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Full text of "Foote family, comprising the genealogy and history of Nathaniel Foote, of Wethersfield, Conn., and his descendants; also a partial record of descendants of Pasco Foote of Salem, Mass., Richard Foote of Stafford County, Va., and John Foote of New York City"

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Also a partial record of Descendants of Pasco Foote, of Salem, Mass.; 

Richard Foote, of Stafford County, Va. ; and 

Harvey Bronson Foote, of Ohio 

Vol. II 

By ABRAM W. FOOTE, 5979 

Please send additional family records, and corrections if any, 

also all correspondence regarding purchase or sale 

of this book, to A. W. Foote Co., 

Middlebury, Vermont 

Free Press Printing Company 

Burlington, Vermont 





Meetings 615 

Will of JOHN FOOTE, Royston, England 645 

Will of ROBERT FOOTE, Shalford, England 648 

Brief Account of Colchester, England, Castle 651 

ROBERT FOOTE, of Royston, England, our Oldest known Ancestor 655 

Descendants of NATHANIEL FOOTE, the Settler: 

First Generation, No. 1 656 

Second Generation, No. 2 to No. 8 656 

Third Generation, No. 9 to No. 20 657 

Fourth Generation, No. 21 to No. 72 660 

Fifth Generation, No. 72 to No. 232 660 

Sixth Generation, No. 233 to No. 749 664 

Seventh Generation, No. 750 to No. 1817 692 

Eighth Generation, No. 1818 to No. 3299 780 

Ninth Generation, No. 3300 to No. 4999 893 

Tenth Generation, No. 5000 to No. 6999 1002 

Eleventh Generation, No. 7000 to No. 8999 1085 

Twelfth Generation, No. 9000 to No. 9999 1117 

Thirteenth Generation, No. 10000 to No. 10002 1120 

Descendants of PASO FOOTE, of Salem, Mass 1121 

Descendants of HARVEY BRONSON FOOTE, of Ohio 1141 

Descendants of RICHARD FOOTE, of Virginia 1148 

INDEX 1186 

Copyright, 1932, 


All rights reserved. 

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Nathaniel Foote Memorial, Wethers- 
field, Conn Frontispiece 

Bouton, Eugene, 1733 (1 ) 777 

Cartmell, Robert and Eleanor Foote, 

and Children, 7251 (2) 1094 

Clay, Katharine Bouton, 1733 (1) 

(a) 776 

Colchester Castle, Colchester, Eng- 
land 651 

Colchester Castle in the Twelfth 

Century 653 

Colchester, Map of, in 1610 651 

Foote, Abigail, 2298 933 

Foote, Abram W., and Family, 

5979 1095 

Foote, Abram W., and Kate N. 

Foote, 5979 1094 

Foote, Alma, 2302 933 

Foote, Arthur Asa, 3301 1002 

Foote, Betsey, 2297 933 

Foote, Edward Hibbard, 4305 965 

Foote, Electa, 2303 933 

Foote, Elial Todd, 4588 977 

Foote, Fred J., and Family, 4802'». . 976 

Foote, Henry M., 3103 650 

Foote, Lewis Arthur, 5006 1003 

Foote, Lewis Boyden, 3497 1053 

Foote, Lucus, 2300 933 


Foote, Mabel Estelle, 5115 1095 

Foote, Marcus, 2301 933 

Foote, Mark Alpha, 3780 932 

Foote, Nathaniel, 1826 1004 

Foote, Norman Brainerd, 2747 965 

Foote, Orlando Knox, 3302 1005 

Foote, Rhoda, 2299 933 

Foote, Samuel, 2296 933 

Foote, Ulysses Grant, 4204* 976 

Foote, Verona, 2304 933 

Foote, William R., and Claribel 

Hulett, 7251 1094 

McCreery, Helen McGregor, 3356 

(1) (a) 897 

McGregor, Harriet Shuler, 3356 (1) 897 

Mott, Barbara E., 7252 (2) 1095 

St. James' Church, Colchester, Eng- 
land 647 

St. James' Church, Cloister of 647 

Shalford, England, Residence 646 

Shalford, England, Village Street.. 646 
Treadwell, Valeria Gray Foote, 

4586 977 

Tullidge, Dr. George Bowler, 2308 

(3) 896 

Walker, Dr. Helen G., 1732 (4) 

(c) (ii) 896 

Wether sfield, England 651 


Twenty-five years have passed since I published Volume I of the 
Foote History and Genealogy. Hardly had Volume I been delivered 
before I began to receive new data. 

Many descendants unknown to us were able to give their connections 
as soon as they read the book and some back to the sixth and seventh 
generation. This made it necessary to use fractional numbers. 

Errors will get in, however, we have made all corrections that have 
been sent to us in Volume I, that we know of and proofs have been 
returned to all for corrections as far as possible. 

Family records printed in the Genealogy are of more value even than 
gravestones and will last as long as we have libraries and records of any 

We have included the parents of those who married into the family 
and this will be invaluable to future generations. 

No doubt there are many errors and mistakes in the work. I cer- 
tainly have done my best to make it as accurate as I could, sparing neither 
labor nor expense in that effort. Not often, indeed seldom, would the 
same data from different sources agree as to dates and even names. Those 
finding minor errors or even important errors, I ask, under these cir- 
cumstances and the difficulties of the situation, to be as considerate and 
generous as is possible. 

I further ask all readers of this who discover any errors to write me 
of them, and also to send me any new, further and additional family data 
that I have failed to secure, making it clear and plain where it should 
come in. 

The work, though tedious, trying and taxing, has afforded me great 
pleasure as the picture unfolded and, as I, from time to time, secured 
information which for months it seemed impossible to get. No one not 
having done such work has any idea of the patience, application and per- 
sistence required to prosecute such a task. But for the kindly words 
and generous help that I have received when I began and as the work 
progressed, I fear I should have abandoned the undertaking. This 
sympathy and help with the attendant growth of the work from week 


to week and month to month stimulated and pushed me on. No one who 
has not "taken a hand" in such work, can be fully conscious of the pride 
that comes to one as his work grows, develops and fills up as he every 
now and then steals from the darkness of the past, a name, or it may be 
a family fast sinking into historical oblivion. To do this fills one with the 
thought that he has done something, accomplished something, saved 

And all this, too, with no thought of gain or even full reward other 
than unknown and unlisped "Thank you" now and then, here and there 
about the country and especially in the years to come. Perhaps that is 
sufficient. It will have to suffice at any rate. 

And with it all comes to me the conviction that it is a pretty good 
family. I have not come across a felon or any one imprisoned for crime. 
The work is filled, as those who scan its pages will observe, with the names 
of grand and noble men and women, with many teachers, ministers, legis- 
lators, lawyers, judges and successful business men, some of whom have 
attained distinguished prominence in their respective fields of labor. 

I would like to express my thanks to all who have so kindly aided and 
assisted me, but it would take too great space. I must, however, express 
my obligations to some of those who have taken a deep interest in the 
work and aided me very much. Among those I would name, to wit: 
Mrs. Edward C. Atwater, Nettie A. Bangs, Clara Beers, CeHa Foote 
Blackledge, Clara Greer Bell, Eugene Bouton, Charles P. Brown, Charles 
Burnet, Mrs. Emma F. Craft, Lutred Elliott, Burt Foote, Edward H. 
Foote, Henry M. Foote, Joel Lindsley Foote, Lewis Arthur Foote, 
Lewis B, Foote, Marcus (Mark) A. Foote, Martin Van Buren Foote, 
Nathaniel Foote, Judge Nathaniel Foote, Ora Belle Foote, W. B. Foote, 
Ulysses Grant Foote, Dorothy Foster, Mary Hakes, Claribel Haydock, 
Edith Munson, Lucia Corsson Shawhan, Ernest B. Walker, and Frenette 

We have extended and included all descendants when they were inter- 
ested as we realized that they were just as important and have as much 
Foote blood in them even if their names were not the same. 

This book would not have been published at this time, but for the 
persistent efiforts on the part of my beloved wife, Kate Nichols Foote, 
who insisted that I must publish Volume H at this time as there was 
so much data that could not otherwise be placed. Many details were 
looked after by her and my granddaughter, Barbara E. Mott, who typed 
every word of the text. Miss Clara Belle NefiP for weeks faithfully worked 
on the index and Mr. G. E. Little, Superintendent of the Free Press 


Printing Company, and his assistants who not only printed the book, but 
corrected errors that would get in. 

And now, with this prefatory story of the work, of the history of its 
preparation and its aims and purposes, with its trials and burdens, I 
feelingly and respectfully submit it to the kindly and considerate favor 
and judgment of the descendants of Nathaniel Foote living and to those 
that shall appear in the years to come. 


Middlebury, Vt. 


The numbers after the parent's name are his ancestors in regular. order 
and indicate his generation. Nathaniel Foote, the settler, is the first num- 
ber and the only one in this generation. As example : 

William R. Foote, No. 7251 (page 1119); his father is No. 5979; 
grandfather is RoUin A., No. 4712; great-grandfather, Abram, No. 3126; 
great-great-grandfather, David, No. 1675, and so on back to No. 1, 
Nathani£l, the settler. 

The descendants of a daughter born to the name of "Foote" will be 
indicated as follows: Her children by (1), (2), etc.; her grandchildren 
by (a), (b), etc.; her great-grandchildren by (i), (ii), etc.; and her 
great-great-grandchildren by (A), (B), etc., and the next generation by 
(Al), (A2), etc. 

The small numbers after the name indicate the generation. 


[The first meeting of the Footc Family Association is fully reported in Volume 
I, pages 11 to 16.] 

At the first meeting of the Foote Family Association, at Wethers- 
field, June 5, 1907, nearly everyone was surprised to find that there was 
not a marker of any kind to locate the graves of any of our ancestors in 
the Wethersfield Cemetery, and Judge Abram W. Foote, of Middlebury, 
Vt., Dr. Lewis N. Foote, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and John A. Foote, of 
Catskill, N. Y., were appointed a Committee with power to soHcit sub- 
scriptions for, and to place in the town of Wethersfield a suitable 
Memorial to Nathaniel Foote, the settler. 

A notice of the plan with a subscription blank was placed in the first 
report of the Association and, Apr. 4, 1908, a general appeal was sent 
out by the Committee. 

Dr. Lewis N. Foote interested C. L. N. Camp, of New Haven, and 
they originated the general design as carried out, but, owing to the ill 
health of Doctor Foote, he was obliged to withdraw from all active 
work. Mar. 13, 1908, and J. Merrill Foote, of Newark, N. J., was 
appointed on Doctor Foote's recommendation to take his place on the 
Committee. ^ 

The Memorial is of Barre, Vt., granite, rough hewn and is seven 
and one-half feet high by four feet by three and one-half feet on the 
base. On the south face this inscription is cut in large block letters : 

Nathaniel Foote 

The Settler 

Born in England 1593 

Died in Wethersfield 1644 

Erected by the Foote Family Association of America on the 

Original Home Lot 
September 17, 1908 

This is surmounted by a bronze electric lamp eight feet high, making 
the total height fifteen feet six inches. The base rests on a concrete 
foundation, seven feet deep. In the foundation under the base is a sealed 
copper box, containing a copy of the "Foote Genealogy," 1908; Report 
of the first meeting of the Foote Family Association, list of Subscrip- 
tions to the Memorial fund, and of the members of the Association. 
The lamp is connected by wire through the bronze shaft, down through 


the center of stone and foundation and in duct across road to pole, and 
electric light line. 

The Committee have counselled the Board of Management, and the 
following meetings of the Board of Management and the Committee 
have been held : 

A meeting of the Board of Management was called at the Park Avenue 
Hotel, New York, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1908. Present : 

J. Merrill Foote, of Newark, N. J. 
Dr. Lewis N. Foote, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Nathaniel Foote, of New York, N. Y. 
E. V. Foote, of New York, N. Y. 
Abram W. Foote, of Middlebury, Vt. 
Col. John A. Foote, of Brooklyn, N. Y., was invited to sit with the Board. It 
was voted that J. Merrill Foote act as Chairman. The Monument Committee pre- 
sented plans of the Memorial to be executed at Wethersfield, Conn., which were 
accepted subject to some changes. 

It was moved and carried that the Chairman appoint a committee of three to pre- 
pare a program for the dedication exercises and Col. John H. Foote, Dr. Lewis N. 
Foote and J. Merrill Foote were appointed. 

Voted that the Monument be unveiled on June 3, 1908. Adjourned. 
Several representatives of monumental works were present. 
In the evening an informal reception was held. 

ABRAM W. FOOTE, Secretary. 

A meeting of the Board of Management was called to meet at the 
Globe Hotel, Albany, N. Y., Wednesday, Mar. 11, 1908. Present: 

Judge Nathaniel Foote, of Rochester, N. Y. 

J. Merrill Foote, of Newark, N. J. 

Abram W. Foote, of Middlebury, Vt., of the Board, and 

John A. Foote, of Catskill, N. Y., of the Memorial Committee. 
As there was not a quorum present, the meeting was informal. 
The situation was gone over, and discussed at length, and on account of the 
strike, it was thought impossible to get the Monument ready by June 3. 

A meeting of the Board of Management of the Foote Family Asso- 
ciation of America was called to order at the Park Avenue Hotel, New 
York, N. Y., May 2, 1908, at 2 P.M. Present: 

Judge Nathaniel Foote, Rochester, N. Y., President. 

John Crocker Foote, Belvidere, 111., Vice-President. 

Abram W. Foote, Middlebury, Vt., Secretary and Treasurer. 

Nathaniel Foote, New York, N. Y. 

J. Merrill Foote, Newark, N. J. 

E. V. Foote, New York, N. Y. 

John A. Foote, Catskill, N. Y., of the Memorial Committee. 


It was voted to postpone the meeting to dedicate the Memorial bronze lamp 
and stone to Nathaniel Foote, the Settler, at Wethersfield, Conn., from June 2 and 3, 
1908 to Sept. 16 and 17, 1908; this was found necessary, as it was impossible 
to have the bronze lamp ready in June. 

Voted J. Merrill Foote a member of the Monument Committee in place of Dr. 
Lewis N. Foote, who, on account of poor health, was compelled to resign. Also voted 
Nathaniel Foote, of New York, a member of the Committee on Program vice Dr. 
Lewis N. Foote, resigned. 

ABRAM W. FOOTE, Secretary. 



At Hartford, Conn., Sept. 16, 1908 

The Board of Management met at the Garde Hotel, Sept. 16, 1908, at 
2 P.M. as called by the programme, those present : 

Judge Nathaniel Foote, President. 

Judge Abram W. Foote, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Nathaniel Foote, Historian. 

J. Merrill Foote, 

„ ^^ „ ^ r Counselors. 

E. V. Foote, 

The Memorial Committee reported, and the records of the previous meetings 

of the Board were approved. 

At 3 P.M. the Association was called to order by President Nathaniel 
Foote, of Rochester, N. Y., in the Parlors of the Garde Hotel and the 
f ollovi^ing report of the Treasurer was read : 



June 5, 1907 Received of Dr. Lewis N. Foote $34 00 

June 7, 1907 Paid the Wethersfield Grange, for Llall $10 00 

July 2, 1907 Paid the Tuttle Co., for 1,200 Reports 42 00 

July 10, 1907 Paid for stamps and wrappers on reports 13 40 

Sept. 1, 1908 Received from 67 members, 50c each 33 50 

Received from John Crocker Foote, in advance 2 00 

Received from Ellen Foote, Cleveland, in advance.. 1 00 

Paid for stamps and stationery 4 30 

$69 70 $70 50 
Balance in Treasury, Sept. 16, 1908 $ 80 

ABRAM W. FOOTE, Treasurer. 


J. Merrill Foote, of Newark, E. V. Foote and Nathaniel, of New- 
York, were appointed to audit the report, and report at the evening session. 
On motion of J. Merrill Foote, a committee of three was appointed by 
the chair to nominate officers for the ensuing year, consisting of J. Merrill 
Foote, Newark, N. J., John A. Foote, of Catskill, N. Y., and Gilbert F. 
Foote, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. It was moved and carried that the chair 
appoint a Committee to revise the Constitution and the following Com- 
mittee was named : J. Merrill Foote, Nathaniel Foote and E. V. Foote, 
of New York. 


At the opening of the evening session Judge Nathaniel Foote first 
called for the report of the nominating committee, which was accepted. 
The officers elected are as follows : 

President — Judge Nathaniel Foote. 

Vice-President — John Crocker Foote. 

Second Vice-President — Henry M. Foote. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Judge Abram W. Foote. 

Historian — Nathaniel Foote. 

Counselors — Colonel John H. Foote, John A. Foote and Gilbert F. 

State Secretaries — California, James A. Foote ; Connecticut, Miss Lucy 
A. Brainerd ; District of Columbia, General George A. Foote ; Iowa, 
Mrs. John G. Foote ; Illinois, Dr. W. S. Hall ; Kansas, Alfred H. Foote ; 
Massachusetts, Charles N. Foote; Michigan, Dr. F. M. Foote; Minnesota, 
Edwin Foote; Nebraska, James Foote; New Jersey, the Rev. E. J. Foote; 
Ohio, Miss Essie Foote; Pennsylvania, G. Wesley Foote; Utah, John 
Foote; Washington, Ralph J. Foote. 


Following the election there was a report of the committee on amending 
the constitution. 

The Committee on Revision of the Constitution recommended the fol- 
lowing changes and they were adopted. Sections 3 and 4 to read as 
follows : 

III. The Officers of the Association shall be a President, Vice-Presidents, a 
Secretary and Treasurer, an Historian, and three Counselors. The Counselors and 
Officers ex officio shall constitute the Board of Management. These officers shall 


be elected by a ballot at each regular meeting of the Association, and four shall 
constitute a quorum. 

IV. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the 

A Vice-President, in the absence of the President, shall preside and perform the 
duties as President. 

The Secretary and Treasurer shall conduct all correspondence, keep in his book 
a full and distinct record of all the transactions of the Association and shall call 
all meetings of the Board, with the approval of the President, and shall call all 
meetings of the Association as directed by their vote, or by the Board in case of 
change. He shall keep an accurate list of all its members. He shall collect, receive 
and pay out all moneys, subject to the order of the Board of Management, and keep 
a correct account of all moneys received and expended and render a written account 
at each regular meeting of the Association. The Association may decide its next 
place and time of meeting, or in default of so doing the Board shall fix time and 
place, and the Board may change time and place if in their judgment such change 
becomes desirable. 

It was voted to ask all members to send their photographs to the His- 
torian, Nathaniel Foote, 80 Broadway, New York, for preservation. 

It was moved and seconded that the Secretary have printed a full 
report of this meeting and of the Dedication exercises at the unveiling of 
the Nathaniel Foote Memorial. 

The Committee appointed to audit the Treasurer's account reported 
that they had performed their duties and found the report correct; after 
some discussion, it was voted to hold the next meeting of the Association 
at Rochester, N. Y., on Thursday and Friday, Sept. 9 and 10, 1909. The 
meeting was then turned into a social session which lasted until 1 1 o'clock. 


Thursday A.M. was occupied by visiting the various places of interest 
at Wethersfield, including the church and graveyard; the Webb house 
where General Washington stayed shortly before the Battle of Yorktown, 
and the large elm tree on the Robert Foote place, and the home lot of 
Nathaniel Foote the settler, where the lunch was served at noon, near the 

By 2 o'clock there were about four hundred present. On the bank 
of the highway just east of the Memorial where the exercises were held, 
many chairs were placed for the visitors and the townspeople. The 
children from the high school were also present and sang patriotic airs 
during the exercises. The speakers' platform was near the monument and 
nearby a large national flag was displayed. The monument, up to the 
time of the unveiling, was draped in the national colors. 


Hon. Nathaniel Foote, president of the Association, conducted the exer- 
cises, and in response to his invitation, prayer was offered by Rev. George 
L. Clark, pastor of the Wethersfield Congregational Church, The school 
children then sang "America." 


The opening address was made by Pres. Nathaniel Foote, of the Asso- 
ciation, who spoke as follows : 

Ladies and Gentlemen : More than two and three-quarter centuries have passed 
since the man we know as Nathaniel Foote the Settler first came to this spot. 
He came from the Atlantic Coast with a small company of adventurers to establish 
for themselves homes in the wilderness here on the banks of the majestic Connecticut 
River. They were Englishmen, dissatisfied with the conditions under which they 
had lived in their own country, and especially with the lack of religious liberty, and 
were embued with a spirit of adventure and enterprise to improve their condition 
and to give to their offspring a better opportunity in life than was possible in the 
old country. 

They found here an absolute wilderness, and in their journey from the coast 
they were obliged to make their way through the primeval forest with no roads to 
follow, save the paths of the wild beasts and the trails of the savage. They were 
compelled while on this most difficult journey and for years after their arrival to be 
on their guard against the treacherous attacks of these savages who infested them 
on every side concealed by the dense forests. 

It is impossible for us at this day to realize the dangers and hardships of the 
life they led during the first long and dreary years of their struggle. We know, 
however, that the conditions in which they lived put a severe strain upon their powers 
of endurance, and that some of them fell by the wayside and died while yet com- 
paratively young men. Among those was the ancestor of the Foote family whose 
name and memory we honor today. He had barely reached middle life, when he 
was compelled to lay down his burden, leaving his widow and family of young children 
to a fate, which must have appeared to him and them as full of peril with the outcome 
dark and foreboding. But he had done his great work better than he knew. He had 
established his family in America and no adverse fortune of a serious nature was 
destined to overtake those for whom he had made such sacrifices and endured such 
hardships. He had founded a family in America and assisted in the opening and 
development of a new country in the Western Hemisphere. It was not given to him 
to know the result of his experiment and no doubt he died in the fear that it might 
prove an utter failure. But of this we may be sure, that in his wildest hopes and 
dreams he never pictured to himself, his family attaining to anything like its present 
character, magnitude or importance, or his new country rising to be one of the great 
independent powers of the world and containing upwards of eighty millions of people. 
What a bewildered man he would be if he could open his eyes upon the scenes and 
people with which we are familiar today. 

The records which remain of the landed estate, which our ancestor left to his 
family indicate that he had been one of the thrifty and fairly successful members 


of the little community in which he lived, but no record or tradition survives to 
show otherwise what manner of man he was. We do not know that he achieved 
any special distinction among his fellows during his short life, nor can we say that 
he possessed any exceptional high qualities of mind or heart, such as mankind is 
accustomed to commemorate by memorials or monuments. We have no reason to 
believe he was a statesman, a soldier, an orator, or a poet. He was in all probability 
a plain ordinary average man among his fellows with no right or title to special 
distinction above the others, and quite likely if he were here today not the least of 
his bewilderment would arise from the fact that a monument had been erected to 
him in a public place in Wethersfield. 

What then is the reason or excuse for the monument which we dedicate today? 
It certainly is not to be found in the motives which have hitherto led to the placing 
in public places of memorials to the dead, nor yet in the sentiment which leads to 
the marking or ornamentation or decoration of graves. It is I think rather the 
expression of the idea or sentiment embodied in the homely maxim, "Blood is thicker 
than water." We of this Association are a part of the now great family founded 
by this man in this country. We are something more to each other because we 
each have some of his blood in our veins. We express by this monument our wish 
that our common descent from this one man should not be forgotten. We also express 
our debt of gratitude to him for his courage and self-sacrifice in crossing the seas 
to these forbidding shores whereby we have been allowed to live our lives in circum- 
stances nowhere surpassed for health, happiness and prosperity and under a form 
of government which we think the very best. 

How else could we so fitly express these feelings and sentiment as by a monu- 
ment to the memory of the man whose fortitude and good judgment made it possible 
for us to enjoy these blessings. This monument would be quite out of place, how- 
ever, except in Wethersfield. Here amid the scenes of his American life, and as 
is believed on land which was a part of his homestead lot its true purpose and sig- 
nificance will not be misunderstood. Here, too, it will be of some interest to the 
resident and the casual visitor recalling the name and memory of one of that heroic 
company of English pioneers who started here a spring of human life, the flow of 
which gathering strength and volume in the succeeding years has crossed the broad 
continent and branching has formed in nearly every state a stream of human life 
which owns Wethersfield as its American source. 

Rightly then do we honor the name and memory of our ancestor here in this 
historic town, and let us hope that others may be like minded as ourselves, and that 
here, on soil deeply interesting and almost sacred to that large body of Americans 
who have descended from its first settlers may arise a suitable memorial to that 
small company of hardy pioneers, testifying to the world the respect for their memory 
and achievements held by their descendants of the present day. We have described 
our ancestor upon this monument as "Nathaniel Foote the Settler." He was not, 
of course, the first settler of Wethersfield, though he was one of them. No individual 
was the first settler of Wethersfield. Mr. Goodwin, who published the first genealogy 
of the Foote family in 1849, gave him the name "The Settler," because he was the 
first of his family to settle in America, and so he has since been known by the family. 
To others the designation may sometimes not be understood or prove misleading, 
but there was no other designation or description so suitable to place upon his monu- 
ment or which so easily and quickly indicated to members of the family his identity 
and we hope it will be regarded as not inappropriate. 



The address of presentation of the Memorial to the people of Wethers- 
field was made by Hon. Henry M. Foote, of Washington, D. C, who 
spoke as follows : 

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen : There can be no progress or develop- 
ment except through unceasing toil, courageous action, or at the expense of life 
itself. The march of human progress is onward and upward and we are continually 
casting aside old methods and adopting new ideas which are required to meet our 
constantly advancing social and economic conditions. 

Our civilization is the outgrowth of centuries, and comes to us as the product 
of bitter contests. It is the harvest which has been gathered from the fields of human 
experience and wisdom from which the noxious growths of ignorance, superstition 
and oppression have been eradicated. 

The school of practical experience is necessary in order that we may not only 
profit by our accomplishments or mistakes, but also by those of others. We live 
not only for ourselves but for humanity, and the conduct of a single life may shape 
the course and destiny of many others. 

No great reforms are ever accomplished without strenuous opposition, and those 
who advocate and defend them always receive the bitter denunciations of their fellow 
citizens. And so it is that no lasting good is ever obtained for the benefit of mankind 
without patient endeavor or unselfish sacrifice. 

Man's humanity for man is the most noble attribute given to the human race, 
and it became fully exemplified when the Man of Sorrows, bruised, bleeding, and 
maligned, suffered death upon the cross. 

It matters not whether the conduct of an individual is prompted by personal 
considerations, or a desire to benefit humanity, the success which comes as a result 
of such endeavor in either case has its influence, and to a more or less extent controls 
the action and shapes the destiny of others. 

This influence is without limitation in its effect upon human conduct ; it may 
be that the example of a patriotic, generous, or even a personal act, will at once 
arouse a spirit of emulation and start in motion an impulse that will elevate and 
benefit all who may come within the sphere of its operation. Or it is possible that 
it will require years before the effect of such influence is fully demonstrated. 

One may suffer and become a martyr in a righteous cause or may wage a battle 
in its defense, or possibly leave friends and all that is dear by reason of hallowed 
associations in order to escape the consequences of wrong and injustice. In either 
case the act is an example of a devotion to an honest conviction and not only adds 
virtue and permanence to it, but gives to the world an illustration of a life dedicated 
to a just and noble purpose. 

The progress of our republic has been accomplished through the efforts of its 
best and bravest men who, as pioneers along the pathway of its sublime grandeur, 
have led the way for humanity to follow. 

We honor the man who becomes the champion of a just and honest cause; such 
a person arouses the admiration of all mankind and at once becomes a public bene- 
factor, and his devotion to principle should be written in history, and carved upon 
enduring tablets in order that coming generations may have the benefit of his noble 


We have met here today in this beautiful town, distinguished by its sacred and 
historic memories, to do honor to a man whose life and services for the benefit of 
humanity rounded up to the full measure of these considerations. Forsaking the 
shores of that land which gave him birth he looked out upon the broad expanse of 
sea and sky toward the New World, and with a resolution born of hope, and a 
sublime confidence in the justice of his cause, he sailed away to these shores, giving 
to the world for all time the example of a devotion to a righteous principle which, 
during the existence of our republic, has been the foundation of its greatness and 
the chief cornerstone of our civilization. 

I do not care to speak in detail of the causes which led the Puritans to these 
shores. Suffice to say they came hither not as an invading army resolved upon 
conquest; but actuated by a desire to escape oppression they led the way as peaceful 
pioneers and, upon that wild and desolate shore, established the foundations of a 
future government which, through their patient toil and sacrifices, they dedicated to 
the cause of justice and the sacred rights of ordered liberty. 

Nathaniel Foote, one of the pioneers of whom we speak and whose memory his 
descendants are honoring today, came from Watertown, Mass., here in 1635. There 
were only a few of that little band of sixty adventurers who started with him on 
that journey that had the fortitude to withstand the rigors of a New England winter 
and he was one of them. No friends were here to welcome him as weary and well 
nigh exhausted he reached this place which was to become the scene of his future 
activities ; true, a few of his companions who survived that dreadful experience were 
with him and they, with the natives who were to the manor born, constituted all the 
associates which he had. We find him, however, in a short time locating upon a 
house lot on what was afterwards named Broad Street, and thereafter becoming the 
owner of several hundred acres in this beautiful valley adjoining your town. 

Of the early experiences of our ancestor and his associates amid their new 
surroundings we have only a meager history and much is left to imagination to 
conjecture, but this we do know, that notwithstanding all the vicissitudes incident 
to that experience and their constant defense against the fierce attacks of a sullen 
and bloodthirsty foe, they laid upon this historic spot the foundations of your present 
prosperity and sank deep into your soil the pillars upon which has been erected the 
sovereign structure of your imperial state. 

A year ago last June a few members of our Association met here and formed 
our present organization. We were received by the good people of this town with 
a cordiality that will continue to be a pleasant reminder of that visit for years and 
years to come. We were shown the old church in which the descendants of our 
ancestor used to worship at the same time that the Father of his country listened 
to the preaching of the divine word. We walked through the old churchyard where 
the remains of that first settler and some of his descendants have reposed for more 
than two hundred and fifty j'ears. And we stood under the spreading branches of 
your historic elm planted by none other than our progenitor himself to make a corner 
of the boundary of his possessions. And having thus been brought face to face, 
many of us for the first time, with these historic scenes, there seemed to be a general 
expression that we, his descendants, should erect a memorial in honor of his memory. 

This expression of our desire was met by a generous offer of the people here 
to set apart in the public park a suitable plot of ground for that purpose, with the 
result that we are here today to witness the consummation of our project. 

There is precedent, Sir, for the erection of this memorial. We read in Holy 
Writ that Moses in his pilgrimage through the wilderness built an altar as a sign 


that Jehovah would have war with Amalack from generation to generation; and 
we read that the Tribes of Israel built an altar in borders of Jordan that it might 
be a witness between themselves and other tribes. We read also of the Obelisks, 
the Pyramids and the monuments of Greece and Rome, all erected in commemoration 
of important events and of the lives and public services of illustrious men. 

From those early days of antiquity down through the ages the people of all 
nations during all generations have erected monuments in honor of patriotic sacrifice 
for the benefit of humanity. And so we, the representatives of our honored and 
distinguished ancestor, have erected this Monument here which is to stand for all time 
as a token of the veneration and respect which we have for him and also because 
through the sacrifices of himself and his associates there was laid upon this spot 
the foundations of a state which has so nobly contributed, through the patriotism 
and stability of its people, to the permanency of our Federal Union. 

And now, Mr. Chairman, in behalf of the Foote Family Association of America, 
it gives me great pleasure to present this Memorial which we, the descendants of 
Nathaniel Foote, have erected to his memory, to the town of Wethersfield, con- 
fident that the same generous spirit of its citizens which contributed to its erection 
will care for and protect it through all coming generations. 

The Monument was then unveiled by J. Merrill Foote, of Newark, and 
as the flag fell from the Monument all arose and greeted the event with 


The acceptance of the Memorial in behalf of the Town of Wethersfield 
was made by E. Hart Fenn, who said : 

Mr. President and Descendants of Nathaniel Foote : 

As one in pleasant journey passes through the early settlements of our beloved 
New England, he finds by roadside and at village center lasting memorials of the 
olden times, appropriately designated in monuments of stone or in tablets of bronze. 
It is thus that the New Englander expresses his gratitude for and appreciation of 
the sterling qualities of the men, who, coming to the land from a foreign soil, brought 
forth here a new system of government, the cornerstone of which was liberty. By 
these monuments along the wayside are kept alive those splendid traditions handed 
down to us by the forefathers ; that civil and religious freedom is not merely a 
sentimental term, but a deep-rooted and accomplished fact. 

In accordance with this New England custom we are assmbled here, in ancient 
Wethersfield, this bright September afternoon, to do honor to one of those founders 
of the town ; one who, here on the very banks of the beautiful Connecticut, in com- 
pany with his fellows from this town and with the men of the sister towns of Hartford 
and Windsor, under the leadership of the Immortal Hooker, promulgated that great 
instrument, "The Fundamental Orders," a simple writing in itself, yet which stands 
as the first written declaration of constitutional government. An instrument to which 
honor is today paid by every free republic on this earth, and which has its place side 
by side with Magna Charta and the Declaration of Independence, as an exponent of 
the rights of a people determined by the people. 


As has been well said, to found a state under any circumstances has ever been 
counted among the great works of great men — but to found a state in which the 
equal rights of all men are so well guarded, in the wilderness amid the trials of frost 
and famine, and with the daily, hourly, constant apprehension of assault and butchery 
from the savage, is no common event in the world's history, and should ever be 
remembered by those who have enjoyed its protection. 

Nathaniel Foote was of that sterling band which founded the Connecticut com- 
monwealth and in doing honor to him today we do honor to ourselves and to our 
state. It is for us of the present generation to ever bear in mind the traditions which 
he and his fellow adventurers have handed down to us and to catch as far as we may 
the living spirit which sustained them in their work of founding a commonwealth ; 
in which liberty is sustained by law, and law is softened by the spirit of liberty, and 
in which both are held in check by religion and education. 

Mr. President and Descendants of Nathaniel Foote : This granite is symbolic 
of the strong and enduring qualities of "the settler," your ancestor, and the handsome 
light above is a guarantee that his influence and that of his fellows shall continue 
to send its inspiring rays down through future generations. In behalf of the towns- 
people of Wethersfield I have the honor to accept this worthy Monument to a worthy 

After the adoption of resolutions of thanks to the Memorial Committee 
and the residents of Wethersfield the exercises were brought to a close 
by the singing of "The Star Spangled Banner," in which all present united. 

JUNE S, 1907, AND SEPTEMBER 16. 1908 

Numbers in 
the Genealogy 

3337. Jennie G. (Foote) Crichton 122 Erie St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

4445. Dr. E. A. Foote and Mrs. E. A. Foote. . .216-221 Paxton Block, Omaha, Neb. 

2468. (1) Helen A. Warner Nutting 230 West 107th St., New York, N. Y. 

1813. Carolyn Foote Campbell (Mrs. Wellington) Short Hills, N. J. 

4026. Chas. B. Foote Corn Exchange Bank, Chicago, 111. 

1812. Ellen Foote Reed (Mrs. Charles) 34 Hinsdale St., Dorchester, Mass. 

4331. Lucy Foote Morehouse Big Rapids, Mich. 

4952. Deville V. Foote Scranton, Pa. 

3609. Ann Eliza Foote Pine Washington C. H., Ohio 

4431. Eva F. Porter New London, Huron Co., Ohio 

773. (1) (b) Malcolm H. Augell Etna, N. J. 

2028. George Foote Soldiers' Home, Sandusky, Ohio 

5717. Leigh Snell Foote Lowville, Lewis Co., N. Y. 

1876. (1) Russell Foote Stryker Bound Brook, N.J. 

4972. Ellen Foote Van Leuven Lime Springs, Iowa 

3497. Lewis B. Foote 7813 Franklin Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

2167. Cynthia Ann (Foote) Smith Bloomfield, Conn. 

3637. Myrtha Eloise (Foote) Johnson 14 Westland St., Hartford, Conn. 

4060. Truman Sherman Foote 51 Fountain St., New Haven, Conn. 


Numbers in 
the Genealogy 

4061. Mary Dana (Foote) Farnham 51 Fountain St., New Haven, Conn. 

4063. Herrick Orville Foote 51 Fountain St., New Haven, Conn. 

4612. Mary (Foote) Mack Sandusky, Ohio 

3528. Francis S. Foote 67 Myrtle Ave., Montclair, N. J. 

3528. Addie S. Foote 67 Myrtle Ave., Montclair, N. J. 

5159. Francis S. Foote, Jr 67 Myrtle Ave., Montclair, N. J. 

5160. Edna A. Foote 67 Myrtle Ave., Montclair, N. J. 

5674. Martha Foote Merna, Neb. 

3796. Maj. Stephen M. Foote Jackson Barracks, New Orleans, La. 

3479. Joel L. Foote Brooklyn Sta., Cleveland, Ohio 

2035. Susie Foote 868 Scranton Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

2037. Ellen Foote 868 Scranton Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

510. (3) Miss Sarah B. Hammond Rome, N. Y. 

3299. Mrs. Jennie F. Pullen 20 East Elm St., Greenwich, Conn. 

3297. Edith H. Foote Greenwich, Conn. 

6119. Arthur E. Foote 802 North Division St., Creston, Iowa 

3127. (4aii) Bessie Ellen Hamilton Crown Point Center, Essex Co., N. Y. 

3127. (4bi) Clara Mae Labene 858 Boulevard, Bayonne, N. J. 

3795. Warren Milo Trude (Foote) Warsaw, Wis. 

4333. Stephen Wilbur Foote 28 Franklin Ave., Lockport, N. Y. 

5740. Vincey Foote Sonyea, N. Y. 

5744. Seneca John Foote Sonyea, N. Y. 

2487. Melville B. Foote Ayr, Neb. 

3316. Asa Watson Foote Aitkin, Minn. 

1781. Charles S. Foote 238 Fairmount Ave., Hyde Park, Mass. 

1781. Amelia H. Foote (Mrs. C. S. Foote). 238 Fairmount Ave., Hyde Park, Mass. 

4624. Grace N. (Foote) Mix 77 Chapman St., Waterbury, Conn. 

3374. John Crocker Foote Belvidere, 111. 

3375. Harriet Foote Sabin Belvidere, 111. 

3369. Lyra Foote Havens 118 West Garden St., Rome, N. Y. 

3000. John M. Foote Northford, Conn. 

4951. George H. Foote Mt. Vernon, 111. 

3644. Florence Foote Leuer 437 North Main St., Poplar Bluff, Mo. 

2921. (1) Prof. George Lucius Collie Beloit, Wis. 

1604. (1) (a) Maj. L. R. D. Fayling Toledo, Ohio 

1189. (8) (a) B. K. James San Antonio, Tex. 

4663. G. Clifford Foote 377 Lenox St., New Haven, Conn. 

3021. George L. Foote 377 Lenox St., New Haven, Conn. 

4662. Frederick W. Foote 377 Lenox St., New Haven, Conn. 

3513. James C. Foote Ill Adelphi St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

5145. John H. Foote 470 Sixth St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1869. John Foote New Berlin, N. Y. 

3330. Frederick Foote Turnersville, Tex. 

1872. (2) George Cole Miller 144 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. 

1872. (2a) Vilroy Cole Miller 144 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. 

4459. W. L. Foote and Mrs. W. L. Foote 225 Wells St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

4360. Edwin Hawerly Foote Red Wing, Minn. 



SEPTEMBER 17, 1908 

Numbers in 
the Genealogy 

96P. Eliza C. Noble 64 Court St., Westfield, Mass. 

95P. George W. Foote 73 Bradford St., Pittsfield, Mass. 

4612. (Mrs. I. F.) Mary Foote Mack Sandusky, Ohio 

4612. ( 1 ) Cora M. Robinson Longmeadow, Mass. 

510. (3) Sarah B. Hammond 402 N. Washington St., Rome, N. Y. 

4612. I. F. Mack Sandusky, Ohio 

3832. Charles P. Foote Pawtucket, R. I. 

760. (3) Mrs. Philo Bevin East Hampton, Conn. 

760. (5) (Mrs. C. H.) Helen Bliss Case Pittsfield, Mass. 

825. (1) (a) Miss Mary E. B. Aldrich 376 E. Main St., Battle Creek, Mich. 

4952. Deville Foote 1123 W. Elm St., Scranton, Pa. 

757. (3) Lucy Abigail Brainard 4 Atwood St., Hartford, Conn. 

2484. James E. Foote Nebraska City, R. F. D. No. 2 

757. Alice Louise Brainard 48 Huntington St., Hartford, Conn. 

4951. Geo. H. Foote Mt. Vernon, 111. 

1037. Charles Foote Glastonbury, Conn. 

2994. Amanda (Foote) Vining Silver Lane, East Hartford, Conn. 

4695. Arthur Terre Foote 121 Lawrence St., New Haven, Conn. 

4003. H. P. Foote Canton Center, Conn. 

2996. Henry Foote Silver Lane, East Hartford, Conn. 

3295. Gilbert F. Foote 31 S. Clinton St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

3295. Clara Williams Foote 31 S. Clinton St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

4943. Andrew Giraud Foote 31 S. Clinton St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

4944. Gilbert Flagler Foote, Jr 31 S. Clinton St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

3633. Elizur V. Foote 253 W. 42nd St., New York, N. Y. 

3096. John A. Foote Catskill, N. Y. 

3096. Mrs. John A. Foote Catskill, N. Y. 

3800. Julius Merrill Foote 301 Ogden St., Newark, N. J. 

2570. Mrs. Olive Foote Downers Grove, 111. 

1242. (3) (d) Mrs. L. Mack Payne Hinsdale, Mass. 

1242. (3) (e) Miss Charlotte E. Tuttle 15 Blagden St., Boston, Mass. 

1024. (1) Miss Imogene Bacon (B. S.) South Glastonbury, Conn. 

753. fAmaziah Brainard Hartford, Conn. 

753. tMrs. Amaziah Brainard Hartford, Conn. 

2432. Henry V. R. Foote Malone, N. Y. 

2432. Mrs. Henry V. R. Foote Malone, N. Y. 

3992. Mrs. John M. Foote West Hartford, Comi. 

5484. Helen S. Foote West Hartford, Conn. 

4102. Mrs. Jane W. Foote 181 St. John's PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

5517. Mrs. Wm. W. Walsh, Jr. (Louise E. A. Foote) 

181 St. John's PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

3632. Mrs. Horace Stokes (Jennie A.) Hackettstown, N. J. 

3300. Nathaniel Foote 245 Culver Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 

3103. H. M. Foote Washington, D. C. 

3992. John M. Foote Hartford, Conn. 


Numbers in 
the Genealogy 

2t. Mrs. Henry A. BiiiKham 16 Atwood St., Hartford, Conn. 

2t. Edwin H. Bingham 44 Gillett St., Hartford, Conn. 

4640. Mrs. Hattie E. Smith Suffield, Conn. 

4640. (1) Millard L. Smith 54 Plainfield St., Springfield, Mass. 

3708. ( 1 ) Mrs. Minnie A. Masterton Glover PI., Middletown, Conn. 

3706. Albert H. Foote Colchester, Conn. 

3240. (1) Ella E. Merwin Durham, Conn. 

3240. (6) Agnes D. Merwin Durham, Conn. 

1024. Temperance Leonora (Foote) Bacon South Glastonbury, Conn. 

2532. David Thompson Foote Bridgeport, Conn. 

2532. Mrs. David Thompson Foote Bridgeport, Conn. 

7256. Jessie Emma Foote Middlebury, Vt. 

7252. Leslie E. Mott Brandon, Vt. 

7252. Mrs. Leslie E. Mott Brandon, Vt. 

556L Nathaniel Foote 80 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

355. (2) (a) J. H. Hammond, Jr Rockville, Conn. 

355. (2) (a) (i) William C. Hammond Holyoke, Mass. 

355. (2) (a) (ii) Charles H. Hammond Rockville, Conn. 

3367. Margaret Merrick Foote Norwich. N. Y. 

3299. Janie Foote Pullen Greenwich. Conn. 

3297. Edith Foote Greenwich. Conn. 

673. (2) (a) (i) Lucilla Marshall Cheshire, Conn. 

673. (2) (a) Nellie Hubbard Marshall Cheshire, Conn. 

3287. Eliza C. Averill Branford, Conn. 

2234. (2) Jane L Taylor Colchester, Conn. 

3723. Kate Foote Colchester, Conn. 

3722. Harriet R. Hills Colchester, Conn. 

2162. (1 ) Mrs. F. J. Chandler Stafford Springs. Conn. 

3782. E. N. Foote Rockville, Conn. 

3709. E. E. Foote Gilead, Conn. 

3709. Mrs. E. E. Foote Gilead, Conn. 

5310. Helen E. Foote Gilead, Conn. 

3710. Geo. B. Miller Colchester, Conn. 

3710. Mrs. Geo. B. Miller Colchester, Conn. 

4t. Miss Rose Standish Francis Box 156, Wethersfield, Conn. 

2t. Mary J. Harris Wethersfield, Conn. 

2t. Burton A. Harris Wethersfield, Conn. 

2t. Rodney W. Harris Wethersfield, Conn. 

8t. Henry Allen Stillman Hartford, Conn. 

8t. Alice Webster Stillman Hartford, Conn. 

3707. Chester B. Lyman Columbia, Conn. 

3707. ( 1 ) Albert E. Lyman Columbia, Conn. 

5979. Abram W. Foote and wife Middlebury, Vt. 

We have received many letters of regret from those who could not 
be present. The following letter from Maj. Stephen M. Foote, United 
States Army, was received too late to be read at the meeting. 


Jackson Barracks, 
New Orleans, La., Sept. 10, 1908. 
Dear Friends and Cousins: ' 

It was my pleasant hope for several weeks this summer to see you all in our 
ancestral home, to meet you face to face, to feel the "subtle thrill of kinship and 
family pride." But the War Department seems to need me where I am and my 
meeting with you must be postponed to another day. 

A few years ago, I, like many others of the family, made a pilgrimage to Wethers- 
field. These are no battlemented castles, no wide ancestral halls, to which we return. 
No sentinels in armor paced the ground upon which we stand. This was not the 
scene of joust and tournament, of feasting and of mirth. Our battlements and castles 
were the towering trees of the wilderness, our halls were the forest glades. The 
lord of the manor was his own sentinel, on guard against savage beast and man, his 
musket ever by his side whether at his work, at his frugal meal, upon his knees in 
prayer or lying down to sleep. 

This was fortitude. AH our early ancestors must have possessed it in a greater 
or less degree, and their descendants must have the germ of that hardy virtue of 
citizen and soldier. 

I am surprised that there are not more soldiers in our family. The West Point 
motto is "Honor, Duty, Country" and you will seek in vain for a better interpretation 
of this creed than the simple words of the Foote motto "Loyalty and Truth." I have 
the honor of being the only officer by the name of Foote on the active list of the 
Regular Army today. While I appreciate the proud distinction, I should gladly 
welcome accessions to the roll. So that I hope some sturdy sons of the Foote family 
may go to West Point and join in the service of our country as officers in the Army. 

I want to look upon our own as one of the "families in America bearing names 
so dignified through a long and unstained ancestry on this continent and with his- 
tories so full of service to the state that the family name is equivalent to a patent of 
nobility, and those who wear it belong to our real aristocracy." 

I regret that the Foote Genealogy, of which we have so much reason to be 
proud, does not contain more photographs. I confess that it is my fault that my 
own picture is not there and I am sorry for it. I shall, however, send in my photo- 
graph now and trust that we may soon have a second volume published with copious 

I most sincerely hope that I may be allowed the pleasure of meeting you, one 
and all, if ever we are near each other. 

With best wishes for your happiness, I am yours in the bonds of blood relationship, 




At Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 9 and 10, 1909 

The Board of Managers met at the Hotel Rochester, Rochester, N. Y.. 
at 3 P.M., Sept. 9, 1909. Present: 

Judge Nathaniel Foote, of Rochester, N. Y., President. 

Nathaniel Foote, of New York, N. Y., Historian. 

Abram W. Foote, of Middlebury, Vt., Secretary and Treasurer. 

John A. Foote, of Catskill, N. Y., Counselor. 
Lawrence Foote, of Canton, Miss., and E. V. Foote, of New York, N. Y., were 
present and invited to sit with the Board. 

The Memorial Committee made their report in full and the same was audited. 

The meeting of the Association was called to order in the Assembly 
room of the Hotel Rochester, shortly after 8 o'clock, with an interesting 
address by the President, Judge Nathaniel Foote. 

The report of the Memorial Committee was read as follows : 
Whole amount of subscriptions received $ "J^Z 20 


Paid for large room of Park Avenue Hotel $ 

Mailing circulars, postage and envelopes 

600 postal cards 

Paid J. G. Adams, of Wethersfield, Conn., for 

grading and filling around monument 

Paid for copper bo.x and express 

Paid Register Company, printing programs 

Paid for stamps and envelopes for programs. . . . 

A. S. Jones, of Barre, Vt., for the stone 

Paid Bradley Hubbard & Co., for the bronze 


Paid for platform for speakers at Wethersfield. . 

Paid for chairs 

Paid Hartford Electric Light Co., for wiring 

from pole across the road and up through 

the memorial to the lamp 30 GO 

Oct. 31 Paid Dr. Lewis N. Foote, for Thomas Phillips 

& Sons for plans, etc 10 00 

Sept. 9, 1909 Balance on hand 23 18 


25, 1908 























5 00 

15 60 

6 00 

75 00 

9 10 

16 52 

12 80 

290 00 

225 00 

6 00 

9 00 

$ 732, 20 


Memorial Committee. 

The report was accepted and the balance was voted to be turned over to the 
general fund of the Association. 


On motion of Lawrence Foote, of Canton, Miss., a committee of three 
was appointed by the chair to nominate officers for the ensuing term; the 
chair appointed as such committee, Lawrence Foote, of Canton, Miss. ; 
Nathaniel Foote, of New York City; and E. V. Foote, of New York. 

The Committee recommended the following list of officers and on 
motion of William B. Foote, of Geneva, N. Y., they were elected: 

President — J. Merrill Foote, Newark, N. J. 

Vice-Presidents — Henry M. Foote, Washington, D. C. ; John A. Foote, 
Catskill, N. Y. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Abram W. Foote, Middlebury, Vt. 

Historian — Nathaniel Foote, New York, N. Y. 

Counselors — ^John M. Foote, Hartford, Conn. ; Mrs. Mary Foote Mack, 
Sandusky, Ohio; Harvey Foote Remington, Rochester, N. Y. 

State Secretaries — James A. Foote, Pasadena, Calif. ; Charles P. Foote, 
Pawtucket, R. L ; William Foote, Branford, Conn. ; Gen. George A. Foote, 
Washington, D. C. ; Mrs. John G. Foote, Burlington, Iowa ; Dr. W. S. 
Hall, Chicago, 111. ; Alfred H. Foote, Washington, Kans. ; Stephen M. 
Foote, Lieutenant-Colonel, United States Army, Jackson Barracks, New 
Orleans, La. ; Charles N. Foote, Lee, Mass. ; Alvin Foote, Canton, Miss. ; 
Dr. F. M. Foote, Marshall, Mich.; Edwin H. Foote, Red Wing, Minn.; 
James S. Foote, Nebraska City, Neb. ; Henry V. R. Foote, Malone, N. Y. ; 
Miss Essie Foote, Cleveland, Ohio; G. Wesley Foote, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
John Foote, Provo, Utah ; Ralph J. Foote, Seattle, Wash. 

Telegrams and letters of regret were read from : Deville C. Foote, 
Cleveland, Ohio; Dr. Edward N. Foote, New York, N. Y. ; G. CHfford 
Foote, New Haven, Conn. ; Rev. J. B. Foote, Syracuse, N. Y. ; Hon. Wil- 
liam H. Richmond, Scranton, Pa. ; Helen F. Simpson, Roxbury, Mass. ; 
Col. Stephen M. Foote, Jackson Barracks, New Orleans, La.; Miss 
Emma Halleck Worden, Westmoreland, N. Y. ; James E. Foote, Nebraska 
City, Neb. ; John Crocker Foote, Belvidere, III. ; Laura Foote Isbell, 
Eaton Rapids, Mich. ; Imogene Bacon, Glastonbury, Conn. ; F. Huberta 
Foote, Yonkers, N. Y. ; Erastus Foote, Chicago, 111.; Sarah B. Hammond, 
Rome, N. Y. ; George H. Foote, Vincennes, Ind. ; Ellsworth I. Foote, 
New Haven, Conn. ; Henry A. Stillman, Hartford, Conn. ; Gilbert F. 
Foote, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; Adrian Foote, Ashland, Mass.; Jennie S. 
Foote, Johnstown, N. Y. 

A letter from John Crocker Foote, Belvidere, 111., was read by the 
secretary starting a fund for a memorial stone to Elizabeth Foote, wife 
of Nathaniel Foote, the settler, by a subscription of $25, the stone to be 
placed in the cemetery at Wethersfield, Conn. On motion of Lawrence 


Foote the matter was left in the hands of the Board of Management. 
After some discussion it was moved and carried that meetings in the 
future he held once in three years and the time and place be left with 
the Board of Managers. The meeting then adjourned. 

At 10.55 the next morning the Association boarded a special car at the 
Hotel Rochester for The Newport where dinner was served. At the dinner 
short addresses were made by memberr, of the Association. After dinner 
a boat was chartered and points of interest about the bay were visited ; 
later the members returned to the city in a special car. 


The Board of Managers of the Foote Family Association of America 
met at the Park Avenue Hotel, New York, N. Y., at 4 P.M., Oct. 13, 
1911. Present: 

J. Merrill Foote, of Newark, N. J., President. 

John A. Foote, of Catskill, N. Y., Vice-President. 

Nathaniel Foote, of New York, N. Y., Historian. 

Abram W. Foote, of Middlebury, Vt., Secretary and Treasurer. 

E. V. Foote, of New York, N. Y. 

The Secretary read the report of the last meeting. 

Motion made and carried that we hold the next meeting of the Associa- 
tion at Branford, Conn., Sept. 11 and 12, 1912. 

Motion made and carried that the President appoint a committee to 
arrange for such meeting. The President appointed Abram W. Foote, 
Middlebury, Vt. ; Nathaniel Foote, New York, N. Y. ; G. Clififord Foote, 
New Haven, Conn. ; and William R. Foote, of Branford, Conn. 


at Branford, Conn., Sept. 11-12, 1912 

The Board of Managers met at the Montowese House on Indian Neck, 
for a short session, at 4 P.M., Wednesday, Sept. 11, 1912. This is a 
delightful location, projecting one and one-half miles into the Sound from 


Pres. J. Merrill Foote called the Association to order at 8.15 P.M. 
President Foote extended the welcome of the family to all present, and 

I fully appreciate the honor of presiding at this meeting and my interest in all 
that pertains to our family grows every year. The more I see of all my cousins the 
more proud I am of the Foote name, with all its illustrious history and its clean record. 

If, however, I wanted a real honest opinion of the Footes in detail, I would look 
for a confidential few minutes' talk with some of the charming ladies who are Footes 
by reason of their desire to take care of us and keep us straight through life, and who 
therefore assume the name, but I would not risk such confidence in public. 

Presidents may come and presidents may go, but you all know who is the real 
moving spirit of this Association — the man without whose work I fear there would 
be no Foote Association today, and you all join me in our appreciation of the work 
our Cousin, Judge Abram W. Foote, does for us all. 

Knowing that I am not a speaker, as you have already discovered, I realize that I 
cannot tell you how glad I am to meet you Cousins all again, and will call on our 
Vice-President, Hon. Henry M. Foote, to exercise his gifts in telling you all about it. 

Judge Henry M. Foote, of Washington, D. C, brought the house down 
with his stories and incidents relating to the Foote family and others. 

An invitation from the Edwin Foote family association to meet with 
them at Cleveland, Ohio, was referred to the Board of Managers. 

Mr. Charles N. Foote. of Lee, Mass., invited the Association to meet 
at his home, the old home of a large number of the family in former years. 
Henry V. R. Foote, of Malone, N. Y., suggested Watertown, Mass., where 
the settler, Nathaniel, first located and Eugene Bouton, of Bloomfield, 
N. J., spoke in favor of Cheshire, Conn., the old home of Governor Foote. 

A letter from the Hon. John Crocker Foote, of Belvidere, 111., asking 
that a memorial to Elizabeth, wife of Nathaniel, the settler, be erected at 
Wethersfield, was referred to the managers. The report of the Committee 
on Nominations was received and accepted and is as follows : 

President — Hon. J. Merrill Foote, Newark, N. J. 

Vice-Presidents — Lawrence Foote, Canton, Miss. ; Judge Henry M, 
Foote, Washington, D. C. ; John A. Foote, Catskill, N. Y. ; Harvey Foote 
Remington, Rochester, N. Y. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Judge Abram W. Foote, Middlebury, Vt. 

Historian — Nathaniel Foote, New York, N. Y. 

Counselors — G. Clififord Foote, New Haven, Conn. ; Charles P. Foote, 
Pawtucket, R. L ; and Mrs. Mary Foote Mack, Sandusky, Ohio. 

A vote of thanks was extended to Mrs. Nathan A. Miller, of Branford, 
for the beautiful dahlias presented. 


Letters of regret were received from Judge Nathaniel Foote, Rochester, 
N. Y. ; Col. Stephen M. Foote, Washington, D. C. ; Charles B. Foote, 
Chicago, 111.; John Crocker Foote, Belvidere, 111.; Mary Foote Mack, 
Sandusky, Ohio; T. Ashley Atkins, New York, N. Y. ; Mary E. B. 
Aldrich, Battle Creek. Mich. ; Mrs. William L. Foote, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. ; 
Miss Bacon, South Glastonbury, Conn. ; James Somers Foote, Portsmouth, 
Va. ; and Mrs. J. W. Cooch, Newark, Del. 

A heavy rain Wednesday afternoon and evening kept many from New 
Haven and vicinity from attending the evening meeting. 

Thursday was an ideal day. At 10 o'clock a picture was taken of all 
present and then the Association boarded the steamer which had been 
chartered by Pres. J. Merrill Foote for a three-hours' ride on the Sound. 
A bountiful lunch was served on the boat. Returning at 1.30 P.M., 
Vice-Pres. Henry M. Foote called the Association to order and in a few 
well-chosen words thanked the President for his generous entertainment. 
The President responded feelingly and then all adjourned to the residence 
of Judge William R. Foote in Branford, who resides on a part of the old 
Foote home. Later lunch was served, Mrs. Foote being ably assisted by 
Mabel Lee Foote, Mrs. Wallace Foote and Mrs. Mary Foote Bradley. 
This closed the fourth meeting of the Association. 

A fitting close of this eventful day for your Secretary was the motor 
ride to Hartford by way of Middletown, and just as the sun was setting 
we rode into Broad Street at Wethersfield and looked again at the 
Nathaniel Foote Memorial. The grounds are nicely kept and the lamp 
was in use every night, we were told. 

Aided by our adopted cousin, Miss Juana M. Ramsey, of Newark, your 
Secretary was able to purloin the halftone of the president, and he will 
learn of the theft for the first time when he sees this report. 

Special mention should be made of the untiring efforts of G. Clifford 
Foote, of New Haven, to make the meeting a success. 

The next meeting of the Association will be held in the fall of 1914, 
and the place will be designated and date set by the Board of Managers. 

It is also the intention of the managers to hold a special meeting of 
the Association at San Francisco, Calif., in the fall of 1915, in connection 
with the Panama Exposition. 

Please notify the Secretary of any change in address before April, 1914. 

ABRAM W. FOOTE, Secretary, 

Middlebury, Vt. 



The first gathering of the Foote Family Association was held at 
Wethersfield, Conn., on June 5, 1907, when a permanent organization 
was formed. There were present over 300 members of the family, which 
is represented all over the United States. It is the purpose of the Associa- 
tion to preserve the genealogical and historical data of the Foote family 
and bring the members of the family closer together. Any lineal descend- 
ant of Nathaniel Foote is eligible to membership. The second meeting 
of the Association was held at Wethersfield, Sept. 16 and 17, 1908. 
At that time a memorial of Barre granite was erected to Nathaniel Foote, 
the settler, on the original home lot. 

The third meeting was held at Rochester, N. Y., on Sept. 9 and 10, 
1909, and the fourth meeting was held at Branford, Conn., Sept. 11 and 12, 
1912. Reports of all the gatherings have been published in leaflet form, 
which contain a memorial list to deceased members of the organization. 

The fifth meeting of the Foote Family Association of America was held 
on the steamer Vermont on Lake Champlain, June 10 and 11, 1914. 

The party boarded the steamer at Montcalm Landing, which left the 
wharf at 1.35 Wednesday afternoon, touching at Larrabee's Point, Port 
Henry, Westport, Essex, Burlington and Port Kent, reaching Plattsburg at 
7 o'clock in the evening. The entire party spent the night on the steamer, 
leaving Plattsburg on the return trip Thursday morning at 6.45. Many of 
the party came through Lake George to join the excursion at Montcalm. 

The business meeting was held on the steamer at Plattsburg at 7.30 
o'clock Wednesday evening. Judge E. C. Everest welcomed the Associa- 
tion to Plattsburg, and his welcome was responded to by Vice-Pres. John 
A. Foote, who presided in the absence of Pres. J. Merrill Foote. The 
same officers were re-elected and the reports of the various officers were 
read and accepted. 

Plans were discussed to hold the next meeting of the Association at 
San Francisco in 1915 during the Pan-American Exposition. It was voted 
to leave the details of the meeting with the Board of Managers, which is 
composed of the officers of the Association and the Board of Counselors, 
A pleasant hour was taken up with remarks and reminiscences by Nathaniel 
Foote, judge of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York, 
A. W. Foote, of Middlebury, H. F. Remington, John A. Foote and A. S. 


The officers are as follows : 

President — J. Merrill Foote, of Newark, N. J. 

Vice-Presidents— Lawrence Foote, of Canton, Miss. ; Judge Henry M. 
Foote, of Washington, D. C. ; John A. Foote, of Catskill, N. Y. ; Judge 
H. F. Remington, of Rochester, N. Y. 

Secretary-Treasurer — Judge Abram W. Foote, of Middlebury, Vt. 

Historian — Nathaniel Foote, of New York, N. Y. 

Counselors — G. Clifford Foote, of New Haven, Conn. ; Charles P. 
Foote, of Pawtucket, R. I.; and Mrs. Mary Foote Mack, of Sandusky, 


The following members of the family took advantage of the excursion : 
Judge Nathaniel Foote and Judge and Mrs. H. F. Remington, of Roches- 
ter, N. Y. ; Nathaniel F. Foote, Mrs. Carrie Foote Davis and Mrs. Ella 
Foote Sanborn, of Brookline, Mass. ; Mr. and Mrs. John A. Foote, of 
Catskill, N. Y. ; E. V. Foote and Nathaniel Foote, of New York, N. Y. ; 
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Barstow, of Lincoln, Neb. ; John Foote, of New 
Berlin, N. Y. ; Miss Jessie Foote, of Ashland, Mass.; W. B. Foote, of 
New Berlin, N. Y. ; Miss Jessie James C. Foote, of Caledonia, N. Y. ; 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Foote, of Mendham, N. J. ; Mr. and Mrs. A. S. 
Foote, of Newark, N. Y. ; Mr. and Mrs. Henry V. R. Foote, of Malone, 
N. Y. ; Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hagerdorn, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Dawes, 
Mrs. H. A. McMartin, Miss Lulu Foote, Miss Edith Bryant and Miss 
Mildred Dillenbeck, of Johnstown, N. Y. ; Mrs. Mary E. H. Yates, of 
Fort Edward, N. Y. ; Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Foote and Mr. and Mrs. 
James F. Foote, of West Haven; Mrs. A. S. Bingham, of Brattleboro; 
Judge and Mrs. Abram W. Foote, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Foote, Mr. and 
Mrs. H. E. Sanford, Judge and Mrs. W. H. Bingham, Mr. and Mrs. 
Stewart S. Benedict, the Misses Maude Bingham, Estelle Foote, Jessie 
Foote, Kathleen Foote, Charles N. Foote and Ralph A. Foote, of Middle- 

Letters of regret were received from the President, J. Merrill Foote, of 
Newark, N. J.; Lawrence Foote, of Canton, Miss.; Col. Stephen M. Foote, 
United States Army ; Gilbert F. Foote, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; O. K. Foote, 
Rochester, N. Y. ; G. Clifford Foote, New Haven, Conn.; Mrs. Mary 
Foote Mack, Sandusky, Ohio; Mrs. Jennie Foote Stokes, New York, 
N. Y. ; Ella Foote Reed, Newton, Mass. ; Prof. George L. Collie, Beloit, 
Wis. ; John M. Foote, Nashua, N. H. ; Prof. Winfield Scott Hall, Chicago, 
111. ; Mrs. Mary E. B. Aldrich, Battle Creek, Mich. 



Was held at the Sutters Hotel, San Francisco, CaHf., Nov. 4, 1915. 

Pres. J. Merrill called the Association to order promptly at 8.00 p.m. 
President Foote extended the welcome of the family to all present. The 
Secretary read the report of the fifth meeting of the Association held at 
Plattsburg, N. Y.. June 10, 1914, and it was accepted. 

An invitation from Gen. Stephen M. Foote, commanding at Fort Scott, 
to visit the fortifications on Nov. 5, 1915, was accepted. 

The Association met at General Foote's residence at Fort Scott at 
10.30 A.M., Nov. 5, 1915, and were taken over the grounds observing the 
target practice of the 14-inch disappearing guns firing at a moving target 
ten miles out at sea. After lunch a picture was taken and thus closed the 
sixth meeting of the Association. 


This meeting really began at the HoUenden Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio, 
on the morning of Aug. 9, 1927, with greetings from old friends, and 
new cousins, that is many who had corresponded with but never seen 
each other. 

An informal meeting was held in the Hollenden Hotel in the evening, 
over sixty were present, and Lewis B. Foote, Chairman of the Committee 
on Arrangements, outlined the program to be followed August 10. 

Promptly at 9.30 A.M., August 10, the Edwin Foote Family Associa- 
tion appeared at the Hollenden with a fleet of over twenty automobiles for 
a ride through the city and suburbs, including Schaaf Road, the location 
of the original Edwin Foote farm, where many of his descendants now 
live, arriving at the Methodist Church at South Brooklyn, now a part of 
Cleveland, at noon. A group picture was taken and lunch served and the 
following program carried out : 

The meeting was called to order by the Secretary, Abram W. Foote, of 
Middlebury, Vt.. and prayer was oiTered by Dr. John H. Blackburn. The 
Secretary called Judge Henry M. Foote, of Washington, D. C, to the 
chair. On taking the chair. Judge Foote said in part: 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Foote Family Association: 

It affords me pleasure to be present with you on this occasion. When I received 
a letter from our distinguished relative. Judge Foote, of Middlebury, Vt., that I 


would be expected to take a minor part in our deliberations I felt greatly relieved 
because I knew that he and other distinguished members of the Family had recently 
visited the home of our ancestor, in England, and that you would be so anxious to 
listen to what they had to say about it that it would be exceedingly embarrassing 
for me to try to interest you with any extended effort on my part. I shall, therefore, 
not disappoint you. 

This is the seventh meeting of our Association. Our first meeting was held at 
Wethersfield, Conn., June 5, 1907. At that meeting steps were taken to build a 
Memorial in commemoration of the services which our ancestor rendered in helping 
to lay the foundations of our representative form of government. Committees were 
appointed to carry forward this project with the result that on the sixteenth day of 
September, 1908, the Association met the second time at Wethersfield and unveiled the 
Memorial with appropriate exercises. 

The third meeting of the Association was held at Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 9 and 10, 

Its fourth meeting was held at Branford, Conn., on Sept. 11 and 12, 1912. 
After the meeting had adjourned the Association visited the ancestral home of Robert 
Foote, one of the sons of our ancestor. 

The fifth meeting of the Association was enjoyed on the tenth of June, 1914, 
by a boat ride on Lake Champlain. 

The last meeting of the Association was held at Sutters Hotel in San Francisco, 
Calif., Nov. 4, 1915. 

It is to be hoped that in the future these enjoyable occasions will be altogether 
more frequent. 

There is little that can be said concerning the history of our ancestor after 
coming with his wife and two sons to Wethersfield. He died soon after and con- 
sequently anything we might say would only be conjecture. 

We have come to this beautiful city to pay tribute to our ancestor who helped 
to pave the way for the establishment of a representative form of government whose 
constitution as a guarantee of the rights of property and the sacred rights of ordered 
liberty has become the admiration of the whole civilized world. 

In our nation's development the members of our family have borne a conspicuous 
part not only in peace but also in war and these services will adorn the pages of 
history through all coming generations. 

Lewis B. Foote, of Cleveland, before giving the address of v^^elcome 
introduced to the relatives the different members of the committee who 
had ably assisted in perfecting the arrangements for the gathering, namely, 
Messrs. J. L. Foote, a grandson of Edwin Foote, George and Edwin 
Walter, twin grandsons, Mr. Floyd H. Foote, also a grandson, and 
Mr. M. F. Cutting, a great grandson. It was J. L. Foote, who took 
pains to provide the delicious golden bantam sweet corn which was picked 
on the morning of the reunion and served at the luncheon. 

Dear Cousin Friends of the Foote Family Association of America: 

I wish you to note that I address you as Cousin Friends advisably. Were I 
to say "Cousins and Friends," I might be addressing two separate groups and the 


degree of friendship might be as remote as the degree of kinship ; but not so in this 
happy gathering — the friendship exists, however remote the kinship. 

I shall not long interrupt the pleasant and social contacts and ties which are 
being formed here and which are more important than any words of mine. 

1 presume all or nearly all of you trace your lineage by devious channels back 
to that Nathaniel Foote, who came to this country from England and settled in 
Connecticut about the year 1633. This being the case, it is proper to call your atten- 
tion to the peculiar fitness of this place for a reunion of his descendants, for is not 
Cleveland the heart and soul of "Western Reserve" and is it not a real homecoming, 
if not to the state in which our common ancestor made his home, yet nevertheless to 
its namesake, the "New Connecticut," as the Western Reserve was once called. 

You are here upon the invitation of the Edwin Foote Family Association, which 
bids you welcome and who wishes you to feel the warmth of your friendship. 

The softening influences of civilization and culture have changed in many ways 
from the sturdy pioneers, whom we are proud to claim as ancestors. I cannot imagine 
what one of our great-grandmothers several times removed would say if she were 
alive today and should meet one of her flapper descendants on the street. I trust we 
have not altogether outgrown the principles of honesty, of piety and of liberty which 
our ancestors had and which formed the backbone of our Republic. 

It is such associations as these with such an historical background and with such 
common ties linking us to the past that are the means of not only strengthening the 
ties which bind us to each other, but of deepening our loyalty to the country which we 

Our hope is that this reunion, the largest I believe in the history of the Associa- 
tion, may be the beginning and the inspiration of larger and more enthusiastic gather- 
ings to come and that the friendships formed here may be continued and deepened by 
our closer association one with another. 

It may not be amiss here to give you a brief history of the Edwin Foote Family 

It is composed of the descendants of Edwin Foote, my grandfather, who came to 
Ohio in 1820 and bought a farm of about 261 acres, extending from Schaaf Road 
to the Cuyahoga River, some two and one-half miles from here. Some of you had 
the opportunity this morning of viewing the site of Edwin Foote's original homestead. 

At the time he came to Ohio from Connecticut this vicinity was largely woods, 
but promised to be good farming territory. For this reason he paid more per acre 
for his farm than he could have bought land in what is now the center of down town 

Many of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren still live in this vicinity and 
it has been their custom for some fifty-four or fifty-five years to hold annual reunions. 
The first one was held at the home of Joel Foote at his old home on Schaaf Road, 
about fifty-four or fifty-five years ago, and these reunions have been held with very 
few interruptions ever since. They were for a time held on New Year's Day at 
different homes. I well recall the reunion of Jan. 1, 1877, fifty years ago, which 
was held at my father's home. So you see, our family gatherings are more than 
twice as old as yours. It is unfortunate that we have not a definite record of those 
early meetings. Such records become increasingly valuable as years go by and I 
predict that the Foote Family Association of America and the record of its gatherings 
will as the years go by mean more to each of you and will do much to cement our 
friendship for each other and for our country. 


Responding to the address of welcome, Judge Harvey Foote Reming- 
ton said : 

Relatives and Friends: 

We have been made most welcome today by our Cleveland kindred, and I assure 
them that we appreciate their hospitality. 

The Foote family has not yet been represented in the presidency of our country, 
but there is here today plenty of material both male and female. We have had 
members of the family who have been eminent in the medical, legal and other pro- 
fessions ; the army and navy have had a fair representation of Nathaniel Foote's 
descendants, and taking them all in all, they are a most likely and likable lot. It is 
very proper for me to call your attention to the fact that our presiding officer today 
served with great credit and distinction through several administrations as an assistant 
attorney-general of the United States, handling in a very efficient manner litigation 
of prime importance and aggregating millions of dollars. He is but a cross-section of 
the clan. 

We have with us today in addition to the sturdy, good-looking and brainy men 
who are present, some charming and beautiful women who, as the case with some 
of the men, have not yet chosen their life partners ; in future reunions would it not 
be a most interesting thing to relate that some young Lochinvar had come out of 
the West, East or South, and that here his fate was sealed ; I assure you that as I 
look about me there is abundant material for just such an episode, and we must keep 
the Foote family tree ever blooming. 

The Foote forebears who settled in the vicinity of our meeting place today 
selected a garden spot and their names will forever be linked with this section of this 
great city. I am glad they came here, we are all pleased to know that they prospered, 
and as a result of their coming and remaining and thriving, we have met with such 
a warm welcome today. 

Motion was made and carried that the chair appoint a committee of 
three on resolutions, and a committee of three to recommend officers for 
the Association, and the chair appointed Nathaniel Foote, of New York, 
N. Y., Caroline Mitchel Griswold, Peru, Ind.. and Milo T. Foote, Nor- 
walk, Ohio, Committee on Resolutions, and J. Linsley Foote, Brooklyn 
Heights. Ohio, Lena F. Adams, North Fairfield. Ohio, and Truman Sher- 
man Foote, Cleveland, Ohio, a committee to recommend officers for the 

The Secretary reported on the genealogical work as follows : 

Twenty years ago I published the "Foote History and Genealogy." It had taken 
years of preparation to compile this data. Since the publication I have continued 
the work of searching out many of the families whom we were unable to locate before. 
Everyone interested should see that all records not in Volume I are sent in. 

Nathaniel Foote, the Historian, visited Colchester, England, where Nathaniel, 
the settler, lived before coming to America, several years ago. and in 1914 Judge 
Nathaniel Foote, of Rochester, N. Y.. made a visit and secured a copy of the record 
of the baptism of the two oldest children of our ancestor at St. James' Church and 
engaged Mr. George Rickword, Secretary of the Public Library at Colchester, to 
help trace the ancestry of Nathaniel, "the Settler." 


April 12, 1927, Mrs. Foote and I made the journey to Colchester and visited 
St. James' Church. For the most part the church has been rebuilt but the Cloister 
at the back end and near the old Roman wall of the town is part of the original 

The Colchester Castle has been restored. Colchester claims to be the oldest 
recorded town in England, and it is interesting to note that our Nathaniel was 
apprentice grocer for eight years and probably married and lived here until after 
his two oldest children were born and baptized at the St. James' Church. 

In the British Museum at London, England, is a pedigree found at page 183, of 
book No. 5533. From this it would appear that "Robert Foote of Royston, late of 
Lincolnshire," was the father of Robert Foote, of Shalford (father of our Nathaniel), 
and also father of John Foote, grocerer of London, the father of Sir Thomas Foote, 
Lord Mayor of London. 

In the "Genealogical Gleanings in England," by H. F. Walters, Boston, 1901, 
Vol. 2, pp. 1276-7, is the will of Robert Foote, of Shalford. This will shows that 
Robert Foote, of Shalford (in the same county as Colchester), was the father of 
Nathaniel Foote, of Colchester, England, and Wethersfield, Conn., and that our 
Nathaniel was cousin to Sir Thomas Foote, of London. 

The full text of these wills and documents will be published in the second volume 
of the "Foote History and Genealogy." 

The Committee on Resolutions reported as follows : 

RESOLVED: — That the Foote Family Association of America 
avail itself of this opportunity to express its full appreciation and 
thanks for the kindly zvelcome and gracious hospitality extended to 
them by the Edwin Foote Association and to extend to them our 
congratulations and best wishes for their future. 

The Committee on Officers for the Association recommended the fol- 
lowing persons and they were duly elected : 

President — ^Judge Henry M. Foote, Washington, D. C. 

Vice-Presidents — Harvey Foote Remington, Rochester, N. Y. ; Louis 
B. Foote, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Historian — Nathaniel Foote, New York, N. Y. 

Secretary-Treasurer — Abram W. Foote, Middlebur}% Vt. 

Counselors — Clayton H. Foote, Cleveland, Ohio; Harriet L. Howard, 
Sherburne, N. Y. ; Elizur V. Foote, New York, N. Y. 

The meeting closed with prayer by Doctor Blackburn. 

ABRAM W. FOOTE, Secretary. 



The eighth meeting of the Foote Family Association of America was 
held at Branford. Conn., Aug. 5, 1930. An informal meeting was held 
at the Hotel Dunham at New Haven on the evening of Aug. 5. Many 
New Haven members of the family were present. 

The meeting opened promptly at 11 A.M. August 6 at the Presbyterian 
Church at Branford, Pres. Henry M. Foote, of Washington, in the chair. 
The address of welcome was given by Wm. R. Foote, of Branford, and 
Judge Henry M. Foote responded. William R. Foote also gave many 
interesting facts regarding the settlement of Robert Foote, son of the 
settler, and his descendants at Branford. The Secretary read the finan- 
cial report and same was accepted. He also gave a talk on our English 
ancestors and gave a description of Colchester, England, and what had 
been found their in regard to the Foote family. Edward M. Foote gave 
a very interesting talk on his work in the Far East. The Historian, 
Nathaniel Foote. of New York, N. Y., gave a talk on his trip to Colchester, 
England, and other interesting facts. Delia M. Angel, of LaPorte, Ind., 
gave the greetings from the West. 

The following officers were elected : 

President — Henry M. Foote, of Washington, D. C. 

Vice-Presidents — H. Foote Remington, of Rochester, N. Y. ; Lewis B. 
Foote, of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Historian — Nathaniel Foote, of New York, N. Y. 

Secretary-Treasurer — Abram W. Foote, of Middlebury, Vt. 

Counselors — Clayton H. Foote, of Cleveland, Ohio. ; Harriet L. How- 
ard, of Sherburne, N. Y. ; Elizur V. Foote, of New York, N. Y. 

A bountiful lunch was served to over one hundred in the church parlors. 

As at other places that the Association has met, there was a key man 
at Branford that made the whole meeting go like clockwork; this man 
was Wallace H. Foote, of Branford, who was assisted by his charming 
wife and sister. 

After the adjournment all were invited to their residence where tea 
was served and a picture taken. This ended another successful meeting 
of the family. 



The ninth meeting of the Foote Family Association of America was 
held in Colchester, Conn., Aug. 5 and 6, 1931. 

An informal reception was given at the D. A. R. house on the evening 
of Aug. 5. This building is the old Nathaniel Foote home built by 
Nathaniel Foote No. 25 in 1702. (See Vol. I, p. 16.) It was moved 
several years ago from the original location to its present site opposite 
the park and is a credit to all concerned. 

The meeting was called to order by the President, Henry M. Foote, 
of Washington, D. C, at 11 A.M., Aug. 6, 1930. The address of wel- 
come was given by Steven V. Brainard, of West Chester, and Judge Henry 
M. Foote responded in his usual graceful manner. The report of the 
Secretary-Treasurer was read and accepted. The Secretary reported that 
he intended to publish the second volume of the Foote History and 
Genealogy this coming year providing subscriptions warranted the money, 
Mr. Edwara H. Foote, of New York, N. Y., made the principal address. 
The following officers were elected: 

President — Edward H. Foote, of New York, N. Y. 

Vice-Presidents — H. Foote Remington, of Rochester, N. Y. ; Lewis B. 
Foote, of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Historian — Nathaniel Foote, of New York, N. Y. 

Secretary-Treasurer — Abram W. Foote, of Middlebury, Vt. 

Counselors — Elizur V. Foote, of New York, N. Y. ; Wallace H, Foote, 
of Branford, Conn.; Annie Foote Miller, of Colchester, Conn. 

At 1 P.M. a delicious dinner was served in the remodeled old town hall, 
the members of the Ladies' Aid Society being in charge. Mr. Standish, 
of the Wethersfield Chamber of Commerce, delivered a stirring after- 
dinner speech. 

The success of the affair was largely due to the work of Mrs. Annie 
Foote Miller, of Colchester, who was assisted in making arrangements for 
the event by Mrs. Arthur H. Chapman, Mrs. Clarence H. Norton and 
Mrs. Robert S. Brown, 

In 1934 the Foote Association will meet in Wethersfield, Conn., for 
a centennial celebration, when it will be the three hundredth anniversary 
of Nathaniel Foote's settling in Wethersfield. 

Judge Nathaniel Foote, of Rochester, N. Y,, No, 3300, visited England 
in 1914 and spent considerable time tracing the ancestry of Nathaniel 


Foote, the settler. He has embodied the result of his visit in the following 
statement : 

In 1897 there was published in The New England Historical and Genealogical 
Register, abstracts of the wills of some fifteen members of the Foote family in 
England, being two installments of Waters' "Genealogical Gleanings in England." 
They appear in \'ol. 51, pp. 133 to 140 and 249 to 252. 

These abstracts were reprinted in Waters' book, "Genealogical Gleanings in 
England," Vol. 2, pp. 1274-1285. 

In commenting upon these wills Waters says (p. 1284), "I would suggest also 
that the Nathaniel Foote, of Watertown, may have been another of the sons of 
Robert Foote, of Shalford." The Nathaniel Foote he refers to is the immigrant who 
came to Boston and Watertown some time before 1633, the year he took the oath 
of freeman, as appears by the Records of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. He was 
one of the first settlers of Wethersfield, Conn., and is called "The Settler" in Good- 
win's "Foote Genealogy" (1849), and in the "Foote Family History of Abram W. 
Foote" (1907). From what part of England he came has not been definitely known. 
Goodwin says it was not known, and Abram W. Foote in his book says that the 
tradition is that he came from "Shalford in Colchester." {Sic.) 

I have recently secured satisfactory evidence that he resided in Colchester in 
the County of Essex before coming to this country, and that he was the son of 
Robert Foote, of Shalford, in the same county, and first cousin of Sir Thomas 
Foote, who was Lord Mayor of London in 1649-50. I visited Colchester in July, 1914, 
and with the assistance of Mr. George Rickword, F. R. His. Soc, Librarian and 
Secretary of the Public Library of Colchester, an experienced genealogist, I found the 
record in St. James' Parish Church, Colchester, of the baptism of Nathaniel Foote's 
two eldest children as follows : 

January 14, 1617, Elizabeth Foot ye daughter of Nathaniel Foote and Elizabeth 
his wife. 

March 5, 1619, Nathaniel Foot ye sonne of Nathaniel and Elizabeth. 

(By our present reckoning these dates would be 1618 and 1620, respectively.) 

The outbreak of the great war prevented a continuation of my search in 1914. 
In 1919 I employed Mr. Rickword to make a further search with the result that he 
has sent me an abstract of the record of the apprenticeship agreement of our Nathaniel 
Foote from the Court Rolls of the Borough of Colchester as follows : 

"Nathaniel Foote aged 16 years, son of Robert Foot of Shalford in Com. Essex 
yeoman doth put himself apprentice to Samuel Croylye of Colchester, aforesaid 
grocer and Free Burgess from the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel last past for 
the term of eight years. Dated 21 Sept. V James I (1608). Sealed and delivered 
in the presence of me Robert Foot and of me George Lumpkin." 

According to Goodwin's book our Nathaniel died in 1644, aged about fifty-one 
years. If that was his age, then he was either fifteen or sixteen in September, 1608, 
depending on whether his birthday came before or after September. 

Goodwin gives the dates of birth of Nathaniel's two eldest children as, Elizabeth 
about 1616 and Nathaniel about 1620. The records seem to fully identify our 
Nathaniel as the son, of that name, of Robert to whom the legacy of forty pounds 
is given, payable when he became four and twenty years of age. This will of Robert's 
is found on page 1278, Vol. 2, of Waters' "Genealogical Gleanings." It was made 
Jan. 27, 1608, and probated Feb. 15, 1608. In September of the same year his 
son, Nathaniel, was apprenticed as a lad of sixteen years to a grocer at Colchester 


for eight years, or until 1616, when he would become twenty-four. At the latter 
age his legacy of forty pounds was to be paid to him by his brother, Robert. His 
marriage to Elizabeth Deming, sister of John Deming (one of the first settlers of 
Wethersfield, Conn.), must have taken place as early as 1615, if Goodwin is right 
as to the date (about 1616) of the birth of his eldest child, Elizabeth. The date of 
her baptism (Jan. 14, 1617) may indicate the marriage to have been in 1616. 
Mr. Rickword was not able to find any record of this marriage at Colchester, nor of 
the place of residence in England of the Demings. Goodwin says that all of 
Nathaniel's seven children were born in England, except, perhaps, the youngest, 
who was Rebecca, born about 1634, as Nathaniel took the oath of freeman here 
in 1633, she was born here. As to the other children no record has been found at 
Colchester of the baptism of any, except of the two eldest, Elizabeth and Nathaniel. 
This may indicate that the family had left Colchester before the birth of the third 
child, Mary, in 1623. If so, it seems probable that he continued in the business of 
grocer with some of his relatives engaged in that business in London. It appears 
from the wills of Elizabeth Brooke, widow, of London, proved July 28, 1599 (Waters' 
"Gleanings," p. 1275) and from the wills of Robert Foote, of Shalford, p. 1276, 
and of John Foote, citizen and grocer, of London, proved Dec. 4, 1616, p. 1277, that 
Robert and John were brothers and that they married sisters, daughters of said 
Elizabeth Brooke, named, respectively, Joan and Margaret. On page 1285 Waters 
sets out a pedigree found in the British Museum, which states that the father of 
John was Robert Foote, of Royston, "Descended out of Lincolnshire." I examined 
this paper at the British Museum, having found it at page 183 of book 5533, being 
"Book of Pedigrees and Arms of London families from the visitation of Surry in 
1662." Sir Thomas Foote, son of John, was then alive, for he lived to be ninety-six 
and died Oct. 12, 1687 (p. 1281). No doubt the information as to the name of his 
Grandfather Robert and as to his descent out of Lincolnshire, came from Sir Thomas. 

That Robert Foote, of Shalford, father of our Nathaniel, and John Foote, 
citizen and grocer, of London, father of Sir Thomas Foote, were brothers appears 
from the will of Robert (p. 1276) in which he names his "well beloved brother John 
Foote, of London, grocer," to be one of the supervisors and assistants of his executor. 

In sending me abstracts of the record of some of the Foote wills on Feb. 23, 1920, 
Mr. Rickword writes, "It can be taken as definitely established that Sir Thomas 
Foote, Lord Mayor of London, was the nephew of your Robert Foote, of Shalford, 
and first cousin to Nathaniel. From his second daughter the Earls of Huntingdon, 
a very ancient peerage is directly descended as was the extinct Earldom of Scarsdale. 
From the eldest daughter came Arthur Onslow, the greatest Speaker of the House 
of Commons, ancestors of the present Earl Onslow, who owns property in Colchester, 
dating back to the XVII century. From his Cutts granddaughter, the present 
Lord Lieutenant of Essex, Lord Lambourne, a frequent visitor to Colchester, is 
directly descended." 

Among the wills abstracted and sent to me by Mr. Rickword, not included in the 
collection made by Waters in his "Genealogical Gleanings," is one of John Foote, 
of Royston, tallowchandler, without date, but probated July 18, 1558, as follows: 

"Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Noodes 34. 

"Abstract of the will of John Foote of 'Reston,' Tallowchandler, not dated. 

"I bequeath unto the Church of Royston 20s. 

"I will that Helen my wife shall have all my lands and tenements in Roystor^^ 
or elsewhere, during her life, keeping the same in due reparation, as I am bound by 


the leases thereof; and all my children shall be at the finding and ordering of the 
said Helen, so long as she shall enjoy the said tenements. 

"I bequeath four score pounds equally to be divided among all my children. 

"To Maud Smythe my servant six pounds, thirteen shilling, four pence to her 

"The three pounds that my brother Foote oweth me shall be given to his two 
eldest children. 

"I bequeath to my wife's brother Richard Warren the younger and to her Uncle 
John Jenawaye of Stoonc, 40.y a piece for their pains. 

"To my wife all the rest of my goods not herein before bequeathed. 

"If my wife shall marry, her husband shall put in sufficient bonds to the said 
Richard Warren and John Jenawaye for the payment of my children's portions; 
otherwise the said Richard and John shall enter, taking all the profits thereof, and 
pay one-half to my wife, and bestow the rest in the keeping of my children. 

"I give to Robert Foote, my son, a goblet, feather bed and bedding. 

"To John Foote, my son, a silver salt, feather bed and bedding. 

"To Aves Foote, my daughter, and Elizabeth Foote, my daughter to each, three 
of my best spoons, and a feather bed and bedding. 

"All the rest of my goods, to my wife, whom I make my executrix. 

"Witness : William Meese, citizen and grocer of London, John Jenawaye, 
Nicholas Warreyn of Bassingbourn, Richard Warreyn of Bassingbourn. 

"Proved 18 July 1558 by the executrix named." 

In the opinion of Mr. Rickword this John was a brother of Robert the grand- 
father of Sir Thomas and of our Nathaniel, the emigrant. Abstracts were also sent 
me of the record of other Foote wills, the makers of which may or may not be of 
the same blood, as follows : 

1. Will of Johane Foote, of Melford, in the Diocese of Norwich, dated Dec. 16, 
1517, and proved Dec. 16, 1518. Prerogative Court of Canterbury, AylofTe 12. She 
was a widow of Geffrey. 

2. Will of Geffrey Foote. of Milford, clothmaker, dated Nov. 27, 1512, proved 
Nov. 14, 1514, P. C. C, Felplace 34. 

3. Will of John Foote, of Melford, dated Mar. 31, 1516, and proved Apr. 23, 
1516, P. C. C, Holder 16. 

These Melford wills were made by devout Catholics who each made liberal gifts 
to the clergy and masses and prayers. 

The following extracts from the Shalford Parish Registers were also sent me : 


Joseph, son of Robert Foote, was baptized xviii Sept.. 1609. 
Anne, daughter of Joseph Foote, was baptized xviii Oct., 1610. 
Mary, daughter of Joseph Foote, was baptized xxix Oct., 1612. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Foote, was baptized vi Jan., 1614-15. 
Dorcas, daughter of Joseph Foote, was baptized xviii Aug., 1616. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Anne Foote, was baptized vii Mar., 1618-19. 
Leonard, son of Joseph and Anne Foote, was baptized ix Nov., 1621. 
Joseph, son of Joseph and Anne Foote, was baptized xi July, 1624. 
Robert, son of Joseph and Anne Foote, was baptized xix Oct., 1627. 
Joseph, son of Leonard and Anne Foote, was baptized xxv Jan.. 1645-46. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Leonard and Jane Foote, was baptized xxvii May, 1669. 








Robert Foote was buried xvi Feb., 1608-09. 

Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Foote, was buried iii Sept., 1615. 

Joseph, son of Joseph and Anne Foote, buried xix July, 1624. 

Joseph Foote, husband to Anne Foote, now his widow, was buried Sept., 1639. 

Anne Foote, widow, was buried xxvi Jan., 1644-45. 

Elizabeth Foote, daughter of Leonard and Anne, buried i Apr., 1664. 

John Hewes and Mary Foote were married together xiiii day of February, 1602-03. 

I am informed that the Parish Registers of Wethersfield, for this period, have 
become lost. The Richard Rogers, "Preacher of God His Word," to whom Robert 
Foote, of Shalford, bequeathed 20.?, was the celebrated Puritan Divine (1550-1618) 
of Wethersfield in Essex. (See Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. 49, p. 183.) 

The book entitled "Lieutenant Joshua Howes, a New England Pioneer," by 
Eben Putnam, contains a chapter on the Foote family, also a partial pedigree which 
shows John Foote, citizen and grocer of London, born at Royston, and Robert Foote, 
of Shalford in Essex, to be brothers. It also shows Robert Foote, of London, grocer, 
whose will was probated in 1646, abstract of which is set out on page 1280, Vol. 2 of 
Waters' "Genealogical Gleanings," to be a son of said Robert Foote, of Shalford. 
There is also set out in this pedigree descendants of the following children of said 
Robert Foote, of Shalford, vis., Robert Foote, of London, grocer ; Mary, who married 
John Hewes, of Royston ; and Joshua, citizen and ironmonger, of London, later of 
Roxbury, Mass., 1650, who died at Providence, R. I., in 1655, leaving as his children, 
Samuel, of London, merchant, Joshua, of London, ironmonger, Caleb, of Boston, 1648. 
of London, 1657, and Elizabeth, wife of William Sheldon, of London, draper. Said 
pedigree also shows the following descendants of Mary Foote, wife of John Hewes, 
vie, Jonathan Hewes, Joshua Hewes, died 1676 in Boston, Mass. 

Elizabeth, wife of Ralph Hemenway, of Roxbury, Mass., Phoebe, wife of Richard 
Gorde, of Roxbury, and five other daughters. It also shows the grandchildren of 
Robert Foote, grocer of London, son of Robert Foote, of Shalford. 

I have been furnished with a copy of this pedigree, but have had no opportunity to 
examine the book itself. 


Nathaniel Foote, of New York, N. Y., No. 5561, visited Colchester, 
England, after Judge Nathaniel Foote, of Rochester, N. Y., and furnished 
the pictures from Roiston that appear in this book. 

April 12, 1927, Mrs. Foote and I made the journey to Colchester, 
England, and visited St. James' Church. For the most part the church 
has been rebuilt but the Cloister at the back end and near the old Roman 
wall of the town is part of the original church. There is little doubt that 
Elizabeth and Nathaniel, children of Nathaniel, the settler, were baptized 
on this spot. 

The Colchester Castle has been restored. Colchester claims to be 
the oldest recorded town in England, and it is interesting to note that our 
Nathaniel was apprentice grocer for eight years and probably married and 
lived here until after his two oldest children were born and baptized at 
the St. James' Church. As we walked over the castle we could not help 


feeling that Nathaniel Foote, the settler, once passed through the same 


Robert Foote, of Shalford, Essex, yeoman, 27 Jan., 1608, proved 15 Feb., 1608. 
To the poor in the parish twenty shillings. To the poor in Wethersfield twenty 
shillings. To my well beloved wife Joane, during her natural life, all such yearly 
rent as to me is reserved out of my lease of certain tenements which I hold for 
divers years yet enduring by the grant of Sir Robert Chester, knight, and lying and 
being in the town of Royston, the yearly rent whereof to me reserved is at this 
present eight pounds. I give her also one annuity of four pounds to be paid during 
her natural life to my son Robert. To my son James fifty pounds. To son Daniel 
forty pounds at four and twenty. The same each to sons Nathaniel, Francis, and 
Joshua at like ages. To daughter Elizabeth Foote forty pounds at day of marriage 
or at age of thirty. To son Joseph my lease and term of years in a certain hop- 
ground called Plomley which I hold by lease from Mr. Josyas Clarke and 

his wife. Other gists to him. Certain household stufif to wife. Elizabeth Ormes 

my maidservant. Tibbet, the wife of William Tibbet, five shillings in 

recompence of her pains she hath taken with me. To Mr. Richard Rogers preacher 
of God his Word twenty shillings. The wife of George Elsing. Thomas Cott. To 
my son Robert my free tenement or mansion house wherein I now inhabit, with the 
land, etc. and the stock of hop poles upon the ground, he to pay the legacies, etc. 
The residue of my goods etc. to all my children. If it happen my daughter Mary 
Hewes to be departed then her part to be paid to her children. For the execution 
of this will I do ordain, nominate and appoint my well beloved son Robert Foote 
to be my sole executor and I do desire my well beloved brother John Foote of London 
grocer and my son in law John Hewes of Royston to be supervisors and assistants to 
my executors. Dorset, 21. — (Taken from "Genealogical Gleanings in England," by 
Henry F. Waters. Boston, 1901. Vol. 2, pp. 1276-77.) 

Also taken from same pages (1276) : 

Robert Foote of Shalford, Essex, yeoman, 27 Jan., 1608, had wife Joan, sons 
Robert, James, Daniel, Nathaniel, Francis, Joshua, Joseph and daughter Elizabeth. 
Robert had a brother John, a grocer in London, d. Nov., 1616, who had children 
John, Thomas. Samuel, Elizabeth and three others. His widow was Margaret, d. 1634. 
He was b. at Royston, in Cambridgeshire. Robert left 20 shillings to the poor 
"in Wethersfield." 

Robert Foote, of Royston, dau. descended out of Lincolnshire. 

John Foote, of London, grocer, m. Margaret, dau. of Brooke, of London; 

b. at Royston. 

Sir Thomas Foote, of London, m. Elizabeth Motte, of London; sheriff 1643 and 
afterwards lord mayor 1649, knight and baronet 1660. 

From the "Hewes Genealogy" entitled "Lieut. Joshua Hewes and Some of His 
Descendants," by Eben Putnam, Wellesley Farms, Mass., 1913. 

Robert Foote, of Royston. 
(1) John; b. Royston, lived London, Eng., will 1616; m. 1581, Margaret, dau. of 
John and Elizabeth Brooke, of London, had two and more children. 



(2) Robert. 

Robert Foote (Robert) lived Shalford, Essex, Eng., will 1609; m. Joane, dau. 
of John and Elizabeth Brooke, of London. 
Children : 

(1) Robert, lived London, Eng., will 1646. 

(2) Mary ; m. John Hewes, of Royston. They had nine children, including Joshua 

Hewes, of Roxbury, Mass., ancestor of the Hewes, Huse, Hughes family in 

(3) Elizabeth. 

(4) Joseph, lived Shalford, Essex, Eng. 

(5) James, lived London, Eng., ironmonger. 

(6) Nathaniel, the settler (Robert', Robert'), of Watertown, Mass., 1634; later of 

Wethersfield, Conn. 

(7) Francis. 

(8) Daniel. 

(9) Joshua, ironmonger, lived London, Eng., lived Roxbury, Mass., 1650; d. Provi- 

dence, R. L, 1655 ; m. Elizabeth, had four children who evidently were all 
of London, Eng., and did not come to America. 
John Brooke, lived London, Eng., leather seller; m. Elizabeth Whetman. 
Children : 

(1) Margaret; m. John Foote, of London; son of Robert Foote, of Royston, and 

brother of Robert Foote, of Shalford. 

(2) Joane; m. Robert Foote, of Shalford, son of Robert Foote, of Royston, and 

brother of John Foote, of London. 

(3) Thomas; lived London, Eng., haberdasher, will 1625. 

In the British Museum is a pedigree found at p. 183 of Book 5533 
of the British Museum, being "Book of Pedigrees and Arms of London 
Families from the Visitation of Surrey in 1662," one of the Harleian 
Society publications, of which a copy is printed in Vol. II, "Genealogical 
Gleanings," p. 1285. 

From this it would appear that Robert Foote, of Royston, "Descended 
out of Lineonss," was the father of Robert Foote, of Shalford. His son, 
John Foote, the grocer of London, was the brother referred to by Robert 
Foote, of Shalford, in his will. Thus it is clearly demonstrated that the 
various members of the Foote family whose wills were abstracted by 
Waters and are printed in Volume II of the "Genealogical Gleanings" at 
pp. 1274-1285, are of our family, including Sir Thomas Foote, who was 
Lord Mayor of London in 1649, who was a nephew of our Robert Foote, 
of Shalford, and first cousin of Nathaniel Foote, the settler. 

This Sir Thomas Foote was buried in the parish church of All Saints 
at West Ham, now a part of the City of London. He lived to the great 
age of ninety-six years. In the church is erected a very pretentious monu- 
ment to his memory, containing the following inscription : 



Near to this place 

lyes interred the body of 

Sir THOMAS FOOT, Kt. and Bart. 

Late Alder. & Lord Mayor of London 

in the year of our Lord 1650 

who departed this life the 12th day 

of October, 1688, 

and in the 96th year of his age. 

Together with the body of Dame 

Elizabeth, his wife, who departed 

this life the 6th day of Oct., 1667 

in the 74th year of her age. 

They had foure daughters. 

The first was married to St. 

JOHN CUTLER of LONDON, Kt. and Bart. 

The second to Sr. ARTHUR ONSLOW, 

of CLANDON in ye Coun; of Surrey 


The third to Sir JOHN LEWIS of 

LEDSTONE in the County of York, 

Knight and Barronet. 

The fourth to Sr. FRANCIS ROLLE, 



Near the top of the Monument is a copy of the armourial bearings of 
the family. 


President of the Foote Family Association, 1930-31 
(See pages 439 and 440) 






The Castle at Colchester, a royal fortress, was built about 1080 by 
William the Conqueror. The original building comprised outworks, ram- 
parts, a fortified gateway (presumably with drawbridge), and a ditch 
or moat, with palisades. All that now remains consists of the ruined 
"Keep," of large proportions and great strength. This Keep is much 
larger than any existing Norman Keep, having an area of 17,000 feet, 
against 11,136, the area of the White Tower of London, and 9,300 feet, 
the area of Norwich Castle Keep. 



The walls of Colchester Castle (Keep) were originally more than twice 
their present height, and the towers at the corners were over 100 feet 
high. The two upper floors of the Keep have gone. They included a 
fine Chapel, beneath which was the Crypt, now used as the Colchester 
Museum. The Castle was built largely of Roman material — septaria and 
tiles, found in abundance in Colchester in Norman times, as evidenced by 
their similar use in the Norman Priory Church of St. Botolph, Holy 
Trinity Church Tower, and other old churches in the Borough. The 
Castle is built on the site of a large Roman building, presumed to have 
been the forum of the Roman town. These Roman remains are what are 


now called the vaults under the Castle. They have been cleared and can 
be inspected. 

The design of Colchester Keep so closely resembles the design of the 
White Tower of London, built at about the same date, that it is presumed 
to have been constructed from the designs of the same Norman architect, 
Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester. 

Ill 1091 William Rufus granted the Custody of Colchester Castle 
(and of the town itself) to his dapifer or steward, Eudo de Rye, a Norman 
baron, of great possessions and honorable repute. The Castle remained 
Crown property until the time of the Commonwealth, and was granted 
by the Crown to various personages. At times these grants were con- 
firmed to their descendants as a hereditary privilege. Amongst the dis- 
tinguished constables of the Castle or Castellans, were members of the 
families of St. Clare, De Vere, Lanvalei, De Burgh, D'Arcy, the Mac- 
williams of Stambourne Hall (temp. Elizabeth and later) and their suc- 
cessors at Stambourne, the Stanhopes. The Stanhopes were the last to 
hold the property by Royal Grant, though Charles I granted the "reversion" 
of it to James Hay, Earl of Carlisle, who, however, never gained possession. 

The Bishops of London were (at an early date) Castellans for a short 
term. The so-called "Good Duke Humphrey" (Duke of Gloucester, son 
of Henry IV) held the Castle from 1404 to 1447. Queen Margaret of 
Anjou succeeded him and held the Castle from about 1447 to 1461. Sir 
John Lenthall, lawyer, son of the Speaker of the House of Commons, 
by devious methods secured possession in Commonwealth days, and sold 
it in 1656 to another "Clerk in Chancery," Sir James Northfolk, of Cran- 
brook House, II ford, who made a bad bargain, for he was subsequently 
obliged to pay a further £2,575 to extinguish Lord Stanhope's life-interest. 

In 1683 Sir James Northfolk, an unworthy owner, sold the Castle 
to a still more dangerous possessor, John Wheely, who "convenanted to 
destroy the buildings and to sell the materials" ("Hist, and Antiquities of 
Colchester Castle," 1883). Wheely, finding the work of destruction 
unprofitable, sold the Castle (after much damage) to Sir Isaac Rebow, 
whose grandson, Charles Chamberlain Rebow, promptly sold it to Mary 
Webster, widow. She gave it to her daughter and her son-in-law, Charles 
Gray. Charles Gray was M. P. for Colchester from 1741 till his death in 
1782. His wife (Mary Webster's daughter) was widow of Ralph Cref- 
field, of the Holly Trees. On the death of Charles Gray (without issue) 
in 1782, the Castle reverted to James Round, of Birch Hall, who had 
married the daughter and heiress of Peter Creffield. This James Round 
was great-grandfather of the Rev. James T. Round, of the Holly Trees, 
father of the late Rt. Hon. James Round, of Birch Hall. In order that 



the Castle might become the property of the Town of Colchester, in con- 
nection with the Borough War Memorial Scheme, Capt. Charles Round, 
son of the Rt. Hon. James Round, consented to dispose of the Castle 
and the property adjacent, and, thanks to the generous gift of Viscount 
Cowdray, this purchase was completed during the year 1920, and the 
Castle is now the possession of the Colchester Town Council. 

Colchester Castle was probably visited by many early English sover- 
eigns. King John stayed there on at least five occasions, 1203, 1205, 
1209, and 1212 (on this visit a tun of musk wine was sent for his use), 
and 1214. In 1216 the Castle was besieged by Savaric de MauUon "the 
Bloody," acting on John's behalf against the Barons and their French 
allies. It was evacuated by the French by arrangement on Mar. 24, 
1216. Later in that year, however, it was surrendered, for a brief period 
only, to Prince Louis of France. 

In 1420, when Duke Humphrey was Constable, his Deputy, William 
Bardolf, is reported to have suddenly seized the Bailiffs and honorable 
men of Colchester, and their wives, and imprisoned them in the Castle. 
This seems to have been due to the townspeople asserting a right to walk 
on the Castle "terrace" and other domains. The sequel is not recorded. 

Later the Castle became a county prison. It was so used for Protes- 
tants martyred in the time of Queen Mary. At the Siege of Colchester 


(1648) the Castle was ruinous, and was not of any military importance. 
Sir Chas. Lucas, Sir Geo. Lisle, and Sir Bernard Gascoyne, Royalist 
leaders, were placed in the Castle dungeon after being sentenced to death 
on the surrender of the town. The two former were .shot just outside 
the Castle walls on the evening of Aug. 28, 1648. In 1653 many Dutch 
sailors, prisoners of war, were incarcerated in the Castle. James Parnel, 
Quaker, zealot and martyr, was prisoner here in 1655. His death in the 
Castle seems to have been accelerated by brutal treatment and neglect. In 
the eighteenth century and during the first half of the nineteenth the Castle 
continued to be a county prison and the weekly Petty Sessional Courts of 
the Lexden and Winstree County Justices were held in the Castle. 



I. ROBERT FOOTE, of Royston, near Colchester, England, our oldest Foote 
ancestor that we have any accurate knowledge of and grandfather of Nathaniel Foote, 
the settler. 

II. i. JOHN FOOTE, m. Margaret Brooke; IV-V. 

III. ii. ROBERT FOOTE, m. Joane Brooke; VI-X-XIV. 

II. JOHN FOOTE, citizen and grocer of London. Will 1616; b. at Royston; 
m. 1581 to Margaret Brooke. Will 1634, of St. Benets Grace Church, London. 

IV. i. SAMUEL, citizen and grocer of London. 

V. ii. SIR THOMAS, m. Elizabeth Boddicott; XV-XVIII. 

III. ROBERT FOOTE, Shalford, Essex. Will 1608-09. Names dau. Mary 
Hewes, son-in-law John Hewes, of Royston. Brother John Foote, of London. To 
the poor of Wethersfield, Essex. Had property in Royston. He m. Joane Brooke, 
dau. of John Brooke, of London, probably a member of the Leatherseller Co. ; m. 
2nd, Elizabeth . She survived her husband. London, 1599. 

VI. i. ROBERT, m. Elizabeth; XIX-XXI. 

VII. ii. MARY, m. 1602 to John Hewes, of Royston; he d. 1621. 


(2) JOSHUA HEWES, d. 1676, in Boston, Mass. 

(3) ELIZABETH, wife of Ralph Hemenway, of Roxbury, New England. 

(4) PHEBE HEWES, wife of Richard Gorde, of Roxbury. 






JOSEPH, Shalford, Essex, England. 
JAMES, of London, ironmonger. 

NATHANIEL, of Watertown, Mass., and Wethersfield, Conn., 
our ancestor No. I. 
JOSHUA, m. Elizabeth; XXII-XXV. 

V. SIR THOMAS FOOTE, d. 1687, aged 96. Citizen and grocer of London. 
Lord mayor 1649. Created a baronet 1660 ; m. 1625 to Elizabeth, widow of Augustine 

XV. i. MARY, m. Sir Arthur Onslow ; he d. 1688. 

(1) RICHARD ONSLOW, first Baron Onslow; b. 1654; speaker of the 
House of Commons ; lord of the Treasury ; chancellor ; m. Elizabeth ; 
dau. of Sir Henry Tulse. 

(a) THOMAS, Lord Onslow. 

(b) ARTHUR ONSLOW, speaker of the House of Commons. 

(2) MARY ONSLOW, wife of Sir Robert Reeve. 

(3) CATHERINE, wife of Sir William Clarke. 




(7) FOOTE ONSLOW, commissioner of excise. 
















XVI. ii. PRISCILLA, m. 1654 to Francis Rolle, son of Lord Chief 

Justice Henry Rolle. 

XVII. iii. ELIZABETH, m. Sir John Cutler, citizen and grocer of London. 

XVIII. iv. SARAH, m. Sir John Lewis; d. 1761. Master of the Ironmon- 

gers Co., 1657. His sister Isabella Lewis, m. Nathaniel Newdi- 
gate, formerly of Boston, N. E., and her son Nathaniel settled 
in Rhode Island. See Waters' "Gleanings," Vol. II. She m. 
2nd, Denzil Onslow, brother of Sir Arthur. 

(1) ELIZABETH LEWIS, m. Theophilus Hastings, Earl of Hunting- 

(2) MARY LEWIS, m. Robert Leak, Earl of Scarsdale. 

VI. ROBERT FOOTE, of London, grocer. Will 1645-46; m. Elizabeth . 

XIX. i. JOHN, left issue. 


XXI. iii. ROBERT, of London, merchant. Will 1713-14. Devised £2,000 

to sons of sister, Elizabeth Goddard, in New England. 

XIV. JOSHUA, citizen and ironmonger of London. Of Roxbury, Mass., 1650 ; d. 
in Providence, R. I., 1655 ; m. EHzabeth, who survived her husband. 

XXII. i. SAMUEL, of London, merchant. 

XXIII. ii. JOSHUA, of London, ironmonger. 

XXIV. iii. CALEB, of Boston, 1648, of London, 1657. 

XXV. iv. ELIZABETH, wife of William Sheldon, of London, draper. 

XX. SAMUEL, m. , of London ; ironmonger. 

XXVI. i. SAMUEL, of London, merchant. Will 1710. 

XXVII. ii. SARAH, m. 1662, William Lambert. 

XXVIII. iii. PHEBE, m. 1662, Sir Michael Heneage. 

Others— See Waters' "Gleanings," Vol. II. 

The above is taken from Lieut. Joshua Hewes' Records. 


L NATHANIEL FOOTE, the settler, XI in the above records and, as noted, 
cousin to Sir Thomas Foote, lord mayor of London. 


2. i. ELIZABETH. For descendants of Elizabeth Foote and Josiah 

Churchill reference is made to the "Churchill Family," beginning with 

page 323, "The Churchills in Connecticut." We are only printing 

records not found in the "Churchill Genealogy" as there is no record 

of Hannah's' family. Also the family of Annie Denning (page 327), 

granddau. of Joseph" is not recorded. 

(3) HANNAH CHURCHILL, b. at Wethersfield, Conn., Nov. 1, 1644; d. at 

Wallingford, Conn., about 1689; m. Samuel Royce, son of Robert and 

Mary (Sims) Royce, Jan. 9, 1667. 

(a) ROBERT ROYCE, b. Jan. 21, 1669; m. Mary Porter, b. 1677, dau. 
of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Grovis) Porter. 


(b) JOSIAH ROYCE, b. Feb. 14, 1670; m. Elizabeth Parker, Dec. 12, 

(c) SAMUEL ROYCE, b. 1672; m. Hannah Benedict, Mar. 24, 1693. 

(d) ABIGAIL ROYCE, b. July 26, 1680; m. John Austin. 

(f) DEBORAH ROYCE, b. Sept. 9, 1683 ; m. Thomas Mix. 

(g) ISAAC ROYCE, b. Mar. 10, 1688; m. Mary Benedict. 

(2) (c) ELIZABETH NORTHAM, b. Apr. 1, 1680; m. William Roberts. 

(i) SAMUEL ROBERTS, b. Feb. 8, 1705 ; m. May 5, 1736, to Mary 
(A) SARAH ROBERTS, m. Soloman Whitney, Nov. 27, 1755. 
Ch. : Solomon Whitney, Jr., m. Mary Marshall. Ch. : Sally 
Whitney, m. Oliver Lawrence Augenine. Ch. Harriet 
Augenine, m. James Hour. Ch. : George Hour, m. Charlotte 
Ralph. Ch. : Frances Hour, m. Jacob Calvin Johnson. Ch. : 
Marion Johnson, b. 1903. 

(3) MERCY DICKINSON, m. Joseph Chamberlain, of Colchester, Conn, 
(a) WILLIAM CHAMBERLAIN, b. 1689; m. 1711 to Sara Day. 

(i) WILLIAM CHAMBERLAIN, b. 1712; m. 1st, Lydia Tread- 
way. Ch. Amasa Chamberlain, b. 1748; m. 1772 to Molly Brisco, 
b. 1757; d. 1822. Ch. : Warren Chamberlain, b. 1779; m. 1779 
to Polly Phelps, b. 1788; d. 1832. Ch. : Jason Chamberlain, b. 
1810; m. 1831 to Sarah Holmes. Ch. : Mary Chamberlain, b. 
1832; m. 1849 to Capt. George Womack. Ch. : Sarah Womack, 
m. 1870 to William Armstrong. Ch. : Elizabeth Armstrong, m. 
Eugene H. Ray, Louisville, Ky. 


14. ii. SARAH. 

(2) SARAH CURTIS', b. June 11, 1685; m. 1st, Isaac Cook; he d. ; m. 2nd, 
Nov. 25, 1712 to Caleb Lewis, b. Oct. 15, 1691. 

(a) ICHABOD LEWIS', b. Apr. 18, 1718; m. Esther Hall, b. Apr. 24, 
1729, dau. of Caleb and Esther (Humphrey) Hall, 
(i) ESTHER LEWIS', b. July 11, 1756. 

(ii) SARAH LEWIS", b. July 11, 1756; m. Dec. 17. 1773 to Charles 
Hall, b. Nov. 12, 1757, son of Asahel and Sarah (Parmalee) Hall. 
(A) SARAH HALL', b. Nov. 25, 1789; m. 1810 to Orrin Rice, b. 
(Al) EDWARD HALL RICE^ b. 1811; m. Martha Suther- 
land. Ch. : Charles, Fred and Fannie Rice, all dead. 
(A2) SARAH JEANNETTE RICE', b. 1813; d. unm. 1869. 
(A3) ORRIN RICE, Jr.^ b. Oct. 15, 1815; m. 1838 to Joseph- 
ine Gabadam, d. 1840; m. 2nd, 1842, Myra Kent; d. Dec. 
27, 1898 ; he d. June, 1892. Ch. : Josephine Rice*, b. 1840 ; 
m. Oscar Wilson. Ch. : Arthur Rice Wilson'". Cora 
Wilson". Ernest Hope Wilson'". Arthur Hall Rice', 
b. 1843; m. Jennie Swaub. Ch. : Vennie Mynette Rice'*, 
b. 1875. Lewis Arthur Rice'", b. 1877. Henry Rice", b. 
1877. Ethel Frances Rice'", b. 1881. Lottie Augusta 


Rice', b. 1845; m. 1866 to John M. Rice. Ch.: John 
Orrin Rice", b. 1868; d. 1872. Charlotte Malvina Rice", 
b. 1870; unm. Helen Alma Rice", b. 1874; unm. Myra 
Kent Rice", b. 1877; m. Dr. Joseph Q. Welch, dentist. 
Harry Rice", b. 1881 ; d. 1922. Irene Elizabeth Rice", b. 
1884; m. 1910 to W. Lloyd Weber. Ch. : Alice Irene 
Weber", b. Carthage, N. M., 1911. William Lloyd 
Weber", b. Parson, N. M., 1913. John Rice Weber", b. 
Ft. Stanton, N. M., 1915; Mary Edith Weber", b. Ft. 
Stanton, N. M., 1918. Robert Charles Weber", b. Ft. 
Bayan, N. M., 1922. Orinda Rice', b. 1847; unm. ; d. Apr. 
17,1917. George Rice', b. 1849. Edward Myron Rice', b. 
Aug. 15, 1852; m. 1881, Ida Hicks; res.. Long Beach, 
Wash. Ch. : Anna Louise Rice", b. 1882; m. Carlton 
Gilbert. Ch. : Ruth Gilbert". Stuart Rice", b. 1884 ; m. 
Chineta Williamson; res., New York, N. Y. Sallie Lois 
Rice', b. July 21, 1854; m. June 26, 1882, Dr. James A. 
Mulnix, b. Nov. 8, 1852, son of Jackson and Margaret 
(Johnson) Mulnix; he d. Mar. 28, 1916. Ch. : lone 
Mulnix", b. Nov. 25, 1887; m. Aug. 8, 1911. Walter R. 
Grissel, b. Sept. 21, 1885, son of Joseph and Anna 
(Pisha) Grissel. Ch. : Margaret Grissel", b. Feb. 5, 
1915. Lois Anna Grissel", b. Dec. 1, 1922. Wilkins 
Rice', b. 1858. Cora Elizabeth Rice', b. 1860; m. 1882, 
Monroe Bailey ; res., Danville, Iowa. Ch. : Robert Kent 
Bailey", b. 1884; m. Flora Kelley. Ch. : Reade Bailey", 
b. 1909. Frances Bailey", b. 1911. Lois Bailey", b. 1919. 
Leslie Bailey", b. 1922. Charles Bailey", b. 1886; m. 
Alta Chandler. Ch. : Helen Bailey", b. 1914. Edith 
Bailey", b. 1916. Ralph Bailey", b. 1917. Orrin Rice 
Bailey", b. 1886; m. June 6, 1915 to Violet Williams. 
Ch.: Ellis Orrin Bailey", b. 1918. Charlotte lone 
Bailey", b. 1919. Joanna Lee Bailey", b. 1922. Ward 
Bailey", b. 1891; m. Dauphiene Snell. Ch. : Arthur 
Bailey", b. 1912. Florence Bailey", b. 1915. Bernice 
Bailey", b. 1920. Blaine Bailey", b. 1894; m. Lena 
Wicket. Ch.: Margery Bailey", b. 1917. Richard 
Bailey", b. 1919. 

(A4) LEWIS CLARK RICE^ b. 1817; m. . Ch. : 

Charles Rice', Fred Rice'. 

(A5) SOLOMON GREEN RICE^ b. July 29, 1820; m. Har- 
rison, Ohio, 1847, to Lucy Louise Fuller. Ch. : John 
Eliott Rice", b. Cincinnati, Ohio, May 19, 1851 ; m. Anna 
Robinson, May 16, 1883; she was b. Sept. 23, 1860; 
bookkeeper, Dayton, Ohio. Ch. : Alma Louise Rice", b. 
Hudson, Ohio, Aug. 3, 1890. Flora Luella Rice", b. 
Merrill, Wis., Aug. 4, 1895. Anna Louise Rice', b. Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, Feb. 28, 1885; m. at Cincinnati to John R. 
Trisler; res., Scammon, Kan. Ch. : Helen Louise Tris- 


ler", b. Feb. 24, 1884; m. Aug., 1921, to Rev. Samuel 
Richard Reed. Frank Fuller Trisler", b. July 15, 1887; 
d. Oklahoma, July, 1904. Mabel Elizabeth Trisler", b. 
June 15, 1889 ; m. 1916 to Rev. Robert Lee King. George 
Elliott Trisler'", b. Mar. 20, 1895. William Fuller Rice', 

b. Mar. 14, 1861 ; m. 1907 to Elizabeth , at Peoria, 

(B) SUSAN HALL', b. Dec. 2, 1791 ; m. Feb. 10, 1813 to Moses 
Rice, b. May 10, 1776; d. Dec. 18, 1849; she d. Dec. 25, 1838. 

(Bl) MARY ANN SUSAN RICE^ b. Apr. 26, 1814; m. Apr. 
5, 1830 to Hugh Brown, professor in Blout College, now 
University of Tenn., Knoxville, Tenn. She taught music 
in the Female Institute; d. June 29, 1838. Ch. : Susan 
Brown", d. unm. 

(B2) CHARLES AUGUSTUS RICE', b. Dec. 31, 1815; m. 
Sept. 25, 1844, Amanda Melvina Gaines, b. July 28, 1825 ; 
he d. June 28, 1881 ; res., Knoxville Tenn. Ch. : Hugh 
Brown Rice', b. Oct. 6, 1845, at Eden Ridge, Tenn. ; m. 
Mar. 24, 1872, at Moultrie Co., 111., to Sarah Gideon 
Edwards, b. Apr. 15, 1844; d. Oct. 21, 1921 ; dau. of John 
Wayne and Polly (Hardy) Edwards, of Barren Co., Ky. 
Mr. Rice graduated from Amherst College in 1870, and 
was for years special agent of Oceanic Steamship Co. at 
Los Angeles, Calif., where he d. Oct. 31, 1905. Ch. : Sue 
Seyphoena Rice", b. Dec. 7, 1873, at Rock, 111. ; unm. 
Charles Edward Rice**, b. Jan. 12, 1876, at San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. ; m. Sept. 10, 1901 to Eva Rex Stanley, dau. 
of Charles Newton and Mary Ann (Rex) Stanley; 
Doctor Rice is a dentist at Los Angeles, Calif. Ch. : 
Charles Stanley Rice", b. Oct. 26, 1902. Marian Eliza- 
beth Rice", b. Aug. 18, 1906. William Theron Rice", b. 
July 26, 1910. Theron Lynn Rice'", b. Sept. 2, 1877, at 
Oakland, Calif.; m. Sept. 2, 1903 to Delia May Coulter, 
b. Mar. 18, 1880, at Indianapolis, Ind., dau. of Geo. Adam 
and Clara (Smith) Coulter; res., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Ch.: Lyndell Frances Rice", b. Nov. 18, 1915. Hugh 
Elric Rice", b. Apr. 3, 1879, at Oakland ; m. Lavina Mae 
Cleland, dau. of Patterson and Mary Jane (Patterson) 
Cleland ; res. Los. Angeles, Calif. Ch. : Aubry Cleland 
Rice", b. Mar. 28, 1914. Willie Rice", b. Aug. 29, 1881 ; 
d. Jan. 10, 1882. Wallace Orville Rice", b. Nov. 21, 
1886 ; d. Nov. 13, 1888. Susan^ Letitia Rice", b. Sept. 13, 
1848; m. Knoxville, Tenn., Oct.l2, 1869, John Baird 
Clotworthy, b. Down, Donoven Co., Ireland, Jan. 16, 
1842, son of William and Ellen (Baird) Clotworthy. 
Gave copy. He d. Apr. 9, 1916 ; bur. Knoxville ; she res., 
Hillman, Ga. Ch. : Charles William Clotworthy", b. 
Aug. 21, 1871, at Knoxville, Tenn.; m. Apr. 30, 1895, at 
Westfield, N. J., Mabel Afflick, b. May 29, 1876, dau. of 


Daniel and Julia (Nichols) Afflick; with Essex Banking 
Co., Newark, N. J. Ch. : Charles Melville Clotworthy", 
b. Dec. 28. 1895; m. Mar. 31, 1921 to Bernice Yorks, b. 
Feb. 8, 1897, dau. of John Howlet and Lottie Viola 
(Felch) Yorks; res.. Long Island, N. Y. Ch. : Donald 
Blair Clotworthy", b. Apr. 9, 1922, in New Jersey. 
William Rice Clotworthy", b. Dec. 28, 1897, at Westfield, 
N. J. Russell Gaines Clotworthy", b. Feb. 3, 1899. 
W. W. Lynn Affleck Clotworthy", b. Jan. 10, 1905, at 
Westfield, N. J. Virginia Clotworthy", b. Apr. 6, 1908 
Mary Esther Clotworthy", b. July 14, 1912, at Westfield 
N. J. Hugh Alexander Clotworthy", b. Jan. 26, 1878 
m. Sept. 15, 1903 to Salome Geiger Bell, dau. of Hon 
John M. and Juliett (Landrum) Bell, of Aiken, S. C 
chemist with Rae Drug Co., Inc., New York, N. Y 
John Baird Clotworthy'", Jr., b. Aug. 21, 1893, at West- 
field, N. J.; m. at Atlanta, Ga., July 9, 1917 to Glynn 
Moore, b. Nov. 25, 1896, dau. of Lucius Arthur and 
Emma Ethline (Ferguson) Moore; with Chamberlain 
Johnson Dubose Co., dry goods, Atlanta, Ga. 


29. ix. EUNICE. 

(1) EUNICE TAINTOR', b. at Colchester, Conn., Apr. 13, 1717; m. Aug. 4, 
1737 to Aaron Skinner, b. June 14, 1713; d. Colchester, Conn., Nov. 17, 

(a) DAVID SKINNER=, b. Colchester, Conn., Dec. 22, 1743; m. Mar. 1, 
1771 to Jerusha Lord; she d. May 16, 1836; he d. at Geneseo, N. Y., 
Feb. 3, 1814. 

(i) JERUSHA SKINNER" b. Oct. 28, 1773; m. Nov. 5, 1800 to 

David Finley ; she d. Jan. 29, 1859, at South Pass, 111. ; he d. at 

Avon, N. Y. Dec. 23, 1812. 

(A) DAVID FINLEY', b. at Avon, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1812; m. 

June 1, 1848 to Susan Barlow Weeks, of St. Albans, Vt., b. 

Dec. 25, 1820; d. Mar. 21, 1911; he d. at Champlain, N. Y., 

Aug. 30, 1881. 

(Al) HORACE BLUNT FINLEY^ b. at Champlain, June 
23, 1857; res., 262 84th St., Troy, N. Y. 


25. CAPT. NATHANIEL FOOTE, b. Sept. 9, 1862; d. Colchester, Conn., 
Aug. 20, 1774. He was appointed ensign by the Genert Court, 1721 ; lieutenant. May. 
1732; captain, 1736; deputy to General Court for Connecticut, 1724-32, 1738, 1739, 
1742-46, twenty-three sessions in all; he was appointed justice for Hartford Co. by 
the General Court for 1731-63; a period of thirty-one years continuous service. He 
m. 1st, Anna Clark, of Lebanon, Conn., who d. 1739 ; m. 2nd to Mary, widow of 
Joseph Hancock. 


88. vi. LYDIA, m. Thomas Smith. 

(4) ZERVIAH (SOPHIA) SMITH, b. May 16, 1754; m. Jan. 10, 1777 to 
Amasa Standish, b. at Preston, Jan. 8, 1756. 

(a) AMOS STANDISH=, b. Preston, Sept. 3, 1783; d. Feb. 4, 1865; m. 

Apr. 22, 1804 to Clarissa Fitch, b. Preston, May, 1787; d. Feb. 28, 1878. 

(i) THOMAS FITCH STANDISH*, b. Preston, Sept. 9, 1815; d. 

July 13, 1885 ; m. Oct. 31, 1838 to Ruth Ann Holden, b. Preston, 

July 25, 1818; d. Mar. 10, 1906. 

(A) NANCY LOUISE STANDISH', b. at Norwich, Conn., May 

12, 1842; d. Hartford, Conn., Feb. 21, 1922; m. Nov. 7, 1860 

to Henry Adams Bingham, b. at Lisbon, July 13, 1833 ; d. 

Aug. 3, 1866 ; res., Lisbon. 

(Al) EDWIN H. BINGHAM', b. Lisbon, May 30, 1862; m. 
Oct. 26, 1899 to Mary E. Goodwin, dau. of Charles E. and 
Mary E. (Lincoln) Goodwin; res., Hartford, Conn. 
94. iii. EUNICE. 

(7)(b) MABEL WARD CAMERON, b. Mar. 2, 1863, Chicago, 111.; d. in 
New York, Feb. 22, 1923 ; attended Foote Family Association at 
Wethersfield, Conn., 1907. 

(i) WARD G. CAMERON, graduate from Harvard University, 
A.B., 1910; A.M., 1911; instructor in Romance Languages at 
Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y., 1911-15; professor of 
Modern Languages at St. Stephen's College, Annandale-on- 
Hudson, N. Y., 1915-17; instructor in French and English at 
Dalhousie University, Halifax, N. S., 1917-18; assistant profes- 
sor of French at the New York State College for Teachers, 
Albany, N. Y., 1918-19. Studied theology at Keble College, 
Oxford University, England, 
(c) EDITH WARD DWIGHT^ res., Hartford, Conn. 

(i) ELIZABETH WARD DWIGHT^ m. Apr. 16, 1921 to Adrian 
A. Wardsworth, Jr., Farmington, Conn. 
106. iv. ANNA. 

(1) JONATHAN BRIDGES^ b. Oct. 12, 1753. 

(2) EUNICE BRIDGES^ bapt. Feb. 15, 1756; d. Sept. 12, 1758. 

(3) ESTHER BRIDGES^ bapt. Oct. 30, 1757. 

(4) EUNICE BRIDGES', bapt. Nov. 4, 1759. 

(5) EDMUND BRIDGES^ bapt. Oct. 25, 1761. 

(6) SAMUEL BRIDGES', bapt. Aug. 12, 1764. 

(7) ASA BRIDGES^ bapt. Nov. 17, 1765. 

(8) ANNA CLOTHEIR BRIDGES', bapt. Jan. 1, 1769. 

(9) AMASA BRIDGES', bapt. Sept. 16, 1770. 
(a) ANNA FOOTE BRIDGES^ m. Colby. 

(i) MAY COLBY', m. Willard I. Norton; res., Fremont, Ohio. 

(10) MOLLY BRIDGES', bapt. Aug. 12, 1772. 

(11) MARGARET BRIDGES', bapt. Sept. 4, 1774. 

116. ii. MARY, res., Windsor, Wintobury Society, Conn. 

(1) JOEL GILLETT', bapt. Oct. 3, 1738, in Windsor, Conn. 

(2) LUCY GILLETT'. bapt. Feb. 24, 1740, in Windsor, Conn. 

(3) ABNER GILLETT', bapt. Dec. 6, 1841, in Windsor, Conn. 







4) MOSES GILLETT°, bapt. Nov. 27, 1743, in Windsor, Conn. 

5) SARAH GILLETT^ b. 1754, Nine Partners, N. Y. 
S.ARAH, res., Wethersfield, Conn. 


1) SARAH BOARDMAN', bapt. May 26, 1765. 

2) MARY BOARDMAN', bapt. Mar. 29, 1767. 
viii. RACHEL, res., Simsbury, Conn. 

1) SAMUEL PHELPS', b. Sept. 26, 1750. 

2) DANIEL PHELPS^ b. July 7, 1764. 

3) FREDERICK PHELPS", b. July 4, 1771. 

4) RACHEL FOOTE PHELPS', b. Dec. 8, 1774. 
DORCAS, m. Capt. Amos Hitchcock, Jr., b. June 12, 1724. 



1) PERCAS HITCHCOCK', b. Nov. 10, 1746; m. Rutherford Trowbridge. 

2) AMOS HITCHCOCK', b. Jan. 9, 1753; d. Sept. 9, 1753. 

3) SARAH HITCHCOCK', b. Aug. 20, 1754. 

4) ABIGAIL HITCHCOCK', b. Jan. 1, 1756. 

5) MARY HITCHCOCK', b. Mar., 1758; m. June 12, 1778 to William Miles. 

6) ABIJAH HITCHCOCK', b. Jan. 5, 1760. 

7) AMOS HITCHCOCK', b. 1762; res., Bethany, Conn. 

8) ELIHU HITCHCOCK', was a sea captain; d. in New Haven, Conn. 

9) PHINEAS HITCHCOCK', b. and d. at sea. 

0) ELI HITCHCOCK', d. 1846, at Bethany, Conn, 
i. MARY, m. Rogers. 

1) ELI ROGERS', b. Nov. 14, 1740. 

2) MARY ROGERS', b. Aug. 13, 1743; d. young. 

3) LYDIA ROGERS', b. June 10, 1747; d. Mar. 14, 1841. 

4) SARAH ROGERS', b. May 8, 1750; d. Aug. 21, 1823. 

5) MARY ROGERS', b. Feb. 23, 1753; d. Dec. 4, 1843. 

6) JONATHAN ROGERS', b. Mar. 11, 1756; d. 1842. 

7) ABIGAIL ROGERS', b. Nov. 9, 1758. 
ix. LYDIA, m. 1st, Ebenezer Baldwin, a Revolutionary soldier who d. 

soon after his return from the war. He was a son of Noah Baldwin, 
of Branford, Conn. ; m. 2nd to Elisha Scoville, b. Oct. 15, 1742, son of 
James and Rebecca Scoville, of Meriden, Conn.; res., Truin, N. Y. 

(1) EBENEZER BALDWIN', JR., b. Mar. 21, 1771. 

(2) ABIGAIL BALDWIN', b. July 17, 1772. 

(3) LYDIA SCOVILLE', res., Turin, N. Y. 

195. JACOB FOOTE was appointed by the General Assembly of Connecticut in 
session at Hartford, Conn., from May 13 to June 18, 1779 to be lieutenant of the 
8th Company or Trainband in the 15th Regiment of Connecticut Militia. 

212. JEMIMA, b. 1725; m. Apr. 19, 1748 to Capt. Abraham Hickox, son of Capt. 
Samuel Hickok and Mary (Hopkins) Hickok, b. Jan. 11, 1727-28, at Water- 
bury; d. 1778-79. 

(1) MARY HICKOX', b. Waterbury, Conn., July 2, 1748; m. Seba Bronson. 

(2) LUCY HICKOX', b. Waterbury, Conn., Feb. 13, 1749; m. Simeon Scott. 

(3) JESSE HICKOX', b. Waterbury, Conn., Apr. 12, 1752; m. 1st, Hannah 
Strong ; m. 2nd, Rhoda Thomas ; m. 3rd, Hannah Thompkins. 

(4) JARED HICKOX', b. Waterbury, Conn., Jan. 15, 1756; m. Sept. 7, 1777, 
Rachel Merrill, b. June 30, 1759, in Waterbury, Conn., dau. of Caleb and 
Susannah (Thompkins) Merrill; she d. Dec. 10, 1810, near Berea, Ohio. 




(a) LUCY HICKOX', b. Dec. 6, 1777-78, in Waterbury, Conn.; m. Thomas 

(b) NATHANIEL HICKOX', b. Feb. 16, 1779; m. Sallie Gregory; he 
d. 1809, in Middlebury Tp., Ohio 

(c) JEMIMA HICKOX", b. Apr. 25, 1780; m. Harvey Judd; she d. Nov. 
1, 1803. 

(d) HANNAH HICKOX', b. Dec. 12, 1782; d. July 22, 1785. 

(e) AZOR HICKOX", b. Sept. 5, 1787; d. Sept. 12, 1809, in Middlebury 
Tp., Ohio. 

(f) ERI HICKOX", b. Feb. 19, 1790; m. Alma Hoadley, Feb. 22. 1813; 
he d. Jan. 21, 1864, at West View, Ohio. 

(i) MIRIAM URANIA HICKOX', b. at West View, Ohio, Oct. 
23, 1813; m. Benjamin Baker, Feb. 21, 1833; she d. Dec. 27, 
1860, in West View. He was the son of Benjamin Baker, Sr., 
and Bethia (Crosby) Baker. 

(A) BETHIA WELTHY BAKER', b. at West View, Ohio, 
Jan. 1, 1834; m. Mar. 22, 1855 to Lester Beardsley; d. May 
27, 1917. 

(B) MERRILL ERI BAKER^ b. Mar. 24, 1835; m. 2nd, Jane 
Disbrow ; m. 3rd to EHzabeth Caniff. 

(C) DeFORREST BAKER", b. West View, Ohio, Sept. 17, 1851 ; 

m. at Lockport, Ohio, Oct. 19, 1881 to Caroline Wagar ; d. 

at Cleveland, Ohio, Mar. 28, 1918. She was the dau. of 

Israel Dwelle and Elizabeth (Pyle) Wagar. 

(Al) HAZEL URANIA BAKER", b. Cleveland, Ohio, June 

16, 1883 ; m. June 2, 1909 to Sheldon Pettibone Clark, b. 

Oct. 15, 1866, son of Charles H. and Frances Isabel 

(Pettibone) Clark. Ch. : Sheldon DeForrest Clark", b. 

Cleveland, Ohio, Apr. 5, 1911. Robert Pettibone Clark*", 

b. Oct. 5, 1918. Nancy Hoadley Clark^ b. Cleveland, 

Ohio, Sept. 26, 1923. 

(ii) RACHEL JEMIMA HICKOX^ b. Feb. 19, 1815; m. Samuel 

Hoadley ; she d. Cleveland, Ohio, 1894. 
(iii) WELTHA HICKOX', m. George Sabin. 
(iv) AZOR HICKOX', b. Feb. 13, 1822; d. there Apr. 5, 1830. 
(v) HARRIET AMANDA HICKOX', b. Nov. 27, 1830 ; m. Calvin 

Riley Vaughn, 
(vi) ALMA HOADLEY HICKOX', b. Sept. 23, 1841 ; m. Aug. 24. 
1874 to Dr. David Wilder. 

(g) ESTHER HICKOX", b. Sept. 20, 1792; m. Luther Dille. 

(h) JARED, JR. HICKOX", b. June 8, 1794; m. 1st, Hepsy Parker; m. 

2nd to Hepsy Strong Goodnow, who lived to pass her 101st birthday 

in West View, Ohio, 
(i) RACHEL ANN HICKOX", b. Sept. 5, 1797; m. Abram Fowles. 

(5) JOEL HICKOX^ b. Apr. 8, 1758; d. 1817, in Pennsylvania. 

(6) TIMOTHY HICKOX', b. Jan. 5, 1761 ; m. Sarah Nichols. 

(7) ABRAHAM HICKOX^ b. June 2, 1765; m. 1st, Feb. 24, 1784 to Tamar 
Tuttle; m. 2nd to Phoebe Stone Dibble, widow of Elisha Dibble; he d. 
at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1845. 


(8) SAMUEL HICKOX^ b. Waterbury, Conn., Jan. 1, 1767. 

(9) PRESERVED HICKOX' b. Nov. 6, 1768; m. Rachel Brown. 


233. i. PATIENCE. 

(1) DAVID BIGELOW, b. Nov. 6, 1762; m. Lydia Chappell; he d. Nov. 22, 

(2) ERASTUS BIGELOW, b. Feb. 11, 1765; m. Lucy Root; res., Easton, 
N. Y. 

(3) PATIENCE BIGELOW, b. Dec. 28, 1767; m. Solomon Finley; she d. 
Mar. 10, 1832; res., Marlborough, Conn. 

(4) JOHN BAY BIGELOW, b. July 23, 1770; m. Sally Buell ; he d. Dec. 30, 
1870, ae. 100 years ; res., Marlborough, Conn. 

(5) ANNA BIGELOW, b. Jan. 15, 1773; m. Benjamin Sears; she d. May 14, 

(6) ISAAC BIGELOW, b. Oct. 29, 1775; m. Margaret Foote No. 763; p. 81. 

(7) ASA BIGELOW, b. Jan. 18, 1779; m. Lucy Isham ; res.. Maiden, N. Y. 
(a) HON. JOHN BIGELOW, of Gramercy Park, New York, N. Y. 

(8) ESTHER BIGELOW, b. Mar. 22, 1782; m. William Buell; she d. Sept. 
11, 1849; res., Marlborough, Conn. 

234. ii. ANNA, m. Joshua Bailey. 

(1) AMOS BAILEY', b. Mar. 17, 1759. 

(2) JOSHUA BAILEY', b. June 21, 1763. 

(3) RHODA BAILEY', b. Mar. 10, 1765. 

(4) NATHANIEL BAILEY', b. Sept. 6, 1768; m. Rachel Sears. 
(a) CLARISSA BAILEY^ m. William Wadsworth Richmond. 

(i) WILLIAM H. RICHMOND', b. Oct. 23, 1821 ; m. June 5, 1849 
to Lois Roxanna Morse, dau. of Foster and Roxanna (Kirk- 
land) Morse, b. in Windham, Green County, N. Y. 


(A) FANNY", b. Jan. 13, 1864; m. Dr. William S. Gillman. 

(5) ASA BAILEY', b. Mar. 24, 1772. 

238. vi. ESTHER, m. Caleb Gates, b. Jan. 29, 1749, brother of Joseph No. 


(1) CALEB GATES', b. July 16, 1776; res.. East Haddam, Conn. 

(2) SELDEN GATES', b. Sept. 13, 1778; m. Catharine Elliott, of Killing- 
worth, Conn. ; he d. Sept. 20, 1828. 

(3) RUSSELL GATES', b. Jan. 27, 1786; d. July 26, 1834. 

(4) ESTHER GATES', b. Mar. 1, 1791 ; res.. East Haddam, Conn. 

239. vii. LUCY, m. Joseph Gates. 

(1) EPAPHRUDITUS GATES', b. Aug. 7, 1775; d. July 5, 1796; unm. 

(2) LUCY GATES', b. Nov. 23, 1777; d. Apr. 25, 1798; unm. 

(3) OLIVE GATES', b. Sept. 21, 1779; m. Judah Gates, of East Haddam; 
she d. May 22, 1881. 

(4) ORRIN GATES', b. Mar. 11, 1781; m. Spencer. 

(5) URI GATES', b. Jan. 30, 1785; m. Betsey Gates, of East Haddam, 

(6) ELI GATES', b. Dec. 2, 1788; d. Sept. 27, 1824. 


240. viii. MARY, m. Stephen Skinner. 

(1) MARY SKINNER', b. Aug. 26, 1776; m. Gardner Mills, of Canton, 

(2) STEPHEN SKINNER', b. Mar. 20, 1779; m. Jerusha Foote No. 752; 
res., Canada. 

(3) ALFRED SKINNER', b. Apr. 25, 1781 ; res., Chenango, N. Y. 

(4) AMASA SKINNER', b. Apr. 24, 1781 ; m. Lucinda Foote No. 755; d. s. p. 
242. i. ELIZABETH. See "Huntington Genealogy," p. 844; she d. Oct. 4, 


(1) BETSEY KIMBERLY HUNTINGTON', b. Aug. 8, 1779; m. Allen 
Bruce ; res.. North Lyme. Conn. 

(a) TIMOTHY D. BRUCE, b. Greenport, L. I. 

(2) DAVID HUNTINGTON', b. Mar. 1, 1784; d. Mar.. 1819. 

(3) ANNA HUNTINGTON', b. Sept. 1, 1785; d. Nov. 19, 1861. 

(4) ISAAC FOOTE HUNTINGTON', b. Dec. 28, 1787; d. May 11, 1820. 

(5) LOUISE HUNTINGTON', b. May 29. 1790; res. (1860), Hamburg, 

250. V. MARTHA, m. John Barney. 

(1) JOHN BARNEY', b. Nov. 18, 1769, in Colchester, Conn. 

(2) DANIEL BARNEY', b. Mar. 16, 1771. 

(3) ELI BARNEY', b. Mar. 11, 1773. 

(4) HARRY BARNEY', b. Feb. 6, 1780. 

251. vi. MARGARET, m. Rev. Emerson Foster. 

(1) NATHANIEL E. FOSTER', b. Oct. 5, 1779; d. at Auburn, N. Y., Mar. 
30, 1825. 

(2) MARGARET PARSONS FOSTER', m. Moore; res.. Long 

Island, N. Y. 

(3) ISAAC PARSONS FOSTER', m. ; res., Chatham, Conn. 

(4) HANNAH FOSTER', b. Oct., 1785; res., Jamestown, N. Y. 

252. vii. ANNA, m. Thomas J. Skinner. 

(1) THOMPSON JOSEPH SKINNER', JR., b. Feb. 16, 1774. 

(2) MATY SKINNER', b. 1776; m. Judge Nathan Williams, of Supreme 
Court of New York ; res., Utica, N. Y. 

(3) THOMAS SKINNER', b. 1778; lawyer, Utica, N. Y. 

(4) ANN SKINNER', b. 1785; m. Samuel Brown, of Brownsville, N. Y. 

(5) ELIZA SKINNER', b. 1791 ; m. Samuel Brown after death of Ann. 

260. LOIS. 

(1) MOLLY WORTHINGTON', b. Dec. 10, 1772. 

(2) DAN WORTHINGTON', b. Sept. 22, 1774. 

(3) JERUSHA WORTHINGTON', b. June 26, 1776. 

(4) CHARLES WORTHINGTON', b. Aug. 27, 1778. 

(5) JUDITH WORTHINGTON', b. June 30, 1780; m. Elias Newton, of 
Colchester ; res., Middletown, Conn. 

(6) BETSEY WORTHINGTON', b. Apr. 14, 1782; m. Samuel Kellogg; 
res.. Lenox, Mass. 

(7) JOHN WORTHINGTON', b. May 2, 1784. 

(8) GAD WORTHINGTON', b. May 28, 1786. 

(9) GUY WORTHINGTON', b. Apr. 5, 1788. 


(10) ROBERT WORTHINGTON', b. Sept. 29, 1791; physician; res., Lenox, 

(11) LAURA WORTHINGTON', b. Aug. 4, 1793. 

(12) LOUISA WORTHINGTON', b. Dec. 9, 1795. 

262. iii. JERUSHA, b. Mar. 2, 1755; m. Feb. 25, 1779 to Joseph Johnson, of 
Colchester, Conn., d. Jan. 21, 1831. in Coventry, N. Y. ; he d. Nov. 17, 
1808, ae. 58, in Colchester, Conn. 

(1) DEMIS JOHNSON', b. June 17, 1779; m. Oct. 20, 1803, Jacob Cutler. 

(2) ELISHA JOHNSON', b. Dec. 6, 1780; m. Sept. 1, 1804, Lydia Griffin, of 
Saybrook, Conn. 

(3) GURDON JOHNSON', b. Nov. 3, 1782; d. Oct. 21, 1786. 

(4) CLARISSA JOHNSON', b. Dec. 11, 1784; m. Aug. 1, 1823, Marcus 
Palmer, at Union, Ark. ; she d. Granville, Ohio, Sept. 8, 1825. 

(5) LOIS JOHNSON', b. Sept. 14, 1786; d. Colchester, Conn., Apr. 23, 1815. 

(6) GURDON JOHNSON', b. Aug. 21, 1788; d. Coventry, N. Y., Feb. 12. 


(7) RALPH JOHNSON', b. Feb. 9, 1791; m. Sept. 10, 1817 to Elizabeth 
Hunt, of Franklin, N. Y., b. Feb. 3, 1794; he d. Nov. 10, 1882. at Cov- 
entry, N. Y. ; she d. Feb. 11, 1871, at Coventry, N. Y. ; res., Coventry, 
N. Y 

(a) WILLIAM JOHNSON', b. Aug. 18, 1819; m. Jan. 3, 1855 to Eliza- 
beth Stiles, b Apr. 17, 1836; he d. Jan. 9, 1903; she d. Mar. 28, 1919; 
res., Smithville, N. Y. 

(i) BESS A. JOHNSON', b. Mar. 27. 1856; m. Walter Booth, 
Oct. 7, 1884; res., Roxbury, Conn. 

(A) WILLIAM JOHNSON BOOTH", b. Mar. 6. 1886 ; d. . 

(B) GEORGE W. BOOTH", b. Apr. 30. 1889; m. Margaret 

(Bl) GEORGE WASHINGTON BOOTH", res., Roxbury, 
(ii) WILLIAM E. (Pussyfoot) JOHNSON', b. Mar. 25, 1862; m. 
Lillie M. Trevitt; res., Smithville, N. Y. 
(A) CLARENCE JOHNSON", b. Jan. 31, 1888; m. Gladys 

(Al) CLARENCE JOHNSON", res., San Bernardino, Calif. 
(B) CLIFFORD JOHNSON'", b. Dec. 31, 1889; m. Violetta 
(Bl) VIOLETTA LEE DUCKETT", m. Augusta Duckett; 
res., Bladensburg, Md. 
(iii) LILLIAN JOHNSON*, b. Aug. 28, 1866; m. Prentice A. 
Purdy, Sept. 9, 1885 ; she d. 1928. 

(A) BIRDELLA PURDY", b. Mar. 6, 1889; m. William E. Davis; 
res., Greene, N. Y. 


(B) RUTH PURDY", m. Theodore Grams; res., LudlowviUe, 
N. Y. 


(C) ORLANDO J. PURDY^", b. June 26, 1886; m. Blanche Gardi- 
ner; res., Bishop, Calif. 
(iv) FRANK JOHNSON', b. Apr. 17, 1865; m. Emma Davenport, 
July 22, 1886; he d. May 31, 1891. 
(A) MURRY JOHNSON'", b. Nov., 1889; d. Jan. 12, 1897. 
(v) CLARE JOHNSON', b. July 23, 1868; m. Frank Martin Skill- 
man, Nov. 13, 1890; res.. Broken Bow, Neb. 
(A) EGLANTINE SKILLMAN", b. Aug. 16, 1892; m. Charles 
Velte, Aug. 16, 1916; res., Crete, Neb. 
(Al) CLARE VELTE", b. Sept. 6, 1917. 
(A2) PHYLLIS VELTE", b. Oct. 22, 1918. 
(A3) CHARLES VELTE", b. June 18, 1920. 
(vi) ALBERT JOHNSON*, b. May IS, 1873; m. Oct. 9. 1895 to 
Jennie Walker ; res., Cortland, N. Y. 

(A) LILLIAN JOHNSON", b. Aug. 22, 1896; m. Walter Pope. 
(Al) BARBARA JANE POPE"; res., Binghamton, N. Y. 

(B) FRANK JOHNSON", b. Aug. 22, 1897. 

(C) HARRY W. JOHNSON", b. Aug. 5, 1908. 

(b) JOSEPH JOHNSON', m. Hepsy Stoddard; res., Coventry Rd., N. Y. 

(c) CLARISSA JOHNSON^ m. George Williams. 

(i) FRANK WILLIAMS', b. 1851; m. Lydia ; he d. 1931; 

she d. 1931. 

(A) MARY WILLIAMS", b. ; m. Clement Huyck; res., 

Richford Springs, N. Y. 

(Al) CLARISSA HUYCK", b. Oct. 18, 1900; res., Richford 
Springs, N. Y. 

(d) GEORGE JOHNSON', m. Polly Warner. 

(i) CHARLES JOHNSON', m. Cora Wright; he d. ; res.. 

Santa Barbara, Calif. 




(D) HOWARD JOHNSON", res., Greene, N. Y. 

(e) ALBERT JOHNSON', b. Mar. 17, 1835; m. Dec. 30, 1862 to Adaline 
Van Ness, b. July 2, 1843, at Greene, N. Y.; he d. Oct. 29, 1909, at 
Fremont, Neb.; she d. Oct. 2, 1881, at Greene, N. Y. 

(i) HENRY ARTHUR JOHNSON', b. Nov. 23, 1868, at Greene, 
N. Y.; m. April 19, 1900, at Broken Bow, Neb., to Lizzie Elmore 
(Ella) Thome, b. Dec. 4, 1871. 

(A) HENRIETTA JOHNSON", b. May 10, 1901; res.. Broken 
Bow, Neb. 

(B) CLARA BELLE JOHNSON", b. Dec. 25, 1902, at Broken 
Bow, Neb. 

(C) ELMORE THAME JOHNSON", b. Jan. 4, 1905; m. Jean 

Claney, Feb. 4, 1930; res. on H. A. Johnson farm west of 
Broken Bow, Neb. 

(D) VERNA ELIZABETH JOHNSON", b. Jan. 26, 1910. 


(ii) RALPH JOHNSON', b. Oct. L 1870, at Coventry, N. Y. ; m. 
Apr. 30. 1896, at Cedar Rapids, Li., to Jane Burnside Lansing; 
res., Broken Bow, Neb. 

(A) ADALINE MARIA JOHNSON^", b. Jan. 28, 1898, at 
Fremont, Neb.; m. Vard V. Gray, June 13, 1922, at Broken 
Bow, Neb. 

(Al) RALPH GRAY", b. Aug. 26, 1924. 

(A2) VERNE GRAY", b. Aug. 26, 1924; d. Sept. 7, 1928. 

(B) HARRIET JOHNSON", b. Oct. 21, 1900, at Fremont, Neb.; 
m. Jan. 10, 1924 to Ernest G. Stone; res., Comstock, Neb. 

(Bl) RICHARD STONE", b. Nov. 27, 1925. 
(iii) MADGALENE VAN NESS JOHNSON", b. Dec. 19, 1872, at 
Coventry, N. Y. ; m. Feb. 17, 1903 to James Barger Seeley, at 
Fremont, Neb. ; res., Ringling, Mont. 
(A) ALBERT JOHNSON SEELEY'", b. Oct. 4, 1903, at Fre- 
mont Neb. ; res., Ringling, Mont. 
(iv) ROBERT BRUCE JOHNSON^ b. Aug. 18, 1875, at Coventry, 
N. Y. ; m. Sept. 20, 1904, at Lew Beach, N. Y., to Margaret 
Martin; she d. June 6, 1931; res., Superior Wis. 

(A) FLOYD BRUCE JOHNSON'", b. June 18, 1905, at Fremont, 
Neb. ; res., Superior, Wis. 

(B) LAURA MARGARET JOHNSON", b. Dec. 23, 1906, at 
Fremont, Neb. ; m. Jerome T. Ericsson, Feb. 16, 1929. 

(Bl) JO ANN ERICSSON", b. Oct. 4, 1929. 
(B2) BRUCE TRUMAN ERICSSON", b. Dec. 18, 1930; 
res., Superior, Wis. 

(8) THEADOSHA JOHNSON', b. Mar. 10, 1793; d. May 10, 1819. 

(9) WILLIAM JOHNSON', b. Mar. 11, 1795; m. July 10, 1821, Mary Colt, 
of Lisbon, Conn. 

(10) JERUSHA JOHNSON', b. Oct. 14, 1798; m. Feb. 7, 1837, Marcus 
Palmer, at the Fairfield Missionary Station. He m. 1st, Clarissa No. (4). 
270. ii. JERUSHA. 

(1) ASA CORNWALL', b. Sept. 17, 1773; d. June 6, 1775. 

(2) JERUSHA CORNWALL', b. July 1, 1776. 

(3) ANNA CORNWALL', b. Mar. 20, 1778. 

(4) SARAH CORNWALL', b. Feb. 13. 1780. 

(5) ASA CORNWALL', b. Apr. 3, 1782; d. Jan., 1838; Episcopal minister; 
res., Cheshire, Conn. 

(6) EZRA CORNWALL', b. Oct. 20, 1787. 

(7) DAVID CORNWALL', b. June 15, 1790. 

82. JARED FOOTE, dau. Hannah, and her husband, Philip Warner, are bur. 
at East Cornwall, Vt. 
275. i. HANNAH. 

(5) SALLY WARNER', b. 1796; m. Jesse Keeler; she d. 1884. 

(6) (a) HANNAH WARNER', m. 1st, Levi Gates; m. 2nd, Benjamin 

278. iv. AIFRCY. 

(1) SALLY PORTER', b. Mar. 27, 1786; d. Dec. 7, 1792. 





2) LOUISA PORTER', b. Nov. 24, 1888; m. Jabez Collins; she d. Dec. 19, 
1829; six children. 

3) MARILDA PORTER', b. May 21, 1790; m. Palathia Martin, of Poplar, 
Ohio ; several children. 

4) LEMUEL PORTER', b. Mar. 19, 1792; d. Jan. 3, 1839; leaving children. 

5) SALLY PORTER', b. Dec. 23, 1793; d. Jan. 1, 1794. 

6) BETSEY PORTER', b. Aug. 13, 1795; d. Nov. 20, 1839. 

7) JERUSHA PORTER', b. May 5, 1797; d. Dec. 5, 1839. 

8) HORACE PORTER', b. May 7, 1799; d. Aug. 21, 1824, at sea. 

9) DOLLY PORTER', b. May 16, 1801 ; d. June 30, 1823. 

0) GUY PORTER', b. June 27, 1803. 

1) PHILO PORTER', b. June 27, 1806; farmer; res., Ellington, Conn.; two 

vi. LUCY. 

1) HANNAH GUNN', b. Aug. 7, 1790; m. May, 1832. 

2) REUBEN L. GUNN', b. Feb. 25, 1793; m. . 

3) LUCY F. GUNN', b. Jan. 8, 1795; d. Apr., 1844. 

4) LUCINDA JENNINGS', b. Aug. 11, 1798; d. Sept. 10, 1839. 

5) SHERBUN H. JENNINGS', b. Nov. 22, 1800; m. . 

6) JOEL F. JENNINGS', b. June 21, 1804; d. May, 1832. 

7) DAVID JENNINGS', b. Jan. 1, 1807; m. . 

8) BETSEY JENNINGS', b. Feb. 17, 1809; m. . 

9) CHAUNCY JENNINGS', b. Apr. 3, 1811 ; m. . 

0) JOEL B. JENNINGS', b. Nov. 23, 1813 ; m. . 

vi. SARAH, m. William Dunham. 

1) WILLIAM DUNHAM', b. Mar. 6, 1792. 

2) JULIUS DUNHAM', b. May 15, 1794. 

[3) SARAH DUNHAM', b. Aug. 31, 1795; m. July 2, 1818 to William South- 
mayd, Jr., Middletown, Conn. 

[4) AMANDA DUNHAM', b. Nov. 15, 1789; d. Sept. 7, 1820. 
:5) LUCRETIA DUNHAM', b. June 17, 1800; m. Edwin Pratt, of Saybrook, 

Conn. ; she d. Dec. 21, 1834. 
(6) ELIZABETH GREEN DUNHAM', b. July 2, 1802; d. Nov. 9, 1815. 
7) EDWARD DUNHAM', b. Nov. 20, 1805. 
:8) ELEAZUR DUNHAM', b. Feb. 14, 1807; d. Feb. 22, 1809. 
^9) SAMUEL DUNHAM', b. Aug. 23, 1818. 
(10) MARY DUNHAM', b. Dec. 24, 1910. 
305. DEBORAH FOOTE (89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. Apr. 24, 1774; m. Dec. 26, 1791, 
Zelotes Bigelow, b. Aug. 17, 1764, son of Daniel and Mary (Brainard) Bige- 
low, of Colchester, Conn. ; moved to Brookfield, Vt., and she d. there June 14, 

(1) TALITHA BIGELOW', b. Apr. 2, 1793. 

(2) DEBORAH BIGELOW', b. Jan. 15, 1795. 

(3) ZELOTES BIGELOW', b. Mar. 14, 1798; m. at Brookfield, Vt., Nov. 
18, 1919 to Elizabeth Slade, d. June 6, 1872. 

(4) ABEL BIGELOW', b. Brookfield, Vt., Apr. 5, 1804; d. Brookfield, Vt., 
Apr. 21, 1860; was a farmer, a deacon in the Congregational Church, and 
at one time a member of the Vermont Legislature. He m. Apr. 7, 1836, 


Mary Kingsbury, dau. of Bela Kingsbury and Abigail (Botton) Kingsbury; 
b. Brookfield, Vt., Nov. 3, 1813; d. Batavia, N. Y., Feb. 8. 1891. 
(a) MARTHA KINGSBURY BIGELOW, b. Brookfield, Vt., Oct. 31, 
1849; m. Feb. 10, 1866, Julian J. Washburn, b. Randolph, Vt., Nov. 10, 
1842, son of Daniel Washburn and Adeline (Story) Washburn; re- 
moved to Batavia, N. Y., in Nov., 1877^ for the remainder of his life 
he was prominently connected with the Wiard Plow Company of that 
city. He d. at Batavia, Oct. 28, 1918; she d. at Batavia, Sept. 12, 1928. 
(i) EDWARD A. WASHBURN', b. Randolph, Vt., Jan. 21, 1868; 
has resided at Batavia since Nov., 1877; was educated in the 
public schools and admitted to the bar in Apr., 1889; has prac- 
ticed law in Batavia since then. He was county judge of 
Genesee County, 1901-18; is a director in the First National 
Bank of Batavia and in the Bank of Elba, and president of the 
former institution ; is also a director and vice-president of 
Genesee Theatrical Enterprises, Incorporated. Was a delegate 
to Republican National Convention of 1908 and 1916. He m. on 
May 6, 1896, Frances Virginia Marsh, dau. of James P. 
Marsh and Fannie (Davis) Marsh, of Chicago, 111., and they 
have one dau. : 
(A) ROWENA MARSH WASHBURN", b. Jan. 18, 1899; m. 
Apr. 14, 1925, Edward Perrin Atwater, son of Edward Cong- 
don At water and Linda (Perrin) Atwater, and they have 
three sons : Edward Washburn Atwater", b. Feb. 6. 1926 ; 
James Perrin Atwater", b. Apr. 17, 1928; Julian Washburn 
Atwater", b. May 8, 1931. These boys on their mother's side 
descend from Nathaniel, oldest son of the first settler, and from 
Frances, dau. of the same, and on their father's side they go 
back to Robert, brother of Nathaniel and Frances, 
(ii) MARY VIRGINIA WASHBURN', b. Jan. 29, 1879, at Batavia, 
N. Y. ; was educated at Vassar College; and d. unm. at Batavia, 
Dec. 12, 1915. 

(5) NABBY BIGELOW', b. Nov. 12, 1806. 

(6) MARY BRAINARD BIGELOW', b. Nov. 2, 1808. 

(7) LUCINDA MALVINA BIGELOW', b. Aug. 17, 1815. See "Bigelow 
Genealogy," p. 252. 

306. ix. TALITHA FOOTE. 

(1) TALITHA CHAMBERLAIN', b. Oct. 6, 1796 ;m. Sept. 10, 1837 to 
Gurdon Wheeler, of Hadley, Mass. 

(2) HARRIET CHAMBERLAIN', b. Aug. 22, 1799; m. Jan. 5, 1817 to 
Daniel Taylor, of Colchester, Conn. 

(3) GRACE CHAMBERLAIN', b. Sept. 7, 1801 ; m. Aug. 20, 1820 to Philip 
Griggs, of Lebanon, Conn. 

(4) CLARISSA CHAMBERLAIN', b. Aug. 6, 1810; m. Feb. 18, 1823 to 
John Kellogg, of Colchester, Conn. 

(5) MARY CHAMBERLAIN', b. Aug. 29, 1807; m. Chancer Gott, of 
Hebron, Conn. 

(6) ROXANNA CHAMBERLAIN', b. Jan. 14, 1811; m. Oct. 9, 1831 to 
Ralph Jones, Hebron, Conn. 


(7) SARAH CHAMBERLAIN', b. Apr. 24, 1813; m. Sept. 9, 1832 to William 
Jones, of Hebron, Conn. 

(8) WILLIAM CHAMBERLAIN', b. July 10, 1816; m. Apr. 9, 1843 to 
Adeline Strong, Hebron, Conn. 

(9) ELIZABETH CHAMBERLAIN', b. Aug. 13, 1821; m. Oct., 1844 to 
Stephen Fowler, of Lebanon, Ohio. 

306'. iii. ELITHEA, m. *Prince Brewster. See "Brewster Genealogy," p. 146, 
for family record. 

(3) JESSE CLARK', JR., b. Aug. 24, 1784. 

(4) SARAH CLARK', b. Aug. 14, 1786. 

(5) MILDRED CLARK', b. Aug. 24, 1788. 

(6) TRIPHENEA CLARK', b. Nov. 5, 1790. 

(7) JOHN CLARK', b. Feb. 14, 1793. 

(8) CHARLES CLARK', b. July 1, 1795. 

(9) ALMA CLARK', b. Oct. 3, 1797. 

(10) CHAUNCEY FENNER CLARK', b. Dec. 20, 1799. 

(11) RUTH CLARK', b. May 24, 1802. 

310. (2) CYNTHIA CLARK', b. Sept. 22, 1782; m. 1st, Feb. 25, 1801 to Chester 

Bissell, of Granville, Mass., he d. ; she m. 2nd, Jan. 29, 1805 to John 

Button, b. Feb. 8, 1783, Groton, Conn. ; farmer at West Springfield, 

Mass., and New Hudson, Conn. She d. 1826, and he went to Michigan 

to live with his children, (a) A gentleman of the old school, dignified 

and pleasing; he d. at North Farmington, Mich., in 1859. 

(a) JOHN HALSEY BUTTON', b. Oct. 14, 1805; m. Feb. 22, 1831 to 

Susan Butler, b. July, 1806, dau. of Ommond and Abigail (Rudd) 

Butler ; farmer ; State representative, 1840 ; held county offices ; res.. 

North Farmington, Mich.; d. Nov. 30, 1876; came to Michigan. 1832, 

from New York State. 

(i) GEORGE WARREN BUTTON', b. July 11, 1837; m. Dec. 27, 
1865 to Delia A. Pier, b. 1841; farmer; lieutenant in Civil War; 
he d. Jan. 17, 1923. 
(ii) JAMES ADDISON BUTTON', b. Nov. 3, 1838; m. Sept. 25, 
1867, at Chicago, 111., to Louise M. Barse, Detroit, Mich., b. May 
23, 1847; d. Oct. 10, 1927, at Midland, Mich.; dau. of Capt. 
William Hawley Barse and Maria Louisa Nichols. Graduate of 
Michigan State Agricultural School ; general store in Birming- 
ham and Flushing, Mich.; register of deeds, 1888-92; alderman 
in Flint, 1896; postmaster, 1897-1909; d. May 3, 1909. 
(A) ALTA LOUISE BUTTON", b. Dec, 1870; m. Feb. 12, 1895 
to Fred P. Baker, son of Charles and Eliza Dymond, both b. 
in England; city clerk, Flint, Mich., for eight years; post- 
master, during Taft administration, at Flint, Mich. ; assistant 
postmaster for seven years ; one of the directors of the State 
Bank of Midland ; retired. 
(Al) LOUISE BAKER", b. Aug. 5, 1896; m. at Flint, Mich.. 
Nov. 16, 1918 to Hubert Rivard Loranger, b. at Bay City, 
Mich., Sept. 7, 1896, son of U. R. Loranger and Marie 
Franck. Ch. : Hubert Rivard Loranger", Jr., b. Oct. 26, 


1921, at Detroit, Mich. Richard Baker Loranger", b. 
Apr. 5, 1925, at Detroit, Mich. 
(A2) FREDERIC JAMES BAKER", b. Feb. 3, 1899, at Flint, 

Mich. ; chemical engineer. University of Michigan. 
(A3) DYMOND BAKER", b. Nov. 19, 1902, at Flint, Mich.; 

graduate of University of Michigan. 
(A4) MABEL BAKER", b. Nov. 13, 1904, at Flint, Mich.; 
m. Jan. 3, 1931, Eino A. Pulkiner, b. July 7, 1903 ; manual 
arts instructor. 
(B) MABEL BUTTON", b. Feb. 7, 1878; d. Dec, 1902. 
(iii) ELLEN BUTTON", b. June 28, 1844; m. Apr. 16, 1866 to David 

Blakesler, at Pontiac, Mich, 
(iv) ALVIRA J. BUTTON", b. Jan. 14, 1851 ; m. Jan. 5, 1870 to 
Ralph Hall, at 241 Hague Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

(A) HARRY HALL^", b. July 27, 1871; m. Cora E. Pettenger ; 
res., White Rock, Colo. 


(B) ROGER R. HALL", b. June 16, 1875; m. Hope Messier; res.. 
White House. N. J. 

(C) HAZEL HALL", b. July 8, 1880; m. Feb., 1903 to Leo H. 

Fessenden ; res., Detroit, Mich. 

b. Nov. 27, 1806; m. Warren Rundell ; res., 


Birmingham, Mich. 













(vii) JULIUS RUNDELL", b. 1844; m. Julia Adams; res., Birming- 
ham, Mich. 

(c) CHARLES BISSELL BUTTON', b. Aug. 17, 1808, at West Spring- 
field, Mass.; m. Jan. 1, 1832 to Avoline Murry, b. Sept. 10. 1816; 
d. 1898; dau. of Reuben and Sabra (Doty) Murry; he d. Sept. 1, 1865; 
res., North Farmington, Mich. 

(i) CHARLES WILLIS BUTTON", b. at Farmington, May 18, 
1851; m. Mar. 11, 1880 to Ada Chapman, of Novi, b. Feb. 9, 
1857; he d. Jan. 1, 1903; res.. North Farmington, Mich. 

(A) DON BISSELL", b. Jan. 26, 1881. 

(B) JAY CHAPMAN BISSELL", b. Nov. 4, 1882. 

(C) AARON CHAPMAN BISSELL", b. Aug. 21, 1886. 

(d) ORPHA MARIA BUTTON', b. Dec. 8, 1809, at West Springfield, 
Mass.; m. Feb. 28, 1832 to James Heard, b. Mar. 23, 1809; d. 1893; 
she d. May 8, 1840; farmer; res., Clayton, Mich. 

(i) AMOS BUTTON HEARD", b. Sept. 10, 1835; m. Sept. 15, 
1868 to Amanda Stuntz, b. Mar. 23, 1844; d. Sept. 2, 1922; 
dau. of Edward Wells Stuntz; physician; res.. North East, Pa. 


(A) MARY K. HEARD", b. Sept. 17, 1869; physician; res., Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

(B) RALPH E. HEARD", b. Jan. 15, 1871; m. Ida O. Shore, 

Jan. 5, 1898; m. 2nd to Lillian K. , Aug. 22, 1914; res., 

Lockport, N. Y. 

(C) REID HEARD", b. Mar. 22, 1873. 

(D) JAMES LOUISE HEARD", b. Feb. 8, 1874; m. June 6, 1901 
to Flora Reid, b. Mar. 22, 1873 ; res. North East, Pa. 

(E) DR. CORYDON FORD HEARD", b. Nov. 9, 1876; m. 1st, 
June 18, 1902 to Corinne Jones; she d. May 15, 1913; he m. 
2nd to Maude Flynn, July 1, 1915 ; res., Erie, Pa. 

(El) ELEANOR MOREHEAD HEARD", b. June 12, 1909; 

she d. May 15, 1913. 
(E2) CORYDON FORD HEARD", JR., b. Aug. 19, 1916. 

(F) FAUSTA M. HEARD", b. Apr. 3, 1880; m. Nov. 11, 1922 
to J. Morgan Snow, b. Dec. 15, 1873; res., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

(ii) ORPHA MARIA HEARD', b. Apr. 16, 1840; d. June 24, 1906; 
m. Dec. 9, 1869 to Hiram Morrish, son of Thomas Morrish, 
b. in England. 
(A) NORMAN A. MORRISH", b. Apr. 22. 1874; m. Mabel 
Bailey; res., Flushing, Mich. 

(Al) RALPH H. MORRISH", b. Apr. 12, 1901. 
(A2) NEIL BAILEY MORRISH", b. Jan. 1, 1903. 
(A3) FORD MILTON MORRISH", b. June 28, 1907. 
(A4) ORPHA BERNICE MORRISH", b. May 18, 1909; m. 
Bert F. Casper; res., Swartz Creek, Mich. 

(e) OLIVE C. BUTTON^ b. 1810; m. William Rundell ; res., Pennsyl- 

(f) ELIHUE LEONARD BUTTON^ b. North Haven, Conn., Apr. 6, 
1813; m. 1st to Olivia Case; m. 2nd at Walla Lake, Mich., 1845 to 
Mrs. Lydia M. Clark ; m. 3rd, her sister ; m. 4th to Henrietta Collough ; 
he d. Aug., 1879. 

(i) MARY C. BUTTON', b. 1835; d. 1870. 

(ii) HARVEY CHARLES BUTTON', b. Oct. 22, 1837; m. at Mil- 
ford, Conn., 1855, Laura Ruber; he served in the Civil War; d. 
Sept., 1908. 

(A) MARY OLIVIA BUTTON", b. 1856; m. 1876 to 

McCollough; he d. at Alma, 1877; m. 2nd to Harry Clark; 
res. Alma, Mich. 

(Al) LILLIAN McCOLLOUGH", b. 1877; m. Herbert Pul- 
f rey ; res., Toledo, Ohio. Ch. : Dorothy" ; Margaret Pul- 

(A2) BENJAMIN McCOLLOUGH", b. 1881; m. 1901 to 
Gertrude Baker. Ch. : Nelson", b. 1910. 

(B) BENJAMIN BUTTON", b. Dec. 6, 1858; m. June 17, 1875, 
at Jackson, Elizabeth H. Whitney. 

(Bl) GEORGE BUTTON", d. 1895; unm. 

(C) HARVEY BUTTON", m. Altha Latimer, of Alma; he d. 

Sept., 1920. 


(D) LAURA BUTTON", b. 1878; m. 1906 to Frank A. Reid. 
(Dl) CARROL A. REID", b. 1907. 

(D2) ROBERT L. REID", b. 1912. 

(E) CHARLES AMOS BUTTON", m. Nellie McGregnor; res., 
Lansing, Mich. 

(E2) LULA BUTTON", m. Glen Hicks, 
(iii) DENCEY BUTTON", b. July 20, 1839; m. 1st, George Lindsay; 
m. 2nd to Nelson Cew. 
(A) CHARLES LEWIS LINDSAY", b. 1861 ; m. Nellie Cohoon. 
(iv) CHARLES AMOS BUTTON', b. May 8, 1842; m. Dec. 24, 
1865 to Lucy Rupert. In 4th Mich. Cavalry, Civil War. 

(A) AMOS ALBERT BUTTON", b. Sept. 9, 1866. 

(B) ROSE BUTTON", b. July 25, 1869. 

(C) LUCY BUTTON", b. June 12, 1871. 

(D) LAURA E. BUTTON", b. Mar. 12, 1873; d. Aug. 1, 1873. 
(v) ALBERT BUTTON', b. 1853; m. 1879 to Marion E. Goldie; he 

d. 1922, Saginaw, Mich. ; no children, 
(vi) JOHN WILLIS BUTTON', b. Jan. 21, 1856; m. at Saginaw, 
1878 to Julia Hubert; merchant; six years with State Troops; 
d. 1922; no children, 
(g) GEORGE WILLIS BUTTON", b. New Haven, Conn., 1815; m. 
Mar. 4, 1847 to Juliet Covey, b. Aug. 2, 1828; d. Mar. 7, 1911; he d. 
Feb. 24, 1890; farmer and merchant; res.. New Hudson, Mich, 
(i) SARAH ALWILDA BUTTON', b. Feb. 28, 1848; m. June 17, 

1891, George Renwich; no children, 
(ii) ORPHA M. BUTTON', b. June 4, 1850; m. Oct. 18, 1869 to 

George D. Woodman ; she d. Aug., 1921 ; res., Detroit, Mich. 
(iii) FRANCIS M. BUTTON', b. Dec. 2, 1859; m. May 5, 1886 to 
Mary L. Canfield ; farmer ; res.. New Hudson, Mich. ; no chil- 
(h) DENCY E. BUTTON', b. 1818; m. May 5, 1841 to Nathan Nichols; 
d. Dec. 8, 1881, Vernon, Mich.; he d. Apr. 1, 1859; res., Durand, Mich, 

(iii) CYNTHIA NICHOLS', m. Adelbert Cole; res.. Durand, Mich, 
(i) DANIEL AMOS BUTTON', b. 1823; m.. Henrietta Cowles, Jan. 5, 
1862; m. 2nd, Lucy A. Cowles; he d. 1874; register of deeds for 
many years ; res., Pontiac, Mich. 

(i) SIBELIA BUTTON', b. 1847; d. Oct. 27, 1864. 
(j) LYDIA E. BUTTON', b. 1824; m. Theodore Armstrong, b. 1819, at 
Tyre; res.. North Farmington, Mich, 

(iv) MARK ARMSTRONG', m. M. German; res., Pontiac, Mich. 
318. ii. EUNICE. 

(1) POLLY HALL', m. May 9, 1820 to Sidney Dodge; he d. Apr. 1, 1831. 
(a) SUSANNA MORGAN DODGE', b. Aug. 13, 1821. 


(b) ELLEN DODGE^ b. Sept. 7, 1823; d. Nov. 2, 1823. 

(c) OLIVER SIDNEY DODGE', b. June 28, 1825. 

(d) GEORGE WYLLYS DODGE', b. Sept. 22, 1827. 

(2) WYLLYS HALL', b. Aug. 29, 1790; m. Dec. 5, 1814 to Lucretia 
Petter ; res.. Marietta. 

(a) HARRIET HALL', b. Mar. 11, 1816; d. September 27, 1822. 

(b) WYLLYS HALL', JR., b. Dec. 15, 1817; m. July 23, 1840, E. M. 

(c) MARY HALL', b. Nov. 29, 1819; d. Sept. 14, 1820. 
(a) GEORGE HALL', b. Jan. 10, 1821 ; d. Dec. 15, 1821. 

(e) GEORGE BUCKLAND HALL', b. Sept. 11, 1822; d. Oct. 17, 1823. 

(f ) EUNICE FOOTE HALL', b. Jan. 30, 1825 ; d. Mar. 22, 1836. 

(g) HENRY BUCKLAND HALL', b. Apr. 5, 1827; d. Dec. 4, 1831. 
(h) THEODORA FOOTE HALL', b. Nov. 4, 1828. 

(i) FRANCES POTTER HALL', b. Mar. 22, 1831. 

(3) JOSEPH ELY HALL', b. Apr., 1793; m. Sept. 19, 1819 to Rhods Butler; 
res.. Marietta; she d. May 19, 1832; m. 2nd, Nov. 20, 1834 to Rocanna Ree. 

(a) SARAH HALL', b. Jan. 8, 1821 ; d. Jan. 11, 1821. 

(b) CHARLES HALL', b. July 23, 1822; m. Apr. 27, 1846, Caroline 
Strout Greene. 

(c) WILLIAM FOOTE HALL', b. Aug. 18, 1824; d. June 25, 1833. 

(d) JOHN HALL', b. Jan. 16, 1827. 

(e) ELIZA HANWAY HALL', b. Apr. 4, 1829; d. Feb. 7, 1830. 

(f) JOSEPH HALL", b. Jan. 1, 1831; d. Nov. 12, 1832. 

(g) JOSEPH ELY HALL', b. June 20, 1836. 
(h) EUNICE HALL', b. Sept. 13, 1838. 

(i) WILLIAM HENRY HALL', b. Nov. 2, 1840; d. Apr. 10, 1841. 
(j) GEORGE HALL', b. Mar. 31, 1842. 

(4) THEPDOCIA HALL', b. Jan. 9, 1795; m. Dec. 24, 1829 to Daniel Hand 
Buell ; he d. Dec. 1840. 

(a) DANIEL H. BUELL', JR., b. Sept. 10, 1830; d. Dec. 2, 1830. 

(b) EDWARD WYLLYS BUELL', b. Jan. 5, 1832. 

(c) FRANCES BUELL', b. May 11, 1834; d. Sept. 7, 1834. 

(d) WILLIAM HALL BUELL', b. Mar. 18, 1836. 

(5) WILLIAM HALL', b. July 7, 1800; m. Nov. 30, 1828 to Margaret Kinney; 
res., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

(a) HENRY HALL', b. Oct. 11, 1829. 

(b) WILLIAM OSCHER HALL', b. Sept. 10, 1831 ; d. Sept. 11, 1832. 

(c) MARGARET HALL', b. June 8, 1833. 

(d) THOMAS FAUCET SHEWEL HALL', b. Oct. 26, 1835. 

(e) WYLLYS HALL', b. Mar. 18, 1838. 

(f) MARY CLINGHAM HALL', b. June 4, 1840. 

(g) WILLIAM FOOTE HALL', b. Feb. 24, 1843. 
(h) AARON KINNEY HALL', b. May 10, 1845. 
(i) EUNICE FOOTE HALL', b. Sept. 19, 1847. 

(6) EUNICE HALL', b. Sept. 3, 1804 ; m. Apr. 3, 1821 to David Bush Ander- 

(a) HENRY OLIVER ANDERSON', b. May 24, 1822. 

(b) DAVID BUSH ANDERSON', b. Aug. 28, 1827. 


(c) SARAH BINGHAM ANDERSON', b. Nov. 29, 1830; d. Mar. 26, 

(d) MARY LUCINA ANDERSON^ b. Mar. 24, 1832. 

(e) JOSEPH ANDERSON', b. Dec. 1, 1835. 

(f) WYLLYS ANDERSON*, b. Mar. 24, 1837; d. Oct. 16, 1843. 

(g) EUNICE ELIZA ANDERSON', b. Apr. 1, 1840. 

(h) SARAH ELIZABETH ANDERSON', b. Oct. 16, 1844. 

(1) ROXY BULKLEY^ m. Dec. 21, 1809 to James M. Goodwin; res., Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

(a) JAMES M. GOODWIN', JR., b. Oct. 1, 1810; m. 1st, Julia, dau. of 
Philo Dickinson, of Hartford, Conn. ; she d. in Alabama, 1835 ; m. 2nd 
to Charlotte Boyd, dau. of Judge Johnson, of South Carolina, and 
widow, of Montgomery, Ala. 

(b) FREDERICK GOODWIN', b. July 24, 1812; d. Oct. 27, 1843; unm. 

(c) MARY GOODWIN', b. Feb. 3, 1816; d. Mar. 17, 1817. 

(d) MARY JANE GOODWIN', b. Jan. 26, 1818; m. May 18, 1838, 
Chas. H. Brainard, of Hartford, Conn. 

(e) HENRY WHEATON GOODWIN', b. Sept. 26, 1823; m. May 6, 
1846 to Caroline A. Hinman, dau. of Hon. Joel Hinman, of Water- 
bury and New Haven, Conn. 

(f) WILLIAM ALFRED GOODWIN', b. Feb. 1, 1831 ; d. Sept. 20, 1838. 

(2) JOHN BUCKLAND', b. Oct. 27, 1796; d. Apr. 18, 1839; unm. 

(3) SOPHIA BUCKLAND^ m. 1st, Dr. Ezekiel W. Bull, of Hartford, Oct. 
8, 1923; he d. Dec. 27, 1845; m. 2nd, Apr. 19, 1847 to George Beach, 
president of Phcenix Bank, Hartford, Conn. 

(a) BUCKLAND WATSON BULL', b. Nov. 5, 1824; professor of 

(b) ALFRED BILLINGS BULL', b. Oct. 7, 1838. 
332. X. POLLY, m. William Hewlett. 

(2) LUCY ANN HEWLETT', b. Nov. 18, 1813; d. Jan. 31, 1814. 

(3) MARY ANN TABITHA HEWLETT', b. Nov. 14, 1814; m. Jan. 20, 
1830 to James O. Gorman ; children. 

(4) JANE ELIZABETH HEWLETT', b. May 12, 1817; d. Aug. 8, 1818. 

(5) GEORGE C. HEWLETT', b. Feb. 2, 1819; d. July 13, 1821. 

(6) MARIA LOUISA HEWLETT', b. May 4, 1823; d. Aug. 21. 1824. 

342. vii. RUHAMAH, m. John Birge. 

(1) DANIEL BIRGE', m. ; nine children. 

(2) BETSY BIRGE', b. Sept. 6, 1781; m. ; two children. 

(3) DUDLEY BIRGE', b. Apr. 9, 1883; m. ; eleven children. 

(4) PAMELA BIRGE', b. June 17, 1785; m. Charles Coleman, of Franklin, 
N. Y. ; two children. 

(5) JOHN BIRGE', b. June 18, 1789; m. ; six children. 

(6) ALFRED BIRGE', b. Jan. 4, 1791; m. ; four children. 

(7) POLLY BIRGE', b. June 17, 1794; m. ; six children. 

(8) DIMIS BIRGE', b. Feb. 18, 1802; m. ; one child. 

(9) CHARLOTTE BIRGE', b. June 6, 1803 ; m. 

343. viii. ANN, m. Edmund Bridges. 

(1) JEREMIAH BRIDGES', b. Dec. 19, 1785. 


(2) SAMUEL BRIDGES', b. Jan. 27, 1787. 

(3) MARCUS BRIDGES', b. Nov. 27, 1789. 

(4) EDMUND BRIDGES', b. Nov. 14, 1791. 

(5) WILLIAM BRIDGES', b. Jan. 6, 1793. 

(6) MINERVA BRIDGES', b. Dec. 9, 1795. 

(7) ANNA BRIDGES', b. Aug. 24, 1798. 

(8) UZZIEL BRIDGES', b. Nov. 22, 1800; res., Geneseo, N. Y. 
344. ix. HANNAH, m. Gibbons Mather. 

(2) HENRY DEWOLF MATHER', b. July 3, 1794. 

(3) HIRAM F. MATHER', b. Feb. 13, 1896; res., Niles, Mich. 

(4) RALF COLTON MATHER', b. Dec. 9, 1798. 

(5) SON', b. Apr. 13, 1801 ; d. young. 

(6) DANIEL W. MATHER', b. Jan. 1, 1807; res.. Auburn, N. Y. 
346. xi. ESTHER, m. Ralph Taylor. 

(2) ESTHER TAYLOR', b. June 30, 1794; d. Mar. 3, 1798. 

(3) RALPH TAYLOR', b. Oct. 21, 1796; m. Ives, of Great Barrington, Mass. 

(4) ESTHER TAYLOR', b. July 24, 1799; m. Charles Foote No. 1058. See 

(5) MARY D. TAYLOR', b. June 5, 1801 ; m. Dr. William Bulckley. 

(6) HANNAH P. TAYLOR', b. Mar. 28, 1803; m. Alvenus Cone; res., 
Colchester, Conn. 

(7) GILES B. TAYLOR', b. Feb. 21, 1805; d. Oct. 24, 1806. 

(8) NANCY M. TAYLOR', b. Dec. 27, 1806; d. Dec. 24, 1822. 

(9) GEORGE TAYLOR', b. June 14, 1809; m. Caroline, dau. of John C. 
Cone; res., Geneseo, N. Y. 

(10) CAROLINE TAYLOR', b. Sept. 20, 1811; m. David Foote; see 
No. 874. 

351. V. ANNA, m. Ambrose Foote No. 337; see page 117 for record. 

352. vi. EUNICE, m. Ezra Clark 2nd. 

(1) EZRA CLARK', b. Jan. 22, 1787; d. Oct. 4, 1820; unm. 

(2) EUNICE CLARK', b. Jan. 22, 1787; m. Nov. 18, 1811, Zelotes Clark; 
she d. Dec. 11, 1874; he d. May 2, 1837. 

(a) ELIHU CLARK^ b. Feb. 29, 1814; m. Jan. 22, 1851 to Sophia J. 
Bulkley, b. Mar. 19, 1825, at Colchester, Conn. He d. May 10, 
1874; she d. July 22, 1917. 
(i) JOSEPH ISBAN CLARK', b. Feb. 4, 1852; m. Mehitabel, 

s. p. 
(ii) CHARLES H. CLARK', b. Sept. 1, 1857; d. Mar. 16, 1867; 

(iii) JENNIE S. CLARK", b. July 30, 1861; m. Jan. 8, 1881 to 
Rev. Jos. Butterworth, b. Jan. 8, 1851; d. Mar. 18, 1920; res., 
Fall River, Mass. 

(A) ELIZABETH BUTTERWORTH", b. Jan. 5, 1885; res., 
New York, N. Y. 

(B) JOSEPH BUTTERWORTH", b. Aug. 8, 1897; instruc- 
tor in Univ. of Wisconsin. 

(iv) MARY ELIZABETH CLARK', b. May 6, 1855; d. July 28, 

(v) CHARLES H. CLARK', b. Mar. 16, 1867. 


(vi) MAY L. CLARK", b. Aug. 2, 1870; res., East Hartford, 

(b) CHARLES CLARK', b. 1817; d. July 13, 1875; unm. 

(c) ELIZABETH CLARK', m. Russell Gillette, of Colchester; d. Sept. 
10, 1857. 

(i) LOUISE GILLETTE', b. July, 1852; d. June 18, 1919; unm. 
(ii) MARK GILLETTE', res., Boston, Mass. 

(d) FRANCES JANE CLARK', b. May, 1818; m. 1840 to Benjamin F. 
Otis; he d. July 16, 1853; she d. Apr. 10, 1871. 

(i) WILLIAM OTIS', m. Emma Lamb; he d. 1914. 

(A) WILLIAM B. OTIS", b. Dec. 17, 1841; d. Dec. 17, 1914; 
m. Emma Lamb. b. 1848; d. 1888. 
(ii) ELIZABETH OTIS', b. Jan. 17, 1843; m. 1872 to Theo- 
dore D. Warren, of New York, N. Y. ; he d. Dec. 6, 1914; 
she d. May 19, 1909. 


(B) FRANK D. WARREN", d. in infancy. 

(iii) FRANK OTIS', b. May 1, 1846; m. Mati Chamber; res., 

New York, N. Y. ; no children, 
(iv) CLARK OTIS' b. July 9, 1850; m. Margaret Evans. 

(A) EVELYN OTIS", b. Sept. 2, 1885; m. June 2, 1914 to 
Albert Van Cleve ; res., Colchester, Conn. 

(3) JERUSHA CLARK', b. Apr. 13, 1789; m. Deacon Lemuel L. Chester. 

(4) GEORGE CLARK', b. June 13, 1791 ; m. Sophia Taylor No. 353 (3) ; 
he d. 1855; she d. 1871. 

(a) EZRA CLARK', b. 1833; d. 1912; unm. 

(b) LEMUEL CLARK', b. 1842; d. Feb. 23, 1923; no children. 

(c) SARAH CLARK', b. Sept. 9, 1831 ; m. John C. Foote No. 2239, p. 

(d) JERUSHA CLARK', b. 1843; d. 1855; unm. 

(e) MARGARET CLARK', m. Edward Dexter, of Danielsonville, 

(5) SALLY CLARK', b. Mar. 1. 1796; m. Dr. Ezekiel W. Parsons, brother 
of Hon. Francis Parsons, of Hartford, Conn. 

(a) MARY PARSONS', d. young. 

(b) HARRIET W. PARSONS', m. Joseph O. Brown; he d. 1894. 
(i) LORA LOUISE BROWN", m. Edwin Dandgon. 

(ii) ELIZABETH AGNES BROWN', m. Herbert A. Kingsley. 



(iii) RALPH B. BROWN', m. 1st, ; m. 2nd, . 

(iv) HOLAND R. BROWN', m. Katherine E. Weeks; res., 320 
Broadway, N. Y. ; lawyer (gave this copy). 
354. viii. MARGARET P. 

(1) MARGARET TAYLOR', b. June 23. 1794; m. Salmon C Foote No. 1069. 


(2) DANIEL TAYLOR', b. Oct. 17, 1796; m. Hannah Chamberlin, of Col- 
chester, Conn. 


(ii) ASA TAYLOR'. 


(i) HARRIET TAYLOR', d. unm. 


(iii) IDA TAYLOR', m. Henry Parker ; two children. 

(3) SOPHIA TAYLOR', b. July 11, 1800; m. George Clark No. 352 (4). 

(4) LAURA TAYLOR', b. Dec. 1, 1806; m. Elisha A. Baker, of Groton, 
Conn., b. Sept. 5, 1802 ; d. Sept. 30, 1896. 

(a) SUSAN M. BAKER', b. Jan. 1, 1833; d. 1916; unm. 

(b) ELISHA BAKER', b. Feb. 17, 1827; d. Aug. 21, 1890; m. Mar. 10, 
1851 to Adelaide Douglas. 

(c) LAURA E. BAKER', b. Mar. 22, 1829; m. Jan. 1, 1857 to George B. 
Avery, b. 1828 ; d. 1900 ; no children. 

(d) THOMAS A. BAKER', b. Apr. 1, 1831 ; m. Apr. 26, 1855 to Adelaide 
Bacon, d. June 6, 1895. 

(i) FRANK T. BAKER', b. and d. 1856. 
(ii) LIZZIE A. BAKER', b. and d. 1859. 
(iii) JAMES E. BAKER', b. June 8, 1863; d. unm. 
(iv) KATE A. BAKER', res., Colchester, Conn. ; m. Frank Talcott, 
b. 1858; d. 1906; no children. 

(e) ANN M. BAKER', b. May 1, 1835; d. 1910; m. 1865 to Oscar M. 
Palmer, of 24th Regiment, Conn. Volunteers ; he d. Oct. 4, 1896. 

(f) DANIEL BAKER', b. Jan. 31, 1838; m. Apr. 2, 1860 to Cornelia 
Simmons, of New York ; he d. Oct. 27, 1866. 

(i) FREDERICK ELISHA BAKER', b. Mar. 4, 1861 ; m. Nov. 3. 
1880 to Maria Alice Dooley. 

(A) WILLIAM ELISHA BAKER'", b. Sept. 15, 1881 ; m. Dec. 6. 
1910 to Margaret Sanderson, of New Britain, Conn. 

(Al) WILLIAM AVERY BAKER", b. Oct. 21, 1911. 
(A2) ALYSON WRIGHT BAKER", b. Jan. 31, 1917. 

(B) GEORGE BENJAMIN AVERY BAKER'", b. Mar. 14, 1883; 
m. Jan. 25, 1913 to Emily Huck, of New Brighton, Conn. 

(Bl) GEORGIANA AUGUSTA BAKER", b. Oct. 26, 1914. 
(B2) DOROTHY MARIA BAKER", b. Nov. 25, 1915. 
(B3) ROBERT AVERY BAKER", b. May 26. 1919. 


(h) ANN BAKER'; two children. 

(i) SARAH JANE BAKER', b. Feb. 26, 1840; m. 1st. Jan. 9, 1857 to 
Thomas G. Lombard, b. 1836; d. 1865; m. 2nd to George D. Bring- 
ham, d. 1906. She res. Colchester, Conn. 

(i) FREDERICK PIERSON LOMBARD', b. Sept. 27, 1859; d. 
Apr. 28, 1898. 
(A) GEORGE B. LOMBARD", b. Aug. 5, 1888; three children. 


(j) CHARLES F. BAKER', b. Aug. 26, 1842; d. May 9, 1896; m. Jane E. 

(i) ANNIE L. BAKER', b. 1877; d. in infancy, 
(ii) FRANK E. BAKER', b. 1880; d. in infancy. 
(k) FANNY SOPHIA BAKER', b. Dec. 24, 1844; d. Feb. 16, 1903; m. 
May 2, 1863 to Orrin Rudd, of Montville ; he d. Nov. 9, 1912. 
(i) CHARLES ORRIN RUDD', b. Dec. 26, 1868; m. Aug. 10, 1890 
to Irene Louise Petris, b. Sept. 27, 1872. 
(A) ORRIN KENNETH RUDD", b. June 24, 1891; res.. Savan- 
nah, Ga. 
(ii) LOUISE B. RUDD', b. June 13, 1865; d. Feb. 2, 1904; m. 
Apr. 19, 1887 to Julius T. Shepard, of New London, b. Feb. 14, 
1852; d. Jan. 6, 1892. 
(A) GEORGE THATHER SHEPARD", b. Apr. 27, 1889; res.. 
New London, Conn, 
(iii) FANNY LOUISE RUDD', b. Oct. 26, 1867; d. Feb. 16, 1903; 
m. 1st, Feb. 24, 1886 to Palmer Francis Starr, b. Oct. 16, 1855; 
d. May 26, 1902; m. 2nd to George Chapman, New London, 
(I) JOSEPH E. BAKER', b. Aug. 31, 1847; d. Apr. 2, 1906; unm. 
355. ix. OLIVE. 

(1) ELIZABETH PERKINS HUBBARD', b. July 24, 1806; d. Nov. 4, 

(2) ABBEY HUBBARD, b. Feb. 20, 1810; m. Joseph C. Hammond, b. July 
25, 1809, son of Elijah and Martha Strong; she d. July 10, 1879; he d. 
May 28, 1878. 

(a) JOSEPH C. HAMMOND', JR., b. Dec. 15, 1836; m. Dec. 21, 1859; 
he d. Aug. 22, 1913 ; res., Rockville, Conn, 
(i) WILLIAM C. HAMMOND', b. Nov. 25, 1860. 

(A) WILLIAM C. HAMMOND", JR., b. July 4, 1903. 


(ii) CHARLES H. HAMMOND', b. Sept. 16, 1863; res.. Drawer H, 
Highland Station, Springfield, Mass. 
(A) CATHRINE H. HAMMOND", b. Mar. 16, 1908. 

(3) WILLIAM HENRY ROGERS', b. Nov. 9, 1822; d. Nov. 11, 1843. 

(4) GEORGE HAMMOND ROGERS', b. Apr. 22, 1824; d. Oct. 25, 1861. 

(5) CHARLES HOWELL ROGERS', b. July 24, 1826; res., Colchester, 
Conn. The compiler met Mr. Rogers at Colchester, Sept. 21, 1908; he 
d. . 

371. ii. LOIS, b. Apr. 5, 1746; ni. 1st, May 29, 1765 to Eleazur Merrill, of 
Farmington, Conn.; he d. May 16, 1769; m. 2nd, Oct., 1770 to John 
Wells, of Farmington, Conn. Moved to Johnstown, N. Y., in 1784. 

(1) ELEAZUR MERRILL', b. Nov. 9, 1766. 

(2) LOIS MERRILL', b. Mar. 12, 1769. 

(3) MALINDA WELLS', b. 1772; d. 1777. 

(4) RHODA WELLS', b. 1774; m. John Harring ; d. at Auburn, N. Y. 

(5) JOHN WELLS', b. 1776; d. 1776 at Malinda. 

(6) JOHN WELLS', b. 1778; m. , and d. in Illinois. 


(7) LINDY WELLS' (twin), b. 1780; m. Rood. 

(8) LUCY (twin), b. 1780; m. Charles Easton. 

(9) ELEAZUR WELLS', b. 1782; owned and resided on farm which Sir 
William Johnson owned. 

(10) CLARISSA WELLS', b. 1784; m. 1st to Mason; ni. 2nd to 


(11) NATHAN PERKINS WELLS', b. 1786; m. Sarah Akin, of Johnstown, 
N. Y., b. Apr. 22, 1813 ; d. Nov. 25, 1843. 

(a) EDWARD WELLS', b. Dec, 1813. 

(b) JOHN WELLS', b. July 1, 1817; m. Margaret Stewart, of Perth, 
N. Y., Sept. 5, 1843; d. May 30, 1877. 

(i) NATHAN PERKINS', b. May 27, 1844; d. Jan. 15, 1868. 

(ii) CATHERINE PERKINS", b. May 28, 1848; m. Mar. 31, 1874 

to P. P. Argersinger, of Johnstown, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 27, 1909 ; res., 


(A) MARGARET ARGERSINGER", b. July 16, 1876; m. Apr. 
24, 1901 to Martin Kennedy, Jr., son of Martin Kennedy and 
Elizabeth Ann (Clark) Kennedy; res., Johnstown, N. Y. 

(Al) ELEANOR KENNEDY", b. Feb. 16, 1906. 

(B) ELEANOR ARGERSINGER", b. June 9, 1878; m. Mar. 9, 

1903 to Edw. C. Shotwell; d. Feb. 15, 1922; res., Glovers- 
ville, N. Y. ; he is a son of Samuel H. Shotwell and Jane 
Elizabeth (Everit) Shotwell. 

(Bl) CATHARINE W. SHOTWELL", b. Dec. 28, 1903. 
(B2) EDWARD CARL SHOTWELL", JR., b. Feb. 16, 1906. 

(C) GRACE ARGERSINGER", b. Nov. 11, 1880; m. June 8, 

1904 to A. Judson Baker, son of A. D. L. Baker and Marion 
(Judson) Baker; res., Gloversville and Johnstown, N. Y. 

(CI) MARION BAKER", b. Apr. 23, 1905. 
(C2) CATHARINE BAKER", b. Jan. 11, 1908. 
(C3) MARGARET BAKER", b. Aug. 23, 1909. 

(D) JOHN WELLS ARGERSINGER", b. Aug. 15, 1882; m. 
July 28, 1917, dau. of Aber Burr and Alice (White) Burr; 
d. Oct. 3, 1921 ; res., Johnstown, N. Y. 

(iii) MARGARET PERKINS', b. Oct. 7, 1850; d. Nov. 14, 1920. 
(iv) JOHN PERKINS", b. Aug. 20, 1853; d. Mar. 23, 1857. 
(v) ELIZABETH PERKINS", b. July 15, 1855; d. Mar. 1, 1857. 
(vi) WALTER PERKINS", b. Aug. 10, 1858; d. Jan. 2, 1894. 
(vii) ANNA PERKINS", b. Apr. 8, 1860; m. Dr. James H. Class, 
(viii) JOHN PERKINS", b. June 9, 1864; d. Aug. 31, 1864. 
372. iii. MARY. 

(1) AARON CADWELL', bapt. Nov. 6, 1768; d. Oct. 20, 1842. 

(2) MARY CADWELL', bapt. Nov. 11, 1770. 

(3) RHODA CADWELL', b. Feb. 7, 1773. 

(4) JAMES CADWELL', b. Aug. 27, 1775. 

(5) MARTIN CADWELL', b. Feb. 15, 1778; d. Feb. 28, 1830. 


(6) ANNA CADWELL', b. 1783; d. Nov. 12, 1823. 

(7) SAMUEL CADWELL', b. 1786; d. Sept. 25, 1838. 
378. ix. HEPZIBAH. 

(1) HEPZIBAH CASE', b. June 10, 1780; d. June 7, 1821. 

(2) DARIUS CASE', b. Mar. 31, 1782. 

(3) JUSTUS CASE', b. Feb. 3, 1784. 

(4) POLLY CASE', b. June 3, 1786; d. Jan., 1825. 

(5) SAMUEL CASE', b. Feb. 6, 1789; d. May 10, 1820. 

(6) HULDAH CASE', b. Feb. 22, 1791 ; d. May 13, 1807. 

(7) RUFUS CASE', b. Nov. 2, 1793; d. Sept. 7, 1820. 

(8) RHODA CASE', b. Aug. 31, 1795 ; d. Mar., 1826. 

(9) ROXANNA CASE', b. Aug. 12, 1797; d. Jan. 8, 1920. 

(10) PELATIAH HAYDEN', b. Jan. 10, 1799. 

(11) ALMIRA HAYDEN', b. May 2, 1801. 

(12) LUCY HAYDEN', b. Oct. 28, 1802. 

(13) DAVID E. HAYDEN', b. Dec. 20, 1808. 
384. V. MARTHA. 

(1) STILLMAN DEWEY', m. May 26, 1792, Lorana, dau. of Samuel Noble, 
of Westfield, Mass. 








(2) PATTY DEWEY', b. May, 1777; m. 1797 to Jacob Fuller, of New Haven, 
Vt. ; she d. June, 1821 ; s. p. 

(3) ELECTA NOBLE', b. Aug. 15, 1780; m. 1st, Russell Foote No. 1113; 
see p. 238; m. 2nd, Dec. 13, 1818 to Martin Evarts, of Salisbury, Conn., 
and Middlebury, Vt. ; she d. Aug. 16, 1871, at Middlebury, Vt. ' 

(a) ELIZA LAURENS EVERTS', b. Sept. 28, 1824; m. Gardner C. 
Cady, Mar. 6, 1844; d. May 16, 1915. 

(i) MARTIN EVERTS CADY", b. May 12, 1846; d. Feb. 21, 1922. 
(ii) CHARLES GARDNER CADY", b. Apr. 26, 1849. 
(iii) ISAAC WINTER CADY", b. Dec. 20, 1851 ; d. May 12, 1922. 
(iv) FRANCES ELIZA CADY", b. Jan. 8, 1855; m. Scth Patrick, 

July 2, 1881. 
(v) HENRY OLIN CADY", b. Sept. 12, 1857; d. Nov. 2. 1916. 
(vi) WILLIS NOBLE CADY", b. Aug. 7, 1860; m. June 16, 1886 to 
Sarah Martina Hammond, b. June 6, 1864, dau. of Henry Ham- 
mond and Abigail Jane (Martin) Hammond. Mr. Cady is 
state senator, past master of the State Grange, county highway 
commissioner, and president of the Patrons Cooperative Fire 
Insurance Company ; res., Middlebury, Vt. 
(A) RALPH HAMMOND CADY", b. Aug. 29, 1891; d. Mar. 24. 



(B) ELIZA CADY^ b. Apr. 18, 1893; m. Lewis Perry Jones, 
Jan. 28, 1918. 

(Bl) LEWIS PERRY JONES", JR., b. Mar. 23, 1919. 
(B2) WILLIS ROBERT JONES", b. Apr. 19, 1923. 
(B3) ELUNED JANE JONES", b. Jan. 17, 1929. 

(C) MILDRED HENREHETTA CADY'", b. Oct. 4, 1897; m. 

Randall Douglass Esten, June 30, 1920. 

(vii) MARY ELIDA CADY°, b. Nov. 28, 1863; res. on the homestead 

in Middlebuy, Vt. 
(viii) GILBERT EVERTS CADY°, b. Aug. 3, 1868; d. Oct. 4, 1930. 
411. i. MARY, b. June 19, 1751; m. Danbury, Conn., May Zl, 1777, Noah 
Robinson, b. in Frederickstown, Dutchess County, N. Y., Apr. 16, 1758, 
son of Isiah, a direct descendant of Rev. John Robinson, the Pilgrim 
pastor, and came from Cape Cod, Mass. Noah served four years in the 
Revolution. They lived in Hubbardton, Vt., a short time and for many 
years in Dutchess County, N. Y. Late in life they moved near Tru- 
mansburg, N. Y., where she d. 1836 ; he d. about 1846-47. 

(1) MARY^ b. May 28, 1789; m. June 1, 1805 to George Wixom; she d. 
Apr. 17, 1871 ; res.. Central, N. Y. 

(a) TEMPERANCE WIXOM', b. Dec. 13, 1806; d. Dec. 24, 1808. 

(b) ELNATHAN WIXOM', b. July 12, 1809; d. Jan. 15. 1894. 

(c) HULDAH WIXOM', b. June 3, 1811 ; d. Jan. 9, 1822. 

(d) ANIMIEL P. WIXOM', b. Jan. 9, 1813; d. Jan. 2, 1885. 

(e) DESIRE WIXOM', b. Oct. 23, 1814; d. Jan. 5, 1887. 

(f) ORIN WIXOM', b. Apr. 24, 1816; d. Dec. 5, 1881. 

(g) CHARLES WIXOM', b. Jan. 7, 1818; d. Feb. 18. 1836. 
(h) MATILDA WIXOM', b. July 14, 1819; d. Aug. 7. 1900. 
(i) PARKER WIXOM', b. Oct. 18, 1820; d. Jan. 21. 1900. 

(j) WOODWARD S. WIXOM', b. June 13, 1822; d. Aug. 3. 1893. 

(k) RACHEL WIXOM', b. Apr. 15, 1824; d. May 6, 1854. 

(1) RHODA WIXOM', b. Feb. 7, 1826; d. Dec. 25, 1864. 

(m) NELSON WIXOM', b. May 14, 1827; d. Nov. 20, 1900. 

(n) JULIA WIXOM', b. Mar. 3, 1829; d. Oct. 19, 1871. 

(o) JAMES B. WIXOM', b. Aug. 7, 1830; d. Apr. 7. 1905. 

(p) JOHN B. WIXOM', b. Dec. 26, 1833 ; d. Sept. 23. 1902. 

(q) MARY J. WIXOM', b. June 13, 1837; d. Feb. 3, 1860. 

(E. P. Wixom, Route No. 31, Trumansburg, N. Y., gave this copy.) 

(2) RACHEL ROBINSON', m. Jonathan Close; she d. ae. 101 years; res., 
Trumansburg, N. Y. 

(3) JEREMIAH ROBINSON^ d. 1843; res., Fayette County, Ind. ; nine 

(4) LEWIS ROBINSON', m. Ellis ; res., Oregon. 

(5) NOAH ROBINSON', JR., b. May 28, 1783; m. Elinor Gray, b. May 30. 
1790; d. Sept. 10, 1864; he d. Trumansburg, July 14, 1864; children all 
b. at Trumansburg, N. Y. 

(a) HARRISON ROBINSON', b. 1810; m. Joanna . 





(e) ARVILLA ROBINSON', b. 1817; m. James Cook; she d. 1877. 

(f) POLLY ROBINSON', b. 1830; m. Henry Hutchins; she d. 1900. 

(g) ADA ROBINSON', b. 1822; m. Judson Dean, 
(h) HERMON ROBINSON', b. 1827. 

(i) EVELINE ROBINSON', b. 1829; m. A. J. Abel; she d. 1889. 
(j) SUSAN ANNE ROBINSON', b. 1831; m. Abram Dickenson; she 
d. 1880. 
(6) AMOS ROBINSON', b. Putnam County, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1787; m. 1815 
to Rhoda Wixom, b. 1788, dau. of Ehjah and Temperance (Penny) Wixom, 
of Kent, Putnam County, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson started pioneer 
farming near Trumansburg in 1816; he d. there Oct. 25, 1885; she d. Apr. 
10, 1854. 

(a) GEORGE ROBINSON', b. Mar. 31, 1816; m. Feb. 5, 1841 to Cynthia 

Pease, b. Mar. 5, 1819, dau. of Simeon and Cynthia (Markham) Pease; 

he d. Jan. 7, 1900 ; she d. Mar. 28, 1889 ; res., Trumansburg, N. Y. 

(i) DR. JOHN HOPKINS ROBINSON^ b. Feb. 2, 1842; m. Oct. 

16, 1877 to Anna W. Gallup, b. Mar. 9, 1855, dau. of Rev. Ezra 

and Mercy Ann (Bates) Gallup; he practiced medicine for 

many years at Homer, N. Y. 

(A) ANNA G. ROBINSON'", b. Trumansburg, Aug. 30, 1878. 
Miss Robinson collected the data for this record of No. 411 ; 
res.. Route 34, Trumansburg, N. Y. 

(B) GEORGE G. ROBINSON", b. Homer, Sept. 10, 1883; m. 

Sept. 25, 1905 to Ada Riebennacht, b. Jan. 2, 1890, dau. of 
Francis and Carrie Riebennacht ; res., Cleveland, Ohio. 
(Bl) ELIZABETH ROBINSON", b. Homer, Aug. 22, 1906. 
(B2) MYRTLE ROBINSON", b. at Cleveland, Ohio, Mar. 9, 

(B3) JOHN HARVEY ROBINSON", b. at Cleveland, Ohio, 
Jan. 13, 1919. 
(ii) HARRIET P. ROBINSON^ b. July 30, 1843; m. Oct. 26, 1865 
to Tertullus H. King, b. Sept. 30, 1840, son of Benjamin and 
Elizabeth King; res., Trumansburg. 

(A) ELIZABETH E. KING", b. Aug. 5, 1866. 

(B) ALICE CYNTHIA KING", b. Feb. 2, 1869; m. July 8, 

1912, Prof. John William Hall; res., Reno, Nev. 

(C) HERBERT P. ROBINSON KING", b. Apr. 17, 1872; m. 
June 13, 1905, Rebecca M. Ely, b. Mar. 19, 1879, dau. of 
Nugent and Mary (Mulford) Ely; res., Trumansburg. 

(CI) DONALD E. KING", b. Mar. 20, 1906; d. May 3, 1922. 
(C2) MARION KING", b. Apr. 23, 1911. 
(C3) ROGER M. KING", b. Apr. 23, 1912. 
(C4) WALTER P. KING", b. Feb. 28, 1915. 

(D) FLORENCE KING", b. May 5, 1874. 

(E) ASA CARLTON KING", b. June 24, 1877; m. Oct. 9, 1905 to 

Viola Doyle, b. Nov., 1874, dau. of Richard Doyle; res., 
Ithaca, N. Y. 


(El) DOROTHY KING", b. Aug. 11, 1909. 
(E2) EDITH KING", b. Aug. 23, 1911. 
(F) TERTULLUS H. KING", JR., b. Oct. 15, 1881; m. Oct. 14, 

1907 to Carrie Mitchell, b. June 11, 1884, dau. of Delbert and 
Helen (Morgan) Mitchell. 

(Fl) HELEN E. KING", b. Nov. 9, 1908. 
(F2) MARY M. KING", b. Oct. 20, 1911. 
(F3) ROBERT E. KING", b. Jan. 26, 1915. 
(F4) JOHN ROBINSON KING", b. Aug. 9, 1917. 
(F5) PHILLIP KING", b. Oct. 13, 1919. 
(F6) RICHARD H. KING", b. Feb. 20, 1921. 
(iii) WINFIELD SCOTT ROBINSON^ b. Sept. 17, 1846; m. Dec, 
1868, Mary Smith; res., Trumansburg. 

(A) LEWIS S. ROBINSON'", b. Dec. 16, 1869; m. Oct. 24, 1899 
to Elizabeth C. Gregg ; res., Trumansburg. 

(Al) SALLY P. ROBINSON", b. Aug. 4, 1900. 

(B) CHARLES D. ROBINSON", b. Mar. 26, 1871 ; m. Sept. 21, 

1908 to Susan Williams. 

(C) HARRIET K. ROBINSON", b. Nov. 28, 1873; m. Apr. 12, 

1905 to Fred Wakefield. 

(D) AUGUSTA P. ROBINSONS b. Aug. 24, 1875; d. Sept. 22, 

(E) IDA C. ROBINSON", b. Dec. 16, 1876. 

(F) JAMES ROBINSON", b. Sept., 1881; m. Oct. 1. 1908 to 

Katherine ; res., Syracuse, N. Y. 

(Fl) ELEANOR M. ROBINSON", b. Apr. 2, 1910. 
(F2) HARRIET D. ROBINSON", b. Jan. 27, 1915. 

(G) EVA G. ROBINSON", b. Aug. 25, 1883. 

(iv) MARY JANET ROBINSON', b. Sept. 13, 1850; m. Feb., 

1890 to D. Grover Clark, Mar. 27, 1847, son of Daniel Clark, 
(v) GEORGE ROBINSON', b. May 30. 1853; d. Nov. 23, 1919; 

(vi) FRED ROBINSON', b. Mar. 27, 1857; m. Mar. 8, 1882 to Clara 

Burr ; res., San Diego, Calif, 
(vii) ANNA S. ROBINSON', b. Mar. 25, 1861; d. Nov. 16, 1899; 

(viii) EMILY A. ROBINSON', b. July 21, 1863; m. 1st, May 13, 1892 
to Newton A. Bates, b. 1842; d. 1895; m. 2nd, Dec. 3, 1902 to 
Charles S. Hinman; res.. Homer, N. Y. 
541. ix. PHILEMA (172, 47, 13, 5, 1). 

(3) REV. CHARLES JONES', b. Ontario, Can., Aug. 1, 1809; m. at Belle- 
ville, Upper Canada, June 14, 1835 to Elvira Holmes, b. at Winfield, 
N. Y., Dec. 20, 1806, dau. of John and Grace (King) Holmes, of South 
Richland, N. Y. ; d. Fayetteville, N. Y., Sept. 10, 1839; m. 2nd, Apr. 29, 
1840 to Calsina Patience Gardner, b. Hancock, Mass., Aug. 31, 1813, 
dau. of Palmer Gardner and Rhoda Gorey, of Fayetteville, N. Y. ; she d. 
at Sioux City, Iowa, Dec. 4, 1906. He entered Williams College, 1828; 
passed three years there and graduated at Union College, 1832, and entered 
Auburn Theological Seminary that fall and licensed to preach in 1833. 


He held pastorates in Adams, Rome, Oswego, Holland, Patent, Mansville 
and Fayettevjlle, N. Y., and at Battle Creek, Mich., and Cambridgeport, 
Saxonville, and Tolland, Mass. ; he d. at North Abington, Sept. 3, 1889 ; 
bur. at Fayetteville, N. Y. 

(a) JESSE HENRY JONES*, b. Mar. 29, 1836; m. Clara Dodge, b. 
May 19, 1834, dau. of Chester and Martha (Cone) Dodge, of Tolland, 
Conn. ; she d. Feb. 19, 1920. Mr. Jones graduated from Harvard Col- 
lege, 1856. Raised a company for the 60th N. Y. Regt. ; after the war 
he entered the ministry ; he was born a preacher ; d. in Halifax, 
Mass., Apr. 19, 1904; s. p. 

(b) CHARLES CRAMER JONES', b. Feb. 3, 1838; m. in New York 
City, Feb. 8. 1866 to Alice Maude Harding; he d. at North Abington, 
Apr. 14, 1902; she d. Sept. 30, 1917. 

(i) LILLIAN HARDING JONES^ b. Jan. 10, 1867, at Lafayette, 
La.; m. Dec. 14, 1893, at North Abington, Mass., to Gustave 
Scholle, of New York; his father was with Scholle Brothers, 
bankers ; Mr. Scholle is a lawyer and in the Diplomatic Service 
in Berlin, Paris, Madrid, before and during the World War. 
(A) HARDING SCHOLLE'", b. St. Paul, Minn., Apr. 30, 1896; 
graduate of Harvard, 1919; m. Apr. 10, 1917 to Elizabeth 
Knapp. Employed Metropolitan Art Museum, New York. 
City, 1918. 
(ii) EMMA LOUISE JONES', b. Oct. 24, 1871, at Saxonville, 
Mass.; m. North Abington, Mass. July 30, 1896 to Benjamin 
Warren Clark, b. Mar. 13, 1872, son of James Warren and Ella 
Clark. They moved to Worcester, Mass., May, 1904; manager. 
Central Supply Company, dealers in steam, gas, water and 
plumbers' supplies; res., 15 Suburban Rd. 
(A) MARGARET HARDING CLARK", b. Worcester, Mass., 
Sept. 16, 1904; New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, 
1920; specializing in violin study; graduated in 1923. (Mrs. 
Clark gave this copy.) 

(c) ELIZABETH JONES^ b. Feb. 14, 1841 ; d. Aug. 6, 1849. 

(d) EMELINE ALTHEA JONES', b. Nov. 7, 1843; m. Jan. 1, 1863 
to Geo. D. Deshone, Civil War veteran; d. Boston, Mass.; m. 2nd, 
Nov. 7, 1870 to Dr. George S. Eddy ; he d. about 1897-98. 

(i) GEORGE DRUPE DESHONE^ b. Aug. 5, 1864; m. July 7, 
1886 to Susie Copland; she d. Boston, Mass., Sept. 15, 1920. 
Military record; he d. June 24, 1917, at Brookline, Mass. 
(A) MARJORIE DESHONE'o, b. Jan. 10, 1882; m. July 7, 1911 
to Larry B. McAfee; she d. Apr. 11, 1916. 
(Al) MARJORIE McAFEE", b. Apr. 1, 1913. 
(A2) GEORGE D. McAFEE", b. May 7, 1915. 
(ii) GEORGE S. EDDY', JR., b. Aug. 9, 1873; m. 1895 to Harriet 
Davis ; d. at New Orleans, La., Oct. 27, 1897. 

(e) SARAH LOUISE JONES', b. Apr. 12, 1845; m. Sept. 27, 1870 to 
Capt. David B. Wilson; military service 131 Pa., 1862-63; regular 


service, 1864 ; retired with rank of colonel, Apr. 23, 1904 ; res., Sioux 
City, Iowa. 

(i) PERCY WILSON', b. Jan. 10, 1872; m. Dec. 25, 1900 to Violet 
Bertha Asherfelter ; Mr. Wilson graduated from Princeton, 
1892; law, Ann Arbor, Mich., 1894; res., Silver City, N. M. 
(ii) GUY WILSON^ b. Nov. 19, 1873; m. July 15, 1910 to Ethel 
Brown ; Princeton, 1894 ; banker, Laurel, Neb. 

(A) BARBARA B. WILSON", b. July 18, 1914. 

(B) MARION LOUISE WILSON", b. Aug. 12, 1919. 

(f ) HORATIO GATES JONES', b. Feb. 18, 1847 ; d. Aug. 23. 1848. 

195. LIEUT. JACOB FOOTE, first of Branford, Conn., afterwards of that part 
of Farmington now called Canton. "At a General Assembly of the Governor and 
Company of the State of Connecticut in America, holden at Hartford from May 13 
to June 18, 1779, the following resolution was passed, viz.: This Assembly do estab- 
lish Jacob Foote to be Lieutenant of the 8th Company for Trainband in the 15th 
Regiment in this State." See Records of the State of Conn., 1778-80, Vol. 11, 
p. 300. 

592. ii. JOSIAH, b. June 25, 1775; m. Lydia Lee, 1580-83. 

627. JESSE FINCH FOOTE (209, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Aug. 11, 1788; m. Oct. 14, 
1817 to Angelica, dau. of Barent and Grace (Denison) Van Buren, of Mayfield, 
N. Y. She was b. Jan. 27, 1799; d. Apr. 23, 1875; res., Johnstown, N. Y. On her 
mother's side, she was the seventh generation in descent from Elder William Brew- 
ster of the Mayflower. Jesse Finch Foote, d. Dec. 19, 1857. 

657. viii. JESSE S., b. May 17, 1776; m. Abbey Hosley, 705-11. 
660. xi. PARTHENIA, d. and bur. in Cornwall, Vt., Jan. 16, 1869. 
684. BETSY FOOTE, b. Mar. 9, 1782; m. Abraham Jones, of Jefferson, N. Y. ; 
he d. Feb. 15, 1838, in the 64th year of his age; she d. Jan. 3, 1860. They 
owned a large and prosperous farm which she carried on after his death. 
Their large white house standing on high ground was a striking feature 
of the neighborhood. From this farm water is now brought to supply the 
village of Jefferson. 

(1) HESTER JONES', m. David Cottrell; d. Apr. 18, 1848, 26 years of age. 

(2) HIRAM JONES' b. Oct. 18, 1802; d. June 6, 1854; he m. Harriet Wood- 
ward. After his death she m. Ebenezer Cain and lived in Jefferson; she 
d. Mar. 3, 1868, ae. 60 years. 

(3) EMILY JONES', b. Aug. 8, 1808; d. Nov. 19, 1886, ae. 58 years. 
698. ANNIE, m. 1st, Oct. 2, 1791 to William Goff. 

(1) SALLY GOFF', m. James Kirkland. 

(2) ANNIE GOFF', b. July 17, 1797; d. Jan. 26, 1884; m. 1818 to Samuel 

(i) MAUDE HOLLEY STOWELL', m. James Waterman, 1807 
Third St., N. E., Washington, D. C. 

(5) LAURA BRIDGEMAN', m. Oct. 6, 1835, Ebenezer Stowell. 

(6) PAULINA BRIDGEMAN', m. Feb. 23, 1833 to Ebenezer Stowell; 
d. May 7, 1834. 

715. GOV. SAMUEL AUGUSTUS FOOTE (223, 61, 18, 5, 1), for a complete 
biographical sketch see pages 533 and 534, Volume I. 











723. LYDIA, b. Dec. 15, 1785; m. 1st, Capt. James Boardman, b. at Rocky-Hill 
about 1790; m. about 1810; he is first lieutenant in 26th Regt. Inf., U. S. A., 
Apr. 21, 1814; remained in service until June, 1815, when they removed 
from Wallingford to New York, N. Y., where he was inspector of customs, 
1835 until his death, which was before 1842; she d. Apr. 30, 1857. 

(1) JAMES ROCKWELL BOARDMAN^ M.D., b. Mar. 3, 1811; m. June 9, 
1836 to Sarah W. Mudge ; d. Apr. 11, 1865. 

(2) MARTHA FOOTE BOARDMAN', b. Aug. 31, 1812; m. 1st, William 
Ackerman; m. 2nd, William Knickerbocker; d. Aug. 17, 1889. 


455. JEHIEL FOOTE (134, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. Apr. 23, 1762; his pension was the 
first of those from Connecticut, and in 1790 was living in Newton, Conn. In 1820 
he said he was 60 years old, and he was still living in 1840. Apr. 22, 1781, he 
enlisted under Captain Drew, Col. Ebenezer Sprouts' 2nd Mass. Regt., and later 
under Captain Cooper, serving until June, 1783. In 1820 his wife, Lucretia, was 45 
and three daughters lived with him. 

ELIZABETH, b. 1797; d. unm. 
BENJAMIN, b. 1801. 
CATHERINE, b. 1803 ; d. unm. 
SAMUEL, b. 1806; m. Phoebe Gates, 2645 a-b-c-. 
SALLY, b. June 1, 1808; m. 1827 to Nathan Gates, b Mar. 13, 1810, 
son of Rufus and Betsey Gates; he d. May 29, 1888; she d. Feb. 5, 
1888; res., Manlius, N. Y. 
(1) GEORGE GATES', b. Feb. 12, 1828; m. Apr., 1859 to Lucy White, b. 
July 7, 1829; d. Jan., 1892; he d. Nov. 25, 1909; res., Euclid, N. Y. ; bur. at 
Pine Plains, Euclid, N. Y. 

(a) JOHN GATES', b. Mar. 25, 1860; m. 1st, Jan. 1, 1885 to Carrie 
Freeman, b. June 14, 1864; she d. Dec. 25, 1890; farmer, Clay, N. Y.; 
m. 2nd, Cora Wilson on Mar. 21, 1892; she was b. Aug. 14, 1867; d. 
June 27, 1922. 

(i) ISLA M. GATES', b. June 9, 1893; m. Dec. 31, 1914 to Platte 
Lewis, b. June 12, 1889; farmer, Clay, N. Y. 

(A) ARLENE LEWIS'", b. July 19, 1915. 

(B) LELAND LEWIS", b. Mar. 27, 1918. 

(C) JOHN LEWIS'", b. July 19, 1920. 

(D) RUTH LEWIS'", b. Mar. 16, 1922. 
(ii) GLADYS E. GATES", b. Aug. 5, 1897; m. Mar. 20, 1918 to 

Howard Baxter, b. Sept. 10, 1898; he d. Sept., 1922, Clay, N. Y. 
(A) ELEANOR MAE BAXTER'", b. Aug. 11, 1919. 
(iii) MAURICE J. GATES", b. Oct. 22, 1901. 
(iv) DOROTHY F. GATES", b. May 31, 1906. 
(v) OTIS D. GATES", b. Dec. 29, 1907. 

(b) JENNIE F. GATES^ b. Apr. 24, 1862; m. July 7, 1880 to Willis P. 
Lee, b. May 29, 1857; draughtman, 448 61st St., Oakland, Calif. 

(i) MILLIE D. LEE", b. July 21, 1881 ; m. May 6, 1901 to Harry D. 
Crandall, b. Sept. 5, 1881 ; traveling salesman, Phoenix, N. Y. 

(A) HARRY LEE CRANDALL'", b. Mar. 17, 1905. 

(B) DONALD FOSTER CRANDALL'", b. Oct. 19, 1906; d. Feb. 
17, 1907. 


(C) FRANCIS LYNN CRANDALL'", b. Feb. 17, 1908. 
(ii) VERNON FRANCIS LEE», b. Apr. 14, 1889; d. July 16, 1890. 

(c) JULIA GATES', b. 1863 ; d. 1865. 

(d) EFFIE GATES', b. Mar. 25, 1865; m. Jan. 5, 1887 to Orville D. 
Walker, b. Sept. 14, 1863 ; paper mill superintendent. Phoenix, N. Y. 

(i) EDNA MAY WALKER", b. Sept. 3, 1888; m. Apr. 24, 1914 to 
Floyd S. Drohan, Aug., 1889; foundryman. Phoenix, N. Y. 
(A) MURIEL ELIZABETH DROHAN", b. Aug. 31, 1914. 

(ii) LLOYD O. WALKER", b. Jan. 14, 1894; m. June, 1920 to Ethel 
Dunbar, b. Aug., 1892 ; post office inspector, 1404 12th St., Wash- 
ington, D. C. He entered the U. S. Army in July, 1918. Spent 
15 months in Postal Service in France; honorably discharged 
Sept., 1919. 

(e) FRANK GATES', b. 1867; d. 1884. 

(f) GEORGE GATES', JR., b. Mar. 3, 1868; m. 1889 to Sarah Freeman, 
b. Aug., 1867; d. July, 1911; m. 2nd, Mar. 21, 1916 to Anna Len- 
hardt, b. July 24, 1875 ; d. Mar. 27, 1920. 

(i) CLAUDE A. GATES", b. Apr. 28, 1893; m. Aug. 16, 1914 to 
Mabel Louise Price, b. June 21, 1894; res.. 105 Rigi St., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

(ii) FLORENCE ARLINE GATES", b. May 21, 1896; m. 1914 to 
Miles O. toward, b. May 21, 1891, Waterloo, N. Y. 

(A) HELEN L. HOWARD'", b. June 25. 1915. 

(B) EUGENE F. HOWARD", b. June 18, 1916. 

(C) GEORGE M. HOWARD", b. May 10, 1917; d. Oct. 27, 1917. 

(D) MARION E. HOWARD", b. June 20, 1918. 

(E) RAYMOND L. HOWARD", b. Dec. 3, 1919. 

(F) CARLTON J. HOWARD", b. Nov. 14, 1920. 

(G) EDWIN D. HOWARD", b. May 16, 1922. 

(iii) CARL F. GATES", b. Oct. 19, 1900; m. Sept. 10, 1919 to Mary 
Stark, b. May 18, 1901 ; res., 122 Williams St., Syracuse, N. Y. 
(A) ELIZABETH MAE GATES", b. Sept. 27, 1922. 

(g) SARAH L. GATES', b. Aug., 1871 ; d. Apr., 1890. 

(2) MARY ELIZABETH GATES', b. Mar. 13, 1830; m. 1849 to John C. 
Brown, b. June 25, 1826, son of William Henry and Sally Brown ; d. 
Dec. 2, 1894; she d. Aug. 29, 1910; res., Manlius, N. Y. 

(a) SOPHIA ELIZABETH BROWN', b. June 18, 1850; d. May 9. 1900; 

(b) MORTIMOR F. BROWN', b. Aug. 24, 1851; m. July 5, 1875 to 
Kate D. Brown, b. 1853, dau. of Douglas and Betsey Brown; he d. 
Sept. 16, 1916; res., Manlius, N. Y. ; she d. 1927. 

(i) SARAH JENETTE (KIT) BROWN", b. Oct. 14, 1877; d. 

(c) FRED BROWN', b. Feb. 9, 1855; d. Dec, 1863. 

(d) CHARLES PLATT BROWN', b. Nov. 20, 1856, at Manlius ; m. at 
Westmoreland, Kan., May 28, 1885, Annie Lawrie Crowl, b. May 21, 
1864, dau. of Lawrence W. and Mary E. Crowl; member of S. of 
A. M. Mr. Brown collected most of the copy for No. 455; res., 
Eldorado, Kan. 


(i) MARY ETHEL BROWN», b. June 21, 1886; m. July 29, 1918 
to James O. McVey, b. 1878; graduate of University of Kansas, 
1911; is a piano instructor and accompanist at the College of 
Music, Phoenix, Ariz. 

(ii) JESSE FRED BROWV, b. Nov. 2, 1887; m. Aug. 8, 1914 to 
Lucille Yates, b. 1889, dau. of Dr. William Yates, of Junction City. 
Both are graduates of University of Kansas. He is a civil en- 
gineer ; res., Kansas City, Mo. 
(A) WILLIAM Y. BROWN'", b. May 30, 1916, at New Rochelle, 
N. Y. 

(iii) LYMAN WENDALL BROWN", b. Sept. 26, 1889; m. Oct. 2, 
1810 to Mary Kelley, b. 1890, dau. of James Kelley; he is assist- 
ant yard master, A. T. & S. F. Ry., at Albuquerque, N. M. 

(A) JOE MILTON BROWN", b. Aug. 9, 1914. 

(B) ANNIE LAURIE BROWN'", b. Oct. 13, 1921. 

(iv) MARGUERITE ESTHER BROWN*, b. Apr. 28, 1895; m. 

Apr. 10, 1920 to H. J. Holden, b. 1855; oil producer; son of 

Minter J. and Mary F. Holden; res., Wichita, Kan. 
(v) LAWRENCE WAYNE BROWN', b. Aug. 17, 1897; m. May 

28, 1918 to Gretta A. Roland, dau. of S. S. Roland, of Lawrence, 

Kan. ; res., Eldorado, Kan. 

(A) RICHARD ROLAND BROWN", b. Jan. 9, 1920. 

(B) LAWRENCE WAYNE BROWN", JR., b. Mar. 3, 1925. 

(C) ROBERT ALLEN BROWN", b. Jan. 17, 1927. 

(3) EDMUND GATES', b. Dec. 8, 1732 ; m. Sept. 8, 1858 to Ann White, b. 
Aug. 2, 1837, dau. of John White; d. Apr. 25, 1913; he d. May 29, 1901; 
res.. Phoenix, N. Y. 

(a) HATTIE GATES', b. Sept. 17, 1859; m. July 8, 1877 to John Schultz, 
b. 1854, son of John M. Schultz ; res., Phoenix, N. Y. 

(i) HENRY SCHULTZ", b. Apr. 22, 1880; m. July 1, 1900. 
(ii) HAROLD SCHULTZ", b. Sept. 10, 1895; lieutenant in World 
War, also A. L. 

(b) CHARLES GATES*, b. June 1, 1861; m. Oct. 5, 1894 to Minnie 
Allen; res., Baldwinsville, N. Y. 

(i) ALTA GATES", b. Sept. 4, 1900. 
(ii) HELEN GATES", b. Oct. 2, 1902. 
(iii) JESSIE GATES", b. May 2, 1905. 
(iv) EDMOND GATES", b. Sept. 3, 1906. 

(c) MARIA GATES', b. June 17, 1863; m. Mar. 23, 1882 to William Teal, 
b. 1856, son of William N. Teal, b. Mar. 23, 1882; res.. Phoenix, N. Y. 

(i) ANNA TEAL", b. Apr. 22, 1886; d. Jan. 22, 1920; bur. at 

Phoenix, N. Y. 
(ii) OLIN TEAL", b. Feb. 3, 1888; m. 1910 to Ruby LaClair. 
(iii) ROY TEAL", b. June 10, 1890; m. Apr. 2, 1919 to Bertha Perine; 

sergeant. World War. 

(d) FRED GATES', b. Jan. 2, 1865; m. Nov. 29, 1891, Ada Mackey, dau. 
of Lorenzo Mackey ; he d. Mar. 3, 1897. 

(e) NEWTON GATES', b. Apr. 18, 1868; m. 1890 to Kate Johnson, dau. 
of Howard Johnson ; res.. Phoenix, N. Y. 


(i) DORA GATES', b. Nov. 23, 1892; m. George Hiller; d. Feb., 

(ii) ROBERT GATES', b. July 3, 1894; m. Rosa Barnard, 
(iii) RUTH GATES', b. May 6, 1896; m. Walter Karge. 

(f) SOPHIE NETTIE GATES', b. 1869; d. 1905; unm. 

(g) WILLIAM GATES', b. July 16, 1872; m. Mayme King, b. July 4, 
1897, dau. of Henry King; she d. Mar. 10, 1902; res.. Phoenix, N. Y. 

(i) WALTER GATES', b. Apr. 8, 1898. 

(ii) EDMUND GATES', b. Aug. 1, 1901; d. Mar. 12, 1906; bur. 
Phoenix, N. Y. 
(h) BENJAMIN GATES', b. Sept. 11, 1874; m. Nettie Leroy, Oct. 14, 

1893, dau. of Charles Leroy. 
(i) VETTA GATES', b. Jan. 4, 1876; m. Horace King. 

(i) RUFUS GATES', b. Jan. 19, 1897; m. Aug. 2, 1902 to Daisy 
Jenkins; he d. Dec. 18, 1902. 
(j) RHENA GATES', b. Apr. 24, 1880; m. May 1, 1909 to Timothy 

Cronin, b. Dec. 3, 1876, son of Michael Cronin. 
(k) EDMUND GATES', b. June 20, 1882; m. Margaret King, Nov. 27, 
1901, dau. of William King ; res., Baldwinsville, N. Y. 
(i) VERA GATES', b. July 16, 1904 (twin), 
(ii) VANCE GATES', b. July 16, 1904 (twin). 

(4) CHARLES WALES GATES', b. Jan. 31, 1834; m. 1864 to Caroline 
Knapp, b. 1847, dau. of , d. Dec. 3, 1908; res., Jamesville, N. Y. 

(a) ETTA GATES', b. Dec. 20, 1867; m. 1885 to Frank Alexander; res., 
LaFayette, N. Y. 

(i) CHARLES ALEXANDER', b. 1887; m. Myrtle Trinder. 
(A) PAUL ALEXANDERS", b. 1912. 

(b) HENRY GATES', b. Jan. 1, 1868; m. Nellie Ludd ; he d. about 1899. 

(iii) PERCY GATES'. 

(c) HEBERT GATES', b. Mar., 1871; m. Harriet ; res., Syracuse, 

N. Y. 


(d) GERTRUDE GATES', b. May, 1873; m. George Scammel ; res., 
Syracuse, N. Y. 


(5) NATHAN GATES', b. 1836; m. Thursa Foote No. 2645\ 

(a) ADDISON GATES', b. 1862; d. 1880. 

(b) CLARENCE GATES', b. 1868; d. 1884. 

(6) DOROTHY GATES', b. Apr. 23, 1838; d. 1840. 

(7) BENJAMIN F. GATES', b. Jan. 1, 1844; d. Dec. 2, 1910; unm. 

(8) ADDISON D. GATES', b. Jan. 1, 1844; m. 1st, Alice , b. 1849; 

d. July, 1878 ; m. 2nd, 1878, Lillian Knapp, b. 1859, dau. of Howard Knapp ; 
d. Oct., 1916; he d. Oct., 1913. 

(a) ANDREW GATES', b. Oct., 1868; d. Apr., 1878. 


(b) ANGELIA GATES', b. 1869 ; m. Albert Chase ; she d. 1925. 
(i) DOROTHY CHASE', b. Sept. 30, 1896. 

(ii) HELEN CHASE', b. Oct. 30. 1898. 

(c) ALICE GATES', b. Dec. 12, 1871; m. Edward Cronk; res., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

(i) MARION CRONK', b. Dec. 9, 1895; d. 1908. 
(ii) GORDON CRONK', b. July 30, 1898; m. Doris White; res., 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

(d) CLARA GATES', b. Dec. 6, 1873 ; m. Albert Jones, 


(iii) BERTHA JONES', b. 1897. 

(iv) RAYMOND JONES', b. 1899; d. 1919. 

(e) ADDISON GATES', JR., b. 1875. 

(f) JESSIE GATES', b. 1880. 

(g) HOWARD GATES', b. 1884. 
(h) EDNA GATES', b. 1890. 

(i) HELEN GATES', b. 1892. 
(9) EUGENE GATES', b. Nov. 18, 1847; m. 1869 to Kate Schreiber, b. 
1850; he d. Feb., 1904; res., Phoenix, N. Y. 

(a) NATHAN GATES', b. 1870. 

(b) HENRY GATES', b. 1874; d. 1876. 

(10) SARA LUCRETIA GATES', b. Aug. 8, 1850; m. 1st, Dec. 22, 1870 to 
LeEtta Mason, d. May 9, 1876; m. 2nd, 1881 to Harvey L. Candee, b. 
Oct. 8, 1848; d. July 9, 1908; res., Manlius, N. Y. (Mrs. Candee assisted 
in collecting the copy for No. 455.) 

(a) ARCHER MASON', b. Jan. 20, 1876; d. June 24, 1876. 

(b) BESSIE L. CANDEE', b. May 24, 1882; m. Clyde Judge, b. July 7, 
1885; res., Manlius, N. Y. 

(i) LUCILLE JUDGE', b. Dec. 23, 1907. 
(ii) DORIS JUDGE', b. June 2, 1910. 
(iii) JENETTE JUDGE', b. July 2, 1913. 
(iv) BETTY JUDGE', b. May 2, 1917. 

(c) BENJAMIN L. CANDEE', b. Sept. 6, 1885; m. June 24, 1917 to 
Maud Merrill ; res., Syracuse, N. Y. ; he is a mail clerk, New York, 
N. Y. 

(i) ELEANOR CANDEE', b. Apr. 8, 1919. 
(ii) BENJAMIN CANDEE'. b. May 24, 1921. 

748. vi. DOROTHY, b. 1813; d. . 

749. vii. LUCINDA, b. 1815; d. . 


757. (3) LUCY ABIGAIL BRAINARD, b. June 26, 1832, in Westchester, 
Conn. ; d. Jan., 1909, at Hartford, Conn., dau. of Amaziah and Huldah 
Foote Brainard and granddau. of Nathaniel Foote, of Colchester, Conn. 
She was one of the first to aid in the formation of our association, and 
always took an active interest in its welfare and its continuance. 

761. i. DOROTHY, m. James Otis; d. Mar. 2, 1845. 

(1) JAMES FOOTE OTIS^ b. Sept. 24, 1804; m. Aug. 18, 1831, at Provi- 



dence, R. I., by Rev. Wm. Phillips, to Elizabeth Harper Hammond, dau. 
of John and Hannoine (Brown) Hammond, b. Nov. 6, 1801, at Newport, 
R. I. ; d. Dec. 27, 1884 ; he d. Apr. 5, 1846. He was an accomplished 
musician and the trait appears among his children and grandchildren. 

(a) ELIZABETH HAMMOND OTIS', b. 1832; m. P. A. Dawley; d. 

(b) MARY BROWN OTIS', b. 1834; m. Fred Morgan, Jr.; d. 1923. 

(c) JOHN JAMES OTIS', b. 1836; m. Endora S. Taval ; d. 1924. 

(d) DOROTHEA FOOTE OTIS', b. 1839; m. George Hammond; d. 

(e) ANNE HANNOINE OTIS', b. 1842; m. Elijah W. Day; d. 1906. 
(2) JOHN NELSON OTIS', b. Apr. 28, 1809; d. Apr. 24, 1812. 

769. ix. LUCY, she d. Apr. 16, 1875, at Newburgh, N. Y. 

(1) JOHN MERRITT BRADFORD", b. Jan. 22, 1823. 

(2) MARY ELIZABETH BRADFORD^ b. Apr. 5, 1827; unm. 

(3) MARGARET BIGELOW BRADFORD', b. June 3, 1829; m. Dec. 27, 
1853 to Horatio W. Otis ; res., Yonkers, N. Y. 

(a) BRADFORD OTIS', b. July 18, 1854; banker in company with Henry 
Foote in Colorado, 1884. 

(b) LUA FRANCES OTIS', b. Oct. 24, 1862. 

(c) BESSIE MAY OTIS', b. Oct. 10, 1864. 

(d) ROY F. OTIS', b. Oct. 29, 1871. 

246. DANIEL FOOTE {76, 25, 9, 3, 1), m. July 12, 1774 to Elizabeth Margaret 

791. i. MARGARET, b. Aug. 1, 1775; m. Joseph Talmage, of Williamstown, 

Mass., b. Feb. 27, 1770; he d. in New York, Aug. 8, 1840; she d. in 

New York, Sept. 20, 1849. 

(1) ELIZABETH TALMAGE', b. Williamstown, Oct. 27, 1797; m. Curtis 
Moses, July 19, 1817 ; she d. Apr. 3, 1887. 

(a) LUCIAN MOSES', Skaneateles, N. Y. 

(b) IRWING MOSES', in 1887 was living in Rochester, N. Y. 

(2) COLLINS J. TALMAGE', b. Williamstown; d. about 1868, at Ripley, 
Chautauqua County, N. Y. 

(a) CHARLES TALMAGE', was an engineer in City Water Works of 
Buffalo, N. Y., in 1887; lived with widowed mother. 

(b) MARY ANNE TALMAGE', m. a German and lived at Ripley, N. Y. 

(c) CAROLINE TALMAGE', m. Brockway; d. Apr., 1876, in Buffalo; 
had a son and a dau. 

(3) ELIZA R. TALMAGE', m. Doctor Houghton, a southern physician; she 
d. June 12, 1834. 

(4) SARAH D. TALMAGE', m. John S. Curtis, Jan. 18, 1829 ; lived at Red 
Rock, N. Y. ; she d. about 1877. 

(5) HANNAH TALMAGE', b. 1810; d. 1884; unm. 

(6) WILLIAM TALMAGE', b. Sicio, N. Y. ; m. Catharine H. Bogart; he 
d. Aug. 15, 1870, at Fairview, N. J.; she d. Aug., 1873; no children. 

(7) CHARLES TALMAGE', res., Buffalo, N. Y. ; no children. 

(8) MARY ANN TALMAGE', b. 1812; d. Dec. 11, 1840, in New York, 
N. Y. ; unm. 


(9) JUSTIN FOOTE TALMAGE', b. Williamstown, Mass., Mar. 12, 1815; 
m. Mary Heuff, of New York, N. Y., dau. of Alexander and Magdalina 
Heuff, Jan. 1, 1853; d. Dec. 8, 1889, at Lynnhaven, Va., at the home of 
her dau.; she d. Jan. 1, 1892, at Lynnhaven, Va. 

(a) MAGDALINA TALMAGE', b. Dec. 12, 1853 ; d. Sept. 10, 1854. 

(b) MARGARET ANNE TALMAGE^ b. Mar. 21, 1856; m. 1st, July 26, 
1877, William Stuart Archibald, of Gloucester, Mass.; he d. Sept. 17, 
1887, New York, N. Y. ; m. 2nd, Oct. 24, 1888 to Richard Ames Mapp, of 
Norfolk, Va., b. Mar. 31, 1861, son of Richard A. and Mary Virginia 
Mapp; res., Norfolk, Va. 

(i) ANNE LAURA ARCHIBALD", b. Oct. 13, 1878, in New 

York, N. Y. 
(ii) WILLIAM STUART ARCHIBALD'", b. July 11, 1880, in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; m. Julia Lee Logan, of Louisiana. 
1910, in New York, N. Y. 
(iii) VIRGINIA TUCKER MAPP'°, b. Jan. 26, 1890; m. Charles 
Milton Hodgman. 

(A) CHARLES MILTON HODGMAN", JR., b. June 5, 1915. 

(B) RICHARD RAVLIN HODGMAN", b. Oct. 7, 1916. 

(iv) MARIE TALMAGE MAPP'", b. Dec. 30, 1891, at Lynnhaven, 

Va. ; m. David Emmett Rippetoe, of Staunton, Va., Feb. 22, 1923. 

(A) MARIE TALMAGE RIPPETOE", b. Mar. 14, 1924. 

(B) DAVID EMMETT RIPPETOE", JR., b. July 5, 1925. 
(v) LOUISE MAPP', b. Mar. 21, 1893; lived one day. 

(vi) RICHARD CUSTIS MAPP'", b. Aug. 9, 1895, at Lynnhaven, 
Va. ; m. Virginia Blair Alfriena, Dec. 8, 1921. 

(A) RICHARD CUSTIS MAPP", JR., b. Apr. 2. 1923. 

(B) ANNE TALMAGE MAPP", b. July 29, 1927. 

(c) JOSEPH HENRY TALMAGE', b. Nov. 14, 1859; d. June 10, 1860. 
(10) HENRY TALMAGE', b. 1816; d. Nov. 18, 1826; killed by kick from a 


792. ii. DANIEL, b. Dec. 8, 1776. 

793. iii. HANNAH, b. Oct. 16, 1778. 
804. ROXANNA, m. Dr. Lyman Beecher. 

(2) REV. WILLIAM H. BEECHER*, m. May 12, 1830 to Catherine Eden, 
(a) MRS. EDWARD ALLEN', res., 1313 Penn Ave., Kansas City, Mo, 


(a) REV. FREDERICK BEECHER'; res., Wellsville, N. Y. 

(a) REV. GEORGE BEECHER'. res., Hillsboro, Ohio. 

(a) MARY BEECHER NOYES'; res., Georgetown, Mass. 

(d) HERBERT FOOTE BEECHER', b. 1854; d. Aug. 29, 1925; killed 
in fall as a pioneer pilot at Port Townsend Dock. Captain Beecher 
was the dean of North Pacific pilots and was known by nearly every 
deep-sea shipmaster visiting the waters of Puget Sound. He came to 


the Pacific Northwest from Brooklyn in 1885 and for many years 
resided in Port Townsend. During recent years he made his home in 
Seattle, Wash. 

254. STEVEN FOOTE, m. Hannah Waterman, b. Aug. 18, 1765; d. Jan. 20, 
1848. The bodies of Nos. 254, 817, 822 and of Nathaniel Foote No. 25 were all 
moved from the old cemetery in Colchester to the Linwood Cemetery by Rev. 
William H. Foote No. 821. About 1860 he bought the lot next to the monument of 
Joseph A. Foote No. 1062. 

823. i. SARAH. 

(3) (b) FRANCES M. STROWGER, d. July 29, 1909. 
825. iii. JERUSHA. 

(l)(a) MARY ELIZA ALDRICH', res.. Battle Creek, Mich. 

(c) JUDITH (ALDRICH) BORDWELL', res., Upland, Calif. 

(d) VICTO C. WATTLER", d. Aug., 1912. 

(e) AZIRAH ROBINSON', d. Mar. 14, 1914; res., Battle Creek, Mich. 

(4) MARSHFIELD PARSONS^ d. Mar. 31, 1923. 

(f) HATTIE L. (PARSONS) SHELMIRE^ d. Nov. 27, 1922. 

830. viii. EUNICE, m. Zacarith Noble, Apr. 7, 1819; he was b. Mar. 9, 174; d. 
1864, at Olean, N. Y. No. 3284 in the "Noble Genealogy." 

268. WILLIAM FOOTE (80, 25, 9, 3, 1), m. 1796 to Mary Ann Lord, b. Dec. 
20, 1770; d. Aug. 8, 1838, at Milford, Mich.; he d. Oct. 30, 1841 ; both bur. at Milford. 
A tinman by trade. 

MARY ANN, b. Jan. 24, 1797; teacher; d. Feb. 7, 1830. 

WILLIAM, JR., b. Jan. 22, 1799; sailed from Middleton, Conn., for 

the West Indies and was never heard from but once. 

HENRY RING, b. Feb. 22, 1803; m. Minerva Henderson, 2011*-'. 

CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN, b. Mar. 10, 1806; d. Oct., 1845; bur. 

at Milford, Mich. ; teacher and postmaster at Milford. 

HARRIET, b. Oct. 28, 1801 ; tailoress ; d. Aug. 26, 1889. 

JERUSHA LORD, b. Sept. 5, 1810; teacher; d. June 20, 1831. 

SARAH LOUISA, m. J. S. Taylor; teacher. 

273. JOEL FOOTE was appointed lieutenant of Volunteers, Jan. 25, 1812. 
856. iii. ABIGAIL, m. Cyrus Bingham. (See "Bingham Genealogy," pp. 

(1) WILLIAM BINGHAM,' b. Mar. 9, 1816, in Andover, Conn.; m. Eliza- 
beth Beardsley, of Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 2, 1843; she d. Aug. 27, 1898; 
he d. 1904; res., Cleveland, Ohio. 

(2) CAROLINE ELIZABETH BINGHAM*, b. May 8, 1818, in Andover, 

Conn.; m. Aaron Clarke, July 21, 1845, in Andover, Conn.; he was b. in 

Northfield, Conn., May 28, 1811, son of Peck and Polly (Kellogg) Clarke; 

he d. Jan. 6, 1881 ; she d. Jan. 1, 1891 ; both bur. in Cleveland, Ohio. 

(a) MARY ELLA CLARKE^ b. Sept. 1, 1846, in Cleveland, Ohio; m. 

Edgar E. Strong, Jan. 19, 1869, in Cleveland, Ohio; he was b. 
Apr. 14, 1841, in Manchester, Conn.; she d. Sept. 27, 1914; he d. 
Oct. 29, 1923. 

(i) CLINTON EUGENE STRONG", b. Dec. 14, 1869; drowned 
at Cornell College, Ithaca, N. Y., June, 1892. 
















(ii) HERBERT WM. STRONG", b. June 24, 1870; m. Gladys 
Mosher, of Kansas City, Mo., Mar. 24, 1909. 

(A) RUTH STRONG", b. July 3, 1910. 

(B) ELIZABETH STRONG", b. Feb. 4, 1912. 

(C) JOHN STRONG", b. May 4, 1921 ; drowned Nov. 28, 1923. 

(D) HERBERT WILLIAMS STRONG", b. Apr. 26, 1925. 
(iii) EDITH STRONG^ b. July 27, 1876; d. Mar., 1879. 

(iv) ELIZABETH STRONG'", b. June 20, 1880; m. Warren Sher- 
man Hayden, Apr. 18, 1906; he was b. Danbury, Conn., Oct. 20, 

(A) SHERMAN S. HAYDEN", b. Feb. 9, 1908. 

(B) ELEANOR HAYDEN", b. Dec. 27, 1912. 

(b) WILLIAM BINGHAM CLARKE", b. Apr. 15, 1848; m. Kate Rock- 
well, June 8, 1876, in Junction City, Kan. ; she was b. in Warsaw, 111., 
Jan. 8, 1857; d. Feb. 24, 1905, in Santa Barbara, Calif. 

(i) WILLIAM ROCKWELL CLARKE'", b. Jan. 29, 1878, in Junc- 
tion City, Kan. ; m. May Morse, of Austin, Tex., in 1903. 

(ii) BERTRAND ROCKWELL CLARKE", b. Sept. 27, 1882, in 
Junction City, Kan. ; m. Alice Horton Lincoln, June 6, 1906 ; she 
was b. June 16, 1882, in Pawtucket, R. I. 
(A) BERTRAND LINCOLN CLARKE", b. Mar. 12, 1911. 

(c) MINNIE CLARKE^ b. Dec. 17, 1849; d. Aug. 30, 1852. 

(d) NELLIE CLARKE^ b. Aug. 12, 1851 ; m. James A. King, Jan. 16, 
1873; he was b. Aug. 23, 1846, in Milan, Ohio; he d. Oct. 20, 1922; 
res., Cleveland, Ohio. 

(i) NORMAN CLARKE KING", b. Oct. 27, 1873, in Cleveland, 
Ohio; m. Ada Powers, June 27, 1900; she was b. May 9, 1875. 
(A) CHARLOTTE POWERS KING", b. Sept. 16, 1906; m. 
Allen E. Sloan, Jan. 4, 1930. 

(Al) ALLAN KING SLOAN", b. Sept. 28, 1930. 
(ii) KATHARINE KING", b. Aug. 18, 1882, in Cleveland, Ohio. 

(e) ABBIE CLARKE", b. July 25, 1853; d. Oct. 17, 1878. 

(f) KENNETH H. CLARKE', b. June 26, 1858; d. July 17, 1882, in 
Junction City, Kan. 

(3) EDWARD BINGHAM', b. Jan. 21, 1821, in Andover, Conn.; m. 1st, 
Esther Sanford, of Conneaut, Ohio, Sept. 21, 1849; she d. Oct. 20, 1870; 
m. 2nd, Mrs. Maria Barker, of St. Johnsbury, Vt., May 15, 1878; he d. 
Feb. 23, 1895. 

(4) JOEL FOOTE BINGHAM", b. Oct. 11, 1827, in Andover, Conn.; m. 
July 14, 1857, to Susan Elizabeth Grew, of Washington, D. C. ; he d. 
Oct. 18, 1914, in Hartford, Conn. ; she d. Aug., 1908. 

Reference is made to "Some New England Families, Foote-Bingham," published by 
Nellie Clarke King, of Cleveland, Ohio, in 1922, for a very extended history of the 
"Descendants of Abigail Foote Bingham," as well as interesting data regarding 
Nathaniel and Joel Foote. 

862. ix. EMILY, m. 1st, Dr. Royal Kingsbury; m. 2nd, Jedediah Post. 

(1) EMILY KINGSBURY', m. 1st, Apr. 12, 1855 to Sheldon, son of William 


and Prudence HolHster, b. Feb. 9, 1830; he d. ; m. 2nd, Thomas 

Blish Cheney, son of Halsey and Adaline Paulina (Blish) Cheney. 

(a) THOMAS SHELTON CHENEY', b. Feb. 14, 1867, Wallingford, 
Conn. ; d. Feb. 8, 1898. 

(b) FRANCES EMILY CHENEY", b. Oct. 22, 1869; teacher in Spring- 
field, Mass. 

866. i. EUNICE, she d. Jan. 22, 1846, at Colchester, Conn. 
869. iv. DOLLY OLMSTEAD, m. at Marlboro, Conn., Feb. 17, 1820, David 

(3) SARAH LOUISA SHEPARD^ m. June 28, 1849 to Henry Colt. 

(a) CHARLES COLT", b. 1850; d. 1851. 

(b) HELEN COLT", b. 1862; d. 1864. 

(c) JAMES WOOD COLT', b. Mar. 24, 1858; m. 1st, Ann Dana 
Ayrault ; m. 2nd, Frances Bacon ; res., Paris, France. 

(i) HORACE SHEPARD COLT'', d. young. 

(ii) ELIZABETH COLT", m. Dr. H. F. Shattuck; res.. New 

York, N. Y. Two children, 
(iii) FRANCES COLT'", d. 6 months of age. 
(iv) SYLVIA COLT", b. 1896; unm. ; res., Paris, France, 
(v) JAMES WOOD COLT", JR., b. 1897; m. Louise Doty; res., 

Geneseo, N. Y. 



(vi) HENRY F. COLT", b. 1899; m. Mary Atkinson; res.. New 

York, N. Y. 
(vii) CHARLES CAREY COLT', b. 1902; m. Amy Lee; res., Boston, 


(d) MARY ANN COLT", b. about 1860; d. Jan. 3, 1863. 

(e) HENRY V. COLT", JR., b. Aug. 30, 1867; m. March. 30, 1908, 
Julia K. Wadsworth ; res.. Temple Hill, Geneseo, N. Y. 

(i) JULIA KENNETH COLT", b. Dec. 30, 1908. 
(ii) CONSTANCE COLT", b. Feb. 1, 1915. 
(iii) ALICE COLT", b. Mar. 30, 1916. 

(4) ROSELLA AMANDA JACOX", d. at Ft. Atkinson, Wis., in 1922, 
Samuel Austin Bridges, d. 1922, at Ft. Atkinson, Wis. ; he served with the 
Union Army during War of Rebellion. 

(a) ISADEAN BRIDGES", b. Mar. 30, 1866, at Ft. Atkinson, Wis.; m. 
Nov. 18, 1885 to Louis Frederick Slaker at Ft. Atkinson, Wis., son of 
William and Marie Slaker ; res., Alabama, Calif. 

(i) RAYMOND ARDEN SLAKER", b. Capron, 111., Jan. 21, 
1887; m. Marie Wickstrom at Prince Rupert, B. C, 1913, dau. 
of Isaac and Karen Wickstrom, of Seattle, Wash. 

(A) RICHARD HUGH! SLAKER", b. July 16, 1914, at Burns 
Lake, B. C. 

(B) ROBERT IRVING SLAKER", b. Sept. 6, 1916, at Seattle, 

(ii) RUTH LOUISE SLAKER", b. Apr. 19, 1892, St. Paul, Minn.; 
m. James Elbert Smith, son of Geo. Smith, of Pell City, Ala. ; 
m. at Los Angeles, Calif. 


(A) HARRY DEAN SMITH", b. Sept. 12, 1922, Alabama, Calif. 

(B) KENNETH ELBERT SMITH", b. Jan. 2, 1928, at Alabama, 

(iii) LOUIS FREDERICK SLAKER*', JR., b. in St. James, Minn., 
Feb. 14, 1902; m. Marie Lillian Clark in Los Angeles, Calif., 
Sept. 14, 1927, dau. of John and Lillian Clark, of Los Angeles, 

(b) JUSTUS GUY BRIDGES', m. Millicent Merrill at Walla Walla, 
Wash., b. Oct. 18, 1876, dau. of Ella Louise (Taylor) and Charles J. 

(i) GENEVIEVE BRIDGES", b. Oct. 30, 1913 (adopted). 

(c) INEZ MAY BRIDGES', b. July 26, 1872, at Ft. Atkinson, Wis. ; m. 
Warner Whitney Cornish, b. Jan. 18, 1869, at Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 

(i) HARRY BRIDGES CORNISH", b. at Ft. Atkinson, Wis., 

May 11, 1896. 
(ii) PAUL WHITNEY CORNISH", b. at Ft. Atkinson, Wis., 
Nov. 12, 1897; m. Annetta Doukle, Dec. 15, 1923, at Ft. Atkin- 
son, Wis. 
(A) SARAH JANE CORNISH", b. Dec. 5, 1927, at Ft. Atkinson, 
(iii) SAMUEL AUSTIN CORNISH", b. at Ft. Atkinson, Wis.; 
Oct. 28, 1906. 

(d) HARRY B. CORNISH', m. Marge Power, b. Dec. 16, 1897, at 
Toronto, Canada; m. July 26, 1924, at Toronto, Canada. 

(i) WILLIAM WARNER CORNISH", b. Aug. 15. 1925. 

(ii) JOHN POWER CORNISH", b. Jan. 2, 1927; d. at Detroit, 

(iii) PAUL AUSTIN CORNISH", b. at Detroit, Mich., Jan. 6, 


895. SARAH VICTORIA, b. Aug. 11, 1847; m. Exist X. Ferron, b. Sept. 1, 
1850, in Canada, son of Peter Ferron and Eliza (Vincent) Ferron; he d. 
Feb. 13, 1915, in San Diego, Calif. 

(1) L. N. FERRON', b. Oct. 18, 1874, in Canada (adopted). 

896. i. FREELOVE, m. Jacob Jackson. 

(9)(a)(ii) EMILY ELIZABETH WOOD", dau. of Rodman Wood, was b. 
Sept. 24, 1854; d. July 2, 1895; she m. Henry Marcus Quacken- 

(A) DR. CAMILLA QUACKENBUSH", b. Mar. 9, 1876; grad- 
uated from Syracuse University in 1903, with the degree of 
M.D. and was licensed to practice as a physician and surgeon ; 
m. Sept. 23, 1903 to Franklin W. Cristman, b. Jan. 11, 1869; 
no children; res., Herkimer, N. Y. (Gave this copy.) 

(B) PAUL HENRY QUACKENBUSH", b. June 25, 1879; grad- 
uated with the degree of M.E. from Cornell University, 1903 ; 
m. Louise Wellsley Atwell, May 18, 1904; she was b. Aug. 31, 

1906; res., Herkimer, N. Y. 


(C) AMY QUACKENBUSH", b. Oct. 8, 1886 ; entered Syracuse 

University, 1905, but did not graduate on account of ill health ; 

res., Herkimer, N. Y. 

900. V. MARGARET S., m. 1790 to Hunn Beach, b. July 11, 1764, son of 

Fisk and Martha (Carrington) Beach, of Goshen, Conn.; he d. Oct. 28, 

1796, at Johnstown, N. Y.; m. 2nd, Moratio Waldo; she d. 1807. 

(1) CLARINDA THOMPSON BEACff, b. May 26, 1791; d. Aug. 30, 1805. 

(2) HUNN CARRINGTON BEACff, b. Sept. 18, 1794; m. Aug. 10, 1836 
to Mary Charlotte, dau. of Henry Louis and Margaret (Sebor) de Koven, 
of Middletown, Conn.; b. June 1, 1817; d. Apr. 18, 1891; he d. New York, 
N. Y., Jan., 1873. 

(a) HENRY BEACH', b. Sept. 6, 1837; d. Dec. 11, 1838. 

(b) MARY BEACH", b. Jan. 7, 1840; d. Apr. 15, 1841. 

(c) HELEN BEACH', b. Jan. 18, 1842; gave the copy for No. 900; res., 
London, England. 

(d) MARY BEACH', b. June 17, 1844; m. Oct. 24, 1894 to Francis Howe 
Johnson, son of Samuel and Charlotte (Howe), b. Jan. 15, 1835; d. 
Oct. 22, 1920, at Washington, D. C. 

(e) ELIZABETH WINTHROP BEACH", b. Sept. 14, 1847; m. May 17, 
1869 to Dr. Joseph Wright Alsop, Jr., b. Aug. 20, 1838; d. June 24, 

(i) AIMEE ELIZABETH ALSOP", b. July 17, 1870; res., Enfield, 

(ii) MARY OLIVER ALSOP", b. Jan. 19, 1872; d. Nov. 4, 1889. 
(iii) ELIZABETH WINTHROP ALSOP", b. May 9, 1874; d. 

Nov. 20, 1892. 
(iv) JOSEPH WRIGHT ALSOP", b. Apr. 2, 1876; m. Nov. 4, 

1909 to Corinne Douglass Robinson; res., Avon, Conn. 

(A) JOSEPH WRIGHT ALSOP", b. Oct. 11, 1910. 

(B) CORINNE ROOSEVELT ALSOP", b. Mar. 14, 1912. 



(D) JOHN DE KOVEN ALSOP", b. Aug. 4, 1915. 

(v) JOHN DE KOVEN ALSOP", b. Apr. 7, 1879; res.. Middle- 
town, Conn. 

(vi) FRANCIS JOHNNOT OLIVER ALSOP", b. May 6, 1881; 
m. June 19, 1907 to Nathalie Hooper; res.. East Milton, Mass. 

(viii) CHARLES WILLIAM DABNEY ALSOP", b. Apr. 26, 1883; 
d. Jan. 17, 1888. 

(f) MARGARET DE KOVEN BEACH', b. Nov. 14, 1852; m. June 26, 
1878 to Nathaniel Appleton Prentiss, b. Aug. 20, 1842; d. Feb. 12, 
1913, New York, N. Y. ; she d. Feb. 7, 1889. 

(3) HARVEY FOOTE BEACH*, b. Apr. 30, 1796; d. at Auburn, N. Y., 

286. ASA FOOTE (85, 26, 9, 3, 1), m. Sarah Mills, widow of Joseph Cowles; 
she d. 1805, at Norfolk, Conn.; he d. 1828, at Salina, N. Y. ; res., Norfolk, Conn., 
and Salina, N. Y. 

905. WARREN ; dec, Mrs. H. A. Frank, Mansfield, Ohio. 


909. V. ALMIRA MILLS, b. 1788, Norfolk, Conn.; bapt. Aug. 3, 1788; m. 
Nov. 5, 1815 to Dr. Edwin Wood Cowles, son of Rev. Giles Hooker 
Cowles, of Austinburg, Ohio; she d. Apr. 4, 1846, at Cleveland, Ohio. 





(5) EDWIN COWLES', m. Elizabeth C. Hutchinson; res., Cleveland, Ohio. 

(a) ALMIRA FOOTE COWLES", m. Charles Whitney Chase; res., 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

(i) HELEN ELIZABETH CHASE", m. Edward S. Bassett. 







(6) ALFRED COWLES', b. 1832; he d. 1889, Chicago, 111. 

(a) SARAH FRANCES COWLES', b. 1862. Chicago, 111.; m. 1893, at 

York Harbor, Me., Philip Battell Stewart, b. , son of Gov. 

John W. and (Battell) Stewart, of Middlebury, Vt. ; res., 

Colorado Springs. Colo. 

(i) JOHN WOLCOTT STEWART", II, b. Aug. 12, 1895, Boston, 
Mass. ; m. Nov. 3, 1920, at Spokane, Wash., Louise, dau. of 
Wiliam J. C. Wakefield, of Ludlow, Vt., and Spokane, Wash. 

(A) PATRICIA LOUISE STEWART", b. June 10, 1922, at 
Spokane, Wash. 

(B) PHILIP BATTELL STEWART", II, b. June 10, 1924, at 

Spokane, Wash. 
922. vi. CLARISSA, m. Ira Bronson. 

(a) MARY A. BRONSON', m. Luther R. Foote No. 2088. 
927. ii. PELA, b. 1795; m. Julius Spencer, b. Feb., 1794; d. Aug. 19, 1870; she 
d. Aug. 17, 1869; res., Lisbon, 111. 
(1) JOHN SPENCER', b. Feb. 9, 1818; m. Ohio, 1861 to Emily A. Miller; 
he d. Oct. 12, 1903 ; both bur. at Spencerport, N. Y. ; res., Spencerport, 
N. Y. 

(a) MARY A. SPENCER', b. Chili, N. Y., June 23, 1864; m. in Spencer- 
port, N. Y., Dec. 2, 1885 to Herbert J. Hitchcock; res., LaSalle, N. Y. 
(i) WILLIAM H. HITCHCOCK", b. Sept. 30, 1886, in Brockport, 
N. Y. ; World War, 335th Field Artillery, six months in France ; 
now mail carrier Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
(ii) PEARL E. HITCHCOCK", b. Sept. 28, 1891; m. Dec. 2, 1914 
to Myrtle R. Dye, b. Feb. 25, 1890, at Allentown, Pa. ; real estate ; 
res., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

(A) HERBERT DYE," b. May 23, 1918, at Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

(B) CARL A. DYE", b. Jan. 7, 1922, at Niagara Falls, N. Y. 


(iii) EARL D. HITCHCOCK, b. Feb. 19, 1897. 
(iv) ALICE M. HITCHCOCK'", b. Apr. 24, 1904. 
(b) ANNIE SPENCER', b. Rochester, N. Y., Dec. 16, 1866; unm.; res., 
Buflfalo, N. Y. 


(3) HARRIET SPENCER^ m. Moore. 

(a) NEWELL MOORE», m. Nettie Parks; he d. 1918, at Seattle, Wash.; 
she d. 1921, at Columbus, Ohio; no children. 

(b) WILLIAM MOORE", m. Ella ; res., Detroit, Mich. 

(i) HORRIS MOORE'", World War service. 

(c) LULA MOORE', m. William VaBuyck; res.. Long Beach, Calif.; no 

(4) SUSAN MOORE', b. May 25, 1829; m. at Vernon, N. Y. ; m. 1850 to 
Baker Samuel Knox ; she d. Apr. 14. 1908. 

(a) HARRIET ELIZA KNOX', b. Dec. 7, 1852; res., Belmond, Iowa; 

(b) LUELLA ORVINA KNOX", b. Sept. 11, 1856; m. Mar. 10, 1886 
to Dr. T. E. Devereaux, dentist ; res., Ft. Dodge, Iowa. 

(i) CLAUDE KNOX'", b. 1889. 


(c) CLARK SPENCER KNOX", b. Oct. 5, 1858; m. 1st, 1877, Jennie 
Brown; d. 1896; m. 2nd, 1898 to Mrs. May Heath; res., Superior, 

(i) LOUISE BROWN KNOX", b. 1895; m. Madsen; res., 

Belmond, Iowa. 

(A) KEITH MADSEN", b. Oct. 8, 1917, at Belmond, Iowa. 

(B) ERLENE MADSEN", b. Dec. 12, 1920. at Belmond, Iowa, 
(ii) DORIS KNOX'", b. 1899. 

(d) CHARLES JULIUS KNOX", b. May 9, 1863; m. 1st. 1893 to Mayme 
Kennedy; d. 1915; m. 2nd, June 20, 1922, Helen McGrath; res., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

(e) GEORGE HOWARD KNOX", b. Dec. 23, 1873; d. July 22, 1876. 

(5) GEORGE SPENCER"; res.. Blooming, 111. 

(a) NETTIE SPENCER", res., Lexington, Ky. 

(b) BESSIE SPENCER". Both teachers. 

(6) MARIE SPENCER', d. young. 

(7) EMELINE SPENCER', m. Casert. 

(a) EDNA CASERT", res., Seattle, Wash. 


298. JESSE FOOTE, went to Lexington to the first call. He was afterward in 
the War of the Revolution and fought at Brandywine and Monmouth. 

938. NOAH FOOTE, b. July 12, 1786; m. Hannah Stebbens, 2113'"*. 
943. x. ROSETTE, m. William Usher, son of Robert Usher, No. 1061, in 
"Cleveland Genealogy" ; she d. Dec. 26, 1853. 
(3) AMBROSIA USHER', b. Mar. 25, 1835; d. July 3, 1836. 

299. ADONIJAH FOOTE; his will is recorded at Salem. N. Y., dated May 15, 


971. EPAPHRODITUS, b. July 19, 1791; m. Eunice Ringe and Charlotte 
Smith, 2128'-". 

976. SOPHIE, m. Ira Hall. 

(1) JOEL HALL», b. Mar. 24, 1831; d. May, 1899. 
(a) GLENN S. HALL', res.. Black River, N. Y. 
978. EMELINE, m. 1st, Hiram Hall, b. 1802; m. 2nd, Inglehart. 

(1) REUBEN HALL', b. Jan. 19, 1832; res., Watertown, N. Y. 

(2) HIRAM INGLEHART^ b. Mar. 28, 1846; d. Jan. 2, 1902. 

(3) SOPHIA INGLEHART', b. May 3, 1848; d. Dec. 3, 1861. 

(4) RUFUS INGLEHART', b. 1850. 

309. FENNER FOOTE (93, 27, 9, 3, 1), b. Colchester, Conn., came to Lee, Mass., 
in 1770. The military record of Fenner Foote as given in "Massachusetts Soldiers and 
Sailors of the Revolutionary War," is as follows : "Private, Capt. William Goodrich's 
Co. of Minute Men, Col. John Peterson's Regt., which marched Apr. 22, 1775, in 
response to the alarm of Apr. 19, 1775, from Stockbridge and Glass Works to Cam- 
bridge; served 12 days also Capt. William Goodrich's Co.; Col. John Peterson's 
Regt., master roll, dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 5, 1775; served 3 months, 4 
days; and also Private, Capt. Aaron Rowley's. Rosseter's detachment of Berkshire 
Co. Militia, Capt. John Woodbirdge's Co., Colonel Brown's Regt., enlisted July 8, 
1777; discharged July 26, 1777, service 43 days at Ticonderoga, company formed part 
of detachment under Major Caleb Hide which marched from Stockbridge to the 
evacuation of Ticonderoga. 

987. i. LUCINDA, b. Sept. 8, 1779. 

989. iii. OLIVE, m. Bemseley Carpenter. 

(1) SARAH M. CARPENTER', b. Apr. 6, 1811; m. Nov. 24, 1831 to John 
Bidwell Hunt. 

(a) CORNELIA HUNT», b. May 26, 1834. 

(b) JOHN HENRY HUNT^ b. Apr. 17, 1837. 

(c) JANE C. HUNT', b. Aug. 31, 1839; m. Thomas; res., New 

York, N. Y. (1914). 


(d) SARAH M. HUNT', b. May 22, 1842. 

(e) GEORGE EDWARD HUNT", b. Oct. 12, 1844. 

(f) FRANK T. HUNT', b. Apr. 31, 1851. 

995. CYRUS, lived at Peoria, 111. ; had a dau., Maria, 2171\ 
1001. vi. LOVICA FOOTE', m. Benjamin Stevens. 

(1) JOHN STEVENS^ m. Betsey Strong; three children. 

(a) SARAH STEVENS', m. John Dairy; res., Wilkesville. Ohio. 

(2) RANSOM FOOTE STEVENS', m. Finetta M. Ruple. 

(a) MARY ANN STEVENS', m. Judge Lorin Robert. Mrs. Stevens 
gave this copy. Res., Traverse City, Mich., June 11, 1931. 

(i) ALICE TAYLOR ROBERTS", m. Leon F. Titus; graduate 
of Broad St. Conservatory, Philadelphia, Pa. ; teacher of voice 
culture and piano, concert singer ; he is cashier of Forest 
National Bank, Traverse City, Mich. 
(ii) WILLIAM RANSOM ROBERTS", b. June 28, 1876; Spanish 
War veteran; Co. M, 34th Mich., in Cuba; Co. G, 37th U. S. 
Volunteers, in the Philippines ; invalid ; unm. 


(iii) MARIAN STEVENS ROBERTS'", b. Aug. 22, 1878; student 
in U. S. Social Settlement Worker in Chicago ; member collegiate 
sororities ; m. Frank O. Bolch, of Chicago, Aug. 30, 1905. 

(A) LORIN ROBERTS BOLCH", b. Nov. 11, 1906, Evanston, 

(B) VIRGINIA MARIAN BOLCH", b. June 18, 1911, Evanston, 


(b) CYRUS BENJAMIN STEVENS", m. Aug. 5, 1875 to Addie Drink- 
all; teacher in Ohio, 1867 to 1870; in Michigan; admitted to the bar, 
1881 ; Hart, Mich., lawyer ; prosecuting attorney ; Republican school 
examiner; justice of the peace; drain commissioner and village presi- 
dent ; also poet and sportsman. She was a member of Ladies' Auxiliary 
Society and Progressive Club. Both singers. Mr. Stevens d. Oct. 16, 
1923. They have an adopted dau. 

(i) EDNA STEVENS, b. Aug. 22, 1885; m. Laverna Smith, 
Manistique, Mich. 

(c) ELIHU BURRITT STEVENS*, b. Avon, Ohio, Apr. 29, 1854; d. at 
Hamlin Lake, Mason County, Mich., Apr. 21, 1915; farmer and live- 
stock dealer at Hart, Byron, Albion and Grand Rapids, Mich., and 
Chicago, 111. 

(i) LORIN BURRITT STEVENS", b. Jan. 30, 1876, at Hart, 
Mich. ; m. Maude Augusta, dau. of Isiah Barber and Mary Eliza- 
beth (Gay) Hamilton; she was b. Sept. 6, , at Georgetown, 

Mich. Carpenter and foreman in box department of Alabastine 
Company, at Byron and Grandville and Grand Rapids, after 1897. 

(A) LORIN RANSOM STEVENS", b. Oct. 12, 1898. 

(B) ISIAH BURRITT STEVENS", b. Apr. 17, 1900. 

(C) CYRUS BENJAMIN STEVENS", b. Nov. 18, 1901. 

(D) MARIAN MINERVA STEVENS", b. July 21, 1903. 

(E) GUY STEVENS", b. Apr. 2, 1904. 

(F) ESTELLA STEVENS", b. Dec. 5, . 

(G) CLARA STEVENS", b. Nov. 15, 1906. 

(H) LILLIAN GRACE STEVENS", b. Feb. 3, 1913. 

(ii) LILLIAN C. STEVENS", b. Sept. 13, 1877. 

(iii) ALAN MAXWELL STEVENS", b. Oct. 1, 1880. 

(iv) NORA FINETTA STEVENS", b. Feb. 6, 1883. 

(v) GUY WARTHINGTON STEVENS", b. Apr. 14, 1885. 

(vi) ROBERT LEE STEVENS", b. Nov. 12, 1886. 

(vii) HOWARD DELOS STEVENS", b. July 24, 1888. 

(viii) DONALD ALBRIGHT STEVENS", b. Aug. 1, 1893. 

(ix) BONNIBEL STEVENS", b. July 20, 1894; she d. 1905, Albion, 
Mich. All others prosperous business men and women. 
(3) MARY ANN STEVENS', b. Apr. 9, 1822, at Lee Mass.; m. Avon, 
Ohio, May 4, 1848 to Henry W. Aldrich, of Dover, Cuyahoga County, 
Ohio; youngest son of Aaron and Elizabeth (Windsor) Aldrich, of Rhode 
Island ; b. Sept. 12, 1829, at Watertown, N. Y. ; d. Aug. 10, 1892, Denver, 
Ohio; she d. Feb. 16, 1916, at the Aldrich Homestead, Bay Village, which 
had been her home for sixty-five years ; bur. in Lakeside Cemetery. She 
possessed the Christian virtues of thrift and conscientiousness, character- 



istic of the New England Puritans, "a meek and quiet spirit" and was 
distinguished for her patience. Her character is a beautiful and inspiring 
memory to her family. 

(a) LUCY STEVENS ALDRICH°, b. Apr. 1, 1849, at Dover, Ohio; m. 
Nov. 23, 1893 to John Peel; farmer, of Pittsfield, Ohio; b. Dec. 20. 
1829, in Leicestershire, England; d. Bay Village, Ohio, Mar. 27, 1909; 
res.. Aldrich Homestead, Bay Village, Ohio. 

(b) MARY ANN ALDRICH", b. at Dover, Ohio, May 27, 1851 ; m. Oct. 
24, 1888 to Robert Everard, of Sheffield, Ohio; b. May 7, 1854, at 
Thornby, Northamptonshire, England ; she d. at the Aldrich home, July 
2, 1921 ; bur. in Lakeside Cemetery ; res., Avon Lake and Bay Village, 

Apr. 9, 1892; res.. Bay Village, Ohio; unm. Miss Everard gave 
this copy including the loyal tribute to her grandmother. 

(c) SARAH ELIZABETH ALDRICH', b. Dover, Dec. 4, 1853; d. 
Aug. 28, 1858; bur. Dover, Ohio. 

(d) HETTA VICTORIA ALDRICH^ b. at Bay Village, Ohio, Aug. 27. 
1856; graduate Oberlin College, 1877; m. June 17, 1885 to Charles 
George Drake, b. Dec. 3, 1856, at Peoria, III, son of Rev. Andrew 
Jones and Sophia Butler (Coy) Drake, of DeSmet, S. D. ; he d. at 
Lakeside Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio ; bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Dover, 
Ohio ; he was a farmer at DeSmet, S. D., and Bay Village, Ohio. 

(i) CHARLES HENRY DRAKE", b. July 21, 1887, at DeSmet, 
S. D. ; fruit grower ; res.. Bay Village, Ohio ; unm. 

(ii) MARY SOPHIA DRAKE", b. Feb. 5, 1889, at DeSmet, S. D. ; 
res.. Bay Village, Ohio. 

(e) EMMA IRENE ALDRICH'. b. Oct. 6, 1859, at Dover, Ohio; m. at 
Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 5, 1896 to Frederick Lincoln Drake, b. June 11, 
1862; son of Rev. George Wolf and Laura (Eastman) Drake, of 
Oskaloosa, la. ; mason and contractor ; res.. Bay Village, Ohio. 

(i) MARJORIE LUCILE DRAKE", b. Bay Village, Ohio, Oct. 3. 
1897; attended Oberlin Conservatory; graduate Colorado Springs 
College ; School of Music, 1922 ; violinist ; res., Colorado Springs 

(ii) MARION ELIZABETH DRAKE", b. Bay Village. Ohio. 
Nov. 1, 1899 attended Oberlin Conservatory and Colorado Col- 
lege; m. Oct. 20, 1922, Nelson G. Hitchcock, b. Mar. 5, 1898, 
son of Willis N. and Mary (Benzing) Hitchcock, of Grafton. 
Ohio ; graduated Ohio State University, 1920 ; dairy farming ; 
res., Grafton, Ohio. 

(iii) HERBERT PAUL DRAKE", b. Bay Village, Ohio, Nov. 1, 
1899; d. Nov. 21. 1899. 

(f) DELLA MYRTLE ALDRICH', b. Denver, Colo., July 14, 1863; m. 
Dec. 4, 1884 to Frederick L. Drake; res., DeSmet. S. D., Oberlin and 
Cleveland, Ohio; d. at Cleveland, Ohio, Mar. 11, 1895; bur. Lakeside 
Cemetery, Bay Village. Ohio. 

(i) FLORENCE MABLE DRAKE", b. June 20, 1886, at DeSmet, 
S. D. ; graduated Cleveland School of Art, 1908 ; m. July 2, 1899 


to Glenn Robbins, b. Aug. 27, 1874, at Bannack, Mont., son of 
E. Leonard and Emma (Bruce) Robbins; miner and stock ranch- 
man ; served through the war in 10th U. S. Secret Service ; res., 
Denver, Colo, 
(ii) GEORGE HENRY DRAKE*", b. Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 13, 1891 ; 
graduated Ohio State University, 1914; m. June 24, 1914 to 
Susan Marguerite Guthery, dau. of John H. and Lavina (Brock- 
elsby) of Larue, Ohio, b. Oct. 24, 1891 ; attended Ohio Wesleyan 
University, Delaware, Ohio, and Western College, Oxford, Ohio; 
he is estimating engineer for the N. Y. Central R. R. Co., Cleve- 
land ; res., Lakewood and Bay Village, Ohio. 

(A) VIRGINIA GUTHERY DRAKE", b. Lakewood, Ohio, 
July 29, 1915. 

(B) GUTHERY WILKINS DRAKE", b. Lakewood, Ohio, Jan. 

12, 1917. 

(4) DELIA TAYLOR STEVENS^ b. Lee, Mass., Nov. 30, 1824; m. Dec. 22, 
1859 to William Jameson, b. Avon, Ohio, Oct. 20, 1824, son of Joseph 
Brown Jameson ; he d. Nov. 24, 1895 ; she d. in Avon. Ohio, Dec. 25, 

(a) DR. GEORGE CHAUNCEY JAMESON', b. Aug. 31, 1865; m. Dec. 
28, 1893 to Nellie M. Hulbert, b. Dec. 28, 1865, dau. of John Wesley 
Hulbert ; practicing physician ; res., Oberlin, Ohio. 

(i) JOHN HULBERT JAMESON", b. May 28, 1896; m. June 2, 
1923 to Leontine Wright, dau. of Loren Wright, of Dayton, Ohio. 

(A) JOHN HULBERT JAMESON", JR., b. Sept. 22, 1924, in 
Lakewood, Ohio. 

(B) LEONTINE JAMESON", b. July 3, 1928, in Winnetka, 111. 
(ii) DONALD TABER JAMESON", b. Oberlin, Ohio, Mar. 1, 

(iii) MALCOLM FOOTE JAMESON", b. Oberlin, Ohio, Mar. 1, 
1900 ; graduate of Oberlin College ; m. June 23, 1923 to Mabel E. 
Spore; res.. Orange, N. J. 

(A) GEORGE HERBERT JAMESON", b. Oberlin, Ohio, July 
22, 1924. 

Sept. 5, 1927. 

(5) BENJAMIN FRANKLIN STEVENS^ b. Lee, Mass., June 5, 1827. 

(6) CHAUNCEY BARNUM STEVENS', b. Avon, Ohio, Sept. 20, 1833; 
unm. ; d. at Avon, Ohio, June 10, 1913, at the Stevens Homestead where 
he was b. and where he had spent his whole life. A very quiet unassuming 
man, his sterling character, sound judgment and kindliness made him the 
"first citizen" in the neighborhood in which he spent his life. He ac- 
cumulated a modest fortune which he used generously in furnishing an 
education to a number of his nephews and nieces and in assisting his 
neighbors. He was widely known as "Uncle Chauncey." He was bur. in 
Lakeside Cemetery, Bay Village, Ohio. 

(7) SARAH BIGELOW STEVENS', b. Avon, Ohio, Mar. 17, 1840; m. 
May 4, 1871, in Lakewood, Ohio, to Horace Braman, b. Aug. 6, 1832, at 


Avon, Ohio; d. at Avon, Ohio, Apr. 18, 1891; bur. Bay Village Ceme- 
tery ; res., Lakewood, Ohio. 

(a) HATTIE STEVENS BRAMAN', b. Feb. 25, 1873, at Avon, Ohio; 
teacher in Lakewood ; res., Lakewood, Ohio. 

(b) OTIS BRAMAN', b. Avon, Ohio, June 27, 1875; farmer; res. on the 
farm his grandparents bought of the Conn. Land Company. 

(c) FRANK BRAMAN', b. Avon. Ohio, Mar. 27, 1880; m. Apr. 7, 1906 
to Ruth Edson, b. Cleveland, Ohio, Mar. 6, 1885 ; secretary of the 
Pittsburg Oil Gas Co., New York, N. Y. ; res., Sound Beach, Conn. 

(i) DANDRIDGE ARTHUR BRAMAN", b. Lakewood, Ohio, 
Mar. 22, 1916. 

1005. X. CAROLINE, m. Alex. Miller, of Lee, Mass. 

312. ASAHEL FOOTE, served three months and six days, 1780, and three 
months and twelve days in 1781 in the Revolutionary War. ("Mass. S. & S. of the 
Rev. War.") 

1006. i. SARAH ANN, b. Apr. 2. 1794; m. Sept., 1819 to Henry Chapman. 

335. HIRAM TAYLOR FOOTE (103, 27, 9, 3, 1), b. Apr. 14, 1799; m. Emily 
Mack ; res., Hebron Conn. 

1031. i. SARAH ANN, b. Aug. 21, 1830. 

1032. ii. HENRY A., b. Dec. 12, 1831. 

1033. iii. CHARLES E., b. Aug. 28, 1833 ; d. Mar. 8, 1835. 

1034. iv. MARY, b. Mar. 1, 1835; . John Klenn. 

(1) GEORGE KLENN^ m. Sarah Gorman. 

(2) ORRIN KLENN^ m. Flood. 



1035. V. EDWIN, b. Apr. 16, 1837; m. Elnor (or Ellen Nora) Hodges and 

Sarah Baker. Ch. : 2214'"'. 

1036. vi. JANE, b. Apr. 13, 1839. 

1037. vii. CHARLES, b. Apr. 27, 1841 ; m. Cornelia Evans, of Vernon, Conn. 
(1) JENNIP, d. 1872; he res. Soldiers' Home, Noroton, Conn. 

1038. viii. JOHN C, b. Dec. 12, 1842. 

1039. ix. GEORGE, b. Dec. 21, 1844. 

1040. X. ALBERT, b. Sept. 13, 1846. 

2,2,7. AMBROSE FOOTE, m. Anna Foote No. 351. 
1044. iv. EUNICE C, d. Dec. 17, 1874; bur. in Colchester, Conn. 
1048. iii. ESTHER. Mrs. R. P. Woodwin, Flushing, N. Y. 
1052. i. ELIZABETH. 

(1) LYDIA', m. No. 2245. 
1058. iii. CHARLES, b. Aug. 28, 1796; m. Esther Taylor, 2229'-'. 

347. JOSEPH FOOTE, m. Betty Foote No. 338. 
1068. viii. REV. CALVIN, b. Mar. 1, 1790; m. . 

1072. i. SOLOMON BULKELY, d. Feb. 3, 1859; Mrs. Foote, d. Dec. 18, 1893; 

both bur. in Linwood Cemetery, Colchester, Conn. 
1074. iv. ELIZA ANN, m. Daniel T. Foote, No. 2233. 

1074^. EBENEZER, lived at Spencertown, N. Y. 


1074^. ii. PRUDENCE, b. July 3, 1784; m. David Walkley, son of Asa and 

Elizabeth (Thomas) Walkley; res., Ashtabula, Ohio. (See "Walkley 


(1) CHAUNCEY COLLINS WALKLEY', b. Rome, Ohio, Dec. 7, 1810; m. 

Nov. 26, 1829 to Ruth Lovina Richmond, b. Milford, N. Y., Jan. 29. 1812, 

dau. of Rev. Edmund and Ruth (Leaming) Richmond, of Milford, N. Y., 

and Rome, Ohio. Rev. Edmund Richmond" ; Gideon Richmond'^, served in 

Revolutionary War ; Nathaniel Richmond* ; John Richmond", m. Abigail 

Rogers, granddau. of Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower; John Richmond*, 

the emigrant, one of the purchasers of Taunton, Mass., in 1637, b. in 1594 

in England. (See "Richmond Genealogy" back to 1044 in England.) She 

d. May 26, 1889, at Churubusco, Ind. ; res.. Green, Noble County, Ind. ; 

J. P. 1847-57. Built the first sau'- and grist-mill in county. 








(i) RUTH WALKLEY', b. Green, Ind., May 9, 1850 ; m. Dec. 18. 1869 to 
John W. Greer, b. Nov. 30, 1845; d. May 7, 1912; res.. Ft. Wayne, 

(i) CLARA M. GREER'", b. Ft. Wayne, Ind., Sept. 24, 1870; m. 
June 28, 1904 to Edgar Lee Bell. b. July 5, 1867, son of Rev. 
Thomas Hamilton and Mary A. (Crout) Bell. She was secre- 
tary of D. A. R., Milwaukee Chapter, for several years ; member 
of Mayflower ; taught school before marriage ; res., Milwaukee, 
(A) DR. RICHMOND THOMAS BELL", b. Oct. 9, 1905; grad- 
uate of the University of Wisconsin, B.S. in chemistry in 1927, 
and graduate of University of Virginia, Ph.D. in chemistry in 
1930. Member of Sigma Xi, honorary scientific fraternity ; 
Scabbard and Blade, honorary military fraternity; Alpha Chi 
Sigma, chemical fraternity ; Pi Kappa Alpha, social frater- 
nity. He is secretary of Gamma Alpha, graduate scientific 
fraternity, at the University of Virginia, where he is one of 
the faculty. He is also a Mason, member of the Sons of the 
American Revolution and member of the Society of May- 
flower Descendants. He m. Mar., 1930, Francenia Hamil- 
ton, II, dau. of Foster Hamilton and Francenia, I (Carroll) 
Hamilton, a descendant of Alexander Hamilton and the Car- 
rolls of Maryland. 

(Al) FRANCENIA MAY BELL", b. May 23, 1931, at 
University of Virginia, 
(ii) CHARLES E. GREER", b. Sept. 24, 1872; m. Clara Stockman. 

(A) RUTH GREER", b. Sept., 1914, in Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

(B) BETTY GREER", b. Sept., 1920, in Ft. Wayne, Ind. 


(iii) James L. Greer'", b. Oct. 30. 1874; m. Alma Olds; she d. Ft. 

Wayne, Ind. 
(iv) ANNA L. GREER", b. Nov. 18, 1876; m. Prof. Albert A. Ring- 
wait ; res., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
(v) EVA M. GREER", b. Sept. 29, 1878; d. Aug. 28, 1879. 
(vi) MINNIE L. GREER", b. Sept. 29, 1878; d. Sept. 6. 1879. 
1079. V. SALLY, m. Ira Eastman. 

(l)(iii) ANNA L. EASTMAN, ni. Floyd Keese, of Middlebury, Vt. 

365. JOSEPH FOOTE, was a Revolutionary soldier. 
1086. ii. ABIGAIL, m. Simeon Coville. 

(1) JOHN WESLEY COVILLE', m. Elmina J. Tuttle. 
(a) MRS. S. S. ROBINSON", Tulsa. Okla. 
1089. V. ALANSON LIVINGSTON, b. Dec. 6, 1803; m. Thiaszah T. Hinman, 

1092. iii. DANIEL, b. Oct. 30, 1817; m. Eliza Tivvetts, 2266''. 

374. TIMOTHY FOOTE. m. 2nd, Lucy Throop, b. 1760; d. Feb. 10, 1837. He 
was a Revolutionary soldier. Bur. on farm that he owned in Peru, Ohio. 
1100. iv. ABIGAIL. 


(a) CORDELIA SEYMOUR', m. Emory Chase, of Fairfield. Ohio. 





(d) EMERSON SEYMOUR', moved to Michigan. 

(3) RAMUS SEYMOUR", m. Phoebe . 


(4) ELISHA SEYMOUR', m. Whitman, dau. of Rev. Whitman. 


(b) LILLIAN SEYMOUR", b. Mar. 11. . 

1102. vi. LUCY, b. 1786; m. Ezra Stevens, b. July 7, 1774, at Fairfield, Ohio. 

(1) MORGAN L. STEVENS', b. at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1804; 
m. Catherine Rose; she d. Mar. 12, 1861. 


(b) JAMES R. STEVENS', m. Georgiana F. Doyle, 


(c) MARY A. STEVENS', m. Philip Steel; res., Alabama, Washington, 
D. C. 

(i) MORGAN LOUIS STEEL", m. Mayme . 


(d) AUGUSTUS STEVENS', m. Marietta Erwin. 

(i) GRACE EVANGELINE STEVENS", gave this copy. 

(2) TIMOTHY STEVENS', m. Jeannette Rose. b. Oct. 11. 1806; he d. 

Northfield, Ohio, 1886. 


(a) ELIZABETH STEVENS^ m. Charles Rowley. 

(i) EDWIN F. ROWLEY", m. Mable Everett; banker; res., 
Toledo, Ohio. 



(ii) ARTHUR E. ROWLEY", m. Mary Etta Reed; attorney and 
probate judge of Huron County, Ohio; firm, Rowley & Car- 
penter; res., Norwalk, Ohio. 

(A) REED ROWLEY", attorney, Cleveland, Ohio. 

(B) ANNETTE ROWLEY", res., Norwalk, Ohio. 

(C) MARY ROWLEY", res., Norwalk, Ohio. 

(iii) CHARLES SCOTT ROWLEY", m. Bertha King; res., Toledo, 

(b) ARTHUR E. STEVENS', m. Lydia Burton. 

(i) JEANETTE STEVENS", m. Burton Childs. 

(A) DONALD W. CHILDS", m. Lillian Smith; mercantile 
agency, Cleveland, Ohio. 

(B) ROBERT M. CHILDS", Fisher Body Corporation, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

(C) GEORGE MILLARD CHILDS", medical student, Ann Arbor, 


(D) HELEN LYDIA CHILDS", student, Detroit, Mich. 

(ii) CLARA B. STEVENS", m. Gross Gates; res., Greenwich, Ohio. 

(iii) C. BURTON STEVENS", m. Lula Elrod; osteopathic physi- 
cian, Detroit, Mich. 

(iv) THORNTON M. STEVENS", d. 1902. 

(v) E. PEARL STEVENS", c-o Mass. Mutual Life Insurance Co. ; 
saleswoman ; Detroit, Mich. 

(vi) EDMOND T. STEVENS", m. Lenore Van DeWater; telegraph 
operator at Pomona, Wash. 



(c) LUCY STEVENS', m. Walter S. Felton. 

(i) ALICE FELTON", m. Stanberry ; res., Normal, 111. 

(d) MINERVA STEVENS', m. Manning Lamoreaux. 
(i) PAUL LAMOREAUX", res., Chicago, 111. 
(ii) ROSE LAMOREAUX", res., Chicago, 111. 

(e) CLARENCE STEVENS', d. 21 years of age. 

(3) ISAAC STEVENS^ b. Feb. 6, 1809; m. Sarah Ann ; he d. June 

18, . 

(a) DOUGLASS STEVENS', res., Chicago, 111. 
(4) LEONARD STEVENS', b. July 5, 1811; m. Sarah Rebecca Wilcox; he 
d. June 7, 1881 ; res., Syracuse, N. Y. 









(5) DANIEL STEVENS', b. May 5, 1813; m. Aug. 18, 1836 to Ann Eliza 
Chittenden, b. Aug. 18, 1918, dau. of Rev. Daniel and Clarissa (Wilcox) 
Chittenden; he d. Sept. 17, 1891; was at different times canal boat captain, 
merchant, and postmaster. 

(a) ADELBERT STEVENS', b. Mar. 9, 1838; m. July 9, 1878 to Ida 

Burton; he d. Jan. 18, 1906, s. p. 

(b) ELIZA STEVENS', b. Apr. 15, 1840; m. Jan., 1869 to Godfrey 
: she d. Apr. 19, 1911; res., Los Angeles, Calif. 

(i) CHARLES GODFREY", b. Dec. 31. 1860; m. Ella Korsa. 

(c) JULIA STEVENS', b. May 11, 1842; d. young. 

(d) LEONARD STEVENS', b. Feb. 22, 1844; m. Jan. 12, 1864 to Minerva 

Miller, b. Mar. 4. 1846, dau. of Jos. and (Morehouse) Willey ; 

res.. North Fairfield. Ohio ; traveling salesman most of life. 

(i) CARRIE MAY STEVENS'", b. May 1, 1866, at North Fair- 
field, Ohio; m. June 15, 1897 to Frank Nerr; no children. 

(ii) CHARLIE HENRY STEVENS'", b. Dec. 23, 1868, at North 
Fairfield, Ohio; manager jobbing concern; m. Dec. 27, 1893 to 
Florence Hurst ; no children. 

(iii) CLARENCE DANIEL STEVENS", b. Nov. 9, 1873, at North 
Fairfield, Ohio; office manufacturing company; m. Jan. 15, 1896 
to Bertha J. Nickels. 

(A) CHARLES LEONARD STEVENS", b. Feb. 9, 1901 ; res., 
98 14th Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

(B) MILDRED STEVENS", b. Jan. 3, 1903; d. 1915. 

(e) HELEN STEVENS', b. June 7, 1846; m. May 19, 1863 to John Mott, 
b. Oct., 1837; res.. New York, N. Y. 

(i) IDA MOTT", b. Apr. 22, 1866; m. Nov. 10, 1887 to William 
West, son of Alonzo West ; res., Newark. Ohio. 
(A) HAROLD WEST", b. Oct. 19, 1888. 
(ii) FRANK MOTT", b. Feb. IS, 1870; unm. 
(iii) LILLIAN MOTT", b. Nov. 4. 1867; d. Jan. 22, 1871. 
(iv) LEON MOTT", b. July 28, 1873; m. Feb. 21, 1897 to Ada Den- 
(A) STUART MOTT", b. Mar. 3, 1900. 
(v) HERBERT MOTT", b. Jan. 12, 1878; d. Oct. 15, 1921. 
(vi) VERA MOTT", b. Sept. 8, 1880; m. May 28, 1903 to William 
Way ; res., Milwaukee, Wis. 
(A) VERA WAY", b. Apr. 20, 1905. 
(vii) GRACE MOTT", b. Jan. 11, 1884; m. June 27, 1908 to Frank 

(f) • 

(g) FRANCES STEVENS', b. Mar. 13, 1851 ; m. May 8, 1873 to Jerome 
Nelson, b. Sept. 5, 1848; she d. Feb. 4, 1919. 

I . 


(i) LOUIS NELSON'", b. May, 1874; m. 1898 to Kate Blakesly ; 

he d. Feb. 19, 1905 ; res., Cleveland, Ohio. 
(A) RAYMOND NELSON", b. 1899. 
(ti) ANNA NELSON", b. Feb. 19, 1876. 
(iii) WILLIAM NELSON", b. July 15, 1878; m. Mar. 12, 1902 to 

Anna Polling. 

(A) CLYDE NELSON", b. Mar. 19, 1902. 

(B) KENNETH NELSON", b. Aug. 28, 1904. 

(C) LLOYD NELSON", b. Apr. 7, 1907. 

(D) MYRTLE NELSON", b. Feb. 10, 1915. 

(iv) RAYMOND NELSON", m. Sept. 11, 1902 to Bertha Belmot, 
b. Feb. 19, 1876 ; res., Cleveland, Ohio. 

(A) CHESTER NELSON", b. Feb. 2, 1904. 

(B) CLAYTON NELSON", b. Feb. 2, 1906. 

(h) MARY E. STEVENS', b. Nov. 28, 1853; m. Feb. 19, 1872 to 
Norman W. Hakes, b. July 25, 1849, son of Norman S. and Adella 
(Fox) Hakes. Mrs. Hakes gave the copy for No. 5, Daniel Stevens. 
Res., No. 3, Norwalk, Ohio. 

(i) MAUDE HAKES", b. Oct. 29, 1872; m. Sept. 15. 1897 to 
George McLaughlin, b. July 2, 1875, son of John and Mary (Bell) 
McLaughlin ; res., Norwalk, Ohio. 
(A) HILDRED McLAUGHLIN", b. Jan. 3, 1903. 
(ii) CLARENCE HAKES", b. Mar. 19, 1875; m. Mar. 21. 1909 to 
Edith Hileman, b. Apr. 15, 1889, dau. of Bion and Mary (Rohr- 
Beck) Hileman; res., Sullivan, Ohio. 
(A) ROSS HAKES", b. Jan. 7, 1910. 
(iii) NORMAN S. HAKES", b. Sept. 20. 1886; m. Oct. 26, 1910 to 
Helen Bensinger, b. Oct. 27. 1889, dau. of Allen and Viola 
(Eshel) Bensinger; res., Ohio. 

(A) NORMAN S. HAKES". JR., b. July 16. 1912. 

(B) LORNA HAKES", b. Dec. 8, 1914. 

(C) CHARLES HAKES", b. Nov. 19, 1921. 

(i) SARAH STEVENS', b. Apr. 20, 1856 ; m. Mar. 27, 1884 to Frank 
Jacks; she d. Aug. 4, 1912; res., Los. Angeles, Calif. 
(i) ALBERT JACKS", b. Oct. 24. 1886. 

(ii) MARION JACKS", b. Jan. 7, 1890; m. Mar. 14, 1911 to Mabel, 
dau. of Henry and Clara (Blacklin) Stevenson; b. Nov. 27, 1891. 
(j) D. WILLARD STEVENS', b. June 29, 1858; unm. 
(k) LOUIS STEVENS\ b. Jan. 26, 1863; m. July 1. 1888 to Alberta 
Opdyke; he d. Dec. 20, 1921 ; res., Buffalo, N. Y. 

(i) THURMAN STEVENS", b. Oct. 5, 1889; m. Anna Gersk: 
res., Owen Sound. Canada. 
(A) DOROTHY STEVENS", b. July 16, 1916. 
(ii) CLARA STEVENS", b. Oct. 22, 1891; m. Sept. 22. 1920 to 
Charles Randall. 
(A) PAUL RANDALL", b. Sept. 6, 1921; d. May 24, 1923. 
(iii) ALICE STEVENS", b. Aug. 17, 1893; d. July 25, 1895. 
(iv) EDNA STEVENS", b. May 10, 1896; d. July 9, 1910. 
(v) CHARLOTTE STEVENS", b. Mar. 5, 1900; unm. 


(vi) WILDA STEVENS", b. Dec. 25, 1901 ; d. Jan. 30, 1921. 
(vii) GRACE STEVENS", b. Apr. 26, 1906; unm. 

(6) MINERVA STEVENS', b. July 18, 1815; m. Joseph Newell; she d. 
1889 ; s. p. 

(7) HENRY STEVENS', b. Jan. 5, 1821 ; d. Mar. 13, 1830. 

(8) ALEXANDER STEVENS', b. Jan. 27, 1823; d. May 13, 1823. 

(9) LYMAN STEVENS', b. Oct. 27, 1818; m. Julia Chamberlain. 

(a) MARY STEVENS", m. Charles Hamilton; res., Syracuse, N. Y. 

(10) HARRIET STEVENS', b. June 5, 1824; m. John Warren. 

(a) HENRY C. WARREN", b. May 3, 1850; m. 1896 to Mary Agnes 
Burns, b. Aug. 15, 1871, dau. of Daniel and Margaret Burns; gave 
this copy. 

(i) FRANCIS J. WARREN", b. June 30, 1898. 
(ii) HARRIET L. WARREN", b. Apr. 3, 1900. 
(iii) MARY WARREN", b. Dec. 2, 1901; m. Edward Dillon, of 
Minneapolis, Minn. 
(A) ROBERT DILLON", b. Dec. 27, 1922. 
(iv) HENRY WARREN", b. July 28, 1903; d. Nov. 19, 1909. 
(v) MARGARET L. WARREN", b. Feb. 12, 1906. 
(vi) EDGAR J. WARREN" b. Dec. 28, 1907. 
(vii) DOROTHY L. WARREN", b. Feb. 5, 1910. 

(b) HATTIE WARREN', b. Mar. 17, 1853; d. 1877. 

(c) EDGAR J. WARREN", b. June 8, 1856; res., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(d) JOHN ADELBERT WARREN", b. June 10, 1859; res., Raleigh, 
N. C. 

(11) LUCY ANN STEVENS', b. Apr. 8, 1825; m. Asher Slater; she d. June 
15, 1848. 


(12) HANNAH LOUISE STEVENS', b. Dec. 28, 1827; d. Aug. 27, 1828. 
1104. viii. MARY (POLLY or MOLLY), b. 1789; m. 1808 to Daniel Smith, 

b. 1787; d. Dec. 27, 1858; she d. Aug. 28, 1851; res., North Fairfield, 

(1) PRISCILLA A. SMITH', b. Jan. 15, 1814; m. Mar. 1, 1833 to Hoxie 
Fuller, b. 1805; d. Mar. 26, 1877; son of Horace Fuller; res., North 
Fairfield, Ohio. 

(a) SARAH ANN FULLER", b. Feb. 1, 1836; m. Apr. 10, 1858 to Elias 
Craig, b. Jan. 23, 1825, son of Hilliard Craig and Catharine (Smith) 
Craig; she d. Feb. 19, 1873; bur. at North Fairfield, Ohio. 
(i) GEORGE RAY CRAIG", b. Feb. 23, 1866; m. June 21, 1893 to 
Elizabeth A. Childs ; Citizens National Bank Bldg., Norwalk, 
Ohio. Gave copy. 
(A) JANET ELIZABETH CRAIG", b. Feb. 12, 1905. 
(ii) FRANK E. CRAIG", b. July 2, 1870; res., Boughtonville, Ohio. 

(2) ELIZABETH (BETSEY) SMITH', b. 1816; m, David Piatt, b. 1812. 

(a) CORWIN PLATT", b. 1840; m. 1861, Sarah Moulton, b. 1842; she d. 

Sept. 1, 1923. 

(b) NORVILLE PLATT", b. 1842; m. Belle Bishop, d. June 10, 1898. 

(3) MARTHA SMITH', b. Apr. 20, 1830; m. Aug. 27, 1850 to Charles K. 


Adams, b. 1825 ; she d. Jan. 8, 1910, at North Fairfield, Ohio ; res., Fair- 
field, Ohio. 

(a) FRANK ADAMS^ b. July 16, 1851; d. Dec. 27, 1917; unm. 

(b) MARY ADAMS*, b. Aug. 29, 1856; m. Dec. 30, 1879 to Watterson 
Harrington, b. 1852; she d. Mar. 16, 1915; res., Repley Township, 
Huron County, Ohio. 

(i) IDA HARRINGTON", b. Nov. 24, 1880; m. Dec. 27, 1899 to 
Albert Luteman, b. 1876. 

(A) KENNETH LUTEMAN", b. Apr. 9, 1906. 

(B) ARLENE LUTEMAN", b. Aug. 14, 1908. 

(C) ALICE LUTEMAN", b. Jan. 2, 1917. 

(ii) FLOYD HARRINGTON", b. May 29, 1889; m. May 7, 1918 to 
Mary Brown. 

(A) ESTHER HARRINGTON", b. Aug. 15, 1919. 

(B) JULIA HARRINGTON", b. Nov. 19, 1920. 

(C) CHARLES HARRINGTON", b. Oct. 19, 1922. 

(4) MARY SMITH^ b. 1820; m. John Bryant; d. at Hillsdale, Mich., 1898. 
(a) DANIEL BRYANT', b. about 1855 ; res., Indiana. 
1126. V. NANCY FOOTE, b. July 29, 1799; m. Friend Cook, of Wallingford, 
Conn., b. Jan. 27, 1792; d. Oct. 31, 1838, near Little Falls, N. Y. 

(1) ORSON COOK*, b. Sept. 9, 1820; d. Mar. 3, 1826. 

(2) CHAUNCEY ATWATER COOK', b. Aug. 16, 1822, Salisbury, N. Y. ; 
m. Feb. 26, 1846 to Jane Getman; he d. Oct. 22, 1893, Salisbury, N. Y. 

(a) CHARLES COOK°, b. Apr. 14, 1848, at Manheim, N. Y.; m. Jan. 12, 
1869 to Mary Snell ; he d. Jan. 24, 1907, at Salisbury, N. Y. 

(i) GRACE ROWENA COOK", b. Feb. 5, 1874; m. June 17, 1896 
to Boyd Ehle, b. June 18, 1866 ; res.. Little Falls, No. 2, N. Y. 

(A) LORIS COOK EHLE", b. Mar. 22, 1897; m. Aug. 12, 1925 
to Madge Mosher, b. May 17, 1906. 

(Al) MARION LOUISE EHLE", b. Dec. 19, 1927. 


(b) MALVIN B. COOK', b. Oct. 15, 1840, at Manheim, N. Y. ; m. Jan. 19, 
1876 to Kate Waters; res.. Little Falls, N. Y. 

(i) FLORENCE W. COOK", b. Nov. 27, 1889; m. Jewell. 

(3) SELINA COOK', b. Feb. 27, 1825, at Salisbury; m. Alfred Haight, 
Mar. 4, 1846; she d. Mar. 31, 1852, at Little Falls, N. Y. 


(4) THADDEUS RODERICK COOK', b. July 5, 1827, at Salisbury, N. Y. ; 
m. Feb. 1, 1868 to Martha Lewis Wilgres; he d. Whitestown, N. Y. 

(5) ELIZABETH COOK', b. Aug. 29, 1829, at Salisbury; m. Oct. 10, 1866 to 
James Van Deusen ; she d. Feb. 1, 1892, at Ashley Falls, Mass. 

(a) MARY ELIZABETH VAN DEUSEN", b. Jan. 28, 1868, at Ashley 
Falls, Mass.; m. Apr. 6, 1904, at City Point, Va., to Richard Epps; 
res., Petersburg, Va. 

(i) RICHARD EPPS", JR., b. Oct. 11, 1905. 

(ii) MARY ELIZABETH EPPS", b. Jan. 28, 1907. 

(iii) JAMES VAN DEUSEN EPPS", b. Oct. 26, 1908. 

(b) WALTER SUITER VAN DEUSEN", b. Nov. 10, 1872; res., Ashley 
Falls, Mass. 



(6) NANCY FOOTE COOK', b. Jan. 25, 1832, at Salisbury, N. Y. ; m. 
Mar. 20. 1856 (res.. Long Beach, Calif) ; m. Walter F. Suiter, M. D., b. 
Oct. 10. 1818; d. Dec. 16. 1909. 

(a) FRIEND COOK SUITER", M.D.. b. Union, 111., Jan. 10. 1857; m. 
Mar., 1891 to Mary H. Smith, of LaCrosse, Wis. 

(b) ELECTA B. SUITER', b. Marengo, 111., Sept. 13, 1859; res.. Long 
Beach, Calif. 

(c) ELIZABETH SUITER', b. May 26, 1866, Marengo, 111.; m. June 20. 
1895 to William J. Barrette, b. Feb. 17, 1867; res.. Salt Lake City. 

(i) WALTER SUITER BARRETTE"' b. Oct. 13, 1896, at Salt 

Lake City, Utah, 
(ii) JOHN DUNWORTH BARRETTE'", b. Nov. 4, 1898, at Salt 

Lake City, Utah; d. June 1, 1911. 
(iii) PIERCE COOK BARRETTE", b. Aug. 17. 1901. at Salt Lake 

City. Utah, 
(iv) ELIZABETH BARRETTE*". b. Jan. 11, 1905. at Salt Lake 

City, Utah, 
(v) WILLIAM J. BARRETTE", JR., b. Jan. 7. 1907. at Salt Lake 

City, Utah. 

(7) LUCIUS COOK', b. May 7. 1834; m. Mar. 31. 1870 to Caroline G. Kline. 
b. Oct. 7, 1847; he d. Apr., 1889. 

(a) LUCIUS COOK", JR., b. Jan. 12, 1873; res., 25 Maple St., Dayton, 

(8) JULIA COOK', b. Aug. 15, 1835; m. Jan., 1869 to James C. Smith, b. 
Sept. 17, 1820; she d. July 13, 1908; he d. July 25, 1892, at Ashton, 111.; 
res., Ashton, 111. 

(a) FRIEND O. SMITH', b. Feb. 28, 1870; m. Aug. 24, 1904 to Sarah E. 

(i) ORVILLE WAGNER SMITH'", b. Mar. 1, 1906. 
(ii) ETHEL MINETTA'", b. Jan. 22, 1911. 

(b) THADDEUS SMITH', b. Feb. 9, 1872, Ashton, 111.; m. 1899 to 
Mrs. L. M. Moses; he d. Sept. 30, 1915; she d. May 22, 1914. 

1130. ix. SELINA {m, 115, 2,7, 10, 3, 1), b. Oct. 4, 1806; m. Nov. 13, 1827 to 
Adolphus Shottenkirk, b. Jan. 8, 1807; d. Sept. 3, 1885; captain of 
a New York Regt., 1846; she d. July 20, 1890, at Clinton, la.; former 
res., Johnstown, N. Y. 

(1) DANIEL GROVE SHOTTENKIRK", b. Nov. 14, 1828; ni. Feb. 14, 
1856 to Angelica Eakle ; he d. Apr. 16, 1907; res., Oregon, 111. 

(2) PHILO MILLS SHOTTENKIRK', b. Feb. 16. 1831; m. Feb. 22, 1860 
to Sarah M. Steel. 

(3) EMILY JANE SHOTTENKIRK', b. Feb. 15, 1833; m. Oct. 7, 1851 to 
George H. Van Nest, b. May 10, 1826; d. June 8, 1910; she d. June 8, 
1871 ; res. and bur. in Illinois. Seven children. 

(4) HENRY SHOTTENKIRK', b. Mar. 11, 1835; d. Dec. 4, 1853; res., 
Gloversville, N. Y. 

(5) CHAUNCY FOOTE SHOTTENKIRK', b. Mar. 1, 1837; d. Apr. 27, 
1844, at Gloversville, N. Y. 


(6) MARY ANN SHOTTENKIRK\ b. May 25, 1839; m. June 23, 1858 to 
W. J. Neville, d. Dec, 1912; she d. 1912; they lived on one farm for 
50 years at Rochelle, 111. They had two daus. 

(7) HELEN AMELIA SHOTTENKIRK', b. Aug. 15, 1841; res.. Highland 
Falls, N. Y. ; unm. 

(8) SELINA CELESTIA SHOTTENKIRK', b. Aug. 16, 1844; d. Feb. 22, 
1921; m. Aug. 3, 1865 to Henry Carlton Gallup, b. Feb. 25, 1842; he d. 
July 16, 1921 ; bur. Hutchinson, Kan. ; res., Hutchinson, Kan. Ten children. 

(9) CHAUNCY FOOTE SHOTTENKIRK', b. Feb. 18, 1846; m. Sept. 12, 
1867 to Eliza M. Rowe, b. Mar. 27, 1841. He is a Civil War veteran and 
res. for many years at the Veterans' Home in California, also at Dix, 
Neb. He gave all the copy for No. 1130 and descendants. 

(a) NELLIE BERTHA SHOTTENKIRK", b. June 29, 1868; m. Apr. 12. 
1888 to Andrew Eraser, b. Inverness, Scotland, Nov. 8, 1858. 

(i) ANDREW CHAUNCEY ERASERS", b. July 18, 1889; d. 

Nov. 16, 1912. 
(ii) MARGARET MARIE FRASER'", b. Aug. 12. 1891; m. Aug. 

12, 1913 to Edward C. Home, b. Oct. 15, 1882. 

(A) MARGARET LOUISE HORNE", b. Dec. 16, 1916. 

(B) KATHERINE ELEANOR HORNE", b. Mar. 6, 1920. 
(iii) PERCEY VERNESS ERASER" b. Oct. 9, 1894; m. Aug. 31. 

1918 to Mary E. Donaley. 


(c) ALBERT LYNNE SHOTTENKIRK', b. Apr. 18, 1871. 

(d) GUY ARTHUR SHOTTENKIRK', b. Apr. 17, 1872. 

(e) LEROY SHOTTENKIRK^ b. July 6, 1873; d. . 

(f) PERCEY SHOTTENKIRK', b. Oct. 15, 1875; d. . 

(g) LUELLA MAY SHOTTENKIRK', b. Nov. 21, 1878; m. July 3, 1901 
to Henry Hart Palmer, b. Aug. 26, 1866. 

(i) ALICE CLARE PALMER", b. May 23, 1902; d. June 11, 1902. 
(ii) ELSIE MAY PALMER", b. July 26, 1903; m. Jack Dayton 
Abernathy, b. Sept. 9, 1897. 

(A) ELSIE JEANNE ABERNATHY", b. July 28, 1922, at 
Oakland, Calif. 

(B) JACK PALMER ABERNATHY", b. Feb. 19. 1925. 

(iii) EUGENE HENRY PALMER", b. Jan. 3, 1906; d. Jan. 15, 
(h) FLORA MABEL SHOTTENKIRK^ b. Apr. 9, 1882; m. July 3. 
1906 to William Sherwood Durand, b. Aug. 12, 1881. 
(i) DOROTHY FRANCES DURAND", b. Sept. 12, 1908; m. 

Sept. 16, 1924 to Donald Stanley Zirkel. 
(ii) WILLIAM SHERWOOD DURAND", b. Nov. 10, 1914. 
(i) ROSA LEONA SHOTTENKIRK*, b. June 2, 1884. 
(10) WILLIAM ADAMS SHOTTENKIRK^ b. Feb. 4, 1848; m. Oct. 20. 
1874 to Almira A. Bibbens, b. Feb. 28, 1854, dau. of Edward Payne and 
Hannah (Gridley) Bibbens; he d. Apr. 14, 1919; res., Kimball, Neb. 
(a) PEARL SHOTTENKIRK^ b. Sept. 2, 1875; m. June 28. 1899 to 
Fred Delahoy, b. Oct. 31, 1875, son of Elijah and Emma J. (Clow) 
Delahoy ; res., Ft. Collins, Colo. 


(i) GLENN DELAHOY", b. May 16, 1900, at Ft. Collins, Colo.; 

m. Jan. 1, 1925 to . 

(ii) DAYMOND DELAHOY'", b. Jan. 23, 1903, at Ft. Collins, Colo, 
(iii) ALICE DELAHOY'*, b. Sept. 6, 1905, at Ft. Collins, Colo, 
(iv) VICTOR DELAHOY'", b. Apr. 12, 1908, at Ft. Collins. Colo, 
(v) REVA DELAHOY"", b. Apr. 2, 1911, at Ft. Collins, Colo, 
(vi) UNA DELAHOY", b. July 3, 1914, at Ft. Collins, Colo. 

(b) ALTA SHOTTENKIRK", b. Sept. 7, 1878; unm. 

(c) ORA SHOTTENKIRK', b. Nov. 2, 1881 ; m. June 19, 1901 to Arthur 
Hampton, b. July 4, 1863, son of Andrew J. and Elizabeth (Kepler) 
Hampton ; res.. Wood River, Neb. 

(i) RUPERT WADE HAMPTON", b. June 8, 1909, at Wood 
River, Neb. 

(d) HAZEL SHOTTENKIRK^ b. Apr. 8, 1887; m. Apr. 14, 1909 to 
Daniel Wilke, b. Oct. 30, 1876, son of Herman Wilke and Ales 
(Zbinden) Wilke, b. in Switzerland; res., Dix. Neb. 

(i) GRACE WILKE", b. Dec. 26, 1910. 
(ii) VIRGIL WILKE", b. May 20, 1913. 
(iii) ERWIN WILKE", b. July 15, 1917. 
(iv) VERNON WILKE", b. Feb. 3, 1919. 
(v) THEORA WILKE", b. Aug. 30, 1922. 
(vi) DOREEN WILKE", b. Dec. 2, 1926. 

1145. vii. LUMAN FOOTE, b. Hanover, N. H., Feb., 1794; prepared for college 

at Potsdam Academy ; graduated at the University of Vermont in the 
class of 1818; read law with his brother Alvin and was admitted to 
the Chittenden County bar, Feb., 1821 ; m. Nov. 14, 1822 to Mary Tuttle. 
He started The Burlington Free Press, June 15, 1827, was editor of 
same until he sold in Jan., 1833 to H. D. Stacy. He was ordained to 
the Episcopal ministry and preached in the Vermont parishes of Arling- 
ton, Guilford, Springfield, Tinmouth and East Poultney and at Drews- 
ville, N. H. He moved to Michigan in 1840 and preached in Kala- 
mazoo, White Pigeon, Mottville, Constantine and Jonesville in that 
state. Later he purchased land in Charlotte, Eaton County, and 
preached occasionally. For many years he held the office of justice 
of the peace. He d. Dec. 4, 1887. In an obituary notice The Free 
Press said of Mr. Foote : "He was fond of discussion and sometimes 
inflicted wounds, which he afterwards regretted. His varied pursuits 
as lawyer, editor and clergyman, his familiarity with history, and his 
strength of mind and character, made him during his best days a foe- 
man worthy of and ready for anybody's steel. Positive almost to 
intolerance, plain spoken almost to rudeness, he was honest and true 
to his convictions and independent and fearless in expressing them." 

1146. PATTY, m. Jan. 18, 1801, at Middlebury, Vt. 

1147. NANCY, m. June 15, 1814, at Middlebury, Vt. 

1154. DELIA, m. June 1, 1823, at Middlebury, Vt.; d. 1905. 

388. MARTIN NICHOLAS FOOTE, d. Jan. 14, 1854; bur. at Middlebury, Vt. 
1157. i. RHEUAMA, b. Dec. 14, 1788; d. Apr. 1, 1826. 

1155. ii. MARTIN NICHOLAS, b. June 7, 1791; m. Betsey Boardman No. 



1156. iii. MARY, b. Apr. 30, 1793; m. Middlebury, Vt., Oct. 25, 1815 to Elijah 
Boardman, b. Mar. 9, 1792; she d. Nov. 13, 1863; res., Rutland, Vt. 
Four sons and two daus. 

1158. iv. SAMANTHA, b. July 15, 1795; m. 1st, Abel Pratt; m. 2nd, Peleg 

Rowe, d. Dec. 16, 1840 ; s. p. 

1159. V. ALMIRA, b. Sept. 26, 1798; d. Mar. 5, 1818. 

1160. vi. MARTHA, b. May 24, 1800; m. Pomeroy Stone, she d. Apr. 15. 1823; 

s. p. 

1161. vii. CHARLOTTE, b. June 16, 1803; m. at Middlebury, Vt., Jan. 28, 1830 

to Sidney Moody; she d. May 24, 1838. Three children. 


1162. viii. ALTHA A., b. July 22, 1806; m. Jan. 18, 1832 to Jonathan Pettengill, 

at Middlebury, Vt. ; d. Mar. 19, 1833. Eight daus. and one son. 

1165. vii. LOVISA, m. Cephas Rockwood, Pewaukee, Wis. 

(3) CAPT. AARON LEELAND ROCKWOOD, d. July, 1910, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

(6) CATHERINE L. ROCKWOOD', m. Henry Eastman ; res., Denver, Colo. 

(7) DELIA LOUISE', m. Dr. Horace Wardmer; res., Denver, Colo. 

1166. iii. CAROLINE SEARS, m. Andrew J. Poppleton ; res., Omaha, Neb. 
1176. viii. JOHN NELSON FOOTE; res., Fond du Lac, Mich. 

1191. V. AMELIA. 

(2) LUCY EMELINE MORSE', b. Galway, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1820; m. at 
Cransville, N. Y., Jan. 20, 1844 to Elton Huntington, b. Floyd, N. Y., 
Apr. 8, 1820 ; she d. at Troy, N. Y., May 29, 1886. 

(a) MARY HUNTINGTON", b. Westernville, N. Y.. Feb. 15. 1845; m. 
Wm. Gushing; she d. at Gainesville, Ga., May 3, 1882. 

(b) CHARLES HUNTINGTON*, b. Jan. 4, 1847, at Rome, N. Y. 

(c) JANE HUNTINGTON", b. Troy, N. Y., May 26, 1850; d. Apr. 4, 

(d) FANNIE GRACE HUNTINGTON", b. Apr. 25, 1863; m. Mar. 8, 
1899 to Dr. Edward West Johnson, b. July 19, 1867 ; res., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

1194. LUCY. 

(1) LYDIA MARIA CHRISTIE', m. William Jackson, b. Sept. 22, 1820; d. 
May 2, 1902; she d. June 6, 1897; res., Mayfield, N. Y. 

(a) ERASTUS MINOR JACKSON', b. June 20, 1848; m. July 5, 1870 
to Annette Brown, d. Aug. 8, 1878; he d. Feb. 5, 1874. 

(i) JAMES JACKSON", b. June 28, 1871 ; d. Jan. 28, 1873. 

(b) CHARLES JACKSON", b. Nov. 17, 1852; d. Feb. 11, 1854. 

(c) LILLIAN ANNETTE JACKSON", b. May 25, 1855; m. Sept. 21, 
1875 to Charles Wilkins, b. Feb. 2, 1852, son of James Wilktns; he 
d. Jan. 29, 1923. 

(i) JAMES NELSON WILKINS", b. May 13, 1876; d. Feb. 24, 

(ii) CHARLES EDWARD WILKINS", b. Oct. 4, 1879; m. Oct. 

26, 1899 to Hattie Brower, b. May 1, 1878, Mayfield. N. Y. ; he 

d. Jan. 16, 1913, at Mayfield, N. Y. 
(iii) HARRY ERASTUS WILKINS", b. Apr. 26, 1886; m. Oct. 28, 

1911 to Emily Halloran, b. June 17, 1888; d. 1918. 


(d) IDA MAY JACKSON', b. Aug. 25, 1857; d. Oct. 18, 1857. 

(e) CHARLES JACKSON', b. Mar. 11, 1862; m. 1884 to Ella Pepper, 
d. 1917. 

(2) JACOB CHRISTIE', b. Jan. 20, 1824; m. Apr. 6, 1847 to Alary Ann 
Barr, b. Dec. 16, 1826; d. Oct. 31, 1895; he d. Apr. 11, 1910; bur. Christie 
Cemetery, Mayfield, N. Y. 

(a) ELVIRA LUCY CHRISTIE', b. Aug. 25, 1858; d. Aug. 11, 1884. 

(b) SIMEON INGALLS CHRISTIE", b. July 29, 1864; m. Nov. 24, 1887 
to Martin Gorton, b. Oct. 6, 1865; d. Feb. 16, 1906. 

(i) WILLIAM ARCHIBALD CHRISTIE'", b: Feb. 3, 1889. 
(ii) OLA ANN CHRISTIE", b. July 19, 1891. 
(iii) VERA MAY CHRISTIE", b. Jan. 20, 1902. 

(3) JAMES CHRISTIE', b. May 4, 1828; m. Jan. 21, 1852 to Lois A. Wilkins, 
b. Oct. 7, 1827; d. Oct. 4, 1896; he d. Nov. 8, 1910; Bur. at Mayfield, N. Y. 

(a) Mary Louisa Christie', b. Dec. 20, 1852; d. Sept. 7, 1898. 

(b) HERBERT PEER CHRISTIE', b. Aug. 27, 1856; m. Feb. 7, 1877 to 
Lydia A. Mortimer. 

(i) LORA CHRISTIE", b. Feb. 8, 1878; m. May 25, 1898 to Joseph 
Haywood, b. Feb. 17, 1875, son of William and Mary Haywood. 

(A) EDNA MAY HAYWOOD", b. Mar. 17, 1901. 

(B) MABEL HAYWOOD", b. Apr. 20, 1902. 

(ii) ELBERTINE CHRISTIE", b. Mar. 13, 1879; m. Sept. 6, 1899 
to Fred M. Robinson, b. Sept. 19, 1877, son of Myron and 
Maryetta Robinson ; res., Johnstown, N. Y. 

(A) ETHEL ROBINSON", b. June 3, 1900. 

(B) ELINOR ROBINSON", b. Apr. 3, 1902. 

(C) GERALD ROBINSON", b. Nov. 7, 1904. 

(D) RUTH HARRIET ROBINSON", b. Sept. 20, 1907. 

(iii) WILLIAM CHRISTIE", b. Jan. 4, 1881 ; d. . 

(iv) GEORGE CHRISTIE", b. July 29, 1882. 

(v) ELSIE CHRISTIE", b. Dec. 31, 1884; m. May 19, 1906 to Scott 
Chatterton, son of Lorenzo and Mary Chatterton ; res., Glovers- 
ville, N. Y. 

(A) ELNORA CHATTERTON", b. May, 1909, at Gloversville, 
N. Y. 

(B) AUDREY LEORA CHATTERTON", b. Mar. 6, 1911. 

(4) HARRIET J. CHRISTIE', b. Sept. 14, 1831; d. Dec. 23, 1917; unm. 

(5) WILLIAM H. CHRISTIE', b. Feb. 18, 1840; veterinary surgeon; gave 
this family record; res., Mayfield, N. Y. ; d. 1924. 

1214. vii. LUTHER LIMAN, b. Sept. 18, 1804; m. Tobitha and Padget, 2517^"". 

418. ENOCH FOOTE. Mr. Foote was general of the State Militia and also 
represented the town of Bridgeport in the State Legislature, 1822-31. General Foote 
d. Mar. 14, 1856. 

420. PHILO FOOTE (128. 38. 11, 3, 1). 

1225'. i. SABRINA, m. 1809 to David Sherman, b. 1790; she lived to be 90 
years of age; all children b. in Newton, Conn.; she d. May 15, 1854; 
res., Sandy Hook, Conn. 
(1) MARCUS BOTSFORD SHERMAN', b. 1810; m. Marinda Taylor 
Judd; he d. 1858. 



(b) DAVID BEERS SHERMAN", b. 1835 ; m. 1858 to Sarah Jane Wing, 
d. 1888; m. 2nd to Emma L. Smith; business with sons, leather and 
findings, Buffalo, N. Y. 

(i) FRED WING SHERMAN", b. 1860; m. 1885 to Catherine 
Moore ; res., Buffalo, N. Y. 

(A) LORAN SHERMAN", b. 1886. 


(ii) LOTTIE EVA SHERMAN", b. 1868; m. 1893 to James R. 


(B) ROGER KIMBALL" b. 1903. 


(c) GEORGE BURWELL SHERMAN', b. 1839; d. Buffalo, N. Y. 

(2) DAVID BEERS SHERMAN', m. Fanny Judson ; no children. 

(3) JOHN MINOT SHERMAN^ m. twice. 

(a) EUGENE SHERMAN*, of Danbury, Conn. 

(4) SARAH SHERMAN^ b. Newton, Conn., Dec. 19, 1814 ; d. E. Dubuque, 
111.. Oct. 10, 1891 ; m. at Bridgeport, Conn., July 2, 1835 to George Burwell 
Smith, b. at Bridgeport, Conn., Apr. 11, 1814; d. at East Dubuque, 111., 
Sept. 22, 1885. 

(a) DAVID BRAZILLA SMITH', d. young. 

(b) ADA LOUISE SMITH', m. M. L. Cotter. 


(d) JULIUS MONROE SMITH', d. a bachelor. 

(e) MARY FRANCES SMITH', m. B. F. Fox. 

(f) SARAH ALMEN SMITH', d. young. 

(g) ABBY JANE SMITH', b. July 1, 1839; m. at Dubuque, la.. Mar. 16, 
1856 to Benjamin Franklin Sweet, b. May 24, 1831, at Alburg Springs, 
Vt.; d. Aug. 17, 1903, at Fond du Lac, Wis.; she d. Mar. 18, 1914, at 
Fond du Lac, Wis. 

(i) WALDO SWEET", b. at Fond du Lac, Wis., Apr. 1, 1857; m. 
Anna Giffin, b. May 4, 1863 ; he d. at Santa Barbara, Calif., 
Sept. 20, 1931 ; m. Dec. 11, 1884, at Fond du Lac, Wis. 

(A) BARBARA SWEET", b. Feb. 26, 1886; m. Elmer H. Whit- 
taker ; res., Santa Barbara, Calif. 

(B) NATHAN CLARK SWEET", b. Aug. 19, 1889; m. Muriel 
Weber Foote ; two children, boys ; res., Pasadena, Calif. 

(C) BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SWEET", b. July 10, 1891; m. 

Camilla Haley ; two boys and one girl. 

(D) OLIVE JANE SWEET", b. June 18, 1893 ; m. Flint H. Jones; 
two children, boys ; res.. Fond du Lac, Wis. 

(E) WALDO SWEET", JR., b. Aug. 27, 1895; d. Mar. 8, 1906. 

(F) ELIZABETH ALBRO SWEET", b. Mar. 6, 1908; res., 

Santa Barbara, Calif, 
(ii) MARY B. SWEET", b. Dec. 31, 1858; m. Frank Avery; she 

d. Jan. 14, 1900. 
(iii) GEORGE SWEET", b. Oct. 6, 1860; m. Urania Ellsworth. 
(A) ADDIE SWEET", m. Philip A. Woods; res., Shelton, Conn. 


(B) GEORGE SWEET", JR., m. -; two children, girls; res., 

Fond du Lac, Wis. 

(C) WALDO SWEET", res., Bridgeport, Conn. 

(D) RUTH SWEET", d. young. 

(iv) ADA L. SWEET", b. Nov. 4, 1862; m. Sherman Peebles. Sept., 




(D) HERBERT PEEBLES", m. Alice Tobin; seven children, 
(v) ELLIS SWEET'", b. Sept. 21, 1865; m. Minnie Michael. Apr. 

13, 1892. 



(vi) ALICE SWEET", b. Feb. 4, 1868; m. H. W. Ewing, b. Aug. 5, 




(vii) BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SWEET'", JR., b. Aug. 31, 1870; 

(viii) JENNIE SWEET'", b. Aug. 4, 1874; m. 1st, Geo. Griffith; 
m. 2nd, D. O. Williams; m. 3rd, Mr. Williams. Ch. by 2nd 
husband : Robert, Thomas and Burwrell. 
(ix) HENRY L. SWEET'", b. Dec. 4, 1876; m. Eva Snell Yancy; 

one son. 
(x) ANNA L. SWEET'", b. Mar. 6, 1879; m. Herbert McNeil. 

(xi) KATHERINE SWEET'", b. Jan. 24, 1881; m. Robert Amory; 
she d. 1927. 
(A) ANNA KATHARINE", m. Donald Yapp. 

(5) CHARLES HUBBLE SHERMAN^ m. Esther Brady. 

(6) SILLIMAN HUBBLE SHERMAN^ m. Sarah ; res., Norwalk. 


(7) JAMES MONROE SHERMAN^ m. 1st, Mary Hyett; m. 2nd, Lois 

(a) CHARLES M. SHERMAN", res., East Norwalk, Conn. 
1242. (3)(d) HELEN TUTTLE PAYNE", b. at Hinsdale, Mass., Aug. 27. 
1845; m. Lyman Mack Payne. Oct. 22, 1872; she d. at Springfield, 
Mass.. Mar. 7, 1910. 
1245'. i. MEHITABLE, b. at Washington, Conn., Oct. 24, 1766; m. 1786 to 
Elisha Hurlbut, b. Mar. 31, 1763, son of Joseph Hurlbut 4th and Lucy 
Hineman; he d. Jan. 30, 1833; she d. Charlotte, Vt., Feb. 21, 1824; 
bur. at Black Lake, N. Y. 
(1) HORACE HURLBUT', b. Dec. 20, 1787, at Washington, Conn.; m. Dec. 
6, 1827 to Elizabeth Judson, b. June 12, 1801, at Washington, Conn. ; d. 
Aug. 4, 1881, at Chicago, 111. 


(a) FREDERICK JUDSON HURLBUT', b. Dec. 30, 1828; d. Apr. 29, 

(b) HORACE AUGUSTUS HURLBUT\ b. Feb. 23, 1831, Morristown, 
N. Y. ; m. Apr. 20, 1858 to Emma Edsall, b. Jan.. 1836. 

(i) HORACE A. HURLBUT^ b. June 25, 1859; d. June 29, 1860. 
(ii) JOSIAH REED HURLBUT", b. Oct. 30, 1860; m. Apr. 14, 

1886 to Carrie Stone Clark 
(iii) HORACE EDSALL HURLBUT", b. May 21, 1865; m. Dec. 

12, 1887 to Julia Dole, 
(iv) JULIA ELIZABETH HURLBUT", b. Sept. 11, 1866; d. July 
26, 1867. 
(2) ANNIS HURLBUT*, b. Oct. 14, 1789, at Washington, Conn.; m. Oct. 27, 
1814 to Ezekiel Bissell 3rd. of Torrington. Conn. ; she d. at Madrid, N. Y., 
Feb. 24, 1860; children all b. at Madrid. 

(a) JANE BISSELL', b. Aug. 7, 1815; m. Aug. 25. 1836 to Rev. John 
Max Knight Ballou ; she d. Sept. 10. 1909. 

(i) SUSAN ANNIS BALLOU", b. Sept. 17, 1837, at Gainesville, 
N. Y. ; m. Jan. 2, 1868 to Morris Case, of Waterloo, la. ; d. 
Dec. 25, 1871. 

(A) MILLS BALLOU CASE", b. Apr. 23, 1869; m. Dec. 23. 1889 
to Minnie Bloomfield ; res., Missoula, Mont. 

(Al) EDWARD CHARLES CASE'^ b. in Boone, la., Sept. 
13, 1890; m. as Missoula, Mont., June 28, 1912 to Flor- 
ence V. Watson, b. Anoka Minn., May 24, 1888. 

(A2) FREDERICK A. CASE^-, b. at Perry, la., Oct. 16, 1895 ; 
m. at Helena, Mont., Aug. 19, 1921 to Thelma Helman, 
b. Helena, Mont., Feb. 24, 1899. 

(A3) KENNETH CASE'=, b. Missoula, Mont., Mar. 21, 1913. 

(B) FRED E. B. CASE", b. May, 1870; m. New Orleans, La., 
to Daisy Elizabeth Saunders, b. Kerr County. Tex., Apr. 
14. 1880. dau. of Andrew Jackson and Susie (Rollins) 
Saunders, of San Antonio, Tex. ; C. N. W. locomotive en- 
gineer ; res., Boone, la. ; she d. Mar. 9. 1929. 

(Bl) CARROLL EDWARD CASE'^ b. Apr. 16, 1899, at 
New Orleans, La. ; stock keeper in store of C. & N. W. 
Ry. ; World War veteran and American Legion. 

(B2) WM. BALLOU CASE'=, b. Apr. 22, 1901, at New Or- 
leans, La. ; timekeeper of C. & N. Y. Ry. Co. 

(B3) SUSIE ALMEDA CASE^', b. Jan. 2, 1907, Boone, 

(B4) FRED JACKSON CASE'-, b. May 21, 1905, at Boone, 
la. ; d. Aug. 18, 1928. 

(B5) SARAH RUTH CASE", b. Jan. 2, 1907, at Boone, la. 

(B6) THOMAS BUTLER CASE", b. Feb. 6, 1909, at 
Boone, la. 

(B7) DAISEY NELLIE CASE", b. Feb. 3, 1912, at Boone, 

(B8) SYLVIA EMMA CASE", b. Dec. 19, 1913, at Boone, la. 


(B9) MORRIS ALLEN CASE", b. Jan. 17, 1916, at Boone, 

(BIO) DELIA LOIS CASE", b. July 30, 1919, at Boone, la. 
(ii) JANE MARIA BALLOU", b. July 22, 1840; d. Apr. 21, 1917. 
(iii) LOIS ELIZABETH BALLOU", b. Mar. 12, 1843; d. May 15, 

(iv) JOHN Mcknight BALLOU'", b. Nov. 16, 1844; m. Apr., 

1894 to Etoile Coulter, d. Aug. 15, 1912, at San Diego, Calif, 
(v) EMMA LOVISA BALLOLP" b. Dec. 19, 1846; lives at Jersey 

City, N. J. 
(vi) FREDERICK BISSELL BALLOU", b. Aug. 10, 1850; m. 
Ellen Fisk Hubbard, d. Sept. 18, 1918. 
(A) FREDERICK HUBBARD BALLOU", b. July 30, 1884; m. 
Edna Baker; res.. Upper Darby, Pa. 
(vii) EDWARD HURLBUT BALLOU", b. Aug. 23, 1853 ; m. May 
20, 1880 to Bertha Hafner, d. July 25, 1908; res., Gardnerville, 
N. Y. 

(A) CLARA EMMA BALLOU", b. Aug. 3, 1881; m. Albert 
Frey; d. Jan. 20, 1919. 


(B) EDWARD CARL BALLOU", b. Sept. 27, 1886; m. Lillian 
Mahr; res., Buffalo, N. Y. 


(C) BERTHA LOUISE BALLOU", b. Mar. 1, 1892; m. Walter 

Askey ; res., Gardnerville, N. Y. 
(viii) HERBERT RALPH BALLOU", b. Dec. 7, 1858, at Clarence, 
N. Y. ; m. July 2, 1889 to Louise Marsh Udall, d. Feb. 16, 1907. 

(A) CHARLES HERBERT BALLOU", b. Mar. 29, 1890; res., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

(B) JOHN Mcknight BALLOU", b. Dec. 6, 1891; res., Los 

Angeles, Calif. 

(C) EDITH BALLOU", b. Oct. 14, 1894; m. May 18, 1920 to 

DeWitt C. Ward, of Rochester, N. Y. ; res., Charlotte Sta., 
N. Y. 
(CI) LOUISE UDALL WARD", b. May 5, 1921. 

(D) HAROLD BALLOU", b. Oct. 31, 1898; m. May 26, 1922 to 
Jennie Dubin. 

(E) RALPH MATURIN BALLOU", b. May 26, 1903; res., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

(b) LOIS BISSELL", b. Feb. 13, 1817; d. Apr. 14, 1900. 

(c) FREDERICK EZEKIEL BISSELL*, b. Dec. 8, 1819; m. Mary A. 


(ii) MARY BISSELL", d. 1910; res., Dubuque, la. 

(d) ROLLIN BISSELL". b. Feb. 23. 1822; d. Feb. 15. 1842. 


(e) RALPH BISSELL', b. Oct. 17, 1823; m. Aug. 16, 1855 to Mary C. 

Packard, b. Madrid, N. Y., Apr. 27, 1833; d. Apr. 19, 1915; dau. of 

Daniel and Amanda (Levings) Packard; he d. Aug. 12, 1905; both 

bur. at Madrid, N. Y. 

(i) MARY ELIZABETH BISSELL'", b. June 24, 1856; res., 441 

Providence, R. I. 
(ii) ANNIS HURLBUT BISSELL'*, b. Jan. 20, 1859; res., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 
(iii) FRANK BISSELL", b. Jan. 22, 1864; m. Oct. 16, 1902 to Maria 
Leitch, dau. of Daniel Leitch ; farmer on the old homestead at 
Madrid, N. Y. 

(A) LOIS ELIZABETH BISSELL", b. July 14, 1904. 

(B) RALPH DANIEL BISSELL", b. Mar. 27, 1907. 

(C) JAMES STEWART BISSELL", b. Jan. 22, 1910. 

(iv) CARRIE AMANDA BISSELL'*, b. Apr. 12, 1871 ; res. Jersey 

City, N. J. Miss Bissell gave the data for Annis Hurlbut's 


(3) JOSEPH HURLBUT^ b. Charlotte, Vt., Aug. 4, 1793; m. Oct. 24, 1824 

to Electa Godhue, d. May 21, 1844; m. 2nd to Lucy Rossitter, b. Mar., 

1807; d. June 8, 1891. He graduated from Middlebury College in the 

class of 1882. He went to Litchfield, Ohio, and later to Fort Atkinson, 

la., as a frontier missionary under the Congregational Board of Missions. 

Prior to the Civil War and before his removal to the West, he was 

engaged in anti-slavery work; lectured with William Lloyd Garrison. 

(a) EDWARD HURLBUT^ b. Madrid, N. Y., Oct. 6, 1825; m. Ann 
Maria Hicks. 

(i) EDWARD HURLBUT", b. Feb. 9, 1857; d. . 

(ii) BELLE HURLBUT", m. Will Wyatt, Creswell, Ore. 

(b) ELIZABETH HURLBUT, b. Madrid, N. Y., Mar. 24, 1828; m. 
Mr. Norton; she d. . 

(i) HURLBUT NORTON", d. at Fort Atkinson, la. 

(c) RALPH HURLBUr, b. Madrid, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1829; d. Litchfield, 
Ohio, Mar. 25, 1853. 

(d) ELISHA HURLBUT^ b. Heunvelton, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1832; a lawyer; 
d. at Decorah, la., Nov. 4, 1863 ; m. Fanny Jennet Cole, of Litch- 
field, Ohio, Sept. 22, 1854 ; she was b. May 5, 1834. He was a success- 
ful lawyer, pleading being his specialty. He was mayor of Decorah 
at one time. 

(i) FREDERICK BISSELL HURLBUT", b. Dubuque, la., Dec. 9, 
1856; d. Jan. 19, 1890; m. Frankie Augusta Cheesman, Sept. 11, 

(A) FANNIE LOUISE HURLBUT", b. Sept. 25, 1883; m., has 
four children. 

(B) EDITH MAY HURLBUT", b. July 31, 1885; m., has two 

(C) JULIA ELIZABETH HURLBUT", b. Jan. 4, 1888; d. 

(ii) WILLISTON ELISHA HURLBUT", b. Fort Atkinson, la., 
Feb. 9, 1858; d. Feb. 27, 1863. 


(iii) CHARLES ERWIN HURLBUT", has been for over thirty years 
the head of the Africa Inland Mission with headquarters at Aba, 
via Khartoum and Rejaf, Sudan, Africa. Under his direction 
there have been estabhshed twenty odd hospitals and as many 
colleges. The language of some thirty tribes has been reduced 
to writing and considerable of the Scriptures translated into 
each. This work has been conducted under the supervision and 
support of no board and entirely through the faith of Mr. Hurl- 
but and his gradually increasing number of workers. When he 
first went to the field he gave up the secretaryship of the 
R. Y. M. C. A., of Philadelphia, and took his wife and five small 
children to Africa with a few workers. There are now several 
hundred workers and the operations of the organization are far- 
reaching. He m. Dec. 21, 1883. 

(A) ALTA ELIZABETH HURLBUT", b. Aug. 21, 1888; was 
chief assistant to her father in the mission until June, 1921, 
when she was coming home on furlough and was stricken in 
London with a return attack of black-water fever, to which all 
the mission workers are subject, and died. 

(B) CHARLES GREENLEAF HURLBUT", b. June 14. 1892; 

m. in Africa and his wife d. in the field ; no children. 

(C) AGNES HURLBUT", b. July 3, 1893; m. a Mr. Bell; no 

(D) HARRY HOUGHTON HURLBUT", b. July 27, 1895. 


1896; m. Dr. Elizabeth Morse, one of the medical missionaries, 
a fine surgeon. They came home on furlough at the time that 
Alta did and were with her in London when she died. Their 
dau. came with them, and a son was b. soon after they reached 
this country. In May of 1922 they returned, taking with them 
new equipment for the main hospital. Dr. Elizabeth had had 
black-water fever a few times and was in poor health all 
the time she was on this side, so much so that her family were 
opposed to her returning when she did. She was so anxious to 
get the new equipment in and in working order that she went 
back before she was able. She d. Feb. 26, 1923, leaving two small 
children and a husband. The entire mission organization feel 
very keenly the loss of Dr. Elizabeth, 
(iv) HARRY LYMAN HURLBUT'", b. Dec. 16, 1861 ; m. Lola A. 
Worcester, June 21, 1887. 
m. Ralph Britton Watkins, army officer, stationed at Jeffer- 
son Barracks. St. Louis. Mo. 
(Al) MARIE JEANETTE WATKINS", b. Nov. 25. 1890; 
m. Charles V. Peace; res.. Coatesville, Pa. Ch. : Mildred 
Elizabeth Peace", b. May 2, 1917. Harry Hurlbut 
Peace", b. July 28, 1917. 


(A2) MILDRED ADALINE WATKINS", b. Feb. 24, 1895; 
m. Charles Wilson Flood, June 19, 1918. Ch. : Bernice 
Flood", b. Dec. 20, 1929. 
(v) JULIA ELIZABETH HURLBUT", b. Decorah, la., Oct. 13, 
1863 ; m. Daniel Stone Husted, Apr. 29, 1889. 

(A) HOWARD HURLBUT HUSTED", b. Nov. 11, 1890; m. 
, in 1918; two children. 

(B) ANNA JEANETTE HUSTED", b. Aug. 8, 1894; m. , 

1922; one child. 

(C) FREDERICK B. HUSTED", b. 1899. 

(e) JANE HURLBUT", b. Williston, Vt., June 24, 1835 ; m. Mr. Cole, 
(i) HURLBUT COLE", d. a young man. 

(f) FRED G. HURLBUT, b. Nassau, N. Y., Apr. 29, 1844; d. Sept. 12, 

(g) FREDERICK JOSEPH HURLBUT", b. May 30, 1850; m. Aug. 14, 
1873, at Fort Atkinson, la., to Clara B. Jones, of Lancaster, Pa.; he 
d. Feb. 23, 1894. 

(i) ALMA L. HURLBUT", b. July 30. 1875; d. Apr. 28, 1880. 
(ii) DAISY HURLBUT", b. Feb. 23, 1881 ; m. Dr. Alvin H. Shafter, 
of Charlestown, 111. 



(iii) JOSEPH HURLBUT", b. Oct. 9, 1893; m. Altha Houk; res., 
Chicago, 111. 
(iv) SIDNEY HURLBUT", b. Oct. 9, 1893; m. Eleanor Morgan; 
res., Chicago, 111. 
(h) HORACE ROSSITER HURLBUT", b. Nov. 19, 1853; m. June 29, 
1882 to Jessie M. Hunter, of Chicago, 111. 
(i) OLIVE RUTH HURLBUT", b. Jan. 13, 1884; Smith College, 

1907; now private secretary; gave this copy, 
(ii) LYRA EDITH HURLBUT", b. Jan. 20, 1887; pianist; studied 
in Berlin, 1907-08; played with Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 
1911; m. June 26, 1912 to Blaine J. Nichols; res., Douglaston, 
L. I. 

(A) BLAINE JAMES NICHOLS", JR., b. Apr. 18, 1916. 

(B) NANCY NICHOLS", b. Dec. 21, 1918. 

(C) LYRA NICHOLS", JR., b. June 16, 1922. 

(iii) LUCY MARGARET HURLBUT" b. Mar. 9, 1890; m. Oct. 28, 
1909 to Charles Arthur AUingham Rice; address, Springfield, 

(A) CHARLES HURLBUT RICE", b. Dec. 16, 1912. 

(B) KATHRYN HESTER RICE", b. Oct. 11, 1914. 

(4) LUCY ANN HURLBUT' b. May 3, 1804; m. William Anderson. 

(a) MEHITABLE ANDERSON", b. Sept., 1826; m. Putnam. 

(b) CHARLES ANDERSON", b. Jan., 1828; m. Priscilla Smith, dau. of 
Eliza and Geo. McFadden. 

(c) MARTHA ANDERSON", b. Dec, 1829; m. . 

(d) ELIZABETH ANDERSON", b. Mar., 1833; m. Belah B. Smith. 


(i) WILLIAM SMITH", d. young. 

(ii) CYNTHIA SARAH SMITH", m. J. R. Fisher, d. 1916. 

(e) ELISHA ANDERSON', b. 1834. 

(f) HORACE ANDERSON", m. Martha StiUman. 
(i) LUCY ANDERSON", d. young. 

(ii) HORACE STILLMAN ANDERSON", res., Seattle, Wash, 
(iii) LENORA E. ANDERSON", m. Fred Warrer; res., Chicago, 





(j) JAMES ANDERSON', d. unm. 

(k) ELECTA ANDERSON', b. Sept., 1844; m. Lamond. 

1248'. ANNA FOOTE', b. Apr. 8, 1774; m. 1st, William Barker; he d. at 
Champlain, N. Y., at 24 years of age; m. 2nd, Amos Hickok, b. Feb. 8, 
1774, son of Dr. Samuel Hickok, of Cooperstown, N. Y. ; she d. Apr. 26, 

(1) SARAH HICKOK*, m. Julius Caesar Hubbell ; res., Ridgefield, Ohio. 

(2) WILLIAM BARKER HICKOK^ res., Burlington, Vt., and Boston. 

(3) NATHANIEL HICKOK^ b. Oct. 25, 1800; d. Oct. 5, 1832; bur. at 
Footville, Conn. 

(a) HENRY HICKOK', res., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; book store. 

(b) NATHANIEL HICKOK', b. Jan. 2, 1833; m. Helen C. ; moved 

to Waukegan, 111., with his widowed mother in 1839; d. Waukegan, 
111., Mar. 27, 1885. 

(i) ETHEL E. HICKOK", m. Hallenbeck; res., Chicago, 111. 

(4) ANNA HICKOK^ b. Dec. 13, 1802, Washington, Conn. ; m. Jan. 12, 1826, 
at Charlotte, Vt., to Abel Leavenworth, b. Charlotte, Vt., Nov. 24, 1800; 
she d. Charlotte, Vt., Dec. 19, 1849. 

(a) ABEL EDGAR LEAVENWORTH', b. Sept. 3, 1828; m. Sept. 14, 
1853 to Mary Evelyn Griggs, of Corning, N. Y. ; he d. June 6, 1901, 
at Castleton, Vt. A great educator at the Beeman Academy, New 
Haven, and the Castleton Normal School, at Castleton, Vt. For more 
complete history see "Leavenworth Genealogy." 
(i) ANNA MARIA LEAVENWORTH", b. Aug. 7, 1854; d. 

Hinesburg, Vt., Feb. 6, 1859. 
(ii) FRANCIS ABEL LEAVENWORTH", b. May 20. 1850, Hines- 
burg, Vt. 
(iii) SAMUEL EDGAR LEAVENWORTH", b. Mar. 7, 1858. 

Hinesburg, Vt. ; res., Wood River, Neb. 

1860, Hinesburg, Vt. ; res., Cleveland, Ohio, 
(v) WILLIAM STOWELL LEAVENWORTH", b. July 28, 1862, 
Brattleboro, Vt. ; Hamilton College, B.S. 1892; res.. Olivet, 


(vi) EMILY REYNOLDS LEAVENWORTH", b. May 31, 1865, 

Hinesburg, Vt. ; d. Nov. 11, 1868. 
(vii) PHILIP REYNOLDS LEAVENWORTH", b. Feb. 18, 1867; 

principal of Castleton Normal School, after his father's death. 

(b) LYDIA ANNA LEAVENWORTH', b. June 28, 1830; m. Oct. 29, 
1851 to Alfred William Sherman, b. Oct. 7, 1825 ; d. Apr. 10, 1916. 

(i) MARY ANN SHERMAN", b. Sept. 9, 1853, at Charlotte, Vt.; 

m. Wm. H. Holmer ; res.. Proctor, Vt. 
(ii) LILLIE LOUISE SHERMAN", b. June 1, 1855; m. Jan. 5, 

1881 to Frank L. Eastman. 

(A) ALBERT SHERMAN EASTMAN", b. Jan. 24, 1882. 

(B) LAURA MAY EASTMAN", b. Dec. 18, 1883. 

(C) ANNA LILLIAN EASTMAN", b. May 5, 1885. 

(iii) HARRIET ORILLA SHERMAN", b. May 8, 1857; d. Jan. 23, 

(iv) LEVERETT ABEL SHERMAN", b. Charlotte, Vt., Nov. 2, 

1862; d. Jan. 16, 1867. 
(v) ALFRED LEAVENWORTH SHERMAN", b. Apr. 23, 1879, 

at Charlotte, Vt. ; m. Edna May Cushman, b. Dec. 10, 1902. A 

judge in the superior courts of Vermont ; res., Burlington, Vt. 

(c) LOUISE MILLER LEAVENWORTH', b. July 10, 1832; bur. at 
Castleton, Vt. 

(d) LUCY JANE LEAVENWORTH', b. Aug. 26, 1836; m. June 23, 
1860 to John Nichols Alvord; she d. Nov. 19, 1868, at Decker, 111.; 
children b. at Trenton, 111. 

(i) FRANK EDGAR ALVORD", b. Sept. 27, 1861 ; res., Texas, 

res., Texas, 
(iii) JENNIE LOUISE ALVORD", b. Nov. 12, 1865; d. Nov. 15, 


(e) CHARLOTTE LAURA LEAVENWORTH', b. Aug. 17, 1837; m. 
Jan. 15, 1861 to Joshua C. Russell, b. Jan. 2, 1837; res., Carlisle, 111., 
and Woodland, Calif., in 1909. 

(i) FLORENCE LAURA RUSSELL", b. Oct. 18, 1861, at Char- 
lotte, Vt. ; m. Anson Perkins ; res., Everett, Mass. 

(ii) BURTON LEAVENWORTH RUSSELL", b. Oct. 4, 1863, at 
Charlotte, Vt. 

(iii) HARRY MILLER RUSSELL, b. Oct. 2, 1869, at Noble, 111.; 
res., Dakota. 

(f) SARAH SABINA LEAVENWORTH', b. Feb. 17, 1840; m. Dec. 3, 
1864 to Sylvester Smith Tuttle, b. Apr. 5, 1851 ; res.. Pleasant Ridge, 
111. ; no children ; res.. Woodland, Calif. 

(g) MARY AMY LEAVENWORTH", b. June 6, 1842; d. in Madrid, 
N. Y., Mar. 21, 1843. 

(5) DR. JARVIS LEWIS HICKOK', b. Mar. 12, 1805 ; m. 1822 to Hannah 

Minerva Cooper, b. Mar. 30, 1810; res., Augusta, 111. In July, 1845, he 

was shocked by lightning striking near him. His sight and health failed 

and he d. June 3, 1846. His wife was also a doctor; she d. Nov. 21, 1880. 

(a) WILLIAM O. HICKOK', b. Nov. 7, 1824; he d. about 1828. 


(b) ADAH ANN HICKOK', b. Sept. 4, 1829; d. Mar. 26, 1846. 

(c) ROSAMOND JANE HICKOK', b. May 2, 1831; m. to George San- 

(i) ELBERT SANFORD", b. ; d. about 30 years of age; 

was editor in Pacheco and Sacramento, Calif, 

(d) MARY JANETTE HICKOK", b. July 28, 1833; m. Mar. 2, 1851 to 
William T. Saunders, b. Apr. 14, 1827; she d. May 30. 1856. 

(i) ADAH FLORENCE SAUNDERS'", b. Mar. 24, 1855; m. Feb. 
12, 1873 to Henry Pratt Dailey, b. July 12, 1845; he d. Nov., 
1931 ; she res. Oberlin, Kan. 

(A) LEILA MAY DAILEY", b. Mar. 30, 1874; m. . 

(B) ETTA BELL DAILEY", b. Aug. 23, 1877; m. . 

(C) HAROLD VERNA DAILEY", b. Dec. 2. 1890; m. . 

(e) HARRIET HICKOK^ d. young. 

(f) WILLIAM ORLOW HICKOK", b. Jan. 2, 1837, at Hinesburg, Vt. ; 
m. June 1, 1856 to Sarah Louisa Devol, b. Nov. 5, 1835; he d. July 17, 
1877; a carpenter and cabinet maker; she d. July 15, 1926; res., 
Augusta, 111. 

(i) ADAH ANN HICKOK", b. Mar. 17, 1857, at Augusta, 111.; m. 
Mar. 21, 1879 to James Monroe Kindred, a farmer, b. Aug. 3, 
1849; he d. Apr. 15, 1889; res., Denver, Colo.; m. 2nd, May 6, 1894 
to Luther WilHam Harris, a Civil War veteran, b. Mar. 20, 1843 ; 
he d. Jan. 26. 1931 ; res., Augusta, 111. 

(A) ELLEN LOUISE KINDRED", b. Oct. 3, 1880; m. Dec. IZ, 
1917 to George Lee Ferguson, b. Feb. 7, 1872; he d. Dec. 10, 
1925 ; she was a teacher and he was a farmer ; res., Knoxville, 
111. Gave this copy. 

(B) JAMES ERNEST KINDRED", b. Mar. 11, 1887; m. Dec, 

1904 to Ella Custer Wright, b. Sept. 9, 1878; d. Jan., 1922; 

children res. in Gleasburg, III. ; m. 2nd to Edith Viva Lewis, 

b. Jan. 23, 1888. 

(Bl) JAMES LOUIS KINDRED'% b. Feb. U, 1907. 
(B2) EFFIE FRANCIS KINDRED^ b. Jan. 21. 1911; m. 
Oct. 3, 1928 to Allen Young, b. 1907; no children. 

(C) NELLIE GRACE HARRIS", b. July 31, 1895; beauty 

specialist ; res., Augusta, III. 
(ii) HATTIE LOUISA HICKOK", b. Sept. 12, 1858; m. Dec. 22, 

1881 to Peter Revilo Stedman, a farmer, b. Nov. 13, ; she d. 

June 27. 1896; he d. Nov. 30, 1909; children all b. at Hull. 111. 

(A) WILLIE EDWARD STEDMAN", b. 1883; d. Jan., 1885. 

(B) FRANCES MAY STEDMAN", b. Apr. 29, 1884; m. May 6. 

1903 to Landy Thomas Miles, a farmer; she d. Aug., 1928; 

res., Hull, III.; thirteen children all b. near Hull, 111. 
(iii) JARVIS LEWIS HICKOK", b. Nov. 26, 1860; m. May 15, 
1887, at Wichita, Kan., to Amy Delcena Leatherbury, b. Aug. 9, 
1865; res., Florence, Okla. 


(A) VELMA PEARL HICKOK", b. Mar. 5, 1888, at Wichita, 
Kan.; d. July IS, 1889. 

(B) RALPH ERNEST HICKOK", b. May 2, 1890, at Wichita, 

(C) CLARENCE RAY HICKOK", b. June 20, 1893, at Wichita, 


(D) SARAH VERNE HICKOK", b. July 15, 1898, at Grant 
County, Okla. 

(E) ALMA DOROTHY HICKOK", b. Apr. 15, 1903, at Grant 
County, Okla. 

(F) ABNER WILLIAM HICKOK", b. June 9, 1905. at Grant 

County, Okla.; d. June 5. 1907. 
(iv) EFFIE SYRENA HICKOK", b. Mar. 16, 1862; d. Sept. 19, 

(v) CHARLES NORTON HICKOK*", b. Mar. 9, 1864; d. Apr. 23, 

(vi) MARY JANE HICKOK'", b. June 13, 1867; m. June, 1885 to 

Sydney B. Moore, b. Apr. 10, 1856; he d. June 15, 1891; she m. 

2nd to William M. Price, May, 1893; divorced 1904; m. 3rd to 

Peter Revilo Stedman, b. Nov. 13, ; d. Nov. 30, 1909; m. 

Dec, 1904; she res. Saverton, Mo. 

(A) BLANCHE G. MOORE", b. July 7, 1887; d. . 

(B) ROY NORTON MOORE", b. July 22, 1888; d. Sept. 12, 


(C) RAY MORTON MOORE", b. July 22, 1888; d. in the West. 

(D) LAWRENCE B. MOORE", b. Nov. 15, 1890; d. Dec. 13, 

(E) GLEN OLIN PRICE", b. Aug. 6, 1894; m. to Ruby Rice. 
(E2) LORETTA KATHALEEN PRICE'^ b. Sept. 10, 1930. 

(F) HAZEL IDELLA STEADMAN", b. Apr. 25, 1905. 

(G) GLADYS AMOS STEADMAN", b. Oct. 22, 1908; d. Dec. 
29, 1918. 

(vii) ELBERT WILLIAM HICKOK'", b. Jan. 6, 1869; farmer and 
carpenter; res.. Pond Creek, Okla.; m. Sept. 16, 1889 to Ella 
Perkins, b. Dec. 23, 1875. 
(A) NELLIE HICKOK", b. July 21, 1890; m. Guy French. 
(Al) LEWIS FRENCH'^ b. Oct. 20, 1909. 

' (B) JAMES MONROE HICKOK", b. Feb. 24, 1894; m. ; 

res., Oklahoma. 

(C) ALICE HICKOK", b. Sept. 17, 1895; m. ; has several 

children; res., Minnesota. 

(D) ADAH ANN HICKOK", b. Mar. 17, 1898; m. to 

Herndon ; one son ; res., Enid, Okla. 

(E) CHARLES HICKOK", b. Oct. 18, 1900; m. Edith ; 

res., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

(F) GEORGE HICKOK", b. May 7, 1903. 

(G) ORLO HICKOK", b. June 13, 1907. 

(H) CHARLOTTE V. HICKOK", b. Jan. 7, 1873. 


(viii) MINNIE LUELLA HICKOK'", b. Apr. 30, 1871; m. May, 
1899 to Jesse J. Wright, b. Feb. 26, 1870. 

(A) VALE HYSEL WRIGHT", b. June 2, 1900; m. and 

has two children. 

(B) BURLE OTTELA WRIGHT", b. Sept. 13, 1901; m. 

and has two children. 

(C) CLIFF OLIVER WRIGHT", b. Jan. 29, 1902; m. -^ and 

has one child. 

(D) LUCY JUANITA WRIGHT", b. Oct. 29, 1908; d. Jan., 1919. 

(E) ELBERT LEWIS WRIGHT", b. Oct. 28, 1905; d. young, 
(ix) CHARLOTTE VIOLA HICKOK*", b. Jan. 7, 1873; d. 1874. 
(x) LUCY CORNELIA HICKOK'*, b. Jan. 29, 1875; m. 1898 to 

Frank Allen ; a farmer ; res., Augusta, 111. ; she d. Oct. 5, 1924. 

(A) HARRY ALLEN", b. Nov. 11, 1898 a preacher in California; 
is m. and has three or four children ; res., Los Angeles, Calif. 

(B) EVA MAE ALLEN", b. Nov. 9, 1900; m. to Walter M. 

Kuenzli ; res., Firebaugh, Calif ; m. and has two or 

three children. 

(C) CECIL F. ALLEN", b. 1904; m. . 

(CI) EVA ALLEN", b. 1926. 

(C2) BETTY ALLEN'=, b. 1928. 

(D) ROY ALLEN", d. young. 

(xi) ABBIE MINERVA HICKOK", a teacher, b. Apr. 5, 1877; d. 
Sept. 22, 1928. 
(g) KATE HICKOK", b. Apr. 1, 1842; m. Thomas Nelson, a soldier in 
the Civil War; she d. Apr. 1, 1867. 

(6) GIDEON HICKOK^ b. Aug. 13. 1807; m. Mary ; she d. 1897; he 

d. Dec, 1874. 

(a) GILMON C. HICKOK', res., Everett, Mass. 

(7) NELSON HICKOK^ b. Feb. 11, 1811, Charlotte, Vt. ; m. Sept. 10, 1841, 
at Carthage, 111., to Amy E. Powell, b. May 14, 1812, at Madrid, N. Y., 
dau. of William and Lucy (Newell) Powell, of Madrid, N. Y. ; she d. 
Aug. 1, 1881; he d. Jan. 11, 1878; res., Augusta, 111. 

(a) NATHANIEL HICKOK^ b. Sept. 16, 1843 ; d. June 3, 1844. 

(b) LEWIS OLIVER HICKOK», b. July 10, 1845, Augusta, 111.; m. 
Jan. 1, 1871 to Sarah Luella Smith, b. Aug. 1, 1849, at Morley, N. Y.. 
dau. of Martin H. and Hannah Elmina (Olin) Smith; contractor and 
builder ; res.. South Minneapolis, Minn. ; he d. . 

(i) HARVEY MARTIN HICKOK", b. July 9, 1874, Augusta, 

Wis. ; m. June 28, 1905 to Jessie Eliza Stevens, b. Sept. 5, 1874, 

at Dallas, Tex. 
(ii) AMY ELMINA HICKOK", b. Sept. 17, 1877, Augusta, Wis.; 

m. Alfred Dresser, 1911. 

(A) DONALD DRESSER", b. 1912; m. Elaine , b. Aug. 21, 

(iii) CLARA LUELLA HICKOK'", b. July 17, 1881, at Eau Claire, 

(iv) LYLE LEWIS HICKOK", b. July 20, 1890, at River Falls, 

Wis.; m. Elaine , b. Aug. 21, 1900. 


(c) ANNA ELIZA HICKOK^ b. July 5, 1847, Augusta, 111. ; m. Oct. 24, 
1874, at River Falls, Wis., to S. G. Swanson, b. Nov. 3, 1845, in 
Sweden; res., Augusta, 111.; she d. Aug. 1, 1924. At the age of 
thirteen she united with the Congregational Church of River Falls, 
Wis., where for eight years she lived among her many relatives who 
had settled there from the East. Here she received her higher educa- 
tion, attending the River Falls Academy. Also living there while 
still in her teens she taught a class of little boys in Sabbath 
school. Upon returning to Illinois she united with the Presbyterian 
Church of Augusta, and was one of the charter members of the mis- 
sionary society of that church. For a time she was superintendent of 
the Sabbath school out at the old home school house. This faithful 
Christian was always a regular and devoted attendant at the church 
services whenever possible. She taught several successful terms of 
school, but gave up teaching to care for her invalid parents with the 
devotion of a true daughter. She was the last of her family, one 
brother, Nathaniel, dying in childhood, and the other, Lewis Oliver, of 
Minneapolis, in 1914. A golden wedding anniversary Oct. 24, 1924, 
had given the beloved wife and mother a great deal of anticipated 
pleasure. As a citizen she was ever patriotic and loyal, carrying on 
the traditions of her forefathers, four of whom were in the Revolution- 
ary War. She was one of the organizing members of the Daughters 
of the American Revolution chapter of Augusta. She was a member 
of the Eastern Star. At the last, as her daughter was assisting to 
dress her after her afternoon rest, she kissed her and nestling her head 
lovingly upon her daughter's shoulder said, "Oh, you dear child," and 
smiled up at her with her sweet loving smile. In a few moments she 
was gone. Mr. Swanson was mayor of Augusta for several years, a 
very public spirited man. 
(i) LUELLA ANN SWANSON", b. July 3, 1877, Augusta, 111.; 

(ii) AMY ALMIRA SWANSON", b. Oct. 2, 1880, Augusta, 111.; 

res.. Bay View, Mich. ; artist, doing china and landscape painting, 
(iii) MINNIE MABEL SWANSON", b. Dec. 4, 1883; librarian at 

Augusta, 111. 
(8) LOUISA HICKOK^ b. Apr. 5, 1813; m. Guy Tracy, b. May 6, 1810; d. 
Mar. 31, 1885; she d. Nov. 11, 1869. 

(a) DORAM HICKOK TRACY", b. Nov. 13, 1837; d. Mar. 22, 1921. 

(b) INFANT SON", b. 1838; d. at birth. 

(c) MARY ANN TRACY", b. Jan. 9, 1840; m. John P. Ambler, b. 1841; 
d. 1909. 

(i) DONNA LOUISE AMBLER^ b. 1880; res., Connecticut. 

(d) WILLIAM AMOS TRACY", b. Aug. 31, 1841 ; d. May 25, 1877. 

(e) WHEELER ARTHUR TRACY", b. Sept. 11, 1843; m. Oct. 17, 1867 
to Elizabeth Susan Fay, b. Jan. 17, 1844, dau. of John Fay, of Bur- 
lington, Vt. ; member of the printing firm of Tracy & Kilgore, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

(i) PERCY WHEELER TRACY", b. Aug. 12, 1877; m. Grace 
Little, d. 1912; he d. Oct. 30, 1918; a noted buyer in the machine 


industry, called to Washington to purchase auto trucks for war. 
He had completed his assignment when he d. with pneumonia 
following the flu. 
(A) LYNN FREDERICK TRACY", b. Mar. 10, 1912. 
(ii) LYNN HICKOK TRACY'", b. June 30, 1880, at Peoria, 111.; 
m. Georgia Challinor, b. Oct. 24, 1880, dau. of Charles Challinor; 
University of Wisconsin, colonel of regiment, and graduated 1921. 
Mr. Tracy is a director of agencies for the N. Y. Life Ins. Co., 
at Peoria, 111. 

(A) LYNN WHEELER TRACY", b. July 30, 1910, at Chicago, 

(B) ELIZABETH TRACY", b. May 10, 1913, at Peoria, 111. 

(C) CHALLINOR TRACY", b. Nov. 21, 1916, at Peoria, 111. 

(f) ELIZA ANN TRACY", b. Dec. 29, 1845; d. Feb. 18, 1906; m. Samuel 
Brownell, of Essex Junction, Vt. 

(g) GIDEON ERASTUS TRACY'", b. Jan. 10, 1846; d. Aug. 10, 1848. 
(h) CARRIE ELIZABETH TRACY", b. June 22, 1849 ; d. June 22, 1916. 
(i) JENNIE LOUISA TRACY", b. Oct. 6, 1852; d. Apr. 24, 1883. 

1253. (3) JANE ANN FORD', b. Nov. 22, 1813; m. Apr. 7, 1835 to George 

(a) MARTHA J. HITCHCOCK^ m. James R. Jenkins, 

(ii) EMILY E. JENKINS", m. Charles E. Strong. 

(b) SARAH HITCHCOCK^ m. Theodore W. Walker. 


(d) JULIETTE A. HITCHCOCK", b. Mar. 23, 1854; m. No. 4093 (see 

443. ELIJAH FOOTE, b. Newton, Conn., 1740; m. Mar. 23, 1761 to Eunice 
Peck. He enlisted as a private soldier in the Connecticut line of the Continental 
Army, belonging to the 16th Regt. of Militia, as shown by the records of the 
commanding officers, Capt. John Bostford, of Newton, Conn., on May 10, 1779. 
References: Jonathan Trumbull Collection, Heberd's Papers Doc. 40, Orig. Doc. Vol. 
XII, Polls and Lists. Historical Society Collection, page 153 in Conn. State Library ; 
1st Church records of Christ's Church, Newton, Conn. (Miss Mary Francis, Regis- 
trar, Ruth Wyllis Ciiapter, Hartford, Conn.) ; Family Bible of John Wesley Foote 
(according to last report in possession of the heirs of Emma Foote Bell, Washington, 
D. C, but record above copied from Bible by husband of Cora Foote, of Oakland, 
Calif., and used by Mrs. Emma Craft, of 2116 Park Ave., Indianapolis, Ind., in her 
application for membership in D. A. R., 1928). He d. West Liberty, Va., Oct. 15, 
1813. Several years after the close of the Revolution, Elijah Foote and at least two 
of his sons, John Wesley and Andrew, moved to the Panhandle of Virginia and settled 
in the wilderness, near what is now the village of West Liberty, Ohio County, W. Va. 
The land records of that county show that land was bought by Footes as follows : 

1795 — John Foot, 69 acres from Moses Linn estate, et al. 

1800 — Elijah Foot, 44 acres from David Wilson, et al., waters of Bufifalo 

1805 — .'\ndrew Foot, 16 acres from Elijah Foot, Bufifalo Creek. 

1808 — John Foot, 64 acres from Jonathan Rowland, Long Run. 


1259. i. JOHN WESLEY, b. 1776; m. Mary Grigson and Mary Tavlor, 

1262. ii. JOSEPH, b. 1773 ; m. Sarah Moquer, 2605"-''. 

1265. vii. EUNICE FOOTE, b. Dec. 18, 1768; m. 1st about 1790 to Solomon 
Williams, of Lanesborough, Mass.; he was b. Oct. 11, 1759, at Weston, 
Mass. d. Sept. 8, 1799; bur. in Old Town Cemetery at Lanesborough, 
Mass.; m. 2nd, Uri Bradley, Mar. 31, 1819; d. Nov. 24, 1843. 

(1) HANNAH WILLIAMS', b. Mar. 10, 1791; m. William Bradley, and 
has numerous descendants in Lanesborough, Mass. 

(2) BETSEY WILLIAMS', b. Dec. 6, 1792; m. Luther Parsons; d. in Wis- 
consin ; children all d. unm. 

(3) SOLOMON DAVIS WILLIAMS', b. Dec. 6, 1794; m. Frelove Brown, 
and has numerous descendants in Ohio. 

(4) HEMAN WILLIAMS', b. Nov. 3, 1796; m. Anner Reynolds, and has 
numerous descendants in Ohio. 

(5) HENRY WILLIAMS', b. Jan. 27, 1798; m. ; d. in Michigan; may 

have some descendants. 

1268. iii. RUTH, b. Dec. 11, 1777; m. Stephen Fairchild. 

(1) FIDELIA FAIRCHILD', b. at Ellenville, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1799; m. Feb. 
28, 1821, James Sherman, 
(a) JOHN D. FAIRCHILD SHERMAN', b. Oct. 25, 1829. 

(i) FRANK DAUPHIN SHERMAN", b. May 6, 1860. at Peeks- 
kill, N. Y. ; res.. New York, N. Y. ; working on "Sherman 
1278. xiii. ABBA, m. Lyman Lake ; she is bur. at Hawleyville, Conn. 
1278 xiv. JAMES, m. ; moved to Groton, N. Y. 

1283. iv. ELIAS B., b. Aug. 31, 1782. 

(1) LEANDER, d. May 26, 1820; res., Bristol, Conn. 

1284. (4) (a) FIDELIA E. SMITH', b. Feb. 27, 1829; m. Mar. 1, 1859 to John W. 

Hillabrant; res., Elmira, N. Y. ; she d. Dec. 24, 1891. 
(i) MARY H. HILLABRANT'", b. Mar. 10, 1860; m. Sept. 21, 
1885 to Arthur Pratt ; res., Elmira, N. Y. 
(C) , m. Larmon Foote" No. 2660. 

1285. vi. (2) (a) HELEN JANETTE DARLING', b. Jan. 27, 1840; m. Sept. 9, 

1863, George Straigt. 
1297. X. WINTHROP, b. Nov. 30, 1787. 

1305. iii. MARY ANN, b. 1791; m. Sept., 1813 to Robert Hurlbutt; she d. 
Mar. 9, 1930 ; res., Clarksburg, Ohio. 
(1) CHARLES DAW HURLBUTT', b. Feb., 1818; m. Abigail Brown, b. 
May 12, 1825; d. Feb. 1, 1911; he d. Dec, 1881. 

(a) ROBERT FOOTE HURLBUTT', b. June 28, 1842; m. Annie Smith, 
b. 1851 ; d. 1896; he d. Oct. 27. 1878. 

(i) GAIL HURLBUT'", b. 1871 ; d. 1874. 

(b) MARY HURLBUTT', b. Dec. 28, 1848; m. June 14, 1870 to Robert 
Lybrand, b. Tarlton, Ohio, 1842; d. Feb. 1, 1919; res., Delaware, Ohio. 

(i) MARY LYBRAND'", b. Apr. 22, 1871 ; m. Oct. 23, 1894, Louis 
Welch, b. Aug. 22, 1862 ; d. June 24, 1906 ; res., Delaware, Ohio. 
(A) DOROTHY WELCH", b. Sept. 13, 1895 ; m. June 28, 1921 to 
Robert May; res., Delaware, Ohio. 


(B) MARJORIE WELCH", b. Aug. 29, 1897; m. Oct. 24, 1919 to 
Donald Watkins; res., Cincinnati, Ohio, 
(ii) BLANCH LYBRAND'°, b. Aug. 11, 1873; m. 1st, Apr., 1892 
to Eugene Paul Sampsell, d. Oct., 1895 ; m. 2nd, Oct. 23, 1901 to 
George Bates, b. Apr. 23, 1877, son of Capt. George Washington 
Bates, of Delaware, Ohio; res., New London, Conn. 
(A) PAUL SAMPSELL", b. Feb. 6, 1893; m. Jan. 1, 1920 to 
Alene Tilley, dau. of Richard B. Tilley, of Essex, Conn. 
(Al) MARJORIE TILLEY SAMPSELL", b. Dec. 17, 1921. 
(A2) MARIE LYBRAND SAMPSELL", b. Feb. 19, 1922. 
(iii) ROBERT LYBRAND", b. Jan. 13, 1875; d. Feb. 6, 1907. 

(c) LIDA JANE HURLBUTT", b. 1857; m. Feb. 14, 1874 to Judge John 
Jervis Wickham, b. 1844; he d. June, 1898; she d. Dec. 8, 1911. 

(i) HURLBUTT HENRY WICKHAM", b. Feb. 28, 1875; res., 
Pittsburg, Pa. ; unm. 

(ii) FLORENCE PAULINE WICKHAM", b. Nov. 21, 1879; m. 
Eberhard L. Lueder, b. 1878; Mrs. Lueder has been untiring in 
her efforts to gather the family data for this branch of the 
family ; res.. New York, N. Y. ; no children. 

(iii) PAUL JOHN WICKHAM", b. Dec. 3, 1883; res.. New York, 
N. Y. ; unm. 

(iv) MARJORIE GAIL WICKHAM", b. Nov. 14, 1886; m. 
J. Ernest Gignorx ; she d. Aug. 18, 1907; res., New York. 

(d) ANNIE CLAYTON HURLBUTT', b. 1862; d. unm. Feb. 21, 1913; 
res., Beaver, Pa. 

1305\ iv. CALVIN. 

473. JOSEPH FOOTE, d. Dec. 31, 1799; she d. June 22, 1843. 

1306. i. ABIAH, m. 2nd, Beers. 

(1) LYMAN BEERS', d. Mar. 6, 1871. 

1307. ii CHARITY, m. Ebenezer Ferry. 

(1) DELANA FERRY^ m. Meda Margon. 




1309. iv. HANNAH FOOTE, b. Aug. 17, 1778; m. Richard D. Shepard. of 
Newtown, Conn., b. Sept. 22, 1779; d. Oct. 15, 1829; she d. Feb. 15, 
(1) AMBROSE SHEPARD', b. Jan. 1, 1802; m. Sept. 24, 1825, Nancy 
Gray, d. May 18, 1884; he d. Feb. 23, 1876; res., Newtown, Conn, 
(a) WILLIAM H. SHEPARD', b. Aug. 2, 1827; m. Adaline Morgan, 
b. Apr., 1829; d. Mar., 1859; m. 2nd to Sarah Hull; m. 3rd to Ursula 
Fenger; he d. Apr., 1905; she d. July, 1907. 

(i) CLARA J. SHEPARD", b. Mar. 20, 1849; m. Walter H. Lord, 
b. June, 1840; d. Apr., 1895. 
(A) FRED LORD", b. 1869; m. 1899 to Iny Johnson, b. 1875; 
res.. West Haven, Conn. 
(Al) DOROTHY LORD", b. Nov., 1900; d. 1920. 
(A2) ESTELLA LORD", b. Apr., 1906. 


(B) HATTIE LORD", b. July, 1872; m. Robert Hemanway, b. 

1867; res., Montowesee, Conn. 

(Bl) VERA HEMANWAY^^ b. Aug., 1896; m. 1917 to 
Lester Allyn. Ch. : Virginia Allyn", b. 1919. 

(C) HENRY HOWARD LORD" b. June 22, 1879; m. 1905 to 
Mabel Fox, b. July, 1879; res., Hamden, Conn. 

(CI) RUSSELL LORD'^ b. July 4, 1907; d. July 27, 1908. 

(C2) LLEWELLYN LORD^-, b. June 21, 1914. 

(C3) MURIEL LORD'% b. May 28, 1909. 
(ii) LENA B. SHEPARD", b. Oct., 1868; m. 1st, Charles Cook, d. 
1899; m. 2nd, Harry L. Hemmenway; she d. Oct., 1902; res., 
New Haven, Conn. 

(b) SARAH ANN SHEPARD", b. Jan. 3, 1831; m. Clark Blackman; 
she d. 1908; res., Taunton Dist., Newtown, Conn. 

(i) AMBROSE BLACKMAN". m. M. Augusta Barnum; res., 

Hanleyville, Conn, 
(ii) CHARLOTTE BLACKMAN", m. Clark Jackson; res., North 

Plainfield, N. J. 
(iii) AUGUSTA BLACKMAN", res., Newtown Conn. 

(c) RICHARD DRAPER SHEPARD', b. Dec. 26, 1832; m. Mar. 5, 
1854 to Martha A. Smith, dau. of William and Annie (Taylor) Smith, 
of Tinkerfield, Newtown, Conn. 

(i) MARY FRANCES SHEPARD", b. Feb., 1855; res., Bethel, 

(ii) FLORENCE A. SHEPARD", b. Aug., 1856; res., Bethel, Conn. 

(d) FRANK SHEPARD», b. Feb. 18, 1836; m. Aug. 1, 1855 to Eunice Ann 

(e) ELMER D. SHEPARD^ b. July 17, 1839; m. Nov. 22, 1857 to 
Lorintha Blackman, d. Mar. 8, 1909. 

(i) ELLA SHEPARD", m. Thomas Smith; res., Bridgeport, Conn, 
(ii) CATHARINE SHEPARD", m. William Brown; res., Bridge- 
port, Conn, 
(iv) HENRY SHEPARD"; res., Bridgeport, Conn, 
(v) CLARA SHEPARD", m. Edward Price ; res., Bridgeport, Conn. 

(f) MARY ELIZABETH SHEPARD", b. Mar. 1, 1842; m. 1st, Fred- 
erick Dunham ; m. 2nd, Harry Lockwood ; res., New London, Conn. 


(g) MINTO SHEPARD', b. Feb. 12, 1847; m. ; lost in the Civil 


(2) NANCY SHEPARD^ b. Mar. 18, 1806; m. Nov. 1, 1824 to Joshua Hoyt 
Taylor, b. Nov. 10, 1801; d. Dec. 9, 1851, son of Ammon Taylor; she d. 
Aug. 10, 1859. 

(a) LEROY TAYLOR", b. Aug. 24, 1825, at Newtown, Conn.; m. 1st, 
Louisa S. Brisco, Feb. 27, 1855, b. Mar. 31, 1837, dau. of Lewis 
Brisco; d. 1860; he m. 2nd, Dec. 4, 1861 to Rowena Bates, b. Jan. 7, 
1844, dau. of Walter and Loraney (Wood) Bates, of Ridgefield and 
Redding; d. July 8, 1902. Mr. Taylor was a combmaker and hotel 
proprietor ; d. Oct. 26, 1906 ; res., Newtown and Norwalk, Conn. 


(i) BERTHA JENETTE TAYLOR'", b. June 2, 1858; m. Burl- 
ing D. Purdy, Jr. ; builder. 

(A) BERTHA PURDY", m. Irving Purdy. 


(C) STELLA PURDY", m. March. 

(ii) LOUISE BRISCO TAYLOR'", b. May 17, 1861 ; m. Wilford D. 
Taylor ; res., Danbury, Conn. 


(B) ANGELINE TAYLOR", m. Hills, d. about 1920. 

(C) FREDERICK TAYLOR", d. young. 

(D) CORA TAYLOR", m. Charles Lee; two sons. 

(E) ETHELIND TAYLOR", d. young. 


(G) WILFORD D. TAYLOR", JR., children by 2nd wife. 

(H) VIOLA LAVINA TAYLOR", b. Apr. 22, 1863; res.. West- 
port, Conn. 
(I) CORA LORANEY TAYLOR", b. Sept. 28, 1865; m. Dec, 
1886 to Fred W. Raymond; res., Danbury, Conn. 
(Al) SAMUEL RAYMOND", b. 1887; d. 1887. 
(A2) MARY ROWENA RAYMOND", b. Dec. 25. 189—. 
(v) CARRIE RUSSELL TAYLOR", b. Aug. 28. 1872; m. Nov. 18. 
1907 to Frederick O. Hanford, son of Winfield S. and Ella 
(Osborne) Hanford, of East Norwalk, Conn.; builder; Mrs. 
Hanford assisted materially in compiling the records for No. 
1309; res.. Wilton, Conn. 

(A) WINNIFRED HANFORD", b. Jan. 20, 1911, at Wilton. 

(B) FRED O. HANFORD", JR., b. May 15, 1912, at Wilton, 

(C) AMY BARLOW HANFORD", b. Sept. 27, 1913. at Wilton, 


(b) AMMON TAYLOR^ b. Aug., 1827; m. 1st, Clarinda Fairchilds ; m. 
2nd, Mary Richardson ; she d. 1923 ; res., Sandy Hook, Conn. 

(c) ALONZO TAYLOR", b. Nov. 22, 1829; m. Elizabeth Mantz ; res., 
Sandy Hook, Conn. 

(i) AMMON TAYLOR'", res., Shelton, Conn, 
(ii) HARRY TAYLOR'", res., Shelton, Conn. 

(d) HOYT TAYLOR", b. Jan. 24, 1832; m. Mary Gormley. 
(i) HENRY TAYLOR'", res., Danbury. Conn. 

(ii) EUGENE TAYLOR'", res., Danbury, Conn. 

(e) SUSAN TAYLOR", b. Mar. 29, 1837; m. 1st, Augustus Brisco; m. 
2nd, Clark Lockwood ; res., Torrington, Conn. 

(i) GEORGE LOCKWOOD'", res.. Torrington, Conn, 
(ii) EDGAR LOCKWOOO'", res., Torrington, Conn. 

(f) GEORGE TAYLOR", b. Dec. 3, 1834; m. Maryetta Gould. 

(g) ROSWELL TAYLOR", b. Nov. 25, 1839; m. Elizabeth Pyle, of Eng- 

(h) EDGAR TAYLOR", b. July 7, 1842; m. Amy Bates, b. 1846. 


(i) JEANETTE TAYLOR", b. Nov. 23, 1845; m. Charles Brisco; res., 
Newtown, Conn. 

(i) WILBUR BRISCO'", b. Danbury, Conn; m. Elizabeth Dean, 
(ii) FRANCES BRISCO", b. Danbury, Conn.; m. Frank Bates, of 
Danbury, Conn. 

(3) PHEBE SHEPARD^ b. July 20, 1808; m. Jan. 25, 1827 to Joseph 
Bennett Fairchild; she d. Mar. 4, 1889; res., Newtown, Conn. 

(a) SARAH MARIAH FAIRCHILD", b. Mar. 30, 1828; m. Nov. 24, 
1852 to William E. Duncomb ; she d. May 7, 1857. 

(b) GEORGE BENNET FAIRCHILD" b. Apr. 30, 1830; m. Mar. 25, 
1884 to Mary Clark, d. 1907 ; he d. 1921 ; res., Newtown, Conn. 

(c) JONATHAN STURGESS FAIRCHILD", b. July 18, 1832; m. 
Oct. 28, 1868 to Nellie Morse ; he d. Jftly 10, 1874. They were both 
Spiritualists, she being one of the greatest mediums of the United 
States at that time. 

(d) AMBROSE SHEPARD FAIRCHILD", b. May 18, 1834; d. Mar. 20, 

(e) ELMER WILLIAM FAIRCHILD", b. Sept. 16, 1838; d. 1920. 

(f) ESTHER B. FAIRCHILD", b. Jan. 22, 1841; m. May 30, 1861 to 
Charles J. Merritt. 

(4) SARAH ANN SHEPARD', b. June 7, 1811; d. May 13, 1915. 

(5) DELIA SHEPARD^ b. Aug. 24, 1815; m. Elijah Taylor. 


(b) ELMORA TAYLOR", res., Bethel, Conn. 

(c) RICHARD D. TAYLOR", m. Louise Addis; he was killed in battle, 
(i) RICHENA TAYLOR", m. Harry Wilson; res., Danbury, Conn. 

(d) DORA TAYLOR", m. John Dormas ; res., Danbury, Conn. 

(e) SUSAN TAYLOR", m. Edward Huse; res.. Bethel, Conn, 

(A) SAM HUSE", res., Bethel, Conn. 

(B) DON HUSE", res.. Bethel, Conn. 

(6) SUSAN SHEPARD^ b. Dec. 16, 1818; m. Lyman Chipman, Apr. 14, 
1842, b. Dec, 1808; d. June 27, 1874; she d. Dec. 21, 1900. 

1323. i. NANNIE, m. Isaac Bennett. 

(1) OSCAR BENNETT^ res., Hobart, N. Y. 
1323\ ii. LUCIA, m. Jabez Foote No. 1336 (for full record see 1336). 

481. PETER FOOTE, b. Aug. 10, 1759. 

1326. iii. JERUSHA FOOTE, b. Newton, Conn., Feb. 17, 1795; m. May 20, 
1824 to Harry Newell, b. Stamford, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1794; d. Sept. 20, 
185 — ; she d. Jan. 18, 1837; res., Davenport, N. Y., and Green Bay, 

(1) CHARLES ADDISON NEWELL^ b. Oct. 23, 1825; no children. 

(2) EDWARD HARRY NEWELL^ b. Sept. 23, 1828; m. Feb. 9, 1850 to 
Adelia, dau. of Peter and Roxy Smith, b. Oct. 13, 1838 ; d. July 12, 1912 ; 
res., Davenport, N. Y. 

(a) JAMES EDWARD NEWELL", b. Oct. 22, 1859; m. Nov. 11, 1897 to 
Caroline Electa Palmer, b. July 16, 1865 ; res., Syracuse, N. Y, 
(i) CAROLINE ADELIA NEWELL", b. Sept. 19, 1904. 


(ii) JAMES EDWARD NEWELL", b. Jan. 8, 1907. 

(b) CLARA ADELIA NEWELL*, b. Mar. 1, 1868; unm. ; res., Daven- 
port, N. Y. 

(c) HARRY E. NEWELL', b. Aug. 11, 1870; m. Sept. 17, 1902 to Mable 
Thompson, b. July 9, 1879; res., Ossining, N. Y. 

(i) HARRY HUNTINGTON NEWELL*", b. Sept. 20, 1904; d. 

Mar. 24, 1914. 
(ii) EDWARD RUSSELL NEWELL*", b. Nov. 28, 1906. 
(iii) MABEL ELIZABETH NEWELL", b. Oct. 11, 1912. 

(d) BURTON ELIZABETH NEWELL', b. Apr. 27, 1876; m. May 31, 
1905 to Ethel Montgomery; she d. Nov. 24, 1911; m. 2nd, Matie Burs- 
ley, Davenport, N. Y., Dec, 1920; res., Davenport, N. Y. 

(i) HELEN NEWELL", b. Oct. 23, 1908. 

(3) RODERICK NEWELL', b. Nov. 13, 1830; unm.; d. July, 1912. 

(4) HARRIET HELENA NEWELL', b. Apr. 13, 1831; m. Dr. Henry 
Pratt, b. 1818. 

(a) REV. EDWARD PRATT', m. Agnes Welch ; res., New York, N. Y. 
(i) MARGARET LENNOX PRATT", b. Jan., 1916; m. Birle E. 
Schultz ; res.. New York, N. Y. 
1330\ i. ABIGAIL, b. Oct., 1799; m. Samuel Pulling, b. 1794; d. Dec. 9, 1851; 
she d. Jan. 8, 1860. 
(1) CHARITY PULLING', b. July 19, 1818; m. Nov. 14, 1844 to Joseph 
Griffin, b. Jan. 3, 1816; she d. Mar. 25, 1868; he d. Feb. 3, 1898. 

(a) CHARLES H. GRIFFIN', b. July 19, 1848; m. Emma Keator, b. 
July 19, 1857; she d. June 5, 1927. 

(b) OSCAR W. GRIFFIN', b. Dec. 22, 1850; d. June 18, 1918. 

(c) ALMERION A. GRIFFIN', b. Aug. 30, 1857; d. Sept. 7, 1862. 

(d) MARYETT GRIFFIN', b. July 15, 1861 ; d. Aug. 16, 1925. 

(e) ABE GRIFFIN', b. Sept. 4, 1863; d. Sept. 24, 1867. 

(f) WILLIAM M. GRIFFIN', b. Jan. 28, 1846; m. Nov. 17, 1870 to 
Carrie Davis, b. 1853; he d. May 11, 1925; she d. May 17, 1920. 

(i) ORRA A. GRIFFIN", b. June 27, 1876. 

(ii) LELAND GRIFFIN", b. June 25, 1881 ; d. Nov., 1882. 

(iii) GRACE M. GRIFFIN", b. Jan. 1, 1879; m. Dec. 28. 1904 to 

Philo D. Benedict; she d. May 5, 1920; res., Margaretsville, 

■ N. Y. 
(A) GEORGE W. BENEDICT", b. May 11, 1912. 
(iv) GEORGE ED. GRIFFIN", b. Oct. 10, 1873; m. Feb. 28, 1900 to 

Aurelia Eckert, b. July 9, 1878; res., Halcottsville, N. Y. 

(A) WALTER L. GRIFFIN", b. Mar. 3, 1909; d. Apr. 28, 1930. 

(B) WILLIAM E. GRIFFIN", b. Sept. 13, 1900; m. Jan. 15, 1927 
to Ethel A. Dean, b. Aug. 25, 1901. 

(Bl) MURIEL A. GRIFFIN*', b. May 20, 1928. 
(B2) WALTER D. GRIFFIN", b. Oct. 25, 1930. 

(g) EDWARD S. GRIFFIN', b. Jan. 29, 1849; m. Jennie M. Bolt, b. 
May 12, 1852; res., Binghamton, N. Y. 

(h) FLORENCE MARCUS GRIFFIN', b. May 2, 1887; m. Percival 
Sheldon Powers, b. Mar. 21, 1888. 
(i) EMILY LOUISE POWERS", b. Aug. 20, 1915. 


(ii) JANICE ELIZABETH POWERS", b. Aug. 8, 192L 
(i) HOWARD PARDEE GRIFFIN', M.D., b. May 21, 1890; m. Frances 
Snyder, b. Aug. 1, 1891. 

(i) JUDSON SNYDER GRIFFIN", b. Feb. 18, 1921. 
(ii) JANE GRIFFIN", b. May 22, 1923. 
(iii) FRANCES MARIE GRIFFIN", b. Dec. 4, 1925. 
(j) ALPHUS EDWARD GRIFFIN', b. Aug. 11, 1892; m. Carrie Silver, 
b. Jan. 12, 1902. 
(i) MARJORIE JANE GRIFFIN", b. Nov. 15, 1921. 

(2) ADELIA PULLING', unm. 

(3) ANNE ELIZA PULLING', m. Hiram Griffin, 
(a) GILBERT GRIFFIN^ res., LaPlume, Pa. 

(4) MARY ANNE PULLING', m. John Phybe; no children. 

(5) SARAH CAROLINE PULLING', b. June 24, 1831 ; m. Edward Hinkley, 
b. Dec. 3, 1830; d. Mar. 11, 1911; she d. Jan. 2, 1894. 

(a) JOHN B. HINKLEY", b. Oct. 20, 1856; m. 1st, Emily Keaton; m. 
2nd, Prudence O'Connor. 

(i) EVERETT HINKLEY", res., Roxbury, N. Y. 

(ii) ELLA HINKLEY", res., Kingston, N. Y. 


(iv) MAE HINKLEY", res., Denver, N. Y. 


(vi) VERTIE HINKLEY", res., Halcottsville, N. Y. 

(b) EPHRIAM D. HINKLEY^ b. Sept. 25, 1859; d. Feb. 15, 1860. 

(c) ABRAM D. HINKLEY^ b. Sept. 25, 1859; d. Feb. 23, 1860. 

(d) ELMER E. HINKLEY", b. Aug. 3, 1862; d. Oct. 1, 1863. 

(e) GRANT HINKLEY', b. Nov. 25, 1864; d. Jan. 12, 1901; he m. Ida B. 


(ii) JOHN S. HINKLEY", res., Bloomville, N. Y. 

(iii) MYRTLE HINKLEY", res., Bovina, N. Y. 

(iv) HAROLD S. HINKLEY", res., Roxbury, N. Y. 

(v) ANGIE HINKLEY", res., Hobart, N. Y. 

(vi) CARROLL G. HINKLEY", res., Roxbury, N. Y. 

(f) MARY A. HINKLEY', b. July 17, 1865; d. June 20, 1875. 

(g) EVERETT E. HINKLEY', b. Mar. 15, 1868; m. ; d. Feb. 21, 


(h) WINFIELD SCOTT HINKLEY', b. Nov. 3, 1871; m. Dec. 11, 
1895 to Mary A. Cantwell ; res., Roxbury, N. Y. 
(i) WINFIELD SCOTT HINKLEY", b. Nov. 26, 1901 ; m. Aug. 
24, 1923 to Mary E. Morse. 
(A) WINFIELD MORSE HINKLEY", b. Sept. 19, 1929. 
(iii) FREDA M. HINKLEY", b. Feb. 11, 1903; m. Sept. 5, 1923 to 
Waldo Parsons. 
(A) ROBERT HINKLEY", b. Sept. 14, 1924; res., Margaretville, 
N. Y. 

(6) AUGUSTA PULLING', m. Urial Bouton. 


(b) SCHEULER BOUTON', res., Oneonta, N. Y. 



(d) SQUIRE BOUTON', three children. 

(7) ABRAM C. PULLING', Co. H, 144th N. Y. S. V.; d. at Finley Hos- 
pital, Washington, D. C, May 11, 1865; was bur. in the U. S. National 
Cemetery, Arlington. Va., Grave 108, Range 12, Block 2, Sec. B. 



(b) CROSBY PULLING', druggist in Connecticut. 

(c) JOHN PULLING", res., Connecticut. 

1338. viii. BETTY ANN, d. June 14, 1851 ; m. Edmund, son of Elihu and Eliza- 
beth (Rich) Meigs; he d. 1856. 

(1) ELIZABETH ADA MEIGS', d. Feb. 16, 1839; m. Jan. 1, 1834 to R. J. 

(2) AMELIA ANN MEIGS", m. Dr. Samuel H. Chase, of Oneonta, N. Y.; 
she d. Dec. 11, 1897. 

(a) DR. MEIGS CHASE", b. 1836; surgeon in 43rd N. Y. Regt. for 
three years in Civil War. 

(3) LUCRETIA A. MEIGS', m. May 17, 1846 to J. C. Wells; she d. Mar. 16, 

(7) MARIA L. MEIGS', d. June 10, 1835. 

(8) HELEN MEIGS', m. Peyton R. Storrs ; she d. Mar. 24, 1850. 

(9) MARY MEIGS', d. Apr. 14, 1850. 

(10) GEORGE F. MEIGS', d. Oct. 1, 1869; cashier of Citizens Bank, Fulton, 
N. Y. 
1340. i. BETSEY, m. at Sunderland, Vt., Aug. 15, 1802 to Elijah Bartlitt. 
1350. i. ABIGAIL, m. Capt. Daniel Averill, No. 628 in "Averill Genealogy." 
(1) RALPH AVERILL', b. Dec. 2, 1817. 

1356. iv. MARTHA, d. July 23. 1867. 

508. BRONSON FOOTE, m. Thankful, dau. of Timothy and Sarah Pond. 


(a) G. S. JOHNSON", res., York, Wis., P. O. Colenburg, Route No. 4. 

1400. ii. JOHN STANLEY, m. , 2825. 

1402. iv. WALTER, b. 1801 ; m. Tamezin Ford, 2826"'. i 

1403. v. HENRY JARVIS, b. Aug. 22, 1805 ; m. Maria Wilkinson, 2829-^'. j 
1409. ix. MOSES R., b. Oct. 19, 1812; m. Maria Palmer and Mary Lockwood, ! 


522. AARON FOOTE was a man of great force and vigor, originally a wagon 
maker by trade, but afterwards an extensive farmer and woolen manufacturer, and 
amassed a considerable fortune, which he afterwards lost in the financial crisis that 
followed the War of 1812. Again turning his attention to mechanics he became the ' 
inventor of the original threshing-machine, from which the great modern improve- 
ments in this department have sprung. 
1419. i. POLLY MARY, d. July 3, 1804. 
1421. iii. ELISHA S., b. Oct. 10, 1802; d. Aug. 23, 1803. 

1427. ix. FEDIDA ANN FOOTE, b. Williamstown, Mass., Oct. 12, 1813; m. 
Nov. 14, 1833 to Isaac Newton Thompson, of Midfield, Ohio; b. June 18, 
1805; d. Apr. 5, 1882; she d. Feb. 28, 1868. 
(1) JOHN THOMPSON', b. May 29, 1837; d. June 28, 1850. 


(2) HENRY THOMPSON^ b. Oct. 20, 1840; m. Eliza Jane Poe, b. 1843; d. 
Dec. 25, 1887; m. 2nd, Eugene Dquibb. 

(a) JOHN ANDREW THOMPSON^ b. Feb. 25, 1867; m. July, 1896 to 
Lois Belle Cory ; lawyer ; he d. ; res., Cleveland, Ohio. 

(i) DEBORAH THOMPSON", b. Dec. 25, 1900. 

(b) AGNES THOMPSON^ b. Dec, 1869. 

(c) JAMES THOMPSON^ b. Oct. 1, 1871. 

(d) CHRISTINE THOMPSON", b. Feb. 22, 1875; d. Sept., 1884. 

(3) SARAH THOMPSON', b. Jan. 6, 1844; m. Tuttle ; m. 2nd, 

James; she d. Apr. 13, 1909. 

(a) WILLIAM RANSOM TUTTLE', b. Oct. 10, 1868; m. Lesbia. dau. 
of David and Rachael Beardsley ; A.M. (Columbia), Ph.D. (Yale). 
(i) HELEN SALOME TUTTLE", b. June 28, 1903. 
1482. ii. CYNTHIA ANN, b. Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 28, 1833; m. Feb. 19, 
1849 to Frederick Baggs, son of Andrew and Frances (Straughn) 
Baggs, of Maryland; d. Aug. 7, 1899; she d. Jan. 13, 1913; res. and 
bur. Indianapolis, Ind. 

(1) FRANCES MARY BAGGS', b. Dec. 1, 1856; m. Sept. 12, 1877 to Joseph 
Wright Beck, son of Samuel and Nancy (TuUey) Beck, of Indianapolis, 
Ind. ; res., Indianapolis, Ind. ; she d. Dec. 26, 1923 ; bur. Indianapolis, Ind. 

(a) ANNA LOUISE BECK" b. Feb. 20, 1879; m. Sept. 29, 1908 to 
Harvey Cavendish Darrell, son of Stewart and Josephine Sterett 
(Winder) Darrell, of Bermuda, and Baltimore, Md. ; res., Baltimore, 

(i) SON", d. infancy Nov. 3, 1909. 

(ii) JOSEPH CAVENDISH DARRELL", b. Oct. 22, 1910. 
(iii) FRANCIS STERETT DARRELL", b. June 9, 1912. 
(iv) NANCY STEWART DARRELL", b. Feb. 11, 1916. 

(b) FREDERICK B. BECK", b. Oct. 17, 1881 ; m. South Orange, N. J., 
Oct. 27, 1922 to Holly DuBose Brown, b. Mar. 1, 1892, dau. of Albertus 
and Eliza Holly DuBose, of Sumter, S. C. 

(i) FREDERICK BAGGS BECK", b. Mar. 14, 1925. 
(ii) HOLLY DUBOSE BECK", b. Apr. 3, 1928. 

(2) ALBERT HUGHLETT BAGGS^ b. Jan. 9, 1869; d. Aug. 27, 1861. 

(3) ANNA WOODBURN BAGGS', b. Apr. 11, 1862; m. Mar. 31, 1891 to 
Louis Adolph Koehne, son of Charles and Wilhelmina (Fritche) Koehne, 
of Indianapolis, Ind. ; he d. Nov. 8, 1918. 

(a) JOHN LAWRENCE KOEHNE". b. May 24, 1896; m. Feb. 5, 1918 
to Laura Mae Blue, dau. of Perry H. and Lulu (Thompson) Blue, of 
Indianapolis, Ind. ; res., New York, N. Y. 

(i) JOHN LAWRENCE KOEHNE", JR., b. Oct. 3, 1921. 
(ii) RICHARD SPERRY KOEHNE", b. July 8, 1923. 

(b) CARL FREDERICK KOEHNE", b. Dec. 4, 1897; d. Apr. 2, 1901. 
1487. iii. MARY ESTHER, m. No. 220, "Woodhull Genealogy," b. July 31, 1788. 

(1) W. STEPHEN WOODHULL', m. Nov. 22, 1835 to Adeline Ryer; she 
d. Feb. 28, 1845. 

(a) WILLIAM HENRY WOODHULL", b. Nov. 3, 1836; d. Nov. 24, 

(b) JAMES E. WOODHULL", b. Nov. 3, 1839; d. Nov. 18, 1839. 


(c) JULIA FRANCES WOODHULL", b. Nov. 17, 1840. 

(d) CHARLES AUGUSTUS WOODHULL', b. June 25, 1843. 
(2) J. FOSTER WOODHULL^ m. S. Frances Squires, b. May 31, 1827; d. 

Feb. 17, 1862; he d. Nov. 17, 1894. 

(a) ELLEN SQUIRES WOODHULL', b. July 19, 1848; m. Oct. 8, 1867 
to William English Mickle. 

(i) ELLEN WOODHULL MICKLE'", b. Dec. 24, 1868; d. Nov. 

11, 1874. 
(ii) WILLIAM ENGLISH MICKLE'", b. Aug. 21, 1872. 
(iii) LOUIE GORHAM MICKLE", b. Nov. 18, 1874. 
(iv) MATY C. MICKLE'", b. July 5, 1877; m. Dec. 23, 1902 to 

David Wheeler, 
(v) CARO MICKLE'", b. Oct. 3, 1880. 
(vi) JOSEPHINE BELTON MICKLE'", b. Feb. 19. 1884. 

(b) CHARLES WYATT WOODHULL", b. Sept. 15, 1852; d. July 22, 

(c) HENRY ARTHUR WOODHULL", b. July 4, 1855; m. Kate 
Taylor ; he d. Jan., 1884. 

(d) JAMES SQUIRES WOODHULL", b. Dec. 9, 1857; d. Oct. 28, 1899. 

1495. iv. CHARLES, m. Anna Lawrence, 2445-49. 

1496. V. CHAUNCY, m. Eliza Bicknell, 2978-79. 
1499. viii. WILLIAM C, m. Sally P. Bromley, 6195-6200. 

568. JOHN FOOTE (196, 54, 15, 5, 1), b. Jan. 30, 1763. 

1522'. WILLIAM FOOTE, res. about 14 miles from Buffalo, N. Y. 
1522=. ii. JOHN, m. Charlotte Hurlburt, 3013'-^ 

1522'. iii. ANNA FOOTE, m. 1809 to Thomas Bartholomew, b. June 8, 1788, 
at Whitehall, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 20, 1877; she d. 1819. 

(1) ANNICE BARTHOLOMEW', b. Aug. 23, 1811 (see "Bartholomew 

(2) HARVEY BARTHOLOMEW', b. Mar. 20, 1813; d. Feb., (see 

"Bartholomew Genealogy" ) . 

(3) ORANGE ADAMS BARTHOLOMEW^ b. at Whitehall, N. Y., May 15, 
1815; m. at Whitehall, N. Y., Sept. 13, 1837 to Sarah Chapin Wright, b. 
Whitehall, N. Y., Sept. 24, 1816; d. Jonesville, Mich., Sept. 22, 1895. 

(a) EUGENE CARLOS BARTHOLOMEW", b. at Hanover, Mich.. 
Jan. 3. 1839; m. Feb. 11, 1870 to Elizabeth Ellen Morley, d. Mar. 15. 
1917; he d. at Austin, Tex., Oct. 27, 1923; one son. 

(b) LORAIN PHEBE BARTHOLOMEW", b. Oct. 6, 1840; m. Wm. H. 
Sinclair, d. Jan. 11. 1897; she d. Aug. 15. 1895. at Galveston, Tex.; 
three boys. 

(c) ALICE SARAH BARTHOLOMEW", b. Hanover, Mich., June 15, 
1843; m. Geo. W. Bullock, d. at Kalamazoo, Mich., Feb. 16, 1889; she i 
d. July 14, 1906, at Kalamazoo. Mich. 

(d) FRANCES ELLA BARTHOLOMEW", b. Hanover, Mich., Sept. 5, 
1845; m. Burrett E. Durand, d. at Boerne, Tex., May 26, 1876; no 
children. Mrs. Durand gave this copy ; res., Iowa City, la. 

(e) ORANGE ARTHUR BARTHOLOMEW", b. Hanover, Mich.. 
Aug. 17, 1848; d. Dec. 7, 1884, Jonesville, Mich. 


(f) HENRY MARCELLUS BARTHOLOMEW, b. Jonesville, Mich., 
Dec. 28, 1850 ; d. Oct. 13, 1869, at Jonesville, Mich. 

(g) HERBERT ELMER BARTHOLOMEW, b. Jonesville, Mich., Sept. 
16, 1853; d. Feb. 7, 1869; res., Jonesville, Mich. 

(h) MARY GERTRUDE BARTHOLOMEW, b. Jonesville, Mich., 
Sept. 17, 1856; m. F. W. Bissner; d. at Galveston, May 4, 1905; res., 
Iowa City, la. 
(i) PERCIE ELOISE BARTHOLOMEW, b. Jonesville, Mich., Dec. 29, 
1860; m. at Kalamazoo, Mich., Nov. 30, 1895 to Adelbert Eugene 
Wisner, b. Feb. 2, 1852; d. at Jonesville, Mich., Mar. 11, 1914; no 
children ; res., Jonesville, Mich. 
(4) SAMUEL BARTHOLOMEW, b. May 16, 1817 (see "Bartholomew 
1522*. ii. JULIANA ARABELLA, b. Dec. 12, 1795; m. Oct. 30, 1811 to Amos 
Manville, b. Whitehall, N. Y., Apr. 6, 1786, son of Daniel and Hannah 
(Sherman) Manville, of Woodbury, Conn.; she d. May 8, 1875; he d. 
Nov. 5, 1829. He was captain of sloop troup that carried soldiers from 
Whitehall to Plattsburg, War of 1812. 

(1) CELIA MANVILLE^ b. Sept. 21, 1813; m. Feb. 10, 1833 to Byron 
Lothrope Harlew, b. 1810. 

(a) ANNIS J. HARLOW", b. Nov. 15, 1836; m. Baker; res., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

(b) FRANCIS HARLOW, b. Aug. 10, 1840; d. Aug. 19, 1913; farmer. 

(c) BYRON AMOS HARLOW^ b. June 14, 1843; d. June 8. 1924. 

(d) FREDERICK MANVILLE HARLOW, b. Nov. 6, 1855; d. Oct., 
1903, at Spring, Mich.; principal of high school for 15 years. 

(2) TAYLOR MANVILLE', b. Aug. 21, 1816; m. 1st, June 28, 1843 to 
Amanda Bartholomew, b. May 3, 1821 ; d. Oct. 31, 1859 : m. 2nd, Apr. 22, 
1862 to Viola Antoinette Hulet, b. Oct. 14, 1836; he d. Oct. 2, 1879, at 
Whitehall, N. Y. ; she d. Dec. 9, 1923 ; res., Whitehall, N. Y. 

(a) ORVILLE AMOS MANVILLE", b. June 28, 1844; m. Nov. 6, 1872 
to Dolly Spencer ; he d. Mar. 13, 1922, at Whitehall, N. Y. 

(i) GERTRUDE MANVILLE'", b. Jan. 10, 1874; m. Jan. 14, 1896 
to Rye Elliott, b. Oct. 29, 1850; res., Mt. Clair, N. Y. 

(A) CATHARINE ELLIOTT", b. Jan. 2, 1900, New York, N. Y. 

(B) MARGARET ELLIOTT", b. July 3, 1902, New York, N. Y. 

(b) SHERMAN MANVILLE", b. May 17, 1846; m. June 15. 1870 to 
Nettie Chapman ; he d. June, 1899 ; res., Whitehall, N. Y. 


(ii) ELISHA MANVILLE", d. Nov., 1903 ; unm. 

(c) LEMMA BISHOP MANVILLE", b. Apr. 24, 1852; m. Dec. 28, 1881, 
at Granville, N. Y., to Mary Willett ; he d. Oct. 3, 1917; res.. New- 
port News, Va. 

(i) WILLIAM WILLETT MANVILLE"; m. Alice Carmen. 

Springfield, Mass. 
(ii) ANNA BISHOP MANVILLE", b. Apr. 23, 1890; m. Nov. 14, 

1912 to George Parker, b. May 22, 1888; res., Newport News, 



(A) MAY ANNETTE PARKER", b. Sept. 7, 1913, at Newport 
News, Va. 

(B) ELIZABETH MANVILLE PARKER", b. Sept. 24, 1915, 
at Newport News, Va. 

(d) FRANCIS MANVILLE', b. Nov., 1850. 

(e) AMANDA E. MANVILLE', b. Apr. 19, 1863; m. June 15, 1890 to 
Walter M. Dickson, b. Oct. 16, 1860; res., Scranton, Pa. 

(i) GEORGE M. DICKSON", b. May 18, 1894. 

(ii) KATHRYN DICKSON", b. Sept. 15, 1895; d. ae. 9 months. 

(f) EDWARD PERCIVAL MANVILLE', b. Nov. 28, 1864; m. Sept. 

28, 1893 to Anna B. Wilkens, b. Aug. 23, , dau. of Wm. Albert and 

Harriet E. (Griswold) Wilkens; druggist; d. June 25, 1923; res., 
Whitehall, N. Y. 

(g) FREDERICK MANVILLE", b. Dec. 25, 1866; m. Nov. 11, 1896 to 
Clara L. Johnson, b. Nov. 26, 1868, dau. of Samuel and Rebecca 
(Teel) Johnson. Mrs. Manville is a direct descendant from Nathaniel 
Foote, through his dau. Rebecca, who m. Lieut. Philip Smith ; her 
grandfather being Phineas Johnson, son of Rev. Phineas Johnson, a 
grandson of Rev. Judah Nash, the son of Prudence Smith, who was 
granddau. of Rebecca Foote. She is a member of the Colonial Dames 
of America, Daughter of Colonial Wars in Massachusetts, Daughter 
of Founders and Patriots, Daughter of the American Revolution ; res., 
Newport News, Va. 

(i) RUTH VIOLA MANVILLE", b. Apr. 26, 1898; m. at Newport 
News, Va., May 28, 1918 to Eugene Francis Dugger, b. June 25, 
1898, at Greenville, Tenn. ; res., Newport News, Va. 

(A) FRANCES ELIZABETH DUGGER", b. Dec. 23, 1919, at 
Newport News, Va. 

(B) CLARA LOUISE DUGGER", b. Dec. 4, 1920, at Newport 

News, Va. 

(C) RUTH MANVILLE DUGGER", b. Nov. 12, 1922, at New- 
port News, Va. 

(D) ELLEN LIVEZEY DUGGER", b. Nov. 5, 1927. 

(E) JEAN FOWLER DUGGER", b. Dec. 22, 1930. 

(ii) GRACE REBECCA MANVILLE", b. June 6, 1900; m. Jan. 16, 
1923 to Baker P. Lee Scott, son of Benjamin T. and Sallie E. 
(Downes) Scott, of Eastville, Va., b. Oct. 29, 1897; res., New- 
port News, Va. 

(A) BAKER P. LEE SCOTT", JR., b. Feb. 1, 1924. 

(B) GRACE MANVILLE SCOTT", b. Aug. 8, 1927. 

(C) EMILY THOMAS SCOTT", b. Nov. 22, 1929. 

(h) JAMES OLIVER MANVILLE', b. May 16, 1870; d. July 3, 1871. 
(i) GEORGE E. MANVILLE', b. Dec. 3, 1872; res., Whitehall, N. Y. 
(j) ALENA VIOLA MANVILLE', b. Feb. 6, 1877; gave this copy; 
res., Whitehall, N. Y. 

(3) ESBON MANVILLE', b. Feb. 16, 1819; m. Lucilla ; res.. West 

Chicago, 111. 





(4) CYRENA MANVILLE^ b. July 13, 1821; m. June 9, 1847 to Dernis 
Chapman, b. Apr. 18, 1821 ; res., Whitehall, N. Y. 

(a) CHARLES CHAPMAN', b. June 15, 1848; m. 1st, Dec. 21, 1871 
to Annie M. Wilson, b. May 3, 1849; m. 2nd, May 14, 1884 to Julia 
Wisley, b. Apr. 14, 1856; res., Whitehall, N. Y. 

(i) HERBERT CHAPMAN'", b. Feb. 2, 1874. 
(ii) ANNA CHAPMAN'", b. Mar. 13, 1879. 
(iii) KENNETH B. CHAPMAN", b. June 10, 1880. 
(iv) HAZEL CHAPMAN'", b. Oct. 18, 1888. 
(v) ORVILLE CHAPMAN'", b. Feb. 28, 1885. 

(b) MYRIA CHAPMAN^ b. Nov. 2, 1849; m. Nov. 9, 1870 to Alanson 
Clark, b. Aug. 4, 1844; res., Whitehall, N. Y. 

(i) AUGUSTA CLARK'", b. Mar. 6, 1872; m. Sept. 15, 1915 to 

Myron Wisley, b. Oct. 4, 1862. 
(ii) HERMIE JESSIE CLARK'", b. Oct. 3, 1877; m. Jan. 18, 1899 

to Fred Foote No. 6666, b. Oct. 19, 1844. 
(iii) FRANKIE MARIE CLARK'", b. Aug. 11, 1873; m. Feb. 19, 

1897 to Norman Smith, b. Mar. 27, 1874. 
(iv) CHARLES EDGAR CLARK'", b. Feb. 3, 1883; m. Aug. 29, 

1906 to Maud Kilburn, b. Dec. 25, 1881. 
(v) JACOB LORENZO CLARK'", b. Aug. 25, 1875; m. Feb. 15, 

1905 to Addie Virgel, b. May 2, 1884. 

(5) ROLLIN MANVILLE^ b. Nov. 6, 1824; res., Carbondale, Pa. 

(a) C. ROLLIN MANVILLE*, res.. New York, N. Y. 

(b) WILLIS MANVILLE^ m. May Baker; res., Carbondale, Pa. 

(c) FLORENCE MANVILLE", m. David Zieley, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(6) SARAH MANVILLE^ m. Caswell Wright, b. Oct. 12, 1829. 



1522°. V. DAVID, carpenter and contractor; res., Toledo, Ohio. 
1522°. vi. ANNA, m. Barber; res., Pontiac, Mich. 


1522'. vii. SALLIE. 

1527. v. MARIE ANTONETTE, of Brandford, Conn., b. May 29, 1800; m. 

Oct. 1, 1818 to Capt. Dudley Clark, b. Haddam, Conn., Mar. 5, 1790; 

d. Oct. 3, 1872 ; a soldier of the War of 1812 ; she d. Nov., 1875 ; res., 

Haddam, Conn. Farmer, captain State Militia under Governor Wol- 

cott ; bur. in Tylerville Cemetery, Haddam, Conn. 

(1) HENRY HOBART CLARK', b. Apr. 10, 1819; m. Nov. 16, 1870 to 

Frances Selden Ventres, dau. of David B. Ventres, b. June 19, 1842 ; d. 

Feb. 18, 1919 ; he d. Mar. 4, 1900 ; member of the State Legislature, 1868- 

70 ; res., Haddam, Conn. ; she was bur. New Britain, Conn. 

(a) VENTRES ARNOLD CLARKE', b. Aug. 29, 1871; res.. New 
Britain, Conn. 

(b) CLAUDE DENNISON CLARKE', b. June 1, 1873; res., Akron, 


(c) FRANK DUDLEY CLARKE', b. Sept. 25, 1875; m. June 12, 1906 to 
Edith May Young, dau. of George and Edith May (Swain) Young; 
res., Kensington, Conn. 

(i) EDITH YOUNG CLARKE^ b. May 16, 1907. 
(ii) HENRY HUDSON CLARKE", b. Oct. 9, 1909. 
(iii) BRADFORD DUDLEY CLARKE'", b. Jan. 12, 1912. 

(d) SHEFFIELD HENRY CLARKE^ b. Apr. 26, 1879; m. Oct. 1. 1907 
to Gertrude Louise Monier, b. Jan. 10, 1881, dau. of Frederick C. 
and Elizabeth (Christmas) Monier; res., 201 Bassett St., New Britain, 
Conn. Artist ; he gave copy, also gave me the coat of arms painting. 

(i) ROBERT MONIER CLARKE'", b. May 3, 1911. 
(ii) HELEN ELIZABETH CLARKE'", b. Nov. 25, 1913. 

(e) ALEXIS LUZERNE CLARKE*, b. July 19, 1883; m. Jan. 29, 1905 to 

Maude Potter, b. Apr. 17, , dau. of Oliver and Elizabeth (Nile) 

Potter. ; res., Crosswicks, N. J. 

(i) FRANCES VENTRES CLARKE", b. Nov. 18, 1905. 
(ii) ELIZABETH POTTER CLARKE", b. Aug. 20, 1907. 
(iii) ALEXIS LUZERNE CLARKE", JR., b. Feb. 9, 1910. 
(iv) OLIVER FRANK CLARKE", b. Oct. 15, 1915. 

(2) GEORGE SHEFFIELD CLARKE^ b. Aug. 21, 1822; m. Feb. 27, 1867 
to Victoria Sumner, b. Mar. 8, 1841; he d. Nov. 21, 1903; res., Akron, 

(a) MAY CLARK', b. Mar. 17, 1868; m. Aug. 24, 1887 to Ellsworth R. 
Bathrick, b. Jan. 6, 1863, son of Sumner Bathrick; was serving his 
third term in Congress when he d. Dec. 23, 1917 ; res., Akron, Ohio 

(b) CLYDE SUMNER CLARIC, b. Jan. 8, 1876; m. Nov. 28, 1916 to 
Mabel David, b. 1883, dau. of A. C. Davis, of Laconia, N. H. 

(3) CAPT. LEWIS CLARKE^ b. Haddam, Conn., June 7, 1825 ; m. Jan. 1, 
1851 to Grace E. Fowler, b. Northford, Conn., Feb. 13, 1832; d. Mar. 3, 
1897; dau. of Horace and Cornelia (Hubbard) Fowler. Captain of sailing 
vessel in the coast trade; he d. Nov. 7, 1889; bur. Tylerville ; res., Tyler- 
ville. Conn. 

(a) GRACE CAROLINE CLARK', b. Nov. 26, 1851 ; d. Nov. 26, 1901 ; 
m. Mar. 30, 1868 to William E. Brockett, b. Apr. 1, 1844, son of 
William and Louisa (Eaton) Brockett; G. A. R., Admiral Foote 
Post, and S. A. R. ; res.. Station A, New Haven, Conn, 
(i) WALTER DUDLEY BROCKETT", b. Dec. 18, 1869. 
(ii) FRANK SHELTON BROCKETT", b. Sept. 25, 1871; m. 
May 25, 1899 to Grace Pierpoint, b. Nov. 16, 1877, dau. of Jos. 
and Hattie (Brockett) Pierpoint, of North Haven, Conn.; res.. 
North Haven, Conn. 

(A) JOHN PIERPOINT BROCKETT", b. Mar. 14, 1900, at 
New York, N. Y. 

(B) DANIEL RICHARDS BROCKETT", b. Aug. 13, 1902, at 

Morgantown, W. Va. 

(C) GRACE CAROLINE BROCKETT", b. Sept. 7, 1905, at 

Parkersburg, W. Va. 

(D) MARY LAIRD BROCKETT", b. June 3, 1907, at Ottawa, 


(iii) ETHEL BROCKETT", b. Mar. 18, 1880; d. July 26, 1880. 

(iv) CLARENCE BROCKETT'", b. May 4, 1881 ; m. Apr. 10, 1913 
to Rosena K. Miller, b. May 31, 1885; dau. of Jacob C. and 
Marie M. (Ott) Miller, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; res., Niantic, 

(A) WILLIAM ALDEN BROCKETT", b. Feb. 22, 1914, at 
Chicago, 111. 

(B) PAUL EATON BROCKETT", b. Feb. 8, 1917, at New 
London, Conn. 

(C) CLAIRE LOUISA BROCKETT", b. Mar. 1, 1919, at New 

Haven, Conn, 
(v) LAWRENCE BROCKETT" (twin), b. May 4, 1881. 
(vi) ORRIS BROCKETT", b. Oct. 20, 1882; d. Oct. 26, 1892. 
(vii) BENJAMIN BROCKETT", b. May 6, 1891 ; m. Aug. 1, 1916. 

(b) ANNA CLARKE^ b. Haddam, Conn., Jan. 26, 1854 ; m. June 20, 1876 
to Meri Newcomb, b. Parkman, Ohio, June 20, 1848; d. Oct. 9, 1918; 
bur. Tylerville, Conn. Mr. Newcomb was cashier for Aultman, Miller 
& Co., later office manager for Pittsburg Plate Glass Co., plant at 
Charleroi, Pa. She res. Tylerville, Conn., and Tarentum, Pa. ; gave 
this copy. 

(i) EDITH NEWCOMB", b. Akron, Ohio, July 13, 1878; m. June 
20, 1899 to William Barnes, b. Oran, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1872, son 
of Duane D. and Emma Woodward Barnes ; graduate of Cornell 
University, class of '95 ; superintendent of Works No. 1 of Pitts- 
burg Plate Glass Co. ; res., Tarentum, Pa. 

(A) HILDA BARNES", b. Charleroi, Pa., Jan. 23, 190i ; grad- 
uate of Smith College, class of '22. 

(B) EDITH BARNES", b. Creighton, Pa., Sept. 7, 1903; art stu- 
dent of Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, N. Y., 1923. 

(c) MARIE ANTOINETTE CLARK", b. Jan. 6, 1852; d. Jan. 6, 1896, 
m. Dec. 31, 1874 to Edward Oilman, b. May 7, 1848; d. Feb. 20, 1923; 
son of Alfred and Dorcas (Gibson) Oilman, of Lowell, Mass.; res.. 
New Haven, Conn. 

(i) GRACE OILMAN", b. Apr. 22, 1878; m. Dec. 29, 1918 to 
Charles A. Cowles, b. Sept. 28, 1858, son of George P. and 
Charlotte Abernethy Cowles ; res., Ansonia, Conn. 

(d) HENRY HOBART CLARK', b. Nov. 25, 1858; d. Apr. 13, 1903; m. 
Jan. 10, 1881 to Mary Brockett, b. Feb. 1, 1859, dau. of Albert and 
Betsey (Barnes) Brockett, of Fair Haven, Conn.; res., Fair Haven, 

(i) LEWIS CLARKE", b. Sept. 16, 1883, at North Branford, Conn.; 
m. Jan. 31, 1914 to Mae Schroeder, b. May 10, 1888, dau. of 
Albert and Emma (Meyer) Schroeder, of New Haven, Conn.; 
res., North Haven, Conn. 

(ii) CLAYTON CLARK", b. Aug. 6, 1885; m. June 25, 1917 to 
Mary Morrissey, b. Sept. 7, 1885, dau. of Anthony and Rose 
(Duggan) Morrissey, of East Hampton, Conn.; res., New Haven, 
(A) NERI CLARKE", b. Apr. 18, 1918, at New Haven, Conn. 


(B) WILLIAM LEWIS CLARKE", b. May 10, 1920; d. Nov. 10, 

1921, at New Haven, Conn. 

(C) XAVIER CLARKE", b. Aug. 27, 1922, at New Haven, Conn, 
(iii) NERI CLARKE", b. Aug. 21, 1889; World War engineer on 

(iv) DAU., not named, b. Apr. 28, 1893. 

(e) FREDERICK ELLIOTT CLARKE\ b. May 20, 1861; m. Nov. 9, 
1887 to Mary Humiston, b. July 12, 1858; d. Aug. 17, 1913, dau. of 
Roswell and Mary (Pratt) Humiston, of Derby, Conn.; res., Haddam, 
Conn., R. D. 

(i) HOWARD CLARKE", b. June 25, 1888; d. Oct. 9, 1921, in 
World War. 

(ii) FREDERICK CLARKE", b. July 16, 1892; m. Apr. 19, 1919 to 
Kathrine Lauzo, b. Nov. 10, 1898, dau. of John and Kathrine 
(McLaugo) Lauzo; res.. New Haven, Conn. 

(f) NELLIE CLARKE', b. Aug. 12, 1863; d. Feb. 12, 1865, at East 
Haddam, Conn. 

(g) VICTORIA CLARKE^ b. July 14, 1865; m. Nov. 10, 1885 to Mer- 
ritt Parker, b. Oct. 14, 1861, son of Handel and Sophia (Southworth) 
Parker ; res., Deep River, Conn. 

(i) MAE SOPHIA PARKER", b. Nov. 13, 1886; bookkeeper, 
(ii) RUTH ELLEN PARKER", b. May 24, 1889; m. June 1, 1921 
to Samuel Marvin, Jr., son of Samuel and Sarah (Johnson) 
Marvin, of Wilton, Conn. ; res., Albany, N. Y. 
(h) LOLA FOWLER CLARKE', b. Oct. 12, 1868; m. June 28, 1890 to 
Dr. Edwin H. Bidwell, b. Aug. 28, 1859, son of Edwin and Maria 
(Lee) Bidwell; res.. East Haddam, Conn., and Niles, Mich, 
(i) HELEN LEE BIDWELL", b. Aug. 16, 1894; composer of 

(ii) EDWIN CLARKE BIDWELL", b. June 27, 1897; World 
War, quartermaster in Navy, 
(i) NINA ELIZABETH CLARKE', b. Aug. 7, 1870; m. Nov. 3, 1890 
to Charles S. Gates, of Old Saybrook, Conn.; judge of the Probate 
Court at Saybrook, Conn. 

(i) OILMAN CLARKE GATES", b. Oct. 17, 1894; law student, 
(ii) LOLA LOUISE GATES", b. Mar. 4, 1903; kindergarten 
teacher ; she is m. 
(j) ARTHUR MERWIN CLARKE', b. June 29, 1872; m. May 6, 1897 
to Clara B. Bailey, b. Oct. 10, 1878, dau. of George F. and Alice A. 
(Dickinson) Bailey, all of Haddam, Conn. He is m. again, 
(i) VERA CLARKE", b. Sept. 27, 1899; d. Sept. 27, 1899. 
(ii) HAROLD CLARKE", b. Aug. 18, 1903 ; d. Apr. 21, 1904. 
(4) DUDLEY CLARKE', b. Sept. 4, 1827; m. Emma Buckingham. 
(10) LUZERNE FOOTE CLARK', b. Oct. 7, 1839; m. Betsey Fowler, b. 
Oct. 26, 1839; d. Sept. 7, 1928; he d. Sept. 21, 1907; res., Agawam, Mass. 
(a) CLARA MARIA CLARK', b. Nov. 9, 1863; m. Dec. 24, 1889 to 
Ralph Mcintosh Wilcox, son of Horace and Flavia (Mcintosh) 
Wilcox; she d. Apr. 13, 1914; he d. Mar. 19, 1932. 


(i) HORACE WILCOX", b. Sept. 14, 1890; World War aviator, 

overseas service, 
(ii) BESSIE WILCOX, b. Mar. 31, 1894; World War, Y. M. C. A.; 

m. H. Virgintus Leonard, b. July 2, 1890, son of Charles T. and 

Anne (Budelman) Leonard, 
(iii) ROBERT McINTOSH WILCOX", b. Jan. 16, 1896; World 

War, corporal in Co. F, 102nd Inf., U. S. A. ; d. in France, bur. in 

grave No. 308; section H, plot 6, American Cemetery No. 608, 

Seringes-et Neles, Aisne. 
(iv) VALERIA PITKIN WILCOX", b. Mar. 31, 1898; m. June 17. 

1922 to Carl Otto Winter, b. Feb. 8, 1900, son of Charles Otto 

and Helena (Spleidt) Winter. 

(A) WILLIAM WILCOX WINTER", b. Feb. 3, 1926. 

(B) JUDITH CLARKE WINTER", b. Nov. 3, 1930. 

(b) VALERIA LEONARD CLARK', b. July 7, 1865; m. June 30, 1892 
James Albert Pitkin ; res., Wethersfield, Conn. ; insurance business. 

(c) JOSEPH DUDLEY CLARK", b. Oct. 28, 1866; m. June 2, 1897 to 
Mary Helen Maitland ; res., Old Town, Me. 

(i) DAVID MAITLAND CLARKE", m. Bernice Snow, Feb., 1931. 
(A) EDWIN KEITH CLARKE", b. Mar. 9, 1932. 

(d) ETHEL LYNN CLARK^ b. Aug. 18, 1868; m. Aug. 18, 1896 to 
Edwin Hugh Crosby, b. Oct. 23, 1870, son of Lincoln E. Crosby, of 
Glastonbury, Conn. ; res., Manchester, Conn. 

(i) LINCOLN LUZERNE CROSBY", b. Aug. 12, 1897; m. Aug. 

27, 1921 to Edith Anderson, b. July 3, 1897, dau. of Andrew 

Gustaf Anderson, of Brookfield, Conn, 
(ii) PRISCILLA ALDEN CROSBY", b. May 7, 1899. 
(iii) ADA BELLE CROSBY", b. Jan. 19, 1904. 

(e) ELIZABETH FOWLER CLARK', b. Mar. 15, 1876; m. June 23, 
1903 to Franklin Mclntire Wolcott, son of Charles Oliver and Kathrine 
(Mclntire) Wolcott; res.. South Manchester, Conn. 

(f) SHAILOR LUZERNE CLARK', b. Dec. 16, 1886; m. Apr. 30, 1913 
to Ethel Jarvis ; res., Ontario, Canada. 

(i) MARGARET ELIZABETH CLARKE", b. June 15, 1914. 
(ii) JARVIS DEACON CLARKE", b. Jan. 25, 1916. 
(iii) ROBERT LINCOLN CLARKE", b. Oct. 11, 1918. 
1537. v. CELIA, b. May 9, 1809 ; m. Oct. 14, 1829 to Joseph Austin, b. Walling- 
ford, Conn., Apr. 23, 1803; d. at New Haven, Conn., Oct. 14, 1853; she 
d. Jan. 31, 1892; res., North Haven, Conn. 
(1) ANDREW FOOTE AUSTIN', b. Mar. 26, 1834; m. Nov. 29, 1857 to 
Charlotte Pierpoint Stiles, b. Aug. 15, 1838, dau. of Horace and Lois 
Stiles; res.. North Haven, Conn. 

(a) FREDERICK W. AUSTIN', b. Nov. 29, 1860; m. Sept. 25, 1883 to 
Juline Barnes, dau. of Frederick and Catherine L. Barnes ; res., Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

(i) CLARENCE ABNER AUSTIN", b. Sept. 14, 1884; m. Sept. 24, 
1907 to Margaret Hamilton Austin, dau. of Wilbur J. and Emma 
Austin ; res., Pasadena, Calif. 
(A) MARGARET ELIZABETH AUSTIN", b. Dec. 26, 1911. 


(ii) ESTHER LOUISE AUSTIN'", b. Dec. 31, 1886; m. Feb. 21, 
1911 to Benjamin O. Williams, son of Oliver and Georgiana 
Williams; res., Pasadena, Calif. 


(B) JULIENNE LOUISE WILLIAMS", b. Feb. 7, 1913. 

(2) ABNER ELLSWORTH AUSTIN', b. Sept. 13, 1839; m. Nov. 20, 1859 
to Ruth Birdsley Coe, b. Mar. 1, 1840, dau. of Eben and Phoebe Coe ; he 
d. Feb. 9, 1918; res., Meriden, Conn. 

(a) SARAH FLORENCE AUSTIN^ b. Sept. 24, 1866; m. Oct. 4, 1892 
to Harold Albert Meeks, b. July 27, 1868, son of Albert Victor and 
Sarah Meeks ; res,, Meriden, Conn, 
(i) ALBERT AUSTIN MEEKS^ b. Aug. 8, 1897. 
(ii) HAROLD EDWIN MEEKS", b. Mar. 15, 1901. 

1539. vii. MARIETTA, b. Dec. 10, 1813; m. Apr., 1832 to Levi Talmage. 


(2) SARAH TALMAGE', m. Bartholomew; d. ; res., Daven- 
port, la. 

1540. viii. BELA, b. June 28, 1816; m. Almira Pierpont, 3037*-'. 

1554. HENRY CLAY FOOTE, b. Wallingford. Conn., June 19, 1820; d. in 

Woodbury, N. J., Jan. 19, 1912, at the ae. of 92. He was a merchant of Philadelphia, 


1568. iv. JOSEPH FORWARD FOOTE, b. Feb. 7, 1828; graduated from Yale 

with honors, 1850; D. K. E. Fraternity; studied law with Hon. L. S. 

Foster, of Norwich, Conn., U. S. senator and judge of the Supreme 

Court of Errors ; removed to Norwalk, Conn., and studied in office of 

U. S. Senator O. S. Ferry and admitted to the bar in 1852; executive 

secretary for Gov. Wm. T. Minor while governor, and for many years 

trial justice at Norwalk, Conn. He m. Mar. 20, 1873 Jennie Daggett, 

of Middlebrook, Conn., dau. of Geo. B. Middlebrook, of Norwalk, Conn. ; 

d. and bur. at Norwalk, Conn., Dec. 5, 1883. 

592. JOSIAH CULVER FOOTE (205, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. June 25, 1775; m. Oct. 8, 
1804 to Lydia, dau. of Benjamin and Mary (Dorr) Lee; she was b. Feb. 24. 1779, 
at Lyme, and d. Mar. 10, 1820. He was a cloth dresser and fuller and d. May 26, 
1819; res., Coeymans, N. Y. 

1580*. i. JOHN, b. May 25, 1805; m. Elizabeth D. Miner, SOW'". 
1580'. ii. MARY ANN, b. May 8, 1806; d. June 12, 1818, at New York. 
1580'. iii. RUTH B., b. Mar. 13, 1808; m. 1837 to Hiram Chase, at Coeymans, 
N. Y. ; res., Coventry, N. Y. 
(1) GEORGE D. CHASE', d. young. 

1581. iv. GEORGE DORR, b. Aug. 5, 1810; m. Abigail Jane St. John, 3090'-". 
1581'. v. LUCY, b. Mar. 16, 1812; m. Alfred Bissle ; both d. ; no children. 

1582. vi. LYDIA, b. Mar. 22, 1814; m. about 1830 to Patrick Hoyt; res., Albany, 

N. Y. 

(1) JOHN HOYT'. 




1583. vii. FREDERIC ABRAM, b. July 31. 1816; m. Salina Kennedy, 3090". 
1606. vi. AMANDA N. FOOTE. b. June 1, 1828; d. Sept 2, 1921; m. Jan. 22, 

1851 to Dr. Charles Henry Eccleston, b. May 28, 1826; d. Dec. 31, 


(1) CHARLES GORDON ECCLESTON", b. Oct. 29. 1851; d. Aug. 17, 1907; 
m. Dec. 12, 1876 to Minnie E. Cook, b. July 29, 1854 ; d. Apr. 16, 1930. 

(a) ROBERT COOK ECCLESTON", b. Oct. 14, 1878; m. June 9, 1904 
to Almira Irene Dunne, of Ridgway, Pa., b. Dec. 26, 1881 ; C.E., 
Cornell, 1900; res., Ridgway, Pa. 

(i) ROBERT DUNNE ECCLESTON", b. Feb. 28, 1908. 
(ii) FRANCES MARCIA ECCLESTON", b. Nov. 12, 1912. 

(b) ANNA FOOTE ECCLESTON", b. Mar. 28, 1880; m. June 26, 
1901 to Archie Dana Gibbs, of Norwich, N. Y., b. Oct. 16, 1875. 

(i) ELISABETH MAE GIBBS", b. Mar. 21, 1909. 

(2) EDSON FOOTE ECCLESTON', b. Feb. 2, 1856; m. June 3, 1880 to 
Clara B. Homer, of Elmira, N. Y., b. June 8, 1859; d. Mar. 4, 1924. 

(a) MABEL HOMER ECCLESTON", b. Sept. 11, 1881; d. Oct. 26, 
1918; m. Sept. 19, 1903 to Robert N. Rogers, of Oxford, N. Y. 
(i) CECIL ECCLESTON ROGERS", b. Jan. 15, 1905; m. Aug. 19, 

1930 to Mariba Morse, of Oxford, N. Y. 
(ii) ROBERT N. ROGERS", b. Sept. 9, 1911. 

(3) MARIA AMANDA ECCLESTON', b. Mar. 7, 1861 ; m. Sept. 16, 1885 
to Dr. George DeBruce Johnson, b. Oct. 25, 1859 ; d. Jan. 13, 1928. 

(a) MAJ. PAUL KIMBALL JOHNSON", b. Feb. 11, 1887; killed in 
accident Apr. 11, 1921; electrical engineer, Leigh College; with 
Pershing in Mexico, also in Philippines in the army ; unm. 

(b) DR. HAROLD FOOTE JOHNSON", b. Jan. 26, 1888; m. Aug. 16, 
1917 to Helen Grabau. b. Jan. 5, 1892; World War veteran; foreign 
service ; res., Plainfield, N. J. 

(i) NANCY DICKENSON JOHNSON", b. Dec. 24, 1919. 
(ii) PAUL KIMBALL JOHNSON", b. June 13, 1921. 
(iii) MARTHA FOOTE JOHNSON", b. Jan. 7, 1924. 
(iv) ROGER KINGSLEY JOHNSON", b. July 27, 1925. 

(4) WALTER LEE ECCLESTON', b. Feb. 4, 1869; d. Apr. 13, 1932; unm. 

(5) MARY McCALL ECCLESTON', b. Aug. 19, 1873. 

1629. i. SARAH ANN, b. Sept. 22, 1829; m. Dec. 9, 1848 to William T. Rem- 
ington; he d. Oct. 11. 1876; she d. at Rochester, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1904. 

(1) EMMA REMINGTON^ b. Aug. 3, 1851; m. Dec. 25, 1879 to Eugene H. 
Howard, Rochester, N. Y. 

(a) HENRY REMINGTON HOWARD', b. Feb. 3. 1881; graduated 
Amherst College, 1904 ; m. June 22, 1906 to Sophia Kenyon ; he was a 
lawyer at Rochester, N. Y. ; he d. July 20, 1926. 

(i) HENRY EUGENE HOWARD", b. Mar. 17, 1907. 

(ii) WILLIAM A. R. HOWARD", b. July, 1910. 

(iii) LYDIA HOWARD", b. 1914. 

(2) WILLIS S. REMINGTON', b. June 17, 1853; m. Sept. 13, 1877 to Mar- 
garet C. McKenzie ; he d. July 28, 1926, Rochester, N. Y. 

(a) NELLIE M. REMINGTON', b. Jan. 27, 1879; d. Aug. 10, 1879. 



(b) REV. RAY E. REMINGTON^ b. Mar. 8, 1880; graduated Cam- 
bridge Divinity School, 1907. 

(c) GENEVIEVE McKENZIE REMINGTOV, b. July 23, 1883; m. 
Edward Van Zandt ; d. 1930. 

(d) WILLIS EUGENE REMINGTON', b. Jan. 10, 1886. 

(e) RUTH REMINGTON*, b. June 7, 1890; m. John Weigel ; res., 
Mumford, N. Y. 


(3) NELLIE R. REMINGTON,^ b. Dec. 17, 1855; m. Nov. 15, 1876 to 
Clarence V. Lodge; d. June 8, 1923. 

(4) JANET REMINGTON', b. Aug. 14, 1857; d. Dec. 7, 1920. 

(5) FRANK REMINGTON^ b. Jan. 8, 1861 ; d. Feb., 1862. 

(6) HARVEY FOOTE REMINGTON', b. June 28, 1863 ; m. Agnes Brodie, 
dau. of Thomas and Martha Hannah Brodie, May 28, 1889. He was 
educated at the Geneseo State Normal and the Law Department of Union 
College. Received the degree of LL.B. in 1887. Is attorney and counsellor 
at law, Rochester, N. Y., firm Remington & Remington; trustee Baptist 
Missionary Convention, State of New York, and member of Executive 
Committee ; trustee and member of Executive Committee and Finance 
Committee of the New York Baptist Education Society; president Board 
of Trustees of Keuka College ; trustee Anti-Saloon League of State of 
New York; secretary Monroe County Baptist Home for the Aged; trus- 
tee A. M. Chesbro Seminary; president Empire State Society Sons Ameri- 
can Revolution, 1919-21 ; president General National Society S. A. R., 
1925-26; president Historical Society, 1918-21; trustee American Scenic 
and Historic Preservation Society ; president Rochester Bar Association, 
1923 ; member Rochester Public Library Board, 1928 . Clubs : Roches- 
ter, Monroe Golf, Cosmos. Summer place, "Stratmore Lodge," Fourth 
Lake, Adirondack Mountains. Res., South Rochester, N. Y. 

(a) WILLIAM BRODIE REMINGTON', b. June 14, 1890; m. 1st, 
Dorothy Childs Cross, Feb. 18, 1915; m. 2nd, Helen Downing. He was 
lieutenant in the Aviation Service during the World War ; president 
W. B. Remington, Inc., Springfield, Mass. 

(i) WILLIAM BRODIE REMINGTON", JR., b. May 2, 1918. 
(ii) FREDERICK CROSS REMINGTON", b. Nov. 3, 1919. 

(b) THOMAS HOWARD REMINGTON", b. Sept. 4, 1891; m. Edith 
Ryder, Aug. 15, 1917. He is a graduate of University of Rochester, 
B.A. 1911, and Harvard Law School. LL.B. 1915. Was a major in 
World War ; twice cited for meritorious service ; is now a colonel of 
Reserves, 309th Regt. ; is a lawyer. Remington & Remington ; res., 
Rochester, N. Y. 

(i) ANN RYDER REMINGTON", b. Oct. 12, 1918; res., Roches- 
ter, N. Y. 
(ii) JANE RYDER", b. Oct. 19, 1920; res., Rochester, N. Y. 
(iii) THOMAS RYDER", b. Nov. 12, 1927; res., Rochester, N. Y. 

(c) AGNES REMINGTON', b. Sept. 11, 1893; graduate of Smith College. 
In settlement and war service work during the World War and in 
Red Cross service subsequently ; m. John Eugene Harmon, Apr. 13, 


(i) JOHN REMINGTON HARMON", b. Mar. 7, 1923; res., 

Churchville, N. Y. 
(ii) EUGENE ELISHA HARMON", b. Apr. 17, 1925. 
(iii) MARION MacPHERSON HARMON^", b. June 20, 1927. 

(d) HARVEY FOOTE REMINGTON', JR., b. Rochester, N. Y., June 25, 
1895; graduate University of Rochester, B.S. 1917; seaman and ensign, 
U. S. N. R. F., 1st Naval Dist., Boston, Mass., June-Dec, 1918; m, 
Kathryn Ellen Madison, Apr. 18, 1923 ; res., Reading, Pa. 

(i) AGNES BRODIE REMINGTON", b. Dec. 19, 1924; d. July 15, 

(ii) THEODORA M. REMINGTON", b. Jan. 22, 1930. 

(e) JOHN WARNER REMINGTON', b. Rochester, N. Y., Jan. 10, 
1897; University of Rochester, B.A. 1917; Harvard Law School, LL.B. 
1921; seaman and lieutenant (j. g.), U. S. N. R. F., Apr. 10, 1917- 
July, 1918; assigned to duty 2nd Naval Dist., Newport, R. I.; duty 
on U. S. S. "Vermont" ; m. Margaret Leighton Alcock, dau. of John L. 
Alcock, of Baltimore, Md., June 17, 1922 ; res., Rochester, N. Y. ; 
lawyer and trust officer, Lincoln Alliance Bank and Trust Co. 

(i) EDITH ALLEN REMINGTON", b. Dec. 21, 1923. 
(ii) JOHN LEIGHTON REMINGTON", b. Nov. 10, 1926. 
(iii) MARTHA BRODIE REMINGTON", b. Apr. 12, 1928. 

(f) HARRIET REMINGTON', b. July 31, 1898; graduate National' 
Cathedral School. In Ordinance War Department during the World 
War; res., Rochester, N. Y.; m. Alden H. Sulger, Sept. 22, 1923. 

(i) SARAH ANN SULGER", b. Nov. 8, 1924. 
(ii) ALDEN H. SULGER", JR., b. Apr. 18, 1928. 

(g) FRANCIS KIRK REMINGTON', b. Nov. 3, 1902; graduate Uni- 
versity of Rochester, 1923 B.A. ; Harvard Law School, LL.B. 1926; 
res., Rochester, N. Y. ; lawyer, firm Remington & Remington ; m. 
Carolyn Sibyl Lyon, Jan. 28, 1928. 

(i) SIBYL CAROL REMINGTON", b. Dec. 25, 1928. 
(ii) LINDA LYON REMINGTON", b. Sept. 26, 1930. 
(7) FREDERICK REMINGTON', b. July 3, 1866; m. Eva Potter, Sept. 3, 
1891. He is a lyawyer and a physician at Rochester, N. Y. 

(a) EZRA POTTER REMINGTON", b. May 28, 1892, Rochester, N. Y. ; 
m. Mildred A. Carl. 

(b) FREDERICK REMINGTON', b. Dec. 25, 1894; d. Oct. 8, 1916. 

616. HELI FOOTE (208, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. at Deerfield, Oneida County, N. Y., 
Oct. 11, 1800; m. Deerfield, N. Y., Jan. 18, 1823 to Cathrine Nichols, b. Trumbull 
Township, Conn., Aug. 18, 1804; d. at Freeland, Mich., Dec. 2, 1892; he res. and d. 
at Freeland, Mich., Mar. 22, 1872. 

1633. vi. CHARLES NICHOLS, b. Freedom, N. Y., June 18, 1841 ; m. Grace 

McGregor, 3103'. 

1634. ii. ROBERT, b. Deerfield, N. Y., Nov. 25, 1825; m. Peddy A. Alfred, 


1635. V. HIRAM J., b. Deerfield, N. Y., Mar. 20, 1835 ; m. at Freeland, Mich., 

Dec. 22, 1887 to Emily Seaver; he d. at Freeland, Mich., July 25, 1911. 

1636. DELIA C, b. Deerfield, N. Y., Dec. 13, 1823 ; m. Orshang, N. Y., Sept. 30, 
1847 to George Lambert; she d. in Wisconsin, Oct. 28, 1887. 


(1) JENNIE M. LAMBERT', m. Wm. Tolman. 

(2) CARRIE LAMBERT", m. Sam O'Brien. 

1636'. iv. GILBERT, b. Deerfield, N. Y., Jan. 28, 1829; killed in Civil War, 

1637. iii. CHARLOTTE, b. at Deerfield, N. Y., Mar. 14, 1826; d. Aug. 30, 

1899; m. Charles Williams, Dec. 12, 1848; he was b. ; d. Dec. 

5, 1911. 

(1) ORLANDO C. WILLIAMS', b. Jan. 21, 1850; m. Hannah Jones, Jan. 13, 
1872 ; she d. July 8, 1914. 

(a) CLARENCE H. WILLIAMS', b. May 19, 1878; m. Fanny Peet, b. 
Aug., 1878. 

(b) CLIFFORD WILLIAMS', b. Dec. 30, 1890; m. Gladys Weir, of 
Utica, N. Y. 


(2) ANNE WILLIAMS', b. May 28, 1853; m. Feb. 24, 1878 to Enoch 
Howlett, b. June 9, 1851 ; res., Sandusky, N. Y. 

(a) CHARLES EMMETT HOWLETT', b. June 4, 1881 ; m. 1st, Lillian 
Thompson; she d. Mar. 22, 1915; m. 2nd, Orrell Marb, b. Apr., 1896. 

(i) BERTRAM ENOCH HOWLETT'", b. Sept. 9, 1911. 
(ii) WILLIAM EMMETT HOWLETT", b. Sept. 14, 1912. 
(iii) CHARLOTTE JANE HOWLETT'", b. Nov. 30, 1920. 
(iv) ELLEN MAY HOWLETT", b. Oct. 16, 1922. 

(b) WARD OLIVER HOWLETT^ b. May 25, 1883 ; m. in June, 1914 to 
Mattie Sears ; both in Binghamton Bible School. 

(c) WILLARD JOHN HOWLETT", b. Jan. 15, 1888; d. Mar. 7, 1901. 

(3) DELIA WILLIAMS', b. Jan. 7, 1860; m. Sept. 1, 1892 to Daniel Bishop, 
b. Apr. 3, 1859; he d. May 21, 1922. 

(a) EMMETT CHARLES BISHOP", b. Oct. 17, 1894; d. June 19, 1902. 
1639. ii. ANN ELIZA, d. May 24, 1920, at Lansing, Mich.; bur. May 26, at 
Lansing, Mich. 

1643. vi. CAROLINE LOUISE, d. Jan. 24, 1920, at Bridgeport, Mich. 

1644. vii. JULIA ANTOINETTE, b. Feb. 7, 1844; m. John Burgoyne, b. Mar. 

15, 1841, son of John Andres and Harriet Hart (Green) Burgoyne; 
he d. Apr. 7, 1908. Mrs. Burgoyne faithfully collected this data of the 
descendants of Henry Foote for Volume 1, No. 618. This work has 
been earnestly continued by her dau. Mrs. Burgoyne d. at Lansing, 
Mich., Dec. 28, 1918; bur. at Bridgeport, Mich. 
(1) ANNA E. C. BURGOYNE', m. Sept. 22, 1892 to Arthur C. Stebbins. b. 

July 16, 1860, son of Cortland Bliss Stebbins; she was b. May 13, 1867; 

res., Lansing, Mich. 

(a) FRANCIS BURGOYNE STEBBINS", b. Nov. 9, 1895; m. Dec. 17, 
1915 to James Adams Debardelben, of Clayton, Ala., b. July 30, 1896; 
he d. Dec. 22, 1925; m. 2nd, Annette Huizenga, b. Apr. 28, 1904; m. 
Apr. 21. 1930; res., Lansing, Mich. 

(i) ANNE VARNER STEBBINS", b. Nov. 6, 1916. 

(b) CHARLES ROWLAND STEBBINS", b. Feb. 6, 1903, Lansing, 

(c) GEORGE ARTHUR STEBBINS", b. June 26, 1906; m. Elma Lack- 
sen, Sept. 28, 1929, b. Feb. 7, 1908, Ashtabula, Ohio. 


(i) RICHARD ARTHUR STEBBINS", b. Jan. 10, 1931, at De- 
troit, Mich. 

(3) MINNIE ANTOINETTE BURGOYNE', b. Feb. 2, 1871, Woodhull, 

(4) GEORGE ARCHIE BURGOYNE^ b. Oct., 1873; m. Sept. 20, 1906 to 
Alice Paquette, b. May 26, 1885; d. Feb. 10, 1920, dau. of Felix Paquette 
and Harriet (Horning) Paquette; res., Bridgeport, Mich. 


(b) JOHN A. BURGOYNE', b. Jan. 29, 1908. 

(c) ALICE ANNETTE BURGOYNE', b. Apr. 7, 1909; d. June, 1910. 

(d) RUTH ELIZABETH BURGOYNE', b. July 2, 1910. 

(e) GEORGE W. BURGOYNE^ b. Dec. 5, 1912. 

(f) FELIX CHARLES BURGOYNE^ b. Aug. 12, 1916. 

(g) FRANCIS E. BURGOYNE*. b. Aug. 12, 1916. 

(h) WILLIAM HENRY BURGOYNE', b. Dec. 3, 1918. 
1645. viii. MARY AMELIA, b. Oct. 10, 1845, Fairview, Cattaraugus County, N. Y. ; 
m. William LeMoyne Smith, b. Mar. 21, 1843, Owosso, Mich; Civil 
War veteran ; m. Feb. 22, 1868, Woodhull, Mich. ; she d. May 27, 1898, 
at Woodhull, Mich. ; he d. Feb., 1920, at Laingsburg, Mich. 

(1) GEORGE BERT SMITH^ b. Jan. 16, 1869; m. Aug., 1890, Perry, Mich., 
to Carrie May Aikins, b. May, 1875; he d. May 21, 1892. 

(a) ROY AIKEN SMITH', b. Dec. 24, 1891 ; m. Sept. 30, 1914 to Ella 
MacFink ; res.. Perry, Mich. 

(i) LYLE AIKENS SMITH", b. July 17, 1915. 
(ii) DOROTHY MAE SMITH", b. May 8, 1918. 
(iii) DONALD F. SMITH", b. May 8, 1913; d. Feb. 24, 1919. 

(2) HARRIET SMITH^ b. June 20, 1871 ; d. May 22, 1872. 

(3) ANN ELIZA SMITH', b. Dec. 13, 1873, Woodhull, Mich. ; m. Dr. Arthur 
A. Scott, May 27, 1903, Perry, Mich., b. Dec. 16, 1864; he d. May, 1926, 
at Laingsburg, Mich. 

(a) THELMA AMELIA SCOTT*, b. Oct. 22, 1904; d. Dec. 25, 1904. 

(b) ARTHUR LEMOYNE SCOTT', b. June 24, 1913, Laingsburg. Mich. 

(4) DAISIE D. SMITH^ b. June 13, 1876; d. Sept., 1876. 

(5) NIN LESLIE SMITH', b. Sept. 24, 1878; m. Nov. 13, 1901, St. Johns, 
Mich., to Grant Murry Gardner, b. Nov. 13, 1877. 

(a) LESTER DEE GARDNER', b. Aug. 11, 1902, Woodhull, Mich.; m. 
June, 1923, at Lansing, Mich., to Emma Phol, b. June 3, 1903 ; he was 
a World War veteran. 

(i) BETTY JUNE GARDNER", b. Apr. 30, 1924. 
(ii) MARY JANE GARDNER", b. Aug. 20, 1926. 

(b) ARTHUR LEE GARDNER', b. July 2, 1905, Woodhull, Mich.; m. 
July, 1927, at Lansing, Mich., to Dora Edgelston, b. June 23, 1910; he 
was a private, 59th C. A. C, Battery B, Fort Mills. 

Cc) AMASA GALE GARDNER', b. Feb. 7, 1908, Shaftsbury, Mich. ; m. 
Mar., 1931 to Marguerite Huffman, b. Oct. 4, 1912. 
(i) GALE GARDNER", b. Dec, 1931 ; d. Dec, 1931. 
1648. xi. ELLA ARABEL, b. June 21, 1854; m. May 13, 1882 to Frank A. 
Stevens, b. Nov. 5, 1852, son of Harrison Stevens, South Wales; res., 
Lansing, Mich. 


(1) BESSIE STEVENS', b. Jan. 22, 1883; m. Apr. 22, 1905 to Irving O. 
Casler, b. Mar. 23, 1880, son of Charles Casler, Eaton Rapids, Mich. 

1649. xi. CLARA, b. Dec. 1, 1856; m. Jan. 20, 1885 to J. William Luke, b. May 

18, 1840, Rochester, N. Y.; res., Toledo, Ohio; he d. May 13, 1914; a 
veteran soldier of the Civil War. 

(1) HELEN LUKE', m. Milton H. Strickland, Sept. 1, 1907. 

(a) ELEANOR V. STRICKLAND', b. Apr. 11, 1910; m. Norman 
Lindner, May 20, 1931. 

(b) MARGARET J. STRICKLAND', b. June 9, 1919. 

(c) MAXINE STRICKLAND', b. June 9, 1919; d. Aug. 15, 1919. 

(2) WILLIAM PETER LUKE' (Peter), m. Sarah H. Fowler, Dec. 7, 1912; 
he d. Nov. 21, 1918; she d. Nov. 23, 1918. 

(a) FREDERICK LUKE", b. June IS, 1914. 

(b) CLARA M. LUKE', b. June 29, 1915. 

1650. ARCHIE HUGH FOOTE (618, 208, 56, 16, 5, 1), m. at Valparaiso, Ind., 
Jan. 4, 1886 to Leila Morris, b. Woodhull, Mich.; he d. May 19, 1889, at Dewitt, 

3114'. i. MORRIS GROVER, b. at Woodhull, Mich., May 25, 1888; m. Dec. 24, 
1916, at Lansing, Mich., to Ida Smith; res., Lansing, Mich. 

1651. WILLIAM, d. Sept. 2, 1920, at Fillmore, N. Y., where for fifty years 
he had successfully conducted a carriage manufactory. He was greatly interested in 
horseless carriages and built and successfully operated two different machines while 
the enterprise was still in its infancy. He was one of the original promoters of the 
State Bank of Fillmore, N. Y., and was its vice-president until he died. 

1676. iii. OLIVE, b. May, 1782; m. Jared Abernethy, of Cornwall, Vt.; he d. 
Apr. 19, 1838; she lived and d. at Cornwall, Vt., July 12, 1846. 


(2) MARGARET ABERNETHY', m. Sunderlin. 

(3) CYRUS ABERNETHY', m. Mary Ann Stickney ; res., Cornwall, Vt. 

(a) ANNA ABERNETHY', lived and d. on the old homestead in Corn- 
wall, Vt. ; unm. 

(b) JARED ABERNETHY", lived and d. on the old homestead in Corn- 
wall, Vt. ; unm. 

(4) ABRAM FOOTE ABERNETHY'. b. Feb. 15, 1813; d. Aug. 17, 1871, 
Altona, 111. ; m. Jan. 9, 1840, Cornwall, Vt., to Mary Ford Goodrich, b, 
July 27, 1814; d. Apr. 23, 1893; Mary was dau. of John Ford Good- 
rich; he moved from Cornwall, Vt., to Altona, Knox County, 111., in 1855; 

(a) CORNELIA SYLVEMA (Nellie) ABERNETHY', b. Dec. 28, 
1840; was the oldest of eight children just mentioned who left their 
Vermont home for the frontier life in Illinois. At that time she was 
a girl of fourteen and early in life she learned the meaning of self- 
support, for she taught school at sixteen. She m. Nov. 9, 1865, 
Amos Franklin Ward, b. Nov. 26, 1830; d. Jan. 12, 1917; he was a 
son of Amos Ward and Eliza Whiting. 

(i) NELLIE ABERNETHY WARD", b. June 1, 1867; d. in 


(ii) FRED FRANKLIN WARD*", b. Jan. 9, 1869; m. Jan. 1, 1902 
to Amelia Alice Penny, dau. of Samuel Adolphus Penny and 
Cyntha Ann (Payne) ; engaged in farming, raising livestock 
between Altona and Galva, 111. They are members of the Con- 
gregational Church of Galva, 111. 

(A) FLORENCE ALICE WARD", b. May 12, 1904; Knox Col- 
lege, Galesburg, III. ; graduated from Brown's Business 

(B) MARTHA EVELYN WARD", b. Apr. 9, 1912. 

(iii) EDITH MARY WARD", b. Feb. 21, 1873; m. Dec. 25, 1901 to 
Charles C, son of Alvah Reynolds, b. May 22, 1830, and Susan- 
nah Hayden, b. Aug. 3, 1839; d. June 19, 1896. Mr. and Mrs. 
Reynolds are engaged in farming and raising of livestock on 
the farm where Mr. Reynolds was born. They are members and 
officers in the Ontario Christian Church, the organization of which 
in 1853 was largely attributed to Mr. Reynolds. 

(A) NELLIE BERNICE REYNOLDS", b. Dec. 31, 1902; m. 
June 14, 1926 to Irving Shaw, b. Jan. 30, 1900, son of Ernest 
and Bertha (Whitcomb) Shaw. She attended school at Head- 
ing College one year and Cornell College one year ; taught 
school two years. He graduated from Knox College in 1922. 
Taught school and has since been engaged with his father in 
extensive farming near Oneida, III. 

(Al) CAROL MAY SHAW", b. May 4, 1927. 
(A2) MARJORIE ANN SHAW", b. Apr. 14, 1929. 

(B) MARLYN WARD REYNOLDS", b. Aug. 20, 1904; m. 
Jan. 10, 1930 to Dorothy Adelaide Bevier, b. May 16, 1907, 
dau. of George Bevier and Cornelia (Perry) Bevier. He at- 
tended school at University of Illinois ; engaged in extensive 
farming ; she was a graduate from the University of Illinois ; 
res., Altona, 111. 

(C) BIRDICE LORAINE REYNOLDS", b. Sept. 24, 1905; m. 
June 19, 1928 to Dallas Everett Gibson, b. July 9, 1904, son 
of Joseph Everett and Eva Jane (Allen) Gibson. She at- 
tended school at Cornell College three years and taught school 
two years; he was a graduate from Cornell College in 1927; 
since then has worked for Kresge Company and at present is 
assistant of Kresge Dollar Store in Topeka, Kan. 

(1) GARY LEE GIBSON", b. Mar. 22, 1930. 

(D) HELEN EDITH REYNOLDS", b. July IZ, 1908; m. July 
19, 1930 to Donald James Roberts, b. Jan. 30, 1906, son of 
James and Marguerite (Stevenson) Roberts. She attended 
Monmouth College two years and taught school for two years ; 
he was a graduate of Monmouth College in 1929; is principal 
of Rio Consolidated Schools, Rio, 111. 

(Al) DARRELL DON ROBERTS", b. May 12, 1931. 

(E) IDA VIOLA REYNOLDS", b. Dec. 5, 1913; entered Mon- 
mouth College in 1931. 


(iv) GEORGE AMOS WARD", b. Sept. 26, 1874; m. May 21, 1902 
to Edith Mable Tracy, b. Aug. 14, 1882, dau. of Willis Douglas 
Tracy, b. Mar. 14, 1856, and Orlena Frances Reynolds, b. Aug. 2, 
1860; d. July 20, 1917. Mr. Ward is farming and raising Here- 
ford cattle on the farm where he was born near Altona, 111. ; 
they are both prominent in church and community work. 

(A) MARION ORLENA WARD", b. May 9, 1913; attended 
school at Weston, 111. ; State Teachers' College at Macomb, 

(B) ETHEL WINIFRED WARD", b. July 24, 1904; m. Feb. 23, 

1928 to Ray Litton Johnson, b. Sept. 10, 1903, son of John and 
Abbie (Litton) Johnston. She was a graduate from Webster, 
111., State Teachers' College, and taught school for three 
years ; he attended school at University of Illinois ; is engaged 
in farming near Galva, 111. 

(Bl) RAY LITTON JOHNSTON", b. Sept. 16, 1929; d. 
Sept. 17, 1929. 

(b) GEORGE FRANKLIN ABERNETHY', b. June 10, 1842; m. Altona. 
111., Feb. 1, 1877 to Arabelle McClatchey, b. May 19, 1853, dau. of 
William McClatchey and Margaret (Foster) McClatchey, and are 
living in Knoxville, 111. 

(i) NELLIE EDITH ABERNETHY", b. Nov. 25, 1880: m. Dec. 
25, 1902 to Walter Francis Coolidge, b. July 24, 1878, son of 
James Henry and Ellen Frances (Brown) Coolidge; he is super- 
intendent of Granite City High School. 
12, 1904. 
(ii) GEORGE EARLE ABERNETHY", b. Dec. 15, 1883; m. 
Katherine May Gustafson, b. Apr. 17, 1888, dau. of John Eric 
Gustafson and Kathryn (Cheline) Gustafson. 

(A) ROBERT GEORGE ABERNETHY", b. Jan. 26, 1911. 

(B) KATHERINE JUNE ABERNETHY", b. June 27, 1913. 

(C) RALPH THEODORE ABERNETHY", b. Aug. 16, 1916. 

(c) MARY JANE ABERNETHY', b. Jan. 12, 1844; m. Apr. 6, 1865 to 
Frank Slate Marsh, of Altona, 111.; he was b. Dec. 29, 1837; d. Apr. 22. 
1915; son of Dexter and Rebecca (Slate) Marsh; she d. Oct. 8, 1872. 

(i) CHARLES DEXTER MARSH", b. Jan. 30, 1866; m. Dec. 15. 
1887 to Mary B. McLean, of Lexington, Neb.; she d. Nov. 10, 
1894; m. 2nd, Dec. 18, 1895 to Mary McLean. 

(A) JENNIE M. MARSH", b. Sept. 23, 1889; m. Clifton Fenn 
Wilson, b. Dec. 21, 1883 ; d. Oct. 4, 1927. 

(Al) LEROY MILFORD WILSON", b. Feb. 9, 1910. 
(A2) CLARENCE CLIFTON WILSON", b. Dec. 10, 1912. 
(A3) GERALD FRANCIS WILSON", b. Oct. 4, 1914. 
(A4) IRENE RUBY WILSON", b. Jan. 23, 1920. 

(B) JOHN FRANK MARSH", b. Oct. 1, 1892; single. 

(C) HATTIE BELLE MARSH", b. June 19, 1903; m. Sept. 23, 
to Edward Knapple, b. Apr. 16, 1895. 

(CI) MARCIA MAE KNAPPLE", b. June 8, 1925. 


(C2) NIEL EDWARD KNAPPLE'^ b. Sept. 24. 1927. 

(C3) ARLENE RUTH KNAPPLE", b. Jan. 27. 1930. 
(ii) HATTIE ABERNETHY MARSH", b. Mar. 12, 1868; m. May 
28, 1885 to James S. Thomas, of Lexington, Neb., b. Milford 
Haven, Wales, Apr. 20, 1854; d. in Long Beach, Calif, Feb. 18, 

(A) FRANK W. THOMAS", b. July 4, 1886; is m. and lives in 
Lexington, Neb. ; he is in the automobile business. 

(B) MARTHA V. THOMAS", b. Nov. 27, 1888; d. in infancy. 

(d) MARTHA OLIVE ABERNETHY', b. July 22, 1845; m. June 2, 
1870 to Edwin M. Wales, of Moffat, Colo.; she d. May 2, 1901. "at 
Salida, Colo. 

(e) DAVID THOMPSON ABERNETHY", b. Oct. 18, 1847; m. Jan. 1, 
1876 to Phebe Roscoe ; he d. May 10, 1886, at Fort Dodge, la. 

(i) GEORGE HARLEY ABERNETHY^ b. Nov., 1876; res., 

Eagle Grove, la. 
(ii) DAVID FRANK ABERNETHY", b. Dec, 1879; d. June 19, 

(iii) MARY PEARL ABERNETHY", b. 1881 ; d. Dec. 14, 1882. 
(iv) VINNIE ABERNETHY", b. 1884. 

(f) ANNIE VIOLA ABERNETHY', b. Dec. 5, 1850; m. Dec. 5, 1872 to 
Ford Sornberger, of Victoria, 111.; she d. June 15, 1875. 

(i) VIOLA KATIE SORNBERGER", b. 1875; d. in infancy. 

(g) ALBERT PAYSON ABERNETHY', b. Sept. 15. 1852; m. Aug. 1. 
1878 to Kate Moore, b. Nov. 4, 1854. dau. of Lyman Kendall Moore 
and Mary Simons (Woodman) Moore; he d. near Altona, 111., Feb. 15. 
1900; she d. Apr. 10, 1929. Children are farmers, living on farms of 
their own near Alton. 111. 

(i) THIRZA VIOLA ABERNETHY", July 30, 1879; m. Feb. 19, 
1902 to William Harry McGaan, b. Nov. 5, 1875, son of James 
and Susan (Collinson) McGaan. 

(A) MILDRED McGAAN",, b. Dec, 1902; d. in infancy. 

(B) MARY GLADYS McGAAN", b. Nov. 23, 1903; graduated 
from the University of Illinois, Urban, 111., in 1925 ; res., 
Chicago, 111. 

(C) JAMES ALBERT McGAAN", b. Feb. 8, 1907; farming at 


(D) VERA MAE McGAAN", b. Feb. 16, 1911; attended Knox 
College for two years ; teaching. 

(E) HELEN LORRAINE McGAAN", b. Jan. 10, 1913 ; attending 

Knox College, Galesburg, 111. (1931). 

(F) ALTA LUCILE McGAAN", b. Feb. 25, 1915. 

(ii) MILO ABRAM ABERNETHY", b. Nov. 20, 1882; m. at 
Altona, 111., Jan. 17, 1906 to Henrietta Sheahan, dau. of Thomas 
Sheahan and Fanny (Hillerby) Sheahan. 
(A) HOWARD ALBERT ABERNETHY", b. Oct. 29, 1906. 

(iii) RAY ALBERT ABERNETHY", b. Feb. 23, 1886; m. Laura 
Harvey, Altona, 111. 


(iv) MATTIE MOORE ABERNETHY", b. May 12, 1888; m. 
Feb. 1, 1911 to Simeon Forrest McGaan, b. Dec. 13, 1879, son 
of James McGaan and Susan (Collinson) McGaan. 

(A) EUGENE McGAAN", b. Mar. 4, 1912. 

(B) HENRY FORREST McGAAN", b. Oct. 23, 1913. 

(C) IZEN McGAAN", b. Jan. 28, 1916. 

(D) ETHEL IRENE McGAAN", b. Oct. 10, 1918. 

(E) ERMA lONE McGAAN", b. Oct. 10, 1918. 

(v) RALPH LYMAN ABERNETHY", b. Nov. 24, 1896; m. Sept. 
15, 1924 to Alice Thayer, b. July, 1902, dau. of Harry Thayer 
and Grace (Shetler) Thayer. They are farming the old Aber- 
nethy homestead near Altona, 111. 
(h) HATTIE GOODRICH ABERNETHY', b. Dec. 18, 1854; d. Sept 
14, 1855, Centre Point, III. 
(5) DAVID ABERNETHY', d. Sept. 9, 1843, ae. 25 years. 
1682. ii. SARAH. 

(1) SARAH', m. Orson Davis, of Crown Point, N. Y. 


(b) NEWTON DAVIS*, of Cornwall, Vt. 

645. LEWIS FOOTE (215, 60, 18, 5, 1), b. Oct. 5, 1761 ; d. about 1835, Lebanon, 
N. H. 

651. NATHAN FOOTE, JR., m. Sarah (Evarts) Sutherland, dau. of Sylvanus 
and Elishaba (Chittenden) Evarts; she was b. Apr. 1, 1764; d. Sept. 1, 1804, Corn- 
wall, Vt.; m. 2nd, 1805, Esther (Goodrich) Hunt; he d. Nov. 16, 1828. 

1698. i. SALLY, b. Apr. 13, 1791 ; d. Apr. 5, 1833, Cayuga, N. Y. 

1699. ii. LINUS, b. Oct. 14, 1794. 

1700. iii. LUCIUS CHITTENDEN, b. Nov. 13, 1796; m. Rebecca Saltonstall 

Allyn, 3166*-'. 

1701. iv. LUCINA, b. July 30, 1800; d. May 6, 1846, Cayuga, N. Y. ; she took 

care of children of No. 1700. 

1702. V. MELICENT, b. Dec. 17, 1802; d. Jan. 16, 1835; m. William Whit- 


1703. vi. MARIA L., b. Jan. 17, 1806; d. May 31, 1885; dau. Marcia, b. Mar. 11, 

1824; m. Mar. 16, 1842 to William Turner. 
1703\ vii. ELVIRA. 
1703'. viii. MARY E., m. H. Griffin. 

654. URI FOOTE, m. Feb. 7, 1798, Shelbume, Vt., to Rhoda Pierson, b. May 21, 
1777; d. Feb. 18, 1865; he moved to Cayuga, N. Y., in 1918 and kept tavern there 
for many years. 

1704. i. WILLIAM. 

1704'. ii. ROXANNA, .res.. Auburn, N. Y. 
1704*. iii. LOUISA R. 

1704'. iv. JULANA, d. Sept. 3, 1808, in second year; bur. in Charlotte, Vt. 
1721*. xiv. ELIZA CAMPBELL, b. Geneva, N. Y., Feb. 23, 1851; d. Dec. 6, 

and SYLVIA FOOTE (685) were original members of the Jefferson Presbyterian 


Church, organized June 28, 1809, of which Reuben was ordained deacon, Nov. 26, 
1810. He was for several years chosen by the town to have charge of the highways 
in his district. A new road to Westkill was described as starting from the east and 
west turnpike near the home of Reuben Foote, 1722*. 

680. MILES FOOTE (219, 60, 18, 5, 1), b. Sept. 13, 1774; m. 1st, 1797, Polly 
Hitchcock, of Bethlehem, Conn. ; she d. in Jefferson N. Y. ; m. 2nd, Esther Northrup ; 
he d. Feb. 29, 1845, Jefferson, N. Y., in his 72nd year; Esther Northrup d. July 8, 
1851, ae. 7Z years and 30 days. Their graves are in the old Jefferson Cemetery and 
with them an uncarved field stone probably marks the resting place of Polly Hitch- 
cock, perhaps the earliest burial there. His farm on the Westkill Road about half 
a mile from the turnpike between Jefferson and North Blenheim was near those of 
his brother Reuben (678) and his sister Betsy Jones (684). The county records 
show that he sold other land. He served as road master for his district and as 
overseer of highways for the town. He joined the Presbyterian Church in Jefferson, 
N. Y., June 8, 1834. The records of the Presbyterian Church of South Salem, 
Westchester County, N. Y., show that Esther Northrup was the dau. of Abraham 
Northrup, Jr., and bapt. "For his wife," June 6, 1779. (See "Northrup-Northrop 
1727. i. ALMA, b. about 1799; m. Jacob DeLong, b. Feb. 21, 1797; they res. 
in Jefferson, N. Y., and d. there. His tombstone in the southeast 
corner of the abandoned cemetery at Eminence (Dutch Hill), Schoharie 
County, N. Y., shows that he d. Sept. 23, 1865, ae. 69 years 7 months 2 
days, and so was b. Feb. 21, 1797. He was a pioneer in that section, 
and always resided there. He cleared a farm on the East Road lead- 
ing from Eminence to Betty Brook and North Blenheim. In 1931 
David Y. Proper, one of the few old people who knew him, identified 
this as the Frank Pitcher farm. An equipment roll of a Jefferson 
militia company unsigned and undated, but known to date between 
1821 and 1828, contains his name. Alma (Foote) DeLong's grandson, 
, Frank DeLong, still living in 1931, remembered her as coming from 

Jefferson, N. Y., to visit his father at Afton, N. Y., and that she was 
of medium height and weight. A low uncarved field stone set on its 
edge about two feet north of Jacob DeLong's tombstone probably 
marks her grace. In 1931 the records of the two abandoned churches 
in Eminence had not been found. 
(1) CATHERINE DeLONG*, b. 1831; m. Rodman Fuller, b. Nov. 6, 1824; 
d. May 19, 1870. He was a soldier in the Civil War and member of 
Company E, 1st Regt., N. Y. Dragoons ; enlisted Oct. 13, 1864 ; discharged 
June 30, 1865 ; ran a stage between Jefferson and Richmondville. She d. 
Nov. 25, 1888, ae. 57. 

(a) SARAH FULLER', d. when about a year old. 

(b) BENJAMIN R. FULLER', b. Aug. 17, 1857; m. 1st, Fannie Pulver, 
b. Aug. 27, 1859; d. May 26, 1887. He was a painter and lived in 
Jefferson, N. Y. He m. 2nd, Augusta Garrett, of South Gilboa, N. Y., 
b. Apr. 9, 1865 ; res., Jefferson, N. Y. 

(i) EDITH FULLER", b. Feb. 20, 1882; m. Edward Loveland, of 
West Fulton, N. Y. 
(A) VIVIAN LOVELAND", b. Jan., 1908. 


(ii) LEWIS D. FULLER", b. Sept. 7, 1891. 
(iii) RAYMOND S. FULLER", b. June 30. 1906. 
(c) MAYHAM L. FULLER', b. July 4 or 5, 1862; m. Jennie Middlemis. 
of Delhi, N. Y. ; painter and decorator. 
(2) ELEANOR DeLONG*, m. John Decker, of Blenheim. Schoharie County, 
N. Y. 

(a) JOHN DECKER', JR., m. Millissia Carman ; farmer, Blenheim, N. Y. 

(b) SPAULDING DECKER', m. twice; poultryman, Binghamton, N. Y. 

(c) EUNICE DECKER', m. Fred Hellijas, of Cobleskill, N. Y. 
(i) FRED HELLIJAS", JR., of Cobleskill, N. Y. ; m. twice, 
(ii) ROSA HELLIJAS". of Cobleskill, N. Y.; d. unm. 

(iii) ELLA HELLIJAS", of Cobleskill, N. Y. ; m. E. Curtis, d. 

(iv) JOHNNIE HELLIJAS", of Cobleskill, N. Y. ; m. Nelly Coons; 

d. ; two children. 

(v) JESSE HELLIJAS", of Fonda, N. Y. ; m. ; typist for 


(vi) ED. HELLIJAS", m. ; res., unknown. 

(vii) EVA HELLIJAS", of Cobleskill, N. Y. ; m. Clarence Brown, 
(viii LaVERN HELLIJAS", of Warnerville, N. Y. ; m. Marietta 

France; typist for Cobleskill Times. 




(d) ALMA DECKER', m. Lon Loucks, a Civil War veteran; she d. . 

(i) JOHN LOUCKS", m. , of Livingston Manor, N. Y. 



(e) MILINDA DECKER', d. Jan. 26, 1925, ae. 68; m. Peter Hellijas; 
d. Dec. 12, 1924, ae. 76; brother of Fred Hellijas; res.. Summit, N. Y. 

(i) ESTHER L. HELLIJAS", b. Dec. 6, 1875 ; d. at 7 years, 
(ii) JAMES HELLIJAS", d. Feb. 17, 1930; m. Alice Becker, of 
Summit, N. Y., b. Sept. 10, 1876; farmer. 

(A) HARRY HELLIJAS", res.. Cobleskill, N. Y. 


(C) RUTH HELLIJAS", res., Cobleskill. N. Y. 

(D) FLOYD HELLIJAS", res., Cobleskill, N. Y. 

(iii) CHARLES HELLIJAS", b. Sept. 9. 1878; m. Myrtle Turk; 
res., Summit, N. Y. 




(iv) FRANK HELLIJAS", b. Mar. 4, 1880; m. Grace Bullis. 

(A) THORA HELLIJAS", res., Summit, N. Y. ; farmer. 

(B) CARRIE HELLIJAS", res., Summit, N. Y. ; farmer. 

(C) MADELYN HELLIJAS", res., Summit. N. Y.; farmer. 

(v) AUSTIN C. HELLIJAS", b. Aug. 15, 1882; m. Maude A. 
Benjamin; res.. South Gilboa, N. Y. ; farmer. 


(A) EVELYN HELLIJAS", b. July 9, 1906. 

(B) LUCY HELLIJAS", b. Mar. 24, 1908. 

(C) MILDRED HELLIJAS", b. Jan. 6, 1910; she m. Herbert 

Schurman, of Grand Gorge, N. Y. 

(D) THELMA JEAN HELLIJAS", b. Feb. 16, 1929. 

(vi) PETER HELLIJAS", JR.. of Summit, N. Y., b. Nov. 19, 1884; 

m. 1st, Carrie Barnes; m. 2nd, Susie Graham; farmer. 
(vii) EDNA HELLIJAS'", of Summit, N. Y., b. May 3, 1890; ra. 

Gordon Becker; farmer. 


(B) IVA BECKER", m. Floyd Conrow. 

(3) LUCINDA DeLONG', b. 1830; d. 1908; m. John Decker, of Red Falls, 
Greene County, N. Y., b. 1832; d. 1912, Binghamton, N. Y. 

(a) WILLARD O. DECKER^ b. 1857; m. Mrs. Alice Decker, of Grand 
Gorge, N. Y., b. 1847; d. Mar., 1917; coachman for Dr. Stephen E. 
Churchill, of Stamford, N. Y. 

(b) DUANE B. DECKER', b. 1860; m. Smilda Dibble, of Red Falls, 
N. Y., b. 1846; d. 1923; cabinet maker and carver of Stamford, N. Y. 

(i) HOWARD C. DECKER", b. 1885; d. 1907; carpenter. 

(c) HARVEY L. DECKER*, b. 1862; d. 1874, Ashland, Greene County, 
N. Y. 

(d) SARAH F. DECKER', m. Bert Cook; farmer; res., Gilboa, N. Y. 
(i) VESTA COOK", m. Victor Oakes, of Rush, Pa.; cement mason 

and general stone work, 
(ii) REED H. COOK", m. Beatrice Seiber, of Forest Lake, Pa.; 

(iii) RAYMOND L. COOK", m. Minnie Garrison, of Rush Pa.; 


(4) LUCINA DeLONG', m. 1st, Orange Barber, farmer; m. 2nd, William 
Garrett; res., Coxsackie, N. Y. 

(5) LORENA DeLONG', m. John Smith, of Ashland, N. Y, ; killed in action 
in Civil War. 

(a) CHARLES DeLONG SMITH', b. 1860. 


(6) POLLY ANN DeLONG", b. 1819; m. Apr. 13, 1840 to Henry C. Riven- 
burgh, b. May 10, 1819, son of Henry Rivenburgh, of Summit, N. Y. ; was 
administrator of his father's estate. 

(a) CYNTHIA RIVENBURGH', b. Sept. 23. 1841; m. Menzo King; 
lived in Middleburgh, N. Y., toward Polly Hollow. 

(i) ORA KING", m. Ernest Steenholver; no children. 

(b) PHEBE ANN RIVENBURGH', b. May 6, 1843; m. Walter Mattice; 
lived in Middleburgh, N. Y. toward Greensbush ; both d. and bur. at 
Patria, near their homes. 




(c) MARGARET ROSANNA RIVENBURGH*, b. Mar. 18, 1846; m. 
Charles Mickle; res., Schenectady, N. Y. ; he is bur. at Middleburgh, 
N. Y. ; she is bur. at Patria, N. Y. 





(v) BERTHA MICKLE'*, m. Harbon Rivenburgh. 

(d) JOHN HENRY RIVENBURGH*, b. Jan. 30, 1848; m. Mary Ellen 
King, of Barney Hollow, near Cobleskill, N. Y. ; she d. Dec. 8, 1922 ; 
he lived in Schoharie, N. Y., in 193L 

(i) GRACE RIVENBURGH'", b. Aug. 16 ; m. William Sagen- 

dorf ; both d. and bur. in Waterbury, Conn., where they lived. 

(ii) ADALINE RIVENBURGH'", m. Thelbert Plue ; d. . 

(A) MAUD PLUE", d. . 

(iii) CHARLES LEWIS RIVENBURGH'*, m. Rose Ammond; res., 

Fulton, N. Y. ; no children, 
(iv) AUSTIN RIVENBURGH'*, unm.; res., Schoharie, N. Y. 
(v) EDWIN RIVENBURGH", d. young, 
(vi) CHAUNCEY RIVENBURGH", b. Sept. 21; unm.; d. New 

York, N. Y. 
(vii) LORENA RIVENBURGH'", b. Mar. 16, 1891 ; m. John Thomas 

Fitzgerald; res., Boston, Mass. 
(viii) FRED RIVENBURGH'*, b. Aug. 8, 1893; unm.; res., Schoharie, 

N. Y. 
(ix) EUGENE RIVENBURGH'*, b. Oct. 29, 1895; m. Marion 

Parslow, b. Oct. 4, 1898. Schoharie, N. Y. 
(A) KENNETH RIVENBURGH", b. July 30, 1917; in Schoharie 
High School, 
(x) EARL GEORGE RIVENBURGH'", b. May 2, 1897; m. Nina 

Rorick, of Schoharie, d. June 24, 1920. 



(e) JACOB RILEY RIVENBURGH", b. June 4, 1851 ; m. Loretta Bivins, 
d. Schenectady, N. Y. ; no children. 

(f) LUCINDA CATHERINE RIVENBURGH", b. Apr. 12, 1856; m. 
Charles Allen; res. and d. in Middleburgh, N. Y. Ch. : Two girls and 
three boys. 

(g) CHARLES LEWIS RIVENBURGH", b. Jan. 10, 1858; m. Carrie 
Conie ; res., Central Bridge, N. Y., in 1931. 

(i) GEORGE J. RIVENBURGH", m. Freda Hammond, 

(iii) BESSIE RIVENBURGH", m. James A. Smith; res., Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. 
(h) GEORGE A. RIVENBURGH*, b. July 15, 1862; d. young. 
(7) STEPHEN MAYHAM DfXONG', b. Jefferson, N. Y., Apr. 25, 1840; 
m. Athens, N. Y., May 8, 1878 to Minerva Briggs, b. Athens, N. Y., Nov. 


11, 1851; res., Athens, N. Y., Morristown, N. Y., New York, N. Y., and 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; res., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; he d. Nov. 23, 1921. 
(a) BERNARD DeLONG', b. Athens, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1885; d. in 1891. 

(8) ABRAM DeLONG', res., Bainbridge, N. Y. ; d. Eminence, N. Y., in 1915. 

(9) JOEL J. DeLONG' b. Oct. 28, 1832 ; d. June 14, 1916 ; m. 1st, Emma Hall, 
b. Mar. 21, 1832; d. July 12, 1886; m. 2nd, Maria A. Ireland, Jan. 21, 
1891 ; d. June 14, 1907. 

(a) FRED DeLONG', b. 1863 ; d. 1866. 

(b) MARY E. DeLONG', b. Oct. 4, 1867; m. Orval Graves, of Mason- 
ville, Delaware County, N. Y., d. Sept. 1, 1885. 

(i) LETTIE E. GRAVES", b. Aug. 2, 1883; m. J. C. Rushham, 
mechanic, of Dayton, Ohio. 

(c) GEORGE H. DeLONG', b. May 31, 1870; m. Oct. 16, 1900 to 
Carrie A. Taggart, of Nineveh, N. Y., b. Apr. 13, 1878 ; cabinet maker ; 
res., Binghamton, N. Y. 

(10) FRANCIS DeLONG", b. Mar. 2, 1821 ; m. at Rockdale, N. Y., Aug. 30. 
1843 to Janette Parks, b. Bainbridge, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1824; he was a 
lumberman; he d. Nov. 26, 1887; she d. June 29, 1859; both bur. at 
Bainbridge, N. Y. ; res., Afton, N. Y. 

(a) JAMES DeLONG', b. Oct. 14, 1845; d. in the Civil War; unm. 

(b) ALVIN DeLONG', b. July 13, 1847; m. Francis Sullivan, in 1863; 
he d. Oct. 18, 1891 ; painter ; res., Binghamton, N. Y. 


(c) LOUIS DeLONG', b. May 18, 1848; m. Helen Starkins; he d. Feb. 11, 
1876 ; mason ; no children. 

(d) EDWIN DeLONG', b. Apr. 2, 1851; d. Feb. 7, 1873; unm.; teacher 
res., Afton, N. Y. 

(e) ELINOR DeLONG', b. May 18, 1853; m. 1869 to William Ellis, b. 
Afton, N. Y. ; d. Apr. 14, 1898. 

(i) MARTIN DeLONG", b. 1870; d. Mar. 21, 1906. 

(ii) J. GILBERT DeLONG", b. 1872; res., Binghamton, N. Y. 

(f) FRANCIS (Frank) DeLONG', b. Dec. 22, 1855; m. 1st, Elizabeth 
Elmer, b. Dec. 9, 1855 ; d. about 1890 ; m. 2nd, Mary Elmer, b. Nov. 9, 
1893 ; m. Oct. 22, 1918 ; farmer and creamery manager ; settled in 
Franklin, N. Y., about 1906; res. there in 1931. 

(i) GLADYS DeLONG", b. Apr. 4, 1896; m. Frank C. McNutt, 
b. Apr. 29, 1890; m. July 1, 1914; res., Franklin, N. Y. 

(A) VeLANE V. McNUTT", b. May 17, 1918, Franklin, N. Y. 

(B) FRANCES JUNE McNUTT", b. May 24, 1920, Franklin, 

N. Y. 

(C) THOMAS CLEVELAND McNUTT", b. Apr. 9, 1922, 

Franklin, N. Y. ; all res., Franklin, N. Y. 
(ii) EDDIE DeLONG", b. Sept. 16, 1897; m. Clara Woodard, b. 
July 4, 1900 ; m. Sept. 29, 1920 ; farmer ; res., Delhi, N. Y. 
(A) EDWIN E. DeLONG", JR., b. Sept. 8, 1921. 


(B) RICHARD O. DeLONG", b. Jan. 1, 1923. 

(C) FRANCIS L. DeLONG", b. May 19, 1924. 

(g) LAVINA DeLONG', b. Feb. 5, 1857; d. Mar. 11, 1882; m. Fred 
Prindle, Nov. 2, 1873 ; he d. Feb. 2, 1920. 

(i) GEORGE ALBERT PRINDLE", b. Dec. 30, 1874, Deposit, 
N. Y. ; m. Mima Crosby, Oct. 24, 1900, of Roxbury, N. Y. ; res., 
Oneonta, N. Y. ; he is an engineer on the Delaware & Hudson 
R. R., and a member of the Brotherhood Locomotive Engineers 
of America. 
(A) IVA PRINDLE", b. Jan. 20, 1902; m. Robert Stevenson, of 
Oneonta, N. Y. ; he is a World War veteran ; over-sea service ; 
he is manager of a restaurant on Chestnut St., Oneonta, N. Y. 
(Al) ROBERT STEVENSON", JR., b. 1924. 
(ii) FRANK PRINDLE", 2nd, b. Jan. 17, 1877; d. Sept., 1879. 
(iii) MARY DeETTE PRINDLE", b. Dec. 23, 1878, Deposit, N. Y.; 
m. Webb Seeley, of Walton, N. Y., Dec. 6, 1894 ; he is a farmer 
and lives at Walton, N. Y. 

(A) RALPH SEYMOUR SEELEY", b. Mar. 4, 1896; m. Elsia 
Howard, of Walton, N. Y., b. Feb. 28, 1895. 

(Al) REGINALD NILES SEELEY", b. May 1, 1924. 

(B) BLANCHE ELIZABETH SEELEY", b. Sept. 12, 1897; m. 
June 29, 1931 to Bernard Bock, of Arlington, N. Y. ; she is 
a graduate of Walton High School and Oneonta Normal 

(C) FRANK WILLIAM SEELEY", b. Jan. 11, 1902; graduate 
of Mechanic's Institute, Rochester, N. Y., June 1, 1931 ; res., 
Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

(D) DORIS MARY SEELEY", b. June 1, 1914; a graduate of 
Walton High School, class of 1930. 

(h) JENNIE (or Jenette) DeLONG', b. June 27, 1859; m. Charles 
Clark, b. Dec. 24, 1876, at Afton, N. Y. ; he d. Dec, 1927; she was 
known as Jennie Dean. 

(i) CLAYTON CLARK", b. Masonville, N. Y., Nov. 9. 1879; m. 
Mary J. Mulwain, of Bennettsville, N. Y., Dec. 20, 1899; he is 
a farmer ; res., Bainbridge, N. Y. 

(A) EDWARD CLARK", b. Sept. 10, 1901 ; d. May 24, 1917. 

(B) GEORGE R. CLARK", b. July 4, 1914. 

(C) PEARL L. CLARK", b. Apr. 16, 1916. 

(11) MARVIN DeLONG", d. Sidney, N. Y.; bur. there; he had three daus., 
none living. 

(12) JANE A. DeLONG*, b. Dec. 2, 1841; m. Burr Somers; she d. Sept., 
1923, at Wechawken, N. Y. ; m. 2nd, Dewitt Grover ; m. 3rd, Jerome J. 
Green, in 1892; he d. . 

(a) EUNICE SOMERS*, b. 1861; m. Elliott Merwin; farmer and hunter 
of Greene County, N. Y. ; they had twelve children. 

(b) LETTIE SOMERS', b. Mar. 21, 1866; m. William Meade, cabinet 
maker ; res., Weehawken, N. Y. 


(i) ETHYL A. MEADE'". 

(c) LIBBIE B. SOMERS", m. Frank Lamb; lived at Morris, N. Y. 
(i) BERTHA LAMB", m. Roy Decker. 

(d) MARY GROVER", b. June 24, 1875; m. 1st, Geo. Clark; m. 2nd, 
Byron Tripp ; m. 3rd, George Bond. 

(i) MARIE CLARK", m. Clarence Burdick, Masonville, N. Y. 



(iv) JANE M. TRIPP", m. Numan Tuckey, of Bainbridge, N. Y. 

(v) LENA TRIPP", m. Stanton Gifford, of Masonville, N. Y. 

(e) ABBIE GROVER', b. Apr. 1, 1877; m. Jesse Barrows, of Norwich, 
Chenango County, N. Y. 

(i) GRACE BARROWS", b. Sept. 26, 1895; m. Ary S. Elliott, 
(ii) NELLIE BARROWS", b. May 18, 1898; m. Frank Cross, 
(iii) EVERETT BARROWS", b. Aug. 29, 1901 ; m. Ruth Harring- 
(iv) DONALD BARROWS", b. Nov. 30, 1910. 
(v) STANLEY BARROWS", b. Apr. 8, 1916. 

(f) SUSAN GROVER', b. Dec. 30, 1879; m. Sept., 1903 to Walter Spoor, 
b. Dec. 13, 1873. 

(i) HAROLD SPOOR", b. Sept. 21, 1904; m. Nina Drake. 

(A) ROBERT HAROLD SPOOR", b. Feb. 29, 1924. 
(ii) RUTH SPOOR", b. Apr. 22, 1906; m. Lawrence Taylor, Cato, 
N. Y. 

(A) MARJORIE TAYLOR", b. Apr. 10, 1924. 

(B) ", b. 1929. 

(iii) RALPH SPOOR", b. June 29, 1911. 
1728. ii. ANDREW NORTHRUP, b. Jan. 16, 1801 ; m. Amanda M. Phillips, 
3182-91. (See page 186, Volume I). 

ABRAHAM HITCHCOCK, b. Feb., 1803; m. Amy Avery, 3191-3202. 
PULASKI, b. Oct. 9, 1804 ; m. Huldah Jacquish, 3202'"" 
HESTER ELMINA FOOTE, b. Aug. 9, 1807, Jefferson, N. Y.; m. 
June 19, 1825 to William Lewis Burnet, b. Feb. 5, 1801. He was the 
son of Matthias and Susan (Guerin) Burnet, who moved from Han- 
over, N. J., or vicinity to Jefferson, N. Y., in 1811. Through his 
grandfather, Matthias Burnet, a member of a Hanover Revolutionary 
"committee of observation," he was a descendant of Thomas Burnet, 
a settler in Southampton, L. I., in 1643. She was the dau. of Joshua 
Guerin, or Guering, a Revolutionary soldier of Morris County, N. J. 
William L. and Hester Burnet moved from Jefferson to Wilson, 
Niagara County, N. Y., in 1846, and bought a farm a few miles south 
of the village. In 1850, his health being poor, they sold the farm. He 
d. of smallpox at Jefferson, N. Y., July 5, 1854, and was bur. at 
Albany, N. Y. His widow, Hester, a very capable woman, supported 
herself and children by weaving cloth and carpets. Soon after the 
Civil War she m. Colonel Clapsaddle and moved to a farm between 
Wilson and Youngstown, N. Y. He d. soon after and she moved to 
Tonawanda, N. Y., where she lived with her sons, Lafayette and De Los, 
until her death May 17, 1877. She is bur. in the Burnett lot in the 








Wilson Cemetery. H. E. Foote united with the Presbyterian Church 

of Jefferson, June 30, 1822. 
(1) WILLIAM SILVESTER BURNETT', b. Jan. 12, 1826; m. Maryanna 
Pratt, dau. of Calvin and Samantha Pratt, of Wilson, N. Y., b. Aug. 8, 
1829. For a number of years he drove a mail stage between Wilson and 
Lockport, N. Y., and about 1860 moved to Charlotte, N. Y., at the mouth 
of the Genesee River, where he performed the same service between that 
place and Rochester, N. Y. About 1878 they moved back to Wilson, N. Y., 
and lived on the Calvin Pratt farm. He d. July 3, 1898; she d. Jan. 12, 
1912. Both are bur. in Wilson Cemetery. 

(a) DIETTE BURNETT^, b. 1852; m. 1870, Frank Sipe, a street-car 
driver on the Rochester Railway line ; he was accidentally killed while 
driving his car in Lake Ave., Feb. 11, 1875; she d. Aug., 1896; bur. 
in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, N. Y. 

(i) MAMIE SIPE", b. 1874; m. 1st, Frank Gage; m. 2nd, F. E. 

Deazley, d. 1919 ; bur. in the Parma Center Cemetery, 
(ii) CORA SIPE", b. 1875; m. William Bower, d. 1923. 

(b) IDA BURNETT', b. Feb. 1. 1854; m. 1877, Abraham Hickman, a 
nurseryman in the nurseries of Rochester, N. Y. ; d. Apr., 1910. 


(c) WILLIAM CALVIN BURNETT*, b. Wilson, N. Y., Mar. 9, 1856; 
m. May 20, 1879, Nellie Caroline Van Horn, b. at Newfane, N. Y., 
Dec. 22, 1858. They made their home in the Van Horn homestead 
at Newfane, where he still lived in 1931. He was a painter and 
paperhanger by trade, was very active socially, took an important part 
in Odd Fellowship, sang in the Baptist Church choir for a good many 
years, but is now confined to his home. Nellie Caroline, d. May 8, 
1927, and is bur. in the cemetery at Wright's Corners on the Ridge 

(i) MYRTLE MAY BURNETT", b. Newfane, N. Y., Oct. 29, 
1881; m. Oct. 29, 1903, Ernest Horton, d. Oct. 9, 1913. They 
built a home next door to her father, and he worked in the hard- 
ware business. 

(ii) LAUNEY SILVESTER BURNETT", b. Sept. 19, 1883; m. 
June 22, 1911 to Jennie May Eshbaum. They bought Myrtle's 
home and have lived there since. He is a plumber and metal 

(A) ROBERT PHILIP BURNETT", b. Oct. 14, 1916. 

(B) MARY CAROLINE BURNETT", b. Jan. 6, 1923. 

(iii) MABEL LOUISE BURNETT", b. Aug. 14, 1887; m. June 24, 
1908 to Arthur La Pine, an automobile painter. They live in 
the Van Horn homestead at Newfane, N. Y. 
(A) EDITH MAY LA PINE", b. Aug. 7, 1910; m. Jan. 19, 1928 
to Charles Burke. 

(Al) ROBERT ARTHUR BURKE", b. Mar. 24, 1928. 
(A2) WILLIAM CHARLES BURKE", b. Apr. 15, 1929. 
(A3) JOHN EDWARD BURKE", b. Feb. 4, 1931. 


(d) FRED NEWELL BURNETT', b. Medina, N. Y., Mar. 3, 1858; m. 
Apr. 23, 1878 to Lucy Ophelia Smith, dau. of William and Sarah 
(Ross) Smith, of Wilson, N. Y., b. Nov. 19, 1856. H was a weaver, 
paper hanger and painter until about 1900 when they moved from 
Wilson to Rochester, N. Y., where he worked at the machinist trade 
for the rest of his life. He d. Feb. 2, 1923 ; his widow d. Apr. 7, 
1927; they are bur. in Riverside Cemetery, Rochester, N. Y. 
(i) CHARLES HENRY BURNETT", b. Apr. 22, 1879; m. Sept. 
16, 1902 to Florence Lucy Ellery, b. Rochester, N. Y., June 18. 
1880, dau. of Willis Cleveland Ellery and Margaret (Leahy) 
Ellery. Charles was b. at Wilson, N. Y. ; educated at the Wilson 
Union Free School ; moved to Rochester in 1897 and learned the 
machinist's trade ; worked in the shops of Rochester, N. Y., for 
ten years, then entered the employ of the Eastman Kodak Com- 
pany as a mechanic. He advanced in the ne.xt twenty- four years 
to foreman of the electro-plating department. In 1921 moved to 
the town of Parma, N. Y., just outside of Rochester, N. Y., 
where he became a trustee of the Second Baptist Church of 
Parma, a member of the town committee, and a member of the 
school board. 

(A) ELLERY ROSS BURNETT", b. Aug. 6, 1904, Rochester. 
N. Y. ; m. Aug. 6, 1927 to Alice Jackman Rowell, b. Buffalo, 
N. Y., Aug. 22, 1906. He was educated in the schools of 
Rochester, N. Y., and learned the toolmaking trade at the 
Eastman Kodak Company, but has since taken up farming and 
is now engaged in the poultry business. Both belong to the 
Congregational Church at Clarkson, N. Y. 

(Al) RODERICK EDWIN BURNETT", b. Feb. 8, 1928. 
(A2) JEANNE ALICE BURNETT*", b. Dec. 23, 1928. 
(A3) JUDITH ANN BURNETT", b. Nov. 20, 1931. 

(B) CHARLES WILLIS BURNETT", b. Apr. 8, 1907, Roches- 
ter, N. Y, ; graduated from School No. 6 of Rochester with high 
honors and from Jefferson Junior High School, attended three 
years at West High School of Rochester, and spent his last 
year at Spencerport High School, where he won the senior 
cup for scholastic honors. He studied a year at the Penn- 
sylvania Hospital for nursing in Philadelphia and is employed 
in a sanitarium in Philadelphia, Pa. 

(C) LUCY MARGERY BURNETT", b. July 22, 1910, Rochester, 

N. Y. ; graduated from grammar school at Parma, N. Y., and 

from Spencerport High School ; completed a secretarial course 

at the School of Commerce, and is employed in the National 

Advertising Department of the Rochester Journal- American. 

She is a member of the Parma Baptist Church. 

(ii) LEE BURNETT", b. Feb. 1, 1881; d. Feb. 20, 1886. 

(iii) FRED WILLIAM BURNETT", b. May 12, 1883; m. June, 

1906 to Onnalee Mae Deacon, b. Rochester, N. Y., June 28, 1887. 

He was b. in Wilson, N. Y., and educated in the Wilson Union 

School ; moved to Rochester, N. Y., about 1899, and first learned 



the candy-making business. For a number of years he has been 
employed by the Todd Protectograph Co. Both belong to the 
North Presbyterian Church of Rochester, N. Y. 

(A) ROBERT FRED BURNETT", b. June 16, 1912. 

(B) ETHEL VIRGINIA BURNETT", b. July 29, 1917. 

(C) KENNETH LEE BURNETT", b. Mar. 12, 1920. 

(D) JANE ELEANOR BURNETT", b. Mar. 17, 1922. 

(iv) WINNIE MAY BURNETT^", b. Wilson, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1889; 
m. Sept. 16, 1909 to Arthur Frederick Carey, b. Rochester, 
N. Y., Feb. 18, 1884. She graduated from Wilson Union School; 
he was educated in the Rochester schools. He is a plumber and 
a member of the Episcopal Church. She is a member of Central 
Presbyterian Church of Rochester. 

(A) RUTH ELIZABETH CAREY", b. Jan. 17, 1911. 

(B) ARTHUR FREDERICK CAREY", JR., b. June 29, 1913. 

(e) NELSON A. BURNETT* b. 1860. 

(f) ELGIE BURNETT', b. 1868; d. 1878. 

(g) JESSIE ELBERTINE BURNETT', b. June 19, 1870, Rochester, 
N. Y.; m. Jan. 1, 1889 to Fred Henry Burch, b. Rochester, N. Y., 
Aug. 28, 1867; an extra good machinist in the shops of Rochester, 
N. Y. ; res.. West Webster, N. Y. 

(i) MAY IRENE BURCH", b. Oct. 14, 1889; m. WiHiam Car- 
(ii) ROY WILLIAM BURCH", b. Jan. 21, 1906. 

(2) LOIS ESTHER BURNETT', b. Jefferson, N. Y., Mar. 24, 1833; m. 
Enoch Pettit, a farmer living just east of Wilson Village, N. Y. After 
his death she moved to Kalamazoo, Mich., with her sister Susan, and m. 
John Gould, of Mendon, Mich; res., Kalamazoo, Mich; she d. Mar., 1913. 

(a) JULETTIA PETTIT', b. Dec. 29, 1864, Wilson, N. Y. ; d. Apr. 11, 
1891 ; bur. with parents in Riverside Cemetery, Kalamazoo, Mich. 

(3) ROXY A. BURNETT*, b. Jefferson, N. Y., Apr. 5, 1835; m. Charles 
Burroughs, b. 1832; he d. in action in the Civil War, Oct. 12, 1863. 

(a) CHARLES BURROUGHS', b. 1860. 

(b) WILLIAM BURROUGHS', b. 1862; d. Jan. 13, 1893. 

(4) MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE BURNETT', b. July 19, 1841 ; m. Tona- 
wanda, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1866 to Fanny Melissa Shuman, b. Mar. 26, 1846. 
He was a salesman; res., Tonawanda, N. Y. In 1932 his wife lived at 
Williamsville, N. Y., with her son-in-law, Ernest B. Walker. 

(a) CORA EVALENA BURNETT', b. Sept. 16, 1867, Tonawanda, 
N. Y. ; m. Nov. 5, 1885 to Samuel Hunter Patterson, b. Grand Island, 
N. Y., Aug. 21, 1859; an expert mechanic specializing in tools for 
saw mills and planing mills ; res., Tonawanda, N. Y. 
(i) SAMUEL PATTERSON", b. Nov. 28, 1886; d. in infancy. 
(ii) SADIE MAY PATTERSON", b. Apr. 25, 1888; d. in infancy, 
(iii) OLIVE MAY PATTERSON", b. Aug. 20, 1890; m. Nov. 15, 
1909 to Clarence Ray Graham, b. North Tonawanda, N. Y., 
Sept. 2, 1888; foreman for an internal combustion engine concern 
in Tonawanda, N. Y. 


(A) CLARENCE RAY GRAHAM", JR., b. May 7, 1911; grad- 
uate of Tonawanda High School, and a mechanic. 

(B) DURWARD PATTERSON GRAHAM", b. Apr. 23, 1915. 

(C) ELEON DAVID GRAHAM", b. Dec. 26, 1919. 

(D) GLENN WALLACE GRAHAM", b. Feb. 18, 1925. 

(b) SARAH ALEMEDA BURNETT, b. Tonawanda, N. Y., May 12, 
1870; forty -two years a clerk in the P. Harold Hayes Laboratory; 
res., Tonawanda, N. Y., Buffalo, N. Y., Williamsville, N. Y. 

(c) MARY ELMINA BURNETT', b. Tonawanda, N. Y., Apr. 2, 1872; 
m. Buffalo, N. Y., Apr. 23, 1891 to Ernest Brice Walker; Apr., 1906, 
moved to their farm at Williamsville, Erie County, N. Y., where they 
have since resided and taken part in all civic, school and church activi- 
ties. Ernest B. Walker, fifth child of William Walker and Fanny 
Lathbury, both of England, was b. Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1865; 
graduated from Central High School, and University of Buffalo, Ph.G., 
June, 1892. For forty-four years with firm of P. Harold Hayes, Tona- 
wanda, N. Y., and Buffalo, N. Y., as their analytical chemist and 
manufacturing pharmacist. Member of Amherst Lodge, of Keystone 
Chapter, Hugh de Paynes Commandery, and of the Shrine of Tamailia. 
As a young man he took great interest in sailing the Niagara River, 
and for years was a member of the Buffalo Homing Pigeon Associa- 
tion, making the world's record for young birds' 500 mile flight in 
one day. For past twenty-five years he has taken great interest in 
cultivating his farm in the most scientific manner, and for seven years 
was an active worker on the Williamsville Board of Education. 

(i) LENORA ELMINA WALKER", b. Feb. 28, 1892; graduated 
from State Normal School of Practice, 1907; Buffalo Lafayette 
High School, 1910; State Normal School, 1912. After teaching 
a year in Model Rural School at Lake View, N. Y., graduated 
from Teachers' College, Columbia University, with Latin teacher 
diploma and B.S. of Education, June, 1915, and for two years 
taught Latin and English in Leonia, N. J., High School. Aug. 
18, 1917, she m. at Williamsville, N. Y., Edward Holloway, of 
New York, N. Y. In 1920 they moved from Flatbush, L. I., 
to Hartsdale, Westchester County, N. Y., and in 1930 to Scars- 
dale, N. Y. She is a member of American Association of Uni- 
versity Women, and of Scarsdale Woman's Club, has always 
been active in Parent-Teachers organizations and Child Study 
organizations, and has taken active part in the Fireside Players 
in White Plains, N. Y. Edward Holloway, b. at Whisanoming, 
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 2, 1890, is the third child of Edward 
Holloway, of England, and Marie Catharine MacKenzie, of Nova 
Scotia, a direct descendant of the MacKenzies, of Applecross, in 
Scotland. Coming with his family to New York, N. Y., in 1901, 
he was educated there, graduating from City College and from 
New York Law School in 1914. In 1915 he was admitted to 
practice in New York State, and in 1924 before the Supreme 
Court of the United States. Since 1916 he has been associated 
with the firm of Douglas, Armitage & McCann, in New York, 


N. Y., and since 1922 a member of the firm. He has member- 
ship in Racquet Club of Washington, D. C, Bar Association of 
City of New York, Westchester Bar Association, Lawyers' Club 
of New York, and Leewood Golf Club of Westchester County. 
As chairman of the School Board of Hartsdale, N. Y., he was 
instrumental in securing additions to the building and a play- 
ground equipped in the most approved manner. He is a member 
of the New York Lodge, Jerusalem Chapter, in which he has 
held the offices of king and high priest, and of Palestine Com- 

(A) EDWARD HOLLOWAY", JR.. b. Nov. 19, 1918, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

(B) ERNEST WALKER HOLLOWAY", b. Mar. 24, 1921, 

Hartsdale, N. Y. 

(ii) HELEN GERTRUDE WALKERS b. Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 20, 
1893 ; graduated from School of Practice of BuflFalo State Normal 
School, 1908; Lafayette High School, 1911 ; State Normal School, 
1913; taught two years at Snyder, N. Y. ; graduated from 
Teachers' College, Columbia University, household arts course, 
B.S. in Education, 1917. After teaching six months at Buffalo 
Normal School and connection with Maryland State College for 
two years, she was instructor in household arts at Hutchinson 
High School in Buffalo for five years ; and studying summers at 
Columbia University received the degree of M.A. in Supervision 
of Education in 1924. In the same year she entered the Medical 
School of the University of Buffalo and received degree of M.D. 
June, 1928, having been president of the women's medical frater- 
nity for two years, secretary of her class in sophomore and junior 
years and vice-president in senior year. In July, 1928, she in- 
she interned at the Buffalo City Hospital, and in the following year 
received an appointment to the staff as resident surgeon. She 
is a member of the College Club of Buffalo, of the American 
Association of University Women, of the Women's Physicians 
League of Buffalo, and of the New York State Women's Medical 

(iji) MARY BURNETT WALKER", b. Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 3, 1897; 
graduated Buffalo State Normal School of Practice, 1912; Lafa- 
yette High School, 1915; State Normal School, 1917; taught 
following year in Tonawanda Public Schools ; in 1918 entered 
Teachers' College, Columbia University, majoring in household 
arts and receiving B.S. in 1920. From 1920 to 1922 she was an 
instructor in the Demonstration School of Ohio Wesleyan Uni- 
versity. Nov. 11, 1922, she m. Howard Frank Stimm, of Buf- 
falo, N. Y.. at Williamsville, N. Y.. where they reside. She is a 
member of Delta Sigma Epsilon, an officer in the local branch 
of the League of Women Voters, and a trustee of the Williams- 
ville Free Library. He was b. Buffalo, N. Y., Feb., 1895; 
second son of Frank Lewin Stimm and Emma Wodell ; grad- 
uated from Buffalo Public Schools, 1910, and from Masten Park 


High School, 1913 ; spent the next two years in the State of 
Washington, where he attended the State University. At the 
close of his junior year at Carnegie Institute of Technology he 
returned to Buffalo, N. Y., and in July, 1918, enlisted in the 
American Army. In 1920 he returned to Carnegie Institute and 
received the degree of Civil Engineer and B.S., in June, 1921. 
Since 1921 he has been in business for himself as an engineer 
and contractor. He is a member of the Carnegie Clan, Buffalo 
Yacht Club, Buffalo Engineering Society, International Tract 
Supervisors' Club, Washington Lodge, and the Chamber of 

(A) KEAN WALKER STIMM", b. Buffalo, N. Y., Mar. 23, 1924. 

(B) HELEN JOY STIMM", b. Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 17, 1926. 

(C) MARY VIRGINIA STIMM", b. Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 11, 

(iv) ERNEST GROSVENOR WALKER", b. Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 
18, 1901 ; graduated from Buffalo State Normal School of Prac- 
tice, 1915, and from Nichols Country Day School of Buffalo, 
1919. From 1919 to 1923 he attended Dartmouth College and 
the University of Buffalo. For three years he served as adver- 
tising manager of The Bee, the University paper, and in recogni- 
tion of his service the University presented him with a gold key 
as a watch charm. From 1923 to 1925 he studied at the College 
of Pharmacy of the University of Buffalo. In 1926 he and his 
father, under the title of E. B. Walker & Son, purchased land 
bordering the New York Central Railroad in Buffalo, N. Y., 
and in 1931 were conducting a business embracing real estate 
and automobile supplies. He resided with his parents at Run- 
ning Brook Farm, Williamsville, N. Y. 

(5) LAVINIA BURNETT', b. Jefferson, N. Y., 1843; m. Asa Pratt, of 
Wilson, N. Y., a farmer and teamster. They went to Michigan, lived 
there for a year, returned to Wilson, N. Y., and lived in the village. 

(a) LILLIAN PRATT', d. unm. 

(b) NEWTON PRATT', m. ; no children; dead. 

(c) IDA PRATT', m. John Hamilton, of Wilson, N. Y. 

(d) HESTER PRATT', m. , and moved to Pennsylvania. 

(e) SAMANTHA PRATT', d. unm. 

(f) CALVIN PRATT', m. Rose Osborne; res., Lewiston, N. Y. 

(g) JULIET PRATT', m. John Thompson, dead, 
(h) LORETTA PRATT', d. young. 

(i) MAMIE PRATT', m. Paul Ackerman, of Wilson, N. Y., both dead. 

(6) SUSAN ELMINA BURNETT', b. Sept. 10, 1845, Wilson, N. Y. ; moved 
to Kalamazoo, Mich. ; m. 1865, Martin, Mich., to Charles Adams. They 
lived there two years, then moved to Plainwell, Mich., where she d. 
Nov. 19, 1906; Charles Adams d. Dec. 22, 1912. They are bur. in Plain- 
well, Mich., Cemetery. 

(a) LORETTA MINERVA ADAMS', b. Martin, Mich., Sept. 12, 1866; 
m. Plainwell, Mich., Jan. 12, 1882 to Charles Howard Stimpson, b. 
Kalamazoo, Mich, Sept. 6, 1859. 


(i) FRED ALONZO STIMPSON", b. Cooper, Mich., Oct. 18, 
1883; m. Green Bay, Wis., Oct. 10, 1910 to Anna Cleereman, 
b. Mar. 11, 1885. 

(A) AGNES LORETTA STIMPSON", b. Feb. 7, 1912, Green 
Bay, Wis. 

(B) BERNARD NICHOLAS STIMPSON", b. July, 1914; d. 
Oct. 26, 1929, Green Bay, Wis. 

(C) VIRGINIA MARY STIMPSON", b. Nov. 11, 1920. 

(D) CHARLES JOSEPH STIMPSON", b. Apr. 4, 1924, Green 
Bay, Wis. 

(ii) JESSIE WINONA STIMPSON", b. Plainwell, Mich., Feb. 7, 
1886; m. 1st, June 24, 1904, Marshall, Mich., to Clarence Roy 
Smoke, b. Aug. 23, 1883, Climax, Mich.; m. 2nd, Apr. 15, 1918, 
Newkirk, Okla., to Robert Weldon Reed, b. Sept. 15, 1883, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(A) FRED ADELBERT SMOKE", b. Feb. 20, 1905; d. Mar. 5, 
1905, at Kalamazoo, Mich. 

(B) HOWARD ALONZO SMOKE", b. Oct. 21. 1906, Kalamazoo, 

Mich.; m. Wichita, Kan., Feb. 10, 1927 to Bertha Celesta 
Head, b. Jan. 24, 1909, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
(Al) HOWARD ALONZO SMOKE", b. Jan. 24, 1928, 

Wichita, Kan. 
(A2) CLIFFORD ROYCE SMOKE'^ b. May 31, 1929, 
Kansas City, Mo. 
(iii) MARION HOWARD STIMPSON", b. Kalamazoo. Mich., 
Jan. 17, 1892; m. Kalamazoo, Mich., June 21, 1924 to Carrie 
Carmen Cox, b. Dec. 15, 1891, Leon, Kan. 
(iv) ORLO BURNETT STIMPSON", b. Kalamazoo, Mich., Apr. 
6, 1895 ; m. Wichita, Kan., Apr. 23, 1918 to Mary Sarah Fezler, 
. b. May 3, 1894. 

(b) JOHN H. ADAMS', b. Mar. 1, 1869, Plainwell, Mich.; m. Mina 
Humphrey ; res., Canfield, Ont., Can. 

(c) MINA A. ADAMS', b. Oct. 30, 1871, Plainwell, Mich.; m. Oct. 31, 
1888 to F. L. Parr. 

(i) GLADYS PARR", m. John Hall, Plainwell, Mich. 

(A) ROBERT HALL", b. 1921. 

(B) NORRIS HALL", b. 1919. 

(d) MINNIE F. ADAMS', b. Oct. 30, 1871; m. 1st, Frank Williams, who 
d. in 1910 ; m. 2nd, Walter Dewey. 

(i) LILA WILLIAMS", m. David Tracy, Plainwell, Mich.; res., 
Otsego, Mich. 


(B) ORDIS and NORDIS TRACY" (twins). 

(C) MARY TRACY", who is dead. 

(ii) LEO DEWEY", m. and has two children. 

(e) LENA W. ADAMS', b. Oct. 12, 1872; m. Plainwell, Mich., Nov. 5, 
1915 to W. H. Overlolt; lived in Chicago, 111., and d. there in 1923. 



(7) OTTO DE LOS BURNETT', b. Sept. 5, 1848, Wilson, N. Y.; was a 
weaver by trade. He lived with his mother in Tonawanda, N. Y. ; never 
m., and is bur. in Tonawanda Cemetery. 
1733. vii. EMMA FOOTE, b. Aug., 1810; m. (2nd wife) Ira Bouton, b. May 4, 
1799, Watertown, Conn., son of William Bouton (1749-1828), of 
Norwalk, Conn., and his wife Hannah Carrington ; descended from 
John Bouton, who landed in Boston, Mass., in 1635, from Richard 
Raymond early settler at Salem, Mass., from Thomas Benedict who 
came from England in 1638, and through Thomas Fitch, of Norwalk, 
from Robert de Gernon who came to England with William the Con- 
queror ("Bouton and Boughton Family," Hall's "Ancient Historical 
Records of Norwalk," George Norbury Mackenzie's "Colonial Families 
of the United States of America," Vol. IV, p. 153). He removed 
with his parents to Meredith, N. Y., in 1808, and from there through 
Kortright, N. Y., to Jefferson, N. Y. He was a blacksmith in Jeffer- 
son village, a trustee of the old Jefferson Academy, and a lieutenant in 
the militia with brief service at Rensselaerville, Albany County, N. Y., 
in the "Anti-rent War." After their marriage they lived on Emma 
Foote's share of Miles Foote's farm on the Westkill Road, where he 
followed his trade. She d. Oct. 7, 1863; he d. Aug. 30, 1864. Their 
graves are in the old Jefferson burying ground. 
(1) EUGENE BOUTON', b. Dec. 6, 1850; m. June 29, 1887 to Elizabeth 
Rumrill Gladwin, b. Sherburne, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1865, dau. of Albert Russell 
and Elizabeth Maria (Cook) Gladwin, of Sherburne, N. Y. She was a 
descendant of Joshua Gladden and through his mother, Susannah Dickin- 
son, descended from Nathaniel Dickinson, one of the appraisers of the 
estate of Nathaniel Foote, of Wethersfield, in 1644 (see Vol. L, p. 19). 
After his resignation as supervising principal of the Glen Ridge School in 
1910, Mr. Bouton spent two years in writing and research work at Yale 
University, taught for a year in the Bloomfield, N. J., High School, tilled 
vacant land to increase the food supply in the World War, and in 1917 
took the position in the Essex County, N. J., Board of Taxation which 
his son, Gladwin Bouton, had to give up when drafted into the army 
where in 1931 he was senior clerk. He is a member of the Sons of 
American Revolution, and of the New Jersey Historical Society. Eliza- 
beth Gladwin Bouton was educated at the Sherburne Union School and at 
Kelbe School, Syracuse, N. Y. She has been interested in church work 
locally and in its wider problems, has given much attention to amateur 
dramatics and to the use of the play instinct in training of children, has 
devoted considerable time to writing, and in 1931 published "Grandmother's 
Doll" (Duffield & Co., New York, N. Y.). She is a member of the 
Daughters of American Revolution, from Capt. Jacob Cook, of Otis, Mass. 
They are Episcopalians and res. in Bloomfield, N. J. They have 
given much attention to genealogy, especially in recent years. With 
several of the country's best libraries within easy reach, using vacation 
trips for research, and by accident, they have come upon several "genea- 
logical romances" such as the fact that their Wethersfield ancestors and 
Robert Treat the leading spirit in founding Newark, N. J. in 1666, whose 
father was also an appraiser of Nathaniel Foote's estate, must have been 


young people together in Wethersfield, Conn. In 1668, Mr. Bouton's 
ancestor, Lieut. Robert Foote (No. 5) took possession of the farm in 
Branford which Samuel Plum left in 1666 to go with Robert Treat to 
Newark, N. J. 

(a) KATHARINE BOUTON', b. Sherburne, N. Y., Jan. 26, 1889; grad- 
uated as valedictorian at the Glen Ridge, N. J., High School in 1906, 
and after two years at home entered Vassar College on certificate and 
no examination. After beginning her junior year she m. Clifford 
Fincher Clay, b. Elizabeth, N. J., Aug. 14, 1886; he is a descendant 
through several generations from John Clay, of Ballybofey, Donegal 
County, Ireland, and through his mother, Matilda (Dame) Clam, from 
John Dame (or Dam), of Wakefield, N. H. They have lived most of 
the time since in East Orange, N. J. Between preparatory school and 
college she covered Greek, Latin, French, German and Spanish. While 
in Europe she had occasion to test her French when at a villa on an 
island in the Seine to which she had been invited, and she read a novel 
in French to approval of her hostesses. She and her children are mem- 
bers of Grace Episcopal Church, Orange, N. J. She is active in the 
choir, in the Orange Musical Art Society, in the Essex County College 
Woman's Club, and is a teacher of languages in Miss Beard's School 
for Girls in Orange, N. J. He is a graduate of the East Orange High 
School and later made a special study of food chemistry at Colum- 
bia University and elsewhere. He is an expert candy maker ; super- 
intendent of the Beechnut Company's candy making at Canajoharie, 
and Brooklyn, N. Y. He has written for and acted as advisory editor 
for candy-trade journals. 

(i) KATHARINE CLAY", b. July 15, 1911; graduate of East 

Orange High .School and student at the Newark School of Fine 

and Industrial Art. 
(ii) JOHN CLAY", b. Feb. 20, 1915; East Orange High School, 
(iji) RICHARD HENRY CLAY", b. June 19, 1917, East Orange, 

(iv) ALBERT GLADWIN CLAY", b. Feb. 9, 1924, East Orange, 

(v) EUGENE BOUTON CLAY", b. Feb. 9, 1925, East Orange, 


(b) GLADWIN BOUTON^, b. Bridgeport. Conn., Sept. 16, 1891 ; grad- 
uated as valedictorian at the Glen Ridge High School in 1908, and 
entered Princeton University prepared for both the engineering and 
classical courses, having read the required Homer's "Iliad" without 
a teacher; was an editor of the Daily Princetonian and graduated A.B. 
in 1913. He has been secretary of the New Jersey Manufacturers 
and Merchants Taxation League, and has since been specially inter- 
ested in that subject; was secretary of the Essex County Home Rule 
Republican League in its successful 1916 campaign ; and under civil 
service was clerk in Essex County Board of Taxation, 1917. Having 
taught himself stenography and typewriting before entering high school, 
he had also qualified as a court stenographer. Drafted for the World 
War, he was assigned to the Quartermaster Service at Brest, Paris, 

(See page 776) 

EUGENE BOUTON, 1733 (1) 



Marseilles, etc., promoted to first lieutenant and recommended for a 
captaincy. He has since continued along the lines he followed before 
the war, aiming at active rather than sedentary pursuits and taking 
keen interest in the science of social economics. He m. Apr. 26, 1922, 
Anna Meade Shepard, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 21, 1889, a dau. of 
Charles Oris and Mary Per Lee (Meade) Shepard, of Tenafly, N. J. 
Anne Meade Shepard graduated at Wells College in 1913, was a Red 
Cross secretary with the American Expeditionary Forces in France, 
and before her marriage was engaged in mercantile advertising. They 
reside in Tenafly, N. J., and are members of St. Paul's Episcopal 
Church in Englewood, N. J. 

(i) ANNE WILSON BOUTON", b. Nov. 15, 1924, New York, 
N. Y. 

(ii) IRVING GLADWIN BOUTON", b. Dec. 2, 1927, New York, 
N. Y. 
(c) ELIZABETH BOUTON', b. Oct. 14, 1893, Bridgeport, Conn.; m. 
Oct. 7, 1916, Charles Victor Bleecker, of Bloomfield, N. J. She grad- 
uated from Glen Ridge High School in 1909, in her fifteenth year ; 
studied singing under Miss Jessie Mattison, a church and concert con- 
tralto of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; sang in the choir of Trinity Church, New- 
ark, N. J., and other musical organizations. She has been president of 
various church and social societies, including the Bloomfield Woman's 
Auxiliary of the American Legion, and is a member of the Daughters 
of the American Revolution. Charles Victor Bleecker, b. Chicago, 111., 
Apr. 22, 1891, is the son of Leonard Augustus Bleecker, of Bloomfield, 
N. J., and his wife Florence Eleanor Deacon, of Shipley, Yorkshire, 
England. Mr. C. V. Bleecker was for several years connected with 
the Engineering Department of Bloomfield, N. J., and later local agent 
of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. On our entrance into 
the World War he assisted Capt. Charles R. Blunt in recruiting Bat- 
tery E, 112th Heavy Field Artillery, ordered to Camp McClelland at 
Anniston, Ala., July 25, 1917, the day after his first child was born, 
and leaving the service as sergeant major after the Armistice. With 
Colonel Blunt as editor, he was treasurer of the Independent Press, Inc., 
a weekly paper in Bloomfield, N. J., and the Reporter Publishing Com- 
pany, publishing acts of the departments of Essex, Hudson and Union 
counties. He has been an active member of the American Legion, 
Bloomfield Post No. 20, taking part in its dramatic and other enter- 
tainments, acting as commander in 1926, delegate to county and state 
committees, drum major of its drum and bugle corps, etc. For a 
number of years he was chairman of the Bloomfield Republican Ex- 
ecutive Committee. In 1931 he was supervisor of rehabilitation, New 
Jersey Rehabilitation Commission, State Department of Labor. 

(i) ELIZABETH CANDEE BLEECKER'", b. July 24, 1917; stu- 
dent Bloomfield High School. 

(ii) ELEANOR DEACON BLEECKER", b. July 9, 1919. 

(iii) ROBERT BOUTON BLEECKER", b. June 26, 1921. 

(iv) WALTER STANSFIELD BLEECKER", b. May 11, 1925. 


(d) JOSEPHINE BOUTON', b. Aug. 3. 1898, Sherburne, N. Y. Edu- 
cation, Bloomfield High School (1917), and special courses in story 
telling at Teachers' College, Columbia University. Secretary, Bloom- 
field High School; secretary. Charm Magazine; secretary and assist- 
ant to Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, editor, "American Childhood" (Milton 
Bradley Co.). Compiler, "Poems for the Children's Hour" (Milton 
Bradley Co., 1927), and contributor of children's stories and verse 
to periodicals and newspapers. Member, Pen and Brush. Married 
William Augustus Bleecker, at the Church of the Transfiguration 
(Little Church Around the Corner), New York, N. Y., Sept. 16, 1927. 
William Augustus Bleecker, b. July 8, 1891, Bloomfield, N. J., son of 
Emily Rollinson (Olssen) and Sherbrooke Popham Bleecker. Educa- 
tion, Bloomfield Public School. Sergeant, first class, 241st Aero 
Squadron, U. S. A., World War; 1931, assistant superintendent of 
operations, Motor Haulage Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
1734. viii. ISAAC DOOLITTLE, b. Jeflterson, N. Y.; m. 1st, Mary E Hastings; 
m. 2nd, Mary E. English, 3202""'^. 

715. GOV. SAMUEL AUGUSTUS FOOTE, for complete biographical sketch 
see pages 533 and 534, Vol. I. 

657. JESSE SELKRIGG FOOTE, was the first child b. in Cornwall, Vt.; m. 
1st, Salisbury, Vt., Oct. 11, 1803 to Abigail Hosley. 
1813. vi. CAROLYN SIBYL FOOTE CAMPBELL, b. Apr. 5, 1864; she d. 
July 28, 1912 ; bur. at Short Hills, N. J. 

598. JAIRUS FOOTE (9205, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. June 6, 1776; m. , dau. of 

Noah Willson, of Torrington, Conn. ; res., Franklin, N. Y. 
1814\ i. AMANDA, b. Nov. 4, 1798; m. Jan. 7, 1821, Franklin, N. Y., to 
William Northup, b. Nov. 29, 1801, Franklin, N. Y. ; d. 1875; she d. 

(1) WILLIAM H. NORTHUP', b. Sept. 4, 1882. 


(3) ANNIE ELIZA NORTHUP', b. 1827. 

(4) PORTER GEORGE NORTHUP', b. 1829; m. 1851 to Mary Miranda, 
dau. of David and Betsey (Mitchell) Chamberlin, b. 1827; d. 1897; he d. 
1896, Franklin, N. Y. 

(a) LOUIE NORTHUP', b. 1854; d. 1861. 

(b) MARY AUGUSTA NORTHUP', b. Nov. 17, 1863; m. 1883, Frank- 
lin, N. Y., to William David Ogden, b. Mar. 9, 1861, son of Chauncy 
and Hannah (Munroe) Ogden; he was cashier of the National Bank 
at Franklin, N. Y., for many years. 

(i) MARION ELIZABETH OGDEN", b. Mar. 10, 1897; m. July 
26, 1922 to Lawrence Snyder, son of Frank and Helen (Edwards) 

(5) ELIZABETH NORTHUP', b. 1831. 

(6) LOIS AMANDY NORTHRUP', b. 1833; m. Addison Rathbone. 

(a) PORTER RATHBONE', b. ; m. . 

(b) MARY ROSA RATHBONE', b. ; m. . 

(c) JENNIE RATHBONE', b. ; m. . 

(7) OTIS NORTHUP', b. 1835; d. young. 


(8) MARTHA NORTHUP', b. 1837; m. 1886 to Maklow Rowel 1 ; she d. 
Feb. 12, 1919, Franklin, N. Y. 

(9) HARRIET L. NORTHUP', b. 1842; m. Oct. 3, 1860 to William S. 

Willis; he d. ; m. 2nd, 1865 to William Barnes; res., Edwardsville, 


(a) CHARLES EDWARD WILLIS", b. May 24, 1862; res., Edwards- 
ville, 111. ; unm. 
1815. ii. LUCY W., b. Sept. 4. 1806; m. Feb. 27, 1823 to Amaziah Bassell ; 
she d. Apr. 15, 1896; bur. Sidney, N. Y. 

(1) MARIA S. BASSELL', b. June 21, 1824; m. R. Northup; bur. Sidney, 
N. Y. 

(2) DAVID R. BASSELL', b. May 26, 1826; m. Dec. 30, 1850 to Sarah 
Vanderort ; farmer and merchant ; he d. Mar. 2, 1908 ; bur. Sidney, N. Y. 

(a) VELMA A. BASSELL', b. Feb. 28, 1852; d. Feb. 20, 1860; bur. 
Sidney, N. Y. 

(b) LESTER F. BASSELL*, b. Oct. 12, 1863; m. Aug. 24, 1898 to Eva 
Buckland, dau. of Clerk, Scranton, Pa. 

(c) CARRIE A. BASSELL', b. Sept. 20, 1869; m. Apr. 12. 1902 to Dr. 
Russell Osborne, son of Edwin Osborne, of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. ; res., 
Factoryville, Pa. 

(3) SUSAN BASSELL', b. Apr. 4, 1828; d. Apr. 6, 1832; bur. Sidney, N. Y. 

(4) EMILY A. BASSELL', b. Jan. 8, 1831; m. Oct. 7, 1852 to Ezra Fitch; 
she d. Fenton, Mich. 

(5) CATHERINE BASSELL', b. Nov. 7, 1834; m. Dec. 29, 1850 to Legrand 
Honeywell, b. July 24, 1823; farmer; d. 1894; she d. 1913; res.. Youngs, 
N. Y. ; bur. Unadilla, N. Y. 

(a) MARY ALICE HONEYWELL', b. Aug. 8, 1852; m. 1873 to James J. 
Haight, b. Mar. 23, 1844; farmer, 1918; she d. 1876; res., Franklin 
Station and Youngs, N. Y. ; both bur. Unadilla, N. Y. 

(i) MAY ALICE HAIGHT", b. Sept. 8, 1876; m. June 29, 1904 to 
Edward Holland Rider, b. July 1, 1875, son of Gilead R. and 
Julia E. Rider ; graduate of Union College, 1903 ; principal of 
Franklin Alexander Bay and Canadstota Schools ; farmer at the 
Rider Homstead, Unadilla, N. Y. ; P. O., Sidney Center No. 2, 
N. Y. 

(b) GEORGE L. HONEYWELL', b. Jan. 2, 1857; m. 1st, 1882 to Anna 
Parker, b. 1863, dau. of George Parker; she d. 1897; bur. at Unadilla, 
N. Y.; m. 2nd, Ann Bogat, 1900, b. 1863; merchant and later a 
farmer ; res., Unadilla, N. Y., and Youngs, N. Y. ; no children. 

(c) SARAH A. HONEYWELL', b. Jan. 19, 1860; m. Dec. 25, 1884 to 
James W. Young; she d. 1898; bur. Sidney, N. Y. He is a son of 
Wm. and Mary (Snyder) Young; res.. Youngs, N. Y. 

(d) CHARLES W. HONEYWELL', b. Apr. 21, 1868; clerk; d. 1890; 
bur. Unadilla, N. Y. ; res.. Youngs and Unadilla, N. Y. 

(6) MARY M. BASSELL', b. Mar. 18, 1836; d. Nov. 16, 1853; bur. Sidney, 
N. Y. 

(7) JULIA E. BASSELL', b. June 18, 1839; m. Aug. 22, 1861 to William 


(8) LOUISA BASSELL', b. May 25, 1841; m. Thomas Simmons; both d. 
(a) WILLIAM SIMMONS", b. 1865; cashier in bank, Cobbleskill, N. Y. 

(9) WALTER E. BASSELL', b. Oct. 26, 1843; d. Sept. 19, 1869; bur. 
Sidney, N. Y. 

(10) CHARLES W. BASSELL', b. Mar. 26, 1846; d. Mar. 15, 1867; bur. 
Sidney, N. Y. 
1815'. iii. JEMIMA. 
1816*. iv. FANNIE, m. McMullen. 

1817. RUSSELL FOOTE, m. Lydia Bronson, 3095*. 


1818. i. NANCY ELIZA, b. July 20, 1822; m. James Currant. 




1819. ii. SOPHRONIA M., b. July 14, 1824; m. Daniel Warner; no children. 

1820. iii. FRANCIS E., b. Aug. 26, 1826; m. Harriet Eldredge, 4216-8. 

1822. V. MARTHA JANE, b. Jan. 12, 1833, Chardon, Ohio; m. Apr. 9, 1854 

to Hardin Stoughton. b. Oct. 25, 1829, Windsor, Ohio; he d. Nov. 13, 
1890 ; res., Windsor, Ohio, Peoria County, 111., and Osco, 111. ; she d. 
Dec. 19, 1893. 

(1) EMMA M. STOUGHTON', b. Dec. 31, 1861; m. Osco, 111., Dec. 24, 1884 
to Nathan T. Derby ; res., Avoca, la. 

(a) RAY DERBY', b. Sept. 29, 1885. 

(b) IRA H. DERBY*, b. Aug. 8, 1889. 

(c) SCOTT C. DERBY*, b. July 20, 1891. 

(2) CYRUS FOOTE STOUGHTON', b. July 10, 1868, Osco, 111. ; m. Jan. 3, 
1894, Osco, 111., to Jennie Welden, b. Osco, 111.; res., Pasadena, Calif. 

(a) MYRTLE J. STOUGHTON', b. Osco, 111., Mar. 9, 1895; res., . 

(b) ADELBERT W. STOUGHTON*, b. Cambridge, 111., Dec. 24, 1907. 

(c) HELEN A. STOUGHTON*, b. Cambridge, 111., Sept. 9. 1909. 

(d) FRANCIS L. STOUGHTON*, b. Cambridge, 111., June 6, 1912. 

(3) MARY E. STOUGHTON', b. June 23, 1874, Osco, 111.; m. Dec. 9, 1896, 
Avoca, la., to Bert Martin ; res., Beloit, la. 

(a) ALBERT EARL MARTIN*, b. July 4, 1898; farmer at home. 

(b) FLOYD HARDIN MARTIN', b. Nov. 30, 1899, Avoca, la. ; m. June 
23, 1921, Butte, Neb., to Helen Harris, of Naper, Neb.; telegraph 

(c) RAY STOUGHTON MARTIN*, b. Avoca, la., Nov. 29, 1902; res., 
Beloit, la. 

(d) MYRTLE IRENE MARTIN*, b. Anoka, Neb., Apr. 5, 1917. 

1822'. CYRUS, b. Feb. 12, 1839; m. Kathrine Potter, 3573*. 

1823. vi. WEALTHY C. FOOTE, b. Feb. 13, 1840; m. John Folder; res.. 

(1) EUGENE FOLDER', b. June 12, 1865, Rock Creek, Ohio; d. young. 

(2) LOUIE FOLDER', b. Feb. 13, 1873, Rock Creek, Ohio; m. Margaret 
Mullen, b. . 


1824. vii. JULIA E. FOOTE, b. Dec. 8. 1845, Chardon, Ohio; m. Aug. 18, 

1863 to Addison Dunham, b. Feb. 5, 1844; d. Feb. 24, 1871; she m. 
2nd, Charles Stubbs, b. Feb. 12, 1853; d. Mar. 6, 1917; res., Genesee, 

(1) WILLIAM C. DUNHAM', b. Nov. 11, 1864; d. Jan. 22, 1896.. 

(2) WARREN A. DUNHAM^ b. Sept. 25, 1866 ; m. Jan. 2, 1893 to Lotta E 
Lewis, dau. of Abram J. and Mary (Reese) Lewis; she was b. Feb. 17, 
1873 ; res., Genesee, 111., Henry County. 

(a) BLANCH DUNHAM", b. Feb. 1, 1896. 

(b) WILLIAM DUNHAM', b. Oct. 6, 1898; d. Sept. 12, 1915. 

(c) DOROTHY DUNHAM', b. Oct. 28, 1905; d. Mar. 4, 1906. 

(3) NETTIE MAUD DUNHAM', b. Nov. 7, 1870; d. May 15, 1871. 

1825. i. PATIENCE DEBORAH, b. May 30, 1812; d. June 28, 1912. 

1826. ii. NATHANIEL, b. July 9, 1813 ; m. Olivia M. Knox. 

1827. iii. ASA FOOTE, b. Apr. 5, 1815 ; m. Almedia Ann Gale, 3303*. 
1829. v. ALMIRA HUNT. 

(5) ALTA HUNT', b. Jan. 20, 1860; d. Mar. 19, 1917. 
1835. ii. SARAH TISDALE. 

(4) SUSAN ANN PRICE', b. June 5, 1860; m. Thomas P. Noe; res., York, 
S. C. 

1842. ii. LUCIA MARIA, bapt. Oct. 23, 1834, with No. 1843*-^', and taken 

into the church. 
1848. vii. EUNICE AMELIA, m. Nov. 27, 1866 to Joel, son of Jedediah and 

Betsey (Chappel) Jones; res., Turnersville, Conn. 
1851. X. DYAR, bapt. Jan. 19, 1841. 

1856. MARGARET, b. LudlowviUe, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1830 ; m. Clark. 

(1) ARCHIBALD FOOTE CLARK*, b. Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1869; d. 
New York, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1909 ; member of the firm of Gillette & Clark, 
attorneys and counsellors-at-law. 

771. ADRIAN FOOTE, b. Apr. 2, 1787, Pittsfield, Mass. In 1792 his father 
removed into the forest of Chenango County, twelve miles beyond a road. In 1806 
he m. Sarah Sole, whose Christian life was subsequently the means of his conversion. 
The next year he began preaching in Butternuts. Entered seminary June, 1825, at 
thirty-eight years of age. He graduated in 1827. Labored with poor churches, in 
Chautaqua County. Revivals enjoyed. Built meeting house in Carroll ; organized a 
church and built meeting house in Ripley, the most western town in the state. Same 
was done in Meadville, Pa., in 1831. The only ordained minister in a wide region; 
pastor in Farmersville, Franklinville, Ellicottville, N. Y., Jefferson and Madison, 
Ohio, his last pastorate. Has supplied and held protracted meetings since. His wife 
d. in 1830; he m. 2nd in 1832; he d. July 19, 1886; res., in Marmont, Ind. 

1860. i. ADRIAN VAN HORN FOOTE, b. Feb. 8, 1833; m. Julia Ann 

Thornton, 3329'"". 

1861. ii. ELIZABETH ISABELL FOOTE, b. Nov. 25, 1835; m. Doctor 

Grover ; she d. June 19, 1885. 

(1) ENDORUS GROVER', res.. Chelan, Wash. 


1862. iii. SALLY HARRIET FOOTE, b. July 19, 1836; d. Jan. 10, 1855. 

1863. iv. MARYETTA FOOTE, b. Feb. 22, 1839, Ellicottville, N. Y. ; m. Dec, 

1863 to John A. Bumstead; res., Delaware, Ohio; she d. Sept. 7, 1916. 


(1) ARTHUR BOLLES BUMSTEAD', b. Dec. 19, 1864; m. Ida M. , 

d. Apr. 19, 1901, Lincoln, Neb. 

(2) LUCIA ENDORA BUMSTEAD', b. Aug. 4, 1866; d. Apr. 23, 1867. 

(3) DR. LUCIUS AUGUSTUS BUMSTEAD', b. May 1, 1869; m. Julia H. 
• Prescott, b. Mar. 11, 1876; m. Aug. 19, 1898. 

(4) IDA ELIZABETH BUMSTEAD^ b. Aug. 2, 1871 ; d. July 15, 1873. 

1864. V. MENIRVA GABRIELLA FOOTE, b. May 24, 1846; m. 

Gould ; res., Kearney, Neb. 

(1) DR. EDWIN GOULD", res., Buffalo, N. Y. 

(2) CLARA GOULD^ b. Burch ; res., Lincoln, Neb. 

(3) ADA GOULD', res., Kearney, Neb. 


(5) WINIFRED GOULD', m. Cochran; res., Kearney, Buffalo County, 


1865. ADRIAN FOOTE, b. New Berlin, N. Y., Dec. 4, 1822; d. Ashland, Mass., 
Nov. 16, 1910, at the ae. of 88 ; son of Henry and Adah Vail Foote. He attended the 
first meeting of the Foote Family Association. 

1866. ii. ANDREW, d. Sept. 24, 1913 ; bur. New Berlin, N. Y. 

1869. V. JOHN, d. May 27,, 1922; bur. St. Andrew Cemetery, New Berlin, 
N. Y. 

1875. iv. REV. LEWIS RAY FOOTE, member of D. K. E. Fraternity; d. 

; Mrs. Foote d. Mar. 28, 1923. 

1876. V. SARA ELIZABETH, b. Sept. 6, 1846; graduate of Cottage Seminary, 

Clinton, N. Y. ; m. Oct. 20, 1880 to George Stryker, of Bound Brook, 
N. J. He was b. at Bound Brook, N. J., Aug. 6, 1844, the son of 
James Stryker and Sarah Margaret Brown. He was a contractor and 
builder. She d. Nov. 8, 1925; he d. Feb. 10, 1915. 

(1) GEORGE GORDON STRYKER', b. Oct. 11, 1883, Bound Brook, N. J.; 
d. Apr. 16, 1888. 

(2) RUSSELL FOOTE STRYKER', b. Oct. 22, 1889, Bound Brook, N. J. 
A.B., Rutgers, 1910; A.M., Columbia, 1913; supervisor of Latin, Town- 
send Harris High School, New York, N. Y. ; res.. Flushing N. Y. ; m. 
July 1, 1922 to Philenda Ann, dau. of William Louis Cuddeback, M.D., 
and Alice Malven, of Port Jervis, N. Y. ; she was b. Oct. 22, 1890. 

(a) RUSSELL FOOTE STRYKER', b. May 9, 1923, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(b) EDGAR CUDDEBACK STRYKER*, b. Dec. 1, 1924, Flushing, N. Y. 
1902. (2) EDWARD FOOTE WAITE', b. Jan. 15, 1860; m. Alice Eaton, May 5, 

1892; practiced law, Minneapolis, 1897-1904; superintendent Policy, 
Minnesota, 1902-03; judge Municipal Court, Minneapolis, 1904-11; judge 
District Court, Minnesota, 1911, with exclusive charge of Juvenile Court 
to Sept., 1921 ; Republican, president Minnesota State Conference Chari- 
ties and Corrections, 1913 ; chairman Minnesota Commission for revis- 
ing laws relating to children, 1916-17; president Minnesota Academy 
Social Science, 1913; member American Law Institute; Delta Kappa 
Epsilon ; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Mason; Elk; res., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 


(2) (a) EDITH WATTS CUMSTOCK', m. June 5, 1906 to Clement Grub 

Smith, of Mt. Hope, Lancaster County, Pa. ; has painted the coat of 
arms ; res., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
(i) JULIA SMITH'", b. May 25, 1907. 
1927. KATHARINE VIRGINIA, m. Alfred Perkins Rockwell. 

(4) KATHARINE DIANA WARD ROCKWELL^ m. Aug. 28, 1907 to her 
second cousin Eliot Sumner, b. Oct. 18, 1873, son of William Graham and 
Jennie (Eliot) Sumner. He prepared for college at Hopkins Grammar 
School ; graduated from Yale, 1896 ; res., Manchester, Mass. 

(a) ALFRED ROCKWELL SUMNER', b. Apr. 21, 1909. 

(b) KATHARINE ELIOT SUMNER', b. Jan. 19, 1912, Baltimore, Md. 
811. MRS. ELIZA (SPENCER) FOOTE, d. Aug. 29, 1908, ae. 95 years and 

5 months. 
1933. MRS. KATHERINE FOOTE COX, d. Dec. 23, 1923. 

1936. JAMES D. HAGUE, husband of MARY WARD S. FOOTE, d. Aug. 3, 
1908, at the summer home of the family at Stockbridge, Mass. Mr. Hague was a 
distinguished mining engineer, being an authority in his profession ; member of the dis- 
tinguished Century and other New York clubs. 

(3) WILLIAM HAGUE', m. Oct. IS, 1910 to Elizabeth Hathaway, dau. of 
Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Stone) Hathaway. Mr. Hague prepared at 
Milton Academy, Milton, Mass.; graduated from Harvard, 1904, he fol- 
lowed his distinguished father's profession of mining with an ardent love 
for the work, with an insatiable trust for knowledge and a phenomenal 
power of discovering and assisting it wherever it could be found. His 
note books are a marvel of accumulated, well ordered details of his pro- 
fessional work. His patriotism and love of country was not of the emo- 
tional kind, but rather a matter of every-day duty, equal or superior to 
his every-day work. When he found Germany breaking all the laws of the 
nations and humanity and using organized, fiendish loyalty and greed to 
conquer and rule the world, he went to Plattsburg to learn the trade of 
war. He worked hard at this trade, that he might be more useful and 
after his discharge from Plattsburg obtained a commission as first lieu- 
tenant, Co. F, 116th Regiment of Engineers, American Expeditionary 
Force. He was called into service, first at the Presidio, Calif., then 
American Lake, Mineola, France. Young, with a wife and son, a goodly 
fortune, a worthy position in his profession, everything to make life worth 
living and living that life worthily and happily, he carefully planned and 
deliberately worked to give it all as the simple duty of citizenship. He 
d. in France, Jan. 1, 1918. On the Service Flag hanging over the office 
of the North Star mine, are some seventy-five blue stars on the white 
ground. One for each of the men who have followed William Hague. 
A memorial was held for him Jan. 15, 1918, at the Calvary Baptist Church, 
New York, N. Y. 

(a) JAMES DUNCAN HAGUE', b. July 21, 1911, Grass Valley. Calif. 

(b) NATHANIEL HATHAWAY HAGUE', b. Aug. 23, 1912; d. Nov. 
10, 1914, Grass Valley, Calif. 

1938. X. ELIZABETH ELLIOTT, m. Edward H. Jenkins; he d. Nov. 6, 1931. 
Professor Jenkins retired in 1923 as director of the Connecticut Agri- 
cultural Experiment Station. This was the first organization of its 


kind in America. Professor Jenkins was chemist when it started. His 
Hfe was spent serving in agricultural interest in New England and 
especially in Connecticut. He possessed qualities that rendered him 
broadly useful in directing the scientific work of the Experiment Sta- 
tion, in managing the business affairs connected therewith and in 
instructing the farmers of the state in a true appreciation of the help- 
fulness of science to progressive agriculture and in many forms of 
service to the community at large. 

1950. i. ERWIN L. DAVISON, m. 1st, Mary B. Hill; m. 2nd, Emma Turner 
Straight ; res., Grand Blanc, Mich. 

1960. V. ANN MANING MARKLEY, d. July 24, 1919. 
(7) SARAH MANING JUDSON*, d. Mar. 29, 1921. 
(c) FRED M. JUDSON', d. July 12, 1919. 

1965. i. MATTHEW HUBBELL, d. Nov. 16, 1923, Los Gatos, Calif. 

1980. i. JOHN, m. Clarissa Foote (Patterson), dau. of Capt. William Oliver 


1981. ii. SARAH MARIA FOOTE LEE, d. Mar. 6, 1910, Athens. Mich.; 

bur. Sherwood, Mich. 

(1) IRA V. LEE», d. Sept., 1922. 

(a) ANNIE LEE*, m. Edward Hazen ; res., Sherwood, Mich. 

(2) EARL D. LEE', d. Feb. 25, 1928, Sherwood, Mich. 

1983. iv. EVALUETTE PORTER, d. Sept. 16, 1911. 

1984. V. ELIAS, d. Mar. 6, 1911; Mrs. Foote d. Nov. 25, 1921; adopted dau., 

Anna Foote, b. Sept. 16, 1877; res., Athens, Mich. 
1986. vii. MARY ELIZA, m. Cyril H. Tyler, Waukeshma, Mich. ; he d. Nov. 10, 

834. EBENEZER BARNARD, m. Mary Skidmore. b. May 29, 1813, Fairfield 
County, Conn. 
1997. i. MARIA ANN, d. Oct. 18, 1915, Sandusky, Ohio. 

(a) LUCILLE M. WARREN*, m. 1st. Apr. 16. 1902 to Wm. W. Lowen- 
kamp; m. 2nd, Aug. 18, 1906 to Robert Sted Henderson; res., Yonkers, 
N. Y. 

(i) ROBERT STED HENDERSON", JR.. b. June 6, 1907, 
Yonkers, N. Y. 

CHARLES BARNARD, d. June 11. 1927. 

EMILY M.. m. Richard Morrison, Nov. 30. 1882; he was b. Aug. 21, 
1844; d. July 12, 1907; res., Litchfield, Mass. 

MARY ESTELLA, b. Oct. 13, 1859; m. Dec. 27, 1882 to Charles 
Bogart, b. Aug. 6, 1853 ; res., Unadilla, N. Y. ; she d. Apr. 10, 1922. 
GEORGE K., b. Jan. 22, 1864 ; m. Dec. 26, 1888 to Jennie Tryon ; res., 
Sidney, N. Y. 

840. EZEKIEL TRACY FOOTE (266, 86, 25. 9. 3, 1). b. May 26, 1818; m. 
Elizabeth Betsy Parish, b. Apr. 3, 1822; d. Mar. 3, 1905; he d. Dec. 8, 1897; res., 
New York, N. Y. 

2008. i. ORLO T. FOOTE, b. Feb. 7, 1847; m. Julia Edwards, 3461-63. 

2009. ii. ANN ELIZA FOOTE, b. Sept. 22. 1848; m. June 12, 1870 to George 

Foote Kellogg, b. Apr. 4, 1845 ; res., Treadwell, N. Y. 










(1) MARY NELLIE KELLOGG', b. June 5, 1873; m. Apr. 15, 1900 to Harry 
Webb Lee, b. May 30, 1870; res., Oneonta, N. Y. (gave the copy). 

(a) FRANCIS ALLEN LEE", b. Aug. 16, 1902. 

(b) GERALD AUSTIN LEE", b. Aug. 12, 1905. 

(c) MAURICE WARDSWORTH LEE", b. Dec. 4, 1908; d. Nov. 12, 

(2) ELIZABETH NANCY KELLOGG', b. Mar. 18, 1875 ; m. Oct. 10, 1905 
to Edgar Bartlett; res., East Sidney, N. Y. 

(3) CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG', b. Sept. 9, 1876; m. June 8, 1904 to 
Frank Orrin Rollins ; res., Oneonta, N. Y. 

(4) ORVILLE SAMUEL KELLOGG', b. Sept. 30, 1879. 

(5) JOSEPHINE MAY KELLOGG', b. May 8, 1882; m. May 8, 1906 to 
Harry Davis Arbuckle; she d. Apr. 5, 1908, Oneonta, N. Y. 

(6) CHARLES FOOTE KELLOGG', b. Aug. 4, 1885. 

2010. iii. IDA B., b. Dec. 27, 1855. 

2011. iv. LAVELLE, b. July 27, 1857; d. Jan., 1893; unm. 

848. DR. HENRY KING FOOTE (268, 80, 25, 9, 3, 1), b. Feb. 22, 1803; m. 
Nov. 18, 1830 to Minerva Henderson, b. July 17, 1803. Mr. Foote came to Oakland 
County, Mich., in 1831 ; served thirty terms in Michigan Legislature. A surgeon in 
the Civil War; d. Poolsville, Md., Feb., 1863; bur. Milford, Mich.; res., Milford, 
2011'. i. MARY JANE, b. Dec. 18, 1832; m. Dwight Nutting, son of professor 
of music. 

WILLIAM HENRY, b. Jan. 4, 1833 ; m. Sarah E. Hastings, 3463*-'. 
CHARLES CHAMBERLAND, b. Apr. 13, 1835; m. Sarah Peters, 

JAMES LORD, b. Jan. 9, 1837. 

JOHN, b. May 1, 1839 ; d. July 16, 1839 ; bur. Milford, Mich. 
ELIZA (859, 273, 81, 25, 9, 3, 1). 
(1) GEORGE LINDSLEY WALTER', b. May 11, 1870, Brooklyn, Ohio; m 
1st, Gertrude France, b. Sept. 2, 1874, dau. of Peter and Mary (Klein) 
France. He is a market gardener ; has been councilman and was a mem- 
ber of the School Board of Brooklyn Heights, Ohio, and is now treasurer 
of Brooklyn Heights, Ohio ; she d. Jan. 20, 1920 ; he m. 2nd, Oct. 20, 1920 
to Emma Elsie Hinckley, b. May 5, 1874, dau. of Isaac B. and Addic 
(Fuller) Hinckley. 

(a) NELSON EDWIN WALTER", b. May 29, 1901 ; m. Sept. 27, 1922 
to Irene Cutting, b. July 9, 1902, dau. of Milton Cutting and Maggie 
(Crobar) Cutting. 

(i) MILTON CUTTING WALTER", b. July 30, 1923. 
(ii) MARJORY LEE WALTER", b. July 11, 1925. 
(iii) WESLEY ALLEN WALTER", b. Sept. 7, 1926. 
(iv) ROGER DALE WALTER", b. Mar. 2, 1931. 

(b) RALPH FRANCE WALTER", b. Dec. 15, 1903; m. Aug. 4, 1926 
to Ruth Senghas, b. Apr. 19, 1904, dau. of Edward and Julia (Ortli) 

(i) LOIS JEAN WALTER", b. July 22, 1928. 
(ii) ARLINE RUTH WALTER", b. Apr. 22, 1931. 

201 r. 






201 1^ 





(c) HELEN EDNA WALTER", b. July 21, 1905; m. Oct. 2, 1926 to 
William Sherman Bass, b. July 13, 1904, son of Mark L. and Frances 
(Payne) Bass. 

(i) DONALD SHERMAN BASS", b. July 1, 1927. 
(ii) MELVIN ALLEN BASS", b. Dec. 2, 1929. 

(d) GEORGE LINDSLEY WALTER", b. Dec. 19, 1911. 

(e) JANET CLARA WALTER", b. Mar. 19, 1914. 

(2) EDWIN CLARK WALTER", b. May 11, 1870, Brooklyn, Ohio; m. 
Elizabeth France, b. Aug. 27, 1871, dau. of Peter and Mary (Klein) 

(a) CLARA ELIZABETH WALTER", b. Apr. 6, 1897; m. Mar. 12, 1920 
to Howard John Young, b. Mar. 14, 1897, son of William and Rose 
(Schwarz) Young. 

(J) BETTY ADELE YOUNG", b. Sept. 18, 1923. 
(ii) SHIRLEY ANN YOUNG", b. Nov. 27, 1931. 

(b) ROBERT LINDSLEY WALTER", b. Jan. 5, 1898; m. Sept. 14, 
1921 to Letitia Estella Williams, b. June 7, 1893, dau. of Elmer and 
Estella (Metcalf) Williams. 

(i) NINA ELOISE WALTER", b. Jan. 17, 1923. 
(ii) ROBERT ELMER WALTER", b. Mar. 19, 1931. 

(c) MARY ELIZA WALTER", b. June 30, 1899; d. Oct. 1, 1916. 

(d) GRACE WALTER", b. Jan. 18, 1904; m. Sept. 27, 1924 to Harvey 
Frank Betsicover, b. Jan. 9, 1903, son of Joseph and Fannie (Lan- 
singer) Betsicover. 

(i) JEAN LaVERNE BETSICOVER", b. Oct. 1, 1925. 
(ii) DOLORES JUNE BETSICOVER", b. June 2, 1927. 

(e) HOWARD EDWIN WALTER", b. Apr. 29. 1906; m. Aug. 31, 1929 
to Corinne Alice Koenig, b. June 22, 1908, dau. of Charles and Mathilda 
(Oemke) Koenig. 

(f) ELVIRA GERTRUDE WALTER", b. July 19, 1909. 

(g) ROWLAND PETER WALTER", b. July 11, 1915. 
2026. X. CAROLINE'. 

(1) HARRY S. HOWE', m. 2nd, Jennie M. Day, dau. of Absolom W. and 
Ruth A. (Kidd) Day, Aug. 24, 1908, De Kalb County, Ala., res., Ft. 
Payne, Ala. 

(d) HARRY S. HOWE", JR., b. Aug. 11, 1909. 
2038. i. MARY ANN, b. Sept. 14, 1819; m. Sept. 17, 1845 to Rev. Henry 
Tullidge, who came from Dorchester, England. 
(1) REV. EDWARD KILBOURNE TULLIDGE', graduate from Theo- 
logical Seminary in Philadelphia, Pa. ; Episcopal minister. 

(3) DR. GEORGE BOWLER TULLIDGE', b. Feb. 16, 1860; m. Jan. 4, 
1887 to Katherine O'Donnell. 

(a) MARY LOUISE TULLIDGE", b. Nov. 20, 1889; d. Sept. 24, 1918. 

(b) EDWARD KILBOURNE TULLIDGE", b. Sept. 3. 1890. 

(c) MARGARET AGNES TULLIDGE", b. Aug. 18, 1892; m. Robert 
Porch Sturr, M.D., son of Frank Sturr and Martha (Porch) Sturr, of 
Elmer, N. J. Doctor Sturr served as first lieutenant in Medical Corps, 
U. S. A., in the World War ; res., Hadden Heights, N. J. 

(i) ROBERT PORCH STURR", JR., b. July 4, 1924. 


(ii) GEORGE BOWLER TULLIDGE STURR", b. Oct. 9, 1925. 

(d) KATHERINE BULKLEY TULLIDGE", b. Dec. 24, 1896. 

(e) GEORGE BOWLER TULLIDGE", JR., b. Dec. 29, 1900; m. Ann 
Archer Hogshead, Mar. 15, 1923, dau. of Thomas and Annabel! 
(Timberlake) Hogshead. 

(i) GEORGE BOWLER TULLIDGE", 3rd, b. Jan. 21, 1924. 
(ii) THOMAS HOGSHEAD TULLIDGE", b. Mar. 23, 1928. 
(iii) ARCHER KILBOURNE TULLIDGE", b. Dec. 14, 1929. 
2040. iii. CAROLINE A. (page 217). 

(1) LOUISE BOWLER KILBOURNE', m. 1872 to Dr. Edwin A. Kilbourne, 
medical superintendent of the North Illinois Hospital for the Insane 
at Elgin, 111. ; d. Feb. 27, 1890. 

(a) JENNIE LOUISE KILBOURNE", b. May 18, 1873. 

(b) WALTER FOOTE KILBOURNE", b. Oct. 10, 1874. 

(c) EDWIN DEARBORN KILBOURNE", b. June 6, 1877. 

(3) HENRY W. KILBOURNE', m. July 27, 1870 to Mary, dau. of Daniel 
Haight, of Peekskill, N. Y., manager of the A. D. T. Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(a) DAVID H. KILBOURNE", b. May 22, 1871 ; d. July, 1878. 

(b) ANNIE LOUISE KILBOURNE", b. 1872; d. 1876. 

(c) LUCY ALLEN KILBOURNE", b. June 12, 1878; m. Edwin Larribee. 

870. JUDGE HORACE FOOTE (274, 81, 25, 9, 3, 1), b. Mar. 21. 1799; m. 
1834 to Mary Elinor Hurd, of Middle Haddam, Conn. He graduated from Yale 
College, 1820, completing the four years' work in the two years with honors. After 
graduating he immediately began the study of law in the office of Seth P. Staples, 
a distinguished lawyer in New Haven, Conn. Two years later he was admitted to 
practice, and opened an oflSce in Geneseo, N. Y., but his father dying, he went back to 
his home in Marlborough, Conn., to look after the farm and family. After leaving 
the farm he went to Chatham, Conn., where his brother was living who was a mer- 
chant and who, having business in Cincinnati requiring attention, sent Horace to 
look after it. In 1836 he removed to Cleveland, Ohio, residing in what was called the 
City of Ohio, now the West Side. There he opened an office and began the practice 
of law. In 1854 he was nominated for and elected judge of the Court of Common 
Pleas, which position he held twenty years consecutively. He d. Cleveland, Ohio, 
Nov. 11, 1884.. 
2042'. i. MARY. 

2042*. ii. ANN ELIZA, m. A. E. Baldwin; d. Nov., 1909; res., Elyria, Ohio. 
(1) MARY ELNOR BALDWIN", m. William R. Huntington; res., Elyria, 
20421 iii. ALICE F., m. W. P. Southworth ; res., Cleveland, Ohio. 

(1) . 

2042'. iv. CHARLES, b. Feb. 4, 1847; m. Bessie Reynolds, b. Mar. 8, 1855; res., 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
2042'. V. NORMAN HURD, b. Feb. 13. 1847; m. Sept. 19, 1881 to Maria 
Minnesota Lyon 3505'"', b. Oct. 13, 1859; m. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., 

to , dau. of Oran Baker Lyon, b. July 14, 1831, Buffalo, N. Y., 

and Catherine Handy, b. Apr. 21 1835, Sardinia, N. Y. ; res., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 
(1) FREDERICK BALDWIN FOOTE', b. July 3, 1884, Cleveland. Ohio; 
d. Apr. 1, 1888. 


(2) INFANT SON', b. June 5, 1889 ; d. June 5, 1889. 
2042^ vi. HORACE, m. Mary Given. 

872. CARTER FOOTE (274, 81, 25, 9, 3, 1), b. June 10, 1804; m. Painesville, 
Ohio, Aug. 31, 1828 to Emily A. Forbes, dau. of Lemuel and Anna (Bills) Forbes, b. 
June 18, 1805; d. Oct. 3, 1875; he d. Nov. 5, 1865, Painesville, Ohio. 
2042*. i. HELEN FRANCES, b. Painesville, Ohio, Noy. 27, 1829; m. Ran- 
some G. Robbins, son of Ambrose and Lucia (Harper) Robbins; he 
d. Mar. 1, 1862; she d. Sept. 5, 1857. 
(1) CARRIE VIRGINIA ROBBINS', b. Peru, Ind.; m. Charles Everett 
Irwin, Sept. 8, 1873, son of Dr. Major Forn Irwin and Caroline (Cogs- 
well) Irwin, b. Oct. 25, 1847; d. Sept. 2, 1908. 



(c) CHARLES RANSOME IRWIN", m. Alice Henderson, of Wood- 
stock, 111. 


(ii) EVERETT CHARLES IRWIN", res., Chicago, 111. 

2042". ii. EZRA, b. Oct. 11, 1831; d. in infancy, Painesville, Ohio. 

2042". iii. CAROLINE RISLEY, b. Dec. 9, 1832, Painesville, Ohio. 

2042". iv. EUNICE BULKLEY, b. Apr. 14, 1834, Painesville, Ohio; m. Hiram 
Woods Piatt, Nov. 1, 1853, Peru, Ind., son of Henry S. Piatt, of New 
York, N. Y., and Miss Woods, of Concord, Mass. ; b. Union Falls, 
Onondaga County, N. Y., Nov. 24, 1820; d. San Jose, Calif., Aug. 1, 

(1) MARY ERMINIA PLATT', b. Aug. 12, 1854, Hillsdale, Mich.; m. 
Thomas Benton Dawson, Dec. 31, 1874, of San Jose, Calif, son of James 
Madison and Frances Stevens Dawson. 

(a) FLORENCE MABLE DAWSON", b. Mar. 18, 1876, San Jose, 
Calif. ; m. Irwin E. Pomeroy, 1900, Santa Clara, Calif., son of Marshall 
and Ellen Elwine (French) Pomeroy, b. Milpitas, Calif. 

(i) MARSHALL BENTON POMEROY'*, b. Santa Clara, Calif., 
Apr. 30, 1901. 

(ii) IRWIN EDGAR POMEROY", JR., b. May 9, 1903; m. Mar- 
garet Heavey, 1929. 

(iii) CLARIBEL POMEROY", b. Aug. 18, 1911. 

(iv) THOMAS DAWSON POMEROY", b. June 5, 1913. 

(b) RAYMOND F. DAWSON", b. 1879; m. July 22, 1902 to Dorothy 
May Siedenburg, dau. of John Christian Siedenburg, of Brooklyn, 
N. Y., b. Dec. 17, 1880; res., Sunnyvale, Calif; no children. 

(2) SAMUEL WILSON PLATT', b. 1857, San Jose, Calif.; m. Cordelia E. 
Rideout, 1885 ; both d., and bur. in cemetery, San Luis Obispo, Calif. 

(a) MARY", d. in infancy. 

(b) STORME FOOTE PLATT", b. 1889; m. Park City, Utah, to Etoile 
Marie Martin ; res., Santa Maria, Calif. 

(c) WADE MOSBY PLATT", d. at age of 11 years. 

(3) EMILY ALICE PLATT', b. June 3, 1865, San Jose, Calif.; m. Clarence 
Haydock, son of James and Ann Eliza (White) Haydock, of New York, 
N. Y., Mar. 9, 1886 ; res., Salt Lake City, Utah. 


(a) CLARIBEL HAYDOCK", b. Jan. 2, 1887, San Jose, Calif ; unm. She 
gave this copy and furnished the record for many others of the family 
that would not have otherwise been given. She is in the real estate 
business ; res., San Francisco, Calif. ; country address. Box E, Carmel, 

(b) EDITH HAYDOCK^", b. June 2, 1890 ; d. in infancy. 

(c) ROGER PLATT HAYDOCK", b. Nov. 14, 1893; m. Ada Clarke 
McCracken, Nov., 1917, San Francisco, Calif; res., San Francisco, 

2042". v. FRANKLIN TRACY, b. Apr. 1, 1836, Painesville, Ohio; m. Clara 

Higgins, of Peru, Ind. ; both d. many years ago. 
2042". vi. CAROLINE RISLEY, b. Mar. 4, 1835, Painesville, Ohio; m. Judge 

John Mitchell, Peru, Ind., Feb. 24, 1858; d. Sept. 16, 1883, Peru, Ind. 

(1) EMILY MARIA MITCHELL^ b. July 6, 1860, Peru, Ind. 

(2) JOHN FOOTE MITCHELL", b. July 20, 1861 ; d. July 22, 1869. 

(3) SAMUEL CARTER MITCHELL^ b. Mar. 8, 1870, Peru, Ind.; m. 
Ernestine Nussbaum, dau. of Meier and Minna Nussbaum. 

(a) CAROLINE ELEANOR MITCHELL", b. Apr. 1, 1906. 

(4) MARY FOOTE MITCHELL", b. Feb. 5, 1876, Peru, Ind.; m. Harry 
Hughes Griswold, June 7, 1899, Peru, Ind., son of Charles Newton and 
Mary Ann (Hughes) Griswold, b. Aug. 14, 1866. 

(a) RICHARD MITCHELL GRISWOLD" (twin), b. July 17, 1900, 
Peru, Ind. 

(b) JOSEPH HUGHES GRISWOLD" (twin), b. July 17, 1900, Peru, 

2042". vii. STORME R., b. Apr., 1841; d. Madera, Calif., 1907; unm. 

2042". HORACE S., b. Painesville, Ohio, Feb. 22, 1843; m. Rochester, Ind., 1865 
to Sarena A. Higgins, 3505°"'. 

2042". ix. MARY ELEANOR, b. Painesville, Ohio, 1845; m. Andrew Andrews, 
Painesville, Ohio ; had one child, Clara, who d. in infancy. Afterwards 
she m. Mr. Johnson at Peru, Ind., who d. one year later. No children. 
She then m. Daniel Harter at Peru, Ind. He d. in 1908. No children. 

876. LINUS FOOTE (274, 81, 25, 9, 3, 1), b. July 12, 1813; m. Feb. 13, 1853 
to Adaline Lucetta Adams, b. Nov. 15, 1832, dau. of Chancy and Sarah Adams, at 
Canterbury, Conn.; he d. Feb. 27, 1886; res., Colchester, Conn.; she d. Jan. 21, 1918. 

2042". i. CHARLES MELANCHON, b. Sept. 7, 1850; m. Katherine C. Joss, 

2042". ii. ERNEST BOCHLRY, b. July 26, 1861 ; d. Dec. 17, 1867. 
2042'"". iii. LILLIAN EUNICE SARAH, b. Feb. 28, 1865; m. Nov., 1885 to 

George Clinton Young, b. Nov. 9, 1835, Westminster Parish; res.. 

Norwich, Conn. 

(1) CECIL GEORGE YOUNG', b. May 27, 1889, Colchester, Conn.; grad- 
uated Sheffield Scientific School, Yale, 1910; lieutenant in Coast Artil- 
lery at Fort Dale, Fla. 

(2) WINFRED CHARLES YOUNG', b. Apr. 19, 1891, Colchester, Conn.; 
graduated Yale, 1913. 

877. CHARLES FOOTE (274, 81, 9, 3, 1), b. July 1, 1817, son of Roger Foote 
and Eunice Bukley; m. 1851 to Caroline S. Zern, dau. of Henry and Deborah Zern, 


of Peru. He moved to Perry, Miami County, Ind., in 1847; d. there 1863. Mr. Footc's 
widow afterwards m. Amos F. Daugherty, of Peru, Ind. 
2042='. i. MARY. b. 1852; d. 1890, Peru, Ind.; unm. 
ii. ROGER, b. 1854; d. 1873, Peru, Ind.; unm. 
iii. CHARLES, JR., b. 1856; d. 1860, Peru. Ind. 
iv. JOEL, b. 1857; d. 1858. Peru, Ind. 

2042='. V. , b. 1859; d. 1918. Peru, Ind. 

2055. i. AGNES LUCY. 

(1) HERBERT E. WHITE', d. 1928. Res., St. Paul, Minn. 
2058. iv. CARRIE, b. Ft. Atkinson, Wis., Sept. 25, 1865; m. Aug. 16, 1892 to 
Arthur W. Mann, druggist at Onawa, la., their present res. 


894. JOHN WARD FOOTE, b. Nov. 4, 1844, Rushville, Middlesex County, 
N. Y.; d. Oct. 28, 1914, San Diego, Calif.; m. Elnore Berry, b. Ireland, about 1845; 
d. Chula Vista, Calif., Aug. 22, 1928. 


MYRTLE, b. Apr. 2, 1869; d. 1903. San Diego, Calif, 
i. BERNARD, d. Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 
ii. CLAIRE I., d. May 2, 1914, San Diego. Calif. 

2063. JOHN C. FOOTE, b. Nov. 29, 1802. 

901. EPHRIAM FOOTE (284, 85, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. 1772, Cherry Valley, N. Y.; 
m. Lucinda Gardiner, d. about 65 years old ; he d. 1844 ; res., Bayham, Can. 


JOHN, d. ae. 25 years, 
i. ANNIE, m. George Best ; and d. ae. 18 years, 
ii. JERMIAH, d. ae. 16 years. 
V. JULIA, m. Morton Robinson; d. ae. 35 years. 


(2) OLIVER ROBINSON', d. ae. 9 years. 

(3) EUGENE ROBINSON', d. ae. 7 years; both drowned the same day. 

(4) SARAH ROBINSON', d. young. 

206S^ V. ASA JARVIS, b. Feb. 7, 1820; m. Sarah A. Brown, 3521'. 
2092. (4) THEODORE WILLIAM DWIGHT', m. Aug. 20, 1889 to Jennie M. 

(a) HELEN DWIGHT", b. Feb. 6, 1895; graduate of Sioux Falls, High 
School and the South Dakota State University ; member of the Alpha 
Delta Sorority; m. June 20, 1917 to Ray S. Brooks, b. Aberdeen, 
S. D., July 13, 1893 ; a graduate of the South Dakota State University 
and a son of Andrew Brooks and Susan (Stout) Brooks, of Aberdeen, 
S. D. 

(i) THEODORE WILLIAM BROOKS", b. Sioux Falls. S. D., 

Mar. 22, 1918. 
(ii) JEANETTE SUSAN BROOKS", b. Sioux Falls. S. D.. June 

22, 1920. 

(b) EDWARD BRINK DWIGHT", b. Bridgewater, S. D., Nov. 24. 
1897 ; graduate of South Dakota University ; served in the World War 
as a private ; a member of the Officers' Training Camp at Camp Taylor, 
Ky., when he was honorably discharged ; was elected as the com- 
mander of the American Legion of South Dakota ; m. LaRue Man- 
mearing, Aug. 16, 1922, who was b. Alpena, S. D.. Feb. 9, 1897; she 


was a graduate from the South Dakota High School and the Iowa 
State College ; she is the dau. of Milton Asa Manmearing. 
(c) THEODORE DWIGHT", b. Dec. 14, 1890; d. Nov. 22, 1892. 

2098. ii. HORACE BRONSON, b. Oct. 22, 1826; drowned July 26, 1855. 

2099. iii. ALMIRA ELECTA, b. Aug. 31, 1836; m. June 10, 1862, Spring 

Prarie, Wis., to James M. Madison Wheat, b. Apr. 5, 1825 ; d. Nov. 27, 
1910; a physician and secretary of the Board of Health, Riceland, 
Calif., for many years. 

(1) IDA MAY WHEAT", b. July 2, 1865 Lenona, Minn.; music teacher; 
res., Richland, Calif. ; unm. 

(2) JAMES FOOTE WHEAT', b. Dec. 3, 1871, Lenona, Minn. ; m. Aug. 20, 
1896, San Diego, Calif., to Gertrude Amelia Master ; real estate and ranch- 
man; treasurer of Riceland, Calif. 

(a) MILDRED MASTER WHEAT", b. Jan. 29, 1898, Redlands, Calif. 

(b) MARJORIE ELIZABETH WHEAT", b. May 17, 1900. 
2101. LUCY JANE FOOTE, d. Redlands, Calif., Sept. 21, 1928. 

2103. HARRIET JOANNA FOOTE, d. Feb. 3, 1926; he d. Nov. 20, 1906. 

(2) FLOY SARAH WILCOX', b. Aug. 11, 1877; m. William Floyd TiUey, 
Mar. 1, 1900, Grand Rapids, Neb. 

(a) RALPH WILCOX TILLEY", m. 1929 to Ethel Bice, dau. of Wm. 
Henry and Etta (Campbell) Bice. 

(b) VERA HAZEL TILLEY", m. 1929 to Fred J. Lape, son of Elonzo 
and Anna Helen (Hein) Lape. 

(c) MILDRED lONE TILLEY", d. Aug. 2, 1929, ae. 20. 

(d) GEORGE TILLEY", d. ae. 18. 

(4) ETHEL INEZ WILCOX', b. Apr. 26, 1884; m. May 31, 1928 to Wallace 
Jacob Owens, son of Elias and Catherine (Cox) Owens. 

(7) LILLIAN LOUISA WILCOX", b. Apr. 27, 1889; m. Theodore Koorstad, 
b. Dec. 23, 1884. 

(a) EVELYN VELMA KOORSTAD", b. Mar. 23, 1914. 

(b) INEZ LUCILLE KOORSTAD", b. Sept. 23, 1915. 

(c) MARJORIE KOORSTAD", b. Feb. 9, 1922. 

2104. ZILPHA ANN FOOTE, b. 1828; m. Oct. 6, 1847 to Otis W. Perkins; 
res., Kalamazoo, Mich. ; she d. Feb. 7, 1877. 

(1) HARVEY ADELBERT PERKINS", d. 4 months old. 

(2) MARIETTA EVALYN PERKINS' b. Aug. 31, 1856, Wyoming, N. Y.; 
m. W. C. Brightrall ; res., Milwaukee, Wis. 

(3) HERBERT SEELY PERKINS', b. Aug. 24, 1858; d. 1911, Kalama- 
zoo, Mich. 

(4) PHILIP JOHN PERKINS', b. Mar. 8, 1860, West Rush, N. Y.; res., 
Kalamazoo, Mich. 

938. NOAH FOOTE (298, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. July 12, 1786; m. Aug. 29, 1811 
to Hannah, dau. of John and Hannah (Bliss) Stebbins, b. Mar. 7, 1794, Springfield, 
Mass. ; he d. Dec. 29, 1829. 
2113\ i. FRANKLIN STEBBINS, b. Dec. 9, 1812; m. Deniah Lombard. 
2113*. ii. ANGELINE, b. June 19, 1814; m. Deniah Lombard. 
2113'. iii. JOHN BLISS, b. Apr. 25, 1816; m. Maria Russell; he d. Oct. 30, 

2113*. iv. HANNAH, b. Mar. 7, 1818; m. Theodore Dewey. 


2113'. V. FRANCES, b. Feb. 21, 1820; m. Leonard Everett. 
2113«. vi. MARGARET, b. June 10. 1822; m. Chauncy White. 
2114. HARRIET FOOTE, b. Granville. N. Y., July 23, 1813; d. Aug. 22, 1896. 
(l)(b) FRANK E. HARKNESS'", b. Aug. 10, 1874; LL.B., Harvard, 1900. 
(c) STANLEY B. HARKNESS", b. Jan. 7, 1880. 

302. EPHRAIM FOOTE moved from Hamilton County to Eagle, Wyoming 
County, then Genesee County, N. Y., and lived on the farm of his son, Zelona. He 
was bur. on the farm near the place where the first church in the township was 
built, one mile north of the present village of Bliss, N. Y. 

2115*. ZELONA, JR., b. Jan. 6, 1822; m. Samantha Hicks, 3573'-"; he d. at 
Arcade, about 1897 or 1898. 

2116. ii. ISAAC W., b. Nov. 4, 1823; m. Caroline Ryon, 3573'""; he d. at 

Lawton, Mich, 
2116\ iii. ALFRED R., b. Sept. 13, 1825; d. Sept. 13, 1862; bur. in De Witt. 

2117. iv. LUCINDA A., b. Aug. 21, 1827; m. Mar. 10, 1863 to Levi Cole; she 

d. Dec. 3, 1899 ; res., St. John, Mich. 
(1) BERTHA COLE', b. June 29, 1869. 

2118. V. ASA M., b. Jan. 11, 1829; m. Matilda Hull, 3573"""; he d. in Michigan. 

2119. vi. LYDIA L., b. Dec. 15, 1830; m. Feb. 18, 1851 to William Spencer; 

res., Arcade, N. Y. ; she d. at Bliss, N. Y. 






2120. vii. ALVIN C, b. Mar. 7, 1833 ; m. Esther Eyrter, 3574-5. 

2121. viii. LORETTA L., b. Eagle, N. Y., July 27, 1835; m. De Witt, Clinton 

County, Mich., Nov. 9, 1864 to Augustus Gillett, farmer at Olive, 
Mich.; she gave this copy (1909); d. Eaton Rapids, Mich., May 20, 
1912; bur. at Olive. 

2122. ix. ALPHEUS G., b. Mar. 17, 1838; m. Josephine Springstead, 3575'"'; 

he d. at Eaton Rapids, Mich. 

2123. X. ANSON T., b. Aug. 21, 1840; m. Lottie L. Masier; res., Paw Paw, 

Mich. ; no children. 

2124. xi. RODERICK D., b. June 4, 1843; m. Lucinda Cronkite, 3575*"'. 

2125. xii. LAURA A., b. Dec. 1, 1848; m. July 4, 1869 to Franklin Isbell ; res., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
2126'. BETSY D., b. Sept. 19, 1826; m. May 3, 1863 to Orrin J. Ward, b. Jan. 7, 
1837; d. Sept. 8, 1811, Bliss, N. Y.; she d. Aug. 22, 1884; bur. Wethersfield, 
N. Y. 

(1) HERMAN M. WARD', b. Feb. 28, 1867; m. May 26, 1898 to Alta 
Perkins; she d. Sept. 26, 1919; bur. Gainesville, N. Y. ; railroad agent. 

(2) MARY A. WARD', b. Oct. 2Z, 1869 ; m. Jan. 1, 1895 to John J. Cleve- 
land ; res., Rochester, N. Y. 

(a) GLADYS CLEVELAND", b. Aug. 11, 1899; telegraph operator; 
res., Rochester, N. Y. 

(b) HARRY CLEVELAND'", b. June 12, 1903; res., Rochester, N. Y. 


2127. DAVID FOOTE, b. Gainesville, N. Y. Went from Eagle, N. Y., to Iowa 

when a young man, where he enlisted in Co. K, 11th Infantry, Iowa Volunteers. 

After the war he went to Illinois, m. and lived at Oregon, III. Later he moved 

to Paris, Tenn., where his wife and adopted son d. He came back to Eagle, N. Y., 

and d. in Rochester, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1921. 

2127^. iv. ANGENETTE, b. July 3, 1833; m. Sept. 5, 1853 to William Ward, 

b. June 10, 1829; d. Dec. 12, 1907, Gainesville; bur. Wethersfield, 

N. Y. 

(1) ESTHER WARD*, b. Dec. 25, 1857; m. Sept., 1881 to Hughson Mills- 
paugh; she d. July 6, 1882. 

(2) WALTER A. WARD', b. Nov. 24, 1871; m. June 13, 1895 to Lucy 
Perkins ; res., Rochester, N. Y. 

(a) NEWTON WARD", b. Apr. 18, 1904. 
2127^ v. AMANDA, b. Eagle Valley, N. Y., Feb. 16, 1836; m. Sept. 11, 1859 
to Aaron Ward, b. July 7, 1834; she d. Feb. 23, 1920; res., Barnard, 
N. Y. 
(1) GILES WARD', b. Aug. 31, 1866; m. June 7, 1887 to Alma Barber, b. 
Nov., 1868; res., Rochester, N. Y. ; Charlotte Station U. S. Customs 

(a) ERWIN J. WARD", b. Jan. 3, 1891; m. July 31, 1915 to Irene 
Denise ; chemist with Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N. Y. 

(i) ERWIN D. WARD", b. July 13, 1917. 
(ii) CAROL E. WARD", b. Jan. 9, 1919. 
(iii) DORIS E. WARD", b. Nov. 14, 1922. 

(b) DeWITT C. WARD", b. May 21, 1896; m. May 18, 1920 to Edith 
Ballou ; World War veteran ; farmer ; res., Fairport. N. Y. 

(i) LOUISE U. WARD", b. May 5, 1921. 
(ii) JOHN D. WARD", b. Apr. 10, 1923. 

(c) HELEN A. WARD", b. Nov. 14, 1902 ; res., Rochester, N. Y. 
2127^. vi. CELINDA S., b. July 20, 1838; m. Nov. 17, 1859 to Elias Ward. 

(1) WILLIAM HERSCHEL WARD', b. Jan. 1, 1865; m. July 4, 1883 to 
Jennie Scott ; carpenter ; res., Rochester, N. Y. 

(a) NELLIE WARD", b. Dec. 28, 1885; m. June 23, 1914 to Everett 
Lanctot ; res., Rochester, N. Y. 

(i) WARD E. LANCTOT", b. Mar. 11, 1915. 

(b) LEON A. WARD", b. Apr. 27, 1888; m. June 26, 1916 to Anna 
Blyne ; bookkeeper ; res., Rochester, N. Y. 

(i) DOROTHY M. WARD", b. June 25, 1917. 
(ii) WILLIAM H. WARD", b. Apr., 1922. 

(c) FRED WARD", b. July 18, 1892; m. Nov. 26, 1914 to Barbara Craft; 
architect ; res., Rochester, N. Y. 

(i) RUTH M. WARD", b. Aug. 1, 1918; d. Mar. 9, 1923. 

(d) MINNIE WARD", b. Mar. 25, 1890. 

(2) FRANK WARD*, b. July 28, 1867; m. June 2, 1890 to Cora Drew; he d. 
Mar. 31, 1895. 

(a) FRANK WARD", JR., b. June 22, 1891 ; m. Nov. 20, 1918 to Julia 
Utter ; farmers ; res., Wethersfield, N. Y. 

(i) EDWIN F. WARD", b. Nov. 30, 1919. 

(b) WILLIAM WARD", b. Aug. 12, 1893; m. Elizabeth Ennis, Oct. 30, 
1918; farmers; res., Wethersfield, N. Y. 


971. EPAPHRODITUS FOOTE (304, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. July 19, 1791; m. 1st, 
Eunice Ringe, in 1814; she d. in 1829; m. 2nd, Charlotte Smith, dau. of Joseph and 
Mary (Amsden) Smith, b. Dana, Mass., in 1804. Removed to New York early in 
life and was m. to Mr. Foote, Nov. 2, 1830, Bridgewater, N. Y.; he d. Oct. 26, 1857. 
Otsego, Ohio; she d. Dec. 16, 1882, Tontogany, Ohio. Mr. Foote was b. in Col- 
chester, Conn., went with his father's family to Madison County, N. Y., about 1787. 
Here he received his education and m. in 1814. After his marriage he removed to 
Massachusetts, but later returned to New York, locating in Genesee County ; leaving 
his family there, he went to Ohio in 1825 locating in Wood County on the Maumee 
River, about twenty miles above where the city of Toledo now stands. About four 
years later he returned for his family, bringing them to the new home in the spring 
of 1829. His wife d. the same year. In 1830 he returned to New York and on Nov. 2, 
1830, m. Charlotte Smith and brought her to Ohio to preside over his home. He 
was a farmer and became the owner of 160 acres of land. Mr. Foote was a stirring, 
energetic man, generally a leader among his fellows and always highly respected. 
2128'. i. JOEL, b. July 26, 1815; m. Margaret Cancla and Emily Oswald, 

21281 ii. MARY LEVANTIA, b. Feb. 11. 1817; m. James Blinn, Jan. 7, 1836; 

d. Perrysburg, Ohio, July 26, 1881. 
2128.'. iii. DELORS, b. 1820; d. Lockport, N. Y., about 1824. 
2128". iv. SARAH ANN, b. Aug. 10, 1822; m. John Arnold, Dec. 24, 1841. 
Removed with her husband and family in 1852 to Iowa, settling on a 
farm near Waukon, Allamakee County ; d. in Waukon, la. 

2128^ v. EPAPHRODITUS, b. Mar. 10, 1825; d. Nov. 26, 1843. 

2128*. vi. LeROY, b. Mar. 20, 1832; m. Annie Armitage, 3587"'". 

2128'. vii. OSCAR DELOS, b. Dec. 12, 1833, on his father's farm at Miltonville. 
Wood County, Ohio. Grew to manhood there, getting his education 
in the common schools and grammar school at Grand Rapids, Ohio. 
Commenced teaching school at an early age in which he was very 
successful. In 1855 he took a clerkship in a general store at Grand 
Rapids, Ohio, at which he continued until Mar., 1856, where he was 
taken suddenly ill, and after a few days of suffering passed away. He 
was a young man of unusual merit, beloved by all his friends and asso- 
ciates, and the sudden ending of his young life was a sad blow to his 
parents, brothers, sisters and friend ; he d. Mar., 1856, Grand Rapids, 

2128'. viii. FREDERICK, b. Nov. 14, 1835 ; m. Alice A. Underwood, 3587"-". 

2128'. ix. EMILY JANE, b. Feb. 22, 1838; m. Oct. 28, 1864, Tontogany, Ohio, 
to Freeman Smith, of Centerville, Ind. ; he d. Nov. 24, 1904. 

(1) KATIE SMITH', b. Aug. 19, 1865. 

(2) NELLIE SMITH', b. Dec. 25, 1865 ; m. Feb. 26, 1891 to Colfax Eliason, 
of Centerville, Ind. ; he d. Oct. 10, 1899. 

(a) INEZ L. ELIASON'", b. May 11, 1894; res., Centerville, Ind. 
2128'°. X. EUNICE, b. Nov. 15, 1839; m. Sept., 1869, Tontogany, Ohio, to 
John S. Matthews ; he d.- Jan. 24, 1903 ; he was a veteran of the Civil 
War, and at the time of his death a grain merchant. 
(1) NETTIE M. MATTHEWS', b. June 29, 1870; m. Sept. 8, 1889 to 
Charles R. Crom. 


(2) KENNETH F. MATTHEWS', b. Feb. 26, 1872; m. June 20, 1900 to 
Mary Carrol, of Chicago, 111. 

(3) LAVERNE MATTHEWS', b. Mar. 8, 1874; m. Sept. 9, 1896 to Dr. 
C. C. Greiner, of Pemberville, Ohio. 

(4) FLORENCE E. MATTHEWS', b. July 19, 1876; m. Jan. 19, 1898 to 
Rolla M. Baker, of Tontogany, Ohio. 

(5) MINNIE L. MATTHEWS', b. June 17, 1878; m. June 15, 1904 to 
Henry L. Williams, of Pemberville, Ohio. 

2128". xi. MARTIN V., b. Dec. 16, 1842; m. Cartilia A. Hottel, 3587^'"". 
2128". xii. CHARLOTTE JOSEPHINE, b. May 12, 1848; d. Mar. 20, 1858. 
2128". xiii. HARRIET SOPHIA, b. Mar. 1, 1850; m. May 15, 1877 to Frank 

Yost, at Tontogany, Ohio; he was b. at Toledo, Ohio, July 30, 1849; d. 

Oct. 9, 1898; she was charter member of D. A. R. of Fostoria, Ohio; 

children all b. at Tontogany, Ohio; res., Toledo, Ohio. 

(1) CHARLOTTE BESSE YOST', b. July 15, 1880; bookkeeper for fifteen 
years in News Bee office, Toledo, Ohio. 

(2) BERTHA CLARE YOST', b. Aug. 17, 1882; bookkeeper in Textaleather 
office, Toledo, Ohio. 

(3) MARJORIE HELEN YOST', b. Jan. 5. 1889; teacher in Grade Schools, 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio, for last five years ; charter member of the Jane 
Washington Chapter of D. A. R., Fostoria, Ohio. 

(4) CHARLES WAYNE YOST', b. Feb. 2, 1891 ; m. Kathryn Crea Duffy, 
Fostoria, Ohio, June 23, 1920; assistant cashier, Commercial Bank in 
1918 ; res., Fostoria, Ohio. 

(5) PARKE MONROE YOST', b. May 31, 1893; m. Mabel Hoover, New 
London, Ohio, Nov. 18, 1821; enlisted in World War at Tiffin, Ohio, 
June 25, 1918; went across Aug., 1918; detailed to go to Central Records 
Office, Bourges, France, in Nov., 1918, remaining there until Aug., 1919; 
photoengraver ; res., Cleveland, Ohio. 

972. FREDERICK FOOTE (304, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. Jan. 22, 1793; m. Mar. 28, 
1813 to Clarissa Palme, May 13, 1795; d. Dec. 25, 1874; he d. Dec. 4, 1852. 
2129*. i. ELIZA ANN, b. Aug. 27, 1817; m. Jan. 25, 1833 to John L. Pixley; 
she d. Mar. 9, 1847. 
(1) ALBERT FOOTE PIXLEY', b. Mar. 2, 1840; d. Feb. 18, 1842. 
2129\ ii. ZELOTES BIGELOW, b. Jan. 26, 1821; m. Eliza A. Betts and 

Mary L. Case, 3537='. 
2129'. iii. CAROLINE EMMA, b. July 2, 1823 ; m. Jan. 19, 1854 to Lovina O. 
Coman, d. Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 9, 1893 ; res., Oakland, Calif. 

985. SYLVANUS FOOTE, son of Jonathan and Deliverance (Gibbs) Foote. 
was b. Apr. 12, 1785, Lee, Mass.; d. 1845; m. Abigail Bradley, June 17, 1804; she 
was b. Jan. 26, 1786; d. 1845; she was the dau. of Col Jared Bradley and his first 
wife Charity; he was b. Aug. 25, 1760; d. Mar. 1, 1814; she was b. Mar. 4, 1759; 
d. July 31, 1790. 

2150. i. LUCIEN, b. Sept. 9, 1805 ; d. 1859 ; m. Esther Miner, Oct. 20. 1832. 

2150^ ii. FRANCIS, b. Apr. 3, 1807 ; 3628'"'. 

21501 iii. EMILY, b. Feb. 15, 1809; m. Doctor Conant. 

21501 iv. SYLVANUS, JR., b. Mar. 17, 1811; m. Pauline, 3628'-". 


2150\ ABIGAIL, b. May 19, 1813; m. Oct. 22, 1841 to Daniel Phelps, b. Jan. 11, 
1792; d. Sept. 3, 1861; res., Wellington, Ohio; she d. Jan., 1865. 
(1) FRANK HURLBUT PHELPS', b. Nov. 8, 1842; m. Hattie A. CHfford. 

(a) CHARLES L. PHELPS", b. Sept. 30, 1864. 

(b) FRANK D. PHELPS", b. Jan. 13, 1868; m. Sept 17, 1890 to Mary E 
Sheldon, b. Wellington, Ohio, July 11, 1867, dau. of Amos D. and 
C. Malvina (Childs) Sheldon. 

(i) DANIEL EVAN PHELPS", b. Dec. 5, 1885. 
(ii) HAZEL GRACE PHELPS", b. Aug. 5, 1892. 
(iii) RAY EVERETT PHELPS" b. Dec. 28, 1893. 

(c) VERN E. PHELPS", b. Feb. 14, 1877; m. June 20, 1895 to R. S. 
Ledyard ; res., Elyria, Ohio. 

(i) EUGENE ALTON LEDYARD", b. Aug. 14, 1896, Wellington, 
Ohio; m. Ruth Onor Morgan, Elyria, Ohio, Oct. 5, 1916. 

(A) JEAN ELLEN LEDYARD", b. Sept. 18, 1917. 

(B) WAYNE EDWIN LEDYARD", b. Dec. 30, 1918. 

(C) PHILIP ALTON LEDYARD", b. Aug. 7, 1920. 

(D) KATHRYN RUTH LEDYARD", b. Sept. 17, 1923. 

(ii) PAUL HURLBUT LEDYARD", b. Oct. 31, 1900, Wellington, 
Ohio; m. Agnes Marie O'Neil, Elyria, Ohio, Apr. 4, 1919. 

(A) LORENA JUANITA LEDYARD", b. Sept. 17, 1922. 

(B) RALPH HURLBUT LEDYARD", b. July 10, 1925. 

(C) PAUL EDWIN LEDYARD", b. Mar. 18, 1927. 

(iii) CARL EDWIN LEDYARD", b. Mar. 9, 1903, Wellington, 

Ohio; m. Agnes Joanna Linden, Sept. 17, 1924. 
(iv) MILDRED IRENE LEDYARD", b. June 19, 1904, Wellington, 

Ohio; d. Sept. 7, 1906. 
(v) RUTH HAZEL LEDYARD", b. Feb. 21, 1911, Elyria, Ohio; 

d. July 2, 1911. 
(vi) THELMA MARINA LEDYARD", b. Sept. 4, 1913, Elyria, 

(vii) CLIFFORD DANIEL LEDYARD", b. Oct. 10, 1917. 

(d) GEORGE T. PHELPS", b. Nov. 13, 1878. 
(3) JAMES WHITNEY PHELPS', b. May 6, 1845. 

2150'. vi. JARED BRADLEY, b. May 10, 1815. 
2150'. vii. CATHERINE MARIA, b. Mar. 5, 1818; d. Mar. 27, 1848. 
2150'. viii. RHODA JANE, b. July 10, 1820; m. Theodore Wilcox; res., Welling- 
ton, Ohio. 

(1) ARTHUR WILCOX', d. about 1890. 

(2) STANLEY WILCOX', d. 1924. 

2150'. ix. HENRY ALEXANDER, b. Aug. 20, 1822; d. May 28, 1841. 
2150'. X. THEODORE MONROE, b. 1825; d. Oct. 6, 1889. 
2150". xi. MARTHA ANN, b. Aug. 23, 1827; d. Dec. 21, 1838. 

2157. WILLIAM E. FOOTE. m. Lucy Ann Mott, dau. of William and Elizabeth 

Mott, d. Oct. 11, 1903; oyster planter at Inwood, L. I., and gardener at Inwood, L. I. 

2159. iii. JOSEPHINE CHARLOTTE, b. Dec. 18, 1828; m. Col. Wm. Ladew, 

of Ulster County, N. Y. ; she d. Alay 25, 1907, New York, N. Y. ; he 

d. Apr. 26, 1880. 


(1) FRANCES ANTOINETTE LADEW', b. Feb. 3, 1848; m. June 4, 1873 
to Louis Van Gravesness, of Kingston, N. Y. 

(a) JOSEPHINE VAN GRAVESNESS", b. June 12, 1874, Kingston, 
N. Y. 

(b) FLORA VAN GRAVESNESS", b. Sept. 19, , Rhinebeck, N. Y. 

(c) MARY VAN GRAVESNESS", b. Mar. 9, 1881, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(d) LULU VAN GRAVESNESS", b. Nov. 8, 1893, Kingston, N. Y. 

(2) CHARLES HENRY CLAY LADEW, b. May 30, 1850; m. Emma 
Barber, Rhinebeck, N. Y. 

(3) FLORA ESTELLA LADEW, b. Feb. 19, 1852, Herkimer County, 
N. Y. ; m. Edwin Boxter, of Jersey City, N. J. 

(4) ELLA DELLA LADEW, b. Oct. 21, 1855; m. Henry Covert, of Jersey 
City, N. J. 

(5) WILLIAM PHILLIPS LADEW, b. Nov. 11, 1858; m. Isabella Pratt, 
of Rhinebeck, N. Y. 

2161. V. ISABELLA, b. May 8, 1837; m. Alfonso Phillips. 

(1) WILLIAM LADEW PHILLIPS', res., Rochester, N. Y. 

2191. EDWARD FOOTE, b. Lee, Mass., Oct. 12, 1824; m. Oct. 25, 1849, Mrs. 
Emily (Curtis) Chapin, dau. of David and Eliza Curtis, of Stockbridge, Mass. 
She was b. Stockbridge, Mass., Oct. 30, 1822; d. Apr. 20, 1898, Somerville, Mass. 
In the spring of 1851 Mr. Foote went to Smithtown Branch, L. I., N. Y., where 
he engaged in farming until the fall of 1864, when he moved to Somerville, Mass., 
where he became a member of the firm of Skilton, Foote & Co., manufacturers of 
Bunker Hill Pickles, in which business he continued until his death, which occurred 
May 31, 1898, in Somerville. He was for over twenty-five years a deacon in the 
Broadway Congregational Church of Somerville, Mass. 

1101. ASAHEL FOOTE, b. Lee, Mass., Dec. 16, 1804; d. July 15, 1882, Williams- 
town, Mass. ; m. 1829 to Mary Smedley ; she was b. Oct. 29, 1804, Williamstown, 
Mass.; d. Aug. 15, 1876; res., Williamstown, Mass. 

2199. HARRIET HILLGROVE FOOTE, b. St. Albans, Vt.; d. Apr. 27, 1876, 
Springfield, Ohio; m. Henry H. Seys, who was a surgeon during the 
Civil War. He was a member of the G. A. R. and of the Loyal Legion and 
had practiced medicine for fifty-one years when he d. June 17, 1904, Spring- 
field, Ohio. 

(1) MARY ELLEN SEYS», b. Aug. 4, 1854, Springfield, Ohio; m. Nov. 23, 
1875 to Edwin Dumont Buss, b. July 10, 1850, Methuen, Mass.; banking 
was his profession for forty years. 

(a) HARRIET FOOTE BUSS", b. Nov. 30, 1876, Springfield, Ohio. 

(b) MABEL BUELL BUSS", b. July 22, 1880, Springfield, Ohio; m. 
Bakersfield, Calif., June 5, 1917 to Thomas Conrad Dodge, b. Jan. 6, 
1873, in Maryland, son of James Heath and Mary (Conrad) Dodge; 
he d. Mar. 11, 1923. 

(2) JOHN HENRY SEYS', b. Springfield, Ohio, May 30, 1857; d. Murfrees- 
boro, Tenn., June 5, 1864 ; he is bur. in Springfield, Ohio. 

2200. ii. MARY HAINES FOOTE, b. May 8, 1834, Williamstown, Mass.; 

lives in Pasadena, Calif. 

2201. iii. ELLEN MARIA FOOTE, b. July 3, 1836, Williamstown, Mass.; m. 

Nov. 17, 1859 to James Orton, b. LeRoy, N. Y., 1830; he was a Pres- 


byterian minister ; from 1869 to 1877 a member of the faculty of Vassar 
College. He made three trips of exploration into South America and 
d. on Lake Titicaca, Sept. 25, 1877, and is bur. in an island of the lake. 
The Vassar Alumnae erected a monument in his memory at his place 
of burial. Mrs. Orton lives in Pasadena. Calif. 

(1) ANNA BELLE ORTON', b. June 23, 1862, Thomaston, Me.; is prin- 
cipal of the Orton School for Girls in Pasadena, Calif. 

(2) SUSAN ROBINSON ORTON', b. Jan. 27, 1865, Brighton, N. Y.; res., 
Pasadena, Calif. 

(3) MARY BLOSSOM ORTON', b. Nov. 4, 1866, Brighton, N. Y. ; d. July 
20, 1885, and is bur. in Williamstown, Mass. 

(4) ALBERT LOSSING ORTON", b. Aug. 4, 1872, Brighton, N. Y.; d. 
May 4, 1908, Pasadena, Calif. 

2203. V. CATHERINE L. FOOTE, d. July 16, 1922, Pasadena, Calif. 

1019. JOHN FOOTE (320, 97, 27, 9, 3, 1), b. Hartford, Conn.; d. Batavia, N. Y., 
Jan. 5, 1857. 
2212". i. ELIZABETH, b. Oct. 18, 1833 ; res., Buckingham, N. Y. ; unm. 

2213. ii. GEORGE LAY, b. Nov. 13, 1835 ; d. unm. 

2214. iii. ROBERT HYSLOP, b. Sept. 17, 1837; res.. New York, N. Y. 
2214\ iv. JOHN BEBEE, b. Aug. 20, 1839; m. Molly White; no children; 

res., Rockville, Md., c-o M. Rogers. 
2214'. V. GEORGIANNA, b. Aug. 20, 1841 ; m. Feb. 7, 1866 to Robert Henry 
Hall (brigadier general, U. S. A., retired) ; res., Buffalo, 111. 

(1) FREDERICK FOOTE HALL', b. Ft. Abercrombie, N. D., Apr. 24, 
1867; d. West Point, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1872. 

(2) HARRIS FOSTER HALL', b. Ft. Rauson, N. D., Oct. 17, 1867; m. 
Nov. 28, 1896 to Ethel Maud Manning Trewaine, dau. of Maj. William 
Scott Trewaine ; res., Buffalo, N. Y. 

(a) ROBERT TREWAINE HALL'*, b. Camden, N. J., July 3, 1899. 

(b) HARRIS TREWAINE HALL"', b. Washington, D. C, May 8, 1904. 

(3) ROBERT FOOTE HALL', b. San Antonio, Tex., Aug. 24, 1870; m. 

Marie Rogers. 
2214'. vi. OLIVE LAY b. Sept. 29, 1844; m. 1st, Edward Sellers (major, 
U. S. A.) ; m. 2nd, Walter T. Duggan (brigadier general, U. S. A., 
retired) ; res., Buffalo, N. Y. 


(2) DAVID FOOTE SELLERS', m. Anita Evans, dau. of Col. H. Clay 
Evans, , Tenn. 

1035. EDWIN FOOTE (335, 102, 27, 9, 3, 1), m. Elnora Hodges, Glastonbury, 
Conn. ; m. 2nd, Sarah Barber ; m. 3rd, Ellen Noel. 
2214'. i. ELMER L. FOOTE, b. 1867; m. Oct. 17, 1888 to Estelle Virginia 

Allee; Public Library, Cincinnati, Ohio; child, 3700""*. 
2214«. ii. CHARLES FOOTE. 
2214'. iii. JOHN FOOTE. 
2214'. iv. ALBERT FOOTE. 
2221. V. ELIZABETH CLARISSA, b. Sept. 13, 1827; m. William Henry 

Bill ; res. . 


(1) ERASTUS FOOTE BILL', b. Sept. 3, 1851; m. No. 2226\ 

(2) EDWARD WILLIS BILL^ res., New York. N. Y. 

1050. RALPH CLARK FOOTE (page 233), d. Oct. 17, 1870; m. Amelia Foote, 

d. July 13, 1873 ; both bur. in Linwood Cemetery, Colchester, Conn. 

2224. i. JANE, b. Apr. 30, 1820; m. Henry Foote, 2229'-=. 

2226. iii. EUNICE, b. Mar. 1, 1824; m. Lyman Loring; res.. Great Barring- 

ton, Mass. 

(1) CORA AMELIA LORING', b. Jan. 25, 1855; m. Mar. 24, 1874 to 
Erastus Foote Bill, Sept. 3, 1851, son of William and Elizabeth Clarissa 
(Foote) Bill; she d. May 1, 1878; res., Colchester, Conn. 

(a) HENRY LORING BILL'", b. May 31, 1876; m. Jan. 10, 1899 to Mar- 
garet Field, b. Apr. 27, 1873, dau. of Jacob J. Ash and Helen Willard 
(Goodell) Ash; musician; res., Hartford, Conn. 
(i) HAROLD JEROME BILL", b. May 31, 1901. 
(ii) RUTH BILL", b. Feb. 15, 1908; d. Feb. 16, 1908. 

(2) SARAH CELESTA LORING', b. Oct. 12, 1856; m. June 26, 1879 to 
Elihu P. Putnam, b. Nov. 21, 1849; d. July 19, 1922; res., Middletown, 

2227. iv. SARAH LOUISA, b. May 10, 1862; m. Capt. Cyrus W. Cook, a 

Civil War veteran; she d. about 1868. 

(1) LIZZIE COOK', d. about 14 years of age. 

(2) RALPH COOK' d. about 25 years of age. 

(3) CYRUS W. COOK', d. about 21 years of age. 

(4) SON', d. 6 months of age. 

2229'. vii. MARY ELEANOR, b. July 6, 1835; m. Albert Harvey. 

(1) CAROLINE HARVEY', m. Bragaw; res., New London, Conn. 

(2) ALBERT HARVEY', d. 3 years of age. 

1058. CHARLES FOOTE (341, 104, 28, 9, 3, 1), b. Aug. 20, 1796; m. Nov. 22, 
1820 to Esther Taylor, b. July 24, 1799, dau. of Ralph, Jr. and Esther (Foote, 346) 
Taylor, of Colchester, Conn. 

22291 i. HENRY, m. Jane Foote, 3720'-\ 

2229*. ii. FANNIE MINERVA. 

1068. REV. CALVIN M. FOOTE (347, 105, 28, 9, 3, 1), b. Mar. 1, 1790, Col- 
chester, Conn.; m. 1st, Jane Grant; she d. two years later; m. 2nd, Lucuia, d. ; 

m. 3rd, Catherine Marsh Bull, b. Granville, Mass., widow of Francis King; she d. 
; bur. in Greenwood, Cemetery. 

2234'. i. LUCUIA, m. Israel Clark; pioneers; lived and d. in the West. 

(1) MARY CLARK', m. Dr. John Streeter, of Chicago, 111. 

(2) SARAH CLARK', m. Rev. Henry Hoyt; d. 1917, Wellesley, Mass. 

(a) ROBERT HOYT'*, d. at Pekin; professor in University; graduate of 

(b) GEORGE HOYT'", graduate of Dartmouth. 

(c) HENRY HOYT", professor biology in California. 

(d) MARJORIE HOYT'", m. , professor, Berkeley, Calif.; graduate 

of Berkeley and Wellesley ; res., Berkeley Calif. ; two children. 

2234'. ii. GEORGE, b. 1842; d. from shock in hotel, caused by the negro riot 

in the Civil War; bur. Greenwood, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
22341 iii. FRANK, d. 1844. 



2234*. iv. FRANCES ELIZABETH, b. 1844; m. 1862 to William A. Carter, 
b. 1842; d. 1906; she d. 1895; res., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(1) WILLIAM CARTER', b. 1864; d. 1868. 

(2) HARRY B. CARTER', b. Jan., 1865; m. Emma Burgess, b. 1866; he d. 


(a) OLIVE CARTER", b. 1894; m. 1914 to Alfred Dorsman. 
(i) ALFRED DORSMAN", b. 1917. 

(b) HARRY B. CARTER", b. 1896; m. Marjorie . 

(i) MARJORIE CARTER", b. Jan., 1918. 

(3) RAMEE LOUISE CARTER', b. 1899; m. 1922 to ; res., Lyn- 

brook, L. I. 

2234'. V. HARRIET, b. June 29, 1846, Granville, Mass.; m. Sept. 7, 1866 to 
Arthur W. Gilbert; she d. Feb. 12, 1915; res., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(1) IDA MAY GILBERT', b. Oct. 30, 1867; res., Westport, Conn. 

(2) FREDERICK ARTHUR GILBERT', b. Mar. 24, 1870; m. 1891 to 
Frances Meirs, b. 1868 he d. Aug. 6, 1916 ; res., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(a) ARTHUR MEIRS GILBERT", b. Nov. 21, 1894; m. 1920 to Edna 


(b) DOROTHY GILBERT", b. Jan. 5, 1896; m. Apr., 1916 to ColviUe 

Heath, b. 1894. 
(i) GILBERT HEATH", b. May, 1920. 

(c) KATHARINE GILBERT", b. Sept. 30, 1898; m. Ivan Wallenstem. 
(i) VALERIE WALLENSTEIN", b. Feb., 1920. 

(d) BEATRICE VAN GILBERT", b. Feb. 4, 1900; m. Donald Reeves, 

b. 1896. 

(3) KATHARINE MARSH GILBERT', b. Nov. 8, 1872; m. Oct. 7, 1904 

to Alvah Haff, b. 1870. 

(a) MARJORIE GILBERT HAFF", b. June 7, 1905; res., Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 

(b) ALVAH W. HAFF", JR., b. May 9, 1909. 

(4) HARRIET ELIZABETH GILBERT', b. Nov. 24, 1875 ; m. Mar. 2, 1897 
to William I. Halsey, b. 1871 ; res., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(a) GILBERT HARDACRE HALSEY", b. June 23, 1900; d. Sept. 25, 


(b) PHYLLIS HALSEY", b. Apr. 25, 1905. 
2234'. vi. KATIE, b. 1848; d. of brain fever, 1860. 

1089. ALANSON LIVINGSTON FOOTE (365, 114, 36, 10, 3, 1), b. Dec. 6, 

1803, Austeo City, N. Y. ; m. Mar. 12, 1825 to Thiszah T. Hinman, at Cairo, N. Y. 

In youth a merchant, then dairy farming in Green, N. Y. ; later moved to Ripon, 

Wis., and d. Apr. 24, 1855; she was b. May 5, 1806; she d. Dec. 6, 1844. 

2255\ i. HARRIET L., b. Dec. 25, 1827, Coventry, N. Y. ; d. Nov. 23, 1830. 

2255'. ii. JOSEPH HAY, b. Jan. 23, 1830; m. Catherine Thersa MacMahon, 

2255'. iii. APOLLUS DUDLEY, b. May 7, 1832 ; m. Sarah V. Nesbit, 3745 . 
2255* iv. OSCAR EARL, b. May 7, 1834 ; m. Sara Jane Kales, 3745". 
2255^ v. CHARLES MELVILLE, b. Dec. 18, 1836; d. Apr. 2, 1923; m. Emma 

Jane Griswold, 3475"-". 
2255*. vi. MANETTA LUCINDA, b. Aug. 30, 1840, Coventry, N. Y. ; m. 
Oct. 26, 1864 to William Butler Conover, b. Aug. 8, 1841, Oxford, 


N. Y, ; d. Nov. 22, 1890, Ripon, Wis. ; farmer and merchant ; she res., 
Ripon, Wis. 

(1) OSCAR DUDLEY CONOVER', b. Oct. 11, 1865, Coventry, N. Y.; m. 
Nov. 8, 1888 to Velma V. Tokum, Rock Rapids, la.; merchant; res., Rock 
Rapids, la. 


(b) RUTH CONOVER*", b. 1892. 

(2) WILLIAM FOOTE CONOVER", b. Feb. 7, 1869, Ripon, Wis.; m. Ist, 
Carrie Louise Phillips; she d. Mar., 1898, San Diego, Calif.; m. 2nd, 
Louise Visden, in 1901 ; she d. at Los Angeles, Calif., 1920. 

(3) MAUD ELINOR CONOVER', b. Sept. 18, 1876, Ripon, Wis. ; m. Apr. 
25, 1900 to Oscar William Knapp, b. Mar. 16, 1856, Metowen, Wis.; 
a piano tuner. 

(a) DORIS LUCILE KNAPP", b. Aug. 27, 1901, Ripon, Wis. 
2277. EMELINE (dau. of Roger, No. 1095), m. Hoyt. 

(1) CLARINDA HOYT^ m. Williams. 

(2) ORLANDO HOYT', b. 1836; d. 1906. 

(3) CAROLINE C. HOYT», b. 1840; m. Babb; she d. at Rock Creek, 

Ohio; res., Rock Creek, Ohio. 

(a) WILLIAM M. BABB", b. May 21, 1858. 

(b) CARRIE BABB", b. May 10, 1866; m. Shank. 

(c) ESTELLA BABB", m. Egelston ; res., Butler, Pa. 

(4) ROSE HOYT', m. Sichely. 

(5) JUDGE T. E. HOYT», res., Ashtabula, Ohio. 

2287. HANNAH FOOTE, m. Dec. 30, 1821 to William Cherry ; he was b. Oct. 
20, 1793, Elizabethtown, N. J.; d. Dec. 19, 1859, North Fairfield, Ohio; 
she d. Mar. 7, 1881, North Fairfield, Ohio. 

(1) ADALINE CHERRY', b. Sept. 29, 1822, Sempronius, N. Y. ; m. 1844 to 
Homer J. Austin, of Ripley, Ohio ; d. . 

(a) AUGUSTA UMMETHUN AUSTIN", res., Kansas City, Mo. 

(b) LEONA AUSTIN", m. Mr. Conover, of Kansas City, Mo. 

(c) FRANK AUSTIN", res.. Mobile, Ala. 

(d) HOMER AUSTIN", JR., res., Georgia. 

(2) TIMOTHY T. CHERRY', b. June 18, 1827; d. Feb. 14, 1828, North 
Fairfield, Ohio. 

(3) EDGAR CHERRY', b. Mar. 1, 1830; d. Sept. 14, 1838, North Fairfield. 

(4) VINTON CHERRY', b. Apr. 28, 1832; m. Elizabeth Terry, of Peru, 
Ohio; d. May 28, 1894. 


(b) ADA CHERRY", m. Morrow; res., Buffalo, Mo. 

(c) INEZ O. CHERRY", b. ; m. Bannon; res., Buffalo, Mo. 

(5) BYRON HARRISON CHERRY', b. Feb. 11, 1840; m. Emma J. Bough- 
ton, May 11, 1870, North Fairfield, Ohio; res., Oberlin, Ohio. 

(a) LUELLA CHERRY", b. Mar. 17, 1871, North Fairfield, Ohio; m. 

(b) ALICE L. CHERRY", b. Apr. 16, 1874, North Fairfield, Ohio; 
m. Bishop. 


(c) FLORENCE CHERRY", b. Aug. 6, 1881, North Fairfield, Ohio; 
m. Giles. 

(d) AMY L. CHERRY", b. May 13, 1884, East Norwalk, Ohio. 

(e) FERN A. CHERRY", b. Mar. 16, 1890, Oberlin, Ohio. 
2289. RUTH FOOTE, m. Darius Cherry. 

(1) LUCY ANN CHERRY', b. Olena, Ohio; m. Dr. David Wood; res., 
Norwalk, Ohio. 

(2) CORYDON CHERRY', m. Carry Forbes*. 
2297. ii. BETSEY (page 22,7). 

(1) LYDIA FOOTE BAKER', b. July 17, 1823 ; m. Sept. 15, 1842 to Loren A. 
Barnes, Auburn, N. Y., son of John and Abigail Barnes, b. May 26, 1818; 
both d. in Chicago, 111., and bur. at Oakwoods Cemetery. 

(a) ISABEL CELESTIA BARNES", b. Jan. 7, 1844, North Fairfield, 
Ohio; m. June 1, 1865, Piqua, Ohio, to Rev. Bernard Kelly, b. Peters- 
burg, Va., son of Patrick and Anna Kelly ; chaplain, 10th U. S. In- 
fantry; major, retired; res., Topeka, Kan.; gave copy June 5, 1931. 

(i) EDWIN E. KELLY", b. Feb. 22, 1867, Cheviot, Ohio; d. 

Jan. 10, 1868. 
(ii) MAUD KELLY", b. Dec. 9, 1868, Harrison, Ohio ; m. Nov. 6, 

1889 to Isaac Davis Lewis, b. May 4, 1863, son of Isaac Lewis 

and Charlotte Lewis ; res., Topeka, Kan. 
(iii) HORTENSE KELLY", b. Oct. 31, 1873, Ottawa, Kan.; m. 

Nov. 6, 1895 to George Marshall Crawford, b. July 10, 1872, son 

of E. S. and Isabell (Chase) Crawford; res., Topeka, Kan. 


(B) THERON KELLY CRAWFORD", b. Dec. 22, 1899; d. 

Sept. 30, 1900. 

(C) ISABEL CRAWFORD", b. Sept. 9, 1901. 

(iv) THERON McCABE KELLY", b. Nov. 4, 1875, Ft. Scott, 
Kan. ; perished in the Cumbre Tunnel tragedy, Mexico, in Feb. 4, 

(v) WARREN WINFIELD KELLY", b. Nov. 30, 1885, Winfield, 
Kan.; m. Dec. 6, 1911 to Laura Warner Turner, b. Nov. 1, 
1888, dau. of Lester and Laura Turner ; res., Los Angeles, Calif. 

(A) MARION KELLY", b. Mar. 2, 1916, Los Angeles, Calif. 

(B) JEAN KELLY", b. Feb. 16, 1923, Los Angeles. Calif. 

(b) LILA BAKER BARNES", m. Maj. Robert B. Chappell ; res., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

(2) LURINTHA BAKER', b. Oct. 3, 1825, Fairfield, Ohio; m. Benjamin 
Woodward States, North Fairfield, Ohio ; killed by horse. 



(c) EVA STATES", m. Mr. Doolittle, South Bend, Ind. 





(3) LORA BAKER', m. Wheeler Hackett, North Fairfield, Ohio. 





(4) LUCINDA BAKER', b. July 15, 1840; m. John Smith, Fairfield, Ohio. 

(a) E. J. SMITH'". 


(5) LEWIS FOOTE BAKER', b. May 5, 1843, North Fairfield, Ohio; m. 
Flora Helen Randall, Dec. 24, 1863, Monroeville, Ohio. 

(a) CARRIE LUCINDA BAKER", b. Oct. 11, 1863; m. William Mitchell 
Shaver, 1888. 

(i) ALLISON BAKER SHAVER", b. 1889; m. Daniel Moore 
Fisk, 1919. 
(ii) HELEN BAKER SHAVER", b. 1891; m. Howard Sanford 
Searle, 1915. 
(iii) WILLIAM BAKER SHAVER", b. 1905; d. 1912. 

(b) LOUISE SPENCER BAKER", b. 1873; m. I. Albin. 




2298. iii. ABIGAIL. 

(l)(a) ADA PRICE", b. 1858; m. June Geer; they have five children. 

(i) CLARA GEER", m. Kilpatrick. 

(ii) MARTHA GEER", m. Stone. 

(3) SYLVIA J. PRICE", m. Charles Barnes; three children. 

(a) DELANO BARNES", m. . 

(i) BLANCH BARNES", m. Keizer, and has four children. 

(b) CHARLES BARNES", JR., m. Nettie Fitzsimmons, and has three 

(5) ELIJAH BARNES', m. . 

(a) DAUGHTER", who m. Timmons; he m. 2nd, Harriet Price. 

(i) GRANT PRICE TIMMONS", m. Dessie Stotts. 
(7) LOUISE BARNES', m. Samuel Washburn, Reading, Mich, 
(a) BELLE WASHBURN", res., Lansing, Mich. 
I'm. iv. RHODA, m. 1st, Levi Cuddebach; m. 2nd, John Stoner, Marcellus, 
N. Y. 

(1) ALFRED CUDDEBACH', m. Esther Brooks. 




(2) LYDIA CUDDEBACH', m. Charles Smith; no children. 

2303. viii. ELECTA, b. Mar. 8, 1818; m. Dec. 29, 1838 to Sherwood Adams, b. 
Aug. 7. 1844; d. May 29, 1872; she d. Jan. 2, 1898; res.. North Fair- 
field, Ohio. 


(1) LYNDON ADAMS', b. Feb. 6, 1840; m. Oct. 8, 1861 to Louise Angell, 
b. Aug., 1844, dau. of Ephraim Angell ; he d. Oct. 6, 1907 ; res., North 
Fairfield, Ohio. 

(a) WILLIAM ADAMS", b. Nov. 21, 1863; d. . 

(2) IRVING ADAMS', b. Nov. 7, 1842; m. Sept. 12, 1864 to Louisa Carbine, 
b. Aug. 25, 1843, dau. of Horace Carbine; he d. June 24, 1922; res.. North 
Fairfield, Ohio. 

(a) LENA F. ADAMS", b. Jan. 11, 1870; teacher at Logansport, Ind. 
2303'. ix. SYLVIA. 

(1) ALVIN JOHNSON', b. June 18, 1830, Skaneateles, N. Y.; m. 1858 to 
Lovina Van Vranken, b. Nov. 6, 1828; d. July 4, 1893; he d. North Fair- 
field, Ohio, May 6, 1860. 

(a) ALICE MAY JOHNSON", b. Apr. 24, 1860, Riley, Ohio; m. Jan. 6, 
1890 to Edmund D. Sackett. 

(i) VICTOR JOHNSON SACKETT", b. Feb. 24, 1891. 
2304. X. VERONA. 

(1) RHODA JOHNSON', m. William Childs. 


(b) LONIE CHILDS", d. unm. 

2307. i. MARTHA (Patty), b. Feb. 26, 1800; d. 18;'l, Middlebury, Vt. 

2308. ii. ZERVIAH. b. Dec. 6, 1801; m. Aug. 28, 1825 to Eber Lamb, of 

Granville, Vt. ; she d. Dec. 16, 1868. 

(2) NINA M. WHITNEY LAMB', m. D. M. Beckhardt; res.. Highland 
Park, Mich. 

(a) MARTHA LAMB BECKHARDT", d. July 1, 1929, Palo Alto, 
Calif. ; bur. Hillsdale, Mich. 

(3) MORRIS LAMB', b. Dec. 1, 1830; m. Eliza Thompson (No. 2310; (3) 
page 239). 

(4) FRANCES JEANETTE LAMB', b. Dec. 31, 1843; m. LaPorte, Ind., 
July 4, 1867 to Charles T. Angell, b. Concord, N. H., Dec. 22. 1834; d. 
LaPorte. Ind., Mar. 19, 1898; she was secretary of W. R. C. (District) 
and member of O. E. S. ; she d. May 21, 1927. 

(a) CHARLES WALTER ANGELL", b. Aug. 18, 1870; d. July 30, 1879. 

(b) FREDERICK ANGELL". b. Sept., 1872; d. Oct., 1874. 

(c) DELLA M. ANGELL", b. July 11, 1874; teacher, LaPorte, Ind.; 
member of D. A. R. and O. E. S. ; also of Red Cross, worked in 
World War. 

(d) CORA LUELLA ANGELL", b. Sept. 14. 1876; m. Oct. 3. 1914, 
LaPorte, Ind., to Austin Cutter; she is a member of D. A. R. and 
O. E. S.; d. Dec. 19, 1922. 

(e) GEORGE MORRIS ANGELL", b. Nov. 20, 1878; Mason, Odd 
Fellow; teacher, LaPorte, Ind.; m. Nov. 19, 1928 to Marjory Keith- 
line, of LaPorte, Ind. 

(i) FRANCES JEANETTE ANGELL", b. July 8. 1929, LaPorte, 

(f) MATTIE LOUISE ANGELL", b. Oct., 1880; d. Sept., 1881. 
2310\ V. RUSSELL, b. June 1. 1808; d. Sept.. 1808. 

2312. vi. MARTHA, b. Nov. 26. 1812, Canton, N. Y. 
2316. iii. JULIUS DANA, b. July 4, 1819, Brattleboro. Vt. 


2324. V. JUSTUS LYMAN, b. Middlebury, Vt., Sept. 11, 1820. 

2332. V. CASTENA FOOTE, b. Nov. 15, 1824; m. May 15, 1847 to Ansil 

Page Bailey, son of Philip and Betsey (Page) Bailey, at Fairfield, Vt. ; 

she d. Jan. 14, 1901. 

(1) WINFIELD SCOTT BAILEY^ b. Mar. 15, 1848; m. Harriet S. Good- 
hue, Feb. 19, 1873; res., St. Albans, Vt. ; dry goods merchant. 

(a) ELEANOR MARY BAILEY", b. Jan. 20, 1876; m. June 15, 1904 to 
Arthur A. Tiffany; res., Burlington. Vt. 

(i) RUTH HENDEE TIFFANY", b. Feb. 15, 1911. 

(b) ARTHUR SCOTT BAILEY", b. Nov. 15, 1877; m. Sept. 14, 1913 to 
Estella W. Goodspeed ; res., Montclair, N. J. ; occupation, author of 
the Arthur Scott Bailey books for children. 

(2) ADA A. BAILEY", b. Oct. 29, 1851. 

(3) CHARLES WYMAN BAILEY», b. Apr. 17, 1860; m. Sept. 21, 1886 to 
Luella I. Burke, dau. of John and Luella (Woodward) Burke; res., St. 
Albans ; farmer. 

(a) HARRY CARLETON BURKE", b. Mar. 3, 1888; d. Aug. 13, 1888. 

(b) ETHEL FLORENCE BURKE", b. July 17, 1889; m. June 11, 1914 
to F. Russell Spear ; res., St. Albans, Vt. 

(i) JANICE M. SPEAR", b. June 1, 1918. 
(ii) L. NATALIE SPEAR", b. Mar. 9, 1920. 
2337. X. CHARLES CUTLER, b. Nov. 25, 1833; m. Marion Frances Stevens, 

1120. ORANGE FOOTE. not "Russell Foote." 

2352. v. JEROME FOOTE, b. Aug. 3, 1836 ; m. Phebe Elizabeth Goff, 3841'"". 

2367. (1) MARTIN WELLS COLMAN', b. Mar. 7, 1843; m. Pittsfield, Mass., 

Mar. 27, 1872 to Mary Eugenia Parker; he d. June 30, 1918; she d. 
May 14, 1927. 
(a) ROBERT PARKER COLMAN", graduate Massachusetts Agricul- 
tural College, 1896; m. Richmond, Mass., June 1, 1899 to Ida Benton, 
graduate Westfield Normal School ; dau. of Stephen Benton. 
(2) JAMES FRANKLIN COLMAN', b. Pittsfield, Mass., Apr. 24, 1847; m. 
Oct. 9, 1874 to Harriet E. Brooks; he d. Mar. 10, 1910; res., Richmond, 
Mass. ; she d. Oct. 26, 1926. 

(a) WALTER B. COLMAN", b. June 12, 1876; d. June 23, 1900. 

(b) HELEN M. COLMAN", b. Feb. 28, 1878; m. Nov. 8, 1899 to 
Charles D. Benton, son of L. R. Benton ; res., Richmond, Mass. 

(i) HAZEL I. BENTON", b. Nov. 6, 1900; m. July 11, 1929 to 

Maurice Freed, 
(ii) ESTHER F. BENTON", b. Mar. 29, 1910. 

(c) GRACE R. COLMAN", b. Sept. 11, 1880; m. Sept. 11, 1907 to 
Ralph H. Nichols ; res.. Amity, Mo. 

(i) JAMES H. NICHOLS", b. Oct. 15, 1910. 

(ii) HOWARD C. NICHOLS", b. Sept. 24, 1913; d. Nov. 26, 1913. 

(iii) DONALD R. NICHOLS", b. July 29, 1915. 

2368. (6) FREEMAN MICKELS', b. Cicero, N. Y., Sept. 22, 1850; d. Mar., 

1916; res., Syracuse, N. Y. 


2369. (1) MARY EMILY NOBLE', b. Washington. Mass., Oct. 9, 1837; m. 
Feb. 10, 1864 to Alden Benjamin Curtis; farmer; d. June 22, 1898; 
she d. Dec. 13, 1909. 

(a) MARY FIDELIA CURTIS'", b. Feb. 3, 1868; m. Oct. 19, 1911 to 
Richard Arthur McTighe ; farmer ; res., Worthington, Mass. 

(b) ALDEN NOBLE CURTIS'", b. Feb. 16, 1876; m. Apr. 28, 1914 to 
Rosina Margaret Smith. 

(c) ELMER NOBLE CURTIS'', b. July 21. 1879; m. July 5, 1924 to 
Florence Ethel Damon, dau. of John Ervin and Clara Ella (Briggs) 

(4) JOHN WESLEY NOBLE', b. Washington, Mass., Aug. 7, 1846; m. 
May 1. 1872 to Mary A. Johnson, of Worthington, Mass., she d. Nov., 

(a) CHARLES W. NOBLE'", b. Oct. 30, 1874 ; m. Oct. 14, 1897 to Ada 
Frances Moulton. 

(i) MARJORIE HELEN NOBLE", b. Aug. 15, 1898. 
(ii) DORIS NOBLE", b. Aug. 18, 1900. 
(iii) WESLEY MOULTON NOBLE", b. Mar. 25, 1908. 

(5) GEORGE WATSON NOBLE', b. Washington, Mass., Nov. 28, 1848; 
m. 1st, Mar. 21, 1874 to Agnes Renfrew; res., Pittsfield, Mass.; m. 2nd, 
Mrs. Minnie Fuller, dau. of Benjamin F. Robbins, Jan. 21, 1914. 

(6) MARTHA ANNIE NOBLE', b. Oct. 21, 1851 ; m. Charles W. Kellogg. 
2371. (1) MARY FRANCES WRIGHT', b. Apr. 19, 1847; m. Sept. 30. 1874 to 

Emory H. Nash, d. Oct. 27, 1911 (he m. 1st. 3867) ; she d. 1922. 
(4) ARTHUR WRIGHT', b. July 2, 1855; m. May 1, 1883 to Mary Eliza 
Merrill ; res., Pittsfield, Mass. 

(a) EMORY MERRILL WRIGHT'", b. Mar. 11, 1884; m. July 11, 1907 
to Ethel Spencer Wright ; res., Jamaica Plains, Mass. 

(i) FRANCES SPENCER WRIGHT", b. July 16, 1908; d. May 

22, 1909. 
(ii) EMORY MERRILL WRIGHT", JR., b. Sept. 22, 1909. 
(iii) ROBERT SPENCER WRIGHT", b. July 17, 1911. 
(iv) ELIZABETH SPENCER WRIGHT", b. May 2, 1917. 
(v) ANNIE CAROLINE WRIGHT", b. June 1, 1922. 

(b) MARY ELIZABETH WRIGHT'", b. Apr. 4, 1885 ; d. Aug. 25, 1885. 

(c) OLIVE MARIA WRIGHT'", b. Feb. 16, 1887; d. Feb. 3, 1912. 

(d) MINNIE ELIZA WRIGHT'", b. May 29, 1889; m. Nov. 9, 1917 to 
Clarence Edwin King. 

(i) ELIZABETH RAY KING", b. Nov. 22, 1918. 
(ii) NORMA JANE KING", b. July 26, 1920. 
(iii) DORA ELEANOR KING", b. Aug. 18. 1921. 

(e) ARTHUR EDWIN WRIGHT'", b. Oct. 4, 1891; m. Sept. 30, 1919 to 
Alice M. Scharman. 

(f) JOHN EDWIN MERRILL WRIGHT'", b. Aug. 7, 1893 ; m. July 10. 
1917 to Ruth E. Barber. 

(i) JOHN C. M. WRIGHT", JR.. b. July 14, 1918. 

(g) JESSINE FRANCES WRIGHT'", b. Nov. 4, 1894; m. June 14, 1917 
to Harrold M. Harris. 

(i) HARROLD M. HARRIS", JR., b. July 31, 1922. 



2378. iii. JOHN B., m. Sarah Cole, 3869*-*». 

2379. iv. DANIEL SAMUEL, m. F. Emeline Goodwin, 3869""". 

1141. MASON FOOTE, m. Orissa ; he d. Oct. 13, 1840; she d. Sept., 

1842, Griggsville, 111. 

2385\ CHARLES FOOTE, d. July 16, 1832, ae. 2 years, 7 months, Naples, 111. 

2385'. LUCIUS FOOTE, d. May 13, 1852, ae. 27 years, Perry, 111. 

2386. ELIZABETH ALTHA FOOTE, b. Nov. 22, 1816; d. 1861, Godfrey, 111.; 

m. Corey. 

2386*. LUCY FOOTE, d. May 4, 1867, Alton, 111. 

2386'. ELIZA FOOTE HOLTON, d. Mar. 27, 1864, ae. 49 years, Alton, 111. 

2386'. ELLEN MARIA FOOTE, d. Dec. 5, 1880, Upper Alton, 111. 

2386*. HENRY CLAY FOOTE, d. 1904, ae. 62 years, Osceola, Mo. 
2386'. KATE PREVOST FOOTE MARSH, b. July 29, 1837, Barry, 111. 
2386'. KATHERINE FOOTE, m. Ebenezer Marsh, Alton 111., 1860. 

(1) GEORGE EDMUNDS MARSH', b. Sept. 23, 1861, Upper Alton, 111. 

(2) HENRY ARTHUR MARSH', b. July 20, 1863, Upper Alton, 111. 

(3) ALFRED EBEN MARSH', b. Nov. 9, 1864, Upper Alton, 111. 

(4) WILLIAM HOLTON MARSH', b. Oct. 17, 1866, Upper Alton, 111. 

(5) JOSEPH VAN EATON MARSH', b. Apr. 6, 1868, Upper Alton, 111. 

(6) BENJAMIN DODGE MARSH', b. Mar. 8, 1870; d. Aug. 26, 1870, Upper 
Alton, 111. 

(7) NORMAN FOOTE MARSH', b. July 16, 1871; gave this copy; is secre- 
tary of Majave River Irrigation District, Victor Valley, San Bernardino 
County, Calif. 

(8) ALICE ELLEN MARSH', b. Feb. 16, 1874, Upper Alton, 111. 

(9) CHARLES MASON MARSH', b. Feb. 11, 1884. 

2404. v. HARRIET DAROXA (FOOTE) LEGGETT, d. Nov. 27, 1922; Mr. 
Leggett d. July 15, 1906. 
(4) NELLIE E. LEGGETT', m. Dr. M. A. Jordan; he d. Dec. 13, 1913, 
Logansport, Ind. 

(a) HARRIET FOOTE MALLOCH'", m. Oct. 21, 1909 to Harry Dow 
Horney, of Logansport, Ind. 

(b) ROY R. MALLOCH", m. Aug. 22, 1908. 
(i) INFANT", d. Dec. 18, 1912. 

(ii) RICHARD RANDALL MALLOCH", b. May 16, 1916. 
(iii) MARY JANE MALLOCH", b. June, 1923. 

1155. DEACON MARTIN NICHOLS FOOTE, res., Middlebury, Vt; m. Betsey 
Boardman, Jan. 1, 1791. 
2408. ELMIRA MARY, m. Nov. 30, 1830 to Jos. W. Boyce. 

(1) ARTHUR W. BOYCE', lived and d. in Iowa; unm. 

(2) JOSEPH MARTIN BOYCE', lived and d. in Middlebury, Vt. ; unm. 

2408\ MARTIN B., d. Mar. 7, 1833, ae. 2 years old. 
2427. iii. AZUBAH A. 

(1) DR. HENRY H. KNAPP', m. Catherine Buckman; res., Essex, N. Y. 
(a) BERTHA VILAS KNAPP'", b. Dec. 13, 1879; m. Arthur W. Towne. 


(b) HARRY CURTIS KNAPP", b. Nov. 6, 1881. 

(c) ALBERT H. KNAPP", b. Nov. 10, 1889. 
(4) LUCY VILAS KNAPP', d. Oct. 8, 1860. 

2431. iv. SARAH PAMELIA (dau. of Richard G., No. 1182, page 247), b. 
Nov. 7, 1838; m. Oct. 26, 1858 to James W. Sawyer, d. Aug. 28, 1909. 

(1) SAWYER^ b. Feb. 18, 1860; m. Apr. 24, 1889 to Isiah Gibson. 

(2) CHARLES HENRY SAWYER', b. Mar. 13, 1862; m. 1892 to Ella 
Gordon ; res., National City, Calif. 

(3) THOMAS K. SAWYER*, b. June 5, 1866; m. Laura Shields. 

(a) MARY LAURA SAWYER'", b. May 17, 1889. 

(b) SARAH AMELIA SAWYER'", b. Nov. 24, 1890. 

(c) GERTRUDE MAY SAWYER", b. Feb. 9, 1893. 

(4) HARRIET MARIA SAWYER', b. Aug. 21, 1869; m. Nov. 5, 1907, . 

2436. iv. LUA (page 248). 

(3) FRANKLIN SMITH TREW', b. Nov. 5, 1834; m. Oct. 18, 1857 to 
Harriet E. Fuller, d. Jan. 29, 1864; m. 2nd, Flora Fuller, Apr. 16. 1874; 
d. Jan. 10, 1895 ; he d. July 7, 1910 ; banker ; res., West Farmington, Ohio. 

(a) MARY LUA TREW'", b. Nov. 30, 1858; m. Sept. 13, 1886 to Dr. 
John Dice McLaren, of New York, N. Y. 

(i) RUTH McLAREN", b. June 1, 1895; m. June 4, 1915 to 
Karl W. Outhank ; res., Portland, Ore. 

(A) MARY ELIZABETH OUTHANK", b. June 25, 1918, 
Eugene, Ore. 

(B) LOIS OUTHANK", b. May 12, 1920, Eugene Ore. 

(4) REBECCA JANE TREW', b. Apr. 7, 1837; d. Jan. 4, 1922, unm., at 
West Farmington, Ohio. 

(5) SARAH ANN TREW', b. Apr. 27, 1839; m. Apr. 4, 1867 to Rev. H. D. 
Rice, b. May 6, 1825; d. Oct. 22, 1902; res.. West Virginia; she d. Aug. 11, 

(d) MARY LAVINA RICE", b. Dec. 22, 1880; res., Warren, Ohio. 

(e) FRANCES BRETT RICE", b. Sept. 23, 1882; m. Mar. 14, 1900 to 
Wilbur Fisk Hogaboom ; res., Wheaton, 111. 

(i) THORNTON MILTON HOGABOOM", b. Jan. 14, 1901, 

Chicago, 111. 
(ii) FRANCES WILBURTA HOGABOOM", b. Apr. 10, 1907, 

Chicago, 111. 

(6) SARA SCOTT TREW', wife of John M. Trew', d. Feb. 28, 1889, Pueblo, 
Colo. ; he d. Apr. 1, 1923. 


(a) GEORGE F. TREW", b. Sept. 21, 1874; m. Apr. 5, 1898, Broken 
Bow, Custer County, Neb., to Elizabeth Sell ; res., Cumro, Neb. 

(i) JULIA JANE TREW", b. Aug. 3, 1899, Cumro. Neb. 

(ii) RAYMOND GEORGE TREW", b. Aug. 3. 1901, Cumro, Neb.; 

m. Anna Fortik, Apr. 11, 1923. 
(iii) RICHARD LORENZO TREW", b. Sept. 1, 1905; d. Oct. 30, 

1919, Cumro, Neb. 

(b) LEON BRYANT TREW", b. Dec. 13, 1877; m. Apr. 5, 1899 to 
Anna Brown; res., Ansley, Neb. 

(i) LEONARD WILMOT TREW", b. Jan. 28, 1900, Ansley, Neb. 


(ii) MARVIN ALLEN TREW", b. Mar. 25, 1902, Ansley, Neb. 
(iii) LYLE MICHEL TREW", b. Apr. 18, 1904, Ansley, Neb. 
(iv) ALICE ROSELLA TREW", b. Feb. 4, 1908, Ansley, Neb. 
(c) NELSON WILMOT TREW'", b. Jan. 4, 1879; m. Nov. 27, 1902 to 
Ida May Mason. 

(i) LULA BELL TREW", b. Sept. 24, 1903, Cumro, Neb. 
(ii) LELAND ANDREWS TREW", b. Sept. 9, 1905, Cumro, Neb. 
(iii) MARY ELLA TREW", b. Feb. 24, 1907, Cumro, Neb. 
(iv) LUCY INEZ TREW", b. June 16, 1909, Cumro, Neb. 
(v) GARLAND MASON TREW", b. Aug. 11, 1911, Cumro, Neb. 
(vi) CHESTER EARL TREW", b. June 13, 1913, Cumro, Neb. 

(e) INEZ JULIA TREW", b. June 7, 1883; m. Mar. 13, 1904 to 
Heasell M. Wheeler; res., Cumro, Neb. 

(i) WALTER HEASELL WHEELER", b. Jan. 15, 1905, Cumro, 

(ii) KEITH NELSON WHEELER", b. Aug. 15, 1908, Cumro, 

(iii) ORELL WHEELER", b. Nov. 6, 1910, Cumro, Neb. 
(iv) ILDIA MAE WHEELER", b. Apr. 9, 1913, Cumro, Neb. 
(v) NELLIE INEZ WHEELER", b. July 11, 1914, Cumro, Neb. 
(vi) HATTIE ETHEL WHEELER", b. Jan. 6, 1917, Cumro, Neb. 
(vii) ROY HARDING WHEELER", b. Mar. 18, 1921, Cumro, Neb. 
(10) ARTHUR THOMPSON TREW*, b. Aug. 6, 1851; m. Oct. 30, 1878 to 
Lydia T. Loveland; d. Nov. 29, 1912; he d. Dec. 17, 1910, Portland, Ore. 

(b) PHILIP STANLEY TREW", b. Aug. 9, 1881 ; m. Aug. 1, 1914 to 
Dora Kale; res., New Kensington, Pa. 

(i) VIRGINIA LOUISE TREW", b. July 30, 1915, Warren, Ohio. 

(ii) GORDON STANLEY TREW", b. Nov. 2, 1917, Warren, Ohio. 

(iii) DOUGLASS VINCENT TREW", b. Nov. 15, 1919, Pittsburgh, 

(iv) DOROTHY MAE TREW", b. Nov. 27, 1922, New Kensing- 
ton, Pa. 

(c) ARTHUR SHERMAN TREW", b. Feb. 28, 1884; m. Aug. 18, 1915 
to Grace LaBrie, dau. of Edward LaBrie; res., Detroit, Mich. 

(i) JACK EDWARD TREW", b. Apr. 7, 1923. 

(f) HELEN M. TREW", b. Nov. 23, 1888, West Farmington, Ohio; m. 
Nov. 28, 1921 to Harry Cromwell ; she d. Mar. 25, 1923 ; res., McCloud, 

2464. ii. PAMELA K., m. Jacob Galusha. 

(2) CORA M. GALUSHA*, m. Thomas Hancock. 

(3) EDWIN A. GALUSHA*, res., Naperville, III. 

(b) EDWIN F. GALUSHA", b. May 29, 1878; m. June 1, 1905 to 
Cassie Myrtle Whaley, Kewanee, 111. ; she was b. Oct. 16, 1881, dau. 
of Merriman and Mary Eleanor (Irwin) Whaley. 
(i) ELEANOR ELVIRA GALUSHA", b. Feb. 7, 1908. 
(ii) EDWIN WHALEY GALUSHA", b. Oct. 27, 1909; d. June 21, 

(iii) MYRTLE LOUISE GALUSHA", b. Aug. 8, 1913. 


(c) GEORGE EDGAR GALUSHA", b. Mar. 4, 1880; m. Phoenix, Ariz., 
Mar. 27, 1914 to Ruth Hamilton Hardy, b. New Zealand, June 21, 
1886, dau. of William Hudson and Geraldine (Roberts) Hardy. 

(d) FRANCES MAE GALUSHA", b. Sept. 2, 1882; m. Sept. 5, 1908 
to James Phillips Harvey, of Winooka, 111., son of James and Ella 
(Brewer) Harvey. 

(e) MAUDE SCOFFIELD GALUSHA", b. Aug. 25, 1884. 

(f) GERTRUDE GRACE GALUSHA", b. July 29, 1886. 


2465. iii. JANE ELIZA (page 251), d. Apr. 23, 1893; m. James Enos, b. 

Oct. 10, 1892. 

(1) JAMES EDWARD ENOS*, b. Aug., 1841; m. Ida Barter. 

(2) ELLEN MINERVA ENOS°, b. Mar., 1843; m. Victor Gardner. 
(a) ELLIOTT MAUN GARDNER", m. Maggie Nolis. 


(3) EMILY G. ENOS*, b. May, 1845; m. E. S. Hart. 

(a) CHARLES EALY HART'", m. Edith Woodson; he d. 1907. 

(b) BLANCH ADELIA HART", m. Mark Belmore; she d. May 1, 1907. 

(c) CLARENCE MION HART", m. Mary Montgomery. 



(4) HARRIET ADELAIDE ENOS», b. Aug., 1849; m. H. A. Whipple; 
res.. Grimes, Calif. 

(a) DOUGLASS WHIPPLE", m. Mable Maxpie. 

(ii) EGBERT WHIPPLE", b. 1903. 
(iii) AGNES BERNICE WHIPPLE", b. 1917. 

(b) LILLIAN JOSEPHINE WHIPPLE", m. Henry Honchins. 
(i) CLIFFORD HENRY HONCHINS", res., Grimes, Calif, 


(c) JENNIE ISORA WHIPPLE", m. Egbert. 

(d) STEPHEN WHIPPLE", m. 1st, Kirkpatrick; m. 2nd, Maud 


(ii) ", b. 1908. 

(e) MAE WHIPPLE", m. George Davis. 



(iii) GLADYS WINAFRED DAVIS", b. 1909. 

2466. iv. HARRIET ANGELINE FOOTE, b. Oct. 23, 1817, Northampton, 

N. Y.; m. Nov. 8, 1836 to John Randolph Baker, b. Feb. 23, 1812, 
May field, N. Y., son of Johnathan and Esther (Burr) Baker, who 
later resided at Northampton, N. Y. In 1837 the young couple accom- 





panied by Elisha Foote, Jr., and wife travelled by team to Illinois, 
arriving in Chicago, 111., then a small town of 4,000 inhabitants, Oct. 9, 
1837. They drove on and bought land in Kane County, 111., three miles 
west of Geneva, 111., which later became very valuable. They later 
lived in St. Charles and Aurora, 111., and he became one of the most 
prosperous citizens of Kane County. He was a contributor to North- 
western University, at Evanston, 111., receiving from that institution 
a perpetual scholarship which has been used on numerous occasions by 
his children and will soon be used by his great-grandchildren. He 
was a supporter of Jennings Seminary, in Aurora, 111., and a staunch 
supporter of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1873 he moved his 
family to Nebraska, where he located in Sherman County, near the 
present town of Ashton, Neb., where he d. Nov. 20, 1900; she d. Jan. 15, 
1898, Ashton, Neb. 

(1) HELEN ELIZA BAKER', b. 1840, Kane County, 111.; d. 1841. 

(2) JOHN EMORY BAKER', b. Kane County, 111. ; d. in infancy. 

(3) SAMUEL ALLEN BAKER', b. 1841, Kane County, 111.; d. 1857. 

(4) MARY AUGUSTA BAKER', b. Aug. 2, 1845, Footeville, near Geneva, 
Kane County, 111. ; m. Sept. 30, 1869, Geneva, 111., to Sydney C. Hollister, 
b. 1845, Woodford, Vt., of old Colonial ancestry and of the same family as 
President Taft. They moved with their family to Litchfield, Neb., in 
1879, and to Portland, Ore., in 1906, where she d. Sept. 15, 1924, and 
where the family now reside. 

(a) SARAH FRANCES PARK HOLLISTER*", b. Nov. 11, 1870, 
Geneva, 111. ; moved in 1879 with her parents to Litchfield, Neb., where 
they homesteaded on the frontier. Moved to Portland, Ore., in 1906, 
and m. Harley Watson, of Litchfield, Neb., Dec, 1890; he was b. 
Aug. 8, 1864, in Michigan, son of Don Watson, of Syracuse, N. Y., 
and Mary Stone, of Holland. 

(i) DELOS HARLAND WATSON", b. June 5, 1892, Litchfield, 
Neb; m. Mary Theresa Lehman, b. Oct. 16, 1897, Joliet, 111., 
dau. of George Lehman and Christine (Klein) Lehman. He 
attended Benson Polytechnic School, at Portland, Ore. Fought 
in the Mexican War, 1916, and in the World War in 1917. 
Was a member of the "Old Three Oregon" at the beginning of 
the World War, which regiment was later named the "162nd 
Regiment" and was the first regiment to fill its quota after war 
was declared. Mustered into the Federal service at Clackimas, 
Ore. Stationed at Vancouver Barracks, Wash. ; at Palo Alto, 
Calif.; Camp Green, N. C, and Camp Mills, N. Y. Sailed from 
Camp Mills for France, landing at St. Nazaire, Jan. 1, 1918. 
Was in France fourteen months, stationed at North Loir-et-Cher 
in the billeting service and at Contres drilling men for the front, 
and with the 411th Telephone Battalion at St. Nazaire. Recom- 
mended for promotion when the Armistice was signed. Dis- 
charged at Camp Lewis, Mich., Mar., 1919. Owner of cleaning 
business at Portland, Ore., established in 1922. 
(A) JACK WATSON", b. Jan. 25, 1918, Portland, Ore. 


(B) JEANETTE KATHLEEN WATSON", b. Oct. 8, 1921, Port- 
land, Ore. 

(ii) RUTH SYDNEY WATSON", b. Jan. 1, 1894, Litchfield, Neb.; 
attended Washington High School, Portland, Ore.; graduate of 
Behnke Walker Business College; m. 1925 to Arthur Brown, 
of Portland, Ore. 

(iii) HAROLD S. WATSON", b. Aug. 19, 1897, Litchfield, Neb.; 
attended school until 1915 when he enlisted in the U. S. Navy. 
Trained at Mares Island Navy Yard. Served on the noted 
cruiser "San Diego." Fought in the Mexican War and the 
World War. Was stationed at Mazatland three months and at 
Nicaragua four months. During the World War made twelve trips 
across the ocean in the Convoy Service and was allowed to land 
only three times. In 1918 was stationed at Bremerton Navy 
Yard as storekeeper. Discharged in 1918. Res., Portland, Ore. 

(b) JOHN RANDOLPH HOLLISTER", b. Aug. 24, 1874, Geneva, 111.; 
attended Nebraska University; m. Jan. 31, 1908 to Katherine Fair- 
child Brereton, b. Aug. 3, 1880, Norfolk, England, dau. of Robert 
Maitland Neretori, C.E., who built the first railway in India. She was 
b. 1834, Norfolk, England. 

(i) MARY HOLLISTER", b. Sept. 21, 1909; d. Oct. 20, 1909. 
(ii) DOROTHY HOLLISTER", b. Dec. 3, 1910. 
(iv) HELEN FAIRCHILD HOLLISTER", b. July 4, 1913. 
(v) ROBERT SIDNEY HOLLISTER", b. Oct. 13, 1915. 

(c) MARY ETTIE HOLLISTER", b. Apr. 28, 1885, Litchfield, Neb.; 
m. Mar., 1919, Portland, Ore., to Carl Harris, b. Michigan, 1876; res., 
Portland, Ore., and in 1932 at Seattle, Wash. 

(5) ESTHER BURR BAKER", b. Nov. 4, 1847, St. Charles, 111.; m. Oct. 17, 
1867, Aurora, 111., to Eugene A. Brownell, b. May 20, 1841, near Janes- 
ville, Wis., son of Humphrey Brownell and Renew (Willard) Brownell, 
of Natural Bridge, N. Y. He served nearly four years in Civil War as 
private in Co. H, 13th Illinois Volunteers. Was in fourteen battles, in- 
cluding Lookout Mountain and Mission Ridge, was with Grant at Vicks- 
burg and with Sherman in his "March to the Sea," as far as Ringgold Gap, 
Ga. Discharged in 1864, returned to St. Charles 111., where he bought 
out the Butler Paper Mills, the first west of the Alleghanies, which he 
with his partner conducted for nearly thirty years under the firm name of 
Brownell and Miller. He was a member of the city council and a member 
and president of the school board for many years. Moved to Seattle, 
Wash., in 1917, where he d. Jan. 18, 1919. 

(a) LULU MAY BROWNELL'*, b. June 29, 1869, St. Charles, 111.; 
vice-president Sterling Wholesale Grocery Co. Attended North- 
western University, both College of Liberal Arts and Music School ; 
member and past regent of the D. A. R. ; m. Dec. 27, 1888, St. Charles, 
111., to George Wheeler Wilcox, b. July 11, 1868, St. Charles, 111., 
son of Samuel Ledyard Wilcox and Lucinda (Wheeler) Wilcox. In 
1889 went to Flandreau, S. D., where they lived until 1900 when the 
family moved to Sterling, 111. He was the founder and president until 
his death of the Sterling Wholesale Grocery Co. He d. June 21, 1916. 


He was a Mason, Knight Templar, Shriner and an Odd Fellow ; res., 

Sterling, 111. 

(i) ETTA LUCINDA WILCOX", b. Sept. 12, 1889, Flandreau. 
S. D. ; attended Sterling High School and Stetson University, at 
De Land, Fla. ; she d. Mar. 21, 1915, Sterling, 111. 

(ii) LYLE BROWNELL WILCOX", b. Aug. 30, 1890, Flandreau, 
S. D.; m. June 29, 1921, Sterling, 111., to Mae Elizabeth Grandon, 
b. Oct. 22, 1891, Adrian, Mich., dau. of W. Grandon and Eliza- 
beth (Dakin) Grandon; she received A.B. degree from Michi- 
gan University in 1913 and is a Pi Phi. He attended North- 
western University, received A.B. degree from Wisconsin 
University, 1917. Enlisted June 14, 1918, sent to Northwestern 
University for special training and to be sent to France in Sept. 
Because of lost orders, the company arrived instead at Camp 
Grant, 111., where they remained until after the armistice was 
signed. He has been recommended and was then awaiting call 
for officer's training. Discharged as corporal, Feb. 14, 1919. 
Became a member of firm conducting a wholesale fruit and 
produce business with houses at Sterling, Dixon and Freeport. 
111. Was secretary and manager of the Sterling house (Twin 
City Product Co.). In 1927 he resigned as manager but remained 
as secretary and also a director in the firm. He is also a director 
in the Sterling Wholesale Grocery Co. In Jan., 1927, he took 
up life insurance as an agent for the New York Life Ins. Co. 
He is a 32nd degree Mason, Shriner and Knight Templar, and Elk 
(past exalted ruler), Rotarian, and Beta Theta Pi; also com- 
mander of the American Legion at Sterling, 111.; res., Sterling, 
(A) LYLA MAE WILCOX", b. June 4, 1922, Sterling, III.; d. 
June 5, 1922, Sterling, 111. 

(iii) GRACE ELLA WILCOX", b. Jan. 7, 1892, Flandreau, S. D. ; d. 
July 2, 1895, Flandreau, S. D. 

(iv) HARRIET WILCOX", b. Mar. 27, 1894; d. July 2, 1895. 
Flandreau, S. D. 

(b) HARRIET ANGELINE BROWNELL'", b. Jan. 23, 1870, St Charles. 
111. ; attended Northwestern University ; taught many years in St. 
Charles, 111. ; had done work at Washington University and corre- 
spondence work in Chicago University ; is a graduate from a Seattle 
business college. 

(c) MARY FRANCES BROWNELL'", b. Aug. 2, 1875, St. Charles, III. ; 
m. June 28, 1915 to Dr. Lewis Lake Phelps, of Los Angeles, Calif., 
b. 1876, Edgar, Neb., son of James A. Phelps. She has a B.S. degree 
from Northwestern University in 1898; graduate work in Washington 
State University and California State University; taught in Pendleton, 
Ore., Tacoma, Wash., High School, and in Manual Arts School, Los 
Angeles, Calif., and in Mill Valley, Calif. ; res.. Mill Valley, Calif. 

(i) HARRIET BROWNELL PHELPS", b. Dec. 14, 1916, San 
Rafael, Calif. 


(d) EUGENE WILLARD BROWNELL", b. Mar. 25, 1879, St. Charles, 
111.; m. May 4, 1905 to Elizabeth Bronson, b. Mar. 26, 1882. dau. of 
Dr. Solon G. Bronson, of Northwestern University. She is a graduate 
of Northwestern University with a degree of B.S. Is a Kappa Kappa 
Gamma. He attended Northwestern University. In 1903 he gave up 
a position in First National Bank, Chicago, 111., to take up work in the 
National Bank of Commerce, Seattle, Wash., where he advanced to 
the office of vice-president, which office he resigned in 1928 to become 
vice-president of the First National Bank of Seattle, Wash. He is 
now vice-president and cashier of Pacific National Bank of Seattle, 
Wash. He is also a 32nd degree Mason and Shriner, a Beta Theta 
Pi and a member of the Sons of the American Revolution ; res., Seattle, 

(i) RUTH BROWNELL", b. Apr. 9, 1906, Seattle, Wash.; grad- 
uate of Washington State University, 1928, and taught in Yakima, 
Wash., High School, 1929; is a Kappa Kappa Gamma; m. 1929 
to George Porter Lombard, Stanford University and member of 
Phi Gamma Delta ; res., Yakima, Wash. 

(A) PORTER BRONSON LOMBARD", b. Feb. 6, 1931. 

(B) BENJAMIN WILSON LOMBARD", b. July 26, 1932. 

(ii) EUGENE BRONSON BROWNELL", b. July 25, 1908, Seattle, 
Wash. ; State University, in 1929 ; a Phi Gamma Delta. 

(iii) HELEN ELIZABETH BROWNELL", b. May 15, 1915, Seattle, 

(e) BAKER BROWNELL", b. Dec. 12, 1887, St. Charles, 111.; m. Aug., 
1915, Denver, Colo., to Helena Van Arsdale Maxwell, dau. of Dr. 
S. S. Maxwell and Myra (Clifford) Maxwell. She was b. in Iowa 
City, la., Nov. 22, 1896; student at various universities with a degree 
from Idaho University and has done graduate work at University of 
Chicago; student of musical composition and piano in Paris, 1925- 
1929. He is a graduate of St. Charles High School ; student at Wash- 
ington University at Seattle and of Northwestern University ; A.B. 
Harvard in 1910; fellow in philosophy, 1912-13; student Tunigen Uni- 
versity, 1912-13 ; Cambridge University in 1913 ; returned from Europe 
in August, 1913. For a time was on the staff of the Chicago Tribune, 
later editor of educational journal. Teaching, published by the State 
of Kansas, at Emporia. Writer and educator. Served as sergeant 
on the Mexican border; enlisted man, second lieutenant, U. S. A., and 
ensign. May, 1917 to August, 1919. Editorial writer Chicago Daily 
News, 1920-21 ; lecturer, associate professor and professor journalism 
of Northwestern University, 1920-25 ; professor of contemporary 
thought at Northwestern University since 1925 ; head of department 
since 1927. Editorial writer Chicago Tribune, 1924-25 and again 
1928-29. Clubs : University, Lake Shore Athletics. Chicago. Author : 
"The New Universe," 1926; "Man and His World," Series, 12 Volumes, 

(f) WILLARD FOOTE BROWNELL'", b. St. Charles, 111., Sept. 5, 
1894; d. at San Rafael, Calif., Feb. 7, 1917; graduate from St. Charles 


High School, 1912, and received A.B. degree in 1916 from Oberlin 
College ; he was also an accomplished pianist and vocalist. 
(6) CHARLES JASON BAKER*, b. Aug. 6, 1850, Kane County, 111.; m. 
1878 to Luella Cassingham, of St. Paul, Howard County, Neb. ; she was 
b. Nov. 19, 1856, near La Harpe, 111. His early boyhood was spent in 
Aurora and St. Charles, 111., where he attended school and was engaged 
on his father's farm until the age of 23 years when the family moved to 
Nebraska, where they took up a homestead near Ashton in Sherman 
County ; he d. July 18, 1913. 

(a) WILLIAM GUY BAKER", b. Nov. 3, 1878, near Ashton, Sherman 
County, Neb. His early boyhood was spent near Ashton, Neb., ; on 
July 30, 1902, he m. Minnie Eva Hapnian, dau. of Geo. E. Hapman, of 
Loup City, Neb. Moving to Dannevirke, both were engaged as teach- 
ers, and he held the office of county superintendent of public instruc- 
tion in Howard County. He is professor of normal training in the St. 
Paul Normal and Business College, of St. Paul Neb. 

(i) WILLIAM EMERSON BAKER", b. June 1, 1903, Dannebrog, 

(ii) CARROLL WARREN BAKER", b. Nov. 24, 1904, Danne- 
brog, Neb. 

(iii) BERNICE HILDA BAKER", b. Sept. 12, 1908, Dannebrog, 

(iv) LUELLA MINNIE BAKER", b. Sept. 11, 1913, Elba, Neb. 

(b) WINFIELD LAWRENCE BAKER'*, b. May 22, 1880, near Ashton 
in Sherman County, Neb. ; m. Mabel Miller, Dec. 25, 1905, Elkton, 
Colo. ; she d. May 5, 1921, Oak Creek, Colo. ; he m. 2nd to Addie 
Barnett Adkins, Steamboat Springs, Colo. ; res., Yampa, Colo. ; she is 
engaged in truck farming. 

(c) VIOLA MAY BAKER"", b. May 17, 1882, Ashton, Sherman County, 
Neb.; she m. J. William McLeod, June 12, 1911, Boulder, Colo., and 
res. at Thistle, Utah. 

(d) CHARLES JASON BAKER", b. Mar. 5, 1884, Ashton, Neb.; d. 
Nov. 20, 1902, Kanopolis, Kan. 

(e) JANIE E. BAKER", b. Ashton, Neb., Sept. 22, 1886 ; m. Elkton, Colo., 
Dec. 25, 1907 to Benjamin F. Coleman ; res., Rifle, Colo. 

(i) LUELLA DELMA COLEMAN", b. Apr. 17, 1909, College View, 

(ii) EVERETT FRANK COLEMAN", b. Feb. 17, 1911, Boulder, 

(iii) CLOYD CARROLL COLEMAN", b. Dec. 9, 1917, Rifle, Colo. 

(f) HARRIET ANGELINE BAKER", b. Oct. 14, 1888, Ashton, Neb.; 
d. Oct. 14, 1904, Kanopolis, Kan. 

(g) MYRTLE WILLIAMS BAKER", b. July 11, 1892, Ashton, Neb.; 
m. Joe Slater, Cheyenne, Wyo., Apr. 12, 1912; res., Alamosa, Colo. 

(h) ALICE BAKER", b. Apr. 26, 1895, Ashton, Neb.; m. Delwin E. 
Griffin, Oct., 1913, Victor, Colo. ; res., Modesto, Calif, 
(i) CHARLES WAYNE GRIFFIN", b. Oct. 9, 1914. 
(ii) DELWIN DAYLE GRIFFIN", b. Jan. 17, 1917. 
(iii) THELMA JUANITA GRIFFIN", b. July 17, 1921. 


(i) BESSIE PEARL BAKER", b. Nov. 25, 1897, Loup City, Neb.; m. 
Lester Walter Van Druff, Aug. 11, 1916, Colorado Springs, Colo. ; 
they res. on a farm near Wagoner, Okla. 
(i) GLEN ARTHUR VAN DRUFF", b. May 14, 1917; d. Dec. 19, 

1918, Wagoner, Okla. 
(ii) ROBERT HUGH VAN DRUFF", b. Nov. 30, 1919, Wagoner, 

(iii) JOHN BAKER VAN DRUFF", b. Apr. 6, 1923, Wagoner, 
(j) JOHN RANDOLPH BAKER", b. Mar. 5, 1900, Warrensburg, Mo.; 
he graduated from the Oak Creek High School at Oak Creek, Colo. 

(7) HARRIET ANGELINE BAKER', b. Sept. 30, 1852, Geneva, 111.; m. 
May 1, 1873 to Jacob Y. Lehman, of Sterling, 111.; he d in 1910 after 
practicing veterinary in Sterling for more than forty years. A short time 
later Mrs. Lehman moved to Seattle, Wash., where she lived with a dau. 
until her death Feb. 19, 1928. 

(a) CHARLES ERNEST LEHMAN", b. Aug. 6, 1874, Sterling, 111.; d. 
within a year. 

(b) CARL CLIFFORD LEHMAN", b. July 17, 1876, Sterling, 111. Moved 
to Chicago, 111., in 1896 where he res. until 1921 when he moved to 
Wheaton, 111., where he now resides. Employed by the First National 
Bank of Chicago from Feb., 1897, to date; m. May 20, 1902 to Lena 
Marie Davis, of Chicago, 111., dau. of Stanley W. and Mary (Hum- 
phrey) Davis; graduate of Northwestern University, class of 1898. 
Mr. Davis served with the 18th Michigan Infantry in the Civil War, 
being mustered out with the rank of first lieutenant. 

(i) CLARENCE LEROY LEHMAN", b. Mar. 30, 1903, Chicago, 
111. ; d. Apr. 3, 1903. 

(ii) MARY HUMPHREY LEHMAN", b. July 22, 1905, Chicago, 
111.; graduate of Wheaton High School, class 1922, and student 
in Wheaton College, 1922-24; graduate of Recreation Training 
School of Chicago ; engaged in recreational therapy in Univer- 
sity Hospital, Ann Arbor, Mich., in 1928-29. 

(iii) CARL CLIFFORD LEHMAN", b. Nov. 23, 1906, Chicago, 111.; 
res., Seattle Wash., where he is employed by Puget Sound Power 
and Light Co. 

(iv) ROBERT DAVIS LEHMAN", b. Mar. 20, 1908, Chicago, 111.; 
res., Seattle, Wash., where he is employed by the Puget Sound 
Power and Light Co. 

(c) OLIVE LILLIAN LEHMAN", b. Feb. 19, 1878, Sterling, 111.; m. 
May, 1910 to Herbert J. Carolus, son of J. K. Carolus, of Sterling, 
111. ; now res. at Seattle, Wash. 

(d) HARRIET ANGELINE LEHMAN", b. Feb. 22, 1885, Sterling, 111.; 
moved to Seattle, Wash., in 1911; m. 1914 to Charles E. Gregg, of 
Seattle, Wash., son of John Gregg, a veteran of the Civil War, and 
Anna Gregg. 

(8) PAMELIA FOOTE BAKER", b. June 10, 1855, Kane County, 111.; at- 
tended school at St. Charles, Geneva, and Aurora, 111. May 20, 1873, she 
went to Nebraska with her parents by wagon and settled in Sherman 


County. Taught school in Howard County, Neb. ; later taught in father's 
home in Sherman County ; took course in Chautauqua Library and Scien- 
tific Circles, 1881-85; m. Ashton, Neb., Dec. 14, 1876 to Richard Pearson, 
b. Dec. 6, 1843; son of Samuel and Esther (Ashbridge) Pearson, of Cald- 
beck, Cumberland County, England. A shepherd boy, then he learned the 
miller's trade, after attending school he became a home missionary. Came 
to America in 1871. Was a circuit rider in Nebraska, 1871-75, then a 
regular pastor. Took a course in Chautauqua School of Theology, Boston, 
Mass., 1882. Served forty-five years as active minister in Nebraska, in- 
cluding six years as presiding elder. Now retired and living in Fargo, 
N. D. She d. Nov. 11, 1920, Fargo, N. D. 

(a) SAMUEL ALVIN PEARSON", b. Feb. 13, 1878, Central City, Neb. ; 
d. Aug. 6, 1878. 

(b) CLARIBEL PEARSON", b. Mar. 22, 1879, Central City, Neb.; d. 
Mar. 29, 1882, Fairbury, Neb. 

(c) HARRIET ANGELINE PEARSON", b. Jan. 24, 1883, Fairbury, 
Neb. ; now assistant professor of library methods at North Dakota 
Agricultural School, Fargo, N. D. ; degree of A.B. from Wesleyan 
University, 1907; assistant principal, Tecumseh, Neb., High School, 
1907-11; attended University of Illinois Library School, 1912-13; 
branch librarian of City of Lincoln, Neb. ; graduate work, University 
of California, summer 1920; member of the D. A. R. 

(d) EDITH EARL PEARSON", b. Aug. 13, 1886, Nebraska City, Neb. ; 
d. Mar., 1887, Nebraska City, Neb. 

(e) JOHN EARLE PEARSON", b. Aug. 13, 1886, Nebraska City, Neb.; 
educational director Associated Advertising Clubs of the World; at- 
tended Hastings College, 1907-08; Nebraska Wesleyan University, 
1908-10; reporter on Omaha World Herald, summer of 1908; advance 
man Redpath Chautauqua, summer 1909-10; attended Missouri School 
of Journalism, 1910-11 ; advertising manager of Redpath Chautauqua, 
summers 1911-14; advertising manager of White Meyers Chautauquas, 
1915; consulting superintendent, Community Chautauqua, New York, 
N. Y. ; ex-secretary. Advertising Club of New York, 1917-18; director 
of Public Centenary Conservation Committee, Methodist Episcopal 
Church, 1919; director of Advertising Clubs of the World since 1922; 
m. Oct. 23, 1912 to Nita Clare Beck, b. Aug. 25, 1888, Blue Springs, Neb., 
dau. of Wm. Henry and Mille Caroline (Tobyne) Beck; graduate 
of Wesleyan University, 1909. 

(i) RICHARD PEARSON", b. Feb. 12, 1922. 
(9) JOHN RANDOLPH BAKER', b. 1857, Kane County, 111.; d. 1878. 

(10) JAMES WATSON BAKER^ b. 1860, Kane County, 111.; moved with 
parents to Litchfield, Neb., in 1873; m. Isabel Glover, b. 1862; res., 
Borwell, Neb., and later at Newburg, Ore., where he practiced law ; 
now res. at Santa Cruz, Calif. 

(11) WALTER BENJAMIN BAKER" b. June 2, 1863, Kane County, 111.; 
m. 1895 to Sophia Nowak, b. 1870; res. for a time at Ashton, Neb., 
since 1906 has conducted a fruit ranch near Newburg, Ore. ; both have 
taught school near home at different times for many years. 


(a) EDWIN RAY BAKERS", b. Apr. 7, 1896, Newburg, Ore.; m. and 
res. in Portland, Ore. 

(b) MILDRED ANGELINE BAKER", b. Feb. 9, 1898; attended college 
and now teaching. 

(c) EVELYN LUCILLE BAKER'", b. Aug. 8, 1901 ; attended college 
and now teaching. 

(d) LLOYD BENJAMIN BAKER", b. Nov. 20, 1909. 

(12) WILLIAM AARON BAKER', b. May 31, 1866, St. Charles, 111.; m. 
Oct. 6, 1898 to Etta V. Glover, Ord, Neb.; she was b. Dec. 1, 1869; they 
moved to a farm near Newburg, Ore., in 1906, where she d. Mar. 24, 1925. 

(a) LESTER RANDOLPH BAKER", b. Oct. 31, 1899, Ashton, Neb. 

(b) LAWRENCE WAYNE BAKER", b. Aug. 9, 1901, Ashton, Neb. 

(c) LYLE EVERETT BAKER", b. Mar. 13, 1904, Ashton, Neb. 

(d) RUTH LEOLA BAKER", b. May 13, 1906, St. Paul, Neb. 

(e) VERNON GLOVER BAKER", b. Feb. 9, 1910, Newburg, Ore. 

(f) JAMES EDWARD BAKER", b. Feb. 15, 1911, Newburg, Ore. 

2469. ELISHA, b. Feb. 26, 1826; m. Lucy Richards Prindle, 3947". 

1190. HENRY FOOTE, m. Ann Huffcut. 

2477. V. REBECCA MILLER, m. John Houseman. 

(1) ANNA E. HOUSEMAN', res., Gloversville, N. Y. 

(2) ELINOR J. HOUSEMAN', m. Rosselle; res., Gloversville, N. Y. 

2481. WILLIAM CHESTER, d. and bur. at Emerald Grove., Wis., Oct. 20, 

2482. i. LUCY ALMINA, b. Apr. 19, 1830; m. Oct. 19, 1918 to Thomas C. 

Meadville, d. Aug. 27, 1907; both bur. in Camp Creek Cemetery, 10 
miles southeast of Nebraska City, Neb. 

(3) JULIA E. MEADVILLE STEPHENS', d. Nov. 25, 1923, at home on 
the farm in Denton, Neb. ; bur. Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln, Neb. 

(a) HAROLD M. STEPHENS", m. June 30, 1920 to Bess Eleanor 
Rogers, b. Mar. 16, 1890, dau. of Thomas Rogers and Anna Elizabeth 
(Ruse) Rogers; World War, second lieutenant in France; res., 
Deronda, Wis. (farmer). 

(i) ELIZABETH ANN STEPHENS", b. Mar. 12, 1922. 
(ii) HELEN KATHERINE STEPHENS", b. Mar. 14, 1926. 

(b) ORVILLE STEPHENS", b. Sept. 16, 1892 ; second lieutenant. Avia- 
tion ; was in New York ready to go across when the Armistice was 
signed. After the war he did work for the United States in aviation. 
He had a two months' leave of absence from the army when he met 
his death in a plane crash at Clovis, N. M., Aug. 12, 1928. 

(c) RALPH E. STEPHENS", m. Nov. 12, 1919 to Anna Marie Stein- 
hausen, b. Feb. 11, 1897, dau. of Felix and Anna (Grim) Stein- 
hausen ; farmer ; res., Lancaster County, near Lincoln, Neb. 

(4)(b) MARK C. FULLRIEDE", b. Oct. 22, 1900; m. Zora Hursh, June 30, 
1925, dau. of J. H. and Dana (Wilcox) Hursh. 
(i) PATRICIA ANN FULLRIEDE", b. Sept. 16, 1927. 
(6) JENNIE F. MEADVILLE", res., Nebraska City, R. D. No. 3, Neb.; 
gave this copy. 



















(7) FRANK B. MEADVILLE', m. Dec. 24, 1921 to Edna Rodaway, dau. of 
William and Harriet Antoinette (Damn) Rodaway; farmer; res., 
Nebraska City, R. D. No. 3, Neb. 

2496. ARTHUR WELLINGTON FOOTE. Mrs. Foote d. at Englewood, N. J., 
Nov. 14, 1910. 

JOHN STILLES FOOTE, m. Margaret Todd; res.. West Newton, Pa. 
JAMES HARVEY, m. Feb. 23, 1876 to Amelia Wells. 

ROBERT TODD, m. Cathrine , 4015'. 

DR. HERSCHEL, 4015*"'. 

1214. LUTHER LYMAN FOOTE (405, 119, 37, 19, 3, 1), b. Sept. 18, 1804; m. 
Nov. 29, 1837 to Tobitha Ann Padget, b. Oct. 3, 1820; d. June 5, 1865; lawyer at 
Corydon, Ind., then capital of Indiana; he d. there Dec. 18, 1877. 
2517'. i. WILLIAM, b. Dec. 24, 1838; m. ; sailed down the Ohio River; 

had children at New Orleans, 1877. 
2517'. ii. JOHN PLEMA, b. Feb. 7, 1841; m. 1st, Martha Creclious; m. 2nd, 

Sarah B. Queensbury; m. 3rd, Mandy Troutman; m. 4th, Rachel 

Solsman ; m. 5th, Marie S. Benham; m. 6th, Rachel Martin, 4024''*. 
2517'. iii. MARY A., b. 1844; d. in infancy. 
2517*. iv. CALVIN STILES, b. Jan. 29, 1846; m. Addie Darnell and Elizabeth 

J. Mahony, 4024"""; res.. Bushy, Ky. 
2517'. V. ELIZABETH, b. Jan. 28, 1848; d. young. 
2517°. vi. MARY ELLEN, b. Nov. 19, 1849; m. 1871 to Joseph F. Walk, b. 

Apr. 6, 1849. 

(1) WILBUR LEE WALK^ b. Nov. 6, 1871; m. Malinda W. Rawlings, dau. 
of Edward and Lucinda Rawlings ; he d. Sept. 18, 1922, Depauw, Ind. 

(a) MINNIE WALK'", b. Jan. 11, 1898; m. Dec. 6, 1916 to Casper Good- 
man ; res., Harrison County, Ind. 

(i) NOBLE GOODMAN", b. Mar. 24, 1918. 
(ii) KENNETH GOODMAN", b. May 6, 1919. 
(iii) MAY H. GOODMAN", b. Jan. 2, 1921. 
(iv) MILDRED H. GOODMAN", b. Nov. 20, 1922. 

(b) SEYMOUR WALK", b. Mar. 6, 1900; m. Mar. 6, 1925 to Mable 
Arnold, dau. of Perry and Alice Arnold. 

(2) JULIA A. WALK*, b. Aug. 8, 1873; m. June 2, 1901 to Charles D. 
Stevens ; res., Salisbury, Ind. 

(a) MARY V. STEVENS'", b. June 20, 1902; m. Aug., 1919 to William 
Johnson ; res., Louisville, Ky. 

(i) ANNA BELL JOHNSON", b. Oct. 8, 1919. 
(H) MARY LEE JOHNSON", b. Oct. 8, 1925. 

(b) CHARLES J. STEVENS'", b. July 20, 1904; d. Aug. 11, 1923, Cory- 
don, Ind. 

(c) CHARLES STEVENS'", b. Jan. 17, 1912, New Salisbury, Ind. 


(3) STELLA F. WALK", b. Nov. 1, 1875; m. 1895 to Bird Sappenfield, son 
of James and Penuna Sappenfield, at Byrneyville, Ind. ; res., Independence, 

(a) ELDO RADO SAPPENFIELD", b. June 11, 1898; m. June 1, 1925 
to Cledia Mugler, dau. of Charles Mugler ; res., Independence, Mo. 

(i) DORIS WANDA SAPPENFIELD", b. Oct. 19, 1926. 

(b) VERN COY SAPPENFIELD", b. July 24, 1912. 

(4) GEORGE W. WALK', b. Aug. 6, 1878; m. Oct., 1905 to Hattie Batman, 
dau. of Jerry and Sonie Batman ; res., Marengo, Ind., Route No. 1. 

(a) CASPER P. WALK", b. Apr. 6, 1906; d. young. 

(b) KNOEFEL WALK", b. Apr. 6, 1907; m. Lettie Rollins, 
(i) ALPHA F. WALK", b. May 24, 1924. 

(c) OVID WALK", b. July 5, 1912; d. 1918. 

(d) JESSIE WALK", b. Apr., 1918. 

(e) JEAN A. WALK", b. Dec. 2, 1924. 

(5) DELLA M. WALK°, b. Feb. 23, 1882; m. Arthur Totten, son of Joe O. 
Sibbel Totton, Milltown, Ind., at Milltown, Ind. 

(a) BIRDIE M. TOTTEN", b. Aug. 9, 1904; m. Jan., 1920 to Claud 

(i) ROBERT H. MERRYMAN", b. June 27, 1921. 
(ii) MARY M. MERRYMAN", b. Aug. 3, 1923. 

(b) HELLEN G. TOTTEN", b. Nov. 12, 1906; m. Dec. 6, 1924 to 
William Jones. 

(i) WILLIAM DONALD JONES", b. Jan. 16, 1926. 

(c) BURNELL A. TOTTEN", b. Mar. 14, 1910. 

(d) JOSEPH M. TOTTEN", b. Dec. 4, 1916. 

(e) PAUL A. TOTTEN", b. Mar. 10, 1919. 

(6) LAURA M. WALK', b. Mar. 3, 1886; m. Blind; res., Depauw, 


(7) JAMES F. WALK', b. Mar. 3, 1886; m. 1st, Nov., 1906 to Anna 
Babcock, dau. of William and Charity Babcock ; m. 2nd, July 4, 1924 to 
Anna Mahony, Detroit, Mich. ; res., Depauw, Ind. 

(a) NEANA E. WALK", b. June 14, 1907. 

(b) VIRGINIA MAY WALK", b. Jan. 20, 1926. 

(8) ZOE E. WALK', b. Sept. 2, 1889; m. 1st, July, 1908 to John Moyer; m. 
2nd, Aug., 1918 to Thomas Denney ; res., Louisville, Ky. 

2517'. vi. LYDIA ANN, b. Nov. 2, 1852; m. Sept. 28, 1869 to William Grant 
Wyman, b. May 6, 1848, son of John Toller and Melie Wyman; farmer; 
res., West Barden, P. O., French Lick, Ind., No. 3 ; he d. Mar. 28, 
1927; she d. Apr. 6, 1929. 

(1) EDMOND PEINE WYMAN', b. Feb. 10, 1875; d. Aug. 30, 1891. 

(2) LAURA lONE WYMAN', b. July 3, 1878; m. May 6, 1896 to William 
Breedlove ; res., French Lick, Ind. 

(a) ETHEL BREEDLOVE",, b. Apr. 17, 1897. 

(b) OMER BREEDLOVE", b. Sept. 29, 1899 ; d. Mar. 13, 1920. 

(c) RAYMOND BREEDLOVE", b. July 1, 1902. 

(d) ROY BREEDLOVE", b. Apr. 17, 1905. 

(e) VERNON BREEDLOVE", b. Mar. 2, 1908. 

(f) IRA BREEDLOVE", b. Jan. 8, 1910. 


(g) RALPH BREEDLOVE", b. Nov. 10, 1913. 
(h) HOWARD BREEDLOVE^ b. Jan. 20, 1918. 
(i) ORVILLE BREEDLOVE'", b. May 9, 1920. 

(3) JAMES ARTHUR WYMAN", b. Nov. 13, 1881; m. Netha Burch; he 
d. Aug. 25, 1925, in California. 

(a) NEVA WYMAN", b. Oct. 24, 1909. 


(c) ULA WYMAN". 


(4) WILLIAM ELBERT WYMAN^ b. Nov. 17, 1884; m. Aug. 18, 1927 to 
Alpha Tuell. 

(5) ELMER MILES WYMAN', b. Mar. 16, 1888; m. Nov. 1, 1917 to Emoline 
Sherman, b. Apr. 21, 1887; res., French Lick, Ind. ; dau. of Herbert and 
Caroline Lewis. 

(a) JAMES FREDERICK WYMAN", b. June 16, 1918. 

(b) HERBERT GARRETT WYMAN", b. Apr. 16, 1920. 

(c) CLARENCE ELMER WYMAN"", b. Dec. 8, 1921. 

(d) WANETA IDELL WYMAN'", b. Feb. 7, 1924. 

(e) HAROLD WYMAN'", b. Apr. 5, 1926. 

(f) MABEL WYMAN", b. Jan. 9, 1928. 

(g) CARL A. WYMAN", b. Mar. 5, 1930. 

(6) CASPER HARRISON WYMAN^ b. July 5, 1891 ; unm. 

(7) CLARENCE EDWARD WYMAN*, b. July 31, 1894; d. Jan. 16, 1913. 

2517*. vii. JAMES COLLINS, b. Feb. 5, 1856; m. Nov. 2, 1858 to . 

2517*. ix. ELISHA, b. Dec. 19, 1858; left about 1908 for Colorado; supposed 

to have been killed in Cheney Mills explosion. 
2517'". X. LAURA, b. Apr. 26, 1862; m. Milltown, Ind., Apr. 21, 1882 to Charles 
Volney Mosier, b. Dec. 26, 1857, Brynville, Ind. 

(1) CLEATIE M. MOSIER', b. July 5, 1884; m. June, to Frank C. 

Baker, b. Jan. 25, 1880 ; merchant, Bradford, Ind. 

(a) FRANK BURNELL BAKERS", b. July 7, 1907. 

(b) ORVILLE LEWIS BAKERS", b. July 26, 1910. 

(c) GERALD JOSEPH BAKER", b. Oct. 23, 1915. 

(2) ORVILLE DEVILLE MOSIER°, b. Jan. 3, 1887; m. Ethel Hayle, b. 
Apr. 12, 1893, Litchfield, Kan. 

(3) ETHEL BEATRICE MOSIER", b. Dec. 26, 1888; m. Mar. 22, 1910 to 
John Charles Schwab, son of Frank and Elizabeth Schwab, b. Aug. 24, 
1885, Collinsville, 111. 

(a) THELMA MARIE SCHWAB", b. July 14, 1916, Independence, Mo. 

(b) DOROTHY LEE SCHWAB", b. Feb. 1, 1923. 

(4) NELLIE GUSTAVIA MOSIER", b. June 10, 1891; res.. Independence, 

(5) KNOEFEL RAY MOSIER", b. May 16, 1894; m. Aug. 22, 1916 to Anna 
Steele, dau. of William and Mary Steele, b. Nov. 14, 1895, Buena Vista, 

(a) MARY ELIZABETH MOSIER", b. July 18, 1917, Mt. Washington, 

(b) BETTY ANN MOSIER", b. Jan. 6, 1921, Independence, Mo. 


(6) MYRTLE ANNA MOSIER', b. July 25, 1896; m. Aug. 3, 1917 to 
Claud Alvin Smith, son of Francis and Etta Smith, b. May 27, 1896, 
Owendale, Mich. 

(a) CLAUD FRANCIS SMITH", b. Jan. 21, 1921, Independence, Mo. 

(7) ARCOE ROBERT MOSIER", b. Oct. 25, 1899; m. Apr. 2, 1919 to 
Dennie Whitley, dau. of William and Cathrine Whitley, b. May 12, 1901. 

(a) JEAN LOUISE WHITLEY'", b. Sept. 18, 1922; res., Independence, 

2517". xi. LUTHER MILES, b. Feb. 14, 1865 ; m. Martha , 4024""". 

2520. (1) JOHN FOOTE LITTELL", b. July 1, 1842; m. Dec. 24, 1862 to 
Louisa M. Keel, dau. of George W. and Susan (Kyler) Keel, b. Oct. 24, 
1841; d. Mar. 22, 1924; he d. Mar. 1, 1923, Wichita, Kan. He was 81 
years old and came to Wichita many years ago. 

(b) MARGARET ALICE LITTELL", b. Nov. 6, 1866; m. Jan. 14, 1892 
to Elmer E. Bleckley, son of William and Telia Bleckley ; res., Wichita, 

(i) NEVA FRANCES BLECKLEY", b. Nov. 17, 1892; d. June 
21, 1904. 

(ii) ERWIN RUSSELL BLECKLEY", b. Wichita, Kan., Dec. 30, 
1894; educated in the public schools and graduate of Wichita 
High School with class of 1913. With Fourth National Bank, 
Wichita, Kan., until he entered the service. Enlisted in Battery 
Battery F, 130th F. A., K. N. G., June 6, 1917 ; detailed for air 
service, attended the 50th Aero Squadron, Aug. 14, 1918. Recom- 
mended for promotion to first lieutenant for meritorious service 
during St. Mihiel offensive, Sept. 12, 1918. Recommended for 
Congressional Medal of Honor, Second Lieut. Erwin R. Bleckley, 
F. A., deceased, 50th Aero Squadron, for extraordinary heroism 
in action near Binarville, France, Oct. 6, 1918. Lieutenant Bleck- 
ley with his pilot, Second Lieut. Harold E. Goettler, left the air- 
drome late in the afternoon on their second trip to drop supplies 
to a battalion of the 77th Division which had been cut oflf by the 
enemy in the Argonne Forest. Having been subjected on the 
first trip to violent fire from the enemy, they attempted on the 
second trip to come still lower in order to get the packages 
even more precisely on the designated spot. In the course of 
his mission the plane was brought down by enemy rifle and 
machine-gun fire from the ground, resulting in fatal wounds to 
Lieutenant Bleckley, who d. before he could be taken to a hos- 
pital. In attempting the performing of this mission. Lieutenant 
Bleckley showed the highest possible contempt of personal danger, 
devotion to duty, courage and valor. Honor medal presented 
Mar. 4, 1923, at Forum. 

(iii) GEORGE LITTELL BLECKLEY", b. June 15, 1896; d. Jan. 
16, 1898. 

(iv) CLARENCE ELMER BLECKLEY", b. Dec. 8, 1898; m. Feb. 
21, 1926 to Lucille McElroy, dau. of George McElroy, of Clay 
Center, Kan. 


(A) DOROTHY ANN BLECKLEY", b. Feb. 20, 1931, Wichita, 
(c) ANNA MAY LITTELL'", d. at Wichita, Kan., Oct. 9, 1922. 
2523. ELIZA MOORE TROWBRIDGE FOOTE, b. Danbury, Conn., Jan. 27, 
1823; d. New York, N, Y., Oct. 28, 1910, at the ae. of 87.; widow of David 
Augustus Foote. 
2528. i. MARY ANN. 

(1) CHARLES FOOTE MITCHELL', b. Nov. 15, 1856. 

(2) MARY A. MITCHELL', b. Apr. 17, 1859; m. Apr. 3, 1880 to John B. 
Wallace; res., Ansonia, Conn. 

(a) H. MITCHELL WALLACE'", b. Jan. 12, 1881. 

(b) JOHN B. WALLACE, JR.", b. Nov. 10, 1886. 

1225. ISAAC NEWTON FOOTE, d. Aug. 29, 1834. 

2539. iii. ANNA, m. Mar. 21, 1851 to Lee Smith. 

2540. iv. ANGELINE, m. St. Albans, Vt., Mar. 25, 1851 to . 

2560. v. LUCY ANN FOOTE, b. Sept. 9, 1810; m. Sept. 15, 1830 to Calvin 
Benedict, of Kalamazoo, Mich., b. June 12, 1809. 

(1) JANE E. BENEDICT', b. June 25, 1832; m. Sept. 30, 1853 to William 
Lovett; she d. Apr. 9, 1857. 

(2) LYDIA ANN BENEDICT', b. Aug. 10, 1834; m. Apr. 11, 1860 to Richard 
Fletcher, d. Oct. 29, 1886; she d. Jan. 22, 1910; res., Kalamazoo, Mich. 

(a) HORACE FLETCHERS", res., Salem, Ore. 

(b) HATTIE FLETCHER*', m. Willis Foster Bishop; res., Chicago, 111. 

(c) ELIZABETH FLETCHER", m. Frank Krutz ; missionaries. 

(3) SARAH BENEDICT', b. Apr. 9, 1841 ; m. June 27, 1862 to Hiram A. 
Burt; she res., Bangor, Me. 

(a) CORA ALLISON BURT", b. Nov. 9, 1864; m. Oct. 22, 1896 to 
Howard Corning ; res., Bangor, Me. 

(i) CLARENCE H. CORNING", b. May 25, 1898. 
(ii) JOHN BURT CORNING", b. Dec. 8, 1902. 
(iii) HOWARD CORNING", JR., b. Feb. 27, 1905. 

(b) MAY LOUISE BURT", b. May 9, 1867; m. June 11, 1903 to Joseph 
Barnes Durant ; res., Pasadena, Calif. 

2602'. V. MEHITABLE J., dau. of Newell (No. 1250), b. Mar., 1824, Madrid, 
N. Y. ; m. Sept. 8, 1852 to Edward R. Lawrence, b. June 1, 1822, son of 
Amon and Isabelle Lawrence; res., Lisbon, N. Y., 1852-65; Ft. Atkin- 
son, la., 1865-91 ; removed to Arlington, la., 1891 ; and d. there June 1, 
1896; bur. Taylorville Cemetery. 

(1) MARY ISABELLE LAWRENCE', b. Sept. 27, 1853, d. May 4, 1874; 
m. Aug., 1871 to Henry J. Ditmars, b. Sept. 28, 1848, Candor, N. Y., son 
of James and Charlotte Rebecca (Horton) Ditmars. 

(a) ADA MAY DITMARS", b. May 3, 1873; m. June 20, 1894 to Dr. 
O. M. Landon, d. Apr. 28, 1854, Busti, N. Y., son of Harvey and 
Mary Jane (Davis) Landon; she graduated in art at U. I. U., Fayette, 
la. ; res.. New Hampton, la. 

(b) H. JUDSON DITMARS", b. Apr. 28, 1874; d. Aug. 26, 1874. 

(2) MALLORY CALEB LAWRENCE', b. July 27, 1855, Morley, N. Y. 

(a) GERTRUDE KITTY LAWRENCE", b. Nov. 7, 1881, Ft. Atkinson, 
la. ; connected with mercantile business for past twenty years ; home- 


steaded in North Dakota, 1906; m. Olan C. Maupin, Dec. 18, 1916; 
b. Oct. 14, 1884; no children; res., Williston, N. D. 
(b) PRESTON PERCY LAWRENCE", b. Feb. 17, 1891, Atkinson, la.; 
graduate Minot, N. D., High School, 1911 ; m. 1911 to Elsie Bergstrom, 
b. Sept. 20, 1892, Sacred Heart., Minn., dau. of Gustave and Helga 
(Rolie) Bergstrom; homestead in Montana, 1912; res., Richey, Mont, 
(i) HAROLD MARCY LAWRENCE", b. May 14, 1912, Minot, 

N. D. 
(ii) KATHRINE ISABELLE LAWRENCE", b. Aug. 30, 1915, 

Poplar, Mont, 
(iii) MALLORY DANIEL LAWRENCE", b. Aug. 10, 1918, Minot, 

N. D. 
(iv) EDITH HEAN LAWRENCE", b. July 6, 1922, Richey, Mont. 

(3) EDWARD JUDSON LAWRENCE", b. Nov. 7, 1857; d. Apr. 9, 1861; 
res., Ft. Atkinson, la. 

(4) LAVILLA DORMER LAWRENCE", b. Dec. 9, 1859 ; m. Morley, N. Y., 
taught school ; m. Oct. 3, 1882, Marshall Llewellyn Himes, b. Oswego, 
N. Y., son of Marshall and Jane (Inman) Himes; res., Arlington, la.; 
she d. Nov. 17, 1919, Arlington, la.; bur, in Taylorsville Cemetery. 

(a) AMY LAWRENCE HIMES"", b. Calmar, la., Sept. 3, 1883 ; removed 
to Elkader, la., 1896 ; taught school ; graduate State University Iowa, 
1910; m. June, 1912 to Charles David Gleim, b. Aug. 27, 1881, son of 
William Henry and Eliza (Frayer) Gleim; res., Arlington, la. 

(i) MARY VERNA GLEIM", b. Sept. 19, 1915, Arlington, la. 
(ii) LAWRENCE CHARLES GLEIM", b. Sept. 5, 1921. 

(b) LAWRENCE LLEWELLYN HIMES", b. Arlington, la., June 23, 
1894; m. June 16, 1915 to Alice Tofflemiere, b. Mason City, la., dau. 
of John and Sarah (Peterson) Tofflemiere, school teacher at Sawyer, 
N. D. 

(i) John Marshall Himes", b. June 6, 1916, Minot, N. D. 

(5) SENA LAWRINDA LAWRENCE", b. Feb. 1, 1862; res.. Council Bluff, 
la. ; nurse and matron in Christian Homes. 

1252. JOHNSON FOOTE (430, 130, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. Dec. 19, 1782; m. 1st, 
Mar. 13, 1802 to Cynthia Sherman, b. Apr. 25, 1772; d. July 28, 1821; bur. West 
Charlotte, Vt.; m. 2nd, Elise Mead, b. Jan. 31, 1794; he d. Nov. 19, 1862; bur. West 
Charlotte, Vt. ; res., Charlotte, Vt. 

2602*. i. OSMAN LANSEN, b. Apr. 13, 1804; m. Mary A. Hill, 4123'-'. 

2602'. ii. THEODOSIA, b. May 19, 1807; d. Nov. 2, 1871; unm. 

2602'. iii. SUSANNA, b. Feb. 4, 1809; m. John Royce. 

(1) SHERMAN ROYCE", m. Crary; res., Russell, N. Y. 

(2) ARDELIA ROYCE", m. Marshall ; res., Piermont, N. Y. 

(3) CALISTA ROYCE", m. Ira Miles; res., Edwards, N. Y. ; d. 1907. 

(4) CORNELIA ROYCE", m. Parmenter, res., Hannawa Falls, N. Y. 

2602'. iv. ARDELIA, b. Mar. 4, 1811; m. 1825 to Sumner Gilmore, b. 1804 

d. ; she d. May 12, 1834 ; res., Potsdam, N. Y. 

(1) SARAH A. GILMORE", b. 1826; m. 1847 to Truman Brice; she d. 
July 16, 1892; res., Stevens Point, Wis. 

(a) MARY A. BRICE", m. William Hurlbut ; res., Stevens Point, Wis. 

(b) HENRY BRICE", res., Harrison Valley, Pa. 



(2) ABIGAIL GILMORE', b. 1828; m. 1849 to Harvey Royce; she d. 1857. 
(a) ARCHIBALD ROYCE", d. Mar. 6, 1902; res., Potsdam, N. Y. 

(i) GLEM ROYCE", res., Norwood, N. Y. 

(ii) JENNIE ROYCE", m. Scott. 


(iv) HAZEL ROYCE", teaching. 

(v) LEVI ROYCE", res., Potsdam, N. Y. 

(3) MARY E. GILMORE', b. 1831 ; m. Jan. 27, 1853 to Alonzo A. Smith ; 
res., Middletown, N. Y. 

(a) ALONZO A. SMITH", JR., b. 1855; he d. Aug. IS, 1898. 

(i) . 

(b) NELLIE G. SMITH", b. Feb. 11, 1867; teaching in Middletown, N. Y. 
2602'. V. OLIVIA, b. Oct. 31, 1814; m. 1st, John Gilmore; m. 2nd, Farnum 

Goulden, b. Aug. 9, 1798; d. Oct. 27, 1833, Hopkinton, N. Y. 

(1) CYNTHIA GOULDEN", b. Apr. 9, 1836; m. Sept. 4, 1854 to Calvin 
Cutler, d. Aug. 20, 1898 ; she d. June 20, 1905 ; res., Hopkinton, N. Y. 

(a) NELLIE CUTLER", b. June 26, 1855. 

(b) EVA CUTLER", b. Jan., 1857; d. June 26, 1866. 

(c) OLIVIA CUTLER", b. Sept. 20, 1860; d. 1896. 

(d) NORA CUTLER", b. Mar. 23, 1868; d. 1898. 


(2) MIRIAM GOULDEN^ b. Apr. 9, 1838; m. 1st, Apr. 12, 1856 to Dariens 
Cutler, d. Dec. 29, 1863; m. 2nd, Sept. 22, 1870 to Charles Derosia, d. 
Jan. 13, 1906. 

(a) ALMOND G. CUTLER", b. Nov. 28, 1857. 

(b) ADAH M. CUTLER", b. Oct. 8, 1858; d. Feb. 11, 1878. 

(c) JEFFERSON M. CUTLER", b. Jan. 29, 1860. 

(d) ORRA A. CUTLER", b. July 9, 1862. 

(e) NETTIE CUTLER", b. May 10, 1866. 

(f) HENRY C. CUTLER", b. Jan. 31, 1868. 

(g) WESLEY L. DEROSIA", b. June 3, 1873. 
(h) LESLIE DEROSIA", b. June 3, 1873. 

(i) VARNEY K. DEROSIA", b. Aug. 19, 1876. 

(3) MARY JANE GOULDEN^ b. Jan. 25, 1840; m. John Fearl; res.. New 
Salem, Mass. 


(b) MAY FEARL". 

(4) ELIZABETH GOULDEN', b. Jan. 26, 1842; m. William Livingston, d. 
1904; she d. Sept., 1868. 



(5) OLNEY J. GOULDEN', b. Aug., 1844; m. Martha Hadley; he d. Feb., 





(6) HENRY C. GOULDEN', b. Jan., 1846; private in Co. M, 11th N. Y. 
Regt. ; d. in army, Aug., 1864. 

(7) FARNUM M. GOULDEN', b. June, 1849 ; he d. Oct. 27, 1883. 




(8) ORSON H. GOULDEN', b. Nov. 30, 1851; m. July 4, 1873 to Jane 
Johnson, d. Dec. 9, 1909; res., Winthrop, N. Y., R. D. No. 1. 

(a) ELIZABETH GOULDEN", b. Sept. 11, 1874; m. Leach; res., 

Winthrop, St. Lawrence County, N. Y. 

(b) HOWARD D. GOULDEN*", b. Apr. 5, 1877. 

(c) FRED O. GOULDEN'", b. Feb. 13, 1881. 

(d) KATIE B. GOULDEN'", b. Aug. 6, 1887; d. Sept. 21, 1888. 

(e) KEITH O. GOULDEN'", b. Oct. 10, 1894. 

(9) WINDSOR H. GOULDEN', b. Mar., 1854; m. , in Minnesota; 

five children. 

2602°. vi. JULIA ANN, b. Mar. 18, 1817; d. Feb. 14, 1819. 

2602". vii. ORLEY N., b. Feb. 11, 1818; m. about 1838 to Fannie Bowker; res., 

Farmington, Ohio, 4123'' ''*. 
2602". viii. CHILD, by second husband. 
2603". ix. LAURA ANN, b. Oct. 30, 1823; m. 1845 to Harry Allen; she d. 

Jan. 15, 1906. 

(1) SARAH ALLEN*, b. 1849; d. 1901. 

(2) FRED ALLEN', b. 1856 ; d. 1879. 

2603*. X. CHARLOTTE E., b. Aug. 25, 1825; m. 1849 to Valorus W. Willson. 


(2) CLARENCE WILLSON", b. 1852; ra. Delania Nancy Foote, see No. 6385 
for complete family record. 

(3) ESTELLE WILLSON*, b. 1858; m. Lewis Alton Foote, No. 4121; see 
page 494, No. 4121, for complete family record. To Mrs. Foote the author 
is indebted for the task of gathering the data of the family of Johnson 
Foote, 1252. 

(4) CHARLES WILLSON', d. in infancy. 

(5) WILLIAM WILLSON', d. in infancy. 

(6) GEORGE WILLSON', d. in infancy. 

(7) FRED WILLSON', b. 1869; d. in infancy. 

2603'. xi. JANE MINERVA, b. Oct. 10, 1827; m. 1st, 1851 to Charles Willson; 
m. 2nd, Andrew Jackson, d. 1909; she d. Sept. 25, 1896; res., Morley, 
N. Y. 
(1) CHARLES C. WILLSON', b. July 28, 1854; res., Morley, N. Y. 
(a) . 

2603'. xii. ANGELINA C, b. Mar. 14, 1829; m. George Lewis; she d. Feb. 5, 

2603*. xiii. CYNTHIA S., b. Dec. 8, 1831; m. Sept. 24, 1862 to Charles Levi 

Allen; she d. Aug. 8, 1909; res., Coleridge, Neb. 

(1) LIZZIE ALLEN', b. Nov. 16, 1867, Sparta, Monroe County, Wis.; d. 
Sept. 2. 1869. 

(2) BESSIE A. ALLEN', b. Mar. 14, 1873, Sparta, Monroe County, Wis.; 
res., Coleridge, Neb. 


2604. xiv. GILBERT L., b. Nov. 17, 1832; m. Weltha G. Smith, 4124«. 
2604\ XV. LOUISA, b. Jan. 25, 1836 ; d. Feb. 18, 1855 ; unm. 

1259. JOHN WESLEY FOOTE (443, 131, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. Newtown, Conn.. 
May 4, 1766; m. 1st, 1789 to Mary Grigson, b. Mar. 26, 1775, dau. of Philip and Mary 
Grigson ; she d. 1819; m. 2nd, July, 1820 to Mary Taylor; he d. Warren, Ohio, 
Sept. 9, 1851 ; bur. at West Woodville, Ohio. Mr. Foote moved with his parents 
to West Liberty, Va. In 1818 he removed with part of his family to Warren County, 
Ohio, making the journey down. He lived near Zoar at first, but later moved to a 
farm on the Ohio River. He was a man of striking appearance, being over six feet 
tall and many of his descendants have inherited his stature. He was a manufacturer 
of shoes and also a minister of the Christian Church. When his grandson, John W. 
Higgins, of Indiana, visited him in 1850 the first thing he did was to call his neighbors 
in to hold a prayer meeting and he was greatly pleased to have his grandson lead 
the meeting. He was a shrewd business man and he possessed the keen sense of 
humor that is characteristic of the Foote family. After coming to Ohio he still 
bought leather of tanners in Connecticut and it got to be very poorly tanned. Instead 
of skiving off the flesh clean they pressed it down to the hide. Consequently there 
was a great waste. Instead of being solid leather it worked up soft and had to be 
scraped off. As no attention was paid to his protests he finally took a quantity of 
the skivings and sent it back to them by post. As postage had to be paid by the 
recipient this was considered a very good joke. 
2605'. i. SALLIE, b. Apr. 12, 1790; d. Apr. 20, 1790. 
26051 ii. JOSEPH, b. Dec. 4, 1791; m. Dec. 23, 1813 to Rebecca Hardesty, 

2605'. iii. LYDIA, b. July 3, 1793 ; m. July 9, 1807 to John Mooney. 
2605*. iv. MARY, b. West Liberty, Va., July 28, 1795; m. May 23, 1813 to 
Elias Higgins, b. Oct. 9, 1784, son of Daniel and Mary (Pegg) Higgins; 
d. July, 1856. In 1818 Mary and Elias Higgins moved from West 
Liberty, Va., to Butler County, Ohio, making the journey down the 
Ohio River on a flat-boat. They lived on a farm near Hamilton, 
Ohio. In 1836 they moved in covered wagons to the new State of 
Indiana and located on a farm in Boone County, near the little village 
of Northfield. Elias Higgins was a carpenter and carried on build- 
ing operations wherever he lived. That Mary Foote Higgins was a 
woman of resource and rare presence of mind is evident by the fact 
that at least twice in her life she saved the lives of children by her 
quick wit and action. Once in Ohio her little son stepped backward in 
the open well, from which the curb had been temporarily removed. 
Alarmed by the screams of the other children, Mary Higgins sprang 
from her sick bed and ran to the yard. She quickly lowered the great 
well sweep with the bucket into the well and directed the sinking 
boy to hold to the rope and to step into the bucket. Encouraged by 
his mother he did so and with the assistance of the other children she 
drew him to the surface. Many years after, although an invalid, she 
again sprang from her bed to wrap her linsey dress around the 
flaming clothing of her little grandson who had ventured too near the 
open fireplace. She d. Warren County, Ohio, Nov., 1856. 
(1) JANE HIGGINS', b. West Liberty, Va., May 12, 1814; d. 1854; m. 
Hiram McQuitty. 


(2) JOSEPH BENSON HIGGINS', b. Liberty, Va., Dec. 6, 1816; m. 1st, 
Big Spring, Ind., Dec. 24, 1840 to Mary Richardson, b. May 9, 1819, dau. 
of Caleb and Celia Richardson; she d. at Kokomo, Ind., May 10, 1871; m. 
2nd, Aug. 26, 1889 to Mrs. Cathrine Veach ; he d. 1897; she d. Sept. 2, 
1898; res., Indianapolis, Ind. He was a man of jovial nature. He de- 
lighted in a joke and was an especial favorite among his numerous nephews 
and nieces. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and 
also a 33rd degree Mason. He was a carpenter, a fine workman, and 
carried on an extensive business as a contractor in both Indiana and 
Kansas. As a small boy emigrated with his parents from West Liberty, 
Va., to Ohio and later to Boone County, Ind. In 1854, attracted by the 
great opportunities of his wife and three little girls he moved to Osa- 
watomie, Kan. In 1856 he was elected to the Free State Legislature at 
Topeka, Kan. He became a close friend of John Brown, whom he and 
his wife once hid in their house. At the time of the sacking of Osa- 
watomie, Kan., a pro-slavery man who, however, was a close friend of 
Benson's, came to his house one evening soon after dark and warned him 
to leave town before daylight. After escaping from town he hid among 
the hills and watched the town and his own house burn. He had many 
hardships and narrow escapes before he got to a place of safety. In 
1861, at the outbreak of the Civil War, this family returned to Indiana and 
lived in Kokomo and Indianapolis. 

(a) MARY JANE HIGGINS", b. Northfield, Ind., Sept. 17, 1841; m. 
Tipton, Ind., Nov. 3, 1871 to James William Jones, b. Mar. 10, 1829; 
d. Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 10, 1909; she d. Waterloo, la., Sept. 15, 

(i) DORA DEAN JONES", b. Kokomo, Ind., Oct. 21, 1872; m. 

San Francisco, Calif., 1890 to Edward Benedict ; res., Chicago, 111. 

(A) HAROLD EDWARD BENEDICT'^ b. San Francisco, Calif., 

Dec. 21, 1891; res.. New York, N. Y. ; director and producer 

of motion pictures. 

(ii) MARY ELNORA JONES", b. Kokomo, Ind., Mar. 11, 1874; 

d. Jan. 16, 1877. 
(iii) MAY JOSEPHINE JONES", b. Kokomo, Ind., Sept. 28, 1875; 

d. July 25, 1900; unm. 
(iv) EFFIE PEARL JONES", b. Kokomo, Ind., Mar. 7, 1877; m. 
June 18, 1894 to Walter Jackson Redmon, b. Aug. 6, 1871, son 
of Francis M. and Alice (Umphres) Redmon; traveling sales- 
man; res., Peru, Ind. 

(A) KENNETH BARELEY REDMON", b. Aug. 21, 1895; 
World War veteran, overseas ; res., Indianapolis, Ind. 

(B) HAZEL ELNORA REDMON", b. Jan. 2, 1898; m. Green- 
field, Ind., Aug. 15, 1917 to George Calvin Pierce, son of 
Oscar and Wilhelmina (Hoereth) Pierce; bookkeeper; res., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

(Bl) ROBERT KENNETH PIERCE", b. Indianapolis, Ind., 

Apr. 27, 1920. 
(B2) WILLIAM CALVIN PIERCE", b. Indianapolis, Ind., 

Apr. 21, 1922. 


(v) FRANK EARL JONES", b. Kokomo, Ind., Sept. 28, 1878; d. 

Sept. 6, 1879. 
(vi) ALFRED BENSON JONES", b. Kokomo, Ind., Feb. 23, 1880; 
m. June 6, 1906 to Leona C. Hand, d. Sept. 4, 1916; res., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. ; veteran Spanish-American War. 
(vii) CLARA BELLE JONES", b. Kokomo, Ind., Jan. 23, 1882; m. 
June 24, 1903 to Horace Ray Mathews, b. July 13, 1881, son of 
Ambrose and Mary (Cheesman) Mathews; contractor and 
builder ; res., Indianapolis, Ind. 
(A) MARCELLA CLARA MATHEWS", b. Nov. 10, 1911; m. 
June 24, 1931 to Robert Bosley Berner; Purdue University; 
Beta Theta Pi ; structural engineer ; she is graduate of Butler 
University ; Delta Zeta, D. A. R. ; res., Indianapolis, Ind. 
(viii) HORACE EDWIN JONES", b. Zionsville, Ind., Jan. 22, 1884; 
m. Feb. 21, 1923 to Pauline Bowden; machinist; res., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 
(b) CELIA EMELINE HIGGINS", b. Northfield, Ind., June 1, 1843; 
m. Kokomo, Ind., Aug. 8, 1866 to George W. Nichols, b. Oct. 13, 1844 ; 
d. Jan. 29, 1920, son of George and Peggy (Bowman) Nichols; a 
Civil War veteran; she d. Fowler, Ind., Apr. 16, 1872; both bur. Ox- 
ford, Ind. 

(i) ADDA NICHOLS", b. Whitestown, Ind., Aug. 23, 1867; m. 
Boswell, Ind., Oct. 19, 1891 to William George Lovelass; Red 
Cross nurse ; W. R. C, Dau. of Veterans ; res., Yakima, Wash. 

(A) MINNIE LOVELASS", b. Oct. 10, 1892; m. Boswell, Ind., 
to Peter Peterson, July 22, 1906 ; farmers ; res., Wauneta, Wyo. 

(Al) DELBERT ALBERT PETERSON", b. Palmer, la., 
Aug. 18, 1907. 

(A2) LAVERN ALLEN PETERSON", b. Burns, Wyo., 
May 29, 1909. 

(A3) ROSE ALICE PETERSON", b. Wauneta, Wyo., June 
1, 1911. 

(A4) MILDRED LOUISE PETERSON", b. Wauneta, Wyo., 
Mar. 6, 1913. 

neta, Wyo., Nov. 5, 1915. 

(A6) ALICE OPAL PETERSON", b. Burns, Wyo., Feb. 5, 

(B) MATTIE LOVELASS", b. Boswell, Ind., Mar. 14, 1893; m. 
June 9, 1909 to Albert Ljunger, b. June 13, 1884. 

(Bl) LEO LJUNGER", b. July 10, 1910; rancher; res., 

Yakima, Wash. 
(B2) MAE LJUNGER", b. May 13, 1913. 
(B3) ELEANOR LJUNGER", b. Dec. 24, 1915. 
(B4) LOIS LJUNGER", b. Dec. 17, 1918. 
(B5) BEULAH LJUNGER", b. Dec. 9, 1921. 

(C) BERTHA LOVELASS", b. Watseka, 111., Sept. 3, 1894; m. 
Pocahontas, la., June 2, 1915 to Jesse H. Freeman; mechanic; 
res., Pocahontas, la. 


(CI) LAVONA MAY FREEMAN", b. Apr. 11, 1916. 


(C3) EARL CECIL FREEMAN", b. July 21, 1919. 

(D) SYLVIA LOVELASS", b. Watseka, 111., May 9, 1896; m. 
Sept., 1915 to Charles Skillen, b. 1886; carpenter; res., Yakima, 

(Al) WAYNE SKILLEN", b. Oct. 9, 1916. 
(A2) GERTRUDE SKILLEN", b. Nov. 17, 1917. 
(D3) CHALLIS SKILLEN", b. May 10, 1919. 
(D3) LYLE SKILLEN", b. Oct. 4, 1922. 

(E) LOUIS LOVELASS", b. Watseka, 111., Dec. 9, 1898; farmer; 

res.. Burns, Wyo. 

(F) GEORGE LOVELASS", b. Watseka, 111., 1900; m. Burns, 

Wyo., 1922 to Sadie Hendricks, b. 1901 ; farmer ; res.. Burns, 
(Fl) NILONA LOVELASS", b. 1923. 

(G) WILLIE LOVELASS", b. May 9, 1903; d. 1917. 

(H) LAWRENCE LOVELASS", b. Palmer, la., Aug. 23, 1905; 
N. G. clerk; res., Yakima, Wash. 
(HI) DONALD LOVELASS", b. July 16, 1910. 
(ii) JOSEPH LUTHER NICHOLS", b. Kokomo, Ind., Feb. 23, 
1869; m. July 12, 1897 to Nellie A. Walters; restaurant; res., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

(c) MARTHA ANN CELIA HIGGINS'", b. Big Springs, Ind., Aug. 6, 
1845; d. young. 

(d) MARTHA ANN HIGGINS**, b. Big Springs, Ind., Mar. 29, 1847; d. 

(e) LYDIA FRANCES HIGGINS"", b. Indianapolis, Ind., Apr. 9, 1850; 
m. Zionsville, Ind., Dec. 8, 1880 to Samuel W. Scott. A woman of 
refinement and culture ; d. Kokomo, Ind., Aug., 1890. 

(f) CHARLOTTE ANN HIGGINS", b. Aug. 20, 1852; d. young. 

(g) WILLIAM HIGGINS", b. Osawatomie, Kan., May 26, 1855; d. 

(h) JOHN HIGGINS", b. Osawatomie, Kan., May 26, 1855; d. young. 
(i) ISABELLA HIGGINS'", b. Osawatomie, Kan., Aug. 10, 1856; d. 

(j) JOSEPH LUTHER HIGGINS", b. Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 4, 1858; 

d. young, 
(k) CALEB RICHARDSON HIGGINS'", b. Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 30, 

1859; d. young. 
(1) CHARLES WESLEY HIGGINS'", b. Kansas City, Mo., July 21, 

1861 ; d. Kokomo, Ind., Sept. 28, 1873. 

(3) LYDIA HIGGINS', b. Maysville, Ky., May 10, 1818. 

(4) SAMUEL HIGGINS', b. Butler County, Ohio, June 24, 1820; d. unm. 

(5) EUNICE HIGGINS', b. Butler County, Ohio, Feb. 16. 1822; m. Boone 
County, Ind., Mar., 1847 to Barnabas McKenzie, b. Jan. 13, 1923; 
farmer; d. Feb. 3, 1913; she d. Eureka, Kan., Feb. 18, 1890. 


(a) MARY JANE McKENZIE", b. Oct. 18, 1848; m. 1st, Jan. 19, 1868 

to Harvey E. Brown, d. ; m. 2nd, Nov. 17, 1892 to William W. 

Law; m. 3rd,Milton S. Davenport, Nov. 16, 1910; res., Zionsville, Ind. ; 
he d. Apr. 22, 1924, Indianapolis, Ind. 

(b) SARAH ANN McKENZIE'", b. June 11. 1850; d. June 19, 1851. 

(c) JOHN WESLEY McKENZIE'", b. Dec. 11, 1852; m. 1st, Zionsville, 
Ind., May 8, 1879 to Orra Belle Johns, dau. of Geo. and Mary 
(Harden) Johns; she d. Eureka, Kan., Mary 12, 1887; m. 2nd, Donelda 
Murray, Oct. 22, 1891, dau. of William and Mary Ann Murray, of 
Grand View, Kan. ; he d. Howard, Kan., Sept. 16, 1900. 

(i) ETHEL McKENZIE", b. Zionsville, Ind., Mar. 29, 1880; m. 
Baldwin, Kan., Dec. 31, 1902 to Charles Neil Murray, son of 
William and Mary Murray ; she is a teacher ; he is a mechanic ; 
res., Baldwin, Kan. 

(A) JOHN ALDEN MURRAY", b. Grand View, Kan., Oct. 30, 

(B) HOPE DELIGHT MURRAY", b. Grand View, Kan., Mar. 
26, 1906. 

(C) FRANCES HELEN MURRAY", b. Grand View, Kan., 
Dec. 29, 1907. 

(ii) EVA DOT McKENZIE", b. Cicero, Ind., Dec. 28, 1881; m. 
Baldwin, Kan., Aug. 23, 1905 to Joseph E. Watson, son of John 
and Margaret Watson ; superintendant of schools, Carbondale, 

(A) DOROTHY MARGARET WATSON", b. Burlingame, Kan., 
July 19, 1906. 

(B) HAZEL GENEVIEVE WATSON", b. Melvern, Kan., Aug. 
n, 1911. 

(iii) PAUL McKENZIE", b. Aug. 21, 1886 d. in infancy. 

(d) ELIAS FRANKLIN McKENZIE", b. Feb. 11, 1855, Noblesville, 
Ind., m. Eureka, Kan., Oct. 9, 1879 to Laura Ann Boyle, b. Sept. 21, 
1858, dau. of John Greensburg and Beersheba (Bennington) Boyle; 
carpenter and contractor ; county clerk of Pierce County, Wash., three 
terms ; res., Tacoma, Wash. ; deputy clerk of the Supreme Court ; 
Red Men, B. P. O. E. and Masons. 

(i) EARL L. McKENZIE", b. Jan. 24, 1881 ; m. Tacoma, Wash., 
June 19, 1907 to Laura Henrietta Sprenger, dau. of Henry and 
Emma (Scholer) Sprenger; expert accountant; res., Ellens- 
burg, Wash. ; S. of V. 
(A) GLADYS EVELYN McKENZIE", b. Tacoma, Wash., May 
30, 1909. 
(ii) NELLIE McKENZIE", b. May 15, 1882; d. in infancy, 
(iii) GEORGIANNA McKENZIE", b. Eureka, Kan., Dec. 17, 1883; 
m. Tacoma, Wash., Feb. 8, 1917 to Clyde Rollin Edwards, son 
of William Rollin and Mary Elizabeth (Macintosh) Edwards; 
fruit growers ; res., Yakima, Wash. 
(A) RICHARD EARL EDWARDS", b. Tacoma, Wash., May 
21, 1919. 


(B) VIRGINIA EDWARDS", b. Tacoma, Wash., May 26, 1921. 

(e) ANDREW McKENZIE", b. Oct. 7, 1857; d. young. 

(f) WILLIAM E. McKENZIE", b. Nov. 30, 1858; m. Zionsville, Ind., 
Nov. 28, 1878 to Emma Isabelle Calvin, b. Jan. 28, 1859, dau. of 
Ira and Minerva (Pangborn) Calvin. 

(i) MAURICE CALVIN McKENZIE", b. Zionsville, Ind., Nov. 28, 
1882; m. Crown Point, Ind., Oct. 8, 1904 to Ina Beattie; he was 
court reporter for Lake and Porter Counties for fifteen years. 
In 1917 he became executive assistant to the Hon. Will Hays, 
head of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of 
America, New York, N. Y., and California. 

(g) REV. MAXWELL GADDIS McKENZIE", b. Kirkland, Ind., Sept. 
27, 1860; m. 1st, Westfield, Ind., Sept. 27, 1883 to Delia Applegate, b. 

1864, dau. of Thomas J. and (Middleton) Applegate; she d. 

Eureka, Kan., Nov. 8, 1888; m. 2nd, Yakima, Wash., June 14, 1893 to 
Ada Jane Harader, b. Oct. 23, 1866, dau. of Ami and Elizabeth J. 
(Magness) Harader. He was for fifteen years a teacher and super- 
intendent of schools in Indiana, Kansas and Washington. When he 
surrendered to his conviction to enter the ministry, he returned to 
Kansas and in 1896 entered the South Kansas Conference (now 
Kans) of the Methodist Episcopal Church. From 1909 to 1915 he 
served as chaplain and superintendent of schools at the Kansas State 
Industrial Reformatory at Hutchinson. 

(i) ERNEST McKENZIE", b. Zionsville, Ind., June 6, 1884; m. 
Emporia, Kan., Mar. 5, 1904 to Myrtle Atkins, b. Oct., 1883, 
dau. of James Atkins ; furniture and undertaking, Cottonwood 
Falls, Kan. 
(A) JAMES DURLAND McKENZIE", b. Emporia, Kan., Mar. 
7, 1907. 
(ii) HAZEL KIRK McKENZIE", b. Zionsville, Ind., Nov, 24, 1885 ; 
m. Newport, Ark., Sept., 1908 to Oscar B. Dutton ; restaurant. 

(A) OSCAR B. DUTTON•^ b. Topeka, Kan., Jan. 25, 1918. 

(B) SARAH DELIA DUTTON", b. Neosho, Mo., July 19, 1921. 
(iii) GUY McKENZIE", b. Eureka, Kan., Oct. 3, 1888; d. young. 
(iv) WILLIS HARADER McKENZIE", b. Tacoma, Wash., Mar. 

19, 1894; m. Sulphur Rock, Ark., Mar. 24, 1917 to Ollie May 
Bruce, b. Aug. 22, 1899, dau. of James K. and Ada (Finley) 
Bruce ; automobile machinist ; res., Neosho, Mo. 

(A) ADA MAXIME McKENZIE", b. Sulphur Rock, Ark., Dec. 
31, 1917. 

(B) HAROLD BRUCE McKENZIE", b. Edna. Kan., Nov. 4, 

(C) MARY ELIZABETH McKENZIE", b. Neosho, Mo., Aug. 21, 

(v) EUNICE MAURINE McKENZIE", b. Matfield, Kan., Feb. 25, 
1897; m. Melvern, Kan., Aug. 16, 1916 to Richard Clinton Allen, 
b. Melvern, Kan., 1895, son of Richard and Bertha (Warner) 
Allen; manager Barton Salt Co., Hutchinson, Kan. 


(A) RICHARD MAXWELL ALLEN", b. Kansas City, Mo., 
Oct. 14, 1917. 

(B) ROBERT CLARE ALLEN", b. Hutchinson, Kan., Oct. 10, 

(vi) FRANK HUGH McKENZIE", b. Cedar Point, Kan., Oct. 26, 
1898; m. Joplin, Mo., Sept. 14, 1919 to Iram June Carman, b. 
June 6, 1899, dau. of Elbert and (Youngblood) Carman; res., 
Neosho, Mo. ; farmer. 

(A) RODNEY HUGH McKENZIE", b. Neosho, Mo., Dec. 10, 

(B) EMMA GENE McKENZIE", b. Neosho, Mo., July 26, 1923. 
(vii) MABEL EDITH McKENZIE", b. Elmdale, Kan., July 10, 

1900; res., Yakima, Wash, 
(viii) JOHN MAXWELL McKENZIE", b. Reading, Kan., Apr. 7, 
1904; student, Joplin, Mo. 
(h) REV. JOSEPH BERSEN McKENZIE'", b. Zionsville, Ind., July 7, 
1862 ; m. Eureka, Kan., Ang. 6, 1888 to Flora Etta Wrench, b. Ang. 19, 
1862, dau. of John and Alexena (Brown) Wrench. He belongs to the 
Masonic order ; was a teacher in public schools of Eureka, Kan., 
before he became a minister of the Methodist Church. He joined the 
South Kansas (now Kansas) Conference and has been very success- 
ful in his pastoral work. He is the fourth of his family to enter 
the ministry and three of them were members of the same conference. 
He d. Oct. 12, 1931, Los Angeles, Calif. 

(i) JOHN BENSON McKENZIE", b. Eureka, Kan., May 4, 1891 ; 
m. Los Angeles, Calif., 1920 to Leone Lisle; World War veteran; 
salesman ; res., Los Angeles, Calif, 
(ii) BESSIE ETTA McKENZIE", b. Virgil, Kan., June 8, 1896; 
m. Topeka, Kan., Oct. 26, 1913 to Benjamin Harrison Salfrank, 
son of John and Sarah Salfrank ; res., Denver, Colo. ; farmer. 
(A) FLORA ELIZABETH SALFRANK", b. Arrington, Kan., 
Aug. 30, 1918. 
(iii) LULU MARY McKENZIE", b. June 17, 1898; m. Effingham, 
Kan., Sept. 25, 1917 to Clarence James Ellis, b. Aug. 7, 1898; 
World War veteran ; merchant ; res., Los Angeles, Calif. 

(A) MARY MARGARET ELLIS", b. Arkansas City, Kan., July 
25, 1918. 

(B) ELINOR ELAINE ELLIS", b. Effingham, Kan., Dec. 3, 

2605*. (3) LYDIA HIGGINS', b. Maysville, Ky., May 10, 1818; m. Butler 
County, Ohio, Sept. 3, 1836 to William Thompson, a farmer; he d. 
Aug. 28, 1889; a Civil War veteran; she d. in Kansas, May 2, 1897; 
both bur. in Winfield, Kan. She was b. at Maysville, Ky., as the family 
journeyed from West Liberty, Va., to their new home in the wilds of 
Butler County, Ohio. She was m. in Butler County, and the same fall 
the young couple came with their parents to Boone County, Ind., where 
they lived for many years. In 1874 she removed to Cowley County, 
Kan., whither a part of her family had preceded her. She was a deeply 
religious woman, a devout member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 


It was a great grief to her to leave her church and her friends in Louis- 
ville, Ky., and an affecting scene occurred on the last Sunday before 
she left for Kansas, when the minister called her to come within the 
chancel and cause the congregation to pass before her to bid her fare- 
well. In the new country of Kansas she found great need for Christian 
work. She immediately set about organizing a Sunday School, of which 
she was the superintendent and the leading spirit, 
(a) ALEXANDER ELIAS THOMPSON", b. Boone County, Ind., June 
25, 1838; m. Tipton, Ind., to Mrs. Huldah Ann (Hathorne) Marlott, in 
1864, b. Mar. 11, 1843; d. Sept. 3, 1920; m. 2nd, Louise Stevens, in 
1892, Indianapolis, Ind. 

(i) WILLIAM ROBERT THOMPSON", d. in infancy, 
(ii) MARY LYDIA THOMPSON", b. Rainstown, Ind., July 21, 
1866; m. 1st, Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 16, 1883 to William White; 
m. 2nd, Mar. 9, 1890 to William Alva Cole ; res., Dalton, 111. 
(A) IDA MAY WHITE", b. Oct. 7, 1884; m. Aug. 2, 1821 to 
Stanley Prymas ; res., Riverdale, 111. 
(iii) MINNIE KATE THOMPSON", b. Rainstown, Ind., Dec. 16, 
1869; m. 1st, Rainstown, Ind., Mar. 5, 1882 to John Henry 
Lovell, a farmer and soldier of Civil War; he d. Oct. 20, 1887; 
m. 2nd, Jacob Bartlett, Dec. 31, 1887; res., Toledo, Ohio. 

(A) BERTIE LOVELL" (twin), b. Aug. 29, 1884, Georgetown, 
Ind. ; m. Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 19, 1900 to John Henry 

(Al) IRWIN FRANK STINECKER", b. Dec. 14, 1909; 

drowned in Otter Creek, Mich., July 10, 1921. 
(A2) CHARLES GERALD STINECKER", b. Indianapolis, 

Ind., Sept. 25, 1910. 

(B) BERTHA LOVELL" (twin), b. Aug. 29, 1884, Georgetown, 
Ind. ; res., Ohio ; m. Nov. 20, 1907 to John Edward Heidner, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

(C) HARRY EDWARD LOVELL", b. Hendrick County, Ind., 

Mar. 25, 1887; d. in infancy. 

(D) CHARLES LOVELL", b. Indianapolis, Ind., July 2, 1888; m. 
Aug. 28, 1908 to Stella Miller; res., Toledo, Ohio; lithog- 

(Dl) MARIAN C. LOVELL", b. Sept. 29, 1909. 
(D2) ANNIE MARGARET LOVELL", b. July 12, 1913. 
(D3) JUNE ROSE LOVELL", b. Sept. 13, 1916. 
(iv) CLARA MAY THOMPSON", b. Indianapolis, Ind.; July 17, 
1873; m. 1st, Newton Engle, Dec. 24, 1888; m. 2nd, William F. C 
Kemnitz, Apr. 9, 1900; res., Indianapolis, Ind. 
(A) VERNE CLYDE ENGLE", b. Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 6, 
1894 ; m. in Indiana, Oct. 14, 1922 to Amanda Pearl Thomp- 
son; he was a World War veteran, Medical Department, 18 
months overseas. 

(Al) IRMA VIRGINIA ENGLE", b. Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 
1, 1923. 


(v) HAZEL THOMPSON", b. Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 4, 1893 ; m. 
Aug. 6, 1917 to George Konstantive Dirneff, merchant tailor; 
res., Indianapolis, Ind. 
(vi) ALEXANDER JOSEPH THOMPSON", b. Indianapolis, Ind., 
May 17, 1895 ; m. Kokomo, Ind., to Dorothy Quails ; res., Ko- 
komo, Ind. ; automobile mechanic ; World War veteran, 
(b) SUSANNAH THOMPSON", b. on farm, Boone County, Ind., Mar. 
19, 1840; m. Louisville, Ind., July 31, 1858 to John Bailey Holmes, a 
farmer, b. Jan. 12, 1821 ; d. Winfield, Kan., May 9, 1905 ; she d. Kansas 
City, Kan., May 19, 1919. 

(i) EDWARD JEREMIAH HOLMES", b. Holmes Station, Ind., 
May 29, 1859; m. Cowley County, Kan., Mar. 9, 1880 to Electa 
Frances Strong, b. near Indianapolis, Ind., Apr. 6, 1859 ; d. Denver, 
Colo., Apr. 20, 1919. 

(A) JOHN STRONG HOLMES", b. Cowley County, Kan., July 

17, 1882; m. Kansas City, Kan., June 12, 1907 to Pearl Har- 
riet Purple ; res., Chicago, 111. ; bookkeeper, with Flexible 
Steel Lacing Co. 

(Al) JOHN HAROLD HOLMES", b. Kansas City, Kan., 
Dec. 10, 1911. 

(B) AUDREY LARONA HOLMES", b. Cowley County, Kan., 

May 16, 1884; m. Kansas City, Kan., Mar. 1, 1911 to Glenn 
Edward Woodcox ; res., Kansas City, Kan. ; automobiles. 
(Bl) SARAH ANN WOODCOX", b. Kansas City, Mo., 

June 10, 1912. 
(B2) GLYNN ELECTA WOODCOX", b. Kansas City, Mo., 
Jan. 15, 1918. 
(ii) ALBERT THOMPSON HOLMES", b. Holmes Station, Ind., 
Mar. 20, 1861 ; m. Sharpsburg, Ky., to Katherine Hart, b. Aug. 
16, 1865; d. Kansas City, Kan., Dec. 13, 1915. 

(A) MARY SUE HOLMES", b. Kansas City, Kan., July 18, 1897; 
teacher in Kansas City, Kan. 

(B) RUTH ANN HOLMES", b. Kansas City, Kan., Aug. 11, 

1906; teacher in Kansas City, Kan. 
(iii) MARY LYDIA HOLMES", b. Mar. 23, 1863, Holmes Station, 
Ind. ; m. Cowley County, Kan., Dec. 24, 1883 to Amasa William 
Railsback ; b. near Indianapolis, Ind., July 3, 1857. 

Kan., Jan. 28, 1885 ; m. Oct. 24, 1906 to Martha Shipley ; res., 
Kansas City, Kan. 


Kan., Feb. 28, 1907. 
(A2) DOROTHY RAILSBACK", b. Kansas City, Kan., 

Nov. 4, 1908. 

Kan., Dec. 7, 1886. 

(C) ALMA RUTH RAILSBACK", b. Kansas City, Kan., Dec. 

7, 1897; m. Sept. 24, 1919 to George Schleicher. 


(CI) GARETH LYNDEL SCHLEICHER", b. Jan. 27, 1922. 
(2) LEROY AMBERT SCHLEICHER", b. Apr. 17, 1923. 

(iv) SARAH ALMA HOLMES", b. Holmes Station, Ind., May 3, 

(v) MAGGIE LEONA HOLMES", b. Holmes Station, Ind., Nov. 
22, 1867; d. Feb. 19, 1893. 

(vi) REV. JOHN BAILEY HOLMES", b. Holmes Station, Ind., 
Feb. 17, 1871; m. Wilmot, Kans., May 9, 1894 to Clara May 
Smith, b. Ingraham, 111., Dec. 7, 1871 ; he is a minister of the 
Christian Church and is superintendent of missions for the State 
of Texas ; res.. Ft. Worth, Tex. 

(A) BERNICE LILLIAN HOLMES", b. Des Moines, la., Aug. 
13, 1896; m. Ft. Worth, Tex., Mar. 21, 1919 to Glenn C. 
Hutton, b. Indiana, Nov. 28, 1894; he is a minister of the 
Christian Church ; res., Waco, Tex. 

(Al) GLENN C. HUTTON'^ b. Breckinridge, Tex., Dec. 1, 

(A2) HOLMES GEORGE HUTTON", b. Waco, Tex., Nov. 

11, 1922. 
(A3) BERNICE MARION HUTTON", b. Waco, Tex., 

Jan. 29, 1924. 

(B) DWIGHT CLAY HOLMES", b. Albany, Ore., June 12, 1900. 

(C) RALPH ROLLAND HOLMES", b. Albany, Ore., Jan. 15, 


(D) CLARA BELLE HOLMES", b. Beaumont, Tex., Oct. 9, 

(viii) JOSEPH FRANK HOLMES", b. Cowley County, Kan., Apr. 
5, 1878; res., Enid, Okla. ; real estate. 
(c) MARY JANE THOMPSON", b. Boone County, Ind., Feb. 3, 1842; 
m. 1st, Lebanon, Ind., Aug. 2, 1859 to David C. Rains, b. Jan. 25, 
1838; d. July 11, 1861; farmer; m. 2nd, Reuben Thornley, b. Mar. 28, 
1825; d. Jan. 13, 1871; harness maker; m. 3rd, Dec. 7, 1873 to Robert 
Adams Heath, b. Nov. 26, 1827; d. Mar. 30, 1909; farmer; a descendant 
of John Adams, President of the United States ; d. Los Angeles, Calif., 
Jan. 26, 1914; bur. Anderson, Ind. 

(i) MARTHA MINNIE RAINS", b. Zionsville, Ind., Aug. 19, 

1860; m. Winfield, Kan., Aug. 19, 1879 to George Francis Kirch- 

baum, b. Oct. 17, 1855; carpenter and contractor; res., Los 

Angeles, Calif. True to the traditions of her ancestry, Minnie 

is a devout member of the Methodist Church and together with 

her husband and adopted dau. is an enthusiastic and influential 

worker in the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles, 


(ii) MAGGIE J. THORNLEY", b. Aug. 29, 1865; d. May 6, 1866. 

(iii) WILLIAM THEODORE THORNLEY", b. Mar. 1, 1867, 

Lebanon, Ind. ; m. Lebanon, Ind., July 19, 1891 to Lillie May 

Kersey, b. Apr. 30, 1873; d. Apr. 11, 1914; res., Anderson, Ind. 

(A) LETHA FERN THORNLEY", b. Lebanon, Ind., Feb. 19, 

1895; m. Anderson, Ind., Dec. 23, 1916 to Harry C. Bergman. 


(B) RUSSELL ORIEN THORNLEY", b. Anderson, Ind., Mar. 
9, 1903. 
(iv) LYDIA ALICE THORNLEY", b. Lebanon, Ind., Dec. 19, 1869; 

m. William Schaefer; res.. East St. Louis, 111. 
(v) OLLIE KATE HEATH", b. Boone County, Ind., Sept. 26, 
1874; m. Anderson, Ind., Apr. 26, 1896 to William Henry Patton, 
b. Mar. 25, 1872; toolmaker; res., Anderson, Ind. Mrs. Patton 
is a woman of great executive ability and holds one of the highest 
offices in the Lodge of Pocahontas Order of Red Men.. 

(A) ROBERT PATTON", b. Sept. 10, 1897, Anderson, Ind.; m. 
Anderson, Ind., July 19, 1917 to Maria Burgett, b. Anderson, 
Ind., Mar. 1, 1901; toolmaker; res., Anderson, Ind. 

(Al) TWIN BOYS", b. July 4, 1920; d. in infancy. 

(B) KENNETH MARSHALL PATTON", b. Anderson, Ind., 
June 10, 1899; m. Anderson, Ind., Aug. 21, 1920 to Mary 
Margaret Wehner, b. Dayton, Ohio, Dec. 25, 1901 ; toolmaker ; 
res., South Bend, Ind. 

(Bl) WILLIAM BERNARD PATTON", b. Anderson, Ind., 

Oct. 31, 1921. 
(B2) GEORGE KENNETH PATTON", b. Anderson, Ind., 

Nov. 16, 1923. 

(C) MERLE PATTON", b. Anderson, Ind., Oct. 17, 1901; d. 
in infancy. 

(vi) MARY FRANCES HEATH", b. Rock, Kan., Feb. 16, 1878; 
m. Anderson, Ind., Dec. 28, 1896 to Harry W. Hill, b. Feb. 11, 
1871 ; m. 2nd, William H. Shott, Dec. 5, 1904 ; b. June 17, 1859. 

(A) NELLIE KATHLEEN HILL", b. Anderson, Ind., Feb. 11, 
1898; m. Louisville, Ky., Oct. 28, 1914 to William Ernest 
Brewster; machinist; b. May 16, 1895; res., Anderson, Ind. 


Ind., Feb. 3, 1916. 

Ind., Jan. 9, 1918. 
(A3) HARRY THOMAS BREWSTER", b. Anderson, Ind., 

Oct. 20, 1920. 
(A4) ERNEST EDWIN BREWSTER", b. Nov. 11, 1921. 

(A6) DONALD ALVIN BREWSTER", b. Apr. 23, 1923. 

(B) OPAL AGNES SHOTT", b. Anderson, Ind., Sept. 30, 1905. 

(C) LEO WILLIAM SHOTT", b. Anderson, Ind., July 16, 1907. 
(vii) JOSEPH ROBERT HEATH", b. Boone County, Ind., Sept. 15, 

1881; m. Matthews, Ind., Oct. 12, 1902 to Ethel May Brown, 
b. May 23, 1885 ; express agent office, Anderson, Ind. 
(A) MARY ELLEN HEATH", b. Anderson, Ind., Oct. 15, 1903; 
m. Detroit, Mich., Dec. 29, 1919 to Arthur Krueger. 
(Al) ROBERT LEWIS KRUEGER", b. Detroit, Mich., June 
9, 1921. 


(B) OLLIE MAY HEATH", b. Anderson, Ind., Sept. 25, 1904; 
m. Anderson, Ind., May 20, 1923 to Glen Houston; res., An- 
derson, Ind. 

(d) JOSEPH WILLIAM THOMPSON", b. Boone County, Ind.. Mar. 6, 
1844; m. Dec. 16, 1869 to Mary Isabel Thompson, b. Sept. 27, 1850, 
dau. of Cyrus and Clarissa (Eggleston) Thompson; d. Indianapolis, 
Ind., May 15, 1906; Civil War veteran; Mason; carpenter; bur. Mt. 
Jackson Cemetery, Indianapolis, Ind. 

(e) LYDIA N. THOMPSON'", b. Boone County, Ind., Apr. 3, 1850; m. 
Zionsville, Ind., July 2, 1866 to William Samuel Thomas; pharmacist; 
he d. 1890; she d. Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 26, 1915; both bur. Frank- 
ford, Ind. 

(i) FRANCES THOMAS", b. Oct., 1867, Zionsville, Ind. 


(B) ERNEST HALL'-', res., Indianapolis, Ind. 

(ii) WILLIAM LEE THOMAS", b. Dec. 28, 1869, Zionsville, Ind.; 

m. Brazil, Ind., Dec. 31, 1894 to Mary McNeill, dau. of Oliver 

and Eliza (Denham) McNeill; real estate, 
(iii) CLYDE THOMAS", b. 1871 ; d. 1873. 

(f) MARTHA KATE THOMPSON", b. Zionsville, Ind., Apr. 12, 1859; 
m. 1st, Winfield, Kan., to William Bryan; m. 2nd., Anderson, Ind., 
to Edward Moler; m. 3rd, Anderson, Ind., to Albert Hall, June 15, 
1918; a cement contractor; res., Los Angeles, Calif. 

(6) ELIZABETH HIGGINS', b. Butler County, Ohio, Dec. 12, 1823; d. Mar. 
12, 1824. 

(7) JOHN WESLEY HIGGINS', b. Butler County, Ohio, Dec. 24, 1824; 
m. 1st, Hamilton County, Ind., to Mary Ann Talitha Sims, dau. of 
James D. and Lucinda (Smith) Sims; b. Jan. 31, 1828, near Easley, S. C. ; 
she d. Indianapolis, Ind., July, 1850 ; m. 2nd, Hamilton County, Ind., Mar. 
20, 1851 to Eliza Jane Sims, dau. of James D. and Lucinda (Smith) Sims; 
b. Habersh^ County, Ga., Jan. 24, 1833 ; d. Sept. 16, 1927, Indianapolis, 
Ind. ; contractor and builder ; for thirty years master mechanic for Udell 
Wooden Ware Works, Indianapolis, Ind. ; he d. Apr. 24, 1907 ; bur. Crown 
Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Ind. 

(a) JAMES BENSIN HIGGINS", b. Boone County, Ind., May 10, 1847; 
m. 1st, Hamilton County, Ind., Dec. 29, 1869 to Emmeline Smith, 
b. Oct. 6, 1847, dau. of Andrew M. and Minerva (Wagaman) Smith; 
d. Fowler, Ind., Jan. 5, 1877; m. 2nd, May 14, 1879 to Margaret Eliza- 
beth Stultz, b. July 5, 1855, dau. of John and Mary Stultz ; she d. 
Aug. 28, 1926 ; he d. Dec. 5, 1929 ; both bur. in Crown Hill Cemetery, 
Indianapolis, Ind. ; Civil War veteran ; member George H. Thomas 
Post, G. A. R. ; Contractor ; res., Indianapolis, Ind. 
(i) ESTELLE HIGGINS", b. Oxford, Ind., 1872; d. in infancy, 
(ii) ALICE PEARL HIGGINS", b. Oxford, Ind., Jan. 15, 1874; m. 
Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 12, 1893 to John Henry Shoaf, b. Feb. 
24, 1868, son of David and Martha (Whistler) Shoaf; manu- 
facturer biscuit dies ; res., Indianapolis, Ind. ; she is member 
of D. A. R. 


(A) DORIS SHOAF", b. Richmond, Ind., Mar. 20, 1895; m. 
Sept. 1, 1915 to Harold Key Brown, b. Nov. 22, 1893, son of 
Samuel and Estella (Baldwin) Brown; hardware; res., Mar- 
tinsville, Ind. 

(Al) ELIZABETH MARIE BROWN", b. Toledo, Ohio, 

Aug. 11, 1916. 
(A2) JOHN SAMUEL BROWN", b. Saginaw, Mich., Mar. 

9, 1918. 

(B) MARIE SHOAF", b. Richmond, Ind., Dec. 29, 1896; m. Aug. 
31, 1925 to Joseph Ward Dorrell, son of Rand and Pearl 
(Talbot) Dorrell; he is a commercial salesman; she attended 
DePauw University ; Alpha Chi Omega. 

(Bl) JOSEPH WARD DORRELL", JR., b. Aug. 24, 1926. 
(iii) CLAUDE VINTON HIGGINS", b. Indianapolis, Ind., Mar. 22, 
1883; m. Michigantown, Ind., Sept. 24, 1905 to Dona Ethel 
Lowden, b. Feb. 26, 1883, dau. of Robert and Jeannette (Gray) 
Lowden; electrical engineer, general superintendent electrical 
plant ; res., Indianapolis, Ind. 


1906; m. June 2, 1929 to John Daniel Gifford, b. Mar. 19, 
1901, son of Fred and Marion (Campbell) Gifford. 
(Al) JEANINE GIFFORD", b. Oct. 30, 1930; res., Madison, 

(B) JAMES ROBERT HIGGINS", b. IndianapoHs, Ind., Feb. 21, 

(iv) NELLE PAULINE HIGGINS", b. Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 3, 
1889; m. Sept. 11, 1912 to William James Campbell, b. Jan. 13, 
1885, son of James K. and Mary (Wells) Campbell; manufac- 
turer of machinery; res., Indianapolis, Ind. 
(A) MARY LOUISE CAMPBELL", b. Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 
1, 1921. 

(b) MARY EMELINE HIGGINS", b. Hamilton. County, Ind., 1849; d. 

(c) JOHN THEODORE HIGGINS", b. Hamilton County, Ind., Jan. 24, 
1853 ; d. Apr., 1863. 

(d) MARGARET LUCINDA HIGGINS", b. Hamilton County, Ind., 
Nov. 15, 1856; m. Zionsville, Ind., May 30, 1878 to William Bowen 
Hammond, son of Philip D. and Pauline (Whitman) Hammond; 
editor; res., Minneapolis, Minn, and California. 

(i) ARTHUR DELANO HAMMOND", b. Indianapolis, Ind., 
Mar. 3, 1879 ; d. young. 

(ii) BERTHA KATE HAMMOND", b. Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 27, 
1880; m. Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 27, 1911 to John Ehrhardt 
Fiirbringer, son of John and Margaret Fiirbringer ; both musi- 
cians with Sherwood School of Music, at Stockton, Calif. 

Minn., Dec. 3, 1912. 

Calif., Aug. 11, 1916. 



Calif., May 10, 1920. 

(D) JANET ANNE FIIRBRINGER", b. Stockton, Calif., Apr. 
21, 1922. 

(iii) ALBERT CARL HAMMOND", b. Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 30, 
1882; m. Aitkin, Minn., Dec. 6, 1906 to Mrs. Pearl (Woodside) 
Dewey ; editor and publisher of newspaper ; res., Willits, Calif. 

(iv) ALFRED PERCY HAMMOND", b. Minneapolis, Minn., July 

4, 1884; m. Springfield, 111., Jan. 10, 1918 to Naomi Wilkins, 

dau. of Ralph Wilkins ; vice-president and general manager 

Steamship Co. ; res., San Francisco, Calif. 

(A) EMILY JANE HOLLEY HAMMOND", b. San Francisco, 

Calif., July 16, 1922. 

(v) JESSIE DOROTHY HAMMOND", b. Minneapolis, Minn., 
June 3, 1889; m. Los Angeles, Calif., Mar. 4, 1913 to Earl P. 
Anderson, son of John and Mary Anderson ; automobiles ; San 
Francisco, Calif. ; res., Berkeley, Calif. ; member of D. A. R. 

(A) BARBARA LAKE ANDERSON", b. Oakland, Calif., July 
28, 1915. 

(B) ROBERT HAMMOND ANDERSON", b. Berkeley, Calif., 
Apr. 20, 1920. 

(e) MELISSA JANE HIGGINS'", b. Hamilton County, Ind., Nov. 15, 
1856 (twin) ; m. Zionsville, Ind., Dec. 31, 1879 to Luther Mahlon 
Pentecost, son of Frank and Emeline (Reed) Pentecost; she d. May 
10, 1917; bur. at Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Ind. 
(i) RAYMOND PENTECOST", b. Mar. 16, 1881; d. in infancy. 
({) ORRA ANN ALICE HIGGINS", b. Zionsville, Ind., Nov. 7, 1860; 
m. Aug. 27, 1879 to John Lewis Calvin, son of Ira and Minerva 
(Pangborn) Calvin; res., Indianapolis, Ind., and Hallandale, Fla. ; 
she d. Dec. 7, 1928 ; he d. Feb. 2, 1930 ; both bur. at Crown Hill Ceme- 
tery, Indianapolis, Ind. 

(i) LILLIAN ISA CALVIN", b. Zionsville, Ind., Aug. 13, 1880; 
m. Apr. 17, 1901 to Jasper T. Peacock, b. Pfaflftown (now 
Winston- Salem), N. C, Oct. 16, 1877, son of Elias and Dora 
(Pfaff) Peacock; commercial salesman, artists' supplies; res., 
Chicago, 111. 

(A) ROBERT CALVIN PEACOCK", b. Indianapolis, Ind., May 
19, 1905; Armour Institute, Chicago, 111.; Delta Tau Delta; 
civil engineer, Chicago, 111. 

(B) RUTH ALICE PEACOCK", b. Jacksonville, Fla., Mar. 3, 

1908; d. Apr. 19, 1909. 
(ii) CLARENCE CECIL CALVIN", b. Zionsville, Ind., Sept. 17, 
1881 ; m. Indianapolis, Ind., July 30, 1906 to Nora Louise God- 
frey, dau. of Harry and Male (McFadden) Godfrey; hammer- 
smith ; res., Indianapolis, Ind. 

(A) HARRY LEWIS CALVIN", b. Detroit, Mich., May 10, 1907. 

(B) LILLIAN MAE CALVIN", b. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 29, 



(C) MAURICE GODFREY CALVIN", b. Detroit, Mich., July 
28, 1909. 

May 15, 1911; m. May 8, 1926 to George Wellington Kupfer; 
res., Richmond, Va. 

(Al) JOYCE ELIZABETH KUPFER", b. Aug. 1, 1927. 
(A2) HARRY STEWART KUPPER", b. Feb. 6, 1929. 

(E) WINNEFRED LOUISE CALVIN", b. Richmond, Va., 
June 24, 1919. 

(F) MARY VIRGINIA CALVIN", b. Richmond, Va., June 24, 


(G) GORDON PANGBORN CALVIN", b. Richmond, Va., June 

12, 1923; d. young. 
(g) EMMA FRANCES HIGGINS", b. Zionsville, Ind., Oct. 23, 1865; 
m. Indianapolis, Ind., June 9, 1886 to William Hubert Craft, b. June 6, 
1859, son of Henry Washington and Mary (Beach) Craft; he was a 
railway mail clerk for over forty years; he d. Dec. 14, 1928; member 
D. A. R., Indiana Historical Society. 

(i) HUBERT DEAN CRAFT", b. Indianapolis, Ind., Apr. 10, 
1887; m. Warsaw Ind., to Ethel May Brown, b. Sept. 18, 1884; 
d. Feb. 11, 1930; dau. of William D. and Salome (Benjamin) 
Brown; pipe organ builder; Scottish Rite Mason; res., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 
(A) DOROTHEA WILLADEAU CRAFT", b. May 24, 1916; 
C. A. R. 
(ii) KENNETH LAURENCE CRAFT", b. Indianapolis, Ind., Mar. 
14, 1890; m. Milwaukee, Wis., June 22, 1915 to Alice Maude 
Grobben, b. Leland, Mich., May 8, 1890, dau. of Lous J. and 
Ida (Barton) Grobben; DePauw University, Indiana University 
and Indiana State Medical School, M.D. ; first lieutenant Medical 
Corps in World War; American Legion, Scottish Rite Mason; 
res., Indianapolis, Ind. 

(A) MARJORY JANET CRAFT", b. Indianapolis, Ind., Mar. 25, 

(B) ROBERT LAURENCE CRAFT", b. Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. 

11, 1918; he is an active Boy Scout, 
(h) WILLIAM ADDISON HIGGINS", b. Zionsville, Ind., Sept. 11, 
1871; m. Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 6, 1911 to Kathryn Lena Brown, 
b. Jan. 31, 1872, dau. of Ethan Allen and Nancy (Ross) Brown; 
Wabash College, University of Chicago, A.B. 1896 ; teacher of language 
and history; after many years in Arizona they now res. near Tampa, 

(i) HELEN VIRGINIA HIGGINS", b. Kanab, Utah, Aug. 5, 

(8) MARY HIGGINS', b. Butler County, Ohio, July 16, 1827; d. in infancy. 

(9) WILLIAM HIGGINS", b. on farm in Butler County, Ohio, Sept. 13, 
1829; m. Boone County, Ind., Jan. 24, 1850 to Caroline Bowman, b. 
McMinn County, Tenn., July 11, 1828, dau. of George W. and Mary 


(Pickens) Bowman; she d. Nov. 29, 1898; he d. Oct. 29, 1898. For many 
years they lived at Joiletville, Hamilton County, Ind., and both are bur. 
at Eagle Creek Cemetery near that place. He, also, was a carpenter. He 
was a man of gentle, lovable nature and was devoted to his family. As a 
lad of seven years he accompanied his parents on their removal from 
Butler County, Ohio, to Boone, Ind. His reminiscences of the pioneer 
days in Indiana were most interesting. The only markets for wheat and 
other farm products were at Madison, Ind., on the Ohio River, or at 
Michigan City, Ind., 160 miles away on Lake Michigan. It required a 
week to make a trip to Michigan City with a load of wheat. This was 
sometimes exchanged for a barrel of salt, which was shared with the 

(a) GEORGE BENSON HIGGINS'", b. Hamilton County, Ind., Jan. 29. 
1851 ; m. Northfield, Ind., Mar. 6, 1889 to Emma R. Pitman, b. July 16, 
1869, dau. of Harrison and Amanda (Davis) Pitman; carpenter; 
res., Utleyville, Colo. 

(i) WILLIAM ARTIS HIGGINS", b. Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 7, 
1890; m. Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 11, 1920 to Alice Audrey Sher- 
man, b. Aug. 12, 1901; commercial salesman; res., ranch, Utley- 
ville, Colo. ; World War veteran, overseas 9 months. 

(ii) ORAN HARRISON HIGGINS", b. Anderson, Ind., Feb. 15, 
1901 ; mechanic ; res., Canon City, Colo. 

(b) MARGARET CLARA HIGGINS", b. Hamilton County, Ind., 1856; 
m. 1st, Daniel Fetron; m. 2nd, Frank Courtney, b. Whitestown, Ind., 
Apr. 16, 1866, son of Wallace and Nancy (DeLong) Courteney. They 
lived at Joiletville, Ind., and she d. there ; bur. Eagle Creek Cemetery. 

(i) LEO COURTENEY", b. Joiletville, Ind., Oct. 22, 1888; m. 
Catlin, Ind., July 5, 1909 to Lararena Jane Stonebreaker, b. 
Rosedale, Ind., Jan. 7, 1894, dau. of Edward and Mary Stone- 
breaker ; res., New Goshen, Ind. ; engineer. 

(A) FLORENCE L. COURTENEY'', b. Sullivan County, Ind., 
Aug. 9, 1910. 

(B) EDWARD F. COURTENEY^ b. Sullivan County, Ind., 
June 13, 1912; d. in infancy. 

(C) MARGUERITE E. COURTENEY". b. Sullivan County, 

Ind., July 31. 1913. 
(ii) GLADYS COURTENEY", b. Joiletville. Ind., 1890; d. in 

(c) CHARLES W. HIGGINS", b. Hamilton County, Ind., about 1861 ; d. 

(10) SARAH (Sallie) ANN HIGGINS', b. on a farm in Boone County, Ind., 
May 15, 1837; m. Lebanon, Ind., Sept. 18, 1855 to Artenius Morris, b. 
Pennsylvania; machinist; Civil War veteran; she d. Mar.. 1864; bur. 
Zionsville. Ind. 

(a) MARY BELLE MORRIS", b. Hamilton County, Ind., 1860; m. 
Indianapolis, Ind., about 1880; d. Indianapolis, Ind., about 1886. 

(i) SON", b. about 1883. 

(b) CELIA MORRIS", b. 1861 ; d. in infancy. 

(c) EDWARD MORRIS", b. about 1863; machinist. 


2605'. V. EUNICE, b. July 28, 1795; m. Mar. 4, 1811 to Andrew McCallough; 

she d. Aug. 13, 1820 ; res., . 

2605'. vi. PHOEBE, b. Nov. 8, 1797, Ohio County (West), Va.; m. Butler, 

County, Ohio, Nov. 15, 1819 to Henry Stephenson, b. Oct. 8, 1792, 

Melrose, Scotland, son of John and Isabella (Waugh) Stephenson. 

He came to America in 1810 with his parents. In 1834 he went to 

Boone County, Ind., with several brothers and brothers-in-law, and 

entered Government land. Dissatisfied with the land they had bought, 

they returned to Rush County, Ind. In 1837 they returned to Boone 

County and bought from the United States Government a farm on 

Finley Creek, Union Township, about a mile south of the village of 

Northfield, Ind. After his death on Nov. 8, 1843, his farm was bought 

by his son George, and Phoebe lived on that farm with her son's family 

until her death on Feb. 13, 1870. Both were bur. in the Little Eagle 

Cemetery, a few miles east of the farm. 

(1) ISABELLA STEPHENSON', b. Butler County, Ohio, about 1820; m. 

1st, John McCoy, Boone County, Ind., about 1838; m. 2nd, John Frost. 

(a) HENRY D. McCOY", b. Northfield, Boone County, Ind., June 3, 1839 ; 

after serving as a soldier in the Union Army, he went to Iowa to live 

and in 1866 he m. at Knoxville, la., Martha Ann Brady. He lived 

all his life at Knoxville, la., where his wife now res. ; he d. 1929. 

(i) LYDIA ISABELLA McCOY", b. May 21, 1867; m. Dec. 22, 

1884 to Howard Rousseau; m. 2nd, Frank Moose, Apr. 4, 1887. 

(A) JOHN DAVID ROUSSEAU", b. Jan. 12, 1886; m. Feb. 21, 

1906 to Edith Hoover, b. Sept. 21, 1885. 
(Al) HAROLD ROUSSEAU", b. May 18, 1908. 
(A2) CONSTANCE ROUSSEAU", b. Nov. 5, 1911. 
(A3) DALE ROUSSEAU", b. Nov. 11, 1913. 

(B) CONN W. MOOSE", b. Feb. 13, 1888; m. Ruth A. Moose, b. 

Dec. 16, 1891. 
(Bl) CONN W. MOOSE", JR., b. Dec. 21, 1914, Omaha, 

(B2) ROBERT ALPHEUS MOOSE", b. Dec. 28, 1916. 
Omaha, Neb. 
(ii) ELME B. McCOY", b. Apr. 18, 1869; m. June 3, 1890 to Jessie 
Tucker, b. Sept. 30, 1868. 

(A) MAMIE LEAH McCOY", b. Sept. 19, 1891; m. Sept. 18, 
1915 to Edward Peterson, b. July 21, 1894. 

(Al) EUGENE KENNA PETERSON", b. June 26, 1916. 
(A2) DONALD EDWARD PETERSON", b. Apr. 11, 1918. 

(B) LIVA JEAN McCOY", b. Mar. 3, 1893; m. Sept. 18, 1917 to 
Richard Covert, b. Sept. 25, 1893. 

(C) CARL McCOY", b. Dec. 26, 1894; m. 1923. 

(D) EDWARD McCOY", b. Sept. 23, 1897; m. twice, second wife 
Lela Pritchett, b. July 31, 1904; m. July 20, 1923. 

(Dl) DOROTHY McCOY", dau. of first wife. 

(E) WALTER McCOY", b. Jan. 1, 1902; in college. 

(F) PEARL McCOY", b. Apr. 10, 1904; m. Nov. 21, 1922 to 
Edw. Charles Alburtus, b. Dec. 23, 1898. 


(Fl) LOUE ALBURTUS", b. Sept. 21, 1923. 
(G) ELMO BARNEY McCOY", JR., b. May 3, 1909. 
(iii) WILLIAM HENRY McCOY", b. Dec. 1, 1870; m. Dec. 22, 
1898 to Ada May Collins, b. July, 1869. 
(A) WILMA McCOY", b. Sept. 5, 1905. 
(iv) FRANK DELNO McCOY", b. Jan. 20, 1873 ; m. June 17, 1909 
to Florence Cuysinger, b. Aug. 11, 1886. 

(A) RUTH IRENE McCOY", b. May 1, 1910. 

(B) THELMA INA McCOY", b. Nov. 21, 1911. 

(C) THOMAS FRANK McCOY", b. Jan. 24, 1916. 

(D) ROBERT McCOY", b. Feb. 1, 1924. 

(v) ARCHIE LEONIDAS McCOY", b. Sept. 21, 1875; m. Dec. 22, 
1897 to Arlie Edith Collins. 

(A) LELAND McCOY", b. Feb. 21, 1899; m. June 27, 1917 to 
Bessie Fisher, b. Dec. 22, 1901. 

(Al) LELAND McCOY", JR., b. Sept. 21, 1919. 

(A2) MARY ELIZABETH McCOY", b. Oct. 17, 1921. 

(B) RICHARD McCOY", b. Dec. 22, 1901. 

(C) ROBERT McCOY", b. Oct. 30, 1904. 

(vi) CHARLES LEONARD McCOY", b. Apr. 27, 1878; m. Apr. 
15, 1901 to Ada Staggs, b. Apr. 15, 1883; m. 2nd, Nov. 17, 1909 
to Nora Adams, b. May 19, 1885. 

(A) HELEN McCOY", b. Mar. 6, 1902. 

(B) LESTER CHARLES McCOY", b. Dec. 3, 1910. 

(C) MONA GENEVIEVE McCOY", b. Nov. 2, 1912. 

(vii) JOHN ISAAC McCOY", b. Aug. 21, 1880; m. Apr. 12, 1911 
to Delora Ufford, b. Feb. 25, 1888. 

(viii) DOLLIE MYRTLE McCOY", b. Sept. 19, 1883; m. Dec. 23, 
1903 to Prof. Alexis Ben Kori, who was b. Feb. 10, 1884, 
Tripole, Syria, Asia Minor. Professor Kori came to America 
with his parents at the age of sixteen and attended Hiram 
College, Drake University and Chicago University ; he teaches 
several languages. 

(A) DOROTHY ANN KORI", b. Oct. 24, 1904, Waco, Tex. 

(B) GRACE MARIE KORI", b. Sept. 3, 1917, Jacksonville, Fla. 

(C) ALEXIS BEN KORI", JR., b. Sept. 26, 1921, Fulton, Mo. 
(ix) BERT McCOY", b. Sept. 19, 1883; m. 1912 to Alma Irene 

Brush, b. Jan. 5, 1888. 

(A) JEAN IRENE McCOY", b. Aug. 21, 1913. 

(B) BERT WENDELL McCOY", b. Oct. 7, 1914. 

(C) PAUL SAMUEL McCOY", b. Sept. 7, 1922, Pierre, S. D. 
(x) HARRY IRIS McCOY", b. June 2Z, 1885; d. May 24, 1910; 

(xi) CLETA GENEVIEVE McCOY", b. Dec. 22>, 1892; m. 1st, Sept. 
19, 1914 to Homer Garner; m. 2nd, Jan. 5, 1924 to Kenneth 
Young, of Des Moines, la. 
(A) NORMA JEAN GARNER", b. Feb. 19, 1918. 
(b) WILLIAM L. McCOY'". 






(g) ELLA FROST'". 


(2) LEONIDAS STEPHENSON", b. Butler County, Ohio, about 1822; m. 
1st, cousin Nancy Stephenson, dau of Thomas Stephenson. 








(3) GEORGE STEPHENSON", b. Butler County, Ohio, Oct. 10, 1824; m. 
about 1845 to Sarah Johns, and lived all his life on the farm his father had 
bought of the United States Government. After the death of his w^ife, 
and about the time of his second marriage to Jane Gregory, of Eagle 
Village, b. Dec. 5, 1831, he changed the spelling of his name to "Steven- 
son"; she d. May 2, 1903; he d. Feb. 11, 1911; both bur. at the Little 
Eagle Cemetery. 

(a) HARRIET STEPHENSON", b. Boone County, Ind., July 3, 1846; 
m. July 17, 1866 to Henry Wiley Nichols, b. Nov. 30, 1839, who had 
served as second lieutenant in the Union Army for four years ; she d. 
Oct. 22, 1902. 

(i) ROSA NICHOLS", b. Sept. 4, 1867; d. Oct. 21, 1867. 
(ii) ELLA NICHOLS", b. July 8, 1870; m. Dec. 25, 1890 to Mil- 
ton O. Lane; res., Zionsville, Ind. 

(A) GRACE MAY LANE", b. Jan. 16, 1894; m. Chas. S. Monroe, 
June 27, 1917; res., Zionsville, Ind. 

(B) BESSIE FERN LANE", b. July 29, 1895; m. Glenn Neese, 

Oct. 9, 1915; res., Zionsville, Ind. 
(Bl) RICHARD LEON NEESE", b. May 24, 1916. 

(C) FANNIE VANETA LANE", b. Dec. 25, 1898; m. Frank 
Wurtzler, Apr. 2, 1919; res., Zionsville, Ind. 

(iii) GEORGE S. NICHOLS", b. Jan. 30, 1874; m. Oct. 6, 1915 to 

Annie Akers, b. July 29, 1887. 
(iv) ALONZO W. NICHOLS", b. Apr. 16, 1877; m. 1st, Apr., 1900 

Mary Cordian; m. 2nd, Oct., 1923 to Lida Vickers. 

(A) WILET LEE NICHOLS", b. Jan. 25, 1910. 

(B) MARY NICHOLS", b. June 15, 1912. 

(C) MAUDE NICHOLS", b. June 15, 1912. 

(b) FRANK STEPHENSON", d. in childhood. 

(c) ROSA STEPHENSON", d. in childhood. 

(d) WILLIAM ORA STEPHENSON", b. July 7, 1850; m. Dec. 23, 
1880 to Alpha Clark, b. May 22, 1862; and they live on their farm 
north of Rosston, Boone County, Ind. 


(i) LULA STEPHENSON", b. Oct. 28, 1881 ; m. Nov. 3, 1901 to 
Wesley Akerd, b. Mar. 13, 1876; lives in Terhune, Ind. 

(A) DELORUS AKERD", b. Mar. 22,, 1903; registered nurse. 

(B) LORENZE AKERD", b. Sept. 8, 1904. 

(ii) DR. JOSEPH CLARK STEPHENSON", b. Oct. 21, 1886, 
Sheridan, Ind.; d. New Orleans, La., Nov. 10, 1931. He was 
educated at the University of Chicago where he received his B.S. 
degree in 1907; at the University of Berlin, Germany; Univer- 
sity of Wisconsin where he received his Ph.D. degree in 1916; 
and at Rush Medical School, Chicago, 111., where he received his 
M.D. degree. He interned and was assistant resident surgeon 
under Dr. Joseph Colt Bloodgood at Johns Hopkins at Baltimore, 
Md. He did research work at Bermuda Island, at the Carnegie 
Institute, Cold Spring Harbor, L. I., N. Y., and at the Biological 
Station, Woods Hole, Mass. He held positions as teaching 
fellow and assistant at the University of Chicago and Wiscon- 
sin. Instructor of embryology and comparative anatomy at Wash- 
ington University, St. Louis ; assistant professor of anatomy at 
the University of Cincinnati ; associate professor in anatomy at 
the University of Illinois, College of Medicine. In 1919 Doctor 
Stephenson was made professor and head of the Anatomy De- 
partment at the University of Oklahoma Medical School. Here 
he held the first extensive courses in anatomy for graduate doctors 
that had been held in the United States. He was head of the 
Anatomy Department at the Medical School at the University of 
Oklahoma until Sept., 1931, when he was made head of the 
Anatomy Department of the State University of Louisiana, Med- 
ical School at New Orleans, La. On Dec. 27, 1919 he m. Alice 
Marie Gerlach, author "The French Doll — a Phantasy," and 
member of the National League of American Pen Women. She 
is the dau. of the Hon. John J. Gerlach, banker and merchant 
(see "Who's Who in America") and Mrs. Gerlach, of Woodward, 
Okla., b. Nov. 4, 1894, Woodward, Okla. Mrs. Stephenson is 
a descendant of Alexander Ross, one of the founders of the 
Quaker Church in Virginia. Her Revolutionary ancestors were 
Maj. John Allen and Robert Allen. She is listed in "Some Early 
Settlers of the Daughters of American Revolution of the State 
of Oklahoma. He was a fellow in American Medical Associa- 
tion, member American Association for the Advancement of 
Science, Sigma Xi, Scientific National Graduate Society, Gamma 
Alpha, Graduate Scientific Fraternity, A. K. K. Medical Frater- 
nity, Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity, Oklahoma Academy of 
Science. Member of the Sons of the American Revolution; 
state vice-president of Oklahoma in 1930-31 of the Sons of the 
American Revolution. His biography appears in "Makers of 
Oklahoma," member of science, and is now being compiled for 
the 1932 "National Cyclopedia of American Biography." 
(A) MARGARET MARIE STEPHENSON", b. July 21, 1931, 
Oklahoma City, Okla. 


(e) NANCY STEPHENSON", b. Aug. 2, 1851; d. Feb. 8, 1922; m. 
Willington Bristow. 

(i) BERTHA BRISTOW", b. June 13, 1880; m. Apr. 21, 1909 to 
Albert Murphy, b. Dec. 7, 1884. 

(A) EVA EMALINE MURPHY", b. July 27, 1911. 

(B) SARAH JANE MURPHY", b. May 12, 1914. 

(ii) GEORGE BRISTOW", b. 1883; m. Dec. 31, 1902 to Anna 
, b. Mar. 27, 1883 ; nine children. 

(f) EVA MAY STEVENSON", b. Aug. 24, 1862; d. May 5, 1885; m. 
Geo. Dodson, 1883, b. Mar. 18, 1855 ; d. Sept. 4, 1899. 

(i) CLARENCE C. DODSON", b. Jan. 16, 1885 ; m. Feb. 25, 1904 
to Effie Mae Lawrence, b. May 1, 1887. 

(A) GEORGE DODSON", b. Sept. 11, 1905; d. July 9, 1916. 

(B) EVA MAE DODSON", b. Apr. 28, 1910. 

(C) EDITH DODSON", b. May 29, 1913. 

(D) ERNEST ROSCOE DODSON", b. May 21, 1917. 

(E) PAUL EDWARD DODSON", b. Sept. 5, 1919. 

(F) VIRGIL JAMES DODSON", b. Jan. 25, 1922. 

(G) WILBUR C. DODSON, b. Nov. 21, 1924. 

(g) PRINCE ALBERT STEVENSON", b. Oct. 14, 1864; m. Ada 
Minerva Stultz, Feb. 6, 1892; b. Aug. 14, 1870; he is a farmer and 
lives in Boone County, Zionsville, Ind. 

(i) RUBY MEARL STEVENSON", b. June 19, 1893; m. Apr. 12, 
1909 to Clarence Benjamin Mabrey, b. Nov. 25, 1889. 

(A) BEULAH VANITA MABREY", b. Feb. 11, 1910. 

(B) LILLIAN BERNETTA MABREY", b. Feb. 13, 1912. 

(ii) NAOMI MAUD STEVENSON", b. Feb. 21, 1895; m. June 
10, 1916 to John Blaine Haines, b. Mar. 25, 1895; he is a tailor; 
lives in Indianapolis, Ind. 

(A) MALCOLM PAUL HAINES", b. May 6, 1917. 

(B) JOHN KEITH HAINES", b. Dec. 22, 1918. 

(C) GENOA CARROLL HAINES", b. Dec. 22, 1920. 

(iii) PAUL REVERE STEVENSON", b. Jan. 17, 1897; m. Sept. 1, 
1920 to Joyce Loretta Whitinger, b. Nov. 16, 1903. Served as 
sergeant engineer in World War, 1918-19, at Tours, France, 
most of the period. Now an accountant employed by the Real 
Silk Hosiery Co., Indianapolis, Ind. 

(iv) IDA LUCILE STEVENSON", b. May 6, 1899; m. Oct. 28, 
1918 to Verl Ortwein, b. Mar. 8, 1900; farmer; res., Sheridan, 

(A) PHILLIP GRAYDON ORTWEIN", b. May 21, 1919. 

(B) ROBERT WARREN ORTWEIN", b. Jan. 23, 1921. 

(C) ", b. 1926. 

(h) GENOA STEVENSON", b. Nov. 9, 1867; d. Nov. 19, 1889; unm. 
(i) CHARLES ASTOR STEVENSON", b. Feb. 15, 1870; m. Aug. 14, 
1892 to Viola Jane Lane, b. Feb. 11, 1870; he is a grain dealer; res., 
Frankfort, Ind. He had a twin ; d. at birth. 

(i) KENYON STEVENSON", b. May 31, 1895; m. June 1, 1920 
to Louise Hervey, b. May 2, 1896. His business is director of 


advertising for the Armstrong Cork Co., Lancaster, Pa. He 
served two years in the World War, from private to second 
lieutenant, Field Artillery in American Expeditionary Forces and 
Army of Occupation. Author of "History of 21st Field Artil- 
lery" and "Fifth Division in the World War." Has A.B., In- 
diana University in 1920. Res., Lancaster, Pa. 

(A) MILDRED LOUISE STEVENSON", b. Apr. 28, 1921. 

(B) KENYON STEVENSON", JR., b. Feb. 5, 1924. 

(C) JAMES DAVID STEVENSON", b. Dec. 14, 1925. 

(ii) HAZEL FRANCES STEVENSON", b. Jan. 25, 1898; m. Sept. 
8, 1921 to Carroll R. Acherman ; he is an auditor and employed 
by United States Government, Washington, D. C. 
(A) WALTER LANE ACHERMAN", b. Jan. 3, 1926. 

(iii) FAYETTE PEARL STEVENSON", b. Aug. 27, 1901; m. 
July, 1923 to J. Ernest Carr; in shoe business at Lafayette, Ind. 

(A) CHRISTINE CARR", b. Sept., 1924. 

(B) MARJORIE ANN CARR", b. Apr. 1, 1929. 

(j) GEORGE EMMET STEVENSON" (twin), b. Apr. 4, 1872; m. 
1st, Sept. 7, 1895 to Lucile Jackson, b. Dec. 23, 1871 ; d. May 5, 1905; 
m. 2nd, Dec. 24, 1906 to Edna Hickson, b. Jan. 17, 1880; he is a manu- 
facturer ; res., Indianapolis, Ind. 

(i) GEORGE RtJSSELL STEVENSON", b. Mar. 23, 1897. 
(ii) JAMES ROSCOE STEVENSON", b. Sept. 21, 1901. 
(iii) JULIA MARY STEVENSON", b. Dec. 11, 1910. 
(iv) CHARLES ALBERT STEVENSON", b. July 10, 1914. 
(v) MARGARET JANE STEVENSON", b. Feb. 21, 1917. 
(vi) ROBERT WILLIAM STEVENSON", b. Mar. 24, 1920. 
(k) EDWARD STEVENSON", b. Apr. 4, 1872; d. Aug. 17, 1872. 
2605'. vii. ELIJAH COLBERT, b. July 26, 1799; m. Feb. 8, 1823 to Jerusha 

Blair; he d. 1842. 
2605*. viii. JOHN WESLEY, b. Mar. 18, 1801; m. 1824 to Jane Craton; he d. 

Feb. 24, 1840. 
2605*. ix. SARAH, b. Jan. 11, 1803; m. Nov. 20, 1819 to William T. Friend, 
b. Nov. 20, 1798; she d. Aug. 18, 1833; he d. 1872, West Woodsville, 
Ohio. Sarah Foote emigrated to Ohio, with her father, descending the 
river of that name, with his family on a flat boat and made a settlement 
at Columbia, in Hamilton County which was then an almost complete 
wilderness. Remaining there for only a short time he came to Warren 
County where Mrs. Friend has ever since resided. By leading an ex- 
emplary Christian life, she endeared herself to all with whom she was 

(1) ELIAS FRIEND', b. Jan. 14, 1823; m. Mary Ann ; he d. Oct. 22, 




(2) JOHN FRIEND', b. July 8, 1824; d. May 1, 1885. 

(3) ADAM FRIEND", b. Sept. 30, 1826; d. Jan. 24, 1896. 


(4) MELISSA FRIEND*, b. July 7, 1827, Woodville, Ohio; m. Dec. 12, 1849 
to William J. Skidmore, b. Aug. 2, 1824, Moscoe Creek, Ind. ; she d. Aug. 
22, 1902; he d. Dec. 19, 1912. 







(j) FANNIE B. SKIDMORE", b. Feb. 7, 1866, Maineville, Ohio; m, 
July 12, 1882 to Calvin Hill, b. Oct. 14, 1864. 
(i) SHERMAN P. HILL", b. Dec. 24, 1883, Maineville, Ohio; m. 

Dec, 1905 to Matilda HoUerman, b. Aug. 27, 1883, Cincinnati, 

(ii) CARRIE J. HILL", b. Nov. 5, 1885, Maineville, Ohio; m. 

Aug. 6, 1900 to Cecil Heurer, b. July 12, 1879, Reading, Ohio. 

(A) WILLARD HEURER", b. Aug. 6, 1902, Arlington, Ohio; m. 
1921 to Dorothy McNally, b. 1903, Connersville, Ind. 

(B) JOSEPH HEURER", b. June 6, 1904, Elmwood, Ohio; m. 

June 6, 1921 to Frances Snoddy, b. 1905, Connersville, Ind. 

(C) GARNETTA HEURER", b. Mar., 1906, Carthage, Ohio. 

(D) ALVINA HEURER", b. Aug. 30, 1910, Carthage, Ohio. 

(E) VIRGIL HEURER", b. June 6, 1921, Carthage, Ohio. 

(iii) BELLE HILL", b. Sept. 30, 1887, Maineville, Ohio; m. Dec. 18, 

1908 to Allen Meguire, b. Apr. 17, 1887. 
(iv) ZETTA HILL" b. Feb., 1890, Maineville, Ohio; m. Sept. 26, 

1907 to Charles Elsten, b. May 13, 1888, Foster, Ohio. 

(A) MARIE ELSTEN", b. May 16, 1908, Kings Mills, Ohio. 

(B) PAUL ELSTEN", b. Aug. 2, 1909, Kings Mills, Ohio, 
(v) PARVY HILL", b. Nov. 29, 1897, Maineville, Ohio, 
(vi) ALICE HILL", b. Nov. 19, 1901, Maineville, Ohio. 

(viii) SARAH HILL", b. June 6, 1905, Maineville, Ohio; d. Aug. 6, 

(5) WILLIAM T. FRIEND', b. Sept. 8, 1830; m. Rachel Morris; d. May 22, 

(6) EMILY J. FRIEND*, b. Sept. 13, 1832; d. Aug. 6, 1839. 

(7) JOSEPH FRIEND*, b. Oct. 2, 1834; d. Aug. 6, 1835. 

(8) SARA FRIEND*, b. Jan. 9, 1836; d. Jan. 7, 1912. 

(9) MARY E. FRIEND*, b. Feb. 6, 1839, Maineville, Ohio; m. Dec. 8, 1856 
to James Colgate Redman, b. Oct. 8, 1835, son of John Redman; he res. 
and d. at Maineville, Ohio, Feb. 6, 1903. 

(a) JOHN WILLIAM REDMAN", b. Oct. 28. 1857; m. Feb. 6, 1883 to 
Hattie E. Snyder, b. June 18, 1861, dau. of Jacob Snyder; res., 
Ft. Scott, Kan. 

(i) CLIFFORD REDMAN", b. Nov. 6, 1884. 
(ii) EARL REDMAN" b. June, 1887. 

(iii) JAMES JACOB REDMAN", b. Nov. 30, 1890; m. 1913 to 
Carrie Shoemaker, dau. of William Shoemaker, of Ft. Scott, 
Kan.; he d. Sept. 7, 1914. 


(b) SARAH ELIZA REDMAN'", b. Jan. 20, 1859; d. Jan. 30, 1859. 

(c) MARTHA LOUISA REDMAN'", b. May 23, 1860; m. May 4, 1882 
to George B. Fouche, b. Oct. 8, 1852, son of Temple Fouche ; res., 
Maineville, Ohio. 

(d) EDWIN STANTON REDMAN", b. Aug. 16, 1866; m. Nov. 15, 
1893 to Lillie E. Moore, b. Dec. 18, 1871; d. Mar., 1923, dau. of 
George Moore ; res., Ft. Scott, Kan. 

(i) BESSIE MAY REDMAN", b. July 21, 1894; d. July 12, 1917. 

(e) HORACE GREELEY REDMAN", b. Mar. 29, 1868; d. July 2, 1878. 

(f) DEBORAH JACKSON REDMAN", b. July 8, 1870; m. Apr. 24, 
1889 to Geo. H. Feldkamp, b. Jan. 30, 1868; d. July 17, 1917, son of 
Herman Feldkamp ; she d. Dec. 24, 1909 ; res., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

(i) CLARA FELDKAMP", b. Jan. 3, 1892; m. Apr. 9, 1914 to 
Ralph Murphy, b. Nov. 21, 1892. 

(A) LOUISE MURPHY", b. Jan. 19, 1915. 

(B) DONALD MURPHY", b. Sept. 16, 1917. 

(C) RAYMOND MURPHY", b. Mar. 21, 1922. 
(ii) LESLIE FELDKAMP", b. Nov. 17, 1896. 
(iii) STANLEY FELDKAMP", b. Dec. 3, 1904. 

(g) ALICE CLINTON REDMAN", b. Dec. 8, 1874; d. Aug. 3, 1892. 
(h) DAVID SMITH REDMAN", b. Aug. 17, 1876; m. Apr. 9, 1901 to 

Laura Whalen, dau. of Nimrod Whalen; res., Chicago, 111. 
(i) ROBERTA REDMAN", b. May 28, 1905. 
(ii) DAVID NIMROD REDMAN", b. Nov. 5, 1912. 
(i) EDITH REDMAN", b. June 22, 1881 ; m. Nov. 19, 1902 to Harry S. 
Smith, b. Nov. 5, 1880, son of Jacob W. Smith ; merchant ; res., Maine- 
ville, Ohio. 

(i) ELIZABETH SMITH", b. Dec. 11, 1906. 
(ii) BERT SMITH", b. Apr. 22, 1912. 
(j) LEROY REDMAN", b. Feb. 14, 1885; m. Feb. 23, 1914 to Edna L. 
Schimel, dau. of Charlie Schimel ; he d. July 25, 1914 ; res., Maine- 
ville, Ohio. 
(10) AMOS B. FRIEND^ b. Apr. 18, 1841; m. Rella Jordan; he d. Feb. 2, 

(a) LOUIE BELLE FRIEND", m. Louis Grant. 

(i) WALTER BAMGHAM GRANT", d. at birth. 

(ii) HAROLD E. BAMGHAM GRANT", d. 20 months of age. 




(b) LILLIAN FRIEND", m. Millard E. Lowery; no children. 

(c) LAMAR FRIEND", m. Lillian McKie. 


(d) FRED FRIEND", m. 1st, Marie Kempston; m. 2nd, Annette Holton. 

(ii) MARTHA FRIEND", b. Apr. 30, 1843; m. David Smith; she 
d. Dec. 28, 1912. 


2605". X. AMOS B., b. 1807; m. 1st, Betsey Tuttle; m. 2nd, Susanna Livingston- 

m. 3rd. Elizabeth Allen, 4126""''. 
2605". xi. ISAAC ALBERT, b. 1810. 
2605". xii. LUCY AMANDY, b. 1812; m. Wilfred Eusick. 

1260. JOSEPH FOOTE (443, 131, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. about 1773; m. Rebecca 

; he d. Apr. 18, 1825, ae. 52; gravestone in Talcott Cemetery, Lanesborough, 

Mass. ; res., Lanesborough, Mass. He was a member of St. Luke's Episcopal Church] 
Lanesborough, Mass. She d. in Wisconsin. 

2605". i. SALLY (Sarah), b. Mar. 19, 1800, Lanesborough, Mass.; d. in Wis- 
2605". ii. ALFRED, b. Apr. 29, 1802, Lanesborough, Mass.; d. Jan. 12, 1823; 

bur. in Lanesborough, Mass.; Talcott Cemetery. 
2605". iii. EUNICE, b. Sept. 26, 1804, Lanesborough, Mass. ; m. James Loyal 

Brooks, of Connecticut. They had a son Solomon Brooks, who had a 

dau. Julia Brooks. 
2605". iv. ELIZA, b. Oct. 26, 1805, Lanesborough, Mass.; m. William T. White; 

he d. Aug. 13, 1826; bur. in Talcott Cemetery; she d. Aug. 10, 182—'. 
2605". V. MARIA HULDAH, b. Jan. 22, 1809, Lanesborough, Mass. ; d. Nov. 1, 

1826; bur. in Talcott Cemetery, Lanesborough, Mass. 
2605". vi CORDELIA JERUSHA, b. Aug. 15, 1812, Lanesborough, Mass. ; d. 

Aug. 5, 1834; bur. in Talcott Cemetery, Lanesborough, Mass. 
2605". vii. JANE ANN, b. Dec. 11, 1814, Lanesborough, Mass.; d. Dec. 11, 1846; 

bur. in Talcott Cemetery, Lanesborough, Mass. 
2605=°. viii. MARY FRANCES, b. about 1821 ; d. Apr. 25, 1831 ; bur. in Talcott 

Cemetery, Lanesborough, Mass. 
2605". ix. AUGUSTUS IRA (twin), d. 1903 in Wisconsin. 
2605". X. ARGALUS ISAAC (twin), m. Adelia N. Gregory, 4126"-4126'*. 

2162. AMOS FOOTE (443, 131, 39, 11, 3, 1), was a member of St. Luke's Epis- 
copal Church, Lanesborough, Mass. 

2606. i. HARRIET, b. July 18, 1800; m. Carlton Clapp; res., Pompey Hill, 

N. Y. 

(1) GOLFORD CLAPP», res., Pompey Hill, N. Y. 

(2) DeLANCY CLAPP», res., Pompey Hill, N. Y. 

2607. ii. AMOS C, b. Nov. 4, 1801 ; m. Lydia Tallman, 4127"'. 

2608. iii. MELANCTON C, b. May 23, 1804 ; d. . 

2609. iv. RULANDUS SHERMAN, b. Nov. 10, 1806; m. Eliza Andrus, 4128». 

2610. v. PHEBE M., b. Jan. 14, 1809; d. June 17, 1816; bur. Lanesborough, 


2611. vi. SARAH ELIZABETH, b. Nov. 18, 1810; m. Jan., 1837 to John Tal- 

man, b. Galway, N. Y., on the battlefield of Saratoga, Dec. 16, 1810; 

d. Rochester, N. Y., June, 1885; bur. Perinton, near Fairport, N. Y. ; 

she d. Rochester, N. Y., Apr. 28, 1883. 
(1) BYRON TALMAN', b. Wayne County, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1838; captain of 
Co. H, 22nd N. Y. Cavalry in Civil War; he d. New Brighton, Minn., 
Nov. IS, 1909; res., Saskatchewan, Canada. 

(a) CHARLES BYRON TALMAN", b. 1865, Antler. 

(b) WILLIAM HENRY TALMAN", b. 1868. 

(c) GEORGE TALMAN'", res., Denver, Colo. 


(d) JULIA TALMAN", b. 1874; m. Peter Ackerman. 

(e) IDA MAY TALMAN", m. Horace Hurd ; bur. Williams, la. 

(f) ELIZABETH TALMAN", b. 1878; m. Ira C. Thompson; res., Buhl, 


(2) HARRIET TALMAN', b. Perinton, Monroe County, N. Y., Apr. 12, 
1840 ; m. Colvin ; res., Denver, Colo. 

(3) JOHN TALMAN', b. Perinton, N. Y., July 30, 1851 ; m. Feb., 1874 to 
Rena A. Doney, dau. of Thomas Doney, of Elgin, III., b. Tavistock, 
Devonshire, England, 1809; d. Mar. 17, 1890, Chicago, 111.; an English 
artist. He entered the newspaper business at the age of twenty and from 
that time until May 1, 1905, was connected in editorial capacities with the 
following newspapers : Democrat and Chronicle, Post Express and Sunday 
Tribune, of Rochester, N. Y. ; Albany Argus, five years ; St. Paid Pioneer 
Press, Globe and Dispatch, and Minneapolis Journal. Was managing 
editor of the Pioneer Press. From May 1, 1905, until the spring of 1908 
devoted whole time to newspaper correspondence, not being connected 
with any paper here. On October 1, 1908, he became newspaper librarian 
of the Minnesota Historical Society. Has written a great deal of verse, 
much of which appeared in the Magazine of Poetry, Buffalo, N. Y., for 
July, 1891, and in a monumental work known as "Local and National 
Poets of America," published in Chicago, 1890. 

(a) SARAH IRENE TALMAN'", b. Albany, N. Y., January 9, 1875; 
m. 1914 to Herbert R. Dewart ; res., Portland, Me. 
(i) HATTIE BUTLER DEWART", m. Dudley M. Shively; res.. 
South Bend, Ind. 
(A) DUDLEY M. SHIVELY", lawyer; res.. South Bend, Ind. 

2613. viii. ALBERTUS B., b. Nov. 3, 1818; m. Caroline W. Goodsell, 4129". 

2614. ix. CHARLES PARMELE, b. Feb. 12, 1823 ; m. 4131'. 

2615. i. JULIA MARIA (page 265), m. Charles L. Stilson. 

2616. ii. CATHERINE HAWLEY (1270, 447, 134, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. Jan. 31, 

1811 ; m. Oct. 23, 1830 to Beach Camp, of Newtown, Conn., b. July 27, 
1806; d. July 8, 1885; she d. Jan. 19, 1888; he was vestryman and 
warden of Trinity Church, Newtown, Conn., forty years. 

(1) WILLIAM CAMP', b. May 23, 1832; m. Nov. 26, 1857 to Orpha Randall, 
of Roxbury, Conn., b. Aug. 30, 1835; he d. Newtown, Conn., Mar. 23, 1864; 
he was a physician at Kent, Conn. 

(a) WILLIAM HENRY CAMP", b. May 3, 1861 ; m. Jane Adams, of 
Canaan, Conn. ; druggist ; d. Feb., 1906 ; bur. Canaan, Conn. 

(2) JULIA ANN CAMP', b. Newtown, Conn., June 29, 1835; m. May 8, 
1861 to Ogden Tuttle, of Minneapolis, Minn., b. Nov. 5, 1822; d. Minne- 
apolis, Minn., Oct. 29, 1898; she d. Newtown, Conn., June 12, 1880. 

(a) WILLIAM BEACH TUTTLE'", b. Oct. 12, 1862; m. Oct. 14, 1885 
to Lizzie Barber, of Hudson, Wis., b. Apr., 1862; Mr. Tuttle is in the 
real estate business at Minneapolis, Minn. 

(i) MARION TUTTLE", b. Oct. 16, 1886. 






(3) JANE ELIZA CAMP', b. at Newtown, Conn., Apr. 6, 1837; m. Oct. 10, 
1858 to Ezra Levan Johnson, of Newtown, Conn., b. Nov. 11, 1832, son of 
Charles and Julia M. Johnson. 

(a) WILLIAM CAMP JOHNSON" (twin), b. June 16, 1862; m. Oct. 
10, 1889 to Kathrine Augusta Lake, b. Jan. 29, 1862, dau. of Samson B. 
and Sarah M. Lake; Mr. Johnson has been in the ice business many 
years; representative in the Legislature, 1909 and 1911; res., Newtown, 

(b) CHARLES BEACH JOHNSON" (twin), b. June 16, 1862; m. Jan. 
31, 1889; m. Alma Medora Camp, b. Jan. 31, 1859, dau. of Lemuel F. 
and Sarah Camp ; he was sheriff of Fairfield County eight years ; res., 
Newtown, Conn. 

(i) RUTH REBECCA JOHNSON", b. May 25, 1890; m. Dec. 19, 
1910 to Sereno F. King, b. May 22, 1888, son of Sereno H. and 
Lucy H. (Lee) King; res., Fairfield, Conn. 

(A) IRENE A. KING", b. Aug. 14, 1915; res., Newtown, Conn. 

(B) HOWARD R. KING", b. Aug. 9, 1918; res., Milford, Conn. 

(C) STANLEY F. KING", b. Oct. 9, 1919, Milford, Conn. 

(D) ELSIE M. KING", b. Jan. 26, 1921, Milford, Conn. 

(E) CHARLES W. KING", b. Aug. 7, 1922, Milford, Conn, 
(ii) ELSIE MERRITT JOHNSON", b. July 16, 1892. 

(iii) FRANK LEMUEL JOHNSON", b. June 12, 1895; graduate of 
Trinity College; master of school. Concord, N. H. 

(c) LEVARN MERRITT JOHNSON", b. July 10, 1864; m. Apr. 11, 
1894 to Nellie Hartshorn Fairchild, of Manchester, N. H., b. Jan., 
1864; Mr. Johnson has been manager of several large stock farms, 
including the Silverton, at Painesville, Ohio. 

(i) EARL LEVARN JOHNSON", b. Jan. 29, 1895, Stockbridge, 

(ii) MERRITT CAMP JOHNSON", b. Nov. 27, 1896, Great Bar- 

rington, Mass. 
(iii) RALPH EMERSON JOHNSON", b. June, 1901, Dalton, 

Mass. ; d. July, 1903. 

(d) FREDERICK FOOTE JOHNSON", b. Apr. 23, 1866; m. Feb. 4, 
1899, Redland, Calif., to Susan Lynn Beers, of Newtown, Conn., b. 
Apr. 18, 1865; Mr. Johnson was elected coadjutor missionary bishop 
of South Dakota to assist the venerable Bishop Hare of the Protestant 
Episcopal House of Bishops. Mr. Johnson has held for some time the 
appointment of diocesan missionary of western Massachusetts. He is 
a graduate of Trinity College, Hartford, and of Berkeley Divinity 
School. He was b. Newtown, Conn. ; he d. June 23, 1901. 

(i) FREDERICK FOOTE JOHNSON", JR., b. July 17, 1900. 

(4) KATHRINE FRANCES CAMP', b. Jan. 5, 1850; unm. ; d. June, 1909. 
2621. vii. MARY, b. Dec. 21, 1817; m. Apr. 19, 1846 to Rev. Henry Vibber 

Gardner, b. Mar., 1817; he d., Nov. 7, 1894; she d. Sept. 1, 1892. 
(1) ELLA JANE GARDNERS, b. Mar. 29. 1847; m. June 15, 1869 to Dr. 
Charles R. Hart, a surgeon in the Civil War, 10th Regiment of Connec- 
ticut Volunteers ; he d. Aug., 1916 ; she d. Feb. 3, 1929. 


(a) MARTHA HART", b. Dec. 26, 1872; m. 1st, Dec. 28, 1892 to Geo. H. 
Dimond, son of Aaron H. and Sarah J. (Porter) Dimond; m. 2nd, 
Merrill T. Neflf; res., Niagara Falls, N. Y.; he d. Jan., 1919. 

(i) CHARLES H. DIMOND", b. Nov. 5, 1893; m. 1st, Minabella 
Burlingham, b. 1895; d. Feb., 1917; m. 2nd, Edith Call. 

(A) MARJORIE JANE DIMOND". b. Dec. 31, 1916. 

(B) RUTH ELVA DIMOND", b. Mar. 12, 1920. 

(C) DONALD LESLIE DIMOND", b. June 20, 1922. 

(D) CHARLES KENNETH DIMOND", b. May 30, 1924. 

(E) RICHARD FREDERICK DIMOND", b. Feb. 7, 1932. 

(ii) GEORGE GARDNER DIMOND", b. Nov. 20, 1894; m. Mary 
Roberts, Aug. 23, 1917; she was b. Dec. 13, 1896. 
(A) MARY ANN DIMOND", b. Aug. 30, 1929. 
(iii) LEONARD A. DIMOND", b. Mar. 16, 1896. 

(b) BERTHA HART", b. Sept. 27, 1874, Easton, Conn. ; m. Nov. 25, 1897 
to Eugene P. Stone, b. July 27, 1877, son of William W. and Lydia J. 
(Green) Stone. 

(i) WILLIAM HERMAN STONE", b. July 14, 1899; d. Aug. 7, 

(ii) ANNIE BERTHA STONE", b. Feb. 27, 1904; d. Feb. 23, 1905. 

(d) GERTRUDE HART^ b. Feb. 23, 1880. 

(iii) PHILIP HART STONE", b. Oct. 19, 1908; d. June 23, 1915. 

(c) CHARLES GARDNER HART", b. Easton, Conn., Mar. 26, 1878; 
m. Oct. 8, 1902 to Grace Roosevelt Fowler, b. Durham, Conn., Nov. 4, 
1876, dau. of Wm. W. and Gertrude Van Ness (Smith) Fowler, of 
Durham Center, Conn. ; Mr. Hart d. Dec. 22, 1910, Durham Ctr., 
Conn.; she d. Nov. 11, 1931. 


June 28, 1905. 
(ii) GERTRUDE VAN NESS HART", b. Passaic, N. J., Dec. 11, 

1906; m. Sept. 5, 1931 to Harry L. Day, medical student. 

(e) RUTH H. HART", b. Jan. 13, 1887; m. Oct. 1, 1919 to Dr. H. H. 
Thorp, a surgeon in the Spanish War ; she d. Sept. 4, 1923 ; res., 
Southampton, L. I., N. Y. He d. July 4, 1924. 

(2) REV. CHARLES HENRY GARDNER*, b. Jan. 23, 1850; m. 1st, Dec. 
17, 1873 to Anne Graham Parker, dau. of Lieut. James L. Parker, 
U. S. N., of Pittsburgh, Pa.; she d. Oct. 7, 1882; m. 2nd, Apr. 26, 1887, 
Utica, N. Y., to Margaret M. Jackson, dau. of William B. Jackson, of 
Utica, N. Y. Leaving Trinity College in his senior year he entered the 
Seminary at Nashotah, Wis., where his theological education was com- 
pleted. He was ordered deacon, June 8, 1873, in St. James' Church, 
Syracuse, N. Y., by Bishop Huntington; ordained priest in 1874, in Cal- 
vary Church, Utica, N. Y., by the same prelate ; in charge of the mission- 
ary parishes of Trinity, Cadyville, N. Y., and Trinity, Fayetteville, N. Y., 
until his call to Trinity Church, Utica, N. Y., where he went in 1877; he 
was called to Trinity Cathedral Parish, Omaha, Neb., Sept. 7, 1886, after 
a report by a deputation of the vestry, headed by Gen. George B. Dandy, 
U. S. A., retired ; was transferred from the Diocese of Central New York 
to the Diocese of Nebraska, by Bishop Huntington on Nov. 1, 1887, and 


came to Omaha, his first service as priest of this parish, and installation 
as dean of Trinity Cathedral being upon Nov. 28, 1886. He d. of 
pneumonia and heart failure after an illness of four days at his home in 
Bayfield, Wis., Aug. 8, 1896. He was bur. in Prospect Hill Cemetery, 
Omaha, Neb. 

(a) IRVING PARKER GARDNER", b. 1875; m. May 19, 1909 to 
Evelyn Harriet Jackson, dau. of William John and Annie Jane Jack- 
son, of Looking Glass, Ore. ; res., Westwood, Calif. 

(i) MARJORIE EVELYN GARDNER", b. Aug. 18, 1911. 

(b) WILLIAM THAW GARDNER", b. Fayetteville, N. Y., Apr. 23, 
1877; m. July 13, 1914 to Emma Jenkins, b. Feb. 4, 1892, dau. of John 
Noble and Mary Ann Jenkins ; res., Virginia, Minn. 

(i) WILHELMINA THAW GARDNER", b. July 11, 1915, Vir- 
ginia, Minn. 

(ii) CHARLES EMMETT GARDNER", b. Nov. 22, 1917. 

(iii) WILLIAM THAW GARDNER", JR., b. Mar. 20, 1920; d. 
Dec. 1, 1920. 

(iv) MARY ANN GARDNER", b. Jan. 20, 1923. 

(c) CHARLES HENRY GARDNER", b. Dec. 20, 1879; m. Aug., 1920 
to Orpha Alford, b. May 6, 1893, Kellogg, la., dau. of Charles Cornelius 
and Kate Alvira (Perry) Alford; res., Westwood, Calif. 

(d) ARTHUR GARDNER", res., New York, N. Y. 

(e) ANSON BLAKE GARDNER", m. Margaret E. Hudson, dau. of 
I. G. and Bertha Hudson. 


(f) EDWARD SUMMERS GARDNER", General Motors Corporation; 
res., Atlanta, Ga. 

(3) MARIETTE GARDNER", b. Oct. 14, 1850; d. Bethel, Conn., Dec. 12, 
1922; bur. Brockport, N. Y. 

(4) HARRIET FOOTE GARDNER', b. Sept. 26, 1852; m. Hammondsport, 
N. Y., Apr. 19, 1876 to Edward B. Borroughs; res., Long Hill, Conn. 

(a) LUCIAS BORROUGHS", b. 1881. 

(b) MARY SYLVIA BORROUGHS", b. 1887; res., Bridgeport, Conn. 

(5) MARY WATSON GARDNER', b. Sept. 6, 1854, Canaan, Conn.; m. at 
St. Paul's Church, Holland Patent, N. Y., Apr. 30, 1884 to Thomas H. 
Dobson, b. Jan., 1852, son of Hiram Dobson and Eleanor (Dickenson) 
Dobson ; druggist ; res., Brockport, N. Y. 

(a) HAROLD GARDNER DOBSON", b. Feb. 28, 1886; m. Sept. 12, 
1909 to Helen Wadsworth, b. Apr. 3, 1886, dau. of John and Belle 
(Draper) Wadsworth. 

(i) WADSWORTH DOBSON", b. June 15, 1910. 
(ii) BARBARA DOBSON", b. Aug. 8, 1915. 

(b) ELEANOR MARY DOBSON", b. Apr. 9, 1888; m. Jan. 3, 1922 to 
Herman Meyer, b. Jan. 22, 1892, son of John Albert and Henrietta 
(Jacobson) Meyer; res., Westwood, Calif. 

(i) ROBERT HENRY MEYER", b. Feb. 8, 1923. 

(ii) MARGARET ELEANOR MEYER", b. Feb. 8, 1923. 

(c) GEORGE GARDNER DOBSON", b. Nov. 24, 1891; m. Sept. 13, 
1917 to Bertha Helen McNaughton, b. July 5, 1895, dau. of William 


Arthur and Anne (Segsworth) McNaughton, of Gatt, Ont, Canada; 
res., Rochester, N. Y. 
(d) RODNEY HIRAM DOBSON'", b. July 12, 1893; m. Schenectady, 
N. Y., June 25, 1921 to Goldye May Stevens, b. May 17, 1900, dau. of 
Lester Miller and Bertha Virginia (Tate) Stevens; a lieutenant in the 
U. S. A., at Colon, Canal Zone ; commander of the Submarine S-51, 
Sept. 25, 1925, when his boat sunk (S-51). 
(i) RODNEY HIRAM DOBSON", JR., b. May 4, 1923, Colon. 


(7) FREDERICK WELCH GARDNER', b. June 2, 1858; m. Sept. 15, 1885 
to Nellie Roberts, b. Nov. 18, 1860, dau. of Amos Roberts; res., East 
Aurora, N. Y. 


(b) MILDRED GARDNER", b. Jan. 6, 1890. 

(c) HENRIETTA GARDNER", b. Feb. 18, 1894. 

1274. REV. MILTON FOOTE, m. Lois Briscoe, b. July 26, 1789. 

(1) JOSEPH MILTON BANGS', d. at Elmo, Mo., Apr. 11, 1921; bur. 
Braddyville, la. ; res., Madison, Kan., and Elmo, Mo. 

(a) CHARLES HEMAN BANGS", b. Oct. 17, 1863, Braddyville, la.; 
res., Norman, Okla. ; d. Aug., 1929. 

(b) HERMAN MERVILLE BANGS", b. July 25, 1868, Braddyville, la. ; 
m. 1889 to Delia Matthews, College Springs, la. ; he d. Elmo, Mo., in 
1896; bur. Braddyville, la. 

(i) VEDA BANGS", b. 1890; m. St. Louis, Mo., to J. M. Dow; 
res., Xenia, 111. 

(2) JAMES HEMAN BANGS', b. North Adams, Mich., June 23, 1840; m. 
1st, Clarinda, la., Nov. 23, 1865 to Almyra Jane Felth, b. July 26, 1841, 
dau. of Cyrus B. and Malvina J. (Turner) Feltch, of Lisbon, Me.; farmer 
at College Springs, la., where she d. Jan. 22, 1880; m. 2nd, Maryville, Mo., 
Sept. 4, 1880 to Rossie Adlaid Feltch, b. Dec. 7, 1855, of Blanchard, la., a 
sister of the first wife. In 1881 they moved to Melvern, Kan., where 
they lived until 1885, moving to Olpe, Kans., living there until 1907 when 
they moved to Madison, Kan., where he d. July 25, 1918 and was bur. in 
in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery at Olpe, Kans. July 17 1861 he enlisted at 
Omaha, Neb., in Co. I, 1st Regiment Nebraska Volunteers. He took part 
in the battles of Ft. Donelson, Tenn., Feb. 14 and 15, 1862; Pittsburgh 
Landing, Tenn., Apr. 7 and 8, 1862; Cape Girardeau, Mo., Apr. 26, 1863; 
Chalk Bluff, Mo., May 1, 1863; and Jacksonport, Ark., Apr. 19, 1864 and 
was honorably discharged at Ft. Kearney, Neb., Nov. 6, 1865, as first 
sergeant of his company. He was one of six who were mentioned in 
terms of high praise by Brig. Gen. Robert Mitchell, commanding the 
district of Nebraska in a general order dated at Omaha City, Neb., Oct. 
23, 1864, for bravery, ably and successfully contending with a largely 
superior force of hostile Indians near Plum Creek, Mont., Oct. 13, 1864. 

(a) NETTIE ADELLA BANGS", b. Aug. 26, 1866, College Springs, la.; 
she lived there until 1881, at Melvern, Kan., until 1885, at Olpe, Kan., 
until 1907 when she moved to Madison, Kan. She was postmistress 
at Olpe, Kan., 1897-1905, and taught in the public schools of Osage and 


Lyon Counties four j^ears, and in the government school at Forest City, 
S. D. ; also was superintendent Emerson Home and School at Ocala, 
Fla., 1909-13. Res., Madison, Kan. Miss Bangs collected nearly all 
of the data for this branch of the family; d. July 1, 1926. 

(b) MATTIE ARMENIA BANGS", b. Oct. 15, 1867, College Springs, 
la.; moved to Melvern, Kan., 1881, and to Olpe, Kan., 1885; d. and 
bur. there March 7, 1888. 

(c) ROSSA ELLEN BANGS'", b. Aug. 16, 1869, College Springs, la.; 
in 1881 she moved to Melvern, Kan., where she d. Feb. 21, 1885, and 
was bur. there. 

(d) GUY BANGS", b. May 23, 1871, College Springs, la.; m. Emporia, 
Kan., June 8, 1898 to Maud Brown, b. Feb. 13, 1874, dau. of Ephraim 
and Drusilla (Kreager) Brown. He is engaged in agriculture and 
stock raising, also shipping. She is a graduate of the Kansas State 
Normal School and taught in the public schools of Lyon County 
several years before her marriage. Aug., 1919, they moved to Man- 
hattan, Kan., to educate their children. Res., Madison, Kan. 

(i) FRED ALBERT BANGS", b. Mar. 31, 1901, Olpe, Kan.; grad- 
uate of Kansas State College, 1923, B.S. degree, Division of 
Agriculture, specialized in animal husbandry ; now engaged in 
farming and stock raising near Madison, Kan. 

(ii) EDNA FLORENCE BANGS", b. Apr. 15, 1902, Olpe, Kans. ; 
graduate of Kansas State College, 1923, B.S. degree General 
Science, specialized in bacteriology ; instructor Kansas State 
College two years ; M.S. degree, 1925 ; bacteriologist in United 
States Department of Public Health one year, at Cincinnati, Ohio; 
m. June 19, 1926, Madison, Kans., to Dr. William Russell Hin- 
shaw, b. Dec. 21, 1896, son of Russell and Lucy Hinshaw. He is 
graduate of Michigan State Agricultural College, Department of 
Veterinary Medicine ; he also has a M.S. degree from Kansas 
State College. He is now a specialist of poultry diseases with 
the Agricultural Division of the University of California, and 
lives at Davis, Calif. 

(e) VEDA MAY BANGS", b. College Springs, la.. May 13, 1875; m. 
Feb. 7, 1900 to Clifford Lee Soule, b. Feb. 16, 1871, son of Freeman G. 
and Susan (Bitler) Soule. After a short stay at Hartford, Madison, 
Virgil and Gridley, they located at Clements, Kan., in 1906, where he 
engaged in the mercantile business, remaining there until 1920, when 
they moved to Emporia, Kans. She was postmistress at Clements, 
Kans., for eight years; res., Emporia, Kan. 

(f) NATHAN BANGS", b. Melvern, Kan., Aug. 30, 1881 ; d. Aug. 31, 
1881 ; bur. Melvern, Kan. 

(g) ELI FELTCH BANGS", b. Melvern, Kan., Apr. 5, 1883 ; m. Dec. 13, 
1905 to Dollie Trumpower, dau. of George and Rachel (Andrews) 
Trumpower, b. Oct. 16, 1885; farmer and stockman; res., Madison, 

(i) CHARLOTTE LEONA BANGS", b. Madison, Kan., Jan. 15, 


(h) ROY ALANSON BANGS", b. Melvern, Kan., June 16, 1884; m. 
Dec. 31, 1906 to Olive Mary Brancher, b. May 22, 1888, dau. of James 
Fremont and Mary Jane (Burrows) Brancher; farmer and stockman; 
res., Madison, Kan. 

(i) CHESTER HEMAN BANGS", b. Madison, Kan., Oct. 8, 1907. 
(ii) LUCILE MARGUERITE BANGS", b. Madison, Kan., May 27, 

(iii) JAMES WESLEY BANGS", b. Madison, Kan., Dec. 27, 1912. 
(i) BURR BANGS", b. Olpe, Kan., May 7, 1886; m. Dec. 22, 1908 to Ora 
Ruth McMurray, dau. of Eustace and Susan (Harper) McMurray; 
farmer and stockman; res., Madison, Kan. 
(i) HAZEL LOIS BANGS", b. Madison, Kan., Sept. 17, 1909. 
(ii) LLOYD EUSTACE BANGS", b. Madison, Kan., Oct. 10, 1914. 
(j) IRL FOOTE BANGS", b. Olpe, Kan., Dec. 26, 1887; m. Feb. 2, 1913 
to Cecile Oma Talkington, dau of Isaac Omer and Vesta R. (Ward) 
Talkington; farmer and stockman; res., Madison, Kan., since 1912, 
Clements, Kan. 

(i) DOROTHY VESTA BANKS", b. Clements, Kan., July 12, 
(k) FLOYD HEMAN BANGS", b. Olpe, Kan., Sept. 22, 1889; d. Feb. 

20, 1902; bur. Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Olpe, Kan. 
(1) HOMER LEE BANGS", b. Olpe, Kan., Feb. 24, 1891; m. Oct. IS, 
1913 to Bessie McCray, b. Oct. 3, 1897, dau. of Louis L. and Bertha 
(Graffinstine) McCray; farmer and stockman; res., Madison, Kan. 
(i) LOUIS LEE BANGS", b. Madison, Kan., Jan. 25, 1915. 
(m) JAY GLENN BANGS", b. Olpe, Kan., Aug 15, 1893 ; m. July 14, 
1915 to Sylvia Lee Burris, b. Sept. 23, 1896, dau. of Hannibal G. and 
Carrie A. (Gillenw^ater) Burris; res., Madison, Kans., until 1917; Der- 
mot, Kan., 1917-20, and salesman for the Midv^^est Liv^e Stock Com- 
mission Co., Kansas City, Mo. 

(i) HOWARD GLENN BANGS", b. Dermot, Kan., Nov. 27, 1918. 
(ii) VERA LEE BANGS", b. Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 21, 1920. 
(n) JOSEPH LYNN BANGS", b. Olpe, Kan., Apr. 29, 1895; d. Aug. 3, 

1895; bur. Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. 
(o) ADA LOIS BANGS", b. Olpe, Kan., July 16, 1897; m. June 5, 1921 
to Glen Tecumseh Hamilton, b. Sept. 13, 1888, son of John Park and 
Emeret (Elliot) Hamilton; she is a music teacher; he is a barber and 
insurance agent ; res., Clements, Kan. 
(p) LEONA ALMIRA BANGS", b. Olpe, Kan., Aug. 18, 1901; Music 
Deparment, Kansas State Normal, Emporia, Kan. 
(6) ELI FOOTE BANGS', d. Nov. 28, 1912, Eugene, Ore.; bur. there. 

(a) EDSON BANGS", b. Ottawa, Kan., Sept., 1870; m. Portland, Ore., 
June, 1915 to Ethel Yarbaugh ; res., North Bend, Ore.; d. Nov. 28, 
1912, Eugene, Ore. 

(i) ELI BANGS", b. Mar., 1918. 
(ii) ALLIE BANGS", b. Sept., 1919. 
(iii) BANGS", b. Oct., 1922. 

(b) ALPHA BANGS", b. May, 1873, Ottawa, Kan.; m. William Creo; 
she d. Pueblo, Colo., 1902. 



(c) FRED BANGS", b. Ottawa, Kan., Oct. 17, 1874; m. Eugene, Ore., 
Feb. 7, 1906 to Daisy Hett, b. Jan. 31, 1879; farmer; res., Junction 
City, Ore. 

(i) LLOYD BANGS", b. Nov. 12, 1908. 
(ii) MAY BANGS", b. Oct. 12, 1911. 

(d) ADDIE BANGS", b. 1877, Ottawa, Kan. ; m. 1910, Eugene, Ore., to 
Charles Lupton; real estate; res., Lodi, Calif.; no children. 

(e) ABRAM BANGS", b. Ottawa, Kan., 1881 ; merchant at Eugene, Ore. ; 

2640. ii. JAMES B. KEMPTON, d. Aug. 19, 1910. 

1279. WILLIAM FOOTE, m. Nov. 7, 1797 to Abiah Vallet; she was b. July 3, 
1771, in France. 

2643\ i. HANNAH V. CONGER, d. Apr. 16, 1817. 
2645'' "• ^ 

1280. EBENEZER FOOTE, b. July 9, 1774; d. Jan. 29, 1855; m. Aug. 27, 1797 
to Mable Banks, b. Nov. 17, 1778; she d. Dec. 22, 1856. 

746. SAMUEL ALLEN FOOTE (455, 134, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. 1806; m. 1855 to 
Phoebe Gates, dau. of Rufus and Betsey Gates, d. 1869; he d. 1867; res., Manlius, 
N. Y. ; 2645*' "• '. 
2645^ i. ALANSON, b. Mar. 25, 1799; m. Sally Jarvis; he d. Sept. 5, 1822. 

2646. ii. ELIAS W., b. Apr. 1, 1801 ; m. Harriet W. Bailey, 4978". 

2647. iii. HYATT, b. Feb. 26, 1804; m. Nancy Wooster, 4982^ d. Dec. 2, 1871. 

2648. iv. JESSE, b. Feb. 23, 1807; m. Mary E. Boalt; d. Feb. 25, 1863; 4986**. 

2649. V. EMELINE C, b. June 1, 1810; m. Mar. 16, 1834 to David Betts; she 

d. June 10, 1848. 

(2) GEORGE SAMUEL BETTS°, b. Sept. 21, 1845 ; unm. 

(3) CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH BETTS", b. May 25, 1843; m. Unadilla, 
N. Y., to Aurelius Thatcher Hurd, Jan. 23, 1862; res.. New York, N. Y. 
gave copy. 

(a) FRANCIS AMELIA HURD", b. Mar. 21, 1863. 

(b) GEORGE EBER HURD", b. Oct. 12, 1867; d. Mar. 6, 1888. 

2650. vi. CHARLES, b. Dec. 1, 1812; m. Eliza Clark; she d. Feb. 11, 1900; 

child : 4991'. 

2651. viii. LEANDER BENNETT, b. July 11, 1815; m. Sarah Lynn Balcom, 


1287. LUZERNE FOOTE (459, 137, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. Apr. 26, 1796; m. Juliette 

Judson, Woodbury, Conn. ; res., Guilford, N. Y. 

2661\ i. NANCY, b. Oct., 1821; m. Oct. 20, 1847 to Arnold S. Hoppins, b. 

Dec. 25, 1832; d. July 8, 1902; she d. Nov. 14, 1902; res., Masonville. 

(1) PHIPA HOPPINS', b. Jan. 20, 1852; m. July 27, 1867 to Louis Parker, 

d. Aug. 15, 1891 ; she d. Mar. 31, 1891. 

(a) LUCY J. PARKER", b. July 20, 1869. 

(b) CHARLES B. PARKER", b. Aug. 13, 1873 ; res., Sidney, N. Y. 

(c) BELLE C. PARKER", b. Oct. 19, 1875; m. Frank Peck; res., 
Unadilla, N. Y. 

(d) WILBUR E. PARKER", b. July 21. 1879 : res., Cooperstown. N. Y. 


(e) HOPPINS PARKER", b. Mar. 28, 1881. 

(f) VERA E. PARKER", b. Oct. 2, 1887; d. Feb., 1928. 

2661'. ii. SUSAN, b. 1823; m. Oct. 29, 1855 to Alford DeForest, b. Oct. 29, 
1830; d. Nov. 2, 1912; she d. Nov. 14, 1887; res., Guilford. 

(1) FRANCES Deforest^, b. Sept. 30, 1863; m. 1888 to Charles Smith; 
res., Mt. Upton, N. Y. 

(a) HARLAND SMITH", b. July 20, 1894; m. Hilda Smith; res., Alton, 
N. Y. 

(2) ELIAS Deforest*, b. i860; m. Dec. 12, 1914 to Richard Lyon, b. 
Sept. 11. 1848; res., Afton, N. Y. 

2661'. iii. JULETTE, b. 1827; m. Crandall ; res., Woochester, N. Y. 

2661'. iv. ELIAS, b. 1830; d. Sept. 18, 1858. 
2661°. V. ALMIRA B., b. 1833; d. Feb. 28, 1921; unm. 
2661'. vi. CHRISTOPHER, b. Mar. 6, 1835; m. 1856 to Sarah Allen, 4235'-'. 

1297. DR. WINTHROP FOOTE (460, 140, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. Nov. 30, 1787; m. 
Cynthia Barlow, b. Georgetown, N. Y. Doctor Foote left New England about 1780, 
after graduating from Yale College. He rode horseback from Connecticut to Indiana, 
a wilderness at that time. His older brother Ziba worked his way through college 
and then helped Winthrop through. Ziba came out to Indiana on a surveying ex- 
pedition for the government. While surveying in Gibson County, Ind., he undertook 
to swim a lake with his instruments and half way across was taken with cramps 
and drowned. Doctor Winthrop was very successful as a doctor at Bedford, Ind. 
Before his death he had a vault chisled out of a large boulder in the woods and he 
and his brother Ziba are bur. there, the vault being sealed up. He d. 1856. 

2661'. DR. ZIBA HASTINGS, b. Bedford, Ind., 1824; m. 1st, Evelyn Stebens, 
1856; m. 2nd, Mary Poston, 1861, 4235. 

2661*. ii. WINTHROP ALVIN, b. 1835, Bedford, Ind.; d. 1910; m. 1858 to 
Juliette Curtis, of Newtown, Conn. ; no children. 

2661». iii. OSCAR, b. 1837; d. 21 years of age. 

2661". iv. MINERVA, m. Gen. James McMillon, son of Robert McMillon, of 
Kentucky; she d. 1917. 

(1) MINNIE McMILLON', b. Bedford, Ind., 1862; m. Richard Fouchy in 
Washingon, D. C, in 1892 ; res., Washingon, D. C. 

(2) ISIS McMILLON', b. Bedford, Ind., 1867; m. 1904 to William Lewis 
in Washington, D. C. ; res., Washington, D. C. 

(3) MINERVA McMILLON", b. Bedford, Ind., 1869; unm. 
2661". ISIS, b. Bedford, Ind. ; d. about 16 years of age. 

2661". vi. DAU., d. in infancy. 


(1) ORRIN P. WILDMAN', res., Brookfield, Conn. 

2664. ii. JANE. 

(1) EUNICE BARNUM*, res., Danbury, Conn. 

(2) KATE BARNUM*, res., Danbury, Conn. 

2665. iii. JOHN L. Children all went West. 

2666. iv. ABEL, b. July 19, 1817; m. Abbit Atkins, 4235'-". 

2667. v. GRANDISON D., b. Feb. 25, 1820; m. Mercy A. Porter, 4235" to 



2670. iii. JULIA ANN FOOTE, b. Feb. 25, 1810; m. May 14, 1834 to Joseph 
Policy, b. 1815; d. June 2, 1879, Wakefield, Kan.; killed in cyclone; 
she d. Aug. 25, 1859. 

(1) CLARENA ALMIRA POLLEY', b. Aug. 16, 1835; m. 1st, Apr. 16, 1856 
to Robson Dawson, d. Jan. 29, 1866 ; m. 2nd, Oct. 27, 1874 to Oliver Proc- 
tor Barrett; res., Salina, Kan.; she d. Nov. 11, 1915. 

(a) HENRY STARR DAWSON", b. Feb. 22, 1857; m. Aug. 31, 1878 to 
Alica Bellenville. 

(i) SOPHIA B. PORTER", res., Stockton, Calif. 

(ii) ANN ROSE UNDERHILL", res., Morgantown, N. C. 

(b) LULU ADELL BARRETT*", b. Dec. 24, 1875; m. Aug. 28, 1907 to 
William George Medcraft; res., Tucson, Ariz. 

(i) LUCILLE CLARENA MEDCRAFT", b. Mar. 31, 1910. 
(ii) EVANGELINE MEDCRAFT", b. July 2, 1912. 

(c) OLIVER PROCTOR BARRETT**, b. Apr. 25, 1878; m. June 8, 1910 
to Mary Sutton Shank, b. May 22, 1882. 

(i) LILA LOUISA BARRETT", b. Apr. 17, 1912. 
(ii) GEORGE OLIVER BARRETT", b. June 18, 1916; res., Salina, 

(2) WILLIAM HARRIS POLLEY', b. Dec. 2, 1838; res., Holton, Kan. 

(3) ANDREW STARR POLLEY', b. May 29, 1841. 

(4) ELSIE JANE POLLEY', b. July 6, 1843 ; d. Sept. 7, 1856 . 

(5) SARAH MARIA POLLEY', b. June 1, 1846; m. May 22, 1864 to Jasper 
Taylor; she d. Feb. 18, 1908; res., Salina, Kan. 

(a) GEORGE EDWIN TAYLOR", b. June 18, 1865. 

(b) CLARK MARIAN TAYLOR", b. Mar. 18, 1867. 

(c) BERTHA BELLE TAYLOR", b. Feb. 27, 1870; d. Apr. 18, 1880. 

(d) WILLIAM WALLACE TAYLOR", b. Nov. 8, 1873. 

(e) CORA BELLE TAYLOR", b. July 25, 1875. 

(6) DAVID CLARK POLLEY", b. July 22, 1849; m. Dec. 16, 1877 to 
Tabitha Jane Tipton; he d. Feb. 28, 1917. 

(a) WILLIAM ANDREW POLLEY", b. Aug. 2, 1880. 

(b) CHARLES ARTHUR POLLEY", b. June 3, 1884; m. Helen . 

(i) CHILD", b. Mar., 1920. 

(c) CLARA MAY POLLEY", b. May 28, 1887. 

(7) MARTHA ANN POLLY", b. Mar. 15, 1852; m. Nov. 7, 1875 to Isaiah 
McDowell, b. Feb. 24, 1834; d. Apr. 23, 1913; she d. Aug. 24, 1918; res., 
Salina, Kan. 

(a) MINNIE ELSIE McDOWELL", b. May 9, 1877; m. Sept. 7, 1904 to 
Matthew Winfield, Scott, of Danbury, Conn. ; she d. Aug. 21, 1905. 

(b) BABY McDOWELL", b. May 16, 1880. 

(c) EDITH REBECCA McDOWELL", b. Aug. 3, 1885; m. Jan. 1, 1907 
to Henry Shank, b. Feb. 15, 1880; res., Salina, Kan. 

(i) MARTHA LEILA SHANK", b. June 21, 1908; d in infancy. 
2672. V. ALMIRA, b. Nov. 7, 1817; m. Sept. 4, 1834 to Selleck Booth; she d. 
July 31, 1849; he d. Apr. 22, 1890. 
(1) EMILY BOOTH", b. Bethel, Conn., Mar. 3, 1836; m. Dec. 25, 1857 to 
E. Starr Judd, of Bethel, Conn. ; she d. Oct. 19, 1888. 
(a) HENRY ORSIUMS JUDD", b. Jan. 12, 1858; d. Dec. 1, 1892. 


(b) EDWARD BOOTH JUDD'", b. Nov. 28, 1861 ; d. Dec. 14, 1864. 

(c) JULIA BENEDICT JUDD'", b. Mar. 29, 1863; m. Mar. 26, 1884 to 
Chas. M. Smith, of Norwalk, Conn. 

(d) WILLIAM STARR JUDD'", b. July 3, 1865; m. Nov. 2, to 

Susan E. Stone, dau. of Henry Stone, of Bethel. Conn. 

(e) FREDERIC HERBERT JUDD'", b. July 14, 1866; m. Nov. 16, 1892 
to Nellie E. Ambler, dau. of Samuel Ambler, of Bethel, Conn. 

(f) ALICE CARLOTTA JUDD'", b. Nov. 17, 1867; m. Dec. 9, 1897 to 
Wm. Swift, of Danbury, Conn. 

(g) ROBERT FOOTE JUDD", b. Dec. 11, 1875; d. Jan. 10, 1876. 
(h) HAROLD BOOTH JUDD", b. Jan. 9, 1880. 

(2) SARAH BOOTH', b. Bethel, Conn., Oct. 5, 1839; m. May 23, 1859 to 
Bethel Barnum, of Bethel, Conn. ; she d. Apr. 10, 1876. 

(a) CARRIE BARNUM'", b. Nov. 29, 1859, Bethel, Conn. ; m. Nov. 22, 
1881 to Frank Webber, of Springfield, Mass. 

(b) NELLIE BARNUM'", b. Mar. 2, 1861; m. Mar. 23, 1882 to Fred 
Durant, of Bethel, Conn. 

(3) NELSON H. BOOTH', b. Bethel, Conn., Apr. 22, 1842; m. Nov. 22, 
1864 to Laura A. Wildman, dau. of L. K. Wildman, of Danbury, Conn. 

(a) GEORGE N. BOOTH'", b. Danbury, Conn., Aug. 11, 1865. 

(b) ANNIE L. BOOTH", b. Apr. 6, 1868; m. May 28, 1889 to W. E. 
Wildman, of Danbury, Conn. 

(c) FRANK W. BOOTH'", b. Dec. 29, 1879; res., Danbury, Conn. 

(4) LAURA BOOTH', b. Bethel, Conn., Oct. 5, 1843; m. Oct. 2, 1867 to 
Henry Patchen, of Bethel, Conn. 

(5) HELEN BOOTH', b. Bethel, Conn., July 24, 1845; m. Sept. 18, 1867 to 
David B. Carey, of Stamford, Conn. 

(a) LEON B. CAREY", b. Aug. 2, 1868. 

(b) HARRY W. CAREY'", b. Apr. 15, 1875. 

(6) MARTHA BOOTH', b. Bethel, Conn., Jan. 1, 1848; m. Oct. 2, 1867 to 
Chas. Patchen, of Bethel, Conn. ; he d. Aug. 12, 1885. On Nov. 13, 1889 
she m. her sister's husband, E. Starr Judd, of Bethel, Conn. 

1312. ISAAC FOOTE, d. Mar. 15, 1856. | 

2673. i. POLLY MARIA, b. Feb. 19, 1809; m. Isaac D. O. Banks, of Easton ' 
Conn. ! 


(2) JANE ALICE BANKS', b. Mar. 1, 1838; m. Nehemiah Jennings, of j 
Fairfield, Conn. 

(a) ALICE JENNINGS'", d. young. 

(b) LILLIAN JENNINGS'", d. young. 

(c) NEHEMIAH JENNINGS'", d. young. 

(d) HARRY B. JENNINGS'", b. Jan. 11, 1879; d. Apr. 11, 1914. 

(e) WALTER HERBUT JENNINGS'", b. Dec. 23, 1873; res., Milford, 


2676. iv. HEPSY ANN, d. May 14, 1872. 

(1) FANNIE", in. Wilcox, of Bridgeport, Conn. 

2680. viii. JOSEPH F., d. at the Soldiers' Home at Noroton, Conn. 


1318. STEPHEN FOOTE, d. 1872; Dorcas Barr Foote d. 1847; he m. 3rd, 1851, 
Mary Powers, she d. in 1881. 
2683. iii. PETER SHEPARD, b. Aug. 29, 1824; m. Hannah W. Stoddard 

and Theresa Sarah Rogers, 4238*'*. 
2778. (2) (a) CLATON AUGUSTUS MONROE*", b. Shalersville, Ohio, July 
16, 1870 ; m. Dec. 13, 1893 to Lura Everetta Spotberry, of Hiram. 
Ohio, b. Jan. 4, 1874. Mr. Monroe is a retired farmer; res., Mantua, 
(i) BERNIE ALFRED MONROE", b. Hiram, Ohio, May 29, 1896; 
m. Nov. 29, 1917 to Joyce Messenger. 

(A) MARY AGNES MONROE", b. Aug. 8, 1920, Hiram, Ohio. 

(B) ROGER GRANT MONROE", b. May 28, 1922, Hiram, Ohio, 
(ii) CLYDE THOMAS MONROE", b. Hiram, Ohio, Dec. 4, 1898; 

m. Detroit, Mich., Aug. 17, 1922 to Gertrude Epperson, b. Apr. 

10, 1903 ; both teaching at Kenmore, Ohio ; he was a corporal in 

the training camp at Hiram College when the Armistice was 

2791. ii. ELLSWORTH IRVING, m. Grace Salisbury Brown, dau. of Samuel 
Miles and Mary (Warner) Brown, Dec. 22, 1909; he d. Jan., 1918; 
she res., New Haven, Conn. 

1391. DR. THOMAS MOSES FOOTE, m. Margaret St. John (No. 578, "St. 
John Genealogy") ; she d. July 29, 1849. 
2812. i. HELEN MARGARET, m. 1st, Theodore Hamilton; m. 2nd, Thomas 

Moses, Jr., b. Feb. 28, 1841 ; she d. Plainfield, N. J., Feb. 14, 1876. 
2842. vii. MARY ELIZABETH; Mr. Pratt d. 1916; she d. Nov. 13, 1920; both 
bur. Turner, Me. 
(1) RALPH D. PRATT", b. Apr. 28, 1876; m. 1st, 1899 to Mary A. Tarbell ; 
m. 2nd, 1921 to Edna Lester, No. 2833 (1), his second cousin. Doctor 
Pratt is an eyesight specialist at Harrisburg, Pa. 

(a) ALFRED FOOTE PRATT", b. 1907. 

(b) MAXA LOUISE PRATT", b. 1911. 
28431 iii. COLUMBUS, res., Ionia, Mich. 

2844\ V. JANE; grandson, Prof. Orvis C. Erwin; res., Columbus, Ohio. 

1423. DR. SHERMAN FOOTE, an old resident, passed from life at his residence 
in Painesville, Ohio, Mar. 11, 1880. He was a man of such marked character and 
energy as to deserve more than a passing notice and immediate forgetfulness. Both 
before and after his marriage he was in partnership with his father in his extensive 
business. In 1832, with other friends, he moved to the then far off Western Reserve 
in Ohio and settled in the woods in Middlefield, Geauga County. His labors there 
were of the severest pioneer type, and it required all his great physical strength 
and the stern energy of his Puritan character to overcome the difficulties that en- 
vironed him and to conquer the wilderness and west from its heavy grasp, the comforts 
of a house and civilization. But he was of indomitable energy, and never released 
his firm grip till he completely succeeded. He then went into mercantile business 
and continued in it several years with very satisfactory results, acquiring enough 
property to enable him to spend the later years of his life in comfort. After living 
in Middlefield, Ohio, over twenty-seven years he moved to Painesville, Ohio, in 1859. 
He was always a friend ; was among the earliest to espouse the temperance and 


anti-slavery reforms, and was steadfastly devoted to both. He had extraordinary 
firmness and perseverance, his personal honesty and integrity was of the highest type, 
and he had a courage that nothing could daunt or swerve from what he conceived to 
be his duty. When only nineteen years old he was converted and for fifty-six years 
lived a consistent Christian life, steadily growing and developing in Christian char- 
acter until ripe and ready to go, he calmly, cheerfully and hopefully awaited his 
summons to depart in view of a fuller, richer and brighter life beyond. 

2851. i. ELIZABETH MELISSA, b. May 2, 1826; m. Aug. 15, 1854 to 

William Denton, b. Jan. 8, 1823, Darlington, England, son of Robert 
Denton; he d. Aug. 26, 1883; she d. Apr. 2, 1916; res., Wellesley, 

(1) SHERMAN FOOTE DENTON*, b. Dayton, Ohio, Sept. 24, 1855; m. 
Washington, D. C, Sept., 1887 to Hattie S. Perkins. 

(a) MILDRED DENTON'", b. Wellesley, Mass., May 17, 1891. 

(b) ROBERT BAIRD DENTON", b. Wellesley, Mass., Mar. 26, 1893; 
World War; d. Camp Mead, Jan. 6, 1918. 

(2) SHELLEY WRIGHT DENTON*, b. Middlefield, Ohio, June 11, 1859; 
m. June 11, 1885 to Ella Mae de Rochemont, dau. of Alfred P. and 
Emma H. (Stone) de Rochemont. 

(3) WILLIAM DIXON DENTON*, b. Mentor, Ohio, Aug. 7, 1865; m. 
Pittsfield, N. H. Aug. 10, 1910 to May Clifford Hurd, dau. of Edward 
Folsom Hurd, M.D., and Susan F. (Mudgett) Hurd; no children. 

(4) ROBERT WINSFORD DENTON', b. Wellesley, Mass., Apr. 9, 1868; 
m. Wellesley, Mass., Apr. 6, 1901 to Hattie A. Wiswall, dau. of Edward 
Francis and Elizabeth Melissa (Curtis) Wiswall; no children. 

(5) CARRIE DELYNIA DENTON*, b. Wellesley, Mass., Sept. 21, 1869; res., 
Wellesley, Mass. 

2852. ii. SHERMAN LEWIS, b. Nov. 17, 1828; m. Margaret Smith, 4451'. 
2852. iii. AARON H., b. Nov. 24, 1839; m. Mary , 4451' 


1424. JOHN BRONSON FOOTE, d. Jan. 24, 1870; m. Mary (Patten) Foote; 
d. July 30, 1888. 
2855. ii. MARY ELIZA, d. Dec. 15, 1919; bur. Summit Hill Cemetery, Clinton, 

N. Y. 
2858. v. THOMAS IRVING, d. Apr. 23, 1921 ; bur. Clinton, N. Y. 
2871. vii. LOVISA S. RANSOM, second wife of Alonzo A. Ransom, d. Jan. 3, 

2877. vi. LUCY HELEN FOOTE, b. May 2, 1835; d. June 20, 1896; m. Aug. 
1, 1858 to Alonzo A. Ransom, of Lenox, Pa.; he m. 2nd, No. 2871; 
he was b. Aug. 9, 1834. 
(1) WILLIAM RANSOM*, b. Aug. 22, 1859; m. 1st, May, 1886 to Nellie 

Hobbs, b. Mar. ; d. Apr., 1901; m. 2nd, Oct. 5, 1911 to Beatrice 


(a) ETHEL RANSOM'", b. Aug. 28, 1887; m. Apr. 11, 1903 to Silas 
Rood, b. Oct. 7, 1854; res., Lenoxville, Pa. 

(b) CECILE RANSOM", b. Apr. 16, 1889; m. Aug. 23, 1907 to Clarence 
Plummer, b. June 9, 1883 ; res., Factoryville, Pa., No. 2. 

(i) CLYDE W. PLUMMER", b. June 11, 1909. 
(ii) LULU M. PLUMMER", b. Oct. 17, 1911. 


(c) HAZEL RANSOM", b. May 29, 1891 ; m. Reuben Decker. 

(d) DEWEY RANSOM^ b. Apr. 18, 1899; m. Stella Bell Cobb; res., 
Factoryville, Pa. 

(e) FRANK E. RANSOM", b. Aug. 26, 1912. 

(f) NATHAN B. RANSOM", b. Sept. 24, 1913. 

(g) PAUL A. RANSOM", b. Feb. 11, 1917. 
(h) MARYLEN RANSOM", b. May 2, 1919. 
(i) ROBERT R. RANSOM", b. Jan. 3, 1920. 

(2) EFFIE M. RANSOM^, b. Aug. 12, 1861 ; m. Dec. 26, 1880 to Erwin G. 
Ross, b. Aug. 19, 1860; res., Nicholson, Pa.; d. June 22, 1930. 

(a) LUCY S. ROSS", b. Nov. 29, 1883; m. July 1, 1901 to Christian 

(b) EVA A. ROSS", b. Apr. 23, 1886; m. Dec. 27, 1909 to Charles S. 
Ross, b. May 17, 1888. 

(i) EVELYN M. ROSS", b. July 9, 1911. 
(ii) HOMER C. ROSS", b. July 6, 1914. 
(iii) VAN CLEFT E. ROSS", b. Dec. 20, 1916. 
(iv) JOHN WESLEY ROSS", b. June 6, 1923. 

(c) VIOLET L. ROSS", b. May 7, 1889; m. July 4, 1907 to Loren B. 
Robinson, b. Nov. 7, 1878 ; res., Lenoxville, Pa. ; he d. Jan. 10, 1927. 

(i) DONALD R. ROBINSON", b. Sept. 15, 1908. 
(ii) SCOTT J. ROBINSON", b. Jan. 17, 1912. 
(iii) LUCILLE ROBINSON", b. Feb. 1, 1919. 
(iv) LLEWELLYN ROBINSON", b. Feb. 1, 1919. 

(d) LUCIOUS D. ROSS", b. Sept. 17, 1896; m. Feb. 13, 1918 to Hazel A. 
Vial, b. Nov. 19, 1897. 

(i) CLARENCE E. ROSS", b. Mar. 8, 1919. 
(ii) DORIS E. ROSS", b. Mar. 30, 1921. 
(iii) LUCIOUS J. ROSS", b. Apr. 3, 1923. 

(e) OLIVE ARMILLIE ROSS", b. Feb. 11, 1899; m. Dec. 4, 1919 to 
Harry J. Decker, b. Aug. 21, 1882; res., Lenoxville, Pa. 

(i) LUCY HELEN DECKER", b. Feb. 24, 1920. 
(ii) OLIVE ARMILLIE DECKER", b. Jan. 25, 1923. 
(iii) HARRY ARTHUR DECKER", b. Oct. 14, 1925. 
(iv) VERDON CARLYSLE DECKER", b. Feb. 28, 1929. 

(f) DORIS EFFIE ROSS", b. Dec. 22, 1903; m. Dec. 22, 1922 to 
Rupert R. Miller, b. Dec. 1, 1901; res., Clarks Summit, Pa. 

(i) NORMA JEAN MILLER", b. Oct. 8, 1928. 
(ii) CYRIL ROSS MILLER", b. Apr. 21, 1931. 

(3) EVA A. RANSOM", b. Aug. 12, 1861; m. July 2, 1880 to Peter A. 
Barney, b. Nov. 15, 1857; res., Lenoxville, Pa.; he d. Oct. 20, 1924. 

(a) HUGH W. BARNEY", b. Oct. 4, 1881 ; m. Nov. 10, 1903 to Martha 
Harrison, b. Aug. 16, 1880; farmer; res., Lenox, Pa. 

(i) JOHN H. BARNEY", b. Apr. 14, 1905; m. Josie Hanyon, Nov. 

14, 1930; b. Aug. 23, 1910; dau. of Monroe and Carrie (Pratt) 

(ii) IVAN M. BARNEY", b. May 30, 1914. 

(b) MAUDE HELEN BARNEY", b. Oct. 1, 1884; m. June 20, 1910 to 
George W. Ross, b. Apr. 18, 1876; farmer; res., Clarks Summit, Pa. 


(i) GERTRUDE EVA ROSS", b. Dec. 7, 1912. 
(ii) RICHARD W. ROSS", b. Feb. 1, 1916. 

(c) CLIFTON D. BARNEY", b. Apr. 10, 1895; res., Lenoxville, Pa.; 

(d) DAYTON GLENN BARNEY", b. Aug. 22, 1898; m. Nov. 7, 1928 to 
Beulah A. Ruland, b. Apr. 22, 1913, dau. of Frank E and Eria I. 
(Chandler) Ruland. 

2911. xiii. ELIZA OLIVE; Oscar Beebe d. Feb. 23, 1926, Vernal, Utah. 

(1) JOHN F. MINCHEY', b. Oct. 29, 1878; m. Mar. 29, 1918 to Frances 
Dolon, of Erie, Pa., b. June 12, 1888; res.. Vernal, Utah. 

(3) MARY IRENE BEEBE», b. Jan. 6, 1886; m. Dec. 22, 1904 to Ira Rich- 
ardson Browning, b. Mar. 28, 1868, in Virginia, son of John W. and 
Virginia (Richardson) Browning; she d. Nov. 26, 1926; he was state road 
engineer ; res., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

(a) LELAND B. BROWNING", b. Sept. 18, 1905, Castle Dale, Utah. 

(4) CHARLES BEEBE', b. Nov. 28, 1889; m. 1st, Laura Henry, Feb. 14, 
1914; m. 2nd, Dec. 19, 1921 to Harriet Eaton, b. Vernal, Utah, Dec. 7, 
1897, dau. of Elmer Beckwith and Rose (Merrill) Eaton, of Vernal, 
Utah; res.. Vernal, Utah. 

(a) DEE BEEBE", b. Dec. 23, 1916, Emery, Utah. 

(b) BILLY MAY BEEBE", b. May 8, 1924, Emery, Utah. 

(c) OSCAR LEROY BEEBE", b. Mar. 18, 1926, Vernon, Utah. 

(5) LOUIS WARREN BEEBE', b. July 18, 1892; m. June 16, 1915 to Lois 
Janette Williams, b. Nov. 5, 1897, dau. of Charles and Sarah (Shiner) 
Williams, of Castle, Utah. 

(a) CLYDE W. BEEBE", b. June 23, 1916, Castle Dale, Utah. 

(b) OSCAR C. BEEBE", b. Feb. 2, 1918, Castle Dale, Utah. 

(c) NINA BEEBE", b. Jan. 10, 1925, Vernal, Utah. 

(6) OLIVE LOUISA BEEBE', b. May 27, 1898, Emery, Utah; m. Apr. 23, 
1916 to James Clement Crapo, b. Apr. 3, 1896, Sandy, Utah, son of Chas. C. 
and Elizabeth (Argyle) Crapo, of Sandy, Utah; she d. Nov. 7, 1918, 
Provo, Utah. 

(7) GILBERT REX BEEBE', b. Oct. 13, 1903, Emery, Utah; m. May 27, 
1923 to Ethel May Clark, dau. of Albert George and Annie (McCurdy) 

(a) PAULINE BEEBE", b. Feb. 12, 1924. 

(8) AUSTIN FOOTE BEEBE', b. May 28, 1906 ; m. Jan. 13, 1927 to Alberta 
Cooper, dau. of William Cooper and Moren (Davis) Cooper. 

2920. LUCIUS HARWOOD FOOTE, of San Francisco, Calif., d. June 4, 1913. 

2921. ANNA ELIZA FOOTE COLLIE, b. June 7, 1836; d. Dec, 1910; dau. of 
Rev. Lucius Foote, of Rockport, 111. ; res., Delavan, Wis. 

1464. HORACE FOOTE (page 291) ; Mrs. Foote d. Jan. 16, 1867; he d. Jan. 1, 
1895; bur. Rockford, 111. 
2927*. i. HARRIET MELINDA, d. 1875. 
2927'. ii. ERASTUS HORACE, served in Civil War in 141st Regt., Illinois; 

colonel at 17 years of age. 
2927'. iv. MARY CORNELIA, gave this copy ; res., Rockford, 111. 


2927". V. ELLEN THERESSA, m. Nov. 25, 1880 to George E. Smith, of 
Rockford, 111. ; d. May 4, 1903 ; res., Rockford, 111. 

(1) FLORENCE FERENIA SMITH°, b. Jan. 9, 1882. 

(2) VERL SMITH^ b. Oct. 14, 1886; d. Dec. 25, 1886. 

(3) GEORGE HAROLD SMITH^ b. May 10, 1888; m. Oct. 25, 1911 to 
Laura Brown ; res., Marblehead, Mass. 

2951. (1) RUFUS FOOTE MADDUX", b. Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 20, 1884; 
graduate of Woodward High School, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1903 ; Ph.B., 
Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University, 1906; electrical engineer- 
ing; second lieutenant, U. S. A., Sept., 1908; first lieutenant, 1910; 
captain, 1916; lieutenant colonel, 1918 (temporary); major, 1920; gas 
officer, 28th Division, Chateau-Thierry; gas officer. Fifth Army Corps, 
St. Mihiel and Argonne ; member of Army and Navy Club, Washing- 
ton, D. C. ; Yale Club, New York, N. Y. ; Shriner ; member of Phi 
Sigma Kappa ; m. Aug. 28, 1913 to Eveline McDowell Black, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., dau. of Gilbert McMasters Black and Clara (Schwartz) 
Black. Major Maddux is stationed in Washington, D. C, office, Head- 
quarters of Chemical Warfare Service ; res., Washington, D. C. After 
the World War, Major Maddux was sent to Norway as military attache, 
returning to United States in 1920. 

(a) JEANNE LOUISE MADDUX", b. Jan. 19, 1916. 

(b) ELIZABETH ANNE MADDUX", b. Feb., 1918. 

(c) GILBERT BLACK MADDUX", b. May 25, 1920. 

2951. (2) LOUISE ARNOLD MADDUX', b. Aug. 21, 1887; m. Aug., 1911 to 
Joseph N. Kinney ; res., Cincinnati, Ohio ; Yale, 1903. 
(a) FRANCES MADDUX KINNEY", b. Aug. 9. 1912. 
2978'. LUCY D., m. 1850 to Shubel Coy; res., Lafayette, Ohio. 

(1) FERDINAND COY», b. 1852; was murdered, together with both parents, 
in Medina, Ohio, July 2, 1862. 
2979. ANNA E., b. Dec. 8, 1834; m. 1852 to John A. Titus of Berne, Ohio; 
she d. Feb. 1, 1907; he d. Feb. 5, 1907; both bur. at the same time. 

(1) ADA ELIZA TITUS', b. 1858; m. 1st, 1880 to Charles Baker, of Penns- 
ville, Ohio; he d. Oct. 1, 1889; she m. 2nd, Samuel Phelps, of Wellington, 

(a) GEORGE BAKER", b. Aug., 1881, Wellington, Ohio. 

(b) MILDRED PHELPS", b. 1896, Wellington, Ohio. 

(2) FRANCES TITUS", b. 1866; d. 1876. 

2979'. JOHN F., res., San Francisco, Calif., in 1890. 

3008. viii. LOZELLE, b. Feb. 13, 1838; m. Isadore Russell, 4643*"*. 

3013. xiii. WALTER SCOTT, b. Nov. 4, 1848 ; m. Ida Hull, 4645'. 

1522\ JOHN FOOTE (568, 196, 54, 16, 5, 1), killed by a falling tree in 1825 at 
Whitehall, N. Y. ; m. Jan. 5, 1806 to Charlotte Hurlbut, of West Haven, Vt. 
3013\ i. JASON, m. West Haven, Vt., to Elizabeth Wicker, b. West Haven, 

Vt. ; they moved to Iowa and raised a family. 
3013*. ii. PHILO, b. 1809; m. Vila L. Tubbs, 4648'-°. 

3013'. iii. RANSON, m. Amanda Estate; settled Sept. 13, 1841, in Whitehall, 
N. Y. 


3013*. iv. FREDERICK S., b. Nov. 7, 1815; m. Azubah H. Kelley. 4648'"". 
3013'. V. ELIZA, m. Trowbridge; went West. 

3021. GEORGE LUZERNE FOOTE, d. 1922; Lucretia Way Foote, d. 1926. 

1535. ABIATHAR FOOTE (573, 196, 54, 15, 5, 1), b. Apr. 16, 1804; m. Aug. 27, 

1826 to Sally Elvira Wilcox, b. 1802; d. Sept., 1867; he d. Warren, Conn.; res., 

Warren, Conn. 

3071\ i. JULIA ELIZA, b. Sept. 3, 1828; m. Apr. 12, 1849 to William E. 

Tanner, b. Feb. 28, 1820; d. Apr. 15, 1899; she d. Apr. 17, 1902; res., 

Warren, Conn. 

(1) MARVIN HENRY TANNER^ b. Mar. 4, 1850; res., Winsted, Conn. 

(2) LUCINDA TANNER', b. 1852; d. 1866. 

(3) EGBERT TANNER*, b. Apr. 6, 1854; res., Winsted, Conn. 

(4) VICTOR TANNER', b. Oct., 1858; d. Nov., 1879. 

3037". ii. HENRY WINCHESTER, b. Feb. 16, 1830; m. Caroline Munson, 

3037'. iii. ANN LOUISE, b. May 29, 1834; m. 1st, Jerome W. Foote. No. 3004; 
he d. Nov. 17, 1867 (see family record) ; m. 2nd, Sept. 6, 1869 to Sher- 
man Shove, of Warren, Conn.; m. 3rd, Oct. 1, 1888 to Douglass 
Williams, b. July 5, 1830; d. Feb. 12, 1913; res., Middletown, Conn. 

1540. BELA FOOTE (573, 196, 54, 15, 5, 1), b. June 28, 1816; m. 1st, Almira 
Pierpont ; m. 2nd, Mary Birdsley ; res., North Branford, Conn. 

3037*. i. ADELBERT PIERPONT ; three children by second wife. 

3037°. ii. MARTHA ALMIRA, m. Timothy A. Cow; res., Stony Creek, Conn. 

3037°. iii. CARRIE, m. Samuel Barns ; res.. Stony Creek, Conn. 

3037\ iv. ELLA, m. C. Kelsey ; res., Stony Creek, Conn. 

3046. iii. JOHN WESLEY, b. May 20, 1842; m. 4689'-'. 

1565. EDWIN HARRISON FOOTE, b. Southwick, Mass.; m. Mar. 4, 1830 to 
Julia A. Bancroft, b. Apr. 5, 1808; d. Oct. 3, 1886; he d. Sept. 28, 1881; bur. New 
Haven, Conn. 

3074. i. EDWIN BANCROFT, lawyer. New Haven, Conn. 

3075. i. WILLIAM HARRISON, b. Jan. 15, 1833; m. June 5. 1860 to 

Samiramis Josephine Noble (see No. 5586 in "Noble Genealogy"). 

3022. GEORGE LAWSON, b. Aug. 1, 1834; d. June 19, 1908, Baltimore, Md. 
3087. V. MARY BASSETT, m. Henry C. Griggs; lived all of her married life 

in Waterbury, Conn. ; she was as prominent as women of her time, 
perhaps a little more so. 

(2) CHARLES JARED GRIGGS', res., Waterbury, Conn.; he was a grad- 
uate from Yale, class of 1886; Yale Law School, class of 1888. 

(3) WILFRED ELIZUR GRIGGS', d. July 24, 1918; he was bur. at Water- 
bury, Conn. ; res., Waterbury, Conn. ; business, architect ; firm, W. E. 
Griggs; he graduated from Yale, class of 1887, and Columbia University, 

(4) ROBERT FOOTE GRIGGS', was m. 1st, Savannah Ga., to Charlotte 
Hamilton Branch, Apr. 11, 1892; she d. May 14, 1897; their dau. Marie 
McDevitt was b. May 5, 1895, and d. June 16, 1896. Both are bur. at 


Bonaventure, Savannah, Ga. He m. 2nd, Caroline Haring White. He is. 
a broker in firm of R. F. Griggs Co. 
(c) ROBERT FOOTE GRIGGS^", JR., b. June 27, 1908. 
(6) DAVID CULLEN GRIGGS", graduated from Yale in 1892; business, 
vice-president and secretary, Waterbury Farrel Foundry and Machine 
Co. ; res., Waterbury, Conn. 

(b) ELEANOR RICE GRIGGS'", b. Aug. 3, 1911. 
3088. vi. CULLEN BEECHER FOOTE, d. July 12, 1909. 

1580. JOHN FOOTE (592, 205, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. May 25, 1834; m. Elizabeth 
Miner, b. Coventry, N. Y., Dec. 14, 1809, dau. of John and Ann (Beardsley) Miner; 
was a tanner and shoemaker ; deacon of the Congregational Church at Coventry, N. Y. 

3090'. i. LYDIA, b. Nov. 3, 1834, Coventry, N. Y.; m. May 8, 1856 to Henry 
Milton Ketchum, son of Moses and Esther Ketchum, b. Oct. 16, 1831 ; 
res., St. Peter, Minn. 
(1) MINNIE KETCHUM^ b. Mar. 18, 1858, St. Paul, Minn.; m. William 




3090^ ii. JANE AMANDA, b. May 5, 1839; m. 1st, William Compton ; he d. 
; m. 2nd, Horace Johnson. 

1581. GEORGE DORR FOOTE (592, 205, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Aug. 5, 1810, Albany, 
N. Y. ; came to Illinois, 1830; m. Abigail Jane St. John, also b. in Albany, N. Y., 
July 8, 1816. He was an architect, lived at Columbia, Mo. ; purchased a farm at 
Pittsfield, 111., where he raised a large family ; he d. Pittsfield, Pike County, 111., 
Feb. 28, 1881. 

3090\ i. TALMAGE O., b. Apr. 1, 1836; m. Mary Ward, 4699'"'. 
3090*. ii. EDWARD MITCHELL, b. Mar. 28, 1837; m. Nancy A. Kelso. 
30901 iii. MELISSA AMELIA, b. Sept. 20, 1838; m. Apr. 7, 1850 to George 
Mills ; she d. Dec. 28, 1895. 

(1) GEORGE M. MILLS^ d. young. 

(2) HERBERT MALCOLM MILLS", m. Anna Recker; he d. Dec. 27, 1901. 

(a) JULIAN MILLS'", b. July 14, 1890; m. Florence . 

(i) MARGARET MILLS", b. Jan. 11, 1918; res.. East Peoria, 111. 

(b) LAURA MILLS'", b. Dec. 3, 1891 ; res.. East Peoria, 111. 

(c) SOPHIA MARIE MILLS'", b. June 29, 1901. 

(3) LAURA ELEANOR MILLS", b. 1866; d. 1891. 

(4) ABIGAIL JANE MILLS", b. June 13, 1867; m. Clarence E. Berry. 

(a) CARROL BERRIAN'", b. Dec. 3, 1892; m. Bessie ; res., Webb 

City, Mo. 

(b) ELEANOR BERRIAN'", b. Feb. 9, 1894; m. Charles Marlock; res., 
Webb City, Mo. 

(i) ELIZABETH GAIL MATLOCK", b. Dec. 26, 1916; res., 
Webb City, Mo. 

(5) MAUDE ALMA MILLS", b. 1869; m. Charles Walker; she d. 1914, 
Webb City, Mo. 

(a) HERBERT WALKER'", b. Oct. 9, 1894. 


(6) ANNITA MILDRED MILLS', b. Dec. 3, 1871 ; m. Geo. Shriver. 

(a) PAUL WESLEY SHRIVER'". b. Nov. 12, 1896; m. Mary Dun- 
woody; res., Pittsburg, Kan. 
3090*. iv. JOHN, b. Oct. 13, 1839 ; m. Mary E. Hullm, 4699'=-". 
3090'. V. GEORGE DORR, b. Nov. 22, 1840; d. Feb. 27, 1858. 
3090*. vi. JAMES PIERCE, b. Jan. 28, 1844; m. Armittie Tippetts, 4699""". 
3090'. vii. LYDIA SARAH, b. June 18, 1846; m. Sept. 7, 1865 to Alvin Nye 
Main ; retired farmer. 

(1) CLARA MONDON MAIN', b. Sept. 9, 1866; librarian at Lewistown, 

(2) DR. RUFUS HENRY MAIN", b. Sept. 5, 1868, Lincoln County, Mo. ; m. 
Oct. 9, 1895 to Helen Chrysup. 

(a) GEORGE CHRYSUP MAIN", b. Nov. 27, 1897; served in the Med- 
ical Corps, Jefferson Barracks and Ellis Island ; medical student of 
University of Illinois. 

(b) ALVIN NYE MAIN", b. July 23, 1900; d. 1907. 

(c) RUTH NYE MAIN'", b. Dec. 6, 1908; res., Barry, 111. 

(d) JOSEPHINE BARNEY MAIN'", b. Feb. 13, 1912; res., Barry, 111. 

(e) PHILLIP ANDREW MAIN'", b. Jan. 28, 1917; res., Barry 111. 

(3) JOSIAH MAIN", b. Mar. 29, 1870; m. Emily Triplett; res., Hemet, 
Calif.; B.S., University of Illinois; M.S., Cornwall, to whom the follow- 
ing eulogy was given : "To Josiah Main whose kindly and forceful per- 
sonality, quiet humor, and high moral and intellectual standards have 
made so deep an impress upon the students of Hemet Union High School, 
and whose tireless labors and artistic skill have been through two years 
of such great value to our annual, with grateful appreciation we dedicate 
this 1920 Tahquitz" ; professor of agriculture and biology, Hemet Union 
High School; res., Hemet, Calif. 

(a) NORMAN FRANCIS MAIN'", b. July 11, 1901; B.S.. Columbia 
University, 1920; res., Columbia, Mo. 

(4) BLANCH MARGARETTA MAIN", b. Jan. 8, 1874; m. William Gay; 
res., Pittsfield, 111. 

(a) ELIZABETH GAY'", b. Oct. 24, 1894; m. F. M. Lewis, Jr.; res., 
Pittsfield, 111. 

(i) GENEVIEVE LEWIS", b. Aug. 3, 1915; res., Pittsfield, 111. 

(5) ROSE IDA MAIN", b. Aug. 7, 1876; m. Luther Lawrence Warden; res., 
Lewiston, Mont. 

(b) ALVIN MAIN WARDEN'", b. Oct. 1, 1908; res., Lewiston, Mont. 

(c) JOHN SEVIER WARDEN'", b. Apr. 10, 1913; res., Lewiston, Mont. 

(6) GEORGINA JANE MAIN", b. Jan. 5, 1879; d. Mar. 14, 1880. 

(7) DR. ROSCOE CONKLING MAIN", b. Feb. 23, 1882; m. Ruth Flower 
Stafford Orr, b. Feb. 6, 1890, dau. of Edward Orr, of Marquette, Mich.; 
res., Billings, Mont.; B.S., University of Illinois, 1904; Harvard, 1904-07; 
awarded Oliver Scholarship; M.D., Rush Medical, 1908; appoitned 
register at Debarkation Hospital at Ellis Island during the World War 
at request of General Gorges ; city and county health officer at Billings, 

(a) ALVIN NYE MAIN'", b. Apr. 8, 1918; res., Billings, Mont. 


(b) EDWARD STAFFORD MAIN", b. Apr. 9, 1918; res., Billings, 

(c) NATHANIEL FOOTE MAIN", b. July 2, 1920; res., Billings, Mont. 

(d) PETER SEINLFORD MAIN", b. June 27, 1922; res., Billings, Mont. 
(8) FRANCIS ALVIN MAIN", b. May 3, 1884; m. Iva Woolfolk Scanlan; 

res., Pittsfield, 111. ; graduate of Bradley Polytechnic, Peoria, 111. ; jeweler 
at Pittsfield, 111. 

(a) MARGUERITE MAIN*", b. Mar. 16, 1906; res., Pittsfield, 111. 

(b) BERNICE SCANLAN MAIN", b. May 16, 1908; res., Pittsfield, 111. 
3090'. viii. JOSIAH CULVER, b. Dec. 4, 1847; m. Abigail St. John, 4699'"-^. 
3090*. ix. JANE, b. Mar. 8, 1850; m. Feb. 27, 1889 to Samuel Ruthledge; d. 

June 15, 1913. 
3090". X. HENRY, b. May 9, 1852 ; m. Frances D, Dunbar, 4699"-'*. 
3090". xi. WILLIAM DOUGLASS, b. June 20, 1854; d. Oct. 28, 1855. 
3090". xii. ALMIRA CAROLINE, b. Mar. 28, 1856; unm. ; Pittsfield, 111. 
3090". xiii. IDA MAY, b. July 5, 1858; m. Nov. 13, 1877 to Isaac Petty; she d. 

Mar. 9, 1884. 

(1) GOLDIE ESTELLA PETTY', b. Jan. 12, 1879; d. Dec. 2, 1880. 

(2) MABEL PETTY', b. Apr. 2, 1881 ; d. June 13, 1884. 

(3) THOMAS PETTY", b. Jan. 13, 1884. 

3090". xiv. MARY ANN, b. Feb. 23, 1862; m. Nov. 13, 1883 to Enoch John 
Rainwater, son of John and Elizabeth (Porter) Rainwater, b. Jan. 27, 

(1) CLARENCE ELMER RAINWATER', b. Oct. 1, 1884; A.B., Drake 
University, Iowa, 1907; A.M., 1908; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1921; 
m. Lily Frances Williams; dau. of Isaac Reed and Emma (Francis) 
Williams, Sept. 5, 1907, Savannah, Mo. ; teacher sociology. University of 
Chicago, 1913-17; dean, American College Physical Education, 1917-19; 
assistant professor sociology. University Southern California, 1919-21 ; 
associate professor, University Southern California, 1921-25. Societies: 
Social Research, American Social Society, Campbell Institute, Phi Beta 
Kappa, Alpha Kappa Delta, Gamma Epsilon. Author: "Community Or- 
ganizations," 1920; "The Play Movement in the United States," 1921. 
He d. July 22, 1925. 

(2) JULIUS HENRY RAINWATER", b. Dec. 2, 1887; graduate of Pitts- 
field, 111., High School, 1907; Drake University, Iowa; University of 
Chicago; m. Florence E. Nitsche, dau. of Fred and Laura (Tilling) 
Nitsche, Chicago, 111., Sept. 6, 1911. Playground director, Ogden Park, 
Chicago, 1911-18; Boy Scout executive, Chicago, 1918-20; Scout execu- 
tive, San Jose, Calif., 1920-23 ; executive secretary. Community Chest, 
San Jose, Calif., 1928; president, Pacific Coast Community Chest Execu- 
tives ; Rotarian ; 32nd degree Mason ; Athletic Club ; res., San Diego, 

(a) JULIUS HENRY RAINWATER", b. Chicago, 111., June 27, 1912; 
res., San Diego, Calif. 

(b) GENEVIEVE E. RAINWATER", b. Chicago, 111., Aug. 11, 1916; 
res,. San Diego, Calif. 

(c) GERALDINE E. RAINWATER", b. San Jose, Calif., June 3, 1921 ; 
res., San Diego, Calif. 


(3) ETHEL ELIZABETH RAINWATER', b. Dec. 21, 1889; graduate 
Teachers' College, Normal, 111., 1917; A.B., University Southern Cali- 
fornia, 1926 ; m. Thomas Murry Gillison, Mar. 5, 1926, Long Beach, Calif. 

(a) ETHEL MARIANNE GILLISON", b. Jan. 11, 1929, Long Beach, 

(4) JOHN PORTER RAINWATER', b. Nov. 6, 1891; m. Ida Carolin 
Kern, dau. of Fred and Elizabeth (Sittler) Kern, Aug. 26, 1920, Pittsfield, 
111. ; sergeant. Ambulance Co. 334, Sanitary Train 309 in 84th Division, 
Camp Taylor, Sept. 20, 1917; nine months overseas; discharged at Camp 
Grant, July, 1919; res., Pittsfield, 111.; farmer. 

(a) ELIZABETH ANN RAINWATER'", b. Feb. 1, 1923. 

(5) IDA MAY RAINWATER', b. June 2, 1901 ; graduate School of Nurs- 
ing, Methodist Episcopal Hospital, Los Angeles, Calif., 1924; registered 
nurse, California, 1924; B.S., University of Missouri, 1931; Alpha Kappa 
Delta ; trachoma prevention work, Missouri ; res., Pittsfield, 111. 

1583. FREDERICK ABRAM FOOTE (592, 205, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. July 31, 1816; 

m. Salina Kennedy; she d. ; m. 2nd, Nancy Kennedy, a sister; d. Albany, N. Y. 

3090'^ i. GEORGE DORR, d. in army. 

1587'. RUSSELL FOOTE (598, 205, 56, 16, 5, 1), m. Lydia Bronson. 

3095. i. HATTIE, m. Clark Hough, b. Unadilla, N. Y. ; res., Bloomington, 

3099'. GERTRUDE MARIA, b. May 13, 1847; m. May 20, 1863 to John Andrus; 
she d. Oct. 13, 1929, Palo Alto, Calif. ; he d. Jan. 26, 1923, Palo Alto, Calif. 

(1) (a) (i) LEORA C. EMETSBURG", b. Jan. 8, 1904; m. Feb. 25, 1928 to 

Frank Boomhower, b. Feb. 12, 1899, in Michigan. 
(A) STANLEY LOREN BOOMHOWER", b. Palo Alto, Calif., 
July 8, 1930. 

(c) STELLA GRACE RUGGLES^ b. Oct. 25, 1887, Gait, Calif.; m. 
Nov. 2, 1909 to F. Pearl Allen, b. Dec. 9, 1881, Springfield, Ohio; res., 
Palo Alto, Calif. 

(i) VIRGINIA ISIS ALLEN", b. June 24, 1910, Fresno, Calif, 
(ii) VISCOUNT PEARL ALLEN", b. Aug. 21, 1911, Fresno, Calif. 

(d) MABEL CORNELIA RUGGLES'", b. Nov. 27, 1889, Gait, Calif.; m. 
June 16, 1909 to John Durben Williams, b. Apr. 14, 1875, Cloverdale, 

(i) MARVIN VANCE WILLIAMS", b. May 17, 1913, Santa 

Rosa, Calif, 
(ii) WINNIFRED LOVE WILLIAMS", b. Nov. 30, 1914, San 

Francisco, Calif. 

(2) (a) ZORIKA TURNER'", b. May 11, 1891, Stockton, Calif.; m. Sept. 9, 

1929 to James Edward McClellan, b. in California. 

(3) ANN ELIZA ANDRUS', b. Mar. 17, 1871, Gait, Calif.; m. 1st, Nov. 
29, 1887 to Wellington W. Trubody ; m. 2nd, Frank Thompson, Jan. 6, 

(a) WAYNE W. TRUBODY'", b. June 18, 1888, Stockton, Calif.; d. 
July 18, 1889, Gait, Calif. 

(b) PERCY E. TRUBODY", b. Mar. 14, 1890, Stockton, Calif.; d. Nov. 
3, 1918; m. Aug. 13, 1915 to Edith Willeford, b. Jan. 18, 1901, Bishop, 












(i) ETHEL J. TRUBODY", b. June 13, 1916, Oatman, Ariz, 
(c) GERTRUDE E. TRUBODY", b. Nov. 18, 1891, Stockton, Calif; d. 
Jan. 3, 1892, Gait, Calif. 
(5) ROY ANDRUS^ m. June 10, 1912 to Jeannette King, of Wright, Calif. 

3100'. CHARLES HARDY, b. Dec. 28, 1858; m. Kate Henderson Holmes, 4802'-'. 

3100'. GORDON MILES, b. Dec. 10, 1864; m. Mary Green, 4802'"". 
3101. ix. LAURA FOOTE BRUML, res., Palo Alto, Calif. 

(2) DOROTHY FOOTE BRUML" b. June 11, 1901; d. Oct. 2, 1902. 

(3) LEONARD FOOTE BRUML", b. Aug. 23, 1904; graduated from the 
Stanford University Medical School in 1930 ; he is now assistant resident 
physician at the Stanford University Hospital in San Francisco, Calif. 

1633. CHARLES NICHOLS FOOTE (616, 203, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Freedom, 
Cattaraugus County, N. Y., June 18, 1841 ; m. Freeland, Mich., Mar. 13, 1869 to Grace 
McGregor, b. Freeland, Mich., Nov. 15, 1845, dau. of Peter and Margaret (Reid) 
McGregor; she d. Freeland, Mich., Apr. 11, 1898. Mr. Foote is a successful farmer; 
res., Freeland, Mich. 

PETER, b. Freeland, Mich., Nov. 7, 1870; d. May 7, 1875. 

AMELIA ANN, b. July 24, 1873 ; unm. 

CHARLES G., b. Sept. 20, 1876; unm. 

GUY A., b. Oct. 16, 1878; unm. 

WALTER A., b. July 25, 1884; d. Freeland, Mich., Aug. 8, 1887. 

1684. ROBERT FOOTE (616, 208, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Deerfield, N. Y., Nov. 25, 
1825 ; m. Freeland, Mich., Aug. 6, 1871 to Peddie Alfred, b. Howard, Steuben County, 
N. Y., May 10, 1842; res., Harbor Beach, Mich.; he d. Mar. 31, 1894. 

3106. i. CHARLES A., b. Freeland, Mich., Sept. 13, 1875; d. Harbor Beach, 

Mich., Dec. 20, 1906. 

1638. DAN POLLY FOOTE (618, 208, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Aug. 18, 1831; m. Fox 
Lake, Wis., Oct. 22, 1854 to Elizabeth Graham. 

3107. i. GEORGE GRAHAM, b. Oct. 19, 1857; m. Mary Dailys, 4709"-'; fruit 

farmer, Paonia, Delta County, Colo. 

3108. ii. CHARLES EDWIN, b. Oct. 31, 1859; m. Florence Scollard Brown, 

b. Oct. 30, 1859, dau. of George D. and Celeste S. Brown. Mr. Foote 
is president, Foote & Jenks, manufacturers food producers, flavors ; 
res., Jackson, Mich. 

3109. iii. LANGLEY SUTHERLAND, b. Freeland, Mich., Aug. 29, 1863; m. 

1st, Cassie Leola Rogers, b. Oct. 1, 1874; d. July 19, 1916; m. 2nd, 
June, 1918 to Mrs. Anna Williams ; res., Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 

1641. HARVEY MONROE FOOTE (618, 208, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Oct. 10, 1836, 
Fairview, N. Y. ; entered the army July 31, 1862 ; commissioned first lieutenant Nov. 5, 
1863, and captain July, 1864, served till end of war ; m. Oct., 1866 to Sarah Elizabeth 
Young; she d. Jan. 3, 1920; he d. Feb. 3, 1913; res., Oswego, N. Y. 

3109'. i. LENA GERTRUDE, b. May 19, 1868; d. Apr. 2, 1879. 

3110. ii. CARRIE BELLE, b. Oct. 1, 1870; m. Mar. 26, 1891 to Frederick B. 

Huxley, b. Palmyra, N. Y., son of Frank H. and Harriet (Curtis) 
Huxley; res., Ontario Center, N. Y. 


(1) CLARA IRMA HUXLEY", b. Mar. 18, 1892; m. July 14, 1920 to Clarence 
Griffith ; res., Huntington, L. I., N. Y. 

(2) MILDRED JEWELL HUXLEY", b. Dec. 12, 1896; graduate Boston 
Business College, 1920; with Cleveland Trust Company; m. Nathaniel 
Foote, No. 5035. 

(3) EARL FOOTE HUXLEY', b. May 12, 1898; World War veteran, 102nd 
A. T., 27th Division m. Feb. 4, 1923 to Mildred Henderson, dau. of 
F. B. Henderson, of Ontario, N. Y. ; he is in business w^ith his father. 


(4) DORIS CATHERINE HUXLEY', b. Apr. 23, 1907. 

(5) FERN ELOISE HUXLEY", b. Mar. 19, 1912. 

3111. iii. HARRY JOHN, b. Dec. 24, 1873; d. Apr. 13, 1879. 

1646. CHARLES EDWARD FOOTE (618, 208, 56, 16, 5, 1), d. Dec. 22, 1919, 
Bridgeport Township, Mich. 

3112. i. EDNA LUTHERIA, b. July 30, 1879; m. Aug. 28, 1909 to Edward 

KENNEDY; res., Bridgeport, Mich. 

(1) MARY ANTOINETTE KENNEDY", b. Aug. 29, 1910, Chugwater, 

(2) CHARLES EDWARD KENNEDY", b. Mar. 6, 1913, Bridgeport, Mich. 

(3) JUNE ROSE KENNEDY", b. June 30, 1915, Wheatland, Wyo. 

(4) EUNICE LUCILLE KENNEDY", b. Nov. 11, 1916, Cheyenne, Wyo. 

3113. ii. HATTEN HENRY, b. June 23, 1883; farmer, Bridgeport Township, 

Saginaw County, Mich. ; unm. 

3114. iii. KATHERINE POLLY, b. Jan. 25, 1885 ; m. May 2, 1908 to Arthur T. 

Morey, son of Edward H. Morey ; res., Bridgeport, Mich. 

(1) GEORGE ARTHUR MOREY", b. Jan. 2, 1909, Bridgeport, Mich. 

(2) MARJORIE A. MOREY", b. Jan. 8, 1911. 

(3) HATTIE ELIZABETH MOREY", b. July 9, 1913. 

1650. ARCHIE HUGH FOOTE (618, 208, 56, 16, 5, 1), m. Valparaiso, Ind., 
Jan. 4, 1886 to Loila Morris, b. Woodhull, Mich. ; he d. May 19, 1889. 
3114*. i. MORRIS GROVER, b. Woodhull, Mich., May 25, 1888; m. Dec. 24, 
1916, Lansing, Mich., to Ida Smith; res., Lansing, Mich. 

1652. HELI FOOTE (page 307), res. LeRoy, N. Y. ; d. Apr. 18, 1917. 

3115. RICHARD FOOTE is a machinist and lives in Rochester, N. Y. 

1654. JAMES CAMPBELL FOOTE (pages 307-308) ; Kitty R. (Payne) Foote, 
d. Apr. 18, 1917; m. 2nd, June 21, 1919 to Betsy E. Goodenough, b. Nov. 21, 1879, 
of Rochester, N. Y., dau. of A. Chapin Goodenough. Mr. Foote has been a member 
of the Board of Education at the Caledonia High School since 1914, and was presi- 
dent of the Board. 

3115*. i. MARY HELEN, b. Mar. 18, 1891; m. Jan. 2, 1918 to Leland Charles 
Clark, b. June 6, 1892, son of Charles Franklin Clark; merchant; res., 
Attica, N. Y. 

(1) LELAND CHARLES CLARK", JR., b. Dec. 4, 1918, Rochester, N. Y. 

(2) QUINTAN SPENCER CLARK", b. Jan. 10, 1920, Attica, N. Y. 

(3) WOODAMS PAYNE CLARK", b. Feb. 28, 1921, Attica, N. Y. 


3116. JAMES CONKLIN FOOTE, JR., b. Sept. 25, 1898; m. Laura B. Wellman, 


3116'. i. ANN ELIZABETH, b. Aug. 28, 1854; m. 1st, Feb., 1887 to Albyron 
Waite; he d. May, 1890; m. 2nd, June 23, 1909 to John W. Hagadorn; 
Mrs. Hagadorn is a member of the D. A. R. ; res., Johnstown, N. Y. 

3117. n. JANE SARAH, b. Mar. 8, 1857; member D. A. R. ; res., Johnstown, 

N. Y. ; she gave this copy. 

3118. iii. EMILY GRACE, b. Oct. 15, 1863; m. May 27, 1891 to Henry F. 

Dawes, of Milborne Port, England, b. May 2, 1863, son of Thomas 
Bodley Dawes and Mary Ann Tavener. 
(2) HELEN WARFIELD DAWES*, b. Nov. 24, 1903; m. Fred Henry 
Rohrs; res., New York, N. Y. ; son of Frederick and Mary Louise 
(Mclnelley) Rohrs. 
(a) FREDERICK TAVENER ROHRS", b. Feb. 21, 1929. 

3119. iv. FRANCES HELEN, b. May 23, 1866; m. Oct. 11, 1888 to Dr. 

John H. Sand, son of Sylvester and Barbara (Crounse) Sand; res., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(1) JAMES HARVEY SAND', b. Mar. 3, 1892; electrical engineer. Poly- 
technic Institute, 1915; enlisted in the Signal Corps, 1918; attended School 
for Radio Officers, College Park, Md. ; Air Service School for Radio 
Officers, Columbia University ; School for Aerial Observers, Fort Sill, 
Okla. ; Air Service Advanced School for Radio Telephone Officers. 
Guerstner Field, La. ; commissioned second lieutenant. Air Service Aero- 
nautics, Oct., 1918; res., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(2) JOHN FRANCIS FOOTE SAND", b. Feb. 21, 1899; enlisted July 9, 
1917, at 19 years of age in Headquarters Company, 106th Inf., 27th Divi- 
sion; served in France from May 10, 1918 to March 8, 1919. During this 
time he saw much active service at the front and was present with his 
regiment at the breaking of the Hindenburg line. He is the ninth genera- 
tion in descent from Elder William Brewster of the Mayflower on his 
maternal grandmother Grace Dennison's side. He m. June 3, 1924, Marion 
Elizabeth Calder, of Brooklyn, N. Y., dau. of Alexander and Elizabeth 
(Hartigan) Calder; res., Rockville Center, L. I., N. Y. 

(a) JOHN FOOTE SAND", b. Feb. 1, 1926. 

(b) ELIZABETH CALDER SAND", b. June 29, 1929. 

(3) GRACE DENNISON SAND', b. Jan. 30, 1901 ; B.A., Adelphi College, 
1922 ; m. Oct. 20, 1928 to Lester Harrison Hearn, son of Frederick William 
and Sarah (Hyde) Hearn, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(a) BARBARA JANE HEARN'", b. Sept. 16, 1929. 

1671. WILLIAM DARIUS FOOTE (627, 209, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Sept. 25, 1836, 
Johnstown, N. Y. ; m. Jan. 19, 1859 to Mary Catherine Shults, dau. of Levi and 
Harriet (Gray) Shults, of Johnstown, N. Y. ; she was b. Oct. 25, 1837; d. Sept. 6, 
1895. Mr. Foote was for many years a merchant in Johnstown and afterward a 
glove manufacturer ; d. Mar. 26, 1904 ; res., Johnstown, N. Y. On the side of his 
maternal grandmother, Grace Dennison, he was the eighth generation in descent 
from Elder William Brewster of the Mayflower. 

3123. i. ALICE GRAY, b. Feb. 6, 1860, Johnstown, N. Y. ; d. Mar. 5, 1920; 
m. Feb. 21, 1889 to Daniel Dillenback, son of Michael and Catherine 


(Stewart) Dillenback, b. Nov. 14, 1855, Ephratah, N. H.; d. Aug. 22, 
1824, Johnstown, N. Y. 

(1) MARION FOOTE DILLENBACK^ b. Mar. 6, 1890; she was graduated 
from the Johnstown High School and from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, 
N. Y., in 1913 ; supervisor of art in the public schools of Saratoga 
Springs, N. Y. 

(2) MILDRED CATHERINE DILLENBACK^ b. Mar. 6, 1890; she was 
graduated from the Johnstown High School and the New York State 
College for Teachers, 1913, at Albany, N. Y. ; m. May 27, 1927, St. 
Louis, Mo., to Hiram Lorenzo King, b. May 23, 1887, Northampton, 
Fulton County, N. Y., son of Oscar and Honora (Steele) King; res., 
Johnstown, N. Y. 

(a) LAWRENCE HILO KING"', b. May 31, 1930, Johnstown, N. Y. 
3124. ii. CARRIE SHULTS, b. Jan. 22, 1862, Johnstown, N. Y. ; d. July 30, 
1915; m. Apr. 15, 1891 to George Murray Bryant, b. at Sherburne, 
N. Y., Apr. 13, 1859, son of Reuben and Sally R. (Terry) Bryant; 
contractor and builder; res., at Johnstown, N. Y., until his d. Jan. 15, 

(1) EDITH MURRAY BRYANT', b. Mar. 12, 1892; graduated from Johns- 
town High School and New York State College for Teachers, 1915; m. 
Aug. 21, 1920 to Mott Marsh Palmer, b. Brookfield, N. Y., Sept. 21, 
1884; graduate of Colgate College, Hamilton, N. Y. ; military service in 
the World War, Aug., 1918 to Feb., 1919, at Camp Humphreys, Va.; 
first lieutenant in Engineers, U. S. A. ; res., Mechanicville, N. Y. ; d. 
Apr. 19, 1924; he was the son of Herman Palmer, first settler of Brook- 
field, N. Y., and Laura (Brown) Palmer; m. 2nd, Ralph Margetts BuUis, 
son of William and Juliette (Delaire) Bullis, b. 1902; graduated from 
Plattsburgh Normal School, 1923; statistician; they now res. in Cincinnati, 

(a) WILLIAM MURRAY BULLIS'", b. Aug. 29, 1930. 

(2) RUTH BRYANT', b. Feb. 22, 1894; d. Feb. 26, 1894. 

(3) LULU CATHARINE BRYANT', b. Mar. 13, 1897; graduate Johns- 
town High School and Oswego State Kindergarten Training School, 1919; 
m. Aug. 22, 1922 to Harwood Sims Rowles, b. May 3, 1896, son of 
Charles W. and Flora (StoUer) Rowles; graduate of Johnstown High 
School; military service in World War, 1918-19; private in Radio En- 
gineers, Aviation Section of Army; stationed at Kelly Field, Agricul- 
tural and Mechanical College, Texas ; Carnegie Technical, Pittsburgh, Pa. ; 
Rich Flying Field, Tex. ; glove manufacturer, continuing business estab- 
lished 1859 ; res., Johnstown, N. Y. 

(a) MARJORIE BREWSTER ROWLES", b. June 3, 1923, Johnstown, 
N. Y. 

(b) HARWOOD SIMS ROWLES", JR., b. Dec. 7, 1926, Johnstown,' 
N. Y. 

(4) MARJORIE BRYANT', b. July 21, 1899; graduate Johnstown High 
School and New York State College for Teachers at Albany, N. Y., 1920; 
private secretary to Dr. John Wyckoff, dean of the New York Medical 
College, N. Y. 


3124'. iii. MARY LOUISA, b. Aug. 6, 1864; librarian in Johnstown Public 
Library ; member of Society of Mayflower Descendants of State of 
New York ; Johnstown Chapter, Daughters of American Revolution. 

3124'. iv. HARRIET AGNES, b. Oct. 21, 1872; m. June 23, 1904 to Daniel 
McMartin ; dealer in Mocha glove leather ; res., Johnstown, N. Y. ; she 
is a member of Society of Mayflower Descendants of State of New 

(1) DANIEL MALCOLM McMARTIN", b. Dec. 1, 1906; graduate Johns- 
town High School and Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y. ; member Phi 
Beta Kappa ; Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass., class of 1932 ; 
m. Dec. 21, 1929 to Barbara Aristine Clark, b. May 14, 1908, dau. of 
Elwyn Masom and Edna (Latham) Clark, West Sand Lake, N. Y. 

(a) BARBARA ANN McMARTIN", b. Nov. 18, 1931. 
3125. BETSEY. 

(5) MARCIA HELEN EELS", m. Amos F. Ward. 

(a) EMMA JANE WARD'", b. Altona, 111., July 9, 1861; m. Sept. 7, 
1887 to Myron HoUey Mather, b. May 31, 1846, son of Benjamin and 
Pamelia Mather ; she d. Nov. 8, 1912 ; bur. Olivewood Cemetery, 
Riverside, Calif. ; res.. Riverside, Calif. 

(i) MARCIA HELEN MATHER", b. Dec. 8, 1892; m. Holly- 
wood, Calif., Aug. 17, 1918 to Raymond Rodney, b. Independence, 
la., June 26, 1885, son of Michael J. and Minnie Rodney ; res.. 
Riverside, Calif. During the war Mr. Rodney worked as 
registering clerk and she as a stenographic clerk for Twohy 
Brothers, who were the builders of March Aviation Field, 
Riverside, Calif. Later went to Prescott, Ariz., and secured 
position as paymaster with the Jos. E. Morgan Co., contractors, 
of El Paso, Tex., who were building the million dollar Tuber- 
culosis Hospital for the returned soldiers at Whipple Barracks. 
(A) HELEN FRANCES RODNEY", b. Riverside, Calif., June 5, 
1920; res.. Riverside, Calif. 

1687. JAMES WENTWORTH FOOTE, m. Lovisa Stowell, dau. of Elijah and 
Deborah Stowell. 

(2) BELINDA SYLVEME WILLIAMS', b. Hartland, Wis., Oct. 15, 1844; 
m. May 8, 1867 to Andrew Norton Perrin, of Conesus, Livingston County, 
N. Y.; she d. Nov. 25, 1921, Rochester, N. Y. 

(a) WILLIAM ANDREW PERRIN", b. Tar Farm, Crawford County, 
Pa., Mar. 1, 1868; m. May 18, 1893 to Marion Frances Parker, dau. 
of B. F. Parker, of Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

(i) MARION PARKER PERRIN", b. July 6, 1899, Rochester, 
N. Y. ; m. Dec. 5, 1924 to Paul Alexander Anderson; she d. 
Aug., 1928, Pekin, China. 
(A) WILLIAM PERRIN ANDERSON", b. Aug., 1928, Pekin, 
(ii) CAROL PARKER PERRIN", b. May 28, 1901, Rochester, 
N. Y. ; m. June, 1928 to Gardner Dunton. 


(b) MARION WILLIAMS PERRIN", b. Titusville, Pa., Aug. 23, 1869; 
m. June 14, 1898 to Prof. Henry Fairfield Burton, son of Rev. 
Nathan S. Burton, of Ann Arbor, Mich.; he d. Aug. 26, 1918. 

(i) ANDREW PERRIN BURTON", b. Rochester, N. Y., Mar. 15, 

(ii) SARAH FAIRFIELD BURTON", b. Rochester, N. Y., June 8, 

1900; m. Oct. 24, 1925 to William Sumner Simpson, son of Rev. 

Samuel and Edith (Sumner) Simpson, of Tolland, Conn.; m. 

in Rochester, N. Y. 
(A) WILLIAM SUMNER SIMPSON", JR., b. Dec. 6, 1926, 
New York, N. Y. 
(iii) HENRY FAIRFIELD BURTON", JR., b. Dec. 28, 1901, 

Rochester, N. Y. 

(c) MARY SYBIL PERRIN", b. Titusville, Pa., Nov. 9, 1871; m. Sept. 
19, 1905 to Gage Randolph Inslee, son of Joseph H. P. Inslee, of 
New York, N. Y. ; d. May 29, 1929. 

(i) RANDOLPH PERRIN INSLEE", b. Oct. 19, 1906, Rochester, 
N. Y. 

(d) LINDA ORPHA PERRIN", b. Titusville, Pa., Feb. 5, 1876; m. June 
26, 1901 to Edward Congdon Atwater, son of Edward W. Atwater, 
of Batavia, N. Y. ; he d. Aug. 28, 1925, Batavia, N. Y. 

(i) EDWARD PERRIN ATWATER", b. Rochester, N. Y., July 5, 
1902 ; m. Apr. 14, 1925, Batavia, N. Y., to Rowena Marsh Wash- 
burn, of Batavia, dau. of Hon. Edward A. and Frances (Marsh) 
Washburn ; also a great-great-granddau. of Deborah Foote Bige- 
low. No. 305, and Zelotes Bigelow. 

(A) EDWARD WASHBURN ATWATER", b. Feb. 6, 1926, 
Rochester, N. Y. 

(B) JAMES PERRIN ATWATER", b. Apr. 17, 1928, Rochester, 

N. Y. 

(C) JULIAN WASHBURN ATWATER", b. May 8, 1931, 

Rochester, N. Y. 
(ii) HELEN HASTINGS ATWATER", b. Rochester, N. Y., Mar. 
30, 1905 ; m. May 24, 1928 to Richard Walter Heurtley, Batavia, 
N. Y. ; he is a son of Arthur and Grace (Crampton) Heurtley, 
of Chicago, 111. 

(A) HELEN ATWATER HEURTLEY", b. June 15, 1929, 
Bronxville, N. Y. 

(B) CHARLES ARTHUR HEURTLEY", b. May 29, 1931, 

Bronxville, N. Y. 

(e) CHARLES NORTON PERRIN", b. Titusville, Pa., June 8, 1879; m. 
Rochester, N. Y., June 20, 1908 to Franc Estelle Foote, dau. of Hon. 
Nathaniel Foote, No. 3300, and Charlotte (Campbell) Foote. 

(i) MARY FOOTE PERRIN" (twin), b. Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 2, 

(ii) BETSY FOOTE PERRIN" (twin), b. Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 2, 

1911; d. Jan. 3, 1911. 
3151. ii. LOUISE ALMIRA, b. Hamilton, N. Y. ; res. and bur. at Lebanon, 
N. Y. 


3152. Hi. LOVISA SOPHIA, b. Otselic, N. Y. ; m. Charles G. Adams ; d. Sept. 
12, 1913, Norwich, N. Y. 

(1) FLORENCE ADAMS', b. Otselic, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1855; m. July 4, 1878 
to Warren Webb, of Beaver Meadow, N. Y. 

(a) HERBERT A. WEBB", b. Apr. 27, 1879; lawyer, South Otselic, 
N. Y.; m. Floy Randall. 

(i) EDNA LUCILLE WEBB", b. Aug. 20, 1911. 
(ii) WALLACE WARREN WEBB", b. Oct. 28, 1913. 
(iii) ELEANOR OLIVIA WEBB", b. Oct. 18, 1922. 
(iv) ETHLEAN JEAN WEBB", b. Jan. 18, 1925. 

(b) JULIA S. WEBB'", b. Feb. 6, 1885; m. Burdette Gibson, June 27, 
1906 ; she d. Apr. 7, 1922. 

(i) STANLEY WEBB GIBSON", b. 1913. 

(c) CHARLES IVAN WEBB", b. July 22, 1900 ; farmer, Beaver Meadow, 
N. Y. ; m. Cora Smith. 

(i) JULIAN WARREN WEBB", b. Oct. 19, 1922, Beaver Meadow, 

N. Y. 
(ii) CHARLES ARTHUR WEBB", b. Nov. 15, 1925. 
(iii) ELOISE NORINE WEBB", b. Mar. 21, 1929. 
(iv) GLEN HERBERT WEBB", b. Sept. 22, 1930. 

(2) HELEN JANE ADAMS', b. Sept. 7, 1857, Otselic, N. Y.; m. Dec. 12, 
1880 to Wellington Davis, of Plymouth, N. Y. ; she d. Dec, 1927; res., 
Norwich, N. Y. 

(c) FLAY RUTH DAVIS", m. June 3, 1914 to Glen W. Ingraham; 
barber at Norwich, N. Y. 
(i) HELEN RUTH INGRAHAM", b. July 13, 1915. 

(3) ALICE SOPHIA ADAMS' b. Oct. 14, 1861, Otselic, N. Y. ; m. Simeon 
Crumb ; merchant, railroad station agent and coal dealer at Norwich, N. Y. 

(a) SIMEON AUBREY CRUMB", b. Aug. 1, 1896; m. Sept. 25, 1922 to 
Mary D. Walker, of Binghamton, N. Y. ; naval aviator in World War ; 
proprietor Crumb Morot Sales Co., Norwich, N. Y. 
(i) SIMEON AUBREY CRUMB", b. 1924. 

(4) MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS', b. June 29, 1864; m. Feb. 7, 1892 to 
Wallace Miller, of Otselic, N. Y. 

(a) INEZ LOVISA MILLER", b. Sept. 12, 1895. 

(b) MARTHA ELIZABETH MILLER", b. June 19, 1900; m. July, 1923 
to Floyd Miner, of Oxford, N. Y. 

(i) MARTHA ELIZABETH MINER", b. June 9, 1924. 
(ii) BARBARA MEREDITH MINER", b. Jan. 4, 1926. 

(c) FLORENCE MINERVA MILLER", b. Nov. 21, 1901 ; m. June, 1923 
to Hubbard Brandis, of Deansboro, N. Y. 

(i) PATRICIA ANNE BRANDIS", b. Aug. 8, 1924. 
3154. V. ELIZA, m. Otselic, N. Y. ; m. Alvah L. Snow, b. Aug. 11, 1820; d. 
Dec. 22, 1891. 
(1) LOVISA F. SNOW', b. Norwich, N. Y., Apr. 13, 1873; m. Sept. 4, 
1895 to Corey J. Aldrich, of Norwich, N. H. ; she d. Dec. 20, 1924, Nor- 
wich, N. Y. 

(a) LILLIAN E. ALDRICH", b. Apr. 23, 1897; m. July 5, 1922 to 
Henry B. Longstaff, of Herkimer, N. H. 


(i) JEANNE MARION LONGSTAFF", b. Aug. 16, 1923. 

(ii) RETA MAE LONGSTAFF", b. Jan. 2, 1925; d. Apr. 6, 1930. 

(iii) BARBARA ALDRICH LONGSTAFF", b. Feb. 19, 1929. 

(b) LEON COREY ALDRICH", b. Norwich, N. Y., Jan. 18, 1899; 
drowned in Cayuga Lake, Ithaca, N. Y., July 10, 1921 ; he was a 
World War veteran, and at the time was a junior at Cornell Univer- 

(c) GLADYS LOVISA ALDRICH*" (twin), b. Norwich, N. Y., May 10, 
1901 ; m. May 10, 1923 to Leland Kimball, of Kingston, N. Y. 

(i) WINIFRED KIMBALL", b. June 1, 1926. 

(d) GRACE JENNIE ALDRICH'" (twin), b. May 10, 1901; d. May 10, 

(2) WARREN ALVA SNOW', b. Norwich, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1878; m. 1st, 
Aug. 16, 1899 to Rena Foote, of Hammondsport, N. Y. ; she d. Mar. 15, 
1903; m. 2nd, Hattie L. Cadwell, of Norwich, N. Y., b. Feb. 15, 1876; she 

d. ; m. 3rd, Mabell Rose Pruden, of Hammondsport, N. Y., b. 

Sept. 25, 1886; he d. May 15, 1911. 

(a) GERTRUDE BERTHA SNOW'°, b. Feb. 18, 1901 ; m. David Russell 


(b) LEOLA ELIZA SNOW'", b. Feb. 21, 1907; m. Daniel Lester Baucom. 
(i) DANIEL LESTER BAUCOM", b. June 4, 1929. 

(ii) ROSALIE ANN BAUCOM", b. Oct. 5, 1930. 

(c) RUA MARGELIA SNOW'", b. July 27, 1912, Norwich, N. Y. 
3156. vii. AMELIA CHRISTIANNA FOOTE WEEDEN, b. Norwich, N. Y., 

Apr. 14, 1841 ; m. Samuel H. Weeden, of Norwich, N. Y. ; she d. 
Oct. 22, 1931. 

(3) HORATIO B. WEEDEN", b. July 12, 1864; m. 1st, Josephine Reynolds; 
she d. Feb. 7, 1897; m. 2nd, Nellie Metcalf; m. 3rd, Edith Terwilleger. 

(a) EDWARD H. WEEDEN'", b. Jan. 3, 1900. 

(b) GUY WEEDEN'", b. Feb., 1904. 

(c) SAMUEL WEEDEN'", m. Ingrid Petterson, of Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Nov. 19, 1927. 

(i) MARILYN EDITH WEEDEN", b. Feb. 4, 1930. 
(5) LOUISE H. WEEDEN", m. Dec. 24, 1894 to David Johns. 

(b) MARGARET JOHNS'", b. July 17, 1901 ; m. Richard Broas, of New 
Berlin, N. Y. 

(ii) DAVID BROAS", b. Feb. 29, 1932. 

1700. LUCIUS CHITTENDEN FOOTE (651, 216, 60, 18, 5, 1), b. Nov. 3, 1796, 

Cornwall, Vt. ; fitted for college with Rev. Jedediah Bushnell ; entered freshman class 

at 14; practiced law in Cayuga, N. Y. ; m. Oct. 19, 1824 to Rebecca Saltonstall Allyn, 

b. May 20, 1801, New London, Conn., dau. of Robert and second wife, Rebecca 

Saltonstall (Mumford) Allyn; d. of pleurisy, July 31, 1828, Cayuga, N. Y. 

3166' i. NANCY ALLYN FOOTE, b. July 13, 1825, Portage, N. Y. ; m. 

Sept. 30, 1845, Cayuga, N. Y., to Rev. Edward Webb, b. Dec. 15, 1819, 

Lowestoft, England; d. Apr. 6, 1898, Lincoln University, Pa.; she d. 

Jan. 20, 1902, Oxford, Pa., and bur. there. 



(1) EDWARD LUCIUS WEBB», b. July 9, 1846, in India; d. there of cholera, 
Jan. 26, 1849. 

(2) THOMAS ALLYN WEBB", b. Nov. 1, 1847, in India; d. there Jan. 26, 

(3) MARY EVARTS WEBB', b. June 18, 1849, in India; m. in Pencader 
Church, Glasgow, Del., Apr. 12, 1871, by Rev. Edward Webb, to Joseph 
Wilkins Cooch, b. at Coochs Bridge, Del., June 23, 1840, son of Levi 
Griffith and Sarah Conant (Wilkins) Cooch; state senator from New 
Castle County, 1878 to 1881 ; on staff of Governor Cochran, and held many 
other positions, including president of Farmers Trust Company of 
Newark, Del. ; a Christian gentleman ; resided at Coochs Bridge and 
Newark, Del.; d. Newark, Del., Mar. 26, 1917; she compiled a very 
complete genealogy of her mother's family to which we refer and give 
credit for this copy. 

(a) CAROLINE COOCH", b. Mar. IS, 1872, Coochs Bridge, Del.; m. 
Glasgow, Del., by her grandfather, Oct. 20, 1897 to William Smith 
Schoolfield, b. Sept. 4, 1861, son of William Merrill and Emily 
Susannah Wood (Barnes) Schoolfield; res., Pocomoke City, Md. 

(b) FRANCIS ALLYN COOCH", b. Nov. 25, 1873, Coochs Bridge, 
Del. ; m. Princess Anne, Md., Apr. 12, 1899 to Mary Josephine Logan, 
b. Washington, D. C, dau. of Rev. William H. and Elizabeth Ellen 
(Green) Logan; res., Newark, Del. 

(i) FRANCIS ALLYN COOCH", JR., b. Dec. 30, 1899, Wilming- 
ton, Del ; graduated University of Delaware ; m. Nov. 29, 1922, 
Newark, Del., to Gladys Esther McAllister, b. Strickersville, 
Pa., Apr. 3, 1901, dau. of Martin F. and Ida May (Peterson) 
McAllister; res., Newark, Del. 

(A) FRANCIS ALLYN COOCH", 3rd, b. Newark, Del., July 28, 

(B) NANCY ALLYN FOOTE COOCH", b. Newark, Del., Mar. 
6, 1925. 

(ii) RICHARD LOGAN COOCH", b. Sept. 14, 1902; m. Washing- 
ton, D. C, July 16, 1920 to Alma Clegg Dunlevy, b. June 26, 
1902, dau. of Charles Waldamar, D.D.S., and Emma Josephine 
(Clegg) Dunlevy; res., Newark, Del. 
(A) VIRGINIA ALLYN COOCH", b. Jan. 29, 1922, Newark, 
(iii) JOSEPH WILKINS COOCH", 2nd, b. Nov. 27, 1909; grad- 
uated Delaware University; student at Jefferson Medical College, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

(c) LEVI GRIFFITH COOCH", b. Jan. 12, 1875; d. young. 

(d) EDWARD WEBB COOCH^ b. Jan. 17, 1876; m. Bahimore, Md., 
June 9, 1906 to Eleanor Bedford Wilkins, b. Baltimore, Md., dau. of 
Dr. Joseph and Mary Caroline (Rawlings) Wilkins; Mr. Cooch is an 
attorney at law in Wilmington, Del. ; res., Coochs Bridge, Del. 

(i) THOMAS COOCH", b. Newark, Del., Oct. 11, 1916. 
(ii) EDWARD WEBB COOCH", JR., b. Wilmington, Del., Mar. 
22, 1920. 


(e) LEVI HOLLINGSWORTH COOCH", b. Apr. 28, 1877, Coochs 
Bridge ; m. Dec. 7, 1903 to Marian Lawrence Clark, b. Cornwall-on- 
the-Hudson, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1875, dau. of William Henry and Mary 
Lawrence (Haines) Clark; Mr. Cooch d. at Coochs Bridge, Del., 
June 23, 1918; bur. Welsh Tract Cemetery with six generations of 
the name ; she is at the head of Art Department in State Teachers 
College in San Francisco, Calif., and res. there with her daus. 

Minn., Sept. 16, 1905. 
(ii) CAROLYN PHOEBE COOCH", b. Nov. 23, 1913, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

(4) ELLA S. WEBB', M.D., b. Oct. 16, 1850, Madura Fort, South India; 
physician for 19 years in Oxford, Pa. ; in editorial, church and Y. W. 
C. A. work for 9 years in St. Paul, Minn., d. at St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 15, 

(5) EDWARD ALLYN WEBB*, b. Mar. 5, 1852, South India ; m. St. Paul, 
Minn., Sept. 4, 1882 to Luella Simmons, b. Apple River, 111., dau. of 
Gilbert and Sarah (Powell) Simmons; he organized the Webb Publish- 
ing Co., of St. Paul, Minn.; d. July 6, 1915; res., St. Paul, Minn. 

(6) SARAH JANES WEBB", b. Apr. 10, 1856; d. July 16, 1862, in India. 

(7) REV. SAMUEL GREEN WEBB", M.D., b. July 2, 1860, Worcester, 
Mass. ; m. Lakewood, N. J., July 19, 1895 to Nellie Freeman, b. Andover, 
N. J., Nov. 28, 1866, dau. of Henry M. and Sarah (Brodrick) Freeman; 
he d. July 19, 1920 ; bur. Lakewood, N. J. 

(a) SAMUEL WINTHROP WEBB", b. Sept. 23, 1901, Lakewood, N. J.; 
m. Flushing, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1928 to Olive Nichols, b. July 8, 1899, 
Flushing, N. Y., dau. of Eugene Cornell and Emma (Brown) Nichols; 
res.. Flushing, N. Y. 

(b) RICHARD BRODRICK WEBB", b. Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 28, 1902; 
architect ; res., Long Island. 

(c) ELEANOR ALLYN WEBB", b. Philadelphia, Pa.; student in Med- 
ical College, New York, N. Y. 

(8) ANNA FOOTE WEBB", b. Aug. 4, 1862, Dindigul, South India; B.A. 
and M.A., Wellesley College, 1892; teacher in Hickory, N. C. ; directora 
Colegio Internacional, Madrid and Sarria, Barcelona, Spain, from 1904 
to 1921 ; d. Feb. 8, 1930, New York, N. Y. ; bur. Oxford. Pa. 

3166'. ii. SARAH EVARTS, b. Portage, N. Y.. Oct. 25. 1826; m. Montreal, 
Can., May 22, 1856 to Adam Frink Prentiss, b. May 23, 1809; d. July 
25, 1878. 

(1) MARY MUMFORD PRENTISS', b. New London, Conn., Dec. 26, 1858; 
res., Atlanta, Ga. 

(2) JOHN ADAM PRENTISS", b. New London, Conn., Apr. 8, 1860; dis- 
appeared 1899. 

(3) JANE REBECCA PRENTISS", b. New London, Conn., Nov. 12, 1861; 
res., Atlanta, Ga. 

3166'. iii. MARY MUMFORD, b. Portage, N. Y., May 15, 1828; d. Lakewood, 
N. J., Jan. 19, 1919; bur. Oxford, Pa. 

1725. CHESTER FOOTE (678, 219, 60, 18, 5, 1), m. . 


318V. i. ELIZA. 

318V. a. GEORGE, m. , 4786'-^ 

318r. iii. AMOS, m. . 

3192. MARTHA HOWARD FOOTE, d. July 17, 1908. 

1730. PULASKI FOOTE (680, 219, 60, 18, 5, 1), b. Oct. 9, 1804; m. Huldah 

Jacquish Merchant, b. Apr. 19, 1812; d. Feb. 18, 1885; he d. May 15, 1865. He moved 

from Jefferson to Gilboa where a large cotton mill furnished employment. It stood 

about where the dam of Gilboa Reservoir now turns the waters of the Schoharie 

Creek through an eighteen-mile tunnel into the Ashokan Reservoir of the New York, 

N. Y., water supply. Huldah Jacquish was an adopted dau. of Allen Merchant. 

3202\ i. AMANDA MELVINA, b. Mar. 8, 1833; d. Gilboa, N. Y., Oct. 9, 

1910; m. Mar. 10, 1850 to Jeremiah Mattice, b. July 22, 1823; he d. 

Feb. 26, 1897; res. for many years in Gilboa, N. Y. Their home was 

a short distance below the reservoir dam, and was still standing in 

1930 near the collection of fossil stumps, of what New York State 

scientists describe as the "oldest trees in the world." 

(1) CHAUNCEY MATTICE^ b. Oct. 13, 1851; d. 1921. 

(2) EMOGENE MATTICE^ b. July 5, 1853; d. May 28, 1929; m. David 
Shaver, of Gilboa, N. Y. 

(a) GRACE SHAVER'", m. Thomas Decker. 

(3) MARY E. MATTICE°, b. Sept. 30, 1855; m. Almerin Van Loan; res., 
Catskill, N. Y. 

(a) WARDELL VAN LOAN'", res., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(b) LEWIS J. VAN LOAN'", res., Catskill, N. Y. 

(c) LUELLA VAN LOAN", m. William J. Bird ; res., Catskill, N. Y. 

(d) ALMIRA VAN LOAN'", m. Robert Kew; res., Catskill, N. Y. 

(4) NELSON MATTICE', b. June 13, 1861 ; m. Jan. 2, 1882 to Mary Daisy 
Denniston, b. Apr. 6, 1862; res., Catskill, N. Y. 

(5) FRANK MATTICE^ b. Jan. 7, 1864; d. June 1, 1930; m. Jan. 9, 1807 to 
Alice Delaney, b. Jan. 25, 1864; she res. Catskill, N. Y. ; he d. June 1, 1930. 

(a) BELLE DELANEY'", m. John League Allen. 

(6) ELMER D. MATTICE", b. June 14, 1866; whereabouts unknown. 

(7) JOHN I. MATTICE", b. Aug. 23, 1869; d. Sept. 26, 1870. 

(8) ELIZABETH MATTICE", b. May 13, 1875; m. Aug. 11, 1910 to Aaron 
John Smith Machin, b. Apr. 29, 1874; he d. Nov. 23, 1923, son of Arthur S. 
Machin, whose ancestors came from Staffordshire, England, in 1847, and 
established a prosperous pottery business in lower New York which was 
continued there for many years ; res., Yonkers, N. Y. ; she still res. there. 

(a) JOHN AARON MACHIN'", b. May 9, 1918; d. Feb. 23, 1925. 
3202'. ii. MARY ELIZABETH, b. Dec. 15, 1834; d. July 4, 1915; m. Charles G. 
Westcott, Prattsville, Greene County, N. Y., May 28, 1854. Before 
her marriage she worked in the Gilboa Cotton Mills, and when the 
cotton mills were built at Red Falls she was called on to come there. 
At that time she wove the first piece of cloth woven in that mill. He 
was b. Jan. 18, 1836; d. Oct. 13, 1901. 
(1) GEORGE JAMES WESTCOTT", b. Portage City, Wis., Apr. 22, 1857; d. 
Hartwick, N. Y., Jan. 26, 1928; m. Feb. 11, 1886 to Ada Cole Rubwan. 
(a) CARL WESTCOTT'", b. Sept. 25, 1891 ; m. . 


(2) J. WILLARD WESTCOTT^ b. Dell Prairie, Wis., Oct. 5, 1858; m. 
Nettie M. Rappleyea, Prattsville, N. Y., Oct. 26, 1886; he res. Ashland, 
N. Y. ; she d. Nov., 1929. 

(a) ETHEL WESTCOTT", b. Dec. 14, 1892; m. Claude S. Tompkins, 
Sept. 11, 1918. 

(i) ROBERT M. TOMPKINS", b. May 1, 1919. 
(ii) BERTRAM C. TOMPKINS", b. Mar. 4, 1921. 

(3) EDWARD EVERETT WESTCOTT', b. Milford, Otsego County, N. Y., 
Sept. 2, 1860; m. Omaha, Neb., July 2, 1889 to Nellie G. Willett, b. 
Magnolia, Harrison County, la., Dec. 12, 1869. 

(a) CARLISLE FOOTE WESTCOTT", b. Hillsdale, Mills County, la., 
June 6, 1890; m. July 11, 1910, Omaha, Neb., to Kittie L. Johns, of 
York, Neb. 

(i) EVELIN WESTCOTT", b. Omaha, Neb., July 25, 1911. 

(b) DORA MAUDE WESTCOTT'", b. Omaha, Neb., Dec. 3, 1892; m. 
Clifford L. Smith, June 18, 1913 ; d. May 7, 1929, St. Paul, Neb. 

(i) GORDON WAYNE SMITH", b. Apr. 12, 1914. 


(iii) ELDEN SMITH". 




(vii) HELEN SMITH", b. May, 1929; d. May, 1929. 

(c) FRANK RAY WESTCOTT", b. St. Paul, Neb., Apr. 20, 1894; d. 
June 4, 1895, St. Paul, Neb. 

(d) RUTH ELIZABETH WESTCOTT", b. St. Paul, Neb., Oct. 2, 
1900; m. S. Floyd Gilliland. 

(ii) IRENE GILLILAND", b. 1920. 
(iii) LESTER GILLILAND", b. 1922. 

(e) HAZEL MAUDE WESTCOTT", b. St. Paul, Neb., Dec. 31, 1906; 
d. Feb. 23, 1907, St. Paul, Neb. 

M) ALBERT WESTCOTT', Mar. 7, 1862, New Milford, N. Y. ; d. Dec. 19, 

1912, Shrewsport, N. Y. ; m. Louise Petrie. 
5) CHARLES WESTCOTT", b. Feb. 2, 1864, Medford, N. Y. 

(6) CLARA WESTCOTT', b. Unadilla, Otsego County, N. Y., Mar. 22, 
1866; m. Geo. Frederic Scrambling, Sept. 19, 1888. 

(a) EARL SCRAMBLING", b. Nov. 4, 1889; d. 1899. 

(b) ARTHUR SCRAMBLING", b. Nov. 29, 1891; m. Grace Parker, 
Feb., 1919. 

(7) ADDIE PEARL WESTCOTT', b. Dec. 20, 1867, Unadilla, N. Y. ; m. 
Edward Filer, Feb. 11, 1886; d. Feb. 11, 1920. 

(a) EVERETT FILER", m. Beulah Higley. 


(b) ADELBERT FILER", b. Mar. 8, 1889; m. Grace Utter, Aug. 19, 

(i) DONALD FILER", b. May 21, 1917. 


(ii) LUELLA GERTRUDE FILER", b. Dec. 13, 1918. 

(in) GLADYS FILER", b. Mar. 28, 1921. 

(iv) ESTHER FILER", b. July 10, 1922. 

(v) MILDRED FILER", b. Feb. 24, 1926. 

(vi) CARL ADELBERT FILER", b. Aug. 17, 1929. 

(vii) CHARLES LEWIS FILER", b. Feb. 12, 1931. 

(c) NELLIE FILER'", d. Nov. 8, 1921 ; m. Earl Brightman. 
(i) IDA MAY BRIGHTMAN", b. Aug. 3, 1919. 
(ii) ERNEST BRIGHTMAN", b. Nov. 7, 1921. 

(d) ERNEST FILER'*, b. Feb. 21, 1895 ; m. Ruby Houston, 
(i) MAXINE RUTH FILER", b. Oct. 3, 1921. 

(e) CHARLES FILER'", b. Apr. 14, 1896; m. Gertrude Utter. 

(8) MARY LOUISE WESTCOTT', b. Otsego, N. Y., Dec. 21, 1870; m. Fred 
Leggit ; res., Prattsville, N. Y. ; she m. 2nd Otis Deyne. 

(a) MABEL E. DEYNE", b. Oct. 29, 1893, Lexington, N. Y. ; m. Claud 
Clayde Rappleyee ; one child. 

(b) EDMUND DEYNE", b. Oct. 17, 1896, Lexington, N. Y. ; m. Alta 



(iii) EDSAL ALLEN DEYNE", b. Oct. 29, 1926. 

(c) DAVID DEYNE", b. Oct. 14, 1899, Lexington, N. Y.; m. Hazel 

(e) OMAR C. DEYNE", b. Apr. 30, 1902, Lexington, N. Y. ; d. . 

(f) ALTO L. DEYNE", b. Nov. 4, 1908. Lexington, N. Y. 

(g) GERTRUDE DEYNE", b. Nov. 8, 1909, Lexington, N. Y. 

(9) FRED WESTCOTT', b. Aug. 5, 1872, Otsego, N. Y.; m. Bertha Minerva, 
Oct., 1924. 

(a) TRESSA WESTCOTT", m. Goldin Ven Kief. 

(b) MADELINE ESTELLE WESTCOTT", m. Mar. 31, 1927 to Earl 
George Tayman, of North Cortright, N. Y. 


(d) INA WESTCOTT", m. Loren Cronk. 


(10) NELLIE WESTCOTT', b. Aug. 6, 1874, Otsego, N. Y. ; d. Aug. 20, 

(11) ANNA ELIZABETH WESTCOTT", b. Sept. 26, 1876, Otsego, N. Y.; 
m. John Foster, Oct. 1, 1895. 

(a) LYNN W. FOSTER", b. Apr. 26, 1896; d. June 11, 1896. 

(b) RAY JOHN FOSTER", b. June 12, 1897; d. Mar. 29, 1918. 

(c) HELEN HURLBUTT FOSTER", b. July 2, 1899; m. 1st, Stanley 
Fay Hallock, July 24, 1921 ; m. 2nd, Floyd Osborne, June 22, 1930. 

(d) MILDRED HESTER FOSTER"', b. Aug. 15, 1903; d. June 10, 

(e) WILLIAM HUTCHINSON FOSTER", b. July 25, 1905. 

(f) DOROTHY ELIZABETH FOSTER", b. Aug. 21, 1916. 

(g) HULDAH FOOTE FOSTER", b. Mar. 23, 1919. 


3202'. HESTER ANN, b. Dec. 6, 1836; m. Leveret Munson; she d. Mar. 18, 

1876; res.. East Davenport, N. Y. 

(1) CHARLES MUNSON', b. Apr. 22, 1854; m. 1st, Helen Armida Cran- 

dall, Nov. 17, 1875; b. Mar. 28, 1853; she d. Sept. 14, 1918; m. 2nd, Nov. 

12, 1923 to Mrs. Emma Place; res., Davenport, N. Y., on the Munson 

homestead ; farmer. 

(a) HESTER MUNSON'", b. Oct. 18, 1876; d. 1888. 

(b) HARLOW MUNSON'", b. Mar. 8, 1878; m. Dec. 25, 1907 to Eliza- 
beth Utter, b. Feb. 20, 1881 ; res., Oneonta, N. Y. ; machinist. 

(i) PAUL J. MUNSON", b. Dec. 19, 1909; bookkeeper. 

(ii) MYRTLE E. MUNSON", b. Feb. 18, 1912; m. Frank Fogg 

Rogers, Feb. 22, 1929; b. Nov. 2, 1903; res., Oneonta, N. Y. ; 

works for Swift & Co. 
(iii) MAIDA B. MUNSON", b. July 6, 1917. 

(c) MARY MUNSON'", b. Nov. 28, 1880; m. Sept. 20, 1905 to Claud 
Mowbray, b. Dec. 11, 1873; res., Chatham, N. Y. ; runs store. 

(i) MARGARET LUCILLE MOWBRAY", b. June 19, 1908; 

nurse ; graduate of Russell Sage at Troy, N. Y. 
(ii) MARIAN LOUISE MOWBRAY", b. June 19, 1908; graduate 

of Russell Sage at Troy, N. Y. 

(d) CLARA MUNSON'", b. May 22, 1882; teacher; m. Sept. 9, 1903 to 
Hewey Beers, b. Nov. 7, 1882 ; res., Oneonta, N. Y. ; she gave this 
copy ; he d. Sept. 13, 1928 ; clerk in post office. 

(i) CHARLES BEERS", b. Jan. 13, 1906. 

(ii) HELEN RUTH BEERS", b. May 20, 1908; m. July 13, 1930 to 
James Howard Brown, b. Sept. 4, 1904; she is a graduate of 
Wellesley College ; he works with Wilber National Bank. 

(iii) ALICE MARY BEERS", b. July 24, 1912; student at Wellesley. 

(iv) LULA ELLEN BEERS", b. June 23, 1915. 

(v) EDITH FRANCES BEERS", b. Dec. 16, 1921. 

(e) FANNIE MUNSON'", b. May 22, 1884; d. May 12, 1890. 

(f) HARRIET MUNSON'", b. Oct. 20, 1885; teacher; m. Aug., 1916 
to Adam Sutherland, b. Nov. 6, 1887; res., Delhi, N. Y. ; farmer. 

(g) EMMA MUNSON'", b. Aug. 19, 1887; teacher; m. Jan. 25, 1911 to 
James Clark Nesbitt, b. Dec. 31, 1889; res., Oneonta. N. Y.; feed 
stores, West and Nesbitt. 

(i) JAMES CLARK NESBITT", JR., b. June 27. 1913. 
(ii) CLARENCE NESBITT", b. Aug. 2, 1914; student at Hamilton, 
(iii) MARJORIE EMMA NESBITT", b. Dec. 13, 1920 
(iv) HARRIET JANE NESBITT", b. June 24, 1921. 
(h) LULU MUNSON"*, b. Oct. 11, 1889; teacher; lives in New York, 

N. Y. ; nurse, graduate of Albany City Hospital, 
(i) FRANK MUNSON'", b. May 12, 1891; m. June 30, 1918 to Hazel 

Russell ; he d. Dec. 13, 1920. 
(j) RALPH MUNSON'", b. Dec. 15, 1894; d. Mar., 1895. 
(k) ROY MUNSON'", b. Dec. 15, 1894; d. Mar., 1895. 
(2) FRANK MUNSON", res., Mexico, N. Y. 
3202*. iv. MARTHA C, b. Nov. 24, 1837; m. Ebenezer Christian; res., Otsego, 
N. Y. 


(1) LUELLA CHRISTIAN', m. Wyman. 

(2) ESTELLA CHRISTIAN', m. Frank Emmons. 



3202'. V. LUCY FOOTE, b. Jeflferson, N. Y., Sept. 3, 1840 ; d. July 23, 1919 ; 
m. Burton Tuttle ; res., Ashland, N. Y. From a letter written June 2, 
1914 to Mr. Eugene Bouton, by Mrs. Elizabeth Westcott, it appears 
that there was a Foote family reunion, apparently a custom in those 
days. She wrote : "I wish you and some of your family could come 
out to our reunion in September, I think it will be with my sister, Lucy 
Tuttle, or at the home of my son, Willard Westcott. Come and get 
acquainted with your cousins. There is a little less than an army of 
them." Doubtless her older sisters were also born at Jefferson, N. Y. 

(1) GEORGIANNA TUTTLE', b. Jan. 14, 1859; d. Jan. 25, 1896; m. 

Van Hoesen. 

(2) ELVIN TUTTLE', d. in infancy. 

(3) EVERETT TUTTLE', d. in infancy. 

(4) MARY E. TUTTLE', b. Dec. 2, 1864; m. 1885 to D. Rappleyea, b. Sept. 
10, 1861 ; d. Aug. 27, 1916. 

(a) BURTON D. RAPPLEYEA^", b. Jan. 12, 1886. 

(b) ARTHUR J. RAPPLEYEA", b. May 4, 1887; m. June 2, 1920 to 
Jennie Dymond, b. Aug. 18, 1884. 

(i) PHOEBE MARY RAPPLEYEA", b. May 28, 1921. 
(ii) EULA MAY RAPPLEYEA", b. Mar. 12, 1925. 

(c) VERNON G. RAPPLEYEA", b. May 13, 1888; m. June, 1908 to 
Ethel B. Haner, b. Feb. 10, 1888. 

(i) BERTHA M. RAPPLEYEA", b. July 14, 1909; m. 1930 to 
Louis Mead, b. June, 1906. 
(A) REGINALD HARRY MEAD"", b. Mar. 26, 1931. 

(d) ADA B. RAPPLEYEA", b. June 7, 1904; m. Mar. 7, 1923 to Robert 
Dymon, b. Feb. 15, 1899. 

(i) GEORGE ROBERT DYMON", b. Mar. 9, 1924. 
(ii) AUSTIN LEWIS DYMON", b. Mar. 18, 1931. 

(5) EMMA TUTTLE', b. Oct. 11, 1866; m. Feb. 18, 1885 to Lambert B. 
Cooke, b. May 20, 1864; she d. Dec. 26, 1928. 

(a) LUCY E. COOK", b. Oct. 21, 1886; m. 1st, Oct. 2, 1907 to Asbury 
Brandow, b. Sept. 3, 1875; d. May 12, 1917; m. 2nd, Irving Fuller, 
Sept. 15, 1920; b. Aug. 23, 1876. 

(i) ELWOOD LESLIE BRANDOW", b. Aug. 29, 1908; m. 

Aug. 31, 1927 to Alice Austin, b. July 30, 1906. 
(ii) ELVIN RICHARD FULLER", b. June 23, 1921; d. Apr. 14, 


(b) ELVIN H. COOKE", b. Mar. 20, 1888; m. Jan., 1915 to Hazel Allen, 
b. 1891. 

(i) ZELPHA M. COOKE", b. Nov. 11, 1915. 

(ii) GEORGE L. COOKE", b. Nov., 1916. 

(iii) JOY LOUISE COOKE", b. June, 1925. 

(iv) GENE COOKE", b. Sept. 29, 1927. 

(v) GERALD COOKE", b. Oct. 14, 1930. 


(c) LESLIE B. COOKE", b. July 8, 1890; m. Oct. 22, 1913 to Beulah 
Seeley, b. Apr. 16, 1891. 

(i) EMMA LOUISE COOKE", b. Dec. 9, 1914. 
(ii) SEELEY BURTON COOKE", b. Sept. 6, 1917. 

(d) GEORGE L. COOKE", b. Oct. 17, 1893; d. Mar. 11, 1904. 

(e) CLARENCE A. COOKE", b. June 30, 1897; m. Oct. 27, 1920 to 
Ethel Hunter, b. July 3, 1897. 

(f) IDA E. COOKE", b. Oct. 26, 1900; m. Oct. 25, 1926 to Robert Wier, 
b. Oct. 22, 1893. 

(i) SHIRLEY JEAN WIER", b. Oct. 9, 1930. 

(g) MYRTLE L. COOKE", b. May 25, 1902; m. June 22, 1927 to 
Gerald M. Woodvine, b. Apr. 12, 1900. 

(h) FLORENCE A. COOKE", b. July 25, 1905; m. Apr. 18, 1925 to 
F. Maxine Kerr, b. Sept. 15, 1898. 

(i) LOUISE MARGARET KERR", b. Dec. 10, 1926. 
(ii) CLAYDE D. KERR", b. 1927; unm. 
(iii) MARY JANE KERR", b. May 14, 1929. 

(6) BERTHA TUTTLE", b. Aug. 25, 1868; m. June 10, 1886 to Elijah V. 
Richmond, b. June 28, 1858; res., Prattsville, N. Y. 

(a) EDITH L. RICHMOND", b. May 8, 1887; m. Nov. 23, 1910 to 
Vernon E. Chatfield ; res., Prattsville, N. Y. 

(i) PERCY R. CHATFIELD", b. Feb. 14, 1917. 

(b) ADA L. RICHMOND", b. Dec. 14, 1895; m. Oct. 14, 1914 to Arthur 
Speenburgh ; res.. Hunter, N. Y. 

(7) IDA TUTTLE', b. July 26, 1870; d. Dec. 14, 1907; m. Richmond Cole. 

(8) IRVING TUTTLE', b. July 24, 1872; m. Jan. 5, 1897 to Mabel E. Part- 

(a) HOMER ERNEST TUTTLE", b. June 26, 1898; m. June 24, 1925 
to Dorothy Sord. 

(i) SHERMAN ARTHUR TUTTLE", b. June 1, 1928. 

(b) HERBERT GEORGE TUTTLE", b. Aug. 15, 1901; m. Jan. 2, 
1924 to Mildred S. Hoyt. 

(i) RUTH MABEL TUTTLE", b. June 3, 1926. 
(ii) DONALD JOHN TUTTLE", b. Feb. 4, 1928. 
(iii) CHARLOTTE A. TUTTLE", b. Sept. 8, 1929. 

(c) PAUL IVISON TUTTLE", b. Mar. 22, 1904; m. June 22, 1927 
to Ada Follette. 

(i) RALPH FOLLETTE TUTTLE", b. Dec. 23, 1929. 

(9) ELEANOR TUTTLE', b. Mar. 29, 1874; m. May 6, 1891 to Louis Patrie. 
(a) GRACIA L. PATRIE", b. June 10, 1895; m. William B. Stark, 

Dec. 9, 1918. She was a graduate from the Albany High School in 
1913 and from Oneonta Normal in 1916. Taught school two years 
before her marriage to William B. Stark. He was politically inclined 
and served as county school superintendent for many years ; served 
four terms as legislative member and engaged in law practice in 
Catskill, N. Y. ; admitted to the bar in 1906. 
(10) DWIGHT TUTTLE', b. Aug. 29, 1877; m. Dec. 19, 1900 to Elizabeth 
Cooke, b. Jan. 9, 1878, Ashland, N. Y. 


(a) ESTHER LUCY TUTTLE", b. Nov. 15, 1902; m. May 1, 1926 to 
Leonard Hayman, b. Oct. 23, 1900. 

(i) ROBERTA HELEN HAYMAN", b. Mar. 13, 1927. 

(b) MABEL DORIS TUTTLE", b. Nov. 1, 1905; m. Jan. 25, 1930 to 
Alderedge Newcomb, Prattsville, N. Y. ; b. Apr. 9, 1905. 

(11) ALPHEUS TUTTLE', b. Aug. 5, 1879; m. Bessie Fuller, Jan. 18, 1905. 

(12) LAURA TUTTLE", b. Sept. 15, 1881 ; m. Jay Astrander, b. Oct. 21, 1880. 

(a) GERTRUDE ASTRANDER", b. Dec. 9, 1904. 

(b) FANETA ASTRANDER", b. Sept. 17, 1910. 

(13) LEWIS B. TUTTLE^ b. Ashland, N. Y., Apr. 6, 1883; m. Gertrude 
Van Loan, Sept. 14, 1904. 

(a) GEORGE L. TUTTLE", b. Mar. 26, 1908. 

(14) CHESTER A. TUTTLE', d. in infancy. 

3202*. vi. CYNTHIA PERMILLA, b. June 29, 1842; m. B. Dutcher; d. soon 
after her marriage ; res., Prattsville, N. Y. 

3202'. vii. HARRIET ELECTA, b. May 17, 1844; m. Elbert Wiers ; d. soon 
after marriage ; no children ; res., Ashland, N. Y. 

32021 viii. ELIZA JANE, b. Jefferson, N. Y., May 13, 1846 ; m. 1864 to Norton 
Bishop; he d. Dec. 31, 1892; res., Windham, N. Y., and Ashland, 
N. Y. Her birthplace indicates that her older sisters were b. in Jef- 
ferson, N. Y. Writing from her home in Ashland, N. Y., in 1931, she 
says : "I am the only one living of a family of ten, at the age of eighty- 
four I feel about fifty, perfect health and always have had." She 
and Mr. J. Willard Westcott, with Mrs. Elizabeth M. Machin, of 
Yonkers, N. Y., deserve most of the credit for gathering as much of 
the record of Pulaski Foote's family as is here given. 
(1) JESSIE BISHOP', b. 1865, Windham, N. Y. ; m. May 15, 1881 to Arthur 
Martin ; res., Prattsville, N. Y. 

(a) JENNIE MARTIN", b. Aug. 26, 1882; has conducted a millinery 
business in Schenectady, N. Y., for the last twenty-five years. 

(b) KENNETH MARTIN", b. Dec. 25, 1887; m. Nov. 24, 1908; was 
killed Mar. 4, 1930, while repairing electric wires. 

(i) GERTRUDE MARTIN", b. Oct. 8, 1910; d. 1923. 

(ii) ARTHUR MARTIN", b. June 6, 1913. 

(iii) RICHARD MARTIN", b. Sept. 12, 1916. 

(iv) RUTH MARTIN", b. Aug. 27, 1920. 

(v) HELEN MARTIN", b. July 3. 1926; res., Schenectady, N. Y. 

(c) NINA MARTIN", b. Aug. 7, 1890; m. Feb. 3, 1908 to Clay Ferris, 
(i) MARJORIE FERRIS", b. June 20, ; res., Prattsville, N. Y. 

(d) ALBERTA MARTIN", b. Nov. 26, 1894; m. Oct. 3, 1915 to Elden 
Cook; res., Prattsville, N. Y. 

(i) TEDDY COOK, b. Aug. 19, 1921. 

(e) NELLIE MARTIN", b. Oct. 8, 1896; d. 1906. 

(3) LESLIE BISHOP', b. Ashland, N. Y., 1885; m. Annabelle Finch; he 
graduated from the Catskill High School and took training for a nurse 
at the McLain Hospital near Boston, Mass. ; res., Beverly, N. J. 
3202*. ix. ALPHEUS S., b. Red Falls, Greene County, N. Y., Nov. 12, 1848; 

m. twice ; res., Windham, N. Y. 
3202". X. DENTON GEORGE, b. Oct. 31, 1851 ; m. Ida S. Griffin, 4841'-'. 


1734. ISAAC DOOLITTLE FOOTE (680, 219, 60, 18, 5, 1), b. Jefferson, N. Y., 
1821; d. Colchester, near Downsville, N. Y., 1897; m. 1st, Mary E. Hastings, of 
Blenheim Hill; d. Oct. 2, 1858; bur. Welch Cemetery near South Jefferson, N. Y.; 
m. 2nd, Mary E. English, 1855, dau. of Robert English, of Harpersfield, N. Y. ; d. 
Feb. 15, 1899. He retained the main part of the farm of Miles Foote for a number 
of years, removing from West Harpersfield, N. Y., to North Kortright and then to 
East Branch Delaware County, N. Y. 
3202". i. WILLIAM, b. Feb. 7, 1848; d. in infancy. 

3202^1 ii. SARAH S., b. Jefferson, N. Y., July 25, 1849; d. Mar. 13, 1927; m. 
Henry Clay Fuller, Dec, 1869 ; he was b. Stamford, Delaware Co., 
N. Y., June 5, 1841; a soldier of the Civil War, 9th N. Y. Heavy 
Artillery, Co. C. Dropped middle part of name on entering the 
service. Farmer; in 1930 was still living at his home in Spring Lake, 
near Port Byron, Cayuga County, N. Y. ; comfortable and gets around 
quite well in his 90th year. 

(1) MARY ETTA FULLER', b. Sept. 17, 1870, Delaware County, N. Y. ; 
graduated at Oneonta State Normal School in 1903 ; was a teacher until 
the death of her mother. 

(2) ANNIE HELEN FULLER', b. June 4, 1875; d. Jan. 2, 1892. 
3202". iii. MARY ETTIE, b. Oct. 6, 1851 ; d. Dec. 12, 1862. 

3202". iv. INFANT SON, b. Dec. 16, 1856; d. soon. 

3202". V. CHARLES, b. Dec, 1857; m. Maggie Duncan, 4841'-'. 

3202•^ vi. ROBERT D., b. 1858; d. 1871. 

3202". vii. ESTHER NORTHRUP, b. 1860; m. Chas. Hunt, d. Mar. 25, 1909; 
res.. New Kingston, Delaware County, N. Y. 

3202". viii. HORATIO S., b. 1862; d. 1877. 

3202". ix. STEPHEN ERSKINE, b. Apr. 8, 1865; m. Sarah Ella Folkerson, 

3202'°. X. DELIAH, b. Feb. 9, 1868; m. Darwin Hall; d. Jan. 3, 1919; res. Shin- 
hopple and Hamden, Delaware County, N. Y. ; she d. 1923. 
(1) MARY BELL HALL', b. 1894; m. John Calder Terry; farmer; res., 
Hamden, Delaware County, N. Y. 

(a) FREDERICH HALL TERRY'", b. July 5, 1916. 

(b) MARIBELLE TERRY", b. Nov. 27, 1918. 

(c) DONALD TERRY'^ b. June 4, 1920. 

(d) JAMES DOUGLASS TERRY", b. Oct. 26, 1921. 

(e) BESSIE BLANCHE TERRY", b. Sept. 13, 1923. 

(f) MARSHALL E. TERRY" (twin), b. Sept. 25, 1925. 

(g) MALCOLM D. TERRY" (twin), b. Sept. 25, 1925. 

3202". xi. PHEBE, b. 1872; m. Asa Folkerson; lives in State of Washington. 

(1) ERNEST FOLKERSON', m. Caroline Gregory; res., Endwell, N. Y. 


(3) MYRTLE FOLKERSON', b. 1926. 

3202". xii. DANIEL D., b. Feb. 26, 1870; m. Jennie Nesbit; no children; d. 
Mar., 1919. 

3217. i. HARRIET FRANCINA, b. Apr. 17, 1829; m. Sept. 9, 1850 to 
William Eves Moore, b. Apr. 1, 1923. He was a descendant from a 
Scotch-Irish family who escaped the horrors of the Siege of Derry, 


settled in the eighteenth century in New Castle County, Del. Grad- 
uated from Yale College, 1847; entered the ministry of the Presbyterian 
Church, 1850 ; have two pastorates of twenty-two years each in West 
Chester, Pa., and Columbus, Ohio. Received the degree of Doctor 
Divinity from Marietta College, Ohio, 1873, and Doctor of Laws from 
Lake Forest University. He d. June 2, 1899, Columbus, Ohio. Chil- 
dren all b. at West Chester, Pa. 

(1) GEORGE FOOTE MOORE', b. Oct. 15, 1851; m. Apr. 25, 1878 to Mary 
Soper Hanford ; D.D., LL.D., professor of Harvard University ; res., 
Cambridge, Mass.; d. May 17, 1931, Cambridge, Mass. 

(a) WILLIAM EVES MOORE'", b. Oct. 11, 1881; d. July 18, 1882. 

(b) ALBERT HANFORD MOORE'", b. May 13, 1883 ; graduate Harvard 
University, 1905; A.M. 1906. 

(2) WILLIAM FARIS MOORE^ b. Sept. 7, 1853 ; d. Mar. 12, 1855. 

(3) SARAH FARIS MOORE", b. Feb. 5, 1856; d. June 22, 1864. 

(4) EDWARD CALDWELL MOORE', b. Sept. 1, 1857; m. Nov. 9, 1887 to 
Eliza Coe Brown ; Ph.D., D.D., professor theology. Harvard University ; 
res., Cambridge, Mass. 

(a) DOROTHEA MAY MOORE", b. May 13, 1894. 

(b) JOHN CROSBY BROWN MOORE'", b. Apr. 12, 1896. 

(c) ELIZABETH RIPLEY MOORE'", b. Jan. 29, 1897. 

(5) ARTHUR MOORE', b. May 22, 1860; d. Aug. 3, 1860. 

(6) HENRY M. W. MOORE', M.D., b. May 30, 1862; d. Aug. 6, 1904. 

(7) CHARLES ALBERT MOORE', b. July 6, 1864; m. June 12, 1894 to 
Jean M. Bailey ; pastor, Bangor, Me. 

(8) FRANK GARDNER MOORE', b. Sept. 25, 1865; professor in Dart- 
mouth College ; m. Jan. 4, 1897 to Anna Barnard White. 

(a) LAWRENCE MOORE'", b. Nov. 25, 1897. 

(b) ROGER CLEVELAND MOORE", b. July 18, 1900. 

(c) JANET GAYLOR MOORE'", b. June 2, 1905. 


(9) FREDERICK AUGUSTUS MOORE", b. Mar. 23, 1868; m. Nov. 28, 1896 
to Lillian Gay Stacy. 

(a) JOEL STACY MOORE'", b. May 5, 1898. 

(b) MARJORIE MOORE'", b. July 7, 1907. 

(10) WILLIAM EVES MOORE'", JR., b. Nov. 12, 1869; d. Dec. 7, 1871. 

3238. i. HARRIET, b. Branford, Conn., Apr. 19, 1819; m. Frederick Linsley, 

b. Branford, Conn., 1803; he d. Mar. 28, 1932. 

(1) CHARLES FOOTE LINSLEY', b. Branford, Conn., Mar. 29, 1843; m. 

Georgiana E. Gay, b. Mar. 1, 1845; he d. Mar. 28, 1932; she d. Mar. 9, 

1922; he made bronze lamp for the Foote Memorial at Wethersfield, Conn. 

(a) BESSIE GAY LINSLEY", b. Jan. 31, 1878; m. Oct. 19, 1904 to 

James H. Hinsdale, of Meriden, Conn. 

(5) BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LINSLEY', b. Feb. 14, 1853; m. Oct. 28, 
1880 to Grace E. Hosley; he d. Sept. 22, 1929. 

(6) BESSIE FOOTE LINSLEY', b. Feb. 26, 1858; d. Oct. 23, 1924. 

3239. ii. BENJAMIN PALMER, m. 3rd, Nancy A. Morse; Dr. Lewis Foote 

boarded with them at New Haven, Conn., 1908. 


3242. V. EMILY PASTORIA, m. Glastora Camp. 

(1) REV. EDWARD C. CAMP', Watertown, Mass. 
3245. iii. MARIA, b. 1835; m. James Graham; she d. Dec. 22, 1893; she frac- 
tured her hip a few days before, falling over a rock. He was former 

(1) CHARLES E. GRAHAM, New Haven, Conn. 

1777. JOHN ALFRED FOOTE, m. 2nd, Mary Shepley Cutter. 
3256. iii. MARY EUDOCIA, d. Oct., 1910. 

(2) CORNELIA LOUISE MAYNARD^ m. William D. Rees; he d. July 22, 
1910; she res. Cleveland, Ohio; she d. July 12, 1930. 

(b) HENRY MAYNARD REES", m. Sept. 16, 1920 to Eliza Pugsley 
McKeehan; he served in the 10th Field Artillery in the late World 
War; was aide to General Cruikshank and received the "Croix de 
guerre" in France in 1918 ; American Relief Administration Mission to 
Poland, 1919 ; res., Boston, Mass. 

(i) WILLIAM DAVID REES", b. Apr. 3, 1922. 
(ii) HENRY MAYNARD REES", JR., b. Apr. 8, 1927. 
(iii) NANCY REES", b. Nov. 17, 1928; d. Dec. 21, 1929. 
(iv) HOMER McKEEHAN REES", b. Aug. 12, 1930. 

(c) MARIAN REES", m. Henry Clinton Hutchins, of Boston, Mass., 
June 20, 1917. 

3258. v. CORNELIA ELIZABETH MAYNARD, d. Apr., 1920, Potsdam, 


(3) NELLIE GARDNER MAYNARD VON HORN', d. Aug., 1913, Pots- 
dam, Germany. 

(b) DORIS VERA VON HORN", m. 1915 to Lieut. George Theilo 
Von Werthen; res., Potsdam, Germany. 

3259. iv. JOHN A., b. Aug. 29, 1843; m. Belle Palmer, 4911-3. 

3262. ii. JOSEPHINE, b. June 28, 1837; m. 1st, George L. Reese, b. ; 

he d. ; m. 2nd, Admiral Donald McNeil; Fairfax, U. S. N. 

(1) ^ 

1783. THOMAS JEFFERSON (1718, 231, 12, 20, 5, 1). 
3269. ii. LYDIA, m. William Meeker; she d. Jan. 11, 1912. 

1791. DR. LYMAN FOOTE (1718, 231, 12, 20, 5, 1), m. 2nd, Mary Morris 
Cooper ; she was a granddau. of Jacob Morris. 
Z211. iii. DR. ISAAC PLATT, b. Sept. 23, 1825; m. Ann Eliza Bailey; m. 2nd, 

Mary Sawyer Moore, 4921'. 
3280. vi. CAROLINE ADRIANCE. m. George P. Keese, b. at Cooperstown, 

N. Y., Jan. 14, 1828, son of Theodore and Georgianna (Pomeroy) 


(1) ANNA T. KEESE^ m. Apr. 28, 1880 to Edward Piatt Staats, b. Oct. 14, 
1848, son of Peter P. and Hetty (Van Slant), Staats, of New York, N. Y, 

(a) EDWARD POMEROY STAATS", b. Feb. 18, 1883, Albany, N. Y, 
(i) GEORGE POMEROY STAATS", b. Oct. 7, 1921. 

(2) ALICE BAILEY KEESE", b. Apr. 20, 1853. 

(3) FLORENCE POMEROY KEESE", b. Jan. 31, 1856. 


(4) KATHARINE T. KEESE", b. Feb., 1858. 

(5) THEODORE KEESE', b. Apr. 20, 1859; m. 1st, May 20, 1890 to Chloe 
Bradish Gavit, of New York, N. Y. ; m. 2nd, Emily Bailey, of New York, 
N. Y. ; she d. 1923. 

(6) CHARLES PLATT KEESE", b. Aug. 22, 1861 ; res., Decatur, 111. 

(7) CAROLINE MERRILL KEESE^ b. Jan. 25, 1864, Cooperstown, N. Y. 

(8) ELIZABETH COOPER KEESE', b. Apr. 28, 1867, Cooperstown, N. Y. 
3281. vii. MARY ANN, m. John Pompelly; res., Albany, N. Y. 

3286. xii. JESSIE STILLMAN, m. Frank Atherton; res., Sangerville, Me. 

3287. i. ELIZA CHARLOTTE, m. David Averill. 

(1) EMILY S. AVERILL^ m. Henry E. Bradley, of Branford, Conn.; he was 
engaged in the meat business and in New Haven, Conn., for many years ; 
he was of a genial disposition ; d. July 23, 1909, Branford, Conn. 

1810. ISAAC FOOTE (725, 231, 72, 20, 5, 1) ; he was a captain of a Company 
of Volunteers in the Civil War. 
3297. i. EDITH HAZEL FOOTE, d. July 7, 1929, of pneumonia ; she was the 

last Foote of her branch; a musician of great ability, a harpist; bur. 

Greenwich, Conn. 
3299. iii. JENNIE CELESTIA, b. May 3, 1868 ; res., Greenwich, Conn. 


1826. NATHANIEL FOOTE, ESQ., b. July 9, 1813, Sherburne. Chenango 
County, N. Y. He was the eldest son of Asa Foote (No. 754) and Betsy Gates. 
Asa was b. at Colchester, Westchester Society, Conn., but early in life he re- 
moved to Sherburne, N. Y., where some of his relatives had preceded him. Asa was 
both a farmer and a millwright. He had seven sons and two daughters, all were 
born and brought up on his farm. The eldest child. Patience Deborah, d. in her infancy. 
Asa did not have the means to give his eldest son, Nathaniel, who wanted to be a 
lawyer, a college education, but to help him to get an academic training by his 
own exertions, his father "gave him his time" when he was eighteen years of age, 
and Nathaniel from his own earnings, by teaching school and other work was able 
to take a course of study at the Hamilton, N. Y. Academy and later to maintain 
himself while pursuing a course of studying law in the office of Whipple Jenkins, 
a prominent lawyer of Vernon, N. Y. He was admitted to the bar at the age of 
twenty-seven, in the year 1840, and immediately thereafter he opened his office as a 
lawyer at Morrisville, N. Y., then the county seat of Madison County. He con- 
tinued in the practice of his profession at Morrisville, N. Y., until his death, Aug. 13, 
1901, in the eighty-ninth year of his age. After 1874 his practice was for the most 
part in association with his son Arthur Asa Foote, who was admitted to practice in 
that year. In the early years of his practice Nathaniel was appointed master and 
examiner in Chancery, which office he continued to hold until the Court of Chancery 
was abolished, and its jurisdiction vested in the Supreme Court by the Constitution 
of 1848. He held no other public office. On Apr. 28, 1847, Nathaniel Foote was m. 
to Olivia M. Knox, of Nelson, Madison County, N. Y., dau. of John and Mary 
(Dayton) Knox; she was b. Aug. 16, 1814, and d. Dec. 13, 1893. Nathaniel Foote 
was an able lawyer, a respected citizen, a man of high character and integrity. 


1827. ASA FOOTE. Had nineteen grandchildren, every one of which was bapt. 
in Christ Church, Sherburne, N. Y. Thirteen of these grandchildren were con- 
firmed in this same church. In 1919 the surviving grandchildren presented to the 
church an altar as a memorial for him. The following inscription is on the base : 
"In memory of Asa Foote, 1815-1900, given by his grandchildren in 1919." 

3303. i. IRENE, m. Feb. 20, 1867; d. Apr. 15, 1891. 

(1) HARRIET L. CASE'", m. John May Howard, son of Jackson L. and 
Mary (Rainsdell) Howard, of Sherburne, N. Y. 

(a) GERTRUDE IRENE HOWARD", m. June 27, 1918 to Edwin 
Potter Smith, son of Jabez Collins and Arabella (Denley) Smith, b. 
Oct. 10, 1887, of Newark Valley, N. Y. 
(i) HOWARD EDWIN SMITH", b. June 29, 1920; farmer; res., 

Sherburne, N. Y. 
(ii) A DAU.", b. and d. Dec. 11, 1921. 
(iii) LEAH HARRIET SMITH", b. Jan. 11, 1924. 
(iv) JEAN IRENE SMITH", b. Nov. 18, 1925. 
(v) CHARLOTTE ANNE SMITH", b. May 13, 1927. 

(2) GEORGE VAN DEGRIFFE CASE"; Mrs. Jessie (Lyon) Case d. 
June 8, 1922. 

(a) JULIA IRENE CASE", m. Aug. 22, 1912 to Walter Grafton 
Krudop, of Long Island, N. Y. 

(i) WALTER LYON KRUDOP", b. Mar. 2, 1914. 
(ii) CECILE WAGNER KRUDOP", b. Oct. 30, 1915. 
(iii) ROBERT KRUDOP", b. July 18, 1918. 
(iv) RICHARD KRUDOP", b. 1921. 
(v) A DAU.", b. Sept., 1924. 

Holland Y. Burlingham d. May 1, 1915. 

(a) HOLLAND Y. BURLINGHAM", JR., b. Nov. 18, 1913. 


(d) HAROLD DE WITT CASE", b. Oct. 18, 1906. 

(e) ROBERT RODIN CASE", b. May 8, 1910. 

3304. ii. OLIVIA KNOX HOYT, d. Jan. 29, 1918. 

(1) FREDERICK AUGUSTUS HOYT", m. June 1, 1915 to Lucy L'Engle 
Dancy, of Savannah Ga. ; res., Atlanta, Ga. 

(a) JULIA DANCY HOYT", b. Dec. 16, 1917. 

(b) FRANCES FOOTE HOYT", b. June, 1919. 

(c) FREDERICK A. HOYT", JR., b. Apr. 8, 1923. 

(2) HENRY FOOTE HOYT", m. Sept. 20, 1922 to Ruth Rogers, dau. of 
Mrs. Belle Shepard Evans, of Augusta, Ga. He with his brother Fred- 
erick are at the head of the Frederick Disinfectant Co., of Atlanta, Ga. 

(3) ANN ROGERS HOYT", b. Aug. 27, 1924. 


(2) EDSALL BARBER REYNOLDS", m. Aug. 22, 1906 to Anna Belle Lot- 
ridge, dau. of Charles and Matella (Crowell) Lotridge, b. June 19, 1887, 
of Sherburne, N. Y. 

(a) ANNA IRENE REYNOLDS", b. July 26, 1911. 

(b) RICHARD EDSALL REYNOLDS", b. June 24, 1913. 

(c) DOROTHY ROSE REYNOLDS", b. Sept. 16, 1920. 


(3) RALPH VAN RENSSELAER REYNOLDS", m. July 24, 1912 to 
Eva May Dart, b. Feb. 2, 1889, dau. of Irving A. and Lottie (O'Neil) 
Dart, of Sherburne, N. Y. 

(a) ELIZABETH ANN REYNOLDS", b. May 13, 1915. 

(b) PAUL DART REYNOLDS", b. Aug. 26, 1916. 

(4) RHEA FOOTE REYNOLDS", m. Aug. 3, 1921 to Grace Becker 
Williams, dau. of Charles H. Williams, of Fly Creek, N. Y. ; tele- 
graph operator ; res., Sherburne, N. Y. 

(5) CHARLES HARVEY REYNOLDS", m. 1st, June 17, 1914 to Helen 
Barnes Thompson, d. June 29, 1918; m. 2nd, Feb., 1920 to Matilda 
Schwartz, of Montgomery, N. Y. 

(a) ARCADY SCHWARTZ REYNOLDS", b. July 20, 1922. 

(b) THERSA ALMIRA REYNOLDS", b. Nov. 12, 1925. 

1828. MARY LOUISE (BANKS) FOOTE, d. Dec, 1918, Geneva, N. Y. 
3308. i. WILLIAM BANKS FOOTE, killed June 25, 1915, Cobalt, Ont., 
Canada, in mine explosion. 

1834. DEA. SAMUEL MILLS FOOTE, d. Dec. 16, 1907; she d. June 1, 1911, 
Sherburne, N. Y. 
3321. V. CLARA ELLEN, m. June 4, 1890 to Edson L. Whitney, son of 
Edson G. and Experience (Loomis) Whitney, res., Sherburne, N. Y. ; 
he is a merchant, continuing the store of his father's. 

(1) HELEN ELIZABETH WHITNEY", b. Dec. 9, 1893. 

(2) EDWARD FOOTE WHITNEY", b. Dec. 4, 1895. 

1860. i. ADRIAN VAN HORN FOOTE (771, 241, IZ, 25, 9, 3, 1), b. 
Feb. 8, 1833; m. Meadville, Pa., May 26, 1860 to Anna Thornton, 
b. Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 26, 1840; d. Sept. 25, 1919. He enlisted 
Oct., 1862, in the 73rd Indiana Regt., Co. F, ; assigned to the Army 
of the Cumberland, 20th Army Corps. He was a prisoner for 
several months and was well treated. Later he was severely 
wounded, the ball oozing through his body and his left lung. He 
lay on the ground, with six other men who had been wounded, 
for six days and nights before he was removed. Then an old 
Unionist sent his negro boy with an ox team to take them to his 
home, where after many weeks of good care he so far recovered 
as to be able to return home, and he added, "I am not sorry for my 
part in that struggle for it is a legacy for my children and grand- 
children." He d. Apr. 26, 1930 ; bur. Knox, Ind. 
WILLIAM A., b. May 15, 1862; m. Jane Thompson, 6209-11. 
ELMER ELLSWORTH, b. Aug. 11, 1865; m. 1st, Ida Cupp and 
2nd, Sarah Arvilla Home, 6212-3. 

PHILANDER ALDEN, b. Mar. 24, 1867; d. Aug. 25, 1882. 
LAURA JANE, b. Feb. 25, 1869; d. Dec. 20, 1884. 
MINERVA ANNA, b. Apr. 13, 1871; m. May 20, 1888 to Charles 
Carey ; car foreman ; b. Sept. 10, 1854, in Canada ; res., Chicago, 111. 
(1) JOSEPH CAREY", b. Sept. 11, 1889; m. Aug. 29, 1915 to Mary 

(a) ISABELLE FRANCES CAREY", b. July 5, 1916. 

(b) WILLIAM JOSEPH CAREY", b. Sept. 20, 1917. 












(2) FLORENCE CAREY", b. July 29, 1892; ni. June 2, 1917 to Homer 

(3) ADRIAN CAREY", b. Aug. 20, 1894; served in the World War. 

(4) EDWARD CAREY", b. Mar. 28, 1899. 

(5) CHARLES CAREY", b. May 10, 1905. 

(6) MARGARET CAREY", b. Aug. 29, 1909. 
3329°. vi. ALBERT, b. Apr. 3, 1873; d. Dec. 2, 1875. 

3329'. vii. ELLA, b. Knox, Ind., Feb. 22, 1876; m. Mar. 12, 1893 to Frank M. 
Keiser, b. Columbia City, Ind., Sept. 3, 1874; res.. East Chicago, 

(1) GLADYS MARVELL KEISER", b. June 6, 1898. 

(2) RAYMOND KEISER", b. July 19, 1902. 

(3) WALLACE THORNTON KEISER", b. July 1, 1904. 

(4) BRUCE ALDEN KEISER", b. Jan. 3, 1916; d. Jan. 17, 1916. 

3329'. viii. JESSE, b. Indiana, Nov. 14, 1877; m. 1909 to ; res., Garrett, 

3329'. ix. EBER, b. Nov. 3, 1879; employed on the B. & O. R. R. ; res., 

Garrett, Ind. 
3329". X. NORA, b. Apr. 11, 1881; d. Dec. 13, 1889. 
3329". xi. ALDEN, b. May 28, 1883 ; m. May 6, 1907 to Ethel Loffin, 6214. 

3332. HENRY J. FOOTE, d. ae. 74 years. 

3333. ii. FRANCES FOOTE BARSTOW (page 328), res., Lincoln, Neb. 

(1) HELEN JAQUES BARSTOW", b. Sept. 20, 1887; m. Oct. 1, 1914 to 
Daniel Ernest De Putron, b. Oct. 7, 1875, son of John Corey and 
Eunice (O'Riley) De Putron; merchant; res., Lincoln, Neb. 

(a) BARBARA LOUISE DE PUTRON", b. Sept. 29, 1915. 

(b) JOHN COREY DE PUTRON", b. July 21, 1919. 

(c) WILLIAM RAY DE PUTRON", b. Jan. 19, 1921; d. Jan. 22, 

(d) ADRIAN BARSTOW DE PUTRON", b. July 22, 1922. 

(2) ADRIAN FOOTE BARSTOW", b. Mar. 6, 1890; served as second 
lieutenant, Field Artillery, U. S. Army, during the World War, sta- 
tioned at Camp Lewis, Washington, D. C. ; was shot and killed at his 
own home by a robber, on the night of Jan. 22, 1921. 

(3) FRANCES ISABEL BARSTOW", b. May 8, 1895; attended Walnut 
High School for four years ; then a student of University of Nebraska ; 
m. Jan. 27, 1930 to Lawrence Holmes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. 
Holmes ; res., Beloit, Wis. 

(a) LAWRENCE WILLIAM HOLMES", b. Sept. 25, 1930. 

(4) MARJORIE LOUISE BARSTOW", b. Aug. 25, 1899; graduated 
from Walnut Hill, also from University of Nebraska ; graduated from 
Rock Mt. Dancing Camp, Steambrook Springs, also Vestof-Serova Danc- 
ing School, New York, N. Y. Now has a studio in Lincoln, Neb. 

1873. NATHANIEL GORDON, b. June 5, 1838; d. Sept. 21, 1876; she d. 
Apr. 4, 1909; mother of Dr. Lewis Nathaniel Foote, one of the founders and formerly 
a vice-president of this Association. At the death of her husband she was left 
with three small children ; a devoted mother, worked heroically to rear and educate 

HELEN G. WALKER, B.S., M.A., M.D., 1732 (4) (c) (ii) 

(See page 11 o) 

(See page 786) 


HELEN McGregor McCREERY, 3356 (1) (a) 


her children. She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church; bur. at Chit- 
tenango, N. Y. 

3337. THOMAS CRICHTON, d. in Apr., 1923, Syracuse, N. Y. 

3351. SAMUEL ISAAC FOOTE; Laura Redington, his wife, d. Dec. 1, 1925. 
3356. vi. JULIETTE AUGUSTA FOOTE, m. Lyman Shuler, Sept. 23, 1868. 

(1) HARRIET ELIZABETH SHULER", b. Boone, la., June 26, 1869; m. 
Sept. 2, 1890 to Arch McGregor, who is president of the McGregor Hard- 
ware Co., jobbers, wholesale and retail, of Springfield, Mo. She is active 
in D. A. R. work, having served as chapter vice-regent two years ; was 
regent of Rachel Donelson Chapter, D. A. R. twice; also as state vice- 
regent of Missouri D. A. R. ; was state chairman. Liquidation and Endow- 
ment for Memorial Continental Hall, D. A. R. ; state chairman of Con- 
servation of the Home, D. A. R. ; first vice-chairman, Women's Committee 
of National Defense at Springfield, Mo. She purchased a chair in 
Constitution Hall, D. A. R., as a memorial to her mother, Juliette Augusta 
Foote Shuler. She was state director for Missouri of the Children of 
the American Revolution ten years; organizing president of the C. A. R. 
Society, Miles Standish Chapter. Chairman of Purchasing Committee of 
Annual Municipal Christmas Tree — presents for 5,000 children. During the 
war was lieutenant of Canteen Corps. During influenza epidemic had charge 
of Soldiers' Canteen Hospital; also worked all through all Red Cross 
Work — surgical dressing, etc. She is now president of the Springfield, 
Mo., Art Museum, and a member of the Presbyterian Church; res., 
Springfield, Mo. 

(a) HELEN McGREGOR", b. Aug. 10, 1891 ; m. Donald C. McCreery, 
a lawyer (in "Who's Who"), firm, Lee, Shaw, McCreery, of Denver, 
Colo. She attended Wells College, Aurora, N. Y. Member, Pi Beta 
Phi Sorority, Central Presbyterian Church; trustee of Denver College 
of Music ; charter member, Rachel Donelson Chapter, D. A. R. ; res., 
Denver, Colo. 

(i) HELEN McCREERY", b. May 8, 1916. 

(ii) DONALD McGregor McCREERY", b. June 12, 1921. 

(b) DAVE McGregor", b. July 20, 1894 ; attended Westminster Col- 
lege, Fulton, Mo.; member. Phi Delta Theta Fraternity; military 
training. Fort Sheridan, first lieutenant, stationed at Camp Taylor, 
Louisville, Ky. ; m. Jan. 2, 1919, Chicago, 111., to Hortense Heflferman; 
he is in the hardware business with his father; res., Springfield, Mo. 

(i) ARCH DAVID McGREGOR", b. Mar. 9, 1920. 
(ii) DAVID FRANCIS McGREGOR", b. Mar. 31, 1923. 
(iii) MARIE HARRIET McGREGOR", b. Oct. 25, 1926. 
(iv) MALCOLM BATES McGREGOR'', b. Oct. 10, 1929. 

(2) MARTHA BROOKS SHULER'", b. July 18, 1873, Boone, la.; m. 
Dallas M. Salisbury, Dec. 6, 1906; res., Madisonville, Ky. 

(3) NELLIE SHULER^ b. Dec. 29, 1877, Boone, la. ; m. Eugene McAuliffe, 
June 17, 1896; president. Union Pacific Coal Mines and author of "Fuel 
Age" ; she is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, also 
a Colonial Dame of the Omaha, Neb., Society; res., Omaha, Neb. 


(a) KATHLEEN McAULIFFE", b. Mar. 6, 1897, Springfield, Mo.; res., 
Omaha, Neb. 

(b) MARY McAULIFFE", b. Nov. 3, 1899, Springfield, Mo.; attended 
Missouri University; member. Kappa Kappa Gamma; m. Oct. 3, 1923, 
Columbia, Mo., to Charles C. Tucker, journalist; res., Kansas City, 

(i) JEAN TUCKER", b. Sept. 21, 1924; res., Kansas City, Mo. 

(ii) GAIL TUCKER", b. July 24, 1927; res., Kansas City, Mo. 
3363. (1) MARY ELIZABETH HALL", m. Sept. 12, 1906 to Porter R. Hadsell, 
of Worcester, N. Y. ; she d. May 9, 1927; she was graduated from 
Norwich High School and studied two years at Mt. Holyoke College; 
previous to her marriage she taught in Sherburne, Erieville, Bainbridge 
and Worcester ; she is a member of the D. A. R. 
(2) CHARLES FOOTE HALL", b. Norwich, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1870; m. Jan., 
1896 to Bernice Rogers, of Norwich, N. Y. ; d. in Erieville, N. Y., Feb. 15, 

(a) MADELEINE ROGERS HALL", b. July 11, 1896; m. 1922 to Earl 
Howe; res., Detroit, Mich. 

(i) RICHARD HOWE", b. Nov. 15, 1923. 

(ii) MARGARET ELLEN HOWE", b. Jan. 21, 1928. 

(b) HENRY CLINTON HALL", b. Oct. 24, 1899; m. 1927 to Gladys 
Pfahler; res., Madison, Wis. 

(i) RICHARD HALL", b. 1928. 

(c) MARGARET HALL", b. Sept. 21, 1901 ; res., New York, N. Y. 

(d) CHARLES FOOTE HALL", JR., b. Oct. 31, 1904; res., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

(e) DOROTHY HALL", m. Aug. 16, 1928 to Leon Hudson, Erieville, 
N. Y. 




(3)(d) DONALD SINCLAIR HALL", b. Dec. 6, 1899; m. Cleo Mattice, of 
Worcester, N. Y. ; res., Worcester, N. Y. ; no children. 

3366. iv. FREDERICK HYDE FOOTE, prominent in mercantile and Masonic 

circles in Binghamton, N. Y., for many years; d. Metuchen, N. J., 
July 19, 1926. 

3367. V. MARGARET MERRICK, res., Norwich, N. Y.; Miss Foote furnished 

the copy for the Isaac Foote (No. 1895) family; a retired teacher. 
3370. iii. FLORENCE, b. Feb. 8, 1863 ; unm. ; res.. New London, N. H. 
32>n. i. MARY ANNETTE, d. Oct. 10, 1912, St. Louis, Mo. 

3375. iii. HARRIET, m. Apr. 3, 1907 to Daniel Dickey Sabin; res., Belvidere, 


3376. i. MARY ALFRETTA, m. Joseph C. Juberinne; he d. Oct. 7, 1910; res., 

Jackson, Miss. (S. P.) 

1930. ANDREW WARD FOOTE ; Mrs. Foote d. Mar. 23, 1920. 
3393. i. ANDREW WARD FOOTE, JR., b. Oct. 5, 1865; m. Winifred Burt, 


3394. iv. HARRIET WARD FOOTE, m. Herbert Addison Taylor. 

(1) HARRIET WARD FOOTE TAYLOR", b. Nov. 3, 1903; graduate of 
Vassar, 1925 ; m. June 23, 1926 to Frederico Franco Mauck, of Port Ken- 
nedy, Pa. 

(a) WARD MAUCK", b. Mar. 13, 1927. 

(b) FREDERICO MAUCK", b. May 17, 1932. 

(2) ADELINE HERBERT TAYLOR", b. Aug. 14, 1906; graduate of Smith 
College; and now (1932) in her third year abroad as hostess to the Ameri- 
can Commission at Geneva. 

(3) HERBERT ADDISON TAYLOR'", JR., b. Sept. 12, 1907; m. Oct. 23, 
1930 to Margaret Elizabeth Lee, dau. of Albert and Margaret Lee. 

(a) FAITH TAYLOR", b. Mar. 2, 1932. 

3395. ROBERT ELLIOTT (page 337), a musician of some note, educated at 
Leipzig, Germany, and in this country ; d. May 5, 1916, New Haven, Conn. 

3398. iv. HARRY WARD FOOTE, b. Mar. 21, 1875; m. Martha Jenkins, 
(2) MARY FOOTE", b. June 2, 1910 (one of twins) ; graduated at Bryn 
Mawr, 1932; degree, M.A., . 

3401. FLORENCE , m. John Bell. 

(2) JOSEPHINE TODD BELL", b. Apr. 19, 1910, Franklin, Pa.; res., 
Houston, Tex. 

3402. iii. HAROLD SPENCER, m. June 9, 1910 to Sarah Webster Sloson, b. 

Geneva, July 27, 1877, dau. of William and Margaret (Webster) 
Sloson ; res.. Shore Hills, N. J. 
3405. iv. JOSEPHINE HAWLEY, m. Sept. 22, 1907 to Henry Watson Burn, 
b. Apr. 4, 1870, son of Henry and Jane (Jacobson) Burn; res., Bridge- 
port, Conn. 

(1) HENRY JACOBSON BURN", b. Feb. 18, 1909, Troy, N. Y. 

(2) EDMUND SPENCER BURN", b. Mar. 3, 1912, Troy, N. Y. 

3407. ii. KATHERINE E. FOOTE, d. Dec. 12, 1924. 

3408. i. ARTHUR BURLING, m. Jeanette Stanwood Hopper, 6215-17. 

3409. ii. ELIZABETH TOWNSEND, m. at Grass Valley, Calif., June 1, 

1907 to Rodman Swift, b. 1880, son of Frederick and Sarah Rodman 
(Rotch) Swift; Harvard, 1904; res., Hingham, Mass.; studied art in 
Boston, Mass., and Philadelphia, Pa. 

(1) AGNES SWIFT", b. May 14, 1908, Grass Valley, Calif. 

(2) SARAH RODMAN SWIFT", b. Apr. 20, 1913, Hingham, Mass. 

1955. CORIDON EDWARD FOOTE (820, 254, 76, 25, 9, 3, 1), b. Grand Blanc, 
Mich., Jan. 9, 1849; m. Flint Mich., Nov. 3, 1873 to Mary Elizabeth Holmes, dau. 
of Catherine O' Sullivan and Frederick Holmes ; she d. Dec. 15, 1880. 

3422. i. KATHRINE MARANA, b. Aug 4, 1874; m. Oct. 28, 1896 to Herbert A. 

Kline, son of Samuel and Lottie (Logan) Kline, b. Jan. 16, 1872. 

3423. ii. HUBERT, d. 1881. 
3429. ii. EVA A., d. Nov. 13, 1921. 

1972. SAMUEL FOOTE, d. Jan. 13, 1906. 

3436. i. ORLENA, gave copy for this family. 


1974. BARNARD FOOTE; he and his wife were both members of the Baptist 
Church when they came to Illinois and later united with the Slate Point Methodist 
Episcopal Church and were faithful members until death. They both lived to have 
nineteen grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren. She came to Illinois in 
1850, took up land in Jasper County near Newton, 111. ; she d. at their home near 
Lis, 111., Jan. 4, 1918; he d. June 4, 1920. 

3441. iii. HARVEY C, m. 1st, Nettie Bateman; m. 2nd, Agnes Jenkins, 5104-10. 

3445. vi. ELLA C. FOOTE, m. W. D. Sowers, of Philo, 111. 

3448. iii. EDWARD MILTON, b. Feb. 1, 1866; m. Caroline B. Cauldwell, 


3449. iv. ETHELWYNNE REYNOLDS, b. Trenton, N. J., June 14, 1887; 

m. Sept. 22, 1915 to Victor Hugo Solaini, b. Liverpool, England, 
Aug. 1, 1883 ; they lived on La Consolacion Plantation, Baracoa, Cuba, 
in 1915-16; at Chosica, near Lima, Peru, where he represented oil and 
rubber interest in that country; he d. Nov. 15, 1924, in the interior, 
while on an expedition investigating rubber possibilities for the Peru- 
vian Government. 

(1) VICTORIA SOLAINP", b. New York, N. Y., Oct. 16; res., Pasadena, 

(2) WILLIAM REYNOLDS SOLAINP", b. Chosica, Peru, Sept. 17, 1920; 
res., Pasadena, Calif. 

3451. ii. BETTIE A. FOOTE, b. Apr. 2, 1862; m. Jan. 25, 1884 to Frank 

Harrison, b. June 8, 1859, son of John and Rachel Harrison; res., 

Burlington, Mich. 
(1) LEO HADLEY HARRISON'", b. Aug. 14, 1886, Burlington. Mich.; m. 
Oct. 5, 1910 to Lorna Fern Woodruff, b. Athens, Mich., Dec. 21, 1889, dau. 
of Frank and Lillian Woodruff ; he is a druggist at Mason, Mich. 

(a) DORIS HELEN HARRISON", b. Oct. 2, 1911, Mason, Mich. 

(b) HUBERT HADLEY HARRISON", b. May 8, 1916, Mason, Mich. 

(c) DALE W. HARRISON", b. May 1, 1929, Mason, Mich. 

3452. iii. LUNA MAY FOOTE, m. David B. Lewis, son of Thomas and Anne 

(Price) Lewis; he d. Dec. 30, 1918; she res. Jackson, Mich; he was 
bur. at Jackson, Mich. 

3456. vii. LELA VENICE FOOTE, m. Sept. 29, 1918 to Charles A. Kelly, 

son of Fred and Vida (Hathaway) Kelly. 

1987. EISHA FOOTE, removed to Santa Clara County, Calif., with his daus. 
and their families in 1893. Mrs. Foote and I visited with them in 1915; this is 
certainly the most wonderful fruit section that I have ever seen. Uncle Elisha passed 
to his reward Dec. 25, 1931 ; Mrs. Foote d. Apr. 7, 1927. 

3457. i. HATTIE E., b. Leonidas, Mich., Sept. 6, 1892; m. Flewry K. Bar- 

tholomew, son of Dr. George O. and Minerva E. Bartholomew, of 
Keeler, Mich; he d. Aug. 27, 1930; res., San Jose, Calif. They have 
a ten-acre fruit farm, irrigated by their own twelve-inch pump from 

a well seventy feet deep. We visited them in 1915. He d. . 

(1) MAX FOOTE BARTHOLOMEW'", b. Campbell, Calif., July 11. 1899; 
m. June 16, 1929 to Violet Beauliau, dau. of Alue C. and Nancy C. Beauliau, 
of Buffalo, N. Y. ; res., Burlingame, Kan. 




(2) ROY EVERETT BARTHOLOMEW^", b. Campbell, Calif., Nov. 4, 
Jessie K. McChesney, of San Jose, Calif. ; res., Campbell, Calif. ; fruit 

(a) GEORGE KEITH BARTHOLOMEW", b. July 10, 1926; d. Oct. 14, 

(b) RICHARD ROY BARTHOLOMEW", b. Nov. 4, 1927, San Jose, 

(c) NANCY CAROL BARTHOLOMEW", b. July 12, 1931, Campbell, 

3458. ii. KATE B., b. Mendon, Mich., Dec. 25, 1873; m. June 19, 1901 to 
Harry G. Mitchell, son of Thomas and Mary H. Mitchell, of Bur- 
lingame, Kan. ; res., San Jose, Calif. ; fruit grower, formerly merchant 
in San Francisco, Calif. 

2008. ORLO T. FOOTE (page 342), d. Franklin, N. Y., July 19, 1917. 

3461. i. JENNIE K., m. Laverne Lawson, Nov. 21, 1889; he d. June 12, 1902; 

she m. 2nd, Apr. 21, 1906 to John White. 

(1) MADGE FOOTE LAWSON", b. Mar. 28, 1891; m. Apr. 15, 1906 to 
Garry A. Munson. 

(a) IDABEL MUNSON", b. June 23, 1908. 

(b) KATHERINE JULIA MUNSON", b. Nov. 15, 1913. 

(c) JOHN LAWRENCE MUNSON", b. July 21, 1917. 

(d) DORIS WANDA MUNSON", b. Aug. 4, 1919. 

(2) ORLO FOOTE LAWSON", b. Dec. 27, 1892; d. Feb. 23, 1905. 

(3) SAMUEL FOOTE LAWSON", b. Aug. 21, 1896; m. June 19, 1920 to 
Harriet Wuackenbush. 

(4) WILLIAM FOOTE LAWSON", b. June 30, 1898. 

(5) ALBERT FOOTE LAWSON", b. Sept. 26, 1901. 

(6) CLARENCE PETER WHITE", b. Oct. 14, 1907. 

(7) ANNA GRACE WHITE", b. Nov. 30, 1908. 

(8) VIRGINIA MAY WHITE", b. Dec. 30, 1909; d. June 29, 1914. 

(9) JOHN WHITE", JR., b. Mar. 31, 1911. 

(10) MARY ELIZABETH WHITE", b. Dec. 1, 1912. 

(11) DOROTHY JULIA WHITE", b. May 21, 1914. 

3462. ii. ANNA, m. Iva W. Jordan, b. May 1, 1874. 

(1) LAWRENCE FOOTE JORDAN", b. Oct. 3, 1901. 

(2) PAUL FOOTE JORDAN", b. Dec. 3, 1902. 

(3) JULIA FOOTE JORDAN", b. June 16, 1906; d. Aug. 8, 1908. 

(4) MARY ELIZABETH JORDAN", b. Apr. 15, 1909. 

(5) KATHRYN FOOTE JORDAN", b. Dec. 9, 1910. 

(6) JOHN TRACY JORDAN", b. Sept. 11, 1912. 

3463. iii. MAUDE B., m. July 29, 1911 to Howard L. Wigham; res., Franklin, 

N. Y. 
(1) PAUL FOOTE WIGHAM", b. May 21, 1912, Franklin, N. Y. 

20ir. WILLIAM HENRY FOOTE (848, 268, 80, 25, 9, 3, 1), b. Jan. 4, 1833; 
m. Milford, Mich., Sept. 20, 1853 to Sarah Emmeline Hastings, b. July 14, 1834; d. 
Oct. 20, 1907; he d. Dec. 24, 1924; blacksmith and then for 50 years a farmer; res., 
Milford, Mich. 









GEORGE HENRY, b. June 20, 1854; m. Annie Scott, 6218. 

CHARLES HASTINGS, b. July 23, 1857; m. Flora Curtis, 6219-21. 

HATTIE MINERVA, b. Nov. 24, 1859; m. Dec. 19, 1888 to Andrew V. 

Austin, b. Dec. 1, 1844; Civil War veteran; quartermaster, Post 181 for 

fifteen years ; representative Second District of Oakland County in the 

Michigan Legislature ; d. June 23, 1906 ; Mrs. Austin gave these family 

data ; res., Milford, Mich. 
3463*. iv. KATE RELECTA, b. Dec. 15, 1863; m. Mar. 15, 1886 to John L. 

Smith, b. Feb. 9, 1856; she d. Apr. 22, 1906; he d. June 20, 1931; res., 

Emerson, Gratiot County, Mich. 
(1) JOHN SINCLAIR SMITH'^ b. July 20, 1887; served in the World War 
18 months, in France; res., Emerson, Mich. 
3463'. V. WILLIAM KING, b. Oct. 19, 1867; m. Nellie Kimberly, 6222-3. 

20ir. CHARLES CLIAMBERLAIN, b. Apr. 13, 1835; m. May 9, 1860 to Sarah 

Peters, b. Sept. 10, 1838, dau. of Jacob and Catherine Peters ; farmer at Ithaca, Gratiot 

County, Mich., and architect ; res., Delta, Utah, R. D. 

3463'. i. MARY ELIZA, b. Feb. 12, 1861 ; m. Dec. 24, 1880 to Rollin lies, b. 

Sept. 7, 1857, son of George Washington and Mary Jane (Ewalt) lies; 

he d. June 15, 1892; res., Ithaca, Mich. 

(1) ETHEL M. ILES'", b. July 28, 1881 ; m. Oct. 7, 1908 to Robert B. Elmore, 
Aug. 25, ; missionary; res., Valparaiso, Chile. 

(a) ELIZABETH BARTLETT ELMORE", b. Apr. 19, 1910. 

(2) ARTHUR C. ILES**, b. Apr. 26, 1884; m. Apr. 19, 1906 to E. Amelia 
Gulick, b. June 4, 1885, dau. of B. F. and Sarah (Oxenham) Gulick, of 
Ithaca, Mich. ; res., Ithaca, Mich. 

(a) MARIE ELIZABETH ILES", b. July 10, 1907. 

(b) SARAH MARGARET ILES", b. July 1, 1912. 

(c) CLARENCE ARTHUR ILES", b. May 23, 1920. 

(d) EDWIN WILLARD ILES", b. Nov. 19, 1924. 

(e) ELTON LE ROY ILES", b. Apr. 16, 1926. 

(3) HERBERT G. ILES", b. Aug. 9, 1887; m. May 12, 1916 to Adelaide 
Hyde; res., Fresno, Calif. 

3463'. ii. WILLIAM KING, b. Sept. 17, 1862; m. Anna Phillips, 6224-30. 
3463'. iii. ANNA MINERVA, b. May 21, 1864; m. Willis A. Russell, b. June 14, 
1857, son of druggist and now a fruit farmer ; res., Lawton, Mich. 

(1) IRENE MABEL RUSSELL", b. Oct. 13, 1883; d. June 22, 1900. 

(2) CLARENCE NIEL RUSSELL", b. Jan. 16, 1886; m. Feb. 22, 1908 to 
Ethel King ; res., Lawton, Mich. 

(a) DOROTHY MAY RUSSELL", b. Feb. IS, 1910. 

(b) DONALD JOHN RUSSELL", b. Sept. 3, 1913. 

(c) ROBERT KING RUSSELL", b. Oct. 21, 1915. 

(d) LAWRENCE EVERETT RUSSELL", b. Sept. 15, 1917. 

(3) MAUDE RUSSELL", b. Mar. 5, 1888; m. Jan. 25, 1922 to Romaine Pet- 
tengill ; res., Highland Park, Mich. 




(4) BERNICE RUSSELL^ b. Apr. 11, 1892; m. Aug. 29, 1916 to Dewey E. 
Stahl ; res., Ithaca, Mich. ; she d. May 16, 1924. 

(a) HELEN IRENE STAHL", b. July 13, 1917. 

(b) HARLAN RUSSELL STAHL", b. June 25, 1918. 

(c) SHIRLEY MAUDE STAHL", b. Aug. 17, 1919. 

(5) HELEN BELLE RUSSELL", b. Aug. 31, 1893; m. Charles Donald 
Barden; res., Ithaca, Mich. 

(a) CHARLES DONALD BARDEN", JR., b. May 18, . 

(b) LAURA JEAN BARDEN", b. Nov. 17, . 

(c) PHYLLIS BARDEN", b. Nov. 23, . 

(d) JOHN LEIGHTON BARDEN", b. July 15, 1923. 

(e) JOSEPH STEPHEN BARDEN", b. May 23, 1925. 

(f) JACQUELINE ANN BARDEN", b. May 30. 1927. 

(6) WILLIS IRVING RUSSELL*", b. June 10, 1896; m. Aug. 30, 1919 to 
Mary Margaret Plowfield; res., Lawton, Mich. 

(a) RUTH IRENE RUSSELL", b. June 17, 1920. 

(b) MAXINE ELLEN RUSSELL", b. Jan. 25, 1922. 

(7) THURMAN EVERETT RUSSELL", b. Nov. 25, 1902; d. Jan. 27, 1903. 

(8) HAROLD CLARE RUSSELL", b. May 11, 1904. 

3463*. iv. JOHN HENRY, b. Dec. 5, 1866; m. Marie M. Sundseth, 6231-3. 
3463". v. MARGARET JANE, b. Jan. 28, 1869; m. Sept. 2, 1891 to Arthur W. 

Snedecor, b. Jan. 11, 1865; d. Mar. 14, 1913; son of Courtland and 

Helen (Crego) Snedecor; she res. Ithaca, Mich. 

(1) DONNELLY CARL SNEDECOR", b. Oct. 30, 1893; m. Nov. 18, 1915 
to Sarah Sanderson, b. Nov. 14, 1895, dau. of Clarence and Lillie (Shaver) 
Sanderson; res.. Big Bay, Mich. 

(a) GEORGE LYNN SNEDECOR", b. Sept. 30, 1916; d. Oct. 17, 1916. 

(2) CLARK DeWITT SNEDECOR", b. July 23, 1895 ; d. May 4, 1896. 

(3) HELEN SNEDECOR", b. Aug. 30, 1898; m. Oct. 25, 1919 to Clyde 
Gallant, b. Feb. 24, 1890, son of George and Alice (Young) Gallant; res., 
St. Louis, Mich. 

(a) BILLY DUANE GALLANT", b. June 17, 1920. 

(b) DONNA JEAN GALLANT", b. May 28, 1926. 

(c) MAX D. GALLANT", b. Feb. 21, 1929. 

(4) EDITH SNEDECOR", b. Oct. 21, 1900; m. Feb. 11, 1921 to Richard 
Lumsden, Jr., b. Jan. 25, 1897, son of Richard A. and Nellie (Dibble) Lums- 
den; res., Ithaca, Mich., R. D. 

(a) MARSHALL EDWARD LUMSDEN", b. May 3, 1922. 

(b) RICHARD AYRE LUMSDEN", III, b. Apr. 24, 1923. 

(c) MARGARET JANE LUMSDEN", b. Sept. 28, 1929. 

(d) DON LeROY LUMSDEN", b. Oct. 7, 1931. 

3463". vi. CHARLES PETERS, b. Apr. 26, 1871, wagoner, Co. B, 1st Montana, 
Spanish-American War; d. in Philippines. In the service in the 
Spanish-American War and was discharged and was in the service of 
th^ Canton & Hankon Railroad as a foreman of bridge construction in 
the Province of Kwangtong, China. Afterwards he was engaged in the 
lumber business in Mindoro, where he d. in 1906; bur. in Manila, 1906. 

3463". vii. JACOB C, b. Sept. 11, 1874; m. Mildred Holt, 6234-7. 


3463". viii. EDITH ALTA, b. July 18, 1876; m. Aug. 28, 1902 to E. S. Shields, 
b. 1874; res., Butte, Mont. 

(1) JOHN SHIELDS'", b. July 20, 1903, Butte, Mont. 




3463". ix. FRANK A., b. Sept. 18, 1879; mining engineer, Belgian Congo. 
3463". X. SARAH, b. July 8, 1882 ; d. Aug. 30, 1884. 

2011'. JAMES LORD FOOTE (848, 268, 80, 25, 9, 3, 1), b. Jan. 9, 1837; served 
in the Civil War; m. 1st, Aug. 21, 1862 to Caroline R. Sheperd, b. Oct. 27, 1839, dau. 
of Rev. Enoc and Isabell Sheperd ; she d. May 8, 1873 ; m. 2nd, Apr. 29, 1875 to 
Elizabeth Barnes, b. Apr. 2, 1847; he d. Grand Rapids, Mich., June 16, 1915; bur. 
Ithaca, Mich. 
3463". i. HENRY KING, b. Sept. 20, 1863 ; m. Lily Schaub, 6238-40. 
3463". ii. BELLE, b. Aug. 11, 1865; m. Oct. 18, 1899 to Charles Hitchcock, b. 
Sept. 11, 1851, son of Orley and Olive (Leonard) Hitchcock; res., Mil- 
ford, Mich. 

(1) THOMAS HITCHCOCK", b. Mar. 12, 1902. 

(2) CLARENCE HITCHCOCK", b. June 6, 1905. 

3643". iii. MINERVA R., b. Nov. 27, 1861 ; m. Apr., 1895 to Sherman L. Keefer, 

b. Sept. 13, , son of William and Julia Keefer ; res., Lyons, Mich. ; 

she d. . 

(1) LUCILE KEEFER", b. May 12, 1900. 

(2) BEULAH KEEFER", b. Dec. 3, 1902. 

(3) FLORENCE KEEFER", b. Jan. 31, 1908. 

3463". iv. ROLLA E., b. Mar. 14, 1872; m. Nettie Kleckner, 6241-4. 

3463'*. v. ERNEST, b. Sept. 17, 1866; d. Dec. 27, 1866. 

3463". vi. CAROLINE R., b. Apr. 10, 1874; adopted by her uncle, Fred Tower, 

of Milford, Mich. ; m. Aug., 1903 to A. Lawyer ; res., Albany, N. Y. 
3463". vii. SARAH LOUISA, b. July 31, 1877; m. Nov. 27, 1899 to Richard 

Henry Pierce Gulick, b. Feb. 5, 1877, son of Benjamin Franklin and 

Sarah Helen (Oxenham) Gulick; farmers; res., Lafayette Township, 

Gratiot County, Mich. 

(1) ROBERT FRANKLIN GULICK", b. Oct. 28, 1902; m. Dec. 26, 1923 to 
Caroline Smith, dau. of Jacob H. and Mary (Hummel) Smith. 

(a) MARY LOU GULICK", b. Mar. 27, 1925. 

(b) RICHARD HENRY GULICK", b. July 16, 1929. 

(2) EMILY J. GULICK", b. Aug. 18, 1905; d. in infancy. 

(3) CAROL EUNICE GULICK", b. Jan. 27, 1909. 

3463". viii. MARY JANE, b. June 16, 1879; m. Aug. 12, 1908 to Howard A. 
Potter, b. Nov. 10, 1878, son of Elon P. and Catharine (Gittings) 
Potter ; Mr. Potter is commissioner of schools ; res., Ithaca, Mich. 

(1) HOWARD A. POTTER", JR., b. Apr. 26, 1911; a junior in Alma Col- 
lege, 1931. 

(2) KENNETH POTTER" (twin), b. July 7, 1916; d. in infancy. 

(3) KEITH POTTER" (twin), b. July 7, 1916; d. Apr. 25, 1921. 

(4) VICTOR CLAIRE POTTER", b. May 14, 1920. 


3463'*. ix. GERTRUDE MARIA, b. Nov. 12, 1881 ; m. Apr. 27, 1900 to George 
Herbert Tarr, b. Mar. 30, 1881, son of Charles A. and Jennie (Pres- 
ton) Tarr ; res., Saginaw, Mich. 

(1) RUTH MARY TARR", b. June 27, 1901; m. Dec. 20, 1921 to Wm. J. 
Roesch, b. Mar. 22, 1899, son of Carl and Elizabeth (Dresang) Roesch. 

(a) WILLIAM CARL ROESCH", b. Nov. 11, 1923; res., Saginaw, Mich. 

(b) MARY JANE ROESCH", b. Aug. 1, 1925. 

(2) LUCY ELIZABETH TARR", b. Feb. 6, 1905; m. . 

(a) DONNA MAY ", b. Nov. 30, 1925. 

(3) JEANETTE TARR", b. Dec. 18, 1908. 

3463"". X. JESSIE L., b. Oct. 9, 1883 ; trained nurse ; res., Ocala, Fla. 

3463'". xi. JAMES LORD, JR., b. Sept. 13, 1885; m. Lilah A. Hoard, 6245-7. 

3463". xii. ROY HAZEL, b. Nov. 5, 1887; m. Dorfa Marr, 6248-50. 

2016. SAMUEL SEABURY FOOTE (858, 273, 81, 25, 9, 3), b. Dec. 10, 1846; 
m. July 30, 1885, Penryn, Calif., to Delia I. Wilson, dau. of James Wilson, of Iowa. 
He held one term as county commissioner for Canyon County. He owned and operated 
successfully two flour mills, one at Middleton, Ida., and one at Caldwell Ida., over a 
period of 35 years. Later he engaged in real estate at Middleton. He d. Aug. 8, 
1918, in Middleton, Ida., and was bur. in Middleton Cemetery, Aug. 11. He was 
a pioneer. He was president of the Middleton State Bank, the first mayor of 
Middleton, and one of the directors of the Boise Interurban Railway Co., at the 
time of his death. The larger portion of the town of Middleton was built on a part 
of 360-acre farm ; the Baptist Church was built on land donated by him. Mrs. Foote is 
living at the old home in Middleton, Ida. 

3470. GEORGIAN HELEN, graduate of College of Idaho; Lewiston Normal; m. 
June 1, 1917 to Charles Gerhauser, b. Jan. 17, 1887, son of William and 
Elizabeth Gerhauser, of Spokane, Wash. ; both dead. 

(1) MARION MAY GERHAUSER", b. May 15, 1918, Middleton, Ida. 

(2) JOHN MAYNOR GERHAUSER", b. Dec. 29, 1924, Middleton, Ida. 

(3) HOWARD LYNN GERHAUSER", b. Jan. 16, 1929, Middleton, Ida. 

(4) WALTER FOOTE GERHAUSER", b. Nov. 14, 1930, Middleton, Ida. 

3471. HAROLD EDWIN, b. Sept. 29, 1889; m. Marguerite Bush, 6281'. 

3472. iii. JOY RUTH, b. Mar. 8, 1895 ; a graduate of Academy of the College 

of Idaho ; employed for two years in the Middleton State Bank ; m. 
July 20, 1918 to Everett E. Corn, b. June 8, 1896, son of S. P. and 
Anna (Ladd) Corn, of Middleton, Ida.; he runs the old S. S. Foote 
farm for Mrs. Cordelia Foote. 

(1) SAMUEL EVERETT CORN", b. Aug. 15, 1920. 

(2) ELIZABETH LOUISE CORN", b. June 21, 1927. 

3473. SAMUEL STANLEY, b. Nov. 30, 1898; m. Ona C. Hadsall, 6284. 

3475. i. ABBY ANN, m. 1st, George D. Cutting; m. 2nd, George C. Cassidy. 

(3) (b) CHARLES SPEARS", son of Eliza Matilda and Samuel Spears was 

m. Mar. 9, 1917, Painesville, Ohio, to Ida May Sprague, dau. of 
Alfred and May Sprague, of Willoughby, Ohio; conductor on Cleve- 
land Street Railway ; res., Cleveland, Ohio. 

(i) BETTY LaVERNE SPEARS'', b. Jan. 4, 1921, Cleveland, Ohio, 
(e) MARGARET SPEARS", dau. of Samuel and Matilda Spears, was 
b. Dec. 29, 1907, Mentor, Ohio. 


(f) DORIS SPEARS", b. Mentor, Ohio, Apr. 25, 1912. 
(4)(b) IRENE ABBEY CUTTING", dau. of Milton and Maggie Cutting; 
m. Sept. 27, 1922 to Nelson Edwin Walter, son of George and Gertrude 
(d) CLIFTON CUTTING", b. Brooklyn, Ohio, Aug., 1908. 
(5) DAISY EUNICE CUTTING", m. Henry Everett Brott, a fireman and 
member of the 112th Engineers Band of Ohio; employed at the Andrews 
Institute for Girls at Willoughby, Ohio. Children all b. at Willoughby, 

(a) HAROLD ARVEY BROTT", d. Mar. 17, 1912; bur. Willoughby, 

(b) FLOYD EVERETT BROTT", b. Aug. 31, 1902. 

(c) MURL STANLEY BROTT", b. Dec. 31, 1903; m. Alice Pearl 
Strang, dau. of C. A. and Lida May Strang, July 24, 1929. 

(i) ARLENE EUNICE BROTT", b. Aug. 27, 1930. 
(ii) MURL STANLEY BROTT", b. Feb. 10, 1932. 

(d) LEWIS ARNOLD BROTT", b. Feb. 9, 1905. 

(e) GORDON LEE BROTT", b. Sept. 22, 1906; m. Hazel Irene Bell, 
Feb. 14, 1931 ; he served four years as musician on the U. S. S. "West 

(f) MELVIN EDGAR BROTT", b. Jan. 12. 1908. 

(g) BERTHA LEONA BROTT", b. June 8, 1909; d. Sept. 3, 1909, Wil- 
loughby, Ohio. 

(7) FLOSSIE MAY CASSIDY", b. July 13, 1885; m. May 18, 1911 to 
Wilbur Winfield Wildason, son of Rufus and Mary Wildason; he was b. 
at Casstown, Ohio ; is foreman of mailing department of Fort Wayne 
News and Sentinel, at Ft. Wayne, Ind. ; res., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

(8) ROBERT LINDSLEY CASSIDY'", b. Jan. 16, 1888; m. Nov. 3, 1917 to 
Agnes Emeline Brainard, b. Aug. 23, 1896, dau. of Frank R. and Rose- 
mond (Clayton) Brainard; market gardener; served in the World War; 
res., Brooklyn Heights, Ohio. 

(a) LOIS ROSEMOND CASSIDY", b. Dec. 10, 1918. 

(b) EDGAR BRAINARD CASSIDY", b. Sept. 12, 1920. 

(c) LLOYD ROBERT CASSIDY", b. Nov. 18, 1922. 

3483. HELEN EMELINE FOOTE (page 344), ni. Burton S. Chester. 

(1) MARION RUTH CHESTER", b. Mar. 4, 1896: m. Aug. 26, 1914 to 
Edwin Patterson Mclntyre, son of Henderson Mclntyre. 

(a) WINIFRED BELLE McINTYRE", b. Apr. 8, 1915, Brooklyn 
Heights, Ohio. 

(b) GLADYS MARION McINTYRE", b. Apr. 10, 1917, Brooklyn 
Heights, Ohio. 

(2) EVELYN LUCILLE CHESTER", b. Oct. 24, 1897; m. Nov. 25, 1920 to 
James L. Ribble. 

(a) JAMES CHESTER RIBBLE", b. Mar. 10, 1922, Brooklyn Heights, 

(b) LOIS HELEN RIBBLE", b. Oct. 1, 1925. 

(3) LUTHER FOOTE CHESTER", b. Sept. 17, 1899; m. Ruth Schultz, 
dau. of Albert and Mary Schultz, Dec. 25, 1923. 

(a) ROBERT BURTON CHESTER", b. June 18, 1929. 


(4) FRANCIS JOEL CH ESTERS b. Nov. 29, 1908. All were members 
of the Pearl Road M. E. Church, of Cleveland, Ohio. Mrs. Chester was 
a member of the Brooklyn Heights Board of Education for twelve years 
and for eleven years she was their clerk. 
3486. BIRDE KATHERINE, b. Aug. 12, 1879; she was professionally a trained 
nurse and served her country as a U. S. N. Reserve nurse from Dec. 12, 
1917 to Jan. 11, 1920. She was at the Naval Base Hospital Unit No. 3, 
Edinburgh, Scotland, when the Armistice was signed and was then trans- 
ferred to the U. S. Naval Hospital at Washington, D. C. She d. Jan. 11, 
3493. vii. SARAH ELIZA FOOTE, b. Brooklyn Village, 111., Dec. 25, 1884 ; m. 
Chicago, 111., Mar. 28, 1911 to Robert Otis Fuller, son of Smith Fergu- 
son and Achsa (Greely, 5047, in "Greely Genealogy") Fuller. Mr. 
Fuller is a descendant of Edward Fuller, of the Mayflower ("Fuller 
Genealogy," Vol. 1, and supplement); farmer; res., 1844, Clearwater, 

(1) MIRIAM LOUISE FULLER'", b. Apr. 26, 1912, Waterman, 111. 

(2) WALLACE FOOTE FULLER", b. June 10, 1913, Waterman, 111. 

(3) MELVIN OTIS FULLER", b. Aug. 27, 1914, Waterman, 111. 

(4) SELWYN ROBERT FULLER", b. Jan. 3, 1916, Waterman, III. 

3497. iii. LEWIS BOYDEN, b. Nov. 21, 1866; m. 1st, Aveline Lacroix; m. 

2nd, Clara B. Graves; m. 3rd, Anna B. Twitchell, 6251. 
3500. iii. GEORGE HOWELL, b. Sept. 7, 1874; m. 1st, Anna Bamberger; m. 

2nd, Bertha Meyers. Ch. : 6252. 
3502'. i. HENRY BOWLER, b. Apr. 30, 1862; m. Jan. 25, 1911 to Henrietta C. 

Graham, b. Jan. 16, 1861, of Delphi, Ind. Mr. Foote is manager of 

the Hale-Justis Drug Co., of Cincinnati, Ohio. No children. 

3502'. REV. ROBERT BONNER BOWLER, b. Mar. 15. 1867; graduated Ken- 
yon College, 1896; m. 1st, Aug., 1908 to Julia Benson, of Gambier, Ohio; b. Sept. 21, 
1870; d. May 22, 1909; m. 2nd, Feb. 3, 1915 to Nina Perry, of Brooklyn, N. Y., dau. 
of Cornelius and Lourie Thome Perry ; res., Norwalk, Conn. He had a parish in 
Anderson, Ind., at the time of his first marriage but went to New York to help Mr. 
Batten with his health work. He worked with Mr. Mottet of the Church of the Holy 
Communion and with Rev. John Howard Melish of Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, N. Y., 
before he went to Norwalk. 
3503. V. EDWARD AUGUSTUS, m. 1st, Eloise S. Urner; m. 2nd, Mary 

Hills, 5136\ 
3503\ vi. SUSAN BOWLER, teaching in the Berry School at Mt. Berry, Ga. 
35031 vii. AMY LEE, teaching in Norwood, Ohio ; res., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
3503'. viii. ROGER LEE, b. June 25, 1874; m. Margaret R. Lake, 5136'-^ 
3503*. ix. ALICE BRADFORD, head of the Home Economics Department at 

Winthrop College, Rock Hill, S. C. 
2042'. V. NORMAN HURD (840, 274, 81, 25, 9, 3, 1), b. Feb. 13, 1847; m. 
1st, Maria Minnesota Lyon, at Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. ; dau. of Oran 
Baker Lyon, b. July 14, 1831, Buffalo, N. Y. ; m. 2nd, Catherine Handy, 
b. Apr. 21, 1835, Sardinia, N. Y. 
3505\ i. FREDERICK BALDWIN, b. July 3, 1884, Cleveland, Ohio; d. Apr. 

1, 1888. 
3505\ ii. INFANT SON, b. and d. June 5, 1889. 


2042^ HORACE (840, 274, 81, 25, 9, 3, 1), m. Mary Given. 
3505*. i. MARY VIRGINIA. 
3505*. ii. DR. CHARLES G. 

2042". HORACE SESSIONS FOOTE (872, 274, 81, 25, 9, 3, 1), b. Painesville, 
Ohio, Feb. 22, 1843; m. Rochester, Ind., 1865 to Sarene A. Higgins. First enlisted on 
the day on which the President made the first call for troops, Apr. 11, 1861, in the 
11th Indiana Vols., for three months; private, served until Aug., 1861. Second 
enlisted Aug., 1861, 39th Indiana Vols. Inf., for three years; second lieutenant, Co. A, 
promoted to first lieutenant in winter of 1863-64, and mustered in May, 1864. Pro- 
moted to captaincy and mustered in May, 1864. The regiment was mounted in the 
year 1863 and served as mounted infantry, until spring of 1864, when it was reor- 
ganized as a cavalry regiment and was known as the 39th Regt. (8th Cav.) Indiana 
Vols. Discharged at Savannah, Ga., Dec. 31, 1864. Total service forty-four months. 
Service — Eleventh Indiana Vols., commanded by Col. Lew Wallace, in West Virginia 
in summer of 1861 ; capture of Romney, skirmish at Kelley's Island, and under Gen- 
eral Patterson in the campaign leading up to the first Battle of Bull Run. Thirty-ninth 
Indiana Vols., campaign under Johnson, McCook and Buell, through Kentucky and 
Tennessee, 1861-62. Battle of Shiloh in 1862, Battle of Bridge Creek in 1862, outpost 
duty at Bridgeport, Ala. Buell's advance on Chattanooga, 1862; Buell's pursuit of 
Bragg through Tennessee and Kentucky, 1862. Campaign against Bragg by Buell in 
Kentucky in 1862; under Rosecranz in campaign against Bragg by Buell in Kentucky 
in 1862; under Rosecranz in campaign against Bragg in Kentucky and Tennessee in 
1862-63. Battle of Stone River, 1862-63 ; advance from Murfreesboro, 1863 ; Battle 
of Chickamauga and engagements preceding the same ; operated in Sequatchie Valley 
in fall of 1863 ; with the left wing at the Battle of Missionary Ridge ; on courier 
duty between Louden and Bridgeport in winter of 1863-64. Regiment veteranized 
in spring of 1864. Returned from veteran furlough in May, 1864 ; with Rousseau on 
his raid through Atlanta and Georgia in July, 1864 ; Battle at the Coosa Fords and 
Loachapoka, Ala. Joined the army under Sherman at Marietta, Ga., with Gen. Ed. 
McCook in his attempted raid around Atlanta and participated in the engagements 
incident thereto with General Kirkpatrick in his raids around Atlanta and in the 
Battle of Jonesboro and Lovejoy's Station; on the extreme right at the capture of 
Atlanta and at the Battle of Flint-River ; operated in Hood's rear in his advance into 
Tennessee ; with Sherman on the march across Georgia, and participated in the Battles 
of Macon, Griswoldville, Waynesboro Plantation and the Altomaha Trestles. After 
the Battle of Stone River was appointed adjutant of the Corps-d'Elite organized by 
General Rosecranz, but that organization was not recognized by the Government. 
He d. San Jose, Calif., Nov. 6, 1928. 

3505'. i. LUCIA, b. Sept. 14, 1866; m. San Jose, Calif., 1885 to George Whit- 
ney, b. Apr. 4, 1860 ; res., Campbell, Calif. 

3505". ii. LEWIS HORACE, b. 1868; d. 1875. 

3505'. iii. MARCIA ELNORA, b. San Jose, Calif., July 27, 1872; m. Jan. 1, 
1896 to John B. Wilcox; res., San Jose, Calif; she d. Nov., 1919. 

(1) S ARENA CLARIBEL WILCOX", b. Oct., 1896; res., San Jose, Calif. 

(2) EUGENE LEWIS WILCOX", b. Oct., 1897; m. San Jose, Calif., Mar., 
1925 to Gladys Delphine Shoemaker. 

(a) MARCIA JEANNE WILCOX", b. Feb. 20, 1932, San Jose, Calif. 

2042". CHARLES McLANCTHON FOOTE (876, 274, 81, 25, 9, 3, 1), b. Borough 
of Colchester, New London County. Conn.. Sept. 27, 1859 ; m. Kate C. Joss., Aug. 21, 1882. 


by Rev. Goe H. Cheney, pastor of the Broadway Methodist Church, Sotnerville, Mass. 
At the age of sixteen he entered Beacon Academy, remaining one year, then removed to 
Norwich, Conn., and entered the employ of Kloppenburg & Co., dry goods and 
millinery. Later returned to Norwich and was employed with the Norwich Lock 
Co. Later employed with Lufkin & Co. Buttonhole Sewing Machine Co., Brockton, 
Mass. Later as foreman of Nashua Lock Co. He removed to Nashua, N. H., when 
they were consolidated with the Lockwood Mfg. Co., South Norwalk, Conn. ; he 
became foreman in the latter city and directed the laying out of the machinery. 
On account of the climate (malaria) he returned to Nashua, N. H., and entered the 
employ of VVm. Heighton & Son in 1893 and has been bookkeeper and superintendent 
of the manufacturing end for 25 years. They manufacture warm-air registers, grilles, 
bronze metal tablets, signs, and hardware specialties. Member of Nashua Com- 
mandery, United Order of the Golden Cross ; he is affiliated with Pennichuch Lodge, 
No. 44, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and Ancient York Lodge, No. 89, A. F. 
and A. M., in both of which he holds the office of secretary ; he is also a 32nd degree 
member of the N. H. Consistory and of Meridian Sun Royal Arch Chapter. At six- 
teen he became a member of the Colchester Methodist Church, transferred to the 
Central Church in Norwich, Conn., and to the Bethel Church while in East Boston, 
Mass., and finally to Main Street Methodist Church, Nashua, N. H. Served as 
recording steward of the Board of Stewards and a member for twenty years. Res., 
Nashua, N. H. 
3505'. i. RUTH, b. June 21, 1888 graduate of Nashua High School, 1906; 
Boston University, A.B., 1910 ; Simmons College, B.S., 1913 ; served 
as secretary of Mt. Ida School for Girls, Newton, Mass., 1913 to 
1916; 1916 to 1923 as secretary of the freshman and sophomore classes 
of Yale College, New Haven, Conn. At the present time is registrar of 
the Lowell Textile School, Lowell, Mass. 
3505'. ii. ERNEST ADAMS, b. Sept. 26, 1894; m. Geraldine Ruth Griffin, 

2056. ASA FOOTE, d. Feb. 25, 1924; Laura Anna (Gilmore) Foote, d. Sept. 2, 
1906; res., Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 

(1) MILDRED LUCILLE GATES'", b. Mar. 24, 1897; m. Jerry Franklin 
Manuel, b. July 29, 1902, Effingham, 111., son of D. Solomon and Charlotte 
Laura Manuel ; res., Decatur, 111. 

3508. AGNES FAY. 

(1) HELEN DOROTHY HOARD", b. Aug. 22, 1905; m. Sept. 30, 1926, Ft. 
Atkinson, Wis., to John E. Bateman, son of John M. Bateman, of Toledo, 
Ohio ; b. June 25, 1905, Cincinnati, Ohio ; res.. Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 

3509. LAURA GENEVIEVE, b. Aug. 22, 1888; m. 1st, Karl Axtel May, Sept. 
20, 1910, Ft. Atkinson, Wis.; he d. of pneumonia May 29, 1930, at Great 
Falls, Mont. ; he was a mining engineer ; she m. 2nd, John Donald Jordan, 
Apr. 24, 1931, Toledo, Ohio; res., Detroit, Mich. 

(1) JANE MAY^ b. Oct. 28, 1911; d. Oct. 31, 1911. 

(2) MARJORIE MAY", b. Apr. 12, 1913; d. Nov. 28, 1913. 

2065'. ASA JARVIS FOOTE (901, 284, 86, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. Feb. 7, 1820; m. 1851 
to Sarah Ann Brown, dau. of Joshua and Marcia (Broughner) Brown, of Maine; 
res., Tilsonburg, Canada. 















LAWRENCE EUGENE, b. 1851 ; m. Mrs. Julia Barrs, 6254-5. 

ROSCOE WAYNE, b. 1854, Tilsonburg, Ont., Canada. 

JOHN NEWTON, b. 1857; d. Celeran Island, 1867. 

LILLIE BLANCHE, b. 1859; m. Dec. 3, 1900 to Nelson Thomas 


HATTIE ELINOR, b. 1861, Tilsonburg, Ont., Canada; unm. 

COLVIN WALTER, b. 1863. 

NETTIE, b. 1865; m. 1887 to A. Wynne, Bay City, Mich.; res., 

Muskegon, Mich. 


(2) LOGAN WYNNE", b. 1894. 

(3) ATHENA ERGANE WYNNE", b. 1899. 

3521'. viii. ANNIE MAUDE, b. 1867 Celeran Island; d. 1886, Bay City, Mich. 
3521'. i.x. ADA JARVIS, b. 1869, Celeran Island; m. 1888 to Andrew Kelley, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


2085. WARREN FOOTE, d. Brookline, Mass., Apr. 5, 1914; b. Vernon, N. Y., 
Jan. 7, 1821 ; his early life was spent on the farm and afterward he was in the manu- 
facturing business in Rush, N. Y., for about fifteen years. In 1866 he removed to 
Brooklyn, N. Y., and became a member of the New York Produce Exchange, engag- 
ing in the flour business, until he retired in 1905. He retained his membership in the 
Exchange until his death. He was a member of the Baptist Church in Rush. N. Y., 
being deacon, Sunday school superintendent, and the chief pillar in the church. In 
Brooklyn he united with Strong Place Church, of which he remained a member for 
forty years, then, on retirement from business, removing his membership to the First 
Church, Rochester, N. Y., and there remaining to the end of life. For a few years he 
resided with a dau. at Avon, N. Y. Since 1911 he has made his home with his dau., 
Mrs. J. H. Sanborn, in Brookline, Mass., spending some of the summers in Avon, 
N. Y. Mr. Foote was a man of marked uprightness and integrity in business, a 
devoted Christian, a loving father and a faithful friend. Mrs. Rhoda Reed Foote d. 
June 2, 1893. 

3525. iv. VIOLA, b. Dec. 3, 1846; m. Decatur Henry Goodenow; she d. Apr. 15, 
1926 ; he d. Dec. 10, 1924. 

(2) J. FRANK GOODENOW", m. 2nd, Mrs. Alma R. (Hughes) Rice, b. 
Tombstone, Ariz., Nov. 12, 1886, dau. of William T. Hughes, Kenton, 
Okla. ; res., Kansas City, Mo. F. I. and J. Frank are manufacturers of 
athletic underwear ; firm name, Goodenow Textile Co., Kansas City, Mo. 

3527. i. ALICE JOSEPHINE, b. June 2, 1845; d. July 17, 1911; a true wife 

and mother ; she d. after many years of suflFering. She was a woman of 

sterling worth, a beautiful Christian character in her patient suffering, 

a retiring nature, thoughtful of all who came in contact with her. 

He d. at his home May 16, 1922. He was interested in agricultural 

business connections ; active up to the close of his life and kept keen 

watch of current events. He was a member of the S. A. R. and many 

other organizations. 

(1) MARY ELIZABETH EMMA MARKHAM", b. June 29, 1886; m. June 

29, 1922 to Henry Rogers Seldon, b. Mar. 1. 1884, Rochester, N. Y., son 

of George Baldwin and Clara Drake (Woodruff) Seldon, of Brooklyn, 

N. Y. res., Avon, N. Y. 


(a) WILLIAM MARKHAM SELDON", b. Nov. 11, 1923, Avon, N. Y. 
3531.(1) WARREN FOOTE DAVIS", d. Nov., 1914. 

2087. AVERY L. FOOTE, d. Dec. 21, 1922, Newark, N. Y. An active and suc- 
cessful business man of that town. 

3532. i. ESTELLE LAWSON, m. William J. Harvie; res., Newark, N. Y. 

2088. LUTHER R. FOOTE, m. Mary A. Bronson, dau. of No. 922; ch. of John 
Foote, No. 2091. 

3535'. i. MARY ROSELIA, b. Johnsonburg, N. Y., July 19, 1857; d. Mar. 19, 

3536. ii. WILLIAM ORSON, b. Johnsonburg, N. Y., Apr. 17, 1859; m. 

Nettie E. Mattison, 3161'. 

3537. iii. JOHN NEWCOMB, b. Johnsonburg, N. Y., May 16, 1863; m. Belle 

Girard, 5163\ 

3538. iv. CORAMAY SOPHRONIA, m. WiUett M. Coddington. 

(1) GERTRUDE FOOTE CODDINGTON", b. Sept. 13, 1889; m. June 29, 
1919 to John Ryan Fitzmaurice, b. Peoria, 111., July 22, 1892 ; Ordinance 
Department, World War; res., Detroit, Mich. 

(a) JOHN CODDINGTON FITZMAURICE", b. Detroit, Mich., Feb. 
10, 1920. 

(b) WILLIAM JAMES FITZMAURICE", b. Detroit, Mich., Sept. 7, 

(c) RICHARD HOWARD FITZMAURICE", b. Detroit, Mich., Apr. 5, 

(2) CLARA AUGUSTA CODDINGTON", b. Jan. 3, 1893 ; m. June 22, 1915 
to Earl A. Sharpe, b. Dec. 17, 1885; res., Howell, Mich. 

(a) MAURINE VIRGINIA SHARPE" (adopted), b. May 10, 1923. 

(3) HOYT EDWIN CODDINGTON", b. June 15, 1896; m. Oct. 6, 1920, 
Traverse City, Mich., to Florence Burgess, b. Feb. 26, 1900; World War, 
Navy radio operator; pay teller in American State Bank, Cadillac, Mich. 

(4) HOMER WILLETT CODDINGTON", b. July 11, 1897; World War, 
Navy musician. 

(5) HOWARD DWIGHT CODDINGTON", b. Sept. 1, 1905; res., Traverse 
City, Mich. 

3539. V. CLARA SYLVIA, d. May 8, 1906; bur. Traverse City, Mich. 

(1) HAROLD FOOTE DRISCAL", b. July 23, 1901; res.. Grand Rapids, 

(2) CORA lONE DRISCAL", b. Apr. 20, 1906. 

2100. ADDISON OSGOOD FOOTE, d. Long Beach, Calif., Apr. 1, 1928. 

3554. iii. BESSIE ANNA, b. Sept. 11, 1877; m. Apr. 14, 1910 to Philip Henry 

Brown, son of Charles L. and Emma C. Brown. 

(1) PHILIP GLEASON BROWN", b. Mar. 15, 1911. 

(2) EMILY ELISABETH BROWN", b. Oct. 29, 1915. 

3555. iv. EPHRIAM JOSIAH, b. May 8, 1879; m. Grace Grecian, 5171-5171'. 

3556. V. JOHN ADDISON, b. Mar. 5, 1884; m. Margaret F. Hillard, 6256-61. 

3557. vi. HERBERT BRANCH, b. Sept. 27, 1886; m. Jessie J. Milton, 6262'. 
3559. ii. INEZ ALMIRA, b. Mar. 1, 1887; m. Redlands, Calif., June 16, 1909 to 

Clifford Harmon Pratt, b. July 14, 1884; secretary-treasurer Hugh A. 
Martin Co., Long Beach, Calif; son of Harmon K. and Rosa H. Pratt; 


she is a member of Long Beach Chapter of D. A. R. ; res., Los Angeles, 
3561. iv. WILFRED ROSE, b. Mar. 12, 1892; m. Redlands, Calif., June 24, 
1914 to Hugh Albert Marti, b. Feb. 5, 1890; president and general man- 
ger of Hugh A. Marti Co., Long Beach, Calif., son of John A. and 
Minnie E. Marti ; she is a member of the Long Beach Chapter of 
D. A. R. ; res.. Long Beach, Calif. 

(1) MARGARET INEZ MARTI", b. Long Beach, Calif., July 23, 1919. 

(2) DOROTHY EMMELINE MARTP", b. Long Beach, Calif., Dec. 10, 

(3) NORMAN FOOTE MARTP (twin), b. Mar. 5, 1924; Long Beach, 

(4) CATHERINE MARTHA MARTF" (twin), b. Mar. 5, 1924, Long Beach, 

3565. iv. CLEVELAND, b. Jan. 1, 1842; he d. June 15, 1929. 

3566. V. MARIA SHEPARD, b. May 12, 1844 ; she d. Jan. 5, 1916 ; unm. 

3567. vi. FRANCIS DWIGHT, b. Nov. 19, 1845 ; d. Nov. 16, 1928. 

3658. vii. DELIA DWIGHT, b. Mar. 9, 1847; she d. Mar. 31, 1925; unm. 

3570. ix. LAURA DWIGHT, b. Sept. 7, 1855 ; m. Leonard Ware. 

(1) ANNA DORR WARE", b. May 16, 1881 ; m. Holden Pierce Williams. 



(2) LAURA DWIGHT WARE", b. Feb. 28, 1883. 

(3) DWIGHT WARE", b. Sept. 4, 1885; m. Ruth Hurlburt. 

(a) WILLIAM WARE", b. Seattle, Wash. 

(b) LEONARD WARE", b. Seattle, Wash. 

(4) RUTH WARE", b. Oct. 28, 1887; m. Edward Dennis Bement ; res., 
Framingham Center, Mass. 

(a) LAURA BEMENT", b. Framingham, Mass., Aug. 31, 1912. 

(b) EDWARD D. BEMENT", JR., b. Framingham, Mass., May 8, 1914. 

(c) ANNE BEMENT", b. Framingham, Mass., Oct. 8, 1916. 

(d) RUTH BEMENT", b. Framingham, Mass., Oct. 31, 1918. 

(5) LEONARD WARE", JR., b. June 18, 1900. 

3571. X. SANFORD DWIGHT, b. Jan. 6, 1858; d. Jan. 16, 1932. 

1822. CYRUS FOOTE (942, 298, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. Feb. 12, 1839; m. Oct. 7, 
1860 to Katharine Potter, dau. of Elias and Anna Marie Potter. He was killed in the 
Civil War. 
3573V NETTIE A., b. Apr. 27, 1862; m. Mar. 9, 1887 to Woodward Jones; 
she d. July 12, 1901 ; res., Menlo, la. 
(1) WAYNE FOOTE JONES", b. Menlo, la., Mar. 24, 1889; is working in 
a bank. 

2115\ ZELONA FOOTE, JR. (960, 302, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. Jan. 6, 1822; m. 1st, 
Sept. 9, 1844 to Samantha Hicks ; m. 2nd, June 5, 1855 to Anna Eliza Kingman, d. 
Feb. 4, 1908 ; he d. June 25, 1908, Arcade, N. Y. ; res.. Arcade, N. Y. 

3573\ MARIE, b. Aug. 4, 1845; m. Jan. 11, 1863 to Lester Woodworth; she d. 
Nov. 17, 1914; res., Bliss, N. Y . 

(1) CHARLES H. WOODWORTH", b. Apr. 5, 1864. 

(2) RILEY C. WOODWORTH", b. Apr. 7, 1866; res., Lockport. N. Y. 


(3) BLANCH M. WOODWORTH", b. 1868; d. young. 

(4) RUPERT L. WOODWORTH", b. Oct. 27, 1872. 

(5) BERTHA B. WOODWORTH", b. Mar. 25, 1875. 
3573'. ii. ORLANDO. 

3573^ iii. ZENUS. 
3573*. iv. JASON. 

3573". MARY ELIZA, b. Oct. 30, 1856; m. James N. Witheril; she d. Feb. 8, 1920, 
Arcade, N. Y. 
(1) DEAN L. WITHERIL", b. July 9, 1880; m. Alberta Holmes; res.. 
Buffalo, N. Y. 
(a) MAX WITHERIL", b. July 15, 1901. 

3573'. FRANK M., b. Jan. 10, 1858; m. July 3, 1880 to Nettie E. Steel, 6263. 

2116. ISAAC W. FOOTE (960, 302, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. Nov. 4, 1823; m. 1849 to 
Caroline Ryon ; he d. Jan. 9, 1894. 

























2118. ASA M. FOOTE (960, 302, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. Jan. 11, 1829; m. June 9. 
1854 to Matilda Heath; he d, Jan. 17, 1910; res., Williamstown, Mich. 
3573". i. JULIA. 
3573". ii. GUY. 

2122. ALPHEUS G. FOOTE (960, 302, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. Mar. 17, 1838; m. 
July 31, 1869 to Josephine Springstead ; he d. Eaton Rapids, Mich., Oct. 27, 1911. 
3575\ i. MYRTIE, b. Aug. 26, 1871 ; d. Dec. 4, 1899, Eaton Rapids, Mich. 
35751 ii. RALPH, b. Sept. 9, 1873; m. Oct. 20, 1898 to Lizzie Bradford; res., 

Eaton Rapids, Mich. 
35751 iii. FLOY, b. Feb. 7, 1888 ; m. Mar. 9. 1909 to Dale Bowman ; res., Eaton 
Rapids, Mich. 

2124. RODERICK D. FOOTE (960, 302, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. June 4, 1843, Eagle. 
N. Y.; m. De Witt, Mich., Oct. 24, 1866 to Sarah Lucinda Cronkite, b. Novi, 

Oakland County, Mich., June, ; he was a pioneer farmer, moving to Clinton 

County, Mich., in 1866 ; res., De Witt, Riley, Watertown, Mich. ; d. Mar. 17, 1912, St. 
Johns, Mich., where they had lived for sixteen years. 

3575*. i. ERNEST WESTON, b. Sept., ; m. Nellie M. Brown, 6264. 

3575'. ii. PEARL ELIZABETH, b. Riley, Mich ; m. , St. Johns, Mich. ; 

res., San Anselmo, Calif. 
3576.(1) ESSIE RUGG", b. Apr. 21, 1877; m. 1st, July 2, 1894 to William Bradt; 
m. 2nd, Oct. 22, 1921 to Daniel Foster, son of Orville and Esther Foster; 
res., McDonough, N. Y. 
(a) FORREST D. BRADT", b. Aug. 19, 1898. 


(b) ELLEN L. BRADT", b. Feb. 1, 1911. 

(c) HOWARD D. BRADT", b. Dec. 5, 1912. 

(2) LIDEN RUGG", b. June 2, 1880 ; m. Feb. 21, 1898 to William Flynn, b. 
May 5, 1877, son of Jeremiah and Betsey Flynn; res., Oakland, Calif. 

(a) WILFORD C. FLYNN", b. Mar. 29, 1901. 

(3) LEON RUGG'", b. June 22, 1885; m. 1st, Oct. 16, 1901 to Inez Jobe; 
m. 2nd, Oct. 6, 1918 to Myrta Dunham; no children. 

3581. i. ALICE C, m. 2nd, Albert C. Gage, d. Jan. 14, 1910. 

(1) GLENN FOOTE METCALF", m. Jan. 14, 1903 to Mary Davison; she 
d. Nov. 7, 1916; res.. Bliss, N. Y. 

(a) VIRGINIA B. METCALF", b. Feb. 18, 1908. 

(2) PHOEBE METCALF". b. Sept. 10, 1879; m. June 30, 1908 to Ernest 
Robinson, d. Sept. 11, 1913; res., Warsaw, N. Y. 

3582. vii. FLORA C, m. Wm. Yule. 

(1) ROY O. YULE'", b. Aug. 5, 1883; m. Oct. 23, 1906 to Louise Wells, 
(a) ELIZABETH FLORA YULE", b. Apr. 5, 1908; res.. Arcade, N. Y.; 

garage, William Yule & Son. 

(2) JANET YULE'", b. Dec. 23, 1891^ m. Apr. 9, 1916 to Albert Booth, b. 
June 9, 1894, son of George and Anna (Webber) Booth ; res., East Aurora, 
N. Y. 

(a) RICHARD YULE BOOTH", b. Jan. 31, 1918. 

(b) ALBERT BOOTH", JR., b. June 9, 1920. 

(c) FREDERICK BOOTH", b. Aug. 23, 1923. 

(3) BEULAH YULE", b. Sept. 18, 1893; m. Aug. 12, 1915 to Howard S. 
Butler, b. Oct. 31, 1892, son of Frank and Emily M. Butler; res., Castile, 
N. Y. 

(a) WILLIAM F. BUTLER", b. Dec. 17, 1917. 

(b) EMILY MAY BUTLER", b. Sept. 14, 1920. 

(c) MARGARET JANE BUTLER", b. Feb. 23, 1923. 

(4) ALICE YULE", b. Jan. 9, 1896; res.. Arcade, N. Y. 

2127. DAVID L. FOOTE was a veteran of the Civil War. He enlisted in Co. K, 
11th Iowa Infantry, Sept. 10, 1861 ; he was discharged at Chattanooga, Tenn., Oct. 27, 
1864; he d. Dec. 30, 1921, Charlotte, N. Y. 

2128. WILLIAM FOOTE, d. Jan. 11, 1921; Mrs. Lydia Foote, d. Mar. 11, 1926. 
3584. ii. MARY, m. A. Frank Mead, Dec. 5, 1883 ; b. Aug. 20, 1861 ; he d. Feb. 

26, 1932. 

(1) LYDIA A. MEAD", b. Oct. 8, 1886; m. Harry A. Beaumont, Dec. 25, 

(a) HAROLD E. BEAUMONT", b. Mar. 1, 1910. 

(b) VERNON O. BEAUMONT", b. Aug. 26, 1912. 

(c) CLIFFORD W. BEAUMONT", b. June 23, 1915. 

(d) PAULINE MAE BEAUMONT", b. Nov. 16, 1921. 

(e) MARY ELIZABETH BEAUMONT", b. Mar. 21, 1928. 

(2) HELEN A. MEAD", b. Feb. 22, 1889 ; m. Hiebo Poel, Dec. 24, 1920. 

(a) ELEANOR MARY POEL", b. Sept. 14, 1922. 

(b) MARGARET RUTH POEL", b. Apr. 4, 1924. 


(3) GALUSHA LYNN MEAD", b. Dec. 5, 1901; m. 1st, Dorothy M. Wood, 
Dec. 5, 1921 ; she d. Sept. 7, 1923 ; he m. 2nd, Pauline M. Ennis, Dec. 1, 
1928; b. Feb. 5. 1911. 

3586. iv. SETH EMERY, m. Lottie M. Hall, June IS, 1904, b. Aug. 26, 1883. 

3587. JESSIE PEARL, b. Bliss, N. Y., Nov. 9, 1879; m. Clayton R. York 
Dec. IS, 1897; b. Jan. 12, 1875. 

(1) FRANCES L. YORK", b. May IS, 1901; m. Sept. 29, 1918 to Harvey 
Torrey; he d. July 13. 1931. 

(a) BARBARA TORREY", b. June, 1920. 

(b) NANCY JUNE TORREY" (twin), b. Feb. 13, 1926. 

(c) HARRY WILLIAM TORREY" (twin), b. Feb. 13, 1926. 

(2) ARTHUR YORK", b. Aug. 13, 1906 ; m. Mary Burse, Dec. 31, 1929 ; b. 
June 25, 1906. 

(a) NANCY ANN YORK", b. Mar. 16, 1930. 

(3) EDWARD YORK", b. June 6, 1914. 

3588. vi. AMANDA, m. 1st, Frank L. Warren, Dec. 30, 1899; b. June 5, 1879; 

d. July 22, 1928; she m. 2nd, Bert Langdon, Aug. 14, 1929. 

(1) FLOYD F. WARREN", b. Oct. 29, 1910; d. Sept. 1, 1921. 

(2) KENNETH WARREN", b. July 1, 1903; m. Mildred Drake, Mar. 18, 
1925 ; b. Mar. 29, 1906. 

(a) HARLAN WARREN", b. Dec. 17, 1927. 

(3) BEULAH WARREN", b. June 30, 1913; d. July 2, 1913. 

(4) PAUL WARREN", b. Mar. 16, 1916. 

(5) LAWRENCE WARREN", b. June 10, 1922. 

2128\ JOEL FOOTE (971, 304, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. July 26, 1815, in Massachusetts. 

Later with his father's family moved to Genesee County, N. Y., where he received 

his education. In 1829 he moved with his father's family to Wood County, Ohio. In 

1841 he m. 1st, Margaret Canella, a native of Ireland; she d. in 1864. To them were 

b. seven children. In 1867 Mr. Foote m. 2nd, Emily (Soah) Oswald, widow of 

John Oswald. To them were b. four children. She d. July 20, 1889. Mr. Foote was 

a successful farmer, coming into possession of the old home farm of his father in 

1864, on which he continued to live until his death, which occurred Feb. 22, 1896, 

while on a visit to his son, Frank F., in Rochester, Ind. Mr. Foote was a man of 

sterling worth and integrity, and being one of the early pioneers of the Maumee 

Valley, he was known throughout all that region, and for several years preceding 

his death was president of the Maumee Valley Pioneers' Association. A true friend, 

warm hearted and social, he was a man to be missed and at his funeral people came 

from far and near to pay their last respects to Joel Foote. 

3587\ i. CALVIN, b. Sept. 25, 1841; enlisted in Aug., 1862, in Captain 

Shannon's Co. A, 100th Regt., Ohio Volunteer Infantry, in the Civil 

War, and served until after the close of the war, being honorably 

mustered out in Aug., 1865. He was a farmer and d. Aug. 8, 1867 in 

West Millgrove, Ohio, as the result of his team running away, in 

which he was severely injured. Unm. 

3587'. ii. MARY, b. Oct. 14, 1843; d. in fall of 1847 in Grand Rapids, Ohio. 

35871 iii. JAMES KNOX, b. Nov. 29, 1845; d. Feb. 6, 1883; unm.; Bowling 

Green, Ohio. 
3587*. iv. ALICE EMILY, b. May 3, 1848; m. Nov. 21, 1869 to George Bliss, 
Tontogany, Ohio. 


(1) CLAYTON A. BLISS", b. May 19, 1871, Plymouth. Ohio; m. Ruby Jen- 
nings, June 2, 1903. 

(2) BURNETT FOOTE BLISS'", b. Apr. 14, 1874, Port Clinton, Ohio; m. 
Jane Wooster, June 29, 1904. 

(3) HELEN MARGARET BLISS", b. Feb. 22, 1879, Port Clinton, Ohio; m. 
Ralph J. Eberly, Nov. 29, 1900, Kendallville, Ind. ; res.. Bowling Green, 

3587°. V. ALBERT DELOS, b. Feb. 23, 1851 ; m. Viola J. Parsons, 6265-9. 

3587^ vi. ELLA, b. Mar., 1853 ; d. July 12, 1870, Otsego, Ohio. 

3587'. vii. CLARA, b. Apr. 21, 1855; m. Jan. 8, 1879 to Frank A. Baldwin, 

a prominent and successful attorney of Bowling Green, Ohio ; d. July 

12, 1904. 
3587". viii. FRED, b. May 28, 1868 ; m. Edna M. Steambarge, 6270-2. 
3587'. ix. EDDIE, b. May 28, 1868, Otsego, Ohio; d. June. 1868. 
3587". X. FRANK FOREST, b. Oct. 16, 1869; m. 1st, Mary Gibson; m. 2nd, 

Elizabeth Bend, 6273. 
3587^'. xi. JOEL W., b. Feb. 9, 1871 ; m. Frances German. 

2128'. LeROY FOOTE (971, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. Mar. 30, 1832; m. Annie Annitage, 
June 4, 1877, near Ottawa, Ont., Canada ; she was b. June 30, 1851 ; he was b. on his 
father's farm at Miltonville, Wood County, Ohio. At the age of fourteen he enlisted 
as a drummer boy in Colonel Riley's 2nd Regt., U. S. Infantry. Went with his 
regiment to Mexico during the Mexican War and served with it nearly a year, when 
becoming sick he was invalided home and then honorably discharged. He witnessed 
the bombardment of Vera Cruz from aboard the vessel on which he had embarked 
for his return to his home. After his return home he passed nearly two years in 
his father's home recovering from the effect of his youthful army campaigning. He 
then entered school, and about the age of twenty commenced district school. He 
followed teaching and farming until the fall of 1885, when he went to Iowa, locating 
in Mitchell County. He remained there about two years when he returned to Ohio 
with his health much impaired. He spent much of his time in the few following years 
in travel. In 1863 he went to Canada, locating near Ottawa City. Here he followed 
teaching and farming, and was m. as above noted. Res., Ottawa, Ont., Canada. 

358r\ i. RICHARD EPAPHRODITUS, b. Aug. 12, 1878; m. Lillian Rogers, 

3587". ii. CHARLOTTE MARY, b. Sept. 17, 1881 ; m. June 21, 1904 to William 
Kyle Jeffrey, Ottawa, Ont., Canada ; he was b. Dec. 26, 1873. 
(1) GORDON KYLE", b. May 21, 1907. 

3587". iii. EMILY JANE, b. June 18, 1889. 

2128'. FREDERICK FOOTE (971, 304, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. Nov. 14, 1836; m. 
Sept. 2, 1872, Kent, Portage County, Ohio, to Alice A. Underwood. He was b. 
on his father's farm at Miltonville, Wood County, Ohio. He remained at home until 
he attained his majority, when in the spring of 1857 he took a trip to the then far 
West, including Iowa and Kansas. Not liking the West he returned to his father's 
home and took charge of the farm, his father dying in the fall of the same year. 
After his father's death he continued in charge of the farm in connection with his 
younger brother, Marvin V. In 1860 he took a course in Bryant & Stanton's Com- 
mercial College at Cleveland, Ohio, with the intention of entering mercantile busi- 
ness. It was not until the fall of 1863, however, that he left the farm and with his 
mother's family moved to the nearby town of Tontogany, Ohio, where he entered a 


general store. In May, 1864, he enlisted in the 144th Regt., Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 
for one hundred days. At the expiration of his term he received an honorable dis- 
charge and returned to his business. In 1872 he went to Kent, Ohio, where he m. 
and entered into mercantile business, at which he continued until 1904, when he 
retired from active business. Mr. Foote established a reputation for strick honesty 
and integrity and took an active interest in the affairs of his town. He was a member 
of the School Board and City Council and held other municipal offices within the 
gift of the people. He was a life-long member of the Masonic Fraternity, and a 
leader in the local lodges of which he belonged, and for many years previous to his 
death was a Knight Templar. He d. Aug. 12, 1906, of heart failure at his home in 
Kent, Ohio. Great sorrow and regret were expressed at his sudden death, and 
during his funeral ceremonies all business places of the town were closed out of 
respect to his memory. 

3587^=. i. ERNEST UNDERWOOD, b. Apr. 10, 1875, Kent, Ohio; d. Aug. 17, 

3587". ii. MARY LINCOLN, b. Sept. 18, 1878; m. G. Frank Elgin, Oct. 4, 1904, 
Kent, Ohio. 

(1) MILDRED MARIE" b. July 26, 1905, Kent, Ohio. 

(2) ALICE LOUISE", b. June 21, 1907, Kent, Ohio. 

3587". iii. CARL FREEMAN, b. Dec. 16, 1882, Kent, Ohio; is engaged in 
jewelry business and unm. ; res., Kent, Ohio. 

2128". MARTIN VAN BUREN FOOTE (971, 304, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. Dec. 16, 
1842, Miltonville, Wood County, Ohio; m. Feb. 22, 1872 to Cartilia A. Hottel, of 
Belle Plaine, Benton County, la.., b. Bethlehem, Pa., Feb. 28, 1854. Mr. Foote 
grew up on his father's farm, attending the district school summer and winter in his 
younger years and when old enough to work, attending school only in the winter, 
and working on the farm in the summer. On Aug. 8, 1862, when he was twenty years 
old, he enlisted in Co. D, 111th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, for three years, or during the 
war. He was one of those who marched to the front singing : "We're coming, 
Father Abraham, three hundred thousand more, from Mississippi's winding stream, 
and from New England's shore." He served faithfully and well during the nearly three 
years that followed until the close of the war, and was honorably mustered out 
June 16, 1865. Was never wounded or sick in hospital during his time of service at 
the front and passed through a three weeks' siege at the city of Knoxville, Tenn., on 
starvation rations, under General Burnside, in Nov. and Dec, 1863, when that of five 
and his army were besieged by the Confederates under General Longstreet. After 
the war Mr. Foote took up farm work, and in Mar., 1869, went to Iowa, locating in 
Benton County, near Belle Plaine, where he bought land, married and raised his family. 
He established a reputation for honesty and sobriety, and has the respect and esteem 
of his fellowmen. 

3587^'. i. GRANT H., b. Oct. 28, 1872 ; d. Aug. 27, 1874. 

3587". ii. SAMUEL L., b. Jan. 10, 1875 ; m. Lottie E. McCormick, 6277-8. 

3587'". iii. WAYNE HENRY, b. Mar. 13, 1878; m. Ida A. Trickey, 6279-80. 

3587". iv. CHARLOTTE CORA, b. Aug. 20, 1880; m. Sept. 21, 1899, Belle 
Plaine, la., to Milo D. Herriman, of Des Moines, la. ; he d. July 3, 
1907, Belle Plaine, la. 
(1) DOROTHY FOOTE HERRIMAN", b. Aug. 17, 1901, Des Moines, la.; 
res., Pomona, Calif. 


3587". V. SARAH ALICE, b. Nov. 23, 1882; m. Feb. 25, 1904, Des Moines, la., 
to Henry S. Burger, of Des Moines, la. 

(1) RUTH BURGER*", b. Feb. 11. 1905. 

(2) CHARLES WAYNE BURGER*", b. Sept. 30, 1906; res., Des Moines, la. 

2129*. ZELOTES BIGELOW FOOTE (972, 304, 89, 26, 9, 3, 1), b. Jan. 29, 1821 ; 
m. 1st, Apr. 7, 1847 to Eliza Ann Butts, d. Jan. 20, 1850; m. 2nd, July 6, 1854 to 
Mary L. Case, d. Aug. 27, 1859; he d. Feb. 26, 1863; all res. and bur. at Cleveland, 

3587"'. i. ELIZA ADELADE, b. May 28, 1857; m. Apr. 15, 1886 to John N. 
Daniels; res., Cleveland, Ohio, Omaha, Neb., and Oakland, Calif. 

(1) CAROLINE ESTHER DANIELS", b. Mar. 19, 1888, Omaha, Neb. 

(2) THORNTON FOOTE DANIELS*", b. Nov. 8, 1890; d. Oct. 18, 1895, 
Omaha, Neb. 

(3) DOROTHY DELIGHT DANIELS*", b. Oct. 26, 1894, Omaha, Neb. 

(4) MARJORIE GERTRUDE DANIELS'", b. Apr. 20, 1900. 

2129*. GEORGE FOOTE; Mrs. Aurelia Johnson Foote, d. 1905. 

3588. i. ANNA, b. Mar. 19, 1867; m. Earl M. Rising, b. Jan. 11, 1864. son of 

Milo M. and Esther Jane (Gallup) Rising, Bridgewater, N. Y., June 30, 

(1) GLADYS E. RISING*", b. Aug. 8, 1900, Bridgewater, N. Y. ; m. Harold 
Christopher Pritchard, son of Edw. H. and Elizabeth (Lewis) Pritchard, 
Bridgewater, N. Y., Oct. 2, 1926 ; he was b. Sept. 29. 1898. 

(a) EARL EDWARD PRITCHARD**, b. Jan. 17, 1928, Bridgewater, 

N. Y. 

(b) GEORGE RISING PRITCHARD**, b. Aug. 6, 1929, Bridgewater, 
N. Y. 

2129'. WILLIAM E. FOOTE (981, 304, 89, 36, 9, 3. 1), b. Mar. 11, 1840; m. 1st, 
Feb. 11, 1862 to Josephine Alterbin, of Cedarville, N. Y. ; she d. Feb. 18, 1871 ; m. 2nd, 
Mar. 18, 1874 to Emily Hall. He attended Westfield Academy, and after marriage 
lived on his farm until 1872 and then moved to Bridgewater, N. Y. and with Moses H. 
Wheeler managed the Bridgewater Hotel. Mr. Foote was a Republican and in 1872 
represented the town of Bridgewater on the Oneida County Board of Supervisors. 
He was a Mason, being a member of Western Star Lodge, No. 15, of Bridgewater. 
He attended the Universalist Church and was its treasurer. He was a man of good 
character and courteous, by all regarded as an excellent neighbor and a worthy 
citizen. He d. June 6, 1916, and bur. at Bridgewater, N. Y. ; she d. June 22, 1927. 
3588°. i. JOSEPHINE, m. W. H. Rowland, of Bridgewater, N. Y., now res. 
San Diego, Calif. 
(1) ETHEL ROWLAND*", b. Feb. 7, 1901; m. Frederick Smith Palmer, 
Oct. 4, 1922; res.. San Diego, Calif. 

(a) DUANE LEANDER PALMER**, b. Nov. 27, 1925. 

(b) PEGGY ANN PALMER**, b. Jan. 30, 1931. 

3589. i. DELIA AUGUSTA, b. ; m. James E. Wight; she d. Aug. 24, 

1921, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
3598. JENNIE PARSONS, m. Jan. 10, 1882 to Charles Parsons Beeman. 

(1) ANNA LOUISE BEEMAN*", b. June 22, 1883. 

(2) CHARLES LEICESTER BEEMAN*", b. May 11, 1885. 

(3) ELIZABETH PARSONS BEEMAN*", b. Mar. 12. 1896. 


2141. COL. HENRY RUTGER FOOTE. Mrs. Foote d. Jan. 29, 1913 in New 
York, N. Y. 
3611. iv. JULIA SOPHIA, b. Aug. 26, 1837, Granville, Ohio; m. May 3, 1859, 

Beatrice, Neb., to Fordyce Roper, b. Sept. 25, 1826, Catskill, N. Y.; 

she d. Aug. 13, 1926, Los Angeles, Calif. ; he d. Dec. 26, 1903, San 

Diego, Calif. 

(1) ELLA CLARK ROPER", b. Sept. 13, 1860, Beatrice, Neb.; m. May 12, 
1885 to George D. Landers ; b. June 9, 1857, Greensburg, Pa. 

(a) HAROLD ROPER LANDERS^ b. Feb. 24, 1886, Ashland, Ore. ; m. 
Jan. 17, 1926, Bakersfield, Calif., to Myrtle Aletha Pipkin, b. Sept. 17, 
1903, in California. 

(b) GEORGE BERNARD LANDERS", b. Apr. 10, 1888, Ashland, Ore. 

(c) MARJORIE ELLA LANDERS", b. May 2, 1889, Ashland, Ore. 

(d) FORDYCE ROTHROCK LANDERS", b. Sept. 11, 1894, Ashland, 
Ore.; m. Sept. 11, 1925, Napa, Calif., to Elizabeth Blydenstein, b. 
Feb. 7, 1902, Selma, Calif. 

(i) ELIZABETH LANDERS", b. Mar. 22, 1927, Bakersfield, Calif, 
(ii) FORDYCE ROPER LANDERS", b. Aug. 26, 1928, Rialto, 

(e) VIRGINIA BEATRICE LANDERS", b. Apr. 5, 1906, Bakersfield, 

(2) AUSTIE LAVINIA ROPER", b. June 30, 1863, Beatrice, Neb.; m. 
1st, Sept. 29, 1886, Ashland, Ore., to George G. Carr, b. 1865, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. ; he d. 1914, San Francisco, Calif. ; she m. 2nd, Aug. 1, 1916 to 
Harry J. Douglas ; she d. Feb. 26, 1926, Palo Alto, Calif. ' 

(a) WESLEY BROADWELL CARR", b. Dec. 5, 1889, Bakersfield, 
Calif. ; d. Jan., 1892. 

(b) LELAND LLEWELLYN CARR", b. Feb. 6, 1894, Bakersfield, 

(3) CHARLES ALVIN ROPER", b. Apr. 26, 1867, Beatrice, Neb. 

(4) CAROLYN DERBY ROPER", b. Jan. 19, 1872, Beatrice, Neb.; m. 
May 2, 1899 to August Wilhelm von Benzon, b. Oakland, Calif. ; d. Gold- 
field, Nev., 1907; m. 2nd, George Haupt Matthews, Mar. 20, 1912, Los 
Angeles, Calif. ; b. Macon, Ga., Oct. 27, 1877. 

(a) KARL AUGUST VON BENZON", b. San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 1. 
1901 ; he d. Nov. 1, 1901, San Francisco, Calif. 

(b) ELSA WINIFRED VON BENZON", b. May 1, 1902, San Francisco, 
Calif. ; m. Los Angeles, Calif., June 25, 1925 to Charles Axion Cham- 

Calif., Nov. 5, 1927. 

(5) FORDYCE PARKER ROPER", b. Jan. 31, 1874, Beatrice, Neb.; m. 
Feb. 13, 1898, Talent, Ore., to Delia Robinson, b. Jan. 30, 1879, Talent, 

(a) VEDA DOROTHY ROPER", b. July 19, 1899, Talent, Ore.; m. 
Mar. 12, 1922, Lodi, Calif., to Thurlow Ainsworth Haskell, 
(i) JAMES THURLOW HASKELL", b. Jan. 30, 1923, Lodi, 

(ii) JANE ELLEN HASKELL", b. July 1, 1930, Lodi, Calif. 


(b) JULIA CAROLYN ROPER", b. Jan. 18, 1906, Dunsmuir, Calif. ; m. 
Aug. 19, 1928, Lodi, Calif., to Arthur William Marquardt, b. July 22, 
1905, Chicago, 111. 

(i) JOAN CAROLYN MARQUARDT", b. Apr. 28, 1930; d. Aug. 
5, 1931. 
3614.(3) CHESTER WILLIAM SMITH'" (Vol. 1, page 356), d. 1915; res. and 
bur. Portage, Wis. 

(b) GRACE SMITH", b. Winneconne, Wis., July 7, 1880; member of 
D. A. R.; m. Mar. 2, 1907 to Lester R. Creutz, b. June 3, 1881; 
graduate of University of Wisconsin; principal of schools at Beaver 
Dam and Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. ; superintendent of schools at Mon- 
roe, Wis. 

(i) JOHN CREUTZ", b. Sept. 26, 1908, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
(ii) JAMES CREUTZ", b. Sept. 14, 1910, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
(iii) EDWARD CREUTZ", b. Jan. 23, 1913, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
(iv) EDITH CREUTZ", b. July 8, 1916, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

(c) RUSSELL LAWRENCE SMITH", b. Mar. 22, 1884; m. 1901 to 
Genevieve Berthelet, b. Aug. 8, 1886, Milwaukee, Wis.; was secretary 
of the Wisconsin Trust Co., of Milwaukee, Wis. ; d. Apr. 4, 1920 ; 
bur. Portage, Wis. 

(i) HELENE SMITH", b. Jan. 25, 1912, Milwaukee, Wis. 
(ii) NANCY SMITH" (twin), b. Dec. 12, 1913, Milwaukee, Wis. 
(iii) JANET SMITH" (twin), b. Dec. 12, 1913, Milwaukee, Wis. 
(iv) RUSSELL LAWRENCE SMITH", JR., b. June 4, 1917, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. ; res., Milwaukee, Wis. 

(d) KEITH DAGGET SMITH", b. May 16, 1892; m. May 29, 1917 to 
Ruth Dayton, b. Mar. 4, 1899, Lacrosse, Wis. ; he is a telegraph operator 
at Portage, Wis. 

(i) BEVERLY SMITH", b. Sept. 14, 1919, Bangor, Wis. 

(ii) JEAN SMITH", b. Oct. 25, 1921, Portage, Wis. 
3625.(1) FRANKLIN C. DAVIS" (page 358), b. Mar. 7. 1876, Berlin, Wis.; m. 
July 1, 1909 to Carrie M. Davis, Wenatchee, Wash.; d. of cancer, Feb. 18, 
1914; m. 2nd, May 25, 1918 to Alma F. Todd, b. July 10, 1883; traveling 
salesman ; res., Spokane, Wash. 

(a) HARRIET ELOISE DAVIS", b. Nov. 9, 1910. 

(b) GRACE ELEANOR DAVIS", b. Nov. 3, 1911. 

(2) ARCHIE FOOTE DAVIS'", b. May 2, 1879; m. 1908 to Pearl Upton, 
b. Feb. 5, 1885; res., Berlin, Wis. 

(a) GORDON WAYNE DAVIS", b. Oct. 12, 1910. 

(b) RODNEY CHARLES DAVIS", b. May 7, 1913. 

(3) MARY ELLA DAVIS'", m. Dr. Harry C. Wood ; res., Los Angeles, Calif. 

(a) VERNON DAVIS WOOD", b. Dec. 1, 1901. 

(b) LEONARD HARRY WOOD", b. Aug. 26, 1908. 

(c) CARLYN JENKINS WOOD", b. July 20, 1909. 

3627. iii. CHARLES SMITH, b. July 21, 1854; m. Lillie Hole; he d. June 8, 


3628. iv. LESLIE MILBURN, b. Nov. 8, 1866 ; m. May Skewis, 6285-6. 

2150'. LUCIAN, m. Esther Miner, Oct. 20, 1832, Lee, Mass. 


2150'. FRANCIS FOOTE (985, 308, Z7, 9, 3, 1) ; b. Apr. 3, 1807; d. 1839. 

3628\ i. HENRY CLAY, b. 1834; m. . 

3628'. ii. EMILY, b. 1836; m. Cooper; res., Chicago, 111. 

3528'. iii. LUCY, b. 1839; m. Boyd; res., Lewiston, 111. 

2150*. SYLVANUS FOOTE, JR. (985, 308, 92, 27, 9, 3, 1), b. Mar. 17, 1811, Lee, 

Mass. ; m. Oct. 22, 1833, Pulaski County, to Pauline Caddall, b. Mar. 22, 1812 ; d. 

May 2, 1887; res., Virginia. Merchant and farmer; he d. Oct. 27, 1889. He was a 

great church worker ; a man of noted piety ; by his Christian example and pure life 

led many to Christianity. 

3628*. AURELLA FULTON, b. Aug. 6, 1834; m. Nov. 27, 1854 to Wesley A. 

Barrow, d. June 8, 1909; she d. May 16, 1894. He was a stock merchant; 

res., Farmerville, Va. 

(1) N. PAULINE BARROW", b. Dec. 24, 1855; m. Sept. 30, 1902 to W. T. 
Doyne ; res., Farmerville, Va. 

(2) HAZEL E. BARROW", b. Aug. 1, 1857; m. 1st, Mar. 16, 1880 to Plummy 
Wright; he m. 2nd, Mrs. Madeline Mapp Stookley, d. Feb. 10, 1919; res., 
Farmerville, Va. 

(a) H. ARTHUR WRIGHT", b. Jan. 18, 1881; m. July 2, 1902 to 
Florence Hight ; commission merchant ; res., Farmerville, Va. 

(b) ELVA R. WRIGHT", b. May 5, 1883; m. Oct. 12, 1904 to A. M. 
Barrow ; she d. Mar. 29, 1913. 

(c) CHARLES WESLEY WRIGHT", b. May 5, 1885 ; d. Mar. 19, 1894. 

(d) WALTER WRIGHT", b. May 28, 1887; m. Sept. 19, 1912 to Forrest 
Hudson ; insurance agent ; res., Richmond, Va. 

(e) PAUL S. WRIGHT", b. Aug. 18, 1891 ; d. Oct. 3, 1919; in service at 
Norfolk, Va., ready to sail for France. 

(f) C. BARROW WRIGHT", b. Aug. 10, 1894; m. Oct. 16, 1920 to 
Daniel A. Warren ; res., Baltimore, Md. 

(g) MARY FOOTE WRIGHT", b. July 18, 1896; res., Farmerville, Va.; 

(h) RUTH WRIGHT", b. July 19, 1898; m. Dec. 6, 1919 to O. H. 

Whitten ; res., Farmerville, Va. 
(i) HELEN WRIGHT", b. Oct. 13, 1901 d. Aug., 1902. 
(j) GRACE WRIGHT", b. May 20, 1904; res., Farmerville; unm. 

(3) LIZZIE LEE BARROW", b. July 8, 1861 ; m. Mar. 3, 1882 to William L. 
Kiester; Mrs. Kiester gave the copy for No. 3628*; res., Farmerville, Va. ; 
he d. July 19, 1886. 

(a) LILLIAN AURELIA KIESTER", b. May 13, 1883; m. July 5, 1911 

to , in England. 

(i) HERBUT DALE HAVERHILL", b. Boll, Me., July 29, 1913; 
res., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(4) JOHN FOOTE BARROW", b. May 17, 1864; m. Lillian Broun; he d. 
Sept. 29, 1911; res., St. Louis, Mo. 

(5) WALTER GHENT BARROW", b. Oct. 8, 1866; Spanish-American 
War veteran ; res., Farmerville, Va. 

(6) JENNIE MAY BARROW", b. Oct. 17, 1868; d. June, 1925; Farmerville, 

(7) WILLIE B. BARROW", b. Oct. 20, 1870, Farmerville, Va. 


(8) ANNIE BRYON BARROW", b. Feb. 14, 1873; m. Oct. 10, 1895 to 
Harry C. Kayton ; res., Farmerville, Va. 

(a) AURELIA KAYTON", b. Aug. 3, 1896; m. Nov. 8, 1920 to W. H. 
Porter ; res., Haverhill, Mass. 

(b) HARRY C. KAYTON", b. 1899; res., Farmerville, Va. 

(c) AGATHA LEE KAYTON", b. 1902; m. June 16, 1923 to Clifton 
Clark; res., Haverhill, Mass. 

(d) MYRTLE KAYTON", b. Sept. 4, 1903; res., Farmerville, Va. 

(e) WILLIAM B. KAYTON", b. Aug. 31, 1909, Farmerville, Va. 

(9) G. PEARL BARROW'", b. Nov. 14, 1877; m. Dec, 1903 to 

Palmore ; she d. Mar. 10, 1909. 

2150°. JARED BRADLEY, b. May 10, 1815; d. Mar., 1851. 

3628'. i. NANCY EMILY, b. Jan. 15, 1836; m. Aug., 1856 to Jacob Lyons, d. 
Mar. 17, 1869, Wytheville, Va. ; res., Dublin, Va. ; she d. Mar. 5, 1926. 

(1) LULA LYONS'", b. June 30, 1858; m. 1st, Alexander Hight, d. Aug. 27, 
1898; m. 2nd, Floyd J. Brown. 

(a) GRACE HIGHT", b. Aug. 23, 1877; m. Guy U. Rocky. 

(b) FLORENCE HIGHT", d. Mar., 1918; res., Lancaster, Ohio. 

(c) CARRIE HIGHT", b. Aug. 24, 1888; m. Charles Weigle. 

(d) ALEXANDRIA HIGHT", b. Oct. 8, 1891 ; m. Jesse Foster. 

(2) SARAH KATHRINE LYONS'", b. Apr. 15, 1860; m. Sept. 6, 1882 to 
Jacob Stephen Trinkle, son of Jacob Tupper Trinkle ; res., Dublin, Va. 

(a) RUBY LOUISE TRINKLE", b. Mar. 5, 1885; m. Jan. 22, 1919 to 
William Byrnes Cecil, b. Nov., 1884, son of Johp Hepen Cecil ; res., 
Dublin Va. 

(i) WILLIAM BYRNES CECIL", JR., b. July 21, 1922. 

(b) LUCY LYONS TRINKLE", b. May 5, 1889; m. Sept. 6, 1922 to 
Pauline McGinley, dau. of G. W. McGinley ; he graduated Virginia 
Military Institute, 1911; mining engineer; captain, 308th Engineers; 
entered Germany with army of occupation. 

(c) ROBERT JACOB TRINKLE", b. Dublin, Va., Oct. 15, 1893; grad- 
,,. v- uated Virginia Military Institute, 1914; electrical engineer; instructor 

at Virginia Military Institute, with rank of major; captain. Infantry 
Depot Brigade, Camp Lee, Va. ; res., Lexington, Va. 

(3) CHARLES WESLEY LYONS'", b. Wytheville, Va., Oct. 12, 1862; m. 
Sept. 29, 1888 to Orah Heems; res., Huntington, W. Va. 

(4) WILLIAM SYLVANUS LYONS'", b. Wytheville, Va., Apr. 14, 1865; 
m. Oct. 13, 1887 to Rhoda Col ; minister, Methodist Episcopal Church, 
South ; res., Foster Falls, Vt. 

(5) ELBERT MUNSEY LYONS'", b. Wytheville, Va., May 5, 1867; m. July 
21, 1897 to Elizabeth Goodman ; he d. Oct. 29, 1914. 

3628'. ii. SARAH ABIGAIL, b. July 30. 1837; m. Oct. 24, 1861 to Stewart J. 
Johnston ; she d. and bur. Pearisburg, Va. 

(1) BETTY BELLE JOHNSTON'", res., Concord, W. Va. ; m. Dr. William 

(2) EMMA JOHNSTON'", m. Coon Pack; res., Bramwell, W. Va. 


(3) DAISY JOHNSTON*", m. Higgins Cotwin. 

(4) CHARLES FOOTE JOHNSTON", m. 1st, Miss Stiff; m. 2nd, Leila 

3628'. iii. ANNA FRANCES, b. Oct. 18, 1839; m. Sept. 16, 1869 to Edward 
Stafford Johnston; she d. Apr. 14, 1921. 

(1) FREDERICK STANLEY JOHNSTON", b. Oct. 19, 1870, Dublin, Va. 

(2) FRANCIS EDWARD JOHNSTON", b. July 31, 1872, Dublin, Va.; 
graduate of the Atlanta College of Pharmacy; president, Shuptrine Co., 
drugs and seeds ; member of Georgia State Board of Pharmacy ; Alee 
Temple Mystic Shrine ; Sons of Confederate Veterans ; Methodist Epis- 
copal Church, South; m. Eulalia Newton Shuptrine, Oct. 14, 1903, Savan- 
nah, Ga. ; she was b. July 29, 1879, Savannah, Ga., dau. of James Thad- 
deus and Sarah (Newton) Shuptrine; a member of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church, South ; United Daughters of the Confederacy and Daughters 
of the American Revolution, Savannah Chapter; res., Savannah, Ga. 

(a) FRANCIS EDWARD JOHNSTON", JR., b. Jan. 11, 1905; m. Nina 
Hazelhurst Waring, Aug. 4, 1929; she was b. Mar. 12, 1907. 

(b) THADDEUS SHUPTRINE JOHNSTON", b. Oct. 12, 1906. 

(c) META FOOTE JOHNSTON", b. Nov. 19, 1908; m. Oct. 12, 1931 to 
Noel Branch Wright, Jr., b. Nov. 17, 1904. 

(3) JOHN FOOTE JOHNSTON", b. June 20, 1874; a graduate of Emory 
and Henry College. Va., also of Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. ; 
now a professor in Washington High School, Portland, Ore. 

(4) SAMUEL JAMES JOHNSTON", b. Sept. 4, 1876; graduate of Atlanta 
College of Pharmacy ; traveling auditor for the Standard Oil Co. in the 
far East, was in Madras, British India; d. Feb. 23, 1931, Zabreb, Yugo- 
slavia ; bur. Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Ga. 

(5) HARRY BUCHANAN JOHNSTON", b. Mar. 16, 1880. Blacksburg, 
Va. ; graduate of Atlanta Dental College ; practicing in Atlanta, Ga. ; m. 
Katherine Hurt Akers, Apr. 14, 1910; dau. of Frank Marshall Akers and 
Martha Hurt ; both members of the Presbyterian Church. 

(a) MARTHA HURT JOHNSTON", b. Mar. 3, 1912. 

(b) HARRY BUCHANAN JOHNSTON", JR., b. Oct. 1, 1919. 

(c) KATHERINE AKERS JOHNSTON", b. Nov. 23, 1921. 

(d) FRANCES JOHNSTON", b. Oct., 1925. 

3628'. viii. MARY FLETCHER FOOTE, b. Oct. 28, 1841, Pulaski County, Va.; 
m. June 16, 1864 to Charles Fletcher Douthat; she d. Dec. 18, 1921. 

(1) CHARLES EDGAR DOUTHAT", b. June 3, 1865; m. Becker. 

(a) MARY D. DOUTHAT", res., Bloomfield, W. Va. 

(2) WALTER FOOTE DOUTHAT", b. May 21, 1867. 

(3) ADA MARIA DOUTHAT", b. July 15, 1869; m. Dec. 26, 1889 to Tobias 
Lee Smithdeal. 

(a) ALLINE M. SMITHDEAL", b. Dec. 20, 1890. 

(b) LEONA WILLARDINE SMITHDEAL", b. June 1, 1892; now with 
Appalachian Power Co., Bluefield, W. Va. ; she gave this copy. 

(c) LILLY CLAIR SMITHDEAL". b. Apr. 8, 1894. 

(d) MARGUERITE SMITHDEAL", b. Jan. 23, 1896; d. Jan. 8. 1919. 

(e) PAULINE CAUDELL SMITHDEAL", b. Apr. 15, 1898. 


(f) RUTH LEE SMITHDEAL", b. Nov. 8, 1900. 

(g) RALPH EMERSON SMITHDEAL", b. Oct. 31, 1903; d. Apr., 

(h) MARION FLETCHER SMITHDEAL", b. Mar. 22, 1904. 
(i) ROY HAMILTON SMITHDEAL", b. Jan. 28, 1906. 
(j) MARZIE VIRGINIA SMITHDEAL", b. June 13, 1908. 
(k) HELEN SCOTT SMITHDEAL", b. Feb. 8, 1912. 

(4) EMMA FLETCHER DOUTHAT*", b. May 25, 1872; m. J. A. Bruce; 
res., Bluefield, W. Va. 

(5) ALVIN DOUTHAT", b. Nov. 26, 1876; res., Portsmouth, Ohio. 

(6) MARVIN C. DOUTHAT", b. June 30, 1881 ; res., Bluefield, W. Va. 
3628*. vi. JOHN D., b. Dec. 26, 1843 ; m. Nancy Spangler, 6287-93. 

3628'". vii. SAMUEL CADDALL, b. Mar. 7, 1846 ; m. Elizabeth Trinkle, 6294. 
3628". viii. JAMES WILLIAM HENRY, b. Mar. 24, 1848; m. Sept. 24, 1879 to 

Sadie Keister, 6295. 
3628". ix. DAVID SYLVANUS, b. June 24, 1851 ; d. Aug. 7, 1852. 
3628". X. BETTY CORNELIA, b. June 13, 1853; d. Mar. 3, 1861. 
3644. FLORENCE R. (page 360), d. Mar. 27, 1928; Mr. Leuer d. Sept. 2, 1929. 

(1) HARRY FOOTE LEUER" m. Zoe C. Rozier, of St. Genevieve, Mo., 
Jan. 8, 1913. 

(a) SALLY MARIE LEUER", b. Oct. 16, 1913, Cape Girardeau. Mo. 

(b) HARRY FRANCIS LEUER", b. Feb. 10, 1915, Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

(c) ZOE CONSTANCE LEUER", b. Aug. 12, 1921, Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

(d) PERRY JOSEPH LEUER", b. Oct. 9, 1924, Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

(2) ELLA RUTH LEUER", b. Aug. 7, 1876; m. July 20, 1898 to Walter S. 
Albert ; he d. Sept. 10, 1929. 

(a) MARION LEUER ALBERT", b. Oct. 6, 1899, Cape Girardeau, Mo. 
3646. CORA ELSIE FOOTE, m. Christian Narten ; res., Cleveland, Ohio. 

(2) CHRISTIAN CARL NARTEN", b. Feb. 24, 1884; m. Helene Marie 
North, dau. of Paul and Marguerite (Castle) North; res., Cleveland, 

(a) DAVID CHRISTIAN NARTEN", b. June 21, 1915. 

(b) MARGUERITE CASTLE NARTEN", b. Dec. 12, 1917; d. Dec. 8, 

(c) PETER BEAUGRAND NARTEN", b. Oct. 10. 1920. 

(d) PHILIP CASTLE NARTEN", b. May 13, 1923. 

(3) LYMAN FOOTE NARTEN". m. Carol Conklin Calhoun, dau. of New- 
ton and Caroline (Jennings) Calhoun. 

(a) CAROLYN JENNINGS NARTEN", b. Feb. 16. 1913. 

(b) NATHANIEL FOOTE NARTEN", b. Apr. 22, 1915. 

(c) NANCY BEASH NARTEN", b. Oct. 24, 1917. 

(d) CALHOUN NARTEN", b. May 26, 1920. 

(4) PERRY FOOTE NARTEN", b. Oct. 14, 1888. 

(5) HENRY SILLER NARTEN", b. June 29, 1892; m. Fern Fishburn, dau. 
of Homer and Lue (Stoff) Fishburn, Aug. 28. 1917. 

(a) BARBARA ANN NARTEN", b. Jan. 16, 1920. 

(b) PERRY FOOTE NARTEN", II, b. July 26. 1921. 

(c) BRUCE BOLLING NARTEN", b. June 8. 1925. 

(d) MIKEL ARLEN NARTEN", b. Nov. 27, 1927. 


2197. WALTER BLAIR FOOTE (1009, 312, 92, 27, 9, 3, 1), b. Dec. 5, 1833; m. 
Rochester, Ohio, Oct. 4, 1858 to Jane Tannar, dau. of Hiram and Esther (Dunn) 
Tannar; she was b. May 17, 1834. He was a dealer in grain, wool and cattle; d. 
July 2, 1904. She was a teacher in the public schools of Buffalo, N. Y., until shortly 
before her marriage. Family moved to Cleveland, Ohio, from Rochester, Ohio, in 1865. 
In Cleveland, Ohio, she came in contact with the misery and poverty caused by the 
saloon and became a leader in the temperance crusade. She freely gave all the time 
she could spare from her household duties in bettering the condition of the wives and 
children of the mill workers who spent their wages in the saloons. Was present at 
the organization of the W. C. T. U. in 1874. Was president of the Cuyahoga County 
W. C. T. U. for eleven years. Was state superintendent of School Savings Banks for 
many years. She was a good mother and a noble, public-spirited citizen ; d. Dec. 28, 
1915; interment in family lot at Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio. 

2202. iv. CHARLES ROLLIN FOOTE (1011, 312, 92, 27, 9, 3, 1), b. June 2, 

1838, Williamstown, Mass. ; lives in Pasadena, Calif. ; m. Sarah Cole, 
b. Williamstown, Mass., Apr. 19, 1842. 

3689. i. HAROLD FOOTE, b. Aug. 8, 1873 ; d. Williamstown, Mass., Aug. 22, 


3690. ii. ETHELWYN FOOTE, b. Feb. 17, 1875, Williamstown, Mass.; m. 

James Stark Bennett, Pasadena, Calif., Oct. 8, 1907; he is a lawyer, 
and was b. May 7, 1879, Sherburne, N. Y. All children living in Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

(1) LOUISE BENNETT'", b. Pasadena, Calif., Oct. 19, 1908. 

(2) CAROLINE BENNETT", b. Pasadena. Calif., Mar. 30, 1910. 

(3) CONSTANCE BENNETT'", b. Pasadena, Calif., June 5, 1911. 

(4) ROLLIN FOOTE BENNETT", b. Pasadena, Calif., Oct. 25, 1913. 

(5) MARGARET BENNETT", b. Pasadena, Calif., June 16, 1916. 

2203. v. CATHERINE LEWIS FOOTE. b. Sept. 26. 1841. Brighton, N. Y.; 

d. July 6. 1922, Pasadena, Calif. 

3700. JAMES STEPHEN FOOTE, m. Jean Goodfell, 1894. Doctor Foote was 
the author of many books and papers of scientific import. He was a member of the 
American Microscopical Society, a fellow of the American Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science, and a member of the American Medical Society. He was also 
an invited speaker at the Pan-American Congress, held in Cuba. Of a modest and 
even retiring personality, was always an inspiring lecturer and teacher in the class- 
room. Doctor Foote did extensive research work for the Scientific Foundation and 
Research Commission of the American Dental Association. He was also at one time 
a member of the Nebraska Academy of Science, the Nebraska and Kansas Medical 
Association, the American Genetic Society, the Omaha Odontological Society, the 
Nebraska Dental Association, and the American Dental Association. Among the 
more important works of his pen are : 1907, "Constructive Method of Histology" ; 
1908, "Outline of Pathology"; 1909, "Sixteen Comparative Histology of Femur, 
Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge" ; 1921, "Circulatory System of Bone, Smith- 
sonian"; 1923, "Bone as a Measure of Development"; 1923-24, "Papers on Compara- 
tive Histology of the Teeth and Bones of the Primitive Vertebrae." 

3700\ ii. CLARA E., b. 1853 ; d. Jan. 3, 1860. 

3705. V. MARY, b. May 17, 1860; m. Dec. 25, 1882 to Dr. C. N. Gallup, of 
Griswold, Conn. ; res., Wethersfield, Conn. ; he d. Nov. 3, 1924. 


(1) EDNA MAY GALLUP", b. June 29, 1886; m. Oct., 1909 to H. Edward 
James, of Westerly, R. I. ; res., Wethersfield, Conn. 

(a) EDNA MABEL JAMES", b. Jan. 9, 1911. 

(b) ANNA MARIEL JAMES", b. Jan. 31, 1912. 

(c) EDWARD GALLUP JAMES", b. Feb. 4, 1916. 

(d) RUTH ISABELLE JAMES", b. Dec. 10, 1917. 

(e) GLADYS MAY JAMES", b. June 17, 1919. 

(2) MABEL EMELINE GALLUP", b. Mar. 19, 1899; d. Nov. 20, 1913. 

2219. ALBERT FOOTE, m. Mary Ann Chase; she d. Mar. 10, 1905. 

3707. ii. JENNIE R., b. Dec. 22, 1854; m. Chester B. Lyman, Dec. 24, 1875; 

d. May 18, 1903. 

(2) FANNIE E. LYMAN'", b. Apr. 24, 1878; m. Aug. 30, 1899 to Hubert P. 
Collins, b. Feb. 21, 1878, son of William A. and Florilla S. (Roote) 

(a) HARVEY S. COLLINS", b. June 6, 1900 ; m. Elsie M. Morton, July 
21, 1921. 

(i) VIRGINIA MAY COLLINS", b. July 21, 1922. 
(ii) JANET MORTON COLLINS", b. Jan. 1, 1930. 

(b) ELEANOR F. COLLINS", b. Apr. 29, 1904; m. Roger S. Isbell, 
Nov. 15, 1930. 

(c) BEATRICE EVELYN COLLINS", m. James W. Grimm, June 2, 

(3) MARION H. LYMAN", b. June 16, 1892; m. June 27, 1914 to Lester 
Miller Hurlbutt, b. Aug. 12, 1887, son of Francis Edgar and Marion 
Minnie (Miller) Hurlbutt. 

(a) MARION MINNIE HURLBUTT", b. Sept. 3. 1917. 

(b) FANNY BELLE HURLBUTT", b. Mar. 6, 1923. 

3708. iii. LOTTIE E. 
(1) MINNIE A. BROWN", b. Oct. 22, 1880; m. Dec. 24, 1902 to James A. 

Masterton ; res., Middletown, Conn. 
3710. V. ANNIE B., m. Dec. 16, 1886 to George B. Miller. She is a member 
of the D. A. R. and managed the Ninth Foote Family Association 
Meeting at Colchester, Conn., in 1931. He is the son of George and 
Abby (Bulkley) Miller, b. Mar. 30, 1859. 

(1) FLORENCE A. MILLER'**, b. Dec. 14, 1889, Colchester, Conn.; m. 1st, 
Chester B. McCoid, Apr. 6, 1917, son of Thomas B. and Jennie (Tuft) 
McCoid ; m. 2nd, Robert F. Addis, West Cromwell, Conn., July 16, 1927, 
son of Charles and Emma (Fessenden) Addis. 

(a) LOIS MAY McCOID", b. Fort Rodman, Mass., June 25, 1918. 

(b) JOHN BULKLEY McCOID", b. Fort Flagler, Wash., June 28, 1920. 

(c) CHESTER B. McCOID", b. Fort Alcatraz, Calif., July 31, 1922. 

(d) MARGARET ADDIS", b. Apr. 1, 1928, Middletown, Conn. 

(2) CLAYTON G. MILLER", b. Nov. 15, 1890, Colchester, Conn.; m. Oct. 
28, 1915 to Hannah A. Antonson, of Ivoryton, Conn., dau. of Carl and 
Augusta Antonson. 

(a) CLAYTON G. MILLER", JR., b. July 15, 1916, Colchester, Conn. 

(b) MARION ELIZABETH MILLER", b. June 30, 1919, Colchester, 

(c) ROBERT BULKLEY MILLER", b. Sept. 4, 1926, Middletown, Conn. 


(d) AMY CAROLYN MILLER", b. Mar. 31, 1930, Meriden, Conn. 
(3) MARY A. MILLER'", b. Jan. 30, 1892; m. Clarence E. Chittenden, July 27, 
1921 ; farmers ; res., Killingworth, Conn, 
(a) EDGAR MILLER CHITTENDEN", b. Mar. 1, 1929. 
3711. i. HORACE, res., Chester Hill, Conn, 

2228. RALPH CLARK FOOTE, JR. (page 365), m. Mar. 3, 1857 to Lydia 
Newton Harvey, Colchester, Conn., b. Oct. 8, 1833 ; dau. of Elias and Sally Maria 
(Ranson) Harvey, of Colchester, Conn. They lived together on the same farm for 
over forty years. Mr. Foote enlisted Sept. 5, 1862, as captain of Co. H, 21st Regt., 
Connecticut Volunteers. Discharged later on account of health. Farmer and stock- 
man ; moved to Minnesota, 1877 ; later to Tennessee and Kansas ; d. near St. Francis, 
Kan., June 29, 1891 ; member of G. A. R. ; bur. Wray, Colo., beside wife ; she d. 
Wray, Colo., Feb. 7, 1910. Children all b. at Colchester, Conn. 

3713. i. SALLY MARIA, b. Dec. 29, 1857 ; m. Denver, Colo., July 19, 1893 to 

Ira Ferris Monell, b. Warwick, N. Y., Apr. 11, 1849, son of Samuel 
Andrew and Mary (Bennett) Monell, of Warwick, Orange County, 
N. Y. ; mining and ore concentration at Boulder, Colo., for thirty-five 
years ; res., San Jose, Calif ; no children ; he d. Jan. 19, 1929. 

3714. ii. ELIAS H., b. Jan. 25, 1860; m. Edith Lillian Hillebert, 6296-8. 

3715. iii. LYDIA CLARK, b. Jan. 14, 1862; m. Denver, Colo., May 15, 1889 to 

Samuel Gould Porter, b. May 15, 1865, Plattsmouth, Neb., son of 
James R. and Arabella (Gould) Porter; pioneer freighter; she d. 
June 17, 1903; bur. Colorado Springs, Colo.; res., Haigler, Neb., 
Victory, Colo., and Denver, Colo. 

(1) CELESTE LORING PORTER", b. Boulder, Colo., Mar. 4, 1896; grad- 
uate of Denver University; m. Denver, Colo., Sept. 11, 1920 to William J. 
Schaetzel, b. May 26, 1896, Denver, Colo., son of Jacob and Mary (Rold) 
Schaetzel, of Wisconsin ; in World War ; res., Denver, Colo. 

(a) SHIRLEY SCHAETZEL", b. Denver, Colo., May 16, 1922. 

(b) RICHARD PORTER SCHAETZEL", b. Denver, Colo., Feb. 1, 1925. 

(2) SAMUEL LEE PORTER", b. Victor, Colo., Nov. 5, 1900; d. Feb. 3, 

3716. iv. ESTHER CLARK, b. Jan. 6, 1864; m. 1st, May 20, 1884, Sherwood, 

Tenn., to Elmer Ellsworth Sherwood, b. New Milford, Conn., May 13, 

1861, son of Lieut. Gov. Charles Daniel and Charlotte Phoebe (Ferris) 

Sherwood, of Minnesota; he d. Sherwood, Tenn., Dec. 15, 1889; m. 

2nd, Dr. William McCurdy Robertson, Apr. 3, 1904, Brush Valley, 

Pa. ; b. Mar. 22, 1876, son of George Washington and Melinda Esther 

(McCurdy) Robertson, of Chicago, 111.; she d. Nov. 11, 1926, Hol- 

dredge, Neb. ; res., Holdredge, Neb. ; practicing physician. 

(1) AMBROSE EVERTS SHERWOOD", b. Sherwood, Tenn., Nov. 6, 

1885; m. Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 22, 1911 to Sue Corinne Hazell, b. Boon- 

ville, Mo., Apr. 23, 1883, dau. of Charles Walter and Harriet Alice 

(Mitchell) Hazell, of Kansas City, Mo.; graduate of Kemper Military 

Academy, Boonville, Mo. ; farmer and postmaster at Haighler, Neb. ; 

d. Aug. 22, 1919. 

(a) HARRIET ESTHER SHERWOOD", b. Haighler, Neb., Oct. 29, 


(2) ELEANOR ELLSWORTH SHERWOOD", b. Aug. 4, 1888; m. Chi- 
cago, 111., June 11, 1920 to Dr. Ira Boyd Robertson, b. Talcott, W. Va., 
Aug. 3, 1888, son of James Charles and Margaret Jane (Boyd) Robert- 
son; superintendent, Jeflferson Park Hospital, Chicago, III. All the Sher- 
woods are bur. at Kankakee, 111. 
3716\ V. MARY ELEANOR, b. May 6, 1866; m. Boulder, Colo., Aug. 13, 
1896 to Albert Augustine Ballard, b. Story County, la., Dec. 4, 1859; 
son of Russell Wells and Lois (Stolp) Ballard, of Story City, la.; 
carpenter and builder; res., Morgan Hill, Calif. 
(1) GERTRUDE LYDIA BALLARD", b. Salina, Colo., Nov. 8, 1897; m. 
Jan. 27, 1920, Santa Cruz, Calif., to Thomas Bruce Redden, b. Feb. 15, 
1887, son of Thomas and Kate (Walker) Redden, of Garrison, Colo. 

3717. vi. AMELIA JANE, b. May 14, 1868; m. Haighler, Neb., Sept. 12, 1893 

to John James Cassin, b. Honesdale, Pa., July 21, 1864, son of Patrick 
and Ellen (Lilan) Cassin, of Columbus, Neb.; ranchman; res., Wray, 
(1) ESTHER MARGUERITE CASSIN", b. Chicago, 111., Aug. 6, 1900; m. 

Wray, Colo., May 5, 1922 to James Bernard Kimber, b. Wray, Colo., Sept. 

22, 1898, son of James Abram and Margaret Emma (McKee) Kimber, of 

Wray, Colo. ; automobile business ; she is deputy clerk of Yuma County ; 

res., Wray, Colo. 

2229'. HENRY FOOTE (1058, 341, 104, 28, 9, 3, 1), m. Jane Foote, b. Apr. 30, 
1820; he was for many years foreman of the Hay ward Rubber Co., Connecticut; she 
nursed all the sick and raised the orphans, and d. Feb., 1886, Lebanon, Conn. ; bur. 
Linwood Cemetery, Colchester, Conn. 

3720'. i. JESSIE, d. 10 years of age. 

3720^ ii. CHARLES HENRY, d. 14 years of age. 

3720'. iii. CORA, d. . 

3717*. vii. FANNIE MINERVA, b. July 25, 1870; d. Nov. 10, 1876, Colchester, 

3718. viii. HARRIET HARVEY, b. Oct. 3, 1872 ; m. Benkelman, Neb., Nov. 20. 

1895, to Carlos Manford Corbett, b. Mar. 11, 1866, son of John Ard and 
Mary Jane (Robinson) Corbett, b. Corydon, la.; res., Haigler, Neb. 

3719. ix. BESSIE MONORA, b. May 26, 1876; m. Victor, Colo., June 15, 1898 

to Dr. John Dill Robertson, b. Mar. 8, 1871, son of Lieut. Thomas S. 

and Melinda Esther (McCurdy) Robertson, of Mechanicsburg, Pa.; 

president, Bennett Medical College eight years ; health commissioner 

of Chicago, and now president of the Chicago Board of Education. 
(1) THOMAS SANDERSON ROBERTSON", b. Chicago, 111., Apr. 12, 
1900; graduate of Morgan Park Military Academy, 1917; S. A. T. C. of 
N. W. University of Evanston, 111., B.S., 1922; m. Emily Yates, June 29, 
1926, dau. of a banker at Macon, Miss., and niece of F. W. Foote, of 
Hattiesburg, Miss. ; res., Chicago, 111. 
(a) STANTON ROBINSON", JR., b. Mar. 8, 1928. 

3720. X. ETHEL WILHEMINA, b. Oct. 25, 1877; m. Boulder, Colo., June, 

1904 to Henry Montgomery Barrows, b. Rochester, N. Y., Jan. 7, 1877, 
son of Henry Harrison and Amelia Laura Barrows ; in Spanish- 


American War ; veterinary surgeon ; res., Chicago, 111. ; she d. Dec. 18, 
1928; hed. June 29, 1928. 
(1) RUTH VALENTINE BARROWS", b. near Wray, Colo., Feb. 14, 1908. 

2233. DAN TAYLOR FOOTE, m. 1st, Eliza Foote (No. 1074) ; she d. ; 

m. 2nd, Lucretia Kellogg; she d. Mar. 18, 1876. 
3721. ii. CHARLES, always lived in Colchester, Conn. ; unm. 
3723. iv. KATE, res., Colchester, Conn. I visited Charles and Kate in May, 

3726'. v. GRACE, b. . 

3729. i. GEORGE W., b. June 9, 1850 ; m. Amelia S. Lawrence. 


3733. i. FRANK HOWARD, b. Nov. 19, 1852 ; m. Alice Curtiss, 5320'. 
272y. ii. INFANT SON, b. Sept. 11, 1854; d. Sept. 12, 1854. 

Z7ZZ\ iii. JOSEPH SALMON FOOTE, b. May 9, 1857 ; d. Apr. 30, 1859. 

Z7iZ\ iv. ELLEN WILLIAM, b. Feb. 19, 1860; d. Aug. 16, 1861. 

Z72,2,\ V. LUCY ELIZABETH FOOTE, b. Jan. 6, 1862; d. Sept. 12, 1872. 

3734. vi. JULIA GALLUP, res., Mystic, Conn. ; gave this copy. 

3735. vii. CHARLES WARREN, m. Mary Avery, 5322'-=. 

3736. viii. SALMON STANTON, m. Mar. 17, 1873 to Edith Irene Lawson, 6299- 


2245. FRANK FOOTE (1096, 347, 105, 28, 9, 3, 1), b. Aug. 14, 1832; m. Great 
Barrington, Mass., to Lydia Wells Crippen, b. May 31, 1844. Mr. Foote has been 
active in the hotel business until within a year of his death in Mar. 28, 1916. He 
started in the Old Eastern Hotel in New York, N. Y., with his brothers, Edward 
and Joseph, one of the oldest hotels in the city and recently torn down. Mr. Foote 
lived there when Henry Ward Beecher was preaching. 

Z7Z7. i. MARY TAYLOR, b. Oct. 30, 1868; m. Mystic, Conn., Feb. 27, 1892 
to Charles W. Noyes ; res.. Mystic, Conn. 

(1) BERTON FRANK NOYES", b. Prophetstown, 111., Aug. 18, 1901; m. 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1922 to Claire Jackson. 

(a) PRISCILLA ANN NOYES", b. Mar. 19, 1924. 

(2) MORGAN FOOTE NOYES", b. Prophetstown. 111., June 17, 1904. 

(3) BUELL WARNER NOYES", b. June 17, 1909, Poquonock Bridge, 
Conn. ; m. Dec. 28, 1931 to Beulah L. Clark, Mystic, Conn. 

3738. BERTHA W., b. Jan. 28, 1871, South Norwalk, Conn.; unm.; res., Mystic, 

3739. iii. FRANCES MARGARET, b. Oneida, N. Y., Jan. 12, 1874; m. 

Charles H. Hoxie, Mystic, Conn., Nov. 21, 1899; insurance agent; 
res., Arlington, Mass. 

(1) ELIZABETH FOOTE HOXIE", b. Nov. 9, 1900. 

(2) FRANCES VAN RIPPER HOXIE", b. July 30, 1905. 

3740. i. DEVILLO CHARLES, b. Jan. 23, 1853 ; m. Mary Kennedy. 

3741. ii. WALTER EBER, b. Feb. 10, 1858; m. Katherine Warner, 6208. 

3742. iii. FRANK HARLEY, b. May 18, 1861 ; m. Nov. 16, 1892 to Elizabeth 

Neoma Walker, Covington, Term. 

3743. iv. ANNA ELIZABETH, m. Apr. 23, 1884 to Frederick William Mueller, 

Wellington, Ohio; he was b. Sept., 1862, Sandusky, Ohio; res., Tarkio, 
Mo. ; he is professor at Tarkio College. 


(1) LILLIAN VISCHER MUELLER", b. Feb. 12, 1885, Wellington, Ohio. 

(2) HELEN MARGARET MUELLER'", b. Apr. 3, 1892, Galesburg, 111. 

(3) MERRY CHRISTMAN MUELLER", b. Dec. 25, 1897, Galesburg, 111. 

(4) FREDERICK WILLIAM MUELLER", JR., b. Apr. 8, 1900, Galesburg, 

3744. i. MADELINE, m. 1911 to Bernard R. Slocum; res., Medford and 

Winthrop Beach, Mass. 

3745. ii. WILLIAM MANFRED, m. ; d. Apr. 21, 1917, at his home, 

Middlebury, Vt. 

2255'. JOSEPH JAY FOOTE (1089, 365, 114, 36, 10, 3, 1), b. Jan. 23, 1830, 
Coventry, N. Y. ; m. Jan., 1854, Watertown, Wis., to Catherine Theresa MacMahon, 
b. Sept. 2, 1835, Wellington, Ont., Canada; d. Oct. 17, 1905. He studied law at 
Norwich, N. Y., and New York, N. Y., in the office of Charles O'Connor; admitted 
to bar, 1852; in Supreme Court of New York, N. Y. Came to Watertown, Wis., 
soon after and removed to Ripton, Wis., in 1856, where he practiced law. He held 
many positions of trust, including president of School Board, city attorney, district 
attorney, municipal judge; d. Ripton, Wis., Jan., 1911. 

3745'. LILLIAN THIRZAH, b. Oct. 21, 1854, Watertown, Wis.; m. Sept. 16, 
1873 to John Mallanney, b. Apr. 27, 1847, Augusta, Me. ; merchant, banker 
and general agent for the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. for thirty- 
five years ; res., Sioux Falls, S. D. 

(1) JOHN FRANCIS MALLANNEY", b. Oct. 26, 1875, Jefferson, Wis.; d. 
July 27, 1876. 

(2) MARY LILLIAN MALLANNEY", b. June 26, 1877, Ishpeming, Mich.; 
m. 1st, Sioux Falls, S. D., Dec, 1897 to Conrad L. Holmes, b. Aug., 1875; 
divorced Nov., 1907 ; m. 2nd, 1914 to Otis Griggs Naylor ; res., Chicago, 

(a) HELEN E. HOLMES", b. Sioux Falls, S. D., Nov. 28, 1898; m. 
1919 to Leo Joseph Riley, b. Feb. 6, 1899, Estherville, la.; res., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

(i) HELEN JANE RILEY", b. Sioux Falls, S. D., 1919. 
(ii) PATRICIA LILLIAN RILEY", b. Apr. 15, 1922, Los Angeles, 

(b) LILLIAN HORTENSE HOLMES", b. Oct. 15, 1900; d. May 6, 

(c) JOHN MALLANNEY HOLMES", b. Sioux Falls, S. D., Mar. 6, 

(d) MARY ELIZABETH NAYLOR", b. Oct. 15, 1914, St. Paul, Minn. 

(e) ANN NAYLOR", b. Jan., 1917. 

3745'. ii. ANNA LOUISA, b. Nov., 1856; d. 1926, New York, N. Y. 

3745'. iii. BLANCHE B., b. Dec. 9, 1858 ; m. Oct. 5, 1881 to Edson Eugene Ford, 

b. Jan. 9, 1853, Kaneville, 111. ; merchant and ranchman ; res., Heming- 

ford. Neb. 

(1) LAWRENCE FORD", b. July 13, 1886, Webster City, la.; m. Benoon, 
Neb., May 19, 1909 to Ida Mary Warner. 

(a) JULIALYN FORD", b. Apr. 27, 1910, Slamford, Neb. 

(b) LAWRENCE EDSON FORD", b. June 24, 1912. 

(2) GENEVIEVE FORD", b. Dec. 11, 1889, Bradshaw, Neb.; res.. New 
York, N. Y., in 1921. 


3745'. iv. MARY ELIZABETH, b. Apr. 14, 1861, Ripon, Wis.; res., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

3745°. V. EDWARD P., b. Jan. 22, 1863 ; m. Mary E. Hensley, 6303-8. 

3745*. vi. LAURA A., b. Jan. 3, 1869, Ripon, Wis. ; res., Sioux Falls, S. D. 

3745'. vii. KATHERINE ISABELLE, b. Ripon, Wis., Jan. 1, 1875; m. 1st, 
Aug., 1895 to Thomas Clifford Shannon, Ripon, Wis. ; he d. Apr., 
1908, New York, N. Y. ; she m. 2nd, Sept. 16, 1909 to Dr. Victor 
Frederickson, b. Newark, N. J. ; res., New York, N. Y. 

(1) ANNA GRACE SHANNON", b. Sept. 2, 1897, Ripon, Wis. 

(2) ADRIAN FOOTE SHANNON", b. June 28, 1899, New York, N. Y. ; 
served as ensign throughout the World War; enlisted Apr. 7, 1917, from 
Cornell University. 

3745'. viii. GERTRUDE GENEVIEVE, b. June 13, 1875; m. Oct. 23, 1901 to 
Peter Jerome McNaboe, b. 1866, Manchester, Vt. ; res., Manchester, Vt. 

2255'. APOLLUS DUDLEY FOOTE (1089, 365, 114, 36, 10, 3, 1), b. Mar. 7, 
1832, Coventry, N. Y. ; m. July 16. 1857, Ripon, Wis., to Sarah Victoria Nesbet, b. 
1838, Elyria, Ohio, Feb. 7, 1897; he was a merchant and later in insurance; d. 
Mar., 1912, Chicago, 111. 
3745'. i. MARY BELL, b. June 7, 1858, Ripon, Wis.; m. Dec. 12, 1880, Chi- 
cago, 111., to Frank Van Voorhis, b. Apr. 19, 1852, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
d. July 20, 1893, Atlanta, Ga. ; Res., Chicago, 111. 

2255\ OSCAR EARL FOOTE (1089, 365, 114, 36, 10, 3, 1), b. May 7, 1834; 
m. Sept. 20, 1859 to Sarah Jane Kales, b. June, 1834, Coventry, N. Y. ; d. Elyria, Ohio. 
He studied medicine at Norwich ; graduated from New York Medical College ; prac- 
ticed in Ripon, Wis.; was lieutenant in army of Civil War; d. Aug. 25, 1863, of 
typhoid fever while on his way home from service in Galena, Ark. 

3745". FRANKLIN MELVILLE, d. 1873, Elyria, Ohio. 

2255=. CHARLES MELVILLE FOOTE (1089, 365, 114, 36, 10, 3, 1), b. Dec. 18, 
1836, Coventry, N. Y. ; m. Oct. 31, 1876, Greene, N. Y., to Emma Jane Griswold, b. 
Dec. 4, 1854, Greene, N. Y. ; he was a farmer in youth ; investor since 1870 ; res., 
Ripon, Wis. 
3745". LOIS EMMA, b. Aug. 19, 1885, Greene, N. Y. ; m. Dec. 29, 1910, Hailey, 
Ida., to Clifton M. Perkins, b. Sept. 17, 1885, Ravenwood, Mo.; merchant; 
she graduated from Ripon College (A.B.). 
(1) MAY JANE PERKINS", b. Bailey, Ida., Aug. 22, 1919. 
3745". ii. FRANCES MAR, b. Aug. 14, 1890, Ripon, Wis.; m. Shoshone, Ida., 
July 26, 1916 to Robert Thomas Flood ; res.. Twin Falls, la. 
(1) LAURA ELEANOR FLOOD", b. Twin Falls, la., Aug. 5, 1920. 
2291. PERRY FOOTE, m. Nov. 21, 1844 to Lodema Benedict, dau. of Eli and 
Rebecca (Dunning) Benedict, b. Brookfield, Conn., June 8, 1825; she d. Skaneateles, 
N. Y., Mar. 28, 1891. 
3757. i. CHARITY VIRGINIA, m. Albert Hatch, b. Nov. 15, 1847, Bridge- 
water, England; d. Skaneateles, N. Y.. Oct. 2, 1899. 

(1) FRANK HOWARD HATCH", b. Oct. 8, 1876; d. Feb. 9, 1918; m. Dec, 
1904 to Elizabeth Carver, of Skaneateles, N. Y. 

(2) ANNE LODEMA HATCH", b. Nov. 3, 1880; m. Aug. 19, 1921 to 
Charles Deickman, of New York, N. Y. ; res., Roselle Park, N. J. 













(3) JEANNETTE ALLEN HATCH", b. July 27, 1883; m. Mar. 20, 1915 to 
Marshall J. Booth, of Forty Fort, Pa. ; res., Roselle, N. J. 

(a) HELEN VIRGINIA BOOTH", b. Aug. 13, 1917. 

(b) CAROLYN FOOTE BOOTH", b. Jan. 7, 1919. 

(c) MARY FRANCES BOOTH", b. May 23, 1920. 

3759. iii. MARY REBECCA, b. Jan. 30, 1861 ; m. Feb. 8, 1888 to Frederick F. 
Grow, of Glenwood, Pa.; he d. June 18. 1888; res., Pasadena, Calif. 
HENRY, m. Ch. 5342'"=. 
DELILAH, d. 1846. 
FRANKLIN, d. 1849. 
LYNDON, m. Frances Benson, 5342'-'. 
ALMA, m. Loren Benson ; two children. 

LYDIA, b. North Fairfield, Ohio, Mar. 9, 1840; m. 1st, Alexander 
Kirtland, of Plymouth, Ohio; m. 2nd, George W. Eldredge, of Rich- 
mond, 111. 

(2) CHARLES MARCUS ELDREDGE", b. North Fairfield, Ohio, Aug. 26, 
1866, m. Mabel Harrison, of Winnipeg, Canada, in 1893. When he was 
two months old his parents moved to Richmond, 111., where he spent his 
boyhood. He attended Beloit College and then went to Union College of 
Law in Chicago, 111., where he was in the class with ex-Senator Deneen 
and Gov. Frank O. Lowden. He practiced law in Chicago, 111., as one of 
the firm of Eldredge & Finch. Served two years in the State Legislature, 
being elected from the old Twentieth Ward in Chicago, 111. In 1907 he 
relinquished a brilliant career to carry on the search for the slayer of his 
brother Earl, who was serving in the State Department of Conservation at 
the time of his death. He served for twelve years as chairman of the 
Republican County Committee and he also joined the Masonic Lodge, when 
he was 23 years of age. He was killed July 4, 1931, on his Island 
Game Farm near Richmond, 111., by what seems certain to have been an 
assassin's bullet. 

(a) MARJORIE VIRGINIA ELDREDGE", b. Chicago, III., Sept. 26, 
1902 ; m. Jan. 9, 1926 to Lenmox Hadleman, a plastering contractor of 
Chicago, 111., and Cleveland, Ohio. 

(b) CHARLES H. ELDREDGE", b. Chicago, 111., Apr. 19, 1905; unm. 

(3) G. EARLE ELDREDGE", b. Mar. 15, 1869; d. Feb. 24, 1907; unm. 

(4) GEORGINE ELDREDGE", b. Richmond, 111., Apr. 15, 1880; m. Robert 
Franklin Gibbs, Mar. 11, 1910. 

(a) EARLE ROBERT GIBBS", b. July 12, 1913. 

(b) DONALD ELDREDGE GIBBS", b. Mar. 3, 1919. 

3780. ii. MARCUS (Mark Alpha), b. North Fairfield, Ohio, Apr. 10, 1858; m. 
Jan. 1, 1881, Crystal Lake, 111., to Kate E. St. Clair, dau. of William 
Plunkett and Martha (Thompson) St. Clair, of Crystal Lake, 111. Mrs. 
Foote d. Dec. 22, 1924. He came to Illinois at an early age and 
lived in Richmond for a time. He was a telegraph operator at Crystal 
Lake, 111., and came to Chicago, 111., in 1879 as a clerk in the office of 
Philip Hoyne, then United States commissioner. Mr. Foote was ap- 
pointed United States commissioner in 1895 following the death of 
Commissioner Hoyne. He is a member of the Masonic Order, Knights 
of Pythias, National Union and Court of Honor. One of the important 

MARK ALPHA FOOTE (Marcus Foote, Jr.), 3780 

Railroad Telegrapher, C. & X. W. R. R., 1874-1879; United States Commissioner's 
Clerk, Chicago, 111., 1879-1894; United States Commissioner, Chicago, 111., 1894- 









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cases in which his ruling was upheld in the United States Supreme 
Court was that in which several famous Canadian robbers were in- 
volved. In 1881 he assisted in the opening of the first Federal Custom 
House in Chicago, 111., also the one which now stands on the same site. 
Upon his wife's death, in 1924, after forty-five years' service in the 
office above mentioned, he retired from law to enjoy again the roving 
life of a telegrapher in several of the eastern states. He res. at Mohonk 
Lake, Ulster County, N. Y. 
3790. DELLA ANTOINETTE, member of D. A. R. ; m. Cyrus Edward Perkins, 
who d. May 23, 1918, Grand Rapids, Mich. ; she res. Grand Rapids, Mich., 
as does her dau., Mabel Helen Perkins, b. July 26, 1880. 
(2) EDWARD FOOTE PERKINS", b. Grand Rapids, Mich., Nov. 19, 1883; 
m. Mar. 14, 1914, Milwaukee, Wis., to Lili Zimmerman, b. Milwaukee, 
Wis., Oct. 4, 1890, dau. of Charles and Ida (Stern) Zimmerman; res., 
Grand Rapids, Mich. 

(a) EDWARD FOOTE PERKINS", JR., b. Mar. 23, 1915, Grand Rapids, 

(b) ELIZABETH PERKINS", b. July 22, 1918, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

(1) STEPHEN ALLEN DOODY", b. 1891 ; graduate of Middlebury College; 
m. 1916 to Ruth Mary Brookins, b. 1891. 

(a) FRANCIS STEPHEN DOODY", b. Jan. 16, 1917. 

(2) HAZEL GRACE DOODY", m. June 28, 1922 to Edgar Lawrence Lord, 
son of William H. and Mabel (Lawrence) Lord, of Dennis, Mass. 

(a) STEPHEN EDGAR LORD", b. Apr. 18, 1923. 

(b) JOAN MARIE LORD", b. Apr. 16, 1927. 

3800. JULIUS MERRILL FOOTE. Mr. Foote was for many years prominent 
in yachting circles in and around Newark, N. J., and head of the Strieby & Foote 
Company, manufacturer of drop forgings ; d. in Los Angeles, Calif., where he had 
gone for his health in the spring. He had been forced to undergo two operations 
and was too weak to be removed to his home in Newark, N. J. Mr. Foote was 75 
years old. He enlisted with the 176th New York Volunteers, in the Civil War, and 
later became clerk of the paymaster in the West Gulf Squadron. After the war he 
became cashier of the Morris Canal division of the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company. 
In 1883 he resigned to go into business with Henry M. Strieby, who d. ten years later, 
when Mr. Foote succeeded him as head of the firm. Mr. Foote was a member of the 
Essex County Club, Essex Club of Newark, the Newark Camera Club, the Society of 
Founders and Patriots of New Jersey, the Atlantic Yacht Club, and the U. S. Grant 
Post of G. A. R. of Brooklyn, N. Y. He was for many years president of the Foote 
Family Association of America and was very active in the genealogical work. He d. 
Los Angeles, Calif., Aug. 24, 1919. 

3810. i. MARY LYON FOOTE, b. 1844; m. 1867 to Lewis Hancock Kennerly. 





3811. ROSA FISHER FOOTE, b. 1846; m. 1867 to Hinson H. Smith. 










3812. CHARLES G. FOOTE, b. 1851 ; unm. 

3813. HELEN GAINES FOOTE, b. 1854; m. 1877 to Richard Henry Clark; res., 
New York, N. Y. 



3814. SALLIE BERNARD FOOTE, b. 1859; m. 1882 to Charles James Waller, 
d. Mar. 18, 1915, Richmond, Va. ; bur. Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Ala. 

3815. ANNIE LYON FOOTE, b. 1861 ; m. 1885 to Osborn H. Parker, d. 1890. 

3832. ii. CHARLES P., b. May 1, 1855; m. 1st, Laura E. Simonds; m. 2nd, 
Minnie A. Elliott, 6316". 

OSCAR PERLEY, b. June 21, 1856; m. Hattie Fay Otis. Ch. 6319". 
ETTA A., b. Nov. 28, 1860; m. May 7, 1885 to Henry A. Rich; he d. 
Apr. 24. 1900; res., Boston, Mass. 
MARY F., b. Aug. 9, 1867; res., Boston, Mass. 

2337. CHARLES CUTLER FOOTE (1117, 375, 115, 2,1, 10. 3, 1), b. Nov. 25, 

1833; m. Aug. 23, 1858 to Marion Frances Stevens, dau. of John Stevens and Sarah 

(Bedford) Stevens; he d. Aug. 18, 1914; res., Hammond, La.; she d. Jan. 29, 1923, 

New Orleans, La. ; bur. Hammond, La. 

3836\ i. ARTHUR CHARLES, b. Feb. 6. 1863; d. June 5, 1863. 

3836'. ii. GEORGE WINFIELD, b. Mar. 6, 1865; m. Hattie Denio; res.. New 

Orleans, La. 
38361 iii. FERDINAND JOHN, b. Aug. 25, 1867; m. Aug. 11, 1892 to Dora F. 
Burton, b. Feb. 12, 1865; d. Apr. 7, 1920; res., Springfield, Ohio; 
superintendent of power and equipment, Ind. Columbus & Eastern Trac- 
tion Co. 
3836'. iv. JENNIE AUGUSTA (twin), b. Apr. 8, 1871; d. Aug. 27, 1871. 
3836°. V. MINNIE ESTELLE (twin), b. Apr. 8, 1871; m. May 31, 1890 to 
Claiborne C. Gibson ; res.. Summit, Miss. 

(1) FRANCES WILLARD GIBSON", b. July 25, 1893; m. May 31, 1913 to 
Preston Gouge ; res., Meadville, Miss. 

(2) EDITH GIBSON", b. Aug. 13, 1895 ; d. Sept. 16, 1898. 

(3) DONALD GIBSON", b. Oct. 18, 1898; m. May 5, 1917 to Cora Mont- 
gomery ; res.. Summit, Miss. 

(a) DONALD TALMAGE GIBSON", b. Nov. 11, 1925. 

(4) CHARLES GILBERT GIBSON", b. Feb. 9, 1905; m. July 19, 1926 to 
Lois Craft ; res., Memphis, Tenn. 

(5) FRANK OTIS GIBSON", b. Oct. 31, 1907. 

(6) JOHN CLAIBORNE GIBSON", b. Dec. 28, 1910. 

3836'. vi. FRANK HOLMES, b. Mar. 27, 1876; unm.; res., Jordon, Mich. 
3838. ii. LEWIS E., m. Mrs. Kate Bradley. Ch. 6322^ 

2341. MERRITT FOOTE, m. 2nd, Oct. 18, 1859 to Lizzie Maynard Swan; 
he d. June 30, 1898, Johnson, Vt. 
3841. iii. JANE AMANDA, d. ; unm. 


2352. JEROME FOOTE (375, 115, Zl, 10, 3, 1), b. Aug. 3, 1836; m. Sept., 1854 
to Elizabeth Goff, dau. of Fhilo Goff, b. July 27, 1932; he served in the Union Army; 
res., Utica, Mich. 
3841'. i. IDA THRESA, b. Nov. 5, 1855 ; m. Detroit, Mich., June 10, 1871 to 
Frank Kellogg, son of S. Frederick and Charlotte (Hutchinson) 
Kellogg ; he served in the Union Army, and is a dentist at Utica, Mich. 
(1) CHARLOTTE VIOLA KELLOGG^ b. Aug. 10, 1872; m. Chilson Gib- 
son ; res., Ft. Crawford, Colo, 
(a) MAMIE E. GIBSON", b. 1893. 
3841'. (l)(c) EVA G. GIBSON", b. 1897. 

384r. ii. LYDIA SUSANNAH, b. Jan. 14, 1857; d. Feb. 12, 1875. 
3841'. iii. GEORGE WASHINGTON, b. Apr. 28, 1858; d. Aug. 8, 1858. 
3841\ iv. MARY ELIZABETH, b. Sept. 20, 1859; m. Nov. 27, 1883 to Alex- 
ander Clifford, son of John and Mary Ann (Choales) Clifford; res., 
East Detroit, Mich. 

(1) MABEL REID CLIFFORD", b. Feb. 9, 1888. 

(2) GLADYS MARY CLIFFORD'", b. Feb. 26, 1890. 

(3) CLARA BELL CLIFFORD'", b. Oct. 21, 1891. 

3841°. V. ANNIE LINDA, b. Nov. 30, 1861 ; m. May 2, 1891 to Henry Schultz, 
son of Wm. and Annie Schultz ; res., Detroit, Mich. 
(1) HENRY GLENN SCHULTZ", b. Feb. 10, 1893. 

3841*. vi. CARRIE RSELFRE, b. Apr. 13, 1866; m. Dec. 19, 1883 to Rufus 
Stoddard Peck, son of William and Mary (Stoddard) Peck; res., 
Millington, Mich. 

(1) FRANK WINTER PECK", b. Jan. 30, 1885; d. Feb. 2, 1886. 

(2) NELLIE FLORETTA PECK", b. Jan. 2, 1889. 

(3) FERN ISABELL PECK", b. May 16, 1890. 

(4) HAZEL MAUD PECK", b. July 30, 1893. 

(5) RUFUS WILBUR PECK", b. Feb. 13, 1896. 

384r. vii. CORA ADELL, b. Apr. 18, 1867; m. Apr. 5, 1886 to Peter Hayden, 
son of Edward and Delia (Horan) Hayden; res., Detroit, Mich. 

(1) EDWARD HENRY HAYDEN", b. Feb. 4, 1887. 

(2) WILLIAM JOSEPH HAYDEN", b. Dec. 21, 1888. 

(3) DELIA CORA HAYDEN", b. June 3, 1890; d. Oct. 6, 1890. 

(4) FEROL MARY HAYDEN", b. Jan. 20, 1892. 

(5) LEO JOHN HAYDEN", b. Apr. 13, 1896. 

(6) PETER HAYDEN", b. July, 1897. 

3841'. viii. PEARL ETTA, b. Sept. 26, 1869 ; m. Apr. 4, 1888 to Alfred Gruver, 
son of Joseph and Mary (Croft) Gruver; res., Delphos, Ohio. 

(1) PHEBE MYRTLE GRUVER", b. Sept. 27, 1894. 

(2) ALMA LOUELLA GRUVER", b. 1897. 

3841*. ix. NANCY ALMA (twin), b. Nov. 11, 1872; m. Alfred J. Casterton. 
3841". X. ORANGE JEROME (twin), b. Nov. 11, 1872; m. Libbie Fowler. 
3841". xi. PHEBE MAUD, b. Oct. 29, 1875 ; m. June, 1893 to Rev. John Stacy, 
Congregational minister ; res.. New Baltimore, Mich. 

(1) INEZ STACY" (twin), b. June, 1894. 

(2) IRAS STACY" (twin), b. June, 1894. 

(3) CLARENCE STACY", b. Feb. 13, 1896. 


2378. JOHN B. FOOTE (1135, 380, 117, Zl , 10, 3, 1), b. Pittsfield, Mass., 1805; 
m. Geneseo, N. Y., about 1823 to Sarah Cole; he d. Lafayette, Colo., 1855; res., 
Hastings, Mich., and Independence, la. 

3836'. i. WELLS, d. about 12 years of age. 

3869'. ii. SARAH FOOTE, m. Reuben Jones; res., Geneseo, N. Y. 

(1) JOHN JONES'". 

(a) JOHN D. JONES", m. Lynn Hammond; Mr. Jones is superintendent 
of schools in Allegany County, N. Y. 


(A) JEAN ". 


(iii) HAL JONES". 



(c) CLARENCE JONES", m. Nell Kingston. 

(iii) JOHN JONES". 

(2) FRANK JONES'",. 


(4) ALBERT JONES'", res. Geneseo, N. Y. 

(5) MACK JONES'". 


3869'. iii. LAURA, m. Milt Kimbark, d. . 



(3) KATE KIMBARK'", d. . 

(4) MILTON KIMBARK'", d. . 

3869\ iv. PRUDENCE LUCINDA, b. Homer, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1829; m. July 3, 
1847 to John Gould Nims, b. Utica, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1827; d. Nov. 16, 
1902, at the Rosebud Agency, while on a visit to his dau., Mrs. Bennett ; 
bur. Elk Point. S. D., by his wife, who d. July 9, 1905. She was one of 
the mother pioneers of the Union County. She had for years past 
been a great sufferer from rheumatism, being confined to an invalid's 
chair. She was loved and respected by a host of friends for her kind 
and loving disposition. In 1856 moved with his family to Wakonda, 
Wis., where they lived on a farm until 1867. Then for two years he 
conducted a grocery store at Illinois, moving to a farm in Union 
County near Burbank in 1869. Here they lived until 1877 when they 
moved to Elk Point which remained his home until his death in 1902. 

(1) CHARLES F. NIMS'", b. Mar. 21, 1848, Geneseo, N. Y.; d. Jan. 23, 
1862, Wakonda, Wis. 

(2) HELEN G. NIMS'", b. Sept. 7, 1850, Geneseo, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 18, 1853; 
bur. Geneseo, N. Y. 

(3) KATIE E. NIMS'", b. July 25, 1852, Geneseo, N. Y. ; m. Jan. 23, 1870 to 
Charles H. Bennett, b. May 7, 1847, Barrington, 111., son of Chester 
Bennett ; he is a printer ; Mrs. Bennett was a teacher and matron at 
the Rosebud (Sioux) Indian Agency for seventeen years; res., Gordon, 


(a) MABLE CLAIR BENNETT", b. Vermillion, S. D., Nov. 30, 1870; 
teacher ; m. May 20, 1899 to Alexander Skanadore, b. Oneida, Wis. ; 
res., Omaha, Neb. 

(i) CHESTER B. SKANADORE", b. Oneida, Wis., Mar. 3, 1900; 
m. May 9, 1919 to Grace Nerm, b. Mar. 2, 1900, New Castle, 
(A) NERM C. SKANADORE" b. June 9, 1920; ranchers; res., 
Hinchley, Neb. 
(ii) ANGELA W. SKANADORE", b. Oneida, Wis., Sept. 19, 1901 ; 
stenographer, Union Pacific Ry. Co. ; res. with father at Omaha, 
(iii) BERTHA SKANADORE", b. May 14, 1902; actress (Marie 

DeCoie), Chicago, 111. 
(iv) BEULAH L. SKANADORE", b. Oneida, Wis., May 17, 1903 

office work in clothing store at Omaha, Neb. 
(v) ROBERT S. SKANADORE", b. Parmelee, S. D., July 12, 1904 

candy maker ; res., Gordon, Neb. 
(vi) BERNICE L. SKANADORE", b. Oneida, Wis., Apr. 30, 1906 

d. July 4, 1917, Gordon, Neb. 
(vii) PRUDENCE E. SKANADORE", b. Sept. 2, 1913, Gordon, Neb. 

(4) NELLIE G. NIMS", b. Wakonda, Wis., Aug. 29, 1856; m. Jan. 25, 1870 
to Orin F. Morris ; mechanic ; soldier. Civil War ; d. Hot Springs, S. D., 
1892; she d. 1913; res., Elk Point, S. D. 

(5) CARRIE L. NIMS", b. Wakonda, Wis., Sept. 9, 1860; d. there Jan. 16, 

(6) MARY I. NIMS'" (twin), b. Wakonda, Wis., June 24, 1864; m. Dec. 25, 
1884 to Sherman G. Thornton, b. 1862 ; merchant ; res., Elk Point, S. D. 

(7) CORA D. NIMS" (twin), b. Wakonda, Wis., June 24, 1864; m. July, 1894 
to H. M. Moore. 

3869'. V. CHARLOTTE, b. June 7, 1831; m. Asa Jennings, b. Feb. 13, 1823; d. 
Jan. 8, 1899; she d. Feb. 1, 1878. 
(1) NANCY JENNINGS*", b. Aug. 19, 1853; m. Dec. 12, 1877 to William B. 
Walls, b. June 17, 1856, son of John and Margaret Walls; she d. Feb. 26, 
1923 ; bur. Batavia, N. Y. ; res., Batavia, N. Y. 

(a) CHARLES W. WALLS", b. Nov. 17, 1878; m. Sept. 9, 1903 to 
Lottie V. Craven, b. Aug. 4, 1880, dau. of Richard and Jane Craven; 
res., Batavia, N. Y. 

(i) WILLIAM R. WALLS", b. Mar. 3, 1905. 

(b) MILTON F. WALLS", b. Sept. 21, 1880; d. June 4, 1894; bur. 
Moscow, N. Y. 

(c) FRANK H. WALLS", b. May 18, 1884; m. June 22, 1910 to Mary A. 
West, b. Mar. 18, 1887, dau. of Chas. and Harriet West ; he d. Dec. 4, 
; bur. Batavia, N. Y. ; res., Lyons, N. Y. 

(i) HAZEL M. WALLS", b. June 6, 1912. 
(ii) ROY H. WALLS", b. May 14, 1914. 
(iii) ROBERT L. WALLS", b. Sept. 11, 1916. 

(2) FRANK JENNINGS", b. Oct. 19, 1854; d. Chicago, 111., Aug., 1916. 

(3) ASA JENNINGS", JR., b. June 22, 1856; d. Oct. 12, 1874. 


(4) LOUISE JENNINGS", b. Aug. 22, 1857; m. McClane ; d. June 24, 

1929; Denver, Colo. 

(5) HENRY JENNINGS'", b. Sept. 29, 1858; m. Rose Barrett, b. June 9. 1854, 
dau. of John and Avin (Walls) Barrett; he d. Sept. 8, 1923; res., Cuyler- 
ville, N. Y. 

(a) VOLNEY JENNINGS", b. Sept. 29. 1881 ; left home June 22, 1899. 

(b) JOHN A. JENNINGS", b. Aug. 6, 1892; m. Mar. 24, 1921 to Ethel 
May Phillips, Le Roy, N. Y., dau. of Frank and Eliza (Lawson) 
Phillips, of Le Roy, N. Y. ; farmer on the homestead at Leicester, N. Y. 

(i) EDNA SARAH JENNINGS", b. May 28, 1922. 
(ii) EDITH LOUISE JENNINGS", b. Dec. 16, 1925. 

(c) BESSIE M. JENNINGS", b. June 11, 1895 m. John H. Morrison, 
Jr., b. Aug. 30, 1900, son of John H. and Elizabeth (Cowie) Morrison. 

(i) J. HENRY MORRISON,", b. May 8, 1925. 

(6) EMMA JENNINGS", b. Mar. 9, 1861; res., Los Angeles, Calif, 

(7) JOHN JENNINGS", b. Apr. 14, 1864; res., Walstonburg, N. C. 

(8) JAMES JENNINGS", b. Jan. 7, 1866; d. Apr. 5, 1892. 

(9) SARAH JENNINGS", b. May 1, 1867; m. McHerron; d. 1905; 

no children. 

(10) BENJAMIN FRANKLIN JENNINGS", b. Oct. 18, 1868; m. Marie 
; she retails gowns, Chicago, 111. 


(b) THOMAS JENNINGS", b. Oct. 4, 1870; res., Los Angeles, Calif. 
3869'. vi. MARY E., b. Geneseo, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1842. When ten years of age 

she removed with her parents to Hastings, Mich., and after a residence 
of six years there the family moved to Independence, Iowa. Here Mary 
made her home with her parents and attended school. Dec. 24, 1862, 
she was united in marriage at Quasqueton, la., to Lafayette Miller, 
after whom the town of Lafayette is named. June 1, 1863, the young 
people turned their faces westward and as members of an ox-train 
of fifty wagons started overland for Colorado. Two months were 
spent on the road and it was a perilous journey, the train being almost 
constantly harassed by hostile Indians. At night it was necessary to 
draw the wagons into a circle and the men of the party stood constant 
guard while the women and children slept. But after weeks of travel 
the party finally reached what was then called Burlington, but now is 
city of Longmont, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. Miller brought with them the 
first threshing machine ever brought to Boulder County. In 1864 Mr. 
and Mrs. Miller moved to what was then called Rock Creek, now 
known as the Goodhue Ranch, three miles south of Lafayette, Colo. 
Here they lived until 1871, when Mr. Miller bought the section of 
land on which Lafayette, Colo., and the George I. Miller ranch are now 
located. In 1874 they moved to Boulder, Colo., where Mr. Miller 
was engaged in the meat business until his death in 1878. After the 
death of her husband, Mrs. Miller with her children came to Lafayette, 
Colo., which has since been her home. Mrs. Miller was an active ad- 


vocate for the cause of temperance and worked indefatigably to abolish 
the liquor traffic from the state and nation. Her devotion to the cause of 
temperance is the reason for all the saloons which were located in 
Lafayette, Colo., being located on the west side of the Lincoln Highway. 
Mrs. Miller and her husband owned the section of land on which most 
of the town of Lafayette now stands. The western boundaries of this 
land were the highway. Never would Mrs. Miller sign a deed to a 
piece of land without it being stipulated in that deed that the land 
should never be used for saloon purposes. In every community in 
which she lived her home was ever a bright spot and no one was ever 
turned from her door. Especially among the young people was 
Grandma Miller loved, and many a man and woman can testify to the 
genial hospitality and motherly aflFection of this good woman. From 
early girlhood she has been a member of the Episcopal Church and in 
her home and among her acquaintances and friends she ever prac- 
ticed the teachings of her religion. By her death there is removed one 
who will be sadly missed by hundreds of friends, both young and old. 
She was also a charter member of the Excelsior Chapter of the 
Eastern Star of Lafayette, and until failing health prevented, was 
active in the works of that lodge. She d. Nov. 14, 1921, and was bur. 
at Lafayette, Colo. 

(1) THOMAS J. MILLER", b. June 22, 1864; m. Sarah J. Abernathy, 
dau. of Thomas and Margaret Abernathy ; he d. Jan. 28, 1902. 

(a) MOLLIE A. MILLER", b. Mar. 29, 1897; m. Thomas Robertson, b. 
Dec. 28, 1922, son of James and Margaret Robertson; res.. Smith 
Center, Kan. 

(b) CLARA A. MILLER", b. Jan. 12, 1901. 

(2) CHARLES L. MILLER", b. Sept. 9, 1866; m. Mary Bachhouse; he d. 
Aug. 8, 1913. 

(a) LEROY MILLER", b. Dec. 5, 1899; res., Los Angeles, Calif. 

(3) GEORGE I. MILLER", b. Apr. 15, 1869; m. Mary B. Hake, Oct. 10, 
1893 ; res., Lafayette Colo. 

(a) FRANK H. MILLER", b. June 18, 1894; m. Anna Kimtz, dau. of 
Williametta M. Kimtz. 

(i) HARRY EARL MILLER", b. June 9, 1921. 

(b) RALPH C. MILLER", b. Mar. 13, 1897. 

(c) WILLIAM L. MILLER", b. July 13, 1900. 

(4) JAMES P. MILLER", b. Nov. 26, 1873; m. Elizabeth Barnd, June 19, 
1900; attended College of Liberal Arts and Law School; was prominent 
in athletics ; a candidate for Congress under the Taft Republican ticket. 
Belongs to the Masonic Orders, Knights of Pythias, Sons of Colorado, 
Denver Athletic Club, Denver Bar Association; and was somewhat active 
in supporting the National Prohibition Amendment before it passed. 
Practiced law in Dallas, Tex., and was a candidate for district criminal 
judge on the Republican ticket at the last election there, which takes some 
courage in Texas. 

(5) FRANK MILLER", b. Dec. 16, 1876; d. Feb. 28, 1887. 

(6) AMELIA MILLER", b. Nov. 20, 1878; d. Feb. 12, 1890. 
3869'. vii. JAMES B., m. Harriet E. Miller, 6326-7. 


3869'. viii. WILLIAM, m. Anna Miller, 6328-32. 

3869'. ix. SAMUEL, unm. 

3869". X. NELLIE, m. A. P. Miller; res., Boulder, Colo. 

(1) MARY MILLER", m. Tucker. 

(2) JOHN P. MILLER", res., Arvada, Colo. 

2379. DANIEL SAMUEL FOOTE (1135, 380, 117, Zl, 10, 3, 1), m. F. Emeline 
Goodwin ; he was a farmer. 
3869". i. MRS. E. C. (FOOTE) HERRICKSON, res., Syracuse, N. Y. 
3869". it. DELEVAN S. FOOTE, m. Minnie Isabel Curtis, 6332'-6332^ 
3874. i. BIRCHARD FOOTE RUSSELL, b. June 21, 1894; d. Dec. 31, 1912; 

a student at Cornell University ; bur. Middleburg, N. Y. 
3882. vi. JANE ALLYN, b. Detroit, Mich., Nov. 8, 1857; m. Fortress Monroe, 
Va., Apr. 25, 1883 to James Jared Tracy. 

(1) JAMES JARED TRACY", JR., b. Feb. 27, 1884; m. Florence Comey, 
June 8, 1912. 

(a) ANNE TRACY", b. Aug. 3, 1916. 

(b) BARBARA TRACY", b. Nov. 14, 1919. 

(c) CLARA COMEY TRACY", b. July 18, 1924. 

(d) JAMES JARED TRACY", b. Jan. 17, 1929. 

(2) CATHARINE LANCING TRACY", b. Feb. 20, 1888; m. Lindsay Hugh 
Wallace, June 10, 1911. 

(a) JANE FRANCES WALLACE", b. June 10, 1912. 

(b) CATHARINE LANSING WALLACE", b. Mar. 18, 1914. 

(c) FRANCES LINDSAY WALLACE", b. July 8, 1917. 

(d) PATRICIA WALLACE", b. Feb. 12, 1919. 

(e) PHOEBE DWIGHT WALLACE", b. Aug. 24, 1924. 

(f) ROBERT TRACY WALLACE", b. Sept. 23, 1927. 

2395. JAMES FOOTE, d. Grandville, Kent County, Mich., Oct. 12, 1910. Last 
surviving member of a family of twelve children. 
3891. v. GEORGE H., m. Ella Atkinson; she d. 1903; child d. in infancy. 

2406. CHARLES HOWARD FOOTE, m. Mary Thurman Smith; she d. South 
Burlington, Vt., Dec. 17, 1909; bur. Union Cemetery, Port Henry, N. Y. ; Mr. Foote 
d. Aug. 28, 1921, at his home, Fairview, South Burlington, Vt. ; bur. Union Cemetery, 
Port Henry, N. Y. He for many years was vice-president and general manager of 
the Illinois Steel Company prior to the formation of the United States Steel Corpora- 
tion. During his business life, he headed various subsidiary companies of steel 
corporations, being president of the Southwestern Connelsville Coal and Coke Com- 
pany, and president of the Eureka Fuel Company, and other mining interests. He was 
one of the organizers of the Pocahontas Coal and Coke Companies and was also iden- 
tified with the Guerrero Mining Company and the Guerrero Timber Company. During 
the Civil War he served as lieutenant in Co. B, 2nd Regt. of the Berdan Sharp- 

3906. HON. WALLACE TURNER FOOTE, b. Port Henry, N. Y., Apr. 7, 
1864; d. New York, N. Y., Dec. 17, 1910. He graduated at Columbia Law School 
and practiced law at Port Henry, N. Y. He was a member of the United States 
House of Representatives for two terms. He inherited from his father a strong prac- 


tical business instinct and was largely interested in iron and manufacturing enter- 

3915. V. KATHARINE HILAH, res., Highland Park, 111. 

(1) MARY FOOTE CARD", b. June 13, 1900. 

(2) KATHARINE BARTOW CARD", b. Jan. 3, 1902. 

(3) JOSEPH B. CARD", JR., b. Nov. 12, 1904. 

(4) RUTH CARD". 


3916. vi. THOMAS WITHERBEE. b. May 8, 1880 ; m. Florence A. Hunn, 


2413. CHAUNCY D. FOOTE, m. Mary J. Northrup. b. Feb. 12, 1836, dau. of 
Gilbert Denning. 
3918. i. ANNA NORTHRUP, res., Wheaton. 111. 

2432. HENRY V. R. FOOTE, d. . He was a most capable machinist and 

one of the most faithful, conscientious men that ever lived ; his work and character as 
a man cannot be too highly commended. 

2469. ELISHA FOOTE (1187, 396, 118, 2>1, 10, 3, 1), b. Feb. 26, 1826 or 1827; 
m. May 5, 1856 to Lucy Richards Prindle, b. Apr. 11, 1838, Pine Hill, N. Y.; 
d. Aug. 29, 1911. 

3949. iii. LILLIAN, b. Sept. 21, 1861; m. Charles H. Moore; she d. May 4, 

1892; he d. Denver, Colo., about 1917 or 1918. 
(1) CARL NEWTON MOORE", b. June, 1890; m. Louise Wagner; res., 
Batavia, 111. 

3950. iv. JENNIE M., b. Sept. 5, 1863; m. July 24. 1884 to William H. 

Crawford, b. Oct. 6, 1855 ; res., Meadville, Pa. 

(1) JOHN RAYMOND CRAWFORD", b. July 4, 1886; m. Pauline M. 
Avery, b. Aug. 8, 1890; he d. Apr. 15, 1929. 

(a) WILLIAM AVERY CRAWFORD", b. Jan. 14, 1915. 

(b) JOHN AVERY CRAWFORD", b. Dec. 18, 1921. 

(2) LUCY PEARL CRAWFORD", b. May 2. 1893 ; d. Oct. 23, 1912. 

3951. V. LYLE MILTON, b. Aug. 18, 1865 ; m. May Spitel, 6333-7. 

3952. vii. MARY PRINDLE, b. Aug. 28, 1890; m. Oscar E. Cooley, he d. 1918; 

she res., Batavia, 111. 

2476. CHARLES WESLEY FOOTE; Mrs. Emma Jane (Brooker) Foote d. 
Mar. 20, 1915 ; bur. Emerald Grove, Wis. 

2484. JAMES EDWIN FOOTE, d. May 22, 1910. Mr. and Mrs. Foote had just 
celebrated their golden wedding Jan. 4, 1910. He was a member of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church for over fifty years. A friend writes : "His Christian example and 
his kind and cheery life won for him a host of friends. During his recent illness Mr. 
Foote never missed an opportunity to point out to the many who visited his bedside, 
the better world, and his words of love and concern for all can never be forgotten. 
Truly can we say that he is at rest from his labors ; yet his works will follow him." 
She d. Lincoln, Neb., May 29, 1913. 

3975. ii. EDITH MARY, b. Sept. 16, 1862; m. Feb. 1, 1882 to Horace T. 
Richards, b. Goffstown, N. H., Oct. 5, 1848, son of Horace Richards 
and Mary Warren Richards ; res., Lincoln, Neb. 








(1) WARREN TAYLOR RICHARDS'", b. Nov. 15, 1883; m. Feb. 12, 1905 
to Clara Edna Sterns, b. Sept. 27, 1885, Farlington, Kan.; res., Wabash, 
Cass County, Neb. 

(a) RALPH WARREN RICHARDS", b. Dec. 23, 1907, Wabash, Neb. ; 
m. Feb. 21, 1929 to Marie Golden. 

(b) LLOYD TAYLOR RICHARDS", b. May 1, 1910, Wabash, Neb. 

(c) HAROLD EDWIN RICHARDS", b. May 11, 1918, Wabash, Neb. 

(2) FAY RICHARDS'", b. Sept. 15, 1885, Wabash, Neb.; m. June 15, 1910 to 
William A. Otte, Wabash, Neb., b. Nov. 12, 1884. 

(a) BONNIE FAY ELLEN OTTE", b. Lincoln, Neb., June 18, 1912. 

(3) BULAH BLANCHE RICHARDS'", b. Wabash, Neb., Jan. 21, 1893; m. 
June 21, 1917 to Herbert P. Stinson, b. Jan. 17, 1883; res.. Pains Point, 
111., and San Antonio, Tex. 

(a) STUART JOHN STINSON" (adopted), b. Sept. 6, 1920. 

2487. MELVILLE BELL FOOTE (1197, 396, 118, 27, 10, 3, 1), d. Hastings, 
Neb., Feb. 7, 1918. He was a man possessing a strong mentality, had great strength 
of character and was always a man of positive decision. He thought only of the 
higher ideals of life and possessing a cultured mind, loved his books and papers, and 
it was always a pleasure to his friends to hear him entertainingly discuss any subject, 
historical, political or otherwise. 

C. RAY, b. June 17, 1882; m. Cornelia Belle DeRiddou, 6338-9. 
RALPH EDGAR, b. Jan. 24, 1885 ; m. Blanche M. Gilbert, 6340-2. 
MAY BEATRICE, b. Nov. 12, 1890; m. Ballston Spa, N. Y., Sept. 
18, 1919 to Russell Drew Bailey, b. July 25, 1897. He enlisted in the 
World War, and she was a member of the Home District Exemption 
Board. Mr. Bailey is in the grocery business ; res., Ballston Spa, N. Y. 
2496. MRS. ELIZABETH (RIEGGLES) FOOTE, d. Englewood, N. J., Nov. 
14, 1910. Mrs. Foote was a woman of broad, sweet helpfulness, and full 
of Christian courage. Her work was well done, and she entered into life 
eternal with perfect faith and resignation. 
4000. iv. (2) MRS. MARION PITTS'", b. Aug. 21, 1888; m. Earl Hitchkins; res., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 
2501. MRS. SARAH EVARTSON (BRISH) FOOTE, d. Oct. 15, 1914, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

4013. EDWARD BOND FOOTE, d. Oct. 12, 1912. 

2511. LESTER BURTON FOOTE (1208, 405, 119, 2,7, 10, 3, 1), b. Jan. 25. 1840; 
m. Sept. 4, 1862, Harbor Creek, Pa., to Susan George Scott, dau. of William and Emily 
Scott ; she d. June 6, 1907, Lincoln, Neb. Children b. at Harbor Creek, except Georgia 
Etta. He d. Aug., 1925. 
4017. i. CALVIN, b. 1864; d. 1865. 

4017'. ii. EDITH O., b. Mar. 18, 1886; m. Minden, Neb.. Oct. 24, 1883 to 
Max E. Uhlig; she d. Apr. 13, 1921; he d. Nov. 3, 1915; res., Hol- 
drege. Neb. 
(1) CASSIUS M. UHLIG'", b. May 14, 1885; m. Lincoln, Neb., Aug. 28, 1911 
to Lela M. Brush, b. Jan. 14, 1890; res., Kansas City, Mo. 
(a) CAROLYN MAXIME UHLIG", b. Oct. 1, 1912. 


(b) CASSIUS M. UHLIG", b. July 26, 1917. 

(2) EDWIN L. UHLIG'°, b. Feb. 25, 1887; m. June 26, 1912 to Letha C 
Johnson; res., Holdrege, Neb.; he d. Feb. 17, 1917; she d. Feb. 1, 1914. 

(3) GEORGE C. UHLIG'", b. Sept. 6, 1889; d. 1889. 

(4) FLORENCE UHLIG", b. Sept. 25, 1893 ; d. young. 

(5) MARIE UHLIG", b. June 6, 1899; d. 1899. 

(6) EDITH VICTORIA UHLIG'", b. May 1, 1905. 

4017*. iii. NELIA S., b. 1868; m. 1903 to Westley Holleridge; res., Lincoln, 

4017". iv. JESSIE W., b. 1871; m. June, 1890 to Hanon McClellan; res., Boise, 


(1) CLAUDE BROOKS McCLELLAN"", b. Holyoke. Calif., Sept. 17, 1892. 

(2) FRED CLAYTON McCLELLAN", b. Holyoke, Calif., Apr. 28, 1894. 

(3) READA EDITH McCLELLAN", b. Holyoke, Calif., Jan. 14, 1897. 

(4) LAFAYETTE BURTON McCLELLAN", b. Alliance, Neb., Oct. 24, 

(5) HERBERT WESTLEY McCLELLAN", b. Alliance. Neb., Mar. 11, 

AQ17*. V. GEORGIA ETTA. b. Alton. Kan., Sept. 23, 1881 ; m. Apr. 18, 1905, 
Harrison, Ont., Canada, to Ralston Nicklin Patmore, b. July 25, 1871, 
son of Martin Henry and Susan (Nicklin) Patmore; res., McCook, 

(1) MAX RALSTON PATMORE", b. Dec. 25. 1912. 

(2) GEORGETTE PATMORE", b. June 6, 1917. 

(3) BETTY J A PATMORE", b. Dec. 22, 1922. 

2517^ JOHN PLEMA FOOTE (1214, 405, 119, 37, 10, 3, 1). b. Feb. 7, 1841; m. 
1st, Martha Creclious; m. 2nd, Mandy Troutman, 1863; m. 3rd, Sarah Belle Quens- 
bury, June, 1869, dau. of Rev. John H. Quensbury; lieutenant, 12th Cavalry, U. S. A.; 
m. 4th, Rachel Solsman, May, 1873 ; m. 5th, Maria Sisson Bonham, dau. of John and 
May Bonham, Sept. 28. 1876; m. 6th, Rachel Martin, 1887; Civil War veteran; mer- 
chant at Greensburg, Ky., and traveling photographer; he d. May 12. 1908, Crandall, 
4024\ SARAH ALICE, b. Feb. 26, 1862; m. Apr., 1884 to Ed. M. Fears; she d. 
Feb. 9, 1886, near Millton, Ind. 
(1) J. W. FEARS", b. Jan. 31, 1886; res., Shilder, Okla. 
40241 i. JOHN PRESTON, JR., b. 1864; m. Ida Belle McGuire, 6343-4. 
4024'. ii. MACK MILES, b. June 8, 1866; m. Mary Troutman, 6345-7. 
4024*. iii. ULYSSES GRANT, b. May 10, 1870; m. 1st, Mary Randolph; m. 

2nd, Azile Givens, 6448-53. 
4024'. iv. JOSEPH ALEXANDER, b. Aug. 24, 1874; m. Caludia Durham, 

4024'. v. FLORA ALICE, b. Robinson, 111., Sept. 2, 1877; m. Nov. 18, 1890 
to John W. Hasket, of Stinesville, Ind., b. Jan. 18, 1874, son of Adam and 
Catherine Hasket ; farmer ; res., Gilmour, post office Jasonville, Ind., 
No. 3 ; she gave this copy. 
4024'. vi. STELLA MAY, b. Gilmore, Ind., Nov. 8. 1879; m. May 10, 1898 to 
James H. Hasket, of Stinesville, Ind., b. Jan. 24, 1876, son of Adam and 
Catherine Hasket; coal miner; res., Gilmour, Jasonville, Ind., post 
office Jasonville, Ind. 


(1) CLONIE VIOLA HASKET, b. Stinesville, Ind., Feb. 9, 1899; m. 1st, 
Jan. 13, 1917 to Dewey Leturgez, b. Mar. 17, 1890, Portage, Pa.; d. Nov. 
26, 1918; m. 2nd, Dec. 4, 1920 to James Hibbard, b. Mar. 27, 1891, Pitts- 
burg, Ky. ; res., Gilmour, Ind. 

(a) IMAGENE HIBBARD", b. Dec. 23, 1922, Gilmour, Ind. 

(2) LOWELL ELIJAH HASKET", b. Apr. 13, 1912, Gilmour, Ind. 

4024*. vii. MINNIE M., b. Jasonville Ind., Feb. 22, 1882; m. Mar., 1905 to David 
Beatty, b. Apr. 8, 1867, Patricksburg, Ind., son of George and Margaret 
Beatty; she d. Nov. 30, 1919; bur. Midland, Ind.; res., Gilmour, Ind. 

(1) MABEL HESTER BEATTY", b. Mar. 20, 1908, Gilmour Ind. 

(2) DOLLY MAY BEATTY", b. Dec. 29, 1911; d. Jan. 6, 1914; bur. Mid- 
land, Ind. 

4024». viii. FLORENCE M., b. Apr. 11, 1889; m. June 22, 1910 to William Foote, 

25171 CALVIN STILES FOOTE (1214, 405, 119, 2,7, 10, 3, 1), b. Jan. 29, 1846; 
m. 1st, Addie Darnell, of Buskey, Green Co., Ky. ; m. 2nd, Elizabeth J. Mahoney, dau. 
of William Mahoney, b. July 4, 1852. 
4024". i. ELIZA, m. John Durbin. 
4024". ii. HARRY, res., Jasper, 111. 
4024". iii. WILLIAM, b. May 20, 1899; m. June 22, 1910 to Florence M. Foote, 

4024"; jeweler; res., Lebanon Jet., Ky. ; no children. 
4024". iv. MARY LULA KATHERINE, b. Nov. 27, 1890, Coleburg, Ky.; m. 

Matthew Brown, son of John and Ella Brown ; carpenter ; res., Lebanon, 


(1) LEROY BROWN", b. Oct. 15, 1910. 

(2) ELVIN BROWN", b. Oct. 9, 1913. 

(3) WALTER BROWN", b. June 24, 1916. 

(4) CLARENCE PAUL BROWN", b. May 10, 1919. 

(5) DORTH MARIE BROWN", b. Sept. 1, 1921. 

(6) LORENE MARIE BROWN", b. Dec. 17, 1923. 

2517'. JAMES COLLINS FOOTE (1214, 405, 119, 27, 10, 3, 1), b. Feb. 5, 1855; 
m. 1st, Katherine Clark, Nov. 2, 1883 ; she d. Nov. 2, 1888, Cannelburg, Ind. ; m. 
2nd, Dec. 31, 1888 to Mary Hollinsworth ; he d. Apr. 11, 1926, Palestine, 111. 

4024". i. LAURA GERTRUDE, b. Oct. 2, 1884; d. young. 

4024". ii. KATHERINE FRANCES, b. Mar. 24, 1886; m. Bartley; res., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

4024". iii. CHARLES ULYSSES, b. Jan. 24, 1889; m. Elois Creigton, 6361-2. 

2S\r\ LUTHER MILES FOOTE (1214, 405, 119, 27, 10, 3, 1), b. Feb. 14, 1865; 
m. Nov. 29, 1885 to Martha Hooten, b. July 13, 1869; he d. Dec. 28, 1893, Cannel- 
burg, Ind. 

4024". i. LYDIA JANE, b. Sept. 20, 1887; m. Oct. 19, 1907 to Charley More- 
land, b. Mar. 6, 1878, Shelby County, Ky. ; res., Louisville, Ky. 

(1) ESTHER LOUIS MORELAND", b. July 1, 1908, Louisville, Ky.; m. 
Marion Snyder, July 3, 1924, b. Oct., 1907; res., Louisville, Ky. 

(2) ALMA BELLE MORELAND", b. Dec. 2, 1909, Shelby County, Ky. 

(3) ERMA LOUISE MORELAND", b. May 23, 1915, Louisville, Ky. 
4024". ii. MARY E., b. Dec. 31, 1889; m. Edward Joe Zinser, Dec. 10, 1908, b. 

Oct. 26, 1887; res., Chicago, 111. 


(1) BERNICE B. ZINSER'*, b Nov. 11, 1909; m. June 30, 1926 to Phillips E. 
Buck, b. Oct. 24, 1908; res., Chicago, 111. 

(a) PHYLLIS E. BUCK", b. June 24, 1927. 

(2) MARIE JOSHINE ZINSER", b. Apr. 9, 1915. 

(3) EDWARD JOSEPH ZINSER'", b. Nov. 29, 1916. 

(4) ROBERT HAROLD ZINSER", b. Nov. 30, 1918. 

(5) RICHARD DONALD ZINSER'", b. June 2, 1926. 

4024". GEORGE WESLEY, b. Oct. 4, 1891, Cannelburg, Ind. ; res., Louisville, Ky. 

2518. JOSEPH B. FOOTE (1219, 415, 126, 38, 11, 3), b. Mar. 23, 1814, Danbury, 

Conn. ; m. Marie Louisa Taylor, b. 1816, Danbury, Conn. ; d. New York, N. Y., Oct. 

2, 1865 ; he d. in 1896 ; res.. New York, N. Y. 

4025. i. CATHARINE AMELIA, b. Danbury, Conn., May 20, 1836; m. Dec. 

29, 1856 to Joseph Mackey, Jr., b. New York, N. Y., Sept. 12, 1932; d. 

Feb., 1896. 

(1) JENNIE LOUISE MACKEY'", b. Nov. 1, 1857; d. Dec. 29, 1910. 

(2) CATHARINE FOOTE MACKEY", b. Apr. 8, 1859; d. Apr. 19, 1865. 

(3) JOSEPHINE MACKEY'", b. May 15, 1861 ; m. T. Judson Killpatrick. 

(a) ELSIE KILLPATRICK", b. Sept. 23, 1885 ; d. 1886. 

(b) T. JUDSON KILLPATRICK", JR., b. Nov. 10, 1888. 

(4) THOMAS NATHANIEL MACKEY", b. Apr. 1, 1863; m. Florence 

(5) JOSEPH FOOTE MACKEY", b. Apr. 1, 1865; m. Anna Ford. 

(a) CATHARINE A. MACKEY", b. Feb. 25, 1889. 

(b) HELEN MACKEY", b. Feb. 4, 1891. 

(c) JOSEPH MACKEY", b. Dec. 15, 1893. 

(d) MARY MACKEY", b. May 6, 1895. 

(e) HAROLD MACKEY", b. Sept. 5, 1898. 

(f) RALPH MACKEY", b. Apr. 13, 1901. 

(g) ANNA MACKEY", b. June 19, 1905. 

(6) EDITH STITT MACKEY", b. Mar. 24, 1867; m. Frederick Boerum. 

(a) EDITH BOERUM", b. Aug. 4, 1891. 

(b) MARJORIE BOERUM", b. Mar. 24, 1893. 

(c) HOWARD BOERUM", b. July 17, 1895; d. Jan. 20, 1900. 

(7) JOHN WESLEY MACKEY", b. May IS, 1869; d. Nov. 13, 1881. 

(8) RUTH MACKEY", b. June 4, 1871. 

(9) MARTIN LUTHER MACKEY", b. May 19, 1873. 
(10) HENRY VARLEY MACKEY", b. Dec. 8, 1875. 

2530. CHARLES BENJAMIN FOOTE. (Only corrections to be made are: 
First, he was not a member of the New York Stock Exchange, but was a member of 
the New York Stock Exchange firm of Hatch & Foote. Second, he was a noted 
bibliophile, and one of the most celebrated book collectors of his day.) 

4043. i. FANNIE HASTINGS FOOTE, b. Aug. 21, 1876; m. Apr. 30, 1902 

to Francke Huntington Bosworth, Jr., of New York, N. Y. ; architect. 

(1) MARY HASTINGS BOSWORTH", b. Apr. 29, 1903; m. David Davis. 

(2) ELEANOR BOSWORTH", b. Sept. 27, 1904 ; d. May 2, 1906. 

(3) ISABEL CAROLINE BOSWORTH", b. Sept. 11, 1909. 

4044. ii. STERLING THOMPSON, b. Apr. 26, 1880; m. Anne Jenner. Ch. 



4045. iii. HASTINGS, b. Sept. 13, 1887; d. Apr. 16, 1910. 

4046. iv. ISABEL ELEANOR, b. Apr. 6, 1890; m. July 9, 1915 to Ellis W. 

Leavenworth, New York lawyer, son of Lucien C. and Elizabeth 
(Richardson) Leavenworth. 

(1) THOMAS HASTINGS LEAVENWORTH'", b. Mar. 2, 1916. 

(2) COMAN LEAVENWORTH", b. Apr. 14, 1920. 

4048. ii. STANLEY CLIFFORD, b. Feb. 15, 1876; m. Margaret M. Percy, 


2532. DAVID THOMPSON FOOTE, d. Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 8, 1919; Mrs. 
Foote d. Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 3, 1918. He held office of selectman, city of 
Bridgeport, Conn., for a great many years. Was a vestryman of Trinity Church and 
charter member of the Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. 
Was connected with the Adams Express Company as cashier for forty years. Was 
a very public-spirited citizen, took an active interest in the welfare of his city. He 
retired from business in 1910 and moved to Minneapolis, Minn. Both he and his wife 
are bur. at Lakewood Cemetery in the city of Minneapolis, Minn. 

4049. i. HENRY GOULD, b. May 22, 1874; m. Jessie M. Queal, 5503'. 

SPAULDING FOOTE, date of birth unknown; m. Dec. 25, 1839. 

HERBERT, b. about 1840; photographer at Stanstead, Que., Canada. 

OSCAR, res., St. Albans Vt. ; interested in a rolling mill. 

LUCY ELLEN, b. June 24, 1850; m. June 27, 1872 to Myron M. 

LLOYD ; she d. June 5, 1932. 

JULIA ALDEN, b. July 28, 1858; m. Charles F. Austin; he d. Sept. 

18, 1922; she res., Sanford, N. C. 

(1) HELEN MARGUERUM AUSTIN", b. Apr. 18, 1887; m. Dec. 31, 1925 
to Henry E. Beckett, b. Feb. 22, 1893, son of Dr. Henry Clay Beckett. 

(a) CHARLES AUSTIN BECKETT", b. June 19, 1929. 
4085. i. EUPHEMIA LOUISE FOOTE LELAND, d. Nov. 3, 1920, Buhl, 
Ida. ; bur. Ottawa, 111. 

(2) GEORGE SHERMAN LELAND", d. Sept. 20, 1902. 

(5) ELIZABETH DAY LELAND", b. Jan. 26, 1879; m. Feb. 15, 1905 to 
Octavius R. White ; res.. Buhl, Ida. 

(a) ROBERT LELAND", b. Jan. 19, 1906. 

(b) MARGARET LOUISE LELAND", b. Mar. 13, 1908. 

(c) ELIZABETH GEORGIA LELAND", b. Dec. 30, 1910. 

2574. JAMES S. FOOTE, d. Apr. 2, 1913, Tonica, 111.; Caroline Amelia (Cran- 
dell) Foote, d. June 13, 1908; she was b. Easton, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1834; both bur. 
Tonica, 111. 

4089. HENRIETTA E., b. Oct. 7, 1859; m. Apr. 7, 1926 to Robt. W. Denning; 
she d. Sept. 20, 1927; res., Tonica, 111. 

4090. iii. EMMA M., m. Clarence R. Ong, b. Feb. 13, 1856; res., Tonica, 111. 

(1) RALPH W. ONG", m. Oct. 25, 1917 to Myrta L. Hartenbower, b. May 
31, 1892; merchant at Tonica, 111. 

(2) FRED L. ONG", World War veteran. 

(3) HARRY A. ONG", m. June 15, 1922 to Maye G. Klehm, b. Oct. 8, 1899; 
merchant at Tonica, 111. 

(a) MELVIN LEROY ONG", b. Dec. 16, 1928, LaSalle, III. 

(b) SHIRLEY MARIE ONG", b. Apr. 21, 1930, LaSalle, 111. 






















4091. iv. FRED L., m. Dec. 16, 1907 to Julia A. Bullock, 6409-10. 
4094. i. WILBUR, b. Oct. 3, 1839 ; m. Emma Witherwax, 6368-70. 
4096. iii. DEA. WILLIAMS, represented Charlotte, Vt., in the Legislature of 

4100. iii. SARAH FRANCES, b. Aug. 16, 1842; m. George Gein. 

(1) MARIE FRANCIS (GEIN) ALLER", d. at her res. in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Sept. 10, 1913. 

2593. MILO FOOTE (1248, 433, 130, 39, 11, 3), b. Nov. 5, 1805, Charlotte, Vt.; 
m. Laura McAllister, b. Feb. 16, 1804, in Massachusetts ; d. Sacramento, Calif., Oct. 
28, 1883 ; he d. Concord, Contra Costa County, Calif., Oct. 20, 1877. 

WILLIAM ZEBINE, b. July 25, 1831 ; m. Sarah E. Ashby, 6371-7. 

ALMIRA, b. Nov. 2, 1834; d. Aug. 11, 1840. 

ALFRED LEWIS, b. Mar. 13, 1836, in Ohio; d. May 25, 1893, Contra 

Costa County, Calif. 

GILES MONROE, b. Sept. 27, 1839. 

HELEN M., b. Kalamazoo, Mich., Oct. 27, 1842; m. James Shafter, 

brother of Gen. William R. Shafter ; res., Kalamazoo, Mich. 

(1) MOLLIE SHAFTER", m. Harry Cartright; res.. Fruit Valley, Calif. 

(2) JESSIE M. SHAFTER*", res., San Francisco, Calif. 

2597. ELIHU L. FOOTE (1249, 433, 130, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. Charlotte, Vt., Feb. 22, 
1808; m. Elmina Russell, 1875; he d. Jan. 5, 1880; res.. Canton, N. Y. 
4116°. i. ALBERT R., b. South Canton, N. Y. ; d. Cedar Rapids, la., Mar., 


CHARLES, b. 1836; m. Phoebe Irwin, 6378-80. 

LEWIS, b. 1838; m. , 6381. 

HORACE, b. 1840 ; m. , 6382. 

GEORGE POWELL, m. 1852; m. Ida R. Anderson, 6383^ 

HARRIET, m. George Howe; d. July, 1920. 

(1) KITTIE HOWE", res., Los Angeles, Calif. 

(2) JOHN BELL HOWE", res., Chicago, 111. 

(3) SMILEY HOWE", res., Chicago, 111. 

4116". vii. WILLARD PARTRIDGE, b. Oct. 8, 1841; m. 1st, Julia McCumber; 
m. 2nd, Gertrude Thompson, 6390-2. 

2603*. ORSEMAS LANSEN FOOTE (1252, 433, 130, 39, 11, 3), b. Apr. 13, 
1804; m. 1823, Potsdam, N. Y., to Mary Ann Hill; he and two sons, Henry and 
Leverett, d. of cholera on the same day in 1855 ; res., Dyerville, la. 

4123*. i. HENRY, b. 1828; m. 1852 to Leuina Bacon; d. 1855, Dyerville, la. 

4123'. ii. DELANIA A., b. 1830; m. 1849 to J. M. Kinsman; res., Norwood, 
N. Y. 

(1) HENRY M. KINSMAN*", b. 1857; m. 1882 to Sylvia Babel; dealer in 
agricultural implements ; res., Norwood, N. Y. 

(a) GENEVIEVE D. KINSMAN**, b. 1885, Norwood, N. Y. 

(b) FLORENCE M. KINSMAN**, b. 1892; d. 1893. 

(2) JENNIE D. KINSMAN*", b. 1859; d. 1867. 

(3) CARRIE L. KINSMAN*", b. 1868; d. 1869. 

4123'. iii. CLARKSON H., b. 1832; m. Videlia Roberts, 6393-6400. 
4123*. iv. ELIZABETH, b. 1834; m. 1855 to James Jarritt; she d. 1858, Pots- 
dam, N. Y. 












4123'. V. ORSEMAS L., b. 1836; m. Hannah Long, 6401-3. 
4123'. vi. LEVERETT, b. 1848; d. 1855 of cholera at Dyerville, la. 

2602". ORLEY NEWELL FOOTE (1252, 433, 130, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. Feb. 11, 1818; 
m. 1838 to Fanny Bowker, b. Potsdam, N. Y., Mar. 1. 1822; d. Mar. 1, 1903, Farmer, 
Ohio; he d. Farmer, Ohio, Jan. 5, 1888. 
4123'. i. NEWELL ORLEY, b. 1839; m. Ella Knight, 6404-5. 
4123*. ii. JULIA ORMANDA, b. Feb. 13, 1842 ; m. Mar. 5, 1864, Farmer, Ohio, 
to John Norway, son of John Norway, b. Dec. 31, 1836, Lisbon Center, 
N. Y.; d. Farmer, Ohio, Sept. 11, 1911; she d. May 29, 1918, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

(1) FLORA NORWAY", b. May 3, 1865, Farmer, Ohio; m. Mar. 8, 1894, 
Eau Claire, Wis., to George Edgar Norway, son of Charles and Mary 
(Fulton) Norway; res., Seattle, Wash. 

(a) DONALD NORWAY", b. May 9, 1896; d. May 13, 1896, Durand, 

(b) LORAIN MARY NORWAY", b. Oct. 19, 1897; m. Feb. 21, 1918 to 
Capt. Clarence E. Hofstetter ; res., Hampton, Va. 

(i) DIANE LORAIN HOFSTETTER", b. Apr. 24, 1929. 

(c) CHARLES AIMSLEY NORWAY", b. Feb. 27, 1901, Kenton, Mich. 

(d) CHARIS JULIA NORWAY", b. Jan. 22, 1903 ; m. May 18, 1929 to 
Leslie TuthiU. 

(i) PATRICIA ANN TUTHILL", m. May 1, 1930. 

(2) LAURA NORWAY", b. Oct. 9, 1867; m. Nov. 5, 1891 to Fred W. Rich- 
ardson, of Bryon, Ohio, b. Aug. 30, 1865, son of Rev. David K. Richardson 
and Susannah (Hosick) Richardson; res.. East Cleveland, Ohio. 

(a) VERA RICHARDSON", b. Dec. 17, 1892; d. Feb. 21, 1910. 

(b) BRUCE NORWAY RICHARDSON", b. Apr. 5, 1895 ; m. Katharine 
Fox, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Apr. 24, 1926. 

(i) MARGARET ANN RICHARDSON", b. May 18, 1927. 
(ii) VIRGINIA MABLE RICHARDSON", b. June 15, 1931. 

(c) LAWRENCE FOOTE RICHARDSON", b. Sept. 27, 1903; m. 
Helen Elizabeth Parr, East Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 2, 1926. 

(i) SALLY PARR RICHARDSON", b. Nov. 27, 1928. 

(3) CLARK LeROY NORWAY", b. July 26, 1874; d. Feb. 8, 1875. 

(4) CLYDE RUSSELL NORWAY", b. July 13, 1877; farmer; m. Oct. 22, 
1895 to Gertrude Martin. 

(a) MARGUERITE NORWAY", b. Oct. 13, 1896. 

(b) HAROLD LEIGHTON NORWAY", b. Apr. 9, 1899; m. Lora 
Oliver Kimnell, Nov. 28, 1924. 

(5) JOHN RALPH NORWAY'*, b. Dec. 16, 1879: m. Mar. 7, 1914 to Lillian 
Beatrice Conn ; res., Binghamton, N. Y. 

(a) MEDORA NORWAY", b. Oct., 1923. 
4123". iii. JOHNSON ORGALUS, b. 1844; m. 1st, Martha Holingshead; m. 
2nd, Alice Markham. 6406-8. 

2605^ JOSEPH FOOTE (1259. 443. 131, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. Dec. 14, 1791; m. Phoebe 
Hardesty, b. Dec. 16, 1793; d. Mar., 1876; he d. Aug. 23, 1833. 
4126\ i. MARY A., b. Oct. 13, 1814. 
41261 ii. FRANCIS A., b. Sept. 26, 1816. 


4126'. iii. ADRIAN E., b. Aug. 30, 1818. 

4126*. iv. REBECCA HAGERMAN, b. June 22, 1822; m. May 14, 1846 to 
Charles Preston Gray, b. Apr. 9, 1816; d. Nov. 21, 1874; son of Sphrem 
and Betsey (Graves) Gray; she d. Nov. 28, 1886; res., Vermont. 

(1) ADRIAN S. GRAY", b. Mar. 19, 1847; m. Nov. 17, 1874 to Charles M. 
Sturgess, son of George and Elizabeth (Litzenburg) Sturgess. 

(a) FLORENCE STURGESS", b. Aug. 31, 1875; m. Aug., 1907 to 
Clarence Petty. 

(iii) HELEN PETTY". 

(b) ELIZABETH STURGESS", b. Jan. 30, 1877. 

(2) REBECCA GRAY", b. Feb. 23, 1849; d. Jan. 20, 1920. 

(3) SON", b. May 21, 1850; d. May 21, 1850. 

(4) EMMA S. GRAY", b. June 30, 1851. 

(5) MARY GRAY", b. June 16, 1854; m. Apr. 22, 1874 to Wm. S. Sparrow, 
(a) MARY LOUISE GRAY SPARROW", b. Apr. 9, 1875; d. in early 


(6) STELLA GRAY", b. Feb. 18, 1856; d. Apr., 1912. 

(7) EUDORA GRAY", b. Jan. 15, 1859; m. Aug. 18, 1880 to William Henry 
McCain, son of Harvey and Margaret (Dilatuah) McCain; res., Lebanon, 

(a) CHARLES McCAIN", d. at birth, Aug. 11, 1881. 

(b) REA McCAIN", b. July 22, 1882; teacher. Bowling Green College, 
Ohio ; member of Society of D. A. R. 

(c) MARGARET McCAIN", b. Nov. 13, 1884; 1905, Miami University; 
member of Society of D. A. R. 

(8) CARRIE EUSTIS GRAY", b. June 27, 1861 ; d. Dec, 1897. 

(9) CHARLES EPHRAIM GRAY", b. Jan. 17, 1863; d. Nov. 12, 1864. 
4126°. V. WILLIAM H. C, b. Sept. 20, 1824. 

4126'. vi. JULIA FRANCES, b. Feb. 28, 1827, Monroe, Ohio; m. Apr. 12, 1846 
to Frederick S. Van Harlingen, b. Oct. 18, 1821 ; she d. Feb. 19, 1900. 
(1) JOSEPH FOOTE VAN HARLINGEN", b. Jan. 25, 1848. 
(a) JOHN VAN HARLINGEN", b. Dec. 8, 1872; m. . 

(i) FANNIE VAN HARLINGEN", b. Jan. 3, 1893. 
(ii) MIRIAM VAN HARLINGEN", b. Jan. 16, 1895. 
(iii) JOSEPH VAN HARLINGEN", b. Jan. 19, 1899. 

(b) FRANK VAN HARLINGEN", b. July 3, 1874; d. young. 

(c) JOSEPH VAN HARLINGEN", b. Sept. 24, 1876. 

(d) CLARA PALMER VAN HARLINGEN", b. Oct. 8, 1878; m. . 

(e) LOUIS CORWIN VAN HARLINGEN", b. Nov. 16, 1880; m. 
, Sept. 1, 1902. 

(i) THOMAS VAN HARLINGEN", b. 1903. 
(v) WILLIAM VAN HARLINGEN", d. young, 
(f) WILLIAM W. VAN HARLINGEN", b. Mar. 11, 1884. 
(2) ADRIAN E. VAN HARLINGEN", b. 1847; d. young. 


(3) JULIA F. and REBECCA VAN HARLINGEN" (twins), b. 1850; d. 

(4) JOHN M. VAN HARLINGEN'", m. . 

(a) MARGARET VAN HARLINGEN", b. Oct. 18, 1878. 

(b) JAMES VAN HARLINGEN", b. Sept. 6, 1880. 

(c) FERDINAND VAN HARLINGEN", b. Nov. 8, 1884. 

(d) MARY VAN HARLINGEN", b. Nov. 26, 1886. 

(e) FRANK VAN HARLINGEN", b. Nov. 26, 1888. 

(f) LEE VAN HARLINGEN", b. July 11, 1893. 

(g) ELSIE VAN HARLINGEN", b. Feb. 10, 1890. 

(5) CHARLES P. VAN HARLINGEN", b. Sept. 21, 1854; m. , Dec. 

6, 1873. 

(a) JULIA VAN HARLINGEN", b. Oct. 26, 1876. 

(b) HARVEY VAN HARLINGEN", b. Feb. 14, 1879. 

(c) CHARLES WILLIAM VAN HARLINGEN", b. July 26, 1882. 

(d) BERTHA VAN HARLINGEN", b. Aug. 9, 1884. 

(e) MARGARET VAN HARLINGEN", b. Oct., 1889. 

(f) ELLEN VAN HARLINGEN", b. May, 1890. 

(6) HITTIE L. VAN HARLINGEN", b. July 10, 1856; m. Feb. 12, Thomas 
Keever, b. Sept. 4, 1854, son of J. P. & Ruth L. Keever; res., Lebanon, 

4126'. vii. DOUGLASS, b. Oct. 20, 1829; d. Mar., 1886, at Dayton Soldiers' 

4126'. viii. ELIZABETHA, b. Dec. 19, 1831 ; m. Loree. 



2605". AMOS BALDWIN FOOTE (1259, 443, 131, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. Dec. 22, 1807; 
m. 1st, June 14, 1827 to Elizabeth Tuttle, b. Apr. 16, 1809; d. Apr. 11, 1833; m. 2nd, 
Susan Livingston, Nov. 3, 1833; b. June 5, 1815; d. Aug. 9, 1844; m. 3rd, May 17, 
1845 to Elizabeth Allen, b. July 26, 1828. Mr. Foote was a pioneer farmer who set- 
tled near West Woodville, Ohio, built a house that was unusually fine for that time, 
raised a very large family and moved to Zionsville, Ind., where he d. and was bur. 
He was a man of sterling worth and is still spoken of with much respect. 
4126". i. MARY JANE, b. 1828; m. 1846 to Thomas Lyon, b. 1824, son of 
Amos Lyon ; res., West Woodville, Ohio. 
(1) AMANDA LOUISE LYON", b. 1848; m. 1872 to Moses Foster, b. 1847, 
son of Thomas Foster, Sr. ; at one time was a merchant at Midland, Ohio; 
he d. in 1916; was postmaster; res., New Boston, Ohio, at time of mar- 

(a) THOMAS FOSTER", b. 1876; veteran of Spanish- American War; 
m. 1900 to Josephine Shull, b. 1878, dau. of M. Shull ; res.. West 
Woodville, Ohio ; he is a merchant. 

(i) PAULINE FOSTER", b. 1902; m. Frederick Cox; he was a 
World War veteran; res.. West Woodville, Ohio; is a merchant. 

(A) THOMAS COX", b. 1920. 

(B) EMMIS COX", b. 1923. 

(b) LYLE CLIFFORD FOSTER", b. Nov., 1879; m. 1898 to Dora Little: 
b. Oct. 6, 1876, dau. of H. Little ; she d. 1908 ; res.. Midland, Ohio. 


(i) LEONE FOSTER (twin)", b. Aug. 18, 1900; m. Gene Ruth- 
ledge, 1918, son of J. Ruthledge; he was b. 1896; res., Medina, 
(ii) lONE FOSTER (twin)", b. Aug. 18, 1900; m. 1918 to Stanley 

Hamner, b. 1896, son of Noah Hamner; res., Shelby, Ohio, 
(iii) GORDON FOSTER", b. 1903, Midland, Ohio; res., New York, 
N. Y. 
4126". ii. ELIJAH COLBERT, b. July 20, 1830 ; d. young. 
4126". iii. MARIA LOUISE, b. June 26, 1832; m. 1st, William Moore; m. 2nd, 
Benjamin Lever; she d. May 22, 1893. 

(1) ROSE FOOTE MOORE'", m. Frank Nordyke. 

(2) EDWARD MOORE", m. Adelaide Titus, 
(a) JUANITA MOORE", m. Nezen Meloy. 


(3) MATILDA MOORE", m. Thomas Templin. 

4126". iv. ELIZABETH ANN, b. West Woodville, Ohio, May 18, 1835; m. 
Mar. 21, 1855 to Marions B. Price; res., West Woodville, Ohio, near 
the Foote home; d. Mar., 1907; bur. West Woodville, Ohio. 

(1) PAULINE PRICE", b. Dec. 28, 1855, Camp Dennison, Ohio; m. Sept. 8, 
1878 to Dennis Foster, b. Oct. 28, 1853, son of Thomas Foster, Sr. ; he d. 
July 9, 1923; res.. Midland, Ohio. 

(a) MURRY MANNING FOSTER", b. July 5, 1879; m. Sept. 8, 1919 
to Jennie Cunningham Botts, dau. of Clinton Botts, of Westboro, Ohio; 
she was b. Apr., 1884; res., Aston Mills, Pa. 

(b) LEE ROY FOSTER", b. Mar. 25, 1883 ; m. July, 1920 to Rose Jacobs, 
b. 1888; res., Cincinnati, Ohio; contractor. 

(c) DOROTHY FOSTER", b. Oct. 6, 1886; m. 1906 to John Lucas, b. 
Apr., 1875, son of David Hardy Lucas; res., Westboro, Ohio; Dorothy- 
was a teacher ; farmer. 

(i) JOHN FOSTER LUCAS", b. Sept. 3, 1907. 

(ii) LUCILLE LUCAS", b. Mar. 24, 1909. 

(iii) CHARLES CARTWRIGHT LUCAS", b. Apr. 16, 1915. 

(iv) ALICE MARY LUCAS", b. Oct. 28, 1920. 

(d) FERROLL FOSTER", b. Dec. 22, 1888; d. 1889. 

(e) OSA FOSTER", b. Jan. 22, 1890; m. Aug., 1908 to Henry Craven, 
b. May, 1885, son of John Craven ; res., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

(i) FLORENCE E. CRAVEN", b. June 13, 1909. 
(ii) RUTH CRAVEN", b. July 7, 1919. 

(f) HARRY FOSTER", b. Dec. 10, 1893; res., Cincinnati, Ohio; World 
War veteran; electrician. 

(g) DENNIS FOSTER", b. Aug. 27, 1897; res., Cincinnati, Ohio; elec- 

(2) EVERETT WESLEY PRICE", b. Aug. 9, 1868; m. 1883 to Emeroy 
Foster, b. Dec. 10, 1860, dau. of James and Nancy (Marming) Foster; 
he d. June 29, 1916; res., Montrose, Colo. 


(a) DENNIS FOSTER PRICE", b. Ohio City, Ohio, Dec. 11, 1884; res., 
Montrose, Colo. ; m. 1910 to Lois Smith, b. 1883. 

(b) DONALD THOMAS PRICE", b. Dec. 12, 1885 ; m. 1916 to Sarah 
McCoy, dau. of James and Sarah McCoy, of Wilmington, Ohio; 
plumber ; res., Germantown, Ohio. 

(i) JAMES PRICE", b. 1919, Germantown, Ohio. 

(c) LILLIAN PRICE", b. Ohio City, Ohio, Sept. 5, 1889; ni. Jan. 20, 1912 
to William G. Aiken, b. Sept. 15, 1884, son of Joe and Helen (Petty) 
Aiken, of P , Ky. ; farmer ; res., Montrose, Colo. 

(i) MAY AIKEN" (twin), b. Nov. 19, 1912, Salt Lake City, Utah, 
(ii) FAY AIKEN" (twin), b. Nov. 19, 1912, Salt Lake City, Utah, 
(iii) MARY ALTA AIKEN", b. Feb. 19, 1920, Montrose, Colo. 
(iv) WILLIAM G. AIKEN", JR., b. Feb. 12, 1921, Montrose, Colo. 

(d) SHIRLEY PRICE", b. Aug. 3, 1891, Ohio City, Ohio; m. 1913 to 
Edwin Lumry, son of Sylvester and Jennie (Allig) Lumry. 

(i) EVERETT HERNON LUMRY", b. Nov. 12, 1914, Drumright, 

(ii) ZONA THELMA LUMRY", b. Aug. 10, 1916, Drumright, 

(iii) MYRTLE CARRIE LUMRY", b. Sept. 16, 1918, Drumright, 

(iv) WESLEY EARL LUMRY", b. Jan. 24, 1920, Drumright, Okla. 

(e) BERYLE PRICE", b. Nov. 9, 1893, Ohio City, Ohio; plumber; res., 
Montrose, Colo. 

(3) ALBERT PRICE", b. June 20, 1860; m. Dec. 30, 1882 to Ella Anderson, 
of Morrow, Ohio; res., Wilmington, Ohio. 

(a) JOCELYN PRICE", b. Nov. 24, 1883 ; m. June 30, 1908 to Henry Lee 
Hendricks ; farmer ; res., Somerset, Ky. ; she res.. Bowling Green, 

(i) ALBERT LEE HENDRICKS", b. Scottsville, Ky., Aug., 1909. 
(ii) NORMAN PRICE HENDRICKS", b. Scottsville, Ky., Sept. 8. 

(iii) MARY JO HENDRICKS", b. Scottsville, Ky., Sept. 8, 1913. 
(iv) FRANCES HENDRICKS", b. Scottsville, Ky. 
(v) HENRY WALLACE HENDRICKS", b. Scottsville, Ky., Dec. 

16, 1915. 
(vi) ROBERT EDWARD HENDRICKS", b. Jan. 6, 1919, Bowling 

Green, Ky. 
(vii) ELIZABETH JANE HENDRICKS", b. June, 1920, Bowling 

Green, Ky. 

(b) DALE B. PRICE", b. Feb. 14, 1885; m. Dec. 4, 1905 to Daisy Miller; 
res., Blakeville, Tenn. 

(i) GERTRUDE PRICE", b. Somerset, Ky., Sept. 9, 1906. 

(ii) RAYMOND GAYLOR PRICE", b. Somerset, Ky., June 20, 

(iii) DAISY JUNE PRICE", b. Dayton, Ky., June 1, 1909. 
(iv) JESSIE PRICE", d. young, 
(v) DAVID PRICE", b. Dayton, Ky., 1913. 
(vi) MILDRED PRICE", b. Dayton, Ky., 1915. 


(vii) MARGARET PRICE", b. Dayton, Ky., 1919. 

(4) HARVEY PRICE", d. young. 

(5) GENEVIEVE PRICE'", b. Feb. 9, 1866; m. July 4, 1884 to Harry Osborn, 
son of Uriah Osborn ; both teachers ; Rossburg, Ohio. 

(a) HAROLD OSBORNE", b. Feb. 9, 1888. 

(6) SUSAN LILLIAN PRICE", b. Sept. 9, 1871; m. Sept. 10, 1887 to 
Walter V. Osborne, b. 1868, son of Uriah Osborne ; res., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

(a) JESSIE PRICE OSBORNE", b. Mar. 9, 1890; m. Nov. 25, 1910. 
(i) THEODORE WALTER OSBORNE", b. Jan., 1916. 

(ii) EDWARD OSBORNE", b. July 9, 1919. 

(b) CATHERINE OSBORNE", b. Mar. 12, 1895; m. Mar. 1, 1917 to 
Collis Sutton, b. Mar. 24, 1883, son of Jonas Sutton; carpenter and 
farmer ; res., Edenton, Ohio. 

(i) ROBERT LYLE SUTTON", b. Jan. 1, 1919. 

(c) ELIZABETH MARIE OSBORNE", b. Feb. 25, 1903; m. Dec. 13, 
1922 to Lloyd Conover, b. 1898. 

(i) HAZEL MARION CONOVER", b. May, 1922. 

(d) WALTER NEAL OSBORNE", b. Feb. 21, 1908. 

(e) WENDELL NEAL OSBORNE", b. Sept. 26, 1910. 

(f) MARIOUS DALE OSBORNE", b. Dec. 4, 1912. 

4126". JOHN WESLEY, b. Oct. 23, 1836; m. Elizabeth Atkinson, 6411-6. 

4126". vi. DAVID, b. Aug. 6, 1839; d. Oct. 31, 1839. 

4126". vii. SYNTHA, b. 1840 ; d. young. 

4126". viiii. JAMES HARVEY, b. June 13, 1841 ; m. Amanda Goodpaster, 6417-21. 

4126". ix. ISAAC ELBERT, b. Apr. 24, 1847; d. July 12, 1847. 

4126". xi. AMOS BALDWIN, b. Sept. 15, 1842; m. Virginia F. Kouna, 6422-28. 

4126'". xi. SARAH EMALINE, b. Nov. 8, 1846; m. M 2, 1869 to John 

West; he d. Jan. 26, 1922; served three years in the Civil War; she 
d. Mar. 21, 1874; bur. West Woodville, Ohio (Eagle Cemetery). 


(2) AMOS WEST". 

(3) LILLIAN E. WEST", m. Mills ; res., Zionsville, Ind. 

(a) EARL MILLS", served eighteen months in World War. 

4126". THOMAS J., b. July 8, 1852 ; m. Cora Cooney, 6429-32. 

4126". WILLIAM HAMILTON, b. Mar. 30, 1854; m. Amanda Belle Atkins, 
4126''. PHOEBE JANE, b. Feb. 5, 1856; m. Sept. 25, 1873 to Aquilla Anderson, 
b. Dec. 21, 1843. 

(1) DORA ANDERSON", b. Blanchester, Ohio, Sept. 5, 1874; teacher; grad- 
uated from Ohio Wesleyan University; m. Morrow, Ohio, Oct. 27, 1898 
to Elbert Shawhan, b. July 7, 1869; railroad mail service; d. Jan. 12, 

(a) MARGARET HELEN SHAWHAN", b. June 27, 1902, Morrow, 
Ohio. ; graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University. 

(b) ELBERT NEIL SHAWHAN", b. Oct. 15, 1908. 

(2) FRANK C. ANDERSON", b. Feb. 7, 1876, Morrow, Ohio; m. Sept. 3, 
1914 to Lucy Atkinson, b. Feb. 15, 1876, dau. of Thomas Atkinson; res., 
Lebanon, Ohio. 


(3) MAUDE ANDERSON", b. Nov. 29, 1877; m. Nov. 3, 1897, Morrow, 
Ohio to Frank Whiteacre, b. Aug. 26, 1874, son of William T. White- 
acre ; lumber dealer, Columbus, Ohio. 

(a) FLORENCE WHITEACRE", b. Oct. 3, 1898; graduate of Ohio 
State University; m. Oct. 15, 1922, Columbus, Ohio, to Francis Hart- 
well Fassett, b. Dec. 4, 1894, son of Francis K. Fassett. 

(4) STELLA ANDERSON'", b. June 29, 1879; m. 1st, July 31, 1902 to 
Clinton Trovillo, b. Aug. 18, 1878; m. 2nd, Charles G. Williamson, Oct. 1, 
1913; he was b. July 31, 1857; real estate; res., Dayton, Ohio; d. Oct. 5, 

(a) FRANCES TROVILLO", b. Sept. 14, 1903 ; m. Bert John Bratt, b. 
Dec. 9, 1900; golf supplies; res., Chicago, 111. 

(i) HARRY ALBERT BRATT", b. Sept. 2, 1922. 

(b) CHARLES RICHARD WILLIAMSON", b. July 1, 1914. 

4126". XV. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, b. Feb. 26, 1858; m. Ida Tinton, 6439-41. 
4126". xvi. EMMA IZETTA, b. Apr. 18, 1862; m. Isaac Bell; she d. Feb., 1886; 
he d. 1914. 
(1) HARVEY BELL"; res., Indianapolis, Ind. 
4126''. xvii. WILLARD WINTER, b. Dec. 16, 1863 ; d. young. 

2605". ARGALUS ISAAC (1260, 443, 131, 39, 11, 3, 1), (twin), m. Adelia N. 
Gregory, of New Haven, Conn. ; she d. 1876 in Wisconsin. 
FRANK G., d. in Wisconsin. 
ANDREW, d. in Wisconsin. 

WILLIAM ARGALUS, m. Jennie ; 2 daus., and 2 granddaus. 

ANDREW T. FOOTE, b. Aug. 13, 1834; d. Feb. 6, 1917; unm. 

AMOS CURTIS, JR., b. Dec. 26, 1848; m. 1st, Helen Pennett; m. 

2nd, Lottie Bradbury, 6442-4. 

JOHN M. FOOTE, m. Lilly Rosafy, 6445-7. 

HARRIET ELIZABETH, m. Albert Collins; he d. Aug. 4, 1921; 

she d. Dec. 16, 1919. 

(1) HARRY FOOTE COLLINS", res., Mishawaka, Ind. 


2609. J^ULUNDUS SHERMAN FOOTE (1262, 443, 131, 39, 11, 3), b. Nov. 10, 
1906 ; m. Eliza Andrus ; inspector in the Canal Office, Buffalo, N. Y. 
4128'. i. HATTIE, m. , an Episcopalian minister of Buffalo, N. Y. 

2613. ALBERTUS B. FOOTE (1262, 443, 131, 39, 11, 3), b. Nov. 3, 1818; m. 
Dec. 24, 1840 to Caroline Wellman Goodsell, dau. of Zalmon Goodsell, of Brookfield, 
Conn. He was a poet of more than usual gifts. A small collection of his work 
appears in "Poets and Poetry of Vermont," published in 1859 or 1860. He was also 
at two periods, editor of the old Rutland (Vt.) Herald. The famous poetess, 
Julia C. Dorr, who lives at Rutland, Vt., knew him well. For the last twenty years 
of his life he held a position in the War Department at Washington and was con- 
sidered one of the finest penmen in any of the departments at that time. 

4129. i. ELIZA ANN, b. June 12, 1842; m. Redfield Duryea; res., Washington, 

D. C. 

4130. ii. MARY FRANCES, b. July 26, 1814; d. Dec. 12, 1844; res., Kent 

















4131. iii. CARRIE ELIZABETH, b. Jan. 24, 1847; m. Moulton; res, 

Washington, D. C. 

2614. CHARLES PARMELE FOOTE (1262, 443, 131, 39, 11, 3), b. Manlius, 
N. Y., Nov. 3, 1823 ; d. Milwaukee, Wis., Mar. 27, 1903 ; res., Milwaukee, Wis. 

2617. REV. GEORGE L. FOOTE, learned the shoemaker's trade partially with 
his father, who d. when he was 15 years old, and partially in Bridgeport, Conn., but 
concluded to study for the ministry ; he prosecuted his studies at Elizabeth, N. J., 
in connection with teaching there as an assistant of B. L. Noble and was graduated from 
Washington, not Trinity College, in 1837. He was duly instrumental in the founding 
of the Newtown Academy, and while its principal he was m. Apr. 28, 1839 to Minerva 
Tuttle. On June 9, 1840, he was ordained as deacon in Trinity Church, New Haven, 
Conn., and preached in St. John Church, Bridgeport, Conn., Nov. 9, 1841. For ten 
years he was rector of Christ Church, Roxbury, Conn. During the next six years 
he was rector of Zion Church, McLean, N. Y. He founded St. Mary Church in 
Truxton, Conn. For two years he was rector of Christ Church, Shelborne, N. Y. 
From that field he went to New Berlin, N. Y., as an associate rector and principal of 
St. Andrew School, remaining three years. In Mar., 1860, he was settled rector of 
Zion Church in Morris, N. Y., where he d. Nov. 7, 1863. 

4131\ i. EMMA LOUISE, m. Samuel J. Hooker ; res., Milwaukee, Wis. 




2620. FREDERICK W. FOOTE; his father d. when he was 11 years old; at the 
age of 12 years he went to live with David Curtis, a combmaker on Mile Hill, New- 
town, Conn., with whom he remained three years and then returned to his home and 
until 17, during the summers worked at whatever he found to do; attended school 
through the winters. At 17 he went to Elizabeth, N. J., and there taught for two 
years in a district school ; next he was for a time assistant in the Trenton Academy, 
his superior being Rev. Samuel Starr, brother of the late Edward Starr, of Newtown, 
Conn., and for a time was assistant to his brother and principal of the Newtown 
Academy. In 1839 he returned to Elizabeth, N. J., and for 30 years he uninterrupt- 
edly engaged in teaching; at the expiration he went into journalism, purchasing the 
Elisabeth Journal, which he left in a flourishing condition at the time of his death, 
which occurred Mar. 18, 1879. For 40 years he was a communicant in St. John 
Parish, and for 20 years its Sunday school superintendent. 

4140. iii. FRANCES MEEKER, b. Sept. 15, 1846; m. Apr. 21, 1875 to William 
Boyce Eakin; he d. ; she d. Aug., 1928. 

4146. HENRY HAWLEY FOOTE, b. Elizabeth, N. J., Apr. 30, 1862; d. Morris 
Plains, N. J., Nov. 15, 1910; he lived in Elizabeth, N. J., all his life. 
4148. MARY S. FOOTE (HOVEY). Mr. Hovey d. Dec. 14, 1916, Cleveland, 
(1) CHARLES ALBERT HOVEY'", m. Sept. 7, 1909, Cleveland, Ohio, to 
Laura Thacker ; employed at post oifice in Cleveland, Ohio. 

(a) CHARLES ALBERT HOVEY", JR., b. Aug. 4, 1914, Cleveland, 

(b) FLORENCE MILDRED HOVEY'S b. Nov. 30, 1920, Cleveland, 


(2) RALPH HOVEY", m. May 24, 1917, Cleveland, Ohio, to Margaret 
Keeler, of Mason, W. Va. ; he was assistant to president at Chase School 
of Applied Science, Cleveland, Ohio; he d. Jan. 4, 1924. 
4157. iii. WILLIAM HENRY (2635, 1274), b. Jan. 6, 1841; m. Melissa A. 

Fuller, 5573'. 
4164. iii. HELEN AMELIA, b. Feb. 20, 1842; m. Norman R. Collins, May 6, 
1863 ; res., Homer, Mich. Children all b. at Wheatland. Mr. Collins 
was a very successful school teacher in his younger days and was a 
prominent citizen, being supervisor of his town for 21 years in suc- 
cession. His three daus. were all graduates from Hillsdale College ; 
later teachers in public schools. 

(1) ELMER JAMES COLLINS'", b. Dec. 15, 1864; d. Jan. 1, 1876. 

(2) ELLA DETTE COLLINS'", b. Mar. 12, 1867; m. June 8, 1898 to 
Frank E. Deming ; merchant ; res.. Homer, Mich. 

(a) HELEN ISABEL DEMING", b. Aug. 11, 1904. 

(b) RUTH ELLA DEMING", b. Dec. 3, 1907. 

(3) DELLA COLLINS", b. Apr. 3, 1876; m. Sept. 20, 1899 to Vernon G. 
Lamb ; postmaster at Winona Lake, Ind. 

(a) HELEN MARIA LAMB", b. Aug. 6, 1904. 

(b) RONALD SPENCER LAMB", b. Mar. 25, 1908. 

(4) MARY HELEN COLLINS", b. Dec. 13, 1880; m. Mauria E. Tripp, 
Sept. 19, 1906; lawyer at Ann Arbor, Mich. 

(a) MAURICE EMMETT TRIPP", b. June 16, 1907. 

2641. AUGUSTUS NORMAN FOOTE, m. Susan Sarah Parks, dau. of Abijah 
Parks; she d. May 26, 1916; he d. Feb. 5, 1911; bur. Adrian, Mich. 

4178. DELLA ELEANOR, b. Sept. 25, 1885; d. Sept. 28, 1917; bur. Battle Creek, 

4179. NETTA AUGUSTA, b. Aug. 17, 1856. 
4188. iii. GEORGE W., m. 6448-52. 

4190'. iii. MARY BELL, res., Fredericktown, Ohio. 

2645. ADONIJAR FOOTE, d. Mar. 2, 1897. 

4191. i. LOIS D., b. Oct. 18, 1839; m. Jan. 16, 1862 to Alexander Austin; 
she d. June 9, 1920; res., Fredericktown, Ohio. 


(2) JAY C. AUSTIN'". 

4193'. V. ABBIE R., d. May 16, 1907. 

41931 vi. THOMAS RIGDON, res., Los Angeles, Calif. 

4193'. vii. CORNELIA J., m. Reynolds. 



4195. ix. MARY E., b. Oct. 4, 1855 ; m. Nov. 20, 1877 to Lewis Dickey. 

(1) OMER DICKEY'", b. 1878; d. 1903. 

(2) BESSIE DICKEY'", b. 1882; m. James Whitesell. 
(a) VIRGINIA WHITESELL", b. Feb. 6, 1919. 

(3) IDA DICKEY'", b. 1888; m. John P. Ennis. 

(4) SAMUEL DICKEY'", b. 1889; m. Gertrude Ross Diebey. 
(a) SAMUEL DICKEY", JR., b. Mar. 12, 1932. 

(5) LULA DICKEY'", b. 1893; m. Harry Eschman. 


(6) JOHN DICKEY", b. 1895; m. Florence Hollaway Dickey. 
4199. xii. JAMES BEDELL, d. Mar. 28, 1932; he had long been a prominent 
Fredericktown, Ohio, resident. Aside from his position with the Bell 
Company, the products of which went all over the world, Mr. Foote 
was a portrait painter of ability. He also owned several farms although 
he had never been a farmer. He grew to manhood in field and forest 
and became a great lover of nature, which in later years was to develop 
his talents into that of an artist of more than ordinary ability, being 
equally adept with crayon, water colors or oil. He was a member of 
the Presbyterian Church; res., Fredericktown, Ohio. 

2661'. CHRISTOPHER FOOTE (1287, 459, 137, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. Mar. 6, 1835; 
m. 1st, 1856 to Sarah Allen, b. 1832; d. 1867; he m. 2nd, Belle Anderson, b. Dec. 24, 
1867; d. Mar. 6, 1923; he d. Dec. 5, 1910. 

4235*. i. MARY ELOUISE, b. July 10, 1858; m. May 10, 1875 to William 
Pearce, b. Mar. 21, 1852; d. Sept. 6, 1906; res., Unadilla, N. Y. 

(1) NORA BELLE PEARCE", b. Feb. 21, 1891. 

(2) ERNEST PEARCE", b. June 16, 1882; m. Oct. 4, 1905 to Elizabeth 
Bradley ; res., Binghamton, N. Y. 

(a) HOWARD GRAYDON PEARCE", b. Mar. 12, 1907. 
4235*. ii. HERMON, b. Apr. 15, 1872; m. Hattie Burroughs, 6463'. 

2661*. DR. ZIBA HASTINGS FOOTE (1297, 460, 140, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. Bedford, 
Ind. ; m. 1st, Evelyn Stevens, 1856; m. 2nd, Mary Post, 1891. 
4235'. i. OSCAR, b. Bedford, Ind., 1857; m. Elizabeth Murphy, 6467". 
4235*. ii. WINTHROP ALVIN, b. Sullivan, Ind.; m. Gertrude McAllister, 

4235°. iii. FLORA BELLE, b. Sullivan, Ind. ; m. Cal Brown, 1888, son of John 

and Nancy (McClary) Brown, Farmersburg, Ind. 

(1) HERMAN C. BROWN", b. 1889; d. 24 years of age. 

(2) EUNICE BROWN", b. Farmersburg, Ind. ; d. 2 years of age. 

(3) BESSIE BROWN", b. 1896, Farmersburg, Ind.; m. Benj. J. Boston, b. 
Lewis, Ind., son of Matthew and Burnette (Foreman) Boston. 

(a) LLOYD BROWN BOSTON", b. 1914. 

(b) JUNE BOSTON", b. 1917. 

(4) CURTIS FOOTE BROWN", b. 1900; teacher in Evansville, 111., High 
School ; m. Violet Southard, 1929, dau. of John and Flora Southard, of 
Henderson, Ky. 

(5) ALLENE BROWN", b. 1904; teacher. 

2666. ABEL FOOTE (1303, 464, 140, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. July 19, 1817; m. Oct. 27, 
1840 to Abbey Atkins, b. June 6, 1824, Danbury, Conn. ; hat stiffener ; d. Jan. 6, 1891 ; 
res., Danbury, Conn. 


GEORGE PENOYER, b. Jan. 27, 1844; m. Ellen Wildman, 6472-4. 


JULIA A., m. Rivington. 


EDWARD, b. 1854; he d. Oct. 27, 1927; res., Danbury, Conn. 
4235". vii. SUSAN I., b. 1857; res., Danbury, Conn. 
4235". viii. CHARLES R., b. 1861 ; res., Danbury, Conn. 










. V. 




4235". ix. EVELYN R., b. 1865; m. Wildman; she d. Feb. 19, 1928; res., 

Danbury, Conn. 
4235". X. HOWARD. 

2667. GRANDISON D. FOOTE (1303, 464, 140, 39, 11, 3, 1), b. Feb. 25, 1820; 
m. Nov. 6, 1844 to Mercy A. Porter; res., Danbury, Conn. 
4235". i. ANNA, res., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
4235". ii. FRANK, res., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
4235". iii. CLEM, res., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

2683. PETER SHEPARD FOOTE (1318, 475, 142, 41, 11, 3, 1), b. Aug. 29, 

1824; m. 1st, Mar. 11, 1847 to Hannah W. Stoddard; d. June 13, 1849; m. 2nd, 

Theresa Sarah Rogers, Sept. 12, 1852; b. Apr. 13, 1838; he d. Jan. 11, 1882; Mrs. 

Foote res. Grand Rapids, Mich. (1923), 

4238'. i. ELIZABETH HANNAH, b. Jan. 1, 1854; m. Sept., 1873 to Byron 

Andrew Dillenback, b. Wyoming, Mich., Mar. 16, 1850; d. Grand 

Rapids, Mich., Oct. 23, 1907; she d. July 4, 1916. 

(1) LENNA FOOTE DILLENBACK", b. June 22, 1875; m. Sept. 2, 1897 
to Charles Edmund Stratton, b. July 17, 1874; res., Muskegon, Mich. 

(a) EDMUND ARTHUR STRATTON", b. Feb. 26, 1899, Grand Rapids, 

(b) HERVEY FOOTE STRATTON", b. Apr. 2, 1903, Muskegon, Mich. 

(2) ARTHUR LEON DILLENBACK", b. Oct. 3, 1876; m. Mabel May 
Gitchel ; res., Niles, Mich. 

(3) JENNIE ELIZA DILLENBACK", b. Sept. 8, 1878; m. 1st, Robert 
Hazelwood ; m. 2nd, Sherman Maggert, d. 1922 ; res., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

(a) HAROLD HAZELWOOD", b. Dec. 28, 1902, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

(b) ELIZABETH S. MAGGERT", b. Sept. 12, 1908, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

(c) DAYTON MAGGERT", b. Nov. 19, 1909, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

(d) CLAYTON MAGGERT", b. May 17, 1903, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

(4) ROGER MARTIN DILLENBACK", b. Oct. 1, 1889; m. Mar. 5, 1910 
to Ethel May Voll ; he d. Oct. 29, 1922 ; res.. Grand Haven, Mich. 

(a) HARRIET MINA DILLENBACK", b. Dec. 25, 1911. 

(b) JESSIE ATHENE DILLENBACK", b. Jan. 25, 1913. 

(c) MARION WINFIELD DILLENBACK", b. Sept. 19, 1914. 


(5) MINA IDA DILLENBACK,", b. Feb. 16, 1894; m. 1913 to John Detmer, 
b. Apr. 2, 1894. 

(a) RAYMOND JOHN DETMER", b. June 12, 1914. 
4238'. ii. JULIA DORCAS, b. Jan. 23, 1856; m. Mar. 24, 1886 to Herbert M. 
Dickinson ; she d. Apr. 4, 1892. 
(1) KENDALL FOOTE DICKINSON", b. Mar. 26, 1889, Grand Rapids, 
Mich.; m. 1st, Hazel Constantine; d. 1912; m. 2nd, June 10, 1916 to 
Margaret Bailey ; res.. Grand Rapids, Mich. ; electrical engineer with 
Kelsey Brewer Co. 

(a) HERBERT CONSTANTINE DICKINSON", b. Jan. 9, 1912, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

(b) THOMAS KENDALL DICKINSON", b. Dec. 14, 1917, Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

4238'. iii. IRA STEPHEN, b. July 23, 1860; d. Feb. 20, 1864. 


4238*. iv. IDA LOIS, b. Apr. 6, 1866; she has been office manager for J. C. 
Herkner Jewelry Co. for 30 years; res., Grand Rapids, Mich; she 
gave this copy for No. 2683. 

4243. i. JULIA AUGUSTA, b. New York, N. Y., May 12, 1850; m. Tarry- 
town, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1873 to Abraham Augustus Coles; after his death 
Mrs. Coles moved to Los Angeles, Calif., where she res. 

(1) EDWARD AUGUSTUS COLES", b. Nov. 22, 1874. 

(2) FREDERICK HENRY COLES", b. Jan. 9, 1880. 

(3) CHARLES LOUIS COLES", b. Aug. 23, 1883. 

(4) RUSSELL FOOTE COLES", b. Mar. 3, 1889. 

2707. OSCAR FOOTE (page 408, Volume I). 

4261.'. i. FLORENCE L., b. Ontonagon, Mich., 1849; d. there in 1852. 

4261". ii. CHARLES E., b. Ontonagon, Mich., 1851; d. Nov. 23, 1865; bur. 

Assinins, Mich. 
4261'. iii. HENRY G., b. L'Anse, Mich., 1853; d. Jan. 31, 1866; bur. Assinins, 

4261*. iv. WILLIAM O., b. L'Anse, Mich., 1855; d. 1857; bur. Assinins, Mich. 
4261°. V. MARY E., b. L'Anse, Mich., Nov. 16, 1858; m. 1st, May 2, 1877 to 

Charles L. Auge, b. 1843; d. June 6, 1879; m. 2nd, 1892 to Philip 

Voeth, of L'Anse, Mich.; she d. June 22, 1894; bur. L'Anse, Mich.; 

he d. Oct., 1927. 

(1) EDWARD O. AUGE", b. L'Anse, Mich., Mar. 19, 1878; m. Denver, 
Colo., Mar. 12, 1907 to Mrs. Lelia Pennock Pequet, of Baraga, Mich., b. 
Aug. 22, 1884; d. July 21, 1914; her son Homer Pequet, b. Baraga, Mich., 
Feb. 14, 1904; res., L'Anse; Mr. Auge is (1923) with the Royal Tiger 
Mining Co., Tiger, Colo., and kindly gave this family record; res., Breck- 
enridge, Colo. 

(2) CHARLES R. AUGE", b. L'Anse, Mich., Apr. 7, 1879; m. Oct., 1906 to 
Lufanny Kinney, of New York, N. Y., b. May 15, 1879; telephone agent 
at Breckenridge, Colo., for four years; res. (1923), Denver, Colo.; she d. 
July 31, 1924. 

(a) MARY AUGE", b. Salida, Colo., Dec. 28, 1907. 

4262. vi. ROBERT WALLACE, b. June 26, 1860; m. Margaret Burnheimer, 


4263. vii. FRANK W., b. L'Anse, Mich., Aug. 10, 1862; supervisor of L'Anse, 

Mich., for 10 years ; d. May 28, 1919 ; bur. L'Anse, Mich. 
4263'. viii. VERONICA R., b. L'Anse Mich., Mar., 1864; d. Jan. 31, 1866; bur. 

Assinins, Mich. 
4263*. ix. LILLIAN B., b. L'Anse, Mich., Feb. 16, 1867; d. July 30, 1887; bur. 

L'Anse, Mich. 
4264^ X CORNELIA W., b. L'Anse, Mich., Feb. 10, 1869; m. July, 1894 to 

Walter R. Harris ; d. Nov., 1918, Houghton, Mich. ; she d. Sept., 1917, 

Hancock, Mich. 

(1) ADELINE J. HARRIS", b. L'Anse, Mich., July 22, 1895; m. July, 1919 
to Hans Hagan, of Akron, Ohio. 

(a) HELEN HAGAN", b. Akron, Ohio, June 21, 1891. 

(2) MARY LOUISE HARRIS'", b. L'Anse, Mich., May 9, 1898; teacher, 
Akron, Ohio. 

(3) ROBERT FOOTE HARRIS'", b. Mass City, Mich., Nov. 25, 1903. 


2709\ CHARLES FOOTE (1325, 481, 143, 41, 11, 3, 1), b. 1841; m. 1871 or 1872 
to Jennie Bryan ; he d. Jan. 31, 1873. 
4265'. i. GRACE, b. Dec. 31, 1873; m. 1st, F. J. Cowen; judge of Circuit 
Court, Salmon, Ida. ; m. 2nd, Nov. 21, 1914 to Frank A. Sullivan, of 
Warren, Ohio; she d. Nov. 27, 1923. 
4265'. ii. CHARLOTTE, b. Apr. 11, 1876; m. 1st, Orville Billings, of Salmon, 
Ida. ; m. 2nd, Sept. 22, 1904 to O. L. Newcomer ; res., Los Angeles, 
(1) RHEA R. BILLINGS", m. L. L. Thompson; Mr. Thompson is attorney 
general of Washington. 

2718. GEORGE BRYANT FOOTE (1333, 486, 145, 41, 11, 3, 1), b. Aug. 17, 

1808; m. 1st, Sept. 10, 1833 to ; she was b. Stamford, N. Y., May, 1809; d. 

June 15, 1835, Hobart, N. Y. ; m. 2nd, June 12, 1836 to Emma Glover, b. Newtown, 
Conn., Feb. 1, 1813; d. Nov., 1887; bur. Hobart, N. Y 

4279. i. BAILEY, b. Hobart, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1834; d. ; bur. Hobart, 

N. Y. 

4280. ii. MARY JANE, b. Hobart, N. Y., Mar. 23, 1837; bur. Roxbury, N. Y., 

June 12, 1909 ; m. Samuel Hoyt Stevens, Mar. 19, 1861 ; he d. and bur. 
in Harpersfield, N. Y. 

(1) ANADINE STEVENS", b. Davenport, N. Y., Apr. 6, 1863; d. Jan. 10, 

(2) CARRIE EUGENIA STEVENS", b. Davenport, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1865; 
d. July 23, 1916; m. Bruce S. Preston, son of Otis Marshall and Angelia 
(Lamb) Preston, Mar. 29, 1892; res., Roxbury, N. Y. 

(a) ANGIE PRESTON", b. Roxbury, N. Y., Sept. 17, 1894; m. 
George W. Tupper, Feb. 16, 1916. 

(i) ELIZABETH PRESTON TUPPER", b. Apr. 11, 1920. 

(b) GRACE STEVENS PRESTON", b. Roxbury, N. Y., Aug. 25, 1896; 
teacher ; unm. 

(c) KENNETH BRUCE PRESTON", b. Roxbury, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1900; 

university student ; unm. 

(d) OTIS SAMUEL PRESTON", b. Roxbury, N. Y., Apr. 3, 1903 ; high 
school student. 

(3) EDWARD DRAPER STEVENS" Hobart, N. Y., b. Sept. 3, 1867, 
Harpersfield, N. Y. ; m. Nellie Sturgess, Feb. 22, 1892; creamery man. 

(a) MARY ELIZABETH STEVENS", b. Hobart, N. Y., Mar. 28, 1895; 
welfare worker ; unm. 

(b) STODDARD STEVENS", b. Hobart, N. Y., Nov. 16, 1897; in oil 
field ; unm. 

(c) RALPH STURGESS STEVENS", b. Hobart, N. Y., Sept. 23, 1898; 
in oil field ; unm. 

(d) SAMUEL HOYT STEVENS", b. Hobart, N. Y., May 9, 1900; 
superintendent ; unm. 

(e) HELEN STEVENS", b. Hobart, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1904. 

(f) FRANCES STEVENS", b. Hobart, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1907; high 
school student. 


(4) GEORGE FOOTE STEVENS", b. Harpersfield, N. Y., May 18, 1869; 
d. Mar. 27, 1905; m. Marion McLaughlin, Sept. 14, 1897; bur. Harpers- 
field, N. Y.; dentist. 

(a) GEORGE FOOTE STEVENS", JR., Springfield, Mass., b. Oct. 25, 
1899, Philadelphia, Pa. ; law student in Syracuse University. 

(b) HAROLD HOYT STEVENS", b. Aug. 31, 1902, Boston, Mass.; d. 
Oct. 17, 1909; bur. Roxbury, N. Y. 

(5) GRACE STEVENS", b. Harpersfield, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1870; dietitian; 


(6) STODDARD STEVENS", Springfield, Mass.; b. Harpersfield, N. Y., 
Mar. 30, 1872; m. Oct. 18, 1905 to Frances Mary Foote (see No. 4997 for 
full record). 

(a) MARY LUCINDA STEVENS", b. Mar. 8, 1907, Philadelphia, Pa. 

(7) SAMUEL HOYT STEVENS", New York, N. Y., b. Harpersfield, 
N. Y., Feb. 19, 1874; certified accountant; unm. 

4280\ iii. STODDARD STEVENS FOOTE, b. Hobart, N. Y., 1850; d. 1851; 

bur. Hobart, N. Y. 
4280^ iv. GEORGE BAILEY FOOTE, Bridgeport, Conn., b. Hobart, N. Y., 

1841; d. 1882; m. Martha Jenkins; bur. Hobart, N, Y. 
42801 V. BRUNDAGE HANFORD FOOTE, Stanford, N. Y., b. Jan. 26, 1847; 

m. Emma Grant, 1876, 5656* to 5656". 
4282. ii. RACHEL ANN, d. May 1, 1908; he d. Oct. 19, 1900; both bur. 

Kenosha, Wis. 

(1) GEORGE FOOTE REYNOLDS", farmer; res.. South Bend, Ind. 

(2) PHILIP HENRY REYNOLDS", b. Jan. 17, 1855; blacksmith; he d. 
Nov. 28, 1911. 

(a) THERESA REYNOLDS", b. Dec. 15, 1886; d. 1889. 

(b) JOHN REYONLDS", b. June 22, 1890; m. Feb. 22, 1911 to Marie 
Brosier ; res., Wadsworth, 111. ; farmers. 

(i) PHILIP JOHN REYNOLDS'-; b. Jan. 16, 1914. 
(ii) JOHN JOSEPH REYNOLDS'", b. July 13, 1916. 
(iii) WILLIAM ARTHUR REYNOLDS", b. May 5, 1921. 

(5) LOTTA REYNOLDS", b. Jan. 2, 1861; m. July 24. 1895 to M. E. 
Bemenderfer ; employed at the Federal Reserve Bank ; she was a teacher 
for years in the Chicago public schools ; she d. Dec. 7, 1928. 

(6) MARGARET REYNOLDS", res., LaGrange, 111. 

(7) ALFRED CHURCHILL REYNOLDS", employed Southern Pacific R. R. 
Co. ; he d. Feb. 8, 1931, Wichita Falls, Tex., where he held a responsible 
position with the Ft. Worth and Denver Ry. Co. ; Helen King Reynolds 
d. 1926. 

(8) JUSTIN B. REYNOLDS", b. Dec. 5, 1866; m. May, 1914 to Mrs. May 
Coppersmith ; a ranchman and cattleman at Hyannis, Neb. ; no children. 

(9) RICHARD A. REYNOLDS", b. July 5, 1869; m. Nov. 28, 1894 to 
Alice E. Crosby ; res., Wheaton, 111. ; employed C. M. & St. Paul Ry. Co. 

(a) RICHARD A. REYNOLDS", b. July 14, 1896; graduated Lake 
Technical and High School, Chicago, 111., Feb., 1914; at once entered 
the employ of the Western Electric Company where he is now em- 
ployed. Enlisted July 12, 1917. Served overseas 14 months; member 
of Co. C, 117th Field Signal Battalion of Rainbow (42nd) Division. 


Active member of La Verne T. Perrottet Post 76 of the American 
Legion. He m. Alice Rose Jimmyer, dau. of Capt. John W. and 
Lulu K. Jimmyer, June 14, 1931; b. Oct. 31, 1907, Baltimore, Md.; 
res., Baltimore, Md. 

(b) WILLIAM DELOS REYNOLDS", b. Sept. 13, 1898; entered Agri- 
cultural College of University of Wisconsin, Sept., 1915. Enlisted 
July 11, 1917; served overseas 12 months. Member of Supply Co., 
128th Inf., Red Arrow (32nd) Division. July 9, 1923, m. to Lucile 
Hill. He is a member of Kenosha police force ; res., Kenosha, Wis. 

(i) WILLIAM DELOS REYNOLDS", JR., b. Sept. 10, 1925. 

(c) JOHN LOWELL REYNOLDS", b. Oct. 11, 1901 ; graduate of West- 
ern State Normal, Kalamazoo, Mich. ; instructor in High School at 
Rochester, Mich. 

(d) OWEN DYNES REYNOLDS", b. Dec. 20, 1908, Pleasant Prairie, 
Wis. ; graduate of Western State University Normal ; teacher and 
athletic director ; m. Sept. 20, 1930 to Carolyne Ann French of Grand 
Rapids, Mich.; she was b. Belding, Mich., Oct. 26, 1908, dau. of Earl 
Dunham French and Ella May (O'Bryan) French. 

(e) BERWYN CHANDLER REYNOLDS", b. Feb. 24, 1912, Elmhurst, 
111. ; employed in First National Bank of Chicago, 111. ; res., Wheaton, 

(f) JOSEPHINE ALICIA REYNOLDS", b. Elmhurst, 111., Apr. 9, 
1915; senior in high school; res., Wheaton, 111. 

(10) ARTHUR LEON REYNOLDS'", b. June 24, 1872; m. June 28, 1894 
to Tina J. Threster. 

(a) HELEN MARGARET REYNOLDS", b. Jan. 27, 1895; m. Edwin 
Pentecost, agent for Grain Belt Supply Co. ; res., Indianapolis, Ind. 

(i) WILLIAM PENTECOST", b. Oct. 23, 1922. 

(b) ESTHER RACHEL REYNOLDS", b. Jan. 15, 1900; m. Dr. Fred 
Angle, of Kansas City, Kan. 

(i) FRED ANGLE", JR., b. May 19, 1927. 
(ii) THOMAS ANGLE", b. Apr. 24, 1930. 

(c) JOHN ROBERT REYNOLDS", b. Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 27, 1913. 

(11) JOSEPHINE L. REYNOLDS", b. May 15, 1874; m. Richard A. Selway, 
Nov., 1901 ; d. Dec. 8, 1914, Albuquerque, N. M. 

(a) VERA DALE SELWAY", m. Reuben A. Johnson, attorney-at-law 
Dec. 27, 1922; res., Newman Grove, Neb. 
(i) LEON REYNOLDS JOHNSON", b. Feb. 27, 1925. 
(ii) HARTRICE VERA JOHNSON", b. Nov. 3, 1928. 

4283. iii. CHARLOTTE AMANDA, d. Nov. 25, 1919, Pleasant Prairie, Wis. 

4284. iv. GEORGE WILLIAM, b. July 13, 1835; m. Jane Frances Husted, 


4285. v. EMMA CHURCHILL, b. Sept. 8, 1837; first white child b. in town- 

ship of Pleasant Prairie, Wis.; m. Feb. 23, 1862 to Henry Kirk White; 
he d. Aug. 31, 1905; bur. Kenosha. Wis.; she d. at the home of her 
son, Clarence W. White, Jan. 11, 1931, Pleasant, Prairie, Wis. 
(1) GEORGE HENRY WHITE'", b. Dec. 8, 1862; m. Apr. 20, 1887 to 
Florence Dabbs ; res., Kenosha, Wis. ; salesman, Dunnebeck Co. 


(a) EDNA GLADYS WHITE", b. May 17, 1889; graduate of Kenosha 
Business College ; m. Jan. 10, 1912 to Marcel Caesar ; res., Kenosha, 
Wis.; salesman; she d. Apr. 14, 1921; bur. Kenosha, Wis. 

(b) KENNETH GEORGE WHITE", b. Dec. 8, 1895; graduate of Keno- 
sha High School, 1914. Entered employ of American Brass Co., now a 
salesman for this company. Entered military service Apr., 1918 ; 
served overseas 12 months with 310th Engineers of 85th Division; m. 
Oct. 21. 1919 to Alice B. Hale; res., Detroit, Mich. 

(i) GEORGE HALE WHITE", b. Apr. 25, 1923, Detroit, Mich. 

(2) CLARA PHILINA WHITE", b. Aug. 26, 1865; m. Nov. 21, 1887, to 
Edwin Leroy Adams, of Kenosha, Wis. ; he d. Feb. 19, 1920 ; res., Chicago, 

(a) JAMES KIRK ADAMS", m. Elsie Stebbins ; Chicago salesman, 

(3) DALLAS WARD WHITE", m. Mrs. Christine Hansen, Oct. 14, 1914; 
res., Kenosha, Wis. ; no children. 

(4) CLARENCE WALTER WHITE", m. May 10, 1906 to Laura White, b. 
Apr. 7, 1881, dau. of Frank L. and Sarah Newell White ; she d. Mar. 5, 
1932; res.. Pleasant Prairie, Wis.; breeder of fine Guernsey cattle. 

(a) DORIS MARIE WHITE", b. Feb. 15, 1909; m. Mar. 28, 1928 to 
Charles Glacken ; res.. Pleasant Prairie, Wis. 

(i) JUNE ELLYN GLACKEN", b. June 23, 1929. 
4287. vii. JANE (or Jennie) FOOTE JONES, of Morristown, Minn.; d. Mar. 
20, 1926. 
(6) ALICE M. JONES'", m. Nov. 25, 1908 to Elfred Hand ; she d. Jan., 1915. 
4289. EMELINE MILLS, res., Charles City la. Mr. White d. Nov. 20, 1914; 
bur. Charles City, la. 

(2) LOUISE IRENE WHITE", m. Mar. 18, 1903 to Herbert M. Dawley, b. 
Sibley, la., Feb. 16, 1878 ; farmer ; res., Charles City, la. 

(3) MABEL E. WHITE", m. 1910 to Fred B. Thelen; mechanic; res., Charles 
City, la. Children all b. in Charles City, la. 

(a) JAMES B. THELEN", b. Oct. 31, 1911. 

(b) ELDON E. THELEN", b. June 5, 1913. 

(c) ARLEN DALE THELEN", b. Mar. 21, 1915. 

(d) WARD D. THELEN", b. Aug. 12, 1916. 

(e) ALMON R. THELEN", b. Nov. 13, 1917. 

(f) CHARLES WILLARD THELEN", b. June 15, 1919. 

(g) MORRIS W. THELEN", b. Sept. 24, 1920. 

2747. NORMAN BRAINERD FOOTE (1341, 488, 145, 41, 11, 3), b. Dec. 2, 
1820, Martinsburg, N. Y. He was a son of Adoniram Foote, who was a captain in 
the War of 1812. His mother was Emily Brainerd, a sister of Hon. Lawrence 
Brainerd, of Vermont, who was a zealous abolitionist, maintaining the last station of 
the "Underground Railway" for succoring escaped slaves on their way to Canada, 
and was repeatedly a candidate for governor on the Liberty Party ticket and pre- 
sided at the first convention of the Republican Party. Norman Brainerd Foote had 
his early business experience as secretary to Hon. John Rogers of the J. & J. Rogers 
Iron Company, of Black Brook and Ausable Forks, N. Y. He was m. Oct. 31, 1848 
to Maria Mills, dau. of Timothy Mills, a prosperous farmer and manufacturer of 


Lowville, N. Y., who had served in 1812 in the company of which Adoniram Foote 
was captain. Following his marriage, he established himself as a wholesale merchant 
at Rome, N. Y., his business eventually extending throughout central and northern 
New York and included staple groceries, lumber, oil and the entire output of the nail 
works of the Dannemora State Prison — the total yearly sales approximately $1,000,000 
— a substantial sum for this early period. He served on the boards of iron, oil and 
mining companies in which he was interested and took an active part in public affairs. 
He was a promotor and director of the Rome & Clinton Railroad, a connecting line 
that gave northern New York direct access to the markets of central and southern 
New York and a competing line to New York, N. Y. Mr. Foote was for many 
years an official member of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, of Rome, N. Y., 
and chairman of the building committee and a generous contributor at the time of 
the erection of its present commodious edifice, in which a large stained glass window 
honors his memory. He was deeply interested in the establishment of Syracuse 
University, of which, his dau., Emily Mills Foote, was the first enrolled student. 
He was of a kindly and social disposition, always ready to listen to appeals for 
assistance or advice ; an informed and interesting conversationalist ; progressive and 
energetic. He d. at his country home near Rome, N. Y., Sept. 6, 1900. Maria Mills 
Foote, wife of Norman Brainerd Foote, was a woman of education and culture ; her 
interests reaching beyond the church and society circles in which she moved. She was 
one of the founders of the New York State Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 
and a member of the executive committee the first year. She took an active part in 
the organization of branches of the Women's Foreign Missionary Society of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church in New York State, traveling with and introducing the 
general secretary, through her wide acquaintance in church circles. She was president 
of the local societies of both organizations for many terms and was continually 
writing and speaking in their interest. She d. Jan. 15, 1901, at the home of her son, 
John Rogers Foote, Rome, N. Y. 

4302. EMILY MILLS FOOTE, b. Nov. 26, 1849, Adams. N. Y. Her childhood 
was spent in Rome, N. Y. After graduating from the Rome Academy and 
Falley Seminary at Fulton, N. Y., she entered Syracuse University as its 
first enrolled student. For many years she was the teacher of an organized 
Bible class in the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Rome, which fol- 
lowing her death was given the name of "The Foote Philathea Class." She 
d. Dec. 18, 1922, Rome, N. Y. ; unm. 

4303. FREDERICK NORMAN FOOTE, b. July 23, 1852; m. Nora French 
Thompson, 5699-5708. 

4304. JOHN ROGERS FOOTE, b. Jan. 23, 1854; m. Sept. 22, 1887 to Mary F. 
Kirkland, 5709-12. 

4305. EDWARD HIBBARD FOOTE, b. Dec. 31, 1858, Rome, N. Y. In his 
early years he was associated with his father, who was a wholesale merchant and 
manufacturer ; interested in and a liberal contributor to philanthropic movements. [ 
Inheriting philanthropic interest, he became active in the work of the Young Men's | 
Christian Association in Brooklyn, N. Y., and was one of the founders and the or- 
ganizing secretary of the Bedford Branch of the Brooklyn, N. Y., Association, of 
which he is still a supporter and life member. With this institution firmly established, 
he returned to business life and for ten years lived in the Far East, where he was in 
charge of offices of an American corporation located at Manila, Shanghai and Singa- , 



Aged 72 years 
(See page 963) 


pore. He was a founder and chairman of the Christian work committee of the Young 
Men's Christian Association of Manila. He has supplied funds for the erection of two 
buildings for church and school use in the Island of Sumatra and is now supporting three 
Filipino preachers, as missionaries to the uncivilized, dwarf tribe of Negritos, the 
aborigines of the Philippines. The groups reached by these missionaries are now 
farming, living in houses, their children receiving some education and are, in every 
way, making marked progress. Fond of the out-of-doors and an extensive traveler, 
he has climbed in the Adirondacks, the Rockies, the Alps and the mountains of Japan. 
In connection with his residence abroad, he circumnavigated the globe three times. 
He has visited twenty-six foreign countries. His interest in people of many races, 
influenced his searching out and associated himself with the Church of All Nations, 
an institution doing organized work in the Bowery section of New York. He is a 
member of the Commission having its interests in charge and takes an active part in 
its extensive and many-sided work. He is also a supporter and a frequent attendant 
at the Church of the Filipinos in Brooklyn, N. Y., and an advisory member of its 
church council. He has addressed the Foreign Trade Council, the National Associa- 
tion of Manufacturers, and Chambers of Commerce on opportunities for the extension 
of American commerce in the Far East, and other bodies on general conditions in the 
Orient, and written extensively for papers interested in foreign commerce, and de- 
scriptive articles for a wider field. He is the senior member of The Foote System 
organization (philanthropic finance), a trustee of the Foundation for Narcotics 
Research and Information, Inc. (established by Prof. Irving Fisher, of Yale Univer- 
sity), a member of the National Advisory Committee of the Filipino Student Chris- 
tian Movement in America. He was elected president of the Foote Family Associa- 
tion at the meeting at Colchester, Conn., Aug. 6, 1931. His address is 551 Fifth 
Avenue, New York, N. Y. 

4306. WILLIAM ADAMS FOOTE, b. Sept. 7, 1863 ; m. Mary D. Smith, 5713-6. 

4307. SUSAN COWAN FOOTE, b. Sept. 4, 1865, Rome, N. Y., where her 
earlier years were spent. She took the full library course at Pratt Institute, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., and became a librarian in Lenox Library, New York, N. Y. 
Later she was in charge of the library at Somerville, Mass., and did special 
work in the library at Wilkes-Barre, Pa. She d. Mar. 1, 1913, Rome, N. Y. 

2750. JOHN BARTLETT FOOTE, D.D., b. July 1, 1826, Martinsburg, N. Y. ; 

d. Dec. 30, 1911, Syracuse, N. Y. Doctor Foote was educated at the Academy at 

Lowville, N. Y., and afterwards at the School of Theology at Concord, N. H., where 

he graduated in Nov., 1850. He was the first student to receive a diploma from what 

is known as the Boston School of Theology. He was a prominent and much respected 

minister in the Methodist Church and some will remember meeting him at the first 

Foote Reunion. Mrs. Foote d. Sept. 4, 1919; bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse, 

N. Y. 

4317. ii. MARTHA EMILY FOOTE CROW, d. Jan. 1, 1924, Chicago. 111.; 

cremated and bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse, N. Y., ashes in 

father's grave. To the end of her life she was engaged in writing and 

lecturing on literary topics, especially poetry, and is the author of a 

number of books, biographies and others. 

4319. WILLIAM YOUNG, D.K.E., proprietor book store, W. Y. Foote Co., 
Syracuse, N. Y., for many years ; he d. Mar. 24, 1920. 


4321. vi. ELIZABETH LOUISA, 1911 to 1920 was a branch librarian in the 

New York Public Library; 1920 to 1922, librarian of Drew Theological 
Seminary ; 1922 to date, res. in Syracuse, N. Y., and engaged in writing, 
particularly in the interests of religious education, active in W. C. T. U. ; 
graduate student at Syracuse University with degree M.A. in 1924, 
and church work; she graduated from Cazenovia Seminary in 1884; 
from Syracuse University in 1888, and from New York State Library 
School in 1892. 

4322. vii. MABELLE WINIFRED, m. Dec. 25, 1912, Syracuse, N. Y., to 

Julius F. Eller, b. Aug. 16, 1886, son of John and Caroline (Pfeiffer) 
Filer ; she d. Jan. 28, 1923 ; bur. Oakwood Cemetery ; res., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

(1) JEAN FOOTE ELLER", b. Jan. 20, 1915, Syracuse, N. Y. 

(2) WILLIAM FOOTE ELLER", b. Nov. 27, 1916, Syracuse, N. Y. 
4331. ii. LUCY P. 

(1) LYMAN F. MOREHOUSE", with American Tel. & Tel. Co., New York, 
N. Y. 
(a) DOROTHY MOREHOUSE", b. Feb. 5, 1907. 

(3) GRACE MOREHOUSE", m. Oct. 9, 1907 to Thurman S. Rogers, 
(a) THURMAN MOREHOUSE ROGERS", b. Apr. 24, 1909. 

(4) JAMES A. MOREHOUSE", m. Sept. 18, 1907 to Daisey Starney. 
4338. vi. ROBERT, b. Aug. 22, 1865; m. Jessie Ann Church. 5751. 

2761. REV. LEMUEL THOMAS FOOTE, chaplain of the George Thomas Post, 
G. A. R., of Rochester, N. Y. ; he d. Apr. 18, 1908, Rochester, N. Y. ; Mrs. Foote 
d. Nov. 18, 1911; both bur. Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, N. Y. 

4343. V. JENNIE AMANDA, b. Apr. 23, 1863; m. William Newman Patt, 
Aug. 11, 1891 ; res., Creston, la. 

(1) ROSCOE PATT", b. July 1, 1893; m. Dorothy Howard Haviland, dau. 
of Ferriss Howard and Mary Mandeville (Wiley) Haviland. 

(a) DOROTHY HAVILAND PATT", b. Reading, Pa., Oct. 31, 1918. 

(b) WILLIAM NEWMAN PATT", b. Reading, Pa., June 14, 1920. 

(c) FERRISS HOWARD HAVILAND PATT", b. Reading, Pa., Dec. 
28, 1921. 

(d) JOHN FOOTE PATT", b. Creston, la., Apr. 4, 1923. 

(2) LUELLA PATT", b. May 2, 1896; m. July 10, 1930 to Nathaniel A. 
Buck, b. May 9, 1889, Oxford, Johnson County, la., son of Charles S. 
and Minnie Cecelia (Crow) Buck. He is a descendant of William F. 
Buck, a native of Germany, son of Adolphus Buck, a physician and surgeon 
of Hanover and his grandfather was an officer in the Emperor's army. 
They came to America in 1844 and landed at New Orleans and traveled 
northward to Iowa City, la., where they had a general merchandise store. 
Republicans in politics. On his mother's side he is a direct descendant of 
Martha Washington in the eighteenth century (see "Crow Genealogy"). 
Nathaniel Buck has a dau., Gretchen Louise Buck, b. Jan. 19, 1921, by a i 
former marriage. Res., Creston, la. 

(a) CHARLES WILLIAM BUCK", b. Apr. 7, 1931, Creston, la. 

4345. i. FRANK WHITNEY, b. Aug. 3, 1858; m. Laura N. Hyde, 5752-5. 

4346. ii. JULIA BETSEY, m. Dec. 25, 1907 to George Washington Pye, b. ' 

May 8, 1851; B.A., University of Rochester; principal School No. 13, 


Rochester, N. Y. ; d. Apr. 5, 1911; she is a member of D. A. R. ; res., 
Pacific Palisades, Calif. 

4347. iii. MARY L., res., Earlville, N. Y. 

(1) MABEL CONKLIN^ m. Everett L. Patrie ; res., Castleton, N. Y.; she 
d. Jan. 21, 1923. 

4348. iv. SYLVIA, graduate of Wellesley College, 1889; Ph.D., Syracuse Uni- 

versity, 1897; member of D. A. R. 

(1) REV. FRANK L. GOSNELL", m. June 25, 1919 to Helen Evelyn Conard, 
b. Dec. 17, 1895, dau. of George P. and Helen (Underwood) Conard, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; B. A., Rochester University, 1914; B.D., Union Theo- 
logical Seminary, New York, N. Y., 1917; chaplain, 24th Engineers, 
World War; assistant pastor, Lafayette Ave. Presbyterian Church, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 1919-21 ; since 1921 pastor of Second Presbyterian Church of 
Auburn, N. Y. ; res.. Auburn, N. Y. 

(a) GRACE EVELYN GOSNELL", b. Mar. 31, 1922. 

(b) FRANK LAWRENCE GOSNELL", b. July 5, 1925. 

(c) HELEN CONRAD GOSNELL", b. Mar. 17, 1931. 

(2) ARTHUR J. GOSNELL'", m. Oct. 7, 1918 to Esther Avis Hale, b. Oct. 
11, 1893; member of S. A. R. ; B.A., Rochester University; assistant 
treasurer and accountant of the Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Co., 
Rochester, N. Y. ; she is a member of D. A. R. ; B.A., Rochester Univer- 
sity, 1917. 

(a) THOMAS HALE GOSNELL", b. Mar. 7, 1920, Rochester, N. Y. 

(b) ARTHUR JAMES GOSNELL", b. Oct. 14, 1924, Rochester, N. Y. 

(3) HAROLD FOOTE GOSNELL", B.A., University of Rochester, 1918; 
A. U. sergeant in Signal Corps, 1918; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1922; 
Nov., 1924, instructor in the Political Science Department at the Univer- 
sity of Chicago ; author of "Boss Piatt and His Political Machine" ; res., 
University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

(4) RALPH WHITNEY GOSNELL", B.A., University of Rochester, 1920; 
(Psi U.) Massachusetts Institute of Technology; mechanical engineer, 1923, 
now with Western Electric Co., New York, N. Y. ; res., New York, N. Y. ; 
assistant in the Political Science Department. 

(a) JOHN W. GOSNELL", b. July 19, 1926. 

(b) GEORGE CONRAD GOSNELL", b. Jan. 9, 1930. 

4403. i. WILLIAM CHAMBERLIN, b. Mar. 13, 1862; m. Minnie Albins 

HAYDEN, 6487-9. 

4404. ii. GRACE LEONA, b. Nov. 21, 1875 ; graduated from Wellesley College 

in 1901 ; taught school in Guilford, Conn. ; res., Jersey City, N. J. 

2790. SHERMAN FRISBIE FOOTE, d. Jan. 7, 1917; Mary Hutton Rice Foote, 
d. July 4, 1915. 

4408. i. ARTHUR ELLSWORTH, b. Jan. 3, 1874; m. Edith Burr Palmer, 


4409. ii. HENRY LYMAN, b. Mar. 11, 1881; graduate of Yale in 1904; m. 

Ruth Hamlin, Buffalo, N. Y. ; res., Cleveland, Ohio. 
4431. i. CORA EVA, m. Emery F. Porter, d. Oct. 4, 1911. 

(2) MAUDE LENORE PORTER", b. June 12, 1879; m. June 19, 1909 to 
C. F. Keuzenkamp, of Rotterdam, Holland, 
(a) CORNELIA KEUZENKAMP", b. Jan. 5, 1916. 


(b) BARBARA EVA KEUZENKAMP", b. Jan. 30, 1918. 

(c) BETTY MAY KEUZENKAMP", b. July 5, 1919. 

(3) ONA LENORE PORTER", b. June 2, 1883 ; m. Oct. 10, 1906 to Mead 
Wood, b. Nov. 21, 1882, son of William J. and Towena Jane Wood; res., 
New Port Richey, Fla. 

(a) CATHERINE PORTER WOOD", b. Oct. 14. 1907. 

(4) WILLARD FOOTE PORTER", b. Dec. 29, 1887; m. May 1, 1912 to 
Marie Augusta Golding, b. Jan. 7, 1888; res.. New London, Ohio. 

(a) PAULA PORTER", b. Mar. 24, 1913. 

(b) LESTER FOOTE PORTER", b. June 30, 1914. 

(c) JOHNSON GOLDING PORTER", b. Nov. 6, 1916. 

(d) MARY PORTER", b. Apr. 28, 1921. 

2832. BRONSON HENRY (not Henry Bronson), (1403, 520, 170. Z7, 13, 5, 1), 
b. Sept. 10, 1837, Fitchville. Ohio; m. 1st, Feb. 15, 1863 to Lucinda Hartman, dau. 
of Solomon Hartman; m. 2nd, Feb. 6, 1867 to Mary S. Clark, dau. of Amos and 
Ruth Ann Clark, Townsend, Ohio; she was b. Dec. 5, 1838; res.. Homer, Mich; he d. 
June 30, 1910; bur Clarendon, Mich.; Civil War veteran and G. A. R. member. 

4437. i. LUELLA E., b. Mar. 5, 1864; res.. Homer, Mich.; unm. 

4438. ii. SARAH LOUISA, b. Feb. 23, 1866, Ramona, Indian Ter. ; m. Oct. 24, 

1890 to James B. Seeley ; he d. Mar. 24, 1915 ; bur. Tulsa, Okla. ; she 
d. Apr. 14, 1921; bur. Fletcherville, Ohio. 

4439. JOHN CLARK, d. May 4, 1912; bur. Clarendon, Mich.; member of S. of V. 
Camp as long as there was a camp in Homer, Mich. 

4442. iii. MYRA LORENA, b. Apr. 10, 1887; m. Sept. 4, 1907 to Carl J. Smith. 

(1) VERGIE J. SMITH", b. June 11, 1908. 

(2) LLOYD W. SMITH", b. Aug. 6, 1911. 

(3) ROBERTA JUNE SMITH", b. June 8, 1914; d. June 10, 1914. 
4446. i. THERON A., b. Apr. 6, 1872; m. Alma C. Meier, 5821-5823'. 

2852. DR. SHERMAN LEWIS FOOTE (1423, 533, 170, Z7, 13, 5, 1), b. Pitts- 
field, Mass., Nov. 17, 1828; m. Margaret Smith, 1857, dau. of Jacob and Elizabeth 
445P. i. MARGARET, b. Oct. 5, 1861 ; m. Nov. 10, 1881 to Eugene I. Reeve, 
son of Joel and Mary Reeve, of Willoughby, Ohio. A member of one 
of the oldest families of Lake County. Since then they have res. in 
Willoughby, Ohio. Mrs. Reeve has always been deeply interested in 
the work of the schools, in the church and in club work of various 
kinds. She was a member of the Board of Education for many years, 
and has been a trustee of the Willoughby Township and Village Library 
and Historical Association since its beginning sixteen years ago. She 
has been a faithful worker in the Methodist Episcopal Church, being 
secretary, vice-president or president of the Willoughby Home Mis- 
sionary Society for a number of years. President of the Church Read- 
ing Circle for two more. For several years she was secretary of the 
Cleveland District and was vice-president and acting president for a 
year. She is a member of the Willoughby Woman's Club, of which 
she was president in 1921-1922, and is also a member of the Woman's 
Club of Cleveland, Ohio. 
(1) FLORENCE REEVE'", b. Willoughby, Ohio, Sept. 14, 1882; m. Aug. 30, 
1911 to Dr. Guy Wallace Preston, b. 1881, son of Francis Z. and Emma 


Preston, of Springfield, Vt. Florence Reeve received her early education 
in the Willoughby public schools, and has the degree of B.A. from West- 
ern Reserve University. Since then she has traveled extensively with Mr. 
Preston, both in this country and abroad. In the years 1915-17 they 
traveled around the world through Norway, Sweden, Russia, Manchuria, 
Korea and Japan. 

(2) MILDRED E. REEVE'", b. Oct. 16, 1887; received degree of B.A. at West- 
ern Reserve University in 1908, and her M.A. from Columbia University 
in 1914. She is now one of the science instructors in Hathaway-Brown 
School, Cleveland, Ohio. Member of the Woman's Club, the Women's 
City Club, and the Colonial Study Circle, all of Cleveland, Ohio, also of 
the Cleveland Art Museum and the Natural History Museum; res., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

(3) EUGENIA REEVE", b. Mar. 30. 1893. After graduating from high 
school, she studied music for a year in Cleveland, Ohio, and for three years 
in New York, N. Y., with Bertha Tapper; m. Aug. 4, 1914 to Willard 
DeMille Price, of New York, N. Y., editor of World Outlook, and writer 
(see "Who's Who"). She traveled in China and Japan getting material for 
articles. Associate editor Everyland. Writer for magazines and news- 
papers. Worked on the national publicity for drive for three millions for 
Oriental Colleges for Women. Gave course of lectures on Japan at 
Hackettstown, N. J., 1923. Member Studio Club of New York. Res., 
Tarrytown-on-the-Hudson, N. Y. 

(a) ROBERT DeMILLE PRICE", b. Oct. 11, 1915. 

2853. AARON HOLMES FOOTE (1423, 522, 170, Z7, 13, 5), b. Batavia, Ohio, 

Dec. 24, 1839; m. 1st, Mary M. Weir, b. Jan. 26, 1843; d. 21, 1884; 

m. 2nd, June, 1886 to Mrs. Ida Mona Wilson. He was a Union soldier; judge of 
the Probate Court of Douglas County, Kan., for two or three terms ; was city treas- 
urer of the city of Seattle, Wash ; was a life-long Republican and a Methodist ; he 
was also a lawyer and respected Christian citizen ; res., Seattle, Wash. 

445r. MARY IDA FOOTE, b. Mar. 5, 1873; d. Aug., 1895. 

445P. SHERMAN W. FOOTE, b. Sept. 13, 1875. 

4451*. MARVIN GARFIELD FOOTE, b. Sept. 19, 1881 ; d. Feb. 28, 1885. 

4459. WILLIAM LEBANONS FOOTE, b. Plains, Pa., Apr. 16, 1842 ; d. Wilkes- 
Barre, Pa., July 11, 1912. He served in the Union army from 1861 to 1865 and after- 
wards entered the coal business at Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Attended the family reunion at 
Rochester, N. Y., in 1909. 
4468. iii. JAMES B., b. Mar. 9, 1851 ; m. Hannah Stanton, 6491-6502. 
4483. vi. EMERY C, b. Nov. 16, 1873; m. Helen W. Lunger, 6511-20. 
4485. vii. BERT L., b. Dec. 11, 1880; m. Millie McCray. Served in the World 
War with Co. H, 107th Infantry of New York. Was shell-shocked 
and wounded while in action ; honorably discharged in 1918 ; d. from 
result of service in Brooklyn Naval Hospital, Aug. 23, 1929. 

2882. JOHN HENRY FOOTE (1443, 527, 171, 47, 13, 5), b. Sept. 22, 1831; m. 
Mar. 9, 1854 to Juliet Rosengrant, of Tunkhannock, Pa.; he d. Feb. 2, 1901. 
4506. i. ALONZO L., b. Nov. 4, 1854 ; m. Juliette Molton, 652r^ 
4506\ ii. ALMEDIA, b. Apr. 24, 1856; m. Jan. 14, 1872 to Lewis Rosengrant, 


b. Feb., 1850; d. Feb. 28, 1903; she d. Nov. 25, 1907; bur. Kassan 
Brook, Pa. 

(1) JULIETTE ROSENGRANT", b. July 1. 1873; m. Apr. 21, 1891 to 
Grant Thompson; she d. Oct. 9, 1902; res., Forkston, Pa. 

(a) JESSE THOMPSON", b. May 14, 1892; m. Maude Know. 

(b) DEXTER THOMPSON", b. Mar., 1894; d. Nov. 7, 1922. 

(c) ELIZABETH THOMPSON", b. Aug. 15, 1896; m. Nov. 7, 1922 to 
Elmer Meitdith. 

(d) GLENN THOMPSON", b. May 11, 1899; m. Bettie Rounk, b. June 
27, 1921. 

(2) FRANK R. ROSENGRANT"', b. Apr. 19, 1874; d. Mar. 14, 1901. 

(3) GRACE P. ROSENGRANT", b. Aug. 10, 1875; m. Fred Rogers; she d. 
Sept. 9, 1902. 

(a) HELEN ROGERS", b. Sept. 9, 1902; m. Nov. 23, 1921 to Elmer 

(4) LOUISE E. ROSENGRANT'", b. Mar. 28, 1876; m. George Crawford; 
she d. Apr. 23, 1904. 

(5) EDWARD I. ROSENGRANT'", b. Feb. 8, 1878; d. Jan. 27. 1887. 

(6) MAGGIE ROSENGRANT", b. Jan. 22, 1880; m. Adelbert Simons. 

(a) CHARLES SIMONS", b. July 31, 1898; d. Mar. 2, 1915. 

(b) GRANT SIMONS", b. Sept. 19, 1900. 

(c) WILLIAM SIMONS", b. Mar. 23, 1903. 

(d) RALPH SIMONS", b. Apr. 24, 1905. 

(e) LEO SIMONS", b. Mar. 28, 1908. 

(f) THEODORE SIMONS", b. May 10, 1910. 

(g) OSCAR SIMONS", b. Aug. 9, 1912. 

(h) KATHERINE SIMONS", b. Nov. 29, 1915. 

(i) EARL SIMONS", b. Feb. 18, 1919; d. Apr., 1919. 

(7) ELLA ROSENGRANT^ b. June 11, 1886; m. Scott White. 

(8) ESTELLA ROSENGRANT", b. May 10, 1888; m. James McNeal ; she 
d. Sept. 9, 1902. 

(9) EVA ROSENGRANT", b. Apr. 18, 1890; m. George McNeal. 

(10) JAMES ROSENGRANT", b. July 11, 1892; m. Mar. 20, 1920 to Fannie 

(a) EVA V. ROSENGRANT", b. Dec. 2, 1921. 

(11) EARL ROSENGRANT", b. Dec. 24, 1894; m. Oct. 15, 1919 to Lena 

(a) MILDRED ROSENGRANT", b. June 4, 1921. 

(b) LEWIS ROSENGRANT", b. Nov. 7, 1922. 

(12) EDNA ROSENGRANT", b. Apr. 12, 1898; m. Foster McNeal. 

(a) ARCHIE McNEAL", b. Jan. 30, 1915. 

(b) EDITH McNEAL", b. May 23, 1917; d. May 23, 1917. 

(c) PAUL McNEAL", b. Aug. 7, 1918. 

(13) BELLE ROSENGRANT", b. Aug. 12, 1900; m. Oct. 27, 1919 to Clarence 

(a) RICHARD SPRAGUE", b. Aug. 4, 1920. 

(b) PRESTON SPRAGUE", b. June 25, 1922. 

4506'. iii. ELNORA M., b. May 8, 1858; m. July 2, 1878 to George Slater; res., 
Mehoopany, Pa. 




4507. iv. THOMAS J., b. Feb. 1, 1861 ; m. Ella Darrow, 6533-6536. 

4507'. V. HATTIE ]., h. Mar. 28, 1862; m. Aug. 27, 1882 to Edwin E. Harding, 
b. Sept. 27, 1857, son of Benjamin and Lydia Ann (Foote) Harding; 
res., Springville, Pa. 

(1) OSCAR R. HARDING'", b. Mar. 12, 1885. 

(2) ARCHIE HARDING", b. July 8, 1889; m. Mar. 4, 1911 to Bertha 

(a) RONALDO HARDING", b. Jan. 1, 1912. 

(b) LESTER D. HARDING", b. Nov. 12, 1915. 
4507^ vi. PERRY G., b. July 25, 1864; d. Aug. 5, 1881. 

4508. iii. WILLIAM M., b. July 6, 1866; m. Lovisa E. Russell, 6537-40. 
4508'. viii. JAMES J., b. Apr. 24, 1868; d. May 22, 1868. 

4508^ ix. NANCY ISABELL, b. Jan. 3, 1870; m. 1st, Aug. 15, 1887 to Jud- 
son D. Decker; m. 2nd, Oct. 3, 1899 to Clinton Carroll. 

(1) JAMES DECKER'", b. Aug. 2, 1889. 

(2) LILLIE M. DECKER'", b. Feb. 23, 1891. 

(3) DANA D. DECKER'", b. June 23, 1893. 

4508'. X. SARAH MAE, b. Jan. 14, 1872; m. 1st, Dec. 23, 1890 to Burr A. 
Slater; m. 2nd, George R. Miller, May 11, 1906; res., Noxen, Pa. 

(1) FLORENCE SLATER'", b. Jan. 2, 1892; m. May 11, 1908 to Voyle 
Bishop, b. Feb. 26, 1889. 

(a) MARSHALL BISHOP", b. July 21, 1909. 

(b) REBA BISHOP", b. Apr. 22, 1911. 

(c) AMY BISHOP", b. May 21, 1912. 

(d) VIRGIE BISHOP", b. Aug. 22, 1913. 

(e) JESSIE BISHOP", b. June 27, 1915. 

(f) WILMA BISHOP", b. June 5, 1917. 

(g) LEOLA BISHOP", b. Oct. 3, 1919. 
(h) ELNORE BISHOP", b. May 26, 1921. 

(2) VIOLA SLATER'", b. Apr. 5, 1894 ; m. Dec. 23, 1919 to Dana D. Decker, 

(3) GEORGE DELMER SLATER'", b. Apr. 26, 1896; m. Aug. 26, 1914 to 
Camilla Thompson, Sept. 2, 1895. 

(a) IRMA K. SLATER", b. July 8, 1915. 

(b) ELMA C. SLATER", b. Sept. 8, 1916. 

(c) IRWIN SLATER", b. July 21, 1919. 

(d) BERNICE SLATER" (twin), b. July 1, 1922; d. Jan. 9, 1923. 

(e) BERNARD SLATER" (twin), b. July 1, 1922; d. Dec. 6, 1922. 

4509. xi. URBAN, b. Feb. 22, 1883 ; m. Clara Montgomery, 6541-45. 

4510. xii. GEORGE DELMAR, b. June 28, 1874; m. Jan. 2. 1902 to Mary 


4512. ii. WILLIAM HARRISON, b. Jan. 31, 1881 ; m. Nov. 28, 1906 to Clara 

Marty; accidentally drowned with wife, July 25, 1911. 

4513. iii. MARY EVELYN, b. Mar. 20, 1883 ; m. Oct. 2, 1907 to John Lebban, 


4514. iv. ROYAL G., b. Oct. 10, 1885; m. June 9, 1909 to Evelyn L. Dibble; 

res., Detroit, Mich. 


4515. V. FRED DAVID, b. Dec. 16, 1891; m. Sept. 16, 1915 to Alice S. 

4528. vi. WILLIAM ARTHUR, b. Oct. 15, 1879; m. Lavinia Leithead, 6565-71. 

4529. vii. SARAH LOVINA, b. Glendale, Utah, Aug. 29, 1881; m. Edwin 

Black, b. Mar. 11, 1880, son of Isaac Edwin and Nancy Ester (Allen) 
Black, of Orderville, Utah. 

(1) JAMES WARREN BLACK'", b. Huntington, Utah, Aug. 18, 1902. 

(2) MILLARD WILLIAM BLACK", b. Lawrence, Utah, May 14, 1904. 

(3) LEONARD BLACK'", b. Glendale, Utah, Dec. 16, 1906. 

(4) EDNA BLACK'", b. Ferron, Utah, Oct. 16, 1907. 

(5) WILMA BLACK", b. Ferron, Utah, June 28, 1909. 

(6) LEWIS EDWIN BLACK", b. Ferron, Utah, Apr. 1, 1912. 

(7) REX CLIFFORD BLACK", b. Huntington, Utah, Mar. 4, 1914. 

(8) NANCY ESTHER BLACK'", b. Orderville, Utah, Feb. 24, 1918. 

(9) GEORGE HOADLEY BLACK", b. Short Creek, Ariz., Nov. 25, 1921. 
(10) MARVIN RALPH BLACK", b. Short Creek, Ariz., Apr. 9, 1923. 

4530. viii. SAMUEL COLEMAN, b. Aug. 13, 1884; m. Emily J. Hinks, 6572-3. 

4531. ix. MARY IRENE, b. Escalante, Utah, Nov. 14, 1885; m. Dec. 27, 1905 

to Melburn Roslin Crandall, b. Feb. 18, 1882, Huntington, Utah, son 
of Hyrum Oscar and Harriet (Guymon) Crandall; res., Gilbert, Ariz. 

(1) MERLIN DAVID CRANDALL'", b. Sept. 14, 1906, Safiford, Graham 
County, Ariz.; m. July 14, 1928, Phoenix, Ariz., to Marjorie Mae 
Matheny, b. Jan. 23, 1910, dau. of William Thomas and Susie Mabel 
(Thompson) Matheny. 

(a) BETTY MAE CRANDALL", b. Oct. 31, 1931, Phoenix, Maricopa 
County, Ariz. 

(2) IVA MARIE CRANDALL", b. Nov. 2, 1909, Safiford, Graham County, 

(3) FRANK GLENN CRANDALL", b. July 31, 1917, SafTord, Graham 
County, Ariz. 

(4) HAROLD O. CRANDALL", b. May 17, 1921, Gilbert, Maricopa County, 

(5) MELVA IRENE CRANDALL", b. Aug. 7, 1923, Gilbert, Maricopa 
County, Ariz. 

4532. x. ROBERT CLARENCE, b. Aug. 6, 1887; m. Fern Haycock, 6574-77. 

4533. xi. DAVID, b. July 18, 1889 ; m. Elizabeth A. Heaton, 6578. 

4534. xii. NANCY ELLEN, b. July 19, 1891; m. John Osborne Wrigley, b. 

Sept. 3, 1891 ; res., Monroe, Utah. 

(1) ORLAND WRIGLEY", b. Ferron, Utah, Dec. 16, 1911. 

(2) WILVA WRIGLEY'", b. Orderville, Utah, Sept. 1, 1913; m. July 5, 
1931 to Harold M. Madson, son of Morton M. and Georgiana (Olson) 

(3) CLINTON WRIGLEY'", b. Orderville, Utah, Sept. 24, 1915. 

(4) MELVA WRIGLEY'", b. Orderville, Utah, Mar. 27, 1918; d. Feb. 9, 1919, 
Ferron, Utah. 

(5) FLORA WRIGLEY", b. Ferron, Utah, Nov. 24, 1920. 

(6) ROBERT ALMA WRIGLEY'", b. Orderville, Utah, Apr. 28, 1926. 

(7) WILLIAM O'DELL WRIGLEY'", b. Monroe, Utah, Mar. 10, 1929. 

4535. xiii. HOMER HAROLD, b. July 4, 1893; m. Maude Evelyn Hoover, 



4536. xiv. RHODA ANN, b. Mar. 28, 1896; m. June 7, 1920 to Andrew Percy 

Nyborg, son of Aphram Andrew and Laura Elizabeth (Hansen) 
Nyborg, b. Feb. 16, 1896. 

(1) GIRL", b. Dec. 29, 1921, Drummond, Ida.; d. . 

(2) ELDEN PERCY NYBORG*", b. Dec. 30, 1922, Ashton, Ida. 

(3) VELVA RUTH NYBORG'", b. July 7, 1924, Drummond, Ida. 

(4) LOWELL DAVID NYBORG", b. Jan. 5, 1926, Ashton, Ida. 

(5) GERALD WENDELL NYBORG", b. Apr. 18, 1928, Ashton, Ida. 

(6) KEITH FOOTE NYBORG", b. Mar. 4, 1930, Ashton, Ida. 

(7) ELNA IRENE NYBORG", b. Mar. 16, 1931, Ashton, Ida. 

4537. XV. GERALD, b. Apr. 5, 1898; m. Bertha Elizabeth Ellsworth, 6588-9. 

4540. i. ALICE, b. Glendale, Utah, Apr. 10, 1892; m. Manti, Utah, Dec. 28, 

1910 to Clement Johnson, b. Emery, Utah, Mar. 13, 1888, son of Remas 
Johnson ; res., Emery, Utah. Children b. at Emery. 

(1) ARLON C. JOHNSON", b. May 1, 1912; d. Jan. 21, 1929. 

(2) BEULAH JOHNSON", b. July 12, 1914. 

(3) BARBARA JOHNSON", b. Oct. 7, 1915. 

(4) IRIS JOHNSON", b. Mar. 11, 1921. 

(5) ALICE ELAINE JOHNSON", b. Apr. 12, 1928, Horsehead, San Juan 
County, Utah. 

(6) MARVA JOHNSON", b. Aug. 12, 1930, Ferron, Emery County, Utah. 

4541. ii. DELILAH, b. Glendale, Utah, Sept. 16, 1893; m. Salt Lake City, 

Utah, June 11, 1915 to Joseph Dillard DeFriez, b. Vernal, Utah, Aug. 6, 
1888, son of Ebenezer G. and Sarah Elizabeth (McCuUough) DeFriez; 
res., Mohrland, Utah. 

(1) HORACE DILLARD DeFRIEZ", b. Huntington, Utah, Mar. 17, 1916. 

(2) LOIS DeFRIEZ", b. Ferron, Utah, June 26, 1917. 

(3) REVA DeFRIEZ", b. Mohrland, Utah, Nov. 22, 1918. 

(4) GEORGE ERINS DeFRIEZ", b. Huntington, Utah, Aug. 8, 1920. 

(5) JOSEPH ALBERT DeFRIEZ", b. Apr. 2, 1924, Mohrland, Utah. 

(6) DANIEL FOOTE DeFRIEZ", b. July 7, 1926, Hiawatha, Utah. 

(7) PEARL DeFRIEZ", b. Oct. 2, 1929, Castle Dale, Utah. 

(8) EBENEZER RUBEN DeFRIEZ", b. June 1, 1931, Castle Dale, Utah. 
4541'. iii. LILLIAN AURORA, b. Nov. 9, 1895; m. Manti, Utah, June 11, 1914 

to Wilford C. Peterson, b. Ferron, Utah, Nov. 3, 1889, son of Christian 
and Margaret (Lorentzen) Peterson; res., Ferron, Utah. 

(1) LENNA PETERSON", b. Ferron, Utah, Apr. 22, 1915. 

(2) ZELONA PETERSON", b. Ferron, Utah, Dec. 1, 1916. 

(3) MARVIN PETERSON", b. Feb. 21, 1918. 

(4) WARREN R. PETERSON", b. Ferron, Utah, June 18, 1921. 

(5) PHILIP ALMA PETERSON", b. Apr. 16, 1924, Ferron, Utah. 

(6) ALICE PETERSON", b. Mar. 26, 1926, Ferron, Utah. 

(7) LILLIE BELLE PETERSON", b. July 28, 1928, Ferron, Utah. 

(8) DAVID LEE CHRISTEN PETERSON", b. Jan. 14, 1931, Ferron, 

4542. iv. ARTEMISIA, b. Axtel, Utah, Oct. 1, 1898; m. Manti, Utah, June 3, 

1917 to Stanford E. Johnson, b. Emery, Utah, Mar. 9, 1895, son of 
Rasmas and Cristena Johnson; res., Emery, Utah. 
(1) DERIL E. JOHNSON", b. Emery, Utah, Mar. 2, 1918. 


(2) MORELL JOHNSON'", b. Emery, Utah, Mar. 27, 1920. 

(3) CLAIR STANLEY JOHNSON", b. Emery, Utah, Nov. 12, 1921. 

(4) BRUCE JOHNSON", b. Aug. 21, 1923, Emery, Utah. 

4543. V. ARVILLA, b. Axtell, Utah, Oct. 17, 1900; m. Los Angeles, Calif., 

June 10, 1922 to Wilbert Vogel, b. Mar. 31, 1898, son of John Jacob 
and Elizabeth C. (Scott) Vogel; machinist; res., Los Angeles, Calif. 

(1) FLORENCE ARVILLA VOGEL", b. May 10, 1923, Los Angeles, Calif. 

(2) WILBERT OLIVER VOGEL", b. June 14, 1926, Los Angeles, Calif. 

(3) GEORGE ARLON VOGEL", b. July 13, 1929, Los Angeles, Calif. 

4544. GEORGE ALBERT, b. Dec. 11. 1902, Salina, Sevier County, Utah; m. 
Dorothy Elizabeth Marsh, June 20, 1928, dau. of Joseph Wendell and Nellie Grace 
(Bond) Marsh. 

4545. vii. FLORENCE, b. Salina, Utah, Sept. 23, 1904; m. Los Angeles, Calif,, 

Nov. 15, 1922 to Peter Brinkerhof?, b. Jan. 29, 1901, son of Alonzo 

Brinkerhoff ; res., Emery, Utah ; farmer and stockman ; she d. Feb. 29, 

4545'. viii. LOUISA, b. Mar. 12, 1907, Emery, Emery County, Utah; m. 1928 

to Claude Harold Black, son of Enouch E. and Sarah E. (Harper) 

Black, b. Nov. 27, 1901, McDonough County, III. 
(1) RICHARD HAROLD BLACK", b. Apr. 24, 1929, Los Angeles, Calif. 
4545'. ix. VIOLA, b. Sept. 17, 1909, Emery, Emery County, Utah; m. Feb. 11, 

1928 to Charles Benjamin Bray, b. Dec, 1910, in Colorado. 
(1) CARROL JEAN BRAY", b. June 11, 1929, Los Angeles, Calif. 
4545'. X. NINA, b. July 27, 1913, Ferron, Emery County, Utah; m. Aaron 

Burton Williams, May 20, 1931, son of George E. and Elvina S. 

(DeLange) Williams.; he was b. Jan. 27, 1904. 
4545*. xi. CLARA CAROLINE, b. June, 1918. 

2909. HOMER CLARENCE FOOTE (page 429), m. Olive Lucretia Rose, Nov. 
14, 1902, dau. of William Arnold and Agnes (Calaham) Rose. 

4546. i. CLARENCE WILLIAM, b. Oct. 20, 1902, Glendale, Utah. 

4547. ii. HAZEL, b. Apr. 27, 1905, Glendale, Utah. 

4547". WARREN LANE, b. June 26, 1907, Glendale, Utah. 
4547". AGNES, b. Apr. 27, 1911, Glendale, Utah. 
4547'. ARTEMISIA, b. Aug. 25, 1915. 

2910. JAMES FRANKLIN FOOTE (1456, 529, 171, 47, 13, 5, 1), (page 429); 
res., Lapoint, Utah. 

4548. i. CHARLES FRANKLIN, b. Dec. 1, 1877; m. Johanah Beletta Hal- 

version, 6601-09. 

4549. ii. JACOB, b. Feb. 2, 1880; m. Elsina Hendrickson, 6612-17. 

4550. iii. AMMON, b. Jan. 23, 1882; m. Edna Loretta Anderson, 6618-23. 

4551. iv. SARAH FRANCES, b. May 12, 1884, Emery, Utah ; m. Feb. 24, 1904. 

to Benjamin Jones, Jr.; farmer; Mrs. Jones has been blind since 1911. 
res., Huntington, Emery County, Utah, where all the children were b. 

(1) JAMES ALBERT JONES", b. July 26, 1905. 

(2) CECIL IRENE JONES", b. Oct. 15, 1907. 

(3) BENJAMIN O. JONES", b. July 26, 1909. 

(4) SARAH EMELINE JONES", b. July 2, 1911; d. July 13, 1911; bur. 
Huntington, Utah. 


(5) WARREN E. JONES'", b. Dec. 16, 1913. 

(6) LENA JONES", b. Dec. 27, 1915. 

(7) MARTHA MARIA JONES", b. Mar. 25, 1917. 

(8) JEWET F. JONES", b. Aug. 4, 1919. 

4552. V. ELIZA EMELINE, b. Aug. 22, 1886 ; d. Mar. 25, 1888. 

4553. vi. IRENE, b. Mar. 23, 1889; m. Jan. 12, 1911 to Julius Marsh Jensen, 

b. Mar. 27, 1881, Glenwood, Utah, son of Angran Julius and Julianna 
Jensen; farmer; res.. Blue Bell, Duchesne County, Utah. 

(1) JULIA EMELINE JENSEN", b. Dec. 1, 1911, Ferron, Utah. 

(2) JULIUS FRANKLIN JENSEN", b. Oct. 24, 1913, Huntington, Utah. 

(3) ALICE IRENE JENSEN", b. July 28, 1915, Altonah, Utah. 

(4) ANDREW DUTTON JENSEN", b. Aug. 26, 1917, Ferron, Utah. 

(5) JOSEPH CHRISTIAN JENSEN", b. Sept. 4, 1919, Clawson, Utah. 

(6) HANNAH MAY JENSEN", b. Aug. 8, 1921. 

4554. vii. OLIVE, b. Jan. 31, 1892, Glendale, Utah; m. Mar. 10, 1909 to James 

Christian Nelson, b. Sept. 2, 1882, Scofield, Utah; he is a creamery- 
man. ; res., Duchesne, Utah. 

(1) FORRAS J. NELSON" (twin), b. Jan. 23, 1910, Sigurd, Sevier County, 

(2) FOSTER C. NELSON" (twin), b. Jan. 23, 1910, Sigurd, Sevier County, 

(3) EVERETT DEWART NELSON", b. July 14, 1914, Sigurd, Sevier 
County, Utah. 

(4) MARIE VICTORIA NELSON", b. Mar. 2, 1915, Sigurd, Sevier County, 

(5) CLARENCE LAVERN NELSON", b. Nov. 28, 1917, Salt Lake City, 

(6) EMMA DRUCILLA NELSON", b. Apr. 16, 1920, Duchesne, Utah. 

4555. viii. WARREN, b. June 5, 1894 ; m. Amanda Emily Bowden, 6624. 

4555'. ix. MARIA, b. Oct. 14, 1896, Emery, Utah; m. Aug. 14, 1913 to Alma 
Case, b. Feb. 9, 1883, son of Henry and Sarah (Lublin) Case. 

(1) ASHTON LOVELL CASE", b. May 8, 1914. 

(2) EDMUND FRANKLIN CASE", b. Nov. 29, 1915. 

(3) AMMON D. CASE", b. May 25, 1918. 

(4) MILLIE MARIE CASE", b. Aug. 2, 1922. 

4555^ X. ARTEMISIA, b. Dec. 12, 1898, Emery, Utah; m. 1st, June 18, 1917 to 
Israel Justice Perks, son of Ephrum and Harriet (Clark) Perks; 
divorced Dec. 6, 1921 ; m. 2nd, Olavus LeRoy Bowden, b. Oct. 22, 1899, 
Argyle; farmers; res., Altonah, Utah. 

(1) VILDA IRENE PERKS", b. Apr. 11, 1918, Altonah, Utah. 

(2) DURUL OWEN PERKS", b. Dec. 18, 1919; d. Jan. 12, 1920; bur. 
Lapoint, Utah. 

(3) OLIVE GENEVIEVE PERKS", b. Mar. 11, 1921. 

4555'. xi. EDNA MAY, b. May 1, 1901, Emery, Utah; m. Aug. 13, 1921 to 
Kenneth Burgess, b. Mar. 8, 1901, son of Raymond and Esther 
(Chidestter) Burgess, of Price, Utah; farmer; res., Altonah, Utah. 
(1) RAYMOND WILLIAM BURGESS", b. Aug., 1922. 
4555*. xii. OSCAR, b. Oct. 15, 1903; farmer; Lapoint, Utah. 

4556. JOHN AMMOND, b. Jan. 29, 1887; m. Nellie Curtis, 6625-9. 


2914. CHARLES LANE FOOTE (page 429) ; res, Altonah, Utah. 

4557. i. LUCILE, b. Mar. 11, 1898, Emery, Utah; m. Sept. 4, 1918 to August 

Gehring, b. Apr., 1897; res.. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

(1) GARTH LANE GEHRING", b. Nov. 11, 1919. 

(2) ELINE GEHRING", b. May 2, 1921. 

4558. ii. LOREEN, b. Aug. 22, 1899; m. 1st, Aug., 1895 to Afton C. Olson; he 

d. Dec. 25, 1919 ; m. 2nd, Dec. 14, 1921 to Lorin C. Caldwell, b. Aug. 19, 
(1) GRACE CALDWELL", b. Sept. 19, 1922, Altonah, Utah. 

4559. iii. GRANT LANE, b. July 25, 1901 ; m. Dec. 14, 1921 to Ethel Caldwell, 

b. Sept., 1904; res.. Altonah, Utah. 

4560. iv. CHARLES HORACE, b. Apr. 19, 1903, Emery, Utah. 
4560'. V. REED ALLEN, b. Feb. 28, 1905, Emery, Utah. 
4560*. vi. GARVIN UZEL, b. Aug. 17, 1909, Emery, Utah. 
4560^ vii. ELLIS, b. Nov. 16, 1911. Emery, Utah. 

4560^ viii. JESSE WARD, b. July 2, 1914, Emery, Utah. 
4560". ix. McCLELLAN A., b. July 2, 1916, Emery, Utah. 
4560*. X. ALICE H., b. May 11, 1922, Altonah, Utah. 

4566. EURA VINA FOOTE, b. Aug. 13, 1882, Rockford, 111.; m. 1st, Aug. 28, 
1907 to John C. Jensen, of Waupaca, Wis.; m. 2nd, Charles Lundberg, 
Sept. 29, 1921, Portland, Ore.; res., Portland, Ore. 

(1) KATHERINE VINA JENSEN", b. June 15, 1914, Beloit, Wis. 

(2) ROBERT FOOTE JENSEN", b. Apr. 28, 1916, Rockford, 111. 

(3) DONALD JENSEN", b. Nov. 1, 1917, Sycamore, 111. 

4567. EARL G., b. Sept. 6, 1885; m. Lillian E. Natz, 6631-3.. 

4585. i. MARY EVELYN, b. Jamestown, N. Y., Dec. 1, 1851 ; m. Apr. 20, 1875 

to George E. Morgan, M.D., b. Apr. 13, 1844; practiced medicine in 
New York, N. Y., and Vergennes, Vt. ; he d. Nov. 25, 1931; she d. 
Feb. 3, 1932, St. Petersburg, Fla. ; both are bur. in Lakeview Cemetery, 
Burlington, Vt., in the Foote plot. 

(1) EVELYN FOOTE MORGAN", b. New York, N. Y., Jan. 13, 1878; m. 
1st, New York, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1898 to Alexander Britton, of New York, 

N. Y. ; he d. ; she m. 2nd, Jan. 15, 1909 to Arthur Crane, b. May 5, 

1858, son of Willard and Harriet (Miller) Crane; res., Burlington, Vt. 

(a) ISABEL BRITTON", b. Heartwellville, Vt. ; m. June 15, 1923 to 
Harry P. Sharpels. 

(i) HARRY P. SHARPELS", JR., b. July 21, 1927; res., Fleet- 
wood, Bronx Borough, New York, N. Y. 

(2) ROLIN MORGAN", see Volume I. 

(3) MARION MORGAN", b. July 2, 1887; m. 1st. Dr. Harry L. Kilgore, of 
Belfast, Me.; he d. Aug., 1928; she m. 2nd, Clement W. Wescott, of 
Belfast, Me., Oct. 18, 1930; res., Belfast Me. 

4586. ii. VALERIA GRAY, b. Milwaukee, Wis., Mar. 30, 1854; m. New 

York, N. Y., Jan. 19, 1881 to Harry Hayden Treadwell, son of David 
Benjamin and Jerusia Bogue Treadwell, of New York, N. Y. Mrs. 
Treadwell was educated at Maple wood Institute, now the Maplewood 
Hotel, at Pittsfield, Mass. She was a devoted wife and helpmate to 
her husband and a kind, understanding and loving mother to her chil- 
dren. After her children had grown old enough to allow her more 


(See page 1081) 

(See page 1060) 

















I— I 





time she increased her activities in local and church affairs in the upper 
part of New York, N. Y., where she lived the last 25 years of her 
life. She practiced true philanthropy all her life, being deeply inter- 
ested especially in the Red Cross and Campfire Girls, giving of herself 
in unobtrusive service rather than taking active part in an official 
way. Women of the locality gathered at her home to make hospital 
bandages, etc., during both the war with Spain while her husband was 
on active duty in the army and during the World War, although fail- 
ing health curtailed her actitivities considerably. She was devoted in 
her work and interest in the St. James Church, Fordham, 190th St. and 
Jerome Ave., Bronx, New York, N. Y. After her death her husband 
became senior warden of that church and its treasurer, carrying on the 
work which he felt meant so much to her and in her memory he gave to 
the church a memorial window designed by Louis C. Tiffany and ex- 
ecuted under his personal direction at the Tiffany Studios, Eccle- 
siastical Department. The window has two Gothic openings which 
illustrate the subject in exquisitely rich depth of color and in beauty of 
line and composition. For the first time in the history of glass, in 
this window there are mountains in the foreground. On the right, 
hovering over these mountain tops, is an angel clad in delicately opal- 
escent robes, bearing a spray of lilies, symbol of the resurrection. 
From this foreground one looks across a deep chasm in which are the 
outlines of a dark forest spreading to the foot of far-distant, hazy 
hills. Above these, contrasting strongly with their sombre colors, is 
a streak of brilliant yellow sunset sky, overhung by clouds through which 
appear the indistinct figures of singing angels. At the base of the window 
is the inscription, "In loving memory of Valeria Gray Treadwell — 1854- 
1921 — wife of Harry Hayden Treadwell." When the new organ of the 
St. James Episcopal Church was installed. Col. H. H. Treadwell had 
installed therein chimes which were also in memory of his wife. They 
were dedicated on Sunday, October 28, 1928, according to the anniver- 
sary program of the church. She d. Feb. 28, 1921, her remains were 
interred in the Treadwell plot in Woodlawn Cemetery, New York, 
N. Y. Her husband, Harry Hayden Treadwell was b. Apr. 6, 1856. 
At fifteen he obtained a job as cashboy in Tiffany & Company, jewelers. 
New York, N. Y., and rose to the rank of director and then secretary 
and assistant treasurer of the company, serving the house 57 years 
and until two days prior to his death. 

(1) FLORENCE TREADWELL" (correct in Volume I). 

(2) HARRY GRAY TREADWELL", b. New York, N. Y., Aug. 28, 1884. 
Attended public schools, New York, N. Y., and Lawrenceville School, 
Lawrenceville, N. J., class of 1904; class of 1909, Princeton University; 
five years engineering. Joined his father at Tiffany & Company, Oct. 24,1913. 
During World War in charge of Tiffany & Company's factory for manu- 
facture of surgical instruments for United States Army under supervision 
of Medical Department. Exempted from active service to remain at this 
work. Served evenings on Exemption Board in early stages of the 
operation of the draft for United States service in New York, N. Y. 
Three terms (fifteen years) as class representative on Graduate Council 


of Princeton University ; three years on Admissions Committee, Princeton 
Club of New York, N. Y. ; chairman of Committee to Reorganize National 
Alumni Association of Princeton University until retirement in 1929. At 
present director and assistant treasurer. Tiffany & Company, jewelers 
and silversmiths, New York, N. Y. At Princeton University elected mem- 
ber of University Cottage Club, now treasurer of its Board of Governors, 
serving since election to that office by his fellow members of the Board in 
1918. At present secretary of the Board of Trustees of Princeton Univer- 
sity Triangle Club on which he had a leading part for four years as an 
undergraduate. Member of Princeton Club, of New York, N. Y. ; mem- 
ber of Wyantenuck Country Club, of Great Barrington, Mass. Served 
over a period of ten years on various committees of the Princeton Club, 
of New York, N. Y. June 5, 1920, m. at Brooklyn, N. Y., to Eugenie 
Zaiss, dau. of Eugene and Martha Buchanan Zaiss, of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
she was b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1891 ; educated at Les Fougeres, 
Lausanne, Switzerland; res., New York, N. Y., and "Hatch's," Great 
Barrington, Mass. 

(a) HARRY GRAY TREADWELL", b. Apr. 23, 1921 ; attending school, 
Great Barrington, Mass. 

(b) JEAN FRANCES TREADWELL", b. July 24, 1923; attending 
Taconic School, Great Barrington, Mass. 

(c) JUNE TREADWELL", b. June 27, 1925; attending Taconic School, 
Great Barrington, Mass. 

(3) JANE TREADWELL", b. New York, N. Y., July 29, 1889; moved from 
New York, N. Y., to University Heights, Bronx County, N. Y., Apr. 11, 
1896; attended public school and Mrs. Dow's School for Girls, Briarcliffe 
Manor, Westchester County, N. Y. On return home attended St. James 
Episcopal Church at 190th St. and Jerome Ave., New York, N. Y., the 
County of Bronx having been taken into New York, N. Y., and home 
address changed accordingly to 132 W. 183rd St., New York, N. Y. Active 
in Campfire and other local affairs. She m. Dec. 6, 1916, Albert J. Kuntz, 
son of I. J. and Elizabeth Kuntz, of Syracuse, N. Y., at home of her 
parents. New York, N. Y. He was b. Sept. 26, 1888, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Removed to Newark, N. J., where husband went into employ of Tiffany 
& Company, jewelers and silversmiths, at their factory located at Forest 
Hill, North Newark, N. J. Mr. Kuntz resigned his position with Tiffany 
& Company, Oct., 1924, and removed to Bronxville, Westchester County, 
N. Y. On a legal separation handed down in 1931, Mrs. Kuntz assumed 
the name of Mrs. Jane Treadwell Kuntz and now res. with her children 
at Bronxville, N. Y. She is most active in Christ Church, Bronxville 
Episcopal Church, serving on the Altar Guild and Women's Auxiliary. 
Also active in community affairs, such as Bronxville Women's Club and 

(a) JANET KUNTZ", b. Oct. 13, 1917, New York, N. Y. ; attending 
school, Bronxville, N. Y. 

(b) JOHN TREADWELL KUNTZ", b. Apr. 7, 1919, Newark, N. J.; 
attending school, Bronxville, N. Y. 

(c) ALICE VALERIA KUNTZ", b. Oct. 6, 1921, Newark, N. J.; attend- 
ing school, Bronxville, N. Y. 


4587. iii. HATTIE, b. Kilbourne City, Wis., Aug. 16, 1860; m. New York, 

N. Y., July 23, 1879 to William Bebee Treadwell, son of David Benja- 
min and Jerusia Bogue Treadwell, of New York, N. Y. He was for 
years with Tiffany & Company and then became assistant examiner 
of precious and semi-precious stones in the Customs Service, stationed 
at the Appraisers' Stores in New York, N. Y., and finally becoming 
chief examiner. He served from 1902 to 1916, retiring in broken health 
to his farm at Millerton, N. Y., where he spent his few remaining days. 
He is bur. in the Irondale Cemetery, Millerton, N. Y., in the Treadwell 
(1) WILLIAM BEBEE TREADWELL", JR., b. New York, N. Y., May 21, 

1880; m. Winifred McGill, Cleveland, Ohio, 1920; he is in the grocery 

business; res., Millerton, N. Y. 

(a) WILLIAM McGILL TREADWELL", b. 1921, Millerton, N. Y. 
(3) JOHN CHARLES TREADWELL", b. New York, N. Y., Mar. 17, 1885; 

m. 1919 to Lottie Reum ; he is a salesman in New York, N. Y. 

4588. iv. ELIAL TODD, b. New York, N. Y., Aug. 25, 1865; d. June 23, 1931 ; 

unm. At that time assistant treasurer. Metropolitan Museum of Art, 
New York, N. Y. For several years he served in the auditing depart- 
ment of the Ansonia Brass and Copper Co., New York, N. Y., office 
and then became accountant and assistant treasurer of the Metropolitan 
Museum of Art. Res., Atlantic Highlands, N. J. He started work in 
the Museum in 1914 upon his appointment as assistant treasurer, a 
qualified accountant, experienced in business and with an aptitude for 
work. He took up the duties of the position with zeal and comprehen- 
sion. With the aid of a loyal office force he kept in pace with the con- 
stantly expanding volume of Museum business. He was accurate and 
thorough; his financial statements promptly submitted whenever re- 
quired were clear and complete. He held always the confidence and 
esteem of the trustees and officers of the Museum, and shared fully in 
the comradeship of the members of the staff. His duties brought him 
into intimate contact with the employees, and for years he served as the 
voluntary treasurer of their association. He never failed to consider 
that the conducting of the office he held was in any way the province 
of a gentleman. He served here as selectman, and friends tried to 
persuade him to run for mayor, but he declined, continuing, however, his 
active interest in civic affairs. Generous and helpful to all, especially 
the poor, he was widely known and loved. A large man, about 6 feet 
1 inch, broad of stature, fine features. 
2934. MRS. SUSAN C. ANDERSON FOOTE, d. Aug. 17, 1906, Llano, Tex. 
HORACE KESSUTH FOOTE, d. Dec. 29, 1926. Covington, Tex. 
GERTRUDE E., m. J. E. Carroll; she d. Houston, Tex., Nov. 30, 

LAURA ESTELLE, d. Houston, Tex., 1930. 
WILLIAM C, d. San Antonio, Tex., 1924. 
CLARENCE C, d. Houston, Tex., 1930. 
FRANCES HELENA, d. Jan. 23, 1867. 

ROBERT CLEMANS, m. Louise E. Reinkendorf, of Milwaukee, 
Wis.; res., Detroit, Mich; he d. 1931. 
















4608. V. BESSIE BELLE, b. Feb., 1873; d. Apr., 1923. 

4609. vi. MILDRED, b. Mar. 13, 1876; m. Edgar A. Pratt; she d. Mar. 17, 

4612. ii. MARY LOUISE, m. Isaac Oscar Mack; he d. Apr. 18, 1912. Mr. 
and Mrs. Mack were very active in the Foote Family Association at 
the first meeting. He attended school in Wisconsin and later became 
a student at Oberlin College, which he left to enter the Union Array. 
He was taken prisoner and remained for sometime in the prisons in 
the South. Later on he returned to Oberlin and received his degrees 
as Bachelor and Master of Arts. In 1869 he became proprietor and 
editor of the Sandusky Register, and lived in Sandusky until his death. 
He was a member of the Executive Committee of the National Society 
of the Sons of American Revolution. 

2978. REV. CHESTER LUCIUS FOOTE, b. Nov. 1, 1825, Esperance, N. Y.; 
m. 1851 to Cynthia Marilla Baker, b. Oct. 27, 1826, dau. of Capt. Jeremiah Baker; 
he was a member of the North Ohio Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church; 
d. Los Angeles, Calif., Jan. 6, 1900 ; she d. Jan. 14, 1900, on train near Shasta Springs, 
Calif., while en route to Seattle, Wash., with body of her husband ; res., Seattle, Wash. 

2989. NOBLE (1505, 561, 195, 54, 15, 5, 1), b. Aug. 3, 1830; m. Mary M. 
Stacy, May 21, 1862; she d. Jan. 25, 1903; owned and operated grist and sawmill at 
Burlington, Conn.; removed to Whigville, Conn.; he d. Mar. 13, 1903. 
4624. i. GRACE NANCY, b. Oct. 13, 1866; m. Sept. 22. 1908 to Arthur J. 
Mix, of Bristol, Conn.; removed to California, Oct., 1916; res., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 
(1) ALLISON MIX", b. Mar. 22, 1911; d. Mar. 23, 1911. 

3004. JEROME WILLIAMS FOOTE (1519, 565, 196, 54, 16, 5, 1), b. July 8, 
1829; m. 1st, Nov. 24, 1853 to Ann Louise Foote, No. 3037', dau. of No. 1535; Mr. 
Foote d. Nov. 17, 1886; she m. 2nd, Sherman Shove; m. 3rd, Douglass Williams, 
Oct. 1, 1888; res., Middletown, Conn, (see 3006 and 3012). 

4639. i. JULIA ELVIRA, b. Dec. 8, 1856; m. Dec. 8, 1884 to Nelson William 

Hull, b. Feb. 7, 1850, son of John and Elizabeth (Weston) Hull. 
(1) LELIA ELIZABETH HULL'", b. Feb. 12, 1892; m. June 3, 1916 to 
Lewis Clinton Woodruflf, b. Sept. 10, 1890, son of Frank and Mary Jane 
(Watts) Woodruflf. 
(a) CLINTON HULL WOODRUFF", b. Mar. 7, 1917. 

4640. ii. HATTIE E., b. Feb. 28, 1858; m. July 1, 1879 to Henry Edwin Smith, 

b. Oct., 1856, son of Sidney H. Smith ; res., SuflSeld, Conn. 

(1) FLORENCE LOUISE SMITH", b. July 12, 1883; m. Nov. 16, 1904 to 
Howard Frank Russell ; res., Suflfield, Conn., No. 2. 

(a) HERBERT EDWIN RUSSELL", b. Aug. 26, 1906. 

(2) MILLARD LINDSLEY SMITH", b. Sept. 22, 1889; res., Springfield, 

4641. i. EDWARD RUSSELL FOOTE, m. 1st, Ella Brummell ; res., Bran- 

ford, Conn. 

3005. ELIZUR H. FOOTE, b. Jan. 19, 1831 ; m. 1st, Jane Russell; m. 2nd, Abbie 
Fowler; res.. North Branford, Conn. 

4641. i. EDWARD RUSSELL, m. 1st, Ella Bunnell. 


3007. LYNDE H. FOOTE, b. Oct., 1835; m. Juliette Gidney, widow of Ben- 
jamin Dow and dau. of George and Caroline (Tyler) Gidney; she was b. June 24, 
1844; d. Apr. 19, 1913; he res. on the old homestead built by his grandfather in 
Northfield, Conn.; he d. Dec. 25, 1903. 

4642. i. FLORA, b. Dec. 9, 1874; m. Jan. 29, 1896 to Arthur Allen Blakeslee, 

b. June 12, 1871, son of Hobart Blakeslee, of North Haven, Conn.; res., 
Wallingford, Conn. 

(1) ELFIE FOOTE BLAKESLEE", b. Mar. 9, 1898; m. Sept. 24, 1921 to 
Charles Raymond Brock, b. July 20, 1896, Whitneyville, Conn., son of 
Charles Walter and Minnie (Hurd) Brock. 

(a) JEAN ELEANOR BROCK", b. Oct. 18, 1922. 

(2) ARTHUR MILTON BLAKESLEE", b. Aug. 4, 1899. 

(3) KENNETH GEDNEY BLAKESLEE", b. Mar. 30, 1907. 

3008. LOZELLE FOOTE, b. Feb. 13, 1838; m. 1st, Isadore Russell, Apr. 15, 
1867; b. July 31, 1847; d. July 16, 1908; he d. Apr. 13, 1905; bur. New Haven 
Evergreen Cemetery, New Haven, Conn. 

4643. i. FRANK LOZELLE, b. Nov. 2, 1866; m. Sept. 22, 1915 to Florence 

Cook ; res.. West Haven, Conn. 

4644. ii. HATTIE C, b. Nov. 13, 1868; m. David Thomas; res., New Haven, 


3013. WALTER SCOTT FOOTE (1519, 565, 196, 54, 16, 5, 1), b. Nov. 4, 1848; 
m. Oct. 3, 1869 to Mary Ida Hull, b. Dec. 28, 1846; d. Apr. 29, 1928; he d. Aug. 27, 
1930 ; res., New Haven, Conn. 

4645. IDA MAY FOOTE, b. Dec. 27, 1870; m. Oct. 16, 1893 to Edward C. 
Bartram ; res.. New Haven, Conn. 

(1) WALTER EDWARD BARTRAM", b. Aug. 31, 1895; m. Florence 
Piatt ; res., West Haven, Conn. 

(a) HELEN EVELYN BARTRAM", b. July 7, 1922. 

(b) RICHARD CURTIS BARTRAM", b. Feb. 25, 1925. 

(2) CLARENCE RUSSELL BARTRAM", b. July 21, 1897; m. Elvira Law- 
son ; res., West Haven, Conn. 

(a) ELAINE CHARLOTTE BARTRAM", b. Jan. 19, 1924. 

4646. ii. ELLSWORTH WALTER, b. Sept. 7, 1874 ; d. Apr. 16, 1896. 

4647. iii. HERBERT DAVIS, b. Dec. 31, 1882; m. Jeane Stanhope Wood, 


30131 PHILO FOOTE (1522, 1568, 196, 54, 15, 5. 1), b. 1809; m. Vila L. Tubbs, 
b. Mar. 15, 1815; d. Apr. 30, 1900; he d. 1882; res., Hague, Warren County, N. Y. 
4648\ i. JOHN B., b. Jan. 21, 1833; m. Pamelia Burt, 6648-50. 
4848'. ii. CHARLOTTE S., b. June 30, 1834; m. Zacariah C. Ward, b. Jan., 
1834; d. Feb. 21, 1862; she d. June 11, 1916; res., Hague, N. Y. 

(1) VILA WARD", b. 1854; m. July 21, 1871 to Dyer Ackerman, d. 1918; 
she d. 1873. 

(a) ALMOND ACKERMAN", b. Apr. 30, 1875 ; m. Edith Graham ; res., 
Hague, N. Y. 

(2) ADELBERT WARD", b. Aug. 7, 1856; m. Ellen Bartlett, b. May 24, 
1864; res., Hague, N. Y. 

46481 iii. GEORGE, b. Aug. 17, 1836; m. Olive Elithorpe, 6651-3. 

4648\ iv. PHILO, JR., b. Dec. 20, 1841 ; m. Minnie Jenkins, 6654-5. 

4648\ V. OSCAR, b. Apr. 13, 1844; a soldier of the Civil War; d. July 10, 1864. 


4648'. vi. WILTON R., b. Jan. 4, 1857; m. Addie Davis, 6656-64. 

SOU*. FREDERICK S. FOOTE (1522\ 568, 196, 54, 15, 5, 1), b. Nov. 7, 1815; 
m. West Haven, Vt., 1838 to Azubah H. Kelley, b. May 15, 1820, dau. of Foxwell 
and Dolly (Dibble) Kelley; farmer; res.. West Haven, Vt. Children all b. in West 
Haven, Vt. 

4648'. i. OLIVE M., b. Mar. 10, 1840; m. June 15, 1859 to Benjamin Smith. 

(1) BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SMITH", b. Nov. 13, 1861; m. Mar. 19, 1893 
to Winafred Ann Sexton, b. May 30, 1871, dau. of W. H. Sexton, Hague, 
N. Y. ; res.. Fair Haven, Vt. 

(a) MAUDE WINAFRED SMITH", b. Fair Haven, Vt, Sept. 25, 1896; 
m. Mar. 16, 1914 to George M. Backus; res., Fair Haven, Vt. 
(i) OLIVE ELIDA BACKUS", b. Dec. 29, 1914. 
(ii) DOROTHY ROSALIE BACKUS", b. Oct. 15, 1917. 

(2) S. F. SMITH", b. Apr. 3, 1864; m. Oct. 11, 1899 to Cora L. Patneau, b. 
Feb. 22, 1871 ; res., Benson, Vt. 

(3) ELMER SMITH", b. Feb. 28, 1868. Benson, Vt. 

(4) EDGAR SMITH", b. Dec. 4, 1876, Benson, Vt. 

4648'. ii. JULIA A. FOOTE, b. June 26, 1842; m. July 3, 1861 to Willard 
Adams, of Benson, Vt.; d. Dec. 17, 1898; she d. Jan. 27, 1923; they 
moved to Curtis, Neb., 1878; children b. there. 

(1) JAMES WILLARD ADAMS", b. June 15, 1862, West Haven, Vt. ; m. 
North Bend, Neb., Jan. 25, 1885 to Orilla J. Dickerson, b. Feb. 22, 1866, 
North Bend, Neb.; merchant; res., Curtis, Neb.; he d. Feb. 28, 1921. 

(a) ALICE J. ADAMS", b. May 14, 1886, North Bend, Neb.; m. Mar. 
19, 1912 to Arthur Parker ; res., Curtis, Neb. 

(i) ALICE MARJORIE PARKER", b. Dec. 20, 1917. 

(b) JAMES WILLARD ADAMS", JR., b. Sept. 28, 1889; m. June 19, 
1912 to Bessie Conner ; res., Curtis, Neb. 

(i) JAMES DONALD ADAMS", b. Aug. 27, 1913. 
(ii) FERN LOERN ADAMS", b. June 12, 1915. 
(iii) DALE WILLARD ADAMS", b. June 2, 1917. 
(iv) DELBERT ADAMS", b. Oct. 12, 1919. 

(c) JOHN Q. ADAMS", b. June 10, 1894; m. June 5, 1920 to Lela Bick. 
(i) PAULINE ORILLA ADAMS", b. May 12, 1921. 

(ii) JOHN HENRY ADAMS", b. Dec. 16, 1922. 

(d) MARGUERITE ADAMS", b. July 22, 1896; m. Mar. 26, 1915 to 
Ralph R. Welton; res., Curtis, Neb. 

(i) DEBORA ELVIRA WELTON", b. June 12, 1919. 

(e) HARRISON W. ADAMS", b. Apr. 26, 1899. 

(2) JASPER H. ADAMS", b. Fair Haven, Vt., May 9, 1864; m. Nov., 1883 
to Martha J. Andrews, b. in Iowa, Apr., 1862; res., Curtis, Neb. 

(a) MAUDE ELIZABETH ADAMS", b. Nov. 26, 1886, Curtis, Neb.; 

m. Oct. 22, 1902 to Otto Schwang. 

(i) IVA MAY SCHWANG", b. Feb. 14, 1904. 

(ii) VERA JANE SCHWANG", b. Feb. 11, 1908. 
4648'. iii. JAMES S., b. Sept. 27, 1845; m. Mar. 15, 1869 to Leapha Benson, of 

Orwell, Vt., dau. of Judson Benson; farmer; res.. West Haven, Vt. 
4648". iv. FRANCIS WILSON, b. Dec. 31, 1847; m. 1st, Sophia Horton; m. 

2nd, Mary J. Ingalls, 6665-56. 












4648". V. MARY O., b. Aug. 29, 1851; m. June 5, 1877 to Horace Snody; res., 
Dresden, N. Y. 

3031. LUCIUS HUBBARD FOOTE (1528, 569, 196, 54, 16, 5, 1). 

(1) LUCIUS FOOTE MALTBY", m. Mabel Robinson. 

(a) LUCIUS MALTBY", res., Wallingford, Conn. 

(b) DOUGLAS MALTBY", res., Wallingford, Conn. 

(2) CATHARINE LINDSLEY", m. Thomas Blaisdell, 1922; res., Pekin, 

4657. iii. MINA A., b. Aug. 7, 1849 ; d. July 14, 1910. 

4658. iv. MARY E., b. Feb. 20, 1851 ; d. May 1, 1907. 

3037*. HENRY WINCHESTER FOOTE (1535, 573, 196, 54, 16, 5, 1), b. Feb. 
16, 1831 ; m. Nov. 27, 1853 to Caroline Munson, b. Apr. 6, 1835 ; d. Apr. 28, 1903 ; he 
d. July 19, 1901 ; res., Warren, Conn. 

WILBUR MUNSON, b. Aug. 29, 1856; m. Henrietta E. Cady, 6674-77. 

HUBERT ADIATHAR, b. Mar. 5, 1859; m. Carrie White, 6678-79. 

HENRY WINCHESTER, b. Apr. 6, 1862; m. Nov. 2, 1890 to Fannie 

Biss ; res., Milwaukee, Wis. 

EDWARD HARRISON, b. May 12, 1864; d. Feb. 20, 1885. 

CAROLINE ELIZA, b. Oct. 15, 1869; d. July 15, 1925, Milford, Conn. 

3046. JOHN WESLEY FOOTE (1545, 575, 196, 54, 16, 5, 1), b. May 20, 1842; 
res.. West Virginia and Ohio. 
4689*. i. JOSIAH. 
4689'. ii. AMOS BALDWIN FOOTE, res.. West Virginia and Ohio, 6681-87. 

3072. WEBSTER DE FOREST, b. May 21, 1840, Cortland, N. Y.; was a mem- 
ber of the class of 1864, Yale. For the greater part of his life he operated a retail 
grocery business in and around New Haven, Conn., until in his declining years he 
took up the nursery business, which he followed until his death, Mar. 10, 1917. He 
m. Mary Seward Ferree, Sept. 26, 1878; she was b. Mar. 30, 1843, New Haven, Conn.; 
she d. Oct. 27, 1917; res.. New Haven, Conn. 

4695. i. ARTHUR FERREE FOOTE, b. Apr. 5, 1884, New Haven, Conn.; 

machine and tool designer ; m. Ruth Calista Gill, Jan. 8, 1913 ; res.. New 
Haven, Conn. 

3074. ADELBERT MERWIN FOOTE (1561, 583, 198, 54, 16, 5, 1), b. May 2, 
1849, Hamden, Conn.; m. 1st, New Haven, Conn., June 5, 1875 to Elizabeth Bangs 
Mix, b. 1848; d. Oct. 24, 1885; m. 2nd, Oct. 29, 1888 to Selina Carbis, Bridport, Conn., 
b. Nov. 23, 1861 ; he d. Nov. 13, 1925. 

4696. i. OLIVER DEAN, b. Mar. 11, 1877; res., Wallingford, Conn.; m. Clara 

Hubbard, Oct. 7, 1916. 

4697. ii. ADELBERT MERWIN, JR., b. Oct. 22, 1891 ; res., Myrtle Beach, 

Milford, Conn. 

3090\ TALMAGE OSBORN FOOTE (1581, 592, 205, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Apr. 1, 
1836; m. May 1, 1866 to Mary Ward; res., Nebo, 111.; he d. Sept., 1919. 
4699'. i. JOHN FRANKLIN, b. 1886; m. Charlotte Stevens, 5701-12. 
4699'. ii. MARY ANN, b. 1868; m. Cyrus Bowers; res., Dinuba, Calif. 

(1) MAUDE BOWERS", res., Dinuba, Calif. 

(2) NANCY BOWERS", res., Dinuba, Calif. 


(3) EVA BOWERS", res., Dinuba, Calif. 
4699\ iii. GEORGE DORR, b. 1870. 

4699'. iv. JOSEPH WARD, b. 1873; m. Mabel Waggoner, 6703-4. 
4699'. vi. TALMADGE O., b. 1874 ; m. Minnie Cannon, 6705-12. 
4699'. vi. NANCY JANE, b. 1876; d. 1894. 

3090'. EDWARD MITCHELL FOOTE (1581, 592, 205, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Mar. 18, 
1837; m. Aug. 15, 1863 to Nancy A. Kelso; he d. Dec. 12, 1886. 
4699". i. LILLIAN MAY, b. July 17, 1864; m. July 24, 1890 to Joseph Sigler; 

farmer; road commissioner; res. on the Sigler homestead. New Canton, 


(1) WALTER AUGUSTUS SIGLER", b. Aug. 1, 1891; enlisted in World 
War; was in Argonne and received the Service Star; he is now farming 
at home ; member American Legion, Masons, and K. of P. 

(2) EDWARD CARL SIGLER", b. Sept. 15, 1893; enlisted in the World 
War; discharged for disability; m. June 19, 1921, Louisiana, Mo., to 
Fidelia McDonald; he is now taking a course in electrical engineering 
(1923) at Bradley Institute, Peoria, 111.; member of American Legion. 

(3) SUSAN ALICE SIGLER", b. Mar. 24, 1896; m. Sept. 29, 1914 to John 
Walter Morris ; proprietor of confectionery and ice cream parlor, Mexico, 

(a) JOHN WALTER MORRIS", JR., b. Aug. 21, 1915. 

(b) ELIZABETH MAY MORRIS", b. Dec. 24, 1918. 

(c) JOSEPH EDWARD MORRIS", b. Mar. 22, 1921. 

(4) LOUIS EVERETT SIGLER", b. Nov. 2, 1905. 
4699". ii. ELLA, b. Aug., 1866; d. 1866. 

4699". iii. SARAH, b. Feb., 1868; d. 1881. 

4699". iv. BERTHA, b. Aug., 1870. 

4699". v. FLORENCE, b. Aug., 1873, Pittsfield, 111. 

4699". vi. IDA, teacher of mathematics in Pittsfield High School, b. 1879. 

3090*. JOHN FOOTE (1581, 592, 205, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Oct. 13, 1839; m. Aug. 4, 
1870 to Mary Emily Hull, b. Sept. 23, 1847; he d. Oct. 9, 1913, Joplin, Mo. 
4699". i. HARRY, b. June 23, 1871 ; m. Nancy Hedges, 6713-4. 
4699". ii. HELEN, b. Nov. 5, 1876; m. William B. Dunwoody, b. June 19, 1875, 
son of J. B. Dunwoody ; res., Joplin, Mo. 

(1) MARY LOUISE DUNWOODY", b. Jan. 18, 1898; m. Paul Shriver, b. 
Nov. 6, 1897. 

(a) JOAN SHRIVER", b. Dec. 4, 1921. 

(2) ELMIRA FRANCES DUNWOODY", b. Sept. 12, 1900; m. Joplin, Mo., 
to S. Warner Coglizer. 

(3) ROSS DUNWOODY", b. June 17, 1910. 

4699". ALBERTUS HULL FOOTE, b. Jan. 16, 1879 ; m. Jessie M. Jones, 6715-7. 

3090°. JAMES FOOTE (1581, 592, 205, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Jan. 28, 1844; m. Feb. 25, 
1870 to Armittie Tippette; res., Pittsfield, 111.; he d. 1918. 
4699". i. OSCAR LOREN, b. June 11, 1878; m. Sept. 10, 1902 to Jennie Blanch 

Petite; res., Milwaukee, Wis. (1917). 
4699". ii. WHEELER JAMES, b. Dec. 11, 1889; d. 1920. 

3090'. JOSIAH CULVER FOOTE (1581, 592, 205, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Dec. 4, 1847; 
m. Feb. 14, 1873 to Abigail St. John ; res., Atlanta, Kan. 


4699"'. i. MAGGIE MAY, b. June 3, 1873 ; m. J. Wilson Carson ; res., Topeka, 

(1) ESTHER MAY CARSON", b. Dec. 23, 1891; m. Frank Stratton; res., 
Topeka, Kan. 

(2) THOMAS CARSON", b. Oct. 30, 1893; m. Pearl Douglas; res., Topeka, 

(a) LOIS MAURINE CARSON", b. Jan. 27, 1918. 

(3) ALICE JANE CARSON", b. May 1, 1895; res., Topeka, Kan. 

(4) GEORGE WILSON CARSON", b. Apr. 27, 1897 ; res., Topeka, Kan. 

(5) PEARL CARSON", b. Jan. 12, 1901 ; res., Topeka, Kan. 

(6) LLOYD O. CARSON", b. Nov. 23, 1903 ; res.. Topeka, Kan. 

(7) PHILLIP ANDREW CARSON", b. Apr. 25, 1907. 

(8) FOREST CARSON", b. Oct. 26, 1910; res., Topeka, Kan. 

(9) MARGARET L. CARSON", b. Jan. 2, 1916; res., Topeka, Kan. 
4699". iii. WILLIAM HENRY, b. Dec. 17, 1877; d. Nov. 26, 1905. 
4699". iv. ALBERT JAMES, b. Dec. 5, 1879; res.. Cripple Creek, Colo. 
4699'*. V. LUCY LEE, b. Nov. 5, 1881 ; res., Atlanta, Kan. . 

4699". vi. ALMIRA, b. Feb. 11, 1884; d. Oct. 7, 1906. 

4699=*. vii. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, b. June 23, 1886; d. July 6, 1905. 

4699^1 viii. SAMUEL R., b. Aug. 1, 1889; d. Apr. 24, 1909. 

4699"*. ix. ANNA ALMA, b. Feb. 19, 1893; m. Shafer; res., Atlanta, 

(1) GLENN SHAFER", b. Nov. 9, 1915. 
4699'». X. ERNEST, b. Feb. 24, 1894. 
4699'". xi. RALPH, b. Sept. 30, 1896. 
4699'\ xii. RAYMOND, b. Feb. 7, 1901. 

3090". HENRY FOOTE (1581, 592, 205, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. May 9, 1855; m. Jan. 12, 
1876 to Frances Desire Dunbar, b. July 9, 1855, of Hamilton, Colo. ; he is manager of 
the Silver Heels Mining Co., Thermopolis. Wyo. 

4699'\ i. GEORGIA ABIGAIL, b. June 13, 1882; d. Apr. 4, 1888. 

4699^". ii. FRANCES DESIRE, b. July 9, 1885; m. Rev. Orson P. Jones. 

(1) ORSON P. JONES", b. July 7, 1913; res., Thermopolis, Wyo. 

(2) GLENNA JONES", b. Aug. 7, 1915; res., Thermopolis, Wyo. 

(3) ELIZABETH JONES", b. 1910; res., Thermopolis, Wyo. 
4699^ iii. WILLIAM H., b. Sept. 22, 1899; d. Sept. 23, 1899. 

3094. COL. CHARLES EGBERT FOOTE (1585, 597, 205, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Sept. 
6, 1840; m. Jan. 23, 1898 to Laura Gillette; she d. Jan. 10, 1922. On Aug. 5, 1861, 
he enlisted in Co. D, 3rd New York Cavalry, and was soon at the front near the 
historic Potomac. At Little Washington, N. C, Sept. 6, 1862, he received a severe 
sabre wound in a hand-to-hand fight with a Confederate soldier. He was continually 
in the field for three years, being discharged Aug. 11, 1864. After his return from 
the army he res. in the State of New York until 1884, when he moved to Michigan. 
He conducted a pension claim agency and obtained thousands of pensions for his com- 
rades and their widows. He represented his district in the Michigan Legislature in 
1895-1896 and was reelected in 1897 chairman of the Committee on Fish and Game 
and of the G. A. R. Legislative Committee. In 1896 he was appointed quartermaster 
general of the G. A. R. Department of Michigan, under Gen. William Shakespear. 
He was active in G. A. R. work from its organization to his death. A staunch 
Republican. He d. at his res. in Kalamazoo, Mich., June 5, 1909. 


4700. i. MELVIN LINCOLN, b. May 14, 1869; d. Washington, D. C, Mar. 5, 

4700'. ii. GEORGE EUGENE, b. Aug. 17, 1872; m. Sept. 5, 1894 to Sara L. 

Hoffman, b. July 14, 1870, dau. of John and Lizzie (Rollins) Hoffman; 

res., Kalamazoo, Mich.; he d. Oct. 11, 1926. 
4700*. iii. CORA ADELINE, b. July 11, 1875; res., Addison, Mich. 

3096. JOHN ALEXANDER FOOTE (1594, 602, 205, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Catskill, 
N. Y., May 27, 1837; m. Jan. 23, 1865 to Adella Minerva Stoddard; he d. Nov. 10, 
1919; she d. Aug. 2, 1917. 

4701. i. MARY ADELLA, b. Catskill, N. Y., Mar. 20, 1868; m. Jan. 11, 1893 

to Robert Harding, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(1) MARY ADELLA HARDING", b. Feb. 22, 1894, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(2) ROBERT HARDING", b. Apr. 21, 1897, Catskill, N. Y.; m. June 16, 
1920 to Lois C. Sherman, State College, Pa. 

(3) HELEN FOOTE HARDING", b. Feb. 24, 1907, Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. 
Aug. 9, 1926 to Olin Clair Sykes, Suffern, N. Y. 

(a) BARBARA HARDING SYKES", b. Nov. 19, 1927, Glen Ridge, 
N. J. 

(b) WALLACE OLIN SYKES", b. Feb. 24, 1929, Glen Ridge, N. J. 

4702. ii. FLORENCE STODDARD, b. Catskill, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1872. 

4703. iii. ALFRED GRANT, b. Feb. 9, 1873 ; m. Lillian Ray Peet, 6726-27. 
4705'. ii. WILLIAM R. FOOTE, b. Feb. 10, 1872; m. Harriett Morrison; he 

d. Mar. 10, 1931. 
4705'. iii. FRED, b. Sept. 5, 1879 ; m. Agnes Edgerton ; he d. Dec. 12, 1929. 
4705*. iv. MARY M., b. Mar. 4, 1882 ; m. Olin P. Pierce ; she d. Nov. 16, 1924. 

3107. GEORGE GRAHAM FOOTE (1638, 618, 208, 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Oct. 19, 
1857; m. June 10, 1898 to Mary E. Daley, b. Feb. 12, 1867, dau. of Matthew Daley, 
of Colo. 

4709. i. ELIZABETH G., b. Saginaw, Mich., Mar. 17, 1899; a fruit grower at 

Paonia, Colo. 

4710. ii. BARBARA, b. Paonia, Colo., Oct. 8, 1900. 
4710". iii. ANTOINETTE, b. Paonia, Colo., Jan. 8, 1906. 
4710'. iv. SUSAN, b. Feb. 3, 1908, Paonia, Colo. 

4710*. v. DAN MATTHEW, b. July 13, 1912, Paonia, Colo. 

3116. JAMES CONKLIN, JR. (1653, 619, 208. 56, 16, 5, 1), b. Sept. 25, 1898, 
Caledonia, N. Y. Attended and graduated from the Caledonia High School ; from 
Colgate University in 1919. He was principal of the Lodi, N. Y., High School, 
1919-21, and the Delevan, N. Y., High School from 1921-23; m. June 28, 1924 to 
Laura B. Wellman, dau. of A. Minor Wellman, clerk of New York State Senate; 
res., Rochester, N. Y. 
4710". i. KATHRYN, b. June 12, 1925, Rochester, N. Y. 
4710'. ii. JAMES CONKLIN, JR., b. Aug. 3, 1932. 

4714. iv. EMMA ORPHA, member D. A. R., No. 56004; m. Alverton S. 
Bingham, b. Sept. 11, 1842; d. Mar. 6, 1929. They spent nearly all of 
their lives in Cornwall, Vt., and owned the old Bingham farm at West 
Cornwall, Vt. He was a deacon of the Baptist Church and she was 
organist of the same. She d. Nov. 19, 1922; both bur. in Evergreen 
Cemetery, West Cornwall, Vt. 


(1) ROY ALVERTON BINGHAM^ now lives on the above homestead. 

(a) MAUDE WESTON BINGHAM", b. Jan. 11, 1897; m. June 21, 1924 
to Horace Pratt, b. Feb. 13, 1893, son of Elwin and Mary (Parkhill) 
Pratt, Cornwall, Vt. ; res., Cornwall, Vt. 

(i) MILTON JAMES PRATT", b. Jan. 8, 1931. 

(b) EDWIN ALVERTON BINGHAM", b. Mar. 13, 1898; m. Bernice E. 
Delphie, dau. of Charles and Celia (Cummings) Delphie; res., Corn- 
wall, Vt. Children all b. in Cornwall, Vt. 

(i) EDWIN ALVERTON BINGHAM", JR., b. Aug. 18, 1922. 

(ii) FAITH EMMA BINGHAM", b. July 17, 1923. 

(iii) ANNIS OLIVE BINGHAM", b. July 8, 1925. 

(iv) STANTON ALVERTON BINGHAM", b. Aug. 27, 1927. 

(c) ALBERT ROY BINGHAM", b. Mar. 4, 1901 ; m. June 23, 1925 to 
Caroline lone Boardman, dau. of Benjamin and Mable (Vancellete) 
Boardman, b. June 1, 1904; res., Addison, Vt. 

(i) ALBERT ROY BINGHAM", JR., b. Oct. 14, 1926, Cornwall, 

(ii) ROBERT BOARDMAN BINGHAM", b. Oct. 22, 1929, Corn- 
wall, Vt. 
4715. (1) LUTRED ISABELLA ELLIOTT'", res., Boulder, Colo. 

(b) FRANCES LUTRED ELLIOTT", m. Aug. 20, 1914 to James LeRoy 
Glass, b. Sept. 19, 1882, son of Michael H. and Sarah C. (Daughters) 
Glass, of Wichita, Kan. He graduated Garret Biblical Institute, B.D., 
1914; Northwestern University, A.M., 1915, and is now pastor of 
Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church, Milwaukee, Wis. 

(i) MILDRED GLASS", b. May 25, 1916, Wichita, Kan. 

(ii) WENDELL LeROY GLASS", b. Dec. 30, 1920, Madison, Wis. 

(iii) VELMA GLASS", b. Aug. 13, 1922, Madison, Wis. 

(c) LENA ELIZABETH ELLIOTT", m. June 14, 1910 to Daniel Warren 
Binford, b. Carthage, Ind., Oct. 8, 1882, son of Josiah and Margaret 
(Hill) Binford, of Wichita, Kan.; he is secretary, Y. M. C. A., 
Wichita, Kan. 

(i) LEONA FRANCES BINFORD", b. Lawrence, Kan., May 28, 

(ii) HAVEN ARCHEA BINFORD", b. Auburn, Ind., Oct. 22, 


(e) PRESTON GREEN ELLIOTT", graduate University of Colorado, 
E.E., 1913 ; m. Aug. 27, 1920 to Cecelia M. Pence, b. Sept. 25, 1891, 
dau. of J. Harvey and Luly M. (Picken) Pence, Craig, Colo. Mr. 
Elliott is electrical engineer in charge of construction for the New 
Jersey Light and Power Company, Dover, N. J. (1923). 

(f) SARETTA LILLIAN ELLIOTT", graduate Haverford College, Pa.; 
A.M., 1921; m. Aug. 31, 1919 to Luther Enock Warren, b. Mar. 9, 
1890, Westboro, Ohio, son of William and Eva (Holaday) Warren, 
Wilmington, Ohio; graduate Wilmington College, A.B., 1917. Mr. 
Warren is teacher in High School, Norristown, Pa. 

(g) JOHN PAUL ELLIOTT", graduate University of Colorado, C.E., 
1919; salesman for the General Fireproofing Company, Youngstown, 
Ohio., at Philadelphia, Pa. (1932). 


(h) FAITH THERESA ELLIOTT", graduate University of Colorado, 

A.B., 1922; grade teacher in Boulder, Colo, 
(j) EDDY WILBUR ELLIOTT", attended United States Naval Academy, 

Annapolis, Md. 

(4) MARY ELIZABETH VAN PATTEN", b. Peoria, 111., Dec. 18, 1874; 
m. May 28, 1898 to Charles Riley Peterson, b. Dec. 15, 1873, son of 
John and Mary Elizabeth (Trentham) Peterson, of Hanston, Kan. She 
graduated at the State Normal School at Emporia, Kan., and taught 
school ; he is a farmer ; she d. Sept. 30, 1906. 

(a) FERNETTE ESTELLE PETERSON", b. Geneseo, Rice County, 
Kan., Mar. 6, 1899; graduate Brudett High School, and two-year 
course (Life Certificate) at State Teachers College at Hays, Kan.; 
taught four years ; m. Hanston, Kan., Sept. 8, 1922 to Earl Cassidy 
Warnock, b. Oct. 29, 1887, son of John William and Idella Hepsibath 
(Cassidy) Warnock, of Partridge, Kan. Mr. Warnock was a miller 
for four years, then in May, 1927, became proprietor of Partridge 
Service Station. He is a World War veteran. 

(i) JUNE MAXINE WARNOCK", b. June 4, 1927, Partridge, 

(ii) LUELLA FERNETTE WARNOCK", b. Mar. 4, 1930, Hutch- 
inson, Kan. 

(b) ALICE MAY PETERSON", b. Hanston, Kan., Dec. 14, 1900; B.S. 
degree from the Kansas State College at Hays, Kan., in 1926. Major 
household arts ; M.S. degree at Columbia University, New York, 
N. Y., in 1929; major household arts; a position in Vassar College, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., in 1929; m. Hanston, Kan., July 31, 1925 to 
Wendell M. Burditt, b. Dec. 18, 1895, son of Moses Taylor and Sabina 
Jane (Hess) Burditt; B.S. from Kansas State College at Hays, Kan., 
in 1927, with a major in English; M.A. degree at Columbia Univer- 
sity, New York, N. Y., in 1929, with a major in English. He is now 
a professor of English and dramatics at Alfred University, Alfred, 
N. Y. ; res., Alfred, N. Y. 

(c) BESSIE ADELAIDE PETERSON", b. Hanston, Kan., Jan. 16, 
1903 ; m. Hanston, Kan., May 31, 1924 to Walter Glenn Ruff, b. Aug. 
8, 1904, son of Rev. Charles Henry and Adella (Gates) Ruff, of 
Burdett, Kan. Both teachers. He received his B.S. degree from 
Kansas State Teachers College at Hays, Kan., on May 22, 1930; 
instructor music in High School. 

(5) FERNETTE ADELAIDE VAN PATTEN", b. Peoria, 111., Mar. 14, 
1878; graduate of Sterling High School, 1897; Wichita Hospital and 
Training School for Nurses in 1903 ; private secretary at Conservatory of 
Music for three years ; m. Sterling, Kan., Dec. 18, 1907 to Maurice Elbridge 
Gilbert, b. Piqua, Ohio, Aug. 24, 1874, son of William McClellan and 
Sarah Delia (Dye) Gilbert. Mr. Gilbert has been a railroad contractor 
for thirty-two years with Gilbert Brothers, Douglas, Wyo., formerly at 
Hazelton, Kan., Raton, N. M., Tucson, Ariz., Lamar, and Wellington,