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1705306 / 



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833 02295 6145 







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FOR 1860-61. 


Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Published at 


Wm. H. H. Hull, Pbinter. 



It is with becoming modesty that we present to the citizens 
of Fort Wayne the first issue of our "Fort Wayne City and 
iJusiness Directory.'" Being aware that those who have pre- 
ceeded us have been perfectly acquainted with Directory pub- 
lishing, we make no pretensions to superiority, but with a pro- 
per spirit of confidence in ourself leave the book to be judged 
as it deserves by our subscribers. 

P. S. At the burning of the Times Office, on the 24th of 
March we lost the "whole of our first edition, which Avas com- 
pleted and ready for the Binder, But through the kindness and 
assistance of Mr. Dawson, editor of the TimeSj have been 
enabled to reproduce it. 

(Pib, gl^ <^V> 


Hkrrv, oast iVoin Uocl<hill to Can-nl next north of WfLViie. 

B.vt^s IVom Fai;-fit>l(l Av. cast to Jloaglaiid next noi'tv of Col- 
eric k. 

Barr south from Duck to Lewis iwxt east of Clinton-. 

Broadway, from Canal to BlulFton Plank Road. 
€aliioux, south fron* River to Piqua Road b Harrison and Clin- 
"■Canai/, from Clay to Monroe north of Berry; 
'Cass, soutii from River to Berry north of I'AviHg. 

Clay, south from Canal to Lewis b Lafayette and Monro4^-. 

Clinton, south irom Duck to Lewis east of Calhoun. 
'CoLERicK, from Fairfield Av. east to Hoag^and next south of Bass-. 

CoLLKGH, south from Washington liext east of Nelson. 

CoLrMiiiA, from Harrison east to Lafayette and Monroe. 

Court, from Main to Berry between Calhonn and CHnton. 

Duck, from Calhovm east to River next north of Water. 

Edsall, from Berry to Main next west of Jackson. 

EwiNc. from River south between Griilith and Cass. 

pRAN(MS, south from Canal to Lewis next east of Hanna. 

Fulton, from River south b t!riflith and P>roadway. 

G ARi)i:.v, from Washinjiton south next west of Nelson. 

GRri-i-iTH, from River south between living and Fulton. 

Hanna, south tVom Canal to corporation next east of Monroe. 

Harmkr, south from Canal to Lewis east of Francis. 

HarriS()N, from River south next west of Calhoun. 

Hood, from Pritcliard south to R. R. next east of West. 

Jackson, from Cnna^ to corj)oration line next west of A an BUren, 

JeFFKrson, east froi^A corporation Hue to Harmer next south o^ 

li.AFAYKTTK, soutli fi'om rivcr to coi[)()ratioVi line next etist of Barr-. 


Lewis, from Ewing east next south of Madison and Jeff^fson. 

Madis(in, earft from Barr to Ilarnier between Washington'^ilnd 

Maiden Lane, south from Canal to Berry west of Hai'rison. 

Ma[\, east from River to Canal north of Berry. 

MuNROE, from Canal south to Lewis east of Clay. 

Xklsox, south from Washington between Garden and College. 

Nirdllv(;er, west from Blutlton Plank Road next south of Wall. 

Peari,, from Fulton east between Main and Canal. 

PRrreiiARD, from Broadway west next north of Railroad. 

RocKHiLL, from Washington to Main west of Union. 

Union, from corporation line to Berry next west of .fackson. 

Van Bl'rkn, from Canal to corporation line next west of Broad- 

Wall, west from Bluffton Plank Road next south of Pittsburgh 
Ft. Wayne & Chicago Raihoad. 

Wasiiinctox, east from corporation line to Harmer next north 
of Jefferson. 

Water, from Ewing east to River north of Columbia. 

Wayne, east from Rockhill to Harmer next north of Washing- 

Webster, from Berry south to corporation line between Ewing 
and Harrison. 

West, from Pritchard south to Railroad next west of Hood. 

Wii-T, from Nelson east next south of Jefferson. 


FIRST WARD.— Comprises all that part of the City lying 
east of Lafayette Street. 

second' WARD.— Comprises all that part of the City ly- 
ing west of Lafayette street and east of Calhoun street. 

THIRD WARD.— Comprises all that part of the City lying 
between Calhoun and Ewing. 

FOURTH WARD.— Comprises that part of the City lying 
between Ewing and Broadway. 

FIFTH WARD.— Comprises all that part of the City lying 
Xvest of Broadway. 



MA^'OR.— 1'^ P. Randall, oilier v.- s Clinton b Colunihia and 

MARSHALL.— J()^^('l)h Price, olliec at Mayors ofliee. 

C'Ll'iRIv.-r Mo>(>:^ Drake, oliice w s" Calhoun l)'M:nn and 

SURA^EYOR.— Wm. Lvtle, office s s Alain h ]\w\i><r and 

ASSESSOR.— IL II. Bossier. 




1st Ward, .Ino. Trentnian 2 years. 

Chas. Rurt 4 ^ " 

2d " Morris Codv 2 " 

B. II. Tower 4 " 

3d " II. Nearman 2 

B. ]). Aliner 4 '^ 

4th " (). 1). Ilurd • .-2 " 

" " Jas. IIuni])hi-ev 4 '■ 

5th " A. C. Beavers'- 2 " 

I). Ne.-tle 4 " 

City Council unlets evei-y 2nd and 41h Tuesday in (\ael) 

C'ity Llection, first Tuesday in May. 


TRUSTEE.— Clem. A. RckeriS, office north-west corner Cal- 
houn and Berry. 

JUSTICES OF THE PEACE.— Benj. Saunders, Smallwood 
Noel, J. W. Werden, W. W. Stevens. 

CONSTABLES.— Chester Scarlett, F. J. Franks, John P. 
Hedges, Alex. Hedges. 


E. L. Chittenden, Term exph-es Oct. 10 18G3. 
O. W. JefFerds, " " Sept. 15 1863. 
Wm. Lytle, " " July 18 18G3. 
Thos. Meegan, •' " April 20 1862. 
A. H. Carrier, " " M'rchlll862. 

F. H. Wolkie, " " May 19 1861. 
C. Peipenbrink, " " April 4 1861. 
Geo. W.Wood, " " Feb. 10 1861. 
W. B. Walter, " •' Jan. 20 1861. 
Geo. F. Stinchcomb, " " Jan. 20 1861. 
S. B. Bond, " " Aug. 25 1860. 


Ijoari) of Edi'cation. — Thos. 'I'igar, C. E. Sturj^is, llobt. E. 
Flriniiij;, Sam'l lidsall, O. P. Mor«,'an. 

Si'pi:rintem)Ent Public Schools. — Ceo. A. Irvin. 

Sjiiool Hi;iLi)iN(;.s. — North-cast corner of Washington and 
Clay, and south-west corner Griffith and Jelferson. 


Chief Engineer. 

Indepdndknt Alert Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1. — Meets First 

AVednesday in Month at Firemen's Hall, L. T. Bourie, 

Foreman, Wm. II. II. Hull, Secretary. 
Wide Awake Engine Co. No. 1. — T, Lonergan, Foreman; Hall 

north side Main between Calhoun and Harrison. 
Mechanic'.s Engine Co. No. 2. — O. U. Hurd, Foreman, Hall 

north side Main b Calhoun and Harrison. 


Isaac D. G. Nelson, ofHce n w c Public Square. Term ex- 
pires Nov. 1, 1SG2. 

Wm. Fleming, office s w c Public Square. Term expires 
Nov. 4, 1800. 

Francis L. Furste, office n e c Public Square. Term of of- 
fice expires September 1801. 


Alex. Wiley, office nee Public Square. Term of office ex- 
pires Nov. 7,*1801. 

Piatt J. Wise, office s w c Public Square. Term of office 
expires June 15, 1804. 

John P. Waters, res 193 w Washington. Term of office ex- 
pires March 14, 1861. 

Wm. McLaughlin, office s w c Public Square; J. W. Mc- 
Arthur Deputy 

T. M. Andrews, Term expires October 1860; 

John Shaffijr, " " " 1862. 

Michael Crow, " " «' 1801. 

Common Pleas. — Joseph Brackenridge, Judge. Joseph S. 
France, Prosecuting Attorney. Terms commence respectively 
on the first Monday of January, April, July, and October, and 
continue four weeks each term. 

Circuit.— E. R. Wilson, Judge. John Colerick, Pros. Att'y. 
Terms commence in May and November each year and con- 
tinue three weeks. 

u w ^ u. s^ $ i 

No. 40 Calhoun St., Cor. Main & CaL 


Al\v:iv;5 koi'p on li;in<l a full supply of 



Soaps, Toilel and Fancf flflicles, Wioes and Liquofs, 


Custonlcra :iii(i I^liysicians Will ahvaVs find a full a?30rtmcnt of everything be- 
\onging to our lii'e of Business, and would do well i6 dull and examine «ur Stock 
before purclmsiug elsewiiere. 

G. 13. OR VIS, 

aAent for 


No. 08 Columbia ^ti^feet. 



FIREMEN'S HALL, e s Calhoun b Main and Columbia. 

COLERICK'S HALL, n s Columbia b Clinton and Barr. 

MASONIC HALLS, n wc Berry and Calhoun, and ws Cal- 
houn b Main and Berrv. 

ODD FELLO\yS HALL, c s Calhoun b Main and Colum- 

NILL'S HALL, w s Calhoun b Berrv and Wavne. 

PRATT'S HALL, n w c Main and Harrison. 


Dawson's I'imes, (daily and weekly) John W. Dawson, Edi- 
tor and Proprietor, office w s Calhoun b Main and Berry, opp. 
Public Square. 

Ft. Wayne Sentinel, (weekly,) Thomas Tigar, Editor and 
Proprietor, office w s Calhoun b Main and Columbia. 

Indiana Staats Zeitun«, (weekly,) Gustavus.T. Neubert, Edi- 
tor and and Proprietor, office nee Columbia and Clinton. 


PHILO RUmSEY, - - - - Proprietor. 

Sc)^lth-^\'<^-<t C oi*. Main ;\nd Hi-oacUvjn'. 


Dealer in Hats, Caps, & Furs, No. 95 Columbia St. 

Foiri' \VAV.\t:, isu. 


H M E P a T H I G P H V S I C U N > 

FORT WAYNi;, Im.. 

J. G-. T HIE ME & BRO. 



JBluclkHiii UM fi u €l W^gon Sh op . 



BAPTIST. — -Charch we^t icicle Clinton b Wavne and Bcrrv. 
Ilcv. S. Wilkins. Pastor. 

C.FJIMAX PvEFORMED.— St. John's Church, south side 
Washington b Harrison and V/ebster. Rev. J. H. Kline Pas- 

GERMAN .AIETHODIST.— Church north-east corner Wash- 
ington and Fulton. Rev. Mr. Earth, Pastor. 

.lEWISH. — Synagogue w s Harrison b Wayne and Berry. 
Rev. Solomon, Rabbi. 

LUTHERAN. — English Lutheran, s s Berry b Barr and La- 
fayette. Rev. Wm. RuthrolF, Pastor. 

St. Pauls, west s'de Ban b Jefferson and Lewis. Rev. Wm. 
Sihler, Pastor. 

St. Johns, east side Van Buren south of Washington. Rev. 
H. Kuhn, Pastor. 

METHODIST EPISCOPAL.— Berry street Chapel, north- 
east corner of Berry and Harrison. Rev. V. M. Beemer, Pas- 

Wayne Street Chapel, south-west corner of Wayne and 
Broadway. Rev. C. Martindale, Pastor. 

PRESBYTERL\N.— First Presbyterian, south-east corner 
Berry and Clinton. Rev. John ]\L Lowrie, Pastor. 

Second Presbyterian, south side Berry b Webster and Ewing. 
Rev. E. Curtis Pastor. 

PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL.— Trinity Church, south-east 
corner Berry and Harrison. Rev. Stephen H. Battin, Rector. 

ROMAN'CATHOLIC. — St. Augustine's Cathedral, east side 
Calhoun b Jefferson and Lewis. Very Rev. Julien Benoit, Pas- 

St. Mary's south east corner Lafayette and Jefferson. Rev. 
Joseph Wentz Pastor. 

Right Rev. John H. Leurs, Bishop of Fort Wayne. 


illi f imes, 

O.Tice, West Side Calhoun Opp. Public Square. 

FOriT W_A.YN3i] IND. 




/i,rl "Tiff i"^"?7 V \ A . i--" — iy^->v, ^ 

Established as the Organ of the Whig Party A. D. 1840i 


IP ail f/ Times 
JVeeklf/ Tifncs 


Plain and Ornamantal Job Work. 

The Weekly is the largest paper and the best Medmm f( 
Advcrtism?, as it Circulates throughout all Northern India|-: 
and its reading matter being the best selections of the Dail} 
makes it a desiral)lc home paper. 

JOHN W. DAWSON. Editor eV: Proprietor. 





I&dwin L. Knight, 
John Stuner, 
Thomas Hatfield, 
Isaac Coles, 
Jno. W. Hutsell, 
Samuel Shryock, 
Simeon W. Stowder, 
George Bullard, 
Silas Work, 
Nicholas Ladig, 
Smallwood Noel, 
VVm. W. Stevens, 
J. D. Werdcn, 
Benjamin Saunders, 
P. P. Randall, 
Owen Hatfield, 
lohn E. Semon, 
Sampson Xewbraugh, 
Calvin F. Maynard, 
William Cutts, 
William Song, 
Xoah M. GrandstafT, 
[saac A. Slater, 
Socrates Bacon, 
Piatt Squiers, 
Francis Sweet, 
las. W. Watson, 
Fames English, 
Thomas Potts, 
lacob W, Hare, 
lohn W. Putt, 
"tacob Cook, 
fohn Bossecker, 
lohn Sheehan, 
Samuel Clem, 


Cedar Creek, 


Eel River, 



















St; Josephj 








































2 1863. 

7 1860. 
10 1863. 

21 1860, 
20 1863. 
28 1860. 
20 1863. 

7 1860. 
20 1860. 

3 1862. 

27 1862. 

28 1864. 

22 1860. 

28 1861. 

3 1861. 
27 1862. 
27 1860. 
27 1862. 
27 1862. 

29 1860. 
27 1862. 

. 1 1860. 

17 1861. 
16 1861. 

30 1861. 
16 1861. 

1 1861. 

2 1861. 

18 1860. 
5 1861. 

4 1860. 
16 1861. 
22 1860. 

4 1860. 
29 1860. 




Corner of Columbia and Calhoun Sts. 

CtTY MttU 

Near David F. Comparet's Warehouse' 



The best accommodations furnished on terms suited to the times- 


Halls, n w c Calhoun and Berry, and ws Calhoun b Main and 

Wayne Lodce, No. 25, instituted May 1823; meets every Tues- 
day evening, on or preceeding the full moon. 

Summit Lodge, No. 170, instituted May 18.55; meets every Fri- 
day evening on or preceeding ihe full moon. 

Ft. Wavxe Chapter, No. 19, instituted May, 1851; meets 1st 
Wednesday in each month. 

Ft. Wayne Council, No. 19, instituted May 1855; meets 1st 
Saturday in each month. 

Ft. Wayne Encampment, No. 4, instituted December, 1854; meets 
3d Wednesday in each Month. 

I. O. O. F. 

Hall, e s Calhoun b Main and Columbia. 

Ft. Wayne Lodge, No. 14, instituted October, 1843; meets 

every Monday evening. 
Harmony Lodge, No. 19, instituted January, 1843; meets every 

Thursday evening. 
Summit Encampment, No. 16, instituted November, 1849; meets 

1st and 3d Saturday evening in each month. 

I. O. G. T. 

Hall, north-east corner Calhoun and Main. 

Total Abstinence Lodge No. 26 meets every Saturday evening 

at Temperance Hall. 
Washington Lodge No. 109 meets every Thursday evening at 

Temperance Hall. 

Manufacturers and Wholesale & Retail Dealers in 

TT 71 T) TvT "c;^ ^a ^ r* A. "T T ,% '^ '^ 

j^x J-1 Xi ri i I 0, ^; V xt XI A jxi ib , 
Whips, Trunk.^, &^c. &c. 

X22 O O 3La XT 2^ :13 X ui^. S If 2?8. E3 3E! T - 


.^'E^V K.lf^J.AAB 


>4% do 

ISgl'.^^JAS' 'TSTfS'T^^ 

l3nLS"o.iro.i:xco Oo. 


(ASH fAHTAL $200,000 Assets, $230,2o1.89 

CEO. W. JEWETT, Secy. - A. M. WATERMAN, Preset 

Policies of Iiisvirancc iipaiiisl loss or dninago l\v fire on most kinds of Propcr- 
tT at i'air rates. 

SOL. D. BAYLESS, A<?ont. 



■ o 

IIhv. R. D. Robinsox, a. M. President, and Prof, of Moral and 

oMrntal Science. 
JIev. Thomas Gomstock, A. B., Prof, of Languages and English 

Miss Mary Dibble, Adjunct Teacher of JMathcmatics and Draw- 
Henry Orff, Proffessor of Music. 
IMr.s. Mary K. Robinsox, jMatron. 

Hon. Wm. Rockhill, President. 
Isaac Jenkinson, Sccrctmij. 
John M. Miller, Treasurer. 

Fort Wayne College was incorporated by the Legislature of 
the State in the year 1846, and has now been in successful 
operation for nearly twelve years. It is situated in the most 
pleasant part of the City, commanding an extensive view of 
of the town and country, and is under the patronage of the 
North and North-West Indiana Conferences. 


Tuition in Preparatory Department $1,00 

Music 9,00 

Contingent Fee- ^ • • • • 1 ,00 

Washing per dozen 50 

Tuition in Collegiate Department 8,00 

Use of Piano 3,00 

Board in Boarding Hall per week 2,00 

Boarding in Private Families 2,50 

Fall Term begins Wednesday, September 14th, and closes 
November 30. 

Winter term begins, Thursday, December 1st. and closes 
March 1st. 

Summer term begins Wednesday, March 22nd. and closes 
June 20, 


r\u msut(AHce co. 

C. C. WAITE, Scc'j. C. B. COAVEUS Pros. 

S. II. PRICE, Gen. Agent, Chicago Illinois. 

Cash Capital and SurpliiSj $325,698.04 

SOL,, n. n.l\*JLJESS, .Igent. 




Office No. 08 Wall Street New York, 

e.ti' S'iS0,OOO - SVItJPLiUS $150,000 

IiLsures Buildings, .Merchandise, Furniture, Vessels iu Port and their Cargoes 
and other property against Loss or Damage by Fire. 



SuL D. Bai/lc.ts, Real Estate, Insurance and Collecting Agent, 
office 11 "2, Clinton street. 

Indiana Land Office, John Hough, Jr., Agent ; Avest side Cal- 
houn, b Main and Berry. 

/. H. Mijcrs, Insurance Agent, office at N. P. Stockbridge's 

Ft. Maj/ne Harmonic Society, meets every Monday evening at 
Harmony Hall ; Isaac Jenkinson President ; S. W. Kim- 
ball, Musical Director. 

Ft. Waijnc Gas Light Co., cor. of Barr and Canal. Incorpora- 
ted March 6, 1855. Capital, $65,000. J. P. Edgerton, 
President ; R. E. Fleming, Treasurer, B. D. Angell, Sec- 
retary. A. P. Edgerton, R. E. Fleming, Aaron Clark, 
Wm. Rockhill, P. J. Wise. 

Dawson's Fort Wayne Daily and Weekly Times. The Weekly 
was established A. I). 1840, as the organ of the Whig 
Party, under the name of " The Fort Wayne Times." In 
the latter part of the year 1844, the " Peoples' Press" 
was united to the Times and the paper called the " Fort 
Wayne Times and People's Press." In the beginning of 
September, 1853, and at the commencement of Vol. 14, 
John W. Dawson became the sole Editor, in June 1854, 
the sole Proprietor, and in Sept. of the same year sole 
Editor and Proprietor, having changed the name of the 
paper to " The Fort Wayne Times." On the IGth July, 
1855 the " Fort Wayne Daily Times " was commenced 
and on the first of September of that year the Weekly 
name was changed to ''The Fort Wayne Weekly Times." 
The Daily was continued for one year and then discon- 
tinued until Feb. 1st., 1859 when it Avas revived under 
the name of "Dawson's Fort Wayne Daily Times," and 
the beginning of Vol. 20th of the Weekly about the 1st 
Sept. 1859, the Weekly assumed the name of" Dawson's 
Fort Wayne Weekly Times," and under these names the 
said papers are published — conducted by John W. Daw- 
son, as Independent Whig Journals, 


&^ MJx omoj ^^C% ^x o ^h ^^^: ^4 «?o 


Will attend to Selling-, Purchasing- or Leasing Real 

Estate, Paying Taxes. 

Hefers to any Mau or Firm on the Face of ilic Globe. 

Office on the corner of Wayne and Clinton Sts. 

Husk and Plair INlatrasses. 

No's 50 &L 52 East Main Street. 



il^ I o 

J[0rt Ma]]iie firtthri, 


nl alley, h .....*...... house, 

atty attoriu'V, lab laborer, 

b between, manu'r manufacturer' 

bds boards, mer merchaut, 

c corner, n north , 

carp carpenter ,opp opposite,' 

elk clerk, s south, 

e' east, v,' west, 

enfr engineer, wh wholesale, 



^-j^ iStaple and Fancy Diy Goods, Carpeting, Groceries, 75* 

Columbia, h 148 \v Berry 
Ahinger John, drayman, 200 Madison 
Aiken Stewart, elk. Hill: & Orbison, h 446 w Waynie 
Aiken Mrs. Elizabeth, 242 e Jefferson 
Albright Geo. S. fireman, bds Kime House 
Ali John, elk, bds 22 w Washington 
Altekruse Fred, shoemaker, 71J w Washington 
Albert Jule;?, baker, ^tks 02 e Main 
Alter Nicholas, lab. 208 e Jefferson 
Alliger Benj. machinist, 75 w Water 
Allen Cyrus, carp. 165 w Wayne 
Allen A. J. esquire, printer 77 w Jefferson 



tW%^^ f^^'^T^'^^l^. '%W^^'^~\ ^'^AW"^^ 






\ I.T.KN & CO. 

^ V (\Vm. T. A. & 13. W. Oakley) Dealers in Stoves, Tin, Cop- 
per and Sheet Iron ware. 
Adams J. engineer, Pittsburgh road, bds Hedekin House 
Allen VVm. T- dealer in hardware and stoves, h 20 e Washino-- 
ton * 


■^ li. 11. Schneiders, proprietor, s s Columbia, b Calhoun and 

Anient George, butcher, h e s Barr h Wayne and Washino-toil 
A MjERTCAX express CO. 
^^ n w c Calhoun and Berry, S. McElvain, agent 
Amy Frank, elk Schwegman, h 175 e Wayne 
Anderson W. H. machinist, 91 Lewis 
Anderson Calvin, (Probasco 6c A.) h 117 w Wayne 
Anderson Gwinn, clerk Probasco and Anderson, bds 117 w 


Anderson T. P. h 46 w Berry 

Anderson Samuel G. carpenter, south side of Wilt west of 

Andrews Wm. dentist, wks A^napp, 33 e ]Main 
Andrews Edward, in Andrew's planing mill, h 27 Madison 
Andrews Davies, boiler maker, h e s Barr b Lewis and R. R 
Andrews M. R. carp, and joiner, manu'r sash, doors and blinds, 

n s canal b Clinton and Barr, and 63 Water 
Anheubroch Antony, wks Bakers' saw mill, h 225 e Wayne 
Armstrong John H. grocer, h 69 w Berry 
Allabaugh Erastus, cooper, bds Main st. Exchange 
Arnold John, carp, h 125 w Washington 
Armstrong Malinda, widow, 251 w Berry 
A Rundel Miss Ada, h 189 w Washington 

-^^ Dealer in Groceries and provisions w s Calhoun b Main 

and Columbia 
Antonbrock Barney, cart. 170 e Washington 
Angell Byron, Secretary Ft. Wayne Gas Light Co., bds 170 w 


Angell O. A. h 170 w Berry 

Auman Borbary, wks 186 e Berry 

Auman M. W. boiler maker, h 612 Jefferson 

Avaline F. H. h 130 Clinton 

Avahne Frank, elk Abbott, b 130 Clinton 

Ayers H. P. physician, office n s Columbia b Clinton and Barr 

h 120 Clinton 
Andersoii Wm. machinist, wks Pittsburgh road 





TIIOS. TIGAR, Editor & Piopii r. 

The SFNTINEL is published every Saturday and havinp: a 
general circulation throughout Allen and the adjoining^ Coun- 
ties, offers great facilities to Advertisers. Advertisements con- 
spicuously inserted at reasonable rates. 

Terms $2 JPcr •Innum it« .Idvance* 


mi ^ 14 ^m tsf ^ 

Of every description, neatly executed on the Shortest notice^ 
Havi»?g a large assortment of Types of the Newest and Best 
Styles, we are prepared to execute every description of 


In Black or Colored Inks, in a style equal to any other estab- 
J'»iment in the State, and on the most favorable terms. 

B. 27 

BAYI.KSS soi^. r>. 
Land and Insurance Agent office No. 112 Clinton, h 39 e 


Bash D. N- elk Hill and Orbison, h 143 w Berry 

Bash Samuel, elk Hill & Orbison 

Bass John H. (B. & Force) bds Hamilton House 

Baker Christian, 193 w Berry 

Baker Killian, sawyer, h 96 e Main 

Baker Henry, sawyer, h 112 e Main 

Baker Jacob, sawyer, h 138 e Main 

Bailey Peter P, res 120 Clinton 

Barcus House, 49 w Main, Daniel Barcus, proprietor 

Painter, bds Barcus House 
Bady Frederick, railroader, h 182 w Jefferson 
Baeir George, elk Meyers' drug store, bds 85 w Jefferson 
Baeir Powell, shoemaker, wks Robinson's h 85 w Jefferson 
Barrone John, turner, h 144 e Jefferson 
Barnell Thomas, h 164 e Jefferson 
Balain X. lab. h 182 e Jefferson 
Balden Alfred, carpenter, 620 Jefferson 
Baker Frederick, blacksmith, h 1 1 e Washington 
Baker Prof. Wm. P. bds 91 e Washington 
Babcock George, sash maker, h 200 e Washington 
Barbour M. F. lightning rods, h 94 e Washington 
Baker Charles, wagon maker, h 10 e Washington 
Bansman Rudolph, 74 Madison 
Barren Frances, widow, 104 Madison 
Bartholomew H. B. carpenter, h 137 Madison 
Baker & Bro. (J. K. & H.) saw mill, n s Wabash and Erie 

canal, b Barr and Lafayette 
Baglay Hugh, shoemaker, 27 w Water 


Rector Trinity Church, (Protestant Episcopal) sec Berry 

and Harrison 

Baker Conrad, shoemaker, 27 w Water 

Baptist Church, n s Clinton b Main and Berry 

Banda Hermon, painter, h 200 Barr 

Baker Christ, stone cutter, h 220 w Berry 

Beugnot Simon V. printer, Sentinel office, bds 163 e Berry 



Cheapest and Safest Mode of Insurance. 
Dealers Receive Seventy-Five per cent of Net Proffits. 

Office 31 riiic street, :N"ew-lL'oi-]v. 

CASH CAPITAL - - $500,000 

JOSEPH WALKER, President. 
TIIOS. W. BIRDSALL, Vice President. 

n. h. HAYCOCK, Secretary. 



f YKT cm y? ";e> a "^^t iT-^ W^ 

Office, 403 Walnut St. Ppiladelplda Feun. 

cnPtTAt Am tmmz, ah mn m, 



E. H. COGGSHALL, Seo'y. - GEO. H. HART, Pres's 

t3V" This Company „^3 
(J^~ Insures all Clas?C3of Jvisksat as Low Rates as is Consistent with Safety 
t^y" to the Company ,J^ 

SOL. n M.1^JLESS, .Iff cut. 


B. 29 



EAVF.ri IT. C. 

Carpenter and Joiner, h s s Jefferson bet. ^"an'Euren and 
Roekhill, shop n s Main b Ewing and Griffith 


Printer, Sentinel olhce, bds 1G3 e Eerry 
Best A. L. raih-oader, bds. Kimp House 
Bear John, fireman, bds Ivime House 
Beckett ^Mrs. widow, h 208 e Wayne 

T^EXHAM 13. H. 

-AJ Ambrotype Artist, sec Calhoun and Colnml)ia, h 99 w 

Beckett Julian, bricklayer, bds 200 e Wavne 

Beeks Rev. Dr. G. C. h 209 w Wayne 

Beck John, teamster, h 151 w Wayne 

Beason Miss Ellen, h 176 w Washington 

Beecher Mrs. vvidow, h 95 w Berry 

Becker J. beer saloon, n s Main and b Harrison and Calhoun 

Bennett R. C. h 5 w Ma-n 

Berger Lewis, lab. Roekhill House 

Beriy Hiram, carp, h 12 w Jefferson 

Berder Lewis, lab. h n tj Jefferson b Broadway & Van Buren 

Beck Peter, bricklayer, h 80 e Jefferson 

BeuleyJ. machinist, h 95 e Washington 

Bercot F. boarding house. G4 Columbia 

Bellon Laura, wks Pledekin E[ouse 

Beierlien George J. grocery and saloon, e s Calhoun b Wayne 

and Washington 
Benoit Rev. Julian, nee Lewis and Calhoun 

^Merchant Tailor, and Gents' furnishing goods, 98 Colum- 
bia, h e s Lafayette b Wayne and Washington 
Boerger Rudolph, tailor, h s s Washington b Lafayette & Clay 
Boerger Jacob, carp, h 187 e W^ashington 
Boerger Wm. carp, h 194 e Washington 
Boltz F. F. bk keeper, Robinson's store, bds 9 e Wayne 
Bo\^ie Edward, butcher, h 05 e Wayne 

BOXD C. L>. ^ , 

Cashier Fort W^ayne Branch Bank, 1| 94 w 3Iain 

Bossier H. H. city assessor, h 19G w Washington 

Bollman Christian, tailor, h 27 w Washington 

Boeveluah Charles, cab. maker, h 81 w Washington 

Bond Henry, elk Townley's, bds Hamilton House 

Bond Jared, elk bank, bds Hamilton House 

Bond Stephen, teller Hamilton's Bank, res. country 

Borden Nelles, elk Robinson's shoe store, bds 55 \v Main 


WSttnAWtJE comi>A«Y. 

Office No.'s 112 and 114 Broadway 

Stock Paid L\ $1,000,000 001 

Si' Ja\. 1st, 18G0 458,390 28 

Liabilities 42,580 43 

CIIAS. J. MxVRTIN, Pres. A. F. WILMARTH, Vice Pres. 
J. MILTON SMITH, Secretary. 

Policies Issued, and Losses Promptly Adjusted by 

JOHN HOUGH Jr. Agent. 




attohneys at law. 

North-West Corner Calhoun and Berry up Stairs. 


1 B^^ 31 

Bowser J. C. (B. & Story) h 64 e Berry 
Bowser L. M. h 64 e Berry 
Bowser Jetfcrson, h 64 e Berry 
Botsler George, lab, 180 w Wayne 
Bott Francis, lab. bds 207 e Washington 
Bonnet Conrad, elk Schwegman's h 58 Madison 
Bonet Geo. elk Schwegman's, h 58 Madison 

JJ Salesman, McDougal, Root & Co., Dry Goods store, h 22^ 
e Wayne 

Bowser & Story, foundry, 17, 19, 21, w Water 

Boone Joseph, machinist, bds Hedekin House 

Bowen Wm. e s Barr b Washington & Wayne 

Bowen Daniel, water proof roofing, w s Barr b Washington 

and Wayne 
Bohan Michael, lab. e s Calhoun b Wayne and Washington 
Bowers Maria, h e s Calhoun b Washington and Jefferson 
Bissel Albert, eng. 155 w Washington 
Bird O. h 23 e Main 

Bish Fritz, elk Morgan's, h 82 e Jefferson 
Biddle George, woodsawyer, h s w c Hanna and Madison 
Binagin A. moulder, h 203 Lewis 
Biellhart Andrew, miller, 14 e Water 
Bickel H. Henry, saddler, h — Columbia, up stairs 
Bird -, tailor, wks Woodward and Young, bds Hedekiix 

Bird Mrs. chambermaid, wks Hedekin House 
Blaker Deitrick, railroader, h 188 e Jefferson 
Blaker Christian, h 51 e Wayne 
Black Hiram, lab. h 64 w Wayne 
Bloomhuff Sid. 1 awyer, h 146 w Wayne 
Bliler Wm. fireman, w s Griffith b Wayne and Berry 
Bloomhuff Saml, proprietor of Main Street Exchange 
Bliler Benjamin, machinist, s w c Washington and Broadway 
Bliler Daniel, h s w c Washington and Broadway 
Blaisdell Phillip, conductor, h 93 e Jefferson 
Blaser Lewis, Oakley's, s s Columbia b Barr and. Clinton 

Attorney at Law, office w s Calhoun b Man and Colum' 
bia, h 76 w Berry 
Bradmire Wm. tailor, wks Thieme's, bds 51 e Wayne 
Briggs George, civil eng. bds Kime House 
Brenen Michael, blacksmith, bds 152 e Wayne 
Browm W. H., blacksmith, bds 152 e Wayne 
Brown B. H. blacksmith, bds 152 e Wayne 


No. 49 Columbia Street. 






SHOP, South side Main, Between Clinton and Ban\ 


^- 33 

Brown John, miller, h 182 w Wayne 
Bryant Wni. bricklayer, h 204 wWayne 
Bren-ton Mcfi. Samuel, res. 210 \v Wayne 
Brenton IMilton, elk Townlev, h 210 w Wayne 
Brenton Echvard, elk M. Drake's Reading Room, li 210 we.t 
VV ayne 

Brindle John, painter, 212 \v Washim^ton 

Brown Cambol, machinist, h lOG w Washington 

Bailey C. M. h n w c Washington and ClintSn 

Laker John, blacksmith and wagon maker, n s Lafayette bet. 

Calhoun and Main 
Baldock Alfred, carp, n s Wayne b Jackson and Union 
Baltz John L, turner, nee College and Jefferson 
Barns Wesley, printer, e s Broadway s of Jefferson 
Barns Alice, e s Broadway s of Jefferson 
Beard Thos. D. confectioner, h w Lafayette 
Belamy Albert F. painter, shop n s Harrison b Columbia and 


Bemer Conrad, wks Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago R. 

R. h n s Lafayette s of Lewis 
Bequette Mrs. Theresa, h 200 c Wa5aie 
Bequette Julicn, bricklayer, 200 e Wayne 
Bequette John, bricklayer, 188 e Main 
Blain O. dairyman, res, country 
Blondozo Francis, miller, Old Fort Mills 
Bowser Miss Mary, washing, ironing, &c., h — Madison 
JJ Homeopathic Physician, office under Times office, boards 

Hedekin House 
Bodie Wm. teamster, Old Fort Mills 

Bouverat Vital, jeweller, s s Columbia b Clinton and Calhoun 
Boltz Conrad, dairyman, Bloomingdalc 
Bostick Emanuel, h 103 Lafayette 


J^ Attorney at Law, w s Calhoun b Columbia and Main, h 
w s Calhoun b Lewis and Railroad 

Bradley Wm. machinist, h s s Jefferson b College and Rock- 

Bradenstine Mathias, carp. 74 \v Washington 

Bradford Samuel, fireman bds 193 w Washington 


-■-» Wholesale and retail dealer in Stoves, Hardware, Tin, 
Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, Iron and Nails, 80 Colum- 
bia, h 238 w Berry 

Brady Wm. H. (Brady & Son) Hedekin House 


The Subscriber, proprietor of the above Agency, offers 
for sale large tracts of unimproved land in tlie several 
counties of Northern Indiana and Nordi- Western Ohio, 
belonging to non-residents. 

He also acts as agent for the sale of improved farms for 
resident owners. 

He attends to the payment of taxes, and investigation of 
titles throughout the State. 

He has a large number of desirable ^own Lots, fo.i sale 
in Fort Wayne, Huntington and Lagro. 




Grx*ocei*ieB and. ProvisioriP-j 

West side Caihoun Dctv/een Columbia and Can:ii, 



B. , 35 

Erase Fred, boatman, h 75 w JcfTerson 
Brake Ulric]i, drayman, 138 c Washington 
Brady Samuel A. (Brady & Son)Hedekin House 
Bradley Wm. brakesman, bds \v s Barr b Wayne and Wash- 


-^-> Proprietors Hedekin House, e s Barr between Columbia 

and Main 
Bradwell Orlando, brass moulder, h 227 Lewis 
Brossart John, blacksmith, Bloomingdale 

CTroceries and Provisions, highest cash price paid for all 

kinds of marketable produce, w s Calhoun b Columbia 

and canal 
Brooks Wm. H. (B. & Chittended) bds s w c Calhoun and 


Broom wagon mkr. s w c Main and Harrison 

Briat Nicholas, printer, res. country 

Brinkman Ernst, wks hoop pole factory,, hs s Washington b 

Nelson and College 
Briggs Ed. cng. bds 193 w Washington 
Brubaugh Dr. h 47 w^ Main 
Brenning Conrad, shoemaker, h 49 w Jefferson 

Blacksmith and Wagon Maker, sec Main and Clay, h 

152 e Wayne 

Brent Fred. carp, h 39 w Jefferson 

Bruns Christ, lab h 224 e Jefferson 

Bryan Wm. cooper, 261 e Washington 

Brunner Barbara Ann, widow 104 Madison 

Bryant Massa Mrs. e s Hanna b Madison and Jefferson 

Bryant Steve, cooper, bds e s Hanna b Madison and Jefferson 

Brink Jack, cooper, s s Lewis b Calhoun and Harrison 

Brink & Meyer, coopers, 21 e Water 

Brittingham Dr. W. B. Homoepathic phys 99 Water 

Brindel Mrs. milliner, e s Clinton b Main and Berry 

BROOKS DR. WM. H. ^ „ c ^.r . 

Regular Physician, pfiice and res s w c Calnoun & VVaier 

Burt John, h 261 e Wayne 

I Buck Wesley, fireman bds 190 w Washington 
iBurgiss Francis, machinist, 100 w Washington 
iBusse Wm. boiler maker bds 81 w Washington 
;Buck George, engineer, Wabash Road 
i Bulger J. H. bds Rockhill House 

Bun Wm. wks Rudisill's factory, bds 95 e Berry 

jxo. cociinANT. <;r.o. iirMPiiRi'v. 



Doors^ niintls^ W^indott) sash^ Src. 

Shop on Canal, near Sockhill House. 






SW^ J^ tfvT! >f ^r% T^rr ^ni vc^ ^w 
i^ Mo^ 4 4 tf ^:t &!^ M^ 4> ^ 


Sign of the Book No. 101 Columbia Street, 


C. 37 

Burt Chns. brickmaker, h 262 e Jefferson 

Bulager H. drayman, h 157 e Jefferson 

Bulager Geo. drayman, h 141 e Washino-ton 

Bulager John, Story's foundry, h 155 e Washington 

Buchanan James L. blacksmith, h 63 Madison 

Buschmann Wm. blacksmith, s, shop 26 e Water 

Buschmann Wm. wagon maker, shop 24 e Water 

Buschmann Fred W. h 51 e AVatcr 

Bunnell Fancy, widow, h 135 w Water 

Buchfink John, butcher, h 151 Barr 

Burnet Henry, h 57 w Berry 

Busch Peter, lab. Bloomingdale 

Buzzard Roost, n w c Berry and Court 

Buchaleuh John M. n s Lafayette b Lewis and Railroad 

Buch Deitrich, tailor, wks Thieme, h n s of Jefferson and 

Buch Ernst, wks hoop pole factory, h e s Broadway s of Jeff- 

Bulleman Ilen.iy, lab h n w c Rockhill and Jefferson 

Burhart Thomas, bricklayer, h s w c Washington and Nelson 

Byer F. cooper, h 39 w Jefferson 

Buehnemaun John, Cigars, Tobacco, Snuff, &c. s s Columbia 
b Calhoun and Clinton 


AMPBEI.I. IKE. W. ^ , 

Foreman Times Job Print' ng Office, h 73 e Berry 

Campbell John G. carp, bds 73 e Berry 

Campbell E. O. Jackson, carp, h 238 w Wayne 

Campbell Mrs. Sophia, res. 73 e Berry 

Campbell Miss S. Fortner, 73 e Berry 

Campbell jNIrs. widow, h 256 w Washington 

Campbell Henry, hostler, 72 e Main 

Campbell C. railroader, bds 81 e Berry 

Campbell Jackson, carp, wks Humphrey 

Cameron Dr. A^irgil E., bds 94 Clinton 

Case Hon. Charles, M. C. 10th Congressional District, h 203 

west Wayne 
Cassady John, book-keeper, Williams & Huestis, bds Main-st. 

Carll Geo. S. h 43 Clinton, salesman Miller's cab. rooms 



mitt% & 60WMt$$tO)« 



General dealer in all kind;, of Grain, Seed, Fish, Salt, Pro- 
duce, Agricultural Implements, &/C. 


DIP Liberal Advance made on Produce in Store ,,£XI 
-A-sreix-t for :F'«i,ir"fc»£i,i3Ll5.'js Seniles- 

Lower end of Columbia and Lafliyette Streets. 


C. 39 


yj S w c Clinton and Colunibia, up stairs 

Cannan John, machinist Wabash shop h 150 w Jefferson 

Castor C. lime kiln, h 33 n JeiTcrson 

Caldwell Mary, h 185 e Jefferson 

Carthols ]Mrs. Caroline, widow, h 149 e Jefferson 

Carroll John, bricklayer, h 232 e Washington 

Carry Mrs. Sarah, boarding house 151 Lewis 

Carry Joseph J., wks Times office, bds 151 Lewis 

Carvin S. A. tinner, 123 n Water 

Cass Chas. broom-maker, bds 157 e Wayne 

Carroll Patrick, lab. 6S n Water 

Carson W. W. att'y at law, ofnce n s Clinton b Columbia and 

Main, bds e s Barr b Washington and Wayne 
Calaboose, Court st. opp. Public Square ; head quarters of 

Buzzard Roost. (This Hotel is under the controll of the 

city. Accommodations Free.) 
Carto Hortense, wks Hedekin House 
Carrier A. PL notary public, h 53 Barr 
Carter Wm. tinner, wks O. P. Morgan 
Caper Mrs. h 154 north Wayne 
Cadreys John, blacksmith, h 167 north Washington 


vy Notary Public, office County Clerk's office, bds Mayer 

Chittenden ]\Irs. H. res 108 w Wayne 
Chittenden Ward B. (Brooks & C.) w s Calhoun b Columbia 

and Canal 
Christ Joseph, wks Lehman's lumber yard, h 167 e Wayne 
Chalenger Walter, machinist, h 84 e Wayne 
Chamberlain Mrs Sarah, 126 n Washington 
Cheesman Davison, tanner, bds Main st. Exchange 
Church Sylvanus, 141 E^ving 
Chamberlain Henry, painter, 40 e Jefferson 
Cheener Thomas, lab. 75 Madison 

pITY HOTEL , ^, ^ , . 

vv' p\ Volkert, proprietor, n w c Lafayette and Columbia 

piTY :miles _^^ , , ^ . 

v^* p. Hoagiand 6c Co. n w c Clinton and Wabasu and Erie 

Clark H. fireman, bds Kime House 
Clark Jefferson, machinist, Wabasii shop 
Cline Fred, elk Jacobs ife Son, h 122 e Wayne 
Cline Samuel, h 48 e Wayne 
Clark John, carp, h 150 n Wayne 

No. 35 Main Street - - PEOHIA, ILLINOIS. 

Tills Company Continues to issue Policie>» on 


Triiiisportatioii and Fire Risks at Reasonable Rates. 

C^PITA-L - - S500,000 

Isaac Undcrhill, Pres. Alex. G'« T//nr/, Vice Fres. C. llulland, Sec'ij. 


J. & A. CLARK. 



Gent's Furnishing Goods. 

East side Calhoun b Main & Columbia. 



Cline Rev. J. II. pastor German Reformed Church, h 55 north 

Clark .lolm, stone cutter, h 03 w Main 
Clerk's Ollice, n w c Main and Calhoun 
Clinger Henry, butcher, h 84 e Main 
Cline Peter, shoemaker, h 15 e Washington 
Clever Christ, bricklayer, h ss Washington b Lafayette & Clay 
Clark Joseph, (C. &c Co.) bds Hedekin House 
Clark Adam, (Claik & Co.) bds 43 e Main 
Cody Patrick, tailor, h 237 e Wayne 

Cooper Mrs. Elenor, mantua maker, h 176 w Washington 
Cogan Samuel, cooper, h 60 w Washington 
Cooper E. C. conductor, 157 w Washington 
Cary H. S. conductor, P. & C. R. R., bds Hedekin House 
Canty Jas. lab. n s Railroad near Ewing 
Cable Mrs. F. fashionable dress maker n av c Harrison and 

Campbell Daniel, blacksmith, bds 178 Harrison 
Chan Wm. lab. h 210 e Jefferson 

pLARK J. & A. 

yy Merchant Tailors, Gents' Furnishing Goods, e s Calhoun b 

Columbia and Main 
Clark Mrs. Bridget, Bloomingdale 
Clark Jefferson, fireman, Wabash Road 
Clark's SaLon, James Claik proprietor, n s Main b Clinton and 

Cody Morris, h 69 e Water 
Cotherel Newell, (C. & V.) h 72 e Maim 

POMPARET D. F. ,, , 

V-^ Forwarding and Commission Merchant and Miller, also 

Dealer in Agricultural Implements and Agent for Fair- 
banks' Scales, e end Columbia street 

Colson Albert, engineer, 155 w Washington 

Conkhn Wm. engineer, h 229 w Washington 

Colclazer Rev. Jacob, h 140 w Berry 

Colclazer J. H. h 140 w Berry 

Cowley Wm. wks Pittsburgh road, bds Hamilton House 

PODY MORRIS ^, ^. ^ ^„. , .« 

v^ Groceries & Provisions, 53 Columbia b Chnton and Barr 
Cochrane John, (Humphrey & C.) h w s Fulton s of Jefferson 
Coombes H. Attorney at Law, bds 76 w Main 
Coombes Marshal, bds 76 w Main 
Colerick E. F. Railroad Eating House, h 73 w Main 
Conger John, Clerk's office, h 30 Madison 
Colerick Henry, w s Clinton b Columbia and Main 



CAPITAL, ... - $1,400,000 00 

Net Surplus, (after deducting all liabilities) 614,000 37 

Real Estate. Hartford, Ctncinnati and Indianapolis, $75,996 00 

Monev due Company on Mortgage, 454 75 

Cash on hand and in Bank, 234 448 48 

Cash in hands of Agents and in transit. 160,296 78 

Mortgage Bonds, 6 per cent, semi- annual Interest, 82,0(>0 00 

State and City Bonds, 6 to 8 per Gent semi-annual Interest 156,750 00 

United States 'J'reasury Notes, 75,900 00- 

Railroad and Canal Stock, 184,503 60 

Bank Stock, Miscellaneous 75,972 00 

Hartford, Conn. 242,300 00 

" New York, 619,710 00 

Bills Receivable, 7,040 56 

Other Gash Items, 17,844 65 

2,194,100 02 

Losses adjusted, not due, $28,861 93 

Losses unadjusted, waiting proof 151,095 72 

Especial attention given to the insurance of Farm property, dwellings and 
out-dwellings and out-dwellings. Insure such buildings or contents in a very 
favorable manner, for three or live years. 

Losses Equitably adjusted and Promptly Paid in Cash. 

Also, Insures stores, warehouses, buildings or content-;; and Personal prop- 
erty generally, in town or country at rates as low as consistent with the haz- 
ards tagen, and inland Insurance against tiie perils of navigation, by 

J^OMoli^ HOUGH, ^r. •Igt. 

Application can be made to II. C. IIART^IAN, wiio is fnllv authorized to 
to transact all business connected with the Agency, or to 11. II. Bossier ther 
Company's Surveyor. 
March Isi, 1860. JOHN HOUGH, Jr. Agent. 

C. 43 

Cothrell & YaiiAlstine, (Newel C. & Wm. V.) livery stable, 

\v s Ban- b Columbia and Main 
Colerick David H. attorney at law, h 92 e Berry 
Colerifk John A. grocer, No. 5 Clinton 
Colerick's Hall, n s Columbia b Clinton and Barr 
Corcoran John, lab. Bloomingdale 
Cooper Wm. P. h n s Wayne b Fulton and Griffith 
Cook Christ, wheat buyer, h 45 w Jefierson 
Corcoran Patrick, h 199 e Jefferson 
Conger John, res. 80 Madison 
Copland Herman, lab. h 180 e Washington 
Cole Joseph, railroader, h 62 Madison 
Conners Cornelius, lab. h 70 Madison 
Collar John, 168 Madison 
Conner J. lab. 180 Madison 
Comstock Aaron, miller, h 180 w Way_ e 


vy Jrlouse Builders, and Manufacturers of Doors, Blinds, 
Window sash, &;c. Shop North Side Main street, near 
Rockhill House 

Cour Julius, elk Abbott, bds 4 w Water 

'Comparet Col. J. J. res north end of Harmer 

Comparet D. F. res. north end of Harmer 

Cothrell Jared, h 169 e Washington 

Corcoran Patrick, grocery s s Columbia b Clinton and Barr 

Cotter Harry, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, bds Hedekin House 

Comparet Louis, tinner, address, Columbia City, fnd. 


v^ Proprietor Mad Anthony Saloon, n s Columbia b Clinton 

and Barr 
Cosgrove Jacob., conductor, Wabash road, bds Hedekin House 
Collins Charles, boiler maker, h e s Barr b Lewis and Railroad 
Cox John, wks Pittsburgh Round House, h w s Calhoun bet. 

Lewis and Jefferson 
Comparet Marsellus, machinist, bds north end Harmer 
Cour C. J. grocery and provision store, n s Lafayette b Cal- 
houn and Main 
Crane Wm. W. (C. & Smith,) h Fulton sof Jefferson 
Crixton Phillip, millwright, h 140 e Jefferson 
Creighton Thomas, machinist, bds 178 H[arrison 


vy (Wm. M. Crane & Wm. S. Smith,) Attorneys at Law, 

office n w c Calhoun and Berry 
Cramer Christian, lab 128 Madison 
Cramer Fred, wks hoop pole factory, h 90 w Water 


J«?,*^CJ^ MjMJ^c, 



C.1SH C.tPIT.aij 


JOHN RANKIN, President. 


Fire and Marine Insurance Company, 


Cash Capital f 5500,000 

JOn. II. SPRAGUE, Secrrtary. RATiPII GILT.ETT, President. 

D. 45 

Crosby Nathan G. blacksmith, s s Jefferson b College and 

Cramer Wm. lab 147 Madison 

Cramer Gotlieb, elk bds 90 w Water 

Crosby Geo. T., machinist, n s Jefferson b College and Rock- 

Cramer Ben. fireman, bds Kime House 

Creighton Wm. machinist, h 12 w Washington 

Curtis Ben. engineer, h 193 w Washington 

Cutter J. C. blacksmith, h 149 w Berry 

Cutter Henry, wagon maker, 149 w Berry 

Cutter J. carriage and blacksmith, 100 w Main 

Curtis Rev. E. Pastor second Presbyterian Church, h 113 e 

Cuiry Wm. boiler maker, 224 e Jefferson 

Daily and Weekly, office on Calhoun, b Main and Berry, 

opposite Public Square 
Damon E. engineer, Wabash road, h w s Griffith b Jefferson 

and Railroad 
Davis Rev. J. R. h 225 w Washington 
Davis Jesse, h 225 w Washington 
Daily Dr. J. W. physician, h 22 w Berry 

Davidson , brakesman, bds 55 w Main 

Dayer , machinist, bds 70 e Jefferson 

Day Christ, painter, 90 e Washington 

Davis John, eng. 45 Madison 

Davis J. C. ticket agent, Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago 

Railroad, h 215 Lewis 

Editor and Proprietor of Dawson's Times, res. 148 east 


Davis Joseph, tinner, bds American House 
Darling Henry J. engineer, bds 39 e Water 
Day Henry, painter, h 131 w Water 
Davis A. C. carpenter, h 173 Ban- 
Davis J. L. carp, bds w s Barr b Wayne and Washington 
Darrow Ralph H. machinist, res. country 
DarroAv Ralph J. painter, wks. Hichcock, bds Main-stExchage 

J. II. y\ VERS. 




Fanning- Mills, Chain Pumps, &C; 

Shop s s Main b Ewing and Griffith, 




Ofiice South-East Comer Columbia and Calhoun, 


r). 47 

Dalton Edmond, carp, h Jefferson b Griffith and B^^^Id^ 
I)an-ow Irvm, painter, wks John Fairtield, ]>-. ^ 

Daen John bricklayer, s s Washington b CoHe-re and \elson 
Daen Ge. brickla>.n- s s Washington b College and A> "n 
Delaven Barney, lab. h 204 e Wavne 
Dewald George, elk Townley, bds Hamilton House 
J)eize[l Mort. carp, h 14C) w Jefferson 

Deeder --- lab h w s Griffith b Jeffierson and Washin^^ton 
Deegan Patrick, bds 12:> Lewis ^^"oion 

DessauerL tobacc)ni.t, e s Calhoun b Columbia and Main, 
bds Hedekin House ' 

Delamont Julian, miller, Old Fort Mills 

DeH^v'n ^'''"'' ^^"^"^^^ ^'!^''^^ b Xelson and Garden 
I)ella^en Mary, n w c Wilt and Colleo-e 

Deckmire Frederick, carp, h w s Griffilh n of Jefferson 

Dehne Win. carp h 142 Madison 

Derby A. H. milliner, b 55 w Berry 

Dignan Thot. h 190 e Wayne 


J-' Salesman Jacobs' Boot and Shoe Store 

Dicker August grocery, n s Main b Calhoun and Harrison 

Dibble Miss Mary, Fort Wayne College 

Dickson Miss A. bds Barcus' House 

Dickson George, machinist, h 191 Lafayette 


J-^ Boards at Hedekin House 

Dayis Franklin R. blacksmith, wks Pittsburgh Shop bds 151 

Dickey Robert, cooper, h 92 e Washington 
Dingier Barney, wks saw mill, h 268 e Washington 
Denker Joseph, printer, h n s Lewis b Calhoun and Harrison 
Dignan Rosa, widow, h 103 w Water 
Dix Seth, wks Yanalstine, adjoining new race course 
Doyle Thomas, printer, wdvs. on Fort Wayne City Du-ectorv 
Doyle Miss Hatt=e, bds. 79 east Main 
Donoyen Timothy, h 141 e Main 
Donovcn Michael, h 141 e Main 
Donely Wm. horse doctor, h 190 w Main 
Downey Dennis, lab. wks Wabash Valley Round House, h 

162 w Jefferson 
Doolittle J. X. carp, bds 26 e Washtngton 
Doolittle Newton, coppersmith, wks Pittsburgh Shop 
Donoven Tim. engineer, Old Fort Mills 
Doelker Jacob, butcher, h 8 e Berry 
Drake's Reading Room, n s Calhoun b Main and Columbia 





cusTAVus 4. ntnur, 



Between Clinton and Calhoun, 






Dnffmire Henry lab. h 174 e Wayne 

"ilZw.fnT' "' T--P-*''"- P- F. W. & C. R.R 
Drake M. jr., h 71 w Wayne 
Dreirker Henry, h 66 w Washington 
Drener John, fireman, bds 163 w Washington 

^"J^'oL'iLTMrs^^^^ ^- ^^^™ ^ Chi- 

DuBarry Edward, bds Rockhill House 
Dugan Charles, blacksmith, bds 55 w Main 
iJugan Isaac, blacksmith, bds 55 w Main 

''^M:S!:L'^'^^^ --' drinking saloon, Barr st. opp. 
Dubois John B. Justice of the Peace, h 209 Lewis 
Dyer T.'ios. engineer, bds 163 w Washington 

Sur ^vi^-riSt b«''H^S "- ^^-'-" «^"-^o 

Dunham J. L. conductor, res 184 w Washington 

Earl Wm. fireman, bds Kime House 

Eakin Stewart, elk Hill & Orbison, h 149 w Wayne 

±.aken Elizabeth, widow, h 242 e Jefferson 

Earl Mrs. Cyrena, h 190 w Washington 

Early Patrick, lab. 47 e Water 

Eberhardt W. lab. s s Wilt b College and Nelson 

Eckhart Frederick, butcher, h 95 Barr 

Eckhart W. butcher, h 98 Barr 


(Residence Hicksville, Ohio) h 154 west Berry st. Office 
Wabash and Erie Canal Co. n w c Calhoun and Clinton 

tidsall Samuel, (Ivimball & E.) h 249 w Main 




Firo & Marine 


Capital & SnrpKis, ■ - S341,000 

JOS. II. SPRAGUE, .Secietrtiy. RALPH GILLETT, President. 

Losses Equitably adjusted and Promptly Paid by 




C. Y. WE31PLE, Secretary, 


N. D. MORGAN, President, 

Policies issued and iumuities granted on Favorable Terms 

Prospectus and all necessary information may be obtained from 

>V3I. II. MYERS, M. D. Medical Examiner. 

E. 51 

Edgerton Joseph K. attorney at law, res 85 w Wayne 

Edgerton Henry, h 154 w Berry 

Edsall E. P. maU agent, bds 249 w Main 

Edsall Wm. S. h 70 w Main 

Edwards Henry, machinist, h 51 Madison 

Edwards Wm. coppersmith, wks Pittsburgh Shop, bds 51 Mad- 

Edwards Charles, bds 51 Madison 

Edwards Charles, tinner, bds 143 Harrison 

Edwards Ira, eng. h Pearl b Maiden and Harrison 

Egster Mrs. Annie M. boarding house, n w c Harrison and 

Ehrman Andrew, lab. Bloomingdale 

Ehlers John, druggist, elk. C. Schoerpf & Co 

Eiter Fred, wks Wabash freight house, h s s Wasliington bet. 
Nelson and College 

Eichoff Francis, cab. maker, h 134 e Wayne 

EichofF Frank, rough elk, Probasco & Anderson 

Elliott John M. shoemaker, h 167 Lewis 

Elliott G. Washington, printer, h 105 Barr 

Eldridge C. H. packer, wks tiaskell, bds Hedekin House 

Elliott Willis, barber, shop over post office 

Elegran H. tailor, res. Bloomingdale 

Embry Lewis, saddler, shop w s Calhoun b Main and Colum- 
bia, h 128 w Wayne 

Emmet Leonard, teamster, h w of city 

Emry Henry, engineer, h 181 Madison 

Emren Mathias, bds American House 

English Billy, mail carrier 

Engleking Henry, shoemaker, Bloomingdale 

Engle House, Wm. Heckman, proprietor, w s Calhoun b Jeff- 
erson and Lewis 

Engle Wm. w s Calhoun b Lewis and Jefferson 

Engleking, Sander & Co. market grocery, Barr w of Market 

Engleking Fred. ( E. Sander & Co.) h 146 Bajr 

Engle INIrs. Catherine, widow, w s Calhoun b Lewis and Jeff- 

English Wm. hostler, n s Main b Clinton and Barr 

Epp Mathias, shoemkr, h n s Jefferson b College and Nelson 

Ernsting C. lab. Bloomingdale 

Erskine R. B. foreman Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago paint 
shop, h 165 Lewis 

Esuke Lewis, lab. bds w s Lafayette b Calhoun and Main 

Ettinger Jerrie, printer, wks Times Office, bds 148 e Berry 

JR. C. r. R.(tJ'MiOVSJER. 



North-West Corner Calhoun and Main. 



Is M® mAjLMM^ 



W. S. Calhoun N. of Main. 


A. J. REED, 



&» n? ./^ DB Xj £3 y 

East Side Court Street, opp. Public Square, 


p. 53 

Ettinger Julius Cfcsar, coffin maker, bds 148 e Berry 
Etzholt Henry, shoe mkr. s s Wilt b College and Rockhill 
Etzholt Wm. machinist, s s Wilt b College and Rockhill 

Dealers in all kinds of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, w s 
Calhoun one door north of Main 
Evans Mrs. res. 114 w Berry 
Evans Ed. track master Wabash Road, bds Rockhill House 

-^ Dealer in Dry Goods, &c., 125, Columbia street 
Evans S. C. (Evans & Co.) n e c Berry and Maiden Lane 
Evans Joseph, n w c Griffith and Berry 

(George W. E. & Byron D. M.) Real Estate Agents, Of- 
fice 91 west Main 
Ewing Mrs. E. h n w c Ewing and Berry 
Ewing G. W. (Ewing & Miner) sec Ewing and Main 

Eclectic Physician, Office 90, h 94 Clinton 

Farbef John, carp h n e c Wayne and Hanna 

Farrar W. B. hoop pole manufactory, bds Mayer House 

Farrar H. F. hoop pole manufactory, bds Mayer House 

Farrar E. hoop pole manufactory, bds Mayer House 

Dealer in Wines, Brandies, Liquors, Cigars, &c. No. 93 

Columbia, h s s Berry b Ewing and Webster 

Falish Chas. lab. res. n s Jefferson b Broadway and VanBuren 

Fabriz Dr. veterinary Surgeon, h 100 e Washington 

House, Sign and Ornamental Painter, shop 106 e Mam 

Fairfield John, Sr. blacksmith, h 102 e Main, shop 106 e Main 

Fairfield Asa, farmer, res e s Bluffton Plank Road, one mile 

south of Fort Wayne 

Fairfield Oliver, baker, h 98 e Berry 

Fairfield Cyrus, student 

FARNAN OWEN, ^ , ^ ^ 

Blacksmith, shop s s Columbia b Barr and Lafayette 

Falloon Miss Josephine, bds 94 Clinton 

Falloon Dr. Virgil E. h 94 Clinton 

Fay James, h 226 w Berry 

Farran Thomas, wks gas factory, bds 39 e Water 

54 F. 

Ferry Mr.-^. Caroline, h 191 we.<t Main 

Ferry Miss Ilattie, h 101 w Main 

Feeler Wm. carpenter, h 194 c JefTeison 

Felty John, miller, h 98 w Water 

Ferrell James I), currier, h 43 Clinton 

Fisher J. II. railroader, bds Kime House 

Fight Peter, boat captain, h 203 e Wayne 

Falk L. h 87 w Cerry 

Fink Mrs. widow, h 234 e Wayne 

Fisher Adolph, elk. bds 22 w Washington 

Fisher Isaac, butcher, h 80 w Washington 

Filson 11. C. fur dealer, h 201 west Berry, s w c Calhoun and 

Fink Charles, boarding house, sec Maiden Lane and Main 
Fischer Anthony, cab. maker, h 54 e Main 
Fischer Margaret, lager beer saloon, 54 e Main 
Fisher Michael, carp, h 85 e Berry 
Fillson S. wheat bu3-er, h 99 e Berry 

Filcer Jolm, boiler maker, wks Pittsburgh Shop, bds 51 Lewis 
Fink Mrs. INIaiy, widow, h 174 e Jefferson 
Fish Humphrey, engineer, h 228 e Jefferson 
Fisher Joseph, plasterer, h 225 e Washington 
Fireinens' Hall, e s Calhoun b Main and Columbia 
Fiburger Simon, h 43 w 15erry 

Fitzpatrick Michael, railroader, li Lewis b Calhoun & Harrison 
Fink's Coffin Room, n s Pearl b Maiden and Harrison 
Fleming Robert, treasurer Fort Wayne gas light company, h 

1G2 west Berry 
Fleming Thomas L. deputy sherifl', bds w s Calhoun b Water 

and Duck 
Fleming Wm., sherifl' of Allen county, res. jail 
Fletter Samuel, carp, n w c Bass and Prince 
Fletcher Chas. A. carp, h 215 w Washington 
Fleisker Ferdinand, teacher, h 19(> Barr 
Fletcher C. P. billiard saloon n w c Calhoun and Pittsburgh, 

Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad 
Foelinger Jacob, boots and shoes, w s Calhoun b Main and 

Columbia, h 144 Harrison 
Ford Mrs. widow, h 191 e Wayne 

Footer Martin, painter, wks Miller's shop, h 18 east Wayne 
Fox H. C. clerk at Mayer House 
Fox George, shoemaker, IGl e Jefferson 
Fox Joseph, shoemnker, IGl e Jefferson 
Focllingcr John M. (Evans & Co.) bds Hcdckin House 

F. 5& 

Folsom B. W. carp, n s Jefferson b A^elson and Garden 
Foley Patrick, lab. 123 Lafayette 

Folsom D. S. carp h s s Jefferson b Colle,2:e and Rockhill 
Foster Wm. blacksmith, b Lewis and Railroad e of Barr 
Force E. L. bds Hamilton House 
Fox John R. machinist, 96 Barr 

Fox Stewart, machinist, h Peai-1 b Ewing and Griffith 
Foehnger Jacob, shoe store, 144 Harrison 
Frank F. J. constable, h 140 e Wayne 
Frank Henry, h 140 e Wayne 

Frank Chas. carp shop 85 e Wayne, h 92 e Wayne 
Freeman N. B. h 170 w Wayne 
Freeze Wm. shoemaker, h 1C9 w Washington 
Fry Henry, h 121 w Main 
Frank Edward, baker, h 25 w Main 
France Joseph, Prosecuting Att'y h 122 e Berry 
French Rufus, h 144 e Washington 

French Charles G. carp, shop n s Wayne b Barr and Lafayette 
h s s Wayne b Barr and Lafayette 

T^IIEE:\L\X X. B.. & GO, 

J- Dry Goods, Groceries, Queensware, &c. n w c Columbia 
and Clinton » 

T^PvEEINIAN Dr. O. H. . 

J- h 40 w Water, office 125 Columbia street, up stairs 
French Mrs. S. M. h b Lewis and Railroad e of Barr 
Franke Charles, shoemaker, s s Jefferson b Nelson and Wash- 
Friday Henry, w s Calhoun b Jefferson and Washington 

West end of Wayne Street ; Rev. R. D. Robinson, 


Freeman Joseph, sec Columbia and Calhoun 

Futter ^Martin, painter, wks Miller's shop 

Tj^llY JACOB, 

Xj Tannery, west side St. Mary's river, near aqueduct, res. 

121 west Wayne 

FRY J. B. 
Book Keeper for Jacob Fry, bds 121 west Wayne 

Fry Henry, bds 121 w Wayne 

Fort Wayne Jail, w s Calhoun b Duck and Water 

Tj^T. WAYXE :NE\CIIINE WORKS, ^, ., ^, ^ ^ 
J- Successors of Jones, Bass & Co. and ol Aeil McLach- 

lan. Samuel Hanna, President, Neil McLachlan, Supt., 

Horace Hanna, Secretary 
Furste Ferdinand, carpenter, res 22 w Wayne 



JO Tlios. Tij^ar, J'iditor and rroprictur, olhce west side Cal- 
houn b Main and Coluiul)ia 

FURSTK F. L. _ ^ , ^r . , 

County Auditor, Office s w c Court and Mam, h 22 west 


Gable Mrs. L. dross maker, n w c Wayne and Harrison 
Gable Christian, h 40 c Madison 

Gable Miss Margaret, dress maker, n w c Wayne and Harrison 
Gable Miss Mary, dress maker, n w c Wayne and Harrison 
Gable Christena, widow, h 29 w Water 

Gable Miss Johanna, dress maker, n w c Wayne and Harrison 
Gamble Mrs. widow, h 93 w Washington 
Garrett Samuel, miller, h 11 e Water 
Garry John, coppersmith, bds 156 Harrison 
Garner David, crap h 233 c Jefferson 

Garrison Albert, blacksmith, n s Colerick b Hoagland and 

GAS LIQHT CO. ^^ ^ ^ , 

Office and works n s Canal e of Barr; A. P. Edgerton, 

President; II. E. Flemming, Treasurer; Henry Edgerton, 

Gaylor Geo. h 200 e Jefferson 
Gearman Chas, porter, Rockhill House 
Gebhart Wm. bricklayer, h 209 Madison 
Gebhart George, res Bloomingdale 
Geerken Geo. h 188 e Jefferson 

Geiger Chas. saloon, w s Calhoun b Lewis and Jefferson 
Geiger Herman, n s Columbia b Clinton and Barr 
George Mrs. Eliza, n s Wilt b Fulton and Broadway 
George Miss Jenny, n s Wilt b Fulton and Broadway 
German Reformed Church, s s Berry b Lafayette and Barr 
Goursteiner Ignot, printer, h 167 w Washington 
Gibford A. elk h 55 w Berry 
Gimble Henry, lab h 10 w Wayne 
Gitler Michael, lab Bloomingdale 
Glenn John J. attorney at law, h 148 Clinton 
Gluting J. h 15 w Washington 
G lynn Mathias, livery stable, 53 e Main 

G. 57 

Godown John, civil engineer, P. F. W. & C. R. R. bds Rock- 
hill Houf^e 
(xolden Fred, blacksmith, h 185 e Jefferson 
Good & Co. (George G. & Louis Straub) saddlers, s s Colum- 
bia b Calhoun and Clinton 
Good Templars' Hall, n \v c Calhoun and Main 

Croodman , engineer, P. F. W. & C. R. R., bds Rockhill 

Good Geo. ( jood dz, Co.) h 98 e Jefferson 
<TOodner Joseph, carp, h 233 e Jefllsrson 
Gowdy Alexander, machinist, bds Barcus House 
Gokey Anthony, elk Trentman, h 208 e Jefferson 
Gorden Edward, engineer, bds 39 e Water 
Gotsch Julius, jeweler, n s Columbia b "Clinton and Barr 
Gould Patrick, lab. h w s Lafayette b Lewis and Railroad 
Gould Harvey, engineer on Wabash Road, hn s Raih'oad near 
Wabash Round House 

(iM-ed. G. 6z. Cha> AL M.) family groceries and liquors, e s 
Calhoun b Columbia and Main 
Granaman Henry, book binder, h 60 w Jefferson 
Gratch Frederick, lab. h 177 w Jefl^erson 
Grantier Miss Ellen E. bds 77 w Jefferson 
Grathry James, blacksmith, h 16 Madison 
Granamann Henry, carp, h 80 Madison 
Grannaman Chas. lab. h 78 Madison 
Granouillet Jacob, lab. h 104 Madison 
Graham Thomas, engineer, h 51 Madison 
Graham James, engineer, h n w c Lafayette and Jefferson 
Graham Chri^:topher, fireman, bds Kime House 


VJ Dealer in Dry Coods, &c., av s Calhoun b Main and Col- 
Graffs A. book keeper Marx Graff's 
Graff Fred. (Graff & Muhler) w s Calhoun b Jefferson and 

Graham S. engineer, bds w s Barr b Wayne and Washington 
Graff' Marx. Dry Goods, 3 Phoenix block, Calhoun street 
Graff Henry, jeweler, Mayer's shop, Columbia street 
Gravner Peter, engineer, n s Lafayette s of Lewis 

f^REY H. C. & Co. ^ , , . , ^ ,L 

VT Leather and Findings, 119 n s Columbia b Calhoun and 


Grey Charles A. dry goods and groceries, 85 Columbia 

Greer Wm. carp, h 229 e Jefferson 

58 H. 

GrcrnsfVldcr dustavuH, wluf^kcy shop and i::rocery, n s Main 
b Calhoun and Clinlon 

Grcathouse Henry, carpenter, Pitts, shop, h 19G c Wayne 

Grieb John, tailor, G2 Columbia, up stairs 

Grey II. C. (II. C. Grey & Co.) res country 

(Jre<^er John, fireman, h 173 l>arr 

Green C. produce buyer, h 215 w AVayne 

Giiebcl Lewis, eal)inet maker, h 58 c Jelierson 

Grillith Mrt3. Sarah, h 50 c Berry 

Grillith Wm. Jr. h 59 c Berry 

Grillith .Aliss L. residence north of the city 

Cirillith Wm. Sr. elk Auditor's oflice, h 59 e Berry 

Gros.-< Mathias, rope maker, h w s Calhoun b Jefferson and 

Grote A. segar maker, s s Columbia b Calhoun aiid Harrison 

CJroute Wm. li w s Piqua road s of Railroad 

Groomc Wm. machinist, h 103 \v Washington 

Gronour Wm. Ct. h w s Ewing b Wayne and Washington 

Gronour Almira, \v s Ewing b Wayne and Wasliington 

Grove Frederick, wks Wabash Hound House, h 283 w Wash- 

Grout James, drayman, h 138 e Washington 

Cirund Phillip, blacksmith, bds w s Barr b Wayne and Wash- 

Guezct A. painter, n s Jefferson b Ilarmer and Francis 

Guttermuth Geo. tailor, s s Jefferson b Nelson and College 

¥f • 

Haag John, bricklayer, h s s Washington b A^elson and Gar- 
Habercorn Henry, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 94 Madison 
Hactor Wm. blacksmith, h 93 w Washington 

Bankers w s Clinton b Main and Columbia 
Hart Abram, h 204 e Wayne 
Haswell S. 1'. cooper, h 257 w Wayne 
Hamilton John, h 115 w Wayne 
llarter Phillip, elk Townley's h 124 w Washington 
Hamilton House, Frederick Hamilton, Proprietor, 51 \v Berry 
Hamilton Ilolman, res. s s Lewis b Clinton and Ban- 
Hamilton Thos. h w s "S'an Burcn b Wayne and Washington 


H. 59 

Harter Joseph, blacksmith s s Main b Fulton and Broadway 

Haheu.'< Andrew, lab. h 70 w Washington 

Harris John, h 30 w Washington 

Harris Mr?. M. milliner 55 w Berry 

Hamilton Frederick, h 51 w Berry 

Hassler J. carp, h 148 w Jefferson 

Hays Thos. lab. h 160 w JelFerson 

Harding , cooper h 33 w Jefferson 

Harmony Webb, moulder, bds 220 e Jefferson 
Hartman Herman, brewer, 128 e Washington 
Hamilton Allen, (Allen Hamilton & Co.) res s s Lewis b 
Barr and Clinton 


Broduce Dealer, West end Columbia, bds Main vStreet Ex- 

Haskell Ezra, wks W. Haskell, w end Columbia 

Handlin John, wks Gas Factory, n s Canal b Clinton and Barr 

Hagy Hermon, drayman, h 154 e Washington 

Hattersly Alfred, h 96 w Berry 

Hascam Henry, cooper, h 81 w Washington 

Harmonic Society Room n s Columbia b Calhoun and Harri- 

Harber Peter, machinist, bds Hedekin House 

Hanna, vSamuel, Office n w c Columbia and Barr, res e end of 

Hanna Chas. Provision Store,n wc Barr and Berry 

Hanna Hoi ace, s s Lewis e of Harmer 

Hanna Hugh, ss Lewis e of Harmer 

Hanna Willis, s s Lewis e of Harmer 

Haggerty Capt. Hugh, wks D. F. Comparet 

Hardendorf John, h 191 w Main 

Hart Mrs. Katy, dancing shanty, s s Wayne b Fulton and 

Hayden Isaac, h n s Wayne b Fulton and Broadway 

II ay den J. W. student, h n w c Wayne and Fulton 

Hate J. h n s Lafayette s of Lewis 

Harrison T. L. machinist, he s Broadway s of Jefferson 

Harrison Mrs. T. L. dressmaker, e s Broadway s of Jefferson 

Hartman A., brewer, 128 e Washington 

Hartman Geo. sawyer, w s Nelson opp Wilt 


Insurance Agent and Notary Public, h s w c Washington 

and Barr 

Hartman L. R. elk post office 

Hartman Lemuel R. h s w c Barr and Washington 

II. 00 

C' and Strain Fitter, Brass Founder and Finisher, n s 

iMain west of Callioun 

Ilartman Homer C, Attorney at Law, office in Houj,'h\s Land 


Bakery, '20 east lierry, b Calhoun and Chnton 

llarnieir W. hil). h Hh)oniiny:dah', 

Hamilton .Mrs. Jili/.aheth, h s s Lewis b Clinton and Barr 

llaverly A. blacksmith, wks Wabash shop 

Harris E. h s s canal b Broadway and A^an Burcn 

Heller T. S. (T. S. Heller Co.) boots, shoes, leather and find- 

ini^s, store Columbia street, near Hill and Orbison's 

Hennini,'s Fred, h 204 e Wayne, wks Rudisill's factory 

Heidwinkle Henry, carp, h 54 w Wayne 

Hed<,^es Thos. J. carp, h 2-2 w Washinj^ton 

Heinlein Wm. wks NV'ahash Road, h 75 w Washington 

Helger Fred, h 107 w W^ashington 

HKT^KKIN HOlTSi:, ^ ^ , , . 

Brady and Son, Proprietors, c s Barr between Columbia 

and Main 

Hedekin Mike, h 97 e Main 

Hcdekin Thomas, h 97 e Main 

Henderson Wm. D. h 79 e Main 

Henderson Samuel C. coppei smith, bds 79 e Main 

Henderson A. R. Avks Rudisill's h 91 e Washington 

Hedges J. P. h 252 e Washington 

Hews James, blacksmith, bds 20 e Washington 

Hews Miss Magie, bds Rockhill 

Henchen Wm. railroader, h 124 Madison 

Barber — shop w s Calhoun b Wayne and Berry 
Hedges Alexander, constable, h 81 e Water 
Hennings F. wks woolen factory, h 55 w Water 
Heber Tobias, wk.s 19 Clinton 

Hedekin <Sl Son, grocery, sec Barr and Columbia 
Heldt George, barber, w s Calhoun b Washington and Berry 
Hergenrather Joseph, brickmason, h n w c Rockhill and Jefl'- 

Height Conrad, h av s Criffith south of Jefferson 
H<'lil(M- R. teacher, bds 111 Harrison 

Heitkamp & Co. grocery, n w c Washington and Jefferson 
Hilgeman A. carp, h 170 e Wayne 
Hilgeman Wm. carp, h 170 e Wayne 
Hilbrand Wm. carp. 220 w Washington 

H. 61 

• ____^ 

Hight Alex, butcher, bds 84 Main 
fJII.I. C. J.. 

*^ Books, Stationery, Musical Instruments, Paper hangings, 
ifec, w s Calhoun b Columbia and Main, h 34 w Water 

Hilgeman Henry, fireman, wks Cochrane & Humphrey 

Hill Daniel, carp, h 173 e Washington 

Hidecamp Conrad, grocery keeper, h n s Lewis b Calhoun & 

[lightenrigh Joseph, blacksmith, shop s s Water b Calhoun and 
Clinton, h Bloomingdale 

Hiet Amos, blacksmith, Bloomingdale 

Hityfield Dora, widow, h 90 w Water 

II 11 Wm. R. n e c Lewis and Harrison 

Hilbert Daniel, carp, bds w s Lafayette b Columbia and Main 

Hine Fred. carp, s s Jefferson b College and Rockhill 

Hilbrey Henry, blacksmith, e s Broadways of Jefferson 

(John E. H. dz. H. M. O.) Forwarding and Commission 
Merchants, n s Columbia b Calhoun and Harrison 
Hill Jo'm E. (Hill and Orbison) n av c Cass and Berry 
Hill John E. n e c Harrison and Lewis 
Hinton S. w s Bluffton Plank road s of Railroad 
Hinkle , conductor, Pittsburgh Road, bds Mayer House 

(P. H. & J. L. Williams) City Flour Mills, n w c Canal 

and Clinton 
Holmes Wm. fireman, Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago 

Railroad, bds Kime House 
Hoyer Herman, shoemaker, h 59 w Wayne 
Howen John, fireman, bds 93 w Washington 
House David, carp. 237 w Washington 
Hoagland George, elk. M. LMills 
Hoa gland James, elk M. L Mills 

Foreman Fort Wayne Times News Room, bds e s Barr b 

W^ayne and Washington 
Houser Michael, bar keeper, Ma!in Street Exchange 
Hoffer John, carp, h 200 w Main 
Howly Isaac, engineer, Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago 

Railroad, h 75 e Jefferson 

Hoffman Adam, carp. 209 e Washington 

Holey Herman, engineer, bds 39 e Water 

Hornung Geo. brewery and beer house, 89 Harrison street 

OUGH JOHN, Jr. , ^ . m . 

Attorney at Law, Land and Insurance Agent, office west 

side Calhoun b Main and Berry, residence 121 w Wayne 


62 __":.-___^ 

llor fVtor, copprrsinitli, 2G c Washinj^ton 

llolroch Will, siilooii kcrpor, h 147 Madison 

Homa Charles, li 0-2 Ban- 

H..WO James, Viieat buyer, c s (Minion n o( \v aler 

Horner W. B. Business agent Dawson's tort \\ayne Daily 

and Weekly Times, h ir,()wWaslirngton . , , ,, 

Horner Mrs. W. B. teacher vocal and instrumental nuisu- li 1;)() 

w Washington 
Hollnian (George, carpenter, li V.V.) Ilan-ison 
Hoke George, beer shop, w s Callioun h iAlnin and Berry 
Hoagland IMiny, (P. H. & Co.,) res 110 w Berry 
Hobrock Wm. proprietor St. Nicholas Exchange, e s Calhoun 

b Main and Berry , , . , nr . i 

Iloffman Wm. barlper, shop s s Columbia between Clmton ami 

Ilomeir William, res. Bloomingdale 

H^l>nMi'4ier"'''FoRT Wayni: City Directorv and 

Mirror," Residence 180 West Washington 
ITull Mrs. C. res. 180 West Washington 

HiTi.i^ oi:oKaK w. „r 1 • , 

Clerk Townley's, bds 180 west Washington 

Hull Arundel, 180 west Washington 

llulnagel Fred, tailor, h 10 w Washington 

Hulscman Mrs. widow, h 17G e Wayne 

Hubbell I\r. W. res 213 w Berry 

lluestis A. C. (\Yilliams & H.) h 203 w Berry 

Hunter Buck, navigator of the tempestuous raging canawl 

Hull A. B. h 62 Clinton 

Hurd O.D. carpenter, h 142 w Jefferson 

Hustman Christ, lab. 8(5 w Jefferson 

Hustman Christ, jr. painter, bds 80 w Jefferson 

Hubbard Charles, engineer, Pittsburgh Road, bds 26 c W asli- 

ington ' „ 

Humbert James, bds w s Barr between W ayne and Washington 
Humbert Mrs. Sarah, boarding house, w s Barr b Wayne and 

Humphrey Thomas, stone-ciitter, 175 m' Berry 

H Steam, Free" amf Limc's'tone Works, n w c Pearl and 

Fulton, h 177 w Berry 
Humphrey George, (Cochrane & H.) h 175 w Berry 
Hunter Wm. B. canal driver, 

bds w s Barr b Washington and Wayne 
Humbert Miss Mary E. w s Barr b Washington and Wayne 

I-J. 63 

l^uxford M. W farmer, res. e s Clinton n of Water 

Jluber CJeo. batcher, h e g Calhoun b Wayne & Washington 

Ilutdol John, lab. n s Washington b Broadway and Van Buren 

llultze Wm. machinist, Bowser & Story 

Ilontrop John, machinist, h 188 e Jefferson 

!ba Wm. boatman, h s s Railroad near Wabash Round House 


-■- John liough, .)r. Land and insurance Agent, w s Calhoun 
b ]Main and Beny 

Ingler Frank, h 237 w Washington 

Ingleking Sander & Co., market grocery, w s Barr near Mar- 
ket House 

Ingleking Fred. (I. Sander & Co.) h 146 Barr 


J- Gustavus J. A^eubert, Editor and. Proprietor, s s Columbia 

Calhoun and Clinton 
Ingleking Wm. h 146 Barr 

Inraight jMicHacl, wks Railroad, h " w c Lewis and Calhoun 
Irviii Geo. A. Supt. Public Schools, h 153 w Berry 
Irwin Thos. butcher, h 51) e Berry 
J- Book Keeper, Allen Hamilton & Co.'s Bank, res. 121 East 

Ismar Christopher, blacksmith, 137 Lewis 
Ikes August, lab. h 60 w Washington 
Irey Mrs. Sarah w s Griffith s of Jefferson 
Irey Catharine, w s Griffith s of Jefferson 

tl Boots, Shoes, Leather, Findings, &c. s w c Calhoun and 


Jackson Kirby, conductor Pittsburgh road, bds Kime House 

Jacobs Fred, painter, 68 w Washington 

Jasper Rudolph, carp. 51 w Washington 

Jasper Henry, carp 51 w Washington 

Jackson Nathan P. eng. n s Washington b Ewing and Griffith 

Jacobson V. clothier, e s Calhoun b Columbia and Main 

J. Gt 

.lacoby T>. C. attornoy at law, w s Barrb Main and Berry 

Jacobs Wm. (J. <S>: Son) ros 77 e Berry 

Ja(•ob^!.Iohn, (J. Sz. Son) res 90 e Berry 

Jacob;? IVtor, 114 Madison 

Jakomire Henry, lab wks Pittsburgh road, 128 Madison 

Jail C'ountv, w s Calhoun h Duck and Water 

Jellerds O.'W. h 133 c Wayne 

O Attorney at Law, ofTice Calhoun b Columbia and Main, h 

130 w Jefferson 

Jenkinson Moses, attorney at Law, h 105 w Berry 

Jernian Lewis, h 57 w Water 

Jewish Synagogue, w s Harrison between Wayne and Wash- 

Jenison Miss Emily, portrait painter, bds 91 e Wayne 

Johnson J. B. grocery, h 219 w Washington 

*' Regular Physician, h 56 w Wayne 

Johnson Charles II. h 91 e Main 

Johnson Mrs. Hulda, h 91 e Main 

Johnson Mary E. 91 e Main 


^ Manager Western Union Telegraph Office, res. e s Jack- 
son b Wayne and Berry 

Jones John, fireman, Pittsburgh Road, bds Kime House 

Jones Henry, engineer, Pittsburgh Railroad, bds 90 Lewis 

Jones Wm. machinist, bds Barcus House 

Jones Wm. H. bds Hamilton House 

Jones David, h 55 w Water 

Jones Joseph, h 110 w Water 

Jones Geo. printer, wks Times Office, bds 148 e Berry 

Jones Mrs. Martha A. h 75 Lafayette 

Jones Chas. wagon-maker, bds 75 Lafayette 

John D. P. engineer, Pittsburgh road, h e s Barr b Washington 
and Wayne 

Johnson O. T. eng. Wabash road, bds 193 w Washington 


*' Printer, Dawson's Times bds 148 e Berry 

Johnston Joseph, carp, h w s Griffith b Jefferson and Rail- 

Joquel John J. stoves, tin ware &,c. w s Colhoun b Columbia 
and Main h 23 w Jefferson 

Joyce E. C. h 155 w Washington 

Joyce Joseph H., address, Chicago, Illinois 

Judkins E. F. boarding house, 26 e Washington 

K. 65 

Kane George, fireman, bds 193 w Washington 

Kador Nathan, engineer, bds 146 IV Wayne 

Kartdeline Michael, wks round house, h 175 w Jefferson 

Kanning Lewis, wks Wabash freight house, h 97 Madison 

Kanna Fred, lime kihi, h 33 Madison 

Kabisch Fred, beer saloon, w s Calhoun b Wayne and Berry 

Kabisch Julius, beer saloon, w s Calhoun b Wayne and Berry 

Kamm J. J. painter, shop n s Columbia b Calhoun & Harrison 

Kannon John, machinist, h 150 w Jefferson 

Kartholl Mrs. widow, h 149 e Jefferson 

Kelker Antony, engineer, h w s Griffith b Washington and 

Ketler Mrs. Widow, h 203 e Jefferson 
Kepler J. A. engineer, Pittsburgh road, h 175 e Jefferson 
Kelker George, fireman, Pittsburgh road, bds 134 Lewis 
Kelker Henry, eng. bds w s Barr b Wayne and Washington 
Kelly John, helper, n w c Lewis and Calhoun 
Kearhoff F^red, h s s Washington b College and Nelson 
Kennedy Henry, plasterer, s w c Harmar and Lewis 
Keifer Geo. w s Hood b Pritchard and Railroad 
Ketcher Paul, shoemaker, bds s s Jefferson w of College 
Kime J. W. proprietor Kime House, n w c Wayne and Clay 
JKime House, J. W. Kime, proprietor, n w c Wayne and Clay 

Dry Goods and Groberies, e s Calhoun b Main and Col- 

Kiser Peter, merchant, h 70 w Wayne 

king W. h s w c Rockhill and Wayne 

Kimball Prof. Samuel, teabher vocal and instrumental musicy 
h 213 w Wayne 

Kimberly Mrs. Harriet, h 262 w Washington 

Kimberly James, 262 w Washington 

Kimberiy Nevell, 262 w Washington 

Kimball Benj. carp, h 132 w Washington 

(V. M. K. & Samuel E.) Produce, Commission and For- 
warding Merchants, s s canal b Calhoun and Harrison 
Kimball V. M. (K. & Edsall) 248 w Berry 
Kinney G. blacksmith, bds 91 e Washington 
KilpatricJ James, carp, h 102 w Water 
King George, engineer, Pittsburgh road, bds 151 Lewis 

GO l^- 

King Jacob, jr. wajron and carriage shop, e s Court b Main «fe 

''Berry, bds 04 Clinton 
Kin^ Jacob, blackr^mith, h 04 Clinton 
Kin""- (^.00. engineer, Pittsburgh road, bds City Hotel 
Kii-khani l^dward, he s Calhoun b Washington and Jeflerson 
Riser Deitriek, lab. w s Calhoun between Washington and 

Riser Charles, h 70 w Wayne 
Riser Peter, jr. h 70 w Wayne 
Riser lit nry, shoemaker, h 120 Madison 
Riser Christ, bds 125 Madison 

Rii-khoir Fred, shoemaker, e s Broadway, s of Jefferson 
RIan Julius, cabinet maker, h 200 w W^ashington 
Rline Peter, carpenter, h 134 e Berry 
Rline Jacob, wholesale and retail groceries and provisians, 1^ 

Columbia, h 120 e Berry 
Rline Charles, lab. h 207 e Washington 
Rleinmiller Henry, helper, h 55 Madison 
Rley Fred, cooper, h 111 w Water 
Rline John, elk Jacob Rline's bds 120 e Berry 
Rline Fred, elk Jacobs' shoe store, h 122 e Wayne 
Rline Samuel, h 118 e Wayne 
Rline Rev. J. H. h 55 w Washington 
Rlinger Henry, butcher 

rL^Surgeon Dentist, 'Office and res. 32 e Main 

Rnapp Wm. fireman, bds 193 w Washington 

Rnecht Dominick, carp, h 10 w Jefferson 

Knappenberger John, packer, wks Haskell 

Rnecht X. res. Bloomingdal e 

Knothe Julius, carp. 51 e Jefferson 

Koontz J. G. teacher, h 190 Barr 

Kock John M. proprietor Steuben House, sec Calhoun and 

Roster John, shoemaker, \v s Calhoun b Lewis and Jefferson 

Roster Henry, shoe mkr. w s Calhoun b Lewds and Jefferson 

Kopp Michael, h 50 e Main 

Roster Christian, lime stone, hl09 Harrison 

Krudop John B. (Rrudop & Co.) h 27 w Jefferson 

Krudop & Co. lime kiln, n s Pearl b Cass and Ewing 

Kruzer A. wks Bakers' saw mill, h 211 Madison 

Krimmel Christ, millwright, h s s Jefferson b Nelson and Col- 
Kreggor John, stone cutter, h 137 Harrison 
Kratzsch H. grocery, \v s Calhoun b Main and Berry 

L. 67 

Kraus Geo. elk BrandrifF, h s e e Madison and Francis 
Kuhn H. Rev. h 199 w Washington 

Groceries and Provisions, n s Columbia b Calhoun and 

Clinton, h n w c Pearl and ]Maiden 
Kuntz Jacob (Layner & K.) n s Calhoun b Wa}Tie and Berry 




Clothing, Dry Goods, Gats, Caps, &c., 91 Columbia, h 75 

w Berry 
Lanegan Pat. wks Pittsburgh road, h 241 w Washington 
Landis David, eng- Pittsburgh road, h 41 e Wayne 
Lafrance Henry, lab. bds 60 \v Washington 
Lampke Henry, h 19 w \Vashington 
Lannen Ann, h 97 Wa'^hington 
Lasselle F. J. elk Main Street Exchange 

Lauferty M, J. cutter, I, Lauferty, h 45 vv Main ' 

Laffler Henry, h 66 w Jeiferson 


-L' Job Printing Otfice, all kinds plain and fancy job work, e 

s Calhoun b Columbia and iNIain 
Lankenan Fr-enk, carp, h 90 w Jefferson 
Landis Jacob, lab. 203 e Washington 
Lannan John, painter, h 216 e Washington 
Lane Hermon, carp. 129 Madison 
Lang Nat., tinner, bds n w c Barr and Washington 

Lawrence , bds Hedekin House 

Lampman Fanny, wks Hedekin House 

Lahmeyer Daniel, ( D. L. & Co.) w s Calhoun b Wayne and 

Lahmeyer (D. &. Co.) groceries and provisions, ws Calhoun b 

Wayne and Berry 

LaCroix Miss Octavie, h e s Clinton b Lewis and Jefferson 

Lasselle F. D. farmer, e s Piqua road, s of Railroad / 

Lacey Margaret, h Washington s of Fort Wayne College ( 

Latham Wm. printer, h 178 Harrison 

Latham Adeline Mrs. h 178 Harrison 

T EONARD P. M. , , ^ 

i-' Homoepathic Physician, h and office 239 w Wayne 

Lehman Chas. lumber yard, h 127 e Washington 

Leach J. S. carp, h 160 w Washington 

68 L. 

Leber Henry, carp, h 240 e Jefferson 

Residence 21 west Berry 

Lee Israel, carp. 135 Madison 

Lewis Samuel, s s Lewis b Clny and Barr 

Leslie S. W. machinist, bds lledckin House 

Lee Jas. carp, bds Hedekin House 

Lear John, h Bloomingdale 

Lear G. mason, Bloomingdale 


±j Gunsmith and Itepairmg shop, 23 Chnton 

Leonard H. lab. n s of Wall w of Bluffton plank road 

Little A. J. attorney at law, h 122 w Wayne 

Link W. H. hoop pole manufactory, h 202 w Wayne 

Libely Christ, beer saloon, 13 w W'ayne 

Lishermoon Christ, elk Legman's 

Lischeit John, cabinet maker, h 93 w Jefferson 

Link George, carp, h 236 e Jcflerson 

J^intz A. boots and shoes, s s Columbia b Calhoun and Clinton 

Livingston Seth, elk Wheeler's, bds Hedekin House 

Livingstone Pauline, milliner and dress maker, w s Calhoun 
b Washington and Wayne 

Little George L. forwarding and commission merchant, h west 
end W\ater 

Llebcr Dr. F. 109 Lafayette 

Littlefield Mrs. s s Washington b Nelson and Garden 

Lieble Christ, carp, h 93 Harrison 

Linky Chas. blacksmith, h 166 Harrison 

Lindsley Miss, bds 94 Clinton 

Lower Benedict, grocery, h 15 c Wayne 

Lowric Rev. J. M. res. 106 w Wayne 

Lord Amos, engineer, Pittsbuigh road, h 152 e Washington 

Lonergan Thos. D. pattern maker, h s e c Hanna and Madi- 

Lower Henry, wks Neireiter's saddle shop, h 64 Clinton 

Lower Powell, bricklayer, h n s Railroad b Barr and Lafayette 

Lepple Gotlieb, lab. 150 Barr 

Lower Fred, shoemaker, shop e s Calhoun b Wayne and Wash- 

Lower Gaylord, bricklayer, e s Calhoun b Wayne and Wash- 

Longar Ernst, h 140 Harrison 

J^oucks Mrs. Lodema M. bds 189 w Washington 
Lowe Thos, carp, s w c Calhoun and Washington 
Luepe Henry, plasterer, 77 Madison 

M, 69 

Luers Rt. Rev. John H. res. nee Lewis and Calhoun 

T YTI.F. Win, 

-L; General Accountant, Ewins: & Miner, res e Wayne 

Lynn Lewis, wheat buyer, h- 197 w Washington 

Lunceford D. M. saddler and harness, address, Waterloo, Ind 

Watches, Jewelry, Clocks, Silver Ware, &c., &c. No 88 

Columbia street 
Mason Daniel, ilreman, Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago 

Railroad, bds Kime House 
Maugan John, elk Dignan's bds 190 e Wayne 
Martin Lombert, boat builder, h 200 w Washington 
Mader Daniel, tailor, h 132 w Washington 
Mathena Andrew, railroader, 225 w Washington 
Madison Wm. brass finisher, wks Hattersley 
Martin Alex, boatman, res. 190 w Main 
Manock G. blacksmith, 88 w Main 

George Mayer, Proprietor, south-east corner Wayne and 


Mayer Christopher, carpenter, 224 w Main 

Mahuren Isaac, teacher, h 319 w Main 

Majors John, carpenter, 28 e Berry 

Mahan Bridget, widow, h 168 w Jefferson 

Mahan Martin, lab. bds 108 w Jefferson 

Mahan John, bds 1G8 w Jefferson 

Mahan James, 1 ab. bds 168 w Jeflierson 

Mahuren Miss Matilda, res. Ft. Wayne College 

Maintland Dr. h 166 e Washington 

Postmaster, h 78 Lafayette 

Marinker Christ, lab. 188 Madison 

Manaran J. C. carp, h 114 Madison 

March Peter, carp. 74 Madison 

Maxwell Andrew, blacksmith, bds 151 Lewis 

Markel Polly, cook, City Hotel 

Manier H. saloon, w s Lafayette b Columbia and Main 

Mannix Thomas, dealer in boots and shoes, boards American 

MachiEon Wm. machinest, h e s Harrison b Berry and Wayne 

70 M. 

Manicr Frank, w !^ Lafayrtte b Columbia and Main 

MAN X IX c^- M W I J I ( )I .AX I ). ^ 
(I'lios. .M. cV Daniel ^I.) JJcalcrri in Boots and Shoes, n s 

C.)lunibia'b Clinton and IJarr 
Mathews Charles, machinest, Pittsburirh, Fort Wayne & Chi- 

cijro llailroad sliop, bds Iledekin House 
Maicr Willis 1). rlk I'ost (3frice, bds 78 Lafayette 

MAYi:i{ GEOIUii:. 
l^ropiii'tc r ,\jayei- i Jou?e, south-rar^t oornrr Wayne and 

Maxwell Alex, blacksmith, bds lol J^'wis 
Mayor's OlHre, w s Clinton b Columbia and ]\Tain, Franklin P. 

liandall, Mayor 

Mc A liT M T T 11 JC^HN ^V. 
LJeputy County tSurxcyor, office north east corner Berry 

and Calhoun 
McConib Jtidsun, wholesale dealer in groceries and provisions, 

31) Columbia, res 08 w Berry 
McClaren Hugh, livery stable, h 14 w Main 
IMcCon'^ell J. J. saddler, h 51 e Berry 
JMcCreary Frank, blacksmith, wks Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne &. 

Chicago Raili'oad shop, 
McCain Wm. macliinist, h 144 e .TefTerson 
McCardel George, lireman, bds 47 Madison 
McCulloch Hugh, President Bank of the State of Indiana, res. 

w end Water 
McCulloch Fred, h av end Water 
McCulloch Chas. book keeper, Fort Wayne Branch Bank, h 

w end Water 
McCreary B. F. bds e s Barr b Wayne and Washington 
McCartney John, bds e s Calhoun b Wayne and Washington 
McCune llobt. e s Jackson b Pritchard and Railroad 
McCardel David S. pattern maker, wks Pittsburgh shop, h 47 

McCullough Dr. T. P. residence 75 w Wayne 


-L"J- Agent Ame:-ican and States Express Co's n w c Calhoun 
and Berry, h 27 w Berry 

Superintendent Fort Wayne Machine Works, e s Hanna 
south of Ivailrnail 
McCarty Mary, widow, h 55 w Jcflcrson 
McDonald P.'lab. h 95 c Berry 
McDowell John, h 95 e Jefferson 
McElfatrick Samuel, architect, res 103 w Main 

M. 71 

McEllatrick Edward, s p Lewis b Clay and Lafayette 
McElfatrick W. D. s s LcM-is b Clay and Lafayette 
McElfatrick J. H. s s Lewis b ('lay "and Lafoyette 
McElfatrick J. B. s s Lewis b Clay and Lafayette 
McEwen lleniy, carp, s s Railroad, near Toledo and Wabash 

Round House 
McElvain Wm- h 27 w Berry 
McGee Pat, h 35 w Main 
McGurrie James, lab. 128 Madison 
McGill Mrs. Wm. h 140 Harrison 
McGraw T. lab. n s Barr b lloagland and Prince 
McGurrie Walter, lab Bloomingdale 
McKinly Wm. carpen:;er, h 114 w Wayne 
McLave Patrick, 228 e Jefierson 
McLaughlin Wm. County Surveyor, nee Calhoun and Berry^ 

bds 143 Lewis, J. W. Mc^Vrthur, Deputy 
LcLure John John, brakesman bds w s Barr b Wayne and 

McMullen ^Irs. R. Boarding House, 81 81 e Washington 
McMullen Wm. H. student, bds 81 e Washington 
Mcintosh John, elk. County Treasurer's Office 
McNulty M. lab. s w c Hoagland and Barr 
McPhail William, machinist w s Jefferson between College an<J 

McNurtne J. lab. n s Wilt b Rockhill and College 
McWilliams Walter, coppersmith, bds w s Barr b Wayne and 


Druggist, (H. B. Reed & Go's) bds Hamilton House 

Mettler & Bro, (Mathias & Bernard) picture frame makers, s 8- 
canal e of Barr 

Mettler Mathias, (M. & Bro.) res. country 

Mergel B. liquors and cigars, w s G-elhoun between Main and 

Menevish Frederick, lab 2C0 Barr 

Metzinger Peter, lab s s Calhoun, between Wayne and Wash- 

Metzinger John, machinist, s s Calhoun b Wayne and Wash- 

Menky Wm. Tailor bds 61 e Wayne, wks Thieme & Bro. 

Meinderman Lewis B. regular physician, h 30 w Washington 

Meyers Christian, carp. 45 w Washington 

Meyer C. F. G. (M. & Bro.) res. country 

Meyers Chas. elk Freeman's bds 45 w Washington 

Meyers Dr. Wm. H. h 138 w Washington 



INIcycr Wm. (M. & Bro.) h 22 w Washington 

MV^E^i^^VlAv^Wm-M.) Wholesale and Retail, Drugs, 
Medicines, Chemicals, Glassware, &c. <^c. No. 95 Colum- 


Methodist Episcopal Church, licrry Street Charge, n e c Berry 
and Harrison— Wayne Street Charge s w c \\ ayne and 

Medgan Tlios: elk Auditors office, h 174 e berry 
Mettler Peter, elk Rccker & Bro. 
Mcvor Mi-holas, plasterer, 183 e Jefferson 
Mtyer Bryan, moulder, bds 229 e Jefferson 
jMcVers Lawrence, teamster, 47 e Jefferson 
Meyer John M. 1 ab. wks Pittsburgh shop, h 220 Madison 
Meyer Ernst, shoemaker, 137 Lewis 
Meyer Fred, carpenter 175 Lewis 
Mever Daniel, cooper, h 7 w Water 

Me'yer Henry, 100 Harrison u t /r « ^ 

Mezink Frederick, wagon moker, e s Broadway b Jellersotl and 

Mdarid Fred, watchman, h 230 w Washington 
Mier J. A. elk Moehring, bds Main Street Exchange 
Mil master Henry, shoemaker 226 w Wayne 

i\l Fur'bealers,'41 n s Columbia b Clinton and Barr 
Mills J. L. Railroader, h 156 Madison 

M"^wllSes, Cloclcs, Jewelry, Silver Ware, s s Columbia, be- 
tween Calhoun and Clinton 

IT^I^ER JOHN M. . , nv ^ A 

- Granite Furniture Store s s mam between Clinton ana 

Berry, res. 52 e Jefferson 


L Local Editor Times, Residence 148 east Berry 

Mills M. L (M. L Mills & Co) res. Detroit 
Mills A. J. h 189 w Washington 
Miller Michael, carp. 213 w Washington 
Miller George, (M. ^ Rupert) res. 10 w Berry 

Miller , grocery h 29 w Berry 

Miller Chas. 29 w Berry 

Miller Henry, stone-mason, d 20 w Jefferson 

Miller Mrs. widow, h 20 w Jefferson 

Miller Wm. hoop pole maker, h 97 w Jefferson* 

Miller Lewis, painter, 209 e Jefferson 

Miller John M. cabinet dealer, h 52 e Jefferson 


M. 73 

Maxfield Henry, plasterer, wks Cooper, 154 w Wayne 

Miller Xavier, laborer, street east of Hanna, between Lewis 
and Madison 

Miller and Rupert, (Geo. M. & Ira R.) groceries, west side of 
Calhoun between Main and Berry 

Milliinan C. V. N., shoemaker, h:U American House 

Miller N. C. attorney at Law, residence country 

Miller lv: Peltier, (John M. M. & Louis P.) undertakers, west 
side Calhoun between Main and Berry 

Miller and Berber, groceries and provisions, south side Colum- 
bia between Barr and Clinton 

Miller Phillip, barber, GO L;^fayette 

Miller Frederick, fireman, bds west side Lafayette south of 

Millard William Railroader, Pittsburgh, Fort. Wayne & Chica- 
go Railroad, h 261 east Washington 

IMinei- Byron D. (Ewing & Miner) residence 84 west Water 

Millring Henry, machinist, 55 Madison 

Millring Wm. lab. Lewis between Calhoun and Harrison 

Millring Charles, mason, h 214 w Washington 

Milliman Curtis V., machinist, Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne &c Chi- 
cago Railroad shop, bds 55 e Madison 

Minster B. tailor, 89 Madison 

Moran Peter, mail carrier, h 201 e Wayne 

More W. B. conductor Wabash and Western Railroad, boards 
Mayer House 

Morell Christ, h 10 w Wayne 

Morss S. S. h 86 w Wayne 

Monex Simon, tinner, h 137 west Wayne 

Morgan John, machinest, h 234 w Washington 

Morgan Wm. machinist, bds 190 w Washington 

Mott , engineer, bds 193 w Washington 

Morgan J. PL machinist, h 75 w Washington 

Morgan O. P. Hardware, 81 Columbia, h 54 e Washington 

Moehring Henry, lab. south-east corner Hanna and Madison 

Moser L. woodsawer, h 93 w Water 

MONINO HENRY. ,. . , . . . 

Groceries and Provisions, 15 e Mam, h 61 Lafayette 

Mangeot John, e s Francis b Madison and Lewis 

Mohr John, boots and shoes, s s Columbia b Barr and Clinton 

Moser Barbary, wks Hedekin House 

Moser Sarah, wks Hedekin House 

Moebus Andrew, cigar manufacturer, west side Calhoun bet. 

Jefferson and Washington 

Morrison Andrew, elk. h 143 Harrison 

T4 ____^L___ 

Mannix Thomas, (Mnnnix & Miilholand) bds 102 e Main 
Morrison James, elk. bd. 14:3 Hanisou 
Morrison \Vm. bds 143 Harrison 

MH\^hdiYe^a?d Racul Clothier, s e e Columbia and Cal- 

ho an ^^ . 

Mourner Jo.oph. elk PhillipV. h i:53 w Mam 
Mos.hammer Matlu^w, h s s Main b Clinton and Larr 
JMo..-hammer Mrs. B. michvilV, h 50 e Mam 
Morri. John, (Withers & M.) h 126 w Jelierson 
Merrelhorn H. C. elk Toxvnley's h 33 w Jeflerson 
Moek Charles, painter, bds 229 e Jefierson 
Mock Rebecca, boarding house, 529 e Jefferson 
Morrison John, machinist, bds 91 e Washmgton 
Mooncy Billy, h Columbia b Barr nnd Lafayette 
Manson S. broom maker, h 157 e Wayne 
Mueller Mrs. widow, h 15 w Wayne 
Murry Joseph W. bds 77 w JelTerson 
Murray K. machinist, h 121 w W^ashington 
Muirhcad Geo. mach'nist, h G2 Madison 

Muirhead Alexander, sr. machinist, h n s of Lewis, w of gar- 
Muirhead Alex., jr. elk Williams and Huestis 
Murray John, machinist, h 125 Lewis 

Murphy Patrick, spinner, Rudisil's factory, h s s Water b barr 
and Lafayette 

Muhler Chas.'M. (M. & Gran") h 29 w Berry ^ , ^ 

Muhler Charles, Tinner, works Allen & Go's, bus 59 west 

Murphy George, Inb. bds 120 Lafayette 

Murphv Dennis lab. bds 123 Lafayette 

Murphv Patjick, lab. bds 123 Lafayette 

Mulenbruch Wm. wagon maker, s s Jefferson b College and 

Rockhill 1 Ar • 1 

Munson Charles, elk. A. Kurtz, bds n w c Pearl and Maiden 

Lane , 

jMinor Joseph, carp, h n s Berry b Francis and Harmer 
Millcnbiich John, beer rl>op, south end of Calhoun near Rail- 
Milienbaugh John, jr. bds. 152 c Wayne 

M\Sl,^v'e'A^ent,. office Stockbridge's Book Store, boards 

Ro.«kliill House 
Myers Dr. J. S. h 13a Lafayette 
1, \i( , He my, blacks nuih, bde e52 e Wayne 

N. 75 

jVape Caspar, lab. h n s Jeffer;=;on b Calhoun and Harrison 

Nace Caroline, h 189 w Wayne 

Nagel Fritz, lab. Wabash Round Ilouye, h 93 w Jefferson 

Nape John, moulder, h 7 w Water 

Nave Benjamin, carp, h Bloomingdale 

Nagar Joseph, shoemaker, eest side Broadway south of Jeffer- 

Nachtrieb Joshua, hat and cap store, south side Columbia b 
Clinton and Calhoun 

Saddles, Harness, iSz.c., 122 Columbia, h east side Griffith 

between Wayne and Washington 

Neireiter F. chair painter, h 182 w Jefferson 

Neise Henry, wks Cothrell's Saloon, h 159 e Washington 

Neise Mrs. Christina, widow, 159 e Washington 

Neise Barney, bds 159 e Washington 

Neireiter Catharine, wks. n w c Wayne and Calhoun 

(Evans iS:. Co.) bds Hamilton house 

Nelson Wm. County Clerk's Office, res Country 

NEESON I. 13. a. ^^ , 

Clerk Allen County Circuit Court, Office south-east corner 

Main and Calhoun, Residence Elm Park, east of Fort 

Nelson John, Railroader, s w c Calhoun and Jefferson 
Nelson Elmore, h 151 w Wayne 

XTEESON A. D. a. "^ ^ ^ . 

1^ Elm Park Nursery; all kinds of Fruit and Ornamental 

Trees, leave orders at Clerk's Office 
Newell Chas. D. engineer, h 152 w Washington 
Newy Wm. shoemaker, 70 w Washington 
Neubert Gustavus, Editor and Proprietor Indiana Staat Zei- 

tung, h 16 w Washington 
Newbert Edward, shoemaker, 58 w Main 
Nestel D. blacksmith and wagon shop, s w c Broadway and 

Nemire Henry, teamster, 157 Madison 
Nettlehorst Mrs. wddow 49 Lew Lewis 
J^eff Joseph, proprietor Farmers House, 63 e Water 

!!'____ii^^-l - 

Ncttlohorst B. Hardware ami Stoves, n s Columbia, b Calhoun 
and Harrij'on 

Newman W. II. Freight Agent, Wabash Railroad, h 128 e 

Ncwhart Edward, elk. Manix 6i Mulholland, h 30 west Wa- 

IVIN^HK S: PUCKKTT,. ^ , , . 

1> (Liiidl ay M. .X.*^ Heniy \V . Puckett) Attorneys at Law, of- 

iice n w c Bcrrv and Calhoun, up stairs 
Ninde L. M. (N. it Tuckett) h 13;> w Wayne 
Nill Conrad, h 30 w' Washington 


-i^ Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Perfumery, &c. n w c Colum- 
bia and Main 
Nill Chas. elk. Nill & Sturgis, bds 30 w Washington 

-L^ (.\. A: Openheimcr) res. 33 w Main 

Nicklcs John, blacksmith, Pittsburgh Railroad shop, h 81 e 

NiEtniAN n. 
Stone Brewery and Malt House, s \v c Harrison and Wa- 
ter h 46 w Water 
Nix Valentine, shoemaker, h 80 e Jefferson 
Nix Henry, lab Bloomingdale 
Nierman Nartin brewer, h 43 w Water 

-l-> Fred. x\'. 6z- Abraham O.) Wholesale and Clothiers n a Co- 
lumbia b Calhoun and Clinton 
Nill Geo. shoemaker, Bloomingdale 


I-^ (\ill dt vSturgis) bds. 34 w Washington 

Boots and Shoes, No. 7 Clinton between Clinton and Main 

h 115 Bar r 

Noel Smallwood, Justice of the Peace, otHce Mayor's office bds 

Hamilton House 
Noll Martin, elk. Abbott's h 121 w Main 


-L^ Salesman, Martin, Noll's Boot and Shoe Store, h No. 115 

Noll John, elk. Abbott's, bds 88 Makison 
Noll Alphnsc, tinner, wks Weber's, bds 88 Madison 
Noll M.-irtin. h 8S Madison 
Noll Geo. lab. h 2.j5 Lewis 
Nongasser Lewis turner, 242 e Jefferson 

O. 77 

W holesale and Retail Dealer in Hardware Carriage Trim- 
mings, Iron, Glass *&c. &c. Xo. 79 Columbia, b 79 west 
Oakley C. B. plaining mill, a s canal b Clinton and Bar, h 09 

w Berry 
Oak Grove Retreat, Maumee road, 1 mile east of City 
Obelt Jos. confectioner, h 144 e Jefferson 

(Daniel & John (J C) Proprietors Palace Hall Billiard and 
Bowling Saloon, north side Columbia between Clinton and 
O'Connell John, (O'C. & Bro.) Palace Hall, n s Columbia be- 
tween Clinton and Barr 
O'Connor Barnev, Stone Letterer and Carver, wks Undcrhill 

& Co. 
O'Conner C. Railroader, h 213 w Wasshington 

Salesman iiill's Book Store, bds nee Harrison and Wa- 

Ofanloh Peter, lab. h 65 Madison 

Ofanloh Valentine, painter, 65 Madison 

O'Grady D. lab. Colerick b Hoagland and Prince 

Ohneck P. painter, n s Pearl Street, b Calhoun and Harrison, 
h 42 e Washington 

Ohnhaus John, teacher, hill Barr 

Olds S. N. hatter, Henry Sharp's 

Old Fort Mills, D. F. Comparet Proprietor, e s Lafayette be- 
tween Columbia and Main 

Ohls John, salesman, bds 91 e Washington 

(Xirdlinger tSt O.) Residence 64 west Mam 
Oppenheimer Solomon, cutler and gunsmith, bds Hedekin 

OrfTG. carpenter, h 150 Clinton 

\Vli()k's;tle and llrtail Dralor in Dry Gooj!^,Goocerics,&c. 

north side Columbia brtvvcon Calhoun and Clinton, rpsi- 

dtMKM^ No. t west Water 

OrlTProiressor Henry, teacher vocal and instrumental music, h 

230 east Washington 

/"\KFFJOHX ,, ' ., . 

V,/ Stone Flouring Mill, west end of Mam street, resides in 


Orphans' llome, n w c Wayne and Webster, Bernard Reckers, 

OiT Alexander, bds w s Barr betwee Wayne and Washing- 

Orbison A. M. (Hill A: Orbison) 250 w Berry 

Orvis Cr. B. Agent Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing Machines, 
OlRce No. 98 Columbia street, up stairs, boards Hamilton 

Osterman Lombert, drayman, 237 e Washington 

Overpeck Mrs. llebecca, h 30 w Water 



D. U Connell Ot Brother, Proprietors, n s Columbia bet. 
Clinton and Barr 

Pantlind H. D. tinner, h 160 e Wayne 

Parks \"olney, carpenter, h 170 w Wayne 

Parks ]\Iiss Emily, h 170 w Wayne 

Parks Johnathan, h 170 w Wayne 

Patterson Miss M. e s Calhoun b Wayne and Berry 

Patterson Robert D. Stone Lettercr and Carver, works at Un- 
derbill (S: Co's 

Patent Hiram, h 06 w Jefferson 

Patter.son Miss Hattie, bds east side Clinton, between Main 
and Berry 

Parisoe Louis, blacksmith, h 80 Madison 

Parisoe Charles, blacksmith, bds 89 Madison 

Parisoe Louis, jr. fireman, bds. 89 Madison 

p. 79 

Passanco" Joseph, machinist, h 77 Madison 

Paquenot Frank, e s Piqua plank road, s of P. F. W. & C, 

Parisot John, e s Piqua plank road, s of railroad 
Peters Win, carp. 218 w Washington 

A Railroader, Wabash Road, b:ls 193 w Washington 
Peipenbrink Conrad, shoemaker, h 48 \v Washington 
Peck Elias, carp. 189 w Washington 
Petzinger Fred, saloon keeper, 35 w Main 
Pens Conrad, watchman, Wabash & Western Road, h 206- 

Peltier Louis, (Miller & Peltier) h 49 Lewis 
Penc Phillip, blacksmith, 85 Lewis 
Perry G. H. fur dealer, bds Hedekin House 
Periy Tip. wks Orbison, 250 w Berry 
Peter Antony, lab. bds w s Lafayette, between Columbia and 


Penz Wm. groceries and provisions, e s Calhoun, b Washing- 
ton and Jefferson 

Peipenbrink Christian, boots and shoes, n w c Calhoun and 

Philley Samuel hoop pole maker, h 58 w Washington 

Phillips James, wks Wabash Round House, h 15 west Jeffer- 

Phillips John, elk Orff's bds 4 w Water 

PhiUips Barney, family grocery, east side Calhoun between 
Columbia and Main 

Pierr Peter, dealer in dry goods and groceries, n w c Calhoun 
and Pearl, h 19 west Washington 

Piper Frederick, laborer, h 69 west Jefferson 

Pickard Thomas, moulder, 149 Lewis 

Pierr Peter, dry goods, groceries, &c., west side Calhoun bet, 
Columbia and Main 

Pitcairn Robert P. Railroad Office, h 57 Barr 

Pitcairn John, h 57 Barr 

Pierr Jacob, elk Peter Pierr's, east side Calhoun b Washington 
and Jefferson 

Post Office, west side Clinton between Columbia and Main^ 
John G. Maier, Post Master 

Powers John, teamster, h 160 e Wayne 

Poyser Hi;-am, carpenter, h 180 w Jefferson 

Powell John M. carp, h 39 west Jefferson 

Powell Wm. lime and stone, h 16 w Jefferson 

Powell Frederick, lab. h 16 w Jefferson 

80 P. 

Popr Thnma«', machinist, h'h 77 w Joflerson 

I'owrll I'Vrdiiiniul, wUs. Pittsl)ui-«^h, Fort Wayne it Chicago 

liaih-dad pliop, h (53 w .Tcd'crson 
I'ompcy William, latlwr, h 'Jr)'2 r .Iclfcivon 
IVice .loscpji, city marshal, bds ]\Iain Street Exchange 
I'ratt William, iniller. h 107 William 
IVobasco A. C. (Anderson & P.) h 118 e Main 
Price llattie, 2'25 e Washington 
Pranger J. H. carpenter, 204 e Washington 
I'rice L. II. carpenter, SO we.^t Water 
Protectant Episcopal Church, sec Berry and Harrison, S. H. 

liattin, pastor 
Presbyterian Church, 1st. sec Clinton and Berry 
Presbyterian Church, 2d. south side Berry between Ewing and 

Probasco & Anderson, groceries, n w c Calhoun and Main 
Putnam Capt. II. N. h 250 e Waynn 
Pulsifer Newell, carpenter, h 213 e Jefferson 

Q-R. 81 

Quidor Nat. Engineer, wks Toledo & Wabash Railroad 
Quiua James, lab. s s Jcffei-son e of Griliith 




Ilaab Fred, elk John Raab's Grocery, 05 Columbia 

Raab John, Dealer in Groceries and Provisions, 05 Colum- 

Rabus John, tailor, res. Bloomingdale 

Rackewer Jos. cab. mkr. nee Monroe and Washington 

Rahe H. carp. res. Bloomingdale 

Rar.cer R. lab. wks. Wabash machine shop 

T) AN DA LI. F. P. 

-L^j Mayor of the City of Fort Wayne, office ^v s Clinton b 
Columbia and Main, h n c Lafayette and Berry 

Rapp Wm. proprietor St. Charles Exhange, n s Main b Cal- 
houn and Harrison 

Rapp Jacob, wagon mkr. s s Main b Fulton and Broadway 

Rapp Chas. Printer, wks Latham, bds s s Main b Broadway 
and Fulton 
Gunsmith (Wm. Leonard) s s Clinton b Main and Colum- 

Ray W- F. Master Mechanic Wabash Road 

Rayhouser Gedeliah Isaiah Zachariah, printer. Times Office, 
h 54 Lafayette 

Rayhouser N. C. Albert, printer, Republican Office, bds. 54 

Rayhouser R. C. F. Editor and Proprietor Indiana Freemason 
e s Fulton b Washington and Jefferson 

Reed Henrv, elk. Express Office 

T)EEr> A.J. 

JLt Livery and Sale Stable, e s Court b Mam and Berry, h c s 

Clinton b Main and Berry 
Reall W. P. cooper w s Ewing b Berry and Wayne 
Rebbel G. shoemaker, s s Columbia b Clinton and Barr 
Rcdelsheimer H. Optician, e s Calhoun b Columbia and Main 

h s s Wayne b Calhoun and Harrison 
Rcdelsheimer S. merchant, e s Calhoun b Columbia and Main 

h n s Wayne b Harrison and Webster 
Rediger Henry, wks. Clark's Saloon 

8-i R- 

U.T(1 TT. TV (IT. B. Ivccd .V' Co.) ITS. f^ \v c Main and Jackson 

It \\ hDlf.^afc and Uctail T)caicr;-! in Drain's, Chi-;uic:ils, Pcr- 

I'mnrry, i-Vc. n w c ('olmnoia and Calhoun 
Rood Arthur, Druggist, bd^ 2 3 w I\Iain 
llehiini:: Conrad, n s Lewis b Clay and Monroe 
llchiini; ['\\d. n v c Lewis and Clay 
Uchling Henry, boiler maker, n e c Lewis and Clay 
R(dnn Peter, lab. n rf Wall w ofBlullton Plank road 
Kehni Christ, lab. s s Washington b Jackson and I7nion 
Rehin S. lab. e s We-t b PriLchard and Railroad 
Rehorst T'rederick, eab. nikr.wks John M. Miller 
Rehnen I'lriedi bricdc layer, n s W\aync b Harrison and Web- 
Reichart II. carp, n s Madison b Clay and Monroe 
Reid A D. Steel Plow inanulacturer s w c Main and Maiden 

lleidiniUer J. shoemaker, w s Ilootl b Pritchard and Railroad 
Reiling August, locksmith n s Pearl b Ewing and Crrillith 
Reinewald W. lab. s s Madison b Francis and Ilarmer 
Reineke Christian, carriage trimmer; li e s Barr b Wa.yne and 

Reinhardt M. slioemkr, s w c Clay and Jeiierson 
Reiniken Frederick, elk. s s Wayne b Calhoun and Clinton 
Reinking Deitrich,lab. e s Harrison b Washington and JclIerson 

Reiter Edward F. wks. Comparct Ilubbcll, h 248 w Wayne 

Reiter Jos. h 248 w Wayne 

Reiter Ered. nee Clay and IMadison 

Reith Jos. lab. s s W\'iyne b Clay and Monroe 

Rekers Clemens, Township Trustee, 21 w W\ayne 

Rekers Bernard, Orphans Home, n w corner Wayne and Web- 

Rekers Gerhard, (R. tS: Bro.) n s ]\Iain b Calhoun and Clinton 

Rekers & Bi'o. (Gerhard «.V' Uei'iiai'd) grocery, n s J\Iain b Cal- 
houn and Clinton 

Rekers Bernard J. carp, li !()(> w Wayne 

' emermann Henry lab. s s jMadison b Monroe and Hanna 

Rcmmert John, carp bds. IOC w Wayne 

Renaud Peter s s Bolumbia b Clinton and Barr 

Rensman Henry, baker, bds. n s Water b Calhoun and Harri- 

Ressing Mrs. M. Pjloomingdale 

Rhiensmith .lohn, jjaeker, wks. W. II. Haskell, bds. Main St. 

Rilev Firnst, b(>iler jwkr wks j\eil ?»[(Tinehlin's 

U. 88 

Ilu-hcy Amos, elk. O. P. Morgan's bd^, s s Bc;-iy b Webster aiul 

Ivi-hev J. 5") w Berry 
Uirhniond 1). s \v c Jefferson and Barr 
Riley F.o I, blacksmith, wks. Ft. Wayne Iron Works 
Rinnini;- li. wks. H. Nearnian 
J{in( y John, lab. Pittsburgh Machine shop 
Hitter A. bricklayer, e s Harrison b Columbia and Main 
Rittcr Miss. Harriet, wks. 107 w Wayne 

Ritter Mrs. Christina, n s Jefrerson b Calhonn and Harrison 
Ritmiller Geo. lab, sec Wilt and College 
Rivers Mrs. h 157 w Wayne 
Rittessel John, lab. nee Lewis and Clay 
Ritzman Geo. n s Jellerson b Lafayette and Clay 
Robertson Samuel carp, s s Washington b Nelson and Garden 


-a-^ Dealer in Boots, Siioes, Leather, Findings, &c. \v s Har- 
rison, h No. 9 e Wayne 
Robinson Chas. engineer, wks. P. F. W. & C Railroad 
Robinson Henry, operator, West. Union Telegraph ollice 


J-V^ President Fort Wayne College, res. College 

Robinson Marvin, elk. Oakley's tiardware Store bds. 70 

Av Berry 
Robinson .Tos. n s Washington b Calhoun and Harrison 


LX) Pliilo Runi-ey, Proprietor, s w c Main and Brondwjiy 

Rockhill Wm. res. n s ('anal b Broadv/ny and Van ]>iu'en 
Rodenback Wm. lab, n s Madison b Lafayette and Clay 
Rodebaugh T. J. wks. Wabash machine shop, h 183 w Wash- 
Rodenberger Gieorge, lab. n s Wall w of J^lmTton Plank 
Rousepeeler Haas Von Sourkrout, res. 15;) e W^Jishington 
Roley Mrs. Susanna, av s Calhonn b Jeiferson and Lewis 
Roley John, sboemkr. bds. ws Calhoun b Jeii'crson and Lewis 
Roley Peter, w s Calhoun b Jclierson anvl Lewis 
Roley Frank, lab. P. F. W. & C. Railroad shop 
Rogers Mrs. Raehacl, ws Lafayette b Main and Berry 
Rolcfink Wm. dray, s 3 JeiTerson,b Minroe and Haiuia 
Rolver Fred, w s Monroe b Berry and Wayne » 

Romsbager Michael, blacksmith, n s Mala w of Harrison 
Rostetter L. ma-hinist, n w c Jeflerson and JLarri;:on 
Rochford J. A. engineer, Ihtt^bu;gh Roa i, h s e c Washingron 

and y.'in Buren 
Rowcn B. C. phys. o.'Il^c w s Clinton b C'dunibia ;v:kI Main 

84 S. 

l{ii;ils (Iro. fnr\). \V:il)rish Machine shop 

Jiiihcl John, b'v. L'lycr, n s .TdlVrsoii h I5;irr ami Lnfriyrtlr 

pl'MSEV PllILO, 

li I'loprictor Kocktiill House, s \v e Ji •ofulway and J\Iain 

Iviidisil ITs Sons, Suimuit City Wooh'ii I'aetoiy n t< Canal h 

J'arr and Lafayette 
KuLTu: J. machinist, w'ks. Pittsbnr<^h I\IachiiH> alio)) 
Kummelshacher Michael blksmith, n .s Water b Clinton and 

Rupert Ira, (Miller <Sc R.) h TJ.S e Washington 
Rupel .lolm, boatman, s \v c Wayne and Francis 
Rupel Paul, .s w c Wayne and Francis 
Ryan Jas. contractor, w s (irillit'i s of Jefferson 
Ryan John, dray, h 222 w Washington 
Ryan Michael, stone cutter, 222 w Washington 
Ryan Denis, lab. awe Iloagland and Bass 

Sander Fred. (Ettglcking & Co.) w s Barr near Market Hotlif'c 


O jjoots, Shoes, and Leather, s w c Clinton and Columbia, 

h 101 w Washington 
Saunders Benjamin, .Justice of the Peace, ofiicc \v h Calhoun 

b Columbia and Main, h 101 e Berry 
Saunders Wm. tailor, wks J. & A. Clark, bds 101 e Berry 
Saunders Jos. machinist, bds. 101 e Berry 
Sallot F. J. carp, e s Pifjua IMaiik road s of Depot 
Sampson Jos. barber, s s Columbia b Clinton and Barr 
Sal:,'-e l-'erdinaiid, mason n e corner Madison and ]Moiu'oc 
Sanford J. B. carp, bds 21) e Water 
Sauwen Frcnl. lab Bloomingdale 
Sauwen ]\Irs. ^L lab. nioourmu-.iale 
Sauwen Philip, lab. Blooming'dah^ 

cc\\im.f:tt c'iii<:sTi:n, 

O Clerk, I'eter Kis;M-'s store, h \v s living between Wayne 
and lierry 

.^(•ha -k Wm. Siiodnake-, n s Waslunglon p Hanna and Fran- 

Serachei- Christian, laS Bloomingdale 

Sheiman F. carp, s s W.-ishington b Harrison and Webster 

Seheicky John, elk. J. AlcCouib. h 1.^) Barr 

Scheie A. F. grocery n t> Main b Clinton 

■ S. 85 

Scheie & Lower, grocery and provision atore, n s Main b Cal- 
houn and Clinton 

vSchelhorn John J. lab. e s West s of Pritcliard 

iSchorpf C. 6^ Co. Drug.^, Chemicals, Perrunicry, &c. c b Cal- 
houn b Columbia and Main 

Scheuermann jM, w s Bluifton Plank road s of Jefferson 


^ Barber, snop s s Columbia b Clinton and Calhoun 
Scheuermann Peter, carp, w s Blulfcon Plank road s of Jciler- 

Schciffer Christian, (Vordemark & S.) s s Wayne b Lafayette 
and Clay 

Scheiffer Wm. shoemaker, s s Madison b Clay and Monroe 
Schmaltz Chas. tailor, w s Harrison s of Wayne 
Schmeider Geo. carp n w c Rockhill and Jeflerson 
Schmidt Conrad, file cutter s s Wayne b Broadway and Van 
Bur en 

Schmidt Conrad jr., file cutter, s s Wayne b Broadway and 

Van Euren 
Schmidt Fred, shoemaker, n w Wall w of Bluffton Plank rond 
Schneider C. F. shoemaker n s Washington b w of Harrison 


^ Regular Physician and Surgeon, n w c Calhoun and Wash- 
Schnelker mas^on n s Wayne b Hanna and Francis 
Schorpf Casper, (Schorpf &. Co) e s Calhoun b Columbia aad 

Schneider John, lab. Bloomingdalc 
Schnicders B. II. ])roprictor American House 
Schorpf John, e s Lafayette b Berry and Wayne 
Schoney Henry, grocery and provision store, 225 e Washing- 
Schrader Morris lab. n e c Ewing and JeHcrson 
Schrader Henry, lab. cs Francis b Madison and Lewis 
Schrump Frank, lab n s Madison b Monroe and Clay 
Schuckmrn John G. tinner, wks Allen, h n e c Wayne and 

Schler John, lab. s s Jefferson b Monroe and Hanna 
Shultz Henry, lab. s s Washington b College and Nelson 
Shulz Wm. Boots and Shoes, s s Wayne b Calhoun and Har- 
Schumacher Wm. lab. n w c Lewis and Monroe 
Schumacher Thos. lab. n s Washington b Clay and ?»I()nroc 
Schust Andrew, Carp, n w c Washington and Jackson 

80 S. 

Sc'.nust Michael, carp, u s Wilt c of College 
Si-hwai'i^n-l 1). h;uI'.11(m-, n o c Calhoun and Jcirorsoii 
Schwarl M. lab. w s bliiirion Plank road near Cemetery 
tSelude A. F. (S. Ac Lower) n s Main b Calhoun and Clinton 
{Scliweilriv 11. baker,*! s vv oi" Harrison 
Sidiw ier Wni. !al). h s Madison b Clay and Monroe 

<C'JI\Vi:(iMAX IT. H. , . ^ ^ , ,. 

O W'hok.-^ale and lliiail Dealer in Dry Good.s, Groceries, 

Hardware, i\:c. 87 Columbia Street, res. 33 East Jellcr- 


Seidle Ivlw.-ird, Family Grocery and Provisions, w s Calhoun 

b JMain and Peny 
Sellear Frank; carp, n s Madison w of IMonroc 
Seimonet Peter, \v s Blull'ton Plank road s of Wall 
Sellear .lohn, carp, n s Madison w of Monroe 
8ineet Mrs. Mary, midwife s s Washington 
tSeveniek Franz, sec Lafayette and Washington 
►See J. lircman, 190 w Washington 
Shaffer Geo. llr«.man, wks Pittsburgh Road 
Shalfer Wm. brakesman wks Pittsburgh Road 


O Hats, Cai)s, Furs, i\o. 07 n s Columbia b Calhoun and 

Chiton, h 3 e Water 
vSharrar Fred. cab. mkr. s s Jefferson h Barr and Lafayette 
Shilling Mrs. U. s w c Calhoun and Washington 
Shoalf Jas. B. nursery, h n s Main b Cass and Ewing 
Shoaif vSamuel H. saddlery, No. 119 Columbia, h s e c Barr 

and B(MTy 
Shonell William, shoemaker, Bloomingdalc 
Sherwood Frank. ])ainter, 180 w Washington 
Shortie Geo. bds 193 w IFashington 
Sindner John, carp. wks. Wabash shop 
Siberry Nathan, carp, h 220 w Wayne 
Sidle Isaac, engineer, sec Washingten and Brcadway 

chi:afkii ^^^^^. a, 

O Carpenter and Builder and Manufacturer Grain Sepera- 
tors, c s Broadway b Wayne and Washington, h 181 w 

Sieger Adam lab. Bloomingdale 

Sillier Rev, Wm. Pastor St. Paul's Cluircdi (Lutheran) w s Barr 
1) .^efferson and Lewis 

Siemon Rudolph, (dk. Rudolph Sciiwegman's 

Singmastcr .los. bla,(d<smith, e s .laekson b Pritcliard and IL R, 

Sisters of Providence School s (^ c Calhoun and J.'lferson 

Sivers B. lab. sec Francis and Washington 

S. 87 

Slocum Edward, blacksmith, n t? Lewis c of Ilanna 

Smith Dr. C. vS. s w c Lewis and Calhoun 

Smith Mrs. Caroline, h 75 Lafayette 

Smith John, bds Hedekin House 

Smith Tho;^. brakesman, W. V. II. R. 


*^ lele^a-aph Operator, h loG e Washington 

Smith Alice, Teacher, Union School, res. 172 w Washinp-ton 


>^ (Crane & Smith) h 172 vv^ Washington 

Smith Sam. painter wks. W. Y. R. R. 'Shop, h IGO w Wash- 

Smith , painter, wks. W. V. R. R., h n s Jeirerson b Ful- 
ton and Broadway 

Snively John M. Carpenter and Joiner, h 153 wost Washing- 

Snyder Dan. blacksmith, wks. P. F. W.& C. R. R., h e s Mon- 
roe b Wayne and Washington 
Sohl Levi, s s Water b Calhoun and Clinton 
Solomon Rev. Jos. h 72 Ewing 

Sowers Nelson A. Attorney at Law, bds. 45 w Main 
Sowers Samuel, boarding house, 45 w Main 

Book Binder, s s Columbia 1) Calhoun and Clinton 

Spencer Mrs. Ann, w s Calhoun b Lewis and R. R. 

Speigel Gustavus, shoe maker, s s Jefferson b College and Ncl- 
• son 

Spenter, A. s s Wilt b College and Nelson 

Spiegel A. tailor, north Wall w of Bluffton Road 

Stackhouse H. M. blacksmith, wks P. F. W. & C. Railroad 

Stapleford A. e s Earr b Wayne and Berry 

Stanley C. Carriage Manufactory, n s Main b Ewing and Grif- 

Stapleford Thos. 112 e Washington 

Stapleford Ed. auctioneer, e s Calhoun b Columbia and Main, 
h e s Barr b Berry and Wayne 

Stapleford L. P. elk. JE. Stapleford's 


^ House, Sign and Ornamental Painter and Grainer, h Ra 

e Main 
Stancher G. lab. s s Wilt e of College 
Starkweather Mrs. n s Lewis e of Barr 
Starkweather Miss E, n s Lewis e of Barr 
Stein Chas. barber, n s Main b Clinton and Calhoun 

88 S. 

Stein E. harbor, n s Main b Clinton and Calhoun 

O .lustier of tlic Peace and Attorney at Law, ofTicc s c c Cal- 
hoiui and Columbia, up stairs, has IJerry 1) Webnter and 
»Stenni-r I'red. l)ds. n w e Calliouu and Water 
Stepbeu II. lab. n s Madison b Clay and Monroe 
Stetter Louis, lab. s s Wilt b College and iNelson 
Stevens Andrew \V . f^as fitter, wks. JIattersley 
Stevens Wui. ear]). wUs. T. F. W.& C. U. R. Shop 
Stevens Sauuud, wagon udcr. h No. 17 Clay 

qtkvl:ns t. ^ 

O Carnage and Wagon manufacturer, I\o. 13 Clay, h 155 

e Berry 
Stewart Wm. w s Calhoun b Berry and ]\Lain 
Stewart Mrs. Alice, darkey, w s liarr b Washington and .Telf. 
Stewart ('liarles, darkey, \v s liarr b Washington aiul .lellersou 
Stewart W. D., Uegular Pliysiciau, ollice n wc iierry and Cal- 
houn, h n s Jieriy b Criliitii aiui Fulton 
Stior Henry, e s Lafayette, b .Jelierson and Lewis 
Stier John, stone dealer, n s Lewis b Lafayette and Clay 
Stillborn Fred, lime burner, n s Madison b Barr and Lafayette 
Stilllioni IL blksmith, n s Water w of Clinton, h 70 e .lellerson 
Stilwagon Jos. yV. coppersmith, bds. w s Barr n of Washington 
Stinchcomb George F. elk. in Post Otlicc 
Stokes John, lab. n s Lewis e of F'rancis 
Stone William E. engineer, wks. T. W. & W. Railroad 
Stophlet Samuel, drummer, n s Wayne b Jackson and Union 
Story James, (Bowser & S.) n s Water b Calhoun and Harrison 
Story Wm. elk. Bowser & Story n s Water w of Calhoun 
Stover Daniel, conductor, Pitts. Ft. Wayne & Chicago Railroad 
Sturgi.s E. L. (Nil! & S.) bds VS w iierry 
Sturgis Dr. Clias. Ilegnlar Physician, 43 w Berry 
Strodel Mathias, bologna sausage stuffer, s s Berry e of Calhoun 
Strodel Mathias, grocery and beer saloon, e Clinton n of Main 
Strack Chas. F. jeweler, h 171 Clinton 
Straub Louis (Good & Co.) 
Strchorn Chas. machinist, wks.P. F. W. & C. Railroad 

Grocery and Provision Store, e s Calhoun b Berry and 
Strong Henry, w s Clinton b Main and Berry 
Strop(> D. P. w s CalhoiHi s of Railroad 
Sfruby Chas. music teacher, n s J(>llerson w of Lafayette 
.Strout Reuben, elk, J. A. Strout's, c s Calhoun n of Wayne 

T. 8'.) 

Steele Julia C. bds 148 c Beny 

^ n w c Wayne and Calhoun 


^ Fancy Goods and Millinery Establishment, li w c Wayne 

tind Calhouii 
Sudbrink JMrs. n s JefTerson e of Ewing 
Sultzman Jno. n w c Jefferson and Monroe 
Summer Fred, lab s s Washington e of Clay 
Sutermeister A. teacher, s s Washington b Calhoun and Barr 
Swain Ja,ck3on, (S. & McLaren) n s Main e of Harrison 
Swain & McLaren, stable, s s Main b Calhoun and Harrison 
Sweetzer Madison, s s Main b Ewing and Griffith 
Swan Mrs. Elizabeth, sec Lafayette and Washington 
Swiney Col. Thos. Avest end of Jefferson 

Tagtmcire Fred. carp, w s Griflith s of Jeffprson 
Talbot D. L. Surgeon Dentist, office s \v c Main and Calhouii 
Talbot A. P. Surgeon Dentist, office s w c Main and Calhoun 
Tam Silas sr. brick maker res. e of City on New Haven road 
Tatner Mrs. n s Main b Broadway and Zan Buren 
Taylor M. H. (R. W. Tavlor & Co.) bds. 77 w Wayne 
Taylor R. W. & Co. (R. W. T. & M. H. T.) Dealers in Hard- 
ware, Iron, Nails, Glass. &c. 115 Columbia, warehouse 
n w c Maiden Lane and Pearl 
Taylor R. W. (R. W. Taylor & Co.) h 77 w Wayne 
Theime J. F. (J. G. T. &, Bro.) s s Jefferson b Harrison and 

Theime Gottfried, w s Griffith s of Jefferson 


JL (J. G. & J. F.) Merchant Tailors, s s Columbia b Calhoui; 

and Clinton 

Thieme J. G. (J. G. T. & Bro.) h 51 e Wayne 


-L Printer wks. Times Office, bds. 148 e Berry 
Tkomas J. A. carpenter, bds e s Jackson b Pritchard 
Thompson jNIrs. Ann, w s BlmTton Plank Road, s of Railroad 
Thompson Byron, farmer, w s Bluff'ton Pland s of Railroad 
Thompson T. lab. n s Main b Broadway and Van Buren 
Ticruey Thos. lab. n s Madison b Lafayette and Clay 

60 T. 

Tilton, Jo.siali, en«;incer, wks. Pittsburgh Tload 


JL ICditor and rroprietor Fort Wayne Sentinel, w s Calhoun 

b Cokimbia and Main, h 103 c Berry 

q^iciAU JO] IX, 

JL Printer, Fort Wayne Sentinel ClTlce, h 103 e Berry 
Tincom JMilan IT, fireman, bds. n s Iv. R. nr. Wabash Round II,- 
Titus T. student, bd.s. 153 w Wasliin;i::ton 
Todd Robt. (Fronefield & T.) h2G w Water 
Todd William, 20 w Water 


-i- Ticket Oflice at the Union Depot, nee Railroad and 

Calhoun, Jonn Duret Ticket Ai^ent; Freight Ollice on Rail- 
road e of Passenger Depot, Wm. H. Newman, Agent 

Tolerton Alexander, German Botanic Physician, h and oflice 
sec Ewing and Wayne 

Tons Henry, Street Commissioner, n s Jeflerson b Harrison and 

Tower B. H. Cabinet ware Manufactory, 59 Columbia, Floor- 
ing Mill n w c Water and Clinton, h 90 Lafayette 


i (J. W. T. d^ Co.) res. New Jersey 


1 (J. W. T. ^ R W. T.) Wholesale and Retail Dealors in' 

Dry Goods and Groceries, nee Calhoun and Columbia 

JL (R. W. T. & Co.) bds. Hamilton House 
Traub Fred, lab n s .Tefferson b Calhoun and Harrison 
Treadgall John, janitor, 109 w Washington 
Treadgall John, elk. Williams & Huestis, bds. 109 w Wash- 

Whoh^sale and Retail Dealer in Groceries, Wines, Liquors 

tkc. No. 80 Columbia h n s Water b Calhoun and Har- 

Trentman Henry, 121 e Wayne 

Trentman John, vSoap and Candle Manufacturer, e s Clay b 
Berry and Wayne, h 151 e Wa^ne 

Trentman August, elk. Vt. Trentman's Store 

Tiesselt Christian, elk. City Mills, h n s Jeflerson b Clinton and 

Trop Frederick, lab. wks. P. F. W. & C. Railroad 

Truilt Jolm W. elk. jMain St Exchange 

Tummel Jacob, lab. liloomingdale 

Tyler Mrs. Mary, h 210 w Washington 

U-Y. 01 

Ungcr Martin, lab. c s BhifTton Plank Road s of JcfferBon 

UNpERHILT. P. f^. 
P'ort Wayne j\Iarble Works, nee Cass and Main 

TJlricli Fred Lab. Bloomingdale 
Ulrich Mrs. Elizcbeth, n s .lelierson e of Clay 
linger Andrew, lab. n s Wilt b Kochhill and College 
Urskine Kobt. B. foreman P. F. W. & C. R. R. Co'sPaint Shoj 
h 155 Lewis 


vJ N w c Berry and Calhoun, . >. MeLivain, Agent 


Vanalstine & Cothcrell, (Wm. V. & N. C.) w s Barr b Colnra- 

bia and Main. 
ValrofFF. X. bakery, s s Main b Barr and Lafayette 
Vanalstine Wm. (Y. & Cotliercll) res. country 
YanHorn John, blk. smith, n s Mabison b Clay and Monroe 
YanGeisen Munson, Carpenter and Builder h n s Wayne b 

fo Harrison 
YanHorn G. cooper n s Main b Broadway and Yan Buren 
Yeal Henry, lab. Bloomingdale 
Yincent J. M. lab. s s Madison b Clay and Monroe 
Yogier X. boarding house n of Water b Clinton and Barr 
Yogel C. G. Merchant Tailor, c s Calhoun bMain and Colum- 
Yogel Mrs. Milliner, e s Calhoun b Main and Columbia 
Yogel Henry, lab. e s Bluffton Plank Road s of Jefferson 


Proprietor City Hotel, n wc Lafayette and Columbia, near 
D. F. Comparet's Warehouse 

Yollmer Dan'l elk. res Bloomingdale 

Yordemark Ernst, (Y, Schieffer) s s Washington b Calhoun and 

Yordemark & Schieffer, (E. Y. cSz: C. S. Boots, Shoes and Leath- 
er, w s Calhoun b Main and Columbia 

Yornhoff Wm. lab. Bloomingdale 

Yolker Wm. lab. n w c Madison and Monroe 


02 W. 

Volnry Win. bk. l.iyor, n s Madison b Clay and Monroe 
A'oss Ki-nsi, jilastcror, 101 c Jcliorson 
A'oss Louin, pla-stcror, l'.)l c JcHcrson 

Waddinp^ton Vim. foromnn, s s Lewis e of Francis 

Wadfji^e: Iv. C. carp. wks. Pittt^burgh shop 

Wad.^c Wm. carp. wkH. P. F. W. cS^C. 11. 11. shop. 

Walle John, carp. res. Bloomingdalc 

Wade Mrs. widow, h 21 e Washington 

Wagner H. G. drugs, medicines, paints, oils, &c. 

Wakefield William, carp, s s Wilt b College and Rockhill 

AVakefield Mrs. vSarah, s s AVilt c of College 

Walda Fred, tailor n s Washington b J'Aving and (IrifTith 

Walda Chas. carp, n w c Clay and Madison 

AValda Christian, cars, n s JeiTerson b Calhoun und Harrison 

Waldemar Uenner, elk. H. R. Schwegman's 

Waldcmuth Chas. w s Ewing s of Jetlerson 


lies. No. 09 w Wayne 

■AI.KI<:il I. jST. 

Proi)rietor Union Buss Line, ofRcc w s Calhoun b Main 

and Columbia, bds. 69 w Wayne 
Walker R. machinist, bds. nee Lewis and Harrison 
Walker J. C. s s Wilt w of College 
Wall Watsou, druggist, res. country 
Wall Wm. brakesman, bds. 190 w Washington. 
AValpolc Mrs. E. .T. nee llai-rison and Water 
Waltema IL lab. lab. n s Madison b Clay and Monroe 
Walter W. B. teacher, h 15 e Jefferson 
Wapel P s e c Washington and Webster 
Ward Sn.m. whitewasher, h 44 w Wayne 
Ward Mrs. washerwoman, fortune teller, &c. 44 w Wayne 
Warkie Wm. polisher, n s Madison e of Monroe 

WAim IT. N. 

▼ » Queensware, (.Uassware, A:c. imported direct from the man- 
ufacturers, vv s Calhoun b IMain and Berry, res. 2'M) w 

Wat.von Chas. machinist, KU w Washington 
Wnter.s John P. (Joroner, h 19,'i w W\ashijigton 
\\eav('r J. ear]), n .-^ Water b (.'alhoun and IIarnsoi\ 

W. 03 

Weaver Peter, mason s s Washington b Jackson and anti Un- 

Webb A. M. carpenter, wks. Cochrane & Humphrey, h 235 w 

Webber A'oel moulder, wks. Ft. Wayne Iron Works 

Weber A. pattern maker, \vks. Bowser iS:^ Storj-. 

Weber (!t Shrimpf (A. W. i!v: II. S.) boot and shoe shop, e g 
Calhoun s of Berry 

Weber E. tin Shop, w s Clinton, b Main and Columbia, h 183 

Weber Andrew, h 181 Clinton 

Weber Peter, ma.son, s s Wa:>liin.2^ton b b Jackson and Union 

Weber John, nee Clay and Washington 

Weber Adam, shoemaker, e s Calhoun b Berry and Wayne 

Wedekin Mrs. Avidow, Bloomingdale 

Weed Jno. s s Washington b Clay and Monroe 

Wf'f^d Fred. lab. Bloomingdale 

Wefel Wni. carp, n s Washington b Calhoun and Clinton 

Wehr. Emeline, Fort W^ayne College 

Wrirbine Henry, porter, Fort Wayne College 

WeisemerN. s s Wayne b Barr and Lafayette 

N w c Columbia and Clinton. C. K. Jones Manager 

Weisenberger S. boatman, Bloomingdale 

Weith Peter, teamster, w s Hanna b Jefferson and Madison 

Welch Wm. s s Madison b Lafayette and Claj" 

Welker John, carp. Bluirton Plank Road s of Jefferson 

Weller Christian, sec Barr and Wayne 

Weller John, butcher, n s Columbia b Calhoun and Clintqn 

Wells C. M. res No. 2 Maeison 

Wells Hiram, elk Peter Riser's 

Wenker. Henry, lab n s Water b Ewing and Cass 

Wcnte John lab. n s Lewis b Calhoun and Harrison 

Wenker Geo. n s Water b Ewing and Cass 

Wfsi-den James D. Justice of the Peace, h n s Berry b Ewing 

and Cass 
Wers A. carp, n w c Barr and Jefferson 
Wertstein Samuel lab. Bloomingdale 
Wertsteiri-,Christ. lab. Bloomingdale 
Wcscott D. L. 117 e Wayne 
Wescott Robert, machinist, wks. P. F. W & C. R. R. bds II7 

e Wayne 
Wentz Rev. Jos. s s Jefferson b Lafayette and Clay 
Whaley Mrs. Hannah, h 55 Madison. 
Whitney J. H. engineer, Pittsburgh Road 


94 W. 

White Albert, IntcHij2:encc OlRcc, e d Ilarriron b I'crry and 

niinvr.KR XKT.SC^X, 
Ai^ciit, Cabinet and Cijair ]\Iannfnctnrrr, Xo. 01 Colnm- 

1/ia, factor}' n s CnuaJ b Clinton and Barr, bds. Iledekin 

Piintcr wks. Times oflieo, bds. 55 Madison 

Whitakcr J. W. blaclismith, New Haven 


> ▼ Eiiiiiiicer, T. tV: W. Road, bds. 103 \v Washington 
Wliit(^ P. lab. bd.s. n w c Bass and Prince 
Wliito Jas. }I. s s Jefrerson w of Colleo;e 
Whitlock E. M. elk. Toledo & Wabash Freight Office, bds 30 

Wichtnan Frederick, n s Washington b Ilanna and Francis 
Winchester Jas. s of R. R. near Round House 
Wise Adam, tailor, Bloomingdale 
Wike Adam, shoemaker, s s Wilt b College and Nelson 

County Treasurer, office s w c Court and Main li 124 
Wilken II. carp, n w c Harrison and Water 
Wilkins Rev. Steplicn, s w c 180 e Washington 
Wilkontog Gottlieb, carp, n s Jeflcrson e of Ewing 
Wilkening Henry, lab. liloomingdale 

Law Student, res. UO w \V ayne 

Williams II. (W. & Iluestis) 210 w Berry 

▼ ' Residence No. 00 West Wayne 

Painter, shop s s Berry b Clinton and Barr, res. Bloom- 

Wilson O. J. elk. T. ^V- W. Machine Shop 

Wilson Geo. H. elk Allen cV: Go's 

Wilt John M. surveyor, w s Piiuia Road s of R. R. 

Wines Mrs. l^lizafeetb, ir)5 w l>erry 

Wines M. W. Clerk Townley & Go's bds. 155 w Berry 

Winter T. J. n s Lewis b Clay and Monroe 

County Recorder, office nee Calhoun and Berry, res. 230 
w Berry 

Wise A. F. teacher, bds. 09 w Wayne 
Wise S. G. harness maker, wks. Neircitcrs's 

W. 95 

Wingo Russell, lab. s s Madlfon b Clay and Momoe 

\V71THERS & jMomas. 

* ▼ (W. 11. \\ . & J. M.) Attorneys at Law, office w s Calhoun 

b Main and Berry 
Withers Warren II. (W. & Massis) res. w s BlufFton Plank 

Road s of R. R. 
Witz ]Mar. e s Barr b Jefferson and Le\¥is 
Woibeking Clirist, carp, n s Jefferson e of Ewin,i[^ 
Wolf Abraham, butcher, e » Harrison n of Washington 
Wolf I. G. teacher, w s Barr b Jclierson and Lewis 
Wolf Isaac w s Harrison s of Berry 
Wolke Fred, s w c Wnyne and Clinton 
Wolke Francis H. book keeper, s w c Calhoun and T^V'ayne 
Wolke Lewis, s w c Wa.yoe and Calhoun 
Wood G. W. land agent, office n w c Columbia and Barr 

Wordsworth: addison, 
Salesman Bostick's Clothing Store, bds 103 Lafayette 

Woods Thos, blksmith, wks Toledo R. R. Shop 

Woodward Chas. elk. T'Voodvvard & Young 

(M. E. iV. c\s N. B. Y.) Clothiers and Gents' Furnishing 
Goods, No. 94 Columbia 
IFoodward M. E. (TF. & Young) 144 e Main 

\\rOOD WORTH B., S. 
» * Regular Physician, ollice n W c Main and Calhoun, h 234 
w Berry 
Wright Geo. engineer, bds. 193 w Washington 


<^ « 

Yengst Jacob, lab n s Jefferson w of College 
Yengst Christ, lab, Bloomingdale 
Yergens Wm. boatman, 85 w Wayne 
Yergens Christ, elk. Townley & Co's Store 

(Woodward & Y.) bds Hedekin House 
Young Christ, e s Calhoun b Main and Columbia 
Young & Co. Livery Stable, e s Calhoun b Columbia and 

Young Jacob (Young & Co.) e s Calhoun b Columbia and Main 
Yokel Mathias, mason, n a Washington e of Monroe 

m w. 

y.i'i'^lcr Ail.'un, \vn<;"an iiinkor, p s .Tcflersoii w of College 

Ziimiu'rinnn Aiitoiiy, clU. II. Monnig 

Ziininrniiaii l);ivid ss Vnnry h Callionn and Clinton 

Zini:nrrnian Jos. s s IMadison b Clay and ^jonroo 

Zirnmornian Frank, s s ]\Iadison b Clay and .Monroe 

Zimmerman 8teph(ni, shoemaker, 131oonunji;ton 

Jischorsch, Frank blacksmith, n s Main b Harrison and Maideii 

fSurii Xavier, lab. Bloominirdale 


Ambrotypes. — B. II. Benliam. 

Attorneys at Law. — Sol. D. Bayless, Joseph Brackenridge, 
Robt. Brackenridge, Jr., L. M. Bowser, Wm. W. Carson, 
D. H. Colerick, John Colerick, John Conger jr., Crane <fe 
Smith, Wm H. Coombes, John B. Dubois, John Hough, jr, 
L. C. Jacoby, Isaac Jenkinson, Moses Jenkinson, Ninde & 
Puckett, F. P. Randall, R. C. F. Rayhouser, W. W. Ste- 
vens, Withers and Morris, Whedon and Grove. 

xVuction and Commission. — E. Stapleford. 

Banks and Bankers — Ft. Wayne Branch, Allen Hamilton &, Co. 

Bakeries — Edward Franks, Charles Fernekase, Philip Halstein, 
Miller & Blassa, Herman Sch welters, F. X. ValrofF. 

Barbers. — WilUs Elliott, John M. Heldt, W. Huffman, G. 
Schidel, Chas. Stein, Joseph Sampson, Albert White. 

Bath House. — S. Livingston. 

Billiard Saloon.— C. P. Fletcher, Graff & Muhler, D. O'Con- 
nell & Bro. 

Blacksmiths. — John Brown, Fred. Becker, John Baker, George 
Brossart, F. W. Buschmann & Co., Owen Farnan, John 
Fairfield, sr., Joseph Harter, Joseph Heikenrich, Jacob' 
King, jr., Daniel Nestle, A. D. Reid, Henry Stillborn. 


lioARiiiNG Houses. — Dan'l Barcus, Francis Bercot, J. F. Coombp, 
Mrs. A. M. Ei?.ster, Christian Gable, Mrs. Graham, Fred. 
Hamilton,.!. 11. Hill, Mr.s Sarah Humbert, Mrs George, 
.1. M. Kooh. .1. J. Neli; David Seibold, Benj. Wyant, X. 
A'angier, Samuel Sowers, Ja^ixtL-iVeismaji.yr 

Boiler Y.vrd. — Fort Wayne Machine Works. 

Book Binders. — C. L. Hill, N. P. Stockbridge, Chas. Sommers, 

Books d:c.— C. L. Hill, N. P. Stockbridge. 

Boots and Shoes. — Conrad Baker, J. Foellinger, T. S. Heller 
& Co., Peter Kline, Jacobs & Son, John Koster, John Mohr, 
Nill & Frese, Martin Noll, Christ. Piepenbrink, Manni.x 
& Mulholland, James H. llobinson, C. W. Sander, Peter 
Schultz, Wm. Schultz, Tagtmeir & Kaiser, Vordemark & 
Scheiffer, Weber & Schimpf. 

Brass Founder. — Alfred Hattersley. 

Cabinet Ware.— L. Griebel, John M. Miller, B. H. Tower, N. 

Candy Manufacturers. — Charles Fernekase, Williams & Heus- 

Carpenters and Builders. — C. W. Allen, H. C. Beaver, Coch- 
rane & Humphi-ey, Charles G. French, J. B. Beckers, W. 
G. Sheafer, Munson VanGeison, Christ. Woibking. 

Chain Pumps. — H. C. Beavers. 

Carriage Manufacturers. — William Rapp, C. Stanley, Thos. 
Stevens, . ■ 

Tobacconists. — John Buehnemann,^ L. Dessauer & Co., Wm. 
Hobrock, R. Mergel' 

Civil Engineers — John W. McArthmySamuel McElfatrick. 

Clothing. — E. Bostick,.V. Jacobson,V Isaac Lauferty, M. E. 
Moehring,'Nirdlinger & Oppenheimer, J. G. Thieme & 
Bro., C. G. Vogel, Woodward and Young 

Commission Merchants. — D. F. Comparet, Hill & Orbison, 
Kimball & Edsall, George Little, Judson McComb. 

Coopers. — Brink & Meyer, Stephen Bryant, Fred. Kley 

Dentists. — Isaac Knapp, D. L. & A. P. Talbott. 

Druggists. — Meyer & Bro., Nill & Sturgis, H. B. Reed & Co., 
C. Schocrpf & Co,, H. G. Wagner. 

Dry Goods.— Wm. T. Abbott, S. C. Evans^fc Co., A. S. Evans, 
N. B. Freeman <Sc Co., C. A. Grey,^Marx Graff, P. Kiser, 
Isaac Lauferty, McDougal, Root & Co., Christ. Orff, P. 
Pierr, J. W. townley & Co. 

Dye House. — A. S. Jerman. 

Eating Houses. — J. Cothrell, Wm. Rapp, E. F. Colerick. 

Express Companies. — American Express Co., United States Ex- 
press Company. 


Fancy Goods. — Mrs. Elizabeth Sulley 

Flooring and Planing Mills. — Cochrane & Humphrey, C. B. 

Oakley, B. H. Tower. 
Flouring Mills. — D. F. Comparet, P. Hoagland & Co., John 

Orff, John Brown. 
Furs, Peltries, &c.,' — Ewing & Miner, S. Filson, M. I. Mills & 

Furnjshing Goods. — E. Bostick, J. & A. Clark, M. E.Moehring, 
\ Nirdlinger & Oppenheimer, Woodward & Young, C. G. 

Gas Fitter- — Alfred Hattersley. 
Groceries. — Wm. T. Abbott, Daniel Barcus, M. Cody, C.J. A. 

Cour, August Dierkes, Thos. Dignan, Fred Engleking & 

Co., J. B. Johnson, S. C. Evans & Co., C. Fink, N. B. 

Freeman & Co., Henry Fricke, Graff & Muhler, Charles A. 

Grey, Hedekin & Son, J. Kimc, Andrew Kurtz, Miller & 

Rupert, Henry Monning, Probasco ,& Anderson, Barney 

Phillips, Peter Pierr, John Beck,VH. Reidclsheimer, Re- 

kers & Bro., Judson McComb, J. A. Strout, Scheie & Low- 
er, John Schoerpf, Henry Shoney, H. R. Schwegman, E. 

Seidel, B. Trentman & Co., John Trentman, Williams & 

Huestis, P. Kiser. 
Gunsmiths. — Wm. Leonard.'S. Oppenheimer. 
Hotels. — American House, City Hotel, Hedekin Plouse, Kime 

House, Main Street Exchange, Mayer House, Rockhill 

Insurance Agents. — Sol. D. Bayless, Geo. R. Hartman, John 

Hough, Jr., F. P. Randall, J. H. Myers, Wheedon & 

Iron.— A. D. Brandriff, Hedekin & Son, O. P. Morgan, B. W. 

Oakley, R. W. Taylor & Co., B. Nettlehorst. 
Iron Foundries. — Bowser & Story, Ft. Wayne Machine Works. 
Jewelry. — A. Mayers, J. J. Miller, B. W. Rambo, Vital Bouv- 

Justices of the Peace. — Smallwood Noel, Benjamin Saunders, 

J. D. Werden, W. W. Stevens. 
Land Agents. — Sol. D. Bayless, John Hough, Ewing & Miner, 

G. W. Wood, Wheedon & Grove. 
Hardware. — A. D. Brandriff', B. Nettlehorst, O. P. Morgan, 

B. W. Oakley, H. R. Schwegman, R. W. Taylor & Co. 
Hats & Caps. — Joshua Nachtrieb, Henry Sharp. 

Hides — H. C. Grey & Co., Heller & Co., James H. Bobin^on, 

C. W. Sander, VoKiermark & Scheifter. 

LiauoRS, Wines, &c.-^L. Falk, Giaff^fe Muhler, R. Mergel, J. 
A. Strout, Miller & Rupert, B. Trentman &. Co., 


LrvERV ST.\ni-r.s. — Mathias Glynn, A. J. Rood, Swain &. McLa- 
ren, A'analstinc & Cotlirrll, Young & Co. 

Lr.MiiKR ^'.\uu. — Cyrus Allen, Chas. Lehman. 

Mariile )i\'orks. — Underhill & Co., 

Musical Lnstritments. — C. L. Hill, N. P. Stockbridp^e. 

Newspapers. — Dawpon's Daily and Weekly Times, Fort Wayne 
Sentinel, Indiana Staats-Zeitunf^. 

Notaries Priu,K'. — E. L. Chittenden, Georj^e R ITailman, O. 
W. Jeflerds, Thomas Meegan, Christ. Piepcnbrink, Wm. 

Painters. — Henry Day, John Fairfield, Peter Ohncck, Jacob^J. 
Kamm, O. L. Starkey, James Wilmot. ^W"i, 

Paper Haxcixos.— C. L- liill, N. P. Stockbridge. 

Phvsicians. — (Botanic) Alexander Tolcrton, (Eclectic) M. Fal- 
loon, (Homocpathic) G. W. Bowcn, P. M. Leonard, (Reg- 
ular) H. P. Ayrcs, W. IL Brooks, J. W. Daily, S. A. Free- 
man, John M. Josse, T. P. McCullongh, Louis B. Mein- 
derman, Wm. H. Myers, F. Lieber, B. C. Rowan, Chas. 
Schimitz, C. S. Smith, W. D. Stewart, B. S. Woodworth. 

Picture Frames. — Metier & Bro. 

Plow j\L\xuf. — Bowser & Story, F. W. Buschman & Co., A. D. 

Plumber. — Robert Odgden. 

Potteey. — Wm. Dahman. 

Printers. — Fort Wayne Sentinel, Dawson's Times, Indiana 
Staats-Zeitung, Wm. Latham 

Produce Merchants. — D. F. Coinparet, Wash. Haskell, Hill & 
Orbison, Kimball & Edsall, Geo. Little. 

Resturants. — J. Cothrell, Wm. Rapp, E. F. Colerick. 

Saddles, Harness, (fcc. — Good & Co., Conrad Neireiter, S. G. 
Wise & Co. S. H. Shoaff. 

Sash Manuf.— C. B. Oakley, Robt. Todd,' Humphrey' & Hurd, 
Mathias Metier tSc Bro. ^ 

Saw Mill.— J. K. & H. Baker, Wm. S. Edsall 

Shingle Manuf. — Knccht Dominic 

Soap & Candle jManuf. — John Trentman 

Stone Dealers. — Harris & Co., James Humphrey, Lillie t 
4. Brother 

SiovEs, &c.— Allen & Co. B. Nettlehorst & Co., A. D. Brandriff' 
John J. Jocquel, O. P. Morgan, B. W. Oakley, E. Weber 

Taij,ors, Mxrchant. — E. Bostick, Jos. Clark, J. G. Thieme & 
Bro.;?Cirdlinger & Oppenheimer, C. G. Vogel, M. E. Moeh- 

Tannery. — Jacob Fry. IT. C. Grey'&]^Co. 

Telegraph Office. — Western Union Telegraph Office , 


Tin, .Copper and Sheet Iron Ware. — Allen ^ Co, A. D. BraijT 
driff, B. W. Oakley, John J. Jocquel, Benj. Nettlehorst 4* 
Co, Weber 6^ Co., O. P. Morgan. 

Undertakers. — Charles Fink, Miller Sf Peltier 

Veterinary Surgeons. — D. Nestel, C. R. Fabriz 

Vinegar Manuf. — Judson McComb. 

Wagon Makers. — John Baker, John Brown, Thos. Stevens, F, 
Buschmann Sf Co, Henry Granneman, Jacob King Jr, 
Henry Kranmann, Martin Lauer, Jacob Rapp 

Woolen Factory. — Rudisjll's Sons 




CAPITAL, $100,000 

ACCUMULATIONS, - - - - 900,000 

N. D. MORGAN, President, C. Y. WEMPLE, Secretary, 

Policies issued and annuities granted on Favorable Terms 

Prospectus and all necessary information may be obtained from 

WM. H. MYERS, M. D. Medical Examiner. 


GBNEanmmuGHNCE mt cottHctmc 

No. 6 Phcenix Block, up stairs.