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, ] 

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^ m^ 



Lake Forest College 



Table of Contents 

Opening Section pg. 2 

Faculty pg. 1 7 

Underclassmen pg. 29 

Seniors pg. 45 

Sports pg. 185 

Organizations pg. 21 7 

Ads pg. 234 

Index pg. 266 

Closing Section pg. 270 


Tab/e of Contents 

WAII Work an d Ho Play? j 


Casual Attitudes. . . 


Pushed Aside for Studies 


The Serious Side of L F. C. ^ 






[ g Tu erse Tftt/tudes A ddl 





ni niif ' 



The Many Faces of LFX. 



^periencing Technical Difficulties 




JTun^ Games J 



Seeing a Different \fiew 

** b-i^ 



Faculty and Administration 

Faculty and Administration 1 7 



Eugene Hotchkiss III 

President of the College 

Theodore R. Carlus 

Vice President for Business 

Francis B. Gummere, Jr 

Dean of Admissions 

William Lourery 

Vice-President for Development 

Ron Miller 

Dean of Students 

Thomas Ryan 

Director of Public Affairs 

George L. Speros 

Assoc. Dean of Faculty 

Gordon White 

Director of Financial Aid 

18 Facuify and Administration 

Dean of Students Office 



4 . 

(Front) Miller (Back) King, Edwards. Doleski. Massey 

Library Staff 

(Front) G/bbs, Leor)dard, Miller (Second) Ludlow, Koeller, Kramer (Back) Soter, Williarns. Ford, Briggs 

Faculfy and Administration 19 

Joesph Alulis 


Robert A. Baade 


Kenneth C. Bennet 


Cathy Benton 


Bruce Bernard 


Ruthane Bopp 


Paul Brandt 


Lisa Brock 


Bill Butterworth 


20 Facult]; and Administration 


Lowell Carmony 

Mathematics & Computers 

Pack Carnes 


Dan Cole 


Rosemary Cowler 


Michael Croydon 


Audrey Curtiss 

Economics & Business 

Bailey Donnally 


Les DIabay 


Richard Dye 


Faculti/ and Administration 21 

Michael A. Ebner 


Arlene Eskilson 

Sodologii & Anthropology/ 

Roger Faber 


Paul Fischer 


C. Richard Fischer 


Ronald Forgus 


Sandra Fox 


Fhylis Frankel 


Jonathan Galloway 


22 Facuiti/ and Administration 

Jean-Luc Garneau 


Carol Gayle 


David George 


Benjamen Goluboff 


Clayton Gray 


Robert Greenfield 


Gertrude Grisham 


Forest Hansen 


Judith Harmon 


Faculty and Administration 23 

Keith Hazelton 


Robert L. Holliday 

Mathematics & Computers 

Tung Jeong 


Michael Kash 


Richard Kelly 


Laura Klingbeil 


Dan L. LeMahieu 


Abba Lessing 


Louis Lombard! 


24 Faculty and Admir\istration 

Donald Lovett 


William Martin 


Claire Michaels 


Charles A. Miller 


Ron Miller 


Alex Mitchell 


Mark Nelson 


Edward Packel 

Mathematics & Computers 

Ahmad Sadri 

Sociolog}^ & Anthropologi/ 

Faculty ar)d Administration 25 

Lawrence Schoen 


George Shields 


Rand Smith 


Linda Stroh 


Jeff Sundberg 

Business & Economics 

Ghada Talhami 


Mark Tierno 


David Towie 


Bob Troyer 


26 Faculty/ and Administration 

Carolyn Tuttle 


Jill Van Neweuhizen 


Nance Van Winckel 


Delores Walters 

Sociologf^ & Anthropolog\; 

Naomi Wentworth 


Cynthia Woodbury 


Kenneth Weik 


Mary Ashley 


Donald Lovett 


Faculty; and Administration 27 

i m 

Bill Zamer 


Arthur Zilversmit 


Nicole Zreczny 


28 Faculfy and Administration 


Underclassmen 29 

Class of 1993 

Jim Adams 

Sara Ajfias 

William Bahr 

L]^dia Bartletta 

Heather Bell 

Christopher Bellios 

Porter Berr\j 

Mike Blar\kner 

Ethan Boldt 
Susan Borders 

Elizabeth Bushb[;-Smith 
Erin Cannon 

Juliet Carson 

Phillip Christopher 

Carrie Collopi^ 

Paul Colte 

30 Freshmen 

Allegro Costa 
James Clarke 
Bonita Doss 
Desmond Dozier 

Carrie Drumm 
Lyc/ia Field 
Tami Fisher 
Jessica Gardr)er 

Dede Gai; 
Ann Gebhardt 
Marsha Germain 
Louis Goltermann 

Lisa Harding 
IVendy Heilman 
Jocel]^ne Houghton 
Amx^ Hultgren 

^ Kar\;n Hyde 
Son\;a lannone 
■t Lazaro Kindelan 

Warren Knapp 

Freshmen 31 

Peer Counselors Teach a [/aluable 

By Tim State 

reprinted from the Stentor 

It was an exciting evening from the be- 
ginning, when Ladie Pospisil, Sargeant of 
Security walked across the stage to his seat. 
The standing-room-onli^ crowd went wild. "I 
love it when \;ou're forceful!" i^elled a stu 
dent in the back. As the crowd was getting 
psyc/ied. sixteen of Lake Forest College's 
hottest women were adding final touches to 
their image, all in hopes of winning the "Mr. 
Snowflake 1989" title, sponsored by the 
Peer Counselors. 

The five judges took their seats, and the 
lights were dimmed. Hosts Michelle Niles 
and Brook Besinger welcomed everyone 
and thanked the five judges: former Chicago 
Bear Otis Wilson. Pospisil, Assistant Dean 
of Students Bruce King, Volleyball and 
Women 's Basketball Coach Jackie Slaats, 
and Sophomore Peer Counselor Traci 

The sixteen contestants, who were guys 
dressed as females, made their first ap- 
pearance while walking to their seats. The 
Senior contestants were: Charlie King, Tim 
Morgan, Steve Pape, and Tim Ellesworth. 

While Junior contestant was Brad Matheson. 
Sophomore contestants were: John Weis, 
Ted Dever, Sean Gill, Guy Collins, Peter 
Day, Kevin Delaney, and Mike May. The two 
Freshman contestants were Laz Kindelan and 
Dave Wakabayashi. 

The contestants were then judged on beau- 
ty and poise. As Niles and Besinger told 
about each contestant's hobbies, interests, 
and personal background, the ladies were 
allowed to strut their stuff for the judges and 
the audience. The contestants interests and 
hobbies varied from watching little boys play 
to modeling Komonos to arranging flowers. 
While some contestants found this test quite 
easy to master, others found it more dofficult, 
especially Ellesworth (or "File Train") who 
was trying to master his high heels. The scores 
were tallied and ten semifinalists were se- 

Between each contest. Peer Counselors 
performed short skits to remind students and 
faculty that it is possible to have fun without 
the use of alcohol. "The entire purpose of the 
night was to show that it is possible to have 

good clean fun without using alcohol," said 
Barb Stadheim, an advisor to the peer coun- 
selors. "We need more of these events. We 
were high on humor. " 

Finally, the judges named Freshman Laz 
Kindelan second runner-up, Sophmore 
Kevin Delaney first runner-up, and in a very 
emotional moment, Ot'is Wilson crowned 
Freshman Dave Wakabayashi "Mr. Snow- 
flake 1989." 

Wakabayashi entered the contest because 
he thought it would be a lot of fun and "I 
would personally wanted to make a state- 
ment that you can have fun without drink- 
ing. " Wakabayashi said he had a wonderful 
time, and he was just as much a part of the 
audience as he was a participant. 

When asked if he was nervous at all he 
said he went at it from the perspective of an 
actor. "1 just enjoyed myself. I saw every- 
one laugh and that was good enough for 
me." Wakabayashi looks forward to next 
year's contest, and it will be "an honor" to 
hand over his crown to "Mr. Snowflake 

Marek Kardi^lewski 

(Ayumi Koi^ama 

Puja Kumar 

Car}\;n Kr\;sta} 

Joeal Lack 
Gregor],! Lekovic 

Valerie Lewis 
Patrick Madden 

32 Freshman 

Gobrielle Marinez 
Laura Mathis 
Vesheta Miller 
Jenr}ifer Minogue 

Jessica Muto 
Jim Oechiato 

Li^nn Olsen 
Susannah Popish 

Latasha Pittman 
Anthonij Popow 
Kristi^ Powers 
Scott Pozil 

Traci Ranaih 
Heather /?ei//y 
David Roberts 
Em/7y Rosen 

Sam Silberman 
Kristine Specht 
Ethan Stanle\^ 
Timothy State 

Freshmen 33 

Marcie Stt^nrnurk 
Samanthu Stern 
I uiiiikii I uduito 
th/Mht^th Tulbol 

Alexia Thynne 

Mifidy Tyyar 

Julie Vullone 

Katherine Webiiter 

Mimi Wier 

Jennifer Wiiliams 

Elizabeth Willson 

Daphne Wilmerding 

Andrea Wooldridge 

Chinanii Yamashila 

Kif/iberiy Yeaton 

Adrian Zachar^ 

34 Freshmen 

The class of 1992 

\bove)Dauid Pyle enjoys a game of 


ight)"/ hope he doesn't drop that 
imera on us, Mar\^ Beth." 

(above)Marcie Parker, Monique 
Macartney, and Tricia Ptomey 
concentrate on the game. 

Kristin Anderson 
Scott Bachman 
Julie Beard 
Christopher Bennett 

Matthew Bunn 
Marissa Cashy 
Hanelle Culpepper 
Courtney Cummings 

Sophomores 35 

Peter Day^ 

Julie DeMui^t 

Andrea Doss 

Anthon\^ Fagan 

Joel Forne\; 

Donald Gassmere 

Brian Gentry 

Jennifer Giese 

Jod\; Harris 

Thomas Hill 

Marvin Hodge 

Matt Hunt 

John Ireland 

Erika Jensen 

Kathleen Kennei^ 

Robin Kick 

Jennifer Lee P^""^^ 
Craig Lepkowski 
Phillip L/ndsey 
Carol\;n Lueck 

36 Sophomores 

Campus jobs are necessary 

by Tim State 

story courtesy of the Stentor 

What is the purpose of on-campus jobs? Is 
it an excuse to pa^i students moneii? Are all of 
the jobs on campus really necessarjj, or are 
there positions created just to provide work 
for the students? 

There are some students on campus who 
feel that certain jobs given to students are not 
really; essential and have been created as an 
easy; way for students to get money. 

"The validity of some campus jobs is ques- 
tionable," commented freshman Mike Stem- 
mler. Stemmler is one of several who felt the 
campus job program should be looked at 
closely to see if it could be made more ef- 

Shaw Safo, a sophomore agrees with Stem- 
mler. Shaw feels the college should, 
"eliminate jobs that are not needed and 
create more that are. 

Jim McCoy, a junior, recalls a campus job 
he had a few years ago, where he was to pick 
up litter around the campus. "I'd go to my 
room and sleep, empty my garbage into my 
trash bag, return a few hours later, and get 
paid for it. ' ' 

Is it fair that one person should get by so 
easy while another person has to work to earn 
their four dollars an hour? Kim Little, a fresh- 
man, felt that "they got the job before I did. " 

Gordon White, Director of Finacial Aid, is 
"not aware of any (areas where student jobs 
are not necessary), and if they had been, they 
would have been eliminated. " White felt that 
the different offices have been "creative in 
making employment opporturnites for stu- 

White, who coordinates referrals for on- 
campus jobs felt the students needed to talk 

with their supervisors if there are positions 
that could be made more efficient. 

If a person sees a problem with workers 
sitting around and studying, he suggested that 
one goes to the supervisor and say, "I'd like to 
work for you because I hear your workers get 
a lot of studying done," and seeing what type 
of response they get. 

"Generally, the students do a superb job 
and make a contribution to the college and 
their education, " said White. "Without them, 
we couldn't run the library or operate the 
sports center at night, or provide 24-hour 
security. " 

There are currently over 450 students em- 
ployed on campus, and White says there are 
still positions available. Anyone can apply for 

an on-campus job, as you don't need to be 
receiving financial aid. If you would like to 
work on campus, stop by the Financial Aid 
Office in North Hall. 

McCoy summed up some thoughts sur- 
rounding the issue when he said. "There is 
not a job that is useless. The job is what you 
make it. You can have an important job and 
make it useless, and you can have a useless 
job and make it important." 

Marv Decker uiorfcs in overdues in the library. 

Monique Macartney,: 
Peggy Meinel 
Hilary Newlin 
Yasuyo Nomura 

Sophomores 37 

Kimberly 0'Malle\j 

Eric Olson 

Kenneth Ottaoiano 

Tricia Ptom€\j 

Stacv Rieck 

Sharon Rogers 

Brad Sauage 

Keihe Schurell 

Nicole Schultz 

Elizbeth Seifert 

Amy Sfie//ev 

Sonja Stanimirouic 

Lisa Stauffacher 

Michael Stemmler 

Tiffant^ Sutherland 

Jefjery Tumi 

Arianne Venuso 

Sue VJagenaar 

Chris VJalsh 

Melanie West 




fp^ ifeTf^E- 


Ici V— - M^^BT^^ 

; 1 

9^ n^^ 





38 Sophomores 

A candid look at the class of 1991 

(above) Jim McCo]; takes aduantage of a warm 
October da\;. 

(right)iVea/ Gagen and Kath}^ Kohl are all smiles. 

(below) Brotherhood participates in an I.M. football 

Juniors 39 

Janet Allen 
Paul Baldwin 
Colin Barbera 

Sandra Barrett 

Kai Borzonv 

William Burks 

Elizabeth Bri^ant 
Scott Carnou) 

Holl\^ Chandler 

Corrina Chauuin 

Janniece Clayton 

Suzanne Crawford 

40 Juniors 

Carrie Farber 
Ja\^ Ferrari 

Sarah Fncke 

Neal Gagen 
JoAnne Gassmere 
Dauid Haines 

Kris Henningeid 
Trace\; Holmes 
Kimberlij Kane 

Kathieer} Kohl 
Kendra Maher 
Joesph Marcus 

Juniors 41 

SAFE RIDE serves campus community 

by Betsy Yelson 

story courtesy of the Stentor 

How mani^ times have i;ou said. "I'll be all 
right to drive, " or "nothing will happen to me 
— I've onl]^ had a few drinks" as you stumble 
to i!Our car? Did \^ou know that around 60 
people telephoned SAFE RIDE last year to 
bring them back to campus after a night of 

SAFE RIDE is a service on campus which 
voluntarili^ picks up an\j Lake Forest College 
student who is too drunk to drive home. 

Dean of Students Ron Miller remarked 
that, "SAFE RIDE is one of the best ex- 
amples I've seen of cooperation among fra- 
ternities, sororities and other student organ- 
izations." Miller added that "This 
organization is a big step in promoting re- 
sponsible drinking. " 

This confidential service is increasing in 
popularity;, possiblii because with the recent 
plethora of drunk driving publicitxj students 
are more aware of the nationwide problem of 
drinking and driving. One major factor that 

seems to have more people at LFC taking 
advantage of SAFE RIDE is the terrible ac- 
cident that occurred last \;ear. 

Tuey Connell, President of the Panhellenic 
Council, agrees that, "the direct cause for the 
popularity of SAFE RIDE this year is due to 
the death of Meg de Bourbon. " 

Connell adds, "The accident got to the 
heart of our campus. Many people were af- 
fected because everyone is related in our 
small community. " 

Even before SAFE RIDE was in operation 
this year, a number of students called seeking 
the service. 

Two students a night drive the college vans 
while one person stays at the college to re- 
ceive incoming phone calls. Dean Miller said, 
"It takes a lot of cooperation to make 'it 
work." Indeed, without these volunteers, 
SAFE RIDE would not be ava'ilable. The num- 
ber of calls a night fluctuates and seems to 
depend on whether there are planned ac- 

tivites on campus. 

Many people in the past have abused the 
service and called just for a free ride. Others 
have called because they needed a ride from 
town in the middle of the winter. It must be 
said that SAFE RIDE is not a limousine ser- 
vice. To know if someone is actually too 
drunk to drive or just too lazy, the person 
from SAFE RIDE asks the caller some ques- 
tions to judge his or her condition. 

Connell remebers one time when students 
called from the candy store "Sweets" for a 
ride home. Connell came to the conclusion 
that "they must have been eating too many 
rum balls! " 

If you find yourself in a predicament which 
may involve drunk driving do not hesitate to 
call SAFE RIDE at 295-9045 or 234-3100 
(ask for SAFE RIDE). Their hours are Tues- 
day through Thursday from 10 p.m. until 1 
a.m. and on Friday and Saturday nights from 
8 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. 

Bradford Matheson 
Colin McComb 
Patricia Moran 

Michael Moore 

Jill Morrison 

Yumi Nakaumura 

42 Juniors 




^^. ■'■Sf -^■' 



i^B' -'"^ 

Ke//y O'Brien 
Durinda Perkins 
Kns Roemer 

Alexia Ross 
Margot Tonko 
Craig Sailers 

Katherine Simshauser 
Kate Sullivan 
Kelli^-Anne Sullivan 

Nicole Tarand]^ 
Rebecca Whitehouse 
Holly Ziemek 

Juniors 43 

Juniors Take Advantage of Their Leisure 

44 Juniors 



Seniors 45 

Louis Alan Scholl Stevens 

Thanks to vn\; family for all \jour support. 

"The trend? . . . The trend is i:our friend" Richard 


"Bretton Woods ... is now dead" -Milton Friedman 

"Nothing good ever happens to i/ou until \;ou move be\,iond a level of 
comfort" -Robert Maxwell 

*-.^^ '^ 

f^alph Anthony Segreti 

46 Senoirs 

Ouane Alan Lisowski 

~^ There are mani; people who have made L.F.C. a special place to be, 
and to \;ou 1 thar^k \;ou and I won t forget i;ou. beach run. babi^sitting, 
dinner parties 

Thanks everyone who helped make mi^ college iiears happ^i ones, 
especially my Mom. 

TO BE IS TO DO — Socrates 

TO DO IS TO BE — Descartes 

DO BE, DO BE, DO — Frank Sinatra 

The on/y luay to recognize absurdity is to recognize it — Judith Guest 

Lisa J. Harriss 

Senoirs 47 

Jo Lynne Mullins 

What we call the beginning is 

often the end 

And to make our end is to make a beginning. 

The end is where we start from. 

-T.S. Elliot 

You can 't alwa^/s get what \^ou want, 

but if ]^ou tr)/ sometimes, 

you just might find 

you get what you need. -Rolling Stones 

Para mis solo recorrer los caminos que tienen curazon, cualquier camino que \ 

tenga corazon. 

Por ahi yo recorro, 

y la unica prueba que vale es atraresar todo su largo. 

y por ahi yo recorro mirando, mirando, sin aliento. 

-Don Juan 

Tracy Barrientos 

48 Senoirs 

Beta Triton 

A talent can be cultivated in tranquiliti;: a character onfy in the rushing 
stream of life. Goethe 

Jerri/ Curl. . . Thank {;ou: LFC. Chicago, and Bt. . . I dedicate m\f page to 
the memory of Jeff Edd\i, a life long friend. 

Down under- Fall 1988. 

Jeremy Laird Gordon 

Senoirs 49 

Hugh R. Connell 

"All sanitii is great madness but the greatest madness of all is to live 
life as it is and not as it should be." — Cervantes 

Life is a wisp and I like it crisp 

cr^/stal and refreshingl\; to the point 

instantaneous/y revealing all there is 

awa\j with pretension 

just see intention 

and the music of life is \;ours 

■Chick Corea 

"Keep it simple, stupid. " -KISS 

This page compliments of Betsey/ and Paul Horovitz 

Thank \;ou LFC, Mom and Dad, "Phew I made it!" and of course to my 
brothers. "Hail, hail, the gang's all here.... " In the bonds. 

Thank ^/ou Mom and Dad for alwa\;s supporting my endeavors. 

David E. 

50 Senoirs 


Corb/n Day 

"The one serious conviction that a man 
should have is that nothing is to be taken 
seriousli/. " Samuel Butler 

"The weather for catching fish is that weather, 
and no other, in which fish are caught. " W.H. 

"I'm not your mother and I'm not ],iour maid. " - 
C. Harper 

"And, when pla^/ing the 
game always remember, 
what goes around comes 
around. " -Unknown 

Minerva- She 's a tough old hag. 

Blake Swift 

Senoirs 51 

Daniel Blake Hewberg 


Timothy Hunt Morgan 

52 Seniors 


Raul Gonzalo [/aldes-Fauli l\J 

James Fullerton Kellogg III 

Senoirs 53 

Durkin Joseph Guthrie 


Hall of Fame 
i^ X Mas Parti; 
-101 McClure 

Special thanks to my fainili>, friends and brothers of Beta Triton, -Winnebago Trip to 
thanks is not enough. Boston 

-Pledging BT 
The exotic smell, the warmth of the water, the fear and stoke as -Puerto Rico 

-Spring Tour 
-All my Friends; thanx a 

liou paddle for the reef. 

"Act well \,iour part, there all the honor lies. ' 

"Jam Rastafari Live" — Bob Marlei; 

lot for everything 

"Get in & wrestle with 
the sea.... bit the sea's 
beakers, master them & 
ride upon their backs as 
a king should. " — Jack 

Bill Merrill 

54 Seniors 

"A satirist is a man who discovers unpleasant things about himself and 
then say's them about other people. " -Peter McArthur 

Earle Mewton Cutler 

Samuel Bryant Woodger 

Senoirs 55 

Matthew W. Wilkinson 

This page compliments of Carol E. Wilkinson 

Thanks to Cosmo (Mr.) and Spasmo (Mrs.) for 
making mi; college career as difficult as pos- 
sible, but also for making it a reality/. And 
thanks to Bob the Rotorbo]; for being a broth- 
er to look up to. I've served m\; time and am 
looking forward to a life of limitless pos- 

The passing from the state of 
nature to the civil society 
produces a remarkable change in 
man; it puts justice as a rule of 
conduct in the place of instinct, 
and gives his actions the moral 
quality; they previously lacked, 
-Jean-Jacques Rousseau 

. . .if one advances confidently in 

the direction of his dreams, and 

endeavors to live the life which he 

has imagined, he will meet with a 

success unexpected in common 


-Henry David Thoreau 

Todd O. Blessing 

56 Senoirs 


There is more to life than increasir]g its speed. 
Mahatma Gandhi 

Elizabeth Ann Engle 

If one advances confidentl\^ in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live 
the life he has imagined he will meet with a success in common hours, 
author unknown 

Catherine Rigamer 

Seniors 57 


The sublime and the ridiculous are often so near\\/ related, 
that it is difficult to class them separatelij. One step above the 
sublime, makes the ridiculous, makes the subline. -Thomas 

This page compliments of Mr. John Ricci. 

Thank i/ou Mom and Dad. 

"I wish I had learned how to 
speak Latin ..." -Vice-President 
Dan Qua^ile 

Mom and Dad, thanks for euen,!thing. 

Jonathan H. Levine 

58 Seniors 


Curtis H. Frost 



/ don't know where life will lead me, but 1 know where I've been. I 
don't know what life will show me, but I know what I've seen. - 
Jimmii Cliff 

Just me by the sea. 

And I felt like a star, 

I thought the world could go far, 

If they listened to what I said. 

When I looked around. 

The world could not be found, 

Just me b]; the sea. — U2 

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Marcia and of course. The Boyz 
hanks for the memories, keep in touch. -Stever 

Stephen D. Perron 

Seniors 59 

Us Wright 

Ann has to be treasurer — Jill, 
what's \/our major this week — Lis, 
so did i)ou like the movie? — Jill, 
Kelly, Sabrina . . . I find all three of 
you attractiue, but.... Stentor hell 
nights & men, favorable budgets for 
sexual favors, Disney in December. 

Ann Hast 

60 Seniors 

Jill Qrippando 

I am falling down the stairs 
I am skipping on the sidewalk 
I am thrown against the s/cy 
/ am raining down in pieces 
1 am scattering like light 

. . . Here there is no place that 
does not see ^/ou. You must 
change [;our life. -Rilke 

Kathryn Stitt 

Senoirs 61 

Michael Charles Sautter 


"When \/ou drink from the stream, remember the spring." Thank 
i;ou Mom and Dad for i/our love and suppot I couldn 't have made it 
without both of \^ou. Love, Your Son Mike 


"Ah. but a man's reach should exceed his 
grasp or what's a heaven for" — Robert 

To reach one's goals 
in life takes not onli/ 
hard work, but also 
dedication and will- 
power. Believe in 
[yourself because i/ou 
ma\^ be the only one 
who is. 

Erick Stone Lans 

62 Seniors 


Robert J. Weatherly 

-Don't go changin' just to please me! SEF 

-Hey kid- Bundle up. its cold out there. FFB 

-Why do }^ou suppose we chase after the ones we cannot have? 

Immaturitii, I suppose. Dangerous Liasons 

Thanks: Mom, B.J., Searles, Georgia, and all of mi/ friends — iiou 
know who yiou are. 


Thanks for all of i/our support, and for all the good times. I'll alwai/s 

love iiou. 

Thanks to m}^ Mother and Ken I love i>ou both! And thanks to m\j 
family/ and friends for all of \;our support. 

Is honesti! too much to ask for?" RW 

Gtenn P. Whalen 

Seniors 63 

Hoelle Garvey 

"Stori^ teller's creed: 

I believe that imagirtation is stronger than knowledge 

That m\;th is more potent than history. 

That dreams are more powerful than facts. 

That hope is a/ways triumphs over experience. 

That laughter is the onlx; cure for grief. 

And 1 believe that love is stronger than death. " 


Shanoon, Gregor. Beaker, Laur, Buck, Kimbi), Cookie, Deen. Meg-o, Steve, Joe, Knok- I won't forget ^ou kids! 
Mom & Pop- Thanks for opening doors and helping me walk through them- 1 know they lead to wonderful places. I love you both. 
"Trust in Jehovah and do good....Also take exquisite delight in Jehovah, and he will give you the requests of your heart. Roll 
upon Jehovah your way, and rely upon him and he himself will act. "Ill -Psalms 37: 3-5 

Lynne Kildare 

64 Senoirs 

Angelika Sarmiento 

}f smiling could get \^ou back right now, even for just a night, I'd be smiling from ear 
to ear till m^; cheeks busted! 
■Madrid 9/89 

..■:.»».-xg:. >.■■_■•■. -; ■" •• , r;- 


f-,V-. ,f ^-.i. :■■--'■ . •' 

/N — Eddie Rocket's.the Rastro, David Letterman, 

OUT — the Cottage, ..of money, Reruns, Ever Stopping 

La veo pero ella no me ve. 

Esta cerca pero no hablamos. 

Siempre puedo oler su perfume, 

Pero no es para mi. 

Sueno con su sonrisa, 

Pero nunca me sonrie. 

Le saludo cada dia. 

Pero mis palabras no suenan. 

-Ahora me esta viendo, 
Pero no se que hacer. 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 
1 took the one less traveled fay. 
And that has made all the difference. 
-Robert Frost 

You're not the only one with mixed emotions. 
-Rolling Stones 

Thanks Mom & Dad for all your love and support. 

Stephanie Epstein 

Senoirs 65 

Gamma Rho Delta 

Angle Ara^/. Staci/ Best. Laurie Brown. Alfyson Burian. Margie 
Duckstad, Anne Marie Fell, Susie Ford, Lindie Forrester, Ami/ 
Johnson, Susan Meenan. Rosanne Mi/cu/sfcy. Kile^i Mitchell, Susan 
Murdico. Jessica Nigeo, Esslie Ostendorf. Bif Ream, Brooke Reid, 
Sharia Steinman, Julie Sutherland, Melanie Wass, Sarah Weinberg, 
Berdine White, Jen Williamson 

66 Senoirs FPA 

Margie A. Duckstad 

Thanks to everyone for an awesome four years- A.B.. D.S., H.H., 
H.V., L.W., L.G., LB., J.W., E.O.. S.G., and S.M. I will miss you all. 

"Spend a long time on skiis" M.D. -ashes in a can. warm crush, crazy 
rampages. & every laugh in between. Thanx! I love you! L.B., J.W., 
E.O., D.S.. A.A-"The strip," bombers, pointers, jaw spasms, & never 
a dull moment-Life is tremendous, love ya! I love you Mom & Dad, 
Thanx for the support 4, 4 great yrs! 

Allyson L Burian 

Senoirs 67 

Laurie Brown 

EHO: too many shows, birth- 
days & dogs- you 're a FA VE! 
AL: M\j partner in crime! 
Keep laughing OXOX 
March: Pounding beers & 
pounding doors- gotta love it! 
Jen: LFC $ SAS- We did it all! 

Meg: What gives us the AU- 
DACITY? You're awsome. 
Ange: Smooch!! 

Mi/ advice to y/ou is not to luorry about the whtj and the 
whither but rather to enjo\; \)our ice cream while it is on \jour 
plate. Thorton Wilder 

All the world's a stage. Shakespeare 

Thank iiou Mom and Dad! 

Meg Sullivan 

68 Senoirs 

Jennifer Williamson 

This page compliments of Mr. & Mrs. George H. Ostendorf 

Esslie Ostendorf 

Senoirs 69 

Susan Ford 

■^Y" ""** 

< ^'''^"^J 


To Mom and Dad, thank you for all {jour hue and 
support, 1 love you! To all my friends and especially JPD, 
EAR, SHM, AMF, BRR. you have made up my years at 
LFC! I look forward to many more memories in the future 
no matter how far away we may be! I love you all. Love, 

"So many faces in and out of my life Some will last Some will just be now and 
then Life is a series of goodbyes I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again" 
-Billy Joel 

To Mom and Dad, thank 
you for everything you've 
done for me, without your 
support and caring I 
wouldn't have made it this 
far! To DSN, SEF, SHM, 
AMF. BRR, NAW thank 
you for making these last 
four years so special. I love 
you all so much! Love, Bif 

Elizabeth Ream 

70 Senoirs 


Susan Meenan 

To all m[; pals: Thanks for making LFC a little bit crazier. See i;ou dorks at Scorno's! 
Thanks to Mom, Dad, Carol, Hadlep, T\^ler, and Lon. I hue t;ou -Susan 

Offend Everyone! 

"People stai) . . . Just a little bit longer. We want to plat; just a little just a little bit longer. 

To Mom and Dad and all their kids: Thank you so much 
for all \;our help and support. I love i)ou all uery much. 

Anne Marie Fell 

Senoirs 71 

Jessica M. Higro 

Susan C. Murdico 

72 Senoirs 

Anastacia Best 

Courtney Carr 

Senoirs 73 

Sarah Weinberg 

^ 'ir<->"*-' 


LIndie Forrester 

..To all the Gamma Rho girls 
Past and present! 
The hens in the coop, 
and of course our families! 
mani; thanks! 

74 Senoirs 


Melanie Anne Wass 

"Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary/ before \jou 
can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is 
certain for those who are friends. " R. Bach 

"I'm number one in smiling, in hoping, and tr\,iing. 
L. Tai>lor 

"I keep thinking about how lucki; I am to have known someone, or 
something that sa^/ing goodbi^e to is so hard. " D. Bruce 

To m[j family: 

"I love \jou more than the sun and the moon and the stars." 

To m\j friends: 

Thank you for all the goodtimes M.W., B.R., S.M., R.F., S.F.-I could 

not have made it without you! 

All my love and thanks to my family, especially my parents and 
grandparents. To my best buddies, thank you for your love and 

Brooke Russell Reid 

Senoirs 75 

Berdine White 

Angle Aray 

76 Senoirs 


Amy Lynn Johnson 

Mom and Dad: Thank [;ou for everything you have done for me. I love 

Sometimes I wish I didn't have this awsome ability/- Its 
just that . . . somewhere . . . I'm not sure where, but 
. . . somewhere I can hear someone eating a chocolate 
chip cookie. 

It takes guts to get to the top but it takes character to stay there 

As you travel life's highway, don't forget to stop and eat the roses. 

Julie P. Sutherland 

Seniors 77 

Hiley Haye Mitchell 

Hear and attend and listen; for this befell and behappened and 
became and was . . . (RK) 

Ki/ey-sfi// one and the same. John- Ah yes, / remember it well. Thanks 
so much Charlie. Dan. Ton^;. Skip. Megan, Br};, Heis, Audra, the 
Hood. Beeser, Natalie. So long KDS! 

"Who of the ones given life and senses would not want to see miracles 
and explore in their own spirit the procession of worlds?" -Egon 

Love & Thanks- Cal, KFM, LB & CB, AMC '89 "we're all suffering], " 
JR. Ml/ family/- home is where i/ou are. 

Callie Gooch 

78 Seniors 


Rosanne Christine Miliulsky 

Mom, Thank \iou for a/ujays being there. I 
love \;ou very much. Get LSD, Gamma Rho 
Delta, Sharla. Beth, damn it Jeff!, friends, 
weekend sixpacks, let's go shopping, wanna 
chug?, Wisconsin, wanna get a pizza and 

The unexamined life is not worth living. -Socrates '86 

Rosie, Beth, Mar^/- 

Thanks for making these the most memorable \;ears of my life. 

"Old friends a blessing, new friends a joy. " 

Roommates . . . Friends . . . Brotherhood . . . Parties ... "z" . . . 
no, no, well maybe . . . mony mony and hotel California . . . get LSD . 
. . . graffitti loft . . . "Y'all, hush, and behave." 

^omma, Daddy, Phillip- Thanks, 
love you! 


Sharla Renee Steinmann 

Senoirs 79 

Mark R. Ritter 

Fuzzy kitty tilo garkon blue angel Gino's AFS Mooi ik hou van jou 
Herbert bonkers beloito maki Jeff Jim Wes Beth Coca Cola B. Dalton 
mowgli balls Toshokan You 're an old man mmun party with the pre 1 
have no . . . idea Ritz M&M JUUICHIGATSUJUUNANOKA. di- 
versify Mark we 'ue got to talk TOT ZIENS 

Mary, Tina, Pat, Mailroon, Women's Soc- 
cer Team-Thanks for everything! You've 
given me a memorable four 
Rosanne and Sharla-Get LSD and forever 
remember freshmen year. You guy are the 

Bethany A. Libert 

Mom and Dad-Thanks for making college pos- 

80 Seniors 

Mary Patricia Maher 

"The time i)ou enjo^ wasting is not wasted time." — 
Bertrand Russell The Cheese stands alone. I am the 
cheese." — Robert Cormier Thank tjou — Mom, Dad, 
Cwik, Mike, Tim. RST, Sean, Betty, Shar, Rosie, Tony, 
the Sturges family — for always being there for me! I hue 
you all!! 

"The good times are forever, the bad times fade away." 
J. Geils Band 

Apologies to everyone I have kept waiting. 

"I'll go to sleep now and do it in the morning. " 

"NO . . . I handed it in late. " 

Neverending love and thanks to Teresa, my family, and friends. 

This page compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Maher 

Sean Bryan Baclius 

Seniors 81 

Anna-Maria Frohn 

Mama und Papa — 

dank fur alles. Ich konnte es ohne euch nicht 

machen. Ich liebe euch. 

In Memori/ of 

Thomas L. Pohle 

October 13, 1948-Julv 4. 1988 

Ruprick. would i;ou like the genital cuff? . . . Bye, bye boys. Have fun 
storming the castle.... tarn more sessions bi/ sleauing....This is pure 
snow! Do i)ou know what the street value of this mountain is? . . . You 
There are worlds be^/ond worlds — cold, hot, light, dark, uiatery and ever hear of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates — Morous! . . . Stop the press, 
earthen. Thexj all share one basic need — a need for Heroes. — Who's that? Lastly/ thanks to mt,/ Mom, Dad. Grandparents, Kristina, 
Elminster Colin, Brad, Paul, Carol^in, De Juran, and of course, Jenn and Loki. 


Kevin L Pohle 

82 Seniors 

Stephen McLeod Abbott 

Goal: To become independently^ wealthi^ (but not famous), so 
I can sit down, relax, and forget about all the little people. 

Cogito Ergo Zoom. 

Steel Pulse No more Need be said. 

King Milker, Gotta mag! Madcap's Bar & Grill, Notre Dame Fighting Lake 
Perch, L.L. Bean, Zep, Stones, & Dead, Deerpit, The Jesus Door, Exotic 
Porsche, Cand^land, the pile, & who could forget Boogex^ Bipes! 

"I got nastv Habits. " — Mick & Keith 

"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid." — David 

St. Hubbins 

"If i/ou get confused. Listen to the Music Plat^. " — Grateful 


John R. Lombardo 

Seniors 83 

Elizabeth Brennan 

Thanks Mom and Dad 

Bye-Bye! // we do meet again, why we shal smile; if not, 
why then, this parting was well made. Shakespeare 

Marina J. G/pps 

84 Seniors 

Laura Larsen 

V//ctor/a Shobris 

Seniors 85 

Yume Evans 

Mom and Dad- 
Thank iiou for all of \!Our love and 


A special place in m\j heart will al- 
ways be saved for \jou. Thank \jou 
for loving me in spite of mi^self and 
alwa[;s putting me back on m\; feet 


You know me like no other person 
ever will. 


To our friends- 

We've been through a lot together- 
happiness and tears- 
But no matter where we go, 
or how much time passes, 
we will alwa\js remember 
these four years. 

Mom and Dad- 
Thank you for making my 
dreams come ture and still giving 
me something to look forward to. 


You have shown me there really 
is goodness and love in the world. 
Thank you for making me laugh 
in the rain. 


Our friendship is the best. 

I love you all. 


Donna M. Krapa 

86 Seniors 

Hate Welborn 

"Never put off until tomorrow ani/ fun \;ou can have todai;. " -Andi/ Warhol 

"There is no market in the Unites States for small cars. " (U.S. News and World Report, 1958) 

"Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it. " -Ferris Bueller 
"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" 

Kendra Nicole Ballard 

Senoirs 87 

Dianna West 

"Well alright sis- 
ter Sail];, but 
where's brother 

You're a class act... 

Have a rasber- 
r\; on us!!! 
America ' s 
Foist Famil[^ 
. . . Good 
Ahead make 
m\; da]; . . . 
Pizza Pizza . . . 
Tip . . . Gold 
Medal For . . . 
Stop. REd 

Ch ump . . . 
Thanks to all 
who made m]; 
life fun and 
meaningful . 
Friends for- 
ever. — Paula 
"Wild wasted 

Paula A. Grabow 

To all who've stood by me and still do, thank i/ouH! 

God has blessed me for having i;ou. I'll tri; to give the best that I've got 

and still smile. 

-Dianna-"Wild. Wild West" 

Soc. ????.... uh-uh, no, not toda];. But sometimes ];ou have to 

88 Seniors 


Tanya M. Cojulun 

3 Cheers for S + AH! To rn\; good friends, you're all unique and 
special. I'll never forget you. Thanks for your boundless encour- 
agement, hue & support. 

To my Mom, Dad G., David, and Grandma! could not have made it 

without your love and support, thank you. 

Amy + Eileen-Be excellent to each other and party on dudes!! I hue 

you guys! 

To all of my friends-I'll miss you all, but you know Til be back to 

terrorize you!! 

Natalie M. Hoffman 

Senoirs 89 

Caroline Michelle Torrington 

Tarheel born, tarheel bread, and when I die, I'll be tarheel dead. -Frede 
This page compliments of Judi Dingfelder. 

''Even the mos insignificant impression leaves an unalterable trace, which is 
indefinetly capable of revival. " / love you-Dingf elders, Torringtons, Brandts, 
AA, DN, DL LL, LH, VH, LE, Wayne and DeBar. 

'To be average scares the hell out of me. " -D. Seeger 

Caroline Frede-love to i;ou and that voodoo, that i)ou do ... so well . . . 
Mom and Pop-biggest thanks to i^ou and \;our unconditional love and 
support. "No problem is too big that you can 't run awa^i from it. " -D. Adams 

Love to Nat and Eillen-"If we weren't so crazy we'd all go 
insane. " -J. Buffet 

Amy Lee Adams 

90 Seniors 

Laura Hatherine Tiehen 

Thanks to PT, Puta. Caroline, 
Maddog, TBGs. Duane, Cindi;. 
Ethan. Angiporto. AST, Chip, 
both Leslies, Betsi,/, & GEH for 
making LFC. Oxford & the New 
Berr\; unforgettable! 

Special thanks to Mom, Dad, & 
Grandma for your support, love, 
and encouragement. 

Whats's so funn\j bout peace, 
love, and understanding? — Elvis 

"Trufy great friends are hard to find, hard to leave, 
and impossible to forget. 

A friend mai; well be reckoned the Mas- 
terpiece of Nature. — Emerson Thanks to all 
of mine! Special thanks to Dr. Cuerpo. 

It is still a beautiful world, 
careful. Strive to be happ^/. 


.Hi esta. La Puerto de Alcala, 

Laura Licht 

Seniors 91 

Deborah Ann Helson 

1 am part of all that I have met. -Tenni^son 

I hue \jou Mom. Dad. Ethan, TBGs. Trixie. Caroline. Puta, Greg. Luc. 

How do uou know but ev'r\) bird that 

cuts the airy waij, 

Is an immense world of delight 

clos'd b\; i/our senses five? 


I hue i;ou Mom. Dad. LeeAnn. Dan. LCR. MMM. MCB. DPS. CLB 
GQM. and LJI. Thank you.' 

You're running with me 

don't touch the ground 

We're the restless hearted 

not chainedd and bound. 

The s/cy is burning 

a sea of flame 

though ijour world is changing 

I will be the same. 

The storm is breaking 

or so it seems 

We're too {;oung to reason 

too grown up to dream. -Bryan Ferry 

Susan Marie Peterson 

92 Seniors 

Laurel Cameron Richmond 

'Each person represents the unique, the very special and always significant and 
■emarkable point at which the world's phenomena intersect, only once in this way and 
tever again, " 

All that I've seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen. 


TBG'S. big hair. jinx, heinous dudes, good health. 4-headed monster, 
maddog. lists!. LT. sports center. J. Calahan. lemonade shots . . . 
vodka chasers, twilight zone /togas, a few more inches. Laurel, you're 
Danny!, quiet study truth or dare, confucius say. State House, knock 
first, Ah, Matisse. Thanks to Gerta and Kim who made it all possible. 

Michelle M. Madden 

Seniors 93 

Michelle L. Arenson 

To m[; family; 

Your love and support 

have meant so much to 

me not just at 

LFC, but a/iyays. 

Mel- Thanks for all 
the singing and 

"Character is destini;" 
(Heinrich uon Osterdingerj 

Bruce- I love \;ou! 

Carpe Diem! 


To m]^ famil]^, 

I have never really told you how much I appreciate your support and love throughout my 
college years, but 1 am letting you know now. I love you all and I am looking forward to 
many more happy times together. 

Melissa Monahan 

94 Senoirs 


Lukus Schuize 

Just keep coming Jesus, xjou're the best dressed. 

You look dandi^ in the sky But you don't scare me. cause I 

got you here in my eye. Captain Becfheart 

Can 't jam on an empty stomach. 
Can't stomach an empty jam. 
-kid crisis meets Bathroom Boy 

The modern day composer refuses to die -Edgar Vauese 

Wicky Wacky Woo 
■Arlo Guthrie 

Leah Moskoff 

Seniors 95 

y/alerie Hood 

Vini. Vidi. Visa! 

I am woman hear me roar. 

The ladi; deth protest too 
much me thinks. 

God, grant me the serenity... 

Thanks, Mom & Dad, DHD, JFG, KS, CMT & 

O, m^f God! — Higgins 

There is onli; on thing in the world worse than being talked about, and 

that is, not being talked about. 

Life is a banquet . . . and most poor S.O.B. 's are starving to death.] 

— Auntie Mame 

Beware the fury of a patient man. -John Dryden 

The Best learning hurts. -Aristotle 

Thanks VJH, RG. RC. RMW. QJ. Testarossa, and Mom. 

Hurst Dorman 

96 Seniors 

Alpha Chi 

r" I I ^11 


Gravis C. 'Ryan 

"Donald % Staerkel 

Christopher A. £arscn 

(Dark ID. "Peebles 

Seniors «x 97 

Christopher A. Larsen 

Thank i;ou Mom and Dad. You are the 
best I hue \^ou. 

AX, pledge '87. Mardi Gras. 
S.W.A.M.P., still kicking myself-S-W., 
sailing team-vodka on the rocks, 
"Beaner". Head '88, 14t, so long . . . 

AX. Mardi Gras-New Orleans. The heads. Feeling good is good enough. The hate face, ski 
lodge, swamp. Coach Peebles. Senoir 4. 11 to 1 to 11 again. Thanks to David for writing m],/ 
application. John for being a wuggins. and E & H for being goobers. 

Mark W. Peebles 

"So manp nights I dream of the Ocean God 1 
wish I were sailing again. " -Buffet 

98 Senoirs 

Travis C. Ryan 

The crest and crowning of all good, life's final star, is Brotherhood. 

Education is an admirable thing but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. -Wilde 

Ever); great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authorit],/. -Huxle\; 

Don 't let schoolwork get in the luay of i)our education. 3rd 
floor Roberts. Suds. Little Moxor. Purple Haze. The End. 
Na Trang in '65. Clapton. Cardinals vs Giants. Cooking 
Hard. Finallp-to those who kept me going-Mom, Dad, 
Manj. Also AX's finest, Ralph, Joyce, and Zachar\j. Love 
you alll 

Donald H. Staerkel 

Senoirs 99 

Stephen L. Madden 

Yume'. I Love You ! couldn't Have 
done it without you. 

Pat. take care of [yourself. Best of luck here at LFC. You're the best little brother. 

Morn, Ed. Dad. Thanks for all of \jour support & Love. You all alwaijs told me that if I shot for the stars Vd make it. 

SUDS PEEBS BEAN KNIGHT To our brothers of Alpha Chi. we wish t^ou the best of luck and good fortune. It is because of each and ever^/one 
of [;ou that we are where we are todai>. You are all true brothers ALPHA CHI DO OR DIE! 

100 Seniors 

Robert Urich 

"When I'm famous i/ou can sell these pictures for a lot of mone^. 
Donna Rice 

"I am \;our tallest president. " -Li^ndon Johnson 

Robert means Bright shining with fame. 

"I have a dream. " -Martin Luther King 

Mi tio esta infermo pero las montanas estan verdes- 

"Wisdom and Spirt of the universe! Thou Soul that art the Eterniti; of 
Thought!" -W. Wordsworth 

"The curve of \jour eyes makes a circle 'round my heart. " -Anon 

The preservation of my sanity during my years at Lake Forest is accredited 
to the love of my friends, my family, Andrea and sheer perseverance. Mooo 

Peter Bigelow Heath Hill 

Seniors 101 

Laura Elizabeth Randazxo 

Morn and Dad Thank \iou for all \;our hue and support. You are the best 
parents in the whole world! 
Love — Laura Beth 

Giggles, Fate, Amoco 

Remember guys, don 't test fate!! Thanks for the good times. 

Calvin: Hobbers, what do ijou think hap- 
pens to us when we die? 
Hobbes: I think we pla^; saxophone for an 
all-girl cabaret in New Orleans. 
Calvin: So you believe in heaven? 
Hobbes: Call it what vou like. 

Impossible? Wh[^ nothing's impossible! Not 
for. . .STUPENDOUS MAN!! — Calvin 

Charles Parsons Hing 

102 Seniors 

Hatherine Mary Kay 

Not Fade A may 

Giggles, Fate, & Amoco — Friends Forever 

Helen Jordan Tachkov 

Seniors 103 

Robert 6. Cummisford 

Laugh and the world laughs with uou. 

Snore and i;ou sleep alone. 

"Winning isn't ever^ithing — but wanting to win is." 

■Vince Lombardi 

Goblins Spook President 

Hank, Bh-Gaii, Jeff. Greg, Train. Niggeland Ton^;- Let's Part\^! 

Thanks for euerpthing Mom and Dad. 

I've trained i>ou well. 

-you create your own reaUtyi 

-Es jodelt ein Tiroler Bua 
Fruh Morgens auf der Aim 
Jodel-lee-Hi-Hee-Jodel-e-hee hooo 

■Lugen haben kurze Beine 

Henry R. Schroeder 

1 04 Senoirs 

Brian A. Paetow 

Women, (cc) you can't Hue with them 
'-'ass the beer nuts!! 
Full Steam Ahead!!! 

Anthony R. Haugan 

Senoirs 105 

Jeffrey Michael Doyle 

To mi; friends at LFC: 
Greg, Train, Nigel and 
Ethan you made these four 
\;ears the best. Greg even 
though \;ou are a Hoosier 
i/ou are a great friend. I 
hope the Boston vs. Indi- 
ana rivalry never dies. 
Good luck to the class of 
'90 and max; the Cubs re- 
peat as N.L. East Cham- 

Thank you Mom and Dad 
for all your support. I love 
you both. 


A Man is a Man at bottom. Whole ages of abuse and oppression cannot crush the 
manhood clear out of him. Whoever thinks it a mistake, is himself mistake. — 
Mark Twain Thanks to: Mom, Dad, Dan, Andy, Jeff, Train, Nigel, & The Chicago 
Cubs! Go Hoosiers! 

Gregory Dean Matthews 

106 Seniors 

Timothy P. EllsiAforth 

L. Train 

Some slept 

Some read books 

Some made friends for life 

Some drank with the wino next to them 

Some left at different stops 

Some hit on the person across the aisle 

A few fell and cut their chins 

Next stop. . . Graduation 

A mis companeros en Madrid: Vomos a ver. . . 

BT: Thanks for taking in a computer geek like 


Homeses: You 're the goods 

I can 't be stopped. I won 't be stopped. 

Yeah Babii! 

I'm outta here 

I've got the reserves 

this place is communist 

Sacs of. . . 

Spain has the best mail system 

/ Love \;ou Michelle 

— Jumbo 

Nigel G. Dick 

Seniors 107 

Ethan A. H. Shepley III 


%4[jFM00' W 



To LFC: What can I sa\^? The four most eventful ^/ears of m\; life so 

D.A.N. — Thanks for all the great memories and for being such a 
special friend. Te amo. 

To my familii, friends, and professors: For all \^ou encouragement 
and support — / can't thank you enough. 

This page compliments of Carolyn and Lew S/iep/ey 

Mom and Dad thanks for putting up with me the past few years, / love 
you both. 

Gretch xjou'll never know how much \^ou mean to me. I love \^ou, 



Michael J. Hettinger 

108 Seniors 

Andrew T. Brodell 

Man\^ thanks to all my friends who have helped me have the best four 
years of m\j life. Mai; there be man\; more years of friendship, good 
times, and success ahead. 

Troy A. Gross 

Seniors 109 

Michael Daniel Karnlcki 


Spend an evening with a drink and a friend- Rush. . . Greg and Ponderosa. . . Fish and Beergammon. . . I hate when that happens. . . Dan is a 
Bonehead. . . Hoc/cey. . . The Marines? No wa\;!. . . Wish \;ou were here. . . 

". . . i was just a child then now i'm onl\; a man" 
-Pink Flo\^d 

The world would be a happier place if everybody owned a teddy-bear. 

We'll never forget- Paulc, Fish, Tits, Charlie & Laura, Tan- 
nia, Cha.'iotte, Priscilla, Jim & Kris, B.H. and misc. 

When all else fails you and there's nowhere else to go- all you 
have left is your family, 
-my Mom 


Daniel Wittry 

110 Senoirs 


Elizabeth DeNoma 

I don't eat starch. . . 


There are some things in life you can- 
not measure: 

time, how much the defense depart- 
ment spends, and mi; feelings for \;ou. 
Thanks for being there whenever I've 
needed \;ou. I love i;ou. 



I love \;ou 


To my family;: Thanks for \,/our love and support 

mu friends: You made it all worthwhile 

Step: ''People let me tell [^a,." That sums it up and 

Danni: "You cut the lime and I'll get the salt. " 


Shake, Rattle and Roll 
-Elvis P. "King" 

\/anessa A. Shafer 

Senoirs 111 

Nancy Adair Gotham 


Marianne Balier Schwartz 

112 Seniors 


Gamma ^hi Omega 

Brenna Carbee, Jayne Papp, Laurie McClintock, Heather Adams, Robiin AskeloJ, Beu Moore, Marler)e Rapp 

Marlene Rapp, Jayne Papp, Laurie McClintock 

Gamma Phi Omega T^il 1 13 

Marlene Ann Rapp 

Beach run! . . . Green M+M's . . . ter- 
adacalac (tel) . . . Paradise Cify . . . what 
key? ... I'm on a mission from hell! . . . 
Where's Hamm[; Tanke? . . . Sa\j my 
name, the sun shines through the rain . . . 
Oh spaborier! 

Good luck Gamma Ph 

K.T.-to Softball and double plaus. Con 
ference champs-nothing gets between us. 

To all our friends- Thanks for the special 


Taz and M\;rtle 

Tammy A. Hanke 

114 Senoirs 

Jayne Elizabeth Papp 

South Seas '87, Where do broken hearts 
go? Arizona: Spring Break '89; Wash- 
ington D.C.; Connie; M^i men; I feel like a 
cone head; Jane ];ou ignorant sluts! 
Thanks to MR. LM, KM, AB, TH, BC, KK, 
BM, AD, MT, KO, and all m^ friends for 
making my four years at LFC so great. 
Good Luck Gamma Phi! 

Thanks Mom and Dad! I hue you! 



Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support. LFC will 
always hold a special place in my heart. Pokey, Kristin, South Seas 
'89, Poodlehead, Ke-tuck-y, Miss Mardis, Springbreak '88, Beanhead, 
All-nighters, Borderline, Starvin' Marvin', Brothker Bob, Athletic 
Training, Go Seahawks! 

I love you Mom, Dad, and Bob 

. . . Thanks for everything! I 

wouldn't have made it without 


Love always, Brenna 

Brenna Kaye Carbee 

Seniors 115 

Robyn L Askelof 

Mom & Dad- Thanks for euer\>thing! I love you.' 

To m[j Double-mint twin — / hue ]jou B roommate! 

Tricia, Mon\j & Sue Good luck liuing with her!!! 

Beu- Guess What? I did "the thing"! 

To m^/ black half- Don't take the ph\;sical challange and let's sta\j 

aitiay from the mu mu 's! 1 hue [jou! Da! Go with a smile! -The Joker 

To my Possie- and i>ou know who you are!! 1 hue 
i/ou and thanx for being my closest friends. I 
couldn 't have made it without you. 
"Bev's the biggest joke I know" -KCM 
"I wonder if I can make it from one end of this hall 
to the other by rolling? --Ouch my head!" -BAM 
"Let it be known —-" BJS 
"I got some Fee-las. "BAM 

I would like to say thanx to God, My Family and 


Iloue LFCH!" 

Beverly A. Moore 

116 Seniors 

Laurel A. McClintock 

Rob, Laurie, Age- You guys are awesome! 

Laurie-Thanks for making LFC home! 

Brian-Now they're convinced. Thank for believing in us. It's been hell. 

but heaven isn't too far awai,/! Je t'aime. 

Mom and Dad-Thanks for alwai^s being there. I love i/ou! 

Haren M. Masella 

Senoirs 117 

Heather Elizabeth Adams 

You are m^; best friend and have alwayis 
been there for me. Thank \/ou for being 
m[; greatest fan, for respecting m\; in- 
telligence, and for never letting me forget 
that I can and will achieve all m]^ goals. I 
love \jou! 

Jeff Sanchei 

118 Seniors 

Mm Crystat Martin 

Mom, Dad, and Kevin: 
You are m\,/ foundation 
and strength. 
I love uou 

M[j Friends: 

It has been rnan\; years hopeful!],/ it will be man],/ more. Your 

friendship I will alwai)s adore. 

Good Luck 

"God is my strength and power; and he maketh my wa\; 
perfect. " // Samuel 22:33 


Emerson's concentric "circles" and "self reloance" 

Poe's insight ' Darwin's natural selection ' optimism us. pessimism ' solitaire / solitude 
'faith and God's love ' Tippy ' Biology ' Thanks to all that believed in me. especially 
my family ' To Eriene and Sandy: peace, love and happiness ' Je t'aime, mere. 

Sharniece Carmell Spencer 

Senoirs 119 

Gregory J. Hreitner 



I don 't know! 

la la la, la la la la 


Uncle Jimmi;, 


Brad, turn sidewai/s. 

Girls, Girls, Girls.... 

I want to be a cowboi/, and i,)ou can be my. . . 

Greg, Have \jou ever? Yes She was a victim. 

Can you say his name? Can you say the first 

letter in his name? Ahh, AhhhhhhH! 

Crank it up and rip the knob off!!! 

Brad, put my computer back the way you 

found it! 


Take the man's. . .Fatman pants, 

7 & 7's. Genuine Draft, 

Bradley, Davy, Robbie. Greggie 

Stash, Lerch. Bull. Kritter 


Isn 't that special. 

Oh really, are you sure? 

Rob are you hungry? 

Bradley C. DeBoer 

120 Seniors 

David M. Hawara 

Relax, How 'bout it 

The Pit. 

Crossing streams, 

Wild Thir^g, 

I've been up over 24 hours 
The bed springs are creaking and there is Awesome, ROXANNE, 
no one back there. "When };ou got em Mondai; night Football, BEARS!! 
dead. Kill em, "Thanks coach. Greg, Se- Ooo Yeah. . .the moon. . .beautiful. . . 
riousl\^! Jenn's calling at 11:00 Huh? So, what are you doing this evening? 


Have iiou figured out the phone bill yet? 

Do you have a problem with it?! 

Let's do it. 

Where the down boys go, 

Dave, are you going to watch T. V. all night? 

Now let's interpret this. Hog! 

Robert A. Conley 

Seniors 121 

Jason A. Bryn 

Thanks to m[j friends who made these years 
ones that I will never forget. I'll miss \^ou all! 
Kris — Thanks for being m^ best friend and 
everi/thing that {^ou are to me. You have made 
an incredible difference in mii life. I love \^ou. 
To m[; Fami/y — Thanks for all \;our love and 

Michael Murray 

122 Seniors 

Jenifer Camille Evans 

The Best is yet to come 

Thanks to Kathi. Dick, and George for 

making this possible. 

"You're better than Coco Puffs!" I Love 

You Scott. 

"Through timeless trails of life we wander Our destinies are un- 
determined, and onli; time will tell. But the friendships of toda\/ are 
never to be forgotten later. Because time does not erase love, and our 
friendships of todai; will be tomorrow's finest memori;. " — V.E.E. 
"Don't believe what [jour eyes are telling [;ou. all they show is 
limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already 
know, and you'll see the way to fly. " — Richard Bach 
"In a wood, two trails diverged, and I took the one less traveled by, 
and that has made all the difference. " — R. Frost 
"What we call the begining is often the end, and to make the End is to 
make a begining. The End is where we start from. " — T.S. Eliot 

The last day of our youth, do you realize that? We tried so desperatly not to let it end — We shoud have stopped the sun from rising. 
Wother Sun Sister Moon 

Sabrina M. Jenkins 

Seniors 123 

Marietta E. Rodriguez 

Yo La ueo Caminar 

Por las nubes ua ?Donde 

Andara? Maripesa Libre que 


Que Quiere ser Y no piensa en 

nada mas 

Solo en iriri -Sting 

To m\^ family/, thank [;ou so ven; much Mom & Dad you are uen, 

special to me. ...Michelle . . . Do ^lou have a sister? You're tht 
best....m\j favorite bro-in-law thanks for our political discussions . . 
Mark . . . just rock-on! 

Hey Garbanzo! How 
have i;ou bean? 
Andi;, the new rule 

is....Shung What 

can I say? Thanks 
guys! A huge hug to 
each of you.... I will 
miss you 


"Be good dear friends, and let those who will 
be clever do noble things not deam them all day long. 
And so make life, death, and that vast forever one grand 
sweet song. " -Charles Kingsley 

My friends, you 
made it all worth- 
while! Mumsy. 
Dad, and Dawn, 
you made it pos- 
sible. Thank you 
isn't enough! 

"I am woman hear me roar! 

Jennifer A. Coleman 

124 Senoirs 

Cynthia Christine Smith 

"Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice, pull down your 

pants and slide on the ice." — Sidnet,/ Friedman M.A.S.H. KMW, Cin, Marc, and Jen — Thanks Girls! 


This page compliments of Dr. and Mrs. James T. Smith 

Hatherine L. James 

Seniors 125 

Ana Maria Mendei 

Dear Mama and Papa- Thank i/ou for euer\ithing! 

I couldn't have done it without i/ou. Kate and 

Amelia-Bedelia: how's Mr. Wrench? Bt^ the way, 

is this Enci;clopedia Britannica? Jim- get a real car! And Jim, how about a 

game of backgammon and a Fanta? 

James Goldman 

126 Senoirs 


Adrienne BaksinsM 

To mil Dad who passed awa\j October 1989, 
and could not see mi/ graduation da\;, ma\; I be 
in his heart as he will a/iuays be in mine. To 
Mom, Lou & Lonie, thanks for the support & mi/ 
friends thanks for the memories. I Love \;ou all. 
Our care should not be so much to Hue long, as 
to live well. -Seneca 

Mom & Dad 

I never could've made it without i/ou. 
Thanks for your love & support. I love i/ou 

M.R.. T.H.. D.L., K.M.. L,M.. & D.G.- 

"Through all the good & bad 
I know how much we've had. " 
Thanks for the memories. Love y/a! 

J.V.T.F.T.B.O.M.O. F.F. 

Debbie L Groot 

Senoirs 127 

Tamela J. Bower 


Rebecca L Miner 

128 Senoirs 

Phi Pi Epsiton Est. 1895 

May All Traditions 

Be Upheld 


Damn Proud to be a Phi Pi! 

Phi Pi Epsihn(t>ir( 129 

Todd Sullivan 

"In sum. the phihsoph]; landscape (in America) is largelx^ bleak . . 
The Closing of the American Mind . (1987) 

Allan Bloom, 

Allan Bloom is a fool. Certainly; philosophy speaks to us every day. It tells us. "Live 
with intensity, search for truth, love your friend, raise your arms in triumph, question 
yourself. " When I have adhered to that philosophy which allows me to live with the 
intensity of a tidal wave and the pure thought of a great thinker. 1 will look at Allan 
Bloom, smile, and flip him the bird. -Todd Sullivan. The Thought os Sully , (yet 

Thanks. Mom and Dad. for being the best parents I've ever had. To my best friends, 
Schmatta and Eve, may we last forever. To my pledge brothers and currentr PhiPi s: 
Tm sorry this had to end. Live hard, brothers. Seize the day! I won't forget any of you. 
Proud to be a Phi Pi. 




Proud To Be a PHI PI! 

Nathaniel Creamer 

130 Seniors 

Patrick John Hogan 

Thank you Dad and Nanc\; for euer\^thing! I love ];ou both. 
Sand[j, 1 hue \;ou! 

To the brothers of Phi Pi Epsilon, thanks for all the memories! Damn Proud to be a Phi Pi. 

Thanks for euer\^thing Dad and Nanc]^. Proud to be a Phi Pi! 

Page Compliments of Dennis J. Hogan. 

Denis Todd Hogan 

Seniors 131 

Chester 6. Elias III 

Page compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Brown 

Basement Kegs, South Seas, Boston: SuU\^. Where is Chief?, Matti/, 
Gnoofii, robocop? To the rest of m\; pledge class and brothers, \,iou 
are the best friends I have ever had. "Ma\; old traditions be upheld", 
and "Damn Proud to be a Phi Pi!!!" 

Thanks for ever\^thing Mom, Dad, and Scott. I love y/ou all very much. 

When the world is running down you make the best of what's still 
around. -Sting 

Thanks Dad, Mom, Stephanie, and Jason. You're the best family that 
anyone could ask for. 

"Damn Proud to be a Phi Pi!" 

Matthew Brown 

132 Seniors 

David Szazynski 

LO- 4/17/88, Pledge Class of '88. Brrrothers, Bandwagon. Late 
night, scrutiny. Moran's Pub. Christmans Part\;. Hockey; trips. Den- 
ny's, Sophmore year room, Priuiledged and Proud to be a Phi Pi. 


Thank you Mom. Sam, and Holly. Boston, you're my home. The 
Circuit, Moran's Pub. Scrutiny. Pledge Class of 1988. Proud to be a 
Phi Pi. I Love You JLR. 

F. Jeffrey Williams Jr. 

Seniors 133 

Robert Michael Crossman 

To Mom. Dad. Dickie & Vinny. Thank \jou for all i;our support and 
sacrifices throughout the ^/ears. I could never have made it without 
such a family. I love you all. To the Brothers of Phi Pi Epsilon- no one 
can put into words the feelings I have for all of you. You are my best 
friends and I will miss you all. "Proud to be a Phi Pi. " To all 1 leave 
behind- "May all traditions be upheld." Goodbye Bradley Lodge & 
Yukon- off I go in the ghost to live a life I've always dreamed of. 

Sarah- You are my best friend. Thank you for being part of my life. I 
love you. 


* I* 

Thank you to the brothers of Phi Pi Epsilon for creating a light at the 
end of a sometimes long and dark tunnel. 

Thanks to my parent for making these last four years the best. 1 love 

H.N.- best friend, with Love, as always. 

Blake Edward Chapman 

134 Seniors 

Lyietta Kai Robinson 

"At least in our case sisterhood is not a farce. " 

"Nice doggie " 

"Words cannot express the admiration, respect and love 
that we feel for our mother. She is our lifeline. " 

Marie Evelyn Robinson 

Seniors 135 

Amy Maria Cherrett Diaz 

A mi mama y papa 
un millon de graaas 
por todo el apo\;o y 
carina de larga dis- 
tancia. Les beaux es- 
prits se rencontrent. 

A\j, que estupidez! 

Friendships begin with liking or gratitude-roots that can be pulled up. 

-George Elliot 

En el jardin de la amistad, la nuestra siempre florecera. 
El respeto al derecho ajeno es la pas. -Beniot juarez 

Graciasa mi jamilia. especialamente a mi mama, por la confianza que depositaron en mi. 
A friend ma[,i well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature. -Ralph Emerson 

Lillian Diaz Corvison 

136 Seniors 

Elizabeth Anne Harper 

"Les bons Americains, quand ils meurent, uont a Pahs. " -prouerbe Americain 

"Void mon secret. II est tres simple: on ne voit bien qu avec le coeur. L essentiel est invisible pour les \;eux. " -he Petit Prince 

Gracias Mami y Papi por todo el apoi;o, carino y amor! "leuanta, 

sacode a poeira e passa por cima " Assim irei ate a lua. Les adoro! 

. . . Ilego la hora de la apuesta! 

LFC I'll miss \;ou all! Make \/our own destint^. LIVE Nothing is 

impossible! Like a special friend once said. "All \^ou need is God & 

guts!" and you can do ANYTHING! 

Amigos: "nunca faltara consejos, a la hora de estar en problemas. 

. . . Nada se esconde nada que ocuetar, y siempre dis puesta a 

darte algo mas. para un amigo, amigo de verdad. " -F. de Vita 

Tanya Andrea Lukasevicius 

Seniors 137 

Susan C. Lynch 

All the world's a stage -Shakespeare 

Though nothing can bring back the hour 

Of splendour in the grass, of glor\^ in the 


We will grieve not. rather find 

Strength in what remains behind; 

William Wordsworth 

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. 
■Lord Alfred Tennyson 

90% of immediate dail^i anxieties are futile worries 

Sara Patrice Tonko 

138 Senoirs 


Janie Ucelka 

I couldn 't have done it without i;ou! I LOVE 



The End of the Innocence 

Thank i/ou Mom, Dad, Jax,/, Brian, Diane, Bean 

Priscilla Posick 

Seniors 139 

8e6ecca S. Hirkland 

I'rr --:"■-;- ^ ; \>, 

\^\ ._\ 


"After ecstasv, the laundrv" -Confucius ..-t-i_ i ^ l ■ • ^l • 

I he key to happiness is just being 

yourself. " -K.T. 

Joe Walsh 

"1 can't complain, but sometimes I still do. Life's been 
good to me so far. " 

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if 
we did not sometimes taste of adversit\) , prosperity would not 
be so welcome. " -Bradstreet 

Mom and Dad. you have giuen me such strong foun 
dations. Thanks for everything. I love you both. 

Steven J. Olson 

140 Senoirs 

Megan A. Meschery 

Not Afraid! 

And then there were none 

Thanks family and friends, we love you! -Love. 
Megan, Becky, Katy 

That's what sports are all about . . . life. 
Right Connie? 

Katherine L. Palmer 

Seniors 141 

Henry A. Gardner t\J 

Yo Doc. Never run away from a problem! Instead, improve your situation by 

You always told me I was a race horse! You have the greatest smile! extracting utility from you environment. 
Whirlie Birdies 
Alumni 89 

■SSnsS!«SiS8Sfe^>. .(< 

My thanks to 

Kimm. Joseline. Sir Stankalot. CJ. O'C. Wisest of all men, barney 

brown knight. Senator Omaha. Carter. Fresh. Katy bug. Big J., 

Haircut Green gene, B.S. Benson & all the others who made my life so 

much fun- life would be empty without you. 

Party Like Rock Stars Tour 1986-1990 


/^ '^ijBr" 


"Black Peter" 

Peter C. Hendrin 

142 Senoirs 

Kelly M. Harmon 

Dear Ms. Harmon: . . . These gaps in 
iiour education should be filled, either 
with knowledge or si//y-pufty. . . 

Sa\^! I like green eggs and ham! I do! 
I like them, Sam-lam! — Dr. Seuss 

Life is potentialli; /unny. 
Trade Adams 

. . . and soon now we shall go out of the house and go into the convulsion of the world, out of history into 
history and the awful responsibility/ of Time. 
— Robert Penn Warren 

Sarah M. Moskoff 

Senoirs 143 

Robbin Lee Coiner 

La uida es dura. 

I lift up m\; eyes to the hills — where does my help come 
from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven 
and earth. Psalm 121: 1,2 

Appalachain Service Project '89 

There are places I'll remember all m\,i life . . . Some have gone and 
some remain all these places had their moment with lovers and 
friends I still can recall In my; life I've loved them all. -John Lennon 
and Paul McCartne\j 

Lisa Michelle Sherman 

144 Seniors 

Alpha Pi Delta Graduating 
Class of 1990 

lennijer Lynn Rauch, Noreen M. Curran. Patricia Vaughn Berry. Cathlyn A. Hearn. Megan hunk, Jennifer J Spohn, Danielle 
3. Dobro 

Alpha Pi Delta air A 145 

Cathlyn A. Hearn 

"You owe j/our friends nothing but to leave them their joi^s and increase 
their happiness byi sharing it with them. " Goethe i 

Thanks Dad, Mom, Christopher P., and Fiji. I 
love \;ou. JMJ "Friends Forever." Jeff- Thanks 
for being the best friend in the whole world. 

Jennifer Lynn Rauch 

146 Seniors 

Irish Berry 




l/ou rock my 


the weirdest people 

live here — 

Do you remember 

that one time? 

Joy and Pain 

What do you get from a lot of TV? A pain in the neck and an IQ of 3 — Willy Wonka 

The hallmark of courage in our age of conformity is the capacity to stand on one's 

: convictions — not obstinately or defiantly (these are gestures of defensiveness no 

^courage) nor as a gesture of retaliation, but simply because these are what on 

\ believes. Rallo May 

A friend is one who dislikes the same people you 
dislike — 

/ beleive that when the hurting and the pain are gone I 
will be strong — 

Sarah E. Raab 

Seniors 147 

Danielle S. Dobro 

He who hesitates is lost. 

"Le monde vous parte. Repnodez Lui 

-Une affiche dans le metro. 


Thanks to all of m\j friends and Alpha Pi for making m\; four years 

so special. I'll miss \jou! Special thanks to Mom and Kristin. I hue 


Some people come into our lives and quicklxj go. Some stay for 
awhile, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever, 
the same.-Flavia j 

Best of luck to each of ijou who has left a footprint on m\^ heart. 
I'll miss \^ou all! To Mom and Dad. all my love. 

Moreen M. Curran 

148 Seniors 

Jennifer J. Spohn 

Cheeseburgers in Paradise . . . WHO is your scope? THE SOUTH RULES . . . 
Anybody on a mission . . . Onekama, Michigan . . . Why can't it be summer 
forever? . . . Boone's Farm . . . Good luck Alpha Pi Delta . . . I don't want to grow 

Thanks Mummy, Beano, and Molly . . . y'all are the best! 

The memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. We'll take the best, forget 
the rest and someday we'll find, these are the best of times. 

Mom. Dad. & Brett, I love you. 

Heis, Phanny. Willie. Callie. Natalie. Audra, airb. & everyone thanks. 

Bryan-Its been great. Eep op ork ahah. 

Megan Funck 

Seniors 149 

Gayla Ellman 

Thanks Mom & 
Dad for Ever^i- 

Audra Lynn MIta 

150 Seniors 

Douglas L. Arnold 

Paul P. Delosreyes 

Seniors 151 

Matthew Buckloff 

I was halfwai/ across America, at the dividing line between the east of my \^outh and the 
west of my future, and ma^jbe that's wh^i it happened right there and then. 
-Jack Kerouac 

.-t^' -' 

This page compliments of Drs. June & Jerald Groden 

Richard Samdperil 

1 52 Senoirs 


Erich 6. Rhynhart 

One onl\j knows a thing when one knows uifiy 
it is, its reason. -Aristotle 

] The rainbow is more beautiful than the pot at the other end of it, because the rainbow is 
now. And the pot never turns out to be quite what I expected. 
Hugh Prather 

John A. Fusilero 

Senoirs 153 


When {;ou were little, you went along for the ride 

But soon \^ou were in the driver's seat 

We hue 

Congratulations from the 74th Street Irregulars 
of Wind Hill Farm, Inc. 

154 Ads 

Ads 155 




156 Ads 

Good luck 
Mom & Dad 


Karen Marie Masella 

Much Success 
Grandma & Grandpa 

Best Wishes 

Ads 157 








158 Ads 


Ads 159 

To \/alerie. 

We're proud of you, and of 
all you's/e achieved. 

How we wish you a bright and 
happy future. 

May all you dreams come true, 
and may the wind be always at 
your back. 

We love you. 
Mom and Dad 

160 Ads 



icademic & Athletic excellence. Borderline, Christmas Parti;, Combat Part\i, Lounge Baseball. Alumni 
''OJtball, Togetherness, Brothers'. 

Tom Burling, Bill Winkler, John Carr, Jeff Grif- 
fith, Steue Pape, Rich Hirsch 
MIA 'S: 

Tom Marra, John Weber, John Nugent, Jim 
Goldman, Larry Haskell. Chris Crespi 

Brotherhood 161 

Thomas David Burling 

Bee, I finally finished! Let's look back and smile 
together, forever! I love youl ^■ 

Borderline, Ripon '89. free golf at Deerpath, Gari/, 
Griff. Winks, Steve, Skip & Skip, J.C., Gritter. 
Alex, "whi;? Tornmi>! Luhy?" M.E.D., morning 
meetings. Puerto Vallarta. Daijtona with Eis, Loon 
with Bee, Wild Turket; with Otto, Thanx Mom & 
Dad, it wasn't possible without ^ou! Love, Tom 

"As long as you keep tr\/ing and believe in \)ourself, \;ou cannot lose in 

the long run!" 

"Preparation is the key to success" 

Mom & Dad, 

Thanks for understanding and giving me the opportunity to eham 

schools and guide me during difficult times. Love, Jeff 

Who I admire most: -my brother Tom -Mom & Dad -LFC footbo 

team & coaches for hanging tough and never giving up. 

Favorite Quote: "I'm gonna hit the breaks; and he'll fly right by" -Tc 


Jeff Griffith 

162 Senoirs 

Bin Winkler 

Glass Jaw, Coe '89, Big Joe Big Joe, Aarrr, Love Palace, Z, The Van, 
Blue Boomer, Stop, Tortise Call, Couch Run, Twice Abliviated 
Waterbed, Babiioil, Guip, Tackle Nerf Hoop, Snack Raids, Mad 
Boomer, 3rd Degree, Dart Blowout, Slut, Clam, Butt Rot Beer Bash, 
Sunday Club, Jodi A,B, Beauty Day, Kodiak, Jim Beam, Quad 
Wrestling, Barat, Gnip Gnop, Last Practice, 3-Bean Salad, Pleasure 
Seekers, Canadian Shorts, 40yd Flip, Return Trip Beloit '86, 10 High, 
Annual Tree Hunt, Rainbows. 

Thank you Mom and Dad I could never have done it without you, 
Love forever 

Steve Pape 

Senoirs 163 

Thomas Edward Marra 

No prize, no B.S. 
Justus! -J. W. & T.M. 
Thanks Mom and 

Lizzi/'i/ou are the geatest thing that has ever happened 
me. I love you.' 

John Blakely Weber 

164 Seniors 

Richard Hirsch 


yL.M. and F.I. 

rhanks for everyth'mg-Bulldoze my room-I'm coming home. 

''hanks to all m\^ friends- Jodxj, Colin, Bilfy. Steve, Ton^i, Erik. Tom- 

ny, Nicole, and The Brotherhood. 

Thanks for all the good times. You 're the best friend ani;one could ask 
for. I'll love you forever. 

To m]^ brothers.... 

Thanks.... The hood rules . . . Otto here's to x^ardbird and realism 

. . . Thanks MIG....w'tnks duck fau . . . 

Hi MBW and ray-roij.... 

Pape hell with anticonsequensilism. . . .Tomm\j B. throw the curl . . . 

Walshie and the dinner club... 

Thanks Mom. Dad. and Maria....! hue you ... 

Let's seize the da\^. 

• ML. 

^,. ,,_ --♦vl 

John R. Carr 

Senoirs 165 

Christopher J. Crespi 

Thank \jou Mom & Dad! It wasn 't possible without [;ou! Love a/uiays. Chris 
Borderline, Puetto Vallarta, national Champs '88! Thanks for the memories! 

afc *.:;^?Si5' " *> 

Wavne, thanks for everything Babe, Sunshine, thanks for 
being a friend H & A few serious moments, but we 
survived- and I am outta here! Vini Vidi. Vici -Julius Somewhere along the line 1 knew there'd be girls, visions, everythini 
Ceasar somewhere along the line the pearl would be handed to me. — Jac 


John Nugent 

166 Seniors 

Larry Haskelt 

Cbemistri^ Professor: "What can i;ou tell about Nitrates?" 

Chemistry Student: "Well-er- the^/'re a lot cheaper than dai/ rates." 

If i;ou don't get what you want, it is a sign either that \jou did not seriousi]; want it, 

or that };ou tried to bargain over the price. " — Rudi^ard Kipling 

The road to success is dotted with man\; tempting parking places. — J.B.S. 


"Where's the Wild Turkey;!" 

"Realli;, all those people are here to see us Don. " 

"It's over?, I thought I was sentenced here for life. Where am I going 

to get tape now" — J.H. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa for believing in me. I love 


James Huster 

Seniors 167 

Seniors say farewell to L.F.C. 

(right) Duane Lisowski reflects on his 
L-F.C. years. 

(below right) Trac\^ Barrientos looks 

(below) Adhenne Baksinski and 
Marlene Rapp are glad tbeyj are seniors 

168 Seniors 



Perspectives 169 

A look back at 1989 

Tiananmen Square 

one from Tiananmen Square are the prodemocracij ban 

Gners and the tents of China's freedom movement, the 
armed guards and the chants of drilling soldiers. The 
Goddess of Democracy, a 33'foot-high replica of the 
Statue of Libert^/ which had become a si/mbol of the movement for 
democratic reform, has been crushed fay tanks and taken awai;. 

The pro democracy protests began on April 15 with a call by 
students for talks on increasing social freedoms and ending official 
corruption. They peaked during the week of May 15. when 
Gorbachev visited the country, and nearly one million people poured 
into the streets. 

Martial law was declared on May 20. and troops attempted to move 
into the square but were driven back by masses of citizens sympathetic 
to the protesters. 

On June 3. troops opened fire on the protesters, smashing through 
barricades with tanks to reach Tiananmen Square. While the gov- 
ernment claims that nearly 300 people, mostly soldiers, were killed, 
diplomats and Chinese say up to 3,000 died, and Chinese Red Cross 
officials estimate 3.600 people were killed and 60.000 injured. 

'Courtesy Wolrd Wide Pholos 


1 70 Perspectives 

Disasters Rocked the United States 

U.S.S. Iowa EHplosion 

* fierxj explosion in a giant gun turret rocked the refitted 
/\ battleship, U.S.S. Iowa, killing 47 sailors and injuring 

* ■*■ man]^ others. 

The explosion occurred on April 19, 1 989. in one of 
the battleship's three 16inch gun turrets as the ship was taking part 
in a gunner]) exercise about 330 miles northeast of Puerto Rico. 

After a lengthi; stud]/, the Nau\j said that gunner's mate Clax^ton 
Hatwig "most likely " caused the explosion in the battleship's No. 2 
gun turret by '\nserting a detonator between two powder bags. 

But the investigation also alleged numerous lax procedures 
aboard the ship, including unauthorized experimentation with 
extra-strength gunpowder and projectile loads. 

Alaskan oil spill 

The Exxon Valdez. a 987-foot tanker owned by 
Exxon Shipping Co., struck Bligh Reef about 25 
miles form Valdez, Alaska, ripping holes in its hull, 
gushing millions of gallons of thick crude oil into 
pristine Prince William Sound. The result was the 
largest oil spill in U.S. history. 

Thousands of workers have helped scrub the oil- 
fouled shorelines, but as one environmental dis- 
aster consultant said, "A spill of this size in such a 
complex environment promises to be a cleanup 
nightmare. " 

Exxon has pulled out its cleanup crews for the 
winter, and the state announced its own plan to 
protect fish hatcheries and those still untainted 

Exxon has said it will re-evaluate the shorelines 
next spring and decide then whether to resume the 
cleanup on a large scale. 

'Couresty of World Wide Photos 

Perspectives 1 71 

Is Airplane Travel Safe? 

United Airlines pilot. Captain Al Haynes. 
declared "there is no hero" in the fiery DC- 
10 crash in which suruiuors outnumbered fa- 
talities. Of the 296 people aboard, there were 
185 survivors. Aviation experts have credited 
Haynes with keeping the craft aloft until he 

Student Opinions 

Despite the deadl\/ Sioux Citij plane Crash, 
and man]; others like it. most LFC students 
still feel vert; safe when traveling b]; plane. In 
a suruey taken bi; the Forester staff, we 
learned that 96% of the student bod]; sur- 
vetoed said they believe they are safe when 
they fly. Only 4% said that plane travel was 

^ do believe that airline em- 
ployees should be tested for 
drugs and competency. " 

When asked why they believed air plane 
travel was safe, a majority of the students 
respondend in the following way: "It is still far 
safer that any other mode of transportation. " 

Other students gave more concrete an- 
swers. "Most of the time, yes, I feel safe. 
Because plane crashes are very publicized, we 
forget that thousands of planes are still, trav- 
eling everyday without injury. I do believe 
that airline employees should be tested for 
drugs and competency. 

In addition, one student said, "I think the 
FFA and the airlines are being more careful 
again because of all the crashes. 

However, another student disagreed, "No, 
I do not feel safe because the planes we have 
nowwdays are quite old. It is about time for 
the U.S. to purchase new and safer planes. " 

Although some students feel plane travel is 
risky, the majority will continue to "fly the 
friendly skies. " 

reached the airport, where hundreds of emer- 
gency workers were waiting. 

The flight crew never doubted the stricken 
jetliner would make it to Sioux Gateway Air- 
port, where the plane crash-landed short of a 
runway, flipped and broke apart. 

"We must not forget that 111 people per 
ished in this accident. This crew.. is dedicatee 
to finding the cause of this accident so we car 
never have it happen again, " said Haynes. 

'Courtesy oj World Wide Photos 

1 72 Perspectives 

Burning the American Flag?^ 


Flag Burning 


The flag issue inuo/ues (uio equally important ques- 
tions: what is the flag, and how willing we are to allow 
the limitation o/ free speech by a loiudry political 
p/oy. The first query is /air/y simple to answer. The 
flag is a symbol oj the rights and ideas oj the 
American Constitution. The precept that burning a 
flag in some way harms America and its citizens is 
ludicrous. You can no more denigrate "the flag' 
than you can destroy any abstract concept. The 
Constitution, of which the flag is an intrinsically 
linked symbol, is much more susceptible to per- 
version. "It can be desecrated quite effectively — by 
amending it in ujays foreign to its spirt and hostile to 
it purposes." (New Republic. 7/17) 

The battle to limit the rights of speech and ex- 
pression now joined in Washington is a battle be- 
tween the Republican propaganda masters and a few 
politically secure, rational Democrats. Unfortunately, 
the Atwater propaganda machine has swayed Amer- 
ican popular opinion in such a way that supporting 
American values has become equivalent with sup- 
porting the destruction of the Constitution. 
"McCarthyism is a term much overused in American 
politics these days, but Republican strategy may well 
have earned it by the time this nausealing spectacle is 
over." (NR 7/17) It is important to remember that. 
even in the face of such overwhelming pressure, 
defending the flag is, in reality, only effective when 
the positions are reversed. Flag burning and amend- 
ing the Constitution are two radically unequal evils. 
The distributing problem is that the lesser may incur 
the greater. This would be a tragedy. It would be 
simpler to just ignore those who have a strange 
desire to destroy the symbol of our country: by 
attempting to preuent their expression, the Congress 
is giuing flagburners a legitimacy that flag-burning 
would usually destroy. It is disturbing to see an 
amendment considered that would make flag burn- 
ing a rational and noble cause. 

On September 12 the House of Representatives voted 
380-38 for a new Federal Statute that will outlaw flag 

This responds to the 5-4 Supreme Court decision 
earlier this year declaring that Gregory Lee Johnson's act 
of burning the flag at the 1984 Republican National 
Convention was within the constitutional bounds of free 
dom of expression 

The statute approved by the House states: ' Whoeuer 
knowingly mutilates, defaces, burns or tramples upon any 
flag of the United States shall be fined under this title or 
imprisoned for not more that one year or both." 

Unlike the old statute, which focuses on the issue of 
shouiing contempt towards the flag, the new contempt 
towards the flag, statue would incriminate any person 
involved in willful destruction of the flag regardless of 
political message. 

House Democrats hope the statue will take the steam 
out of the drive for a constitutional amendment to 
overturn the Supreme Court ruling, objecting that an 
amendment is unujise if not foolhardy. 

House Republicans in support of an amendment argue 
that the flag is a critical national symbol and deserves 
nothing less than Consitutional protection. Republicans 
further argue that legislation is doomed to be overturned 
by the Supreme Court. 

The Senate is scheduled to consider both this leg- 
islation (Flag Protection Act of 1989) as well a proposed 
constitutional amendment in late October. The House 
will also consider a Constitutional amendment. 

The American flag, one of American's most in- 
spiring icons, has come to symbolize a great deal 
during its 212 years. It has come to stand for what 
we as Americans value most: freedom and democ- 
racy, /t stands for the unity of the citizens. It has 
become an inspiration, an inspiration that is 
refelected in the words of our nation anthem, pro- 
moting the hopes and dreams of both past and 
present generations. And now, because of a Su- 
preme Court ruling, the American flag represnts a 
land where the people haue the right to burn it. 

Burn the American flag? I'm sure many people 
recoil at the idea. Veterans around the country are 
openly outraged at the thought that they risked their 
lives to protect the flag so that others might have the 
right to burn it. Said Don Bracken, the adjutant 
quartermaster of the Veterans of Foreign Wars chap- 
ter in Seattle: "The flag is a symbol of the U.S.. and 
when you destroy that flag, you destroy the principle 
of our country." After all hasn't there been a certain 
sense of reverence instilled in people's minds re- 
garding the flag? Aren't people still taught that it is 
disgraceful to let the flag touch the ground? And who 
in their right mind hasn't been touched by pictures of 
it being raised at Iwo Jima or planted on the moon? 

It is precisely this veneration that makes burning 
the flag such a wrong. As Cheif Justice William 
Rehnquist stated in his dissent, "surely one of the 
high purposes of a democratic society is to legislate 
against conduct that is regarded as evil and pro- 
foundly offensive to the majority of people. " 

Copv Courtcsv Forum 

Photo courtesv World Wide Photos 

Perspectives 1 73 

Two sports' legends leave the games they love 

Hareem Abdul-Jabbar Pete Rose 

/t seemed that the 7'foot-2 center would be on the court forever. 
But at 42, the oldest player in NBA history retired. 

We watched him change his name from Lou Alcindor and his 
religion to Muslim. His Afro-style hair gave way to a clean-shaven head. 
He began wearing goggles as he aged. 

Through most of the changes, his gracefulness endured. The skyhook 
was unstoppable. 

On June 13. 1989. Kareem gave us his last performance. At the end 
of the night fans cheered him. his teammates hugged him and his 
opponent. Isiah Thomas, shook the hand that launched thousands of 

When asked about retirement he said. "It really hasn't set in. as far as 
deeper meanings. I'm just thankful I've been able to last this long and 
walk out the door. " 

Cincinnati Reds Manager Pete Rose, one of the greatest 
players in the history of baseball, has been banned for i 
life from the game for betting on his own team. 
Rose, who has continued to deny he bet on baseball, can i 
apply for reinstatement after one year. Even if he's turned 
down, the game's most prolific hitter will still be eligible for' 
election to the Hall of Fame in 1 992. 

"I've been in baseball three decades and to think I'm going to' 
be out of baseball for a very short period of time hurts." Rose^ 
said at a press conference in Cincinnati, where he was born and' 
where he broke Ty Cobb 's all-time hit record of 4, 1 91 in 1 985. 

'Courtesy of World Wide Photos 

1 74 Perspectives 





m MB 


■tte f*' '^^- 








The Rolling Stones 


he Rolling Stones launched their 1989 tour August 13 when they pulled into a tiny New Hauen, 
hnnecticut, nightclub for a tuneup that thrilled the 700 fans who paid $3.00 apiece for the 
npromptu gig. 

The Stones, who had been rehearsing for the previous six weeks in the tiny northwest Connecticut 
ywn of Washington, brought the house down with an 11 -song, hour-long set. 

Members of the band are (left to right) Ron Wood, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Bill Wyman. 
'he drummer behind is Charlie Watt. 

This tour is the Stones' first in eight years. 

curtesy of World Wide Photos 

Perspectives 1 75 

Exploring the universe 

Science Wing 

By Kristen Zook 

As the fall progresses, so does the construc- 
tion on the neui addition of the science building. 
Despite problems with the windows. Mike Gard- 
ner. Director of Facilities Management, said, 
"Overall, the project is going along uer\/ 
smoothly. " 

Gardner explained that one small holdup of 
one or two weeks was caused b\; the delayed 
arrival of the new building's windows. The delay 
stemmed from the fact that the window com- 
pany's Chicagoland dealer did not send the 
project drawings up to the manufacturing plant 
in Wisconsin. This caused the windows to be late 
in arriving at the College for installation. 

The delay will not cost the College any more 
money, and in fact, stated Gardner, they are 
under budget so far on the project. 

Even though the colder weather has settled 
in, work will continue with little or no discomfort 
to the workers because of the temporary heat 
installed in the building. 

Gardner said that the weather might have 
been a factor in completion time if the fall had 
been colder. "We have been fortunate with the 
vary mild fall." stated Gardner. 

In response to the rumor that the outside of 
the building was behind schedule while the in- 
side was a week ahead, Gardner responded 
with, "If anything, it's the other way around." 
He went on to praise the project manager for 
the lack of delays. 

'Courtesy World Wide Photos 

L.F.C. hired an architect who designed the 
building according to the specifications sought 
after by the school. Then, a project manage- 
ment firm was hired to act as a kind of watch 
dog. Gardner explained that the project man- 
agement firm oversees the project, "to make 
sure the work is good and finished on time. " 

\/oyager Z/Heptune 

Voyager capped its historic 4.43-billior 
mile, 12-year tour of four planets when . 
skimmed 3,048 miles over Neptune's nort. 
pole in August, then dove past Triton, th 
planet's largest moon. It made its closei 
approach about 23,900 miles above th 
moon's surface at 2:10 a.m. on 8/25/89. 

Voyager was nearly 4.5 billion miles a/oni 
a curving path that took it from Earth i. 
1977, past Jupiter in 1979, Saturn in 198 
and Uranus in 1986, and now past Neptun 
in search of the edge of the solar systerr 
Voyager 1 explored Jupiter in 1979 an< 
Saturn 'm 1980. ;| 

"If you want to understand Earth, go loo 
at other worlds," said astronomer Cat 
Sagan, a member of the team that analyzee 
about 81,000 photographs taken by Voyagei 
2 and its twin. Voyager 1 . 

The management firm also hires and ove\ 
sees the smaller companies that are responsibl 
for the masonry, electricity, and plumbing. Th 
firm hired by the College is Brown and A; 
sociates. who renovated North Gym and Ret 

1 76 Perspectives 

Earthquake Rocks San Francisco 

It was 4:30 on Oct 1 7th and a Stanford sophmore was reporting to her campus job at one of the 
older cafeterias on campus. As she was helping to prepare for the dinner rush, suddenl^^ the floor 
began to shake and move in a wave-like motion. The entire building was in total disorder as dishes 
were crashing left and right, workers were screaming and running for cover, and the chandeliers 
were swa\;ing back and forth in response to the quake. 

The quake which struck during the evening rush hour, just as Game 3 of the World Series was 
about to begin, registered 6.9 on the Richter scale and was on the notorious San Andreas Fault. 
Killing at least 62 people and injuring hundreds others, it was the second deadliest in the nation 's 
history, exeeded only; by the 1 906 San Francisco earthquake. 

Hurricane Hugo 

Leaving a trail of death and destruction across the 
Caribbean, Hurricane Hugo smashed into the coastal 
city of Charleston. South Carolina on September 22, 

Hugo's 135-mile-an-hour winds snapped power 
lines, toppled trees and flooded the low-lying areas of 
South Carolina, causing more than half a million peo- 
ple to flee and leaving thousands homeless. 

Congress readily approved $1.1 billion in emer- 
gency aid for the victims of Hurricane Hugo — Capital 
Hill's largest disaster relief package ever. 

Photos Courtesy oj World Wide Photos 

Perspectives 177 

students For Choice makes a difference 

Editorial courtesy 
of the Stcntor 

The Stentor apologizes if an\; readers find 
themselves offended at the wealth of ProChoice 
material that has been published in this issue and 
in others past. The issue, however, has been 
mi/steriouslv absent from the Opinions page, and 
one can only wonder u;/iy, (It's strange that 
students don't consider the, Stentor a useful tool 
for voicing arguments or ideas about this and 
other issues j 

Basicallf^. the issue might seem a little too clear 
to us Foresters: we don't think there is much to 
gain by exchanging letters in the newspaper. 
After all, who would read a Stentor letter and 
then actuall\^ change his or her mind on the issue? 

The editors have stalled deliberately; awa^i 
from editorializing on the issue, partly/ because it 
seems (in a sense) like todai; 's pop topic, and the 
paper is loathe to dedicate space to woman's 
rights just because everyone else is. 

On the other hand, congratulations are in 
order to our campus's loyal ProChoicers. Many 
of this year's junior and seniors would never have 
thought this level of activitism and awareness 
could be reached by our student body. 

Sobering truth: Foresters are, compared to 
students at the 'top' small private liberal arts 

Students march 
on Washington 

At we pulled into D.C. on the Rosa 
Jemenex bus our trusty leader Joanna took 
role and our friend in the pleather jacket 
remained seated. We were all full and content 
due to the fact that we had stopped at every 
Popeye's, McDonalds, and Denney's from 
the state of Illinois to the District of Columbia. 
Each time we reentered the bus we could trust 
Joanna to once again take role. We never 
doubted that we would reach our destiny for 
we sped through the night in a Greyhound 
driven by a man named Elmo. We got off the 
bus at the Pentagon and took the metro to the 
Lincoln Memorial. There was some confusion 
as to whether it was actually the Lincoln 
Memorial of the Supreme Court building. As 
we entered the park area we heard the fa- 
miliar sounds of Pete Seeger singing "This 
land is your land. " Molly Yard the president 
of N.O.W. led five hours of ceremonies and 
speeches. It was not the speeches that made 
the rally though it was the people. There was 
a sparse collection of pro-lifers, the attend- 
ance takers, men and women selling t-shirts 
and buttons, people crying, children, students 
and most vividly two guys in tight spandex 
yelling "skaters for choice." — Laura 
Crowley '91 

colleges in the nation, hellishly lazy. And these Pro- 
Choicers (i.e. the ones who go out and get thinds 
done, the active ones) are a minority but an 
energenic and dedicated one. Role models. 

The campus would profit in its diversity if the 
Pro-Lifers had the same kind of vocal spirit. Come 
to think of it, the campus would profit if any group 

banded together for a cause and became as 
enthusiastic as our Pro-Choice delegation. So 
congratulations to the Choicers. Wish we all had 
your energy and drive. Later on, when women's 
rights to safe and legal abortions have long since 
been secured, we will have you to thank. 


1 78 Perspectives 

Opposing \/iews on the grading system 

APC looks at 
Grading System 

by Kristin Shamas 

story courtesy of the Stentor 

The Academic Policies Committee (APC) is considering a proposal 
to add 'plus' and 'minus' marks to semester grades. 

"We have appointed a subcommittee to look into it and rec- 
ommend a polici; by the earix; part of next semester. The policy will 
then be presented to the faculty and they will vote on it," stated 
Professor Nader Nazmi. Chairperson of the APC. 

Senior committee member Kate Welborn stated that "It has been 
proposed that 'plus' and 'minus' be added to the grading system but 
that they not affect the four-point system. If a student gets a C and it is 
considered a 1.8 then several problem arise. What if a student gets 
straight C's through school, except for one C-? If the C- is averaged as 
a 1.8, then the student does not have the 2.0 to graduate Do we 
lower our standards and give this student a diploma?" 

Other problems included whether or not a 1.8 is adequate for a 
class required to complete a major, or for prerequisite classes in which 
the student must earn a C. 

"1 don't think they should mess up the calculation system by adding 
'plus' and 'minus' to the grades, " said Tiffany Billingsley, '92. 

Many consider adding 'plus' and 'minus' to the grading system a 
positive idea. 'Pluses' and 'minuses' would allow a better reflection of 
the student's performance and work in each class," stated Chris 
Potter, '92. 

"The system of 'plus' and 'minus' would be an advantage. It would 
motivate students and differentiate their performances," said 
Welborn. "More importantly, graduate school's are asking for plusses 
and minuses. " 

'Plus' and 'minus' can either act as an attribute or a deterrent to the 
\graduate school applicant. When one receives a 'plus' beside a grade it 
helps strengthen his or her academic record. Yet a 'minus' weakens it. 
Stated Sandy Bozich, '92 "I support 'plusses' and 'minusses' because 
I have often been close to an A but have gotten a B instead. Adding a 
'plus' in this situation would recognize the extra effort. " 

However, some students feel that the school should leave well 
enough alone. "The current grading system is sufficient. Adding 'plus' 
md 'minus' to grades forces the professor to make a more narrow 
valuation of each student's work. It doesn't leave much margin for 
irror," stated Pam Tewey '91. "Why change it? Is anyone com- 

Proposed grading 


receives an A-\- rating 

Letter to the Editor 
Courtesy of the Stentor 


In response to the questions posed at the end of your past article 
on the grading system, "why change it? Is anyone complaining?," I 
would like to share some thoughts. 

Since coming to LFC three and a half years ago. I have been 
assigning plus and minus grades to students in my courses, even 
though I know these will not appear on the students' records. My 
reasons for doing this are quite simple. To me there is a big 
difference between a student who works hard (i.e. attends class, 
participates actively, turns assignments in on time, etc. . .) but 
doesn't quite make A-level, pherhaps due to low scores on ob- 
jective tests: and one who scores well on tests but puts in little or no 
obvious effort (i.e. misses class consistently or doesn't participate 
when present, hands in assignments late. etc. . .) To the first I would 
like to be able to give a B+ to reward him or her for trying, and to 
the second a B- to say that even thought he or she did OK on 
graded work for the class, I thought he or she could do much better 
with a bit more effort. This is particularly important in my field, 
Spanish, because someone in a beginning language class who 
recieves a C- will have an infinitely harder time in second-year 
Spanish than soemone who receives a B+. / feel that this vast gulf is 
not as strongly suggested by the differences between a B an a C 
It seems to me that plus and minus grades would be especially 
helpful to students in continuing courses such as those offered in 
languages and math, since they give the student a much clearer idea 
of where he or she stands before going on to the next level. I would 
welcome wholeheartedly a change of this nature in the grading 
system at LFC. 

Carol E. Thickstun 
Instructor in Spanish 

Perspectives 1 79 


President Bush \/isits Poland 

More than 50.000 people gave President 
Bush a hero's welcome at the worker's mon- 
ument where Solidaritii was born in a wave of 
labor upheaval. Bush told the cheering crowd 
that their struggle had produced "a time when 
dreams can live again" in the democratic 
transformation of Poland. 

Earlier in the da^j Walesa hosted a homes- 
tijle private lunch for the president and raised 
the possibility/ of even more aid to Poland by 
Western nations than the $115 million pre- 
viously announced fay Bush. 

Solidarity argues that the help is needed to 
ensure that public unrest does not upset the 
delicate progress toward democracy. But it 
agrees any aid should have tight controls on 
it. so it is not wasted as it was in the past. 

Before taking leave of the workers. Bush 
and Walesa together faced the monument 
and raised their arms and gave the "V" for 
victory, a sign used by Solidarity. 

Economic Summit 

Leaders of the seven most powerful Western nations gathered in 
front of the Louvre Pyramid for the opening session of the 
Economic summit in Paris, They are (1/r) President Jacques 
Delors, Italy's Ciciaco de Mita. West Germany's Helmut Kohl 
President Bush, host French President Francois Mitterrand, Brit- 
ain's Margaret Thatcher, Canada's Brian Mulroney and Japan's 
Sousuke Uno. 

A pledge was made to address the environmental problems that 
threaten the planet, and they endorsed a significant strategic switch 
in the way rich countries cope with the Third World's staggering 
$1.3 trillion debt. 

For the first time, the seven leaders agreed that the best way to 
ease the debt burden of poorer nations is to persuade banks to 
provide some relief instead of simply issuing new loans. The 
problem of terrorism, narcotics and East-West relations were also 

'Photos courtesy oj VJortdwide Photos 

180 Perspectives 

''And the Wall Came Tumblins Down'' 

by Craig Lepkowski 

LFC junior Steve Wittrii was present in 
German\; when the Berlin Wall was officially 
opened. "I was standing on the wall, dancing 
with people," Wittri; reported in a phone 

Wittr^) and some other students were par- 
ticipants in an overseas program in Germany 
sponsored by Millersiville University/ of Mil- 
lersiville, Penns^ilvania. 

They were on a week-long vacation and 
decided to take advantage of the time to visit 
Berlin. They travelled for nine hours on a bus 
and arrived in West Berlin on November 8. 

The following day, they "tried to see a 
demonstration in East Berlin. But we ended 
up on the wrong side of a huge building and 
missed it all . . . except for a guy who had a 
telephoto lens on his camera. He said he got 
some good pictures," Wittry said. "There 
were about 25,000 people in the rally," he 

On November 10, Wittry was present at 
Checkpoint Charlie, the crossing point 
through the Wall located in the American 

sector of Berlin, to witness the crossing of 
about 200 individuals within two hours. 

"People were cheering and drivers were 
blowing their horns. There was a ton of peo- 
ple. Some were setting off bottle rockets," 
explained Wittry. "Any time someone 
crossed the border everyone would cheer 
loudly. " 

Wittry 's older brothers said, "An inter- 
esting point that other papers might not have 
covered is the time it took Steve to get there 
(Berlin) compared to the time he needed to 
return to school. " 

The nine-hour trip was extended to 22 
hours. "There was a 14-and-a-half-hour traffic 
jam," explained Dave wittry, Steve's oldest 
brother, and a recent LFC grauate. "Steve 
told us that it took so long because people 
would, when stopped in traffic, get out and 
hug each other, drink wine and beer together 
or just talk. Then when traffic started to 
move, all the drivers wouldn't return to their 
cars for quite a while. " 

Wittry will remain in Germany until the 
middle of August and will return to LFC to 
complete his senior year. 


,, ,> « r-mifa > rm 


Bbl BbiE3>HAETE 






1 t was absolutely incredible walking down Kurfuerstendamm, West Berlin's largest 

shopping boulevard, at 1 a.m. and seeing literally tens of thousands of East Berliners coming 
like a heat wave. They drove, walked, and rode bicycles — or were carried in fathers ' arms! 
They were greeted by thousands of cheering West Berliners who lined the streets giving 
away anything and everything from coffee and beer, to roses, balloons, and even money. 
The atmosphere was simply one of a kind. " 

Perspectives 181 

Vietnamese Boat People 


I ore than 61.000 boat people fled Vietnam in the first eight months of 
1989, a figure higher than an\; full {jear since 1981, and Hong Kong is 
bearing the brunt of the influx. 

Most of the newcomers in the British colony; face forced repatriation as 
"economic migrants" because onl\/ those boat people who arrived before 
June 16, 1988, were automatically! considered to be fleeing political per- 

There have been man\^ fights in the overcrowded Hong Kong camps, and 
cholera has broken out among other Vietnamese refugees living in primitive 
conditions on outl^iing islands. 

Although Communist Vietnam is encouraging the voluntar\; return of 
migrants who are refused refugee status, onl\^ 260 have gone back despite 
formal assurances that they need not fear reprisals. 

'Courtesii of World Wide Photos 

182 Perspectives 



Emperor of Japan Hirohito 
4/29/1889- 1/7/89 

Abbie Hoffman 

Lucile Ball 
8/6/11 4/26/89 

Claude Pepper 
9/8/1900 5/30/89 

Perspectives 1 83 

students* Attitudes 

LFC students were aksed to 
repsond to the following ques- 
tion: "Do you believe the burning 
of the U.S. flag should be illegal? 
Wh]j or wh\j not? 

Forty-eight percent of those 
surveiied said yes, burning the 
American flag should be illegal. 
Fort\;-four percent believed it 
should be legal while eight per- 
cent said they were undecided. 

Here are some of the re- 
sponses. . . 


"It is a si/mbol of our freedom 
and should not be destro\;ed in 
an\; wa\;. " 

"Burning the flag should be il- 
legal. The flag has national mean- 
ing. If feel that if i^ou burn the 
flag, i/ou are sailing \;ou hate 
America. And if that is the case, 
l/ou shouldn't be here. " 

"It is not right to burn the s\;mbol 
of our countr^i that so man^i men 
fought and died for. " 


"It is the symbol of our free- 
dom. " 

"The liberty the flag stands for is 
what's important not the actual 
quilt. " 

"It's the beginning of the end of 
freedom in America. " 

"If someone feels the only way to 
express his values. I don't feel 
anyone should have the authority 
to tell him he can't. Patriotism is 
important to keep a nation strong 
and growing, but forcing rules 

and beliefs can make things 
worse. " 


College to abolish seven-and-a-half week courses 

by Betsy Yelson 

story courtesy of the Stentor 

In the Spring semester. Lake Forest Col- 
lege students can take seven-and-a-half week 
courses in addition to fifteen week courses. 
The seuen-and-a-half week courses were orig- 
inally created so a student would have the 
opportunity to enroll in an extremely intense 
and rigorous course for half of a semester and 
take an internship the second half. Starting in 
the fall of 1990, seuen-and-a-half week 
courses will be abolished. 

The response of the faculty to creation of 
these shorter courses was not always very 
enthusiastic because they believed, as some 
still believe, that seven and a half weeks is not 
enough time for a student to get fully im- 
mersed into their course. 

Many faculty memebers are also upset 
because some students spend too much of 
their time studying for a seven-and-a-half 
week course, causing them to do poorly in 

their other classes. 

There was only one professor who voted 
against abolishing the courses. 

Lee Thompson. Acting Dean of Faculty 
remarked that. "The teachers felt as if the 
courses were pushed on them which is not the 
best way to teach. " 

When it was first implemented, the concept 
sounded as if it would be an academically 
challenging and exciting option, but as 
Thompson said, with time, "the disadvan- 
tages seemed to out-weigh the advantages." 

Another problem is that only two students 
this year are involved in an internship and the 
rest of the students are doing other activities 
such as using the time for writing tutorials or 
just spending more time on campus. 

GA Representative Laura Bancroft stated 
that, "The primary purpose of the classes is 
gone." Bancroft said she was informed that 
"The faculty felt obligated to teach the 
courses and they were not enjoying it. " 

If the school stops offering these courses, 

the students in the Lake Forest College Pro- 
gram in Greece program who take less than 
three credits in Greece will not be able to 
fulfill the requirements of a four credit se- 
mester. The students going to Greece need to 
take one seven-and-a-half week course as a 
required prepatory class. \ 

Dan Cole, director of the Greece Program, 
stated. "The only people who wil be dis- 
advantaged are the students 'in the Greece 
program, but with cooperation from other 
departments it can be done. 

184 Perspectives 


Sports 185 

Men's Lacrosse 

1 # 3.«<^3J^^~ 

3D* 8 





S^tSTE.f?? -.(j^^STERj -ORESTER? 

5* W'^-^^^iJ^ 


(Front) T. Handler. C. Doughs. J. Abusnassar. R Redfield. R. Wilson. P. Birotte. M. Caplice (Second) Coach Bennett. J. Duffy. C. Scribner. 
T. Slaughter. L. Yonce. Coach Rosin (Third) N. Soforenko. T Wheelden, E. Cutler. C. Barbera. M. Barnard, J. Doyle. M. Rose, (Back) B. 
Swift. T. Sulliuan, P. Brigham. C Crespi. T. Dickson. P. Whitlock, Not Pictured M, Heard. R. Buckley. M. Heisen 



^tr^"^ ^gfc^««-^< 

J»fc.,. .,„.^^^^„,™™™^ ~ ~. — -- , i:;_^-^« - 


w JHHN im i ^^l^^\t 

lKi'9lfte:>f^"Sf^^i^:^K^-^sife^ s^;-^^^ ' 

186 Lacrosse 



Final Record: 6-4 

Records Broken: 

Car/ Douglass broke the single season scoring record 

with 35 goals. 

lohn Abunassar broke the single game scoring 

record in the Lawerence game. He scored 9 goals. 

Leading Scorers: 

l.)Douglass 35 points, 2.)Bernard 32 points, 3.)Slaughter 

Z8 points 

The Foresters Outscored their opponents 140-82 for the season. 

:N-,-, ■: 

Lacrosse 187 

Men*s Tennis 

Row 1 Gajfnev. Lawler 

Row 2 Miller. S Barlshaw. Jefj 
Williams. Gibson. S Woodger. I /arris 

^vj:jK^^ajj:>bw \ yM^'^i.^^;^*f:KU- 

188 Men's Tennis 

Men 's Tennis 1 989 Final Results 


Winner of Knox quadranglars 


St. Norbert 




Northeastern III 

North Park 

U. of Chicago 



Season Record — 6 wins, 4 loses 

MVP — Bruce Harris 

MIP — Paul Gibson 

Captains — Bill Lawler (1st in *2 singles in conference) and Mark 

Gefforey; (2nd in *3 singles in conference) 


Men's Tennis 189 






St. Norhert 


Concordia (IL) 



All Conference Selections 

First team: 
Craig Salters, center 
■^bT Garx; Francis, linebacker 

Chris Walsh, offensive line 

Honorable mention: 

Jim Huster, defensive tackle 


190 Football 


^. -•'■ ^' •,'•*--¥ w 


i o 


(Front)Si/i;a, Aiello. Haines. Can, Ortiz. Winkler. Ottaviano. (Second) McDonald. Lescinskas. Huster. Johnson. Armstrong. 
Forney/, Butler. DuPerrij. Roemer. McLaughlin. Lenihan. (Third) Ferrari. Strawbndge. Morton. Quinn. Kramer. Ginnamore. Dow. 
Cole. Kalata. Barbera. (Fourth) Tyson. Steiner. King. Angelopulos. Cochran. Bendery. Burling. May. Richard. (Fifth) Walsh. 
Barenbaum. Christopher. Parekh. Salter. O'Brien. Weesner. Noonan. (Back) Pope. Griffith. Francis. Wilson. Gassmere. Atwater. 

Football 191 

Men's Soccer 

The Lake Forest College wen's soccer tem finished its 1989 season, beating Triniti; christian 30 on Mondair, October 23. then losing 1-0 to 
Trinity/ college on Wednesdai^, October 25. , 

LFC ends the season with an oueral record of 6-8 and a Midwest collegiate Athletic Conference (MCAC) record of 2-2. ' 

Freshman forward Stefan Peirson opened the scoring against Trinit\; Christian midwai; through the first half, assisted by senior captain Sam 
Woodger and Greg Boltz. Boltz and Woodger, both forward, then added goals of their own in the second half. 

The game was no contest in the shots-on-goal department — freshman goalie Todd Parola (Dexter, ME) faced onl\^ six shots while hii 

teammates fired the astonishing total of 42 shots at Trinitf^ goal. "The weren't down in our end a lot," LFC coach Ton^) Fritz said in ar 

understatement. Parola was again in goal against Trinit}^ College where this time the Foresters were outshot 16-12. Trinity; scored the onli; goa 

of the game off a penalt]j shot. "That game was tf^pical of our whole season, " Fritz said. " The other team scored off a dead ball situation 

We've had more goals scored on us in that type of situation than 1 can remember. We had opportunites to score but just could't capitalize." 

The Foresters wound up in third place in the MCAC North Division behind Lawrence University and St. Norbert College. 


J 92 Men 's Soccer 

(Front) Brijan Desmond. Dauid Scha\^e. Blake Chapman, Dan 
Bracken. Eric Drometer. Ted Martin. Sean Danhauser. Scott 
Braming. (Second) Daue Fratahni. Kevin De/aney, Sam 
Woodger. Greg Se/by. Carter Fenton. Chip Monzegho. Tony 
Lazurio. (Third) Mike Wasik. Travis Beard, Frank Buckle}^. Mark 
Harrington. Greg BoHz. Pete Conan. Paul Colte. Coach Fritz, 
(Back) Todd Parola. Stefan Peirson, Eric Saul. Mike Moore, 
Corey O'Connor. Chris Pruett. Frank Saluoni. Dan Stoeckel 

K ^ 

. , --- ". 


• A 


* , ( 

■ 1 

¥^ - 









■ ^ 


# :. 




y. ^^K^ 

k A 

•^ 1 













Men 's Soccer 1 93 

Men*s Swimming 

(Front) Andv Ripp. Erik Stone Lans. Travis Ryan. Don Starkel. Frost, Alex Dieh) (Second) Skip Cook. Andi; Hill. Jason 
Reeves. Tex Lowenberg, Brad Matheson. Phillip Fogelson. Roger Sommers. Coach Lubbers (Back) Bob HIavacek, Tim State, 
Craig Lepkouiski. Ben Bramwell, Jim Clarke. Mike Blankner 

1 94 Men 's Swimming 




(Front) Vacco. Sahoni. Whalen. Chapman. Grossman. Bowman. Breakwell. Szazi/nski. Karnicki. O'Leary. Collins (Second) Desmond, De/aney, 
Williams. Grippe. Billeisen, Husson. Sullivan. Twombli^ (Back) Olson. Oubrabka. Slauin. McCartbi^. McDonald. Coach Fritz 


196 Hockev 

Led by captains Bob^ Grossman (90) and Doug Bowman 
(91), the Forester hockeii team, at presstime, had a record of 
9-7 for the season. Coach Ton),/ Firtz stated, "Right now I 
have got two who are hot. " He was speaking of junior Steve 
Collins and sophomore Dan Vacco. Other Kep pla^/ers in- 
clude senior forward Dave Szaz\^nski, sophomore forward 
Kevin Delaney, and freshman forward Bryan Desmond. The 
Foresters proved their skill when the]; lost 3-2 to Babson 
College, the nation's second ranked team, in front of a 
capacity/ crowd of 1,500 on Babson's rink. 


Hockey 197 

Men's Basketball 

At press time, the men 's basketball team was 
1-3 in the MCAC, Midwest Collegiate Athletic 
Conference, and 5-9 overall. The team had just 
lost to Monmouth, 87-77, and to Cornell, 81-64. 
Brent Hudson, freshman, had just been named 
the starting center. Key play;ers for the Foresters 
included freshman Jim Adams, sophomore Otis 
Muttaqee, juniors Gar]; Francis and Tonx; Vigon, 
seniors Rob Conlei; and Jason Br\;n. 

Above Right (Front) Con/ey, Vandermark. Harlev, Adams 
(Second) Vigon, Mutaquee, Ahlqusit. Grat^son, Francis. Thomas 
(Third) Pontow. Giannomore, Miller. Baade, Matthews (Back) 
Olmstead, Hudson. Kreitner. Br^in 

198 Mens's Basketball 

Men's Basketball 199 


(Front) Scribner. Ross, McLaughlin. Roberts. Tico. Slader. McDonald (Second) Haskell. O'Brien, Hammond. Giese. Crespi, Sedgwick. Johnson, Lescinskas 







■ * - 


K '^ 



1 1 

200 Handball 

Handball 201 


(Front)O 'Ma//ey. Hanke, Ostendorf. Alexander, 
Courts. (Second)Rogers, Bozich, Fagan. 
Hafenscher. Posick. (Back) Vanderkoo\^. Palmer, 
Keller. Mardis. Angeli, Feldrnan 



St. Norbert 


U of Chicago 




North Park 


North Ceritral 



Trinity Chris 





6-10, 2 13 

0-9. 2-4 

6-2, 4-2 

8-3. 15-1 

10, 012 

3-7. 3-4 

0-2. 1-3 

16-0. 11-3 

9-2. 17-0 

0-5. 6-2 

22-0. 15-2 

8-5. 5-3 

7-5. 10-2 




202 Softball 

Sports 203 

Women's Tennis Places Fifth in Conference 

by Jan Allen 

Lake Forest College junior Kris Ang (Northbrook. II) success/u//y defended 
her Midwest Athletic Conference for Women's tennis title at the conference 
meet in Madison. Wl 

The Forrsters finished fifth of eleven teams overall at the October 20-22 

"Kris is really an attribute to this school," head coach Cille Ramse\j said. 
"She is definitely well respected as the best player in the conference. " 

Ang started her winning weekend on Friday,, October 20, with a three-set 
victory over Knox College's Melanie Gibbs, 6-2, 5-7, 6-3. Saturday, October 
21, Ang took on Courtney Unger of Beloit in the semi-finals and won 6-2, 6-3. 
Cornell's Ann Hamilton was the victim as Ang beat her 6-2, 6-4 for the title. 

Every LFC player contributed points to the team effort, though none made 
it past the semi-finals in her event. Senior Jen Rauch (Palatine. II) at third 
singles and freshman Heather Reilly (Farmington Hills, MI) at the number-six 
spot both lost in the semis. 

Freshmen Amy Holzer (Sarasota, FL) at number four and Brenda Stotts 
(Boone. lA) at number five both lost in the quarterfinals. Sophmore Sandy 
Bozich (Hawthorn Woods, IL) won the second-singles consolation match. 

In doubles play. Ang and Bozich won their first match, lost their next one to 
Kris Semrad and Katy Trapp of Ripon, 5-7, 4-6, in what Ramsey called the 
teams 's best match of the season. Rauch and Holzer lost in the first round but 
won their consolation, and Stotts and freshman Sarah Raynor (Trumbull. CT) 
won their opening match at third doubles, but then lost. 

Ripon won the tournament followed by Beloit, The Foresters finished the 
1989 season with a 2-10 record. 1-5 in the MACW. 

Front Dameshek. Radnor. Bozich. Reilly. Back Ramsey. Ang. Holzer. Stotts. Rauch 

204 Women's Tennis 

Women's Tennis 205 

206 Volleyball 

\/olleyball finishes sixth at MACW Championships 

by Jan Allen 

The LFC uolle^^ball team finished sixth out of eleven teams at the 
MACW championships held in Jacksonville, IL. at Illinois College. The 
Foresters ended the tournament with a 1-4 record, bringing their 
overall record to 15-16 and 4-5 in the MACW. 

During the tournament, the team lost 6-15, 12-15 to archrival St. 
Norbert College who ended up winning the tournament. Co-captains 
senior Mari; Vcelka and junior Kell^i O'Brien led with six kills apiece 
while junior Patt^ Moran and sophomore Jen Giese each had five. 

After losing to the Green Knights, the Foresters fell to Knox 
College, 7-15, 5-15, in the onl\^ game in which head coach Jackie 
Slaats feels the team did not plai; well. 

LFC ended the da^i with a 15-11, 16 14 win over Coe College, 
turning around the losing streak. O'Brien led in kills with eight, 
followed bi; Nicole Angeli with seven. 

Saturda[j morning, the team lost a close match to Beloit College. 

"The Beloit match was great, probabli^ the best match of the whole 
tournament," Slaats said of the 15-13, 1513 loss. "We just didn't 
end up on top" Vcelka led with 14 kills followed b\^ Angeli with 12 
and O'Brien with 11. 

Lake Forest's final match of the tournament against Cornell College 
was the onl^ match stretched to three games for the Foresters, who 
again ended on the losing side of a 1-15, 15-6, 5-15 score. 

The Foresters had a perfect serving match, with no missed serves in 
anil of the three games. "I think we pla\;ed really well," Slaats said. 
"I'm not upset at all with our performances. " 

As for next season, the Foresters appear to be strong. The team 
onli) loses Vcelka, returning six of the seven starters for the 1990 

(Front) O'Brien. Angeli Vcelka (Second) 
Whitehouse. Maher. Moran, Birling. Venuso. Rogers 
(Back) Slaats. Giese, Ward. Morrison. 

Volleiiball 207 

Women's Soccer Clinches First in the MACW 

^ 4 

...a^sSftk^^ _ :i£t.\*>--: .»y' 

by Jan Allen 

The Lake Forest College Women's Soccer Team, b^, 
splitting a pair of non-conference games last week, finisheo 
the 1989 season with a 7-7 record. 

While LFC alread\^ had clinched first place in the Midwest 
Athletic Conference for Women o week earlier, with an 
undefeated conference record of 6-0. the team had yef to 
win a non-conference game all season. 

Nothing changed on Thursday. October 26. as LFC lost 1- 
to the Uniuersity of Chicago. But the Foresters ended their 
\;ear on a positive note- and with a non-conference win 
with a 21 win over the tiniuersify of Wisconsin — Steven's 
Point on Saturda\j. October 28 

LFC was simplij outp/ayed b\^ Chicago, with sophomore 
Traci Lane in goal replacing the injured Shell\; Keller, 
sophmore from Sturteuant. Wl, who was out with a strained \ 
achilles tendon. LFC was outshot 13-6. "We just couldn't put \ 
the ball in, " head coach Nancy Feldman said. 

On Saturday^, senior cocaptin and midfielder Priscilla 
Posick (Waukesha. Wl) returned to her old position in the- 
LFC goal and made seven saves to preserve the narrow win. \ 
UW — Steven s Point outshot LFC 8-4. 

Junior forward Nikki Tarandi^ (Orland Park. IL) scored the 
first goal unassisted just seven minutes into the game. Soph- 
omore Larisa Stross (Milwaukee. Wl) — who is being 
groomed as Posick's successor at center halfback — added 
the game winner with 22 minutes left in the game, assisted by 

Tarandi; ended the season with 12 goals and nine assists, 
follwed bi^ Posick with seven goals and three assists. Stross 
was third with four goals and three assists. 


;_i,; UjLjti..^ 


208 Women's Soccer 


3fc*.„;'.. - --iC. ij^ ' '^ 

Front Lewis, Berndt. Meenan, Budd. 
Earl]^. Bouck Second Meenan, 
Henningfeld, Bennett. Libert. Stross, 
Tarandi^, Br\^an Third Feldman, Fagan, 
Maher, Leuitsk}^. Specht. Widmark. 
Back Lane, Lepinski, Moskojj, Yeaton, 

Women's Soccer 209 

Women's Swimming 

(Front) D Waszak, J. Spohn. K. Sullivan. J. Allen. Kirklan. N. Tarandv (Second) J. Matthews. J. Lee. N Harper. T. Holmes, 
A. Earlv. M. Roper (Back) S. Cook, S. Kirschner, S. Hazelton, H. Newlin, K. Scheurell, E. Jensen, T. Fisher. Coach Luebbers 

210 Women's Swimming 


Women's Basketball 

(Front) Bennett. Posick, Frohm. Morrison, Mustafa (Second) Stauffacher. Birhng. Shepple. Neumann. Meinel. Hirsch (Back) Shots, 
Keller. Gebhardt, Anderson 

— ■•^•m.- '♦ 

212 Women's Basketball 

"Our destiny is in our own hands, If we pla\^ well, 
and win at home, then we can go to the conference 
championships. It's all up to us." 

At presstime, Coach Jackie Slaats had high 
hopes for the women's basketball team. Led by 
Priscilla Posick ('90). The lad\^ Forester's record 
was 11-4 overall and 2-2 in the MACW. Other key 
plai;ers include junior forward S/ie//y Keller, soph- 
omore guards Jod\^ Birling and Pegg\! Meinel, 
freshmen guard Anne Bennett, and freshman cent- 
er Ann Gebhardt. 

.iS % 


wdi<M«( ' «V\i.^ii! 

Women 's Basketball 213 


(Front) Trad Ranallo (Middle) Janet McDonald. 
Tricia Ptomev (captain). Amy White (co-captain) (Top) 
Vanija Graboiv 

.--SI p 

21 4 Cheerleading 



Skip Cook 

Men 's & Women 's Swimming 

Michael E. Dau 

Football /Handball 

Nancy C. Feldman 

Women 's Soccer /Softball 

Anthony L. Fritz 

Men 's Soccer / Hockey; 

Coaches 215 


-"(■liMaWxy j^^ 

Charles E. Miller 

Men 's Basketball /Men 's Tennis 

Cille Ramsey 

Women's Tennis 

Jamie Rosin 

Lacrosse '89 

Jacqueline A. Slaats 

Volleiiball /Women's Basketball 

21 6 Coaches 


Organizations 21 7 

Alpha Pi Delta 

Alpha Pi Delta is a sororify whose goal is to 
be an organizational asset to Lake Forest 
College and the surrounding communities. 
The members of AFIA are involved in college 
organizations ranging from College Life Ad- 
visor^i Board to Resident Assistants to Peer 
Counselors to athletics. 

The sororiet\^ participated in community; 
services associated with the College, such as 
phonathon calling in the spring, timing at 
swim meets, and decorating the College's 
Christmas tree. It also provided numerous all- 
campus parties with colorful themes. 

In addition, AHA members engaged in 
community/ services in the surrounding towns. 
Members volunteered at the Lake Count\j 
Marathon, donated Thanksgiving, Christmas 
and Easter dinner to a needy/ famil\j, vol- 
unteered at the Presb\;terian Church's rum- 
mage Sale and donated colthing to a local 
residential school for behaviorally) disturbed 
boys. We are proud to be in AHA Con- 
gratulations to our graduating seniors! 

(Front) H Newlin. M Niles. K. Melyfc, S Frickie, A. Ross. C. Parenti, L. Nuebel. S. Metz (Second) S. Ori, M. 
LaSalie, K. Baldwin. K. Dow. M- Fhedly, K. Hearn, K. Henningjeld, L. Parker. J. Enichen (Back) L. Bancroft, J. 
Spohn, J. Rauch, D. Doboro, A. Cartwright, E. Clark, D. Waszak, A. Woodward, S. Crawford, T. Cleueland, M. 
McClain, S. Raab, T. Berry 

Gamma Rho Delta 

Gamma Rho Delta sorority/ is a women's 
organization which is dedicated to enhancing 
the LFC community/ through the sponsorship 
of various social and community/ services 
thoroughout the y/ear. 

Gamma Rho volunteers for a range of 
activities from campus wide clean up to 
"Bowling for kids" in which the proceeds go 
to unfortunate children. The sorority/ also 
hosts mant; theme parties as well as co- 
sponsoring events such as Greek weekend. 
Gamma Rho continues to be a positive outlet 
for it's members as for the campus as a whole. 

(Front)D. Arnold. C Norton, T Poklar. M, Monroe, A. Prime. L. Meenan, C Capone. C Bouck. L. Brx/an, A 
Arav, (Secon<l)S. Lepinski, K Mitchell. L. Exarhou, L. Forrester. S. Weinberg. M. Wass, B Ream. S- Ford. J. 
Sutherland. L. Brown. B. White. B. Leuitski. E. Ostendorf. A. Fell. (Back) M. Gibbons. S. Sprecher, M. Miller. G. 
Sloan, A. Burian, J. Williamson 

218 Organizations 

Gamma Phi Omega 

'Front)As/ce/o/, Moore, Papp. Adams. Rapp (Second) McClintock. M. Tonko. DeMuyt. Kane. Cook, Parker, Arsakularatna, Kwasinski, Carbee (Back) Kohl, Ptomev, 
^cAtee, Andersory, O'Malley, Doss 

By Suzanne Generous 

Lake Forest College has a new addition to 
'he Greek system this fall. Gamma Phi Ome- 
qa, a local chapter of Gamma Phi Beta was 
created to bring another social organization 
for the women of the campus. 

Marlene Rapp, '90, president and one of 
.he founding members of the sororit^i ex- 
olained the evolution of Gamma Phi. 
"Around the end of our sophomore yiear, a 
zouple friends and I decided that we wanted 
'o start something new. We didn 't feel that we 
Ht into the other residential groups. We want- 
id a group that was less limiting. We talked to 
^rofessor van Newenhizen last K^ear and she 
igreed to be our advisor. Then we faced 
2LAB (College Life Advisori> Board) to dis- 
:uss our plans and received our charter in 


Rapp believes that there was a need for 
another sororitx;. "We offer an alternative 
social outlet for women. Gamma Phi is com- 
munity/ service oriented. We work with 
Gorton community/ Center (uptown) and the 
Lake Forest Rec Center. We don t just have 
parties." Bev Moore', '90, agrees. She ex- 
plains "We have common goals that won't 
just get sidetracked into social functions. " 

Gamma Phi Omega is different, the mem- 
bers say, because of its diversity,/. Moore be- 
lieves that because the sorority/ is "so new and 
different, we could fashion our own style and 
didn't have to be a clique. You can be y/our- 
self and still co-exist with this wonderful 
group. Our strength is our diversity/. " Brenna 
Carbee states, "I pledged because it was so 

diverse. There are all different ty/pes of peo- 
ple. We have athletes and minorities." Rapp 
continues the list by/ emphasizing the different 
groups: "A couple of us are musicians, we 
have a number of members of the Residential 
Staff. There are GA representatives. " 

Gamma Phi is housed in Harlan. Roby/n 
Askelof, '90, doesn't mind. "We've done a 
lot of work down there, and it looks really; 
good. "I kind of like it." Rapp agrees. "We 
were disappointed when we didn't get the 
Gregory/ lounge. Harlan is small but we will 
get to use the double space lounge so that will 
be better. " 

Rapp said, "Last y/ear 1 was skeptical that 
we would never get off the ground. But now 
that it's finally/ taken shape, I am so ready/ for 
this to work. Every/one is so excited. " 

Organizations 21 9 

Alpha Chi 

(Front) /zzy Ortiz. Don Staerkel, Tex Lowenburg. Ted Handler. And}; ^'PP (Second) Alex Diehl. Shawn Danhouser. Wiil Khedler. 
Steue Bernstein, Wtli Thomas. Jason Reeves. Chris Pruett, Ted Martin. Mark Peebles. Marcus Jurema (Back) Matt Barnard. Travis 
R[;an. Chris Larsen. Ted Dever. Earl Oimstead 

Beta Triton 



220 Organizations 

Phi Pi Epsilon 

(Front)Na( Creamer. Paul Baldwin. Blake 
Chapman. Pat Hogan. Chel Elias. Mail Brou'ri 
(Second) Todd SuUiuan. John Christensen. Mark 
Joubert. Jerrv O'Neill. Sean O'Learv. Harris 
Glouer. Jejl Williams (Third) Dan Vaco. Al Amory. 
Dan Bracken. Mike Wazik. Bobby Grossman, Dave 
Szazvnski (Fourth) Frank Salvoni. Chris O'Neill. 
Chris Breakwell. Don Mastro. Paul Gibson. Peter 
Brighman. Eric Drometer (Back) Sean Gill. Kevin 
Delanev. Peter Whitlock. Mark Woudstra. Frank 
Buckley, Corey O'Connor 

The Brotherhood 

(Front) Will Green. Brian Ki/ey, Jay Ferrari. Colin Barbera. Mike Ma^i (Second) Ken Ottauiano. Matt McLaughlin. Chris Walsh. 
Jerry Barenbaum. James Goldman, Steve Pape. Scott Steiner. Tony Vigon. John Nugent. Will Fleming. Greg Phanery (Back) 
Jason Lenihan. Gary Francis. Erik Ahlquist. Chris Crespi. Larry Haskell, John Noonan. Dan Cole. Craig Salters. Scott Kapchinski. 
Joel Forney. Bill Winkler 

Organizations 221 



f^ '^#% 

Officers: Kimberli^ Martin Head Coordinator, Der\^k Thomas External Coordinator, 
Sharniece Spencer Internal Coordinator, Sandra Sims Treasurer, Roxanne Johnson Secretary. 

A.C.C.E.S.S. stands for African-Americans and Others Committed to an Open Community) for 
Equalitii, Cultural Sensitivity!, and Service. Formerly known as Black United and Concerned 
Students, or B.U.C.S. It began in the spring of 1989 as an effort to increase cultural awareness 
within the LFC commuinit^i. The goals of the organization are to educate the broader communitij, 
and to be a support mechanism for African-American students. Programs sponsored by 
A.C.C.E.S.S. include Big Brother /Sister Program. Black History Month, and Senior Send-Off. 
The entire campus community is welcome to participate in all activities. 

222 Organizations 

German Club 

(Front) Schroeder. Horovitz (Second) C. Gardner. Dillon. Frohn. Kordvlewski (Back) Lekouic, A. Gardner, 
Fischer, Grav Missing from picture: Tachkou, Borzon\;, Jensen. Streffling 

Hispanic Circle 

The Hispanic Circle, formerly the Spanish Club, is the 
most active foreign language organization. We sponsor a 
wide variety of actiuites ranging from social, cultruai and 
educational, in order to promote the understanding of 
the vast and rich Hispanic culture. Outings to restaurants 
like Tania's. the Black Tulip, and Bristol's familiarize 
students with Hispanic 'cusine' as well as Latin beats like 
salsa, merengue. and cumbia. The Brazilian Carnival in 
Chicago expoeses us to yet another type of dance, 
samba. This, our third year at the carnival, proved to be 
even better than the previous years. In December we host 
a traditional Pianata party where young and old try their 
luck at breaking the pinatas. while a Mariachi band adds a 
Mexican flavor the the festivity. We meet regularly for 
Spanish Table, thus allowing the participants in the Ma- 
drid program to practice the language before going 
abroad. Twice we have done a welcome-back party for 
those students returning from Madrid and Costa Rica. In 
the spring, we present Latin-American Week where local 
consuls or their representatives inform the LFC com- 
munity of current events in Latin America. In conjunction 
with the 1987 LFC graduate Maria Velex de Berliner, the 
Hispanic Circle sponsors an essay contest in Spanish. 
Several of us have visited junior highs and shared our 
experiences in Latim America with the students On 
several occasions we help at SAFE RIDE. We bring 
performers to Coffeehouse, so everyone can enjoy them. 
Last but not least, we always make sure to help our Latin 
American brothers when natural disasters hit them, as in 
the case of Hurricane Hugo in Puerto Rico. 
The Hispanic Circle wishes to thank Addriana Bonewitz 
for her continous support. 

(Front) lannone. Yamashita, Tiehen. Horovitz (Back) Minoque. Heilman. Ellsworth. Diaz. Cherrett. Thickstun. 

Organizations 223 


(Front) Sue Wagenoar Editor in Chief. Tricia Ptomey 
Layout Editor. Dede Gay (Back) Monique Macartney 
Cop); Editor, Scott Pozii 


(Front) Sudhesha Reddy Ad Manager. Maruin Hodge 
Photo Editor, Khsten Zook Circulation Manager 
(Second) Jan Allen Sports Editor. Melanie West 
Feature Editor. Craig Lepkowski Editor in-Chief. 
Susanne Generous News Editor (Back) Tim State 
Photo Editor 

(Front) Ben Bramwell. Lepkowskl. Allen 
(Second) Br\;ant, Zook. State. Reddy, Generous. 
Tonko (Back) Todd Blessing. Ke/Zy Penry, Nygaard. 
Shamas, Hodge, West. Jack O'Brien. Bob Hlauaclek, 
Brad Sauage 

« ??» f^ 

224 Organizations 


Garrick Board 

M. Ecdes. V. Shobris. J. Coieman. E. Wigenbach. T 
Graff. K McFarland 

Red and Black 

(Front) M West. A Th^nne. A Hast. S. Read. L 
Wright. C Bennett. S. Chon (Second) S, Gallagher. T 
Seifert. R Thomas, J. Mason. P Cooper. T. Shepple. 
C McComb (Back) S. Bachn^an, R. Pontow, M. 

Organizations 225 

student Government Officers 

President Paul Baldwin 

Vice President Laura Bancroft 

Treasurer Alex Diehl 

Model U,H. 

The LFC Model UN club attends two events. 
The first event is in earli/ February/ and is held 
at North Central College. It is a simulation oj\ 
the conference we will attend in late February 
(the second event). This conference, the Mid- 
West Model UN conference or MMUN is our 
main event. The time up to these events are 
spent in preparation. 

Front Sutherland, Hitter. Macartnei; Back Howes. Talhami. Campbell 

226 Organizations 

Amnesty International 

(Front) Krjjstal. Engle (Back) Lombardi. Hoag. Garuev. Macartnev 











(Front) Cassandra DeBoer. Paul Konzen. Yasuyo Nomura, Dana Lustio, Erich Rhvnhart (Second) Robin Coiner. 
Noelle Garuey. Landon Newcomet, Alan Gardner, John Fusilero (Back) Coladanci, Dwight Buchholz, Sarah Hoag. 
Kim McFarland. Lis Wright, Cathy Benton 

Organizations 227 

Residence Staff 

(Front) McCorkle. Matthew. Rapp. Moore. Martin 
(Second) M'ner, Ciai^ton. Sanguino. BramweU, 
Sutherland (Third) Bunn. Brewer, Sims. Nugent. 
Giese. Steinmann. Parker. Spencer. Fagan Back) 
Gentn;. Forne\^. Lindsey. Kapchinski. Seutour (Not 
Pictured) Brown. Kaurakis. Rwe\^emamu. Dorrnan. 
Lepkowski, Newcomet, Spohn. Loiiiong 

Peer Counselors 

(First) Tygar. Enichen. Niles. Budd. Krijstal (Second) 
Doss. MaCartneii. Zufjante. State, Bouck (Third) 
Ke//y, Newlin, Cleveland. Silberman. Stadheim, 
Heilman. Baldwin. Lisowski. Saiuoni (Back) Pozil. 
Sheplev. Lenihan 

228 Organizatiotris 



Organizations 229 


(Front)C. O'Gradv. K. C Kavanagh. L. Brewer, E 
Gillette, (Back)/?. Samperdil, J. Nugent, T. Connell, C. 

French Club 

Matt Bunn. Marisa Cas/iy, Li/y Diaz. Noelle Garue}^, 
Robin Kick, and Megan Mescheri;. 



230 Organizations 


students for Choice 




(Front)C Parent], M Cash\j, J Enichen, M. 
Macartney, L. Barber, H. O'Leary, T. Ptomev. (Back) 
M, West. S. Sa/o, 0, Reimer, S. Fricke. E. Budd, M. 
Ntles, M, Hunt, A. Shellv. W. Burks 

Organizations 231 

American Marketing Association 

Whip Burks- President 

Hanelle Culpepper-Vice-Presiderit 

Sandy Sims-Secretary /Treasurer 

Members: Scott Bramlng, Tom Burling. Julie DeMu\;t. 
Jennifer Dietz, Jennifer Ellis. Stephanie Epstein. Anna-Maria 
Frohn. Nicole Harper, Melissa Kemp. Carli^n Kiystal. Khs 
Landwer. Caroh^n Lueck. Monique Macartney;. Kendra Maher. 
Beu Moore, Eric Olson, Scott Pozil, Amy White, Randall 




(Front) Joe Miller (Back) Marcie Stenmark. Peter Hendrix. Kellii Penry, Alexis Thi/nne, Melanie West. Beth Engle, 
Elizabeth Gilette 

232 Organizations 



Ads 233 


To the Best Daughter Ever! 


Congratulations on this 

special day. 


EMra and 


234 Ads 

Take Time 

It is the price of success. 

It is the source of power. 

It is the secret of \^outh. 



It is the foundation of wisdom. 



It is the door to peace. 



It is better than pills. 



It is the music of the soul 



It is the road to happiness. 



It is the healer of tension. 



It is the highwai/ to the stars. 



It is the shortcut to unselfishness. 



It is the waxj to heaven. 

Tim does take time and we are very proud of him and his accomplishments during his four years at Lake Forest College. 

Love from your family. 

Margaret. Rocky, Rob. Katie, Mom, Dad, John, Dan, 
Chris, Mike, and TIM 

Ads 235 


Those four years sure flew 

fast. Congratulations on a 

well done and good luck for 

whatever you decide for the 


We love you, 

Mom and Dad Randazzo 

Congratulations to Jon 
and the class of '90 

Success in all endeavors- 
the best is yet to be 

Abby, Harvey and Matthew 

Congratulations to 


class of 1990 

Best Wishes, 
Edie + Peter Forrester 

Little Girl Grown 

Mondat^ 1 tied blue ribbons in her hair 

before she went to school. 

Tuesday; ! packed her teddy bear 

and she was off to camp. 

Frida]^ I drove her to college 

with her silver flute. 

Sunda[^ she moved to Manhattan 

with her fiance. 

Will the neighbors on East 35th Street 

please see that she doesn t dawdle 

on her wa]; to work? 

She's the one with the flute 

and the teddy bear 

and blue ribbons 

in her hair. 
Arlene L. Mandell 


To Megan — You have always made us so proud 
Love Mom, Dad, and Brett 

236 Ads 

Caroline Michelle Torrington 

You must have been a beautiful baby, 'cause baby, look at you 
now. We knew you could do it and YOU did. 

Mommy, Jim, Matthew, Manny, Pop, Uncle Gene, Cinnamon and 


Ads 237 

To the best son ani> Mother could have, 

To the best friend an\; Father could have, 

To the best big brother an}; sister could have. 

To the best role model anp little brother could have 

Youre all these things to us and more. 

Keep being \;ou, the one we love so 

verx; much! 

Mom, Dad, Stephanie and Jason 

238 Ads 


To The 
Only One 

We Love You 

Mom, Dad 

8t Bob 

'It's Good To 
Be The King 


Congratulations Tom 

We Love You 

Dad, Mom & Jay 


We Love You, 


Mother & Dad 


Ads 239 

Congratulations to Marina 
and the Class of '90 


Dr. and Mrs. Robin V/. Gipps 
and Family 

240 Ads 



Your adventures continue to grow, 
as you have. May you life provide 
Joy and vision. On to the view from 
Mt. Fuji! 

Love and best wishes from 


personal cheering section!! 

Mom, Oad, Shelly, Beth, 

Grandma McQueen and all of 


Ritter and McQueen families. 

Ads 241 




Kim, Mike and Brandon 
Grandma Wilber 

Larry, Carol, Sally, Phoebe and Jake 
Dad, Elaine, Patti and Bill 
Barb, Jeff, Cody and Jordan 
Jean, Otis and Bo 

Ken, Virginia, Tamera and Joe Wilcox 
Sharon, Kay, Sheri eind K.C. Thomas 
Mario Thomas 
Mr and Mrs Convery 
Tina Turner 
Patt and Mark Wallace 
Mary Cassett 

Mr and Mrs Strom, Bill and Mike 
Julia, Charleen, Suzanne and MaryJo 
Debbie and Jordan 
Georgia 0"Keeffe 
Heather Sherrick 
Bette Midler 
Bill Mitchell 

Frannie, Zooey and JD. 
Greg and Kristen Herman 
Laura Ingalls Wilder 
Nance and Christia 
Hawkeye Pierce and Radar 
Beverly Benner 
Edward Weston 

Dick, Joan, Beav and John Deyoe 
Andy Warhol 

G, Danial and Faye Warren 
Richard Saul Wurman 
Keri, Flobin and Ann 
Steve Martin 

Martha Iverson and John Stewart 
Gloria Steinem 
Deirdre and Niall Boggs 
Robin Williams 
Carol Jones 
Alice Walker 

Lyie and Mickey Kofed and boys 
Jim Nitz 
Jim Dorr 

Claude, Edgar and Edouard 
Jeff and Linda Manning 
Oprah Winfrey 
Kerry McMenus 
The Cast of "Car 54' 


so MoiiiU HupcAvcr.uc, Protidcncc, Rl 02906 

ATrcalmcnl and Educaliona! Faciiily 

For Children and Young Adulli 

\\'i\h Aulism and Olhcr Behavioral Disordt-rs 















.^M *.-.,r. . ^.^ -,-,._-..,. ■..-..-^.^,.y; ,i^,^.,.,.,^,^„ ,,,,;<, ,,y,r, 

■.,'.uf..i..ii.i. I ..,;:.* (Vl;^-.'.'. .':. i'i7i^fi,../;v!?,w-,.'.J-,,-.»';---l'-.-ii!'-:.i.-"v.^>;-v''A>"- 


242 Ads 



From the purple cotton blanket to i^our sheepskin college diploma, CONGRATULATIONS, from i;our famili; who are so proud of 

\^ou and \,iour accomplishments. Ma\; almighty God bless ];ou alwa\js. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Michelle, Valentin, and Mark. 

Dear Beth, 

We've alwaiis been proud of \^ou and wish pou much 

happiness in life. Remember f;our first dajj of school? 


Mom and Winston 

Love always. 
Mom and Dad 

Ads 243 





244 Ads 

Ads 245 


A daughter fills 
the heart with a 
special kind of 

i w 


We are so proud of i/our accomplishments 

and know i;our future will be happu and 

successful. We love iiou Mom & Dad, Ja]j & 


246 Ads 

Dear Michael, 

For what is a man 

What has he got 

If not himself 

Then he has not 

To sai; the things he trufy feels 

And not the words of one who kneels 

I faced it all and I stood tall 

And did it my wai; 

-From the song Mp Way 

Keep on doing things "your waxj. " 

With pride and all our love, 

Dad, Mom, and Niki 

Ads 247 

Congratulations Am\j. . . 

We are so proud of yiou and all 

i/ou achievements. 

Just remember the best is yet 

to come- 
Much love, 
Mom + Dad 

There Was A 
Little Girl. . . 

Congratulations Elizabeth. 
We are very proud of you. 
Much love. 
Mom and Dad 

Compliments of 
Circle Mine Ranch 
Pinedale, Wyoming 

Dear Lis, 

May you always keep the sparkle 

in your eyes. 

Congratulations and all my love, 


"Besides nature, there is art: music, 
painting, literature, the great themed 
symphonies and the heart-soothing 
songs, the museum canvasses aglovu 
with fancy-haunting figures and scenes; 
plays, stories, poems, in which we may 
live other lives besides our own-infinite 
treasures in life's little room spread out 
to delight the appreciative soul! 

Sabrina, you have been the infinite 
treasure that has delighted and blessed 
our life's little room. 
Congratulations-we love you! 
Mom, Josh, Hillary, Stephany and Dad 



You 're ready to face the world. Congratulations, Jayne. 


Dad, Mom, and Julie 

248 Ads 

Congratulations Danielle 

May 12, 1990 

It isn't the pictures we love, it's the moments they make us 



Mom & Dad 

Ads 249 

Onii/ i)ou, Sharia can truly know the special meaning of this da^;, the wa\j i;ou've cared, the memories shared, the happy hours along the 

way. the good and the bad. This comes to show that others remember its importance too, and wish much happiness today and everyday 

for you. 

Our hue, 

Mom, Dad, Phillip, Becky, Grandma, Pappaw, Granny, PaPa, Aunt Joye and Uncle Carl 

Never grow a wishbone, daughter 
where your backbone ought to be 
-Clementine Paddleford 

Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step, 

only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find his right 


-Dag Hammarskjold 

250 Ads 




Congratulations. Tina! 

Best wishes for Happiness and Success in \;ears to come. All i;our 
hard work has paid off. We are so proud of ];ou. God bless iiou 
toda^/ and everyday of your life. 

Love Mom and Dad. 

OX OX ox ox 

Ads 251 



Best of Luck 

to the 
Class of 1990 

252 Ads 

Clothing You Can Live in When 
You Abandon the Comforts of Home 

When i>ou wear Timberland, the onl^/ 
thing i>ou have to abandon are ani^ 
preconceptions \^ou mai> have that the 
durabi}iti> and craftsmanship come at 
the expense of comfort and style. 

Water-resistant leathers to hand-knit 
sweater; wool and corduroi; trousers 
to flannel and denim shirts; clothes 
that offer the comforts of home, and 
the workmanship of Timberland. 

'Dmboiaiiij ^ 

J.IV. Blaine's Ltd. 

Located at: 662 N. Western Avenue, Lake Forest, IL 60045 

Store Hours: 9:00-6:00 M-T-W; 9:00-8:00 Th; 9:00-5:00 F-S 
Additional Hours by appointment Telephone: 295-0200 

Organizations 253 



You have tra\/eled a long path, 

worked hard, and made us ver^ 

proud. May you continue on your 

way, dream and only know 


We Love You 
Dad, Mom, Debby, and Amy 



254 ADS 

Kra f ft Dru ^ Store 




"^ ~^l^t■T*^-^^^ — s=r 

Established 1905 

675 N. FOREST AVENUE, 234-2200 
Corner of Southgate & Forest Ave. 

Open 7 Days • Mon. - Fri. 8 - 7, Sat. 9 - 6, Sun. 9 - 1 


CLASS OF 1990 


Serving Lcikt Forest 
sinct 1922. . . 

OFFICE SUPPLIES. , from paper clips lo 
computer supplies, we have one of the most 
extensive inventories on the North Shore, 
with everything you'll need for the home, 
office or school. 

SOCIAL STATIONERY. . . select from a 
complete array of the most unusual, tra- 
ditional or contemporary, open stock of cus- 
tom pnnted featunng papers by Crane and 
Eaton, plus party and wedding invitations. 

ARTIST SUPPLIES. , . from oils to acrylics, 
poster board to easels. Stock picture frames 
and photo albums too. 

DLES, and PARTY GOODS to fit every 

SERVICE. . . Xerox copy service with three 
machines; FAX iransmissiion service to re- 
ceive or send documents almost anywhere in 
the world, goldstamping and engraving ser- 
vice done in our own shop, and the kind of 
personal attention you deserve. 


, Inc. 


Ads 255 

As long as we keep dreaming. 
We can take anything that comes our way. 
Rain or Shine, All the Time. 
We have each other, sharing our laughter 
and love. 



We are very proud of 


May your future be filled 

with joy and love. 

Mom, Dad and David 

256 Ads 


Box 60, Little St. Mary's Road 
' Mettawa, IL 60048 

Ads 257 


We congratulate i;ou on i;our successful completion of four \;ears 
in the school of education at Lake Forest College. You have 
exhibited courage, desire, determination and guts to accomplish such 
high levels of performance and accomplishment. We are so proud of 
you and know i^ou will succeed equally; as well in ^lour chosen 

We love you, 

Dennis and Pat 

Proud Parents. 

258 Ads 



^zBtinv IB not a matUt ct t}}anu, 

Jt is a matter of choice; 

Jt i0 not a tiling to hz toaiteJr for, 

Jt 10 a ii)ing to te atWH^. 

William Jennings Bryan 


Suzy and Damn 

Ads 259 


We love you. 

Mama and Grandpa 


We are so proud of i;ou. 

Siga a frente corajosamente, porque a victoria 

sorri somente aqueles que nao param no meio 

da estrada. 

With much hue 

Mom, Dad, Gramma, Grampa, and Lih. 

Gregory John Kreitner 

An achiever — in Scouts, music, basketball, and most 

importantli; in becoming a fine human being. It has 

been exciting being part of ^our life! We hue i^ou! 

Mom and Tim 










Market Square 
Lake Forest 
Phone 234-0201 





Ralph Lauren Polo 


260 Ads 




- -' ^ ' ^ ■• . -- 

Class of 1990 

The Forester Staff 

Ads 261 



Kathi;, Tricia, 
Monique, and Sue 

262 Ads 

Lingere and Maternity 


192 Westminster 

Lake Forest, IL 60045 


THofUiet SiftMftc PASTRIES 

Phone 234-0023 ■ 720 Norlhwcstcrn Avenue ■ Lake 
Forest, Illinois 60045 ■ Open Mon-Sal 6 a.m. — 6 p.m. 




Join the Staff! 


Sue Wagenaar 

Boh 1110 

imB hB iP^©i ©@yLE) 11 Y(Q)y^©B 

(o)mD(^ f@m Dflfe© ii® 


[P[i0[bDD©D2(i f@m ©irgjillnlDgilfiDODill' 

©®[niiiii(gfJ ©M© Wiig©[iiiiigi[rs i©x HDIl®, ©r i@© 

Ads 263 

264 Closing 

Closing 265 


Abbott, Stephen Mclead . . ^ ^ 

Abunassar, John . . 186, 187 
Adams, Amy Lee , . 90, 248 
Adams, Heather Elizabeth ^ ^ ^ 

113, 118 
Adams, Jim ... 30, 198, 219 

Affias, Sara 30 

Ahlquist, Erik .... 198, 221 

Aiello, James 191 

Alexander, Nicole 202 

Allen. Janet . . 40, 210, 224, 


Alulis, Joesph 20 

Amory, Al 221 

Anderson, Kristin . 35, 212, 


Ang. Kris 204 

Angeli. Nicole .... 202, 207 
Angelopulos, Chris .... 191 

Aray, Angie 66, 76, 218 

Arenson, Shelley 254 

Armstrong, Darrell .... 191 

Arnald, Douglas L 151 

Arnold, Darci 218 

Arsakularatna, Dil 219 

Ashley, Mary 27 

Askelof , Robyn L . . . . 113, 

117, 219 
Atwater, Richard 191 


Baade, Robert A 20 

Bachman, Scott ... 35, 225 
Backus, Sean Bryan .... 81 

Bahr, William 30 

Baksinski, Adrienne . . 127, 

Baldwin, Katherine .... 218 
Baldwin, Paul 40, 221, 

226, 228 

Ballard, Kendra 87 

Bancroft, Laura . . 218, 226 

Barber, Liz 231 

Barbera, Colin .... 40, 186, 

191, 221 
Barenbaum, Jerry 191, 


Barishaw, Scott 188 

Barnard, Matt .... 186, 220 

Barrett, Sandra 40 

Barrientos, Tracy . . 48, 168 

Bartletta, Lydia 30 

Beard, Julie 35 

Bell, Heather 30 

Bellios, Christopher 30 

Bendery, Donald 191 

Bennett, Ann .... 209, 212 

Bennett, Christopher . . . 35, 

Bennett, Kenneth C ... 20, 


Benton, Cathy 20, 227 

Bernard, Bruce .... 20, 187 

Berndt, Kim 209 

Bernstein, Steve 220 

Berry, Patricia Vaughn 

145, 147, 218, 242 

Berry, Porter 30 

Best, Anastacia .... 66, 73, 


Best, Stacy 66 

Billeisen, Scott 196 

Birling, Jody 207, 212 

Birotte, Patrick 186 

Blankner, Mike .... 30, 194 
Blessing, Todd ... 56, 224 

Boldt, Ethan 30 

Boltz, Greg 192 

Bopp, Ruthane 20 

Borders, Susan 30 

Borzony, Kai 40 

Bouck, Colleen . . 209, 218, 


Bower, Tamela J 128 

Bowman, Doug 196 

Bozich, Sandy .... 202, 204 
Bracken, Dan .... 193, 221 
Braming, Scott . . . 193, 232 
Bramwell, Ben 194, 224, 


Brandt, Paul 20 

Breakwell, Chris . . 196, 221 

Brennan, Elizabeth 84 

Brewer, Lisa 228, 230 

Briggs, Martha 19 

Brighman, Peter . . 186, 221 

Brock, Lisa 20 

Brodell, Andrew T .... 109 
Brown, Laurie . . 66, 68, 218 
Brown, Matthew . 132,221, 
228, 238 
Bryant, Elizabeth . . 40, 209, 
218, 224 
Bryn, Jason A . . . . 122, 198 

Buchholz, Dwight 227 

Buckhoff, Matthew .... 152 
Buckley, Frank . . . 186, 221 
Budd, Emily . . 209, 228, 231 
Bunn, Matthew ... 35, 228, 

Burian, Allyson L . . 66, 67, 

Burks, Whip . . 40, 231, 232 

Burks, William 40 

Burling, Thomas . 161,162, 

191, 232 

Bushby-Smith, Elizabeth . . . 


Butler, Maurice 191 

Butterworth, Bill 20 


Campbell, Steve 226 

Cannon, Erin 30 

Caplice, Matthew 186 

Capone, Cara-Mier .... 218 

Carbee, Brenna .. 113,115, 

219, 239 

Carlus, Theodore 18 

Carmony, Lowell 21 

Carnes, Pack 21 

Carnow, Scott 40 

Carr, Courtney 73 

Carr, John . . . 161, 165, 191 

Carson, Juliet 30, 223 

Cartwright, Anne 218 

Cashy, Marissa . . . 35, 230, 


Chandler, Holly 40 

Chapman, Blake Edward . . . 
134, 193, 196, 221 

Chauvin, Corrina 40 

Chcrrctt, Amy . . . 136, 223 

Chon, Steve 225 

Christensen, John .... 221 
Christopher, Phillip ... 30, 


Clark, Ellison 218 

Clarke, James 31, 194 

Clayton, Janniece . . 40, 228 
Cleveland, Tracy . 218, 228 

Cochran, Matt 191 

Coiner, Robbin Lee . . . 144, 


Cojulun, Tanya 89 

Coladanci, Tom 227 

Coldwell, Matt 225 

Cole, Dan 191, 221 

Coleman, Jennifer .... 124, 


Collins, Steve 196 

Collopy, Carrie 30 

Colte, Paul 30 

Conley.Rob 121, 198 

Connell, Hugh 50, 230 

Cook, Skip . . 194, 210, 219 

Cooper, Philippa 225 

Costa, Allegra 31 

Courts, Jen 202 

Cowler, Rosemary 21 

Crawford, Suzanne .... 40, 

Creamer, Nathaniel . . . 130, 


Crcspi, Christopher J 161, 

166, 186, 200, 221, 251 

Crossman, Robert Michael . . 

134, 196, 221 

Culpepper, Hanelle .... 35, 

Cummings, Courtney ... 35 
Cummisford, Robert . . . 104 

Curran, Noreen M . . . . 145, 
148, 254 

Curtiss, Audrey 21 

Cutler, Earle 55, 186 


Dameshek, Laurie 
Danhouser, Shawn 

Dau, Michael 

Day, Corbin 

Day, Peter 

DeBoer, Bradley C 
DeBoer, Cassandra 
Decker, Mary . . . . 
Delaney, Kevin . . 

Delosreyes, Paul P 
DeMuyt, Julie . . . . 










193, 196, 


... 151 

36, 219, 


... Ill 

193, 196 

... 220 

DeNoma, Elizabeth 
Desmond, Bryan . 

Dever, Ted 

Diaz, Lilly 223, 230 

Dick, Nigel G 107 

Diehl, Alex . . 194, 220, 226 

Dietz, Jennifer 232 

Dillon, Mary 223 

DIabay, Les 21 

Dobro, Danielle S .... 145, 
148, 218, 249 

Doleski, Wayne 19 

Donnally, Bailey 21 

Dorman, Hurst .... 96, 228 
Doss, Andrea . 36, 219, 228 

Doss, Bonita 31 

Douglass, Carl . . . 186, 187 

Dow, Kristen 218 

Doyle, Jeff 106, 186 

Dozier, Desmond 31 

Drometer, Eric . . . 193, 221 

Drumm, Carrie 31 

Duckstad, Margie A . . . 66, 


DuPerry, Harvey 191 

Dye, Richard 21 


Early, Sue 209 

Ebner, Michael A 22 

Eccles, Margot 225 

Edwards, Laurie 19 

Elias, Chester G . . 132, 221 

Ellis, Jennifer 232 

Ellman, Gayla 150 

Ellsworth, Tim 223 

Ellsworth, Timothy P . 107, 

Engle, Elizabeth Anne . . 57, 

266 Index 


227, 232, 243 
Enichen, Julie . . . 218, 228, 


Epstein, Stephanie 65 

Eskilson, Arlene 22 

Evans, Jenifer Camille . . 123 

Evans, Yume L 52, 86 

Exarhou, Laura 218 


Faber, Roger 22 

Pagan, Anthony ... 36, 202, 
209, 228 

Farber, Carrie 41 

Fauli, Raul 53 

Feldman, Nancy 202 

Fell, Anne Marie . . . 66, 71, 


Fenton, Carter 193 

Ferrari, Jay ... 41, 191, 221 

Field, Lydia 31 

Fischer, C Richard 22 

Fischer, Paul 22 

Fisher, Tami 31, 210 

Fleming, Will 221 

Fogelson, Phillip 194 

Ford, Heidi 19 

Ford, Susan 66, 70, 218 

Forgus, Ronald 22 

Forney, Joel . 36,191,221, 


Forrester, Lindie . . . 66, 74, 

218, 236 

Fox, Sandra 22 

Francis, Gary . . . 191, 198, 


Frankel, Phylis 22 

Frataloni, Dave 193 

Fricke, Sarah . 41, 218, 231 

Friedley, Melanie 218 

Frohn, Anna-Maria .... 82, 
223, 232, 251 

Frost, Curtis 59, 194 

Funck, Megan . . . 145, 149, 

Fusilero, John .... 153, 227 


Gagen, Neal 39, 41 

Gallagher, Sarah 225 

Galloway, Jonathan .... 22 

Gardner, Alan 223, 227 

Gardner, Colin 223 

Gardner, Henry A 142 

Gardner, Jessica 31 

Garneau, Jean-Luc 23 

Garvey, Noelle ... 64, 227, 

Gassmere, Donald . 36, 191 

Gassmere, JoAnne 41 

Gay, Dede 31, 224, 272 

Gayle, Carol 23 

Gebhardt, Ann .... 31, 212 
Generous, Susanne .... 224 

Gentry, Brian 36, 228 

George, David 23 

Germain, Marsha 31 

Gibbons, Maureen .... 218 

Gibbs, Joan 19 

Gibson, Paul 188, 221 

Giese, Jennifer . . . 36, 200, 
207, 228 

Gill. Sean 221 

Gillette, Elizabeth 230, 


Gipps, Marina 84, 240 

Glover, Harry 221 

Goldman, James . 126,161, 


Goltermann, Louis 31 

Goluboff , Benjamen .... 23 

Gooch, Callie 78 

Gordon, Jeremy 49 

Gorham, Nancy Adair . . 112 

Grabow, Paula A 88 

Grabow, Vanya 214 

Grabowski, Paul 191 

Graff, Tom 223, 225 

Gray, Clayton 23, 223 

Grayson, Lornell 198 

Green, Will 221 

Greenfield, Robert 23 

Griffith, Jeff 161, 162, 


Grippando, Jill 61 

Grippo, Dave 196 

Grisham, Gertrude 23 

Groot, Debbie 127 

Gross, Troy A 109 

Gummere, Francis 18 

Guthrie, Durkin Joseph . . 54 

Harriss, Lisa 47 

Haskell. Larry .. 161,167, 
200, 221 

Hast. Ann 60, 225 

Haugan, Anthony 105 

Hazelton, Keith 24 

Hazelton, Sara 210 

Heard, Matt 186 

Hearn, Cathlyn A .... 145, 

146, 218, 256 

Heilman, Wendy . . 31, 223, 


Heisen, Marc 186 

Hendrix, Peter . . . 142, 232 
Henningfeld, Kris 41,209, 

Hettinger, Michael J . . . 108 

Hill, Andy 194 

Hill, Peter Bigelow 101 

Hill, Thomas 36 

Hirsch, Richard . . 161, 165, 

Hlavaclek, Bob . . . 194, 224 

Hoag. Sarah 227 

Hodge, Marvin .... 36, 224 

Hoffman, Natalie 89 

Hogan, Denis Todd .... 131 
Hogan, Patrick John . . 131, 


Holliday, Robert L 24 

Holmes, Tracey 41 

Holzer, Amy 204 

Hood, Valerie 96, 160 

Horovitz, David ... 50, 223 

Hotchkiss, Eugene 18 

Houghton, Jocelyne .... 31 

Howes, Worth 226 

Hudson, Brent 198 

Hultgren, Amy 31 

Hunt, Matt ... 36, 231, 272 

Husson, George 196 

Huster, James .... 167, 191 
Hyde, Karyn 31 

H I 

Hafenscher, Kathy .... 202 

Haines, David 41, 191 lannonc, Sonya .... 31, 223 

Hammond, Mark 200 Ireland, John 36 

Handler, Ted .... 186, 220 

Hanke, Tammy ... 114, 202 T 

Hansen, Forest 23 ft 

Harder, Elizabeth 248 

Harding, Lisa 31 Ja«n«S' Katherine L . . . . 125 

Harley, Dan 198 Jenkins, Sabrina M . . . 123, 

Harmon, Judith 23 

Harmon, Kelly 143 Jensen, Erika 36,210 

Harper, Elizabeth Anne J«*>"3. Tung 24 

137 248 Johnson, Amy Lynn . . 66, 

Harper, Nicole 232 

Harris, Bruce 188 Johnson, Roxanne .... 222 

Harris, Jody 36 Johnson, Steve ... 191,200 

Joubert, Mark 221 

Jurema, Marcus 220 


Kalata, Eric 191 

Kane, Kimberly .... 41, 219 
Kapchinski, Scott .... 221, 

Kardylewski, Marek .... 32 
Karnicki, Mike ... 110, 196 

Kash, Michael 24 

Kavanagh, K C 230 

Kay. Katherine Mary . . . 103 

Keller, Shelly . . . 202, 208, 

209, 212 

Kellogg, James 53 

Kelly. Richard 24 

Kelly. Seana 228 

Kemp, Melissa 232 

Kenney, Kathleen 36 

Kick, Robin 36, 230 

Kildare. Lynne .... 64, 258 

Kiley, Brian 221 

Kindelan, Lazaro 31 

King, Bruce 19 

King. Charles Parsons . . 102 
Kirkland. Rebecca . . . 140, 


Kirschner, Stacy 210 

Klingbeil. Laura 24 

Knapp. Warren 31, 272 

Koeller. Rita 19 

Kohl. Kathleen . 39, 41, 219 

Konzen, Paul 227 

Kordylewski, Marek . . . 32, 


Kourakis, Anna 228 

Koyama, Ayumi 32 

Kramer, Dave 191 

Kramer, Gretl 19 

Krapa, Donna 86 

Kreitner, Greg 198 

Kreitner, Gregory J ... 120 

Kriedler, Will 220 

Krstyal, Carlyn . . . 32, 227, 
228, 232 

Kumar, Puja 32 

Kwasinski, Carole .... 219 


Lach, Joeal 32 

Landwer, Kris 232 

Lane, Traci 208, 209 

Lans, Erick Stone . . 62, 194 

Larsen, Christopher A . . 97, 

98, 220, 230 

Larsen, Laura 85 

LaSalle, Michelle 218 

Lawlcr, Bill 188 

Lazurio, Tony 193 

Index 267 

Lee, Jennifer 36 

Lekovic, Gregory . . 32, 223 

LeMahieu, Dan L 24 

Lenihan, Jason . . . 191, 221 

Leondard, Peggy 19 

Lepinski, Sarah . . 209, 218 

Lepkowski, Craig . 36,194, 

224, 228 

Lescinskas, Brian .... 191, 


Leasing, Abba 24 

Levine, Jonathan , . . 58, 236 
Levitsky, Elizabeth . . . 209, 


Lewis, Valerie 32, 209 

Libert, Bethany A . . 80, 209 

Licht, Laura 91 

Lindsey, Phillip 36, 228 

Lisowski, Duane . . 47, 168, 


Loliyong, Kica 228 

Lombard!, Louis 24 

Lombardo, John R 83 

Lovett, Donald 25, 27 

Lowenberg, Tex . . 194, 220 

Lowery, William 18 

Ludlow, Karen 19 

Luebbers, Matt . . . 194, 210 
Lueck, Carolyn . . . 36, 232, 

Lukasevicius, Tanya Andrea 


Lustio, Dana 227 

Lynch, Susan 138 


Macartney, Moniquc . . . 35, 

37, 224, 226, 227, 228, 

231, 232, 272 

Madden, Michelle 93 

Madden, Patrick 32 

Maher, Kendra .... 41, 232 
Maher, Mary Patricia . . . 81, 


Marcus, Joesph 41 

Mardis, Diane 202 

Marinez, Gabrielle 33 

Marra, Thomas .. 161,164, 

Martin, Kimberly . 119, 222, 


Martin, Ted 193, 220 

Martin, William 25 

Masella, Karen ... 116, 157 

Mason, Joanna 225 

Massey, Julie 19 

Mastro, Don 221 

Matheson, Bradford . . . 42, 


Mathis, Laura 33 

Matthew, Janet '228 

Matthews, Greg . . 106, 198 

May, Mike 221 

McAtee, Nancy 219 

McCarthy, Chris 196 

McClain, Molly 218 

McClintock, Laurel 113, 

116, 159, 219 

McComb, Colin .... 42, 225 

McCorkle, Galen 228 

McCoy, Jim 39 

McDonald, Craig . . 196, 200 

McDonald, Janet 214 

McFarland, Kim . . 225, 227 
McLaughlin, Matt 191, 

200, 221 
Meenan, Laurie . . . 209, 218 
Meenan, Susan .... 66, 71, 


Meinel, Peggy 37, 212 

Mendez, Ana 126 

Merrill, Bill 54 

Meschery, Megan .... 141, 


Metyk, Kelly 218 

Metz.Sue 218 

Michaels, Claire 25 

Mikulsky, Rosanne . . 66, 79 

Miller, Arthur 19 

Miller, Charles A 25 

Miller, Joe 232 

Miller, Meredith 218 

Miller, Ron 18, 19, 25 

Miller, Vesheta 33 

Miner, Rebecca L . 128, 228 
Minogue, Jennifer . . 33, 223 

Mita, Audra Lynn 150 

Mitchell, Alex 25 

Mitchell, Kiley Kaye ... 66, 
78, 218 

Monahan, Melissa 94 

Monroe, Mina 218 

Monzeglio, Chip 193 

Moore, Beverly A .... 113, 
117, 219, 228,232 
Moore, Michael .... 42, 193 
Moran, Patricia .... 42, 207 
Morrison, Jill . 42, 207, 212 

Morton, Scott 191 

Moskoff , Leah 95 

Moskoff , Rachael 209 

Moskoff, Sarah 143 

Mullins, Jo Lynne 48 

Murdico, Susan 66, 72 

Murray, Michael . . 122, 247 

Mustafa, Marcie 212 

Mutaquee, Otis 198 

Muto, Jessica 33 


Nakaumura, Yumi 42 

Nawara, David M 121 

Nelson, Deborah Ann ... 92 

Nelson, Mark 25 

Neumann, Kim 212 

Newcomet, Landon . . 227, 


Newlin, Hilary 37, 210, 

218, 228 

Nigro, Jessica 66, 72 

Niles, Michelle . . . 218, 228, 

Nomura, Yasuyo . . . 37, 227 
Noonan, John .... 191, 221 

Norton, Cynthia 218 

Nuebel, Laurie 218 

Nugent, John . . . 161, 166, 

221, 228, 230 

Nygaard, Shawn 224 


OBrien, Jack 191, 224 

O Brien, Kelly 43, 200, 

O Connor, Corey . 193, 221 

O Grady, Cornelia 230 

O Leary, Heather 231 

O Leary, Sean 196, 221 

O Malley, Kimberly .... 38, 

202, 219 

O Neill, Chris 221 

O Neill, Jerry 221 

Oechiato, Jim 33 

Olmstead, Earl . . . 198, 220 

Olsen, Lynn 33 

Olson, Eric ... 38, 196, 232 
Olson, Steven .... 140, 156 

Ori, Simona 218 

Ortiz, Izzy 191, 220 

Ostendorf, Esslie . . 66, 69, 

202, 218 
Ottaviano, Kenneth . . . 38, 

191, 221 
Ouhrabka, Tim 196 


Packel, Edward 25 

Paetow, Brian 105 

Palmer, Katherine L . . 141, 

Pape. Steve . 161, 163, 191, 


Papish, Susannah 33 

Papp, Jayne Elizabeth . 113, 
115, 219, 248 

Parekh, Mehul 191 

Parenti, Chris 218, 231 

Parker, Lisa . 218, 219, 228 
Parker, Marcie 35 

Parola, Todd 192, 193 

Parziale, Tricia 272 

Peebles, Mark W . . 97, 98, 

Peirson, Stefan . . . 192, 193 

Penry, Kelly 224, 232 

Perkins, Durinda 43 

Perron, Stephen D . 59, 243 
Peterson, Susan Marie . . 92 

Phanery, Greg 221 

Pittman, Latasha 33 

Pohle, Kevin L 82 

Poklar, Tina 218 

Pontow, Rob 198, 225 

Popow, Anthony 33 

Posick, Priscilla . . 139, 202, 
208, 212, 246 

Powers, Kristy 33 

Pozil, Scott . . 33, 224, 232, 


Prime, Alex 218 

Pruett, Chris 193, 220 

Ptomey, Tricia .... 35, 38, 

214, 219, 224, 231, 272 

Pyle, David 35 


Quinn, Erin 191 


Raab, Sarah E . . . 145, 147, 


Ranallo, Traci 33, 214 i 

Randazzo, Laura Elizabeth . . 

102, 236 

Rapp.Marlene ... 113,114, 

155, 168, 219, 228 

Rauch, Jennifer Lynn 145, 

146, 204, 218 

Raynor, Sarah 204 

Read, Alexander 225 

Ream, Elizabeth .... 66, 70, 


Reddy, Sudheshna 224 

Redfield, Rick 186 

Reeves, Jason 194 

Reid, Brooke Russell . . . 66, 


Reilly, Heather 33, 204 

Reimer, Danielle 231 

Rhynhart, Erich . . 153, 227 

Ricci, Daniel 58 

Richmond, Laurel Cameron 


Rickard, Glenn 191 

Rieck, Stacy 38 

Rigamer, Catherine 57 

Ripp, Andy 194, 220 

Rittcr, Mark . . 80, 226, 241 

268 Index 

Roberts, David 33 

Roberts, Jennifer 200 

Robinson, Lyietta Kai . . 135 
Robinson, Marie Evelyn .... 

Rodriguez, Marietta . . 124, 


Roemer, Kris 43, 191 

Rogers, Sharon ... 38, 202, 


Rose, Mark 186 

Rosen, Emily 33 

Rosin, Jamie 186 

Ross, Alexia 43, 218 

Ross, Lisa 200 

Rweyemamu, Mike .... 228 

Ryan, Thomas 18 

Ryan, Travis C .... 97, 99, 
194, 220 


Sadri, Ahmad 25 

Safo, Shaw 231 

Salters, Craig .... 43, 191, 


Salvoni, Frank . . . 193, 196, 

221, 228 

Sanperdil, Rich ... 152, 230 

Sanchez, Jeff 118 

Sanguino, Michelle .... 228 
Sarmiento, Angelika . . . 65, 


Saul, Eric 193 

Sautter, Michael Charles .... 


Savage, Brad 38, 224 

Schaye, David 193 

Scheurell. Kelly ... 38, 210 

Schoen, Lawrence 26 

Schroeder, Henry .... 104, 


Schultz, Nicole 38 

Schulze, Lukus 95 

Schurell, Kellie 38 

Sciiwartz, Marianne Baker . . 

Scribner, Dave . . . 186, 200 

Segreti, Ralph 46 

Seifert, Elizbeth ... 38, 225 

Selby, Greg 193 

Seviour, Scott 228 

Shafer, Vanessa Ill 

Shatnas, Kristin 224 

Shelley, Amy 38, 231 

Shepley, Ethan A 108 

Shepple, Terry . . . 212, 225 
Sherman, Lisa Michelle 


Shields, George 26 

Shobris, Victoria ... 85, 225 
Silberman, Sam ... 33, 228 

Silva, Miguel 191 

Sims, Sandra .... 222, 228, 

Simshauser, Katherine . . 43 

Slaats, Jackie 212 

Slader, Christie 200 

Slaughter, Tim ... 186, 187 

Slavin, Dan 196 

Smith, Cynthia Christine .... 

125, 256 

Smith, Rand 26 

Soforenko, Nik 186 

Sommers, Roger 194 

Soter, Margrct 19 

Specht, Kristine .... 33, 209 
Spencer, Sharniece ... 119, 

222, 228 

Speros, George 18 

Spohn, Jennifer J .... 145, 
149, 210, 218, 228 

Sprecher, S 218 

Stadheim, Barb 228 

Staerkel, Donald H . 97, 99, 

194, 220 
Stanimirovic, Sonja .... 38 

Stanley, Ethan 33 

State, Timothy ... 33, 194, 

224. 228 
Stauffacher, Lisa . . 38, 212 
Steiner, Scott .... 191, 221 
Steinmann, Sharla . 66, 79, 

228, 250 

Stemmler, Michael 38 

Stenmark, Marcie . . 34, 232 

Stern, Samantha 34 

Stevens, Louis 46 

Stitt, Kathryn 61 

Stoeckel, Dan 193 

Stotts, Brenda 204 

Strawbridge, Drew .... 191 

Stroh, Linda 26 

Stross, Larisa .... 208, 209 

Sullivan, Kate 43 

Sullivan, Kelly-Anne . . . 43, 


Sullivan, Meg 68 

Sullivan, Mike 196 

Sullivan, Todd . . 130, 186, 


Sundberg, Jeff 26 

Sutherland, Julie P . 66, 77, 

218, 228 
Sutherland, Tiffany ... 38, 


Swift, Blake 51, 186 

Szazynski, David .... 133, 

196, 221 

Tachkov, Helen Jordan 


Tadano, Fumiko 34 

Talbot, Elizabeth 34 

Talhami, Ghada 26 

Tarandy, Nicole . . 43, 208, 

. 209, 210 

Thomas, Deryk . . . 198, 222 

Thomas, Robin 225 

Thomas, Will 220 

Thynne, Alexis ... 34, 225, 


Tico, Chis 200 

Tiehen, Laura Katherine .... 
91, 223 

Tierno, Mark 26 

Tonko, Margot ... 43, 219, 


Tonko, Sara 138 

Torrington, Caroline Michelle 

90, 237 

Towle, David 26 

Troyer, Bob 26 

Tuttle, Carolyn 27 

Tuvil, Jeffery 38 

Twombly, Andrew .... 196 

Tygar. Mindy 34, 228 

Tyson, Lance 191 



Urich, Robert 101 


Vacco, Dan 196, 221 

Vallone, Julie 34 

Van Neweuhizen, Jill ... 27 
Van Winckel, Nance ... 27 

Vandermark, Lee 198 

Vcelka, Janine . . . 139, 207 

Venuso, Arianne 38 

Vigon, Tony 198, 221 


Wagenaar, Sue ... 38, 224, 

Walsh, Chris . . 38, 191, 221 

Walters, Delores 27 

Wasik, Mike 221 

Wass, Melanie . . 66, 75, 218 
Waszak, Debbie . . 210, 218 

Wear, Mimi 34 

Weatherly, Robert J .... 63 

Webb, Jason 220 

Weber, John 164 

Webster, Katherine 34 

Weik, Kenneth 27 

Weinberg, Sarah . . . 66, 74, 

Welborn, Kate 87 

Wentworth, Naomi 27 

Wesner, Andrew 191 

West, Dianna 88 

West, Melanie 38, 224, 

225, 231, 232 
Whalen, Glenn P . . . 63, 196 

White, Amy 214, 232 

White, Berdine . 66, 76, 218 

White, Gordon 18 

Whitehouse, Rebecca ... 43 
Whitlock, Peter . . 186, 221 
Wigenbach, Ed 225 

Wilkinson, Matthew . . . 56, 


Williams, F Jeffery . . . 133, 

188, 221 

Williams, Jennifer 34 

Williams, Lesley 19 

Williams, Randall .... 196, 


Williamson, Jennifer . . 66, 

69, 218 

Willson, Elizabeth 34 

Wilmerding, Daphne ... 34 

Wilson, Brady 191 

Winkler, Bill 161, 163, 

191, 221 

Wittry, Daniel 110 

Woodbury, Cynthia 27 

Woodger, Samuel . 55, 188, 

192, 193 

Woodis, Mia 35 

Woodward, Alicia 218 

Wooldridge, Andrea .... 34 

Woudstra, Mark 221 

Wright, Lis . . 60, 225, 227, 



Yamashita, Chinami . . . 34, 

Yeaton, Kimberly . . 34, 209 
Yonce, Lance 186 


Zachary, Adrian 34 

Zamer, Bill 28 

Ziemek, Holly 43 

Zilversmit, Arthur 28 

Zook, Kristen 224 

Zreczny, Nicole 28 

Zuffante, Kimberly .... 228 

Index 269 

One last, . . 

270 Closing 

Look at . . 

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We're outta here, . 

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Carolijn Lueck 

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