertAtinru. \on know T nowrlook ycin 

thiii. I f!rt*iirlAil fixprffif n^ her jmmg and liiftT|ji>rlp.npfiil h-yirl. to miiiti 
n t«jni[iiiitbn, It'dt hhu riumld conon^YD and UngiL[t«}i uiuter a huprv 
luta tnufituu. 

On h*»r i^luni to to«n f«v RimrplniiMionH on your *oi>pn wero 
manb oltnlnil. hh I imfvf[util iLlI, liiu ]fr<iiit nanilHa^ nf hur ^y ukI 
dittoriiig niton wouLl cUvjitc or at IiuaI dirrrU her KttcDtioa 
Irom ytm, anJ 1 purpoAoly IaIiI &U II10 bunmcmof cur buiiiw uu vnar 
shtratiJorat tbAtwio mlffhltiAvo a* little of your ccimpftny wi pombU. 

I ftir^r W tho procuuticnt t> worn my «bild d0»iut ILe dannr 
of Any nffocti^n fur yon. Mntty, Mid I on(^ Mj, omonir all th!« 
MMmlJy of fiiir luid fnrtomito yontba yen ilto ino onii vttcamo to 
diOQAo your oompiknioD for IJfb : th^ro in onTy ono who wtuidB 01- 
OopUd-^only OM wbom yuu miiHt iicit UkiU ui^xm with on ero of flx- 
i»oU1ioa,-i^Wbo II tiwl, |nmV— My roun^r brotbor uid partlkor 
Ea tmdt. «ud I. Ho loolu mnoh bi^shttr, M,itty. tJ^Ln t> tb4 
duqrbt«r of a mnrohiint. Hi* pT€itiitK-!tM iu« Inuaitniw. Uo U only 
brolW Mud lioir to tho Earl of MorcUnd, wbo i* now oa hit iravrli^ 
a diitolote yoncg n»nn, v-bnic vi.vtfi in nil likf^lihivkl vrill i|nidily 
carry bim ofT: tavl in mirh 4 caak onr llarr; L'll&toti ffonld pa con< 
«]iirr«t u thn dnt porHUTi In thf liinc!. 

Ah.drl T foii'd, I m/iy lik-v }-oitr |»fibn>StIoii ^^-Jfh r^ipinltnme; 
It VM onrbdnly llii* 1iiili|>y, Ow ivily, onu»r of my MittilWii luf 
tlnl[ty tn my fivronr- Tlkr^ ^nd nmn wnlliNl und prucoailod. >'ot- 
vi(Ji^tjinHlULr wbut I wuil to ?h1alty, I bii-l iiut ptviru up all UnJOgbtM 
of jou uiy4o]f. Wbilt^ FiU? kdki.^l or hijei|£ Eu your nrracucc I often 
turned ray oyo a;nm ^^m. mv\ tiicmfflit, at timctu Uint I pcrwEifed 
h ^ovIti;: leuilorrtfn lu your buluiviout. wbV-b fiutimr iKttvrtinUnoo, 
1 tnistorl, iiiik;bt ripen into bvu, Bat whon. in order to try you, 
I propoKivd your oilTOOiktloQ \ti 1»ob*Jf <tS Spalliiur, nnd tbat you 
u^ATcd to undcrtftku it inth r^ftdinoea and pltioMirt.-, I at onM 
mi>];)ptMl all inv fuTirL and flttttDrlnjc bopoi coni-'tTn^D^ you, oJti i 
bNirtily viebcif thai my child hEtil aoceTRod that modc«t and worthy 
faixrig luim. I^Jmivod, howt^iTt bo tbo tavouring lund oi tlut 

rns FOOL OP qvalttt. 


cf this luur, uul foUUlMl dw <Bi)[tal wUh of m; Ufo. hM 1 uJll 
DO ToTll^c^^ Majt (.Tu-ryliu; to [uj liunr cliJld iLv rud tj(1ii];.-ii [>r y«uT 
&fl*<'t]iiiJH ; jt will |>rii^i: lim lK'>t nf IaIhu l4 bfif wiriiuifi>El imu'), 
Acd will clcift: her ryw ftn this picht m ittrt iwd paitc ill hcuil 

m«iit ctiliTinl ntj ohiitiitK^r ninl bit] mc ii:i>oil tuorrviv. Mtx Sumu, 
add r. jtkur plcAKLUt v«imtctj£kiwo bids me prumiie tbat Mt« 
<io]di(iic ifl Iwttor.— O, vnntly botwr— \o*tW bi^tl(<r. rir, I nsnure 
jTfm. Sbo «]cpt nwcDlij 1^ tbe n^bl, oEid a('t not wiurii Tor bfL|i]fj 
drauiiB uciT.hvr, 1 woiriuiL — Her« u Bornvthine for joiu ^ijud n«v«. 
—No, Bit. fLd, I D<t<ri>r Uke mdr^y rnmi j^^nlWiion: ojy i]iiBtn<w'i 
geiioroBlty doo* not !eiiru mc to ih* toniiildllun, I loTO my mi^ 
tTDtt, dr^ ftnd 1 think wf> oii^t jlLI nthcr lo join uid fee jon. ui 
ir«ilt r^r jofili^rliirii visit lu fr^r imothar vhifVi I hi'^ yt'n will pnjr 
bftT tA-dnjr, A li^tdki fcr thcwi old tlafftom ; onn |rTrliy jming ilooutr 
b Ih^ttflf vortli lliiiL n Kiort< of Ib^n.— Sninn. rm it nhoiilil wuin, hod 
l*flr fin obfcTi'vflr. juhT <lli! not wuni fftr wnnintiion, fn anrli mniwrft 
—Mr. lUrry, jJip ciuitJnu<-'1. I woaUi ^vn my loxt qTiruui'"* vj^i^i^ 
Id know nbjit I'luinii it w iZmt yi>a ciLtty ubuui yon to tuiikn ^1 ihn 
piitllj tuli<w Ml filled uf jfiMi— In Imili. Vitv 8u>ui»i, 1 nui tiiutdly 
A fttriiiiciT ti> iliii 1 hunii iii\<\ lo tbc liiintrirw i)tat yuti liilh or— 
DtkJi'l u-11 iuL% AT— i]odH U:i] IDC I Tfio ¥cry doj ^ that oiiilit en 
w}ikb tiiy UiisUfVB fell bU^. Ii<ir« vu s Indy Li ^r cbftrioi lo h^ 
(|uirrj fur s\}n ; vii>« of Uiv tu^clScut ^iioj: crMtmtii 1 ovvr Mt mj 
cjM on, I know lio aakcd Tcry iHuticuWly uut rcry aifectionatply 
for jon ; fur, thotxcli It w^ tuf niifltroM to vhou: slio upokr, 1 Btood 
irlttiln bcorij^, — U man, 1 vrirs^l, bihvo boon podjc mihtokfa or fr)ii)0 
Etnpofturo; fbr 1 unir? yi>ti. Mrn. 8uuq, thflt I knew of no viidi 
MiactiL But, pr&y^ bo so iccTod m !'> boor &iy coitij>ljnicniit lo yom 
Udjr, and toll hfr 1 v«lt hoc ponuMoti to fttldod b«r. 

I forget to toll yon, nukdun, that, ^;ro««bto to tho o^vitv which 
Mr. Colilinfc JiUfl irltcrL cno, 1 wvnt to lblkitAt« my v^c1l^ ■^'diill 
en hi» roArrU^ with your mather. U« hod iilro«rly l«oti mt-rniiKt 
of my T»OMt fcj!mi»djiiiDtof»rt»ii!dE\«icllhcrcujioiin;pcivod ma 

ToDrmothar at thnt dnw wnn axcotfjllng loiviLy in Ut^ iinDmn juvl 
tnaonsTS, At orery wiuviti of Icknro I frcqiti^iiTod their Ilmuv, niiij 
(^coTwelvotltt VMi/iL-iiilr-rhud winii fritmdHliip r<>raio: Imt during 
HEM (loljllng^ nin™»H I hut prt hi^^n tn x-Wl th^m. 

Bqmii mtflnit jiut irm'i vlirn Tifr, (rullLiix'oiuiu uul ktld un.- tbut 

be boUflVXl hvMttlty W\ru1i]l|i ^Jl^Hf.^iI to ^ilMJiV. I JJl?1»uU> i'lH'>U(l 

thr nimmoniL An ) cr^U'i'ti] 1 iWimivctiI thai nbiV Mt bp in her Lcil; 
D duniLiTii^ |^>ffD wn* wruppcd aboui htr. itud Stmiv ^th ibi' bLO|j 
of (^l^rATs auyportoj licr b^Liud. Ua my uipraJ^HlC Ih« ^e'^^^ 
ivun touk tho AUrm. ftho Bcaroe vonturod a jfiaiicc to^orJ mc^ I 
wu i-r»tlj punod by tho abaabmMit mdffr vhich 1 mw tho 
iitHirurM, imd 1 hutmail to tvIJrra mjMitf m woII a» b«r frtm iho 

1 ut d«vn by the boibilck, and i^vntly Caktnf ono of bor haa4\ 
VlllMiit bvikinj? in hir tuH'— Sly dftur Mih^ Ikrtdioirt »H i, I iicji* 
JOQ will fkot bo jcttlfioi ol your papa"! tdfoition for mo. Ue ban, 



THK rrooL ar qvalttt. 

tndwwl, b«*ak tmt pftrtlnl— too pi^oTmnH tnvnuilji m*: atid >iii 
amravcd lUmstlr muto Ihui n fnrhi^r to nm. r[r h imt mtfiiLt'ii 
Wb nilowlnc rrn> to ™U y^fi I7 rhrt li^nil^r nHiii« of iiSi*r*T; h« 
liirtTiiir ijl^p'* mn U^jtrn |o hfkpn llmt 1 mav Iv* iiiittnil tr ymi Sj- thA 
iNUuriit 4^1 dcfinut of jtll LIih. Xi>l.hln^ hut your m[i«rj|t In 
wBdUd^ my ri^lvr. tu timhr w t?ii^ 1iHp|i>>*«t nf riijiikbtinl, Vnu arr^ 
rilAntf mj MaDIU; iaav 1 I'entiirii 1i> cjill jt^i; iiiulc? BlnwHt Iia 

Eiiu «iVncc« my wrL I vill dni« tlu»ii to blcrinrt rt \a mj rnna 
tuur. lulroHL I alujulil lorUE A^KQ lut« iiumIq 1ti« pre n qnt doctdTB- 
ti>>a^i »li<rabl ionv tliice Imvc avihivi^nl vay incUimlkinii. mj' nifTvo 
tiooi. ni7 pupian for yoti ; but I did cot pnwnmo tc UAtcn to mj 
own bonrt oo Uht ooniTt^ii^ i!ji1 not ^iitTi-ir it 1^} tf^ll mn hciv rocch 
jou wore 1r«lciTciL Ami'Int K' muij' njiton of tJio fiml mnh nnil 
Bkorit, wtio woro JubIW ijaUo'I tot'ct'^^-^r \*y jvur uumlvrlcai ftttn^ 
lloAS, I d«oiiM>d H « m%\i\ by mock tofi tii^h for mo to ft«p!n> ftt o^ 
oompotJtiotL for tho Imppimcai of ri;ar bAnd. 

lioro, vantuhEi^ to look up, I porMirvd tlut th* bad put bar 
h*iidk4Jcjh&(if \n b«r «7M.— Ab, Mr. CUattt&f ibo otIdlI will^ n irom- 
bihiff roloo, ^00 iLTv rorj cloll«atc^ 70a are •v««tlj dchcoto indc«d ; 
bnl otijfht 1 to fjib.i the odranUtfo of Oil* d«tk«cv? I«f« tbii ;oq 
WO^d Km tD4 from tba oonftinon nf jui ftvovuWyon wotiM mto 

ytm. oii^ht nof to wliyim Ihnt a wmIui^ws In mv which t ftMoniit 
iny diiiJmt itj>*r/t^ mu\ wliuli 1^ tiiy thlt^rtti priilo, I tm proud of 
my z'^'^^^^^'^f ^ *"> proud of ray diWrnmnriL Fmrn tbn mnmrmt 
liuit you pTi'-vrvL*d mu ri;:iiJ]ist unus lUid u^tiAt uiM:% At thu j^rent 
^tiJ {>r 3i:iur own tjfii, lu yuti iinil j^m aIoiki I huw u^rry Ibii^K UuLt 
WM HiiiJEiMi' rivL'E/ IliiEi^ thjit wn# oKf^tlriiL Dot tln^n I ilrriArVu) 
leet ull wuHitJi shi^Jd bohtiki juu with mj cju*; mid, «I>ot<] alL 
I doubly drriuksl ruii| w:« r^fu-rijUy d^iit^iI tkat you ucT^r woDU 
Euro ukv oy» or ntt^oifou fi^r mo. You bjtro at lon^ftb >coi:^ <ft 
aro rjitfior infonoHl, ocnttmin;: my malady. You pity mc, yoa 
vi«b to roUovo m«, &a/\ you vfmll Ioto mo Jf you cotild. It w 
finoD^ Mr. Htrry ; «vcq thin, pcrb^^pfs b ^uJto «■ mucb of b«ppl- 
IMO V I can booTp 

Uato, waEDt J lio^U to proliuu cmil to protMt tibo fi^cofilT and 
wdMir tf my ofibottoait but vhc out mo diort uid nld— I cuow 
jonr dnoDri^, ^ ; ycm a» p«r«ruuloii that yoa love hhw bommo a* 
9et yon kiiov urit whii Wi^ fa, Tnifi tovo, !b(r. HArry, fay Ltaomi 
U{^ 000a Into fliLiI tlii-ou^liout tho bnom of (he pAfty bolovod ; 1 
ttm mry ipn*)hkli> at tlux i/tj»l^nu*HH of yitfJr fhriidf<tirp for riu*» aad 
ihf*f. ft.mniIinUy nniiat^tnt^* Ihri whnlii oTny h«phiiinu, ! trnuT, klw, 
th[it it r' ntl t'hi^ luLmiloi^Ri T r^lmll (TVi?<r dmirc xc mw yoq, to hnar 
you. lo hur*^ you wjlli uit?, lo jjtuo? ir|rfiii jxm vhili* jrm nfi> looking 
unMhtf WHV, Ui lio juifniilf/^il tJi uttfTiitH tjk »L^n<i jun, to O(indiio« Co 
your Milik^u!lL]ij^ it is a Uit tlr^tt vHl Un mo idKi'fP Umt cf 
moitBlUy, tbut will uiitfv mo to ocwuot tujedr dn fltut auoof 

Abl 1 crSoilfOoa f >ny aotldnr. oon IdonottifikctocoiiThiooyoii 
bowdeor. bow oxor>vdiDiE']v dour, yonaroto mc? I oortoln^ loVod 
ywi Vam WroTO I liaew >vluit It wm to W rl lotor- 1 oov io»t tho 
viltod for«o cf IboM imporocptiblo dvgrco* by ^blcb the plouin^ 



[h«Q I iir<>Ai]ri3i*it to |inwint juii vilti thM m D tokvQ m^ Ulf ift^ 
I bfll'l tt lor a tnfic ollogothor nnwoTth/ of J<nii iKv«|it it> 
ir r t>»cvob you, for i1m> uko of the girsr. 
Anri 1a thE4 IhA jevfo, n|« ibflL vh^ob T nut from wc with mcb 
dlNdaJn? F'ai^vo mo, mj bn)th«f ; K bi Jiinr on thut rJiL< >vorld 
cutH from ilLpm Uw pearl of mv^b mt^htior prioa. I vtiuIiI to 
b«ftT«D Uut ] (."oahl reJpTl »11 Uio puntiM* [itttviiir^A. ubl vnitMcm of 
dlts tnuudtfiiy wnrlrt. iltli tlii ftamn nti'mJtm llitr; 1 hpnniin! fiTim 
Uiv Uiu t.<4tiuiutil(< jtVL^] : Liiit Uii.'n< b viTry lillln hoyf of LtiHt Mr. 
Qorry, hLUv yuu ^uujtfulf luuy tju paii\y tmmlwre'i aiuuuif Inuuitoff 

Hera 1 yttt quite ovfirDJiDe by thu nfTiKiticii] nf the <loar ^rl. onJ, 

' f?!! iiy n >ti'lt\fin lrij:i*|H/rC 1 I'AUkclit htrr to loy bu«uni witli & 

tliat *vna *0I□c^U!uTlc loo maeh for boi vhcokiicif*. On rt4;t>1)ci> 

I mCtompU'^E to Api>io^'ir% for my inliscrotjon, hut the iircotlj 

-AIl Mr, H«rr/' ni^\cr iit|xtrI »1' audi fiiult*: niay I uftcn. 

luj I A^y lodipl yon to bo ^Uty of Ihom, But tolt fiio, 4inil kll 

m* tmly, Mr Clinton ; tti<:«o |r(^ni. whrn foq Anrt parohiitt>l Ibcin, 

rft thoy iul4udlj jnUnuki I tor- iim ? Ui/r^ lh<iy iioC ritJkor inUiiL^lcil 

your nim 7^ for yotir own H'ltnny, Mr. riiJilouV— VTIuit vwi y<ju 

hn? r 4XoliuiniKi I know^ of no I'lUicy in the unucru with 

Fbom I h^if4^ Any HtvinriLutjuir-tf.— Tli»t j« Rlninu^i iho rc(iti»<i ; 

'▼•ry txUaflt^nnry, Inifooil! Uat l*«t you *honM thliifc mij of » 

Jonloiii or vhinuittt] teup«r, I vfll robito Iho mSuLr to you prccisftly 

M It Iwppniwtrl. 

On llin fly En wlnrh T fnnk to my hni, T woji tookfnir nut At thft 
Mi'luur wlnJuw. vlivn a f'liuHfiC my] four horvM whlrE«d utr to ooj 
uoor. T i>]nwM0i1 h itlturlif l^ly In It-, wliorii I fuifj[ioi44 nf njy 
AcquninUiiot, uii! innUiitly ivnt Siinm tn nritui^t h^^r iu vhUi In, 
On bor cntcriti^r. 1 wu ctiMtlj itmok by tbo liaiuly of Wr Okiuu 
Aiiil«)n»lb«r vc^y iiiL]ujiii|.jvi-ly flrom heail Ui fviit. Llaviuiri'urEned 
psoofoUy to mii— ^Au yen toll hmvirTmi, ttk^a nliv, i« Mr. Cliot^rt al 
boiD«?^->o, Jti4«ed, mftdAm. mjiI T ; but if ron wlU b« |)1cwod to 

IntrtMl mo with yoor oomnuLiiilii -It i« only, nuns that 1 r?qumt 

lo aoo hm DO bwd m powblo^— And pr«y. uuulAm, ivhoro AeM ho 
«tt«&il you7— U, ho vritl faiow that inatiuitly. wboa yoa Ml hun U 
VM I'uuiy Goo4ii1]— Km o^pti Fimny iJ^ioull, irhi> «aa hnrii to 
wijt upon him-— Good hoaron! I Pi-icd cot: my Mint, my aimt. 
»iy lunt Goo<l)iJ] ; niy vwy aunt, I naoor* you I— Wturt 'lo y<nj my, 
vFiAt <]a Tx>a t«11 TTic ; your Hunt, rir. 0«A it b« ? Ah ! «h» ii UiO 
ToiiTur tnd too lovoly tti bo nn auntn Mr. Horry.— Th^.* v«<ry mimo 
uiiIaaiI. mnitATO ; thnrfi It no olh»tr Kviny OoivUll 1 n/lmit, su yCQ 
My, that ahft In yntiTi;; ui^l fixoooJtn^ly lorvly : bat itlll ite u a 
wifr, iind lili*'Ty vot\^ hh 1 thlnlc, lo l>i* n n'>tn«r.—Al(w ! jayn iny 
MutJMii, vliitt iL it4>Ii-rLit )r4t IV th\fl A (inji>1 A'mt cilta hrt> fH^m t<i 
me, r Jim Kan ; what d«j» of ilplis nmt nEj;hU of t/wirn lOiis hju crul 
mo ! Ah. thul h4<u14ircakte i'^t^a. " hb o^vJl, hii owu Fumy ; " I 
ttuiik I ^lulll iHTVor ho ablo lu fonfitv her Unit vi|in:Oi*kai I 

As Mr. Ck)1Jjnj; Joid tlicn cntorvJ, vo drappoA the fuljoct wo 
wora upon,— Why. Mutiy, myn Uo» voa &ro i|uto anothoT tooitiiro : 
1 th£ak I uovor luw yuv wmt f*; u:iii|'y ft fM;«.— I know yvu oro 




ooma tocludo ir«, n^v <fac. forkc^HnsfrourfiArtner from btuinoM: 
Irot pHf Tn« iSo^n lli'« |HrrTir>ii yriii irili'iirliyl for mt^ 1>M^ '^"'l ^ *^ 
rclmtmftn yoil thp lUmficr <rf ov^rj hiniir nf hb iJwniH>a^— Tas^ my 
Ifjvp. cr[«i llio tciij^U^r fnfliiT, if wf^lth uJtrht. •ervt for wn^^c* to a 
hitnrt Hli^i iJint, ftf my Hurry, hi* t<hiiH 1* v.>f7 ftinptf |aI(I fcrp pr^rj 
*ft *n(t InHnnro of hi* nHi>c1ioa cuni atr^^nd^iti \a jv>n.— ICrflrj 
lionr uf iii>' lifa T ctiM, Eh nli^tli^ lifit <1ue; tJi*? him auithing to pKjr 
to 0114 wIlo In ]ii.^r iMilor VycjinL mM-(iiiiir.< 

1liir[ns wcvvnJ follonin;; ''^2*' '^'^ n<4i1^Dj; rfi<s>vcnHl with 
amvinif mpidltjr. In tm tljnn bit< vrwlo jJie luokcrl |i1uiupi?r junl 
fidivr thjtu vwr ; pno< tmllotl In livr v»iiiikiujuii.x! -. juj lnuiflivil Sii 
bor ofo> : her whold fronid Appoucd w nctuatc-l tj nt^mi^ inlvnuil 

ojiiu in Ui« proMrnoo of mjr mule uul AtmC ami a four dvy iH«uiK 

rtor^ cf four old friciut ui, hilh^rtfn, wry sirnj^kv OFituml, *ud domu- 
tio; an-l lo » ttiind fftt umlol^niifh*"!, Pti>K"liHKly intprttdinji •M 
AfflKtfDff ; for iX owna uid IpvutigAloi a nwiibcT of littlo pinyas 
ind m&Utf tn the nofirt, which nrv quite «1o«Ht or Imporceptjldo to 
porvooH of hanl nervM and caJloun ooDt.'Pt'*'<^v^< I i^i^ ^^ bo^ 
*v«r, 10 14*11 Ton llinl I fnit mfH>1f o^fi-lful iy lh» cnrnpt^ann 
vhirh Mr, nlntin pay* lo hlniw!f thrtniph tho monih of trnir 
MatJtdA^ Tt K inili^ti). a vt^ry mrv miiTfiT for ivi^pto Id cpeix of 
IhctnMTveR v^th r!iio dm-iitify nrni dnIK**f'y. 1 Whh ynii ™nlfl havn 
pmnnr«fl ftonin o|J»i?r fii^inKilt for HjnTfjlti? la iib Uja hintnry ftf 
your knE|;!it. Qimkn 1 think, i» tin.- only pcn»ni *lin ■uftib an tmMv 

thotucli iu(h1iM c^'iiHiTo , liJi^ turiiWullj iirlvTrJitumd ou h tlebul 

of liii own nJi[>IuiU- 

Jnftiof. I imvi not tk vord lo bcj in Blr* C1uitcn*A dcfbnce; 
p^ctupi lio litiKy ofTai ■oiootlduff fbr Liiiitclf ou Iho wuuio&. 


Bfili: ihi> f^imti^TBiL fiir tk<) frat tEn)C| t<roko In npon ber c<rii°in'n 
nnnubork.— Ib|3iiy 31n.ti]>la, ijio otia^i, how dictingi^W ^w thy 
dovtiiiy 1 wcru it but fur a yuikr, vera it bat for a day ^ for thut 
djty thrill iljilHl y«t 0(^<>y 1h« fcnminimAtton of oil tliy viiih«A, a 
bt rorolj rtllfiKO"! to any danthterof Adnm! I VM not thdQ born 
lt> ^riTy hrr thitc, Swwt pirl f nho 'Ip^^-rvM yoa ; dM vris •ftffr 
my i*wTi h*>iirt ; tli* t*Tr'Mn of hpp powUm titr yftn rnftdfl her imly 
worthy of ym. Unt trll mra. my «ni*ln. How rouUl jfiii ho «o InnJ; 
l^cuormnt uf tha Amr i^v^'n nft-iiJuii f"r y\ml Tho kiijni'VT* <tf ]uv<r 
It «o T«i7 intell 11:11^10, 4io ox|)n>wl^ ihrou^h vrery moiitin liinil 
•vnry opicui, r» inu^t »I(h nufllcitnl <'lL*anip» liBTe opmrd your 
oypn to ilm {ibjtift.— liulpiNl, uuulain, ivulipd Mr. Clirilou. hho Iwr- 

tnonir irU'tiirM of tlic lunu wdom tho Mii E^bc loved, lul oopa«d Crcsa 
tLi> cftaluru of hofOwa tmo,aiiilfCi«rvl iuidclL!«ui»xl iritlimiolk 




W ainrt hartt proreuU'l mjKolf, U well M 

ovn'raomblnftoOi -Po not toll mc, c-riod Lalj Hdtlkiid; «lic wa« 
ft triM ft&tt A 9neot puuibu"! tuiil I rIlouM Imvo knovrn jmi tj I^qt 

portntt In Ibo mUlit i:'f a millJoiL Bat prtM^o^d, 1 |i«o»«4Jx you, 
Viy wliolo Boul ill in ^Mir itory^. 

Wilfiin hL l-?w ii^mlhi n|^J^ my muirijijr^j (oulinnod >Ir, Clintcai, 

Jon, Ttiy cfiiuiin, fli>.t nprnflrt ytmr iiir oyiia To ilie lights »iid *oy 
IjLtty nnrl i hiul the houinir of Mng jikiir vponBorn 
l%Tfhln tiift flrti yrtJir nf niy mnTH^^e, my irirl hIuo bwnigbt & 1011 
into thn ivnrM, uiil uiihln nro yMUit Tono;^1n^ vn» tlflivinwl 

«lf & lIuQ^Ehtt-T, 

TJm i»y of iTii? tfmiiilfii.lJiiir, on tliow i-rmit*v wu Ini1mur]}iii(i1c^ 
AIh, tp>xl muni ui? t1u>aj;1kt Uk^it liu mrci^lvod In Ihoir Inr&nt 
vqieota a thoiinzu] ltu|i[>y pronUMV uul i>|KDln^ pniHpcclifk }%c 
Mir himaalf, %* it wrv, t^riirlUAXoit iii ft ilcHxnulint; aiijiI widcuiiii; 
prcccnyr wbo. like Ihoh- uativo TbMnoi, iboultl roll duwn tii a liilu 
of expwuiinr w&iltli ood proqwritj. Ho wanted iJiAi nil tl^c 
world tbonU |iu1kipit« of lib luppaiceii, ukd our houso onoo more 

bttOODU die boiuD of IcvtiTftj. 

A Qtimb«T of CTt^nuU ■xh:dwm< ftlK inlntfld to prTvubln □« b 
IkoM day» tlut f^lkity iru to bo ftttoin^d «Acl oBccrtAiDoii tipon 
•uth. Tho rc^iiiiy of Crom^roU wai AduJniitDrod with lta« 
■tnotoflt jmilico ikt nc»m«, Ahilfl ot tbo mom tlm« It bN^mb t«' 
Ttrtd Hiirl luniiiilubl^^ dbinufl, utnl «:rton(L>d il* inlluenoa to rogiOBd 
Ifao inf>at remold. llmUr llui piolootfon Of tho ISrittftb fUt^ wt 
•mt our «bj|« out to \hc amt. ond t» tho writ, aod ^r««Ith c!aiao 
|>ourUtt In iiprm nit ft^m nil (iiiikrU<rt of tbv icIoIki. 

In tno mam wbtlo, my vatv And 1 If^itd fo^ihfir In |ifirfiMit 
bunUNiy. Tlunu^h my c-oiumorix' and nrqnidiTTunr'n wim groftify 
CZlOuOiyl, I liA'l yvt fci(iiki.Nl ro frk'iulOii;M fMtu honw fhnt pir* 
tUfk of luiflrLfolL [«nil*rni«i, mji'iiI fur yunr inimiiiiif. All iriy 
ploHtirta uid df^n»*-4ll my world wuk, In n nuuiixrr, mnflnnL 
•Ad ftbsurbuJ vtilbin Uio oomiuuB of my aim lAnlb. In ihc kw^ 
«3d nun uul bin lUdtflitor, and In tho iiIwIcob uf tlivjr ttnTi^jLLiiJir 
ittachmcnt bo mt, crory wliih thLit my sov] cuul«] ri^nn wu 
MAtrOilt UaUuil joy ent tvund uar iKuJ^—mt^Tual (ioilob prf^ 
pured OUi pIQow*; «n(L durini; A »ufiiTiLitbtf ii^noil of nix ycitn^ 
I Mwoe mmnnbcr to tAve cxi^cdcDccd tlic «nallcat dlBoontetit, 
0bTC wbfti krow from 1b« InoriUn/LiiL'y trt my td{*:'« uirc^^iitn for tn9. 

WH^Io aho oont^ridcd lo h\faa my arraM^ 3 tb«iicht thiit n^ orio 
bftd ovor loved wTib gp^tnr wnroitb Ibin 1 lot'oi bcr; uu] yot 
4S tlntM^ I rtmu-kvd * vory «trikiii)r iUlTi>njno« bot'wvvn tbo innnnri- 
ftod oflbcU of onr foollngn for ouch otbcer. If Imidafifii dotAinod 
m m hcnr aitnkOTdianjy Abruul^ ttw ptntJng of b»r bo«oni, tiut 
MMBMi of hMt vrith whii7h iib« r«o«taftl mc, wu ID bw « jvfafiil 
•TioKioo of bor oradoty dudog my ftii««n». Ono oronbig I IVmnd 
bar In Unl£ne flt^ n«r«ly h««8iw> ih<> wav tutd thiit > diul faftd 
Jott happAAcd bAtiviMn Tmt^ Mobim nn.l m ppn^m uhn hib] miitb 
tbfi n^*/'niMiiinv (it her ClSitbirL In ihort, tf my hnwl or my Anicar 
ft^iUi«il 1 round mywflf nndor llm nm^fnti^ of run^«ftlin^ my ^Hmfsit 
tail of kHuniliiit: ft cliccrfulitcm di»vre«Abte to Ifae oivuiun, lo 

Ifftnot tho worvD <viniicqii4^ncf4 of Hnr rcArlj ol^niw. On tlw 
Otber bond, ray &ffcfctioQ tliw Onfiquil and bctmic; It ww towler 
aibl fomrit, iri>|f<04l. tut wilhoal himvlt or diMtirWiM — « npvcfM 
of loTo winch J (iftiorfianle fLmnd to 1>o by far the moat clfgUtlo; 
for «T«rT bud «f imimIob I« nuiuirtiMkuJj « kind of fuHcrio^; 
lOT* In God, ttwreforVb must 1r« vboll]^ «a urtioc— jt actv inftniulj 
upon others wjUumt tLii; ri^MltilUl/ ol I>c1nfi ftclod upoik 

Thiu thq ycon of mj iifo niuvtiil o&wiud iipjn flcrtm, wlico tho 
Wk^n-poi. tti«t o«pitiJ eD«[nj to jenth And lk««utr, b«cnin# «i)l- 
d«in1cail In tlu omr. Onr chJIdTBti euijEbt tti« eonligloD. AO 
pcadble Wie mi taJren, uul iffl r*^*"^ ut ^mploy^d. A nnmbi^r 
of dbgikdtjw mu kApl (ukninnflj ftbmi thi-m Fift^ivi ilnj* nf 
thflrr ITInrw wrrn nlmuty «1i^ff*d, anil l)<n ilorlQn iirviiiciunoal 
Ihc^u irui uf (lunpir. when the dbtompeT took ft mddeii n>d nuH- 
llriiMitt Kjm, Aiiit ill mitt ii^nl th« man ininat« both nj babn ci* 
jHTcd in Uio aiiiw tif Ihetr iijL>ihfT. 

1 WHS JD ihv nxjui al tliu time, and ■• I know the oxbctad 
tMkdemciA of dlj Maltj'e rjAdirc. aU nix «>Tic.^rn m v^H m 
ittcntlaii WIN tumod upon hrM. 1 took b«r fouill; N; the bajid, 
Afid* Iconic up to h«r £)c«« 1 wji£ instaiitlf tJnrmed and phoclcod 
|iY thai imcH soTcdt; whi*ih ni>|XMir<^i.l tn her cuontonnJiw, nn^l 
vJiioh I cKpeolcd to be qaicUy di«icflil into mmfl fhxnti'^ cnHrtiot- 
But flrst rtn^ppiit^ a Aniliiu;: tear on her infantJ, um] tbcD IjftJnff 
lUiF (TliHt-minK [*/*.'* tO luiivon— I tJumk tlioo -1 tloiik ihoc. O my 
IWtcr! fiLdvnoil: thon Wt mrvlo ma of if-mo llmi; 1 havo not 
bvt'n boitL in vnin; Ihoo hn^ ordjiiaorl mo tho humhio vchiclo 
ot two Huffl mifl (n.-rtJit[i ajiiccU — liviii|r iit|i>ndant« on Ihv throne— 
aiul Huvflt nnq'an c\t thf jprtu^s in ib^ ktnplcm of littk diildrOB 
fr>r over nnil for over. 1 horo yet arilliiii'ii'nt Icit — iricro blcffill^re* 
tnalnlm ihnn «tiit ilit? lut of nutrrxHty— tjik^i mt^ f>«fn thMO, I 
brupwjh thoc, whi'noTpr it ia Ihj |jo.n1 pli^iunTm; fof I bar IliaTO 
«rv KOTrih (fl ilifrm whirh I wnld nnt l^cnr to hnve takoc avnu IVom 
niftl Hrriini><«l tli-* "Utir «ilnt. imil loiihintr eufferlf tit me^So, mj 
Harry, sh*' cTlrd ont, 1 ftau-, I fisr T fj^iild not liwir itl So«Ayiftf, 
Aw BiirMeiiTj i^uiL hi^rsdf liilit my LjiMnm, imd ^-nuplng at niy eciJe. 

toorn lflk;etliL»r till no niorii wi-m U^fl fci Ihj nS«r!. 

You aie aJTctiterl. nij dmrctit <«)Tuda: l lull lotlet otop bcr*, 
]f JOH ar*'! inftTorl 1>t tuinll mrittcM, how uti'iil^l j^ir hv^it tiO 
wrung liy •irne rri>uin^ iliftn^wa? 1 mimt niyl vrniiKrr to j:ir'»w*il. 

Oi> oa, critd Ihr^ couni^ivL £i> on — 1 \nAf-X rjion It! 1 Urro to 
wnop— I joy fo ^jictr—AX in toy happinoBB. my d«U£bti tO hoTO pcf*- 
fcct fympAthr In y^ur ffirrow*. 

Wc woro both of oa mocb rolicrod by tho rent of en? nutiid 
pMdon : for tliouiefa my wife still continuod to kt«p In iPo, ami 
dine about MOf abo yot so^tiMyl to bo awootly eorapDN>d| abd «unk 
witmn my arm* aa into a bod and depth of poooa. 

Al Ivii^Ji I lEKtmod to a kind of murmnr and fmBtjo in tho ball, 
and 1 hoard anma aii» diotin^ly 017^-0 my miijRtvr, tny mjiM^f F 

Vo atartod np at tba Instonl. Hr^ Uoldln? bod bcnn from homo 
al tha tfme of mo doadlj criata of my tvo dnrlin^ little ccca; and 
bad^nlatad all bli fkani, ttid r«aewo.T hII bit protpot^ta. In the fl»w 


rail M] TOumnco of lliclr life an^l qakk l-cc4itce7* "VVc bid bcHi 
luu luucli I'liKiurud uid wt:uLili>d in our cfwu prrKitiul ^Eiiifis 1i> i:fvo 
lij ouf «or^dJilM tbc MMcruLblo pirc-kittion of l>rivkiiiir tLrj [uatlt^r to 
CM dthtr hf unnJarmiHi; 'Icetcm : and a dado feUow, aX Ub <li* 

hta diipirod hi/ lundi ti^^thor. stud, cnntiug bltujwrlf inlci A 

■^r^ rc^iDiunod ^FiUicmi ectiw or iikitioq. 

yJh*<n w*> rwi out* wo w*p* jfrwiitly t-^fki! ty Uio luftanw of 
fcia jVficct: though Itii «jce W«ro dw&l. hln brown woro ^looiay 
«n'1 t*i>ntTDirtod, while (ho aothef part oE hia !»'« lopkod quiet und 

1 imtjmttr Knit for % nrgMn. Kn<l rv<4.nod tbo phyid«uiu who 

hjw) tut lnti*lj I'-ft iJ*; whTl*» rny Mfltty *ff»ft(1 ttkiI i (HlIo«, wilh tier 
Kinrfn clftM^] togdllif^r, nmt hor rjcn flxod upon hir futhur. At 
Icn^h vhc tTTivrl out— ^[y tnpa, my ]>i]|w. my (Icnr ]ini>iL ! T wmlii, 
1 would T Ilpv) [llr*l Iw-foK^ t niHjO li> iIiih llolil T ]hit liViShWl Irtj llitf 
will, ftlib^ it fx llij vil], II HixIT When u11 rilhirr iirnp* 4i« «jw«il 
ttihl t^ut^kod riniu nuilet pu.\ I txMJti (u fUl Juta ihoe, njr Iwnr 
«h)ui mi lu hvtb^vii ] 

Itrln^ piJt to Imd and blod, he rcojvcftd motfou niid iitirdi, jiad 
WC j-ot him b> swallcw a t^oniixi'niiE^ ilriiu>:Lu Lhoa|<h bo did mi 
jvt rvi'dlW't nnv inieou »i IliJni; idii.ii;t liiia 

S'otvitliotAniLiii); onr 1nla fati^i^« ^l^ltyiutd I nftt up with him 
l)ii>»t of tho tiif:lit; fuid then orludiu; a piLtlct to bo Vn>U|-bt 
inla the* room, wv Uy ditwn Fn intiti a Ittllii ri>At UiwanL Tnc»fajn|f. 
Aki^ onJi! I *o mVHilf, bow rich wtu I jcstonlny, aad how in my 
world ibrldgcdl i1)i«o ni^rmw v^^lta riuw v-'ntjiJu uU thut JH loft 

IRIXTaU thif 1hii^i<4ir>lLB Itmt I THIuO MOira Mirth. 

Poor Vtr. ffsiaiiu; vam but ill «iuMoi1 to booT ovlunltj'. EQl 
lifv had b«pn ft liff o1 Midnd beollK uid nioi<MM« ; wl ha nftvcr 
had tMD ftfqiudniAd with alohnMH or with jiNlctlnn, uve <in tha 
dea& of his wilV, whoin ho hnd nuirrler] fcir mciticy. iLod on tliu Rl* 
tiwn uf hit rTriri^^itMr^ nn ulnculy nt^ilAt. 

Aa h' hAil tAfiTi nn oplflip. bn did nut nvnkm till It ww Ute fn 
thd diV- Tiiroicir bin Wnd tiiwiLTtln iiip — In U >ui], ILwryf aiyv 

bcfTR thn nutlfir witTi moV luili^d. 1 do not fo?l myaclf rb:lit; 
bul Knd III/ <.1]ililn.'ij lo me: vrdd oiy Jj^ky lul iny tittio IWrTOt; 
tlio hixht <tt (iuiu will tfo ft ratontito tcyoiiLl ftll tho cordUb En tho 
workL^Yoa ore lilcnt, Uarrj : wtut li tho moonliurf Oh, now I 
loina tc raoembfr— 4IIJ swo«t bobioA, my UtlJi> plAjfoTlow^ I fJull 
ncTor tfro you any Enorol 

Horo he burvl mtothc trKwt violent fput of puadgo. H«jfroani>^ 
IM wept, ho ctkmI liloud with ho^^rt i^crtlnjc «i<«htin(ktioxui \ whlk I 
OMiEht tip Mjilt; in my arui». nud nmnln^ with hor to « diibunt 
ApAttniGEit, oalfhoil a kim, uod tockc^l her in. 

I i><iiinti.vl, but TiMtiid Tiim In tho «une vfol^nrsi of agitation. I 
(ip.jko u hlifl. I wonld hure Niaroctod Wm: but ho cripd— Bo 
qulcit, Uiinj, 1 will ii»t Iv tvirnfortwl- I wID |p» to iBy rbildrrn ; 
llv.*]r iJipiU TiiM Iw t^rn frL-»m rnn : wo Will ills^ VTo wHl bo hnrWrl, ws 
Will lin in fhn ibmE? icnL*<' tugoUior] 

A« I ruianil nryHolf uck, uod rwdj to fiuot undi^ th« qipnurioQ 


THis yooL OF QVJurr. 


of Ua liBWito^iu^ E vUbLrow to thv mii cJiiiiiiL«r. ant] Uiore 

After «aiDO timv I liBlcced, lund pcn^ivrd that nil i*w qiikt, utd 
TCturamir, ^ fbimJ him in « kiai uf trouMoi dof-o, from Vhcoii-'O Im 
Ibl] (nto ft deep ami poooohJ «1ccp. I'btu he oontlniud for thj:^ 
dijv, vailing ttid Blmaboniig lij m*, witJiotit tnntiag Aiijr Tnattor ^ 
MniiUufiMitt thouoh bis daajfhlor and 1 irot^lor^l him on oar luooi, 
ilid wUh tiarftt Koraucnin^T no cittrofttlm, oould avftll furiiiipftwt' 
hig Ud ! H WW from tho oiMixnatigQ cf ottr >orrow« olooo Uut bo 
«|ipMm to Admit of voj concoUtioo. 

At length his pudon ntixJJivl into 4 culicb imd sHont coin ; ha 
woold nwftk to nobodjr. hu v-ould anwcr none of w pscvpt lij 

M'lthin ft fi'W fiilUpwInjr wiwtai, nnwK bah liroT^rht mo tiut onf 
lliip thi> Fhirnlx won ikriivuil in tho Uowiuv taSo uid rii'hly l^dtm 
Ihurj till? KjimI Eiii1S4?n, 

TmrnotlittliOj 1 oi/rit^l iha tldJii^ to Qin oUl nun, tn tha pirwdnff 
v^EpuvLkdoii tliAt tlivy wiriili) wnu to iINdeL or al Ir^ut tu iitmiBi. 
liis uji:liiJii;livt| . Hut, Hxiii^ liitf lui^h ii|x>il mu— ^^livti:rjr>7| ILut)', 
doat thou IcU mo of i]iip« and Indio V ho ciioil- Ikitlk ludit* ikit^ 
poor to me ; th^y hanj notiiJiur that thej oia pc&d at, I hoTc no 
n*d to KV lapw euth; nu wuy upon ao» to nnvici^tt. X wu 
aJrtoAj bocoaott a wfliS and wwCpod JUbylon, whoxrin lh» Tdo» 
of mivdc Hhal] bon^ more bo bcanl. O ^ old uul uhUmmiI 
Icnotft! wlkora nr^ now jour prr<]ioaa bab<a who wcro wont tc 
pb[f aliout yo, and to din^ and «lSiab upon t«? Oonc^ conol 
fono, ffOAO^netor, &CTor to ntorn! 

Uoro, liroa^n;; into toan» I oried— Wo &ro both yaoD^ j^m my 
lHth«r; w* nay jflt iinvo pinny ohilJtim to !•* tbo oomtatt of 
your og€-— Xo, njy tUtrry— no, ho toph&l; you mij indocd h*vo 
mjviy rhjMrc^i. but yu\i AvUi oovt^r have atiy ohildrun lilc my 
dailiuff rliili^Trr 

Mr GoliLiTi^ from ihin ttmo na ninro iriitfrHl hb fVHinlliLf-hriiin?, 
nor fMid »i"r n"Ci'ivj*d visitH, nr>r kofrt up *ny (."om^iliaridcn^v. 

Iiiru: luiil ha nmy left Id* upnrtmrTit. vhi^m nn old C^lb bible 
wru* bnt^iity oiiiiijJEiinun. 

HviraMI»ijii ] Ik^kA" to withilnw iinr <>11^itT« from ImiTe. *nd, 
hariiu; ^' dloil Jii tho IjcvI ptift of Lhi^in, I ]nd};cil nvi\r hiCS a millitm 
hi tlie Dutcli fiiQilfl. VrluHi 1 >vi.^nt to urSiso ^tilh my fnthvi tm 
lliii wi'n*iuii— WliJiu tuy obttd, Mud h« — wli*l W* 1 to wy to Uiu 
woiJi], or t> tbu Ihtn^ of the norid? Do jiiat m J*m pkNuo w:tii 
tliG ono nn<1 wiiJi the Other : And never oonflolt % pencn tm mj 
ofidir wlKirviiri tli*^ pjvrty ccvmihed hm no tntorMt <ir f'^mr^rn. 

One moarniEie. u I ky In bod, &lnltj lltrrvt' h<?r uteu &boat m?r, 
•JU) bidine htr b^anlLin^ fivo in my bobom — My llf^rryi sny" bKo* it 
3ron eonlJ h«nd«oni(iiy hririjf it ulrfiut to my ptH^r iin]<rL, jMNThiiju it 
would be tome matt^ of wiualotioii to him lo b>ow that t am 
with okltd. 

W h^'n 1 l^roka tlio mAttor to fctm, ho diil not nt ISrtt AppoAT to bo 
ftMiwfilv ikflcL^lvd; iti time, bowct-crH tho woJghl of hu D0liclian 
Meuutud coiAidembly bght^'uvn], mid, ou my wife ulviuuK-l in b«r 

TRE PtfOL OF tiPAtrrr. 


|iN0uncv, bo bogon to look u* in ih*^ iaeo, bo atl vrith iih at ono 
iibbi m bec*n# «aiver«al>!fi ha rnirni-'riT, 

U9A dogr I WBAt U> dJoo mtb Mr. Saitia, A hiir-lwftrv inon;Iia]i% 
who bftd Appomtod to wj jdi: ■ Lir^ ntm oi mouty. Un loy 
tx^njn ^n 1&« «treniiif ifinmtfh &I(xj>ili!il<lA, iKtti*iiili.-<l only by my 
ttFomitn Irlthiniun, a imT? Aiiihriil aavl nr^va MW-vf. tln^i^ti rC mm 
jcc lUr diy, 1 vnw hiiIibaIj «ct u|tMi t>y n po«v of ral>h^n, «!iu 
nuhed on inn from briifnd a rovnr Thu Ainl of Oiiriii, rufintnir Tip, 
firtt! dirvctlj la my fu«, but dlit ii>e no TarllKir iIatiuii^i Ovui l-y 
aurrTlni; nvraj » Kmn!l plem of tUo u|j|*f jhtL of my li-fl wir U>u\ 
tlw iuibi <1uiiiiuil1i^i] iuv luuutj, 1 wuuM lm%-e ^vtit U to llii-iii nl u 
Vi>rx\i but> IJJjiliiJtf uioni Iwnl on mtmri:!!-, I lueuKviI that Ifi^y 
vhooU bare nor lifb at u dcio- a mto m poHiV>lc. I hk^lnntly ilniw 
iikj Bnvon!, uitf nui tliv Iu>t tUivuirb IL^ botly ; a>a4 ttcii, rusJiinf 
en tliT KC<^k4l fiAht-iliuit, I bjil h^m aIki o& uo i^rounil bcfure ho 
hul ttniD to ^c hia um, oo tlut liifl i^ftol wmt hanul«Mlr off 

In tiic moon whllo my bravo anil lo^nit o^TapinioD iru not idle: 
vith tvo vtrokoc c4 bii ook^n i^n^^l ha hod bvtilod two mon of 
thMCL vith tb* ntitt, HorviipoTL tlio rtnauiudvr haltoJ, rouodtod 
lBlo«igfonp,aiLit dun «Too<l anil llrad ai>coa)aftltn^<^lher; b\it,ob- 
Krvbig that we did not drop, thoy cwf tbd'' uijat io tho flToimd, 
And run ofi w»T«niL iBity« oi fiyit oa tboy c^ould. Uy good fncnd, 
Tlrljiili {k'lHinnob, ilun rajn^t •IbcGoTul^ly 1o m^— -Vrvi you hurt, 
rny dcAT cuutcrV ny« ho.— T boUovo I am, Tlrkh ; lot u» ninko 
li^iin^ fhw ]v«l w* (*an.— <i, orjpwl tlu* nobli* cninnjr*, if nobody wag 
tirirt. bnt TLrbJi, llrUh woiiMn't b^ hnrl itl >ilL I 

Unrr. Inhln^ mo nndor ihn iirm. wn wnlki^rl j^lnwly to iho dty, 
ilTI. i.^niiuf: to A linuk[i(>y-rohi:li. he |icit irm UiKJr^rly InFo it; ond, 
RJlfiiiAT liinldi mit. fiiipjhiEU^iI m«, n« I bw^HU 1o tcruw «wik Ihroutch 
dioch clTluiEou oi iOncit. 

Ab HKiEi tut we icut baruc tlio cojudmian. v ts Uurlr piwrtkc. 
Chiuiilmvil ai LliU iMjl' ; miil aiy NnliyH lUMMftilm^ \v i.-unUim 
whrocTcr 1 wh abroad, vua tbo rcodiunt of oil vw ilijait^i^ to 

hy IHI#> Umo I hod fainted, and woa qujtr inMrnniblo ; birt wbr^ 
my toudor and true mntu tiw mc Lome by tvo moxi into tcT pro- 
>rEic«, all pftio Mid bloo'ly, thif, wlio tburi^'bt fh'^ h^d ftrrtiliido to 
»ii}*[}i;irl tlin vronk ol the worlil, phvo & [dim k that vjla ooou^jth to 
ftljLTTo the nvl::bboiirhimd. eokI, iiutmitJy Ijillin^ bockwnrd, got « 
vtoWnt o.iriliiHJOn tti ibu IliAiior |uK of hot both! 

Immaiiutdly w'c v«r« conroyad to uponto bod*, nikl all roquliilo 
help v-u prvtviHcd. It iTM foond that I bod roroiTtMl vt or wtn 
BmIi itoiiiiil*), bill nnno 4<f th'mi iir(>vod rfiiM|;i-iMrif ah Ihiky wnro 
giTon ot fi iiJsiAnro, iini by plitol nbot. lint, ii]iui ! my Mntiy'ii nuo 
wiui T«y (tifTojvnl: ihp fvll infn middro ftnd prt-JiiBturi:? Inlmiir, 
Jtnd lutvSiLi; mjAV^tihI fi:itr4V]iir ujit;idAli nil Uw 'iSk'bl. diitirur tvbirh 
^VhAceoMd wt lo ImiTiirr ftft*-r mc, nho wn* ivlth diffliMiliy dt-livcfrd 
'' m mkhs liiCiat, wbu ueib fiUiro['jib.-i] Id llii^ MiiIl 

In tho itinvn ttliiki, rhc uisNjd uijd tr^ELdpr-bf^iirtod old ir^'ntl^itiui 
liairii'j! liliLiitl iiii-4^>«vut[Jj from rjiic vi iin to th« utlu^r, viiiiij£iiLj; h£i 
hoodsj nod Htt]i:clj rcUiitiJnjr bis bciuc*. 



Am iom a* mr vtnmdi vrcn ilnwoclj «ai| I lud rocoror^l mf 
mamatrj, 1 l^okoJ ^Uiit tod hutilif bqmrod for mv wffa ; tol thtj 
dantlaoAlr AA*w«r»f1 ma tluttUiv wuMnKltitiviaJvcnMdwIth ttM 
ft1c>it wbich liiD iro< m •ftotog iii» blaod^, iinr! Uiftt hor bUur bad 

Hn thn BAnonn <TTnH!n(^ nT my vnnmU I vua prninmnrtd! ont of 
dmjjfTT, onii iton llieir voniturj] to t.*ll mo (rf mj UnOj'A mbmr- 
rWiv >uiil (if tZia dniim ;%li]''li di(i luul Kut In hnr fd.11 vhtf^n ihn 
fixiiiU^d, On hi^vilijjc IliU iii^ liiiiTt uiM E-Lift, iiA if wf-n, (n luniD. 
I RocoMxl mjwif of iho luiuttcr at mj wlfv mul iiifruit; loiil I 
tonuod aU> vriLboat cjioe|i1Juti, or <h>:ir iuiliVivtiun iq ixjI ooq- 
OiaUBf Of dimft«r from bor. 

At doui I b«0M to fc4r thai mj wlf? vm« dllior Oc«dt or mudi 
WTtn diAA fbtiX trprMMitod, On Tnj Uiird drtnnnir, tWofure^ I 
porfimptoirRv bodfitci en lay t-fSn^ c<^Ad InCo bor clumlcr, 1 
•ont Imt notico of my vinu iuid on tmrfdii); iho rocpni— ILi liio^ 
tli«o, aho «ri^il; rDvliUHlHiifl. mj Uferry livcv] It It oioiij^i I 
ihtU dio hflppf, I fWll now doitart in iH'noo. 

H«ro I oRlijrsd tnjHiif U> \<v IauI bjr her iidfl, wbcii takbUT ft 
hoAd wLdoh Ah« hwl IWMt niArltfiii onl, lu^l prvMiiu; it to &17 ups 
^Ton would fomlu nut Uitjn. my ^U^y 7 i<>a dlo, fOo mj ; and 
jon dio lujilV- ^ l^viii^ nu' fTio mo^t vnvU'liucj, i\ut r»c«t iuwUto 
of 1IK4L Von i!io, my IdTi* — yriii il&n ; finri T, who wordd haTO 
fteCmd TDU ukd ymir lmt>o vilb m^ vltalf, II k i vrtxt hai dog 
ft lETftfft fir till) Oho nrip^l fnr tlii' olhrT. TLnt yciu mndt not f6iikikA 
m«r mjr M&tiy. 1 will hi>T. W fiifwiXt^n h; yon; iJncc wt unnot 
Uva aniiLitnr, Ti>t nu ibrv— M lu dS^ iJigrlJi^rf 

Hem a puxUmiilc lik^rim oiuuimI tai cHlwr turt ; hat iny vonndsi 
ftlvirtne ini^iriiL auil litv^nrujii: Of blt^ afitvJi, I *u ubli^^-il tu Le 
OHIMTmcIi to my own nihutmcnt. 

Withbl ft fow daja moto I WBB BO well tvooTercd w to ln> alio to 
mJk aiboat; fiuu wldvh tliuo 1 wm ft 0Ml^1JUlt aUctiiint tnt uij 
iM^Yod, aitd bccam« her moot tondor and (uddnonft niin<lLfc|:icr- 

y<m mvt hftvo heftrd, nay oouno, that 11» cvtom* tJid tjuum^fn 
of thoftO ItincH won ^tosctfaor tiio iwrerao of vdut Ui*jy ut al 
pretont Hypocrivy b no Irnigw a fiuilt amoiuc ttv.ti ; nu now le 
nTowLHl tiUirtiuum Mid opvn proranonns; and c^liildron poofT at 
tho nktna ftad profQwIcn of thnl feUgioD vhiuh thojr fuLib»n 
nK(rt%d. On th» contnr;. In tbjoiO day* nD nutt wore dthar roa] 
or prcteurled VMkrtB; ftrev? nWilianlo prorcftBad, lifcv Aaron, to 
oarry n Urlna and TTiTiinnitTn About htm; atid no man wonU 
onnfo tn aaybnsini?iu cir Irar^rilfi, iTitai^^ with ui tntoot to avo^ 
Tttiuen Idi nvJ^boiir, uiriionl ^i^tJny; Ki\iit\ lu be abI^ ti> ooiunlt lfa« 

My lfatty« nt llic hidil' titnt. wua tlir humhh^t iif bH llahIt^ ndtli- 
ont luty piintrk- <if liHiiEtrilrailmi, Hurv wi4« ft r^UKlon, ofwhoAC 
Taliie s)ii> hml lltf i1ju^> uk'l biiurly oxjjcriimi.'o ; El wat Imlwil n 
rollKEoci of jJon^T. It bDliL hur, tu on o mck^ In Uii: midnt of a 
tnjiulcnt aib\ WiKiuiiilui^ Htirld ; it i?ivr: b^t a Pj^od of &inni that 
imiltKl at prv^iitJLlitiji ; 1I tcnvn hor comfort In tiMittion. patiuiio* in 
anffiriah. o^alint'on m hunuliulion, and (nntiipli in duith^ 
^in ftbont fit? w«kfl aJux bur uubiiiipy uuHcurriaxu, aho appefticd 


DA fh» reoOTtlji lhmii:h f>y very i^nvr th^rtf, hsv\. wttb 
MhMftI ttlM Mt up ifi hiir Ifcl; vlirn bisr u1>l-4t jJijidekll OM 
moTitlns^ oallrvl mc .tpiu-t— T ana lotb, dj> muiI lie, n^rj 1<ith to 
■oi|ii*iiil yffU wiili toy flp|jr?hotJMO]Lft. I wiftli 1 uur l>e iDiBt.ikou; 
but 1 ti^nr ^itiktb '^t" juu— I t9^i lh*t your i5e«r Wljr cMiiiut iip- 
GOTor, l); lUc BjTDpiomsk I cctnJDotnre tluvt «n abvooi^ or lnf 
pimtlmnic. ia rormini: wtihin ^cv- but a Uw dajv will aac>>rliua 
sullct* citb.CT for ufl or nenlnti im. 

U(h1 aJI >Drt« of «Til tijiiisv i'oniG orowdinjc one upon uiothcr, I 
aboQii] not hftvo U^cn (Uri«L;t4i4 n« 1 tluin wi^s nllV dj>il- I coald not 
tfao frotti Ukf Wat to btd tfco i^octcir a^liou. II7 kn«ii tromblod 
Bodor mo i & Bwimmifi^ oajno In^fort) nay ofea; oaJ u vudthm nck- 
IMI» raUxfrd *JiiI rt'Vui>i«J inv ^hals Itv&MK Aba! I htil &«1 M 
that tJmo th« nwouTvc of mr Mutty ; I luid not on tbo amour with 
whjch <bo vu arn:«iiL I0 fell iwuM unl vv^LiLli. I buwcwr raWd 
my thniijfhn (^ t>'»w<Tt, In ft kind opf hotplOM AAqn^AaoDitoft TAthi^r 
than c«rillilcDt rr^jigniitiim. I vtmRicled not to i^p**r weftker tJiJkn 

IviHH rnUUil^m. 

Hax'tTi;? romllpctod mj Ktiw^ftli nml iniiriU tho biirt 1 amM, I 
nlvi-iut iirpil to ciitor mr wifo'b aiiuiliueDl, 8bH <iviu jiwt iiuV^il m 
btr LH^d, frxriu wliviicv nor imlo lUirl tcnrUMAtcl cci^JTiLriiJUiiH: li'Olcoil 
faiHh, M thn iiin. tfiwud Mi tfcti'inK. ^ii)ki< Uirthuvli a nUkljr tiimo- 
ipbDro. In t^niflduQw of titmriKut' m tht' fuliitenof iHotuwirltrry. 

Itjhvirii; tBirtioiiBlr ojvX d'itxUiUT h'h(i"1 iHjr«Tir W-'i"^ bfX, «ho 
roachod out \roih ni-r hnntU. Aiu\. jinn^iux odp of jnlno botrooD 
them— 1 Wo fou no IcntTtr, mj Hurry, tho tripd , 1 Wo jou no 
Icmjcor. Vonr riv*l ait kn^lh liiia (unf^iK'rxd ; I lun tho Irnd* of 
anotlior. And yot I lovo yon jn j^ ruotUkurA. ancu En jtm J lovo 
all that ift hjra , or llu^t id his: unn-J thnt 1 tbink lb mtjcb* a i^mt 
doaJf iDiloo^^ <'f ftit tME tA li>v»!y, t>. my rlou^, my t.^f^l, mlna 
only #&tfnjr, u 1 may uy ! richvt nrro nothing onto mo* tilc(unr« 
wore DOlhuu unto mv. Uio wotU wofl nollimfr luitomol Von. »nd 
Jon cfil/i Hhitj itfKxJ bptvi««n mo an*! tuy h<qiiri.a, l>«lvi><in cnn 
■nd vnj 04><1. Lonp, nnd often, toid Tiunly, hiivo 1 HtroTO >ind 
■tm^Ici! kf^in^t you; but my bridofCTDCiiii nt lon^lb it h(>ccttDa 
JpaI^vd nf yon ; my niin own^ir otklla m from yon. uid fnknit mn 
«3I t43htm«rlM Itonnta1iiniVHllbrri.mynarTy.v1ii>n11cll yonilmt 
1 mint l(inTc yon, ToQvlll (rric»o for mo — you vfll piMi^ /rwifJy 
fi.r II"', fny bfffc>Te<1; Intl ^Tve wiiy to tbti klndlj Klumir tbjit yonr 
IajM »(Kr(| for hbi Tit/flfiiBv ^I'l k'l Ujft luniB ti( IninuiiiJly allf.'vinto 
And Uk'liti^i tbo wclg^ht i^ ycmr jilHiL-tiun. Ab. my Hurry ! I tmutblu 
far yvu: what a nnir» yvu haw iv niu I vb4t ^<rtU E vbHt 
ISDiptntSonii [ iJoUvur Itiin ffom tlum, my Mruter. deliver bim 
from \htta nlU Agnin. whcU Minful p^o^peGt2^^t.hvy luv eimii, 
llivy mro vnalihvM I nuk, 1 die uii<k't tb<! v-<i|£hi nnd Iciik'lb of 
foccc&linii: JiiiA'Ty I Ai:hjn It *'lViit', nil it clojiTf^d; nnd biii end, 
like that of Job, Ut mcro VIcAwd than bis 1:iccHfmin& Al^ my 
harry, my J^irrrT yotir liffirt most bt> wmnjc W ni«fy cn^r^jw ; 
tt Bhnli 1-i> tr'tp'l In nmiJiv ftm*; but 1 tmat It tn ■ ^jldc^ii bnort, nnd 
wUl Otnno forth with nil itr woipbl, 

Toa bftTv boon droainii]^ my tov«, I Aold—jon bnvo ivcn 


JffB FOOL OP ^UALtrr, 

your mumor;. 

Ym tto rt(jlii^1, I Irnvo L«d drcfliaLnj', mil««6; bat tlicc my 
clrtanu vo iitui-h [iiuro rr^t ilj^m th^ ^mu^iic Tiritinh M^^u oU 
thiik£9 pcmitiU arc Uiut out. it fa tLcn tbat tbo «j4rit crnbu^gM, 
pM«a conKioOB of iln own mrtivitj'i Ub own power tuiA pr««dcftc«, 
itni] *«r« bj « li)d:d whoM (vlikaoo h l-^fii*! tlmtof l)jc fflin. 

O, uj AficoU I cried, ahmilii dii^ihjEic h^pp^n to joti— On^ I 
daro not look that irttj; for I kaow, 1 find, 1 fool tW 1 oouJd not 
Bnrvlvo fou \ 

You mtttt iorrivo mo, my ilnn7l niy, yon will wnoo mora bo 
muTiod. 1 K4h-M your- l>rtifi> Utt niirhU h'-vtm au<A' rlio ataniLt 
boforo mo, tho ffUtor t*! inv aplni, aseI oda of ifao k'vuli«<it oompoi^ 
tiotiji ur rill uid denth IhiLt liter wiui frnmrvl for diMolatku, li^r 
tk\^ ytiii trill ]tfM« ; nn<1 ;on will IhJnk, nay, jmi wfll iVHitrt jour- 
nflf, fiLit no ftowprn in hmivrn or ounh can nvall for n raj <tt 
wmifurt. In tbUt lUV. Imwt'ver. you will finnllj^, unpx(M*i.-trrlly. luii 
iniiHi w-m^lflrftillr Imt lil(«n<l; nml wioi; srfVr »*i kHuII aM uiwU aii'l 

yet ihcrv ts udthtfr luvijtu;: nor c^viii^ in tunrrljijire'. 

VTfailv yet flfao strait bcr puJiifvu"! llii: LitLj'ii» of LiIiouTi attain iTkiuo 
upon W. oEnl wont «C otu! afl^ftio n^tiuTinit, idlar InlisiiidM^ 

<J. my vuuAin I what a ftul^^mn. «lut a fcoifo! Ihiiif ia dvaUi f AU 
oar inlolA of Iibow]viIi:o mitt ursnuition clowd ot oni.'O I tfao M>aiLd of 
ohccr, on] Ibo roicc of fiionil^lLJi^ and Ibc comfbH of liijit, ilrat 
oat from va (or ertv \ Nothing bijloro ufi but 4 bUdoiJCM and dc^jfli 
of nMivion ; or, bi<yoEiil \i, a ddabtfU and tlnniUnff fenritdUlj! 
Strang wooc* aicl i(mn~o worbln, «traafi:o luoodcitc* and rtrani^ 
pertOptiODBt Mrtu^** O^ hi^rrirl riMditJoi, tnliiulolv worM Ihun tiOJO- 
ontj^ I &iicb aro tbo brigbloftt prwiwcta of f nftdobty in doolb f 

Whoro, at Ihftt (imo, aro jour i^Dun, your dgflorK of fnhmtyT 
wbf>r« yonr nwrry eontinnloiu^ who turn tlu^ir i^wn oT»nuly into 
mAtlor of iniufh nn'1 rliliculo '/ fiojwtod vvl ophort, Iholr oouDr«D^ 
nni.*^ wbcfclly fnlU^n, ojn} flH-ir >ir*Brt iuiik within thpm. IhPJ all 
trnmMit MirE iv'3-h io Imllovo, In rhk thn lionr of i!itffibirion. I'liojr 
frtfil iljrdr iitlirt-mrft fcipp«d and "Juklnp fmrn nrnlflr thorn; ami 
niituro ronipL^bi tbrm. In 1lir< drowuinj: cf rliifr natili, to oty out 1i> 
■arm* tUmir. to wiy lb!»i;-, fliifw, *#i%*v m' I iH^rShli \ 

Vtvr •WUvjriii mui Ihi^ iiUtc nf luy Utlln tLitit lonly Mnttjc, my lAhit 
flfHdiLlB^ ikt liiut t^riEic^nilijiiii i^oriodl ^Mk'tc! nil <i(boi'^ uu^ii ham 
Bunk. tb<!iv t4u] >(U4iii^<E uJol ; mvX sUu ilruii|n*El tlit' wa;!!! i%tv\ lUt 
uuiillK wjtii h-fr \n^\y and oil Ih*: N-ij»Urtii iiitWtLiiiLii thereof, ^Ith 
thi^ Hooo utiafiicitjinD that n pour num. jiut oomc to a Eiut CBtftte* 
vrudl'l tliup hifl tflttfiroil fiBxh to put on icort^rioijp u[^nri^1. 

t>, my 1>r1ovr)d f lOio vould crj In tho niE'Ut of hrt p^niL. I hoTo 
boon woakly tiirou^h life. T liavo h<-tn voakncv itv^'l thcrofona 
not nblo to tuko iip tliy iti^qh x bnt bo thou Htronic in my wuuhiioM, 
alie^ thy mlgbttnoH m too, and tbon la; It upon mo vitb aU Its 

Aifttin, uft^r » Mwoori, And vluin h-^r pKiijf« booofoo 0X4^4Ht4iv«>— I 
roFoM not thy prooQB, siy Mottor t >bo oncd Thy croiA and tbomy 



,|unlnr, let tli"tn jiii^ni* into my nciut ; w> iJioii »iil1ui qui not In &u] or 
' H froiQ tiico, I earn not ! 

Tbiok, my lhiubJm. nliit 1 vuiliirctl ii]x»i] Umt ix'^^uBfua; m; 
rauikw ami «W\-<I lii;^ MulTiniii):*^ »nil A-H ^ruiitf fix iJ^tii^c. Nny, 
I ^Ttf hot Tat l^>m iiiiLrumiiiu; mul qucAtiutun^ niih my Otn\ an 
lue put^nc; to Buoh toHtjrM tli« mciflt jt^hlew of hii^ cfYatitrMi, If 
t3M l&mL>fi <^ tliy flock, I fctrvitXj PuId^iT t^y kmlA iirr H|rEHjLrir«il 
to tacb cio^mcLnijpg vciuatjatir\ >vhat mual tc tUo portioa of aqcIi 
liDntttt A0 1 am f 

Wbcn «ho ilrov nrir the j^ool of her h1c«i«cd ctmmi: upon cArth^ 
nj nimtghly Si^TUfon! chc fnJntlj crivi. tbou ibnluttt the tvo 
pillM ormj tnH ani nLnlnl rA]>L^J4i; Goiifa tlieii Qij (701ie|(]obI in mo; 
down, down with tho vhUt^ hiiiMing nppotnicd to mm ! I^t no 
OtM, O Lcrdl of loiJio cncmicw or of rhmo «Dcnuir«, evfupo ihy 
TlAtorioui 4na ; bnt •■» «11 lU^^an ly nkj ilv^ith wLlh tvhotn I bnTO 
boon Tidal; comhAltng dbring mj hfiTtlmo. fk> njlng, hrr pAlnH jn 
in initisuLt fcrvoolc hftr Hip iVirni nf livr {xjtuilmjinco wm ■nddi'iily 
ehmi)ji*(l frxmi Thi* *Tjiniuli^n of Hfnnj Into thiit of Ai*tnii*y. t<hv 
miuil hoT lumilA nn difh. an*! oi*iTtiHff IjerurK tn follow ffii^m, tkht- 
vdotl— 'I nnnv, T tT'in*; ! tlit-ii hjj-ht.vl mid c]n>|r|Hnl uri-r. T1;a 
Umtiltw uf \v^ fiu'i- hIlII ii^lniikiii] Ihi^ rliUM[i vt Ih'i Linl Ai^ritirtirtLt nf 
fcof KiLiI : Hint, viliili Ih'i \nti\y 1ijiM>^n>^d 1u U^ uiiitvrli'l ^tth i^itrlh, 
h K-cmi^d t(i fJiLiUkn of tbikt hcATTn to vhliicU Ua Kpuit hoil b«U) 

Yju niHy think it o<ti1, <liifLrT<>t nnuliini. that for unao llmt lunt T 
bftto tAk«n na uot« <if Ihc amn to whoiul wa« tied bj vv<^By 
ponib1« bnm) of dutj, cfDtJIudt^ ud nJfdCtion. Tho fitct j!^ that, 
qnrinir Ili<* InUcr iirLrt of inf w^foV IUdc#i, lutil forKono ^oi^lu nfkr 
her <)bith, Hr. OoIi^iriLC nn* Drafit)&l to hu chi:nbor ijr a mrvie 
fit of Ihn iruut ; uiJ tlio umtciMM of faji fiaint Knrvo porv^tted 
kSra to ftilciid U> nfi^ otttar concora. W'hlb i^ Mfttty Utm, ^or^ 
f»ro, £ diTidod vn/ timo and oAidnitie* v *iiii«lfy 0M I could hotwtnn 
tbo dniv^r ami father ; iLud *t mir ltlorv»lB of «aao I uod to 
road 1o hlni fiTonrltf pHflbii^4 tn tho IlilU-^, 

Ai Hon lu my «k^nt hmJ oipriaul, I r^hir^vif tlia torvrj;ta not 1c 
pvo toy intinjhlicn of hc^r 'JtnTh tu llittu- thuhTt. FilIh uIu ! oixt 
nldno* juid our TodLu wtfr« too mra EndlraTtir* trt the fatul 1ji]in»> ; 
fc^r. frnm tho hlgliral to thtt }oikt,iy my >fa1ty lind hcott tho Idol of 
dw whol«f hmutt^« unr] h«r rlwilfa niiiviiired to tlx-ui u the Irsaft of 
ttVBty fljirthlr pnmiwion. 

Having looked ivtnnxl timw lnt*'nily and Imitililihirl/ hi my fc^ 
^>Wft1U Sairy. w%jv Mr Gi^liliiri:. hII \b uwt ilivii. 1 mk* ; ^v ijia»t 
fV to hvr. hilt iiij rliilr! i-h^l tw iiioki mtuni la nx. Vini xiv Hih'rit» 
my nnny. O Ih^ti k-W gliiiu^n, I^mtU! I lijul Imt (/nt tnonwl luft 
for tbr Ybole of my vubIcjuuico* nud ihut. tou. thou kol duvourrrd, 
ller» he icmvo a d««p arow^ >nd '^^ ^^^ * vhito cd" iDMn^ittlity, 
from wbJdi, bowoTof. no «u boob r«<curod by tbo rotim of nn 
nnpilthlm: Jit of tbo p>Tit. 

TVImti I look bdck, my Wr c<«»In, on Itc pAMoec* of k^ life, it 
t4 a luikttrr of ttiiiUWfDoat to m^ ihAt a orcotnro pc &iuE. «o fcoldv 
ntjd do dQlieatolj o«nitilu1od cb mui, vltliQortc0M«pt tohor.i^kc4, 




Ki'l a hfitiit to ho wmnir wlAi uifiiUb, e^n nundbly 4irii1iire imitor 

tho wo[]{hbi of ulnmitr thai at tluh.-) uiq bdi npoa blcn. 

I hwl nut jet dropinfj a tooi. I vrui iii a «1nto uf lirUf ttutad loid 
half fKiEh^ InMuIbLUtj ; •• oii« wW Ijiivinic k«t •tuxj UiIlie. liad 
aotUiw RLitber to Mck for, aiuI UicrofoTO nothSEK to rciEarcL 
Bat wbaiL I iinr mj riear oH mnn, lay btvt tnvrS, va falJi«T, 
wholcaod iiiir!or vLct a liof^th of afflfctioii. all tho dutc^s may eoul 
aoJ JDmo«t aftcctkffia woro laid opoo^ oa^ I brolco Into on aTowed 
pii0rii>n of to&r» ta^i otdunatloiuv till. Iilc« IhnHfl in hb tfaifb of 
i<iv« wMh Joujidkjui. 1 cxroodoiL 1 iK^^tuiod ttiynoir of all tbo arflB 
VuA laA luppoacfl 1o hi* bonw ; tatd I doroted tiio ^ to dio-k- 
Mn, «n'1 Uiv iilKhE to dtMUtfott, wh»r«li^ bj mj fmenv<t and 
ootUKctioiii, i had braaglkt tbMo mtu^hlv^ftr nfmn him. 'I'bf> irix»t 
tKuu wu fEToaUf rtnichL and r flitnk ^uriTy^ coiLhiloJ, l>y tbc ciKvat 
(^ my Borraw* ; and, «Jl dpfloluEi> kn bd w^ ho altoiupM to ad- 
lEiniftor that oomr^rt to rpc, which ba bJtnaalf wantftd laorp tlun 
tn J who had IIIK 

Break not yoiir bcart. nn; Hnrr^'tironk iwX your boort, mj nTiddT 
hft eriod. Dejnivn mn m^t uf ih» nnlf {yiiuc.liitfan thaE U Itft mo : 
yoa &rc now my only tnitl. my only ittiy ujvn tnrtb. A wrrkhoa 
iiii:ivhiiuL 1 uu, ivlhOH? wbul'r *-L-7(!lh ib out hwiiy, mv» tW, thmi 

EiYciLiiiH t'fu«ki.Trs |1ii)ii iiilIjt rrju^jjkftt of nil it\j nnvHWoiwi! Mj KbrT, 
Lik'i:i1. vTrM llij tiim I'fcr* Uji: tojii1urc*t of lul mnU* I hat love to 
then, my K'a. wjvi itwiim tli'^ Icm? iff n-utiuiik; Imt nn hiirc Tcvt hvT, 
WO hftvi? |(»l bi-T, JiuiJ wjiiliii^ Ia nil tin- i>tnlivni llial is Irft u» Ixjlaw, 

Aa *oniJ /n tin' CaiiiUy hrni'd th« v.hco v^ nur EOflumliiR, they t*0 

,vo Q looBD to Ihc irDp4itiriic<i nf 1b«ir jcridfs, (Mtd all tho hi>ai« vai 

'od with t^m «ci3ii'E of Limi^Til'tli'on, 

Oa tho following <inT I sitmiuoDo't ^o cbji^f ivc"lioaJ rLrtii^, and 
p7t the pronicufl iv.'mrLt»> of my rmi^^t ■iTiiliulitif^'i. Khi- uiii* bid 
nnlor h wumjitcirnw I'vmifiiy wlrJi n nlhor ^sfHT* flt bor liorip focnt, and 
•ratj niehl »hoB tbo Loupo wm al rort 1 ntfllo wcrotly from my b«d 
a»<l >ilrpt*'W(t tny»df U^jilp Jn^r, [ pn.tttipd b<T i'"l<i li]"* to mino; 
I clupcil h'lr cfirj>ai' t'^ n»y warm l>ofl->m, m tUouph I oxpoot<><| to 
n>iit{>ro it to life by tnn«fiuciti;r niy ■oiil into it. I vpoke to bcrai 

lio«ftff« of onr lov«j - nrd T rihnilnT^d h*»r *dw (►f Ibo low ff oar 
iitlln oncA tiy vhrnn wo hnomie oawntiolty ono, faueprLTiLbly nnitod 
til futti] litid buily for ^vhf. 

Tlii.irti trt wirvly, my iiniwlii, a ■jKvicn of plirtunm In ffrSfff, a kind of 
viiirhln.? and dnnp rtcr1E;-liL tlmt urbiw wirU Iho tuin which flnre 
puFihrd iroiu tljo loiiriUiu uf fKnl iti the wuX frum Uitf cluirllJBB and 
■«Uf*ibilJlJv« of th*^ IjLuitiiii hi'nrt dEvlmr., 

Tnio, tniflj my rrectoua mu^. rtph^ the oonnt&so, cirmf; & 
IrDah liK»r to bfl[ Irnr?. MpbliUjif I would I WOrS vitli tWo? — 
TViMt lay ciutj-iiu 1 my ; ovan n4>w I ftlnk uuidor the ml^bt of iho 
Mutimfint of ^-oQF idoiV. 

Upon th« tiiath ntL'ht mritiiiufyl Mr. Clintoo, i« I Ky hy tk« ittdo 
of nil thut r>iii)juii«i[ i>f inY ^Ijitty, ororrollfrd fjid f'vcrwalcbod, I 
ibil into a dn^p tlccp. ftfy mind notwithstaaJin^, at tho tJiuo, 
Mvmud nnuro awoke ivnd mc^ro Atlm to ohj«cta than orvr. In an 
lUfUikt Abo «tO(Kl vUjtIo and (.^oi^toMcd boforo oto. I Mv hor 





dcarvT tliAQ at titj/ratlKf, by I)if< lit:ltl vrbii.!! tho cut nith pnifunan 
Abroocl. Bvnrj fcAtare iml former tnu^o Mciuod Wtchtftu^ Into o 
hvtro, iritlioiit h ]tjm of the lout diuilitudo, Bbo VEoiUd inoSiMo 
0irMts«« B&d biMHcfluon upon ta»; ami, Btoopiiw down, I C«]t b«]- 
tmbrMo alunit mj bcojrt AUtl flbant toy ifJrit ; mHo^ at th<i auno 
time. 1 fiwv h^r TkhI in ooraiJoocriao b«f(pn> vo. AAor « length of 
OCHt&li'' ]'!' I III H ^lii'Ji t f<iU fnrn iMT OoluuonioTi and iiifiJAicn atU> 
my ioul— ily J limy. n^jt. sh^, ^lovo not lf>rmo1 All tho doJigJiW 
tfc:'t yoar uorlM txmll ^iurii iip \n nu ntro. ^ijiJ-l not annnLnt la mj 
tliti, Tii^'f Hot ff'T Hfi li»nT ' it td H wi^ij£h( of 4-Tijn>itL««ril rlut^ m m 
ioninut. voiilit cTuth to (lotlutig Uko vbok frtmo af jout mortaUty. 
Gri'vi? not ili>-n (cr me, my >IiiJT7, batr««xiLf] my b<<^vu-1 j- ipcdk to 
Ihdr tiffparly jvirflnt ; hMht* ta ft»h». nnil iItwT It iHipt? in my 
liinrrtj»rtl'< fim-lnf^w for joii. 1 bnvi? at Ipnglh obTnlninl n prrmilM I J I :'uA jfhur riiHK|i.'r, my ImUiTtnl aiirl your lovvr, shnll 

Hit.i\[, I: , I ;uLiTiniLlmjjt through nil ihii flnranlM IbAt VB P>t Id 
f< ■ a;..u] HoTiDj^fo nliL 1 fdt myaiolf, Nik WPTQ^ 

I Hiitlufi (Ui ru^iii'.' uf luva; and VLin UvuiC Uio (vrnvm- 

\ I :ll ihiL) Ieji-.! tJiuin^il, 1 HLiak u bito A RtMo of oliIi>i»JL 

*] i.L. ;iiii;j. 1 wu Annkotcdby fhe cJorpicuF of houjU ftotl 

II' II. I II ,. nun. ^?tn,Hiii< iiiis I poraitiod Mr. Oolilim: at the 

W«i'lo> auspvJiiUHJ over \ih Jd»lty tiA nw* and pocriDic fotih hm 

Thora vne a fnroTiivd domMrtio of faiSf a lEttlo old mui. ^Tio had 
aludhp IcR^l A OA:r<fttl axv\ InqnMtIro o;o ovor ciicry tluiijf tlint was 
Id or ODiicomcct tmr honAcliaM. Tbia Ar^iu, it fccmn, n,t \ci\^t 
tK«i'<^Uil tiiy nt^hTly vinil* to the d«ul, sn-i, lurliinij m a comer, 
«nw Tiic i*y*n ikji'l i<ii!<ir thft I'bjUHl^rr wb<irfl t}tt' ivtrjiio wa* rJo- 
)■' iii'il. Ad he Iny en hiB mikHtor'a upirlmcEit, bo touk tha lint 
<ijt|>iinriiiir3 r>f hiH tuinti; uw-viicj 1o vp^tHirt vUbt bO t|i(iUi;hl a iniitt*T 
*il tHri'Millunry iM^illi'.'flii!** t<* him-^Hr, my» tifl^ ft' I urn not 

SrrrilJT il> coiro'i. my yuiin^' mjiMfif ti Ihlft nimnrtit In bed Vlth hifi 
■uur uuly.— %V1iHl Iri tliiH ynti tnll rnt^ ? crfi.^1 Mr QoKUn^ S<t^ 
John, iwil what ynn \uiy !ft JirijifHidMo, AH vthn lire, UiVi* thiit 
«]iii }i i' ][', iT'" .'TiiJii? ; uliafrvRr KkTiiiini of tWfh bi flPt^vfitljlA tO 
all T^i'h. 1' nil hvr^ rt-pUL-il Jubu, I ant Filniutit luttiiri^rt diat 
viiiL 1 ii II >iiLi U Tm^L— Fniin^ (ii'iu^ yoit nM fiioU «iliT Mr. 
€»'■■ Id. , think yati Uuit our Ilujij b nmrt lo\ln5 tliiw fnlLur 
AIiiJ;,ju,. »n<] yi7t A^^7ltulm Urfllitil tu bxuy hia tltud cut of lila 
tf^ht.— I know not how tfmt nuiy tin. mM IiauIj Johit ; Im^I. if yuu 
arc ikblo to rtir, I will Udp jou to co nud occ. J am btuc tho 
th'iujiht of it ro'ltfl thr rijry hvazt wilhm ae, 

A«M^ll^liaJ;;3T Mr ^^tld^iijc. liko ok9 Jacolr| fltrvnjrtbcncd hboM^ 
■nd artwe, and, pained M be wav^lucuno with thobclpof hu Jcdiii 
to Iho jplBM wb»ro I Inj. 

Bainnff for «omo tlmo looked npon mo, na I alppt vith hln hfotty 
hsi foIdH In my anu> ha onlrl en Ina^r vMitKin hia otnofioiu, 
bat ha and John brt>ki> forth into Uatii iuid azotnitii&UotUL U my 
cfaildMn, my chiliicn. wy ^aantt chlldrian I be crl«d ; -why dbl j* 
ccnll ni* lu HQ^li n j'rl«:'b of MoMedncn? Woa ft onty to cut ma 
dom hiTi) tho doepar gnlf of vAierj—a ^eM thai baa naitlwr baak 



A*T won»«ll tdumiMl lo !« fli^u^M In that truinner. t1io ^toA 
BUn <fiUfht mo in hi* anuM.<— >T> Ilurr>, iity Hjirr;, injt hi-, vihai 
duUl 1 pa> jiAi. uiy nan, fcir jroiir HiivfiUnaiituit love <o me noil 
to miDu ? OouM mr *T^ifhv^]MT!tt irrir jun Hi«^ I ftLoidil almtiflt 

I now prvpAfo'l to cii^-nio Ihr^ Utc c4]Liinii.ri I of mj oiuH. and 
to conoiKD to oorth tbo liUlu iluit wn« < in L«r. Hut when 
ov lioioefliiai iiaiUnrtood tluit nil lluit won left of tLeir brod mb- 
trc»a w«P now fcdof; lo W iahtn ax^j imm thorn lor «vor, Hmj 
brolu iaio touv onoir, aa4 mf no li^uri'ln t« thinr laaiMilDCiona. 

Her itt^polntd fatbtr ww itc^ainHu of utloniluig tbo funoraL but OQ 
m; kbcon 1 f]i«rtiA<lo<i him from it, an 1 wu kwnred it v>-Diiiii hxtoit 
in t\^aiu 1b<J itlrt«bJj< civar^tis>Ulih'd IbiSfAtl or hi» i^ tiAit fntlniiitf«t> 
El<^ thfrn incLirtoil On having th^f IJ'I <1t tha Oomn raTnaftd, muL 

gB^^I iiiHkii 11, OTL^I i^U^iTiiTi^ bit Ittnilw, yfita t. Alioni — U this mj 
«nrl4? hfl crioii : tlir whoL? or my wmmimv'^ Are ycu tho one 
t3iAt wJiH (iniuf in>' iJirJi* pratllJnif Hiittf ^tho pinjrfdiow cf inj 
](riM4'H— tfiti laiivht^r H>4a^ of i-MJiti^wlio 1ir(iii}tlkl c^iii»r to Triy lii-hrt 
an<] nnnnili to in/ lio*om5 Afn ymi thr m»r* fnr whiim nlimft 1 

3if'nt tu; iii;;bU in Ihuufht ami aiy i9ji3ii la tt)j|iUQfttii?ii ? Is ihij 
I Umt [» U'fl. t1i>'ij> uf luj k'furtli iif bbuursf i.K UJJ »p4J^k of tiftf 
li qntmdiFxl In Uim', my M)fc!tj, my M^ry! iho flowiinc fountuJn 
of m^ cxii>]im<'4.' i* (Moil n^f for ever! 

llH-nr IB wmu^tliUuf cACcedin^lj oolcmn «iid «iFtctini:- my octanin. 
in tlko drciini><Ui)<.H« lUifl aiiparrbtuft of our fiuitri^; tliry «ro m^ 
prendre cvUk (o mEuiU tl^iit ai^i ni> wa; ioiii/cnuMl or iritcroctcd m 
tho d««th of tho paity loiaiMitcd. TKcmcli I jcrif^rpd no moro for 
BBT Matty—iJimit-h I vftnwiis«nrrit of her tJiMM I va*[>rmy 6wn 
bSog; ytt ^Urii ttc Kl^^om c>f tbn jiri^.{caflkin wn* fC«ttiorod vomd 
AO — w}ii:a 1 b^urvl tbo niulm); of tlio mtan fbfoiUiA Kbom hor 
ohuity hod inutnlnAtl— whod I hMirtk Ui4« \Ai9T •oUifaiipi of tha 
KrrikQti, vhom h£f RwootnoB ho-i vo i^mLoaribf^ Attubod to hor 
ponDB — wh^rx &IJ jDiTif>l ti> \j^*td\ tliuioHilvot tut L«tt in h«r hMt, 
my hokTt <Uod« m H wns ^^ibin ida, witl 1 i^houU hAvo baon 
ffODMOlod oa tho ipot lud Inot ^voo initent way lo tbo 9v4!El of 

TliA tarnpaflt of tho noiil, nuttnrn, likp< ihnt of th^v fkav^tA. gau 
OTblnra but fbr a Mwua. The piLAnlon of j\ti'. CkiMtni:, un tho in^ 
t^naOTit of (^vtry joy aivl of o^fTy hi^jw Hint bo ci>til>l funk fiir ti^k^h 
Aarlh. ^«idlil^ a Taw wi«4\1m niilKirlnil^ ^r mlinr mutiIc Ititti fi H^Ut! I>ul 
mlUn |wa«T ; & Iclnil nf |wwv ihat HvniRd to luy — Tb:»r« b lu^Uiinc 
In UiLa iiiJJTFfn<e Ibal uui illslurb me. 

lUny, mill ho our v^uLiiitr. I luiv^f Win ibinkijJi: of th« Tlrion 
thflt I hnve br^r,— VInlciiu idr. uM J : bx^ i^iy Mjittj iIh-'H atipnirvd 
to you ? — Vi-r^ hv munvcrcil. hUu una tliQ tiiindiul V^ ^^ ^^J vwi.>]i 
Ibr tbo»e twon^ ynxt |uat Thv rinou ihiit I i^if^ii, my Iiatt;, i« 
tbo droua of « wf lon^e tful bLborloni life^ Ilrrr lmrc< I. l<y tho 
toO of 9fty 3v«n' bppUcAtioru scrafi^l lof^thcr ui<l iv.rtiiniJj»twt iw 
mii<rh M in tljrao tinio* woiiM vl ki'vr* nl conlrniion* Ukd bo 
aoi?fluntpd o worthy mhw for *p[!llcff Ito Motui of tbtiu/ojii* ; irnl 
yot wbtt luo thofo Ibings to m^ or of wb^t tohio ixL tbonu<lviM| 


tn'iro tliihn tlitr itt'iird nnd niMii*1i tlmt nuJw our puLvamcDt bolbn>' 
tito door? J hava t>ocn lti]iv^>i>Ji? i^^ Hunting ^torUio goodt df 
tlii« u.iHd; 1 hjLTv uL'iiiifvd all tLut il ooiiM giT« mv ; tfid nov my 
*fi[il, h\z\fi a cdeh doimioh, i!ia|forg«« lh« vholo.— I tbca tcM>U ono of 
Lit Diin^ljL on'] prmii^ tt tcndcf^ botwoco mine^O my TLllHirl 
I rrJwL; Tiiy >1o<ir. ih-nr futUi^rl O Uuit 1 Tiii^it. Ihi mnAt* uit\H *nA 
*lftiight£»r», uTnf flvorj snrl of klivilrPid to joii! All tlmt 1 flfii ind 
huvo ihoald ^laiUy hn wiamt In brlnf;iD^ any kfiuL of oumfort to joiif 
luv bthur. 

In Mlicmi m fnTtn\g\ti tdUM, nn T oiti^jvil TlIh npurtinrnt to Ihtl hSri 
tfcDil-niniTDW. 1 ulvc-r^Dr] lluil litB cimiiluiumru tuul iiiiioli ckJlnrml 
fruiu uliul il HUH Ibv vtvtiiu;; Itt^fun^^tlijil lie luukud Ji^q'lj Ck* 
jectci} ouJ hx^nitxl ti (ma&thi-i nill; tlilllcull^. 

AfiS not joiJ '•i-'U. air?— So, aija lie, tay P^ilttta lUv Kmillj 
CfVniiwU. 1 find flint 1 rnv^ liinvc voa xhuttJj , 1 Ij^^lmvo Ihtii 1 
muttfOKiddoikly; trai uhci't to ? Tbut ii the qnf^lioD— iho Tor/ 
lornMo qii«sb'ov— tho oolj qnoftian «l aaj in^portruLfi; in boaren 
oronoKTth. — Suitk dr, Mill I, thniciiQ b« &o iinostkin tr> j^^u, wJicao 
«b>1o Ufo boa bo«n t^ cctktJauii couth of nj^ht^oumc*, of daily 
wonliip tu Got], nnd ^ood'Ailt to all aoD. U jon ban) OJiy t^ u 

lUk uai, iiarrj^ itur) he, of tho Mthj raga of luy own rigbt*oii»> 
m. 1 UQ fnr fn>m tbv (^onfldviMit of th* boutful J 


I baT« not 0r«n that (>r tho po<tfr »Mi hambb pobUcan, for 1 dora 
EKtt tool; up to tty^ " Lon)^ bo vcrctfal to nw, a iinn.-rt'* wbtreforiL 
Ih^n, rio yjiii aiwnk nf luvtiu: flnii^^l mj crnrne tAWJinl Ood «nf1 
toTviml n»jji ? Ti I* hat IflTnly, vpiy Uti^ly, that T wit out upon It, 
mirJ I nm mt ibnrt bi*forv 1 hnvn j*iiit udibin rit^ht t^f fJio p>Ji1- 
■yl'>^ lUrry, T ftiir. I \uitw. I fi":'!, tlirlr tbi'iv !> iio mlvaliofi foi uiw, 

Yoii ainJt7,o i[ii>,)Hlr. hri,1il I; yun U-rrity mv to dfinth! If liw-nt !■ 
riut vUTitJau fui KLicli 4« jou, y-hiil n (k'^tb of perdition o\>paa tor 
tliu ivf^l of uiAJrkiU'l ! 

I ttvtUiJ yi>ii L->iiiUl ccutlrjivo nui, Im; I'rSTulH 1 wiuit to W ciint- 
inted ; 1 dcvuro comfort* out kuni of coTuu>]ntton ; but I feci mr 
COnJoin&atlon Hilbin DijrTOlf Udroovvr, ] re« otvtt tfoct <Ff iba 
0Ciiipol of thn ironLi of Ufa tcrriljly ummhalkil .^il »i in liTLroit 
imjnpanti mt. — What i;it. air? mH t; I rija tntc 1 tuoT uf q& 
t#xt« that brine tfrrror or omdinnrMtlon to tho J114L— Ah. Hdrryf 
bfr roplkd, inrocc In of tho law ami this d^ireiimcinioD, nnd Iu4 
nothiDtf lo 40 wiih tho d«v oorvuut or tbo iirjw inun. Fvr whut 
•ayi tS* fpraat aimihINi? " CIrooDKililon nv^ul-'tb Tii>l]Linf, noitber 
andrcTinuuioo, tnt n itcw cmtnrft." Ani LbrUt hiuittlf hnth 
■iiid, ** 1^3Eohpt a man b« bom nifiun. ho mumt io« tlit^ kin^iloiTi of 
God," AnJa tho nunn npottln tdth, " 1 ilnZlght In The Ian of lioil 
nflcr tbo inwiirTl mnn :" lavt ^^^. "* MV llrtlo cbLLdrvn, of vliom I 
tnrail in tifrth o^Ji niitH rbr]«t hv Itinticil in jtoil" Kow if nil 
Ihnm otkm^cpnnilin^ CA|ltVflnlnn« nt lirlni? '*T»om AjfHin, n nrv 
creuititr, a new nuui, aa InwnH num, ilirirt f<*rniffd In un* Ao,, 
aro lu Uh ifltuiwd aiul «i|>1uiiiirt uwhJh 'Ia uiHUiiit;.- Iiltlu uiort- tliiia 
a atttc til iimtnl hiiiiiim'.iit" mtt'\ imttnl Iri'bmJuur, (bvro con bs 
TOtJiing of real iiupuit iu the g<A[icl of CljrUt. 


TS1K yooL or QVALrrr. 

■nil Ix^omo 411 lit1]<] ^^hiliiTOHf yo thaii not nnttft inic tiio kiTi;->3oTq 
of hmr^D-' ^^^lun. " U toij nuai ^U ccta<t attttrmtj lot bim (U-n/ 

bi> l»ct nr y<iii ilmt h/rf4lc>iih Pot all Uul ho hAfh, h» OMiaot tw mj 

If t^i'^AO thiTii>v T -^'HivT, lu^ to be bikvn ft^for^Tin^ Ut Iho oppttrent 
wnui w«! inipirt of Urn WiH»jr, n^'lthnr tlm IniuiTi*™ iif tli* gOipsi, 
nnr lho*> wJir> nre tunt-'htn can hi'- uH'cil. 

Tln"jnz*fonLi, rrfilit^l )i*\ it I» wUl. tbrtt "Wwiy bf* dlU*"?, hnt few 
*Shr*flTi/' And ngniTi, ^ I'liUr ^n In nT tfic^ rtm^l pil/i : fur n^itt* fn 
tlin gale, uid bron^l la iim wny, tlurf l(\u1i^l|i tri rlirtlnirl^ifrL, nml 
mnnj Iben; titr wUiuli ^ m llii'rvAl ; Irucniiw vtmli in ifit irnlu, unct 
nvrnw In tltii Wiijr, uh^L'.h Erciilnil) iintr> life, jiml ftiw f^ Im Itint 
fInJ IL" O my liiifij, inr nuTY ! oar livta biFc br^iii fimployihl 
lb mx'Iuia:: ana "I'n'^nt; tlirj vrorld, uid tliv lliic^-n of tJjo world*" 
tiborvfbro * tho l/vo yf the Fntb^r wul<! nol bo in hk"" f> llwil I 
hid narvr boon bom! O thou Oodl wh»c tdlmiuJ at thin hour U 
Bet up n tromendonfttj iwi^nvt mi\ nt l>*nctlk I fce\ \\vy pri^pHcty 
of lb? praooptCt in roJootULg t^if> ^^'orM cjiit ftU thftt in Itn^r^ in ; tor 
whAt ona the^r yidd *iir* n liHJo fot"! oni numctit to botUl/ c<^r- 
ntptiGQ* or iEiciknitntq to Unit pHJc wlik'k toat Ludfor into ft guli^ 
tb»t cow op-'UB lK'f<>to mp without a (■oltoni ? 

Ai i tmmliSoij axu\ ho'l nothing U> ftimror, 1 propmod to brtnjt 
ionio of WIT <slorgy to hito. No. UiUTjr! uj>, «jrs ho^ 1 will tuvo 
aODv «t ttrtir wortdJ/ oomrorti; I vSn not cikM my «oiU upon 
Utdd«T«d «rp«etatJcms, Ci^n thoy iHTwqjtdo mo ttut I nm ono «4 
too flow that atv chow>T»? [*an thoj tWl me wh-^mn I Iuto ctritipii 
to phUt uit tKo flJmir ir*t*. whj>ri>m nmny *lijJl wwik to onler, but 
ilijtll hot l)i» oM^? 

Uf<rc Tto uiink intfk n fit. M i<&;nnf'H^Tru; jlf^EK^riLtinn, m thtit n colil 
dr^w liTV}kt< TiirtTi fr^jiri u!t iiiirr* iif blh 1>oi1y» jiti^t fi-IK drr*p iifl^r rfrciTk 
down hU i'luujllj lurl fcjirriil rminti'muiiiR Ntivrr, nut/lATn, fmvntdH 
1 U-cl Hiii'li II kiiii] of uuiruUhlit/ bui'fur lui 1 Huia fult: I wam b^ 
frli^ituil atid ilU fni^nii to my iLimusf Hrul — 1I»k\ my 'I^^iu sir. ui- 
cluimtd ImU MeiUUcjiI; riiuki: btuEe tlkiO[i|.'l> thli pftit t>f jtriiz 
mn&tJmL 1 bDuwoh ygu I I aim fwl fvr uiywlf ; I tm torriAed to 
flis laal deuTvOp 

A< Ittocth, ixmtiiincd Mr. nintoB, I r^eoH'^otwl m^lf a Ut^**. 
Uf functor^ I oriod ; titj ftktlicr. my iTcArcTil f^nlticr. niLce yon wtU 
nottftke oopoferi ui yi>irr owq Hf^touiifncfv tako t\tait-.Tt In OuU of 
Am wfao WM bujIc H^LtooitBnoMi for yoo. Do jon not now n>joct 
flio woHd? do yoa nut uuw dvny youriKitf?— I du, 1 ^lo. hr> niiiJ: 
I djotcrtt tbv OTH^ and tbo othor,— An-I do joo not f<vl thMt yi>u *ito 
wholly n fomjwnnd of vtb (ind dcnth?— Ay^ he oriod; tboro ii iho 
^o^lf Ihoro u Iho motintum uridor nHuch I rthik F>r «ict. — Oomo 
thoJi Eo C'hrifet riiy fHlh«r, hnhry tnilen ma ynn nro, uid ho will 
qimti<ffil<M ftnibriuM) yon, nni bo mt to yoii, tny fnthcr r^l would 
eoiM, Hfttry. be «^d ; bul t dnrc not, I mn hot aMo. — SlrJT«, loiy 
fiithor: do imf tnrtt i<> Him. i\t\i} lin wfll mrtn^ fhAii iT)4^<>t yon. 
Chry ont vrith alnJiinff r^tt^r, "^ SriTo, J^rd, of I prttdjl- nnd ho 
vlQ Dfttob ychi with lliG !iarid of hlK DVL*r n:ady vdvatloo. 

rHjf FOOL OF QUAurr. 


Mni3 hit cycH ^-cra lumcnl imJ tlxcil iipsviiril ; wliUt^ hL» old anil m- 
fitoblod Uyij ccittintiod to fnltCFur umlcr iLc BtTiit<1otne uf near dii»0- 
Iniioic At IvAxtli b^ >tjLr1(*l, anil Hnixi<i| ni; rij^il triTh a <1jinft 
pmamro— Thor« b comfijirt, llorry ; il^urtr n oomfort \ bo criocl, Aii3 

T WJM now cABt omxi ninn» upon n fltnu^ and friiinEflMs world, 
AH Iho tnU^roffCi of my }ii>iirl vrn» IrariwT with thii famUj ; jmrl 1 
>i-i.-n]isl li> niiHrIf Qji wlfhiinl kinilri^d «r connDi:*tIf>]ut in Ibe iiinlvl u| 
niukkind. Vtiur itHur niiariiiuL. Inrl^ivl, •mivlirnwi 4.xlli*d \tt E^niili>1t^ 
with iTt«, jutd wilcr mj Iobbca with hirr tvun ; juiit In hc^. Mnri jrnn 
mv cotisfn. founf u jou tbpn wi^rc, wni Iix^kuil up uliI «3it(THl the 
^lb>)v vlwL tbat I lubl tofi t^r t^nrV^jiniik' K'Eualiuiiii. 

A» Uio iDcinia* gf rti> firrnu^r bjipi»ljKiK( firrvMl ifjJl; ami nJfhily to 
nodor IP0 nmrD wretched by f. vi rcculbctUMip 1 dctunniiwd tc iidt 
inr houu, snd i^ ta)cr* ]iHv»t« lofl^it):!. Tur IhJtH puq''**^ I buuw 
tDrinr>il Mr, UoHin^i duTurvtEm ; imdT hji hft h--wl madn no h1I!» I (biti 
fiflirl tbctii tbi:ir wocof. aJtH then |^t« thi^m eucli pretciidcil Ictncica 
M tiroLibclit th'ir Uoiv nJid ibi'ir UIcwddi;* in a »iv»*r iTjii^it m«P 

Aa looa oa l Wl (iijolmipotl jUI QXOtpt llbo two fnvuniite ktttujiU 
cf mv mtvtrr luul mj UiLtly, 1 dotlr^d Ujnt Jolm, cmr litUij tJd maiit 
abould be ftmt to mo. 

John, «ald I, M h(> onUrod, b«ro is ft bill for Bto hundmd poDiidn 
irtiidi cur good oil moKtor Um lolt TOtr^ in token of hu afrkii'>wlodg- 
WMk%4A your tmo uid lovinjr Mwicoi^ vaA to ^IS ^'il^ wbu ywi 
hav4 MVoiti to Kkftvn nnd mnlcfi i^^ay thu b«d of ooiLtb Iq yoiir olfl 
W9,— Dc yoti mean to port mth mo, rir? arid John, wi-mitigly 
nuinlrleff Md iEn<.<rTi<vrTK*ii nlwnt Iho glfl wbidi I biul on^fi*ri iiitrt^ 
Jndef<d, Jofan, EKliI I. In my prfwntintto of d^}*otlnn, ntirndimcv of 
uij hind wniiM lint bo nn m^^T^^^anlV to ino^Thi;n, nr, ymi ttul^ 
Imp your t^.i^jrdy lo ynTir^'ir; fur T tbrll Imtk my hf^nrt tit^furv 
ATeHint1-t«^nry brrim urn iiVdr — Kiiy, <lftliii, p^lil [, I ajn fjtf fL^oifL 
tUTuiii;^ ;<iu from ua- : ntny wllti mn ah my fr^i^iid nnd wi«l<v)]nCt but 
Utrt MB EUj' tH.'rvjinr. juid 1 ^imll wh llic oiinfirrtuf uld IhiitH lii a.lHUj!i 
vediiff .^ipu hWiL u^i..-^'rkijih you« liiiujk ynu- nir, li; uiiviL. ! t> ill 
oof disturb yon with my tciuii , but [ »tHruM diu imblcsooil jf I Jjc<l 
out of yi)ur prvHUiv \ £3o tnyiiiif. bo msbud Duin me in a fit of 
rcotrttln&l l>iuifi>'^ti. 

I Uipn mnt for my wEfftV maid, whoml foimcrrly montionpd, Sho 
hjul JiifiT. hunid of my djfcbnrtrinE th« otber Borrjuitti. iiud (storvd 
wlib a icul Atid ftlnncioi ctjunl' akn^^*— C«inii neAT, t^iiHi^«I Jtm ^nf 
t<* |ttrt with yi>n» *ud 1 ; ci>u.c' to mc^ wii ^vo mp a tii^woll )am* 
Sboftt^ffoncUt'Llwith dowitnut looks, when, tnklrit; bcr mioyarmf^ I 

SYfCLvl And hitbi^il Itfir rTpratt^Hj, and ^Arrxi whbtat^U wy tnoji^— ^ 
l»i "ny fl. my Slitcy'B pivciotw (flrl! I cncl, I mn n-it for^tfal 
of your 1ovo> your LonoTir, and your diiKntorenlctnc** l^fwaM ni. 
Ron^ my Suhv^ yMir iljirhii}^ mlHlrit* pniKinlii ^«u with Ihin Hll of 
ft thriirhaad poinxliv «ult if y<m dii>c«i>, 1 will plvo you ouh for it 
wllhtfi % fiuKTtor of ui b'lur. itiii. howiorer. dw* not dljvliftri:^ tn» 
fhim nn rtptt^ mnri Alf'^nrirn Ia ymi. Yi>n Rri> of « h«<1plo-ft in,mf 
FNnr. liuUtinbJi^4?i roTQAiiy tm|x>dilanii And ra^flmltk*; wborHoro, 
whop thl> funs ■boll fjdl ygu^ mmo to mc again— como to m» u to yonr 



THS root OF 4iUALITY, 

and miMt AgnTn. at yon may happpji T<k hnti- wrufon : f^r whiln I 
htn ciipciH^i? 1r?ft< the CiTaurft* frii'iirl of my Mntly fhall not vanl 

HftTB iJiti irmlrful njirf amoitfliS *^rfi*liiTP ihx^w h'^rvtf on ihfl 
£nnr. &he rilod nloiirL vrhlli? tliu funily Iicntil otiil uc]il:ii^1 tn bnr 

HffHiiiH T cmibl nut iIIh^v^^^ nkjwilf. 1 cttiiLl not force )irr from 
mir,— Oh. toy Divlrrl >lic udod, my oU th^t i« Ht lo mc of my 
wluteJ. iiLj aiig«l tuMnm] m^ 1 Ihvii L« lom from jtvu? miul 

Su livtt mihout iho vcrvEnr of iho IumieI* iliiiI boait of jout Siu^f 
it 1 iuidonFt«>d your rcnnt an^ coro Ibr mc, my cmtter. It li 
9 cmtyX onJ Mil|^ltly vurTdi sad mupt be o«impl:«f] with, 

Har* I «orftpn1]al bor lo rtiw^ anil IcKwJntc Iier A^tiiL T tiuntxl 
baeilly to itr cbumbar whcro my UftltyV ocirpm hoj beon Idij ; 
mil btiltini^ t\\\.' (luor, iin\\ oottEw nim»li ou tbu bud, 1 truko into 
toirv, fLT«iI ftt ^irngtb wept niyit«ir to iliwpt 

Whik I wu pTDuLTtng to IcniTii tbc c«oi>4orod muudon, 1 iowui 
IB Mr, Oi>tiliiw'4i uabinct & pnnthmrot Ikit muob surpriftod mu. On 
my mftrriAgc\ ha hiul prr>pi>HHl to mnk-i rt i^'ttUmiiiiit iT tiU rottmw 
U|>0I1 ca?, whi<-^U towovciF. 1 oLiitliuilolj roffuod to ac^wjtt ; qb«r^ 
U|iCn, wTthoul my priiity, bo got Out <lL<<td iicrfuotod, *\ach oun- 
t4ilk«d un utAciLiiUi <.-niivryjini?« to m« oT aH biri worMly <i^i>ol0 uvl 
noHM^oiifi ' duit thia offnin r^tiov/ai in vut ilw Umilcr nnd 4«i- 
dnrlnf- ri-monihnmot of cAoh of thona kin-lnomn* and bonodl* 
Wbk}i lifi^ hi>'1 riiiiii<-r1y f*onri>rr^1 ti|Hiii m^. 

I nftv fmmrt r(iy*»nf In jxisa^mlrtn of nnar n mHlirin of mniii-y, 
«hrcb. ho-fl-nvfin In mr dUiHHltUdi of mJiwI ivt th'i tiifu% ojUM-arrd nn 
wortbirr llwm m JUiirJi bftnU*r in n VfviU> rmnn. Atnl I laimr not 
liiinv it WLfi, IbJiLn tbitiiiifb IJ111 «n)MTc|nmt coiirM^ r>f my lifn, iiU,]koiiu:b 
I Hos by nit mL^uui uf oik tctuurmLoJ imn* UniiiKlk 1 dotn uliimI Cir 
tt ilvlit, nor ciL^i a ikiiitLl tu Ihn >^iiiitB vt tbon ttbo mikclp tur 
tnmi;*! Jiwiiy fn-ni bSiti ibut ^Uwind lobortnvr of mOi yet tnotr^vtui 
ihrpftlth MJiit pouHnj- m upon me. 

It vtofl not wtt1iH}Ut ttOTTi'? Fij;:hH ruid a pJ^inliful Bh<rfrcr tbat I 
<lqjrirl49'l frr>ui tJio »<;it <if ilEI my j>rtht i-nj'jynji iit^ 1 louk l-HJifinv* 
WLtbJn a fcv il^Kin of your Inihcr; And niy Little bou.v'bi^lil n^st- 
tut^ of Hiy fft^'oufitt' Irinhiflnji, my btlU old runs, iwri froltnrn, 
And OJi oUli'rtf vutuim wbo iitiod <buLy lo dr«»« n jfluin ^lUU of inout 
for tUL 

It wu thi3a, uiy £urOHt Cfnistiv thut your opcvrunjc gnett tod 
««riy iiltr*Kti/ma drew ma iliUly to ycrnr boiiti* ; my hcort u'fta 
tfiioULod iLhd my ^cfi ob»n]d try tho KWci^tocH cif yotir |>ntt1e; 
vid 1 wojj initltiHl down iLAd minted aficnr. nfl it w^^r^, d; tba 
nnftfT>^pti>i1 WEkrmlh nnri lrnocfinc« ofyonr cmmbm^ 

A» I bnd no fitfh in dremtw, not rvnn In ibat nf my M*tW. I 
th^^nptit It iTTipiwniMri thut 1 wiioul*^! crvr murvy npsln. 1 Umrpiora 
rttinih'hl, En my imti rulntlH 1'» rniiUr^ ytui my bi'Ir. luid U> »ndi>ifV ynn 
tn mnrrl[*tp» with Ui*^ li«i pin fff my foriinu^- llnr ymi att n lltrln 
pnJtj, uuidum : you look di^jt^L-teil luid fniijnii^d. If yi^ti ijIvilmi. T will 
BUftjivud uijf [iKLnlion foi' lb-* pnninU itu I m Lhv imirniiii:. Sf yuu 

rnff root of quaiitt. 


livlfnTtfcMit liiMorx. Ili-rfi Tirr irr^^^'l hrt bfiiirl (0 fail !!;«. Sho 


Tuotrail yoQ, mr roiuin, at tlut tinio wore a eronl oonaolatloa 
t« (nii,ijii[] a iL^vH^t li^lvt^mir &f mf iLfllt{ittoryi, ytri tnn ^Hi^r* of liourt 
uhlch I had iraHcrod v»t%i not vtfhont thoJr Ptioot. At lontfth 
tlifijr ff%]\ ori mj coEUtrtut^on, nn^ ifFoi-tfd my ncrviv or iipinti; I 
fJiSnk ^Tir drifrnw pn^tty ^llllf*^J prtjifnninl ih^- miw wiOi fh^ nflicr 
Ait-nfilliifly, I wni OjdTliM^'l Pn (niTnl for cluj^rfl of iin^l diiiri-iH", 
MiiT I w-i* |.n|nniiir fj>r mj jrntmcj, when tlioro hEi|»(wmH,i in my 
^iiiijly xU" [inrtL HUmcFrlSnAfj iTiM^iinw of an «iTL'f^w«Tf Ijful pro- 
viiknco Uwl oiH!iir» !<» ni> riii-mriry, 

Mjr liltltf old iiLiui JuUn tx^Lciit^ ^ iletlini- npiin, nttd mi Im^tb 
h>«i1i I') hJH iioil, ariil. Iiuimit h iJ^aibr frii^n^lflKip fcrr him. 1 4tii1 to 
■It ttoiiitrr him. niv] lo (lUiif^'it hiiii tho l^'jtt I cviiKL JuIhi. BuiiL I. 
vt joa aStoid to die ?— N(i> Air. out at i\ll, not iu ihn lofijit ; 1 li'iig 

1 : 1 ATii indilAWl to tl^lik )ruu bjkvu Ihjvu ft Vvrj £i'lj<[ livv^r.— A duju 
dr— a mere dofTi ^oq»rvtu7 nibkcd. tlio Yilt«l of fiinii^^r* ! I mn 
a jDUpIf^rvr too, my muter; thera^fl dIixkI upon mj brjv1.— Blood I 
•urj r, au'l irlnrt^iL—YtH, fdr, rc|j1ic(l John: tnit tTirii tlio Mi>oJ 
thnl WDB flhoi) fi>r Jn© \p fftronpcr and more prcdoos thua th« blocul 
tlmt ^rrt£ pbvd by jno.— Hlouil, lu^wvicr, John, u n tti? l4rriblo 
tfaili|C; ofo yon not rLfniiil (o uppoiir Irofom tJio Jarljrmcrl fl«nt of 
Chnrt?— Jiy no monnB, tay .km Qiuti^r; 1 hnvc lonp Knee UM the 
1iiirif«fL of my idni boforu hicn* for I Tuid notliio^ v]m; u> biinjc to 
blm, nnlhln^ alAf 1j} nO^f him : ami lut hiLA iti>'i<iirt>1 thorn Ami mo, 
uid my i^WiKioncQ 19 at rest m hJn>- — I'bf!!!, .lohn, th«ro may yot 
1* roitiii titr hf>|ii*.^Thprp in iUfcurTiroc oiy mjiJit>r, for I hart liud 

Rut how dm ^iiii InlJ^nil (ft liiifpou of yonf iirvrl^ily mfiitaaiv*^ 
All llmt I hrivp. »ir, T pit with you nn'l niy nM ajwitrr : luid H'hfftiS I 
fbmul it, «'V«'J] llnifii I niMiU-A r^ hvLT^^ iL-^Tiirlri^il, .hihti^ I ^Tll not 
fiztgvr a pvnnj of votir munt^yn ilrin muL^h may It (Litiijuut to?-* 
EilElil Lundmi hihI llii]i)'«Dii<n iKrumK vir, ur Uirrrwlriiut.^Aiid 
liaT* you nv lulhtiu^? '4' your cmL^-'Njt ono livtou iImi I know 
ot^^Nsn think uf >uij:u i^'jkj v\f\ ivr no imrt of it uiall He co mj 
e<aitd«iioc^ I avorf yaa, 

I hvtt rwJ> ei'mf^^t hcrt or CFUiern mt, of a gr^t iln^ *1'^ v<* 
adrittd of Goil la a iLi^un, to taka tho rcry fini laui ^'bom bo 
lAbOnJd m«otfbc ocxtiaaniinic to bo hit piHnor in ihv >r>v4rTtiMiintv 
No^B If It ploAMft yuo. my moHttr^ 1 viU fgtiow tiio like c oimi^L^L j 
raJ^ wboaoovor oboJl Ixi tho nrrt foand before cut door, kl that 
|Mf04i bo tho owner and inhontor of my euf.iala.ii(«(},— It fcholl bo 
•Ton a> you My ; J vriU fgct *ni «4e whom Ood flhail bo pl«Aaod to 
nnd to qo. 

Aoeordingly I v^a£ and ojwnftd our dooT, vbon a annun, who 



hvX ntfarlf piuwiL tumi^rl »tioiit nt Ihn doIbo. olA ffimivlng tOf 
ttxa^ np taid ntfd — \ little ohorlt;, ali, for tiio tAko of htm vhti 
lUd not »lif-re M Uy \ik \wjvL 

T WHK «TTiiiii)!ly)jfri^T4il mnnnf^r In whlf.h titw lulilrAntuI mi*. 
ftn4, nynlng hnr aHnntlTely, I i>hmnriMl tlut ihn vntt <jmi thcmgh 
mmiily Hifpudlod : wUcrvfLirvw ici laalie u Tuttlii^ trial ^litlbLT uor 

(U]>> Wlftlfkaly to pren pflMpvmilii -U- tiifl, 1 hlijiiH^il a ^njiii'Uk 

Into ht?r hand, anil dontftnl bet to go Dbout her baiiiKHL Accot4- 
lulj. diD uuri^oJ .mj Mcvt from nw & few sltve. whok lookiiii; 
into ber IluhI "h^ tumvi.! eudiktJf l>ftck— Sir, Mr, mIJ sno; hfrTO 
hitl like til 1uiv<: I'ccii d ud mUlokc; you iDuni to ci%c mo a 
nhnimif, ani^ joa hate jdvcti tct ft ^holo i^uin^L — It w<uv Ban I, 
* ttry KToitt nii^Ukc inil-^n^l i but hv ptuAt^d lc coiao In, tmi w« 
will try to roctJfy oar ciTorc 

Jlcr^ I took her into tho ctiumbcr wlu^ro J'^lin lay. naA. hnvlot^ 
eovlimliud htr to fttt ^/yvn, 1 put my hnnd \n niy [xi^lcr^t. Hon^ 
good vomuiT fftH 1 ; lior* ore ton gniiuiitf fov ^co, to miLko jaia 
■omo anwndi fur tho m«ittJik« 1 wm giiHlv of iu i^nn^ yon tut cvkv 
Tho poor cTOfttup* coald ifarool; croilit dot sanM*, hul ndiing bor 
«yot m ocrtwy, and dropptng trom tho ohnir upcA hor kooo^ idi« 
■■M Droo«*dii3g 1o Um" tne ; but T wr«nipt«>rt|ir loi^M^ on b«f 
rojtekinff hor wat. UIstrMi, uU L be plencod to otay yoiir 
pmyMv Tof th9 pmAiiiit ; whiit t wont from ymi U Uio Ktcrf oi 
yrjor M1<\ : toll mo who and what you uo. witbotit AifrpmlTi; itnj 
ottvDTtihlimiv. (ir <vjni:iMllay tbo faallB of wbK'li ji^u h&w h««ii 
piUly, iiiul T vlll msikfl yon thi» mlirtmw of iwmity gnlnraiB, that 
■hiUI Im lulilril ia wliikt, yu\\ liava ulrsuly rrciclvo*! 

SLt, KUil bIi4\ j^oii fj i^'hl4Ui [iiu - my su-rjr lb u ivry unhaiipy and 
ft vvry firiilb-li xltJij, Jiml ■■Aiiiuit lie nf thi^ kiiuIIaL i^iuih^|iii'jirti 1o 
you, Sure, jnu iLr« ton nmdi of tho ircnUvjnitu t4> dnijo to vEiaiAre 
iDf? ; And, miltml. 1 kiiuw nut uf any thiiti; whon^Tij I mu Iw 
otmuirDiJ, WliortJbro, liLi[iiitlf[Ll itEi; unto Tou nM nntonco^Y^Q Iwill 
Opon my wholo Mml. without «cokW to Know vby you look into 

too CQQOerW of midl ft WOTTU M I ODL 

I un thit diiui;:hl4?r fif a ffirmr<r la Eoui. my nirddoa Damo Wftft 
Klcanor IMmf<r. I w(l% mnmcKt. early v\ ^itt, to a miu nbo kept a 
oh'Uidlur'e rtln^i^in ulfltli^ Uitli' iZuit lod ti'JWer liiU; Lw namo vm 
Bonul»yTirniL— HjirrmhyTirnil ! t>xj?liiim<><i John: aroy^DVoryrtPo 
thftt hi nflmo wm Uunuby Tirral?— i'cfli-p^ Je^Iiq, I criod : vvtut* 
ovflr you nuiy know of thu man, or of miy otlk>r rnii11>>i', \ ccn- 
Duujd yc>u not to tntormpt tbo woeooii UL tl\o ha* GiiUhod hor 
ttory. Bho tboa oontinu^. 

I bad odltor hrothrr nor v\nti*r. air, oxw>Trf. ono lirothor.^^ twfn- 
1irfiTh<<r. ituil wfi ]ot<ii! nne imofhtir a* thoii^n Ui^re wtm noTxhly clu 
in nn> wnrlil |4> Iw lovtJ-L 

Alicmtthn^f^ yran* 1'oforp my riarHinr"'. my ^rrtlirr Tommy. th*iti 
ft »wp<?[; jirplty Uu^ hx»k ^> h W'lirwinif lift*, mid went ftudi nun, I 
Icnuw not w1iGt\r, iijHin a voyji^r iIiaI I V^ trdd wiw a lery ercut 
wjty rilT : juid w I i^rjoi], <lay :uLd m]j;til, ua uuuiy t«»ni afkr huD U 
wuirlil liA(ti Nerved iiiu ft* anitu iu. 

Mj liiixIriLnd wji^ voi y Ua\^\ of nin. ruid uhrn hn mod to Ke too 
ory whiUi Lu tf|juka uf niy Toiouky, Ira wouU ki» uw aud try iQ 



Ciomfort mn. im'\ my, ttmt ho «UIm<I for noihlnff marn ihAn liio 
retUTD to olit Kiifflaiut, that ho ird^Ut WFloome bim nnd lov« lum m 
much u I did. 

Onft ni^t. on Iho ninth month of raj murtnipK na T mt meiphig 
ftnd alaDi** rnf hciJiliiaiil bcjii^r jihtciatr ii[if3i nmu Inulncn, T hurml a 
lm i>pVip lf at LLu ^iiur, uliitL ivm ui^i'ikkI by uur Utile HfrvrmL'^ttrL 
And tliviir Ui^fiirv full wuM uy thiiv lU 1oc|h^J luj LnjClu>r> Aud 

CAtclu^ mV fll4t ^D CjA llcoj LLCILU. 

I fnii^d a iP^»t HLuut fqr kj, fuu niu> ba suid ; lujil puohlia: my 

tfK^lrraccdi and cnod, ana kwno. oud ombTi^cd And ki«od aciii^ a* 
Ihoiud^ wo Eior^r coiU bo tired. 

In tho nwaa wbLe, the door bori^ Cfpcit, inj cruol BftttflLy cK^ 
tcnxt, qnpcrocivcd by oilhCT of U»; and KOUIg a otnui^-o mob W> 
fond iui>1 GurnilW with mOt ho Dpciwd a Joofc okHpt^l kmlu iibiuh 
Iki EiiaJ in hia pockof. Jinl raAliitijf np. h-) giiTo m^ <rarUu|f brotber 
throe flUbi ia tlic IxjcIt Inforv bo could fpcok a word or tam aUnt 
to dofcind hiiueolt 'iWi, OMMting tlown tb« luiilo, in m mmuto ho 
WM Dot of <ho hoiwo« and 1 lurvr mw bim duv*. 

^or ft tiiDO I itood Itko & Btoao, ud then, living n grvAl iihH«b, 
I funCed and f^ll on lay brotTit^r u ho loj vclforinff fit hii fcluol. 

Oor UidA V«ry^ In thi* uhU't, ImLnif friphlful ftlinofH io iWfJi, 
Ttn ftbont lika A Willi thlnp, nnd nlArmoil tlu* ttrrot, Onr niigh- 
boum orawibxi in^ nzut nont fcr tluf nnt unrgfvjn. Mj bnjthiTr'ii 
vuunrla ttero ptidwd and dr^sHHlt lUid Il» whh laiil So oiir trgan 

MfMUilJran, h-'Jiitf fiHTvnnl with fliili!. I fell Into ntnjujj mid wi- 
titUL-l<f ktiuur. ruLiT nflvr v-ir; i.'rii^viiijii (juvjuI wu dtiUwtvd uf o 
Loy, ^hi> wiwvJiri^b^iioil «jid vidUnJ JijuiiiOt lUWr luj' Owruid laEoly 
dcocfl^ud fUt]Li.-r. 

IfO iHUUfl uf LU7 own. boiirtrr. bv|'l nie frcm inrtuiruiir after tbilt 
doftr ud lttiui!Dlul Lu-i>thct who Tui'l tini^ii kAti^d, ha I mpposod, for 
ib lore to mo. But hm joMtk oad oatu^ Btroogth camod him 
IhroixiEh oU dui3tfurs. In llmM mfmUia bo irio op and obout, u 
veil «« 0T«r ; lUiJ jn lew tWj Uttoo noro ho >M <mt od unutlioi 
TOTnpc, frotn wbonoo ho noTtrtv noTflf, O a^vcr rotiinwMi I 

li<1bru ho wmt ddirood. mj door and twvot Mlinr boid loft mo tt 
no^^ <>i bind fov th^ rfichTi|it of hit wooiM. Hul in iWii yonrw nilor I 
tcAnl thut ho wiu uut aviiy, or killM hf^ the Uurbary pcoptn : anil 
thoogli 1 i«(]fit ud wont o^uin in the middlu of oit ^qatc^ hilJ m 
tho ndddio of tny^ Borrovn, lo usk ekhI ta p«atlozi Lr hii i^y fr«tD 
tbo AdcUnlQr, 1 noTor could ^t ui omwcr of tmy pr^Ut or uiy 


My Htllft Juntmy, hnw*Tfir, prrw, anil IbroTP, wid jj»1^1 npopfit 
will XFot my only j>r<i|i Tiiidur nil my nlPifiirm* Wy b]|»b«ni)> »»- 
^cisl, hikd If^ft nir 111 pretty oiri.Njiiihiu)iiii« ; nod, hiul liu but ilnod 
«Stlj riifi, uyi xUouLd luivir jm^-lHrnul al>civo onr fflkntft, Bol Wbol 
cnii A wMuitOj lUi. jdnel<^ wcaJl lutrl unpifotcctf id f I wui ImjNvnd 
uiHA by NTitip ; by ulbtm I wu nsfitwi] pturuiont (ur the jtchhIh thikt 
I luvX hpM'ii . 4^<1 fLi Jviiijfli) £ WM it'doood to iMVorly, nud ubli|,i-d 
to ahttt «p nhop. 

UMntmkolhodffpcLrcdaoccetojitho biingbigiipofiay Jeimay. 



T U'fl t^i'oti Wm kIi^oI lem-ninir, Jini! I»^ now ^m irmvii « »'i>rjr 
tawir^Iljr nii'i dovvr Inn; iind kaTio;; tak'tL to mc<HAXt<^ my hVVipQl 
EiUow oTfirj iiitfbt u,»jr| to ttiuy u* Dio wliul«^«r bo IuhJ tftfucd m 

In ibc \vm of mr hufll^oaj) bM l^wthpr, fc the Iom of mj- l^nTTifit^^ 
anrl in tin* loM of iiijr Toinoij, Icr ii^ Miirc 1 birl irtUS it\tiia p-\ct- 
«o thftt my hcutidi voat ftvm mo, ajid n^'it mj- Pirvn^lti vitiil fmoL 
P30, und I vnui not ablo to work at tho %vafbiii^ L^liaido^ iu ttofoixi, 
Bui tins diiint tfgBlIt mtida whilo m; tiiiM liuil tiiA ho^ib ; Ira' Iu 
hftd itov goi A porlDr* pUM tn tho f^nsinm-beiMn, tatA, 70im|r u h^ 
mtUK ha wIlllDcly MrrfeJ henwy bardniK to tuva tho plM#iniA of 
iM^rtprijf hi\nw \i\a hnnl ^imln^ tn hl«i njirriTrtf. But «hoi)t di 

quHTtiiJi tu.^v. us lhi.<7 mil H, muler whkli lio md h1» mnibnr^ 
oiurt hLjII (vtrktiiimt (o liiliiiiir, 

I, mi?thiiik!i tliLfl Imtdnw uill ik» : miuj ufHaJpi] jdu Lnvo mt ft 
rdrY itui'thy iii]Li.'.rifjjr iif yitijf fjrEunu; ivlmt bhj you lo M. JobiL? 
^Ant. rir* lot mc luk lior ft quoMion or two. If toil plcosOi 
Hoiuvt wumaii, dmw 7007 vluu'r 6 Uttlo DMrer to m«,T pnj you. 
And taiTw, t<L[ in<.^ iIlej InjiL [)ll1 roa onr hny rour bnebimd^^ 
Vci^ <toiir1y> Iniicorl vc^iy dcnrtj <Ua 1 Icn hfm : for lie Ujbl loTtd 
me Tory dearly till thai oiif»:rnblc' nifiht, Hnt vhen^ oi I duxi^cht* 
bo hftd BiLlui my brulhiri 1 luitod hiro w inuch (u t hoJ qtdt loT«d 
hifik t-ofi>n>. Hut Ili4^ri ilk*^>i, wlinii my Toniniy hhd KOOv^rod of 
hca vfiiimiLiv, X Kint fju< nnri near to irtquirc nftcr him and ftiul him 
out; rtxt] vh'^ti 1 0<>uM Wrn iio Ifliii^ <jf hiri, 1 pat ft Jzita all tlm 
pHnlt^il itr^iHin th^t 'I'huniLi^ LKiEitrr wiih w«1I rori>v(iriiiL njiil that 
UirnaLiti niTfil, who hn't woiuidwl liim, Cnigbt TOtum wlEiiout 
dAQjfvr to tim wifo utnl infinl, 

AthJ h^i i4 nTim»i"! f -h/nxfi^rl John -h* H ri^tnnifti!, nqr N«UyI 
Your fcarhamuii nod hlooHy 1idj.biifid, whu yoar brcfhtr, 
Aad 1«ft you kimI ymir Infiuit Iji rqiiii<li> li^ tn Miinipil to you, mj 
NHly: And, In li]4 dmfli, Tim Hlcdl makn ymi Aiiii^ridii for nil fjb^ 
iiiifll:rtnir» which ho Ijroitght i]|ion ynu durintr hia lifetlmo! Bm^ 
luy [u^iflti?r. uiy ik-urmt muter, ni^iiil JmEiifilirtli^ly fur my diHd* my 
JtMniiiif. I IwH^ud) vmi, tiuxt, Ivbl \'jt 3 mil oij^t^lf, 1 &uy pvts tiim 
« ftUicr'i lili?»liiif Ljefoi'Q I die, 

I xrat BUL-pn*iu>1 and ulToit'.'d, tuml^iirt Wyunil cxiinrmuo, by Itid- 
dmit* t^rit nvp? nt onc^ im MfiiLi]<-rfii1 khI h> tAndor ; uid I dirvtUJy 
fcnt *r TTontji nnii n «f ilan cHiiii for Jojdc^ vidi prd«r» to bavo him 
carfrfuUir anil warmly urai^pc*] u|>i f*tc wIulI ]iIs mother ttdd mo 
of biin hA>l iJri-A<1y K^vcu n;o ji vfirr »nroi]£ tir^jui'lio^ fn hifi fhvour. 
MfMUiH'fculc, ^In, TiiTDl hod aihk on hor KtLcns by htr bia^bjuid'a 
bC'Ji^d<\ nxi<\ wiv) plrntifttTly jwmrtntf Torth biT tcnrh «p(vn liim ; 
partly far joy of hjivinir f^nud bim, ciad purity for gHcf of luk^iny 

fuuarl ilim in tluit coDoltlon, 

O. my Nrlly, tny \d[y I rriod H«.m4il»*« : hnd I knr>;«ii vho Iho 
por«*inwM*\*lHi>ioM<w^ I driiwfJiJiTltrrif>]onlght»IwotiU»mMii*rhav» 
tlinut my toifo inio niy own hi?nr1, TTinn into jiDy port of tbc body 
of tliut 'fcnr brot]u>r cf yonr>. Brit. I vh* obf ntiil iijrfy, you know; 
and you vrere young and buir1»omo ; nai\ Jcnloiiay ii a mutd dBFit 



atiuHutniLi, a diuidlKfr Iti mr »njr jifi^rrK-ii. Juiiin util^rcil withmit 
Ma rospo^t to pcfMOkh li<< ii«ju> n lull itnti oimrly y^jutlt, but \f?ty 
pJo Mid l«m: and as it wnj cue of lu* *cU daJ^ he ^alk..ij hi 
without hL-i[|i. H« IuhI IfirvJ^r b«^ loM tliut bii? lu^tlicr Hnt fur 
him In * burrj; to that ho cuterod with a vitiLilt vJoi'm in hla 

WtvLt iH tlio miittvrtiny diMir molhM'? AtTn In?. Alw] lam littJn 
olilo ta ho)f you at pn«oQt J hopo nothinc hiu hApptnoc! thnt u 
BorTdmlv difftrottfbL— KcHUting MSmm. my «bilu. mur^ tfian tlul jour 
dear lifiii^F, fnr wlirim 1 hAv<» Aon^lit rni^l tiLvrn <if9;hlEiff thia muny ft 
ywtx—yoTXT fittht^r Iii7« 'TkUvvrotuIr ill in tliit voty bod^ mjr JMUOy. 
^Am 1 tltrn lo Mi.-«hjl], rrjL*d tKi> b<ty. M u^ »?« imd enbuao* ft 
&1bi>r'[> — (I uif cTiiU1 1 pixclalmrui itiis old nuULand ra|Ci»rljr trtretolwd 
hu ofini mv-iirdu htm. cdiue tfi mjr limrnti. thtm iffilj oftiprtnir of my 
hcrarc^h! T may nciw viy, witb bVwoil Jaifob. \t?l nw dfa. let ni9 
di«, fiinr^ 1 hnvn nrf^ thy fitm, anil thoii nrt allvtt, my M)n T 

I wiiiild ftt »mj liiiii' i;ivi> a ibrjiiNind nrniTitlii, my t'nnBln, tnr « 
Ivntb erf Xhv iM^uYiuuut rlukt I t]]i:ti \il^/\ m tlit ri:>0liu^ whJcb God 
IXHinid !iLbi llii^ liriiiln irf IbtA tktli^ ffiiiiity, on ib'nr mi tnry un* 
^lo^ti^l nitil raaritlUFiia a q^ulHIiu,'. It <L|r|iunrcil to mn. birtv<>Trr, 
thai jounif JoniM ovl-u pxi-tinlpd hu inufjitii m lori?; ourl IhEa 
icni-ij mt Mhlk a cM^i^Jid aibuliEiK'tit to bJni, Uint Tiuiu Ibii hoEjr 
U) lli^ 1VU hnvi» iif^vui bocD aoadorct]. Qo ikCrcr foiled Jii/i^ fur* 
BDok too; oAil at U^ Toty daj ha ii mT rcHpuotod Eriosd auil 
tho fLn|)ennt4^<h^itt of coy family. 

Jahn. olfaurvifto BiJiuliAiv coatimod to Lin^r for ftbemC * fort- 
nl^t li«^T, oad tboa doptoiod oiiito happy, luu) without « cm>w 
Doriitt ttio M9W flIlftO^ ftb&j Jaauift woa dolly ottoad^d uj wj 
ffwn phjftldani imd wm ncftrly rO'oataUbfcoii in bt* hoaUli. 

Bouur then intuit on my dfrpiuiunv 1 ftciit for Mn. TIttqU. 
Xn» 'iwoili ftAjn I, i Ahiialil (^ imich IficUimkI to tuki.^ ynnr Jufiii.*)! 
along vltb in«, ^ 1 did not thlrUc yon wouU grioto ovonuuch Ld 
hii ftliteno«.— No, b^ flirl nkj nhv-; I vonM lo h«ATet] I waro 
inyvoir ft yoimg miui for ycnr sab^, I itaotro na bott«ir nfther of 
Um or Aar hfrn, than ihnt ho than\d Uva uul die fnlThfttlly and 
hninely In your at^rvleo 

Wbim Mr. njninn chii^o to ibU part of biji nUtry, a ninwi>nic*Tr 
CDtoml tn fbarftJ ivatc, juul i]i?liit'ri.Hl a ltlli.-r lu Ludy JloJihujd- 
An aocru aA dus Iwl nu II uvvr^My Ji'rtrt'At nJr. abv ciied, I muBL 
knto yuu tUi AuiiiDL I Uldy imwLc yi>ci fku olTot of ft bnDdit^t 
liiotiflDDd poimdi; and now I kucn not tbut I hare m mmr 
ebdUinn hihmi cnrlh. I uui b< rr iiifunutil rli^Lt ihi; tnvtoo of ftil 
8D|y anvn tuw abvon<1i^d. tmt] rorbie hU cirntje t<j Fnuico; but 1 
mut hitny to lonii. (UnI Liiijuiiti uftor Ibio [iusinc«B. 8o ftoyine, 
£he cnrisiod and ffiuldculi' wttbilraw, without k^V ^ ooium 
tbvo lo TOftllD ft to&dcr of Bu naryict^ 

liio next moniing Ur, Clmlnn <iTiJ«rod lui obnnot to the door, 
And haiWod to «t.t<md hoi- lodjtiltLp lat lior bouto in l^^t^irai, tfiit 
tborv ho yfOA told UuU ilio tuul «et oat for Uo^or about on hour 


hdor^; and b4 retumcxt much Jo)«toi und griorod Oft hir 

Id about tlu«o w«okft nfkr, Mr, Clonunt wrCh hiv TOuoff iniril 
Om^ LoD9i qnlto lighteciHl a t^ mm^y tli«y liad '.aVca ^moid. 
lir. FeBtoa, for »o wo thai! oaU tkfm AStdn, ^x%i Ckmont 4 Mcndlf 
•nbriuv. lui'l took Uiarj to hie <onmv^ u though ho lw4 m- 
tami><l Iroui a loi^f atu\ (UnMroui rojtgo. 

WoU, ClomoDtH nid Blr. tToAtoik, tttAt ftOMimt htvo joa to glvo 
w of jour MfiylJIJi^u?— 'An a^oountv «ir. dut vouM b4 txImBidf 
dilpWtfilg tD tuT man liTiu «Kopi yiuinblf: Id aliQn, our ynnii^ 
fgntkinMn har^ hu fdaiiGTM yon HimTtr ■ thnumnil potnailN in 4L>bt, 
OTcr dw bu]^ lunu Ihjit w« oirrkul w]ih q>i.— I hopo th» ulifMU 
wor» woHliy. wtd Mr. K'miliin.— Wnnddri^illy wordij, IndMMl. idr; 
i iwmr Nftw nich tender Rnit ^ncditg iinnac«,—TbQn I idinl] be 
ovtvp'^'l 'u^ anricbed by Uio namtiiuit 

Hvro, llarry InquEmd Impallanlly ftir Mrs. Clenwiit uul bl» Mo&d 
N^ih an^l boirig t^ild tlwt U117 were ui n vUt b> tho VJdow 
NciuliUiurly, ho touk a luutj Lcutc lur Uio pr««ciil, Aud ftvoj 
ho flew to Ginlinio« thotTin 

Aa ■CCA M ho VM punc— Sir, kUiE llr. Clcraont, I ouinot think 
thni ihtrc is in the worlJ tiuch another boj «* jeans. I viU Icavo 
tj ]jLiii-.i}f Uio ckUil of our ■■JT«fitim« io t3n MTcn] piinn; 1b«j 
h(t4 *acb uk offfict on hi^ bonrt, that th^r cmuiot btit novt mado n 
deep hnprcnioD en hia meraiJT; oo I afuJl oulj toll y^ii of vhal 
hftf^ionoa in our wAy to LoEirlon, 

Aa vo voro ohatthi^ »nd validng kdnmly alona; thi^ roo^t, a pour 
awn bolbro m happened to drop b a fit of tho fjilhn^«ickiKiM. 
"Whon U&rry ftiw thi> writhing utuj oohtuUoku in whkdi u Uy^ht 
Innwd p«l4^ uv\ luokftd vnflily frightatwil, uul Mhttig ow iind«r Ao 
Ajin. h9 crifld— <Cocae — conio nway ! and bvxriad no off oa fiut aa tut 
fcuIJ. But u'O had not givw far till hia |ia<i« }i^fiia to atfLlfw tfHJ 
fltopqilnff, fliut hadtating— r^ na tiim. let tut tiin^, Mr. Cl^moikt, hn 
cried; l<st u(i iiro btuk il^lizi nnil hMp tlm jmor man^ Wo Uivn 
Tfltara^l bjiatl^, Niidt niiH^Ti^ IiIh Ik^jI'I. wv Itt.'yl him fttnu bniiurijjf 
it acnina thn |Er<niiid- I tlirm forrnc] opoji hin i^Umchcd hftnd*. aiid 
hftTW dliiffld Ihfl |iiiln« awUiU'. b'^ lii^i^Tui to rc«^vcr, aiw\ hhui cwino 
lu hiiubolf. Mouu whilo Jittrr/'e ftlfhi wu nut y^i qiiile uvcr. LIo 
iaaiiifld wilbfi); lo gut awHy fintji llm ol^ji^-t iif tii* turnji'. and 
puttine bin hniut la hbi porkot, and igMve Um all tLo tOvor ho had. 
ha wtobbd Mm hotter hoallh. and vnj he will 

Wo had not ffono «^ivo tmlf o miU fuithor vliea I t*v a bttio 
ajrU in A fiobl on the rli;ht hixad. ondoaiouiing to ilrivo a tvw 
fliTOUiEh a amaU irato into tho rotkl, b qrhsr to bo nHhoda aff 1 
ii^PjM^^ liy h«r mother; but tho oow klckod «p h«r hooli^ and 
liToTod vanton and rofrootory, and nm hlthor and thJIfacir, and 
irooldaot br> nkULcdp llw pvor chiU th<rn acl up a cry of aoblttDT 
iBatVMa aa If td\ tJiAt vaa vAliultk En llio wort«l wfu i:OTng to nUu 
Hurry ptvo a roudy ow- Id tbo Miuid of Intnontfttitn^ ^nd, WHiag tho 
]i]i^1it tTiiit Iho pour thiug mm in, Lo wuidi-iily rr^^wr>d th« rtnui, 
aWto vikio do»p in dbt, anud la^iBit tba dll^l^ bn |>fovj^<t lUmMor 
xhnti Iho row, nid drtving hor through tho pM, ho tumod hor iafo 
th« wfty that tho ohild would hjLT« bar igx 



Ttuit montiiur. In^lwd^ veut to Tliury a mDmlnc of pt-ttj ailtcp* 
taim. Itj- Ihv iiTni:^ that we apprwcihi^i tb<i «aburEH; we luul tunAf 
orertNktni ti iff itmt idrl who owiied ft tiOAttfti of «inc> ^^ ber t)«JM. 
A grnit luhUrlj tmy Jnni then pwMd na bjr at ■ urajift |iti^, uirl 
Uli^iV up l<^ ^' i^ii'l- KK^4 tli« tnulu't u tJj- Mith Lu!( liuiiil. luid 
dutml «]1 Uti^ (.Utt* ^uto iomJi affi^l a Mijiit ivut vf thv ttJMl 
tnd, Kohi takhif to Ut beclft, nm «n a> lvli>r«^ lEnmcilktebr 
lUrrT^ iodigiuUga mu kmdm uul snltlnjr out ht top v|>«h1, 
b# looQ OTcrtook hJin, *&4 c«t« bin avrtml naiirt trrakr^ with 
Ua Uttk amo o«ni» w fthouldoiv^ The Mlov then (nmcd upon 
Hari7> and k&to bEm a furious Mow wiih LIh f)«t ov«r tbo licodt 
ulUlo I )iiiiitani>Ll to hkt r^U^L u I ^nvlvu^l tluil tlic olJi&r iru 
qiuto an OTomutob [i>r him. But Iwfbrc I armvcj our bora Ikbd 
nat « miiok Mid to th« onrnl>a1 ; r'>r. <^riiviii|; fron tlio fTCTAd, ho 
dftHod dU bead full iai<> tht> ni*o nnil nitiiiili of hk oJrarxiry^ #lio 
liuituitly rooivd out. kQHl, totjiik' liib on-n Llood 04»fno jwDrins Jown, 

h» O&041 inoro loiik I0 ttmhU wliiin Hurry ririiti M to I'ji^ tii^on 

iiiin, jtT^il bolAlxHirvM him ftt nloMniri\ till ti« Judged Hut ho bad 
tvMltii biin lf> Ihv full vnluo of I^l* v^rgi, 

UoACvhiln llw pcf-r jjlil. *hn11y unin^rrful nf what panrd, 
mudtiod WAfllnff tmrl wrlni^ing heir ti^tnLln ovnr tho ^nv^k nf hpr 
nicrvlmmliw^ Tlu* vdc4i nf ii vitifii muld Hot »d powoj-frily buro 
fttiriiatBd iind rr^(^l[v<1 HiuTy fruni tin* lon^lli \w Tiail etins i ho 
nitmTKHl wIMi M|r»>I to hitr, imil I rj>nnwiif] —Sty puor firl^Myi' h^ 
ifthi^n; wcTo yuii jfoiiig willi llicwi iiiCtf*? — To lUiukt'l, ijiOJUT, wjji 
ohr-^And uliitt i1iJ yva vipvut tu ifi?t fvr l]]L-iii?-^Ab<pul flvo 
thilliiifa:-. sir ; bid f )uii1 |rr4kiLiiKi<] my ihiiility iiiul lufiMiiity to Iny il 
oui in Aboe5 ami nt<ickuij^ far tnj Uttic br<<lhoni nnd AiHtoni ; lUid m 
I mndl cov I>c4r nil the blaia^; of the [kjot thini:* l£i»ni£ barofoot. 
Hen f^io ai^nj'u Ml up bor iraiLhigis aal bur twn poured dom 

110177 thcE do-irtd mi> to ktid him tea flliilltiif*. and tnrnmf to 
Ifac lPOiirc«r — Hi>Ul out yoitr fv^o fiuinkniy ^tr^rl.lm rrinid; Uiviji 
patting firo fitLilUngrL lato cofh IuluiIh litre ik tiki; pujinrikt fi^r yovT 
•fCg^ ii^d b<^ ( uod b^ro ftr« flvo ehilliu^ morr, though 1 fear it U 
too llttl» to pay yoD for iJI tho Uttn th«y ooaE y>»i. 

NoTor fUd 1 109 >c niddon. to groat a cbnji^ la ojur ronntom&c«^ 
flonniM, |tr«titiid¥, f>vtttvrr Ihuihod fnxtn hor oyoo. md gtn^ ajoyooa 
AMh to tho annvLinfr of a^r aspect She horrtod hor niont^y [iita 
ttcr hiMfint, nikd drcrriidn^ on lirr tcncvj; (n iho dlrt» nnd «rl^n[f hold 
of HirTj'd hiLiid, Kill- fe]ui.u<//v| niid kibttd it rcinuifiirlly^ wifJiout 
htfin^ ablp to nrtrr n wnrd ; wliil*i Hatij'a <iy« Iw^giui to All, flni, 
tnduiMhiirinjr t^i dlnfrignpi' hiniii^i^lf. ho uihiIr iilY lu luit ju ho cuulcl 
frum eui'h ihKiilh H- hi^ Uiuii^'ht hi* hji*l no wiiy ittwriri!. 

I'hlit, utr. uiw i\w liut, i-r <rhi lulki'imiiMit Ki'ln^ to IjOinlon. But 
had yoa iwtn ua, qii our rotuni, dIkiuI twci Ucun Bi:o, you would 
hi'* uvuiiBr^d lit tho pairy pticbt into wlikh wi? wtiv |iut, Vy 
ht^ltJiiitf |Hkfefi»i:i^rfi ii;j vrith uieir bLiTicUcA tlml luiil liirnMnl into Uio 
dirt, or hy v.»ir1lD£ to tAiio Oftttia that hod faUro under thrir 
UdiiAfrM ; iM Aloftli: r Harry would compol ioq to to as biiay uJid 
»etivo Sn matUrv ->f i-li/Lriiv ojt h{ai>clf, 

BovoTor,^, 1 am tt tell yja that Xforry, ndiholl hli excdk&cos 


Tns FOOL or {/valjtt. 

of Uio lutlikittnM'- foiMr* miil lu;}i.<iTi<(TiLo rUv4 cjf tbfi ^i^^ 

Wn vitn> f-tkint; a VAlk in Thv Mnll^ ulu^n w uctv met tfjr tho 
Skrl of MfUtidW^U!, who ffTjiiv«tiMl imbil Jf>j at h-^^inj; hln '>ld 
acqnalntenw. u he mlliMt mm ojiil hn fin^i^l il» u «jtrni>>^t1f ta 
dinner tbtt tt*s ctmlri UdU iu imiimr^rK rri'liiK: hijii 

Hinra wiu ft \iu>l: iwiicHumt of i^iNtiJuny, Mih^tTlnll) of the little 
qnalltT of Isoth jl-xl-h. whn ouoo Ui jm; Ihcdr ruinsrlH lo )oijn4f 
LonI ftottum nml L» Eifrlvr tho Lftdj LoDin. 

Ifnny hri* nTOflvoJ uul mIiU'I hy Jitutjr )1iumticlil «h1 the 
TDQai; lordn vitboot U&7 Ajipe^itimoe of the oTd nuEmii«^I^p S(Mi)u 
liiDp aft^r <]tnnors Ur|c« picket of Icttcni nad brvackl m to tho 
«ar1^ onrt, i»Tthin|f hi«i nicuHc 16 Barry iLloiLe, ho rano fr^m the 
tol^l^ ilHi) retire I to hiJ o|i>«cL 

Lord tEoTtiiiii jltM hi" H'u^t^r llj(^ lixl tbo jounc ranloi utrl fDUuOta 
to lUk cljoifikng (uuirtiofliit, ^hnn* ur^r*! oiinMikl-li^ ^kw>> 1»i(| ; iind 
I bcLnin to tTTMnClo fur tLo oriMlit of mjr pupil on the i:ic«A<i<»&. « 1 
knii^v hjrri t^ Ih^ ji novice- in Hiirh TiLul1i;r|i, 

in tbo tnoiu tim^ th« mniftlokn^ tat-Uw amj g«titL<inm ilivtd«d 
fatotwocrtlireoputioi &tombro; nnd 1 uiint«T«d ohonit tba Toeia, 
■dmiHng lh» nlnte oT lh« Arfjtflnt* jlh^ tho Aitror& ihut v«to 
1iifa«n rram O/Aa^^ U ^so »»« cmi^IUJ iJuJnttngi Ifant ihv osri had 
bTQtifl3>t n'r^m Itnlf, 

7 nxA tpnnt nitiore ^n fionr in thin plrnidn^ bmiULMrcnt, loiH hud 
ItftAjW TrkMrl^ fhp iJiTlmf Ifm wIhHm ilmfii^-nirrin, ivlirn, iu< I Mraml At 
*i litrlr diBtnni*t* Whtml my Ivly'j rluilr, nvmlnp; mniti^ntfvr th Rfiy 
thijijr iJint ivL-ui'il. U>i'iL t!^Ui'JEl biiLtnxl <m lJ[fUtf. ULiI tHliplnp llt» 
to Ll4 Diuilipr. JUil tJtl^nrii; hjiiI ^ Iji^iivKjut iu hur onr-^whul du 
jcit Iliiuk, m>uiiiiiiL? u4<t In?; mii^ MujitiTr Ft^nltjn lii « tnci\h (hmTJ" 
nifhi fiKjU u|K]ii my Iiotionr! !ti.* Jui^a uot kiu^xi a imik'lo t'^nJ io 
tli« wlktiT'.' iwik : hu ilu-» iioi hfJ*.iw lliv iIiiroi*:i)i.yi Irl^-cru tho mo 
of lioixrU uimI tilt' itini^ of t^hitpi^ T ilo Mi^t think either thai Ijo 
knows fUiT ihir^ of IhL: iIjEIcti^iicq cr tuluc of i:oin; for. wa nc phvwod 
tfaruTiK|i thv luill l^ihij, \ \'*:\:^\j iL-kf') firr a hnlfpriiTiy, loul 1 mw 
hira niip ih jihilltii£ tnlo hk hrund Infloiil. inqiiiTnii, he io tho 
prruatodt fool thi\t Gtcr I knew; aifl yvt, poor fcUov, bo doort ttot 
eovtn tu kcirj^v mjy tiling uftho niittlor hiaieolf. 

Dnrinif thlt orutl^ik of Loni iJolt^m i^n tho ilrtnvi ol hl« now 
fhcbdf ] Icit my vholo bodj ^w mkI toislo vrUh tuiLooni i nod 
■•xjn H.ftt<r Uiirry ODtfroJ nilh tho ro«1 of tfao mull aoiJttr* — 
3Iti»t«r I~«ntoQ, orlvf m; bvlff I b«ff to i^aok nitli jotL — Dnci'l yon 
know ttxo cards, mj dear?— -So, titoeod. mtduQ,— <^^ jon ptAj >C 
dioo?— No, lojbtitiij — CrtH ynn ph(y tt HniUfflirA. iioliih, nr ohMM?— 
N'>t lit jxll, mmTftm,— Why tln^n, my (tanr, I Q»n*t !<>1I yrtn that oU 
tccr ffttlier^R foHnno will tu^vtt \tk\t*v\xMV ymi nmun^ people of oiiy 

HMt«r HArry ?-^ A littli^ Ht foi niid io^ui\ iiiiulniii ^And pmy, my 
*lww, Rjilil my Indy ■mlllnjf, whii'h i>f thf* pitrtlcddo yanmpniiwf— 
flip [lort 111 tliu fpMue, oibihuii.— I Uunuditu inui'li. |Jort1v urraJ 
out luy IajiiI DutUnu ; iihvrt?u|x>u ft tuuJ hiugli uru t?i;b4joil tLrvuit)a 



fbrbihrL<tgrmQHnanihhia:atfiaf— roll mn. I pnt; ;<«n, lAf'Uh^.wh^v 
juu MjioilNA the lurt of the Bfritfv.— IVtaiim, mikrlinn, t nliviiff with 

f^ftT ATnipUHfj fahoiilfl |*i>r ihVi Ivrtiir offnLnil AnrI iniiiiiinif, 

11m oinnf/** hire Viokril amnn^nher! ■ anfl hnving gaun^l a whn«> 
lit lilin, Mitil i^^nsht itid kiBt^d Ulin <^it.Tily— Vini nJ* u ntiblo Tellow, 
nW (TitLil^Mud njl miml Iw (uulu ur uuvl (Jut evsr fJihI] tiJt^ j^u for 

r>^uii^ utii:« (ii »<t about foni'f |j1nj. LaiIj Ijuulm iriupcood dm*- 

Amoac flio fpiDftlM VM ono Mim I'ppish, »>lc hcircm lo a mt 
feliunr, 1lM;»f.-lL hor ptrton mu d?lonncd« Iwr face wui tlic pEoture 
df conlltkut ilia<Wun; iirul tcaioo wit one conU H]Wfili l« nnr, nr 
look Eit bcr. A^ithout \\t\'ne i<j\d of tiic wntcinpt aho Wl for tbcm, 
Irj ihit Kiilci [{tiuit^v of biir i'/>>T tliu vtiUiJUfC of ^<t auck, uni toEBtitx 

la Uic couno of Ilia pt^. onr Hurry viur cdTonuuLdoil to pat tha 
oah'Eb- iTiki thi? luitir] cf MJAA VppiHh, fltn-l l3i(Mi to kin tiii> <:nn<Uo. 
rtifk ; v!»ich otJitiTnuiid ho iiln-yo-l litorjllv. hy 0yins ^r thd 
oaiille, imit JcikU].' Ihv oornlU'iIirk nliJoli hr^ W-M inliitovii lunit. 

IlAreupoa, & grwit tliodt vv mi up Id xhtf joiiiitr ^4A«mLi]y, iLnd^ 
th« tool, di« vATueUv ctPumrD ; uu» fool, ifitt fiuil, ihn lin^l ] wm 
repAnlnl uirmigliofit : *1i[t<v Ijorit Bottom IniL^hoil, nnil diuunil about 

In tha Inip&iJciiiM* of h^n Jc>. 

t wiu ufuuuul tlijit M»tty'i etiiiiili^nnatna wfvuUi no TJ17 tlfn^vin- 
OBitAdbj dl ihlji rMtmkln. At IcDk'iU buW Mnfuilleld cmllnri him tf> 
htfr, iliNif, niull juu It; ji^ultx ui nibL Hn drrur? iha «Jd: 

1II1I [Ujt JdlL Ktif>^' lllUt. ^1l>ilL JiJlL i^ivn ihu Citmlllt Iflto lllfi bttiM] of 
tlu Jirfjn^ I111I)', ftlin lid'uTiic ihb uiHiWatkK a^d it MIW hoT JOQ 
■hoanl Uarr.^ kuwd? IIjuij ihrti a|r|!n:>iuUi:il to furr liulT^lifp*! uiT, 
ud in d [imltv U»ud wUipimi hiiil— I lUil not likr Ih^ rrn-lnl, niiubmi, 
thot tho cnuiUoiittck won miula of. A;:nJn Ijufj Uiut^fidd Iook<*L 
BunoiKii, ind PKiiI — You are ft nir Jt^^v, a TC17 bJj romw. pwn 
mj hfjn'iar : ooil haro hum 4tUiUiA ki du|>u Uio wiiMt of uv &I1. 

Joiimtf Bottom, oriod fur li^dv oLouiL oomo bore! I cAn't but 
toll jou. JciDErnr, that 70U GftTc bphnvod ytmraelf oKtrmoclr 01 to 
jour youtiic frwikl bcr^i who Tn'rjrhl knyv improvtx! yoii bf bia 
oXAUplo, » muob M bo ba» bunouroH jin; l>j hu Tint. I miint 
fbrtbor loll you, Jrminy l^ottom. thnt wlKnwdr yn» i-hini* yunnclf 
on diPtfr^tLioflr Mr, tVttitJiTi, jvu omlj pido in your ono alsaufDoiit, 
ftud giorf in your ihanio. liorvapou 1 ^t up, uid, Icaritig our 
complJEi^MiT* for tbti mrl. X mrriHl olT my yoni^ <?wiE^> IVir f<wr 
of rjiir fUlJni;; iuta iny rnrihtiT 'llDf^^oft, 

\Vhilr» llftiry is nKroart, Hifl 5fr Friil#jti, \i^ j»Uiuc(*,| to glveirifl a 
gvtirrnl hkftf-h of iho irmantfr In whit^k >oii (U*[kih^I of luur luuiiMr^^ 
— 1u tfir< flitt l-l'tc.^, Air, Hii^wpr^il lloinviit, von wfll llnd by IbTfl 
li«I, iJwit, fiff fjttli! morfi Uuin tbr five biimn^l poiindi AlfoltnLl. 
wi* rrlnuod iiEriL^Ly f vt? priw>iii?rK i^ubla imtuiEii luil Truiii fuiir 
Akilliii^ tu bbiml ItKvlv- iHMLUd^ |ii:i JiiMi. Ttii^', En ih« v>;ii']fal. 
biL'l 1h-(.-« Jdumryiiifii tjiftom or voftT<ni, or utiii^wtn of olkcr 
lultidur crJui auhJ, an tbiv wiiutod mwu) or ci^cvuta^omoiit for 


TBB root OF QVAltTT, 

the j-nw whioli il"^j ip>t by l^n^nit at Oii> eraUa. or nn thwr 
4lTfi1oni!fl of ihTtifllaiiul nurut whioh irnrp n^nt for ili->lr ivli^f Itj 
oliiriut'lc indivldiuTH. NimtIj uM cf 1)11:111 wi>rv thin tn fl»h, mia 
Wttenu'ly »h«ltbr ^Ti olrtrtitng: juirl jia thwy ™nl-» h&rLllj li*' nifl 
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of ijirfr nim wrftldi«In™». Ndtlurr ww thoro one (if ihrm. lli*t 
T oouM Imth a mlii:Ih divuiuiitBui.v uT, wbwv »ti?r7 wim wurth 


Boim^ honrcvor. venf of ft iftMlitj nmdi «aperior to Uii» duM. 
Am?ftf ollmv. than was a FTWL^lJ uuirime aiid u (ti^rmiui taiiin ; 
llw pnnci ImiJ b«ai put nn^lor urrHt by bin caUtc iuhL iho mar- 
b; bb loilor : ao that vomctbitMC Uw thim BAy pomuk mt 

Lom liuth at lifcertjt 

V^hi\a tho kocpof of tho Fleet PrS«on wiu mitkinic out a lU 
fi>r on of ihe princ-JMl d<^1>1cn, lUny and I toiJi ft tom ftUnil Qw 
9)urt, (Uir| ol-^rr< J twfl futloM'A in tivoHt« bcivin^ MT«nJ ttnakiu 
coTon up thc^ fitono iloii* to a fronl tUalnff^rooni. TMt nrririiod 
mo, an^ fravo mo tb* minotttr to iiii|nii« what priaontn it cxiuld 
bo vrba livoH tn so oirpoit^T* nxd «nport* a mannori^Kri «nM Uw 
mdol^k••|M^, than om fovmcc tt^wnt Ulwrty luitr NOWOiJlljy ni 
fiw DMiti«inan, vb* taa dont* nn Ihc honour to act np bi^ lUc of 
IM m our hoQH. HU TiRine ts SLnhp U« tB an ailoi^n^^ uil an old 
bW^iAloT, tnmAd of Hti^ yAtkrn of agn. Ho k tn for H«Ti>fii! HitnuL 
ora^miTiiiff lo iipwaril* of nloo t,h'>i]iBDd pmmda, mwl ho U rBpiTtin! 
t> l»' u'ortli FiN>vu doiiblts Ihiil iiioooy. 

Ihirimj tin* Ia*1 twi»ntT ymm, ho hnhnmi Mmulf nitb thft 
dtriiTtjtft pmliHT Irviml nil nicn. ftiirt with Ihi^ irtrtriir't niJprjunnen 
of plclj tuWftrd fhml. In ihv fJurk. ill fki^t aiul HUutv, biid aJI Id* 
clvRHTtiiTit^ uf wtMlbrr 111) iLniijT iLiiHw-il ittlfiijiliiiff <iioriiiii|[ ■vrriOA 
at cliurch. Ho wiui ccpinlLy HaEidkiu-i to bv at avtaJiig rimyor : 
Ki^ wliiitovpi coinpanj lie tiuHii-'od to baxo wilU bim, «^ fio* tlD> 
nortAni ««iivQr i]ir? l>ujdfia(4 iji wljit^b bo vw «v|rHVC>d, tbo edohmdI 
nc board the bcU no? he woubt hnddto up bU paKsa ainl broak 
Bv^y wttliout i^rciiiu4jy. lie wm tui^r in bin mquines to know 
vbcfti the Mcntmc nt tvin ivK^ncst (0 bo aflinbii«t>irti \. ond hi? ticvt^ 
miMod rocoiTiiig it ot Ifotii oucq b ^0 vo«k. Wh^movor ht hoard 
Ony prolhnfinrM or obHcnity in tho ttreotfli be ^vould vtop to ro' 
pri>vv lujd <ixfn>^tiiltt(i with lh« ott>od>r. In shortt to 10 porfbottf 
connloii'oitcil cr took ij^ ah thoy call It, tbo rod dumoa flun 
many looked to Wo him, liko Enoch or £14Jikh, taken aliro Islo 

ThUi porpotnal pnrndo of uji^tiY tp^^o him ncti mi o^bit nnd 
lULTnMMiirublo crrdii. iTiP^t ht^ Wh« irfr in]^f«« and cTOontor In a 
taultitii'fft of vrillA; nrnl niinLlxH a1»> di'^MnUiMl tiii>1r mliafaAoa In 
kin hanil*, In av*^<^T ta be Irtifl out iit tntcinfit on vccutlde^ ntH 
to forth. 

ThrvQ ri4]nlTi« h1fin>, ik1<?nt tho dnwnlng,«s hin hntrW linjipnwil 
to pami liy hi* ilrnjr, hi' h'^imj It opf*. und tnrifln^ mw * iniirLfifV 
of porlvrt conw atit henry ]!uk'a. ThiH ^it liFrit a kiuJ of nii^ 
iddon. Jl<^ Iv^t tU'jni hM piw,. aiu], rtblkin^: foflly nft^r, ^K^ stepiieii 
np to Ihc iiiudinait, and ofTvJrctJ bmi balf-^crvwn on cxjoJitiDa of hJa 

777IP FOOT^ or QrATATT, 


triltiiR him whorn thoy wt^rv* nvrrjinff tlirim nofroU, TTwt t will, 
tfilil ihii pnrEdt : for the voprct, ff fik'K It In. it notliln^ 10 inc, 
fori kiiou". Iti ¥)\'*rv, wi« tiTy iwrvy'my; \U*'tt\ fu tlm whnrf", lo lepat 
00 Iwoinl a Ikiuit thikt vititu f^i tik^ thmi in. 

Thn ImtrhcT Ki\(\ no njorr. bnl hnrriiid twny to a»n hnknr, niwl, 
■» llU'y Irolli nm lu tJm uf!lcu. 1(117 lu^t llio Iktvutrir bjr tlw wiiy. 

tlifiin, thnj iviTi^cl on p>Ofl Mr. Bink. nii lio wiui 9Xti\i^n^ bi(4> « 
coach dJtd DX to nuUw Uio IwbI uf lua nux to Doror, 1|« wuuLf 
hare jniil tbnn UiHr tnoiier|r «iid iLAuhnrv«ii tbtir ftctioua vii ltj« 
ii|Hri ; liil Uiirr Uu: ntfiM^f, m wfaom bo troiteiL bijjpciNid to Idato 
hidi in the lurch, Ab ho hod tiuiLei! bll hi« eflerta mio mmcj, and 
hia nianrj ialo iiOLfKr, ho \\^A ii'jl ut luuul thLnrcAritU to jntj hia 
fnttftnt cncUion. &i> thoy huirici^ hica to juiV ■^'^1 tiofoTo tbo 
hulo wcTo opfv tho maitor wna blown, ui4 a^od after AcrlioQ 

WlifTri bo foiinil Qimoolf thni> at Wy, bo cojit nidflo hii c|if];*Tiijw, 
lUiJ Kt tlioED all m 4l<1JuJt<'c. Hlb orvlitcrci havT> -mL<c oticrccl ia 
AO0f<pt lull pbillitipii, mill potti't <>t tlji'iii (u ^H.^]rt tivo hliilliri^ Is 
th-f |H>ujii1 ; I'Ui tio fwoji™ tluit ho wjH ntvcr pf tfaom n grout ; fop 
ha in ikow LiM libcml of Ins oAlhv poirl )m|iktu>i 0Ki.'rni1ioiui, it* lie vt^w 
XaXuXs of hiM moro mipiuua j>r[<f^T}Liijon of Kt>ii|Ki| i>linuu^a. /n<l 
tbiu ho tUilv ri^viiU iTi ihi« biiiHn^l I'l^mimmiitii'n i^f ilk'iu' vrotchpfl 
Vfaam hn nflth bo tuhinTUUtlf drf^Hiiilcd ; U'hJIc hiiiiclivilm cT 
orphAAif and widotti". Mirl otlicf niiMcruMr*. iwri"h ffir wmil of Ih© 
miKtriinrf^ which nnn (iifftniHl fffijwttl* rWi\on™ wHhfnit Tirmnru*, 
T<!»f, M^vrml nf Ms f rftlltfira %Xf, nX 1bln tny Htnr. ftimmhluK In thl» 
|it1*nn. u'hili* thrj wc? him it^a^'Xtiz >^u liiviiitity ti|>nn ihvix Bpuilii. 

Th* p>rip: of ir* •<«il, rrlrtil Mr. Kmitim, Thii vni) ipjnf' -if mf 

to piUiiahmcnt ? Ox^ imitiJiiiii^nl ^iU Miix^y iEilprrtiu iu Fiji:h ■ 
oilhuif vxi^'EH^; Ihci iriil boiid tu Iho wwrtil Ixoilu uid Uko ^ 
•J1 tlio itL7tiJJilte that luTft bo<li iMid* In hi* nunc,<-A1iuv dr! mIlI 
Clc^mcnl, hi? wne alr««d|- Aivar« of nch poMljiiitioBi, jmd hoi cnten^ 
aU bin ItMjnncnto in fcicnod nun':**, nnri I0 tvtkrrr upon rioinand. 

IiuIixm), (^mttnaed Ctomont, I hoBflll; wbhod i^t Ihe tinit; tluit 
tho Town of iJw Oicduie doI Bannni uul btm b foreo amooc na, 
Irj whiHi the dohtor w» frfton op to bo »ot lo libciur, nLSi>[«Ll, or 
i>riiLrvd« At thoplounfc ^tho (irwtltor. 

CioH forbid I Uod forbid 1 oicUimod Mr. F«n1oD, 

Vr'hon wo M« rimnlfinit dfvl'lrfl i'llo tho rich nnd tho poc)*, Uie 
rtron^ and tlio v^ob. tho Mund iind tho ucklr. wo aro apt to 
tnuigui^ Thnf bi.-tiltb. ^in^n^rth. or opulriuu* wsm grvcn to lliofto, and 
li^linnity, wimf., ni»i \i'i-»kii<tM iij>i>e>iii1M io tliofWt >*" 'niLtkA of tbo 
ptcntliir ftifnnr orfllitnvnnr of I'mviilmrci, 

Ood* bnwfwr. kn<rwi. tTwit ibiTc b nolhfnir i^rmaiiprilly poo*! or 
«rfl ill A»y nf tlii-Mi Itiiri^r^ Hi? Mich llisit infthinic l>i A prod but 
Tirtno, ani thui rmtUn;- It n tlrtiip mvo tomr qnnbiy at hcno* 
Vdlnacv. On biZ]ri>ikNii;o, Uurnrrun.-. hi? Imllila tbr ba|>p|iu9« of 
a11 kiv iufvLlicivil ci^^jilurvH ; nud iu tbi» uiir iiiuttn) Hiite (uur 
tJioit npiJiLntut W IV ]uri^ fiitarHy)j be hju unbLJiui-l ihf* n-Ulive 
dia^i:rTnc» of Hdi and poor, ntrong nnd vwk, Bouid nnd xlt-'klf. tic . 



t9 •onlM W In tiM office* of thai r-Jioritjr tmd tlioHi alTi«oti.>nii, 
vhkb, raflKtiD^ mi'] rclWotwl, lika mctunJ tigtit und wiLrmtk* cod 
ftlonft inkkh onr kd<jH CO oil ot«imitjr. 

UfldflTDlimrw fq^3<!aoQ■ ucul ccwOtotM tlw bcvnn or bofttlCDite 
of CfoJ hinitulf. Ht 1% no olhrr Uuui an inSnit« luii) oUrrknl tiood 
WiEI [1r*rki^r')U'iif'i> mii4t^ c1ii>nfLin>. iYmHtlrxit« tho li^UnnV or 
bcttvcin at iJ] i!nj*inilnnt U'lni-r", hrrWi^vnr lnAnlU^I/ fUifnnlfljvl 
throiufti ««vi*ml d'-inrTiTii^nTji ntv\ FUihcirrlin^iliuiUt >^Tr«a1)l« to tin 

fiod hM A|]r>ii{[iti:4l Itiihum power Micl humjui wcollh, mi n nadSF 
mH) ■uMcicQt tiu\d foi liuDkoa wsib «Ad ^^rokuisB ; lu nliuli funiT, 
Uwtrrorv, tliiijr lum^ w ifuoit A rwht ti> ro<orl tm vny vlU*it cit*- 
dit4>rii luro torcaputtiTu tnuito ordoporit«: for thocufi ponrcrty ^uiil 
wmknou vo not crvditort bj th« lain of mmi, thej «r* cndiMm 
1j^ ihn tlirniAl Uwt of DAturv «ji'I oquit/, lutJ EDiut honi or faer»> 
«fkr, briru; 1bi?ir dobt^n Ut aoooQnt 

Krcry man. whi-n ho booomco a mombcff of itii or thnt mkIo^, 
mitk^A A ii^|xvrt of ihxt9 ooTorU vodn of trna«bi, that of hb Lin^ 
ihat cf his Lipisnrr, and that of hiv PBor];mr. 

^Dw HM ewry toui. in bis niMnU or in<top9ndoot Mutcy hu Vijr 
tuttnnt tha ftbMlaU (llapottl of m pTiopwi7,ho QoD C4>avdjr thu di»- 
jkhlI iboroof to oocio^, v amp]; and mctJut^l/ m Ito wd«, in hia 
n&nirktv right, ootMod tbonto. 

Till*, hf)tr*vor, <nimot l»e t^M of hi» lif«, or of hk bh*Tlj'. Hv 
ban nn mnnn^r of rifflit tfi Uka nway IjIji ov-n Ufo, tinUhrr to dtnnrt 
from hU OB-n bborty: hi> ooinot therefor* ton^'oy fo ofliprn il ni^tit 
ftnri ftilth4)rity wJiirn Ik^ hulb not iti lnTriHe<lf 

Thft qunJirifin Jhfin mvHpii, by wh-it rl^ht It fc Ihal t-hn Ir^iUllvo 
nnil rixivTutfvn ]K}wcTn or cnmmnnlty Appoint finu^ pLTniiu in floAiL. 
arrl (iTZi"r>« Ut Friiprfwmmi'nt.? My ftfiHUi^r Ip tkliarl^ ui^lI MIovp'a: — 

It h tfir rl^bt, th-i'hiiLrii tluT diiLjr^ of oTory iiuui, lo ikCfiul hit Ub^ 
LUrtr, aiiit }iru|vi-tjr. ui'l bi> kilt or Hud tho ttttcnnpkn. Tbis 
ritcbt bo can, llniitduiv. txruvcy ; ouil cm such uonroyiiAf« It btOOmett- 
too rieht njii] duty of tho trartocH of Midolpr to ywii \o dtotb or im^ 
priion !k\1 -who IaJU awoj, or fttkrapt tiw lUc, Ibciiy, or property of 
ADV r/ Itfl metobor*. 

Thi« fii^i howoTor cxtnnrU tth ortmlTia] matlcra only: and it 
doce iw* y^t oppoor to mo opoa irtwt rvuon, or ridi* "^lo. foniilo^ 
in natnro oi* jwiioy, tho MevortJ «ooi«tiC4 of mnntrnii horo ngtwHl lo 
ddJvor op tholr mombon to riaTary, to MHpw, toriaroi, or im- 
frteodment, for mnttofv merely dril. saeh oa dobtc. 

KoToral of lhi> «tittc<ii ofO rM0«, Uiciagh AOOonAling tlw rctt of tbi> 
world on borbortknn, and t^ven tho Uoman ro|itib&o, daring Ci^^ tin*** 
Of 1t« BDO«t boii^iilcd pabcy lud frsedom, gnvo np tnaolv^nl d^^btnn 
(without [rninlriUff Into the* mititf* or oi^i-Minnfl of mich f a*«lvencT) 
M iUroa>OT nbtolnin protH>rt.y, Into thi^ biimlt of Ihv^r iTVilifirB, li> 
l-H* tnlil Bt vTIl, <ir put lo Inlmirr. cir Rtonr^'il, mjHinir^il or tJi'lurrd, 
In CinliT to ^ivo VHliir« in inr].,<i'ar'vv whidi ih^^ roiitd oot ^To in 
tJoIlL tir irtlirr ri'|iiiifnlfTjl irmniodlllrA, 

riid Jutri».U ur ^Initiii.' Liv, ilitiu^'h iJViwiiijj MifDn^Eilly- "* Chrirt 
•*T», for "llm )inrhuF«4 vX llijil |iwj]li?V Im>*m^" yr\ aavvt porTccft 
ODUncmcikt to dl Jona nbc wofi> boadmca, tatd poifeot nvdaiiati 

ms root OF qttALirr. sbs 

to all Jcv» who w«T* pcraoiul dobtom^ on »7»r7 WVAirth or Mb* 
V'ltivnl vi^Hr. aairi on avery »»Tvinth cr HaMmlli^^l y^ttr, m JnM1»«. idl 
priflonpnvrn ItiToWTi npQn; All »lavi4, thi High forrrl^ni or lUdlU, 
tat Kt libcrtf, uid «vmi Cbo UrcTrt wj.'rit «iifnin<^bi4Ar1. howovor 
moiigaged, fir UTmirtng nniter ilebi and niM^ititiTt ; iVii;T hII iIiiiik^, 
ur^mntn «rr IttitnTniAtD, inli^ht Iiatt ah nnnu^ (i( tlut InmLLirklij jutit 
tKfHVl fnotliiin whirl] iiwl orlgiiuiltv iiilcutW^ mii] luwjs tn Man 
TOP »ll liin rrWifJiiYK 

TTio IftH* of Kicypt jrtnifcinod oi> intiu!>flr to iloprivc llw pnldlc 
oT the life, UlH^rf). or Ul^uur of ajijr otLt^r tuciubcr. accept to wcra 
o i-Eiiiiiihtil uot l^(Lij]jc t<f livi-, or U' 1>v Hiiflbrnd to Mftik At WvO' In 
all cufv* of debb^r «ul i^iediioT, iher cqulteblj npolQlcir taJuo 
for TnJtic, as fai u the pnbaUsM of ihtf (wbtor oouif r««ch : a^ 
In OAMi <*r iiunirid«n<7, tho IreoNfitit pivtty wm obUnd 1^ Icnvo 
In pIcdfiD the ammniJca^ or provoTtod l^odic*^ of li!a doocMcd ui* 
cfwrorcv liU, br ivdiutiT or iftwd foTtDne^ «ftW fao or li» pcvtoriij 
should Uj ODftU«d to rodoom thnn-'HL nMltor of rofinAd a* woll as 
durlUblo polk?; a» notbine wa« hold dorc mfamoiia ixmorLK Uio 
CCTptiuw itum thiur iaaUulj to produca Ihu mummjofl o< tii':ii' 

Tlu Iftw* of Bollimd, bjr thcdr luto qnkllflniiOQj; aum to ««• 
kBOVIadtf« tb« fnJ<|iiJ^. or infbilMiutwkOii, of depriving a nuui of 
Itw iKMbilit; of •Aminf , mcEnily (moadm lin hu not an Imm^alo 
aU1»7 to ptj, HatudblD, tbercfVir** tluil All mon ftr« dtbtofv to Ood, 
■nil TBckinsaillj dtl-ton imd urrd^ttm U> wb ott4>; thtj lane 
«ovMned^ OiMt hn vbn ImpHuiim an TTirin1vi>Til ^InhffiF hKmU pfi; Ihn 
uopor DDMlQr of b)" mjUi^vdlcm^ or [ncllvt^mtlun, h^- nikinbUivlEig 
uw ptTQT from ttbiuii lii' lokn Ihe ftbilily uf muuitjLJimu hitikvli 

Tl imit-t Iw »ii1iiiJ(l^'l IliJil, vrirc our biwi^ ||twr«]Vriv ivhli ii.-H|>vrl 
to dobtoiH) wnrc tji^j|>lv InJW afmid ct Uja jad\ on foiluif; nf jitjiiuint. 
lbi.'n? Mould bo k^w (imlJt, juir] 4.-oiiHi]urMLlJy li?u (TuaJlui; in i^u bo 
^ouJruLialv wmllby vkU trfulii;^ il luLtJuii. Ikil if fur c-iwUt wCTd 
lea* voolil not our oxtrptoAiinco kvaen olh> 7 Should w« hoc mch 
priooelj tablfitf nmoDfc poopw of tbo knridr cliue ^ Wduld b« much 
dkrel, epS^]^^ uul uo btoxfcat* ft kisifdoiD? h1i>iuM wc k-u iho 
Tiloo of n Vrcrman prifuw* miuom MfgoouiJy nttirioi; ct\ch of our 
b<llo-iULm4v, ir iti'iUicr raNvLutit. butohoTi brewer* UitvniiLii, mcrwr. 
nflteofir, nor Uilor vouJd tnaffi 

Many of our poor ritf duftlor* uro ycvlj uikdone^ with thoJr 
ftO^^i*. by CTi>itittti|( perutTW wh/> ar%> p-ivll^t^vtl ni»t lo jiaj^. or 
irim* Tcmo[«D0« or poiror pJaoc* ihom boyoml tbo roach at tho 
kw. For by Iho rvtuni of lum-tntfiit^ ^anmJIy mwlo tifiOD wHtM, 
aiut wonliS Im apt to Imagfiw Ibnt no iiti^A nili-Ahcrfir \mtm of any 
«iir4i tbtnff dh a mnn of fortano. idlhrn hb rnpucth'D coimty, 
Cbrotwbcnit tbo Idnt^dmn of (hiMt Britain. 

Borare nwney l-frAmii tho mfHlJnm of oommnn^, tlu' sSmi^o 
^^IT**??^ of tbc Horid vn^ turned on by triH-k. or tbo <:0DiniutAtI(in 
of OHO oomiucKlity fur lUJOtlii^r. hut ^lint iu(-ti I'tiORTiitpd lo fi;i 
cviLiTi^ rutimbb) vdooi upon money, ju n rcni]y juid jxjruMc vt|ujv^ir 
lout lUr hill wrta of cfib^ credit yra£ ^cnir^^ucDtJy introdocod, l^y 
Ibe cn|n|Rrmonto of nomt to piiy no muich mcitfy m li^a of ncn 
onniBMuir or to dallr^r naoh or eudi oouunotlitkA on iho 

0B nn moL op qualjtt, 

•flvAnco of to mach mciiipj : atd rtatM fonnd it tiMir InttiwR to 
<a [ H»rt Vadi pubHo orndft ti/ rafunr^ii^ ttii* porfurnuam of mdi 

lly ttm mmmnti Inw nf Riijlftful. no pomm rxc#Tt iho lih? muTil 
taka till? Ik>;1j uf iututhi?r in EUMnttluu fur i)e4jt: uidlhcr wha iIjb 
nnmipitJvtf uT Uiu uruwu oittmdix] lo thp eulrj^ till llj« iflAtuta of 

Bluy coiitiMn dnbto tbrouirb tabI^ ot iat^JDi^raaco ; or bcrrow 
BiOQef,orteli»Qp sooda, vltn tlio tntea^ott of ly^^^^* niH KiM'«n, 
B0t«r ti> iaak« ntum. When Mich niflbr, titi^j rniff^r dcwrrfrdly 
b cxriatifHi oT th^ci j^iilt. But th«rv aio muToidahte ducoacfB 

1I1<■^^ op^prfmlvc Uwimiln, itc«Ui Of QOttio, liviLvfO of (vop, foUuro of 
pftym4:iit in olbpni ; wjt'i thommda of Mnh-Hko oBCDAltii^d^ v bi^rvbv 
itiou ntay bv>1^'alO ^nulcrtir-l, nnil jat MfiKnnft blnmrln*. Ami Jti iJl 
■uch cAiKu inao vr4.iiilil iJiink ttJit tho proutil rum wam mflk'jpnt 
fftUmJty, HiEbout xh\f <<i4'i1.ioii of Lia t« mak^ Ibat min irrri>«rBiMo. 

An nil tho TTwmtwtn af ft 'v^mrnrnitj Art> int>rMCAi1 in Ihit lifni 
Utwrtf^ atxd lalnun of oach othor, bo who imti tha rigout of OUT 
Uvm in «T«<itlii^b, hy ^tiliilnln^- ivn iruolTent hrollHir in J«il, Es ^S^ 
of A frnrtVklil li^Jnry t Unit, bn rnt«i Uk* mmmmifff of Iho hbrmm i^ 
thptr brathor; awondlj. fan mhi bh firotbnr nf kII tncmiu dt 
rocrlovlng bin >liattrr«il fortcno . ihlrdlv, bo dopritoo hlnuolf of iho 
piMHdbQrty of pntiriivit ; njul hMt\j. bf> Iajh Ah nn;i^o«MU7 bunion 
on tlm public vntt, bi otLulty, mtbt nuJutun thA m^mljer nhom ho 
tn bU cmollj t^iOtim 

Howuvrr. Mui.'o Oiu MwrU^ tjf luw in Ruoh, tbnl bu wbOM nil^ 
f(ittu(i>;a li^vv nu'Un*) him IhkiIvvqI i^ust '*iunlf «»ti«tw;tk<k.* 
(lor fln thoMmgD»o«to«iD It*) by iUVTomdorin; hk body to dnn&oo 
for bfc!. it b tfun>lj ini;imil«Lt on mr iHjdnl&toTS anil eorMBora to 
BuJco tha vociUtMn of tho unLn^ipj en£ror» 9$ little ^oron hi 
DUkT b«. 

fiutthltfOMt Cl^Hxtiioi duty, thitt umt bonuiiQ i>f nllctttieiSBrOt 
bVOOfiio. Whfin a<lc1>ti)r UilcU\i'rediip bio tboftUCiof hU JAUor, 
h»Itoonrfgn«d(oubK>tutonDd(Lrbttniry«lnTvr7; A&f voo be (0 ttH» 
wntdi iribodO povorly mwy not Imto fvft bJrti tt aop fbr OBrbon*^ 
How BMro thAn miMrabUi must I>a tho iluto ct tboeo nnhi^i^ men, 
who an olmt in from mM pouiblc rodrow or «|ni«al n^uvt tbo 
dospoUc tr«ttin«nt of tlii^ir tHvv^' k««pom vhow b«uti ir» 

hAMtnnlly hiinlnnoil tA all aonfui of T«nior«o> ADi whOSA «Kni nro 
rvodvrvtt Oilloiu by mryuaut ^rroAiul 

Wo ftro rntrlihiy infiirrnft'l tbitt. tt in nv\vi\ Vilti xtir>}i kM^peni t»t 
nmjUH ortnrfklt^Mlilc fortimc? froio th* wri>ft« frf Iho vrotrbnfl: to 
i!U]Lif*i)r« tliLtn by f^iortHant 4'h/iri7» nnil ItlJott <Iimiiti(1i^ at ffnuw 
ftn* «ii»'»tfjnl in a Tl(ih-j»r^fti «litT© otiit 4rop r^malmt aaS tnon 
to hodJlo tbam loitoibur bJtii inin^l whIIh JUkil >^i1ov1o)P rwmvi; 
bvinc p>t sil flMor cnn, ond d Lbln; furUiri to roEnnl^ vto t^ 
ratvm cf Ifaotr llfblcvB bodteo to .h^ir L-mthunL 

How ojruiy of thoM liMp«« exuvt fi L>tii Uicir lUfttroMcd [hrbumon 
MTon and dclit KfalllEa^ per w^k. tw iKvmit llmt n-oold not rent 
at h tbb-it uf ttint smii in auj ^tUor pari of thtt ralyl At tbaoii 
tunc «f thoM wrvUhokl ixucnivis hrc drivco to k«mu:l t<if«1bcr 1ft 4 



hriTfil. (It <m\y to KtMa a ntlr of hni-M*. vIlHo arAU^ miocCD^^ 
hportint^nt* a^r lackL-d up irom ufc, Kvon ft eaffiVKncjT of tilO 

b4f« ^tUielL thiT fi:lH>Eu fn Nc^^i^lt^ t^joy^ VuhWt or pnrato bon*« 
bdjdikfl aro dL-ripJit-^J cr ilupofn*-! of at ihp p1«M«aro OT the hbopcn^ 
ngtPA^tm cf th« intmtion or ordor ct 1ti« dontrn. And tlie aput- 
n«Hti Mipdntod lo thoM mUorablo mon V fpattralXj ikinp or 
*iutt«rt<d in tho floormg, and expMod, 1^ brcnt^h or wunt cf 
uriiiih>sve, |« Uio L]iol«Tiioii(.7 <f nlgbMr, ukI dl th^ ri|j[oiir of tiio 

But u'hut ircil Ihoir (7i>iD|<tiLinti If tho lognlatTira hava not 
ftnthnriym'V <■' umt}t» fi ihn ilm^r. of nomo mtOK^ral nui^utmloi ta 

P^it li.'U nic, triritintii*i| Mr. Yvntm, wore IIiptp nny prinrmpra cf 
c"(iMiiicrti1(in jnTichtJiT tin? <viii!!in'i1 -Jul it^iry ?— A frvr, sir. '>f iwH htl^ 
nuiDj* wlio hjLiI iH'im vn'M t> j^im in Um TtniM Amniitf fhi^d-, 
iuilnd, it imji Ibcit ovtrj vcoilc mul ipecloi af TriipcTiTf w <]lip!n3C<1. 
ThvriT jvu uJ:;t)l mv^ tm jou tuivt? fuiiI. uiuii^irviM Eimilii.'H uf 
mvtf^hi-j, w(ii.A; tlijii mill bittj^n^it vHiTm^iiU dul i11 ilrfi^mloil tbcir 
fihiTcrin^ Uhljca trom Oit iai^Icni'^noT of th» cionciitA, tfant bl^ir 
IhrvoKlt bhatUff«d wiiKltm^ or canio iwurinz from uii»tAtio1iC'I roob. 

Hwm P«vp1« btvd boomptnblj voreo tliMt tljr>iv ^if tbi Mil^ir 
facH : for, bdn^ uhomi^l t« («f- At Iho irvbc*, tli«f biu9 tintbtui- to 
n^ioiBt Ml Bavi> tbcir KHinir portions of Buoh ohariticv na huppcaod 
to bo MiDt in from tiToo 1o tiTm\ia)<I thi««cikroolynif>p1IO(l tlu^ra w-JUl 
mtiffidcooyof vaicr, bWkbrciul, ondoflhl; wbilo tliorf>i?oIkoiJon 
of tfavir former afflaimco ik^ldvd ahnrp anrt bittor polannnr'y tt' tbo 
Aaiito oTthoir pKMat wants' Hot tu-ro ci^mait my inifilJ ; ba vlU bo 
more pottodltf no vooiio* with vhicb hia heart wu >a moltutgljr 

Hattj thoa onlnrvtl, wHb Mnt. riifmrnt rnm^rinfr him cin iha 
one iMo, Aii>l hli nM 4!f^ppEu1n^t N'c4l hanging iLboiiii bim en iha 

Xg BTion ui Cli^itioFit nnri \th Ar^T^tlU hiul mnbnu'nl, uiil nil w<im 
Mt4tod uid wiiTjuI— WVll MtLtry, wiM Mr. F-^i^fon, will y<iM fnvour 
hm with tom** (uvcniiil of jcmr i-xi"^lif iuu? Hnve joii oTPr n iin^H.y 
Vtui7 tar RIO. tr)^ tiiiir)'? — Cni.'vtiriLl htot^ii, i^lr. Kild llitrry. clul 4'nf* 
wtect proctv HUrrliTu nh^^n T bn^itt (hrm : but Mr. rUiuL-Eit lud 
better toll ucm, Uior ^onM Le KhUy biuul<Ml if ibeir oune tliroiuh 
mj haodt, ^.^Tlie <xiut|>unj' «ill iiiKk^i «Ui>wTiiicoii. roitlloi Hr. 
FcAlCfi , let t» luTo tbcK ktorica In jtrur own vajr, IIarT7« i<vt «a 
jmr iDcmoi^ niaf happrn to tterro J<m. 

0& 1b« eooi^ad <Ut. Air, •« taj tiitnr iu)il T vcrn VAlkinj; m flio 
ooni^jvord of tbo Eloet Prison, vhoni sbontil 1 t%<y buX mj vlil 
Biutor, Mr. VindcXi wilkiEW ^'^^T "^'1 ^^ '*<^^l nfETun )>y tbo ¥u1I. 
Uu wfifi »o palo and #h]J>liy, aluI »o CiUcn twiiy, tbnt I did not 
rigbUv taow him till 1 looVod at bim veiy ounoitlf . My hoart 
toen OOQMi to BcftOD bjuI irnnti tfiwiird 1b<4 piH>r mnn; tor It told 
no Ihst Homfithinit tott PiotTDWlul mnst Imn: hnmwnni] bofora bo 
Mobl hiTO bi»n broTigiit to tlut TOndiuoiL So t wmt up f« him 
^lli & fikoo. I tn^licrv, M molui^lkoty u fail owil 

How Oo you ^d, tfuoj Mr. VindDX? aud I, I ibotiLI lio gUd lo 



k«« fon, if I <tiM not v« yon hnk «« »&^^ Un ttifin utAml at vw 
fcip AffTau tiTOf , floci at knirh rpmimWraij^ m*. bs lookod ctiTii.s:fiiniit 
PAd Inm&l afny to tbtrn tni:i ; bitt I io"k Tlmii luvinitly l>y thi* Jiimil. 
mnil Mid — Vou muKt tinl li-n^^ t»4t, 3lr. Vinka; vont yon kooow 
JMX oLl ichobr^ U^ury I'f^ntonV— Vci, uid to, o«rtuig doivn fali 
noaniral ^jm, I kmf>v jmi nuw, mniiteT : 1 know I ommI you biMlj, 
uut 1 know why jaa tM como ; ivi r«prcttc]i m« anil ln«mll im m 
vmcb ftn yrm (lu^ui, all te ftaloanvt now aince 1 mfmot U« Icvtr 
III] 1 am Wd in llio tvirth. 

1 <ki rir>t int^H^i bi Eri*i)lT- yoii : Uiin t^4r vill wlinn« for m« llmt T 
iln nnt mniiri lo Innrlt jrm, my dfmr Mr, Viftitiil ; imrl m I vljinil my 
«jr. Hrro uv tvtiily utuiuuK. to (lUt wuru; L-Uillirw iipuu yiici in 
tlili» kM wmlltt^r. UUlu mikI low w I Bin tuyp^rlC T vtill try tv 
do fAii^f^Ilun^ tF<;tt«r fur you ; anJ to glTo mo ono IdM In token Ui&t 
WQvn frioacK 

Tk» poor do«r tnnxt thm <t^,uni\ h'» Utwu\ tjtft ^ a wild tUn 

ri IM, whlk A bok tint vu Tuoilo up hfilf of joy uijI hftlf of ibftfOD. 
Umii kiuwtod ^ovn, u I auppnod that I mifiht nvb to hiM 
bfani and tnldik];; ino Inf « hU aimi^Yoii iu« oat l«m «f ivnmui ; jm 
ftic aauwol« on oju^^I! ho oricrl: and (ut bo foil c-cryii^r. And cned 
10 t^dly, thftt 1 (^diild not For my bfurt liut k^p lum compofty. 

1 did ilU I coutd Ut jHK'll^ djiU mahn lijm vh^aiiut. nod frctUw 
him up ftt tnM— Yon mii«t rL(>t j»;rt wtth nui* Mr. Vjnil«x, miid I; 
wo muft diDG o&d viHMid tha diLir fo^tbtr. llcr^ i* Mr. ClomoDt^ 
tny tutor; ytui nwd ho toi> tniirt it tnvntlH, 

1 tb*n loil bim l<y t1u> luui^l into a Ini^go ground room tlui Mr. 
CloM. th« chio]* kocpLT, lind fippoidtcd for ui : and T dTdoiwi Jinntr 
to b« ]kiULtitn*>r| luid limiijfTif. itp. A* 4n<m tm wo wpm a11 lUAtnil. I 
bs|pin lo IjiTifrh BJid jiiko, flftflr my fottlUh wny, In onior tonuico 
poor Mr. Viudti m^prj. Wlion T Tijiiiirl thni ii wmild n-v do— Mr 
Vlnr1v3i, iwjd 1. 1>A ft) l^u^T hm to U<1 iti-* know whnt Uio iiirtnny irmy 
CDiim lo for vHU'h yfjii iiro conllaiid?— A l^-irlldo num. Uii]vi<<t. qif 
darliiic. Mid lit : od Iqu thim a humlrtd irnd flf1y-t#o poun^U, I 
tli^ii iJiJl Uiy h^uiil UI iriy iHX-kTrU mid inkitiu out Iwv \n\\« tiDil » 
Utile iiinlter of iiiuru^) IImlI thivI'^ iii> 11i^ Mim. 1 put It Into bb 
hnnil. uyinir. My friend abdl uciror Uo m Jail for auch n JriBo 

]lntLO£:Irioki>l fornomotiroc atthf>1>l11iiK'^diamar^iiicnt»hctumoi) 
to my tutor nith iidoabtfitl niul ihamcO fact — Id tliL* youitEf tfotitJc- 
mBA, «jr> BiUd ho. iliiW mttli^'rJKoi] U> fli«po«« of «aiM \'nt.i nmttoni *m 
thoM ?— lie in, nays Mr, CtcmoDt ; tie ii tbo oaT^t-i nod dupo«or cf 
bia futlicr^H fortune at iil'^OEurQ; noA I bm confidout that hia futhtr 
Will tliiiik hiriutolf doitVly jiidd, t& tho um Uiftt hi* uoblo aOA hoi 
auLdo ol hifl privUopo tfaja iloy, 

A gkmii tlioQ, Liki^ that ot «uiMhme» broko throogb hia «ui 
f^onnUiiinrifO. ha ihrda^fh Iho Hoiulii 'jf ft <1ftTl: dAj, Atiil (im yoa 
thij (itip. hp ori*?-!— nra ym lh*» ™f, Mjutcr Hurry, whom I tTViiii>cl 
M l»rbftroui»1y 7 Yoti nwiy for^vw hjc. my liltU* c}nnili^ii ; yo« 
lDd*«d mftj f)r|r|Te mfi ; l>ui 1 ni>f«T^I nnvAr flhull for|f1vf> myivlf ! 
^O Mr, Vlndft* I mid T, J would mrr nmrty nniWiro the mujus 
Ii4iip]i|nt: B^In lo do yuu twica the kiihhiBw, (uul make you bv9 
ne tvrli;« tu» if;U(JL at yua now lore mc. 



DfaocT i¥na dOw eonro<l, and, caUiuK At vimi, I flUnI him a 
bumjwT In a lorjc^ kIbmi whicli Lc iItailIc to th* hcoJIh of iiijr 
elonrntn daiia, 110 lio <«ilod you, air* Upon tlxui vo eetve \vty 
fniiry lui^l rricnrlljr fUD(fTv odo uiotbar; ftn<U vbon iUuht ^^09 
ov^T, I ]iog^*\ti kini %<f IdJ no haw be comoa to Lo put Into oon- 

n, MftAtor Hftrryl ha orlotf, 1 Iuvd frnflToKMl dl thut I hftvo 
■nflbi-i^cl 1017 jitfttj— wry jartly, for aniyhardi uid ccod lun^ of 
yoii. Mulcr hlavry. 

Atutt ilit> natir (if tli« hob^blitu^ M yen know^ tlm sTumKi to 
which 1 vnu put ^ymy fng:hi nnl bymymong^ne bc^pia to bowhi^ 
[^AH^I. (Uirl tlii.-n to lx> lioiM«l ii1>ont thfi town. TIia hiy-* ;ir U'n|fTh 
nttJ'hi-d ihf rtirnrrnr, nrnl lipgui to hnoi nl nir l mid fhn man* I 
t^buQtod ihom tliD mora thi<y |ni11ii?rL*fl nljoul mi.\ filial iliGatoi) 
mftor mv'A n^] for Ui» flouctT ' ■ nxl for thu llii^cvrf 

No ilbtfflwi I« m dofuUy, no lifiudtni; lo diuiofb], tm oouUmnl t/i 11 
man io tiia miy of liis proremon, M/ boja biuw i|i»onk-rJj» wni 
Uihairm] tlmiuwhn in ki[4uu1 wilbuut mtprvt to my uoe'fuu, in* 
nnc^rd tu luy i;<r\tLtjiuiMtl. Mvon tnj tiilicimlf^ ]thiijiin<il njti Kud 
Wtiild OMt At tno « ndc cloi^cc of siuiljuc Kora aa tbcy poeiBed. 
Mj Bobool thoa mvlbi^l from mo lih-i mow 111 n t< :i my 

boTLrdtin for«Kik ntn. J nUiLht aI a Ui^^h ivtil ; i:. w-rt» 

•ol>od by lb« liuuIL>rd. It wha in xain thiLt T n 1 1 i< nb 

&cn tho v^nentfl of my nJuibin^ Nn 01^? ^hv \^- ' ' : 3 to 
IDC vouLd Jcivc Eit^^ u inTiny ; ^hjtc nil Ibut I i^w- i'ljji' ^ik-j 4 
tombl^ botwc npciTi TELC, and vo 1 w ooot isto tbu pnion, froriL 
wbcfioo your bounty hiiB sot mv fnn^. 

lly fh>i>r bruk«ri'ZiOiirlixl vlIo would hnro occompiLnlcd mo to 
jail; Init, aii 1 UjiJ not wh^i'tHVitluil 1^ pvi> hor b morwl ct 
on«dt 1 kvitt lir^r to rm ohX wmt^ who lijui tti>:i hniiuuiLly to ttk* 
Imt In. 

Alu^ nlu! fiflor Mr. Vin^fvi. vtiil 1 : hud I ^iwd miy pnrt 
of ihti jiii«'liEi'U Ihiit nitr TiTihirky jiritnki h^iT^ I^iuk''* ii;k>ii 
jn]v. I *oiiIj! hiivt* Tint both my hurnlfl Intn thp fnrnnpi^ of \"hii- 
cbminiTKair riilhcr thiui hnvt bii/1 jirl iw part In mch 4 wlrinHnpiw; 
fiif huroiii *!' /n t^il III"* falilr of th'} rtiflf" (inil itiB Iwji — tliiit 
hlifrU wmt pbty to iik waji di^^ilb tt/ ymi. Mr. Vlriili^v, 

Iji f:<FD»di:noc» now wc »n; iuilt^Ulrd |<t you for cvtry uiUfortuno 
Ho aiuat?d vou; and, u yon uta ui^t yvt ]ntil fifr ILr Lulf chf your 
«Ll1i;(iiti£]^ 1 hvtt pw JQII my LmjuI &u<I word to make up « 
bondrsd muI fifty ponnJi more for yoa; lUii] for itiis 1 Mill not 
•Ocvpl thi? rculkot tiboaWs. ru» 1 tfiijik it I^ an mom Ihiui lUi hcI of 
ooomnnn hoiiwlyn— And I. cr^od Sir Ft;ii1on, [ bnUI myhtf j]i'!i>1:if od 
to yov ft tliourijuid pDUQiK toy noblo HiLTty, for tbjil Fiiii^lc i^nli- 
iMnt.— HuLt'ft woll-thjfct'H wolJ, tiri wriiil HiiiTy, It^ujiinjc u|>{Lnd 
cbif pfn^ bU lund» ; ) uiudl nov be ck«r (n tbo world with m mj 
poor crc^tLtonE 

Tbuti.Hir, t'jntinupd hfi, it njoitt^t my heart fTWtly ^> wml poor 
Ur. Viiid<tE iwjty tn puoIi trkumpti : whilo my tnlar nnrl 1 \^'tiit 

two or tbrco Jloor* off I'l ■- nri'liii itrrliy vinirnj cTenture. who 

Wtu* **id Io ).K* miinml ' il I.. 1 ... P [ r,il:.i Vnit I 4iil (ell 
you ihvir tlory. viilh i^^ u/ thiw \Ainr nt'3fi>-* n^trro, on nrt'ciinr 



Of itm todd'^nU ihAl harijii^nihl wUUi uv voTft tbofft, tbaa ttt any 
tiltnf «W liiAl wim TQnili-^rful or Gmmtninon in th^^m^ 

On tsppio^ at tfao iliKir. wi> urf^* ilfv«ri<d lu walk in, rml mw 
ft Inwle with hi>r lt*j-k bk na. wiULTlng Itfjn^ l*nt nn a rri4ilon, 
vllfln U) f^lrlnrlj m/in, »iih »jn*rtru?ln* on. fwul ta her Ki TTitimflii h 
KtttnpU. Ttii^^ tKiili ruH io Fuluw UB. Mfi Clemo&t Uuiu sleptvtl 
Qph MkI Mviii^ wbal IIli'J wi'L-i* iUhiuI, ciitd— Qod CMiiiHrL VuL 

triapar ynrir w<jrk, ^Hrd iini)]i1(% finest yoa emplogr fow^ liiDo to 
In L}Lirpi]9(A I'l^tb ojk t^iirtli fiu*) Ju liiaivJL Aa Uk «iiinait uf hk 
k>(Li]nti» Ici yuu. tit (mU'Ib }tj\i U.v (is a niU"ic1or»!«1a chhrilT*, which 
yij\i ntt^m iUGi:ivo u *uij[1 u viru liffurrii iiA vbo And what yua tir«, 
Uid hf'V 7^>ii ouue Ui^rc^ — 'LTlcuwd Ixi tlic mpaKiifcis of mjr Ood! 
ciM cut tbo £kth?r. iv1ictli«r thi^r <oinu ^^i)i bnptj or witli IicaKry 
tidhsKuT 1 Hiy, ^iiK oil O— -It b tUo I^ord, lot Idm ilo «fa«1 
BOClDDtli him pjol]." 

>no; ttii^rci wrLO mica a sHvctncu, Auch ^ hcuiciU/ ^iikrvalotmfiM. 
In lur Ciwo, tlut 1 oonld Iiav« kiMwJ tier, «nd kuaod Iter, AgBin Mnd 

As I hftd limofrbt a kUh nn^ thn rcimoinittr of dot bottla with 
nw, wo All got il(>od1 a bunnl thnt wu Imlf irtool niul half bljo, 

iud, An«r > roaoil or two. Hie pool mm tttena bJ^ ttcry. 

My fAtlua^ nan4 wm SAnmol ^Coni, 1^ Iib^ a «lnr •MvU of 
n!nfi Ucmilri"] And flftf ponmU ft-]raBT tti Siuwi ; and hod bf taf 
moTbj^r rhrrv ilnu^titcra Aiul fbiir ttm-^ of ivliniti T wm iLe suocind. 

My rifhiir. tiTihit|H^1]r, wiu a Inyiilffrt, ; ninl nfipn thn trmibltii 
liTfitr nut hi^twMin King fTmrk* uml tho ^orlljinwnt ho took np 
All thu moniTT ho umld nt niijr iȣcmi(. ui^l nu.vil n ivimpAiiy nt luii 
OVD KuA. vrnkli Iuvhwu1p<l on 1\i» jAtt ofliiA njyaJ uxwdtir. 

Aft«T mme SQivmiriil HhiritiiKhii^ hi* biiul waa Kpllt Id tvobf 
tlw broncUwonl nf a lro<rj*rr aX Ibo l-utlle of Snaeby^. ImnL^MlIiitD^ 
oil ciur BvrrHils funu^k dh, t.-icli c^trrjiiiiU awnj witb liiin vhAl«irr 
CttOdBo lumit; Aibl itiih'kly iiftflr the nolilji^m of Iho Coinm(»iiwc*lU> 
camfttCAJTiod ofTall tho (iLtUc,aiid]cft iiotluof of (nuliotiM cxoopt 
QwUn vftUv, 

1a tha mMtt timc« wo pi>or clilldrcn Imd'Htvl toj^f^llier Into tbo 
nt^, Aod tiiDTo febiTAtinff, nuL njb^t crept xrmcr l^ahn oni) 
kodcMS AH wj miLny tliicLona co'loiLvoiLrinj; to pun «boltfX from 

Aa uon u tbfi noiui of tho tumrilt wns oror, wd roM uid lookod 
About f<'Eirfu]]y - nntj, Ktittiu^ l':ii,ijt}uAr a^u, vr^ help^ CfftO nsolJi^ 
thron^li tba gnr^loa h^ilgOi mul taAjl4 at but os wa f<oiiM to tho 
cottk^cf Aivn^boarlnpfiiRaor,vhoh«idtH»n ourfolhi^rVtcDiinL 
H«ro wo w<Tro reoolvDJ ooHly. hii(5 Hn^ bul fory tunlly ft^r ihkt 
nj^ht. Un ilio next ilay, bow''V«r. in oHor ta jtbX quit f^f 114, u I 
fiipiioen. thi* man vrint omon^ oar rrlntion*. one) pronJlod im cnn 
1o Ukr n rkin, nnl tin aii'iiTut f't f»k'> ii rlmi^^hr'^r, till we Vrtn ftll 
(livi«1r«1 miiftii^ iLi-Tii ; jlihI hti wit imti'iivl mi n khiil 'tf iH<rv1iM> 1^ vur 
kiTntre*! — ft, seniffl, ft* 1 ?K»ll»^vn, that In foiinil otj riporicnm to ba 
mufU tuirdor iknil inort? JnMiltIn;: ihuu ailj wrvtir to a TUnupTr. 

I forv'ot to t^ll yuu. ^ritletni-n. lli^it <Tiir ujoUitr iTeuoiwi) tieTof* 
our lAtliur cjL^ngJil in uiua, iufOiuuiJi UiAt wp t«cuMi ofphMB In 



ill rf:«p<ictfi> I toM to the ilurv of ui audt b? ntj Rioth«r'B sde. 
Ho bail a Biuvll catAte of i^^nt & liah^lrol and twt^tj pounda 
Tcor[; iocumt', with ono iton, ukI a duiii^btcr wlwiu I tlioiOght TCOJ 

Hx tmdo appointed mo 0T«isMr of tua labourcns u aIw 1^ 
oc<tiai<^iuil olork, liw ouTiDB tuMirantt and mdilmg hai kltoriL 4o. ; 
but whi u il VM IttllBiatad to him tlmt Uion> to ft tocnl Vfeim 
bdirqtfL hU dAugtrtvr vid no, bo o«U«d ow uU^ and, taJdng ep * 
tiook ef Drolatrt ponna. b^ litd lt> biuI nrore bj tlw oodIohI* 
tliDMof, ant If CTsr I huttIimI bl« tkushur li« vxrnu ooi |Etv» iu « 


If you ftver frTi#iw whAi Iot#» w«. eidil h« lo Mr C]«tnent, you 
mimt knnw lliM II lirmkii nrnr simnerr frnrM t\ttm thr«>. In 
Blinrrt, v« vt-ro WFiidncI, nii'l tiinirl tjut of lliu liatiKo wilhciit iiny 
tiiiDir to Ur« iip»(i i^xt.^>i|ii. &U"jr lJi« iiJuo of twt^ufy ijouikI* In 
■nu nvitt«i& whirh luul In^im if(v. n Ic mj wlfa front liiiift Iu tJmCt 
Vy Lddy Gowtly, Ik r Kurim<t|lier, 

Wo ttidb lln.i brivl (if (>ur wiij (0 Loixlrju^ Mj vifi? unilcnkKxl 
■Lcedleworltt uijii ah I kniiw Uut jilJ falLor-lit'law wiuf ouitc irrv- 
ooodUJo, i Jdnod myvolf to » bouse-pointBr, tp ^hota 1 R«rc m; 
t£n» for nolLiiiK» on co&dJtiofi of Uo fciviv ^« a tajcttt into hia 

^ tiio ttdrd yiMX vvf dc^ wif? broujc^t thi« poor an»tDro Snto 
1lif» KorlJ : bat hnp|ii1 v, aIiu did not onvumbor maakiiul vitii wij 
laoFO of our wrAlcLid oiid dopomhnjf prnff^my. 

Alt our c^n £LDd di>li^t wim fixed oa Uus our Uttlo doa^toTr 
•cd w* tbonvbl nnLliiit>r~ if uiy ixLina dr bibour tiiAt mi^ht Mnro 
to Introilaco oitjt ^^ iiJ^nnlf, into ttu nortd, 

voro fOJIj MMured thM vw dhonkl bo r^i'^rvd bi oar luidKiit rt|:hl« 
and pCMMwIoiu ; nnd ihr; contHlntnrl, m tt woro for tbolr own 
cradft, to Mt aK fbnh in n miiUlila nuniMir for mppiurinc nl court, 
llTHrj^ wvfirilliiji^, wo &1lMiidiVl^ rrtnn limi' In lliiii\ fin' l!i'* h|iriiv< of 
tW^lTn TnmtbR AOd got « riumljor cf n'ofnl mfunorLnlfi pr<«r^n1«'d tn 
bb m&ltfltr : but liin izuOiMQr wa« » dcxoibr mign^ In hir< pltowii n, 
Ot an iSsarfkil vt vSt^mUiii^ t& mnnita of ra bouML Ibui bv nayv uu 
■ttoniiaj] to oar avtuivil lli'^ro may lio ubio iviiTii-cbiii^' in the 
lm»ta of ^ gtcnt uut VXCltd lhi:ia lo juIa oF bcimilr jati^u- 

Ibuk adA of juvtkio; Ibr ib<:n. od tho; uti'mbc^iiiJ, miitbt bo ao- 

«W()ld M nuSttf of «bt vd nt^t v< aiult^r iJ tikTi>ar. 

BdnK tfr«d of ft fruhlcw ttdU I rrturii(>d lo mj fonnor oaplcT- 
inoii% pad, by uiilTxatry and fnv^dtty, I llrtid with niy liUlo Cnmily 
quito bapp7 And oontontcd, 

Aboat tea moatba ngOi two tncn <yinip to our IcxlfnuiC^ Tho ooo 
WM In ft Hob liTOfy, «nd| bii^in^ EiiL|Qrri><l fur luy duiiK^iUir, prC' 
MCntcd hat vHh U ntfto to faia ftto^l ;— "Uuij l^lnnn TomplOT 
•uuJii liiniiA 8tcni Iho vtidcvcd bilJ cf t^'(-cit7 J]vc poiuidn, in cirdor 
to but bor into «ouw lillW «Hy of liv(<b]L4>iHl." Ah lay pour dour 
dim faad no cftiiBft to nu|oct any fmnd or oti\ inlontion m Ibo coid^ 
•bo Jirirwl tho raen to rotoni bor muct hatutdo Uuuikfl knil duty to 
W Iftttntiin, <ukd Hv-'iy ib.-y vt^^m. 

JU wli Wy wu ft (ll«lnot robitlon uf uy wU»^ Ctthor, my 

Tag FOOL nr qtjutt. 

clnua^t^r ID a feir dap dj-inar^i hcnolf ic lx« I:<bL nod vmrt Id 
nnim tliAjJu te bw Ui]n^|» Ld p«i«oa. Iiut nit tola that ebo viu 
gono to bcT Mttt lA tlio ootuitrjr. 

Iq iho meu time >ho kid out bcr mppovMl bounty in famkhiiis 
h bttk frLKit ftbop wilb MiM iDilliiii«7 mr**, ttnd wtA dreadj 
bc^umiw to got nmo «u*liim, whan oiu ftTonlnff ivo baililK^ «&- 
terM, liJd ui action aunQ htr. iuid« tiikifjfr facr up in their ttnat, 
hntriwi Iwr Into a ooarh thai rlrvvfi i[p tt} iIk* tlmr 

Bf7 wlfo oAiI T faoil ronhHt nut on h«hhn^ mtr chiUl iihrtftb ; and, 
loMnif a ci»i4i aol olT wirh ht^r ut a f:itmI mtp, uv rnn nftr^r aa 
ful BH fVA (TiriM, h1iE»iilJnj£» and iu-r>vtiri ivi^ utA t-ryUiy^—^rnii Ihi 
couth— 4io|J lh<* r^uu'h t A1 Un^fli a itoUi U^\i^v,- vUa wiu ^ii*ii\g 
«ii!^>t urw of thu luirsfl lij tht« hr3illc<, ouiL wbila tJu ixnduuaa 
Iwihuil lil liiiu. Iiu Urvk uul lu'v luifv lunl cut Ikv nriua ia Iwo. A 
mob then bogus Ut gnilier : vtlji^ivnpon a wU-divBod toaa, wlio 
■WM ID tbo coBck lmi»d oul nuj juji'Ic bin exMcch lut tko icac!b- 
asn v«i» not w Inckt ; iho t"-i>i>]<T |>ulkd hka trout llw Ijux, and 
hannfi: boalcn and kittxd him, thoy drii|;Ecd Klna tbrougb Ibo 

Uo«4 wbilo tvo rot our <:h\U\ onl, ilfjiI i)k^ tb« mob ovartaniod 
t^ ooftcli. oAd* huQiniii; ap'>a it. h^A^ anA ilftfbod it a^l to tdocc^ 
W« iJiMi iL^ucnt that wo tiul notbiiw further to Apcrahondi, audi 
takiEff our child bfitwm u«,uf lun^ird limrk aad walMd bomovard; 
but* aJaf ! vn^ woni not pormittod to iMtlur. TIia two tHJUIft mat 
na, and, prodndnff iboir «v!^ ^P"*^ nrrrvte d our dnughUr at tbo 
niJt^ aa thoj mu'I, of Joiiathrtft DoItiI. ICv^* lor Ihii ivm of tw«ntf- 
flve powds, vlilch ho bjiij laat h«T on «ach a dsgr. Ho th«j «a&> 
dnotod bar boro, whik my wife and I apccmpaniod b«r, mnipbtg 
nnd Hobhing all f^^ wajt. 

] ih^n took tboio |ioor apartmmiia to covnt ai fmm iho voathor, 
nndf na my wlfa at«w imdilenly aAvk and rmlnl, T hiurtvncd bade to 
our lodS^Qc* ukI Qivl our bHdrllDj£ brooicbt hftli-^r. 

\l vmA now Avl'liinl. thnt Iho i>n?n^f!pil ^fi ikf \sii\y ^^rinpliir 
mui ntT crtht^r Llijui jl ilkilKilkul T^.li'.-tuc of tht^ vElhiln Dehil 1<i gc^t 
mj iEiliUli|£ vfliuu hjH foip;:?!; «iil1 ] ruiwd my owti HtLpLUlj Igr 
not porcoiviiiic it nt Vmt, Imt tiluuHnl Ijv i.h>t\. huvcvor* !u all 
oTonEi^ ttat my limb ww still ixittowEt— «« nUll immlllctT. 

Wlmt with ^vf and wjtii friu'bt (oi^f thi^r, tuj dtmu wife took to 
bar bed. ftt>m wbcuc^o eb« rwiM' ro«o, hut rx|iirvl on fh<i Gflli ilaj. 
IrU^Mlni; juid provJni; hor dnutl^tcr to her bo^otn. Uy poor inTant 
l!i*:n fvH OB dead braJJo bcr iDOlhtT, and ctiuld nol dq recoT«r«d 
TroiiL b'?r Kt Jn many luinm; fLiiil fudcod It won tb«ii Ihv wiib and 
liio prtv^cr of my *oul, that wo migbt lUI bo laid and farpittcu in 
0DI3 gmvc toi^vlbor. 

Ae itoon [U viiy iliirlJnu: wiui ro«?Tarod, hovoror, I #gdn wijihoil 
to Jlvo lor h:Tr uikc* iJtat I might not lodvo bar vitoout a rata- 
fortor Of prcit^rlor m Xh'f nii-iitt or n vrt^rdli^ nod wiokfrl worid. 

Iti ordpr u< juty lh-> ntiTtio-t'i''p^r, Ibd ^Inclur. aiid ofiolhocary, aa 
aldo to dotraj lUo funcrnl csjcmm^ I fcfl my oi^ wftb tJu nuno- 
krppvr, nnd. ^ruJUir tn oiip ftirmur lo''*;*"^!, i «ob1 all her mlllinory 
mutt^TH nt vimiiFhtrif^ rnvW a iblril orjiilTTLA ivurt. ; nnd hnvlnj^di^ 
obafigad tfao lodging, imd ^t\'\ my JjliI ilcbtv, 1 prepared to 1i^ my 

rsK rooh or ^jp^iiry. ns 

pndona t1i:'|y>«il \%\ tlw ^rotnb of tlinl oftHb wlddb b OM dor 10 
When the «4.itfrv WAfl ou^ui^ out Ebt tbs ilooi* mj child fell 

QUO* tnor* bltt) fiUS nn^! t wn« iIiVKk'^l itnri ttiiivn iLltitmctit-l uliOilt 
wturtI«lKiUld do, Bliothcr to Hl/iy with the finng^or jmy my 4uty 
to fbe doAil, hill I will ijo l<i[L|;i.T i)«tniTi ymti vkh niHitniL-holj 
mjitt^rv, aiikoo nil wnrL'lIy j{ri<ifit, wiTJt ntl worldly joyn iUhdi. lutiit 
«lu»rtljr bo <roao «waj- 

Aa aoon v I unHcntliMd th&t l.n<1y Templnr wmi r^eanipd t^ 
town, T wtJlml ii|H4ti hi*r» lUiil irlviii^ bi^r nil xliridinimiil nf tuir 
nrnvilfbld mliirnrrniinA, I proiltiord tli^i nntn (hut hat\ Inwn w-rititn 
in Lvr HMOo; but ibu L-cildly tvpliL'd iJiikt tl uua nut hi?r luuiil, 
ourl that siii^ wu Dot uiiawutolito Tit lliu* rrnml* <jr fLlbudui of 

Moan H]ji]L\ inj i3«r pri zux-mwd hcnoLf iu» Ilia tauuft uf ^ OUT 
colmuJIJi^ h»>] iJint'il avTAj un IIiai ■vj^Hmiit m jAto oj tlit.^ i^Liut «ho 
lay tn- titc v-am oJao to cufccilcfl br Icr fiUQtwh *nd 5ick flta, th*t 
obi} ^M not ablu 1» ninkF n 1bir4 of Urrr iimjoI camiu^s; am) oft I, 
on lay pftrt, iaw aW lilmukifiod from Ubouini; in niv iirufcw'tixi, 
now 1 did tiol Urc ta Ie«Ta my chEd «kao and iWic]i«rcd, wo 
iK-'ro rflduot^l to d Ptit« of tho icrM.lQrt«ztn*miiy, 

UiM djiy ^>>Fd wim ^^ol^;lkt mo thftt a |r<nt!««iri»i\ n Tjw door« 
olT^ tl»iirriii in R|VFfO; with mo ; and on tbiy vhf> ar« smldng: c!atdi 
ftt uif tJuntr lor tJiifir laptHitt. mf licart fluitervd is tli« hop« 
of fonm luij-pj nivTVtf, Ai'por'^iiijilj i foiro^f*il iho ia4«A«i]|[«ri 
Hl« iLf^p.^iuiiAi'v In dnm u^l {mn'uu «» altogvihor that of tho 

Hf4 «>nlHmd lU <tlbon OTit cif tlif* i-vnirtt nnd reuinfuitiki^ ttia in lit 
hpjrirlci \%\tt\ in a hRir whhipwring vokft ho N^gnn^— I ftJO ™mfl, Mr, 
Stpni, iViim onr whom jtm hara grout rvtiitfin to luvount j^ur 
imuiUpit Biir^my '. I rofnff frTNA Mr. Ddvl). Ht Mthosu Miit yuar 
dhLiJi^hliir nnw IIi-a fr) luWrn, I )dHrI<id.^ki imtlcut. sJr, hi- nailLl, 
fie knows y^iur flbitr-.-wcTi — ho ktiiw* jill tour VdUis— he- kimwii 
alwj ilthii h'.' jn llii^ miihur uf iIir^Di: jel L tetl you llint lit? ft^iU 
tbvrik M if tlii;T witili hi* ^rtvu, uud tbit U VM not hla duoiiy, but 
hi* lovfl, ihni oocMJ^mpd them, 

Bo dopende uu hiA old lun Ic Diiumw-k for a taet fbrtune Su ex- 
peCtetioB# He lAW yntir iLt'iKltt'^', mid Ifrml boi-; lie mw b^^r 
aoin, nod lored hor to roaJnon, Ho iD'^uircd bor bmily, her 
COArurtcr. vid foaad tlut ho tiwl oolfajtiif to Cipoci from (uoj 
Ucnnlfctv propoMl. Ho fPArod^ however, thj^t all inivt Ioto her ai 
ho 'h^\, and. lo [irov^ut othor pirnttA, tic eiukEo lUd cf tJio strntiigDm 
wLiuhi coiitrur^' !>> hift uitoutioiw, hiu btouK^t jvu b«to- Uo noror 
moiajt any thing ■IJnfuirioarbb'k \iy yoor daugbtor. Uod ho oiiriod 
bcr clo&r ofl, yoq might oD haro boon tun^J tO£^boT at thb day : 
«kJ» if foil oomwit, bo «riU mury hot hATv in th« prownoo of ft f^w 
trft>«Ml«i who vHaII bo irvDm tn tuxrc^y itU till onclo^ flonrh; 
vid bo will iimtDniJy rny yoii i)om i]ini« huodrod poitndi in r^ 
?oiii|«ii» for jour tit^rtrinfiv, ukri ittlll MriUo ono biuiilrod povndo 
annuiiy ■■11 }viiir fttlid fnr life*. 

I tmiRt oUTi ihnt, to unp In my cirniiTiictnn'M*, ttfi pniboMl h*d 
■omotMng vcTy Imtpttn^ In iU lUit who Ih thin llr, Dctvll? Mid f. 


1 kaow him noE; I hdtot kiw bim.— I am thd man, dr, mid h«. 
1 would tuiTu diKhorgoil lOf actiofi m I cmii3i> to tijj ptuco ; tmi 
I dm &M pinatt four duifht*r lo mt mit <if mt <.niite'i(lT ; far, 
At the hm of my fbrtuto — ftt IIlc m of tnjr lih — 1 un (M^r- 
Bbi«d thxt no othor nun li^rijL^ nhxH iKHdvtt fa«r— I tbi^rj turociMd 
Um chat I would mnkAft fiUthfnl mrr^lSnn Ti> nk^ rluld of -lU Ihal 
had pMMil, bnt itM btm, at llt<^ mmn iiau\ Ibnt I woiilil whtillj 
vuhiorEbo to bar ptmiim ; iiri'l m wo putn^rL 

A« *(Htti u 1 rmrMenled lhi» cutter 1o my DImu — O nol my 
jiripft, HEict csrfml ; & k ImpMlbU— It norer c«a tio : I woiikl tlo 
an; Illicit;— tuffor mnj th^— 4nit Uib, (or jvkt nUor* WmiM juu 
hcl thp uuLrnninr uF tlii? I&uib «ur] t^ wutf in Ihu &h1ef IfBLiuU 
bttv« bi»^ iLc coiuoquQDooi oT thli ipaitkniMilt alEBctiiQ) Or wi. 
wbut lur^ wo rjot to expect ^rom. tbe aflMte «f hi* iivcrmon? 1 
itvuLd iir«f<ir oiir kind of 4ra11i to « !£f« "vrlth such a mua. Ami 
iLrn. noy moth<:r, sho criftl. arn^l biint into toorr — mj* dtnr mwthir 
whcoJl bo haa murdorcd 1 *]^hoU{:U Hd vcro vcrth hnif the world* 
•ftd wcMiLi nonxry mo pttblldj Ia tiw &<« of tbo oXhei luJf j tt 
^1 not b»-^ ouamt bo, iudocid, my pw«I 

Qennpra f writ Mr. D«lvi] nlciofta lilerd ivxMtitnt afmj diiii(*b- 
l«r^ Bltew^r. it i(t fivfirly li?v w<ti<ka nr.i-v liuw hHf^nwI, uvl 
W ta«TO not hutfd an/ tbiJtg furlb^r o] htm. Iq tbJa Unto, bov- 
nor, vo got AoqiMintod yvMt a £amilf ai tbo rntxi dixir^ wfaoio cott- 
mm bu btoii o grast omitoUUon to ok Iboro ia a fntlior ood 
ttolber, tail Ht«D ■mall i-liULlron— (MiyH Uii\ g^rin; thoy iro Tcrr 
wonhf pooplo, and of nobio doucni : bni bow ibor cotlrlvo to 
Sto at aTJ T Qonot oonoeivoi f^r tlivy bnvu no viHtblo mouu of 
nttkJnjr A jienrty. HmI wi? not knrfwn ihi>Tn< wn fthmilil hAvo 
ti)on£bt nnniolTfl* ttui [lonnvt of iJI c^rfiatiirrv. Wo muai own 
tlunmnon dmwintr (if your cLiuil^ th\n we an. 

Ilera pi>ar Mr. Hl«ni f^ndcnl; Kiiii >c.iii umuM>t tblnh, rf^ulA, bnw 
Wj hoATt buk|il wllb b»viT u^wjird lUra. on hi» ncomini'iiillnjf otbom 
H inotv dtvoivinz tban buiwlf. So I recolTod al unoo what to do. 
«ud takini' two flrtj pound nt'luefmui my )HM^kuvUoi^k— You bbrJl 
not bo under tbe nocoiclty. Mr. 8t«nu Mjft L of nkUT^iiig ]XMir 
pretty lamb hen to ttw qcIt wolf- bo h^ro u fiity poimd« to poy 
yvtu aetioa and fm and olbfr nnall dct'ii^ 

On fAkin< the nota bn Inokr^i at 1 1 Terr eomttdy ; Atidwbcu ho 
uw It wu a true notf>, ho jp^'ooi] his oyw nud Iilh mouth so widct 
«Dd vtood »> vtiff. ^titlioctt etirhuK- bjmd (ir t^'t tliot kit i>ut tnn in 
tal&d of Lot'i wJfo ^ho vtM trntKHl into o lAiiar of uUt. Hdw- 
cvor, I did not oovrn to folnJ hko, k.iit tuning to bio 'iMutbtor. nad 
thowing hor tlw othoc ooCo, AliM l>miin> ft^y^ 1, ht-t^^ \*' Jifij pounds 
for yon ftUo, bi ordar to Mrt yi>n up in yorir htUc ihoc ngnln: but 
yoa iball not hikvo it witbattt ft c^itun oouditiou, — Wbot ooziljljon, 
nujitor? MJd «1iv, tmiliti^.^'ilio ooodilion, »Ays I. of puitinie your 
•JUfl about ray T)ni!k« nml flrlvin^ ni'i nnn or tvo rvoct klAfii«, 
Kbo than looked cnmnftly nt mo with oyo« nwlmmiai^ with p^M* 
ran : and *l*rtintf jinldrnlj (*> inr*, mid rAb-bErijc Tn« tA bor Ixh^ii^ 
filkit kiwi^d fik/ M\n nuA niy hin^hrtait, and my tifjvl, wnin uid ngain' 
nml tli^n wt up u bum^ntkhlo nnd load ■ vty m if Iwr btb&r bad 
bin EL <!orjiHo 1ji.*fote litir. 




mf OchI! ho «TladT how boimtiAii art tbon to a wtvUh vho li 
not vrotthy tho IcAst of &U tliy nurdtt I ti«rtu|>ea tlw dao^bvc 
IditiTxl, «nil »^mff iho mtor* of bfiT lbth»r» ntu all ab bar Iemm 
bofbrg turn, uul Itinwruw hor Ktta* Mbout bun, ho foUod hor m 
hv Uno, n&il thpj «^^ pUntifaily upon each otbor. 

Hcnr mmiw it tlMt cryiiw flltmiltl hti »o r^vhlnp^? Honpn^r it 
bit Mr. ClDmabi and 1 could not fcntAln ; nntl I thciH lovo liim tho 
bttlpr Hnring lif* for tha iMtn thul li^ ftlicd m thnl (KV.ihni(>». 

i>Ti hNLjiiLi: ft foAiift miiiiintr. Mr Sti^m rhu lifiil t^K^rwrl the door, 
wtb«r« ■ iVHJtfuftn, ftlmiMl fcirtukLUtfiH ditMvr^i^il htnk 4 IiTttcr- Thn 
bttOT «Wi to the parpnv that Mr. DcWH vox 111 uf a ijuiiue j. Uukt 
to buil but > Ivw tuiun to live, itud mjuutaJ Mi. Skin t'> briuh: 
to dvilclitoT lo hiu), UiHlk I7 Ea*iritt4f«, bo mlaJbt f(T< h«r a Inw- 
Ail title to hb IbrtuDv. No, piiw! cried Dituia: UTine or (3«ir)» 
Bolhine ahuU «Tor britw mo to i^n uij hiiud lo & nuu nho luut 
hod ft biiDr) in Uu> dwlh <if tnr ilwtot oi^tlii^r. 

Uv. C}eiD«ot, howcTDT, thought U &dviMl>To thni Mr fitom 
riKmU ottCTid tho ma^tngor, to kd if Mr VkUW wah toaIIj £11. r^r 

Whothor tbU f[lih-hl Tuii bo OOOkO tlOw-finilrJml ittnt-ln-Tj. 

Thii vki ft Ally of nwceoieo to f»onr Mr. Stem. We had pr^ 
nlwd to «ti7 Hith hi< Diana vatl hi« n'tum ; ftiul h« hiul not 
boon loa^ giooo till lome ono 1o|?ped ftt tho door. 1 opvftod it 
Will fHw Ml «DooO'l)tL^ old vad roToniid man; bo wm drvMod aU 
in liUi?k, aiiii lUH uiiilo bond looked lUtO mow on tho faftthotv of 
Ibo ravrn, U T<^tn l^U*m J»i»r*? Mid t«^— So, dP, Uhl 1, tw Is 
nftO Into lovn.— I tbt>UKltt l^*> ^"^ >^ pHcAiMr.— Na >1t, U !> not 
nOt bQl hJo dfeoi^itcr who w tmlor iLV'nnuciriciit.— ft'ill Jon jctvo ft 
feaU* old niHEi Ut^x^ vy tit wiiii yoit. f^fVLtli'mi^T ftnd » dnwn ^H> 
tat. Ootnfi hfr# lo mi*, ■.'Itilt, Mfii hn to nioiuLp afft yoa a ^Ungli- 
ler of Tom «lcm ?— I nm, »ir, no |il«» ymu— And wh*t w$a your 
notim^ iiftnw?— Ann Ri>di(\ idr; bii\ akat iho la not Uvln^ I 
ma du cftue of hur iloaih ; xHb Ttrohn hor hwurtt good idr, «a wj 
txitDg pot to )alU-T hope. K^ili\ mii\ the old gettuvrntoi, that jrnii 
■wwnj not Injpi-Kiiwd for niiy Uinuj thai wao njuigUly.— So, idt, no ! 
niod Mr, C>iuituI. it waa trar huueatr oluue tlut brought Aiid kvifl 
hor herCf hjut fttc been koo Tiiiooos oha mlf^Lit hove Ifocm ot 
Ubortj. «jid CatuitJiiir about in her coach. 

Tba old man than imt on his Bpevtf^l««t ftail orJorioff hor to 
draw nciui^r, ht took a hand hi oao^ of hb^ aadf looldag Intcntlj 
in her boo— Wbftt ia joor noiao. my dear? aud lw--"l>ia[ia^ 
bonoorod aiT.— That ^ n l4^^tty And oWtc iv«no, for oa luchrb' 
Itia aoano. Indoo'l, Diaxt^ 70a im) o avoct ^>abo, otid tho protlioat 
fitllo piwnor tbut ever X aair. I will pivv all roor dobia^and ]Ci*« 
joa ft thoitfUiil pounds, over, If tou will cama alonff with mo, 
andfcft mf priMnMT, LNiino.— AbrUrl «rk4lbo glri,H m too much 
to bava maai tho taMi-t of ccm narvat alro^lr : 1 w<nibl luA kavo 
mj ilaar fiubor lor ony nuui witn all Ih* monoj in all tho vorlil. 
— You do not l«fi.v« yoorhilhor, hacrio^bTgonvvrithnu^IHBna. 

1 am nmr tina Etlber, iha fltfbar «if Kmsij Roobo, tlw fihdMr of 
bar who hfyn yim~yiiiiv fiwn ^r^lftlbfir my DTmvl 

Uara tho lunk on lior koeu^ bt^twooa hia kntfto, bogj^ng nn I 


vaB FOOL or qualitt. 

beiMdilDff bit Uoisin^ : wliilo his h^ixdd aa^ tjta yterry lifted h 
pr«jor <nw hpr ii« tbos niud b«r, oiul ploanf Kat ^««U]r oft 
U« kA>«i olmoJ hor En h3n a^vJ atsw; whlla Am Ihiw lien 
About Ui nook. acLd joining lior «lio«k to bii, moUmiI aIohI, «b4 
poiU^lMr t«u«inti>lLiBbo«oni. 'J%« cldifonttemiui, boworor, did 
sot #sprttM Ikia coomni b; vord, or aob, cr «Foa anf choiuc* of lib 

rcnma and di> 

oorattSMioe : And jot hia teu» fell Idct down bia nvDrmif 
Bl^tful foatoroi^ upaa hia itrandphUd, 

lUi mu A 7«nr idntfltifc- thim^U a ytnj wttvrting eli^ht As oaoti 
■a tl>o bright d'tDdr puBion vaa aomethbig atatod, Ml* Dljuia 
tOTDed her pjw 1ownr<1 »ni\ aJut *nid— Yrni wn> [itf>juH«&, toy 
gnuidpapa, to pmmlH thnt ynn wnnM ]j|i/ mf <)rhu but tlut In 
3fiOH nlrrnifj. This lUufr) fiti'n wn* BfUl to iiruniit iJl I'lbnni; 
anil bt< furCLer pjtTnntal inv villi UiLv UUl uf £^ Ui eel ma up in 
A bctii^r »1ioj) [linn T ki^pL lirforo. 

[ njoict;. crjod tlu^ oLlI nun. ) n^o4»> to find that ao mocb of 
bfjiLVDa ifi atili luft ijI^jij oailU. Uut juu, mj Dianib. iuib now In 

Yonr dcor unde Jcrcmr. wbo tmdrnl to tbo Woat Indtc*. kto^ 
diod of tbo anullpox <■» bin iujhiu,i) hoiiLcwATiL Yoa aro tbo 
bolr of bla fcrtiinofi, anil tbo tfir uf my fcirtuno; ycm are tbo 
wbolo jmd iolo lji^y«f ail o«r |)f»»o«ioM, Wal» toll mo, ho* mticb 
di<l thin yovam 1:1:11 tic bjaii iuJviuk^? m your faTOiirl^— A htmir«i 
Ijoouda, pir. 

tia tlicn toittk oat a bnokor'a tiota of a himlnd poundaf anr^ 
hoviar oflorc'i it (o irio^ 1 Ji'l not dnm to rc'uBo it. for funr of 
on^^ri'biiK tlii> h»a"iir of tho r<upActftl>Li> old yontlonum ; bo 1 bitld It 
la my hsaai attot douliting moancir, — My dm Uia LIiaju. aap 
Ih J will imf be {Mrt to tbo pain of ul;ing thi« Ivtok a^in, hnt on 
th4 oon'iition of your t^lin^ Ttvt to whom I »tixU ghw \lli—i>, aho 
eirlail nut tiutnntlyn to tlu^ linlilrv. to tiie mtoct IdIiIa at tbo 
next diior! t wlrdi to tipjiv'*n T had cut iniirh n>ora to iLd<l lo It 
for tlieir ^JLkiw, 

f ibcEi Jni]iilFtid tliiT nnino nf tier fiiVEiiirili? rojuHy nt thn nf<iTt 
door, iiinl \viai: iD\<\ lliut iL ^lU Ruth, I Tirt.ikoii uvi^r my 1h1« und 
fuund (1i»( Ml. Hiillt wjui ill fur aU^vn f*ivi:ii hiinilii>) tniLUnU. ThU 
gi ji:t<nt mo very Q^u<:h. im mcb a aum iioadr unotiittc'l to tbe Imlf 
af our MbuU* iluck. lluwicr, 1 cotnfori^d inywlf witJi Ibr lin^ 
tJiAt Oud wuuM fv^nd nomo unn obMi lo mnbc up lo tbb potir fiujiily 
VibiLl Jthcinlil Ix: ULintiniC <^ t^T P'"^- 

Mr. St«jni jtut then rcliirnc^-j, 1 Ue>r iMirdoi;, sfud bo. ictntJmioni 
for dotKLTiin^ voT] f«-i l<'0^, biit I Ofmt^L rp.'t ATaid it. Tbc ([nhnp|iT 
nun 1h ui.tualW r^yli^i? a veiv ttirribJc dmlh. indcod, la hia full 
atrcmtftb, oqJ &iiaiial La hii falj liooltb, HliUioir tat'i ipi^pihg Djt air^ 
wliiob t^iti swoUinjt of tlio f bmdfl will not anBor lo pua. 

A4 aooa ad I ontorvd, bo bookonod to mo. imd put thia papor 
aadod into my bond. Ati-I s|iuiii, ob»r>rLififf ihcit 1 vha n^titod 
an'l 'lo<^lyocinoeroeil f^rtlm rtato iDwfali>h ha hitptJiiTcrl, ho rnB<b*d 
oni hSa hrmd to mn, i&d ^^rnapinif tnj ri^bt hrui'T. piil tbJa nn^ 
upon my Hmri-T Tbin puf^r ^ntniiu. iiinl^r tii4 linnrl utd ahI. h 
diaobjinco of IbA piri]<^ vhic!k li-^ lulil ii]>fm my dAiif^hr^ir, a» nUo 
A GCnfi^yaun U' lu of Ibi^ vmh iK^Ica ooiilcHed, Airouniliijj lo tkm 



bnndrM nann^li^ (n cfTuddnrtjtfnn* (u ho rcdrn. nf oar IfmM «iid 
uqjuil timVrrin;** AmT no. tn; iVir Mr }>Jilr>n, I lirro n^Curu yon 
f<tar £100 uSth iiU jmrniMH ^>^knJ]^^l'^r^1H'Tltl^ jttiit n miam of l)i« 

ihfBl9tl yoDilKr fviJipjIloJ iiiH to jkcc^iil of llic \vr7 fioni yuu vtlvr. 

Mr. otom tilled thUiU^il jhIltI liin^lnif, bo uw liln unclu ; an\t 
ming Um bquisltiicty, nl 1on;;lh ruviuUfclol *ho bo wiu. Hq 

eriedt xouf pirdou, ftAir tnt^^i^i^t "Tit aII 1 pronuno to uk; I 
4ftn not hcipd for roar bloviaz^ 

Tcm, ■olii tiuj dd Kcntlcman. I wmiti:^ to bo oven ivith joa; 
I woptod lo fr>diio«* vonr diiit|;ntcr, m jou •c4aocd mine. But 
jOttr ^MCichtcr, Tcm^ tnoaj;^ «oino of v^ rcbcIUoiu lorcnlA, would 
not bo muoo4, However, &» I hBT* tiiLrn ft UktnHr t« li»r, *h« 
«nvt eonM ftlod^ vith n«. nluthar tha sUl or no. Ai>d w Jawli 
teU U> Juwtih cmooming £phnim and Ifuiuaoh. iho Hbntl b^ iiiinc 
u»it 3&ot Ihine, Tom; ami inj ii«iii», wv! th» ntmo of Vj fa1b(ir« 
ilitU b« Duood upon bor, nccofdlnff to her lubcHtnncc. lint vf jrou 
lUFt «BT Bfloction for tbii mjr cliild, Tiim. rurl nro tuiwilljn^ to 
pATi w1f}i hnr. foa may follow hvr, moiI wAlromti. 

Soon Aflor w« BOt qpl «nr1. hAvinir c^n^T^ttttitoil fhla hflpii; 
fkmlljrmi Ihn tdcAnng oTtiiotr mrcUnfr uid rpt-onriliniit^ii. 1 dfTifml 
t<f Itit* olil icorillrTEun, And rnfr'hiru; lihiL hht^nt lh*r twi-k, 1(.'urU'r]j 
tnnk ni^ l<>iivi> fif hint, rp I rlld ntivi nf Ihlr. S((-nt- l^ut. ^Iirik 1 
wentlofediolMnvnriho fnlrlrlJULJLKhoilrrm mnnt iU^in \Mt\varX 
ad ber tsjiat wid Mr«ct f^iifiitxt lii.-[->iiuItiir to swell. tJitr umiu iim 
fimruid, laJ untcLiiuE tu« iti bor tletr inutf — 0, m> dnr IJiw. m^ 
^uttuc.myilu'Ung! idiAcirlcil: un 1 then g<oinj£lo Lowjrau. li ixmj 
bft twrer to ami yoq more ! wore it but goico iu a mck, in m moidh. 
bi ft raort to If^hol'l )ira« tnmi thai »^d k«q» mo ftllvo for aJI Ibc 
ttpdfldor. O nij Lcat, iri> inort gcnDTOtUk id7 flfut preocrvcrl it 
b jon who mitfht W the Kdmrr — who nicbt malir mo md othore 
nm aftav yoa Wrroot Ifnl it wo muat lart, mj lillJc arij^cl, <1o 
but. prcmi» la know mo in ho>aT4^it. and tbcro jroar poor Vitaat 
will iTiopt you. noTcr to pnrt nny moro. 

Whiit <'Mjld 1 ffiy or do* i^tr, in loxwiir to thi> il^nr girt? Idy 
hooit iwv^Uod ahacaft to Ivufrting vhilc iJip carcmcd nml wrpt (rtor 
tne. At loigthi with wonb u woU a* lay fwiiia wcrtdd pro ma 
loaro to prcBonnco them. I tUmitodocl tho nuiio of iho pUoo lo 
whjoh tho w» g^ncTt and prontiud to piry hor a rUt oa *ooii u 

itm all nnr aiir/wn ; nnif^ IPomK cait^ I w1|inl my t^r*. ajv} I rpvivl 
Mr Clr-mf-nf tn fkirlrr iHk mul ^-ofTfiOf with a oomfbrttiltlD enftriuin- 
friFuit. for tiM? finii]f at thi? nrxT rluor, vbile T ahoulil ipo In avKl 
bitroduoti inyvfiir tu> wll «M T ivjiiIiI. 

Hnvlnjf ^ii|H<fl gnitity at tlio tloor. It wu opened br ft littJe 
rftinri'^l ]ij^y nt .iliont fltr yean old. BIj^. Butb rail full !u luj rj«w. 
nni3 k^r ibirv IiUIq ttaiiifblttn »tood Wfuio hor,^hilr *hD cxftodnnl 
thotn h\ llio Old Tovtaiaent ^ooaluiio of who «->» the tinrt man, 
agid the wlacat mAA, tad th« rtronge a t mao^ a&d Ibo oldool mim. 
ad. above ftlX th? man «fW Qod'a own beaHT 


rjw TOOL or QVAirrr. 

rlbiiity kimiiE h#r- 1 hovvil Uf her m I cntorvil, anrit frolnff imi'- 
Uiirlj- up, I %mk 1ip^ hy Ihf fanoii and kltm^H H.— Allow mtt, imulflm, 
■iii'1 I, w iDlrn'liKy^ h litllH iMljEtilwiir Ut jinl T Itxli^ within ft 
fisw ibwnk lutfl iihnll thbik mpr^K hm^ in Whig juxtuntnr^'l In 
fnor flunlljr,— Aki! mj iImit, mj^ An, Uierr on* vnry few who 
«eok aoqnalnluioe wilb mlnmiljr.— Hic^x iitD vitik ba leUurd It 

HhtIjjj[ oyml mo oil di<7 with ui amuiil kJiid of narp r faa Yon 
look, toy hmi, ■■nl slir, Ic t« vorj coftl-tuiturcd. uiJ. 1 d&ro sv* 
will bv xvrj c1uriUl-to wlir^n j«iii comft to l)iki« tlM> ■InljtT,— Hue 
ISttift ftlfflitj T hATu. lUbdont, (klu]| '^K ftraiiioil Cjt yc^ui ittmoo. In 
the msilk ^e. prpj iRtTFloD thn fI^l^l■nI1 1 lure tokcD lu orWrio^ 
tea and ooffipo mio jour roniii. vith Hofno cwJm and viPvel&ieMe 
Ibr thoto pretty n^Ms. I will only tranhU ^ oa, nu^m, with CCM 
piort moro ; U it Sfr. Clanmni. my lulor, wlio, pood PkniL, lu* l<ai 

B«r&*bo oUlod Mr, Kiitti Irom ui kmor room. Give ro« Wrv^ 

Kdciir. m^ t<b«t Kr blTMluce ft Toiuuf nnmgor to jou : from 
iht world hn fomot t know not, ^t I ftm SOT* Uiot bo in &ol 
wholly of tho wnrltl thit wo hart livod tn. 

Ur. Rath'* coiuitmtanM Mokc at cmm IL« mcck&Mi at MiMttt 
■All thv pAii^nce of Joli- dffTln; ulntod, vft both Ml down.^* 
)dr. Kiith, VA)'! r, ! hkvn n iBKiflg to yon tnil roar Iftfl; ftvn 
your iwo-it. proRr luJ^hUmir, M iftiDUjit AtDTn. Tn tftknn of h«4r 
TfHfiiTot ;iTh! ftfbnnon tor you, «he pp^ftimli yon wlrh thli <^iKh'iu>lA 
of ft hmi<1r«H poiini1>-^l>iniin Hiir'ni* eiinA miF. Ur. Htith. ^hy. 
SWAtr, «hi^ In ruurly W pnor ili onru^U'r*, — Uj nn m«niu, ilr, I 
tmara jm : bt-r jrnutrifmtlivr luia vc^um to iavn : iihu fci wnrth wrnl 
lti<»iivEii1rt, >vv<ir1i'h '\ 'viiNJitKrubliT ivLtlit i<» whidj aba la huljBM. 
O 111'- il'^iu" (^iiuLliiml UuT tltor lui^olt chni Un^ Knth* I will 
Iwliuiity ^ ojil f^if hirr mx nik&Dwbdniui&te, Bo ap abo got, 
ul out ahfl nifu brfotv I c>'ttliL tfrvvoot nor. 

As Mon an ahe w>u troiic — Mr. Unth, wyit I, my fiilhcT U niudi 
ibwiar <tf DO ibim 1 dpttoivc. Ilo ho* Eivtrn mo a little money to 
<fivpasQ oF at ploH«ur« utioiii^ tho vonfiilod dobton ; toA thovf^ I 
mny nr>i hiiTO onongb to anim'er your oooadoBiL ytt uy fttfacr ll 
m VDtr good ADd so r^rj ^conorviuv tbat if joq efv» vto tito nun «f 
your Jobtd, witb tho «t«ry of your dMnwM, hta hoait, I am tmroi 
will molt, and bo wJil ftot you doar in tiko worll. 

Uo nuwlo no nuwar, howtiver, t> thin my offer, bot, lifting op 
hia oycfi, bo orioil-'Woll miiclittoft tlioo >u.y, ^e«t t^vioor «f 
Iho nmN», " Bnllot- Utilo chUdren to eonw utito nws for of ivcii 
In ttift kbffdom of hoATon." O thon bnbo of the nimiporf "thoo 
flrvtbom of mnjiy l>r4>tbi^n;" h»T<«, tni1f>«d. b ft domr anil tma 
littU rr^'dt^r of thlmr: hut ho gprnkit In hfci Rtmpatdty, ttOil 
nnt fu^^nling to knowlod^ul Tltcnn tuniin^r tovmra mo — Con 
you ^if^u. my ilftrlfnr, mid lio, whiti jnu iiDderr«k4 1i> do for 
niM? I rjiiiiHlinti ir fhn i>hRrUJra of nil thU iiMtJiiii wtiulil lift 
imtflRifint, wh*:n united, to rtfrnt my ddlTomnoD, Wotttng^ 
iicit)ii[i|£, liul iha arm of tlio AlniiirUty ciin do it Uo i«ill do 
itv JuJ^J, UI di^Ui; but whul tlittii Hbttll bauoEuo of luy aiJB 



ttul UTDD InEtntt? that tmlj ii t«rTti>l« — [« worw tluin dviitli 
to think of I 

W1Ul« wo wore HpcokiQff two iwoot UtUft follows raiDft to, ilio 

«JdAC TOry neaiir ol mir dnj, but both rliuT in vf r; tikiii wid poor- 
looktnff AppitrH, Hnvlnjf 1inpii>ljv1 tor ihoir nith>ir'H hlr'wfni;^ l?i»y 
tifjipnd Iritnlcd nn; nii<l, turning mjr hnacl tn ohikinn thpm, I Ww 
quru uhuniMl. nrHl rln^w !t 1>iirlG nj^ni^^i ^ri |>i'r<viv3iiir tluit Ili(« ]KHir 

tUittH Wf n TrtillHi: iliitir jXK^koU ijf *>T.I [TUiitM huiI tolwr iiki«1^ 

wtLtoa 1 iiiiTi|jin>[^il tLr> \uu.\ hoifgf'X for tbu fiLmlty. 

Htk ItiLtb jiir^ tuuu rcturnifil, and Iilt cDUiktoaaati& looked 
■oaaBtliifiic ^JL-Jurl'.-iL Slw Uk*)l bi-r Bciht liv brr hwlimii]. ut^l, 
ooatiauiiuf A vbtlo ullr^nf:, Hhfi cut bcr houdkcrchJof befbra hor 
^oii uia bean in broken vorin — C*n yon Kocmt idj dew; mid 
A*j what K4i of n cn'jitur^ UlIb !» ivbom wo Sato irot omow uf 
•^J!b!m Hit** lifftToiIy ifBiKffttfir, to lljj-btfii rjur oMitriition, wouUI haro 
'poiViU<d«d Ofl tbnt tlm hiiudrod ikjiuiiId vmi the gift of iint>th'?r; 
bat it J0 ftll iiio own bounty — it le aU liie ^^t^ii itrnt^ioUHtir^M. 
Como, T117 itaoghton-^coEEic, my ohilitronf knri-l itown totd n- rum 
jour thauka to thu tout paUvn, ycvt bunufoiotoT, jrciir UltUs 
Eilh«r ban] 

U, air, yen wonlJ h^v* pitied me fadlr h*d jon ooco m« at 
thm time ! The poor doar thinn <-nmo« all in n duftor. prming, 
liTid Uktr'bin^% kJLiJ ulnf]i]iif£, Bud fliotcii^ff itU>iiC irii\ vhilo nijr Invo 
Biul my T«n- boort wrd lorn, H>t It wra, to frlttftn nmonff ihdm. 
Bo I took toom mvt hy on'i in m^ djiiiji, &nd kteod aod vmlirand 
IhMU v«rT OMyllallr, oalling tliem uj bTnttivr^ Miid «fu4^ni. I IIiah 
took am Aimtfif^ iioDilTfKf^p<iitnil tsofa, imil i^tvlnr It Ui thn ohlnt 
of the diuighti?n— Htrc. mj df-nr, atic) T^ 1 iJwnyH lorod tlm 
llUle tabiM iwrtor tlt^ui the Uitle nuuti-'n; hf'r« b Tor joorMlf 
inl your fii^tTH, to i^hiUw jt^n Ln a wriy moro l>nr<-njln£ votir 
bmlly. And ihca ttXin^ n note, of nqunl Tjitun, I c&\c ft to 
Uitf pidwt son, fur faluuvlf uiil hla brolJiL'^ lu 1 Kud. lo help to 
4^iJiKikLv thi^rii in u mnnuur luutu a4;iL'titdj]o lo tlie boiic* ittfm 
whcDco tb^j aune, 

Ur. «nd Mn. itnth h>okod to uioiUAhf'd at mo, ami ot ondi 
«tiur. tlut for a wbtio tboj wer» not nbl^i to otl<r e, tyllnX^a; 
md, jiust A# Ilic<r bcfnui to lUfJic their iU!kiiowb3J^i^cDto. I criod^ — 
Umih, hTieh [ h(TD <ximo» my tutor. 

BIr. Clomiml Jimt iK^^n oaf^nxl, roUo^vol dy Mivor-^l K^rvnntu, 
who onnivd & tea cqukpog^^ 4wld mwl, bftfcod moatiy viUi pufitiioa, 
flhi eomo wim*. 

HiiTlng IciIroflnfAl Mr, L'li^miitit, we All wtt rcnrvd the tatlo, anil 
■AVT A tan and a hrrtbcr rogolo, I bpsaugjit Mr. ICoih to give iu 
tt» ftoty of biit miNriji-tmhtBL 

My bthrr, «U<1 h»v wiw listron <hf rnuitforJ. H& left my trothar, 
wHli Iho dllo. four thnUHini-l tlvo hmictr&l ptHinds a-yiHir, c?nUil<>d» 
lit'W^tfr, up'iu mig Iti rn*n of bih dying willnmt ni«lo Hsuu : «in1 IrtT 
Infl mn a nnftll inhi^riiiin™ of fonr hiiFiilr^ pritTnrlfl jpnxly, 10 
aU|iport fn ».ymv mi^LJnirr^ Ihc opi^Akmacp iif a ^ntli?nuUL 

aA mj vonn-m Vurdt.'rud uu my brotlH!ra «iJilr, ym bkw one 
«AOll>v tntry dajr, aud cunUnuvd firr vrv^nkl ywua b tinicht md 
fanner unity. 



houMOT ft RclghbQiir m-Bfrd Mr llnLrcIns^ft qmwtlao luqip^iuvi ta 
to alHrtvd OT«r Cbo botflu, wlH-tli<*r Iho melLorl of -irlliiiK ui 4^ 
on «nil wvi oriirliuJI; tbe lovnniiwi of Oolanil^tn, i^r wIii-(1»t EC vaa 
cornrnimfffitn^l to hira l>r mmn oihcr, anrf I nnljiippJly «iponwftt1 
IIld irpiujuu tli;Lt wiu tippo^ilii' I/j thiii tif my Itntliirr. 

Now, Uiuui;Ii iLu qtivaliuii vtru> ui>l wuiLh tliv svtj iliieTt of Ilia 
en Abont which to ikbatoil, jct wo cntoroLl jw vatJuXy iiitu it ** 
uuruf h 4 imtrince bad Um &t «talt« ^ for it ui not Inilb oi b* 
vlnction t'iJLt <]i«|niUuit» «Mk «ll»r— It ft» Tiutorr aLw» Uutt is tlie 
oljcpct of thr>iT ciinitetitloii, 

AfUr Bomc itnmi words anJ mrvtiDJiJ reioHB hfti pflOM-l l>etwt«Q 
laj Invthor &n4} rii\ tL<i «itm-f<;il Into nuldon rtiMiaon, jjid iniv« mo 
tiko Uo ; vtoronno^ rtiofhm^ uros ilw toblo^ 1 0tTi> h^ a ^p 
Oft tfao obiwk vtlD uo flivt of taj flnrort, then nanf; fudondr from 
kti iMj,liO oworoa fou-fiil oath, imdcrifi'l — 1 will rnfn r<)Ui Kftn7| 
tkoai^ It ccvt DM mj oilAto ; 1 will niin jcu, Uon? Ku'lh, uith bU 

Tbn Tflr/ ni'tl dnj hn mntlnml Uis t**TiJUirt( ftinl UlrfiriHiTii, florf, 
coming apuTi tno Willi a tiltlo &iiiiy, hu Ieu4 ia(nt of luf fo&cu lovol 
til til tliti ^.Uirlh. 

\^'linrj I ofmnplAlui^il of ihln rlfilnnnn tn my noit noii^honni, Mr. 
Han.rtL<i« anfi Mr TTrillow, Ihrj trmtutfiil ihoj woult utimrl ^y tda 
AfEtltLft fttich oi]tni;r>.<iiru procwdinp to t.h« Imi of th^^lr fi»rtufLf< 
Tdbj thou mlviimvjl uio-, Iwlwtw^n Ihi^iti. flvc Itundred iMrriml- ftn tho 
norpom. T ituinitithLt^-lj;in;<'jLci>J MuIt B|rH!n«C lay Uit^Vf, tt^uLlK 
But, tlioi:gh I awt ticni ull mith ixkiJ*, I anhnfi^lj finiod thit 
ueurljr ull lujr luaney wiu auiik iu tin? ^^nIvpL 

Mt^UitlTUo, »cftr(>o & <1«r iiomi^i] vhi^KLu I vim nt't »Ttvvr! v'lih u 
■obpoDJi firMaduiiD«r7<toaii»vcr [lachor sitirJt a Lift tA which du[ 
brotbor bad jtnximd nio to bo lulv]^* i \nTiy. AnJ bo nUo cmlcnKi 
Ml ndt ag«JiLiit iTi<i hlmff:ilf. in orUr I0 JnviilLilato my fitthor'« vrilJ, 
vlicffebj 1 obunici] ray iJtTlc phtrjmoor. 

Whon I U>h\ ilitA to rriT frioiht Mr, HolU-w. bu brak« into ■ JoviJ 
kasb- Voiir titlol rriM Kq : th« worM oAnont mvtiUdate vw 
titlo. Mr. ICath ; 1 y\\[ li>t jv^u tuivu o tljinimnfl pouAiia upon A to- 
murrow ; t\xic\ thiH 1 wiui (indt^i' lhi> rn^^i^wii; oTaoMptittt ftoon after, 

CoQioatJoD MrvtM, with matiml itnm^iv 10 ibiit omf^ 3oor uaitait 
reooodLiLtJoiii, Th« morL> 1 trnd lovvit tnjr t^rctlicr. tho moro J &ov 
rIetettB'l him, IuIhlcI of Any ml-mis*ic>ii i^r overlun* to Af^iMUO 
hiTO, mj llpa nitflmrt, In dnilV Invoeiiv™, ihr* ovi*!llowhig» ol my 
hoirt : JK 1 alio wn* rkMllr^^d ibiit, r>ti Iiih prt, Ir* wixTtf."! rn« nothing 
Iftitt t.hHTi Hi>mrtl I»l■^HMon. 'lliim wn bMnmil. on iHiTh hM^^A, uifh 
nniiiiPini'ti4}}lA Am, wtd thn klik^iTnm of SnfAn wjui fiiLL; ajicnoit 
witbln OH. 

At koffth my liOfly wu« liniir-fh/iTHuK at tb» *iilt nf nij iKiEjf hlioar 
Hoartifv^ f»r £T50h Jtn*] dlj LthIk wn: Liikc^ii unLbrr rxtvutioii. at 
th» itult of irty Ti<:Jk'1ilK>ur Jlalluw, fur Uiu suin cf £1^00. Uut I 
KDon wu i^irotiu'.-d Ihiit all thi» inuii'jy vir^ijn rav l>ri.itlii:r'f^ vhi> h»(l 
>dr)uicv4 It fevm lltuo to tlnto, 10 thm^c hbi climtk-.-iiJiio corrcKpimfl- 
onk, la orOcF to hji^toa ami dcrpcc idj dostmctioQ, AVhcu I 
undonFtPod Ihlij 1 ra^^^ «u« all on Dro ; a&'l E took a horrid 

TBK root, or qUALtTY. 


eouure b) tbe uutko cf hirinc tho fonion «f * Mgfi^, I'l^t I miirfat 
IT nj farotJior plAcomoalf uiil lu/ fuuo fricoidf limLj fri^m liijih, 
«iid fotLRmjBpintoiitbdrptmgii^aiidiiuad^jwoD ttidx (oroiigc. 
tint rthi^n I tunud ■ look on my wtf« m. MTtn inlKOti, niof 

Smixl uilh ro^ to rand dm tiy a dotibE« dIMnutloD. 1 cwnvdlbe 
t to whicli I mw ftppointod upon oorth, uki 1 ibculit hx\'n Boaght 
•oai« dwponite ia«>iia of rjiitiinjr «d) «nd tn in> ii>rini.-iit« und <'X- 
btenw to^fi^ltltft, bat Ihnt I etn^il^, I15 ray flt^nlh. tn i^vn plohjmri^ 
to mj brathcr ton Umu mura ihoii I 'Iri^ulod \\\c laln uf d<uth 

O lujr frlcndj"! h*1 ftll Ihnl flTnr wfuw milnt'^il cpmn ojiil prrwbnil 
tu uii? eIlo |vuw of oui Lord Chrlvt jU Uiat wjuun. it would luivci 

SHjnjft'A u> DuUte an impraHoo on ft bWk nf i^LajlLJiT. It U dliilri'Hi 
"01- UixlC« V [ippruviun, iDaluu imprcasion— Umt brcuche* iho 
InliinuU fliK^triutt vf tvimible uiurit^oatluu. Uid huiulilea a piDiid 
apirit L; T'^u'-'^^"'*' i^v^'Lj all Itn proji*. 

Al flret, 1 VM a worm ufidtr tbc foot of mjr God* I ttimcd oJid 
Mnuxlod, and writliod, aiul fuu^bt wftli all my force nieniiut tbo 
enuiW. But, abi! all vm Id voSd; ho wm too mlffbtj for m«, 
vd omxwition «0Tvcd only ta odd to kij angqiivh. 

At ttsaf^ \ unfl c<i[npoI1od to u^'niuottOOi ntbftr throoifh tho 
lomt of power tUiLii lL(i >4Jkjit of will to iwvt. And 1 laj^ an It 
^vm, v^tbout motinm uaJor hui diipoidatitjoa ; at tbo cuao timo 
"itit UT h«Qrt ni|^uL<?boi1 fuui tn toijrtft, 

Hftfmg auld til «nr riiriv-vubUA, anil aToD 4>tir woartog appdrol 
fw MMMkUmc, WO vvru roJuccd 1u llio ncecmly of Kudin^ cni* 
dlllMt bo«i I0 t*(r fr-ipii(^t)tfl of vU'ninla H.t kfti-hi'ii-wiiirTfUiH, to 
kMp u Iron 1lti«i]^ fLiniifthtii^, TIiIh I hi^li l<r U- nich a further 
ifctna Ofl^ dl«^«! fin ttun^ m; Hml Ui thr ciiiLcl:: I tlK^rrfuro 
bapun to kirk npiintt Ibt^o irHcLi ulw: Imt flriAiUi; Elvnt Cbv uiorw 
I qWii^l> UiO aOxiiitctTr I vii« litilrl niiil |tr4iiMut Into the ihutf T 
CVTd uji all n«iiataiii?f> niir) mnt^^iictil mjrmH wttli t-iictiiJg oJid 
wWpuiiT uadoT iUo b&iiil of ibu Alrniirbtj. 

Kiuiij brrjco 1 K^ii'^Li'^11? ^ijn^ ^i^^v n i^|jit« vf ii>I^H>l •crctutj. 
which, idthouKb Hilbi>ut jiuimEuu-:, woa jct vitlicrat di«tDibai3co. 
Uy ftLiy EUiooditd lis unt. my [hihjoib dulniJcd. autl 1 fvit 
nolbliii: uj(>ii^ of mocour «4E%iiiat my Ijivtltor, or rctlitanoo n^dutt 
ttnr G«d- 

Thu i^otirity of th« eotil will find itMlf DintvloyniQnt An I bod 
now Eio fanh<;r Tirt>Lp*VTt i>r coMc^^m npoa cojtb, I bcgon to tun 
mj tboneblB uia iLticaiioD t>wanl hctivco^ 1 lovkod myaolf into 
TOOilar dOHt, I Xhwy Ti\w\l iv\Xv (bo JuHt. 1 hWTo ^onod, 1 
criad^I bave (^nully mhiioJ, O (rod I I am nothiog — 1 am onubod 
wen Icnror than Iho aoLhinj^ that 1 am; ipiLn-, uparc mo from 4 
dMp«r porditloti, I beon^ub ibea \ 

1 lolt ibal my f raynr waa hoard ; fioLn) dMcmitcil uMn mo like 
4ow upon tto ET|fbt; tbij duy-^tar began gradually fo imwn to my 
MntI : lhi>* dixrk liintr^lnm nf Sau-n leara way Ix^foiv itu^ kfnjfilom 
of tito S*in r»f llgbi mill Invo ; mil 1 minlfl no mom havn onlertMlnod 
AHy ct\ti of my foriDer |<t«HirLK Ihnn 1 uohIl] tiavu taktb burniug 
gubU Jiul have bulton^l ibciu up lu my LohiDL 


THB Fooh or qVAhnr. 

I «» KTM^ Mfflilml, Uihiiv. wflh thii ]<iiTt uid loine nocm of 
Mr. Qulli'ft itniY; uul T got liim to jv^iJ^-At U over And ovor, tlul 
I uiglit reAanibcr ii tho better. 

I lioif. cuDlIuuoi ho^I now uttied in]r lirollier ■■ muc^ iw «rcT 
ILftdhatodUm, IcricTml for bniiif «<tiMDJ Ui« t«M«f Ui 
I YiBbed to rc»toT« «t 1o luo. I vrote a pemtciiftial 
mant of mv bulb. I bococg^t hu puilon, Eq tho bumbM wvxa^i] 
Edt £b« anJbrtiiiuXo blow. I anliwibofl to tiin JwtJcc of mr 0«ft* 
wi^neiit ««ffi}riii0i; and I waak mj Ma bore, to fttMcd Lb lorUii|(' 
wiUi mjr Icnrly iitMraa 

Tho mnmiA whkh thlft huDoJIkdioi gATo to m; hrothgr. fliffill*^' 
hiia with pitioQce t# gt> throoch m; nuunoruL But thon ooo- 
«tdtrin|f, ik« 1 tfuppo«o, iliuU it was ifiotMod by naerooArj footiBWM' 
•bil hjrf>4>cri<7, DO tor» It to pi»c«« mid dflnbod It bto tho Hr^^ 
Tlwa twluming to my duld the boi whii^h bfkd w> inflninvd tbo lool 
<if hu InrilAhijk hA klolMMl my |wor Utdo feUov ont of hi» houOp 

My f^hllil i^amo hotnr^ ta mo wiwplojf Millr; tint 1 conoalod Ufll 
tbe Iwtfl I ofniM. mul rjilTh::luil mj luan wlu his: not in any ra- 
•«nlmftnt for ih*> UvnUm-ut iih^ii'Mlp |>iif. thnjiiU'b JUlHf for llw 
inviatflnLcy ol toy milifliijj> httJtlur. O my Onl? T rrifid, I no 
lon^ur n^ijine ut uiv aLuziuuivEit iit Ihv wciLriit ^f eijJ siifTerinpi onrl 
lojrtrflcalkiua I I bloM ihvi fur Itiuiu. Gud ! Ciii^y hni'i twrod m* 
b««t frlHiib^ iny nx«t ndnUiy phyHldftiM- Oti-0 oiul lUtrn, bdoto, 
U Ibn iwrtor irbo atAUfb ot tbu Iroa ^to uf iHvln ; Init 0, It o^oni 
uinm XT^ioonfl of inward doliulil ; for Bo whu cblhcd HimH^lf with 
uu i;ri>« la aJ rloHoiu wiiliin. 

It; hi4>py eEptTiQni>o of tLii truth Opened tat m« a now tiroapoct 
Into tlw iuTnt'!r7 of C-odrf diAjictiA^kfa to mortaK anif throw • 
snnlxir^tf rilLJmri^]i(;bt^ on ibi<wt vory oHIolw of coiMt'TadeD^iioil 
iriikb hri'l formally fL|jjjutircJ to mc «o oxoeptionaUo uid riooQij, 
If Qiid, mid 1 t0 aiyBuU. hjvlh aulTor^i nkon to bd, bo halh auo 
ynvSiM for Um cvoiy povlblo oiaiuji or rooorafy and roctoraffocL 

WlHTtforo. whoa dn oiti» Into tfao worll God alio aoit aofto^^ 
iti tBHMsblo iitU'n^liuii. to l>» iL crir« and tin nnii'loto to tha poiloa 
HmnoL If Bin, ttfirofor^, bftih th-nul Iha hiog^lom of haaTvn fhom 
witbJQ tK, auflonng ronm. on G^il't fortTn]mu>r ; ft rofajoia uid 
unfnlilA th^ br.i*-<?n pit^w i-f Our |inlUit'-ri (.'Miili>, that CHnOt, our 
*tg1ilooaiTii^!u» niiLj fiilj^r, ibi> wiry hini of vhoiH enrm^^Til It fulva- 
flon to OVivrf ajuI thjil hiyH haM upon iL 

H^re T t(Hhl( ATr. E^ith nbont tlir:^ n^H-k. unl bivi:!:; bini. i«M, tliot 
T wikx HLin« rii; filhi't uvi^iiM 1a^ uiMlnft ^* juiy hU wbiiti> M*ty ta 
rntiim fcir tlw an\^i\t lininutiLaiii wbkb Uo binl ^v<^\i ki hb Harry. 
-^Vou ipcialt irf yrjLir fatlu^r, luy il«ar. vdd lit<. aa tJiuuifh lu wv9 
tiiD rvjiitwuuLiklivD uf G^d iu Uiv iro«t»b ^tio fL^ftfiiTv to hla wTnani 
Utn HtnntmA tnli^nta. ^Vbat y>ii bato dvoa mo Blready. maater, 
h boyniid luiy bcuntjr t.Emt aror I hou^ (ill I nail, IbM^ 
forv.luy l^ Iwo of tliCJ^u n"tv>^ tfH T luri Iwtt^r Infinncil bow far 

6ooD after w« urt^ik loi%^, for tho ijroMini, of tlua bonotttnbto 
family. W« tiwn woiit at&OQjT tJ^ Otbcv- pritdpal dcbton^ ^f^tof^ 
dJKtroMva iQiEmril were groat, though their vtonces oneopt onc^ hod 
littlo emigulor m thorn. In ordor to uuihu our money go aa far aa 



WA could, WO hitrrinil b<7rv nmi i^urv throiiflh llu> towu, ccna- 
podn>lin« with the »Tcnil croilJtorh Irom Msht lo bea vir] twnlv* 
ftsd flnum ahiUijieft io iho pound ; *o that, for ulioat aU hitaJr«d 
pann^ffS W4 Ji«chairjcud a Dutotror who «i>ro lalcUod to tha ainuqnt 
of a ihoiunnd. 

4>n Tuondji; ikbont dooti. in tKo fast week, I itvppod to Ur. 
ItuthV, Ui NO if tlw laxniU tuhl Ih>ou tlocontJy dwJ, «4[nM*blo t« 
nqr roquoft. TboDk 1 f^mid lum imd hU four icA» olotaoj (n wsna 
ud clftm, tbough vm TOuw. bpwd * wnj bo told ino dm lito 
wlf« hArl goiLA AlirOATl wllh h^r ihTM ilaii||lxtors, In ordor to pal 
tlutn *1a> into L mltJiblo condiuon. 

WhHr^ I nut u-itti him . n yonug uomjin ouno 10, of A very wntMl 
AnpAAmnrp. thi)iit;b [ii h nbilii ^Irt^H iHinT yi>n iv^mfintifir tlio kItI, 
■ir, Hiid itho, to Mr Ifiitfi, whri iuaJ to hiRid Ut jotj orvr ul^hff In 
ft in^it-n kt^rchk'f rui'l n little ri?d EiumtU?— I aliriulil Iw vi^rj nn* 

my roinfirifcliriinnu tluit nwcii juiil c.l jarilal lU' r<n»itnnnm?ft, — O *ir ! 
the cHoil. ttit fdv Khl]llTi:,'H lEiiit 1 }iji^e liEtnit-'lit yya. fiuiii tiiEio t<i 
tioiVt I'UNio frciQ a \vr\ ufRvl^jurilt tiuii^t, tljuUL'tt fiuio u liojid 70U 
Vonbi lhtl<? hiijjjiuct III rui> ^j-lTEii'ijim tuivuiJ }vn : ihvj cAiim ffom 
ymt lofine Qiccc, Di:M]i^ i£ulb. vho hAn nlif^rl nmn? a sboin^fi' of 
team un jour muftrrtimcvi,— Kliiy lii^vtn (m bi^r (lottlunH cni.<d out 
(he Knod tiiJiu, Aiiico tnttN !uu4 MrUiiii^ <i|iJiLi to h> niiub iccxhUitm! 
^Indeed, irir, oiiiitiuiiud Ihfl irirL Iho little thiit your nircc ncot 
yii^l wM protiuvl wilh luuch ^lllctiUr and dan»r to h«rDo1f ; for 
TTi/ia Ibo tiirio tliJkt« 4D bfir Lnf<M hthI with n dckujp of toon, fh* 

Cutilionc^ her fullior in your ln^holf. ho tfii>t a wotpbrul oyo OTW 
■>r, lutrl to^k &\>ni her oU fAniily tniiiBi no thikt ebe bad nothiiiff 
wbcniviiii to «iipplj rou MO«pt tJu priM of vomo out ffDwn*, Ui3 
of otbor littlo m»LtUn tJiot idio fdgaod to havo loit Horooror, 

STortJ awhile reUnnontlr. thnt if oror iho ftuiii*hftd yoo vWi Uio 
nil a! a fcnhing, or h--|it nny kiml of oorT«ipxid0no» wlUi yon 
or with ytyan^ ha ttoald <lUowii Asd tnm bcr Into thi> pulUc 

YoE) alAnn m^ orrnHtly, rr]f?d 011I Mr. Kiilb, Th «iiy thlnjj; AmiM 
— luui or J tbint: hiifii*n*>L! la my lifinr rhSlil? ^hi> wiw n Invnly 
litttif lainb — tv lillln nn^l frtim hi^r iTfLille, thmidk I «l»tiltT not 
kiiov hex nuw if nb'? pIji^mI vrvct Ivfurv iim. 1 butw* 1 cay— U^U 
mo— -^iToceod, I b4*i:'*ti'.]i ytnt ! 

Thoro mw ft nmuit. nir. n luim uboni yrmr mtoc thuiiuht rcry 
Cdthftil, Hiid Uwrefcjiv inlruHlvd 4t(1i tLu Kucrvl of uiji^Liiiiit- iv 
yon. tb;kt 1>o mlifht fLllj^inL ruid nr^r- mtr Mftr XmtV Lt^oin, T'ua fellow, 
prwatLuW on tl»o tonljileiicc tlut woa p]ac<k1 in him, would thii 
mondnjf lurfl iak^ti lilwrtit* with fu» ^ount; iu»lir#, TliiA «ho 
montea in n 1«('uniinif iiiiiniior, njiil ihrvfttooDrl to touinUin of hl« 
lDw1cnc« to bJar father. Tbo rcicnp^fiil viUiun instontty mn njid 
told du> tJ^ to his lord, with nuar «|rrtnvut]uuH, hi« thorj^^h hin 
dftogbtcr *^M robirioif him nf uti hU nahtttinci\ Thor«apoD ihn 
WW hftstilT «allod, mJ having in put conrcAod tho oht^gOi my 
lord 4rvwliT« Hword in hia funr, whi»roap««, ^^ing a nbrnk and a 
nddcn iprljij^ idi^ imt nnt Of bli pvwnco, Ulrl hn^ sviit ci* to 
■nowj idj if Tou wilTbo plooMd to no^ro hor? 



Tci^«rl0d Kr.ltiith, to nj boaom, to mj b<«vtt «fif] tho uuno 
piMiv* Mn4 vokMn« fLM a oanvi?<t i«o»iv«« pu^l^i ou thv b(«r 

of *Xi»CHtlOD, 

JtKt then Mn. Rntli ontcrod, with hrjr throA daDC^item. wfM^ 
mimmjc up Ic t!^fr fjktlii*^ 'Iroppod tii|,i*lh('r <>a Ihvir Irima b«fon 
Un for A (hln^Inif. 

WMU hi* hjuidi mjti[ tyrtt went nbid In pr^c ov4^ Iham, Iha 
jomig^ dTLTiifr^iL' KtttiiKxl cninr"THly uji, uirl filuor ou luer kwtA 

III*', Mfv4i inn Il^iv O nij fftibcr ! I lun fk>ar niixvN jvur BeUnrkL 
Mj GiUior 10 ui> 111017 ! YouiTi inr Lc^L U tho UUo, yoon all Ibe 
iKiwrnJout I uu»> ill nif Umi, itii|>oiKl ou vooT 1«uib lur ft nionol 
r^r hn.tiuK— Mf Ijialljcr, \aj tmlJbcr d«ad! cJGdftiined 111. Katlu— 

111? b. 105 Icifil , [ihp Tf pliod ; ho woo wiffixntod t? Uv ritum; cWlcr 

\\lttfo tiic yonU2 Utr spoke, Mra. Ruth bokod ta epfU tcrrUod 
l»jr tho tiilino of vucih a mdiioii «timit;oTi ; nn'! dapjiiti;- horbuidA 
togothor, jxnn Uftlng hor ojioa, 0I1O cdal— It i^Anrtirt liti, it U i»- 
noMlblof Oara tho titlo^ ours th^ fortunn! U my Qodl-^ toy 
bubnMl l—O Efty ehUdftfi I— ttnd down bJii^ drojijwcL 


Wwirt Thary waa qwnWnr. NH «bv n vimuin ctuuMng t>«fan 

one of thu wiTi'k*wn; hn«L WWnij ontin*tlT At lii>r, h** jfnvo » icudJiai 
Jump, HTi*l ilkJiJ^lng iifn-nii, itIj^lI— i> *!r, uirl my mummy, my 
timiiLiny ! Ihiir*!*^ my nuimriij'. iw Ram lu (by ! 

finn, Kf*Lt, i)L!iln[TTl;. I'ntKl ^1r. Featon. imd aHl Joiim to mo. 
JunM, yo]l11Hr^( \ht^ vonum vihn ^le Netl ftom Hb panrnt^ ; hiite 
■n oyo to Iwi, ilo nol li^t iicr i."MniJeI OrJor Fi-flnk to iiik<' 11 horw 
tttnA v^ with all rjiotid to Mr, iini1 Mm, Fielding, thi^t thfiy nuiy 
COEDO JUi4 loi'^w, ijf ri BUftly. vl^^cb^^r Nvirl IP theh' ''hilJ or Q4>i^ 
Btay El ii]cini>Dt: nd »ociii fw viJi bnT« t,i7C]i Fi«u1e liifl onlcru, laliQ 
the ro^ uf ih? «trvaiitfl a&<1 luy hoM on this bod womui; hrma* 
htiT into thn liMLVi ly ft>fev, niit! cyiifini> her in raio of »iic Iiik« 
room* tail Mr. Fit^Iiilnt; iLrri^i^t. Fy ^1 Ncil'* octxiont, the muit Lo 
ft rory eod crontnrc. ninl iJe-en-es nej friToiir. 

J*nM vohl. oiEt ^illi riUi'riiy u]>o[i liip t'omiTjipMiori > oni.l, having 
onoouto^l roihttorc njtb hk itcicaiitoTaod pimotuftlity, ho ntamod to 
tbo oompmy. 

O, SDT I orioil Junea, il &» irn|Kr«d1j1a that llits ifOfDJU ahould b« 
NodA nuumny, Afl bo c&llal bar. This ie «omo unluppy docMod 
pnjtJovomui, w iiui^cvnt of tiio !ict, I dure oitfTor. m II10 cluld 
ciLt^um. 1 uq sorry, with «J] my hooii, thnt t hurl btr uNd Bo 
miif^ly B«Aid9, bIt, iho la lo fl^nf thai ^ho ouit nnitwiar to any 
Ihinp^ of whTirh iibr mny ho [u-i*ri>i04l. 

Wlnin wfl f'K^k hi-r Ix) hjmil bIit? vnut tt*rriWy frieht*d- Com*, 
lay* ], tiilnti'cs*, yon mi^st nnw irivi> an jurninnl of nil yonr mli'Vftd- 
sum*^^-^iaa% mtB siin, tlnni*? Wo. Imt Enlliilri ; fl™ mflrs hryoml 
Eulbsli], vFiih tbv Ber. Hr. CnUuLrincd-— I know nuihlug^ uuO I 



aloiiil, of ynnr EnArlils or vinjt CftlbAiirLM: hut 1 t«U you tlutt jvu 
must DOW atayittr tor tho ]lr<< thiit joa bihro kiL— Dcud, doftil ! mjv 
the, <>jl1 frTbid [ A dMir nnd cood nuutrr ho waa to mt^, 1 un snro. 
1 littTo Urtil with htpi Ui«*c ftvc j'liirA, ftiid hc» i.t;i* ido moncj 
Onoiuf'i to hoar my chiirgnii: but I r«1] iloh iit r^t. Albnn''i odtI 
■pent 411, a&d 1 ha.m Itoii thcdo thri?o davs crrcpiii^ ^^ton^t and 
bocglDfc wharowttlul tn k'>i^p lifo in m^ va iIia wny. 

All you Bij, Jun«, eriod Mr- t'^nton, ikn ivwftnni Foomd protly 
fMtitbId; « <l«af t»<TVDj]t, bou-«vor» it j»omL?itiing uncommon. Uo to 
faor younolft NorL, mid ol'M<irvi> lior rnnr^i oxaoily; tfir if >vh^ «b« 
■«ys bu ocj tJriTth in It, It u impoBublo tOia t^boiilit L« Timr 

HaiI ATOoTVlinsrlv wi^nt, but rAliinti^tl nnrVr OTid^nt O0afkMto& lAd 
^nioal^jr^l doFi t knnw vhiit Xa th^nk, idr, ^r fhlft itMtt«f, etUtt 
Ned. nhen I look at the g«nllr?woiniiii'ii Tnt^, I could tvear, 
tvwDty times ov«r, to at^tj r>«ntrv ; liul^ whrtn I Ivoh at ifif dreM 
imd nuniuTs T cnidii AffnJn almoul Aikntr A^driht bi-r fnco. 

Nsire pcr}>1nil7 juIlIl-^I (rr^al]; to Mr. Fimtiiii'i ctirLtudlj. Hn rpt 
uif til h?iH(4> ujil nt^il ill iwiB^iQ (■> iiiHiH.^L't llit^ yttrif. Wbvii zio 
ciilcrvd, be naw a ^uonif wirnun wbit Ittik-il very pnlo itnil klcklr, 
but of a c^ntr^cl ikpjicnnmn?. and nriitlj' ihcaiirA plnintj drcModi 
S1ji» <.viTt iT|xdi hiiij A w.-iiaiblr> on-l pcnclritinc- kick, tnui curtA^D|E to 
hint, with ilowmul fiyiTP— ^it> »mij aIiv, /Our tiwioQOO t>lb me that 
jtPTi ttTQ maHtfir hori>. 1 knuw Eotliir iilMtofiWo 7oar|ic«vlQhATO 
(nnfint^d mo ; but if it in on anj maBpcion cif miibebavioiir, I havv 
here thf] oomcftto of* voHbf mw tod * itTMt Mint, vho TonchM 
ftt Ico^ tot tibo hmoccnoo of 1117 ocni^aci — Ueco ib« proMoted 
him vitli a pap«r thrtt coTitiiin<sd Iho followuii; wprdt ;— 

* I cortiff that iho booror bath aarr^d mo npwnrdj of IIto jcatb. 
In inAlil^orbonwkoopvr and inrcndjint of «Tiy fiTikiJj; imd thnt tht 
In a Tminif vom^n of dij^tinir^iiftho'l pittj nnif meirSl. UTid drpiulj^ At 
her uwn dntra^ on koho ]~>u«]|]C« ti) Lon^ton. Gifpfi nurior mj 
bHrul, Ace. 

On rearlliif: lhS» Mr, Tcntcn bcv«it, uid Trtwle n iDotlon M'ilb hU 
had forh«r to nJtdowir He 1h«n towk a |wn jwiI jinijur tLikl lay 
boddo bio, uid wrote to t1i« |>iJi7>:<«>, tlul be rc<|u«tod hcrr to 
tdlow hJiD to di^talii hi-r ixrlilli-'Ult for nLotil nu hour : nS\vT wbidi 
h« wuulil rdom il* luid r^ii liMivour tu m^ her Amcuilt fi>r tlio 
imliMCpmliit: troftCmeat nhivb hU |ieopli> LmI iihen her. 

Da cuthur hf^r *jt ovrrr tb<^ poMT, die rude a low ciirt«x. and 
add — T ahfti) williu^'Fj iiir<in'L mi-, aorac Jjnr pIcArarc ; bnt Dopo. 
fn ^ meuk iIetlo, iIi^it /»ur diurity ^ilTubrd nea dotmI ortinxr 
of th« frafrmcnbi -nf jour Iaoi m4«], 

Mr. Fentm thm pvUod a licti, and hariiic ordero4 eoiiM oold 
Bv>4U and Kvfno bo bo wrrcd, ho bowed, utd withdrew to Ida 

Xod. «ud bOi OS he oator«d, thii woman H Ju-e n^ tDu»h the 
OPinreii <4 EuiuIa » «iio In joor nuuaTDy. Horo, Mr- ( trnnoit, 
briK at tiila cortiOnto ; 1 bavo no rouon to doobt tlio tjnth of Iho 


TBK TOOf- 0^ QrALlTT. 

dimrt^r ehiii la It, for Iwr ptrxrai nnl nunntni are cr^ry v^aj 
IM n ChffmiJfa 1 un lony m heui ilwt 1 nr rl fo mdi & bun; fbr 
^Vr. uiUn.V1efaUiig;1tinv Uinrfthr mJml a Hiri Qf eK{K«lAt(M 
lb dwm. ami ft maj f« ronr morriiyii]^ to h&te that PipniAUud ■* 
il|ililial> uil »r; whultjr iIvImIccL 

Some Uma iJtcr a coach ontl ail frotJiIli£ hcmr* ilri>rc up to tlw 
4ooT,«adttr. nnd Un. Fioldiiic nU^ted. withakitnlariiaptfivrioe 
toA trcpldUloQ appATcul hi Uiolr coaiitoxtuiw. d« toon 9A Mr. 
FoDhm ruul dtilj ro»ivoi] luii) juntci) Ibcm— Hy ibar uiailMD, wji 
hs to Hrt> li'zldJiu:. T t^iink mywlf torj acilinpj In IwviDt; nrvn 
7m It dool fif una»cMiiry tr^juiilr^. yiy jioor NvI h?rO| hw bovft 
litleriy suabJEon b tbo i>«non of the womjui vimm ho took 1o b* 
1^ muarTtj. The OArtilkato vS lior oirtain raudanoe bow a dato 
•r*a provfoHB to that tn whiolt wD Unm-i liim and tier A)pi>r(D<mt 
ii ttt^ro than o ibctMUul t«Miinaitk» umiitft bar bdng of th« 
iflranil^rini: or flioolat# clou ofwopk* lb pkoaeil Hr. n»ldiiifi:» 
to Took m^M* Ab oorHncftta ; l tUrJc ft ha« idl th» nurtoi of Al 

Hifl irii^imi>fii IhiL Mr Ftnlfflnj]; nmt hlii>j4f Oa the ^nvr^kw*^" 
krukwn fhiUTirif^r. lnrl<vic|f 1u^ ni^'bimnl. Tt U thn namt tf Mr. 
CaUuHiiE^if my lutor, my fricD'l : thiT man nf tha vorM, mcciitlng 
juarwir, Mr rinfotii) fur whr>ui 1 Iviiir tlii^ thmn-wl rFHiiKi and afi<^ 
dofi. Tfn <|n>4UuD »ji 1x1 rniulo Hf iui> Cvh^ lij w}jK-h b^ wti hb 

Atu! uitd Htl Fiflldiair, Ihrra nil the bopiui wc Lad caDmiwI 
aniBt ii4:tJ» Im cwil unidv. Jfi7r¥ <Mrm« uur imrw, loo. iKwf wumon. 
bi groat hiurt«: [ rent hot won! tlmt wc btd found tbe puvA 
•whm wo aiiBpMJto] lo hnxt tstoloa our child, ojtd dcair«d nid aha 
irould moDt mo hniv dinxtjy. 

Whilo UifL Ficliljn^ iipaV«, rmTK mtcrcj pnntjTii;. and EUmoit 
htathloM: HO'L wilhout tKiliiIrn;; <<t tiilini: any notice of tbo 
OOttpviy— whora, »h<j hiulil/ c-riv-d, w'ltnr<^ 1« tli« Ujj, laEul&m, wbom 
jon M^tpoaD to be your cLiM 'f 

AhtJaiMtt%] aab9 Mrn- Kk<lcIii)K, wo were qvott> miKtakoo tn ILo 
woman whom tM jnujM^tod to bo tbo kidn^ppar^ ahI «> that adUr 
li aJi ov^rdffnhL 

1 hiVti Dovibkir to My, «Ti«i1 nnrt^ fo thin woman or t^othvr 
utam ; hut yon mnit oat hnvn flnoilmr IxMly'i oTiitd put imrm fa:i. 
If ^ la fndocd your win, 1 nhall knmt htm ia m iiimuit : I ffiouM 
kn»w hlrn from nil t^ti ciiildTbu lhn.1 pn-r wl^re >H>ni. — Wliy, nTino^ 
frrli^d Mm. Flr^UtlTi^ oajfnrly, do toii ktinw of Any n»inirt1 nuirk, or 
mok, or »*|>crt, by vrMch jc» rauJd tnccjw ai Mmf— He hint ni>«di 
•jxjt uiwa him. lua'liuu ; hul, if hv he u liviuj: 1>uy. Iu9 hai a muk 
W mj f>wTL iiiukln^ th;Ll uifVi:r wtll out. Hint UatVri tint mtfh>n thai 
1 iifcuer rlftfoil to Icll yt-u of it— Wuil mark, ourac, nbrt ^catk? 
toll mo LiAlAitltj, 1 W' vuu. 

Wliv, itoblrLm, yoti irin^l know jia hiw thn w«athAr vrv rery COht, 
H hoEatC twc^lfth dfiy in (.'fir.ntinit^ hi^lidays. So yon amt tnj maplair 
irorc fix>m home on i if<i'.m^i rind I ba<) n r'>ii«uvr flro down, aad n^ 
«h!ld fitO0<I Vy tiiy kfitc^^ licEn^ JiuaI ih^m twclwi moalha ntn^Ucn 
dajn &ld,a&dBP sturdy a fdtow of fata iigo anil iodmaa any could 
dcrin lo MO, bio tho Mtt all «t nkoo, 1hr«v dffw* oodw orodcory 

TffE FOOL or <frALTTT. 


wjLr« bohlDii rao. Vp I tturtM, to ha sui^ nnd run to toTo flio 
T«9«]fi; Mit, h^-trir)K nir dulil ti^F^^n^i, 1 tunxvl much tLfmN^r bufc 
a^o, tmil f'juitd htm falErTL wltb blfl llttto tu^Ji ni^Dct thv appAV 
btf fit tlio gntc. It wiui woll tliiLl 1 didn't dio on tho apot, for 
Ihcn be nutn bhTo ^liAfl uh'. Ko I ifvhlM>i>d him up in 1^7 nrma, 
.liW hfl nJiriflkwl ftnd roflTiMl Irrrfblj. nn J got mTno Hifl^'nlng 
diMUn atif\ fljirvwl It uvi<r thci bnm, unfl T pnt n filuUT ii|»iu ihnt 
R^iin; vii) 1 c^iveral th« jiIaoo froni duy m ilnj -41 i^t^ll hiH 
c*^ Out iwlth^r you nor inj runtcr knew fiu; Uiin^ cif Uii^ niAltirr, 
Bnt t]]D »tupfT cjf bfi hurt w«nt sa ^^^P Irilo iny tivnrt and i[ib> inj 
EiiLMnurji tlmt, ub I v w MrW. mUil fftiU tvij, 1 hlivukf krjuw Iiiiti hy 
H ttfitiii uiiiitiji nil ttic chtldrca fai nil tlio vorld, 

flo ihcTu tDj dmr imnK oriod Un^ Fielding ; pc immwlintcTr, 
oud oxuniiDo if ttii« Inj da* 70Qr ituvk apon uiu.— Is 1lu« lliu 
iDuMtor, iQftdiun. whtiTn ycm «a«>f*t to be ytiar snu ? — It w, nnmo, 11 
b; mj hMtrt tjok a liuiv t<o mm the fint laomcnt 1 »w him ; ho 
loo ma ttoioD fram hl« |anmtii, and taaj ^ volL b<i uty fwn M Ibo 
«0b of uiothcr. 

Here narsu mfid» n hvdy frU>r» or Wo lowB-td Xrtd, Imt nddtnJj 
tfOptJinff ofbl turning piUn— aKj TnA^Lunt ahn <i1<i>f, 1 vMi yon 
woold ffo oojI tiy j'ourHlf : tbv wctm^i. if ho h>« it, lh Jiut nndct bl> 

right »r: fr>r i( 1 nhtral-J fintk. indr^d. Uiiit cm u niy vvry cl^Id, I 
el^l otrtjLinl^r mn iniHd ot) tha \^ry tpjt 
nnno, 1 rtwfl tioT try for thr wnrW, vd 
Alr^adf ill of a IrpttiUp, 1 tmfnv j\i'l h\yn. 

K^avf. iht-n plii^^king up » link T<*nl«tinn, BTfppwT HnddmlT In 
!f«d,iaM timod "j> hi* hair; vlion. inking ■ kiiul Kpmrtn. Jih<*luu1 
Jnut &e powvr (u C17 out— M^ child, iii/ >:1]I1J. iity L^liildi mid 
dropped down In to bn^nbhiii^' Ul nf hjHtnriisi, 

Mix l^ftMIiig, tat hoaring hur niirv ciy 'f^^ ^™^ luuiti1> f^m hnr 
dij^r, AiiJ wunla Iibto ^tii^ tu I'niimoc htr kih. but GlIUui: iiifttaotlj 
biuk ftbft fniutml ftwnv. The |«i<n' uurru*, howoror, w»i not >o 
hA|jp7' Shf liactkt? forth nL timci into cnavuldvo pcttln oT latii^lor, 
di&t mode th(< bouBi? ritic ^ rvod j^nuti nho fclL into fito of W«<^n^ 
ftO oatrBfT^fjii^ And liilt^^rlr dtv^iliLli;^ u no bmrt under tJio tompa tn 
•idunnDt tatXd oupport. 

patti'Ul><. Mtn. H^iMin^ nr^r^ror!, uid aojLriiif^ Ibo tridA <>f h<ir 
nono, no want imd nmkMd down hy her, and u-cpl witt hor 
«ld Otor her, vhllo bor lonn rrov^l .\ -ttiutumihlo rv-ttirntiro to 


Jlm oeon M Mt. FicMjilct f^rmd ihut Iii* Ijdr vnt wrW rT<ovrrDr|, 
bo tnnwd U} Kod. and lifting bin luUr. nliuiriMil f>iH renDii^kixblo 
Mvn tbnl ttio bum hiul miulc^. Tt 1*^ fi it mj child! hn Icni-lrrljr 
ori«il O mj Godt bow 1h Thin? whrrvin bnvc 1 deuTtpd Ifar 
nUllait notloo or mirv*!, tlmt thnii tibrnddi-vt thiiA TifJt inii wftb 

nwandei^Mul kxj IJiy morv^m |iut ms to ooufijidcin of fiui>? 
r«ni Nnd knoolod rut<p«ctfiiUjr ihiwn for a IdoaJne. vrliiih bU 
fatluTr iltfnitjy uftUod uwa hiu witb HIM Laoda lAtT rji.'h Ho 
IJbcn nuwil hiiD, thOil snlfic dcmi look him fondly to hi^ Ih.ih>]il 
TUw -ir I. li"'o "it my von, my bolorcd pion, he ericl ; my iiiat uut 
my Uet, tiio flidj offiiprtiv of tuy bowoLi 1 thuu aluUt tw umro bo n 


rns POOL OF ^r-iL/nr, 

vn^trar. hq Tnom bo a t>ce^nf, mj Imhn ? Tbrioo tloaMd 1m oat' 
DMOnCf ftOil trtifald blutvoi liiy fiitura fciturjo! O th&l our lirei^ 
nr cIIM, mi'ieltt bo mtfllo ob« wboU obUtion to liim frorti wliom 

^ tlii* timo tbo sono^ dt^npcr uraa KroAtlr ftbat«4, thoii£h 
i^ still ootttirottd tftnauljr low aod fo«bk^ and did not ^-m 1o 
rMoDiMtT tiscopt hf bkt glimmoriji^ vqr miittcr that bad pcuwd, 
JIt. KaldiEic tb«n (rropoM to takt> hor io town to th« phjwduai 
otMr^Df tb*t llMn mtt room ttun^ for li«r and 71«d in 
tlMtr QiniiMt Mid tf Idiii i^«ldukg muo no AXM^^tion. tbo cowb 
wa« ordoTvd t^ tm dinoUt to tbo door. 

K<«r Nod, diutnir tl^ ™^ ^'*'' ■" <^ pomn *bo fludEAtod 
botvDon th» <1rMd of latTing known ud wrt&tn ^njityirjrcln, taid 
thi^ luijif* *iC xtMMtttg Hnkovthfit Ibu Im hiil not ^-i ijimmI. 

Mr. FIfilitlnff Ihoo atoepod nti, fit a Und (if <|d1l4( npturn, to Mr, 
FfffiVm. He cBiif^t mm in bm urm* — Mj dfoirOMt vir, be crf«d, T 
lov©, 1 rcvpeott I rovtw^ ynn, nvpn ii-'it t<i rny lh>l! Wlxni, <Hn I 
rotnm ynii? wimt slull 1 ha; Uj yonJ AU Ibnl I ata or hiiTa ilDkB 
out of BL^'ht from yoiir UrDrrflti.-^I am bleneJ, taj ilovj jdl. 1 am 
Lilumud bvyMnt) titLir<.:^i>n> ttrpli^l Yr, PuriUm^ tn boioif uuilo KD 
bmnSlc in«timjiiint cJ bEhtiruinvn Io u wmtli/ num. — O dr ! oiiftj 
Mr. FloldiniTH vrhat tTttiU next to tnlrihciiloiu F W« cwnfi to JTOUT 
di^r, but mv wcir nut pr^ruiittot to xmaa ; our [»rrfaffi» bruko for 
tbft |irir|>0H ; ><'ti Dim t'>lil iih uf l)iU fi^iin<Uin^ ; but wluil likntn 
hood tbiLt union;? miUJ^m.* b« nboiitd hapt>an to bo onn? Vcxi ihoa 
prapOHil an v^tpclionl for i^oj^rtaimnif Ibo peruiv rrom whom bo 
VM UdsApptiU Thin i;:(|K)iHrjif tuAn'l, (}od, however, would 
dkccTor him. Mid hnd foroflr-LiiniMl tfao mtoitf. Ho «4 upon bJm 
on biJnbiteblo murk for xhv purpono ; nonv kni?w of thi* btrt bi« 
none, ftndfdm hu rovoaloil it. itA't tmj or\o rii ihitm roiuxy ciroam- 
Btonooi boon wnntnig, our child mivt hnvc continuD' I a irtmn^r to 
n tor •TOT,— In^l»<X•«^ ■■id Mt, Kerir^m, iU^j .ins ^H oononrtiag- 
Dpxfli that Ton ano tm^r the mjwpinl *»yfi nf I'roTijl^mrtv Unl, rtr, 
I fivkr w iJml1 hnvo a hoxvy Itm of cur friifn-I Xcri ; for, tboog^ 
lie drtf» not vjini bia tjakW fkitlrN, ho hn \^rrr>i7-b<ihrtM! rhilrf, vid 
ft vory nlpjiMnt i^omponton,— ^> sir! rrtail Mr. J-'ttslIbp, j^il iJid 
Muler r'l'nijjii butu u rl^^ht In cTiininiui^l bath him uiii iin nt oil 
tinjua. l!iit uixii^i, N>C, tiJLrt Imvo ftir lb<< imwnr <if juiir bnit 

Here y^-i, wilJk AUinc ^lycn, ntcnped rwpeatftdlj to Mf. I^utov 
i\:3i1, kuoTiline T^foTf hirn, t^i^k tuch uf his hiLnifa imr) kuood tiiomi 
orrins — My Mhi>r! my faihorl vW''ii|mn M»» Fonton tondor^ 
rusfnl him. and, pr^Mibj- hint nffb(?ttiniatc1y to hU boMm, cviod^ 
Ood K-> K^d t<v ynu, triy m>ii. Ni<\ Di^tlco jou a Ucennicto fOOT tnw 
p^rfrilt^ nnd to all your fcn ! 

Nod Ibon taraod to llEury. and tnkitvf him ht both hdAjfa^ and 
Inolrinff him fiwrlly in th<^ &oo— <> Miijrt^r Hony. Ma^iw HAity! ho 
criod: [ noTcr nhall bo able t<* Hiy the Wf>rd iii-ow^ll to fod, tnr 
Atfljitor >Ijirry ! 1 vu hungry und yon fod mo, 1 voM nftiod ftnid 
Jon clotbofl mn. 1 wu n 0trHrig«r ond rou look mo in ; ttw wtolft 
worid to mo wfls fftlhorUoi ond tHcmdlntfv vhon yon wero fMber 
and mntber, vti i vholo vorld of Crioo'lt to mo, tkj tnu lord ajvI 



mnaioT, llniry! An y^n not mro^n-^r? bjd I not jour proporlj, 
your owiL luKl bi>Uiftit l>uv&i»? IVn) jt'U DOt jiurcluM me <tiUi 
yi^iLir rtripc*. and vtith yi(Hir pr«dotu Uood wd wU] yoa «iid«r iu« 
to H Uua&war from 700,11^ h^art** mukr? 

Bnti Bunr, avnUowiDK hlP Mf^acm n» ^vlJ a* be mu Able, 
citfpoi K«d m hk Annii And cTf&l^-My brotbor, nf^' I^Kiht^r, tnf 
frienfl aad bif-tfi«r for crcr! Thou tqnun^ to Mr. odlI Mn. 
Fkldinff, u^ wSfdlEifi bb ^o*— I bo|>«, vauUnt, I boj^s vir. mvr bo, 
tbnt yo^ tdD «icium hd foting IHaihil hero, for bi« piuhiiflTy to ■ 
fkaily who havD lovod bbn Ion; nad tott dicnrlj ; fn a littio luno^ 
to bo mro, ho will Iato ftA't r«<irH>ot you both, nbavo «ll tit* vori^ 
tbong'himt dlogQthdr. Though l s^omfo port with liini,llkaarlilv 

^vorthy pfirwiU; btiiI I hopn. T eny, ihAt yon wdJ DOtb« uflbnJod nt 
hii oonMTn fi>F pulhig vlth bin oU] rHj^niTu, 

So. my nablo cTc*taT«v rrioil Mr. Kl4t]i1inirt ve nn tlellgbteil «t 
thd iiTTior iliHt hi> j^iTM <<f hlM k'T'Liiiriili-, mxl At tbo rtnnjct.ti of hb 

Ub, ait I Oh. lOuUniJ Kiyv Nrtl (iLinirj;; t]i4.^hici]c1)i ufbir fioroatAj, 
dU you but taum thu ^aliif.i iif what I Ivtv, *hr\i I h^ii?, vrLon I 
IcATo— «nd bore Ito bur»l iiffcjjj inui wtm. 

Mrs. Fiolilini: Ibc^n touk Sod io her unfA «"l tenderly cmlinxdiiR 
hSiiiH crivil — Wt dc", Kiy Jti*v, vtc •]o kiiow Ihe tbiW i)f ibv fMuily 
that yon Tohvt ; nild it t* Iho If^t umt the d^^itr^U vbb of my hocLTt, 
that wo nb^ruld all btmnio ta one faniily and ub ono boutcholiln Thi* 
tn|:ial hcr«« lU yon uj, itt yoor ritrbt^T owoor: lUid wc ^rwo him 
mora on thiat aoct^nnl iIuul <iiTr «^io1o fortuno <!an pay, and ha iJudl 
b«To you 9* lont; and 00 tituti a» over ho iileasca: hat for thio 
Bilj^ttinydariiiViU vonldboTvijnnkLiidliottOro y^'tii your oond 
mme, ycnr tno and lorhig nriAinniy, who ho* nimrod m much for 
johtmu; and bor vuo roquhvi that wo ihoabi t&ko h«r fm- 
nodiately to th* doctor^ 

Ror^ }i w\ aiuiubuoofl ; and hav!n()r tokon a TMpiLng l«<aro of al) the 
ftimily, not forgottia^ ihu n«iuio>t Kcfvotit in tbd bmuo, Ih* ftirppoil 
dowly Sato tlio oonoh. >«t 'ktvn Ity hii nnne* anil iwwy ili«<y rlroTi^, 

Aji DMin an thn fnmlly of thn npltfln/n vitro pum, Harry wlih- 
drvw to hi* i^hnml^r nnd lix^krd himii^lt in, wh.\\v Mr, Fonlon went 
to eiifhiTwblMi hit Uir iirlhntirr. 

IIiT fir^t mitirnrvl ilii^ i-tuIlfW^ilo In bi^r, and thfn prunnlii^' bt^r 
with tnimly fiiiiii^!!]^ hi* ImjwinI ±iu\ laaiU-. a mutEon wrtli hi*i liiuid tu 
thv '.hor. tuiiuuilJiv; tiul tiliv uru iit libttty lo dtrpuil wboti the 
IlKxigbt propvr. 

Uariruc lookei) HTord timoo. with lilcncc and ourpritw, now •! 
Mr. Frrli^) umS n^In Lit tin? moTK^y— I Bhuitld W v«ry ill dcterrlof 
of yonr Ir^niiiiy, tir, >b>i huiI, kbrnild 1 ilkmpt any Uofrcv to bnpMO 
mm yon. 1 om not d»r« ■« you impiuff d h H vd« anly u iirbfit« 
vaiob 1 nudo lur^ of» when tak'^n nilo custody, to avoid on^^'oriTW 
qiLttrtiionfi, Ifiit yoii ttHik *o ■ltcwi<lh'^r tho c^ntknuui ind 1h« hintt- 
nMrtod Chriotlnn, thot I think I ought to faaro no roBorro of any 
kiivl towru^l yoo. 

Jta vt^iLfiVfl Ihiiri, fBud Mr. Ftulont t9 fuj W pn]d*nc« ^11 oUcfw, 
to lot mo know who «nd what yon 019. 


nrr fool of ^p^r-irr 

i!ii0^flF,ahAroptl^tlu1 1 AinTcij rarfmm Ixdng «4ut 1 wm, 
otbonnio I rfwoU Co Ui« very Tik«t of thr> vile, WbofUarfi, it jm 
wID ailMr & WMJdj wonmi to iAt> I «tJ 1*11 ymt ib« «ltol* of nj 
■lurt fUrf, ^ih DiA MJBO opouuMi thai 1 nu^it oimfaaJoa of nj 
ciiiB to IfliiQ fhxD vhom aloiw I otat IdoIe for riioirtaiiii 

ShH ili'in nnTrfti««l Id Vr, Ffmton lh« bi^MDM of b«r hittorr-^ 
tt wriM n tnlft or unrrow, of ramdiTn, uTi*! nf irfn. ?*r hii-l l*#n Hfir*i*r- 
huuE(L'1cr<F.-|t^r in tJi^ Fltttrflnj; bmily. nipra nhi? Iind farmih] ui 
ftlteu^trii'iit tit ft wurrJiTn* Mid t'l^l^lTHte ymm^ miin in Ili4 nrfjHv 
bonrdiMJil. vhit hii^l vJml hut In auari^^; oat thb ni^tw Mr. 
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but tbo fltowardi of ibv tfouiiiy of our Ood. 

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i.)n tiifi ufiflmonn of tha foUowliu; riny, ITarfj onrl AraLrUa »imt 
to drinL i<Tii with the Widow Ni^Tiflilium'lir^ wbu rptxivL^d tboia with 
a COOuLi'iuuL^n lJj4l H^jka oja unctuuiiuiiL wu|<ij]jli,', 8(inio othor 

TBX root OF QUJLlTr 


MiDfwiT lad Arrived beroro ih^nK ah'I ror^ on ihtlr entniiu'c. 

On b«kriTk4C tm miof- of Mnsti:; t'fUton. on ^Idcrl^^ i^fntlt^woraan 

vm i:if that noblo fiVMitlcroixA who 1wc« on tbo hlQ?— Ho I«, mmUm, 
Buiil Mto, Nriif-lLboiirlf. — Biy G<h!1 j UKliiimed tiw «tmtiKcr tiaii thfA 
eiick1in|;h> thn fiLlhvirof ihv t-iqihrin niut 1hitvHif(>wV )# thil bftvba 
gixii nliDQt turning *<rTTav Jotc jr-f '/ who wk'ci Iho teatv from Iho 

b«]«vod cbiM of Uh) fallMr vrhtob i9 In h«Kf«ik, parmlt tat to 
appruch and throw mjwif it tho feci or mj prtAvrror I 

l*ii> *(jjiTi^. M^i? hiAA wirh k rn|>ti]rnliM iniitlOTl, And dl^^fjiin^ it 
linrry'A kn^vn, nhki L''lnii|)oil til» Ip^ odiI klOHht nip f^t, b^iciro he 
oonlrl proTcint brr 

Poor H*ny. rrnH-b to l* litfle*!, Mt iuii*>n1i>bf'fT, abiuliO'l) and 
itMnvH^d Ui t\w UhI doKn^c. At tutigOi, riit^uUi^ctln^. und <1^*(l- 
^H^ing blcitHilf vith dif^K-ahy—^ly ilnar lujidniii, hi? rjiei}, ymx hurt 
OLL- ^rvntly: wlut tkuto 1 liirne tliat joq KbcLuIi tut mi» tu w 
niTK'li iJftiii? 

Itiibo pf my hcfljt rfio crioJ, I Mti thft wife of jotir Vin'lei— 
prut ci»n Mailpt — *haiii yyu rt<kt'iuod frutu l«4i:giuTr Mid nJavcry 
<— aIioiu you ri^tr>r»l ki ]iit» vriMiT;il iThitiirr — whfifi} yoQ ny< 
Aloivil to hln iiiJrinl liftHi^htcr^-fLll [uning tiU^l penrhiQ^ ajmrt 
ftcuk Mi^h uthcrt but now ujirtoil Ly you* toy ongtl, m joy nod 


Ikro her worJi were mlFoartad^ fiDd, throwing tcpself t^ook in 
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pattiiitf bar huJidk-iiolJ-if t^> hvr CicOf (Jio ronlvd her pf^on olontL 

llAiTjr than niin(-, nnrJ ii^^Ji^' t^^udcrly to h«r. ptit hu uina «l»at 
twr, ibd kkMd hpr lunOi'sul, iwd Ibvn her lij)H."Von owo mo 
tuytbtng, mjr dmr Un. Vmilti, tnM h^, I wm aiill grcMhr la jonr 
dobt. 1 WM Ao tvty rsjnipht/ bey who l^^t^^n:ht yoor mufartnnM 
upon yon Pnt t Kin wi33iii;n tri iimkf- miK^iitirt, and ttigt vtn do 
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