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977 . 202 






3 1833 01793 2176 

2 4 '^;3 

\ ^-^ i ^ 



'> ,^ ^ 





For 1873-4. 









Price, $2.50. 







Wholesale SJid Retail Dealers in 


Fancy Goods, Children's Carriages, 


pocket knives, razors, scissors, 

Revolvers and Pistols of All Kinds, 

Albums, Pocket Books of all styles. Buttons, Threads, Traveling 
Satchels, Boys" Carts and Wagons, Dolls and all kinds of Toys, 

iFj^isrcY- CHiiisr^A, gooids, 

Combs, Brushes and Beads, 

Wc invite the attention of buyers to our immense stock of JEWELRY. 
Children's Carriages and all kinds of Notions, Toys and Fancy Goods 
direct from importers and manufacturers.. Call and see the largest as- 
sortment of Notions to be found in the State, and be convinced that our's 
is the place to buy goods CHEAP. 




44g-4S3E. Wayne St. 




No. 114 Calhoun St. 

Plants Kept Daring the Winter. P. O. Box 1806, Fort "Wayne. 


Signs, Show Cards, Store Shades, Glass Gilding, 


House Painting, Graining., Paper Hanging, Glossing, Kalsomining, 
Marbling, Glazing, and Wagon & Carriage Painting. 

None but the best of materials used, and prices as reasonable as good work can 
be done for. Satisfaction guaranteed, or no pay. 

Office, corner Main and Calhoun Sts., Fort Wayne, Ind. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 


And Farm Machinery. 

Exclusive Agent for 


Mower and Tabic Rake Reaper, vi 

^'■Sweepstakes" Threshing Machine, 

'' Imperial" Plow, fe, BUCKEYE WITH TABLE KAKE. 

Nos. 22 and 24 West Columbia Street. Fort Wayne, Indiana. 



Showing the Interest on any Sum from $10.00 to $10,000.00. 






























1 Day. 15 Days 1 Month. 1 Tear 










$1 03 

1 20 

1 36 

1 55 

1 72 












$1 00 

1 25 

1 50 

1 75 

2 00 
2 25 
2 50 
4 99 
7 49 
9 99 

12 48 
14 98 
17 48 
19 97 
22 47 
24 97 

10 00 
15 01 
20 01 
25 02 
30 02 
35 02 
40 03 
45 03 
50 03 

























































15 Days. IMoritb. 1 Tear. 













$1 15 

1 44 

1 73 

2 01 
2 30 
2 59 
2 88 
5 75 
8 63 

11 51 
14 38 
17 26 
20 14 
23 01 
25 59 
28 77 



;i 17 

1 75 

2 33 

2 92 


$1 40 
2 10 



14 00 
21 00 
28 00 
35 00 
42 00 
49 00 
58 00 
63 00 
70 00 
140 00 
210 00 
280 00 
350 00 
420 00 
490 00 





11 67 
17 50 
23 33 
29 17 
35 00 
40 83 
46 67 560 00 
52 50 1 630 00 
58 331700 00 



Com. Foote and Sister's Troupe 

Also, father of CHAS. W. and ELIZA NESTEL, known as Com. Foote 
and Fairy Queen. 

JtesidencCf corner Jefferson St. and Broadway. 


Com. Foote and Fairy Queen. 


In Diminiitiveness, Education and Histrionic Talent they stand without rivals. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 



Fort Wayne Coffee and Spice Works, 

No. 30 Clinton St., Fort Wayne, Ind. 



DeGroff nelson & CO., 


Girain^ Seeds and Agriciiltm'al Products^ 


Warranted free from poisonous compounds, furnished at the Factory on the Fruit Farm or at the Store 

in packages to suit purchasers Fruit and Ornamental Trees from their Nursery at Elm 

Park, established 1850. — Salt, Gypsum, Calcined Plaster and Land Fertilizers. 

Agrienltural Warehouse, Farm Implements, MacMnery, Graia and Seed Store, Corner Columbia and Clinton Streets, 




Harness and Carriage Trimmings, 

"^CVI^II=>S, ETC. 

No. 79 Columbia Street, - - _ _ _ _ Fort Wayne, Ind. 


Clark's Block, No. 34 East Berry Street, 

Will practice in the District and Supreme Courts of Indiana. 

CARIER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory 

C. D.BOND, Pres't. 


J. D. BOND, Cashier. 

J. C. WOODWORTH, Ass't Cash. 



CAPITAL, $350,000. SURPLUS, $70,000. 

Successors to Branch at Fort Wayne of Bank State of Indiana, organized 1836, and 
Bank State of Indiana, organized 1856. 



Jambs Harper. 
Chas. a. Zollinger 
Dennis Monahan. 


Manuf'rs and Wholesale a Retail Dealers in 

Silk? Cassimere Hats 

Hats, Caps, 


No. 3 Phoenix Block and 1 1 Columbia St., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Manufacturer of all kinds of 

Brass Cocks, Yalves,&c 




steam and gas fittings FOR SAME. 

S/ieet Lead, Lead Pipe, Rubber Hose, Hydraulic Rains, Bath Tubs, 

Pumps, Copper Boilers and Plumbing Material 

of every description. 

No. 48 East Main Street, - FORT WAYNE, IND. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft, wayne directory. 

g Natchez. 

t< f,j 





































[ 329 


























ta "It- o-j-j to ^ 5i ►- if^ow w (ss ki*' *^I?a5 CO 1 i-tt^^to^a TTqrtfnrrl 
*:rtco'^rc:CDocDtcoioc:wtc:/:cji:/:wc;i'--:>5 1 -roccoi^w xiai liuru. 

H-ODCOWCOOCi^Tkf-CDCntCUIkf.-lCOtC' TH-ui tt^ :C ZO <7i Zrj Ci 























New York. 



























05C0>-^00-^C0>f^O to -^ CO O to bJ -- T en O Cn OOCO-TCO-TOSi-t^^' I 

Ci to tffc. 00 Or Cn Oi t 

:i 00 Oi o rf^ ^ 1-' 

t-*05C5tOrf*.rf».— Ten OW— TCOCOCD>-^t— <Ol 

CO ooo h-O I 

>*T00 fU* OC5 W CD C 

h- (O W W *^ "to i*»- t-i 


l_l i-J. JM !-»■ 

iXilnCn-^tOloa)i-'-^-^Otf».CO 1 i-fi-'^WWrf^ib. 

J050:ixtoocooi0ai0io:xtn I --ji-iwcd'-'OC'i-'Cc 


-^ *^ Oi "T tf*- 05 or 
*^ CO '-' Ol rf». 05 "' 
H- oo to ui uC O 

C;irf».05'XtOWTOtf»"l-*05rf^4»- I 05WOSCDn-T*»'-~T4-.lO>— to 
-^— -— 'tOCftrf*"— I>^lO OtOOOOW-^CO-TCOWCQ 


< cr *^ -T CJ- O -T 

t-» 00 to CO X C5 . 

) CC' CD ^ •-* ro — ' c 

JC I 05 t 


""o— 'to»o*»-»— '"-/:*^c/3 


t--X O'-'CCi-'-^rf^OlCO^ 

C" CD to CO X ■ 
O -J i-< -T O tt* t 

) to -T '-' CO CD ai 

) 00 -T I cn to OC < 


O2i-i(-iC0»-»i-'h-<rfx^*..GrJCDO: >f*- 


tOO'-'u-CD— -TtJiOitO^^C;^ I i-iCOOiO- 

Oi O to I— t to : 


I-- c: CO CD c: CD t 


- Ci tf' ** ff*- --T i— ^ - 

lt^t^5DOSCDCvTCDt-»-T*^ [ Wrf^05-T'CDOOO'--tOCOCO 

CT) — •C;»tOi-i-TOJb3*-c:'^03 




. o— TOo:ipK>-^| cocn--Tco>-*tocccoco*'Cnoc5--r 

HI *^ ^j O cn 4- = 
Oi O CJi O cn o I 

--_. . 'CDCn^'OClCCCiCDC 
iCDOCn OlCO00»O--IXCO-q-CO- 


CO *T 4^ ►- CD bS O) r 
CD 05 >-' CD CO CO to vj 

-W^t-'Oi'-rCOCDCSCDlOCCCD'-TCD 'X yT«-«03 


New Orleans. 


03 lO CD X to »0 h-« -T 

o; to m CO C5 o Oi o 

tfwk^OOCnOiO^Oi^XODXCOO'— t-'rO«0(0-T AfiirfroocVtAr/MirrTi 

,7:to_T— Tcott'C;'***-!— '•*»'--ico*'to>fi^cooaio iuurTreesDorougn, 

*OXfcOC:5-TOiCnC''Cirf^rf*.tOOCD X 

: cn CO V 
r Oi tf- X c 


' 05 CO CO to *^ < 





FOTCO*. i-i I '-'4^CDtDX-T-^cnj^ai.kt..ifc-rf>-c;ics-^~Tio-^x*.. I 
" — ----- 'CocDtaco'-'Cooqcpcn'^l 

O Oi Co 05 1-3 ' 

05lO-~T>^-^tn C^CnC 

'D >:■ 05 •— 35 05 O CO - 



CD cn to o o 

lo CO CO rf- oo cn 

'P^^'t0^^-IC04»'t0^fc*^f-t0O0S ' 

?tJ-cn-T-^^i-TX-^050it. "■ ■ 

S§ Indianapolis. 

•-• 0-7 lO I l-i itk. 

^ — « — ^,.u 
I CD CO X 05 rf». 

X O O X' -T 

St. Louis. 

S o; 

- o 


H a. 

' MO 

?:) td 5: "^ H t^; a hj CO a 

.- § 5:^- Oit> ^.^ 






n ! 

o-w 1 






CARTER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

A. E. Hoffman. W. H. Hoffman. 



Black Walnut Lumber 



Band Saw Mills, No. 200 West Main Street, 




Manufacturers of 

Doors, Sasli, Blinds, 


JDresssed Lumber^ Lalli^ SMngles^ &c. 

Cor. Virginia and Monroe Sts., - FORT WAYNE, IND. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

Attorneys at Law, 

Collecting^ Beal Estate and Insurance Agents 

1^^ Collections made in all parts of the United States. ,,.^,^1 

Shio^ipip's XjEI^-^t, 

^ Cor. Calhoun iS Colutnbia Sts, 



Old Pictures ENLARGED and Framed. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 


No. 34 East Berry Street, 

P. O. Box 1648. FOI^T ^^7VA."3riSTE, II^ID. 


Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in 


Creaui Tartar, White Faivn Baking Powder, Roasted Coffee, &c. 
59 E. Main St., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory 13 

Fort Wayne Steam Iron Works. 

ESTA-BLiIStl-ED 1842. 

Jacob C. Bowser. Joseph R. Prentiss. Daniel M. Falls. 

J. C. BOWSER & CO., 



Tubular, Flued and Locomotive Boilers, 


Heavy Southern Sugar Mills, 

Letellier's Patent Automatic Governors 



We have a very large and well assorted stock of Patterns. Address 

J. C. BOWSER & CO., 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 

14 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


Attorney at Law 



, (August Feustel, Solicitor.) 

OfflcCf 2d Clinton St., Fort Wagne, Ind. 

HARTFORD, of Hartford, Conn., - - - Capital, $3,000,000 
ST. JOSEPH, of St. Joseph, Missouri, - " 1,000,000 

W. &: E. STEVENS, 

(Successors to Thos. Stevens) 
manufacturers of 

Carriages & Bnggies 


All kinds of Repairing done promptly and at Reasonable Rates. 
Nos. 11 and 13 Clay St.f east end of Main, 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory 15 





21 and 23 E. Main St. Jk ^ Open from 7 A, M. du- 

Fort Wayne, ^^B^^^ ^"^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 

Regular Dinner from 12 till 2. 

Best Quality Wines, Liquors and Cigars 

— AND — 




Ko. 177 Clay Street, 

Trimming and Scroll Sawing done to order. FORT WAYNE, IND. 


North-west Cor. Main and Calhoun Streets, 

1 6 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

Officers of the City Goverment 



WnOM 1840 TO 187 S. 

NoTK.— Tbe Original City Charte'- was writen by Hon. F. P. Randall, and passed by Act of tlie General 
Assembly of tbe f5tate of Indiana, InoorporatinKthe city of Fort Wayne, approved February 22, 1S40, pro- 
vided for the election, by tbe people, of aPresident, (or Mayor,) and six members of tbe Board of Trustees 
(or Comuiou Council,) and tbe election of General Ofticers Ijy said Board, or Coinicil. 


Mayor— Geo. W. Wood. 

Recorder — F. P. Randall. 

Attorney— F. P. Randall. 

Treasurer — Geo. F. Wright. 

High Constable Samuel S. Morss. 

Collector — Samuel S. Morss. a 

Assessor — Robert F. Fleming. 

Market Master — James Post. 

Street Commissior — Joseph H. McMaken. 

Chief Engineer — Samuel Edsall. 

Lumber Measurer — John B. Cocanour. 


Wm. Rockhill. Samuel Edsall. 

Thomas Hamilton, b William S. Edsall. 
Madison Sweetser, b William L. Moon. 

a Appointment resigned January 15, 1841, and Joseph Berkes appointed to fill vacancy same day. 
6 Resigned May 6, 1840, and Jon. E.Hill and Joseph Morgan elected June 5,1840, to fill their vacancies 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 17 


Mayor— Geo. W. Wood, a 
Kecorder— F. P. Randall. 
Attorney— F. P. Randall. 
Treasurer— George F. Wright. 
Collector— Bradford B. Stevens. 
High Constable— Richard McMullen. b 
Assessor— S. M. Black. 
Lumber Measurer— John B. Coeanour. 
Flour Inspector- Daniel Maginnis. 
Market Master— Robert Hood. 


A^ey, Philo 

^^^^.j .^uarp, A- S. 

Chas. G. French, William L. Moon 

H. T. Dewey, Philo Eumsey. 

Henry Sharp, A- S. Johns. 


Mayor— Joseph IMorgan. 

Recorder— Wm. I^ytle. 

High Constable— Bradford B. Stevens, c 

Treasurer— Geo. F. Wright, d 

Street Commisisoner— Henry Lotz. 

Assessor— Robert E. Fleming. 

Collector— Edward Stapleford. 

Flour Inspector— Daniel Maginnis. e 

Lumber Measurer— John. B Coeanour. 

Attorney— Henry Cooper. 

Chief Engineer— Wm. L. Moon. / 

Surveyor— O. Bird. 

Market Master— Peter Kiser. 


Hiram T. Dewey, Philo Rumsey. 

Henry Cooper, Henry Sharp, 

Joseph Scott, Wm. L. Moon, g 

Dr. John Evens, Dr. Wm. H. Brooks, Dr. Brenard Sevenick. 

a Resigned July 5, 1841. and vacancy filled August 2, 1S41, by election of Joseph Morgan. 

h Superseded August 2, 1841, by Bradford B. Stevens. 

c Resigned August .3, 1842, and James Crumley elected same day to fi 1 vacancy. 

d Resigned September 10, 1842, and Edward Stapleford elected same day to bU vacancy, wbu-h be re- 
signed September lo, 1H42, and was succeeded by 0. W. Jeflords. c i^^o . fin ,.a^„,„.^ 

e Resigned August 26, 1.842, and Daniel E Garnsey appomted September 5, 1S42, to fill %acnniy. 

/ Resigned August 26, 1842. vacancy continued. „„,,,„. x-,i ., „ 

cj Resigned August, 26, 1842, and S. C. Freeman elected September 26, 1840, to fill vacancy. 

1 8 CARTER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


Mayor — Henry Lotz. 

Recorder — AVilliam Lytle. 

Attorney — Lncian P. Ferry. 

Treasurer — Oliver W. Jeffords. 

Collector — James Crumley 

High Constable— James Crumsley. 

Street Commissioner— Wm. Stewert. 

Assessor — Wm Rockliill. 

Chief Engineer— John Cochrane. 

Surveyor— O. Bird. 


Franklin P. Randall, John B. Cocanour. 
Hugh MeCulloch, Philo H. Taylor. 

Lysandei Williams, Melaucthon W. Hubbell. 

Dr. Chas. Schmit/., Dr. Lewis Beecher, Dr. H. P. Ayers. 


Mayor — Henry Lotz. a 

Recorder — Wm. Lytle. h 

Attorney — Samuel Bigger, c 

Chief Engineer — Thomas Pritchard. 

Assessor— S. M. Black. 

High Constable — Wm. Stewart. 

Ollector — Wm . Stewart. 

Street Commissioner — AVm. Stewart. 

Treasurer— O. W. Jeffords. 

Market Master — Peter Kiser. 


Morgan Lewis, d C!leves S. Silver. 
Saiiuiel H. Shoaff, Jno. Cochrane. 
Henry Williams, Jno. B. Dubois. 


Dr. Lewis Beeclier, Dr. Lewis Thompson, Dr. Chas. Schmitz 

rt Discliui'Ked July 1, 1844, and succeeded by Jno. M. Wallace. 

I> Resigned M:iy 5, 1844, jind Robert Lowry elected same day to fill vacancy. 

c Superseded by Jno. W. Dawson, December 9, 1S44. 

d Resigned August 6, 1844, and S. M. Black elected August 2G, 1844, to liill vacancy. 



Mayor — Jno. M. Wallace, a 
Recorder — O. P. Morgan. 
Treasurer — O. W. Jeftbrds. 
High C;on.stable— W. B. Wilkinson. 
Attorney — .Jno. W. Dawson. 
Collector — Wni. B. Wilkinson. 
Assessor — Win. H. Prince. 


S. M. Black, James Humphrey. 

Philo Rumsey, i (Charles Paige. 
Henry W. Jones. Jno. B. Dubois. 


Dr. Lewis Beecher, Dr. Lewi.s Thompson, Dr. Chas. Schmitz. 


Mayor— M. W. Huzford. 
Recorder — Wni. Lytle. c 
Attorney — Jno. W. Dawson. 
Assessor — Joseph Morgan. 
INIarket INIaster — Jiobert Hood, 
Treasurer— O. W. Jefibvds. 
High Constable — Cleves »S. Silver. 
Street Commissioner — S. M. Bhick. 
Surveyor— S. M. Black. 
Flour'inspector — 1. D. G. Nelson. 


James B. Hauna, d Richard McMullen. e 
Henry Sharp, Samuel S. Mor.sH. / 

James Humphrey, Cbarles Fink. 


Dr. Lewis Beecher, Dr. Lewis Thompsgn, Dr. Chas. Schmitz. 

Resigned May S, 1846, M. W. Iliixfnrd electeil May 20, 1846, to fill llio nnpxpired term. 

ResiKin'ci May 26, 1846, and ('.has. Fink (.-lected to till vacancy. 

Rf«ij,rii(id .luiie 12, 1846, and Jiio. R. Dubois ulected same day to fill vacancy. 

Ui'sif^ed Odober 5, 1.S46, vacancy continued. 

Resigned May 4, 1840, and J. P Mun.son elected June 1, 1846, to till vacancy. 

HB.'^igned Septembers, 1846, and Samuel Stophlet elected October .5, 1846, to ill vacancy. 



Mayor— M. W. Hnxford. 
Recorder — Jiio. B. Dubois. 
High Constable— Cleves S. Silver, a 
Assessor — Samuel Stophlet. 
Treasurer— Oliver P. Morgan. 
Colleeton — CleVes S. Silver, b 


Jacob Lewis. James P. Munson. c 

Henry Sbarp, J no. Cocanour. 

Jno. Cochrane, Charles Fink. 


Dr. Lewis Beecher, Dr. Lewis Thomi)son, Dr. Chas. Schmitz. 


Mayor— M. W. Huxford. 
Recorder— O. P. Morgan. 
High Constable — T. J. Price, d 
Treasurer — N. P. Stockbridge. 
Assessor— Chas G. French. 
Collector — Jacob Hull. 


Chas. Muhler, Henry Sharp. 

John Cochrane, John B. Cocanour. 
John Conger, Alexander McJunkiu. 


Dr. Henry Wehmer, Dr. P. H. Ayers, Dr. C E. Sturgis. 

a ResigneJ June 10, 184V, and vacancy filled some dny by election of Jacob Hull. 

(• Hesif^ned May, 1S47, vacancy continued . 

d Office declared vacant August 7, 1848, and Daniel Guylord elected to fill vacancy 7, 1848. 



Mayor — Wm. Stewart. 

Recoriier— O. P. Morgan. 

High Constable — Samuel C Freeman, a 

Collector — Samuel C Freeman, a 

ytreet Commissioner — Samuel C Freeman, a 

Assessor — Chas. G. French. 

Treasurer— N. P. Stockbridge. 

Chief Engineer — John B. Cocanour. 


A. M. McJunkin, INIichael Hedekin. 

Peter P. Bailey, B. W. Oakley. 

James Humphrey, Charles 3Iuhler. 


Dr. Henry Wehmer, Dr. H. P. Ayers. Dr. C. E. Sturgis. 


Mayor — Wm. Stewart. 
Recorder— O. P. IVIorgan. 
Attorney — W. W. Carson. 
Assessor — Henry R. Colerick. 


A. M. McJunkin, C. Anderson, 

Henry Sharp, James Humphrey, 

AV. H. Briant, B. W. Oakley. 


I. D. G. Nelson, John Cochrane, D. W. Burroughs. 

a X|)pciiiitPfl J.Tniiaiy 6. ISil, to fill vacancy caiiscd by Jnliii B. ('ocanoiii's ilepartuie for California, 
o RosiKiicrl all three offires April 6, 1849, and siicceedod by John B. Griffith, April 1, 1845, who resign- 
ed September U, 1849, aud was succeeded same day by John Spencer. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

1851. a 

Mayor — "Wm. Stewart. 

Recorder — Duties performed by Mayor. 

Treasurer — Thomas D. Dekay, County Treasurer. 

Attorney — Wm. W. Carson. 

High Constable — Morris Cody. 

Street Commissioner — Morris Cody. 

Chief Engineer — Benjamin H. Tower. 

Collector — No appointment. 



0. W. Jeffords, O. Bird, 

James Howe, Peter Kiser, 

D. P. Hartman, Robert Armstrong. 


I. D. G. Nelson, John Cochran©, D. W, Burroughs. 


Mayor — P. G. Jones. 

Recorder — Duties performed by Mayor. 

Treasurer — -T. D. Dekay, County Treasurer. 

High Constable — ^Wm. Fleming 
Chief Engineer — Samuel C. Er( 


Street Commissioner — Edward Smith. 
Collector — office abolished. 
Assessor — office abolished. 


R. McMullen, O. Bird, 

H. R. Colerick, R. Armstrong, 

James Humphrey, Jonas W. Townley. 


I. D. G. Nelson, John Cochrane, D. W. Burroughs. 

a Charter amended by the fTcneral Assombly in 1.S51, Act approved Fehniiiry 8, aliolishinR the offlres 
of Treasurer, Assessor, Collector and Recorder, milking it the duty of the Miiyor to perform the duties of 
Hecordcr. The duties of the Treasurer, Atisessor and Collector were transferred to the proper officers of 
ttie County. 

Section T of said Amended Act also provides for the annual election of Mayor and High Constable. 

CARTER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 23 


Mayor — Charles Whitmore. 

Recorder— Duties performed by Mayor. 

Treasurer — Thom-is D. Delcay, County Treasurer. 

Higli Coustable— Samuel C. Freemann. 

Attorney— F. P. Randall. 

Street Commissioner — Wm. Lannin. 

Chief Engineer — S. C. Freeman. 

Wood Measurer — Washington Dckay. 

Assessor — No appointment. 


John J. Trentman James Vandegrift'. 

Milton Henry, Fred. Nirdlinger, 

John Drake, a Henry Drover. 


I. D. G. Nelson, John Cochrane, D. W. Burroughs. 

1854. b 

Mayor — Charles Whitmore. 

Clerk— W. E. Ellis, c 

Treasurer — Charles Muhler. 

High Constable — F. J. Frank. 

Street Commissioner — Bernard Hutker. 

Attorney — Charles Case, d 

Chief Engineer — Lewis Wolke. 

Assessor — S. S. Morss. c 

Sealer Weights and Measures — D. W. Burroughs. 


Wm. Boerger, John M. Miller, 

John Orff, Moses Drake, 

John Arnold, Piatt J. Wise, 

H. Wehmer, Isaac Lauferty, 

Francis Aveline, W. H. Link, 

John M. Snively, A. M. Webb. 


Dr. Wm. H. Brooks, Dr. P. M. Leonard, Dr. James Orrniston. / 

a RpsiKned May 10, 18.53, and snrcecfled by Richard Chute, who rcsijcno(f June IT, 1853. 

h The Act of the (iener.ll Assembly of the State of Indiana, amendiiiK' the (Muirter of the ("ity nf Korl 

Wayne, approved , 1.H54, provided for the election, on (he second Tuesday in March of each year, 

by the qiialified voters, of a Mayor, [who shall be the presiding? ollicer ofthe Oomnion Council,] two 
<!ounciliuen from each Ward, [by the voters thereof respectively,] a Clerk, Assessor, Treasurer, .Street 
Commissioner and Marshall, who shall severally hold their offices for one year. 

c Defaulter and absconded, office declared vacantJuly L'9, 1854, aud A. J. Emerick elected August 
23, 18o4, to fill vacancy. 

d Resigned October 18, 1S54, and Isaac .lenkinson elected same day to fill vacancy. 

« Kisii^ned .lanuary 13, 185.5, and William D. Henderson elected January 24, 1855, to fill vacancy. 

/ RcsiKucd June 1, 1854, and succeeded liy Dr. Francis Leiber. 


Mavor — "Wm. Stewart. 

Clerk— R. N. Godfrey. 

Treasurer — C. A. Rekers. 

Attorney — W. "W. Carson. 

High Constable— Pat. McGee. 

Street Comnii?sioner — John Greer. 

Chief En^iineer — .James B. Teller, a 

Civil Engineer— E. McElfatriek. 

Market Master — John Fairfield, b 

Sealer Weights and Measures — Benjamin Saunders. 


p. Hoagland, F. P. Randall, 

E. Bostick, John M. Miller, 

Henry Baker, Andrew Gamble, 

John Arnold, C. W. Allen, 

Charles Fink, A. M. Webb. 


Dr. Bricker, J. D. Worden, F. J, Frank. 

a Succeeded hy Henry Baker, October 10, 1855. 

h Resigned August 2S, lS5ft, and A. M. Webb elected September 4, 1855, to fill vacancy, and-succeeded 
by Henry Monnitig, September 18, 1855. 
c Deceased March 17, 1856, vacancy continued. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 25 


Mayor — Wm. Stewart. 

Clerk— A. C. Probasco. 

Treasurer — C. A. Kekers, 

Assessor — Henry Crist. 

Street Commissioner — John Ilardcndurf. 

Marshal — Pat. McGee. 

Civil Engineer — Charles Forbes. 

Chief Engineer — S. C. Freeman. 

Sealer Weights and Measures — S. C. Freeman. 

Attorney h 


James Ormiston, Thomas Stevens, 

Michael Hedcken, Henry Baker, 

H. Niermali, J. D. Worden. 

Wm, McKiniey, Wm. T. Pratt, 

A. M. Webb, Conrad Baker. 


Dr. H. Wehmcr, John Cochrane, Thomas Tigar. 


Mayor— S. S. Morss. 

Clerk — Christian Tresselt. 

Treasurer — Conrad Nill. 

Marshal — Pat. McGee. 

Street Commissioner — Christian Cook. 

Chief Engineer — George Humprey. 

Assessor — James Howe. 

Market Master—Wm. Stewart. 

Sealer Weights and Measures— Benjamin Saunders, 


D. H. Wehmer, John Cochrane, O. W. Jeflbrds. 

a Resigned May 27, 1856, and Tliomns MceRan elected to fill vacancy June 3, 1856. 
b On motion of Councilman Webb, tlie office of City Attorney was abolished, 
c Wards reduced from 6 to 5, with two Aldermen from each. 

26 CARTER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


Mayor — S. S. Morss. 

Clerk — J. C. Davis. 

Treasurer — W. H. Link, a 

Assessor — Joseph Price. 

Marshal — Pat. McGco. 

Civil Engineer — Samuel McElfatrick. 

Chief Engineer — L. T. Bourie. 

Street Commissioner — Charles Baker. 

Market Master — Wrn. Stewart. 

Attorney — John J. Glenn. 


H. N. Putnam, John M. Miller, 

E. Vordermark, John S. Irwin, 

Charles D. Bond, Jacob Foellinger, 

Wm. T. Pratt, O. D. Kurd, 

A. M. Webb, Christian Becker. 


Mayor— F. P. Pvandall. 

Clerk — Moses Drake, Jr. 

Treasurer — Wm. Stewart. 

Marshal — Joseph Price. 

Street Commissioner — Henry Tons. 

Market Master— Wm. Miller. 

Chief Engineer — George Humhprey. 

Sealer Weights and Measures — Pat. McGee. 

Assessor — H. H. Bossier. 


John Trentman, b B. D. Miner, a 

John Burt, a Daniel Nestle, a 

Benjamin H. Tower, a A. C. Beaver, 6 

Morris Cody, b O. D. Hurd, b 

H. Nierman, b James Humphrey, a 


Dr. B. S. Woodworth, Dr. L. Meinderman, James H. Eobinson 

a Rcsij^rioil April 21, 1859, vacancy roiiliiMied. 

6 AldL'rniun uiarked with an a drew the Iouk term, and those marked with n b drew the short term. 


1S61. a 

Mayor— F. P. Randall. 

Clerk— L. T. Bourie. 

Treasurer— H. N. Putnam. 

Marshal — Pat. McCice. 

Street Commissioner-— Henry Tuns. A 

Attorney — Wra. S, Smith. 

Chief Engineer — (X D. Hard, c 

Civil Engineer — O. Bird. 

Barr Street Market Master — W. D. Henderson. 

Broadway Market Master — J. 3. Leach, rf 

Sealer Weights and Measures — Joseph Price. 


John Burt, Morris Cody, 

Edward Slocum, B. H. Tower, 

Daniel Nestle, C. 1). Piepenbrink, 

B. H. Kimball, B. I). Miner, e 

James Humphrey, John S. Harrington, 


Dr. E. Sturgis, M. Hedekin, W.H.Bryant. 

The above Board of Health, appointed May 17, 1R61, fnilins to qiuilify, Drs. B. S. Wooduorth, C. 
Schmitz, and Henry Baker appointed July 9, 1861, as such Board. 

a An Act to repeal all weneral laws now in Turce for the incorporation of cities, prescrihinp their riRhtR 
and powers, and the manner in which they all e.xcrcise the same, approved March 9, 18ri7, amonsj other 
things, prescribes that after the first general election, the ofificers of said city shall respectively h<ilcl Iheir 
offices two years each. TheCouncilmen shall be chosen by the legal voters of their respective wards, and 
one Councilman from each ward, to be determined by lot at the first repnlar meeting after the election 
stiall hold his office two years, and the other, to be determined in like manner, shall hold his office for 
four years, and biennially thereafter, one Councilman shall be elected by the legal voters of each ward. 

h Resignrd February 11, l«fi'2, and C. W. Lindlag elected February aS, 1S62, to til! the vacancy. 

r .'^iiperseied tiv .foseph A. Stellwagon, Octobers, 1S61. 

d Resigned July 23, 1.861. 

e Rexigned November 12, 18G1, and Fred. Nirdlinger elected December 7, 1861, to fill vabancy . 

28 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


Mayor— F. P. Randall. 
Clerk — E. L. Chittenden. 
Treasurer — John Conger. 
Marshal— Pat. McGee. 
Attorney — Joseph S. France. 
Market Master — W. D. Henderson, a 
Assessor — S. C. Freeman. 
Civil Engineer — John S. Mower. 
Chief Engineer — L. T. Bourie b 
Street Commissioner — C. W. Lindlag. 
Wood Measurer — Patrick Kyan. c 
Captain Police — E. C. Pens, d 


Morris Cody, John S. Harrington, e 

Henry Monning, C. D. Piepenbrink, 

A. F. Scheie,/ Dennis Downey, 

B. H. Xiuibail, H.Nierman, ^ 
Edward Slocum, h B. H. Tower. 


Dr. S. "Wood worth, Dr. Charles Schmitz, Dr. W. H. Meyers. 

n Tfesigneil May 10, 1864. and Thomas D. Beavcl elected same day to fill vacancy. 

h Superseded by Joseph A. Stellwagon, February 9. 186-t, and SteUwagon resigned June 14, lSfi4, and, 
on same day, Munson Van Geison was unanimously elected to fill vacancy. 

c IMscharsed December 8, 1883, and reinstated December 22, 1863. 

d Resigned February 4, 1864. and Wm Ward elected March 22, 1S64, to fill vacancy. 

e Resigned December 8, 1863 aud C. Jfeireiter elected December 30, 1863, to fill vacancy. 

/ Resigned January '24, 1865, vacancy continued. 

q Resigned July 12, 1864. and P. Hoagland elected August 13, 1861, to fill vacancy. 

h Resigned April 11, 1863, to except office of School Trustee, and Wm. Waddington elected May 2 
1865, to fill vacancy. 



Mayor — J. L . Worden . a 

Clerk— E. L. Chittenden. 

Treasurer — John Conger. 

Attorney — F. P. Randall. 

Marshal — Pat. McGee. 

Assessor — John B. Reckers. h 

Street Commissioner — P. Falahee. 

Civil Engineer — "VV. S. Gilkison. c 

Chief Engineer— Munson Van Geison. 

Market Master — Thomas D. Beard, d 

Captain Police — William Ward. 

Sealer Weights and Measures , e 


Morris Cody, A. P. Edgerton, 

B. H. Kimball, Fred. Nirdlinger. 

P. S. Underhill, D. Downey, 

P. Hoagland, H. Monning, / 

B. H. Tower, Wm. Waddington. 


Dr. B. S. Woodworth, Dr. I. M.Rosenthal, Dr. T. P. McCullough. 

By the Amended Charter approved Decemher 20, 1865, the Civil Engineer and Assessor are appointed 
by Council, instead of, as heretofore, elected by the people. The offices of Auditor and City Judge were 
created if by the Council deemed e.xpedient. The terms of Councilmen were changed so that the suc- 
cessors of Conncilmen now acting, whose terms expire in May. 1867, shall be elected for one year, and 
the successors of the Councilmen whose terms e.xpire May, 1869, shall be elected biennially. 

a Resigned September 11, 1866. Same day B. H. Tower was elected President of Council, and Benja- 
min Saunders chosen acting Jfaj'or. 

h Resigned October 10, 1865, and A. C. Probasco appointed December 27, 186.5, to fill vacancy. 

Resignation presented March 12, 1867, and laid on the table and C. S. Brackenridge appointed depn- 

d Superseded May 8, 1866, hy William Kanning. 

e The office of Sealer Weights and Measures abolished by Council in 1864. 

/■ Resigned June 19. 1866, having received the nomination of County Treasurer, and David Hoit elected 
August 4, 1866, to lill vacancy. 

30 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


Mayor — Henry Sharp. 

Clerk — E. L. Chittenden. 

Treasurer — C. Piepenbrink. 

Attorney — K. S. Robertson. 

Marshal — William Lindernian. 

Assessor — George Fisher. 

Street Commissioner — William H. Briant. 

Civil Engineer — Charles S. Braokenridge 

Chief Engineer — Joseph B. Fry. a 

Market Master — William Kanning. b 

Captain Folio.e — William Ward. 


John Arnold, George Dewald, * 

B. H. Kimball, Fred. Nirdlinger, 

J. C. Bowser, A. P. Edgerton, 

George Ijink, B. W. Oakley, c 

Morris Cody, M. Hogan, * 

W. T. McKean, John Taylor, * 

John Cochrane, George Jacohy, 

Joseph March, William Waddington. 


Dr. B. S. Woodworth, Dr. I. M. Rosenthal, Dr. T. P. McCulloiigh. 

B3' 1lie Aniended Cliarter npprovcd March 14, 1.S6V, llip Ci\'il Engineer, Assessor and Street Comniis- 
Bioner wei« appointed by CounciL 

At tljc May election 1867, tlie 6th, Ytli, and Slh Wards were constilvited, and at special elections held 
therein May 2.5,1867, elected their Councilnien, — in italics,— \\\\ij having drawn lots for teiiu office, re- 
sulting.' ill the KPnth'nien marked with a (*) drawing the long term. 

At the May election in ]H(;.s, the Cth, 7lh, and Sth Wards held election of one Conncilinan each, to serve 
two years, resulting in the chcjice of N. 0. Miller from 6th, Geo. Jacoby from 7th, and Geo. Link from 8lh. 

« Superceded by Hiram I'oyser, May 26, 1868. 

h Superceded by Wni. Schneider, May 2(i, 1868. 

c Ml. Oakley luivitig removed from the 3d Ward, his seat was declared vacant, and John R. Krudop 
eleclrd ill liiii seat, and qualified November 12, 1867. 



Mayor— F. P. Kandall. 
Clerk — Sam. P. Freeman, 
Treasurer — Christian PiepenLrink, 
Attorney — Allen Zollars. 
Marshal— Pat. McGee. 
Assessor — -E. C. Pens. 
Street Commissioner — B. L. P. Williard. 
Civil Engineer — C. S. Brackenridge. 
Chief Engineer — Thomas Mannix. 
Market Master — "Wm. Schneider. 
Captain Police— 1809 — F. R. Limeoooly. 
" " 1870— Pat. McGee. 


J. C. Bowser, George Doerfler, 

T. Hogan, J. R.^Prentiss, 
G. W. Brackenridge, M. Hedekin, 

George Jacoby, M. F. Schmetzer, 

O. E. Bradway, J. D. Hance, 

Geargc Link, Henry Trier, 

A. H. Carier, T, J. Hutchinson, 

N.H.Miller, William Wadington. 


Dr. I. M. Rosenthal, Dr. A. J. Erwin, Dr. W. H. Meyers. 


Mayor— F. P. Randall. 
Attorney — Allen Zollars. 
Treasurer — John A. Droegemeyer. 
Clerk— Sam. P. Freeman. 
(Jivil Engineer — C. S, Brackenridge. 
Chief Engineer — Thomas Mannix. 
Marshal — Charles Uplegger. 
Captain Police — 1871— D. Meyer. 

" " 1872— M. Singleton. 

Market Master — Wm. Schneider. 
Street Commissioner — B, L. P. Williard. 


O. E. Bradway, John Bull, 

A. H Carier, L. Dessauer, 
Wm. Fisher, J. S. Goshorn, 
Tim. Hogan, Samuel Hanna, 
(). P, Morgan, John Sclun-'jif, 
John Stoll, Jacol) Shryock, 
William Tegtmeyer, Conrad Tremmel, 

B, H. Tower, P. S, IJnderhill, 

G. H, Wilson, William Wadington. 

32 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


Mayor — C. A. Zollinger. 
Attorney — Ij- Newberger. 
Clerk — Sam. P. Freeman. 
Treasurer — John A. Droegemeyer. 
Civil Engineer — C. S. Braekenridge. 
Chief Engineer — Frank B. Vogel. 
Marshal — Christopher Kelly. 
Captain Police — M. Singleton. 
Market Master — Wm, Schneider. 
Street Commissioner — Henry Trier. 


O. E. Bradway, Jacob Becker, 

John Bull. A. H. Carier, 

L. Dessauer, Tim, Hogan, 

Samuel Hanna, George jacoby, 

James Lillie, 0. P. Morgaii, 

Charles McCulloch, H. N. Putnam, 

John Schoepf, John StoU, 

Henry Schnelker, Conrad Tremmel, 

"William Tegtmeyer, G. H. Wilson. 

(jfficial Railway and j3usiness 

zPTjBLisnEiD nvnoisrT_E3:i_."Y". 



In the most artistic manner. The Sentinel Poster Rooms are the most complett 
in the State, and we feel justified in asserting that we do the best work. 


G. W. H. RILEY & CO., Proprs., 







Carbonized Cement Pipe Works 

Opposite Pittsburgl], Fort Wayue & Chicago Railroad Depot. 

Cement Drain & Sewer Pipe 

Which are used for House Drains, City and Town Sewerage, Railroad 
Culverts, Shares, Drivaways into Yards, "Conveyinp water for mill pur- 
poses, Drainage for Parks. Cementeries, Cesspools, Stench Straps, Chin.- 
neys, Wells, Ash Safes. Cold Air Flues, from Furnaces, Wind Flues for 
Manufacturing. Flues for Hot Houses, Flower Vases; also many other 
purposes for w hich they are in use. 

(Drain Pip 

(Well Pipe.) 
HENRY "WILLIS, General Manager. 


Engineer, Millwright, 

Founder and Manufacturer of 

Steam Engines, Boilers, Iron and Brass Castings, 


Practical Builder and Contractor for the erection of Gas Works, manufacturer of all the Latest and 

best Machinery. 

Works East side Calhoun street, opposite Railroad Depots. 



CARTER & Campbell's ft. Wayne directory. 

S. C. EVANS, Pres't. R. S. ROBERTSON, Vice Pres't and Atfy. C. M. DAWSON, Ass't Cash'r. 



Receives Deposits, Discounts Business Paper, 

And gives special attention to Collections in city and state. 

oiia--A.isrizEr) ikt ises. 


0. HANNA. 





Manufacturers of and wholesale and retail dealers in 

Cloths, Satinets, Jeans, Tweeds, Flannnls^ Blankets, 

Woolens, Yarns, Ac; also dealers in Wool. 


Wholesale and Retail dealer in 

Drugs and Medicines, 


Colors, Paint and Whitewash Brushes, 

And other articles appertaining to the Drug Trade. 

No. 54 Calhoun Street, Fort "Wayne, Indiana. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 35 




W ■ ZjL« i~S JC^ &d «5( n 

Manufacturer of 


Flued or Tabular, all sizes. 

Saw and Grist Mill Machinery 


Sole agents for Judson's Celebrated Steam Governors and Stillwell A Pierce's Patent Heater and 

Lime Extractori. 

Cljillcd Tyres, Locomotive Cylinders, and all kinds of Railroad and Car Castings, Building Columns, 
Grates, Railings, ic, made to order. Engines, Boilers and general mnchlneiy promptly repaired. 
Competent millwrights always on hand to furnish drafts and specifications, and superintend putting up 
our mill*. Special attention is called to our line of 


Consistinsf in part of Wisill's Improved Spoke and Axle Handle Lathes, Felloe Saws, Stave Cutters, 
Heading Jointers, Equalizing Saws, ic. 

36 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


-dealers in- 

Coal,Coke and Pig Iron 

Ofifice on Hanna Street, South of the Railroad Crossing. 

Lehigh, Lackawana, Pittsburgh, Connelsville, Youghiogheny and 

Illinois Coal Delivered to all Parts of the City. 

Blacksmiths' and Foundrymen's orders 

PROMPTLY attended TO. 



Groceries, Provisions, Liquors, &c. 


Nos. 66 and 68 Columbia Street, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Attorney at Law and Prosecuting Attorney 

OF THE 38TH judicial CIRCUIT. 




Insurance Company, 


CAPITAL £2,000,000. 

United States Branch 214-216 Broadway, New York. 


$200,000 U. S. 6 percent. Bonds, 1881, in Albany, - $229,000 00 
200,000 do do in hands of Trustees, - - 229,000 00 

100,000 do do with Insurance Department, Ohio 114,500 00 

20,000 do do " " " Tenn. 22,900 00 

10,000 Alabama 5 percent. State Certificates, - - 7,000 00 

Loaned on United States Bonds, . . . . . 29,500 00 

Cash in Office and Bank, ------ 80,517 11 

Interest due on Loans, - - - - - - - 359 60 

Premiums in course of collection - - - - - 7)7i553 

Office Furniture i)92o 87 

$722,413 II 

WM H. ROSS, Manager. 

QEO. A. DRESSER, Special Agent. J. A. HOYT, Sup'i of Agencies 

A. H. CARIER, Agent, Fort Wayne, Ind. 



New York City Store. 


HAVTXO FIVE STORES, all flolng aUrge business, T>i(h two members of our firm residing perma- 
nently in New York huyiiigour goods i;; large quantities FOR CASH, and SELLING STRICTLY FOR 
CASH, we feel confident we can make it to tlie interest of every person wanting either 

Dry Goods or Carpets 



and all kinds of Notions in endless variety. 



As it coi tnins mnny noveltips not to be found el-ewbere, besides, being situntod over our Dry Goods 
sinre. it costs us n<i'thin<,' lor rent, and as our dry good sali'snieii also sell our Carpets that department 
is really under no expense ; so, if we sell at five cents a yard profit, it is so much clear gain, 


Proprietors Great Nezv York City Store, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

124 Main Street, Terre Haute, Ind. I 65 Main Street, Evansville, Ind. 

54 Monroe Street, Grand Rapids, Mich. I 286 Bleecker Street, New Vork City. 


Street Directory. 

Baker, west from Calhoun next south of Brackenridge. 

Barr, south from Calhoun next east of Clinton. 

Barr (North), from canal north to St. Mary's river. 

Bass, from Fairfield avenue east to Hoagland avenue, next north of 

Berry (East), from Calhoun east to Canal, next north of Wayne. 

Berry (Westl, from Calhoun west of College, next north of Wayne. 

Brackenridge, west from Calhoun, next south of Douglas avenue. 

Brandriff, west from Webster to Hoagland avenue, next south of Melitta. 

Broadway avenue, south from canal to corporation line, next west of 

Buchanan, east from Lafayette to Hanna, next south of Lasselle. 

Butler (East"), from Calhoun east to Lafayette, next south of Williams. 

Butler (West), from Calhoun west to Fairfield avenue, next south of 

Calhoun, south from canal to corporation line, next west of Clinton. 

Calhoun (North), from canal north to St. Mary's river, next west of 

Canal, south from canal to Wayne, Piepenbrink's Addition. 

Cass, south from canal to Berry, next east of Ewing. 

Cass (North), from canal north to St. Mary's river, next east of Ewing. 

Centre, south from canal basin to Fair, next west of Cherry. 

Charles, east from Lafayette to Hanna, next south of Wallace. 

Charley, east from Hanna to corporation line, south of Samuel. 

Cherry, south from canal basin to St. Mary's river, next east of Centre. 

Chicago, west from Calhoun to College, next north of P., Ft. W. & C. 

Chute, south from Maumee Road to Lewis, next east of Division. 

Clay, south frdm Canal to Lasselle, next east of Lafayette. 

Clinton, south from canal to Butler, next east of Calhoun. 

Clinton (North), from canal north to St. Mary's river, next east of Cal- 

Colerick, west from Hoagland avenue to Fairfield avenue, next south of 

Columbia (East), from Calhoun to canal, next north of Main. 

Columbia (West), from Calhoun west to Harrison, next north of Main. 

College, south from Berry to Chicago, next west of Rockhill. 

Comparet, south from Wayne to Maumee road, next east of King. 

Court, south from Main to Berry, east side Court House Square. 

Creighton avenue (East), from Calhaun to Hanna, corporation line. 

Creighton avenue (West), from Calhoun west to Broadway Avenue, cor- 
poration line. 

Dawson, west from Calhoun to Hoagland avenue, next north of Williams. 

Division, south from Maumee Road to Lewis, next east of Harmer. 


Douglas avenue, west from Calhoun to McClellan, next south of Lewis. 

Duck, east from Calhoun to Barr, next north of Water. 

Edsall, south from Main to Berry, next west of Jackson. 

Elm, south from Maumee Road to Lewis, next east of Ohio. 

Erie, east from Francis, next north of Wayne. 

Ewing, south from canal to George, next east of Griffith. 

Ewing (North), from canal north to St. Mary's river, next east of Griffith. 

Fair, east from St. Mary's river, next south of Kekionga. 

Fairfield avenue, south from George to corporation line, next east of 

Hoagland avenue. 
Force, south from Herndon to corporation line, next east of Hanna. 
Fox, north and south from Henry, next east of Miner. 
Francis, south from canal to Railroad, next east of Hanna. 
Fulton, from canal south to Jefferson, next east of Broadway. 
Garden, from Washington south, next west of Nelson. 
Gay, south from Railroad to Charley, next east of John. 
George, continuation of Brackenridge, west of Broadway. 
Grand, south side of T,, W. & W. Railway, west from Calhoun to Kansas. 
Grant, east from Gay to Thomas, next south of Wallace. 
Griffith, south from canal to George, next east of Fulton. 
Griffith (North), from canal north to St. Mary's river, next west of Ewing. 
Grove, south from canal to Lewis, next east of Walter. 
Guthrie, north side of T., W. & W. Railway to Lavina avenue. 
Hamilton, east from Calhoun to Lafayette, next south of Murray. 
Hanna, south from canal to corporation line, next east of Monroe. 
Hanover, south from canal to Lutheran College Grounds, next east of 

Harmer, from canal south to Lewis, next east of Francis 
Harrison, south from canal to corporation line, next west of Calhoun. 
Harrison (North), from canal north to^'St. Mary's River, next west of 

Hendricks, west from Fairfield avenue, next south of Pritchard. 
Henry, continuation of Dewald, west to Broadway avenue. 
Herndon, east from Hanna to Railway, next north of Wallace. 
Highland, east from Calhoun to Webster, next north of Dawson. 
Hoagland avenue, from T., W. & W. Railway south to corporation line, 

next east of Fairfield avenue. 
Holman, east from Calhoun to Hanna, next south of Montgomery. 
Hood, south from Pritchard to Wall, next east of West. 
Horace, west from John, next north of Samuel. 
Hough, east from Clay to Hanna, next south of Holman. 
Jackson, south from canal to Chicago, next west of Van Buren. 
Jefferson (East), from Calhoun east to Division, next south of Washington. 
Jefferson (West), from Calhoun west to Garden, next south of Washington. 
John, south from Herndon to Charley, next west of Gay. 
Johnson, south from Dawson, next eas of Hoagland avenue. 
Jones, east from College, next south of Wilt 
Kansas, from Railroad south to Melitta, next west of Webster. 

CARiER k Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 41 

Kekionga, east from St. Mary's river, next south of Spruce. 

King, from Wayne street south to Maumee road, next east of Harmer. 

Lafayette, south from canal to corporation line, next east of Barr. 

Lasselle, east from Lafayette to Hanna, next north of Buchanan. 

Lavina avenue, from Taylor south to Guthrie, west of Metz. 

Lewis (East), from Calhoun east to corporation line, next south of Jef- 

Lewis (West), from Calhoun west to Ewing, next south of Jefferson. 

Lillie, south from Maumee road, next west of corporation line. 

Locust, west from Fairfield avenue, next south of T., W. & W. Railway. 

Locust Alley, east from Calhoun to Harrison, next north of Water. 

McClellan, from Lewis south to Chicago, next west of Webster. 

McCulloch, south of Maumee road to Lewis, next east of Grove. 

Madison, east from Barr to Division, next north of Lewis. 

Maiden Lane, south from canal to Berry, next Avest of Harrison. 

Main (East), from Calhoun east to canal, next north of Berry. 

Main (West), from Calhoun west to corporation line, next north of Berry. 

Maumee, east from Calhoun to Clinton, next south of Holman. 

Maumee Road, east from Harmer to corporation line, nexr south of 

Mechanics, south from Canal Feeder to Fair, next west of Cherry. 

Melitta, west from Harrison to Hoaglaud avenue, next south of Grand. 

Metz, south from Cherry to Guthrie, next west of Broadway. 

Mill, east from canal basin to Fulton, north side canal. 

Miner, north and south from Henry, next east of Broadway. 

Monroe, from canal south to Lasselle, next east of Clay. 

Montgomery, east from Barr to Francis, next south of Le«\'is. 

Morrell, south from P., Ft. W. & C. Railway to Wall, next east of Hood. 

Murray, from Calhoun to Lafayette, next north of Hamilton. 

Nelson, from Washington south to Jones, next west of College. 

Nirdlinger avenue, west from Broadway, next south of Wall. 

Oak, east from Division to Ohio, next south of Maumee road. 

Oakley, from Taylor south to Henry, next west of Fairfield avenue. 

Ohio, south from Maumee road to Lewis, next east of Chute. 

Oliver, south from P., Ft. W. & C. Railway, next west of Thomas. 

Osage, south from canal basin to Main, next west of Mechanics. 

Park, east from Cherry to Osage, next north of Main. 

Pearl, west from Harrison to Fulton, next south of Canal. 

Pine, south from T. W. & W. Railway to Taylor, next west of Fair- 
field avenue. 

Pittsburgh, from Clay east to Hanna, next south of Hough. 

Plum, from Water north to St. Mary's river, next west of Harrison. 

Pontiac, east from Lafayette to Hanna — corporation line. 

Poplar, west from Hoagland avenue to Oakley, next south of Walnut. 

Prince, north and south from Bass, next east of Fairfield avenue. 

Pritchard, west from Fairfield avenue to Rockhill, next south of Wilt. 

Railroad, east from Calhoun to Clinton, next south of Maumee. 

Reed, north side canal. Reed's addition 

42 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

River, east and west from north Van Buren, Reed's addition. 

Rockhill, south from Main to Pritchard, next east of College. 

St. Clair, south from Lasselle to corporation line, next east of Lafayette. 

St. Francis, from Lafayette east to Hanna, next south of Buchanan. 

Samuel, east from Hanna, next south of Horace. 

Smith, from P., Ft. W. & C. Railway south, next east of Gay. 

Spruce, east from St. Mary's river, next south of Main. 

Spy Run avenue, commencing at bridge, east end Water, running north 
on west side St. Joe river. 

Sturgis, west from Fulton, next south of Jefferson. 

Summit, east from Division to corporation line. 

vSuttenfield, from Lafayette east to Hanna, next south of Taber. 

Taber, east from Lafayette to Hanna, next south of Creighton avenue. 

Taylor, from Fairfield avenue west toLavina avenue, next south of I-ocust. 

Thomas, south from P., Ft. W. & C. Railway, next east of Oliver. 

Toledo, east from Lafayette to Hanna, south side P., Ft. W. & C. Rail- 

Union, from Berry south to Pritchard, next west of Jackson. 

University, south from Main to Maumee road, next east of Comparet. 

Van Buren, south from canal to Pritchard, next west of Broadway. 

Van Buren (North), from canal north to St. Mary's river. Reed's Addi- 

Virginia, east from Lafayette to Hanna, next north of Wallace. 

Wall, west from Broadway, next north of Nirdlinger avenue. 

Wallace, east from Lafayette to P., Ft. W. & C. Railway, next south of 

Walnut, west from Fairfield avenue, next south of Taylor. 

Walter, south from Wayne to Maumee road, next east of University. 

Washington (East), from Calhoun east to Grove, next south of Wayne. 

Washington (West), from Calhoun west to Garden, next south of Wayne. 

Water (East), from Calhoun east to Clay, next north of canal. 

Water (West), from Calhoun west to Fulton, next north of canal. 

Wayne (East), from Calhoun east to Hanover, next north of Washington. 

Wayne (West), from Calhoun west to College, next north of Washington. 

Webster, south from Berry to corporation line, next west of Harrison. 

West, from Pritchard south to Chicago, next west of Hood. 

Williams, west from Calhoun to Fairfield avenue, next south of Dawson. 

Wilt, from Broadway west to Nelson, next south of Jefferson. 

Bloomingdale Street Directory. 

Barthold, north from Railroad to Canal Feeder, next east of Wefel. 

Bowser, west from Wells, next north of High. 

Clark, from High north, next east of Barthold. 

Douglas, west from Wells, next north of Bowser. 

Fifth, east from Wells to North Calhoun, next south of Sixth. 

First, east from Wells to Railroad, next south of Second. 



Fourth, east from Wells to North Calhoun, next south of Fifth. 

High, west from Wells to St. Mary's avenue, next north of Railroad. 

Langohr, west from Wells, next north of Douglas. 

Marion, from High north to Douglas, next west of Wells. 

North Calhoun, from Third north to Canal Feeder, next east of North 

North Cass, from Railroad north to Sixth, next east of Wells. 
North Harrison, from First north to Sixth, next east of North Cass. 
Orchard, north from High to Douglas, next west of Marion. 
Polk, west from Railroad to Canal Feeder. 

St. Mary's Avenue, from Canal Basin north to Canal Feeder, v»-est of Wefel. 
Second, east from Wells to Railroad, next south of Third. 
Sixth, east from Wells to North Calhoun, next south of Canal Feeder. 
Third, east from Wells to North Calhoun, next south of Fourth. 
Wefel, north from High, next west of Barthold. 
Wells, north from St. Mary's River to Feeder Canal, next west of North 




No. 2g East Main Street, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

(opposite first and fort WAYNE NATIONAL BANKS.) 

We keep the only accurate time in tlifs cilv. fo-- all Railroads running ont of Fort Wayne, 
time can be had from our ship Chronometer. Transit Observations taken every noon and nif(bt. 

' Sun' 

44 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

J. D. NUTTMAN, President. LEM. R. HARTMAN, Cashier. 

First National Bank, 


Capital, $300,000. j Surplus, $65,000. 

T/ie First National Bank Organized in Indiana. 
Collections Made on all Accessible Points in the United States. 

DIRECTORS : — J. D. Nuttman, Amos S. Evans, John M. Miller, A. D. Brandriff, 



Merchant Tailor 


27 East Main Street, Opposite U. S. Express Office, 


Chewing * and Smoking Tobacco. 

And dealer in Cigars, Snuff, Plug Tobacco and Pipes. 

Factory, 51-53 Berry, Store Cor. Harrison & Main, 



Boundaries of Wards. 

First Ward — Comprises all that part of the city lying between Lafayette 
and Monroe streets, north of railroad tracks and south of river. 

Second Ward — Comprises all that part of the city lying between 
Lafayette and Calhoun streets, north of railroad tracks and south of river. 

Third Ward — Comprises all that part of the city lying between Calhoun 
and Ewing streets, north of railroad tricks and south of river. 

Fourth Ward — Comprises all that part of the city lying west of Ewing 
and east of Broadway, north of railroad tracks and south of river. 

Fifth Ward — Comprises all that part of the city lying west of Broadway 
and north of the T., W. & W. Railway track. 

Sixth Ward — Comprises all that part of the city lying west of Calhoun 
and south of the T., W. & W. Railway track. 

Seventh Ward — Comprises all that part of the city lying east of Cal- 
houn and South of both railway tracks. 

Eighth Ward — Comprises all that part of the city lying east of Monroe 
street and north of the T., W. & W. Railway track. 

Ninth Ward — Comprises all that part of the city lying north of St. 
Mary's River and south of the Wabash & Erie Canal Basin. 

Justices of the Peace in Allen County. 

Lafayette Township — Samuel H. Ambler and J. B. Daws. Terms ex- 
pire in 1876. 

Adams Township — Samuel Cleveland. Term expires in 1874. John 
Dougal. Term expires in 1876. O. D. Rogers. Term expires in 1876. 

Washington Township — Henry Elbert and John P. Hedges. Terms 
expire in 1876. 

Jefferson Township — John Nail. Term expires in 1874. Nicholas 
Ladig. Term expires in 1876. 

Jackson Township — Charles Noyes and William Keller. Terms expire 
in 1876. 

Monroe Towmship — William Dickerson. Term expires in 1874. Mar- 
tin S. Morrison, A. A. Baker and M. S. Baker. Terms expire in 1876. 

Madison Township — Silas Work. Term expires in 1876. 

Marion Township — Hiram Coleman. Term expires in 1874. John 
Brown. Term expires in 1876. 

Cedar Creek Township — J. W. Bead. Term expires in 1874. 

St. Joe Township — John Brown and Luke Levanaway. Terms expire 
in 1876. 

Milan Township — D. M. Frisby. Term expires in 1874. Eli Ring- 
waits. Term expires in 1876. 

Scipio Township — H. W. Hyde. Term expires in 1874. 

Springfield Township Cosgrove and M. B. Hall. Terms ex- 
pire in 1874. 

Maumee Township — Robert Shirley. Term expires in 1875. Edward 
Foster. Term expires in 1876. 

46 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

County and City Officers. 

Court House Square, between Calhoun and Court and Main and Berry 

Judge of the Circuit Court — Robert Lowry, Judge of the Tenth Judi- 
cial District. Term expires in 1876. 

Judge of the Criminal Circuit Court — Joseph Brackenridge. Term ex- 
pires in 1875. * 

County Clerk — William S. Edsall. Office in the Court House. Term 
expires in 1874. Deputies, C. W. Edsall, Criminal Circuit Court; Willis 
D. Maier, Circuit Court. 

Sheriff — J. D. Hance. Office in the Court House. Term expires in 
1875. Piatt J. Wise and Henry Lankenau, Deputies. 

Auditor — H. J. Rudisill. Office in the Court House. Term expires 
in 1874. F. W. Kuhne, Deputy. 

Treasurer — John Ring. Office in the Court House. Term expires in 
September, 1875. C. M. Barton, Clerk. 

Recorder — John Koch. Office in the Court House. Term expires in 
June, 1875. ^- P- White, Deputy. 

Surveyor — W. H. Goshorn. Office in the Court House. Term expires 
in 1874. 

Coroner — A. M. Webb. Term expires in October, 1874. 

Commissioners — Jacob Hillegass, John Begue and J. C. Davis. Office 
in the Court House. Meet quarterly. 

Court House Janitor — A. M. Webb. 

Superintendent of the Poor House — John Spice. 

School Examiner — James H. Smart. 

Mayor — Charles A. Zollinger. Office in City Hall. 

City Clerk — Sam P. Freeman. Office in City Hall. 

City Treasurer — John Droegmeyer. Office in City Hall. 

City Marshal — Christopher Kelly. Office in City Hall. 

Civil Engineer — Charles S. Brackenridge. Office in City Hall. Wm. 
Manthey, Assistant. 

Board of Health — Drs. W. H. Myers, I. M. Rosenthal and John 
M. Josse. 

Assessor — Henry Steup, 

Township Officers. 

Trustee — J. Hill, sr. Term expires in October, 1874. Office over 
Wagner's drug store, Calhoun street. 

Justices of the Peace — Adam H. Bittinger. Office northeast corner of 
Main and Calhoun streets, opposite the Court House. Term expires in 


Jas. E. Graham. Office No. 7 East Main street. Term expires in 1876. 

Wm. Stewart. Office No. 58 Calhoun street. TerAi expires in 1876. 

Daniel Ryan. Office on Court street, opposite Court House. Term 
expires in 1874. 

John Dolan, jr. Term expires June 23, 1876. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory 47 

^'.i, .. t r THE 

tt ii i 



—OF— i. 



Sl8, 00 0,0 00. 00 


A. H. CARIER, Agent, 



CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

Indiana Land Agency 


Has for sale n large amount of valuable 

Business Property, Unimproved Lots and Dwellings 

in all parts of the City. He also offers for sale Improved and Unimproved 



Allen Connty 
LaPorte " 
Whitley " 
Porter " 
Fulton " 
White " 

Calhoun County 
Marshall " 

Paulding County 
Henry " 

Clinton County 
Van Buren " 


Huntington County Kosciusko County 

Wells " Jasper " 

DeKalb " Green " 

Elkhart " Benton " 

Wabash " LaGrange " 


Franklin County 
Harden " 


Putnam County 
Williams " 


Berrien Connty 
Ottawa " 

Marshall County 

Clinton " 

Steuben " 


Clay " 

Ringgold County 
Webster " 

Defiance Cotinty 
VanWert " 

Montcolm Coimty 
Livingston " 

Also Lands in lllinoLs, Wisconsin, Vermont, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Alabama, 





Maier Willis D. 
Wilson F. H. 
Colerick Phil. B. 
iilystone Isaac 
Hayes Frederick 
Riithrauff William H. 
Wise Piatt J. 
McCulloch C. M. 
Hertig Charles M. 
Redelsheimer David S. 
Swift Bayless 
Bloomhufl' Thomas M. 
Lumbard Sidney C, 
Crane Calvin D. 
Zollars F. T. 
Furste F. L. 
Granger Horace 
Colerick Thomas W. 
O'Rourke Edward 
Rayhouser G. I. Z. 
Heiber Frederick 
Newberger Lewis 
Gottshall M. V. B. 
Carier A. H. 
Bloomhuff S. H. 
Mohr John Jr. 

Philley Milton S. 
Bursley G. E. 
Crane George D. 
Curtis John F. 
Crabb Cyrus 
Myers D. H. 
Bossier H. H. 
HiUegas J. D. 
Randall F. P. 
Meegan Thomas 
McLain David 
Lombard Joseph 
Fisher D. C. 
Smart Stephen F. 
Withers W. H. 
Purman A. A. 
Barton CM. 
Jennison William T. 
Bayless Sol. D. 
Tons Henry 
Hench Samuel M. 
Hartman Homer C. 
Jones George W. 
Shaffer John 
Tresselt Christian 
Williams H. M. 


Allen Hamilton & Co., 




Receive Deposits, Discount business paper, make collections, and transact a general Banking business. 
London Correspondents, JAY COOKE, McCULLOCH A CO. 

Bank. Building, Calhoun Street, Opposite Court House. 




32 East Berry Street. 

Represents the following OLD and RELIABLE Fire Insurance Companies: 

Mtna^ of Hartford. 

ASSETS $4,500,000. 

Home, of New York. 

ASSETS $5,000,000. 

Underwriters' Agency, of New York, 

ASSETS $4,000,000. 

Total Amount of Assetsli3, 500,000. 

Policies issued at Equitable Rates, and Losses promptly adjusted. 

D. C. FISHER, Agent. HENRY TONS, Solicitor. 

croHii^ hiotjoh: 

Represents the following FIRST-CLASS LIFE and ACCIDENT Companieg: 

MUTUAL LIFE, of New York, Assets - - - ^60,000,000 

TRAVELERS' Life and Accident, of Hartford, Assets - 3,000,000 

RAILWAY PASSENGERS', of Hartford - - - 1,000,000 

TOTAL ASSETS $64,000,000 



Steel Plow Works. 

A. D. Reid's Old Stand, Corner Main Street and Maiden Lane. 


For Sod and General Purposes. 


With Cast Iron or Cast Steel Points, 


Side Jumpers for new ground, heavy and light Jumpers, Road Scrapers, Euilroad and Eoail 
District PlowH. All are cheap and good, and Warranted. 

Call and See the Stock Whetlier you Buy or I^ot. 

When your plows are worn or need repair, you know where you can have them put in order. 

52 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


Trunk Manufactory. 


No. 10 West Columbia Street (Old No. 117), 

Maniifaoturer of and wholesale and retail denier in all kinds of 

Trunks and Yalises, 

Ladies' and Gent's Traveling Bags and Satchels. 

Sliawl Straps, Shoulder Strops, <tc., always on hand. The largest stock of Sole-Leather and Zinc 
Trunks to be found in th« West. Knight Templars' Chapeau boxes 
on hand. All kinds of 

Trunks and Sample Cases Made to Order. 


Go TO Headquarters and Buy from First Hands. | 




The following Table, shows the Area, Population, Assessed Voluation of the Rent and rcrsunrU I'rripirty 
of the United Stales and Territories, and the Progress of Railroad Construction duriinj the ptut ten 
Tears : 




















Massachusetts . . . 







New Hampshire . 

New Jersey 

New York 

North Carolina. . 



PennHylvania. . . . 
Khode Island . . . . 
South Carolina.. 





AVest Virginia. . . 


in square 





Assessed Valuation. 



















83, 531 1 



• 9,2801 
8,320 1 























































.$ 432,198,762 
180,21 l,.i30 






















Total States. 





District of Columbia. 



New Mexico . . 




1,950,171; 31,183,744 38,113,253,ifll,984,576,.538 












Total Tickkitou]ks. 

96,5,032! 259,577' 442,730 $70,476,580 


.$ 155.582,595 












253,371, S90' 



54 .5,S4,616j 



1,,319 236,042 
102,54s. 52,s 

Miles R. R. 

1862. 1872, 






402 1 









. - . .i 




















.'!il4,021,297,071, 32,120, 59,587 

•t 1,410,295 . 

2,924,4.«9' . 

74,271,693| " 

5,292,205 . 

9,943,411 , 

17,784,014 . 

12,565,,S42 . 

10,642,86.3; I 

5,516,74,-i .... I 498 





Agg'gate United States! 2,915,203 31,443,321 i 38,555,983 $12,050,053,118 $14,178,986,732] 32,120 60,852 

"Included in the railroad luileaRO uf Mivrylaml . 

54 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 



Steam Iron Works. 


J. C. BOWSER 8z: CO., 

Manufacturers of Stationary 


Locoinotive, Tubular and Fined Boilers, 

Tanks, Saw and Grist Mills, Heavy Southern Sugar Mills, Screw and Improved Lever Head Blocks. 

Letellier's Patent Automatic 


The most perfect Governor ever invented. 

Largest Selection of Patterns in the I^orthwest. 

Address, J. C. BOWSER & CO., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

CARTER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 55 

C. ORFF &: CO., 

Wholesale and Ketriil dealers in 


JSToist. S c«5 "Z CJol-u.rrLlc3i«, JSt.. 


Dress Goods, Fancy Goods and Millinery 


EST-A^BXjISIiElD 1859. 


(Sucoissor to Walter Laidlaw & Son) 

lain and Ornamental Slate Roofer, 

AND dealer in ALL KINDS OF 

Rooiing Slate, Galvanized Iron Ridging, &c. 

Orders from all parts of the States solicited. Rei)airing done. 

Office cor. Calhoun and Jefferson Streets, Fort Wayne, Ind. 





Office cor. Calhoun and Lewis Sts., 


56 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 




General Hardware, 

Glass, Guns, Pi.stols and Gun Trimmings, Rubber and Leatlier Belting, Paclving, Ac, Doors and Sash. 

Nos. 87 and 89 Columbia Street, Fort W^ayne, Ind. 


(ESTA.BLISM;Er> 18^5 ) 


Dealers in German and American 

Clocks and Watclies, 


Gold, Silver and Ivory-headed Canes, &c. A large afsorlment of Gold and Silver American Watchea 
kepton hand. Repairing done on short notice and all work warranted. 

No. 22 (old No. 88) Columbia Si reef, Fori Wayue, Indiana. 


Attorneys at Law and Notaries Public. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Practice in all the State and Federal Courts. 


Indiana Land Agency. 


Attorney, Land and Loan Agent, 

Has for sale a laJge iimount of 

Business Property, Unimproved Lots and Dwellings 

In all |iarts nf the City. He also offers for sale 


In ever J part of Allen County, emliracinf,' over FIFfY THOUSAND ACRES, and tlian 100,000 acres 
in the different Counties of Northern Indiana, Northwestern Ohio and Southirn MichifcaD . 

Money Loaned for Eastern parties in larjje amounts, on Real Estate Security, 




G. R. & I. Railroad. iFt. W., M. & C. R'y. P., Ft. W. & C. R'y. 


Distance from Fort Wayne, 
by rail, to 







Kendall ville 

Rome City 






Air Line Cros^ng 


Portage Lake 


Kalamazoo . 






Grand Rapids 

D. & M. Crossing 



Cedar Springs 


Maple Hill 

Howard City 

Mo rley 

Lower Big Rapids 

Upper Big Eapids 



Clam Lake 







Traverse City 





































202 i 










Distance from Fort Wayne, 

by rail, to 

Wabash Junction 

Indianapolis Road 





Ertgleville . 

[Murray Road 


jWorth . Crossing 

iKeystone . . 








West Mills 


Pleasant Hill 



N. C. Junction 

New Castle 



JNew Lisbon. 


iCambridge City 





C, R. &Ft.W. R'y 

Distance from Fort Wayne 
by rail, to 













Ft. W.J. & S. R'y, 


Distance from Fort Wayne, 
by rail, to 




New Era 



Pleasant Lake 



State Line 







(Fort Wayne and Pittsburgh .) 


Distitnce from Fort Wayne 
by rail, to 





Van Wert 










Upper Sandusky 













New Brighton 








New York 







































T., W. & W. R. R. 

(Fort Wayne and Toledo.) 


Distance from Fort Wayne, 
by rail, to 

New Haven 











Maumee City 

CAT. Crossing 





P., Ft. W. &C. R'y. 

(Fort Wayne and Chicago ) 


Distance from Ft. Wayne to 


Columbia City 







Etna Green 











Liverpool ■ 




South Chicago 

I C. R. U. Junction 

Archer Avenue 


San Francisco 






T., W. & W. R. R, 

(Fort Wayne and Danville.) 


Distance from Ft. Wayne to 

Prairie Switch 




La Gro 











Buck Creek 

Wild Cat 


Lafayette Junction 


West Point 




WeBt Lebanon 


State Line 

1 ., B. & W. Junction 


Public Buildings, Halls, &c. 

x\nderson's Block, northwest corner of Broad- 
way and Jefferson 

Aveline House Block, southeast corner of Cal- 
houn and Berry 

City Hall, in Market House, east side Barr, 
between Wayne and Berry 

Burgess Block, southeast corner of Court ami 

Colerick's Opera House, north side of Colum- 
bia, between Clinton and Barr 

Court House, on Public Square 

Covenant Hall, east side of Calhoun, opj^ositc 
Keystone Block. 

Ewing Building, southwest corner of Main and 

Firemen's Hall, northeast corner of Court and 

Hamilton's Block, west side of Calhoun, be- 
tween Main and Berry 

Hamilton's Hall, in Hamilton's Block. 

Keystone Block, southwest corner of Calhoun 
and Columbia 

Masonic Hall, northwest corner of Calhoun 
and Berry 

McDougall's Block and Hall, northwest corner 
of Berry and Calhoun. 

Miner Block, northeast corner of Main and 

Odd Fellows' Hall, over the Post Office 

Phcenix Block, northwest corner of Main and 

Post Office, east side of Court, between Main 
and Berry 

Robinson's Block, west end of Columbia 

Sentinel Block, southwest corner of Calhoun 
and Wayne 

Templar's Hall, northwest corner of Calhoun 
and Berry 

Townley's Block, northeast corner of Columbia 
and Calhoun 

Turner Hall, Ewing block, southwest corner 
Main and Harrison 

Union Block, northwest corner of Main and 

6o CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

F. H. Mcculloch. amos richey. 

McCulloch &: Richey. 




JVo. J Cohiinbia Street, Old No. lOS- 
Agents for Fairbanks' Scales. FORT WAYNE, IND. 




Candies and Crackers, 



(Successors to B. Trcntuuin & Son) Importers and Jobbers of 

Crockery and China, 


Cbandcliers, Looking Glasses, itc. Also agents for Ohio Stoneware. 


F o r t Wayne, Indiana. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory 6t 

McDougal & Lauferty. 


C3-OXj3D &; SIXj'VEI^, 



Negotiapj-e Paper and Approved Collaterals. 




Attorneys at Law, 

Northwest Corner Calhoun and Berry Streets, 


Practice in all the State and Federal Courts. 



Attorneys and Counsellors at Law. 

Office Corner Clinton and Berrv Streets, 

Prompt Aiieniion given to Collections ajid other business in United States Courts 
and State Courts of Northern Indiana. 

Ladies' Bazaar, 21 Calhoun Street, opposite Keystone Block. 

Mamifacturer and dealer in 

Lace Collars, Hosiery, 


Haudkercliiefs, Jewelry, Nutioiis, and all kinds of Ladies' F.incy and Furnishing Goods, which will be 
sold at the lowest New York prices. 

62 CARTER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


July 1, 1873. 


ULYSSES S. GRANT, of Illinois, President of the United States Salery ?50.000 

HENRY WILSON, of Massachusetts, Vice President of the United States " 10,000 

the: c^BinyEiT. 

HAMILTON FISH, of New York, Secretary of State Salary $10,000 

GEORGE S. BOUTWELL, of Massachusetts, Secretary of the Treasury " 10,000 

WILLIAM W. BELNAP, of Iowa, Secretary of War- ■■■ " 10,000 

GEORGE M. ROBESON, of New Jersey, Secretary of the Navy " 10,000 

COLUMBUS DELANO, of Ohio, Secretary of the Interior " 10,000 

GEORGE H. WILLIAMS, of Oregon, Attorney-General " 10,000 

JOHN A.J. CRESWELL, of Maryland, Postmaster-Qeneral " 10,000 



SALMON P. CHASE, of Ohio, Chief Justice, [Deceased April 1873.] Salary $8,500 

Nathan Clifford, of Maine, Associate Justice I Stephen J . Field, of California, Associate Justice. 
Noah H. SwAYNE, of Ohio, " " | William M. Strong, of Pa., " " 

Samuel F. Miller, of Iowa, " " I Joseph P. Bradley, of N. J., " " 

David Davis, of Illinois, " " | Ward Hunt, of N. Y., " " 

Salary of Associate Justices, $8,000. Court meets first Monday in December, at Washington. 



Country. Capital. Ministers. Salary Appointed. 

Austria Vienna John Jay, N. Y $12,000 1868 

Brazil Rio Janeiro James R. Partridge, Md 12,000 1871 

Chili Santiago Joseph P. Root, Kansas. . . 10,000 1869 

China Pekin Frederick F. Low, Cal , 12,000 1869 

France Paris Elihu B. Washburne, 111 17,500 1869 

Great Britian London Robert C. Schenck, Ohio 17,500 1870 

Italy Florence George P. Marsh, Vt ? 12,000 1861 

Mexico Mexico Thomas H. Nelson, Ind 12,000 1869 

Peru Lima Francis Thomas, Md 10,000 1872 

Germany Berlin George Bancroft, Mass 17,500 1867 

Russia St. Petersburg James L. Orr, S. C 12,000 1872 

Spain Madrid Daniel E. Sickles, N. Y 12,000 1869 


Argentine Republic Buenos Ayres Julius White, 111 $7,500. . . 1869 

Belgium Brussels J. E. Jones, 111 7,500 18G9 

Bolivia Cochabamba 7,500 1869 

Costa Rica San Jose Jacob B. Blair, W. Va 7,500 1868 

Denmark Copenhagen M. J. Cramer, Ky 7'500. . . .1870 

Ecuador Quito E. Rumsey Wing, Ky 7,500. . . .1870 

Greece Athens John M. Francis, N. Y 7,500 1871 

Guatemala Guatemala Silas A. Hudson, Iowa 7,500. . . .1869 

Hawaiian Islands Honolulu Henry A. Pierce, Mass 7,500. . . .1869 

Honduras Comayagua Henry Baxter, Mich 7,500 1869 

Japan Yedo C. E. DeLong, Nevada 12,500. .1869 

Netherlands Hague Chas. T. Gorham, Mich 7.500 1870 

Nicaragua Nicaragua Charles N. Riotte, Texas 7,500. . . 1869 

Paraguay Asuncion [See Uruguay] 7,500 .... 

Portugal Lisbon Chas. H. Lewis, Va 7,500. . . .1870 

Sau Salvador San Salvador Thomas Biddle, Penn 7,500 1869 

Sweden and Norway. . . Stockholm C. S. Andrews, Minn 7.500 1869 

Switzerland Berne Horace Rublee, Wig 7,500 1869 

Turkey Constantinople . . .George H. Boker, Penn 7,500 1870 

Uruguay and Paraguay. Montevideo John L. Stevens, Me 11,500 1871 

U. S. of Colombia Bogota 7,500 

Venezuela Caracas William A. Pile, Mo 7,500. .. .1869 


Hayti Port-au-Prince. . .E. D. Bassett, Pa 7,500. .. .1869 

Liberia Monrovia J. Milton Turner, Mo 4,000. .. .1871 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory 63 


Eder, Certia & Co., Proprietors 


First Class Laeer Beer. 

On Canal, west of Wells street (Bloomingdale), 

O. D. HUSD, 



Window Frames. Sash, Doors and Blinds. 



SHOP- -North Side Canal, West of Gas Works. 

64 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


W. R. RUSSELL 8z CO., 

Importers, Maiiufarturern' Aleuts, and Dealers in 

Cutlery and Guns. 

No. 26 Clinton Street, Near Columbia, 



Importer* and Wholesale dealers in Foreign and Domestic 

Wines, Liquors, Cigars, 

Scotch Ales, London Porter and Champagnes, 

Rhine Wines and Old Kentucky Whlskies 



With Best Imported Goods by Bottle or Otherwise. 



FOU 1873-4.. 


al alley. | c cornei'. 

atty attorney. ! cab mkr cabinet maker. 

av avenue. ; carp carpenter. 

b between. > elk clerk. 

bar k barkeeper. | com commission. 

bds boards. I confec confectioner. 

b h boarding house ' e east. 

bk book or brick, j eng engineer. 

b k book keeper. i h house. 

bk layer bricklayer. lab laborer. 

bldr builder. ! manuf manufacturer. 

bldg building. ! mer merchant. 

mkr maker. 

n north. 

not pull notary public. 

nr near. 

opp opposite. 

prov provision. 

propr proprietor. 

s ...^ south or side. 

servt servant. 

w west. 

wh wholesale. 

wks works. 

ABBOTT ^VILLiAM T. & Co., Produce and Commission Mer- 
chants, Pork Packers, &c., warehouse cor Clinton and Water 

ABBOTT WILLIAM T., Produce Merchant, h 213 W. Berry 

Abenroth , blacksmith, bds Summit City House 

Accor Robt., carpenter, h 29 Hood 

Adams Mrs. Hannah M., bds 139 W. Main 

Adams Richard, lab, bds 161 W. Washington 

Adams Wm., Fireman Wabash Shops, bds 76 Dawson 

x\dams Ida, bds 86 E. Main. 

Adams Robt., conductor Wabash Ry., h 114 Fairfield 

Adams Wm. H., conductor Pitts. Ry., h 196 Broadwa\ 

ADAMS JNO., Prop. Nat. Restaurant and Saloon, J56 Calhtnin 

Adam Henry, lab, h 43 E. Main. 

ADAMS J. B., Eng. Pitts. Road, h 146 W. Wayne 

Adams Rodney, Fireman Pitts. Ry. , h 35 Buchanan 

Adams Henry, lab., h 30 Wells 

Adams Wm., Fireman Wabash Ry., bds 66 Chicago 

Adkin Armus, conductor Pitts Ry., h 59 Charles 

Adler Geo., carpenter, h 13 Wall 

Adler Andrew, E.xpressman, h 61 Wall 

iETNA LIFE INS. CO., Hartford, Con.. Cash Assets $18,000,000, 
A. H. Carier, Agent 

66 CARiER & Campbell's [AM A] ft. wayne directory. 

Agster Mary, Widow, h 138 Harrison 

Aheren Thomas, lab, h 29 Colerick 

Ahsendorf Mrs. E., Widow, h 7 Wert 

Aiken Mrs. Allen, h 156 Fairfield 

Ainsworth J. M., (Paine, A. & Co.,) Stave Manuf, h 40 Garden 

Aker David, Dealer in Fruit Trees, h 203 Barr 

AKER DAVID B., Prop. Aker House, 205 Calhoun 

Aker Ambrose, Fruits and Nuts, 172 Calhoun 

Akers Henry, Student, bds Ft. Wayne College 

Akins Mrs. M. J., Milliner and Dress Maker, h 225 Calhoun 

Akins Wm. B., carpenter Pitts. Shops, h 225 Cal 

Albiston Sarah, widow, bds 108 Harrison 

Albers Herman, lab, h 327 Hanna 

Albrecht John, Shoemaker, bds 55 W. Wayne 

Albrecht John, Shoemaker, bds 133 E. Lewis 

Albrecht Peter, Shoemaker, bds 133 E. Lewis 

Albert Jules N., Saloon, 88 Barr 

Albrecht Luther, Painter, h 54 E. Wayne 

Alberroth David, elk, bds 256 Calhoun 

Alderman Frank, agt, bds American House 

Alexander Thomas, blacksmith Wabash Shop, bds 1 5 7 Van Buren 

ALEXANDER, D. S., (McNeice & A.,) Gazette Office, h 259 W. 

Algeier Anton, collar Maker, bds 126 E. Washington 

Alice Edward, Machinist Wabash shop, bds 64 McClellan 

Alliger B. H., brickmaker, h on Maumee 

Alink H., lab, h 82 Maumee 

Allen Milton, brakeman Wabash Ry., h 84 Fairfield 

Allen C. W., carpenter, h 171 W. Wayne 

Allen Leyrand, book Keeper, h 157 W. Berry 

Allen James, carpenter, Pitts. Shop, bds 162 Montgomery 

Ailing Lawrence, elk, h 273 E. Jefferson 

Allison Chas. , bartender at Mayer House 

Allen Susan, widow, h 71 E. Main 

ALGEIER & BRO., Tinners, store 63 E. Main 

Algeier Frank, Tinner, 63 E. Main 

Algeier Chas., Tinner, bds 63 E. Main 

Allinger H., book Keeper Fruit House, h 140 Calhoun 

Alspaugh George, Moulder Bass Foundry, bds 296 Hanna 

Alter Peter, carpenter Pitts. Shops, h 21 John 

Altekruse Ernst, lab, h 329 Hanna 

Alter Jacob, Painter, h 20 Wilt 

Alter Nicholas, Grocer, h 27 Force 

Altevogt Herman, lab, h 145 E. Lewis 

Altenberger B., Teamster, h 183 Montgomery 

Altick James, brass Moulder, h 43 E. Main 

Alvord Nathan, brass Moulder Pitts. Shop, bds 46 Jefferson 

Aman Lewis, Plasterer, h 213 E. Washington 

CARiER & Campbell's [ARM] ft. wayne directory. 67 

Ames Mylon, lab, bds 60 Chicago 

Ames Myron, lab, h 324 Calhoun 

Ames George, Teamster, h 16 W. Jefferson 

Ames Samuel, Telegraph Operator, bds 16 W. Jeff 

Ames Benson, Teamster, bds t6 W. Jefferson 

Ames Rufus, Fireman G. R. & I. Road, bds 16 W. Jefferson 

AMERICAN EXPRESS CO., Office 77 Calhoun 

Amler Frank, elk, bds Robinson House 

Ammon Daniel, h 287 W. Wash 

Amy Annie, WidoAV, h 25 Nirdlinger ave 

Anclruss Geo., Eng. Pitts. Ry., h 69 Douglass ave 

Andrews David, boilermaker Pitts, shop, h 209 Barr 

Anderson James, wks Pitts, shop, bds 8 Hough 

Anderson Calvin, h 123 W. Wayne 

Anderson Wm. N., elk. (Mayer Bro. & Co. Drugstore,) h 368 Calhoun 

Anderson Mrs. S., h 8 Hough 

Anderson E. G. (A. & Douglass,) Grocer, h 198 W. Jefferson 

Anderson & Douglass, Grocery and Provisions, 122 and 124 Broadway 

ANDERSON COL. W. H. Eng. Vigilant Steam Fire Engine, bds 

93 Calhoun 
ANDERSON T. P., Dealer in Pianos and Organs, store 98 Calhoun 
Andrew Thomas W., (Ellsworth, Andrew & Co., dealers in Carpets,) bds 

Aveline House 
Ane Cieo. laborer, bds 76 Wallace 
Angell Mrs. Kate, h 166 W. Berry 
Angel B. D.,Sect. Gas wks., h 216 W. Washington 
Ankanbrock Barney, Driver City Mills exp., h 172 E. Washington 
Ankenbrock Martin, helper Pitts'gh shop, h 255 E. Wayne 
Anthony John C, wks. Pitts'gh shop, bds 98 Montgomery 
Anthony Peter, laborer, bds cor Calhoun and Jefferson 
APP MATHIAS, Manf. & Dealer in Boots and shoes, store 106 Calhoun 
Anwiler Henry, carpenter, h 212 Broadway 
App Mathias, Shoemaker, h 104 W. Washington 
Archbeck Jacob, laborer, bds 35 Force 
Arens Herman, laborer, h 122 Madison 
Arentz Geo., Lumber Dealer, bds 58 E. Washington 
Arentz Simon, carpenter, bds 58 E. Washington 
ARENTZ PHILLIP, Lumber Dealer, h 58 E. Washington 
Arland Mrs. A., widow, h 43 E. Water 
Arland Mrs. Adelaide, Widow, h 45 Water 
Armstrong Mrs. Malinda, h 247 W. Berry 
Armstrong M. A., School Teacher, bds 139 E. Washington 
.\.rml)ouster Chas. Jr., Eng Pittsburgh Ry., h 37 Force 
.Vrmbouster Lorenz, laborer, h 69 Buchanan 
Armbouster Chas. bds 37 Force 
.\rment Wm., carpenter, h 141 Barr 
Armack Dora, widow, h 20 W. Water 
Armstutz Peter, laborer, h 75 Force 

68 CARIER & Campbell's [AYE] ft. wayne directory. 

Armstiitz Joseph, laliorer, bds 75 Force 

Arnold John, carpenter, h 131 W. Washington 

Arntz Jacob, laborer, h 145 Broadway 

Arnold Anthony, Furniture Dealer, h 166 Broadway 

Arnes B., Teamster, bds 122 Madison 

Arnold Clinton, conductor P. Ft. W. & C. Ry. h 200 Broadway 

Arndt Jno., Grocery and Saloon, h 22 W. Main 

Arvin Andrew, Eng. T. W. & W. Ry. , bds 82 Fairfield 

Ashley Vincent, cooper, bds 404 Calhoun 

Ashley A. J., conductor T. W. & W. Ry. , h 282 Harrison 

Ashley P. H., conductor Ft. W. M. & C. Road, h 121 W. Washington 

Ashley Winfield, Painter, h 138 W. Berry 

Ash H. J., Stove Merchant, h 104 E. Main 

ASH H. J., Stoves and House Furnishing Goods, store 1 7 E. Columbia, 
h 104 E. Main 

Atkins Wm., laborer, bds 87 Williams 

Aubrey Joseph, laborer, h 29 Duck 

Auer D. R., laborer, h 51 Wall 

Auer Conrad, Policeman, h 217 Broadway 

AUGER CHARLES. Florist, h 453 E. Wayne 

Auger Lewis, bds 453 E. Wayne 

Augst Lenhart, blacksmith, h 56 E. Madison 

Auman Conrad, laborer, h 118 Gay 

Auman Chas., laborer, h 28 Orchard 

Auman Wm., laborer, h 67 Rockhill 

Aunweiler Lewis, carpenter, h 165 Jackson 

AURENTZ S. A., Groceries, 151 Broadway, h 137 Broadway 

Aurentz Solomon, Grocer, h 151 Broadway 

Aurentz Solomon A., Grocer, 137 Broadway 

Austin Jno. C, conductor T. W. & W. Ry., h 228 Noel 

Austin Joseph, Fireman T. W. & W. Ry. h Calhoun between Wallace and 

Ausbach Jacob, brakeman T. W. & W. Ry. , bds 15 Holman 

Austes William J., clerk, bds 10 W. Berry 

Aveline John J., Engineer, bds Aveline House 

Aveline Mrs. F. S., bds Aveline House 

Aveline George J., Accountant, (Shuricks Stave Factory,) l)ds Aveline 

AVELINE HOUSE, McDonald and Mrs. Aveline props., se cor Ber- 
ry and Calhoun 

Axe Andrew, conductor G. R. & L Ry., h 14 Chicago 

Axt William, laborer, bds 129 Francis 

Axt M. carpenter, h 123 Francis 

AYERS H. P., M. D., ofifice in Volmer's Drug Store, h 114 Clinton 

AYERS HENRY B., Druggist cor Lewis and Lafayette 

Ayers Daniel D., carpenter, h 23 Langohr 

Ayers James, conductor P. Ft. W. & C. Ry. , bds 343 Hanna 

CARiER & Campbell's [BAK] ft. wayne directorv. 69 

Baals Frank, blacksmith, bds 302 W. Jefferson 

Baals John L., laborer, h 302 W. Jefferson 

Baals George, carpenter Pitts, shop, h 152 Montgomery 

Baals August, clerk, bds 152 Montgomery 

Baals & Steger, confectionery, 64 Calhoun 

Baada Wm., drayman, h 263 E. Jefferson 

Babcock W. C, ass't car master Pitts'gh road, h 149 Holman 

Babcock Mrs. Fanny, widow, h 99 W. Main 

Baber Jacob, carpenter, h 342 Broadway 

Baack B., carpenter Pitts, shop, bds 178 Barr 

Back Peter, mason, h i Walnut 

Backer Lorenz, stone mason, h 100 Lasselle 

Bacon Danton, dentist, bds 118 Barr 

Bachelder J. S., confectioner, h Lillie's x\dd 

Backer Mrs W., widow, h 133 Calhoun 

Backler Q., machinist, h 221 Broadway 

Bacon J. P., dentist, bds 118 Barr 

Bade Fred., shoemaker, h 88 Montgomery 

Bade Fred., shoemaker, h 13 Barthold 

Bade Henry, laborer, h 17 Barthold 

Bademeyer Fred., works Olds & S, h 329 E. Washington 

Badge John, blacksmith, bds 82 Fairfield Avenue 

Bagley Hugh, shoemaker, h 58 Wells 

Baguet Peter, locksmith, h 68 Ewing 

Bagley A. C^., laborer, bds 203 Calhoun 

Bahner Adam, vinegar maker, h 351 W. Main 

Bailey Wm. H., fireman Pittsburgh R. R. , h 14 Colerick 

Baier Nicholas, carpenter, h 35 Brackenridge 

Baier Valentine, carpenter, h 35 Brackenridge 

Baillie John, blacksmith, h r66 Jackson 

Bair John, pliotographer, bds 10 Harrison 

BAKER JACOB & KILIAN, saw mill and lumbermen, E Water 

Baker Jacob, (J. & K. Baker,) h 128 E. Main 

Baker (reorge, blacksmith, shop 16 Lafayette 

Baker Isaac W., clerk, bds 14 Lafayette 

Baker Jacob, foreman stave factory, h cor Taylor and Eagle 

Baker Conrad, shoemaker, h 193 W. Berry 

Baker Charles A., drug clerk, bds 193 W. Berry 

Baker Julian, machinist Murray's shop, bds 193 W. Berry 

Baker John, (Welch & B. ) tinner, bds 193 W. Berry 

Baker Daniel, laborer, h 84 Fairfield Av 

Baker Kilian, (J. & K. Baker,) h 92 E. Main 

Baker John, blacksmith and wagon-maker, h 145 Clinton 

Baker Mrs. R., widow, h 175 Clinton 

Baker George W., agent for Olds & Son, h 175 Clinton 

70 CARiER & Campbell's [BAR] ft. wayne directory. 

Bair Amos, conductor P., Ft. W. & C, R'y, h 58 Douglas Av 

Baker George, clerk, bds St. Nicholas, 93 Calhoun 

Baker R., conductor P. F. W. & C. W., h 196 Ewing 

Ball John, engineer P. F. W. & C. R. W., h 55 Grand 

Baldwin Albert, engineer T. W. & W. R. W., h — Fult(^n 

Baltes Michael, contractor, h 63 Harrison 

Ballauf Edward, drug clerk, bds 202 W Jefferson 

Ballman Joseph, drayman, h 30 Nirdlinger 

Baldwin Mrs. Anna, hair dresser, 30 E. Columbia 

Baldwin Sarah, dress-maker, h 54 W. Wayne 

Bandan.Fred, Carpenter, h 105 Wells 

Banister Catherine, widow, h 138 Francis 

Bande Fred, laborer, h.27 Pritchard 

Band Fred, carpenter, bds 48 McClellan 

Bannister G., fireman G. R. & I. R. R., bds 13S Francis 

Barnes Joseph, laborer, h 165 E. Lewis 

Baron John, laborer, h 119 Lafayette 

Bargus Martin, carpenter, h 156 E. Jefferson 

Barner Charles, carpenter, h 153 Montgomery 

Bartels John, carpenter, h 150 Montgomery 

Barnes J. B., foreman Wabash shops, h 28 Brandriff 

Barrett Fred, boss Street Railroad, h 135 Wells 

Bartels John, laborer, h 38 Force 

Bartlett J. C, Prof. Indiana Conservatory of Music, bds Hamilton House 

Barrows John G., Painter, bds 39 W. Washington 

Barbour M. F. , bds Hanna House 

Barghorn Fred, boiler-maker, h 123 Madison 

Baron August, laborer, bds 200 Hanna 

Barnes H. N., Rev., Pastor M. E. Church, h 1 Wert 

Barcus Isaac, stone-cutter, h 131 W. Water 

Bard Samuel, contractor, h 208 W. Berry 

Barrett John, laborer, bds 29 Baker 

Bard Wm. A., clerk, bds 208 W. Berry 

Bard Frank J., drug clerk, bds 208 W. Berry 

Barth S., laborer, bds 130 W. Berry 

Barr James, livery and sale stable, bds Mayer House 

Bartler Robert, laborer, bds Steuben House 

Barnum P. G., veterinary Surgeon, h 55 E. Berry 

Bartels Henry, carpenter, h 27 Lavinia 

Barry William, clerk, bds 49 and 51 W. Berry 

Barr John H., clerk Ft. Wayne Eating House 

Barbier Peter, saw repairer, h 103 E. Main 

Barr George, carpenter, h 35 Hoagland Av 

Barr George J., brakeman Pittsburgh R'y, h 230 Lafayette 

Bartlett George, laborer, bds cor Calhoun and Wallace 

Barren Frank, laborer, h 200 Hanna 

Barton Charles M., clerk County Treasurer's office, h 303 W. Washington 

Bartholemew H., bds 62 Lillie 

cARiER & Campbell's [BEA] ft. wayne directory. 71 

BASH SOL. & CO., Dealers in Wool, 49 & 51 Columbia 
Bash Solomon, produce merchant, (B. & Co.) h 240 W. Berry 
Bash Charles S., clerk, bds 240 W. Berry 
Bastian Jacob, laborer, bds 68 E. Washington 
Bass Mrs. Eliza, h 147 W. Washington 
Bassford Abram, barkeeper, bds 9 E. Wayne 
Bassett John, carpenter, h 347 Lafayette 

BASS JOHN H., Manufacturer of Car-Wheels, Engines, Boilers, Cast- 
ings and Mill Machinery, cor. Hanna & Railroad 
Bass J. H., h south-east cor. Berry & Griffith 
Bass Mrs. Mary Ann, widow, h 332 W. Jefferson 
Basler Joseph, laborer, h Lillie's Ad 

Bassel Louis, switchman Pittsburgh R. R. yard, bds 16 Chicago 
Bassal William, switchman Pittsburgh R. R. yard, bds t6 Chicago 
Bastues Michael, h — Montgomery 
Battenberg Jacob, tailor, h 133 High 
Batt Frank, laborer, h 26 Walnut 
Baty Mrs Theodona, h 24 Barthold 
Baty William, laborer, bds 24 Barthold 

Bauer William, machinist Pittsburgh shops, bds 235 Lafayette 
Baughman Newton, fireman P. F. W. & C. R'y, h 28 Buchanan 
Baumer Michael, miller, h 19 West 

Baughman Jeremiah, foreman Kurd's shop, h 63 Langolir 
Bauer Joseph, barber, h 95 Baker 
Bangert B., grocer, h 167 Broadway 
Bauer Henry, shoemaker, 319 Lafayette 
Bayless Sol S., brakeman Pittsburgh R'y, bds 32 E Wayne 
Bavless Frank L. , brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 32 E. Wayne 
BAYLESS SOL. D., Notary Public, Real Estate & Collecting Agt. 

office 108 Clinton, h 32 E. Wayne 
Bayless Nancy, widow, bds 89 W. Water 
Bayless Alexander H., drover, h 236 \V Jefferson 
Beach George, laborer, h 15 Clark 
Beamer Edward, teamster, h 127 W. Water 
Beard John M., drug clerk, bds 138 W. Wayne 
Bear Joseph, brakeman Wabash R'y 
Beard Jasmes Q., confectioner, bds 38 Clinton 
Beard Thomas D., confectionary and h 38 Clinton 
Beaber L. D., carpenter, h 122 Fulton 
Beard Hayman S., carpenter, bds 47 W. Water 
Bear John, switchman Pittsburgh R'y, bds 16 Chicago 
Beach Fred, bds 444 Broadway 

Beach John, elk Pittsburgh R'y shops, h 444 Broadway 
Beard John, watchman at mill, h 210 W. Main 
Beaber A. G., laborer, h 150 Broadway 

Beach machinist Wabash shops, h 29 Wall 

Beam C. F., engineer P. F. W. &: C. R'y, h 131 Holman 
Beaver, Miller & Co., dealers in lumber, 17 Grand 

72 CARiER & Campbell's BEE] ft. wayne directory. 

Beals, M. M., Ixls 70 Wells 

Beals John H., engineer P. F. W. & C. R'y, h cor Fifth & N. Calhoun 

Beach Fred, miller, bds 15 Clark 

Beam Mrs. Elizabeth, bds 98 Barthold 

Bear Martin, laborer, h 49 Langohr 

Beals William, machinist Wabash shop, h 116 Jackson 

Beach Frederick, (Morgan & Beach, Hardware) li 133 E. Berry 

Beaman Mrs., widow, h 61 Lafayette 

Beaver Charles, clerk, h 147 Broadway 

Beals William, h 70 Wells 

Beals Mrs. Sarah, widow, h 150 W. Jefferson 

Bean F^d L. , manager at eating house, South Depot 

Beckman John, carpenter, h 201 E. Jefferson 

BECK JOSEPH R., M. D., Consulting Gynecologist, office Hamil- 
ton Hall Block, h 15 E. Washington 

Becker Louis, laborer, h 16 Clark 

Beckes John, laborer, h 30 Third 

Becker Frank, bds 9 Force 

Becker Charles, carpenter Pittsburgh shops, h 1 70 W. Washington 

Becker Ernst, bds 34 McClellan 

Beckley Stephen, clerk, bds 262 E Wayne 

Beckley Isaac, clerk, h 262 E. Wayne 

Becquette T. Mrs., widow, h 200 E. Wayne 

Bechtold George, plowmaker, bds 91 W. Water 

Beck carpenter, bds 1 70 Lafayette 

Beck Henry, laborer, h 13 Wert 

Beck Joseph, works Olds «& S., h loi Clay 

Becker M., (J. Becker & Co., produce,) h 152 W. Washington 

p]ecker Jacob, (B. Bro's, produce) h 181 W. Wayne 

Beck Conrad, laborer, h 34 Force 

Beck Jacob, laborer, bds 325 Lafayette 

Beck Locus, laborer, bds 293 Hanna 

Becker Charles, Blacksmith, bds 11 E. Washington 

Beckes Mathias, laborer, bds 30 Third 

Beck Frank J., brewer, h 157 Wells 

Becker Jacob, laborer, h 129 Wilt 

Becker Christian, stone cutter, h 220 W. Berry 

Becket Peter, laborer, h 191 E Washington 

Becker Henry, carpenter, h 191 E. Washington 

Becker John, agent, h 191 E. Washington 

Becker Emil, bds 181 W. Wayne 

Becker Louis, clerk, bds 181 W. Wayne 

Becquett John, sawyer, h 138 E. Main 

Becker Fred, blacksmith, h 11 E. Washington 

Becker Fred, Jr., blacksmith, bds 11 E. Washington 

Beety James, switchman Pittsburgh R'y, bds cor. Lafayette & Wallace 

BEEKS JAMES C, attorney at law, office 57 Clinton, h 259 W 

CARiER & Campbell's [BEN] ft. wayne directory. 73 

Beeler C, conductor G. R. & I. R R., h 19 Pine 

Beese James, brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 59 (rrand 

Beegan Lizzie, widow, h 6 & 8 Kansas 

Beeps Charles, carpenter Pittsburgh shops, h 74 Henry 

Beforden August, laborer, h 231 Webster 

Beforden S., carpenter Wabash shops, bds 231 Webster 

Behr John, filecutter, h 210 W. Main 

Beiber Milton, (Stanley & B.,) h 64 Wall 

Beinicke Ernst, bds 127 W. Washington 

Beierlein George, laborer, h 22 I'ritchard 

Beierlein John, laborer, h 107 Cass 

Beirman Henry, laborer, bds foot W. Water 

Bellamy Albert F., painter, h 98 W. Water 

Bell R. C, attorney, h 432 Broadway 

Belling H., laborer, h 26 Oak 

Bell Cecelia, widow, bds 85 E. Jefferson 

Bell Frank R. , fireman Wabash R'y, bds 5 Barr 

Belyea Wellington, bds 138 W Berry 

Bell G. L. , omnibus driYcr, h 18 E Wayne 

Bentley Geo. W., clerk, h 28 Eocust 

BENOIT JULIAN, Very Rev., h 171 Calhoun 

Benton Mrs. G., h 24 Fairfield ave 

Bender George, cooper, h 204 Francis 

Bennigan Henry, machinist Pittsburgh shop, h S6 Force 

Bender Ernst, laborer, Ft. Wayne eating house 

Bennett Adam, fireman T. W. & W. Ry. , bds 125 Henry 

Benton Winton, watchman T. W. & W. Rv.. h 125 Henry 

Benke C, drayman, bds 263 E. Jefferson 

Benz Adam, laborer, h 253 E. Washington 

Benz Adam, laborer, h 253 E. Washington 

Benner G. A., sawyer, bds 234 W. Wayne 

Benz Conrad, yard boss Wabash Ry., h 202 W. Washington 

Bender & Co., cigar mfg. , 30 W. Main 

Bente Herman, foreman Wabash paint shop, h 155 Griffith 

Bentz George, bds 73 N. Cass 

Bentz Nicholas, truckman, h 73 N. Cass 

Benett E. S., bds 55 William 

Bender L. , cigar maker, h 168 E. Washington 

Bensman Mrs. E., h 74 E. Madison 

Bensman Henry, boatman, bds 74 E. Madison 

Bensman, William, Boiler maker, h 76 E. Madison 

Bennett Mrs. Lavina, h 155 Broadway 

Benson Mrs. M., h 122 Ewing 

Bennette Abraham, boiler maker Pittsburgh shop h 1 76 Ewing 

Bender Phillip, stone cutter, bds 75 \\'. Jefferson 

Benton Mrs. A., widow, h 60 E. Washington 

Bender Jacob, clerk, bds Hanna House 

Benz Phillip, h 123 Madison 

74 CARiER & Campbell's [BIL] ft. wayne directory. 

Bennigan L. H., moulder, h 207 E. Lewis 

Bennett Frank, carpenter, h 124 Union 

Berberick Joseph, butcher, bds 264 Calhoun 

Benning Conrad, grocer, 71 E. Main 

Bernard Simeon, sawyer, h 190 W. Main 

Berghammer John, cigar maker, bds American House 

Berleman Fred, boiler maker h 91 E. Washington 

Bermingham John, spoke finisher, h 86 E. Madison 

Bercot Joseph, carpenter, h 68 Lasselle 

Bernard Joseph, bds 48 Charles 

Bernhardt Christian, laborer, h 29 John 

Bernhardt Augustus, laborer, bds 33 Jefferson 

Berry William B., clerk, 16 W. Berry 

Berning Conrad, grocer, cor Barr and Madison 

Berger August H., boiler maker Pittsburgh shop, h 186 Montgomery 

Berlin Henry, laborer, h 100 W. Walnut 

13ergman Sophia, widow h 174 Taylor 

Berger Lewis, laborer, h 224 W. Jefferson 

Berry John, mason, bds 301 W. Jefferson 

Bermer Conrad, painter, h 94 Montgomery 

Besanco Frank, laborer, h 180 Hanna 

Besson John B., bricklayer, h 136 Monroe 

Bethel Elizabeth, widow, bds 189 Ewing 

Betzler George, cooper, h 296 Broadway 

Beuchner Casper, laborer, h 224 E. Wayne 

Beuret Mrs. Mary, h 166 E. Berry 

Beverly William, pedler, bds 172 Calhoun 

Bichey Joseph, baggage master Ft. W. J. & S. Road, bds Robinson 

Bickler William, laborer, bds 39 Wall 
Bickman Henry, shoemaker, h 146 Maumee 
Bickness Fred, policeman, h 171 E. Lewis 
BIDDLE T. M., Druggist and Dealer in Paints, Oils, and Window 

Glass, 6 Keystone Block 
Biddle T. M., druggist, h 138 W. Wayne 
Biddle Richard, bds 99 E. Berry 
Biemer George, blacksmith and wagon shop, cor Main and Clay, h 140 

E. Main 
Biedenweg Gottfried, laborer, h 319 Hanna 
Bierly William, wks Olds & S., bds 109 Holman 
Bierly David, wks Olds & S., h 109 Holman 
Bierbaum Frederick, laborer, bds 52 McClellan 

BIEMER GEORGE., blacksmith and Wagon Maker, shop, 3 Clay 
Bierman Fred, teamster, bds 91 W. Jefferson 
Bieber Enoch, land speculator, h 47 N. Cass 
Bieber Milton, (Stanley & B.,) h 64 Wall 

Bigelow Francis A., conductor T. W. & W. Ry., h 49 Malitta - 
Biller Saul D., wks Olds & Sons, bds 209 Barr 

CAUIER & Campbell's [BLA] ft. wayne directorv, 75 

Bilser Charles, Brewer, wks at Linker, Hey & Co., h 181 E. Wayne 

Binder Ursula, widow, h 20 Poplar 

Binckley H. C, conductor P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., h 169 Clinton 

Bingman William, fireman P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 219 Lafayette 

BIRD OCHMIG, Senator, h 151 Griffith 

Birsley Luther, blacksmith, Pittsburgh shop, h 113 Holman 

Birsley Samuel, wks Olds & Son, bds 109 Holman 

Birkner Charles, stone cutter, h 266 W. Jefferson 

Birch Rev. William S.,, h 67 Brackenridge 

Bird Mrs. Mary, h 66 Wilt 

Bishing Henry, shoemaker, bds 335 E. Washington 

Bishop William, trunkmaker. bds Robinson House 

Bismark Frank, Wabash shop, h 289 Hannah 

Bishop Clifford, baggage master G. R. & L Road, bds 14 Chicago 

Bishop Alferd, clerk, (Foster Bros.,) bds 86 E. Main 

Bishchoff R. A., teacher Concordia College 

BITTINGER J. R., Attorney at Law, 5 E. Main 

Bittinger J. R., attorney, h 262 W. Washington 

Bittel George, laborer Pittsburgh shop, h 234 Francis 

Bittenbender Henry, laborer, h 187 W. Washington 

Bittenbender Charles, moulder, bds 187 W. Washington 

Bitzinger Joseph, laborer, h 436 E. Wayne 

Bitner James, laborer, h 120 Butler 

Bitner Andrew J., harness maker h 98 E. Jefferson 

Bitner John R., machinist Pittsburgh shop, bds 98 E. Jefferson 

BITTINGER "a. H., Attorney, h 144 Pritchard 

Bixler William, teamster, h 29 Marion 

Blakesley Edson, conductor P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., h 227 Lafayette 

BLACK JOSEPH, Hoop Skirt Manufacturer, h 132 W. Jefferson 

Blase Lewis, bakery, 29 W. Columbia 

Blaisdell Phillip O., truckman, h 26 Douglass ave 

Blackburn George, brakeman P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 19 Hood 

Blaisdale M., brakeman G. R. & L Road, bds 197 E. Jefferson 

Blackburn William C, brakeman G. R. & L Road, bds 19 Hood 

BLAKELY WILLIAM, Conductor P. Ft. W. c\: C. Ry., h 225 \V. 

Blain Scott, fireman, P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 32 Grand 
Blakesley L. L., conductor P. Ft. W. &. C. Ry., h 67 Baker 
Blaxsam John, gas agent, h 87 Montgomery 

Blackburn William P. brakeman P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., h 19 Hood 
Blackwell George A. engineer G. R. & L Road, bds 322 Calhoun 
Blake L., night watchman, P. Ft. W & C. Ry., h 159 E. Jefferson 
Blair David D., moulder, bds Fox House 
Black Joseph, hoop skirt factory, 15 E. Columbia 
Black C, bds Robinson House 

Blakesley Robert W., conductor P. Ft., W. & C. Ry., h 47 Baker 
Blaisdell Charles, machinist Pittsburgh shop, h 26 Douglas ave 

"J 6 CARiER & Campbell's [BOH] ft. wayne directory. 

BLACKBURN ROBERT, Conductor P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., h n 

Bley Theodore, yard master Pittsburgh Ry., h 154 E. Le\vis 
Bleek D. laborer, h 131 Madison 
Blee Charles A., laborer, h 39 Grand 
Blee Edward, coppersmith Pittsburgh shop, bds 71 Douglass ave 

Bloom Andrew, carpenter, bds 

Block Marx, clothing store, 5 Columbia 

Bloomhuff Samuel H., h 70 W. Main 

Bloomhuff John, lalwrer, bds 10 Harrison 

Bloekner William, bds 399 E. Washington 

Bloomhuff Catherine, h 151 W. Wayne 

Bloomhuff William, engineer T. W. & W. Ry., h 16 Wilt 

Bloomer T. S. watchman Saginaw road, bds 40 Wells 

Bloomhuff F. attorney, h 143 Francis 

Blythe David, clerk, h 15 N. Cass 

Blyston J. laborer, bds 103 Calhoun 

Blythe Delilah, widow, bds 68 W. Main 

Boag William, machinist P. Ft. W. & C, Ry. , h 78 Brackenridge 

Bocksberger Valentine, laborer, h 43 N. Calhoun 

Bocksberger Martin, laborer, h 43 N. Calhoun 

Bode Augustus, machinist, ( [. C. Bowser & Co.,) bds 178 Barr 

BOERGER & HOUSE,' Vinegar Factory, 76 Barr 

Bcester Fred, carpenter, h 164 Griffith 

Boester George carpenter, h 161 Griffith .^ 

Bcecker Henry, laborer, h 58 Pritchard 

Boese William, car])enter Pittsburgh shop, h 18 Hough 

Bceger Rudolf h 183 E. Washington 

Boerger Florence, trunk maker, bds 183 E. Washington 

Boes Aman, butcher, h 146 E. Jefferson 

Boerger Henry, clerk, h 183 E. Washington 

Boesler Henry Jr., shoemaker, bds 55 W. Wayne 

Boerger Ernst, laborer, bds 74 W. Jefferson 

Been Peter, laborer, bds 3-5 R. R. 

Boerger Henry, bds 196 E. Jefferson 

Boese Fred, teamster, h 2 89 W. Jefferson 

Boerger William, caq^enter, h 194 E. Washington 

Bogue Daniel, h 120 Creighton ave 

Bogart F>avid C, express messenger, Richmond Road, h 3 Pine 

Bogge William Carpenter, h 52 McClellan 

Bogge Frederick, laborer, h 52 McClellan 

Bohan John H., h 118 Creighton ave 

Bohen Engle, widow, h 11 1 W. Jefferson 

Bohen M., laborer, h 245 E. Jefferson 

Bohn B. E., book keeper, bds Robinson House 

Bohmer Charles, clerk, bds 171 W. Washington 

Bohling William, moulder Bass foundry, h 12 Force 

Bohn Christian, printer, h 7 McClellan 

CARiER & Campbell's [BOS] ft. wavne directory. 77 

BOLTZ & ELY, Groceries, Provisions, Fruits <!vc., store 90 Calhoun 

Boltz (reorge C, gardner, h iii Wells 

Boiling Lemuel, painter, h 73 Wells 

Boiling John, brick maker, h 99 E. Madison 

Bollman Christian, laborer, h 47 W Lewis 

Bolman Christian, machinist, (Olds & Son,) h 167 Jackson 

Boltz F. F., (B. & Ely,) grocer, h 250 W. Jefferson 

Bolman Henry, teamster, h 92 W. Jefferson 

Bolger James P., driver Vigilant Steam Fire Engine, h 61 Clinton 

Boldwin Sylvester, cooper, bds 11 Duck 

Bollyer Jacob, hostler, bds 25 Barr 

Bono Justin, laborer, h 125 E. Lewis 

Bonfield Mrs. Mary, h 180 E. Wayne 

Bond Steven B., banker, (Allen, Hamiltoii c^ Co.,) h Fairfield ave 

Bond Charles E. book keeper, bds cor Fairfield and Creighton ave's 

Bonnel D. R., telegraph operator, bds Hanna House 

Bond H. J., bds Hamilton House 

Bond Creorge blacksmith Pittsburgh shop, h 159 Hanna 

Bond Charles, bds Creighton ave 

Bonter C, conductor P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 60 W. Main 

Bonnefoi John, laborer, bds 58, Columbia 

Bond A. S., engineer T. W. & W. Ry., h 155 Broadway 

Bond Charles D., President Fort Wayne Nat. Bank, h cor Farefield and 

Bond A. L., widow, bds Farefield ave 
Bond W. J., druggist, h 190 E. Wayne 
Bonner William, saw setter, h 184 W. Main 

BOOK^A^ALTER J. Agent Weed Sewing Machine, 130 Calhoun 
BOOKWALTER W. S., Dentist, bds 330 Calhoun 
Booth Dr. bds 231 Barr 
Bookwalter Elias, bds 330 Calhoun 
Bookwalter Winfield, bds 330 Calhoun 
Boon James, master mechanic, h 91 E. Madison 
Bookwalter Josiah, sewing machine agent, h 330 Calhoun 
Boph Joseph, laborer, 42 John 

Bork Michael, conductor T. W. & W. Ry., h 51 Malitta 
Borgamann Christian, boatman, h 35 Lavina 
Borgman, William, boatman, h 202 Ewing 
Borden Jane, widow, bds 71 W. Wayne 
Borden James W., lawyer, bds Hamilton House 
Borneman Charles, grocery and provissions, h 98 Harrison 
BOSSLER H. H., Real Estate and Insurance Agent, office over 

Hamilton's liank 
BOSEKER CHRISTIAN, Contractor, h 39 J^rackenridge 
Bostick John. (B. tS: Son,) h ro8 E. Wavne 
Bostick Emanuel, merchant tailor, h 158 E. Wayne 
Bostick Eph, clerk, bds 158 E. Wayne 
Bosse William, carpenter, bds 9 Buchanan 

78 CARTER & Campbell's [BRA] ft. wayne directory. 

Boseker Henry, clerk, h 259 W. Jefferson 

Boster ?Ienry, mason, h 210 W. Jefferson 

Bose William, laborer, h 44 Butler 

BOSTICK E. & SON, Merchant tailors, 103 E Columbia 

Boss Henry, traveling agent, 43 E. Main 

Bosseker Charles, carpenter, h 62 McClellan 

Bosler Mrs. Minnie, h 105 W. Main 

Both Theodore, (Tresselt & B.,) h 100 E. Jefferson 

Bottel Ernst, bds 158 Montgomery 

Bott Urbin, laborer, h 56 Taylor 

Bothner John, saloon, h 139 Calhoun 

Bott E., laborer, h 29 Pine 

Bounds James, foreman Olds & Son 

Boucquard Joseph, laborer, bds 58 Columbia 

Bouse N. laborer, bds 168 Holman 

BOURIE LOUIS T., (of Leutz & B.,") Wholesale Wines and Liquors, 

corner Main and Clinton, h 11 E. Wayne 
Bourie Brutus, traveling agent, h 10 E. Lewis 
Bourie Desdimona, h 102 E. Lewis 
Bouse L. , laborer, h 168 Holman 
BOWSER J. C. & CO., Fort Wayne Steam Boiler and Machine 

Works, Water between Calhoun and Harrison 
Bowser J. C, (B. & Co.,) h 64 E. Berry 
Bowser George W., laborer, h no Gay 
Bowers Mrs. Maria, h 168 W. Washington 
Bowen George, bds 113 Barr 
Bowen Lorett, widow, h 113 Barr 
BOWSER JEFF C, Attorney, h 104 Lafayette 
Bowen William, bds 113 Barr 
Bowser Augustus, fireman Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago Ry., h 227 

Bowen Rosette, bds r 1 3 Barr 
Bowers, Edward, teamster, bds 164 Harrison 
Bowers Miller, prop. Union House, 49 W. Main 
Bower & Michaels, barbers, 17 W. Main 
Bowers James, painter, bds 268 W. Washington 
BOWEN DR. GEORGE W., h 189 Madison 
Bowers Joe, well digger, h on Medtz 
Bower John F., Union House, h 210 Fairfield 
Bower "& Miller, (Union House props,) 49 W. Main 
Bowser L. book keeper, h 10 W. Water 
Bowen Lavina D. W., widow, h 119 E. Washington 
Bowen L carpenter, h 204 Francis 
Boyd F. T., conductor Richmond Road, h 84 Force 
Boyles R. D., carpenter, h 30 Wilt 

BOYD BENJAMIN F., conductor, h 212 Lafayette 
BRACKENRIDGE A. M., agent T. W. & W. Ry., bds 269 W. 


CARiER & Campbell's [BRA] ft. wayne directory. 79 

Brackenridge Mrs. F. A., h cor Clinton and Washington 

Brackenridge E. F., clerk Pittsburgh freight ofifice, bds cor Clinton and 

Brackenridge Charles S., City civil engineer, bds cor Clinton & Washing- 

Brackenridge Jos. G., P. O. clerk, bds 196 Calhoun 

Brackenridge T. K., h 196 Calhoun 

Brackenridge E. J., elk Wabash freight office, bds 196 Calhoun 

Brackenridge Robt., bds cor Clinton and Washington 

Brackenridge Robt, O., bds 23 Douglas ave 

BRADLEY J., Foreman Pittsburgh machine shop, h 315 Calhoun 

Braener Conrad, Mfg. Boots and Shoes, h 20 Harrison 

Branning Ernst, shoemaker, bds 20 Harrison 

Brase Fred, teamster, h 75 W. Jefferson 

Bradtmiller G. carpenter, h 59 Douglas 

Brandt Charles, street buyer h, 34 McClellan 

Branger C, wks Pitts shop, h 206 E Washinton 

Braun Albert, baker, h cor Calhoun and Railroad 

Brackman H., laborer, h 159 Madison 

Bradway O. E., molder, Pitts shop, h 266 E Lewis 

Brady Geo., car maker, bds 198 Madison 

Brannan Julia, widow, h 35 Monroe 

Bras John, laborer, bds 11 1 W Jefferson 

Brackenridge Joseph, Att'y and Judge Criminal court, ofticc 57 Clinton 

Braun George, baker, h cor Calhoun and Railroad 

Brandt Christina, widow, h 45 W Jefferson 

Brake Ulrich, drayman, h on Maumee 

Brackenridge Geo. W., h 23 Douglas ave 

BRANDRIFF, PRESCOT & 'CO., Hardware, Stoves, Iron and 
Tinners' Stock, 50, 52 and 54 E Columbia 

Brand Michael, h 114 Fulton 

Braum Geo., bds cor Broadway and Lavina 

Brauer, Sr. Conrad, shoemaker, h 148 Ewing 

Bracket August, machinist Wabash shop, bds 32 Brandriff 

Brauer Jr. Conrad, marble cutter, bds 148 Ewing 

Brandmeyer Fred., Foreman Bowser cs: Co., h 168 Ewing 

Bradley J. K., machinist Pitts shop, h 41 Jones 

Brandt Fred., carpenter, bds 158 Harrison 

Bramer Henry, teamster, h 97 Barr 

Braun Jacob, blacksmith, h 192 Griffith 

Braun Lewis, laborer, bds 211 Madison 

Brandt Henry, molder Bass' foimdry, h 161 Hanna 

Brandriff A. D. {B. Prescot & Co) h 236 W Berry 

Brandenburg A., prop, boarding house, h 92 Montgomery 

Brandt Fred, 158 Harrison 

Breuchle Henry, tanner, h 165 E Washington 

Brames Crist, h 168 E Jefferson 

Brames Lewis, Deputy Assessor, h 168 E Jefferson 

8o CARiER & Campbell's [BRI] ft. wayne directory. 

Braking Chas., laborer, h on Dewald 

Bracht Joseph, Engineer Wabash R'y., h 34 Butler 

Brandenburg W. H., Fruit and Confectionery, h 116 Calhoun 

Brammer Rev. Joseph H., Pastor Cathedral, h 171 Calhoun 

Breymeier Henry, blacksmith, h 219 W Jefferson 

Brese E. J., pedler, h 169 Jackson 

Brenan Anna, bds 86 E Main 

Brehm Frank, teamster, bds 186 W Main 

Brenton C. F., book keeper, h 220 W Wayne 

Brenton Mrs. Eliza, h 220 W Wayne 

Breidenstein Mathias, carpenter, h 264 W Washington 

Breidenstein S. M., clerk, bds 264 W Washington 

Brecht John, Prop bakery, h 48 Columbia 

Breler Lazarus, laborer, bds corner Lafayette and Wallace 

Breitkrutz August, molder Bass' foundry, bds 28 Force 

Breen Jas. grocery, h 16 Lewis 

Brenner Qeo., printer, bds 13 W Wayne 

Brecht John, laborer, h 125 Harrison 

Brenner David, saloon, 13 W Wayne 

Brew N., engineer Pitts R'y., h 170 Francis 

Breimeyer Ernst, mason, h 233 W Jefferson 

Bredemeier Henry, laborer bds 52 Wells 

Brening Conrad, shoemaker, h 49 W Jefferson 

Breese Mrs. Lizzie h 169 Jackson 

Brelsford Frank, laborer, h 141 E Washington 

Breen Michael, laborer, h 14 Bass 

Brewer Richard, Reporter W. U. Telegraph office bds 49 and 51 W 

Brehm John F. & Co., meat marls?et, 254 Calhoun 
Brehm John F. (J. F. B. &: Co.,~) butcher, h 254 Calhoun 
Brehm John, butcher, bds 254 Calhoun 
Breen Jas., groceries and provisions, 176 Calhoun 
Brenton Milton PL, elk Pitts freight office, 15 Madison 
Bredemeier Wm., tailor, h 8 Harrison 
Bricker Conrad, laborer, h 251 Webster 
Brick Adam laborer, h 156 Wells 

Brinsley John, master transportation Muncie Roatl. h 7 N Cass 
Brick Mrs. Ann h 156 Wells 
Brickard Conrad, engineer, h 57 Grand 
Bright Wm. helper, Bass' foundry bds r6i Holman 
Brighty John, brakeman, Wabash R'y. bds 59 Grand 
Brighty Henry, conductor, Wabash R'y., bds 59 Grand 
Brinkrceger Wm., shoemaker, h 65 High 

BRIEL FRED., Prop American House Saloon, bds .\merican Plouse 
Brins F. C, laborer, h 224 K Jefferson 
Brittingham Wm. B., M. 1)., h 227 W Washington 
Brittingham P. E., fireman, Wabash R'y., bds 227 W Washington 
Brink Kate, widow, li i E Washington 

CARiER & Campbell's [BRO] ft. wayne directory. 8i 

Brinknjeger Wm., shoemaker, bds 65 High 

Brimmer J. H., painter, bds Robinsion House 

Briggs Nettie, widow, bds Anderson House 

Brown James, stone cutter, bds 86 E. Main 

Brown Charly, fireman, Wabash R'y, bds 82 Fairfield ave 

Brown S. B., M. D.,h 280 W. Berry 

Browning Mrs. Edna, bds 218 W. Washington 

Browenkent D., shoemaker, h 14 NirdHnger 

Brooks Wm., carpenter, h 120 Union 

Brother Irenius bds St. Joseph Academy 

Brown Jane, widow, h 43 W. Main 

Brown Wm. R., carpentes, h 137 Force 

Brobst Jacob, conductor, Pitts R'y, h 99 Gay 

Brown E. F., bds Robinson House 

Broderick Thomas, laborer, bds 99 W.. Water 

Broderick Michael laborer, bds 99 W. Water 

Brother John, bds St. Joseph Academy 

Brother Theophilus, bds St. Joseph Academy 

Brother Nesarius, bds St. Joseph Academy 

Brown Mathew, saloon, h 243 Calhoun 

Brown S. B., dentist, cor Main and Court 

Brown Mrs. Allen, h. 157 Van Buren 

Bronson Andrew A., saloon and billiard hall, 10 and 12 W. Berry 

Brown A., cook, h 78 Barr 

Brown Geo. F., carpenter, h on Pickway road 

Brockerman, Jacob R., plasterer, h 49 Division 

Brooks M. H., plasterer, h 249 W. Washington 

Brooks T. M., foreman trunk manufactory, h 14 Fairfield ave 

Brocking Richard, laborer, h 32 Lavina 

Brother Ephraim, bds St. Joseph Academy 

Brother Placidus, bds St. Joseph Academy 

Brown Jno., blacksmith, h 152 E. Wayne 

Brown Matthias, engineer oil mill, bds 129 E. Lewis 

Brown Wm., wagon maker (^Olds & Son), bds 79 Holman 

Brown Jno., cook, wks Aveline House 

Brown James, brakeman, Pitts R'y, bds 220 Lafayette 

Brophy Wm., blacksmith, bds 25 Barr 

Brown John, machinist, Wabash shop, bds 116 Chicago 

Brossard John, blacksmith, wks Pitts shop, h 82 Wells 

Brossard Geo., blacksmith, h 82 Wells 

Brossard Wm., la^borer, h 24 Clark 

Brown August C, laborer h 42 Fifth 

Brooks Henry, carpenter, h W Jefferson 

Brown Jas. laborer, Pitts shop, h 216 Lafayette 

Brockerman, Lem., brakeman, Pitts R'y, bds 49 Division 

Brown A., black.smith, bds 152 E. Wayne 

Brown Arbaham, cook, bds 93 Calhoun 

Brown Jno., (Hall & B.,) barber, h 189 Calhoun 

82 CARIER & Campbell's [BUC] ft. wayne directory, 

BROWN SENECA B., looW. Berry 

Brown Jno., cook, bds Aveline House 

Brooker H. H., traveling agent, bds Central Hotel 

Brown I. D., M. D., bds Aveline House 

Brown Margaret, widow, h 73 Grand 

Brown John, wagon maker, shop 152 Clay h 152 E. Wayne 

Brown Alex., wagon maker, bds 152 E. Wayne 

Brown Jacob blacksmith, wks 3 Clay 

Brossard Geo., blacksmith, h cor Main and Fulton 

Brooks Wm. H., M. D., h no W. Main 

Brown Mrs. Flora, h 116 Chicago 

Brown Frank, brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 17 Taylor 

Brown Jane, widow, h 43 W. Main 

Brunner Adam, brewer, bds on Tayloi 

Brucher Michael, policeman h 62 Nelson 

Brunn E., laborer, h 28 West 

Bruman P., fireman, Wabash R'y, h 247 Webster 

Brunner John, shoemaker, h 47 Lavina 

Brucher Jacob, stone cutter, ii 219 W. Jefferson 

Brush Herbert, engineer, Wabash R'y, bds cor Webster st and Douglas 

BRUEBACH, G. T., M. D., h cor Washington and Van Buren 
Brul)aker Michael, saloon, h 42 Wells 
Bruns Christian, Sr., h 332 Harrison 
Bruns Wm., carpenter, Pitts car shop, h 69 Charles 
Brunett Jno., laborer, h 57 Langohr 
Brunett Andrew, painter, bds 57 Langohr 
Brunner John, laborer, h 78 West 
Bruebach Mrs. Emma, h 77 Calhoun, up stairs 
Brunka Conrad cigar maker, bds 148 Calhoun 
Bruns Christian, Jr., carpenter Pitts shop, h 332 Harrison 
Brune Eberhard, laborer, h 190 Griffith 
Brinnley Chas., baggage man, Muncie road, bds 40 Wells 
Brunett Chas laborer, bds 57 Langohr 
Bryant Mrs. Annie, h 137 Wallace 
Bryant Mary, widow, h 45 Monroe 
Bryant Cieo. W., laborer, h 45 Monroe 
Bryant Alvin, tinner, bds 120 Lafayette 

Bryant Elisha, molder, Bass' foundry, bds cor Calhoun and Wallace 
Bryant Jas., dealer in fish, h 76 Barr 
Bryant Wm. H., h 131 Griffith 
Bryant Jos., laborer, h 100 Smith 
Bryant Jno., elk., bds 76 Barr 
Buck Wm., h 39 Nirdlinger 
Bucker Fred, cooper, h 493 E. Washington 
Buck Chas., conductor Richmond Railroad, h 188 Hanna 
Buchtman Christian, laborer, h 74 Wallace 
Ikickwalter Lewis, machinist, Pitts shop h 134 Harrison 

CARIER & Campbell's [BUR] ft. wayne directory. 83 

Buechel Louis, carriage trimmer, h 89 E. Main 

Buechel Louis, Jr., painter, bds 87 E. Main 

Buck Deitrich, tailor, h 290 W. Jefferson 

Bucher Benj., teamster, bds 164 Harrison 

Buche Henry, carpenter, Pitts shop, h 298 Hanna 

Buckley Henry, blacksmith, Pitts shop, bds 22 Baker 

Buck Thomas, foreman, Pitts R'y shops, bds 13 Maumee 

Buckheit Adam, carpenter, Pitts shop h 20 Hood 

BUCKLES JOHN H., Prop Robinson House, on Harrison 

Buchman Wm., carpenter, Pitts, shop, h 131 Holman 

Buchfink Mrs. S., h 67 High 

Buck Wilson S., agt., h 105 W. Jefferson 

Buddemeyer Ernst, carpenter, h 20 McClellan 

Budde Herman laborer, h 69 Buchanan 

Buerlager G., drayman, h 159 E. Jefferson 

Buhler Ferdinand, school teacher, h iii Griffith 

Buhre Nicholas, painter, bds Exchange Hotel 

Bulger Martin S., traveling salesman, h 151 Grififith 

Bulow Jno., laborer, h 108 High 

Bullerman Henry, h 284 W. Jefferson 

Bullerman Wm., laborer, bds 8;^ W. Washington 

Buloe Fred, laborer, h 168 Holman 

Buuck Wm., carpenter, Pitts shop h 10 Hough 

Bundel Isaac, h 253 E. Lewis 

Bundel Martin, eng.. Ft. W., M. and C. R'y, h 253 E. Lewis 

Buuck Conrad shoemaker, h 254 Broadwa}' 

Buuck Conrad, shoemaker, shop 154 Calhoun 

Buuck Fred, laborer, h 13 Wall 

Burt Chas. , molder, h 232 E. Jefferson 

Burlager Wm., laborer, h 210 E. Washington 

Burris Jno., carpenter, h 82 Hanna 

Burkholder Joseph, (furniture manufacturer), 80 Pearl 

Burgess Henry, office over ist Nat. Bank 

Burland Robt., machinist, Murray & Go's shop, bds 14 Chicago 

Burgess Benj., blacksmith, Wabash shop, bds 28 Lavina 

Burgeot John, wks Pitts blacksmith shop, h 241 Barr 

Burns Patrick, machinist, Wabash shop, h 41 William 

Burhenn Edward, butcher, h 104 Calhoun 

Burkas Jno. A., clerk, h 77 E. Water 

Buret John, laborer, h 87 W. Water 

Burgess Francis, machinist, Pitts shop, h 28 Lavina 

Burns Patrick, h 16 Bass 

Burnes James, laborer, h 1 1 Bass 

Burke Edward, pedler, h 81 Buchanan 

Burgoyne John, molder,' foundry, bds 274 Hanna 

Burkas John A., elk h 77 Water 

Burgess David, carpenter, h 120 Union 

Burtic John, brakeman, Saginaw Railroad, bds 120W. Water 

84 CARTER & Campbell's [CAM] ft. wayne directory. 

Burbeck Wm., machinist, Wabash shop, h 64 Butler 

Burdehiian Ernst, expressman, h i High 

Burk Geo. J., carpet weaver, h W. Wahiut 

Burgeot Chas., bds 241 Barr 

Burington Chancey, eng., Pitts R'y., h 149 Hohnan 

Burlage Geo., expressman, h 137 E. Washington 

BURKHOLDER JOS. (Emrick & B.), h 130 W. Jefferson 

Bursley Gilbert E., Supt. Street Railroad, h S of Fairfield ave 

Burkholder J. H., wood turner, bds 130 W. Jefferson 

Busch Anthony, wagon maker, h 365 E. Lewis 

Busch John, carpenter, h 247 W. Washington 

Buschman Joseph, laborer, bds 11 Force 

Buschelman, Ferdinand, h 11 Force 

Bushman Mrs. Lizzie, h 141 Lafayette 

Bushman Wm., elk., bds 141 Lafayette 

Bussa Wm. (B. & Tegtmeyer), saw mill, h 160 Ewing 

Butler Geo., laborer, h N. Harrison 

Butler John, Ashery, N of canal, bet Lafayette and Clinton 

Butler Wm. (book keeper, O. & S. ), bds Hamilton House 

Butler Mrs. Mary E., h 224 W. Jefferson 

Butler Allen, bds 17 Taylor 

Butler John, laborer, bds 233 Broadway 

Butler Mrs. Kate, h 233 Broadway 

Butt Wm., watchman Bass' foundry, h 1 1 1 Force 

Butler Jas., barber, bds 233 Broadway 

Buxton Geo., fireman, Wabash R'y, bds 82 Fairfield ave 

Byeron Jacob, machinist, Pitts shop, bds 231 Barr 


Cac James A., Sawyer, h 82 Fairfield 

Cady Fred, brakeman P., Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 49 Baker 

Caffry John, laborer, h 259 Webster 

Calhoun George, brakeman P., Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 13 Maumee 

Calbacher Adam, laborer, h 65 Force 

Catliar Lucy, widow, bds 105 W. Berry 

Campbell Charles, laborer, h 47 Buchanan 

Campbell Charles, brakeman P., Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 24Lasselle 

Campbell Joseph, Pittsburgh Coppersmith shop, h 47 Buchanan 

Campbell George, brakeman P., Ft. W. & C. Ry., h 24 Lasselle 

CAMPBELL I. W., General Business Agent, (Carrier &: C) h 160 

E. Berry 
Campbell John G., carpenter, bds 193 Barr 
Campbell Charles, laborer, h 166 Ewing 
Campbell Jesse, laborer, bds Bloomingdale Hotel 
CAMPBELL HARRY, Foreman Pittsbmg Blacksmith shop, h 157 


CARiER & Campbell's [CAR] ft. wayne directory. 85 

Campbell Daniel, blacksmith Pittsburgh shop, bds 157 Montgomery 

Campbell Daniel, Foreman Wabash blacksmith shop, h 53 Brackenridge 

Campbell James, laborer, h 106 Ewing 

Campbell Mrs. Sarah, h 292 W. Jefferson 

Campbell Thomas, Moulder, (J. H. Bass,) bds 81 Holman 

Canida William, brakeman T., W. &. W. Ry., bds 17 Taylor 

Can i da August, Plasterer, h 82 Smith 

CARRIER A. H., Notary, Real Estate and Ins. Agent, office in P. O. 
Building on Court, h 178 E. Berry 

Cartwright L. F., butcher, h 77 Holman 

Cartwright John F., laborer, h 71 Baker 

Cartwright John, conductor P., Ft. W. &. C. Ry., bds 63 Baker 

Cartwright Ely, brakeman'P., Ft. W. & C. Ry., h 41 Jones 

Cartwright Frank, butcher, h 139 Griffith 

Cartwright George, laborer, bds 71 Baker 

Cartwright John F., Jr., laborer, h 73 Baker 

Cartwright Charles, Agent, h 63 Baker 

Carroll John, laborer, bds 24 Colerick 

Carroll James, blacksmith, bds 25 Barr 

Carroll Elias, Engineer P., Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 96 Montgomery 

Carroll Vinandy, carpenter at car shop, h 24 Colerick 

Carroll Patrick, laborer, h 96 W. Water 

Carroll Patrick, Night Watchman P., Ft. W. & C. Ry., h 102 Maumee 

CARSON W. W., Attorney, office over P. O., h E. Berrv 

CARNAHAN, SKINNER & CO., Wholesale Boot and Shoe Store, 
30-32 E. Main 

Carnahan William L. (C. Skinner & Co.), Boots and Shoes, h 176 W. 

Carey M., Salesman, h 182 E. Jefferson 

Carey Charles, Fireman T., W. & &. Ry., bds 4 Colerick 

Carey Mrs. Sarah, h 171 Clinton 

Carey Adolphus, laborer, bds 341 W. Washington 

Carey Edward, (Root & Co.), bds 171 Clinton 

Carey M. J., Painter, bds Aker House 

Carey William, Student, bds 236 W. Jefferson 

CAREY E. D., Attorney at Law, office 22 Court, up stairs, h 20 Fair- 
field ave 

Carey Frank, laborer, h 24 Lasselle 

Carey Thomas, laborer, h 38 Bass 

Carter Edward, laborer, bds cor Lewis and Webster 

Carter William, mfg. Hot Air Furnaces, Copper, Sheet Iron Ware, 25 W. 

Carman Calib, Machinist P., Ft. W. & C. Ry., h 348 Calhoun 

Carnes , h 5 1 Barr 

Carpenter Charles, brakeman T., W. & W. Ry., h 305 Harrison 

Carpenter D. L. , carpenter, h 115 W. Washington 

Carpenter Warren, Fireman T., W. & W. Ry., bds 305 tiarrison 

Cari)enter Ernest, laborer, bds 58 Columbia 

86 CARiER & Campbell's [CHE] ft. wayne directory. 

Carmeny Joseph, Fireman P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., h 313 Lafayette 
Cares Charles, laborer, h 206 Hanna 

Carrigan James, Machinist Pittsburgh Shop, bds 71 Douglass ave 
Carver Kahn K. , Engineer T. W. & W. Ry., h 73 Dawson 
Carder H. W., wheelmaker, h 147 E. Jefferson 
Carney Joseph, Machinist Wabash shop, bds 23 Grand 
Carl Albert, Trunkmaker, bds 171 Madison 
Carll George S., Undertaker, h 124 E. Berry 
Carl John, Foreman Tobacco Factory, bds 94 E. Berry 
Carl Patrick, laborer, h 262 Calhoun 
Carl John, bricklayer, h 226 E. Washington 
Carl Phillip, brakeman P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 264 Calhoun 
Cams James, Machinist Pittsburgh Shop, h 31 Hood 
Carvic Isaac M., Moulder Bass shop, h 130 Madison 
Castle Charles E., laborer, h 271 Hanna 
Caskey M. D. , laborer, bds 19 Baker 
Case Frank, laborer, bds 38 Force 

Case W. W., (Humphrey & C.,) Oil Mill, h 219 W. Wayne 
Case August, Fireman T. W. & W. Ry., bds 402 Calhoun 
CASSO FRANK, Saloon, 36 Barr. 
Cannan John K. , Machinist Wabash shop, h 61 Gordon 
CENTLIVRE CHARLES L., Prop French Brewery, between Feed- 
er and St. Joe River, i mile north of city 
Center John W., Engineer at Clark and Rhinesmiths, h 61 Mallitta 
CENTRAL HOTEL, O'Conell Brothers props., 20-22 E. Berry 
Certia Peter, (Eder, C. & Co.,) Brewery, bds Bloomingdale Brewery 
Challenger Joseph W., Grocer, 70 Barr 
Chambers William, clerk, bds 120 Lafayette 
Chamberlain Henry, h 40 E. Jefferson 
Chamberlain William H., clerk, bds 40 E. Jefferson 

Chamberlain Thomas, Dealer in Fruit and Candy, h 25 W. Washington 
Chamberlain Porter, Machinist (at Bass') h 81 Butler 
Chamberlain Mrs. Sarah, h 165 Clinton 
Chamberlain James, bds 165 Clinton 
Chamberlain Richard, Painter, h 163 Clinton 
Chapman F., Druggist, bds 82 W. Berry 

Chapman B. W., Engineer T. W. & W. Ry., h 277 W.- Washington 
Chapman Catharine, widow, h 86 Calhoun, up stairs 
Chapman Francis, Accountant, h 139 Griffith 

Chapman Nathaniel, Engineer Ft. W. M. & C. Road, h 19 N. Cass 
Chapman Joe, Fireman T. W. & W. Ry., h 22 W. Jefferson 
Chase William H., brakeman P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 220 Lafayette 
Chancey Charles, blacksmith, h 51 E. Water 
Chancey J. B., blacksmith, h 221 E. Water 

Chancey, C. & F., blacksmith and Wagonmakers shop, cor Clinton and 
Chancey Frank, blacksmith, h 51 E. Water 
Cherry Frank, iDoilermaker, h 1 1 1 E. Madison 
Cherry William, boilermaker, Pittsburgh shop, h 128 Clay 

CARiER & Campbell's [COC] ft. wayne directory. 87 

Cheviron H., Machinist Pittsburgh shop, h 36 Hough 

Cheviron Francis, laborer, h Lillie Ad 

Childs Joseph, Express Agt. Ft. W., M. c^c C. Road, Ixis 122 W. Jeffer- 

Chittenden E. L. , h 69 W. Berry 

Christian John, clerk, h 36 Butler 

Christie John B., Machinist, wks Kerr Murry's, h 3 Dawson 

CLARK JOSEPH M., Merchant Tailor, Store cor Berry and Clinton, 
bds Aveline House 

Clark Wilson, Transportation Master P. Ft. VV. & C. Ry., bds 316 Cal- 

Clark Anna, widow, h 82 Barr 

Clark George R., clerk, bds Central Hotel 

Clark James, Engineer T. W. & W. Ry., bds 22 Baker 

Clark Frederick, Fireman T. W. & W. Ry., h 46 W. Lewis 

Clark Joseph, Helper Pittsburgh Round House, bds 198 Lafayette 

Clark Walter, conductor P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 316 Calhoun 

Clark John, Hackman, bds 94 E. Berry 

Clark John H., Dealer in Lumber, h iii Wayne 

Clark Lewis laborer, h^ii2 Hanna 

Clark Victoria, widow, h 5 Brandiff 

Clark George, barkeeper, bds 92 Calhoun 

Clark Theodore, laborer, bds 109 W. Berry 

Clark Joseph, h 138 W. Berry 

Clark Sarah, widow, bds 77 Butler 

Clark Charles, laborer, bds 79 Holman 

Clark Frank, Engineer T. W. & W. Ry., h 67 Grand 

Clark George, brakeman T. W. & W. Ry., h 165 Fairfield 

Clark Edward, conductor T. W. & W. Ry., h 77 Baker 

Clark J. W., Master Transportation on P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds Har- 
mon Housfe 

Clapp Andrew, Fireman Ci. R. & L Road, 

Clare Michael, laborer, h 88 Barthold 

Clarkson T. F., book Keeper, h 132 W. Wayne 

Clauss John, Shoemaker, bds 180 Broadway 

("lauss John C, Shoemaker, h 180 Broadway 

Claughff Rebecca, Widow, h 146 Maumee 

Clear Robert, brakeman P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 160 Holman 

Clemment William, laborer, h 18 Brandriff 

Clerenger D. R. , clerk, h 122 Fulton 

Clugson Samuel, carpenter, bds Union House 

Coburn Fred, night watch, bds Fox House 

Cochrane John, (C, Humphrey & Co.,) h 16 Edasll 

Cochrane H. W. engineer, bds 70 E Madison 

C'ochrane Mrs. Margarett, h 43 Wall 

Cochrane James, contractor, h 240 E. Jefferson 

Cochrane, Humphrey, & Co., Door, Blind and Sash Mfg., west end 

88 CARiER & Campbell's [CON] ft. wayne directory. 

Cody Maurice, Dealer in Ice, h 13 Barr 

Cody Thomas, bds 13 Barr 

Cody John H., clerk, bds 13 Barr 

Cofman James, bds Aker House 

Cogan Phillip, wks woolen Factory, h 100 Columbia 

COLERICK, W. G., & H., Attorneys at Law, offices 22 Court, op- 
posite Court House 

Colerick Mrs. M., widow, bds 85 E. Jefferson 

Ojlerick Thomas W., Notary Poblic, bds 88 E. Berry 

Colerick Walpole, Lawyer, bds 88 E. Berry 

Colerick David H., Lawyer, bds 88 E. Berry 

Colerick Henry, Lawyer, h 88 E. Berry 

Colerick Ed. F., h 401 Broadway 

Colerick John A., h 85 Jefferson 

Coling Peter, Shoemaker, h 338 Harrison 

Collins James, wks at H. Trentman & Co., bds 235 E. Wayne 

Coleman John, wks Pittsburgh shops, h 91 Montgomery 

Collins Daniel, laborer, bds 20 Chicago 

Colson Edward, Saw Mfg., h 333 W. Main 

Collins James, laborer, bds 18 Bass 

Collar Mrs. L., h 21 N. Cass 

Collar Melvin, laborer, bds at 21 N. Cass 

Collins George, laborer, h 70 W. Walnut 

Cole Samuel D., carpenter, h 291 W. Main 

Cole Benjamin, brakeman T., W. & W. Ry., h 92 Chicago 
Collins Dennis, laborer, h 58 Baker 

Col lens John, laborer, h 43 Baker 

Compston R. H., clerk, bds 49-51 W. Berry 

Compston C. B., Telegraph Operator, bds 49-51 W. Berry 

Comincavish Felix, Machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 25 Holman 

Commero Otto, printer, bds 25 Broadway 

Comstock John, brickmaker, h cor Hanover and Washington 

Compton Charles, brakeman P., Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 245 Calhoun 

Congdon J. E., Agt., h 50 E. Washington 

Connier William, blacksmith Pittsburgh shop, h 24 Baker 

Connett Martin, blacksmith Pittsburgh shop, h 39 Force 

Conklin John, Engineer T., W. & W. Ry., h 136 Jackson 

Conn Harry, bds Phillips House, 107 E. Columbia 

Conrad Charles, Wood Carver, bds 130 E. Wayne 

Congress Alferd, brakeman P., Ft. W. & C. Ry. bds 98 Montgomery 

Connally James, laborer, bds 25 Colerick 

Conway Mary, widow, h 17 Bass 

Conklin Mrs. Elizabeth, h 311 W. Jefferson 

Conklin Mrs. Francis, h 311 W. Jefferson 

Condon John, bar keeper, bds 93 Calhoun 

Conrod M. C, laborer Pittsburgh shop, h 94 Maumee 

Conklin Carry, Engineer T., W. & W. Ry., h 184 Henry 

Conklin Sidney, fireman Ft. W., M. & C. Road, bds 103 W. Main 

CARiER & Campbell's [COU] ft. wayne dirkctokv. 89 

Conner John, laborer, h 251 Webster 

Conners Patrick, blacksmith Wabash shop, bds 6 Kansas 

Conrad John, laborer, h 43 John 

Conners Michael, driver Mechanics' Steam Fire Engine, h 60 Cbnlon 

COOMS & Co., Dealers in Iron, Steel, and Heavy Hnnhvare, 3S-40-42 
K. Main 

Coombs Josei)h, bds 53 W. Wayne 

Coombs Mrs. Elizabeth, h 202 W. Jefferson 

Coombs John M., (C. & Co.,) iron mchts., h 263 W. Wayne 

Cooml)s William H., (Coombs, Miller & Bell,) h 53 W. Wayne 

COOMS, MILLER & BELL, Attorneys, office 32 E. Berry 

Cook C. O., machinist Pittsburgh shop, bds 19 Holman 

Cook C, machinist, bds 158 Harrison 

Cooper C, drayman, h 25 Wert 

Cooper Winfield S., machinist Wabash shop, bds 26 Wert 

Cook John R. , laborer, bds 231 Barr 

Cook E. A., clerk, bds Harrison 

Cooper Mrs. E., h 182 W. Washington 

Coolican Pat>, laborer, h 19 Poplar 

Cook Newton, brakeman, T., W. &. W. Ry., bds 291 Harrison 

Cook Marion, widow, h 291 Harrison 

Cook Charles W., clerk Pittsburgh Freight office, bds 291 Harrison 

Cook James, fireman T. , W. & W. Ry., bds 59 Grand 

Cook James, fireman T., W. & W. Ry., bds 73 Grand 

Cook Albert, school teacher, h 338 Broadw^-y 

Cooper Benjamin, fireman P., Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 42 Chicago 

Corey Joseph A., blacksmith, h 100 Montgomery 

Corcoran Thomas, teamster, bds 86 Lewis 

Corneille August, h 38 Duck 

Corneille John B., clerk, h 47 Water 

Corbel- Charles, blacksmith, bds 50 W. Main 

Corwin Mrs. Teddy A., h 202 Fairfield 

Corneille Francis, clerk, h 70 E. Madison 

Corcoran Pat., boarding house, 23 Grand 

Cosier John, tailor, bds 15 N^ Cass 

Costilo John, bds 63 W. Water 

Cothrell Jared, dining hall and feed yard, 12 Clinton, h 171 E. Wash- 

Cothrell Mose, teamster, h 94 E. Berry 

Cothrell Albert, hackman, bds 94 E. Berry 

Cothrell Charles, brakeman, h 152 E. Washington 

Cothrell William, laborer, bds 171 E. Washington 

Cothrell Mrs. Ann, h 152 E. Washington 

Cottingham William, dealer in hot air furnaces and gas fixtures, shop 67 
E. Main, h 73 E. Berry 

Cottingham & Co., mfg. hot air furnaces, 67 E. Main 

Cottingham Samuel, (at Cottingham & Co.,) h 67 E. Main 

Courtney L. F., umberella dealer and repairer, h 119 Callioun 

90 CARiER & Campbell's [CRO] ft. wayne directory. 

County James, laborer, bds Bloomingdale Hotel 

Cour Eugene, fireman Gas House, h 19 Buchanan 

Cour Frank, blacksmith, bds 19 Buchanan 

Covert Cranson, conductor Ft. W. J. & S. Road, bds 63 W. Wash 

Co\van John, wks Pittsburgh shop, bds cor Montgomery 

Cox John, h 183 Hanna 

CRANE GEORGE D., Attorney at Law, h 56 Douglas ave 

Crane William M. Jr., clerk, bds 91 Ewing 

Crane L. J., painter, h 215 Hanna 

Crane George B., attorney, h 56 Douglass ave 

Crane William M., attorney at law, h 91 Ewing 

Crane Calvin, book keeper, h 144 W. Wayne 

Cran Charles Jr., moulder Bass foundry, h 85 Lilliti 

Cran Edward L., clerk, bds 93 W. Wayne 

Cran Robert, moulder at Bass foundry, bds 398 Calhoun 

Cran John, carpenter, h 221 Barr 

Cran Charles, tailor, h 398 Calhoun 

Craig James, harness maker, bds 46 E. Berry 

Craig Samuel H., switchman P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., yard, bds 27 Grand 

Cragg Thomas, wheel maker, h 1 75 Lafayette 

Cragg Charles, weaver, h 68 Lasselle 

Crauser Victor, laborer, bds 58 E. Columbia 

Crabbs Cyrus, agt, h 162 Madison 

Crance William, laborer, h on Brackenridge 

Crawford George T., laborer, bds 208 W. Main 

Crawford Joseph, engineer, h 68 E. Madison 

Cranston Mrs. Alice, h 58 Douglass 

Crance James, laborer, h 104 Gay 

Cratzer John, clerk, h 1,8 Fifth 

Cramer Lucinda, widow, h 332 Calhoun 

Cramer David, engineer P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 332 Calhoun 

Cramer Martin, laborer, h 28 John 

Cretzer John, clerk, h Bloomingdale 

Cretzer L, broom maker, bds 315 Harrison 

Cretzer Elizabeth, widow, h 315 Harrison ■ 

Crissenbury Peter S. prop. Phillips House, 107 E, Columbia 

Crissenbury Willis W., bds Phillips House 

Christ Joseph, shoemaker shop, 155 E. Berry 

Critz Henry, brakeman, P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 16 Chicago 

Crighton William, machinist, ( K. Murry,) h 49 Brackenridge 

Critey Daniel, laborer, bds 25 Broadway 

Crimmins Patrick, h 51 Wilt 

Critchet H. A., brakeman, P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., h 165 Clinton 

Cribber Augustus, clerk, bds 22 Madison 

Croxton W. F., bds Robinson House 

Crocker Wesley, bds 96 Montgomery 

Crocker, Israel, engineer, h 96 Montgomery 

Crosby George J., machinist, Wabash shop, h 15 Henry 

CARTER & Campbell's [DAI] ft. wayne directory. 91 

Crosby Mrs. Mary, h 295 W. Jefferson 

Crosby William, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, bds 295 W. Jefferson 

Crosby Marion, clerk, bds 201 W. Main 

Cromwell Joseph W., h 236 W. Wayne 

Cromwell Joseph C, clerk, bds 236 W. Wayne 

Cruse D. A., painter, h 148 Fairfield 

Crumley Cxorham, engineer P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., h 42 Chicago 

Crumley Jerome, engineer P. Ft. W. & C. Ry. , h 31 Grand 

Cull Catharine, widow, h 27 Taylor 

Cull Edward, laborer, h 94 Chicago 

Culberly George, moulder at Bass, h 41 Baker 

Culbertson John, fireman P. Ft. W. &: C. Ry., bds 151 Barr 

Cummings Thomas J. T., model baker patentee, h 29 Grand 

Cummings Jerry, brakeman P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., h 170 Wallace 

Cummings Cxeorge labores, bds 264 Calhoun 

Cummings Judith L., widow, prop. Pensylvania House, 264 Calhoun 

Cumpston D. B., widow, bds 49-51 W. Berry 

Cummer Albert, machinist, h 103 W. Washington 

Cumpston C. T., h 49-51 W. Berry 

Cumminsky John, wks P. Ft. W. &: C. Ry. , bds 152 E. Wayne 

Cummings Nathaniel, watchman P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 19 Baker 

Cunningham John, carpenter, h 107 Wilt 

Cunningham John, carpenter, h cor College & Wells 

Current S. S., laborer, bds 42 Butler 

CURRIER CHAS., Manager W. U. Telegraph office, h 168 Griffith 

Currier Charles H. telegraph operator, 6 E. Berry 

Curry John, finisher, wks Hattersley, bds 49 Grand 

Curry Michael, brakeman, bds 49 Grand 

Curry Frank, laborer, h 49 Grand 

Curtis John F. blacksmith, (Bass foundry,) bds 150 Griffith 

Curtis M. E. (clerk at Bass foundry, ) bds 347 Hanna 

Curtis Martin, blacksmith Pitsburgh shop, h 347 Hanna 

Curtis J. J., Auditor's office clerk, bds 347 Hanna 

Curtis John F., clerk at Bass shop, bds 150 Grffith 

Curtis F. clerk, h 95 Ewing 

Curley John, fireman P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., bds 22 Baker 

Gushing Timothy, bds 26 Wallace 

Gushing Michael Jr., moulder, bds 16 Wallace 

Gushing Michael, laborer, h 26 Wallace 

Custer Edward, laborer, bds 145 Broadway 

Cutshall Joseph, wks Pitsburgh Round House, h 103 Wilt 


Dahl Chas. , baker, bds 62 E Main 

Daily Jas. W., elk, h 15 .Sturgis 

Daily Daniel, lab wks Bass' foundry, Ixls 179 Hanna 

92 CARIER & Campbell's [DAV] ft. wayne directory. 

Dailey Chas. E., mach Wabash shop, bds Fulton 

Dailey Mrs. Laura A., h Fulton 

Dailey Thomas, lab, h 140 Barr 

Dailey Simon, h 247 Webster 

Dailey Jno., lab, bds 332 W. Main 

Dailey Andrew, trunk maker, bds vSteuben House 

Daim H., fruits and confectionery, cor Columbia and Clinton 

Dale Daniel, shoemaker, bds 170 Lafayette 

Dalton Edmond, carpenter, h 32 Wilt 

Dalton Jas., lab, h 18 Bass 

Dalton Timothy, lab, h 19 Colerick 

Daly Wm., lab, h 12 W. Washington 

Daly T. C, peddler, bds Central Hotel 

Dammier Wm., h 61 Douglas ave 

Dammeyer Henry, blacksmith, Pitts shop, h 201 Ewing 

Dammon J. M., lab, bds Fairfield ave 

Dan Fred., carpenter, h 108 Douglas ave 

Daniels H. A., elk., Coombs & Co., h 117 E. Wayne 

Darrow, P. Mrs., widow, bds Fairfield ave 

DarroAv Geo., (Snyder & D.) h cor First and Harrison 

Darker Martha, widow, h 77 Butler 

Daugherty Thomas, trunk maker, bds 39 Water 

Daugherty Marcella, widow, bds 92 E. Main 

Davenport L. C, drug elk., bds Mayer House 

Davenport David, lab, bds 88 W. Water 

DAVIS, A., Manager Howe Sewing Machine Co., 72 Calhoun 

Davidson Jas., lab, h 18 Walnut 

Davidson Wm., mach, Wabash shop, h 49 Locust 

Davis Ames, agt Howe Sewing Machine, h 148 E. Lewis 

Davis Wm., Mason, bds 14 W. Jefferson 

Davis Wm. H., (Davis & Bro., Book Binders,) h 49 E.Jefferson 

Davis Alfred A., carpenter Pitts shop, h 125 Monroe 

Davis H., eng Pitts R'y, h 224 E. Jefferson 

Davis E. T., elk bds 197 E. Lewis 

Davis Byron, painter, Pitts shop, h 212 Lewis 

Davis J. C, freight agt. Pitts R'y, h 117 Hanna 

Davis & Bro., Book Binders, Miller's block, up stairs 

Davis Joseph, turner, bds Steuben House 

Davis Chas., h 75 Webster 

Davis W. T., eng., h 308 E. Wayne 

Davis Frank, mach Wabash shop, bds 213 Fairfield ave 

Davis H. M., lab, bds W. Jefferson 

Davis Geo., painter, h 32 Monroe 

Davis P. D., elk, bds 148 E. Lewis 

Davis Villroy, agt model baker, h 29 Grand 

Davis Samuel T., speculator, h 65 Langhohr 

Davis Frank, lab, bds 14 W. Jefferson 

Davis Chas., (Davis & Bro., Book Binders,) bds 49 E. Jefferson 

CARTER & Campbell's [DEN] ft. wayne directory. 93 

Dawson John, bds 105 W. Berry 

Dawson C. N., Cashier Merchants' Nat. Bank, h 244 W. Berry 

Dawson Michael, well digger, h 231 Lafayette 

Dawson Chas., bds 231 Lafayette 

Dayton Wm., painter, h 120 W. Wayne 

Day Henry, cigar maker, bds 99 E. Washington 

Day Christoff, painter, h 99 E. Washington 

Day Henry, painter, h 137 W. Water 

Deak Herman, lab, bds 223 W. Washington 

Deak John H., eng., h 323 W. Washington 

Deam Alexander, huxter, h 16 Madison 

Decker Oliver, shoemaker, wks 32 E. Main, bds Exchange Hotel 

Decker John, lab, h 287 E. Wayne 

Deeter John W., eng., J. & S. Railroad, h 322 Calhoun 

Deeter Jas. M., eng., Pitts R'y., h 150 W. Wayne 

Degrattery James, elk, Morgan & Beach, h 90 E. Lewis 

De Groff S. V., elk, bds Robinson House 

Degitz Chas., cigar maker, h 93 Barr 

Degitz Chas., Sr. , cigar manufacturer, h 15 Colerick 

Degitz Henry, cigar maker, bds 15 Colerick 

Degitz Chas., Jr., cigar maker, bds 15 Colerick 

Degan Patrick, wks Pitts shop, h 247 Clay 

Debar t Abraham, lab, h 39 Wall 

Dehart Robert, conductor Wabash R'y, h 165 Broadway 

De Haven Abraham, teamster, h 331 W. Jefferson 

De Haven Elizabeth, widow, bds 24 Jones 

De Haven Allen, expressman, h 24 Jones 

Dehne Wm., h 142 Madison 

De Haven Mrs. Elizabeth, h 282 Broadway 

De Haven David, printer, bds 282 Broadway 

Dehne Ernst, carpenter, h 142 Madison 

De Haven Harrison, wks Pitts shop, h 107 Holman 

DEININGER U., Notion Store, h 161 W. Washington 

Deitrich Davis, wks Olds & Son, h 237 Barr 

Deininger, Jos., Sr. , tailor, h 161 W. Washington 

Deihl Hugh M., air brake repairer, Pitts shop, h 49 Harman 

Deimer Jos., tanner, h 367 W. Main 

De la Camp Jno., architect and eng., h loSMaumee 

Delzel Mrs. Elizabeth, h 173 W. Jefferson 

Dellingham A. J., turner, h 23 Baker 

iJelano I'homas, lab, h 16 Sturges 

Denio Mrs. C, hairdresser, 12 E. Columbia 

Denny Frances, widow, 223 E. Jefferson 

Denter Michael, stonecutter, bds 105 High 

Denney Ceo., elk, bds 21 and 23 E. Main 

Denner Benjamin, switchman Muncie Railroad, h 1S8 W. Main 

Denter Jno. M., tailor, h 105 High 

Dennis Anthony, brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 5 Bass 

-CJitr;«jni^?fv»;»cy'-->o^9W^ro-6.3.««>>>'i *„ -J ^ ■ "''^ - 

94 CARiER & Campbell's [DIE] ft. wayne directory. 

Depner Geo., elk, jo E Berry 

Depew S. Ann, widow, h 148 Madison 

Depler G. W., conductor, Pitts R'y, h 182 Jackson 

Deppen Augustus, bds 1 2 W Main 

Derome Soloman, lab h 88 E Main 

Despres Victor, lab h 73 Lasselle 

Dessauer Louis, h 90 W Main, 

DESSAUER L. & CO., Manufact'r of, and Dealer in Havana and 

Domestic Cigars, 23 Calhoun 
De Turk L., blacksmith, bds 10 Harrison 
De Turk Henry, lab, h 14 Melitta 
Devaux Frank, wood turner, lab, h 52 Lasselle 
Devaux Xavier, lab, h 23 Lasselle 
Deveny Martin, lab, h 76 Baker 

DE ^A^ALD GEO. & CO., Dry Goods Store, i Columbia 
De Wald Henry, stoves and tinware, 36 Clinton 

De Wald Geo. W., merchant, (^D. & Co.,)h cor De Wald and Hanna 
De Wald Frank, lab, bds 31 Force 
Dewald Henry, tinner, h 19 Fairfield 
Dewald Michael, lab, bds 31 Force 
Dewald Loenard, shoemaker, h 281 E. Washington 
Dewald George, h 130 Fairfield 
Dewald Anthony, elk, bds 130 Fairfield 

Dewald Nicholas, Grocery and Saloon, 28 Clinton, h 404 Calhoun 
DeWitt Laura Mrs., bds 113 E. Main 
Detzer Martin, Druggist, bds 56 Douglas ave 
Dial E., fireman, Wabash R. R., h 17 Taylor 
Dicke Henry, elk, bds 38 W. Jefferson 

Dickmeier William (Dickmeier & Lausman), Grocer, bds 109 W. Water 
Dick Daniel, eng G. R. & L R. R., h 85 Butler 
Dickenson Robert, Telegrapher, Wabash Office, bds 18 Colerick 
DIDIER JOSEPH C, dealer in Groceries, Provisions and Liquors, 

h 66 E. Columbia 
Didier Francis, Grocery and Provision Store, cor Barr and Columbia 
DIDIER JOS. C, Groceries and Provisions, 66 E. Columbia 
Dierstein Christian, grocer, h 4 Fairfield ave 
Dierstein Harry, carpenter, h 336 Harrison 
Diers Henry, fireman, Wabash R. R., bds 28 Locust 
Diebold Joseph, lab, h 275 E. Washington 
Diedrich Jacob, lab, h 142 Fairfield 
Dierstein Christine Mrs., h 115 Fairfield 
Dierstein Anton, wagon maker, h 37 Wall 
Diem Chas., Saloon, 127 Calhoun 
Diem Christian, h 135 Calhoun 

Dierstein Conrad, grocer, h Broadway 

Dierstein Samuel, carpenter, h 36 Williams 

Diether Louis, book-keeper, bds 128 Griffith 

Diether John (H. & Co.), harness maker, bds 128 Griffith 

CARiER & Campbell's [DCE] ft. wayne directory. 95 

Diether Chas., lab, h 128 Griffith 

Dierstein Anton, wagon maker, cor W. Main and Kwing 
Dierkes F. W., basket maker, h 74 Barthold 
DilTendorfer Benjamin C)., machinist Pitts shop, h 187 Barr 
Uignan Lawrence, switchman Pitts yard, h 90 E. Lewis 
Dignan Rosette, widow, h 79 Hohnan 

Dillon Floyd, machinist Pitts shop, bds 153 W. Washington- 
Dillon Mrs. Ann, h 153 W. Washington 
Dills Wm. H., attorney, btls Exchange hotel 
Dilschneider Matthias, h 180 Griffith 
Dillmain Peter, cooper, h 23 Wert 
Dinkier Margaret, widow, h 271 E. Washington 
Dinklager Herman, drayman 
Dinklager George, elk, bds 353 Main 
Dinkier Elizabeth, widow, h 241 E. Washington 
Dirrumus Peter, lab, bds cor Lafayette and Wallace 
Dirkes Frank, collar maker, bds 100 Laselle 
Dirkes August, drayman, h 100 Laselle 
D'lsay Isaac, h 107 Lafayette 
Disson Susan, widow, bds 278 Webster 
Distmus Edward, fireman Pitts R'y, bds 98 Montgomery 
Ditcher William, marble cutter, bds 10 Harrison 
Dittol Albert, ice dealer, h 7 Monroe 
Ditner C. B., lumber measurer, 88 Calhoun 

Dixon Daniel B., elk, h Langohr 

Dixon John, lab, bds 30 Malitta 

Dix Seth, hackman, h 97 E. Barr 

Dornte William, cigar maker, bds 79 Calhoun 

Dothage Mrs Sophia, h 23 Wilt 

Dothage Dina, widow, h 70 Webster 

Douglass W. V. (Anderson & Douglass), grocer, bds 262 W. Jefferson 

Douglass William B., conductor Pitts R'y, h 262 W. Jefferson 

Dowings Henry, lab, h 40 Jones 

Downey Edward, bds 170 W. Jefferson 

Downey Dennis, lab, h 1 70 W. Jefferson 

Downey John, bds 170 W. Jefferson 

Downing Spencer, brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 17 Taylor 

Dow David, lab, h 39 Taylor 

Doyle John, lab, h 63 Hanna 

Dochsteiner William, upholsterer, h 265 W. Jefferson 

Dodge Charles, tinner, h 42 McClellen 

Dodge Ann, widow, h 22 Madison 

Dodez & Rockhill, proprietors City Grocery Store, 37 and 39 W. Main 

DodezG. C. (Dodez & Rockhill), grocer, h 264 W. Wayne 

Dodge A., day clerk at Mayer House 

Dodgson John L., elk, h 116 E. Wayne 

Dcelker Jacob, butcher shop 70 Calhoun, h 66 Wells 

Doelker John, bds 66 Wells 

g6 CARTER & Campbell's [DRO] ft. wayne directory. 

Dcerfler George, h 241 Barr 

Dolton James, lab, bds 262 Calhoun 

Donovan Thomas, lab, h 72 Baker 

Donovan Timothy, eng G. R. & I. R. R., h 133 E. Main 

Donnel William, lab, h 42 Butler 

Donovan Jeremiah, bds 95 E. Main 

Donehoe Daniel, lab, bds 20 Locust 

Doriot Jules, moulder Bass' Foundry, h 56 Charley 

Doriot Emil, carpenter Pitts shop, h 75 W. Washington 

Doriot Lemuel, carpenter Pitts shop h 42 Lasalle 

Dorr Theodore, bds 64 W. Main 

Dorman Henry, carpenter Pitts shop, h 118 Wallace 

Dorain W. F. , brakeman Pitts R'y, bds Robinson House 

Dorr A. K., h 64 W. Main 

Dorr E. K., bds 64 W. Main 

Dorr E. K. (E. K. & Bro. ), 22 W. Berry 

Doyle Patrick, carpenter, h 172 Montgomery 

Doyle Thomas, carpenter, bds 186 Montgomery 

Doyle Mrs Mary, bds i 7 Baker 

Drake Lenora, widow, h 93 W. Wayne 

Drake Frederick J., post oihce clerk, bds Mayer House 

Drake J. T., brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 227 Lafayette 

Drake Clara A., teacher, bds 138 Lafayette 

Drager Charles, watch maker, h 89 Barthold 

Draker John, bds 39 Pearl 

Draker John (Draker Bros.), livery, h 149 W. Berry 

DREIER & BRO., Druggists and dealers in Paints, Oils and Window 

Glass, cor Columbia and Calhoun 
Dreier Henry, lab, h 9 Buchanan 

Dreier Anton, brewer (Linker, Hey & Co.), h 181 E. Wayne 
Dreier William, moulder (J. C. Bowser & Co.), bds 178 Barr 
Dreier Charles, blacksmith Pitts shop, bds 178 Barr 
Dreier Henry, of Dreier & Bro., bds Exchange hotel 
DREW JNO. W., Oyster Ocean Dining Hall and Saloon, 74 Calhoun 
Drew William, ice dealer (Cody & Co.,) h 288 W. Main 
Dressel Henry, carpenter Pitts shop, h 158 Montgomery 
Dressel George, helper Pitts Round House, h 158 Montgomery 
Dresser Ella, bds 115 Barr 
Drerer George, carpenter, bds 265 E. Lewis 
Driscoll Ed., sr., bds 274 Calhoun 
Driscoll Ed., jr.. Saloon and Restaurant, 274 Calhoun 
Driftmeier Ernst, carpenter Pitts shop, h 131 Monroe 
Driver Albert, brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 67 Wilt 

DRCEGEMEYER JOHN A., City Treasurer, h 70 W. Washington 
Droud Jacob, peddler, h 241 Calhoun 
Dromley James, lab, bds 222 Lafayette 
Dromley Edward, farmer, 222 Lafayette 
Droste I)iedri(h, i)lasterer, h 100 W. lefferson 

e^J W ») J A W A^3 

f^t, f^^ 


t t t t t t 

A TRI-mm AND WESm BsmN im 

has a large Gifculation not only in Indiana but also in 

almost every State of the Union and is an exellent 

medium for advertising . 



Tri- Weekly, $Jf.OO Fer Annum', in Advance. 
Weekly, - - $2.00 Per Annum, in Advance. 


Promptly and Neatly executed at the Lowest Rates. 

W. E. Comer of Columbia and Clinton Streets, 

CARJER & Campbell's [EBE] ft. wayne directory. 97 

Drucker Henry, lab, h 66 W Washington 

Druhot Joseph, moulder Bass' Foundry, h 28 Force 

Dryas Christian, wks Bass' Foundry, bds 197 Lafayette 

Dubois John B., agent, h 213 Lewis 

Ducet L, lab, bds 70 E. Madison 

Dudley James, fireman Pitts R'y, h 28 Buchanan 

Dudenhafer P. H., carriage maker, h 336 E. Wayne 

Dudenhcefer Conrad, mason, h 407 E. Wayne 

Dudenhcefer Philip, carriage maker, h 336 E. Wayne 

Duffy Patrick, lab, bds 3 and 5 Railroad 

Duffy Mrs. Louise, h 98 Barthold 

Duiter Christian, tailor, bds 105 High 

DUKEMAN & GUMPPER, Sample Room, 84 Calhoun 

Dukeman August ( Dukeman & Gumpper), saloon, bds 84 Calhoun 

DUMM ROBERT D., Chief EMitor Sentinel, bds 93 Calhoun 

Dumer Matthias, harness maker, bds 288 W. Main 

Dunne William, elk, h 16 Lewis 

Dunbar William, eng Pitts R'y, h — Wallace 

Dunn Charles W., teamster, h 50 Pearl 

Dunn William, machinist Wabash shop, h 6 Brandriff 

Dunn James, clerk, bds American House 

Dunshee C. J., elk Pitts Freight Office, bds Hanna House 

Dunn James, bds Central Hotel 

Dunn Robert, boiler maker (K. Murry), h 14 Brandriff 

Durfee William A., eng Wabash R'y, h 153 Van Buren 

Durnell Chester, fireman Pitts R'y, bds 151 Barr 

L)urdrow Mrs Ledy, h 120 W. Water 

Dustman Frank, lab, h 43 Grand 

Dutcher John, carpenter, h 78 E. Madison 

Dwelly Charles, machinist Pitts shop, h 157 Holman 

D\A^ENGER, RIGHT REV. JOSEPH, Catholic Bishop, h 171 

Dyer Thomas, eng Pitts R'y, li 273 W. Jefferson 

Eagy John H., conductor Grand Rapids R. R., h 377 Hanna 

Eaken Mrs. M. A., h cor Jackson and W. Wayne 

Earl William, eng P., F. W. & C. R. R., h 169 E. Wayne 

Early John, fireman Pitts R'y, h 133 Madison 

Earle Mrs. Elizabeth, h 31 Charles 

Earson John, fireman Pitts R'y, bds 47 Bass 

Eaton James, lab, h 140 High 

Eaton James, fireman W'^abash R'y, bds 17 La\'ina 

Eberly Daniel, miller, h 40 Fifth 

F^berhart William, mason, h 115 Wilt 

Eberwein C, lab, wks John H. Bass, h Pickway road 

98 CARiER & Campbell's [EHI] ft. wayne directory. 

Ebner Lorenz, carpenter Pitts shop, bds 152 E. Lewis 

Ebner George, wks Pitts shop, bds 152 E. Lewis 

Ebner Jacob, wks Pitts shop, bds 152 E. Lewis 

Ebright Joseph, machinist Pitts shop, bds Fox House 

Eghelberger Samuel, lab, h 3 Dawson 

ECKERT, FREDERICK & CO., butchers and meat store, 60 

Eckert John (Eckart & Ortmann) cigar manufacturer, h 23 Lewis 

Eckert Sophia, widow, h 93 Barr 

ECKERT & ORTMANN, manufacturers and wholesale and retail 
dealers in Cigars and Tobacco, 85 Calhoun 

Eckert Frederick, butcher, h 75 Barr 

Eckart Joe, lab, bds 252 E. Wayne 

Eckart William, street car driver, bds 252 E. Wayne 

Eckart Jacob, lab, h 252 E. Wayne 

Eckels W. J., elk, bds 215 W. Washington 

Eckels James, carpenter Wabash shop, h 215 W. Washington 

Eckerle Albert, brewer, h 96 Broadway 

EDER, CERTIA & CO., Bloomingdale Brewery, Bloomingdale, 

on Feeder Canal 
Eder Henry (E. Certia & Co.) Brewery, h 108 Wells 

EDGERTON A. P., President Gas Works, h 154 W. Berry 

Edgerton E. C, bds 87 W. Wayne 

EDGERTON, JOSEPH K., Ft. W. S. P. Co., office 87 W. Main, 

h 59 W. Wayne 
Edgerton Henry H., Treasurer Gas Works, h 148 W. Berry 
Edgerton Bela, bds 154 W. Berry 
Edgar William H., h 114 W. Main 
Edler Frank, music teacher, h 93 Ewing 
Edmonds William, street buyer, h 21 N. Cass 
Edmonds William, blacksmith Pitts shop, h 166 Madison 
EDSALL, WILLIAM S., Allen County Clerk, bds Aveline House 
Edsall E. P., elk County Clerk's Office, bds Hanna House 
Edsall C. W., elk County Clerk's Office, h on Maumee 
Edsall Joseph W., County Clerk's Office, bds 254 W. Jefferson 
Edwards Daniel, carpenter Pitts shop, h 167 Jackson 
Edwards David, blacksmith, bds 58 Columbia 
Edwards George, bds 155 Hanna 
Egeter George, cabinet maker, h 124 Harrison 
Eggerman David, shoemaker, bds 66 E. Main 
Eggerman William, shoemaker, bds 104 W. Washington 
Eggerman Peter, shoemaker, h 54 W. Washington 
Eggerman David, shoemaker, h 81 W. Washington 
Ehinger Otinar, carpenter, h 112 E. Jefferson 
Ehinger Charles, lab, h 113 Barthold 
Ehinger Michael, h 113 Barthold 
Ehinger Joseph, carpenter, bds 113 Barthold 
Ehinger John, drayman, h 204 Madison 

CARiER & Campbell's [EME] ft. wayne directory. 99 

Ehinger B., tailor, h 10 Nirdlinger 

Ehlert Frederick, switchman Wabash R'y, h 325 W. Jefferson 
Ehle Edward, brick mason, h 271 W. Washington 
Ehle Frank, lab, bds 142 Broadway 
Ehle Ernst, lab, h 27 West 

Ehle Nicholas A., cigar manufacturer, h 142 Broadway 
Ehrman F. , collar maker, h 32 Jones 
Ehrman Matthias, sr., teamster, h 349 W. Jefferson 
Ehrman George, lab, h 82 Wilt 
Ehrman Charles, blacksmith, h 339 W. Jefferson 
Ehrman John M., carpenter, h 82 Wilt 
Ehrman Andrew, shoemaker, h 22 Pritchard 
Ehrman Henry, teamster, h 69 W. Lewis 
Ehrman Charles M., blacksmith, 104 W. Main 
Ehrman & John, collar manufacturers, 116 W. Main 
Eickoff John, bds 130 E. Wayne 

Eickoff Charles, wks Bass' Foundry, bds 130 E. Wayne 
Eickoff Francis, wks Pitts Car Shop, h 130 E. Wayne 
Eider August, lab, bds 22 John 
Eider Peter, lab, h 22 John 
Eilert Charles, bds i78Barr 
Eisenacher Frederick, carp, bds 65 Wall 
Eislen John, carp, h 435 and 437 Lafayette 
Eising John, lab, h 73 Force 
Eix Augustus, lab, bds 60 W. Washington 
Eix Sophia, widow, h 60 W. Washington 
Eix William, drayman, h 319 W. Main 
Elder James, carp, bds 10 Harrison 
Eldred John D., conductor Wabash R'y, h 44 Chicago 
Elet Mrs. Elizabeth, h 124 W. Jefferson 
Elliott Cecil, telegraph operator, bds Robinson House 
Elliott Margaret, widow, h 220 Lafayette 
Elliott Samuel, carp, h 332 W. Jefferson 
Eligson Henry, tailor, h 19 Clark 

EUenwood Horace, Master of Transportation Pitts R'y, h 127 Wallace 
ELSNER JOE, propr Hoop Skirt Factory, 15 E. Main 
Eisner Joseph, propr Bazaar, Main street, bds 86 E. Main 
Elstner William C, book-keeper, bds 182 Broadway 
Ely George (Boltz & Ely), grocer, bds 123 W. Wayne 
Embry Mrs. E. h 187 Griffith 
Embry Arthur, elk, bds 336 Broadway 
Embry Lewis, time (ik Wabash shop, 336 Broadway 
EMBRY JAMES S., grocer, &c., h 132 Fairfield 
Embry Edward, elk, h 227 E. Washington 
Embry Arthur, elk, h 227 E. Washington 

Erne C. F., dry goods (Rohs, Eme & Reinking), h 175 E. Wayne 
Emerson T. M., Genl Ticket Agent Ft. W. M. & C. R'y, bds 49 and 51 
W. Berry 

loo CARiER & Campbell's [EVA] ft. wayne directory. 

Emerson Herman, drayman, h i4Colerick 

Emmerson George, lab, bds i8i Madison 

Emmil Casper, wks Linker, Hey & Co., h i8i E. Wayne 

Emmil John, blacksmith, bds 44 Monroe 

Emmerson Allen, teamster, h 181 Madison 

FCmpie T. B., elk, bds 202 W. Jefferson 

Empie William, agt Wabash R'y, h 316 W. Jefferson 

Empie Thomas, elk, bds 202 W. Jefferson 

Emrick A. J., dealer in Furniture, h 22 W. Water 

Emrick Henry, lab, h 183 Madison 

Endlig Peter, lab, h 373 Lafayette 

Engelking Mrs. M., widow, h 136 Barr 

Engelking Mrs. Louisa, h 125 High 

Engelking Henry, lab, h 167 Van Buren 

Engelking Henry, lab, bds 125 Htgh 

Englert George, machinist Wabash shop, h 49 Taylor 

Englert George, machinist Wabash shop, h 157 Broadway 

Englert George, cooper, bds 18 Nirdlinger ave 

Englert Frank, cooper, h 18 Nirdlinger ave 

Engle William, fireman Muncie R'y, h 200 Broadway 

Engel M., Prof. Concordia College 

Engel Alexander, brakeman Muncie R'y, bds 120 W. Water 

Engle William, carp, h 147 Henry 

Engor Nelson C, cabinet maker, bds 30 Walnut 

P^nglehart Abraham, cooper, bds 408 W. Main 

Englen William L., conductor Wabash R'y, bds 27 Grand 

English I'homas, lab, h 347 Hanna 

Enright John, lab, h cor Lewis and Webster 

ICpple John, carp Pitts shop, h 37 Wilt 

Eppstein Mayer, h 54 W. Berry 

Erdman, Rev. William J., Pastor Second Presbyterian Church, h 89 W. 

Erdel Valenitn, blacksmith Pitts shop, h 302 Hanna 
Erdel Lewis, lab, bds 42 Charles 
Ernsting Frederick, lab, bds 16 Clark 
Ernsting Charles, lab, h 16 Clark 
Ersig William, wks oil mill, h 75 E. Jefferson 
Ervin John, h 12 Harrison 

Erwin Joseph, Sewing Machine agt, h 27 Taylor 
ESSIG ADAM P., propr Summit City House, 39 Water 
Esmond George, h 306 Calhoun 
Etchey Frank, carp, h 41 Wefel 

Etzold William, machinist Wabash shop, h 46 Douglas ave 
Evans & Co., A. S., wholesale dry goods and. notions, 28 and 30 E. Berry 
Evans M. A., Mrs., widow, h 60 Maiden Lane 
Evans Nathan, merchant, h 79 West Main 
Evans S. C, Prest. Mer. Nat. Bank, h 105 W. Berry 
Evans John K., h 147 W. Berry 

CARiER & Campbell's [FEC] ft. wayne directory. ioi 

Evans Edwin, h 174 W. Wayne 

Evans George, machinist, Wabash shop, bds 3 and 5 Railroad 

Evans George, bds 126 E. Main 

Evans &: Co., A. S., wholesale dry goods, ;^;^ and 35 Clinton, h 126 E. 

Evans John, wks A. S. E. & Co., bds 126 E. Main 
Evans Mrs. Emma, h 227 Lafayette 
Evers Henry, lab, h 73 Force 
Ewald Max, bds 119 Holman 
Ewing Mary C, widow, h 88 W. Wayne 
Ewing John, lab, bds 157 High 

Fahlsing Mrs. C, h 159 E. Lewis 

Fahlsing Conrad h 393 W. Main 

Fahlsing Wm., street car driver, h 133 Wallace 

Fairfield Jas. , h 75 Melitta 

Fairbank Clark, (Taylor, Fairbanks & Co.), bds 77 Douglas ave 

Fairbank Rev. John B. , Pastor Plymouth Church, h 228 Fairfield ave 

Falconer Richard, machinist, bds 71 Williams 

Falconer Richard C, elk, bds 71 Williams 

Faling Frederick, Foreman Baker's saw mill, h 102 Water 

Falbey Daniel, section boss, Pittsburgh R'y, h 18 Chicago 

Falk Leopold, liquor dealer, 11 Harrison 

Falconer John, blacksmith, h 71 William 

Fallen Peter J, lab,, bds 259 Webster 

Falls Daniel M., (Bowser & Co.), h 153 W. Wayne 

Falker Frank, elk, bds 93 Calhoun 

Falk , h 55 Barr 

Farmer John, bds American House 

Farnan Jas., baggage man, Richmond road, bds 72 Wallace 

Farnan John, molder, bds cor Calhoun and Wallace 

Farrar Ward B., Propr. Burglar and Fire x\larm, h 134 Lafayette 

Farley Sarah, widow, h 81 Holman 

Farrer Geo. H., bds 134 Lafayette 

Farnan Owen, blacksmith, Pittsburgh shop, bds cor Calhoun and Wallace 

Farnan Owen, h 305 Lafayette 

Farber Fred, lab, h 197 Hanna 

Fater George, barber, bds American House 

Faude J. J., elk, bds Robinson House 

Faust Frank, box maker, h E. Washington 

Faulner Frank lab, h 33 Laselle 

Fay Jas. A., atty., office over ist National Bank 

Fay Ezra, carp, h 63 Third 

Fay Samuel, fireman, Wabash R'y 

Fechtman Daniel, school teacher, h 234 W. Jefferson 

I02 CARiER & Campbell's [FIS] ft. wayne directory. 

Fecher J. P. , lab, h 80 Buchanan 
Fedeli Jerolomes, fresco painter, bds 86 E. Main 
FeeThos. W., (Griebel & F.), h 65 Clinton 
Fehling Fred, fireman, h 102 E. Water 
Feiler, William, carp, h 196 E. Jefferson 

Feiler Frederich, lab, bds 196 E. Jefferson 

Feist Peter, lab, h 70 E. Jefferson 

Felehee Michael, lab, h 17 Brandriff 

Felger John, hatter, bds 190 W. Jefferson 

Felger Peter, carp, h 190 W. Jefferson 

Felts Charles E, teamster, bds 259 E. Washington 

Felts D. L., wks Olds & Son, bds 259 E. Washington 

Felts Louisa, widow, h 259 E. Washington 

Feustel Augustus (Mayor's elk), h 27 Wall 

Ferckel Martin, saloon, h 23 Clinton 

Ferber Jno., lab, bds Steuben House 

Ferry Mrs. Caroline, h 130 W. Main 

Ferriter Richard, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 83 Holman 

Ferguson B. F., lab, h 196 W. Washington 

Ferry Frank J. , eng. Grand Rapids and Indiana R. R. , bds 60 Chicago 

Ferris Frank, conductor, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 74 Douglas ave 

Fessel Mrs. Minnie, h 165 Broadway 

Fetter Martin, lab, bds 205 E. Washington 

Fetter Mary, widow, h 205 E. Washington 

Fick Otto, M. D., office cor Clinton and Main 

Fickle George, watchman, Pittsburgh shop, bds 205 Calhoun 

Fiegel Charles, wagon mkr, h 54 Wells 

Fiegel Fred, blacksmith, h 144 Wells 

Fiegel Fred, brewer, Bloomingdale Brewery 

Fiegel Robert, lab, bds Bloomingdale Hotel 

Fike Cyrus, mail driver, h 75 Lafayette 

Filson Robert C, commission mer. , h 204 W. Berry 

Fink Frank, molder, h 1 76 E. Jefferson 

Finein Edward, cooper, bds 6 Kansas 

Finey Michael, lab, h 18 Melitto 

FINK CHARLES, Undertaker, h 55 W. Main 

Fink Fred, brakeman, Wabash Ry., h 88 Fairfield ave 

FINKENBUIER J. S., Manager Singer Sewing Machine Manuf Co., 
office 60^ Calhoun 

Finlay William M., machinist, Wabash shop, h 418 Broadway 

Finn Thomas, lab, h 287 E. Washington 

FIRST NATIONAL BANK, J. D. Nutman, Pres., cor Court and 

Fischer George, carp, h 162 Griffith 

Fischer Henry, bds 6;^ W. Water 

FISHER D. C, Insurance Agent, office with John Hough, bds Ham- 
ilton House 

Fish Benjamin, fireman, P., Ft. W. and C. R. R., h 167 E. Lewis 

CARiER & Campbell's [FLE] ft. wayne directory. 103 

Fisher R. J., b. k,h 177 W. Wayne 

Fisher Albert, brakcman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 260 Calhoun 

Fisher O. G., train boy, Grand Rapids Railroad, bds 203 Calhoun 

Fisher Isaac, butcher, h 135 W. Washington 

Fisher Emanuel, butcher, bds 135 W. Washington 

Fisher A., carpenter, h 265 E. Washington 

Fisher Fred, machinist. Organ Factory, h 196 Fairfield ave 

Fisher George W., plasterer, h 250 E. Washington 

Fisher D. C, elk, bds Aveline House 

Fisher Michael, carp, Pittsburgh shop, h 85 E. Berry 

Fisher A., h 201 Hanna 

Fisher John H., eng, Pittsburgh R'y, h 333 Hanna 

Fisher Robert J., J. H. Bass' office, h 177 W. Wayne 

Fisher Jacob, bds 180 Montgomery 

Fisher Dave, agent, bds Aveline House 

Fisk William W., elk, h 209 W. Jefferson 

Fitzgerald M. M., day elk Exchange Hotel 

Fitzgerald John, machinist, (K. Murry), bds 251 Webster 

Fitzgerald Edward, train dispatcher, G. R. & I. R. R., bds 49 and 51 

Fitzgerald Patrick, lab, bds 231 Barr 
Fitzgibbons & Knoder, barber shop, 276 Calhoun 
Fitzgibben Michael, barber, bds 92 Baker 
Fltzgibben Margaret, widow, 92 Baker 
Fitzmorris Bridget, widoAv, h 58 Baker 
Fitzpatrick Michael, lab, h 20 Chicago 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, bds 262 Calhoun 
Fitzpatrick Barth, lab, h 26 Bass 
Fitzsimmons Patrick, h 39 Lasselle 
Fitch Otis, lab, bds ^^ Francis 
Fittle Fred, teamster, bds 5 7 W. Lewis 
Flanders James, eng, Wabash R'y, h 25 William 
Flaherty Patrick, lab, h 59 Gay 
Flaherty Patrick, lab, h 179 W. Jefferson 
FLEMING WILLIAM, (Dumm & F.), Sentinel, h cor Berry and 

Fleming Luke M, elk. Sentinel office, bds cor Berry and Rockhill 
Fleming Mrs. Sarah, (at Wm. Fleming's), cor Berry and Rockhill 
Fleming Thomas, saw3-er, h 329 W. Washinton 
Fleming R. E., h 158 vV. Berry 

Fleming John G., eng, Pittsburgh R'y, h 282 Webster 
Fletter Samuel C, lab, h 30 Bass 
FLETCHER & PO^^^ERS, Livery and Proprs. Omnibus Line, 18 

E. Wayne 
Fletcher J. F., A. J. Barr's Livery Stable, h 17 E. Main 
Fletcher Charles, Fletcher & Powers' Omnibus and FL^ck Line, h 

E. Wayne 
Fletcher Steven, lab, bds 29 Pearl 

I04 CARiER & Campbell's [FOR] ft. wayne directory. 

Fletcher C. C, (Miller & F.), Grocer, h 72 Cass 

Fleack Anton, wks P., F. W. & C. R'y, h 171 E. Lewis 

FLEDDERMAN JOHN G., Merchant Tailor, h 27 E. Main 

Fleider Christian, lab, bds 23 Harrison 

Fleiger Joseph, lab, h 93 W. Washington 

Fleischer Edward, barber, h 38 Wall 

Fleckinger Edward, i^Agt. Olds & Son), bds 141 E. Berry 

Flich Joseph, butcher, h 325 Lafayette 

Flickinger John, fireman, Wabash R'y, bds 73 Grand 

Flinn G. A., bill poster, bds 55 E. Berry 

Flinn Charles M., blacksmith, bds 55 E. Berry 

Flinn George, lab, h 55 E. Berry 

Flood Michael, lab, Pittsburgh shop, h 5 Wert 

Flynn Dennis, lab, h 33 Buchanan 

Flynn James, machinist, Wabash shop, h 235 Barr 

FOELLINGER J. M,, Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Groceries, 
Wines and Liquors, cor Calhoun and Main, h 235 W. Main 

Fcellinger Martin, elk, h 130 Harrison 

Foellinger Jacob, Boots, Shoes, etc., 6 Phoenix Block, Calhoun, h Fair- 
field ave, 

Fogarty C. D., blacksmith, bds 9 Pearl 

Fogerty Edward, blacksmith, h 13 Harrison 

Foley Jerry, lab, h 34 Baker 

Folwell, Mrs. Elizabeth, h 182 Jackson 

Fontaine Eugene, Smoke Stack Manuf. , h 1 78 E. Lewis 

Fontaine A., Smoke Stack Manuf., bds 178 E. Lewis 

Fontaine Henry, machinist, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 178 E. Lewis 

Foote James, (Peck & F.,) Confec, store 67 Calhoun 

Fort Wayne Gas Works, A. P. Edgerton Pres., E. Water 

Foote Wm. A., (Keller & F. ,) cigar manuf., bds 100 Barr 

FORT \A/'AYNE PAPER MILL, 3 miles N. E. of city, office 57 
Columbia, Freeman &: Barnett Proprs 

Fort Wayne Ricker Little Washer Manuf. Co., office cor Columbia and 

FORT WAYNE CONSERVATORY, A. K. Virgil, Principal, E. 

FORT \VAYNE NATIONAL BANK, Chas. D. Bond, Pres., J. 

D. Bond, Cashier, J. C. Woodworth, Assistant Cashier, cor Clinton 
and Main 

FORT \VAYNE GAS LIGHT CO., cor Barr and Water, A. P. 

Edgerton, Pres., B. D. Angell, Manager 

and Maiden T>ane, othce 59 W. Main, Nelson e\: Co., Proprs. 
FORT WAYNE TRUNK FACTORY, H. Lingenfelser, Propr., 

10 Columbia 
Fort Wayne Office Muncie and Cincinnati Railroad, 26 E. Wayne 
FORD CHARLES, Propr. Fort Wayne Tobacco Works, 51 and 53 

E. Berry 

CARiER &. Campbell's [FRA] ft. wayne directory. 105 

Manufs. Steam Engines, Boilers, Saw and Grist Mills, W. Water, 
b Calhoun and Harrison 

Forkefer John, lab, bds 63 E. Water 

Ford Andrew, fireman, Pittsburh R'y, h 145 Holman 

Fording Peter, brakeman, Wabash R'y, h 40 William 

Fording Isaac, conductor, Wabash R'y, h 26 William 

Forker August, carp, h 47 William 

Forrest William, barber, h ig N. Cass 

Ford James, tailor, bds 113 E. Main 

Fortriede Lewis, shoemaker, h 32 W. Main 

Ford William, lab, 140 High 

Fordney George M. , Molder, (J. H. Bass') h 192 Lafayette 

Forsythe Mrs. Lizzie, 401 Broadway 

Forest John, printer, bds 46 E. Jefferson 

ForbacK George, h 393 E. Wayne 

Ford William O., elk, bds 245 E. Lewis 

FOSTER BROS. & CO., Dry Good Store. 16 Columbia 

Foster William, postal elk, Wabash R'y, h 87 Montgomery 

Fosdick Edward, mail agent, Muncie Railroad, bds 122 W. Jefferson 

Foster Lee D., brakeman. Grand Rapids Railroad, bds cor Lafayette and 

Foster Abner, helper in Pittsburgh shop, bds 220 Lafayette 

Foster Andrew, mer. tailor, 62 Calhoun 

Fowles John, (N. B. Young & Co.), h 103 E. Washington 

Fowler George, (Moderwell & Fowler), h 25 Brackenridge 

Fowler Benjamin B., conductor, Muncie Railroad, h 40 Wells 

Fowler Susan B., teacher of drawing and French, bds Hamilton House 

FOX GEORGE, Confectionery Store, 25 E. Main 

Fox Jo.seph, elk, bds 25 E. Main 

Fox Phcebe, widow, bds 9 E. Wayne 

Fox Francis, blacksmith, h 156 Wallace 

Fox Joseph, confec, (at G. Fox's), h Taylor 

Fox August, gardener, h Taylor 

Fox James, lab, h Langohr 

Fox J. R., machinist, (Bass' shop), h 25 Summit 

Fox James, coal dealer, h 58 McClellan 

Fox Louis, elk. bds 25 E. Main 

Fox William, Propr. Fox House, 25S Calhoun 

Fox Eli, fireman, bds 258 Calhoun 

Fraley Michael, blacksmith, Pittsburgh shop, bds 20 Chicago 

Frame Prosper, plasterer, h 30 Lasselle 

France William, carp, h 27 Smith 

France Mrs. Margaret, h 370 Lafeyette 

France Joseph, lab, bds 370 Lafayette 

France Harry, bds i o McClellan 

FRANCE JOSEPH, Att'y at Law, h 10 McClellan 

Frank Max, Frank c^ Thanhouser, Dry Goods, h 46 W. Berry 

io6 cARiER & Campbell's [FRE] ft. wayne directory. 

P>ank Augustus, shoemaker, bds 178 Barr 

Frank Mrs. Margaret, h 313 W. Main 

Frank Charles, shoemaker, h 220 W. Main 

Franklin B., lab, h 134 Madison 

Frazier William, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 30 Force 

Fransdorf William, blacksmith, h 19 Clark 

France Abraham, teamster, h 137 Henry 

Francis Thomas P., machinist, Wabash shop, h 32 Brandriff 

Franks H. J., machinist, Bass' shop, h 116 Creightop ave 

Frary Henry, lab, h on Francis 

FRANK & THANHOUSER, Dealer in Fancy and Staple Dry 
Goods, '7 Keystone Block 

Frank Charles, coffin maker, bds 142 E. Wayne 

Frank Henry, lab, bds cor Ewing and W. Berry 

Frank N., cigar maker, bds 21 and 23 E. Main 

Frank Joseph, elk, bds 142 E. Wayne 

Frank Mrs. H., h 142 E. Wayne 

Franks Jasper, painter, h 105 Wells 

Francisco John, fireman, Wabash R'y, bds 59 Grand 

Francisco William, eng, Wabash R'y, h 42 Taylor 

Francisco Charles, eng, Richmond Railroad, bds 322 Calhoun 

Freiburger vSimon, h 97 W. Berry 

FREDERICKSON, JACOB, Saloon, h 8 Force 

FREIBERGER I., Saloon, 24 E. Berry 

Freinstein, Moritz, tailor, h 13 E. Wayne 

Fredrickson George, lab, bds 192 Montgomery 

FRENCH, HANNA & CO., (R. Morgan F., Charles H. and Oliver 
W. Jefferds), Proprs. Summit City Woolen Mills, Manufacturers of 
Cloths, Satinets, Jeans, Tweeds, Flannels, Blankets, Yarns, etc., also 
Dealers in Wool. S. S. Water, b Barr and Lafayette 

Freeh Henry, brewer, bds on Taylor 

Freiburger L., (F. & Bro. ), h 155 W. Wayne 

Frederickson John, milkman, h 49 Langohr 

FREEMAN A., Propr. Main Street Exchange, iS W. Main 

Freeman Safford, patent right, bds 152 E. Washington 

Freeman Samuel, elk, bds 21 and 23 E. Main 

Freeman Mrs. Sophia, h 98 Ewing 

FREEMAN & BARNETT,"Proprs. Paper Mills, 57 Columbia 

Freeman M. D., h 180 W. Wayne 

Freeman Samuel C, Justice of Peace, h 139 W. Main 

Freeman Samuel P., City Clerk, h 146 W. Berry 

Freinstein M., tailor, h 179 E. Washington 

Fredrickson Christoff, h 109 Wells 

Freiburger S. & Bro., Dealers in Leather, 24 E. Main 

Fresch George, machinist, bds 184 E. Jefferson 

Freed Calvin, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 16 Chicago 

French R. M., (Woolen Mills), h"i44 E. Washington 

French Broak, organ maker, bds Anderson House 


French Charles G., contractor, h 90 E. Wayne 

French Carrie, bds 90 E. Wayne 

Friese Frank, h 8 John 

Fricke William, carp, h 29 Lavina 

Fritze William, cabinet maker, bds 25 Broadway 

Fritag August, lab, h 19 Walnut 

Fricke Henry, h 175 Lafayette 

Frike Anthony, mason, h 17 Lavina 

Fritsche Julius, lab, 18 Hough 

Friederich Jacob, h 415 I^afayette 

Frietzsche John W., M. D., h 152 Griffith 

Friday Henry, drayman, h i Brandriff 

Friday Henry, h 15 Colerick 

Frost George, brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 75 Baker 

Frohsmith John, shoemaker, h 93 Buchanan 

Frohsmith John, Jr., lab, bds 93 Buchanan 

Frohsmith Max, lab, bds 93 Buchanan 

Fronfield R., h 20 W. Water 

Froelich Charles, lab, h 66 Nelson 

Frost Charles, brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 106 Chicago 

Frost James, fireman, Wabash R'y, bds 106 Chicago 

Frost Benjamin, h 106 Chicago 

FRY JACOB & SONS, Tanners, corner W. Main and Cherry 

Fry Jacob, (J. & Co.), tanner, h 296 W. Main 

Fry Henry William, (Fry & Bro. ), tanner, h 361 W. Main 

Fry John, h city limits, W. Main 

Fry Franklin, carp, h city line, W. Main 

Fry Joseph, (Fry Bros.), tanner, h 305 W. Main 

Fry Jacob, blacksmith, bds Union House 

Fry Harry, conductor, Wabash R'y, h 299 Harrison 

Fuchs Bernard, carp, h 21 Walnut 

Fuchs George, grocer, h 167 E. Jefferson 

Fuchs F. J., h 13 Force 

Fuller William, lab, h 42 W. Jefferson 

Fuller D. W., conductor, G., R. & L R. R., bds Exchange Hotel 

Furguson William, M. D., h 126 Harrison 

Furste Francis L. , elk, h 22 W. Wayne 

Furthmiller John J., h 57 Douglas ave 

Futter Martin, varnisher, h 135 Cass 


Gable Frank, elk, h 87 E. Washington 
Gable Philip, blacksmith Bass' shop, h 74 Lillie 
Gable Christian, h 40 Madison 
Gable Hannah, widow, h 65 Harrison 
Gablenz Charles, eng Pitts R'y, h 202 Francis 

CARiER & Campbell's [GEA] ft. wayne directory. 

(iacke August, blacksmith, bds 47 Wayne 

Gaeger August, lab, h 5 Hood 

Gaffney Edward, lab, h ^t, Bass 

Gaffney William, bakery and eating house, 2/0^4 Calhoun 

Gagney Henry, conductor Wabash R'y, bds 59 Grand 

Gahn William, blacksmith, shop and house 157 W. Main 

Gair Joseph, blacksmith Wabash shop, h 118 Union 

Gains Elizabeth, widow, h 30 E. Columbia 

Gallmeier Ernst, carp, bds 137 High 

Gallmeier Frederick, lab, bds foot W. Water 

Gallmyer William, carp, h 136 Francis 

Gallagher Thomas, switchman Pitts. R'y, bds cor Lafayette and Wallace 

Galing Herman, lab, bds 127 W. Wayne 

Galland Henry, wks wood train, h 305 Hanna 

GallmeyerC, moulder, bds 165 Ewing 

Gamble Joseph, lab, bds cor Lewis and Division 

Gans Louis, lab, h 3 Marion 

Ganshorn Peter, lab, h 25 Nirdlinger 

Garrett F. C, drayman, h north of E. Wayne 

Gardiner David, peddler, h 40 Taylor 

Garrison Albert, lab, h 18 Colerick 

Garrison Charles A., fireman Wabash R'y, h 117 William 

Garrison John, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 76 Butler 

Garwood Joseph, elk, h 29 Butler 

Garte Samuel, lab, h 63 E. Water 

Gardener Anthony, saloon, h 274 Hanna 

Gardner & Morey, Tobacconists, 120 Calhoun 

Gardner W. R., lab, bds 203 Calhoun 

Gard B., M. D., 128 Calhoun 

Garzner John P., elk, h 50 Wall 

Gard B., M. D., h 215 W. Wayne 

Gardner John, tobacconist, bds 92 E. Washington 

Gartley Samuel, plasterer, bds 92 Montgomery 

Gardner M. W., eng Wabash R'y, h 18 Fairfield ave 

Gass August, blacksmith Bass' shop, h 62 I^illie 

Gass Joseph P., lab, Bass' shop, h 92 Lillie 

GASPER MATTHIAS, Saloon and Restaurant, h 250 Calhoun 

Gates Nathan, saddler, bds 39 Water 

Gates William, conductor Pitts. R'y, bds 2 McClellan 

Gates Mrs. E., notion store, h 120 Broadway 

Gates Abraham, conductor Ft. W., M. & C. R'y, h 2 McClellan 

Gates D. S., exp. mess. G. R. & L R'y, bds RobinsonHouse 

Gavin James, wks gas factory, h 239 E. Washington 

(lavin Robert, miller City Mills, h 8 Harmer 

Gavin Robert, h 194 Madison 

Gaylord William, eng Richmond R'y, bds 322 Calhoun 

Gaylord Henry, elk, bds Robinson House 

Geary James, bds Phillips House, T07 E. Columbia 

CARiER & Campbell's [GIL] ft. wayne directory. 109 

Geary James, lab, bds 58 E. Columbia 

Gebhart Cieorge, harness maker, h 143 Francis 

(iebhart Charles, eng, bds Bloomingdale Hotel 

Gebet C, moulder, bds 112 Hanna 

Geddis William, elk, bds Centra] Hotel 

Geerken Frederick, lab, h 80 E. Madison 

Geerken Henry, boiler maker, bds 80 E. Madison 

(reen Mrs. Francis M., doctress, h 139 W. Main 

Geissman Eliza, widow, h 40 Locust 

Geiger Charles, school teacher, h 125 E. Jefterson 

Geiss Jacob, grocer, h 355 Lafayette 

Geismar Adolph, elk, bds Robinson House 

Gelzeman Ernst H., carp, h 48 Water 

Geller George, lab, h 6 Hood 

Georgan Stephen, cigar maker, h 141 Lafayette 

Gephard William, mason, h 205 Madison 

Gerry William, jr., bds 36 Wayne 

Gerry William, h 36 Monroe 

Gerlach Jacob, lab, h 173 Harrison 

Gerke Frederick, lab, bds 21 Gay 

Gerber Conrad, lab, h on Francis • 

Gerard Anton, helper Pitts, shop, h 126 E. Lewis 

Gerard Mrs. Ann, h 184 Griffith 

Gerke H. F., grocer, h 209 Lafayette 

German Adam, bds 30 Madison 

GERARDIN HYPOLITE, Saloon, 28 E. Columbia 

Crerardin Mrs. Theressa, grocery store, h 314 Lafa)ette 

Gerlak Lewis, lab, bds 213 W. Washington 

Gers Philip, grocer, h 115 Fairfield 

Cietz John, shoemaker, h 173 Griffith 

Geye Herman, shoemaker, bds 424 E. Wayne 

Geye Henry, shoemaker, h 424 K. Wayne. 

Gibson Frank, carp, h ^S Oak 

Gibson James, lab, h 341 W. Washington 

Gibson Daniel, book-keeper, h 59 Brackenridge 

Gibson Joe, carp, h 190 Montgomery 

Gick George, elk, h 154 Clay 

Giesler Christian, cigar maker, bds 148 Calhoun 

Giese Mrs. W., h 2 Fairfield ave 

Gilbert John, drug clerk, h 246 W. Washington 

Gilby John, lab, h 16 Williams 

Gillespie James, baggage master Saginaw R'y, h 34 Cass 

Gilmartin Edward, telegraph repairer, h 31 Williams 

Gilman & Fletcher, dress makers, 17 E. Main 

Gill Josiah, carp, h 67 Wilt 

Gilchrist Christopher, hair dresser, 26 E. Columbia 

Gilbert Joseph, lab, h 165 Jackson 

Gilliland & Medsker (James G. &. 1. N. M. ) grocers, cor Lewis & Laf. 

no CARiER & Campbell's [GRA] ft. wayne directory. 

Goodman F. X., jr., painter, bds ii Columbia 

Good Daniel, moulder Wabash shop, bds 67 Malitta 

Good John, moulder Wabash shop, h 67 Malitta 

Good Caroline, widow, h 6 McClellan 

Goodrich W. W., mail agent, bds 205 (Ilalhoun 

Goodwin & Holdt, barbers, 131 Calhoun 

Gooven Henry, carp, h W. Main 

Goodwin Anson, barber, bds 3 Pine 

Goodhue George, eng Wabash R'y, bds 82 Fairfield 

Goodenough George, eng Pitts. R'y, bds 233 Lafayette 

Goodnow Charles, fireman G. R. & I. R'y, bds 126 E. Lewis 

Goodman Charles, elk, bds 11 Columbia 

Goodman F. X., saloon, 11 Columbia 

Goodrich William, mail agent Richmond R'y, bds 203 Barr 

Goodwin William, elk, bds 49 and 51 W. Berry 

Goodwill J. P., gardner, h Hanna farm 

Gorell S. R., conductor Pitts. R'y, bds Exchange Hotel 

Gorgas N., elk, bds 46 E. Jefferson 

Gorham Jesse, lab, h 12 Orchard 

Gordan William, bds 26 McClellan 

Gorrell A. C, btakeman Wabash R'y, h 67 Wilt 

Gorham Charles E., General Manager Pitts. R'y, bds Hamilton House 

Gordan Hough, lab, bds 100 W. Berry 

Gorsline Sylvester L., brakeman Muncie R'y, h 198 Lafayette 

Gordan Samuel, lab, h 63 Water 

Gors Peter, lab, h 49 Walnut 

Gorham Charles D., Superintendent Western Division Pitts. R'y, bds 
Hamilton House 

Gorham Thomas, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 285 Hanna 

Gorwin Lewis, h 24 Fairfield ave 

GOSHORN W. H., County Surveyor, office in Court House, bds at 
Mayer House 

Goshorn Jacob S., bridge contractor, h 14 Force 

Gossett John W., traveling agent, h 25 Lewis 

Gottshall George M., agt., bds 80 Baker 

Gotshall M. V. B., attorney, h south on Hoagland ave 

GOULD GEORGE, manufacturer and dealer in furniture and mat- 
tresses, h 72 Columbia 

Gould Theodore, fireman Pitt.. R'y, bds 98 Montgomery 

Gouty T. A., wks planing mill, h 244 W. Washington 

Graham J. S., i)lasterer, h 254 W. Wayne 

Graham Mrs. Margaret, h 59 Wilt 

Graffe George W., tinner, h 26 VV. Jefferson 

Graffe Charles F. , tinner, h 24 W. Jefferson 

Granemeier Theodore, druggist, bds iiS Barr 

Graf John N., machinist Pitts, shop, h 208 Lafayette 

Graff Mar.K & Son, wholesale liquor dealers, 18 W. Columbia 

Grahl Clemens, German teacher, h 196 Barr 

CARiER & Campbell's [GOO] ft. wayne directory. 

Gilliland James G. (G. & Medsker), h 97 Montgomery 
Gilbert James B., blk smith, h 169 Griffith 
Gilbert William H., saddler, bds 169 Griffith 
(jilbert A. L., telegrapher Wabash office, bds iS Colerick 
Gilliland James, Frof., propr store cor Lafayette and Lewis, h 97 Mont- 
Gillett James H., fireman Richmond R'y, h 32 Buchanan 
(rintner Charles A., tinner, bds American House 
Glanson Patrick, lab, bds 20 Chicago 
Glass Mrs. Nancy, h 141 W. Water 
Glaser Caroline, widow, h 13 W. Jefferson 
Glendinsing Charles, fireman Pitts. R'y, bds 98 Montgomery 
Gleason Myron, bds 54 W. Main 
Glessner Mrs. Hester, h 303 W. Washington 
Glesen Edward, baker, h 195 Hanna 
Glover W. H., photographer, bds Exchange Hotel 
Glutting Jacob, saloon 76 E. Columbia, h 15 W. Washington 
Glutting Andrew, bds 15 W. Washington 
Glusenkamp William, lab, bds 58 W. Lewis 
GLYNN MATTHIAS, Livery and Sale Stable, 53 E. Main 
Glynn Mrs. Jane, h 98 Ewing 
Goble Samuel, lab, bds 18 W. Washington 
Goble Stephan L., lab, bds 18 W. Washington 
Gocke Anthony, salesman, B. T. & S., h 47 W. Wayne 
Godfrey Albert, moulder at Murray & Co.'s, bds 109 Holrnan 
Godfrey James T., eng Wabash shop, h 160 Henry 
Godfrey Mrs. Sarah, h 292 W. Jefferson 
Godown John M., civil eng, h 77 Douglas ave 
Godown Johnson, h 77 Douglas ave 
Goddard H. R. , wks Olds & S., h 243 Clay 
Godfrey Walter, moulder Bass' Foundry, bds 109 Holman 
Godfrey J., brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 305 Harrison 
Goible Peter, sr., h 155 Holman 
Gojble Mrs. C, h 219 Lafayette 
GCERIZ A., Dr., office 30 Columbia 
Gcjutja John, saloon, h 183 Calhoun 
Goeglein John, wood dealer, h 246 Broadway 
Gceglein Valentine, teamster, bds 246 Broadway 
(ioebel Peter, jr., stone cutter, bds 155 Holman 

GCERIZ ADOLF, M. D., office 30 E. Columbia, h 365 Lafayette 
Goete George, trunk maker, bds 75 Buchanan 
(keriz Lewis, bds 365 Lafayette 
Ciolden Margaret, widow, h 38 Malitta 

Goldsmith, tieorge, fireman Muncie R'y, bds 120 W. Water 
Ciolden Patrick, lab, h 34 Smith 
Golden H. A., lab, bds Union House 
Golden Mary M., widow, h 8 Bass 
Goodman B., tinner Pitts, shop, bds it Coumbia 

112 CARiER & Campbell's [GRI] ft. wayne directory. 

Grage William, water wagon, h 15 Sturgis 

Graham Charles, lab, h 109 Barthold 

Ciray James, conductor Pitts. R'y, h 64 Williams 

Granneman Christian, carp, bds 19 Barthold 

Gray Mrs. Anna, h 29 E. Main 

Graham James E., Justice of Peace, h 2 Hoagland ave 

Graham William H., painter, shop 231 Calhoun 

Graybill Daniel, carp, bds 205 Calhoun 

Graffe George W. & Co., tinner, 132 Calhoun 

Graffe Frederick (G. W. G. & Co.), h 134 Calhoun 

Grafmiller Christian, Ass't Supt. Street R'y, h 260 Calhoun 

Graves Ora, stone cutter, bds 282 Broadway 

Grathans Henry, carp, h 194 E. Wayne 

Granger Horace, student, bds 164 E. Wayne 

Granger Noah, insurance agent, h 164 E. Wayne 

Graham, George W., lab, h 103 Barr 

Graf John, lab, h 20 Buchanan 

Graff M.,h 113 W. Wayne 

Graff M. L., bds 113 W. Wayne 

Graf Philip, lab, bds 20 Buchanan 

GRAHAM WILLIAM H., painter, h 13 Hamilton 

Graffe Henry C. (Mayer & G., jewelers), h cor Fulton and W. Jefferson 

Grage Frederick, lab, h 185 W. Jefferson 

Granneman Charles, lab, h 302 Harrison 

Granneman H. G., fireman, Wabash carpenter shop, h 301 Harrison 

Green Harley, book-keeper, bds 221 W. Wayne 

Green Charles W., bds cor Ewing and Berry 

Green Miss Mary A., h cor Ewing and Berry 

Greer John, carp, h 30 Walnut 

Green George, eng Wabash R'y, h 70 Baker 

Grebben James M., carp Pitts, shop, h 29 Douglas ave 

GRENAMIER & CO., proprs People's Drug Store, h 128 Calhoun 

Cireensfelder Gustaf, grocer, h 206 Broadway 

Greensfelder Josiah, cashier Fruit House, bds 206 Broadway 

Green S., lab, h 281 E. Washington 

GREGG JAMES S., M. D^ h 176 E. Wayne 

Green George, bds 86 Main 

Greves Joseph, carp, bds loi Wallace 

GREENE G. G., insurance agent, bds 328 Lafayette 

(jreer John, wks Olds & S., bds 457 Lafayette 

Grenomllet Jacob, h 305 Hanna 

Green William H., bds cor Ewing and Berry 

Green , carp, bds 25 Broadway 

Green Corydon, wheat buyer, h 221 W. Wayne 
Greibel William, teamster, bds 174 Taylor 
Griebel William, cabinet maker, bds 58 E. Jefferson 
Griffee Walter C, hostler, bds American House 
Grimme John H., h 19 W. Wayne \ 

CARiER & Campbell's [GUT] ft. waynE directory. 113 

Grimmerson James, lab, bds 3 and 5 Railroad 
Griebel Louis, Griebel & Fee, furniture, h 58 E. Jefferson 
Grimm John, teacher, h 275 W. Washington 
Grim Ferdinand, wks Wabash Freight House, h 163 E. Jefferson 
Griebel Lewis, teamster, h 55 Wells 

GRIEBEL & FEE, manufacturers and dealers in furniture, 47 E. 

Griswold , cabinet maker, bds 1 70 Lafayette 

Griese Frederick, elk, bds Steuben House 

Grieb John, tailor, h 182 E. Lewis 

Grimme John C., elk, bds 19 W. Wayne 

Griebel William, collar maker, bds 53 Water 

Griebel A. L., local editor, h 148 W. Wayne 

Griffith Levi, carp, h 207 Broadway 

Cxriftith Catherine, widow, h 241 Webster 

Griffith Lafayette, fireman Wabash R'y, h 118 Fairfield 

Griffith William E., elk, h 274 W. Jefferson 

Griffiths James M., carp, h 76 Chicago 

Grote Mrs. Mary, h 297 W. Jefferson 

Grosjean August, lab, h 86 Smith 

Grout Lavina, widow, h 74 Douglas ave 

Grout Allison E., express messenger G. R. & L R'y, bds 74 Douglas ave 

Grosjean Frank, plasterer, bds 86 Smith 

Grout William E., druggist, bds 74 Douglas ave 

Grout Mary A., widow, h 74 Douglas ave 

Grove Maxwell J., boiler maker, h 106 E. Berry 

Gross Christine, elk, h 136 Calhoun 

Gross Mrs. Pauline, h 163 Van Buren 

Groves Daniel, lab, h 95 W. Water 

Gronauer William G., h 96 Ewing 

(jruber Joseph, conductor Pitts. R'y, h 231 W. Jefferson 

Gruber Valentine, h 53 Taylor 

Gruber Anthony, eng, h 52 Walnut 

Grund Philip R., blacksmith Pitts, shop, h 176 Henry 

Gruber Michael, tailor, h 18 Wilt 

Grund Frederick, stone mason, h 59 Melitta 

Guenther H., barber, shop 24 Court 

Guetler Matthew, elk, bds Robinson House 

Gugenheim J. H., elk, bds 173 W. Washington 

Guilford A., barber, bds 68 Barr 

Guillman Joseph, carp, h 35 Wilt 

Gumppers C. C. (Dukeman & G.), saloon, h 84 Calhoun 

Gunkel L., h 40 Nirdlinger ave 

Gun George, conductor Wabash R'y, bds 73 Grand 

Gun L., brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 73 Grand 

Gurtz Bernhart, lab, h 55 E. Water 

Gust John, blacksmith, h 170 High 

Guthrie Frank, printer, h 261 W. Jefiferson 

114 CARiER & Campbell's [HAM] ft. wayne directory. 

Guthdermuth George, h 38 Wilt 

Guthdermiith Henry, blacksmith Pitts, shop, !i t,8 Wilt 

Cjutermuth , baker, bds Steuben House 

Gutermuth J. G., lab, h 167 Van Buren 
(Tuttermuth Casper, turner, h 59 W. Jefterson 
(iutb Frederick, h 20 Hanna 
Gweiner Michael, tanner, h 47 Wells 
Gyer John, lab, bds 25 Barr 

Haas Lewis, elk, h 125 Cass 

Haag Mrs. Louisa, h 329 W. Washington 

Haaselhorst H., mustard manuf. , h 256 E. Washington 

Haberkorn Henry, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 395 Lafa)t:tte 

Haberkorn Emil, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 136 Harrison 

Habecker Elias, carp, h 16 Sturges 

Hable Andrew, shoemaker, h 172 Taylor 

Hackens Andrew, lab, h 73 Brackenridge 

Hadley John, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 59 Grand 

Haentschel Clement, teacher, bds 234 W. Jefferson 

Haffner Christian, bakery, cor Harrison and W. Berry 

Hagarty James, lab, h 34 Baker 

Hageman William, Sr., lab, h 188 Broadway 

Hageman William Jr., cigar maker, bds 188 Broadway 

Hagedorn Herman, elk, Pittsburgh freight house, h 12S Chicago 

Hagan Timothy, Councilman 6th Ward, h 1 1 Grand 

HAIBER FRED, Notary, h 64 Wells 

Hake Frank, (H. & Co.), ashery, h 45 N. Calhoun 

Hall & Brown, barbershop, 189 Calhoun 

Hally Martin, bds 323 Lafayette 

Hall Charles, fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 22 Madison 

Hall Andrew S., boot and shoe manuf., r6 AV. Mnin 

Hall Susan A., widow, h 94 Barr 

Hall James E., carp, h Creighton ave 

Hall S. T., eng, Pittsburgh R'y, h 128 E. Lewis 

Hallaner Daniel, gorcer and provision mer, h 214 Calhoun 

Halm M. F., brewer, Bloomingdale brewery 

Hall Charles, fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 197 E. Jefferson 

Hallaka Henry, lab, h 116 Fairfield 

Hall A. S., boots and shoes, 14 W. Main, h 132 E. Main 

Ham John J., elk h 10 Henry 

Hambrock F., lab, Bass' foundry, h 209 Hanna 

Hamilton Mrs. Elizabeth, h 16 Wallace 

HAMILTON & CO., Coffee and Spice Mills, 30 Clinton 

Hamilton William, bds 73 E. Berry 

CARiER & Campbell's [HAR] ft. wayne directory. 115 

Hamilton Allen, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, bds 118 Barr 

Hamilton Mrs. Allen, widow, h cor Clinton and Barr 

HAMILTON ANDREW H., h head of Clinton 

Hamilton M., (Heustis^: Hamilton), h cor Lewis and Clinton 

Hamilton F. , bds Hanna House 

Hamilton John, baggage master, Pittsburgh R'y, h 151 W. Wayne 

Hamilton Ann, widow, Propr. Hamilton House, h 103 W. Berry 

Hamilton Miss L., Hamilton House 

Hamrood Andrew, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 60 E. Washington 

Hamsher Benj. F., eng, Pittsburgh R'y, h 45 Butler 

Hamrecht Cieorge, cigar maker, h 44 Douglas 

HAMILTON ALLEN & CO., Bankers and Exchange Dealers, W. 

S. Calhoun, opp. Court House 
HANCE J. D., Sheriff Allen County, office in Court House 
HANUM DANIEL, Propr. Occidental Billiard Hall and Saloon, 83 

Calhoun, h 93 Wayne 
Hanley Rudolph, wks Pittsburgh shop, bds 98 Montgomery 
Harvey William, fireman, Wabash R'y, bds 82 Fairfield ave 
Handheim John J., machinist, Wabash shop, h 12MC Clellan 
Hansen Joseph, lab, h 208 W. Main 
Handler Peter, mason, h 37 Walnut 
Hankinson Peter, carriage trimmer, h 25 Butler 
Hanley J. H., blacksmith, Wabash shop, h 217 Broadway 
Handman William, lab, bds 224 E. Jeflerson 
Haima Robert, machinist. Bowser's foundry, h 17 iN. Cass 
Hanna Oliver, elk, bds cor Lewis and Di\ ision 
Hanna Henry, Jr., bds 135 E. Berry 
Hannen James, cooper, bds 29 Butler 
Han nan Mrs. Mary, h 25 Baker 
Hanna Joseph, bds 135 E. Berry 
Hanna H. C., h 135 E. Berry 

HANNA SAMUEL T., Dealer in Real Estate, h 109 W. Berry 
Hanna Charles, (French, Hanna & Co., woolen mills), h 64 E. Jefferson 
Hanna Hugh T. , bds cor Lewis and Division 
Hanna Mrs. Lizzie, widow, h cor Lewis and Dixision 
Hanson R. C, gas fitter, h 48 E. Main 
Handsh Simon, h 408 W. Main 
HARPER & CO., Hat and Cap manufs., and Dealers in Furs, 3 

Phuenix Block 
Hartman George B., (L. R. H. & Co.), bucket mannfai turcr, h 161 W. 

Harton James, lab, bds 104 E. Madison 
Hartman Mrs. Eliza, h 161 W. Washington 
Hartman Rev. D. P., bds 241 W. Wayne 
Hartman Adolph, lab, h 35 Maumee 
Hartman Amos, cooper, h 138 W. Main 
Hartman B. S., dentist, bds 241 W. Wayne 
Hartman L. R., cashier First Nat. Bank, h 241 W. Wayne 

ii6 CARiER & Campbell's [HAR] ft. wayne directory. 

Harvey J., eng, bds 70 E. Madison 

Hartmeyer Fred, collar maker, h 163 E. Jefferson 

Harrison William H., h cor Fairfield ave and William 

Hartung Ludwig, h 284 W. Jefferson 

Hartnett Richard, lab, 68 Baker 

Hardesty William, bell boy at Mayer House, bds same 

Hartshorn, J. S., eng, Wabash R'y, h 65 Garden 

Harris Mrs. Hannah, h 18 Pine 

Harrington E. B., carp, h 17 Henry 

Hartshorn S. J., lab, h 15 Lavina 

Hardendorf, John, millwright, h 245 W. Wayne 

Harter John, teamster, h 95 W. Water 

Harkemeper William, elk, bds 21 and 23 E. Main 

Harrison Charles, baggage master, Richmond R. R., bds 205 Calhoun 

Harding Daniel L., ass't civil eng, Pittsburgh R'y, h 235 W. Jefferson 

Hartstein Lewis, lab, h 344 Broadway 

Hartshorn S. J., bds 65 Garden 

Hart J. R., agt. Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine, h 112 E. Wayne 

Hartman Mrs. Ann, h 104 E. Madison 

Harring Theodore, fireman, Wabash R'y, h 119 William 

Harper James P., hatter, h 59 Barr 

Harrison Joseph, lab, bds 39 Water 

Hartman John, lab, h 59 Water 

Hartnett James, lab, h 25 Baker 

Harrison William, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 199 Barr 

Harrison Charles, brakeman, Richmond R. R., bds 203 Barr 

HARTUNG CHRISTIAN, Mer. Tailor, and Gents' Furnishing 

Goods, 82 Calhoun 
Hartman William H., eng, Wabash R'y, h 15 Holman 
Hartman Isaac, cooper, h 334 Hanna 
Hartsuff William D., elk, bds 341 Hanna 
Hartman Christian, lab, h 53 W. Jefferson 
Hartung Gottholt, tailor, bds 284 W. Jefferson 
Harkless William H., fireman. Grand Rapids R. R., h 320 Hanna 
Hartnett William, lab, h 52 Baker 
Hartung Christian, tailor, h 284 W. Jefferson 
Hartung Emil, tailor, bds 284 W. Jefferson 
Harper James, hats and caps, h 163 E. Wayne 
Harrison Robert, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 265 Hanna 
Hartman Herman, lab, h 126 E. Washington 
Harmeyer William, lab, h 47 First 
Harwell George, cabinet maker, h 235 Lafayette 
Harper James & Co., manufs. silk hats, 11 E. Columbia 
Harries John &: Co., Fort Wayne file works, 126 Calhoun 
Harmon Daniel J., elk at Harmon House 
Harris |. L., carpenter, bds 264 Calhoun 

HARMON HOUSE, Harmon Daniel, Propr., 284 Calhoun 
Harmon Samuel W., cigars and tobacco, 276 Calhoun, bds Harmon House 

CARiER & Campbell's [HEC] ft. wayne directory. 117 

Hartman John, lab, h 59 E. Water 

Hartman George, lab, bds 59 Water • 

Harrison Frank, eng, Wabash R'y, bds 76 Dawson 

Harter George, lab, bds 1 70 W. Main 

Harter Joseph, blacksmith, shop and h 170 W. Main 

Harris John, hardware &c., h 152 Holman 

Harris George, h 252 E. Lewis 

Harris Amos, lab, bds 76 Wallace 

Hartman L. R., (L. R. H. &Bro.), bucket manuf. , h 161 W. Washington 

Harmeyer Fred, collar maker, bds 57 W. Water 

Hassinger William, brakeman. Grand Rapids R. R., bds 203 Calhomi 

Hastmeyer C. W., sewing machine agt., h 120 Chicago 

Haskell Washington, com. mer., and agt. for Maltby's oysters, 65 E. 

Hass Jacob, lab, h 72 Wallace 
Hasty John, fruit stand, h 114 Calhoun 
Hasty S. W., elk, bds 114 Calhoun 
Haskell Wash, com. mer., bds 92 Calhoun 
HATERSLEY A., Plumber and Gas Fitter, 48 E. Main 
Hattersley William, elk, bds 173 W. Wayne 
HATTERSLEY ALFRED, Propr. Fort Wayne Brass Works, 

Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter, 48 E. Main, h 73 W. Wayne 
Hathaway John, h 91 Wilt 

HANSER OTTO, Director Concordia College 
Hauss David, (Boerger & H.), vinegar works, h 243 W. Washington 
Hauble Charles, machinist, Wabash shop, h on Taylor 
Hausbach Jacob, lab, h 38 Henry 
Haurand B., lab, bds Union House 
Hauser Mrs. R., widow, h 208 Hanna 

Hausman William, blacksmith, Pittsburgh shop, h 208 Monroe 
Hauenstein Julius, shoemaker, h 189 W. Main 
Hawes D., manuf. window shades, 59 Columbia 
Haverly Anthony, blacksmith, Pittsburgh shop, h 170 Madison 
Haxby James, att'y, bds 144 E. Berry 
Hayes Thomas, lab, h 25 Colerick 
Hayes John, lab, bds 24 Charles 

Hayes Charles fireman, Wabash R'y, bds 74 Douglas ave 
Hayes Charles A., student at law, 34 E. Berry 
Flayes James, night watch, Muncie round house, bds 40 Wells 
Haynes Frank, eng, Wabash R'y, h 29 Melitta 
Headford Saul, cabinet maker, h 186 Clay 
Heaber Barbara, widow, 10 E. Berry 
Hebert Peter, eng, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 230 Calhoun 
Hebbiser George, brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 59 Grand 
Hebert Oliver, eng, Pittsburgh R'y, h 167 E. Wayne 
Heck John T., lab, h 333 E. Washington 
Hecker Henry, lab, h 385 E. Wayne 
Hecht Joseph, carpenter, bds 28 Locust 

ii8 CARiER & Campbell's [HEN] ft. wayne directory 

HECKER GEORGE M., Grocer, no Wells, h 112 Wells 

Hecker George, eng, h 29 Pearl 

Hedinger Jacob, shoemaker, bds 319 Lafayette 

Hedges Thomas J., carpenter, h 323 W. Main 

Henderhorst Ernst, lab, bds 136 Francis 

HEDEKIN HOUSE, Wolf and Wagner Proprs, 25 Barr 

Hedekin Thomas, h 82 E. Washington. 

Hedckin Ellen C., widow, h 95 E. Main 

Hegerer C. Stewart Concordia College 

Hehnlein Michael, lab, h 183 W. Jefferson 

Heilbronner Abraham, dealer in hides &c., h 62 W. Main 

Heit Alex., butcher, h 74 Wells 

Heinlen William, machinist, (K. Murry), h 304 Harrison 

Heidenrich E., lab, h 26 Henry 

Heibler Jane T., widow, h 189 Elwing 

Heit Christian, elk, bds, 93 Calhoun 

Heine Mrs. C, h 96 E. Madison 

Heil Fred, lab, h 104 W. Walnut 

Heibner John, lab, h 323 Lafayette 

Heinling Mrs. Fred, h 321 Lafayette 

Heitwinkel Henry, carp, h 54 W. Wayne 

Heilbronner Samuel, h 56 W. Wayne 

Heine Fred, painter, Wabash shop, h 139 Wallace 

Heingardner Martin, tailor, shop on Clinton, Union Block, h 155 W. 

Heidelbrecht Henry, dry goods, bds 152 W. Jefferson 
Heidelbrecht <.^ Schwartz, dry goods, 142 Broadway 
Heineman Fred, wks at Bass' shop, h 161 Hanna 
Heinev N., elk, h 25^ E. Jefferson 
HEINGARTNER MARTIN, Mer. Tailor, and Gents' Furnishmg 

Goods, 34 Clinton 
Heilbronner A., h 62 W. Main 

Heine Frederick, carp, Pittsburgh shop, h 52 Douglas ave 
Heinlen Emanuel, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 158 Griffith 
Heit Mrs. Josephine, h 188 Griffith 
Heke Herman, drayman, h 156 E. Washington 
Heldt Gorge, barber, h 69 High 
Helm Theodore, carp, h 174 Henry 
Held Ferdinand, moldei^, Bass' foundry, h 153 Hanna 
Heldt John M., razor grinder, h 78 High 
Heller William 1/., cabinet maker, Ixls 220 Lafayette 
Helmkami^ Henry, carp, h 240 W. Wasliington 
Held Adolph, molder, (J. H. Bass), bds 189 Barr 
Helmuth G.. h 25 W. Washington 

Hempbill David, fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 332 Calhoun 
Henkennis Frank, teamster, h 22 Douglas 
Henderson George, lab, bds Bloomingdale Hotel 
Hencey Henry, carp, h 53 High 

CARiER & Campbell's [HEU] ft. waynf, uikectokv. 119 

Hener Ernst, helper, bds 147 E. Lewis 

Henkel Phil, foreman vinegar works, h 119 Lalaycltc 

Henry Joseph PI elk, h 139 Clay 

Hennings August, lab, bds 92 E. Madison 

Hennesy Alex, lab, h 34 Third 

Henschen Henry lab, h 164 Ewing 

Henshen AV'illiam, lab, wks Pittsburgh shop, [1222 Francis 

Henry William H., wheat buyer, h 94 Jackson 

Henry H. H., h 195 W. Main 

Henderson Louisa, bds 104 E. Wayne 

Henschen George H., lab, Bass' foundry, bds 222 Francis 

Henderson S. C, machinist, Pittsburgh shop bds Hanna Flouse 

Hench Samuel, att'y at law, bds Robinson House 

Henderson Henry, machinist, Wabash shop, bds 40 Madison 

Henderson George, elk, bds 23 Madison 

Henderson William, h 23 Madison 

Henderson John A., carp, h 100 Columbia 

Henderson Angeline M., propr. boarding, 86 E. Main 

Hennesy Dennis, lab, bds 34 Third 

Henderson A. R., sup. woolen factory, h 115 E. Wa} ne 

Hennings Fred, h 92 E. Madison 

Henkel Charles, music teacher, bds 119 Lafayellc 

Hepburn A., painter, bds 25 Barr 

Herring John lab, h 71 Douglas 

Hergonrather Mrs. Maggie, h 43 Nirdlinger 

Herr George, h 64 McClellan 

Hertig C. M., lawyer, bds Mayer House 

Hermann Alex, M. D., h 177 Montgomery 

Herrington John, Sr. , carp, h 68 Dawson 

Hersh George, student, bds 261 W. Wayne 

Herman Mrs. Regina,"h 99 Lasselle 

Henman Michael, carpenter, h 99 Lasselle 

Herschen Henry, lab, Pittsburgh shop, bds 222 Francis 

Hering Peter, lab, 15 West 

Hermsdorfer Adam, shoemaker, h 28 1 W. Jefferson 

Hermsdorfer George A., boot and shoemaker, 33 E. Main 

Hersh William, student, bds 261 W. Wayne 

Herr Jacob, machinist, h 72 Lasselle 

HERBST FREDERICK, Saloon and Boarding House, h 3 and 4 

Herwer Valentine, lab, h 24 Clark 
Hesemeier Henry, mason, h 15 Lavina 
Hess John, expressman, h 71 Douglas 
Hesner Henry, lab, h 5 Marion 
Hesner Charles, lab, h 5 Marion 

Heuer John, elk, bds 55 W. Wayne 
Heuer Herman, shoemaker, h 55 W. Wayne 

I20 CARiER & Campbell's [HIL] ft. wayne directory. 

Heiier Christian, lab, h 107 Force 

Hey Ernst, elk, bds 92 Barr 

Hey Amandeus, (Linker & Co.), h 181 E. Wayne 

Hickman James, fruits and candies, 133 Calhoun 

Hess N. W., plow maker, h 12 Fairfield ave 

Hesemeier Henry, mason, h 24 W. Jefferson 

Hettler Christoff, bds 167 Hoi man 

Hettler Godtlieb, lab, 84 Charles 

Hettinger E. B., bds 140 Barr 

Hettler Mrs. Kate, h 145 E. Lewis 

Hickman E. grocer, 54 Barr 

Hickman Samuel, bds 54 Barr 

Hickman S., bds 54 Barr 

Hickman &:Bro., grocers, store 98 Barr 

Hienholz Kohlman, carp, h 37 Bass 

Hight E., elk, h 37 Henry 

Hight Eugene, Machinist, h 131 Lafayette 

Hight H. A., theatrical, h 113 Lafayette 

Higgins F. P.,eng, h 143 E. Jefferson 

Higgins C, train dispatcher, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 49-51 W. Berry 

Hight Eugene, Jr., coppersmith, bds 131 Lafayette 

Hight H., Jr., bds 113 Lafayette 

HILL, C. L., Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Pianos, Organs, and 

General Musical Merchandise, 52 and 54 Calhoun 
Hill Madison, street buyer, bds 82 W. Berry 
Hill Jacob, bar keeper, bds 93 Calhoun 
Hill Henry, h 181 Jackson 
Hill Mrs. M. W., h 199 W. Wayne 

Hilbrecht Henry, Jr., machinist, (Bowser & Co.), bds 228 W. Jefferson 
Hilbrecht Henry, blacksmith, h 228 W. Jefferson 
Hilker Charles, carp, Pittsburgh shop, h 137 Francis 
HILDEBRAND WILLIAM, grocer, and provision mer, 201 

HILT FRED & CO., harness makers, 117 E. Main 
Hillier W., blacksmith, bds 10 Harrison 
Hilgeman Fred, lab, h 180 Ewing 
Hill John E., Jr., miller, bds 82 W. Berry 
Hill Daniel, lab, h west of Wells 
Hill David, policeman, h 62 E)ouglas 
Hilton James, machinist, bds 87 William 
Hille William, lab, h 41 Walnut 
Hilgeman Fred, carp, h 399 E. Washington 
Hilgeman Fred, lab, h 18 McClellan 
Hill O. G., h 278 W. Jefferson 
Hild Henry, carriage painter, h 52 W. Jeffer.son 
Hillmann Fred, lab, h 69 Buchanan 
Hill Mrs. Barbara, h 158 W. Main 
Hilgeman Henry, lab, h 184 Ewing 

CARiER & Campbell's [HOA] ft. wayne directory. 12] 

Hilgeman William, carp, h iSoEwing 

Hilker Fred, lab, h 175 Washington 

Hill John, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 54 Chicago 

Hilgeman Henry, Sr., eng, h 91 W. Jefferson 

Hilgeman Henry, Jr., elk, bds 91 W. Jefferson 

Hild, Henry, painter, h 39 W. Jefferson 

Hill Joseph, mason, h 62 W. Lewis 

Hill Mary, widow, bds 34 W. Water 

Hiller William, cabinet maker, bds 220 Lafayette 

Hilgeman William, carp, h 216 E. Washington 

Hilt John, lab, h 26 Baker 

Hildebrand Fred, carp, h ;^^ Jefferson 

Hilt Fred, harness maker, (H. & Co.), bds 26 Baker 

Hilliker William, fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 17 Holman 

HILL JOHN E., Township Trustee, h 82 W. Berry 

Hill John H., h cor Lewis and Harrison 

Hinker Charles, blacksmith, Pittsburgh shop, h 42 Charles 

Hinton William, brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 30 Baker 

Hinds Theodore, fireman, h 36 Brandriff 

Hinman Edwin, h 14 W. Wayne 

Hinton Samuel, fruits and nuts, 210 Calhoun 

Himbert John, drayman, h 16 Hood 

Hines John, lab, bds 49 Baker 

Himmelsbach W., bds 82 W. Berry 

Himbert Michael, drayman, h 14 Lavina 

Himmelbach William, 16 W. Berry 

Hinman H. F. , carp, h 43 Union 

Hinkle Oscar N., conductor, h 79 Douglas ave 

Hinkley Mrs. F. M., widow, bds Hanna House 

Hinton John, conductor, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 30 Baker 

Hinton Samuel, fruit stand, h 30 Baker 

Hirschfelder L. , mason, h 360 E. Wayne 

Hislop Catherine widow, h 120 Butler 

Hisner William, carp, h 108 Jackson 

Hitt Mrs. R. J., h 349 W. Jefferson 

Hitzman Fred, lab, h 36 Lavina 

Hitzman George, policeman, h 20 Summit 

Hitchcock, Mrs. A., h 12 Marion 

Hitzman Gottleib tailor, h 49 Wilt 

Hitzman Christian, elk, bds 66 Douglas 

Hitzman Henry, elk, bds 49 Douglas ave 

Hitzeman William, elk, bds 66 Douglas ave 

Hith Jacob, eng, Pittsburgh car shop, h 20A Lafayette 

HOAGLAND & TRESSELT, Proprs. City Mills, Manufs. of Flour, 

and dealers in all kinds of grain, cor Clinton and Water 
Hoagland James E., miller, bds 106 W. Berry 
Hoagland A. V., elk, bds Robinson House 
Hoagland Plinny, (Hoagland & Tresselt), city mills, h 106 Berry 

CARIER & Campbell's [HOH] ft. wayne directory. 

Hockstetter William, lab, h on W. Washington 

Hockemeier Charles, lab, h 317 W. Washingtan 

Hock Fred, bds n E. Main 

Hochtmeier Ernst, lab, h 196 Ewing 

Hockatlay Debora, widow, h 59 Grand 

Hoch William, saloon, h 321 Lafayette 

Hockeme3'er Henry, carp, bds iii W. Jefferson 

Hochemeier Fred, night watchman, bds 92 E. Madison 

Hodgdon William A., Prof. Indiana Conservatory, h 166 Montgomery 

Hoesch David, carpet weaver, bds 31 W. Colmnbia 

Hoffman A. E., (^Hoffman Bros.), h i86 W. Wayne 

Hoffman Bros., manufs. chair stuff &c., cor Main and Van Burcn 

Hoffman Elizabeth, widow, h 9 Hood 

Hoffman Daniel, varnisher, h 293 W. Jefferson 

Hoffman Mrs. Susan C, h 219 W. Washington 

Hoffman John, steward at Central Hotel 

Hoffmeister Henry, cooper, h 12 Wells 

Hofer Charles H., elk. Bloom ingdale Hotel 

Hoffman Mrs. Mary, h 190 W. Main 

HOFFMAN J. R. & CO., Patent Saw Mill Manufs., cor Main and 

Van Buren 
Hoffman Newton, millwright, h 190 W. Main 
Hoffman George, wagon maker, h on E. Washington 
Hoffman Cieorge, wagon maker, wks 3 Clay 
Hoffman Christian, eng, Wabash R'y, bds 50 Melitta 
Hofferman Michael, stave joiner, bds 6-8 Kansas 
Hoffer John G., carp, h 37 N. Cass 
Hoffman Henry, (H. Bros.), bds 166 W. Berry 
Hoffman Eli, (H. Bros.), h 186 W. Wayne"^ 
Hoffman William H., (H. Bros. ), bds 166 W. Berry 
Hofman John A., carp, Pittslnirgh shop, h 31 Force 
Hofman Martin, turner, Pittsl)urgh shop, bds 31 Force 
Hoffer Andrew, butcher, h 26 Baker 
Hoffer I. N., carp, h cor Monroe and Madison 
Hoffman Charles, wks Muncie Railroad, h 122 ('lay 
Hoff Anthony, lab, h loi Wells 
Hogan Timothy, saloon, 269 Calhoun 
Hogan John, lab, h 17 Brandriff 

Hogan Michael, foreman, Pittsburgh yard, h 133 Fairfield ave 
Hogan Hugh, machinist, bds 121 E. Washington 
Hogarth Thomas, fireman Pittsburgh R'y, h 203 Hanna 
Hohmeicer D., bds 66 E. Main 
Holinhaus John, lab, bds 211 Madison 
Hohing John J., machinist Pitts shoj), h 27 Poplar 
Hohnhaus George, carp, bds 65 Wall 
Hohnhaus Peter, cabinet maker, h 65 Wall 
Hoiiing John G., machinist Pitts, sliop, h 27 Poplar 
Hohenstein Leonard, lab, h 160 E. Washington 

CARIER & Campbell's [HOR] fj. wayne ujrkctorv. 123 

HOLLINGER ELIAS, carp, h Hanna Farm 

Hollinger Jacob, b.ds Hanna Farm 

Hollcnger Jacob, carpenter, bds 98 Montgomery 

Hollenger Daniel, lab, h 104 Columbia 

Holzwarth Edward, blacksmith, 48 W. Main 

Holtke Frederick, lab, h 214 W. Jefferson 

•Holterman Frederick, lab, bds 153 Madison 

Hollman Frederick, carp, h 7 Hood 

Holmes George, lab, bds 545 Calhoun 

Holmke Edward, shoemaker, 182 Calhoun 

HoUenbeck William, carp, h 148 Calhoun 

Holt Benjamin, boiler maker Wabash shop, bds 188 Henry 

Holland John, boiler maker Wabash shop, h 32 Butler 

Holbrock Herman, carp Pitts shop, h 96 Fairfield 

Holt Thomas, boiler maker Wabash shop, h 150 Fairfield 

Holiehan Agneu, coppersmith Wabash shop, h 69 Crand 

Holton T. J., student, bds 177 W. Wayne 

Holsworth (leorge, teamster, h 199 Broadway 

Holmes William I., conductor Pitts R'y, h cor Smith and (iranl 

Holt William S. , book-binder, h 39 Baker 

Holmes J., stock yard, h 18 Gay 

Holmes George, stock yard, bds iS Gay 

Holmes B., stock yard, h 296 Hanna 

HoUister A. J., cigar maker, h 17 W. Jefferson 

Hollingsworth Mrs. A. N. , widow, h 99 E. Berry 

Holsworth Addison, elk, h 158 W. Wayne 

Holt John, boiler maker Wabash shop, h iSS Henry 

Honick Henry, carp, h 127 Montgomery 

Honick A., lab, bds 156 E. Jefferson 

Hoober James, h 20 Harrison 

Hood Thomas N., printer, h 223 K. Jefferson 

Hood Mrs. E., widow, h 223 E. Jefferson 

Hood William E., teller First Nat. Bank, h 246 W. Berry 

Hoover Abram, carp Pitts shop, h 91 E. Lewis 

Hops Robert W., plasterer, h 50 Butler 

Horstmeier Gottlieb, carp, h 5 Broadway 

Horton William, insurance agent, h 31 E. Main 

Horstman Frederick, tailor, shop 146 Calhoun 

Horstman , carpr h 203 Hanna 

Hockemeier Henry, lab, bds 317 W. Washington 

Horstman Frederick, tailor, h 59 E. Wayne 

Horstmyer William, tailor, bds 264 E. Washington 

Horstman John, lab, bds 274 E. Washington 

Horstmeyer William, car]), h 179 Ewing 

Horstmeyer Lewis, carp, h 13 Wall 

Hornung Jacob, moulder Bass' foundry, h 10 Force 

Hornung George, prop. Summit City J^rewery, 69, 73 and 75 Harrison 

Horton E. A. (McCartney & Co., grocers"), h 16 Douglas ave 

124 CARiER & Campbell's [HUL] ft. wayne directory. 

Hornung John J., conductor Pitts. R'y, bds 94 E. Berry 

Hostman Nicholas, cooper, bds 36 Force 

Hostman Christian, painter Wabash shop, h 86 W. Jefferson 

Hostman C, jr., bds 88 W. Jefferson 

Hosey L., machinist Pitts, shop, bds 71 Douglas ave 

HOUGH JOHN, attorney, land and loan agent, 32 E. Berry, h 127 

W. Wayne 
Housman Z. T. , M. D., 12S Calhoun 
Housman Z. T., M. D., h 54 W. Main 
Houser John, bds 137 E. Jefferson 
Houghton L. S., elk, h 154 W. Jefferson 
Plouser William, machinist at Bowser & Co.'s, h 37 Gay 
Houser Samuel L., conductor, h 137 E. Jefferson 
Howe Mrs. Allen, bds 221 W. Wayne 

72 Calhoun 
Howes D., manufacturer of lap window shades, 59 Columbia, bds 79 E. 

HoAvey A. B., elk Pitts shop, bds 38 McClellan 
Howley Thomas, blacksmith, h 30 Malitta 
Howard John, prof, of music, bds Hanna house 
Howenstein John, traveling agent bds 50 E. Wayne 
Hoyt Moses C, conductor Pitts. R'y, bds 47 Baker 
Hubler Abraham, lab, bds 134 Monroe 
Hiibler Thomas, wks Olds & Son, bds 231 Barr 
Hubler Benjamin, wks Olds & Son, bds 231 Barr 
Huber Nicholas, painter, h 81 E. Berry 
Hubbel Joseph, eng Saginaw R'y, bds 6t, Wells 
Hubbard C. S., harness maker, bds 105 Wilt 
Hubbard Alexander, sewing machine agent, h 105 Wilt 
Hubler A., lab, bds 58 Columbia 
Hubler Mrs. Nancy, h 241 E. Wayne 
Huber George, butcher, h 159 Barr 
Hubbard Mrs. M., widow, bds 79 E. Wayne 
Hucksoul August, lab, bds 38 Force 
Hiidry Nicholas, carp, h 186 Montgomery 

HUESTIS & HAMILTON, wholesale grocers, 83 and 85 Columbia 
Huestis A. C, wholesale grocer, (H. Hamilton & Co.), h 205 W. Berry 
Huestis C. D., book-keeper, bds 205 W. Berry 
Huff Hiram, watchman Wabash R'y, h 23 Melitta 
Hughs E., moulder Bass' foundry, h 179 Hanna 
Hughes James C, foreman Pitts, boiler shop, h 100 E. Lewis 
Hughs James, lab, h 25 Walnut 
Hughs Daniel, lab, h 40 McClellan 
Hull Lewis O., painter, bds 278 Broadway 
Hull Wesley, inventor patent rights, h 278 Broadway 
Hull Sylvester, painter, bds 278 Broadway 
Hulse Thomas, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 228 Francis 

CARiER & Campbell's [IMR] ^t. wayne directory. 125 

Hulse William L. , machinist, h 185 W. Wayne 

Humphrey, Mrs. Jane, h 171 W. Berry 

Humphrey B. S., fireman, bds 104 Barr 

Humbert E., lab Wabash freight house, h iS Oak 

Humphrey George (Cochrane, H. iS: Co.), h 175 W. Berry 

Humphrey James, carp, bds 175 W. Berry 

Humphrey Matthew, bds 171 W. Berry 

Humbert James, wks oil mill, bds 86 E. Main 

Humphrey William S., oil mill (H. & Case), h 142 Montgomery 

Huntsberry Jacob M., painter, works at Stanley, Bieber & Co.'s, bds 71 

Huntsberry James A., varnisher, wks at Gould's, bds 71 Dawson 
Hunt Patrick, teamster, h 6 Smith 
Hunt James, teamster, bds 6 Smith 
Hunt Edward, lab, h 6 Smith 

Hunting William H., engineer Organ Factory, h 16 Henry 
Hunt John, plasterer, bds 6 Smith 

Hunt Thomas, porter at Mayer House, bds Mayer House 
Huntsberry John B. peddler, h 71 Dawson 
HURD O. D.., sash manufacturer, h 142 W. Jefferson 
Hurd Mrs. Nancy, h 142 W. Jefferson 
Hurd Charles, elk, bds 142 W. Jefferson 
Hurd Oscar, book-keeper, bds 142 W. Jefferson 
Hurlburt Benjamin, carriage maker, h 389 Calhoun 
Husener William, carp, h 108 Jackson 
Huser Lewis, shoemaker, bds 19 Pritchard 
Hussel John, lab, h 200 W. Washington 
Hutzel Daniel, druggist, bds 299 W. Main 
Hutchenson A., plasterer, bds 227 E. Jefferson 
Hutchenson R., street buyer, h 227 E. Jefierson 
Hutzel Frederick, lab, bds cor Lafayette and Wallace 
Hutchinson Thomas G., gang boss Pitts, shop, h 43 Brackenridge 
Hyatt Harvey, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 86 Montgomery 

Iba Mrs. Elizabeth, h cor Fairfield and Colerick 

Iba George, fireman Wabash R'y, bds cor Fairfield and Colerick 

Ibas E., lab, h 25 Nirdlinger 

IDDINGS H., pension agt, cor Main and Harrison, bds Ma)'er House 

Ide John, blacksmith, h 14 W. Jefferson 

ILER & B ROB ST, druggist, 143 Calhoun 

Iller Lewis, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 343 Hanna 

Her Julius C. (Her & Brobst), druggist, bds 143 Calhtnm 

Imboyt Adam, turner, bds 80 Chicago 

Lnboyt Dorathea, widow, h 80 Chicago 

Imrie John B., contractor, h 150 Griffitli 

126 CARiER & Campbell's [JAS] ft. wayne directory. 


cor Main and Court 
Ingraharn T. J., eng Wabasli R'y, h 51 W. Lewis 
Irey Alfred K., elk U. S. Express, bds 1S6 Ciriffith ' 
Irey Mrs. Sarah, h 186 Griffith 
Irwin Jolm W., insurance and real estate agent (with Irwin and Lumbard), 

241 W. Main 
Irwin John S., M. D., h 241 W. Main 
Irwin Thomas, h 169 W. Jefferson 

Irwin Edward D., conductor Pitts. R'y, bds Exchange Hotel 
Isabey Louis C, lab, h 47 Buchanan 
Israel Henry, lab, bds 127 W. Washington 
Iten Mrs. Catherine, h 47 Buchanan 
Ives Ceorge, eng Pitts. R'y, h 45 Ciand 


JACOBY & WIEGAND, contractors and builders, manufacturers 

of sash, doors, blinds and dressed lumber, cor Virginia and Murray 
Jacoby George (J. & Co.), h 78 Wallace 
Jacol)y Frederick, carp, h 103 Wallace 
Jacquot Augustus, lab, bds 58 Columbia 
Jackson Mrs. I). D., h 245 Calhoun 

Jackson William T. , train despatcher Pitts. R'y, h 164 Broadway 
Jackson Kerby C, eng Pitts. R'y, h 55 Brackenridge 
Jackscjn J. H., agent, bds Robinson House 

JACOBS & SON, boot and shoe store, Calhoun, opp Keystone Block 
Jacobs John H., (Jacobs & Son, boots and shoes^, bds 50 E. Berry 
Jacob William, .shoe merchant, h 50 E. Berry 
Jacob Frederick, painter, h 68 W. Washington 
JACOBS CHARLES W., i)ropr Union Bakery, 62 E. Main 
Jacobs James, lab, bds 117 Calhoun 
Jacobs Thomas K., brakeman Pitts. R'y, h 11 Gay 
Jacobs Arnold C, elk, bds 120 Lafayette 
Jacobs Mrs. B., h 100 E. Madison 
Jarobson Elkan, h 107 W. Main 

Jacobson Victor, clothing merchant, h 136 W. Wayne 
Ja;bker Frederick, machinist (Olds & Son), bds 127 Montgomery 
Jahn Nicholas, carp Wabash shop, h 17 Hood 
James Daniel H., teamster, h 102 Williams 
James William H., teamster, bds 102 Williams 
James Joseph, painter, bds 20 W. Jefferson 
James Jesse M., lab, bds 102 Williams 
Jantz Charles, lab, h 113 High 
jantz Christian, lab, h 19 Barthold 
Jarisch Christian, lab, bds 81 Wells 
Jasper Frederick, lab, h 124 Harrison 

CARiER & Campbell's [JOH] ft. wayne directory. 127 

asper Frederick, carpenter Pitts, shop, bds 51 W. Washington 

asper Frederick, jr., carpenter, bds 51 W. Washington 

asper Rudolf, carpenter, h 51 W. Washington 

effords O. W. (W^oolen Mills), h 131 K. Wayne 

effries Mrs. Susan, h 172 W\ Main 

efferds Amelia, widow, h 102 E. Lewis 

effries L. Q., editor Sentinel, bds Central Hotel 

enkins J. D., bds Robinson House 

enkinson Joe, elk, bds 49 and 51 W. Berry 

ennison William, attorney at law, bds Hamilton House 

enrich John, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 49 Bakei- 

ennison Mrs. Mary, h 219 W. Wayne 

enkins Frederick I)., drug elk, bds 138 Broadway 

enks Edward, fireman Wabash R'y, bds 292 W. Jefft-rson 

erman A. S., h 63 W. Water 

erome Ann, widow, h 5 Bran(hMff 

obst Alexander, lab, h 140 Douglas 

obst Bruno, cooper, h — , west of Wells 

obst Amant, butcher, h 327 Lafayette 

ocquei Louis, bds 15 W. Washington 

ocquel J. J., lamp oil dealer, h 168 Calhoun 

ocquei Louis, book store, 170 Calhoun 

ohnson Frederick, lab, bds 63 Baker 

ohns G., saddler, h 205 Lafayette 

ohns Alfred, harness maker, h 19 Monroe 

ohnston M., cooper, h 346 E. Wayne 

ohn Edward, collar mf., h 333 W. Washington 

ohnson Lorer, conductor G. R. & L R'y, h 26 Wert 

ohnson William, brakeman, bds 330 Calhoim 

ohnson laaac, watchman Pitts, shop, h 21 Taylor 

ohns Dell, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 196 Ewing 

ohnson William, lab, bds 93 W. Washington 

ohnston William (book-keei)er Coombs & Co.), bds H;nnilton House 

ohnson James, lab, bds 100 Fairfield 

ohnson John, lab, h 309 W. Washington 

ohn A., lab, h 248 E. Jefferson 

ohnson H., blacksmith, h 256 E. Washington 

ohnson H., blacksmith Pitts, shop, bds 197 E. Jefterson 

ohnson John, eng Ft. W., M. & C. R'y, bds Exchange Hotel 

ohnson Elias, peddler, h 15 Douglas ave 

ohnson Mary E., bds 91 E. Main 

ohnson Hulda, widow, h 91 E. Main 

ohnson Mary A., widow, bds 87 l>arr 

ohnson Thomas, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 82 P.arr 

ohnson A., bds 346 E. Wayne 

ohns Alfred, jr., harness maker, bds 19 Monroe 

ohnston William, cooper, Ixls 346 E. \\'ayne 

ohn Nicholas, tailor, h 19 Pritchard 

128 CARiER & Campbell's [KAG] ft. wayne directory. 

Johnson George Y., fireman Pitts. R'y, h 54 Chicago 

John Human, book-keeper, bds 19 Pritchard 

Johnson Horace, watchmaker and jeweler, h 252 Calhoun 

Johns G., harness maker, h 140 Calhoun 

Johnson Elias, tin and glassware dealer, 253 Calhoun 

John A. S. & Son, mfg harness, 69 E. Main 

Jones John, jr., machinist Wabash shop, h 64 Butler 

Jones Thomas, elk Wabash office, h 30 Pine 

Jones Ann, widow, h 228 Lafayette 

Jones Edward, brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 123 Williams 

Jones George M., fireman Wabash R'y, bds 20 I,ocust 

Jones Harvey P., printer, bds 49 and 51 W. Berry 

Jones Joseph H., M. D., h 329 W. Jefferson 

Jones Mary, widow, bds 53 W. Water 

Jones Mrs. Christine, h 161 W. Washington 

Jones S. A., widow, bds 20 Harrison 

Jones William A., attorney at law, bds Hamilton House 

Jones Edward, eng Pitts. R'y, bds 137 Wallace 

Jones John, lab, h 109 W. Jefferson 

Jones Nancy, widow, bds 49 Harmer 

Jones Charles E., elk, bds 146 Jackson 

Jones George W., book-keeper, h 146 Jackson 

Jones Charles, leader of band, h 114 Lafayette 

Jones Frederick, hack driver, bds 18 E. Wayne 

Jones William A., barber, h 152 Barr 

Jones Frank, elk, bds 250 Calhoun 

Joost Albert, music teacher, bds 82 W. Berry 

JOSSE JOHN M., M., D., ofiice Wagner's drug store, h 138 Wells 

Josse George, druggist, h 18 Maiden Lane 

Joslin William, agt Coombs & Co., h 175 Clinton 

Jordan H. C, bds Central Hotel 

Jourdain C, grocery and saloon, h 98 Maumee 

Joyce Mark, mason, bds 245 Calhoun 

Judkins H. B. , eng, h 213 Broadway 

Judkins James, machinist Pitts, shop, h 88 E. Lewis 

Jungeblodt William, elk bds 21 and 23 E. Main 

Jupp George, book-keeper, h 87 E. Washington 

Kaag Frederick, agt, h 108 Harrison 

Kaag Jacob elk, h 109 Barr 

KABISCH JULIUS, saloon, 12 W. Main 

Kabisch Rudolf, butcher, h 182 Fairfield 

Kabisch Mrs. Louisa, h 182 Fairfield 

Ksetler William H., bucket turner 

Kagle Mrs. , dress maker, 128 Calhoun 

CARiER & Campbell's [KEA] ft. wayne directory. 129 

Kaiser Charles, lab, h 14 Gay 

Kaison Ernst, helper Pitts, shop, h 186 E. Lewis 

Kaiser , lab Pitts, shop, bds 293 Hanna 

KALBACHER ANTON, dealer in proYisions, &c., 286 Calhoun, 

h 234 E. Wayne 
Kail A. L., fireman Pitts. R'y, h 38 Williamg 
Kalbacher Martz, bds 151 Barr 
Kallehan William, lab, h 83 Williams 
Kamphues Henry, elk, bds 57 E. Main 
Kampe Adolf, elk, h 52 W. Lewis 

Kammeier Conrad, watchman Wabash shop, h on Dewald 
Kammeier Henry, lab, h 21 Barthold 
Kamp George, mach Pitts, shop, h 32 Colerick 
KAMM J. J., postmaster, h 112 E. Main 
KANE JAMES M. & BRO., wholesale and retail dealers in Yankee 

notions, fancy goods, toys, &c., Calhoun, opp Keystone Block 
Kane Thomas, elk, bds 264 Calhoun 
Kana John, mason, h 88 Henry 
Kane Alfred, eng Wabash R'y, bds 28 Locust 
Kane Patrick H. (Kane & Bro.), h 66 W. Main 
Kane James M. (Kane & Bro., notion store), h 50 W. Berry 
Kane Hannah, widow, bds 50 W. Berry 

Kanning William, h 59 E. Wayne » 

Kanne Frederick, contractor, h ^3 Madison 
Kanne Henry, elk, bds ^t, Madison 
Kanning Frederick, l^lacksmith, bds 99 E. Madison 
Kanning Mrs. Sophia, h 99 E. Madison 
Kappeln J., blacksmith, h 312 E. Wayne 
Kappel Henry, lab, h 349 E. Lewis 
Karber Peter, machinist Pitts, shop, h 290 Harrison 

Karst Charles, foreman Lingenfelser's trunk factory, bds American House 
Kassens Nicholas, jr., lab, bds 161 E. Washington 
Kassens Nicholas, sr., bds 161 E. Washington 
Kassack William, lab, h E. Washington 
Katt August, elk, bds 135 Madison * 

Katt C, mason, h 135 Madison 
Kaufman Christian, butcher, I1 i Bioadway 
KaYanaugh James, street car driver, bds 260 Calhoun 
KaYanaugh Thomas, lab, h 62 Griffith 
Kayser Christian, h 127 Madison 
Kayser Mena, widow, h 127 Madison 
Kayser Frederick, shoemaker, h 139 Madison 
Kayser Conrad, millwright, h 35 First 
Kayser Frederick, tailor, h 9 N. Cass 
Kayser & McNulty, boots and shoes, store 1 1 7 Lafavette 
Kay John, lab, bds 140 Holman 
Kayser Frederick (K. & McNulty), h 139 Madison 
Kearns Luther, lab, h 141 Force 

130 CARiER & Campbell's [KEL] ft. wayne directory. 

Keagan Frank,' fireman Pitts. R'y, h 402 Calhoun 

Keanly Frederick, street car driver, h 323 Hanna 

Kearman John, bds 100 Montgomery 

Keaton John, lab, bds 20 Chicago 

Keagle Catherine, widow, h 8 Colerick 

Keefer Henry, elk, h 201 Barr 

Keegan P. H., eng Pitts. R'y, h 155 W. Washington 

Keegan Thomas, moulder Bass' Foundry, bds 274 Hanna 

Keegan James, machinist, bds 121 E. Washington 

Keever William, bds American House 

Keever William H., collar maker, bds American house 

Keegan William, boiler maker, bds 121 E. Washington 

Keffe Catherine, widow, h 69 Holman 

Kegelman Julius, upholster, h 271 W. Washington 

Kegstein Joe, lab, bds 3 and 5 Railroad 

KEIL, A. C, drug store, 128 Broadway, h 138 Broadway 

Keil 1). S. (Keil & Bro.), book store, bds 248 W. Wayne 

KEINZ PHILIP, saloon, &c., h cor Lafayette and Wallace 

Keil Frederick W., book store, h 248 W. Wayne 

Keil Lewis D. (K. & Bro., bds 248 W. Wayne 

Keifer C, stone cutter, h 25 Wert 

Keil Conrad, shoemaker, h 149 Wells 


\y Michael, saloon, 270 Calhoun, bds Harmon House 

ly William H., brakeman, h 287 E. Washington 

tier Conrad, upholster, bds 205 E. Jefferson 

tier Lizzie, widow, h 205 E. Jefferson 

logg Douglas, elk. bds 106 Jackson 

logg Mrs. Lizzie, h 73 High 

ly Patrick, lab, h 1 1 Walnut 

ler Henry, blacksmith Pitts, shop, h 25 Williams 

ler & Co., stone cutters and builders, cor Griffith and Pearl 

ly James, boiler maker, Ixis 120 W. Water 

ly John, lab, 17 Bass 

ly John, lab, bds 313 Harrison 

ler Charles, sr.-, file cutter, h 224 W. Main 

ly Timothy, lab, h 18 Brandriff 

pier Gefge, lab, h 26 Gay 

ler Joseph, cigar manufacturer, h 203 E. Wayne 

ker Anthony, eng Pitts. R'y, h 174 Griffith 

ly Thomas, lab, h 108 Douglas 

ler Charles, lab, bds 285 Hanna 

ler Amos, lab, h 102 Wallace 

sey James T. , bds 22 Harrison 

ling Frederick, ice dealer, h 83 W. Washington 

ker George, foreman Pitts, shop, h 184 Francis 

ker Samuel, eng Pitts. R'y, bds 98 Montgomery 

ler Sebastian, stone cutter, h 313 W. Washington 

ly AVilliam B., brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 19 Hood 

CARiER & Campbell's [KID] ft. wayne directory. 131 

Kelly J. S., bds Phillips House, 107 Columbia 

Kelker Henry, eng. , h 232 Lafayette 

Kelker Mary, widow, h 98 Montgomery 

Keller Charles, jr., file cutter, bds 244 W. Main 

Keller Cassimer, expressman, h 19 Nirdlinger 

Kelker John, blacksmith Pitts, shop, h 78 Force 

Kelly Oliver, brakeman Pitts. R'y, h 16 Holman 

KELLER & FOOTE, cigar manufacturers, 100 Barr 

Keller Samuel, marble cutter, bds 50 E. Washington 

Kelley Christopher, City Marshal, h 47 E. Washington 

Kellenberger Mrs. Frances, widow, h 65 E. Wayne 

Kempf William, grocer and baker, h 17 High 

Kemp R. L., blacksmith, bds 104 Barr 

Kemp Robert S., blacksmith, bds 25 Barr 

Kenneth John, lab, h 19 Baker 

Kendel John H., yard master Pitts. R'y, h 64 Chicago 

Kennedy William, conductor G. R. & I. R'y, bds 13 Muumee 

Kenney Dennis, lab, bds 20 Chicago 

Kensill George, machinist, bds 150 E. Jefferson 

Kensill John C, boiler maker, h 150 E. Jefferson 

Keough William, agent, bds 64 Barr 

Keplinger J. A., eng. Pitts. R'y, h 61 Chicago 

KERR, W. J., attorney, office northwest cor. Main and Calhoun, h» 

154 Griffith 
Kerr Joseph M. , carp, 1 20 W. Water 
Kerr B. M., elk, h 15 E. Jefferson 
Kern Jacob F., book-keeper, bds Robinson House 
KESTEL P., dealer in musical instruments and notions, also agent for 

yEtna Sewing Machine Co., 76 Calhoun 
Kessens C, carp, h 35 Maumee 
Kessans William, h 170 E. Washington 
Kessler Frederick, butcher, h 88 E. Wayne 
Ketcher M., widow, bds 104 W. Washington 
Ketscher John, lab, h 23 Charles 
Kether Eniily P., widow, h 200 E. Wayne 
Ketchum Walter, blacksmith, h 162 Calhoun 
Ketchum Harison, blacksmith, bds 162 Calhoun 
Kettler William, elk, bds 205 E. Jefferson 
Ketker Frederick, blacksmith Pitts, shop, h 18 Lavina 
Ketchum Walter, blacksmith, h 104 Columbia 
Keutz Simon, moulder Bass' Foundry, bds 8 Force 
Keys John Monroe, h 70 Williams 
Keys Thomas H., brakeman Pitts. R'y h 197 E. Lewis 
Key Herbert, wks Olds & Son, bds 79 Holman 
Keys Taylor, conductor Wabash R'y, bds 19 Holman 
Keys A. B., brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 19 Holman 
Keys Jane, widow, h 19 Holman 
Kibler Charles, elk, bds 11 E. Main 

132 CARiER & Campbell's [KIR] ft. wayne directory. 

Kibler Abraham, cooper, bds 29 Butlei' 

Kiefer George, h 27 Wall 

Kierspe Charles, machinist Wabash shop, h 39 Locust 

Kiefer Henry, elk, h 185 Ewing 

Kiefer George, carp, bds 27 Wall 

Kiefer Christian, carp, bds 27 Wall 

Kiefer Philip, lab, h 27 Wall 

Kiefer Jacob, carp, h 34 Wall 

Kiefhaber George, lab, h 22 Pritchard 

Kiefer Adolph, tinner, bds 185 Ewing 

Kiefer Jack, lab, bds cor. Clinton and Washington 

Kikly Frances, widow, h 90 Chicago 

Kikly H., brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 90 Chicago 

Kilpatrick Oscar D., lab, h N. Harrison 

Killkinny John, lab, bds 203 Calhoun 

Kiley Mary, widow, h 33 Colerick 

Kiley John, switchman Pitts. R'y, bds 33 Colerick 

Killian Joseph, lab, bds 76 Wallace 

Kimball I. E., brakeman Pitts. R'y, h 43 Lavina 

Kimball Mrs. Ann L., h 43 Lavina 

Kimball Samuel, teacher of music, h 126 Williams 

Kimball Frederick, h 126 Williams 

Kimmel Michael, lab, h 257 Hanna 

Kimball B. H., carp, h 29 West 

Kintz Alexander, mason, h cor Fourth and North Harrison 

Kinnan John M., h 392 Calhoun 

Kinney Michael, lab, h 23 Henry 

Kinlein Adam, lab, h 90 Fairfield 

Kincade B. F., carp, h 53 E. Madison 

King L D., blacksmith, bds io4Barr 

Kinsey J. J., barber, bds American House 

King John, harness maker, h 41 Harrison 

King Moses, lab, h 229 E. Wayne 

Kintz John, carp Pitts, shop, h i 74 Montgomery 

King George E., machinist Pitts, shop, h 125 Montgomery 

Kintz John, policeman, h 293 Hanna 

Kinner August, lab, bds 76 Wallace 

King John, brick mason, bds 98 Montgomery 

Kincade William, eng. Wabash R'y, h 10 Wert 

King v., lab, h 265 E. Washington 

Kirchhoff Mrs. Caroline, h 157 Broadway 

Kirkley Richard, conductor Wabash R'y, bds 77 Baker 

Kirkley William, ya,rd master Wabash R'y, bds 77 Baker 

Kirchner Gottlieb W., lab, h 43 Wilt 

Kirbach Frederick, lab, h 47 Buchanan 

Kirk Margaret, widow, bds 188 Lafayette 

Kirchhoffer Alexander, lab, bds 231 Barr 

Kirchner Mrs. Paulina, h 237 Lafayette 

cARiER & Campbell's [KNI] ft. wayne directory. 133 

Kiser r)ie(1rich, lab, h 148 Broadway 

Kiser P^Uis, draftsman, bds 70 W. Wayne 

Kiser Charles, machinist, bds 70 W. Wayne 

Kiser Byron, elk, bds 70 W. Wayne 

Kiser Peter, h 70 W. Wayne 

Kiser Wayne, bds 70 W. Wayne 

Kiser Anthony, tailor, h 252 W. Jefferson 

Klahen John J., furniture manufacturer, shop 42 and 44 W. Main 

Klenke Conrad, lab, h 58 W. Lewis 

Kley Frederick, jr., bds 240 W. Main 

Klee John, iiainter, h 378 E. Washington 

Kleiner John, painter, h 147 Griffith 

Klein John, lab, h 263 Hanna 

Kleinhanz John, blacksmith, bds 91 W. Water 

Kleinnegees Henrietta, widow, 170 L,afayette 

Klett Jacob, lab, h 24 Hood 

Kleinegees Mattie, bds 1 70 Lafayette 

KLEY FREDERICK, sr., cooper, h 240 W. Main 

Kley Charles, cooper, bds 240 W. Main 

Kleinmuller Henry, blacksmith, h 55 E. Madison 

Kleinschmidt , lab, h 19 W. Washington 

Klein Karl, lab, h 75 Lafayette 

Kline Jacob, grocery store, 30 Columbia 

Klix Pauline, widow, 31 E. Main 

Klippert George, baker, 62 E. Main 

Klinkel Michael, brakeman Pitts. R'y, h 202 Ewing 

Klinger Isaac, teamster, h 57 W. Water 

Kliber Mrs. Barbara, h 297 Hanna 

Kliber Sebastian, brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 297 Hanna 

Klingenberger John, car inspector Pitts. R'y, h 65 Charles 

Klingman John, lab, h 373 Lafayette 

Kline Frederick, elk, h i Sturgis 

Kline Peter, bds 118 E. Berry 

Klingenberger Mrs. M., h 190 E. Lewis 

KLOTZ & WELTON, provision store, 372 Calhoun 

Klotz Daniel, provision store (Klotz & Co.), h 372 ('alhoun 

Klopper Henry, lab, h 19 Wilt 

Klugg Gregor, shoemaker, h 196 Hanna 

Klug Martin, carp, h 293 E. Wayne 

KNAPP ISAAC, dentist, office cor Clinton and Berry, h on Fairfield 

Knapp Albert, wks Wabash R'y, h 20 Locust 
Knapp William B., dentist, bds Fairfield 
Knecht L). , carp., h 22 W. Jefferson 

Knecht Samuel, knitting machine agent, h 118 Broadway 
Knecht F'rank, lab, h 11 High 
Knight John, book agent, bds E.xchange Hotel 
Knight Thomas, carp. Pitts, shop, bds 219 Lafayette 

134 CARiER & Campbell's [KRA] ft. wayne directory 

Knowder George, painter Pitts, shop, h 43 Brackenridge 

Knothe Julius, h 51 E. Jefferson 

Knowel Henry, machinist Wabash shop, li 33 Wilt 

KOCH MRS. MARGARET, notions^and fancy goods, 152 Calhoun 

Koch Anton, lab, h 57 W. Lewis 

Koch Christian, street buyer, bds 45 W. Jefferson 

Koch John (Swartz&: Co.), harness maker, bds 152 Calhoun 

KOCH JOHN M., Recorder of Allen County, h 150 Calhoun 

Kochs Frank, lab, h 27 High 

Koch John, lab, bds iii W. Water 

Koch Christian, carp., h 72 Brackenridge 

Kochel Richard, engineer Bloomingdale Mills, bds Bloomingdale Hotel 

Koch Adam, lab, h 34 John 

Koch Anton, h 58 W. Lewis 

Koch Frederick, shoemaker, bds 72 Brackenridge 

Koch J. B., grocer, h 124E. Washington 

Koch Henry, cigar maker, h 57 E. Wayne 

Koch John W., tailor, h 119 I-afayette 

Kcegel Christian, carp., shop 46 Lavina, h cor Broadway and Lavina 

Koester Christian, sr., h 151 Harrison 

KCENIG REV. EDWARD, h 138 W. Washington 

Koester John, shoe shop, 160 Calhoun 

Koester Bernard, lab, bds 160 Calhoun 

Kohlman Conrad, lab, h 11 Marion 

Kohn William, shoemaker, h 217 E. Jefferson 

Kohles Gottlieb, mason, h 385 E. Wayne 

Kohles August, h 90 Maumee 

Kohrman Andrew, tailor, h 314 E. Wayne 

Kohlmann Jacob, watchman, h 147 E. Jefferson 

Kolb John A., chair maker, h 81 Montgomery 

Kolb George A., lab, h 202 W. Wayne 

Kolthoff Frederick, lab, h 11 Wall 

Komp Daniel, carp., h 141 Henry 

Konig William, boiler maker (Bass'), h 333 E. Washington 

Koop Mrs. Mary, h 88 Fairfield 

Koons Andrew, eng. Pitts. R'y, h 212 Francis 

Koop Henry, lab, bds 88 Fairfield 

Kookerly Joseph, blacksmith, bds 152 E. Wayne 

Kopman Frederick, lab, bds 53 W. Jefferson 

Kopman Henry, lab, bds 53 W. Jefferson 

Kopp Michael, lab Bass' Foundry, h 167 Hanna 

Kortrey Mrs. K. , widow, h 84 E. Wayne 

Korte Frederick, carp., h 177 E. Lewi's 

KOVER & RIVERS, painters, shop cor Main and Calhoun, upstairs 

Kover O. J., painter, h 39 W. Washington 

Kramer William, moulder, h 348 E. Wayne 

Kramer William, lab, h 147 Madison 

Krack A., teamster, h 325 E. Lewis 

CARiER & Campbell's [KRU] ft. wayne directory. 

Krauskopf Henry, bds 213 Madison 

Kranz Peter, painter, bds 20 Wilt 

Kramer Charles, ]ah, h 32 Lavina 

Krackman M., painter, h 344 E. Wayne 

Kratzsch Charles, elk, bds 15 W. Wayne 

Kranmer Otto, elk. bds 34 W. Washington 

Kratzsch Herman, h 15 W. Wayne 

Kramer Bernard, elk at J. G. Fledderman's. h 49 K. Madison 

Kraft Frederick, carp., h 317 Lafayette 

Kranzman Henry, h 129 Monroe 

Krack B., lab, bds 325 E. Lewis 

Kramer Matthias, slate roofer, h 465 Lafayette 

Kratzsch Frederick, lab, h 345 E. Lewis 

Krah C, mason, h 95 Ewing 

Kramer Henry, h 95 Wilt 

Krammer C, elk, bds 348 E. Wayne 

Krackman J., painter, h 385 E. Wayne 

Krabbenschmiedt E. , lab, bds i 78 Barr 

Krackman Frederick, painter, bds 344 E. VVayiie 

Kraiis David, butcher, bds 92 W. Main 

Krefft Conrad, lab, h 181 Jackson 

Kresz E., lab, h 133 Henry 

KREADY JOHN, proprietor St. Charles Saloon and Restaurant, 26 

^^^ Main 
Kreft Frederick, lab, h ^^^ E. Lewis 
Kremer John, slate roofer, h 74 Wallace 
Kressler John, hack driver, h 90 Hanna 
Kress Melcher, lab, h 29 Pine 

Krimmel Christian, carp. Pitts, shop, h 55 Douglas ave 
Kridler C, lab, h 184 Montgomery 
Krieg George, lab, h 9 Wert 

Krickeberg Christian, helper Bass' Foundry, bds 18 Hough 
Kronmiller Leonard, cooper, h 103 Cass 
Kronemiller George, lab, h 43 Taylor 
Krontz Joseph, lab, h 282 W. Jefferson 
Krock John, carp., h 95 Clay 
Krock George, sawyer, h 95 Clay 
Kroezinger Christian, lab, h 149 Wells 
Krull R., lab, h 266 E. Washington 
Kruse Ernst H., lab, h on Dewald 
Krudop John B., contractor, h 29 W. Jefterson 
Krudop John, lab, bds 263 W. Wayne 
Kruse John F. , h 20 Wall 
Kruse Henry, carp., h 415 E. Wayne 
Krutzsch F. W., machinist Pitts, shop, h 71 Webster 
Kruse Christian, lab, bds 178 Barr 

Kruse Henry, machinist Pitts, shop, h 161 Montgomery 
Krueger A. C. elk, bds Robinson House 

136 cARiER & Campbell's [LAN] ft. wayne directory 

Kucher Rev. John, h 195 W. Washington 

Kuffnian Jacob, carp., h 202 Lafayette 

Kuhne F. \V., Deputy Auditor, h 124 W. Jefferson 

Kuhfuss Julius, machinist Wabash shop, bds 18 Colerick 

Kuntz Adam, butcher, h 273 W. Main 

Kuntz Jacob, machinist Wabash shop, h 270 W. Jefferson 

Kuntz George, upholster, h 292 W. Jefferson 

Kunfer Owen, carp., bds 3 Dawson 

Kunker E., machinist, h 138 E. Wayne 

Kuntz Allen W., printer, bds 104 Barr 

Kurtis Charles, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 49 Baker 

Kurtz Margaret, widow, h 65 Melitta 

Kuttner Joe, carp. Pitts, shop, h 239 E. Jefferson 

Kyle Abraham, pump maker, h 218 Broadway 

Lacks Lizzie, widow, h 205 E. Washington 

Laepple Christian, carp, Pittsburgh shop, h 51 Grand 

Laemuel John, potter, shop, 295 W. Main 

Lafin John, lab, h 315 Hanna 

Lafrenz Henry, h 294 W\ Jefferson 

Lafin Michael, lab, bds 315 Hanna 

Lageman Henry, lab, h 9 Buchanan 

Lageman Rudolph, lab, h 34 Buchanan 

Lahmeier John, 

Laidlaw, P. B.. slate roofer, h cor John and Samuel 

Laible Gottleib, candy maker, (Trentman, Wolke & Co.^ bds 4 Wayne 

Lamb Charles, bds 121 E. Washington 

Lamley Moses, (L. & Rosenthal), h 128 W. Wayne 

Lamb David, supt. Wabash water works, h 181 Fairfield ave 

Lampker Mary, widows h 19 W. Washington 

Lemer Charles, plasterer, h 162 Calhoun 

Lamley & Rosenthal manuf. vinegar and cigars, 69 Columbia 

Lamboley John B., saloon and boarding, h an Lafayette, opp. Comparet's 

Lamb George, fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 233 Lafayette 
LambardL., agt., bds 82 W. Berry 
Landsman Fred, grocer, 18 Harrison, h 1 1 N. Cass 
Langohr John, lab, h 129 Wells 

Lancaster Charles, molder, (Bass' foundry), bds 137 Wallace 
Lannest John, carp, h 142 E. Washington 
Lang Peter, lab, h 176 E. Washington 
Lang Harry P. , h 12 Melitto 

Lanigan Patrick, watchman, Pitsburgh R'y, bds ;^;^ Brackenridge 
Landis Mrs. Mattie, h 125 Calhoun 
Lang Edward, foreman Setitinel job office, bds 71 Douglas ave 


Lang A. J., (Geo. DeWald & Co.), bds W. Berry. 

Ijangenbacher Mathias, lab, 21 Wall 

Landon William H., barkeman, Wabash R'y, h 309 W. Jeffersuu 

Langohr Andrew, bakery, 139 Broadway 

I^ang John, elk, h 4 Marion 

Langley John, farmer, h 3 Bass 

Lang George, barber, h 30 Wells 

Lang Lenard, eng, Wabash R'y, ^ 

LANGARD JOSEPH, Saloon and Boarding Hou.e, h 58 and 60 

Langheinrich Mrs. Frederike, h 13 Francis 
Laman Ann, widow, h 43 W. Berry 
Iranian Edward, lab, bds 43 W. Berry 
Laman Augustus, lab, bds 43 W. Berry 
Lankenau Frank, carp, Wabash shop, h 80 W. Jeffer:,on 
Lancaster Robt,, fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 137 Wallace 
Ivancaster John, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 137 Wallace 
Lange William, lab, h 288 W. Jefferson 
Lange Fred, machinist, bds 48 McClellan 
Landraft Mary, widow, h 189 Ewing 
Landgraf John, lab, h 81 Force 
Lange H. F. B., elk, bds Robinson House 
Lankenau Henry, Deputy Sheriff, h 84 W. Jefferson 
Lapp Henry, baker, bds cor Harrison and Berry 
Larwill John S. , manager Agricultural Works 
Larwell John S., Propr. Agricultural Works, h 89 E. Berry 
Larrofee Thomas, eng, Pittsburgh R'y, h 197 Barr 
Lasse J. T., ins. agt., h 130 W. Wayne 
Lasse F. B., M. D., bds 130 W. Wayne 
Lase Henry, carp, h 41 Douglas ave 
Lattimer Phillip, bucket turner, bds 39 Water 
Lauer Justin, carp, h 13 John 
Lauderbach Charles, pedler, h 1 1 1 Force 
Laur Conrad, lab, h 116 Maumee 
Lauer Henry, mason, h 17 Nirdlinger 
Lauer William lab, h 287 E. Washington 
Lauer Peter, lab, h 289 E. Washington 
Lauer Joseph, carp, bds 293 E. Wayne 
Lauer Ferdinand, sausage maker, h 88 E. Wayne 
Lauer B., (Scheie &: Lauer), h 15 E. Wayne 
LAURENT JOHN & SON, Wholesale Dealers m Wmes and 

Liquors, and Manufs. of Mineral Water, 29 and 31 Barr 
I.,auer Paul, saloon, h 150 Barr 
Lau Thomas, h 122 Calhoun 
Lau Julian, elk, bds 122 Calhoun 

Laufferty Isaac, (McDougal (!v Laufferty, brokers), h 75 W. Berrv 
Laubscher Ludwig, architect, office cor Harrison and Main, h 41 Wells 
Laurent Anthony, (J. L. &: Son), h 29 and 31 Barr 1 

138 CARIER & Campbell's [LEH] ft. wayne directory. 

Laughlin William, bds 457 Lafayette 

Laufferty Alex., bds 75 W. Berry 

Laufferty M. J., merchant, h 97 W. Wayne 

Laughlin Samuel W., millwright, h 249 E. Lewis 

Lauer John A., night watchman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 241 E. Washington 

Laveley Lewis, cooper, bds 408 W. Main 

Lawrence Robt. B., express agt., h 99 E. Wayne 

Lawrence Aiex., eng, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 16 Chicago 

Laykoff Nicholas, Boston Bakery, 209 Broadway 

Layer Martin, switchman, Pittsburgh yard, h 59 Lassellc 

Lazzarini Amadeus, frescoer, h 37 Barr 

Leach John, fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 84 Henry 

Leach John S., carp, h 16 Poplar 

Leach William, boiler maker, Wabash shop, h 52 William 

Leach Albert, brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 73 Grand 

Leach James, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 140 Holman 

Leach John T., boiler maker, Pittsburgh shop, bds 140 Holman 

Lebenberger John, carp, Pittsburgh shop, h 297 Hanna 

Lechler Anthony, agt. , bds 46 E. Jefferson 

Lechler Henry, agt., bds 46 E. Jefferson 

Lechtman H., lab, h 157 Ewing 

Lee Frank, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 402 Calhoun 

Lee E., Boss, Pittsburgh car shop, h 232 E. Lewis 

Leeson John, foreman, Pittsburgh shop, h 96 E. Wayne 

Lee Louis H., foreman, Pittsburgh freight office, h 16 Chicago 

Lee George, lab, bds 112 Hanna 

Leeke George, fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 232 E. Lewis 

Leflfier Henry, h 66 W. Jefferson 

Lefiferts Walter, brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 55 Melita 

I-efferts Montgomery, brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 55 Melitta 

Legras Joseph, h 14 Lafayette 

Legras Margaret, widow, h 14 Lafayette 

Legitt Charles, baggage master, bds 29 Pearl 

Legget James, (L. & Bro.), livery, h 176 Griffith 

Legget R. A., (L. & Bro.), livery stable, bds Exchange Hotel 

Legras Augustus, elk, bds 66 Columbia 

Legras John, lab, bds 14 Lafayette 

Lehrman John, wks Pittsburgh shop, bds 100 Montgomery 

Lehnert Augustus, cooper, bds Bloomingdale Hotel 

Lehnenke Fred, machinist, h 86 Chicago 

Lehman Jacob, brakeman, Wabash R'y, h 48 William 

Lehman George, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 54 William 

Lehman Jacob, lab, h 54 William 

Lehman Charles, lumber merchant, h 127 E. Washington 

Lehman David, pedler, h 162 Lewis 

Lehmeyer Henry, saloon, 195 Lafayette 

Lehr Jesse, plasterer, h 163 Clinton 

Lehsing John, blacksmith, h 314 E. Wayne 

CARTER & Campbell's [LEV] ft. wayne directory. 139 

.ehmeyer Daniel, carp, h 232 W. Washington 

.ehmeyer Henry, lab, h 180 Montgomery 

^ehman John, painter, h 220 E. Washington 

^ehman Mrs. Ada, h 122 W. Jefferson 

^eifels Joseph, Professor of Music, h 239 Barr 

-einker Ernst, lab, bds 19 Marion 

.eikauf, C, lab, bds 23 Hood 

-einker Henry, cabinet maker, h 19 Marion 

.eisring Charles, mason, h 17 Wefel 

.eicken H., lab, h on E. Washington 

.eichner Conrad, bds Steuben House 

LEICHNER JOHN, Saloon on Main, opp. Court House, h 35 
1 )ouglas ave 

-eichner Charles, elk, bds American House 

.eikauf Nick, Propr. Boston Bakery, h 23 Hood 

-eighton George W., barber, bds 76 Columbia 

,eimkohle Fred, policeman, h 90 Barr 

,eikoff John, butcher, 94 Barr 

-einsbole Henry, lab, bds 4 W. Water 

.eichner William, saloon, 35 E. Main 

-eichner R., bds 35 Douglas ave 

.eikauf P>ed, switchman, Wabash R'y, bds 23 Hood 

.eimon Charles, elk, h 255 E. Lewis 

.eidolf Conrad, elk, bds 170 Lafayette 

^einkoof Theodore, brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 23 Hood 

.eith J. D., bds Robinson House 

^emkuler Casper, lab, h 324Hanna 

^eaviger Gottlieb, saloon, h 135 and 137 Calhoun 

.enhart F. L. , Mrs., widow, h 157 Hanna * 

.encker John, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 236 Lafayette 

^eonhardt Henry, lab, 344 Broadway 

^eonard William, gunsmith, h 49 W. Water 

.epper Christopher, bds 77 Water 

vcpple Gottleib, lab, h 17 Poplar 

-epper C, bds 77 E. Water 

.epper Henry, carp, h 242 E. Jefferson 

-epper F., carpenter, bds 242 E. Jefferson 

.ester Mrs. Ann, bds 118 Jackson 

.ester James, machinist, Wabash shop, bds 150 W. Jefferson 
LEUxz. FRED, h 58 W. Wayne 
LEUTZ, BOURIE & CO., Wholesale Wine and Liquor Dealers, 

Miner Block, cor Main and Clinton 
Leutz Henry, lab, h 108 Force 
Leuz Ernst, bds 21 Gay 
Leuz Jackson, h 21 Gay 
Levi August, pedler, h 67 W. Main 
Levi David, pedler, h 16 Madison 
Levan John, elk, bds 22 Madison 

I40 CARiER & Campbell's [LIN] ft. wayne directory. 

Levari John, elk, bds 197 Jefferson 

Lewis vSilvester, agt., bds 89 W. Water 

Lewis D. M., h 157 High 

L,ewis Charles, lab, bds 63 Wells 

Lewis William, h 129 E. Lewis 

Lewis John, machinist, bds 129 E. Lewis 

Lewis, Dr., h 79 E. Main 

Lewis George, bds 402 Calhoun 

Lewis William, conductor, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 322 Calhoun 

Lewis Bayless A., city dyer, h 106 W. Water 

Lichtrin William, elk, bds 92 Barr 

Lichtenberg John, carpenter, bds 115 Barr 

Lichtsinn C, lab, bds 157 Ewing 

Lidley Nelson, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 321 Harrison 

Licveman R., saloon keeper, bds 85 E. Wayne 

Lieb Henry, plasterer, h 81 E. Madison 

Lillie John, h 67 College 

Lillie George, bds 67 College 

Lillie Henry, bds on Piqua road 

Lillie Mary, widow, h on Piqua road 

Lillie James, (Lillie & Co., lime deakrs), h 87 Cass 

Lillie John |r., elk, h 39 Second 

LILLIE JAMES & CO., Manufs. and Dealers in Linie, Cement, &c. 
I Calhoun, on canal 

Link Adam, bds E.xchange Hotel 

Linderman John, helper, Wabash shop, h 197 Lafayette 

Lineker Valentine, brewer, h 16 Monroe 
Lindlag C. W., h 115 W. Washington 

Lintz Anthony, street car driver, bds 12 E. Columbia 

Lintz Martin, elk, bds 12 E. Columbia 

Lindman Joe, bds 84 W. Main 

Linker Henry E., butcher, h 46 ^V. Berry 

I,indlag Jacob, teamster, h 115 W. Washington 

Linch Mrs. Catherine, h 40 Lasselle 

Linderman Henry, carp, Pittsburgh shop,"h 100 Wilt 

Linderman Lewis, bds 100 Wilt 

Lintz Delia, widow, h 12 E. Columbia 

Lindman Fred, tailor, h 25 William 

Lincoln Charles, helper, Pittsburgh shop, h 1 1 7 Holman 

Lininger Peter, lab, h 105 Gay 

Lininger Jacob, brakeman, Richmond R. R., h 105 Gay 

Lintz Martin, elk, bds 225 W. Washington 

Lindeman Daniel, teacher, h 245 W. Washington 

Lintz Mrs. Delia, h 225 W. Washington 

Lintz Anthony, street car driver, bds 225 W. Washington 

Linenberg C, machinist, h 22 Hood 

Linderman William, carp, h 48 Water 

Link George, carp, h 236 E. Jefferson 

CARiER & Campbell's [LOU] ft. wayne directory. 141 

Linch John, lab, h 5 Hoagland 

Ling George W., elk, h 328 Lafayette 

Linker Valentine, (L. Hey & Co. ), h 8 Monroe 

Lingenfelser, Eniile, trunk maker, bds American House 

Lingenfelser, John Jr., trunk maker, bds Robinson House 

Lingenfelser John Sr. , bds 31 Columbia 

LINGENFELSER HENRY, Manuf. of Trunks, Valises, etc., 10 

W. Columbia, (old 117), h 157 E. Wayne 
LINCKER, HEY & CO., Brewers, cor Monroe & Wayne 
Lipes T. , fireman Wabash R'y, bds 197 E. Jefferson 
Liscom John, brakeman, Saginaw R. R., bds 120 W. Water 
Lissing G., lab, bds 266 E. Washington 
Little Albert N., painter,- Pittsburgh shop, h 194 Lafayette 
Littlejohn William, blacksmith, Wabash shop, h 54 Walnut 
Little George L., h foot of Water 
Litt George, pedler, bds Fox House 
Little George, lab, h 38 Gay 
LOAG & BROWN, Dentists, office Keystone Block, over Nirdlinger's 

Palace of Fashion 
Loag G. W., dentist, h 20 E. Washington 
Lcebking Charles H., policeman, h t,^ Jefferson 
Lcether Gotlieb, lab, bds Bloomingdale Hotel 
Logan Scott A., switchman, Wabash R'y, h 312 Harrison 
Logg William, carpenter, h 196 Fairfield ave 
Logan Jane, widow, h 312 Harrison 
Lohman Joseph, elk, bds 46 W. Wayne 
Lomont Adolph, moulder, h 16 Marion 
Lombard Eugene, machinist, h 231 E. Jefferson 
Long Henry, h 53 High 

Long JohnE., fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 129 Wallace 
Lonergan J. B., machinist, Wabash shop, h 313 Hanna 
Longaker M. P., elk, Pittsburgh freight office, bds 16 Chicago 
Long John, conductor, Pittsburgh R'y, h 20 William 
Long Robt. J., fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 31 Baker 
Lonergan Margaret, widow, h 164 Madison 
Long Mason, bds 93 Calhoun 
Loos Henry, h out lot Hamilton's add 
Loock Walter, elk, bds American House 
Lordier Augustus, saloon, 20 Clinton 
Lord Alonzo, brakeman, Muncie R. R., bds 40 Wells 
Lordier Phillip, shoemaker, h 22 Baker 
LORDIER PHILLIP, Manuf and Dealer in Boots and Shoes, 88 

LOSEE JOSEPH T., (General Insurance Agent, oftiee over Post Office.. 

li 130 ^^^ Wayne 
Loustrurn Nelson, lab, bds at B. H. Sliger's 
Louttit James, wheel maker, (O. &: Son), h 337 Lafayette 
Loucks E. H., fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 333 Hanna 

14:; CARiER & Campbell's [LYN] ft. wayne directory. 

Lovett Michael, lab, bds 20 Chicago 

Lovell James, moulder, (Bass' foundry}, bds cor Calhoun and Wallace 

l^owinsky Herman, elk, bds 136 W. Wayne 

Lowrie Hattie D., widow, h 106 W. Wayne 

LOWRY ROBERT, Judge Circuit Court, h 251 W. Main 

Lowry Robt., Jr., collector, 'Gas Co., bds 252 W. Main 

Loyd Mai., Clerk, bds W. Berry. 

Loyer Stephen, lab, h 323 Hanna 

Luckel Conrad, bds 36 C^olerick 

Lucke Christian, lab, bds 178 Barr 

Luce David, eng. Grand Rapids R. R. , bds 60 Chicago 

Lucken Barney, lab, bds E. Washington 

Ludlum S. S., Editor /ffu ma/, h 68 Barr 

Luers J., lab, bds 171 Calhoun 

Luhrman Christian, Jr., teamster, h 213 W. Washington 

" uhrman Christian, Sr., h 213 W. Washington 

uhrman William, teamster, 213 W. Washington 
Luhman William, tailor, h 21 High 

vukens A. T., b. k., bds 259 W. Wayne 

Aikuh Andrew, lab, h 31 Lasselle 

^uley Frank, lab, (Bass' shop), h 2 Jones 

^uley Phillip, lab, h 279 Hanna 

^uley F. J., carp, h 171 E. Jefferson 

jumbard Lucien, agt. Grover & Baker's sewing machines, 16 W. Berry 

.umbard Joseph, life insurance agt., h 344 W. Jefferson 

.umbard Sanford, ins. agt., h 99 W. Main 

umbard Mrs. A,, h 99 W. Main 

.umbard Eugene, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 95 Montgomery 

^umbard S. C, ins. agt.. h 133 W. Wayne 

^und Hans, draftsman, (Bass' shop), bds 

^unger James, sawyer, h 84 Van Buren 

/und Hans, draftsman, (Bass' foundry), h 151 Holman 

Aipton Jos., lab, h 140 W. Main 

urwig A. labr, bds 266 E. Washington 

urAvig Jno., well digger, bds 266 E. Washington 

.uther Jacob, fireman Pittsburgh R'y, h 40 Force 

^ye J. M. bds 98 Montgomery 

^yles Jno. A., blacksmith, h 226 E. Lewis 

.yman Wm., brakeman Wabash R'y., bds 13 Poplar 

.ynn Lewis, carpenter h 203 W. Washington 

^yne Wm., Lyne & Markey florists, h 29 W. Lewis 

.ye J. M., clerk, bds Central Hotel 

>ypes R. F. fireman Wabash R'y., bds 22 .\Lidison 

.ynch Thomas, bds 12 Kansas 

>ynch John., laborer, h 103 Lafayette 

>ynch John, carpenter, bds 103 W. Main 

>ynch Mrs. Mary, h 103 W. Main 

.ynch John, helper Wabash Round House, h 202 Lafayette 

CARiER & Campbell's [MAN] ft. wayne directory. 143 

Lytle Charles, bds 146 W. Berry 

Maag William F., foreman Staats-Zeitung, h 56 Nelson 

Mack Lawrence, of Mack Bros. , bds Mayer House 

Mack Samuel, of Mack Bros., bds Mayer House 

Mack Brothers, dealers in ready made clothing, 26 E. Columbia 

Madden John, boiler maker Wabash shop, bds 6 Kansas 

Madigan Bridget, widow, h 48 Baker 

Madison William, machinist Pitts, shop, h 193 Montgomery 

Madison William, jr., machinist Pitts, shop, bds 193 Montgomery 

Madison Christian, fireman Wabash R'y, bds 122 W. Jefferson 

Maganus, William, eng. Pitts. R'y, h 30 Butler 

Mahurin M. B., book-keeper, bds 219 W. Main 

Mahany Timothy, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 198 Lafayette 

Mahrt Conrad, harness maker, h 8 Clark 

Mahan James (Francis & Mahan), bds 176 W. Jefferson 

Maher James, brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 4 Colerick 

Mahan Mrs. Bridget, h 176 W. Jefferson 

Mahr William, lab, bds 98 Columbia 

Maier John A. (A. H. Carrier), h 315 E. Wayne 

Maier John G., ex-Township Trustee, h 76 Lafayette 

Maier Willis D., Deputy County Clerk, h 254 W. Jefferson 

Maier Frederick, lab, h 7 Clark 

Major David, asst. foreman Pitts. Round House, h 43 Charles 

Makepeace Samuel D., printer, wks Sentinel o^cq 

Malloy Thomas, fireman Wabash R'y, bds 402 Calhoun 

Malloy Edward, eng. Wabash R'y, bds 402 Calhoun 

Malone Patrick, lab, h 5 1 Wilt . 

Malon Ttiomas, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 18 Melitta 

Maley Patrick, lab, h 54 Melitta 

Malon John, lab, h 102 Chicago 

Malley E., fireman Wabash R'y, bds 68 Chicago 

Malone Peter, lab, bds 39 Lavina 

Malone Charles, lab, bds 39 Lavina 

Malley Irwin, fireman Wabash shop, h 76 l^awson 

Maloy James, boiler maker, wks Wabash shop, bds 23 Grand 

Malle Henry, book-keeper, bds 187 E. Jefferson 

Mallo Charles, wagon maker, h Calhoun, bet. Wallace and Hamilton 

Mannuel Jules, elk, h 238 E. Wayne 

Manthey John, lab. h 191 W. Main 

Mansdorfer Jacob, glue mfg. , h 29 Nirdlinger 

Mannanrich Edward, wks Pitts, shop, h 92 Montgomery 

Manthey William, ci\il eng., h 64 Maumee 

Mannanrich Henry, tailor, h 92 Montgomery 

Mangeot John, h 14 Lafayette 

144 CARiER & Campbell's [MAR] ft. wayne directory. 

Manahon John, moulder at K. Murry's, bds 6i Kansas 

Manor Joseph, carp, bds no Chicago 

Manahon Michael, lab, bds 6 Kansas 

Mannweiler Christian, blacksmith Pitts, shop, h 23 Poplar 

Mansdorfer Mrs. Kate, h 29 Nirdlinger 

Mannian Anthony, lab, bds'30 Melitta 

Mangen Bridget, widow, h 3 Walnut 

Manning Nelson, fireman Wabash R'y, bds 18 Walnut 

Mangan Anthony, lab, h 78 Baker 

Mank Marion, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 49 Baker 

Manock Mrs. Caroline, h 121 W. Wayne 

Manock Edward, driver, bds Centlivfe Brewery 

Mannier Margaret, widow, h 36 Barr 

Manaray John, carp., h 177 E. JeiYerson 

Mangels C., mason, h 147 E. Lewis 

MANIER MARGUERITE (Manier& Casso), 36 Barr 

Mandelin A., lab, bds Exchange Hotel 

Man yon Thomas, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 3 and 5 Railroad 

Mannix Thomas, shoemaker, h 10 Holman 

Manock Simon {M. & Kcester), tanner, h 143 W. Wayne 

Mansfield John, lab, bds cor. Calhoun and Wallace 

Mann Wiliiam, carp. Pitts, shop, h 105 Wallace 

Manor Alexander, collar maker, bds 103 W. Main 

Manier Francis, grocer, h 231 E. Jefferson 

Manheimer Anthony, elk, bds 97 W. Wayne 

Mapes Benjamin, lab, h — Taylor 

Maples D. W., propr. Hanna House, cor. Barr and Washington 

Martin Eliza, widow, h 28 Williams 

Martin Frederick, carp., bds 57 Wilt 

Marhanka Henry, lab, h 309 W. Washington 

Martin George, elk, bds 206 W. Washington 

Martin Anthony, book-keeper, bds 206 W. Washington 

Martin Mrs. M., h 206 W. Washington 

Martin J., moulder at K. Murray's, bds Kansas 

Martin Henry, lab, h 41 N. Cass 

Marion Frank N., conductor Pitts. R'y, h 65 Williams 

Marsh Albert, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 66 Butler 

Marhenke Frederick, shoemaker, h 147 High 

Markman Charles, cabinet maker, bds 30 Walnut 

Martin Barney, lab, h 52 Baker 

Martin William, house mover, h 225 Broadway 

Marr George, printer, bds Robinson House 

MARKLEY, SCHRADER & CO., manufacturers and wholesale 

and retail dealers in boots and shoes, 4 Keystone Block, Calhoun 
Marshall M. S., druggist, h 119 E. Wayne 

Markley Lawrence, baggage master T., W. & W. R'\', h 344 Calhoun 
xMarhanke Christian, lab, h no E. Madison 
^Martin William, eng. Wabash R')-, h 33 Taylor 

cARiER i Campbell's [MEE] ft. wayne directory. 145 

Marbelius Elizabeth, widow, bds 75 E. Jefferson 

MARINE REV. A., Pastor Berry Street M. E. Church, h 26 W. 

Markey VVillis J. (Lyne tSc M., florists^), bds 29 Lewis 

Martin Mrs. Jane, h 115 W. Water 

Marts Jacob, carp., h 332 W. Main 

Martin Mrs. Ann, h 133 Fairfield 

Martin Dietrich, lab, h 57 Wilt 

Martin Terrence, blacksmith, h 359 Hanna 

Marz Nicholas, carp., h 57 W. Jefferson 

Mason Louis J., dentist, bds 91 Williams 

Mason William J., tress hoop manufacturer, bds 41 W. Lewis 

Mason Richard, jr., bds 41 W. Lewis 

Mason, Andrew, cooper, bds 240 W. Main 

Mason John, tress hoop manufacturer, bds 41 W. Lewis 

Masbaum Mrs. Kate, h 140 E. Washington 

Mason Lewis J., dentist, Ixls 91 Williams 

Mason John F. , carp., h 91 Williams 

Mast Louis, barber, bds cor. Barr and Jefferson 

Mason Richardson, cooper, h 41 W. Lewis 

Matsch Christian, h 240 W. Washington 

Matheny Andrew, pattern maker Wabash shop, h 220 W. Jefferson 

Mathena William N., lab, h S Cass 

Mattoon Groover J., eng. Wabash R'y, h 83 Butler 

Match William, machinist Pitts, shop, h 145 Holman 

Mathews Stephan, merchant tailor, 141 Calhoun 

Maurer Jacob, wks Meyer Bros. ^: Co., h 39 Harmer 

Max Mrs. T., h 200 W. Washington 

Maxfield Sarah, widow, h 37 Duck 

MAYER HOUSE, cor". Calhoun and Wayne, W. H. Murtagh, propr. 

Mayland Frederick, lab, h 236 W. Washington 

May William brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 47 Bass 

Mayers P., teamster, h 165 Ewing 

Mayer Mrs. Jane, h 160 W. Wayne 

May field John, fireman, bds 88 Vv. Water 

Mayer Frederick, M. D., h 105 Barr 

MAYER & GRAFFE, jewelry store, 22 E. Columbia 

Mayer Joseph I\L, book-keeper, bds 47 E. Jefferson 

Mayer Lawrence, teamster, h 47 E. Jefferson 

Mayer Louis, tailor, h 80 Montgomery 

MAYER GEORGE J. E. & F. VOIROL, watch makers and jew- 
elers, 29 E. Main 

Mayer Charles, watch maker, h 27 W. Wayne 

Mayer William, machinist Wabash shop, bds 11 1 W. Jefferson 

Medsker J. N. (Gilliland & M. ), bds 97 Montgomery 

Meehan James, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 24 Locust 

Meek William H., lab, h 319 W. Main 

Meegan Thomas, time-keeper Pitts, shop, bds i 79 Clinton 

146 CARiER & Campbell's [MET] ft. wayne directory, 

Meegan T. ]., elk Pitts, shop, h 158 Madison 

Meegan Eugene, elk, bds 40 E. Lewis 

Meehan Mary, widow, h 13 Maumee 

Meger Lewis, lab, h 113 High 

Mehlos (Christopher, insurance agent, bds Steuben House 

JVlehon Samuel, painter, bds American House 

Mehre Lewis, shoemaker, h 201 E. Washington 

Meier Henry, helper, 3 Clay 

Meier Diedrich, cooper, h 89 Wells 

Meier Charles, carp., h 149 Ewing 

Meier Frederick, lab, h ^^ W. Lewis 

Meinzen William, lab, h 141 Madison 

Meier William, tailor, h 200 E. Jefferson 

Meinzer H., tailor, h 153 Madison 

Meier William, shoemaker, h 48 McClellan 

Meiser Herman, lab, h 40 John 

Meier Henry, blacksmith, h 76 W. Washington 

Melching Albert, harness maker, bds 42 High 

Melching Mrs. Charlotte, h 42 High 

Melheison Mrs., widow, h 57 Williams 

Mellinger Jacob, lab, h 45 W. Main 

Meloy Rosa, widow, bds 15 E. Jefferson 

Mendenhall Rev. M. H., h 195 W. Wayne 

Menze William, tailor, h E. Washington 

Mendaham William, fireman Pitts. R'y, bds 55 Douglas 

Menze Frederick, lab, h 239 Lewis 

Men.sch Henry, elk, h 153 Ewing 

Menze Frederick, lab, bds 329 E. Lewis 

Mennewish Frederick, carp. Pitts, shop, h 178 Barr 

Mensch Mrs. E., widow, h 14 W. Jefferson 

Menwiler Christian, barber, 271 Calhoun 

MERCHANTS' NATIONAL BANK, cor. Calhoun and Main 

Merz Theodore, carp., bds 25 Pine 

Merz Joseph, carp. Pitts, shop, bds 25 Pine 

Merz Peter, carp., h 196 E. Lewis 

Meredith William, lab, bds 150 W. Jefferson 

Merrigan John, lab, h cor. Calhoun and Wallace 

MERGEL RHEINHART, grocery store, h 94 W. Main 

MERGENTHEIM A., propr. Ladies' Bazaar, 21 Calhoun, bds at 

Robinson House 
Mertgens B., lab, h 224 E. Jefferson 

Messing & Zollinger, plow and wagon manufs., 15 E. Water 
Metcalf John, transportation master G. R. & L R'y, h 52 Williams 
Metzgar Isaac, bds 91 E. Lewis 
Metsker Joseph, plasterer, h 241 E. Washington 
Metzinger Andrew, eng. G. R. & L R'y, bds 60 Chicago 
Mettler P. J., city assessor and grocer, h 303 Lafayette 
Metley Frederick, cooper shop on E. Water, h 11 Duck 

CARiER & Campbell's [MEL] ft. wayne directory. 147 

Methley John, book-keeper (K. Murry), h 14 Brandriff 

Metheany Milton, supt. C, R. & Ft. W. R'y, bds 74 E. Lewis 

Meyerson R., bds 31 W. Main 

Meyer Andrew (M. & Graff), h 29 W. Wayne- 
Meyer L)., Deputy Marshal, bds 178 Barr 

Meyer Meier, wks spoke factory, bds 39 Water 

Meyer Henry, blacksmith, bds 178 Barr 

Meyer Margaret, widow, h 335 E. Washington 

Meyer Henry, trunk maker, bds 335 E. Washington 

Meyer Frederick, tinner Pitts, shop, h 6t W. Lewis 

Meyer William (Meyer Bros. & Co.), h 22 W. Washington 

MEYER BROTHERS & CO., wholesale and retail druggists. No. 
2 Keystone Block and 9 Columbia 

Meyer Ann Mary, widow, h 447 E. Wa)-ne 

Meyers Almina, widow, h 64 McClellan 

Meyer William, machinist, bds 447 E. Wayne 

Meyer Louis, tailor, h 76 Mtjntgomery 

Meyer William, lab, h 28 Hood 

Meyer Henry, h 28 Hood 

Meyers Bryan, moulder Bass' Foundry, h 29 Hough 

Meyers Ernst, butcher, h 213 Lafayette 

Meyers George, moulder Bass' Foundry, h 29 Hough 

Meyers John F., cooper, h 28 Douglas 

Meyer Henry, carp. Pitts, shop, h 308 Harrison 

Meyer William, lab, bds 335 E. Washington 

Meyer Frederick, tailor, h 99 Wilt 

Meyer Frederick, barber, h 81 Brackenridge 

Meyer Henry, h 100 Harrison 

Meyer William, machinist Wabash sho]), bds too Harrison 

Meyer Frederick, lab, h 27 Poplar 

Meyerson !>., bds 173 W. Washington 

Meyerson Philip, elk, h 173 W. Washington 

Meyers Lewis L., barber, bds cor. Barr and Jefferson 

Meyer Nicholas, plasterer, h 183 E. Jefferson 

Meyers Henry, carp. Pitts, shop, h 181 E. Lewis 

Meyers Frederick, propr. city water wagon, h 66 Douglas a\c 

Michaels Charles, upholster, bds 297 W. Jefferson 

Michaels Herman, lab, h 297 W. Jefferson 

Michaels Daniel, varnisher, bds 297 W. Jefferson 

Michael Andrew, lab, bds 168 E. Washington 

Mickow John, carp. Pitts. R'y, h 133 E. Lewis 

Mickels George, wagon maker, h 235 E. Jefferson 

Michels Herman, barber, bds 89 W. Lewis 

Middendorf B., brick mason, h 140 E. Washington 

Miller George, elk, h 62 E. Madison 

MILLER BROTHERS, dealers in groceries and provisions, 2 Har- 

Miller William, saloon, h 96 Broadway 

148 cARiER & Campbell's [MIL] ft. wayne DiREctoRY. 

Miller Charles T. , tinner, bds 96 Wilt 

Miles Charles, eng. Pitts. R'y, h 221 W. Washington 

Miller Ray, machinist Pitts, shop, h 281 W. Washington 

Miller Christian, lab, h 14 Wert 

Mills Theodore, painter, h 199 W. Wayne 

Miller Frederick, carp., bds 224 W. Washington 

Miller Michael, carp., h 224 W. Washington 

Miller Mary T., widow, h57 Williams 

Miller Nathaniel (Miller & Bro., grocers), h 187 Griffith 

Miller William, fiirmean Wabash R'y, bds 49 Williams 

Miller Ernst, boiler maker Wabash shop, h 51 Williams 

Miller Daniel M., bds Aveline House 

Miller Charles, helper, h 133 E. Washington 

Miller George A., bds 294 Calhoun 

Miller Jerry, car inspector on Wabash R'y, bds 316 Calhoun 

Miller Christian, grocer, h 54 Wells 

Miller Henry D., fireman Pitts. R'y, h ;^;^ Williams 

Miller Lewis, carp. Pitts, shop, h 49 Williams 

Miller Joseph, carp., h 86 High 

Miller Christian, cigar maker, bds 49 Williams 

Miller William (M. & Fletcher, grocers), h 61 Cass 

Mills Thomas, machinist Wabash shop, h 65 Williams 

Miller Oscar, brakeman Ft. W. M. & C. R'y, bds 40 Wells 

Miller C. H., watchman B. M. & Co., h 55 William 

Miller Edward, hatter, bds 96 Wilt 

Miller Theodore, tinner, bds 96 Wilt 

Miller Mrs. E., widow, h 36 McClellan 

Miller F. E., bds 57 Garden 

Miller K. B., traveling agent, h 57 Garden 

Millhouse Samuel, carp., bds 332 W. Main 

Miller Ernst, lab, bds 74 W. Jefferson 

Miller John H., lab, h 99 W. Water 

Miller J. J., elk, bds 210 W. Jefferson 

Miller Mrs. Martha, h 116 W. Jefferson 

Miller Peter, lab, h 31 Brandriff 

Miller Casper, book-keeper, bds 116 W. Jefferson 

Miller Henry A., bar keeper, bds 9 E. Wayne 

Miller R. E., lab, bds Union House 

Miller D. B., carp., bds Union House 

Miller Joseph A. (Bower & M.), Union House, 49 W. Main 

Miller William C, carp, h 129 E. Lewis 

Miller Lewis W., painter, bds 129 E. Lewis 

Miller Jacob, chair maker, h 294 Calhoun 

Miller Frederick, lab, h 5 Force 

Miller John J. h 79 E. Washington 

MILLER & BCERGER, manufacturers and dealers In horse collars, 

leather and findings, 76, 78 and 80 Clinton 
Miller William H. H. ^Coombs Miller & Bell, lawyers), h 40 Douglas ave 

CARiER & Campbell's [MOD] ft. wayne directory. 149 

Miller William, bds 200 E. Washington 

Miller Olga, widow, bds 260 Washington 

Miller Charlotte, widow, h 249 E. Jefferson 

Miller Charles, lab, h 10 Lavina 

Miller Peter, blacksmith Pitts, shop, h 116 Creighton ave 

Miller William, lab, h 307 Calhoun 

Miller Charles H., carp. Wabash shop, h 37 Bass 

Miller Clemens, lab, h 49 Locust 

Miller Harmon, lab, h 74 W. Jeflerson 

Miller John M., dealer in furniture, store 50 and 52 E. Main, h 52 E 

Miller Peter, bds 187 Jackson 
Miller John, eng. Pitts. R'y, bds 13 Maumee 
Miller Augustus, wks S. S. Smick, bds 64 Barr 
Miller Charles, baker, bds 29 W. Columbia 
Miller Martha, widow, h 23 Barr 

MILLER FREDERICK, druggist, bds Central Hotel 
Miller C, elk, bds 52 E. Jefferson 
Miller Robert, lab, bds 264 Calhoun 

Miller William, brakeman G. R. & I. R'y, bds 264 Calhoun 
Miller Andrew, brakeman G. R. & I. R'y, bds 264 Calhoun 
Miller Martha, widow, h 23 Barr 
Millhouse Davidson, lab, h 332 W. Main 
Miles David, tobacconist, h 100 E. Washington 
Miner L. R., fireman Ft. W., M. & C. R'y, bds 86 Montgomery 
Miner Byrum D., agent, h 62 Douglas ave 
Miner L. , fireman Muncie R'y, bds 40 Wells 
Miniker Ernst, carp., h 75 W. W\ashington 
Miner William, brakeman, h 106 E. Madison 
Miner James M., teamster, h 364 Broadway 
Miner William G., lab. h 72 Pearl 
Mischo Nicholas, lab, h 33 Pritchard 

Misner James (M. & Murphyj, painter, h 14 Cass n 

Mischo Mrs. Catherine, h 15S Broadway 
Misner & Murphy, painters, 84 Barr 
Misner George, painter, bds Central Hotel 
Misner Seymour, eng. Pitts. R'y, h 102 Wallace 
Mitchell Robert, fireman Wabash R'y, h 20 Locust 
Mitchell M. A., drayman, h 189 High 

Mitchell William, switchman Pitts. R'y. bds cor. Lafayette and Wallace 
Mitchell William W., 16 W. Berry 
Mitchell James, carp., h 20 W. Jefferson 
Mobley Vernon, brakeman Wabash R'y. bds 28 Williams 
Mobley Margaret, widow, h 28 \Villiams 
MODERWELL & FOWLER, shirt makers and dealers fine fur 

nishing goods, cor. Calhoun and ]5erry 
Moderwell Mrs. B., h 51 Wilt 
Moddus George, lab, bds 21 Buchanan 

150 CARiER & Campbell's" [MOR] ft. wayne directory 

Moddus William A., carp. MuncieR'y, bds 21 Buchanan 

Moddus John, millwright, h 21 Buchanan 

Moellering Henry, machinist Pitts, shop, h 55 E. Lewis 

Moffatt Hamilton, lab, h W. Main 

Moellering William, mason, h 120 Montgomery 

Mohring John, jr., lab, bds 30 Lasalle 

Mohring John, sr., lab, h 30 Lasalle 

Mohr Louis, h 238 E. Washington 

Mohler S., gas fitter, bds 73 E. Berry 

Mohr Joe, book-keeper, bds 64 Columbia 

MOHR JOHN, manufacturer of boots and shoes, h 64 Columbia 

Mohr John, cashier Allen Hamilton &. Co.'s Bank, bds 64 Columbia 

Moltz James, train despatcher Pitts. R'y, h 194 Hanna 

Mollenkoff John, wagon maker, bds 158 Griffith 

Molahan G., lab, h 100 E. Madison 

Molnan John, h 1 1 1 Wilt 

Molhan Thomas, fireman Wabash R'y, bds iii Wilt 

Molidor Adam, lab, h 7 John 

Momer Lewis, moulder Bass' Foundry, h i8o E. Lewis 

Momer John, machinist Bass' Foundry, h 1 74 E. Lewis 

Momer Joseph, elk, h 133 W. Main 

MONNING HENRY (Trentman, Monning & Son, Spice Mills), h 

143 E. Wayne 
Monning John B. (Trentman, Monning & Son, Spice Mills), bds 143 E. 

Montgomery Noah, carp., h 26 Williams 
Monroe George, moulder Bass Foundry, h 5 Grand 
Monroe Mrs. Ann, h 89 Cass 

Monehan D. (Monehan & Harper, hat store), bds 235 E. Lewis 
Monehan Martin, lab, bds cor. Fairfield and Creighton 
Monroe William, conductor Pitts. R'}', bds 285 Hanna 
Monroe Samuel, fireman Grand Rapids R'y, bds 285 Hanna 
Monroe William, cooper, bds 39 Water 
Monroe Mary E., widow, h 69 E. Jefferson 
Monrey Henry, blacksmith, bds 66 E. Main 
Moor David E., eng., bds 10 Harrison 
Moor David H., eng. Pitts. R'y, h 34 Chicago 
Moore John W., eng. C. Humphrey & Co., h 133 E. Washhigton 
Moore George, helper Pitts, shop, bds 107 Holman 
Moor William, brakeman, bds 330 Calhoun 
Moorhead Mary E., widow, h 137 Barr 
Moor John S., conductor Pitts. R'y, bds 212 Lafayette 
Moor John, lab, h 31 Brandriff 

Moon W. S., mach. Wabash shop, h 272 W. Jefferson 
Moon George, bds Hanna House 

MOON GEORGE, sr., U. S. Revenue Collector, office 57 Clinton 
Moon George, jr.. Deputy Revenue Collector, office 57 Clinton 
Morison R. G., elk (Rohs' dry goods store), h 172 E. Berry 

CARiER & Campbell's [MUH] ft. waynedirectokv. 151 

Moran Peter, ice dealer, h 201 E. Wayne 

Morse Stanley B., hds Hamilton House 

Moran William, lab, bds 201 E. Wayne 

Moran W., railroader, bds 229 Lafayette 

Morgan George, barber, h 283 W. Jefferson 

Morehouse H. B., elk Pitts R'y, bds 218 W. Washington 

Morrison George, wks A. Hattersly, bds 1 2 Lafayette 

Mores Janies, brakeman Wabash R'y, h 68 Butler 

Morris Julius, lab, bds Bloomingdale Hotel 

Moritz John M.,.h 79 W. Berry 

Morell Edward, mach. Bass' shop, h 17 Gay 

Morneiser John, painter, h 263 Hanna 

Morris Rosa Ann, widow, bds 105 W. Berry 

Moritz Elizabeth, widow, bds 79 W. Berry 

Morey Hannah, h 103 W. Jefferson 

Morgenthaler Peter, elk, h 85 W. Main 

Morell Henry, shoemaker, h 1 1 W. Jefferson 

Morritz Albert, hackman, bds 25 Barr 

Morell C. G., shoemaker, bds 10 W. Wayne 

Morell George, lab, bds 20 Chicago 

Morell Christian L., h 10 W. Wayne 

Morss S. E., City Editor Gazette, h — Lafayette 

Morgan O. P. (Morgan & Beach), h 40 Yj. AVashington 

Morgan George W., painter, h 15 E. Jefferson 

MORGAN & BEACH, hardware store. 19 and 21 Columbia 

Mosbaum George, lab, bds 140 E. Washington 

Mosshammer John, lab, h 84 E. Wayne 

Moss Frederick, lab, bds 20 Chicago 

Mortz, George, tailor, h 40 Second 

Mower L, bds 129 E. Lewis 

Mowrey Henry, shoemaker, h 115 Wells 

Moyer George, saloon, h 45 Wells 

Moyer David, lab, bds 80 Barr 

Moyer H. ly. , printer, bds 160 W. Wayjie 

Muck Charles, moulder Bass' Foundry, Ixls 28 Force 

Mudge J. C, carp., h 43 Wall 

Mudge John A., carp., bds 43 Wall 

Mudge "F. Frank, fireman Pitts. R'y, Ixls 186 Jackson 

Mudge S. R., eng. Pitts. R'y, h 186 Jackson 

Mueller William, lab, bds 3 and 5 Railroad 

Afuhlenbruch 'William, carp., h 152 AV. Jefferson 

Muhlenbruch D., carp., h 213 E. Jefferson 

Muhlenbruch G., wagon maker, h 173 Holman 

Muhlenbruch G., carriage maker, h 173 Holman 

Muhlenliruch Charles. Avagon maker, bds 213 E. Jefferson 

MUHLFEITH JOHN, renovating establishment, 174 Calhoini, h 

58 Wells 
Muhler Charles (Wilson, Schuckman \- Muhler). h 27 W. Berrv 

152 CARiER & Campbell's [MYE] ft. wayne directory 

Muirhead John, elk, bds 61 Brackenridge 

Muirhead Mrs. R., widow, h 61 Brackenridge 

Mulcahy Edward, fireman Wabash shop, h 31 Colerick 

Muller Charles, pattern maker, bds 6 Gay 

Muller Ferdinand, lab, h 35 Francis 

Muller William, lab, h 96 W. Jefferson 

Muller N., lab, h 296 E. Washington 

Muller Henry, mach. Pitts, shop, h 20 Marion 

Muller Fred., moulder, bds 20 Marion 

Muller Fred., mason, h 8 Summit 

Mulday Andrew, bds 100 Montgomery 

Muldoon Margaret, widow, h 86 E. Lewis 

Muldoon William, cooper, bds 11 Duck 

Munson C. A., bds 182 W. Washington 

Munch Philip, teamster, h 34 Third 

Munch Nicholas, carp. Pitts, shop, h 230 E. Wayne 

MURTAGH W. H., propr. Mayer House, cor. Calhoun and Wayne 

Murray Kerr, machine shop, h 147 W. Wayne 

Murphy John, blacksmith Wabash shop, h 25 Taylor 

Murphy Johanna, widow, h 7 Colerick 

Murphy George, lab, h 1 1 Colerick 

Murphy John, lab, h 237 Clay 

Murray Amasa, mach. Pitts, shop, bds 235 Lafayette 

Murry James, mach. Wabash shop, bds 322 Calhoun 

Murphy James, lab, bds 11 Melitta 

Murphy S. , eng. , G. R. & L R'y, h 155 Hanna 

MURPHY ROBERT W. (Foster Brothers' dry goods store), h 74 

W. Main 
Murphy Bernard, moulder, h 59 Force 
Murphy Michael, lab, 171 Madison 
Murphy Nellie, widow, h 72 W. Main 
Murphy David, lab, bds 25 Broadway 
Murphy David, lab, bds 19 Baker 
Murphy A. N., painter, h io8Barr 
Murphy )ames, lab, bds 19 Baker 

MYERS WILLIAM H., M. D., h 157 W. Wayne 
Myers Fred. W., barber shop, 243)^ Calhoun 
Myers W. H., contractor, h 100 Fairfield 
Myers James D., lab, h 27 Duck 

Myers Mrs. Barbara, bds cor. Fulton and W. Jefferson 
Myers George, carp., h 60 Wilt 
Myers Anthony, bds 60 Wilt 

Myers William, blacksmith Pitts, shop, h 98 Williams 
Myers Ellis, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 114 Fairfield 
Myers Frank, painter, bds 183 E. Jefferson 

CARiER & Campbell's [McD] ft. wayne directory. 153 

McBain George, fireman, Richmond R. R., bds 205 Calhoun 

McCarthy James, boarding house, 290 Calhoun 

McCauley John H., j^rop. hat store, h 92 E. \\'ashington 

McCAULEY & CO.. Hatter, 76-78-80 Clinton, store, 4 E. Columbia 

Mcculloch & RICHEY, House Furnishing Store, 3 E. Columbia 

McConnell W. A., elk, bds 197 E. Jefferson 

McCain Margaret, widow, h 64 E. Jefferson 

McClean Peter, dyer, works woolen mills, h 41 Water 

McCamsey A. M., lab, h 155 Harrison 

McConnell Andrew, bridge builder, h 40 Brandriff 

McCutcheon Edward, conductor, Wabash R'y, h 5 Bass 

McCartney John, lab, bds 10 Harrison 

McCaffrey Thomas, lab, h cor Webster and Dawson 

McClain James, bds 232 E. Jefferson 

McCormick John, fireman, Wabash R'y, bds 82 Fairfield ave 

McCollam John, eng, Muncie R. R. . h 154 Broadway 

McCumsey Kate, widow, h 155 Harrison 

McCulloch Thomas P., Dr., h 34 Douglas ave 

McCoy Thomas, boiler maker, Wabash shop, 21 Nirdlinger 

McClure Andrew, eng, Wabash R'y, h 50 McClellan 

McClure D. B., millwright, 225 W. Main 

McCulloch Frank, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 220 Lafayette 

McClellan J. R., fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 234 Lafayette 

McCelicet Philip, lab, bds 79 Holman 

McCartney John, grocer, h 154 Griffith 

McCay Thomas, boiler maker, W^abash shop, bds 6 Kansas 

McCann John, policeman, h 65 Grand 

McClain George, boiler maker, Pittsburgh shop, h 195 Barr 

McCartney Parrick, eng, Wabash shop, h 3 Colerick 

McCarthy Bartholomew, lab, bds 3 Colerick 

McCaffrey W'illiam, wheelwright, bds 70 E. Madison 

McCarthy Timothy, molder, (Murry's foundry), bds 290 Calhoun 

McClaren William, fireman, Muncie R. R., bds 63 Wells 

McCarty Mary, widow, h 50 Baker 

McConahy Albert, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 63 Baker 

McCarty Dennis, eng, Pittsburgh R'y, h 106 W^allacc 

McCreary B. F., blacksmith, h 160 E. Jefferson 

McCurdy A. R., elk, h 38 Lavina 

McConnell J. W., attorney at law, bds Robinson House 

McCulloch Fred, (McC. & Richey, hardware), h 164 W. Berry 

McCord George S., carp, h 188 Ewing 

McDorman Mary J., widow, h 65 E. Wayne 

McDonald John, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 54 E. Wahington 

McDonald James B., mason, h 54 E. Washington 

McDermut Nancy, widow, h 28 E. Wayne 

154 CARiER & Campbell's [McS] ft. wayne directory. 

McDermut Whitney printer, bds 28 E. Wayne 

McDermut Wilson, E., printer, bds 28 E. Wayne 

McDermot Roger, plasterer, bds 20 Chicago 

McDonald R. T., b. k., bds 54 E. Washington 

McDonald Mrs. Johanna, h 17 Baker 

McDermot John, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 20 Baker 

McDermott Joseph, blacksmith, Pittsburgh shop, h 41 (iay 

McDermott James, moulder, Pittsburgh siiop, h 317 Calhoun 

McDowel William, cooper, bds 408 W. Main 

McDonald Stephen, brick layer, bds 39 Water 

McDonald H. D., eng, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 79 Douglas ave 

McDOUGAL & LAUFERTY, Brokers, McD. Block, Calhoun 

McDougal John, merchant, bds Aveline House 

McDonald DONALD, Propr. Aveline House, cMcD. & Mrs. 

Aveline), S. E. cor Berry and Calhoun 
McDonald W., lab, bds Robinson House 
McEwen Theodore, agt., h 53 Baker 
McElfatrick J. A., carp, h 107 W. Main 
McElfatrick Mrs. Eva, h 103 W. Main 
McFerran Milton, eng, Pittsburgh R'y. bds 132 Lafayette 
McFee AVilliam carp, h 58 Nelson 
McFEELY D. R., Oyster Bay Saloon and Restaurant, cor Calhoun 

and Wa\'ne 
McGee Mary, widow, h 35 W. Main 
McGrady William, plasterer, h 106 E. Madison 
McGoiT Peter, plasterer, bds Exchange Hotel 
McGuire Owen, telegraph repairer, h 18 Baker 
McGinney William, lab, bds 58 Columbia 
McGeehon John, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 285 Hanna 
McGuire Jane, widow, bds 71 Douglas 
McGinnis Patrick, brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 23 Grand 
McGrady David, plasterer, bds 134 Monroe 
McGuire Terrance, eng Wal)ash R'y, bds 6 Kansas 
McGuire Thomas, lab, h iio Chicago 
McGlasslon Mrs., widow, h 21 Melitla 
McGrafly John, mason, h 142 W. Main 
McGrath Tliomas, lab, h 8 Bass 
Mcintosh Mary Ann, widow, h 118 Barr 
Mclntyre Patrick, lab, bds Union House 
McKinley John, cutter, h 152 E. Wayne 
M(-Kinnie Frank, b. k., bds Ft. Wajne Seating House 
McKINNIE HENRY, Pro]ir. Ft. Wayne Eating House, 1) M R. R. 
McKINNIE ALEXANDER, bds Ft. Wayne Eating House 
McRenzie Roht., moulder, (Bass' foundry), h Tallie's add 
McKellar Alexander, machinist, Wabash shop, bds 64 McClellan 
McKenzie Mrs. Sarah J. bds 138 Broadway 
McKendry Daniel, ass't eng., in office, h 11 Melitto 
McKeon James, lab, h 4 Colerick 

CARiER & Campbell's [McN] ft. wayne dirkctoky. 155 

McKenzie & Keel, dry goods mer., 130 Broadway 

McKean James, brakeman, h 68 Butler 

McKean William T., foreman, machine shop, h 184 K. ]cfferson 

McKag William, lab, h 28 Walnut 

McKay Neil, contractor, h 134 W. Main 

McKinley Perry, lab, h 46 Wells 

McKenzie George, machinist, Wabash shop, h 121 Butlcr 

McKindrey Thomas, conductor Wabash R'y, h 103 Williams 

McKeg James, conductor, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 49 Baker 

McKnight James, blacksmith, Pittsburgh shop, h 40 Lasscllc 

McKinzie C., lab, h 89 Lasselle 

McLean Peter, boss dyer, woolen mills, h 41 K. Water 

McLochlin pattern maker, bds 147 W. Washington 

McLain B. P., h — Ft. Wayne College 

McLaughlin Daniel, lab, h 65 W. Lewis 

McLaflin John, wks Pittsburgh shop, bds 100 Montgomery 

McLochlin James, bds 12 Cass 

McLaughlin William, pattern** maker, Wabash shop, h 117 Holman 

McLain Allen Dr, bds 69 Carden 

McLain George H., baggage master, Pittsburgh R'\, bds Kt Wayne 

McLaughlin Christ, moulder, h 127 Monroe 
McLain Patrick, h 232 Jefferson 
McMullen Mrs. M., h 188 E. Washington 
McMellen James, lab, bds 116 E. Madison 
McManus Thomas, lab, h 32 Baker 
McManigal J., lab, h 31 Pearl 

McMahon S., conductor, Pittsburgh R'y, h 20S Broadway 
McMullen Mary, widow, h 124 LTnion 
McMillen John', lab, h 87 William 
McMillen John, machinist, Wabash shop, h 90 \Vilt 
McMillen Mary, widow, h 228 Francis 
McMullen William H., painter, h 188 E. Washington 
McNulty John, plumber, wks Hatterslcy's, bds 12 ('olerick 
McNulty Ann widow, h 12 Colerick 
McNulty William, (Kayser & McN.), h 87 Montgomery 
McNulty James, wks woolen factory, h 100 Columbia 
McNamara Christopher, lab, bds cor Lafayette and \\'alla(-c 
McNulty Thomas, lab, h 89 W. Lewis 

M( Niece R. G., (WcN. ^: Alexander), (/-V/o^'/A- ofh( c, hds 259 W. Wnvnc 
McNulty William, shoemaker, shop on Lafayette, h 88 Montgomerv 
McNamarah Thomas, lab, h it Melitto 
McNair Charles, carp, and contractor, h 56 Henry 
McNarny, Thomas, lab, h 84 Baker 
M(-Namary Peter, lab, li foot of liaker 
McNut John, h 39 Douglas ave 
McNally John, carp, h 105 Wallace 
McNamara W., foreman, spoke manuf., bds 457 Lafayette 

156 CARiER & Campbell's [NES] ft. wayne directory. 

McNamara Mrs. Susan, h 457 Lafayette 

McNamara Monroe, carp, bds 457 Lafayette 

McPhail, William, foreman Wabash round houses h 192 Ewing 

McQuiston John, h 159 W. Washington 

McQuiston, A. P., elk, bds 159 W. Washington 

Mc^'ey Michael lab, h cor Fifth and N. Calhoun 

McWilliams Edmond, piano and sewing machine agt.. bds 86 E. Main 

McWilliams Joseph, civil eng,. bds Mayer House 

Nanamaker S. S., drug elk, li 150 W. Jefferson 

Nagel Frederick, lab, h 99 W. Jefferson 

Nagel Martin, machinist, Wabash shop, bds 99 W. Jefferson 

Nagel Fred, jr., machinist, Wabash ahop, bds 99 W. Jefferson 

Nahrwold Fred, lab, h 25 Wilt 

Nahrwald Conrad, lab, h 267 E. Lewis 

Nahrwold Fred, lab, h 319 W. Washington 

Nahrwold Christ, helper, h 147 E Lewis 

Nahrwold D., carp, h 62 W. Lewis 

Nahrwold William, carp, h 29 Wilt 

Nave William, carp, bds loi Wallace 

Nave Benjamin, carp, h loi Wallace 

Nees Henry, wood carver, h 76 E. Madison 

Neff Jacob, butcher, h 63 E. Water 

Neff John J., butcher, h 63 E. Water 

Neher Joseph, shoemaker, (Thomas Manix), h 12 ^Yancis 

Nehler J. W., elk, bds Steuben House 

Neireiter C. D., Iwness maker, bds 220 W. Washington 

Neireiter Casper, manuf. and dealer in harness, trunks, &:c., 13 Columbia 

Neireiter Conrad, chair maker, h 87 E. Wayne 

Neidhart |ose])Ii, carp, h 56 E). Madison 

NEIREITER C, Summit City Trunk Manuf.. 8 Calhoun, h 137 \Y. 

Neireiter C. B., harness maker, h 227 W. Washington 
Neiman Fred, lab, bds 7 Hood 
Nelson Elmore, hatter, h 64 W. Wavne 

NELSON WILLIAM R., Lawyer, bds Hamilton House 
Nelson M., machinist, bds 64 W. Wayne 
Nelson George, (Ft. Wayne Steel Plow Co. ), h 67 W. Main 
Nelligan Michael, machinist, (K. Murray ),^bds 47 Douglas ave 
NELSON DeGROFF & CO., Dealers in Grain and Seeds, cor 

Clinton and Columbia 
Nerhood John, bds 8 Lavina 
Nestel Ed., grocer, h 189 Lafayette 

NESTEL DANIEL, Manager Comodore Foote's Troupe, h 203 W. 

.-..^,^^ -..- — _ ■ ■■ ■ -I I iiiiiiiiMinrfB riVi^*yMiir»iM—MinfiM*ii iMMMii 111 m 


Nestel Daniel jr., carp, bds 303 W. Jefferson 

Nestel Phillip, initcher, h 189 Lafayette 

Nestel Charles William, (^Com. P'oote), bds 203 W. Jefferson 

Neuffer Lenard, eng, Wabash R'y, h 306 Harrison 

Newton, copper smith, shop 189 Calhoun 

Neuenschwander Isaac, propr. saloon, h 46 E. Columbia 

Newton Orin L., telegraph operator, bds 17 Holman 

Newhart, Louisa, widow, h 47 Barr 

Newberger Louis, city att'y, 34 E. Berry 

Neuberger Charles, millinery store, h 100 W. Berry 

Newall Hans, h 16 Locust 

Newberger Henry, proj^r. cigar store, bds 100 W. Berry 

NEWBERGER LOUIS, Attorney at Law, bds 21-23 I^- ^lain 

Newcomer Christian, night elk at Harmon house 

Newberger Mrs. R. , millinenry, 14 E. Columbia 

Newberger Henry, dealer in cigars and Tobacco, cor Calhoun and Main 

Newell Charles D., eng, Pittslj|irgh R'y, h 258 W. Jefferson 

Nicholas Mrs. Rebecca, bds 117 W. Washington 

Nichols John, fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 35 Buchanan 

Nichols James, lab, h no W. Water 

Nicter Otto, moulder, h 158 Broadway 

Nidermeier Paul, lab, h 24 Lasselle 

Nieman T. H., grocery and saloon, 274 E. Washington, h 272 E. Wash- 

Niebergall Henry, baker, Concordia College 

Nies Charles, turner, h 36 Wall 

Nieman Gottlieb, h 49 Douglas ave 

Niemeier Henry, teamster, h 153 Madison 

Nieter H., lab, bds 178 Barr 

Nierman Martin, bds 43 W. Water 

Nierman Herman, h 46 W. Water 

Niebel Mary, widow, h i Bass 

Nieman F. W., carp, bds 170 W. Washingtoti 

Nies Henry, file cutter, bds 139 Madison 

Nighthefer William, grocer, h 337 Lafayette 

NILL E. H. & CO., Druggists and Apothecaries, 80 Calhoun, Nill's 

11 Henry, shoemaker, h 1 1 7 Wells 

11 Conrad, shoemaker, h 117 Wells 

les H., teamster, bds 57 W. Water 

11 George, shoemaker, bds 31 W. Columbia 

11 Ed. H., (E. H. Nill & Co.), h 34 W. Washington 

11 H., (Nill & Bro.'), shop, 31 Columbia 

11 S., Mrs., widow, h 31 W. Columbia 

11 Conrad, (^E. H. Nill & Co.), h 34 W. Washington 

mann John, mason, h 180 E. Washington 

nde L. M., att'y, 16 W. Main 

rdlinger Fred, h 31 Main 

158 CARiER & Campbell's [NUT] ft. wayne directory. 

NIRDLINGER JACOB, Manuf. and Jobber of Clothing, Furnishing 

Goods, Hats and Caps, i Keystone Block 
Nirdlinger Frederick, elk, bds Mayer House 
Nirdlinger Max, at Palace of Fashion, h 82 VV. Main 
Nirdlinger Samuel, elk, bds 50 W. Water 

Nirdlinger Joe, elk (Root & Co.'s dry goofls house), bds 50 VV. Water 
Nirdlinger Eli, bds 31 W. Main 
NISH & CAS SO, musicians, 36 Barr 
Nish (;eorge, painter, h 106 Francis 
Nitsche Clara, widow, h 12 W. Jefferson 

Nixon Alfred, school teacher at Public School No. 8, h 282 Harrison 
Nix Valentine, shoemaker, h 80 E. Jefferson 
Noble layman, gardner, h old Pickway Road 
Nobles Nancy, widow, h 13 Poplar 
Noble John, brakeman Richmond R'y, bds 243 Clay 
Nohe William, shoemaker, h 19 Nirdlinger 
Nohc Joseph, h 167 Broadway 
Nolan James, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 140 Francis 
Noll John C. (^Orff & Co., dry goods), h 245 E. Lewis 
Noll Alfred, elk, h 235 E. Lewis 
Noll Frank, elk, h 241 E. Lewis 

Noll Martin A. (C. Orff & Co., dry goods), h 201 W. Main 
NOLL MARTIN, manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes, 22 

Nolan John, lab, h 22 Charles 
Noll Peter, painter Pitts, shop, h 46 Butler 
NOLL MARTIN, boots and shoes, h 146 E. Wayne 
Noll George, lab, h 241 E. Lewis 
Noll B., book-keeper, h 28 Douglas ave 
Noll Edward, accountant, bds 146 E. Wayne 
Noll John, elk, bds 146 E. Wayne 
Nolan James, fireman, h 78 E. Madison 
Nonamaker Solomon, drug elk, bds 150 W. Jefferson 
Norton Herschel, fireman W^abash R'y, bds 38 Melitta 
Norwald Charles, lab, h 265 E. Lewis 
Norton Mrs. L. E., widow, bds Anderson House 
Nolestein Joseph, hack driver, bds 18 E. Wayne 
Nolestein E., lab, h 141 Force 
Novelty L, bds cor. Harrison and Chicago 
Noy Edward, lab, h 103 Williams 
Nuby Frank, turner, bds Fox House 
Nulf Philip, brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 13 Poplar 
Nulf Levi, lab, h 13 Poplar 

Nulf George A., brakeman Wabash R'y bds 13 Poplar 
Nuraugh Louis, tinner, bds 69 E. Jefferson 
Nutman John, shoemaker, h 225 E. Wayne 
Nuttman Joseph D., jr., bds 130 W. Berry 
Nuttman Joseph D., sr., Prest. First Nat. Bank, h 130 W. Berry 

CARiER & Campbell's [OGE] ft. wayne directory. 159 

Nye Mrs. J., widow, h 80 Barr 


O'Brien Dennis, supt. of canal, h 225 W. Washington 

O'Brien Patrick, section boss Wabash R'y, bds 20 Chicago 

O'Brien C, Mason, bds 165 Ewing 

O'Brien William, yard master Ft. W., M. i^ C. R'y, h 50 MeliUa 

O'Conners Bridget, widow, h 116 Francis 

O' Conner )., blacksmith Pitts, sho]), h 46 Baker 

O' Conner Joseph M., agent, h 92 W. Water 

O'Conner Michael, wks Bass' Foundry, bds 72 Wallace 

O'CONNELL & BROTHER, proprs. Central Hotel, K. Berry, 

opposite Court 
O'Connell Daniel (O'C. & Bro., Central Hotel), h 203 E. Wavne 
O'Connell John (O'C. & Bro.), Central Hotel 
O'Heran John, lab, h Lillie arve 

O'Homas Crcorge, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 245 Calhoun 
O'Neil Melcena, widow, h 57 Williams 
O'Neil Daniel, fireman Wabash R'y, bds 59 Grand 
O'Neil Thomas, bds 231 Barr 
O'ROURKE EDWARD, Attorney at Law, office over First Nat. 

Bank, h 24 McClellan 
O'Rourke William, moulder, h 235 E. Jefferson 
O'Rourke John, conductor Pitts. R'y, h 109 Wallace 
O'Rourke C, bds 24 McClellan 

O'Rourke P. S., supt. Mich. Lake Shore R'y, h 30 McClellan 
O'Rourke Charles, tinner, bds 235 E. Jefferson 
O'Rourke John C, conductor Pitts. R'y, bds 30 McClellan 
O'Ryan Patrick, carp., h 42 Baker 
O'Shaughnessy James, constable, bds 20 Chicago 
O'Shaughnessy Thomas, painter, bds 19 Baker 
O'Shaughnessy Margaret, widow, h 23 Colerick 
O'Shaughnessy Michael, lab, bds 23 Colerick 
O'Shaughnessy John, lab, bds 23 Colerick 
O'Shaughnessy Martin, lab, h 4 Colerick 
Oakley C. B. (O. & Son), h 126 W. Main 
OAKLEY & SON, dealers in harness and saddlers' hardware, 29 E. 

01)erhelman William, sewing machine agent, h 309 W. A\'ashington 
Oddon Joseph, elk, h 204 H Wayne 
Oddon Joseph F., elk, h 68 Columbia 
Oelschlager Fred., tailor, bds 100 W. Jefferson 
Ofenloch John H., painter Pitts, shop, h 134 Francis 
Ofenloch Valentine, painter Pitts, shop, h 32 Force 
Ogdon Robert, wks A. Hattersly, h 20 Lafayette 
Oget John J., agent Howe Sewing Machine, bds 98 Montgomery 

i6o cARiER * Campbell's [OTT] ft, wayne directory. 

Ohm Mrs. C, h 133 W, Water 

Ohnhaus Mrs. S., h 135 E. Jefferson 

OLDS N. G. & SON, spoke and wheel manufacturers, cor Lafayette 

and Railroad 
Olds N. G. (O. &: Son, spoke mfs.l, h cor. Ewing and W. Berry 
Olds Henry J. (O. & Son, spoke mfs.), h cor. Ewing and W. Berry 
Olds John D. (O. Son), bds 71 W. Wayne 
Olds jay B., bds cor. Ewing and W. Berry 
Olds Charles, bds cor. Ewing and W. Berry 
Oldroyde T. B., kook-keeper, bds 130 W. Jefferson 

OMNIBUS OFFICE, Fletcher & Powers, proprietors, 7i>4 Calhoun 
Openshaw George, mach. Pitts, shop, h 32 Charles 
Oppenheimer Jacob, street buyer, bds American House 
Oppenheimer A., dealer in hides, &c., h 54 W. Berry 
Oppenheimer Fred., street buyer, bds 54 W\ Berry 
Oppelt Joseph, eng., h 14 Fulton 
Orbison Henry, ticket agent, Ft. W., J. & Saginaw R'y, bds American 

Orban Michael, lab, h 106 Butler 
Orel Joseph, book binder, bds 204 E. Lewis 
ORFF JOHN, Empire Mills, W. Main 
ORFF C. & CO., dry goods store, 5 and 7 E. Columbia 
Orff Gottlieb, carp., Pitts, shop, h 150 Clinton 
Orff Henry, music teacher, h 232 E. Washington 
Orff Christian (C. Orff & Co., dry goods), h 4 W. Water 
Oriel Joseph, wagon maker, h Calhoun, bet. Wallace and Hamilton 
Orme E. J., stone cutter, h 68 W. Main 
Orr Peter', bds W. Walnut 
Orr Michael, butcher, h W. Walnut 
Orr John W., eng., h 28 Butler 

Orr Joseph H., elk Ft. Wayne Nat. Bank, bds 28 Butler 
Orr & Berberich, butchers, 272 Calhoun 
Orrison John, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 225 Barr 
Orthen Joseph, lab, h 38 John 
Ortlieb George, saloon, h 21 E. Washington 
Ortman Charles, saloon, h 86 Barr 
Ortman Henry, cigar maker, h 59 Third 
Ortman Theodore, cigar manuf. , h 36 Monroe 
ORTLIEB GEORGE, lager beer saloon, 78 Calhoun 
ORTMANN H. W., cigar manuf. and residence 49 Calhoun 
Orvis Mrs. Harriet, h 130 W. Main 
Osgood Henry, brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 23 Grand 
Ostermann L., drayman, h 235 E. Washington 
Ostermann Charles, lab, bds 81 Wells 
Ostermann John H., cooper, h 180 E. Washington 
Ott Francis, painter, h 81 E. Berry 
Ott John, plasterer, bds 113 E. Main 
Otting William, baker, bds 29 W. Columbia 

Fort Wayne Journal. 


Offide, doin't ^ti'eet, - - ovet^ Po^t-Offide, 

Terms, $2.00 per year. Chromos given away. 

ST E ^3vn 

Job Printing Rooms, 

Ovef f^o^t-Offide, ^E^oft WkYi\e. 

Facilities for Fine Printing equal to any in the State. 

CARiER & Campbell's fPAYl ft. wayne directory. i6i 

Otten H., lab, bds 210 Washington 

Otten Lucas, lab, h 34 Gay 

Otten Otto H., lab, bds 34 Gay 

Out Peter, lab, h 27 Langohr 

Overly Thomas, teamster, h 1 1 7 Wilt 

Overly John, lab, h 23 Jones 

Owens Peter, stave jointer, bds 6 Kansas 

Owens Owen, conductor Pitts. R'y, bds 19S Lafayette 

Owens M., boiler maker Wabash shop, h 319 Harrison 

Pace Nathan L., elk, h 80 Harrison 

Page William D., foreman Gazef/e job office, h 103 Lafayette 

Pageler Fred, wheelmaker, (Olds &: Son), h 177 Montgomery 

Pagnard Augustus, lab, 58 Columbia 

Pantlind Henry, drives American Express wagon, h 204 K. AVa}ne 

Pape William, h 137 High 

PARAMORE S. H.', Lumber Dealer, office 1S3 Calhoun 

Parisot Louis, watchman, h 205 Burr 

Parisot Joseph, lab, h 322 Hanna 

Parker Charles, bds 40 Garden 

PARKER H. C, Agt., bds Hamilton House 

Parker Henry, fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 17 Holman 

Parks William, lab, h 210 W. Main 

Parks Augustus cooper, bds 63 W. Water 

Parrot Peter, carp, Pittsburgh shop, h 27 Oak 

Passage Levy, lab, h 278 Broadway 

Passe Charles, machinist, (Bass' shop), bds 137 Francis 

Passinot Joseph, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 405 Lafayette 

Passinot Peter, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, 53 Buchanan 

Passmore Charles, fireman, Wabasli R'y, bds 82 Fairfield a\e 

Paton L. , bds Mayer House 

Patten William, contractor, h 53 W. Water 

Patten Jesse, policeman, bds Exchange Hotel 

Patten Charles, 98 Columbia 

Patterson George, brakeman, Wabash R'y, h 309 W. Jefferson 

Patterson Oliver, machinist, (_wks Olds & Sonj, bds 205 Calhoun 

Patterson C. E., agt., bds Central Hotel 

Patterson , turner, (Olds & S."), h 72 Wallace 

Paul William, grocer, 21 W. Columbia 

Paul William, grocer, h 38 W. Jefferson 

Paul Frederick, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, li 29S Harrison 

Paul Charles, lab, h 47 High 

Paulsen Daniel, miller, h 88 Barthold 

Payne Elizabeth, widow, h on Hanover, foot of \\'ayne 

Payne John, miller, bds on Hanover, foot of Wayne 

i62 CARiER & Campbell's [PHI] ft. wayne directory. 

Payner George, Dr. , bds American House 

Pease , bds Hanna House 

Pearson C. H., drayman, h 309 W. Main 

Peggeon Nicholas, lab, h 64 Melitta 

Pelz August, lab, bds 237 Lafayette 

Peltier James C, elk, Wabash freight office, h 162 Montgomery 

Peltier L. jr., b. k., bds 49 E. Lewis 

Peltier Louis, (Peltier & Carll, undertakers), h 49 E. Lewis 

PELTIER & CARLL, Undertakers, 17 W. Wayne 

Pence Levi, lab, h 117 Calhoun 

Penington Henry, lab, bds Union House 

Pequignot Francis, h 27 Buchanan 

PEQUIGNOT JOSEPH, (Langard & Co.), bds 58 and 60 Columbia 

Perry George H., fur dealer, bds Mayer House 

Perry Joseph, baggage master, Richmond R. R., bds Aker House 

Perret Henry, att'y, bds Aker House 

Perkins Paul B., (Perkin's Engine Co."), h 62 Fulton 

Perry John, eng, Richmond R. R., h 164 W. Wayne * 

Perry Frank, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, bds 164 W. Wayne 

Perry Edgar, gas fitter, bds 164 W. Wayne 

Perry Joseph, carp, h 2 Oak 

Perrin James, conductor, Wabash R'y, h 92 Fairfield ave 

Perkins Mrs., propr. Anderson House, 24 W.. Berry 

Perkins H^ngine Company, manuf. Perkin's enginesand R'y tank pumps, 16 
W. Columbia 

Perry Harvey, conductor, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 79 Holman 

Perry George W., baggage master, Richmond R. R., bds 203 Barr 

Perrin William, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 79 Holman 

Pesch William, basket maker, h 66 W. Jefferson 

Pettit Mrs. L., h in E. Wayne 

Petit Peter, lab, bds 58 E. Columbia 

Peters John, (^Peters & Co., box makers), bds 21-23 E. Main 

Peters & Co., Fort Wayne Box Factory, office 102 High 

Petzinger Mrs. Louisa, h 117 Wells 

Petys George, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 233 T^afayette 

Peters William, elk. Ft. Wayne Eating House 

PittifordE., bds 82 Barr 

Peters Fred, lab, h 23 Wilt 

Peters Fred, lab, h 20 Lavina 

Petgen Elizabeth, widow, h 83 Holman 

Pfeifer Joseph, jr., stone cutter, bds Union House 

PfeifferG. C. & Co., Bloomingdale Mills, h 168 Wells 

PFLEIDERER JABOB, Butcher, Meat Market, no Calhoun 

Phelps George, conductor, Ft. W., J. & S. R. R., h 20 W. Jefferson 

Phelps James, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 25 W. Jefferson 

Philabaum David, teamster, h 73 High 

Phillabaum (icorge, teamster, h 46 Wells 

Phillabaum John, broom maker, h 35 Grand 

CARiER & Campbell's [POR] ft. wayne directory. 163 

Philley Milton, student, 129 Lafayette 

Philley William, conductor, Richmond R. R., bds j 20 Lafayette 

Philley Hannah, 120 Lafayette 

Philley Eli S., b. k., bds 120 Lafayette 

Philley Emily L., bds 120 Lafayette 

Philley Milt S., att'yand notary, 16 W. Main 

Phillips Michael, lab, h 255 Webster 

Phillips Mrs. Elizabeth, h 189 High 

Phillips John elk, bds 121 W. Main 

Phillips Barney, saloon, h 121 W. Main 

Philips Elizabeth, widow, h 209 Lafayette 

Phillips George, propr. stage line, h 12 Cass 

Pickard I'homas, suj). Bass' shop, h 106 Washington 

Pickard T. D., elk, Bass' shop, h 106 E. Washington 

Piepenbrink Conrad D., boot and shoe store, 32 E. Columbia 

Pierceton Cxeorge. lab, bds cor Berry and Water 

Piel Peter, bds 141 Henry 

Pierce Lexas, brakenian, Wabash R'y, h 72 Williams 

Pierre Peter, (J. & P. Pierre, dry goods), h 254 W. Washington 

PIERCE J. S., Sewing Machine Agt., h 261 W. Wayne 

Piepenbrink Crist, elk, bds 253 W. Wayne 

Pierce Mrs. Betsy, h 261 W. Wayne 

Pierston George, lab, bds 1 3 Barr 

PIETZ J. FERDINAND, Practical Watchmaker and Jeweler, h 66 

Calhoun, opp. Aveline House 
Pierson Peter, elk, h 119 Wilt 

Piepenbrink Conrad D., shoemaker, h 48 W. Washington 
Pieper Frederick, machinist, Wabash shops, h 71 W. Jefferson 
Pierr Jacob, dry goods, h 96 W. Berry 
Pierce Daniel, brakeman, Richmond R. R., bds 203 Barr 
Pierce Ernest, machinist, Pittsburgh R'y, h 193 Barr 
Pike William, hat store, (Singer & P.), h 134 W. Berry 
Pilliot Victor, elk, bds 98 Maumee 
Pilgrim Luther, carp, h 229 Lafayette 
Piltz Rudolph, baker, bds 195 Hanna 
Pingry B., fireman, Richmond R. R., bds 20 Baker 
Piper Nettie, bds 115 Barr 
Pisano Martin, shoemaker, h 114 Fultofi 
Pitzel Joe, bds 46 E. Jefferson 
Piatt Jeremiah, lab, bds 25 Barr 
Plattor George, conductor, h 183 Lafayette 
Plock Henry, lab, bds 206 W. Jefferson 
Plock Mrs. Elizabeth, h 206 W. Jefferson 
Pohlman Christian, carp, h 214 W. Jefferson 
Polhamus Albert, eng, Pittsburgh R'y, li 169 Montgouicry 
Poole Emery O., eng, Wabash R'v, h 118 Jatksc;n 
Pope Henry, wagon maker, h 23 Barr 
Porter A. W., bds Central Hotel 

1 64 CARiER & Campbell's [PUT] ft. wayne directory. 

Porter Mrs. Elizabeth, h 39 Lavina 

Porter Mrs. Sophia, h 343 W. Jefferson 

Porter Edwin conductor, Pittsburgh R'y, h 66 Chicago 

Porter Mafy M., widow, li 66 Chicago 

Porter Charles, elk, Pittsburgh office, h foot of W. Water 

Post James, brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 83 Holman 

Pottsgrove William, night watchman, lumber yard, h 242 W. Wayne 

Potter Joseph, L., carp, and joiner, h 250 Creighton ave 

Potter Joseph, L., carp, 124 W. Main 

Potter Thomas, carp, bds 87 Pearl 

Potter John, carp, h 87 Pearl 

Pothuff William, elk. Ft. Wayne Eating House 

Poulson Britton, pattern maker, h 57 N. Cass 

Powell John, mason, bds 203 Calhoun 

Powers John, (Fletcher & P., omnibus line), h 156 E. Wayne 

Powers Emett, bds 156 E. Wayne 

Powell David, plasterer, bds 14 Chicago 

Poyser Hiram, pattern maker, Wabash shop, h 184 W. Jefferson 

Pratt William T., contractor, h 20 Douglas as'e 

Pratt Norman, cooper, bds 29 Butler 

Pratt Allen, brick layer, bds 82 Montgomery 

Pranger John William, h 301 E. Washington 

Pranger John H., carp, h 301 E. Washington 

Pranger B., lab, h 310 E. Wayne 

Pranger Ferdinand, painter, bds 68 W. Washington 

Pranger Henry, carp, bds 386 E. Wayne 

Prescott A. S., (Brandriff & Co.), h 105 Lafayette 

Prescott Edwin, (Brandriff & Co.), bds 105 Lafayette 

Pressler John, tinner, h 2 Brandriff 

Prentiss Joseph R. , (Bowser & Co.), h 90 Wells 

Prentice Patrick, lab, h 97 Baker 

Pritchard Thomas, moulder, Bass' foundry, h 179 Hanna 

Prince Thomas, machinist, h 89 N. Calhoun 

Priesmeier, William, elk, bds 13 E. Main 

Price Thomas W., mail agt., Richmond R. R., bds 46 E. Jefferson 

Probasco A. C, canal collector, h 106 E. Main , 

Prouty, Shordan & Co., wholesale and retail dealers in farm machinery, 

61 and 63 E. Columbia 
Pross Daniel, bds American House 
Puffert A., cooper, h 252 E. Wayne 

Pulcipher Charles, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 128 Montgomery 
Pulver Edward F., bellows maker at Organ Factory, bds 30 Walnut 
Purdy William, mail agent Muncie R'y, bds 122 W. Jefferson 
Purcill Irwin N., h 10 Harrison 
Purdy Dr. T. H., h 151 Ewing 
Purman A. A., lawyer, bds 87 Barr 
PUTNAM H. N., Councilman, h 117 E. Wayne 

CARiER & Campbell's [RAN] ft. wayne directory. 165 

QUEEN FIRE INSURANCE CO., of Liverpool and London, 

cash assets $13,000,000, A. H. Carier, agent 
Quicksell Thomas, eng. Pitts. R'y, h 47 Gay 
Quidor N. K., eng. Wabash R'y, h 40 Wilt 
Quinlan James, stave jointer, bds 6 Kansas 
Quinn Bridget, widow, h 38 Chicago 
Quinn James, h 107 W. Jefferson 
Quinn James, blacksmith, h 142 W. Main 
Quinn Michael, lab, h 35 Taylor 
Quinn Margaret, widow, h 39 Duck 
Quinn Lyman, cooper, h 388 W. Main 

Raab Fred., grocery and saloon, 44 E. Columbia 

Raab John, lab, h 188 E. Jefferson 

Raab Fred., butcher, h 175 E. Washington 

Raab John, dealer in groceries and provisions, h 112 W. Jefferson 

Rabus John, Tailor, h 59 Wells 

Rabus Mrs. Magdalena, h 56 Douglas 

Rabbi tt Mrs. Sarah, h 320 Hanna 

Racine Fred. L., collar manuf. , shop and house i(jr. First and Cass 

Ra(ineA., collar maker, h 27 N. Cass 

RACINE A., propr. collar manufactory, 39 E. Columbia 

Racine Theophile, lab, bds 70 E. Madison 

Racine Jacob, collar maker, h 88 W. Jefferson 

Rademacher Kev. Joseph, h 134 E. Jefferson 

Rademacher William, shoemaker, bds Steuben House 

Rager R. A., fireman Pitts. R'y, b<ls 250 Calhoun 

Rahe Henry, carp., h 161 P)roadway 

Rahe Augustus, moulder, bds 161 Rroadway 

Rainberger William, boiler maker Pitts, shop, ixls 92 Montgomery 

Raidy David, eng. Pitts. R'y, h 22 Bass 

Raifsnyder Sylvester, lab, bds 82 Force 

Raifsnyder Jacob, h 82 Force 

Rambo B. W., jeweler, h 124 W. Washington 

Ramsey James, painter, bds 39 W. Washington 

Rank John, sawyer, h 88 E. Madison 

Randall T. A., attorney at law, office over First Nat. Bank, bds 159 W. 

RANDALL F. P., attorney at law and ins. agent, office 24 Clinton, 

h 115 K. Berry 
Ranke William (R. Yergens & Co., stave manufacturers), h 127 W. Wash. 

1 66 CAR! ER & Campbell's [REE] ft. wayne directory 

Rank Gustav, plasterer, h 49 N. Cass 

Randell John, lab, bds 25 Barr 

Ranke Henry, mach., bds 123 W. Washington 

Ranke Fred., mach., h 123 W. Washington 

Ranke, Yergens t^ Co., stave factory, cor. Water and Griffith 

Ranzer C. M., carp., bds 195 W. Main 

Rapp Christian G., saloon, 24 W. Main 

Rapp Snyder, conductor Pitts. R'y, bds 229 Lafiiyette 

Rapp Jacob, carp., h 191 Hanna 

Raquet A. C, gunsmith, 20 W. Main 

Rassat J. B., lab, bds 171 Calhoun 

Rastetter Louis, foreman Olds & Son's machine shop, h 147 Calhoun 

Rattray Robert, cigar maker, h 92 E. Jefferson 

Rathert Henry, lab, h 212 Er Washington 

Rauner Joseph, painter, h 188 Griffith 

RAU CASPER, propr. Steuben House, cor. Calhoun and Washington 

Rawley A. C, lab, h 9 Bass 

RAYHOUSER G. I. Z., h 178 Hanna 

Ray Addison, conductor Wabash R'y, bds 172 W. Jefferson 

Ray Frank, master mechanic Wabash R'y, h — Dewald 

Ray William, bds — Dewald 

Ray J. W., printer, bds Robinson House 

Ray W., lab, bds 203 Calhoun 

READ A. J. (A. J. Read & Son, Livery and Sale Stable), h 16 W. 

Read H. A., Veterenary Surgeon and Lifirmary, at A. J. Read's livery 

stable, h 18 W. Wayne 
Read Charles, elk, bds 16 W. Wayne 
Reaker Henry, carp., h 53 E. Madison 

Read A. J., propr. City Livery and Sale Stable, 18 W. Wayne 
Read Moses, corn merchant, h 128 W. Main 
Rechenberger Rudolf, mach. Olds & Son, h 103 Wallace 
Redelsheimer S. , h 48 W. Wayne 
Redelsheimer Julius, agent, bds 48 W. Wayne 
Redelsheimer Henry, optican, bcis 30 W. Washington 
Redy William, lab, h 80 Hoagland ave 
Redelsheimer David, h 186 W. Washington 
Reddy Joe, tailor, h 260 E. Jefferson 
Redrip Harry, wks Express office 
Reed James L., elk, h 66 Wilt 
Reed Isaac N. , moulder, h 86 Lillie ave 
Reed Daniel J., wks Pitts, shop, bds 100 Montgomery 
Reeves John, fireman Richmond R'y, bds 263 Barr 
Reese Charles, chair manuf , h 131 Montgomery 
Reese PVed., chair maker, bds 131 Montgomery 
Reed William, teamster, h 9 Sturgis 
Reed Wesley, carp., h 203 Barr 
Reed Nancy E., widow, h 151 Barr 

CARiER & Campbell's [REI] ft. wayne directory. 167 

Rekcrs Gerhart, grocer, h 114 W. Washington 
Reeselv Edward, eng. Pitts. R'y, bds 25 Harr 
REFFELT WILLIAM R., carp., h 88 E. Main 
Rcgedenz Charles, elk, Et. Wayne Eating House 
Regans J., night clerk Aveline House 
Rehm Samuel, carp., h 205 Broadway 
Rehm Christian, lab, h 323 Lafayette 
Rehors Fred., carp, Pitts, shop, h 218 E. Jefferson 
Rehm Christian, lab, h 247 W. Washington 
Rehling Henry, boiler maker Pitts, shoj), h 159 E. Lewis 
Rehm Mrs. Elizabeth, h 56 Douglas 
Rehrer Thomas, eng. Pitts. R'y, h 1S7 Jackson 
Rehm Christian, lab, h 26 John 
Rehling Fred., blacksmith Pitts, shop, h 126 (iay 
Rehnen Barney, book-kee])er, bds 64 W. Wayne 
Rehnen Ulrich, mason, bds 64 W. Wayne 
Rehnen Henry, mason, bds 64 W. Wayne 
Rehsing Augustus, shoemaker, h 60 Clinton 
Reiling Philip, porter, Aveline House 
Reiter Henry, mach. Pitts shop, h 44 Wall 
Reiley Peter, cooper, h 388 W. Main 
Reid A. D., plow maker, h 27 Broadway 
Reiter Henry, elk, bds 21 and 23 E. Main 

REITER GEORGE, manuf. and dealer in cigars, wholesale and re- 
tail, 3 Aveline Block 
Reidt John, jr., lab, bds 407 E. Lewis 
Reinking F. , h 173 Ewing 
Reinking Ernst, carp., bds 386 E. Wayne 
Reiter William, carp, h 49 Wall 

Reisor George, wks Olds &: Son, h on Pickway Road 
Reiter William, lab, h — Taylor 

Reidmiller John M., propr. Eagle Brewery, h — Taylor 
Reiling Augustus, locksmith, cor. Pearl and Ewing, h 70 Pearl 
Reidt John H., lab, h 407 E. Lewis 
Reid John, plow mfg, h 91 W. Water 
Reinwald Henry, lab, h 82 Williams 
Reiter Mrs. Mary, h 134 Monroe 
Reitze Charles, carp., bds 255 W. Wayne 
Reinhardt M., h 241 E. Jefferson 
Reiling F. W., carp., h 68 Nelson 
Reineke Fred., musician, h 103 Barr 
Reinking Fred., jr., moulder, bds 173 Ewing 
Reineke Christian, upholster, h 103 Barr 
Reitze Tobias, carp., h 255 W. Wayne 
Reinking Diedrich, lab, h 63 W. Jefferson 
Reichard Mary, widow, h 281 E. Washington 
Reiter Conrad, lab, h 124 Wilt 
Reinking William, sr., bds 248 W. Wa) ne 

1 68 CARiER & Campbell's [RIC] ft. wayne directory 

RekersG., grocer, cor. Washington and Ewing 

Rekers B. J., carp., h 117 W. Washington 

Rekers Clement A., h no W. Washington 

Remmert Herman, pattern maker, h 157 W. Washington 

Remsdell Charles, eng. Wabash R'y, bds 50 McClellan 

Remar Frank, bds 11 E. Main 

Remke Fred., lab, h 47 Wilt 

Remmel H. L., drug elk, bds 225 W. Jefferson 

Remmert Herman, lab, h 30 Douglas 

Remmel K. L., eng. Wabash R'y, bds 316 W. Jefferson 

REMMEL A. C., druggist, store 126 Broadway, bds 202 W. Jefferson 

Renner George A., paper dealer, bds 58 W. Berry 

Renaud Isaac, lab, h 98 Chicago 

Rentschler David, h 48 Wall 

Renaud Emil, lab, bds 98 Chicago 

Renfrew Robert, lab, h 156 Wallace 

Rensman Bernard, lab, h 47 Walnut 

Renshaw Joseph, moulder at Bowser & Co.'s, h 16 Butler 

Renker Charles (Eder, Certia & Co., brewery), bds Bloomingdale Hotel 

Renfrew P. K., cooper, h 43 Force 

Renner Waldemar, teacher Concordia College, h 96 E. Jefferson 

Renfrew B. B., mach. Bass' shop, bds 43 Force 

Rensman Martin, h 116 Fairfield 

Repine John, conductor Pitts. R'y, bds 316 Calhoun 

Repine John, conductor Pitts. R'y, bds Harmon House 

Rettew Daniel, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 23 Grand 

Reynolds John W., candy maker, 47 E. Main 

Reynolds William J., candy maker, bds 47 E. Main 

Rhine John, lab, h 31 Taylor 

Rhinesraith George, foreman Clark & Rhinesmith, h 242 W. Wayne 

Rhinesmith John (Clark & Rhinesmith, lumber dealers), bds 231 W. 

Rhinesmith Mrs. Elizabeth, h 231 W.Wayne • 

Rhinehart Isaac, lab, h 127 W. Water 
Rhine Jacob, carp., h 227 E. Jefferson 
Rhine Charles, lab, bds 62 Wall 
Rhine Fred., lab, h 62 Wall 
Rhoads Josiah, cooper, h 39 Duck 
Rhodes Samuel, lab, h i John 
Rhodes D. W., lab, h 24 John 
Rhodes Michael, lab, h 389 Hanna 
Riaman Augustus, bds 46 W. Water 
Riblet H. F., eng. Wabash R'y, h 206 E. Lewis 
Richard George, bill poster, Water street 
Richard Henry, lab, h 143 Wallace 
Rich William, butcher, h 22 Harrison 
Rice Englert G., plasterer, bds 92 Montgomery 
Richard Henry, bds 77 Holman 

CARTER & Campbell's [ROB] ft. wayne directory. 169 

Richey Samuel, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 35 Williams 

Richards William C, carp., h 48 Cass 

Rich George, baggage man Miincie R'y, h 38 Fifth 

Rice Joseph, moulder Bass' Foundry, Ixls 274 Han 11a 

Richards David, lab, h 89 Lasalle 

Richard John, lab, h 284 E. Jefferson 

Richard H. F., lab, bds 284 E. Jefferson 

Richards John, lab, bds 163 Clinton 

Richey Amos cMcCuUoch & Richey,) h 87 W. Water 

Ridley John, barber, bds — Barr 

Riley William, conductor Wabash R'y, h 25 Butler 

Riley Thomas, conductor W^abash R'y, bds 59 Grand 

Riley John, lab, bds 158 Montgomery 

Rink George, hostler Phillips House, 107 E. Columbia 

Rinewald William F., lab, h 328 Harrison 

RING JOHN, County Treasurer, h 26 McClellan 

Riordon James, moulder Bass' Foundry, bds 3 and 5 Railroad 

Rippe Fred., mason, h 27 W. Columbia 

Rippe William, carp., h 56 Wall 

Rising John H., cabinet maker, h 123 High 

Ritz Lorenz, lab, bds 81 Wells 

Ritter Anton, mason, h 67 Wells 

Ritter Jacob, mach. Pitts, shop, h 3S3 Lafayette 

Ritter Carl, machinist, bds Steuben House 

Rivers Charles (Kover and Rivers, painters), li 65 E. Wayne 

Riethmiller John G., lab, bds 28 Eagle 

Riethmiller George, lab, h 28 Eagle 

Riethmiller Margaret, widow, h 28 Eagle 

Ries Philip A., tailor, h 163 E. Jefferson 

Riehling Conrad, tailor, h 97 E. Madison 

Riedley Anthony, grocery and .saloon, cor. Fairfield ave and Poplar 

Riedel John, German teacher, h 196 Barr 

Rietze W. F., elk, bds Hanna House 

Roads Frank, lab, h 21 Poplar 

Roach John, lab, h 283 W. Jefferson 

Robinson C. H., eng. Wabash R'y, h 189 W. Washington 

Robi-son J. N., fireman G. R. & I. R'y, bds 322 Calhoun 

Robertson R. S., attorney, h 179 W. Berry 

Roberts Charles B., brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 23 Grantl 

Robbins Charles, carp., h 150 Haniia 

Robinson Wilson, mach., bds 120 W. Water 

Robinson Jesse S., teamster, bds 120 W. Water 

Roba Fred.,* carp., h 55 E. Madison 

Robbe Alphonse, elk, bds 31 Barr 

Robertson William G., yard master Wabash Ry, h 88 Brackenridge 

Robison Arthur, moulder, bds 198 Madison 

Robinson Amasa, conductor Pitts. R'y, bds 198 Lafayette 

Robinson Edward, bds Robinson House 

170 CARiER & Campbell's [ROL] kt. wayne directory. 

Roberts George P., bds Aveline House 

Roberts W. A., bds Aveline House 

Roberts G. P., agent, bds Robinson House 

Robison J. H., bds Hanna House 

Robison H. H., ins. agent, bds Hanna House 

Robertson Charles, moulder, h 198 Madison 

Robison U., policeman, h 287 E. Washington 

Robinson William, fireman, h 119 E. Lewis 

ROBERTSON COL. R. S., attorney at law, office nw. cor. Main 

and Calhoun, h cor. Broadway and W. Berry 
Rtjberts & Zollinger, mfs. of Fontaine's Improved Locomotive Smoke 

Stack, 212 Calhoun 
Rockhill Mrs. Emily, h 295 W. Wayne 
Roche David, lab, bds 60 Baker 
Roche James, lab, h 60 Baker 
Rochol ]M., shoemaker, h 19 Harrison 
Rockhill J. B., h 3 Broadway 
Rockhill William W. , grocer, h S. Broadway 
Rodenberg George, lab, h 46 Henry 

Rodebaugh Atiam H., watchman Pitts, shop, h 216 W. Jefferson 
Rodeheaver William H., foreman (^Olds & Son's Spoke Factory), h 22 

Rodenbeck Fred., boiler maker, h 210 Jefferson 
Rodenbeck William, jr., harness maker, bds 67 E. Madison 
Rodebaugh T. J., foreman Pitts, paint shop, h 216 W. Jefferson 
Rodeman John W., cigar mfg., h 292 Harrison 
Robenbeck Henry, lab, h 345 E. Lewis 
Rodenbeck William, helper, h 67 E. Madison 
Roebel Henry, mason, bds 68 Ewing 
Rtebel Augustus, shoemaker, h 68 Ewing 
Reeling John, lab, h 9 Force 

Roemerman Henry, blacksmith Wabash shoj), h 143 Broadway 
Roelle Jacob, raach. Wabash shop, h 156 Calhoun 
Rceger Christian, lab, bds Steuben House 
Roelle Mrs. Susan, h 156 Calhoun , 

Rcessler Henry, mach., h 72 W. Jefferson 
Roalle Peter, bds 156 Calhoun 
Rogers A. A., carp., h 17 N. Cass 
Rogers William, boiler maker h 126 E. Wayne 
Rogers John, bds 152 E. Wayne 
Rogers Charles, lab, h 42 Barthold 

Rohs Henry, merchant (R., Eme & Reinking), h 134 E. Washington 
Rohrer John, sr. , chair maker, h 36 Wells 
Rohrer John, jr., painter, bds 36 Wells 
Rohlman William, painter Pitts, shop, h 169 Ewing 
Rohle Frank, fireman Wabash R'y, h 127 Harrison 
Rohs, Eme & Reinking, dry goods store, 13 E. Columbia 
Roller Albert N., fireman Wabash R'y, bds 47 Bass 

CARiER & Campbell's [ROU] rr. wayne directory. 171 

Rolstoii James, machinist Wabasli shop, h 196 Inirr 

Rolape John, drayman, h 153 E. Washington 

Rolf Fred, lab, h 53 Wall 

Rolf Mrs. Minnie, h 53 Wall 

Rolf Henry, German teacher, h 196 Harr 

Romboldt Gottlieb, lab, h 55 Wilt 

Rombke Henry, lab, h loi Wilt 

Rombke Henry, cabinet maker, h 68 E. Madison 

Ronny Charles, elk, h on Maiimee 

Rooney John, eng. P., Ft. W. & Chicago R'y, h 174 E. Herry 

Root v., lumber dealer, h 138 E. Berry 

ROOT & CO., wholesale and retail dry goods, 90 Columbia 

Ropa William, boatman, h 189 W. Jefferson 

Rosecrance John, conductor G. R. & I. R'y, h So Butler 

Rosenberg Joseph, peddler, h 185 Eafayette 

Ross George B. , eng., h 137 E. Jefferson 

Ross Enoch W., shoemaker, bds 3 Dawson 

Rossner Julius, tailor, h 137 Henry 

Rosington W. W., conductor, bds 117 E. Madison 

Rosenthal Albert, traveling agent, h 130 W. Washington 

Ross Charles, bds 232 W. Jefferson 

Rosenberger Frank, trunk maker, bds 330 Hanna 

Rosenberger Henry, elk, bds 330 Hanna 

Rosenthal Ma.x, cigar mfg, h 105 W. Wayne 

Rosenkranz James, brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 285 Hanna 

Rosenberger Charles, painter Pitts, shop, h 330 Hanna 

Rost Henry M., h 102 W. Wayne 

Ross W. G., traveling agent, bds Mayer House 

Rosenberger Charles, cooper, h 176 Fairfield 

Rossington Richard, carp., h 59 E. Wayne 

Rosenthal E., trader, h 30 W. Washinston 

Ross L. E., foreman Olds & Son, h 193 E. Washington 

Rosenthal Dr. I. N., h 98 W. Berry 

Ross Mr., despatcher Pitts. R'y, bds 49 and 51 W. IVrry 

Rossington William, h 117 E. Madison 

Rossington R. B., telegraph operator, bds 117 E. Madison 

ROSENTHAL I. N., physician and surgeon, office over \Vagner's 

drug store, h 98 W. Berry 
Ross L. H. & Bro., wooden ware manfs., cor. Ewing and Canal 
Rothenbeck Ernst, helper Pitts, shop, bds 168 E. Lewis 
Rothenbeck Conrad, helper Pitts, shop, h 168 E. Lewis 
Rotheflueh Mrs. Mary, h 160 E. Wayne 
Roth Bernard, lab, h 20 Force 
Roth Fred., stonecutter, h 37 Wilt 
Rothart Christian, blacksmith, bds 178 Barr 
Rothschild Solomon (R. & Bro. ), h 68 W. Berry 
Roughers Mrs. Bridget, h 116 Jackson 
Rouner Alexander, lab, h 257 Hanna 

172 CARiER & Campbell's [RYA] ft. wayne directory. 

Rommary Joe, elk, h 387 E. Wayne 

Rowe Joseph, lab, bds cor. Lafayette and Wallace 

Rowan Mrs. Rosa, h 161 E. Washington 

Rubin Joe, elk, bds 84 W. Main 

Rubin Rev. Edward (Rabi Hebrew Synagogue), h 84 W. Main 

Rubin Max, bds 84 W. Main 

Ruckgal^;er Joseph, carp. Pitts, shop, h 99 Williams 

RUDISILL HENRY J., County Auditor, h on Lima plank road, N. 

Canal Feeder 
Rudolph Fred., mach., bds 170 Lafayette 
Rue Nicholas, bds Steuben House 
Ruehling Philip, lab, h — W. Jefferson 
Ruff William C. F. , drug clerk, bds 138 Broadway 
Rump Fred., teamster, h 2 Force 
Rump Herman, carp., bds 13 Lavina 
Rump Ernst, carp, h 13 Lavina 

Rumsey Henry, blacksmith (W. and E. Stevens), bds So E. AVayne 
Rundell Charles, conductor Ft. W., M. & C. R'y, h 19 Williams 
Ruppel John, boatman, h — Francis 
Ruppel Fabian, mason, h 122 Chicago 
Ruppel John, brick mason, h 91 Montgomery 
Ruppel Paul, helper Pitts, shop, h 258 E. Wayne 
Rupert Ira, ins. agent, h 121 E. Washington 
Rupp John, blacksmith Wabash shop, h 253 W. Wayne 
Rurode Ernst C. (Root & Co., dry goodsj, bds Hamilton House 
Rush W. A., elk., bds Robinson House 
Russell Sarah, bds 23 Baker 

Russell AV'ilJiam, painter Pitts, shop, li 13 Walnut 
Russell William, bds Robinson House 
Russell William J., painter Pitts, shop, bds 13 Walnut 
Russell James, printer, bds 45 W. Main 
Russell Peter, carp., Pitts, shop, h 130 Wilt 
RUSSELL ^A^ILLIAM R. & CO., dealer in cutlery and guns, 26 

Rust August, lab, h 40 Charles 

Rutan George W., mach. Wabash shop, h 172 W. Jefferson 
Ruthrauff William, attorney and clerk First National Bank, bds 79 West 

Ruthrauff. Henrietta, widow, h 79 W. Main 
Ruthrauff Henry, bds 79 W. Main 
Ryan Bridget, widow, h 17 Bass 
Ryan Bridget, widow, bds 44 Chicago 
Ryan Cornelius, cabinet maker, h 144 Douglas 
Ryan Michael, lab, h 40 Chicago 
RYAN DANIEL, Attorney and Justice of the Peace, office on Court, 

opposite court house, h 390 E. Jefferson 
Ryan James, contractor, h 164 Harrison 
Ryall John, civil eng. Pitts. R'y, h 324 W. Jefferson 

CARTER & Campbell's [SAU] ft. wayne directory. 173 

Ryan John, moulder J. H. Bass', bds 81 Holman 

Ryan Margaret, widow, h 119 Williams 

Ryan Thomas (Mason Bros. & Ryan), h 187 W. Washington 

Ryan Patrick, shoemaker, bds 109 W. Jefferson 

Ryan Patrick, shoemaker, h 164 Calhoun 

Ryan William, bds 187 W. Washington 

Ryan William, lab, h 347 Hanna 


Sachsstetter John, lab, bds 35 Force 
Safon Thomas, mach Bass' Foundry, h 142 Holman 
SALLOT V. A., cabinet manuf., 177 Clay, h 164 E. Lewis 
Saiga C, lab, h 9 Wert 
Sallot J. F., h 162 E. Lewis 

SALLIER FRANK, brick mfg., h LiUie Addition 
Sallier John, lab, bds Lillie's Addition 
Sallveau John, lab, bds 134 Monroe 
Salfrank John, brewer, bds on Taylor 
Sampson (ieorge, bds 174 W. Wayne 
Sanburn Amos, hack driver, h 305 Harrison 
Sauerwein Charles, printer, bds 56 Barthold 
Sauerwein Herman, labs h 56 Barthold 
Sauerwein Ernst, lab, h 58 Barthold 
Sanders Ceorge A., h 41 W. \V''ashington 
Sanders Ernst, mason, h 103 W. Jefferson 
Sandy James, lab, h 80 Harrison 
Sander Charles W., dealer in boots and shoes 
Sandoe C. W., blacksmith, h 204 E. Lewis 
Sanders John, conductor Pitts. R'y, bds Exchange 
Sanders Henry, teamster, bds 68 W. Washington 
Sanders William, h 86 W. Washington 
Sander William, shoemaker, h 107 W. Washington 

SARNIGHAUSEN JOHN D., publisher and proprietor of the 
Indiana Staats-Zeitiing, office northeast cor. Clinton and Cohnnbia 
Sargent William, blacksmith Pitts, shop, h 72 Chicago 
Saunders Joe B., mach. Wabash shop, h cor. Harrison and Lewis 
Saurs Henry, lab, bds 202 Fairfield 
Saurs James T., eng. Wabash R'y, bds 202 Fairfield 
Sauers Cxeorge, dealer in groceries and provisions, 162 Calhoun 
SAUSER LOUIS, dealer in watches and jewelry, h 223 Calhoun 
Saurs Mrs. Mary Ann, h 202 Fairfield 
Saurs Samuel P., eng. Wabash R'y, bds 202 Fairfield 
Saurs David, lab, bds 202 Fairfield 
Saunders Charles A., dealer in j^aper, h 58 W. Berry 
Saunders John, collar maker, h 325 Lafayette 
Saunders Mary Ann, widow, h 208 E. Lewis 

174 CARiER & Campbell's [SCH] ft. wayne directory. 

Saxton Madam, widow, h 76 Douglas ave 

Saxe George A., teacher Concordia College 

Sawyer Frank, moulder Bass' Foundry, bds 28 Force 

Scarr George, hostler, bds Exchange Hotel 

Schaffer William, carp., h 26 Wilt 

Schaffer Christian, elk, bds 235 W. Main 

Schappman William, grocery and saloon, h 213 Hanna 

Schaick John, lab, h 35 Smith 

Schaffer William, brewer, bds 75 Harrison 

Schalk Matthias, elk, bds 54 E. Main 

Schaub Christian cooper, h 73 Force 

Schalk John, bar-tender, h cor. W. Main and Fulton 

Scharer John, expressman, bds on Erin 

Schanck Loiiis, basket maker, 62 Columbia 

SCHAFFER JOS. & CO., auction and commission, 7 E Main 

Schack H., file cutter, bds 103 E. Madison 

Schack William, shoemaker, h 103 E. Madison 

Schafer Daniel, fireman Wabash R'y, h no Chicago 

Schafer Christian, h 143 Holraan 

Schabhorst William, lab, bds 8 Orchard 

Schabhorst Henry, carp., h 12 Orchard 

Schaubhorst Herman, carp., h 8 Orchard 

Schack Martin, lab, bds 35 Smith 

Schabrack H., lab, bds 256 E. Washington 

Schalk Matthias, elk, bds 54 E. Main 

SCHENCK CON., St. Nicholas Dining Room and Saloon, ne. cor. 

Calhoun and Wayne 
Schell J. B., cutter, bds Central Hotel 
Scheiman Ernst, carp., h 193 Ewing 
Scheffer Joseph, cigar box maker, h south on Hoagland 
Scheel Henry, lab, bds 120 Lafayette 

Scheller Julius, stone mason, h 184 W\ Main 

Schieffer Gottlieb, lab, h 167 Holman 

Scheie John B., h 253 E. Jefferson 

Scheid Peter, mach. Pitts, shop, h 311 Lafayette 

Scheffer William, baker, bds 29 W. Columbia 

SCHENCK CON., propr. St. Nicholas Restaurant, h 23 W. Wayne 

SCHIEFFER C. & SON, boot and shoe store, looi^ Columbia 

Schell James H., lawyer, office over post office, h — Creighton ave 

Scheffer Christian, ice dealer, h 193 High 

Scherer Andrew, lab, h — Erie 

Scheffer John, bds South Hoagland 

Scheie & Lauer, grocers, 5 E. Main 

Schoepf John, wks Wabash shop, h 50 Taylor 

Scheumann Fred., carp. Pitts, shop, h 321 Calhoun 

Scheie Augustus F., h 58 W. Main 

Scherer (ieorge, baker, bds cor. Harrison and Berry 

Scheifer William, bds 99 E. Main 

CARiER & Campbell's [SCH] ft. wayne directory. 175 

Scherer Frederick, carp. Pitts, shop, h 95 E. Washington 

Scheie August, mason, h 131 E. Washington 

Scheie John F., mason, h 180 Griffith 

Scherer Christian, lab, h 76 Williams 

Scheiman Christian, carp., h 36 Melitta 

Scheem William, fireman Pitts. R'y, bds 13 Maumee 

Schoerpf Mrs. Delia, h 16 Sturgis 

Scheiman Fred., tailor, h 86 E. Jefferson 

Scheirer G., carp., h 218 E. Washington 

Schell John, tailor, bds 86 E. Main 

Schilling Frank, stone cutter, h 255 W. Jefferson 

Schick George, Rector Concordia College 

Schirmeyer Anthony, lab, h 148 W. Washington 

Schieferstein P., butcher, 61 E. Main 

Schildmeyer Mrs. L., h 180 W. Jefferson 

Schildmeyer Fred., painter, bds 180 W. Jefferson 

Schirmeyer Charles, painter bds 148 W. Washington 

Schirmeyer L. elk, h 127 E. Jefferson 

Schirmeyer Martin, h 127 E. Jefferson 

Schieman Frank, boarding house, 81 Wells 

Schinoll Gottlieb, lab, h i 74 Broadway 

Schiefer Diedrich, tinner Pitts, shop, h 135 Montgomery 

Schlaudraff L., lab, h — E. Washington 

Schmidt William, file cutter, bds 126 Calhoun 

Schmidt Jacob, lab, h ;^^ Wilt 

Schmidt Fred., shoemaker, h 32 Wall 

Schmidt C, lab, bds 7 McClellan 

Schmitz Charles A., M. D., h cor College and Wilt 

Schmidt Peter C, carp., h 211 W. Jefferson 

Schmidt Andrew, lab, h 12 Hood 

Schmidt Christian, butcher, h 76 W. Walnut 

Schmidt Charles, mason, h 16 Gay 

Schmeiman A., stave cutter, h 255 W. Jefferson 

Schmalhaus Fred., fruit stand, &c., h 77 Calhoun 

Schmalzrath George, butcher, bds no Calhoun 

Schmidt Charles, lab, bds 4 Harry 

Schmucker Teber, foreman spoke factory, h 309 Lafayette 

Schmidt William, brewer, bds 157 Wells 

Schmetzer Fred., elk, h 240 W. Washington 

Schmidt L., lab, h 211 Madison 

Schmidt Mrs. M., h 276 W. Washington 

Schmalz Carl, tailor sliop, 136 Calhoun 

Schmidt Mcirtin, foreman Hornung's brewery, h 162 Calhoun 

Schmidt John, teamster, h 339 Lafa)ette 

Schmidt Andrew, plasterer, h 90 Wilt 

Schmitz Charles F., officer U. S. Navy, h cor. College and Wilt 

Schmidt William R., carp., bds 75 Monroe 

Schmidt J. W., tailor anrl cutter, li 75 Monroe 

176 CARiER & Campbell's [SCH] ft. wayne directory. 

SCHMUCKLE FRED., Bloomidgdale Hotel, h 132 Wells 

SCHNIEDER B. H., proprietor American House, 15, 17 and 19 

Schnorberger Christian, mach. Pitts, shop, h 44 John 

Schneider Fred., cigar maker, bds 282 W. Jefferson 

Schneider John, lab, h 28 Wert 

SCHNELkER, BEGUE & CO., Indiana Stave Factory, west side 
Mets street, north of T., \V. & W. R'y 

Schneider Gottlieb, tailor, h 52 Wells 

Schnabel R. A., local editor Voiksfrei/nd, bds 170 W. Washington 

Schneider William, stone cutter, bds 25 Broadway 

Schnelker Henry, brick mason, h 261 E. Wayne 

Schneider George, lab, h 282 W. Jefferson 

Schneider William, shoemaker, h 104 Webster 

Schneider Herman, propr. bakery and eating house, 41 Columbia 

Schoepf John F. , barber shop, 150 Calhoun 

Schone Henry, h 225 E. Washington 

Schopman William, grocer, h Lillie Addition 

Schcenbein Albert, draughtsman Pitts, shop, h 71 Douglas ave 

Schoch Ferdinand, tailor, h cor. Second and Harrison 

Schorf Adam, cabinet maker, bds 204 Madison 

SCHOTT GEORGE J., druggist, cor. Karr and Washington 

Schottman William, carj). Pitts, shop, h 12 Hough 

Schrceder F. , h 380 E. Wayne 

Schrueder John, mason, bds t,^ Force 

Schroider Lewis, saloon, 27 W. Columbia 

Schram Frank, lab, h 28 Jones 

Sclireiber John, tailor, h 35 Wefel 

Schrader Henry C. (Markley, Schrader & Co.), h 1S6 Henry 

Schreck Agnes, widow, h 81 Holman 

Schroeder Henry, lab, h 177 High 

Schrage C, tailor, h 214 Madison 

Schrader Henry, grave digger, h 141 Francis 

Schrader Lewis, h 1 1 Francis 

Schram John, lab, h 463 Lafayette 

Schramm Philip, lab, h 37 Force 

Schroeder G., tailor and renovator, h 170 E. Jefferson 

Schroeder H., student, bds 170 E. Jefferson 

Schroeder John, mach., bds 170 E. Jefferson 

Schroeder Fred., lab, h 23 Pritchard 

Schrack Joseph, carp., h 29 Wilt 

Schram Martin, shoemaker, h 129 E. Jefferson 

Schuck Lewis, lab, h 94 Smith 

Schuster G., fireman Pitts. R'y, h 213 Hanna 

Schuster William, lab, bds 208 Hanna 

Schuckman H., tinner, (Wilson, Schuckman & Muhler), h 211 E. Wash- 

Schultz Ferdinand, cooper, bds 408 W. Main 

CARiER & Campbell's [SCO] ft. wavne uikkciorv. 177 

Schultz William, lab, h 108 John 

Schultz William, lab, h 103 Force 

Schuster, John, lab, h 87 Force 

Schultheis John, clerk at James Sonnners', bds 41 Douglas a\e 

Schultheis P., carder, h 211 E. Washington 

Scliultheis John, carpet weaver, h 211 F. Wasliington 

Schuman R., elk, h 60 E. Wayne 

Schumacher Jolni, lab, h ;^^ Charles 

Schuler M., night watchman Pitts. R'y, h 26S F. Jefferson 

Schuler John, lab, h 214 E. Jefferson 

Schuhler Frank, shoemaker, Ixls 182 Calhoun 

SchuUhies T., lab, bds 339 Lafayette 

Scliumacher Fred., lab, bds 33 Charles 

.Schumacher Herir)-, moulder Bass' shop, luls ^;^ Charles 

Schumacher John, lab, btls 38 Force 

Schulthes Charles, cutter, h 57 E. Wayne 

Schuster Henry, lab, bds 99 K. Madison 

.Schuckman John, tinner, h 87 E. Jefferson 

Schuck Henry, lab, h 106 Butler 

Schulz Fred., mason, h ^^8 Hanna 

Schul/ William, shoemaker, h 27 A\'. Wayne 

Schulz Peter, boot and shoe maker, 45 1'^. Main 

Schwarz Louis, baker, 62 E. Main 

.Schwarz Cieorge, lab, h 8 Hood 

Schwarz Christian, plasterer, h 343 W. Jefferson 

Schwegman H. R., elk, h ('or. Jefferson and Clinton 

Schwarz Henry, j^lasterer, bds in W.Jefferson 

Schwarz Charles, German school teacher, h 55 W. \Vashingl(in 

Schwedes Rev. Francis R., Pastor Kirst Cerman Rctoniu-d (St. John's) 
Church, h 59 W. Washington 

S( hweir William, foreman Bass' l'"onndr\ , h 187 Madison 

Schwarz Rudolf, h W. Pearl 

SCHWARTZ & KOCH, repairers and dealers in s;iddlc-,. liaincijN 

and whips, shop 43J.2 F. Columbia 
Schwier Henry, boiler maker, bds 55 1'^. Madison 
Scliwegel William, collar maker, h 67 Wells 
Schwarz August, teamster, bds 416 Calhoun 
S( Invarz John A., farmer, h 41O Calhoun 
Scluvarz William, brakeman Wabash K'}', bds 416 Calhdun 
.S( hwehn Conrad, lab, h 12 Orchard 
S( hwab John, lab, h 392 E. Wayne 
S< hwake Henry, school teacher, h 109 Van Binvn 
Schwier Charles, boiler maker' I'oundr}', h 174 Montgonier) 
Scisler Cieorge, brakeman Wabash R')-, bds 73 Crand 
.Sclagel Augusta, widow, bds 149 Ewing 

Scott Peter W., conductor Cirand Rapids R'y, h 30 Williams 
Scott Rev. Walter, Pastor Oood Shejierd Cliun li, li 51 Douglas a\e 
Scott J. C, conductor Ft. W., R. cV C. R'\, bds I'lxchange Hotel 

178 CARiER & Campbell's [SLA] ft. wayne directory. 

Scott George, mach. Pitts, shop, h 165 Montgomery 

Scott William, plasterer, bds 105 Wallace 

Scoley John, lab, h 8 Colerick 

Scribner Joseph, brakeman Pitts. R'y, h 334 Calhoun 

Seargent William, lab, h on Brackenridge 

Seabold John, sr., grocer, h 194 Broadway 

Seabold, John, jr., elk, bds 194 Broadway 

Sears Charles, printer, h 80 Calhoun, up stairs 

Sebring James, joiner, bds Union House 

Sedgwick John, h 83 Brackenride 

Seelman Jacob, lab, bds 23 Nirdlinger 

Seeman Charles, lab, bds 48 McClellan 

Siemon Rudolph, bds 100 E. Jefferson 

Siebold David, grocer, h 121 Wells 

Seiman Moses, peddler, h 78 E. Madison 

Seibold Gottlieb, lab, h 45 Walnut 

Seivers Fred., sewing machine agen^, h 10 Henry 

Seifert William, brewer, bds Bloomingdale Brewery 

Siebold Christian, grocer, h 168 W. Main 

Seidler Charles, elk, bds 21 and 23 E. Main 

Selle August L., druggist, store 264 Calhoun, h 57 Douglas ave 

Selle Augustus, elk, bds American House 

Selle Albert, druggist, bds 56 Douglas ave 

Self Jasper N., sewing machine agent, h 130 W. Main 

Semon Paul, eng., h 82 Jefferson 

Sergeant William, lab, h 132 E. Lewis 

Sessler William H., eng. G. R. & L R'y, h 114 Butler 

Sessler Peter, conductor Pitts. R'y, h 107 Holman 

Setelmeier Mrs. Jane, h 323 W. Main 

Shank Christian, cabinet maker, bds 100 Montgomery 

Shannon Jacob, lab Aveline House 

Shap Matthew, eng. Wabash shop, h 30 Butler 

Sharp Thomas, bds 3 E. Water 

Sharp Henry, sr., h 3 E. Water 

Sharp Henry, jr., bds 3 E. Water 

Shafer Oregan, switchman Pitts. R'y, h 294 Calhoim 

Shaffer George, lab, h 23 Pritchard 

Shaffer Lewis, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 92 Montgomery 

Shaffer , elk, bds 49 and 5 1 W. Berry 

Shaffer William, fireman, h 286 Broadway 

Shaffer Jacob, lab, bds 113 E. Main 

Shaffer Charles, lab, bds 286 Broadway 

Shaffer Daniel, eng., h 44 Hoagland ave 

Shaffer Mrs. Elizabeth, h 22 Fulton 

Sharf Charles, tinner, bds 204 Madison 

Shaughnessy Martin, lab, h 66 Wallace 

Shaw V. B., lab, h 25 Smith 

Slaw Robert H., mach. Wabash shop, h cor. Fairfield and Colerick 

CARiER & Campbell's [SHU] ft. wayne directory. 179 

Shaw David J., lab, bds 25 Smith 

Shirlenberger William, porter Aveline House 

Shea Catherine, widow, h 7 Walnut 

Sheppard Charles W., butcher, bds 402 Calhoun 

Sheafer William S. , carp., bds 187 W. Wayne 

Shepherd J. H., widow, dress maker, h 260 Calhoun 

Sheppard Thomas, boiler maker, h 189 Montgomery 

Sheridan William, carp., h 76 Montgomery 

Sherbundy A., h 92 Hanna 

Sherbundy A. M., jr., carp., bds 92 Hanna 

Shell James, lab, bds cor. W. Berry and Rorkhill 

Sheper Jacob, shoemaker, bds 133 E. Lewis 

Shell Edward, eng. Wabash R'y, h 6^ Melitta 

Shelby Mary, widow, bds 89 W. Lewis 

Sheafer William G., carp., h 187 W. Wayne 

Shean Edmund, bds 25 Baker 

Shilling Mrs. Mary, millinery, E. Columbia 

Shidel Charles, barber, h 198 Fairfield 

Shien William, mach. Wabash shop, bds 64 McClellan 

Shoemeker Henry, tinner, h 93 Barr 

Sholes Eli, brakeman Pitts. R'y, h 118 Fairfield 

Shorman G. W., wks Olds & Son, bds 92 Montgomery 

Shortey Charles, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 245 Calhoun 

Sholes William, lab, bds 118 Fairfield 

Shortliff Charles, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 220 Lafayette 

Shorden Stephen, h 61 and 63 E. Columbia 

Shordan Daniel, h 19 E. Washington 

Shopman Henry, lab, h 139 E. Lewis 

Shopman William, teamster, bds 139 E. Lewis 

Shoaff Edward, tailor, bds Robinson House 

Shoaff Samuel H., manufacturer of harness and saddles, 12 A\'. Cohnnbi 

Shoaff Samuel H., harness maker, h 84 E. Berry 

Shoaff W. C, merchant tailor, bds 93 Calhoun 

Shoaff John A., photograph gallery, h 153 A\'. Herry 

Shoaff Margaret L., widow, bds 96 Butler 

Shorey George, eng. R'y, h 18 Butler 

Shoneberger Joe, lab, bds cor. Main and Barr 

Shophorst Fred., lab, bds 105 W. Berry 

Shoemaker William, janitor High School, h 191 l'>. Lewis 

Shoemaker James (H. H. & Co.), bds 25 Barr 

Shryock Samuel, h 12 Cass 

Shrine Daniel, lab, h 348 Calhoun 

Shurtleff Walter C, fireman Pitts. R'y, bds 92 Montgomery 

Shumacker Adam, boiler maker Pitts, .shop, h 212 Broadway 

Shunk Charles, druggist, bds 207 E. Jefferson 

Shunk Frank, druggist, bds 207 E. Jefferson 

Shunk Allen, wks Pitts. R'y, h 207 E. Jefferson 

Shuck William H., telegraph operator, h 24 Pine 

i8o CARiER & Campbell's [SLA] ft. wayne directory. 

Shultz William, moulder, h 175 Madison 

Shulze Charles E., elk, h 17 LcAvis 

Shultz John, elk, bds 47 Douglas ave 

Shulz Henry, plasterer, h 123 Union 

Shurick Frank S., Indiana Stave Factory, bds 49 and 51 W. Berry 

SHURICK F. S., stave manufacturer, cor Lafayette and Railroad 

Sickmond Herman, tailor, h loi Wilt 

SIDEL EDWARD, h 107 E. Main 

Sidla Isaac, eng. Wabash R'y, h 29 Garden 

SIEMON & BRO., book store 34 E. Berry 

Siemon August F., dealer in books and stationery, h 27 Madison 

Siebold Bernard, lab, h 7 Pine 

Siebold Christian, teamster, h 126 Calhoun 

Siebold George, h cor. Cass and Fourth 

Siebold George, carp., h 301 W. Jefferson 

Siebold Henry, blacksmith, bds 5 Hood 

Siebold Henry, lab, bds 7 Pine 

Siebert William, druggist, h 125 E. Lewis 

Sigsby Mrs. A., h 15 Lavina 

Sihler Rev. Willian:i, Pastor German Lutheran (St. Paul's") Church, h 166 

Silvers William, carp., h 19 N. Cass 
Simmons John, conductor Wabash R'y, h 7 Bass 
Simonson J. H., lumber dealer, h 138 E. Berry 
Simson Mart, barber^ bds American House 
Simons David, brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 59 (irand 
Simj)son G. W., mach., h 142 E. Jefferson 
Simons Gordan, eng. Pitts. K'y, bds 25 Barr 
Simons Oscar H., road master Pitts. R'y, h 33 Brackenridge 
Simmons Michael, blacksmitli Pitts, shop, h 40 Lasalle 
SINCLAIR SAMUEL E., attorney at law 
Sinclair Tliomas, niacli. Wabash shop, h 159 Van Buren 
Sinclair John, Ixls 159 Van Buren 
Singer & Pike, hat and cap store, 19 E. Main 
Singer L. O. C^. & Pike, hatters), h 122 W. Wayne 
Singrnaster Joseph, watclnnan Pitts, slio]), h 177 Jackson 
Singelton Philip, mach. Pilts. sho]), hfis 29 Baker 
Singelton John, lab, h 29 Baker 
Singelton Michael, Chief of Police, h 33 Baker 
SISTERS OF PROVIDENCE (St. Mary's Academy), cor. Cal 

houn and Jefferson 
Skinner Benjamin (Carnehan & Skinner), h 88 \V. Berry 
Slate Prof. Engastrimuth, l)ds 153 E. Berry 
Slater John, blacksmith Wabash sho]), h 25 ^^'illiams 
Slater John, lab, h 50 Baker 
Slauderhoff L. B., jr., lab, h 174 Taylor 
Slagle William, mach. Pitts, shop, h 56 Chicago 
Slagle John, mach. Pitts, slio]), bds 317 Harrison 

CARiER & Campbell's [SMI] kt. wayne directory. i8i 

Slagle Mrs. J., \vido\\', h 317 Harrison 

Sleeper Frank, book-keeper Olds & Son, bds 1 15 lUirr 

Sletter L. , lab, h 42 Nirdlinger 

Slocum George, niach. Pitts, shoj), bds 242 K. ],e\vis 

Slocuni Edward, h 242 E. Lewis 

Slocum Clark, tinner, bds 242 E. Eewis 

Slusser Austin, lab. bds 19 Baker 

Sma Louis, shoemaker, h 169 Ewing 

Smalz John, propr. boarding house, 203 Calhoun 

Smart Stephen F. , attorney, office 44 Calhoun 

Smart ]amcs, foreman Wabash blacksmith sh()|)s, h 424 Broadway 

SMART JAMES H., Supt. Public Schools, h 287 W. Wayne 

Smcad Albert, lab, h E. Washington 

Smenners Daniel, marble cutter, h 161 Barr 

SMICK S. S., dealer in agricultural implements, store 22 and 24 ^\' 

Columbia, h 64 Barr 
Smick M. M., book-keeper ( S. S. Smick), bds 64 Barr 
Smick William T., elk S. vS. Smick, bds 64 Barr 
Smied August, elk, bds 234 E. Wayne 
Sminers (leorge, stone cutter, bds 47 W. Main 
Sminers Henry, stone cutter, h 47 ^\^ Main 
Smithy Casi)er, h 114 IC. Berry 
Smidt Fred., mason, bds 153 Madison 
Smith George W., fireman Pitts. R'y, h 'A<j llanna 
Smith Daniel, lab, h 44 Wells 
Smith Henry, fireman Wabash R'y. h S LaYJna 
Smith A. E., wagon maker, bds 149 VV. Main 
Smith Henry, teamster, bds 164 Harrison 
Smith James S. (Bass & S.), h 96 Butler 
Smith Samuel, carp., h 53 W. Lewis 
Smith Mrs. Ann, h 41 LaYina 
Smith Henry, lal), bds 29 Francis 
Smith Martin, bds 75 Harrison 
Smith L., carp., bds 63 Harrison 
Smith A. T., elk, bds ^Layer House 
Smith C'harles, lab, bds 77 Calhoun, upstairs 

Smith Charles FL, brakeman Wabash R'y, h for. Giand anti Kansas 
Smith George, helper, bds 161 Holman 
Smith Joseph, cigar maker, bds 36 Monroe 
Smith Charles, theatrical agent, bds 113 Lafayette 
Smith Rev. Nathan S., Pastor Third Presbyterian Church, h 21 Bracken 

Smith Clark, ( ondu( tor Pitts. 1\'\, IkIs 16 Chicagcj 
Smith John, cooper, h 15 Baker 
Smith Casper C, eng. \Vabasli R'y, h 19 Charles 
Smith Martin, lab, h 80 15uchanan 
Smith Lewis, lab, bds 29 Francis 
Smith Peter, lab, h 29 Francis 

1 82 CARiER & Campbell's [SOM] ft. wayne directory 

Smith Dr. S. S., bds 47 Bass 

Smith E. B., foreman Gazette ofifice, bds 178 W. Washington 

Smith Mrs. Sarah, h 124 W. Jefferson 

Smith Clarence, book-keeper, bds 124 W. Jefferson 

Smith Calvin S., express messenger G. R. & I. R'y, h 41 Lavina 

Smith John, moulder, h 343 E. Lewis 

Smith Andrew, mach. Bass' shop, bds 343 E. Lewis 

Smith William, brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 92 Montgomery 

Smith James, mach. Bass' shop, h 14 Summit 

Smith E. C, carriage trimmer, h 11 Monroe 

vSmith Jane, widow, h 89 Hanna 

Smith Robert, hostler (J. C. Davis), bds — Lewis 

SMITH C. L., U. S. Express agent, h 54 Jackson 

Smith Lorin, news agent at Post office, h 24 E. Washington 

Smith Orson, eng. Pitts. R'y, bds 25 Barr 

Smith L. H., brakeman Pitts. R'y, bds 74 Douglas ave 

Smith Elliott (Smith Bro.'s & Co., marble works), h 340 W. Jeff'erson 

Smith Dr. C. S. , h 38 Douglas ave 

Snider Augustus, cigar maker, bds 59 Wall 

Snider Evan, dentist, h 69 Garden 

Snively H. J., carp., h 179 Clinton 

Snively Henry J., carp., h 138 Lafayette 

Snurr David E., lab, h 153 High 

SNYDER & DARROW, North Side Luncli House, cor. First and 

Snyder Evan, dentist, office cor. Harrison and Berry 

Snyder Clark, eng. G. R. & L R'y, h 21 Lavina 
Snyder Luther, foreman stave factory, bds 457 Lafayette 

Snyder David C, eng. Pitts. R'y, h 293 Harrison 

Snyder William, conductor Pitts. R'y, bds 212 Lafayette 

Snyder John, conductor Pitts. R'y, bds 212 Lafayette 

Snyder George, lab, h 70 W. Walnut 

Snyser Peter C, (Bash & Co. produce), bds 240 W. Berry 

Snyder Edwin, lab, h 116 E. Madison 

Snyder Christian, h 1S7 Lafayette 

Snyder Lewis F., teamster, h 208 W. Main 

Scest Fred., lab, wks Pitts, shop, bds 12 Hough 

Solomon Charles, lab, bds 178 Barr 

Sommer Gertrude, widow, h 57 W. Jefferson 

Sommers John, lab, h 317 Calhoun 

Sommers Fred, lab, h 185 Jackson 

SOMMERS JAMES, saloon, cor. Calhoun and Baker, h 47 Douglas 

Sommers Michael, bds 47 Douglas ave 
Sommers Rheinhart, lab, h 164 Wells 
Sommers Carl, photographer, 4 E. Columbia 
Sommer Fred., lab, h 44 Douglas 
Sommers John, mason, h 33 Grand 

c'ARiER & Campbell's [STA] vi\ wayne directory. 183 

Sommer Henry, mach. Pitts, shop, bds 57 \V. Jefferson 

Sonner Jacob, carp., bds 12 McClellan 

Soper Herbert, conductor Wabash R'y, h 55 MeUtla 

Soper Catherine, widow, li 55 MeHtta 

Sorvien Samuel H., blacksmith, h 126 Wilt 

Sorg Isaac, drug clerk, h 113 K. Madison 

Sorg Peter, h [76 E. Washington 

Souder Uaniel W., carp. Pitts, shop, h 31 Williams 

Sours David, lab, bds 102 Williams 

Southern Ralph, h 278 Webster 

Southern James, eng. Pitts. R'y, 278 Wt-bster 

Sovain Philip, lab, bds 12 Clark 

Sovain Mrs. Mary, h 12 Clark 

Sovain Charles, lab, bds 12 Clark 

Sovain Fred., moulder Bass' Foundry, h 121 Douglas 

Spaght Samuel, plasterer, bds 69 E. Jefferson 

Spangler Joseph, lab, h 375 Lafayette 

Spangler Leonard, lab, bds 375 Lafayette 

Spang John, conductor Pitts. R'y, h 285 Hanna 

Spencer M. V. B., attorney, h 216 W. Wayne 

Spencer Mrs. C widow, h 30 Wert 

Spencer Mrs. Ann, h 196 Calhoun 

SPENCER & HERTIG, attorneys at law, office Calhoun, opposite 

Phoeni.x Block 
Spence Mrs. Jane, h 223 W. Jefferson 
Spereisen J., blacksmith, h 56 Taylor 
Spearing Henry, eng. Wabash R'y, bds 213 Broadway 
Spenle l>ewis, mach. Bowser & Co., h ii4Creighton ave 
SPIEGEL ERNST, grocer, h 36 Nirdlinger 
Spiegel G. F., shoemaker, h 315 W. Jefferson 
Spiegel Augustus, tailor, h 40 Wall 
Spiegel Bernard, elk, bds 40 Wall 
Spiegel Gustave, shoemaker, h 315 W. Jefferson 
Spitler John, fireman Wabash R'y, h 191 Jackson 
Spidel Herman, lab, h 272 E. Jefferson 
Spielmann Peter, brewer, h 44 Monroe 

Spielmann Peter, brewer, wks Linker, Hey & Co., h iS Monroe 
S])oth Lorenz, lab, bds Bloomingdale Hotel 
Spore W. D., lab, h 140 W. Jefferson 
Spring John, bds 194 E. Washington 
Sprague Mrs. A., widow, h 50 Pearl 
Spurrier Dennis, tinner, h 43 W. Main 
STAHL & HILLEGASS, attorneps at law, oflice corner Mam and 

CalJKnm, o\er Merchants' National Bank 
STAHL JOHN (Stahl &, attorney at law, office over Mer- 
chants' National Bank 
Staudacher George, lab, h 43 Wilt 
Stapleford Henry, auctioneer, 7 E. Main, bds Sturgis House 

CABiER & Campbell's [STE] ft. wayne directory 

Starke Charles, lab, bds 63 Waler 

Staunton James, eng. Muncie R'y, h 24 Cass 

Stapleford Francis A., elk, bds Creighton ave 

Stahl Christian, lab, h 77 Lasalle 

Stanley, Bieber & Co., carriage makers, 106 and 112 W. Main 

Stahlhut Charles, teamster, h 145 Ewing 

Stahlhut Fred., teamster, h 157 Ewing 

vStark F^rasmus, lab, h 23 Nirdlinger 

Stanley Chauncey, carriage maker (S., Bieber & Co.), h 221 W. Main 

Staub A., tinner, bds American House 

Stapleford Lavina, widow, h Creighton ave 

Stapleford Nelson, bds 336 Broadway 

Stahr Charles, lab, bds 3 and 5 Railroad 

Stall Edward, fireman Wabash R'y, h 14 Creighton ave 

Starkey George, brakeman Pitts. R'y, li 16 Holman 

Starkey O. E. , painter, h 102 E. Main 

Starke Fred., blacksmith Pitts, shop, h 8 (Orchard 

Stackhouse William, blacksmith, h 71 Wells 

Statler A. ]., insurance agent, hug E. Wayne 

Stace William, book-keeper, bds American Mouse 

Stahl Fred., lal), h 66 Charles 

Stapleford Thomas R., tinner, bds Creighton ave 

Stapleford Lucian P., h 87 Barr 

Stapleford Clemens, architect, bds 87 Barr 

Steinman Mrs. L, h 135 Calhoun 

Stemler Philip, tailor at Woodward's, h on Erie 

Stegemeier William, wks at spoke factory, h 1 39 Francis 

Stewart Charles, blacksmith Pitts, shop, h 128 Madison 

Sterling Robert, bds 206 W. Washington 

Stewart R. AV., carp., h 264 E. Wayne 

Stevens Ephriam (W. & E. Stevens, carriage makers), h 70 Wells 

Stewart William H., brakeman Muncie R'y, h 11 N. Cass 

Stephan Fred., lab, h 5 Sturgis 

Steavans Rupert P., upholster Pitts, shop, h 15 Williams 

Steaphan Philip, carp. Pitts, shop, h 26 Hood 

Stewart William, mach. Wabash shop, h 5 Fleniy 

Steen Joseph, lab, bds 107 W. Jefferson 

Steup Henry, h 106 W. Jefferson 

Stellwagon George, eng. Pitts. R'y, h 89 W. Jefferson 

Stewart William E., barber, 68 Barr 

Stellhorn Charles, boot and shoe shop, 144 Calhoun 

Stevens George E., elk Pitts. R'y ticket office, h 13S Clinton 

Stellhorn John, carp., h 23 Wilt 

Stewart Charles, jr. , moulder Bass' foundry, bds 128 Maciison 

Stellwagon Joe, foreman Pitts, coppersmith shop, h 233 E. Lewis 

Stewart Charles, merchants' police, h 123 Wilt 

Stephan Julius, carp., h 57 Wall 

Stein Fred., lab, h 76 Union 

CARIER & Campbell's [STI] ft. wayne directokv. 185 

Stegmeier Jacob, carp., h 23 West 

Sreinke Mrs. O., h 289 W. Jefferson 

Steinke Adolph, varnisher, bds 289 W. Jefferson 

Stellhorn Heni\-, blacksmith Pitts, shop, h 91 K. Lewis 

Stetzer Seter, lab, h E. \Vashington 

Stellhorn Henry, baker, bds 33 Jefferson 

Stein Mrs. E.. h ii6 E. Madison 

Steger Rudolph, bds 152 Montgomery 

Steffy Rev. M. W., h 161 E. Lewis 

Steinle Josei)h, watchman, h 119 Holman 

Steffy Josiah, tinner, bds 161 E. Lewis 

Steller Conrad, butchet, h 92 Will 

Stein Joseph, carp., h 38 Eone 

Steavens Ellen, widow, h 58 W. J>ewis 

Stei)le Jacob, wks Concordia College 

Stetlen John, wks Concordia College 

Steele AVilliam R., i)ublisher of I'tihlUalitr, h 36 W . Wayne j 

Stenner Ered. W., elk, h 95 E. Jefferson ' 

Steup Henry, h 105 E. Madison 

Stein Peter, shoemaker, h 122 Maumec 

Stein Eustave, carj). Pitts. sho[i, h 142 Jac ksun 

Steinbrenner Mrs. E. , h 25 Hroadway 

Stellhorn Augustus, elk, h 86 W. Lewis 

Steinert Michael, butcher, h 18 Harri( on 

Steinheu.ser Henry, wagon maker, b(is 3 ;ind 5 Railroad 

Stern Philip, lab, h 173 Montgomery 

Stevens William (\V. tiv: E. Stevens), h 15 Clay 

Stevens W. & E., carriage makers, 11 and 13 ('lay 

Stephan Henry jr., carp., bds 109 E. Madison 

Stephan Henry, sr. , crp., h 109 E. Madison 

Steigerwald John A., turner, h 63 E. Madison 

Stevens Thomas, agt. Olds <!vr Son, h 141 E. Berry 

Stevens Harrison P., bds 22 Baker 

Stellhorn Charles, shoemaker, h 133 W. Water 

Stein Daniel, carp., Pitts, shop, h 318 Harrison. 

Sthair Henry, carriage maker, shop 42 and 46 W. Main 

Sthair S. W., carriage maker, bds 21 Clay 

Sthair John, carriage maker, bds 21 Clay 

Stier Mrs. George, millinery and tiress making. 2^2 C'linton 

Stites John, carp. Pitts, shop, h 32 AVilliams 

Stiger David, carp, h N. Harrison 

Stier George, elk at Orff tl- Co.'s, h 3:! Clinton 

Stier Jacob, wks Bass' Eoundry, h 106 Lafayette 

Stier Henry, street supervisor, h 106 Lafayette 

Stier John, h t88 E. Washington 

Stier Joseph, moulder, bds 188 E. Wiishington 

Stirling Elizabeth, widow, h 109 ^V^ \Vashington 

Stirling Thomas, lab, bds 109 W. \Vashington 

1 86 CARiER & Campbell's [STR] ft. wayne directory. 

St. John Spencer, h 47 Baker 

ST. MARY'S ACADEMY. Sisters of Providence, cor. Calhoun and 

Stocking Henry, eng. Wabash R'y, h 126 Ewing 
Stokes Catherine, widow, h 348 Calhoun 
Stock George, jr.. tanner, bds 125 Cass 

Stock George, sr., watchman French, Hanna & Co., h 125 Cass 
STOCKBRIDGE N. P., book store, 12 E. Columbia, h 225 W. 

Stockbridge C. A., elk, bds 225 W. Wayne 
Stockbridge William J., elk, h 225 W. Wayne 
Stocking John W., bds 126 Ewing 
Stoll Fred., lab, h 48 Walnut 
Stoll Henry, teamster, h 25 Second 
Stoll Conrad, lab, h 19 Wefel 
Stoll Jacob, lab, h 381 Lafayette 
Stoner John M., millwright, h 55 E. Water 
Stoner John M., miller, bds 55 E. Water 

Stone Rev. Dr., Pastor First Baptist Cliurch, bds Hanna House 
Stone William E., eng. Wabash R'y, h 70 Douglas ave 
Stoler Jacob, fireman Wabash R'y, h 178 Ewing 

Stoler Eli, brakeman Pitts. R'y, l)ds 178 Ewing ^ 

Stoler William, lab, bds 25 Broadway 
Stonager Fred., lab, h 112 Fairfield 
Stoneburner E^lias, lab, h 28 Wilt 
Stonebrunner Robert, lab, h 24 Williams 
Stophlet John, tinner (S. Bros.), bds 322 Broadway 
Stophlet Bros., dealers in stoves tin ware, &c, 14 W. Columbia 
Stophlet Frank, tinner (S. Bros.), bds 322 Broadway 
Stophlet Mrs. Marv, h 322 Broadway 
STOPHLET JOSEPH H., architect, office in Hamilton's Block, h 

103 E. Washington 
Stover Marion, elk, h 145 W. Berry 
Storey James, h 16 W. Water 

Storr George, conductor Grand Rapids R'y, h 176 W. Jefferson 
STOTZ ULRICH, saloon and restaurant, E. Main " 
Stoder L., bds 98 Columbia 
Stout George, carp., bds Union House 
Stout Edward F., eng. Wabash R'y, h 19 Madison 
Stout E. F., eng. Wabash R'y, bds 28 Locust 
Stritmatter Charles, teamster, h 26 Oak 
Striker Mrs., h 152 High 
Strain Jacob, eng. Muncie R'y, h 50 Douglas 
Striker Mrs. Elizabeth, h 123 Wells 
Strass Jacob, elk, bds 136 W. Wayne 
Strong Henry, shoemaker, h 164 Calhoun 

STRODEL MATTHIAS, propr. Union Saloon, 10 E. Berry 
Strodel Augustus, elk, 10 E. Berry 

CARiER & Campbell's [SUN] ft. wayne directory. 187 

Strong Jeremiah, pattern maker (J. C. Bowser & Co.), h 74 Barr 

Striker Christian, carp., h 349 W. Jefferson 
[ Striker T. V., carp., bds 349 W. Jefferson 

Strahsberg F., ash man, h 269 E. Washington 

Strong M. B., conductor Saginaw R'y, h 258 W. Wayne 
I Strunz Christian, dealer in groceries and provisions, 72 Barr 
! STRODEL GEORGE, saloon keeper, 54 K. Main 

Streider Christian, German teacher, h 166 Barr 

Straughn Jesse R., civil engineer, h 87 E. Berry 

Strong John H., carp., h 302 W. Jefferson 

Stritmatter John, teamster, bds 26 Oak 

STRODEL GEORGE, propr. Union Hall Saloon, h 54 E. Main 

Struby Charles, professor of music, h 81 E. Jefferson 

Strasser Joe, saloon, 28 W. Main 

Struver William, grocer, h 66 E. Main 

Strope Dennis B., chief of Locomotive Engineers Pittsburgh R'y, h 324 

Strange Charles, lab, h 181 Lafayette 

Stratton J. R., attorney (Hayden & S. ), bds 119 E. Wayne 

Strong C, carp., h 243 E. Wayne 

Strasburg Christopher, asheryman, h 57 Water 

Stratton Jue, niason, h 96 W. Washington 

Stratton Charles, printer, bds 96 W. Washington 

Strong M. H., eng. Wabash R'y, h 13 Hamilton 

Strayer Theodore, fireman Wabash R'y, h 84 Taylor 

Strong Cleveland, lab, h 243 E. Wayne 

Studer B., carp., h 337 E. Lewis 

Stuart Jacob, h 408 W. Main 

Stubnatzy Rev. W. S., h 237 W. Jefferson 

Stubnatzy Ernst, student, bds 237 W. Jefferson 

Stump C. H., agent Howe Sewing Machine Company, h 122 E. Lewis 

Stumpp I-ewis, lab, h t,;^ Wall 

Studer Wilson Z., conductor Pitts. R'y, h 83 Baker 

Stuart Charles, merchants' police, bds 39 Lavina 

Stuzenberger Anton, lab, h 187 E. Jefferson 

Stuzenberger John, elk, bds 187 E. Jefferson 

Stuzenberger Frank, sawyer, bds 187 E. Jefferson 

Studhoff Henry, elk, bds 178 Barr 

Sullivan Dennis, lab, bds 40 Wells 

Sulli\an Daniel E., road master Richmond R'y, h 341 Hanna 

Sullivan Thomas, mail agent, bds Mayer House 

Sullivan Henry, expressman, bds 25 Barr 

Sullivan John, cooper, bds 19 Baker 

Sullivan C, lab, h 23 Taylor 

Sullivan J. R., moulder Bass' foundr\% bds 231 liarr 

SUMMIT CITY \/VOOLEN MILLS, Fren< h, Hanna & Co., E. 

Sundheimer Peter, cabinet muker, bds 25 Broadway 

1 88 CARiER & Campbell's [TAY] ft. wayne directory. 

Suren John, carp., h 273 E. Jefferson 

SUTERMEISTER, DECKER & BOND, architects and builders, 

and dealers in stone, marble grates, &.c., cor. Main and Fulton 
Sutermeister Arnold (S., Becker & Bond), h 229 W. Jefferson 
Sutton U. C, lab, h 186 E. Wayne 
Sutton John, mach. Wabash shop, h 39 Melitta 
Swart Amos M., mach., Pitts, shop, h 192 Broadway 
Swart Bernard, pattern maker Bass' shop, li 222 liroadway 
Swart Henry, carp., bds 152 Ewing 

Swartz Frederick, harness shoj) on Columbia, h 104 Butler 
vSwain Cleorge, i)lasterer, h 21 Melitta 
Swain Bennett, lab, h 211 W. Jefferson 
Swain Scott, traveling agent, n 267 W. Wayne 
Swain Martha K., widow, h 94)2 Barr 
Swain John, plasterer, h 21 Melitta 
Swain Mrs. E., widow, h 26 W. Jefferson 
Swain John, lab, bds 18 (Jrchard 
Swain Charlotte, widow, h 60 W. Main 

Swain George, driver Hook and Ladder Co., IkLi 60 W. Main 
Sweeney Abraham, carp., h 139 Criftith 
Sweeney Joseph, carp., h 310 Hanna 
vSweeney Mrs. Lena, h t,;^ John 
Sweetser Madison, h 113 W. Main 
Sweringen Hiram V., M. D. , h 231 W. Washington 
Sweet Samuel, ticket agent Wabash R'y, h 82 Montgomery . 
Sweet K. C., eng., h 253 W. Berry 
Sweet E. R. traveling agent, bds 282 Broadway 
vSwinney Thomas W., h west end Jefferson 

Swinney William P., brakeman Wabash R'y, bds west end Jefferson 
Swift A., h on Erie 
Swihart Isaac, condi^ctor Pitts. R'y, bds 285 Hanna 


Tait George W., lab, h 177 High 

Tarn Silas, elk, Pittsburgh R'y office, h' cor Hamilton and Clinton 

Tanneberger George, bds 3-5 Railroad 

Tanner Frank, porter, wks Aveline 

Tancal M., carp, h 21b E. Jefferson 

Taney Michael, constable, "h 42 Melitta 

Tapp T., mason, h cor Ohio and Oak 

Tarnin August, elk, h 212 E. Wayne 

Tarmon Henry, carp, h 179 W. Washington 

Tate Rev. C. C., h 168 W. Wayne 

TAYLOR, FAIRBANK & CO., Proprs. Journal, office over Post 

Taylor Mary, widow, bds 34 Water 

CARiER & Campbell's [THI] ft. wayne directory. 189 

Taylor Charles F., traveling agt., bds 23 Douglas ave 

Taylor Robt., saloon, h 136 Barr 

Taylor T. S., (Taylor, Fairbanks & Co., /o/znitj/ Pniuing Office), h 161 
E. Wayne 

TAYLOR ROBERT S., Att'v at Law, h on Faiitkld ave 

TAYLOR HENRY C, Restaurant. 52 Barr 

Taylor R. \V., grain ware house, h 77 W. Wayne 

Taylor Cieorge W., lab, h 37 Lasselle 

Taylor R. W., ware house 26 Pearl 

Taylor C. J., (Taylor, Fairbanks & Co., Juirrnal I'rinting Office), bds 
Robinson House 

Taylor William, elk, h 1 1 Oak 

Taylor John, h 244 E. Washington 

Taylor Mrs. Margery, h 262 W. Washington 

Taylor D. S. , h cor Ewing and Berry 

Taylor Isaac N., (Nutman ^: Taylor, lumber dealers), bds 1S5 ^V. Waj-ne 

Taylor Lee, h 1 1 3 Holnian 

Tearnorn Thomas, car inspector, h 75 E. Madison 

Teeple John, fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 41 (kiy 

Tegeder Henry, carp, bds 100 Harrison 

Teghtmeyer Ernst, machinist, Pittsburgh R'y, h 77 Brackenridge 

'IVgtmeyer Fred, h 24 Wilt 

Tegtmeier Fred, lab, Pittsburgh ;,hop, h 12 Sunnnil 

Tegtmeyer William, coimcilman and machinist, h 202 W. Water 

Tegtmeier Henry, carp, h 103 W. Water 

Tegtmeier David, (T. & Buse, saw mill,) h 109 \\ . Water 

I'egtmeier Christian, lab, bds 297 Harrison 

Tegtmier Fred, shoemaker, h 297 Harrison 

Tegtmeyer & Bro., shoemakers, 94^/3 Barr 

Teiman William, lab, h 11 McClellan 

Tekenbruck Fred, lab, h 142 Broadwa)' 
I Telford T>(H-enz, elk, 47 N. Cass 
I Temme Mary, widow, h N. of E. Wayne 

Tem]:)Iar Henry, rik, Wabash otfiie, h 152 U'. Wayne 

Tenney Ed., eng, Wabash R'y, h 70 Will 

Tenny C. E., eng, 238 Fl Washington 

Pence W., fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 21 Poplar 

Terry J. C., conductor, Wabash R'y, bds 19 Baker 

Terry Ceorge H., foreman Bass' foundry, h 251 E. Washington 

Terrell Frank, machinist, Pittsburgh sho[), bds 173 (iriftith 

'i'eters William, fireman, Pittsburgh K'y, bds i3Maumee 

'i'cttlebach Adam, tin roofer, bds 46 E. Jeflerson 

'i'hanhouser Samuel, h 24 W. Wayne 

'I'hanhouser Sanniel, (Frank & Thanhouser, Dry Coods), Keystone Piloc k 

'I'hain John, mason, h 271W. Washington 

Thesois John, h 117 W. Washington 

THIEME J. & BRO., Men hant Tailors, 37 E. Main 

Thiemejohn (1., clothing mer. , h 53 E. Wayne 

190 CARiER & Campbell's [TOC] ft. wayne directory. 

Thieme Fred, (J. G. Thieme & Bro.), h 216 W. Berry 

THIEME ANDREW, Grocer, h 170 Broadway 

Thiel Henry, tinner, bds 75 W. Jefferson 

Thile Diedrich, lab, h 186 W. Jefferson 

Thompson M., blacksmith, bds 248 W. Wayne 

Thompson James, lab, h 204 E. Lewis 

Thompson J. R., lab, h 310 Hanna 

Thompson Thomas, lab, bds 102 Wallace 

Thompson Cornelius, lab, h 102 Wallace 

Thompson Charles, lab, bds 213 Broadway 

Thompson Henry, inventor, bds Union House 

Thompson Nelson, lab, h 114 Chicago 

Thomson Mrs. Margaret, h 203 Lafayette 

Thomson Joseph, moulder, Bass' foundry, bds 203 Lafayette 

Thompson George, moulder, Bass' foundry, bds 203 Lafayette 

Thomson Thomas, moulder, Bass' foundry, bds 203 Lafayette 

Thomas B. C, fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 22 Madison 

Thomas Martin, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 37 Poplar 

Thomas Leonard, printer, Gazette office, h 138 Jackson 

Thomas Benjamin, fireman Pittsburgh R'y, bds 197 E. Jefferson 

Thomas Orion L., printer, h 173 Jackson 

Thomas Charles, fireman Pittsburgh R'y, bds 173 Jackson 

Thomas Calvin, h 173 Jackson 

Thomas G., machinist, Pittsburgh shop, bds 157 Holman 

Thorp George B., druggist, h 93 E. Jefferson 

Thonlein Charles, tailor, h 363 W. Main 

I'hornburn Charley, brakeman, bds 330 Calhoun 

Thorp William, h 133 Madison 

Thorp George B., druggist, cor Barr and Wayne 

Thornton Edward, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 82 Barr 

Thomas M. machinist, Pittsburgh shop, bds 69 E. Jefferson 

Thornburg Mrs. L. , h 9 N. Cass 

Threadgall John E.. lab, h 104 E. Madison 

Thrush R., fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, h 246 E. Lewis 

Throckmorton J. A., blacksmith, Pittsburgh shop, h 160 Holman 

Tibbies John H., chairmaker, h 370 Calhoun 

Tieman Fred, carp, Pittsburgh shop, h 57 Wall 

"J'igar Thomas, h 153 E. Berry 

Tiggermann H., well digger, h 183 Montgomery 

Tiggerman Theodore, well digger, h 319 Hanna 

Tigags Catherine, widow, h 60 W. Washingtoiv 

Tilford Charles, hack driver, bds 149 Barr 

Tilford Harriet J., widow, h 149 Barr 

Tilker Charles, carp, h 312 W. Jefferson 

Tiner Silas, saddler, bds 25 Barr 

Titus Theodore, eng, Pittsburgh R'y, h 17 Llolman 

Toby W. S., elk, bds Robinson House 

Tocterman William F., traveling agt., h 135 W. Wayne 

CARiER & Campbell's [TRE] ft. wayne directory. 191 

Todd R. J., h 26 W. Water 

Todt C, brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 47 Bass 

Todd S. Clay, M. D., bds Aveline House 

Tolson Sarah, widow, h 30 Wert 

Tompkins D., hatter, bds American House 

Tons Henry, ins. agt., with Hough, h 148 W. Wayne 

Tons William, trunk maker, bds 148 W. Wayne 

Toney Patrick, jr., lab, bds 43 Melitta 

Toney Patrick, sr., lab, h 43 Melitta 

Toomey Thomas, lab, h 300 E. "Wayne 

TookerMrs., widow, bds 49-51 W. Berry 

Torence George, bds 166 W. Berry 

Toune William, lab, bds 151 Holman 

Toune Julius, boiler maker, (Bass foundry), h 151 Holman 

Towei Alex. M. J., painter, bds 96 E. Wayne 

Tower Benj. H., frescoer, bds 96 E. Wayne 

Tower Agnes, bds 96 E. Wayne 

Tower Nancy, widow, h 96 E. Wayne 

Tower Margaret, bds 96 E. Wayne 

Trauerman Isaac, (^Dessauer & Co., cigar manufs.), h 92 W. Main 

Traub Louis, harness maker, h 8 McClellan 

Trankermon H., plasterer, h 385 E. Wayne 

Travis Patrick, conductor, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 49 Baker 

Traud James, drayman, h 176 E. Washington 

TRENTMAN & SON, Wholesale Grocers, 56-58 Calhoun 

Trentman John, elk, bds 72 W. Wayne 

Trentman Bernhard, (B. Trentman & Son^, h 72 W. Wayne 

Trentman B. H., (T. & Wolke, cracker and candy manufs. ), h 151 E. 

TRENTMAN, MONNING & SON, Coffee, Spice and Mustard 

Mills, 59 E. Main 
Trentman A. C, (B. T. .*v: S.l, h 40 W. Water 
TRENTMAN, H. J. & BRO., Queenswarc, 24 E. Columbia 
TRENTMAN HENRY, cH. J. Trentman c\: Bro. ), China Store, h 

25 W. Berry 
Trentman John, h 151 E. Wayne 
Treece James, lal), h 396 Broadway 
TRENAM GEORGE, architec't, h 162 W. Main 
Tretchler Peter, file cutter, h 287 W. Main 
Tresselt Charles, dealer in Crockery, China and (ilassware, h 88 E. 

TREMMEL CONRAD, Grocer, Store 238 Hanna, h 281 Hanna 
TREESH S. W., dealer in Hard Wood Logs, and LuuiIkt, offne 5 

E. Main 
Tremmel John, blacksmith, Pittsburgh shop, h 34 Eorce 
Tressler Mrs. Anna, h 152 Ewing 
Tresler Llenry, plasterer, h 152 Ewing 
Tre.ssler George, carp, h 102 Butler 

192 CARiER & Campbell's [TYR] ft. wayne directory. 

Treep Mary M., widow, h 104 Barr 

Trenelt Herman, lab, bds Steuben House 

TRENKLEY & SHERZINGER, Practical Watchmakers, and Jew- 
elers, 80V2 Calhoun, Nill's Block 

Tressler John, tinner, h 2 Brandriff 

TRESELT & BOTH, Queensware Store, 39 E. Columbia 

Trepler L. , M. D., h 30 Madison 

Treep Ann J., widow, h 104 Barr 

Tresselt Christian, (Hoagland & Tresselt, proprs. City Mills^, h 55 E. 

Trier Henry, h iit W. Water 

Trimble J. M., conductor, Pittsburgli R'y, h 343 Hanna 

Trinkley C, Watchmaker, h 106 W. Washington 

Trinkle Marion, conductor, Pittsburgh R'y, h 43 S. Hanna 

Trinble Samuel, wks Pittsburgh shoj), h 96 E. Lewis 

Troutmon Fred, baker, bds Steuben House 

Trowbridge Addison teamster, h 122 E. Wayne 

Troutman John, teamster, 120 E. Wayne 

Truxell Mrs. Lary, h 137 Wallace 

Tuckey Charles, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 94 E. Berry 

Tuckey G., conductor, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 94 E. Berry 

'I'ucker John, moulder, wks Novelty Works, bds 245 Columbia 

'i'uhrman Charles, shoemaker, h 89 W. Jefferson 

TuU Edward H.. machinist, wks Pittsburgh shop, bds 4 Melitta 

'I'uUy George William, machinist at Iv. Murray's bds 386 Calhoun 

Tully Thomas, eng. Pittsburgh R'y, h 386 Calhoun 

'I'unison Mrs. N. , widow, h 75 Baker 

Tunison Harvey (i., brakeman, Pittsburgh R'\', bds 75 Baker 

Tunison William elk, Pittsburgh R'y, office, bds 75 Baker 

'J'unnies William, eng. Pittsburgh R'y, h 64 Baker 

'J'urner Harry, bds 104 E. Wayne 

Turner Ann^ widow, h 104 E. Wayne 

Turner John, machinist, Pittsburgh shop, h 44 Web^^ter 

Turner Levi, elk, h 89 W. Water 

Twoback Mrs. O., h 15 Hough 

'i'yier Daniel, agt., bds 46 E. Jefferson 

Tyler Fred,- elk at Coombs dfe Co., bds 175 Clinton 

Tyler John L., Professor of Penmanship, bds Central Hotel 

Tyler Franklin, ass't supt. street R. R., bds 268 Calhoun 

Tyler Arthur, elk at Meyer Bros. & Co., bds 175 Clinton 

'lyler William R.; bds 258 W. Wayne 

Tyler Fred, bds 258 W. Wayne 

Tyler W. D., bds 142 W. Wayne 

Tyler Mrs. Catherine, h 142 W. Wayne 

Tyrrell V. B., widow, h 28 Brandriff 

Tyrrell Alfred J., fireman, bds 28 Brandriff 

CARiER & Campbell's [VIN] ft. wavne directory. ly- 


Uel)elh(ei- Phillip, shoemaker, h 56 E. Main 

Uebelhcier Fred., plasterer, h 44 Lavina 

Uhlrick Michael, brewer, bds Blooniingdale lirewery 

Uhlm Joseph, stone cutter, h cor. Fairfield ave and Colerick 

Uhlman B., pedlar, bds Central Hotel 

Ulriclh Mrs. Elizabeth, h 13 Force 

IJnderhay John, painter, bds 219 Lafayette 

LInderhill P. S., (^Smith Bros. & Co., marble works), h 340 \V. Jefferson 

Linderhill F. W., stone cutter, h 87 Wilt 

UNDERHILL BRO. & CO., Marble Works, 74 W. Main 

Linger Andrew, lab, h 92 Wilt 

linger Gottlieb, lab, bds 46 W. Washington 

linger Louisa, widow, h 46 W. Washington 

Updegraff John A., lab, h 14 Maiden Lane 

lipdegraff H., widow, h 34 Douglas ave 

IJpnier Fred., car}), h 85 Maumee 

Uplegger Charles, policeman, h 146 Broadway 

U. S. Express Company, C. L. Smith, agt., 28 E. Alain 


Vail Matilda, widow, h 37 Colerick 

Vanalstine William, veterinary surgeon, h 2ro Lafayclle 

Vanalstine Frank, hackman, bds 210 Lafayette 

Vancamp Enos, barber, h 119 W. Water 

Vander A. C, jjainter, bds 166 Barr 

Vangiesen Margfaret, widow, h on Creighton ave 

\'an Patten Phillip H., eng. Wabash R'y. bds 19 Madisoi^ 

Van Patten Phillip H., eng. Wabash R'y, bds 28 Locust 

X'anstiel Emil, helper, (Bass' foundry), h 119 1 [olman 

A'an Sickles Charles, bds 86 E. Main 

\an Wtert Isaac, conductor, ^Val)ash i\.'\-. h 6,S Wilt 

Van Wrinkle H. C, bds Robinson Mouse 

Vaughan William B., cdk, 26 Main 

Vaughn Henry, butcher, h 186 W. Main 

Veaugier Xavier, h 12 Sturgis 

Vegele J'eter, lab, h 53 Walnut 

Veith William, brakeman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 265 I^ Wayne 

Veith Peter, boatman, h 265 E. Wayne 

Veith Frank, blacksmith, bds 265 K. Wayne 

Veith Louis, boatman, bds 265 E. Wayne 

Verschoone Centil, stone cutter, bds 92 Montgomery 

Vestal l'>an, brakeman, Muncie R. R., bds 40 Wells 

Vincent James, wks woolen mills, bds 52 Barr 

194 CARiER & Campbell's [WAG] ft. wayne directory. 

Virgil Thomas S., M. D., h 70 Harrison 

VIRGIL A. K., Principal Fort Wayne Conservatory, bds 70 Harrison 

Vivia Frank, jr, conductor, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 5 Pine 

Vivia Frank, sr., lab, h 5 Pine 

Vizard M. F., lab,- h 23 Brandriff 

Vizard Thomas, lab, bds 23 Brandriff 

Vizard & Howley, blacksmiths, shop 41 W. Main 

Vizard John, blacksmith, Pittsburgh shop, h 14 Melitta 

Vogel Frank, (Vogel & Son, mer. tailors), h 57 W. Berry 

VOGEL C. G. & SON, Merchant Tailors, E. S. Calhoun, opp. Phoe- 
nix Block 

VOGEL MRS. C. G., Millinery Rooms, E. S. Calhoun 

Vogel Valentine, carp, bds 76 Wallace 

Voit Christina, widow, bds 93 Barr 

Voirol Emil, elk, bds 268 E. Wayne 

Voirol Julius, cigar maker, bds 268 E. Wayne 

Voirol Frank, (George J. E. Mayer & F. Voirol, watch makers), h 268 
E. Wayne 

Voirol Frank, jr., watch maker, (George J. E. Mayer & F. Voirol), bds 
268 E. Wayne 

Volland Henry, miller, (J. Orff), h 279 W. Washington 

VOLLMER DANIEL, Druggist and Pharmaceutist, cor. Calhoun 
and Berry, h 21 W. Berry 

Volmerding F., tailor, h 246 E. Washington 

Voors J. , carp, bds 84 W. Jefferson 

Vorce John, cook, h 26 Flolman 

VORDERMARK E. & SONS, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Boots 
and Shoes, 32 Calhoun 

Vordernark Henry, (with V. & Sons), h 161 E. Wayne 

Vorholzer M., carp, h cor. Metz and Taylor 

Voss Lewis A., bds 20 Wall 

Votry Alex., tanner, h 186 W. Wayne 

Vredenburgh M. P., carp, h 100 E. Wayne 

Wade Charles M., mach., h 84 George 

Wade Esther, widow, h 16 Holman 

Wadge George, wks woolen mills, h 154 Holman 

Waddington B., carp. Pitts, shop, h 128 Montgomery 

Waddington Walter, carp. Pitts, shop, bds 128 Montgomery 

Waddington Joseph, mach. Pitts, shop, bds 161 Holman 

WAGNER H. G., druggist and dealer in toilet and fancy articles, 54 

Wagner Albert, lab, h 130 Madison 
Wagenhalls Rev. Samuel, Pastor English Evangelical Lutheran Church, h 

54 E. Wayne 

CARiER & Campbell's [WAR] ft. wayne directory. 195 

Wagner Robert, wks Olds & Son's, h 164 E. Lewis 
Wagner John, carp., h 177 Jackson 
Wahmhof William, lab, h 172 Ewing 
Wahlschmidt Peter, cigar maker, h 30 W. Main 
Wakerley John, carp., h 213 Fairfiekl ave 
Walter Daniel, blacksmith Wabash shop, bds 332 Harrison 
Walter E. R. , sewing machine agent, h 63 Wells 
Walde Fred., tailor, h 219 E. Jefferson 
Walde William, wagon maker, h 76 Wallace 
Walten J. R., clerk Pitts, freight office, h 51 Baker 
Walten C. H., train despatcher G. R. & I. R'y, bds 51 Baker 
Walda William, jr., carp., Ixis 216 E. Wayne 
Walten H. B., brakeman G. R. & I. R'y, 'bds 51 Baker 
Walker William, lab, bds 261 W. Jefferson 
Walker James, blacksmith, h 32 Hood 
Walsh Michael, carp., bds Central Hotel 
Waldman Benjamin, saloon, 138 Calhoun 

WALTERS D. B,, dealer in groceries and provisions, h 207 Cal- 
Walkerman George, wagon maker, h 23 Barr 
Walker William, lab, bds 262 Calhoun 
Walther Fred. W., piano maker, h loi Lafayette 
Walls J. C, hatter, bds American House 
Walkeman George, wagon maker, h 23 Barr 
Walker George, stone cutter 
Waltemath Charles, policeman, h 138 E. Lewis 
Wallace Matilda, widow, h 80 Butler 
Waldo Henry, carp., h 126 Chicago 
Walsh Martin, peddler, h 124 E. Lewis 
Walker Lynian, eng. at Beaver's mill,h 239 E. Wayne 
Waltemath Henry, grocer, h 134 E. Lewis 
Waddington Mrs. Rosa, h 128 Montgomery 
Wallace Frank, boiler maker Pitts, shop, h 153 E. Lewis 
Wallace John, boiler maker Pitts, shop, h 153 E. Lewis 
Waltemath Henry (^Wigman & Co. ), h 134 E. Lewis 
Wallin Charles H., photographer, bds 49 and 51 W. Berry 
Walker Anthony, moulder, h 26 Buchanan 
Wallace Fred., cabinet maker, h 124 Harrison 
Wallace Michael M., elk at Bass' shop, bds 139 Fairfield 
Walda William, carp., h 216 E. Wayne 
Waltemath L., lab, h 259 E. Lewis 
Walters Frank, shoemaker, h 12 Pine 
Wallace Andrew, book-keeper, h 139 Fairfield 
Walda Henry, carp., 11331 E. Washington 
Walda Charles, carp. Pitts, shop, h 329 E. Washington 
Walker Mrs. Sarah Ann, h 218 Broadway 
Ward John, section boss Wabash R'y, bds 6 Kansas 
Warner Augustus, cigar maker, h 128 W. Washington 

196 CARTER & Campbell's [WEF] ft. wayne directory. 

Warner C. *T., eng., h 106 Ewing 

Ward Willtam, brakeman Pitts. R'y, h 21 Pritchard 

Warren Mrs. M. S., hair store, Szc, h 75 Calhoun 

Ward H. N., wholesale and retail China, Glass and Queensware, 78 Cal- 
houn, h 233 W. Berry 

Wartembe E., wks Baker's saw mill, h 104 Columbia 

Warner Mrs. R. W., widow, h 402 Calhoun 

Warring Anson F. , bds 49 and 51 W. Berry 

Washburn G. P., agent Singer Sewing Machine Company, bds Anderson 

Wasserbach John, tailor, h 90 Barr 

Wasner John, lab, wks Bass' shop, bds 63 Hanna 

Waters Harvey, brakeman, bds 36 Brandriff 

Waters Louis, fireman, h 36 Brandriff 

Watterman J. H., eng. Wabash R'y, h irS W. Jefferson 

Watermouth Henry, lab, h 43 W. Lewis 

Wattles B., eng. Wabash R'y, h 181 Ewing 

Waters Mrs. Minerva, h 199 W. Washington 

Waters Charles, eng. Pitts. R'y, bds 402 Calhoun 
' Watrous G. C, master mechanic, h 115 Lafayette 

Watson Mrs. M., widow, h 130 Madison 

W^augh James R., eng. Pitts. R'y, h 459 Lafayette 

Way George, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 46 Hoagland ave 

Weaver Thomas, porter at Mayer House, bds at Mayer House 

Weaver William, elk., bds 322 Calhoun 

AV^ebber Benjamin, mach. h 47 Bass 

Webb Frank, moulder Bass' shop, bds 8 Force 

Weber Peter, mason, h 308 W. Jefferson 

Weber Adam, shoemaker, h 81 Montgomery 

Webster Johh F., fireman Wabash R'y, h 1S9 Rarr 

Weber Frank A., grocer, bds 168 E. Jefferson 

Weber John J., German teacher, h 43 E. Wayne 

Webb Marion, merchant, bds 91 E. Main 

Weber Frederick, h 11 Maimiee 

Webb A. M., janitor Court House, h 234 W. Wayne 

Weber John, wks at City Mills, h 275 E. W\aynt: 

Weber Erwin, blacksmith Pitts, shop, bds 413 Lafayette 

Weber Andrew, lab, h 413 I..afayette 

Weber Henry, tailor, bds 153 Madison 

Wedge William, carp. Pitts, shop, h 143 Montgomery 

Weet Rodney, moulder, bds 8 Force 

A'Veekly William, moulder Bass' foundry, bds 274 Hanna 

Weeks George H., bds 134 Francis 

Weeks John H., painter Pitts, shop, h 134 Francis 

Wefel Henry, cigar maker, bds Barthold 

Wefel John, carp., h 41 Barthold 

Wefel William, carp. Wabash shop, bds 213 W. Washington 

Wefel Fred., boat builder, h 161 High 

CARiER & Campbell's [WEL] ft. wavnk dirkciokw 197 

VVefel William, liniier, bds 41 Barthokl 

Weggeman?)., carder, bds 224 K. Wayne 

Wehrs Fred. (Pfeiffer & Co ), h 156 Wells 

Weemer Mrs. G. D., h 159 E. Wayne 

Wehmer Miss Minnie, bds 159 K. Wayne 

Weidman John, painter, bds 78 Wilt 

Weisenburg Daniel, lab, bds 46 Charles 

Weigand F. W., lab. h 25 Wall 

Weisenberger B., night clerk Mayer House, h 13 Hood 

Weisman Jacob, h 1 4 Hood 

Weibel Pladius, cabinet maker Pitts, shop, h 236 W. Jefferson 

^Veis Mannel, dealer in rags and iron, h on Erie 

^Veismantel Frank, cigar maker, bds 92 E. Jefferson 

Weibke Henry, grocer, 92 Barr 

Weil Isaac, dealer in hides, 78 Barr 

VVeis Nicholas, carp., h 190 E. Lewis 

Weil Jacob, street buyer, h 261 Hanna 

AVeisenburg Mrs. Catherine, h 46 Charles 

^Veil Nicholas, lab, h 87 Force 

Weisenburg George, lab, bds 42 Charles 

Weismanfel Peter J., stone cutter, h 114 Jackson 

^Vcilfcldt Henry, moulder, h 11 McClcllan 

Weisman tel Michael, shoemaker, h 114 Jackson 

Welkling John, lab, h 44 Taylor 

Welch John, lab, bds 29 Walnut 

\\'el(.h Winny, widow, h 29 Walnul 

Welch Barney, lab, bds 29 Walnut 

Wells A., dentist, h on Dewald 

\Vells George, harness maker, li S Cass 

Welch John H., lab, h Creighton ave 

Welsh John, lab, h 27 Brandriff 

Weldon Frank, book-keeper Pitts, shoji, h S5 Baker 

Welker Henry, carp., h 59 Wall 

Wells Harvey J., printer, h 206 E. Wajne 

■Wellenburg Martin, painter Pitts, shop, h 15 Oak 

Welsh Garret, watchman, h 71 Holman 

Welch Mary A., bds 85 E. Jefferson 

Welts Isaac, h 93 Montgomery 

Wells Charles M., propr. feed store, h 2 Madison 

Welsh Patrick, blacksmith, h 75 E. Water 

Welch & Baker, tinners, 184 Calhoun 

Welker Daniel, tailor, h 48 Douglas ave 

Weller John, butcher, h 123 Harrison 

Welch George W., cng. Wabash R'y, h 58 Melilla 

Weller Lizzie, bds 97 Barr 

AV'eller Barbara, Avidow, h 97 Barr 

^^'ells John, blacksmith, h 62 E. Madison 

Welton John (Klotz & Welton), h ^S Butler 

198 CARiER & Campbell's [WHI] ft. wayne directory 

Welton John (Klotz & Welton), grocer, h S. on Hoaglanrt ave 

Wellman Fred., lab, h 112 Jackson 

Wellman Henry, carp., bds 108 Jackson 

Wemhoff B. stone cutter, h 124 Union 

Wemhoff Rev. John, h 391 Hanna 

Wente John, lab, h 342 Calhoun 

Wente Mrs. W., widow, 90 Barr 

^VENTE ^V. L., groceries and provisions, Barr, opposite Market 

Wenzel Fred., shoemaker, bds 133 W. Water 

Wenzel Ann Mary, widow, h 76 Williams 

Wenge John, lab, h 9 John 

Wentworth O. M., eng. Wabash R'y, h cor. College and W. Jefferson 

Wentworth William, brakeman Wabash R'y, bds cor. College and W. 

Wenninghoff Rudolph, cigar maker, bds 148 Calhoun 

WENNINGHOFF CHRISTIAN, cigar manuf., 148 Calhoun 

Wenninger Fred. C, shoemaker, h 266 Calhoun 

Wery JohnH., sr. , h 132 Williams 

Wery John H., jr., bds 132 Williams 

Werk Adam, plasterer, h 263 E. Wayne 

Westerhausen George, lab, h 51 Wilt 

Weseloh John, student, bds 104 Webster 

West Mrs, Rhody, h 210 Fairfield 

Westrumb H. C. F. , constable, h cor. Wayne and Hanover 

Wesel Elizabeth, widow, h 21 E. Washington 

Wessel John, eng. Pitts, shop, h 401 Lafayette 

Westfall Fred., lab Pitts, shop, h 131 E. Madison 

Whalen Hannah, widow, h 18 Bass 

Whalen John, moulder Bass' foundry, bds 18 Bass 

Whan Joseph, millwright, h 80 Brackenridge 

Whalin Edward, lab, bds 262 Calhoun 

Whaley Mrs. Hannah, h 9 N. Cass 

Wheeler John, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 68 Chicago 

Wheeler Nelson, h 258 W. Wayne 

Wheeler Luther, eng. Saginaw R'y, bds 92 Calhoun 

Whealen Michael, bds 148 E. Lewis 

Wheelock Mr., dentist, bds 49 and 51 W. Berry 

White W. J., tailor, bds Robinson House 

White William, eng. Wabash R'y, h 21 Pine 

WHITE J. B., propr. Fruit House, h 60 Barr 

White Mrs. Mary, h 235 E. Wayne 

White H. K., brakeman Wabash R'y, bds 285 Hanna 

White Thomas, lab, bds cor. Calhoun and Wallace 

White D. P. Deputy Recorder, bds Hamilton House 

White John J., traveling agent, h 206 W. Wayne 

Whitney John, h 80 Baker 

Whitney "W. J., eng. Wabash R'y, h 199 W. Washington 

Whitehurst John, bds American House 

CAKiER & Campbell's [WIL] ft. wayne directory. 199 

Whitritt J. H., mach. Pitts, shop, bds Harmon House 

Whinery John, niach. Pitts, shop, h 4 Melitta 

Whiteley Thomas R., renovator and repairer, h 52 W. Main 

Whitelicad Mrs. R. A., h 171 W. Washington 

Whinery Joseph, eng. Pitts. R'y, h 70 Wallace 

Whiehe Ferdinand, lab, bds 75 W. Jefferson 

Whitfield Robert H., barber, bds 76 E. Columbia 

Whittles J., mach. Pitts, shop, h 136 Barr 

Whiting Almon, elk Wabash ofifice, bds 47 Melitta 

Whitman Henry, mach. Pitts, shop, h 170 Montgomery 

Whitehead Arthur, eng. Pitts. R'y, h 316 Calhoun 

Whiting Ira M., h 47 Melitta 

Whyler PMward, tinner, h 87 E. Main 

Wickey Martin elk, bds 75 Harrison, 

Wichman Henry, lab, bds 205 E. Washington 

Widbrok Henry, lab, h 25 Clark 

Wieneke Fred., shoemaker, h 122 Wilt 

Wienkelmeyer Henry, h 23 Wall 

Wiedman William, lab, bds 78 Wilt 

Wiedman Mrs. B., h 78 Wilt 

Wiedman Michael, lab, bds 78 Wilt 

Wiedelman William, carp, h 386 E. Wayne 

Wiest J. D., b. k., bds 63 W. Water 

WIEMAN WIILLIAM, Confectionery Store. 11 E. Main 

Wiers William, shoemaker, h 133 E. Le\vis 

Wies Mrs. Caroline, h 237 Lafayette 

Wiegand Sebastian, K 339 Lafayette 

Wiemeyer William, b. k., bds 49-51 W. Berry 

Wies Jacob, carp, h 172 Hanna 

Wies Nicholas, carp, h 157 Hanna 

Wiegman William, blacksmith, h 403 W. Main 

WIGHMAN HENRY, (H. W. & Henry Waltermath), Dealers in 
Groceries, Provisions and China Ware, and Bakery, 201-203 La- 

Wigman Henry, grocer, h 136 E. Lewis 

WIGMAN & CO., Grocer, (W. & Waltemath), loi Lafayette 

Wigman Fred., lab, h 200 E. Jefferson 

Wihen Jacob, shoemaker, h ^;^ W. Lewis 

Wihe Augustus, carp, h 5 Broadway 

Williams D., brakeman, Wabash R'y, bds 47 Bass 

Wilson William, b. k., h 114 W. Main 

Wiley Thomas, carp, h 398 Calhoun 

Wilson Alice, plumber, at Hattersley's, bds 28 Walnut 

Williams John H., wagon and carriage shop, h 149 W. Main 

Wilson G., elk, bds on Creighton ave 

Wilson George, manuf. of saws &c., Calhoun and Lewis 

Wilson Frank, att'y, h 180 W. Jefferson 

Wilkening Gottlieb, carp, h 30 Lavina 

200 CARiER & Campbell's [WIL] ft. wayne directory 

Wilkin Herman, teamster, h 88 W. Water 

Wilcox Lester, foreman carpenter shop, Muncie R. R., h 323 Calhoun 

Wiburn George, eng. Wabash R'y, bds 592 W. Jefferson 

Wilson Jacob I.., fireman, Richmond R. R., h 60 Chicago 

Wilburt William, eng. Wabash R'y, bds 292 W. Jefferson 

Williams Jolm A., lab, bds 82 Baker 

"Wilson Robert, spinner, bds 13 Monroe 

AVilson Charles, carder, bds 13 Monroe 

Wilson Oscar J., b. k., Wabash office, h 217 W. Wayne 

Wilson John, lab, bds 196 W. Washington 

Wilmington William, express driver, {V. S. Ex. Co. ^ li 337 W. Jefferson 

AVilcox Joseph, bds 231 Barr 

Willets Isaac, ])ropr. boarding house, 231 Barr 

Wilding James, i)lasterer,h 260 ^V. Wayne 

^Vilson Richard, lab, h 23 Barr 

Wilson William, conductor, Muncie R. R., h 46 E. Jefferson 

Wiley S. J., widow, h 118 Barr 

AN'dkes Nathan, dealer in notions, 74 Barr 

A^'ilmot T- C, i)ainter and dealer in jjaints, oil, lead c\:c., 10 Clinton 

WILSON, SHUCKMAN & MUHLER, Dealers in Stoves and tin- 
ware, 83 Columbia 

Wilson Richard, lab, h 23 Barr 

Wilcox Isaac, bar keeper, bds 92 Calhoun 

WILSON H. F., Notary Public, Deputy District Att'y, Solicitor of 
Patents, office over Post Oftice, h 180 ^V. Jefferson 

"Willes Henr\-, bds Mayer House 

Wilson Judson, porter, wks Aveline House 

Wilson & Bro., saw manufs., cor. Calhoun and Lewis 

Will John, lab, h. :^s Williams 

Wilkinson John, (Wilkinson & Bro.), 8 W. Columbia 

Wilkinson Frank, MN'ilkinson & Bro.), 8 W. Columbia 

WILKINSON BROS., Saloon, 8 W. Columbia 

Williams Samuel, night elk at Exchange Hotel 

Wilson Mrs. A. E., widow, bds 225 W. Wayne 

Wilder PMwin. [>ropr. Fort House and feed yard, 113 E. Main 

Williams Alfred, L., fireman, Pittsburgh R'y, bds 332 Calhoun 

Williamson John, coppersmith, Wabash shoj), h 37 Langohr 

Will Thomas PL, blacksmith, Pittsburgh shop, h 117 Butler 

AVilliard, Mrs. R. A., h 45 E. Madison 

Wilmot James C, painter, h 222 W. Wayne 

Wilder ]. H., h 156 W. Washington 

William John O., (Wooster, W. & Co., druggists), h 278 W. Berry 

Wilt John M., h 306 Calhoun 

Williams Jeremiah, drayman, h 39 Grand 

Wild 'iliomas, wood dealer, bds 140 Holman 

Wilde Jacol), shoemaker, bds 319 Lafayette 

Wild Edmund, wood dealer, h 140 Holman 

Williams E. P., cMeyer Bros. & Co., druggists), h 61 W. Berry 

CARiER & Campbell's [WOL] kt. wayne uikectory. 

Williams J. T,., tivil tng., h 96 W. Wayne 

A\'illiams H. M., lab, bds 102 W. Wayne 

^^'ilson C. H., boss carder, woolen mills, h 13 Monroe 

Wilson George H., (Wilson, Shuckman & Co., stoves &c.), h 221 W. 

Wilding J. W.. jr., i)lasterer, bds 260 W. Wayne 

Wilkins Charles, butcher, bds 116 Broadway 

AVilkins Christian, butcher, h it6 Broadway 

AVilson Mrs. Amanda, elk Pension ofifice, bds 225 ^\'. Wayne 

Winslow Isaac, h r22 W. Washington 

WILLIS JOSEPH H., General Manager Carboni/,c(l Ccmcnl I'ipe 
AV'orks, S. of and opp. Railroad depot 

^Vinters Erastus, lab, h 343 W. Jefferson 

Wines Mrs. Elizabeth, h 219 W. "Washington 

Winter John cigar maker, bds 21-23 ^I'l-hi 

^Vinl)augh Mrs. A. M., h 61 E. Madison 

Winkelmeyer, William, moulder, bds 100 Harrison 

AV'inkelmeyer Henry, carp, bds 100 Harrison 

Wirich C. J., blacksmith, h on Maumee 

Wirsch Peter, lab, h 174 Jackson 

Wisel Otis W., agt., h 54 W. Main 

AVise A. omnibus driver, bds 18 E. Wayne 

Wise Henry A., civil eng., bds Mayer House 

Wise Piatt J., Deputy Sheriff, h 228 W. Berry 

Wise Isaac, lab, h 251 E. Jefferson 

^Visner Nicholas, h 112 Creighton ave 

Wise Charles D., b. k., bds 228 W. Berry 

^Vitte William, boiler maker, at K. Murray's, bds 49 Williams 

>\'ittley Gottlieb, candy maker, at Wolke <!v? Trentman's bds cor. Fairfield 
and Poplar 

>Vitman S., lab, h 16 W. Washington 

Witherall J. H., bds Fox House 

AViterman Ulrich, lab, h 347 r>afayettc 

Witte William, boiler maker, h 88 Easselle 

Witte Chrisrian, lab, h 27 Charles 

Witman Fred., lab, h 275 Hanna 

Witte Christian, lab, bds 201 E. Washington 

Witte Frank, carp, bds 201 E.Washington 

Witrock John, lal), h 168 Holman 

'\\'fjel)eking Diedrich, file cutter, bds — Broadway 

Woibeking Charles, carp., bds — Broadway 

AV^cebeking William, carp., h — Broadway 

Woebeking Conaad, carp., h — Broadway 

"W'cebeking Christian, h 100 W. Jefferson 

Wohlford Roseman AVilliam, math., h 36 Colerick 

Wohnker Fred.. <!ra\nian, h 209 E. \Vashington 

WOLKE & TRENTMAN, wholesale dealers and manufs. of con- 
fectionery and crackers, 100 Calhoun 

CARiER & Campbell's [WOR] ft. wayne directory. 

Wolke Fred., carp. Pitts, shop, h 21 Force 

WOLKE FRANK (W. & IVentman, manufs. of candies and crackers), 

bds Mayer House 
Wolford Jacob, moulder Bass' foundry, bds 3 and 5 Railroad 
^VOLF A., meat market and sausage manufacturer, 10 W. Main, h 73 

W. Main 
Wolf Leopold, butcher, bds 73 W. Main 
Wolf Michael, lab, h 31 Maumee 

Wolf Charles H., conductor Muncie R'y, h 86 Montgomery 
Wolf Joseph, mach. Pitts, shop, h 82 Jefferson 
Wolf & Kettler, manufs. and wholesale dealers in upholstery and bedding, 

76 Clinton 
Wolf Paul (W. Kettler), bds 196 Barr 
Wolf Daniel (W. & Wagnerl, h 25 Barr 
Wolf Daniel S., elk, bds 25 Barr 
Wolf Mrs. M., h 115 E. Madison 

Wolf James, car inspector Pitts, shop, h 162 Montgomery 
Wolfe Edward, student, bds Fort Wayne College 
Wolford William A., mach. Pitts, shop, h foot Hanna 
Womer J. D., tailor, bds 104 Barr 
WOODMANCY J. P., silver plater, stencil cutter and engraver, 52 

Calhoun, up stairs 
Woody George W., lab, h 123 Williams 
Woodworth Mary, widow, h 19 Brandriff 
Wood Isaac N., mach. Wabash shop, h 88 Chicago 
Woolsey Hiram, foreman Olds & Son, bds 115 Barr 
Woodworth J. C, assistant cashier Fort Wayne National Bank, h 224 W. 

WOOSTER, WILLfAMS & CO., druggists and apothecaries, sw. 

cor. Calhoun and Main 
Woodworth Dr. B. S., office 4 E. Berry, h 234 W. Berry 
"WOOD W. S., manuf. of picture frames, and dealer in looking glasses, 

&c., 142 Calhoun 
WOOD^A(^ARD M. E., merchant tailor, clothier and general furnisher, 

46 Calhoun, h 134 E. Main 
Woodworth D. H., Deputy Postmaster, h 109 Lafayette 
Woodworth L., blacksmith Bass' foundry, bds 129 E. Lewis 
Woolsey Isaac B., carp., h 115 Barr 
Wooden George, cooper, bds 408 W. Main 
Woodworth C. B., drug clerk, bds 234 W. Berry 
Woodworth B. S., M. D., h 234 W. Berry 
Worth Adam, lab, h 75 High 

Worthington W. W., supt. Muncie R'y, h 160 W. Washington 
Worthington Edward, elk, bds — Harrison 
Worch Rudolph, editor Indiana Volksfreund, h 78 W. Main 
Worch Hugo, printer, bds 78 W. Main 

Worden Hon. James L., Judge Supreme Court, h 99 E. Jefferson 
Workmast John, elk, Pitts, freight office, bds 60 Maiden Lane 

CARIER & Campbell's [YOU] ft. wayne directory. 203 

Worden James W., student, bdsQg E. Jefferson 

Wort John M., foreman gas works, h 135 E. Main 

Worden L. W., carp., bds 221 Lafayette 

Worden William, mach. Olds & Son, h 221 Lafayette 

Worthington John S., barber, bds Robinson House 

Work Robert, h 28 Charles 

Worrel Richard, fireman Pitts. R'y, bds 89 W. Jefferson 

Worman Jacol), fireman Pitts. R'y, bds 130 Madison 

Woulfe Patrick, shoemaker, h 268 Calhoun 

Woulfe James & Bro. , grocery and provision store, 266 Calhoun 

^Voulfe James, elk at W. & Bro., bds 35 Melitta 

Woulfe Michael (W. i\: Bro., grocery and saloon), h 35 Melitta 

Wren Joseph, h 49 liakcr 

Wright Helen, widow, h 313 Harrison 

Wright Charles, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 313 Harrison 

Wright Edward, lab, Pitts, shop, h 87 Holman 

Wright F. A., conductor Grand Rapids R'y, bds Harmon House 

Wright Alfred, elk at Coombs & Co.'s, bds 175 Clinton 

Wright William, brakeman Pitts. R'y, h 64 Williams 

Wright Horace, lab, h 192 E. Jefferson 

Wright Cobert, bds 106 W. Wayne 

Wright Luther, carp. Pitts, shop, h cor Webster and Douglas ave 

Wurzberger L. M. , dealer in jewelry, bds American House 

Wycoff Peter, cooper, bds 408 W. Main 


Yakel Matthias, lab, h 32 Henry 
Yahr Frank, cabinet maker, h 25 Wall 
Yahne John, h 43 Wall 
Yanny W., tinner, bds 175 Madison 
Yates William, lab, h 35 Bass 
Yates John, brakeman Wabash R'y, h 71 Butler 
Yergens William, jr., bds 87 W. Washington 
Yergens William, mach. J. C. Bowser & Co., bds 178 Barr 
Yergens William, sr., h 87 W. Washington 
Yenne Gottlieb, h 1 2 Gay 

Yohn Isaac L., boiler maker Pitts. R'y, bds 100 E. Lewis 
Yokey J. M., h 169 Broadway 
York Cyrus, conductor Wabash R'y, h 3 Harrison 
Young Lewis, well digger, h 58 Douglas 
Young E., painter, h 191 E. Wayne 

YOUNG N. B. & CO., merchant tailors, 9 E. Main, h 218 W. Wash- 
Young George, nurseryman, h 18 Cass 
Young William C, marble cutter, h 171 W. Washington 
Young Israel, conductor Wabash R'y, h 56 Baker 

204 CARiER & Campbell's [ZOR] ft. wayne directory. 

Young Lewis, lab, h 191 Jackson 

Younkin Charles, h 103 W. Washington 

Youngblood Samuel, eng. Monning & Son, h i^i Montgomer\- 

YOUNGBLOOD ROBERT N., propr. City Dye House, bds 63 

^\^ Water 
Vudt Charles, lab, h 213 Madison 


Zahn Fred., carp. Pitts shop, bds 174 E. Lewis 

Zahn Catherine, widow, h 27 Erie 

Zahn William, lab, h 212 E. Jefferson 

Zauner Matthias, eng. Bass' foundry, h 35 Force 

Zekind Dorothea, widow, bds 50 W. Water 

Zeller Kilian, lab, h 143 Wells 

Zeperlink C, lab, h 259 E. Lewis 

Zermuhle Henry, elk, bds 90 Barr 

Ziegler Charles, foreman Wieman's Confectionery, bds 11 E. Main 

Ziegler Adam, wagon maker, h 113 Wilt 

Ziegler Peter, lab, h 44 Force 

Zimmerman John, elk, bds Robinson House 

Zimmerman & Nohe, shoemakers, h 167 Broa<lway 

Zimmerman Frank E., elk, h 13 W. Jefferson 

Zinmierman Ceorge, elk, bds 141 Wells 

Zinnnerman Stephen, shoemaker, h 141 Wells 

Zinmierman Mrs. M,, h 56 E. Madison 

Zimmerman A., cabinet maker, h 63 E. Water 

Zimmerman A., groceries and provisions, 57 E.. Main 

Zinnnerman Anton, shoemaker, h 54 Wall 

Zimmerly John W., painter Pitts shof) h 78 Dawson 

Zimmerle S., carp., h 223 Calhoun 

Zimmer John G., furniture dealer, 51 E. Main, h 75 Melitta 

Zimmer John G., furniture store, h 75 Poplar 

Zink John, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 48 Charles 

Zink Robert, fireman Pitts. R'y, h 43 Charles 

Zink John, drayman, h 41 Locust 

Zinn John, lab, bds 408 W. Main 

Zinsmeister Fred., elk, bds 118 E. Berry 

Zollars Enoch, contractor, h 210 W. Wayne 

ZOLLARS & ZOLLARS, attorneys, office cor. Calhoun and Berry 

Zollars Frederick (Zollars & Zollars), attorney, office cor. Calhoun and 

Zollars Allen (Z. & Z., attorneys), h 17 Brackenridge 
Zoller George, h 13 Harrison 
Zoller George, lab, h 283 W. Main 

Zollinger C. A., hat store (Harper & Co.), h 106 Jackson 
Zorbaugh Emanuel, mach. Wabash R'y, h 178 W. Washington 

CARiER & Campbell's [ZUB] ft. wayne directory. 205 

Zorbaugh Emanuel, mach. Wabash shop, h ryS W. Jefferson 
Zuber Fred., carp., h 191 E. Wayne 


Andes Peter 
Arnold Fred 
Bachring Charles 
Behrens Fred 
Bente Fred 
Berge Fred 
Berger Fred 
Bernthal John 
Biewend August 
Biltz Theodore 
Birkman Gottlieb 
Birkner Henry 
Borth John 
Bracher Augustus 
Brege Fred 
Briechter Charles 
Brueggman Charles 
Bruerhner Gottlieb 
Brust Fred 
Claehn Robt. 
Detzer Fred 
Detzer Adam 
Drenselman William 
Dornseif Phillip 
Dorsrh Cas])er 
Orocgc Fred 
Duerst Melchior 
Eirich Adolpli 
Ei sen bliss Fred 
Ihigle Charles 
Erk Herman 
Frick Julius 
I'Vederick Ernst 
I'Vitze Phillip 
Frank Charles 
Frosh John 
( lans William 
Geissler William 
Gericke William 
Gorkel Augustus 
Gould James 

Griebel John 
Griese David 
Grimm Augustus 
Guenther Charles 
Haag George 
Hacke Henry 
Hajfner George 
Haensgen Augustus 
Hafner Charles 
Hamm Herman 
Hassold Stephen 
Heine Theodore 
Heinirke Edward 
Herancourt Edward 
Holls William 
Kadekoff George 
Husman William 


Johann Adam 
Johannes George 
Johannlng Charles 
Juengel Herman 
Kern I'aul 
Kcester Christian 
Kocee Fred 
Krause Julius 
Krueger John 
Kuerhle Harman 
Kuehn Christian 
Kuehn Gotth 
l^mfrec-ht Theodore 
I.,ange Lewis 
Lenke Herman 
Leonhardt Edward 
Levering William 
Luecker William 
Mangold Fred 
Meyer Charles 
Melcher Fred 
Merbitz Paul 
Mergel Fred 



Metz Theodore 

Schroeder Fred 

Meyer Theodore 

Schnelke Emil 

Meyer William 

Schultz Henry 

Meese Edwin 

Schulze Lewis 

Mohr Bernhart 

Schum George 

Miller William 

Schwan Charles 

Miller Charles 

Siemon Otto 

Neithammer William 

Sievers Ferdinand 

Ostermeier Anton 

Sondhaus Gustav 

Otte Fred 

Speckhardt Herman 

Pechtold Christian 

Steffen William 

Pelzer Edward 

Stellhorn Fred 

Pennskamp Fred 

Streckfuss John 

Peterson Eniil 

Stieter Fred 

Pohlman Lewis 

Stubnatzy Ernst 

Rabe John 

Theiss Henry 

Ranshert Herman 

Thieme Trangott 

Rehwald Augustus 

Thieme John 

Riedel Charles 

Tresselt Oscar 

Rodeman August 

Van Strohe Fred 

Roeder Herman 

Wamesgans Fred 

Roemer Charles 

Wamesgans Phillip 

Roshke John 

Weseloh Henry 

Ross Charles 

Wegel Edmond 

Saupert Emil 

Wichman Theodore 

Saxe Alex., jr. 

Wilder Augustus 

Schafer Henry 

Wiltenburgh Henry 

Schaible Michael 

Wischmeyer Henry 

Schmidt Adam 

Weidman Fred 

Schmidt Frank 

Young Godtfried 

Schmidt George 

Yagel Fred 

Schmidt Charles 

Yagel Herman 

Schroeder H. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


Business Directory 




Attorneys at Law. 
Bayless Sol. D. 
Bell R. C. 
Bittinger Adam H. 
Bittinger Jacob R. 
Bloomhuff S. H. 
Borden James W. 
Bowen Daniel 
Bowser Jeff. C. 
Brackenridge Joseph 
Carson W. W. 
Colerick D. H. 
Colerick E. F. 
Colerick Philemon 
Colerick W. G. & H. 
Colerick Thomas 
Coombs, Miller & Bell 
Crane William M. 
Curtice John F. 
Dawson John W. 
Du Bois John D. 
Edgerton Joseph K. 
Fay James A. 
France Joseph S. 
Graham James E. 
Hartman Homer C. 
Hayden John W. 
Hillegass & Stoll 
Hough John 
Jennison William T. 
Jones William H. 

Kerr William J. 
Morris & Withers 
Newberger Louis 
Ninde Lindley M. 
O'Rourke Edward 
Philley M. S. 
Purman Andrew J. 
Randall Franklin P. 
Robertson Robert S. 
Ryan Daniel 
Schell James H. 
Sinclair Samuel E. 
Smart S. F. 
Spencer M. V. B. 
Taylor Robert S. 
Walter W. B. 
Whedon D. P. 
Westrumb H. 
Willson H. F. 
Wines W. W. 
Worden James L. 
Zollars & Zollars. 

Agricultural Implements. 

Brandriff & Prcscott 

Fort Wayne Agricultural \\'orks 

McCulloch & Richey 

Morgan & Beach 

Prouty F. D. & Co. 

Reid, Warring (S: Co. 

Smick S. S. 




Laubscher lAuhvig 
Stophlet Joseph 
Trenam George 
Goshorn W. S. 
Manthey William 
De la Camp John 
Laubscher William 
Wilt John M. 

Ale and Beer. 
Centlivre C. L. 

Auction and Commission. 
Scheffer Joseph & Co. 


Ft. Wayne National Bank 
Allen Hamilton Bank 
First National Bank 
Merchants' National Bank 

Boiler Makers. 
Bass John H. 
Bowser J. C. & Co. 
Murray Kerr 

Brass Works. 

Hattersley Alfred 

Brass Founders, 

Hattersley Alfred 
Murry «!v: Baker 

Centlivre I.. C. 
Eder, Certia & Co. 
Hornung John George 
Linker, Hey & Co. 
Reidmiller John M. 

Bridge Builders. 

Laubscher Luilwig 
McKay & Gosshorn 

Broom Manufacturers. 

Bechtold Louis 
Diedergan Joseph 

Boiler Makers. 

Bass John H. 
Bowser J. C. & Co. 
Murry & Kerr 

Books and Stationery. 

Jocquel Louis 
Kiel & Brothers 
Siemon & Brother 
Stockbridge N. P. 

Boots and Shoes. 

App Matthias 

Bauer Henry 

Brreur Conrad 

Brinkroeger William 

Brunner John 

Carnahan, Skinner &: Co. 

Clauss John C. 

Delker John 

P'oelinger Jacob 

Fort reel Louis 

Heit Anthony 

Helmke Edward 

Hermsdorfer George A. 

Humphrey Noah 

Jacobs AV. & Son 

Lordier Philip 

Mannix Thomas 

Markley, Schrader & Co. 

Mehre L. 

Piepenbrink Conrad 

Mohr John 

Morrell CharU-s G. 

Noll Martin 

Sander Charles 

Schiefer C. 

Schmidt F. 

Schulz Peter 

Schulz William 

Spiegel Gustave 

Stellhorn Charles 

Tagtmeyer Frederick & Bro. 

Uebelhoer Philij) 

A^ordermark E. & Sons 

Woulfe Patrick 

Book Agents. 

Knight John 
Orvis Mrs. Flattie 

Book Binders. 
Davis &: Bro. 
Rilev, Neff & Dumm 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


Barber Shops. 

Bourn Henry 
Brown John W. 
Knoder John 
Lang George 
Meyers F. C. 
Meyers F. W. 
Michael Fred 
Shidel C. 
Bower & Michels 
Stewart William L. 

Basket Maker. 

Schanck Louis 

Billiard Rooms. 
Bronson A. A. 
Goodman Francis 
Hannum Daniel 


Sthair Henry 
Baker John 
Becker Fred 
Brossart George 
Brown John 
Chovey C. & F. 
P'arnan Michael 
Figel Fred 
Fogerty E. D. 
Francis & Mahon 
Harter Joseph 
Mesing & Zollinger 
Vizzard & Howley 
Welch Patrick 


Blase Louis 
Haffner Christian 
Holzworth E. 
Jacobs C. W. 
Kempf W. 
Langohr Andrew J. 
Leykoff N. 
Schwieters Herman 
Stellhorn Henry 
Wolke & IVentman 

Band Saw Mills. 
Hoffman J. R. & ]3ro. 

Boarding Houses. 

Anderson F. H. 

Blythe J. H. 

Buckles J. H. 

Cothrell Mose 

Cummings J. L. 

Compston Charles P. 

Dean Christ 

Erwin John 

Fleming Sarah E. 

Fox Phoebe A. 

French Sarah M. 

Hannah House 
Hamilton House 
Henderson Mrs. Angeline 
Herbert Fred 
Hackaday Mrs. D. 
Houseworth Miss Kate 
Iba Mrs. E. 
Jackson Mrs. D. D. 
Kelker David 
Kleinegass Henrietta 
McCarthy James 
McElfatrick Mrs. Eva 
McLaren Mrs. Anna 
Manawich Fred 
Manier Frank 
Manier Mrs. Margaret 
Merrigan John 
Miller Louis 
Moran E. 

Pennsylvania House 
Philley Mrs. E. H. 
Richey Mrs. Sarah 
Stapletbrd Mrs. L. 
Sturgis House 
'Preep Mary 
Widman Sebastian 

Banks and Bankers. 

First National Bank 
Fort Wayne National Bank 
MacDougal <S: Laufcrty 
Mercliants' National 13ank 
Hamilton Allen & Co. 

Cloths, Cassimeres, &c. 

French, Hanna & Co. 

CARTER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

Candy Manufacturers. 

Beard Thomas D. 
Fox George 
Huestis & Hamilton 
Wolke & Trentman 

Commission Merchants. 

Davesac P. & Son 
Haskell Washington 
Orbison Alexander 


Beard Thomas D. 
Brandenburg William A. 
Fox George 
Hasty John 
Landis Mrs. Mattie 
Peck & Foot 
Smith Lorin 
Taylor H. C. 
Wieman William 
Wolke & Trentman 


Allen C. W. 

Cochran, Humphrey & Co. • 

French Charles G. 

Kanne F. 

Krudop, Mollering & Bro. 

KcKee Hugh 

Nelson William R. 

Paul William 

Potter Joseph L. 

Reakers B. J. 

Sutermeister, Becker & Bond 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Dessauer L. & Co. 
Degits Charles 
Eckert & Ortman 
Ehle August 
Kabisch Julius 
Lamley & Rosenthal 
Ortman Henry 
.Reiter George 
Wenninghoff Christian 
Ford Charles 


Russell W. R. 

Civil Engineers and Surveyors 

Brackenridge Charles S. 
Crane Calvin D. 
Lowrey Harvey C. 
McWilliams Joseph 
Williams Jesse L. 

Bostick E. & Son 
Fledderman John G. 
Hartung Christian 
Jacobson Victor 
Lauferty & Son 
Lauferty Max J. 
Nirdlinger Jacob 
Rothschild & Bro. 
Vogel C. G. & Son 
Woodward M. E. 
Young N. B. 

Car "Wheels. 
Bass John H. 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Allen C. W. 

Cochrane, Humphrey & Co. 
Coegel Christian 
Cunningham John 
France William H. 
French Charles G. f 

Klug Martin 
Link George 
Myers James D. 
Potter Joseph L. 
Pranger J. H. 
Sallot J. F. & Son 
Wenzel Elias F. 

Carpets, Oil Cloths, &c. 
Foster Brothers & Co. 

Carriage Manufacturers. 
Stanley, Bieber & Co. 
Stevan Brothers 
Sthair H. 


Dewald Nicholas 
Hoffmeister Henry 
Kley Frederick 
Meddy Frederick 


CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

Carpet ^A^eaver. 

Collar Mrs. Luphinia 

Coal Dealers. 
Bass & Smith 
Lillie James 
Fox George 

Dental Goods. 

Biddle T. M. 
Vollmer Daniel 


Brown Seneca B. 
Knapp Isaac 
Loag George W. 
Snider Evan 
Wells Arnold 

Dress Makers, 

Anderson Miss Anna 
Bates Miss J. A. 
Clark Mrs. Mary 
Crosby Mary D. 
Cummings Kate 
Ciishing Mary 
Fletcher Mrs. F. 
Cxable Hannah 
Hollingsworth Mrs. M. 
Philley Mrs. E. L. 
Strout Mrs. R. A. 

Carriage and Wagon Makers' 

Coombs & Co. 
Olds N. G. & Sons 

Chair Manufacturers. 

Griebel & Fee 
Reese Charles & Co. 

Chair Stuff Manufacturers. 

Hoffman J. R. & Brothers. 

China, Glass and Queensware 

Trentman H. J. & Bro. 

Tresselt &: Both 

Ward H. N. 

Wigman H. & Co. i 

Collecting Agents. 

Barbour M. F. 
iiloomhuff Sol. L). 
Bloomhuff S. H. 
Bossier H. H. 
Ciraham & Gotshall 
Hanna S. T. cS: H. T. 
Ryan Daniel 

Children's Carriages. 

Schanck Louis 
Stockbridge N. P. 
Kane James M. & Bro. 

Cigar Boxes. 

Peters John C. 

Drugs, Medicines, &.c. 

Ayres H. B. 
Biddle T. M. 
Dreier H. & Bro 
Grenemeier J. T. 
Kiel A. C. & Co. 
Thorp George 
Meyer Brothers & Co. 
Nill E. H. & Co. 
Remmel A. C. 
Schott George H. 
Selle August L. 
Vollmer Daniel 
Wagner H. G. 
Wooster H. F. & Co. 

Dry Goods. 

Devvald George & Co. 
Evans A. S. & Co. 
Foster Brothers & Co. 
Frank & Thanhouser 
Kiser Peter 
Orff C. & Co. 
Pierr J. & P. 
Rohs, Erne & Reinking 
Root &: Co. 

Dye House. 

Jerman A. S. 

File Cutters. 
Harries & Co. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

Fancy Goods. 

Black Joseph 
Deininger Ulrich 
Kane James M. & Bro. 
Kratzsch & Schirneyer 
Newberger Mrs. R. 
Polak & Cowan 

Flour and Feed Stores. 

Boerger & Miller 
Haskell Washington 
Kalbacher Andrew 
Read Moses 
Sedgwick John 
Wells C. M. 

Flax Mill. 

Fort Wayne Flax Mills 

Flour Mills. 

Beaver D. S. 
Cody M. & Son 
Hill John E., jr., & Co. 
Orff "John 

Pfeiffer J. C. & Co. 
Tresselt, Hoagland & Co. 
Fruit Dealers. 
Cook Isaac G. 
Elliott Joseph 
Mensch Frank P. 
White J. B. 

Fur Dealers. 

Bash S. & Co. 
Harper James & Co. 
Oppenheimer & Becker 
Orff C. & Co. 


Emerick &: Burkholder 
Gould George 
(rriebel & Fee 
Hegerhorst & Tegeder 
Kapp John & Co. 
Kliiehn John J. 
Miller John M. 
Oberhelmann William 
Wheeler Nelson 
Zimmer J. G. 

Grocers — Wholesale. 

Huestis & Hamilton 
Trentman B. & Son 
White J. B. 

Grocers — Retail. 

Alter Nicholas 
Andersoii & Douglas 
Anderson Robert 
Aurentz S. A. 
Berning Conrad 
Boltz F. F. 
Borneman Charles 
Breen James 
Challenger J. W. 
Dewald Nicholas 
Didier Francis 
Dickmeyer & Landsman 
Dierstein Christian 
Dierstein Conrad 
Dodez & Rockhill 
Draker & Brother 
Fink Charles 
Foellinger J. M. 
Fuchs George 
Gaffney C. 
Gers Philip 
Geiss Jacob 
Gerke H. F. 
Gilliland & Medsker 
Greensfelder Gustave 
Gruber V. 
Heckman E. 
Heiny Brothers 
Herbst Frederick 
Hickman E. 
Hutzel V. 
Kempf William 
Kiser Peter 
Kline Jacob 
Klotz & Co. 
Koch Barney 
Koester John G. 
Mergel R. 
Mettler Peter J. 
Meyer George 


Nieman Gottlieb 


Nohe Joseph 
Paul William 
Phillips B. 
Raab John 
Raab Frederick 
Rekers Gerard 
Schaffer George 
Scheie &: Lauer 
Siebold John 
Spiegel Ernst 
Stoner, Wigent iv Bro. 
Thieme Andrew 
Tremmel Conrad 
Stuver M. 
Weber F. A. 
Wente W. L. 
White J. B. 
Wiebke Henry 
Wigman H. & Co. 
Woulfe c^ Bro. 
Zimmerman A. 

Gas and Steam Fitter. 
Hattersley Alfred 

Gents' Furnishing Goods, 
l^ostick & Son 
Fledderman J. G. 
Hartung Christian 
Heingartner Martin 
Jacobson Victor 
Lauferty I. & Son 
Fauferty Max J. 
Moderwell & Fowler 
Nirdlinger Jacob 
Rothschild & Bro. 
Thieme J. G. & Bro. 
Vogel C. G. & Son 
Woodward M. E. 
Young N. B. & Co. 

Guns, Pistols, &c. 

Leonard William 
Raquet Christian 

German Publications. 

Siemon & Brother 

Glue Manufacturers. 

Smith J. W. & Son 

House Movers. 

})(erger William 
Davenport Frederic k 

Hot Air Furnaces. 

Carter William 
Cottingham cv Co. 

Hair Work and Jewelry. 
Denio Madam C 
Cxains Eliza 
Gilchrist Mrs. M. II. 
Warren Mrs. M. S. 

Hats and Caps. 
Harper James 
Harper James & Co. 
McCauley J. H. & Co. 
Woodward" M. E. 
Zollinger Charles A. 

House Furnishing Goods. 

Ash H. J. 

McCuUoch & Richey 
Stophlct & Bro. 
Schuckman, Muhler & Co. 

Hardware, Cutlery, &c. 
Ash H. J. 

Brandriff, Prescott & Co. 
Coombs & Co. 
Harries <S: Co. 
McCulloch (S: Richey 
Morgan & 15each 
Russell W. R. 

Hide, Pelts, Furs, &c. 

Bash S. H. & Co. 
Freiburger Simon 
Heilbronner A. 
Oppenheimcr & Becker 
Weil Isaac 

Horse Shoers. 

Brossart George 
Chovey C. & F. 
Ehrmann Charles 
Fogcrty E. D. 
Francis «S: Mahon 
Mesing Charles W. 
Sthair Henry 




American House 
Aveline House 
Exchange Hotel 
Fox House 
Harmon House 
Hekekin House 
Mayer House 
Old Fort House 
Phillips House 
Robinson House 
Union House 
Central Hotel 

Hoop Skirts and Corsets. 

Black Joseph 
Eisner Joe 

Horse Collars. 

Ehrmann Frederick M. 
Miller & Boerger 
Racine A. 
Racine F. L. 

Ice Dealers. 

Cody Maurice 
Helling Frederick 
McLain Patrick 

Insurance Agents. 

Bossier H. H. 
Bowser Jeff. C. 
Buck W. S. 
Carier A. H. 
Crane George D. 
Graham & Gotshall 
Hanna S. T. & H. T. 
Hough John 
Irwin & Lombard 
Lombard Joseph 
Loughlin L. C. 
Lumbard San ford 
Randall Franklin P. 
vShallcross S. S. 
Shoemaker George B. 
Stirling John T. 
Underbill W. R. 
Van Voorkis Frank 

Iron Founders. 

Bass John H. 
Bowser J. C. & Co. 
Murray Kerr 

Iron, Nails, &c. 
Brandriff, Prescott & Co. 
Coombs «& Co. 

Justices of the Peace. 
Bittinger A. H. 
Freeman S. C. 
Graham James E. 
Ryan Daniel 
Stewart William 

Knitting Machines. 
Gehring J. D. 

Lamps, Burning Fluid, &c. 

Embry James S. 
Trentman H. J. & Bro. 
Tresselt & Both 
Ward H. N. 

Lap Window Blinds. 
Howes & Bookwalter 

Looking Glasses. 
Miller John M. 
Tresselt &: Both 
Ward H. N. 
Wood W. S 

Land Agents. 
A. H. Carier 
Edgerton Alfred P. 
Plough John 
Randall Franklin P. 

Leather Findings &c. 
Freiburger S. & Bro. 
Miller & Boerger 
Sander & Co. 
Schiefer C. 
Vordemark E. & Son 

Lime and Plaster. 
Kanne F. 
Keller & Co. 

Krudop, Mollering & Co. 
Lillie James 
Paul William 

CARiER & Campbell's 



Meat Stores. 

Rciling August 

I'.rebn John V. 

Linseed Oil. 

Burlm 1m 1 ward 

Coffman Christian 

Humphrey & Case- 

Doelker jKcob 

Livery Stables. 

Eckert Fred 

Earnum Dr. P. G. 

Fisher Isa;i(; 

Barr James 

Gesler Fred 

Glynn Mathias 

Kelsey J. F. 

Read A. J. & Son 

Meyer Ernst 

Young Jacob 

Ofenloch & Co. 


Schieferstein Phillip 

Reiling August 

Wilkins Christ 
Wolf A. 

Looking Glasses. 

Yobst A. 

Miller John M. 


Tresselt & Both 

Ward H. N. 

Matsch Dorothy 

Wood W. S. 

Military Claim Agent. 

Lumber Dealers. 

Kerr William T. 

Amnion Daniel 


Arentz Phillip 

Millinery Goods. 

Beaver, Miller & Co. 

Bates Mrs. J. A. 

Clark & Rhinesmith 

Black Joseph 

Cochran, Humphrey & Co. 

Delzell Mrs. S. J. 

Hoffman J. R. & Bro. 

Horton Mrs. M. A. 

Jacoby, Myers &: Co. 

Neubeger Mrs. R. 

Nuttman & Taylor 

Orff C. & Co. 

Marble Works. 

Phelps Miss Frances 

Pierr J. & P. 

Smith & Condon 

Shilling M. & Co. 

Sutermeister, Becker «S: Bond 

Smith Mrs. L. H. 

Underbill & Mattison 

Stier Mrs. George 

Underbill Marble and Granite 

Vogel Mrs; C. G. 



Young W. C. 

Mineral \Vater. 

Mattrass Manufactory. 

Laurent «^ Son 

Gould George 

Model Baker. 

Smith J. W. & Son 

Cummings tS: Kerr 

Zinmier J. G. 

Musical Instruments. 

Mill Machinery. 

Anderson T. P. 

Bass John H. 

Hill C. L. 

r.o\vser J. C. & Co. 

Kestel P. 

Murray Kerr 

Stockbridgc N. P. 


Mustard Manufactory. 

Murray Kerr 

Ailing Lourens 



News Dealers. 

Rambo B. W. 
vSmith Lorin 


Ft. Wayne Gazette 
Ft. \N a.yr\(t /o7irnal 
Ft. Wayne Sentinel 
Indiana Staats Zeitting 
Indiana Volksfreund 

Bates Miss J. A. 
Black Joseph 
DeWald George & Co. 
Evans A. S. & Co. 
Kratzsch & Schirmeyer 
Neuberger Mrs. R. 
Pierr J. & P. 
Polak & Cowan 
Rosenburg & Gans 
Rohs, Erne & Reinking 
Nelson De Groff & Co. 

Occulist and Aurist. 
Ayres H. P. 

Omnibus and Hack Line. 
Fletcher & Powers 

Rambo B. W. 
Redelsheimer H. 

Pump Maker. 
Kyle A. P. & Co. 

Pianos, Organs &c. 
Anderson T. P. 
Hill C. L. 

Pictures. Picture Frames &c. 
W^ood W. S. 

Planing and Flooring Mills. 
Beaver, Miller & Co. 
Clark & Rhinesmith 
Cochran, Humphrey & Co. 
Jacoby, Wiegand & Co. 

Plow Manufactory. 
Reid, Waring & Nelson 


Hattersley A. 


Lillie Samuel 

Produce Dealers. 

Davesac P. & Son 
Haskell Wash. 
Taylor R. W. 


Ayers H. P. 
Beck Joseph R. 
Brooks William H. 
Brubach George T. 
Curtice S. 
Gard B. 
Goeriz Adolph 
Gregg J. S. 
Gourdeau A. E. 
Heuchlin T. 
Jones J. H. 
Josse John M. 
Lewis Edward 
McCulloch T. P. 
Mayer Charles F. 
Medcalf Samuel C. 
Morgan W. E. 
Myers William H. 
Ogle John 
Purdy T. H. 
Rosenthal Isaac M. 
Schmitz Charles 
Smith C. S. 
Todd S. Clay 
Virgil Thomas S. 
Woodworth B. S. 

Paper Hangings. 

Keil & Bro. 
Seimon & Bro. 
Starkey O. L. 
Stockbridge N. P. 

Paper Mill. 

Freeman & Barnett 

Patent Smoke Stacks. 

Fontaine & Roberts. 



Pedlers' Exchange. 

Dillingham A. J. 

Periodical Depots. 
Rambo B. W. 
Smith Lorin 

Physicians, Homcepathic. 
Bowen George W. 
Frietzsche John W. 
Leonard P. M. 

Graham William H. 
Kover & Rivers 
Miller Louis 
Misncr J. A. 
Murphy A. W. 
Ott Franz 
Starke y O. L. 
Hull L. O. 
Wilmot James C. 

Paints, Oils, &c. 

Ayres H. B. 
Biddle T. M. 
Bond W. J. 

Brandriff, Prescott & Co. 
Dreier H. & B. 
Kover & Rivers 
Meyer Brothers &: Co. 
NiU E. H. & Co. 
Selle August L. 
Vollmer Daniel 
Wagner H. G. 
Willmot James G. 
Wooster W. F. & Co. 

Paper Hangers. 

Kover & Rivers 
Starkey O. L. 
Hull L. O. 
Wilmot James C. 

Paper Boxes. 

Davis & Brother. 

Bramer J. & Brother 
Laid law Walter 
Myers & Gorham 

Railroad Contractors. 

McKay & Goshorn 

Real Estate Agents. 
Archer John H. 
Bayles Sol. D. 
Bloomhuff S. H. 
Bossier H. H. 
Carier A. H. 
Graham & Gottshall 
Hanna S. T. & H. T. 
Hough John 

Baals & Steger 
Cothrel Jarad 
Fox George 
Kready John 
McFeely Dennis R. 
Schenck Con. 
Weiman William 

Saddles and Harness. 
Johns A. S. 
Neireiter C. B. 
Schwartz & Co. 
Shoaff Samuel H. 
Traub Louis 

Sash, Doors and Blinds. 

Cochrane, Humphrey & Co. 
Frohnfield I'v: Todd 
Hurd O. D. 
Jacoby Sz Co. 
Sallot J. F. & Son. 

Sausage Makers. 
Eckart F. 
Ofenloch Peter 
Schieferstein Philip 

Slate Roofing. 
Laidlaw Peter B. 

Barbier T. F. 
Colson E. 
Wilson & Brother 

Saw Mills. 
Baker ] 6^ K. 
Busse, Tegtmeyer & Co. 



Seed Stores. 

Bash S. & Co. 

Nelson DeGroff & Co. 

Smick S. S. 

Sewing Machine Agents. 
Anderson T. P. 
Davis A 
Hill C. L. 
Hinman Edwin 
Kestel P. 
Leach J. W. 
Lumbard L. 
Perry Joseph 
Pierce James S. 
Whitney C. 

Spice Mills. 

Huestis, Hamilton & Co. 
Trentman, Monning & Son 

Stair Builder. 

Ptter Joseph L. 

Staves and Headings. 

Ranke, Yergens & Co. 
Schnelker, Beugnot & Co. 

Steam Enginest 

Bass John H. 
Bowser J. C. «& Co. 
Murry & Baker 

Stone Dealers. 

Kanne F. 

Keller & Co. 

Krudop, Hollering & Co. 

Smith & Congdon 

Sutermeister, Becker & Bond 

Stoves and Hallow Ware 

Allgeier & Brother 

Ash H. J. 

BrandrifT, Prescott & Co. 

Dewald Henry 

Graffe G. W & Co. 

Jocquel J. J. 

McCuUoch & Richey 

Wilson, Schuckman & Muhler 

Spokes, Hubs, &c. 

Olds N. G. & Sons 


Breuchle & Co. 
Manock & Kcester 

Tailors, Merchant. 

Bostick E. & Son 
Clark Joseph M. 
Fledderrnan John G. 
Foster Andrew 
Grimme John H. 
Heingartner Martin 
Hartung Christ 
Lauferty M. J. 
Mayer Louis 
Shoaff Wade C. 
Stemmler Phillip 
Thieme J. G. & Bro. 
Vogel C. G. & Son 
Woodward M. E. 
Young N. B. 

Tea Dealers. 
Dorr & Bro. 
White J. B. 
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron 
Brandriff, Prescot &: Co. 
Carter William 
De Wald Henry 
Graffe G. W. e\: Co. 
Jocquel J. J. 
McCulloch & Richey 
Welch & Baker 
Wilson, Schuckman &; Muhler 

Tin and Glassware. 
Johnson E. 

Tin Roofers. 
Carter William 
Wilson, Schuckman &: Muhler 

Tinners' Stock. 
Ash H. J. 

McCulloch & Richey 
Welch & Baker 

CARiER & Campbell's 


Tobacco and Cigars. 

V/agon Makers. 

Ford Charles, CWholcsalcj. 

Jjaker John 

Transportation Company. 


liiemer George 

Empire Fast Frei,<(ht Line 

Chovey C. & F. 

Trunks, Valises &c. 

Dierstein A. 

Fingenfelser H. cS: Bro. 

Mesing Charles W. 
Pope PL 

Neireiter Conrad 

Stevens & Bro. 

Umbrella Maker. 

Williams John H. 

Courtney Lawrence F. 

Window Blinds and Shades. 


Fink Charles 

Howes David 

Peltier & Carll 

Wines and Liquors. 


Didier J. C. 
Foellinger J. M. 

Gould George 

Klaehn John J. 

Graff Marx & Son 

Miller John M. 

Laurent J. & Son 

Zimmer J. G. 

Langard & Co. 

Variety Store. 

Leutz, Bourie & Co. 

Embry Mrs. J. S. 

Trentman B. &: Son 

Kane & Bro. 

Wooden Shoemaker. 

Kratzsch & Shirmeyer 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Mennier N. 

Barnum G. P. 

W^ool Dealers. 

Read Henry A. 

Bash & Co. 

Vinegar Manufactories. 

Falk Leopold 

Heilbronner S. & Co. 

Freiberger Simon & Bro. 

Henkell Phillip 

French, Hanna & Co. 

Watches and Jewelery. 

Oppenheimer & Becker 

Mayer George J. E. & F. Voirol 

Woolen Mills. 

Mayer & Graffe 

French, Hanna & Co. 

Sauser Louis 

Trenkley & Sherzinger 



liiH LIlii 


'if , „ 

III iiiiiiiii I ifei/fi'—^ — t "^"^ &^-^' ' , 

C. L. CENTLIVRE, Proprietor, 


CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory 



A. D. Reid's Old Stand, Corner Main Street and Maiden lane. 


For Sod and General Purposes. 


With Cast Iron lu- Cusst Steel ruints, 


New Ground Plows, Road Scrapers, Railroad and Road 
District Plows. 

Call and See tlie Stock "Whether you 13ii3" or Not. 

Wben your plows are worn or need repair, you know where you can bave them put in order. 






A. F. BEUGNOT & CO., manufacturers of staves and dealers in flat 

hoops, A. F. Beugnot and D. Monahan, props. 
HELLER & DAGUE, general store, also dealers in produce. 
JEAN PIERRE & PETER COLE, groceries, provisions and 

DUNHAM & STEELE, dealers in produce. 
Baker & Brothers, dry goods, groceries and notions. 
Michael L. Baker, Justice of the Peace. 

E. G. COVE RD ALE, attorney, notary public and insurance agent. 
M. S. Morrison, Justice of the Peace. 
Brown & Meeks, Central Bakery and confectioners. 
N. B. Knouse, watchmaker and jeweler. 
CHARLES W. ROLLINS, baker and confectioner. 
CHARLES W. ROLLINS, druggist. 
J. B. WORDEN & CO., druggists and apothecaries, and dealers in 

stationery and notions. 
Empire Stave Company, Heller & Dague, proprietors. 
Pacific House., F. V. V. Shell, proprietor ; also, collector and attorney at 

Vanstrouder & Anthony, saddlers and harness makers. 
Hon. Mahlon Heller, Representative. 
Samuel Pool, dry goods, groceries and notions. 

M. & J. Strass, merchant tailors and dealers in men's furnishing goods. 
Morris Strass, Postmaster. 

Roebuch & Co., dry goods, groceries and country produce. 
Maggie F. Eyanson, ladies' furnishing goods, milliner and dress maker. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft, wayne directory 223 

Thomas Eyanson, merchant tailor. 

John Gilchrist, manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes. 

D. A. Ross, shoemaker and re])airer. 

THE MONROEVILLE DEMOCRAT, the only paper published 

in the town. Circulation, 1,800. J. D. Foster, editor and proprietor. 
Magner & Brantner, undertakers, manufacturers and dealers in household 

N. Scarr & Son, meat market. 
D. W. Champer, surgeon. 

DANIEL MONAHAN, Trustee of Monroe township. 
James Hemphill, stave manufacturer, M. S. Argo, agent. 
A. A. Baker, Justice of the Peace, Insurance Agent and Collector. 
Jacob Cassady, blacksmith and wagon maker. 
J. Dague & Bro.. Monroeville Flouring Mill. 
Webster & Weiler, manufacturers of staves and headings, and dealers in 

rough and diessed lumber 
J. B. Niezer & Co., hardware and stoves. 
Jonathan Marguardt, broom maker. 
Benjamin Vanosdall, constable. 
Alexander Argo, marshal. 
J. T. Pool, attorney at law and constable. 
Jules Simonin, saloon keeper. 
W. Connolly, physician and surgeon. 
Jacob Engle, physician. 
A. Engle, physician. 
D. O. Thorp, house and sign painter. 

A. S. Wormly, agent Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad. 
SILAS WORK, Justice of the Peace and Collecting Agent, Madison 



CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


Angola, Ind 

Auburn, Ind 

Areola, Ind 

Atwood, Ind 

Altoona, Pa 

Allentown, Pa 

Albany, N. Y 

Augusta, Me 


Alliance, O 

Allegheny, Pa 

Buffalo. N.Y 

Baltimore, Md 

Boston, Mass 

Bourbon Ind 


Blumon,Ind , 


Cambridge City, Ind 


Crestline, O 

Chicago, 111 

Columbia City, Ind... 

Cleveland, O 

Charleston, S. C 

Cairo, 111 



Detroit, Mich 

Danville, 111 

Delphi, Ind 


Delphos, O 

Evansville, Ind 


Grand Rapids, Mich.. 

Huntington, lad 

Huutertown Ind 

Hartford Cty, Ind 


Indianapolis, Ind 

Jacksonville, III 

Jackson, Mich 

Jackson, Miss 

Kalamazoo, Mich 

Kendallville, Ind 

Leavenworth, Kan.... 

Lexington, Ky 

Louisville, Ky 

La Gro, Ind 

Logansport, Ind 

Lafayette, Ind 

Larwill, Ind 

Lima, O 

Lagrange, Ind, 

Muncie, Ind 

Meudou, Mich 

Miles Aniiiunt 


























































$ 1 45 



1 60 

14 00 
17 60 
17 50 


8 25 
U 20 
11 80 

15 60 
20 50 

1 85 

4 15 
1 00 

5 55 

3 85 
7 60 

4 55 

5 15 

G 80 

34 75 

15 60 

6 10 
4 50 

11 75 

3 15 

4 50 
1 00 

1 90 
4 50 
4 60 

12 00 
3 25 

3 10 
1 00 

23 00 

9 10 

1 50 

2 90 

4 35 

2 05 

1 65 

2 60 
2 45 

Massilon, O 


Montpelier, Vt 

Monroeville, Ind 

Maples, Ind 

Maumee City, O 

Memphis, Tenn 

Milwaukee, Wis 

Mobile, Ala 

Nashville, Tenn 

Newark, N. J 

New Haven, Conn 

New Orleans, La.. 

New Haven, Ind 


New York City, N. Y.... 

New Castle, Ind 

Ossian, Ind 

Omaha, Neb 

I'hiladelpdia, Pa 

Peru, Ind 

Pittsburgh, Pa 

Pierceton, Ind 

Plymouth, Ind 

Paris, Mich 

Quincy, 111 

Knlfigh, N. C 

Richmond, Va 

Kocliester, N. Y 

Roanoke, Ind 

Rochester, Pa 

Rome City, Ind 

State Line, 111 

Sturgis, Mich 

St. Louis, Mo 

Springfield, 111 

Sacramento, Cal 

St. Paul, Minn 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

San Francisco, Cal 

Savannah, Ga 

Tallahasse, Fla 

Toledo, O 

Terre Haute, Ind 

Trenton. N. J 

Troy, N. Y 

Upper Big Rapids, Mich 

Upper Sandusky, 

Valparaiso, Ind 

Van Weit, 

Watarloo City, Ind 

Wilmington, Del 


Wanatah, Ind 

Warsaw, Ind 

Washington, D. C 

Wabash, Ind 

Miles Amount. 




































24 1 

































Bell, Beugnot & Co., dealers in dry goods and notions, on Broadway. 

Mack Frederick, boot and shoe maker, on Broadway. 

Kleemeier D., merchant tailor, on Broadway. 

Lipes Andrew, watchmaker, pn Broadway 

Dowling B., tinner and dealer in stoves, on Broadway. 

Lewis A., painter, shop on Broadway. 

Williamson M. F., M. D., on Broadway. 

Tenge Henry, manufacturer and dealer in furniture, on Broadway. 

New Haven Mills, Powers & Co., proprietors, on Broadway. 

DOUGAL ALLEN H,, notary public, on Broadway. 

Dougal John, Justice of the Peace, corner Main and Broadway. 

Eveland S. H., Justice of the Peace, office on Summit street. 

Rogers O. D., Justice of the Peace, office on Summit street. 

Tilbury James E., constable. 

Monahan Cornelius, constable. 

Schnelker, Beugnot & Co., stave manufacturers, office on Broadway 

Gothe G. & Co., proprietors of the New Haven shingle and planing mills. 

New Haven Hotel, on Middle street, J. Taylor, proprietor. 

Federspiel & Brother, blacksmiths and wagon makers. Main street. 

Sommers Thomas, blacksmith. Main street. 

Schnitker A. R., harness maker, on Broadway. 

Schuckman N., dealer in groceries and dry good^ corner Broadway and 

Main street. 
Simons John W., barber, shop on Broadway. 
FISCHER ADAM, saloon, on Broadway. 
Crippen «S: Son, druggists, store on Broadway. 


CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

Bilderback J. W., M. D., office on Broadway. 

Loos William, manufacturer of cigars, on Broadway. 

Frosard A., saloon, on Broadway. 

Stark & Stoneman, butchers, shop on Broadway. 

St. Nicholas Saloon, N. Schuckman, proprietor. Main street. 

Null L. S., M. D., office on Broadway. 

Floto W. A., M. D., office on Broadway. 

Whitiker & Rogers, dealers in dry goods, groceries and notions, corner 

Broadway and Main streets. 
Knode Robert S., druggist, and dealer in paints, oils, &c., on Broadway. 
Meads Thomas & Co., proprietors of the saw mill, office on East Summit 

Schnelker Hermann, Township Trustee, house corner Main and 

Huth Erwin, boot and shoe maker, on Main street. 
Linnerman Frederick, boot and shoe maker, shop on Main street. 
Fischer J., butcher, shop on Main street. 
Brooks John, butcher, shop on Summit street. 
Wolf Charles, saloon, on Grove street. 
Thompson M., postmaster, corner of Broadway and High streets. 





Trinity English Evangelical Lutheran— Coxntr Wayne and Clinton 
streets. Rev. Samuel Wagenhalls, Pastor. 

St. FauTs, German — On Barr, between Washington and Lewis streets. 
Rev. Wm. Sihler, Pastor. 

Emanuel's German Evangelical — On Jefferson, between Jackson and 
Union. Rev. W. S. Stubnatzy, Pastor. 

St. John's German Evangelical — Southeast corner Washington and Van 
Buren streets. Rev. John Kucher, Pastor. 


Salem — On Clinton, between Wayne and Berry streets. Rev. C. Baum, 

St. John' s — Southeast corner Webster and Washington streets. Rev. 
Francis Schwedes, Pastor. 


First Fresbyterian — Southeast corner Berry and Clinton. Rev. D. W. 
Moffat, Pastor. 

Second Fresbyterian — South side Berry, between Harrison and Ewing 
streets. Rev. W. J. Erdman, Pastor. 

Third Fresbyterian — Northeast corner Calhoun and Holman. Rev. N. 
S. Smith, Pastor. 


Immaculate Conception Cathedral — East side Calhoun, between Jefferson 
and Lewis streets. Rt. Rev. Joseph Dwenger, Bishop. 

St. Mary' s — Corner Lafayette and Jefferson. Rev. Joseph Rademacher, 

St. Faul's {Germa?i) — On Washington, between Griffith and Ewing 
streets. Rev. Edward Konig, Pastor. 

St. Feter's — On St. Francis, between Hanna and Cass streets. Rev. 
John Wemhoff, Pastor. 


Be?Ty Street M. E. Church — Northeast corner Berry and Harrison. 
Rev. A. Marine, Pastor. 

Methodist Episcopal — Southwest corner Broadway and Wayne streets. 
Rev. J. H. Meek, Pastor. 

African M. E. — Corner Wayne and Francis streets. Rev. M. Patter- 
son, Pastor. 

Centenary M. E. — Southwest corner Dawson and Harrison streets. 
Rev. P. Carland, Pastor. 

2 28 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

German Church — Northeast corner Washington and Fulton. Rev. 
John Lambry, Pastor. 


Trinity Church — Southwest corner Berry and Fulton. Rev. Colin C. 
Tate, Pastor. 

Church of the Good Sheppard — South side Holman, between Calhoun 
and Clinton. Rev. Walter Scott, Pastor. 


First Baptist — On Jefferson, between Harrison and Webster. Rev. J. 
R. Stone, Pastor. 


Bethel Church — Northeast corner Clinton and Holman. Rev. J. 
Schmedle, Pastor. 


Achduth Veshalom — West side Harrison, bet. Wayne and Washington, 
Rev. Edward Rubin, Rabbi. 


Plymouth Church — Northwest corner Washington and Fulton. Rev. 
John B. Fairbank, Pastor. 

Gloiivood Chapel — Sunday School. A. C. and D. S. Beaver, Trustees. 

Bloomingdale Chapel — Corner Bass and Fourth. A. J. Emerick, J. W. 
Cromwell and E. T. Williams, Trustees. 

Public School Department. 


Meets first and third Tuesday of each month. Alfred P. Edgerton, 
President ; Pliny Hoagland, Secretary ; Dr. John S. Irwin, Treasurer and 
Secretary /r(? tern. 


James H. Smart. Office on East Wayne street, near Calhoun. 



Hii^h School — Building on East Wayne street, near Calhoun. Robert 
M. Wright, A. B., Principal; Hannah E. Evry and Annie M. Hill, 

yefferson School — Building corner Jefferson and Griffith streets. Carrie 
B. Sharp, Principal ; Susan C. Hoffman, Ella F. Clarke, Fannie A. Hatch, 
Julia D. Brainerd, Maggie S. Cochrane, Frank Hamilton, Elizabeth J. 
Imrie, Jennie A. Woodworth, Clara Phelps, Rosa Bennett and Lizzie M. 
Evans, Teachers. 

Clay School — Building corner Washington and Clay streets. Mary S. 
Thompson, Principal; Eliza H. Weed, Mary L. Bickford, Lou. E. Strong, 
Belle Spore, Ella A. Dresser, Minnie A. Humphrey, Josie Updegraflf, 
Josephine Strong and Emma J. Rupert, Teachers. 

Hoagland School — Building corner Hoagland avenue and Butler street. 
Sarah E. Smith Principal ; Ella Embry, Debbie Robertson, Orlinda P. 
Sinclair, Sallie Updegraff and Anna L. Dillon, Teachers. 

Washington School — Building corner Washington and Ewing street. 
Nettie Mark, Principal ; Fannie Clark, Ada Remmel, Sydna Sarbaugh 
and Zerniah E. McLain, Teachers. 

Hanna School — Building corner Wallace and Hanna streets. Maggie 
McPhail, Principal ; Agnes Tower, Teacher. 

Hatvncr School — IBuilding corner Jefferson and Harmer streets. Mag- 
gie Armstrong, Principal 

Bloomingdalc School — Building corner Bowser and Marion streets. 
Agnes J. O'Conner, Principal; Florence Requa, Teacher. 

East Gerfnan — Building corner Washington and Clay streets. John J. 
Weber, Principal ; Minnie Fero, Teacher. 

West German — Building corner Webster and Washington streets. Carl 
Schwarz, Principal. 

Bloomingdalc German — Building corner Bowser and Marion streets. 
Lizzie Sihler, Principal. 

Training School — Building on E. Wayne street, near Calhoun. Leonora 
L Drake, Principal. 

Special Teachers — Susan B. Fowler, drawing and painting ; Rev. Edw. 
Rubin, German ; Clara J. Drake, vocal music ; John L. Tyler, penman- 

yanitors — William Shoemaker, Hans Newell, Ernst Bicknell, Ann 
O' Callahan, Mrs. J. Heck, James Merrigan, John Hoffer and Rudolph 

Parochial Schools. 

St. Augustine's (Catholic') Acadcfny — S. E. Cor. Calhoun and Jefferson, 
under the auspices of the Sisters of Providence. 

St. Mary's {GirV Dcpt.) — under the auspices of the Sisters of Notre 
Dame, S. W. Cor. Jefferson and Lafayette. 

230 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

S^. Joseph' s School {Boys' Department) — Southwest corner Lafayette and 
Jefferson streets. Joseph Buechler and Charles Geiger, Teachers. 

St. PauVs School— Qoxmx West Washington and Griffith streets. Jos. 
Bueler, Teacher. 

Cathedral School— Coxn^x Clinton and Jefferson streets. Under the 
Supervision of the Christian Brothers. 

St. Peter's School— On Francis street, between Bass and Hanna. 

Moos, Teacher. 

EmanueVs Lutheran — Corner West Jefferson and Union streets. 

St. Paul's Lutheran — Corner Barr and Madison streets. 

St. John's Lutheran — Corner West Washington and Van Buren streets. 

St. John's German Reformed— Q.oxx\qx West Washington and Webster 

Fire Department. 

Frank B. Vogel, Chief Engineer ; Con. Schenck and M. M. Kelly, 

Alert Hook and Ladder Co. No. i — House west side of Clinton, cor. 
East Berry street. Meets first Wednesday in each month at Lafayette 
Hall, west side Barr, bet. Main and Berry streets. George Strodel, Fore- 
man ; A. H. Carier, Secretary. 

Mechanics' Engine Co. No. i — Steam — Northeast corner Main and 
Berry streets. Byron Kiser, Foreman. 

Vigilant Engine Co. No. 2 — Steam — Northeast corner Main and 
Berry streets. Robert Cran, Foreman. 

Protection Engine Co. No. j — Hand — Sixth Ward, south of railroad 
shops. John Bauman, Foreman. 

Rescue Efigine Co. No. 6 — Hand — Located in Seventh Ward. P. J. 
Mettler, Foreman. 

Llope Hose Co. No. i — Northwest corner Clinton and Berry streets. 
Sam. E. Morse, Foreman. 


Section z.— All that part of the City of Fort Wayne embraced within 
the following limits shall be known as the fire limits of said city, to-wit: 
Beginning at the intersection of the Wabash and Erie Canal with Ewing^ 
street, thence east along said south line of the Canal to the center of 
Lafayette street ; thence south along said Lafayette street to its intersec- 
tion with Lewis street ; thence west along the center of Lewis street to 
the center of Ewing street ; thence north along the center of said Ewing 
street to the place of beginning. 


Location of Cisterns. 

1. Intersection Clinton and Wayne streets. 

2. " Clinton and Jefferson " 

3. " Jefferson and Hanna " 

4. " Francis and Madison " 

5. " Lavina and Broadway " 

6. ■' Washington and Van Buren streets. 

7. East side of Free School, on Clay street. 

8. Intersection of Hanna and Wallace " 

9. " West and Pritchard " 
ID. " Prince and Bass " 

11. " Lafayette and Montgomery streets. 

12. " Barr and Madison " 

13. Fronting Engine House on Court street. 

14. " Cathedral on Calhoun street. 

15. Intersection Wallace and Lafayette streets. 

16. " Butler and Hoagland " 

17. North side German Catholic church, E. Jefferson St. 

18. Intersection Third and Wells streets. 

19. Southeast corner Union and Jefferson streets. 

20. " " Market House, Broadway, 

21. On Holman, east of Calhoun street. 

22. On Wallace, '' 


Societies and Associations. 


Masonic Hall, northwest corner Calhoun and Berry streets. 

Fort Wayne Cof7ijnandery , No. 4 — Knights Templar ; instituted De- 
cember, 1854. Meets on second Thursday evening in each month. 

Fort Wayne Comicil, No. 4. — Instituted May 5, 1855, Meets onsecond 
Saturday evening in each month. 

Fort Wayne Chapter, R. A. M., No. ig. — Instituted May, 1851. Meets 
on first Wednesday evening in each month. 

Wayne Lodge, No. 25, F. &= A.M. — Instituted March, 1828. Regular 
meetings Thursday evening on or preceding each fiiU moon. Adjourned 
meetings Thursday evening of each week. 

Summit City Lodge, No. lyo. — Instituted May, 1855. Regular meet- 
ings on Friday evening preceding full moon. Adjourned meetings Friday 
evenings of each week. 

Home Lodge, No. J42. — Instituted May, 1870. Meets every Thursday 
evening preceding full moon. 

Sol. D. Bayless Lodge, No. j^g. — Instituted June, 1867. — Meets every 
Monday evening. 

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite — Four Orders. Meets third Thurs- 
day evening in each month. 


Hall east side of Court House, over Post Office. 

Fort Wayne Lodge, No. 14. — Instituted October, 1843. Meets every 
Monday evening. 

LLarfnony Lodge, No. ig. — Institured January 31, 1845. Meets every 
Thursday evening. 

Concordia Lodge, No. 228. — Instituted January 15, 1862. Meets every 
Wednesday evening. 

Summit City Enca7np77ient, No. 16. — Instituted November, 1849. Meets 
first and third Friday evenings in each month. 

Lndepe7ident Order Bc7iai Berith E7/iack Beracha Lodge, No. 61. — 
Organized March, 1864. Meets first and third Sunday in each month, in 
Odd Fellows' Hall, over Post Office. Lewis Newberger, President ; 
Charles Young, Vice President ; V. Jacobson, Treasurer ; Rev. E. Rubin, 

I. O. R. M. 

Maumee Tribe, No. 23. — Instituted 187 1. Meets every Tuesday even- 
ing at their hall, southwest corner Berry and Harrison streets. James 
Ligget, Sachem ; J. T. Leach, Chief of Records ; George King, Keeper 
of Wampum. 

Chippewa Tribe, No. 26. — (German.) Instituted 1872. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 233 

I. O. G. T. 

Home Lod^c, No. ^83. — Meets every Monday evening at Covenant Hnll. 
Summit Cify Lfli(i:;c, JVo. 14. — Meets every Friday evening at Temperance 
Hall, corner Berry and Harrison streets. 


Fof't Wayne Union, No. 78. — Meets first Saturday evening in each 
month, in Temperance Hall, corner Berry and Harrison streets. 

O. U. A. M. 

Decatur Council, No. 4. — Instituted June, 1870. Meets every Thurs- 
day evening at their hall, corner Berry and Harrison streets. 

Lafayette Benevolent Society. — Organized 1861. Meets at their hall in 
Taylor's Block, on Barr street, between Main and Berry, the second Sat- 
urday in each month, at yjS^ p. m. A. H. Carier, President; A. Parnin, 
Secretrry ; Joseph Didier, Treasurer. 

Lafayette Building, Loan and Saving Association. — Meets on Thursday 
following the 24th of each month, in Lafayette Hall, on Barr street, be- 
tween Berry and Main. I. W. Campbell, President ; Charles D. Barton, 

jFewish Poor Fund Society. — I. Lauferty, S. Freiburger and Frederick 
Nirdlinger, Trustees. 

Ladies' LLebrew Benevolent Society. — Meets every Thursday. Mrs. F. 
Freiburger, President ; Mrs. Moses Lamley, Secretary. 

Indiana Conservatrry of Music. — Burges' Block, corner Main and Court 
streets. J. C. Bartlett, Secretary. 

Allen County Bible Society. — Organized April, 1833. Depository, Keil 
&: Bro., Keystone Block. Meets last Tuesday in each month. F. W, 
Keil, Treasurer. 

Fort Wayne Conservatory of Music. — No. 1 1^ East Main street. A. 
K. Virgil, Principal. 

Concordia College. — Situated north side Maumee road, under auspices 
of the German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and other 
States. Dr. William Sihler, President. 

Lindenwood Cemetery. — Situated on Huntington road, one mile from 
corporation line. I. D. G. Nelson, President ; J. D. Bond, Secretary. 

Fort Wayne Gas Light Company. — Organized August, 1S55. Works 
and office on East Water street, between Barr and Lafayette streets. A. 
P. Edgerton, President. 

Y. M. C. A. — Rooms in Hamilton's Building. Reading rooms oi)en 
every day. A. S. Evans, President ; M. V. B. Spencer, Secretary. 


CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


Fort Wayne Sentinel — (Daily and Weekly.) Office, southwest corner 
Calhoun and Wayne streets. G. W. H. Riley & Co., editors and pro- 

Fort Wayne Gazette — (Daily and Weekly.) Office, No. 52 Calhoun 
street. McNiece & Alexander, editors and proprietors. 

Indiana Staats-Zeitimg — (German, Tri-weekly and Weekly.) Office, 
northeast corner Columbia and Clinton streets. John D. Sarnighausen, 
editor and proprietor. 

Fort Wayne Journal — (Weekly.) Office, on Court street, opposite the 
Court House. Thos. S. Taylor, editor and proprietor. 

Volksfreund — (German, Weekly.) Office, southwest corner Calhoun 
street. William Eichelsdorfer, proprietor. Rudolph Worch, editor. 
Robert Schnabel, local editor. 

New Haven Palladium — (Weekly.) Published at New Haven, Ind., 
by Thomas J. Foster. 

Auburn Courier — One of the best weeklies in the State. Published at 
Auburn, Ind., by T. C. Mays. 


Bill Offices in the Western Division. 

Adrian Ohio 

Akron Ohio 

Amherst Ohio 

Anna Ohio 

Antwerp..* Ohio 

Arcanum Ohio 

Archibald Ohio 

Aurora Ohio 

Alton Ill 

Annawan Ill 

Ashland Ill 

Atlanta Ill 

Atkinson Ill 

Auburn Ill 

Arrowsmith Ill 

Anderson Ind 

Antioch Ind 

Arcadia Ind 

Argos Ind 

Attica Ind 

Acliley Iowa 

Aingworth Iowa 

Albia Iowa 

Algona Iowa 

AUerton Iowa 

Atlantic Iowa 

Avoca Iowa 

Arena Wis 

Avoca Wis 

Adrian Mich 

Albion Mich 

Allegan Mich 

Aliens Mich 

Adamsville Pa 

Alexandria Mo 

Ashville N Y 

Atchison Kan 

Austin Minn 

Barry Ill 

Bath Ill 

Bement Ill 

Berlin, Sangamon Co Ill 

Blandinsville Ill 

Bloomington Ill 

Blue Island Ill 

Blue Mound Ill 

Bluff City Ill 

Bo wen Ill 

Braidwood Ill 

Braceville Ill 

Bremen .Ill 

Brighton Ill 

Bureau Ill 

Burnside Ill 

Bushnell Ill 

Baconburg Ohio 

Belle Center Ohio 

Bellefontaine Ohio 

Belleville Ohio 

Bellevue Ohio 

Belmore Ol^io 

Berea Ohio 

Botkins Ohio 

Braceville Ohio 

Bradford Ohio 

Bryan Ohio 

Burhank , Ohio 

Burt( Hill Ohio 

Brimfield Ind 

Bristol Ind 

Brownsburg Ind 

Brownsville Ind 

Buck Creek Ind 

Buena Vista, Hamilton Co Ind 

Bunker Hill Ind 

Burlington, Kush Co Ind 

Butler Ind 

Bartlett Iowa 

Bentonsport Iowa 

Bloomfield Iowa 

Bonaparte Iowa 

Brighton Iowa 

Brooklyn Iowa 

Burlington Iowa 

Bigelow Mo 

Bonnot's Mill Mo 

Boonville Mo 

Bowling Green Mo 

Brownsville Mo 

Brunswick Mo 

Black Earth Wis 

Boscobel Wis 

Bridgeport Wis 

Brodhead Wis 

Big Rapids Mich 

Blissfieid Mich 

Brady Mich 

Bronson Mich 

Burr Oak Mich 



Brown ville Neb 

Brainerd Minn 

Buffalo NY 

Brooklyn NY 

Cambridge 11" 

Camp Point II 

Canton II 

Carlinville II 

Carthage U 

Carroll ton II 

Catlin II 

Cayuga 11 

Ceiro Gordo II 

Champaign II 

Chandlerville 11 

Chapin II 

Chatham U 

Chatsworth II 

Chenoa II 

Chirngo II 

Chillicothe II 

Clayton II 

Colona II 

Ciiba II 

Cairo, Allen Co Ohio 

Caledonia Ohio 

Calhoun Ohio 

Carey Ohio 

Carlisle Ohio 

Carthage Ohio 

Centerton Ohio 

Ceylon Ohio 

Cinci nnati Ohio 

Cleveland Ohio 

Clyde Ohio 

College Corner Ohio 

Collins Ohio 

Columbus Ohio 

Clayton Mich 

Clinton Mich 

Clam Lake Mich 

Coldwater Mich 

Constantine Mich 

Cambridge Pa 

Cochranton Pa 

Columbus Pa 

Corry Pa 

Cross Plains Wis 

Carver Minn 

Columbus Grove Ohio 

Covington Ohio 

Crestline Ohio 

Criderville Ohio 

Cumminsville Ohio 

Custne Ohio 

Calmar Iowa 

Casey Iowa 

Centerville Iowa 

Charles City Iowa 

Clear Lake Iowa 

Colfax Iowa 

Columbus Junction Iowa 

Conover Iowa 

Council Bluffs Iowa 

Cresco Iowa 

Cicero Ind 

Connersville Ind 

Corunna Ind 

Covington Ind 

Chambersburg Ind 

Chesternou Ind 

Crawfordsville Ind 

California Mo 

Camden Point Mo 

Cameron Mo 

Canton Mo 

CarroUton Mo 

Centralia Mo 

Chamois Mo 

Chillicothe Mo 

Columbia Mo 

Corning Mo 

Craig AIo 

Cakoka Mo 

Concordia Mo 

Cedar Springs Mich 

Davenport Iowa 

Decorah Iowa 

Des Moines Iowa 

De Soto Iowa 

De Witt Iowa 

Dexter Iowa 

Doud Iowa 

Downey Iowa 

Drake ville Iowa 

Durant Iowa 

Danvers Ill 

Danville Ill 

Decatur Ill 

Delavan Ill 

Depue Ill 

Dwight Ill 

Dayton Ohio 

Defiance Ohio 

De Graff Ohio 

Delta Ohio 

Dale ville Ind 

Deerfield Ind 

Delphi Ind 

Dunkirk Ind 

Deerfield Mich 

Detroit Mich 

Dunning Mich 

De Witt Mo 

Dresden Mo 

Duluth Minn 

Dunkirk N Y 

East St. Louis Ill 

Edwardsville Ill 

Elkhart Ill 

El Paso Ill 

Elm wood Ill 

Emden Ill 

Ellsworth Ill 

Eureka Ill 

Evanston Ill 

Edgerton Ohio 

Elmore Ohio 

Elyria Ohio 

Eagle Wis 

Edgerton Wis 

Earlhnm Iowa 

Eddy ville Iowa 

Eldora Iowa 

Elkhart Ind 

Evansburg Pa 

Edina Mo 

Findley Ohio 

Forest Ohio 

Fostoria Ohio 

Frederick town Ohio 

Freedom Ohio 

Fremont Ohio 

Fairfield y Ind 

Farmland Ind 

Fortville Ind 

Fort Wayne Ind 

Fairbury Ill 

Fairmount Ill 

Farmer City Ill 

Fithian Ill 

Forrest Ill 

Fairfield Iowa 

Farmington Iowa 

Fort Dodgp Iowa 

Forest City Mo 

Franklin Mo 

Fulton Mo 

Faribault Minn 

Farmington Miim 

Flowerfield Mich 

Franklin Pa 

Freehold Pa 

Galva Ill 

Gardner Ill 

Geneseo Ill 

Oilman Ill 

Gibson Ill 

Girard Ill 

Godfrey Ill 

Good Hope Ill 

Greenview Ill 

Green Valley Ill 

Gridley Ill 

Griggs ville Ill 

Georgetown Ill 

Glencoe Minn 

Gallon Ohio 

Garrettsville Ohio 

(Jenoa Ohio 

Gettysburg Ohio 

Girard Ohio 

Glendale Ohio 

Green Spring Ohio 

Greenville Ohio 

Gallatin Mo 

Glasgow Mo 

Glenwood Mo 

Gray's Summit Mo 

Greenwood Mo 

Grand Junction Iowa 

Grinnell Iowa 

Guthrie Iowa 

Goodland Ind 

Goshen Ind 

Grand Haven Mich 

Grand Eapids. Mich 

Grant, Chatauqua Co N Y 

Greenville, Mercer Co Pa 

Harristown Ill 

Harisburg Ill 

Havana Ill 

Henry HI 

Highland Park Ill 

Homer , Ill 

Hopedale Ill 

Hoopeston Ill 

Hamilton Ohio 

Haskins Ohio 

Havana Ohio 

Hubbard Ohio 

Hull Prairie Ohio 

Huntsville Ohio 

Huron Ohio 

Hannibal Mo 

Harrison ville Mo 

Hermann Mo 

High Hill Mo 

Holden Mo 

Hopkins Mo 

Huntsville Mo 

Homer Mich 

HnTuilton Mich 

Hillsdale Mich 

Holland Mich 

Howard City Mich 

Hudson Mich 

Hartford City Ind 

Ujllsboro Ind 


CARTER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

Huntington Ind 

Hastings Minn 

Hamburg Iowa 

Hampton Iowa 

Homestead Iowa 

Indianola Iowa 

Iowa City Iowa 

Ida, Monroe Co Mich 

Illiopolis Ill 

Independence Mo 

Independence Ohio 

Indianapolis Ind 

Ives dale Ill 

Jacksonville Ill 

Jersey ville Ill 

Joliet Ill 

Jefferson City Mo 

Jonesburg Mo 

Jamesport Mo 

Jackson.. ..Mich 

Jones ville Mich 

Jamestown Ind 

Jonesboro Ind 

Jamestown N T 

Janes ville Wis 

Jones' Ohio 

Kansas City Mo 

Keytesville Mo 

Kings ville Mo 

Kirksville Mo 

Knobnoster Mo 

Kent Ohio 

Kenton Ohio 

Kipton Ohio 

KendaUville Ind 

Kentland Ind 

Kokomo Ind 

Kellogg Iowa 

Keokuk Iowa 

Kalamazoo Mich 

Kane Ill 

Keithsbnrg Ill 

Kilbourne Ill 

Kinderhook Ill 

Kennedy N Y 

Kenosha Wis 

Lacon Ill 

La Harpe Ill 

Lake Forest Ill 

La Sade HI 

Lemont Ill 

Lerov Ill 

Lexington Ill 

Lincoln Ill 

Litchfield Ill 

Lockport Ill 

Latham Ill 

Lafayette Ind 

Lagrange Ind 

La Gro Ind 

I.aporte Ind 

Liberty Ind 

Ligonier Ind 

Lima Ind 

Logansport Ind 

Leesburg Ind 

Le Roy, Osceola Co Mich 

Litchfield Mich 

La Rue Ohio 

Leavittsburg Ohio 

Leipsig Ohio 

Lexington Ohio 

Liberty Center Ohio 

Lima Ohio 

Rockland Ohio 

La Grange Mo 

Lamont Mo 

La Plata Mo 

Lathrop Mo 

Lee's Summit Mo 

Lexington Mo 

Louisiana Mo 

La Belle Mo 

Lewistown Mo 

Lancaster Mo 

Leavenworth Kan 

Leroy Minn 

Lime Springs Iowa 

Lines ville Iowa 

Lone Rock Wis 

Mahomet Ill 

Manchester Ill 

Manito Ill 

Marseilles Ill 

Mason City Ill 

McLean HI 

Mechanicsburg Ill 

Meredosia Ill 

Metamora HI 

Milan Ill 

Minier Ill 

Minooka Ill 

Mokena HI 

Moline Ill 

Morris • Ill 

Morrison ville Ill 

Mounds Ill 

Mt. Pulaski Ill 

Mt. Sterling Ill 

Murray ville Ill 

Mouticello Ill 

Mackinaw Ill 

Mansfield Ill 

Milmine Ill 

Mansfield Ohio 

Mantua Ohio 

Marion Ohio 

Maumee City Ohio 

Miamisbnrg Ohio 

Middletown Ohio 

Milford Center Ohio 

Milton, Wood Co Ohio 

Mingo Ohio 

Monroeville Ohio 

Mt. Vernon Ohio 

Mt. Victory Ohio 

Marion Ind 

Marsfield Ind 

Michigan City Ind 

Middlebury Ind 

Millersburg Ind 

Mishawaka Ind 

Moncicello Ind 

Morristown, Shelby Co Ind 

Muncie Ind 

Milford Ind 

Manchester, Wabash Co Ind 

Macon Mo 

Macon Mo 

Martinsburg Mo 

Maryville Mo 

Mexico Mo 

Miami Mo 

Miller's Landing Mo 

Missouri City Mo 

Moberly Mo 

Monroe Mo 

Montgomery Mo 

Malcom Iowa 

Maquoketa Iowa 

Marengo Iowa 

Marshalltown Iowa 

Mason City Iowa 

McGregor Iowa 

Monona Iowa 

Monroe Iowa 

Moulton Iowa 

Muscatine Iowa 

Monticello Iowa 

^ladison Wis 

Mazomaniac Wis 

Milton Junction Wis 

Milwaukee Wis 

Monroe Wis 

Muscoda Wis 

Manchester Mich 

Mendon Mich 

Monroe Mich 

Morley Mich 

A1 uskegon Mich 

Meadville Pa 

Mercer Pa 

Mill Village ,.Pa 

Minneapolis Minn 

Moorhead Minn 

Napoleon Ohio 

Newark Ohio 

Newburg Ohio 

New Madison Ohio 

Newton Ohio 

Niles • Ohio 

North Lewisburg Ohio 

Norwalk Ohio 

Naples Ill 

Niantic Ill 

Nilwood Ill 

Normal Ill 

New Ro.=ton Ill 

New Carlisle Ind 

New Haven Ind 

Noblesville Ind 

New Paris Ind 

New Elizabeth Ind 

Napoleon Mich 

Norvell Mich 

Nebraska City Neb 

New Florence Mo 

New Sharon Iowa 

Newton Iowa 

New York City NY 

Norihfield Minn 

Oakland Ohio 

Oak Harber Ohio 

Oberlin Ohio 

Orangeville Ohio 

Osborn Ohio 

Ottawa Ohio 

Oxford Ohio 

Oskaloosa Iowa 

Ossian Iowa 

Ottumwa Iowa 

Odell wl 

Ottawa Ill 

Oakford Ill 

Ogden Ill 

Osage Mo 

Otterville Mo 

Oxford Ind 

Oil City Pa 

Omaha Neb 

Osseo Mich 

Owatonna Minn 

Olathe Kan 

Palmer Ill 

Paris Ill 

Pekin Ill 

Peoria Ill 

Peru HI 

Petersburg Ill 

Philo .- Ill 

Piper City HI 



Pittsfleld. Ill 

Plain view Ill 

Pontiac til 

Prlnceville Ill 

Putuani Ill 

Pleasant Hill Ill 

Paxton Ill 

Perrysburg Ohio 

Pettisville Ohio 

Phalanx Ohio 

Plqua Ohio 

Plain City Ohio 

Plymouth Ohio 

Poast Town Ohio 

Polk, Ashland Co Ohio 

Port Clinton Ohio 

Pendleton Ind 

Peru Ind 

Plymouth Ind 

Pittgboro Ind 

Pella Iowa 

Perry Iowa 

Poatville Iowa 

Prairie City Iowa 

Paris Mo 

Parkville Mo 

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Platte City Mo 

Plattsburg Mo 

Princeton Mo 

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Prairie du Chien Wis 

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Plainwell Mich 

Pierson Mich 

Panama NY 

Paola Kan 

Quincy Ohio 

Quincy HI 

Quincy Mich 

Red Key Ind 

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Rolling Prairie Ind 

Rome City Ind 

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Rushsylvania Ohio 

Ridge way Ohio 

Reno Pa 

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Rockford Mich 

Richmond Mo 

Ronick Mo 

R and Lex . Junction Mo 

Racine VVis 

Salisbury Mo 

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St. Charles Mo 

St. Joseph Mo 

St. Louis Mo 

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Secor Ill 

Seneca Ill 

Shetlield HI 

Sheldon. HI 

Shipman Ill 

Sidney HI 

Sparland Ill 

Springfield HI 

Stanford Ill 

State Line Ind and III 

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Stonington Ill 

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St. Joseph HI 

Saybrook HI 

Sandusky Ohio 

Seville Ohio 

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Solon Ohio 

Springfield Ohio 

St. Louisville Ooio 

St. Paris Ohio 

Stryker Ohio 

Sylvania Ohio 

Seda Ind 

Selma Ind 

Sparksville Hid 

South Bend Ind 

Silver Lake lup 

Spring Green Wis 

Stou^hton Wis 

Schoolcraft Mich 

Sturgis Mich 

Sand Lake Mich 

Saegertown Pa 

Sharon Pa 

Salamanca NY 

Steamburg NY 

State Line Kansas and Mo 

Sl. Paul Minn 

Stillwater Minn 

Shakopee ..Minn 

Sigourney lowa 

Steamboat Rock Iowa 

Stuart Iowa 

Summit Iowa 

Talmadge Ohio 

Tiffin Ohio 

Tippecanoe Ohio 

Toledo Ohio 

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Troy, Miami Co Ohio 

Taliula HI 

Taylorville Ill 

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Three Rivers Mich 

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Trentoii, Butler Co Mo 

Tipton Ind 

Titusville Pa 

Lrbana Ohio 

Utica Ohio 

Union City Ohio and Ind 

Union, Erie Co Pa 

Utica, Venango Co Pa 

Urbana Ill 

Utica Ill 

Upper Alton Ill 

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Varna Ill 

Versailles HI 

V.rden Ill 

Virginia Ill 

Venango, Crawford Co Pa 

Victor Iowa 

Valley City Ind 

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Wapakoneta Ohio 

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Washington, Henry Co Ohio 

Wauseon Ohio 

West Liberty Ohio 

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Vfef-t Salem Ohio 

White House Ohio 

Woodstock Ohio 

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Wa verly, Cass Co Ind 

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Whitewater Win 

Wayland Mich 

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Wyandotte Mich 

Wyandotte Kan 

Xeiiia Ind 

Yorktown Ind 

Y'oungstown Ohio 


CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

Classified Index to Advertisements. 

Agricultural Implements. 

Smick S. S. 6 

Morgan & Beach 56 

Ale and Beer. 

Centlivre C. L. 220 

Eder, Certia & Co. 63 


Randall F. P. 
Colerick W. G. & H. 
Bittinger J. R. 
Graham & Gotshall 
Newberger Louis 
Taylor R. S. 
Stahl & Hillegas 
Coombs, Miller & Bell 
ZoUars Allen 
Hough John 

Band Saw Mill. 
Hoffman J. R. & Bros. 

Fort Wayne National 
Allen Hamilton & Co.'s 
First National 
Merchants' National 

Boiler Makers. 
Bass John H. 
Bowser J. C. & Co. 
Murray Kerr 

Brass Works. 

Hattersley Alfred 

MacDougal & Lauferty 

Centlivre C. L. 
Eder, Certia & Co. 










Car Wheels. 

Bass John H. 35 

Reffelt William R. 

Carriage Makers. 
Stevens W. & E. 14 

Foster Bros. & Co, 38 

Andrew & Elsworth 

Chair Stuffs. 
Hoffman J. R. & Bros. 11 

Confectioners and Cracker 


Wolke & Trentman 60 

China, Glass and Queensware 

Trentman H. J. & Bro. 60 

Carbonized Cement Pipe 

Henry Willis, Superintendent t,^ 

Cigars and Tobacco. 
Charles Ford 44 

Cloths and Satinets. 
French, Hanna & Co. 34 

Coal and Coke. 
Bass & Smith 36 

Collecting Agents. 
Carier A. H. 47 

Trentman H. J. & Bro. 60 

Coffee and Spice Mills. 
Trentman, Monning & Son. 12 

Trentman H. J. & Bro. 60 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory 


Drugs and Medicines. 

Wagner H. G. 34 

Ayres H. B. 

Dry Goods. 

Foster Bros. & Co. 38 

Orff C. & Co. 55 


Auger Chas. 6 


Didier J. C. ^ 36 

Grocers (V/holesale). 

Huestis & Hamilton 8 

Morgan & Beach 56 

Hats and Caps. 
Harper & Co. 9 

Insurance Agents. 
Carier A. H. 47 

Hough John 50 

Iron Foundries. 
Bass John H. 35 

Bowser J. C. & Co. 13 

Murray Kerr 33 

Justices of the Peace. 
Bittinger A. H. 
Graham J. E. 

Land Agency. 
Hough John 48 

Lumber Dealers. 

Jacoby & Wiegand 11 

Hurd O. D. 63 

Paramo re L. S. 55 


Bass John H. 35 

Murray Kerr 33 

Bowser J. C. & Co. 13 

Merchant Tailor. 

Fledderman John G. 44 

Millinery Goods, 

Orfif C. & Co. 55 





Fort Wayne Sentinel 
Fort Wayne Gazette 
Fort Wayne Journal. 

Notaries Public. 

Carier A. H. 
Gotshall M. V. B. 
Fisher D. C. 


Mergentheim A. 
Kane James M. & Bro. 


Kover & Rivers 6 

Pig Iron. 
Bass & Smith 36 

Plumber and Gas Fitter. 
Hattersly A. 9 

Shoaff J. A. 12 

Produce and Provisions. 

Didier J. C. 36 

Real Estate Agents. 

Carier A. H. 47 

Randall F. P. 14 

Hough John 48 


StotzUlrich 15 

Saddlery and Carriage Trim- 
Oakley B. W. & Son 8 

Stoves and Tinware. 

McCulloch & Richer 60 

Silver W^are. 
Mayer Geo. J. E. & F. Voirol 43 
Mayer & Graffe 56 

Seeds, &c. 
Nelson DeGroff & Co. 8 


CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

Teas — W^holesale. 

Huestis & Hamilton. 

Trunks, Valises &c. 
Lingenfelser H. 52 

Tobacco Factory. 
Ford Charles. 44 

^A^alnut Lumber. 
Hoffman J. R. & Bro. 34 

"Watches, Clocks, &c. 

Mayer George J. E. & F. Voirol 43 
Mayer & Graffe 56 

Pietz, J. Ferdinand . 

Wines and Liquors. 
Leutz, Bourie & Co. 64 

Laurent J. & Son 

^Woolen Mills. 
French, Hanna & Co. 34 


Constitution of the United States. 

Wb, the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, 
establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, 
promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of iiberty to ourselves 
and our prosperity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United 
States of America : 


§ I. — All legislative pQwers herein granted shall be vested in a Con- 
gress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of 

§ II. — I. The House of Representatives shall be composed of mem- 
bers chosen every second year by the people of the United States ; and 
the electors in each State shall have the qualifications requisite for electors 
of the most numerous branch of the State Legislature. 

2. No person shall be a representative who shall not have attained 
the age of twenty-five years, and been seven years a citizen of the United 
States, and who shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of the State in 
which he is chosen. 

3. Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the 
several States which may be included in this Union, according to their 
respective numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole 
number of free persons, including those bound to service for a term of 
years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three-fifths of all other persons. 
The actual enumeration shall be made within three years after the first 
meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subse- 
quent term of ten years, in such manner as they shall by law direct. The 
number of representatives shall not exceed one from every thirty thousand, 
but each State shall have at least one representative ; and until such 
enumeration shall be made, the State of New Hampshire shall be entitled 


to choose three ; Massachusetts, eight ; Rhode Island and Providence 
Plantations, one ; Connecticut, five ; New York, six ; New Jersey, four ; 
Pennsylvania, eight; Delaware, one; Maryland, six; Virginia, ten; 
North Carolina, five ; South Carolina, five ; Georgia, three. 

4. When vacancies happen in the representation of any State, the 
executive authority thereof shall issue writs of election to fill such 

5. The House of Representatives shall choose their speaker and 
other officers, and shall have the sole power of impeachment. 

§ III. — I. The Senate of the United States shall be composed of 
two Senators from each State, chosen by the legislature thereof, for six 
years ; and each Senator shall have one vote. ^ 

2. Immediately after they shall be assembled in consequence of the 
first election, they shall be divided as equally as may be, into three classes. 
The seats of the Senators of the first class shall be vacated at the expira- 
tion of the second year, of the second class at the expiration of the fourth 
year, and the third class at the expiration of the sixth year, so that one 
third may be chosen every second year; and if vacancies happen, by 
resignation or otherwise, during the recess of the legislature of any State, 
the executive thereof may make temporary appointments until the next 
meeting of the legislature, which shall then fill such vacancies. 

3. No person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained the 
age of thirty years, and been nine years a citizen of the United States, 
and who shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of that State for which 
he shall be chosen. 

4. The Vice-President of the United States shall be President of 
the Senate, but shall have no vote, unless they be equally divided. 

5. The Senate shall choose their other officers, and also a president 
pro tempore in the absence of the Vice-President, or when he shall exer- 
cise the office of President of the United States. 

6. The Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments. 
When sitting for that purpose, they shall be on oath or affirmation. 
When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall 
preside ; and no person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two- 
thirds of the members present. 

7. Judgment, in cases of impeachment, shall not extend further than 
to removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office 
of honor, trust or profit under the United States ; but the party convicted 
shall, nevertheless, be liable and subject to indictment, trial, judgment, 
and punishment, according to law. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 243 

§ IV. — I. The times, places, and manner of holding elections for 
senators and representatives shall be prescribed in each State by the legis- 
lature thereof; but the Congress may, at any time, by law, make or alter 
such regulations, except as to the places of choosing senators. 

2. The Congress shall assemble at least once in every year ; and 
such meeting shall be on the first Monday in December, unless they shall 
by law appoint a different day. 

§ V. Each house shall be judge of the elections, returns, and 
qualifications of its own members; and a majority of each shall consti- 
tute a quorum to do business ; but a smaller number may adjourn from day 
to day, and may be authorized to compel the attendance of absent mem- 
bers, in such manner and under such penalties as each house may provide. 

2. Each house may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish 
its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two- 
thirds, expel a member. 

3. Each house shall keep a journal of its proceedings, and from time 
to time publish the same, excepting such parts as may, in their judgment, 
require secrecy ; and the yeas and nays of the members of either house 
on any question shall, at the desire of one-fifth of those present, be en- 
tered on the journal. 

4. Neither house, during the session of Congress, shall, without the 
consent of the other, adjourn for more than three days, nor to any other 
place than that in which the two houses shall be sitting. 

§ VI. — I. The senators and representatives shall receive a compen- 
sation for their services, to be ascertained by law, and paid out of the 
treasury of the United States. They shall, in all cases except treason, 
felony, and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest during their 
attendance at the session of their respective houses, and in going to or 
returning from the same ; and for any speech or debate in either house 
they shall not be questioned in any other place. 

2. No senator or representative shall, during the time he was elected, 
be appointed to any civil office under the authority of the United States 
which shall have been created, or the emoluments whereof shall have been 
increased, during such time ; and no person holding any office under the 
United States shall be a member of either house during his continuance 
in office. 

§ VII. — I. All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House 
of Rei)resentatives ; but the Senate may propose or concur with amend- 
ments, as on other bills. 

244 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

2, Every bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives 
and the Senate shall, before it becomes a law, be presented to the Presi- 
dent of the United States; if he approve, he shall sign it ; but if not, he 
shall return it with his objections, to that house in which it shall have 
originated, who* shall enter the objection at large on their journal, and 
proceed to reconsider it. If, after such reconsideration, two-thirds of 
that house shall agree to pass the bill, it shall be sent, together with the 
objections, to the other house ; and, if approved by two-thirds of that 
house, it shall become a law. But in all such cases the votes of both houses 
shall be determined by yeas and nays; and the names of the persons voting 
for and against the bill shall be entered on the journals of each house 
respectively. If any bill shall not be returned by the President within ten 
days (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been presented to him, the 
same shall be a law, in like manner as if he had signed it, unless Congress, 
by their adjournment, prevent its return; in which case it shall not be a 

3. Every order, resolution, or vote to which the concurrence of the 
House of Representatives may be necessary (except on a question of 
adjournment) shall be presented to the President of the United States, and 
before the same shall take effect shall be approved by him, or, being dis- 
approved by him, shall be repassed by two-thirds of the Senate and House 
of Representatives, according to the rules and limitations prescribed in 
the case of a bill. 

§ VIII. — The Congress shall have power — 

1. To lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises; to pay the 
debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the 
United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform through- 
out the United States: 

2. To borrow money on the credit of the United States: 

3. To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the sev- 
eral States, and with the Indian tribes : 

4. To establish a uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform laws 
on the subject of bankruptcies, throughout the United States: 

5. To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, 
and fix the standard of weights and measures : 

6. To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities 
and current coin of the United States: 

7. To establish post offices and post roads: 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 245 

8. To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing, 
for limited times, to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their 
respective writings and discoveries : 

9. To constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court: 

10. To define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the 
high seas, and offences against the law of nations: 

11. To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make 
rules concerning captures on land and water : 

12. To raise and support armies; but no appropriation of money to 
that use shall be for a longer term than two years : 

13. To provide and maintain a navy: 

14. To make rules for the government and regulation of the land 
and naval forces : 

15. To provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of 
the Union, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions: 

16. To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the militia, 
and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of 
the United States, reserving to the States respectively the appointment of 
the officers, and the authority of training the militia, according to the 
discipline prescribed by Congress: 

17. To exercise exclusive legislation, in all cases whatsoever, over 
such district (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of par- 
ticular States, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of gov- 
ernment of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places 
purchased by the consent of the legislature of the State in which the same 
shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock yards, and 
other needful building : And, 

1 8. To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carry- 
rying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by 
this Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any depart- 
ment or officer thereof. 

§ IX. — I. The migration or importation of such persons as any of 
the States, now existing, shall think proper to admit, shall not be pro- 
hibited by the Congress prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and 
eight; but a tax or duty may be imposed on such importation, not exceed- 
ing ten dollars for each person. 

2. The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, 
unless when, in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety may 
require it. 

246 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

3. No bill of attainder, or ex f)Ost facto law, shall be passed. 

4. No capitation or other direct tax shall be laid, unless in propor- 
tion to the census or enumeration herein before directed to be taken. 

5. No tax or duty shall be laid on articles exported from any States. 
No preference shall be given, by any regulation of commerce or revenue, 
to the ports of one State over those of another; nor shall vessels bound to 
or from one State be obliged to enter, clear or pay duties in another. 

6. No money shall be drawn from the treasury but in consequence 
of appropriation made by law j and a regular statement and account of 
the receipts and expenditure of all public money shall be published from 
time to time. 

7. No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States; and 
no person holding any office of profit or trust under them shall, without 
the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or 
title of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign State. 

§ X. — I. No State shall enter into any treaty, alliance or confed- 
eration; grant letters of marque and reprisal; coin money; emit bills of 
credit ; make anything but gold and silver a tender in payment of debts ; 
pass any bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or impairing the obligation 
of contracts ; or grant any title of nobility. 

2. No State shall, without the consent of Congress, lay any imposts 
or duties on imports or exports, except what may be absolutely necessary 
for executing its inspection laws; and the net produce of all duties and 
imposts laid by any State on imports or exports shall be for the use of the 
treasury of the United States; and all such laws shall be subject to the 
revision and control of the Congress. No State shall, without the con- 
sent of Congress, lay any duty on tonnage, keep troops or ships of war in 
time of peace, enter into any agreement or compact with another State or 
with a foreign power, or engage in war, unless actually invaded, or in such 
imminent danger as will not admit of delay. 


§ I. — I. The executive power shall be vested in a President of the 
United States of America. He shall hold his office during the term of 
four years, and, together with the Vice-President, chosen for the same 
term, be elected as follows ; 

2. Each State shall appoint, in such manner as the legislature thereof 
may direct, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of Senators 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 247 

and representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress ; 
but no senator or representative, or ])erson holding an office of trust or 
profit under the United States, shall be appointed an elector. 

3. [Annulled. See Amendments, Art. 12.] 

4. The Congress may determine the time of choosing the electors, 
and the day on which they shall give their votes, which day shall be the 
same throughout the United States. 

5. No person except a natural-born citizen, or a citizen of the 
United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be 
eligible to the ofitice of President; neither shall any person be eligible to 
the office who shall not have attained the age of thirty-five years, and 
been fourteen years a resident within the United States. 

6. In case of the removal of the President from office, or of his death, 
resignation, or inability to discharge the powers and duties of said office, 
the same shall devolve on the Vice-President ; and the Congress may by 
law provide for the case of removal, death, resignation, or inability both 
of the President and Vice-President, declaring what officer shall then act 
accordingly, until the disability be removed, or a President shall be 

7. The President shall, at stated times, receive for his services a 
compensation which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the 
period for which he shall have been elected; and he shall not receive, 
within that period, any other emolument from the United States, or any 
of them. 

8. Before he enter on the execution of his office, he shall take the 
following oath or affirmation ; 

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the 
office of President of the United States, and will, to the best of my ability, 
preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." 

§ II. — I. The President shall be commander-in-chief of the army 
and navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several States, 
when called into the actual service of the United States ; he may require 
the opinion, in tvriting, of the principal officer in each of the executive 
departments upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective 
offices ; and he shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offences 
against the United States, except in cases of impeachment. 

2. He shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the 
Senate, to make treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present con- 

248 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

cur ; and he shall nominate, by and with the advice and consent of the 
Senate shall appoint, ambassadors, other public ministers, and consuls, 
judges of the Supreme Court, and all other officers of the United States 
whose appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which 
shall be established by law. But the Congress may, by law, vest the 
appointment of such inferior officers as they think proper in the Presi- 
dent alone, in the courts of law, or the heads of departments. 

3. The President shall have power to fill up all vacancies that may 
happen during the recess of the Senate, by granting commissions, which 
shall expire at the end of the next session. 

§ HI. — He shall, from time to time, give to the Congress information 
of the state of the Union, and recommend to their consideration such 
measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may on extraor- 
dinary occasions, convene both houses, or either of them, and in case of 
disagreement between them with respect to the time of adjournment, he 
may adjourn them to such time as he shall think proper; he shall receive 
ambassadors and other public ministers ; he shall take care that the laws 
are faithfully executed ; and shall commission all the officers of the United 

§ IV. — The President, Vice-President, and all the civil officers of the 
United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and 
conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. 


§ I. — The judicial power of the United States shall be vested in the 
Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may, from 
time to time, ordain and establish. The judges, both of the supreme and 
inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behavior, and shall, 
at stated times, ,'receive for their services a compensation which shall not 
be diminished during their continuance in office. 

§ II. — I. The judicial power shall extend to all cases in law and 
equity arising under this Constitution, the laws of the United States, 
and treaties made, or which shall be made under their authority ; to all 
cases affecting ambassadors, and other public ministers and consuls ; to 
all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction ; to controversies to 
which the United States shall be a party; to controversies between two 
or more States ; between a State and citizens of another State ; between 
citizens of different States ; between citizens of the same State, claiming 

CARTER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 249 

lands under grants of different States, and between a State, or the citizens 
thereof, and foreign States, citizens or subjects. 

2. In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers, and 
consuls, and those in which a State shall be a party, the supreme court 
shall have original jurisdiction. In all other cases before mentioned, the 
supreme court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, 
with such exceptions, and under such regulations, as the Congress shall 

3. The trial of all crimes, except in cases of impeachment, shall be 
by jury; and such trial shall be held in the State where such crime shall 
have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the 
trial shall be at such place or places as the Congress may by law have 
directed. , 

§ III. — I. Treason against the United States shall coiisist only in 
levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them 
aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason, unless on the 
testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or confession in open 

2. The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of 
treason; but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or 
forfeiture, except during the life of the person attainted. 

article IV. 

§ I. — Full faith and credit shall be given in each State to the public 
acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other State. And the 
Congress may, by general laws, prescribe the manner in which such acts, 
records, and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof. 

§ II. — I. The citizens of each State shall be entitled to all privileges 
and immunities of citizens in the several States. 

2. A person charged in any State with treason, felony, or other 
crime, who shall flee from justice, and be found in another State, shall, 
on demand of the executive authority of the State from which he fled, 
be delivered up to be removed to the State having jurisdiction of the 

3. No person held to service or labor in one State, under the laws 
thereof, escaping into another, shall, in consequence of any law or regu- 
lation therein, be discharged from such service or labor, but shall be 

250 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

delivered up on claim of the party to whom such service or labor may 
be due. 

§ III. — I. New States may be admitted by the Congress into this 
Union; but no new State shall be formed or erected within the jurisdic- 
tion of any other State; nor any State be formed by the junction of two 
or more States, or parts of States, Avithout the consent of the legislature 
of the States concerned, as well as of the Congress. 

2. The Congress shall have power to dispose of and makeall needful 
rules and regulations respecting the territory or other property belonging 
to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so con- 
strued as to prejudice any claims of the United States, or of any particular 

§ IV. — The United States shall guaranty to every State of this Union 
a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against 
invasion, and, on application of the legislature, or of the executive, 
(when the legislature cannot be convened,) against domestic violence. 


The Congress, whenever two-thirds of both houses shall deem it 
necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the appli- 
cation of the legislatures of two-thirds of the several States, shall call a 
convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid 
to all interests and purposes, as part of this Constitution when ratified by 
the legislatures of three-fourths of the several States, or by conventions 
in three-fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may 
be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which may 
be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in 
any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the 
first article; and that no State, without its consent, shall be deprived of 
its equal suffrage in the Senate. 


1. All debts contracted, and engagements entered into, before the 
adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States 
under this Constitution as under the confederation. 

2. This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall 
be made in pursuance thereof, and all treaties made, or which shall be 
made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law 



of the land; and the judges in every vState shall be bound thereby; any 
thing in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwith- 

3. The senators and representatives before mentioned, and the 
members of the several State legislatures, and all executive and all judicial 
officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound 
by oath or affirmation to support this Constitution ; but no religious test 
shall ever be required as a (jualification to any office or public trust under 

the United States. 

RRTiCLE vn. 

The ratification of the conventions of nine States shall be sufficient 
for the establishment of this Constitution between the States so ratifying 
the same. 

Done in Convention, by the unanimous consent of the States present, the seven- 
teenth day of September, in tlie year of our Lord one thousand seven hun- 
dred and eighty-seven, and of the Independence of the United States of 
America the twelfth. In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our 

President, and Deputy from Virginia. 

John Langdon, 
Nicholas Gilnian. 


Nathaniel Gorham, 
Rufus King. 


Wm. S. Johnson, 
Roger Sherman. 


Alexander Hamilton, 


William Livingston, 
David Brearley, 
William Patterson, 
Jonathan Dayton. 


Benjamin Franklin, 
Thomas Mifflin, 
Robert Morris, 
George Clymer, 
Thomas Fitzsimmons, 
Jared Ineersoll, 
James Wilson, 
Gouverneur Morris. 


George Read, 
Gunning Bedford, jr., 
John Dickinson, 
Richard Bassett, 
Jacob Broom . 


James McHenry, 

Daniel of St. Tho. Jenifer, 

Daniel Carroll. 

John Blair, 
James Madison, jr., 


William Blount, 
Rich. Dobbs Spaight, 
Hugh Williamson. 


John Ruthledge, 
Charles C. Pinckney, 
Charles Pinckney, 
Pierce Butler. 

William Few, 
Abraham Baldwin. 

William Jackson, Srrrcfary. 

352 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

Amendments to the Constitution. 

Art. I. — Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of 
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; orabridging the freedom 
of speech, or of the press ; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble 
and petition the government for a redress of grievances. 

Art. II. — A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of 
a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be 

Art. III. — No soldier shall in time of peace, be quartered in any 
house without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war but in a man- 
ner to be prescribed by law. 

Art. IV. — The right of the people to secure in their persons, houses, 
papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not 
be violated ; and no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, sup- 
ported by oath or affirmation, and particularly prescribing the place to be 
searched, and the persons or things to be seized. 

Art, v.— No person shall be held to answer for a cajDital or other- 
wise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand 
jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia 
when in actual service, in time of war or public danger; nor shall any 
person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life 
or limb; nor shall be compelled, in any criminal case, to be witness 
against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due 
process of law ; nor ahall private property be taken for public use without 
just compensation. 

VI. — In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right 
of a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the State and district 
wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory 253 

been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and 
cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; 
to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor ; and to 
have the assistance of counsel for his offence. 

Art. VII. — In suits of common law, where the value in controversy 
shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved ; 
and no fact, tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any court 
of the United States than according to the rules of the cammon law. 

Art. VIII. — Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines 
imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted. 

Art. IX. — The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights 
shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the jjeople. 

Art. X. — The powers not delegated to the United States by the 
Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States 
respectively, or to the people. 

Art. XI. — The judicial power of the United States shall not be 
construed to extend to any suit in law or equity commenced or prosecuted 
against one of the United States by citizens of another State, or by citizens 
for subjects of any foreign State. 

Art. XII. — The electors shall meet in their respective States, and 
vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, 
shall not be an inhabitant of the same State with themselves ; they shall 
name in their ballots the person voted for as President, and in distinct 
ballots the person voted for as Vice-President ; and they shall make dis- 
tinct lists of all persons voted for as President, and of all persons voted 
for as Vice-President, and of the number of votes for each ; which lists 
they shall sign and certify, and transmit, sealed, to the seat of government 
of the United States, directed to the president of the Senate, The presi- 
dent of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of 
Representatives, open all the certificates, and the votes shall then be 
counted ; the person having the greatest number of votes for President 
shall be President, if such number shall be a majority of the whole num- 
ber of electors appointed ; and if no person have such a mojority, then 
from the persons having the highest number, not exceeding three, on the 
list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall 
choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But, in choosing the 
President, the votes shall be taken by States, the representation from each 
State having one vote ; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a mem- 


ber or members from two-thirds of the States, and a majority of all the 
States shall be necessary to a choice. "^And if the House of Representatives 
shall not choose a President, whenever the right of choice shall devolve 
upon them, before the fourth day of March next following, then the Vice- 
President shall act as President, as in the case of the death or other con- 
stitutional disability of the President, 

2. The person having the greatest number of votes for Vice-Presi- 
dent shall be the Vice-PresideTt, if such number be a majority of the 
whole number of electors appointed ; and if no person have a majority, 
then from the two highest numbers on the list the Senate shall choose the 
Vice-President ; a c^uorum for the purpose shall consist of two. thirds of 
the whole number of senators, and a majority of the whole number shall 
be necessary to a choice. 

3. But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President 
shall be eligible to the office of Vice President of the United States. 


The Constitutional Amendment. 


Article V. of the Constitution of the United States clearly and 
distinctly sets forth the mode and manner in which said instrument may 
be amended, as follows: 

"The Congress, whenever two-thirds of both houses shall deem it 
necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the 
application of the Legislatures of two-thirds of the several States, shall 
call a convention for proposing amendments, which in either case shall 
be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when 
ratified by the Legislatures of three-fourths of the several States, or con- 
ventions in three-fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of 
ratification may be proposed by the Congress." 

In accordance with this article of the Constitution, the following 
resolution was proposed in the Senate, on February i, 1864, adopted 
April 8, 1864, by a vote of thirty-eight to six, and was proposed in the 
House June 15, 1864, adopted January 31, 1865, by a vote of 119 to 56: 

Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives of the LInited 
States of America, in Congress assembled, two-thirds of both Houses 
concurring, that the following article be proposed to the Legislatures of 
the several States, as an amendment to the Constitution of the United 
States, which, when ratified by three-fourths of said Legislatures, shall 
be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of said Constitution, namely : 

Article XIIL — ist. Neither slavery or involuntary servitude, except 
as a punishment of crime, whereof the party shall have been duly con- 
victed, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their 

The amendment was now sent by the Secretary of State to the Gov- 
ernors of the several States for ratification by the Legislatures ; a majority 
vote in three-fourths being required to make it a law of the land. 

On December 18, 1865, Secretary Seward officially announced to the 
country the ratification of the amendment, as follows : 

256 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

To all to whom these presents may come, Greeting: 

Know ye, That, whereas the Congress of the United States, on the 
I St of February last, passad a resolution, which is in the words following, 
namely : 

"A resolution submitting to the Legislatures of the several States a 
proposition to amend the Constitution of the United States." 

^^ Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 
States of America in Congress assembled, two-thirds of both Houses con- 
curring, that the following article be proposed to the Legislatures of the 
the several States as an amendment to the Constitution of the United 
States, which, when ratified by three-fourths of said Legislatures, shall be 
valid to all intents and purposes as a part of said Constitution, namely : 

'"Article VIIL 

" 'Section i. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as 
a punishment for crime, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, 
shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their juris- 

" 'Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by 
appropriate legislation.' " 

And whereas, It appears from official documents on file in this 
department, that the amendment to the Constitution of the United States 
proposed as aforesaid, has been ratified by the Legislatures of the States 
of Illinois, Rhode Island, Michigan, Maryland, New York, West Virginia, 
Maine, Kansas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, 
Nevada, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont, Tennessee, 
Arkansas, Connecticut, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Alabama, North 
Carolina, and Georgia, in all twenty-seven States. 

And whereas. The whole number of States in the United States is 

And whereas, The before specially named States, whose Legislatures 
have ratified the said proposed amendment, constitute three-fourths of the 
whole number of States in the United States : 

Now, therefore, be it known that I, William H. Seward, Secretary 
of State of the United States, by virtue and in pursuance of the second 
section of the act of Congrees approved the 20th of April, 1818, entitled 
"An act to provide for the publication of the laws of the United States, 
and for other purposes," do hereby certify that the amendment aforesaid 
has become valid to all intents and purposes as a part of the Constitution 
of the United States. 

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the 
seal of the Department of State to be affixed. 

Done at the City of Washington, this i8th day of December, in the 
year of our Lord 1865, and of the Independence of the United States of 
America the ninetieth. 


Secretary of State. 


Townships in Allen County, 




Township, situated in the western part of the county, and bounded on the 
north by Lake, on the east by Wayne, on the south by Lafayette, and on 
the west by Whitley County, was first settled in 1833 by Jesse Verniilyea, 
Richard Andrews, Richard Clark, Enoch Turner, William A. Gouty and 
Lot S. Bayless. Enoch Turner is the only one of these first settlers now 
residing in the Township. The surface of the Township is rolling, the 
soil fertile and well timbered. The Aboit river, from which the township 
derives its name, flows through is in a southerly direction. The most 
direct means of communication with the township are by the Huntington 
and Illinois State Roads. The former striking the township about five 
miles from Fort Wayne, the latter branching off from the Huntington 
road about four miles from the city and running in a westerly direction 
through the northern portion of the township. The Toledo, Wabash and 
Western Railroad passes through the southern portion of the township, but 
has no station. There is no post-master or post office. Fort Wayne being 
the post office address of nearly all the inhabitants. There is a Township 
Library of 201 volumes, Wm. A. Hamilton, Librarian. The Township 
contains eight School Houses, and one Church. The population of the 
township is, males, 361; females,, ;^6y, total, 724. 

258 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


Township, bounded on the north by St. Joseph, on the east by Jefferson 
on the south by Marion and on the west by Wayne townships, was first 
settled about the year of 1823, by Jesse Adams, L. Edmonds, Charles 
Weeks and Israel Taylor, who were soon followed by others. The first 
birth in the township was that of John S. Rogers, October, 1825. The 
first death that of a daughter of Mrs. L. Adams, in the same month of the 
same year. The surface of the country is level and very heavily timbered, 
the soil fertile, a rich clayey loam, and well adapted to the raising of 
wheat, rye, oats and root crops. 

The Maumee river flows through the township from east to west. The 
Six Mile creek also insures fertility in its immediate vicinity, and affords 
an excellent milling power. This township contains the village of New 
Haven, the largest and most enterprising village out side of Fort Wayne 
in Allen County. The means of transportation through and communica- 
tion with this township are most ample. The Toledo, Wabash and West- 
ern Railway passes through the northern part, the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne 
and Chicago Railway through the central part, and the Wabash and Erie 
canal through the northern part. 

The old Piqua road and New Haven Pike, the latter deserving especial 
mention as the best road in the county, are the principal ones in the town- 
ship. John Rogers is probably the oldest of the first settlers now resid- 
ing in the township. The population of Adams township, exclusive of the 
villageof New Haven, is as follows : males, 796; females, 640; total, 1,436. 

New Haven, the only town of any note in the township, and the largest 
and most enterprising village in the county, is situated on the Wabash 
and Erie Canal and Toledo, Wabash and Western Railway, six miles east 
of Fort Wayne, This is a finely located and rapidly growing town, was laid 
out about the year 1846, by Henry Burgess, a native of the State of Con- 
necticut, who gave it the name of New Haven in Honor of that "City of 
Elms" in his native State. 

As a place of buisness, a location for a fine residence, or a manufactur- 
ing point. New Haven has many advantages— a good soil, good water power> 
facilities for transportation and travel by canal and railroad, and situated in 
an almost inexhaustable tract of the best timber country, which supplies 
the material for several large manufactorties of lumber, staves, heading, 
barrels, lath, shingles, etc., and gives constant employment to a great 
number of hands. The population of the place is, males, 510; females, 
456. Making a total in Adams Township, including New Haven, of 2,057 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 259 


Township, is bounded on the north by DeKalb County, east by Spring- 
field Township, south by Milan and St. Joe, west by Perry. It was set- 
tled by Joseph Shields, William Shields, John Manning, Moses Siwitz, sr., 
P. Notestine and others. Cedar Creek, from which the Township de- 
rives its name, flows through the central part, from north-east, furnish- 
ing good water power which is being employed by Mr. John Vanzile, at 
the Pin Oak Mills, near the west line of the township, and by Miller, 
Stoner & Bro., at Cedarville, in running a first-class flouring mill, circular 
saw mill and plaining mill. The St. Joseph river flows through the east- 
ern part of the township, from north-east to south-wast. The bottom 
lands along this river are among the most fertile in the county. The soil 
in the Cedar Creek bottoms is mostly sand, that near the river loam, and 
on the uplands a mixture of sand, clay and loam. The timber is hickory, 
oak, beach, ash, elm, butternut, walnut, willow, and some cottenwood. 
Grain, hay, fruit, stock, etc., are raised in abundance in all parts of the 
township. Farms and roads are generally well kept. The township con- 
tains ten school houses, valued at ^6,000; four churches valued at about 
$6,000; four flouring mills valued at $33,000; five saw mills valued at $10,- 
500; a woolen factory worth $4,000; a stave factory worth $5,000, and a 
shingle mill worth $4,000. There are two post offices, Leo, J. W. Baird, 
P. M., and Cedarville, John W. Smith, P. M. Population, 1613; males 
775, females, 838. 

Hamilton, Leo Post Office, is situated on the west bank of the St. Joe 
river, about fourteen miles north-east of Fort Wayne. It contains three 
churches, one Methodist Episcopal, one United Brethren, one Catholic; a 
two story brick school house, one flouring mill, one steam saw mill, one 
tannery, a stave factory, a shingle factory, a woolen factory, three stores, 
one saloon, two blacksmith shops, a manufactory of horse rakes, three 
boot and shoe shops, one tin shop and two wagon shops. There is one 
physician in that place, and a pastor to each of the churches. A lodge of 
F. & A. M. meets monthly. There is also a flourishing lodge of Good 
Templars. Population about 240. 

Cedarville is pleasantly situated between the St. Joe river and Cedar 
Creek, near the mouth of the latter. It contains one church, (Methodist 
Episcopal,) one saw mill, one grist mill, a planing machine, a shingle 
factory, one store, one grocery, in which the post office is kept, a black- 
smith shop, and one wagon shop. Cedarville, though its name has long 
been on the connty map, is in fact, now only in the third year of its exist- 


ence, is rapidly growing, and its inhabitants feel sanguine that it will be- 
come one of the first villages of the county. They are encouraged in this 
belief by the fact that it is accessible by steamboats on the St. Joe river, 
even at the lowest water mark. 


Township, situated in the north-western part of the county, is bounded on 
the north and west by Noble County, on the east by Perry, and on the south 
by Lake and Washington townships. It was first settled in the year 1823 
by F. S. Shoaff, Wm Mooney, Oliver Potter, Geo. Hand, and others. 
The surface of the township is generally level. The southern and eastern 
part being almost entirely prairie. The soil is a rich loam, well adapted 
to the raising of corn and grass. The principal streams are Eel River 
and Willow Creek. The township contains nine school houses, and one 
in the course of construction, two of which are brick, and the remaining 
seven are wooden structures; three churches, one Methodist, one Baptist 
and one United Brethren ; two post offices, one Heller's Corners, west of 
the centre of the township, Thomas R. Morrison, post master, another in 
the western part of the township, on the Goshen road, Norris Heller, post 
master ; one steam saw mill, one dry goods store, one boot and shoe 
establishment, two gunsmith shops, and one lodge of Good Templars. 
There are two ministers, two physicians, and one lawyer residing in the 
township, from which any inference may be drawn that will suit the taste 
of the reader. The number of scholars enrolled the last enumeration was 
526. The oldest citizens residing in the township are William Bennett, 
88 years old; Samuel Harrison, 72; Nathan Bennett, 72. The pojDulation 
of the township is as follows: Males, 570; females, 521; total, 1,091. 


Township, situated in the eastern (or south-eastern) part of Allen county, 
is bounded on the north by Maumee, on the south by Monroe, on the 
west by Jefferson and on the east by Paulding county. 

The surface of the county is flat and very heavily timbered, the lumber 
which it affords finding a very ready and convenient market at Monroe- 
ville. Flat Rock Creek and an unnamed tributary are the only streams in 
the county. The soil is strong and well adapted to the growing of grains 
and grasses, and fruit and root crops. Some of the land, however, would 
be greatly improved by a thorough system of drainage. The first settle- 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 261 

ment was made in the year 1840 by George Bale, George Hollinger and 
Robert Mooney. The oldest settler now living in the township is George 

The township contains three school houses, the last one being erected 
in 1868; no church, and one township library, in care of the Trustee, 
Samuel Balyard. The principal roads traversing the township are the 
Sugar Ridge Road, from Fort Wayne to Van Wert, Ohio, the Paulding 
and Van Wert and the Paulding and Monroeville roads. 

Monroeville and New Haven are the principal shipping points and post 
office address for citizens of this township. 

The township is very sparsely settled as yet, most of the land being 
owned by capitalists in Fort Wayne and other points abroad. The num- 
ber of males in the township is 102 ; females, 85 ; total population, 187. 


Township is bounded on the north by Milan, on the east by Jackson, on 
the south by Madison, and on the west by Adams townships. The sur- 
face is generally level, with a few good ridges of excellent land. The 
level land lying on the eastern part of the township is well timbered and 
only requires drainage to make it the most productive in the county, for 
grasses especially. The first settlement was made by Messrs. Whitney and 
Blackmore, in the year 1833. This was once a favorite Indian hunting 
ground, the streams abounding in fish, and to this day traces of the beaver 
are i)lain in many of the creeks, and arrows and tomahawks of rude man- 
ufacture are frequently upturned by the plowshare. Wolves are said to 
have been a great pest to the early settlers, frecpiently comihitting serious 
depredations on their smaller stock. The oldest inhabitants in the townshtp 
are Joseph Gronauer, A. Whitney, A. Wolf, Aretas Powers and William 
Harper. The first birth was that of Reuben Powers, in the year 1837. 
The first marriage was that of Reuben Powers, sr., to Miss Eveline Whit- 
ney, in 183S, by William Brown, Esq.; first death was that of a child 
(drowned), in the year 1836. The Maumee river flows through the 
northwestern part of the township. The Wabash & Erie canal and the 
Toledo, Wabash & Western railway pass through the northern and the 
Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago railway through the southeastern cor- 
ner of the township. 

Maples, a small post office village of about 200 inhabitants, situated on 
the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago railway, about ten miles from Fort 
Wayne, boasts one dry goods store, one grocery and saloon, one stave 

262 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

factory, Fitch & Maples, proprietors, which is doing a very prosperous 
business. It has also a prosperous I. O. G.T. lodge. Two doctorsreside 
in the village. The township contains one church (Catholic) comprising 
a charge of 103 families, eleven schools and a township library in good 
condition. The population of the township is rated as follows: Males, 
615; females, 512; total, 1,127. 


Township, which receives its name from the Marquis de Lafayette, so 
celebrated for the part he bore in our Revolutionary history, the south- 
west corner township of Allen county, is bounded on the north by Aboite 
and on the east by Pleasant townships, on the south by Wells and on the 
west by Huntington counties. It was laid out by sections in 1840 and 
was first settled in the following year by James Wilson, William Jobs 
and Samuel Fogwell. Rebecca Fogwell was the first white child born. 
The first death tvas that of Samuel Fogwell. The township is well watered 
— in the southern part by Eight Mile creek, in the northern part by Little 
river and in other parts by smaller streams. The Indianapolis and Hunt- 
ington roads cross the township in a southwesterly direction and are 
the principal means of transportation. In the northwestern part the 
surface is very rolling, but becomes more level toward the opposite cor- 
ner. The soil is very fertile and is well timbered, principally with maple, 
hickory, oak and walnut, but in some parts of the township considerable 
quantities of poplar is found. As a proof of the quality of the soil and 
the industry of the inhabitants, one need only to look at the finely im- 
proved farms whose bountiful harvests of grains and fruits, and substantial 
buildings and surroundings that now gladden the eye of the old pioneer 
as well as the passer-by, where thirty years ago the silence of an almost 
impenetrable forest reigned supreme. The principal products are wheat, 
corn, oats and flax. The township contains eleven school houses, two 
churches (one German Methodist and one Evangelical Association), three 
saw mills and three post offices — Aboite, in the northwestern part of the 
township, nine miles from Fort Wayne ; the Nine Mile post office, which, 
as its name implies, is nine miles from Fort Wayne, is in the eastern part, 

Zanesville, a small postal village of about 250 inhabitants, in the 
southern part, on the line of division between Wells and Allen counties, 
fifteen miles from Fort Wayne. It contains one church, one general store, 
one shoe shop, one blacksmith shop, one wagon shop, and one saw mill. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 263 

The Toledo, Wabash & Western railway passes through the northwestern 
part of the township, along the northern bank of Little river, but has no 
station. The population of the township ranks: Males, 657; females, 
622 ; total, 1,279. 


Township, in the western part of the county, is boundetl on the north 
by Whitley county and Eel River township, on the east by Washington 
and on the south by Aboite townships, and on the west by Whitley county. 
It was first settled in 1835 by Andrew Forsythe, who was followed in the 
fall of the same year by William Luckey, Samuel Caffrey and James 
Pringle. John McClure, Francis Sweet and Samuel Pierson settled here 
in 1837, and the first election was held in April of the same year. There 
are three churches (one Methodist Episcopal, one Free Will Baptist and 
one United Brethren), one church organization of the Catholic faith, 
with a membership of seventy families, mostly of foreign birth 3 a Good 
Templar's lodge and a township library. The soil is fertile, but in some 
parts rather low, all of this, however, is capable of being improved under 
a system of thorough drainage. Wheat and corn are the principal pro- 
ducts. Sorghum is also raised in considerable quantities in some parts of 
the township. The Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago railway traverses 
the southern portion of the township. It is well watered by Aboite creek 
in the southern part and a fine lake and its tributary in the northern part. 
There are eleven school districts, with an attendance of 473 scholars. 
The township (Areola included) has a population of 629 males and 537 
females; total 1,166. 

Arcola is a post ofifice village in the southwestern part of the town- 
ship, and a station on the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago railway, 
eight miles from Fort Wayne. It contains one grocery and dry goods 
store, one saw mill, one shingle and lath factory, one wagon shop, one 
blacksmith shop, one boot and shoe shop, one saloon and two physicians. 
Population: Males, 66; females, 35; total, loi. 


Township is located in the southeastern part of Allen county, and is 
bounded on the north by Jefferson township, on the south by Wells county, 
on the east by Monroe and on the west by Marion township. The Pitts- 
burgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago railway passes through the northeast corner 

264 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

of the township and is the only means of transportation. Monroeville, in 
Monroe township, is the nearest shipping point, being about five miles 
from the center of this township. The first settlement was made in 1838 

by Messrs. Browning, William Hill, George Eagy, Andrew Meek, 

John Edwards and Milton Holmes. The oldest man in the township is 
Adam Emeneheiser, age 92. The township contains several saw mills, 
carpenters, two blacksmith shops, three churches (one Presbyterian,' 
erected in 1848; one Evangelical Lutheran, erected in 1866; one Lutheran, 
erected in 1846), ten district schools, with an average attendance of thirty- 
five scholars each, one Vigilant Committee, or society, organized ten or 
fifteen years ago, owing to the depredations of horse-thieves. The surface 
is flat and heavily timbered with oak, ash, walnut, poplar, etc. The soil 
good and well adapted to the raising of all kinds of grain, fruit and grass 
— grazing being especially good. 

This township was traversed by old General Wayne in his route to 
Fort Wayne from Piqua. There is no post office in the township, the 
mails being received at Monroeville. There are no running streams in 
the township, but it is well watered by springs, &c. Population : Males, 
483 ; females, 425 ; total, 908. 


Township, the keystone in the southern tier of Allen county townships, 
is bounded on the north by Adams, on the east by Madison, on the west 
by Pleasant townships and on the south by Adams county. The surface 
is slightly rolling, heavily timbered and well watered. The soil is rich, 
sandy loam and universally good, there being no waste land in the town- 
ship. Wheat, oats and corn are the principal product. The township 
was first settled in 1835 by Jesse Heaton, sen., David Spitler, C. I>ipes, 

Garret Norton, Thomas Thompson and Marion, from whom the 

township derived its name at its organization in 1836. These were soon 
followed by Judge McLain, David McLain, John M. Sorg and others, 
who settled on the east bank of the St. Mary's river, along the present 
location of the Piqua road. 

The oldest inhabitant now living in the township is Jesse Heaton, 80 
years of age. Himself and wife still live on the farm located by him 34 
years ago. 

The principal roads traversing the township are the Piqua road, or old 
plank road from Fort Wayne to Decatur, the Winchester road, running 
along the western ridge, the Flat Rock road from Williamsport to Van 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 265 

Wert, Ohio, and the old Piqua road, or what is generally known as the 
Wayne trace, the route Gen. Wayne and his army traversed on their way 
to Fort Wayne. ^ 

WiLLiAMSPORT, a Small post office town, is situated in the southwestern 
part of the township, on the west bank of the St. Mary's river. It con- 
tains one store, one saw mill, oiie flouring mill, M. Cody, of Fort Wayne, 
proprietor, one shoe shop, one wagon shop, two blacksmith shops, two 
churches (one Presbyterian and one Methodist Episcopal), one school 
house and a post office. 

MiDDLETOWN, another modest hamlet, is situated about a mile and a 
half from the center of the township, on the Piqua road, eleven miles from 
Fort Wayne. It contains one store, one blacksmith shop, one saw mill, 
Messrs. Moneysmith and Morton, proprietors, one post office, two cooper 
shops, one hotel, one church (Methodist Episcopal, erected in 1854I, one 
school house and a Masonic lodge, organized in 1854, and now in a very 
flourishing condition. 

The township is well supplied with religious and educational advantages. 
There are seven church organizations — one Roman Catholic, one Baptist, 
one Presbyterian, two Methodist Episcopal and two German Lutheran. 
There are fourteen schools in the township — two Roman Catholic (one a 
Sisters' school, situated near the church, on the Piqua road, eight miles 
from Fort Wayne), two German Lutheran, and ten district schools, with 
a population of 656 males and 607 females ; total, 1,263. 


Township, located in the eastern part of the county, is bounded on the 
north by Springfield and Scipio, on the south by Jackson, on the west by 
Milan townships and on the east by Paulding county, Ohio. It was first 
settled by LTlrich Saylor, sr., LUrich Saylor, jr., and Solomon Swisher, in 
1837. The township Avas organized in 1843. '^he first marriage wa,s- 
that of Betsey E. Saylor and Charles Harding, in 1841. The oldest set- 
tlers now living are Ulrich Saylor, sr., LTlrich- Saylor jr., and William 
Johnson. The township is traversed by the Maumce river, the Wabash 
& Erie canal and the Toledo, Wabash & Western railway. The surface 
is flat and in many places swampy. There are three school houses, a 
township library, a grocery at Bull Rapids and a station and post office 
called Woodburn, on the Toledo, Wabash cSi Western railway, sixteen 
miles from Fort Wayne. Population: Males, 179; females, 150; total, 


266 CARTER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 


Township, lying on the eastern part of the county, is bounded on the 
north by Cedar Creek and Springfield, on the east by Maumee, on the 
south by Jefferson and on the west by St, Joseph townships. The first 
settlements were made from 1838 to 1840 inclusive, near the Maumee 
river, by Alvin Hall, George Forstater, Charles Schreiner, Nathan Lake, 
John Nuttle, Wilkes Gillet, Andrew Wakefield, Richard Barrow and 
others. The oldest inhabitants now living are R. D. Nuttle, Charles 
Schreiner and Alvin Hall, who came respectively in the years 1835, ^^37 
and 1838. The township contains eight school houses, valued at ^3,500, 
a Lutheran society, holding its services in a school house, a township 
library and a post office on the Ridge road. The principal streams are 
Maumee river, Six Mile, Nine Mile and Ten Mile creeks. The Wabash & 
Erie canal and the Toledo, Wabash & Western railway pass through the 
township. The northwest part (about one-third of the township), con- 
tains some of the finest farming lands in the county. The balance, 
however, is rather low and swampy, but, if properly drained, would 
make a good grazing country. Population: Males, 604; females, 596; 
total, 1,100. 


Township is located in the southeast corner of Allen county, midway 
between the St. Mary's and Maumee river, a distance of sixteen miles from 
Fort Wayne and bordering on the Ohio State line fourteen miles from 
Van Wert. This township has the facilities afforded by the Pittsburgh, 
Fort Wayne and Chicago railroad running direct through its center, thus 
rendering an easy access to the city of Fort Wayne, or the village of Van 
Wert, by rail, and affording a good market for the immense amount of 
choice timber for which it is noted. The land is of an undulating sur- 
face, composed of rich, black sandy loam well adapted to the raising of 
corn, wheat, oats, rye, .barley, potatoes and grass, with all the cereals 
requisite for table use. The principal commerce consists of the large 
quantity of staves, spokes, lumber and hub timber, together with the 
hoop poles and live stock which are being constantly shipped from Mon- 
roeville, the principal market place, situated in the center of the tOAvnship. 
It was first settled in 1838 or 1839 by a few hardy pioneers who had the 
courage and fortitude so essential to the early settlers to induce them to 
forego the comforts and societies of older States for the new and most 

CARiER A Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 267 

bitter trials of manhood which have to be endured in settling up a new 
country, in the midst of a dense wilderness, far from markets of any 
kind, with nothing to cheer them but the prospects of the future. Among 
them there are none more worthy of note than Peter Slemmer and Hugli 
Anderson, the two first settlers of this township, or of those who imme- 
diately followed them, Noah Clem, Samuel Clem, William Rabbit, Moses 
Ratledge, William Ratledge, Elijah Redenhouse, John Fredline, John 
Stephenson, Thomas Meeks and Asa Dillon, many of whom are still living 
upon their now old and improved farms, and are capable yet of telling 
of the self-trying times they have endured that they might reap the benefits 
in their old days. 

The first white male child born in the township was John Ratlege. The 
oldest man now living in the township is Hugh Anderson, who. though 
very old, is still able to look to the interests of his farm and household. 
This, unlike most other townships, can boast of a smart, thriving village 
situated about the center of it, wherein are constantly in operation a 
number of factories, steam saw and grist mills, together with all the 
other branches of mechanism usually carried on in inland towns or vil- 
lages, while as for churches, schools and societies in general it is unsur- 
passed by any township in the county except Wayne. It can boast of 
every convenience calculated to make life pleasant in a society where 
benevolence and energy are necessary for public improvements as will be 
seen readily by observing the various churches, schools and benevolent 
societies, such as Masonic, Odd Fellows, Good Templars, together with 
the Ladies' Sociable, wherein the mite is given freely for such charitable 
purposes as the society think most needy. For a more full description of 
the township, we would refer the reader to the history of Monroeville, 
hereiVith connected. 

Monroeville, the center of Monroe township, was first laid out as a 
town by John Barnhart, Esq., in 1854, and is located sixteen miles east- 
ward from Fort Wayne, on the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago rail- 
way, and is sixteen miles from Van Wert, Ohio, and twelve miles from 
Decatur, the county seat of Adams county, Indiana ; thus rendering it a 
thriving inland business point with a population of about 1,300 inhabit- 
ants, has four extensive stave manufactories, two steam saw mills, one 
large flouring mill, five dry goods stores, three grocery and provision 
stores, two blacksmith shops, two wagon shops, with various others, such 
as carpenter, cabinet, boot, shoe and harness shops. This town, for many 
years after it was laid out, was nothing but a mail station upon the rail- 

268 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

road, and its entire growth as seen at present, has been accomplished in 
the past five or six years, and so rapid has been its prosperity that within 
one year's time it has surpassed every village in the county for business 
facilities derived from manufactories and merchandise. 

The citizens of Monroeville are, in general, enterprising and indus- 
trious, and seem to possess a public pride worthy of commendation, as 
will be readily observed from their fine churches that have been lately 
erected, with other fine buildings already completed and in progress of 
erection, such as school houses, town halls, &c. The streets are kept in 
good repair, and few towns having double the age of Monroeville, can 
boast of better sidewalks. The inhabitants take a high stand in favor of 
education, and contributed largely for the erection of a graded school 
suitable for the townand surrounding country. Churches are well attended, 
and all seem to vie with each other in helping to preserve order and 
friendly feeling throughout the town. Of religious denominations there 
are three (Catholic, Methodist Episcopal and Lutheran), each denomina- 
tion having a fine church and a large congregation. The benevolent 
institutions of Monroeville are as follows : The Monroeville Masonic 
Lodge, No. 293, the Independent Order of Good Templars and the 
Brotherhood of Odd Fellows, each order having a large number of mem- 
bers, and are in a thriving condition, possessing good halls and meet 

The principal business of the town is derived from the timber that 
surrounds it and from the immense amount of staves, lumber, spokes and 
hubs that are bought at this place, giving employment to numerous hands 
in the manufacture of the same, and distributing weekly from ten to 
fifteen thousand dollars for those articles of trade. While at the same 
time Monroeville is the principal market place for Decatur, the county 
seat of Adams county, thus helping to contribute occupation for teaming 
to and fro between the two towns and affording plenty of business for 
livery and horse dealers, together with the advantages derived therefrom 
for two hotels of the place, where accommodations can be obtained well 
worthy of the landlords, who endeavor to render the comfort and happi- 
nesss of their guests their chief satisfaction. 

Population of Monroeville ; Males, 463; females, 412; total, 875. 
Population of Monroe township (including Monroeville) : Males, 784 ; 
females, 730; total, 1,514. 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory 269 


Township is bounded on the north by DeKalb county, on the south by 
Wasliington and St. Soseph, on the east by Cedar Creek and on the west 
by Eel River townships. The surface of the country is rolb'ng and heavily 
timbered. The soil is well adapted to raising all kinds of grain and 
fruits, the principal products being wheat and corn. 

The first settlement was made in 1S30 by Mr. Weeks (who felled the 
first tree), W. S. Hunter, Joseph Hunter and Mr. Hatch. The country, 
previous to this time, had been an umbroken wilderness, and the sleep of 
the little settlement was only disturbed by the fierce howl of the wolf and 
other animals. The incidents following the first settlement for a great 
many years were not unlike other new settlements. This being a heavily 
timbered country, with a rich soil, the production of corn, wheat, oats, 
&c., were the first things thought of, and, to accomplish this end, the 
timber was soon hewn away, and where the giant forest then stood we 
now see extensive fields of the common products of Northern Indiana. 
The first white child born w^as Harriet Weeks and the first deatli was Mr. 
Jason Hatch. This township contains one hotel, three groceries, two 
boot and shoe stores, three blacksmith shop, one steam and two water 
power saw mills, five churches (one Presbyterian, two Methodist, one 
United Brethren, one Lutheran and one Universalist); one cemetery, 
situated in the center of the township, and eight district schools, with an 
average attendance of 495 scholars; one township library, one Masonic 
lodge, which meets once a month, and one lodge of Good Templars who 
meet weekly. 

HuNTERTOWN (Perry Post Office), is an incorporated town, situated in 
the northwestern part of the township, about ten miles from Fort Wayne, 
on the Lima plank road. The Fort Wayne, Jackson & Saginaw and the 
Grand Rapids & Lidiana railroads run on the same grade to this place, 
where they form a junction — one taking an easterly and the other a west- 
erly course. The village contains no inhabitants (60 males and 50 
females), one dry goods and grocery store, witli post office, two grocery 
stores, three blacksmith shops, two boot and shoe stores, one fur glove 
factory, one hotel and one physician. Thus it may be seen that with the 
rich fertile soil, adapted to all kinds of fruit raising and agriculture, to- 
gether with the easy mode of transportation, to say nothing of the mineral 

270 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

resources, this is destined to be one of the leading places of the county, 
if not of northern Indiana. Population of the township, 1,091 (611 
males and 480 females). 


Township, situated in the southern or southwestern part of the county, is 
bounded on the north by Wayne, on the east by Marion and on the west 
by Lafayette townships, and on the south by Wells county. The surface 
of the township is level, the soil fertile, well watered and timbered, and 
particularly adapted to the growth of corn and wheat, which are its prin- 
cipal products. 

The St. Mary's river runs through the northeast corner and the Little 
river, in a very winding course, traverses the whole length of the town- 
ship. The most direct route to and through the township is the Bluffton 
road, which runs north and south along the center of it. There are two 
other roads, running parallel with the Bluffton road — the Murray road, 
two miles to the west, and the County road, one and a half miles east — 
which also afford ample means of communication with all parts of the 

There are four churches, nine school houses, one township library of 
$^S volumes, kept at the house of the librarian, A. F. Unger, and one 
post office (called Nine Mile post office), but Fort Wayne is the post office 
address of a majority of the inhabitants. Population : Males, 638; females, 
668; total, i, 306. 


Township is situated in the northeastern part of the county, twenty miles 
from Fort Wayne. The southern part is somewhat low, but well adapted 
to the raising of corn, hay and stock. The northern part contains some 
of the most fertile soil in the State. Finer farms than are seen here can 
scarcely be found in any country. In passing up the Ridge road, the 
eye of the traveler will be delighted in a high degree with the well-tilled 
fields, the carefully-tended flocks, the substantial barns and out-houses, the 
neat and tasteful dwellings, surrounded by trees and shrubbery, and well- 
kept lawns, all showing, in addition to a high state of thrift and industry, 


a degree of intelligence and refinement too seldom found in farming 
communities. Too much can scarcely be sasd of the beauty of this 

The township was first settled by Piatt Squire, Benjamin Borden, Jehiel 
and Marvin Parks, Lucius, Nathan and William Parmer, George and 
Robert Dorsey, Philip J. Schell and John Wentworth. The first birth 
was that of Lafayette Squire and Laura Squire was the first death, caused 
by burning. 

The early settlers, like all other pioneers, had to endure severe hard- 
ships during the first years of their settlement. At Fort Wayne — then 
only a trading post — they were compelled to buy their provisions and 
clothing and float them down the Manmee river in pirogues to the State 
line, and from there carry them on their backs six miles through an un- 
broken wilderness, infested with wolves, bears, wildcats, and the no less 
savage Indians, to whose mercy their wives and children were exposed in 
their absence. 

This township (which is a small one, being only about one-third the 
size of a full township) has three school houses, valued at ^i,ooo, and a 
Methodist church, valued at $1,200. It has a population of 414 (249 
males and 165 females). 


Township, lying in the northeastern part of the county, is bounded on 
the north by DeKalb county, on the east by Scipio, on the south by Milan 
and Maumee and on the west by Cedar Creek townships. 

It was first settled in 1836 by Henry Gruber, AV'illiam Ringwalt, Mr. 
King, Isaac Hall, Ezra May, William Sweet and William Glaze, who 
built the first house in the township west of the present site of the village 
of Maysville. The township was organized in 1837. It was named by 
Isaac Hall after a township of the same name in Summit county, Ohio, 
Mr. Hall's former home. The first marriage was celebrated between 
Isaac Hall and Jane S. Burdee. Ezra May was the first Justice of the 
Peace. The first school house was built near where Maysville now stands, 
and Miss Anna S. Bracy was the first to wield the birch and give direction 
to the shooting of the young idea in the new township. The oldest 

272 CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 

settler now living is Samuel Orno, aged about 85 years, who served as a 
soldier in the campaigns of the First Napoleon. 

There are two post ofifices (Hall's Corners, in the northeast part of the 
township, and Harlan, in the village of Maysville). It contains twelve 
school houses, valued at ^6,000, and eight churches, worth about ^5,000. 
They are of the following denominations : Two Methodist Episcopal, 
two Methodist Protestant, two Lutheran, one Dutch Reform and one 
United Brethren. 

Maysville (Harlan Post Office), a village of 260 inhabitants, lies one 
mile west and two miles south from the center of the township and is 
fourteen miles northeast of Fort Wayne, on the Ridge road. It contains 
one steam flouring mill, two steam saw mills, a shingle mill, four stores, 
one grocery, one cabinet shop, a butcher shop, two blacksmith shops, a 
boot and shoe shop, two wagon shops, a harness shop, a manufactory of 
window shades, a post office, an ^tna insurance agency, a Masonic and 
a good Templars lodge, a two-story school house, containing three rooms, 
three churches, a photograph gallery, a veterinary surgeon and three 

Cuba, a hamlet containing about fifty souls, is situated on the Ridge 
road, near the south line of the township. It has a steam saw mill, a 
school house, a boot and shoe maker and a physician. 

The soil is generally very good, the farms are mostly well cultivated 
and neatly kept, churches and school houses are numerous and very well 
attended, newspapers are liberally patronized, and it is perhaps safe to 
say that the people of Springfield township are excelled by none in the 
county in enterprise, industry, morality and general intelligence. Popu- 
lation : Males, 856; females, 864; total, 1,722. 


Township, one of the center townships of Allen county, is bounded on 
the north by Perry and Cedar Creek, on the east by Milan, on the south 
by Adams and on the west by Washington townships. It was first settled 
in the spring of 1835, by Uriah Notestine, John Tilbury, Jacob Sturm, 
Philip Lee, Christian Parker and John Herbert. The surface is flat and 
the soil fertile, a clayey loam, well watered by the St. Joseph river, from 
which it derives its name, and some smaller tributaries, and is very well 

CARiER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 273 

adapted to the raising of root and cereal crops. The timber with which 
the township is well supplied, is mainly white oak, beach and maple. 
It contains ten district schools, four churches (one of all denominations, 
built in the year 1848, one German Lutheran, built the same year, one 
Methodist, built in 1864, and one Catholic, built in j866), and one town- 
ship library, Daniel Eby, Librarian. The Fort Wayne paper mills, an 
extensive manufactory, of which Freeman, & Barnett are proprietors, 
besides several saw mills, have their situations in this township. 

The Academy of the Sacred Heart, an offshoot of the church of St. 
Vincent de Paul, built in the year 1866, has a beautiful location and 
extensive grounds on the Auburn road, six miles from the city of Fort 
Wayne. The main building is of brick, four stories high, eighty by 
forty-five feet. The attendance has rapidly increased since its opening. 
The pupils are under the charge of eight Sisters of Charity. The prin- 
cipal means of communication with the township is by the St. Joseph 
river road, following the course of that river through the township. The 
number of males in the township is 652 ; females, 719 ; total, 1,371. 


Township, one of the center townships of Allen county, borders on the 
northern line of Wayne township and by the annexation of the village 
of Bloomingdale, embraces a small portion of the city of Fort Wayne 
within its borders. Its remaining borders are, on the east by St. Joseph, 
on the west by Lake and on the north by Eel River and Perry townships. 
The first settlements in the township were made by Isaac and Nicholas 
Klinger, and Rheinhart Gripe in the year 1824, by Andrew Moore in 
1825, and by John S. Archer, David Archer, Adam Pettit, Thos. Hatfield, 
Asahel Savery and John Cook in 1826. The township was organized in 
March, 1832, at the March session of the County Commissioners. John 
S. Archer was appointed, during the same year, inspector of elections 
until the following April. The election was held at tlie residence of 
Thomas Hatfield. Moses Sivets was elected Justice of the Peace. The 
first white child 'born was David L. Archer, Jan. i, 1827, and the first 
death was that of Catharine Ihler, July 2, 1825. The surface is rolling, 
sloping gradually to the south and east. The soil is a good sandy loam, 
well adapted to the raising of wheat, corn, oats and grasses. The St. 


Joseph river, which floats through the southeastern part of the township 
in a winding, mainly southwesterly direction, together with Spy run, 
Beckett's branch, and the Feeder Canal, afford ample facilities for all 
necessary water privileges. The Lima, Goshen and Leesburg plank roads 
traverse the township in northeasterly directions. The Fort Wayne, 
Jackson & Saginaw and the Grand Rapids and Indiana railroads traverse 
the township in a northerly direction. It contains two churches — one 
Catholic, St. Vincent de Paul, situated in the northeastern part, on the 
line between St. Joseph and Washington, Rev. Auguste Adams in charge. 
This church was built in 1861 and its parsonage in 1862. The number 
of families attending it is about 125. One Methodist (Bethel Chapel), 
built in 1842, situated in the northwestern part. There are three libraries, 
— one township of six or seven hundred volumes and two Sunday School 
of about 125 volumes each. 

The first school held in the township had an attendance of ten scholars 
and was taught by Alexander Waldron, in a log cabin, in 1829. It now 
contains eight free schools, with an average attendance of about 800 
scholars, and two German Lutheran, one of which is situated in the eastern 
and the other in the southwestern part, with an average attendance of 
about thirty scholars each. The oldest inhabitants now residing in the 
township are Babel Wainwright, 95 years of age, and Victor Beurre, 75. 
The township boasts two saw mills, one tannery, two grist mills, one spoke 
factory, two breweries (Bloomingdale and French), two sorgho mills, two 
lawyers and two ministers. Population: Males, 780; females, 844; 
total, 1,624. 


Township. Of the twenty townships comprising Allen county, Wayne is 
by far of the most importance, being situated on an elevated plain, at the 
junction of the St. Mary's and St. Joseph rivers, and containing the city 
of Fort Wayne, the county seat and one of the most important commercial 
centers in the State. The township is bounded on the north by Wash- 
ington, on the south by Pleasant, on the east by Adams and on the west 
by Aboite townships. The surface is rolling, with a gradual slope in 
every direction from the city of Fort Wayne. The soil is well adapted 
to raising wheat, corn, oats, buckwheat, timothy and clover, and is well 

CARTER & Campbell's ft. wayne directory. 275 

watered by the St. Mary's, St. Joseph and Maumee rivers. There are 
some fine belts of timber in this township, principally walnut, hickory, 
oak, maple and poplar. Generally, however, the supply for building 
purposes has become quite limited, especially in the neighborhood of 
Fort Wayne. As early as 1700, this point at the junction was visited by 
the French for the purpose of trading with the Indians and before 1800 
a regular trading post was established in the township, thus making it a 
grand commercial center, destined to become the most important town- 
ship in Northern Indiana. It is now traversed in every direction from 
Fort Wayne by roads, generally good, affording easy communication with 
every part of the county. The schools are excellent and so situated that 
they are within the reach of all, several of them being graded schools. 
The township library is situated in the city, comprising about 2,000 
volumes, and is open to all every Saturday. The librarian and township 
trustee is John E. Hill. 

Notwithstanding the churches in the city are convenient to all the 
inhabitants in the township, there are several well-built churches in the 
country, well attended by interested congregations and having good Sun- 
day school libraries. The farms are all well improved, having good 
buildings, with many orchards of choice fruit. 

The township is thickly settled, having (exclusive of Fort Wayne) the 
largest population of any township in the county. Males, 1,186; females, 
1,014 '} total, 2,200. 

General Index 

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Alphabetical List of Names, to- 
gether with residence, &c., 65 
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Bloomingdale Street Directory, 42 
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Church Directory, 227 
Constitution of the U. S. 241 
Colerick W. G. & H., 56 
County and City Officers 46 
Coombs, Miller & Bell, 61 
Didier J. C. 36 
Fire Department, 230 
Fire District, 230 
Ffre, Life and Accidental Insur- 
ance, 50 
First National Bank, 44 
Fledderman John G., 44 
Ford Charles, 44 
Fort Wayne National Bank, 9 
Fort Wayne Steam Iron Works, 13 
Fort Wayne Machine Works, 35 
Fort Wayne Street Directory, 39 
Fort Wayne Steel Plow Works, 51 
Fort Wayne Trunk Manufactory, 52 
Fort Wayne Steam Iron Works, 54 
French, Hanna & Co., 34 
French Lager Beer Brewery, 1 20 
Graham & Gottshall, 12 

History of Townships, &r. 257 

Hamilton Allen & Co., 49 

Harper James & Co., 9 

Hattersley A., 9 

Hoffman Bros. , 1 1 

Hurd O. D., 63 

Indiana Land Agency, 48 

Hamilton & Co., 8 

Indiana Land Agency, 5 7 

Interest Table, 7 

Jacoby & Wiegand, 1 1 
Justices of the Peace in Allen Co. 45 

Kane James M. & Bro., 5 

Kerr Murray, 33 

Kover & Rivers, 6 

Laidlaw Peter B., 55 

Leutz, Bourie & Co.,* 64 
List of Students at Concordia 

College, 205 

Location of Fire Cisterns, 231 

MacDougal & Lauferty, . 61 

Mayer & Graffe, 56 

Mayer & Morss, 33 
Mayer Geo. J. E. & F. Voirol, 43 

McCulloch& Richey, 60 

Merchants' National Bank, 34 

Mergentheim A., 61 

Monroeville Directory, 222 

Morgan & Beach, 56 

Nelson DeGroff& Co., 8 

Nestel D., 7 

Nestel Charles W. and Eliza, 7 

Newberger Louis, 8 

New York City Store, 38 

New Haven Directory, 225 

Newspapers, 234 

Notaries Public 49 

Oakley B. W. & Son, 8 


Officers of the City Government 

from 1840 to 1873, 16 

OrffC. &Co., 55 

Paramore S. L., 55 

Parochial Schools, 229 

Public School Department, 228 

Public Build mgs, Halls, &c., 59 

Queen Insurance Co., 37 

Randall F. P., 14 

Reciprocal Distances 58 

Russell W. R. & Co., 64 

Sallot V. A., 15 

Shoaff's Gallery, 12 

Smick S. S., 6 

Societies and Associations, 232 

Stahl & Hillegas, 15 

Stevens W. & E., 14 

Stotz Ulrich., 15 

Table of Population and Wealth 

of the United States, 53 

Table of Distances of Principal 

Cities in the United States 10 
Table of Distances and Rates of 

Fare from Ft. Wayne by rail, 1 24 
Taylor Robert S., 12 

Township Officers, 46 

Trentman, Monning & Son, 12 

Trentman H. J. & Bro., 60 

U. S. Government July i, 1873, ^^ 
U. S. Express Company's bill of- 
fices in the Western Division 234 
Wagner H. G., 34 

Wolke & Trentman, 60 

Zollars & O'Rourke, 61