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BS 1824 .S9 1895 

The fourth book of Maccabees 
and kindred documents in 




SonOon : C. J. CLAY and SONS, 



©lasgoto: 263 ARGYLE STREET. 

ILeipjifl: F. A. BROCKHAUS. 


Cod B. 

4 Mace. I 27- 30 

^ss^y^mdi ^i^ Jessi. vil/ JL» ^^ 

'' '>^i' MetcaZ^ Zitkj. Ouniruiffe'. 


















[All Rights reserved.] 

CTambrtlige : 



B. M. 


" rpHE book which I propose to edit is the Syriac Version of 
J- the Fourth Book of Maccabees, otherwise called 'Icoo-t^tto? 
" nrepl avroKpdropo<i Xoyca-jjiov. The original Greek, Mr [Bp] 
" Westcott remarks, is the only ancient text in which the book has 
" been published, but a Syriac text is said to be preserved in MS. 
" at Milan. Some time ago on discovering that this Syriac Ver- 
" sion was also contained in a MS. of the Cambridge University 
" Library (the Buchanan Syriac Bible) I proceeded to copy it out 
" with a view to publication. After I had made some progress in 
" the work I found that Dr Ceriani in the Prolegomena to his 
" Monumenta Sacra et Pro/ana (Fasc. i) had announced his inten- 
" tion to edit the same book from the said Milan MS. and a second 
" MS. which he had found in the Ambrosian Library. I accord- 
" ingly wrote to him on the subject, and he immediately in the 
" most generous manner offered not only to give up all claim 
" to edit but also [volunteered] to collate for me the two MSS. 
" This he has done in the most careful manner, and as one of them 
" is supposed to belong to the Sixth Century, I shall now fall back 

" on that as my best authority 

" As the Greek text of this book has not yet been satisfactorily 
" settled, I thought it would not be out of place to supply a few 
" materials for some future editor. Grimm in his Commentary on 
" the book, published in 1857, remarks that beside the Alexandrine 
" MS. only seven MSS. have been collated. Since that time the 
" book has been published in Cardinal Mai's edition of the Septua- 
" gint from another MS. It is also in the Sinaitic MS " 

The above extracts from the rough undated draft of an old 
letter to an unnamed Professor form the only account found among 
Professor Bensly's papers of the aim he set before him in the 
work now published. The account is of course incomplete. No- 
thing is said of Syriac Documents other than IV Maccabees. Mrs 
Bensly has however informed me that the Professor hoped to find 
one more document (a poem) before issuing his texts. 

The first 124 pages of the Syriac texts have been in type since 
1870 or earlier. When therefore on Feb, 3 last Mrs Bensly offered 

viii PREFACE. 

to entrust the work to me to bring out, I felt that it was of the 
utmost importance not to make any unnecessary delay. I could 
not hope in any case to write such an Introduction as Professor 
Bensly would have written, had he lived. I conveyed these views 
to the Syndics of the University Press, and on April 28 received 
notification from the Secretary that I had been accepted as editor. 

The Introduction here given will, it is hoped, be sufficient for 
working purposes. Translations are added of those documents 
which are not found in a Greek form. Professor Bensly left hardly 
anything of the nature of Introduction and only one translation' 
(that of Ephrem's Madrasha), and that in rough draft and un- 
finished. Much time has been spent in identifying MSS. in the 
British Museum, in the Bodleian and in the Cambridge University 
Library, because Professor Bensly's own notes of identification 
could not be found. 

As regards the Syriac text, all up to p. 136 (inclusive) was 
printed under Professor Bensly's own eye. The remainder was 
left all ready for printing in the Professor's own MS., and had only 
to be seen through the press. 

The thanks of all Syriac scholars are due to the Syndics of the 
University Press for bearing the cost of publishing Prof Bensly's 
texts. My own thanks are due to the Dean of Canterbury and to 
Mr Kennett for allowing me to consult them on certain matters 
of Introduction and Translation. 

One word of a personal nature may be allowed. I had not the 
privilege of knowing Professor Bensly for a long time, but it was 
long enough to have felt his kindness and helpfulness. I last met 
him at his last visit to the British Museum and appealed to him 
for help in reading a faded word in a Syriac fragment. He turned 
with ready kindness from his own work to mine. The reading was 
very difficult and I apologised for interrupting him and would 
have gone back to my own place. But he stopped me, saying, But 
it ought to be made out. And he made it out. It was a small 
incident perhaps, but it was characteristic both of his kindness and 
of his thoroughness. I wish that my own part in this book were 
more worthy of him. 

^ I have made use of this translation in making my own. 

W. E. B. 

Nov. 1894. 




xi — xxvi 

IV Maccabees 

xi — XX 

Other Documents ..... 

xxi — XXV 

Emendations for the Syriac Text 

XXV, xxvi 


xxvii — Ixxii 

Memra of Mar Severa .... 

. xxvii — xxxiv 

Story of Maryam 

XXXV — xliv 

Madrasha of Ephrem 

xliv — xlviii 

M6mra by an unknown hand . 

xlviii — Ixxii 

Index of Syriac Words .... 

Ixxiii, Ixxiv 

Syriac Texts 



THE Fourth Book of the Maccabees has come down to us 
in Greek, in Latin and in Syriac. It was doubtless composed 
in the first mentioned language. It is found in the great Biblical 
Codices, the Sinaitic and the Alexandrine, as well as in a number 
of minor Greek MSS. Being sometimes attributed to Josephus 
it is to be found in editions of his works as well as in editions 
of the Septuagint. 

The contents of the book may be described in few words. The 
author tells in an expanded form and with some small variations 
the story told in II Maccabees of the martyrdoms of Eleazar the 
aged scribe and of the Mother and her Seven Sons under An- 
tiochus Epiphanes circ. B.C. 169. In IV Maccabees however the 
story is told not for itself, but as the text of a sermon. The 
author lays down the thesis that the reasoning part of man's 
nature has supremacy over its feeling and suffering part and proves 
his point inductively by instances drawn from the history of the 
Maccabean Martyrs. 

The close literary connexion between II and IV Maccabees 
may be seen from the following table of the parallels between the 
two forms of their common narrative. 

II Mace. III. 1 — VII. 42. IV Mace. ill. 20— xvii. 1. 

(1) Deep peace. 

(2) Seleucus king of Asia 
acts as patron of the Temple. 

(3) Simon at variance with 
Onias the high priest. 

(4) Tells Apollonius of the 
Temple treasures. 

(5) Heliodorus enters the (5) Apollonius do. 

(6) Under the new king An- 
tiochus Jason buys the High- 














II Mace. III. 1 — VII. 42. (coiit.) 

(7) Jason builds a gymna- 

(8) Menelaus outbids Jason. 

(9) On report of Antiochus' 
death in Egypt Jason surprises 

(10) Antiochus storms Jeru- 
salem and massacres. 

(11) King sends an Athe- 
nian to change the Jewish cus- 

(12) Philip the Phrygian 
persecutes in Jerusalem. 

(13) Eleazar a scribe of 90 
is beaten to death. 

(14) Brother I has his ex- 
tremities cut off and is fried. 

(15) Brother II is flayed. 

(16) Brother III readily 
offers his tongue to be cut out. 

(17) Brother IV is tortured. 

(18) Brother V is tortured. 

(19) Brother VI is brought. 

(20) Antiochus touched with 
compassion for Brother VII pro- 
mises him riches and friendship 
in exchange for obedience. 

(21) The Mother implores 
Brother VII to have compassion 
on her pains and care as a 
mother and to resist. 

(22) The Mother died last. 

IV. Mace. III. 20— XVII. 1. (cont.) 

(7) do. 

(8) not mentioned. 

(9) On report of Antiochus' 
death in Egypt the Jews rejoice. 

(10) Antiochus returns and 
lays the Jews waste. 

(11) King decrees death to 
those who follow their fathers' 

(12) Artiochus himself orders 
the Hebrews to be brought be- 
fore him. 

(18) Eleazar, priest and 
lawyer, an old man, is beaten 
and tortured to death with hot 
irons, after a speech addressed 
to Antiochus. 

(14) Brother I is broken on 
the wheel and burnt. 

(15) II has his head flayed. 

(16) Brother III is broken 
on the wheel. 

(17) Brother IV offers his 
tongue to be cut out. 

(18) Brother V offers himself 
for torture. 

(19) Brother VI is broken 
on the wheel and burnt. 

(20) do. 

(21) The Mother advises VII 
in Hebrew in words not given at 

(22) The Mother, certain 
guards say, flung herself into 
the frying pan. 


The connexion between the two books has been discussed in 
Dr Freudenthal's monograph, Die Flavins Josephus heigelegte 
Schrift, Ueber die Herrschaft der Vernunft (Breslau, 1869). Dr 
Freudenthal's conclusion is that IV Maccabees is dependent not 
on II Maccabees but probably on Jason of Cyrene mentioned by 
the author of the latter work as the authority whom he abridges 
(II Mace. II. 23). Among other reasons given for this view Dr 
Freudenthal urges that the account of the death of the mother 
given in IV Maccabees (xvii. 1) is likely to be original, while in 
II Maccabees the author seems to be suppressing an unwelcome 


The Syriac translation of IV Maccabees is edited from nine 
MSS., which are to be identified as follows. 

A = "B 21" of the Ambrosian Library at Milan. Dr Ceriani 
describes it as " codicem inter pretiosissimos Europae sane numer- 
andum" and gives a facsimile of it in his Monnmenta sacra et pro- 
fana (l. xiii.). It contains the whole Old Testament in the Peshito 
version except the Psalms which are translated from the Greek, The 
five books of Maccabees, Baruch, the Epistle of Baruch, and the 
fourth book of Esdras are also to be found in it. De Rossi ( Variae 
Lectiones V. T., vol. i. p. CLix) describes it as " charactere estran- 
ghelo sec. ix et x." Adler {Bihl. krit. Reise nach Mom, pp. 200, 
201) mentions a marginal note stating that the book was rebound 
in the year of the Greeks 1327 (= 1016 A.D.). It is the only Syriac 
MS. which entitles our work " Fourth Book of Maccabees" ; the 
rest have "Discourse of Josephus on Eleazar, Shamon^, and her 

B = Oo . 1 . 1, 2 of the Cambridge University Library. It is 
written with three columns to a page in small estrangela charac- 
ters on vellum, with many illuminations including one of the 
seven Maccabees, their mother and Eleazar. It was brought 
from Travancore at the beginning of the present (nineteenth) 
century and has suffered much from the climate. It is a " Pan- 
dect" containing the Old and New Testaments minus the Reve- 
lation of St John and with the four disputed Catholic Epistles 
in a group by themselves placed (in the following order : — 2 Peter, 
2 and 3 John, Jude) between the [First] Epistle of St John 
and the Six Epistles of Clement. In the order of the books 
of the 0. T. Job is placed between Deuteronomy and Joshua, and 
Psalms between II Samuel and I Kings. Ecclesiastic us is found 
B. M, C 


after the Song of Songs, Lamentations is followed by two Epistles 
of Baruch and the Epistle of Jeremiah, Daniel by Bel and the 
Dragon. Ruth, Susanna, Esther, Judith then follow in the order 
given. After Nehemiah come Wisdom, I, II and III Maccabees, 
Josippon (i.e. IV Maccabees), I Esdras (the apocryphal book) and 
Tobias concluding the O. T. 

C = Add. 12174 (fo. 438 a) of the British Museum. This MS. 
is defective, having two important gaps, viz., at IX. 32 — xii. 11 
and XIV. 15 — xvill. 11. It is written in a good regular hand and 
dated A. Gr. 1508, a.d, 1197. It contains "Lives of Saints and 
Fathers of the Church." (Wright, Catalogue, no. DCCCCLX.) 

Of the less important MSS. 

a is a more recent MS. of the Peshito belonging to the Ambro- 
sian Library at Milan. 

b = Poc. 391 (fo. 884) of the Bodleian Library (= 2 of Payne 
Smith's Catalogue). It was written 1614 A.D. "binis columnis 
charactere simplici." 

c = Or. 141 (fo. 600) of the Bodleian Library (= 1 of Payne 
Smith's Catalogue). It was written 1627 a.d. by command of 
Archbishop Ussher. " Charactere simplici." 

d = Anc. fonds 6 A Syr. of the Bibliotheque Nationale (=11 of 
Zotenberg's Catalogue). It consists of three MSS. of different 
ages put together ; IV Maccabees does not belong to the oldest of 

e = Cod, Egerton 704 of the British Museum. " Charactere 
simplici." " The writing is small and inelegant, with occasional 
Syriac and Greek vowels and other points, of the XVllth cent." 
(Wright). The volume contains the whole of the Scriptures of the 
O. T., according to the Peshito version, with the Apocrypha. " The 
Discourse of Josippus" (i.e. IV Maccabees) follows the three books 
of Maccabees. 

f is a fragment which breaks off before the close of Chapter 
II. I have not been able to identify it, but I have reason to 
believe that it is a Florentine MS. 

In character the translation may be generally described as 
faithful, so that it is of some value for the textual criticism of the 
book. In text it generally agrees with K, seldom with A, as the 
comparison of the Greek and Syriac Texts to be given below will 



(J^ = codex Sinaiticus, ed. Tischendorf 1862. 
A = codex Alexaudrinus, ed. Baber 1818.) 

Ch. I. 6. Kai (ppovija-eox; A ; Kat rcov roiovrcov X ', om. Syr. 

11. Kai, rrj vTro/xovr) om. Syr. 
TTj vTTOfiovr} om. Syr. 

12. etcoda. Syr. uses the vaguer first person plural in this 

verse (cf. vi. 35, xvi. 2). 
20. Kai Trepi to crcofia MSS. Gr. min. ; cm. XA Syr. 

27. vo/xo(f)a'yLa A ; fxovo(j)a'yta X Syr. 

28. (jjvTcov i<{ ; iraOoiv A Syr. 

34. rcov aTnjyopevfievcou rjfxiv Kara rov vo/xov om. Syr. 

Ch. II. 2. TO) Xoyta-fio) Biavoia. Syr. represents one subst. only 
("by means of the intellect" iZoJOcnlo h*-^). 

7. /j,ovo(f>a'yo<; . . Kat yaarpi/jiapyo^. Syr. represents one 

word only, prob. jaaTpL/jLapyo'i {\ *~'\\\ ). 

8. evraa-acov A; evaraacov. Syr. »c:i ■ k^Id "So he reck- 

oneth by the weeks and forgiveth part of that which 
is due to him." 

9. eTTt TO)v erepwv A; epyoov (\, '~)\r:) ) X Syr. 

19. eiTiKaTapaTO'i k.t.\. Syr. " Cursed is their anger and 
their wrath because it is amel" 

22. Kai T7)viKavTa Se A ; TjvcKa Se 5^ Syr. 

23. /cat ayadrjv om. Syr. 

24. \T)6T)<i . . Kparec om. Syr. 

Ch. III. 1. \oyta-/j,o<i (pr.) A ; \0709 Syr. deest K. 

8. ecTTrevBev chpwv ^^ Syr. ; om. A ecnrevZev. 
12. hvo et Syr. ; r/aet? Edd. (cf II Sam. xxiii. 6). 
14. eyefjuarav. Syr. has "they brought" and connects 6ap- 

pa\e(o<i with the fin. verb. 
18. Kad vrrep^oXrjv ov(Ta<i om. Syr. 

20. Syr. reads " For the Law was deep peace to our fathers." 
^iKavopa X A ; ^iKaropa Syr. 

Ch. IV. 1. v-rrep ^<A ; Kara al. ; JsO^JD Syr. 

3. fjirjvvav XA; firjvvacov Syr. ut videtur. 

TO) lepco A ; TOif; (,epoi,<i X Syr. (om. /it; einKoivoavovaafi). 

> Based on full notes inserted by Prof. Bensly in a copy of the small Oxford 



Ch. IV. 4. TovToov add. Be om. eKaara Syr. 

7. vofjit.(ravTe<i A ; vorjaavre<; X ; -cravro<i Syr. 
(B9 . . . €K(o\vov om. Syr. 

8. Se om. Syr. 

9. Tft)!/ Be lepecov . . . iKerevaavTcov A ; ot 8e <yepaiot, . . t/ce- 

revaav [j^] Syr. 
ey TO) te/D<w om. Syr. 
10. avroci A ; avroov X ; auTo) Syr. 

19. e^e^7)T7]crev A ; e^eSirjTTjaev i^ Syr. 

20. KUTaaKevaaat A ; add. aXXa /cat KaraKvcrat ^{ Syr. 

21. TOi A ; avToi<i X Syr. (eTroXefirjcrev = «-iiU4^). 

24. evvoiav A ; evvo/xiav ^ ; " the laws of the people" Syr. 
26. eirei . . . Xaov om. Syr. 

Ch. V. 1. avTQ)v A ; avro) 5< Syr. 

2. irepiarraaOai, A ; eiricnraa-OaL ^? ; " bring" Syr. (vpAjJ). 

4. T-j/i/ eTncnrj^irjv om. Syr. 

5. Avrio'x^o'i add. o Tvpavvo<i Syr. 

8. airoarpecjieadaL A ; a7roarpe<^eiv X J (j^^CJU Syr.). 

16. ^etto om. Syr. 

23. avBpeiav e^acrKeiv A Syr. ; ai/8. CKBcBaa-Keiv ^. 

24. TraiBevec. Syr. has " and it teacheth the righteousness 

which is in our nature" (kutu (fivaiv MS. min.). 
29. 7rap7]a-(o. No trace in the Syr. (" Is not their covenant 

holy and the oath which our fathers sware to keep 

the law ?"). 
36. fMtavei'i A ; /jbiavei K Syr. (" my hoary age shall not 

defile my lips"). 

Ch. VI. 9. aiKia/j.ov<i add. Kat Trepiecppovec rov rvpavvov Syr. 
14. Ti om. Syr. (nisi oti pro tl leg.). 
18. jJiexpt' yr}p(o<i ^<A; "until death" Syr. 

Kat TT]v . . . <pv\aa(TovT6^ om. Syr. 
23, 24. Tl /jbeWeTe ; Hpo? ra<; avayKU'i. Syr. " why delay 
ye bringing afflictions upon us ?" 

25. VTrepeTTToaav A ; om. Syr. 

35. eTret Kai yeXoiov' Kat ov k.t.X. Syr. "It is therefore 
ridiculous that a man should say, Reason does not 
rule, where we have shewn that it overcame not only 
passions (sufferings) but also threats." 

eTTtBetKvvfii. Syr, has the first person plural. (Cf. I. 
12, xvi. 2.) 

TjBoicov KA ; aireiXcov Syr. 


Cli. Vii. 1. vavv {<A; vow Syr. "guiding his mind as with the 
ruddei' of the fear of God." 

3. Oavarov A ; aOavarov K Syr. 

4. 'Travayio<; J<A; vrai^OTrXo? Syr. (ut videtur). 
eKivrjaev A ; eviKJjaev X Syr, 

11. Sia rov €6iw7rXr}0ov<i XA Syr. ut vid. "into the midst 

of the people." 
18. TTOvwv A; TovMv ^ Syr. ut vid. (U-i-kj). 

14. rov XoyccTfjiov A Syr.; praef 8ca {<. 
TO) I(raK€toi \ojtcr/jb(o om. Syr. 
rjKvpoyaev A ; eviKrjcrev X Syr. 

15. TToXiwi XA ; TroXireia'i Syr. 

18. e|^ oX?79 Kap8ta<i om. Syr. 

19. TTLarevovTe'i .... ^wci tg) ©ew om. Syr. 

Ch. VIII. 1. TO 8e A; rore X Syr. 

e/c tt;? TjXtKia^ A ; e/c t?/? a<yeX7)<; Syr. 

12. Tpo-)(avrripa'i Kat KaTaireXra'i Kai om. Syr. 

16. iiT] ireiaOeLrj^iev A ; et tt. X*" ; Set TreiaOrjvai Syr. 

ut vid. 
18. ov om. Syr. 

24. yao? A ; vo/j,o(; X Syr. 
e/cofo-iw? XA; aKouaiov<i Syr. 
<f>o^T]$€VTa(; ra ^aa. X* A ; om. X Syr. 

25. 6avarr)<f)opo<; apea-Kei XA; dauarrjcpopov apea-K€ia<; 

%P»? A ; ^771/ X Syr. 

Ch. IX. 2. avfi^ovXo) Kat yvcoaet A ; aufM^ovXa) Kat Mcovaet 
X Syr. 
3. virep avTovf. Syr. "Do not, since thou hatest us, 
pity us instead of thyself." 

5. fiadojv K ; + OTi aaOevei rj 8vvaiJbL<i tcov jSacravcov aov 


7. Kai ra? rjfiwv ■y\rvxa<i X A ; om. Kat Syr. (add 77yota9 post 


8. oia-Ofiev sine add. A Syr. ; + /cat eao/xeOa -irapa rm dem 

Bi ov KCic ravra Tradyoyiev X. 

9. hia TTvpo'i XA; om. X*^ Syr. 

11. ^acTTiarai K\ yTrao-TTicrTat X Syr. (ut vid.). 
14. KaTT^yopeL A; eKaKrjyopei X Syr. 
17. TpoTTo? A; rpo^o^ X Syr. 

a|at A ; aj^ac X ; " tread down" Syr. (vjCl£il)Z). 


Ch. IX. 19. \e'yovT€<; et? irvp eTrerpaxrav A ; Xeyovri (eiTrwv ^5) 
TTvp vrrearpwaav [K] Syr. 
7rpo(T€7riKaTeT€(,vov. " They made the wheel more cruel 
by artifice against him" Syr. (Qj-judI ]Zqji1do]£:). 
21. ireptTeTrjKfievov A ; TrepLreTfJbrjfievov J< Syr. 
23. aifova ^{A ; aycova Syr. (ut vid. |Lq^). 

25. airepp-q^ev J< (aTrepTj^ev) A; "delivered up" Syr. 

26. Trporepov A Syr. ; irpeajSvrepov ^. 

Ch. X. 3. crv^'yeveiav A ; evyevetav {< ; " the glorious truth of my 
brethren" Syr. 
4. TT/oo? Tavra . . . hwaaOe A ; om. Ji} Syr. 

6. TrepueKKWv A ; irepuKXwv K Syr. 

7. ireptavpavre'i ro hepixa X*A; irepCkvaavTe'i ra opyava 

N Syr. 
13. aW.a . . . aeavTov om. Syr. 

15. aoiSi/xov A; aiSiov {< Syr. 

16. eirivoei + roijapovv Syr. 

Ch. XI. 2. TTapaiTeca-dat A ; om. ^{ Syr. (" I delay not to come to 

4. ft) fiiaapere A Syr. ; w fiiapcorare X. 

5. 7) KUKov aoc BoK€L A ; om. {<{ Syr. 

7, 8. eiirep . . . et<; top ®eov A ; om. X Syr. 

10. Tpo')(ov A ; Tpa-)(Tq\ov ^ Syr. ("from his neck"). 

20. aia}vo<i A ; aycopo'i i^ Syr. 

25. /u,77Te . . . /jitapo(f)ayiav 5>?A ; om, Syr. 

Ch, XII. 3. KaL 7rapr]yop€tv eiretpaTo K A ; om. Syr. 

6. avrrjv eA.e?;cra9 A ; eavTrjv ekerjaaaa X Syr. 

eiTL TTjv acoTTjpLav, euTreiOrj iroLrjcrai rov TrepiXenrofie- 
vov A ; evrt r. aoorriptov evireideiav rov ireptX. {^ Syr. 
("that she might urge him who remained to obey 
and live"). 

8. etTTCt) om. Syr. 

12. ^aa-avoa at A ; ^aaavoa (sine ai) N ; ^aaavot Syr. 

13. KaraiKL(ra<i A (-«ei-) ; KaTaicav(ra<i ^{ Syr. 

14. evyevax; a-Tro6avovT€<i om. Syr. 

17. fjbapTvpia<i A ; apia-Tca<i X Syr. ()Z.QjZ;, t ■ »>..l). 
20. aireZwKev + to irvevfia N* Syr. 

Ch. XIII. 4. eireKpaTrjaev A ; -o-ay X Syr. 

7. UKoXaacav A ; KoXaatv J>5 cf. Syr. 


Cli. XIII. 9. laeTToXiSo^ A; laoTroXtrcSov i^; om. Syr. 
Ka/xtvov A; Kaio/xeinji; X; pQJ Syr. 

12. o 8e A; add. Karaixin-jaOea X Syr. 
hia rrjv evae^etav {«{A ; om. Syr. 

13. €(f>opo)v A ; €(f)opQ)vTe<i ^{ ; om. Syr. 
15. aycov Kuc NA ; om. Syr. 

18. avOpwTrorrjTo^ A Syr. ; a8€X(f)0Tr)T0<; i^. 

19. ev TO) avrco -xpovco i^A ; ev tt} avTi} (sine ')(povQ)) Syi'. 

20. a^ ou (Tui'T. . . . yjrvx^aL A ; " and in the same skirts 

they were carried and from ("because of") these 
things mutual love was in their souls" Syr. 

23. rjyayov A ; rjyaTrcov ^? Syr. 

24. o/xovoiav A ; praef. evvotav Kat N Syr. 

26. Tov<; KaTucK. ad fin. Syr. " Seeing their brethren 

afflicted with tortures" (sine add.). 
Ch. XIV. 3. tepa? A ; praef. co i< Syr. 

] 5. ra fiev . . . opocj^oiTovvra. Syr. " She (i.e. the bird) 

that is tame and entereth into the midst of the 

house under the 7'oof." 
20. avfJiiradeia Tr]<; o-vpuraO. reKvwv. Om. tt;? crvfXTraO. 

^{A Syr. ; praef. tt; A. 
Ch. XV. 13^ yovevcTiv (fjtXoa-Topye A; yevvr^fxaaL (piX. X; y€V€at<i 

(piX. Syr. 
18^ 6t9 oiKTpov A ; et9 ere oifcrpov J»5 Syr. 

19. ovSe XA; cru 5e Syr. ("but thou gazing upon the 

eyes of every one of them, whose (i.e. of the eyes) 
gaze was turned away from the tortures"), 

20. aTTo/ce/co/Ciytieva? XA Syr. ; airoKacofievaf; ^{*. 

KUL TToXvavSpiov K.T.X. Syr. " When she saw the ser- 
vants of the tyrant falhng like a storm upon her 

21. ft) A ; CO? X Syr. 

24. aTTwXeLav. X Syr. add. /cat tt^v tcov arpe/SXcov iroXv- 


aairaaaaa {< (-o"^) A ; avaairaa-aara Syr. (" although 
she saw the destruction of seven sons . . . the illus- 
trious mother rooted up and dismissed [her natural 
affection] "). 

25. TT) eavTr}<i ■\^v)(r}<; (sic) A ; t7;9 . . i^^XV^ ^ Sj^- 
29. Kaprepiav . . . avhpoiv 7rpo<; om. Syr. 

32. Xoi/xoi^; A ; avefMoi<; ^ Syr. 

T0U9 sine add. A ; add. virep X Syr. 
^ The verses iu this chapter are given according to the Syriac reckoning. 



Ch. XVI. 2. aireBei^a XA Syr. (cf. I. 12, vr. 35) ; aireZeL^afiev al. 
3. 0)9 T7;9 . . . eKeivrj . . . opwaa A ; &)?■/; tt;? . . . eKeivrjv 
. . . opuxjav ^ Syr. 
^aaavi^ofievovi. Praef. oura><; 7rot/ctX&)9 Syr. 
5. eirtkoyiaaa-daL J<A ; eTrcXojiaaaOe (BiaXoy-) Syr. 
14. a-TpariwTL, irpea/SvTi. Syr. " who didst go a warfare 

in old age." 
20. opo)v A ; om. X ; opcov o laaaK Syr. 

24. irapaKoXovaa A ; add. airoOavetv ^ Syr. 
eTreicre fxaWov KA; om. Syr. 

25. tSoj^Te9 A; etBoT€<i X; "but it behoves you to know" 

Syr. (? Bet pro Be). 

Ch. XVII. 1. re A; t69 i< Syr. 

5. cryi/ acrrpot^ om. Syr. 
et9 aaTepa<i om. Syr. 

6. Tou 7ratSo9 A ; rou iraTpo^ ^ Syr. 

7. wairep eiri Tivo<i [A] [N] ; om. wcnrep Syr. (J>OpiO ^Aj). 
de(opovvr6<i sine add. A ; add. opwvreq K Syr. 

9. €viceK7]BevvTaL i^A; eviceic- Syr. 

8ta Tvpavvov ^uav A ; Sto. rvpavvov X Syr. 

12. rjdXoTei A ; r}d\o6ertL X (-rt) Syr. 
BoKi/xa^ovaa' to vlko^. Interpunct. ignor. Syr. 

ef a(jidapaca A; ei9 a<j)6apaLav 5< ; Syr. "and she 
(? Virtue) gave incorruption". 

13. 7] Be . . . rjycovt^ovTo. Syr. "and seven youths and 

their mother contended afterwards". 

14. Kai Toov av6. ^Lo<i ^A ; om. Syr. 

20. TOL'9 iroX. fXT] eTTiKpaTTjaaL X [A] (cra9) ; t(ov TroXefiKov 
avTcov eiTLKparria-ai Syr. 

Ch. XVIII. 5. edvoiv A; om. }< ; eOwv Syr. 

6. ravra t) BcKaia A ; ravTU ra BiKaieofjuara i^ Syr. 

Tcov errra TraiBov om. Syr. Om. eTrra X. 

,9. TovTcov K A ; fors. vfjicov Syr. 

11. oXoKapTTovfievov XA; fors. oXoKaurov/xevov Syr. 

16. iraatv A ; om. 5< Syr. 

18. rrjv BcBacTKovcrav A; BiBacrKcov rrjv Xejovaav ^ Syr. 

19. fMUKapioTrjii A ; ijLaKpoTr)<i X Syr. 

20. o TTiKpo^ [{<] A ; om. Syr. 

TTup (f)Xe^a<; Aj<* ; Trup Trvpolk cr^eaa'? Xj ^rup Trupt 

a/Secrwi Syr. 
T0U9 eTTTtt A ; praef. Ta9 evrt J< Syr. 

22. 7rocKiXai<i XA (-/cei-) ; TrtKpat^ Syr. 

23. et9 (et N) iraTcpoyv xopov (x(o- A) XA; om. Syr. 



Six such documents are given in this book, viz., (I) A Dis- 
course of Gregory Nazianzen, (II) A Discourse of Severus, the 
Monophysite Patriarch of Antioch, (III) A second form of Severus' 
Discourse, (IV) An anonymous Discourse, (V) A madrasha of 
Ephrem, (VI) An anonymous poem in twelve-syllable verse. 

All the above documents are connected with the Commemora- 
tion of the Maccabean Martyrs which was held both in the East 
and West on the First of Ab (August 1). This festival was early 
in its origin and popular in its reception. All Syriac speaking 
Christians observed it. It is noticed in Monophysite, Nestorian, 
and Maronite liturgies; it has its proper lesson (Mat. x. 16 fF.) in 
the Melchite lectionary published by Miniscalchi ; it is found 
noted at the present day in the Surgada or Calendar published for 
the Eastern Syrians at Urmi. 

As regards the documents found in this book it will be noticed 
that Nazianzen (p. 57, 1. 14) alludes to a yearly festival of the 
Maccabean Martyrs, Severus (p. 76, I. 6) speaks as though it were 
a customary thing to pronounce a panegyric upon them, and the 
colophon of the Anonymous Discourse mentions the First of Ab as 
the day of Commemoration. The Hymn of Ephrem which follows 
is found in part at least in use in the liturgies ; and the Anony- 
mous Poem, the last of the six documents, breaks out (1. 629) into 
the exclamation. How pleasant and fair is thy commemoration, 
O Martyr Shamond ! 

(I.) The Panegyric of Gregory Nazianzen on the Maccabees 
contained in this book corresponds with Oi'ation XV ("alias XXli") 
of Migne's Patrologia (Volume xxxv). In the Benedictine Edi- 
tion it is found pp. 286 fF. It was delivered according to Migne 
about 373 a.d. 

The Syriac version here given is based on four MSS. preserved 
in the British Museum. Assemani (Bib. Or. ii. 307) quotes Bar 
Hebraeus to the effect that two Syriac versions of Nazianzen once 
existed : " B. H. (Liber Splendorurn, Pt. I. Ch. V. Sec. 4) affirmat 
duas extare apud Syros translationes Gr. Naz. — alteram antiquio- 
rem Nestorianorum, recentiorem alteram a Jacobo Edesseno ela- 
boratam." Cf. B. M. Rich 7201. Cut. p. 94. 


The four MSS. here used are: — 

A, British Museum Add. 14547, fo. 193 r. This is numbered 
DLVii in Wright's Catalogue and is assigned by him to the Ninth 
Century. It contains thirty discourses of Gregory, of which that 
on the Maccabees is the Twenty-Sixth. The translation is that of 
the Abbat Paul made in the island of Cyprus in the year 624 A.D. 

B, British Museum Add. 14548, fo. 158 r. It is numbered 
DLVIII in Wright's Catalogue, and was written A.D. 790. In other 
points the description given above of A is also true of B. 

C, British Museum Add. 12153, fo. 168 v. It is numbered dlv 
in Wright's Catalogue, and was written A.D. 845. It contains a 
colophon (inaccurately given in Assemani B. O. i. 171), stating 
that the translation was made by the Abbat Paul in the island of 
Cyprus A. Gr. 935 (= A.D. 624), and that the MS. was written 
A. Gr. 1156 (= A.D. 845) in the days of Dionysius Patriarch of 
Antioch. Wright (Cat. p. 427) says that Dionysius I., of Tel 
Mahar, died Aug. 22, 845 A.D. 

D, British Museum, Rich 7187, fo. 155 b. " Codex membra- 
naceus formae quartae, a capite et in fine mutilus, folia continens 
181, paginis in binas columnas divisis, titulis inscriptionibusque 
miniatis, char. Nestoriano, saeculo ut videtur decimo, nitide et 
diligenter exaratus, paucis vocalium notis instructus. . . . Insunt 
Orationes nonnullae Gregorii Nazianzeni. Desunt ab initio ora- 

tiones duae. Reliquae hoc ordine sese excipiunt 24. De 

Maccabaeis." (B. M. Catalogue, 1838, Pt. I. p. 73.) 

The translation of the Panegyric of Nazianzen is literal and 
rarely suggests a difference of reading from Migne's text. Some 
instances of its literalness and of apparent divergences of reading 
are subjoined. The references are to Migne's edition by column 
and line. • 

C. 913, 1. 40. Twv BiKaiordrcov = ^P . i . i fD> — > \cJl _LD. 

C. 916, 1. 36. Ovfidrcov = iZcTLkloZj (Oav/judrcov). 

C. 917, 1. 9. ov Brjijio<i, ov Sopv(f)6po<i KarcTre iyojp. Sjrr. ov 
Bopvcfiopoi, ov S^fio'i KareiT. '■ Reg. a, c, d, Coisl. 2, et Or. 2 abiecto 
Bopv(f)opo^ habent ov SrjfiLO'i KareTrefycov non male " (Migne). 

C. 917, 1. 21. 7rpo<f TO rv^elv = ^»->-0 » i; rnl q\ , 

C. 917, 1. 30. roaovTov e^ovaai to ao(^ov — Aj] m\n |joi> 


C 917, 1. 41. ttV Toj)? KivSvvov^ x^prjcraaa. Syr. has, " She 
leapt towards dangers in order that no impure body should touch 
her pure and noble body." " In editis sequitur oJ? av fjirjBe aw^a 
ylravaeiev dvayvov ayvov koI yevvalov (ra)fiaro<i. Sed haec temere 
hie sunt assuta" (Migne). 

C. 921, 1. 1. irava-at Koi direCkwv = Ajj i>Ol-ii? ^^O ^-kjOJ. 

C. 925, 1. 27. axehov = lio]!^? yJ\. 

C 929, 1. 30. ov<i iyevvTja-e Koa-fiq), Oea> irapaaTrjaraaa. Syr. 
reads oi)? ijev. vo/xo) deov TrapaaTrjcrao'a. 

C. 932, 1. 3. direyvcoafjievr}'; = OT i \ s ]-rCx£D looi j:Ij.II1£)j. 

(II.) (III.) The two succeeding documents in this book are 
two different translations of a single Greek homily of Severus 
of Antioch, Monophysite Patriarch (a.d. 512 — 519). Fragments of 
the original text are given in Mai, Script. Vet. Nova Gollectio, 
t. IX. p. 725. The first form is edited from Brit. Mus. Add. MS. 
1459^5' (fol. 138, r. 2) = Wright DCLXXXVI. The MS. is dated 
A. Gr. 880 (= a.d. 569). It contains " the Second Volume of the 
eiTiOpovLOL (homiliae cathedrales) of Severus, Patriarch of Antioch, 
in a more ancient translation than that of Jacob of Edessa, com- 
prising homm. XXXI to Lix. It is perhaps the version of Paul 
of Callinicus (see Assemani B. 0. ii. 46)." 

The second form is edited from Brit. Mus. Add. MS. 12159 (fol. 
98, V. 2) = Wright dclxxxv. This MS. contains the homilies of 
Severus translated by Jacob of Edessa A. Gr. 1012 (= a.d. 701). 
They are 125 in number and are divided into three parts or 

volumes {]L,h\ ^). The MS. is dated A. Gr. 1179 (= a.d. 868). 
A translation of the first form of the homily on the Maccabees is 
given below. 

The chief interest of this discourse of Severus is to be found 
not in its treatment of the Maccabean story, but in its references, 
somewhat measrre it is true, to the circumstances of Severus' own 
day. Plainly the Jews were still a great power in Antioch as they 
had been in Chrysostom's time and long before. The Manichees 
were still to be reckoned with ; and astrology was still a trouble to 
the Church. 

(IV.) The next document given is an anonymous homily of 
uncertain date. It is taken from a Paris MS. (234. 31 of Zoten- 


berg's Catalogue), written on paper at Antioch in the year 1503 
(the third figure is doubtful) of Alexander, i.e. about the close of 
the Twelfth Century of our era. A translation is given below. 

This homily is interesting from the partial attempt which has 
been made to give the story a Christian colouring. The scene is 
chano-ed to Autioch. The heroine and her sons are still of the 
Sons of Israel, but some editor or transcriber has substituted in 
the prologue the charge of honouring "Christ the Saviour" for that 
of refusing to eat pork and join in heathen sacrifices. Further an 
attempt has been made to christen Shamone with the name of 
" Mary," but the re-naming has not been completely carried out. 
A few N. T. references or quotations (e.g. to the Gospel of St John 
and the Epistles to the Romans and the Hebrews) are put into 
Shamond's mouth. In spite however of these patches of Christian 
colouring the story still remains substantially a Jewish or at least 
an O. T. story, 

(V.) A Madrasha of Ephrem is given next in this book. 
Since it was put into type, twenty-four years ago, it has appeared 
in Lamy's edition of Ephrem (Hymni et Sermones, ill. 686), but it 
is nevertheless given here both for the sake of completeness and 
for the purpose of recording the readings of Cod. B which are not 
noticed by Lamy. 

Two MSS. are used in this edition. 

A = B. M. Add. 14592 (fo. 61 v.), of Century vi. or vii., contain- 
ing hymns and discourses of various authors. It is numbered 
DCCXLVlii in Wright's Catalogue. 

B = B. M. Add. 14520 (fo. 43 a), of Century viii. or ix., con- 
taining hymns of various authors. It is in the estrangela character 
and is numbered ccccli in Wright. It contains only vv. 1, 2, 
4—6, 12, 17, 18, 21, 22, 25 and 33 of the Madrasha. 

A translation is given based on a fragment of one by Professor 

(VI.) Of the last document printed in this book the present 
Editor can give no satisfactory account. Professor Bensly, so far 
as it is possible to discover, left behind him nothing but a text 
written out ready for printing together with one or two marginal 
notes in pencil. Nothing has been found among his papers to lead 
to the identification of the three MSS. used to construct the text. 
A search in the Bodleian however resulted in the identification of 


the MS. designated "A" with Bod. Or. 624 (=134 of Payne 
Smith's Catalogue). It is a Malabar MS. given to Mill in 1822, 
and is described by Payne Smith as recently (" nuper") written in 
Nestorian characters. It contains, (a) a Commentary on the 
Four Gospels, (b) the History of Samona in dodecasyllabic verse. 
In order to give a possible clue to some future inquirer into the 
identity of the MSS. denoted B and C by Professor Bensly, it may 
be mentioned that these two MSS. were originally denoted C^ and 
C^ by him. 

The poem would be not unfairly described as a paraphrase of 
the greater part of IV Maccabees. It follows its arrangement and 
echoes its language. Marginal references to IV Maccabees are 
therefore added to the translation of the poem. The great differ- 
ence between the two works is that in the poem a speech is 
ascribed to the mother before each execution of a son, and is given 
in full. There is little that is new in these utterances. 

A translation of this poem is given. 



Mace. VI. 17. [] ■ ''^ 1?] cru-SiOjj is perhaps an early corrup- 
tion for cnj_£5o5 (not found in the Lexx.) or some such form. 
Greek fjLa\aKO-'^v)(r)aavTa<;. 

XV. 13. ]jLj.Ii3 is perhaps an early corruption for |i i '^. Gk. 

Sev. p. ^23, 1. 7. For |j_Lj_.Ak) the mg. seems to read ]j_i^AlD 
(R. L. B.). 

p. \2i, 1. 12. "j/nv^o «Vn may be an error for IZcu-lp o ■ Sn 
(p. oi^, 1. 22). 

Story of Maryam, p. ^, 1. 27. For CJullXlX read CJUijlmX 
(R. L. B.). 

Ephr. p. ^.KKj-D, 1, 12. For A-ljAtd] perhaps read with Lamy 
ib. p. t^*"^ , lines 4, 5. For ]£05q.2lo Lamy has the correctioa 


Ephr, 1. 6. C7I 1 m Kj. So Lamy prints the text but he translates 
" inviderunt" (as though conjecturing olQiaccu*^). 

ib. 1. 17. ^sZlo --^^^Ll. Lamy prints both these verbs 
with seyame. 

ib. 1. 22. For OTf_^ read with Lamy (TUfJ^. 

ib. 1. 23. For v^Al Lamy has w_.AO. 

(N.B. In all cases of variation between Prof. Bensly and 
Dr Lamy the former follows the authority of the MS. or MSS.) 

Anon. Poem, p. i<LD, 1. 323. Read yi>~*jt (with two Heths). 

ib. 1. 331. The metre requires ,^ i 1 i'^. 

ib. 1. 353 (note). Read . i m i n^TO (with »0). 


(A) M^MRA OF Mar Severa (Syriac, p. oa-). 

The Panegyric of the Maccabean youths is thought on account 
of the glory of the conflict they sustained to supply rich intellectual 
materials to those who pronounce it, but in that it surpasses all 
power (finding) of words it convicts of poverty those who pane- 

And [even] in that which is before us (in the midst) they 
greatly fall short of the truth ; for even a painter, if he see any- 
thing strange and unusual of endless beauty of created nature, 
and takes pains to copy this with pigments, paints indeed an 
image beautiful and very fair agreeing with this beautiful and 
lovely prototype ; but he is overcome in that he is not able 
accurately by means of art to attain to that natural beauty. 

So we also desiring to paint with the pigments of words the 
spiritual beauty and the manly struggle of these seven youths for 
piety say indeed things beautiful and very beautiful, for such 
is the subject, but we stand at a distance from their greatness 
of deeds, as we are removed even from nature. For merely 
to hear that seven youths, who, being now of youthful age, went 
forth by the same gate of youth, who overtopped one another a 
little in age like the steps of a ladder, but nevertheless youths all 
of them, that they suffered one and the same death on behalf of 
piety, and were constant under (in) various kinds of tortures ; and 
before them Eleazar elder and priest, and instructor rather in 
sufferings for piety than in the Law — and of their aged mother — 
that she endured manfully the scourgings of her sons and denied 
that she was a mother, what obedience unfearing ! What a soul 
not dismayed ! And what a wealth of words do the events need 
to be able to extol them to the height ! 


It putteth down therefore [the eloquence] which promises with 
sigbs by study and art to write praises, and it flieth to that which 
is of heaven ; and it lifteth up itself with its own wings and not 
with artificial and alien wings ; and to God who crowns the con- 
test of piety it cries with the prophet : Of thee is my glory in the 
great congregation. 

And as regards that which I bring to the remembrance of the 
Church, I have evolved a certain truly divine and secret thought 
from the struggle of these valiant martyrs. For it seems to me 
that the old man holds forth a type of the Law which has waxed 
old in the Scriptures, and that the youths who were disciples to 
the old man together with their mother fulfil [the conditions of] 
the type of the Church of the Nations, which was indeed of old 
without child, but afterwards had many sons ; which formerly 
was taught by the Law with symbolic teachings of piety; concern- 
ing which Hannah the prophetess said : The barren hath born 
seven. Because the Synagogue whose sons were formerly many 
hath waxed feeble. 

But bring before your eye as it were into that stadium of virtue 
him whom time hath not darkened, who contended that he might 
annul former things. Moreover that which is sung by every man 
when it sounds as it were in the ears new and undefiled of those 
who desire sustenance which is old indeed in the passage of years, 
but new in affection and freedom from cloying 

(3) And Antiochus the tyrant sat and was cruel in his mind, 
in a certain lofty place, for such is loftiness of spirit that it causeth 
perverseness to those who are troubled with it, namely, that they 
stand upon the earth with the rest but think they are fixed 
in the air when they walk on the tips of their nails, and lift up 
their eyebrows and exalt themselves as the cedars of Lebanon, as 
said the Holy Scripture, displaying their bareness of fruit and 
their haughtiness. 

And there was standing before him girded in armour all the 
assembly of the soldiers (" Romans ") and of the servants bearing 
lances, a sight sufficient to cause astonishment (dismay) in the 
beholder. And there were set in the midst instruments of every 
kind of torture which threatened various kinds of punishment. 
And there were some of them not yet made ready and as yet 
known only as a danger, which threatened by their very appear- 
ance bitter and violent death ; and with scourgings very fearful, if 
it were possible, so to speak, lacerating with the body the soul 
also, and almost separating it from the bond of its fellow. 


(4) And first into the midst came Eleazar the priest, hoary of 
hair but shewing youth in mind. And he was urged to eat of 
heathen sacrifices and flesh of swine, and herein that he should 
renounce his pure reverence for the Law ; for the tyrant thought 
that if he overcame this man, he would overcome the Law, yea 
the Priesthood itself; and he thought that to overthrow the old 
man was to dissolve these (Law and Priesthood). For with these 
was his war and not with the sons of men. And he hoped again 
that the master would be followed without a struggle also by the 
young men his disciples. But his hope and his expectation 
disappointed him. For with the body the old man and infirm 
triumphed over the torments, and strengthened the youths strong 
as they were in body, and proved that the Law was spiritual and 
the Priesthood heavenly. And he made known that there was in 
them a good and ready hope for the sake of which it was also 
right to suffer, even though these things were not yet established 
unto [? legal] form and writing. 

For Antiochus indeed laughed much at him as though he were 
suffering in vain and [in vain] rejecting that pleasant taste of 
swine's flesh ; and he called it a servant of nature and he reckoned 
it folly that he should take death in exchange for a single food. 
For he was mixing his very threats and at the same time mocking 
the man and frightening [him]. And sometimes he spoke both 
pitying and being grieved for [his] weakness and old age and 
worthiness ; and the self-same sneers his servants also held forth. 
Being armed even thus on the king's side and helping him in 
every way, they were surrounding this old man as a tower of virtue. 
But he was not to be taken nor known nor subdued by them. 

(5) For he said: Our Law, O Antiochus, is verily The Law, 
for it is the work and gift of God and the teaching is not of one of 
the sons of men. Hearest thou not of Moses and his fast of forty 
days and the purity and brightness which came from him ? And 
of the top of Mount Sinai and the cloud, and of Him who spoke to 
him from thence, and of the tables graven with the finger of God, 
which were written on both their sides, within and without; 
declaring to those who were heavy (brutish) in their minds the 
external things of the word, but to those who feared hinting 
carefully the theory of the deep things of the Spirit ? 

From thence we derive our refusal of the food of the flesh of 
swine, for it teaches us to restrain gluttonous desires, and not to 
pursue after pleasure, and that therein we should maintain 

13. M. d 


Reverence therefore either the Lawgiver who is God, or the 
high estimation of the Law. For irrational beasts are permitted, 
as I have said, to make use of the abundance of nature, and to 
possess the lust of unrestrained pleasures. But for rational man 
the Law is appointed that he may neither eat nor do all the things 
that are natural ; for some are withholden, and the rest are per- 
mitted him. On account of this we even call those barbarians 
beastly who bring all things under the tooth, obeying nature and 
not the Law. The counsels of the Law therefore are such as they 
are because they remove men from irrational follies. For I speak 
even to your untaught obedience and heathenishness. And what 
shall I say ? For the sake of decency (that is reverence for 
the High-priesthood) I reverence the worked tunic which giveth 
oracles by means of various colours, making it known that it is fit 
for the high-priest to be clothed with the whole various host of 
virtues. I reverence the ephod of judgment and the Urim and 
Thummim which we who are worthy to exercise the priest's office 
carry upon our breasts when we enter within the Holy of Holies, 
that we may gain eloquence of soul and that the adversary may 
be turned back rather with a word than in wrath and in lusts ; 
that we may be able to judge the things that are fitting, and as in 
a vision may receive revelations from above and teachings of truth, 
and may offer answers clear of falsehood to those who are initiated. 
I reverence the tiara which crowns the head of the priest, as [of] 
one who has mastered the passions. 

I tremble at the sacred plate of gold seeing that he carries 
on it the name of God which is without reproach, for this is 
engraved on the seal, even things ineffable, that it may give light 
to the face and may direct him that he may see God only. 

As I think these thoughts and more than these, how can I 
betray the law of my fathers ? And how can I be overcome by 
one irrational food ? How can I defile my mouth ? Herein thou 
hast, Antiochus, proof of my soul ; try now my body also ! 

(6) But he was smitten with these truly philosophic words 
as with goads, and now commanded that he should be scourged 
with torments. And immediately the cruel servants began smiting 
him with fists and jumping on him with kicks (bringing down 
kickings on him) ; and with blows of whips they broke and pierced 
his ribs and they carded his flesh and his blood ran down in 

But the old man fixed his eyes on the heavens, and running 
with swiftness the heavenly course, was oppressed with sweat and 


panting. And at last when he was not overcome even so as to 
utter one unsound word, he was delivered to the fire. And when 
the rest of his body was melted there after prayer on behalf of the 
people and dying words [addressed] to God, he flew away to the 
blessed roofs of the angels and the holy fathers. 

(7) But these youths with like divine learning embraced the 
struggles of the teacher, and meditated therein (in the learning) 
very diligently and carefully. And more than the teachings of 
the Law, the constancy of the old man which they learnt and 
enjoined while he suffered they kept in remembrance with a 
certain keen diligence. 

And in nothing at all did they fall short of that which was learnt; 
they made known and proclaimed it, not the more by the tongue, 
but by the like manhood under tortures. For every one of the 
youths according to the order of his age came into the midst, the 
tyrant thinking that by means of the punishment inflicted on the 
first he would bringf the others to submission. For who is there 
that would not faint with fear when he saw the flesh of his brothers 
cruelly lacerated ? 

But this did not so fall out. But these armed ones, Piety's 
trained ones, shewed the snare set for their submission to be an 
occasion for the display of their manhood. For the eldest of the 
brethren thought that the example [set by] his teacher was due 
from him [also]. And the second one thought that the virtue of 
his brother, as well as that of his teacher (Rav), was due from him. 
And the third one contended to surpass those who had contended 
before him, and that he might be an example of manhood to the 

And all of them were associated together in the contests ; and 
every one of them was glorified, not only in his own martyrdom 
but also in that of his fellow, for he who preceded was a kind of 
monument inspiriting him who followed, and a fresh type of 
encouragement, sufficient and able to draw him to like zeal. But 
the later ones who drew near to the stadium were more constant 
in the contests of their brothers than they who were suffering, and 
were made ready for that which was to follow, fearing lest they 
should be passed over, and [desiring] that they might display in 
the body a brotherly unanimity of constancy under (in) varied 
torments of skilled tormentors. 

(8) For one of them was stretched upon the wheel and the 
bond of his joints was loosened, and when he was revolving with 

d 2 


the circle of the wheel at the same time also he was burning, 
because coals of fire were placed beneath. And another one was 
stripped of his skin with claws of iron as a lamb is stripped. 
Another when his tongue was ordered to be cut out, of his own 
will put this forth for cutting off, declaring that even if one of 
those things hidden in the deep, that is to say, his inner parts, 
was demanded of him to give up to tortures, even this, if it were 
possible, he would willingly put forth. 

For each one of them was striving in regard to fresh kinds of 
tortures to shew fresh readiness of will, and to be tried in all his 
members and to bear many trials of [his] faithfulness, before his 
soul departed from his body. For they judged that it was [the 
function] of beasts to fall (as is generally the case) with one death, 
but that it better suits those who are made men to bear upon 
their bodies many marks of manhood, and to draw near together 
to the sword of the enemy, and that their blood should drop upon 
enemies and upon kindred. Such was the stedfastness of those 
manly youths that I will not occupy myself with many particulars, 
while I relate [once for all] as to every one of their tortures, that 
such was the prepared readiness for their conflicts of these in- 
vincible martyrs. 

For as those who fix in crowns of gold these precious stones 
seek not one colour but various for the increase of one beauty, 
these men leapt with the same banner over strange and varied 
inventions of tortures and desired the crown of martyrdom which 
comes by contests of all kinds which diversify it as with precious 

(9) When therefore the six brethren had finished the good 
course, and had attained to the crown of the City which is above, 
the youngest and seventh was left, prepared (" whetted ") by six 
contests and exceedingly vehement in the strength of piety. 

The tyrant being afraid of this one, tried to weaken him with 
flatteries and promises. And when he saw that he despised even 
these things, he commanded that his mother should stand by him, 
in order that he might take compassion as it were upon an old 
and childless woman ; for he even thought that it would be 
enough, if she seemed only to be saying. Forbear, to weaken and 
subdue that athlete to nature. But it had escaped that self- 
sufficient one that it was she who had anointed the others for the 
contest and had sent them on their way to heaven. For when she 
was near, like the sum of virtuous strength, she was reminding 
(warning) these champions of piety, going round hither and thither 


and considering, and trembling lest any of her sons should stumble 
and fall from piety. 

While she was testifying with each one and shared the 
torments with them and thought (seemed) that she burned in- 
deed and was indeed cut in pieces, like a tree whose own children, 
the branches, are cut in pieces. And so to speak she cried the 
cry of Paul, My sons, of whom I travail again ^, until Christ be 
formed in you ! 

(10) These things therefore she thought and taught and did 
secretly and not visibly. But when she stood openly by her 
youngest son according to the command of the tyrant, she cast 
in Hebrew speech one word not only into the ears of her son but 
into his mind. And she did not speak in his father-tongue to 
hide it from the servants, but that she might remind the champion 
of the glorious deeds of the ancient and chief fathers (of the 
ancient fathers and patriarchs) and draw him to like zeal. 

And she made the heart of the youth boil exceedingly and as 
if he were admiring bitter death, he hastened to swallow [it] as 
something sweet. And he cried out to those who stood by, Loose 
me from the bonds. And when he was readily loosed by those 
who erroneously supposed that he was changed from his manly 
mind, he leapt into every one of the frying pans which were set 
[ready] and flamed with fire, and he found more quickly even 
than he wished his desire and was added to the heavenly chorus 
of his brothers. 

And by him also his mother cheerfully (readily) stood and was 
tried with like ills. And when she was crowned in the seven 
contests of her sons, she herself crowned her sons, and shewed by 
deeds from what a root these manly shoots sprang and grew up. 
Not so [truly] did the candlestick of seven lights which made 
glorious the temporal tabernacle give light, as did this woman 
with the seven human (rational) lights, her sons, give light to the 
Church of Christ. 

(11) Hear these things, O mothers, and so bring up your 
sons, and let them go to the church and urge them to the learning 
of sacred words. And strangle them not with youthful cares. 
For the things that are seen are temporal, but the things that are 
not seen are eternal, as Christ crieth who speaketh in Paul. 
holy mother ! O manly soul of a woman's body ! O harmony 

> Gal. iv. 19. 


of sons who shewed us one patience and one virtue and one con- 
stancy, on behalf of one hope or one equal death. 

What will they say to these things, they who compound fate 
(compose horoscopes) from the planetary motion of stars ? For 
their mother did not bear them as the orbit(s) stood still, in the 
self-same hour, nor did they all have in themselves a special 
portion from one ruling-star (" ruling-influence "), according to the 
folly^ of the Manichaeans. But because the Almighty Reason had 
(found) one thing in them, It prepared one and the same crown 
of martyrdom for them, 

(12) These though they girded themselves from the Law's 
Teaching were forerunners of the martyrs of the Gospel, as John 
also was the forerunner of Jesus. For those three youths also and 
Daniel the man of virtuous desires were delivered from the fire of 
the Babylonian furnace and from the pit of lions, in order that 
they of Israel might turn the barbarians towards Jerusalem which 
is below, [and] by means of signs they were shewn to be virtuous. 

But the Maccabean youths, when the coming of Messiah and 
the resurrection were standing at the door, and when [that] Jeru- 
salem whose architect and creator is God, and the preaching of 
the Kingdom of Heaven were about to be made known, departed 
from the stadium of conflict to heaven. And they first teach us 
the hope of the life to come and prepare us for it. 

But otherwise, if this had not been thus ordered by Providence 
beforehand, would not the blind Jews say, Whom of the martyrs 
who testified for Christ have ye seen die in torments ^ ? And 
these things they say because they look not to that glorious hope 
by the brightness of which we shine by the grace and mercy of 
Him who called us to this. To whom be glory for ages. Amen. 

2 The Second Form (p. cud) reads: What would not those blind Jews have 
said, when they saw some of those who testified for Christ die in torments, not 
having themselves (i.e. the Jews) eyes to look to the glorious hope of the Resurrec- 
tion, by the brightness (rays) of which we have been enlightened, etc.? 


(B) The Story of Maryam (Shamone) and her Seven 
Sons. Martyred on the First of Ab (Syriac, p. .vj). 

Item, The Story of Mary (Shamon6) and her seven noble sons. 

My beloved, there was in Antioch of Syria a certain woman 
of the Sons of Israel whose name was Mary and her seven sons in 
the days of the profane and wicked Antiochus. Then was it told 
him by the worshippers of idols concerning this woman, " She is a 
" believer," and concerning her sons, " They are believers and holy, 
" for they fear and honour Christ the Saviour of all ; and the 
" gods, [even] the images, they despise and revile." 

Then the evil king commanded that they should all be appre- 
hended and stand before him. Then these brethren were taken 
the seven of them and their mother, so that they might release 
many from sin. And as David was sent that he might deliver 
Israel from Goliath, so God sent this woman behind the former 
ones (?) that she might confound the wicked one and deliver many 
from his snares. 

God is accustomed to confound mighty men by the hands 
of youths and bring down the lofty by the hands of women ; as by 
the hand of Gideon with few people he destroyed and burnt up 
and slew a multitude of the Midianites ; and as for Sisera the evil 
who gloried in chariots and horsemen he was overcome by the 
hand of Anael, her whom God answered. 

So also Olipherna chief of the hosts of Nebuchadnezzar King 
of Babel by the hand of Judith, that we may come to the history 
of Mary (that is Shamone) and of her sons the victors {or the 

When therefore she came in and stood in the midst of the 
battle and had armed her sons with the armour of the men of old 
who overcame in battle (lit. battles), — for the mother gathered 
her sons and began to say to them : 


" Behold, my sons, the time of war ; contend and fear not, 
" since when (after) ye have overcome degrees of honour shall be 
" given you. Tremble not before the winter of persecutions, since 
" in the winter the profitable husbandmen are known. Be not 
" terrified, my sons, at this sea whose waves are lifted high, since 
" from it merchants are spiritually enriched. Be not slack, O 
" swift hunters, to leap to meet this lion when he roareth against 
" you. Be not quenched, my bright lamps, by the storm of this 
" arrogant one. Be not beaten down, my strong towers, to con- 
" found your mother. Be not persuaded, my flying eagles, by the 
" glittering scales of the asp to go down living into Sheol. Be not 
" afraid, my beautiful doves, of this destroying hawk. Beware, O 
" my clusters full of sweet wine, of the vile fox lest he make your 
" sweetness bitter. Fear not, blameless reapers, the heat of this 
" hard day. Let there not be found in you a lie, good darics ! in 
" this glowing furnace. If he flatter you, be not slack, if he 
" frighten you, be not terrified. But deal craftily with him and 
" beware of him. If he be wroth with you, laugh at him and deride 
" him. Remember your fathers of old and the advantage' which they 
'■ left you in the Scriptures. If he shew you swords unsheathed, 
" remember that knife which was sharpened against the neck 
" of your brother Isaac. It is not that I hate you, my sons, that I 
" bid you die, even as your father Mar Abraham hated not his 
" only son when he bound him upon the altar for slaughter. But 
" if I bid you live in this fleeting time, I should be [found] hating 
" you and robbing you of the life which is for ever. But as Abra- 
" ham, not through hatred but loving him the while, bound his son 
" and obeyed his God, so I also, my sons, love you and your God ; 
" and I counsel you not to separate yourselves from his love. 

" If this profane one shew you fierce fire, remember the three 
" youths your companions, how they delivered their bodies to the 
" fire and changed not their worship of God for images, and 
" respected not his threatening and his flattery but answered and 
" said to him. Thy gods we will not serve and the images which 
" thou hast set up we will not worship. And even now, my sons, 
" I beseech you, be ye like these your brethren, and give me joy. 

" And if he say to you, I will cast you to the beasts, remember 
" Daniel who delivered himself to the lions, that he might not be a 
" companion to such as feared images. 

" And if he say, I will make you second in my kingdom, 
" remember Moses your teacher who was made son to Pharaoh's 

1 Eom. iii. 1 (Pesh.). 


"daughter, and he chose to be in affliction with God and not 
" to enjoy sin a short timc^ 

" And if he promises you riches, remember Joseph who despised 
" the riches of the Egyptian woman. And if he say, Do ye not 
" fear me ? remember Elijah the prophet how he feared not Ahab 
" the evil kinjj. 

" Behold ye have, my sons, consolation and comfort from your 
" fathers of old, and more than anything the grace of your Lord 
" helpeth you. 

" But I beseech thee, Habib the eldest of all his brothers, repay 
" me the loans which I lent thee ; and as I brought up thy youth, 
" support thou my old age. Thou, my son, contend first in the 
" battle and overcome, that thy brethren may see thee and imitate 
" thee. And as thou earnest forth before them into this world, 
" enter in before them into the kingdom which is for ever. What 
" have I, my son, more than this to give thee as an inheritance, 
" viz., to love the Lord thy God with all thy strength and with all 
" thy soul ? Draw near therefore and contend that thou mayest be 
" the firstborn of thy brethren in both worlds. 

" If, my son, I had betrothed you wives, thine would have been 
" the first bridal chamber adorned, and now thou receivest a spiri- 
" tual bridal chamber which shall never be destroyed." 

And she said again to all her sons, 

" Happy am I, my sons, when I see you bearing off victory. 
" Happy I am, my sons, when I see that ye have passed the 
" drowning sea. Happy am I when your grapes shall enter 
" the wine-press. Happy am I when I see you in the fold'^ of the 
" true Lord." 

Then they took in the holy ones and their mother before An- 
tiochus the profane king, and they stood before him without fear 
and without trembling. And when the tyrant saw the beauty of 
their forms and the glory of their faces and the nobleness of their 
minds, he was astonished and said to them, Which is the eldest of 

' Heb. xi. 25 (Pesh. with transposition of words). 
2 Job. X. l(Pesh.). 


you all ? Then answered the victorious one the chief of his 
brethren and said, I am he. What dost thou require ? The 
wicked one answered and said, See before whom thou art standing. 
The holy one answered and said, Before a murderous beast. 
Antiochus said, In my hands are thy life and thy death and I have 
authority over both. The holy one said, Thou art in error, poor 
wretch ; over the body only hast thou authority to destroy, but 
over the soul God has authority. The king said. Hearken to me 
and I will enrich thee and honour thee as those who stand 
before me. » 

The victorious one said, But would that even they would obey 
me and refuse thy riches, which destroy those who possess them ! 
The tyrant said, Why dost thou hate thine own soul and seek to 
bring upon thee bitter tortures ? 

The illustrious one said, I hate not my own soul but I love 
it and I purchase for it with the fleeting life, a life which passes 
not away. But thou hatest thy life for through these fleeting 
pleasures thou inheritest long-drawn pains. 

Antiochus said : Have compassion, poor wretch, on thy youth 
and destroy it not. 

The athlete said : Even if thou destroy it not, death comes and 
destroys it; therefore of my own will I offer my blood to God. 
Then the tyrant was wroth and commanded to beat him with 
the tendons of a bull until all his body was lacerated. And he did 
so to him. 

And the evil one answered and said to him ; Behold I have 
given thee the first of the tortures to taste ; do my will before 
I cut off thy limbs. 

The holy one said : If thou hast tortures more grievous than 
these bring them quickly upon me. 


Then the basilisk commanded that the frying pan should be 
filled with oil and made to boil, and that he should be fried like a 
fish alive. And when the smell of the burning oil went forth, then 
the holy one went up with good cheer and entered into the midst 
of the frying pan and when his body was flaming he gave up his 
soul into the hands of his Lord. 

But Shamone said rejoicing : Behold one grain of wheat has 
entered into the treasury of life. 

And she said to her second son, Enter, my son, like the second 
day on which the firmament was stretched out upon reeds, and it 
separated between the waters which are above and the waters 
which are below. Thou also, my son, be separate from sinners and 
be joined with thy brother in good things. 

And Antiochus commanded that they should bring near the 
second and he said to him : Receive, my son, my counsel as helping 
thee, and behold the face (sight) of thy brother and speak not 
many words. The blessed one said to him ; Behold thou the glory 
of my brother and boast not greatly but quickly dispatch me that 
I may be joined with him. Antiochus said, There is nothing to 
be seen of the glory of thy brother but the body fried in oil. The 
holy one said : Because thy heart is dark with profaneness, thou 
beholdest not the glory of my brother, but his reproach. Antiochus 
said, Spare thy soul before thou enterest the frying pan. The 
holy one said. Spare thou thy soul before thou fallest into the 
Gehenna which is not quenched. Antiochus said : And dost thou 
not fear me, insolent one ? The victorious one said : I fear not 
thee because thou fearest not God. Antiochus said : And where is 
thy God ? Let him come and contend with me and deliver thee 
out of my hands. The illustrious one said : He will not deliver 
me now, that thou mayest declare thy madness and that I may 
declare my faith, and that he may shew his grace, namely, how he 
is patient with thee ; but in the end he will take vengeance of 
thee in righteousness, and me and my brother he will crown 
because of our confession. 

Antiochus said : Ye speak words only and I shew deeds. Draw 
near and flay the skin of his head like a sheep and fry him in oil 


like his brother. The holy one said: On his head the athlete 
deserves to be crowned when he conquers his enemies. Antiochus 
said : As I did to thy brother I am about to do to thee because 
like him thou didst revile me. The holy one said : It befits the ox 
that his neck should be level with that of his fellow when 
they labour equally with the plough. I and my brethren also 
like oxen shall sow in the field of our limbs through thy tortures, 
and in the day of the Resurrection we shall reap from it life 
everlasting. And when he had said these things he yielded up his 
soul to God in the midst of the frying pan. 

And Shamon^ said : Behold two doves have escaped from the 
wicked hawk and have gone up to their nests on high. 

Do thou also, my third son, hasten to go to thy brethren who 
wait for thee. And Antiochus answered and said to him, Come, 
my son, be with me in this kingdom, and be not like to these thy 
wretched brethren who destroyed their bodies in vain, but do my 
will quickly and Avorship my gods. The holy one answered : This 
thy kingdom of which thou boastest is about to be dissolved and to 
come to nought and so with the gods whom thou dost worship. 
And I like my brethren will deliver my body to tortures that I 
may inherit with them eternal life. 

Then Antiochus was wroth and commanded to cut off his 
tongue and his fingers and his toes. And when he had done 
thus to him he delivered up his soul with joy to his Lord. 

And his mother drew near to the fourth and said to him : 
Behold, my son, the form of the fourth, even of him who appeared 
in the furnace to the three youths is engraved on thee. Do thou 
also, my son, quench the wrath of the evil one, and make haste 
and depart to thy brethren who wait for thee. 

Then Antiochus answered and said to him : Worship like me, 
my son, compassionate gods and perish not like thy brethren. 

The holy one said : I worship God the Creator of heaven and 
earth and all that is in them. Stones and stocks which the car- 
penter hath made I hear not, nor worship. I will not leave the 
Maker to Avorship the made. I will not change God the Judge of 
all for idols deaf and blind. But hasten despatch me to my 


beloved brethren, for behold they wait for me. Then the evil one 
was embittered against him and commanded to put out his eyes 
that he might not see the light of the Gods (? of heaven). The 
holy one said : Well hast thou blinded my eyes that I may not see 
thy face, O wicked one ! And when he had transfixed him with 
many arrows of words, the tyrant commanded that he should taste 
death like his brethren. 

And when he brought in before him the fifth, the holy one 
spake first to him : What wouldest thou ask me ? Shut thy mouth 
while I say to thee : If thou flayest my head and blindest my eyes, 
and cuttest off my ears as well as my tongue, thy will I will not 
do and devils I will not worship. But manifest thy wickedness 
quickly and send me to my brethren, for behold they look for me. 

Then the disciple of Satan commanded that they should cut off 
his limbs and cast them into the frying pan. Who could behold 
this bitter judgment, half of him alive and half being fried ? But 
his mother and his brethren stood like adamant and looked upon 

And he answered and said to the wicked one : Even if thou 
cut off all my limbs, God, as Ezekiel said, is about to gather and 
raise them up with glory, but thy body and thy soul he will torture 
without mercy. And when he had said these things his soul flew 
to his brothers and his beloved ones. 

And Shamond answered and said to her sixth son, Behold, my 
son, Friday on which man was created is portrayed in thee. Err 
not like the first man who sought to be exalted above his degree 
and lost his glory. Thou also beware lest thou be deprived of thy 
brethren and bring down my grey hairs with wretchedness to the 
grave. But he answered and said to her, Fear not, my blessed 
mother, more than thou thinkest I am about to contend with this 
enemy of God. 

Then he drew near and stood before Antiochus and said to 
him : Why dost thou pause, accursed butcher ? Bring forth thy 
sharp sword and embrue thy hands in my innocent blood. 

Antiochus answered and said : Eat, my son, of the sacrifice and 
I will make thee second in my kingdom. 

Then the holy one laughed and said to him, Wherefore dost 
thou counsel me that which will not profit me ? I will not be 
turned aside from the path of my brethren and my beloved ones ; 
but quickly despatch me that I may go to them. 


Antiochus said : Put forth thy hands that they be cut off. 
And he put them forth. And he said : Put forth thy tongue that 
it may be cut off. And he put it forth. And when his hands and 
his tongue were cut off, immediately he gave up his soul with joy. 

But in that we did great injustice to the struggles of the 
saints over which we passed quickly through shortness of time 
as the holy apostle said : The time is too short ^ for me to 
tell of the triumphs of the righteous, so we tell briefly the histoiy 
of these seven brethren, and we come with few [words] to this 
seventh saint. For the adversary was not worse beaten by Job 
than Antiochus was derided by these illustrious ones. 

And when he saw the seventh prepared for battle like his 
brethren, he let him alone and turned to Shamone and said to her : 
Persuade this youth to leave this folly, and spare thy [own] grey 
hairs, and leave for thyself this staff for thy grey hairs, that thou 
mayest stay thyself upon him. Why hast thou not a heart ? Why 
hast thou no bowels of compassion like [other] women ? Leave 
thyself one lamp that he may give light to thee. Leave thyself 
one grain of wheat in thy field. I myself greatly pity thy grey 
hairs. Behold thou hast shewn in these six who are gone that 
thou lovest thy God ; spare this one who remains to thee and do 
my will. hast thou a heart of stone, and dost thou not feel ? 
Go persuade this one that he do my will ; and I swear by all the 
gods that he shall be second in my kingdom. I know that he will 
do thy will and not despise thy counsel. (And the evil one knew 
not that Shamone was unlike her mother, Eve the weak.) And 
when she heard the prophecy of [this] Balaam-diviner, she said to 
him, I will persuade him. 

She turned to her son, deriding the wicked one and said to 
him in the tongue of the fathers (but the evil one knew not what 
she was saying but heard only the melody of the persuasive words), 
and she said to her son : I ask of thee, my son, to have compassion 
upon me. Nine months I bare thee in my womb and I encoun- 
tered danger at thy birth and I bare thee upon mine arms and 
suckled thee three years and I brought thee up until now. Do not 
return to me inverted the loans which I lent to thee upright ^ 

God forbid that thy crown should perish in thy hands ! God 
forbid, lamb, that thou shouldst separate from the flock of thy 
brethren and become food for wolves ! God forbid, O star of light, 
that thou shouldst be extinguished and fall from the firmament ! 
God forbid, O warrior, that thou shouldst fall in the battle ! God 

1 Heb. xi. 32. 2 Herm. Pastor, Maud. iii. 1, 2. 


forbid, O seventh day, that thou shouldst be seduced from the 
number of thy brethren ! For on thee was proclaimed rest for the 
Creator who wearieth not. For on the seventh day were finished 
the heavens and the earth and all the host of them. And in thee 
my seventh son were finished my labour and struggles, and my 
womb ceased from child-bearing. After thy birth the pains of 
birth assailed me not. Be thou the seal to the crown of thy 
brethren in the kingdom of heaven. 

Then answered the holy one and said to his mother : Get thee 
from me, disturber ; why dost thou withhold me from the com- 
pany of my brethren the ready merchants ? For behold their ships 
have entered the haven of rest, and I am still standing among the 
storms. It was not enough that I came forth from the womb after 
all of them, but into the kingdom of heaven behold I enter after 
all of them, Howbeit in this I have great comfort that even if I 
am the youngest in the inheritance, our good God desii'eth not 
full age or youth but faithfulness and good works. 

Then he answered and said to the persecutors : Why stand ye 
idle ? Despatch me quickly that I may go to my brethren, because 
I seek not the life that dieth and the growth that diminisheth. 
But now empty against me the quiver of thy arrows and all thy 
threats and despatch me that I may go and see Him whom I love. 
Furnish me with the afflictions with which crowns are bought in 
that place. Make not my tortures less, lest my recompense be less 
than that of my brethren. 

Then the ravening wolf attacked the blameless lamb in his 
fury, and commanded his servants to torture him as they would. 
And they fastened upon him like evil beasts ; one put out his 
eyes ; one cut off his ears, and one tore off his arms from his sides, 
and one cut off his tonsue. And when his limbs were cut off his 
soul flew with joy to his brethren. 

And Shamon*^ is worthy of good remembrance. When she saw 
her seven sons crowned in one day she gave thanks and praised 
God, because she trusted that her offering was accepted before her 

But Antiochus the evil did not reverence her grey hairs, 
but tortured her with many tortures. But she rejoiced exceed- 
ingly in this, that not only in her youth she had served God but 
also with her grey hairs. And after she had borne many tortures 
her soul flew to be with her beloved ones. 

Shortly have we told the story of these holy ones. Not 
on account of their sins did God avert [his eyes] from them. 


but that their joy and faith might be known. And in that 
he deUvered others [it was] in order that he might declare the 
greatness of his grace. The three who were delivered were not 
more righteous or better than the seven. Their righteousness was 
worthy as their confession was worthy [of reward], but God averted 
his eyes from his servants that their truth might be proclaimed. 

And the holy ones were crowned on the first day of the month 
Ab, through whose prayers may we all be thought worthy to 
become their companions ! Amen. 

The story of Lady Shamon^ and her seven sons is finished. 

(C) A Madrasha of Ephrem (Syriac, p. .jjiia). 

Mother of seven heroes, 
Like the Week of seven days, 
And the Lamp of seven branches, 
And Wisdom of seven pillars. 
And the Spirit of seven operations. 

Blessed is He that hath crowned his worshippers. 
Glorious was she as a bird 
With her loved ones as with wings ; 
She was stripped^ that she might be decked out once more, 
For she plucked out and cast away her pinions, 
That she might put forth wings at the resurrection. 
Borne on wings is the mother at the resurrection, 
And borne on wings after her are her loved ones. 
She bare them from the womb. 
And buried them in the midst of the fire. 
And withdrew them to the kingdom. 
Sorer than the pangs of their birth 
Were the pangs of their death; 
Between pangs and pangs she stood, 
The pangs of the love of the Lord 
Conquered the pangs of birth and of death. 
And not one did she leave for herself, 

^ Beading AjviAtD^ with Lamy. 


To be a staff for her age ; 
She broke the staff of her age. 
She that had triumphed in the sixth 
Was not vanquished in the seventh. 

6 She took them from her bosom 

And cast them into the midst of the fire 
By the fire and spirit that inspired her, 
That those corporeal ones might become 
As angels of fire and spirit. 

7 The mother of the seven 
Jiidgeth our foolish virgins ; 

For she severed herself from her children. 

The foolish ones instead of lamps, 

Lo, they deck the daughters of strangers. 

8 In this same confusion these, 

As they wove and span (or drew [water]) for others, 

Arose in bareness ; 

The oil that was in their vessels failed, 

Darkness seized on their lamps. 

9 The daughter of Jephtha slew herself, 
A heifer that loved the knife ; 

Her father offered her blood, 
Yea to a layman was it granted 
To offer his own blood. 

10 The maiden cared nought for the bathing, 

Fair was her body which she bathed in her blood. 
Her body by its blood was made white, 
The cleansing power of the water was revealed. 
Of hidden spots there were many therein. 

11 Hannah the prophetess at the sanctuary, 
Eighty years was not wearied. 

Her husband was dead and she had obtained her Lord, 
She had plighted herself when widowed 
To a Spouse incorruptible. 

12 Instead of her husband she loved her Lord, 
Instead of her house she desired his house. 

Her Lord did she worship at the house of her Lord, 
Freedom sold herself 

To the Lord who had made her free (o?- She who was 
free to the Lord who made her). 

13 One that became not her Lord by force, 
Him she made Lord by her free will. 

B. M. e 


He gave us freedom only 

That we might sell him our freedom 

And be heirs in his kingdom. 

14 Whenever our freedom is free 
Then is it in subjection, 
And when it is sold 

Then is it set free, 

For the Lordship of its Lord is good. 

15 Hannah loved God, 

She fixed herself in the midst of his house, 
On his beauty she gazed at all times, 
She let not her eye cease from him, 
Eighty years she was not sated with him, 

16 But the virgins of the Messiah 
Wander beyond his house 

And in the midst of his house are idle. 
There they are and yet not there. 

By custom^ (evil -custom) they gain (make) time for 

17 O for the last athlete, 

Son of the honoured Shamon^ ! 
The tyrant placed him in the midst. 
Between tortures and delights. 
Between woes and blessings he set him. 

18 He promised him good things in abundance, 
And how doth he give good things 

Who from good things did^ cut off? 
Even in good things he was bad, 
Whose blessing gained (brought) a woe. 

19 The evil one saw the noble ones 

That by his evil things they were helped. 

He turned himself into a helper that he might ruin them. 

He began promising good things 

That by his good things he might work ill. 

20 Just therefore as the evil one. 

E'en when he doeth good is a murderer. 
So let us learn that God 
Is good, aye good when he entreateth evil. 
For he procureth us blessing by suffering. 

21 The evil one borrowed him a mask 

^ " Pro more tempus terentes " (Lamy). 
- " was" (Lamy). 


And showed himself like the good one 

That he might rob them of the good one. 

But they chose his evil gifts 

That they might not be parted from the good one. 

22 The youth saw and understood 
Which were the good 

And which the bad. 

His good things he deemed bad 

And his bad things good. 

23 He was upright^ and chose as one experienced 
The choice that was full of glories. 

But his body was childish and youthful, 
His understanding was hoary and old. 
His mind was a furnace to him. 

24 He brought in the things offered 

Into the midst of his heart as into a furnace. 
He made trial of the good which he counselled him, 
He found it woe within him ; 
In suffering he found glories. 
2.5 He rejected the good that he promised him, 

For he saw that he was giving him an inheritance of woe. 

He reviled the tyrant much, 

That the evil one might multiply his torments, 

And that the good one might enrich his crown. 

26 He feared not the reproach of the tyrant, 
Who had promised him glory ; 

For a man by compulsion is put to shame, 

And feareth compulsion. 

He despised his [proffered] glory and his compulsion. 

27 The tyrant forced with compulsion 
The lad to come to delights ; 

And the youthfulness which no reins 

Restrain from pleasures 

Refused them when men forced them upon it ! 

28 But we foolish ones when our Lord 
Does not permit us to acquire a thing. 
Our will conquers his compulsion. 

He does not receive those who come to him under com- 
We seek [him] under compulsion. 

1 "stremius" (Lamy); "legit" (al.); "praeclare se gessit" (P. S.). 



29 The youth Joseph found 
Devices full of destructions. 

He fell into the net of the young; 
In nakedness they expected him, 
In nakedness he fled from her. 

30 Two old wolves overcame^ 
One ewe in the garden ; 

A lion's whelp in the chamber 

Saw a heifer and fled from her, 

Did violence to his nature and overcame his hunger. 

31 Joseph the secret martyr 
And confessor in the chamber ! 

The confessors confessed in that they let themselves burn ; 

But Joseph in that he allowed not himself to burn, 

Proved himself in this a confessor. 
82 Yea in persecution women also 

Have fallen in the contest and been crowned ; 

For it was a time of valour. 

In these the truth was glorified, 

But in us the lie is glorified. 
33 Among the enemies of virginity 

They guarded (kept) virginity ; 

Two crowns they seized and carried off, 

Those of persecution and of virginity ; 

But hardly may these be united in one. 

"Concerning the sons of Shamone" is finished. 

(D) Memra by an unknown hand (Syriac, p. aajj). 

Who is able to tell the story of the blessed ones 

Of the house of Juda tlie Maccabai who are clearly shewn 

to be Zealots (champions) ? 
Who for the Law and for the ordinances 
Entered the fight {lit. " boxing") and the struggles, yea the 

And were men of valour in battle, yea mighty ones ; 
And turned to flight armies, as Paul told; 
And their war with daring kings ceased not ; 

^ " inviderunt " (Lamy). 


And all the day they were found armed with the instru- 
ments of war ; 

And they fought steadfastly at all times ; 
10 And one chased a thousand in the might which he had gotten 
of the Lord ; 

And two put to flight a myriad by means of helps 

Divine, which were granted to these ready ones. 

And they rooted up idols and brake in pieces graven things 
together with the bits of images ^ ; 

And they burnt the fanes and destroyed the temples, the 
dwelling-place of Satans, 

As their father the Highpriest commanded them. 

Sons of Mattitha were these righteous ones 

And for this they gave themselves to all afflictions. 

Let their prayer be a wall to the faithful ! 

Let us draw near now to a deed full of wonder 
20 Of wonder-worthy men who gave up themselves on behalf 
of the truth, 
And endured scourgings and all afflictions for their hope, 
And received torments and cruel tortures and entered the 

And endured slaughters and diverse deaths with breaking 
Of legs, and cutting off of arms, with pulling out 
Of teeth, and flaying the skin of the head, with scatterings 
Of bones and dividings of joints and nails, and reproaches 
And swords whetted, together with tongs lacerating the 

Together with sharp spear-points, and wheels revolving, 
And caldrons full of sulphur boiling with thick smoke, 
30 And razors cutting out tongues, together with heating-to- 
Of skewers of iron, different kinds of bitter burnings ! 

All these things they endured from the worshipper of the 

The serpent-basilisk Antiochus, the rabid dog. 
For that their reason had rule over the passions of the body. 
And their intelligence ruled over desires of the passing world. 
And their mind its gaze was fixed on the world to come 
And on account of this the men of wonder conquered [in] 

all struggles ; 

> A diminutive. 


Eleazar I mean the precious old man, 
And Sbamon^ the faithful martyr full of hope 
40 Over her seven sons, illustrious youths, splendid in beauty 
For whom I the wretched one have cared with brief pains, 
And for whom I have made this short discourse. 
And I have borne their praise and this glorious sackcloth, 
That perad venture their prayer may be at every time a help 

for me, 
And that they may give me from the table of their dain- 
ties one crumb. 
That I may cheerfully pay it, even this writing, for every 


Sons of Abraham they were and from that blessed 
Root had sprung these seven twigs of wonder ; 
And for this they overcame the wiles of the enemy. 
50 Let their prayer be a wall to us every hour ! 

But when Seleucus the king departed from the kingdom, 
His son Antiochus full of evils reigned after him. 
And dismissed Onias the priest from the high-priesthood. 
And established in his place Jason the instrument of error. 
For that he promised him a bribe, talents thousands three, 
And he made him ruler over the people and gave him the 

This man changed the customs of the Jews' religion 
And abolished the law of Moses, and profaned the Sabbath, 
And relaxed the keeping of the commandments, and an- 
nulled circumcision. 
60 And in his days Antiochus came to Jerusalem, 

And spoiled it, and entered the Temple, and took away all 

the treasures 
And the deposits and the property (deposit) of the orphans 

with that of the widows. 
And in three days he destroyed eight myriads ; 
Forty thousand he led captive to [divers] countries, 
And forty thousand he slew round about the city. 
And the remnant who were left he gathered into one place, 
And compelled them to break the ordinances of the law. 
And forsake their customs, and be miugled with heathendom. 
And to taste that which had been sacrificed and polluted 

1. 52. 4 Mace. iv. 15. 


70 And eat swine's flesh and every abomination, 

Lest they should be delivered with torments to death. 

Then the tyrant entered a lofty judgment-seat and set down 
And had brought before him of the Jews one by one. 
And first they brought before him one old man, 
Whose name verily was called Eleazar the priest. 
And he was the instructor of these seven youths, 
And of all the people of Israel he was had in honour. 
And the unjust judge began and said to him: 
Give up now the Lord and the written law, 
80 And eat that which has been sacrificed and flesh of the 

unclean swine, 
Lest I bum thee in the caldron that is set on, the fire 

whereof is made ready. 
And I destroy thy life evilly with haste. 
And Eleazar the glorious priest answered with his voice. 
And spake courageously with him, even with Antiochus the 

serpent : 
I am not persuaded by thy words, erring king, 
Nor do I fear thy threats, seeing that it is not at all 
Possible nor fitting, not becoming nor honourable 
That I should refuse the holy food, the sacrifice of the Lord, 
And eat unclean and heathen sacrifices and corrupt flesh. 
90 And how is it possible for me to deny him, the Living God, 
El-Shaddai, the Creator of earth, also of heaven, 
And worship images graven and deaf, the work of hands, 
Made of dust and weak clay mixed with water. 
And plated with silver and debased gold. 
And constructed of stocks and stones, created things (forms). 
The work of men with [men's] passions, sold for prices ; 
Who like the blind have eyes and see not, 
Have a mouth and there is no breath in them like the dead 

stretched out ? 
And how shall I forsake the law of Moses, the elect prophet, 
100 And be mocked after I have grown old and am entered 

into years. 
And leave an evil name to those after me, to later time? 
And what profit is it that I should live any longer? 

Bring near thy tortures, bring thy whips of grievous pains, 

1. 72. 4 Mace. v. 1. 


Heat thy caldron that is set on, light thy fire that broilctli, 
Verily to die on behalf of my people is my choice. 
Then the unjust one, the abominable, gave command 
That they should strip off the garments in which the martyr 

was chastely clad, 
And leave that shamefast old man naked. 
And when they had stripped him, they bound at once his 

hands and his feet, 
110 And they stretched him out and began smiting him with 

all kinds of beating. 
With the cruel rod, and whips and all kinds of tortures, 
Until his flesh was lacerated and his blood descended upon 

the earth. 
And then they brought the saint near to the burning fire. 
And each of them took in his hand a skewer. 
And they heated them in the fire, pricking him without 

And when he fell upon the earth the sons of the devil 

kicked him ; 
And the righteous old man endured it with calmness. 
In that he looked for the kingdom that cometh. 
And when the servants of the tyrant saw the old man that 

he flinched not, 
120 They added to his hard affliction redoubled whippings. 
A stench also the heathen poured into his nostrils. 
And they brought instruments prepared with craft and sharp. 
And the arrogant ones dragged him and drew him into the 

midst of the burning fire. 
And when indeed his bones were burning and he knew that 

it was the hour of the end. 
He the chief of the chaste ones looked up to heaven and 

cried with his voice : 
Behold, O God, and forsake not the work of thy hands, 
And spare thy people, and turn not altogether [thy] face 

from us. 
And let thy truth spring as the day for the deliverance of 

thy servants and let it not be hidden. 
And behold for them I give my body to all smitings, 
130 And let my blood as a sacrifice be made pure for their 

deliverance ! 
And when he, glorious of face, had said these things he gave 

up his spirit, 


And inherited the life which has no end. 

And after the spirit of the saintly martyr had departed, 

The evil tyrant waxed hot and was swallowed up in his 

Even when he saw that his loftiness was trodden upon by 

And he commanded to bring others of that assembled flock. 
And they first dragged in Shamone, illustrious of soul, 
Her sons surrounding her like a crown, two with five. 
And when the wicked one saw them with one banner 
l-iO Of victory coming before him, he was swallowed up with grief. 
And admired their beauty and their modesty that was with- 
out stain. 
And he hid his ill-will in the midst of his murderous mind, 
And he the vexed one made bright his presumptuous face, 
And he began flattering them with words of confusion : 
I have heard that your origin is of the blessed one, the root. 
And ye have gotten, I ween, intelligence and a discerning 

I advise you, O blessed youths, that without delay 
Ye eat of swine's flesh and polluted sacrifice, 
And that ye be not like to that miserable old man, 
150 Who destroyed his life with hard torments and lacerated flesh. 
And if ye contend not but obey my words now, 
I will make you rule, each one of you over a separate 

And ye shall put on clothing even of my choice ornaments, 
And ye shall be of those that eat at my table morning and 

And if ye be presumptuous and remain in an erring mind, 
I bring upon you afiliction and punishment. 
And I will tear off your limbs with the wheel and with the 

whetted sword, 
And I will roast you in pans of iron and caldrons of brass. 
And I will burn you in strong fire that is kindled, 
160 And I will scatter your dust Avith the wind that taketh 

away error ; 
And I will cause you to become clay for treading down. 
Then the bad unjust one commanded his servants, the tor 


1. 143. 1 Mace. viii. 3. 1. 149. 4 Mace. viii. 4. 1. 102. 4 Mace. viii. 11. 


That they should bring and set in order all kinds of torments, 
That perchance he might frighten and terrify the just ones. 
They brought cords and hard fetters with thongs, 
And wedges together with hands of iron and combs, 
And the wheel revolving and full of cutting teeth, 
And skewers and irons prepared with craft for separating. 
And frying pans and caldrons glowing with fire full of tor- 
170 Then the wicked tyrant answered and said to the upright: 
Leave your former antique customs, 
And give up the law of your fathers and the judgments 

And be joined with me and I will make you rulers in my 

Lest I quickly destroy your life with these torments, 
And ye be thrown into the midst of these boiling caldrons, 
And be banished from this world. 
Then the martyrs prudently cried with one voice 
And as from one soul and from one mouth verily one ut- 
terance : 
Bring thy tortures, evil and unjust tyrant, 
180 And bring near thy whips cruel of curve (anger), foolish 
senseless one, 
And we will endure them for our law without fear. 
And we will not deny the law of Moses in one word, 
And we will not bow down to deaf images which have no 

And if our teacher overcame thy torments and thy terrible 

And despised thy scourges and was not abased before thy 

Though he was a man old of years and feeble through age, 
How shall we who are youths and mighty of strength 
Flinch before thy contemptible torments, deceiver, fool ! 
Enough, thou speakest enough, shut thy deceitful mouth. 
190 We choose to die for the Creator of all. 

And we prefer to burn in the midst of the fire that flameth, 
Rather than obey thy word, utter destroyer. 
And we know that if thou cut us in pieces without cause, 
Our Lord will receive us into a kingdom and appoint us a 

1. 177. 4 Mace. viii. 28. 


And our soul shall be taken into the midst of the dwellings 

of light, 
And we shall enjoy pleasures with Abraham the faithful, 

the accepted. 
And thou in the torment of the fire of Gehenna shalt be 

polluted, defiled, 
And thy soul shall be with devils in the midst of darkness, 

enduring sufferings, 
In that the Lord gave thee a mind and intelligence and 

200 And thou didst become like a dumb beast. 
And when the tyrant king heard these things, 
He raged and grew hot with wrath and anger and put on 

And commanded his servants who stood before him at the 

To bring the eldest brother, that blessed one. 
And his aged mother drew near, confirmed in mind, 
And comforted him and strengthened him and spake to 

him thus : 
Behold, my son, this day I adjure thee by El-Shaddai, 
That thou strengthen thyself well and flinch not in this 

And as thou wast first in the birth of nature, 
210 And wast offered as first-fruits for thy brethren for this 

perishing age. 
So thou shalt be offered for them for the age to come. 
And after she had comforted him they dragged him before 

the judge. 
But first they rent and stripped off him the tunic. 
And bound his feet and his hands with thongs, the sons of 

Satan ! 
And scourged him with scourges very bitter without sparing. 
And when they saw that there was no profit in their tor- 
They cast him upon the wheel and stretched him out upon 

it in painful sort. 
And Avhen his joints were pulled asunder with that affliction. 
And his bones were broken with that pain-inflicting wheel, 
220 He cursed the judge and said : O basilisk 

1. 197. 4 Mace. ix. 9. 1- 204. 4 Mace. ix. 11. 


Polluted, and enemy of the Heavenly King, 

And basilisk in mind and in intelligence and in tliought, 

Not because I have slain any one dost thou torture me in 

this manner, 
Nor because I have dealt wickedly against God nor do 

But because I am valiant for the law of my fathers. 

The unclean ones said to him : Confess lest thou be 

He said to them : Your wheel has no power at all. 
But bring you all your torments, see, I persuade you, 
And cut off my limbs with my joints and cook me in the 

frying pan 
230 And see how our nation is invincible. 

And when they heard these things they lighted under him 

a fierce fire, 
And they made the wheel cruel by art against him with 

And the wheel was dyed with his blood pouring forth, 
And by drops of his blood heat of fire was abated. 
And when the flesh was melted upon the spokes of this 

And his bones were pulled asunder, he used no complaint, 
The courageous and valiant youth, the son of faithful 

But he was transfigured and became incorruptible. 
He endured readily tortures without number, 
240 And said : Be ye like to me, ray brethren, and from this 

my band (? banner) 
Let your love never depart, 

And deny not the brotherhood for the life which is for a time. 
Work gloriously and nobly with me to-day, 
And seek earnestly from the righteous Judge 
That he may bring punishment upon this destroying wolf. 
And when he had said these things he gave up his blessed 

And inherited the kingdom and light and bridal chamber.... 
Blessed art thou, even thou, blessed Gaddi, 

1. 231. i Mace. ix. 19. 1. 233. 4 Mace. ix. 20. 

1. 240. 4 Mace. ix. 23. 


Because as long as those workers of iniquity afflicted thee 
250 That thou mightest recant, thou didst even say to them : 
This is my intention, 
If ye shall cut off my feet and my hands. 
And if ye lacerate all my limbs with my tendons, 
And if ye so cut off my joints with my arteries. 
And if ye flay my skin and destroy my trunk, 
And if ye add torments doubled to my tortures. 
And if ye add all cruel pains to my tortures, 
I will endure them without flinching with a glad heart. 
And I will not be persuaded by you nor change my deeds, 
And I will not forsake the law of my fathers and my customs, 
260 And I will not deny my God El-Shaddai... 

And after the soul of the youth was departed to the 

Then to the second one drew near their aged mother. 
She strengthened him and made him valiant and heartened 

him by means of words : 
Be strengthened, my son, and forget not the love of the 

And see thy brother how he endured the pains of an hour, 
And inherited the life that is without end and without close. 
And do thou endure now an hour in fortitude, 
And thou shalt inherit the life that passeth not away in 

the new world. 
And after his mother, the blessed one, had heartened him 
270 In that same hour the unjust ones took him and hung him. 
And immediately they brought and clothed their unclean 

With hands of iron on which were sharpened claws. 
And they asked him if he were willing to eat of things 

And when the heathen heard from the martyr a courageous 

They put behind his neck long claws, 
And tore off the skin of his head with that of liis glorious 

Him they thus destroyed, leopard-like beasts ! 
But he gloriously endured afflictions, 

1. 271. 4 Mace. ix. 26. 1. 273. 4 Mace. ix. 27. 1. 275. 4 Mace. ix. 28. 


Crying out : How sweet is this kind of death 
280 Which is on behalf of the law and faith of our fathers ! 

And he reviled the judge and said to him, full of wicked- 
ness ! 

Who art more cruel than all tyrants and full of malignity, 

I know that thou art in anguish greater than mine 

In that thou seest that we have fought with the glory and 
highness with which thou art clothed, 

And we have frustrated all thy wiles, and thou hast ceased, 
being put to shame. 

And as for me my sufferings are light upon me because of 
the glory [which they bring] ; 

But as for thee, thy punishment is reserved in Tartarus 

Eternal darkness without end and devouring fire. 

And when the martyr admirable in his hardiness had said 

these things, 
290 He gave up his pure soul victorious over all. 

And behold he enjoys pleasure in the Eden of delights. 
Blessed is thy memory, O holy martyr Maccabai ! 
How thou didst contend in the strife and walk in the steps 
Of thy brother, and thy feet departed not from the path 

which he trod. 
And when thy ribs were separated one from the other by 

that cruel wheel, 
And thy fingers were cut off with a sharpened razor, 
And thy glorious face had been combed with iron claws 
And thou didst not cry out at all nor say because of that 

torture. Woe ! 
But thy courageous answer tortured the fool, 
300 And thy words afflicted Antiochus the tyrant, 

And from thy victories the companies of the devils betook 

themselves far off, 
And by thy request the [companies] of Israel were delivered 
And thy prayers went up to heaven. 

And after this martyr had died and inherited rest, 
Shamon^ drew near to the third, glorious among the noble. 
Even as one who bringeth lambs before the slaughterers. 
And she embraced him and kissed him with love and desire : 

1. 279. 4 Mace. ix. 29. 1. 281. 4 Mace. ix. .30. 


See, my son, beware lest thou forget love of the brethren. 
And let their memory never be wiped out of thy mind, 
310 And see how they endured and inherited the quiet life. 
And remember our fathers Abraham and Isaac, the blessed 

And forget not the law of Moses written upon the tables, 
And let not the slaughter of thy brethren be ever wiped 

out from before thine eyes. 
But be like to them and endure for an hour, for if thou 

diest thou shalt live. 
But after she had heartened him, the evil-dealing wolves 

took him. 
And they gave him to eat things offered to polluted idols 

and things sacrificed. 
And many desired of him that he would eat and live. 
And he answered them, O wicked and daring evildoers, 
Did not one father beget us all, beaten (rebuked) ones ? 
320 And did not that mother who brought forth my loved and 

glorious brethren. 
Did not even the same bear me in her womb nine months ? 
And from two breasts we sucked milk [daring] the usual 

periods ; 
And we all read 'sections' of the self-same teaching. 
And ye say : Deny thy brethren one after the other (after 

Am I less than my brethren, O feeble ones ? 
It is good for me to die with my brethren in unexpected 

Rather than (lit. "and not") obey you, devils puffed up! 

And when those basilisks heard 

From the mouth of the youth as he recited these words, 
330 They were inflamed with anger and wrath, and brought 

Dividers of joints and bones and all small limbs. 
And they began first of all breaking and dividing his hands 

and feet 
Also his fingers and his arms and his upper arms they cut 

And together with the caps of his knees they brake the 

shins of his legs. 

1.317. 4Macc. X. 1. 1.330. 4 Mace. x. 5. 1.333. 4 Mace. x. 6. 


And when they could not in any way compel him, 
Immediately they put him upon the wheel, the dislocator 

of limbs. 
And when his flesh was rent he called out, wicked one 

of tyrants ! 
We for the sake of our doctrines endure all tortures ; 
But thou — because of thy wickedness which is more wicked 

than all wickednesses, 
340 And because of murders of the innocent, for thee lo ! are 

Torments bitter which relax not nor come to an end. 
And when he had said these things the approved one among 

martyrs gave up his spirit 
And inherited the life that is for ever and ever. 

I marvel at thy fortitude, Tharsai, 

And from thy story night and day my thoughts cease not. 

How wast thou tempted with every temptation, 

In that this was thy portion and these were the allotments 

Of thy fate, that upon the top of the wheel there should 

be for thee towers 
Of splendour ; and there upon that wheel thou didst spread 

the bed 
350 Of the rest of thy soul. And there the cartilages of thy ribs 
Were torn asunder, when thou didst cry, I will not deny 

my dear brothers. 
But with them I will die for the sake of my laws. 
And for the sake of my customs I give my [earthly] de- 
sires to disappointment. 
And from the top of the wheel I shall receive from the Lord 

[the answer to] my supplications for the destruction of 
This basilisk and serpent (?) and the other things that I 

hope for. 
And blessed art thou who upon this rock of stone didst lay 

the foundations of 
Thy faith and thy hope upon Jesus the Adamantine. 
Therefore by thy prayers were delivered all the sons 
Of the race of Israel and the land of the Jebusites was 

360 May thy prayers be given for our sins, O Khosai ! 

And after the martyr had given up his soul with all triumphs, 

1. 336. 4 Mace. x. 7. 1. 338. 4 Mace. x. 10. 


Shamoiie drew near to the fourth, mighty among the 

zealous ones, 
And strengthened him and heartened him with words and 

While her heart flamed and her eyes were full of pains-as- 

Be strengthened, my son, and fear not at all the pains 
Which these accursed and deceivers bring upon thee. 
And forsake not the law of thy fathers and right judg- 
Written by Moses (he is Fantil) the first-born of all the 

prophetic ones. 
And consider, my son, thy brethren how they departed as 

370 In that they despised the torments of this tyrant. 
And even if at present ye suffer martyr-pains 
Yet are ye about to inherit the life that is incorruptible. 
And with Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the righteous men, 
Ye shall enjoy those blissful dwellings. 
After she had encouraged him, those basilisks drew near to 

And scourged him and said. Obey us and be not mad 
Like thy brethren who destroyed their own souls. 
And eat flesh of things sacrificed and everything that is 

And thou shalt be honoured by the king with honour and 

380 He answered them : Not so, O destroyers. 
But if ye wish to frighten me, 
Kindle the hot fire and bring your sharp torments, 
And see how I will overcome them with all fortitude. 
Not the death of my brothers full of heavenly bliss. 
Nor the eternal destruction of the tyi'ant with the Satans, 
Nor the life of the true men which is beyond time,... 
Lest I deny my brethren and my loving relatives. 
Now enquire for thee, tyrant worse than all tyrants. 
New torments that by them thou mayest learn at all times 
390 That I am brother of those who put thee to shame, O full 

of wiles ! 
And [that] I myself aim at this their goal. 

1. 370. 4 Mace. x. 13. 1. 385. 4 Mace. x. lo. 

B. M. /■ 


But when the lapper of blood heard these things, 

And the wicked and unclean Antiochus was thirsty for 

Immediately he commanded the servants to cut out his 

tongue first. 
But he said, Even if the instrument of my voice be sweet 

(? " cut out "), 
Even the silent God the exalted heareth. 
Behold it is hung loose for thee, cut it out now from the 

midst of the mouth, 
And it pleaseth me when I give the extremities of every 

To destruction on behalf of God without repugnance and 

400 The tongue of my mind thou canst not cut out, O oppressor ! 
Of thee quickly the righteousness of God will take vengeance. 
The tongue which singeth praises to the Lord by night 

and by day 
Behold thou art about to cut off, evil and wicked and 

accursed ! 
And then they inflicted on him torments and stripes cruel 

in anger, 
And he delivered up his soul and inherited pleasure. 
Sweet is thy commemoration, martyr Hebron, 
And angels and men will wonder at thee, 
Yea devils also, tyrants of the house of the Powers^ will 

marvel at(?) thee, 
And worshippers of idols shall be broken by thy wonderful 

410 But blessed are those who copy thy ways, 

And in prayer every day make mention of thy name in 

the church, 
Telling that when the unjust ones wished to afflict thy 

pure body 
And to make skewers of iron white-hot to beat thee [with 

And to bind thy holy hands with thongs of hide. 
And to loosen thy lower vertebrae with instruments craftily 


1. 392. 4 Mace. x. 17. 1. 396. 4 Mace. x. 18. 1. 402. 4 Mace. x. 21. 

^ peril, " Orcus." 


And everywhere to pierce thy sides with spears ; 

Thou saidst : How sweet is death to them that are shame- 
fully handled, 

And die on behalf of the law of their God and deny not ! 

In thy prayers may the faithful find help ! 
420 And after this illustrious martyr had finished the course, 

The aged Shamone drew near to her fifth son, 

And persuaded him with passion and tears and asked of him, 

And spake with him in the Hebrew tongue : 

Be persuaded by me, my son, and prove not an alien to 
thy brethren. 

And fear not the torments which the misbelievers compound 
for thee. 

And remember thy brethren and thy aged elect teacher. 

And deny not the law of Moses the ancient prophet. 

And wax not cowardly in this fight nor be a weakling. 

And if thou lose thy soul in these grievous afflictions, 
430 Our Lord will give thee life and inheritance [in] the king- 
dom of heaven, 

And will put on thy head the crown of light at the last 

And when the youth heard these things from the mouth 
of his mother, 

He leapt into the midst and stood before the foolish judge, 

And said : I do not delay, O wretched tyrant. 

To enter upon these afflictions on behalf of pure truth ; 

And of my own will have I done this and not of cruel 

For when thou dost afflict me, the innocent, with many 

Thou gettest many sins and becomest a debtor, O madman ! 

And punishment shall come upon thee from the King above. 
440 What evil have we done, O hater of the race of men. 

For which thou slayest us in this hateful way, 

But because we worship the Creator 

And meditate in his law day and night ? 

This therefore deserves honour and not reproach. 

But because thou art a worshipper of Satan, 

Do thy will quickly without delay. 

1. 433. i Mace. xi. 1. 1. 434. 4 Mace. xi. 2. 1. 136. 4 Mace. xi. 3. 

1. 440. 4 Mace. xi. 4. 



And when Antiochus heard these things, he, inspired by his 

Immediately commanded the wicked servants who stood 

before him. 
And they bound him quickly and led him to a certain 

450 And upon it they bound him and drove cruel irons into 

his knees, 
And his back upon wedges they bent with the block under 

And like a scorpion he was curved backwards from his 

neck. And his bones, 
All of them and the vertebrae of his back were dislocated 

together with his limbs. 
And while they were afflicting the soul of the holy one 

in this way, 
He said, Many blessings thy scourgings have given us 
In proving, O tyrant (for by means of cruel pains they 

have caused us 
To prove), our constancy which is for the Law. 
And with his utterance his life came to an end. 
Great and wonderful is the story of thy fight, O martyr 

Hebhzon ! 
460 And all men if they agreed together could not search out 
The like of thy wondrous conflicts, nor could they 
Declare the manner of thy glorious labours ; not even if 

they urge 
The feet of their intellect in the path of thy tortures, will 

they gain 
Strength to see the goal of thy victory. But if they con- 
Themselves night and day, as if they were bound, 
And entered into the theatre of thy boxing and there exulted 
And beheld thee bent upon the block and were glad, ex- 
In the day of thy death which was for them, that they 

might be delivered from evil. 
And may learn how thou didst endure torture that the 

treasures of thy wisdom 
470 Should not be spoiled by the hateful ones who desired to 

afflict thee, 
1. 449. 4 Mace. xi. 9. 1. 452. 4 Mace. xi. 10. 1. 455. 4 Mace. xi. 12. 


And sought to break the vertebrae of thy back, and tear 

out thine eyes, 
And loved to thrust nails heated in the fire into thy sides. 
And in the day of judgment they will be pierced with the 

goad of their sins, 
And upon the block of torment in Sheol they shall be 

justly nailed, 
And they shall stumble against thorn-bushes of fire. 
And when Shamon^ saw her son carrying off victory, 
She restrained her affections and drew near again to the 

And strengthened him and helped him courageously. 
And embraced him and kissed him through love. 
480 And she persuaded him: — beloved of my soul, son of 

I beseech thee not to be deprived of that inheritance 
Which thy brethren have inherited and that thou remain 

not without a share, 
And that thou be not alone without the lot 
Which has fallen to thy brethren in the glorious mansions 

of the kingdom 
With Abraham and Isaac and Jacob the fathers. 

And after she had encouraged him, his glorious aged mother. 
Then drew near to his side those litigants (adversaries), 
And bound him and scourged him and afflicted him that 

he might eat of things sacrificed. 
And that unjust judge and head of heathendom said to him : 
490 Be persuaded by my words and be not mad with that madness 
With which thy brethren were mad, lest I destroy thee in 

wrath more miserably than them. 
And the youth, the mighty one of valour, answered him with 

sound speech : 
I am younger than my brethren in years and in youth, 
But I am as old as they in mind and in prudence. 
And thus in the very same things we were born. 
And in the very same we grew up into full stature, 
And for the sake of them it is fitting that we should die 

in equality. 
If therefore it seem [good] to thee, O full of oppression. 
That, except I eat, thou wilt torture me with cruelty, 

1, 494. 4 Mace. xi. 14. 


500 Behold I deliver my body to destruction, seek for thee 

And let thine anger rest upon me this hour. 
And when the worst of the accursed heard these things 

from the mouth of the youth, 
He commanded the froward servants who stood before him 
That they should bring the youth, and place him upon the 

top of the wheel. 
And quickly they ran fulfilling the command of the unjust 

And those polluted ones stretched him upon the bitter wheel, 
And the vertebrae of his back were disjointed in addition 

to all his limbs. 
And some of them brought fire and kindled it under him, 
And some of them heated long skewers of iron, 
510 And the merciless ones skewered and pricked him, 

And burnt his inward parts and his secret parts and his 

But he, while he was tortured with these pains, 
Said, Hurrah for the glorious conflict that is full of blessings, 
Which belong to it for the sake of the truth, for to the 

test of all these pains 
All we brethren were called and have been in no wise 

For our race is invincible, O man full of wickedness. 
I love to die with those five brethren, 
O destructive devil and inventor of all torments. 
Behold, thy fire is cool and thine irons burn me not, 
520 Because the Divine lance-bearers surround us. 

And when that habitation of devils heard these things from 

the mouth of the martyr. 
He commanded and they brought him down from the wheel 

with all his limbs ruined, 
And put him into the caldron and boiled him, did those 

compassionless ones. 
And he gave up his soul full of all blessings. 
Sweet is thy commemoration and great thy victory, martyr 

Bacchus ! 
Who didst endure so many sufferings and torments from 


1. 504. 4 Mace. xi. 17. 1. 508. 4 Mace. xi. 18. 

1. 518. 4 Mace. xi. 23. 1. 519. 4 Mace. xi. 26. 


That unjust and chief of the unjust, Epiphanes\ 
Who desired to spread his wily net for hunting thee, 
And desired to slay thee with knives whetted with the 

poison of death. 
530 And thou didst overcome him and frustrate his stratagems 

in the strength of 6 @eo9 (sic), 
And thou didst not abase at all [thy mind] and thou wast 

not made weak before that judge^ 
More unjust than' all and the habitation of all the demons, 

the house of the Powers'. 
And thou didst endure both bitter deaths and all danger, 
And thou didst not assent to the counsel of the wicked 

one, nor deny the law 
Of Moses the prophet, which he brought down upon tables 

from the Mount*. 
And thou wast not overthrown by the blandishments of 

the fool like a youth, 
But thou wast like thy brethren and that theologian 
Eleazar the aged thy teacher. 
And beautifully thou didst confess thy Lord before all that 

540 Which Antiochus Antichrist gathered against thee. 

As the writer of their history, Josephus, tells to thy glory. 
And because of this' El Shaddai made thee an Athanasius, 
And gave thee rule over his treasures and over all things 

for distribution® {icotvoh), 
And made thee a seer of secrets, a Theoreticus, 
And put upon thy head a crown of light, making thee a 

May thy prayer preserve all the sons of the clergy ! 

And when Shamone saw that her son had honourably 

finished his course, 
She drew near again to her seventh son and said to him : 
Be strengthened, my son, and be not daunted at all. 
550 And consider thy elder brother how [the tyrant] flattered 

But he cursed him [in reply] and buffeted his glory and 

his haughtiness. 
And now thou also, O beloved of my soul, be like to him ; 

1 Epiphanos. ^ Komos. ^ perh. "Orcus." ■* Oroe. 

•^ Beading 'al had. * Or perh. " and made thee a biaKovo% over all." 


And fear not the wicked one and his threatening, 

And be not allured by his wily flatteries, and obey him not. 

And when they saw her encouraging him more than all 

her [other] sons, 
They took him and bound him and brought him before 

the king. 
But the tyrant was grieved as though by compassion 
For this little one who was smaller than the rest in stature ; 
And when he saw that he was bound with bonds he sent 

for him, 
560 And from that place where he was standing he brought 

him near to him. 
My son, be not mad with the madness of thy brethren, he 

said to him, 
For every one of them has destroyed himself by means of 

his madness. 
For I make him great who obeys my words, 
And I give to him gifts and honours and presents. 
And every one who does not obey me, but will stiffen his 

I bring upon him all miserable afflictions, 
And his body I cut up with this cruel wheel. 
And in the midst of these bubbling caldrons I burn him. 
And the unjust judge sent and brought his mother, 
570 That when she saw that she was now bereaved of all of 

them she might perhaps draw him 
To obey the words of the most unjust and hearken to his 

But she exhorted him in the Hebrew tongue : 
Beware, my son, of this unclean one and of his unclean- 

And persevere for an hour in the Law of Moses and deny 

it not, 
Lest on the day of judgment each of thy brethren receive 

his crown 
And thou lose the crown of light that is laid up for thee. 
Then he answered and said to the king and all his people. 
Loose me from my bonds ; and they hearkened to his voice, 
And quickly loosed him because they thought that he agreed 

to their counsel. 
580 But he ran to one of the caldrons that were near him. 
And cursed the king and spake thus to him : 


O unjust king, woe to thee ! 

Whose guile is greater than all wickedness, 

Who fearest not God thy Creator, 

From whom thou didst receive all good things and the 

kingdom which he hath given thee, 
Who slayest his servants the athletes (martyrs) though 

they have not sinned against thee. * 

Because of these things behold the judgment of God is 

laid up for thee. 
And fire stronger than this is about to burn thee, 
And eternal tortures which cease not, behold they are laid 

up for thee. 
590 Against whom hast thou exalted thyself and against whom 

hast thou lifted up thy voice ? 
Against him who gave thee a mind and a mouth, and he 

created thy speech, 
And formed thee of dumb speechless elements ; 
For because of this behold the day of thy destruction is 

near and is come. 
But I also am ready to die, I tell thee, 
For I will not deny my brethren who were slain by thee. 
And I call on God to take vengeance on thee according to 

thy work. 
And to torture thee in this world and the world beyond. 
And when the blessed one had said these things, 
And prayed that all might come in completeness upon that 

600 He cast himself into the midst of that frying pan. 
And gave up his soul and died in that affliction. 
[0] the glory of the day of thy commemoration, Martyr 

Who didst rebuke Antiochus, as Elijah did Ahab, 
When he gathered a band and a tumult and a crowd and 

strove against thee. 
And with all tortures and with all scourgings made war with 

And thou didst overcome him and frustrate his stratagems 

and he gained condemnation, 
And by means of thy stedfastness wonderful to report he 

has been greatly condemned, 
And because of this the tale of thy victories is diffused 

through all the world, 



, And the report of thy endurance in the contest is known 

among all peoples : 
610 How thou didst enter the furnace of temptations and didst 

come forth as gold, 
And thy body was fried in the frying pan and thy flesh 

was melted, 
And thy heart trembled not at afflictions and thy mind 

sinned not. 
And every blessed one who has accomplished [his course], 

blesses thee. 

But they of the blessed band of the house of Maccabee 

were finished, 
And the Hebdomad was consummated in completeness 
And had received crowns of light which fade not in the 

And Shamone the faithful martyr was left alone, 
And was also bereaved of the seven beloved sons, 
And was deprived of the nest of seven chicks. 
620 And as a dove that moaneth by day and by night she 

moaned ; 
And again like a swallow that pipeth she piped. 
And she desired to be crowned with her sons, 
And she longed to win a home with them in the kingdom. 
And when she was about to be seized by the polluted ones 

for slaughter, 
And their hands were about to touch her pure body, she 

would not, 
But immediately leapt into that burning fire, 
And there in that bitter burning was crowned. 
And with the righteous her soul received rest. 
How good and honourable is thy commemoration, O martyr 

Shamone ! 
630 And thy name is pleasant to the palate, sweeter than 

honey to the mouth. 
For when the accursed rebuked (mocked) thy sons before 

thee with tortures, 
And their souls through him migrated to the country of 

the righteous 
Thy mind feared not and thine understanding departed not 

from thee, 
And thy stedfast courage edified the mind of the youths, 
And their boyish thoughts were built up by thy counsel. 


And therefore not one of them inclined to the words of the 

And from their eagerly desired slaughter no advantage was 

But their dear death gained shame for the wretch. 
And therefore thy wonderful history is told among all peoples, 
640 And churches in the Four Quarters are built to thy name, 
And thy name is numbered among the righteous. 
Happy art thou, O martyr mother of seven boys ! 
How thou didst despise and trample on passions of all kinds, 
When thou didst stand, thou with seven sons, and behold 
Eleazar when the unjust ones were torturing him, 
And didst say in the Hebrew tongue, O brothers, 
Mighty is this conflict to which we are called, 
For the testimony of our people and for the law of our 

Have good courage, my sons, and fear not and be men. 
650 Moreover it is a shame that this old man should endure 

For the fear of God, while ye who are youths 
Should turn aside from these tortures and be renegades. 
Remember that we are in this life for the sake of God 
And because of this it is just that we should endure all 

And see our father Abraham, father of all nations. 
How he bound Isaac and put him upon logs 
And put the knife upon the throat of him who was the 

son of promises. 
He trembled not, because he looked for the life that has 

no end ; 
And do ye hold the faith of these. 
660 And if ye flinch not but be strong in the presence of tortures. 
For ye are about to inherit the life of ages..,, 
O my brethren, these men are worthy of admiration 
For they formed a chorus in the pure fear of God, 
And encouraged one another saying with courage : 
Let us be like those three youths of the House of Hananiah, 
Who in Asshur spur-ned the burning fire. 
One said, Let us not be weak, my brethren, through vileness. 
This other one said, Let us endure, my brethren, readily 
Another said, Remember our race whence it came. 
670 But every one of them being full of joy 


Said, Come let us commend our hearts to the Giver of 

And let us give our bodies for the sake of the law and 
the observances, 

Come therefore, brethren, let us be armed with self-govern- 

With the mind which is above passions and let us not be 
in fear. 

For if we thus taste death for our law, 

Abraham and Isaac the fathers will receive us, 

And also all our fathers will honour us with joy, 
678 And will give us enjoyment with them in the kingdom. 
Amen and Amen. 



(M = IV Maccabees. G = Gregory's Discourse. S = Severus' Dis- 
course. E = Ephrem's Madrasha. A = Auouymous Poem in twelve- 
syllable verse.) 

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. . ^xsnh\r^ rtLirelA.i "^ c\cQ.^a^ .A&:tax.p 

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.^.lA^Me^TS cvxjs KlXcv^ n;& lwLAr<la 645 

.^j.'ia-i^ DCVCT30 ^^cUjj.i^ r^Ao .aJltj ojxai^'^K' 

.^tci^ ». oooD^o ^cn K'.'UJt. JSp ^.^^^o-i-x.^ 

. ^^\:»l4" A^ ia^yj j3.n\ K'.icb J^S^r^ A2h.o 

.^^SOSa^ Ai.."l r^-sK* poooirsr^ ^^^OrjrtA otjjo 655 

. ;<v*'''" A:L cnj^fioo .niiiiOftjT^A K'ocn covkk ^^^K'.i 

.^x)L« is 007.1 cnio^ A^ reliA^jap poifioo 

.^Al^l^^ZJ^ r<A'.l r^A^ijA K'ocn nrl-yyt-^qHa ^\ r<A 

.^:Ux. >.vi «. o\4-^9 «.__aAi^^ kA.t ocn:»r<'o 660 

. . ^jsaA s.\ .1 re'-xllw ' TiX^ »__p^^V 

.K'^'ici5>3.l^.l .. O.IK' r<lxJr<' ^00 vfc-Mr<' OK' 

.rC'^cnt K'orAr^' ^m.ttd nc'.ia^ "^^^ oSflAan:'! 
.K'^cauaLp ^i.SQrV .1^ ^aa,\ r^'H.TwAo 

644. Aj] . . AjI a. 

664. '^^*^^ l3pK»AuO A.— 0001 onn\ C. — oocn ^^k)] r^ BC. 


.^rifial a«L\sa3 ^.k^ij r^\i K'icncvi.i r^AAiio 

. A;«.iMaAvx.r<' rd^^H^ r/^3.x..i >=>0^ »'^^?? t^'^^ 
.^'sncnl r^.A\o r<l5)a.5a.rtf=3 KlSJcni.T rtf'ja.i vv»r<'o 620 
.^ocn r<'i-i2« T<'"i,-i.5«i K'Avjjaiflo .=30^ ^asQ.iao 
.^ocn t^-as^ orakVa.i ^. ocnJta^ (\ii^,^v:ta\o 

.^a^ r^A rtliA.l rtlsaJLCV-^ri ^ ^cn*:uK' ^ai^^JtJlo G25 

. . ^jjiu^^r^ Qn.T.<\a ^K'.Jirt'.ak.i ». QCTxsa^.o 

.^cb r<^'s>3<xs\ Jf.=»n (SO Ja^^ vw? **^^*^ jl^»ulo 630 
.^^K* Klirel^i K'i^rdX »^ ocoAvitJ^ cn.TtXlao 

.jLia^r<' .'v«v\^ ."ua K'^'iruL ». ooj^it »V*g90 635 

^."lA>K' reA rdl^rp Alsa\ ...^ OcqIM JtJr^ .icrA:k.O 

620. ] . Wno C. 

[625. forsitau ^>2lja_yj_JJ0 W. E. B.] 

630. w.*^ C. 


.rdxnBjSQ A^.: 

.vJL=)CU»\)aa_. r<^\*?30 *=»>" ^^ ^^ K'.ico Jl4-Cv 
.vA retir^ •is^n:' ^a»3K'.i k'Jk' .1*^-^ ^-"1 K'Jre Are* 

.vvA ..N A "1 ^^ CVJcb .xS»r±=3 rSLin^ -iaA nsfAs 595 


on .Tio 

.Kli^jA^ ocn o^ carAi K'ocn K'.ix. 600 
. . r^_i^\or<' ocas ^isao caj*oi paVx-rVo 
.^licu K^.lcnfio voi^ caJ='3oi <\jjl>3.x. 
.^AjrcA rdxir^ vyr^ .ooo.^\gir^A .*cQA^(flQ.i»7:'.l 
. ^"i vyiswO .floai^r^o ^».OQ\^jao K'o ■ua.ooK' jcaa ?i^ 
.jpifl^ vvsij*- .oa-i*- ^^'.T^i Aa-=jo ^.iJLx. A^^o 605 
.oio.M rtliAO cD^ulj^ ^ i Ny'f to ^cTX*au.&\o 
.,^x»h\r^ ^V r^L^^sazA %^cn^ vrJLan'gaajj .i« »^o 
.jsi cnV:^ r<lSO.\^-) vyAi*^,.! ^"^^ ?cn A^-o 
. vSlA^ ^JtSOJ»l^k. Ai=j r<ti0.^^j<l=.T vy\0^..l K 's^TiT O 
jcp.i vyrC drvA^o re!AQ><yii.i rc'io.aA d\Aj^ ^a-^T^.i 610 
.^.idf^K' %A^iflfl_rjO ^^J!^^r^ rfJL^^ Vyi^^O 
..aj4 r^X vvsl.TSQO Kti^loK' ^ ^\ r^ vyi^c^ 
. . ACfx» voe%A r<lao.^ r<lX30.\^ .Jbai..i ^ AAo 
596. y . V^v B. 

605. ^jJ-» ^^ii^o ^--'rvx^ ^^ii£iO C. 
608. 301] ooi C. 
613. ]V>\no 0. 

.cnA rclip^* ^acfx* K'^vacoOsija rC'iia.iK'a r^_ix..Tio 
.ctA!v3 rtJlxA^O >A .Qoi^^L^^ rd^ .1 rC.l^r^' A^o 565 

.orA r^r<' aiaa^sq pc'^xaXo r^ll^^ r^^cas coi^akO 

caj»ip<l\ ^ifuK'o rd.\ci.:L r^Lli.n i.tx.o 
.ctA i-K.^ ^^^ --^ Ocn^A ^ hy»\.\h\r^^ r^v»jx=3^ 570 

.caA h\Cicn r^_^i^:» rdLi'ia^ rtlixi=a ^.i ^co 

.can ic\^^^ rdX' o r<lx.<XS3 .fioCV^aLs r^hy^jt.:\ ^ooJsa-MO 

.crAA^ .nooJ nj* Ai vJ^wrc' rdju.i paCUs r^A i 575 
.cai ifvirc' .13CV.50 vA V^^^-i r^i en rdl*!^ ^p^o 

.cnjyi:L^ ^ Cicaia.\o Klai.i:5aA tjsok'o Kli:*- ^.Ttcn 

.cnLixri Cl2iJ^z.o .^ia,fior<' Jsp «UOr<'*<ix..i 

.ctA >Ax. ^^ o cT2*i,\ia\ .1 oocn ^Ai^Lfio.vs .•cnorc'Hx. .^Ao 

.ctA ^«.aL>*ij3.i r^-sorra ^ .im ^a\ \n3i ^-i ocn 580 

.vA*0 r^Ci^ r<A.Vaj ore* 

.vrA^. .31 ^is, Ak ^.1 

• vAcvn^ r^crAr^ jy3 ii\ir^ Xi3jLh\J^ r^A.i 

.vAr3crx>' oskArno K'^viA^ A^ cau^ dfirijiuii 585 

.VfA cA^M r<A' .%^ .fio^J^ r<A^\^r<' ^^cnoiTTL-^Al 

.vA i»\j r<'cn t<'crAr<'.i reli*.i ^m A\^ 


570. UU^ r^? ABC. 
579. r^] p A. 


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. jap<xi*N\ynr)r< K'icrjaa.i rel^^ vra.i A.^ >iflpa 545 
.oQ^.coi 'A^^^^ ii*Sx..i cT3-ia,\ .udsax. ^i»» .t^o rd.s>i^i vvi^ .Titn.i vvCUir^A ^VmO 550 
.cn^<X^io cnicnsCOL jjl^^o coxm.^ r^Arc' 

.cqA ^ocd r<'a"i\'^ oixia ^.^ ocai& ^ Tf^.1 OVm .a^O 555 

.cq\ oocn ^^ki^ KlAisj ^.TxAo ^cncifiorVo .^cnoujnc' 

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.cn^caaiis pc'ooo id^\ ^^^^cax-ja.l rtlAA^ ... cia A.^ 

.cnaio co^oX can k'oco ^r^Lo.i K'^o.i ^co ^a 560 
.c»A VWni' vyiJK'.l K'^coi. r^_lx.A\ r^A ^ir» 

541. o.Kk5^? BC. 

542—544. Om. C. 

545. y.M^', BC— tjZ C. 

558. .lAloonn AB. 
560. lAr^oi) ^01 ABO. 

.^.Viat- ^.1 KLLi*.ixJ»)a rdLaji rCnreii- ore* 

.^Tf.tM ^ r^*crAr^ KLsjiSnoi ^.'UwHk'.ls 520 

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jaoQ^. vrA.i r<l=}^ ^cLsq paQQ.3 ^x.i!^\ ^.iJu^kOLJsO 

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.jaocul^ ^cv.m.Tr) r^Aiwfloi .^cncurui irusfli^K' rdAo 
. jaocv^j^loK'^ ocri30 vyJJKLa ^i-^ ''^'!^ 
. jaocv^dxi^.n vyi^.i r^Lzui iv^^K* 

527. w.a-.JO BC. 

529. Om. ( 1 — . V . mVnn AB. 

533. .»ODQJO,_1.^JD C. 

534. mAvnV A. 

537. ooiTi B. 

539. ^^iD B. 

.r^Aoajjcra v\n=»c\f^ ..^ OcaUW Jtxsa r^Ai Kfs^r^ cvix.."! 

.r^^ciAi^o oJifV ^"SJ Klir^ icvA-\ ^^-= rclir<.i 
.r^^ci=} ^=> AaAcn ._^jii.*^t<' ^-»<^=' .t^ ^ciirjo 495 

.r^^fy vA a.Jk^ pc^\n»\ ^i-Vc^k '^ >^^*-^ K'oo 500 

,^y *-r\ rdXd:L ^__jiijaa\i cA^cni Av*r<l^-Aa 505 

.JkJsn.icD A^- A^ .aooo^m .*t-'^<^a> .^ccn .^iovx.K'o 

.^'sajjcsi rdA\"ia.i r^-aL»nK' v^^i\&4- •• ^orxs_??3a 

.^SOui' KlA.1.1 orA oocn ^dfuiysQ.} ^.^.i^k.rac^ 510 

.^'^loK* ^ca_3 rc'ocn juc|\r.^ .12^ ^.i ocn 
.^xscA^ f^^^-l rdut^ax. KllCV^j^A CUK* \^t^ 
.^nsL^ A^.T i».^ r^'-i.'io.isa K'iix. A\^^ orA.t 

.^jA.."m<' r^A vyfibo ^oa^K' r<'_j*T<' ». ocnlri ^jAcn 515 

. >i%T,o'i Klitps ore' ^^A^ ^*-^ ^'^ reii^ivsi rtA' 

504. Om. :>q\ C— ^^^5 BC. 

508. wjOI ZojuZo a. wjCTIoZUjZo B. 

• ^^__oJlr^^^ CL^^ vA' .1 K'Tcoill ^ vv^vsaii** '*t4- 470 

• *. o^^J^^ Acux.s asr<l^ ^ jaicu. jacuc A^o 

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.rc'oxx..! ocn :v»^ .no^ cru ^aixao oia^jj't h\^r^ 

. r^'AxQiiiVn ca\ K'i.i^mo cnA rc^\ ijA'^ao 

K'^vsaMi ."un crA rtLdxisQO orA T^a-aaaSao 

.K'iukHcv^.l r^'ia .*x%J .ii-iy oK*.! oA K'-Xkii^sao 480 

.K'^a.^la r^A.i vA Jt-CV^Ax vvvuK* o^i«.i 
.rt'^cA^ T^A.T vry.lCV..u.Vr3 Aur^ K'ocoirx r^.io 
.K'^O.'klt^.i p^.mViT. r<liic\r^_ri vvL^r^A ^OL^H 

. r<'^oaar<' >3<xnv»o ^.uoato ;;ncnii3r<' ^a^. 485 

• K'^^cot K'^vnflo coJSOK'" cnJk=LiA'.i i^va r^cv 

.rc'oxicn .fc-aAA:^ a^^^^VJcb stcno.irtf'^ oocn o^td >^.t»co 

.K'ovjAS-i ^ acv^r^.:^! ^cno^\rcfo .acdo.t^Jjo ^cDoiflofyo 

■ K'^gOki »» >z.ic\ r<Acuw. ^i ocn crA i^rt'o 

.rt'^cuix. ^cn vA r<llx.^ r^Ao JbsA JQa^^^re'490 

471. .^0^*,kAJO AB. 

472. ]"^^ AB.— :>Qj^5 AB. 

478. .Uo"^»^Na AB. 

480. .l^oJorsj AB. 

482, 483. Om. (483) ]Jj . . . ^QsZ. B. 

485. - r^ >.m .\n C. 

487. ^OTOpiI C. 
489. ^.-.JO BC. 

.rfOOO.iT^x- ^^ ..»xaAa ^ooCLin^^rrf ^m rc'ocn .a^»ii« .t^o 
. ^cnoso.'ui fc*5»axn.i r<f.x*=3 Kijo^A rc'ocn s.nA k'.tjjl^ 
.oom »*cncu^ry ."wi rdfliua ^olo . \Vn . -7 > ^cooiflon:'© 
.»*cnci&iarL=3 rei*.xjj r<:5^^i% cdsh-nfo .*cnoi^^ ^criaij»-a 450 

.oocn ccaco^ ^\' vy.t^J ^^^r^Ju^ito ^__<xiiAJ^ T2«r<'455 
.oocn^ ^\' t<LxX^ r<l=3ncl2k ."Uri.i r<l3oij^ or^* 0.»<Xji*srLi 
.oocn .fioo^m ,^l.u.i ^±^s» cucvjAJtal' 
. . •«cn<xiM OJiU^^K' ''coin h\\s yx^o 

.^ o^jajj t<'ioQ.oo vOOi^sT^ "^T*- CTiA-S^^ci ocn .ra'i 

..__^ .-■'^t e^"^ '^ 730.^ .T*» » OOcril fc^^fX* ,..^cai;ll K'JtJK'cv 460 

.«.__0<^^_ re'A^rC'o K'-ifCn^ vOi.xo^^ .ji^i.H^ 

. ..^ O^SmMJI, •.__«<' Kl^'o r^aii.nx- vy^'^so^ iria.t ^^_cu^ 

.^, O^'M^Jt p^ vo,'.tlX. A;->T 7 ^^^^coiOco .i\\^ 

.^^ P^^. * T^ >>^ vv^cVA\ ,T>U rc'VMrpal t<l\.>M 

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.^^O^Hj ^Sfl^O vUiix\^XlA^.l »_ OT^^n:'^ ^^_Q.V?^30 

.»^__o— Lm^ f<l\'.i .%ia.z. ^in^A> ^A^K*.! »^__cj^rtlio 

449. ^CTiOfTD]© AB. 

451. oi5^.K»A6 A. 

452, 453. w^OTOSd-^^ in fin. 1. 452. ABO. 
455. JVLyj-DD AB. 

465. .^^^^^-k.Aj ABC. 

r^lijO^ v^ CLn!kii.-i K'.'iix. ^ •l^j-l^ r^a 425 

.r^i:^.Ta r^.a.1 r< jaoa^oia io^^^ rdXo 
.relia'i r^cp^ Kilo ..^ en relsci^j^lra ^L^lw^^ rA(\ 

.r^j-rni. ^aa^\^ ^io^o »Ljs>3 vA* rd*ida 430 
.r^\*»T^ rt^SQCUa K'ioocii.i f<dA^ vol is ytr^sxtd 
• rdAj^ cojsnf^'.l rtlsooA ^tw ^cn r<'acn •^'^joz. n^o 

.r^xA^ r^Xl.l ^.To crA )ai)0 K'^i^-^'sA i 



.rdx^.l K'iix. .aVj* ^jIco rC-a^^orcA rsT^rclsoX 435 
.K^AZja i i\n ^ a\*o r^.icn ^.TS:^ •^^*-^\ S^Ora— ^rao 

.T<lJLxx. OK* .aaM^o K'n^l^^ r<'ca\^ r^a^ 
.relA-'a*. rd£k\:sQ ^ rtlx-va pntti.rq vyJ^:*- r<'A>re'JO 
• rtliiiK' r^flai-^ r<lija» or^ ^.^_jt>.fio .tit).i r^XJsn 440 

.rdAXa r<l:Q5a^r<la cajaoasa.i.n ^j.i^cn^v:»o 

. r<'ij\fff? rCiAk vyAuK*.! A!^=Q r^>c'445 

431. »^.«-.r^ BO. 
• 439. ■U-.^JO BO. 

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. . r^lsosbcus ^i»o "cfi>joi polLrVo 405 

..__oisaa vy'i=Jo:»=i.t ^a,Lr^ ^^.i ^^ c»oriA=jo.\^a 410 

... oi^w.i^ r^^.V*^ v^aa\* ^d.A^ K'^ftl^ao 

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.^__^ixa o^iila ^aVaTj* K'jfisiso.a vy^^ ^'i'SaOHMa 415 
.^.. <^ia'V T^'SflL-J^cAs vvAOu^.i^ ►^itX* Aa ^a 

.Kllcnt r^'.ica-jab ». ot r<l^cni .,i\sai..i i^xa ^o 420 

396. loi2^ oLkl* cm aN? .a] AB. 

398. . . ■ .> BO. 

399. VL^OD C. 
408. ^jAj bo. 

.t<lirt!2k K'jtJPC' •aOixSk^o .jo.jjjao^K'a ^acoiaK' )a2h.o 
.relxj^n'-iu ^^jcucn ^cnoiiK'^ cujtd cnA>ndV.i jso 375 

.r<^\\n .»>':« Ot<' r^JiAcn KtX » ocn^oX r^ik. 380 

. r<l3 .iHiaa:^ ^ ..^ ^Oco3r».l ..^ o^iK' ^-*^^ •-— !^ rcdK* 

. rc^ii'iTi K'.iJut. .__CIa\ oAurx'a r<-Sq,t.*7ijj.i icu m^x. 

. r^-ijLsax, Klsa^ '^-^•^ **S»t^:\ m. ocrj^osa r<ll' 

. rc^ii\nr) >a^ poLA.I r^o-i^ ._jl=jfy rclXo 385 
.r<li=H ^ Aj^.I r<'i**ix.."t ^. ocajli^ r^O 

.rOo'"0^ Aa ^2a »XAr}.i r^ioi!^ Ops' vu .iSiB i< 

.r^t^ii:^ AK.T) .^p^^ » 000.3.1 r^'Ax'i^ rC.iix- 

, fi^V«vA\ r^Aso br^ vvoiajjn:'.! »^_aico.T rcliK* «. oonOjjfV.i 390 

. . KliM tOcd ..^ QcoroX ''^ul^n rdlir^a 

.rc'f<LSa\^o rClAo-s^ .itoaAl^^jnC rC 'W^nN K'qa^o 

.r^Ls^xficLa .i\b.i coirelsii ^n^.l i^JT^* t*"' 9."' 395 

375. ^oiOyj. C. 

381. ^A^^ C. 

383. ^aaX, ex corr, ^0l\ B. 

390. ^0;.2LK.f 0. 

395, 396. .ISo^iD lai2^ U^ic? cni^oj jio] ^j got C. 

.•xxpcisai A\^ f^r^ ^r^^ .^co.'sa^ rellt^ 
^xjaaxfio^icp ^aS)0C\Si\ r^-ir^ •aco-l »*iii^- Aa^A 

. . • .* ♦ * • • • % ^ 

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. .xfibaai r^i^K* ^drucr^b A^iiaoA 1^^:^. 
. . , «cvi /\^« ^Aft-^\ "Amw vvdiOil^ 360 

♦ r< ^uni*q Jl^ io^s ocn ■^^^l<^ KlLOsa .oii*^ 

. rcliliafljsajsa Oocn r^Lioi^ rdscn — ."WJt. AjL^u 370 
.i^Ju.iOM r^JU» ^ oiaiiVT^ K'^u^jl.i ^t<'o 

348, 354. c.a_,5 BO. 
351. ^ . \^\] ABC. 

[353. fors. . I m 1 n^iD (o-a>€s), W. E. B.] 
371. ."il^o^ ]-L-.iiQlo C. 

. r^>Viii. rdsoxMi ^Mr<l\ ^•'Ou»l r^Ls^K* ^m oAo 320 
.r<Lu''i* r<^^T.^ car3a.^.3 .a^^is^ ^m J^K* n^ ^cp 

.r^Lxluj^ ^Hj3 ^^cy .T3JC3 cos .T^ oris ^l^o 

.re'-MxjjL^ OK* .jJiK* ^ KIJPC' if^s r^lJK' re'jaX 325 

. . reLjjLX^ K'.inClx. OK* ".__Oa\ .OffjQ^^^K'i rdio 

. ^j^i.M ,.__cu<Ti cvoco aVi-an. .i^a 
.^Lrsi ^cn r^"^ .t:^ p< 1i V\, :i orusaoA ^-» 

.^xnflfl^sa •^cno.^^^o ^cna,^ co^vLi^ ^r^ 

.^a»).ia7 ^voiasa KlV^i^ ^4- ^mosmio rC'.viJ^ 
.^oi!^ xT^-7 oK*! Kl^jQ ooioff 3 K'ocn .^n'\Av5q ."l^O 

.^'if^A re'cn v^ aiaji t<d.ii ^i\\n I3^aja 340 
.H>:T£a.3 ixjjca cajjoi ^aix.K' yjsar^ ^\cn .t^o 

.»xa>.ico ^>\f. rdl' ^aSO-K' -*LA. v^ii ^o 345 

328. j^ B. 

333. ^<no\. J^^o ABC. 

.^ocn jciJi!"! relsoT^^ .jtoCVJup^aK'A vuAii JfCirjo 300 
.^oca -ttjjin:' r<'.iKlx..i K'Av^Aflo v^^Lm^ ^^cv 

. . .^ocn ,r\\nr) r^Lx^aaul ^'vv^cu^o 
. KljjiU ^i-fO r^.tcaito r^-Scn >«.;» i^v^o 
^ Tr:'j-.A"' ik.icn KLkdvA^ \*^ ^ccnx. ^isip 305 

. r^-^oo.ficL30 r<lacv.ijj3 cn^vnxio cn^xaiiijo 
.rdjj?*'.! r<'^<XsaA»i reliJi^^ -^Aa icn.itK' -aTs ew* 

.r^-iiuil r^llaj 0^i«o oiiifp ^r^.i ^aVmO 310 

rfrf^i *«T ..a-jAiaa* mr'O ^acniaK' ^caar<ll i^.i^r<'o 

.rel^cA A^ J3^^ reiLCCni r^LfloOSai rel:bA^^ r<A'o 

. r^-, a»\ ^ r<A vO» v y 1 i s . ^.lu ^ vyMfVl rdl^^oa 

.^<LMi^ ^0-5aA\ .^r^.T r^Auj^X..! i iifp o »_acn_rD rc'i-SJs poira 

.reljjoHxD T^LaK*."! •^cno.'Ujnc' oo^v^iiA.i iAvao 315 
.KLijLano r<Vdsa\^ r^'i&^v^ »al^Ci Aa&r<!ai crA ci3ca*o 

.KLmHjaio rtLzJLa r<Ao^ OK*.! ^^^ciA ^^l^d 


. » n 1 • 0. 


. , o'l) C. 


^j«QjaJlf C. 


om. C. 


, . n\rb C. 


SoN.h BO. 


rS'llo A. 

.K'AvA^'in:' K'-ia^^ crAiic "iAvfloj cusaipc'275 

.r^'oui^ r^ocn iiitw *w av*r<'''ixru ^.i ocn 

.K'^oi.saACDO ^coisK'.i re:j3oasm A!!i^.i 280 
.K'^axia KlAio e\r^ i-Ton^o r<.u.V3 rc'rtl^a 

.K'^cna vA dfcriio vv^v^'^, ^crA^ ^\^o 285 
.K'^O.MiA^Aa .*' T.M ,A*w ^AJq PC'cb r<lJr<'o 

.K'^O.M AA j\lis\ K'^x'i.i cnT<\l >i \ T re* 290 

. . rc'^otis'-^n ^^_ji^^ "^aflft^Avso r<'cDO 
. ,inn*y) r<lx»:ixi K'.ioojao or^* vui^o.i vv*V3 

. »«Oco jai^^K* r^Avoto Kll^_k\^ »«ca=} vyxiLAK' .1^0 295 

276. cn.a_.J5 BO. 

286. ^ ■ sn C. 

289. 1;-»otZ (sed ] del.) B. 

294 303. .^OOl . I n g^ 1— w-.6c7l -jUD-^ZI etc. C. 

298. ]]■] ^1 AB. 

..*ci3 K'.ioa ^Avf^iA^.i .^cfA ^ij»3r< ^K*© id^^^i rd^CuL 250 

.^Hiz. A^- r^-^slr^ia r^xiicix. ^^^*°vaoft5q »^r^ 255 
.^ji'ox.^ A4- r^-i^^or<' Aa .^^o^uxnia ^,j<jO 
..AH'>>''f T*^^),*^ r^idvo.n r^li.i »^orA KliK' injjaa-SQ 

■ .'l'*!vY^ ^caiiir^ j3occaJ r^T<' .niT. KLlcv 

. . ^."uLr< ^crAr^Ls rdJr^ i^ r^O 260 

.T^'d^^::?) ."US cn^vaiAo coJKiSi \^ cn^A«^ 

.r^iukJL.i KlZM i?-^ ^r^.l vyCLsjKlA .^VmO 265 

.K'dfxT^ r^^^ox. r^.i r^JLjj ^i*ci 

.K'^ailia «gi >»*gi3 K'^v^JL.i r^'oi) r^z.cb ^K'o 

.K'A^Oji r^smLLa K'ida.^ r^ rtljtjj ^Ht^A^o 

.K'^vfL.ricO^ cojysr^ cn^vaLdul'.i i^va ^o 

.K'^^JL. ^coa cna r^CU^ .•cooK'AA^a ^COO.'V»»»5'270 

.K'3f\Kl23Q^ ,^^_Ocal*.T.T<'A axaXn:' a^Aur^ t<'."U»»30 

.r^^vSka'iM rS'Ha!^ ^cna ^r^.i reAtia^l ^*^*^ 

248. I^Q^ A. 
258. .m ■ ^ZASd C. 

.rtlJK' r^y^Lso ^ftcaaK*."? r^jaoajso.! A\ -^ i ^aia 225 
.r^A^xfloif\^?33 r^cah\ rd^l rtf.'iaK'i K'rdizi^ ^^V^irV 

.rdAii^ilV.^ rdA ^cna.\^ Ocn Klia^rf.-i ovuO 230 

.r^Kl^zj rdlcia.T .*cocu*"iflo Ai- r^^Qa ~» ^rdz. .i^o 235 
.r^Ll2Q^ca.^73 ^cnisffc'.i cnis r^iao^p r^Liax_nA iriiJaA^ 

.r^OT )a^is^ ^c^ jjirV ^ as»!iA\r«^ VsaK'o 210 

T ,^ x\ -1 A -« i rdaK'.i ...^na^ A^ rdi-irs >iaa_ro K'Avu.t 245 
. . k1joli\jc\ K'icoo.ia "cvAl^a ^V^ 

225. ItdqIdj? ^^^6^ ABC. 

227. ^m tf C. 

240. o^k)1o B. ' ^ ^OTakjjZ"|o A. » i "^ »-*aiaSD>Z] B. 

245. "U-^rb BC. 

mjLo .r^ ilia 50 A^.i 

.rdJods At^dfvjittJSQ K'^vniio co-SaK' cn^cA ^rva^jao 205 
.r^JL^cn ooA ^vsQK'o cn^^\ljLMO co^nriAO 

.T<llliiruK_^ w-^ r^'Pi\si\ vyji kA ^i4^^r<'o 210 

• r^-M^oo.t -cnoia riLnHii^sj -crJoA\jo ^coo.'uK' oijaoK'a 

.rditoO-ji rtd".i ^^iavin .a^'.l K'.t^V -> ^coon^acv 215 

.r^l\r^l»i r^_H cni.\v. ^cna.M^\^o r^i^_A^ As- ^onOo^nir^ 
.r^-iJlor<' Ocas cn^ix. ^ocn ^*id^C99 n^o 

• rdj-soiw OK* \^r^cs rdLiI.'A K'cico r^.^J^i 220 

207. .]j1 IIIjdQ^ ^ v^UAL£) c. 

213. A^]k3,i)o C. 

214. Om. A. 
217. U-^^l^C. 

222. .]\ \ \]o tfSDO C. 

223. .^ Aj1 -Aoi >Vn C. 

224. Jlk)l6 C. 

.rtliLM K'xiJta r^JLO-Sq jsoccnin A^i^ r^a 

.rdiii r«lx-*i*» r<iia\j.l ^:i^£b rdla 

.r^llAM.i vfy^Axi^o vyiiixA K'ocn rdJX\ ►ii^isj .^.r^^ 

.r ^\<\ i. K'ocn r^ vCawoX ^<s yyij^^-n Aj^rVa 185 

.r <^V . i»'*: q rc ^icw o r^LAx. ji^^v^ K'ocn ^ono^K' ocno 

.ruj.M .*in^\^ r^^tV^ >^^r^.l .^\t ^Sl*t^ 

.T ^\vf r> t ^is\^ T<\yT. vw."."UX- Tanii r<l%SAu^ 

.rdl^.l r<l*oi=3 .o\\x» ^CSii.i ,1 rdLiaC^ ^Xu 190 

.r<^\tsau p^ocncir^ K'icncu.n rdJbni' a.^^ .t<^^^ 195 
.r^lsiim r^A^UcriS^ ^cniaK' ^n:^. ^Jo^oxkia^vJ^Q 

.K^rxii rdxM p^.axh A^^ri K'.'irdjt. pai. vOc:^o 
.KlAikCU^a T<l2L:i_»ja r^-iocn T<L»iJ5^ vy' ^cru.-us 

. .reliA-:?9 r<A.T ri'^cu-jii "'^ ^u-SO.iA^K'o 200 
.r^oi!^ r^%\*J3 ^m .s-tit. :i^Ci 
rf^^ \ .Tn\o r^v^oicv K'^^n.Axri ^^jxa^x.K'o in <\ 
.rd^:T^^ ca=» ^cDo:=73:va ^«rwt n.i >*cwo.n<\ .ixx^o 

181. )]?] |] A. 

188. .])-)fOO BC. 

202. ,_>^Aj»1o C. 

♦ 203. .]jrl ooio C. 

.KlzjjJ ^Hco r^^A^ia .AiN^=3 ^^_OSLAnr*fCi 

.r^nV.iyX ,^it^ .TUaiO Ajj.i-^ ia^.l 
.Klo'ifloo KlAti^.i rd*."i*K' ^ia:L rgf.V^QoK'a 

. rtlna CUL .i-'AjJsa iciia .aH*^!. Klio.TDO r^Ji^^o 
.rdjD*iA^l ,_Dcnl ijsaK'a rc^xya r^liaiA^ ^"^^^ ^.T»co 170 
.r^jal'^\v.O rtf* «_GJil'.i-j^ pal asOjajLi 

.r<'-ja'io.i ^coa ^ ^ «>.'.'. \y \sc\i^ A^^ rtli.l 

.r<lAl^\ »^ocrj^ r<^ ^j-^H-A^-Sq ^cn rtLco.TD o.:^» rtlAcv 175 
. . r^flii^ ^^^CD^ "r^lioLL ,fc_50^ ^^ 

,T*^\\*g< -41 :^ y^ KlsboA .1*» ^=330 JK-^ K'.tM ^irJ.'S vyK'o 
.r<lAa.^O ft^Tii r^JOT^ Opt' vryHlz. K'^^nc'i 
.kAA r^\'>iy ''^^■^^}. ♦4*9 vry ."l^Jk ^sico 180 

160. l5)l A. 
161 5,£QJ0 B, 

168. Ijosuo A. 

179. ^jjJ C. 

180. ]Lnl] C. 

• rtlr.."i^^v5n r^^'in^ ^ cn^cyso'i.i k'va* .1^0 135 
»T^jux^ K'tv^ even ^jsn Kli *%*»»<' ^_oAvu.i ."txi_ac\ 

• rtLatu .TiAa.i r< ^ . s .i. t .i oco .^cuK* K'v** .1^0 

• rtLxloj^ KlA."^.i ^_ocnA>cv..9iM-io »^cr»i^a.3t_3 icp^a 

.r^ls^^x^ ocn K'Axiiii.socv^ ^cdcxSit^ uj^i^rVo 

• r^JLix- T<L^fi=} ^ u»crJC\^K' ^^^\->a-».i ^rbjsnjc.t 145 

.T<Lx.ov^ r^ix:^io rdJam acv^. »^ifuJLx>o 

.rdx.CxJk K'A.n.l rda^ia r^-^ruLk. oK* «_cv^ KliK* <v;«^-^ 

.r<lz.Cv]^..^'3 Kljjtra.lO K'il.VA*.! K'iflfl-SJ ^ ..^cl^K'^ 

.rtlxllj^ rdLauQo OcrA ....oaX ^_a»3.i^^ Kll.ia 

.r^Lz*^ K'iofl-sa rdli-B K'.iVt n ^cocu-m riraoK'.i 150 ^jW uAsoX ^^OfiQAa^^o .^c^iw^^ r<li[ .^^^ 

.Klx.i^.'i cc=J^ A^ ..^cvslI-so :i*» Aa ^^_^r^\.x.r^ 

.r^jnA^ KLa^o rcf\\A^>^ .^^OAo^i.tcn ^cuaoaK'o 

138. oA ABC. 

141. ^mng^ni on A. 

145. ^ooiNno-i) AB, 

153. ],U)\ C. 

155. ^oo\hLo B. 

* 156. ."U-i^^ BO. 

.K'.tni.l K'icu .T*^ rtlSf.'VciX ^cno.=3V9 ^.T*cao 

.K'.TjiOA KlX'.l ca-\ ^^' K'icurj ^.^20.01^0 115 
.K'.irdi..i ^cncxis ciA oocn ^i^^s 7 -?3 rdih-ir^ A^ Aaj :i^o 

. . K'.i-Av^.i c^V^ol 'WoOT r<f. ^ .* ^ ..'^.i-a 
.rs^-^l^v^ Kll^ KlAaA rdJCji^ o-jii*^ oy-A» .l^O 

P^<^«v% jci ocn caAn-) r<^sncv kLa^^ues tm 125 

. t \\ .. . \ . \ \ .■..*. 

.Kl^-v^. rciAa^ ^icysd iai^x- ^.i-ao 

125. wa-.5 BC. 

132. . .IscLkkID P B. 

133. ^. 1 • A. 

134. ,~k»AJ»1 C. 

.KLkV^.l cn^uio.n rC'AuE.Hn *73 K'AAiKl.ta rtJlajr^'.f 
.r<L»i£p T<''ifla_=>o rdjai-\^c\ Klsa^^ r^Jlrsi Aa^r^o 

.r^ t'giT...! AK* r^-i^iK*.! r<L»0"i-=i -iy\>r<* 
.r^.Vr^ xa^k. reLx-iwa rdfi-JLA^ rdm\^ :iai^-00f<'a 
,r<l»sa=j JLxa.^ r^li^-i rdXj^^cv K'iai^. ^ -^V-*^ 

.rdlila Kli-.Tnc' KL^rsirwa r^ Qqu'o ^^ .j-a^vsno 95 
.rc^i rq.V3 ulLsv^q r^jcoxu relxiK*."! K'.xn^ 

.n^i-iX, KlaJ»i jaooSTii jacvjix.K' ^^-ifVa 

.rcT-AlXja ^Wcv ^=)r^-0?."l i^ ojWp^K'o 100 

.r<l.oi OK* AorAo rilASl r^'-AjK'.l ,^_T^CU „_C03a 
.rslLin rdiiiil vw-'.-li^. K'^rV vy^Hj-t. ^Vi? 
.T^a-^pj.-j vvicu ia.i>^ rd^^H v^.to ^HVr^ 
. . rcfka._v»;^ T. \ ' ^> .*i=3 ''a\m Avxa. ^cuiwK'i 105 

.K'.'Ujjl^ KLaio ooil K^.iWyi:^ >>cTXUCX niT l a 

.r<'!a^--i Jlj* Aa3 oA aoco \^-*j^-^ cuix-o ^cna.M^x-=x]o 110 

89. ]<dU B. 
91. w^I ■ V C. 


107. V»on\] ]j»QlD B. 

108. wjOX-AJQ-QIlLaJ A. w->OTO > Pi "H ■ JO C. 

109. wjdiaXyj? A. 

.K'oco K'td^stj rcLicaii iu^K' >A ooJSUl.i 75 
.K'octJ ^cno^r^ ocn pdlA\^ r^s.nx. ^cn ^^M "wo 

.K'oco i-^sanc* oqAcv r^<X-sL."i r^^.l K'oco fi-L^ 

^•-%. «v. '-M K'ifV***? K'iflo-rjo r6j^.l.n AoAnr'o 80 
^ -» .\^ -n-4 r^icua rd^^.i rdXD.tJoa vvHxjOfV r^.l 

.r^cnt r^LacoL iv^^r^ cn'.nn t^I^^o 

.reliiJ^ re'.aljso vvA5i\ r^t^ jaa^a^^v-so r^A rdiSr^n 85 
.K'-i^ r«rA.i-=» vy=a*V^ ^ KLiK* Iai.i rdl^r^a 
.T<l»rcr_^ Kll^K'a rtljb.i\a rdwiTn rdXa cniak Aa 

67. llJ^o A. 

69. yn\n(\C^n C. "U»-^^?? B. 

70. -UaSoU BC. 
73. Om. y>j A. 

77. ^I^m-.]? BC. 
81. .In. ^ C. 
85. .m>^7AC^ c. . . 

.T^lVa r^oA »_o^hV a^iJ3 ^tr^iy^ ^cncus'il-ir^.l 

.i^'iabiL 000 *-^c\ oocn »^_ooa»^K' ^cniaK' .*ia 

• K'ioDjfv.i rdaiCU rt^^SLT. ^xAco OOot Cv^ \ i=3 r<lA^V3 

. . K'icvjt. A K'ococ^ NT \^ ^^cn^cA^gO 

.ri*^^ rr^^NT^ r^ii^J^ K'JUwCVJt- crA ^^c^h\JL.r^^n 55 
.K'^CUlJLi orA ocTX->C\ t<lia2h. Ai- c n\y\ , T .r^O 
.r<'^CUiiocrx».'i K'Hio.A . "^ \ »* ^ rdiaa 
.re'^uixA AjjCvK*© rdaJLoJsa rdjaoOJM-A rt'ilx.o 

.rtf'^r^ )Q_Li.iordX ^tooiA^K' coixJSiaJLaO GO 
.K'^uialo) AL .n^salCi kA^^coA K'ocia A:»-0 a>vpO 

.K'A>0"i^reA ..^re' ^ax.r:' ^^fV t*^-="^f<' 

47. .l^AI C. 
61. ornrojo AB. 
65. ■ I sni>l C. 

.K'iix. A]^..SQ ^^jTTT <\i Qsn \ T.fV.i K'^ rdxJr^.i 20 
•K'icoA OOCD CU^.O rdilxa K'.tJlz.q r^^'ilfio a\"inO 

.K'l.iOLsi po^ r^jLii .i'>Trq .\t' io r^iix.! 25 
K'l'-i'l^O K^^^o r<'^fi_»Hi.n rdli53."t\o rd^s'i..^^ 
. . K'iiaas ^z.dfo-S»3 K'^rali po^. t<Ti^\ r<^ <\Vfif)a 
.K'H.l-Jj.l r^^_»\o r<'^vA*'iM r^ACilix. >i^ 

.r<'io0.4j pa^. r<* 1 it \ >i.jnOQ£i ^>V %. 4-5300 30 

.K'i^^v^ .T^^iaE? dm ^-sa oiiifj? ^coLw ^cn 

.r^i^-& .AT . ,M A^. ^...aoniiS.i K'cvcn A^laL^^sHra 
• K'ldii:^ r^lsaiail.l ^^_i\ji A:L yA ^q '^ ^^coiociao 35 

.r^i-isoo.n rdLxJr^ ^a\r^ AiA o^t -loa A^a 

• K'iaax. >^rEl% K'-if-icn r^-»L:^ oxoa rds^^ni. A^L 40 

23. i^oZ A. 
28. lAiui:j^o C. 

.ZjiDO C. 


.r <^tn ia "P i A^i K'ijsordrja 

CV.1 "33 

»r <^u"^ ^ . tnT^S ^vjsgs.n .inn sri r^.-iocajp^ ^ura.i 

.r^oujlij Ar^* r^lai nn rf'iaA^ acicn<s 5 
.r^Lidri Jtocdo^.i rdia^fX' rf^Hx-SO o^.4JiX^o 
.r<ljii.5>3a^ r^LikUsa >2wi .^ocnaHia K'ocn r<^Vil Kilo 
.r^Juv-^Q oooo .t.»jL^^aL2g3 r^^ia oir^fos ^Ooi^o 

.rd4o r^-iszj ^»)i rf^\ i »V"i r/^ \re'A Ktoco .^.Vi a*»o 1^ 

.r<l^^. .1^=1 ctai oocn ^i^jdb ^i^o 

.rtllia^ ^Acral oocn m^^^Z-^1 r^oili^ 

.r^osxL^L, yis^ r^LaJl^ ois^o K'iiiAxa 0x02^.0 

•Klii-A^ ia. "sq s. r^n. V>jpu* oi^u390 Klkia^ o.Tiaor^o 

.r^rcL^ »^cn oocn ^^_^cri»h\*r^ T^^^h\Jsp jOri 

.rdJ^ioK' AaA ^.._ooa_x^ oocn CXaoo*' T<'.icn Aj^j»jo 

. .T^JL^fX^cnJsn^ K'-icix. (k'ocn^ .^^ocn^cu^ 

2. wi-nolDj C, 

6. Heb. xi. 34. .mnWn^; C. 

9. AliL..k3f C. 

10. Deut. xxxii. 30. 

12. OOOI ^ I \'=^Lm1£i^ B. 

,n!^i-in ^ A:w:i i^iiwrClSB 

.K'ooo oxakX.r^ jaiflocu r<^>\\^ 29 

.r<'^:iiiK' r<'-Aj2»3.i t^'^vml^x. 

.r<^*aat\^..l K'.t*^, crA A<\| 

.cqA ooca . »«vftn *n r^Li^icL^a 

•:• cau^ K'ocn uoi-^ r^Lfio'icLSks 

.OQCUfieuj rdixflo reLiaK^.l ^n^ 30 

.r^o^is r<L»ir<'.1 rd^-io^ 

'•.' on 1 <\% Kli^to colA^ f^^^ 

•:• r^ocn K'ocn K'.ico-rj KlJu.iaJ^n 

.T^^xiin^ ^r^ r^jifioiva 32 

.Ai^^r^cv KLia\rdi3 A^ 

.K'^CUO^ua.'l caj>'rdlfl0 ^us 33 

.ji^a ^X^-r<f ^ i \iA'*^ ^'i^ 

29. 1. 5. ]oor\] lit. 1 paeno evan. A. 

33. 1. 2. looi B. 

33. 1. ult. .^ I 10V)» A. 

■g^ia .^'i&K' ^i-SQ.i 


•:• ofA K'ocn r^ioA en l>\i.i 

.K'-tCV^.l vyr^ cnsl O^ 

.orA vOlsts.! Klao^ cni^jo 

.K'ocn »»i>'M.T^ cno^^ t<L»o 

•:• rdiAj^-A ■i>%T,K' KlxjjLa 

.col vU_^.i r^iacOi^ ^Aflor^ 25 

.orA ^ia=73 T<L»o:i r^v^v^ 

.camcUL r^Ti-i rd^^tw 1 

•:• orAicx^ r^n\ i^uLso 
.cn-i^^ ^ .ijJk&^r^ kA 
.r^in^r^ oA </^^.t ocn.l 

.K'iA^.l on 1 rq .^loo 

V coit\^no co\n^r^ A^ 

.r<'ii\n-> co^K' KLiOT^ 

.K'^arO^ ri'^rsll.i nilA^ 

.^^.^<^^^^ rdlAK'.t K'^cu^o 

.r^s<\'icxa> ^ ctA ^A^ 

;. Ai-i«v» < fi^iX ctA ^*^K' :i& 

i_^^ .1^ r^\Knr) ^s ^ 28 

..m '\ *7i r<A ^.T.^ r^AjQji.i 
.coii\n\ ^1^3^ Kl^t 
.Ann kA T^iiA^nn oco 

25. 1. 4. l-^UcciJ? B. 


.r<'ocn v\i>;^ r^^n\ ^.i 
.r^cxco rt'r %"-> coAva^La ^rf 
•:• K'cvco r^\ n*:q r<L»o cnrsoV^.i 19 

•:• K'oco .x.r<L=U cn^va!^^.! 

.r^Jtk=ai A^^cn ^A-.r^ 20 

•:• ^ KLArvrq r^TM3 KlacO^.i 

.r^^cv^i^ rdzx=3 cnl Arciz. 21 

.r^-a\^ v^r^* cnzSu ^O^o 

•,^,^^mh\'r<Ci r<ls?at\s. K'ocn ti* 22 

.rdani-Mf vv>r<' .ifwio jp-Oi^ 23 

.KllM^^ T^lAss.l K'^n^^ 

18. 1. 3. V^A. oiv\. 


,r^h\\\i»Sfi rd^ooo con ^ 

.K'orArdl Kllj* ^vJSOjji 15 

..^ji^ a^ ^iu coi3ka t n 
.en > tq caiA^ ^x^lK* r<ll 

.r^.>A>T *g3.i ^.1 00^0^3 16 

.JkiT^ Jsno\ cAc\ ^j^T^ >JSQo\ 
.rd-.iwK' r!^\i\^K'A ca\ oV 17 

. CQJSAxxi r<'cv r^lJC\X-\* .^^!M 
•:• cnjsnsso r^Jao^S^ KL«o ^ua 

17. 1. 1. ...Ol^ ol .OtXo ^ IjolTD ^ B. 
„ 1. 4. .U^>Q-2lli> A. ] n "in g^ \ B. 

„ 1. 5. Post OliOCD addit B. 

18. 1. 1. »^2lk5 B. 

„ 1. 2. dioij A. ai2:i> »i:»(jL. B. 


.vu^\^ ^is en T 'SI A \(yt «>.\ 9 

.rc^it*wfir> ^v-SOmi K'^Ol^^ 

•:• en T *\A.i r^js»3."v.=3 .^^cn^.i 

• icUi^USQ K'i^J^ 
.coja ^^i^flf) T^'fc Oft •s rtl^cvsa 

.^\^Ji cn^>jC3 cbd'u^ .gkVt* 
.K'^oir^Lu en T *M ^Us\ 
.r<'ii\y.n-) cTji_2»3 rfoco r<ia.l 1,3 

.K'^oir^lsj ^ .=3CTi4.i CTXL& 

icn r^'ir^LM h\v=i ^^oir^LAj.T rtflsaii 14 

.K'^.l.'a.s. TJSq oQi^Ar*' ^T>cn 

•:• r<'^0._'»3.ic\ K'.tI*.! rtlA ia u\ 

.crA ^.n .ni. ."Vsj C\co KlX .aK'a 

.cnA\a'3Lt.Cw\ r^TjLcu* r<'ocrii.i 

.co^CVii<Y>.i K'-i-^cvjjA cn^ia^ 

•:• r<^ is.i-iY ~-) ^a.,M rdi\ 

.cfx*.!!^' ^ cQ T °vi ^xsifb.! 

.K'.TOO.T rt^cn_=3 even ca-rs 

.K'-liwrtA ^.Tci .^jati 

.ourfllj^'i^. ^co pan 

4. ]. 4. ]^Ao B. 

5. 1. 1. .dlX A. Zooi B. 
5. 1. 3. ]^<1^ B. 

.^ajjL.*^ rJ^s-iT..! rils?3r<' 
•^A_sbcv.* r^s-nT,.i K'^vax. v^r^ 

.^icvsask. p^^"iT..i T<lra^-MO 
V ^'U'-C^^ r^^i\r.:t r^Lwoio 

.r^'i=rd3:t v^^K* o n i nin>»-) 
.CO* Hart' ^.ii.c\ "U^^ Ao^V»3 

Tit. - - in<^. ■ . 1^ ^ pil^ r^ 1?0^? B- 
1. 1. 1. "U»-»'^ B. 

1. 1. 3. lsn>? A. "l4^:x») B. 

2. 1. 2. .Iv^loj A. aui:!^]^ ^1? B. 

:ta=) .r<'ca\r^ dfuxrii.o dfu«.tc\(<' rd::'3CU .tjjc3 a.ii^^K'.i 
JX>aACuL^r^ .co.ios^^ >3."ta colaicvjo Ann^r<'.l ifd^^^rC'.i 

rdXre* .K'ctAkiX ^tumI^ .iCuAs a?^ai\^~) cA.l •K'.ica.a 5 

,»._cvca_*cnL^A» A ^rq oA .r^ ^cn.i r^^i_i- ^i^K* 

.on til r^L2kixx.o uJkOJSOx. ^^i-^Q A:^n 

4. . i..y. nn] Cod. l]i ^O) (lit. 11 eras.). 
10. Cod. llo.^. 

^a^i-SO A^.i K'AvjL^kjL.Ax 


^OCO Auk* .K'A^.lJu.l r^LsKl^ .xn oi^ rd\ v\n^CVi?3 i^\rj 
TX^is. ^.T»cn .K ' - trn . t . ^cv^snri v^^K*.-! rdlxi^ rdso^cu* 
.K'^iJi-^ g s . "V i .aX-So »x;A A\.i .cQjsnrdA T_:73p<'a rdx».T_o 

r^K'o .rd - ijL t l.i rdJLA^alX ^^_ocn'ii'<\\ p^* .Is. K'cn.i .t<'T»coJS?3 5 
jX ^n.<\flo rdA .r^r<' "pr^a r^cv. at ..lAJsq Avatj A. ^ 1 s. 

T<'.TOQ_rD r^K* ..^_C^cnJL:i i^xrj K^^<' Ardj!*. K'cn rd.A2n_i,.i 
.K'^O^i-A-rj rdJK' r<'_\}^ ^r<^^ .riL=i K'rCLlcV-ra ^ ^K* 

• rd^o.TU i^K'o rdJ.5^ ^j:v»a3 .r<lii\^ ni'.iiailo K'^cusucn 

K'^CL.aio .^^ur73.i rdxM ptliK* r^-^viD kA.T AV'Sq •. ^p^ 

^)a_iji.l o'cnA k'vmK' \\r^ >xl^i.l-Z.o .vy.'yijjcu »_ocnl^a IJ 
ocas pellAi ^=}.tvJ» ._Oca=s.i rdJ^AoK' .UO.lOX .nilsK' 
.xl^ia^ i*^ rt'aca-i rell.l .K'.'UX- ^ "i:^\Sfi kA .r<i\h\r^ 
T^"i.S?3i<' A^ r<L2k»fio .rrl^a.A^ k'-isK'.t ^.i^cri ..t ispC'.-^ ^ 
cora ^^j>xjiut_s.i ^cncLijA^ .Tii_2iCv .co^c\ici*\-> r^raiSn^ 

^cocuiniAi h\^r^cs .K'ocn i<\i>:5a ^cna.ix2A.i AuK* .r^h\xLs 
.K'cco .jjLie.A ^cncvn^ ^^?3 ^coo.-v»rdAn ^rt'o .K'ocr) >2>A^ 
.^cncv^n.icn ooco ^incyT°vsr) .i-2wa .r<'ocn Ji aa. ?^ coxaA.i hv»r^cs 

4. Cod, ].r7i.« Ki. 

15. Cod. wj_3?j_»0. 
* 21. Cod. ^CTlOJ^r 

K'ocTiJj.i rd^^is- ."U» 'i^ Ji.airt' .rdiLl vwaK' uaX ^v^rt* 


rdsai .__OorA^ rc'crArdiaO .r^J-irj— ^ .T^i:^.! .T»* kLicyA 

pt'ooa Ji»-.i-l r^lia a^l^c^J^ •^'^^ kAo reLi_»_=i^ j.aA 10 
.•T^a •K'^u^i ri'CU* cri»lr«£lA .^acvsax, r€_»S«.l rell.T rilAci^ 

p^LMVa-^5?3 .Ta. .cni-3 ^a\ ^aI^^K' .crA rdaK* KLfloxajso 
.^nl kAo .r<'^ori_3r<'n r^LlxArs crA Jfvi.r^K'o r^^ «T i -? 
.2»:sai- r^lxaiak."? r^Av^a^J .kAI-scjso Kli-S^a rtAcyi. r<'ocn 15 
^ira vOlJ5»3 rdJr^ r<^ iS.3 .w3vA Sf\i_S?3r<'c\ .^CUjAs K'ocn 
■ » P»^ "^ "■« vv ^\ s. An KLwi-* rs^s- T.ox .,». V ^, )ajJT^r<'\ rdss.v^ v^ivLsio ..*iy. ^vA^' v^Avn.i*r<'a ^Sfc.*i.T 
vvAv^^cvK'.'i rdi_3cLsj .^v-»rc^*L °^q? ^i_ra .^ \ ^ ^ evA\ p^A 20 
.vv»X»r<' ^Xx=3 ^ vrAA^ .Trartlia .J»i3 vA .Jttjj .^r<Llxi^ 
rt'ocfj^a vyA-AjK'n r<'iv-^ ^ jt-o-T^Ax.! r^v^r^ vA Jit** 
v\^.1^.1 K'ca^^^ .^i^CV.& vA JtoAs .r^LsK'.'A r^^CVAr^lsa 
A-S^r^^h.i rili^u=3i_n wA Jaaw .r^\, % ni ^_S» A Qv pe^^^p 
^J5a r^s. ^^A<.i r^ » Ni-> g. peLsacu vyA Jtow .r<l=3T-a_3 2 
rd-»oinA r^^UJcii if\ii^^r<' v^.l A^^^Q .v\ami<'."« r<liil.s»3 >i.\-x. r<li s i n t. j-x-^ r^Ls?3a i -> .r^rclA kA.i 



retlcn >x.2k- JL.Av.i^re'i f<Lir<' .=li.\^^ -.^k* reLi-ivi rdsn 
n-^JK*© JOc^CVaA^K' >i.To Taxi ^\a ^Xi.m .K'crAri'.n rcLlpdJto 

.floCV^CU.\^r<' rdASfc. .Kl*A..l vy-l^r^ AsAAo K'Av^^ijj 
VvA r^Lir^ .i- r\ .- s .o rc C jjL-a.i.i -»i-=J Aa^rf .cq_\ i^ ne'e 5 
.CQ_1 i-^jpc'o r^T.*.ic vyjA^ ^j.T»co --.Ain,«w\ «m -i r<li-»iA\ 
T<l\ rdiK* .^ i^CLjio rc'A.i ^i.vsja >A AuaK* vOl»i kIi^ 

,^Jsp^^ j»(X_^CL>v.^r^ ..^oco^cA AxrV.i waX.Vl_X. \ V^-' 
,oqA "ijsar^o .A^K^o .^nflffg^Au.i vy-iK' vv-»H-»r<' A^c\_x_^ 10 

^.1 A-^^J^ .K'^O.T-jjL.a cn.T Q^l )all.r<' K'.TjjlJM .onV T \a 
^^^ooraAa*. ^JVSL^n T<lJcl"."l_n.l r<lia\rdA ^A-SoA^ .t \-rr7.l 

^^caiJ-iJ^l A*»- rcls^^x-K'.i r^llrst .A om ic\i»-\.T .r^ 15 
^cn.i ,_ocnjC3*ix- >-A \ A ra K'^icviLvra *i.*> ^r^ .r^Lnl'.tt.i 
o\oA K'^'ic\-i_v-i3 »-».l .TD-ic^fX-io r^Jt*:t_n KljiK* r^a\JLr^ 
r^\\jnt rtf'ocr) •irs^^K' H*^ Kll .r<Lx».TD KlA^Ani- rdJoo 

.^cdcujK' vyK* pglaT n\ >-i i ^ *73.i rt^isi-iA r<'ocn K'uw 20 
r<'i\\\ j;ttjArc'.i .crA ■i_»iK'o .xiccsnx. h\o\ KliAcv c nn-iT , 
.>AA^<\3>flt) A^ J30CV.-MO .K'^cuA rf.icn ^ i isv i r^ca 

« i*i *g3^Ui30^.1 ..'vAiO -< . lyt^ K'-Oi^CU* r^OT .a^A ^CV.n.X.0 

9. Cod. 

13. c<k1. ^ji As. 

15. Heb. xi. 32. 

19. Ante ^a^\JOiL] i^u])p\end. vitl. — ? ll^i-.]. 

21. . m » g^ ]^ sic in cod. ct infra 1. 22 etc. 

22. Cod. -IZq-I^. 

K'vwK' r^.l .it'i's ^io:^ iaJS^x. .vtsK* r<lx».TQ .K'cnirS'.i 5 

^r<' .i^.ev V .»coa,V>i<' vv»r<' K'^oso ^iQ_:bJ\^i r^oi^ .laa 

.vvA ijs'an:' s-s*. vy^cvjQ^ ^OAJio ..xAkIx.^.! Avj»r<' r^x-.'n 

K'.ir^'-xAo .Ktir^* oixiL rdA vrOun^ .jaA >i2k_ .xaHT<' ^r^ 

r<lAn>AO'l cn.t-^.saAOT ^«.'v-»cd .^ ^%a^ K'cn.i uumK' ^cA 

.K'"i-»i.5^ T<li_a:i KLlco K'oco K'v-m^.T r^oco r<',-2n CUL-Sq 15 
^coo^r^Ci ^.1 caJSAK* .^^A^^>j=?9 ca^JAa .>xm co^A^i 
V233r<'o r<^^ s.o .CQ_=J ^^-i-jjQ > \ 'vxxh jaoKls^nK* vy*r^ 
oco ."U^x^. ..A^wHcri »_acQl^ ^nm°i ^r^ f^^ ,r^s '^ i\ 
.^_a_2K' )aj.iiiO JC-l^^.l .A»r<ljLD\MM "i^K*.! v\._»r<' K'ctAk' 
.,n \ r \ ^j>SiA*i rdX.T y^T *\Ao ^^.i vvi-^^ . rtljjtrj CXx.=3 20 
•:• ^cT3a">i.nnO> ^cnCuiK' ^cA ^jjt^ cnz^Jl ^cn i-^r^' .■i&o 

cra^j.l ^ kA:L^.1 r^s-^.i . kIaS^ .to ^.iK' vyK* rs^s^j^ 
^"») vA_\^^ p^A.t .iq3.i\r<' h\ir^ Ar^ .oni ntrt* .vaOfVo 25 

6. Cod. cn;.,g^.». 
12. Cod. wJ-JJ^O. 

r^i nmn ^i .ML \<\ .i_^ cnia-u ;:ki:^ cn_a>^ K'o.xj.t r<'ioiA 
.a*-oiv-i r<''ioA^ v^r^ o-jJK'o r<'_ir<' Ar^ .Av_»t<L»<Xx. 

en T °i 1 .i-Sir^ ^co x^cv . yn\ v\ .1 k^.a .» cixJLi73 i^ tji 
.irv'tjsrjrc' ^1 .ucenx. •:• onc»Ar^ ^V^*^ "^^ \^» \^ n V -i 5 
.tn A jy)0 .r^T 1 1 *^^*-* f^^ ^-\-?>^r^ .ucu ^^S^ K'co 

.-crAn^ .icv^^o n^)»-)^ jA 1 nv A^,^ rdAf<' .^!!i(;~:^ 
♦cars h\^r^ ioo-rsAvjg-Sn.T K'.icn vs.A\ a %\ . r? 3 .ijair^ rdx».ii3 
rdiK'cv ..^_ocqA Ax-iK* ."lis^.T K'crAr^a .rdiA^o r<L»i^uL:sa 
A\"ir^.T ndi^^K' .K'.ViatA -ii-^n^ r^llK' >Ae-S?3 .uj'ni' vr^K* 

K'^o.T-jjLja cojEJ^Jl ^nJut-nC' rdJ_j^co coA .1-9-5*- .l-s^cv 
^i-iaK'o r/is i-»i ^aA ^pi-B ^*.i co-sniK' V crji-SoA 
o'cn -vv-^ '^^f r<^ I SiTii r^oo *\cv-j^ -»i-=» -»v-3* .coA 
^i_=3 Ax-iK* Api' r^' ^"\^ r<'^vA^\ rdio^nsla ^v-m^'^-"' ^0 
vy-x-MK* ^cxA At .=jcrji-spo .kAo-jL.i crL.27i.McA vv-:^l 
.cnA T-=?3ri'o JtoC-JwCV-A^r^ rdi-s*- ^.vcn .vf>A ^jj^jjo-SJ .1 
oani'^ r«Aa .rcliSaMiJSO ri'oArcA ^A^o..'i>r<' no^s^go.t 
reL.a'i_=) K'cfxAniA r^K' .ijspr^ rdJE_.."T_D .vs^^I-mK' v\^K' 

kAo r^K* ■^-^ ^ kA K'i^ nas^.l rdjacuBla rd^rdiA 
rdJK' .iA^-£bo .ni'naaiA rdJr^ niT, rcA .rdirf .T-ijs;^ 

21. Cod. aii£!CL»s>^. 

^i.j3 Aa^ .rclijJ^ cbiaA ^vs^r^o •:• r^M.i p^n^ordX 

^Xs ^ix< ^r^ .^v_M^.l r^lJi^aA A^Ja.i rdLi':n ^vas jcH^cv 

^^K'.i cnd\v-M .aV'J^cv .v>iA i.i^J^.l uA^CV^Q ^'ia A •a. a 
^uiri' .^Vm .rellsjcC^ cf3LA T^r^ .A.L:»J^ rd.^^^^ r^O 

.K'^Cl^ljAS <o^>;^ v>^Ml A^so .ijs^r<' KLx*?sjd .K '-w . T . S q.a 

^.IJo <^y .^i A-Sh. ^SK* .fiDCV.M .^jssrt' r<lx*.io .nili^\^ 

Ajj.i rslA ,ij»3K' r^-iM .KUii-tJl .^JL-tso ^iT<' Aisl KlAa 
.r^'cnAr^ ^j^ ^uiK* A^.i rtlA."^ A-A^JS?3 vyi-i»3 r^rt* 

r^citr^ rdLir^Ci *. vv^oixi^ pt'cut^ ^ir^.l A^'SfS , ^20 

.rdzai-s*- vw*?^ on T •in ril^-stjso J^Q._rJsa .aai-n .KliT<'25 
.oQ-lp^-SaA r^_2i\ .T-^ n^^.A^K' A V ?\^U3.1 ^.V\ cri_aE_Ai-a 

.Al_ir<' ri'-i^ KtJ-SO rdJr<' rdirC' ."i^ri'o ^coa-»ir<'.i KlXaio 
.^v_ir<' Nardil CV_l_t33 ^."uo ^v-w .■i-»ir<'a r ^^^ « y ^ Kll.**. 

•J-^ rtliK* . ^i \ T .cv .vfyx-x.ijo \f\h\o^ -H-irtla .i-^Jr^ 
K'i^ A^ .r^-^O-T «^ ^VAiw\^ .V=?3r<' r< .^coi'^i^ 5 

AK* ^.T ^C^\ .i^r<' r<ljA\ •:• ^" .i "paijb.i ^cn vyK* 
p<'_icn . yvi^ g s . -) ^*"t_^_ia jA cvaca ^A_ii_5a_i. ,._o_jcn 

Kllr^ >jji r^Ar^ ..xz^ r<'_ir<' r^LXjto rdA .i^K' rdjju.-^a 
kA.t ndJLw .K'iaii-^L pg^> jj ^J»3 crxA r^r^* ^-3\o .crA 

jaoO-^a.tA^K' •:• Av-JK* ^i-i K'-ixiyJ p-iLn-icLx- .K'-icva^ 15 
•:• en I \ T itr^ T<Ao v\A\<\jjA^ A_:^ r<L»a.T JioCLsa .\^r^ 

^SOl r^-lK* .3Vii_»l .AJ^ra^-a r^lJaaiA^in .coA Aiijirqo 

1 7 ^^ <^ .crA^ cr3"i_^,2k .jA^.i rdin.i-i^ K'ia^.l K'.tL^^ 20 
v\Av»iiA^r<' r^cn .orA v»jr<'o rdAO^ r^i2»-0 •:• riliAcn cnA 
•:• vvfc='3.ica jaaflttakK*! 'p:\n riliAS^ A .'T^>. .K'.TLx- Jt»i 
^JS3 ^T_n.l K'aiJL vyi ^V-.K'.l oco-ir^ .'i-»Jr<' rdJC-.."un 
(<L1J^Tjj .\ri^ *->.T*cr) •:• Ai*. ..^CUK* K'^K' A^^^ra ,^ 

VfyK* ^'^i^^o ..aJ^x^Axio r<U*x.50 r< "i \^i\ r<l\_5oAu.i 2: 


ojcusoi. •:• OTi-iisa >»ii»r«il=j en t *\i ^aix-tV .OTi-^^.^ ."ua^ 


.mJJLs TT^^nT. o 

rda-raCvAo K'rd-.CV-ra ..xlii ,,_C^ hv-»r^ r^co •:• rrjAc^- 

t^IsCCm .<« ^^ rt^<\ .rfcna-jjK' .^coAa.i K'i-s^ca .iii » 
r^ir^.n-ra .^v-»Klsa."Ui3 .s^h\~^h\r^ ^%-=3 ^v-lK* .>Aq>CV •a.tOffX 

wA^ ^a .vry\ i 3J ctAa ^ .vt^coAk' r<L»i-Sal ^aiji^i 
vyUsK'.l K'i^arj r<'oa3^.i j£-^\A^r<'o Aa^co .ao^ .vr ^T ^ \ 
: rdii .^_^-^ ^i_a-2a ^xs cAk* .r^JsaA^ .^^oooATAur) 15 
h\lr^ r^jLCDO .K'ocn ^-rA^'^-Szj rd-aJsa.Ta rdJtcx_i-^ v\A».i 
^V^'<'o •'•• ^^"^^ K'i^ T "Vi r^.l rdjJLwoi r^-SCU.-^^ Arm 
ndJK' rd-»VA3.1 -^vsoK' .oa jiscC^ .cnlira _acralaA ^o^ 

^iusoK' j^ccA^ .ff^^ sn \^js?3 reL=3iA ,^o^i ? "^ "^ ..-CVaX 20 
K'-aVM.i .*AvJS»3r<' .xacA^ .K'^i^_s»»»iA ^...e^i^^s.. ^A-^.i 
cA-s^r^ ^:i*crj :• K'i.ijt. niLii.=?3.i K'iA^-s ...^cv-sA K'Jir^ 
rdaA-»J J»O^C*\\r^ ya^-a .__ocaJ»JK'Aa rdJtJi'.vaA ,_a_3r<' 
rdXao rdXsJi reA:i>OJ»3."»_n ocvco C-SO-dO .t ^<N > i» 

reix^x rdi-^ ^^.vaa .._cv^\a.1 K^tiT n oi-fV.i ..^^ooA 

7. Cod. w_.cnQ-*j| •^oiocticujI. 

r^r^ .y\\ s\i rtlijj ^JSO ,^^CVA,\ T<'_ir<' K'vL^o __rt^\ 
ri'acrj coiAA T<'^reLi-flo ^2j3 K'ocn Kll ^pcni.rjK'i rd-ia^K* 
Klii^cn .cncoAKlA .s-r^T.o .crA .tlmK'-S^ .ia k'Ak' .cnirA 10 
.^.^a-SkcnAKAo ^_a_^ KLiK' KLa-»jt^ . uA_=3 .rdiK* Ak* 
.0Q_=aCU*» ^_2>3 .^^OJLij^^^ kA.i .^^_ai Klip^ r<laA_S30 
.K'^UV^ K'io-J K'*\ 1 » Kllcn ._0-A»l K'CUjl.20.1 Oca_SK' 
asaix.K' rdiA^K'.i ....^aa^inii K'i\\ K'^A^ oim^K' 
..^OOocoAk'.I K'^.V^-Qo O^Im kAo .K'iai\ ,^^onuH-^2k 15 
042*- kAk' .crA.i<XX-c\ crusoviiv^ ^-SO oIm.i rdXo .k'-TtA^s 
K'-'-Ti \^^o . ^^ ii » , » \ <\ r^ vfwl'coAKA.i .cqA ai-^K'o 
KliK' K^ *s.r> .lA a r^ AK'o .^.t-^a? kA ^-SajjarVi 
ocniK'o ..ucvaIVmo .^_c^^a*k' ^ca=3 asa.i^K' .^^^c\^i.i?3 
oiA.i^K' .k'^cujA ._cv_^ r^iK' K'.i-i-.i ^_c\-^ VSOK'.i 20 
K'oca-i kAi .K'^cuHk'A cni-^j^ )a_\x.K'.i ocn A^K'-iJ.A 
t^jK* 1 ••' "^ 1 "i^K*! Oca_lr^ .r^izxA^ .> \ jj.A Kl^^CVJt. 
.^^OAAfiAsa KlJt-05»A oii^.i^K* .^^cxskiros KlJuiA^ »_cvjA 
coA K!ja_\a .^^^a-^ia^.i cnh\y 3 1 K'i-ra K'ocn i ^ -^s 1 
K'^vA^jAn ^fV^Aw kAo .t^ctAk' >i2»- K1J-A0K1=3 K'ocm.i 25 
, / > "vV r^^cih\-xJ:n K''iA>a_^."t oco-iK'o •:• K'ia_^\ rdx=9\ 

1. Cod. ^n\. 

5. Cod. jJ ilio. 


.cnJila f^^hiJjLCv po^i-Sa A:^:i K'd^i^i.jL^ 

.du.iOcrx»n K'.T.K'-ra .At'a.a.i rdaAjsa i^^.-^.ik.ajJ.i cn^aixu 
..UCUS'l-X. A> . -vrtw/ pa_ATJ5?3.l ca_rai_l, ^ClA K'^r^l ,\ ^.*g3 

r^-i^P-i cv-^\."i rd-a-:so\a:i K'-i*V3 .cnun\ ^^CUK' df\.u\o 
...^cvoA v50f<'A>.i dfuix.o ornV->\ r^jsnr^ '^*^ •^^_f<' ^fwp-^ 5 

cnxjsa.i AX**' .-.ODcV.^ ^^Ajo\.i r^soi Klicrj ^_r?3 ^_=3 10 
r<f\ \~io. i->\ ;pca_i.i .rdJCTJ T<L»ir<' A n naA icT-^aA 

• ^^ ^ V« n±*O.M.i r<^\n\\ KliJoi^ -."iap ,_cA.iAvx.Aa kA 15 

»Aa^;a> c\"icn.i\T<' .r^>\"> \xJsn k'-j rdJcn ^jsn .K'^i-t^SL 

ca-2QCU» »2»3 .t^-dtI^' r^'no^jj »^l4a.l^ riA .^^C^^CuLu ■ 
rcl^K'x ._CU^-3 . .M> a>Av-3LJ piA .pg^ i t n r<l5>3Ci_» Kllcn.i 20 
jL^jS3.1 ocoir^ .r^^saxS^Ui K'm^ rdJcarj n/n^ .ucx^^il 
kA .^a_^A A_M.V5fl.i ocQ-iK'a .._^_^i^^ kA .^^cv-aA 
,r v> 1 *g i oicn.ixK'cv ctiA cv s ^ Ay^^^r^* r^K* .^^^ocn \ no>o\ 
.ca=3 cini *^o .^cncu.2k. OA-jlx^ .^^Cia^ ix&^^x^TS.i ocoiK'.i 

3. Cod. ^AXl. 
18. Cod. ':>-<£n. 

23. Cod. 5ai?llo (in fin. lin.). 


r^LitJkx.Ck ujosox. cruAurcl* »*orJi )qjtJ53 .Vs..! T<'A\x*kJt.^ oo^ 

: r<LiJL>'^ cojkis 

r^^o^ r^ >»iT'pa\.i .r^lx*)i£30 t^Lu^'il'ca-m en i V -i a\^c\ 
>t^t T. rcimA^ K'coArcfAo .^i m "goo .oocn ^Ajj.i A^.i 

^^_cvijtj.n r^Li_aL_»r^ .^,_oca_s>3T<'a ^,_oca^^ s. i t. »._a_icTJ 
foi^.i .V0.1 i.iAu-K'.i KLia-iK'a .K'^yA^ ^sn r^rSlL^jatA 

^orxni.i K'cTiAr^ ocn i ^ '•^ •:• ^cpa'JA *\ ^so rci'n :^ >^Qq a - 15 
.rdJLl ^!-i»rd:3 Kliio'iX v^A^o .r<lA :,Ay -»ii*r<l3 r^TaJL^A 

rdXccL K'iinxaAo .ri'-O^.T.sq.i K'ncl^^uatA .t-=3 0t<'o rworCo 
l*r<lii^.l ob-TTdn .rdtia^o K'AuaAVSas r<'ocn icarsAvx-Sn.i 
oi r^M «^ ' ^'^^ .2if<' Kll-^cn •:• oii.ntr^ r<'caAr<' cril^.T 20 

1. Cod. MS. Par. U3, fol. 274, r. 1. 

10. Or^LZ]] lit. Oj- paen. evan. Cod. lsn» - W. 

.12. Cod. 05jZl»1?. 

Xjj •,^^^0003 K'oco ^cocihur^ X-m .1^ : K'Axjlm.i ijJ^x.o cnA 
^Acn [•ia*J .»._octA ^\ r<'^oicfxa).'i pulA^ ocn ."ta ocno 

^l-ucu.i rdJv^r^ .cC^qai a^.ii) .^cui^oK'.-i .^^OlJoo K'ncriftj 

T^jo^r^ ^ : K'^'i Av_iJ53 K'Av-^x^i.l ocn K'ia^ A^r^Lu.n 
: O^J-A^K' r<'A>CUiT<'.i rdaO-^ ^sao 'ATaa.i o*cr> K'icu.i 

yn \T.ior<' ^oi .• AjK'iflo.K' ^^ ._a_Jctj ^^nya ._ca^i 
.rc^tahrtlsq .^.O-Jcd ^i r<* i\V' .r<^^n tt» r^J.^iK' jL^.i ^cn 
»»co y\ \ T.ior<'o .* p^'Ai-tgi-k-ao r<* u t t ^q i cnAv-»^r<d:2fl .tj^ 
.•ocn r<'caAr<' db.iQis o cai-»30r<'.t .*cn."l /K'^vxii ocn Aura 
A *^ OX-& ^JS3 r^cn .• pc^ * m t..i K'^cx ^ v "pa.! r<'A>oioi_A>o 15 
doLj.r^' Klia\j<'.l .^_CU."iKi2^ ^ : i^ocn crr.^K' rd:!*-"!^ 
^A-TTanfi ■ '1-^ *- 1 T^^.i r^i a. Qr> .t^ .* r<^ itn x. h\c\ oil y 
.r<LA ^.TkK'o .A ^.iA\_:L-m ^cn ^oAo .* ^ ^t*\\-Sqo ^.li 
..AvJtoii^^r^O ^T-rsi^K' ^'TO.'i-Q r^JL-^cn 'K'.icn.l rd^oAr^ 
:t^ : r^LxJSfi-so ^^_oJcn rd_».ioca* oocn ^i-SJaK' r^\ r^JLJSa 20 
oocn ^\-M o.tca_ooT<' pe' i>» i t rq . *\\ n .i ,^_cv3cn ^-S»3 ^jiLir^ 
re* Av-SOin .1 r^Luu*^ K'iajto ^oAo /oocn ^iv-x-Sn r^.vi-X-a .1 
.^tf .rp^ " ^ ^\ -'I ocn .* nJA-iOA rdJL-JL^ .^crA OuK* rdA 
K'ncoA.i ocn.i r<'^COLJp<' Av.2zu»i-=JO r^h\CS -^^\^^ .* ^JTcnid^r^ 

•:• ^aSOK' ,. «*r^ \>^ ^loLA k'AvmOjlx.A^ crA.n .^ K'i-o 25 

(XII.) 14. Heb. xi. 10. 

K'-A-i* co.sjK' .00^ r^-Jco t^\_30 ..^orscVMr^'.i K'^uXkJS'ix. 
T*^^ -IV ~%f\ : ^i Of? \^r^ ^ » :^.i.l K'^urJLa.-a x-^o .^oeo 5 

co^.TsA t<loi=i2»3 / CTH.13 1 K^AAsq r<'-i»CTai rg^s^iT-i K'.icn.i 
.^K'^cTL^rt' oK' ^1 s *ytT. ^-aAco-I [r^^] ♦r ^ »». » .. T .. *g 3.i 

^^olir^i ^_a-JK' ^xaan x.o .^^ I I ~->H . t ^ I V 1 \ Kli-^cna 

.Qoolcx^s.n even T^.»»iT*g3 aa^k-v-^ ''^As-ln ^v<s^^v::n r^A.i ^ 

."VM .^Lu /A CUOjj rC^CUAflo-SajjiSO K'.Tm .'K'^OT^S^ K'.Tm 20 
^00 A^cA rclUSO .K'iojr^-ra K'ax.a r^^O-SO .T» /K'-iaJto 

.•vvO."V3 r<'^U:kJfL=3 coa .%^ coia ijt^ cA .r^LaAOA.i t<'ouiA^ 

(X.) 7. Cod. .^oiXjj ._]j^arD? 
(XI.) 16. 2 Cor. iv. 18. 

2i.. lu marg. KeNipuN. 

t<^^V3 rtLjjlsi.i ndJ^A-xjjO rdLD"i\^ rsllxjj jui A>CX^.1=3 
acrAo r^^ .t^ .^.^ocrA ^om K'.ico^.sjs .r<'^Ajj.i ^oix^i..! 

liM JlA ^m^ r^xtxikV^ .TSkCv .onii 3 ^ t^^jJO crA A^JU 
r^L^AjjQj^ r<'.'VMAr<'cv : oxocn K'.'V-a^ r^jaoA^K' ^,_cvcrj_ij»3 
.^acn r^'iajaaJW K'.' . rc*.n i ir. -> r^JS^aio cncos^ ^ocn 

'. r^-ir^ r <* 1*3 » .soo^.i ^^cn ■»i'3 .* a\ocn r^ "s t^*T .x^cvao^.i 

OA : K'.tm K'^uo^r?! rt^i -IS- r<l\Aj5ajsn_=3 : reLioiA,.i 

KLaca-rar^ cCco pc^\ n ,-i rdJ_sJ5aJEJS»3 ^SD rslx3^^A>."t r<' 

rd^cvjc rc^u\ ^CvAo : K:A^flaucv\rcA ^cncuicrrs^^ rcijil'Au»- 20 
'KlAj^.T e n a ll ouK^i^ou cnovMw»'ir<'a os^mA.iK' '.^cncu^^^ 
.rc'i-*"l-2a ocn r<'o>0-2a_l .rc'oon K'i-aODoii Ooo vv-kK* .vSkO 
^uoK'ix-.TO ..s\n *?i \ K'oco JCDi^ fln.rq rdAjxA.n vv_*r^ 
.xu^VJ=73 cn^ol oocn ^ i "yi i n.i ..^O-ico ^cvA r<'''icuj30T<' ^ 
: cuik^ifxA^K*."! «^_cucn ^ '^pdLaA^ -iAux.K' ."T^a .K'oco 25 

(IX,) 5. .]n i.V'O] in marg. ];»»_>Ji!D. 
11. Gal. iv. 10. 

2^^ (o) .r^i»oreLa9 ^i^a.i 

K'^o^K'.l .rtir^L^.i co^^r^* ^r<'i*^ 'r<'^c\v»iv=3 ^aj*^avsa.i 

T^-^-f^\^~i A-s-o ....^aXit^Li r^."v»*2kr<' •T^-iaH-QSs.i r<lSixfio 

.• T^JK' i-SOr^ ."U*» A_^.n -co n-^ Kli.l r^J_a-»r^ .* r^w'ito 
^ocn ca_»Av_»r^ K'.Tcn vv-»r<'.i .r^Lx_sc\^v.=} v-MO&' 

rC'^vAil^'SO r^jt:79.l ^iAxi- ^aAcd rcisir<l& 'r^Lscn.i.i KllA&s.l 10 

oocn ^ioi. K'.t i 1.3 t<'^\A\.jj>T '?30 r^^xiitt^K' K'^.ja^x. As. 

^^\=34l-^73 K'^'ixsjso rd^rdLss^.T vv-»r^ .* rdiL.iK' *»r^x^^ 15 
: KLjjf^ A-s^co ^ p^^x- .1^ L*-^] .^f<l^^>^kJS3 oocn 

•a!!i^opi 'A^A.i rf^i-jb.i r^AA^ ^oAo : Oi \ *71t. r^J^^oni 
s-Sw .rc'oco isj^vj.K' r^'t si n t.o •T<*i*»r<' o'co />^V -yi<^ 
rdJ^iu ^r^i*^ K'ocpo .* ritoco .t % \^ r^Jt^ohy^J^hs K'^^x-rs 
ocn .r<'^vA_*>.T ^oi i <\x..i r<lx.o^^o rdJO-^^ Aa ^cA 20 
f<Lz_^Jxx-=».l r^oco r^LOiXsn .r<Lioi\^ ocn 'cnV-rq Ajj.i .v^.i 
..A^r^lx. ^orA J^^^^ ' r^\s» x^d ..aCOO » °ii-a r^.iooz-ao 
j»0-»*_a.T rdJ_a^r^ .rc'oco a n A cn^oA ^O-c^ cn.SflK'.i 
.KL&^-ia rdA.i crxk^r^o dfuar^'-flo.T r^:i*r^ A^..i vyT^* cixA^. 
'KIaVm^v.2'3 .Vk AK* ^oco rdxi^Jao.n : r<'oco J3Xm i*^ J^r^ 25 
*nf\ t\ ^o.Ao '-cDOjAi^.l : r^\ \ '^"•n .1^ ^\jl^ jiq n t. 
*^.i cqA ^ocn r<L>-2kA^ i't^\ • ^^-^^ coJL-Ski^o ^cv^^ 
»_OJcrA iSkK'.i ^ocn ax_»^u^r<' -»ct3.i : r<110cn .ni<\(Y) ocoA 
(VIII.) 8. Cod. ^Zl.? (? del.). 

K'^XJ* ^a.lJSa r ^*gi i m o .cn-tAua K'^nc'.i ocoA K'ooD 
. n<\fi7 io .• ^cnoj^.ia >Ajaoo .=l»^ .i\t. ^sa.n r^A^arniAs 5 
^i^^-=».l ^-».l ^..O-acfj .rd^a-x. rdXAJ^ A\cA *»cna_».v^J.i 

^ * T >' ».i ^.^O-icfj.l ^.^ocoJu.i ^_oca_iJ2» *T-*^ : ^^..ocoJlmt^."! 
.V^ .K'.o.a^u::^.! >A*cn ^oJl ^.i oocn ^.i^^uiL^u^Ta .ooco 
.^•^_oA\rdJ ^^.aJcta.i rt'^iiis-i.i ^cn ^ QA .oocn ^Ai-m.i 10 
rfAxO-Mr^* »._oo-j*l ^.^cni \^ "i oo-a cu.i »»cn *S3 rtl\r<' 
r<^?k \>JT ra K'.TXz-a .• K'^QllQri *gm *;q.i K'^u^.i^ ^O^Ojlo 
.^^.^ooaJLia i*^ ^p3 JLJpt' [oj] .rdJLxvLxJSn rdA^ioK'.l 
^5»3 ^ K'ocn rCi^ux-Sao .K'ocn a*^v^^v.2n rdl^*^ Ay 
pa^ K'.l-jx-a.K' ^.T K'ocn rdl^ia .VAk : cn^i_x..i r^xjiot^ 15 
^ocn ^nlao K'ioj.i t<'H-=«cv-^ .1^ : K'i.iojj."! cn^ojAi-w^^a 
.K'ocn .1 n i .^K* K'.TM^T^' cn-3 .v^ ens .^um^xA ^jsq 

coizA jiXkn^^.i :uk 'rtLsi^K^ .coAlz.^ ^ K'ocn >mA^t'?3 
.KlA-fio-sA cra^^OK' jx^r^ r^crA Av-*t<1 i i^^ .^.i_ja_%A\K'20 
K^n *?30.jb^=3.i ^cn ^-273 >i.v» o^K*.! .K'ocn K'o.MSa .<«& 
KlacrA .^r^ .\hy^ K'xiaa.i K'ocn .:ki2^&\SQ : ^ocn ^tVN^ 
\*^ J^r^ .K'ocn a>ioft "a en \t "t^ .^ocn »^_»,^-2w •-i^ 
t^.i.jt ^aA.i .^r^s-t <\T. K'ocn .^^^ ^^.ocfiisn :u» .1^ 
.K' K'^.TM T*^.n K'^o.ULkOjj .KLxkHa pofio-^ai T^^.ni^ 25 
K'rdj^fiD .,ijjL=i^ .^cno-rsb.icn ^^cn\%-i "K'.ujcso 
vri \jv ^-^a jci%^^ cnxsijn ^.m .-Aojajaai K'^osoAjj.t 
cTX»^r^ K'rd^cuaflrs .1 vw»K' K'A\a,*_»*.i.i •.i*-^. OOcn ^ i il .l 
^.1 ..^oJicnl .^..•JSai^ r^\ \ n .VM-a.i -en .* K'^ i \ » i 

^.^O^r^* Q \ "I n r^.A-lca-^ n<l°v\c\A ^CX^.l-s .v^ : ^cn 
cS\X^Ci O^Lk* 'Je-jJJ.l ^cns.l KlaJ^.I mAirmcv. *nyf«-n\ 

crA K'ocn Ta>Q9 n^ .K'ocn K'^^^v:?! rf^v^^^^oX cn^v^cua.i 
A^ UT *:q .'Klim.'ui even Av..i r^-x^'ua ^tt? r?3 ^iin.i .relaoT\- 
CLL^ .r^^^CU^CU^.l h\o\ f^li'iuK' »_OJaA .^^oaA T<'aoD 


K'^mItN rdAK* .^OCD KLaai r^-irico oX .^*i K'.ico 


^oi I °i Ti.l K'v-'Hxo rdJt^vAjLM ^^_CLJcb r<L3-»'v-2»3 .* cbcv.iat^ 
.rc'ocn r<Lsk-"ii\J» Kl»»t<'.T pelA-saruo i*\^ ^-^ c\co .k'AA^.120 
•^1 ocn .onv*\Ar:a.i K'^oxisa.v^.i ^coahur^ K'^xscu* ^ujj^.i 

r<lJicx^j<' 'K'^^.T ^.T cv'orA . K* n i » ^cno^K*.! K'ocn .^ixu 
./I^VI CJt-^^r^ CCa.TX).! ^._cvaca\ ^K*! .crA K'oco ^K* 
^..ocaiA .r^^ix.1 ^.^OJctA r<'A>oiaJL\jt K'^cui^ K'ocni.TO 25 

(VII.) 3. Ujctid ]lg^N(L] rib. del. 

16. OOQl] improb. a pr. man. 

^crAo .• rcl^.locxx.o AiA ^20.1 ^cn r <*u \\\ ^^.olaiiJ 

.va^^^vso n'r'u A.3J3cA.i rd.i-»r^.i vyK* .' rdJcaak.i ca3L»ii oA 
.• r<^ 1 V N Axi 1 A:fc..i 000 rdrjcn.l.n r^ffn\ ^ia rdJK' A>f<'i 5 

rt'AMiW'^^oa r^i >i.i-SO kLso^vjjo .la^ relicno / K'oAk'.i 
t<'.ica_lO / KLlCQ-M OQj^O^i <\ \ icn_l_l.T r^AA^K' .* »aA^ 

r^AvAcv^rdiTj r^x»» ^ ^.1 reLl_air^ .Kl-cnar^ r^JDCCsniA 

^cn-3 vf^ ^rf .uAh^K' K'^CVjaLLAo K'.icrA r^l:S'9.'i^.l even 

u-^flb.! ^cn r<!A.23ar3 n:^ '^.i ocn [o] .ol*! r^i^.i 15 

..vM^^K' K* Ann 0:^.3.1 vv»t^ 'r^lA^QjapaA i*\.i .*ocr3 ^ca»ov>T^ 
•qp^ s t. i_3 r^.i .lA.rrqo ..V^^^.l K'ocn n n<\ K*! 1 t "i 
.iij*gi K'iavia .r<''i»"i.i;3 ^._aiao rd^vJkl ^.'UJiK' r^llzjrnxJSa 
r^.-T^i.l K'^oij -m n .oocn ^^uj^uso r^^ \s Q n n .ooeo 
coLk.l r^'iori i\ .0000 .nj> *h cohH^x^ .orA oocn ^^xiiiD 20 
ocn .K'ocn i<'hi cn-^TS.i ^t^siQ>x. .n^ .oocn ^^lomprinr q 
^cA.i K^cpAo ; ^cnoJu^ r^jsaxn na^ 'rdiuao ^.1 
.rCocn ^obi ^jxaa K'^C-acni-SaJ^ >-^ ' A v \ .1 ^cn 
rdi^K' n^ 'r^^ijkAo .K'ocn ^r^h\sa r^hli^c\^=><^ rc'A\or4=» 
.«»a:i\K' rtf'Aux-^i OK' rt'AvLjjjsa K'AuLsa K'.tjjA rdlso.T-s». 25 
Kli^ix. 'pa^ :i_AO .K'ocn >iAAv*j»3 K'io-J.l r^^to^^ 

3. In marg. KiAApic. 

7. ISdA-kkT^] in marg. ].V.m ^. 

.iJxi^K' .rg'^CVl ) on tn-u sn \ ^^ifuJ r<'.ion_=»o .._rr^^CT3?l 
t<ll i*\^ ^-2« K'^CUaxA .r^j^oCL^TU.l r^-iT.CU>l ona_S9 ot^* 

.'A^rt^^'aX ^vi^ or^ ■ r^aX ^K' ^cn .* ^^LS73.t ^cn ^caisi 
^cn .rdlii V^ t^ ^00 ^ .rdjtoosm crA ^ojLflo^^re' 

^coIaI.i ^^^ljco ^^ocrajjA .• r^iavA ^_ocqX .' t* h^\a 
KlxtocxsoA cAo K'_l_l_a^_A .i_2w •• ^^rdLaj rd^jt. ^^-a-m^ 

kAi r^^ s*7i T^ A^cxAa .PC'^ ^ co-.Av-.K' K'^oaxu 

rdA^v_a.J5»3 rtllcX-^^^.T K'Ax-AxJ ri'A^iA r^lso.v^l ^oo 
.•Kllcra^ Jta-A ctA ja.VA.I rd.2k..iCOE-2Qa .•r<''UB\ r^<\\ »JT ^qp 20 
wears .. Tin\ rc'ocai K'^'i^us^.T r<L^^v^^ r^-iX-CU^ crA^:t 

CUcri^^al.i ....^v_Jora ^crA . ''';^\y rd-».T-4* Aj^.i ^ux& ^cn 
»._cvocai.T r ^Wt r^ : ^AL ^xz.Hcui jlcvotA .Vw .^.^.cuK' ^A^ 

(Y.) 22. Ircuj^] in marg. ]L^. 
25. o]] in marg. al^o. 

n^ .K'ocn r<lfiariS3 r<''i»V*».1 K'iflorD.i K'pdjJcn >x^^.i Jco 
K'^Q. » 1 T .lO .rc'.TcnA caA K'ocn rfi-n 'rdAx^.l rdA^CLJt. 
. gi\ ...Mi- i K'AvAcv-^rtlm K'.T-u n.i ^cqA / ca\ K'ocn ^_rVi 
»^_ocqA K'ocn .^v-Sa_2?3 i-*-^ -^^ .K'A>a-S3 r^-« v i 5 
vv*x-^^ ^K' '01=3 ."UA ca_3 K'.tmaK' ."U^ ..^cnctjibv^ 
.KIajK' ^1 ^K* .K'ocn A-M.i-Sq AK* K'ia.^j cria K'ocn 
.<sy\iiA>J5qo /K'ocn T-sijK' ^^cncvli^ j^on^jjo )q-»jV5>3,i .o^ .SkK'.i 
K'.n-»x^r<' K'A>cv_a_i_5to.i cn^a\ » jj. ^q ^cA ^-i^v-^Tao 
.oocn ^.tujK' •K'A> it\y\ ^cnl .1^ ^."Y ^cnl .m^oixxiao 10 
n^ ..Acnov-u*! T^^uJ .i\ » n T. ,._a_i'cn KLi-gJS^ yw .^K' 
'K'.icn.a J^K' 'oocn ^tvion nqo *oocn ^xi>.iv-='3 K'.t-m-TwK' 
K'A x.\.s>i A .1 vwr^ rdLfloio-^ A *i -> n-^o .KlikAjsaA 
kAk* .^K'ii.Tflo KLajaal coA oocn ^i.Tm / K'^oiAv-xJSO.i 
Kli^^^Off *73 kAo •K'-i^i.TA\_S33 kA i^.c^caA K'ocn jcno^K'15 
•y V^ K'ocn i-sijK' [en] . K'_i-x_ri_A ^u5o K'Ao cola^ Asw 
^cno^K' ^K'i_*vr. .r^^CV i \j \r^ oK* ^i r^LaoO-^n^n 
.K'otAk'i vjcno^K' K'A>3cna_'s?30 'i*^ k'AvmlSlx. .KlaocvJiQa 
.N '■n j. K'A OK* .rdxiAlrj ^ .Tm.1 kA^K* ^1 rdLl_£Acu 
^ fc s. niK'.i ocn crusoo,-, A^^JSao / KLx-CVJsa AA^JSfl A\_1K'20 
A \^ mo / Klacn ^-^'S.i Ki-A-^ K'^o.i n no .• K'Av.siia.* 
Lso.i o'cn A^'jjo / k1i_1-:w A!^_tqo .xixoon r^^CL^n cn-x»^ 
^<\A ^1 ^jAcn k'-mcA A^»io .• KliAi^ ca\ K'ocn ^cnl ^h\ 
^ocn ^y^sw ^Kl^x^2^.i ^cn .* K'ctAk'.i k*v "^c^ •^ocn 
^zi-i^ i*^.l *-2J3 ,_cljctAo .• irA ^ AK* ^Vjl^ ^^ t^'' ^^ 
.• K'^\_=L-»^v_^.l K'^_»"i_3 KL^kA ^O-mlJ^ -»Ocn ^JSq.T ii rq 
.^om fc^i^i .' K'-»ioK'^ ^cA oocn ^iii^n.i ^i .^_^_JcrxA 
k'^ojlAqi-»j a Auk* jy3h\ ^ .kLmot.i k^uxk't rdxi:^a2A 
^ r^L£kAjS0O K'-*!l"i."1 .K'i-*VJJ.l K'i sn 3.1 r<'^\Acv-AKlsa.i 

T *^ ^ . 'i . .Klx^Hs y\sa "xi .p^?>.\i>,T "m r<lii'\ ocvcn ^cu»=Q7i 
rdJutJto-iA ncuA=> ^.T»co.ia .r^'.^xi^-ib r^lio ^^_ocrii.2n ^.t 

i_A^v->.l K'.v^jJLtd^o .OCVoo ^^.iau.^ r<^i-i. \ no t<''i-»i.i« 

cJA ocvco ^.TA9 Ai\n Ai\n-iO : r^T<\li ^K* K'iflQ-s >^ 
K'oco "ia^L [.i] .K'.iJJLSkK'.l r<'^cux»CLz.:i a'co K'-UoK' ^ 
: r<Lica_^ o'o3 ivs^r<' •pil.x.SO.T-n rt^flu^^n r^'^Uw^^sal ^^."1 
.1 *g:ii\ ^, : cQz^ii T^'i '^m -» K'oon ^cna^r<' ^-Tts rc^itv)! 

.♦K' icv^^JO .PC'i_»v»»l K'iflo-n ^2?30 K'.x^m r^jjian 
i*^ ctA K'aoo n^xb .r^LooajsoJi K'^u^i ^cn K'Au.** s-ra 
coA AK* rtl^t rdJtoOJSOlA .rd^U rdJca\ •^j<'.1 'rdJOT^ 

cxAo r^-raiii cnA K'ooo ^cno^r^* i*^ ^co h\o\ .K'ocn 15 
>j.Sixii rdLi^TM T^A.l.T ^K* . A-l!^co ^r<''i_»vi. ..^jcma^cA 
rdlK* .K'ocn j -> m "ti pc'.'U-sa^^a rdjA^' KlvalsoX ooco 

A_3J3Cx\ 71 \ •s.^K' •r/\in -gJO r^i-><Y> r<'i-^-2i_=j i^sArt' 
oocn ^v»\^ ."tSk AK* rc^ *\N^i •...CUK' A>aj . K'^viioa r<'^ueAa 20 
.^K* .rcloocvJ^'iA cn_«cu> KLiajOi .^_acoi_^^3 ^jjj_sax.o 
r^ia-flo.l .'^a-i> ."UA .K'^'soio r<"^ i \ sjsq K'^O-lcn.SkA 
: r^ocn j3i\ AK* co^A_^'»3.n oco : ..^ca_= hur^ rf » ^ V**' 
r^Av-n^AvjA aK*<A KLsn.T-^ . j-w-t^aA 
oco r^Ckca ^cno^\_«T<' ^*\^ K'KIa^oo .^_jAcn ^xjsa^»^ 25 
W-*^' .•iv-2>-Ap<' A^ K'ocn vw»x^^ ."t^ .jaoQAQ i ^ Ar^ 

(IV.) 16. Aj"|t_ii>»] in naarg. jj^Ol. 
26. lu marg. eAtAZAp. 

rtL»o*ii. .^^OJco r^\*s\<U .* KLfioO-Sm ^ iksX^d Au.ii^r^ 
^*cn .* K'^vA.jj.i ^oi ■ *\ T..! K'Auso.To r<'A>o^r<' ^a^ 
.• r<^ s It. ifv.-vL T<'A\iii:^:i .• r^V^aK' K'^ t^iu arj^\^'tq.i 5 

AK*.! o'ctA .• K'^oi^ujsos oco ^^^Ofi\ / r^^Vs, ^.toA 

^^^i\SAv2«.io /juii ;;)q:v^=73 ^orA )nts.\^ rdAi oco vs^rt'.'io 
K'^.tJj .• t^La-iJL.i p^iio— jjt-a ^_so K'^v-o-a^u^ .• rt'A^ovA 
r^ocn ^xb [^^J v r<'A>a^-ajao r^lrao K'^Onti**"! ^^.1 
A:^. 'rdJv=i T<JL-z-oo r^lioi-^^ ocn jaoaSkO.i^^K' 'o^^ ^ 
cixk^K' ^.T.2« ^*\^ KlJcn vy^'.i : T^^xsoi ^.vsa K'Av^o.i 15 
: CU3 ^cnui^.i .^cucrA K'.'m^.i : r^ocn ^OTviaoMO r^^oioi 
«_ooca^ rd:wir<'.i cni\v .t^ crxA:^.! ^col onaaixul K'^uxo.i 
A^.1 ^^^v_£i^r<!J.i r^LJu-a^K' : r^^i-x..i ^_OJot pa-^ .» "giin 

.^.OCOiH^i^ Jt*"i.l ..nnrt \ ^ rt ^_CL_^ i .Vi O ^^.^^ 3 Cn_l 'ir<'r<' 

,_c\-^>i_*T^^a 'i-«^\->o rr^\ % n\^ ..^ojso-.'ijo : ._cv^^ca_J 20 
: r<LiCTi_lr<' rdsAx.^ i-Sor^.l ^cb : ^JLiAi K'itK' ^0-^.1-=3 
••^-OcnAxo-SoiAo .^_ocnA-».T K'lr^La. ^o\A_^ ojt -i rq :uA 

r<LcL^fio.l .' r^L^vu .t\ r^.. i»\s> .1 r^Lz-i^.i K'^Or^Li.^-flo 
^^:i oocn ^^.SOanii .^Vm.i .^.cviofirs r^Au**! :ui«h.^.i ^oon 25 

(II.) 5. 1 Sam. ii. 5. 

8. In marg. ctaAion. 
(III.) li. In marg. antioxoc 

r<'ocn .ar^Loa^.i .^ca.SoK' .^_acoi^\_30 : rsJfloO-'ga-i.'^ oK* 

.^i-^ ^_Oca_:aK' ca-»A>_»K'.n .»ca_3 co-s AK' : cn-jLjLj3.i 

.«n.too r^_i»i ^jLliK'.l ►*! p^Ava^t^ Aito. .K'icoAx^ r^A 
.r^:^cviA .^O-JK* K^^VrL^.i r<l*^.>-^.i : r<l2*i-Sfc-A_iao ^^O-iqa 
K'^cusQOr<' ^5?3a rda\ocn ^jw.t ^cn : AkAcn ^Jsa r<lfiAcvcA 15 

rdJ^-^Jso .rtLk:2ax..'i cn^cA ^.i ^-u>v^ ..^oorA ^j.S'iiiao 
(V » 1 ?aor<lr» oAo .. i *:qvs3i^\J5q .^caA_»:i KLk^-i-ia 
r^a_^^.T cQjs?3a_A_oo 'K'coAk'.i cn^oAa .r<L»"i-^CLjo 

A^^n r*^] .K'Av_=3T r<'^."\^-_r> .Off \ctD ^cna^r<' 

. t \op K'.ioQ.flo.i p^^CvA^-jA^r^ ^JSa ^ I *\ s / r^Loo-^.io 

.rsKlspcv jjAx-r^p^*.! ocn KLfioCCSa-l.i . iv-^aAk' ^_20 r ^-i «v> 25 
•f^noaX ctA o.vSOA^^K'.t »._OJcn ^.i r^iAA^' .r^Lrs^va^ 
tr^ta'jh^ ^-sn.l .*cD K'^.Vh-.T r<lix3CU .^&Acn.i ._acQ_2«t<'a 

20. Ps. xxii. (LXX. xxi.) 26. 


.^_a_iaA .^_OcaA rC'O.MSTS /K'i'U. ^_2;3 ^^'^^'<^ K'A^rdj^jO) 
^."V.2« K'^V-M.l ocnir<' 'p^i-iJ. AK*."! A \ *^ . «v>\ A ^^ r-^ 

K'.lcnA.i A^r'dJO : coA Av-ar^ -^^ » -^^ ^JS3 rdJ^^Jto rdX.i 10 

T^^^^ K'^O^Ax^vu ^al K'^CUJiaor^ 1.1=1.1 / rf-j^Av-Si 
vyr^ .1-^ .^Jn* ^r^ jL^cn r<Li^cn .T^iii% o'cn p^i^ox-.i 15 
^oii^^ T \ : io^.i ^_X-M ^^^^ r<lJL:93.i r^Luso-sasaaa.i am 

^-ra ,Jvj-^i-i .rclAj^* r^'-b^a.x.i 'K'AAjj.i ^oix^x. .^Im.i 

r^jx-Moil vsyC\.v=3 ^-»l .^ Vj ito.l .rc'^O-a^ .*co •ca_»Av-iK'20 

1. Brit. Mus. Add. MS. 12159, fol. 98, v. 2. 

4. Cod. ]n\<n\ 

8. Ul^?] Cod. "iwj?. 

.oa rCnx.C^ 


»._0^x_*V-M / r<LML_i_x_5a .?iV.M O.icn-floK'.'l ^A»K' r<'.lori_flo ^^ 

.• ^ica:i crxn-At ^sa ^Am:i oca : r^ miiT. oco T<'iaj» ^cA 
e»A:t ••-Jr? rCiorxA.i ocn.i onA^cv > ^ > a » >V g a-3C\ coAxcv "•»i\^"» 

ij^ cA , r*^ -> «^'ft 's. 1 rf^jJ-AiA^ r<'^cxi2fc.*\^v;?3 ^ / ^i.aAJJSq 

Xjj cTiA .ocn 1 t uK'.i rc^.n t.O->j A ^ ra r^r^ .^^ca_3 
K'^o.Tcoflo.i ocn .1^ ocoo r^AA^ :u» .^^ocora K'ocn ^oao^r^ 

Ar^.T reLl2L*T<' .cA^qai cy^saoo »^CuA^ar<'.i K'.icoflo .CUqvm 15 
: KlJiAAn k'^AAx ^_a._icn %«-^ -^^ .»s»-cljc_» pa."v-D ^x_mCU 
rdlJO^K'.T K'ioj ^so .rc'^H^usn r^^ii^^^ii rfizj^ A*rdL*J.ia 
^c\\.i A^^_S»3 .a*-AJr\r<' ri'^CUirC'.n rtLscv^ ^o .Aias^.i 
Aji_ito*T<' ^-273.1 ^^_a_3CT> .•cn_*A\-»r<' ^v_M^iA.i ^CTJ y\ \ T.ior^ 
r ^.\V .r^'-i^usn a.^vw^K' K'^o^rc' :u=3 .rd^'ianaA .^.CA^cai 20 

cR.Tcia^.o cousaoK'.'i : rt'^v-^Q .*a3 )aix.Tar<'o .* ^xixn 

(XI.) 1. 2 Cor. iv. 18. 

6. Cod. o") dein e corr. v£DJ. 

8. "j/ni V >^A<^] in marg. add. Z ut leg. 'l2.AiD. 

Cod. .1^ . 1 I S.^ .I^osr 

12. Post (Tl\ add. in marg. : ]AXjo5 ; > g^jQ. 
15. .QJDV^ improb. in mai'g. script. *. l^p^ oNo » . 

22. Heb. xi. 10. 

t^ij5>3tri»3 Oik 

»»cncuHrd3 .ia.»j>.\-> ol .rc'.T** K'^ro r^in:^^. r^Jimsoa 
^ rdj^^.T A}^i»3 oXo AusniK' cf3^vo»-'i^U3 r^K* .cfiva.l 

r^-ASniio K'co.TDrC'.t rdJLjj^ .• K'-^Qft ^a-^^r<lA ^<tjCU1ctx5*.A>.1 5 
cnAujj^iK'a .^cncu^^^ r^cot- r<^u\^ ^cvAcv : r^ t T.'io 

^1 ocn vyre*.! 'CV-^^^-i ...^ciscrj ^ ^i^xjc-K* AunilJLA.i :t^c\ 10 

K'.TCV-^ A_2k.o .cn^v.^^ .cra-m A .- y .K' ri'ocn r^La^.T .*03 
cnS»3T^ .C30^ r^Jcn )ci^.o ..^JiDCih\h\r^ ^cnCCwK'.i t<'g\ili*»x. 

^cn A>J»a) r^AA^ .^kAa.^rt' coJiin.i Klicx^^ rg^s^nT -> 

coA A>oeo K'i.icoJSzj.i .-^-x-^^ji-JL r< * s fi t -> .i -.en K'^i-l-Szi 
r<''"i.cTii T<'-ifciii=3 K'.Tco.n vyK* .Sfvcvcn K'icoisq r<'-i3\ ^^je-SoI 20 
o o •:• o o r<'-»*.i3r_»j.i cow.taA K'icnijsa /ctulX=}.i rdlAsQ 

^^_a2T<' ."Mf^ peAo .r^dub.To rdXi^.i r^iMo* ^cA ^...cur*' 

(X.) 6. •] ' •'tn] ras. later lit. O et r 

10. Ab ^jA^l (1. 10) ad .01>.kI1*1 (1. 13) in ras. 
16. Post ^GTi add. in marg. CTL^ 

r^lAsA oacn ^jt^A^icv .oacn ^-iaz. K'^v^iiJA^^ao 

ocn .ci^JLJSQ A2A.1 r^'^iiii r^lLA^ d^cAo : c\.^iix. r^_a^ 5 
r^hvLja r^cico ,r % \y\, x^ .rc'cvco a <\ r<f,fc s-i. ■'3, y.o r<'"ia_^\ 

•rCocra KlXQiJSi .r<Laai\^ am cou^ A^i .t^.t ocn .k'ctAk' 
^K*."! r<'v-w .t-AO .^cnCUiJ^TJt K'-.-iociac-so p<1x.^J\ t rn.i 
• co^CU ^CL-D^ ca.2«r<'.t .rr'ocn ."inA 'H^f^ A??* m^oqX 10 
K'ocn isjao .^r^* .jascuxa ^a K'^xzuo As,.! vyr^.i 

'^\ * ^q'^^<' ocol .Acno-souAso^^ r<Li-LA o\cxAo >*coa. i *Ni^.i 
orxk^rt' .ACT3.1 .' rcLlocn .ni°\m ocrA ^.1 ca\ hxam r^ '*^V 
.* t<Lscc.\t<' mccA r^H-jjp<' ^crA ^ocn ^ujjlsts.i Jca h\c\m 15 

KlAi^^^^^ AcrAa t<1a1 .ia .„._ocrA A\oco r<'.ica2»:so K'orAK' 

pQji. h\CiCO rt'.TOQJiaJsa .-uw .k'ooAk' ^Am.i ^ ,\<Mo .:^'i3p 20 

.' KLn.m^d\.S?3 c\Aj:ia^ .^ocn r^%rxoo r^:\h^ ncr^ 
vyK'o ..ny»<\^S3 cd^u:^c:2'3 ^uxa r<l2kafio.i r^lAiK' ^CV:^.T-=3 

.KLwLiSJSO .^_a^_a^ •i»^A\^vj.T r<ls?3.TSh. .pdJr^ rdLsAs oo^."? 25 
.^rdi-»u»^urQ kAcv ^\^r<^i, T V sq .JLL_Acn ^_233 ^cn [^] 
^1 r^icL:^\ ocn h\c\ .r^j s.ft70 re'j^\soa ^oco rdnxM^fca 

(IX.) -li. Gal. iv. 10, 

.1 .o. ■• AK* rc'.t-jJL^ can .PC'i.iCUj.l coi^'Uk >i:^ ^^.1 K'cco 
.^uj^ j5>3 -»ocn ^k^so ri'icvj.'! K'H-SflO-^i A}^ .K'ocn 5 
rtlsa-Uk-i rdjjlx. ^0.=93.TJ3 .r<ll\i^l K'H °>\-i ^^1 r«iii»r«^ 
^ It <\. A<t<^ cnixA .1^ r^-lTAiK* .caajE_sa ^ r<'oco .jja^MeJ^ 

^1 coco : ^^sn '\ "m r^_n_i?3 02*^.1 ^jIco ^_»3 )a:»Jsn ^r<'.i 
cArt* K'.icna *. A^ K'.iiA.i ri'ocn .i.n^^5« : coa^ ^rslsn 10 
^^_Oicais?3 .Tm A^ .K'ocn ■n'N'SO ^K^li-i^ .^oco r^L»^tso 
ouo!\^.i : r^.iix-.i k'^Ha* r^-xj\ h\€A r^am oioiifvsj "i*^ 

.• TMlJ 

iv_i .Acncur^.'tcn ^(C\cni_^=j.ia .nc'ajjj K'^.tjj r^ijcs 


JLoi^^l ^.TQ /Aanmi r<'^oi»Tt..t r^rd^-iii-Oi? KLi-naa.ia 
vw-K* ri'^o.i-M.i.i '."U-^ c\cvcn ^-i-ii.i .cni.^^ ^Jsn e n r °^\ 15 
^..^cuoA .,^_Oii^ nili^ .-VMC3.1 .**cr» .* cTX»^*r^ K'rd^Oflflis .1 

^ccAo . i^pcTXi-i.^^ A-^ ^^Ois^ ._ooca_J / K'^ot t i l \ ji 

r<h\Cii^\i>Jsn K'.icn v^K'.i ..^^oriso.i K'ocn .aA^ r^Ls^^'in A^k-O 20 
uA K'-i^^K' K'A.T .• k't^X. ^* ^\ m,.^^^ ^ocn ca*hur^ 
.rdAK' Kljift .^_ooa_.)Uv_i.^ ^-=33 O-m Aa .1-^ *. K'^K'j ^ft? -1 
^clA.i .• r«^A > -1 » V *^ K'^o-i.i^ s. "w ^ocn K'.icn vw»K'i."i 
ix^ KLia-»K' .K'liH.TVsq K'A K'.icoflo ^cnn .^craxlLo^m 
K^ixji. ^-jiAcn Kl^KlaA •. KLscn.ii kA_x_L2L_=j .1 .^ojoti 25 
cn^on^^^^:kA kI^AjjJLsq k'Ak' '.^i.2>^ r^o^Xw cu -. ^^isSn 

(VIII.) 20. Post "Inij'r-O add. in marg. I^kkS"}. 
2[. E eorr. mau. rec. jJo .- (v 'T i. T u- 

K'ocn rt'u* ^rt'v'i-so ^cncxwK'.T K'iiaanl^ .* K'^Aas.t ^JSW 
r<'A\2i-i -A 1 pdXri' .^vaaj r^-i^m o\ ^i K'.icn ..i:vi-».cr?->^fc?3.i 
K'^U* .rc'colr^' AxIasS.I K'^Asj rdJ-»'v-=a ^oo .»7^^cvi^x..i 5 

.^cno.A>t<'.T ^ciaA Ari'o .cp_=3"i.i r^'^oi^u-SO >i-s»- .^^T^:i 
T<lx.c\^v^^ .rc'^^.t fc*.i octA .cQ_r_^A K'acn .ra-Tti r<lau.A> 

^^^^oAa .K'ocm K'^O'iai^l r^^O,**^ .'rd^ix-.l ^^CVJorA.TO 
.VM A_2kO .r^x.o^bL^v.3 ooco ^a^^o5fv_aE_2?3 K'.iH-jjA ^-*.i 
• rc'aco .jj^adfos .icujAs coju.i rf^cvnctafla-^D cA .^..^ocousn 
^OJSa K'^usolo .Tp.lD.T V»^ c\'o3 .cnis-M.! ^crajso rd^K' 
rff^ ^ f^ \f^ .cpi^a.T ocoA rt'acn -•coa^fu-.K' K'^v-X-Siuso 15 
A>cA ^cncu.t^l rdjk^ .o.-iSk ^.10 .r^nncA:s r^h\x»» 

.^^OoqJlmK'.'I r^JLO^v^^ua ^ oocn ^i^fti *7ii.»*73 .ciraixs^K' 
.*cn ft-^.i ^ClA .00m ■ I T ni «_a-lop.l ^...ocn 1 r?3 i_^^ 

r<'A\j-»t<' K'Avi:^!^ ^cucxx. ^_oajja rfi^^.a ca_3.i k'Ak' 

17. Lit. 3 in ZoXj post. add. ut vid. 

21. (Zl»_k»(] in cod. ras. ut vid. supra lin. inter lit. j et A (leg. 
lAl.i_K.l 1). 

Cod 'j^^^aH^ 'IQ-kkLdJ 'JjLci .-lA-k-K*]. 

In marg. fol. 143. r. a man. rec. script. 
.'« 1 ro3Z .• . I noV) -. . mVn ff ,_uJL05 (sic) mVn« - V m 

•. « mnn .•kSpJO-, (ut vid.) •• ?r«i .\o^ri^ .-^jjq^ 

rdroi ..»ie.*\,vi crxiHOOn ^Acrara r^'A.t^iK' vrA ^rf .u^.iif\r<'5 
.s^^.i ^jlIco r^diaza ^^."i ocn [o] . . . ^i^^ Ar^ A^yg s 

, >nnrt \ <^ OOCD ^^aixJgS r^ A\\.-'s. CU.3 O .CoA 0003 ^X4JuSQ 
»y\t\ *^rt cpiu^.lX OOCO . tl.^i *?3 .rt'.O-^Jil T<'^CU>x.2?130 10 

K'.ii A>>T^^ .tyy- cn^ .oocn .tOn-atwi'ga cwimnNo .oocn 
n^o .^cncLijL-:^ h\Dr^ r<^ t sn .t ~> rc^i nr? ^.i ocn .K'ocn 
K'Auh-o.i ^ .p«^ocn ^coi K'^ojsucni ^is*- A2A.1 rdl^cni 
rd\ Ap^ ."T^ .rCA\i_jjLAo •K'ocn ^K'AxJsa K'^coA ^.sno 
K'-^cuA .u^.ixrc' K'^usaAjj KlX K'^uLsa K'.Tw-a rds»3."»^ 15 
jyi .■ir_2i^r<' cni^^.T Kli^ix- ^^ ."l^o .rfocn >Aivt.»3 

T *^y / yo t<'^ca_3K'.io reirLKlLsn.-i rdrsoJ^l t ^W^'n b ^cA^K' re^JisAo^ ^cxj»j.i_=j .rc''i=LX- ^^.i ^Acn [\] .>»»"i% 
^r^lSLjAr^ '=i-\ rClicn_r30 .r<^.\^\ ,*g3.i ^cnOJLodrii^^ olnja 20 
.T *^ .oo r\ *n 1 r^L3L.aAcx* fcSW v^o .Oa\cnif\f<' Au-»KLa-»^a 
.o\i^j^o oaA* JLT<Lu .1^.1 -en •. K'-a.oo.t cn^OAioa-SOuSol 
T*^A^ <v>-^ ij >i.V2»3 r<'^oA\-»Ax_4» ^ja-:^ cnoi2^ rd^icno s -a 
.V-rs cA .^ *\ \.t^r<'.l -ca=} cvl^-Oor^ r^ vM» 7J.a-2»l30 
t^.lAi.1 r^Li-Soi.i K'^Aoiao^^ ."Ua rdXr^ .^K'i.Au rdJitA 25 
kLaz^ vs^k* .rc^iW^- ^ .Tu i*^ Aa .a\\iao cvj^ior^ 
ocn K'ocn ia-flo .T^ .r^'ocn r<'df\T<' K'^x^^isoi cn^vJSTSCUa.t 

(VII.) 21. .] 1 moViJ] ras. ante J. 

r^LJL dfV-x-M^ ^orA&.l »_a-Jcra .* KL»'"i-aial .^^oooA ^A-a* 

^cA i*^ ^ri* .r^-lW ••q^vjsq rdX ^coAHkCUOo ^233 .ja-wnK'.l 

r<'^A».1 OK* r^iO-ajtoK' A'^^ *?3 : iJSoW ^:! rdJLJsn .r^r^ 

.Ttlacad col j3h\.i pd^.lCVSQ.t .'K'iuat rd^Avaso KLjicv^ ^'Sns 10 
.^^i ..Tii\ K'ocriS r^^oH^^Q.l t<1^^v&S73 t<Lz-X& crAcxdl 
.• K'ii-i.o r^^a-Sk-.TO-JLSa ^jyiCk : cdXk.i.i r^^.n^ ^ Klar^ 
.1& /cucnrksol ^Acxi.rt ^^ojcb .'^1m itiiv^ ^:u> A:k..i ^cn 
rtlx-^i T<'^o\i\ rq.i .^jlm ^rd^ f<lz.Hcxn jco.^a ^i i \ 

.^p'fl\.l ^Acn ^^x^^ol T<',-»3^i rdAa^K' .v^cndfo rdlaCXrAi 
rdjw.tacLx.o A s \ ^jsq.i tT^> i\ \^ .pc'^t m *71 n.i vw»r<'o 
.,__0-Jcfj ^oA rdL^rt't rd.i ^-dcoAo .A i n i K'ivx.s 

rd2>iA ca=3 ^^is\ i ^ca=> .• jl.tdsi.t o'oo rdaen.i.i KlftJ^ ^» 
rdA.l ^a.USa ri^si^n rdHco ocpi .r^'crArt'.l rdjJia\^ rd 
rf^TJO .• T^o^rtA ica_ljs>3 K'ocrU.i / j^A\^ K'd\u\Asadv:SQ 

6. Ante ^isO add. in marg. lit. O. 

7. ]LqjS1±^o] e coiT. 1A^.2lLjuO .jj] ^\V}Vo improb. 

in marg. script. ."jAl^k) vjJL Ol^iL] 
11. 1Zo>Au.LD5] lit. O eras. 
19. |o\,n] in marg. _i5,_»_o 


rcla^r^' ^i r^ocn Av-»r<' .A-jj.v^o rs^i-a-^j cq-td r<'oco 
t*^A%rt\. y« *-w \ \^**i .-n I s ^vjsq.icv rc'ocn "i-ajr^ j^ 
**^A ^ *^' V ^orA .T^ .-A.i ^crA K'^oi .i n »a r^oxQ n i wa 

^cno^x-kK' KlAK' .ly'lnnN coA coco ^i^.tu K'^oi^'l 
rdAo rtli-i^rwAvsn kAo r/i %->\^v,sq kA ..^.ocqA K'aco 
^.1 rtLjuo-sm.! .ii ^ K'acrj i-sijr^ [oo] .r<eLa-z_3-2k^>-:73 
i*^ K'^ujlSlx. .relflocv-sai ^cno^K' AuK'vii- .r^lAjj^^K' or^ 
."Uj.I r^o e-l T^iaXo-* .^cna^K' T<'orAT<'.l K'^uacncsno 10 
oQj^o^o r^jLCCQ A\^ ^K* .%i*7iT. r^ or<' .r^ljuuin ^ 
.rclacT) ^-sw.i r^^o i K'A^o.i a. lo : K'Ausoo-* ..^ -^i'*^! 
ALso-m ^h\ ^.1 dcrAo .' rc^lAsNo .iiifn.i K'icA^ JbiXo 
.• K'ctAk'.i on ^ "^<^ -»ocf3 ^^A_\^ KLmoIAo / orA K'ocn 
.T=A ^o cv^ ^ .aoco ^zi^'d\^ ^onVn^ ^^ocoki^ ^n 15 
K'^vA.^'Si cn^cuinX .* .^cn_ioca-s ^^>ri s..n ^^ ^_a_3aAo 
KLkior^^ .* ocvcn .iu\^n.i ^.i «^_c^caA .* .^ocn ^CLik^ 

KlSvA-S^.T .• r^vVM.l r<'iflfl_=i.l K'^vAq "i "33.1 r^h\o 1 i\ ftr -a 

^_SQ cK* , A^'vnri ^coa ■K'^ailfla sa.Mi sal ^i^ 
cn-a-LO-M ^Jsa OT^* .rc'caAr<' ^cno^K*! r^Lfioo..2aa yar^jut 
h\^T^ .r^h\ \ I \ "^ r<A iA\^ ^-sb r<'^<x&A»A .r^jaocx-saa.l 
.' r^lii^.l co^a-uA^iT "m -t ..MTJj^.i .* ^v^nK'.i vyr^* ^crA 
rdxJr^ i=A .^jAjqJ t<'A^H\^<\ *q r^ K'^nilucn.i r^Ax^^jAo 25 
A^r^^iA or^ vuaa-sn\ oK* .- ^JL^^sa.i ^crA^X cA .rcAAsq ^.1 

7. ] 1 v^ .AVo] pr. man. sed e coi*r. effict. ]j_i}AASd. 
(V.) 24. rrf/r> .../; » ^n«->] Ht, ante Lo evan. in marg. script. iD. 

^^ili\n .3^1 K'.l^Lacv .oocn ^\:^ r<L»ii^o K'i.vso 

K'ixDK' ^ : crA ^-aX-i^ Ai\n .\i\nno .* KLzSlA :S^r^ K'i^^ 
t^^\^^sal ^.1 K'ocn i<'^r<' [.i] .cfi^u^a^ ^cucxz. ia o'coi 

K'^Olm .1-3.1 .re'.ico-ao .K'V'Vul K'ioa-ao f<^»°iljj r^Ljjca.i 

coA Ar^ (5*000 rdAt r^JaoOJSaiAo .rd^U rdJoA ..^K'.i 

i\aX oXo cnaio r^ocn ^cno^^K' i*^ ^oo h\o\ .K'ocn 
^i*\ni r^juijj rdX.i.i^ ^.i r^ocn iifw 'ra .KLziJiia 
ca=j A\s kAt^ .^cno.'u^sol^ n^»\\' AK* .rdrsil ooco 
r<^.\,iu.sao t<lsLjao i^^ K*!-^^ .co^o.:>iiflr7 *g30 cni i <y> 
.K'i-^^a ^^\lxjj :t& r^i\\^\ A^o .* K'.ilx. A^. Ajjj^K'IS 
..aOjj r^^iAs'gs rc'^ascYi^Ao .r^LsocuyxA oo-aCU* r^JUsoio 
oca .' tT^n I \y *ao rc^n \y^ r^'ii m 4^^_oca.a ^K^.i .2k..ior<'o 
Kl^;9.l-:^ O-X ^.^ .t » *yi \ ^K* co^vAoJ^m.l 
K'ocn ifyjk*^ ^^\. '^^<» . ' *^ ' " Kla^v^o r<^^n !\or)r^ 
.•K'ocn .Lti^oi poA KLn-»K'.i ^-»i vwaK* .ja9a.ja_iA^K'20 
.K'itUi.i K'ifift ->.i KlLjafl_2»3 K'^v-SOxtti-a .*ofj r^^\-Sns\\o 
■ I T n r c^^^no o .K'ocn K'i-o K^oriA rclix&.i KLixj^ueJsno 
.K'ocn .*\\ u-sq k'^ojsq K'AvAa.A-?:^ K'.tjjlsi .cni K'ocn 
vviA^^ K'.'ViAJ^K'o ^cno^v^ ^*\. •-OorA r^ocn .^^ysosa 

4. 'oiD 'gl» y^] pr. man. sed e corr. effict. 
m/o ^^ >n « «"■> |cL». 
(IV.) 7. Ras. ante 'J_»j 

8. IxDOkU?] ras. inter lit. > et J. 

ocn »^_a-»i^^r^ T^Li.aLAK' r^Ar^ .hu.»»snh\T^ coxla ocvcn 
r^l ocoA , -..^^^ V t . ^^ ) ^cacs^hur^ K'^oi^ 5 
. \\ii K'^ujTS.'uA.i r^iu^>-:^.l ocn .* o'oo Kliat .\''yi> r^ 
rdJ.lrdra.i ocn vwr^ xa .i^swso »t i \ ^ ^-5>3.i fTl\r^ 

^1 r^^.t-M .' T<*-i 1 x.i K'i.iai* 1 ^^ ocn kLoli^v^i ocn 
r<'ocn o^o [.^^J .... K'^osifir) rdlao r^^oiii»"i 10 
K'^o.Ta .cn^u^i^xa r^-X-jao r^oi^ ocn jaoQA i\^1t^ ^ 
K'^vojaor^.t .rduoi ^osoi cTX»^r<' i*\^ r^JAcn t^Aooi pa.T-SO 
«^_C090J3J r^Lr^iK* A^.i *»m : orxa ^coaV^.I ^_OJorA K'.in^L 
.^^majaoJM irt'rdai .^.oia.flai.1 KlAK' .r^Li'iwK' ..^^OJto ><%. 
.* ^A^o^i^ ^^oeQjOjLS^^o .'^A^crusn ^....OcaA'ia!^^ jbi A^ n^ 15 
r^la^-sw i-SaK'.l vw^K* .*^X3l.i K'\iK' vwK' ^juSnAi^UJSqo 
.«_ocn^oljULSa\o «^ca»iT<l& ^ovA^ KLooi^^ .V^ :r^Ls*:in 
r^jci^ cni^ r<li*V3 J3V4J^ :i2k ^cncxSQ.lia ^i K'ocn y^r^-a 
K'ocn .n<\rf)n .* r<lMS'30'i .i\t^L^ r^ .r^o^ocni.i 
.rc'^v^^^soa ^1 oocn ^i *gii<Y> .rd.»v»Jc3 T^coJsnhy nsraX 20 

^x> rf^jJLsa r^o ^.i ^.jocoisn .oocn ^o-u^b r^jcvs 
K'^o.SQ K'^o^.'Ua coa.i .* cu^ru^r^ r<i i fin i -i .lO-uls 

2. 1 Sam. ii. 5. 

4. Post .A^iukkSoZ] add. sed rurs. improb. 

(III.) 13. Ante ^01^ add. in marg. Ol^ 
16. Ps. xxxvii. (LXX. xxxvi) 35. 

rtl!^i^vj3 ca_3 Qo,<\i K'^vuinji. r^h\snosi ^ ^ 
rdJ-avs ■\i\n K'^An-flo.i rd^J* •'*-=»•'' vyK's -.K'^ccaA:*-.! 

t^Jv-ao : Q \ "i(Y> r^crxAr^ ^vA_jj.i ^A.a> ocn .t^ ocno 

K'csAr^' ^jj.i J^JLui Klxs^.i ^«T^i>^ r<^\<\\*g3cv '. Kllca&O 

cnu^K'.t .•crua ^i^o : cnAJLa.i K'.i^i ^K'isJL.^ h\Cicn 10 

.KLSQCviA ^..O-^K' r^.\,s.^.t >• . ^ *3i 1 .* rdJlH-^O.-Qo ^^ iniltV) 
rtlMTJ^ .rdjsajjao ^um^ .r^LfioAoii .so^\&^.i r<L>.io^ue-:a 15 

K'^.v^.i ^Asata reliiacu .^jlAco.i ^^oco.sqK'o r^JajaA crA 

18. Ps. xxii. (LXX. xxi). 26. 
(II.) 22. .]nrr)] add. in marg. ^1^- ^ 


Aa2^ ^'ih\Ci ^JLX-Sajj.i r^i.s?3rd»3 (cnLi .1A cnL:i) .aJ 

A-i^l •. rdj-a-iaJSn n^ i \ \'.1 ^-iw ^^cajaoAo-o [re*] 

Kl^t.l ^^1 ^ca=i .^vsar^.l ^.^OiotA oca* r^Jko'oa.l r^'^'ik^v^ 

•Acb ■ **< . .^.cy^i* r^ou^k ^jsajs 1 w»ori-a Oi^^floo .itPoin "^i 

coA ^vA.i r^i-^AX..! *. K'.'U^ ^ K'^i&ca ^.vsa 10 
tr^l 'Ti *Vi <V7 "> K'.lcrA.i ^^T^JO *. T^»1 9 r^LlxSk ^jys rtl^uto 
^o-^ ••in:'^ r^rdLSi >^:\^Ci r^^ * *M. ^-=a r<^*gi \^ .rd^.'li 

'. r^^ I 1 noi r^h\€!L^r<"\ \ Kll^.l r^l *in *»! Off -> i.. '•p \ 
T^snT. ^001 K'ooXr^ ^vLjj:i .^Ijj.i T^Luia^ r^Lx.oduk^o 
vyT^i.i .^ii^x. .&^9.ia ^i.M ^i-SQK' ^ ^ii°kT..i .t<'i \^ 

1. Brit. Mus. Add. MS. 14599, fol. 138, r. 2. 
10. ]^;3QJ] in marg. ]t i imo}. 

.r^l r^nr.OA 

.L.To^ Kl^^ot J^K*! r^JLi-fcK' .* ^saxnsb ^ ^_aic»A 
r ^ * \ \^ ' ^-^^ .vsk ^1 ^cn •:• r^-icn vyK*.! kLjjus.i .va 

^ClAo .• r^T »» A -1 nO-A.i r^x.O^>Ji^V-=3 kiXt^ .• rf-ii-Ai- 
r^Lfioi^^ .• kLi\cv rcli_=»\ A_A_3 r<\V \ h\r^ oX AuK* K'oen:! 

K'^ua^^x^ ."Ura Ap^.i r^JLa^r^ •:• rC'^Vk^ r^.Twl K'AxcuSluO 
rd^oi-acv r^i-a-a.i oco •* (-= rC'coXr^ .jxA^ .i<'^.vi»a 15 

t^J.ImOK'o t <* u n CXX. cnl.T .^j_^ r<^ mT "^n can .• .jjiSX-S^o 
.^tsnr^ .»'m\s. )n\v\o ^vj-^ao rdjccn 

(XII.) 7. >CDOn t 5-^1] in marg. ] .jXll^l D. 

9. UxlZl] U^XlZ] C. in marg. l^OUQ^ ABCD. 
10. i^jjoAk) C. 

oco .' »-jAcn vv-kK^.l K'^Q fifi I \ ^K'.i Kll-a.icnjsa K'ooa 
.'<»^Vu r^ca_x-S?3^ r<Li-&cno caA-& rt'.ico vv-»r^."1 r<'^K'.V»3.l 

^ocn K'toi dfulsk^r<' ^qa.i ocn vyaK'o .* :ioctx> cfA& ^ 10 
: rdacn r^aco ^or3oA\_»r^ r^aa_^j<' i i \^ Ar^ .• T^*ai ino 
coo.'UmK' ^v-ai .^.O-Jco rtliCL.ii^K' ^..ocaJLA ^_2« 
or^ ocn rdsocua KlaoO-sm K'i^ux-J.i or^.t : r^^OL^rusaX 
^X-*CD ocvcn ^..1 *gi I n KL^^n-SQ a^.1 vyK'o : .jjooai-a.i 
_j^ <vi % v^ cn\«k\ ^._oJcn:? ^^cv-jaflA^K'.l rdLivx.o.J30 15 
.1^ : r^O-^cn J3oO-2lA^t<' AK* ^.i i-SO.i^K' »r^'i i s i 

.1^:1 ^^xs^K* .* T^'ia^n K'^oi^usaa oisa.t^caX r^-xa'io-sa 
T^ll^Are' .r^n-ijksq crAo cnisn KLli:k.OJao .' K'^eo-M rtliJ&Ci:^ 
^cocxsrdl ^ K'^'rdjL^-Qo riA .* K'^oicx^^Qo r^.io A\rc' AK'.t 20 
^Asi A:^o .' r^:sas^ ^cA.i cnicur^ \\'^ .cn\n jaoaaoLao 
^_Q^ I vn \ Aru^ ^1 K'^T^.j^o .' r^A^k^co ^cA.n m t Pii 
•:-cn^aj^^«x.^^\:Q.fO cD^o; K'^u^ vyK* .* coa^k'.i o'cn 
.r^iA "io i<^cnJ33K'a r^Jkcoiio r^Lsa.l^ ^ca.^ ['-^-*] 

1. ."Ijajj D. 

7. Ulri^j] AB. U?]^? CD. 

13. "IjA-.j C. 


.K'cvcn r<'cu»JSO K'A^oi^viJSO rdjiAiK* A2»- r^iwri' .pdjAii^ 
je_ijj.i ^coAo : -.*yi.\<^ V»ov».i r^'ocn -•cnoouK' r<*Vt\axT<^o 
OC0.1 cucv.TLvia-a.i ocn . r<ljji— »CV-a» i_*o\_* K'oco »*cnaa\-»r<'5 
rdX.i rrrlJOi!^ .ttuaJ.! r<liA-.T<' .rc'ocn .s. n^ ^sg -»cnc\r«vs.l 

^casc^ .1.>1»U?3 rC'^u.M.l ^oixSocrs .icuaIs n^juio .* .za'ijo^nC'lO 
.-n\^^v:s?3 ocn -10 scvi i.i or^ .'^^^.srjja ^kLijl*cu» t»^.i 


.• r<L».ioo..z..l coh\a.j:yiaZ>iM ActA.t r^w»r^ K'^uacncvraX oqa 15 
r^rC* .cf>>\^ r^THflo r<'oon .ntgw<\.i rC'^OAt."! K'^'VJSa^io 
cfA ^K' K'i-^^.io .rc'^OJco-Sk ^-mlAo-^ ocn r^-A_i_i_=^ 
cnA>QC» I \^pgf ^j^ T<'.ncn .^cn^.ia m\ -n ^ji^^ufiaJ^.i ^cn 

T<l:sni\s .1 p3 K'.icn .rdA\ rdJut. ^Oi »'»\ ^cnoii.rC' , ^t«\") 20 
r^ocn .^<\;q.i .^cljcoA .• f<ljX.i^ KLl io^rclra.i ,^icn 

1. Om. !-»-« C. 

6. «n>.» 1)] in marg. ]jQJ D. 

7. ^jZu?] in marg. 1] » ^ m? ABC. 

8. Aj]1d^ D. 
11. Om. ocn C. 

(XI.) 15. ."UjOj.? D. 

20. Om. _Sd a. supra lin. script. 15. 

K^ .A ^"'"^ :U4 rC'is.dO .r<f.>*m.i3 c^Lsjlxjj.i ^^ r^r^5 

.cxx.^v^^K' .^.^olsA ^ascq* K'^Aix^r. k'^cuj^ .aniSKK' 
coA ^cn ^ocn f<<\<Y>ata30 .^^oco K'i-san:' ^Acn [-»] 10 

^cA rdica^A:i vyK* .TA .KLi\ reLi*t<l=3 .e h i\ ^ A_^ 
.^CLo kAo . ifdx*»^r<' "U^ r^.ico .' SfCk^cpn ri'.Tn-I.'i K'icu 
reixfi.i kA k'v^^ ^AK* kA.i .-^^v-j-sj.t ,^^a_a*ctA kAo 
*rifv> ~iX»t^ rdJAcn .r<Ll^vA_x_Ma rr^» \.i ooi '^'N n ^az_^^ 

.1^ kAp^ .• oll.i K*^^*^^ cA ."Uk Kl-A^* ,...ocri^Q.i\^=3 
kA r<lxM ^ala .• cu^.i ._oca**i^^cv a\^^vx.r^ r<LziJ A:^. 
A2l^ .rd2»3r<' r<!jl=3 ^OKli^fio-s rcfo^co .oiri^ kIx-OXm 20 

.* dfcQxa r<'cfAr<'.i KliaoOSoA df\.il»i «_cucrA a^ .dfuxU^^K' 
cd.iIa.i co^g /\in\ \q : ^a^ KLx.o^d\-=) cq1>.i r^Ariixlo 

4. ] mo > \] in marg. "[nJO^ .-jLj]kLl ABC. 
6. ^(TUyJOi.] ^oujcno-L A. 
(X.) 15. i5lo BCD. 


20. '^.^J in marg. r-»-^^1 ABC. (^Ij in marg. r-»-ii D-) 

^aAoo AK' Aa^.TSk. .r^-JK* Kl^ib.iJsn Kll.i ^ootd rdx.orj.1 5 
a-Ar<' ■ .»_a_^ ^aOoq t^ tfw rt.i r^ii_at>r3."i vwrt* .^ia^.\ 

.r^^y-MO. "» T.^ .K'^o.T-j* .T<lfiaAa-a ^."t ^cn 
ii-^ riLir^ .a T o>.i ^cqA k'^Q n V^^ .K'.icx^^ )ix»cui 10 
^n-^ .^jUAo^^tTS .flfTij>.ii<\ ^:^ .rdJr^ KlxxuAuro .^_CAiAv3 

.1^ rdXK' .• K'i^.i r^A^CVOX cA •• r^LiS\ ,i\\r\ r^LuA^ ^jXco 

.T-^ ^coAa / f^i -«\^ riljs.rLX. ^.i r^-ir^ / r^i 3T. rdJco 15 

.t-^ rd^K' .^rfAnc' .1-^ oA .rd-iAc\-s>, A_2»-S r^r^O. -a \ 
.^^c^ica.lK' reL^AA\ ^jsn i>^« .r<'-»flnM rdi.'%:iCX:^ .flnVn^ 

•:• ^^^MDoa.AxK'a ^^^o^.-ii^^rd rdorAr^.ia •' .^_aA2a\^ dot 20 
.• «<^ A^ , ^ AK* t^1jot!\- oK* iiXkautooK'^ r^l tq 
i*^.i rdJia^K' .r^-a^.i!^^ ^2a Aur^ >."C?3 r^'A^Q -i i^ »,j^ 

4. Zooi D. 

11. ^1 . mn^Z-AV)] in marg. .. ffin^Aj ABC. 

15. ]j1] Wo C. ,_A(J1J0 D. 

16. >^(7io I \V) 1] v-.(no iWVn C. 

17. ..Ul r^] M p 0. 
20. oot] looi C. 

K'HrLflA' rsfoa^rdX ^r» rt'^vJsa.i.Qo crAa, .r^J^aiiA 

vy*r^ .Av_.V-*» rdXi^^ _aal_^ ..^^o^K* ^jJt-^u^ifuS>3 
ni'ovM .A*?i K'.'OlA ^.tj3cA n^.i rcLlA-K' .• cvja.-iiAJiX >oi^ 

rdl .^v^O) r^ri* rili.^S>3 rC'A .peLAsoxJ^i rdjjcai i^=J 

KliK' rilii-n r<A .t'^lAk' p<1it<' rdsnm *?3 rdX .>»'i '^\"» 
T^jLa^K* pe'A.Tu r^-lK* rc^T -i i» kA .uJSO:^ ^ni'.i .i\»KlX 
.ri'.irclxasak r^.iK' r^'i^xi^sa r^A .u,»is*- kAkIi tK'K' Arf.i 
.•K'^ix-iim K'^co^r^'.T ^Acn •p^LfcliaK' rdsajA ^^rV rtA 
cAtK*.! ^CT3 .rc'i^corzjK' ^cfx.AuK' .lAjArs r<''iflQ=3n.T ^A*r<'20 
kA ^.1 »xA .rd^.U^ ytxssn r^_x_ia^ ^jso i \ <v» ^coll-a 
. ^__^hya\nh\r^ K'Trd^ r<At<' .r«lxi=i Aa jso ^AS^XL^'i ^^o^AviSa 

..^^o^oi^ufloK' kA . ..^o^-T-rx-Sk. rcAK* rtA> . <\r\^ r^ 

.«^_CA^^^ rdit. ^cum r<A .^^o^yifcja.jD^K' K'.tm^K' PcAr^* 
rcA ..^cv^ialw rcr-i\ fin \ r^ . .^_a^:s._=iA^ rcALx. r«A 25 

1. .-IcDokuj D. 

5. ;„a^LD . . , lo]^h D. 

6. U».-.J.^ D. 

18. |J]j] D. ]|1j ABC. 

rtllruQ^ .K'JSJi.l rciAai^ ^oco reiS^M .^ojiL^i K'^OAt 
ooA .KliswTxA ^ocT3 k'.t-^co . rtLsfl .1 cfj 1 rtLoiOJto moon 
rd^coA .^ocn r^JsrAjt-^n ^n KlscrA .^ocn rilxiaiJs ^^ 5 
pC'-i^K' .ooAjso-a ^acn p<l>j>-T,r>3 .^oco r^'i*^^ ^-..1 
.t \ r^jJit rc'aari' ♦ ..t 1 -i or^* nc'coK' . ^^.ocni ^ \ ^ocn 

^^_a^^Vk=jil K'Auj.T-S^.TO .'^^So.a>.10 r^LooOSOi.! nSl^n^ .iSTOLiia 

.iCuAa riLirC' t^\».i r^^ca .r^X^h\JL:yi ._ocaA a»»r<l\ 
r<lii\=icC^ .rc'^cTi»Jr<'_=J r^LiK* ^SO K'^ujAvacC^a A x\ n ^o^ 

cA .._a_aA t<Lir<' r^-».ioAvx_») K'.icn .rdiK' k't i g\ KlX 

•:• cojoia dfuAjao K'.iK' r^li^oD 15 

^^^ cQX»i dful^ .TSk .^ ^^^ocaAsqgx. ^ ooA T<'cvcn ^t^ 

T<l»o.i"i vvAo .• r<lx_*x-D KlrsK' ifvacn r^vssK' vvA r^K'20 

1. Om. ^ C. 

3. .,-^ aV)] .^. 1 a^-n D. 

4. ]i3sa£0 D. 

G. ] ^ ^ -> v>^vr. c. ]> 1 «^ (ut vid.) D. 

10. \0n lAJ] BC (in B tameu Z supra Zu add.) V\ . V <nn D. 

11. Ij] |Lk,j] ]1u-kiJ D. 

12. W ^ [j] D. 

(IX.) 17. Om. locn C. ^t » V D. 

18. Om. ^j^i D. Om, 'Xlk) '3 As B. 

20. Om. Z-OOI A. 

nJJiAK' A^O .r^jJCVzao rC'^O.aAxao K'.l.'rij.l rdJiK' K'v**^ 
Ariii 'ivi»~Ar<' •:• ^isa xm A^ ^Ari aVmo . x-ajsJ KLiStLiJo.tixo 5 
.•^r^rdA ^a=i .x^^^u^ ^icL=Ln ^nlr,ior<' .^xJS^n ►SflK' .A 
»^_COcoAcv .A*.l ^co .±lh\ .K'lnnX tm^uu ^.tjs?3.i ooaaT<' 
r<'.i_4»."t rt"^ \ ».i ix^-x. K'iajj .f\.i.5a-jjHA -cuj .K'^taA-I 

K'^oKl^cn .* oocn ^-^i-atfn *?3 k'oxci-mi.* cv-a* .1 K'qxcuja t -)a 

^JSfl orAa. Klaco .* o-i^.ttr^* t^AxJSfloK' oA^ A**. .TAi .^CLJcn 
r^A^rt*.! r^Lia-.r^ .cu^.ilr^ ^j-mK' r^s->T..i p^'t <\^ ^cuciz. 15 

^.^ajco.i K'ivac-a.i vyK'a .•K'^wit ^.i r^lssnr^ •:• r<liA^ 
^uaio r^^vsi KLasJ : ^i^vi^TS crA& r^cn.icv ^j^co vwArt*.! 
K'^AuiTso r^h\c\x*x=3 ^\^V-»»5>3 ^ K'^UkJL.i .rclQoasoi.t rdz^ 

.rc'.i*Av^.i -.CD \\'m rc'^Au.vs .^vu^v^sb.i ^cno rt'^oiaJi^ 
A^ r<'AvMi2k vyK*© .r<^.n,tiy.^.i r<'p^j^_Qo K'r^^.CUJo A^^O 
^JM rtLii-jjpt' ^.VS'3 cvr^ .9i-T.i r<L>a-M.i ^AvjaoK* coa^^H-^ 

2. Om. ,_llD D. .-laojjj D. 

5. ]fn I 10. 1 I n] AD. ]£oaJO. 1 i o BC. 

6. vj3onn] BC. yosiXD AD. 

8. w».jQ_K» AD. post wIQ-k* add. s£i] a man. rec. B. 

(Vlll.) 24. .]l .nik) C. 

^a\^r^ ^jLZ.aLjLo\-:^.l ^.._c\Jcf) pa_2k.c\ .nliK* ino ^^ A< '^n-^ r^ls?3 

.r^OTJ^ ^t\^ a>^i .1^- .scni^£a-i .A\r<li ocvcn ^>"s .\??} 
pc^im^ rC'^oix- .rdAxiio.^ 'icwjjao rtl^iAu yaxjsnra rdjsnl.i.i 

^'i^^ .^_coco .pc'.icn.i oco Kliat CU.i ^-».i A^rq .rdailiisa 
^J»3 oA : ^JL^^VkJ^ rdA rtlx-cn ^-^re* •'U-^ r *^^ *^ A C^ 
K'^o.iAA ^^a^M^'^v^^a.! ^cn CU .u^^ujso r<'^ijA j^oi^i^ 15 
.rd*iiA .si\y^ .rdATkCtx.<l^ cix*.Ta^ .^AaZJ^qx^ 

rdSUCOL Tit , on ^ ^.1 ^4* .pa-iflai oco rcloo^ ^_^ CUO.iiLoA 20 
rViuiu K'.icn Aiip'sn ^a.-tsoTJ rdAa .,^iA.TiA\j»j.i ^^ojictA 
^_a_icn_\ K'ooru K^ » r axocv .r<'o\cy.-jjL»o__ij.i cb^ct-2>ai_sajjL3 

(VII.) G. Om. ^ .Vv C. 

10. llPQJO, 1 I n BC. ]rr> . i n 1 . r> D. 

11. ^v ^ g^ n ] iu marg. Idjqjd (pro ]o-o«-^ 2) C. 
15. ^ i\(Tl] ^\.»^01 D. 

18. Om. y D. -W.lD in marg. ]>^". «-.\ C. 

23. Ij^^I] D. U^] ABC. 

.^:s^.'U wA''V ^jAcn ^Jsnc\ yax-'^n vsor^Li •:• ,^cr» ^ cu ^ > u --i 
^.iJD .cnAioiaA^ ^v^.i^.i ocn.i .* r<!J\ir<'^v_5n ^ju* iv^^-AK*! 

^m^^vSTS rdi-5?3 .p<^'i^Q.^Off n OK* .^ini\^ ^g yax^so Ajk 

.r^ncutot<' r^lSkir^ ♦ r<t.«\'i no rd^r<' .,^_cv^r<' ^^C-dl_^ >*^-ai>tv> ^ 10 
r^AJL ^CUm •K'-icii JciaJ^^ i*^ .K'_lr<' rtl^^ K'^clAn 
*»0,m ^cq1& . rdx.&».^^jsb i-^^v^ rc'.tix. .K'Avx-a.TtaN'73 t»^ 

K'ocai .Klfia^ .^l^dfu .T<l*i»K' f^LJri' .uXlIcq^ r<lA-5J3.t£i 
.K'^xx^ ^CUCLZ_ri in.kdful.1 .r<liJ273.i-a r<^ t*^ ^-S3 ^J^cv JEJiK'ld 
.rdlaCuA.i ^oo ^c\ ira^ ^.IJ^ ^K* rtl&JaaJTS .^K* J3o'r^a> 

.ia.^aoA\ Auk*! ^cn r<^.n»T<\ .^AL«\«Jsq rdX .rJ'^rcisa.V^ ^lAiK* 

.* kLsto ^cvT».ifia.a.i vryr^ cvoco ^jL&ijjt:^ .Vw .* cvcvcn ^:Tn<^ 

.^j^jJOT i*^ .• r^s.*giT.o re'-iT-uK' r^OU» Aa ^2?3CV .• ^caio 25 

4. ^a.w„nAjO (sic.) D. 

5. JZUyl^ C. 

14. '^Aj ]si^ CD. 

16. ]nfTnV)] jlmV) D. 


.r^^A-jA.i ^cvT«°^.T..i Klaa AoJi^ ,.1 oca ^^.c^ i rq.i ^^o-icoo 

r<'r<l»^,_0(AHo AcxA ^sa ^ r^Lai .tm K'lrC-io .rd^Kll^n 5 
'l-rd^icn.i T<'\K'"io ^T»-M cn^cu.i : K'calr^ .ocn r^_iJL.\j5>3 

.^i^^^isa Aur<l»o.i r^JL^on r^ocD r^ .r<huS\soA*-^n ^hh\l 
jaojM.i .^^1 *^V^ ^Jua^cb hciXk'o .^-IK' ^av^"* ^»JC\ ojCO 10 
Ocn ^K' .^.1 rdll'.i ^vino ocv^ t<'.icT3 ^osk. .Kr\h\o\.iix.Sx\ 
^CU.i -Aur^ injsb .^AmlT "^ k!^cv.iH\ co-ra.i K'icu ^ J^r^ 
nlsAjsocv .,r^O-.^j<' vA -•ooa^K' K'^u-rvrao r^LiJUsa:^ 
: vv->a^V) ►so ^_cu'cn ^.ocai.r»3,i : ^i\*\£ Aa ^j^.i ^^^lJot 

l.TJik} K'crArC'.i rtlooasai ^oA ..fiocuonii^ „_octA oco ^oo 

K'.'Uxa.i (jLA»t<' r^s-it., Aiol ..^Jin.Aj2?3 r^Lir)V=ja r^A\V*7i-).io 

.rC.-u-saASfxa rt^rn i \^ ^A\-»r<' .^^cvJco.n •:• K'vsLjtio . i \jy > 
..^ctA OOOo ^.icrusb r<^Us,.no K'iCLJ.l K'.lCXJSlSk-.i ^..^O-Jcbs 
rdJL^AX.c\ /ooen ^A^aub r<'^a''icaio / .^^lAxr^ rdia^.i ^^OJeral 
n:'_.:v»rc'.i rd^^o : r^acn ^^^h^sn rdmjjAo /K'ocrj reliri^vsa 
^_2>3 .K'ocn rd±oi t<'^c\A^ ."Ura .Vk : K'oco r<di\ r^^o^T 25 

4. \Ji2i C. 
(VI.) 21. ]rrM Ttr> 

K* r^ ^K* .K'^T<lx.^5-Co cn^cru:ig^a r<'^cvi^%j:5J3 .^jlm.i 5 

.*co ^J^cn vv»T<'.T T<l5aJLlita ^OA .^lU^v^Q r^JL^ooo .^iaTW^? 
rdiwir^cv '. r^oo rdsoA-Sk-cv ^jsa .a-ico •:• rfAvA-sa vrA 

riicasr^ K'.irdJLo : r^n»n\o rdrai r<i2?a2- rcilco r<AaL.ct3CV 15 
rdJiwK' A "U^ rdsaVjw .'iajso^ r^.ico r<A .K'^va.^^ J^Im.1 
kAo r^^ ' Oft r^ *^ ^OT .* je-Z3.^.i rt^.v j^? 3 kAo : >x.<x -i » > 

4. ]i'^ ^t<\ in marg. ^sOLd C. 

17. .,^1 I <^N.K>Aj>i£)? C in marg. ^J^3A i V)? ABCD. 

18. ^_..^ ^ 'X:^ C. 

22. UQ-J-v-»-» AC. 1ZciJ~»-^l BD n. 

5^ .^coL.T.l Kli^aK' ..^OJcn.i KlAsaS.t .r^^CXi^CVAflu 

^.Ti^ ►s^a rdlo 'e^cn ,_irj.i .^xrsixiifusrj.l ri' rdAo.ii.l 5 

r<'A\-;?i_»jo : dfusn_fi0 caA ^ico ^cnJ;-^ ^_2?3 A s.\ ^^.i :^ 
^m r^ t\\j \ rel=jcii» r^TAa.!- r^lx^a:*- .* i\\v»J or3^c»iA»i=> 
pc'.icrjo .^fvAtrc* oAirc' a_t33.T-b.i ,_cuico i^_=> x^ -.^^"-^ 

.K'wixo K'-iM cbiVj^ ^cxx^ .-n^lxi^."! kA K'i^>^ kA 
►50 .^Jva^i. V rdA^aSfc. a.ih..T rtlfiaXcui ^A-r^* vv»t<'.i ^as^a 

,_CVA.ica»wJ,T Tj^X^ K'ixSiX. .r<lA2^M ^^^gvca A-S q ^.xHr^ AiAcrJ 
T<ll_2k-»r<' r^Pff *HqA^ ,._£V-^\ ^-.r^ ri'ocn.i ..^«jAcn S^r^ 
r<Li=)\_=> K'iv».Tcaa> ^uA KliAcn .T<b\o,SiaAh\r^^:t 

.• CUO.'Uac.I r^onN\^ OK" r^J2ia."^i.T .aCOcAsq Or^ ^^_OoriX»3 .Tu 
^^1 KLlA^r^ .^ocn r^LL»\2?3 en t 9>,S.i r<'inL»K' ^tTa-wi or^ 
^A •: .iOcfj ^oru^K* ^cn vyri'i .."i<\_wrdJ rdjaa2icu^rj?j 

(V.) 1. .• ^ ■ ■T.^Z-'i] C. .•w.«_l^Z-] (in fin. liii.) A. .-O-a-LD-Zl BD. 

4. Zol.] lo^y AD (in A. j ut vid. improb.). 
10. QJO, 1 I o] in marg. "|ZZ:i.ia^. ABD. 
••ZjOl*] in marg. Al^ia-. C. 

23. .jOkiIj] in marg. .nfim ABC. 

.^JXk-iA.l K'Auxo T^ .r<n\ \^^fu5q:i rfhxa r\\ risfA .^.t'i.l 

.jaoia.Vi^.T kLsjAvjso :^cn v^t<'.T ^cna K'^uxo cfi»out^ 

K'^iwo^.l ii^aCTj v^K* .K'cvvjjcs tj^ ^oco fVm en i^tl^ct 
i<'.1 1 X..1 r<'A^o.a-»^i_a, .tcuAa oA /^oco K'.V^L r^T »'•->:< 

^kIl^qo.i .Td^o.iis ^cnoL^cv r^K* .jpK' r<lla ."u* A^.i 
: K'ocn >3\^ /r^'ocn Vk.J.S'i ."Wi /^ocb ^ca*^r^ rd-X-inJf 
^cb ^cu .• r<'ooD .i.-»v-2?3 r^ ^^^ •.-^^ • t^'c'co .2^^l^ 

.•KlaoiA^ ^c\^ r^ i\\H ^^1 rdtsai^SpCa jJcx^ ^K* [en] 15 
K'.l-A* vw»r<' r^A>Q. r?! i *>. » ,^^cfiA ^v-iK* coA^ r^cn.i 

1. .^^-»^V^ bUJ . » i » S d m. 

3. ]-;£Q^] \^^ m. ]£1Z m. ]k)55 AB. 

5. ^ ^] ^ m. 
6, 7. .'(71 '") "jj-Xo? V\n)V> '_.5 ^n\ .Ijoi 'r)5 /k) '01 'Ij m. 
8. tJ-^OOl yj\] in niarg. ^j_. . ^ ABC. 

IZ^j^oZj] in marg. ]fy^«-^rf^o^ ABC. ' 

10. .-Zooi ];.mn'v>] in marg. .0001 ^ . .fn*-^V) ABC. 
12. Om. 'Ol 'jlLd '01 'v.. D. 

.r»in.,T73 ."tA» i*^ ^.^ Ocn .r^liai t»^io rdJK' a»i.2»l_2?3 

r^Lod-i-^l cA.i .r^liai v*^\_*."i -coo .r<'\ % \cusn ca_rjcv 5 

.rc'ca^rdX ifacn^ nSlAlia.T cnlcVA rdsaA ^.i K'.^co .)ajJ3^v33 

—era .r^Lzaco'i r» *g3 rdUs^H-3 .-r^AAjss r <^t ?a \ y . r^n n'i n 
r^hvioMCk : ^000 K'.icoihiJs k'^xtjt^o ^oco r^-cux^ T<i-».Tif\".i 10 

.r^^o.S'A cA t<L»CT30^ ^oco rdaJUj jsocuo.tuno .^acn 
K'^vwi-izj \ kAo .coa^t rdAo yax:sn co2k^ r^A.1 -cnA 
t<A . .*^«tv» ^.»ra».in.T r^^i?3."?co >infn°i rdA .ctj.'t ay kA 1 
.Kliaia rdlo .rdsniisn r<A.%Qb T<Aa .^"'ijtoA>Av:»j.i f<A^l»\^ 
^iVN^NAvJga.t Tt^ <i tY) «il .r<A\i^."! K'ia^i t^^cxS^Tm rslX 

1. t4»Q-^D. 

3. Om. r^ C. 

4. ^1] y2l] C. 

6. "jZoT-i^Zjo] ill inarg. I-kkT:)??© ABC. 

15. ]1D5{T1 ■ . omcM ] in marg. 1AjV-» « * 0<=^(TI AC. 

16. .,_jj',XdZA1D5] .^-^miiDj m. 

.] a ; 5^ ln\^ U m. 

18. ."IJ^JLoAlDj ]j_» ZcL_M JJ m. 

r^LftjCVSOX .^XM.t •K'.'t-laLi K'ovia.jk-flo vwK* ^ ; °v , \^ a ooco 
.-i-^nAksa.i K'.'Ux. ^^SJ CU.T .OOCTJ ^.T3^ rd.£aiO."%lu3 K'rfi^ 
«^ A t't • *^ t*i ^coA rtllr<' i_0-A»s?3 oocn ^^jj:i ooco 5 
.aiLoifvi rdA.T . ."io.j*l=3 ooco ^^n^nn K'.tm K'.nco.i .ooco 
rdX _ocTi_lJS33 ^jxiri' ..^cAlr^-JO .-.n ^^73 ."^-^ rdJoiJ^ 
K'^OAXO ••f-*=>^ r^ .1^ .^CTiAiirt' ^»3 »^_^2.i£^^0 /rtlW' v ta 
....^cvajjJ K^.l ^cfa o.tTL^k. r^fjaocuoixija .i2w i._OAvi ri'^utAS 

cru-^.J93 ooco ^s.^ui^vJ^.lo .K'oa_\f<' ^u^ajjio K'.'V-wt^K' 

.^oco r^\ «'" ,^^.^sjAi r^A.i rcllr^ .^oco rd2?XM"i^v_2;3 ooxia 
.._CUctA rdl?<' '..^cA^ ^Oco rdsaiai cAxr^.T ,»_CUcfA kAo 
K'oco hur^ ^.^^ .^oco r^^^Jsn ^^cv^i^o^^Ji o^^iz..! 15 
^jV •So ^co.i .cuii..i ._cv_icT3i OK* i*^ k'^Lso oaA 

.T<'-»i-X. OCO r<'i-»CO\ ^n .^_0-3C0 3 .K'i.i OCO r<l'\T «\ *g3 
^.1 ^ctA .^OCO rdlii-^jJJo K'cnlr^ 0.%^ ^-Sn ^j»j ^ooXo 
r^^*^ ' V OK* .^oco r<^.?i *^ r<'caArf .a-.tojk pO-.^^K'.l 

6. ^^ I 5in D. 

7. 'iiilD ]J] A. 'iik5 }J p BCD. 

(lY.) 10. In marg. 'Ij<:iJL£3 1A.uJA^.*_m l^THTD Q^rD Uv.5l C. 

13. liQj^jAlD] in marg. IjjLk*/^ ABC. 

15. "looi Zul] ras. post Z A. lit. 1o p^ene evan. C. 

16. o]] in marg. jjo C. ^ ^ C. 

17. OCT! (post '. » e^V^ ) B. (lit, post O del.) looi ACD. (iu A. ] 

in ras. lit. Z eras.) 

T»^.l Kljjca.TO ^^.1 rilx-co .r<'oct3 r^A^i^ao K'aon -wcs.vsn 
r<'qv t ^ .iCT .PC'onAr^'A ooA aco j=iTo_r73 aiJ5>ax_2a A'v j^i 
r^^O^hxijyi .K'^cuaoA^K'.i r<L=A^ relx»-i .rdsa^ cqIa.I 

.•K'ctAkA iai-.i relx*.Tn kIvjj k'-jjls.t .* cn^oii.srji pciAsj3CV,x. 
K'^CUca-^ ^.sAcv.^ A-2k ^.^n r^.l i-«^\_*o .jx>^ i_»^v^.l 

r^xJsx ^_r>3.i .K'ii.x-.i i<l3»n \ riA^flo-ia-^^rc^ .KLsQcncA^ 

r<lixi_2n .rtL»ca_3r<' K'.'U^.i K'^Ua^Um K'icA^Ji .T<ljt.c\2n."i 
K'AK'i-s .1-^ . rcl*H-a..2»- ^cvA.i ,^_cv-joo ^jyi jaaA-oipurzj.i 
K'Xm ^cA .^intflo r^x-M^ .•icL.ifcsa K'^iVt-iT. K'^uaU.I 20 

1. Uom AZl^o A. 

(III.) 3. U^Oj] lA-i-»5 n. 

6. ^ A-iioj-Dj A. 

13. I^P l-»-J-^?] in marg. ]i c^V^nV ], . V)\Z; ABCD. 

21. -^ I Spi] in marg. ^-kjD]-K» ABCD (^_.^iJj ^-JUjO^ C). 

f<'rdLA^^ »r?3i r^-ift>»T<' .^__c^AvL:k.i^V3 oocn ^.l.f ^cral 
V ^"in-a^Ja even ^a-ici ....OJco ^J5»3 n£l:k^x* 
^ca vyr^.l KluA— ^.to ^»j.i A^sq Ao^en r^A [cs] 
j3.1\ KlaA^ vw»r<'.i AJ^ifl »<lAr<' . ;,^_cvto=3 Aui i jih\ ^^O-JrcfS 
A\ *•>< clA : ^cJl T^'x^nr^jsa ^^ K'ixs-.KlAo ^^c^cAji^.i 

AA^ r^T^ .r<lMLxrxX..1 .act? caA A\_*r^ ^_rirrth\r\^/\ ^ «v>^ 

^^_Ckca»^T<' ^ cosn .1^.1 ^en •:• ^-u^^^v^ ^9^-'^ ^Icn 
^-»3 r<'^a_*.iTO K'i-aa.i Kli^K' ^Jsna oocn rtla^r^ ^ 
: ty^^y f\\xr.^ r<'^U9Ctajt-^a K'^oi^usa K'.icn oolsA .rc^icoE. 
K'iui-x. A_^.T ^.lAcn r^-^-i*c\ rdLax^Ci\Js Ap^.i t<'_l_a-»r<' 

r<lr)^\& .jcii^.i K'i\x_^_i_3 ^_ocR^fvA_^^JS3 r<!ls> ^ocn 
.* relAsi-Sfc- .i-.»i_i»io r^_i_^\cu .ASQjj'iA c! »_ocn^^iA^.l 

2. .(ocnAj-L>A^ C. 

(II.) 5. j^Qinr^Ajj] .^QlorciriAjj C. 

7. lA^on»Z? ol 0. 

10. Iq\] ol C. 

18. 'icaa^ci£DQX».£ij EC. 

19. .- ^n . ^ Q-Kt] lit. ^ a man. rec. add. B. 

(."U^ ^ UXaJ^ 001 1^Ld ^^^t^? i^^] n.) 


n'ls'jaA ja rdLxsn .oicojaorV r^-j>».iiT-*gJ.t r^lxM ^."to.i ^^^OJcfiO 
K'^cv^arao : oocn ^j^.i'i^vsa r<*.mT *73 i^v:) .t^ oocn ^:v^v^ 
^jso i.^Qo.1 i-L.\^ .^_a_i*cn .aoco ^.» r^x-^ 000.1 ^ »*\ ,. V » :t 
Klia^K' .rc'^oiAuso.rD ^Acn vyr^l T<'.icn vyK*."! K'^cu*^ 10 
^«.\^j \y r<'^v»Ajj^ ^^, :i^ K'v^Hx T>ou oocn ^vmov^ KtA 
KlXo ^.vso .-»cn K'AvxitK'i K'.i-»*-Ar<'o .jaocuo.'Uxa oocn 
a\ kA ^.i «v> .<\ «-* i .i^j^jtoio : rt'acn K'AuLsi rf^i^Wrq^vsg 
^._0-Jcn k-ifl JE-XK' r<ll.T .rc'co-AK' j-Sa-wi „_ocaA_a-Ao 
K'AxcU-S'iAcn ^ tVco .pg^xtT *g3.i cnAu^r^lsa )a.-va culssoxx.K'.i 15 
Ji?3 KLjLOJcni^ "U^^ K'^Asai .T<'."lc»A ^o^K* K 'wiT "g Xa.l 

Tit. ..."jjiDliD otXiJ r£D oil^j AC (ora. »_.cnoAj1j C). 

Tit. in p. C7U BD (...^? '-VJ,'.'^- ^^^? ^• 

...^> oil^j p aiXuj B). 
(I.) 1. 4. Om. ^ D. 

15. oiA^itio D. 

16. lAllnl] BCDn. IAILd A. 
ib. ] I m i5]a C. 

.rclijaiK'.l r^iajto .1-1 

^■U=3."l CTi_IjLJ3 '^^-y -r JLs>-.i ^^co .K'."Ux_=3a K'.KxaJLs 
rdAxAo .K'ocn r^^-i* KLixi-i K'AviirjO .K'acn niv2»- ^ocnvaK'Sl 
^cn A^roi .K'aoo A^jq r<'H*Vt?3 K'aiicsao .K'oco . nrn^i 22 
f<lJC\i^A ^cncUxL^JU.! ocrj .t»A>-^o .caaix. rd_»calr<' r<lu.l 
pa:^ .^cniaK'i ^*.i -cncuzs .rdia** K'cu.i Kf\*r^ T<'ocn."i 23 
.r<^T«M.T T<'A^cv»A.'%=3 ^j'T_».tJ» .rc'^CV-A> ^.Ais-N^ ..^oon.S^aK' 
rOjoCU. crA.i .a.3-fii2Jk K'ctAk' ^.1 K'^cv^CUS»3 r^l_=>0 24 
.^isnK' ..^isaisw 7i\s\o rdx.orJ .K'iii*K'c\ 

20. l.nnno] l^^v^n c a-ce (B**d**). 

1AV> . V> >o] .lALon^j a-ce (B**d*-0. 

21. ]l .M] ^cn_._l_JL> BC a-e. loCTl ^^T) C. 

22. ooi] »:2)oZ A. AjOOI C. lo-*?] lit. ...Q_iJ in ras. A. 

Col. in Ba-e. ^O ^1 ^ > ^ ^> .-SDO^ > mO-.? ]i^]!^ :>q2\^ 

.(JklL, ^OlZali. m . ■\*^ \\'~) 90 e.) ♦Cn I 1 O O w-»-3 0V)» 

Col. ia C. ..mog^ > mo .n ]Aj_L_»Z A<^o\ « 

.r^^njasa A^; 

Kl»l\j- T^ i"A ,^_Q«ki "?3.TD K'ooo r^n-ncv .A^^^K* ^rdfl 
cvaX K'oco i»JT<'a .K'*-ui»T<' Aunn.l .^floCuXo ..n»QrT*T^ 12 

AK' ^."1 ri'acn JtoLu=»3 .K'icu-zs.i l.rclt.*-»Ja Kl^iv^o 13 

n*o."»l _aa^=«.ta ri'oco Vtat .vyiflO^ rdX K'^vxaoAx. 15 

^j.V r^acn i^K' KlX^vJsa ..^cv^Ai. ^d .rti-a-ill IG 

l^KUflU. ixLsao .coLJUa^ >*:t n s\ reLxi.T oco rdiLri'.i 17 
.rcixJLa* ^m risoi^^ ^^r^^.l ."i^iK'.'t oco K'oco ivJW 
T ^v \ r^ KLtO-ifl K'oco .aLsai -co ^n r^h\-»»o^^^^lS 
rdiT^' Ausatn rdiri' .K'V^K'.i -co ..^CVaX t<'oco .^Lso ."l^ 
._^s»3cu:i ri'ii^cuo ,^I« ...^t^' t^«> -^"^ r^^**^ rdiK'cv 19 
KIaLsa xa .K'"UiJ»3 rd\c\ K'i-vsa oco rdsao-xA or^SO 
rtliiioV — ^ ^*^*=^ •'*^ •'^•■' '^^^^^ "^^^ rd^^l 

11. *2ilbLD0] A. joxLkJO B a-e. 

^n. <^,.Q] AB. ^CTLuLDr^ a-c (d**). 

13. Om. cs! B a-e. 

U. OiriiAs Oils ^ BC a-e. .'Ml EC a-e. 'ri^l] a. 

15. ^ 1 1 j t ^ ? a-e. 

16. ^V>N» C. u^fiiii C. 

17. ^ ; «^ ] ; « V^ B a-e. Om. 001 B* a-e. 

1 ^ . ^^ 1 .fc^Ol a. 

18. .]S\ Z^»V)V) W? C. 

19. ^'" - ] A. 1Lk» C a-ce (B**d**). 

20. .]oG\ ^-i C. 

.Air<' cnJLLjjca t<L*floHsi AswO .^olx-ior^ ^ ,\nr.r<' ^^.-ucn G 
rdir^'.t .co-jLjLixA ^m r^LszjK' fc-»i ^acn K'VsaK'T 

r<*l\-i u-?30 .''V'v^ A:^ ^ ^^CUO^U3 ^oco p<''t\^ r<lAr<'8 
CQjiJ rd\o .jsi-n rdX »A rc'Av_l*."iJSa_=j r^ is .i^ira n vyr^ 
rs^i nV-=» ^.1 ^ulocn .K'^VM.i KLaCV^J Kll.ix. ^o\cvlo^vnl 

.rc'ocn _j^ ^ -^ Ajj^.t.:^^. .t-a ,^_a_aA K'ocn .*\\ rai o'cn 10 

3. .Q>.o^-»l] A. .Q_kkdAj"| B a-e. 

4. 2.r*jO] ZpK.|o e. 

5. ^-r^] J>Or^?] 'j^1 iOyiO^j (eras. ^) A. 

■)j_»_L ^ A. li-i-L /ci\ ^ B a-e. 

6. VVn^ ")] \\n> ab. .:>CL^^5ol . > in ^ A. 

]ii)>l] A. |iIU?lj B a-e. 

9. "JOOI ]2Jd5 a. looi lli^ij B a-e. 

"JZo-.U^lIT)] lit. ...a_il... in ras. A. 

^oiQ-iJO ^::^?] A. wuOio 1 n; B a-o. 

A « ^ cp .^CtJOTCv .._oca_*^r<' vy^.i-lW ^a_m^ t<1x*.iJ3 20 

..x^:ih\r^ .^^K'a .Aaji nd-i-ia paflajs?3 rdia^^-o .f<l^\ 21 
^ODOcoA^u JaAjj ^of3 K'-iScO^.I .^^ccfiin.'i.T "U^, ocn wr<'22 

.^i^ K'aco ^jASa-Sg.-i Aj.r<'V5a_*r<l^ r<'crxAr<'.i t<^Atri\ A -. 

^CT3CUjjL.L3l \^_akK' .rila— XanJia.T o._ocTp^cu_iflajsa_jjLJiJa_r3a 

^K* rdXrt' .a^ ^.T rilxjjA aajAa K'oco rdAa .k'oAk' 
r<A .Kli^Aor^A .^.ocax'SQiLa^ Oscoa K'iii. AApa.i Ai»- 

19. Zu-jviZ] A. ZojoZ B a-e. >»-»r^']j sic leg. Codd. tamen 

20. ^010 A. ^cno B a-e. 

23. r-»-^] A. ^5 B a-e. ^y a. ]7n;^ . mVr>^^ A 

24. ^Ld] ^k)j (et mox ^ooijj) A. 

I^Q^^r^] in text. 1Zo^.»Aj.k^ in marg. ]Zo,\ ..^ - ©. 
XVIII. 1. .]jcn]A. .hllDa-d. .hl.lDj e (B-'>). 
2. ^. fflg^Lp?] ^_i_QIIL£iLD5 c. 


CV.^2^ ^_aJco .r^Lii^^.t r<'-i.=>o.TC\ r^LoDO-Sain r^tJtoJicvX. 10 

p<Lj<\_^^ "^*-^ A\_iT<'T-*"i-x- .oi_a,».ao K'.TJ.Jt- k'^cvj2>iA 11 
.t<'ctxAt<' jL^^-SO.i r<'c\CT3 r<lic\_^^ .fTC'cxctJ .^^cTx».T-J>'riIL=3.i 

ivi^-A^r^ .^^x_i_^ rClA.T kIa-mcs K'^a.iinjj^tzi rtlA h\Cim 13 

.cot^A^rell ri'Ai^iO .^^ .^aoo KliAt ^^i K'crAr^ dfujj.l 15 
.K'^ctAk' K'^oi^uJSa.i K'^A^rdj "103^ rdll oVo <XU»J IG 
^^^^coXcx^o cnJ^cvJLD rtliaiA^ ocn .ijso.i^rc' kiX.t cuj^ c\r<'l7 
ooAu^^l ..^_oa3^cxiifla.SjaAjL:5n_r3 aocn ototj^ cri&l_5rj .xX3 18 
r^Ajsn.i K'i^nilsio .^iJ^oLd r<!L»cn_lr<' r<l*a>icx_2k jli_^ As^ 

9. ] rr>n nJ B a-e. ];.iriO?0 B a-e. 

10. ^01 A. ^CTI B a-e. 0^-kjO .jklLjO B a-e. 

12. looi cnAkicD sed infra Zooi 1^>-k.O (Z in ras.) A. 

.or->Ol B a— e. 

13. -ID 5A^ (in fin. lin. in spat, ampl.) A. ^ y^S^ a. 

16. QJlLd a. QJLib B e. 01 V? cd. qjlId ab. 5(JiZ B a-e. 

."ji^jOl-^ "jZoJA-ii^Dj] in marg. a pr. man. ut vid. scrii^t. B. 
IAjCJlI^] add. ."IcJlZ^ Al^jj B a-e. 

17. Om. OOl ab. 

18. (T[t\^y A. *^^^-Hj,' ^^"^ i'^^^^^- ^) *^v ^' 


.^dvJL^^Ja cT30\_iJi^o .^^\^3A-a9 rtliaiJi^l cniA_n r^l 

^ox im* ^oUr^.T f<li;3 vryr^ .* v."^or3 t<1a2^3E=j K'tcooo KlaAco 
^^1^3 K* ^ . j-^iia.i rt*."!!* i*^ T<'ocn .^coo^K' .^^_ocaJS?a^ 6 

.' OacO ^Vw^l KI»Vm C."sioV_QDr<' .i^-SO-l .fv^^ r. ^\_2?l_4i"^ .i 

ii nr> 

XYII. 1. r^]lL] A. _K.ZZ5 B a-d. ^^LL^ e. 

]],] ]],, A. Om. ^^ a lit. w.«_J in ras. A. 

3. JJQJ] sic leg. Codd. tamen "JJQJ. 

4. ^ZZ] A. ^IdZI a. 

5. Om. a Ildch )J usque ad IcTlZL ^^ B a-e._ Aj]? A. 

Zfj^] AB a-e. Z5cnJ0 A a-e (B**). 


.rcLii=) OK' .r^vx2^ KLiscia .ta^^inX ^huc^ca r^xsor^a .cnra 16 
/^ta^K' ^5Q:!^.t K'^o.icTiflo \\jm crA.i .• K^JCV^K' ocn ia^^ 
.• ^cn.arc'.T rdjaoOJSai .sAjjO .jl^v-^^ pc^^i<\t> r<lJUih.V3."1 
A\*7i.1 r^T » i-iiQff a rdJoo rdJLJ».i -»cn K'.'WfajJ.'l 'U^Ap<'17 
^ »^_o\cvA^ ._o^af<' ^AJtaA:^.! .^o^K'a .• t<'cTAr<' ^Am.i 
.rc'Ax_ii_nA ,._o^i_*^r^ K'cqAk' \\*!>31 oia^.-^^K' .K'.'Ux. 18 
JA.I .„^^p<' . ' -^ » t'f r^.icn A^.o .^Acn Klxjjirs .^^aqao 19 
yatcoisr^ Ar^ cn^vi^^.l .ri'oaAK' A.^'SO ^^inifn^ ^i\*yis 20 
.jjoojiA coT=» jajjjaa»r^ ^l^'iSk..') Kl=jrd\.i / ^coiAvooK' ^^Osrt' 
^cnO-sK'.i r<'."V»r<ll r<'ocn K'v-m ."TA ' .nuni»r^ y \^ ocn 
r<ljx>i\ .j^\ rd\ >*cncv\s. r^hvixics rdAx^jaoa K'.tjjjK'.i 21 
r^O^re' a^ri Ajt<Ti*?30 p<t_»"iv^O r^LxlUjO .A^ K'^Cu'iKiX 
•^.O^r^ .K'ctAk' A.\^'5q ovxxAoo CU.i^UL.K' r^-sAjnia.i vyr<'22 
^rt* r<'cTAr<' ^c\ ^cni K'^ca:2'X»cn ^cn .o^ ^cni Jui^cn 
^j^."U .T^.l i*^ «*03 r<'\'i. tV) .^...^vjgl s,i^^ r<^ ..._CC_aA 23 
.K'.iix. >3."UJ »_Ovii-^ rdA .^co r^JtSn K'cqAp^ dfuLM.*) ^^O^r^ 
^so .Tu a*» Aa ^ .rc^siT..i ._ooriiar<' r^ljca ^cn .ija 24 

Ay,, ^ n^-^yi^ ©»<* .• ^__o^a2ais ^ocn r^ °i>t% ^rg cnLo3 

■\\yy*w o^usn.t.l .^.i-sol ^^.1 .^_cv^ r^o .K'ctAk'."! cyi^.tjoo^ 25 

yam^rir^ Ar^.l rd.t33 vyr^ .K'cnlr^ ^..caK' ^rtlu .rc'orAp<' 

^^."1 ooon ^vsar^ .K'^oriaT^' ^^ocoi^o jso^n^.o .n wf»»r<'o 1 XVII. 

16. J^^^J-vjJ f-»-^^- 

17. ^IOdZ] v^lQ^? ^-c. ♦1jJ-^] 'I'r-* A. 

19. ^>] Wnn a-e. 

20. ]l lOm A. 

22. Om. wCn fD B a-e. 1.q\] A. Zo^j B a-e. 

25. Om. ^5 B a-e. ^U^] A. ^ - > ^> B b-e. 


.r^i"i,a*?3 A^.i 

.^3.SD T<'relj.^-» KfVav* r^t\\,' oK* ._oaA^ ^reLrL.iflo 8 XVI. 
.a^^lXK* r^ ..^C^isn.'i .,^_CLA^r»-i^.l r^h\ i,.T..n ri'^fv^^cv 9 

.r^=3C^ ^ ^j.=)rai relarf."! rd.SOK' KllK' r^ixj^vso ."\^ rdAa 

^ocn r<^a::iJ=Q .^^o^osai r^A.ii r^Ao .K'crAr<' ^ ^iAm.icv 12 
vyr^* r^Art* .^uli^^^^K' ^^^ ."^^ r<Ao i^^ocrxUSfl .n*jA 13 
r^^oAxcuso rdlAO .cfA rfocn hur^ Jtoa2?3."ir^."1 r^Ll^^i.! o'cn 
^K'i.^ .."Ur^liQA Axoco rdLa-wSO cojla.! K'lil'?a\ jLki.'USQ 
:t^ .^^^ocqI ^ocn kA^jji^ r^iix- .^J^ni' A^.i K'^cwsn A^ 
K'iijt. AA^JSOi rdsoK' OK* .r^Lax_^^v.soo ^^co-Usa t^»s~> 14 

9. a^O)]"jj] A. Q_,.05llo B a-e. ]^h] ] > ^ ^; A. 

11. .w-LJUo^riLQJ A. j„kk1] AB. f^a-e. 

12. (ooiiLD yjuA] .^cnl. A. 

13. ] l 1 S 5?] ] 1, .1 jl3 a. »CDQiD5"|)] A. .mV>?]? B a-e. 

-•-*5j-liD et ante ]\n K»i^ script. B a-e. ■.\]v^\] A. 

.j^lZj B a-d. .^j^lZj e. p] A. po B a-e. 

( » V ^] add. Zooi a-d (in d autem punctis improb.). 
»LxS:] B de. ]jAli.L*j a (pr.) e. ]jt^Al^.»..Kj a (e corr.) b. 


15. vjA^ooi ]i OnASoo] A. Om. ^AjOCTI B a-e. 

K'^wvil r^LMOia .^huam K'.-v^^^a r^-xii Accat?i=» vncv.i 

f cairi' .K'iix- .x^rsT A^:i rsli cvxjjlIso -.^ia.xsb ^K^^Am 1 XVI. 
dKirxxfi? • ■ • •^\ r<lv->T..i rcis^K'cv K'^vnflo r<'^^ip<'.i AjAcd 
-en r^jA^ .rc'^CCzA Kl^J .Ts»- .1 oxxiiii rS'.Tix. r^vw :i^ 
[jLi] V K'ca^K' ifiLj.i r:l!LS»3.i r<!Lix2w'i ri'.s-ij A.iw am ^Wjsm 
Kl^K' .rdxjiX CVA\ K'iau^.Tajjtlrj rfocn r^A.i A^^co ^cu« 2 
r^LliikCO T^Ao .rtlrjioT K'.Tia- Ai^ ^ijaoaK' K'Ax^K' .Sire's 
AkH^Lri^.i cnio^re' r^o .oaco ^T>v>.r3 Jk^KLxl.l.l cnA>CuSr<' 
vyr^ .' K'^vauk^Ax K'icara K'ocrJ ^crA^vxJSfl na^ K'aota V*V^ 
rd^U> :%^ .-rdxl-ij.i rc'AvJSziMi .i KIiaA -ctA r^oco .Tnasn.T 
.oom ^„fc\A.-o^t73 cTTLliS K!L2k.nx. ^rel£u-jjJCJS« r^ll^coi worn 
^a\cn ,• rilSflri' ^2^-^.1 .* r<'caAK' Klu^ira rdXK'4 
aAr^.l .K'.icn ^^K* i*^ CUSk-i^rf .rdXM ^oAco vryAK'.ta 5 
T^SflK' AK'.i AuK'-i.^* .cQX^i=j A\ccn rdiajt.1 Axocn T<'i>^T^ 
^cn.i KLi:?3.TCv / ^^ocaAi*- ^ocn r^AsK'^ta .choco cTX»av*r<' 
r^v -ly .KL»o.i jL^ K'-JK' K'ivAjj ori* .^cvcn K'TJsnr^G 
reLi\iJ OT<' .^cvcn r:ll KlSflK' ^^^cnusfi .tm.ICv .^.i\i ^^Jia 7 
kA.T.I r^TJaai"- pdjj"i».i K'lXcvsocv .reln^-iflo oocni rd^i^JaJi. 
r^-t\ ««l K'^o.l r<'i\x=3i^c\ .cvocn ^-»*"irelA r^.io ..jdxcu 

32. ]l n 1 K . V^'-^ A. "Pq-m-^^Id B a-e. 

XVI. 1. ^ . . ^■^- b. 

2. Z;XQj:d1] a. Z^rop B a-e. 

3. U-'uDJA. U-^Ba-e. • "Uiiij] ."U-J^ a- 

5. .A->l;.-iA-. C7I ■ g^ m B a-e. 

6. ILdI] a. ^OCTIIdI B a-e. 

7. ') ;fr>v "j -mv A. .OOCJl] .locn ut vid. deinde .0001 B. 

IAjOj] ex emend, restit. "|Aj.£)5 AB a-e. 


.<<inh*'a A^.i 

.r^lSOAO ^jki-.K' .ocvctJ ^\h Kls«r<lll K'.'Ui- ^2»3.t r^ *^r».i rdJuo 22 XV. 
T<li^,x^^o .oocn ^j^AK' en V \-t x-^ rt:yar^ ^.T*cn 
r^r^ .Atocn Kllaji k'xaJL .oaco ^.liU^ul:^ Kl^o^a^o 23 
.AjlmO iat^ r^Lzij C^=) r^'cnAK' ^Ajj.i.t KLu^i cixi^TiiJiA 

■\^*?3 .or>^.ix.O K'Aux*— i r^i?3r<' OT^ixi2*-C\ .,»._ocTi.."UX-.l 
r<'^ ^ I in .1 i*\. even vyK* .K'ctAkLs.I K'^ 25 
.* relx^.t coAa.i r^jJLfio rdAcdso ^ocn r^L*U» : r^-ACvAsai 
.rc^iln.i K'.ilx.O rdxl-i dfc^j^io / K'.lLo pdiiA .^cqj^K'.t 

p^'Ak' .ifi:a^ r^A r^JLat rfAs'ia cnli=) r^siT, r^ASQ.l ooA 27, 28 
OK* .^oco K'ia^.iAvJSO K'crAr^j.l cTiifiaJSqcv.4jA ^coiriK' ^ira 29 

.K'^a^t >>^\nT. .j^.iS'iM'i .1 Klio^^ ^^ .r<'iii. jAt^* A**. 
i*^ r^V^K* .>»^irxa\^ K'^Q^ 1 fn "-yi n *gi -> K'i^n ^n Ops' 30, 31 
cno..^^ A n i» r^:yiAi^ cni^.l r^\ "ka^ n ojCU.i cq1*o^2.i 

A& ^ .r^-flpcv-S y xJi cn^iaA^ ^^r^ ^K' KlJL&cn .dfA=u> 32 

21. Om. "Ik)]] A. 

22. M ^) v^dl A. 

23. ^^^^^^1 e. Om. "jZJOril B a-e. .w^OjZ e. 

24. CJlZ; O SO A. .<TlZj_»0 A. 

26. .^Ajj a. 

28. m^ mVin ..\ A a-c. 

29. t\n9 B a-e. 

31. : OICL^j^ B a-e. .. >A\ «-^o |1 nVn<.n A. 

32. Aj] B. 

.K'^.nir^'.'i K'iaito 


A^r q ^ccn rd^xu^xzj=Q r^ ..-uilo r<'."ui=> r<'OCT3 rds^ai."! 

K'jPn i\ r<lS3."Ti»-.i ^..c^caiJLi.i r^LajrJSno .^ocn ^^jvociii-Aoa 
t<lr»"i A:i^ rC'^'i^CU r^JS^rcf vr^r<'c\ .t<'ocrJ ^i-U r^Axjii 
r<^\i\s r< »_CctA r^LsoK*.! r<''i.i.5'3 r^lxiA Op^ .JCzxVm 16 
Op^ .^ocn ri' X ??3i ,..,ocai\ i >V n .v^.l ^-2fl --«V .^oco 17 

.t<'ocn irdLi* .i-^-t T<'.Tii. cv.^ ^ T^soa.^i K'icuj.i cni^xa.i 


r^h\o:yi Ask. ^o^ .tar's ^oi^.tii.i ^^cn>ii»i">o .r<'c\cn vv*^( 

.»v.V~>^ pdom.To r<'^QQ=i Ask..! ^^ocn r<L»v»*.ic\ ..^^u^^o p<lA 20 
.rf^X^r^ \h\~i ^a .p^'ocn .ruaa^^m u^JlIs.i pdJi^jK* p<'iaa_3 

^A^ .iVnn-) pcLioi^^.'i ^cncx-iA^ p<^.\n\^ vy'K'.i ^^ocn 
jaoc\JU"u_ao.i K'Av-sq s.i p^_i_Acn pdA .-»Av-»»»j5n.'« pelA .oocn 21 

15. ] I TO? B a-e. 

17. UAj]] o| a-e. .A^OOlBcd. 

18. >n\^ B a-e. 

19. ^Aj]] e. AjlABa-d. A^OOl 1 

.^0\11d a. y»2i(J\ a. 

20. A^OCn UUj?0 AB a-d (txt. e.). A^OCJl UVk. po B a-d. 

21. Q_l-DQ-Oj B a-e. ^AJo] ^> SV) »? B a-e. 

rd.A^iAv»i rdxij A\yg3 K'.icTJ JL^-O .TVs-i^^vsq AuK'caiT^sA^ XV. 

cos ^.^ocoA^.l t<L=sCVa» ^«^u^=3 rc^ s. 3 Trp .1 ^co .moon KL^TLui 
T^-»^a^Av:sa .^_ocal=?3 .tu .tjjJAl KlLa-ii AoA^o .^^A>r<'7 
dfAjj.i Vrt \ "M A .cixA K'ocn^ ._ocn^cv._A K'^u^n.jji.i ^oco 8 
AK* .-A.T 0_ico .cnt A ri.l r<ll-rj\.l rdJl_A» ^\^_x. .rc'caAr<'9 

0003 . «"'H .o\ocD r^jAc ^_ocn9\oA ourc'T^ov* r<'ovJ^jji 10 
.ooco ^^.szLsji K'.i.ijjlo ^inn\o .^ini^o ^x£kaJo "U^ 
vyr^ .oocn . .-< r» *'*' r^LL^coo .oocn ^t3..»»,^ .^_ocri.5?3r<Llo 
.ctA ^^fvvi.oA^A>\ KLajosm oocn ^"i^^ ."»^ K'^coaX rds>3.t^.i 
: .«o'cn ^ca_*^v-«r<' r^Ls-^cn ^ca-l-& ^-jAcn .n ^ :u&o r^K'll 
.kISOjjHA KL;?3t<iX oA -»o'or> .^jO^i KLui drw-^TiMn A^^^.i 
CVmaT-K* KLsl-JAtJifl r^rt^ .* cnltS-i-A ,»^_OorilS;>3 .-vijca r^lXo 
.cnlo >»cnQ.Ain .^_ocrxi»3 :v» .IjA Ar^ r^K' '^.^cvgiV jjlxj .1 12 
K'iix. jAnif .1^.1 K'^O^A .PC'.ijjt^K' .rso^ ,^_oof3ioAAo 
^-Acni K'Avj^xwio .KL»cr>\ r^-i*i^"i oK* .^ocn r<l^^^^^ 13 
r^'*^! wio .r^^O.A» T^-xL^.l K'^urj'i^O K'.'UjO .K'coraK' 
».^ocai2?3 sa> rtjA AaA r<L>\i» .1^ .^jAA"iA\»3 rclX.T r<ls»3t<'.i 14 

4. ]j«-K» B a-e. 

6. ^CTiId"!] ]iD") B a-e. -: ^S^ c. 

vOOXo-XL)] ^01^5 B a-e. 

9. Om. ,^1 a-e.__'rD_L_2L^lD0 (arete script.) A. 

vpcnZo 1 m g^ (^Z>loo ab. 

10. oocn] ^1 e. j^j") .^ I n K>ib (om. OOOl) ab. 

12. OlliO] A. ctOio B a-e. 

13. .,_a>SiD5Ak> abc (e*). 

r^liAaers.i -»cn .K'Aujia ^ ^-^^ -^^ .o.tL»^T^ ^ en V. -73.1 15 
aLm r^Lx.A\£k,A\2?3 .rC'ApdjL rdW^m ^va4j^ K'Autj CV^rja 

r^isnx^cs r^.i-^ r^Lic ^^oooxX-Hso : r<'_ix.*r<'.i K'icv-jjLTja 
^...J>cn t\ s K*!^ .Vik .r<L»-i_& ._jC^.TC\-_MT<lX .ca*_^^T_a 17 
r<L*iii cnla ."uno .en tTljJi ^2»3 orA .ar^Ao .r^^i^^vs^a 
rc^s-)Av5?3 T<li50O .cn'i'i-i\ K'i.Tik:»3 rd^^'sa^ rdia^o ..._oaA 18 

rc^T <\^\ pd^K* .^t«JiiA>J»i r^h\CCx\ t<ls^.t:*-C\ .^cnV^-i \ 20 

r^lxij A^..i rdJOT^ rdJU2^i\ OK* .rd-xlral r^LaCVj* J^XK'l ^^^ 

.PC^iix. A" *f tfi .^^i^ caiii'^ ya:tn ^Ocn JSalflo .v>> rd^'3(<'2 
ca_»iocX-X. vy^K* en I > "n r^s"iT..i .K*! rt\ rtllj^.n Klx-jjo 
^ni^A.i kIIm t<Lm»3.i .irfiix- dfcaui cn\ ^vn:v^ .r^lJa-C^.I 3 
drLJ=n.4ji:i rdJLJj.T rdJLl\ Kl^-^vx-n:' rdJik^re' OK* .r^cnXKLs 4 

15. {1 . » ^j] ] ^ » » Q_ifc_05 e. In cod. C. exciderunt folia 11 

(xiv. 15 V»AdA1d xviii. 11 .r» ..m .]1l 

16. lAi-a-C^O B a-e. 

19. ]l v,-g^'^ ^ B a-e. Cr>n lAVi] lit. nj in i-as. script. B. 

XV. 1. :>a>j5Z|) Ba-e. 

2. .15^^] Iplj A. 01 I m] ] > m B a-e. 

4. : ' .1 in ras. a pr. man. ut vid. script. A. .|ao»*,:2j B a-e. 

.OCVCT3 . «'v'i'vAv«gi ^^^\cn^cvis »nT-> ^■•^■••'f ""l^ ^oXco r<l5 ^i\s . 
jL_4_SfcSa_r..i .< f r^Jt-cn .aoco ^"i-i. K'.'U-x-i r< ^\ a k i xa 9 

.icuaA-s r<llo .p^vjAJsq .aK' ooco ^vm.1 .ia>j> \ n K'oco 

rc'io.i.T r^La^i** rdiar^^ ^cno .oocn ^*a\ : ooco ^iTm 
Aalxio ^^.1 K'oco .^^i^i.ts .^\A rilxo."? ^.V5a ^^caa_rw.T 10 
rdlo i._ocax.2?a_x.a._\^ Axoco rdL»ii- A \Si. .r^iCU.i coIlm 11 

cw -g !!- *% „^_Ocal_J-J!k.i.l OCT) •U!^ •* "^^ K'iJS^so.i.T ^_OT_aLJ»5f\ 
K'^^K'.l cionX AK*.! rdA^K* .' r^:ilx. 0.^=J .^.Oicb K'-in^i 
ii^ r^:snr^ ..uiT.K' ^co ^SO ^vV2k.l rtlxi* A^ nr'.icn 12 
Aa A.2^.1 .r^xSx. cnt\^ df\Ta~*J3o .^cn KIj^'xAL. r<^s-at..i 
^r^x^Jo rdsn.^ ^^"^^ ans^r^ .ooco ^:u^ »_ocaajs?3 ."u* .ij* 13 
^ctAoAs ^jl^ n^ .KliAs ^cA.l rdraojj.l -coox-'ii. ^xno^. 
.r^h)Ajsn KlX.i K'^oJLm AK'.i vwK' .r<l2a.M-i ,^_cvAcv.^.l 14 
^jAco ^cA ^iVn .• p/i*?3.i r^ rd=»cu* ^oivoop^ 

7. -Uol] 1:^iii^ C. Uo5Ci4J C. 

8. ^ZqS I n a*^ a. 

9. ^CTLij'iXol A. ^cn ]V>i \s?] ,_*Aai ]i Njj? C. 

^5 ^Cn] ^5 ,_^X<JI a-e (B**). Uo] "JOCTI jJo C. 

11. .^(j} A. oimV>K» ^01 > 1 I s>) A. 1 mV)Kt C. 

^V.pu ^.jAoi ^5 A. 

13. »-»OlQ-»V.»] ««j01Q..«_»_» a-e, rvt"* ^* 

14. j ■ 1 > 1 '^.N?] lit. j^j in ras. (pr. ut vid. script. 'jLCiXj) A. 

.♦"^ibj] ,_a-Lb5 A. 

r^^'-uAt.l it^ ^^-^^ .oocn ^^iti» ^ K'.i.vikl ^r^i.iu 24: 

rcli-iJ^ Klicn oco AK* .-U^ K'coAk' dfA-Mrt ^o^k. ,.^nh\r^'25 

K'SAuso K'H-rjo.1.1 kLuVo K'oA'fc-o r<l±&^ Ar^ .1^ nrwo 
^..CKmi:^ gi-nn .rt'cvco ^cutjsn ^__c\mh\CL.s>r^:t r^LacL-u 

At^* rd^K' .rf.ico .icuxira K'ocn r^o .^^ JLk'^vsi rt'.alia .1 1 XIV. 
r^JLakjK* .p^^\orsiX ._ocojc£i3 A^ctA ^^cn\ aocn ^j,^^^i;3 
.a^K* reL^K* .,^_oijaQ_i>_i rdJ^oK* A.**- .IQ »\ n r<'ocT3 rdXn 
T^-i T cLu OK' [k!j] .^^.O-AU K'A^O-mK' ^ftiJijji.t pc^T » \ 2 
.oocn ^'ir^Lu K'irdjj ^»JO .^^^As^a^ rdiAs^ ^s>3 i^^.i 
Jl-^.1 K^snr r^lAA^M ^^_ocr> \ n.i KL=i_^oi.i r<'^c\-*OJa oK'3 
p3 rcllo .CvA^c ^^AJ^' rdi>^x. ^ .tw r^o .K'iii. .iS^rJ'j: 
K'*oA>cu_S3 Kll.i r^LiiiordX.! ocn vyK' KiAk' .ol^jri K'^osa 5 
.AacnidruaoK' K'.tix. .ixs.i K'AiosnX ,^_ocnACVA .oocn ^i^^cbi 
Klxaj.i k1^o\ .-tjcs ^rd^cxx. Kli\jio rd^.i.X'.i ix^ rdJVAK'e 
^_ra.i vyr^ .kL»co\ ....^ojcfj r<^i\\^' .^K' K'.iAcn ..^j^^'^^sw 
K'^OJ5?3 Ash. .T<'cnAr<' df\JL_»*.i ^jsa K'^^O-aJSo KlA rdx-Sil 
K'.jirC'.l K'Ax-X_*.TO K'^1 t. Op<' .a *gl \ T.. K'.I.VmJi cruJ^Ajji 7 

23. ^ . «-^«->>.Vn] ^^ , nn I V) ab. 

24. .OSLOZI C. 

25. Om. .^j^. B a-e. Aj]^5o5 "jooi i<lj!i^So B a-e. 

Ora. A^lniJOJ C. 

26. po] p B a-e. Om. ]5A.*lD C 

XI Y. 2. Xi]^] U»U» B a-e. 

4. ^ . » \ '(j] AC. ^'.'\(^ B a-e. 
6. , I n] 5A£i EC a-e. 

r«?lL:^co "U^ -"T^ .r<'crAr<' ^ Ai».i.l rd-ixs^-Oi hur^:\ .• rdxii IG XIII. 

K'A / ^i^^JTa.i ^Cf3 craA oocn ^ii^r^* .^cncjJK' ^sw 

r^cnsT^ 1' "^ .r^-*gifcN» A% -i.i .t<'i^_*cQAT<' K'^a AnV °i.i 

orxua .v^ chjsCi .cvi_i?l\^ KUirt' r<L*CX£- K!JL=»\ cnssi .^xa^S 19 

r<*CwJL ri'JL.rsvrsa .t<'^Cuij5a3EJ»A o^K*© 0.-m<X-Z. rtlz-^JS 20 
• CLj^xs-K' r^Lal^.i r^\fs.^.i ^cq^ts .n^ ^cnU^o .o.Ti*^r^ 

r^LlU.2^ .T» A^J5?3 .• ojCVS. ^K'v-VSk-o .K'ocn ..^ocoAutaJLa 21 
K'^a.ii^isso .rt'.T.'tiJ yn^^ ^cu A^rs.i K'.iAik-O .• K'Avaj'i^l 
AiACTJ ."Wk .r^crAr^ rdasasaia.i ^l^.i rtlx-icv.vao t<'iaj»s 22 

■\^*g3 .ooco ^*Hxflor<' r<'.-i.T-iJ3 r^laClw "i A\_*r<'Ta^ ^i*K'23 

17. ^^-»Aoi] BC a-e. ^cfl A. j^.»«*.L]^ ab. 

19. .OflO.^ Codd. omnes. sed reponend. videtur , 0^101 = KaroiKT/'crav- ' 

Tcs. Om. |Ld>5 C. 

20. l-iCLM] \'^i^ |-2a>^ 0. 

21. r^] r>^? C. ]l .IS ] A. }j.a>l5 BC a-e. Ir-SuCDj a. 

1j-2irb5 bde. Om. ^A^j BC a-e. 

Iroakii^j] ItdoLoj) B a-e. 
]Ii1 iiiii^ ,_^lcri Ba-e. L^]'^L. IjJI) ]:=)Q^i:3 C. 



: ^i\\^n '■n pcii_L\H rdsoJicvJA : pcijr<ls>a\ >3.t-o r<'H:vxto 
r<LjjLiJ r<lir<!.»all.i / ^^r:' r<'^.TVSO ^.i ^crA ^.kscnjo 
r^siA**..! r<lA.T^;p3 ^s-iT,.i rt'^^saxw AK* rdJL^on ...^cujAatJ 7 
rdJLXtt^ ^ <\^.T v\*r<' .• K'crAri' ^fvLij.l.n rJHrd-^niW .• ^Aco 
K'^ont V^ ri'.ici^ .h\^\ K'.'UJL ^J^ii KlxiAo .^au 8 
.^-•■tJsaK' .1^ g -n\ K'.i.o-ijAo .cv-saAjort' K'cqAk' 

.0"Tflar?3K' T<'"icvj A s,.i ,_a_3cf3 .io^Kl=Ji r<f i\\^' K'^Aua 
jjir^* cv->i\^r<' t^Licncv ...jjx- cucu*:S'A.i ^ \*\r\ rtlX 10, 11 
:^ ^."1 rdJiAjK* .i">icwi ^r^'^^Ajj ^j.i rtlico .T<'acn "isor^ 12 

Aa , fv» ■vaA^ ^^ jjjjLfla»r<' ioLLfio r^ljaK* r^A_ir<'.i K'ruK' ^Sflo 13 

.scnu.i octA i.->V ctAju ^ As.^a ^^ K'ctAkiA.i .ooco 
r^A .,i>a_x.<x^ KLflocoii.i cn^io^^ A}i^ A^cv .r^h\'i°\i 14 
KLni ij»\^ .Off ^Oi 1 I n .A \n.i H=3^vflQ.:s»3i ^ ^ Ajj.V 1^ 

A.^.t K'^cAgXt.'Sia A.i^cn ^^U •p^ctAk'.i ^cocuriBoA A^- 

C. ]j]V)\\?] bllnl? BC a-e. 

9. IJQJ] "|JLk» a. 

11. -o.-n I rni C. 

12. U-'l? •IJ ^0 Ba-e. 

13. ^5 ^ocrulD ^] ^aiiV) ^j j_»j B a-e. j^juj C. 

cnZila^J] A. oiZ5q4j B a-e. Ujo^J C. 
U. ^ ^] ^ a-e. 
15. OCn] w»CT (in ras.) ab. 

|1 ,r<iSuosn A^.i 

.xLjar^^.l .^r^ J^r^.i ^m ^^ oc\cn KlflaJLo^^r^.l XII. 
.^^^UK* .TooSfvo o-l^ux.^ rdJco pc^tn icwr^jo . ^^ooaJLisa 
K'^vjjJ^ ^-»:: ^r^ .culsoz. K'ctAk'.i k'AxIm.i «^_coco r^K'^^j 1^ 
rdL^ rdXl K'ivx..! ^cwo \i \A>rd\.i .rfocn^ K'^oe-JLa 

K'io .^K*.! K'^CU^iiXjxJ ^-SQ rdiK' jai-iL rdl.i .v<A 1^» ^^ 
At^ ^.T vA .»±a^ pdj^i^.l ^coaK'.t KVrAr^ ^.1 rdar<*19 
u\^ »j1 .%^ . . >n^T ^ vv^OS?3 i^ua AK* KLjco r <f . ^n\s") 20 
.r^^5^ A ^. en T <\ 1 »<'.V?- .rdJoO^ A-j^ ^co ^^^rcii.i 
r^Lsnx.ih.:t Ao^cn qco ^j;^ . — .yAs^r^ cQ.Moi t^Liaotjcv 1 XIIL 
v\os AcvA ^i?3 .oiAos rdJL^ tysiT. : r^^osj.n r^-xoiA 
i*^ KLa^Are' .r^xii A^ r^lis i even .\\T*?a.i .rcl^^.T* 2 
^ocn ^v^T<' ..n.»r)ft.*g3.i cuL&r<'o : r^lzijA o.T^^^vz.r^ cyAK^.i 
.K11.ACT3 K'aen KlA.T ^_»?| r^JLOT .^Acn rdijjA CUri.i\K'.i 3 
AuA .rdanClAA 041 Ainrq K'orApe' A:^S rc^liN is KiAK'^ 
rdsojA Ti.^ g 1 (VTu .KtJU^i.l caa:%jjOt<' A^ Qifw-i-nA 
.._ooo^O-A ^oco.i K'.iOJ rdA A_jAcn Kli^r^ .t^jsrslaAoS 

14. ^Ol ABa-e. ^CTl C. 

15. ]LZS\Loi BC a-e. ]iL] IjA^^ BC a-e. 

16. Om. _»> B a-e. 

17. ]L^Li » ■ kkJ a-e. (B**). 
19. 5AiD ^1] 5A£3 ^0 A. 

XIII. 1. .o-r££L£] .Oimn] C. 

P 1 S5 infra lin. a pr. man. B. - ]i . v ^ V*-k» ^^ OCT! C. 

2. IjpI] U^l BC a-e. ^ooi] oooi A. 

4. imnVil^] 0; m n^nN A. -]«"vAn ]£]iA A. 

rdX.i c\ca_ip<' ^\_3r<' ^r^ .oAuJsna cdiLo Klx.i_r> yasajsn 

»A peLsawi jaiAa^p^^ ►*:! •--'^ .r<Li=j\ yana ^K* ^r<!iJ3 5 
r^Jii^cn .1AO .JLa^ml^ .a^qiv'tiib K'^os^ A.^o .K'oqa^ 6 
XA.l .^^r^* i.l-i- Kli\^.n co-SOr^A .pC'oco r<^sr> cnJUsa 
: Spuv^^K' r^iAa ^cn .^crAri ^.1 : cnz^J A^ r^Lflalu 
.1^ ^Al acn .r<LuJa jaou^^^x-i.i tmAm-K'.i octA cn\i\^ 7 
ii\_s3.l rcLsa vwr^ : CTjAu\i-\. r<^"i^a^ KLlxA_rj cojsir^ 
^^ocrAsAa T<!Ais>A 'V5?3T<'o rdiih- .isflrdsoA ^n^^Uk. Ai\n 8 
Cl^X-mXs ^_»i ^_C0q3 .j-JOT<'i-i..l .en 'm. s.,n .Amcso-ui 9 
ocn .cvix^ orA A^Ni .kLAa^.1 cru.ic\0,z« Aj^'M ^r<''i»Au 10 

oocn ^iJ3uix3 cnA.i r^\ ^^^\ f^'^ '"^^ '^^^ '^^^ A^^*^ t:*^ 
■ S'^ i .'^«T 1 Aa ^rt n^siT.i KlJoi^ or^* .-vr^K'o 11 
: K'^OaLsio K'^fviA^ r<'orAr<' ^ Auajaoi.i : .tij^^^ rdX 
^cn Ask. .rC'-iii-.'! r^2^Aif\reL=3 niif\x.^c\ jao^^ .Aono.TnsN.i 12 
K'nco ^JS3 r^v*V-2»-:i r^icvjA .vwX iA^ K'caAp^'i cq-1_^i 
kA .>AiA ^^_0-^ii r^ vA K'.Vii-o .7i\'v\ K'.ToojSfla 13 

^._ocai_2?3 .Vi .^coJLSn.i .v^^^O-^K'.i rdJLcLxjj r ^T >'oi\ 

4, ] ^ ^r,\n m a-e. Zo^TD-k* a-d. 

5. Om. ^5 B a-e. v-.2.nn\V); B a-e. 

9. Q_ir-K»,£i] f£5 supra lin. a pr. man. B. 'jo j^ a-e. 

10. ^"^^ 111 sed ex ras. «^^t A. 

11. lAcii A. 

12. ^-V^] Ijcn BC a-e. crU-.?] ]j_.> A. IpDOLo e. 

13. ]lal^ A. 

.cocn .ri <^ ^ ^cdcl.sAk'o .ca_l oocn ^^drux3U?9 co^iA no XI. 
K'aco ^cncihur^ .1^ ^^ri ocn .ooco ^.toc^ts ctac^^ ujriljsoo 20 
i^K* KLmlxTU^ r^LJeo T<Lsa-\j^A op^* .rtlico rdJ— lords 
.^acrAcA ^^Icn rda?^!!^.! t<Li-'ia.T3 K'iii. A^so crA.T .K'oco 
orf iA»^ c\cr3 rdJLAA.iV»J rdX .^."HK' rdlo ^-iia^r^ r<UJr<'21 

^ ^^ K'Jk' ^K* rdlr^ ^rdi33 .K'^'ii^i. ifvJM-wis ^I2«a 22 
.• rdjai rdiaCUi vyi:^ rdir^ Art* pdJK* r^^isa .ia .^K'23 

.._5^_a) v\A>a_JOT^ ^.»,*gii\s. K'^x-t .K'i»*ix- K'sci^io.T 24 
v>^cv.^3.t K'ocD rdX .^.iit?fc.i\ jaoA^^.l b\MJ^s^r^ "^^^ rdl.n 25 
,__oon*^r<' card^ ..*cn T<'i*io ^ v\^cu .K'.icw ^cn 26 
^.■uiJr^ ^■*-^ K'oco rdl .Kf\*x^ji Aajj rdl."io .v^\H^ 27 
Klj:tfa>.S79Ji.'f KLmlJ^oH ^lU-jiK* T<llr<' .K'^OJCv'il^.T rd»*s»3C\*"i 
r^LljL^.lV-^'9 rdA K'.ltN.i r<'."icn Aih.o .^ ^i^.ljj p^cnAK' 

J50.1 .frr'oaj r^h^r^ r^siT.n aco .r^Loorvaa A%i.i i^vra ^ 
vyK* rdJoil^ Klicn Aii- ^mcL^ .K'oco rdii^ ..^orAoA 2 
^j»l iiA^^^K' ^u^r^i T g Ji2l^ .1-^ .oA dfui^ rdAQo CV.4J0.1 

ea^cA ^r<'T»^ K'oco ^ardjj cor).! K'^v^O.l ^'2«0 .coT^via 

19. Ante », <^ » in marg. characb. min. a pr. man. script. A A. 

20. looi wacnoAj"!] ^-lOToA^l B a-e. "(jcn "iJCL.t]J] ]jai supra 

lin. Bed a pr. man. A. 

21. Om. r-*-^ B a-e. "jZojOjiOQ (sed nunc eras. pr. O) A. 

23. ,]i^'r^ AB. 

XII. 1. JJCJI ^1 po B a-e. Zl»1j_Oq4 B a-e. 

2. U^] A. '^i^L ab. 

rdXQua ^oAo rcl »a\A .*CT3C\^fior<' ^cn K'acn AAsrjrTj ^."t .•;;^ 9 

. *\*\ ^^\J5q orxAxja J^n crAo.^ .rtlicn KlOfito Ask- ^cr)CvA^.c\ 
. ^ en cv-SnH CD oacn ^*xsi^^vJS^o .rtl^i n v. ^ojso.n-sa K'acn 
.^ocn r<',*Ar<'Av:s?3 K'.-^lJL.i triJco r^-iV-s ca_*»0"i ^.i .i_a. 11 

• r^O-T^ OK* ^ Auk* sscnl ^K* r^lrs^I rilA .1^ K'^'ita.X. 
A\^.-i .^,c»,-^?3C\.A> cucujC^al A ^r^ .T3^ rcf iVn rflrsr^ .'Urj.i 
K'^vi..! ocn kIaJu^ .rdJicn Ari' ^4»s ^^.i .1^ .r<li»c\-5m 13 
.^_^<^^ : r^lioiJ^^ orA Ar<^T *?a ^.i o^ .oocn ^xnictM crJi^a 
.CTxA vsnK'o OCT3 r^ii- .ja3^r_io Acv^Kla.T Klra^-^a.i ocn 
rdsaAjj ^.1 KLlxSwia •'^'^ '^-tr^ 'J'J*'^ ^ rdjLlxra ptliK'U 
r<'^cU3^_=3 Axi^cn ^cna ."t^ »jcn_3a .r<!Jr<' ^..^ocaxir- i=» 15 

.'U^UL.^n r<liVw^v:»J At^eo •,^J<^ .^r^_*ajL A ja.Vt IG 
^j.l .1-^ ..v^x.rC' .atOQ *73.i Ao_^ri' r<A."i ocn ...j^^ ' .t-s 17 
.jjLk^^'a cixA:^ .T^o .Kll^^ Asw ^ctjcva^aK' ..oIcd '^_:33f<'18 
K'n^^^MJS'S .^ocn ^i^\s-t73 ^cnoi-'^a.uo ^cncusorico .rc'acrj 

• oooD ^A.S'ijjk^ Kl^^TM rc'.'^a.aiLo .r<'"icu ^coo^cxm^ ^.i 19 

10. Om. .Q_2lO . . . 'a^ ^ w_.<Tial;.iO A. 

12. Vr > g^> ]^ o^. / Ba-e. Om. ^ B a-e. 

13. ]L»]y Ba-(1. 
l.'^. ^1 > njZ] e. 

17. ._i(T!Q_.^u.j —ij-iCn A. 

1 8. ujOOil OOOl B a-e. 

OOT ^00 .s^TiT. ^n .1^ .v^.-Ui. OT-iufn.i ....aicra.i reliK'lT 
.Jto<xaLi!^K' r<'rd»J^ r^jsa^a .trd^^nX K'op^o r^JSJ.l ^rcfl 

Ax.i_»J r^cn .K'otAk' ocn »:*^?ii. KL1I1..1 ^r^ ..An:\ coir^lsfl 19 
j^ AK* K'.icn ^ "^*\« ^-^ .^cnxceuaflSi KLiaA vv^ oco 

K'ctAk' A.^^-3 ^^:^ vasa .^U» ^jcacul r<L\ -i »\ »_i^^ jSO.ico 21 
"rv»<^ T<'c\or) V2«\ K'^ctAk' t<'^""i»2?3\ .1 i*^ KliaW .poAi^ 
ocn .^Ajsao K'H-i-X- ^ 7 «v> K'-icn ^r^ ^.l .'UA .^vjK'IXI. 
rdir^ ._^033^vi>3 rd\ .i-tar^o rc'^«*-,-i?i\ icv.1- rilaLSawS 2 
KLir^ .K'iix. A \*g3 r<ii^AordX r^^KlSaA rdloiJ^ Oct's 

K'^oiAusoX ry^Vfp or^ .• KLiisax. r^Li^iX rdi.i=j )afla_s»3 4 
T<LlcQ_=3 00^ \ \*?3.1 ^^s nr) rdi-ra .rdJElrS' .iln\ r^A£DO 
^.n_^;j::o KLsoiaX.i Ao\^ *g3 .^A ^i_1t<' .=3-i-sj rt^'m \ t^K'S 
rdXK' ,. V ty ^-j.-Sk.^cr)^>j^ KLml&^-x. co-qpo 'yy\ 10 .^JU» 6 

16. ]| 1 » '^ a-e. l^r-»^] 1^'r-»^ B b-e. (add. 5 snpra lin. in Bd. 

in b. autem 5 in text, eras.) 

17. ^Ij]] B a-e. 

18. ^1 PI Ba-e. (d*). 

19. Om. 001 A. ^A'^m >.Vn A. 

XL 1. ^1o B a-e. \±^ A. 

3. . . . ^ ^1 .. .\ Aj1 . . . B a-e. Om. "U^^ b. 

"(j-i'rX B a-e. 

4. U>A>V^\ B a-e. 

reUrd-Sario .cvlim on \.».i r^-xflocoiad ^.i ^K'i.i-Sn .ukiJK'.'i 5 
.<x_oi_%c\ a»T <\ >»coa \ \icv ^coanl'K' .rf^u^'ix. .uaH^.-^^ 
r^OpPiBo .A en 0:^1.10 cn^uL-n^ ^«nfw ^-Sgcv oocn ^^^cv G 
^^^ Kla ."T^o .oocn ^va^\_2a .acoojui'^o ^or)0^'ia..r).'i 7 
^^.ocora.i r^rdSi oix. ..^caUCV^U ^iivrnK' ^ .Tmis.i oocn 

.t^\\i^ Ajk. CfA OOCTJ ^AuSO CoAvbhJL."i=JO .trTOCO ^=1 

^i^vE-^TS .j> CD 0^:93.1 en o .^ocn ^cia^^r^ .^cnovs^^jj cnxl^o 8 
T<ls«.i.i K'^vsii-cuo V- r^<\\\-m^ cniaoaX r^ocn K'vwo .oocn 
^usn "71 \ re'ocn o^i-n ^."i .i-iw .-ocn ^-»ii cna_^ ^_ro."» 9 
K'iix-o rc^i-^cu IcC^ : K'rdiw^^ rdJoi\ oK' ^Aw .i^r^io 
vfCkjcoi V\ *^ ^.1 ^fOr^ .^JLu ^^i\ j ft? ^alcn k'crak'.i n 

K'ocn K'rd^.T vyK* ^» riUcn .^r^ ^.1 ."V^ .o iiitv? 'g A 12 
.•K^sn.TD ^cn.i r^^K* K'ocn .^cno^K'.T rdlirell .^\_=>a-2ol 
rdAx.^ red .ctA ^ij»>T<' :uA -cno.-uJi^ rd^i.-.siK'.i octA 13 
^-.."1 ocn .vywjK' co-ra a_i_x.i K^CUlx. -*cb .^K .^KU 
-al^.t Kico »lo^ ^*r^ rtf'ocn r<A -...c^coX i^r^ 

r<lloi\.i coi.var^' rdXo .T<i=Jo\ r«4^"« -«»»<'•'' .._ocn^CC33 

2. (JLIDo] OlO abe. 

5. ] . m .;;]g^\ Be. 1 1 m i^^a^ a-d. 

7. Oni. .")oai A. 

10. : l]la^ IjO;-4 o1] add. infra lin. ,j^ (jwli V. ^• 

12. Om. looi (post ^OIoAjIj) a. 

U. ■ ■ . 1 i n;.m7; (om. j^^l) sed liteije .^j_UO— arete in ras. 
script. A. 

i^L»:ilW .»<'i\auaX re'^>l=a cn_iJS>3 ct2J:ax.o .• r^.-i^ \nn^ 28 IX. 
ca^CiSk ri^ ifv>-»V ^cdo.i^^o .cal.To i^vfian oirviaK' K^\i^l 
^__ajcb c\xi r^Ll^m ocn cafi.i r^_^xJ»uo .caio.'U r^-»J.i^ 
^K'"Uxi-» rdJco rdJtjj .1^ ^-»."1 ocn .K'^\_*'i:»U K'^CU-m 
yx-xSk-j^r^ A_Sk .uco r^sa .t<'oco i-saK' rc'oco i n i m t?a 29 
^n r<'ocn itaK* .^cnraK'.'! K'^cu_2a*oa ,\\.*g3 .pCmcwsw.t 

»_2a .'vvc^OJSaii T*^ »\ ^ rt V -^ r^ -> T O-M.i Av-ir^ ird-»."l 
Has "U^^ rdir^ .^aa.iiK' K'iix. jiars' A^a t<'^ca-i -i»<irr r q 31 

OcrA .in 1 fp T<lA^^v_l ^vL&^^.i r^AJL.T K'A^O-SO : r^Jco 
A0-&KL1.I K'r^j^fio en 1 "tq ^^t s. ri JU^ .ci_*^t^ t<*AvA^.1 

: j^i\ .A J^K* oco : .^i\ o^ujsq.i ^orA.i rdjDr^ ocn.! 

29. ».A.j-iai C. 

30. . .\i? ^] AC. . i\.j? . I lV) Ba-e. 

.* ^a.XlQ-»)0 (.^.7oVi^ a.) ^Zq1d59 l^i^a^) B a-e. 
. . . _k) {-y - V->V«;n a. ,.^. . . \<vO«^n c. .j^.»AkL»jO b.) 

31. Om. ;_»^BCa-e. '^ , 1 '^1 ^ W C. 

32. In Cod. C. excidit fol. (ix. 32 l^,o5)— xii. 11. ^ ^3). 

l^jOJj] ]SiD A. 
X. 1. 1q-»j a. "jojij B a-e. 

2. Om. .VS5l » I > fcSj 001 de. (sed add. postea, in marg. d. in 
text, post ]Sd] e). 

^:% ^ocn rdLaL^AvJSo .cv i t nr^ K'i^a-Usoardrs ^cnoL^ 20 

^xjsi^^v^ ^coc\s?3i\^ : r^oco a»r<Lz. cnifiocs Klacn rdJr^lsa.i 21 
r^r^ .ytcnvsr^^ cnva KlJ.*^ rdsaAsw ^^^^~3 f"^ .ooco 22 
.rc'^cuL=L**^03 rdA\ K'cvcn .aijjA>JcJS»3 K'ioJk cx^ja.i o'co V^T^ 
oca Ci_2?3n^K' .V2?3T<' :iAk K'.ilx- iuK'^^Ajj K'oco V3.Aiki.273 23 

K'^cnt r<'A>cuA^^.1 K'^aajJsA.i rc'^CUirdn .^oia^^ 
K'^cxLJli^ cr):t»r<l=i.i .re'-iix. .A^rs:' A:*- cu«»cvisi K'Avml*^© 24 
.^SO-sA r^L^i^A^ ^coJaK' .iJ^cx* ^J=?3:! r^coAK'.i K'^rdA 
.r^_i\ja-*iL.r>3 K'cu.i ^crja^K*! rdJco rdJO-C^.i cTix.i=j >iAflp^a 
.T^ [\=«] ••• ^vsaLt. cnx^ .f<L*(TJ\ rc^ i\\ ^cn •i_»3K' m^o 25, 2G 
rdjiia. ^"^-^W •<^*^^'' re'^caxflOMSOrj K'ocn icfjAx jcil^ ^S 
■iA\_=i ^jsa ^cno^r^.l .' cn^>J»)CUi_r3 p^ooo r dV - \ .t ooq_\ 
.reA\'T_^.i rdj..i^*K' .^oca_»:ureA qt iNk'o .r^jsaxjo ocn 

rdX.v:^ Ao-^r«i3.1 rcla^.l oco ..J<^1 -cnaArdx. ^_».1 :WA 27 

19. '^Z Uv.p. ]3q-i c. ^^-v^^~v5° ^• 

20. ]^SdQ-.i? a. ovK^ii* B a-d. 

22. 15QJL05 C. U^] )i\\ ab. PI c. 

23. Om. • - ^ '7 B a-c. Om. .]5;-» B a-c. 

'vdoD-o (jLiiD looi. . . C. ^aT-»rj]J] *.jaiOp.(J C. 

rq , --<7>{\ ^n] C. vO^-»V-2L^O AB a-c. 


y-^f^ .-^^Vao ^r^ \s\h\:^:\ \\^ ^n Aori* .^A*. ^Axii. 9 IX. 
oi-Sar^ ^n .1^ .paVsA.i ri'niiT.A^ .K'coIk'.i r^Ll*.T ^sa AuK'lO 

ooco ^.v^i^JL^.i ^_=>3 cur^ ^-n :i-2w .rdrjii;^_aoa.i^ ^2« 12 

xii^AvJWJ cn^Hi. ^ rd-jjL*^i ni^JsaA^ ctxA:^^ r^^A>-»J-=3Cv 13 
r^jj,^ .0000 ^j^Sf\Avs3 .Aooo-ibico .^_ocol^ n^o .K'ocn 14 
Kli_*.i.i riL=u.lLi^-=3 r<'r«::j»i5^ KLaoi^ Or^ .i^K'o K'ocra 15 
AJK* ^ \\ "1 K'ocn rdX .en 1 « s,i-=a rdL'sni-ud .tr ^li *in t . 
re'oArSla.l K'oco rdlo .^ ^K* .•uA\XJS?3 rdJict3 rd»iajtor«l=> 

^K* l^nC.i ri'.ior^.i : reUiAA coA ooco ^\jsnr^ ^^ X^ 16 
.•_aaA^(*^rcii*au> rdAACo rc^ .V=?3r^ .rC.-ui- ^ r^cn^^.l 17 
.A_£aicn Oj3a.iYi<\ .jcoa^^ .nis i\:i K'r^sa^^ rdix-sox-sa ot^ 
\^ ^. v ' ^. -1 .cujJt_a. ^^'ix-o .^ii3a=3 r^iairs ovaoK'o 18 

^.sor^ e^ •'*^ .r^Xiii.iVSa Kll ..^oox.AuK' r^^oiAu2;3 .&1m1 19 

9. U-^5 B d. ]n I •L A. 

10. . <v> > g^ (\ ^ (in fine lin.) A. om. sSi] C. 

11. dlCLDrCD C. 

14. -_»t£:iAk> (in fin. lin.) A. 

15. fco^ A. "U-ij? B a-e. 

17. liSCL^] 11^? BC a-e - > ^^:'^: a.b.c 'JOl OOfT)^ A. 

18. V.^A'>Vn fcSiXuj BC a-e. 

19. ^iol A. iiol BC a-e. 

rtlA.i ooriar<' .^r<!^.i\ .^^cunisa i*^ »X»^cn3 .^cnrsK's 2 

^ ^cn r^^^Ovo? ..t\s. J30CU>^ vrOE^ .^Ajj ..^ ^K* r^-Vsb ^ 

^ ^re* .iVki-SQ V^o^ rd-iOcfj r^J»as>u ^_5>3 •izA.i r^l^ki^ 5 

ocn JU 

A\^*« : r^L."i-a^. »^^ ^ t^a-oo ^.i ...j:^ .vy-tix..! r<*\n> 6 

ji:i\ ^K'i.^ ^ rd\ : iusjo ia.xflo rdJ-AoK' AK* K'iii. 

rdJO-C^ OK* \t\ca r^sn\ .r^\ r^nnr) ^aaL»i .^K*.! ,^_ca on 7 
r^ .rc'iii. AlLjin ^ AuJSflAx.T i*^ ocn •^j<^ ..^^^uiaj 
^Acn .1_JL_=> ii_^ ^.l-4» .vyoiJL ."Urs ^ ^K* rdA\i infloifv 8 
._j^^cux»-J."i r^ll_JL\A .pc'^cuiajjaojsa K'.icn .i.i -)0 rdJ^or^ 

IX. 1. ;nSV)\ ol B a-e. 

2. ]A' ]lv>o ; ^] BC a-e. 

3. J.C1L0 ]^oV<^n ab. .liDQinJ ^ iSli^ c. 

4. _^ " j^o . m B a-e. t-iOl ] 1 ■ n] ^ ^uOi ] 1 ■ O C. 

'^5 V^ A. 'X? .'U-^ BCa-e. 

5. A<g^\ > BC a-e. 
G. 'A^ ^ U] 'A^ ^? P A. ^1 .y ? BC a-e. 

7. (TLaIdZj deiii ab al. mau. Ao^Zj A. 

8. ]1.V^ BC c-e. ILlId ab. 


.r<inhro A:^?| 

r^Aui^.i rfh\<\-X-SXixS^hKJsn rcdrso /^Jloj ^JAXAvjm reli-2« 17 YIII. 

.^-sor^.t CTDAxoao^ A^ ^A r^i!^^c\ ..._^>-S?3cLo Aa^ j»cuu 19 
.\^ V-K.'' r-*^ '^■^ .^hyjLJSo snx£\hy^ rilr^n rd^i^o 20, 21 

ri'.soi^ ^a :r±x^ca ^Aco Klvii ^ ^x^ ^iisiS^sn rcii_»J 22 
.rdjil-ir^ r^i«\n-) r^ .orA ^J^V^^ rdji*> rdJaa 23 
even rdL^K* .rf.i-i-x- \\^n rdjjcaajt. uso^i r^ocoi rd\o 24 
rdJcn KLa-SO.K' ^-sa •t^'*^^ ^ -"^-^ r^ ^u=a.5>3 rc^jtoosm 25 

.-l^ .• rd^oAiL oi^r^ ^cn ^ r^ru* r^o rdlr^ .rdjAJO 26 
.,_octA=3 law cuaitoni' rella .rcU^Orill A^JsA ooon ^^.t»Av^ 
.r^_3T<L^ "M '<^ rdx-i* A^. ^ifnirgj Ti^ atscn .^_aca»^r<'27 
.^^airircli.'! »^ocrA vdjsws p3 rclioi\ Jli.:i cosa^.l rdiAco 28 

17. -^w. ^.WVAVn] .'^1 .WASd Ba-d. 

(sed a. e corr. »^i . \\\AVn) /^i . W^A^ C. 
^1 >\]A<^ e. 

18. ^\n] ^\n c. 

19. ^ALdqjd '^ ciCDaj>»J C. 

'n 1 ro ^^] ^^ a man. rec. add. C. 


]j_»j B a-e. 


Iljjcn B a-e. 


dii^pJ ]J] AC. aij;.OyJ )] B a-e. .^j-olijU C. 


2.Qjj^Q_»j B (in fine lin.) a-e. 


jAj^? c. 

X-cL^ .i^K' ^co ^_»:i .va [jjL-Ss] .,^.c^CL.S3^ rc'.niir-i.i 11 

^_ocaA K'ocn .ryit<\ *?3.i K'oco i nrn K'AOlmi xas.i ^ vyr^ 
K'Auiw^-JsaA cu^r^ ^-»n n-^ ..-urn *?3.i po.T-sa ^^^cvAardJ.i 12 
.kLuAv-SJI rdoH^o .K'^'ii. ^i^o .r^x'iaAo t^^Jl^A 
.r±x2La>r^Ci .rd\\\^:i r^.'uK'a .K'HcxSkX.a r^\ \\*^ rdio.Too 
.oIm.i .r<i\\' .i-saK'o r^cvi^ rdis*- .K'icu.i ri'ii«a\o 13 

^cn K'^u* cvv-mc\ .KL^nMCV.A.1 ^r^ r^.vx..*t rdLsa os ^t. 

cn^cxjko'i^^ , r^*?is\ .-u-sa .rdJox^ cuia. 
Kilo ...jocnAucaj .*oorj ^^cvwi oXk' ^-..i .-it»^ .o^-jaao 15 
.0000 ^»MT»3^\J5q ^...acniityk.Ha t^A in ^jX^v^ .0000 . ii»"i\ 
r^'-^AsTS : ^L^J30 '^^■'^ KIjUK'o ^Xjj rClLiO.i .^ca=i K'ocn r^ 1^ 

10. Q^j] add. oLj Bd (B. in init. lin. — in d. rurs. del.). 

11. .,-^ai i!^] ^} p BC a-e. 

12. ]}r^Q C. X^l^y A. ljl2.iL.l0 C. 

U. OSV)*] OVk. B a-e. 3? ^ i Ncn JliD 0. 

'jjoXj ^] 'jjalkjo B a^e. (niaJ0;-4 BC a-e. 

15. ^01 I 1 *.Sy*"^] A (01 in ras.) ^OT 1 i S; n C a-e, (a. pr, ut 

in text). (B**). OOOl ^ . ^ > >'>AVn C. 

16. .^ ]-rD C. 

.^^_ocn^a-»cvrdac\ .^^ocoAxv-mls ■icoA>a ««:u» .cvocn ^jl2l»v& VIII. 

crxAcv^ r^co t^iT.cuAO : rdLir^ ico^ ^._c v^^ -q :u» ."U* ja.i 
^^^^sA rdLlr^ vOt^ .icu>.i=i r^cvcn rdl .r^K* %d.j2;3 reLiaK'.i 
.K'iiix- V->7 i dm T<!-a-j» rdJJt-.l K'^cuia- ^co ,^_ca3t-^ r^.i 

rdx.V3 ^o.iitonS'.n r^JV^K* i*^ c\cn r^r^ ^^r?^ .KlsawH *A 

oi^^^ .1^ /..^oiuK' ii"tt»i .uxMOr^^a rc'^ KLia^cxx. 
^'^_sCi:is _,^ %\\ »S A\Aif\ .• ^.^OAjcaaK'.T t^V3Cv."?.i r<Looa2»ua 7 
,jLEix^^\sx) ...^^jJi*:^ ,^_c^^\aLjjLX..i ii^ r^sa .k'^o.SOjj.i 
..-. K'v-^i.'i even .^j<^ rdlK'o .,^.cv-a^Q i\ \n ,^^r^8 

AjL^oa oajCU* ..'usonc' .^OAlso .t*> ."U* AaX rdixxja r<'."»ii=j.T 9 
A^O ...^a^Aoicuj A^ r^r^ )QjJiJ5ao .KLiK' JJordj* cnoL^ 

4. 1j^Q.»^ ♦I; I n •O "t^ B* a-e. 

1Zq.*_1_» .-.Ol] '^CJI ]Zo 1 1 • B*C a-e. 

5. Om. ^1 C, ^oomL-) . i\ ^ m I ^ZZ? Ijoi ^omiD C. 

Om. IjpI C. ^-JpQQg^N A. 

6. V^iiOy^o Icon V) in A. 

7. ^a2il^K»-») A. '4^ ^^ I n 1 ^ASd a. . . 

'.^ vOAjI . o;<7^ AV> ab (b. pr. ut in text.). 

9. 'niD ^^V^noV; A. -IjI ^U»] IJ-CdU» a. 


rdXr^ .crA AuK* KliaiAjj r^Ais i otiri' A^ rc'A^K'.l A^^tQ 18 
OCTJ ^_^a_Jcrj .rc'ca_\r<' ^fvJUji A:^ ^^coA r«'J2k^r:'.i ^_coct3 
Aa^cn >i."tJS?3 re'Ao .K'V-iis^.l -»cocvx» k'.avJ^A ^<^^ .'icuA=3 20 

rc ^ Vt-iT . cfAev,aj3.T cu^K* rilAK'o .kiIaja:^} ^^cri2U*wT A^i^m 21 
. CQ . *\ ., *? 30 .K'craAnrlA ^J»LjcraJS?3C\ A'tr^ r<'«i^a.c-»."i\."1 K*,--*!^ 22 
^^iV -yi N., A^a ocTiirt' •• CCT3 Kli-acJ^^ f<'^0'i^u-2>3 A^jsn.t 
•i»^ ncUjAn .K'ii-x- A2^_^ r^-xiiA KlAU r^Ao ."in.jJ3al 23 
Aj^ . yy-q ^coo^rf ri'-jni^^ kIs^a;^** ^cnc.h\*r^:% r^llir^ 
^ \ w .1.1 rilliiwHa n^ .kLijA^* ^ri* pt'aco A^O ..^^e v ? 5> 24 
•:• OJ^t ^a ^cn ^j5>3.i K'.'UsA .cocn ^^ocobAuK' r^'crAK' 
^Klsiai »<Liai^ ji^n\r<' riUi^X-a rdlLtflalra .i i*^ AV*^ 25 
Aap^5>A r^lajto K'ia.^A K'^-.s^.'StA -rs-S^K' r^a ..sii^ .«^V 
.r^LzM ^p3.l vyK* ^K'v*V2»- ^^.'^cra .r^bKrxx2aJ:n r<'AAc\Arilsrj 1 VIII. 
ocn ...j<V\ .KiHa^^S k'tv^^ ^^sa r^i&jr^A cu^sA .^joJ^ 

.V^ .Ck^^K* r<^v> °» 3. r±AA^' .r^o-iA^ ^.iAcfa :i n '\ ^n 

.lA ^crA .ooco ^Jioi ^a.VSJ Ajxa.i .nitJ^AZMO r*f °^'^Vo 3 
»jc\cQJS?3reA K'Axjiw ^-sara K'.io.^ ^asa.Tai : f^_lcviA^ K'Vm 

20. ] . n^n] "U^]^ C. "U^jvlo ab. 

21. aj_.l] 001 ]±J\ C. 

24. ^O] ^ B a-e. om. ^"j Q.—om. ](JllL B d. (in d. a 

man. rec. add.) 

25. o.>.ll« ]]o bed. 

VIII. 1. .l]l^? C ab. ^o^> 1 ^^ C. 

2. ,]jAH.k> i^£iJ C. 

.re'^vaa!L K'^AA.relSia h^^h\r^cs : r^ca^r^ ifAj*scv r^^cu^s YII. 
.r^j»aJ»-Sl rduaJLsoA r^acnJSoA ..^ocoA rdlo KLl^co 

A t fv.\o ft A^iiaL r<'^A»0-aLX.^:u3 vv^cu i-i«m *: q .-u-rj K' ii'NT . 

rfioJ »-5a.l K'tit no .K'ooo ri'-x-n vvtJ^D ^.i ^ t, Aa 
KlJv^K' .i\si\r^ KLxu As^-.i rdrjT r^^kl^Jaa .^ooo ^Of?» 11 

r^jk:%aosfi KLs^rfAsoXa : K'aco ^coi rs^'gns ci^^ : K'oco 
K'ocn ^rclz. :t^ -iv^'-Ar^ r^-uoicor^ J^K* rdJL^cn .«5l^\ 12 
.^orAsk ^ ^1 K'cnj^Q^l .oraA>s..'i .a.Vu^M.r^ kA .re'icun 13 
Ai.isQCv ..« en a=»3 .103.1 r^Aaj^ r<'ocn ^ixLJsao KLajao ocn .i&.i 
♦on ii Sii.i reU>oi-3 .A^^^r^ .^coO-iaH-X* ^jr<Ac\ cni_^^ 14 
K'&vU^vacA^ r^h\C<-ytSn\ dr^ '^^^ KlsoiLfloK' ^att^ i^cr> K'.ViAo 15 
K'T»ix- r^s»3iu» vA .f<Lijaoo_»u rdjjAo r^li^H K'vao.Acv 
Ashi : rda_oo K'isu.^i AjLSkcn ocaJK' •:• .i ^ \^ K'^aj^a.i 16 

.KVrAr^ ^jj.l r<AsQ.i r^ii^i r^xjj A^ ocn .^\T*:q.i ^ca 
9. 2.j^5 c. 

12. .OULiJ^J y£D s'^\KtL»] ]J C. 

13. 001 rDj] looi yDj BC a-e. "jooi . >; «Vnn] . .. « Vnn B a-e. 

14. .^rriKj A. 

15. 1AjjL£:a4 A. .lirooV^io U^j ]aJ!i0 l^iijo^o C. 

r^jAcn .r^i»caJ» ^*-\^ rtlJi^ii-acco vw»r^ .^oruJcxxfia^jJ.l 1 VII. 
K'ooAK' drv,Uj.i.i r^JiA .1*3 ."iv^h.AK' r^_3J3o ^^^O^K'.'l cnlo^i 
K'.'t \ T..1 Klai p^.'gi „» CV-^^ .* K'ocn i-a.V^ cn^T t m, ■'?q 
^(^vL ^oacvisfc. rdJo-t^.i r<'.'uix.A>o r^:yis>o\ .v^a .rdx»jo2 
)aaAJ3or<' :i.3A ") Kilo .r^^or<'.i rc^Tt\Jr. p<^\ \ ^^ .ooco 3 
r^^^o K'.ii.i relsj.n:^ .K'oAk' dfvijj.i ^_sa ^cficuA cv^^cnr^ 

K'r^Li.^^ KlsTo aSr^l^n AnnCU '^t^ Klziijjca K'^Ua.vSQ 
ii\^ ."Wk .K'^vrrA^ on\%~) ^V^i t^Jco vyr^* .* t< ^ M »Vt •? 3a\ f<li\Aor^l3a K'.Tixa r<'Av»jaaj*s?3 cox^ ^ocn r^Lru 
JL^x&^CQ.l crxu^i ^\-:^ .cnA oocn ^v^u^.l T<l3^ordl r^-^\ 
vyK*'a onus i i^\. "^^ •K'iix- jjaknsf A:i»- K'oco 5 
^cax. rdxM.i kAcxxmuSoXo .ivikuXr^ ..^OaK' Kl^xjaJC-.t rdJLX. 
r<lX .K'^CUcra-aA K'ocn K'oi-.l KlioQ^ or^ ......oco^CUlxa 6 

ens ^ix..! vy»iaA KlXo vyix.o r^^u^i vvA^cxaJ» ^V3ai39 

VII. 1. 14j-Jj^(LD BC a-e. \nj} B cde. wjCTIOCl^ ab. 

Om. ]^y C. 

2. r^O] p C. 

3. {-»-»»^] r-»^ a-e. j^aoi] B a-e. 

^ ^r> > nm] ^ ,_KK^ .-icnon'i'N oTisail ]Jo C. 

4. 'iDoli^ ^oALD Alpi C. (om. ^oZ>lD post ]j-DC7l). 

]^V^ BC a-e. "Ut^ A. 1,1 ■ n] V«J1^ C. 

."ij.n I no A ]d]] "jooi Ip) C. 

^j-.^?] ^^4J^? a-e (B**). 

5. ]gA . o «^] )j2la>d15 a. ]]o • iJlSo!! i^lo C. 

looi ^oi^ C. 

6. IjouA ol a. 1q-»5 BC a-e. old] oio a-d. 

^.nucc^ T<'^cv:^i4A,3 ^Laxm rdJrdib ."ua ^^o .crA oocn 25 
^».l x-Si .CGcn ^^Oi? i .Araoi^^siar) rt'^cui-floo .coA cvocn 2Q 
eg T 9i > ^ocn rds-^i-oa .r<'oco .thI ^oacvj5>3H-^A r^L^.'Uw 
Auk* .^.tI A\lr<' .i_2?3r<'o r^Us^iA ^coai'xSw rdX^ .jajto^l 27 
•ifc-^ K'.'i-Lx.rj .jaiSk^.K'.'? vyK* »A dot ..mnQj.i . .K'crAr^ 

.aJ5«."?A ^oa*.T n s a i._OCTi_i^L».i A..T r^> >i vA Jiajaoio 29 
.1^ ..ukS^ .a cy> .^^OOT^^ ^LmD •._cicaAa.?<' A^k- r^.vi^o.'i 30 

cai&s»-i_r3 ^v4- r<'^»a._5?3.i ^cnaruA p^2?3."i**-o .^usa t<'."Ui- 
Ai^ ctcn J^l2_5?3."i Aia^on ^co rd_t\^ [v^a] v r<la>a5ai A^^jj 31 
K'-xi* i*^ cAk* .K'cfAr^' ^A^.-^rs ^cno^K'.i rs^^KS.i .kIxm 32 
K'^cscQflo ^acp .sjcrx* ^^ooA .rdAAih."t As. cocn ^x^A^'i^ 
rf^Acus cfA .r^LisA KlLii^i rd^^.t ^n r^^cra .K'^O^^.i 33 
rdAii.-T.'i K'-i.'U3ar<'.i .p«'.icu.i A jj.Vio .klA^Iox. ^Ia^.tv^^ 34 
.vAj5»a2?3 ^rA ^53 ^A^i^.t rdxsi Ai». ^K*! r^l^r^ ..*ooo^r<' 
.rdXiSwi ^Ix-^a kAs ^-S?3r<li jar^.l Ajl^co >*ca T<lA.A»a^i 35 
r^f<' .rd^t.i ^a-» fsdxikA .lO-jAra rfacra r^As r^j^r^ 
r^i^r<' »^_ocaA .3ca-» kAq .rf_ii«wt^ rdS^-MClA Ar^ 


^ji nm j] ^.tmni C. 


2G. .. I nmZ? B a-e. 

28. .^C7lj_£i.\>^ AB 

29. ^kJjV. C. ^i.] ^5 A. 

33. Om. bl? A. 

35. .-.Ol ]j^»JCL^5 B*C a-e. jn^ vVo ].iL»oJ:^ B a-e. 

•ti? A. Ikl^aH B a-e. 

Ae>.t ♦.i.^JS'S p^i *g3.'t-o dm ^-so.1 K'-ii-Aire' pe^.i > t n.i ocn 
.r^aoTJ Klihja K'JSJai pdlaa .^ctjoaLso.! r^cn rdAJLs^a ."v»-3 
.*cnQ_J_=a . ^ \ <^ ^ rdJL^K't pt^A is ya ^o^uso KLiSkcri pdA 17 

K^.T i*^ Are' .rdiiur^ rd^o^isi ^^liiffna rUk .K'rdA rclXi 18 

^_S?3CU_o ^Xm K'ocoJO .^m^\za ►J.I r^-X-on .K'^a»i\ r^lm.nSk. 19 
fAxracral .1^ .K'^CVALm.i r<'^XArj t<'ov*c_»jo> /^a^:^ ^xlcrA 

vyK' KlioiJL ^_2n ^>.i pe'ca 3^ 4^_^^\*\T. A.2W .rdSoiiA 21 

.^QcniriK'i -cncu=3 rd:»i:»JK' .^.caI .^Acn jAr^ Ai». .jl^^ 22 
oCf3CX-»k\A OK*^! ^^^r^ .O^as»3 ri'lix. o^ni' A:^^ ^r<'vil\^23 

IG. "looi U^ A. looi JiJD BC a-e. 

17. i>OoA!iQLD BC a-e. . ^.. « >>AVr> dein ex corr. forte pr. man. 

'ojZj a. ^1 -> ^ II nmi A. ^^1 nmi (om. ^-J-»->) C. 

18. ^ ' > »-'] ^,1 1 I K> B a-e. 

19. lAlo^iLD? (in fine lin.) A. .lAk^U 0. 

20. ]^oVv^ B. l<^Vv cn\n\ C. 

21. ^5 ]m^Aj] AC. ^5 ;mnAj e. ^5 o.-mnAj abcle(B**). 

^] ,^ 1V> BC a-e. ]jO^^] ]V)S^ B a-e. 

22. ^on\] vOOT.1^ a-e. A^l.-ni ^r->^ C. 

23. »-.aiaJHi^ o]] >.ui(tiq.>>» N g^ \ tib] a-e. 

__i_lioAlD B a-e. 

.K'ocn jaorLfloa^K' KLajao.i cniooa r^.a^Ji Xfc=» .pc'oco oi^vsts 

K'acn i=LxfiaJSO r^l A2^ .rds^-iK' A-s*. ^.i ri'cvcn A^A .oA 7 
f<^\\^ -«r»i r^o .rc'cvcn ^i^ ^^.T oonJLCUt .r^-ardA crtsax-O^ 
^:U^T.*73.i K''"i»ir?3 .^_cuor3 ^ ^^.i .tm .r^-aAo t^^ r^aca 8 
orA r<l.jA^ .1^ .crA r<'c\a3 ..^s-a sg cofio-Uw A^. .ens oocn 

vyK*© .KLia't5^\ J!^r^ K'.'Wx. K'oco inojaaoao .K'tA^o 10 
.^ojcrA r<LaJ» K'oco r^\ K'cvcm ..^As ."^^ ri'.^Au rd^A^K' 
^cDOJEb^rcf .«ocn ^.^^uJL.i ^1 .1-^ .co-s oocn ^:u^\-aL2n.i 11 
K'^oiaA^^ oocn ^i-»cn^ .^u*r<^"ii'\^ K'ocn h\cn \ *g30 
A^o .cQ-a oocn ^.Ta^»..tg3.i ^cn ^^^O-Scp ^r^ .en t Sv ai 12 
.co^cvii m A-^ oocn ^j-SOxjj.i AA^t^.i .«^\.2Qr<' ^\-*r^ K'.icn 
^h\snr^ huv^a .>»cno\N. oocn ^jLZsjn A^lk^.i ^^u^^ar^ ^K'o 13 
. ' ^ 'r^ oocn ^4aHx3 .cn>c» rgq.ijL a oocn ^i-^cno^i AA^.i 
^_ftAcn r^^v-xJkna .crA ^_»i_t?3r<'o r^%\*g3.i .^cnana'ia ^-^a 14 
rd239cbA^ ^J»j ^ ..iv2»jAr<' ^r^ naOJSa votaj ^0=1 r^l 15 
ocn vyr^* yor <\,i .%n^. hv^r^d vyJSQ.To ^XaS:nxsio ^Ass-SQ.i 
vyr^ ^.1 iv^i^K* ..ujjO AvJr<' Aapc' K'i.v**.! rfiflca ^.1 16 

6. looi ,^ALd AB a-e. (om. looi e.) 1ocn ukjAId C. 

7. looi ^m AB a-e. ]nm\\ ^ 1 C. om. ^j C. 

8. ^] rD A. ail "jooi li^ f6 C. 

9. .lv-i-4o AC. 

12. Om. ^i^iDj B a-e (d*). ^ » rn .\^ 0. 

U. '.i^ j^.«-2U tS\ jiSQiD ^OO ]]? BC a-e. 
15. ]rSn^y OOI C. 

oJtaj A!!^.n : ^^cxrixoo A^ r^r^ J!or^J» r^LSAcn K'oco rdA 33 
r^jaocC33J vs^ r^K* A\jw=^ rdl .rCianV ^cqsK'.i Ktjtoccau 34 
^co^tTa rdlo .>*A\nt3.4j K'^CVA^J a^rj rdiK* ia^i r^o .^o.ii 35 

re^.g ifln "ts rdlo .KLxfiocc^m r<li:^<V>o K'^ixjo* K'^cUcn^ .•v-i 36 

.«A . i\nn*?3 .*caii)K' Klir^* r^^.1 .1^ .AuM ^Kl^OS^U 37 

.\^ Ai*-*! K'^osaX rdlJ^J.-Uk-l vyiA^a ^ ^.liAutoK' kA.i 
.xnJLOjj Aa*- .K'v^xia ^iK* ..>i>T>3A\J573 ^^.i h\^r^ .2*.x-ijs«.irj 38 
.^r^ J^^ucJ^ rel\»j .-ua r^ .rctrAr^ dfAtJ.l .x^ni' A:*-.i ^^i 
: KliOT^.i cofioi^^ AincA Klxncn ^^i .vw .K'.iia.s. .-urs r<Aa 1 ^I* 
r<L*jLJ50oi ^.Tvijr^ cn^oA O-zsia .A V r?! K'^A^cnH vyr^ 
^X^CvAa .it SiAr^ »*ct3ai_^ r<'."ux- ^cv_X Av»r<'i*v2?30 2 
.r^crAri' ^jj.1.1 rr^^Q^wpdj K'ocn vaa>=«.T r^nfnN .*crJCU*ix-r<' 
T<l!Lcuz-r3C\ .gai^cviral «» coo. •»_»»<' O-^-^coK' »_»."i ^ i^fua 3 
: KlioiA^.i >.»cocu>..\ A ^-s?3 .v*» ."VA .cnA oaco ^.t_^j_sa 4 
rC'ocn t^'sn rdiJii rdlxxa : K^^Liso.i .^cncu.TiaO^ .Orn<\\^p<'.i 
OCT3 vyK* .ivs>>Ar<' ^K'iaTi. K'izil^^ ^^.T pt'-iinX .crA 5 
^jOiikJtoK' ►-i'S .T >A 3 kA .^p^ .r^'ocn .t-^J^v.273 r<lsn\ mrni 

3-i. IZo^ni o] A. 

35. li .n. b. 

3G. ^oioj B a-e. 

37. U?] ]] c. 

38. U; «<-r), «-^ in text, sod in marg. \L»^!l5jj::) 7 e. 

VI. 1. 1r4-iOi5 BCa-e. 

3. "Un ano A. 

4. -ro . e^^]^ A. (ia fine lin.) ,m ^.g^ZZ]? C. 

"|o(JI ^LID B a-c (d*). 

.a^ vs. 1^*73 cn-2 r^_Lo^ r^..i»vi-3 oAs oco vyr^ : ^isAcun V. 
.rd^U rdxiio .rC^i^;;*^ ^jcraAcv-aA.T .^JuSO K'^CVA.iJ^ 23 

A^^ .^iA> ^Ai^jV rdl .riASnra.i )a."i5i3 rf.^co l.i:-cv .^r<L»CT3\ 25 

^cn ,r^JsAi^:t oo.ias^k. :tn°vr?3cv ^\jjj^03 ..^^^.'t cr3^c\.i.MLS?3 26 
A .fp °kr^ .,^,_^VY*M \ rdlsOjaoo ^ca^^K* r^.T JL.j.^a3 
^.1 A KlLi rdl=)CUuao ^rok^K'.l ^:f ^cn ^ .A^rdsoX 
K'ocn kA .cq^^aK' Axfica rdA^ox..! Ao^rdJ rdl ^cnifioa 27 
^K* rdlr^ .rdjaoo:?!) Aj^ ^nsi^SQA ^A r^^^b\:\ .lcuA=) 

._OCT;a?3jj3 pdA ..Ti\v. ^r^* vyAi^;^ rdl r^Ar^ .vy*\A\ ^Ai^. 28, 29 

r<'c\cr3 rdl .-»0^ ^r^JSKi ix^^o ri'^jj^ .n'fc\. ^^_t<^ rdl^rt' 30, 31 
.* rdJr^ ^iaajs;3 K'^oia.i-^ ^jsaa .• rdir<' ^rfjio rdL^kCo 
Aaw ..iit.cxjj pai*».n:'o jscvi^pt' rdA : r^crAr^ dfAu.! AcA^.i 32 
.A\cv\^ ^K'v»V5>- r<'icua ..i^v^ rdl^jjJi^ .A.L&cn ^cn .A^irif 

23. ^ail^5 BCa-e. 

24. ]_Ji C. A^V'Cni] Zl.1^_.;_» C. 

25. Om. ^j_^ BO a-e. ,^1 i m i <=^V> a-e. ^J\ ab. 

26. »m_».^'| a. 

27. ^n\V)\] ;nsi> a 

29. ^C7iA<bak)o AC. ^cnZ^lDQiDO B a-e. .akii A. 

30. ]^^Z] I^Z A. ^jjiao A. 

32. Om. ^^j^oi a. i^r*--ii? ab. 

.rs^snipe*.! r<'i£iflo 


A:^ AvJre' J30r^_ijo / ^^CLJ-=xu*i.=79.i ir^ »n\ A>_Jt<' .v^coo 12 
^rf ^^K*.! .• .-iTw^^.i vA rr^sn^xsq ix^^ Ar^ .v\^a^x*j» 13 
i-is A«k vrA ocn .niT. .orA A*\y3 «_a^^ujj.i A^..i yxx^yi 
T^^sa-^j^oK' r^cna ^.i .i& .hor^ i^jsb iAnH t^^.t .' .ift><vp?u 14 
r^LapCV.S>iV=3.i K'iflaa AoAr^lH : r^OT^ orA Ktoco .\Ju^^ 
n^ »a\\*7i -qX orA .firr«\vi ivik^K' Ar^Lz. .r<'ocn o^o^"^ kA 15 
.relzxj^ orAa*w ) i_»irdJ."i -ir. .Aicfaii r^jA^lcvjc .nikii ^:% 
^rdA>asm.i ^ ^jLfla£i=33.ia .KlAJ^irC oK' ^Xm [coi] .r^JL^cn 16 
z^^za rdJcn ^.i ^X ^irmm ^^jA^ia p3 sj* r<A Arf .ia.i^ 
^ .14*3 kAo rC.icn A^^» .r^J3oasaA.i r<'^caAiA^^09 ^ 17 
K'ocn .Acno^K' f^A ^^r^ K'coa .^JU^^i^xm crx»in:o.i ^jojAjtoK'is 

KlL&cn f<A .SiK' .K^crAK'^cno^K'.i r^JL^cn .^r<'^.i ^ocn^iixfio 
r^ . \\ni r^crAr<' ^Am.1.1 K'^cuiifVt *wl.t .-^ r^ocn jauac^a 19 
K'^OAKlia.i ocn •.J^ •* K'icv^-t ocn K'crAnJJi iaj»^ Aa^oo 
J[^r^^ K'Avnicvva DK* i*^ K'^'"icVAi-V=> .AcVAr^Li K'^va.Ajaa^n 20 

^1 d>_Jr^ ojv=a-2n .K'ocn rdjaoo-soi Aj^ r^ >\>b.Qx. ^r^CLX. 22 

13. r^^l C. ^^ Ce. '^ ABa-d. 

14. ]ocn -mc^*^ ]J ]xDQlaJj B a-e. 

16. 'Lojj j:ii ^ 1 I m <=^ V)yiD C. om. ^ -^^ (^ A. 

|Zo 1 m I ^ZAId C. 

17. ^^^o A. 

18. .IolIL waOioA^lj AC e. 

19. .^O^Ij] .^OoI a-e (B**). 
22. Om. ^5 BC a-e. 

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i^'rdJL^to ^.1 .1^ ...jc^curaa rc^\ \^» \ji r^Lx.^=i )ncri taa 4 

f^r^ ' \Ji^\ ^r^ oo^cexifio A^rgo .cn^\-S'90.&s K'ocn .TiTn.i 
JLa^oo rdJcoA cnA .r^ocn j^^ru r^Jkoi-!^.i •^cno^^'io ^-SQ 
r^oO^ ^ca*V44 ^.1 .1-^ .rdJoiJ^.l ^cocs..^nx-a ^cncuh\^r^ 5 

.r<Sj^o K'vvu.i Ao^K^^.i .^cn vA r^K* vsAsn .yyV.'^.i 

hur^^:n.i^^H uA ^K* K'ut^os rdl .r^JLai onio^ r«fJcn i-k\^ 

K'^Ojlm.i K'ifios.i rt'^i^usn K'^OJ^rdSfl jsca* rdXk^ .-lA ^^^ 
ii^^ .^rf .cbX ^r^ r^\tw *?30 cQl=n AuK* .Tr^ h\Jtr^ .K'.ico 8 

^r^ .ocruo .aim'tq t^^iM "px^n v*<^cni JcaK*.! ocn r^sT.oio 9 

3. 11,^^] 12.,^, A. 

4. ^)] ;_k_.. C. A^I-LiDyrj C. . ■ I ■ n ab. 

^fj] B a-d. om, ^^j^Ol C. 

5. Om. 1jOj_^ . . . ^j y^ c. 

6. Om. IJI (ante o"!) A o] A. o] BC a-e om. Li] (ante . i \) C. 

7. %j::iTU BC a-e. cnX . . . otjId BC a-e. 

8. IZcuJoiri BC a-e. 

9. Om. Aj] ,nS^ A. om. OOI ^1 a-e. 

»^^ Tf^ r^on ^:v om .re'-^ns.\ -tniu.l cn^\T.t<'o .r^co^ oi 19 

crAa&.l r^Lz.i=} :iCuA=3 K'ocn rdA.i vyK* .^^jaoosoj iii^ 20 

orAa .K'coAK'.i r^A..i wL^f^ ^^1 ^cn jj^. .rcilajcrj 21 
K'acn .ninmi i*^ "^^^ '"^j-K. •._<>S»3L»isfc. jsocx^j^irdA 22 
Atr^ rdja^.t Js^^ata .JtoOr«liaAcv}^a >^ j»a\^a<\\r«lrs 
r^Jiif\ «gi ^\ ^ocn K' r^^o.TM K'.ioQ-rDCv .ooA ^Vk-=Q.t 
V=>."i ^-=aa ..^_octiA^ .i^uL cr)i>.3.^i.sq \^-> .^li.'ioK'.i 23 

..M'VT.K' r^ n^o .^0=0^ ia.lAu ^cnOcorjK'.'l r^Loo 0201=1 24 
: K^.'sq^n ^cncvoDCV^ai iAmiw •srA .jcnanflnQm ^ASn^LfloK' ^ xuiai 
.^i^ULjr'g.i K'oco r^VM -•cno.'UJt.a ^cncoiiJaX ^^.l ,^^_acni^ 
^jCTx»'i -IT. poifc. K'noL* »*ocn .^Jiw\ji rdxi AK'.i vw»K'25 

^js»3 ■*■ ^\'vV k'.o-aJL .'u=» oeo .^-»crA K'acn Jt-.v^ t^jaco.i 2G 
,pg^^">iOr7S>3 K'^OArdso ooon ^A^rV rUki .• K'ocn <<^^^ r t^'^ws , 

cn^cAXtj .1^0 .K'^v^i K'^v^cv.'Ua ^cnoosioi po:^ jaDO^jj^r^ 
.oocn . '^'-'^ ^._^^caij\ .TSk rdAiflO r^^ *:q crA oocn ^i«u« 

19. "liOL CTll^? C. 

20. Om. jclkAo a. ^L]] ^In^ B a-e. .^l] A. 

^?] ^ a. 

22. ]^]^} a-d. ^^\no c. 

23. ^O a-e. o^rbj C. ^oV)lO? A. 

25. .^aT-.',:r:i* Ba-e ^ >jA « V) A .^jAj^j c v^ocn _»p^C. 

26. V "j^n .> n . o BC a-e. 

V. 1. Om. p (iiute .JdAj) BC ;i-e. ^LL ab. ^CrU_.l Colo p C 

^ .OcD T^SiJXi^ t-^*-« ^ jaoCUJCvlct^K' r^T.n \.t r<^\t,M n lY. 
.^^_ocai»v= »jJDV32fl.T r^ir^Asa .col cuvu^r^* KLx.'"i^ r^j^nx. 
^r^.l r^JiricD .cvocn ^oSJai craa r<^\vio K'^r^Li^oo k'^xIm.icv H 
K'ocn .n^^jDO r^\%,»cn.i r^L^wiK* A^. jaoQ^cuo^K' Asa 

^_a^"tia .^cncvl:^ ^..^oA^.l r<'ooo .^lz^^^^ r^^'ia-^ ^sa 
i*^ K'oco X^r^ •oAxK' ^000,1:^ r<^ i*pit. ^.t K'^CUajjA 12 
^..Ocal^ .K^jJ.l ^^.1 cvcoiK' .^CC?xii K'oco K'oi. r<^\».l Ai^-.i 
r<l:kori«k oi ^^.i kLuccm .rdl&.»CT3.-i ca=3cC^ r^Au r^aJr^ -iXa ^^ 
isjacu KlA.i r^Cica A^.i.i acv^o : ^cn r^AroX ,fifTi<\\y^r<'.i 
^ K'ocD rdlo / KaXSK* r^\M ^.i .fiocuacvloD pt^\\*?3 crA 
r^JL&cno ^opQ.\s.. ul^ .A^c^tV JSoCUlcAo^r^ .' r^orAr<' KLu.i 1^ 
.^cajLX..i\jl ^cn r^LaA^soA co^cua.u.'rqA aax.o .^r<'i»oo^ r^jj« 
japg'iiNyJK' cnia crA A-irrrq .r^^\:^ jaoOJsoAjao ^vi=n ^.i .i^ 1^ 
.rdxiaa Kls?3i r^-ia^ .cai\^\az. jaoQii<\i<\p<' K'ic^osi 
^lvdK'o .K'^ojco^ ^o^i j:n r^^CuA ^cTx>ix. rdicn ocn 16 
Jao^.i oco ,_r^ .^co^ .rdJcfiSk ^i ^ooojjK' ...^afla.rdA 17 
r<'^^ .^K*! K'Avix. Aa .K'A>K'.v2a cnA A^ .rC'^COx.i ctA 
K'ocni.i ^1 era! jao^K* .^'iaLSk ^^>jlo K'rdsaiut.a ^A^r<'18 

10. "UiiiSj ]^y ]1,,, K>^ C : 'Ur^ ai2l Q_.Vk.Z1 UiCL» ^ C. 

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11. BZo] 4.«^o c. 

12. ."Uoj A. ."I^jjj BC a-e. 

13. "jooi ^^jj A. ."iooi ^5) C b-e. (B**). 
15. >pn > 1 <7\ > <7\1 Ba— e. .mn . i] «7^ . c^ ] C. 

17. 001 ^1 BCa-e. »ai2iib> C. .Uljli C. ]j^ Ba-e. 

18. .rri . <7\ I Q_g 

rdJA^lcvjc rc^m.Ainrao r<^niia2L30 r^icuacaa.i jaoCUJcAoJ^r^ 

K'^V^Ia^o K'^OrDn.i vc^.loK'.i vv^cA ^AxrV .rtljaAsn.i 

r^.2Uc^ ^cn ^co ^.i\'o .rdJca^ .T>^ ^nlao polz.ioK'.i 
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^.1 .n\ng .rtLaa^ ^ol crA ^K^.i K'^cv^^^ As,, -t«7t- 

>:bk. «^j^r^ ■\\s~)0 .^cncAi^.l KLi^coc. jslocuo .rtlJca 5 
vyr^.i .r<'ocD isQK'o A:s^ r^Lux^ t<Aamo pc^^A ^.^o^jsax. 6 

r^sas. ^.1 .t^ ..3.fwi ^V^ ^vas ^ .v»cno^K' rdA^cto.i.i 7 
: ctAsojcA K'ocn K'ijj^vMo : ooo^^K' ^oocucb AslocA 
^_ocaiAi.a\^^.i ocp ^^j^/K'^vim ^cn K'^ora^^.i rd^.idfo3a 
.^^i*:n\^^03 KLX..1CU3.1 r<'v-\^>-i-=3 A.^ a-\ a^^K'.i ^^cn 
r^-nib .Klla^cn ^cA K'ocn A\r^ JsoaucAo^K' r^sajjcAa 3, 9 
eo:UT<' ^^.n ooco ^^is^ T<'orAr<' ^ r^AA^o t^jq >^ ^^.i 
r^ocn .n\np ^.i .i^ [onsa]] .r^\yiT,Av.5q.i K'^ue*:vo K'^xSkOi A^ 10 

2. .. i n I iQg^no C. ."Ij-^q-* Iooi r-»-»^1 C. 

3. l^, Zli.^ BC a-e. ^^ iVtiffl A. ^]. ab. 

4. JTOOolJicD post ]^^^ P loco (om. ^CDOOaXcD post j"-"^^ 

2° loco) C. 

5. . .mn\v C. 

6. ."loOl iiolo AC a, .loCJl jiD"J0 B. ]j_»_^QJD)J c. llL. C. 

7. li-K*^^ *^]o 0. m\«-.on\ abc. W.C71] 001 B a-©. 

^?] ^ J? AC. 

8. ]ViM0\n BC a-e. ]o(n ^il A. looi ^0 BC a-e. 

9. r\H?] .'-VH? ^' -U-*-*^^^? BC a-e. 

^^^ooyAur^ rd^r^'.n ^^-^2^0 .r^nr>.i\s"i hurt ^iins*^ III. 

^cno^K'.i yasp r^LzSU.i jaoCUcUAH rdol^o .r^hvxxa ^ax 
yojLor^ K'.ico ^L^J^nci .K'oco Aj3^^t?3 rtlsa.Tsj.i .t^'iht. 16 
K'^K'.l r^xuA CQinacv .0D^\^^ A-anCU t^ ->^ rdSLZ-CUi 
r^^\sal K'i^'^ rcf.i » v i i*\^ cvco K'^Jja •K'crArdl crA 17 

K'in KlJ.T^ AiN-rq ^^.1 K'co .r^lXM.1 K'tj^^-h ^^ctAcva 19 

^^K* »A.vcn .oocn a \ •an^K' ^oocOl^. .._0ca*"i=3 0.icv 21 
^Oni onX r<'ocn hy^r^ ^rucn.i ocn : K'ocn vs.i^r^ r<l*Jia^.T 

^oi K'^K' K'.icD A^o .)alxi cni^rdA.i >Ali.o jai:^ 2 

13. .^.nV) ^lo C. 

15. Uim .mo 1 >, 1 o A. post ^no mi . r> intei-pung. BC a-e. 
. 16. ^\^ a. 

17. v9<^;-»-4o B* a-e. ];• > ^ « 1-^? C. 

19. 1A.S>A1 A. 
IV. 1. tj-^] ^5 BC a-e. U^on\» BC a-e. ^^.^0 BC a-e. 

T^iis i K*^^ r^r^ .K'lAii cairn."! JUre' r<',*J»j r^ •rS'"'<** 
T»\^ K'ooD rdl .^jaoM^ rdX cax.2n).i K'.'ur^ oA Ihon 5 
^ hur^a .^^^^\^-^ rd\r^ .tr^i»s.i ocn rdxw.i K'icxxi:^. 6 

.cnm:^ oocn hv^r^ r^^o^. ^^Ta.! r^ >.V\*\ pa^. : caiM ^^ocnusa 
:i^ r^cico .scniovfio-^o .cnl K'oco v^iiK* * .^^»i Klxjsnio 8 

>i.\-m:t ^ vyr^ r^^ArTS .oocn ^>iv K'^uraruo «_oaAo^ 1q 
r^.l pc^ltsrw crA ^ocD ^^h'iXt, .24^ ruw .K'oco K'cn^ 
rtllr^ .■\i'M ^cn*\»riL=3 00*03^1 K'oco K*^^ p^ * .poQixjj ix 
^us.i r^LtSO ^2>3i : coA h\<sca K'nuT. rdx*02 kA.i r^i\\Ji 
..scrA^uE-mo K'ocn iiaaAvsa 00^^730 •K'oco p^^vxi T<^a.n.i\s"» 
.^jA^^l^o oocn .tut^^vsq cn^v^Ji A:^ ^cncuxi^ ^ ^^ocoimo 12 
.rc'"i=Li\p Kls^ujiij oocn ^^ooo^AuK'.i r^Milf^ ^ . i*:w't' \s, ^^h^ 
^_ocai*\ crAoAO olnx. K'^o^o .rdiA^:! cnAx^j ^ o^u 
r^l^iato ^^_Oorni "niAsij.i r<lmcu>^ oiri:^0 .CUZ-rA^r^ 

4. ^Aj B a-e. 

5. ]^nov\ c, om. 001 BC a-e, .I'jJLO ]!] a, 

7. Om. ; ' . . B a— e. -L.Q.£DO (in fine lin.) A. 

8. Om. ]Ll-»^? 0. U-IU.KJ) B a-e (in B. infra lin. a pr. man.). 

10. ]ocn ] JiO ]J = ovK -QSvvaTo. looi l^^o A. ]^o (om. "jooi) C. 

looi ] J^5 B a-e. 

11. I^^^Vv^; ]^ G. 

12. ]>"-V^ ^] ^OToJ'Ag^ ^ BC a-e. ]iDaK.Z BC a-e. 

rdA.i.i A^^ .An^ ^oAXo «_o^JsasA / oons» AskS ^la^^m II. 

..acd tV iTn.i AXy'rq ,^_ocn^\-2aijO ».._ocnv\oi ocn J^^A i_2arV 

rdxij .rdJuiaX K'cqAk' r<'i=i ij^ :Uk .rdLi^cn rfoco vsart'Sl 
t^jhXJOM r^<'^ i^ rdj(\j ."Ua ^.i .t^ .cos ^^ r^^>.o\o 22 

r^^AAA::^ vrA^vai .Vs.l^t^ cos .ts^.I .Klfiocism KLlcnA crA ^crx» 23 

.r^ja^.i y tA-aJi ** i KLxm ^_ocnl^ Al2^ t**^ *-^^ .iSWr^iOA 
r^ocn r^ /K'.icn K'AxAsa cn-AurC K'pd.i^flg "U^ rdA^a^i 1 III. 
T^xij A^ rdAr^ .A9\x:^i rdJtocn K'vm^vss ^ooozm A^ ^-^\. 
..^^ rdA .^^OAJca jclrt' KlA.i r^xi-.r^ v^r^.l .rd^i^ 2 
oco r<',-=33 .cnA\\iA .Tn^^uel ^.i r^.i .rd^so r^ 3 
ctsjeSJ ^sa K'AuSJijj.i K'-SJi JCJr^ rdA .co^cv.ins-giA rdLfioasm 
^ovi-SQ .h\:pu»^ KlA.1 r<lisi i.-v^.i r<i^ rdAre' .jacuao^ 

19. ^\lio] VVr^^ abe. ^A BC a-f. 

20. 1 ^ P *P ;-i-<i O^l B (*hic incip. fol. nov.) ."|^ j-i^ cA] C. 

21. 1;^] ]'rJD C. (c. 1A:.010) 1^010 l.«-*a BC a-e. 

22. I...^ BC a-e. 

23. ^SjAj B b-e. ;^rJ a. 

17n.«^^ .o ]lnn op .]Ln n i i o C. 

24. :Vn]vn\ ^^...ocn ^n\ (ab. Lj]}) L*] Imu] BC a-e. 

^1 Ol C- ^1 B a-e. 
III. 1. ^JL^ ].K»JQ_«j BC a^d. ^j-yt OOl ].KOa^ e. 

^ looi P B a-& wOTO ■ > >] 001 ].«J^ C. 

2. oiIajyiiLkA A. 

^ 3. JjJLia. 



^jL^olzjsoo »^cair?3 ^.t»x^^\^'3 rfA .tak .A^ix^Q K'cnisK' 

OCOirC*.! ..^ATJ^n ^C\^ K'^a^^CVJL dfciMi A2k.CV 11 

K'coraK'.i K'Aoxui Aj^cv .cnfloaJ .rcbco^ rdLaoosny r^lLai 12 
yar^Lsio ^^ocaicnar^ ^.vr<L=30 .A^lxJ93 ^ao^ Kli-ia ^CU.i 

^.1»i rOco A\.T« oco ^."ii?3i .^oipjtoA^ Kilo . ,»^_ocTii2»iA»T 13 

.-cDOK'-iflo.i K'iiSiX. KlillVe' .nt»<k kA :t^ .r^Qoasii AA^t^s 14 
^jJuKlA )axxar?3cv .^ooCuaiJ.iis -t\ .^oacai.i ._ocaA i-A^i^'a rdXr^ 
.r<'_^\l r<ll>s.i K'VM^vsa r^wvii- ^.1 Klx-iJca Ar^ .^a»ii."« 15 
.K'^vwCviajL^ ^fv^TXtiiAo K'^cvAi-'t Av_2zi_A>nA ^1 o-icrs 
V \^ .^ocrAaA .r<ls»iflQ*iAc\ .r<'^0"V»^V4jAc\ K'^CuicrxriiAo IG 

.\\Tm i*^ K'.icn A^ AK* .rclAi rC'^vin.jkA Ar^.i relJ^AK' 
.^iiraK'cv ,^1 A^- rdx.at33 Avsajj^K' ."t^ i*\. ^^ '^^ 17 
r<'^C\£akr'3i=i rdlK' .K'AxSa**.! ya^lSfi .^ocn^cA i^-jao i^A 

..^Oore' rdl-sa A:^ rdArC'o .oa%«\l ^\orAo rC'oruU ^crA.i 19 

.14. .r^c^rn |] a. ,]; i ^^ > i-J-^l BC a-e. 

IG. .001] Ji I s5 ooi C. 

17. .^oL-i A. ^] ;^."i .cn 1 I \h BC a-f. 

18. Oui. OCn C. ,_iA(JlXj] ,^i\c7l? BC a-f. 

^ .Vm\o] ^.\rn ^o Ba-f. ^ i NcTIO C. 

K'^OToiik .r'f^'so JUK* r<'^aaA^CV3a ca=3.T T<'\ai»- Ocaao .KLaJJ^ 
crA».l .icWjAs K'^oixi^ ^.1 K'ocn rdl ..jjlIi ca=3 ^cncisjj.l 4 
Arf rel^K* .relSkiSoX r^^^i.T r^JUa^i r^Uihy^sn rdJv^Oflo.i 

'i.saK' Kl^ cAk* AK* K'cno .VA.ia~sjA ^ni*.! >3.t»> A^ t<i\o G 
..^o^flQxSiK'.T r^iAcn AK' ^*aco r^*^^ .^j^ K'A.i KLoocvsm 

^coo^K'.'C^ reLia^K'r^'Are'a . K*^ cui. .1 \ .1 rtliAcu^JS^a rdiHs^. cvjaoX 7 

K'-ixr^i rdxi* A:^ oco J^izj^Ta.i Klxi^ kA cyxlK* .r<'A\x»3Hj3 
KlfioCOUs.i cvco »_t^ ^*^ coAx^jt-ira .K'ctAk' ^Ulm.iI )aix..i 8 

.r^=LX=i .a.T.iA'gDO .* ca£kfia2k ^cqI r^'^uni »r^.ni>fleA 
r^^vSkCVjaaM.i K'oco^ r^^ '*^ o.lm^'Sq.i KlS'S ^ .nnT.o 9 

11. 1. ^]i^j C. 

2. .^VisZ] C. .'U^j A. 

3. di^j be. .]^^ A. .o^]j Ce. 

5. Om. j^^iij^...^ ]Jo c. 

6. i^l A. 

7. o] A. 6] BCa-f. I^mC- 


♦ l?^-^>.£D] .]?^? U-Cl.>^r2 C. 

^rC5ajj"ic\ .Kiajaa^ df\sasjio .K'^o^^Avm .K'^^ji ^cn r<^T*\A-n.i 2G 
.^ni^ Aa Aaa^rdJ.i ^^ K'i^-Sk.rD .r<'^cu*'U»o .rt'd^wcv^uc^ 27 
rd-XA^ri' .^K' .Taj CVJtUSfl Aa>nC' K' .coflovA r±^\ K' -8 
.^cn ^ax»^i^\ rdz^i.TO K'i^^.T ^orx.AuK' K'^s^ii Ajl^ctj 

^nii-.T ndJU^i ocn ..^ocaisi :uj .ijja.i .K'Jtii ^cni Kl^coL 29 

r^oco .r^LsviLJL .^^Acviij.i .W's. AcirA .M^i^qo .r^iiaK530 30 

r^ocoi JuK'.i .JLk^cn k'^CV^aI^ .r<lxM Ai^ ocn .y^\T-?3.i 31 
^^cmsno K'AxIix^ ^jcni2?3 ^^cn.^K'.i ^cn .r^^^x^il rd^'x 32 
..2^ijcj»i ^jActj Aii-a ^.Acn Ai>- S^r^A ^^ K'vwAczJ .K'AvuH^^ 
rdl.t ^j.vs^ Aiinils>aX ^Am ^Ai^\^r73.i r^sa rdJ^r^ r^K'o 33 

^jis^ .ni'_Xr<' irxa? r«illA.crj r^r^ . K'^vi^ji^ii rdAV»A r t^us .i 34 
Ax^^ir^o r<'AvMH^\a .r^ASa=3.i K'^cuj*,! jL^rd^nA i-»\^ ^J-** 

24. 25. (TI_.Aj1j "|Zo|j_3aLCi on^ W^i; B a-f. 
27, ^^j AC. ]ocnjO V\ loco, «ed 2°. jooijo A. 

29. ocn A. 001 BC. 

30. ]J~iL j-.>o] l.nsn B a-f. 

31. looTJ .^•-sl? ^\.»^ai A. lA-^j-*-^?]] A. 

33. ^1 . v.^7AVn^ BC abcdf. 

.1A,^^^;X bvlDX] .lA-vt^' ^1 ^^' ^-^• 

34. ;_._^ ,_J-.>J5 C. U^?] ."l^-i.^? A. 


.T<li.nx3Sq A:^: 

J^xjyj *.^_ ..*cn K'.icn Ai^cn .^^y^-ra .^JLxl^^ ^cnt\?^. 13 I. 

K'^CUr^.ao.T .Kliooa .*ct30^t<' Aa^cd r«^''^i A ^^ ^»> Kli^^i 15 
^.1 .*CT3 .^cn^ K'^OJUrt'.io K'^ocoAK'n K'^Os^.T 17 

^cni^ ^2»3 ^.n kIaX-T.! .K'^CVajJ^ .r<'^CVjau..l\ .K'^CUOcrlSl 19 

^i».TQo r^AaCUra.i vyK* K'rtU^^ ^^.1 Klxii .r<^T<MiA cni 21 
.r<'ov\i cru^rC' Ax&cn t<'^CUA2cn ya\a Jsn ..^jftcni^vs 22 
.K'oOlm.i ouk* ^^1 K'Ji^AaK' )a.Ta ^ .K'^a.^w ^n cfji^xra 23 

13. ■U-ru A. 

14. (l i S3 et ].m..j^ transp. e. ] - ...7 - i '^ A. 

15. IZqjI^-^? et ]t^^K^^y transp. C. 

16. IZ^^I A. 

17. cnuiAj") ^j5 "))C7i (om. ,_,cn) C. 

,~*Ac7I0] ,_jA01 ^1 B a-f. 
19. CTLaAj") |a_»5 ^5 ^Ol^Or) ,_LD5 A. 



.^>Z ^aT_.Zul Ijrjj] .,_.k_aL.i.n>j BC a-d (e. sine inter- 

AnnCU.i rtlxu Ai^ rclAr^' .rdiocn .^\.T-^?3 cqL>.i Klxjj 
foXon A^.O .^^_Oox»^T<' K'^0*iiA'\C\ t<'^CVB-».1\C\ K'^OT^Jl^^ 
Ktl.i rdXni' .,»_COr<' A\ni.i K'^50.1 ^i?3 vy^rcT K'ooa rdX 

dfAjj.iA >Ai..t r^-l-cifc-i rdxij A::*- ocp vO^^ti^.I .rC'C^K'.l 
K'^o^^A** ^ 'T!^-\^ K'CV-MLsa K'.icn ^.i ^K'^*^ .K'orAr^S 

.\\t*?3.i cucuiO .oiflaSSK' ^A^»JS>3 K'^OSnX r<'JS?3.i2fc..i r<£.-ar<l^ 
. pc^.MLiT. ^.1 r^lxir^ ^ .r<lix2k-T .^cno^K' r^lxii As. ^Q 
rOco r^li=3V3.1 ^Acal .jaojuaK'.i .A Klsajjao ocn ^crA rOt-co 
KllK* .=3cal .T^ ..^.ocasor^ )a^. .O^VxTts K'ctAk' dAjj.i A\.t?3 
kA .K'-icn^A iAs. cvoco ...^o^aXm Ax. rdjscA^ .^^octA ^^ 
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K'^Ax. "U^^ oacn ..^caa o.-vi^vx-rfi ,_a,iciA Ar^ r^Ar^* 

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6. ."ijooi] ."jooi A. 

7. ^^] ^ C. 

8. ]sn«o A. "liilso BC a-f. 

9. lZoV>\ ]lD,2^ ,_.4kik)j B a-f. 

10. •-»A] ^ C. om. ^cnX e. 

11. ] ■ 1 i' m ^m\n\] ]« 1 V i^V B a-f. IZqjo^^j] 

IZojo^^j ai2ij5 c. w.aiajij)o] »_.(ji_>-2jo abcef. 

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rdJLxik-i vrAszjsa.i K'vM^sa .* ri'^cv^jJA.i K!J*"U^jik.5>3 rdxM 
K'oco rilXcv : K'A^^j Ai»- : K'^O.^^CVfloK' Aa- .rC'T^usa 4 

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.T<'^\i*».T A^o .rdi^oK' >3.Ti3 Kl^i^ .xiK* KlA.T A:^a 

Tit. »oAriSD5 .]kij.iLw+] >mo g^,a.mQ->? I^Sd^d B*C a-f. 

.01 1 mo . > ioV)»o Jis I ^ ^ [C. oil^ 
I. 1. IZoc^orDoWi ^y C. 1ZQj2arDcil^l.j_2ir:3 C. 

V'^'^'^f'y^'^ . <7^«-^ A (licet supra 1ZQ.2LCDa\j-2)>). 
2. _i_.t55] add. 0001 e. _»_1_05 C. om. ••) [m\o O A, 

4. Ijil] XmS\ abcef. .^ > \o^] ,^,\sV) abdef. (....1. d). 

^ .Vv^ p c. 

5. .^A^^V^] -^V«vn A. . . . SQ^] U-^ BC a-f. 

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