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f^- -^^ 

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". . . the. diversity of the. co(kqt commim-ity is sezn in 

more than the. geograpfiy and educationcd backgrounds of 

its students. It is aiso found in the broad range of 

persoTuiEties. A student ... is accepted^ 05 an individud, 

with particular inteflectuof and personal talents and 


— 1988/89 Lake. Fortst Codegt Bulletin 

Table of Contents 

Introduction 2 

Perspectives 17 

Faculty and Administration 23 

Athletics 35 

Groups 71 

Individuals 85 

Advertisements 237 


(1) 5:54 a.m. 

(2) 7:03 a.m. 

(3) 7:19 a.m. 

(3) '^•■^^'^^'^^ 

2 Introduction 

Good Morning, Good Morning 

— The Beatles 

(4) 7:41 a.m. 

(5) 7:58 a.m. 

(6) 8:16 a.m. 

(7) 8:50 a.m. 

Introduction 3 



Go Your Own Way 

— Fleetwood Mac 

4 Introduction 

Introduction 5 


Too Much Thinking 

— Triumph 

(1)12:02 p.m. 

(2) 12:15 p.m. 

(3) 12:49 p.m. 


6 Introduction 


(4) 1:04 p.m. 

(5) 1:22 p.m. 
(6)2:10 p.m. 


Introduction 7 


(1)2:37 p.m. 

(2) 2:51 p.m. 

(3) 3:03 p.m. 


8 Introduction 



(4) 3:40 p.m. 

(5) 3:47 p.m. 

(6) 4:31 p.m. 



— The Outfield 

Introduction 9 


(1) 4:55 p.m. 

(2) 5:08 p.m. 

(3) 6:11 p.m. 

These Things 


10 Introduction 


(4) 6:20 p.m. 

(5) 6:43 p.m. 

(6) 7:08 p.m. 

Take Time 

— The Smiths 

Introduction 1 1 


(1)7:33 p.m. 
(2) 7:39 p.m. 


12 Introduction 


(3) 7:44 p.m. 

(4) 7:46 p.m. 

(5) 8:40 p.m. 


Hip To Be Square 

— Huey Lewis and the News 


Introduction 13 


It's Never Too Late 

— Steppenwolf 

(1) 9:56 p.m. 

(2) 10:32 p.m. 


14 Introduction 


(3) 11:45 p.m. 

(4) 12:03 a.m. 

(5) 12:38 a.m. 


- S^W^VsrjSW^ffSVW.-^^rlTI^VSKirCJr 


Introduction 15 

(1) 1:25 a.m. 

(2) 1:39 a.m. 

(3) 2:07 a.m. 

What A Day That Was 

— Talking Heads 

16 Introduction 




Cheryl Whitmore, Susan 
Kunert, and Steve Wieber (left 
to rigtit) appear in the Garrick 
Players' production of The 
Philadelphia Story . 

Professor Michael Ebner speaks 
about the history of Chicago's North 
Shore at Convocation. 

January, 1988: Several students voiced dis- 

-W Mf^m -'ME|g'l^|ggjMr^^^^^^M 

February 9: An international panel of his- 

satisfaction vi/ith the decision to deny tenure to 

■H ^^^Sf ^^^^^1 

torians reported that Austrian President Kurtj 

two LFC biology professors, Juliana Feder 

L ^^^ ^^«H|^^| 

Waldheim was innocent of committing war^ 

and Barbara Hansen. The students com- 

crimes during World War II, but said that he ; 

mended their teaching and protested that ex- 

had known of crimes being committed by his 

pectations for publishing — which was 

^L^kJk ^v^^'^^^b 

German army units. 

thought to be the key factor in both decisions 

March 4: Scornovacco's, a popular' 

— were unreasonable. 

Highwood bar, was raided by an undercover 

January 25: Dan Rather's live interview of 

^^^^RBf^S^HM*' 'l$£^ mw^^^Kt 

policeman who arrested two owners and a; 

Vice President George Bush for the CBS Eve- 


bartender for serving underage drinkers, andi 

ning News turned into a shouting match 

also arrested some underage LFC students. 

betweeen the two men regarding Bush's in- 


volvement in the 1987 Iran-Contra affair. 

^^^^^^^^^^^ih!^e ^^^^^^^^i 

February: Senior Sonya Rose announced 

^^^^H^^^^^^K^ ^^^^^^^^1 

that she was sueing Lake Forest Collge for 


civil rights discrimination in connection with 


her suspension from school the previous se- 





18 Perspectives 



Joey Guitterez and Larry Miller entertain students 
on Homecoming Weekend. 

Students, faculty, and administra- 
tion attend opening Convocation. 

March 16: Lt. Col. Oliver North, former Na- 
onal Security Council staff member, was in- 
icted by a federal grand jury on 16 counts for 
harges of conspiring to defraud the U.S. gov- 
rnment by secretly providing funds and sup- 
lies to the Contra rebels fighting the gov- 
rnment of Nicaragua. Former National 
ecurity Advisor Rear Admiral John 
oindexter was charged on seven counts. 

April: The college announced that the book- 
lore was being turned over to private man- 
gement. Follett's College Stores, which was 
Iready serving several other Midwestern col- 
iges, would begin operating the LFC book- 
tore in June. 

April: Former presidential press secretary 
Larry Speakes created a furor in Washington 
when he announced that more than once he 
had given the press concocted quotes that he 
attributed to President Reagan. The admis- 
sion came in advance excerpts from Speaking 
Out , the book Speakes had authored on the 
Reagan Administration. 

May 15: The Soviet Union officially began to 
withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, where 
for eight years the Soviets had battled Afghan 
rebels opposing the Soviet-backed regime. 

Perspectives 19 

Writer-in-Residence Tim O'Brien meets with LFC students. 

Wayne tieips members of Alpha Chi prepare for their toga party in Commons. 

Students cel- 
e b r a t e 
Peace Week 
with a dance 
in Commons. 

June: North Gym unofficially opened in time 
for summer classes after most of the ren- 
ovation had been completed. The Psychology 
and Sociology/Anthropology departments 
moved into the building, which had been 
closed since it was gutted by fire in 1969. 

June: President Reagan visited Soviet lead- 
er Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow for their 
fourth summit meeting. Although there were 
no major breakthroughs in arms control, the 
two had amiable relations. However, friction 
was once again evident betweeen Nancy Rea- 
gan and Raisa Gorbachev. 

July 3: A U.S. Navy warship shot down a 
Iranian commercial airliner over the Persia 
Gulf, killing all 290 people aboard. The U.J 
government said that the plane had been mis 
taken for an attacking F-14 fighter jet, whil 
Iran accused the U.S. of a deliberate mas 

July/August: The student residents of Dee> 
path Hall suffered through temperatures thi 
sometimes reached 100 degrees outside an 
120 degrees in (non-airconditioned) DeerpatI 

August: Senator Dan Quayle, presidentii 
candidate George Bush's running mate, wa 
faced with the revelation that he or his fami 
had apparently pulled strings to get him into 
safe National Guard unit at the height of th 
Vietnam War. 

20 Perspectives 

Lonnie Brooks entertains at the Alpha Chi toga party. 

The Oompah Band regales students at the 
German Club's Oktoberfest dance. 


Professors Jennifer Wallace, Abba Lessing, 
Ron Forgus and Monte Hull appear at the 
"Meeting of the Minds" Convocation. 

September: A new policy prohibited smok- 
ig in almost all pulic places on campus, in- 
luding the main floor of Commonplace. (The 
ipstairs balcony was reserved for smoking.) 

The college administration announced an 
ilDS policy designed to protect infected stu- 
lents' and all students' rights, and also of- 
3red a series of AIDS educational programs 
D both students and faculty. 

September 29: Discovery blasted off from 
;ape Canaveral, in the first space shuttle 
aunch since the explosion of the Shuttle Chal- 
inger on January 28, 1986. 

September 17 — October 2: The U.S. won 
36 gold medals in the Summer Olympic 
Games in Seoul, South Korea. U.S. stars in- 
cluded swimmer Matt Biondi, who won seven 
medals, five gold; sprinter Florence Griffith 
Joyner, who won three golds, sprinter Carl 
Lewis who took two golds, and Greg Lou- 
ganis, who won the gold in both springboard 
and platform diving. 

October: 10 LFC students were indicted on 
charges of cocaine use or drug trafficking 
following a search of freshman Arthur Eis- 
mueller's room. He was found guilty of co- 
caine use and drug trafficking and was ex- 
pelled. Two students received semester 
suspensions, two received short-term sus- 
pensions, four received severe citations, and 
one was found not guilty. 

Athletics 21 

Tom Keeshan (standing) hosts the student government candidates' 

Paul Goodman and Cheryl Whitmore w/atch Steve Wieber and Colin Barbera 
argue in a scene from The Philadelphia Story. 

Yume Evans, Nigel Dick, and 
Steve Madden (clockwise 
from bottom) enjoy the toga 

November: Tenure vjas granted to three 
LFC professors: Ghada Talhami, Les DIabay, 
and Dean of Students Ron Miller. 

November 8: Republican George Bush was 
elected to be the forty-first president of the 
United States, defeating Democrat Michael 

December: Todd Sullivan was elected stu- 
dent government president. Neal Gagen won 
the vice-presidential race, and Ann Hast was 
elected treasurer. 

December 6-8: Soviet Leader Mikhail 
Gorbachev visited New York City for his fifth 
meeting with President Ronald Reagan, and 
he announced at a United Nations address 
that the Soviet Union was planning major mil- 
itary reductions. 

On the same day, a devastating earthquake 
struck the Soviet state of Armenia, killing over 
40,000 people and leaving at least 500,000 

December 21: Pam Am flight 103 exploded 
over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 258 people 
on board. Investigation later determined that a 
terrorist bomb had destroyed the plane. 

22 Athletics 

Faculty and Administration 


Eugene Hotchkiss III 

President of the College 

Gordon White 

Director of Financial Aid 

Bailey Donnally 

Provost and Dean of Faculty 

William R. Lowery 

Vice-President for Development 

Theodore R. Carlus 

Vice-President for Business 

Francis B. Gummere, Jr. 

Dean of Admissions 

Ron Miller 

Dean of Students 

24 Faculty and Administration 

Dean of Faculty Office 

Front: Bonewitz, Bopp. Back: R. Wilson, Donnally, Speros. 

Admissions Office 

Salvucci, Kienstra, Baisden, S. Murray 

Faculty and Administration 25 

Dean of Students Office 

Front: Q. Johnson, Massey, Edwards, R. Miller. Back: Doleski, Ewing. 

Career Planning and 
Placement Office 


Alkire, G. Moore, Ewing. 

Front: E. Miller, Preiss, Menon. Second: Soter, Briggs, Ludlow. Back: 
Gibbs, H. Ford, Koller, Mikolyzk. 

26 Faculty and Administration 

Counseling Center 

S ^ B m MKt^HF^ 

Donner, Pohl, Frankel, Phelps. 

Facilities Management Staff 

Front: Snowden. Second: Jones, Justice, Fidanovska, Savic, Dimitrijevic, Hewlett. Third: Pietschman, Roth, Montgomery, Griffin, 
Acevski, Hatton, IVIyers, Gleason. Back: LePak, Devoid, Latondress, Ashby, Allende, Glowienke, Smith, Zwicke, Petrovski, Kotevski. 

Faculty and Administration 27 

Winifred Allen 


Robert A. Baade 


Kenneth C. Bennett 


Catherine Benton 


Bruce E. Bernard 


Joan B. Boehnen 

Economics and Business 

Ruthane I. Bopp 


Lisa Brock 


William T. Butterworth 


Lowell A. Carmony 

Math and Computer 

Pack Carnes 


Dan P. Cole 


28 Faculty and Administration 

Daniel Coughlin 


Rosemary E. Cowler 


Michael Benet Croydon 


Les R. DIabay 


Kathryn Dohrmann 


Richard F. Dye 


Michael H. Ebner 


Arlene Eskilson 

Sociology and 

Roger J. Faber 


Paul B. Fischer 


C. Richard Fisher 


Ronald H. Fergus 


Faculty and Administration 29 

Sandra M. Fox 


Phylis M. Frankel 


Jonathan F. Galloway 


Jean-Luc Garneau 


Dennis Gash 


Carol Gayle 


David George 


Philip Gerard 


Benjamin Goluboff 


Clayton Gray, Jr. 


Robert Morse Greenfield 


Gertrude Grisham 


Forest W. Hansen 


Barbara C. Hansen 


Judith Eilene Brown 


30 Faculty and Administration 

Keith D. Hazelton 


Robert L. Holliday 

Math and Computer 

Monte S. Hull 


Tung Hon Jeong 


Kathleen A. Johnson 


Michael Mason Kash 


Claudio J. Katz 


Frank E. Kirby 


Laura K. Klingbeil 


David L. Krantz 


Julia Kate Kurtz 


Dena K. Leggett 


D. L. LeMahieu 


Abba Lessing 


Faculty and Administration 31 

Louis G. Lombardi 


Charles D. Louch 


Donald Lovett 


William B. Martin 


Claire Michaels 


Charles A. Miller 


Ronald H. Miller 


Alexander F. Mitchell 


Thomas Moodie 


Nader Nazmi 


Mark D. Nelson 


Edward W. Packel 


32 Faculty and Administration 

Lynne Pudles 


Todd Rainey 


De Juran Richardson 


Stephanie Riger 


Deist! Ross 


Diane M. Ross 


Steven J. Rosswurm 


Ahmad Sadri 

Sociology and 

Franz Schuize 


W. Rand Smith 


Ghada Hashem Talhami 


Martin L. Thompson 


Faculty and Administration 33 

Mark J. Tierno 


David Walter Towie 


Robert James Troyer 


Carolyn Tuttle 


Jill Van Newenhizen 


Jennifer Wallace 

Sociology and 

Kenneth L. Weik 


Naomi Wentworth 


Cynthia B. Woodbury 


Arthur Zilversmit 


Nicole Zreczny 


34 Faculty and Administration 





Front: Palmer, Hanke, Weitendorf, Wiesbrook, T. 
Trefny, P. Tewey. Second: Liske, Metz, Posick, 
Angeli, Staroszcyk. Back: E. Alexander, Carbee, 
Mardis, Morrison, Keller, Middleton, S. Trefny. 

^4 * * 

it ■actag^WLff^ -.'--->j'' 

"We were up by one going into the 
bottom of the seventh," recalled 
Katy Palmer. "Coe got runners on 
second and third with no out, and 
Tammy (Trefny) intentionally walked 
the third batter to load the bases. 
The next batter hit a ground ball to 
Mary (Middleton) at first, and she 
threw home to me for the force at the 

"Bases were still loaded with only 
one out. The next batter put a 
grounder down the third base line. It 
was a really hard-hit ball. Tammy 
Hanke grabbed it and threw home to 
me, and I went to first for the double 
play. It all happened so fast, for a few 

seconds nobody realized that we 
had won." 

With this play, the 1988 softbal 
team won the MACW conference 
championship. The Lady Forest 
ers had gone against Coe in the 
title game a day after beatinc 
Monmouth 3-2 and Coe 5-2 in the^ 
double-elimination tournament. 

The Lady Foresters had seer 
their record dip to 1-7 in the firs 
part of the regular season, bu 
then they split the next two dou' 
ble-headers — the first two con- 
ference matches, against Sti 
Norbert and Lawrence respective- 
ly— to establish a 2-2 conference 

36 Athletics 


"St. Norbert was the most im- 
Dortant game," explained Tammy 
Hanke. "Once we beat them, we 
<now we had the potential to beat 
anybody. " A week after playing St. 
Morbert, the Lady Foresters won 
DOth games of a double-header with 
=lipon to secure a playoff berth. 

The Lady Foresters entered the 
ournament with a 6-2 conference re- 
cord (11-11 overall). Monmouth, their 
irst opponent, was the defending 
conference champion, and Coe, the 
opponent in the second and third 
james, had won the tournament 
jach year from 1981-1986. "We 
vere definitely the underdog," said 
Doach Sue Trefny. Yet Lake Forest 
won each time, despite being outhit 
n all three games. 

"We took advantage of every mis- 
ake they made," explained Coach 
rrefny. "And we made some big 
Jiays at exactly the right times." 

Lake Forest capitalized on fourteen 
opponent errors in the tournament 
while committing only one. The ex- 
cellent defense also held opponents 
to just two stolen bases and threw 
out the lead runner on two of four 
sacrafice attempts. 

After being sidelined for much of 
the season with injuries. Tammy 
Trefny pitched all three tournament 
games. Overall, she finished the sea- 
son with six of Lake Forest's four- 
teen wins. Eve Alexander handled 
part of the regular season pitching 
duties, compiling a 6-5 record, and 
Shelly Keller provided relief on the 

Alexander, who co-captained the 
team with Renee Weitendorf, was 
voted MVP. Jill Liske received the 
MIP award. Alexander and Trefny 
were named to the MACW all- 
conference team along with catcher 
Katy Palmer. 


. . . Trefny, kid sister of Lake 
Forest Coach Sue Trefny, was the 
only one of three Forester seniors 
who opted to miss commence- 

"It wasn't a hard decision," 
Tammy said. "I told Sue I was 
going to Commencement. She 
said, 'Yeah, in a wooden box may- 

— The Cedar Rapids Gazette: May 8, 1988 

Athletics 37 


,j-« ' 

A young LFC lacrosse team took 
to the field in 1988, and tallied a 4-7 

The Foresters, coached by Wayne 
Braxton, lost to Wooster, Notre 
Dame, and the Chicago Lacrosse 
Club before getting their first win of 
the season against the Windy City 
Lacrosse Club. But the record 
slipped to 1-5 with losses to Ohio 
State and Notre Dame. 

Senior co-captain Lyie Shirley 
broke the all-time school scoring re- 
cord of 59 goals during the second ' 
Forester victory, which came over 
the Lincoln Park Lacrosse Club. 

The team then lost to Denison Uni- 
versity and Michigan State, dropping 
the record to 2-7, but rebounded to 
win the last two games of the sea- 
son, against Oberlin College and Wit- 
tenberg University. 

"Even though the record doesn't! 
show it, I think we made a name for 
ourselves in the Midwest," said de- 
fender Todd Sullivan. "We played 
pretty well in the big games, but lost 
by some close scores." 

"This year was a big improvement! 

i i'i i i > iii n ii ff < ' i 

38 Athletics 


)ver the year before," added defend- 
n Rick Redfield. "We were definitely 
;ompetltive. Against Ohio State, we 
vere up 4-1 at one time, but couldn't 
itay on top." 

Lyie Shirley — considered by 
iome to be the best-ever LFC la- 
;rosse player — was voted MVP, 
ind Jeff Sandreuter was voted MIP. 
John Coretti co-captained the team 
ilong with Shirley. 

Athletics 39 

Front: B. Harris, Chantha, Lawler. Back: 
Gaffney, Fife, Hartler. 

40 Athletics 

Men's Tennis 

The 1988 men's tennis team, with 
four returning players, had a suc- 
cessful — and disappointing — sea- 
son. The Foresters posted an 8-2 
record, but did not compete in the 
MCAC tournament because it con- 
flicted with LFC's May 7 commence- 
ment. (Four of the six players were 
graduating seniors.) 

Experience figured much in the 
team's eight wins, according to 
Coach Charles Miller. "It's very es- 
sential for tennis players to know 
their competition, " he explained. 
"Because of this, we were optimistic 
going into the season." 

MVP Brian Fife posted a 9-1 re- 
cord at number five singles, and 
played on the number one doubles 
team. MIP Bill Lawler played number 
three singles and number two dou- 
bles. The number two doubles team, 
with Lawler and Mike Hartler, lost 
only one match the whole year. 

Hartler co-captained the team 
along with Mark Gaffney. 

: aK;i*50K«K<-;«ii4v".ii.>MCi:',%4 ;iK««« 

.- ■««* -v. ^- «»■* -ft. « .-xN i - Vfe" ■*. 

»,«►. <•<■- *.«' ♦. '•;.•■** v < 
'- ;^ ^-i .- ?.-,ij» ».«». *.«* y^-^-) ■^i 

^ ■ , ■.-.--.. .i«v» ^J»,* JCC-J V«R* 

*^<s ftN*: *N« *«»-*. I W"--: •^■"' 

'.*• P <-^ ^-w: -^^^ w-^ »-'w »VT '**'■» ■'«^-'^ * 
■ VS ^-^ v-:. ■ -^ .' ^V .. -^ > {«.« ^^J* •.««■.. 

*■>»» ;:■>■■,■» -jv^."* "• ■* 

■■■: m-* V 

M ^J''™^ «"»;« CiAV^ .■»f»;--w - ■•"^—l- 

« -w^ W<w "^^-^N -*^<''. y*:**: ■■•"■■t^ *■"*"■*■< ■» 
.«.? »»!> a*«fc iHiM*^ »*^* **^ '- '■* ■■*■■ 

Athletics 41 


Lake Forest trailed Rosary 7-14 in 
the third and decisive game of their 
match at the 1988 Lake Forest Col- 
lege Volleyball Invitational when 
Coach Jackie Slaats called for time 
out. Two minutes later the Lady For- 
esters returned to the court. Twenty 
minutes later the final score was 19- 
17 in favor of Lake Forest. 

"This team had a never-say-die at- 
titude," Coach Slaats reflected at the 
end of the 1988seaason. "No matter 
how far behind we were, the players 
never gave up." 

Never-say-die plus a wealth of tal- 
ent equalled the most successful 
season in the history of volleyball at 

LFC. The team finished with a 27-8 re- 
cord, and captured second place in the 
eleven-team MACW conference cham- 
pionships. Senior co-captains Eve Al- 
exander and Jennifer Brewczynski and 
junior Janine Vcelka were among the 
seven players chosen to the all- 
conference team. 

"The high point of the season was 
winning our own tournament," said Al- 
exander. After the come-from-behind 
victory over Rosary, the Lady Foresters 
defeated the rest of their opponents to 
capture first place for the first time in 
the six year history of the LFC Invi- 
tational. "It was a total team effort," 
Alexander commented. "The key to our 

whole season was the fact that wf 
worked as a team to achieve vie 

"We didn't have one or two stars, 
said Coach Slaats. "Everybody couli 
play — it wasn't unusual for the seo 
ond string to beat the first string ii 
practice. The team had a great de£, 
of depth." 

Jennifer Brewczynski was namei 
MVP by her teammates, and Jennife 
Giese received MIP honors 
Brewczynski and Alexander were thf 
only graduating members of the volj 
leyball team. 

Front: E. Alexander, Brewczynski. Second: 
Venuso, K. Maher, Birling, K.A. O'Brien, 
Moran, Rogers, Vcelka. Back : Angeli, Giese, 
Kraly, Banaszak, Morrison, Slaats. 

42 Athletics 

Athletics 43 

Men's Socceii 

^-^a_ .,-.!*:■ SSi 

44 Athletics 

The men's soccer team made a 
3ry successful comeback from a 
sappointing 1987 season, thanks 
rgely to the inspired play of a big 
roup of freshmen. The Foresters 
Dmpiled a 9-3-2 record, more than 
(versing its 4-9-1 record in 19b7. 
Forward Sam Woodger led the 
lam in scoring with eight goals and 
/e assists. Key play from sopho- 
ore forward Frank Salvoni and 
eshman goalie Corey O'Conner al- 
3 helped the Foresters. Salvoni had 
X goals and three assists and 
'Conner, in the net for 13 of the 14 
jmes, allowed only 14 goals and 
nassed five shutouts. 
Before the season even began, the 
am lost the valuable services of 
weeper and captain Rick Redfield, 
ho suffered a practice injury that 
delined him for the season. Nev- 
Iheless, Redfield made his pres- 
ice known at every practice and 
jme, and his leadership and sup- 
art were vital to the team's success. 
Mthough it was rough to sit out, I 
as very happy with the season," 
edfield said. "Strong senior lead- 
ship and freshman talent really 
ade a good combination." 
Curtis Scrlbner and Brian Rieck 
lok over the leadership on the field 
id directed six freshmen as they 
)se to the starting lineup, perform- 
g far better than expected. The 
am's most valuable player was se- 
or defender and captain Curtis 
cribner, who was also elected to 

the MCAC All-Conference team. Sam 
Woodger and freshman midfielder 
Eric Drometer also earned positions 
on the All-Conference squad, while 
defender Blake Chapman was 
awarded honorable mention. Blake 
Chapman received MIP honors. 

"Even with our success this sea- 
son, this is still a young team," said 
head coach Tony Fritz. "The future 
looks very promising. Our goal for 
next year has to be recapturing the 
conference championship." 

Front: S. O'Leary, Bracken, Drometer, Martin, M. 
Davis, B. Cfiapman, B. Rieck. Second: Jurema, J. 
Painter, Twombley, Husson, Redfield, Woodger, 
Leiken, Webb, A. Fritz. Third: Howe, Scribner, 
Salvoni, Cummisford, Yonce, Pruett, C. 
O'Conner, D. Bradley. Back: C. Cook, Harrington, 
Saul, Veldhoven, Noble, M. Moore, F. Buckley, 

Athletics 45 

" , ^Ifc i.*. 




46 Athletics 

Women's soccer had another win- 
ng season in 1988, compiling a 7-3- 
record and finishing second in the 
lACW conference. All-conference 
Dnors went to four Lady Foresters: 
riscilla Posick, Nicole Tarandy, Lori 
leenan, and Shelly Keller. 
The Lady Foresters were strong 
jntenders for the conference title, 
hich was captured by St. Norbert. 
fie game against St. Norbert was 
le Lady Foresters' best of the sea- 

"We went ahead of St. Norbert 
ith two minutes left in the game," 
icalled Coach Nancy Feldman. "But 
ey scored in the last thirty seconds 
I tie the game at 4-4." Nobody 
;ored in thirty minutes of overtime, 
id the game ended in a tie. It was a 
jartbreaker," said Coach Feldman. 
Everyone played hard, with inten- 

Throughout the season, the Lady 
Dresters combined a speedy of- 
nse with a tough defense, which 
as anchored by freshman Sarah 
apinski. (Six shutouts certainly 
ves some indication of how the de- 

fense played.) Also, Coach 
Feldman pointed out that the lead- 
ership from co-captains Ellen 
Kashian and Mary Middleton was 
"really good for the team." And a 
talented group of freshmen pro- 
vided a great deal of depth. 

The most important factor, 
though, was teamwork rather than 
individual talent. According to 
Coach Feldman, the performance 
against St. Norbert "showed the 
players what they could accom- 
plish as a team." 

Players agreed that teamwork 
was the key to the game against 
St. Norbert — and to the success- 
ful season. "We did well because 
we played together, " said co- 
captain Mary Middleton. 

"Everyone wanted to meet team 
goals more than individual goals," 
explained co-captain Ellen Kashi- 
an. "We all wanted to win as a 

The team voted Nicole Tarandy 
MVP, and Seana Kelly received 
MIP honors. 




Front: Aquino, Bouck, Kashian, Middleton, Early, 
Budd. Second: Levitsky, Libert, Hennlngfeld, Stross, 
Tarandy, Bryan, Lepinski, N. Feldman. Back: 
Widmark, Posick, M. Maher, Kelly, Stanimirovic, T. 
Lane, L. Meenan, S. Meenan, Keller, Fagan. 

Athletics 47 

Brax leaves LFC 

by GerrI Songer 

Coach Wayne Braxton, or "Brax" 
as he is known to many, left Lake 
Forest College at the end of the 1988 
fall term for a position as head la- 
crosse coach at Farleigh Dickinson 
University in Madison, New Jersey. 
The move was a return home for 
Braxton. He spent his undergraduate 
years at Farleigh Dickinson, where 
he earned nine varsity letters and 
served as captain for both the foot- 
ball and lacrosse teams. His new po- 
sition will involve coaching lacrosse, 
Farleigh Dickinson's most popular 
sport, and will include coordinating 
lacrosse and football recruiting. 

Braxton came to LFC in 1981 as 
lacrosse coach and assistant football 
coach. In the following years, he also 
taught racquetball, headed the intra- 
mural hockey league, managed the 
facilities support for basketball 
games, represented the Brother- 
hood fraternity as faculty advisor, 
acted as a faculty mentor for Black- 
stone Hall, and worked with BUGS 
(Black United and Concerned Stu- 
dents). He was an active member of 
the LFC community, sharing his in- 
fectuous enthusiasm with many stu- 

Braxton's success at LFC is not 
credited simply to his love for la- 
crosse and football. It is his love for 
the individual, as one student ex- 
plained. "Brax believes in the indi- 
vidual spirit," said Dave Wittry. "His 
concern is for individual progress, 
whether it's with athletic, academic, 
or personal goals. " 

"It is important for Coach Braxton 
to establish relationships with stu- 
dents built on trust, " said James 
Martin, another football player. "He 
has a knack for understanding 

"It's the students who enriched my 
job and my life — they were the ones 
who really made it for me here," 
Braxton said when he left for 
Farleigh Dickinson. 

Returning to FDU was a personal 
as well as a professional move. "I 
needed to move to a traditionally 
stronger team, " said Braxton, ad- 
ding, "It was also nice to get back 
home. " 

"Don't get me wrong because I 
really do care. I loved my job and I 
loved the people. I'll really miss LFC 
... It was just time for me to go, 
that's all. " 


They Like What 
They're Doing 

by Tim Ellsworth 

A wise man once said, "You can 
take the man out of the boy, but you 
can't take the boy out of the man," or 
something to that effect. The 1988- 
89 faculty intramural basketball 
team, tactfully named The Master 
Mix, certainly embodied this senti- 
ment. The faculty team had won the 
"A" league championship in 1987 
and 1988, and Master Mix held first 
place going into the playoffs in 1989. 

The faculty/staff on the 1988/89 
team included Wayne Doleski, Rob 
Baade, Bill Butterworth, Mike Gard- 
ner, Forest Hansen, Bob Holliday, 
Quentin Johnson, Tom Mikolyzk, and 
Nader Nazmi. (Hansen missed much 
of his 26th IM basketball season be- 
cause of a pinched nerve in his el- 
bow, and Baade was hampered by 
hip and knee problems.) 

48 Athletics 

A few gutsy women take the ice 

by Patty Moran 

(reprinted from The Stentor , De- 
cember 8, 1988) 

. . .After two practices, Coach Nan- 
cy Feldman, our fearless leader, 
packed the team In a school van and 
headed to Lake Forest Academy for 
the first game of the season. The 
team was anxious. The ride there 
was filled with chatter about who had 
what number and which team would 
draw blood first. 

Then disaster struck. The van's 
muffler fell off. It wasn't quite left in 
the street, but it certainly was drag- 
ging. Coach Feldman hopped out, 
checked the situation, and then 
asked for the med kit (a "must" for 
any hockey team). She patched the 
muffler back together in no time and 
we were off again. The team felt 
much safer knowing that Coach was 
quick-thinking in pressure situations. 

When we finally arrived, we were 
greeted by fellow students "Coach " 
Pat Hogan and John Carr, who was 

player personnel coach. Spirits were 
up, but nervousness set in. Only a 
handful of players had ever actually 
played in a game beyond the IM lev- 
el. Yet feelings were positive as we 
dressed in oversized jerseys that 
came down to our knees. 

The Academy jumped out to a 
quick start in the game, and by the 
end of the first period it was 2-0 in 
their favor. But we rallied, and once 
everyone learned what offsides was 
we fought back, with our first goal of 
the season scored by Sue Crawford. 

As we headed to the locker room 
after the second period. Coach 
Feldman looked at the 2-1 score and 
nodded her head. She and Coach 
Hogan and John Carr gave us the 
plan of attack, and Hogan read off 
the starting line and said with oh-so- 
much-enthusiasm and a little smirk, 
"Let's go get 'em girls!" 

John Carr added a heartfelt, "Rip 
their guts out, girls!" Off we went. 

looking for guts to rip. 

The Academy came out and 
scored a quick goal, and we coun- 
tered with a tip in by Patty Moran. 
Then we got our guts ripped. 

At a crucial moment. Lake Forest 
got a brutal tripping penalty and then 
the Academy got its power play go- 
ing. We couldn't defend because no 
one knew quite what was happening. 
Never before had we even practiced 
a power play. They scored two quick 
goals, and we were so desperate 
that the only thing to do was sit on 
the puck. So we did, or at least 
someone did, briefly. 

The game ended 5-2, but the team 
felt good. Sure, we lost, but we im- 
proved. We now know what offsides 
is and we now know that tripping 
someone with your stick is not al- 
lowed (yes, even if they have the 
puck). We left with a vow to go get 
em next time and know what? We 
just might. . . 

The team usually asks one or two 
students to play on the team, 
"because it needs those extra pairs 
of legs in order to run the floor 
against the younger competition, " 
according to Wayne Doleski. The 
student players on the 1988-89 team 
were Sean Walleck and Chris Crespi. 

Doleski also emphasized that the 
team must rely on brains more than 
legs, due to the fact that they are a bit 
more worn down. Teammate Nader 
Nazmi explained, "We try to play 
smart, be patient, and move the ball 

How do students feel about play- 
ing against their professors? "It's the 
best challenge we've had," said 
Dave Nawara. "They're good com- 
petition — better than most student 
teams. I'm glad they're playing." 

"I generally don't look at them as 
professors. But it is fun to try to bang 
them around a little bit," said B.J. 
Leventhal (whose request for ano- 
nymity was ignored). "Sometimes I 
wonder if they intimidate the 
(student) referees," Leventhal add- 
ed. "Seriously, though, I enjoy play- 
ing against the good competition. " 

The faculty team obviously enjoys 
playing students. Nazmi explained, 
"It's nice to see them in a different 
context. " 

Bill Butterworth agreed. "I get to 
know the students better, with some 
basis of mutual interest outside of 
class, " he said. "Besides, it's fun." 

Athletics 49 


Front: Zylman, Radkay, Pyle, Rooney, Ortiz, J. Carr, Winkler, Vlllarreal, Ottavlano, Forney, Montana, Barry. Second: Haines, St. Pierre, Hampton, DuPerry 
Sorensen, W. Cole, Flutie, Harris, Bohan, G. Collins, Ditka, Kalata, McLaughlin. Third: Walleck, Roemer, W. Hoffman, Kramer, Baumann, Braxton, Dai 
Sibley, Giannamore, D. I. West, Rickard, Esiason. Fourth: Barbera, Burling. May, Steiner, Barenbaum, Keeshan, B. L. Hansen, Ferrari, Gaffney, Glemauc 
Fifth: Kapchinski. Holly, Pape, Parekh, Gassmere, Nawrot, P. Sloan, Haas, J. Martin. Back: Griffith, Francis, V. Griffin, Pahlman, D. J. Wittry, Bass, Wigh" 

*» V/k jiS„ 


50 Athletics 

(. ^ ■ .<M : a . a W » >, -->«|r ^^(WfWft- 

The 1988 football team struggled 
hrough a difficult season, finishing 
vith a 1-8 record. The only win came 
igainst Concordia College In the 
)pening game of the season. The 
■oresters relied on tough defense to 
vin 7-6, netting only 22 total yards on 

Unproductive offense hurt the 
eam throughout the season. And the 
lefensive unit, which had an excel- 
3nt performance against Concordia, 
3St several players as the season 

"Some injuries in key positions 
;ept us from playing to our maximum 
ibility," said tri-captain Muriel 
alemaud. Those injured included 
)olin Barbera, John Weis, and tri- 
;aptain Sandy Pahlman. "But," 
alemaud added, "all excuses aside, 
he offense just failed to put points 
)n the board." 

Regardless of difficulties, the team 
naintained an excellent attitude, ac- 
;ording to several players. "We 
lidn't get our heads down. We went 
nto each game looking to win," ex- 
Jlained tight end Jeff Griffith. 

Despite all efforts, though, the los- 
ig streak could not be broken. Head 
:oach Mike Dau cited the injury fac- 
or, a lack of depth, and a lack of 

consistent punting as specific fac- 
tors hurting the team. He also stated, 
"When you have two consecutive 
losing seasons, it gives the coaching 
staff cause to reflect on the entire 
structure of the program, from re- 
cruiting to practice to offensive and 
defensive strategies. 

"We've had several years of win- 
ning football here, and all of a sud- 
den we are confronted with two los- 
ing seasons, ' Dau continued. "We 
keep searching for ways to rid our- 
selves of this dilemma." 

Juniors Steve Rape and Jeff Grif- 
fith and senior tri-captain Ed Bohan 
received all-conference honors. 
Bohan captained with Muriel 
Glemaud and Sandy Pahlman. The 
MIP was Jeff Griffith, and MVP was 
Pat Holly. 


Athletics 51 

- a" 



^^m^ijs^^ Si„^;!i\_^\_ !...A5igssmiL«sssm^ssssss«m5;S:ms;^*; 

52 Athletics 

Women's Tennis 

The 1988 women's tennis team, with 
only one of the top five 1987 players 
returning, compiled a 6-8 record and 
placed fifth out of eleven teams at the 
MACW conference meet. This meet 
was the highlight of the season, ac- 
cording to Coach Cille Ramsey, be- 
cause of the excellent singles perfor- 
mances of several players. 

Kristin Ang, the only experienced re- 
turner from last year's team, won the 
number one singles championship by 
defeating the defending conference 
champion 7-5, 2-6, 6-4. Dawn Russell 
finished second at fifth singles, and An- 
drea Kushner and Jennifer Rauch both 
reached the semi-finals, at the 2 and 6 
singles positions respectively. 

But the team was hampered by weak 
doubles play at the conference meet — 
as it had been throughout the season. 
"In several close matches, the doubles 
play kept us from winning," said Coach 
Ramsey. "What hurt us in doubles was 
lack of leadership. (The 1988 team had 
no seniors.) Because doubles is so 
much more mental than physical, it re- 
quires some maturity," explained Ram- 

Kristin Ang received MVP honors, 
and Dawn Russell was named MIP. 

O^X^ jK'»>.\m 

Front: Bozich, Dameshek, Retik, E. Bates. Back: Ramsey, Ang, Rauch, Russell, Ferry. 

Athletics 53 



Front: Checkett, Conley. Second: Baade, C. John- 
son, D. Thomas, O. Muttaquee, Hirsch, Vigon, 
Granzetto, C. E. Miller. Back: S. Messer, E. Olm- 
stead, Kreitner, Bryn, Minifee, E. Ahlquist, M. Foley. 

54 Athletics 

Men's Basketball 

Hard work during the off-season 
produced a much-improved 1988- 
89 men's basl<etball squad with 
twelve returners determined to im- 
prove on the previous year's 3-19 
record. Their experience provided 
the team with both depth and bal- 
ance, according to head coach 
Charles E. Miller. 

Leading scorer Kurt Granzetto, 
second team All-Conference choice 
the year before, returned at guard 
along with co-captain Rob Conley, 
another excellent shooter. Miller de- 
scribed returning sophomore Tony 
Vigon as "the team's best defensive 
guard, " and also noted the 
backcourt ability of sophomore 
transfer Gary Francis. 

Co-captain John Checkett 
brought three years of experience 
to the forward position, and fresh- 
man Otis MInifee played "a great 
inside game" at forward, according 
to Miller. Also veterans Marcus 

Minifee, Eric Ahlquist, Earl Olmstead, 
and Steve Messer all contributed at 
forward "because of the experience 
factor," Miller said. 

Key inside players were Greg 
Kreitner, at 6'7", and Jason Bryn, at 
6'8". "They have the height and they 
have worked hard in the weight room 
to build their strength," Miller com- 

The Foresters posed a challenge 
with both good shooting and tough de- 
fense. 'We play mostly man-to-man 
defense," explained Greg Kreitner. 
"We can dictate the tempo of the game 
that way. " 

The whole team played "with inten- 
sity," said John Checkett (whom Miller 
described as "an excellent leader) ". 
Checkett cited the Carthage game, in 
which Lake Forest was trailing by 24 In 
the second half. "We tied the score in 
regulation, and won by ten points in 
overtime," Checkett said. "That was 
typical; this team just didn't give up. " 

Athletics 55 


The women's basketball team en- 
joyed one of its most successful sea- 
sons ever In 1988-89. The Lady For- 
esters had only lost one game by 
midseason, while defeating some very 
strong teams like Rosary, Ripon, and 
Carroll. After finishing second in the 
MACW conference a year earlier, the 
1988-89 team had Its sights set on win- 
ning a conference championship. 

The Lady Foresters returned three 
all-conference selections: Junior Pris- 
cilla Posick and sophomores Jill Mor- 
rison and Elyse Banaszak. Five fresh- 
men joined other returners Katy 
Palmer, Diane Mardis, Shelley Keller, 
and Brenna Carbee. Fourth year player 
Renee Weitendorf, the team's only se- 
nior, captained a remarkably young 
team — it included only four juniors; the 
remaining players were sophomores 
and freshmen. 

"We have an exceptionally talented 
group of freshmen," said coach Jackie 
Slaats. "And they are joining a young 
but experienced team. Many of the 
returners gained quite a bit of expe- 
rience last year. We have very good 

"Two years ago we were 8-14," 
Slaats recalled. "Last year we were 14- 
8. This year's team is much improved. 
We have the talent, experience, and 
confidence that it takes to be success- 

N >, 

<! XV 


56 Athletics 

Front: Carbee, Weitendorf, 
Posick. Second: Palmer, Meinel, 
Morrison, Anderson, Frohm, 
Birling. Back: E. Alexander, 
Mardis, Banaszak, Slaats, 
Spector, Keller, Steinmann. 

Athletics 57 






' *^i.^#/^ 

-^i ' 




58 Athletics 

Men's Swimming and Diving 

The 1988-89 men's swim team 
enjoyed a successful season 
against top Division III competi- 
tion. Captains Don Staerkel, Erick 
Lans, and Dave Gunning provided 
much of the leadership for the tal- 
ented squad, which included four 
returning conference finalists: 
Nick Feldman, Mike Sautter, Curt 
Frost, and Andy Ripp. Also, 
Staerkel was a two-event confer- 
ence champion, Lans was an 
NCAA qualifier, and Gunning was 
a conference finalist in the pre- 
vious season. Freshmen Andy Hill 
and Jason Reeves also helped the 
Foresters rank nationally in some 

Front: Staerkel, Gunning, Lans. Second: 
Ritter, Rose, Sautter, Ripp. Third: 
Lowenberg, C. Frost, Bramwell, Bergquist. 
Fourth: Lepkowl<si, Rickard, A. Hill, 
Reeves. Back: Luebbers, C. Cook, 

Athletics 59 

Jk_ ' *#,f ,* 


60 Athletics 

lA/omen's Swimming and Diving 

ont: Erica Jensen, Eggers, Weinberg. Second: Tarandy, Pierce, J. S. Allen, Kirkland, T. Holmes, Waszak. Third: R. Thomas, Scheurell, N. Harper, J. Lee 
iwlin, K. Sullivan. Fourth: Matthew, Aquino, E. N. H. Jensen, Early, Roper. Back: Luebbers, C. Cook, Stehley. 

The 1988-89 women's swim team 
as led by several talented veterans, 
:luding two NCAA All-Americans: 
i/er Erica Jensen and backstroker 
in Allen. Kelly-Anne Sullivan, a 
lalifier for nationals in the back- 
roke the year before, also returned 
Dng with conference champions 
egan Funck, Sara Weinberg, 
lawn Pierce, Debbie Waszak, and 
kki Tarandy, an excellent diver. 
A dozen freshmen recruits joined 
s Lady Foresters, providing added 
•pe for a highly successful season. 
)-captains for the team were Sara 
Binberg and Erica Jensen. 

"St^v ^ 

Athletics 61 


The first goal against Notre Dame 
did not come until midway through the 
second period. It put Lake Forest up 1- 
until the Fighting Irish tied the score 
one minute into the third period. Lake 
Forest responded spectacularly, with 
four unanswered goals, and won what 
head Coach Tony Fritz called "the best 
performance we've ever had on their 
(Notre Dame's) ice. " 

The Foresters weren't finished with 
Notre Dame. This first win in a two 
game series was followed by another 
victory at home the next night, No- 
vember 19. The Foresters again dom- 
inated, winning 8-4. 

"That was when we really took off," 
said co-captain Jeff Sather. 
"Sweeping Notre Dame made every- 
one believe that we had a legitimate 
shot at the national championship." 

Sixteen returning lettermen gave the 
1988-89 hockey team the experience 
needed to contend for the Division III 
national title. Offensively, co-captain 
Jeff Sather, last year's leading scorer, 
and Dennis Moran, second highest 
scorer, both "picked up right where 
they left off," said Fritz. 

Defensively, co-captain Tim Bren- 
nan, a strong physical player, was 
joined by veterans Andrew Donnelly 
and Mike O'Neil. Jim Kuznar, another 
experienced defender, unfortunately 
was out for the season with a knee 
injury after only one game. Goaltend- 
ing duties were assumed by sopho- 
more Steve Collins at the beginning of 
the season. 

Transfers Dan Vacco, Doug Bow- 
man, and Eric Olson further strength- 
ened the squad. 

Coach Fritz reported that one of the 
keys to the promising team was the 
leadership of Sather and Moran. "They 
have done an excellent job in leading 
the team and setting a good example 
of dedication in addition to performing 
very well themselves," he said. Fritz 
also cited "much more effective " pow- 
er play, improved special team play, 
goaltending, and "overall experience 
and maturity" as reasons for the 
team's bright outlook for the 1988-89 

\.1^^ .^>Xf^ 

Front: Twombley, D. Moran, J. Kuznar, Sather, T. Brennan, A. Donnelly, Amory, M. O'Neill, 
S. Collins, Ring. Second: Grippo, Crossman, Loucks, Whalen, S. O'Leary, R. Williams, B. Chapmj 
Szazynski, Widmark. Back: T. Fritz, Bowman, E. Olson, D. Slavin, 0. McCarthy, Salvoni, Breakwell 


62 Athletics 



Athletics 63 

Front: K. Baldwin, J. Roberts. Back: Giese, 
Jansing, K. A. O'Brien. 


^ ^ ~ ~- ?s5ssRss5Ss:r^"-r>5^. ^ 


^ <S<&Si^^ \ 

-S!f-'^«.V--SS^SSS!S*SS! : 


"It's a game of chess," said Coa'i 
Mike Dau. "There are only two sholj 
offensive and defensive. You mu 
discipline yourself to wait until tl 
right time for an offensive shot, to t 
to win the point." 

Under his guidance, several pror 
ising men and women maintained tl 
tradition of excellent handball at LF 
as they sought another national c( 
legiate handball title in 1989. Coa(i 
Dau, who had led twelve teams 
win the championship in the lai 
twenty years, had a wealth of tale 
on the men's team. Matt McLaughli, 
Larry Haskell, Chris Tico, Da>i 
Scribner, and Matt Hiber all rank( 
highly in A Singles competition. 

The women's team was less e 
perienced, but gained a valuable a 
set in Jennifer Roberts, described 
Coach Dau as "the best intercoll 
giate women's handball player in th 
country." Roberts, a transfer frc, 
Memphis State, finished second ■ 
as a freshman — in the Women's 
bracket at last year's national tot 
nament. Veteran player Carolii 
Jansing added experience to tli 
women's squad. 

The captain of the 1988-89 tea; 
was veteran Sean Walleck. 

64 Athletics 





Front: McLaughlin, Ephlin, Biersborn. Back: Hiber, Tico, Haddon, Crespi. 

Athletics 65 








66 Athletics 

Club Sports 

Tont: Owen, Landwer, Perron, S. E. Clark, Hodgkins. Back: A. Moore, 
Sellowe, C. Huntington, C. Larsen, Ballou. 

Hodgkins, WIrth, Fogg, Holllday, B. Rieck, Dohrmann, Packel. 

Sailing Club 

Running Club 

Fencing Club 

Club Hockey 

Front: Pohle, Hertel, Ney. Back: Coldwell, McComb. 

Front: P. Moran, N. Feldman. Back: Rogers, J. Schwartz, Dillon, Etienne, 
Crawford, K. Bailey, Reavis, Lane. 

Athletics 67 



R. Wayne Braxton 

Lacrosse '88 



? I 

Garden "Skip" Cook 

Men's and Women's Swimming 

Michael E. Dau 

Football / Handball 

Nancy C. Feldman 

Women's Soccer / Softball '89 



Anthony L. Fritz 

Men's Soccer / Hockey 

68 Athletics 




Charles E. Miller 

Men's Basketball / Men's Tennis 

Cille Ramsey 

Women's Tennis 

Jamie Rosin 

Lacrosse '89 

Jacqueline A. Slaats 

Volleyball / Women's Basketball 

Sue Trefny 

Softball '88 

Athletics 69 

How do athletes make the 

"What's the secret? " Pat Holly, 
who won the scholar/athlete award 
his junior year, laughed. "The secret 
is that there is no secret. If you want 
to excell at anything — sports, ac- 
ademics, or anything — it just takes 
hard work. Holly, a four-year varsity 
football player, continued, "School 
comes first. The coaches have 
stressed academics ever since I've 
been here — football is second." 

Holly is one of many LFC students 
to find success in both academics 
and varsity sports. John Checkett, a 
Rhodes Scholar candidate, ex- 
plained how he was able to balance 
basketball with school for four years. 
"I like it all — basketball and math 
and economics (his two majors). It's 
much easier to spend a lot of time on 
something you like. " Checkett also 
found support from his coaches. 
"They (Coach Charles Miller and 
Coach/Professor Rob Baade) are al- 
ways the first to congratulate me for 
anything, " he said. 

"You need to put your priorities in 
order, " explained Eve Alexander, a 
four year volleyball and Softball play- 
er. "I know what my priorities are. 
Also I try to manage my time well, to 
keep up with all of my classes. " 

"Class attendance is important, " 
said Sandy Pahlman, a tri-captain of 
the 1988 football team. 'If you start 
missing it's easy to get behind. " 
Pahlman also talked about managing 

his time. "I set aside time each night 
to study, " he said. "It's tough some- 
times, when you come back tired af- 
ter practice. But it's important 
enough for me to do it." 

'You get burned out once in a 
while, maybe after a long road trip or 
a hard study session," John Check- 
ett said. "The thing to do then is just 
step back for a while, to think about 
where you want to be and what you 
want out of college." 

Katy Palmer, a basketball and soft- 
ball player, had offers to Division I 
schools. "I came here because ac- 
ademics is more important to me," 
she explained. "I always keep that in 

"But I wanted to play because 
sports has always been a part of my 
life, " Palmer continued. "And I think 
the motivation from sports carries 
over to studies. I set my mind on 
goals for sports, and in the same way 
I go after academic goals. " 

Palmer said that her most difficult 
time with classes was at the end of 
the 1988 spring semester, because 
the Softball team had earned a con- 
ference championship bid. "We had 
to practice softball all during finals, 
because the tournament wasn't until 
the second week in May," she ex- 
plained. '"Studying for finals was 
very hard. But I got the grades, and 
we won the conference title. Both 
ways, it was worth it." 

70 Athletics 



Alpha Chi 

Front: Handler, Noble, Kreldler, Reese, Pruitt, 
Lowenberg. Second: E. Feldman, Ripp, Bernstein, 
Webb, D. Browne, Cellucci, MacDonald, Starkel. 
Third: Pinckard, Deigl, Doe, W.K. Walsh. Back: Diehl, 
Ryan, Z. Phillips, Redfield, C. Larsen, Peebles. 

Alpha Pi Delta 

Front: Metyk, Fricke, Ferry, Waszak, Berry, S. Clark. 
Second: Quandt, Kaczmarick, Bish, Conway, 
Nuebel, Friedley, Dow, Snyder, Goodfellow. Third: 
Curran, Warren, Rauch, S. Ross, Wigser, Dobro, 
Montedore, Bancroft, Talcott, Hearn, Funck, Hoff- 
man, Galassie, Henningteld. 

Beta Triton 

Front: Hodgkins, Newberg, Nixon, Holstein, Cannon, 
Griffin, Woodger, H. C. Day. Second: Bentley, X. 
Smith, Swift, Mazlish, Valdes-Falli, Connelly, Robin- 
son, Bae, Kolachov, Douglass, Connell, Buckoff. 
Third: Schippers, Heller, Fusilero, Cahouet, Rusnak, 
Mullins, Guthrie, Merrill, Heard, W. James. 

72 Groups 


Front: Walleck, Glemaud, Goldman, J. Carr, Winkler. 
Second: Bohan, Nugent, Haddon. Third: Pape, 
Barenbaum, Barbara, C. Hill, Ferrari, McLaughlin, 
Benson, Rowland, B. Hansen, Gaffney. Back: W. 
Peterson, Burling, Haines, Grespi, Zylman, Bass, V. 
Griffin, Doniff, Pahlman, Holly, Sorenson. 

Gamma Rho 

Front: Dameshek, B. White, Nigro. Second: K. F. 

Mitchell, Burian, Wass, Mikulsky, Kavenaugh, Aray. 
Third: Williamson, L. Brown, Ostendorf, A. Johnson, 
Duckstad, Harmon, Ream, Meenan, Ford, Arteaga, 
Levitski, Forester, Sprecher. Back: Schilling, Van- 
ingen, Strothman, S. Griffin, Theisen, V. Holmes, K. 
North, Rollings, Strawbridge. 

Phi Pi Epsilon 

Front: Barron, Pasquesi, Borgman, AbuNassar. 
Back: Pinover, Goggin, Kyritz, Sather, Kuznar, 
Breakwell, Brennan, A. Donnelly, D. Moran, M. 
O'Neill, Shah, Amory, Keeshan, Buckley, Paige. 

Groups 73 

House of Soul 

K. Martin, Cade, L. Robinson, Barnes. 

Red and Black 

Front: Munson, Hast, Mendez, C. R. Thomas, P. 
Wright, B. Rieck. Second: Graham, Liske, Pesetsky, 
Grippando, L. Weston, Pierce, P. Hill, Cronenwett. 
Back: Strauss, Moser, D. Buchholz, Fogg, Rau, 
Seigh, Ricci. 

74 Groups 


Front: K. Weston, Callas, B. Moore, B. Hoffman. 
Second: Fusilero, Paetow, Welborn, Barrientos, 
Hast. Third: K. Martin, Peebles, Stennis, Berry, 
Krapa, Burks, W.K. Walsh, Eccles, C. Larsen. 

Peer Counselors 

Front: Baldwin, Pohl, Stadheim, Niles, J. O'Brien, 
Harmer, Galassie. Second: Mueller, Ritter, Cherrett, 
Bieras, Hoopes, Enichen. Third: Gillette, Nott, Wood, 
Povar, Courts, Shelley, Peacock. Conway. Back : 
Holly, Rowland, Washington, Gagen, Tachkov, 
Cleveland, Jenkins, Fogg, Connell. 

Residence Staff 

Front: Hood, Clayton, Mardones, Whalen, Bar- 
rientos. Second: Dorman, Liske, Dixon, B. Moore, 
Spohn, Sommese. Third: K. Martin, Spencer, Berry, 
Murray, Rapp, Sims, B. Carlus. Back: D.G. Wittry, 
Bryn, Minifee, E. Jackson. 

Groups 75 




Front; Sarmiento, Arons, Hood, J. Painter, Haugan, 
M Pover, A White, B Moore, Stennis, Kashian. 
Back: Cassity, Cosbey, Culpepper, Callas, Burling, 
M. McCarthy, Giese. 

Bii fli in 

u m n 
I m RIB 

Society of 
Physics Students 

Lindenbusch, Sundberg, Berghoff. 

Student Affiliates 

of the American 

Chemical Society 

Front: Brewczynski, Kaz. Back: Holly, Sorensen, M. 

76 Groups 


German Club 

Front: Smith, Strefling, Frohn, Hertel, Martin, Borz- 
sony, Graff. Back: C, Gray, Steinert, Fischer, 
Schroeder, S. Wittry, C. Gardner. 

Spanish Club 

Front: Dornstauder, B. Hoffman, Lukasevicius, Mita, 
Gorham. Second: Cupic, Barnes, B. Rieck, Bulcao, 
Cherrett, Ruuska, Tiehen, Schwartz, Lawler, Valdes- 
Fauli. Back: Bonewitz, Diaz, Montedore. C. Hun- 
tington, Erwin, Fogg, George, Ellsworth, D. Nelson, 
B. Cook, Speros, Thickstun. 

Groups 77 


Front: Grippando, O'Grady. Back: J. Allen, Penry, 
Cronenwett, Lepkowski, C. Graham. 


Front: Stitt, Gipps, Nanavaty, M. West. Back: Ban, 
L. Garneau, Songer, Decker, Berghoff. 

78 Groups 


Front: Coladarci, Wirth, Donzen, Bieles. Second: 
Strauss, Han, Hardin, Huver, Segreti, S. Lynch, Do- 
bro, Curran. Third: Mason, J. Miller, Pesetsky, Hast, 
T. Washington, Chauvin, Hudson, Sutherland. 
Fourth: DeBoer, Day, Pyle, Alexaander, Bachman, 
M. West, Nugent, Ricci, L. Garneau. Back: Crespi, 
Walleck, Josupait, Blair-Smith, Savage, Parker, Con- 
ner, Fleming, Wilkinson. 


Wagenaar, Yanda, Brewczynski, Reddy, M. West. 

Groups 79 

Garrick Board 

Wingenbach, Munson, Reimer, D. Buchholz, 


Front: Pollock, L. Johnson, Kenney, Gallagher, D. 
Dixon, Samet. Second: Montes, M. Y. Parker, 
Coleman, Hendrix, Waldschmidt. Back: Rollings, 
Kaz, D. Buchholz, Boyce, Savage. 

80 Groups 

Academic Computing 

Lindenbusch, D. Wittry, D. West, S. Wittry, B. Cook 

United Nations 




T. Morgan, M. Macartney, M. Ritter 

Groups 81 

Social Services 

Bray, Cleveland, Coladarci, Monahan, Porter, 
Parker, Sanguino. 





Front: Benton. Back: Fusilero, Olszewski, Rhynhart, 
Newcomet, Coladarci, D. Buchholz. 

82 Groups 

Government 1 988 

C. Larsen, Keeshan, Glemaud. 

Government 1 989 

Sullivan, Gagen, Hast. 

Groups 83 

Black United and 



Front: Q. Johnson, Dorsey, B. Moore, J. Martin, 
Barnes. Second: M. Parker, Stanley, Cade, Clayton, 
L. Cook, Culpepper, D. Williams, Baisden. Back: 
Haire, K. Martin, K. Gray, L. Robinson, M. C. Davis, 
Sims, Spencer. 


Michaels, Middleton, J. Wallace. 




Front: Reddy, Arsakularatna, Nakamura, Chin. Sec- 
ond: Nomura, Diaz, Cherney, R. Conway. Back: 
Aburida, Suzuki. 

84 Groups 




Election '88: LFC Perspectives 

by Kirstin Wagner 
Paul Fisher, Jeff Parker, and Julie tVlassey watch election results at Blackstore Hall 

"George Bush is now the safe: 
man in America, " said one studei 
Democrat in response to the 19£ 
Presidential election results. " M 
body wants Dan Quail for President 

But his low opinion of the Repul 
Mean ticket did not represent a coi 
sensus among LFC students. An Oi 
tober poll revealed that 56% of 2£ 
randomly chosen students su( 
ported Bush, while 34% favored h 
opponent, Michael Dukakis. Y( 
judging from campus political activi 
— or rather, the lack thereof — on 
a handful of students supported e 
ther candidate with much enthus 

A debate between College Repul 
licans and College Democrats we 
one of the few election-related can 
pus events. Michael Murray repr( 
sented Bush and Jennifer Shufe 
represented Dukakis. "They (Murre 
and Shufelt) were more exciting 1 
watch than the real candidates. The 
seemed more competent, too," wg 
the comment of one student spe( 

Jill Alexander 

Kristin Anderson 

Dilrukshi Arsakularatna 

Scott Bachmann 

Peter Baillos 

Elizabeth Barber 

Chris Bennett 

Jody Birling 

Robert Blair-Smith 
Blaine Boyce 
Sandy Bozich 

Benjamin Bramwell 

86 Freshmen 

Dther signs of the election includ- 
a long series of political opinions 
the Stentor , jokes about topics 
ch as Quail's military record and 
kakis's eyebrows, and bumper 
:kers comparing George Bush to 
land puppet. 

rhe barrage of propoganda cul- 
lated on November 8th. At a gath- 
ng sponsored by Red and Black, 
i/eral faculty members joined stu- 
nts in the Blackstone Hall lounge 
view the televised coverage of the 
iction results. 

3ush's victory soon became ev- 
int, and by midnight the lounge 
iS deserted. Several days later, 
e student interviewed for this ar- 
e summarized her views by say- 
I, "Nothing made it special — It 
,s just an election." 


The Lake Forest College Stentor 

Paul Konzen waits for the outcome. 

Brian Brown 
Emily Budd 
Matthew Bunn 
Matthew Burnette 

Adam Campbell 
Marissa Cashy 
Kenneth Clayborne 
John Clune 

Charlie Constable 
Lynnette Cook 
Philippa Cooper 
Jennifer Courts 

Freshmen 87 

Hanelle Culpepper 

Ami Cymerman 

Peter Day 

Julie OeMuyt 

Mary Dillon 

David Dixon 

Alycia Dornstauder 

Harvey Du Perry 

Alexandra Early 
Christine Ekey 

Anthony Pagan 
Laura Fatland 

Joel Forney 

C. Andrew Fritz 

Erica Frohm 

Donald Gassmere 

Peter Georgalan 

Jennifer Giese 

Sean Gill 

Samuel Glicksman 

88 Freshmen 


Thomas Graff 
Kathy Hafenscher 
Andrew Hill 
Thomas Hill 

Marvin Hodge 
Matthew Hunt 
Dai Ichikawa 
Erika Jensen 

Lori Johnson 
Roxanne Johnson 
Kathleen Kenney 
Dave Kenny 

Jerry Kons 
Anna Kourakis 
Denise Kraly 
Carole Kwasinski 

Kristen Lear 
Jennifer Lee 
Craig Lepkowski 
Philip Lindsey 

Freshmen 89 

■ ;^KWS;;5^??f:;^"-T;■;■::.-:::/;:■ 

Theresia Moser has ordered a popular choice. 

What are you 

by Carrie Green 

An informal survey of LFC stu 
dents revealed what they have foi 
Sunday dinner, the only meal of th« 
week not provided by the cafeteria 
The overall number one choice was 
Domino's Pizza. It's pizza just likt 
Mom always ordered and delivery i: 
fast and free. Other popular choices 

The campus Snack Shack. Natalit 
Richards, a Snack Shack studen 
employee, reports that the standarc 
cheeseburger, fries, and coke is tht 
most popular Sunday night dinner 
Grilled cheese sandwiches hold i 
close second place. 

The Lantern, Lake Forest: A ham 
burger, onion rings, and a beer is on( 
upperclassman's reccomendation 
The onion rings are an inch thick am 
the best in town. 

Carolyn Lueck 

Monique Macartney 

Don Mastro 

Brad Matheson 

Tanya Matic 

Janet Matthew 

Nancy McAtee 

Christopher McCarthy 

Molly McClain 

MIra Millar 

Kathleen Munson 

Evelyn Newcomet 

90 Freshmen 

loing for dinner? 

Haagen Dazs, Lake Forest: It's 
jlled the Haagen Dazs special — 
/o scoops of ice cream for an es- 
3cially well-balanced meal. 
Ed Debevic's, Deerfield: The wait- 
's and waitresses talk back to you; 
'hat more could anyone want? 
Swiss Colony, Lake Forest: It's the 
jtalogue come to life. Sourdough 
ead makes the sandwiches served 
jre worth the walk into town, 
enny's (Highland Park, Vernon 
ills, and other suburbs): Open twen- 
-four hours — perfect for a break 
Dm studying late on Sunday nights. 
Go Home: For students who live 
sarby, this is the best way to get 
)od food, and, as one student ex- 
ained, "It's free." Another way to 
}t a home-cooked dinner is via in- 
tation to a professor's house. 
Roommate Special: Roommates 
lare a one pound bag of M&M's 
rith peanuts, of course — they're a 
)od source of protein). 
Chinese: This survey indicated that 
linese food is the most popular 
hnic Sunday night dinner choice, 
ost people unfortunately could not 
call the names of the Chinese res- 
urants they favored, but the cities 
Highwood and Highland Park were 
e given locales. 

Matthew Barnard dines at the Snack Shack 

Sunday Night Student Recipes 

Rob Weatherly's Bagel Dip 

1 bagel 

1 cup strawberry yogurt 

Dip pieces of bagel into yogurt and 
eat. Serves one. 

Sudheshna Reddy's Jelly Sandwiches 

2 slices white bread 
1 jar grape jelly 

Generously spread one slice of bread 
with jelly. Top with second slice of 
bread. Serves one. (t\Ailk goes partic- 
ularly well with this meal.) 

Cory Graham's Casserole 

1 box Macaroni & Cheese 
1 can Cream of t^ushroom Soup 
'/2 pound raw hamburger 
4 slices Swiss cheese 

Follow box instructions to boil macaroni. 
Brown hamburger. Drain macaroni and 
add cheese powder and soup. Combine 
souped-up macaroni and cheese and 
browned hamburger in a casserole dish. 
Top with slices of swiss cheese. Bake 
until cheese melts. Serves four. 

Hilary Newlin 
Michelle Niles 
Eric Olson 
Ken Ottaviano 

Marcella Parker 
Dylan Parks 
Roopa Patel 
Tricia Ptomey 


Freshmen 91 

David Pyle 

Nicole Quesnel 

Sudheshna Reddy 

Jason Reeves 

Kris Roemer 

Sharon Rogers 

Sean Rooney 

Melissa Roper 

Michael Rw/eyemamu 

Matthew Sauer 

Eric Saul 

Brad Savage 

Kellie Jo Scheurell 

Nicole Schultz 

Julie Schw^artz 

Timothy Sette-Ducati 

Amy Shelley 

Theresa Shepple 

Kimberly Siblik 

Mary Beth Sirois 

92 Freshmen 


Kristina Slader 
Michael Solomon 
Robyn Spector 
Elizabeth Stanley 

Lisa Stauffacher 
Nikki Strefling 
Sheila Strobel 
Larisa Stress 

Tiffany Sutherland 
Cameron Taylor 
Robert Vance 
Volkert Veldhoven 

Arianne Venuso 
Susan Wagenaar 
Christopher Walsh 
Melanie West 

Stacey Wiggall 
Mia Woodis 
James Woodley 
Betsy Yelson 

Freshmen 93 

Erik Ahlquist 

John Amico 

Carl Andresen 

Nicole Angeli 

Samantha Arteaga 

Laura Bancroft 

Colin Barbera 

Jerry Barenbaum 

Joseph Bass 

Greg Bellow 

Darby Bentoff 

Whitney Bish 

Pamela Bradley 

Lisa Brewer 

Samantha Brown 

William Burks 

Moonju Choi 

Steven Collins 

Suzanne Crawford 

Caria Cunningham 

94 Sophomores 

The Writing Center. 

by Luc Garneau 

With the end of the 1988-89 school 
ear, the LFC Writing Center com- 
letes its thirteenth year of helping 
tudents improve their writing and 
3search skills. 

Under the masterful guidance of 
rofessor Gertrude Grisham, the 
i/riting Center tutors helped over 
iree hundred students in the first 
emester alone. The tutors' fields of 
pecialization vary greatly. Tutors 
re available with expertise in Ger- 
lan, French, Japanese, and Span- 
;h, as well as in the fields of Busi- 
ess, English, Art, and History. 

Information on any other subjects 
an probably be found in the Writing 
tenter's all-inclusive handout file, 
'hich contains helpful hints and in- 
tructions on various types of cita- 
on for research papers, grammar 
'orksheets, and review sheets, hints 
n spelling, and many others. 

The Writing Center also has a 
irge library of books concerning 
Titing in various subject areas. 

The tutors are ready and able to 
elp LFC students learn to write to 
te best of their abilities, making the 
/riting Center a resource to be 
ipped on the way toward academic 
xcellence by both students and fac- 

Sophie DuBrul 
Valerie Duncan 
Margot Eccles 
Wendy Ehlers 

Sophomores 95 

Dana Epstein 

Jonathan Ferrari 

Steven Flahive 

Jill Flaker 

William Fleming 

Sarah Fricke 

Neal Gagen 

Leslie Garcia 

JoAnne Gassmere 

Maureen Gibbons 

Elizabeth Gillette 

Erika Glocker 

Paul Goodman 

Paul Grabowski 

Cory Graham 

David Haines 

Carlotta Halloran 

Kristine Henningfeld 

Terrence Hicks 

Tracey Holmes 

96 Sophomores 

Mark Jadvani 
Lee James 
M. Parker Jones 
Marcus Jurema 

Cheryl Kaczmarick 
Kim Kane 
Scott Kapchinski 
K. C. Kavanagh 

Matthew Keeney 
Shelly Keller 
Danny King 
Kathleen Kohl 

Michelle LaSalle 
Diana Lee 
Jason Lenihan 
Elizabeth Levitsky 

Kendra Maher 
Joseph Marcus 
Diane Mardis 
Colin McComb 

Sophomores 97 

students Visit East Campus(es) 


How can riding a donkey, expic 
ing a castle, or meeting French re] 
alty become part of your educatio; 
Join a study abroad program. Ea 
year many students earn cour 
credit in programs abroad, includi 
three programs operated by La 
Forest College. 

Twelve LFC students participati' 
in the Madrid Internship Program ^ 
the fall, 1988 semester, living w^ 
Spanish families and working in 
variety of positions. The students ;| 
so had Spanish language and cuitu' 
classes, and went on weekend e 
cursions to places such as Grenai' 
and Lisbon. 

The similar Paris Internship Pr- 

Kelly Metyk 

Joe Miller 

Meredith Miller 

Heather Moore 

Michael Moore 

Thomas Moore 

Patty Moran 

Jill Morrison 

Yumi Nakamura 

Laurie Nuebel 

Michele Nystrom 

Kelly A. O'Brien 

98 Sophomores 

-am placed nine LFC students with 
'ench families in the fall of 1988. 
hiey worked in a variety of intern- 
lips in businesses and schools. 
"I loved the work, " said Brett 
happel, who did two technical 
anslations for his internship with an 
ternational business. "I didn't want 
I come back. I want to work there 
ter I graduate. " 

The program in Greece, the oldest 
-C program, entered its 20th year in 
)89. Students who went to Greece 
)ent 2-3 months studying Greek 
id Roman history and archeology, 
leir rigorous schedule included ex- 
nsive travelling to archeological 
tes and museums in Greece and 
jrkey for classes taught on- 

"It's the best tan I've ever picked 
) during class, " commented John 
alias, a member of the 1988 group. 
\nd visiting all of those sites was 
hat made the program so worth- 
hile. I learned an awful lot, and it 
as a very fun way to learn. " 



Cornelia O'Grady 
Christine Parenti 
Shawn Pierce 
Tina Poklar 

Dephine (Dawn) Russell 
Pcctt Saviour 
Sandra Sims 
Kitty Simshauser 

Sophomores 99 

Eric Smith 

L. Cameron Smith 

Patricia Spindler 

Alexandra Sprecher 

Kelly-Anne Sullivan 

Nicole Tarandy 

Katie Taylor 

Robin Thomas 

Andrew Twombly 

Kirstin Wagner 

Geoff Waldschmidt 

Amy White 

Brooke Wilson 

Ed Wingenbach 

Steve Wittry 

Holly Ziemek 

Lori Quinn 

Danielle Reimer 

Jane Resek 

Suzanne Rugh 

100 Sophomores 

Margaret Marie cfe Bourbon 

Ttbmary 1, 1970 — DecemBer 4, 1988 

To laugh often and much; 

To win the respect of intelligent people 

and the affection of children, 
To earn the appreciation of honest critics 

and endure the betrayal of false friends, 
To appreciate beauty, 
To find the best in others; 
To leave the world a bit better 
Whether by a healthy child, 
A garden path or a redeenned social 

To know even one life has breathed 
easier because you live. 

This is to have succeeded. 

— Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Sophomores 101 

Michelle Arenson 

Douglas Arnold 

Robyn Askelof 

Sean Backus 

Kendra Ballard 

Tracy Barrientos 

Margie Beck 

Trish Berry 

Jason Bryn 

Thomas Burling 

Brenna Carbee 

Amy Cherrett 

Bobbin Coiner 

Tom Coladarci 

Jennifer Coleman 

Rob Conley 

Noreen Curran 

Danielle Dobro 

Hurst Dorman 

Elizabeth Engle 

102 Juniors 








Erich and I went to the Snack 
hack to get diet cokes the day after 
RA had a "Muffin Menangerie" for 
unday brunch. Erich pointed to the 
jII jar of cookies and said, "It looks 
<e Gretel has been busy again." 

"I wonder if there really is a 

Could this be Gretel? 

Gretel," I said. 

"I don't know." Erich asked the 
woman who was getting our drinks, 
"Is there really someone named 
Gretel who makes the cookies?" 

"I make the cookies," she an- 

Erich looked at her nametag. "But 
your name is Dolores." 

"Well / make the cookies," Dolores 

"Then did Gretel really make the muf- 
fins?" asked Erich. 

"What muffins?" 

"The muffins that we had yesterday 
for brunch." 

"I don't know anything about any 
muffins," Dolores replied. "But I make 
the cookies. " 

"Well is there really a Gretel?" asked 

"I don't know. If there is, I've never 
seen her. 
But / make the cookies." 

We paid for our cokes and left. 

Anna-Maria Frohn 
Jill Grippando 
Troy Gross 
Tammy Hanke 

Kelly Harmon 
Ann Hast 
Anthony Haugan 
Peter Hendrix 

Juniors 103 

Natalie Hoffman 

Pat Hogan 

Helens Huver 

Katfierine James 

Sabrina Jenkins 

Charlie King 

Becky Kirkland 

Greg Kreitner 

Erick Lans 

Laura Larsen 

Jonathan Levine 

Beth Libert 

Duane LIsowski 
Mary Maher 

Susan Meenan 
Daniel Mehr 

Melissa Monahan 

Dave Nawara 

John Nugent 

Brice OKeeffe 

104 Juniors 

Music at LFC. 

by Luc Garneau 

f if firm 

Marlene Rapp and Henry Schroeder perform at the fall concert. 

The 1988-89 school year was truly a 
productive one for the LFC Music 
Department. Highlights of the fall se- 
mester included a concert of student 
musicians in November. Among the 
performances were a flute ensemble, 
a string quartet, a piece for cello and 
piano, two pieces by Motion Alarm 
(the campus' new music ensemble), 
and a harpist. The choir, under the 
direction of Car! Samet, also had a 
fall concert. 

Another exciting happening in the 
Fall semester was the relocation of 
the College's electronic mu- 
sic/recording studio to the lower 
chambers of newly renovated Reid 
Hall. With full eight-track digital re- 
cording capability and sophisticated 
equipment, the studio provides stu- 
dents with the chance to make fine 
quality recordings and to learn about 
computer-aided composition and 
synthesized music. 

Steven Olson 
Brian Paetow 
Katy Palmer 
Jayne Papp 

Betfiany Patten 
Stephen Perron 
Kevin Pohle 
Marlene Rapp 

Elizabeth Ream 
Brooke Reid 
Daniel Ricci 
Mark Ritter 

Juniors 105 

Marietta Rodriguez 

Henry Schroeder 

Ralph Segretl 

Victoria Shobrls 

Jennifer Spohn 

Sharia Steinmann 

Kathryn Stitt 

Peter Stojich 

Helen Tachkov 

Sara Tonko 

Caroline Torrlngton 

Robert Urich 

Janine Vcelka 

John Weber 

Dianna West 

William Winkler 

Daniel WIttry 

Elisabeth Wright 

Jeff Zylman 

106 Juniors 

Wiiiiam Dickers on 

February 1, 19G6 — Stiptcmbtr 20, 1988 



A house in the forest is 
skin covered floor in front of the fire, 
and the sound of children sleeping; 

weary from the day's play, 
safe the night through for mom watched as they lay. 

I wish an aura about the house. 
I pray for blessings from above. 

I hope for everlasting peace and joy. 
but most of all I wish for love. 
For what is a house divided; 
a man without a wife. 
One heart separated, 
children under strife. 
Under my roof there will be no pain, 
no loneliness, no sorrow. 
The walls will possess pictures 
promising us tomorrow. 

by William Dickerson 

Juniors 107 

Stewart G. Swift 

To Mom and Dad and my wonderful family and friends because 
without all of you, I would not be the Jim Tselepis I am today and 
will be tomorrow. 

It's never too late to have a happy childhood. 

— Tom Bobbins 

Yup, that's right, I think I'm gonna be one of the happy people. 

C'est ainsi qu'en partant je vous fais mes adieux. 

— Quinault 

James Thomas Tselepis 

108 Seniors 

Brian Rieck 

Thanks Mom and 
Dad for your ever- 
present love and 

Every day I take more pleasure in my 
ow/n company. 

— E. Larsen and C. Hegarty 

"If you was a fish, Mother Nature'd take care of you, 
wouldn't she? Right? You don't think them fish just 
die when it gets to be winter, do ya? You're goddam 
right they don't." 

— J. D. Salinger 

. Being is unbelievable. 

Abraham Joshua Heschel 

Tom Howe 

Seniors 109 

Steven H. Strauss 

Her image had passed into his soul forever and no word had broken the holy silence of hi; 
ecstasy. Her eyes had called him and his soul had leaped at the call. To live, to err, to fall 
to triumph, to recreate life out of life! A wild angel had appeared to him, the angel of morta 
youth and beauty, an envoy from the fair courts of life, to throw open before him in ar 
instant of ecstasy the gates of all the ways of error and glory. 

— James Joyc« 

Thanks to my crazy family, my friends, my band, and my dogs, who always pee when the\ 
see me. 


Thank you Semester at Sea. 


The world is a book and those whi 
do not travel read only a page. 

— St. AugustiPi 

The world is round and the place which 
may seem like the end may also be only 
the beginning. 

— I. B. Priest 

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Kendall for all your support. 

Gardner Grenfell Cook 

110 Seniors 

Lorraine Weston 

rban Studies 

John — My College Sweetheart 

Turning 21! 

Thank you Dad & Mom for all your love 
and support! 

Kelly A. Mrozek 

Seniors 1 1 1 

Jeffrey David Sather 

My Prayer, 

Is that you remember me as a man of integrity and 
deep love, I have the Good Lord and loving parents 
to thank you it. 

— I Corinthians 13:4-7,13 
Love, Jeff 

My God is first, 

My friends and family are second, 

I am third. 


Sathebo, Bung, L 


What's goin on there? 



— Gayle Sayers 

"Big Dude' 

<JV •■•"^'h 

Big Dude, 

Hi how are yaaa? Ooh Pretty Good. What are you thinking 
about? K.F,P.F.-C.B.!, Away Games, Slow Way Down. 
Huge, size, expansion, small, where?. Not, Horse, Today, 
Noise, Words, Mess, Moon, Couchfest, Head, Shoes, 
Puck, Bung, C.Z., Deal, Paz, Sharny, Sathebo, Sis, K.O.B., 
Squid, Glunt, Nice you!. Tough you on your headbone, "L," 
American Made, The Big Man Upstairs, Freakin Eddy, (The 
Lonely Guy)^, Never Ever, Ever . . . Give up!! Hooch! 

God's Speed, 

P.S. Will we ever forget each other? 
Let me think about that for a minute, AAAH No! 

If you want to make something of yourself; Start by 
being yourself. 

— J. P. 1988 

Mom and Dad, 

Thanks for all your love and support, I could not have 

done it without you. 

Love, John 


John Joseph Pasquesi 

112 Seniors 

Emily L. Flower 

i/lom and Dad and the rest of the gang at home, thanks for all your love 
ind support and help during my troubled times in the "enchanted 
orest" — I Love you all immensely. Karen, Mike, Wayne, Bob, Gordon, 
ind all the rest — thanks for all the advice, good times and a shove in 
he right direction — you all mean a lot to me. To Alex — we've been 
hrough it all — I love you. Here's to the future and happiness together 
— one day at a time right? And to Sarah and Kelly — you hold a special 
)lace in my heart. And the quote of the year 'I Don't Know. " 

Kim M. Biggs 

Seniors 113 

Gate Olin 

Time was so omnipresent, we had every day, every moment, forever. 

I wish as I watch the disappearing sun that I could gather together all 
those I love and all those that love me, and remain in one house, one town, 
one union ... I refuse to understand a world and a destiny that could keep 
us apart. 

— James Kavanaugh 

Be true to your word, your work, and 
your friend. 

— Thoreau 

Thanks to my friends, especially, S.P., 
C.F., E.F., "U.K," the Day Family, for 
times I'll never forget. I'll miss you! 

Mom and Dad, what can I say? You're 
the Best! Thank you for everything. 






Karen Weston 

114 Seniors 

Edith Mardones 

I love you not only for what you are but for what I 
am when I am with you. Thanks for . . . bright- 
ening up my life . . . accepting me . . . helping me 
through . . . Those special moments would never 
be traded for anything in the world. Let the feel- 
ings we hold only grow stronger. 

Yo fe amo!! 

— Jimenita 

Mom and Dad, 

I'm grateful for all the help, support, and understanding that you have 
always given me. I hope I have and will continue to make you proud. Love you 
both very much! The precious moments we have shared will be remembered. 
Thanks for being there. Let's make new friends, but keep the old. 

— Edith 

For all the good times and bad times we have 
had together, I would never trade any of it for 
anything. I owe you guys a lot — and you 
know who you are! Dad, Mom, Bug, M. J. 
Sol, I can only hope to give you what you 
have given me — O.A.O.S.P. 

Thanx! Jen 

I am grateful for the friends that life has permitted to remain. Grateful for 
the memories, the reunions, that lie ahead, the laughs, the tears, and 
the stories that cannot be told enough. 

— James Kavanaugh 

I'll Miss You Guys! 

Jennifer O'Brien 

Seniors 115 

Eve Alexander 

Feed the Birds . . . Which way 
did he go? . . . You like? I like! 
. . . Bimbo ... Oh really, 
Connie . . . N2O ... I never . . . 
Palmer's Quad '87 . . . Pokey 
. . . Hood parties . . . 
Buckethead . . . War Pigs . . . 
Starvin' Marvin . . . We're 
gonna die! . . . Shoo Shoo . . . 
Hello, McFly . . . S.B.A.L.I . . . 
K.S.G.A . . . Summer chick- 
ens . . . After Wednesday, I 
don't know you ... No hits, 
no runs, nobody left . . . Free 
food but you've got to strip 
first . . . Coach, you're still a 

Thanks Mom and Dad for the support and encouragennent Thanks to all my friends and for all the good times we 
and for making these past four years possible. I love you! had. There's more to come! Love ya all! 

Remember, no man is a failure who has friends. 

— It's a Wonderful Life 

Thanks friends, for making my LFC years ones to remember! 

I thank you for the kindness and the times when you 


And Mom and Dad, I don't think I've said I love you r 


— "Leader of the Ba 

Thanks for always being there for me. I love you, Mom 

Love, . 

Renee Weitendorf 

116 Seniors 

Pamela Ellen Hoopes 




• J^^H 


1^^^''^ 1 
















l^^L A 



Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always 
count on me for sure, that's what friends are for. In 
good times, in bad times, I'll be on your side forever 
more. That's what friends are for. 

— Stevie Wonder 

Laugh heartily. It's a great way to jog internally with- 
out going outside. 

Thanks Marirob, Carrie, Tracey, Tara, Molly, Eliz- 
abeth — Good luck! Life is what you make of it! I love 
you Tifferoni — may the world hug you today. To my 
family who is in my heart always. Thanks Sue for all 
your love and support. I love you! 

ur fun years to remember with great 
;nds: Marirob, Carrie, Kristin (wish you 
fe here), Chrissie (miss you), Pam, Kim, 
;ki, Kelly, Molly, Jen, Cate, Dave, Helen, 
■H. Without LFC I would have never 
jnd you William — I LOVE YOU. And to 
i family I love thanks Bupa, Grandma, 
ntie Marilyn, "Love you best Mom and 


Tracey Ann Goeringer 

Seniors 117 

Robert Kodner 

When I was 21, it was a very good 

— Frank Sinatra 

Vernacular? That's a derby! 

— Jerome Horwitz 


Situations are always best measun 
by what they can become. 

— Gene Brantm.i 

Thanks Dad, Mom, Karen, Sue, Jackie, 
and Pan-Pan. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Molly(?) for the 
support; D.G. and G.C. for being "who 
(or what) you are"; and S.A.S. for 
teaching me more in three months than 
three and a half years at LFC. 

Body odor is the window to the soul. 

— David Byrne t 

An honest brew makes its ov 

— John Moisp 

Seeing once is superior to hearii 
100 times. 

— Old Chinese Proves 

Thomas Proctor King, Jr. 


118 Seniors 

Angela B. Pacella 

Mom and Dad — thank you for making this possible. I love you 

Jeff — Glad you were part of it. Love you. 

Mare — Thanks for being there for four years. I'll never forget 
/ou or your memories. Love ya! 

Daddy and the Munchkin — 
Thanks for being so tolerant 
of my bad habits. I love you. 

Kirstin F. Mitchell 

Seniors 119 

Gamma Kho De(ta 

120 Seniors 

Victoria Hobms 
Hilary Carpenter 

Laurie Mikes 
Katherine North 

Ltxi 5fiiIIin^ 

Susie 5traw6rii£ge 

Kirstin Mitcfteff 

Sydney GiiBreatfi 

Tara Theisen 

Beth Calvert 

Trisa UftEr 

Caroline Jamin^ 

Annie Moritz 

Laura Schwmtz 

Nancy Bates 

Susan Kobusch 

Lisa Tfiumer 

Elizabtth Bertefcen 

Tijjany BuncR 
Harriet Vanlnqen 

Sarah Gri_0iLn 
Kate Nicftofe 




Victoria Holmes 

To Mom and Dad, thanks, I love 
you both very much . . . Heff, for 
being my companion, confidant 
and best friend, I love you . . . 
Ho, Lo, Ta and Tiff — my best 
friends who have made the past 
four years what they were — 
special, I love you guys . . . Nat- 
ty — porque me entiendes 
mejor que yo, te quiero para 
siempre . . . Gamma Rho Delta 

— well, I NEVER! Keep the tra- 
dition going . . . Kevin and Eric 

— Rock on dudes. III miss you! 

Michael, Zonder jou 
had ik minder gelachen. 
IK hou van jou. Laurie 

Barbara Hilary 

jrt, Logan, Zak and to 
e others who made LFC 
eat. Love ya! 

niy family, especially Mom, Dad 
d Tim — Thanks for the support, 
couragement and love you've 
en me all my life. You're the 
St! Love ya! 

Why do people walk away 
from their houses when all 
they ever have to do to get 
home is turn around? 

— M.M. 

To my family — Thank 
you for everything. I 
wouldn't have made it 
without you. Love always, 

Mike, Thank you for three won- 
derful years. 

Lo, Here's to making the future 
what the past was. 

Friends, You all have done so much for 
me, and most important are the memories. 
I hope I have given you the same. It's not 
going to be easy saying goodbye . . . So, 
we won't. Farewell, my favorites until we 
meet again. I love you all! Lolo 

Hil — Is leaving me the only way of finding 
out how much I want you to stay? 

— M.M 

)dy, Tara, Ret and Kerry-Lin — You're the 
;st friends anyone could ask for. Thanks for 
e laughs, tears, and good times. You'll always 
i with me in my future thoughts. 

ick — Thanks for making my year! Here's to 
e future. 

Laurie Mikes 

Seniors 121 

Tiffany Anne Bunch 

To Our Parents: 

For all the support, guidance and 

love, thanks isn't enough. 

To share with a 
friend is to see twice 
the beauty. 

A special thanks to 
my close friends for 
making my college 
experience so mem- 


To Tiffany, Hilary, To 
and Laura: I met you a 
a stranger, acceptei 
you as a friend, hope ! 
lasts forever, for tru 
friendship never end? 
You're the best! 

To Pam, Laurie, Jess 
ca and all those wh 
made my college yean 
so special . . . Than 

Dana Hall 

Tara Bridget Theisen 

122 Seniors 



Laura Ann Schwartz 

To all the people I've 
lived with, played 
with, worked with, 
shared with, and 
grown with — thank 
you. You made this 
the most educational 
and memorable four 
years ever. 

To Todd — "I said what I 
mean and I meant what I 
said, and elephant's 
faithful 100%. " The time 
we've spent apart only 
made the times together 
that much better. Don't 
worry, you made the 
right choice. I love you. 

6«il^i "iiWii. -^ii;^' 

he last four 
ears have 
een a great 
sarning experi- 
nce. Through 
he success 
nd the fail- 
res, joys and 
i s a p p i n t- 
lents, I feel I 
ave grown 
nd become 
tronger since 
le first day 
ere at Lake 
crest College. 

'!%* ' V*^ '' >^^^^ 

Thank you Mom 
and Dad for this 
and every other 
you've given me, 
but above all, for 
the continual 
you've had in me. 
I love you. 

Thanks to the 
special people 
that helped make 
these four years 
so memorable. 
I'll never forget 
you. A special 
thanks to my par- 
ents for giving 
me this opportu- 
nity. I love you. 

Tim: I love you for what you have made of yourself and 
for what you have made of me. Never forget that you 
are my best friend. 

Anne Moritz 

Seniors 123 

Susan Sayres Strawbridge 

M and D, 

Our relationship means more to me than you 
will ever know. Thank you, I love you. Goober 

"We are going out into the world to make 
webs for ourselves." 

"But where?" asked Wilbur. 

"Wherever the wind takes us. We take to the 
breeze, we go as we please." 

— E. B. White 

No matter where the wind takes us, I will always 
remember everyone who has made these years 
so special. Thank you, I love you all. Suz 

To my parents, 

I can't thank you enough for all the love and 
support you have given me. I love you both with 
all my heart. Sydney 


'Susie" Todd, I 

It's been said that if you can't walk alone, you won't be able 

to walk alongside someone else. Thank you for helping me 

learn how to walk. Always remember how much I love you 

and more importantly, that you are my best friend. 

'Syd" Bryan, who would have thought that after freshman year we 

would be together? You have made me one of the happiest 
most content people in the world. I love you more than yoL 
will ever know. ME 

To all my friends, 

Thank you guys, for the most valuable and memorable four years of m\ 

life. I love you all. Sydney 


Sydney Seatree Gilbreath 

124 Seniors 


Patricia Louise Uhlir 


Thanks to everyone who made this past four years the best yet, especially Syd, 
Nancy, Beth, Susie, Harriet, Susan and Jon . . . And of course, Mom, Dad and 
Steve. I'll never forget the awesome friends and memories. 

To laugh often and much; to win 
the respect of intelligent people 
and the affection of children; to 
earn the appreciation of honest 
critics and endure the betrayal of 
false friends; to appreciate beau- 
ty; to find the best in others; to 
leave the world a bit better 
whether by a healthy child, a gar- 
den path or a redeemed social 
condition; to know even one life 
has breathed easier because you 
live. This is to have succeeded. 
— Ralph Waldo Emerson 

To all of you who have helped me breathe easier, you know who 
you are, thank you, you are wonderful people, especially, Nancy, 
Syd, Susie, Tricia, Annie, Laura, Lisa, Susan, and Prof. Tuttle. 
Good luck after school, and take care, you all deserve wonderful 

But most of all, I would like to thank the two most important 
people in my life, my parents, you have given me so much, I can 
only hope that one day, I may repay you — you're the best! 
Much love, Beth 


Elizabeth Lee Calvert 

Seniors 125 

Nancy Maffitt Bates 

To our families: 

Thanks for your love and guidance, especially during these la; 

four years. We love you! 

To our friends especially: S.S.G., E.L.C., L.A.T., J.G.D., 
M.A.M., T.C.S., P.L.U., S.S.S., L.A.S., N.A.U., T.A.B., 
S.M.G., D.D.S., J.S.P., H.C.D., D.F.C., and E.N.G 

Hold this moment fast, and live and love as hard as 
you know how, 

make this moment last because. The best of times is 

To P.J.M.: 

I see trees of green. 

Red roses too, 

I see them bloom for me and you, 

And I think to myself; 

"What a wonderful world." 

— Louis Armstron. 


L.Y.G. and K.I.T. 
La Cage Aux Folles 

Susan Wjghtman Kobusch 

126 Seniors 

Lisa Thurner 

— Jimmy, I think I love 
you says it all. 

— Nancy, I've got the 
phobia — miss ya already 

— \NhaX would I do without 

— Syd, You're a sweety 

— have a ball. 

— Susan, Stop being so 
nice — but don't. 

— To Schwartz, Susie, 
Beth, Tricia and Tiffany: 
Thanks a mill, you guys 
are great. 

— Anne and Timmy, you 
guys are Dreamy. 

— To my buddies, Corbin 
and D-Con — Love ya. 

— Peter — It's not the 
same without you around. 

— Mom and Dad, thanks 
for everything, love ya to 
death, Lisa 

e seek not rest but 
e are dancing through 
ich other as doorways, 
e are ripples crossing 
id fusing, 

)m the core of the apple 
e cave in the heart of the 

e circle without bound- 
ies centered in silence. 
— Jaguar Woman 

Thank you Mom and Dad 
. . . Miss you Eliot . . . Lois 
3rd floor . . . crankiness 
. . . Nooo! . . . malted milk 
balls . . . The Lantern . . . 
surely seven . . . 20th 
Birthday . . . Armour — 
whatever? . . . Little Sze- 
chwan . . . Ellen and Dean 
. . . "Wings of Desire" . . . 
pink paint, firecrackers, 
Man Ray, and Mick . . . 
Bye Pamola . . . Cancun 
. . . Brian Ferry . . . Harriet 
— what will I do without 

Elizabeth Cameron Bertelsen 

Seniors 127 

Harriet Pratt Vanlngen 

To my family with many thanks and much love. Here's to four great years 
miss everyone vi/ho made me smile along the way. It's been f 
Lois/Deerpath, Pearl Harbor, Cancun, Fun random nights in Chicago, Y( 
Gregory quad 155, Big band, Italia, Ibiza ... oh Sangria, Moore 4th fic 
Lack of attention span: Scorno's, Lantern. Daph is our brain really like a si( 
. . . naw! Kate, Daph, Caroline, Sarah, Hil, Tricia, Bulley, and all my pals 
Gamma Rho — Thanks. Missies . . . good luck next year. Special thanks 
my bunny and pooky who've been there through it all. I love you. 

Good-bye LFC, I'll never forget these years. To those of you that made itfl 
so wonderful I'll miss you wherever you may be: D.S., K.N., H.V.I., C.J., M. 
A.B., S.M., S.S., A.M., B.C., S.K., N.B., T.U., S.G., L.T., H.C., T.T., T.H., C. 
CD., CD., B.N., A.S., K.S., Good Luck! And most of all, thank you Ma, I 
Barbie, Cynthia and David for everything. I love you! 

Sarah Moorehead Griffin 

128 Seniors 


Katherine Whittemore Nichols 

To Mom and Dad: A million thanks and 
all my love to you both for another four 
fantastic years. And to all my Buddies: 
Have we had a few laughs or w/hat?! 
The Big Easy, MenCare, Fickleness, 
Lemon in the round? Package talks, 
nights in C-town, Lantern, IM Hockey, 
Scorno's, Gamma Rho wild nights. 
YES!! And to all you crazy Phi-Pi's: 
thanks for all the laughs and great par- 
ties and mutual rag sessions!! Rett and 
Daph: Ibiz, Spanish men, Sangria, mos- 
quitoes, Mediterranean booties. Items 
and stupid jokes. A huge hug to each 
and every one of you: I'll miss you!! 

To K.W.N., H.P.V.I., 
H.C., S.M.G., S.M.W. 
Thank you for your 
friendship. Professor 
Tiero and Coach Dau 
for your guidance and 
support. Also to Mom, 
Poppy, Grip and John: 
Thank you I love you all 
so much. OH Yeah . . . 
K.N. and H.V.I. , DRIVE 

Love, Caroline 

Caroline Curry Jansing 

Seniors 129 

Katherine North 

Lexi Schilling 

130 Seniors 

Charles Riddell Huntington, Jr. 

Remember to be compassionate — 
Remember to keep faith in God — 
Remember to love — 
And success with come. 

To my grandfather 

Alfred E. Kuerst — LFC '37 

Thank you: To all members of the Hooker 
Clan; to members of Alpha Chi fraternity 
— especially Walsh, Browne, Kreidler, 
Reese, Webb, and Pruett — Thanks for 
great times as a social affiliate; To Hun- 
tington, Andresen, Walleck, Searcy 
(S.M.U.), E. Smith, Bellowe, King. 
To the Ladies: North, Schilling, Ferry, 
Penry, Anderson (S.M.U), Magarity, 

To friends away from LFC: Reed's, Col- 
let's, Eichler's, Rose's — you are all the 
best! Especially — Mom, Meghan, Mon- 
ica, and Laura. 

Brandt James Hooker 

Seniors 131 

William C. Peterson 

History demonstrates that dedication to 
education is man's higliest good, for it 
overcomes barriers between individu- 
als and nations and points tlie way to 
lasting peace. 

— Dr. Frederick Mayer 

The best preparation for tomorrow is to 
live fully today. 

— Seneca 

The only freedom which deserves 
the name, is that of pursuing our own 
good in our own way so long as we 
do not attempt to deprive others of 
theirs, or impede their efforts to ob- 
tain it. 

— John Stuart Mill 

Our chief want in life is, somebo( 
who shall make us do what we ca 
This is the service of a friend. 

— Ralph Waldo Emersc 

Thanks to my family, I love you! 

Even if you're on the right track, you'll 
get run over if you just sit there. 

— Will Rogers 

The measure of a man's real char- 
acter is what he would do if he knew 
he would never be found out. 

— Thomas Babington Macaulay 

We say it is finally over, but we ha\ 
only reached the beginning; goo 
luck to friends and fellow classmate 
of 1989. 

Van A. Cybulski 

132 Seniors 

Ed Sponsler 

A single conversation 
across the table with a 
wise man is worth a 
month's study of 

— Chinese Proverb 

Research is to see what 
everybody else has 
seen, and to think what 
nobody has thought. 

— Albert Szent- 


Men love to wonder. 
And that is the seed of 
our Science. 

— Ralph Waldo 


It would indeed be a tragedy if the history 
of the human race proved to be nothing 
more than the story of an ape playing with 
a box of matches on a petrol dump. 

— David Ormsby Gore 

he only good luck 
lany great men ever 
ad was being born 
ith the ability and de- 
irmination to over- 
Dme bad luck. 
— Channing Pollock 

Paul Maheras 

Seniors 133 

Patrick Lenski 

It's already written that today will be one to 


I'm taking the chance to see the wind in 

your eyes while I listen 

The feeling is the same as being outside of 

the law. 

Wael Aburida 

Don't stop me now, I'm on a roll! 
— Pillsbury Dough Bo 

Famous last quote (almost): "Giv 
me the keys. I'm fine. " 

Turkey breast and potato chips fo^ 
everyone! j 

Thanks family, AX, and friends! 
Take care class of '89, I'll catcl 
up. I'm on the 4V2 year plan. 

Thanks Pat, Van, Paul, Ed, Y.L. and 
Big Al for making this journey an 
exciting one. Never tell this man he 
cannot . . . because he will! 

John J. Ettore 

134 Seniors 


Brooke John Barrett 

Thanks to everyone, especially my parents! 

s page compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Wright. 

Peter K. Wright 

Seniors 135 

Stephanie Kotrofi 

Meredith Keay 

136 Seniors 


Margaret A. C. Young 

he most wasted day of all, is that 
in which we have not laughed. 

— Chamfort 

I have the simplest of tastes, I am 
satisfied with the best. 

— Oscar Wilde 

ipecial thanks to Mom, Dad, 
Irandma and Grandpa. I couldn't 
ave gotten through it without you 
- 1 love you! 

". . . She's got electric boots, a mo- 
hair suit, ya know I read it in a mag- 
azine. B-B-B-Benny and the jets-s-s 
. . . " xoxo 

— Elton John 

Angela M. Dorton 

Seniors 137 



September 15, 1988 


Twenty years ago, the Lake Forest College yearbook 
staff wrote to several prominent figures to ask 
for advice and/or comments to the class of 1969. 
Responses from people such as Ronald Reagan, 
Benjamin Spock, and Norman Mailer were published in 
the yearbook. Those letters reflect the world of 
the students of 1969. 

Our goal is the same. This class of college 
students has grown up in a very different world 
than that of twenty years ago, a world which we 
want to portray in the 1989 yearbook. You have a 
role in shaping this world, so we are writing to 
ask you for a message to the class of 1989. 

The yearbook deadline is January 10. We hope to 
hear from you by that time. We will greatly 
appreciate your cooperation. 

Sincerely , 

1989 Forester Staff 


Sheridan and College Roads 
Lake Forest. Illinois 60046 

138 Seniors 


Gregory G. Fogg 

have learned not to place 
00 much belief in my own 
)hilosophy of life, for just 
vhen I border on that elu- 
;ive feeling of content- 
nent, it changes. 

Becky, you have 
brought me so much 
closer to complete- 
ness. I love you. 

Mom and Dad, thank 
you for everything. 

How can I save my little 
boy from Oppenhei- 
mer's deadly toy. 
There is no monopoly 
of common sense 
On either side of the 
political fence. 
We share the same bi- 

Regardless of ideology. 
Believe me when I say 
to you 

that the Russians love 
their children too. 

— Sting 

I can feel my love for you growing stronger 
day by day. This must be love because it's 
really got a hold on me. 

— W.S. 

Erik Feldman 

Seniors 139 

Walter Chase 

My whole trip to Par- 
is was financed by 
my parents' credit 
card. When that was 
stopped I borrowed 
Mr. Moodie's. Then, 
the old women on 
the bus . . . 

No matter where you 
go in this town, some 
time or another you'll 
end up here. 

I do not want to achieve immortality in my work, I want to 
achieve it by not dying. 

— Woody Allen 

Historic, man, historic. 

— Ken Benne 

c'-A er.Ccr'l ^ (cr'l ^ (c?^S^Cc*S.'®.<ir^ ^ <C?^ "9 (^- 

Luc St^phane Garneau 

140 Seniors 


Mary M. Middleton 


Your only obligation, in any lifetime, 

is to be true to yourself. 

Being true to anyone else or anything 


is not only impossible, 

but the mark of a fake. 

— Richard Bach 

My life as a business/philosophy major: 

Once Chuang Chou dreamt he was a butterfly, 
a butterfly flitting and fluttering around, happy 
with himself and doing as he pleased. He didn't 
know he was Chuang Chou. Suddenly he woke 
up and there he was, solid and unmistakable 
Chuang Chou. But he didn't know if he was 
Chuang Chou who dreamt he was a butterfly, 
or a butterfly dreaming he was Chuang Chou. 
Between Chuang Chou and a butterfly there 
must be some distinction! This is called the 
Transformation of Things. 

— Chuang Tzu 

Thank you: Grace, Norman, Wendy, Bill, Mary, 
Lou, Abba, Les, Peter, Pat, Sarah, and LFC. 

Anne Russell Arons 

Seniors 141 

Laura Elaine Ruuska 

I want to thank those who made my four years a 
LFC the best of my life — my friends and family — ' 
especially Mom and Dad. I love you all. 

To my siblings (with no rivalry 
whatsoever): Mona — Thanks 
for all the advice and the editing 
demos. Misho — Congrats to 
both of us — we made it! Tania 

— What can I say ... no mid- 
dle-child complex for you. 
Thanks for all of your patience 
and that handy 800 number. 

I love you all! 

C.A. — where should I start . . . 
perhaps the 4th grade? Lisa C. 

— Thanks for being a very im- 
portant part of my years at LFC. 

Great spirits have always encountered vioien 
opposition from mediocre minds. 

— Albert Einsteii 

The worst sin towards our fellow creatures i: 
not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them 
that's the essence of inhumanity. 

— George Bernard Shav 


Thank you Mama and Baba for all your love and suppor 
and for always reminding me that "this too, shall pas; 


Andrea Ann Adamany 

142 Seniors 

Nicholas Syregelas 

»uise and Ellen, Thanks for four 
ars of patience and advice. 

I say if it's love, the Lord won't 
mind . . . 

— Sapphire Hall 
Harlem, 1940 

Had I not seen the sun 
I could have borne the shade 
But light a new/er wilderness 
My wilderness had made — 

— Emily Dickinson 

To those I love: Sarah, Katie and Stuart, my 
friends. Merle and Corinne Glanville, my 
grandparents and my mother Sandra — 
Thank you. Without all of you, this would 
have been simply impossible. 

Corrine Glanville Marzinelli 

Seniors 143 

Tfteta Delta Chi 

Beta Triton Seniors 

Beta Triton officers 

Neil Schippers — Treasurer 
Mike Cannon — President 
Cinris Schoeller — Vice President 
John Rusnak — Secretary 

144 Seniors 

Karl C. Schoeller 

hanks to all those who made my time 
ere possible (especially my parents); My 
me here was short, but it was always 
jn. These years will live In my heart 
jrever. One last word to my BT Brothers 
- always remember: "When the going 
ets weird, the weird turn pro." 

— H.S.T. 

: was a time of belonging, of thinking 
like, of transcendent sharing ... It 
/as a thing together, binding, Im- 
lortal; it would always be new for 
lem and it would never be repeated. 
— Theodore Sturgeon, More Than 




''--^^:^ % 

yJiJ Y^- 

Where to Start? Jared, Ben, Schoeller, Bob- 
by D, Boogs, Ned, Shorty, Big Bro Hunt, 
Little Bro Will, the BRETHREN, Lantern, Al- 
pine, G and T, Sunsplash, FOOSEBALL, 318 
Wise, Meg, A.L.B. and lastly RA! 

Thanks to all these people, places and 
events for making these years truly mem- 
orable, but thanks most of all to my parents 
for making this experience possible. I love 
you both. 


love to do the unexpected and make people smile. To me that's what life is 
II about. 

— Keith Moon 

There is only one success — to be able to 
spend your life in your own way. 

— Christopher Morley 

James M. Laux 

Seniors 145 

John F. Rusnak 

Memories: RA '87, Halloween '88, Phillips Wisconsin, 
Dead Shows, Ft. Lauderdale, Fooseball, BT Sunsplash, 
G&T, pledging BT, 318 Wisconsin (what I can remember), 
my 21st B-day, Room o' corn. 

Thanks to: Dorfman, Cannonball, Kuz, Al, Rodney, Chilly, 
Raul, D-Con, Morgan, Kellogg, Newberg, Blaze, Breezly, 
Shorty, Blake, Corbin, Tammy, and the rest of Beta Triton. 
Without you, I think I'd still have my sanity. 

— Shiner 

Thanks Mom for everything. I love you! 

Thanks for everything Mom and Dad! 
What a long strange trip it's been. 

Rainbows and bombers at noon! 
Welcome to the Boomtown 

— Grateful Dead 
- David and David 

"Baaaoooosha, sha, sha" 

Never bring a sandwich to a restaurant. 

To the Brothers of Beta Triton: Hail, hall, the gang's all here! 

This is the END. 

— Jim Morrison 
Maturity is the ability to postpone gratification. 

— Sigmund Freud 
I still haven't found what I'm looking for . . . 

— Bono 
It's better to burn out than to fade away. 

— Neil Young 

Would you like a doughnut? 

Three Amigos Pool Team 

Another "RA" weekend, Yeah! 

Michael C. Cannon 

146 Seniors 


Mark Jason Appelbaum 

leen here so long got to callin' it home. 

— G.D. 

blidays must end as you know. 


Finally . . . It's time to bring 
lis ship into the shore 

and throw away the oars, for- 

ver ... 

nd to all my friends at LFC: 
Eddie, Mooner, Fridge, Knob, 
andy, J.L., Bryan, Rape, 
i/inks, Tubey, Gunney, Sean, 
liliy, Vince, the rest of the 
never say die Hood Mem- 
ers," Cannonball, Shiner, 
iais, Dorfman, Kuz, Boonie 
Deerpath Demolition), C.J., 
irabber, Emico. 

hanks for the memories of the 
ast (Borderline, Wisconsin) 
nd the ones in the future! 

Hot Rod" 

— Natalie Merechant 

Mom and Dad, I could never begin to repay you! Thanks 
to Michael and Jeremy . . . Cannonball, Kuz, Rodney, 
BT, Eals, AL, Jeff, Boone, Pat, Fridge. And a special 
thanks to Shiner, who has been like a brother to me!! 

And so before we end 

and then begin, 

We'll drink a toast to how it's been. 

A few more hours to complete. 

A few more nights on satin sheets. 

A few more times, and I can say . . . 

I've loved these days! 

— Billy Joel 

To Mom and Dad, 

I could never have made it this 
far without your help. Thank you! 

Rodney D. Rowland 

Seniors 147 

William VanBuran Nixon 

We are all a bunch of weirdos, but that's what made these 
years a blast. 

Thanks guys. 

Sophomore year wasn't fun enough 

"Fish," Rainbows happy hour, "The House" (318), Nols 


And, of course, thanks to the whole family for its love and 


Andrew Douglass Short 


Nothing to do but smile, smile, smile . 

You're only here for a little stay 

Don't hurry and don't worry 

And be sure to stop 

And smell the flowers along the way. 

I just want to thank all my friends and 
family for all the great times — oh yeah, 
the education too! 

Thanks again, I'll miss you all! 


Andrew Douglass Short 

148 Seniors 

Carl Scott Douglass 

My advice to you is not in- 
quire why or whither, but just 
enjoy your ice cream while 
it's on your plate — that's my 

— Thornton N. Wilder 

Thanks Mom and Dad. 

I can't caution all, but I 
can warn a few; don't 
lend your hand to raise 
no flat atop no Ship of 


Nick Kolachov 

Nick Kolachov 

Seniors 149 

Thomas C. Slaughter 

Jim Duffy 

150 Seniors 

Jared William Mazlish 

^ :5*f ^^-..ff ■ 

Someone who is 
not willing to 
get their head 
chopped off, will 
never have the 
chance to grow a 
bigger one. What 
we're trying to say 
is, the bird that 
glides in circles 
has never learned 
to Fly! 

Do you 

Don 't be inhibited. 

Gee it's a quality day, but only in relation to yesterday, who 
knows what tomorrow will bring! You look at where you are and 
you look at where you are going and it never makes sense. But 
then you reflect and a pattern seems to have formed; grasp the 
pattern, and project yourself ahead. 

. . . Thanks Moms and Dads, we love you. 

Benjamin Joshua Heller 

Seniors 151 

Peter Bentley 

Rambo who? 

Weird everybody! 

I gotta get a job now! 

Buttman and Yellowman! 

Home slice! 

I had a cast once . . . 


Watch out for flying laundry! 


Reid Wilson 

To my family 

thanks for 

Thanks Mom and Dad. I could not have done it 
without your support! 

Neil Schippers 

152 Seniors 



Jennifer Parrish Atkinson 

If not now what then 
We all must live our lives 
Always feeling 
Always thinking 
The moment has arrived. 

— Tracy Chapman 

I am part of all that I have met; 

Yet all experience is an arch where through 

Gleams that untraveled world whose margin fades 

Forever and forever when I move, 

How dull it is to pause, to make an end, 

To rust unburnished, not to shine in use! 

As though to breathe were life! 

— Alfred, Lord Tennyson 

Mom, Nicole, 
James, and Ed 
I have spent the 
best times of 
my life with you. 
With all of my 
heart, I love 

Andrea L. Fayette 

Seniors 153 

Rachel Aileen Hertel 

don't give up 
'cause you have friends 
don't give up 
you're not the only one 
don't give up 
no reason to be ashamed 
don't give up 
you still have us 
don't give up now 
we're proud of who you are 
don't give up 

you know it's never been easy 
don't give up 

'cause I believe there's a place 
there's a place where we belong 
Peter Gabriel 

Thanks Mom and Dad, your support has really been 

It has been fun, thanks Bryan, Dave, Jim, Mike, Janell, 
Karen, Kina and especially a big thanks to Amy. You are 
LFC to me. 

So ist das leben! 
MK + CK 


154 Seniors 


Lisa Jane Olszewski 

an we actually "know" the universe? My God, it's hard 
lough finding your way around Chinatown. The point, how- 
/er, is: Is there anything out there? And must they be so noisy? 
nally, there can be no doubt that the one characteristic of 
■eality" is that it lacks essence. That is not to say that it has no 
ssence, but merely lacks it. (The reality I speak of here is the 
jme one Hobbes described, but a little smaller.) Therefore, the 
artesian dictum "I think, therefore I am" might be better 
<pressed "Hey, there goes Edna with a saxophone!" 

— Woody Allen 

9ople rarely succeed at anything unless they have fun doing it. 

May we always find new roads to travel; new horizons 
to explore; new dreams to call our own. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for making it all possible. You're 
both the greatest. 

Dare to Dream 

Thorsten G. Belicke 

Seniors 155 

Christine M. Beiras 

I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. 
I feel my fate in what I cannot fear. 
I learn by going where I have to go. 

We think by feeling. What is there to know? 
I hear my being dance from ear to ear. 
I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. 

Theodore Roethkt 

So long LFC 

thanks for th( 

Love and thanks to my husban( 
Steven, my parents Robert anc 
Maria Brawn, Kathy, Michael anc 
Bob for all of their support anc 
love which helped me through the 
tough times, and enabled me t( 
achieve my goals. 

This time the "big one" didn't get away. 
(Lake Michigan 1988) 

A night to remember. 

Jean IVIarie Crowther 

156 Seniors 

Audrey M. Wallace 

Michelle L. Miller 

Seniors 157 

KJna Gray 

"There does not seem to be much 

light here. " 

"Shall we go out on the terrace, or 

stay in this room?" 

"Would it not be better to stay 


Beliefs: No more treated like vari- 
ants, we're not gonna take it ... so 

the system, Cause it's your 

life . . . Born to be wild! 




"But the stars are shining." 

"We had better stay here. One neve 

knows what may happen." 

"There is no longer any cause for anx- 
iety. The danger is over . . ." 
— Maurice Maeterliuck, The Intruder 

Back with a vengeance. 

Rad, I will always love you. 

Special thanks: Carol, Sharniece, Mom. 


Musings: I am me, and I refuse to bl 
dominated or different . . . (S.S.) W' 
are lovers ... I care. 

Long way to love 
Long way to life 
An endless journey 
of destruction and strife 

The love I give 

Drives in harder the knife 

Long way to love 

Long way to life 

Cynthia Teresa Hardin 

158 Seniors 

James Martin 

here did all the blue skies go? 

I wasted on the oceans 

id above our seas, 

;h full of mercury 

1 mercy mercy me 

adiation underground and in the skies. 

limal and birds who live nearby 


h mercy mercy me. 

— Marvin Gaye 


Good luck black man! 

And stay away from 
those microwave brown- 

A drop of rain within a stream, 
An invisible man fighting to be seen, 
in a world with need for change. 
A reservoir of wisdom, 
too often bounded by poverty. 

ter 4 years at LFC, and 21 years 
1 this earth, I've truly learned to 
ly God has richly blessed me . . . 

What I hope to accomplish most is 
to have a warm and open heart, a 
disciplined mind, a strong body, 
and to make full use of the talents 
and opportunities I have been giv- 
en, 'nuff said? I'm outta here! 
Heavy "D " 

Thanks for everything, Dad and Mom. 
Love, David 

David I. West 

Seniors 159 

Monica Barnes 

Delia Williams 

160 Seniors 

Jeanette Cassity 

Maria Chiotis 

Seniors 161 

Mary Catherine Smith 


Mom and Dad, 

Whenever I see your smiling faces I have to smile mysel 
because I LOVE YOUII 


To my friends, 

"You can't turn back the clock, but you can wind it u| 

Love, Molly 

Early morninc 
was up befon 
the dawn, and 
really have en 
joyed my stay 
but I must b( 
moving on. 

Dad & Mom, 

Thank you for giving me patience, understanding, 
advice, and strength to help me grow on my own during 
these past four years. I love you both. 

" . i* 

. .dJ J ii- 1 

Sara Anne North 

So Far So Good . . . Abou 
Last Night . . . Mark m; 
words . . . Slam Dunk . . 
11/5/86 . . . Quest fo 
$2.50 . . . Rocky . . . Y.H 
Club . . . Homecoming 8i' 
. . . Boone's Farm . . 
Hoosiers . . . Endless 
Summer Nights . . . 198!^ 
LA Dodgers. 

J., These past three years you've given me more thai 
you'll ever know. In your own ways you've helped mak( 
my college years memorable. No matter what the futun 
holds, you'll always be a special friend of mine. 

162 Seniors 

Beth A. Erickson 

Deerpath . . . Letterman . . . pizza . . . cherry pie . . . bug juice 
. . . Correct me if I'm wrong . . . modeling . . . McClure ... If 
you don't like this, you won't like us . . . Drinking at Top Gun 
. . . U2 . . . Lingle . . . Blackstone/Roberts . . . Northwestern 
. . . Hormel ... hot tuna . . . Hangge-Uppe . . . Kronies . . . T.J. 
Cinnamons . . . Solomon-Cooper Drugs to be precise . . . luge 
. . . Calumet City . . . Penguin Ball . . . Bruce concert . . . U of C 
. . . Italian sausage . . . Pump Up the Volume . . . Dramatist 
Coffee House . . . Biggest part of me . . . Habitat . . . Hoagie 
Land . . . Roberts . . . Bob ... Sid Vicious . . . Outsiders . . . 
West Lake Forest ... T ... Rok + Rol = Spew Forth . . . 
Golden Phoenix . . . Madison . . . Thirsty man in a Desert — 
Hemingway . . . Not so caring Bears . . . Four Puffer Bears . . . 
mall books . . . Elvis — He ain't dead!! 

That's just us!! 

Thank you Moms and Dads — we love you!!! 

w«, "*'*''*»«..,.^ 

Manami Rosemarie Evans 

Seniors 163 

Logan H. Yonce 

A special thanks to the Scrib fam- 
ily who mean more to me than cold 
beer and pizza after . . . 

How often do you think of those people you were never going to forget. 

Thanks for all the great times and for being such good friends: Curt, Dev, Dave 
Ed, Pat, Scot, Dan, Rick. 

Deerpath . . . Initiation . . . Soccer/LAX . . . Scorno's . . . Lantern . . . Driw 
to/from LFC . . . Penguin Ball . . . Homecoming . . . Golf party . . . Halloween . . 
South Seas . . . Int. Hockey . . . Scrutiny Pub . . . Bombers . . . Killington . 
Dancing . . . Sluggers . . . "Room Key Parties" . . . ENGLAND!!! 

Thanks Mom and Dad, Grandma and Dandy for all your love and suppo 
through all of the years of school; couldn't have done it without you! 

Scriby especially thanks to you for being a great friend after 9 yrs. of schoc 
together Rectory, T.P., LFC 

Curtis M. Scribner 

164 Seniors 

Dave Pinover 


•^'^"" "'I ^ ^ !^ 

Ed Kyritz 

Seniors 165 

Stephen Devlin Barron 


Patrick Goggin 

166 Seniors 

Scott P. Rempala 

hanks Mom and Dad for everything ... I love you . . . Thanks Dev for being 
hevy's buddy ... Ed, Dave, Curt, Logan, Pat — Hoosier will never forget you! 
ue — remember your brother always — don't forget our bet. Frank — "I'm 
oing to eat you!" — take care buddy. Todd — good luck. Rambo — "Here's to 
ou CHIEF." Hey Steph, "Ole Rumpy is going to miss you — A whole big lot, 
ause he's only five years old!" Tina — 'I miss you roomy." Laurie — "Here's 
) your rolls. " Thanks Bucky you're a good man. Thanks especially to Darby, 
You're the bestest, I love you the mostest forever." 

Don't pray for an easy life. 
Pray to be strong. 

No amount of study or learn- 
ing will make a man a leader 
unless he has the natural 
qualities of one. 

When opportunity knocks, 
take it. 

HEY!! I made it! 

Future CAR!! 

Thank you Mom and Dad for your support, en- 
couragement and love. 

Thanks Ma and Pa, Aunti Dee, Anthony, Frank, 
Denise, Rachael, and Vicki for being around all the 

John M. Sommese 

Seniors 167 

Annie Davlin 

The best way to succeed in life is to act on the 
advice you give to others. 

— Unknown 

American is not an actuality, but a potentiality. 

It is up to you to be a word, a line, a chapter in its creation. 

Rise to your responsibility and take part. 

— Vincent Gregian 

The highest reward for man's toil is not what he gets for : 
but what he becomes by it. 

— John Rusk; 

If my knowledge about anything is vast and endless, 

I can give that to you. 

And so, my responsibility to me is to make myself eno: 


full of knowledge, full of love, full of understanding, full (■ 


full of everything, j 

So you can take it and build from there. i 

Because then you can give it away. 

Because the only reason you have anything is to give 


— Leo Buscagli 

It's nice to be important. But, it's more important to b 

— Alan Simpso 

. . . Wondering if where I've been is worth the things I'vi 
been through . . . 

— James Taylo 

When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die 

— Eleanor Roosevel 

Christine Jacqueline Hilden 

168 Seniors 

Sue Johnstone 

Dwever rare true 
ve may be, 
is less so than true 
— La Rochefau- 

E.K., E.J., and L.G: 
Your friend is the man who 
knows all about you, and still 
likes you. 

— Elbert Hubbard 

I love you guys and will miss 

To Mom, Dad, and Rob, 

Thank you for making all of this possible 
for me. I have learned and grown from my 
experiences. Life is all you make of it as 
Poppy would say. I love you all. 

lere's no vocabulary for love within a family, love 
at's lived in but not looked at, the love within which all 
her love finds speech. This love is silent. 

— T. S. Eliot 

jmember that you ought to behave in life as you would 
a banquet. As something is being passed around, it 
mes to you; stretch out your hand, take a portion of it 
ilitely. It passes on; do not detain it. Or it has not come 
you yet; do not project your desire to meet it, but wait 
itil it comes in front of you. 

— Epictetus 




Michelle Schmltter 

Seniors 169 

7301 Enc.l.o Dt.v. 
Lo JoIIq, Colifornio 92037 

November 26, 1988 

In answer to your letter of November 14, 
I am enclosing a copy of the address that 
I made to the Lake Forest graduating 
class of 1977. 

It was the only advice I could think 
up that year to speed graduates on their 
way into the outside world. And I'm 
afraid it's still the best advice I can 
give to you who will graduate in 1989. 

With great best wishes to all of you: 


Theodor S . Geisel 


Dr. Seuss Speaks Out 

It seems to be behooven upon me to bring forth Great 

Words of Wisdom to this graduating class as it leaves 

these cloistered halls to enter the Outside World beyond. 

Fortunately for you of the graduating class, my wisdom 

is in very short supply. And I have managed to condense 

everything I know into an epic poem consisting of 14 lines. 

If I can find it under this underwear, I will read it 
quickly and then sit down. 
The Epic Poem is entitled: 


My uncle ordered popovers 

from the restaurant's bill of fare. 

And, when they were served, he regarded them 

with a penetrating stare. . . 

Then he spoke great Words of Wisdom 

as he sat there on that chair: 

"To eat these things," said my uncle, 

"You must exercise great care. 

You may swallow down what's solid. . . 

BUT. . .you must spit out the air!" 

And. . .as you partake of the world's bill of fare 

that's darned good advice to follow. 

Do a lot of spitting out the hot air. 

And be careful what you swallow. 



11 October 19B8 

I have been asked to reply to your letter of 12 September 
inviting the Prime Minister to contribute a message to your 1989 
college yearbook. 

I am afraid that I must disappoint you. While Mrs Thatcher 
would like to respond positively to such requests, she receives so 
many of them that it is simply impossible to take on board more 
than a very small number. 

Sorr^' I cannot give you a more encouraging reply. 

Yours sincerely. 


Press Office 

170 Seniors 


Connie Chung 


^rcprrmr Crmri irf tfar 33mtr^ S^tat^6 


November II 


My advice to the members of the Lake Forest 
College Class of 1989 is to try to be a full 
participant in life's opportunities; try to leave tlie 
world a little better than you found it on your 
arrival. Use your talent and education to help those 
who need it and in ways which will make your parents 
and your teachers proud of your efforts. 

Sincerely , 

Sandra Dav O'Connor 


Seniors 171 

Phi Pi Efsilon 

Proud to be a Phi Pi 

172 Seniors 

Andrew Donnelly 

How ya doin? Alumni Weekend! Spring Break '88, Annex, Nice 
Wheels Deal! Robocop, Stop the World I wanna get off. Larry, 
spell "the." 30-7 Pats. Shipping! Bucks, what are you? Fidge, 
Dang! West of 495 = Midwest. Pointer-Pfeifer Party. Page 75 
halfway down, right-hand side. Vacuum Slappy! "It's all ball bear- 
ings these days. " Proud to be a Phi Pi! Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Wheels, Ahmad, and Kimberly. Have a gu-one! 

John Abunassar 

asement kegs; Sully, turn up your stereo, I can't 
3ar it; Annex; Who's collecting?; Puff's; Boot-fest; 
idn't they graduate?; South Seas; Where's Boston? 
fternoon Club; Circuit Anyone? Okay. 

hanks Mom and Dad! I could not have done any of 
lis without your support and love. And of course, 
ebbie, "Best Friend " says it all. "Damn Proud to be 
Phi Pi!" 

Mom and Dad, thank you for all of the sacrifices you have made so 
that I could have the best. I love you. 

Charlene, you are my best friend. Thank you for all of your love 
and understanding. 

Phi Pi Epsilon, thanks to all my brothers who made my years here 
so memorable. Always, "Proud to be a Phi Pi." 

Timothy Michael Brennan 

Seniors 1 73 

Ft. Lauderdale County Jail, Door County Get- 
Aways, "No Problem" Soon Come, 
Jamaican memories, wow, what a great time! 
The flying egg plant; Good luck to all 
returning Phi Pi's! May all traditions be 
upheld. Late nights up in the house. "Proud 
to be a Phi Pi!" 

Special thanks to Mom and Dad for giving me 
this great opportunity. Lynn, Wendy and 
Jean I love you all! — thanks for all of the 

If "Manners Maketh Man" as someone said 
Then he's the fiero of the day. 
It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile. 
Be yourself no matter what they say. 

— Sting 

Good Luck Little Brol! 

Thanks for everything Mom and Dad 

"Proud to be a Phi Pi" 

Ashok Shal' 

Never run yourself out of an inning, for the four most hated words in th 
English language are "what might have been." 

Thanks for everything, Ma and Pa. I love you both. Thanks and good luc 
to those who believed in me, and screw the ones who didn't. May a 
traditions be upheld, especially the basement. "Damn Proud to be a Pf 

Robert Borgman 

174 Seniors 



Tom Keeshan 


Dennis Patrick Moran 

asement kegs, Dirtball, The Crue Rules, Moth 
ance, Keeshan Chicks dig you, Spring Break — Del 
ay Beach, "That's the kind of guy I am," Flannel 
lirts and sweatshirts. The world is run by "C" 
tudents. To the best guys in the world — "Damn 
roud to be a Phi Pi." 

I'd rather be with the people of LFC than the finest people in the 

To Craig and the rest of the red — last practice is finally here — 
save a funnel for me. 

Oscar — don't wear my underwear! 

Thanks LFC. 

To my brothers: You guys are the best! 

Thank you Mom and Dad for your support and understanding. 

Alison — for you I am grateful 

West of 495 = Midwest 

A.D. and D.M. 

Well, I guess I'll just go out and join the wrestling team, pep club, 
student council. 

— John Bender 

Me and my friend Mr. Donnelly here are going to go downtown to 
the nearest bar, wet our whistles, and watch the ballgame. 

— R. P. MacMurphy 

"The reason Boston is quiet on Sunday is . . . " 

Thanks for all the memories, Phipes! 

Most of all, thank you Mom and Dad for Everything. You're the 

Frank "Bucs" Buckley 

Seniors 175 

Alexander Forbes Amory 

Thanks Dad, Mom, David, and Susan. 

Wow ... I don't wanna leave, proletariats night, boot fest, Sunde 
meetings, basement l<egs, hockey. Drew "Help me Rhonda" froi 
"the forbes," Kuz "Oh Suzy Q, ' Bucs "Does she know who I am 
Denny "O.K.," Emily thanks for everything and a whole lot mon 
Where's the library, My first Dead Show, Road trips, Risky Busines 
Litmus Shovelhead, What's left? 

"Damn Proud to be a Phi Pi! " 

Mom and Dad thank you for your love and support. I wouldn't hav 
made it without you. 

"Damn Proud to be a Phi Pi!" 
Al, Booney, Bvc's, Denny, Drew, Ony, Timmy, Cannonball, Shiner 
what a long strange trip it's been. 
M.C.O. the memories will last forever. 

Jim Kuzhar 

176 Seniors 

Todd D. Paige 

om, Dad, Heidi and Squire — I hope someday I am as 
rtunate to have a family like ours. 

lipes — May old traditions be upheld. "Damn Proud to be a 

jsie — So many people have made a difference in my life 
- you, my dear, are the difference. I've never known of 
lything or anyone so wonderful . . . nor will I ever. 

n longing for the time 

n longing for the day 

hen I'll be giving you this heart of mine 

3lieve me when I say 

jon't want to live without you 

— Foreigner 

hink to myself, "What a wonderful world." 

— Louis Armstrong 

Juniors 177 

ison Eggers 

Thanks Dad and Mom! 

Love you best Tom! 

Oh my God ... not in public not in private for God's 
sake . . . number what Michelle? . . . take him Suz . . . 
Big Fun ... lie still my darling . . . seven or more . . . 
way cool . . . Deal . . . WSJ . . . The Drake . . . BMOG 
. . . chunga modem . . . send food . . . answering 
machines ... Big Dude . . . way cool ... oh Lori ... I 
live for you TJF . . . say I'm in Grad school . . . Steve 
. . . let's just go sailing . . . Y'all have been great! 

Elizabeth J. Irvin 

178 Seniors 

William James Graham 

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have 
already mastered, you will never grow. 
— Ronald E. Osborn 

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. 
Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful 
men with talent. Genius will not; unregarded genius is 
almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of 
educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone 
are omnipotent. 

— Calvin Coolidge 

I'm astounded by people who want to "know" the uni- 
verse when it's hard enough to find your way around 

— Woody Allen 

Where is the heart that doth not keep 
within its inmost core, 
Some fond remembrance hidden deep 
of days that are no more. 

— Ellen C. Nowarth 

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a 
single step. 

— Chinese Proverb 

That first step has been taken, now it is time for 
the next. 

As time passes, remember, "Training is eve- 
rything. The peach was once a bitter almond; 
cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a col- 
lege education. (Mark Twain)" So "Use the 
talents you possess; for the woods would be 
very silent if no birds sang except the best." 

Tammy Caringello 

Seniors 1 79 

Lynne Roberti 

Can we be like drops of water falling on the stone 

Splashing, breaking, dispersing in air 

Weaker than the stone by far 

But be aware that as time goes by 

The rock will wear away 

And the water comes again. 

Thanks for the memories! 

Mom and Dad, thanks for your encouragement, guidance, i 
support (and $!!) — I love you. (You too Kir and Gav!) 

Nollen 257 w/ 5 plus roommates! 

Superbowl XX "46-10", where do real teams come from, 

Otis asking out Alllsen, while blocking Payton. 
Tina's backroom sex talks — Lynn "hamster & string?" 
Jennifer — Tuesday's Margaritas — "AABUBBADA" 
"Let's blow off class Tina" 
Allisen — our 5th — why did we do that? 
Al, highlight your hair, right Dan? 

Poor Dan, getting us to breakfast on time — in Allisen's 

the doll "I" made for art-ed 
Why major in education? "June, July and August" 
Thanks for pushing Mom and Dad, without it, and Jo's some- 
times good advice, I'd still be home. 
Thanks for the unforgettable years. 

Kristina Marie Hichborn 

180 Seniors 

Allisen Nicole Wolever 

k I ! 

ough in distant lands we sigh, 
rched beneath a hostile sky; 
ough the deep between us rolls, 
endship shall unite our souls. Still 
Fancy's rich domain Oft shall we 
meet again. 

len the dreams of life are fled, 
len its wasted lamps are dead; 
len in cold oblivion's shade, Beau- 
power, and fame are laid; Where 
Tiortal spirits reign, There shall we 
meet again. 

ank you Mom and Dad for all your 
e and support these past years, 
ey've been hard for us all. And 
ink you My Danny for showing me 
il love. 

If you can read this, thank a TEACH- 
ER. If you can understand this, thank 
you for all the good times . . . Dead 
cows . . . squids . . . Serbian monks 
. . . LADIES NITE . . . Road House . . . 
Furlan's . . . Cagney's . . . Capers . . . 
Denny's . . . Designated driver/Lynne 
— No fair . . . "Push it Good" . . . 
Winnebago . . . Beach Bunny . . . Par- 
ty Woman . . . S.O.S. 

Sharon Christine Meister 

Seniors 181 

Daniel M. Davis 

God, sometimes I just want to give 

Go off some place and hide. 
I get so tired. 

I don't want to try anymore. 
Where can I find 

the courage and strength to go 

The idea 

that things will get better 

isn't enough. 
The thought that adversity builds char- 

doesn't convince me. 

The only one who gives me any hop 

is Jesus. 
May I find in his life the pattern 

according to which I can li\ 

Thanks to everyone who deserves 

The only way to see a rainbow is to look through the rain. 

— Anonymous 


Neal P. Wells 

1B2 Seniors 


Gregory Scott Titsworth 

r toll . . . 
:indy . . 
tonsilitis . . 
ige Idiot . . 
ve/insert . . 
iling Nollen . . 
! . . . EAT ME 
)wball fights 

Lake Tahoe . . . California 

Grand Master of Universe 

. . staying up4 breakfast . . . 

. . walks to beach ... re- 

. . . doing dinner drunk . . . 

. . drink sixty! . . . Beer 

. . Lonnie Brooks . . . 

. "Oops, blinded by 

ng sun!" . . . stealing signs . . . prac- 
il joke wars . . . vibrating chair ... the 
ace ... I never . . . "You know, being 
id sucks" . . . pre-South Seas mar- 
Itas . . . Pink Floyd . . . Lantern . . . 
tch contingent . . . woohooohooh!!! . . . 
lonheads . . . turtles 

"Morals R4" . . . (cough) . . . beer- 
gammon . . . magic taps . . . "Are 
they brothers?" . . . napkin wars . . . 
Thursday Night Club . . . poker 
games . . . "Where'd I park?" . . . 
SMB . . . LESC . . . "She must be a 
transfer" . . . "Move, you lose!" . . . 
Shotgun ... "I don't do mornings" 
. . . "Get me a coke, please?" . . . 
"Stupid people shouldn't breed" . . . 
salad bar . . . Mike's a bonehead . . . 
"OR-E-GUN " . . . Gennies ... 28 
minutes . . . FIBs and cheeseheads 
. . . G-N-R Boston Rush 

Enjoy yourself — you only get to do this 

— MLK 

Think like a man of action, act like a 
man of thought. 

Spend an evening with a drink and a 

— Rush 

The meaning of life: waking up next to a 
warm, naked, friendly blond woman. 

— PWW 

ttrys. Crazy Karnicki, 
:TE, Shelly, Ghandi, 
ck, Charlotte, Julian, 
irrie, Jamie 

Special thanks to our par- 
ents and friends! 


Peter Whitney Williams 

Seniors 1 83 

Diane Funteas 

And so it's time 
to change our ways, 
but I've loved these days. 

— Billy Joel 

Thanks Mom and Dad 

for all your love and support. 

Diane and Carrie 


Stop this day and night with me and you shall possess the 
origin of all poems . . . 

— Walt Whitman 

Mars needs women . . 

1950's sci-fi movie in technicolor 

Carrie Ann Green 

184 Seniors 

Karie LuCarelli 

I feel very lucky to have my life filled witfi such love and support 
from my wonderful family and friends. I never could have made it 
through the past years without the support I received from my 
Mom, Dad, Jackie, David, f^ichelle and Dave! Thanks. 

y love Dave, my sis Jax, my bff Mish! 

I have wonderful memories from my two years at Ripon College 
thanks to Cynthia, Barb, Maria and Dave. Freshman year was the 

Turn a different corner and we never would have met. 

— George Michael 

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. 

— Herrick 


When I was one, 

I had just begun. 
When I was two, 

I was nearly new. 
When I was three, 

I was hardly me. 
When I was four, 

I was not much more. 
When I was five, 

I was just alive. 
But now I am six I'm 
as clever as clever. 
So I think I'll be six now 
for ever and ever. 

Candace Carmenini 

Seniors 185 

William G. Lawler 


Bears, Bulls, and all that Jazz! 
Chicago — My kind of town. 
S.L. — Go for it! 

James A. Erwin 

186 Seniors 


Bill Walsh 

I've got my own life to live. I'm the 
one who's gotta die when it's time 
for me to die. So let me live my life 
the way I want to! 

— J. Hendrix 

If they only knew. 

Lor! Whitney 

Seniors 187 

Page Mergener 

Who could ever forget: Chicago — Urban 
Studies . . . Please don't lean against the 
doors . . . Next stop Clark/Division ... the 
Snuggery . . . Mother's . . . Bootleggers 
. . . Ladies' night ... My 21st party 
— thanks Brad and Mark! And of course 
. . . Lake Forest. 

Thanks to all my friends ar 
professors for the past for 
years! Time sure flies, Re 
(Gooch) you have been woi' 
derful! (17) Also a special thar, 
you to my Mother and Father - 
because I could not have dor 
it without their support! I lo\l 

When the heart is young, 
And the Night is done. 
And the sky is Blue . . . 

— Cat Stevens 

Michelle Langsam Neiman 


Sue Dineen 

"Hey Zak . . ." 

->j;^smw(Wif5i,'M(c«jiW^^^rR-VPAt<vvt«*w\% %T'\'»v«'v(ietwcw» 

Isn't fun the best thing to have? 
— Arthur 

Melissa Miller 

Seniors 189 

Marirob Ann Tures 

4 LFC years total erotic fun thanks 
to the sexy beautiful people Mi- 
chael Carrie Tracey Pam Molly 
Kim Lauren Pia Helen Vicki Jen 
Maureen LiesI Ash dance party 
and creativity are the key lovin' 
life's glory to the fullest "sky is the 
limit" never deny your hopes 
dreams or wishes strive to be the 
best, but be yourself "The sun w\\\ 
shine tomorrow no matter what 
happens" remember to smile and 
count your blessings peace be 
with you all special thanks Mom 
Dad Studly Jamie Love ya Michael 
J. Grandma Abby you are always 
with me in spirit be happy don't 
worry xoxoxo 

LFC! Roma, Itala! Four fantastic years! My best friends: Marirob and 
Steve! I love you forever! Laura, Parto, Debbaperino, Pishi, N. Italia, 
Monich, Helen, Rosanne, and Paris! Friends forever! Di! Our fan- 
tastic talks! Tracey, Pia, LlesI, Pam, Molly, Lee Lee! Love you! 
Thanks to those teachers who truly aided me: Karen, Vignocchi, 
Michael, Stephanie, Krantz, and Grisham! Art and creation! Tears 
for Fears, parties, laughs! Fun fun fun! Veruka Is in love with Bruno. 
Pros, cats are awesome! To my family who exists deep within my 
heart, I love you: Mom and Dad, Laurie, Hayden, and Max! 

Carrie A. Rollings 

190 Seniors 


Molly S. Trinkaus 


, - jt»t *^ .*r > ^' . <-.v . _ .. ■•■\iX^ 

It's been a lovely 

— Jimmy Buffet 

To LA, MT, CR, TG, PH, EB, HK, PB, LD, KG, MP, AM, ME, 
SE, MS, AB, AW, PM, KO, KH, DP, HG, and CG — I can't 
thank you enough for making these last four years the most 
memorable time of my life ... I love you all!!! 

DTB — Remember, it's okay 
Keep smiling! 

we're both SENIORS! 

And to Mom, Emily, and G and G — many, many thanks for 
all of your love and support ... I wouldn't have made it 
without you! 

Mom, Dad, and Eric, thanks for everything you've made 
possible. All my love, LiesI 

The only time that 
seems too short is the 
time that we get to play 

— Jackson Browne 

Elizabeth M. Abrahamson 

Seniors 191 

Paula Lee Menachof 

If you can't find your keys, look 
next door! Can you find the 
three Wittrys hidden in this pic- 
ture? How are we going to get 
home? — Party with atten- 
dants. N-, Get that bone off 
your arm! I love a sassy wom- 
an! Tit-tee. It's immaculate con- 
ception. P-, stop at red! Look at 
his hair! Cooler me! Roof me! 
Beergammon. 4-man. Amaret- 
to. Kamikaze. Big Hair. G- have 
my floor in Swinging Single. 3 
wk. party at P's. So — you like 
hot tubs? 

"Blondes are cute, Bru- 
nettes are gorgeous, but I'm 
Sexy!" P.M. Red. M-, I'm full 
of surprises! Fish, P&M 
broke in couch. Wait till sum- 
mer. Windows in Rolls. Hot 
tubbing it. "No cutting off a 
woman." "Slide it in." — 
Scott has priorities! Deal with 
it!! Penetrating. Slug bug. 
Scoping chair. K — Wanna 
find out (B&M)? 

Squirt, Men are geeks! Mui 
ma's the greatest! D&P 
The Gruesome Twosom 
Second year senior. D — T 
the truth! No street parkin 
Career in bartending. B-, C 
cult Court Scammer. It's B- 
birthday, she wants to g 
— ! "With age comes the A 
THORITY to become a hy 
ocrite!" "I want it ALL!" U 
cle Stump. I love you Jamii 

Thanks: Mike, Dan, Fish and Tits, Danimal, Dave, Steve, 
Bev, Brenda, Niecy, Sparky, Michael, Scott, Luc, Shelly, 
Suds, Kris, Charlotte, Eddie, Bill, Darilynn, Randl. 

Gerri Kay Songer 

192 Seniors 



Scott Benson 

Vini^ GriJ^n 

Charks Bitrsbom 

Biyan Hansen 


Craig Hiff 

John Checkttt 

Pat Hotty 

Mark Doniff 

Bo6 Hnrfffon 

Mark Gaffmy 

5tcve Messer 

Muriet Gitmmid 

BiH Peterson 

r * 

■ -t 

j 1 

*1 .' - W..,.s •..'», 

^ ir 

Mi^ Kadkay 

Sandy Pahiman 

Bryan 5orenson 

Sexm Waikx:^k 

Brian Cook 

Dave Gunning 

Rodney Rowiand 

Seniors 193 

Edward J. Bohan Jr. 

I love you Mom and Dad. Thank you for all 
your support. 

Brotherhood, powerbooot, Vegas, late night counseling, LFC's sexie! 
cheerleader, Jen 1, Jen 2, Jen 3, Jen 4, ?, Sinatra, pink? or veiny 
Oldsmobuick, Budmobile, CC, Guzzlin in the Bohan Cruiser, Today! I thoug 
that paper was due tomorrow, Bumble Krantz, Blackstone Coolies, tarp rot 
booger poster, the balloon launcher is watching! Duck Fau, Lucky Dc 
Couch, Rush St. Roemers, Ed's Head Shed, Gunter, Palamino CIl 
Members, T.B. Buddies, Borderline Fiesta, Star Palace, Alumni Softball, ScS 
hats. Penguin Ball, Vinbachio, Women Haters Club, Black & Decker, Was; 
those sheets, Ed!, Monteray burritos. Shorty Steve Doc-b-hits, Peeping tor 
G.Mc, the lake bench, Billy's boot, Brax's B.S., Scrutny Vince, Grub dog, 
Hawkeye, Runaway, Dirk and Gene — How's it going girls?. Piano, Speedir 
to the 49ers, all-night poker, cigars, I understand, I do, Heaven Help Us! 

Mom and Dad, Thank you for giving me 
this opportunity — I love you both. 

Ed, full-bodied ones on me! 

Guys, it's been a blast. 

Vincent J. Griffin 

194 Seniors 



"Chester the Molester' 

Thanks Mom and Dad 

David H. Gunning II 

Brotherhood bro's till the end 

lly — I love you now and forever. 

anks Tom and Gardner. 

anks Skip and LFC swimming 86-89. 

e world is good natured to people 
are good natured. 
— William Makepeace Thackerary 

From father to son 

The blood runs thin 

Our faces frozen still against 

The wind 

The seam is split 

The coal face cracked 

The lines are long 

And there's no going back 

The rough hands of steel 

— U2 

"Hi Moms " 

If you only knew. 

Thanks Mom and Dad 

'Humble Pie " 

Craig T. Hill 

Seniors 195 

Steve Messer 


A friend is one before whom I may think aloud. 

Ralph Waldo Emersc 

You're a good looking guy, I am. And you're a goc| 
looking guy, I know. We're all three good looking guys. ! 

— Sure Thin 

Let there be magic in your smile and firmness in yoi 

Thank you 
Mom and 

Sean Walleck 

196 Seniors 


Bryan Hansen 



To my parents, 

Thank you for all your support 
as you have both stood behind me 
through thick and thin and have 
shaped the person that I am. I love 
you both, 


To Sydney, you have done more 
for me than you will ever know. I 
love you now and forever, 


'-. about a dream, trying to 
ike it real, you wake up in the 
)ht with a fear so real, you 
end your life waiting for a 
)ment that just won't come, 
n't waste your time waiting 

— Bruce Springsteen 

Black Monday, Scorno's, Rainbows, Get out of my cartoon, who shot Larry? Noise . . . 
what noise? Eastwood Week — Eeg's the lush, Frankie Eve of Destruction, Ghetto 
Blasters, Electric chair, Where's that little Rat? Springsteen, Last Practice, After Hours 
357, Combat, Hanus Trolls, Lauderdale '86, Visa on the bar, Rappin' Bro's, 


I still have that note you wrote 
me on my Senior Retreat in high 
school and a part of it that gives 
me strength when I lose it says, 
"We've had a lot of happy times, 
some sad times, and some hard 
times but that kiss goodbye in the 
morning and that kiss goodnight 
and the "I love you " means a lot. " 
Thanks Mom. I love you, 



march this road, I'll climb this hill, upon my knees if I have to, I'll take 
' place upon this stage, I'll wait until the end of time like you and 
erybody else. 

— Tim Cappello 

Mike Radkay 

Seniors 197 

Mark F. Gaffney 

Hartman . . . Prozcat 
Scrappy-Doo . . . Studei 
sabbatical . . . Duck k 
. . . Many grenades wei 
thrown, but we're st 
standing . . . Thanks Dav 
Q., Laurie and Ron, fro 
all of us ... Garfield 
Black Monday . . . Fightir 
Lake Perch . . . Zoomi 
. . . Crandon, Wl . . . He 
Eugene, we came here i 
have fun and we did 
trust me! I still haven; 
found what I'm lookin 
for, but I'm much closf 
. . . And finally thanks fc, 
everything Mom, Brand;! 
Maura, J.T.C., Grampi( 
Grammie, Uncle Jack, Ur 
cle Frank, and Aunt Cath' 

L.L. I wonder where our luggage is? 

— American Express 

How come you ain't took me fishin' yet? 

— Proz-cat 

We must either love each other or we must die. 

— Robinson for President 

Life seems a-awful cold, Hope I die before I get old. 

Rock solid . . . Market wise . . . Buffalo soldier . . . Comba 
. . . Helmet of Shame ... I never — In the Bahamas . . .' 
thought these forms were turned in . . . What's up Doc . .! 
Save the Whales . . . Export today ... Go blue . . . 

The Who 






fj" ''^tJ^MI 




^^1 %||g^ 

Thanks one and all for this 

most wonderful experii 


Thanks to all the big pec 

pie that made this all pos 


Muriel Glemaud 

198 Seniors 


Brian Scott Benson 

)ng live the Fightin' Lake 
jrch, Browns and Indians. 

) matter where you 
), there you are. 

— Anonymous 

hen this world turns 

back on you 

jng in there and do 

at sweet thing you do. 

— Steve Winwood 

le air is fine if you've 
»t the time. 

— ZZ Top 

)metimes you kick, 
)metimes you get 



— Scooby Doo 

lat's real lamo 
— Susie Checkett 

can't hear you, 
nmm, I still can't 
lar you. 
— Lynn Checkett 

leonly thing we ex- 
ict from you is your 


Mel and Pat 

Hey Crazy Geno, Creeper, Gaf, Mad- 
cap, Jimbo, Big J., Haircut, Cool Cal, 
Rock, Rads, Proz, Bopper, Love Gun, 
T.K., Gardo, and of course Stais. 

Thanks for all the good times and boy 
were there a lot. 


John J. Checkett 

Seniors 199 

Patrick M. Holly 

I still haven't found what I'm looking for. 

— U2 

Sander J. Pahlman 

200 Seniors 

Bryan K. Sorensen 

If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, why 
the hell do we keep score? 

— Vince Lombard! 

To believe your own thought, to believe that 
what is true for you in your private heart is 
true for all men, that is genius. 

— Ralph Waldo Emerson 

cillet, Mooner, Knob, Fridge, there was one? That's cool Diick! Fridge, your dad's here, What thesis? To the Sock? You ain't 
ich a hard guy, Why didn't she come back? 38 Special, Tough Crowd, How's your mother, that beech? Heinous Troll, 
atcha gonna do sleep all day? Can you cover me? He is back! The had runneth over, I'll give ya 20 dollars. Then what 
ippened? In this light . . . Dude, I ain't promising you nothing. Duck Duck Goose, Shut your hole hippie, cuppa Joe? Did you 
lit in this? To our bros in the 'Hood — spend a batch. 

) our parents — 

lanks for your support without 
lich none of this would have been 
issible. We love you. 

Mark A. Doniff 

Seniors 201 

Bryan M. Cook 

Man in the big pen wants 1 1 dollar bills and you only got If we had ham, we could have ham and eggs, if we had egg; 
10. — Pook 

— Bob Dylan 

Same beach? 

Thanks Ray, Sue, Frank, 
Helen for doing parents' 

Are there three of you a 

To the white, seven-foot ir 
visible rabbit: You're one he 
of a friend, and when a ma 
has no more to say he . . . 

B.H. mod cdr (L.C.) + /E.P./ x P(D.R) x lim(J.V) + sin(B.B.) + log(R.S.) x sqt (R.T.) = (D.W. + B.C.) x (1 degree; 

David Wittry 

This page compliments of Mr. and Mrs Raymond Coc^ 

202 Seniors 

Stephanie Domashewsky 

Here's to Peace, 
Sanity and a laugh 
or two along the 

— ST. 

'eople let me tell you about my best friend 

Underwire underwire!! 

ife is not about a getting and a having, but a being 
d a becoming." 

Thanks to those who have led me a long, 
long way . . . you know who you are! 

page complimenis of Mr and Mrs Nat Huggirjs. 

Piper Muggins 

Seniors 203 

John C. CaSias 

..-•■^ W^v.-^^^ ■-■^ 



Many thanks to Mom and Dad. 

iw >v;:i^;\;:^^; ■':":'.^ 

James M. Davis 

204 Seniors 

Paul L. Sundberg 

Pais ce que voudras 
— Rabelais 

Brett Chappell 

Seniors 205 

Beth Carlus 

Remember to keep your 

air speed up, 

wings level, 

and your eyes 
always at the end of the runway. 

To those who have helped me weather the storms, many thanks. The seas have 
been rough and full of shoals but now have moderated as the headland falls 
away. It is time to head for new waters and new shores. Time to ring full speec 
ahead and listen for the leadsman's cry of "No bottom" instead of "By the Mart 
Twain." Time to sail for new adventures while not forgetting the old. Until w( 
meet, may your sails be full, your passage smooth and God watch over you 
Fare thee well my friends, fare thee well. 

Wesley B. Phillips 

206 Seniors 

Jeffrey D. Batt 


If I won't be myself, who 

— Hitchcock 

Never conform to the 
norm. No matter how big 
and ugly Norm might be. 
Back off man, I'm a sci- 


Reality is a misconcep- 
tion. Life is just a matter of 
rolling over and going 
back to sleep. 
Life is like ... a donut. 

There's bad in all good, all 
good in all bad. 

— Chuang Tzu 

Chinese tea, I wa wa wa wonder, Jasmin, Relationship Busters Inc., Dahli Lama talk, You're just not thinking Jim, 
pidgeon victims, FIB burgers, Battsby, Hargreves, Weasle, Cheasel, Lis-e-poo, Bishkie, Pooh Bears, PDL and 
fires, Gino's East, Clothes dirty . . . buy more. Who, us? lost? never, Whatever you do don't — oh, you already did 
. . . Yeah, that sucks, left, no the other left, Waterfights, pennyfights, parachute guys, 500 dead fish — "Wow, 
that's beautiful," Greek weekend, tst tst tst what's that taste, killing plastic plants and fish, belly dancers, "Can't 
you just wheeze for a night," pots, fuzzy ears, "sheephead, you know, like the fish, " aluminum people ule, you 
forget how stupid I am, 17, find me a counselor and I'll peer em. 
While Eeyore frets . . . and Piglet hesitates . . . and Rabbit calculates . . . and Owl pontificates . . . Pooh just is. 

James E. Mueller 

Seniors 207 


"-^ /Rogers* 


Dear Students of Lake Forest, 

Congratulations Ei ghty-nine r s . I'm proud of you and grateful 
to know that you feel that our "television visits" were an 
important part of your growing. 

Something I've always appreciated from my childhood years to 
my college days and onto my work today is the capacity to 
wish and to dream. Wishing and dreaming don't make things 
happen, but they can be the important start. 

I hope you'll feel good enough about yourselves that you'll 
do all you can to help the best of your wishes and the 
kindest of your dreams come true. 

May you have many beautiful days in your neighborhood — 
always . 

Most sincerel 

Family Communications. Inc. 4802 Fifih Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213 (412) 667-2990 


^ ^/)6u< io,'-^ cOc^cu^ 

ciC -n-i'^^'HAvi 

Luci [ /-icfp:n 

208 Seniors 

Pfvfbi ■ H.^t^ 


<.f>^.f , 

wil_l:am morris agency... 

"mf. 1 

1-.- E. CAMiNO Dl'lVE . BEVERL^ Hl^^S CA 9Cri: • l2'3 r7A74f,l 


N B BROKA» »,.l«.OP«...^ 

Co-C — " 

December 5, 1988 

This will acknowledge your- letter of November 14th to mv client, 

Mr. Bill Cosby. 

Mr. Cosby and I reviewed your letter, and I do regret that he 

will not be available to write a message to your Class of '89 

for yearbook publication. 

Because of his numerous contractual and charitable obligations 

over the next 3 to 4 years, including the current filming of 

his weekly television series, he is unable to take on any addi- 

tional activity for quite some time. As much as he would like 

to say yes to so many schools and organizations with requests 

similar to yours, he simply does not have the required time. 

I trust you can understand. 

Mr. Cosby, however, appreciates very much your thinking of him 

and we both send along our very best wishes to vour graduating 

Class of '89. 

Sincerely yours. 



The Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

Executive Department 

December E, 19 


Lake Forest College 

Lake Forest, Illinois b004S 

Dear Friends; 

Congratulations to vou on this important occasionl 

As you graduate from Lake Forest College, you will be heaOed in many different 
directions to pursue the opportunities that recent years of hard work have 
prepared you for. I remember that when 1 graduated from college I experienced 
mixed emotions; the sadness of knowing that 1 might not see friends as often 
as before, the excitement of making new plans for the future, the feeling of 
pride in reaching a goal after years of studying and countless exams, and a 
certain uneasiness about what really waited ahead. I was not alone in dealing 
with these tlioughts and neither are you. 

You are about to enter a new stage in your life. There are new and important 
decisions to make and others will be looking to you to make them. As you 
enjoy this added responsibility for yourself, 1 hope you will also think about 
your community and your nation. My father always told me. "Much has Deer 
given to you; much is expected of you." AsAou establish your new lives, I 
hope you will reserve a special part of vou^ime and enepjf^^ for others. 

Best of luck lo you, and again, my cong: 


Athletics 209 

Susan Jane Ross 

ACpfm Pi Delta 

I defy inhibition, escape definition 
I refuse. 

— Hue and Cry 

Barb-Andy-Ronnie love y'all. . .but Macalester?HELL! . . .Ploof!. . .Baboo! 
Saudi Prince?. . .1 hear the humiliation wagon coming. . . "geekin thing, yc 
make my heart sing". . . "Why you tricky litte devil". . . Suzanna? Perche f 
ha?. . . "STOP, you look like Botticelli's Venus rising from the sea!". . . One w; 
to London please!. . .Thanks Mom and Jimmy, love you . . . Miss you Dadd 

Life is what happens to yo 
while you're busy making othe 

— Lenno 

It is the search, the fight, not the 
achievement or victory that provides us 
with the closest thing to happiness. We 
cannot do without challenges — if there 
were none, the world would become 
meaningless and slowly grind to a halt. 
— Jacques-Yves Cousteau 

Thanks Dad, I love you. 

I have got nothing on my mind — nothing to remember, nothing to forget, am 
I've got nothing to regret. But I'm all tied up on the inside. No one knows quit* 
what I've got. And I know that on the inside what I used to be, I am not 
anymore. . . 

— Don McCleai 

Siobhan K. Warren 

210 Seniors 

Michele C. Browne 

Thank you Fearsome Foursome 
— BKT, MAWT, RWB, and 
MCB. . . "To know and love one 
other human being is the root of all 

These memories, which are my 
life — for we possess nothing cer- 
tainly except the past — will al- 
ways be with me. 

Thank you Mom and Dad I love 

\H BOOMAH RANG RANG!!... Love Me Like a Man... Paris... 
saneeeel. . . Thanks to the Fearsome Foursome: MOB, RWB, MAT and BKT 
We are what others pretend to be. . . and the CAW CAW of the birds. . . 
(te. . . life's a versa. . . too many "ishes". . . the cemetary shots. . . I can't 

hat I know now that I didn't know then. . . 

lere's a train every day leaving either way. There's a world you know. Got a 
iy to go. I'll soon be gone. It's just as well. This is my opening farewell — 

— Bonnie Raitt 

lanks Mom and Dad, Amy, Molly and Jimmy. It's over. Phew!! 

Betsey Kerr Talcott 

Seniors 211 

Marianne Goodfeilow 


Deborah Wigser 


Good luck to my sisters — I'll 
miss you all. Mom and 
James I love you — thanks 
for everything. And I could 
never forget. . . D.W. S.S. 
A.P. M.B. A.L. C.B. J.S. M.H. 
S.B., Deerpath Summer, The 
'doctor", RATS! Happy 
Hour, Bubbly, ADA cook- 
outs, the Stones summer, 
hell night, walk like an Egyp- 
tian, and all of my friends that 
I will miss so very much. 


Freshman year, slammers, Guss and \ 
Bones, Good Times with M.G., D.W., L.G 
M.H., B.T., M.B. 7/4/86, Thanks for eve 
rything Mom and Dad, I love you; Brendan 
Thanks for always being there — I lov( 

Mom and Dad — thank you 
for always being there — I 
love you! Sarah, you too! 

aambremqchrmksss — you 
have made the past four 
years so meaningful — love 
you all! Thank you for the 
good times, the laughter, and 
the friendship. . . And one 
day, perhaps tomorrow, or 
even next year, we will be 
together again, to laugh and 
share these times. 

Alpha Pi Delta — Good luck 
and I will miss you all! 

Sarah Snyder 

212 Seniors 


Ti SO glad we had 
is time together, 
St to have a laugh 
Id sing a song. 
3ems we just get started, 
Id, before you know it, 
jmes the time we have 
I say, so long. 


— C.B. 

The best friends are forever! E.J., E.K., L.G., B.P. 



Seniors 213 

Lisa Galassie 

To Mom and DAd — Thank 
you for everything. I owe it all 
to you! I love you! 

Lisa Galassie and Paul 
Maheras, "more today than 
yesterday, not as much as 

Thanks Dad, Mom, Jan, Pete, and And^ 
Without your love and support I woul: 
never have had the opportunity to bette 
myself. I love you! 

Ellen M. Kashlar 

The noble secret of laughing — laugh first, laugh with enthusiasm 
and always laugh at your own jokes! 

To the "Jensen Par- 
ents", Diana, and, of 
course, Steve — 
Thank you for all 
your love and sup- 
port. Guy, you've 
helped me obtain 
goals that I had only 
dreamed of. Without 
all of you, the last 
four, wonderful 
years would not be a 
reality. I love you all! 

This is the beginning, the debut to my Future! 

Erica Jensen 

214 Seniors 

Becky Peacock 

Mom and Dad — 

Thank you for all that 


you have done for 


me. 1 love you! 



. it 


Vhen I grow up, I w/ant to be a child. 

— D.H. 

riendship is a sheltering tree. 


— Samuel T. Coleridge 

If the sun refused to shine, 

I w^ould still be loving you. 

When mountains crumble to the sea, 

there would still be you and me. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. One down. . . 
three to to. Thank you Chris for everything you've 
done for me. Tony Bob — Thanks for all the great 
memories. I'll miss you lots. 

Caroline M. Cosbey 

Seniors 215 

Maia E. Hoffman 


Thanks: Mom, Dad, Sare 
Andi, Dan, Mormor, Jun( 
Jenn, Anna, Mare, Sa 
Renee, Rose, Alpha Pi Dell 
for all your support, believin 
in me and the incredibi 
good times: slammers, 8:1 
wake-up, bedtime storie; 
therapy, roomies, Scorno' 
Pi parties, green bucke 
heads, dead pigeons, seci 
rity, St. Patrick's day an 
other irresistable temptci 
tions, fate, Firenze, and ge 
ting off campus. 

Shelly, Maia, Debbie, Pam, Maureen, Sue, Marianne, 
Anna, Kelly, Jen, Cristen; This is a kind of friendship that 
never dies. Remember Snuggery daquiris, Scornos, La 
Chosa, Wednesdays, Film Festivals, Daverns' 

To all my relatives — thank you for your support! 
Mom and Dad — thank you for all the sacrifices you 
w/ent through to give me an education. I love you more 
than I can say. 

Aunt June — Thank you for being there, caring, understanding ant 
trying to help me grow up without 2 much pain. You know me all toi 
well. Thanks. 

Fatal Attrac 
tions. Gold, ug 
ly but nice, lati 
nights — earh 
mornings, don' 
be hockin 
South Seas 
Italia, che belle 
pronto, R I 
Strange?, fron 
hell, addio 

June T. Stella 

216 Seniors 


Jessica L. Quandt 

Thanks to our families: Chi- 
cago summers, trouble in 
paradise, 2-2V2: What were 
we thinking?!!. What is It with 
bankers?. Is 27 too old?, te- 
quilla, sungoddesses, "This 
just doesn't suck!", it was a 
learning experience. . . 

If you need a friend, I'm sailing right behind. 

— S&G 




Now I've been happy 
lately, thinking of all the 
good things to come, 
and I believe it could be 
something good has 

— Cat Stevens 

Pamela J. Bonnie 

Seniors 217 

Lisa Maja Cupic 


Renee Goulee — Stewardess lady, Thanks 

for helping me see and share so much. Do 

you have mango in your teeth? 

Yevette — My little dupa, keep the sand in 

your pants. 

Andi — I'll always be there for you. Gummy 

Bear loves you. Friends forever! 

Baby, I love your way. French kisses, Joey. 

Mikey — little brother, stay close to me. 

Thanks Mom and Dad, your love and sup- 
port have inspired us to strive for all of our 
goals. We love you! 

Cupie: You've taught me what true friend- 
ship really is. I luv ya. 

Y-Vet: Don't I know you from somewhere? 

Maia: Lasers, that's awesome. "T " Man — 

Rosie: I eat, therefore I am. Who? T1 or T2? 
Wigs: Through thick and thin. 
Lis: I love you sis. Read between the lines. 

"Renee, can we blow up the "bib " 


"Yea Lis, let's do it! " 

. . .And whatever your labors and as- 
pirations in the noisy confusion of life, 
keep peace in your soul. 

— Desiderata 

Friendship cheers like a sunbean 
Charms like a good story; 
Inspires like a brave leader; 
Binds like a golden chain; I 

And guides like a heavenly vision 
— Newell D. Hillii 

Madrid. . . A beber 
Amigos recuerdos 

Renee Marie l\/lontedore 

218 Seniors 

Heather B. Steck 



^m^.^ V <- 





X'^B wl 

Just when you thought you 

had life's puzzle all together, 


someone hands you another 




— Karen Rogers 

^^^^^^^^B^* '^1 



had a leaf for every memory, I'd 
/e nothing less than a forest. 

s better to have met and said 
dbye, than not to have met at 


Kate E. Shaughnessy 

Seniors 219 

Lauren L. Dirr 

Sunshine, Bessie, Head of tlie Charles '£ 
DORK, firescape, rent-a-mom, aerobics 
W.W.W.?, Szabo — what's that? AM/PM, I 
had a . . . chewbird, damn *** bike!, Fido, ei 
periencing the Dead, K-dog, Ro, June 10, 198 
Nantucket, boogie boarding, man-o-wars, win 
surfing, Chicago. See ya in 100 years. 

Goodbye to all my friends, goodbye to the people I've 


I've got to go out and make my way, I might get rich or I 

might get busted. 

— Steve Miller 

Said how long can you hang around? 
Said a week, maybe two, just until my skin turns brown, thij 
I'm going home. . . I 

— Joni Mitchi 

Mom and Claudia, Thank you for all your love and support 
and for making my dreams and aspirations a reality. 

Mom and Dad, Thank you for all your love and under- 
standing. I love you both very much. 

Gregg — You're everything I've ever dreamed of. I'll love 
you forever. 


Heidi A. Kronenberg 

220 Seniors 


Alicia Hudson 

runks and basketballs 

Dunced down concrete halls. 

Dices ringing, 

ff barren cell ceilings. 

eerpath, a place no freshman will forget, 

place where we all met. 

eld hockey, soccer, and ice hockey too, 

'e were a team that worked hard through and through. 

lends together striving for a common goal 

1 and off the bench and down in our soul. 

'ips to the city — that needed time away 

I escape the enchanted forest, we must stray. 

snguin balls, Rush St., Black Hawks, Bulls and Bears, 

3 many eventful memories I will share. 

reece, Turkey and the city of Chicago. Came so fast, 

;annot believe that they are all of the past. 

'ork hard play hard and have a good time, 

ow for the real world, upward we climb! 

om. Dad, Scott, Brad, Bill, and Granny, thank you for your love and 
jpport and most of all for giving me the chance to fulfill my dreams. 


Penny Bates 

Seniors 221 

Yevette Palulis 

"You only live once, but if 
you live it right once is 

Ya cie kocham '. . . Viva Es- 
pana and ARCHY . . . Greek 
candy . . . rum and cokes . . . 
City nightlife . . . rice cakes 
w/ pumpkin pie filling . . . 
Acapuico — see you at Fan- 
tasy . . . He's such a duppa 
. . . Where's Rockstar? . . . 
"Lisa, w^here are your 
keys?" . . . Where are my red 
gummi bears? . . . Wild Thing 
. . . It's 6:00a.m., do you 
know where you are?? . . . 
Cancun . . . We're just having 
a cigarette . . . Hey you Pasta 
Mama . . . Polish women . . . 
Slimelight and The Riv ... 
Kurwa ... Be Happy! 


"I know it sounds trite, but haven't we met 

"Mango in my teeth and sand ini 

Margaret, JamieJamie, John D., Ellen, 
Veronica, Steph, Amy, Kirsten, Lori, 
Chris B., Brad, John, Jim, Paul, Laurie, 
Kelly, Carrie, Laura, Mom, Dad, and 
Tiff: Thanks for everything! You've 
made it the best four years ever! 

Yeah baby! ... Get big .. . Oh! Oh! Hey 
now! ... Oh John!/Oh Jen! . . . Too few 
hours in the day! . . . Workaholic! . . . Cam- 
paign '88 . . . College Democrats . . . Mod- 
el Illinois Government . . . Washington . . . 
Slaving away in the bookstore ... I have 
tension!!! . . . "Wicked" road trips . . . 
Summer Fest . . . lU . . . Rush St. . . . 21 at 
Natasha's . . . Snuggery . . . Scorno's . . . 
Limelight ... All Stars . . . Pelvic Thrust 
Parties . . . Tequila Sunrise . . . Baker's 
Square . . . Run for the Border . . . Greek- 
town ... the 'stang ... the Hitlermobile . . . 
the Hyundai! 

Jennifer L. Shufelt 

222 Seniors 



Sheree Arquita Brewer 

1y fiance and I share 
nother magnifique 
vening at the Ebony 
ashion Show, held at 
19 Arie Crown Theatre 
I Chicago. I love Chi- 
ago, the hot fashions, 
nd of course, my fian- 
3, Husain AN. I hope to 
ursue modeling as 
ell as becoming a clin- 
al cognitive psycholo- 
ist. C'est ma vie! 

ly fiance and I are 
laring a romantic eve- 
ng on a cruise to the 
ahamas. The two la- 
es, in front, thought 
e were on our honey- 
loon; we felt like it! My 
tother, and my two 
3St friends, (not pic- 
ired) my sisters, Me- 
ida and Cynthia, also 
ere enjoying a sensa- 
snal voyage of a life- 

Thank you Parents! Here I am enjoying a 
pleasant college evening with my music 
box. It was great weather that evening and 
I had just come in from the library. I have 
always enjoyed strolling on our beaux 
L.F.C. campus. I love my L.F.C. gear! Go 
for it! 



As I leave behind memories of Lake Forest College and continue my life's journey, I will follow my 
quest to be all that I can be and reach my future goals. 

My deepest appreciation and love to my family for all they have done for and given me. Their love and 
words of encouragement and support have helped alleviate the pains of reality during this part of my 

Watch out world! You are going to hear from me as I continue to give you the best that I've got! (smile) 

Pia E. Montes 

Seniors 223 

Paul Christian Neiis 

Art is art and truth is truth, but if you stew cranberries like applesauci 
tastes more like prunes than rhubarb. 

— Groucho M. 

A human being should be able 
to change a diaper, plan an in- 
vasion, butcher a hog, conn a 
ship, design a building, write a 
sonnet, balance accounts, build 
a wall, set a bone, comfort the 
dying, take orders, give orders, 
cooperate, act alone, solve 
equations, analyze a new prob- 
lem, pitch manure, program a 
computer, cook a tasty meal, 
fight efficiently, die gallantly. 
Specialization is for insects. 

— R.A. Heinlein 

Once I thought Lake Forest was 
the most glamorous place in the 
world. Maybe it was. 

— F. Scott Fitzgerald 

And here, poor fool! with all my 


I stand! no wiser than before 

— Goethe 

Nought may endure but Mutability. 

— Shelley 

It is a heart. 

This holocaust I walk in, j 

O golden child the world will t 
and eat 

— Sylvia PI 

It is so! (if you think so) 

— Pirandi 

What could be more usele 
more a waste of time and ener 
than a college thesis? 

Henry Mi 

James M. Decker 

Love and thanks to my friends, family, and 

224 Seniors 

Peter Seigh 

adness need not be all breakdown. It may also be breakthrough. 

— R.D. Laing 

lyone who does not want to see what is lofty in man looks that much 
are keenly for what is low in him and mere foreground — and thus 
trays himself. 

— Nietzsche 

is wrong to chide the novel for being fascinated by mysterious co- 
;idences. . . but is is right to chide man for being blind to such co- 
;idences in his daily life. Fore he thereby deprives his life of a dimension 

— Milan Kundera 

Chip Berghoff 


Thanks Ma, 
from Chip 

In war there is no substitute 
for victory. 

— Douglas MacArthur 

opie ask you for criticism, but they only want praise. 

— W. Somerset Maugham 

in is not the creature of circumstances. Circumstances are the creatures of man. 

— Benjamin Disraeli 

etry is something more philosophic and of graver import than history, since its 
tements are of the nature of universals, whereas those of history are singulars. 

— Aristotle 

nic , a blackguard whos faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to 

— Ambrose Bierce 

Christopher Valley Ban 

Seniors 225 

Charles Hal! 

Know you got to run 

Know you got to hide 

Don't know who to follow 

Who is on your side 

Don't know where you're going 

You won't talk of where you've been 

And I may see you tomorrow 

never more again 

— Stephen Stills 

No shepherd and one herd! Everybody wants the same; Whoever feels differently 
goes voluntarily into a madhouse. 

— NIetsche 


I miss my dog. 

To those who befriended me — you have my gratitude. 

To the girl I met at the concert 6-19-88: How about dinner sometime? I'll buy, and 
I'll remember to bring a pen — 

Mark C. Riseborough 

226 Seniors 

Kami Nelana Cheatem 

C'est le commence- 
ment de ma vie! In other 
words. . . I'm outta 

Ivo, Peechblow, Panda, 
Pompador. . . 

— Cocteau Twins 



3w is the time 
r me to dis- 
)ver for my- 
Hf what my 
ofessors re- 
rred to as the 
eal world." 

. . . Trample on the 
lion and the cobra, 
which means that 
overcoming ob- 
stacles and diffi- 
culties in your life 
and your person- 
ality will help 
make you become 
the person you 
want to be and do 
the things you 
want to do. Which 
I think I've done. 
— Sinead 

Richard C. Bieles Jr. 

Seniors 227 

ACpfm Chi 


Douglas P. Browne 

Pau£ M. Deigf 

Erik N. Ftidman 

Scott A. MacDonaid 

Zachary H. PfLilfips 

Cfmrfo F. KeAfitid 

RoymomfM. Cciiucci 
Kefeey W. Doe 
Grtgory G. Fogg 
Danief5. No6(e 
Scott D. Pinc^ri 
5cott M. Re£5e 
Wiflkm K. Wa£sfi 

228 Seniors 


Scott M. Reese 

hanks Mom and Dad for 
verything and to the rest 
f our families we love you 
- Murph and Rick 

If you're going to do 
sometliing tonight that 
you will regret tomorrow 
. . . sleep late. 

L.G.R. and B.H.C. 
Here's to you. 

Charles F. Redfield 

Alpha Chi 
Knight + Fresh 


Mom and Dad, LRN, HNO, NSO and EAR, 
thanks for everything, I love you! — DSN 

mooth Mookie Nobes 


Daniel S. Noble 

Seniors 229 

WilHam K. Walsf 

All you do is make a lot of dough and 
play golf and play bridge and buy 
cars and drink martinis and look like 
a hot shot. 

— The Catcher in the Rye 

It was really nice sightseeing, if you 
know what I mean. 

Much thanks to my family, KNB & 
200 Laurel for all the support. 

Cheers to the Chi. 

Kelsey Doe 

Welcome to Camp Chi! We g 
beaucoup movement . . . All-pro to 
lives on . . . Cutch me scurbs .' 
Thanks to Mom, Dad, B.R.R. and AX 1 
everything. It was an awesome fc 
years! Catch ya' later! 

If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane. 

— Jimmy Buffet 

Thanks to Mom, Dad, family and friends for all of your love and support; Thanks 
AX for all the good times. 

Scott Pinckard 

230 Seniors 

Paul M. Dejgl, Jr. 


'II be no use their putting their heads 
own and saying, "Come up again 
ear!" I shall only look up and say, 
Who am I, then? Tell me that first, and 
len, if I like being that person, I'll come 
p; if not, I'll stay down here 'till I'm 
omebody else. 
. — Lewis Carroll 

Scott A. MacDonald 

ord what Fools these Mortals Be. 

— Shakespeare 

lom and Dad, Thanks for all your sup- 

Love, Zak 

IH^A^r "^^ ^^1 


^^^Pi M 

W^- '^^K^^ 

^HL^: ""^^1^ 

1 '«'^~:<- ^HM| 

K 1 

^T' '^ ^^^^^^H 

We are the music makers. And we 
are the dreamers of the dreams. 

— Willy Wonka 

To all of AX and KAD — Thank you 
for everything. Good luck TJD. Mom 
and Dad — I love you. PMD 


I wish the best of luck to my broth- 
ers Gregg and Geoff with what- 
ever road they choose. Many 
thanks to my loving parents who 
made this all possible. Also thanks 
to my grandparents, especially my 
late grandfather, Allan Sr., who 
helped me through these four 
years, not seeing the road that I 

The family is the test of freedom, because 
the family is the only thing that the free 
man makes for himself and by himself. 

— Chesterton 

Zachary H. Phillips 

Seniors 231 

Douglas P. Browne 

When you come to 
the end of your 
rope, tie a knot 
and hold on! 

We leave behind the house, but 
bring with us the memories, the 
friendship, and the brotherhood of 
Alpha Chi! 

At times we find ourselves 
compelled to do something 
yet we ask ourselves "Why 
are we doing this?" 

Thanks Mom and Dad, I owe 
you one!! 


Raymond M. Cellucci Jr. 

232 Seniors 

Robert W. Buckley 



While there is time 

Let's go out and feel everything 

If you hold me 

I will let you into my Dream 

For time is a river rolling into Nowhere 

We must live while we can 

And we'll drink our cup of laughter. 

— Steve Win wood 

jarsome Foursome: Baccos make better friends and lovers. 
Jte: Take care fellow Knight of the Bud Table. 
Jthy: Thank you for being there for me; I love you; "keep 'em 
)min' nice." 

om and Dad: Thank you for your help, guidance and love. 

Dod luck, Sarah Bear! 

90d luck to everyone in the Class of '89 

) our Brothers we leave behind we wish the best of luck Mookie 

future years. Keep all AX traditions and all that we've Zakko 

ught you — slack off and we'll be back. Here's to the Feldy 

>od times, bad times, and all times in between. You are Razor 

ore than just friends — you are our brothers. TOGA! Brownie 









Seniors 233 

Larry St. Pierre 

larina Gspps 

234 Seniors 

B. J. Leventhal 

^ctions speak louder than words. 

Cookie — We missed you. . . The pack is back. 

Mama & Papa 

Thanx never meant so much. 
Love, BJ 

rhe real people are, above all, to be well-bred, generous, bold, happy, and to 
abandon themselves unblushingly to their love and laugh at everything else. 

Kian M. Kaz 

Seniors 235 

Jennifer L. Brewczynski 

Thanks to my friends who put a smile on my face, especially 
my mother and father, Chris, Craig, Kevin, Priscilla, Eileen, 
Mary Jo, Erica, Lisa, Jill, Kelly, Bill and Dena. 

Keep Smiling!!! 


Cfciss Ok 1Q8Q 

236 Seniors 








238 Advertisements 

We Have watched you grow from 

a little girl to a young woman 

who has worked hard to reach her 


We are so proud of you and all 

your achievements! 


Mom, Dad, Andrea, Rob 

Max & Kitsir 



After 17 years of school, 

May life be successful — 


Mom and Dad and 


It's a jungle out 
there — May you 
rule it well 

Tracey . . . We are al- 
ways proud of you. Con- 

Love you best, Mom, 
Shannon, Bapa, Grand- 

-"(y*^ ■SW ■'^^ -"-.pv— "--vi ^^w>n»«««4'?K'« '^W" "V-OV j*'vn>. "»\io>'v^«>jt" 

Congratulations Luc, 
and bonne chance! 


Mom and Dad, Marc and Rick 


Congratulations Patrick Holly! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Mark, Tim, Vince, Karen 
and Megan 

We're proud of you! 

We love you! 

Good luck! 

Mom, Dad, and all the family 

Advertisements 239 

Great job, Char! 
Now, let's go for a ride. 

240 Advertisements 


We are very proud of your effort 

and even prouder of your 



Love, Dad, Mom, Beth and Mary Pat 

Advertisements 241 

Congratulations, Debbie! 

We're very proud of you 

and we love you — 

Mom and Dad 



Kels — 

Knew you could do it — 
Love, Mom, Dad, Jeff, 
and Falcon 


Max; the Lord strengthen 

x;our spirit. 

And guide ^/our steps. 

As you pass through 

the doors of Life. 

Mom and Dad 

Tricia Uhlir 
World's Greatest Daughter 

Here's to the beginning of the rest of your life. 
We know it's going to be a great one! 

Mom and Frank 

242 Adver'iSBmar.ts 

---.. ;■;■:..■.'■ >j*v«,"Wa^"Kv-^v-."-:-' 


We knew you could do it! 

All these years we have watched you blossom 
into an extraordinary individual. Papa and I 
are so very proud of you! 

"Live your life for yourself" 


Love forever, 
Mama and Papa 

Advertisements 243 

Our Daughter 

Jennifer Lynn 


Thanks for Being Just You 


Our Sister 

May life bless you with all the happiness and 
success you deserve. We're proud of you and 
everything you have accomplished. We'll always 
be there for you. 

L U V 

Y A 


i.': , ■• 


/ %. 

•« - 


i- # 



jf -^ ■ > ^f^ 






Mom, Dad, Craig, Chris 

. . .and especially 

244 Adverti^smeists 







Advertisements 245 

From listening comes wisdom 
and from speaking repentance. 

Angela Barbara Pacella 
Brava, Brava, Bravissima! 

Much Love, 

Mom and Dad, 

Uncle Bill and Uncle Joe 

246 Adv.ntisen-.'-r.ts 


It is with an enormous amount of pride that we call 
you our son. Congratulations! May you have the 
best in life always. Thanks for being you. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Brooke John Barrett 

We believe in you and the beauty of your 


Love, Mom, Dad, Marcy, and Valerie 


Thanks for being you. 
Much Love, 

Mom and Dad 

Advertisements 247 


You came a long way from St. Louie 
Impressed quite a few along the way 
(Also, tanks Uncle John) 

We sure love you.' 
XXOO Your Family 

248 Advertisements 




" R?|F ■■>■>; «■? t ! >«s « 


•■': .-:3??>>1^^^H 






■ if 





N>.- ^^^^^^H 





Lee Lee! 
All our love, 
All our pride, 
All our joy. 
All our hope and faith 
Will be with you 
May your dreams 
become reality 
and your highest 
goals be fulfilled! 


Mom, Dad, Nick, 

and your whole family 

Advertisements 249 

You've given us love, 
You've given us joy, 
You've given us pride. 
You've given us you. 

Congratulations Lauren! 
We love you, Mom and Dad 

Dear Raymond 

May life bring you all 

the best. 

May all your dreams 

come true. 

Don't worry — Be happy!! 

With all our love 

Mom, Dad, Mike and Ali 

250 Advertisements 

May 13, 1989 

Congratulations Marirob, 

Your continual warmth and cheerfulness to everyone 
has touched all our hearts. God bless you and your 
future art endeavors. 


Mom, Dad and Jamie 

Gramma Rita and Grampa Hub 

Advertisements 251 

Carl Scott 

It was another tough struggle but you made it again. We hope the future brings you 
nothing but smooth gliding. 
With all our love, 

Mom, Dad, Bill, Claudia, John Davis and Tommy 

252 Advertisements 

^ *'. ^ilTjf'i'J '^ * 

You deserve the best. 
Go for it! 

Much love, 

Mom, Dad, Jon, and Jodi 

Bryan . . . 

May all your dreams come 


We are very proud of you! 

Advertisements 253 

To our dear darling daughter 
Kina Carisse Gray 

The years of Santa are behind you now . . . 
Perserverance and achievement have paid 
off! Now look to the future for a promising 

Love and happiness always, 

Mom and Dad 

254 Advertissmenis 


Wonder years at Clay and glorious days at CC. Maturity 
and personal growth at LFC. Through all the years, 
you've made us extremely proud. Follow your dreams. 

All our love, 

Mom and Dad 



Your smile lights up our 

hearts with pride and joy 

as fireworks light up your 


God's richest blessing to 


Mom, Dad and Joanne 

CCiA-HivffiSV .^^^ol-sk 

Dear Care Girl, 

Mom does not know that I am buying ttiis space. 
Siie tried to stop me because sfie was fearful 
that I would write something to really embarrass 
you or, worse still, send in a tasteless photo from 
your sordid past. 

Rest easy, I just wanted you to know how very 
proud we are of you! 



The first of many suc- 
cesses. You'll always be 
a source of pride. Bravo! 
Love, Mom 


Twenty years later — 
and still plenty of rain- 

Congratulations — 

Much love. 

Advertisements 255 

Congratulations Mary, you did it 
your way! We are proud par- 

Love, Dad and Mom 

Kian, you are a precious gift. 

You are laughter, warmth and special charm. You are 
thoughtfuiness and love. You bring a special joy to 
every day. As you have grown to womanhood you 
have filled our hearts with pride. Your distinctive 
qualities ensure your success in whatever you do. We 
hope that life will bring you all the joy and happiness 
you have brought our family. 

We love you, 

Dad, Mom, Alex, and Arthur 

256 Advertisements 

9^ Sue // 


Love , 


HouA cheeALng, Aeci-Lon: 

(fiom. Uaa ana 



^im and Aunt ^ec 

Uncle LumA | 


f.Lck and Aunt Lynn 

Uncle. Dtyyeji 1 


Jed and Aunt ^udL 

Aunt Linda 


T.-icAy. ana Aunt SujiLe 

Uncle [^auAy and Aunt Banb 


'.(J illy and Aunt Kathy 

Uncle le/iAy and Auni "^am 


fay and Aunt fam 

Uncle IhiLt and Aunt Skajion 


Dave and Aunt Tatty 

Uncle Otto and Auni Hetty 


lohn and Auni SuAle 

Uncle Plihe and Auni DeniAe 


Advertisements 257 

June you are a sweet caring person, and Dad and I are very proud of you. You are always 
concerned about the welfare of others. You strive for excellence in all endeavors. The funniest 
memory I have is after shopping at the store with you once. While I was trying to put my groceries 
away at the back door, you were giving away my food at the front door. "But Mom, they were 

Love, Mom and Dad 




.258 Adverilser 


Let's hear it for the biggest!! 


Congratulations! Keep reaching for your star 
and may all of your dreams come true. We are very 
proud of you and we wish the best in everything 
you do. 

We love you! 

Dad, Mom, Gina, and Chuck 


Rodney Rowland 

from Mom and Dad 


May you never lose sight of your dreams, and may all 
those dreams come true. You deserve the BEST. Thanks 
for being you — we're very proud of you. 

Mom — Dad — Marcio & Pirulo 

Advertisements 259 

Congratulations, John, 
on all your efforts and 
achievements! We are 
very proud of you! Love 
— Mom, Dad, David, 
and Steven 

Funny Chicken — the 
dearest baby then, now, 
and always. 

Love, Mom 

Mouse — 

Climb liigh, climb far 
Your goal the sky 
Your aim the star. 

Your loving family 


We are so proud of you! 
Mom, Evan, Pam, and Billy 

Laura — 

You've come a long way, baby, and we are 

Mom and Dad 

260 ftdveriisfcpnents 



Much Love, 

Mother, Dad, Heather, Jennifer, 
Grandma, YaYa, Debbie, Carl, Emil^^ &s Abby 

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— ^ 





















i ^ 











«, '^ 


- ^ ^ 







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EXTRA! I ^JaupEsa-Xmifi | EXTRA! 



(DP) The NOID panicked, 
(bonking himself on the head with a 
pan!) when he heard that Domino's 
now delivers pan pizza. 

New Domino's Pan Pizza" has 
thick, chewy crust, generous top- 

pings, and lots of thick, gooey 
cheese. And it's delivered in 30 
minutes or less, guaranteed. All 
of which creates pandemonium for 
the NOID 

So call for new Domino's Pan 
Pizza . When it comes to pan pizza , 
Nobody Delivers Better^ 

30 East Scranton 
Lake Bluff 

phone 295-5900 

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"when you want to do-it right" 



432-2695 -432-1418 

The Friendly Ones* 

THE CARINGELLO'S OPEN: Mon.-Sat 7:30 A.M. -5:00 P.M. 
251 Waukegan Avenue • HIghwood, Illinois 60040 










Ralph Lauren Polo 

Market Square 

Lake Forest 
phone 234-0201 










CLASS OF 1989 


Couu(krie dt Gtntvt 

Laiiqm, Baccarat and 

St. Louis Crystcd 

Limoges, Herend, 5poc£e amf 

Wtdgcwood China 



Our best wishes to the class of 

740 N. Western Avenue 

Lake Forest, Illinois 60045 

phone 234-5150 


Austrian Dimdis, Suits, Jackets, Coats, Hats, 
Norwigian Jackets, Sweaters and Coats, Dan- 
ish Hand Knit Sweaters and Sportswear; 
Swedish Tut Hats 

736 N. W&st£m Ave., Lake Forest, Ittinois 60045 
plwne 312-295-8700 

Mary Ann and Lisa Johnson 

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70U NttP A KEGr? 




bRtUJ you NEED I 

LA^t fORtST 



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'Best o|j Lucfe 
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The Forester Staff 



Class of 1989 

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Here's to looking at you kid. 

Congratulations and thanks for making college great — Andrew 

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STAe ^€i€m of ^989 

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Abrahamson, Elizabeth 707 

AbuNassar, John G 173 

Aburida. Wael H 84, 134 

Adamany. Andrea A 142 

Admissions 25 

Ahlquisl. Erik J 55, 94 

Alexander. Eve M 36. 42. 57. 

70. 75. 116 

Alexander. Jill K 79, 86 

Alkire, Marylin 26 

Allen. Janets 67 

Allen. Jennifer J 78 

Allen. Winifred 28 

Alpha Chi 72 

Alpha Pi Delta 72 

American fularketing Association 

Amico. John M 94 

Amory. Alexander F 62. 176 

Anderson. Keith K 75 

Anderson. Kristin L 57. 86 

Andresen. Carl D 94 

Ang, Kristin E 53 

Angeli, Nicole L 36, 42, 94 

Appelbaum. h/lark J 147 

Aquino. Lauren Ivl 47.61 

Aray, Angela M 73 

Arenson. tiAichelle L 102 

Arnold. Douglas L 102 

Arons, Anne R 76. 141 

Arsakularatna. Ditrukshi . . 84. 86 

Arteaga. Samantha J 73. 94 

Askelol. Robyn L 702 

Atkinson. Jennifer P 753 


Baade, Robert A . . 28. 48. 54 

Bachmann. Scott K 79, 86 

Backus. Sean B 702 

Bailfos, Peter E 86 

Baisden. Sheila L 25, 84 

Baldwin. Katharine L 64 

Baldwin. Paul A 75 

Ballard. Kendra N 702 

Ballou. Ashton C 67 

Ban. Christopher V 225 

Banaszak. Elyse J . . 42. 56. 57 

Bancroft. Laura K 72. 75. 94 

Barber. Elizabeth J 86 

Barber a, Colin D. . 22, 50, 57. 73. 

Barenbaum. Jerrod L 94 

Barnard. Matthew R 97 

Barnes, /Monica L 74. 77. 84. 


Barrett. Brooke J 735 

Barrientos. Tracy f^ 75, 702 

Barron, Stephen Devlin . . 45, 766 

Barry. Thomas A 50 

Basketball, fvlen's 54, 55 

Basketball. Women's ... 56, 57 

Bass, Joseph W 50, 73, 94 

Bates, Elizabeth B 53 

Bates. I^ancy M 120. 126 

Bates. Penny 22 7 

Batt. Jeffrey D 207 

Beck, fviarjorie f\A 102 

Beiras. Christine fvt 75, 756 

Belicke. Thorsten G 755 

Bellowe. Gregory M 67, 94 

Bennett. Christopher E 86 

Bennett. Kenneth C 28 

Benson, Brian S. . . . 73, 793, 799 

Bentley. Peter A 72, 752 

Bentoft. Darby A 94 

Benton. Catherine 28 

Berghofl. Lewis W 76, 225 

Bergquist. Paul E 59 

Bernard. Bruce 28 

Bernstein. Steven H 72 

Berry. Patricia V 72, 75, 702 

Bertelsen. Elizabeth C. . 720, 727 

Beta Triton 72 

Bieles, Richard C . 79, 227. 272 

Biersborn. Charles F. . . . 65, 793 

Biggs. Kim N 7 73 

Birling. Jody L 42. 57, 86 

Bish, Whitney D 72, 94 

Black United and Concerned 
Students 84 

Blair-Smith, Robert tvl. . . 79, 86 

Boehnen, Joan B 28 

Bohan, Edward J 50, 57, 73, 

793, 794 

Bonewitz. Adriana L 25 

Bonnie, Pamela J 27 7 

Bopp. Ruthane 25, 28 

Borgman. Robert 7 74 

Bouck. Colleen L 47 

Bowman. Doug 62 

Boyce. Blaine 86 

Bozich. Sandy S 53, 86 

Bracken. Daniel L 45 

Bradley, David T.R 45 

Bradley, Pamela T 94 

Bramwell, Benjamin J. . . 59. 86 

Braxton. R. Wayne ... 38, 48. 50, 


Breakwell. Christopher 62 

Brennan. Tim 62. 173 

Brewczynski. Jennifer ... 42, 76, 
79, 236, 272 

Brewer. Lisa L 94 

Brewer. Sheree A 223 

Briggs, t\Aartha 26 

Brock, Lisa 28 

Brotherhood 73 

Brown, Brian R 87 

Brown, Lauren B 73, 75 

Brown. Samantha 94 

Browne. Douglas P. . 228. 232 

Browne. Michele C 72,27 7 

Bryan. Elizabeth C 47 

Bryn. Jason J. . . . 54, 55, 75, 702 

Buchholz. Dwight C 74, 80 

Buckhoff, tvtatthew R 72 

Buckley. Frank P 775 

Buckley. Robert W 233 

Budd. Emily W 47.87 

Bunch. Tiffany A 720, 722 

Bunn. fvlatthew 87 

Burian. Allyson L 73 

Burks, William P 75, 94 

Burling. Thomas D. . . . 50, 73. 76, 

Burnette, fvlatthew C 87 

Butterworth, William 28, 48 


Cade, Antoinette E 74, 84 

Cahouet, David J 72 

Callas, John C 76, 204, 272 

Calvert, Elizabeth L. 120,125 

Campbell, Adam B 87 

Cannon, tulichael C 72, 144. 


Carbee. Brenna K. . . . 36, 56, 57, 

Career Planning and Placement 

Caringello. Tammy L 7 79 

Car/us, M. Elizabeth .... 75, 206 

Carlus. Theodore R 24 

Carmenini. Candace tvl 785 

Carmony. Lowell 28 

Carnes. Pack 28 

Carpenter, B Hilary . . . 720, 727 

Carr, John R 49,73 

Cashy, t^arissa S 87 

Cassity. Jeanette M 767 

Cellucci. Raymond M. . . 72, 228. 

Chantha. P 40 

Chapman. Blake E 45, 62 

Chappell. Brett S 98, 205 

Chase, Walter 740 

Cheatem, Kami W 227 

Checkett, John J 54, 55, 70. 

193. 199 

Cherney, Susan C 84 

Cherretl. Amy fvl... 75. 77, 102 

Chin, Mary C 84 

Chiotis, Maria T 767 

Choi, Moonju 94 

Choir 80 

Clark. Sarah E 67, 72 

Clayborne, Kenneth B 87 

Clayton, Janniece R 84 

Club Hockey 67 

Club Sports 67 

Clune, JohnC 87 

Coiner. Robbin L 702 

Coladarci. Thomas B. . . . 79. 102 

Coldwell. Matthew E 67 

Cole. Dan P 28 

Cole. William D 50 

Coleman. Jennifer A 702 

Collins. Guy R 50 

Collins. Steven R 62, 94 

Conley. Robert A. ... 54, 55, 702 

Connetl. Hugh R 72, 75 

Conner. John M 79 

Constable. Charles A 87 

Cook, Bryan M 793, 202 

Cook, Cardell 45, 59, 67, 68 

Cook, Gardner G 7 70 

Cook, Lynnette 84, 87 

Cooper, Philippa A 87 

Coretti, John 38 

Cosbey, Caroline M 76,215 

Coughlin, Daniel F 29 

Counseling Center 27 

Courts, Jennifer M 75, 87 

Cowler. Rosemary E 29 

Crawford. G Suzanne . . . 49. 67. 

Crespi, Christopher J. ... 48, 65, 
73, 79 

Cronenwett. Will J 74. 78 

Grossman, Robert M 62 

Crowther, Jean M 756 

Croydon, Michael B 29 

Culpepper, Hanelle M. . . . 76, 84. 

Cummisford. Robert G 45 

Cunningham, Carta J 94 

Cupic, Lisa M 77, 218 

Curran, Noreen M. . . 72, 79, 102 

Cybulski, Van A 732 

Cymerman, Ami L 88 


Dameshek, Laurie B 53, 73 

Dau, Michael E 50, 57, 64, 68 

Davis, Daniel M 782 

Davis, James M 204 

Davis, Muller 45 

Davlin, Ann M 768 

Day, H. Corbin 72 

Day. Peter S 88 

Dean of Faculty 25 

Dean of Students 26 

deBourbon, Margaret M 707 

Decker, James M 224 

Deigl. Paul M 72.228 

DeMuyt. Julie N 88 

Diaz. Lillian 84 

Dick. Nigel G 22 

Dickerson. William 707 

Diehl. J Alexander 72 

D/;/on, Mary M 67, 88 

Dineen. Suzanne M 789 

Dirr. Lauren L 220 

Dixon. David C 80, 88 

Dixon. Stephen M 75 

DIabay. Les R 22, 29 

Dobro. Danielle S. . . . 72. 79, 102 

Doe, Kelsey W 72, 228, 230 

Dohrmann, Kathryn 29, 67 

Doleski. Wayne 20, 26, 48 

Domas/iews/ty, Stephanie .... 203 

Doniff. Mark A 73. 193. 201 

Donnelly. Bailey 24, 25 

Donnelly. Andrew 62. 173 

Donner. Ed 27 

Dorman. D. Hurst 75. 102 

Dornstauder. Alycia L. . . . 77, 88 

Dorsey. LiaJ 84 

Dorton. Angela M 737 

Douglass. Carl S 72, 149 

Dow. Krlsten E 72 

Drometer. Eric A 45 

DuBrul. Sophia C 95 

Duckstad. Marjorie A 73 

Duncan. Valerie S 95 

DuPerry. Harvey E 50, 88 

Dye. Richard F 29 


268 Index 

Early, Alexandra B. . . 47, 61, 88 

Ebner, Michael H 78, 29 

Eccles, Margot E 75, 95 

Edwards. Laurada 26 

Eggers, Alison D 61, 178 

Ehlers, Wendy-Ellen 95 

Ekey. Christine J 88 

Ellsworth, Timothy P. . . . 48, 272 

Engle, Elizabeth A 702 

Enichen, Julie K 75 

Ephlin, Dennis C 65 

Epstein, Dana M 96 

Ericlfson. Beth Ann 763 

Erwin, James A 786 

Eskilson, Arlene 29 

Etienne. Anne B 67 

Ettore, John J 734 

Evans, Manami Rose 763 

Evans, Yume L 22 

Ewing, Naomi T 26 


Faber, Roger J 29 

Pagan, James A 47. 88 

Palland. Laura D 88 

Payette. Andrea L 753 

Peder. Juliana 7S 

Peldman. Erik N 59. 72. 191. 


Peldman. Nancy C. . . - 49, 67. 68 

Fell. Anne Marie 703 

Pencing Club 67 

Perrari, Jonathan A. . . 50, 73. 96 

Ferry. Ann-Marie 53 

Fife, Brian K 40, 47 

Fischer, Paul 29, 77 

Fisher. C. Richard 29 

Flahive. Steven C 96 

Plaker. Jill E 96 

Fleming. William T. 79. 96 

Flower. Emily 773 

Fogg, Gregory G 67, 74, 75, 

191. 228 

Football 50, 57 

Ford. Susan E 73. 103 

Forester 79, 272 

Fergus, Ronald 29 

Forney. Joel C 50, 88 

Forrester, Melinda B 73 

Fox, Sandra M 30 

Francis, Gary D 50, 55 

Frankel, Phylis M 27,30 

Fricke. Sarah C 72, 96 

Fritz, Anthony 45, 62, 68 

Frohm, Erica A 57, 88 

Prohn, Anna-Maria . 77. 103. 272 

Frost. Curtis H 59 

Funck, Megan E 61. 72 

Funteas. Diane J 784 

Fusilero. John A 72, 75 


G.L.A.S.S 84 

Gaffney. Mark P. . .40. 41. 50. 73. 
193. 198 

Gagen. Neal F 22. 83. 96 

Galassie. Lisa M. . . . 72. 75. 214 

Gallagher. Sarah M 80 

Galloway. Jonathan P 30 

Gamma Rho Delta 73 

Garcia. Leslie 96 

Gardner. Mike 48 

Garneau. Jean-Luc 30 

Garneau, Luc S 740, 272 

Garrick Board 80 

Gash. Dennis 30 

Gassmere, Donald C 50, 88 

Gassmere. JoAnne 96 

Gayle. Carol 30 

Georgalan. Peter C 88 

George. David 30 

Gerard. Philip 30 

German Club 77 

Giannamore. Frank 50 

Gibbons. Maureen E 96 

Giese. Jennifer R. 42. 64. 76. 88 

Gilbreath, Sydney S. . . 120. 124 

Gill. Sean D 88 

Gillette. Elizabeth A 75, 96 

G/pps, Marina J 234 

Glemaud. Muriel B. ... 50. 51, 73, 
83, 193. 198 

Glicksman. Samuel J 88 

Glocker. Erika S 96 

Goeringer, Tracey A 7 77 

Goggin. Patrick J 766 

Goldman. James D 73 

Goluboff. Benjamin 30 

Goodfellow. Marianne . . 72. 212 

Goodman. Paul A.P 22, 96 

Qorham. Nancy A 77 

Grabowski. Paul S 96 

Graff. Thomas G 89 

Graham. Cory D 97, 96, 272 

Graham. William J 74. 179 

Granzetto. Kurt J 54, 55 

Gray, Clayton Jr 30 

Gray, Kina C 77, 84 

Green, Carrie 90, 184, 272 

Greenfield, Robert M 30 

Griffin, Sarah M. ... 73. 120. 128 

Griffin. Vincent J 50, 72. 73. 

193. 194 

Griffith. Jeff I eyE 50, 57 

Grippando. Jill A. ... 74, 78, 103 

Grippe. David 62 

Grisham. Gertrude 30 

Gross. Troy A 703 

Gummere. Francis B. Jr 24 

Gummere. Francis B. Jr 24 

Gunning. David H. . 59. 193. 195 

Guthrie. Durkin J 72 


Haas, Graham M 50 

Haddon. Robert B. . . 65. 73. 193 

Hafenscher. Kathleen M 89 

Haines. David 50, 73. 96 

Haire. Yvette G 84 

Hall. Charles P 226 

Halloran. Carlotta E 96 

Han, David S 79 

Handball 64, 65 

Handler. Edward J 72 

Hanke. Tammy A 36, 703 

Hansen. Barbara 18. 30 

Hansen. Bryan L . . 50. 73. 193. 

Hansen. Forest 30, 48 

Hardin, Cynthia T 79 

Harmer, Victoria B 75 

Harmon. Judith 30 

Harmon. Kelly M. . 45. 73. 76. 77. 
103. 272 

Harper. Nicole J 67 

Harrington. Mark R 45 

Hams, Bruce J 40, 50 

Hartler. Mike 40, 4 7 

Haskell. Larry R 64 

Hast. Ann M. . 22. 74. 75. 83. 103 

Haugan, Anthony R. . 75, 76, 103 

Hazelton. Keith 37 

Heard. Matthew P 72 

Hearn. Cathlyn A 72 

Heller. Benjamin J 72. 151 

Hendrix, Peter C 703 

Henningfeld, Kristine . 47, 72. 96 

Hertel. Rachel A 67.77. 154 

Hiber. Matthew F 64, 65 

HIchborn. Kristina M 787 

Hicks. Terrence 96 

Hilden. Christine J 768 

Hill, Andrew J 59, 89 

Hill, Craig T 793, 795 

Hill, Peter B 74 

Hill. Thomas C 73,89 

Hirsch, Richard B 54 

Hockey 62, 63 

Hodge. Marvin L 89 

Hodgkins. Thomas S 67, 72 

Hoffman. Beth Anne 75, 77 

Hoffman, Maia E 276 

Hoffman, Natalie M 704 

Hoffmann, William J 50 

Hogan, Patrick J 49, 104 

Holliday, Robert 37, 48. 67 

Holly. Patrick M .50,51. 70, 73, 
75, 76. 193. 200 

Holmes. Tracey J 67, 96 

Holmes. Victoria ... 73. 120, 121 

Holstem. Arthur G 72 

Hood. Valerie J 75, 76 

Hooker. Brandt J 737 

Hoopes. Pamela E 75. 117 

Hotchkiss. Eugene III 24 

House of Soul 74 

House of Soul 73 

Howe. J. Thomas 45, 709 

Hudson. C. Alicia 227 

Huggins. Piper 203 

Hull. Monies 27, 37 

Hunt. Matthew L 89 

Huntington. Charles Jr. . 67. 131 

Husson. George J 45 

Huver. Helene M 79. 104 


Ichikawa, Dai 89 

Interfaith 82 

International Student Organization 

Intramurals 66 

Inin. Elizabeth J 778 


Jackson, Eric M 75 

Jadvani. Mark E 97 

James. Katherine L 704 

James. Lee 97 

Jansing. Caroline C 64, 720, 


Jenkins. Sabrina M 75, 704 

Jensen. Erica 67, 274 

Jensen. Erika NH 89 

Jeong. Tung H 37 

Johnson, Christopher T 75 

Johnson. Kathleen A 37, 73 

Johnson. Lori R 89 

Johnson. Quentin R. . . 26. 48. 84 

Johnson. Roxanne E 89 

Johnstone. Susanne B 769 

Jones. M Parker 97 

Josupait. James J 79 

Jurema. Marcus W 45,97 


Kaczmarick, Cheryl L. , . 72, 97 

Kalata, Eric J 50 

Kane, Kim 97 

Kapchinskl. Scott A 50, 97 

Kash. Michael 37 

Kashian. Ellen M. . . 47.76.214 

Katz. ClaudioJ 37 

Kavanagh. K. C 73. 97 

Kaz. Kian M 76, 235 

Keay. Meredith 736 

Keeney. Matthew R 97 

Keeshan. Thomas E. . 22. 50. 83, 

Keller. Shelly C. 36. 47, 56, 57, 

Kelly. Seana 47 

Kenney. Kathleen E 80. 89 

Kenny. David 89 

Kienstra. Ann 25 

King. Charles P 704 

King. Danny L 97 

King. Thomas P 7 78 

Kirby, Frank E 37 

Kirkland. Rebecca S. ... 61. 104 

Klingbeil. Laura K 37 

Kobusch. Susan W 120,126 

Kodner. Robert A 7 78 

Kohl. Kathleen M 97 

Kolachov. Nicholas P . 72. 149 

Kons. Gerald J 89 

Konzen. Paul W 79, 87 

Kotrofi. Stephanie N 736 

Kourakis. Anna M 89 

Kraly, Denise M.E 42, 89 

Krantz. David 37 

Krapa. Donna M 75 

Kreidler. William H 72 

Kreitner. Gregory J. . 54. 55, 704 

Kronenberg. Heidi A 220 

Kunert. Susan E 78 

Kurtz. Julia 37 

Kushner. Andrea G 53 

Kuznar. James C 62. 176 

Index 269 

Kwasinski, Carole L 89 

Kyritz, Edward W 765 


Lacrosse 38. 39 

Landwer. Kristine E 67 

Lane. Tract M 67 

Lans, Erick S 59, 704 

Larsen, Christopher A. .67, 72, 
75. 83 

Larsen, Laura L 704 

LaSalle, Michelle M 97 

Laux, James M 745 

Lawler. William G 40, 4 7, 77 

Lear, Kristen L 89 

Lee, Diana K 97 

Lee, Jennifer N 67, 89 

Leggett, DenaK 31 

Leiken. Jeffrey B 45 

LeMahieu, Dan L 37 

Lenihan, Jason J 97 

Lenski, Patrick J 734 

Lepinski, Sarah E 47 

Lepkowski. Craig . . . 59, 78, 89 

Lessing, Abba 21, 31 

Leventhal, Bruce J 48, 235 

Levine, Jonathan H 704 

Levitsky, Elizabeth W 47, 73, 


Libert, Bethany A 47. 104 

Lindenbusch, Robert A 76 

Lindsey, Philip J 89 

Liske, Jill J 36, 74, 75 

Lombard!, Louis G 32 

Louch, Charles D 32 

Loucks. John W 62 

Lovett, Donald L 32 

Lowenberg. Daniel J . , 59, 72 

Lowery, William R 24 

LuCarelli, Kara J 785 

Ludlow, Karen W 26 

Luebbers, fulatthew 59, 67 

Lueck, Carolyn M 90 

Lukasevicius, Tanya A 77 

Lynch, Susan C 79 


Macartney, Monique 90 

MacDonald, Scott A 72, 228, 


l\^adden, l^ichelle M 76 

Madden, Stephen L 22 

Maher, Kendra S 42. 97 

Maher, Mary P 47, 104 

Maheras, Paul J 733 

Marcus, Joseph W 97 

Mardis, Diane M. 36, 56, 57, 97 

Mardones. Edith J 75, 7 75 

Martin. Gregory J 50, 75 

Martin, James M. . . 45, 48, 159 

Martin, Kimberly C 74, 75 

Martin, William B 32 

Marzinelli, Corrine M 743 

Massey, Julie 26 

Mastro, Donald A 90 

Matheson, Bradford C 90 

Mafic, Tanya S 90 

Matthew, Janet E 67, 90 

May, Michael S 50 

Mazlish, Jared W 72, 757 

McAfee, Nancy S 90 

McCarthy, Christopher . . . 62, 90 

McClain, Molly A 90 

McComb, Colin D 67, 97 

McLaughlin. Matthew D. 50. 64, 
65, 73 

Meenan, LS 73 

Meenan, Loraine L 47 

Meenan. Susan H 47. 104 

Mehr, Daniel S 704 

Meinel, Peggy H 57 

Meister, Sharon C 780 

Menachof, Paula L 792 

Mendez, Ana M 74 

Menon, Vanaja S 26 

Mergener, Page L 788 

Merrill. William D 72 

Messer, Stephen C 55, 793, 


Metyk, Kelly J 72,98 

Metz, Suzanne M 36 

Michaels, Claire F 32, 84 

Middleton, Mary M. . . 36, 47, 84, 


Mikes, Laurie K 720 

Mikolyzk, Thomas 48 

Mikulsky, Rosanne C 73 

Millar, Mira G 90 

Miller, Charles A 32 

Miller, Charles E. . 26, 4 7, 54, 55, 

Miller, Joseph B 98 

Miller. Melissa G 789 

Miller, Meredith R 98 

Miller, Michelle L 757 

Miller. Ronald H 22, 24. 32 

Minifee. Marcus A. . . . 54. 55, 75 

Mita. Audra L 77 

Mitchell. Alexander 32 

Mitchell, Kirstin F. . . 73. 119, 120 

Model United Nations 87 

Monahan, Melissa A 104 

Montedore. Renee M. . . . 72, 218 

Montes. Pia E 223 

Moodie. Thomas 32 

Moore. A 67 

Moore. Gary V 26 

Moore. Heather B. . . 75, 76, 84, 

Moore. Michael K 45, 98 

Moore. Thomas S 98 

Moran. Dennis P. . . . 62, 67, 177 

Moran, Patricia E 42, 98 

Moritz, M. Anne 723 

Morrison, Jill A. ... 36, 42, 49. 56, 
57, 98 

Moser, Theresia M 74.90 

Mrozek. Kelly A 777 

Mueller, James E 75, 207 

Mullins. William E 72 

Munson, Kathleen M 90 

Munson, Kurt 1 74 

Murray, Michael A 75, 86 

Murray. Steven E 25 


Nakamura, Yumi 84, 98 

Nawara. David M 48, 104 

Nawrot, John A 50 

Nazmi, Nader 32, 48 

Neiman, Michelle L 788 

Nells, Paul C 224 

Nelson, Mark 32 

Newberg, Daniel B 72 

Newcomet, Evelyn L 90 

Newlin, Hilary 67, 97 

Ney. Jason B 67 

Nichols, Katharine W. . . 720, 729 

Nigro, Jessica M 73 

Niles, Michelle T 75, 97 

Nixon, William V 72, 748 

Noble, Daniel S 45, 72, 228, 


Nomura, Yasuyo 84 

Noonan, John P 50 

North. Katharine E. . 73, 720, 730 

North, Sara A 762 

Nott, Catherine J 75 

Nuebel, Laurie L 72, 98 

Nugent, Jonathan M 73. 79, 


Nystrom, Michele L 98 


O'Brien, Jennifer H 75, 7 75 

O'Brien, Kelly A 42. 64, 98 

O'Connor, R. Corey 45 

O'Grady, Cornelia S 78, 99 

O'Keeffe, Brice D 704 

O'Leary. Sean P 45, 62 

O'Neill, Michaels 62, 774 

Olin, Martha C 7 74 

Olmstead, Earl B 55 

Olson, Eric S 62, 97 

Olson, Steven J 705 

Olszewski, Lisa J 755 

Ortiz. Israel 50 

Ostendorf, Esslie H 73 

Oftaviano, Kenneth J 50, 97 

Owen. Christine K 67 


Pacella, Angela B 7 79 

Packet. Edward W 32,67 

Paetow, Brian A 75, 705 

Pahlman, Sander J. . . . 50, 51, 70, 
73, 193. 200 

Paige, Todd D 777 

Painter. James E 45 

Painter. Julie R 76 

Palmer, Katharine L. . . 36, 56, 57, 
70, 105 

Palulis, Yevette B 222 

Pape, Steven M 50, 51,73 

Papp, Jayne E 705 

Parekh, Mehul S 50 

Parent!. Christine M 99 

Parker, Marcella Y 97 

Parks. Dylan C 97 

Pasquesi, John J 7 72 

Patel, Roopa M 97 

Patten, Bethany M 705 

Peacock, Mary R 75, 275 

Peebles, Mark W 72, 75 

Penry, Kelly K 78 

Perron, Stephen D 67, 105 

Pesetsky. Scott M 74 

Peterson. William C 73, 132, 


Phi Pi Epsilon 73 

Phillips, Wesley B 206 

Phillips, Zachary H 72, 228, 


Physical Plant 27 

Pierce, Shawn E 67, 74, 99 

Pinckard, Scott D. . . 72, 228, 230 

Pinover, David M 765 

Pohl. Pat 27, 75 

Pohle. Kevin L 67, 105 

Poklar. Tina A 99 

Posick. Priscilla G. . . . 36, 47, 56, 57 

Povar, Michelle E 75, 76 

Pruett, Christopher S 45, 72 

Ptomey, Patricia D 97 

Pudles, Lynne 33 


Pyle, David A 50, 79, 92 

Ouandt, Jessica L 72, 277 

Quesnel. Nicole M 92 

Quinn, Lori A 99 


Radl<ay, Michael J 50, 793, 797 

Rainey, W. Todd 33 

Ramsey, Cille 53, 69 

Rapp, Marlene A 75, 705 

Rau, Philip C 74 

Rauch, Jennifer L 53, 72 

fleam, Elizabeth A 73, 105 

Reavis, Mary C 67 

Red and Black 74 

Reddy, Sudheshna L 79, 84, 91, 

92. 272 

Redfield. Charles F. . 38. 45. 72, 228, 

Reese. Scott M 72, 228, 229 

Reeves. Jason M 59, 92 

Raid. Brooke R 705 

Reimer. Danielle Y 75, 80. 99 

Rempala, Scott P 767 

Resek, Jane E 99 

Retik, Susan B 53 

Ricci. Daniel J 74.79, 105 

Richard, Nathalie E 90 

Richardson, De Juran 33 

Rickard. Glenn L 50, 59 

Rieck. Brian W 45, 67, 74, 109 

Riger, Stephanie 33 

Ring, Laurence S 62 

Ripp, Andrew D 59, 72 

Riseborough, Mark C 226 

Ritter. Mark R 59, 75, 705 

Roberti, Lynne A 787 

Roberts, Jennifer E 64 

Robinson, Lyietta K 74, 84 

Rodriguez, Marietta E 80, 706 

Roemer, Kris B 50, 92 

Rogers, Sharon L 42, 67,92 i 

Rollings, Carrie A 73, 106 

270 Index 

Rooney, Sean T. 50, 92 

Roper. Melissa A 67, 92 

Rose, Mark W 59 

Rose, Sonya 18 

Rosin, Jamie 69 

Ross, DeistI 33 

Ross, Diane M 33 

Ross, Susan J 72, 75, 210 

Rosswurm, Steven 33 

Rowland, Rodney D. . . . 147, 193 

Rugh, Suzanne 99 

Running Club 67 

Rusnak, John F. . . . 72, 144, 146 

Russell, Delphine S 53, 100 

Ruuska, Laura E 77, 142 

Rweyemamu, Michael H 92 

Ryan, Travis C 72 



Sadrl, Ahmad 33 

Sailing Club 67 

Salvlcci, Carmine 25 

SalvonI, Frank R 45, 62 

Samel, Carl M 80 

Sandreuter, Jeff 38 

Sanguino, fvlichelle M 272 

Sarmlento, Angelika 76 

Sather, Jeffrey D 62. 112 

Sauer, Matthew L 92 

Saul. Eric 45, 92 

Sautter, Michael C 59 

Savage, Bradley L 79, 92 

Scheurell, Kellie Jo 67, 92 

Schilling, Lexl 73, 130 

Schlppers, Neil J 744, 752 

Schmitter, Michelle A 769 

Schoeller, Karl C 744. 745 

Schroeder, Henry R 77, 106 

Schultz, Nicole L 92 

Schuize, Franz 33 

Schwartz. Julia C 67, 92 

Schwartz, Laura A 120, 123 

Scribner, Curtis M 45, 764 

Scribner, Dave 64 

Segreti, Ralph A 79, 706 

Seigh, Peter E 74,225 

Sette-Ducati, Timothy 92 

Seviour, Scott N 75, 700 

Shah.AshokB 774 

Shaughnessy. Kate E 279 

Shelley, Amy M 92 

Shepple, Theresa M 92 

Shilling, Lexl 720 

Shirley, Lyie 38 

Shobris, Victoria H 706 

Short, Andrew D 748 

Shufelt, Jennifer L 86, 222 

Siblik, KimberlyA 92 

Sims, Sandra K 75, 84, 100 

Simshauser, Katherine 700 

Sirois, Mary Beth 92 

Slaats, Jacqueline .42, 56, 57, 

Slader, Kristina M 93 

Slaughter, Thomas C 750 

Slavin, Daniel G 62 

Sloan, Patrick M.R 50 

Smith. Cynthia C 75 

Smith, Eric H 700 

Smith, L. Cameron 700 

Smith, Mary C.H 762 

Smith, W. Rand 33 

Smith. X 72 

Snyder. Sarah E 72. 212 

Soccer, Men's 44, 45 

Soccer, Women's 46, 47 

Social Services 82 

Society of Physics Students ... 76 

Softball 36, 37 

Solomon, Michael J 93 

Sommese, John M 75, 767 

Songer. Gem K 48. 192 

Sorensen. Bryan K .. . . 50, 73. 76. 
193. 201 

Soter. Margaret 26 

Spanish Club 77 

Spector. Robyn L 57, 93 

Spencer. Sharniece C. . . . 75, 84 

Speros, George L 25 

Spindler, Patricia M 700 

Spohn, Jennifer J 75, 706 

Sponsler, Edward E 733 

Sprecher, Alexandra 700 

Sprecher, Sacha 73 

St. Pierre, Larry D 50, 234 

Stadheim, Barbara 75 

Staerkel, Donald H 59, 72 

Stanlmirovic, Sonja 47 

Stanley, Elizabeth M. . 75, 84, 93 

Staroszcyk, Karen 36 

Stauffacher, Lisa A 93 

Steck. Heather B 279 

Stehley, Guy 59, 67 

Stelner, Scott E 50 

Stelnert, Dirk H 77, 154 

Stelnmann, Sharia R. ... 57, 706 

Stella, June T 276 

Stennis, Brenda J 75, 76 

Stentor 78 

Stitt, Kathryn T 706 

Stojich. Peter 706 

Strauss, Steven H. . . 74, 79, 110 

Strawbridge, Susan S. . . 73, 120. 

Strefling. Nicole L 93 

Strobel. Sheila L 93 

Stress, Larisa S 47, 93 

Strothman, Daphne D 73 

Student Government 83 

Sullivan. Kelly Anne . . . . 67, 700 

Sullivan. M. Todd ... 22. 38. 83 

Sundberg. Paul L 76, 205 

Sutherland. Tiffany D 93 

Suzuki, KoichI 84 

Swift, Blake H 72 

Swift. Stewart G 708 

Swimming, Men's 58, 59 

Swimming, Women's .... 60, 67 

Syregelas. Nicholas C 743 

Szazynski, David P 62 


Tachkov, Helen J 75, 706 

Talcott, Betsey K 72, 27 7 

TalhamI, Ghada 22, 33 

Tarandy, Nicole M. . . 47,61, 100 

Taylor. Cameron 93 

Taylor. Katie 700 

Tennis, Men's 40. 41 

Tennis, Women's 52, 53 

Thelsen. Tara B. . . . 73. 120, 122 

Thomas, C. Robin ... 61, 74, 75, 

Thompson, Barbara L 33 

Thurner, Lisa A 720, 727 

Tico, Christopher K 64, 65 

Tiehen, Laura J 77 

Tierno, Mark J 34 

Titsworth, Gregory S 783 

Tonko, Sara P 706 

Torrington, Caroline M 706 

Towie, David 34 

Trefny, Sue 36, 37, 69 

Trefny. Tammy 36, 37 

Trinkaus, Molly S 707 

Troyer, Robert J 34 

Tselepis, James T 708 

Tures. Marirob A 706 

Tusitala 78 

Tuttte, Carolyn 34 

Twombly, Andrew W 45, 62, 



Uhlir, Patricia L 720, 725 

Urich, Robert B 706 


Vacco, Dan 62 

Valdes-Fauli, Raul G 72, 77 

Van Newenhizen, Jill 34 

Vance, Robert L 93 

Vantngen. Harriet P 73, 120, 


Vcelka, Mary Janine .... 42, 706 

Veldhoven, Volkert W. . 45, 93 

Venuso. Arianne 42,93 

Vigon. Anthony G 54, 55 

Villarreal. Nicolas H 50 

Volleyball 42, 43 


Wagenaar, Susan E 79, 93, 


Wagner, Kirstin K. . 86, 100, 272 

Waldschmidt, Geoffrey 700 

Wallace, Audrey M 757 

Wallace, Jennifer J. .. 21,34,84 

Walleck, Sean M. . 48, 50, 64, 73, 
79, 193, 796 

Walsh, Christopher M 93 

Walsh, William K. . . . 72, 75, 228, 

Walsh. William P 787 

Warren, Siobhan K 72, 270 

Washington, Douglas A 75 

Wass, Melanie A 73 

Waszak, Deborah D 67, 72 

Weather ly, Robert J 75, 97 

Webb, Jason M 45, 72 

Weber, John B 706 

Weik, Kenneth L 34 

Weinberg, Sara Ann 67 

Weis,John T 57 

Weltendorf, Renee A. . 36, 56, 57, 

Welborn. Kate 75 

Wells. Neal P 782 

Wentworth, Naomi 34 

West, David 1 759 

West. Dianna D 75, 106 

West, Melanie O. . . 79. 93. 272 

Weston, Karen L. . . . 74. 75. 114 

Weston, Lorraine M 7 7 7 

Whalen, Glenn P 62, 75 

White, Amy B 73. 100 

White. Berdine A 76 

White. Gordon 24 

Whitmore. Cheryl 78, 22 

Whitney. Lori A 787 

WIdmark. Jeff 47, 62 

Wieber, Steven J 78, 22 

Wiggall, Stacey L 93 

Wight, Phillip R 50 

Wigser, Deborah A 72,212 

Wilkinson, Matthew W 79 

Williams. Delia 760 

Williams, Peter W 783 

Williams, Randall G 62 

Williamson, Jennifer L 73 

Wilson, Brooke E 700 

Wilson, Held 752 

Wilson, Ronald 25 

Wingenbach, Edward C. . 80, 700 
Winkler, William W. . . 50, 73. 106 

Wirth, Thomas Lee 67, 79 

Wittry, Daniel G 75, 706 

Wittry, David J 202 

Wittry, Steven F 77. 100 

WMXM 79 

Wolever, Allisen N 780 

Woodbury, Cynthia B 34 

Woodger, Samuel B 45, 72 

Woodis, MiaE 93 

Woodley, James A 93 

Wright, Elisabeth A 706 

Wright. Peter K 74, 735 


Yanda, Heather D 79, 272 

Yelson, Elizabeth H 93 

Yonce. Logan H 45, 164 

Young, Margaret AC 737 


Ziemek, Holly D 700 

Zilversmit. Arthur 34 

Zreczny. Nicole 34 

Zylman, Jeffrey T 50, 73, 106 

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272 Colophon 

". , . it's more, than tolerance, his the ce(e6ration of 
our differences." 

— Ron. MiSer, on diversity