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Full text of "The Fowler family: a genealogical memoir of the descendants of Philip and Mary Fowler, of Ipswich, Mass. Ten generations: 1590-1882"

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TEN G^ENKRATIOl^rS : 1590-1SS3. 










Introduction h 

Additions and Corrections xv 

The Fowler Familj^ in England xix 

The Emigrant 1 

Tlie Second Generation 11 

The Third Generation 35 

The Fourth Generation 51 

The Fifth Generation 82 

The Sixth Generation 101 

The Seventh Generation 146 

The Eighth Generation 184 

The Ninth Generation 210 

The Tenth Generation 210 

Index of Christian names of Fowlers 221 

Index of surnames other than Fowler 235 




Coat of Arms of Fowlers in England xix 

Paul Augustine Stackpole, M. D 112 

The Author 124 

Hiram Chaplin 129 

Asa Fowler 174^ 

George Franklin Fowler 186 

Samuel Page Fowler 190 

John Whitman Fowler 204 















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fi fflMRfflhmmrWlYi rffl 







The author of this volume published, in 1869, the Gene- 
alogy of the Stickney Family, a work of over five hundred 
pages, which contained in its appendix, his own maternal line 
of descent from Philip Fowler of Ipswich, Mass., 1634. 

A better arrangement of the records of Essex County, new 
indexes, the placing in volumes of the Court papers on file, 
have enabled him to correct and add considerable more infor- 
mation regarding the familj^, and, at the request of many of its 
members, he concluded to collect what records he could of the 
children of Philip Fowler, and publish the line of his son 
Joseph of Ipswich, to the present time. Nearly all of the 
records of the descendants of his other sons, Samuel of Salis- 
bury, and Thomas of Amesbury, are collected and arranged 
by the writer, to the present time, but owing to his advanced 
age, remain unpublished. 

The first record we find of Philip Fowler is at Marlborough, 
"Wiltshire, England (a place of great antiquity, and once a 
Roman station), where he had his daughter Margaret bap- 
tized, and where she was afterwards married to Christopher 



Osgood. He is next found on the list of passengers to New 
England in the ship " Mary and John " of London, where he 
arrived May, 1634, probably at Ipswich, which was situated 
on a navigable river and was thus described in 1614, by Capt. 
John Smith, under its Indian name of Agawam. " Here are 
many rising hills and on their tops and descents are many 
come fields and delightful groues. On the east is an isle of 
two or three leagues in length ; the one halfe plaine marish 
ground, fit for pasture, or salt ponds, with many faire high 
groues of mulberry trees. There are also oakes, pines, wal- 
nuts and other wood, to make this place an excellent habita- 

A settlement was made here March, 1633, by John Winthrop, 
junior, son of Gov. John Winthrop, and twelve other men. It 
was incorporated by the name of Ipswich, 5 Aug., 1634, and 
Johnson remarks 1646, " The peopling of this towne is by men 
of good ranke and quality, many of them having the yearly 
revenue of large lands in England, before they came to this 

It was the shire town of the County of Essex. Here resided 
Gov. Thomas Dudley, Dep. Gov. Samuel Symonds, Major 
Gen'l Daniel Denison and many other magnates of the Colony. 

The early records of births, marriages and deaths of Ips- 
wich and Wenham are lost, as are many of the returns, re- 
quired by law to be made to the County Court of Essex, which 
account for the many deficiencies in the oldest families. 

The materials for this work have been obtained with great 


care and expense from the archives of the State, from the 
records in the offices of Register of Deeds, Probate and Clerk 
of Courts, from Town and Church records, gravestones, and 
from numerous letters received from different members of the 

The ancient manner of dating and orthography has been 
retained and literal copies given of the old records. 

Prior to 1752, the legal year began on the 25th of March, 
and March was called the first month, while February was the 
twelfth. The historical began with the 1st of January and 
closed with December. In old records these two methods were 
frequently combined : thus Feb. 9, 1723-4, which means that 
the year was 1723 of the legal, but 1724 of the historical 

Philip Fowler is the first generation ; his children the sec- 
ond ; his grandchildren the third, and so on. It is noticed at 
the commencement of each generation, and in the running title. 
They are numbered in order on the left hand of the page, be- 
fore the name of each individual in the genealogical series. 
The family of each son and daughter will be found with the 
number they have in the margin. 

When a woman's name occurs thus : — Margaret (Norman) 
Morgan, page 24, the reader will understand that the name in 
parenthesis is her original or maiden name, and the name fol- 
lowing is the name acquired by marriage. 

When deeds and probate records are referred to, thus : — 
" fissex Deeds, 36 : 18," the figures before the colon denote 



the volume, tlj)se after, the folio where the deed or document 
quoted may be found on record. 

The writer has been greatly encouraged in the progress of 
this work and assisted in collecting its materials by the Hon. 
Asa Fowler of Concord, N. H., John Willis Fowler of South 
Newbury, N. H., and many others ; but last, not least, by his 
second daughter, who has been amanuensis, proof-reader and 
preparer of the indexes. Thanks are due to those who have had 
the charge of printing this work, to those who have contributed 
their portraits, the steel engravings of Judge Fowler and of 
Dr. Paul A. Stackpole ; the fine heliotype of George F. Fowler, 
and those etched by Miss H. Frances Osborne of Peabody, 
Mass., with a faithful result ; and to Harry Smith Fowler of 
Brooklyn, N. Y., for the contribution of the beautiful col- 
ored lithograph of the English Coat-of-Arms of the Fowlers. 

Any correction of errors, or additional information, is de- 

Matthew Adams Stickney. 

Salem, Mass., Dec, 19, 1882. 

'''■' •• 




t • 


Page 51, line 8. For 20 Jan., 1672-3, read 20 Jan., 

Page 52, line 7. Add, Susannah Fowler was administratrix 
of the estate of Joseph Dennis of Wenham, in 1725. 

Page 97, line 21. Add, date of marriage of Abigail Her- 
bert, as 19 March, 1786. 

Page 98, line 25. Omit 30 before February. 

Page 112, line 1. Add, for a fuller account of Dr. Paul A. 
Stackpole, see " History of Strafford County, New Hamp- 
shire," 1882, page 878. 

Page 141, line 19. Add, DanieU Ladd was a passenger in 
the ship " Mary and John," of London, Robert Sayres, mas- 
ter ; took the oath of allegiance 24 March, 1633-4; arrived in 
New England in May, 1634. He received a grant of six acres 
of land in Ipswich, in 1637, but removed from thence to Salis- 
bury, where he received several grants of land, and where his first 
three children were born. From there he, with Rev. Mr. Ward 
and others, commenced the settlement of Haverhill, Mass. 
His wife's name was Ann. Their seventh child was Nathaniel^, 
b. 10 March, 1651 ; m. 12 July, 1678, Elizabeth Gilman, daugh- 
ter of Hon. John Gilman of Exeter, N. H., by whom he had 
seven children. He was mortally wounded in a fight with the 
Indians at Maquoit, and d. 11 Aug., 1691. Their sixth child 
was John^, b.6 July, 1689 ; m. 14 April, 1714, I^lizabeth Sanborn 
of Kingston, N. H., by whom he had six children. Their fourth 




child was Trueworthy'*, b. in Kingston, N. H., 1 May, 1726 ; 
m. 1 Nov., 1750, Meliitable Harriman, who was b. in Plaistow, 
N. H., 7 Aug., 1730, by whom he had six children. He served 
as captain and lieutenant in several companies in the old 
French and Indian wars, and wrote a patriotic letter volun- 
teering his services at the opening of the Revolution. He d. 
in Goffstown, N. H., aged 50 years. His widow d. in Pem- 
broke, N. H., 8 April, 1819. Their third child was John^, b. 
in Kingston, N. H., 6 Jan., 1755 ; m. Jerusha Lovejoy of 
Pembroke, N. H., whose only child was Mehitable^, b. 9 
March, 1776; m. 15 Jan., 1795, Benjamin Fowler. Thus it 
will be seen that Mehitable Ladd, the sixth in direct descent 
from Daniel Ladd, mari-ied Benjamin Fowler, the sixth in de- 
scent from Philip Fowler, and that their ancestors came from 
England in the same vessel at the same time. 

Page 142, line 6. Add to the record of John Lovejoy, that 
he died in Allenstown, N. H., 5 April, 1881. 

Page 142, line 12. Add to Herbert Lovejoy's record, that 
he died in Epsom, N. H., 9 July, 1880. 

Page 186, line 32. Add to Edwin Horatio Fowler's record, 
that he married in Sanbornton, N. H., 2 Nov., 1882, Mattie 
J. Crockett, who was born in Sanbornton, 2 Aug., 1857, the 
daughter of Arthur J. and Nancy M. (Harvey) Crockett. 
He resides in Washington, D. C, is a Topographical Draughts- 
man and now employed in the United States Coast and 
Geodetic Survey. 








The Fowler family are probably of Norman descent, and 
the name is said by Camden in his " Remaines Concerning 
Brittaine," to have been derived from an office they had held. 

The first mention found of it, used as a surname, is by 
Burke, as that of a " Richard Fowler of Foxley, in the County 
of Bucks, accompanying Richard Coeur de Lion to the Holy 
Land, and maintaining during the war, a body of British bow- 
men (all his own tenants) in the army of that prince, and during 
the siege of Aeon (now Acre), defeating by his extraordinary 
vigilance a nocturnal attempt of the Infidels, to surprise the 
Christian camp. For these services his royal master knighted 
him on the field of battle, and caused his crest, a hand and 
lure, to be changed for ' the vigilant owl.' " This occurred in 
1191. He had Welsh possessions at "Abbey Cwm-Hir," 
County of Radnor. His Arms were: — "Azure, a chevron 
argent charged with three crosses formee sable, between three 
lions passant guadrant, or." The original crest was : — " A 
cubit arm, habited azure, holding in the hand proper, a lure 
vert, feathered argent lined or, twisted round the arm." The 
crest given by Richard Coeur de Lion, was : — An owl argent, 
to which was afterwards added a ducal coronet, or. 

The shield is of azure or blue, which is the emblem in her- 
aldry of justice, humility and loyalty. A chevron (two rafters 



of a house joined together in chief, and descending like a pair 
of compasses to the extremities of the shield) betokens the 
achievement of some business of moment, and is assigned by 
heralds to such as have served their king and country. The 
original crest was a hand and arm cut off evenly at the elbow, 
dressed in silver, with the hand of the natural color, holding a 
green lure feathered with silver lined with gold, twisted round 
the arm. The other crest as given in the colored lithograph. 

Richard Fowler was the progenitor of a family which flour- 
ished over five hundred years in Buckinghamshire and in other 
parts of England. From him descended in the fifth genera- 
tion. Sir Richard Fowler, eldest son of Sir William Fowler of 
Ricot, County of Oxford, who soon after the commencement 
of the reign of Edward IV, was knighted by him and created 
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. He received a grant of 
the manor of Buckingham, which was forfeited by attainder 
in 1460. He also represented his native county in Parlia- 
ment in 1467, and died 3 Nov., 1477, leaving a will directing 
that St. Rumbald's shrine and an aisle in Buckingham Church 
be rebuilt, and in this aisle Sir Richard Fowler and Joan, his 
wife, were buried. 

His son, Sir Richard (Quartermayne) Fowler had large es- 
tates, and his son and heir, Edward Fowler, entertained in 
Sept., 1514, Henr}^ VIII's first Queen, Catharine of Arragon, 
who received there, the (to her) joyful news of the defeat of the 
Scottish army at Flodden Field. 

Thomas Fowler, brother of Sir Richard, the Chancellor, was 
an Esquire of the body to King Edward IV. His descendant 
Bryan was seated at St. Thomas, County of Staflbrd. Wil- 


liam, brother to Bryan, seated himself at Harnage Grange in 
Shropshire, male line now extinct, and James another brother 
at Pendeford, Staffordshire, whose representative, in 1837, was 
Thomas Fowler, Esquire, of Pendeford Hall, who bore the 
Fowler Arms with the crest as given in the lithograph. 

From this ancient family our emigrant ancestor, Philip 
Fowler, ma}' have been descended ; no especial attempt to 
ascertain his parentage in England has been made ; tradition 
says they went from France to Wales. 

Froude in his History of England, Vol. V, pp. 129, 131, 
mentions John Fowler, a member in 1547 of the household of 
King Edward VI, who was so influential with that young mon- 
arch, that he was employed by Lord Seymour to secure the 
royal assent to his contemplated marriage with the Princess, 
afterwards Queen, Elizabeth, and subsequently, the royal ap- 
proval of his already secretly accomplished marriage with 
Catharine Parr, widow of Henry VIII. 

William Fowler, born about 1560, died in 1614, was one of 
the poets that frequented the Court of James VI, whose 
works have been preserved. He was a law3'er and clergyman, 
as well as a poet. 

John Fowler, a learned printer, born in Bristol, removed his 
press to Antwerp, more effectually to aid the Catholics, and 
died in 1579. 

Christopher Fowler, an English clergyman, born in 1611, 
left the established church in 1641, and joined the Presbyte- 
rians among whom he became eminent, and died in 1676. 

Edward Fowler, born at Westerleigh, Gloucestershire, in 


1632, was distinguished as a divine, published a discourse on 
the " Design of Christianity" in 1671, which Bunyan attacked, 
and another on " Christian Liberty" in 1680. He was made 
Bishop of Gloucester in 1691, died in 1714, and " has a long 
epitaph in the northeast corner of the church at Hendon ; and 
on the same corner of the church-yard is an altar tomb and 
sarcophagus with two weeping boys, inscribed : — 'To the mem- 
ory of Edward Fowler, Esq., who deceased 29 June, 1710, 
leaving two daughters, Anna Maria and Elizabeth, by Mary, 
his wife, daughter of James Chadwick, Esq., and Mary, his 
wife, daughter and sole heir to Abp. Tillotson. This tomb is 
erected by John Chadwick and Tho. Mansfield, Esqrs., his 
widow's executors, according to his Will. She died 9 Maj', 
1728, near 42 years of age, and lies here interred with her dear 
husband.' " Taken from the '' Gentleman's Magazine" for 1786, 
part I, p. 100. 

Among the great land owners of Great Britain in 1874, 
according to a return to Parliament, were John Fowler of 
Bracemore, Seek Broom, N. B., etc., 47,248 acres; Robert 
Fowler of Rockinston, Enfield, County Meath, 8,026 acres. 

At the Parliamentary elections in Great Britain, London, 
1 April, 1880, were elected, W. Fowler, liberal, for Cambridge ; 
H. H. Fowler, liberal, for Wolverhampton. 



1 Philip Fowler, one of the founders of New Eng- 
land, was probably born in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, 
about 1590. He embarked with his family, in the " Mary and 
John," of London, Robert Sayres, master, and while lying in 
the river Thames, the^' " were made stay of untill further order" 
from the Council, 28 Feb., 1633-4, owing to misrepresentation 
of the colonies, by its enemies, which had then reached Eng- 
land, and the master was required, among other things, to give 
a bond of £100, that the service of the Church of England 
should be said daily on board, and attended by the passengers, 
also that they should take the "Oathes of Allegiance and Su- 
premacie," which were taken by the passengers, the 24th of 
March, 1633-4, when thej'^ were allowed to proceed on their 
voyage, and arrived in New England, in May, 1634. 

He received a grant of land in Ipswich, Essex County, 
Mass., the same year, on which he settled, and where he resided 
until his death. It is still occupied by one of his descendants, 
bearing the family name. 

In 1634 (3 Sept.) he took the Freeman's Oath. 

In 1634-5 (5 Jan.) it was, by the town of Ipswich, "Given 
and granted unto John Webster, and unto Mathias Currin 
(Curwen),and unto Philip Fowler, and unto William Moody, 
and unto Thomas Dorman, and unto Christopher Osgood, and 
unto Joseph Medcalf, to each of them, four acres of meadow 
and marsh ground as it will arise in 20 poles or rods, by the 
land side, unto them, their heirs or assigns, lying northward of 
the Town, the marsh is not limited unto them." 

In 1G34-5 (26 Jan.) " Given and granted unto Mr. (Richard) 
Wa(ttles), Mr. (John) Fawn and to Philip Fowler, and to 
Goodman Andrews, and to Christopher Osgood, a Hill of ground 



containing 30 acres of land, unto each of them 6 acres of land, 
and unto their heirs forever." 

In 1635 (20 April) "Granted to Philip Fowler, thirty-four 
acres of land lying on the northwest side of the mile river, 
having the land of Richard Jacob on the northeast, and Mr. 
Woodmanse^^'s farm on the southwest. Likewise ten acres in 
Jeffries neck, lying between John Hassal and Robert Andrews. 
Likewise six acres of meadow lying towards the neck, having 
the little neck on the northeast, Christopher Osgood on the 
northwest, and Mr. Thomas Bresey on the southwest. Like- 
wise six acres of planting ground on the hill north side of the 
town, having Christopher Osgood's towards the northwest, and 
George Varnham southeast. Also an house lot in High Street, 
having Michael Cartwright on the northwest, and John Hassall 
on the southeast, to enjoy to him, his heirs and assigns forever." 

In 1636 " Granted Philip Fowler, one house lot in the cross 
street called the meeting house lane, being about one acre of 
ground, having John Gage his house lot on the southeast, and 
Thomas Scott's houselot on the northwest. Also ten acres of 
upland lying beyond Muddy river, within the common fence, 
having ten acres of the like land of John Webster's on the south- 
east, and ten acres of Christopher Osgood's on the northwest. 
Also six acres of meadow near the highway to Jeffries neck, 
having a parcel of meadow of Mr. (John) Tuttle's on the south, 
and a parcel of meadow of Christopher Osgood's on the north." 

In 1636 (13 July) Philip Fowler, with Thomas Dud- 
ley (Governor of Mass.), and Robert Lord, all of Ipswich, wit- 
nessed the Will of Widow Sarah Dillingham ; 1st, 12th mo., 
1641-2 he witnessed a deed of Christopher Osgood's (his son- 
in-law) ; 24 Feb., 1650-1 the agreement between Thomas 
Rowell of Salisbury, and Margary Osgood (his daughter), in 
a marriage contract; 26 July, 1661, a deed of William Wild 
of Ipswich, to Robert Andrews of Topsfield. 

In 1642 (29th, 1st mo.) he was on Jury of Trials at Jpswich 
Court ; and 29th, 7th mo., 1657, on the Grand Jury. 

In 1643 (15th, 2d mo.) he owed 18 pence to William Nevill, 
as mentioned in his Will, it is to be paid to William Robinson. 

In 1646 at a meeting of the Freemen, he is chosen with Wil- 
liam Adams, to judge of defaults; and 27th Feb., 1648-9 Sur- 


veyor, also 27 Feb., 1654-5, 25 Feb., 1655-6, and 17 Feb., 
1656-7 ; also Surveyor of fences from the common fence gate 
to Jeffery's neck, 7 April, 1662. 

In 1647 he was allowed by the town, 7 shillings 8 pence, 
for his work at the watch-house, to be paid by the constables ; 
6th, 12th mo., 1647-8, he with John Woodam, to build the 
chimney at the watch house and do what clapboarding was 
needed, for which they were to have £3-6-8, and to have half 
their pay, when they began it, and the rest, when they finished 
the work. They each received £1-13-4 on the 23d, 11th mo., 
1647-8 ; it was voted 23d Dec, 1656, to build a wharf for the 
town's use, and as a surveyor, he was to see to it. 

In 1648-9 (25th, 11th mo.) he gave in his testimony at Court, 
in regard to the land of Humphrey Broadstreete of Ipswich, 
and in his behalf. 

In 1649-50 (22d, 12th mo.) Henry Silsbye had 4 acres at 
the west meadows by Goodman Fowler's, granted him, if it 
be there to be had. 

In 1650 (26th, 1st mo.) he "in regard of age, is freed from 
ordinary Trayning," which shows he was then sixty years of 

In 1650 (19 April) in Will of Christopher Osgood of Ipswich, 
mentioned as " my father Phillip Fowler, to be overseer," 
it will be seen, he had married his daughter Margaret. 

In 1651 "Phillip Fowler the elder, of Ipswich, did come 
before me, and in the presence of Joseph his sonne, & Martha 
his wife, & with their full & free consent, did adopt as his 
sonne, Phillip, the sonne of the sd. Joseph & Martha, to be as 
his sonne. Samuel Symonds." 

In 1652 (7 May) the northeast boundary of the land of 
Solomon Martin of Andover, was upon his land, and in 1659 
(1 June) Thomas Brigden of Chaiiestown, sells to John Wood- 
dam, house, barn, etc., in Ipswich, bounded on "south by 
Goodman Fowler." 

In 1656, the Selectmen of Ipswich were to divide their town 
into classes of five, six and ten, and appoint a class-leader for 
the purpose of spinning. They were to assess each family a 
quarter, half or whole spinner, according to its other occupa- 
tion. Each family which could furnish one spinner, should 


spin for thirty weeks in a year, three pounds of linen, cotton 
and woollen (monthly) and so proportionably, for a half or 
quarter spinner, on fine of 12d a month, for each pound short. 
The commons were to be cleared for sheep. The seed of hemp 
and flax to be saved. Under this division, the 13 March, 
Philip Fowler was assessed for half a spinner £45. 

In 1658-9 (16 Feb.) "Voted by the Town, to choose a 
Committee, and give their apprehensions and reasons (to the 
Selectmen), who have a right to Commonage, and who not, and 
what else they conceive may conduce to the good of the Town, 
and when they are ready, the Selectmen to call the Town to- 
gether, to hear what they conceive. This Committee, Are as 
followeth viz : — Our two honored Magistrates, our teaching and 
ruling Elders, Mr. Wade, George Giddings, Philip Fowler, 
Joseph Medcalf, Thomas Hart." 

In 1658-9 (17 Feb.) Francis Ursellton of Topsfield, sold his 
dwelling house there, to John Godfry of Andover, half of the 
price "in marchantable Indian corne, at twoe shillings eight 
pence pr. bushell (to be delivered) at the now dwelling house 
of Phillip Fowler, in Ipswich," etc. Witness "the marke of 
Phillip Fowler." 

In 1658-9 (3 March) cloth worker, he buys of Samuel Young- 
love, and Margaret his wife, for £10, land which he bought of 
George Palmer, " 6 acres in comon field on north syde of the 
river," etc., bounding on land of said Philip on the south- 
west. On the 30 March, " atourne}^ Phillip Fowler," gave in 
an additional inventory of the estate of Humphrey Gilbert. 
Amt. £53-0-11. 

In 1659 (30 August) Mary, wife of Philip Fowler, and 
the mother of his children, died. 

She was probably Mary Winsley, or Winslow, as some- 
times called, the sister of Samuel Winsley, a grantee with 
Bradstreet, Dudley, and others, of Colchester 1638, and an 
early settler of Salisbury. He was made freeman, 22 May, 
1639. Represented Salisbury, in the General Court, 1642, 
1645, 1653, died 2 June, 1663. Two of the sons of Philip 
Fowler, Samuel and Thomas, settled near him in Salisbury 
and Amesbury and his son Samuel Winsley, left property to 
the children of Samuel Fowler above, and calls him cousin. 


and there was a family connection between his son Nathaniel 
Winslej^'s wife, and Philip Fowler's family. 

He entered soon after into the following marriage contract : — 

" Know all men by these presents, that I, Phillip Fowler 
of Ipswich, in the county of Essex, clotliworker, for & in con- 
sideration of a contract of marriage with Mary Norton, wid- 
dow, doe grant unto her as followeth, viz : that if it please the 
Lord the mariage intended becompleated, and she the sayd Mary 
my intended wife do survive, I doe covenant & grant unto her, 
that she shall injoj^e all my house and lauds, with the appur- 
tenances & privilidges thereunto belonging, untill my sonn 
Phillip (provided I make him my heir), shall come of age, and 
when he comes of age, I do grant unto her, that she shall pos- 
sess and enjoy the chamber over the hall, with the table forme 
& cabbin beds, as alsoe the garretts & halfe the orchyard, and 
balfe the grasse of the close, & my six acres of land upon the 
hill, and the inward cellar to her owne proper use & behoofe, 
and alsoe liberty to make use of the lower roome for her neces- 
sary ocasions, with free liberty to make use of the well in the 
cellar to fetch watter, & all these to enjoye during the tj^me of 
her naturall life, and then to return unto my children, or who 
of them, I shall dispose them unto, and further doe grant her 
liberty' of barne rooine to lay in her corne, and two load of haj', 
with roome in the cowe house for to sett two cowes, & gi-asse 
for to make two loads of hay a yeare, for the tyme of her life, 
as aforesayd. In wittness whereof, I have hereunto sett my 
hand & seale, the 27th of February, 1659. 

Signed, sealed and delivered, in the presence of us, 

Daniell Davison (with a marke). ^^^J^^F ^^^^^^^ , , 
Robert Lord. (with a marke & seale). 

Phillip Fowler acknowledged this wrighting, tobe his act 
& deed, before me. Daniell Denison. February 27th ; 1659." 

In 1659-60 (27 February) Philip Fowler married, second, 
Mart, the widow of George Norton, who was undoubtedly the 
Mr. Norton, who came in the fleet with Higginson from London, 
April, 1629, and was sent by the company in England as a 


carpenter, and to receive a kind reception from the authorities 
of the plantation. Some of his work now remains in Salem, 
in the old First Church, which he was employed to build in 
1634, for £ 100, which has been preserved by the Essex Insti- 
tute, and placed in the rear of that Institution. 

He was made freeman, 14 May, 1634; with wife Mary, of 
Salem, 1636 ; with others, was granted by the General Court, 
13 May, 1640, Jeffery's Creek, now Manchester; removed to 
Gloucester, was its first representative 1642, also 1643, 1644. 
In 1656 he held a lease of Emanuel and Lucy (Winthrop) 
Downing of their farm in Salem, called by him " Groton," " in 
dear remembrance of his wife's ancestral home in the old 
country." He died in 1659, and his widow Mary was ap- 
pointed executrix of his estate. 

In 1660-1 (19 Feb.) the town granted Philip Fowler 
five acres of marsh; and 10 Feb., 1661-2 land at the west 

In 1660 (22 Nov.) the Court issued a writ against "Philip 
Fowler, and Mart his wife, executrix to the estate of hir late 
Husband, George Norton, . . . for £30, on complaint of Mr. 
William Norton, aturney to Mr. Emanuel Downing." The case 
was continued 23 Nov., 1665, when a case was made by Phil- 
lip Fowler, and Mary his wife, as plaintiff, against Roger 
Preston, defendant, in an action of debt of £18, due for rent, 
and damages, according to attachment, dated 13th, 9th mo., 
1665. The jury found for the plaintiff, £ 19 damages, and 24s. 
8d., cost, 28th, 9th mo., 1665. Robert Lord his atorney, 
acknowledged a judgment of 18s. 2d., due to Mr. William 
Norton, 28th, 9th mo., 1665. It seems that 4 Aug., 1656, 
Lucie Downing of Salem, with consent of her husband Eman- 
uell Downing, let and farmed, unto George Norton, sometime 
of Salem, carpenter, her farm called Groton, in Salem, near to 
Gov. Endicott's for the term of ten years, from 1 March, 
1655-6, for £ 18 per annum. 14 March, 1658-9, an agreement 
was made between George Norton and Roger Preston, for the 
lease " of the farme the said Norton now dwelleth on," he to 
enter 15 March, 1659-60. Witness Joseph Fowler. 

In 1661 (19 Oct.) he with wife Mary, gave in testimony at 
Court, in regard to a defect in the highway. 


In 1663 his residence was in High Street, on the south side, 
adjoining the house lots of John Woodam and Philip Call. 

In 16G3 (11 May) an agreement was made, by which Philip 
Fowler, Senior, delivered to Philip Bill of " Jubaque," "two 
young heifers, with him to abide and continue for the terme 
of seven j-ears" etc. It appears that Philip Bill, "had gone 
out of this jurisdiction," and Philip Fowler, Senior, entered 
a suit against him, 3 Nov., 1668, in the case for security for a 
parcel of cattle, value £20, and at the same time appoints his 
grandchild " Phillip Fowler, to be his true and lawful atturney," 
when he signs "the marke P of Phillip ffowler" (and a green 
seal), and acknowledged it, the same date. Accordingly he 5 
Nov., 1668, "Attached 3 cowes & 2 heiferes, & put into the 
hands James Bill, to be responsible, according to the tenour of 
the attachment, Pr. me Phillip Fowler, Marshal deputy." The 
case was found for Philip Fowler, senior, 24th, 9th mo., 1668. 

In 1663-4 (4 Jan.) he was granted liberty to fell three white 
oaks; 18 Feb., 1666-7, "to fell for fenceing stuff for his 
meadow ;" and 27 Nov., 1668 to fell trees for fenceing. 

In 1664-5 (14 Feb.) he owns single share four, on the "list 
of the inhabitants that have shares in Plum Island, Castle 
Neck and Hog Island." 

In 1668 after having given trades to his children, and living 
to see them all settled in life, he selected from among his 
grandchildren to take care of him in his old age, Philip his 
namesake, as appears by the following deed of gift, the origi- 
nal of which is on file in the Clerk of Courts, Bk. 36 : 18. 

"This present writing wittnesseth, that I, Philip ffowler 
of Ipswich, in the county of Essex, clothworker, for and in 
considderation of that naturall affection I doe beare unto my 
Grandchild Phillip ffowler, as also in considderation of his being 
with me, and doeing my busines for me, as formerly, I doe by 
these presents freely give and grant, and by these fully con- 
firme, unto him the sayd Phillip, my Grandchild, all that my 
now dwelling house and lands I stand now possesst off, after 
in}' decease (exsepting what by agreement with my wife upon 
mariage, wch is put in writing and recorded), for him, the sayd 
Phillip, my Grandchild, Imediatly after ray decease. To have 


& to houM, and quietly and peaceably to enioy, unto him & 
his heires & assignes forever, all that my sayd houses and 
lands, with all and every, the apptenances & prevaledges, 
thereunto belonging, exsept as aforesayd, what is granted to 
my wife, dureing her naturall life, and after her decease, the 
whole to be and remaine unto him the sayd Phillip, my Grand- 
child, his heires and assignes, for ever, provided still, that if 
by the providence of God, I shall be forct for nesasary sub- 
sitance to sell any pt. thereof, wch in such case I reserve 
liberty to doe, provided, if he the saj^d Phillip, dye without 
isue, then to returne unto his Brother Joseph, & if Joseph dye 
without isue, then to be & remaine his brother John, provided 
alwayes, that if my Grandchild Phillip, leaves a wife behind 
him when he dye, then she shall enioy it dureing her naturall 
life, & then to be & returne, as above exprest. In wittnes 
whereof, I the sa^'d Phillip ffowler, have sett to my hand 
and scale, dated the 23 of December, Anno Dom. 1668. 
Signed Sealed & dl iu the presence of us, 

^nlTZlf.'^ri'^'^ ^'''" '"^"^" ''^' PHILLIP P FFOWLER 
John oeverance. ,,, i i. -lu i\ 

Ti T (the marke of with a green seal). 

Robert Lord. ^ => / 

Acknowledged before me Apr. 29, 1670. Daniel Denison. 
Recorded May the 6th, 1670." Essex Deeds, Bk. 3 : 152. 

In 1669 (Dec.) it was ordered, that none shall ride upon the 
foot causeway with horses, that lead through the streets tow- 
ards the meeting house, upon the penalty of 12 pence for every 
time, and Philip Fowler, desired to see to the performance 
of this order and take the forfeits, for which he shall have the 
one half to himself, and the other to the town. 

In 1671, the following is found: — 

"We whose names are under-written, doe testifie (that in ye 
case one thousand six hundred thirty & five), the building of a 
mill in Ipswich, (with all appertenances), was granted to Rich- 
ard Saltonstall, and it was provided in the grant aforesayd, that 
the Towne of Ipswich, being duely served b}-- the sayd Mill, 
shall imploy the same, by grinding their corne thereat. And 
as a preveledge annexed to the grant aforesd. It was ordered, 


that the saj'cl Richard, shall not be preiudiced, by the building 
of any other Mill within the bounds of Ipswich, And that if 
the ocasions of the Towne should require more mills (the sayd 
Richard being willing to serve the Towne as aforesd), he shall 
have liberty in such case to undertake the same. All which 
is testified by 

Thomas Howlett. phILLIP FFOWLER 

John Gage (& a marke). ^ ^ 

Thomas Borman. ^ ' 

Thomas Borman a very old man, being before us at Ipswich, 
declared upon his oath, that he judgeth the words (Thomas 
Borman) subscribed, among others, in the testimony above 
written, to be his hand, and further upon his oath, he saith not, 
dated the last of ffebruary, 1671. 

Samuell Symonds. 
Daniell Gookin. 

Phillip ffowler, aged above 80 yeares, being before us at 
Ipswich, declared upon his oath, that the marke of Phillip 
ffowler, subscribed among others, in the testimony above 
wi'itten, is his mairke, as also, that the above saj^d testimony 
is the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth, and 
further (upon his oath), he saith not, dated the last of February, 

Samuel Symonds. 
Daniell Gookin." 

In 1671 (22 July) his wife Mary Fowler, witnessed the 
Will of widow Abigail Wells, and she made oath to it in Court 
held at Ipswich, 26th, 7th mo., 1671. 

In 1672-3 (2 Jan.) he sells for £100, to " Roger Darby, sope 
boyler," of same town, his " dwelling house and ground about 
it with a house thereon, and orchyards, yards & gardens, in all 
containe two acres, be it more or less, with the comonage, and 
all and every, . . . which sayd house & land is scittuate & 
lyeing in Ipswich, aforesayd, on the same syde of the streete, 
comonly called Hill street, bounded or lyeing on the west syde 
of Thomas Lovell's pasture land, and on the north syde of 
Samuell Graves, his pasture, and on the east syde of John 
Browne's house lott, together with four acres of land, out of 


my lott at Muddy River, on the Northwest syde of Richard 
Shatswell's i:)asture. 

Subscribed, sealed & dl in the presents of us, 

William Norton. PHILLIP FOWLER 

Andrew Peeters. (and a scale). 

Phillip Fowler acknowledged the above written to be his 
act & deed and Mary Fowler did surrender her right in 
the house and land herein conveyed, before me, Feb. 14, 
1676-7. Daniell Denison." Recorded 14 Feb., 1676-7, Ipswich 
Series, Essex Deeds, Bk. 4 : 74. 

This was not his homestead. He usually made his mark, 
but if this deed is copied correctly by the recorder, it had his 
autograph signature. 

The Court record states, that "Philip Fowler, senior, dyed 
24 of June, 1679" in Ipswich. During his long life, we find 
no record that a descendant would regret to see. 

He died intestate, and administration on what was left of 
his estate, he having previously disposed of most of his 
property among his children, was granted to his grandson 
Philip, 29 Sept., 1679. 

The Inventory recorded, Ipswich Series, Essex Deeds, 
Bk. 4 : 288, we insert as a curiosity. 

" An Inventory of the estate of Phillip Fowler, sen"^ de- 
ceased, taken on the 7th of July, 1679, of the weareing clothes 
of the sd Phillip, 

Imp® 4 ould coates and an old cloke 01-15-0 

It a psell of old clothes 01-00-0 

It some old stockings 2 caps & a pr of gaiters 00-05-0 

It a paire of old gloves & an old hat 00-02-0 

It two paire of drawers & two old shirts 00-15-0 
2 caps & two bands, 3 old handchercheres & 2 old 

wastecoats 00-04-0 


debts due to the estate 0-17-6 

debts due from the estate .^'-19-7^ 

these things above mentioned prised by us, Simeon Stace, 
Nicholas Wallis. 


Phillip Fowler Aministrator dl this Inventory upon oath to 
be a true Inventory of his the estate to the best of his knowl- 
edge, & if more appeares to add the same. In court held 
Ipswich, 30, (7), 1679. As attest Robert Lord, cler." 

His widow Mary Fowler, probably died just previous to 5 
Nov., 1694, as at that time, a bond on file in the Essex Probate 
records states, that administration was then granted on the 
estate of George Norton of Salem, to his son John, to finish 
it, after the death of Mary the widow. 

The children of Philip and Mary (Winsley?) Fowler, 
were : — 

2. Margaret, bapt. 25 May, 1615; m. Christopher Osgood and others. 

3. Mary, b. ; m. William Chandler. 

4. Samuel, b. iii deposition 1618; m. ; 2d. Wid. Margaret 


5. Hester, b. ; m. Jathnell Bird ; Eobert Collins. 

6. Joseph, b. probably about 1629 ; m. Martha Kimball. 

7. Thomas, b. iu deposition 1636 ; m. Hannah Jordan. 


2 Margaret (PhiUp^) was baptized in Marlborough, 
Wiltshire, England, 25 May, 1615 ; married there 1st, in St. 
Mary's Church, 28 July, 1633, Christopher Osgood, the son 
of Christopher of Marlborough , grandson of Christopher of 
Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. 

It seems that Christopher Osgood married 1st at St. Mary's, 
Marlborough, Eng., 21 April, 1632, Mary Everatt, and had 
daughter Mary, baptized there 17 March, 1632-3 ; his wife Mary, 
dying there, was buried 21 April, 1633. This daughter Mary 
came to Ipswich with him, and married there I June, 1651, 
John Lovejoy, and is named in his will, and the memoranda 
accompanying it. He probably had brothers William of Salis- 
bury, and John of Andover. For some of their, and Christo- 
pher's descendants, see N. E. Hist. Gen. Register. 

Christopher Osgood, and his wife Margaret (Fowler) 
Osgood, came passengers in the same vessel as her parents, the 


"Mary and John," from London, 24 March, 1633-4, and set- 
tled in Ipswich, Mass. 

In 1634-5 (5 Jan.) he received a grant from the town of 
Ipswich, of "four acres of meadow and marsh ground, . . . 
by the land side, lying northward of the Town, the marsh is 
not limited," and 26 Jan., 1634-5, " a Hill of ground contain- 
ing 6 acres of land," and in 1635, "six acres of meadow towards 
the Neck, having Philip Fowler east, and a Creek on the north- 
west, also six acres of planting ground upon the hill, on the 
north side of the Town, having Philip Fowler on the east, and 
Robert Andrews on the west, and John Cross on the south." 
Also upland bej'ond muddy river, forming northwest boundary 
of Philip Fowler's. 

In 1635 (16 May) he took the Freeman's Oath. 

In 1641-2 (1st, 12th mo.) he was of Ipswich, brickmaker, 
and deeds to Moses Pengry land on north side of the river 
bounding southeast on Philip Fowler's land. Witness, Philip 

In 1642 (29th, 1st mo.) he was on Jury of Trials, at Ipswich 
Court, also 28th, 1st mo., 1648, and 26th, 1st mo., 1650. 

The date of his death has not been found, but the following 
is a copy of his will, recorded Essex Probate Bk. 1 : 234. 

" I, Christopher Osgood of Ipswich, being weake in body, 
but of perfect understandinge & memor}^, doe comitt my soule 
into the hands of my redeemer, & concerning that little Estate 
the Lord hath lent mee, this is my last will & testament. 

First, I do give unto my oldest daughter Mary Osgood, ten 
pounds, to be paid her or her assigns at her day of marriage, 
& to my other three daughters, Abigail, Elisabeth & Deborah, 
five pounds to each of them, to be paid to them, and every of 
them, at or upon their respective dayes of marriage. 

And to my sonne Christopher=Osgood, I do give my house 
and lands, to have & enjoy the same, at the age of two & 
twentie yeares. And my will is, that my beloved wife Mar- 
gery Osgood, shal be the sole executrix of this my will, & to 
enjoy the proffitt & benefitt of my estate, duringe the minority 
of my children, as abovesaid. And lastly, I doe request and 
desire Mr. John Norton, and my Father Phillip Fowler, to be 


overseers, that this my will be performed, according to the true 
intent thereof. 

In witness heere of, I have subscribed my hand, the nine- 
teenth day of Aprill, 1 650. 


I do also desire our respected Major (Daniel Denison) to a 
joyne with Mr Norton & my Father. 

Nathaniel Mathew. 
Joseph Rowlandson. 
Daniel Rolfe. 

Memorandum which was forgotten, my will is, that my old- 
est daughter marry not, without the desire of my wife & the 
consent of my overseers, & that my younger daughters, marry 
not without the consent of their mother & the advice of the 
overseers, if it may be had, and that their several portions be 
paid unto them when they shall attaine the age of twenty 
yeares, if they be not marryed before that age. 


Proved by the oath of Daniel Rolfe, the 10th of the 8th mo. 
1650, per me. Robert Lord." 

In 1650 (15 Oct.) widow Margery Osgood, petitions for an 
abatement of the portions given by the estate of Christopher 
Osgood, to eldest daughter, second daughter, eldest son, who 
was to have house and land, and pay to the two younger chil- 
dren, when 18 )'ears of age, the property not proving suffi- 
cient, recorded 15 Dec, 1650. 

The children of Christopher and Margaret (Fowler) Os- 
good, were : — 

8. Abigail, b. about 1637; rn. Shoreborne Wilson, 9 April, 1657. 
Abigail Wilson was to receive £5, from the estate of her 
mother, then Margery Colman of Nantucket, by deed dated 27 
May, 1673, it to be paid, by her brother Thomas Osgood of New- 
bury, one year after her mother's decease. In 1666 (23 Nov.) 
Shoreborne Wilson deposes that he is 29 years of age, which 
makes him born in 1637. He was the sou of William, was a 
cooper by trade, and resided in Ipswich where he took the oath 
of Fidelity in 1678, and their descendants still reside. 


9. Elizabeth, b. ; mentioned in her father's will, dated 19 

April, 1650, but not living 24 Feb., 1650-1, the last of the year. 
10. Christopher, b. in Ipswich, in 1643 ; married four wives, and had 
sixteen children. He removed to Andover. In 1G65 (1 April) 
he agrees to pay all the debts of his mother Coleman, to which 
he took oath in Court, March, 1672, as he was then sued by heirs 
of Thomas Rowell, he offering them the value in land, but they 
desiring it in money. In 1666 (2 Oct.) he sells the dwelling 
house and grounds in Ipswich, left him by his father, to Thomas 
Metcalf ; also sells 18 July, 1722, a half right in the common 
lands in Ipswich, belonging to his father's estate, to Edmund 
Heard. In 1670 (15 July) of Andover, joyner, and buys of his 
mother, Margery Colman of Nantucket, for £3, land on north- 
west side of Shawshine river, in Andover. Ack. 15 June, 1681. 
In 1671 he deposes that he is 27 years of age, and his wife 
Hannah, 30 years. In 1673 (27 May) he occupied the house and 
laud, of his mother Margery Colman of Nantucket, in which 
she dwelt with her former husband, Thomas Rowell, and 8 June, 
1675, she mentions that she had let unto her sou Christopher 
Osgood of Andover, her house and land for twelve years, for 
which he is to pay her £15, when the said twelve years is ex- 
pired, and at this time orders him to pay it to her sou Thomas 
Osgood. He took the Freeman's Oath, 21 Feb., 1675-6; the 
Oath of Allegiance at Andover, 11 Feb., 1678; Constable 1676; 
an ardent patriot, imprisoned some days by Gov. Andros, with- 
out warrant ; Selectman of Andover, 1678, 79, 80, 83, 84, 86, 87, 
88, 93, 96 ; Captain of a Company in the militia in 1690, and in 
active service having his servant killed by the Indians ; Rep. to 
General Court 1690, 93, 96, 1705, 9; member of the Church in 
South Parish, organized 7 Oct., 1711, composed of fourteen 
male members, his name on the list next the ministers. He 
died in 1723 set. 80. His will dated 24 July, 1722 ; proved 10 
June, 1723; recorded Essex Probate Bk. 13: 324. His son 
Christopher, b. 28 June, 1675, was a millwright, and built and 
owned the first grist mill on Concord River, lived in Billerica, 
where he was a man of note. Another son Ezekiel, b. 5 
Nov., 1679, lived in Andover, had sou Samuel, b. 1714, who 
had son Thomas, b. 1767, lived in Charlestown, and had 
son Samuel, b. there, 30 Aug., 1812; graduated at Harvard 
College 1832; attended the Divinity School, preached in 
the Unitarian denomination for several years, and finally 
became pastor of the " Church of the Messiah" in New York 
City, N. y. He resigned and visited Europe in 1869, and 
on his return entered the Protestant Episcopal Church, 
"where until his death he was not only au active spirit, 
but a positive influence." He received the degree of S. T. D., 


in 1857, of Harvard College, and that of LL. D., in 1872, of 
Hobart College. He married 24 May, 1843, Ellen Haswell Mur- 
dock of Boston, and had three daughters. He was greatly 
distinguished as a divine and writer, and died in New York 
City, 14 April, 1880. See N. E. Hist. Gen. Kegister of April, 
1882, for a fuller sketch of his life and portrait. 

11. Deborah, b. ; m. John Ross, 28 Aug., 1663. She received 

£5 from her mother, in the same manner as her sister Abigail, 
27 May, 1673. He died 4 March, 1692-3. 

12. Thomas, b. in Ipswich about 1651, a posthumous child; m. Su- 

sannah, had ten children. In 1673 (27 May), Thomas Osgood 
of Newbury, received a deed of gift from his mother, Margery 
Colman of Nantucket, late of Andover, of a dwelling house, 
barn, land, etc., " wherein I lately dwelled in my former husband 
Thomas liowell, his tyme" and he is to " pay, or cause to be 
payd unto my sonn Jacob Howell, the full sum of Twenty nyne 
pounds ten shillings, when he comes to the age of twenty one 
years, according to the order of court," and to her daughters 
Abigail Wilson, and Deborah Ross, £5 each. In 1675 (8 June) 
was to receive, by the order of his mother, from his brother 
Christopher Osgood of Andover, £15, towards paying the above 
portion to Jacob Rowell, her son. In 1681 (6 June) Thomas 
Osgood, of Andover, makes an agreement with his brother 
Jacob Rowell, carpenter, of Elizabeth Town, N. J., for £5, and 
£29-10-0, " already paid by my brother Thomas Ossgood (afore- 
sayd), to George Norton (1676)" etc., etc. Mentions land sold 
by Thomas Osgood, to (his uncle) William Chandler. He was 
living in Newbury in 1673, and in Andover in 1675, took the 
Freeman's oath, at the same time with his brother Christopher, 
21 Feb., 1675-6, removed with his family, after 1692, not known 

Margaret (Fowler) Osgood, married for her second hus- 
band, Thomas Rowell of Salisbury, soon after 1650, as 
she then entered into a marriage covenant with him, the origi- 
nal of which is on file in Essex Registry of Probate : — 

"Know all men by these presents, yt I, Thomas Rowell of 
Salisbury, doe hereby covenant & make this agremt, concern- 
ing Margere Ossgood, ye widdow of Christopher Ossgood of 
Ipswich, whoome God willing, I intend to make my LawfuU wife, 
& now being in perfect healthe, sense & memory, doe bind my- 
selfe, to the premisses ffoUowing : — Videly : — As I take her to 
be my loving wife, soe I freely take her issue, being two sonnes, 
& two daughters, as my one, to endeavor to bring them upp, 


as a ffather ought to doe : & ffurther more, I bind myselfe, 
that the said Margere shall quiettly enjoy & posesse, the halfe 
of my estate, which I shall be posessed withall, when it shall 
please God to change my life, besides the part of portion of 
goods, which I shall have with her, paying to the said issue, 
there severall portons, mentioned in there ffathers will, accord- 
ing to the appointed times, out of the said estate, which I shall 
enjoy with her. In wittnes whereof, I have hereunto sett my 
hand, this 24th of ffebruary : 1650. In the presence of, 

Phillip ffowler (Pmarke). 

William Bridges. THOMAS ROWELL 

William Chandler. (the marke of). 

Received in court, held at Ipswich, the 30th of Sept., 1662, 
& alowed of, by the court. As attest. Robert Lord, cler." 

He was one of the original proprietors of Salisbury, 1639 ; 
took the Oath of Fidelity there in 1646 ; is said to have a wife 
in England 24th, 2d mo., 1649, and a son Valentine Rowell 
at Salisburj-^, who married 14 Nov., 1643, Joanna Finder, had 
six children, and died 17 May, 1662. His widow Joanna, 
married, second, prior to 1671, William Sargent. He is of 
Ipswich, 25th, 6th mo., 1652, when the town bargained with 
him and Henry Finder, "to build a sufficient Prison house, 
. . . adjoining the watch house," and 30th, 6th mo., 
1655, he is allowed 16 shillings, for mending the bridge over 
the river. 

In 1656-7 (12 Feb.) Thomas Rowell and Alex. Knight 
make an agreement with Robert Collings, to lease his farm in 
Ipswich for seven years from date, excepting two acres and 
the home lot for himself. 

In 1659 (5 April) when of Andover, carpenter, with wife 
Marjery, sells Lieut. Robert Pike of Salisbury, for £14, " all 
my farm in the said town of Salisbury, containing by esti- 
mation, six score acres, be it more or less, viz. : twenty acres 
of it was granted by the town of Salisbury, forty acres bought 
of Mr Samuel Hale, and forty acres bought of Mr Thomas 
Bradbury, which was sometime John Hoge's ; all which several 
parcels of land, are situate, lying, and being within the bounds 
of Salisbury, up at the new town." 


He died in Andover 8 May, 16G2; his will dated 24 Feb., 
1650-1, proved 30 Sept., 1662, is recorded Essex Trobate 
(Gra3''s Copy), Bk. 1: 173-175. Inventory takeu 16 June, 
1662, amount £156-10-2, allowed 30 Sept., 1662, when Mar- 
gery, his widow, was administratrix of estate. Inventory £123 
-3-0. By contract before marriage, the widow to have half 
the estate, court orders £29-10-0 to be paid to Jacob Rowell, 
his son, when 21 years of age, and to his grandchildren, the 
children of Valentine Rowell, £7-4-0 to eldest son, and 20 
shillings apiece to the other five. Additional inventory sworn 
to, 28th, 4th mo., 1681, when son Jacob Rowell was appointed 
to take the place of Margart, his widow. Jacob Rowell is 
then called the only child, who had then become of age, at 
which time he was appointed adm'r, to take the place of his 
mother Margart, the widow, who had removed out of the juris- 
diction (Nantucket). He speaks of an agreement between his 
father and mother before marriage. Appraisers, Dudley Brad- 
street and Thomas Chandler. Some of the estate was on the 
Indian Plains, being the third division meadow, on the west 
side of Shawshine river, and upland in the swamp division. 

The child of Thomas and Margaret (Fowler) (Osgood) 
Rowell was : — 

13. Jacob, b. 16G0; m. Mary Younglove, 29 April, 1690, who 

d. April, 1691; m. 2d, Elizabeth Wardwell, 21 Sept., 1691, by 
whom he had two daughtei-s. 

In 1G73 (27 May) he is to receive his portion £29-10-0 of his 
brother Thomas Osgood of Newbury (see p. 15), and 8 June, 
1675, a feather bed and bolster, which his mother left in her 
son-in-law John Lovejoy's hands. In 1681 (6 June) he is a car- 
penter of Elizabeth Town, N. J., when he makes an agreement 
with his brother Thomas Osgood of Andover, for £5, and £29- 
10-0 " already paid by my brother Thomas Ossgood (aforesayd), 
to George Norton (1676)" etc. In 1692-3 he had a shop lot 
granted to him on the south side of the river, 28 feet front on 
the street, being the 9th lot from the bridge in Ipswich. In 
1697-8 (11 March) tie is of Ipswich, with wife Elizabeth, and 
sells Major John March of Newbury, all his right in estate, 
as "sole heir to my father Thomas Howell's Estate, in the 
Townes of Salsbury and Amesbury . . . also sole adminis- 
trator, . . . and alsoe those lands, that was given by my 
said Father, unto my brother VoUeutiue (half brother), is now 


possessed off, are excepted." Witnesses, Phillip Fowler and 
Joseph Fowler (his cousins, sous of Joseph Fowler). He died 
in Ipswich, 18 Feb., 1700-1. 

Widow Margaret (Fowler) (Osgood) Rowell, married 
third, prior to 1670, her fellow townsman, Thomas Coleman or 
CouLTMAN, as he wrote it, as his third wife. He was born in 
1602, came from Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, in the 
"James," which arrived at Boston, 3 June, 1635, and settled 
in Newbury, Mass., the same year. He was one of the part- 
ners or purchasers, of one-twentieth part, of the island of 
Nantucket, in 1659, being of those chosen by the first ten pur- 
chasers, as partners. He was on a Jury there, 20 Oct., 1673. 
In 1670 (15 July) "Margery Coleman, administratrix to the 
estate of Thomas Rowell, my former husband, late of Andover, 
deceased, with the full consent of Thomas Coleman, of the 
Island of Nantuckett, my present Husband," for £3, "payd by 
my son Christopher Ossgood, of Andover, Joyner," sells him 
land on northwest side of Shawshine river, in Andover. Wit- 
nesses Simon Bradstreet (Governor), Dudley Bradstreet, Marcy 
Bradstreet. Ack. 15 June, 1681. 

In 1673 (27 May) she gives by deed of gift, to her son 
Thomas Osgood of Newbury (see p. 15), and in 1675 (8 June) 
had left her house and land, for twelve years, to her son Chris- 
topher Osgood (see p. 14). 

Thomas Coleman died in Nantucket before 1682, and his 
widow : — 

Margaret (Fowler) (Osgood) (Rowell) (Coleman) mar- 
ried for her fourth husband, Thomas Osborne, a widower. He 
was admitted a member of the first Congregational Church, in 
Charlestown, 7th, 10th mo., 1644, was one of the founders of a 
Baptist Church there, 1665, and a licensed preacher, of that de- 
nomination, was fined and imprisoned for his belief, and fled 
from persecution, to Nantucket, where Margery Coleman took 
him for her fourth husband, as appears by Osborne's letter, to 
George Little, of Newbury, dated "Nantucket Island, 25 of the 
8 month, 1682," published in the N. E. Hist. Gen. Register, 
1862, p 25, from which is quoted the following : — 

"This is farther to let you understand, I have married to one 


Margery Colman, a widdow, on the island Nantucket, -where 
I now am. I believe God hath provided for me & given me a 
meet help, a very loving wife, one in charity & walking, & I 
judge for the Lord, & a true lover of the pepell & church of 
the Lord, & I se nothing but the Lord blessing our indavors, 
we may live comfortably, though both aged & but crazy. 
... I & my wife, entreat you to remember our harty love, 
to our brother Chandler & his wife, & all their children, intreat- 
ing him, if he have mj' husband Colman's mind, which himself 
did write, & my husband Colman did set his hand to it, how he 
would leave me a comfortable maint3'nance, if he died, & left 
me a widow. My wife desires, he wold be pleased, to send it, 
if he have the same, as judging it might be of great benefit & 
use unto her, for her husband Colman's sons, deals very hardly 
by her, & keeps & takes what they can from me, and requites 
me very unworthily, for all my care & endeavors for their good, 
which is a great grief & trouble unto me, but we trust the Lord 
will bear us up & grant what is necessary, and give us content- 
ment in our spirits, in that portion he in his wisdom shall carve 
out unto us." 

The time of their decease has not been ascertained. 

3 Mary {Philip^) was born in England, came with her 
parents to Ipswich, in 1634 ; married William Chandler, as 
his first wife, and lived in Newbury, at the foot of Chandler's 
lane, now Federal Street. 

In 1650 William Chandler witnessed a deed of Joseph Fow- 
ler (his brother-in-law), to Richard Kimball, senior, and the 
24 Feb., 1650-1, the marriage contract of Thomas Rowell of 
Salisbury, with Margaret Osgood (his sister-in-law) , the widow 
of Christopher Osgood of Ipswich. 

Under the sumptuary law of 1651, the wife of William 
Chandler was presented to court, for wearing a silk hood and 
scarf, but was discharged, on proof that her husband was worth 
two hundred pounds. 

In 1653 he was one of the inhabitants of Newbury, who pe- 
titioned the General Court, for the release of Robert Pike, who 
had been censured for appealing to that court. 


He was on the Jury of Trials at courts held in 1654, 1658, 
1671, and 1695. 

In 1654 (5 April) he buys of Judith wife of Tristram Coffin, 
Jr., of Newburj^, 4 acres of land in Newburj', property that 
came to her from her late deceased husband Henry Somerby, 
formerly laid out to Gyles Badger late of Newbury, deceased. 
This property he must have given by deed of gift, to his son 
Joseph Chandler, as it is in his possession 25 Sept., 1703, when 
he sells it to Henry Jaquish. 

In 1663 he deposes that he is 48 j^ears old, also that he was 
of the same age on the 29th, 4th mo., 1664. 

In 1664 (20 Sept.) William Chandler of Newbury, "out of 
that tender afection I beare unto my daughter Mary, do in ref- 
erence to part of a portion in mariage with Percivall Lowle, of 
the abovesayd Towne and county" give her a "parcell of salt 
marsh lott, granted as my portion in Plumb Island, being the 
thirty third lott, known by the figure 33," which he acknowl- 
edged 22 June, 1670. 

In 1665 (1 April) he witnessed a paper for Christopher Os- 
good (his nephew). 

In 1671 (29 May) he with other church members, adhered to 
Rev. Mr, Parker's party, in the division that occurred in that so- 
ciety at that time. Coffin states that all the records of this 
church until 6 Dec, 1674, were in his handwriting, and were 
lost apparently by design, during the controversy in the 

In 1672-3 (27 Feb.) when of Newbury, cooper, buys of 
Abraham Fitts of Ipswich, 2 acres of salt marsh in Salisbury, 
bounding on Ephraim Winsley's, which he gives by deed of gift 
dated 23 April, 1694, " to his natural son Samuel Chandler." 
The signature is "Wm. Chandler, Senr," and ack. 24 April, 

In 1672 (26 March) he deposes that when Margeiy Colman, 
adm'x of the estate of her deceased husband Thomas Rowell, 
was at his house in Newbury, the wife of Valentine Eowell 
came in and asked her mother-in-law, now Margery Colman, 
for £7, she owed her children. He testified that his sister Cole- 
man told her, "yt she had disposed of all her estate to her sonne 
Christopher, who was to pay her debts & further s'd, y't my 


brother Chandler hath by writtings in his house, to showe or 
manifest as mutch." Christopher Osgood offered them the value 
of £7, in land, which they refused, as they wanted it in money. 

In 1674 he was appointed, by the County Court, searcher and 
sealer of sturgeon, which were then very abundant in the Mer- 
rimack river, and were caught and shipped in great quantities 
to England. 

In 1680 (17 May) he was summoned to appear as a witness, 
at the Court of Assistants, in Boston, to be held on the 20 May, 
1680, in the case of Mrs. Elizabeth Morse, of Newburj', who 
was to be tried for witchcraft. She was unjustly condemned to 

" Wm. Chandlers Bill of Cost. 
In p"" mis : for Attendance at Newbury before Mr. John Wood- 
bridge two Daijes. £0-2-6. 
For two Daijes coming, a Day Attendance at Boston. . 0-6-0. 
For two Daijes going Whome 0-4-0. 

I have p'^most of my Expences by y^ Way, in Mony out of my 
Pockett ; I am aged, and came on Foot, w*'^ is verry hard for my 
aged Body to beare, therfore I hope this honnored Court will 
consider me for my Paines and hard Trauell." 

On the 14 May, 1681, her husband William Morse petitions 
the General Court (in the handwriting of William Chandler), 
for the reprieve, of the sentence of death against his wife, 
which was granted through the firmness of Gov. Bradstreet. 

" The following petition, without date or signature, but 
probably written between the j^ears 1661 and 1682, is in the 
elegant handwriting of William Chandler. The justness of 
the sentiments, and the beauty of the style warrant the in- 
sertion of it." 

" To the honored generall court. Whereas wee have these 
many yeares bin preserved by the good providence of God 
under a peaceable government in this wildernesse, and many 
worthy things have by you bin donne unto and for this 
people, which we acknowledge with all thankfulnesse, not- 
withstanding, may it please you to take notice of some 
greevance of many of the people of God in this country which 


lieth on their spirits, respecting some streiglitnes and streight- 
ening of yt christian liberty which wee think ought to be al- 
lowed unto all christians houlding the foundation and walking 
orderl}', though of different persuations, namely, to worship 
God according to their owne judgement and consciences with- 
out being restrained to the judgements of others by human laws ; 
and forasmuch as our gratious king is pleased in his letter 
[Sept. 1661], to declare (as wee apprehend), that a principall 
end of this plantation granted is yt liberty of conscience may 
bee heere enjoj^ed. Wee hope therefore it will be noe griefe of 
mind to you to consider of it, and to repeale such lawes as are 
a hinderauce or restraining in any respect to ye people of God 
either in their joining together in church fellowship or exercis- 
ing in the ordinances of God accordinge to ye pure gospel rule. 
Our humble petition is that all such laws, as occasion or cause 
any such streightnes, restraint or hinderance may be repealed, 
and that such christian liberty may bee allowed and confirmed, 
the which wee believe will tend much to ye glory of God in ye 
peace and settlement of his people heere. And soe shall wee 
pray for your peace and remaine (as in duty wee are bound) 
your faithful and humble petitioners." 

About this time a Baptist church was forming in Newbury, 
which he seemed inclined to favor. 

In 1681 (6 June) Jacob Rowell of Elizabeth Town, N. J., 
in an agreement with his brother Thomas Osgood of Andover, 
mentions land sold by Thomas Osgood to William Chandler. 
They were his nephews. 

In a letter dated Nantucket Island, 2oth, 8th mo., 1682, 
from Thomas Osborne to his friend George Little of Newbury, 
he writes " I & ray wife entreat you, to remember our harty 
love to our brother Chandler & his wife, & all their children." 
He had married Widow Margery (Fowler) Colman. 
* In 1686 (28 Sept.) Mrs. Anne White of Newbury, was li- 
censed by Ipswich Court to keep an ordinary, having for sure- 
ties, William Chandler and Henry Lunt. 

His wife Mary died in Newbury 28 Oct., 1666. 

He appears to have been the trusted friend and adviser of 
his sister-in-law Margery, and died in Newbury 5 March, 


1701-2, in the 85th year of bis age. He probably disposed of 
bis property by deeds of gift, not all of which were recorded, 
as his son afterwards appears to have come into possession of 
his homestead, which he sells. The probate records show no 
will or letter of administration. 

The children of William and Mary (Fowler) Chandler, 
were : — 

14. Mary, b. ; m. Percival Lowell of Newbury, 7 Sept., 1664. 

He was b. in 1639, the son of Mr. Richard Lowell, the emigrant. 
As will be noticed, she received a deed of gift from her father, 
20 Sept., 1664. She died in Newbury 5 Feb., 1707-8. Their 
children b. in Newbury were: — 'Richard, b. 25 Dec, 1668; d. 
29 May, 1749, get. 80 yrs. 2m. 4d. ^ Gideon, b. 3 Sept., 1672 
(from whom are descended John P. Towusend, an eminent mer- 
chant of New York, and Alfred Poore of Salem, author of the 
Poore Genealogy). ^ Samuel, b. 13 Jan., 1675-6. ■* Edmund, b. 

24 Sept., 1684; ra. 18 April, 1706, Abigail Hadlock. 

15. Hester, b. in Newbury 28 Jan., 1651-2; m. when of Andover, 12 

Nov,, 1667, to Jonathan Cady of Rowley. She probably mar- 
ried again before 1680, a Mr, Willson, as the 17 May, 1680, was 
given in, the case of Mrs. Elizabeth Morse of Newbury, "The 
testimony of Esther Willson, aged about 28. That she living 
with her Mother, Goodwife Chandler (probably the third wife 
of William Chandler), when she was ill, she would often cry 
out and complaine that Goody Morse was a Witch," etc. Also 
mentions her father. 

16. Daughter, b. in Newbury 31 July, 1653; d. 10 Aug., 1653. 

17. Daughter, b. in Newbury 11 March, 1654-5; d. 15 April, 1655. 

William Chandler married for his second wife, 26 Feb., 
1666-7, in Newbury, Mary, daughter of Robert Lord of Ips- 
wich, clerk of the Probate and Register of Deeds for Essex 
County. She died in Newbury 3 Oct., 1676. Their children 
born in Newbury were : — 

William, b. 2 Dec, 1667; m. 29 Nov., 1692, Hannah Huntington. 
Joseph, b. 19 Nov., 1669; m. 10 Feb., 1699-1700, Mary Hall. On the 

25 Sept., 1703, Joseph Chandler of Newbury, wheelwright, with 
Mary, his wife, sells for £95, to Henry Jaquish of Newbury, 4 
acres of land in Newbury, with dwelling house, etc., on Chand- 
ler's lane, also one-third part of freehold. He must have re- 
ceived this in a deed of gift. 


Samuel, b. 29 Feb., 1671-2; received a deed of gift of his father 23 

April, 1694, of two acres of salt-marsh. 
Mary, b. 18 May, 1674; ra. 16 Nov., 1695, Jonathan Sampson. 

William Chandler, senior, married for a third wife, 16 
April, 1677, in Nevvbur}^ Mai'y Carter, who was living in 1680, 
but by whom he had no children. 

4 Samuel {Philip^) was born in England, according to 
his deposition in 1618, came to Ipswich, Mass., with his par- 
ents in the " Mary and John" in 1634. 

He is styled a shipwright, and in the early practice of that 
trade is supposed to have visited Portsmouth, N. H., where 
he may have married a wife, name unknown, and had children 
born, perhaps William and three other children named in the 
will of Samuel Winsley of Salisbury, dated 17 Aug., 1665; 
proved 9th, 2d mo., 1667 ; recorded Essex Probate, Bk. 1 : 
299, who gives his estate to his cousin, Samuel Fowler's son 
Samuel, and his daughters Maiy and Sarah. 

In 1668 (12 Oct.), he is of Salisbury, shipwright, and buys 
of Robert Ring, for £10, a ten acre planting lot there. 

In 1668-9 (6 March), he buys of Richard Currier of Ames- 
bury, common right in Salisbury, formerly Lewis Hulett's. 
He had a suit against Philip Gale, for cutting timber on this 
right, 1 May, 1673, and recovered damages. 

In 1669 (22 Dec), he buys meadow land in Salisbuiy, of 
Geo. Goldwier and Martha, his wife. 

In 1673 (13 May), he buys 30 acres of land in Amesbury, 
of Joseph Peasly of Haverhill. 

He married, second, Margaret (Norman) Morgan, the 
widow of Robert Morgan of Beverly, after 1673, as Robert 
Morgan made his will 14 Oct., 1672 ; proved 24th, 4th mo., 
1673, gives to wife Margaret, son Samuel to have 12 acres at 
Manchester in the great Plaine, that the testator's wife's father 
Norman gave him, and 8 acres at Long Hill, and this son was 
executor of the will. Other children were Joseph, Benjamin, 
Bethiah, Robert and Moses. Robert Morgan was of Salem, 
1637, admitted to the church 1650, and was one of the founders 
of the church at Beverly in 1667. 


In 1675, Samuel Fowler of Salisbury, was brought before 
the Court " for traveling on Sunday." He was probably a 

In 1682, he is taxed in Salisbury for " 2 oxen, 3 cows, 1, 2 
yearling, 1, 1 j^earling, 2 horses, 1 swine, 3 sheep, 2 (acres) 
brok up land, 2 heads, 4 Comonages, Estate £30-05-0." 

In 1684 (3 Dec), he gives by deed of gift to his son Samuel 
Fowler, if he marry Ezekiel Wathen's daughter Hannah, half 
of lot of upland where he now dwells, about 12 acres, with 6 
oxen and 2 cowes, cart, etc., which he ack. same date. 

In 1690 (26 May), Samuel Fowler, senior, of Salisbury, 
shipwright, and Margaret, his wife, sell Samuel "Weld of 
Amesbury, all the right they have in the estate of Robert Mor- 
gan, deceased, of Beverly, " by verture of ye marriage of ye 
s'd Samuel Fowler, Sen'r unto ye said Margaret his now 
wife, relict of ye said Robert Morgan, according to ye Test, true 
meaning, purpose & intent of ye last Will & Testament, of ye 
said Robert Morgan," etc., etc. 

In 1693-4 (20 Feb.), "for &in Consideration of That Care, 
Trouble & Expence, which my Son Samuel ifowler, Junr, of ye 
Towne of Salisbury, abovesd, labourer, hath already bestowed, 
layed Out and Expended, as also of what he must doe for ye 
future, in order unto ye maintenance of & attendance upon my 
Selfe & Margarett my now Wife, after her returne from Bev- 
erly, ye place of her present Sojourning : to my present habi- 
tation, or to such other as may be provided by or for me for 
her entertainment, to Settle & abide In ye Time of Our old age, 
& under our present want of sight & decay of other Members 
& Faculties, In sickness & in health, And for divers other good 
& lawfuU Considerations, . . . have given . . . unto 
my son Samuel Fowler, all my estate real and personal, as a 
deed of gift." 

Samuel Fowler, senior, died in Salisbury, January, 

His children were : — 

18. William, b. ; m. Elizabeth , was of Portsmouth, 

N. H., she adminlsterefl on his estate there, 1707. 

19. Mary, b. ; m. Richard Goodwin, 14th, 9th mo., 1677, of 

Amesbury, shipwright, when she was of Portsmouth, N. H. 


20. Sarah, b. . 

21. Samuel, b. ; m. Hannah Worthen, 5 Dec, inS4, He died 

in SalisbxTiy, 2i Dec, 1737, leaving numerous descendants, 
having had 6 sons and 7 daughters, all of whom married. His 
will dated 29 Dec, 1727; proved 2 Jan., 1737-8, is on file in 
Essex Probate office. His inventory amount, £687. 

5 Hester (Philij)^) was born in England ; married first 
Jathnell Bird. 

From tlie Town records of Ipswich, it appears that, in 1639, 
there was " Granted to (George) Varneliam, three acres of that 
planting ground formerly Mr. Bradstreets, and the remainder 
of it to Jafnell Bird, to be laid out by the lot layers and 
Mark Symonds," and "6 April, 1641 Granted Jathnell Bird, 
a little parcel of ground lying by Goodman Mussey's, on the 
side of the hill, not exceeding 2 acres." 

They also received land on the north side of Ipswich River, 
in common field on hill, from her father Philip Fowler, senior, 
as will hereafter appear. 

She was the Widow Bird, " the last day of the last month, 
1641," and entitled to commonage in Ipswich. 

No children of this marriage have been found. 

She married, second, previous to 1658, Robert Collins of 

In 1654 (31 Aug.) in deed of Cornelius "Waldo to John 
Caldwell, mention is made of boundary in Ipswich, on house 
and land of " Robert Collings norwest." 

In 1656-7 (12 Feb.) Alexander Knight agrees to let his 
farm in Ipswich, for seven years from date, to Thomas Rowell 
and Robert Collings of same place (brothers-in-law), with 
the exception of 2 acres and a homelot for himself. 

In 1656-7 (13 March) "Robert Colings" was assessed for a 
quarter spinner £22 J- (see p. 3). 

In 1662 (16 June) he was a debtor of 5 shillings to the es- 
tate of (his brother-in-law) Thomas Rowell of Salisbury. 

In 1664 had a right of commonage in Ipswich, also 13 Feb., 

In 1669-70 (13 Jan.) the Town records of Ipswich state, 
that Deacon Pengiy and Robert Lord, senior, were ordered 


" to view the highway toward reedy marsh as far as Robert 
Colling's lands go" and stalce it out as it was formerly laid 

In 1671 (22 Dec.) he was granted " leave to fell trees for 
an end to his barne, 16 foote long & a lean too to it." 

In 1671-2 (18 March) from the court files it appears, that 
there was a controversy between Robert Collins and Deacon 
William Goodhue, in regard to a colt taken up by Amos Stick- 
ney at Newbury, which they both claimed, and 26 March, 
1672, Joseph Fowler testifies about his " uncels Collinges 

In 1675 (20 Nov.) he prized a " calfe of John Caldwell" 
taken up as a stray. 

In 1677 (10 Sept.) Robert Collins of Ipswich and "Eastor" 
his wife, sell land there to Philip Fowler, jr. (their nephew), 
which was ack. by them, 9 July, 1678. 

In 1678 (8 Jul}^) he sells Caleb Kimball, land in Ipswich, 
and one of the witnesses was Philip Fowler, his nephew. 

In 1678-9 (16 Jan.) Robert Collins and Shoreborne Wil- 
son (his nephew by marriage with Abigail Osgood), were 
complained of by the town for entertaining Ezra Rolfe. 
This was to prevent his gaining a residence. He was probably 
the son-in-law of Robert Collins. Savage also infers that 
he had son-in-law Daniel Rolfe who was killed in 1672, in 
King Philip's war, which is correct. 

In 1679 (18 June), with wife Hester, sells Simon Stace for 
40 shillings, 40 rods of land on the north side of Ipswich 
River, in common field on hill, bounded with " land of John 
Kimball towards the Nor West, and land of Philip Fowler, 
Senior, towards the North East (being part of a lott that was 
formerly Phillip Fowler, sen'r, which he gave to his daughter 
Hester, in the time of her husband Bird, and hath beene long 
time parted by a stone wall, from the other land of the afore- 
sayd Phillip." Ack. 18 June, 1679. 

In 1679 (25 Nov.) he mortgages to John Williams of Haver- 
hill " my now dwelling house in Ipswich, in the high street, 
bounded on North by Philip Fowler." Mortgage discharged 29 
Jan., 1679-80. This estate he sells 26 Jan., 1679-80 when of 
"Haverill, County of Norfolk," to Abraham Perkins of Ips- 


wich, 3f acres of land and dwelling house in Ipswich, which he 
ack. 30 Jan., 1679-80, and was sold by Abraham Perkins to 
Robert Lord, senior, in 1683. 

In 1682 (24 June) when of Haverhill, yeoman, with wife 
Hester, sells Joseph Belknapp of Boston, glover, for £17, all 
their land, 15 acres in Haverhill. 

Robert Collins died in Haverhill 17 June, 1688. 

The children of Robert and Hester (Fowler) Collins, 
born in Ipswich, as recorded on Court recoi'ds, were : — 

22. Philip, b. ; probably the eldest child ; d. 7 April, 1659. 

23. Hester, b. 18 April, 1658; d. 19 Jan., 1662-3. 

24. Robert, b. 15 March, 1659-60. 

25. Nathaniel, b. 18 June, 1662. 

26. Elizabeth, b. 16 Jan., 1664-5. 

27. Martha, b. ; perhaps a daughter ; m. Philip Flanders 4 Nov., 

1686, in Salisbury. 

6 Joseph. (Philip^) was born in England, probably about 
1629, came with his parents in the ship " Mary and John," in 
1634, to Ipswich, Mass. ; married there Martha Kimball, who 
came over from Ipswich, England, in 1634, in the ship "Eliz- 
abeth," with her parents, when she is called five years of age. 
Her father, Richard Kimball, settled in Ipswich, Mass., and was 
the ancestor of nearly all of those now living of the name of Kim- 
ball. Her mother, Ursula (Scott) Kimball, his wife, was the 
daughter of the widow Martha Scott, who came in the same 
ship with him, then aged sixty years. She was perhaps the 
widow of Hon. John Scott, of Scott's Hall, County of Kent, 
England, and daughter of Sir George Wortup. 

In 1647, he worked with his father, Philip Fowler, for two 
days, at the watch house in Ipswich, for which he received 
three shillings of the town. 

In 1649 (7th mo.) in Essex Court records is the following: 
" "We present Joseph Fowler, Thomas Cooke, Thomas Scott, 
and two of ye sons of Richard Kimball, for goeing into ye 
woods, shouting and singing, taking fire and liquors with them, 
all being at unseasonable time in ye night, ocasioning yr. 
wives and some other to go out to them." 

"Joseph Fowler, Thomas Scott, John Kemball and Thomas 


Kemball for their presentment, had a legal admonition." 
These j^oung men probably met to celebrate the twenty-first 
birthdaj' of Thomas Scott, who was Joseph Fowler's cousin, 
and the son of Thomas, a merchant, who came in the "Eliza- 
beth," 1634, from Ipswich, England, to Ipswich, New Eng- 
land, and afterwards married Margaret, the sister of Rev. Wil- 
liam Hubbard, the historian of the Indian wars, and had one 
child, Thomas, who was killed by the Indians at Squakeheage, 
8 Sept., 1675. His widow married second, Ezekiel Rogers, 
H. C, 1659, nephew of the Rev. Ezekiel, of Rowley, who dis- 
inherited him, as he persisted in wearing his hair long, contrary 
to his wish. The Kimballs were brothers-in-law to Joseph 
Fovtler, and cousins to Scott. John, then aged 18, married, 
and died in Ipswich, leaving numerous descendants. Thomas 
was then aged 16, he married, and settled in Bradford, where 
he was slain by the Indians, 3 May, 1676, leaving a son Richard, 
a captain in active service against the Indians in 1724. (See 
Kimball's letter in Mass. Archives, Vol. 52, p. 45.) 

In 1650 (10th, 10th mo.) he gave in his testimony in case of 
Joseph Fowler, plaintiff, vs. Simonds, defendant. 

In 1650 is found the following deed : — 

" Know all men by these presents, that I, Joseph Fowler 
of Ipswich, in the county of Essex, in New England, husband- 
man, doe sell unto Richard Kemball, sen'r of ye same towne, 
wheelwright, my father-in-law, such land & cattell as followeth, 
viz. : — one cow & one yearling, 40 acres of ground joj'ning to 
Richard Jacob, on ye one side, & Thomas Byshop & Jobe 
Byshop, on the other, 34 acres of it I enjoyne myselfe to fence 
in, of upland & meadow, which the said Richard is to have of 
the said Joseph, for such goods as I have received of him for 
satisfaction thereof. In wittnesse whereof, I have hereunto sett 
my hand, the 12th of January, 1650. 

Witnesses. JOSEPH FOWLER. 

William Chaundler (his brother-in-law) & svitnes 
John Kimball (his wife's brother) & 
William Smith. 

This writing & deed was acknowledged 21 : 11th mo : 1651, 
before me. Samuel Symonds." 


In 1651 " Phillip Fowler the elder, of Ipswich, did come be- 
fore me, and in the presence of Joseph his sonne & Martha 
his wife, & with their full & free consent, did adopt as his sonne 
Phillip, the sonne of the s'd Joseph & Martha, to be as his 
sonne. Samuel Symonds." 

There is no date to the above paper, but it is recorded be- 
tween papers dated 18 day of 6th month, 1651, and Feb., 1651. 
It is probable that after this period he resided with his father- 
in-law, Richard Kimball. 

In 1651 (25th, 1st mo.) when at Goodman Cross' house, 
gave in his testimony in case of Bradstreet & Muzzy, at Ips- 
wich Court. 

In 1651 (3d, 4th mo.) John Broadstreet, Joseph Fowler, 
Thomas Scott and Richard Betts, were presented to court and 

In 1653 " Richard Kemball, sen'r, & Joseph Fowler, 
both of Ipswich, wheelwright & husbandman, in the county 
of Essex, in New England, do bind ourselves, heirs & ex- 
ecutors, to Humphry Bradstreete of Rowley, in the same 
county, in the full & just sume of fifty pounds, for to se- 
cure the said Humphrey, his heires, executors & admin- 
istrators, from all charges & incumbrances touching the 
horse that the s'd Humphry Bradstreete, hath sou Id me, 
and recovered from Zacheus Gould, in December, 1649, wit- 
ness our hand. Richard Kimball (the marke of). Joseph 
Fowler. Signed, sealed & del'd in the presence of these, 
3 of the 01 month, dat. 1653, witnes Martha Willoras. John 

In 1658-9 (14 March) he witnessed an agreement of George 
Norton and Roger Preston. 

In 1660 (27 Nov.) he witnessed the will of Robert Garrett 
of Boston, and he deposed in regard to it, 1 Aug., 1668. 

In 1669-70 (7 March) he witnessed a receipt of Andrew 
Peeters and John Browne, to Goodman Caldwell, for rent of 

Joseph Fowler was killed by the Indians, near Deerfield, 
19 May, 1676, on his return from the Falls fight. 

The children of Joseph and Martha (Kimball) Fowler, 
were : — 


28. Joseph, b. about 1647; m. Elizabeth Hutton. 

29. Philip, b. 25 Dec, 1648; m. Elizabeth Herrick. 

30. John, b. ; m. Sarah ; Hauuah Scott. 

31. Mary, b. ; m. John Briers 20 Jan., 1G73-4. 

7 Thomas {PMUj)^) was born in Ipswich, according to his 
deposition, in 1636 ; married there Hannah Jordan, 23 April, 
1660, who was born in Ipswich 14 March, 1638-9, the daughter 
of Francis and Jane (Wilson) Jordan of Ipswich, 1634, and 
died in Amesbury 15 June, 1716. 

In 1659-60 (1 March) he was granted permission to plant 
two acres in Ipswich, on the north side of Jeffries Neck. 

Thomas Fowler is said to have been a relative of the 
master of Ann Sawyer, who also deposes 16 April, 1659, that 
she had heard Thomas Fowler say that he was a countryman 
of Anthony Morse. The latter was from Marlborough, "Wilt- 
shire, England, and one of the writer's ancestors. 

In 1662 (2d, 2d mo.) he gives in a deposition at court in 
which he states his age as about 26 years. 

In 1662 (10 April) he is of Salisbury, and buys land there 
of Edward Cottle. 

In 1663 (17 April) styled husbandman, and buys of Richard 
Currier, 20 acres of upland near the Merrimack river. 

In 1667 (22 Nov.) buys of Joseph Peasly of Haverhill, his 
right of comonage in Salisbury. 

In 1669-70 (18 Feb.) when of Amesbury, with wife Han- 
nah, sells 6 acres of land there, with dwelling house, etc., to 
James Freeze. 

In 1670 (18th, 2d mo.) when of Salisbury, cancels a mort- 
gage he gave 12 Sept., 1667, to Richard Cutt of Portsmouth, 
for £12-14-0, on his dwelling house and house lot adjoining, 
in Salisbury, between the lots of Edward Cottle and George 
Carre, senior, butting with one end on Merrimack river, six 
acres in all. 

In 1677 (21st, 10th mo.) of Amesbury, planter, buys marsh 
land of John Dickison. 

In 1677 (20 Dec.) he took the oath of allegiance and fidelity 
at Amesbury. 


In 1679-80 (8 March) he buys land in Amesbury, at the 
" Peeke," of William Osgood, senior, of Salisbury, also 12 
Oct., 1685, of James George, senior, swamp and meadow 

In 1685 he is one of a committee to lay out a highway ap- 
pointed by " Almsbury and Haverhill." 

In 1689 (10 Dec.) widow Jane Jordan of Ipswich, in her 
will, mentions her daughter Hannah Fowler. 

In 1690 (1 Sept.) he witnessed the will of John Gill of 

In 1690 (24 Dec.) he was made Freeman. 

In 1691 (13 April) when of Amesbury, husbandman, with 
wife Hannah, sells Capt. Stephen Greenleaf of Newbury, 
120 acres of land in Amesbury, formerly purchased of William 
Sargeant of Amesbury, now deceased. 

In 1691 (13 April) he buys of "John Dole of Newbury, Chry- 
rurgeon, ... a Twenty acre Lott of Upland belonging 
to ye right of Thomas Dummer, according to grant made of ye 
same unto Said Thomas Dummer, to butt upon ye north side 
of Merrimack River, by ye west of ye powow River, as may 
more particularly appear by ye Towne booke of records for 
Salisbury" etc. 

He was chosen Moderator for Town meetings in Amesbury 
1690, 1691, 1692, 1693, 1697, 1698, 1701, 1704, 1705, 1706, 
1707. Assessor, 1694. To serve on Grand Jury at Court of 
Pleas, Ipswich, 1691, 1694. Representative for Amesbury to 
attend the General Court, 1695, 1700, 1705, 1707, 1710. 
Tithingman, 1713. 

In 1721 (19 Aug.) he gives by deed of gift, to his son Jere- 
miah Fowler of Amesbury, husbandman, for a comfortable 
maintenance, his homestead in Amesbury, salt meadow in Sal- 
isbury, etc., which he ack. 5 March, 1721-2. 

Mr. Thomas Fowler died in Amesbury, 3 October, 1727, 
leaving the following will : — 

" In the Name of God. Amen, the Twentieth first Day of 
January, one thousend seven hundered and twenty and five six, 
I, Thomas ffowller of Almsbury, in the County of Essex, with- 


in His Maiesties Province of the Massechusets Bay, in New 
England, Husbandman, being well stricken in j'ers but of per- 
fect mind and memory Thanks be Given unto God : There- 
fore calling unto mind the mortality of my Body, and knowing 
that it is appointed for all men once to Dye, do make and ordain 
this my last Will and Testament, that is to say principally and 
first of all, I Give & Recommend my sole into the Hands of 
God that Gave it, and my Body I recommend to the Earth to 
be buried in decent Christian Burial at the Discretion of Ex- 
ecutors, nothing doubting but at the Generl Resurrection I 
shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God : 
And as touching such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath 
pleased God to Bless me in this Life, that I have not disposed 
of, I give demise and dispose of the same in the following 
manner and form. Imprimis. I Give and bequeath to my well 
beloved son William ffowller, forty Ackers of that Lot of Land 
that I bought of Jems George, in Almsbur}'^, Joining to the 
Country Pond so called, upon Consideration of my aforesaid 
son William, paying ten pound in money or cattle at monys 
price, to my Dafter Geane fordes children, within three yere 
after my Desest, and ten pound to my Dafter Mary Colbes 
children, in three yere after my Desest : upon Consideration 
that my aforesaid son William, not paying the abovesaid sums 
by the time above mencend if demanded, then my said Dafter 
fordes children, shall have ten Ackers of the abovesaid forty 
Ackers of Land, and my Dafter Mary Colbes children, shall 
have ten Ackers of the above said forty Ackers of Land. Item. 
I give to my Dafter Hannah Ring, and my Dafter Margrit 
Chales, and my granson Thomas ffowller, the son of Jeremiah 
flbwler, that Lot of Land which I bought of William Osgood, 
which lyes Joining to the Country Pond in Almsbury, to be 
Equelly Devided, them three last named, one to have as good a 
serve as the other. Item. I give all the stock and houshold 
goods that I Leave, to my beloved son Jeremiah flbwller, after 
my Desest : Item I order my Executors to take out my funerl 
Charges out of the Land which I have not Disposed of, that 
Lot that I bought of Jems George, abovesaid, and the Re- 
mainder of said Lot I give to my said son William ffowller. 


Item, if anybody should com in by Ayreship of my son Thomas 
ffowller, which is Desest, then my executors shall pay them 
five silens, if they com in by Law in full of his porson. Item. 
I give to my son John ffowller, five silens in full of his porson, 
besides what he have had all redde : Item my son William 
fowller, and my Daftor Hannah Ring, and my Dafter Margret 
Chales, and my son Jeremah ffowller, shall pay all the charges 
that my executors may be at, in settleing of my estate after 
my Desest, ach one shall pay equelly alike : Item I constitute 
make and ordain my well beloved son Jeremiah ffowller, and 
my Naibor Jedediah Titcomb, of the town and county above 
said, my sole executors of this my last Will and testament, 
and I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke and disannul all 
any every other former testaments, Wills, Legacies and 
Bequests, and Executors, by me in any ways before Named, 
■willed and Bequeathed, Ratifying and Confirming this and 
no other, to be my last Will and testament, in witness where- 
of I have Hereunto set my Hand and Seal, the Day and year 
above written. 

Signed, Sealed, Published Pronounced and Declared by the 
said Thomas ffowler, as his last Will and Testament in the 
presence of us the subscribers. 

Joseph Moodet, 

Elisabebeth E TiTicOMB (her mark). THOMAS FFOWLLER 

Jedidiah Titcomb." (seal). 

Presented for Probate 16 Oct., 1727. Recorded Essex Pro- 
bate Bk. 15 : 269, original on file. 

In inventory of his estate styled " Mr." 5 Jan., 1727-8. 
Amount £352-10-0. 

The order of the succession of his children is not known. 

The children of Thomas and Hannah (Jordan) Fowler, 
were : — 

32. Hannah, b. 7 Jan., 16G0-1, in Ipswich; m. Jarvice Ring, 24 Dec, 


33. Thomas, b. 16 March, 1665-6, in Salisbury. 


34. William, b. 8 June, 1668, in Amesbury; m. Hannah Dow. He, 

like his fiither, held all the most important offices in Amesbury, 
and represented it in 1709. 

35. Jane, b. ; m. Stephen Ford, 24 Nov., 1681. 

36. Mary, b. ; m. Isaac Colby, 23 Sept., 1706. r , 

37. Margaret, b. ; m. William Challis, 2 Jan., 1698-9. \ "V^^^ ^^/J. /' 

38. Jeremiah, b. ; m. Rebecca Colby, 6 Jan., 1706-7. <^ STz-d S.(^$<{ [ 

39. John, b. ; m. Hannah . ^ ^ 

Nearly all of the records of his descendants to the present 
time, and those of his brother Samuel, of Salisbury, are col- 
lected and arranged by the writer, but owing to his advanced 
age, they will remain unpublished. 


28 Joseph {Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich, about 
1647; married (date not found) Elizabeth Hdtton, the 
daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Hutton of Wenham. 

In his youth, he probably resided with his grandfather Rich- 
ard Kimball. His uncle Richard Kimball, jr., having settled 
in Wenham, as early as 1656, he appears to have followed him 
to that place, where he married, and continued to reside during 
his lifetime. He was a brickmaker by trade. 

In 1672 (26 March) Joseph Fowler gives his testimony in 
Court, in regard to "his uncels Collinges, hors," in the contro- 
versy between Robert Collins and Deacon William Goodhue, 
18 March, 1671-2, in regard to a colt taken up by Amos Stick- 
ney, at Newbury, which they both claimed. 

In 1672 (1 May) he testified to hearing, when in his grand- 
father Kimball's barn, the quarrel between Quartermaster John 
Perkins, Obadiah Bridges and Andrew Peters, all of Ipswich, 
"in the new chamber which was commonly call the Kings 
amies." Also 28th, 4th mo. 1672 he "Doth testify, that be- 
ing sent for to watch with Peter Comew, one Night when he 
was very week, & the same night It pleased God to take him 
out of this world, I, the Abovesaid Joseph Fowler, seeing 
him in this weke condision, I desired to know of him how it 
was with him, & how he had ordered to be had, he answered 



that he was very week but only for his outward estate, he had 
Given it to Jacob Pudeatoi- & liis" etc., etc. 

In 1673 (30th, 7th mo.) complaint is made against Joseph 
and Philip Fowler, for assault and battery, in quarrel between 
Thomas Blanchard and Joseph Fowler, and "Thomas Lull 
saith, that after the fray was over, he saw Phillip Fowler come- 
ing with hatts in his hand, & askt his brother Joseph, which 
was his, & he sd, takeing one of them & saying this is myne, 
then Phillip bid him be gon, he answered let me alone, I will 
be gone, or words to that effect, then Phillip sd to me, what- 
ever you have heard or seen, say nothing." Joseph Fowler 
was fined £3-10-0 "for whipping Thomas Blanchard," and 
Philip Fowler fined 40 shillings. 

In 1679 (26th, 4th mo.) he had a debt of 2 shillings against 
the estate of Edward Waldern of Wenham. 

In 1681 (11th, 3d mo.) he is of Wenham and petitions with 
others to General Court. 

In 1682 (25 Sept.) he witnessed deed of Harlackendine Sy- 
monds of Ipswich, to Daniel Epps of Salem. 

In 1685-6 (10 Feb.) gave in his deposition in case of Pot- 
ter vs. Lummus. 

In 1692 he, with Thomas and Sarah Jacob, gave in his 
deposition, in regard to the bad character of one Goody Bib- 
ber, who was an accuser during the witchcraft delusion. The 
Hon. Charles W. Upham, in his valuable work on Salem Witcli- 
craft, writes of him, "Joseph Fowler lived in "Wenham, and 
was a person of respectability and influence, and had the cour- 
age, in the most fearful hour of the delusion, to give open tes- 
timony in the defense of its victims." 

In 1693-4 (17 Jan.) he buys land of John Newman and 
wife Ruth, as administrator of the estate of Antipas Newman, 
deceased, and attorney to Mrs. Elizabeth Endicote, ye widow 
of said Antipas Newman. 

In 1695 (26 Mai'ch) with wife Elizabeth, sells land to Jo- 
seph Gerrish, and 5 April, with Zacheus Goldsmith, mortgages 
land to Thomas Clarke of Boston, which mortgage was dis- 
charged 17 Feb., 1696-7. The 18 July, he sells Nathaniel 
Browne of Ipswich, his dwelling house and barn, and two acres 
of land, A} acres of upland, 2 acres of meadow, all in Wen- 


ham, also 11 acres and 46 poles of land in Ipswich, the home- 

In 1696 (10 April) he buys land of Ezekiel Woodward and 
Sarah liis wife. 

In 1696-7 (27 Jan.) he is styled husbandman, and with 
wife Elizabeth, sells Robert Symonds an acre of land ; also 
15 March 1701-2, when styled senior, upland and meadow. 

In 1697-8 (11 March) he witnesses a deed of Jacob Rowell 
of Ipswich, to Major John March of Newbury. 

In 1698 (5 April) when yeoman, sells John Edwards, land 
in "Batcheldors pasture." 

In 1699 (28 March) he was plaintiff, in case against Phile- 
mon Warner, defendant, for debt. The case was decided for 
plaintiff, 26 Dec, 1699, and bill was paid 5 Jan., 1699-1700. 

In 1707 (1 Oct.) he sells Benjamin Edwards and Daniel 
Macklaflin, 19 acres of upland, and 17 Dec, he gives a deed 
of gift, of one third of his farm, to his son Richard Fowler, on 
his marriage with Merriam Balch, the daughter of Freeborne 
Balch of Beverl)^ One of the witnesses was (his son) Jo- 
seph Fowler, and he acknowledged the deed 18 Dec, 1707. 

In 1709 (5 April) he is styled brickmaker, and sells Samuel 
Kimball, jr., 6 acres of upland and swamp. 

In 1714 (22 April) he was appointed administrator, of the 
estate of his father-in-law, Richard Hutton of Wenham ; Jo- 
seph Fowler, in right of Elizabeth Hutton, written at the 
bottom of the bond. The 22 June, he is styled husbandman, 
and sells for £3, to William Dodge, two common rights. 

He died intestate, in Wenham, 10 Feb., 1717-18, and ad- 
ministration on his estate was granted to his son, Joseph 
Fowler, and son-in-law Samuel Kimball, jointly 13 March, 

Inv. of his estate, on file in Essex Registry of Probate, was 
taken 18 March, 1717-18, amt. £571-7-6. Among the items, 
"a dwelling house, and Barne, and orchard, about 40 acres of 
Land, and a Common Right In the Swampe, £330." "To 
Twenty acres of Land Given to Richard ffowler, and not sett 
out to him, £135." cattle and household utensils. The estate 
was divided into four shares, 24 March 1718-19, the eldest son 
to have two; "Relict of Richard," one; Samuel Kimball in 


right of his wife, one. "Whereas, Joseph, & the heirs of 
Richard have Deeds of Gift, of certain parcels of land, you 
are to value the s'd Parcells, & Sett of what is owing to them, 
that have theire Deeds, lay'd convenient to ye other Land." 
In the division, there was laid out 13 May, 1718, "To the 
heirs of Richard Fowler, late deceased, 20 acres, lying next 
to Joseph Dodge's land, according to deed, bounding north- 
erly upon said Dodge's land, and easterly upon the land be- 
longing to the heirs of said Richard, till it comes over the 
Brook, 41 pole, to an arsh stub, marked, then turning south- 
westerly, or westerly, to an arsh tree marked by John Kimballs 
land, 21 pole. Southerly of Capt. Thomas Fiske's land, and so 
upon s'd Kimball's land, till it comes to Fiske's, then turning 
easterly through a swamp, till it comes to a great Buttonwood 
tree, and further, there is by mr. Joseph Fowlers deed, from 
the heirs of Mr Smiths', 7 acres of land, that is bounding 
upon the highway, 3 acres of it, in possession of the heirs of 
s'd Richard Fowler, which added to the 20, makes 23 acres to 
the heirs of s'd Richard Fowler, valued at £6-15-0, ^ of up- 
land, swamp and meadow, 25 acres in all, at the Broad 

" To Samuell Kemball, in the right of his wife, 2^ acres of 
meadow & 5 poles, the remainder of the Broad meadow, 
bounding upon Zacheus Goldsmith's meadow, on southwest, 
as River goeth, to Thomas White's land, on easterly side of 
meadow, to bounds laid out to heirs of Richard Fowler ; 
also 8 1 acres of upland bounding southerly on Freeborne 
Balch's, westerly on John Edwards, and John Kemball, to an 
elm stump," etc. He is also to have I of the buildings and 
orchards, common lot in Great Swamp. 

The Remainder of Land, meadow, buildings and Common 
Right, is to Joseph Fowler, 2 shares, about 34 acres of land 
and meadow. 

Widow Elizabeth Fowler, died in Wenham, 22 May, 1734, 
aged 84 years, recorded on Church records. 

The children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Hdtton) Fowler, 
were : — 

40. Elizabeth, b. in 1678; m. Samnel Kimball, jr. 

41. Joseph, b. 15th, 1st mo., 1679; m. Susannah Dennis. 

42. Richard, b. ; m. Miriam Balch. 


29 Philip {Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 25 Dec, 
1G48, named for his grandfather Philip Fowler, and adopted 
by him with the full consent of his parents, in 1651, " as his 
Sonne." He was favored with the instruction of the famous 
Ezekiel Cheever, who then kept the grammar school of Ipswich, 
founded by its munificent citizens, in 1650, and taught by him 
until 1660, and either from him, or his successor, obtained a 
superior education. 

In 1668 (3 Nov.) he is appointed by his grandfather, "as 
his true and lawful atturney," in his suit against "Philip Bill 
of Jubaque," when he serves and signs as "Phillip Fowler, 
Marshal deputy" (see p. 7). The case was gained, 24th, 
9th mo., 1668. 

In 1668 (23 Dec.) he received a deed of gift from his grand- 
father, " in consideration of naturall affection, ... as also 
in consideration of his being with me, and doeing my business 
for me, as formerly, ... all that my now dwelling house 
and lands I stand now possesst off, after my decease (except- 
ing what by agreement with my wife upon marriage . . . ) ," 
with some other provisions in case of death, etc. " if my 
Grandchild Phillip, leave a wife behind him when he dye, 
then she shall enioy it, dureing her naturall life" etc. 

In 1670 (19th, 2d mo.) he gives in his deposition as aged 21 
years, or thereabouts, in the case of Samuel Hunt and wife vs. 
Sarah Roper. 

In 1671-2 (12 March) he is chosen fenceviewer, by the town 
of Ipswich, also 1674, 1678 "from the comon gate to Egypt 
river," 1680. 

In 1672-3 (20 Jan.) he married, in Beverly, Elizabeth Her- 
RiCK, who was baptized in Salem, 4 July, 1647, the daughter 
of Henry and Editha (Laskin) Herrick. It is supposed in the 
Herrick Genealogy, that Henry Herrick was born at Beau 
Manor, in 1604, came from Leicester, England, to Salem, New 
England, 24 June, 1629, and was the son of Sir William 

In 1673-4 (8 March) he took the covenant of the Church, in 

In 1674-5 (11 March) "Phillip Fowler hath a bay mare 
with a white blaze downe her face, 2 white feet behinde, noe 


eare marke or brand mark that is seen, taken up as a stray, the 
first of January, 1G74, aboute 8 yeares old, prised at 15s. by 
Nathaniell Tread well & Daniell Roffe." 

In 1676 (18 May) the estate of Thomas Kimball owed him 
Is. 6d., payable in wheat. 

In 1676 (2 Nov.) he sells for £14 to Shoreborne Wilson, 
fresh meadow in West meadows, 6 acres. This original deed 
is on file, in Essex Clerk of Courts. 

In 1677 (27 March) in the division of the estate of Benja- 
min Herrick, his sister Elizabeth the wife of Philip Fowler, 
received her share with her brothers, Thomas, Zechariah, Eph- 
raim, Henry, Joseph and John. Their mother to have the in- 
come of the estate during her life. 

In 1677 (20 Nov.) he is "of Ipswich, husbandman, for & in 
consideration of six accors of meado in the west medos, as 
by a deed by asignement under his hand, have bargained . . . 
unto Edward Neland of the same town, . . . six accors of 
meado in the west meadows, which was granted to my Grand- 
father Philip ffowler, ... in Ipswich, . . . bounded 
by the land of John Kimball on the northwest, by Samuell bishop 
& the comon on the southwest, by the lands the s'd Edward Nee- 
land & James fuller, on the northeast, on the south by the 
lands of Philip Fowler, . . . 20th November, 1677." Signed 
by him with a red seal, which color he seems to have used, 
while his grandfather had a green one. 

In 1677 (29 Dec.) he was attorney to Henry Gould, adm'r 
to estate of Abraham More, dec'd, and sold " land in Ipswich, 
at the end of brooke street," to Francis Young. 

In 1677 Dec. and Jan. he took the Oath of Allegiance, and 
was also chosen by the town 19 Feb., 1677-8, as Surveyor. 

In 1677 (10 Sept.) he buys land of Robert Collins and 
"Eastor" his wife (his uncle and aunt). 

In 1678-9 (15 Jan.) he buys of Mary, widow of the late 
John Wooddam, dec'd, five acres of "marsh behind the Towne 
hill, in the north common field, in Ipswich." 

In 1678-9 (12 Feb.) he sells John Annable, " my lot of 
marsh which was my Grandfathers Phillip ffowler, his division 
of Plumb Island, in the s'd Ipswich, wch sayd lott, is three 
acres be it more or less, which s'd lott doth adioyne nest unto 


Deacon Knowlton, his marsh towards the Norwest, and next 
to Edward Chapman, his devission lott of Plumb Island towards 
the southeast, and next unto the sea toward the northeast, and 
next unto a creeke toward ye southwest." " Phillip ffowler 
acknowledged the within written to be his act & deed, and 
Elizabeth his wife did freely surrender her right & interest 
of Dowry, in the lands herin conveyed, before me, Daniell 
Denison, May 10, 1680." 

In 1678-9 (13 Feb.) he is on the list of those persons who 
have the "right of comonage," in Ipswich. 

In 1679 (29 Sept.) he was granted administration, on what 
was left of his grandfather Philip Fowler's estate, he having 
disposed of most of it, during his lifetime. 

In 1679 (24 Nov.) he with all his company, was to do work 
on the highway, two days, for the year 1678. 

In 1679 (2 Dec.) he was on a committee, to see that only 
commoners cut the wood and timber. 

In 1679 (2 Dec.) on the list of voters, of Ipswich. 

In 1679-80 (5 Jan.) he is of Ipswich, clothworker, and buys 
of John Gammis, " land in common field on North syde the 

In 1680 (17 June) " Those surveyors on the north side of 
the river, to take their proportion for mending the highways, 
as in 1678. John Jewet, in the roome of Philip Fowler." 

In 1680 (4 Sept.) sells Thomas Smith, three acres of salt 

In 1680 (18 Nov.) the town granted him two pine trees. 

In 1680-1 (29 Jan.) he bu3's of Joshua Windsor of Boston, 
and Sarah his wife, in her right, ten acres of land near his 
own, in Ipswich "in the great comon field formerly lands of 
Goodman Knight's." 

In 1681 (26 Sept.) he sells John Kimball two acres of 

In 1682-3 (3 Jan.) he buys of John Perkins, senior. Quar- 
termaster, three-fourths of an acre of land in great common 
field, on the north of Ipswich river. 

In 1682-3 (27 Feb.) "The testimony of Phillip ffowler, 
aged about thirty five years old, testifieth, that about twenty 
years since, I was present at my Grandfathers, when & at that 


place Goodman Pritchett, were to pay John Godfry, about fifty 
nyne pounds, for a prsell of land, that Godfry, had morgagd 
to him the s'd Godfry, by ffrancis Ursellton (?), and I were 
present when the s'd Goodman Pritchet, at his say, that his 
bond oblidged to pay in the whole summ, and I took account of 
the whole summ, and Mr. John Paine, and to my knowledge, I 
measured out the corne, to the s'd Godfry againe, and his order. 
I, Robert Lord, marshall, doe testifie to all above written, only 
to the delivery of the corne back againe. Sworne February 27, 
1682, before me Samuell Appleton, Assistant." 

In 1683 he was made "attorney," by Marshal Robert Lord, 
in the case of Samuel Bishop against said Lord, he calling him 
his well beloved friend. 

In 1683 (3 Sept.) he was attorney to Stephen Grose, plain- 
tiff, against John Lee, defendant, case was found for the 

In 1683 (25 March) with John Kimball, took an inventory 
of the estate of Thomas Scott, late of Ipswich, amount £278, 
which was allowed 15 April, 1684, and at the same time, when 
about 36 years of age, with John Kimball, about 53 years of 
age, deposes " that Mary the wife of Thomas Patch, and Abi- 
gail Bosworth, and Elizabeth Spafford, are all of them the 
reputed daughters of Thomas Scott, Senor, of Ipswich, de- 
ceased, and sisters to Thomas Scott, Juuor, deceased, of Ips- 

In 1683 (23 Nov.) he was one of the witnesses to the will 
of John Carr, of Salisbury. 

In 1683-4 (8 Jan.) he was on the committee about cutting 
the timber. 

In 1684 (4 Dec.) he witnessed the deed of Thomas Verry, 
senior, of Gloucester, to Thomas Prince, of same place. 

In 1685, 1686, 1687, he was chosen constable. 

In 1685 (29 Sept.) he was in account with the estate of 
John Watson of Bradford. 

In 1686 (9 April) he buys land of Andrew Petters ; 28 Sept., 
Abraham Perkins was licensed by Ipswich Court, sureties, 
Philip Fowler and Daniel Ringe ; 22 Nov., he received 
from the town " for mending ye meeting house glass & buring 
place 15s." 


In 1686-7 (3 March) "for serving warrants, and for two 
days work, he got done for Rachells house 9s." 

In 1687 (25 June) he issued a writ against John Gould of 
Topsfield, for debt. This paper is in the possession of the 
writer, and contains the first impression of the seal used by 
the Essex County Commissioners. 

In 1688 (23 June) witnessed the will of Thomas Clark, 
senior, of Ipswich. 

In 1688-9 (13 March) witnessed a mortgage deed of John 
Gould to John Wainwright. 

Previous to 1689 he sold land to John Day. 

In 1690 (7 April) he witnessed acquittance of Isaac Cooke 
of Salem, to John Bullock, of same place. 

In 1690 (24 June) gives in his deposition as aged 40 years 
or thereabouts, in the case of Berry vs. Newmarch. 

In 1690 (18 Aug.) he was an appraiser of the estate of 
Thomas Stacy of Salem. 

In 1691 was administrator of the estate of his neighbor 
Job Bishop, and 13 March, 1693-4, as such, sells his house 
and land in Ipswich, for £56, to Richard Gross. He was dis- 
charged from the trust 3 April, 1694. 

In 1691 (14 April) he was an appraiser of the estate of 
Moses Peirce. 

In 1691 (30 April) was one of a committee to settle common 
lands on Thomas Hart. 

In 1691-2 (29 Jan.) the town was debtor to him for settling 
the bounds of Plum Island. 

In 1691-1697 inclusive, and 1704, he was on the committee 
to look after encroachments on the north side of the river. 

In 1692 (2 Aug.) he was a witness to the will of John 
Proctor, senior, of Salem, who was executed for witchcraft on 
Gallows Hill, in Salem, 19 Aug., 1692. He and his brother 
Joseph strongly opposed the witchcraft delusion. Mr. Up- 
ham, in his " Salem Witchcraft," also says of Philip Fowlek 
that he "was a leading man, was employed as attorney by the 
Village Parish in its lawsuit with Mr. Parris, that in 1692 he 
conducted the proceedings in Court against the head and front 
of the witchcraft prosecution," and thus notices one of his 
descendants : — " Samuel Page Fowler [449] distinguished as 


an explorer of our early annals and local antiquities. It is 
an interesting circumstance that in his reprint of the papers 
of Calef, and in other publications, he has done as much as 
any other person of our day to bring that whole transaction 
under the light of truth and justice." 

In 1692 (6 Dec.) Francis Wainwright was appointed admin- 
istrator of the estate of Benjamin Goodridge, senior, of New- 
bury, with Tristram Coffin and Philip Fowler, sureties, 
bond £80. The following deposition is with the bond, on file, in 
the Essex Probate office. " I, Phillip Fowler of Ipswich, 
Doe Testyfie, yt it is ye desire of ye near Relation of Benja- 
min Goodridge, Late deceased yt any one of ye Executors 
(John or Francis Wainwright), unto 5^e Last Will of Mr. Fran- 
cis Wainwright's estate, &c. late deceased, be Administor unto 
ye above sd Goodridge's Estate, and yt yr are not willing 
themselves to accept of Administration, and That yr so ex- 
pressed themselves unto mee." Dated Salem, Dec, 6, 1692. 

Benjamin Goodridge's wife Deborah, and Hannah, the wife 
of Thomas Fowler, were sisters, and the daughters of Francis 
and Jane (Wilson) Jordan of Ipswich, which made Benjamin 
Goodridge, the uncle by marriage, of this Philip Fowler. 
Gage states, in his History of Rowley, that "Oct., 23, 1692. In 
that part of Rowley, which is now in Byfield parish, in George- 
town, a Mr. Goodrich, and wife, and two daughters, were killed 
by the Indians," and gives an engraving which he says "is an 
exact representation of the house in which Mr. Goodrich was 
shot, as it now (1840) appears." "The house is now owned by 
©ilj^ain Gorham P. Tenney and was late the residence of Mr. 
Dudl^fJLull, deceased, father of said Tenney's wife." When it 
was taken down in Oct., 1875, the following appeared in the 
Boston Traveller : — "The old 'Lull house' at Byfield, where du- 
ring King Philip's War the Indians shot Mr. Goodrich, his wife, 
and two daughters, has been demolished." 

But from the following records in Essex Registry of Deeds 
in Bk. 9 : 43 & 144, it appears that the house of Benjamin Good- 
ridge was burnt previous to that time. 

"Benjamin Guteredge, in ye countye of Essex," planter, 
with wife Sarah (his third wife, according to Savage) sold to 
Stephen Greenleaf, senior, of Newbury, about 14 acres in 


the "fourth Division of Rate lotts," in Newbury, 15 June, 
1687. Not ack., but at a Court 29 March, 1692, several persons 
gave oath, they saw him sign the deed and give possession. 

" Benjamin Gutridge," late of Rowley, bought of Jonathan 
"Wheeler of Rowley, yeoman, '*a tract of upland & meadow 
granted to me (Wheeler), by the town of Rowley, but through 
mistake recorded in the Towne book to the said Gutridge, & 
gave the said Gutridge, a deed of the same, which is supposed 
to be burnt with his house," and Wheeler warrants the heirs 
selling it Francis Wainwright, 24 August, 1693, Witnesses 
George Herrick. Philip Fowler. 

In 1692-3 (28 Feb.) he was an appraiser of the estate of Capt. 
Daniel Epps of Ipswich. 

In 1693 he was surety with Capt. Giles Cowes (husband of 
Agnes), on the bond of Agnes Cowes, when she takes admin- 
istration on the estate of her father, Thomas Berry. 

In 1693 (July) in his communication to General Court, 
he mentions, that he, with others, had helped to draw the 
line between the towns of Ipswich and Topsfield, in 1684. 
There was trouble between the towns in regard to paying 
taxes, and in 1694 he was chosen by Ipswich, to plead 
their cause. 

In 1693 (26 Sept.) license granted William Shaw, as princi- 
pal, and Philip Fowler as surety. 

In 1694 (27 March) as attorney for William Hascoll, against 
Nathaniel Coyt, executor of the will of Henry Walker, late of 
Gloucester, deceased, the case was found for the plaintiff. 
Same for Edward Bragg. 

In 1694 (29 Sept.) Mr. Richard Dole of Newbury, and 
Philip Fowler of Ipswich, attorney to Mr. John Dole of New- 
bury, quit-claimed to Major General Waitstill Winthrop, land 
purchased of John Paine, deceased. 

In 1694-5 (22 March) he buys of William Rogers of Wenham, 
land in Ipswich. 

In 1695 (9 April) he buys of Bonest Norton, for £12, land 
in Ipswich, bounding on his own land. It was ack. same date 
by Bonest Norton, and Mary his wife, and Mrs. Lucy Norton, 
relict of Mr. William Norton, late of Ipswich, deceased. 

In 1695 (22 April) as attorney to Freeman Clarke, for 46s. 


quit-claimed to John Clai'ke for his share of his father Sergeant 
Thomas Clarke's house, etc. 

Freeman Clarke of Ipswich, "being Bound to the barbadoes," 
makes his will 26 Dec, 1692, and appoints his "friend Philip 
Fowler Sole Executor." The will was proved 17 May, 1697, 
but he refused to act as executor, and 12 July, 1697, was ap- 
pointed administrator. 

In 1695 (9 July) he appraised the estate of George Herrick 
(probably his relative). Marshal and Deputy Sheriff, of Essex 
County, and 17 Sept., 1695, Martha Herrick the adm'x, made 
oath to the truth of the inventory. 

In 1696 (14 May) he buys of Samuel Corning, and Hannah 
his wife, all their right in their uncle Henry Batchelder's farm ; 
and 19 May, buys land of the admr's of the above estate, viz. : — 
Nathaniel Tread well and John Warner. In 1702 (15 Dec.) he 
buys of the heirs, 9 acres of laud and meadow. 

In 1697 he entered a horse to go on the common. 

In 1697-8 (11 March) he witnessed the deed of Jacob Row- 
ell, to Major John March of Newbury. 

In 1698 (29 March) he was surety for Francis Lowd, after- 
wards his attorney, also attorney to John Lane, 28 March, 1699. 

In 1699 he subscribed 18s. towards the bell for new meeting 

In 1700-1 (16 Jan.) in seating people in the meeting house, 
"Granted to BIr. Philip Fowler, the 3d pew on the north side 
the pulpit, for their children & John Tredwell's wife, who is 
confined thereunto, otherwise one of the heade of the family, 
a passage granted thro' said pew to Mr. Whipple pew." Of the 
long seats below stairs, he was to have the third. 

In 1703-4 (2 March) with six others, he purchased the old 
meeting house for £20, and to remove it in nine months, the 
money to go towards building the galleries, in the new meeting 

In 1703 (14 April) he buys land in Ipswich, of John Knowl- 
ton of Manchester, and Joseph Batchelor of Salem. 

In 1703 (21 Jan.) he witnessed a bond of Joseph Herrick as 
principal and Joseph Herrick, jr., and William Dodge, as sure- 
ties to pay a legacy of Henry Herrick, senior, late of Beverly, 


In 1704 (5 April) Philip Fowler of Ipswich, and Mr. Eze- 
kiel Northend of Rowley, as attorneys to Mr. Thomas Brattle 
of Boston, Treasurer to and for Harvard College, in Cam- 
bridge, Philip Fowler in behalf of Mr. Brattle, and Ezekiel 
Northend, in his own behalf, enter into an agreement to divide 
land in Rowley in warehouse pasture, which belonged to Mr. 
Ezekiel Rogers of Rowley, deceased, and Mr. Ezekiel North- 
end, of said town, deceased, bounded by lands formerly John 
Grant's, etc. 

In 1704 (7 Sept.) Daniel Rindge, Matthew Perkins, Philip 
Fowler, Thomas Manning, Andrew Burley, James Fuller, as 
committee for the town of Ipswich, sell land there to Thomas 

In 1705 (23 Dec.) with others of a committee of Ipswich, 
sell to Robert Annable, also 3 Jan., 1705-6, to John Hewlett. 

In 1707 he was entitled to the right of commonage in Ips- 
wich, being in possession of a dwelling house. 

In 1707 (29 April) he was appointed administrator of the 
estate of Thomas Smith, jr., of Ipswich, blacksmith, de- 
ceased, intestate, by request of his natural mother Wood alias 
Smith. His only surviving brother was Richard Smith, jr., 
son of Richard, a minor, upwards of 14 years of age, 29 April, 
1706, when he chose for his guardian, Mr. Philip Fowler of 
Ipswich, Witness Daniel Smith. He became of age and dis- 
charged his guardian Fowler, 7 Jan., 1710-11. 

In 1707 (11 May) he buys of John Pengry and Faith his 
wife, " a house lot with a common right to it, as it lyes in Ips- 
wich, bounded by ye great street leading to Rowle)'^, . . . 
which house lot, was formerly Aron Pengry's Dec'd." One of 
the witnesses, was John Fowler (his son). 

In 1710 (22 June) when a shopkeeper, buys of John Rogers, 
minister, and Daniel Rogers, schoolmaster, two-thirds of an 
island of marsh ground and thatch bank lying below ye hun- 
dreds in Ipswich, Rogers Island. 

In 1710 (3 July) he sells Michael Farley, clothier, one 
fourth part of Rogers Island, lying at lower part of marshes 
called the hundreds. 

In 1711 (25 May) he, with John Kimball and Sarah his 
wife, sell Thomas Butler, an old right at Jeffery's neck. 


In 1711-12 (7 Jan.) he buys of John Younglove, all of his 
estate, also of his daughter Jane Younglove, 1 June, 1713. 
(His son, John Fowler, takes the mark of Samuel Younglove, 
son of John above, for his sheep-mark.) 

In 1713 (14 May) he sells Joseph and Robert Kinsman, 
for £12, eight acres in a division lot on southeast side of Che- 
bacco pond, No. 428. This deed was ack. 27 April, 1721, by 
Elizabeth Fowler, widow of the within named Philip Fow- 

In 1714 (7 May) he buys of Jacob Proctor, land at Jeffery's 

In 1714-15 (17 March) he, with the consent of Elizabeth 
his wife, made deeds of gift, of farms with houses and build- 
ings thereon, to each of his sons, John, Benjamin and Philip, 
also to the latter his tan-yard, and the homestead, to his eldest 
son Joseph. 

Philip Fowler was a man of superior ability, and as a mer- 
chant, deputy marshal, and attorney, left a good record- He 
excelled in penmanship, and from his being chosen to appraise 
numerous estates, must have been a very capable man, and 
well acquainted with the value of property. 

He acquired a large estate, and the homestead of his 
grandfather, which has been continued in the male line of 
descent to the present time, over two hundred years, and is 
occupied now by Joseph Fowler, [251] of High Street, Ipswich, 

There is still standing, in good condition, on the old bury- 
ing ground hill in High Street, Ipswich, his gravestone, elabo- 
rately ornamented and bearing the following inscription, 
"Here lyes intarred what was mortall of Mr. Philip Fowler 
who died November ye 16th 1715 Aged 67 wanting 39 days." 
It is quite probable that near this monument, rest the remains 
of Philip Fowler, senior, his grandfather, the ancestor of a 
numerous race. 

In 1715-16 (9 Jan.) administration on his estate was 
granted to his widow Elizabeth Fowler, and an inventory of 
his personal estate was taken 10 Feb., 1715-16, by Nathaniel 
Lord and William Baker, recorded Essex Probate Bk. 11 : 
175, of which the following is a copy. 


"An Inventory of ye estate of personall Mr. Phillip Fow- 
ler, late of Ipswich dec'd, prized Feb., 10, 1715. 

£ s d 

Impr. To Wareing Apparell 91b. Books 30s. . . . 10-10-00 
To One Ox 51b. Cow 31b. 10s., heifer 50s. 

Yerling 25s 12-05-00 

To half a Steer 25s. Thirteen Sheep 41b. . . . 05-15-00 
To lame Steer 25s. To Bed & furniture in Gt. 

Chamb'r 15s 16-05-00 

To one Bed 31b. 10s. One Ditto & furniture 141b. 17-10-00 

To one bed more 31b. 10s. Silver Tanltard 111b. 6s. 14-16-00 

To Silver Cup 8s. Steer 31b. 10s. black chairs 36s. 05-14-00 
To Sundry household Utensills & pewter Brass & 

Iron & as by prticular of file 26-13-08 

To freighting Canoe &flote 61b. Old Dragge pr. 30s. 07-10-00 

To Table & Bed linnen etc 06-06-00 

To Sundry Goods, Merchandise, Shopp Goods & 

West Indy Goods, Sugar, Molasses, Wool etc. 42-13-10 

Nathan. Lord > onzers 
William Baker jPiizers 

Essex ss, Feb^, 27, 1715. 

Before ye Hon'''^ Jn° Appleton, Esq% Judge, & Eliz'^ Fow- 
ler, administratrix to ye estate of her husband Mr. Phillip 
Fowler, Late of Ipswich, Dec'd, Appeared & made oath yt 
ye above was a True & perfect Inventory of ye personall Es- 
tate of ye s'd Dec'd, so farr as is come to her knowledge, & to 
add wt. may appear. Sworn attest. Dan'l Rogers, Reg'r." 

In 1717 (17 Dec.) Elizabeth Fowler witnesses, with her 
son Joseph Fowler, a deed of Giles Cowes, to her son Philip 

In 1721 (15 May) Widow Elizabeth Fowler, for £3 per 
j-ear, well secured by bond, sells her son Joseph Fowler, "all 
that moiety or halfe of his houseing & Lands in said Ipswich, 
which is reserved in his Deeds of Gifts for me, Dureing the 
time of my natural Life," signed " Elizabeth g> Fowler her 
marke or sign & Seal." She ack. it 5 March, 1722-3. 

The Town records of Ipswich give : — 

" Mrs. Elizabeth Fowler, relict of Mr. Philip Fowler, 
died May 6, 1727." Her will dated 26 July, 1721, on file Es- 
sex Probate, not recorded, gives to her daughter Martha March, 


clothing, etc. To daughter Mary Treadwell, clothing. To son 
Philip Fowler, the rest of her estate, he paying funeral charges 
debts, etc. Signed by her. Witnesses J. Staniford, Edward 
Eveleth, Elizabeth Eveleth. 

The children of Philip and Elizabeth (Herrick) Fowler, 
were born in Ipswich (see Court records) : — 

43. Philip, b. 27 Nov., 1675; d. 1 June, 1676. 

44. Elizabeth, b. 11 Feb., 1677-8. 

45. Mary, b. about 1680; m. John Treadwell. 

46. Martha, b. 15 May, 1681 ; died youug. 

47. Joseph, b. 7 Aug., 1683; m. Sarah Bartlett and others. 

48. John, b. 12 Jan., 1684-5; m, Mercy Jacob. 

49. Benjamin, b. 19 April, 1687 ; m. Mary Briar and others. 
60. Martha, b. 6 April, 1690; m. Lieut. John March. 

51. Philip, b. Oct., 1691; m. Susanna Jacob. 

30 John {Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich ; married 
Sarah , by whom had two children, born in Ipswich. 

He married, second, in Springfield, Mass., 31 Oct., 1695, 
Hannah Scott, who was born 16 Oct., 1668, the daughter of 
John and Sarah (Bliss) Scott of Springfield. 

His grandfather Philip Fowler, senior, married for his sec- 
ond wife, the widow MaVy Norton who had by her former mar- 
riage, a son George Norton, who removed from Ipswich to 
Springfield in 1675, and it is likely that John Fowler might 
have followed him, as he removed to Springfield, and there his 
eight youngest children were born. 

In 1707 (7 April) he with others of Springfield, now West 
Springfield, drew a lot of land of 10 acres. No. 29, and a lot 
of 7 acres near "Dorbey's Brook," also land in 1720. 

The children of John and Sarah Fowler, were : — 

62. Elizabeth, b. March, 1683-4. 
53. Benjamin, b. Jan., 1688-9. 

The children of John and Hannah (Scott) Fowler, were : — 

64. Hannah, b. 31 Aug., 1696. 

55. John, |b. 16 April, 1698; was granted land below "Aggowam" 

river, 19 April, 1720, and bought there, ten acres of laud. No. 
10, 21 Jan., 1720-1. 

56. Mary, b. 12 Feb., 1700-1. 


57. Sarah, b. 30 Jan., 1702-3. 

58. Abigail, b. 26 May, 1703. 
69. Elizabeth, b. 13 Dec, 1705. 

60. Christopher, b. 29 Oct., 1708. 

61. Elisha, b. 16 Feb., 1711-12. 

This line has not been followed any further, 

31 Mary {Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich ; married 
in Gloucester, 20 Jan., 1672-3, John Briers, who was born 
there 29 May, 1658, the son of John and Elizabeth (Jackson) 
Briers. Their child was born in Gloucester. 

The child of John and Mary (Fowler) Briers, was : — 

62. Joseph, b. 7 Dec, 1675. 


40 Elizabeth {JosepJi^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in 
Wenham, in 1678; married there, int. 25 Jan., 1698-9, Capt. 
Samuel Kimball, jr., who was born there, 19 Aug., 1677, the 
son of Ensign Samuel and Marah (Witt) Kimball. 

She died in Wenham, 17 Nov., 1736, aged 58 years. 

He was appointed an overseer of the will of his brother-in- 
law Joseph Fowler, dated 22 March, 1722-3, and after marry- 
ing again, died 20 Jan., 1746-7, leaving a will dated 17 Jan., 
1745-6 ; proved 3 Feb., 1745-6, of which the original is on 
file in Essex Registry of Probate, in which he gives to his then 
wife Joanna, and his three sons Nathaniel, Josiah and Benja- 
min, his second son to be executor. 

The children of Samuel and Elizabeth (Fowler) Kimball, 
were : — 

63. Nathaniel, b. 30 Nov., 1699; d. 4 May, 1700. 

64. Nathaniel, b, 4 March, 1700-1 ; m. probably Sarah Wells, 14 March, 


65. Josiah, b. 29 Dec, 1702; m. probably Elizabeth Bragg, 3 July, 

1723 ; 2cl, Martha Cross, of Ipswich, 1746. 


66. Benjamin, b. 30 Jan., 1705-6; m. probably Elizabeth Hovey, 27 

Dec, 1727. 

67. Elizabeth, b. 4 Sept., 1709; died unmarried. 

68. Mary, b. ; d. 15 April, 1716. 

41 Joseph (Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Wen ham, 

15th, 1st mo., 1679 ; married there, 23 Nov., 1720, by Sy- 
raoncls Epps, Esquire, to Susannah Dennis. 

In 1704-5 (6 March) he drew a lot of land in Wenham in 
right of commons, third lot in the swamp. 

Ill 1707 (17 Dec.) he witnessed a deed of gift of his father 
Joseph Fowler to his son Richard, his brother. 

In 1717-18 (13 March) he was appointed joint administrator 
of his father's estate, with Samuel Kimball his brother-in-law, 
and 13 May, 1718, received a double portion of his estate as 
the eldest son, having it seems also received previously, as did 
Richard his brother, a deed of gift. 

In 1718 (7 April) he owed the estate of his brother Richard, 
deceased, £10, and the estate was also indebted to him. 

The date of his death has not been found, but the will of 
Joseph Fowler of Wenham, husbandman, dated 22 March, 
1722-3, was presented for probate 23 April, 1723, in which he 
gave to his wife Susannah, son Richard, who was under twen- 
ty-one 3'ears of age, half of house, etc., under certain condi- 
tions to be divided between "my cos'n Joseph Fowler and my 
Cozen Eliz'a Kimball, the said Elizabeth to be Next adjoining 
to the Land that is her Father's, and the said Joseph's Part to 
be Next to the Land of Heires of my Brother Richard, Late 
Dec'd." His wife to be executrix, and friends William Rogers 
and Samuel Kimball to be overseers. 

His widow Susannah married 2d, in Wenham, 5 April, 1726, 
Samuel Smith of Ipswich. She was living 1 Nov., 1742, as 
her son Richard Fowler, on his sale of the pew in the Wen- 
ham meeting house at that date, reserves her a right to sit there 
during her natural life. 

The only child of Joseph and Susannah (Dennis) Fowler, 
was : — 

69. Richard, b. 13 Oct., 1721; m. Ruth (Chever?). 


42 Richard {Joseph-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Wen- 
ham (date not found) ; married 22 Feb., 1704-5, Miriam 
Balch, who was born in Beverly, 2 Aug., 1683, the daugliter 
of Freeborn and Merriam (Batchelder) (Moulton) Balch. 

In 1706 (5 April) Richard Hutton of Wenham, "for the love 
and affection he hath to his two Grandsons Richard ffowler 
and Hutten Goldsmith both of said Wenham, hath given, 
granted ... all that m}' forty acres of laud in said Wen- 
ham, be it more or less as hereafter butted and bounded, with 
all the building thereon, as also my commonage and common 
Right in Wenham," An acre of this land is reserved for the 
use "of Susannah, the now wife of said Hutton (Richard), if 
she shall survive her husband, so long as she shall remaine his 
widdow .... and if either of my two Grandsons above 
named die without issue, his proportion of land shall be equally 
divided betwixt his Brothers and Sisters." 
• In 1707 (17 Dec.) Joseph Fowler, senior, of Wenham, yeo- 
man, for the love and affection which he bears his son Richard 
Fowler of Wenham, who was about to marry with Miriam 
Balch, the daughter of Freeborn Balch of Beverly, gives him 
b}' deed of gift, one- third of his farm. 

In 1714 (1 June) Richard Fowler and Hutten Goldsmith, 
both of Wenham, husbandmen, sell William Rogers, a common 
right in Wenham, given to them by their grandfather Richard 

He died, 24 Jan., 1717-18, and administration on his estate 
was granted to his widow Miriam Fowler, 10 Feb., 1717-18. 

In 1717-18 (15 March) mention is made in the inventory of 
his father's estate, of 20 acres of land given to Richard Fow- 
ler and not set off to him, value £135. On the division of 
the estate 24 March, one share was set off to the relict of 
Richard Fowler. 

In 1729 (1 May) a division of his estate was made to Mir- 
iam Fowler, alias Day, relict widow of Richard Fo^vler, as 
her right of dower, one-third. The other two-thirds were di- 
vided into five parts, and Joseph the eldest son received two 
parts ; daughters, Martha, third part ; Elizabeth, fourth part ; 
and Abigail, fifth part. 

Widow Miriam Fowler married Dec, 1719, Ezekiel Day of 


Nutfield, and had deceased before 7 Nov., 1743, as her thirds 
were then divided, and her estate settled on "Joseph Fowler 
ye only son" he giving bonds to pay to "Thomas Perkins and 
his wife Elizabeth, ye only sister," £21-11-2. 

The children of Richard and Miriam (Balch) Fowler, 
were : — 

70. Elizabeth, b. 19 Feb., 1705-6; rn. Thomas Perkins of Ipswich, 8 

Feb., 1730-31. 

71. Abigail, b. 4 Jan., 1706-7; m. Josiah White, 19 Aug., 1729. She 

was admitted, before her marriage, to Wenham Church, 21 July, 
1728, and 14 May, 1729, when styled spinster, sells Benjamin 
Kimball, upland in Wenham, her interest in the estate of her 
father Richard Fowler, deceased, 6 acres bounding south by 
land lately belonging to her uncle Joseph Fowler, deceased, 
west by swamp, belonging to her brother Joseph Fowler, and 
northwest by division of her sister Elizabeth Fowler. 

72. Miriam, b. 28 April, 1712; died in inlancy. 

73. Martha, b. 1 June, 1714; had Ezekiel Day appointed as her guar- 

dian 17 April, 1729, and he gave an account of his guardianship 
15 Sept., 1730. She had deceased and an inv. of her estate was 
rendered 22 Feb., 1733-4, by Thomas Perkins, adm'r. 

74. Miriam, b. 25 April, 1715 ; died previous to 1743. 

75. Joseph, b. 3 Aug., 1717; m. EUzabeth Perkins. 

45 Mary {PMUp^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich 
abont 1680 ; married John Treadwell, who was born 28 Nov., 
1670, the son of Thomas and Sarah (Titcomb) Treadwell of 
Ipswich ; grandson of Thomas, the emigrant to Ipswich 1636. 

In 1715-16 (13 Feb.) John Treadwell of Ipswich, yeo- 
man, and Mary his wife, quit-claim all their right in the estate, 
both real and personal, of their father Philip Fowler, deceased, 
to Joseph and Philip Fowler, both of Ipswich, her brothers. 

He died 16 Dec, 1727, aged 57 years (gravestone), leaving 
a will dated 28 Nov., 1727; proved 16 Jan., 1727-8; re- 
corded Essex Probate, Bk. 15 : 275 ; gave to wife Mary, 
daughters Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah, son Elisha, when he ar- 
rives at the age of twenty-one years, son Jonathan, when 
twenty-one years of age, son John also to be executor. Widow 
Mary Treadwell was appointed the guardian of her son Jon- 
athan Treadwell, 11 June, 1731. "The widow Tredwell, 
relict of Mr. John Tredwell, d. 23 Oct., 1756" in Ipswich. 


The children of John and Mary (Fowler) Treadwell, 
were : — 

76. Elizabeth, b. 16 July, 1699; ra. Major Gould, int. 23 June, 1723. 

Adm. on estate of Major Gould, late of Ipswich, fisherman, was 
granted to his son Major Gould, 24 Sept., 1781, who gave bonds 
with Joseph Fowler 3d, and A. Heard. 

77. Martha, b. 1700; d. 27 Oct., 1727, set. 27 (gravestone). 

78. Sarah, b. 12 June, 1701 ; died young. 

79. Mary, b. 13 March, 1702-3; living 28 Nov., 1727. 

80. John, b. 24 Sept., 1707; m. Hannah Boardman, 9 Oct., 1728, had 

son John, b. in Ipswich, 20 Sept., 1738; grad. Harvard College, 
1758 ; minister of the First Congregational Church in Lynn, or- 
dained 2 March, 1763 ; resigned 1782 and returned to Ipswich, 
where he taught the Grammar School from 1783 to 1785. Was 
Representative to General Court 1785 and 1786. Removed to Sa- 
lem, where he became Senator and Judge of the Common Pleas 
Court, and resided until his death which took place on the 5 
Jan., 1811. His first wife was Mehitable, dau. of Richard Dex- 
ter, a ph3'sician in Topsfield, and Mehitable Putnam, a sister of 
Gen. Israel Putnam, of Revolutionary fame, and dau. of Joseph 
and Elizabeth (Porter) Putnam. His second wife was Dorothy, 
widow of Jonathan Goodhue, a mei'chant of Salem, and dau. of 
Jacob and Mary (Ropes) Ashton. She d. May, 1802, aged 51. 
He lived some years in the house in Crombie Street, now occu- 
pied by the Bowker family. A daughter Mehitable married 
Charles Cleveland, the venerable City Missionary in Boston, 
and had son Prof. Charles Dexter Cleveland, the author of many 
school books. His only son was John Dexter Treadwell, born 
in Lynn, 29 May, 1768; graduated Harvard College, 1788; 
studied medicine with Dr. E. A. Holyoke, and practised the pro- 
fession for the first two or three years in Marblehead; after- 
wards in Salem, with considerable celebrity, until his decease, 
which took place 6 June, 1833. He was preeminent in the sci- 
ence and erudition of his profession, thoroughly read in the 
ethical and mental philosophy of the ancients, as well as of 
the moderns, and particularly learned in all the bi'anches of 
knowledge, connected with philology and criticism of the old 
and new Testaments. He m. Dorothy, dau. of Jonathan and 
Dorothy (Ashton) Goodhue, who was b. Feb., 1777, and d. 29 
Jan., 1858. Had one son, John Goodhue Treadwell, M. D., b. 
] Aug., 1805; graduated at Harvard College, 1825; for many 
years a very successful practitioner of medicine in Salem ; died 
5 Aug., 1856, unmarried. Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., Vol. 4, pp. 129, 


81. Elisha, b. 24th, 3d mo., 1710 ; d. 24 Sept., 1732. Inv. of the estate 

of Elisha Treadwell, late of Ipswich, dec'd, intestate, taken 
11 April, 1733, allowing for thirds that Mrs. Mary TREiVD- 
WELL, relict of Mr. John Treadwell, dec'd, hath in all his 
lands. Presented by John Treadwell his brother and adm'r. 

82. Jonathan, b. 31st, 3d mo., 1713; m. probably, Ruth Patch of 

Weuham, int. 21 Oct., 1738. 

83. Sarah, b. 8 March, 1719-20; m. probably Dr. Abiah Green of 

Hampton, N. H., int. 29 Sept., 1737. 

47 Joseph {PJiilip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 
7 Aug., 1683 ; married in Newbury, Dec, 1707, Sarah Bart- 
LETT, the daughter of John and Mary (Rust) Bartlett of New- 
bury, who was born there, 27 Nov., 1687. Her father was a 
wealthy tanner, and the second to carry on the tanning business 
in Newburj^, which has been continued by his descendants on 
the same site, to the present time, some two hundred years. 
He made his will 11 April. 1733, which was proved 7 June, 
1736, wherein he mentions his daughter Sarah Fowler, and 
leaves propert}^ to her representatives. 

Joseph Fowler had, by Sarah his wife, six children born in 
Ipswich (the first three are so recorded, the last three are only 
baptisms, when she is called Elizabeth. Her death is recorded 
as Elizabeth, as is also his second wife Mary's, an evident 
error), and she died 8 Jan., 1721-2. 

He was married 2d in Salem, by Rev. Benjamin Prescott, 22 
Aug., 1722, to Widow Mary Trask. She was probably the 
%vidow of John Trask of Salem, on whose estate she adminis- 
tered 20 June, 1720. She died in Ipswich 23 Aug., 1728. 

He married 3d, in Boxford, 31 Dec, 1728, Abigail Perley, 
the widow of Samuel Perley, and the daughter of Mr. Cum- 
mings. She died in Ipswich, 8 Aug., 1730. 

He married 4th, in Wenham, int. 31 Oct., 1730, Hannah Se- 
dan, the widow of Samuel Sedden, of Wenham, upon whose 
estate " Hannah Sedden alias Fowler" administered and gave 
in her account, 24 May, 1731. He left a large estate and 
Joseph Fowler was appointed guardian of her children, 23 
Jan., 1738-9. 

In 1711-12 (20 March) he is of Ipswich, carpenter, with 


wife Sarah, and sells land bought of Edward Chapman, in 
Chebacco in Ipswich, to Jacob Story. 

In 1714 (25 June) he receives a deed of gift from his par- 
ents, of which the following is a copy : — 

" To all Christian People to whom this present Deed of gift 
shall come, I, Phillip Fowler of Ipswich, in ye County of Essex, 
within the province of 3'e Massachusets bay in New England, 
send Greeting. Know ye that in Consideration of ye natural! 
Love and particular affection which I bear to my Son Joseph 
Fowler, of said Towne, I do by these presents give graiit 
Confirme & Deliver & by these presents I have given granted 
Confirmed & Delivered as his pt & portion out of my estate, 
both Real & personall, and to our heirs, & his heirs, from any 
further Claime and Demand thereunto. Unless I shall before my 
Decease, give & bequeath ye Same Viz't, the one Moiety and 
halfe of my pasture ground in Ipswich, aforesaid, up ye Hill 
yt Jojmes to ye halfe of sd pasture, yt I have given to his 
Brother Phillip, Joyneing to Land of Sam'l Graves, Rich'd 
Kimball, Dilli" Caldwell & Robert Lords, & ye one halfe of 
my Land Called Knights Land, that I have given my son 
Phillip, the other halfe of, & about three acres of marsh ground 
in ye bounds of Ipswich aforesaid, at the upper End of ye 
Island Called Rogers Island, & three thatch lotts at sd Island, 
& also one old coraon Right upon ye comons of Ipswich, & one 
third of an old Lott Right, one third of a new lott Right I 
Drew in Chebacco woods in Ipswich, so called, which Benj'' & 
Phillip have Each alike Quantity of, given them, and also Six 
acres of wood Land at my P'arme in Ipswich, Called Batchelors 
farme. Lying next to my Son Phillips, which I have Given him 
Next ye Comonas in his Deed to Rowley Line, Viz't, also the 
House & homstead &. buildings wch he lives in part of now, 
& ye pasture I bought of Mr. AUin, that is to saj' the one halfe 
of it now & ye other halfe after my Decease, & my wifes, ye 
Longest liver of us Two, all ye said buildings. Orchard, pasture 
Ground, & meadow, & marsh ground with all ye preveledges 
& appurtenances thereunto belonging & appurtaining, wood. 
Trees, fences, & other Comodities, be yc same more or Less, for 



number of acres, & each parcell more or Less & however bounded 
with all my Title Claime Interest & Demand. To Have & To 
Hold, all the ye Said houseing & Lands with all ye preveledges, 
from ye Date hereof, & my Decease & my wifes as men- 
tioned unto him ye said Joseph, & his heirs Executors adm'rs 
and assignes forever, without any Lett Suit or Deniall of 
me or my heirs, Executors adm'rs, or assignes, forever to 
be held and Enjoyed as given as a good & perfect Estate of 
Inheritance in fee simple, without any Condition to alter, 
Change or make Void ye same free from all Claims, Dowers 
and Incumbrances whatsoever ariseing from me, ye said parent 
or my heirs, Executors, adm'rs or assignes or their heirs forever. 
In Testimony hereof I have hereunto affixed ni}' hand & Scale, 
this 25th Day of June, Anno Dom 1714. 

Signed Sealed & Delivered in presence of Witnesses. 

Nehemiah Jewett. Phillip Fowler (fcaseale). 

Thomas Lord. Elizabeth g* Fowler 

Millesent m Day (her mark). (her mark & a seale). 

Essex ss., in Ipswich, the 17th of March, 1714-15, Mr. 
Phillip Fowler & his wife personally apeared and acknowledged 
this Instrument to be their act & Deed, & sd Elizabeth Did 
freely Resigne up all her right of Dower in the Granted Prem- 
ises. Before me, Nehemiah Jewet. Just. Peace." Essex Deeds 
Bk. 28 : 222. 

Also another deed of gift 2 April, 1715. 

" To all Christian people to whome this present Deed Shall 
come, that I, Phillip ffowler of Ipswich, in ye Countey of Es- 
sex, within ye Province of Massachusetts Baj-, in New Eng- 
land, Sendeth Greeting. Know yee that ye Said Phillip 
ffowler with ye consent & approbation of his wife, In consid- 
eration of ye personall love & afection which he beareth to his 
Son Joseph ffowler, of ye abovesd Towne, in part of por- 
tion which he Intends to bestow upon him, that he may be de- 
barrd from Clayming any further part in his Estate, without 
he Shall before his death Confer ye same upon him, having 
giving with this & other Deed of Gift conferrd considerable 


therefore by these presents, have given, granted, confirmed, 
Enfeoffed and delivered & by these presents doth give, grant, 
confirme, Enfeoffe and deliver unto his Said Son and his heirs 
executors admrs & assignes For ever, a certaine dwelling 
house & barnes. Shop & oarchard, & Land Situate, lying & 
being in Ipswich afores'd, which ye Said Philip ffowler hath 
been in ye possession & Improvement off, ever Since ye year 
of Our Lord 1677, and had ye Same confirmed to him as by a 
Deed under ye hand & Scale & acknowledgement of ye 
Granter, to him ye Said Philip ffowler & his heirs Executors 
& Assignes for ever, and is bounded as in ye Said Deed, 
Northerly b}'' Sd Lulls land in part, & John Hollands in part, 
Westerly upon a Ditch adjoyning to my Son Phillip ffowlers 
land. Southerly upon lands of Joseph Quilters, Southeasterly 
upon laud of Simon & Thomas Pinder in part, & Joseph 
Bowies in part, ye one Moiety & halfe part of Sd buildings, 
Oarchard & Lands with all ye priviledges, & an old common 
right & appurtenances thereunto belonging butt five acres 
more or less of Sd homestead, & appertaining from ye Day of 
ye date hereof, ye other Moiety & halfe part of ye aboves'd 
Mentioned premises, at & upon ye decease of sd Phillip & 
his now wife, To Have & To Hold to him ye Said Joseph 
FFOWLER, his heirs. Executors, administrators & assignes For 
ever, that is To Say, ye One Moiety of all ye granted premises 
from je day of ye Date hereof, & ye other Moyety & halfe part 
at ye Decease of my Selfe «&; now wife, ye longest of us both, 
without any Let, Suit or demand of him ye Sd Philip ffowler, 
or his heirs. Executors, Admr's or assignes, for ever after ye 
time Mentioned, covenanting & promising To & with his Sd 
Son, that at ye Ensealing hereof, it is free & Clear from all 
bargains, grants & Incumbrances, & that he will defend ye 
Same against all ye LawfuU Claimes what soever made or that 
Shall be made from, by, or under him or any person Elce, & 
that after ye Time fixt, his Sd Son & his heirs & assignes Shall 
enjoy ye Same as a good Estate of Inheritance in Fee Simple 
without any condition to alter ye Same. In Witness hereof, 
I, Sd Philip ffowler have here unto Set my hand & Scale this 
Second Day of Aprill, 1715. Enterlined before Signing & 


Sealing ye words an old, be it fflve acres more or less of sd 

Signed Sealed & Did In presence of Witnesses. 

Nehemiah Jewet. Phillip ffowler (& seal). 

Mary Rowell. Elizabeth ffowler (& a seale). 

Essex ss., In Ipswich, ye 2^ Day of April, 1715. Mr. Philip 
ffowler prsonaly appeared, & acknowledged this Instrument to 
be their Act & Deed before me. Nehemiah Jewet. Just. 
Peace." Essex Deeds Bk. 27 : 182. 

In 1715-16 (23 Jan.) he buys of Andrew Stickney of Row- 
ley, and his wife Edna, land in Rowley township. 

In 1716-17 (16 Feb.) he sells John Howard land in Che- 
bacco wood in Ipswich. 

In 1717 (17 Dec.) with his mother Elizabeth Fowler, wit- 
nesses a deed of Giles Cowes to Philip Fowler (his brother). 

In 1718 (24 Oct.) " Ensign Joseph Fowler" was " one of 
ye pounders in ye Northfield in Ipswich," and took up a mare, 
one of the appraisers of which was Benjamin Fowler (his 
brother) . 

In 1719 (20 Aug.) he quits-claim to salt marsh and thatch 
ground at Rogers' Island, Ipswich, unto his brother John 
Fowler, lands that belonged " to our father Mr. Phillip 
Fowler, late deceased." Witnesses, William Giddings and 
Thomas Choate. The former acknowledged this deed 6 Aug., 
1751, when Joseph Fowler had deceased, as had also Thom- 
as Choate, the other witness. His brother John gives him a 
similar quit-claim of 9 acres of salt marsh at Rogers' Island, 
same date. 

In 1720 (30 June) he buys of Simon Tuttle, his homestead 
in Ipswich, " on ye North side ye river in ye Long Street so 
called 60 rods North on Long Street" etc., which he, with wife 
Mary, sells 5 March, 1722-3, to Joseph Bolles. 

In 1720 (8 Sept.) he sells Nathaniel Hovey a thatch lot; 
and 22 Sept., with wife Sarah, sells Thomas Smith and Daniel 
Chapman, saltmarsh ; 8 Feb., he sells Nathaniel Tread well 
land at Jeffries Neck ; and 14 March, with consent of wife 
Sarah, land to John Kimball. 


In 1721 (15 May) his mother, Elizabeth Fowler, of Ipswich, 
widow, sells him for £3 per 3'^ear, well secured by bond, " all 
that moiety or halfe of his houseing & Lands in said Ipswich, 
which is reserved in his Deeds of Gifts, for me, Dureing the 
time of my natural Life," which was ack. 5 March, 1722-3. 

In 1722 (4 June) he sells Jeremiah Dow and William Sut- 
ton, land at Jeffries Neck. 

In 1723-4 (7 Jan.) with wife Mary, sells land to Jeremiah 

In 1726 (1 Dec.) he receives a quit-claim from his brothers 
Philip and Benjamin, of a common right formerly their 

In 1731-2 (25 Jan.) he is of Wenham, yeoman, and buys of 
the Saltonstall heirs, swamp land in Ipswich, which he sells 
22 May, 1740, when of Ipswich, carpenter, with wife Hannah, 
to Benjamin Batchelder of Wenham. 

In 1734 (29 Nov.) he is of Ipswich, carpenter, and with 
Hannah his wife, sells Zachery Story, thatch lot No. 425 at 
" Jebacko" Ipswich. One of the witnesses was (his son-in-law) 
Francis Goodhue. 

In 1740 (9 Sept.) styled gentleman, and with wife Hannah, 
for £100, mortgages to Robert Auchmuty, of Roxbury, Esq., 
and others, Directors of Manufacturing Company, for his share 
as a partner in said company. 

The pecuniary embarrassment of the province at that time 
led to the project of a Manufacturing Company or Land Bank, 
for issuing Land Bank Notes, of which, as will be seen above, 
he became a member. 

In 1742-3 (13 Jan.), with wife Hannah, sells upland to Job 
Harris ; 1 March, he sells with his brothers Philip and Benja- 
min, to Jonathan Foster, woodlot No. 180 in Chebacco woods, 
which they inherited from their father. 

In 1744 (20 Aug.) with wife Hannah and brother Philip 
Fowler of Newmarket, N. H., sells Aquila Jewett, of Rowley, 
land in Rowley. 

Ensign Joseph Fowler died in Ipswich, 28 Dec, 1745, 
leaving a will dated 4 Oct., 1745 ; proved 6 Jan., 1745-6 ; 
recorded Essex Probate Bk. 26 : 251 ; original on file, in 
which he gives his wife Hannah all the goods she brought 


with her, and the southerly end of his dwelling house, with 
the shop and cellar under it, etc., during her widowhood, also 
the improvement of one-half of all his lands. To daughter 
Elizabeth Kimball, besides what she has already, £5. The 
same to daughter Sarah Goodhue. To daughter Dorcas 
Brown, £10. To daughter Mary Dutch, £60. The remainder 
of his estate, real and personal, to his son Joseph Fowler, 
who is also to be executor. Signed by him with a seal, with a 
crest resembling a stag's head. 

Widow Hannah Fowler, married, int. in Ipswich, 13 Dec, 
1746, Jabez Blackledge, of Sheepscot, Me. 

The children of Joseph and Sarah (Bartlett) Fowler, 
were : — 

84. Elizabeth, b. 1 March, 1708-9; m. Benjamin Kimball. 

85. Sarah, b. 8th, 10th mo., 1710; m. Francis Goodhue. 

86. Dorcas, b. 12th, 2d mo., 1713; m. in Hamilton, John Brown, 5th, 

17 Oct., 1732, when both were of Wenham, had one child born 
in Ipswich ; Elizabeth, bapt. 12 March, 1737-8. 

87. Joseph, bapt. 9 Oct., 1715; m. Mary Prince; Esther Huse. 

88. Mary, bapt. 11th, 3d mo., 1718; died in infancy. 

89. Mary, bapt. 21st, 12th mo., 1719; m. Samuel Dutch. 

48 Jolm (PMlip'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 
12 Jan., 1684-5 ; baptized there the same da}' ; married, int. 
26th, 2d mo., 1713, Mercy Jacob, who was born there 11 
May, 1686, the daughter of Ensign Thomas and Mary (Whip- 
ple) Jacob ; granddaughter of Richard Jacob, who came in 
1634, in the "Mary and John," and settled in Ipswich, whose 
wife Martha was a daughter of the first Samuel Appleton, who 
was entitled to Coat Armor (see Heraldic Journal), as was 
the Jacob family, as appears by the will of John, the son of 
Eichard Jacob the emigrant, proved 16 Jan., 1660-1, Suffolk 
Probate, in which he mentions "a silver tankard on which is 
our Coat-of-Arms," and a deed in the possession of one of his 
descendants, i-ecorded Essex Deeds Bk. 5 : 236, ack. 15 March, 
1685-6, from Nathaniel Jacob, to his brother Thomas Jacob, 
bears a seal with the impression of their Coat-of-Arms. 

In 1713 (13 Nov.) John Fowler of Ipswich, quits-claim to 
his brothers-in-law Thomas and Samuel Brown, who had mar- 


tied Abigail and Martha Jacob, daugbtei's of the late Thomas 
Jacob of Ipswich, deceased, part of his estate which he had 
bj' his wife Mercy, daughter of said Thomas Jacob. 

In 1714 he received the following deed of gift from his 
father, recorded Essex Deeds Bk. 27 : 261. 

"To all Christian people to whom this present deed Shall 
Come, I, Philip Fowler of Ipswich, In ye County of Essex, 
within 5^e province of ye Massachusetts Bay, in New England, 
Send Greeting. Know yee yt I, ye Said Phillip, in Considera- 
tion of yt Natural love & parentall Affection which I bear to 
my Son John Fowler of Ipswich, afores'd and as his part & 
portion which I intend to give him in my Eeal & personall Es- 
tate, and yt he may be Debarred for Claiming any further part 
therein, unless I shall before my decease See Cause to give & 
bequeath any more thereof to him or his heirs. By these 
presents, I do Give and Grant, Confirm & Deliver & By these 
presents, I have Given, Granted, Confirmed, & Delivered, 
unto my Said Son and his heirs, Exec'rs, Adm'rs, and As- 
signes, forever, the housing and lands, hereafter mentioned, 
which are Scituate and lying in ye bounds of Ipswich afores'd 
Viz. ye housing, barn & buildings on ye Farm Called Batch- 
elours farm, with ye upland, tillage and pasture, together 
with ye meadow Ground, which belongs to me upon Said 
Farm, being by Estimation about Eighty Acres, be ye Same 
more or less, being 3'e Remainder of my Land and Meadow 
there, when his three Brothers have ye Six acres apeice taken 
off, which I have Confirmed to Each of them, Also I give my 
said son John, ye ancient Common right, which belonged to 
said Farm, Also I give him about ten acres of Salt marsh 
ground, and Thatch Banks, Joyning To Mr Farleys, at ye Isl- 
and Called Rogers's Island, all ye said Buildings on Said Land, 
yt Belongs to me, with all said land, and meadow Ground, 
and priviledges & appurtenances thereunto belonging, and to 
Each appertaining, wood. Timber, trees, Springs, fences and 
other Commodities, whatsoever, be Each percell more or less, 
for Quantity & however bounded, with all my title, Interest, 
Claim & Demand, in and To ye Granted premises. To Have 
and To Hold all ye housing. Common right, and priviledges 


thereto belonging, & priviledges to Each percell appertaining, 
unto him ye said John, & his heirs, Exec'rs, Adm'rs, and As- 
signes, forever, without any let, suit or deniall, of me, my 
heirs, Exec'rs, Adm'rs, or Assignes, forever, to be held & 
Enjoyed by him &c. as a good perfect Estate of Inheritance, 
in Fee Simple, without any Condition, So as to Alter, Change 
or make void ye same, free & Clear from all Claims, Dowryes, 
& Incumbrances, whatsoever. That might arise from me ye 
Said parent, or my heirs, Exec'rs, Adm'rs or assignes, forever. 
In Testimony hereof, I have hereunto affixed my hand and 
Scale, this 25th June, 1714, all ye Said Granted premises is 
on condition, yt Said John, or his heirs, Exec'rs, Adm'rs, pay 
or Cause to be paid annually, and Every year. During ye life 
of his Said Father, Philip Fowler, & his now wife, & 3^e longer 
liver of them, ye Sum of three pounds. If that they, or Either 
of them. Demand ye same, which he or they neglecting to pay, 
ye said Granter, reserves liberty to use. Improve, Sell, or Con- 
ve}', anj^ of ye Granted premises, to Supply them Yearly, or 
Either of them with sd sum. 

Signed Sealed & Did in presence of Witnesses. 

Nehemiah Jewet. Phillip Fowler (& a seale). 

Thomas Lord. Elizabeth g' Fowler 

Millesent m Day (her mark). (her mark & a seale). 

Essex ss.. In Ipswich, ye 17th of March, 1714, Mr. Philip 
Fowler & Elizabeth, his wife, personally appeared & acknowl- 
edged this Instrument, to be their Act & Deed, and Sd Eliza- 
beth, did freely resigne up all her Eight of Dower, in ye 
Granted premises. Before me Nehemiah Jewet. Just : Peace." 

In 1718 (22 May) he entered into an agreement with John 
Kimball of Ipswich, respecting the bounds of Batchellors 

In 1719 (20 Aug.) he is of Ipswich, yeoman, and quits- 
claim to his brother Joseph Fowler of Ipswich, 9 acres of salt 
marsh at Rogers' Island which formerly belonged to their 

In 1727 (6 July) he buys of Thomas Todd of Norwich, 
Conn., a common right in Rowley ; 24 Oct., he buys of Na- 
than Davis of Rowley, husbandman, and Mary his wife, 4 


acres of Cowbridge marsh in Rowley, and one of the wit- 
nesses was Philip Fowler his brother ; he sells this 2 Aug., 
1739, to George Jewett of Rowley, He buys again of Nathan 
Davis, 4 Jan., 1731-2. 

In 1730-1 (24 March) he sells Deacon Jonathan Fellows of 
Ipswich, one-half of a new right in sheep's commons in Ips- 
wich, called "Walkers swamp island division ; three-fifths of 
half a new lot of thatch land No. 490, lot at Jeffrey's neck 
No. 204, of woodlot No. 432, all which were part of the 
grant of the commons of Ipswich, to the heirs of Thomas Ja- 
cob and Joseph Jacob, late of said Ipswich, deceased, and 
belonged to Capt. Abraham Tilton, in right of his wife Mary, 
Moses Chase, in right of his wife, and the said John Fowler, 
in right of his wife Mercy, they being daughters of Thomas 
Jacob before named. One of the witnesses was his brother 
Philip Fowler. 

In 1734 (17 April) he buys of his brothers, Benjamin of 
Rowley and Philip of Ipswich, for £72, upland in Ipswich, 
"of the Lott of Our Hon'rd Father, Phillip Fowler, Dec'd, 
which he gave to his sons Benjamin and Philip Fowler." 

In 1735-6 (31 Jan.) he buys of John Pritchet of Topsfield, 
house and land in Topsfield, which he sells 9 April, 1737, to 
"William Reddington of Topsfield. 

In 1736 (10 June) with John Chaplin and Thomas Wood 
of Rowley, he sells John Flood of Salisbury, 70 acres of land 
in Boxford. 

In 1737-8 (17 March) he with wife Mercy, sells Joseph 
Metcalf of Ipswich, land there. 

In 1738-9 (7 Feb.) "in consideration of that Parental Love 
and Affection which I bear to my son Jn° Fowler, of Ipswich, 
afores'd, I do give unto Him and his Heirs, viz't: — the child he 
now hath, with what Children He may have hereafter. An 
Equal Portion with Them, if there be none, then the whole 
to his Ex'rs, Adm'rs and Assigns forever . . . The new 
House, with Three acres of Land about it. Also I give unto 
my s'd Son, my old Right in the Commons called Kimbals neck, 
with my Right in the Supernumerary, for forty Two Acres 
. . . Also Three acres of Meadow, lying on the Southerly 
side of sd land, which I bought of Wm. Sherwin & Thos. 


Potter. Also a certain Lott of Land, lying in a place called 
Grape meadow Woods, upon Letter B. number Twenty One, 
in Rowley . . . All the land above mentioned, except sd 
Lott in Rowley, lays in Ipswich." Ack. 6 March, 1738-9. 

He was elected Ensign of an Ipswich company of militia as 
early as 1722, an important office, at a period when the coun- 
try was engaged in an Indian War. He was perhaps in actual 
service, but the military rolls at the State House have not 
been examined for the name of Fowler. He was foreman, of 
the jury at Ipswich Court of Common Pleas, March, 1728, 
and on the jury of trials, 1733, also held many offices of 
trust, in his native town. As will be seen, he received a deed 
of gift from his parents, of a valuable farm in the west parish 
of Ipswich, and his wife, a legacy of £65, from the estate of 
her father Ensign Thomas Jacob, in his will dated 3 Dec, 
1706 ; proved 17 March, 1706-7. He improved and added to 
his estate during his lifetime, and left his children a good in- 

He died in Ipswich, intestate, 17 Sept., 1748, and his widow 
Mercy, was appointed adm'x, but in a note on file in the Es- 
sex Probate Office, dated 25 Oct., 1748, she refuses the trust 
when she signs as "Marcy Fowler," it is witnessed by her son 
"Zacharias Fowler," and adm. was then granted to his son 
John Fowler, 31 Oct., 1748. Inv. taken 7 Nov., 1748, amt. 
£1162-14-1. Account of Adm. 9 April, 1750. Division 24 
Dec, 1750, to his widow Mercy Fowler, her thirds, as right 
of dower, during her natural life. The remaining two thirds 
divided into four parts, to John Fowler the eldest son, first 
share "ye whole with ye buildings thereon £116." "John Fow- 
ler, jun., house, and the three acres of land aboute it, given 
to him by Deed, by his father, dec'd" etc, and fourth share of 
£108. To son Zachariah Fowler, the second share £107-12-4, 
with £15-2-0 from his brother John. To the onl}'^ daughter 
Martha, the third share £103-5-0, with £19-9-4, from her 
brother John. 

Mercy Fowler was a member of the First Church of Ips- 
wich, 21 April, 1746, and when a widow, was admitted to 
Linebrook Church, 7 Jan., 1749-50. She died in Ipswich, 6 
Dec, 1769. 


The children of Ensign John and Mercy (Jacob) Fowler, 
were : — 

90. John, bapt. 7 March, 1714-15; m. Mercy Howe. 

91. Zachariah, bapt. 7th, 7th mo., 1718. 

92. Mercy, bapt. 31 March, 1723; d. 6 April, 1723. 

93. Mercy, bapt. 5 April, 1724; d. 4 July, 1724. 

94. Martha, bapt. 8 May, 172C ; m. "Mr. Joseph Symouds of Box- 

ford," int., 27 Dec, 1754. We find no further record of them. 
She may have died in Ipswich, 1 March, 1812, get. 90 years. 

49 Benjamin (PMUj)^^ Joseph^ PMUp^) was boi'n in 
Ipswich, 19 April, 1687; married there, 24 Jan., 1709-10 
Mary Briar. 

He married, second, in Rowley, 5 Aug., 1717, Sarah War- 
ner, who died in Ipswich, 24 Ang., 1730. 

He married, third, in Newbuiy, 26 May, 1731, Mary Thorla, 
who died in Rowley, 27 Jan., 1756, aged about 69 years. 

He married, fourth, in Ipswich, int., 23 July, 1756, Anna 
Foster, the widow of James Foster of Ipswich ; and she died 
in Rowley, as the widow and relict of Benjamin Fowler, 11 
Feb., 1769, in the 85th year of her age. 

In 1714 (25 June) he received from his parents the following 
deed of gift, recorded Essex Deeds Bk. 30 : 13. 

" To All Christian People to whom this present Deed shall 
come, I, Philip ffowler of Ipswich, in ye County of Essex, 
within ye province of ye Massachusetts Bay, in New England, 
Send Greeting. Know ye, that in Consideration of yt. Nat- 
urall Love & Parentall Affeccon which I Bear to my Son Ben- 
jamin ffowler of sd Town of Ipswich, & as his part & porton 
which I Intend him in my Real & Prsonall Estate, & yt he may 
be Barred in a further Claim in and to any pt thereof, Unless I 
shall before my Decease Give & Bequeath any of j'e same unto 
him, or his heirs, by these presents, I have Given, Granted, 
Confirmed & Delivered, And by these presents, Do Give, Grant, 
Confirm & Deliver unto my sd Son & his heirs, Executors, 
Admini'rs & assigns, forever, ye Houseing, and Lands, here- 
after menconed, yt are scituate in ye Bounds of Ipswich, 
afores'd, that is to say, the now Dwelling house, he now Dwells 


in, with ye Land, or Homestead about it, be it more or less, & 
however bounded, wth ye Buildings & Orchard thereon, & one 
New Comon Right, upon ye Comons of Ipswich, aforesd, And 
also three acres of Land, called ye Cherry tree Lott, in ye 
Comon ffeild, And a peice of Salt Marsh Ground, called Wood- 
hams Marsh, by Estimacon ffour acres, & ye point of Marsh 
ground, bought of Caleb Kimball, which we call ye Horse point, 
with an Island of Thatch bank, in ye Creek, called Paynes 
Creek, And one Thatch Lott, at ye place called Crosses Island, 
& Six acres of Land at ye flfarme called Batchelors ffarme, 
Lying next to my Son Josephs, which I have given to him, 
And also all that End of ye Lott we call Dayes Lott, below ye 
pasture ffense, which I Bought of John Day, to ye land called 
Knights Land, Also One Third of an old Right, & one third of 
a New Right Lotts, in Chebacco, which Joseph & Philip have 
each one third part of, And also one old Right or Lott upon 
Jeffr^'s Neck, so called. All ye sd Buildings, Orchards, plantings 
& Mowing Ground, with all ye priviledges & appurtenances, 
to each pcell belonging & appertaining, Wood, Trees, ffences 
«&; other Comodity, whatsoever, be ye same more or less, for 
Number of acres & each parcell, more or less, for Quantity & 
however bounded, with all ray Title, Claim, Interest & Demand. 
To have & to hold all ye sd Houseing &. Lands, with all the 
priviledges to each belonging & appertaining, unto him, ye sd 
Benjamin, and his heirs, Executors, Admin'rs & Assigns for- 
ever without any suite, Lett or Denyall, of me, my heirs. Ex- 
ecutors, Adminis'rs or Assigns, forever, to be held & Enjoyed, 
as a good & perfect Estate of Inheritance, in ffee Simple, 
Without any Condition, to Alter, Change or make voyd ye 
same, ffree & Clear ffrom all Claims, Dowryes & Incumbrances, 
whatsoever, yt might Arise from me, ye s'd parent, or my heirs, 
Executors, Administrators or Assigns, forever. In Testimony 
hereof, I have Affixed my hand & Seal, this 25th June, 1714. 
All ye above granted premises is with this ffurther promise, 
that he ye sd Benjamin, or his heirs. Executors & Admini'rs, 
pay or cause to be payd. Annually, & every year, dureing his 
s'd ffather & mothers life, ye Sum of fforty shillings, & to each 
of y'm, ye Longer Liver, if they demand, ye same, which if he 
Refuse or Neglect to do, ye s'd Parents, have Reserved Lib- 


erty, to Use, Sell or Seize, so much of ye granted premises, or 
any part thereof, as Shall produce ye s'd Sum yearly. 

Signed, Sealed «&; Delivered in presence of Witnesses. 

Nehemiah Jewett. Philip ffowler (seal). 

Thomas Lord. Elizabeth ^ ffowller 

Millesent m Day (her mark). (her mark & seal). 

Essex ss., In Ipswich, ye 17th day of March, 1714-15. Mr. 
Philip ffowler & his wife, personally appeared, and Acknow- 
ledged this Instrum't to be their Act &, Deed. And s'd Eliza- 
beth, Did ffreely Resigne up, all her Right of Dower, in ye 
Granted premises, before me. Nehemiah Jewett. Just. Peace." 

In 1726 (23 Jan.) he is of Ipswich, cordwinder, when he buys 
of Ebenezer Boynton, of Weston, a wood-lot in Rowley ; 1 
Dec, he quits-claim to his brother Joseph, his interest in a com- 
mon right formerly their father's, and ack. it, 2 March, 1730-1. 

In 1733 (14 Dec.) he is of Rowley, and sells Francis Good- 
hue of Ipswich, his dwelling house, barn, etc. in Ipswich, and 
ack. the sale 5 July, 1734, with wife Mary. 15 Feb., 1733-4 
he buys land in Rowley, of Mark Moors of Newbury. 

In 1734 (1 April) he sells Jonathan Pulsifer of Ipswich, up- 
land at Town Hill in Ipswich bounding on land of Joseph and 
Philip Fowler. Witness Philip Fowler ; 9 June, with wife 
Mary, he sells Aaron Potter of Ipswich, an old upland lot 
given him by his father Philip Fowler at Jeffries Neck, which 
they ack. 6 April, 1739. 

In 1742-3 (1 March) with his brothers Joseph and Philip, 
sells woodlot No. 180 in Chebacco woods, which they inherited 
from their father. 

In 1757 (13 June) William Caldwell, Nathan Foster of Ip- 
swich, and Nathaniel Foster of Salem, sell Nathaniel Cross of 
Ipswich, three-quarters and half a quarter of land in North 
Common fields, Ipswich, and Anna Fowler, late relict, widow, 
of James Foster, late of Ipswich, deceased, with the full con- 
sent of her present husband, Benjamin Fowler of Rowley, 
quits-claim to her right. Witness, Joseph Fowler. They also 
sell 14 June. 

He died in Rowley, 8 March, 1761, aged 75, leaving a will 
dated 26 Feb., 1761 ; proved 16 March, 1761 ; recorded Essex 


Probate Bk. 38 : 9, in which he gives to his wife Anna Fowler, 
daughter Margaret Sawyer and Abraham Sawyer, lier husband, 
his son-in-law, whom he makes his sole executor. He had given 
them a deed of half his estate it seems, as he now gives them 
the deed of the other half. To grandson Benjamin Sawyer, and 
granddaughters Mary and Sarah Sawyer. Signed "Benjamin 

Inv. of his estate taken 20 March, 1761, amt. not given, pre- 
sented by Abraham Sawyer, 23 March, 1761. 

The children of Benjamin and Mary (Briar) Fowler, 
were : — 

95. Margaret, bapt. 17th, 8th mo., 1714; m. 1st, probably, Stephen 

Hedden, 4 Jan., 1732-3; and 2nd, Abraham Sawyer, by whom she 
had ch. Benjamin, Mary and Sarah. They removed to Littleton. 

96. Mary, b. 10 April, 1716; d. 30 June, 1730. 

50 Martha {PhiUp^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 
6 April, 1690 ; married int. 19 Aug., 1710, Lieut. John March 
of Salisbuiy, who was born 26 Sept., 1690, the son of Col. John 
and Jemima (True) March of Newbuiy. 

In 1715 (10 Dec.) he is of Salisbury, yeoman, with wife 
Martha, and quits-claim to all their right in the estate both 
real and personal, of their father Philip Fowler, deceased, to 
Joseph and Philip Fowler, both of Ipswich, her brothers. 

The children of John and Martha (Fowler) March, were : — 

97. Philip, bapt. 28 Oct., 1711. 

98. John, bapt. 22 March, 1713-14. 

99. Joseph, bapt. 7 Aug., 1715. 
100. Elizabeth, bapt. 29 Sept., 1717. 

51 Philip {Philip-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 
October, 1691; married there, 5 July, 1716, Susanna Jacob, 
who was born about 1695 (the exact dates of her birth and death 
have not been found), the daughter of Joseph and Susanna 
(Symonds) Jacob. 

Joseph Jacob was the brother of Lieut. Richard Jacob of Ip- 
swich, who was ordered 22 April, 1676, b}- the council, to take 
command as Captain of soldiers at Marlborough, when Cap- 


tains Brocklebank and Wadsworth were killed by the Indians. 
He was the son of Richard Jacob who came over in the same 
ship with Philip Fowler, senior, and married Martha, daugliter 
of the emigrant, Samuel Appleton of Ipswich ; an Arms-bear- 
ing family, as was the Jacob family. See Appleton Genealogy. 

Susanna Symonds was born 3 Jan., 1699-70, the daughter of 
William (representative of Wells, Me., 167G), and Mary 
(Wade) Symonds ; granddaughter of Deputy Governor Sam- 
uel Sj'monds of Ipswich. 

In 1714-15 (17 March) he received the following deed of 
gift from his parents, recorded Essex Deeds, Bk. 27 : 229. 

"To all Christian people to whome this present deed shall 
come, I, Phillip Fowler of Ipswich, in ye County of Essex within 
ye province of the Massachusetts Bay, in New England, Send 
Greeting. Know yee yt. in consideration love & affection yt. I 
bear to mj^ son Phillip Fowler, & to encourage him «& enable 
him ye better to Discharge yt trust I repose in him, In his be- 
ing helpfull to me & ni}' wife, in our old age, now come upon 
us, during our natural lives, I Do by these presents, Give, 
Grant, Confirm & Deliver, unto my said son, and his heirs, 
Exec'rs, Adm'rs, Assignes, forever, after my Decease and 
my wifes, all that my Dwelling house and land about it, that 
belongs to m}' homestead, as it is scituate in Ipswich, Afores'd, 
& however bounded, being in my Improvement, with all ye 
buildings upon said Homestead, viz. ye Tan house or bark house 
& mill & Tanyard, with ye barn & orchard, gardens & other 
priviledges, thereunto appertaining together with one Common 
right, upon ye Commons of Ipswich, & six acres of woodland, 
at ye place called Batchelours Farm in Ipswich, lying next to 
ye said Town Common, being at ye Northerly End of ye said 
Farm, crossing over it to Rowley line, and also ye one halfe of 
my pasture land, lying up ye hill yt joines on Samuel Graves 
land & Richard Kimballs Land & on Dill : Caldwells Land and 
on Robert Lords land & also ye one moiety & halfe part of ye 
marsh & upland of mine, yt was formerly Alexander Knights, 
to wit, yt halfe which joins upon James Lords, as bounded by 
said Lords & Tutles Land, and Samuel Harts Land, and by 
ye other halfe of said land, given to his brother Joseph, and 


one third of an old right, and one third of a new right Lotts, 
In Chebacco, which other two thirds of said lotts, I have given 
to Joseph and Benjamin, his brothers, and also of my five old 
lotts, at ye neck, and four new ones, at said neck, having Given 
Benjamin, his Brother, an old right. I give him ye one halfe of 
the Rest, having Given Joseph, his brother, ye other half of 
my lotts at said Jefferyes Neck. Also I give him, also the one 
halfe of my Salt marsh Ground, In ye place called ye hundreds, 
in ye bounds of Ipswich, as also two thatch lotts, so called, at ye 
place called Roger's Island, all ye said buildings and lands, with 
all ye priviledges and appurtenances belonging to each percell, 
be ye same more or less, for number of acres, in ye whole, or in 
each percell, with all my title. Interest, claim and Demand, I 
hereby have given. Granted and Confirmed, ye same, after ye 
Decease of my selfe and wife. To Have and To Hold, all ye said 
Granted premises, unto him my son Phillip, and his Exec'rs, 
Adm'rs and Assignes, forever, without any lett, Suit or deniall, 
of me, my heirs, exec'rs, adm'rs or Assignes, forcA^er & also du- 
ring my naturall life, and my wifes, I give him ye use & Im- 
provement, of halfe my dwelling house, barn, orchard, and 
halfe my pasture, I bought of Benoni Norton, and Wm. Rogers, 
he keeping it fenced, from the Date hereof, till my Decease, & 
my wifes, & ye whole use of the Tanyard, mill and bark house, 
from the Day of ye Date hereof, forever. And also from ye 
Date hereof, I give him ye use of ray Tillage land & meadow, 
as above Granted, provided, he & his, Do diligently till, and 
manure ye same, & annually Yeild to me and my wife, during 
our Natural lives, and to ye longest liver of us two, ye one 
halfe, of all Corn, & hay, well saved into our house and barn, 
for our support. Which, If said Philip, fail in Doing, I reserve 
liberty to lease. And let, ye same, to other persons, for ye End 
afores'd. The Conferring of s'd lands and housing, I give him, 
as his full portion of my Estate, and thereby Debarr him, from 
any further Claim & Demand, in any more of my real or person- 
all estate, unless I shall see good to Confere any more of ye 
same upon him. Also I give to my s'd son, ye use and Im- 
provement, of all my husbandry tools & utensils of Husbandry, 
except a breaking up plow & chain, which I have reserved, 
for my son John, all except s'd plow & chain, I give to him af- 


ter my decease, my son Philip, to Keep ye whole house in good 
repair and barn, for his mother, if she outlive me. 

Signed, Sealed & Did in presence of witnesses. 

Nehemiah Jewet. Philip Fowler (and seale). 

Thomas Lord. Elizabeth g* Fowler 

MiLLESENT ni Day (hermark). (her mark and seale j. 

Essex ss., In Ipswich, ye 17 March, 1714-15, Mr. Philip 
Fowler and Elizabeth his wife, personally appeared & acknowl- 
edged this Instrum't to be their act & Deed, and said Eliz'a, 
Did freely resigne up all her right of Dower In ye Granted pre- 
mises. Before me Nehemiah Jewet. Just, peace." 

In 1715-16 (23 Jan.) he with his brother Joseph Fowler, 
bought of Andrew Stickney of Rowley, and his wife Edna, ten 
acres of land in Rowley township. 

In 1716 (23 July) with wife Susanna, for £120, sells Joseph 
Jacob, all the right they have in the third not sold before, of 
the " farme that was our honoured father Mr. Joseph Jacob." 
They also sell to him 27 Dec, 1716. 

In 1717 (17 July) Joseph Jacob, Philip Fowler and Su- 
sanna Fowler, all of Ipswich, grandchildi-en of Mr. William 
Symonds formerly of Wells, County of York, deceased, sold 
to Symonds Epps of Ipswich, one-fourth of a farm of 300 acres 
in Wells, which fell to the said Joseph Jacob and his sister 
Susanna Fowler, from their said grandfather Symonds. 

In 1717 (17 Dec.) he is of Ipswich, tanner, and buys of 
Giles Cowes, land formerly his father Giles Cowes', late of 
Ipswich, deceased. Witnesses, Joseph Fowler (his brother), 
and Elizabeth Fowler (his mother). This land he sold 7 June, 
1718, to "Agnis Cowes, relict widow of Giles Cowes of Ipswich, 

In 1724 (24 Dec.) Philip Fowler, tanner, and Susanna his 
wife, Joseph Jacob, yeoman, Symonds Epes, Esq. and Mary his 
wife, all of Ipswich, sell Richard Currier of Almsbury and 
Gervis Ring of Salisbury, land in Almsbury in Bugsmore di- 

In 1724-5 (14 Jan.) he with wife Susanna, and Joseph Ja- 
cob with wife Mary, sell Thomas Norton, half of an old argella 


right in the south eighth so called, in Ipswich. Mr. John Baker 
owning the other half. 

In 1726 (June) Philip Fowler, of Wells, sold to John Sto- 
ver, 50 acres of land and 10 acres of meadow, granted to said 
Fowler by the town of Wells, 12 July, 1720. 

In 1726 (1 Dec.) he, of Ipswich, with his brother Benjamin 
Fowler quits-claim to their brother Joseph Fowler, common 
right formerly their father's. 

In 1726-7 (11 Feb.) he buys of Joseph March and Abigail 
his wife of Salisbury, land and dwelling house in Newbury. 

In 1733 (25 June) he with wife Susanna, John Baker of 
Ipswich, and Joseph Jacob of Exeter, N. H., joyner, sell 
Thomas Butler of Chebacco in Ipswich, wood lot in Che- 
bacco woods No. 196. 

In 1734 (17 April) with his brother Benjamin of Rowley, 
and their wives, sells John Fowler, another brother, upland in 
Ipswich, "of the Lott of Our Hon'd Father Phillip Fowler, 
Dec'd, which he gave to his sons Benjamin and Philip Fowler." 

In 1735 (10 April) Daniel Smith, Philip Fowler and Aaron 
Potter, all of Ipswich, as a committee, sell Turner's hill past- 
ure to Joseph Goodhue. 

In 1735 (17 Nov.) Philip Fowler, drew on the right of 
Richard Jacob, lot No. 20 in Narragansett No. One, now Bux- 
ton, Maine, which was granted by General Court to the repre- 
sentatives of those who had served in King Philip's War. 

In 1735 (26 Dec.) Philip Fowler of Ipswich, yeoman, buys 
of Joseph Jacob of Exeter, N. H., " One certain whole Narra- 
gansett right, scituate ... in Township number One, 
. . granted by ye General Court, as a Gratuity, to the 
Narragansett Soldiers, being in ye Province of ye Mass. Bay 
& Bordering on Saco river . . . said Right Derived unto 
me, by my Honr'd Uncle, Mr. Rich'd Jacob, who was actually 
a Soldier in ye Narragansett Warr." One of the witnesses, 
" Phillip Fowler, Jr." 

In 1736-7 (12 Jan.) he with Joseph Jacob of Exeter, N. H., 
sells Daniel Smith, "marsh land upon Pulcyphers Bank in 

In 1737 he was on the Grand Jury. 


In 1738 (13 Dec.) Nathaniel Caldwell, of Ipswich, died leav- 
ing a will, of which he was one of the witnesses. 

In 1739 (18 July) he of Ipswich, tanner, with wife Susanna, 
sells Joseph Goodhue, 3d, lot at Turner's hill pasture in Ips- 
wich. Witness (his daughter) Susanna Fowler. 

In 1742 (1 March) with his brothers Joseph and Benjamin, 
he sells Jonathan Foster, wood lot No. 180 in Chebacco Woods 
in Ipswich which they inherited from their father. 

In 1744 (20 Aug.) Philip Fowler of New Market, N. H., 
tanner, and Joseph Fowler of Ipswich, house-carpenter (his 
brother), sell Aquila Jewett of Rowley, land in Rowley. 

In 1746 (21 April) he and his wife Susanna were members 
of Ipswich First Church, but were not there in 1755. 

In 1746 (9 May) when of New Market, N. H., husbandman, 
sells (his nephew) Joseph Fowler of Ipswich, husbandman, 
half of 10 acres of land in Ipswich, and 16 Aug., 1749, two- 
fifths part of three old lots on Rogers Island in Ipswich, given 
him by his father. 

In 1755 (3 Oct.) he sells Jonathan Parsons of Newbury, 
house and houselot in Newbury. 

For his record and those of his descendants after his re- 
moval to New Market, N. H., in 1743, we are indebted to Hon. 
Asa Fowler, of Concord, N. H., a descendant. 

"Philip Fowler is reported to have fitted for Harvard Col- 
lege, but did not enter, engaging instead in trade, and carrying 
on the tanning business, until he sold out and removed to New 
Market, N. H., in May, 1743, where he died, 16 May, 1767. 
His widow died there, in 1773. Before removing to New Mar- 
ket, he purchased of his brother-in-law Joseph Jacob, for the 
consideration of £2000, two hundred and thirty-six acres of 
land in ' New Market in the township of Exeter and province 
of New Hampshire, with two houses and two barns thereon.* 
The deed is dated 14 Feb., 1737-8. For fift5'-six acres of this 
land, including the homestead, he was sued by Josiah Hilton 
in 1760, and after two trials, one in the Common Pleas and 
the other in the Superior Court, both resulting in verdicts in 
Fowler's favor, Hilton appealed to the Governor and Council, 
some of whom were directly interested in the event of the suit 
as lessors of the plaintiflF, and they in 1764 rendered judgment 


in favor of Hilton, from which the defendant appealed to the 
King in Council and furnished bonds to prosecute his appeal in 
England. The Governor and Council granted this appeal, 
which vacated their judgment, and then at once issued a writ 
of possession founded thereon, upon which Fowler was turned 
out of the land and compelled to pay costs. He had executed 
his will, 22 May, 1754, therein devising his large landed estate 
to his three sons, Philip, Jacob and Symonds, and requiring 
them to pay legacies to his daughters. The land in controversy 
with Hilton was devised to the two former sons. The appeal 
was prosecuted in England by the father and these devisees 
until after the Declaration of American Independence, and in 
1777, the Legislature of New Hampshire passed an act authoi*- 
izing these devisees to bring an action of Review in the Su- 
perior Court for Rockingham county to determine the title to 
this land. Such action was brought by them, and at the Sep- 
tember Term, 1778, of that Court, they recovered judgment 
for the land, costs of Court and costs of former litigation. On 
the 14th of September, 1778, the Sheriff' put them into posses- 
sion of the property from which their father had been wrong- 
fully ejected fourteen years before. 

The following is a copy of his will and inventory : — 

"In the name of God, Amen, I, Philip Fowler of New 
Market in the Province of New Hampshire in New England, 
Yeoman, this tw^ent}' second day of May, Anno Domini 1754, 
and in the 27th year of the reign of his Majesty King George 
the second, being of sound mind and memoiy (blessed be 
God), altho' weak in body, being desirous to settle m}"- estate 
before mj' decease, do make and ordain this to be mj^ last will 
and testament. I do first and principall3' give and recommend 
my soul to God that gave it, and my body to the earth, to be 
buried in decent Christian manner at the discretion of my ex- 
ecutor hereafter named : and as touching such worldly goods 
and estate as God has blessed me withal, I do give, demise and 
dispose of the same in manner following — 

Imprimis — My will is that all my honest and just debts and 
funeral charges be paid in convenient time after my decease, 
by m}^ executor hereafter named — 


Item — I give and bequeath to my dear and well beloved 
wife, the use and benefit of the one third part of all my lands, 
both upland and marsh together, with the one third part of 
all my buildings standing or being thereon, during her natural 
life. I also give and bequeath to my said wife all my house- 
hold stufi" and goods, all my beds and bed cloaths and every 
thing belonging to them, and all sorts of cloth and clothing, 
and all the wooden, earthen, pewter, brass, tin, iron, glass 
utensils in my house, together with all mj' silver utensils and 
gold that is in my house of any sort and kind, and all my 
household goods and stuff of all sorts and kinds, that can be 
named, together with all my stores of provisions of every kind 
whatsoever, for her own, to be to her sole use and benefit and 
behoof forever, and to be disposed of at her pleasure ; pro- 
vided she so accept this my will, as to renounce or disclaim 
her dower or thirds. 

Item — I give and bequeath to my beloved son Philip, one 
hundred and eight acres of land, laying and being in New 
Market aforesaid, on which my dwelling house stands, butted 
and bounded as follows, viz : beginning at the river and run- 
ning the whole width of my land till it come to two white oak 
trees, marked P. J. on the southeast side of my field orchard 
so called, and then at sixty-four rods distance from Hubar- 
tus Neal's lands on the southwest side of it, ranging said oak 
trees which is above the highway, viz., in the upper field, then 
running from thence over to John Wedgewood's land, and ex- 
tending into the woods, till it makes said hundred and eight 
acres, that is, so as to leave fifty acres on the northeast side of 
it for my son Jacob as I bound it to him in this my last will 
and testament. And also one third part of my marsh called 
the first marsh, together with my upland at the head of it, 
to possess and enjoy the same, with all the buildings upon the 
said hundred and eight acres, with all the privileges and ap- 
purtenances thereunto belonging or any way appertaining (ex- 
cepting the third part thereof during the natural life of my wife, 
as is above mentioned) together with all my implements and 
utensils for farming, for his own forever ; and I also give to 
my son Philip, the whole of my interest in the Township la}-- 
ing on Saco river, called Narragansett, which was originally 


Jacobs right, with all the privileges and appurtenances there- 
unto belonging or any ways appertaining. 

Item — I give and bequeath to my beloved son Jacob fifty 
acres of my land in New Market, aforesaid, which is butted 
and bounded as follows, viz., beginning at Hubartus Neal's 
land on the southeast side of my field orchard (so called) and 
running southwesterly sixty-four rods, ranging two white oak 
trees before mentioned marked P. J. and running to Josiah 
Bailey's land such a width as will make fifty acres, viz., be- 
low said Bailey's land ; and also one third part of m}'^ marsh 
and upland before mentioned called first marsh, with all the 
privileges and appurtenances belonging or in any ways apper- 
taining to said parcels of land and marsh (excepting the one 
third part thereof during the natural life of my wife as above). 

Item — I give & bequeath unto my beloved son Simonds 
seventy acres of my land in New Market aforesaid, beginning 
at the upper ends thereof by Smarts and Brackett's land, and 
running the whole width of my land down towards the river, 
till said seventy acres is completed, and also one third part of 
my marsh and upland aforesaid at first marsh, with all the 
privileges and appurtenances belonging or in any ways apper- 
taining to said parcels of land and marsh, excepting the third 
part thereof during the natural life of my wife ; but if my 
land will not hold out so that each son may have the full num- 
ber of acres I have above bequeathed unto him, then it is my 
will, that each son shall fall short in his number of acres in 
proportion to the number of acres given him, but if it measures 
more, each shall have his proportion of the overplus, accord- 
ing to the number of acres bequeathed him. 

Item — I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughters, viz., 
Elizabeth, Susanna, Judith and Mary, three hundred pounds 
old tenor to each of them, according to the present value in 
this Province, that is, after Judith has been made equal with 
her other sisters when they were married, which it is m}' will 
that she should be, all to be paid within three years after 
my decease ; and it is my will, that Philip should pay off the 
said legacies to my said daughters, three hundred pounds to 
Susanna, & two hundred pounds to Judith, and that Jacob 
should pay to Mary her three hundred pounds, and that Si- 


monds should pay Elizabeth her three hundred pounds, & one 
hundred pounds to Judith. 

And I do hereby ordain & appoint my son Philip Fowler, to 
be sole Exr. to this my last will and testament, and it is ray 
will that he take my stock, book debts, bills, bonds & what- 
soever estate personal or real is to be found, which is not 
bequeathed to mj^ wife or children, to pay my just debts and 
funeral charges & to make Judith equal with her sisters as afore- 
said, & in case there are not sufficient herefor, then each son 
shall pay an equal part of what shall be needed more, to pay 
my debts, &c., but if my stock &c., as above mentioned, shall 
more than pay mj^ debts & funeral charges, &c., then each son 
shall have an equal part of the overplus. 

And by these presents, revoking all former will or wills, tes- 
tament or testaments, I pronounce & declare this to be my 
last will & testament. 

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand & seal 
the day & year above mentioned. 

Witnesses, PHILIP FOWLER. 

Thomas Young. 
John Mead. 


Be it known to all men by these presents. That I, Philip 
Fowler of New Market within his Majesties Province of New 
Hampshire in New England, Yeoman, have made & declared 
my last will & testament in writing bearing date the 22d day 
of May A. D. 1754, & in the 24th year of the reign of His 
Majesty King George the second. I, the said Philip Fowler, 
by this present codicil do ratify & confirm my said will & testa- 
ment & do further declare, that inasmuch as fifty-six acres of my 
land on which my house stands, is (since my will is written) in 
the law & my son Philip has obliged himself to the warrantors 
Joseph Sherburne, Esq. of Boston and Mr. Henry Sherburne, 
Esq., Mr. John Sherburne & Mr. Daniel Rindge, Merchants in 
Portsmouth, to defray one half of the charge for carrying the 
case home to England. It is my will that my other two sons 
Jacob & Simonds should pay each their equal part of said charge 
with my son Philip in proportion to their interest in my estate 


as mentioned in ray said will. And also, that in case any of 
the land I have willed to either of my said sons should hereaf- 
ter come into the law, they should each of them bear their pro- 
portion of the charge which may thereby arise as aforesaid. 
And my will & meaning is, that this codicil be adjudged to be 
a part & parcel of my last will & testament & that all things 
therein mentioned & contained be faithfully & truly performed 
and as fully & amply in every respect, as if the same were de- 
clared & set down in my said will & testament. Witness my 
hand this 25th day of July, 1764. 

Witnesses, PHILIP FOWLER. 

Robert Smart. 
John Moody. 

Proved Aug., 26, 1767, at Portsmouth, before John Went- 
worth, Judge of Probate, by Thomas Young & Ichabod Whid- 
den, witnesses to Will & Robert Smart to Codicil." Vol. 18 : 
page 525. 

A warrant was issued in common form to Wm. Pottle, & 
Walter Bryent, Esqrs. to take an inventory of the estate of 
Philip Fowler late of New Market, deceased, who made 
return as follows, viz. : — 

" Province of New Hampshire. Pursuant to orders from the 
Hon. John Wentworth, Esq. Judge of the Probate of Wills &c., 
we the subscribers have appraised the estate of Mr. Philip 
Fowler late of New Market in said Province, dec'd according, 
to the following inventory thereof, viz. : — 

To the homestead plantation about 228 acres a 70s. 

per acre including the buildings £798 

To nine acres of salt marsh a £5 per acre ... 45 
To one whole right in Naragansett Township No. 2. 25 
To the 2 best beds & bedding 180s. to 2 other beds 

& bedding 100s 14 

To nineteen sheep & nine lambs 178s 8-18 

To 3 young cows, one a 60s. one other a 50s. the 

other 40s 7-10 

Five swine a 65s. abt 12 bushels of corn a 3s. per 

bushel 18-1 

To one heifer one yr old, 23s. to 3 bush, malt, a 

3s. to 3 bush. Eie a 3s. 6d 2- 1- 6 


4 table cloths, a 3s. each, 7 napkins a Gs. each, 

3 shirts a 3s. each, to books 22s. 4-5 

To 2 case of drawers a 40s. each, to 2 tables a 8s. 
each, to 11 chairs, a Is 5-7 

A glass 15s. 4 candlesticks 5s. a brass kettle lis. 

two very small kettles & 1 skillet 10s 2-1 

2 doz. plates 12s. to 6 old platters & 3 old porrin- 
gers 6s 18 

A dripping pan & 4 old basons 2s. 2 pr hand irons 

15s 17 

A pr. of steelyards 6s. wearing cloaths 30s. a warm- 
ing pan 7s. a hatt 6s 2-9 

To earthen ware 6s. to chairs 27s. to pots & kettles, 
chaffin dishes &c 18 

£935- 5- 6 

Given under our hands at New Market, June 1, 1767. 

William Pottle. 
Walter Bryent. 

Returned & accepted, upon the oath of Philip Fowler, Exr. 
August 26, 1767. Before John Wentworth, Judge of Probate." 
Vol. 18, page 538. 

The children of Philip and Susanna (Jacob) Fowler, 
were : — 

101. Elizabeth, b. 26th, 3d mo., 1717; m. Benjamin Herbert. 

102. Philip, b. 21 June, 1719; m. Sarah Shatswell. 

103. Jacob, b. 24 Aug., 1721 ; m. Deborah Mattoon. 

104. Susanna, b. 14 May, 1723 ; m. William Becket. 

105. Samuel, b. 21 March, 1725-6 ; bapt. same day ; d. 6 July, 1725. 

106. Martha, bapt. 12 Dec, 1725; m. John Harris. 

107. Judith, b. 4 Sept., 1726; m. Winthrop Thing. 

108. Samuel, b. 7 April, 1729; died same year at Ipswich. 

109. Mary, b. 7 Feb., 1730-1; bapt. same day; d. 10 June, 1731. 

110. Mary, b. 21 May, 1732; m. Abraham Parsons, jr. 

111. Symonds, b. 20 Aug., 1734; m. Hannah Weeks. 

112. Lucy, b. 22 Oct., 1735; bapt. 26 Oct., 1735; d. 14 April, 1736. 

113. Ebenezer, ) twins, b. 14 April, 1737; C d. April, 1738. 

114. Benjamin, >bapt. 26 April, 1737; ( d. 14 April, 1738. 

115. Ebenezer, bapt. 16 April, 1738; d. 5 July, 1739. 

116. Lucy, b. 4 May, 1739; bapt. 6 May, 1739; d. 5 July, 1739. 




69Ricliard {Joseph^'^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born 
in Wenham 13 Oct., 1721 ; married Ruth (Chever?). 

He received liis portion of his father's estate and removed to 
Lunenburg, and 1 Nov., 1742, when of Lunenburg, County of 
Worcester, Mass., yeoman, sold to Zacheus Goldsmith, jr., of 
Wenham, for £952, a dwelling house, barn and 33 acres of land 
in Wenham, also pew in Wenham meeting house, "excepting 
liberty for my mother setting there during her natural life." 
Their children were born in Lunenburg. 

The children of Richard and Ruth (Chever?) Fowler, 
were : — 

117. Ezekiel, b. 18 March, 1742-43. 

118. Susanna, b. 31 May, 1746. 

119. Ruth, b. 18 Aug., 1748. 

120. Richard, b. 21 Sept., 1750, in Groton, and died in Lunenburg, 

April, 1785, was a minute man in a company tliat marched from 
Leominster 19 April, 1775, to Concord and Lexington, and was 
at Battle of Bunker Hill. 

121. Elizabeth, b. 15 Nov., 1752. 

122. Joshua Chever ^ „„,„, i, i« -f,„ ,-„ ^ m. Lydia Stearns. 

123. Sarah Chever 

> twins, b. 16 Jan., 1757. < 

75 Joseph {liicJiard^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born 
in Wenham, 3 Aug., 1717 ; married in Ipswich, 20 Jan., 1741-2, 
Elizabeth Perkins. 

In 1729 (1 May) he received as the eldest son, a double por- 
tion of his father's estate. 

In 1738-9 (1 March) he is of Wenham, yeoman, and sells 
Zacheus Goldsmith, jr., land bounding on the heirs of "Joseph 
Fouller, late of Wenham, deceased ;" also sells him meadow- 
land 18 Jan., 1741-2 when he is of Wenham, weaver; and 11 
Jan., 1743-4, when junior, of Ipswich, weaver, one fourth of a 
pew in the meeting house, and land bounding on the edge "at 
Fowler's Island, so called." 

In 1743-4 (9 Jan.) when junior, of Ipswich, weaver, with 
wife Elizabeth, sells Daniel Killam, jr., of Wenham, for £113, 
dwelling house, barn and 12 acres of land in Wenham. 


In 1755 (26 April) he was a member of Ipswich First 

In 1776 (20 July) when junior, of Ipswich, innholrler, buys 
upland in Ipswich of Nathaniel Perkins and wife Elizabeth. 

In 1782 (23 Dec.) with wife Elizabeth sells land in Ipswich. 

He kept the old prison in Ipswich for many years and the 
new jail until his death. 

"Will of Joseph Fowler, junior, of Ipswich, innholder, dated 
10 Jan., 1778 ; proved 8 Nov., 1785 ; recorded Essex Probate 
Bk. 58 : 44, gives to wife Elizabeth, who is to be sole executrix, 
son John Fowler, daughter Mary Staniford. 

Inv. of his estate taken 5 Dec, 1785. Amt. £208-3-6^, 
to which his widow Elizabeth made oath 4 Aug., 1788. 

The children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Perkins) Fowler, 
were : — 

124. Sarah, b. 22 Oct., 1742, in Wenham; m. John Chapman, int. 17 

Oct., 1767; d. before 1778. 

125. Mary, b. before 1744; died young. 

126. Elizabeth, bapt. 7 April, 1745, in Ipswich ; d. before 1778. 

127. John, bapt. 9 Nov., 1746 ; m. Dorothy Farnham. 

128. Eliza, bapt. 9 Oct., 1748; d. before 1778. 

129. Mary, b. 2 Sept., 1756; m. Jeremiah Staniford, jr. 

84 Elizabeth {Joseph'^'' PMlixi^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was 
born in Ipswich, 1 March, 1708-9 ; married there 17 Sept., 1729, 
Benjamin Kimball, who was born there 13 Nov., 1704, the son 
of Sergeant Caleb and Lucy (Edwards) Kimball, died 22 
Dec, 1766. Will of Benjamin Kimball of Ipswich, yeoman, 
dated 20 Sept., 1757; proved 23 Feb., 1767; recorded Essex 
Probate Bk. 43 : 195, gives to wife Elizabeth. To children 
Elizabeth Marshall, Sarah Waite, Mary, Caleb, Anne, Lucy and 
Benjamin Kimball, the last mentioned to be executor. 

The children of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Fowler) Kimball, 
were : — 

130. Elizabeth, bapt. 30 Aug., 1730; m. Marshall. 

131. Sarah, b. 21 Nov., 1731 ; m. John Waite, int. 28 Oct., 1749, had 

two children : — 'Sarah and '■'John, who m. Eunice Hale of 
Newbury, 1773 ; had three sons :— (')Johu (^)Hale and (^)Joseph, 
who m. Rebecca Dodge; their son CM Luther, b. 14 Feb., 1814, 
a noted antiquarian, d. 20 Oct., 1847. See N. E. Hist. Gen. 
Register 1848, p. 210. 


132. Benjamin, bapt. 11 Feb., 1732-3. 

133. Mary, bapt. 12 Jan., 1734-5. 

134. Hannah, bapt. 2G April, 1736. 

135. Caleb, bapt. 12 March, 1737-8. 

136. Lucy, b. . 

85 Sarah (Joseph'^'^ PhiUp'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in 
Ipswich, 8th, 10th mo., 1710; married there, 1 June, 1731, 
Francis Goodhue. 

In 1733 (14 Dec.) when of Ipswich buys of Benjamin Fow- 
ler [49] of Rowley, his dwelling house, barn, etc., in Ipswich. 

In 1734 (29 Nov.) he is witness to a deed of his father-in- 
law, Joseph Fowler. 

In 1745-6 (19 Feb.) when of Ipswich, joyner, with wife 
Sarah, sells land there to his brother-in-law Joseph Fowler. 

She died 21 Dec, 1753, in Ipswich. 

The children of Francis and Sarah (Fowler) Goodhue, 
were : — 

137. Sarah, bapt. 6 Aug., 1732. 

138. Abigail, bapt. 14 April, 1734. 

139. Francis, bapt. 7 Dec, 1735. 

140. Anna, bapt. 29 Jan., 1737-8. 

141. John, d. an infant, 1 July, 1738. 

142. Child, d. an infant, 13 Dec, 1739. 

143. Lucy, bapt. 21 Dec, 1740. 

144. Daniel, bapt. 31 Oct., 1742. 

145. Son, bapt. about 1745. 

146. John, bapt. 24 Nov., 1747. 

147. Mary, bapt. 21 Jan., 1749-50. 

87 Joseph {Joseph'^'' Pliilip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in 
Ipswich, 9 Oct., 1715 ; married, int. 26 May, 1739, Mary 
Prince, who died in Ipswich, 26 July, 1771. She is supposed 
to be the Mary Prince, born in Ipswich, 6 June, 1725, the 
daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Rogers) Prince of Ipswich ; 
granddaughter of Jonathan and Mary Prince of Salem ; great- 
granddaughter of Deacon Richard and Mary Prince. 

He married 2nd, int. 29 Nov., 1771, Widow Esther Huse, 
who died in Ipswich, 31 Jan., 1807, in her 74th year. 


In 1745, he was a soldier at the siege and capture of Louis- 
burg. He was the executor of bis father's will, which was 
proved 6 Jan., 1745-6, and inherited his estate. 

In 1745-6 (19 Feb.) when of Ipswich, husbandman, buys 
land of Francis Goodhue and Sarah his wife (his brother-in- 
law and sister). 

In 1746 (9 Maj') he buys of (his uncle) Philip Fowler of 
Newmarket, N. H., half of 10 acres of land in Ipswich. Also 
16 Aug., 1749, two-fifths part of three old lots on Rogers 
Island in Ipswich. 

In 1755 (26 April) he was a member of Ipswich First 
Church, and in 1767, taxed in Ipswich 1 head, styled Sergeant. 

In 1787 (15 Feb.) he buys of his daughter, widow Lucy 
Staniford, all her real estate in Ipswich, of her late husband 
Ebenezer Staniford, his share of his father Capt. Thomas Stan- 
iford's estate. 

In 1791 (20 May) with wife Esther, sells John Patch, land 
and house, one-fourth part, being that part which was Capt. 
Thomas Staniford's, set off to Lucy Staniford, 14 June, 1784. 
One of the witnesses, Elizabeth Fowler (his daughter). 

In 1792 (3 March) he sells land to his son James Fowler, 
for £100. 

In 1797 (18 Dec.) with wife Esther, sells land to Daniel 
Noyes, Esq., and 4 Feb., he buys of Thomas Hodgkins, jr., 
dwelling house and land on back lane so called. 

In 1804 (19 April) with wife Esther, sells Aaron Perley of 
Boxford, saltmarsh in Ipswich, in the Hundreds so called, 
lying in common undivided with Oliver Appleton. 

He died in Ipswich, 1 Feb., 1807, in his 92d year, as will be 
noticed, the day after the decease of his wife Esther, and they 
were buried in one grave. 

His will dated 8 May, 1795 ; proved 3 March, 1807 ; re- 
corded Essex Probate Bk. 75 : 17, gives to wife Esther. To 
daughter Mary Giddings, £10, to be paid by my three sons 
Joseph, Samuel and Philip. To daughter Elizabeth Harding, 
to be paid by my son James Fowler. To granddaughter Betty 
Curtis, when. twenty-one. To son James Fowler. To grand- 
children of my son Nathaniel Fowler, deceased. To my three 
sons Joseph, Samuel and Philip. 


Inv. of his estate, 4 March, 1807. Amt. $2,821. 
The children of Joseph and Mary (Prince) Fowler, 
were : — 

148. Mary, bapt. 23 March, 1739-40; d. 10 Feb., 1744-5. 

149. Mary, ^ cm. Solomon Giddings, jr. 

150. Joseph, r^^^^'^^P^- ^2 J"'y'^^**' Jd. 10 Feb., 1745-6. 

151. Joseph, bapt. 20 Nov., 1746 ; m. Lydia Ross. 

152. Samuel, bapt. 11 Jan., 1748-9; m. Sarah Putnam. 

153. Philip, bapt. 17 Feb., 1750-1; died young. 

154. Nathaniel, bapt. 4 Nov., 1753; m. Anne Stevens. 

155. Lucy, bapt. 20 Nov., 1757; m. E. Staniford; J. Curtis. 

156. James, b. 1758; m. Mehitable Davis. 

157. Sarah, bapt. 24 Feb., 1760-1. 

The children of Joseph and Esther (Hdse) Fowler, were : — 

158. Elizabeth, b. ; m. William Harding of Portland, Me., 29 

Oct., 1791 and had children. 

159. Child, b. ; died in March, 1773. 

160. Philip, b. 15 Sept., 1775; m. Dorcas Tukey. 

89 Mary {Joseph'^'' Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in 
Ipswich, baptized there 21st, 12 mo., 1719 ; married, int. 23 
Jan., 1741-2, Samuel Ddtch, whose line of ancestry is 
supposed to be as follows : — son of Samuel, son of Samuel and 
Abigail (Giddings) Dutch of Ipswich, son of Robert and Han- 
nah (Lovell) Dutch of Ipswich, son of Osman and Grace 
Dutch the emigrants, of Newport, R. I., and Gloucester. 

He died in Ipswich, 3 Feb., 1753, and adm. on his estate 
was granted to his widow Mary, 23 April, 1753, who rendered 
an inventory 10 May, 1753, which mentions a dwelling house, 
half of a grist and saw-mill, amt. £ 253-13-10. 

Inv. of the estate of Mary Dutch, late of Ipswich, deceased, 
was given 22 May, 1758, in which a house value £50, is men- 

The descendants of Samuel and Mary (Fowler) Dutch, 
were : — 

161. Samuel, bapt. in Ipswich, 27 Dec, 1747; married, but had no 
children, lived at Dauvers New Mills, was a private in the 
company of Capt. Jeremiah Page of Danvers, and was in the 
Battle of Lexington, 19 April, 1775. 


162. John, bapt. 27 Dec, 1747; ra. 19 April, 1770, "Fanny Jones 
of Dan vers, the daughter and sister of two officers in the 
British Army when the Revolution broke out, each with the 
rank of Major, when each resigned his commission and set- 
tled in Barre, Mass. Gen. Washington solicited them to accept 
a commission in the American Army with the same rank ; this 
they declined, assigning as a reason that they could not take 
arms against their King, and when asked why they resigned, 
replied they never could fight against the cause of Liberty. 
This may appear inconsistent, but when they received their 
commission from the Crown they were bound by a solemn oath 
which they would not violate. The name of her father was 
William and her brother's Edward." John Dutch was a mer- 
chant and owner of the Brig "Antelope" which he had built 
by Retire Becket in Salem, in 1799. He resided in Salem where 
his wife died 10 Aug., 1828, aged 76, and he died 27 Aug., 1836 
aged 91, and where their fourteen children were born, viz. : — 
'John, b. 7 Nov., 1770; d. 9 Aug., 1771. ^Sarah, b. 15 Nov., 
1771 ; m. William Nichols, 13 Sept., 1801, of Salem and Boston, 
had no children. ^Johu, b. 15 Nov., 1773; died young. *John, 
b. 25 Oct., 1775; m. Hannah Batchelder, 29 April, 1798, who 
was b. in Beverly, 16 Sept., 1775, the daughter of John and 
Hannah (Woodbury) Batchelder, and d. in Boston, 29 Aug., 
1828. Her line of ancestry is as follows: — "John and Mary 
(Rea) Batchelder; John and Jemima (Conant) Batchelder; 
John and Sarah (Rea) Batchelder; John and Mary (Herrick) 
Batchelder; John from England, of Salem, 1638." He was a 
noted auctioneer in Salem, of the firm of Dutch and Daland, 
also a shipping merchant, and large owner of vessels. He d. 
in Virginia, HI., 25 April, 1850, aged 75. Their six children born 
in Salem, were : — OAlfred, b. 5 Nov., 1800; m. Susan B., 
daughter of Capt. Joseph Felt of Salem, 24 Sept., 1829. He 
was a merchant of Boston, removed to Illinois in 1834, and was 
the editor of the leading Whig paper, and has written some 
interesting articles on the currency of the country from its 
settlement. He d. in Chicago, 111., 6 Nov., 1878. See Chicago 
Tribune of 7 Nov., for an obituary notice of him. Had one 
son:— L'] Joseph Felt, who d. at Brownsville, Texas, 20 Oct., 
1867. "He was b. in Boston, 19 Nov., 1832 ; removed to Chicago, 
111., in 1846, was associated with his father in the publication 
of the Chicago Daily Advertiser, and after the suspension of 
that old Whig organ, he successfully followed the business of 
a conveyancer. Enlisted in 1861 as a private in 6th Missouri 
Vol., promoted to Lieut., held several responsible positions, 
was Post adjutant at St. Louis, and at the time of his death, 
chief clerk of the U. S. Quartermaster's Department in the 


Sub-District of the Rio Grande." (")Frances Jones, ra. Thomas 
Lord, had seven children, d. May, 1862. (')Maria, m. Joel 
Priest, had no children, d. 1826. (*)Henry, d. unm. 7 Sept., 
1827, aged 23, a much esteemed young man. See obituary 
notice in the " Columbian Centinel," of Boston. WWilliam 
Nichols, b. 20 Jan., 1812; m. Martha J. White of Baltimore, 
in 1836, had four children. OSarah Nichols, b. 20 Jan., 1817, 
from whom these records were received; m. William Davis 
Messer, 29 May, 1835, who was b. in Lancaster, N. H., 16 Aug., 
1809, the son of Francis and Anna (Gould) Messer, and d. in 
Boston, 12 April, 1875. 

From the Boston Advertiser is taken the following obituary 
of him. "Mr. W. D. Messer whose death we record this week, 
was known to most of the older merchants of our city from his 
long and early connection with the commission business. Some 
of the later years of his life were passed in San Francisco, and 
in both cities his death will be a personal bereavement to his 
many friends. To a genial and happy disposition, he united a 
rare intelligence and the highest standard of mercantile integ- 
rity, his store of information and reliable judgment made him 
a sought-for adviser, and all who knew him will miss the hearty 
friendship of a true man." Thomas Lord who married his 
wife's sister was associated with him in his business. Their 
four children born in Boston, were: — ['iWilliam Edward, 
b. 13 March, 1836; d. in Boston, 19 April, 1837. [^] Julia, 
b. 17 April, 1838. [']Sarah, b. 9 Oct., 1840; m. John William 
Wheelwright of Boston, the son of William and Susan (Minns) 
Wheelwright, and has two children : — Arthur William and 
Laura. ['JFrances, b. 7 July, 1845; d. 27 Jan., 1848. *Fanny, 
b. 30 Aug., 1777; m. William Lang, junior, of Salem, 4 Sept., 
1796, and had two children :— (')William. (')Frances. *Mary, 
b. 19 May, 1779 ; m. William Herbert Hathorne, 3 April, 1800, 
see Herbert record [101]. ''Samuel, b. 4 April, 1780; d. Oct., 
1813. ^George, b. 7 May, 1782; m. Rosamond Rea, 23 Sept., 
1812, lived in New York. She d. 11 April, 1833. His five child- 
ren were : — (')Mary, m. Frederick Hall. (^)Helen, m. John Hall. 
OSarah, m. John Hall for his 2nd wife. (')George. (=)Rosa- 
mond, was his child by his 2d marriage ; m. William M.Wendell 
of Bethlehem, Pa. Fred, and John Hall were brothers and 
grandsons of Charles and Mary (Dutch) Hall [163]. 'Ezra 
L., b. 7 Oct., 1784; m., went west, had children, and d. at 
Beardstowu, HI., 17 Feb., 1849. '"Sophia, b. 17 July, 1786; m. 
1st Nathaniel Fowle, 25 March, 1810; 2d William Herbert 
Hathorne for his 2d wife, see above. "Joseph, b. 28 Nov., 
1788; d. 14 Sept., 1796. '^'Eliza, b. 7 Sept., 1789; m. Jacob 
Jones, 15 June, 1817, had no children. '^Harriet, b. 28 Feb., 


1792; ra., 1st, Mr. Pogue; 2d, Mr. Spaight; had no children. 
'"Edward, b. 3 Sept., 1794; when Capt. of Brig "Henry," d. at 
Gibraltar, 16 July, 181G. 

163. Mary, bapt. 27 Dec, 1747; m., 1st, Charles Hall and had son 

'Charles, of New York city. She m. , 2d, Mr. Libby. Her grand- 
sons (^)Frederick Hall, m. Mary Dutch. (^)John Hall, ra. Helen 
and Sarah Dutch, see [162]. 

164. Mehitable, bapt. 27 Dec, 1747, in Ipswich; m. in Danvers, 8 

Oct., 1772, Simon Pendar. He was a shipwright residing in 
Danvers. "Widow Mehitable Pendar d. 30 July, 1829, aged 81. 
Their seven children were : — 'John, b. 30 June, 1773; m. Mary 
Batchelder, 5 Dec, 1797, who was b. March, 1778, the daugh- 
ter of Deacon John and Hannah (Woodbury) Batchelder of 
Beverly. Their eleven children were : — (*)Mary, b. 9 April, 
1799; ra. Capt. Jeremiah Page of Danvers, 11 March, 1821, 
and d. in Salera, 18 Nov., 1875; had five children b. in Salem, 
viz. :— WMary Elizabeth, b. 22 Sept., 1823. [^]Rebecca Put- 
nam, b. 15 Jan., 1827; ra. Sarauel G. Glover of Roxbury, 5 
June, 1851; have no children. PlEllen Maria, b. 7 Dec, 
1828. WClara Louise, b. 31 Jan., 1833; m. Charles B. Barnes 
of Boston, 16 June, 1859; have four children: — Edith P., 
b. 6 May, 1860. Clara F., b. 8 Jan., 1862. Mary P., b. 
2 July, 1865. Charles B., b. 1 Nov., 1869. WLaura De- 
land, b. 8 June, 1839 ; ra. Marcus P. Hall of San Francisco, 
Cal., 13 June, 1872, and has two children, viz. : — Mabel P., b. 
15 Oct., 1873. Mary P., b. 29 June, 1876. (^)John, b. 15 Oct., 
1800; d. 28 April, 1833. e)William, b. 11 Sept., 1802; d. at 
Bissao, Africa, 29 Nov., 1841. (^JGeorge, b. 6 Oct., 1804; lost 
at sea 20 Sept., 1820. (')Nancy, b. 20 April, 1806; d. at the 
Cape Verde Islands, 7 Jan., 1836. (^)Hannah, b. 10 Jan., 1808 ; d. 
in Brooklyn, N. Y., 9 March, 1850. (')Maria, b. 12 June, 1809 ; 
m. William G. Merrill, 16 Sept., 1837, and left two sons: — 
[']George P. and PlWilliara G., both residing in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., where she d. 13 April, 1868. (')Louisa, b. 19 July, 1811 ; 
m. William G. Merrill, U. S. Consul at Cape Verde Islands, 23 
April, 1834; d. there 15 Nov., 1836. (')Charles Henry, b. 9 
June, 1813; d. in Beverly 8 Aug., 1850. ("')Caroliue Elizabeth, 
b. 6 April, 1815; m. Luke Wheelock Thomas of Brooklyn, 
N. Y., 27 Aug., 1835, had six children: — HAnna Louisa, b. 6 
July, 1837; ra. Frederick A. Parsons, 4 June, 1863, resides in 
Brooklyn. PJCharles Todd, b. 6 Oct., 1840; m. Carrie A. Hin- 
man, June, 1864 ; d. 10 July, 1871. ['JHenry Kiersted, b. 5 Jan., 
1846. [^ICaroline Elizabeth, b. 4 Feb., 1850; d. 22 Feb., 1850. 
["^JLuke Wheelock, b. 27 Sept., 1852. [»]Carollne Elizabeth, 
b. 17 Nov., 1856. (")James Putnam, b. 10 Sept., 1817; ra. 
Nancy Hamilton; resided in Urbana, O., where he d. May, 


1876, leaving five children, viz. :— ['1 Charles. ["] William. 
['JGeorije. [^]John. ['jMary. ''Samuel, b. 19 Nov., 1774; m. 
Mehitable Putnam, 29 Nov., 1797, who was b. in Danvers, 17 
Sept., 1777, and d. 11 Aug., 1827. They had seven children : — 
OSimon, b. 1 Aug., 1800; m. first Almira Akerman, who d. 17 
Sept., 1845, aged 43, by whom he had son [MGeo. Luellen, b. 
18 July, 1824; m. Maria McConell, who has died. He resides 
in New York City. He m., second, in Albany, N. Y., 16 July, 
1848, Anna Leavitt; resides in Salem. Their five children 
were:— [=] Almira Anna, b. 5 April, 1849; d. 29 March, 1852. 
[*]Louisa Colby, b. 22 July, 1853; d. 6 Aug., 1854. t^]Lizzie 
Leavitt, b. 31 Jan., 1855; m. Joseph M. Parsons, 22 Aug., 
1876; resides in Salem. [=] Simon Oliver, b. 29 Sept., 1857; 
resides in Salem, Dakota Territory. L'lSamuel 1 utch, b. 25 
May, 1859; resides in Salem. (^)Sarauel, b. 11 April, 1801; d. 
18 Sept., 1804. (')Mary, b. 22 April, 1803; has deceased. 
(*)PriscillaP., b. 7 Jan., 1804; has died. (=)Mehitable Dutch, 
b. 14 Nov., 1808; not living. WSamuel Dutch, b. 3 Feb., 1811; 
m. in Thornton, Ct., 9 Jan., 1846, Martha Burnham West, who 
was b. in Salem, 30 Nov., 1825; resides in Brockton. (')Jo- 
siah Augustus, b. 17 Aug., 1813; m. Alice Chase of Salera, 
who has died, leaving no children. He resides in Newport, 
Vt. ^Mehitable, b. 28 Feb., 1778; m. Jeremiah Putnam, 17 
July, 1798; d. 8 Sept., 1809; had three children. ^William, 
b. 25 Dec, 1779; d. in Beverly 15 Nov., 1806. *Hannah, b. 2 
Jan., 1782; m. Nathaniel Putnam, 11 April, 1799; had four 
children, and d. 23 March, 1807. ®Sally, b. 22 Jan., 1784; ra. 
Capt. Thomas Cheever of Danvers, 2 June, 1805, who was b. 
7 Feb., 1776, and d. 6 March, 1854; had eleven children b. in 
Danvers, viz. :— (')Sarah F., b. 12 Sept., 1806; m. Dr. Ebe- 
nezer Hunt of Danvers for his 1st wife, 18 June, 1828. He 
was b. in Nashua, N. H., 13 April, 1799, the son of Israel and 
Catherine (Nowell) Hunt. She d. in Danvers, 8 June, 1831, 
having had one child, [^Catherine Elizabeth, b. 16 March, 1829. 
(^)Elizabeth Smith, b. 5 Aug., 1808; m. Dr. Ebeuezer Hunt of 
Danvers, for his 2d wife, 7 Oct., 1833. She d. 10 June, 1843, 
having had five children: — ['] Sarah Cheever, b. 20 July, 1834; 
d. 19 April, 1836. PlMary Adeline, b. 23 Dec, 1835 ; ra. Samuel 
Bond, a lawyer of Washington, D. C. [^JWilliam Augustus, 
b. 30 Sept., 1837 ; d. 13 May, 1843. WMoses Nowell, b. 11 Dec, 
1839, deceased. [']John Milton, b. 7 Feb., 1842; d. 26 Jan., 
1843. OMary P., b. 20 Aug., 1810; m. William Black, 14 April, 
1835, had six children. See record of [466]. (*)William, b. 
23 July, 1812 ; m. Elizabeth Putnam, resides in New York City. 
^Mehitable Dutch, b. 4 Sept., 1815; d. 15 April, 1817. («)Me- 
hitable, b. 23 Dec, 1817 ; d. 28 Aug., 1819, (')Aaron, b. 23 Nov., 


1820; d. 14 Feb., 1822. (^)George P., b. 25 June, 1822; unm., 
resides at Danversport. OHannah P., b. 15 Jau., 1823. ("')Au- 
gustus H., b. 4 Feb., 182G. (")Adellne Augusta, b. 15 Aug., 
1828; m. Henry Southwick, has children, resides in Beverly. 
^Polly, b. 3 Nov., 1788; d. unm. 

90 John (John^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ip- 
swich, baptized there, 7 March, 1714-15 ; married, int. 15 July, 
1738, Mercy Howe, who was born there 13 March, 1714-15, 
and died 24 Oct., 1773, aet. 61 (gravestone in Linebrook parish 
in Ipswich) ; the daughter of Lieut. Abraham and Hepzibeth 
(Andrews) Howe. Her line back is : — Abraham and Sarah 
(Peabody) Howe ; James (senior) and Elizabeth (Dane) Howe 
of Ipswich 1642, the emigrant from Hockeril near Bishop Stort- 
ford. County of Essex, Old England ; Robert Howe of Hat- 
field, Broad Oak, Essex County, England. 

In 1738-9 (7 Feb.) he received a deed of gift from his father, 
of "The new House, with Three acres af Land about it, . . . 
my old Right in the Commons, called Kimbals neck, with 
my Right in the Supernumerary for Fort}' Two Acres, . . . 
Three acres of Meadow lying on the Southerly side of sd land, 
which I bought of Wm. Shervvin & Thos. Potter (all of which 
is in Ipswich). Also a certain Lott of Land lying in a place 
called Grape Meadow Woods, upon Letter B, number Twenty 
One, in Rowley." 

In 1746, '47, '48, '49, he was chosen in Linebrook parish, on 
the committee for calling parish meetings. 

In 1748 (31 Oct.) he was appointed administrator of his fa- 
ther's estate, and in the division, received, as the eldest son, 
first share "ye whole with ye buildings thereon £116, house, 
and the three acres of land aboute it, given to him by Deed by 
his father deceased" and "fourth share of £108," he paying 
sums to his brother and sister. 

In 1750-1 (25 Feb.) he is of Ipswich, yeoman, and buys of 
Nathan Davis and Mary his wife, of Providence, County of 
Providence, in the Colony in New England, 3 acres of upland 
and salt marsh in Rowley, at "Swans Casway" bounding west 
on marsh of Benjamin Stickney, which he with wife Mercy, 
sells 12 July, 1751, to Robert Hale, Esq., of Beverly. 


In 1757 (17 Aug.) he was in the Troop of Horse command- 
ed by Capt. Richard Manning, and Col. Daniel Appleton, 
that marched on the alarm for the relief of Fort William 
Henry, and received for his wages £3-0-8. 

In 1765 (30 Oct.) he buys upland in Rowley ; also 2 Nov., 
1768; saltmarsh, 13 Jan., 1770, when his son John Fowler 
junior, witnesses for him ; and 18 June, 1770, land, dwelling 
house and barn. 

In 1767 he was taxed in Ipswich, when he had two polls in 
his family. Also in 1770 as a non-resident of Rowle3\ 

In 1776 (9 Jan.) he sells for £300 to his son John Fowler, 
3d, of Ipswich, yeoman, upland and meadow with buildings in 
Ipswich, and woodland in Rowley. 

In 1777 (28 Feb.) he sells Allen Foster, a farm he bought of 
Jacob How, late of Ipswich, deceased, of 23 acres lying in Ip- 
swich at Pecar's Bridge, with half a dwelling house. 

He died in Ipswich, 9 Sept., 1803, set. 91 years (gravestone in 
Linebrook parish, Ipswich). 

The Salem Gazette of 20 Sept., 1803, contains the following 
obituary notice : — 

"Died at Ipswich, Mr. John Fowler, aged 91 years and six 
months. His character exhibited an assemblage of christian 
virtues. The hungry he fed ; the naked he clothed ; and the 
needy of every description obtained shelter, assistance and 
protection from him. Seven children, 58 grandchildren, and 
80 great grandchildren, together with a numerous acquaintance, 
unite in deploring the loss of a tender and compassionate 
father, a kind friend, a valuable neighbour, and a determined 
friend to his country." 

The following is a copy of his will, recorded Essex Probate 
Bk. 71 : 55, original on file. 

"In the Name of God, Amen, the third Day of February, in 
the year of our Lord one thousand seven Hundred Eighty seven, 
I, John Fowler of Ipswich, in the County of Essex, and in the 
State of the Massachusets Bay, in New England, Yeoman, Be- 
ing far advanced in Years, but of perfect mind and memory, 
thanks Be Given to Allmighty God, therefore calling to mind 
the mortality of the Body, Knowing that it is apointed for 


all men once to Die and not knowing how soon or suden it 
may please God to take me out of this World, I do make 
and ordain this my last will and testament, and in the first 
place, I give and Recomend my Immortal soul into the hands 
of God that gave it, and my Body, I Recommend to the Earth, 
to be Buried in Desent Christian Burial, at the Discression of 
my hereafter Named Executor, and as touching such worldly 
Estate, wherewith it has pleased God to Bless me With, in this 
life, I give, Demise and Dispose of the same, in the following 
manner and form. 

I give to my Daughter Martha Perley, the sum of forty eight 
pounds Lawfull money, to be paid to her in one Year after my 

Item. I give to my Daughter Mercy Hubburd, Nine pound 
Lawfull money, to be paid to Her in two years after my De- 

Item. I give to my Grand Daughter Deborah Hubburd, 
thirty pound Lawfull money, to be paid to her when she arives 
to the age of twenty one years. 

Item. I give to my Daughter Hepsibah Perley, forty five 
pound Lawfull mone}', to be to her in three years after my De- 

Item. I give to my Daughter Sarah Brocklebank, forty 
eight pound Lawfull money, to be paid to her in four years after 
my Decease. 

I give to ni}^ Daughter Betty Davis, Nine pounds Lawfull 
money, to be paid to Her in five years after my Decease. 

I give to my Daughters, my puter, to be Equaly Divided Be- 
tween them. 

I give to my son John, all my wearing apperill, and my out- 
Dore and in Door moveables. Excepting my puter. 

Item. I give to my son John, all my Lands, meadows and 
Salt marsh, and all m}' Buildings, of all sorts, and all my live 
stock of Cattle, Horse, Sheep and Swine, and all my Notes 
against my other Chilldren, and all my other Notes and Bonds, 
and Book Debts, and Even all the Rest of my Estate, of What 
Name or Naturesoever, that I have not Herein before Disposed 
of, to Him, His Heirs & Assigns, and my Will is, that my son 
John above Named, shall pay all my Just Debts, and my Fu- 


neral Charges, and shall pay all the Legacies that I Have Given 
to mj' other Children. 

And I Do Hereby Make, Ordain, Constitute, and apoint, my 
well Beloved son John Fowler, Sole Executor, of this my Last 
Will and testament, and I do Hereby Ratifie, and Confirm this, 
and no other, to be my Last Will and testament, in Witness 
Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this thurd Day 
of Februar}'-, one thousand seven Hundred Eighty seven. 
Signed, Sealed, published, pronounced and Declared, by the 
said John Fowler, as his Last Will and testament, in present 
of us, the subscribers. 

Nathll. Kimball, Jur. 

Sarah How. JOHN FOWLER (seal). 

William Conant." 

Oct., 3, 1803, the above AVill, "presented for probate by 
John Fowler, the Executor, therein-named ; then present Nathl. 
Kimball, Jr. and William Conant, two of the witnesses," Sarah 
How, the other witness "(who is now at a great distance)" not 

Inv. of the estate of " Mr. John Fowler, late of Ipswich, 
Deceased," taken 6 Dec, 1803, bj'' William Conant, Jedediah 
Chapman, Isaac Potter. Amt. $771.39, consisting of cattle, 
farming implements, etc., and "A Note of hand Dated April 
27th, 1793, £4-10s. signed by David Hobart, $15. ditto another 
Note of hand on demand the sum of two pound Dated Nov. 
28th, 1793 signed by David Hobert, $6.66." " Also one Note 
of Hand Dated Dec. 29th, 1796, the sum of seventeen dollars 
signed by Charles Davis, $17." similar one " Dated March 
21st, 1794, for £52-9s. signed by John Brocklebank, $174.83." 

"His Real Estate Lying in Ipswich & Rowley containing 
about one Hundred and one acres, with half a dwelling House 
& half a Barn, together with half the out Buildings standing 
on the same $2,538." 

Original inventory on file Essex Registry of Probate, 
recorded there Bk. 71 : 104. 

The heirs gave their receipts for their legacies from 1805 to 


The children of John and Mercy (Howe) Fowler, were : — 

165. Martha, bapt. 22 April, 1739; m. Allen Perley. 

166. Mercy, bapt. 26 Oct., 1740; m. Col. David Hobart. 

167. Hepzibah, bapt. 22 May, 1743 ; m. Ilev. Samuel Perley. 

168. Sarah, bapt. 3 Nov., 1745; m. John Brocklebank, jr. 

169. John, bapt. 21 Aug., 1748; died young. 

170. John, bapt. 14 Oct., 1750; m. Sarah (Perkins) Abbott. 

171. Elizabeth, bapt. 14 Oct., 1750; m. Charles Davis. 

91 Zachariah {JoJm'^^ PhiUp^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was 
born in Ipswich, baptized there, 7th, 7th mo., 1718 ; probably 
never married, is called trader and mariner. 

In 1748 (25 Oct.) in a note on file in Essex Probate Office, 
he witnesses the refusal of his mother "Marcj'^ Fowler," to be- 
come administratrix of her husband's estate, when he signs as 
" Zacharias Fowler." 

In 1751 (26 Dec.) he is of Ipswich, mariner, and sells 
Robert Hale, of Beverlj', his right in Rogers' Island, it 
being part of the estate of his father John Fowler, late of 
Ipswich. At the same time, with Robert Hale, conveyed 
to Anthony Potter, land in Rowley which he inherited from 
his father. 

We learn no more of him, and presume he was lost at sea. 

101 Elizabeth {PliiUp^^ PMlip"^^ Joseph^ Philij^) was 
born in Ipswich, 26th, 3d mo., 1717; married, int. 17 Jan., 
1735-6, Captain Benjamin Herbert of Salem, who was bap- 
tized at the First Church, Salem, 21 Aug., 1709, the son 
of Col. William ; grandson of John ; great-grandson of John 
(b. 7 Aug., 1674) and Mary (Follett) Herbert, who were 
married 15 April, 1672. Mary Follett was evidently the 
daughter of Robert Follett of Salem, as 29 April, 1703, 
Robert Follett of Salem, husbandman, gives to his grandson 
William Herbert of Salem, mariner, half of the dwelling 
house and acre of land near the Point of Rocks which is on 
Salem Neck. 

Capt. Benjamin Herbert resided in Salem, probably at the 
Point of Rocks on Salem Neck, and died 20 Jan., 1761, in his 


52d year. His gravestone, with that of his widow, may be 
seen in the Cliarter Street Burying Ground of Salem, the lat- 
ter, bearing the following inscription : — 

"Here lie buried the remains of Elizabeth, consort of Capt. 
Benjamin Herbert. In her were united the affectionate wife, 
the tender Parent, the Friend to the distressed and in a Word, 
the Pious and good Woman. Obt. Octr. 23d, A. D. 1772. 
^tatis 55." 

The children of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Fowler) Her- 
bert, were : — 

172. Benjamin, b. before 1751; probably died young. 

173. Elizabeth, b. ; buried 28 July, 1767. 

174. Susannah, b. 7 Feb., 1754; married Col. John Hathorne, 18 Oct., 

1772, who was born in Salem 29 May, 1749, the son of John 
and Susannah (Touzell) Hathorne, of a family long and 
honorably known in the Mass. Colony, as well as in the 
history of Salem. Col. H. was an own cousin of the father of 
Nathaniel Hathorne the distinguished author. She died in 
Salem 8 Nov., 1834, set. 81 years. He died there, 18 Dec, 
1834, set. 86 years. They had 14 children, among whom were : — 
'Benjamin Herbert, b. 9 Sept., 1773; m. Rebecca Hall. '^John, 
b. 16 July, 1775; graduated Harvard College, 1798; m. Miss 
Burchmore, and d. in Salem, 18 Jan., 1829. ^William Herbert, 
b. 23 May, 1777; m. Mary Dutch, 3 April, 1800, and Sophia 
Dutch, sisters (see p. 88); had ch. by 1st wife (')William. 
('')Ezra. (^)John, m. Agnes Bacon. (*)Herbert, a graduate of 
Brown University. (^)George. (®)Susau, m. Isaac Child of 
Lynn. (^)Mary, m. Henry Breed of Lynn. (*)Henry Gates, 
m. Helen Fay, resides in Lynn. ""Elizabeth, b. 4 May, 1783; 
m. Capt. Stephen Ranney, of the 4th U. S. Reg. Inf., 16 Oct., 
1812, afterwards Lieut. Col. U. S. A; she died 8 Aug., 1822. 
°Eleanor, b. 23 June, 1787; m. Adams Bailey, Collector of 
Customs at the port of Boston; she d. 9 Sept., 1852, leaving 
daughter, Mary Otis Bailey of Boston. *Ebenezer, b. 5 Dec, 
1789 ; m. Catherine (Peterson) Peace, the widow of William 
Peace; she was b. 24 Dec, 1804; d. 6 April, 1854 (gravestone). 
He was for a time a clerk in the Boston Custom House, 
residing in Boston, but finally settled on the old homestead 
on Hollingsworth Hill at Point of Rocks, Salem Neck (the 
other half of which came into the possession of this family, 
by the marriage of Susannah Herbert and John Hathorne), 
where he d. 5 Dec, 1858, set. 69. Their gravestones in Charter 
St, Burial Ground. Their children were two :— (')William 


HoUingswoi'th, b. 17 May, 1843; m., has daughter. Master 
mariner, has beeu Consul at Zanzibar, resides in 1882 in 
London, England. C')Susannali, b. 11 Jan., 1846; resides 
unmarried in Salem. 'Sarah, b. 30 April, 1793; m. 7 Sept., 
1817, Benjamin Shillaber of Salem, -who was b. 20 June, 1788, 
the son of Benjamin and Sarah (Proctor) Shillaber; she d. 
Aug., 1824, set. 31 years. ^Catharine, b. 8 Nov., 1798; ra. 
Henry A. Breed of Lynn, has son of the same name. 

175. Judith, b. 1755; m. Dr. Edward Barnard of Salem, 7 .Jan., 

1781, who was b. in Haverhill, 28 Sept., 1755, the son of 
Rev. Edward and Sarah (Gary) Barnard ; graduated Harvard 
College, 1774; d. 13 Dec, 1822. She d. 31 July, 1845, set. 90 
years. Their only child was Edward, b. in Salem, 1781 ; m. 
Elizabeth Martin, 4 May, 1808; 2d, Julia Ryan. He was a 
master-mariner, member of the East India Mai'ine Society, 
and d. 12 Dec, 1858, set. 77 years. 

176. Mary, b. ; m. John Norris of Salem, int. 10 Jan., 1778, 

the son of Edward and Elizabeth (West) Norris, and a de- 
scendant of Edward Norris, the fourth minister of the first 
church in Salem. They had no children. 

177. Abigail, b. ; ra. Ellis Mansfield of Salem, had four daugh- 

ters, all deceased. Their granddaughter Mrs. William Plumer 
of Lexington, a connection through her husband William 
Plumer, grandson of Gov. William and Sally (Fowler) Plumer 

102 Philip {Philip^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ Phihy) was born 
in Ipswich, 21 June, 1719; baptized 22 June, 1719; married 
there, Nov., 1760, Sarah Shatswell, who was born in Ips- 
wich, probably the one baptized there 14 Aug., 1737, the 
daughter of Richard and Sarah Shatswell, and died in New 
Market, N. H., 25 Feb., 1810. 

In 1735 (26 Dec.) he witnessed a deed of his father's, and 
is given land in New Market, N. H., by his father, in his will 
dated 22 May, 1754, and was engaged in the same lawsuit 
with his brothers, mentioned on page 75, and recovered his 
portion of propert3\ 

In 1776 (12 July) he signed the test oath proposed by the 
New Hampshire Assembly, returned by the Selectmen of 
N. H. 

The following obituary notice is supposed to have been writ- 
ten by Gov. Plumer :— "Died at New Market, N. H., Sept., 18, 
1811, Philip Fowler, aged 93, a man of sound sense and strict 


integrity, a professor of Christianity, and what is of more im- 
portance, a man whose practice through life was in exact con- 
formity to his profession. When a good man expires, at what- 
ever age he may meet his fate, the world suffers a loss which it 
ought not soon to forget, since the living example of virtue is 
more powerful than her warmest precepts." 

The children of Philip and Sarah (Shatswell) Fowler, 
were : — 

178. Sarah, b. 22 June, 1762 ; m. Gov. William Plumer. 

179. Philip, b. 25 May, 1764; m. Hannah Cutts. 

180. Polly, b. 30 May, 1766; d. 31 March, 1770. 

103 Jacob {Pliili])^^ Philip'^^ Josex>h^ Philip^) was born 
in Ipswich, 24 Aug., 1721 ; baptized there 27 Aug., 1721 ; mar- 
ried Deborah Mattoon of Salem. 

In 1754 (22 May) he is given land in New Market, N. H., by 
his father, in his will, and was engaged in the lawsuit with his 
brothers mentioned on page 75, and recovered his farm. 

In 1776 (12 July) he signed the test oath proposed by the 
New Hampshire Assembly, returned by the Selectmen of N. H. 

He died in New Market, N. H., 4 Oct., 1794, and it is said that 
the obituary written of his brother Philip, would also well 
apply to him. 

The child of Jacob and Deborah (Mattoon) Fowler, 
was : — 

181. Deborah, b. 30 Feb., 1746; m. Col. Samuel Gilman. 

104 Susanna (PJiiUp^^ Philip'^ Joseph^ Pliilip^) was born 
in Ipswich, 14 May, 1723 ; baptized there 19 May, 1723 ; mar- 
ried, when of New Market, N. H., int. '6 April, 1745, William 
Becket of Salem, who was born in Salem, the son of John and 
Susanna (Mason) Becket. He was a shipwright and died in 
1761. She died 21 March, 1817, aged 94, having lived a widow 
56 years, had eight children, none living in 1817. 

The children of William and Susanna (Fowler) Becket, 
were : — 

182. William, b. . 

183. Philip, b. . 


184. Samuel, b. ; m. probably, Mary Bates, jr., int. Salem, 20 

Nov., 1771. 

185. Susanna, b. 1747; m. Thomas Ehuee, int. Salem, 15 Dec, 

1764. She d. 1 Nov., 1805, set. 68, leaving three daughters and 
two sons. 

106 Martha (PhiUp^^ PMUp^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born 
in Ipswich, baptized there 12 Dec, 1725; married there 14 
Sept., 1744, John Harris. 

The widow of John Harris died 22 Oct., 1751, in Ipswich. 
The children of John and Martha (Fowler) Harris, 
were : — 

186. Martha, bapt. 4 Aug., 1745. 

187. Elizabeth, bapt. 7 Oct., 1750. 

107 Judith (Philip^^ PJiilipi^^ Joseph^ Philip)^) was born 
in Ipswich, 4 Sept., 1726 ; baptized there the same day ; mar- 
ried Winthrop Thing of Exeter, N. H. 

Slie died in Exeter, 25 July, 1806, aged 80 years. 
The children of Winthrop and Judith (Fowler) Thing, 
were : — 

188. Daughter, b. ; died unmarried. 

189. Daughter, b. ; died unmarried. 

190. Winthrop, b. 20 March, 1755; m. Lydia Oilman who was b. 15 

Aug , 1768; he d. 26 Sept., 1837, set. 82. Children:— 'Betsey, 
b. 12 Jan., 1795; d. 17 March, 1819. "Winthrop, 3d, b. 20 
Sept., 1796; d. 10 Oct., 1871. ^Judith, b. 21 April, 1798; d. 9 
Feb., 1820. "Zebulon G., b. 22 April, 1800; m. and had 5 ch. 
*James, b. 4 Aug., 1802; d. 1 Feb., 1805. ^Oilman, b. 14 June, 
1804 ; d. 3 June, 1855. ^ames K., b. 11 Aug., 1806 ; m. Abigail 
T. Blake, who was b. 25 Nov., 1811; had two daughters: — 
0)Elizabeth T., b. 15 May, 1840; d. 1800, and (^)Lydia Oilman, 
b. 4 July, 1842, is m. and lives in Haverhill, Mass. *Henry, 
b. 14 July, 1808, and was recently living at South New Market, 
N. H., but with no children. ^Benjamin, b. 28 Aug., 1810; 
d. 10 Feb., 1834. 

110 Mary {PUUp^^ PUUp^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born 
in Ipswich, 21 May, 1732 ; baptized there the same daj- ; mar- 
ried 24 Jan., 1754, Abraham Parsons, jr., who was born 2 
July, 1732, the son of Abraham and Eunice (Sargent) Parsons. 


They resided in New Market, N. H., wliere she died aged 
94 j'ears. 

The children of Auuaham and Mary (Fowler) Parsons, 
were : — 

191. Abraham, b. 2 Nov., 1754; m. Abigail Burleigh, 30 May, 1781, 

and d. 15 Jan., 1852. 

192. Josiah, b. IS July, 175G; d. 9 July, 1819. 

193. Mary, b. ; d. uura,, 1815. 

194. Elizabeth, b. 3 July, 1768; m. Dudley Gilman of Acton, Me. 

195. Sarah, b. 16 July, 1770; m. Richard Hubbard of Acton, Me. 

196. Ebenezer, b. 6 March, 1773; ra. Sally Joy of Durham, N. H. 

Ill Symonds (PhUip^^ PMUp^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born 
in Ipswicli, 20 Aug., 1734 ; baptized there 25 Aug., 1734 ; mar- 
ried in Greenland, N. H., 12 July, 1756, Hannah Weeks, who 
was born in Greenland, 12 Aug., 1738, the daughter of Jona- 
than Weeks, and died in Epsom, N. H., 9 Dee., 1807. 

He removed with his father to New Market, N. H., in May, 
1743, when only nine years of age, received land there by his 
will, dated 22 May, 1754, and was engaged with his brothers 
in the lawsuit (see page 75), to help them recover their property. 
He signed the test oath proposed by the N. H. Assembly, 
returned by the Selectmen of N. H., 12 July, 1776. He removed 
from New Market to Epsom, N. H., 26 May, 1778, where he 
died 6 April, 1821, deserving also of the tribute paid to his 
brother Philip. 

The children of Symonds and Hannah (Weeks) Fowlek, 
were : — 

197. Hannah, b. 22 Nov., 1757; d. 1 April, 1760. 

198. Susanna, b. 25 Oct., 1760; m. John Jenness. 

199. Symonds, b. 25 Dec, 1762; d. 6 March, 1764. 

200. Hannah, b. 19 Oct., 1764; m. D. Robinson; J. Phelps. 

201. Abigail, b. 18 April, 1767; m. Nathan Libby. 

202. Benjamin, b. 10 June, 1769; m. Mehitable Ladd. 

203. Sally, b. 24 July, 1771; m. Zebadiah Lovejoy. 

204. Samuel, b. 9 May, 1775 ; m. Betsey Davis. 

205. Polly, b. 21 Oct., 1777; m. Samuel Learned. 

206. Esther, b. 16 May, 1780; m. Rev. Asa Merrill. 

207. Wiuthrop, b. 19 April, 1788 ; m. Abigail Davis. 



122 Joshua Chever (Richcml^^ Joseph*^ JosepJi^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Lunenburg, 16 Jan., 1757 ; married Lydia 
Stearns of Littleton. 

Resided in Lunenburg where their eldest child was born, 
removed to Surry, N. H., where the others were born, then to 
Springfield, Vt., where he died 23 Jan., 1813, and his widow 
died 25 Jan., 1813, and were buried in the same grave, she in 
the 56th year of her age, and he aged 56 years (gravestones). 
He left a will dated 31 March, 1812, recorded Springfield 
records Bk. 4 : 416. 

The children of Joshua Chever and Lydia (Stearns) Fow- 
ler, were : — 

208. Thomas, b. 4 Jan., 1779; m. Betsey Stiles. 

209. Polly, b. 9 Oct., 1780 ; m. Levi Pierce ; 7 children ; resides at Lin- 

don, Vt. 

210. Susanna, b. 24 Sept., 1781; m. Joseph Griswold; 11 children; 

she d. in Michigan, 24 May, 1850. 

211. James, b. 20 Oct., 1790; m. U. Durant; L. Finney. 

212. Betsey, b. 18 March, 1794; m. Samuel Hall; 6 children; d. 1 

March, 1836. 

213. Naomi, b. 18 Feb., 1796; m. Orlando Walker; 11 children, 


214. Joshua Chever, ) . , ^ , ) m. Eda Atwood. 

„,_ -r ,. > twins, b. 1 Feb., 1798; > ,,, ,, , . 

215. Lydia, ) ' ' ' 5 ni. Webber; d. ui 


127 John {JosepW^ Richard*^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was baptized in Ipswich, 9 Nov., 1746 ; married in Andover, 6 
March, 1774, Mrs. Dorothy Farnham of North Andover, who 
was born about 1743, and died 1820. 

He resided in Ipswich, received by his father's will, one-half 
of his real estate, which descended to his two daughters, and 
which, 2 March, 1798, when they are both of Andover, sin- 
glewomen, thej' sell to Jeremiah Stamford of Ipswich, inn- 
holder (their uncle). 

He was styled junior, a mariner, and during the Revolutionary 
War was taken prisoner in the Brig Fancy, August, 1777, and 
committed to Mill Prison, England, where he died. 


His widow, Dolly Fowler of Andover, 2 Feb., 1791, buys 
land there, but 26 May, 1804, she is of Beverly, when she sells 
land in Andover. 

The children of John and Dorothy (Farnham) Fowleb, 
were : — 

216. Elizabeth, b. 1 Nov., 1775; m. Joseph Chipman, 7 Feb., 1809. 

217. Sarah, b. 17 Feb., 1777; m. Josiah Batchelder, jr., 11 May, 1799. 

129 Mary {JosepW^ Richard'^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in Ipswich, 2 Sept., 1756 ; baptized there, 5 Sept., 
1756 ; married in Linebrook Parish, Ipswich, 11 Jan., 1774, 
Jeremiah Staniford, jr., who was born in Ipswich, 28 Sept., 
1751, son of Jeremiah and Mary (Potter) Staniford, and died 
1 March, 1816. 

He was for many years keeper of the jail in Ipswich, succeed- 
ing his father-in-law Joseph Fowler, and remaining until his 
own death. She died there, 24 Sept., 1850, and was remarkable 
for her energy and excellence of character. 

The children of Jeremiah and Mary (Fowler) Staniford, 
were : — 

218. Sally, b. 20 July, 1774 ; m. Aaron Perkins, 26 July, 1796 ; d. 3 Oct., 

1862. He d. 7 Aug., 1838, aet. 68, leaving descendants in Salem, 
among them Aaron, b. in Ipswich, 16 June, 1799; m. Susan 
Ward well, 1 Nov., 1826, and Jeremiah S., many years Supt. of 
Burials in Salem. 

219. Jeremiah, b. 20 Oct., 1776; d. 3 June, 1777. 

220. Mary, b. 25 Dec, 1778; m. Thomas Staniford, 24 Feb., 1798; d. 

12 Nov., 1836. He d. Jan., 1843, aet. 77; 8 ch., among them, 
Charles, who has son Daniel Staniford of Salem, and Mary 
who lives in Ipswich. 

221. Elizabeth, b. 13 March, 1782; m. Nathaniel Harris, 8 March, 1803; 

d. 13 Jan., 1873. He d. 14 Dec, 1831, set. 54; daughter is Mrs. 
Thomas S. Jewett of Salem; grandson George A. Lord of 

222. Hannah, b. 16 May, 1788; m. Capt. Sylvanus Caldwell, 15 Nov., 

1808 ; d. 20 Jan., 1864. He d. 26 Aug., 1864, set. 77, son of Eben- 
ezer and Mary (Dodge) Caldwell. Kesided in Ipswich. Among 
their children were 'Eunice, m. Samuel Wade, resides Alton, 
111. ^William, m. Abigail Stone, resides Augusta, Me. ^Mary 
Staniford, m. Ebenezer Marsh, M. D., Alton, 111. ''Caroline, 


m. Jeremiah Prescott, Esq., Supt. Eastern Railroad for many 
years, resides in Charlestown. ^Charles Augustus, m. Miss 
Marsh, Alton, 111. ^Emeline, ra. Nathaniel Rogers Farley, 
resides in Ipswich, have daughter Lucy R. Farley. ^Hannah 
Staniford. *Sarah Perkins. 

223. Margaret, b. 26 Dec, 1793; ra. Ephraim Kendall, 4 Dec, 1831. 

He d. 15 Aug., 1846, aet. 81, no children. She resides in Ips- 
wich, 1882. 

224. Abigail, b. 14 Jan., 1798; d. unra., 8 July, 1880. 

149 Mary {JosepW Joseph^'^ Pliilip'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was 
born in Ipswich, baptized 22 July, 1744 ; married, int. 12 Oct., 
1765, Solomon Giddings, jr., the son of Deacon Solomon and 
Sarah Giddings. 

In 1789 (21 April) " Solomon Giddinge of Ipswich, currier, 
with wife Mary, sells Joshua Giddinge of same place, tanner, 
real estate of his father Solomon Giddinge late of Ipswich, 
deceased, bounding on land of John Treadwell, deceased, 
^ of ^ of |- of wood-lot in Chebacco. His mother Mrs. Sarah 
Giddinge living, and has her right reserved. Witness, Polly 

The children of Solomon and Mary (Fowler) Giddings, 
were : — 

225. Solomon, bapt. in Ipswich, 18 Jan., 1767 ; m. in Danvers, 2 Mch., 

1794, Nancy Endicott, when he is styled Captain. She was b. in 
Danvers, Jan., 17G9, the dau. of John and Martha (Putnam) 
Endicott, and d. in Beverly, 14 Oct., 1839. He d. there, 25 
Aug., 1821. Their children, b. in Danvers, were, 'John Endicott 
b. 26 Oct., 1794; m. Martha Thorndike Leech, 4 April, 1824; 
resided in Beverly, where he d. 28 April, 1849, and had ch. : — 
(')Charles Stephens, b. 17 Sept., 1827 ; d. 9 Feb., 1856. (2)Fred- 
eric William, b. 16 Feb., 1829; d. lOOct.,1832. (')John Endicott, 
b. 23 July, 1830. (')Edward Leech, b. 4 July, 1835. (') William, 
b. 13 May, 1846; d. 10 Sept., 1846. ^Solomon, b. 8 June, 1797, 
a master-mariner, joined the Salem Marine Soc'y, and d. on the 
coast of Africa, 27 Jan., 1834. ^Daniel, b. 11 Sept., 1799; d. 26 
June, 1819. *Nancy, b. 24 Feb., 1802; m. Charles Stephens and 
d. 9 Mch., 1838. ^Moses Endicott, b. 10 May, 1805; d. 25 May, 
1820. ^William, b. in Beverly, 1 June, 1808; d. 6 April, 1836. 

226. Mary, bapt., 23 April, 1769, in Ipswich. 


151 Joseph (Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' Philip'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in Ipswich, 9 Jan., 1746-7 ; baptized there 20 Nov., 
1746 ; married there Ltdia Ross, who was born in Ipswich, 20 
Nov., 1748, the daughter of Samuel and Lj'dia (Davis) Ross, 
and granddaughter of James and Abigail (Metcalf) Davis, one 
of the founders and Elders of Linebrook parish church, who 
also gave the land on which it stood, and ancestor of the 
author [171]. She died in Winthrop, Me., 3 March, 1831. 

In 1774 (7 Jan.) when called the third of Ipswich, black- 
smith, buys of Thomas Gains, land and buildings there. 

On the 24 Jan., 1775, he volunteered as a "Minute Man" of 
Ipswich, and on the 10 of May, 1775, enlisted as a private 
under Capt. Nathaniel Wade of Ipswich, and was in the battle 
of Bunker Hill. 

In 1787 (20 March) as junior, of Ipswich, blacksmith, bnj^s 
land there. 

In 1787 (28 March) with John Smith of Ipswich, buys of 
Moses Crombe, 38 acres of land, part of the estate of Isaac 
Davis, late of Ipswich, deceased ; which, 18 April, 1789, Joseph 
Fowler and Lydia his wife, John Smith and Hannah his wife, 
sell William Conant of Ipswich. They also sell 11 Feb., 1804, 
meadow in Ipswich to Thomas Manning. 

In 1789 (18 June) Jonathan Bnrnham of Hampton Falls, 
N. H., and Abigail his wife, Samuel Ross, jr. and Sarah his 
wife, Joseph Fowler, jr., blacksmith and Lydia his wife, 
Nathaniel Ross and Sarah his wife, and Susannah Ross, single- 
woman, all of Ipswich, sell John Fowler, jr. [170] of Ipswich, 
gentleman, all their right in the real estate in Ipswich of their 
uncle the late Isaac Davis of Ipswich, deceased. 

In 1803 (9 July) with wife Lydia, he sells Nathaniel Smith 
of Boston, ph^'sician, land and dwelling house in Ipswich ; the 
11 July, he received a mortgage deed of him on this propert}'^, 
which he discharged 24 Jan., 1804. 

In 1804 (19 Jan.) with wife Lydia, sells Francis Hovey of 
Ipswich, woodland there which he purchased of John Crocker. 
Acknowledged by his wife as Lydia Fowler, jr., same date. 
Same time sells Joseph Crocker of Ipswich, half of an old 
right No. 44 in Bush-hill pasture, so called, in Ipswich. 


He removed to Winthrop, Maine, about 1804. 

In 1807 (23 March) Joseph Fowler of Winthrop, county 
of Kennebec, Maine, yeoman, and Lydia his wife, Samuel Fow- 
ler of Danvers, gentleman, and Sarah his wife, Philip Fowler 
of Portland, Cumberland Count)^, Me., baker, and Dorcas his 
wife, sell Nathaniel Smith, jr., of Ipswich, gentleman, land in 
Ipswich. One of the witnesses was L3'dia Fowler his daughter. 

In 1807 (25 March) the same parties sell John Caldwell, jr., 
of Ipswich, gentleman, three acres of thatch bank in Ipswich, 
at Rogers Island, and a pew in the gallery of the meeting-house 
of the north parish in Ipswich, No. 1, in the east corner, 
property that he received in the division of his father's estate. 
They also sell same date to Nathaniel and Moses Shatswell, 
part of the homestead in Ipswich, of their father. 

His children were all born in Ipswich. He died in "Winthrop, 
Me., 20 Aug., 1827. 

The children of Joseph and Lydia (Ross) Fowler, were : — 

227. Child, b. 12 March, 1773 ; d. 12 March, 1773. 

228. Lydia, b. 20 Aug., 1775; m. Capt. Joel Pratt of Foxcroft, Me., 

where she died, 12 Jan., 1855; no children. 

229. Joseph, b. 7 July, 1777; m. Susanna Stacy. 

230. Susanna, b. 19 Dec, 1780; m. Capt. Daniel Lakeman of Ipswich, 

and d. in Cincinnati, O., 13 July, 1855. 

231. Mary, b. 19 Jan., 1782; d. unm. in Winthrop, Me., 11 Aug., 1831. 

232. Samuel, b. 5 March, 1785 ; m. Abigail Stacy. 

233. Elizabeth, b. 19 Dec, 1788; d. unm. in Winthrop, Me., 19 Sept., 


234. Abigail, b. 28 April, 1790; d. 7 Sept., 1790. 

152 Samuel {Joseph^'' Josejjh'^'' Philip^^ Joseph'^ Philip^) 
was born in Ipswich, 9 Jan., 1748-9 ; baptized there 11 Jan., 
1748-9 ; married in Danvers, 4 March, 1773, Sarah Putnam, 
the daughter of Archelaus and Mehitable (Putnam) Putnam. 

In the spring of 1754, Deacon Archelaus Putnam, her father, 
moved a building which had been used as a shop, from his 
father's farm, now known as the "Judge Putnam farm" on 
"Meeting-House Lane," down Crane river, by floating it from 
the upper mill-pond near his father's house, to the bank of the 


river at what is now Danversport. The building was landed 
near where the depot now stands, and taken across the land 
to a point south of where Warren's store now stands. He 
converted it into a dwelling house, and here his daughter 
Sarah, the first white child was born, 14 Sept., 1 755. She was 
baptized in the North Parish b}^ the Rev. Peter Clark, 21 Sept., 
1755. She lived to see great changes and relate many anec- 
dotes of the past, and died 19 Nov., 1847, set. 92 yrs. 2 mos. 5 
days, having had 6 children, 27 grandchildren, and 60 great- 
grandchildren. She was considered a very handsome woman, 
her chief beauty being a snowy complexion and bright dark 
eyes. Some account of her, with a poor lithograph portrait, 
is given in the History of the Centennial Celebration in Dan- 
vers, 1852. 

From the grist and chocolate mills which Deacon Putnam 
built south of his house, soon after his settlement there, 
this part of the town derives its name of "Danvers New 

Samuel Fowler left Ipswich as early as 1765, and was one 
of the pioneer settlers of " Danvers New Mills." He was a 
shipwright by trade, and assisted in building, before and dur- 
ing the Revolution, many vessels there, of some of which he 
was part owner, and engaged in trade to the West Indies, and 
is called on record a merchant. He was a private in the com- 
pany of Capt. Jeremiah Page, that marched on the alarm to 
Lexington, the 19th April, 1775. He made many purchases 
of land, was interested in the mills which eventually became 
the property of his son. By his own industry he acquired a 
good estate during a period of great financial distress. He 
died in Danvers 20 April, 1813. 

The children of Samuel and Sarah (Putnam) Fowler, 
were : — 

235. John, b, 13 Aug., 1774; d. 21 Aug., 1774. 

236. Samuel, b. 15 Sept., 1776; m. Clarissa Page. 

237. John, b. 15 Sept., 1778; ra. Martha Page. 

238. Jacob, b. 13 Sept., 1781; bapt. 23 Sept. ; d. 1 Dec, 1782. 

239. Sarah, b. 14 Oct., 1783; m. Robert Hooper Stimpson. 

240. Mary, b. 9 Jan., 1787 ; m. John Page. 


154 Nathaniel {Joseph^'' Joseph'^'^ PMUp^'^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Ipswich ; baptized there 4 Nov., 1753 ; 
married in Danvers, 6 Oct., 1774, Anne Stevens, who died in 
Salem, 25 Jan., 1842, aged 89 years. 

In 1784 (27 Oct.) when of Danvers, joyner, buys of John 
Browne of Londonderry, N. H., land in Danvers, when his 
brother Samuel Fowler witnessed the deed. 

In 1785 (3 Nov.) a cabinet-maker, and with wife Anne, sells 
land in Danvers. 

In 1791 (May) he assisted in the launching of the ship 
'• Grand Turk." 

In a newspaper of 3 July, 1792, it is stated that Nathaniel 
Fowler of Danvers broke his leg, and died with the lock- 
jaw, aged 38 years. 

In 1792 (13 July) administration on his estate was granted 
to his widow Anne, who gave bonds with Simon Pinder and 
Samuel Fowler (her brother-in-law) as sureties. An inventory 
was rendered 12 July, 1793. Amount £205-11-6. 

In 1794 (1 Dec.) Anne Fowler of Danvers, widow, sells 
Daniel Porter and Caleb Oakes, tillage land. The last notice 
we have of her. 

The children of Nathaniel and Anne (Stevens) Fowler , 
were : — 

241. Anna, b. 28 April, 1775; ni. Amos Osborne. 

242. Sarah, b. 26 Dec, 1777; m. William Duncan. 

243. Mary, b. 6 July, 1780; m. John Daland. 

244. Nathaniel, b. 15 Oct., 1783; m. Sally Whittredge. 

245. Philip, b. 19 March, 1786 ; died unmarried in Beverly, August, 


246. Harriet, b. 16 Nov., 1791 ; m. William Stickney. 

155 Lucy (Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' Philip'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in Ipswich; baptized 20 Nov., 1757; married int. 
April, 1780, Ebenezer Staniford. 

He enlisted 15 May, 1775, in Capt. Nathaniel Wade's com- 
pany of Ipswich. 

In 1787 (15 Feb.) Lucy Staniford of Ipswich, widow, sells 
her father, Joseph Fowler, of same place, yeoman, all her real 


estate in Ipswich of her late husband, Ebenezer Staniford, his 
share of his father, Capt. Thomas Staniford's estate, which 
her father sold 20 May, 1791, to John Patch, when he men- 
tions that it was set off to her 14 June, 1784. 

She ma;rried, second, in Ipswich, 19 March, 1787, John 

The child of John and Lucy (Fowler) Curtis, was : — 

247. Betsey, b. ; m. Joseph Challis of Portland, Me; had 

children. She received a legacy in her grandfather's will. 
See page 85. 

156 James {Joseph^'^ Joseph^'' PMUp^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in Ipswich, 1758 ; married Mehitable Davis, who was 
born in Portland, Me., in 1771, and died in Ipswich, in 1846, 
aged 78 years. 

In 1792 (3 March) he is of Ipswich, yeoman, and buys of 
his father, for £100, land there. 

He occupied the ancient homestead in Ipswich, of his emi- 
grant ancestor Philip Fowler, which descended to him in a di- 
rect line, and died there August, 1839, aged 81 years. 

The children of James and Mehitable (Davis) Fowler, 
were : — 

248. Mary, b. 1803; d. unm. 7 Feb., 1822. 

249. Dorcas, b. 1805; d. unm. 8 Oct., 1827. 

250. Rebecca, b. 1807; m. Moses Fern of Lynn, 1839, and d. 1845, 

leaving daughter Maria, who m. William Kimball of Lynn. 

251. Joseph, b. 5 Sept., 1810; m. Mary Bailey. 

160 Philip {Joseph^'^ Joseph'^'' Philip ^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in Ipswich, 15 Sept., 1775 ; married in Portland, 
Me., Aug., 1795, Dorcas Tukey, who was born in Portland, 
25 Oct., 1776, the daughter of John and Abigail (Pettengill) 

In 1807 (23 March) Philip Fowler of Portland, Cumber- 
land County, Maine, baker, and Dorcas his wife, with his 
brothers Joseph and Samuel, sell Nathaniel Smith, jr., of Ips- 
wich, land in Ipswich ; and the 25 March, three acres of thatch 


bank in Ipswich at Rogers Island so called, and a pew in the 
gallery of the meeting-house of the north parish of Ipswich, 
No. 1 in the east corner. 

They resided in Portland. He died 7 Nov., 1826, and his 
widow died 30 Dec, 1850. 

The children of Philip and Dorcas (Tdket) Fowler, 
were : — 

252. Joseph, b. 12 July, 1796; in. Melinda Dexter. 

253. Fanny Stoddard, b. 13 Dec, 1798; m. John McGlaughlin. 

254. Caroline, b. 17 Aug., 1799; d. 22 Feb., 1804. 

255. Dorcas, b. 2 Sept., 1802; m. Joseph Conner. 
25G. Philip Gould, b. 6 Sept., 1803; m. Olive Tuttle. 

257. Caroline Gordon, b. 20 Sept., 1805; m. Alden Bradbury. 

258. Edward Souther, b. 10 Oct., 1807; ra. Mary Merrill. 

259. Stephen Tukey, b. 10 March, 1810; m. Susan Frates. 

260. George Tukey, b. 2 Oct., 1818; m. Elizabeth Crockett. 

261. Frederick Augustus, b. 10 June, 1817; d. unm. in Portland, Me., 

about 1859. 

262. Melinda, b. 26 Feb., 1819; d. 22 Nov., 1826. 

165 Martha {Jolin^^ JoTin'^^ PJiiUp^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was 
born in Ipswich, baptized there, 22 April, 1739 ; married in 
Linebi'ook parish, 10 Nov., 1757, Allen Perley, who was born 
there, 9 May, 1718, the son of Stephen and Hannah (Coker) 
Perley. He was a farmer, resided in Linebrook, and died 14 
Oct., 1804, aged 86 years. 

In 1805 (23 April) she receipts for her share of her father's 
estate to her brother John Fowler. She died 3 Sept., 1819, 
aged 81 years. Their gravestones are in Linebrook parish, 

Tlie children of Allen and Martha (Fowlek) Perley, 
were : — 

268. Martha, b. 30 July, 1759; m. Benjamin Scott, int. 29 Dec, 1780, 
had seven children, among them Martha, b. 1 May, 1790; m. Jan., 
1810, Solomon Dodge of Rowley, and were the parents of Sil- 
vanus Dodge, many years postmaster of Danvers, and father of 
Gen. Grenville S. Dodge of Council Bluffs, Iowa, a distinguished 
officer in the late civil war. Capt. Benjamin Scott d. 12 March, 
1809, aged 55 years ; wife Martha d. 8 June, 1833, aged 79 years, 
gravestones in Rowley. 


264. Deborah, b. 11 Dec, 1760; m. Timothy Dorman of Boxford, 1782, 

and d. 6 April, 1840. Her daughter Deborah, who m. John 
Fowler, junior, [288] of Ipswich, was b. in Boxford, 18 May, 

265. Allen, b. 13 May, 1763; m. Esther Burpee of Rowley, 5 Dec, 

1788, had five children, lived in Ipswich, where his son Joseph 
now resides at the age of 88 years. He d. 24 June, 1843. She 
d. 4 Feb., 1853. 

266. Hannah, b. 27 Nov., 1765; m. David Plummer of Newbury, who 

were the parents of Dr. David Plummer of Newburyport. 

267. John, b. 6 Feb., 1768; m., 1st, Mehitable Dwinell of Rowley ; 2nd, 

Susannah Pearson of Vt. He d. 20 Aug., 1858, aged 90, grand- 
father of Sidney Perley of Boxford, author of the "History of 
Boxford," and compiler of the Perley Genealogy. 

268. Stephen, b. 7 Oct., 1770; m. Abigail Ladd. He d. 1855. One of 

the principal inhabitants of Merideth, N. H. Presidential Elec- 
tor in 1840-1. Father of Dr. John L. Perley. 

269. Sarah, b. 11 Dec, 1772; d. unm. in Ipswich, 19 Nov., 1858. 

270. Jacob, b. 12 Aug., 1775; m. Mary Potter of Ipswich, 1797. He 

settled on the homestead in Ipswich, was styled Captain, and d. 
31 May, 1829. She d. 13 Dec, 1854, aged 79 years. 

166 Mercy {Jolm^^ John'^^ PMUij^ Joseph^ Philip^) was 
born in Ipswich 21 Oct., 1740 ; baptized there, 26 Oct., 1740 ; 
married, int. 28 Oct., 1759, Jacob Perkins of Boxford, the 
son of Nathaniel and Hepzibah (Hazen) Perkins. His will 
dated 3 July, 1774; proved 2 Feb., 1779, gives all his estate 
to his wife Mercy. Amt. of Inv. £3597-3-0. 

Mercy Perkins, wife of Jacob Perkins of Boxford, was ad- 
mitted to the second parish church in Rowley, now George- 
town, 28 Aug., 1763. 

She married 2d, in Boxford, 28 Oct., 1779, Col. David Ho- 
BART, then of PI}' mouth, N. H., who was born in Groton, 31 
Aug., 1720, the son of Peter, and grandson of Gershom Ho- 
bart, the third minister of Groton. 

In 1787 (3 Feb.) "Mercy Hubbard" is mentioned in her 
father's will, and she receipts June, 1806, to her brother John 
Fowler for her legacj', as "Marcy Hobart." 

"Col. David Hobart settled in that part of Hollis, N. H., 
known as 'One Pine Hill,' about 1748, and was a Sergeant in 
the company of Capt. Powers, in the French war, in 1755. He 


was one of the grantees of Plymouth, N. H., and one of the 
first settlers of that town. His name last appears on the Hol- 
lis tax lists, in 1765. In 1777, he was Colonel of the Twelfth 
New Hampshire regiment of militia, and had command of a 
New Hampshire regiment under Gen. Stark at the battle of 
Bennington, where he greatly distinguished himself for his 
gallantry and good conduct, for which he received due commen- 
dation from Gen. Stark, in his report of the battle. In that 
battle, Col. Hobart, with Col. [Thomas] Stickney, led the at- 
tack against the Tory breastwork on the right, where the con- 
test was most desperate — the Tories it is said 'fighting like 
tigers,' and neither asking nor giving quarter. Col. Hobart 
having lost his [first] wife, after the war, removed to Haverhill, 
Mass., where he died 20 April, 1799. The name of this heroic 
officer is erroneously spelt 'Hubbard' in 'Belknap's History 
of New Hampshire,' as it also was said to have been in Gen. 
Stark's report of the battle." 

Adm. on the estate of David Hobart, late of Haverhill, Es- 
quire, deceased, intestate, granted to Nathaniel Hills, who gave 
bonds with Phineas Carlton and John Fowler, junior, as sure- 
ties, 6 May, 1799. 

Inv. of his estate 9 July, 1799. Amt. $590.31, among items, 
100 acres of land in Dorchester, N. H., $150. Note of James 
Hubbard, 30 July, 1782. 

Widow Mercy Hobart died in Haverhill at her daughter's, 
12 Jan., 1811. 

The descendants of Col. David and Mercy (Fowler) Ho- 
bart, were : — 

271. Deborah, b. 1 Sept., 1780, in Haverhill; m. Nathaniel Hills, 13 
Feb., 1799. He was b. in West Newbury, 22 June, 1778, the 
son of Benjamin and Anna (Brickett) Hills, and d. 10 Oct., 
1837. He was an apothecary in Haverhill. She receives a leg- 
acy in her grandfather John Fowler's will, 3 Feb., 1787, and 
receipts for the same to her uncle John Fowler, 1 March, 1808, 
when her husband also quits-claim. She d. 7 April, 1867. 
Their eight children born in Haverhill, were: — 'Moody, b. 7 
Oct., 1799; d. 27 Dec, 1799. «Maryane, b. 30 Aug., 1802; d. 
20 Dec, 1802. '^ Charles Perkins, b. 14 Nov., 1803 ; m. Elizabeth 
How Garland, who was b. 9 April, 1809 and d. 6 July, 1835. 
He d. 22 Aug., 1829. Their child -.—V-) Elizabeth Garland, b. 24 


April, 1824 ; m. 9 July, 1845, Paul Augustine Stackpole, who 
was b. in Rochester, N. H., 12 Feb., 1817, the son of Samuel 
and Rosanna (Nute) Stackpole, of Dover, N. H. Fitted for 
college at Phillips Academy, Andover, three years course ; 
studied medicine in Boston, with Bowditch, Jackson, Stedman, 
Perry of the Boylston School; graduated from Medical College 
at Hanover, N. H., 1842, and had the honorary degree of A. M. 
conferred by same college. He is a practising physician in 
Dover, N. H. His wife d. 13 June, 1853. Their three children 
were:— ['] Charlotte E., b. 22 April, 1847; d. 6 Nov., 1851. 
[-] Charles Hobart, b. 22 July, 1850. [=] Harry Hills, b. 30 
Aug., 1852. •*Anna, b. 17 Dec, 1805; died. 'Mary Jane, b. 2 
Dec, 1806; d. 26 Feb., 1807. «William, b. 5 June, 1811; d. 6 
Sept., 1811. ''Nathaniel, b. 28 July, 1812; m. Caroline Parker, 
12 March, 1839, who was b. in Boston, 22 Feb., 1817, the 
daughter of Phineas and Tameyson (Greenough) Parker, and 
d. 13 Nov., 1880. He was a counsellor-at-law and d. in New- 
buryport, 17 Nov., 1879. Their three children were: — 
(')Charles, b. 22 Feb., 1840; d. unm. 3 March, 1878. ('')George, 
b. 31 March, 1842; d. unm. 25 Feb., 1866. (')John Marshall, 
b. 13 Api'il, 1845; m. Louise Prentiss Bruse, 7 Dec, 1881, a 
physician in New York City for many years, now of Newbury- 
port. "Ann, b. 27 March, 1815; m. Oilman N. Parker, Esq., 
and d. 30 Dec, 1844. He has deceased, had two children: — 
^Harriet Ann, b. 7 Sept., 1834; d. 19 June, 1835. ^Caroline 
Elizabeth, b. 29 Sept., 1835; m. Charles C. Hills of West New- 
bury, the son of Edmund and Judith N. (Poor) Hills, and d 
14 Aug., 1854. He d. 31 March, 1862, aged 34 yrs.. 4 raos. 
Their only child, Caroline Parker, b. 7 June, 1854; d. 27 Jan., 

167 Hepzibah (JoJm^'^ John'^^ PMUp'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in Ipswich, baptized there, 22 Maj^, 1743 ; married 21 
May, 1765, Rev. Samuel Perley, who was born in Linebrook 
parish, Ipswich, 11 Aug., 1742, son of Samuel and Ruth (Howe) 
Perley. He fitted for college and studied divinity with Rev. 
George Leslie ; graduated at Harvard, 1763 ; ordained over the 
Presbyterian church at Hampton Falls 31 Jan., 1765 ; installed 
at Moultonborough, N. H., 1778 ; atGroton, N. H., 1779, where 




he remained about five years; at Gray, Me., 1784, and con- 
tinued there in office till 1791 ; was a member from Gray, of the 
Convention that ratified the Federal Constitution of our Union, 
1788, and voted in favor of its adoption. He died in Gray, 28 
Nov., 1831, aged 89. His wife Hepzibah died there, 28 Aug., 

The children of Samuel and Hepzibah (Fowler) Perlet, 
were : — 

272. Samuel, b. 17 Nov., 1766; m. Abigail Lewis of Ludlow, Vt., 

13 Nov., 1793, had children, resided in Harrison, Me. 

273. Nathaniel, b. 1 March, 17G9 ; ra. Lucinda Strickland of Turner, 

Me., 1795, daughter of Rev. Mr. Strickland; was grandfather 
of Peleg S. Perley, a lawyer of Henry, 111. 

274. Phebe, b. 28 Sept., 1771; m. Abel Merrill of Gray, Me., had 

children, resided in New Portland, Me. 

275. Sarah, b. 14 June, 1774 ; m. Hastings Strickland of Livermore, 

Me., son of Rev. Mr. Strickland of Turner, Me., and have 
descendants in Bangor, Me. 

276. Abraham, b. 26 May, 1777, in Seabrook, N. H. (twin with Isaac), 

settled on the homestead ; m., 1st, Rebecca Humphrey, 2d, Lois 
(Burnham) Haskell, had children. 

277. Isaac, b. 26 May, 1777 (twin with Abraham), settled on the home- 

stead; m. Eunice Hancock of Otisfleld, Me., had ten children. 

278. Hannah, b. 18 June, 1780; d. unm. in Gray, 9 March, 1846. 

279. Susannah, b. 11 Aug., 1782; m. Thomas Hancock of Otisfleld, 

Me., had children. 

168 Sarah {Jolm^^ John'^^ PMUp-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born 
in Ipswich, baptized there 3 Nov., 1745 ; married in Linebrook 
parish, 25 Dec, 1764, John Brocklebank, junior, who was 
born in Rowley, 31 Dec, 1738, the son of John and Ruth (Spof- 
ford) Brocklebank. 

In 1805 (20 July) they receipted to her brother John Fowler, 
for their share of her father's estate. 

They resided in Rowley, now Georgetown, on his father's 
homestead. He died 21 Jan., 1819. She died 2 June, 1823. 

The children of John and Sarah (Fowler) Brocklebank, 
were : — 

280. Elizabeth, b. 27 Oct., 1765; m. Samuel Norris of Amherst, N. H., 
8 May, 1784. 


281. Mercy, b. 28 Aug., 1768; m. Job Brocklebank, her cousin. 

282. Haimah, b. 18 Feb., 1772; m. Benjamin Hardy. 

283. Sarah, b. 4 Oct., 1774; m. Enoch Harriman, in 1794, who was 

b. in Eowlcy, 12 March, 1775; d. 10 April, 1844; the son of 
Enoch, who was the son of John, the son of Jonathan, the son 
of Leonard the emigrant. His widow died 7 June, 1860, and 
they were buried in the cemetery at Groveland. Their thirteen 
children were : — 'John, b. 18 May, 1795 ; m. Cordelia Farmer 
of Tewksbury, and d. 10 April, 1879, had two children : — (')John 
Kimball, b. 19 March, 1833; unmarried, resides in Groveland. 
(')Mary Ann Cordelia, b. 10 April, 1836; m. John Miller Pea- 
body of Middleton, have children: — [']Anna Colfax, b. 21 Oct., 
1867. [=]Ralph, b. 18 March, 1874. ^Sarah, b. 22 Oct., 1796 ; m. 
Thomas Merrill of Rowley, had son John, who d. 4 March, 
1856, left issue. She m., 2d, Thomas Cook of Newbury port, and 
d. 21 Oct., 1860. ^Phoebe, b. 8 March, 1798 ; m. 1st, 1 Feb., 1820, 
Nathan Hardy of Bradford, had four children : — (^)LouisaM., b. 
7 Dec, 1820; m. Rufus Wood ; 2d, Edward Hills of West New- 
bury, d. 9 Dec, 1872; had one daughter. ('')Mary Jane, b. 29 
June, 1824 ; m. Charles J. Bailey, and d. 3 March, 1872. (')Sarah 
Ann, b. 25 Sept., 1832; m. Hiram N. Harriman of Georgetown. 
(*)George Nathan, b. 21 Nov., 1834; m. Olive Bailey of Rowley, 
has one son; m. 2d, LuciudaPeabody of Georgetown. Shem. 
2d, Augustus Haywood of Boxford, and d. 26 Aug., 1874. *La- 
vinia, b. 19 July, 1800; m. John B. Hardy of Groveland and 
has a large family of children, grandchildren, and great-grand- 
children. *Lucinda, b. 19 July, 1800 (twin with Lavinia) ; m. 
Jacob Jewett of Rowley, who was b. 13 May, 1791 ; d. 23 Oct., 
1858, has no children. ^Enoch, b. 30 June, 1802; m. Mary Ann 
Hilliard of Georgetown, and d. 31 May, 1878, had three child- 
ren :—(')EuochH., d. 6 June, 1845. (^)Hannah S., b. 1837; m. 
Ellsworth Nichols of Derry, N. H. , had a son. (') Abel Stickney, 
b. 1843; m. Maranda Boyden of Newburyport, no children. 
^Hiram, b. 9 June, 1804; m. 1st, Elizabeth Boynton ; 2d, Sarah 
Stevens Spoflford, 10 April, 1833, the daughter of Samuel and 
Deborah (Robinson) Spofford, and d. 7 June, 1876, had two 
children :—(')Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1 Feb., 1834; m. Oliver A. 
Blackinton of Rowley, 23 Feb., 1853, who was b. 14 Dec, 1828, 
the son of Oliver and Abigail (Pickard) Blackinton of Rowley, 
had four children : — [']Eva Jewett, b. 10 Aug., 1853 ; m. George 
A. Titcomb of Rowley, had two children : — Jamie T., b. 10 
Sept., 1875. George A., b. 16 Nov., 1878. PJHorace H., d. 19 
July, 1859. [=]Carrie E., b. 20 .June, 1861. [*]Mary, b. 14 Dec, 
1865. (•')Hiram Newton, b. 22 May, 1837; m. Sarah Ann Hardy 
of Groveland, who was b. 25 Sept., 1832, the daughter of Na- 
than and Phoebe (Harriman) Hardy, editor of the "Georgetown 


Advocate," and the furnisher of these records ; their two child- 
ren were : — [']Hiram Au^rust, b. 24 May, 18GG. [^iMary Louisa, 
b. 30 Aug., 1872. «Heury, b. 9 June, 1804 (twin with Hiram) ; 
m. 1st, Clarissa Boynton of Bradford ; m. 2d, Eliza E. Jones of 
Utah, where they reside, had nine children: — OClarissa J., b. 
30 March, 1847; died. (^)Henry Harrison, b. 4 March, 1849. 
(')Benjamin Jones, b. 12 Feb., 1851. (*)Emily E., b. 24 July, 1853. 
(=)Mary, b. 3 Feb., 1856. («)01ive N., b. 25 Aug., 1859. OLydia 
E., b. 29 Dec, 1862, died. (')Eliza A., b. 9 Sept., 1865. (»)Hi- 
ram S., b. 22 Dec, 1869. ^George, b. 13 Nov., 1806; ra. Eliza 
Peabody of Norway, Me., 11 Dec, 1833, their three children 
were:— (')Maria C, b. 29 Oct., 1837; m. Kichard F. Somes of 
Groveland. (')Caroline F., b. 27 June, 1843. OGeorge F., b. 2 
Oct., 1853, died. '"Mary, b. 8 March, 1809 ; m. Dec, 1836, John 
Killara of Boxford, now living in Georgetown, no children. 
"Jonathan Kimball, b. 21 Dec, 1811; m. Mary Smith of Vt. 
•'William Harrison, b. 30 June, 1814 ; m. Olive Peabody of Nor- 
way, Me., two children :—(')Mary T., b. 31 Jan., 1840; d. 1 May, 
1845. (^)Harrison O., b. 2 Feb., 1850 ; d. 18 April, 1853. '^EUza 
P.,b. 10 March, 1817; m. William Ricker of Dover, N. H., still 
living, had seven children :— OCharles. (-)Sarah, m. Frank Hull 
of Georgetown. (^) Henry. (*)Enoch H. (=)Emily T. (^)Mary 
A. ('Ularrison O. 

284. Phebe, b. 6 July, 1777; m. Moses Nelson, 11 Feb., 1810, who was 

b. in Rowley, 20 May, 1773, son of Capt. Amos and Olive (Dole) 
Nelson, had two children: — 'Mehitable, b. 19 Nov., 1813; m. 
Daniel Boardman of Newburyport, 29 April, 1830; resides in 
Georgetown, had nine children. ^Olive, b. 10 May, 1817; m. 
William B. Harriman of Georgetown, 7 June, 1838, three child- 
ren. See Nelson Genealogy. He d. 23 Jan., 1863, his widow 
Phebe d. 5 Aug., 1864. 

285. John, b. 5 Sept., 1784 ; m. Nancy Harriman, daughter of Jeremiah. 

286. Samuel, b. 19 Dec, 1788; m. Mehitabel Emerson, had son Sam- 

uel Hubbard Brocklebauk, b. 1811, and three daughters. 

170 Jollll {Johv?^ John^^ Philijfi^ Joseph^ Philip^) was 
born in Ipswich, 10 Oct., 1750 ; baptized there, 14 Oct., 1750 ; 
married there, in Linebrook parish, 19 June, 1777, Sakah 
(Perkins) Abbott, who was born 13 Aug., 1755, the daughter 
of Thomas and Martha (Williams) Perkins of Topsfield, and 
the widow of John Abbott. 

In 1775 (24 Jan.) he voluntarily enlisted as a minute man 
in Ipswich, and was on the roll of Ipswich company under 


Capt. Nathaniel "Wade, 10 May, 1775, and served under him 
at the battle of Bunker Hill. 

In 1776 (9 Jan.) he buys of his father, for £300, upland 
and meadow in Ipswich, with buildings thereon, and woodland 
in Rowley, when he is called "the 3d of Ipswich, yeoman." 

In 1778 (1 Nov.) he was living in Linebrook parish, in Ips- 
wich, and with his wife, owned the covenant of the church 
there. His wife was admitted 21 Sept., 1783, and dismissed 
to the church in Bridgton, Me., 19 April, 1810. 

In 1784 (16 April) when junior, yeoman, of Ipswich, with 
wife Sarah, sells Elisha Perkins of Topsfield, and quits-claim 
to right in real estate of their father, Thomas Perkins, late of 
Topsfield, deceased. Witnessed b}' John Fowler, probably his 
father. They also sell him 23 Feb., 1810, when he is of 
Salem, land in Ipswich with buildings thereon, on the east 
side of Newburyport turnpike. They sell Thomas Perkins, 
junior, of Topsfield, 26 March, 1805, their right in land and 
buildings assigned to their late mother, Martha Potter, de- 
ceased, as her dower, who was the late widow of Anthony 
Potter, deceased, and who before she was the wife of said 
Anthony, was the widow of Thomas Perkins, late of Ipswich, 
deceased, in the estate of said Perkins, deceased. Witnessed 
by John Fowler, junior, his son. They also sell him saltmarsh 
in Ipswich, 13 April, 1810. 

In 1789 (6 Maj^) he buys of widow Abigail Smith, of Ips- 
wich, her right in estate of Capt. Isaac Davis, late of Ips- 
wich, deceased, except her right in pew and burying place ; 
18 June, he buys of Joseph Fowler, junior, and Lydia, his 
wife [151] with others, the right they have in the real estate of 
Davis above ; and 29 June, the right of James Davis of Davis- 
town, Lincoln county, Mass. 

In 1792 (28 Aug.) a partition of land in Ipswich, was made 
to Abraham How, junior, John Fowler, junior, and Allen 
Perley, junior, which they held in common with certain minor 
heirs of Nathaniel Perley, deceased. 

In 1792 (8 Dec.) Lieut. John Fowler, of Ipswich, gentle- 
man, buj^s of Daniel Foster of Ipswich, for £21-18-0, part of 
west meadovv in Ipswich, which he sells 10 May, 1805, to 
Thomas Manning, physician, when the boundary is on the 


north by Jedediah Jewett Calef s land. Witnessed by Martha 
Fowler, his daughter. 

In 1809 (9 Sept.) sells Amos Wildes of Topsfield, land in 
Ipswich. Witnessed by his daughter, Polly Fowler. 

In 1809 (2 Oct.) he administered on the estate of his son 
John, late of Newburyport, deceased. 

He with Charles Davis, Charles Davis, junior, late of Ips- 
wich, now of Davistown, and William Conant, was a defend- 
ant, in a case commenced in 1803, against Allen Foster, 
plaintiff, to recover damages, for suit instituted by said Foster, 
for cutting grass on a piece of land, which he alleged to have 
owned, but which they proved he did not. The suit terminated 
in 1809. 

In 1810 (4 April) he sells William Conant, William Conant, 
junior, and Daniel Conant, all of Ipswich, 90 acres of land 
and buildings in Ipswich, in Linebrook parish, bounding east 
on the road from Ipswich to Boxford, and land of William 
Conant, south on road to land of Elisha Perkins, west on 
Perkins land to Newburyport turnpike, west on turnpike to 
Joseph Chaplin's land, northwest on Joseph and Moses Chap- 
lin, to Long Hill pasture, east and north on said pasture, 
east and south on Conant to road. Also 6^ acres of meadow 
on turnpike. 

In 1810 (5 Oct.) when of Bridgton, Cumberland Co., Me., 
and gentleman, sells thatch bank in Ipswich, to Jacob Towne, 
junior, of Topsfield, and Sarah, his wife, releases dower. 

In 1823 (18 April) when of Bridgton, with wife Sarah, 
gives a deed of gift to daughter Martha, wife of Jesse Dodge 
of Hamilton, of saltmarsh and thatch bank on Rogers Island, 
and at Shad creek, Rowley. Witnesses, Nathan Church, 
junior, David Fowler, his son. 

He removed to Bridgton, Me., from Ipswich, about the 
19 April, 1810, where he continued to reside until his decease 
on the 17 Nov., 1824, and his widow also died 14 April, 1851. 

The children of John and Sarah (Perkins) (Abbott) Fow- 
ler, were : — 

287. Sarah, bapt. 9 March, 1777; died young. 

288. John, b. 30 Jan., 1779; ra. L. Kezer; D. Doiman. 

289. Sarah, b. G May, 1781 ; ra. Jedediah J. Calef. 


290. Perkins, b. 29 Dec, 1783; bapt. Jan., 1784; d. 6 March, 1804. 

291. Martha, b. 23 May, 1786; ra. Jesse Dodge, 25 Dec, 1806. 

292. Gilbert, b. 2 Feb., 1789; bapt. June, 1789; d. 16 April, 1804. 

293. David, b. 31 Oct., 1791; m. Jane W. Wetherbee. 

294. Mary, b. 19 Nov., 1794 ; m. Nathan Church. 

295. Betty, b. 28 Nov., 1799; probably never married. 

171 Elizabeth {Jolm^^ John'^^ PhUip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in Ipswich, 10 Oct., 1750; baptized there 14 Oct., 
1750; married in Topsfield, 23 June, 1773, Charles Davis, 
who was born in Topsfield, baptized there, 30 Dec, 1750, the 
son of Capt. Israel and Hannah (Metcalf) Davis. 

Capt. Israel Davis was baptized in Rowley, 7 April, 1728, 
and when under eighteen years of age, was a soldier before 
Louisburg, and one of the brave men who volunteered under 
Capt. Daniel Bacon, to attack the Island Battery 26 May, 
1745, in which attempt, many were killed or made prisoners, 
but after a siege of forty -nine days, on the 17 June, 1745, 
Louisburg and the island of Cape Breton capitulated, but it 
was returned to France on the Treaty of Peace, 7 Oct., 1748. 
He was a lieutenant in a company raised in Rowley, com- 
manded by Capt. Thomas Gage, and did duty at Lake George 
from 7 Aug., to Oct., 1755. In November, Gage was pro- 
moted to the rank of major, and Davis to that of captain. 
He was captain of a company in the Third Regiment under 
Col. Thomas Berr}^, in the expedition to Crown Point, 15 
April, 1756, and served under him at Fort William Henry, 
from 9 Aug., to 12 Oct., 1756. In service again from 12 Feb., 
1757, and was captain in Col. Joseph Frye's regiment. Ma}', 
1757, and marched to the relief of, and was in Fort William 
Henry when it capitulated to Montcalm, 9 Aug., 1757. (For 
an account of the massacre that ensued, see a communication 
by the writer, in Essex Institute's Historical Collections, 1861 
page 79). 

He escaped to Fort Edward and continued in service to 
23 Dec, following. Served as captain in Col. Jonathan 
Bagley's regiment at Ticonderoga in 1758, also under him at 
Louisburg from 2 Nov., 1759 to 14 Aug., 1761, and assisted 
in demolishing its fortifications. 


'After his marriage in TopsBeld 20 March, 1750, he remained 
there until 1758, his wife having died 20 July, 1753, when he 
removed to Danvers, which he left soon after 1763, and 
20 Sept., 1767, was of Boothbaj^ Me., when he was chosen 
deacon of Rev. John Murray's church, a Presbyterian society 
there, and had charge of the western district. In the Revo- 
lutionary war he served as captain in Edward Wigglesworth's 
battalion, from 31 March, 1777 to 30 June, 1777. The time 
of his death has not been ascertained. He was a brave officer, 
and served his King in the old French war, and his country in 
the Revolution, with honor. 

Charles Davis was the grandson of Nathan (b. in Rowley 
15 June, 1701) and Mary (Davis) Davis, int. of m. 13 June, 
1724. She was born 27 Feb., 1706-7, the daughter of Elder 
James and Abigail (Metcalf) Davis. He died 2 June, 1776 ; 
the great-grandson of Cornelius (born in Newbury, 15 April, 
1653) and Elizabeth (Jewett) (Hidden) Davis, married 24 Aug., 
1696. She died 14 Sept., 1728. He lived in Rowley, was a 
soldier in the Narragansett war, and died 16 March, 1731 ; 
the great-great-grandson of John Davis, an early settler and 
proprietor of Newbury, said to be from Marlborough, Eng- 
land. (For fuller record of the Davis family, see Stickney 
Genealogy, page 504.) 

Charles Davis with his wife Elizabeth, soon after their 
marriage, owned the covenant at the church in Topsfield, 3 
April, 1774. He was a farmer and resided in Topsfield (where 
all his children were born), and Ipswich. 

The 24 Jan., 1783, he purchased of Simeon SafFord of Ips- 
wich, 59 acres of land and buildings on the country road from 
Ipswich to Andover, bounding on Joseph Metcalf and Dr. 
John Calef, also thatch bank at Rogers Island in Ipswich, 
and northeast pew in Linebrook parish meeting-house. One 
of the witnesses was his brother-in-law, John Fowler. He 
sells this estate to Benjamin Scott of Rowley. 

In 1787 (26 Feb.) when of Ipswich, yeoman, buys of Na- 
thaniel Low of Topsfield, 9 acres of land in Topsfield, near 
where the dwelling house formerly was ; and the same date, 
of Samuel Low of Ipswich, 40 acres of upland and meadow 
in Topsfield, with dwelling house and barn by the brook. 


bounding on land of Moses Conant and Dudley Wildes ; which 
purchases he sells 18 Dec, 1798, to David Hobbs, junior, of 
Topsfield, when one of the witnesses was Dudley Stickney, his 

In 1798 (23 March) when of Topsfield, yeoman, in his right 
as an heir to the estate of Huldah Cutler, wife of James Cut- 
ler, late of Salem, deceased, and as an attorney for his sister 
Sarah Decker of Edgecomb, County of Lincoln, widow, they 
being sole heirs to one-third part of said estate, accruing by 
descent from our mother Sarah Davis, deceased, who was sis- 
ter to Huldah Cutler, for $100 sell Samuel Very of Salem, 
their share, which Huldah Cutler held by deed from George 
West, in common and undivided, on a street or land from 
Buffum's corner to the Great Pasture. 

In 1798 (30 Dec.) when of Ipswich, buys for $1200 of Jere- 
miah and Mary Staniford of Ipswich (see p. 102), 105 acres 
of land in Ipswich, bounding on Capt. Benjamin Scott's and 
Samuel Sawj^er's, to Bull Brook pasture, to Eowley pasture, 
on land of William Conant, and Joseph Metcalf ; also 3 acres 
of meadow bounding on Dr. John Calef's and Joseph Met- 
calf's ; another 3 acres of meadow bounding on said Calef's 
and Rindge's ; and 6 acres of meadow and swamp in Ipswich. 

In 1804 (12 Dec.) he sells a portion of the above farm, for 
$1458.70 to Allen Perley of Ipswich, j^eoman, his brother-in 
law (see p. 109) "the farm on which I now live, with the 
house and barn thereon and appurtenances thereunto belong- 
ing, containing about eighty-three acres be the same more or 
less, bounded as follows, viz. : — beginning at a stake and stones 
at the most westwardly corner, from thence running southeast- 
wardly by land of William Conant as the stone wall now stands 
to land of Joseph Metcalf, thence eastward ly, southeastwardly 
and northeastwardly by lands of Joseph Metcalf, Lord, and of 
Benjamin Scott, as the fence now stands to land of Samuel 
Sawyer, from thence northwestwardly and northeastwardly by 
said Sawyer's land as the fence now stands to Bull Brook pas- 
ture, from thence northwestwardly by said pasture to Rowley 
pasture from thence westwardlj'^ by Rowley pasture to land of 
William Conant, from thence southwardly and southwestwardly 
as the fence now stands and by said Conant's land to a bound 


tree, and from thence southwestwardly by said Conant's land 
as the stone wall now stands to bound first mentioned." 

In 1804 (20 Dec.) he sells Jabez Farley, for $60, three acres 
of meadow ground in Ipswich, bounding on that of Dr. John 
Calef, Rindge, and Joseph Metcalf. One of the witnesses 
was Jedediah J. Calef. 

In 1805 (1 April) he sells Dr. Thomas Manning 7 acres 34 
poles of meadow and swamp land, when one of the witnesses 
was Dudley Stickney. 

In 1805 (9 Ma}') he with his wife Elizabeth receipted to her 
brother John Fowler, for her share of her father's estate. 

In 1817 (28 June) "Charles Davis of Montville, County 
of Lincoln, Mass., yeoman," for $60 sells William Conant, 
junior, of Ipswich, gentleman, 3 acres of thatch ground in Ips- 
wich, "at a place called holy Island," bounding on the heirs of 
David Mighill, Allen- Foster, southeast by creek parting said 
bank and Davis knobbs so called, to the river, etc., it being the 
bounds established after the lawsuit with Allen Foster. The 
witnesses were Joseph and William Conant. 

He purchased a new tract of land in the vicinity of Belfast, 
Me., on which he settled in 1805. It was long known as Da- 
vistown, but was incorporated as Montville, Me., in 1807. He 
prospered and left many descendants. His wife died in 1805, 
aged 55 years. He died in 1829. 

The descendants of Charles and Elizabeth (Fowler) Da- 
vis, were ; — 

296. Elizabeth (the author's mother), b. 20 May, 1774; m. iu Tops- 
field, by Rev. Asahel Huntingtou, 2 March, 1797, to Dudley 
Stickney, who was b. iu Rowley, 11 May, 1774, the sou of 
Jedediah and Sarah (Stickney) Stickney, of Rowley, whose 
line of ancestry is: — Samuel and Faith (Platts) Stickney; 
Benjamin and Mary (Palmer) Stickney; Amos and Sarah 
(Morse) Stickney ; William and Elizabeth Stickney, the emi- 
grant ancestors to New England 1G34. She d. in Belfast, Me., 
25 Oct., 1808. From one that knew her, we learn that : — "She 
was a person of good judgment, a wise calculator, good and 
honest in her dealings, kind and affectionate to her friends, a 
most excellent wife and mother. Added to all her other vir- 
tues I believe she was a sincere chiistian, she made public 
profession of religion, and joined Rev. Isaac Braman's church, 
July 6, 1800. She gave particular directions respecting her 


funeral, and died in peace in the tliirty-flfth year of her age. 
She was not above the middle stature, very slender, her com- 
plexion very fair and delicate, her features rather large, her 
hair light brown, large bright blue eyes, her countenance open, 
artless, and when lighted up with a smile perfectly pleasing 
and engaging, her voice clear and pleasant, her speech good, 
her actions rapid but easy." 

They resided at first in Topsfield, afterwards in Rowley, but 
in 1806 removed to Belfast, Maine, where he had purchased 
an estate, and engaged in shipping lumber to Salem and New- 
buryport, his brother Solomon Stickney of Rowley, having the 
disposal of it. He was also the owner of large real estate 
which he had bought of Gen. Henry Knox and others, in 
Green's Plantation, so called, to which, in consequence of the 
obstruction to trade caused by the War of 1812, he retired, and 
with others, procured its incorporation in 1814, by the name 
of Belmont, and was that year commissioned by Gov. Caleb 
Strong, its first Justice of the Peace, and was an acting mag- 
istrate for fourteen years. He removed in 182G from Belmont 
to Hartford, County of Oxford, Maine, where he resided until 
his decease, 20 May, 1834, on which occasion a funeral sermon 
was delivered. He is said to have been "a man of sti'ict in- 
tegrity and lived an active and enterprising life. He was tall, 
well proportioned, of a light complexion, auburn hair and blue 

Their two children were : — 'Dudley, b. in Topsfield, 4 Nov., 
1798; removed with his father to Belfast, Maine, was a stu- 
dent at the Belfast Academy until 14 Oct., 1815, and fitted 
himself for a mercantile life, when he visited Rowley, and be- 
came a clerk and assistant in the store of his uncle Solomon 
Stickney. At the age of fourteen he commenced a journal, 
which was continued until the close of life, and frequently con- 
tributed articles to the newspapers under the signature of 
"Alpha," mostly in the cause of seamen, in whose welfare he 
was greatly interested, often conducting service for them at 
the Salem Seamen's Bethel. He united with the Congrega- 
tional Church in Byfleld, 17 Sept., 1820. During this year and 
the following, he attended Dummer Academj', under the pre- 
ceptorship of Hon. Samuel Adams, intending to prepare for 
College and devote his life to the sacred ministry. While 
there he was instrumental in forming a Society, to be called 
" The Religious Society of Dummer Academy." He was of a 
delicate physical constitution, predisposed to consumption, 
and his intense application to his studies caused a dangerous 
sickness, which obliged him to relinquish all thoughts of ob- 
taining a collegiate education. He, however, so far recovered 


his health as to be able to teach school in Bradford and Essex, 
where he made the acquaintance which ended in a life-long 
friendship with the Hon. David and Rufus Choate, boarding with 
the latter when he first commenced the practice of law in Dan- 
vers, now Peabody. On the 28th of July, 1823, he became an 
instructor in the first District School in Danvers, where he 
continued until May, 1828, when failing health compelled him 
to resign and remove to Portsmouth, N. H., where he opened 
a book-store. At the urgent solicitation of his friends he 
relinquished his business in Portsmouth, and returned to 
Danvers in the fall of 1828, where he resumed the instruction 
of his former school. He was chosen President of the Danvers 
Lyceum at its organization, and delivered among others, the 
introductory address, 16 Dec, 1828. He died, unmarried, of 
consumption, 30 Oct., 1829, at the residence of his uncle in 
Rowley, after a sickness of a few weeks. At his funeral, from 
Byfleld Church, on the 3 Nov., a discourse was delivered Ijy the 
Rev. John P. Cleaveland, pastor of the Tabernacle Church in 
Salem. A marble tablet marks his grave in Byfield Cemetery. 
The following was received by his family : — " To The Family of 
Mr. Dudley Stickney late of Danvers. At a late meeting of 
the Danvers Lyceum, held on Tuesday evening 3d inst., the 
following resolutions were unanimously adopted : — 

Whereas, The Danvers Lyceum from its commencement has 
enjoyed the instructions, and profited by the knowledge of 
their late President, who by yeai's of arduous exertions and 
by the possession of experience, talents, and industry, had be- 
come particularly qualified for the duties of an instructor. 

And whereas, it has pleased Divine Providence to remove 
this individual from life, the officers and members of the Ly- 
ceum, in justice to their own feelings, would pay the tribute 
of high respect for his character, and grateful recollections of 
his useful services. Therefore Resolved — 

That the Lyceum deeply sympathise with his friends, and 
the community, in the loss of a public teacher, whose repu- 
tation and worth as a successful instructor, and as a virtuous 
and active member of society, are universally acknowledged, 
and that they will cherish the memory of one who has con- 
tributed so much to the improvement of Education and the 
advancement of Science. 

Resolved, That this expression of our views and feelings be 
inserted upon the Records of the Lyceum. 

Copy from the records of the Danvers Lyceum. Danvers, 
Nov^, 16, 1829. J. B. Peirce.— Secty ." 

Obituary notices of him appeared in the New Hampshire 


Observer, of Portsmouth, and other papers and magazines, 
from one of which is quoted the following : — 

"Of Mr. Stickney, it may justly be said, that as a faithful, 
able and popular teacher; as an ardent, trustworthy and judi- 
cious friend; as a devoted, intelligent and amiable disciple of 
Jesus Christ; in short, as a diligent, and successful student in 
practical science, morals and religion, few persons deservedly 
held a higher i-ank in the estimation of those who knew him, 
and who now deeply deplore his early removal." 

'^Matthew Adams, born in the first parish of Rowley, 23 Sept., 
1805; baptized in the second parish by Rev. Ebenezer Dutch 
of Bradford, 15 Dec, 1805; married in South Danvers, now 
Salem, by Rev. William Williams, 17 April, 1833, to Mary 
Elizabeth Smith, who was born in Salem, 17 Dec, 1810, the 
eldest daughter of Caleb and Betsey (Winchester) Smith, and 
died there 9 May, 1834, buried in Harmony Grove Cemetery. 

He married second in Salem, by Rev. John Wayland, D. D., 
25 Dec, 1838, Lucy Waters, who was born there 10 Nov., 1816, 
the daughter of John* and Eleanor (Shales) Waters, and died 
13 Feb., 1847, buried in Harmony Grove cemetery. 

She was a descendant in the seventh generation from Wil- 
liam' and Elizabeth Waters, emigrant and householder in Bos- 
ton, 1652, through William* and Abigail ; William' and Re- 
becca (Worthylake) ; Seward'' and Sarah (Porter) ; Ebenezer* 
and Mary (Calef) Waters, all of Boston. 

In the sixth generation from Robert' and Mary Calef, the 
emigrant ancestors of Boston (this Robert Calef, senior, was 
the author of the work against witchcraft published at the 
time, called -'More Wonders of the Invisible World") ; through 
Johu^ and Deborah (King) ; James^ and Abigail (Jewett) ; Ebe- 
nezer and Mary* (Calef) Waters ; John^ Waters. 

In the seventh generation from Andrew' and Mary Elliot of 
Beverly, which place he represented in the General Court in 
1690-2, and was the emigrant ancestor, through William* and 
Mary (Brown) Parker; William^ and Anna (Porter); Ben- 
jamin'' and Abigail (Groves) ; Andrew and Jane* (Elliott) 
(Smith) Shales ; Eleanor^ (Shales) Waters. 

On his mother's decease, he found a home in Rowley with 
his grandparents Jedcdiah and Sarah Stickney, and was de- 
signed for college, but continual ill health in childhood and 
youth prevented attendance. 

The only school education received was from that kept in 
the district, three months in the most inclement season of the 
j'ear, but from an intelligent family, whose home was well 
stored with books, and from his brother Dudley, received such 

^/j^^^^ ./5^ J&^^/^^Cy 


an education as permitted an entrance to a merchant's counting 
room, and enough of Latin to assist in deciphering the inscrip- 
tions on coins and medals. 

In 1827 he left Rowley and entered the store of Sanger and 
Peirce, dealers in West India goods and country produce, at 
138 Main street, South Dauvers, now Peabody, near the 
bounds of Salem, where he continued until 1829, when he 
opened a similar store on his own account, at what is now 121 
Central street, Peabody, but in 1832 bought the stock and stand 
of Caleb Smith, then 106 Boston street, Salem, where he had 
conducted an extensive business from 1807, married his daugh- 
ter in 1833, and resided in the westerly half of Ichabod Nich- 
ols' house, next door, where she was born and died. In 1838 
he purchased the estate of Major Jacob B. Winchester (his 
grandfather by marriage), situated 119 Boston street, Salem, 
midway between Salem Court House and Peabody Institute, 
and married the same year Lucy Waters, here his children 
were born, and wife died, and he still resides. In 1854 retired 
with a competence from business and has since devoted his 
time to literary pursuits. 

An early perusal of Goldsmith's " Animated Nature," led to 
an interest iu birds and the collection of their eggs, which con- 
sisted before ten years of age, of nearly two thousand, which 
were strung and festooned his chamber in the old mansion 
house of his ancestors, erected in 1735, by his great-grandfather 
Samuel Stickney, in a valley, near a river which flowed at the 
base of Long Hill, and carried their mills, and was a part of 
the original possession of the first emigrant William Stickney 
of Rowley. This old dwelling contained many memorials of 
the past which had been carefully preserved and handed down 
from one generation to another. Ancient furniture, some of it 
said to have been brought from England, wedding dresses from 
1700, and wedding rings, among them that of his mother, a 
plain gold band with motto inside, " True hearts never part," 
another before her marriage, "No star so bright as my delight, 
Love," with her own gold necklace, all still in his possession ; 
also the gold necklace of her mother Elizabeth (Fowler) 
Davis, family records, with coins and paper money received 
by his grandfather Stickney for his wages during the Revolu- 
tionary war, given him with their history, and now form the 
nucleus of a collection which he has since completed and 
owns, of every denomination of value, type and date, issued 
by the Continental Congress, and of which, only two such col- 
lections are known. He has also a very full collection of the 
colonial issues from their earliest date, 1G90. 


A parcel of coins, the playthings of his youth, developed 
the desire which he has since gratified, of collecting cabinets 
of ancient and modern coins, medals, etc. (still in his posses- 
sion), which are very extensive and valuable, particularly those 
of Great Britain, and this country previous to the establish- 
ment of the United States mint in 1793, its issues since, and 
proof sets from 1845. Notices of these collections have been 
given by various writers. Dr. Dickeson in his work published 
in 18G0, iu Philadelphia, Pa., gives an account and engravings 
of some of his rare American specimens. In the American 
Journal of Numismatics, published in 1867 in New York city, is 
a notice of his priceless United States dollar of 1804, and men- 
tion of some of his rare pieces in Crosby's exhaustive and 
reliable work on coins, published in 1873 in Boston. 

The reading of Mather's " Magnalia" led to a taste for 
New England history and the collecting of all eai'ly printed 
works on the subject, and they form the germ of his present 
library. The account given iu it of the Indians, and what his 
grandfather Stickney related of them, having barely escaped 
death from them when a soldier in the old French war under 
Capt. Israel Davis (his great-grandfather), in the massacre 
which followed the capitulation of Fort "William Henry to 
Montcalm, 1757, caused him to collect Indian relics which he 
frequently found when cultivating the land, and obtained from 
families in the vicinity. 

He has a coliectiou of almanacs commencing in 1666, printed 
at Cambridge, Mass., and of New England authors probably 
more complete than any other. Also autograph letters of the 
Signers of the Declaration of Independence, of Washington 
and his generals, statesmen and officers of the Revolution, many 
of the French officers on public service, and family papers. 

He became a member of the Danvei's Lyceum on its estab- 
lishment in 1828 ; of the Salem Lyceum in 1832 ; Essex His- 
torical Society, Salem, 1843 ; was a trustee in 1846-48, and on 
this institution being merged with that of the Essex Insti- 
tute, Salem, in 1848, was elected a curator of its historical 
department, 1848-50. 1856-82. Librarian, 1850-56. 

Elected a corresponding member of the New England His- 
toric, Genealogical Society, Boston, 7 April, 1847. 

Fellow of the American Statistical Association, Boston, 13 
Oct., 1847-82. Member of the Congregational Library Asso- 
ciation, Boston, 10 June, 1853. Corresponding member of 
the Vermont State Historical Society, St. Albans, Vt., in 
1859; of the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, 
Wis., in 1868; of the American Numismatic and Archeeological 


Society, New York city, N. Y., 14 Nov., 1867; Rowley His- 
torical Society, Kowley, Mass., 31 Dec, 1875. 

Honorary member of the New England Numismatic and 
Archaeological Society, Boston, 22 June, 18G6. 

In 1859 he commenced publishing in the Essex Institute His- 
torical Collections, a series of ten articles: — "Notes on Am- 
erican Currency;" "Copy of the First Book of Births, Mar- 
riages, Burials and Deaths of the Town of Rowley, Essex 
County, Mass., commencing 1639, with Notes," for the first 
hundred years; "Almanacs and their Authors," Low, Pope, 
Hall, Geoi-ge and Ames, complete sets of which are in his pos- 
session. Has also contributed articles to the " New England 
Historical and Genealogical Registei'," and the "American 
Journal of Numismatics." Has conducted a large correspond- 
ence since 1830, on numismatics, almanacs, autographs and 
genealogy, copies of which, with their replies (some eight 
thousand in number) are in bound volumes in his library. 

At his suggestion a granite obelisk was erected in Rowley, 
over the grave of his emigrant ancestor, William Stickney, in 
1865, on the two hundredth anniversary of his death, the su- 
perintendence of which was left to him, and the expense 
shared by Josiah Stickney of Boston and Joseph Henry 
Stickney of Baltimore, Md. 

About this time he commenced preparing for publication, the 
Stickney genealogy which was printed in 1869 at his sole risk, and 
has proved a successful undertaking. Its title is "The Stickney 
Family, a Genealogical Memoir of the Descendants of William 
and Elizabeth Stickney, from 1637-1869," with an appendix 
containing genealogies of the Burpee, Davis and Fowler fam- 
ilies. It contains the engraved arms, seven portraits (among 
them the authors), two plates of the monument and a mansion, 
five hundred thirty-four pages, five hundred copies. He has, 
since J 869, collected the records of Robert Calef, senior, of 
Boston, 1688, author of "More Wonders of the Invisible 
World," and his descendants to the present time, also the 
same of William Waters, a householder of Boston in 1652. 
These two genealogies would make a work of over six hun- 
dred pages in print and is in form for publication. Robert 
Calef and William Waters were the ancestors of liis living 
children. He is the author of this work. His four children 
were :— (')Dudley, b. 7 May, 1834 ; died the same day. C'^Sarah 
Elizabeth, b. 12 Oct., 1839. (')Lucy Waters, b. 5 Feb., 1843; 
compiler of the Kinsman genealogy, and assistant in this 
work. C)Coruelia Augusta, b. 13 Sept., 1846. 
297. Hannah, bapt. 24 Dec, 1776, at their own house in Topsfield, 
and died the same day. 


298. Charles, b. 15 March, 1779; m. Sarah Kenny, int. in Rowley, 

when he is of Ipswich, 20 March, 1802, the daughter of Israel 
and Hannah (Balch) Kenny of Topsfield. He removed with 
his father about 1805, to Davistown, now Montville, Me. His 
wife d. 7 Oct., 1858. He d. 22 Jan., 18G3. Their three chil- 
dren were : — 'George Whitfield, b. 26 April, 1805 ; m. Betsey 
Richards ; residence Liberty, Me. Their four children were : — 
OBetsey, b. 11 May, 1830. (=)Eniily, b. 29 May, 1832; m. Wes- 
ley Brown, and have a child b. 12 March, 1866. (^)Ira, b. 3 
March, 1838. (*)Esther, b. 1840 ; ra. Ellis A. Gilman, March, 
1859, and d. 22 Feb., 1863, leaving two children :—HGeorge, 
b. 13 Aug., 1860. PJFrederick, b. 7 Aug., 1861. "Charles El- 
bridge, b. 26 April, 1807 ; m. Julia A. Dunton. ^'Julia, b. 8 
April, 1809; m. Joseph Warren Knowlton, County Attorney 
and Judge of Probate for Waldo County, Me., and resided in 
Liberty, 1867. Their ten children were : — OPlacentia, b. 8 
July, 1833. (^)Joseph Ezekiel, b. 16 Feb., 1835; m. Joanna 
Grindell. (')AccaL., b. 22 Nov., 1836; m. Mr. Norton. WInfant, 
b. 1838; d. aged three weeks. ('')Charles, b. 30 Dec, 1839; d. 
16 Dec, 1841. OEdward Paine, b. 10 April, 1842. (')Frederick, 
b. 30 May, 1844; m. Abby M. Sanborn. OFrancis Wayland, 
b. 14 Nov., 1846; ra. Lynda Wentworth, Oct., 1870; is a lawyer 
in Belfast, Me. (')Julia Marilla, b. 1 April, 1849; d. 24 March, 
1851. (")Willis, b. 28 Dec, 1851; d. 21 Aug., 1852. 

299. Sarah, b. 15 Jan., 1783; in. Caleb Chaplin, 24 July, 1802, who 

was b. in Rowley, 30 March, 1783, the son of Moses, jr., and 
Elizabeth (Hopkinson) Chaplin, and d. 8 April, 1856. She 
was a member of Byfleld Congregational church from 1802, 
and d. 24 May, 1857. Their fourteen children were b. in Byfield 
parish, Rowley, nine of whom died young, the others were : — 
•Calvin, b. 30 Jan., 1805; m. in Dover, N. H., Hannah H. 
Snell, 16 April, 1829, who was b. in Tamworth, N. H., 7 Nov., 
1807, the daughter of Seth and Mary (Fuller) Snell. He 
went early to Salem, and was for a long time in the employ of 
Daniel Rugg and Joseph Shaw, tallow-chandlers, and after- 
wards carried on the same business for himself at Dover, N. H., 
where he married. His health becoming impaired he returned 
to Rowley, where he died suddenly, 4 June, 1879. He was a 
woi-thy member of Byfield Church. Their three children 
were :— (')Mary Elizabeth, b. 30 March, 1830; m. Calvin 
Hubbard, 29 June, 1850, who was b. in Wells, Me., 18 July, 
1827, the son of Jeremiah and Jemima (Stuart) Hubbard. 
Residence Georgetown. Their six children were :— ['lOrrin C, 
b. 13 May, 1851 ; m. Emma F. Falkner, in Boston, 10 Feb., 1876, 
who was b. in Swausey, 14 May, 1851. [^jEUa J., b. 8 Nov., 
1852; m. in Lynn, Nathaniel Davis, 27 Nov., 1878, who was b. 



in iToronto, Canada, 1 April, 1839, and have daughter, Ethel 
Walker, b. 4 Feb., 1880. l=]Sarah J., b. 1 July, 1857 ; m. Charles 
H. Walker of Fryeburg, Me., 2 April, 1874, who was b. 17 Nov., 
1849, the son of Henry and Caroline (Frye) Walker, no children. 
[^JMandana Sargent, b. 11 April, 18G6. [']Mary Edwards, b. 
27 Feb., 1868. [°] Nellie Stuart, b. 15 April, 1873. (^)Sarah A., 
b. 30 Jan., 1832; d. 18 Dec, 1855. (')Hannah Jane, b. 3 Jan., 
1834; d. 18 March, 1857. "^Charles, b. 27 Jan., 1809; m. Mercy 
Fisk of Newburyport, 20 April, 1832, who was b. there 31 Dec, 
1795. Is a farmer and owns the ancient Burpee estate, Rowley 
(Byfield parish). Their child:— Anna Noyes, b. 5 May, 1834; 
d. 12 Aug., 1834. ^Hiram, b. INov., 1815; m. Harriet Cushinan 
Neal,3 May, 1839, who was b. in Belmont, Me., 4 Feb., 1819, 
the daughter of John and Mary (Furbush) Neal, and d. in 
Liberty, Me., 9 Aug., 18C9. In the fall of 1833 when seventeen 
years of age, he left Rowley to seek employment in Boston, 
but after a stay of only two months, went to Liberty, Me., to 
engage in the manufacture of boots and shoes. He bought 
a small farm which he soon sold, and then purchased land, and 
erected a dwelling house, store and buildings for that business, 
which he carried on successfully for five or six years. He 
then removed to Sebec, Me., where he bought a farm of two 
hundred acres and remained till 1858, having a part of the 
farm under cultivation, and devoting a portion to the raising 
of stock, keeping a large flock of sheep. In 1852 he took a trip 
to California, purchased and for the first six months worked a 
raining claim in El Dorado County, but not meeting with much 
success, he became a partner of a Mr. Hilton (formerly of 
Yarmouth, N. S.), in the manufacture of boots and shoes, 
and rented his claim. His partner removing to another part 
of the county, he continued for over two yeai's at what was 
then called Upper John town, near Sutter's Mills. He also 
commenced the purchase of gold dust, sending it to the U. S. 
Mint at San Francisco by Wells and Fargo (their clerk then 
being the now Hon. John Conness, afterwards senator from 
California, residing at present in Boston), in which he was 
very successful. On his return from California in 1858, he 
removed to Liberty, Me., bought a farm of one hundred and 
thirty acres, where he remained until 1872, when he returned 
to Boston, where he has since resided and been in the boot 
and shoe trade at 1329 Washington Street, under the firm of 
H. Chaplin and Son. Their eight children were : — (*) Josephine 
S., b. 24 Jan., 1841; m. Roswell Miller, 5 May, 18G9, who d. 
in Worcester, 22 Aug., 1875. She d. in 1874, having had daughter 
['JStella, b. 22 Feb., 1870. (^)Nettie H., b. 8 Jan., 1843; m. 
Daniel W. Carey of Liberty, 13 Oct., 1873; d. in Boston, 14 


July, 1879. ('^Charles C, b. 15 July, 1845; m. Emma Teed, 
24 Sept., 187G, resides in Brookline and is in the boot 
and shoe trade. (*)Hiram N., b. 1 Nov., 1847 ; m. Elta Suke forth 
of Washington, Me., resides there, has daughter Winnie. 
(')Lyudon W. and ('')Leslie Austin, twins, b. I April, 1852. 
Leslie Austin, d. G Nov., 1859. Lyndon W. is in partnership 
with his father. DEUa A., b. 19 Sept., 1855; d. 7 Nov., 1859. 
(*')Frank P., b. 5 Nov., 1858. He m. 2d, Lydia J. Gorham, 28 
March, 1873, who was b. in Boston, 19 Sept., 1838, the daughter 
of Isaac and Eosella (Foss) Gorham, and have daughter, 
HLuella B., b. in Boston, 28 Sept., 1874. *Sally, b. 22 July, 
1824; taught school for awhile; ni. Luther S. Jackson, Dec, 
184G, and had daughter, (')Sarah Elizabeth, b. April, 1848; m. 
Leander Russell, 19 Jan., 1868, who was b. in Newbury, 30 
March, 1848. Their five children were :— [MCharles L., b. 5 
Jan., 1869. [=lFrank, b. 19 Sept., 1872; drowned 5 May, 1879. 
['JKobert, b. 20 Dec, 1875. WMabel, b. 14 March, 1877. 
PlFred. F., b. 21 April, 1880; d. 16 Sept., 1880. ^Caleb Strong, 
b. 3 Dec, 1825 ; m. in Amesbury, Betsey A. King, 22 Nov., 1849, 
the daughter of Daniel and Maliuda (Martin) King. Is a skilful 
carpenter and resides on the old homestead, had four children : — 
O)0scilla W., b. 21 Oct., 1851; ra. Hattie M. Jones of Necdham, 
Jan., 1870, at Charles River Village and have son IMEdvvard, 
b. 18 Dec, 1870. ('')Charles M., b. 27 Nov., 1859. WJennie O., 
b. 20 April, 1861. (*)Nellie C, b. 5 Jan., 1865. 

300. Mercy, b. 17 Oct., 1787; m. Lemuel Worcester Laiten, 11 June, 

1810, in Montville, Me., who was b. in Bath, Me., 11 Aug., 1773, 
the son of John (b. in England, came to New England, was a 
soldier in our Revolutionary War) and Eunice (Worcester) 
Laiten, and d. in Montville, 11 July, 1849. His widow resided 
with her daughter Mrs. Turner, and d. 30 Jan., 1877. Their 
three children were :— 'Louisa, b. 18 May, 1812 ; d. 25 May, 1829. 
''Sarah, b. 7 Oct., 1816; m. James Whitten Turner, in Mont- 
ville, 10 Oct., 1841, who was b. there, 12 Sept., 1815, the son 
of Deacon Joseph and Sally (Foster) Turner, and d. 29 Aug., 
1843. His widow resides in Magnolia, Wis. They had one 
child :—(') Charles Granville, b. 16 July, 1842, who bought land 
in Centei', Rock Co., Wis., and removed there with his mother 
and grandmother. He served as a private in the Wisconsin 
Third Cavalry, volunteering at the commencement of the war 
and honorably discharged at the close. ^Lemuel Worcester, 
b. 17 Nov., 1818; m. Louisa Florilla Batchelder of Palermo, 
Me., and resides in Portland, Me., have one child : — (')John L., 
who m. 19 April, 1877, Hatty Bird of Portland, where they 

301. Israel, b. 15 Jan., 1791 ; m. Deborah Stevens, 1817, who d. 28 


Nov., 1S55, aged 61. Residence, Liberty, Me. Their seven 
children were: — 'Thomas, b. 10 April, 1817; m. Hannah Boyn- 
ton, Sept., 1855, had no children. ''Sarah, b. 1819; d. 5 July, 
1852. ^Delinda, b. 1825; d. IG Feb., 1854. ■•Isaiah, b. Dec, 
1827; d. 12 July, 1855. ^CharlesM., b. 13 Jan., 1829; m. Sarah 
M. Kennedy, 6 Oct., 1857, and resided in Jefferson, Me., had 
five children;— (•)(^)twins, b. 6 July, 1858; d. 15 July, 1858. 
(')Georgie Ella, b. 19 July, 1859. (')Elmer Ellsworth, b. 14 
May, 18G1. (=)Effa Ann, b. 17 Dec, 1866. "Henry McCrillis, b. 
1833; d. 24 June, 1857. 'Elizabeth, b. 1836; d. 12 April, 1854. 
302. John, b. 15 June, 1795; m. Joanna Bailey, who was b. 20 Nov., 
1795. Resided in Liberty, Me., where he d. 11 April, 1866. 
Their six children were : — 'John. ^Michael, b. 20 Sept., 1824; 
resided, Thomaston, Me. ^Ephraim, b. 2 Aug., 1828 ; m. Elvira; 
residence, Thomaston. ''Joseph, b. 1831 ; d. 1857. *Mary, b. 
5 July, 1836. «Martha Ann, b. 28 Aug., 1837; m. Mr. Tasker. 

178 Sarah {Philip^^'^ PhiUp^^ PhiUp^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in New Market, N. H., 22 June, 1762 ; m. there 12 
Feb., 1788, William Plumer of Epping, N. H., who was born 
iu Newbury, 25 June, 1759, the son of Samuel and Mary 
(Dole) Plumer. 

He removed with his parents to Epping, N. H., in 1768, 
where he remained until his death. His first public employ- 
ment was in the humble yet not unimportant offices of his 
adopted town, whose aflairs he managed for many years, to its 
general satisfaction. He was elected to the Legislature, as 
a member of the House of Representatives in 1785, 1788, 
1790, 1791, 1797, 1798, 1800, and 1801. He was two years 
Speaker of the House, and also for two years President of the Sen- 
ate, in 1810 and 1811. He was admitted to the Bar in 1787, and 
continued in the practice of the law till 1809. In 1791 and 
1792 he was a member of the Convention which formed the 
present Constitution of the State. He was for some years So- 
licitor for the county of Rockingham, which office he resigned 
on being elected to the Senate of the United States, 17 June 
1802, which office he held till 3 March, 1807. In 1812, he 
was chosen Governor of New Hampshire, which office he also 
held in 1816, 1817 and 1818. He was one of the Presidential 
Electors in 1820, which was his last public employment. His 


health had become, about this time, very seriously impaired, 
and he declined ever after being a candidate for any office. 
In the seclusion of a country residence, surrounded by his fam- 
ily and his friends, he found for nearly thirty years his chief 
occupation and his greatest pleasure in the quiet pursuits of 
literature. He gave occasionally to the public some of the 
fruits of his studies, in the periodicals of the day ; and a se- 
ries of papers, under the signature of "Cincinnattus," had a 
wide circulation and were much admired. The larger portion, 
however, of his writings, remain in manuscript, though even 
what was published would form several volumes. 

He was an Honorary Member of the Mass. Historical So- 
ciety, of the American Antiquarian Society, of the Danish An- 
tiquarian Society, of the New Hampshire Historical Society, 
(of which he was the first President), and of various literary and 
other associations. 

"The career of Gov. Plumer was exceptional. As we have 
seen, he was essentially a self-made man ; he was also well- 
made. He entered his profession late in life, and had unusual 
success ; he filled a long term of public office with increasing 
influence and usefulness to the last. 

He was an original and cautious observer, and his informa- 
tion was extensive and practical. He was sincere and fearless 
in the discharge of duty and in the expression of liis convic- 
tions ; humane to man and beast, and fond of the society of 
both young and old, to whose enjoyments he contributed by 
unostentatious wisdom and vivacity of his conversation and 
the kindness of his manners. 

In person, he was tall and erect, his complexion dark, his 
face rather long and thin, his hair black, and his eyes black 
and sparkling, with a look and a smile, when he was pleased 
himself, or would please others, expressive of the most win- 
ning good will. 

In old age, his thin grey locks, the mild fire of his eye, and 
the smile on his lips, gave him a beauty and a grandeur at 
once conciliatory and commanding." 

He died in Epping, 22 Dec, 1850, in the 92d year of his age. 
For his portrait and an interesting account of his life, see N. 
E. Hist. Gen. Register, 1871. His widow died 1 April, 1852. 


"Mrs. Plumer was distinguished for all the domestic virtues, 
while her solid good sense, her native kindness and gentleness, 
and her cordial hospitality, won the respect and affection of 
the many acquaintances, visitors, and guests, who thronged 
their house while her husband was in public and active life, 
and continued to resort to it till, with the infirmities of a tardy 
old age, came the necessity for repose and quiet." 

The descendants of William and Sarah (Fowlek) Plumer, 
were : — 

303. William, b. iu Epping, 9 Feb., 1789; m. 13 Sept., 1820, Margaret 
Frost Mead, who was b. 9 Dec, 1794, the daughter of Jere- 
miah and Mary (Frost) Mead of New Market. At the age of 
thirteen, he entered Phillips Exeter Academy to be prepared 
for college and was admitted to Harvard in 1805, and main- 
tained his place among the highest scholars of his class, grad- 
uating in 1809. Immediately after taking his degree he com- 
menced the study of law with his father. He was a diligent 
student, and it is believed that few of his coevals became 
more thoroughly conversant with ancient or modern history, 
or with the classics of English literature in every age. In 
1812, he returned to Cambridge to take his second degree, on 
which occasion he delivered the English oration. In the au- 
tumn of 1812, he made his first appearance as a political ora- 
tor at a Republican Convention in Kingston, and was also ad- 
mitted to the bar. The greater part of the four following 
years, he spent at Epping, engaged in study, occasionally writ- 
ing for public journals and sometimes appearing with credit 
to himself and advantage to his cause, at political meetings. 
In the summer of 181G he was appointed Commissioner of 
Loans for New Hampshire by the general government, and re- 
moved to Portsmouth to enter upon his new duties. He held 
this office for eighteen months, when it was abolished, and he 
returned to Epping. In 1818 he was elected to represent his 
native town in the Legislature. He at once became a leading 
membei*, bore a prominent part in the principal debates, and 
took the initiative in several important measures. At that 
session he was nominated as a Representative to Congress, 
was elected in the following spring, and reelected for the two 
subsequent terms, thus serving in three successive Congresses. 
In the 17th Congress he served as Chairman of the Committee 
on the Judiciary, In 1824, he was chosen United States Sen- 
ator on the part of New Hampshire Senate, but in the House 
of Representatives there was no choice, and iu the next Leg- 


islature the two Houses united on another candidate. While 
in Congress he formed an intimacy, which lasted through their 
respective lives, witli John Quincy Adams and Daniel Web- 
ster. With the inauguration of Mr. Adams as President, his 
life at Washington terminated. In 1827 and 1828 he was a 
member of the New Hampshire Senate, but declined being a 
candidate for a third term. He represented New Hampshire 
at the Centennial Celebration at Cambridge. He officiated as 
Chairman of the Committee for the Abbott Festival at Exeter. 
He responded, in behalf of the invited guests, to Mr. Webster's 
greeting, at the First Festival of the Sons of New Hampshire. 
He was President of the Trustees of the New Hampshire In- 
sane Asylum. In the autumn of 1850, he took his seat as a 
member of the Convention for revising the Constitution of 
New Hampshire, and it is believed that no member exerted a 
stronger influence than he, or was regarded as his superior in 
political experience and wisdom, in conversance with consti- 
tutional history and precedent, or in weight of argument as a 
debater. He was admitted to corresponding membership in 
the N. E. Hist. Gen. Society, 7 July, 1845. The leisure of his 
latter years was principally devoted to the preparation of the 
excellent biography of his father. He died 18 Sept., 1854, af- 
ter a short illness, and his widow survives him. His was a 
character which most impressed those who knew him best. 
Modest and unambitious, he shrank from notoriety, and was 
seen in public only when sought out and drawn from his retire- 
ment. His mind was rich and full, accurate in fact, sound in 
opinion, weighty in influence. His moral tastes and sensibili- 
ties were eminently true, pure and delicate. From youth to 
age, his life was governed by the severest principle, and might 
have challenged the closest scrutiny. His friendships were 
strong, and he cherished no enmities. None knew him but to 
respect him ; none shared his intimacy without holding him in 
the most aflectionate regard. As a neighbor and a citizen, he 
was a peace-maker, a stedfast friend of improvement and 
progress, a counsellor and helper in every good work, a con- 
sistent and judicious advocate of whatever could make those 
around him happier and better. He possessed the graces and 
amenities of domestic life, and was signally blessed in his do- 
mestic relations. He was a Christian in belief, practice and 
spirit, and was not only a daily reader of the Scriptures but a 
diligent and critical student of the Divine Word." 

The author has availed himself of a sketch of William Plumer, 
jr., written by Rev. Andrew P. Peabody, from which tlie above 
extracts are taken. 


Another personal friend adds, "that William Plumer, jr., was 
quite tall, and more resembled William H. Seward in the cast 
and expression of his head and face than any public man I 
ever knew. His conversational powers were quite remarkable ; 
he would greatly interest every one who listened to him. 
You may think Dr. Peabody's sketch of Mr. Plumer is too eu- 
logistic, but I think Mr. Plumer was as nearly perfect as any 
man I ever knew, and that the picture of his life and charac- 
ter is not overdrawn. His widow is still living (1882) at the 
age of 85 or 86 I think, and a splendid specimen of the old- 
school lady." (See also the N. E. Hist. Gen. Register of 1855, 
p. 102.) 

The author was promised his portrait and that of his father 
Gov. Plumer, for this work, but it has since been ascertained 
that the steel plates were destroyed in the great fire in Boston, 
of 1872, His three children were :— *Mary Elizabeth, b. 6 Jan., 
1822; unm., resides in Epping. "-vyiniam, b. 29 Nov., 1823; 
graduated Harvard College, 1845; entered the law school then 
in charge of Judge Story, and was admitted to the bar in 1848 ; 
married in Lexington, 2 Oct., 1850, Emily Josephine Lord, the 
daughter of Joseph H. and Judith (Mansfield) Lord of Salem; 
granddaughter of Ellis and Abigail (Herbert) Mansfield (see 
p. 97). During the Civil War, he entered the service of 
the United States, and commanded a company of sharpshoot- 
ers, received an injury at the Battle of Gettysburg, which 
obliged him to leave the service. Residence, Lexington. 
Their seven children b. there, were .•—(')William, b. 5 Sept., 
1851. (')Edith Mansfield, b. 27 Feb., 1853. (')Margaret Frost, 
b. 8 Aug., 1854. (')Grace Herbert, b. 28 Jan., 1856. (')Ed- 
ward Lord, b. 17 Oct., 1857; d. 24 June, 1858. ('')Mary Eliza- 
beth, b. 27 July, 1859. (')Nannie Dow, b. 7 March, 1861. 
^Sarah Adeline, b. 11 Oct., 1826; d. 8 Sept., 1828. 

304. Sally Fowler, b. 17 Nov., 1790; m. William Claggett of Ports- 

mouth, N. H., 20 May, 1816, where she died childless, 18 Sept., 

305. Samuel, b. 19 Dec, 1792; m. Mary Huse Lawrence, 13 April, 

1820, who was b. in Epping, 14 Oct., 1800, the daughter of Da- 
vid and Olive (Huse) Lawrence, and d. 2 May, 1868. He also 
d. in Epping, 9 Sept., 1871. Their four children were: — *Sa- 
rah Fowler, b. 5 Jan., 1821; resides unm. in Epping. *Wil- 
liam Lawrence, b. 16 July, 1824; resides unm. in Epping. 
^Elizabeth Olivia, b. 4 May, 1829 ; m. 13 April, 1858, Elisha Ba- 
con of New York City, who was b. in Barnstable, 14 May, 
1825, the son of Ebeuezer and Phebe (Davis) Bacon, no chil- 
dren. From this lady these i-ecords have been received. ''Na- 
thaniel Greene, b. 17 Aug., 1836; m. 24 Oct., 1876, Nelly Ma- 


ria Dunlap, who was b. in New Hampton, N. H., 16 Jan., 1857, 
the daughter of Horace and Mary Dunkip of Skowhegan, Me., 
no children, reside in Epping. 

306. George Washington, b. 4 Feb., 1796; m. 19 Sept., 1824, Betsey 

Plumer, who was b. 13 July, 1802, the daughter of Samuel and 
Betsey (Cilley) Plumer. They are both living in Epping, 1882. 
Their three children were : — 'George Washington, b. 11 June, 
1827; m. 7 Nov., 1853, in New Market, Martha Jane Randlett, 
He d. in Epping, 11 July, 1881. Their two children were: — 
(')Kate Jay, b. in Mendota, HI., 12 Nov., 1858. C')Annie Mary, 
b. in M., 26 Aug., 1804. *Sarah Elizabeth, b. 25 Dec, 1829; m. 
1 Dec, 1857, Francis Vergeunes Noyes, the son of Dr. Fran- 
cis Noyes of Newburyport. •''Catheriue Jay, b. 7 Aug., 1833; 
m. 18 March, 1856, James Bradley Pearson, who was b. in Bos- 
ton, 8 April, 1829, the son of James and Eliza Ann (^Bradley) 
Pearson. Their three children wei-e : — (')Bessie Plumer, b. in 
Port Gibson, Miss., 18 April, 1857; m. 4 Jan., 1881, Charles 
Edward Norris, who was b. in Epping, 17 March, 1858, the son 
of Charles Martin and Abby Maria (Sanborn') Norris. C°)Wil- 
liam Jay Plumer, b. in Epping, 21 Sept., 1858. (')Sarah Eliza, 
b. in Epping, 7 Jan., 1865. 

307. John Jay, b. 26 Dec, 1799; d. unm. 2 May, 1849. 

308. Quintus, b. 5 May, 1805; d. 29 May, 1805. See Portsmouth Jour- 

nal of 6 Aug., 1859, for a notice of his gravestone. 

179 Philip {Phihy^^ Philip^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in New Market, N. H., 25 May, 1764 ; married 25 
Feb., 1790, Hannah Cutts of Buxton, Me. The}^ resided in 
New Marliet. He died 6 Nov., 1807, and his widow married 
2d, 4 April, 1822, Capt. Eobert Clark of South New Market, 
who died 18 Nov., 1834. She died 9 Nov., 1854. 

The cliildren of Philip and Hannah (Cutts) Fowler, 
were : — 

309. Mary, b. 17 Nov., 1792; m. Joseph Finder about 1815, d. a 

widow in Deerfield, N. H., 14 Jan., 1861, having had son Sam- 
uel Cutts, who d. aged 25 months. 

310. John Cutts,- b. 3 Oct., 1794; m. M. W. Nutter; S. K. Wiggin. 

311. Eliza, b. 10 Dec, 1796; m. Thomas Brown, 13 Jan., 1825, has no 

children, resides in New Market. 

312. Sarah, b. 9 March, 1799; d. unm. 5 Jan., 1832. 

313. Charlotte, b. 26 July, 1801 ; m. David Stevens. 

314. Samuel, b. 4 June, 1804; d. 5 Sept.j 1804. 


181 Deborah (Jacob^^^ PhUip^^ PhiUp^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in New Market, N. H., Feb., 1746 ; married 17 
Dec, 1761, Col. Samuel Gilman, who was born in New Market, 
April, 1732, the son of Israel (senior) and Deborah (Thing) 
Gilman. See Gilman Genealogy, He was a Colonel in the 
Revolution, lived in New Market, removed to Tamworth after 
the war, represented it in the Legislature at different times, 
and died 21 Nov., 1799. She died 20 Aug., 1786. 

The children of Samuel and Deborah (Fowler) Gilman, 
were : — 

315. Jacob, b. IG June, 1765; m. 10 April, 1803, his cousin Betsey S., 

daughter of Col. David Gilman. In 1804 he was Lt. Col. of 
19th Reg. N. H. militia, was of Tamworth, had two children : — 
'Alfred S., b. 15 April, 1804; d. 15 Feb., 1827. ^Alexander H., 
b. 25 Dec, 1805; m. 1 Nov., 1840, Sarah G. Neal, and lives in 
Skowhegan, Me., and had four children: — (^)Marion D., b. 11 
July, 1841. (^)Frances N., b. 28 Oct., 1844; d. 16 Jan., 1848. 
(^)Lizzie N., b. 31 Aug., 1848. (')Sarah N., b. 30 June, 1855. 

316. Deborah, b. 5 March, 1767; ra. Andrew Hilton of Lee and New 

Market, 25 March, 1784; and d. 8 Feb., 1835; had among other 
children, Susan, who m. the late Hon. John Kelly of Exeter, 
N. H., a lawyer and antiquarian, b. 4 July, 1792. See N. E. 
Hist. Gen. Register, 1853, p. 52. 

317. Samuel, b. 13 May, 1769; lived in Tamworth. 

318. Polly, b. 17 Aug., 1771; m. William Gilman of Tamworth. 

319. Abigail, b. 17 Aug., 1773; m. William Remick. 

320. Israel, b. 13 June, 1775; lived in Sandwich, N. H. 

321. Elizabeth, b. 30 April, 1779; m. Samuel Thing. 

322. Susan, b. 16 March, 1781; m. Israel Oilman; Abraham Perkins. 

198 Susanna (Symojids^^^ PhUip^^ PMUp'^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in New Market, N. H., 25 Oct., 1760 ; mar- 
ried in Pembroke, N. H., 10 Jan., 1782, John Jenness, who 
was born in Meredith, N. H., 25 Jul}', 1759, the son of Sam- 
uel and Judith (Jewel) Jenness, and died in Boston, 15 April, 
1830 ; the grandson of Job Jenness who came from England 
and settled in Rye, N. H. She died in Meredith, 4 Jan., 

The children of John and Susanna (Fowler) Jenness, 
were : — 



323. Susanna Fowler, b. G Feb., 1783; d. unm. in Salem, 8 May, 


324. John, b. 30 Nov., 1784; m. Lucinda Winship of Ogdensburg, 

N. Y., had children. 

325. Hannah Fowler, b. 6 Aug., 1786; m. Nathaniel Le Favor, 16 

Jan., 1814, who was b. in Salem, 20 Sept., 1785, the son of Jo- 
seph and Susannah (D3'ke) Le Favor; resided in Salem; and 
d. 20 May, 1820. She d. in Salem, 7 Oct., 1816. Their two 
children were : — 'Susanna Fowler Jenness, b. 7 March, 1815; 
m. Cyrus Hay ward of Salem, 1 Nov., 1838, who was b. iu 
Bridgewater, 20 March, 1808, the son of Cyrus and Deborah 
(Ripley) Hayward of Bridgewater, and d. in Salem, 25 Sept., 
1863. Their only child was : — (*)Cyrus Le Favor, b. in Sa- 
lem, 21 Aug., 1840; m. Mary Frances (Porter) Somerby, 28 
Sept., 1871, who was born in East Boston, 9 Dec, 1842, the 
daughter of George N. and Frances T. (Hoyt) Porter. Re- 
sides in Salem, have three children: — [MJohn Henry, b. 16 
May, 1873. [^'JLizzie Lc Favor, b. 26 Feb., 1875. [=]Susie 
Frances, b. 12 May, 1881. The widow of Cyrus Hayward m. 
2d, John P. Somerby, 5 Dec, 1877, and resides iu Salem. ^'Han- 
nah Fowler, b. 2 Sept., 1816; d. 13 Sept., 1817. 

326. Symouds, b. 8 Sept., 1789; resided in Salem, lost at sea. 

327. Sarah, b. 7 Feb., 1791; m. Samuel Whittier of Boston, 8 June, 

1823 ; had two children : — 'Mary, b. 2 June, 1824 ; m. ; no chil- 
dren, resides Concord, N. H. ^Samuel, b. 24 Feb., 1826; d. 
same day. After the death of Mr. Whittier, she m. 2d, William 
D. Orne of Hopkinton, N. H., had no children, d. iu Concord. 

328. Abigail, b. 4 Oct., 1793; living unra. in Cambridge, 1882. 

329. Job, b. July, 1795; married, but nothing known of his family. 

330. Mary, b. 31 May, 1797 ; m. Daniel Haskell of Boston, no children, 

and d. there 2 March, 1879. 

331. Twins, not named, b. in Meredith, 4 Jan., 1800, where they and 

their mother died on the same day, and were buried in the 
same grave. 

200 Hannah {Symonds^^^ ■PMUp^'^ PMUp^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in New Market, N. H., 19 Oct., 1764 ; mar- 
ried 1st, David Robinson. She married, 2nd, iu Pembroke, 
N. H., 7 May, 1787, Joshua Phelps. She died in Pembroke, 
N. H., 17 Dec., 1817. 

The descendants of David and Hannah (Fowler) Robin- 
son, were :^ 


332, Jonathan, b. 27 June, 1785, in Epsom, N. H. ; in. Lucy Dunton, 1 
Jan., 1809. She was b. 10 May, 1790, the daughter of Timothy 
and Nancy (Smith) Dunton of Boothbay, Me., and d. in Pem- 
broke, N. H., 15 Oct., 1838. He m. 2d, Mary Abbott, 15 Dec, 
1841. He m. 3d, Mehitable Gault, 26 April, 1846. By his last 
two wives he had no children. He d. in Pembroke, 19 Sept., 
1853. His children by Lucy Dunton were twelve, b. in Pem- 
broke, as follows :— 'Sophia, b. 6 Nov., 1809; d. unm. 16 Nov., 
1829. ^Henry Martin, b. 30 April, 1811; m. Susan Eobertson 
of Bow, N. H., 3 Feb., 1835; d. Concord, N. H., 22 April, 1858. 
"Belinda Rose, b. 16 Nov., 1812; m. Samuel Dow of Westfleld, 
Mass., 1 June, 1835; had children and grandchildren. ''Timo- 
thy Dunton, b. 21 Sept., 1814; m. Mary L. Lake, June, 1841; 
d. in California, 18 Oct., 1862; had five children, most of them 
now living ; one of them Franklin Pierce Robinson, the hus- 
band of Ellen L. Fowler, daughter of Benj. Fowler, junior, 
nvilliam Dunton, b. 26 June, 1816; m. Eliza B. Mudgett, by 
whom he had four children, of whom Helen Elizabeth, alone, 
b. 23 Dec, 1841, is still living and a music teacher in Con- 
cord, N. H. ^Clarissa, b. 15 Jan., 1819; m. in Concord, N. H., 
Dr. John Loomis, 17 Oct., 1843, who was b. in Russell, 18 
May, 1820, the son of John and Rebecca (Gillett) Loomis. 
They resided in Westfleld till the spring of 1860, when they re- 
moved to Jeffersonville, Ind. He is a physician (homeopathic) 
and practices in Jeffersonville and Covington, Ky., quite exten- 
sively. The sons living are all in active business and very 
promising. Their nine children were : — (*)John Clarence, b. 
25 Jan., 1845. {'')Clarissa Juan, b. 21 Feb., 1846; d. 29 Dec, 
1846. (')Kirke Howitt, b. 21 Aug., 1847; d. 18 Oct., 1878. 
(*)C]ara Jenney, b. 5 Dec, 1848. OChristia Roselle, b. 4 Dec, 
1850; m. Homer Bush of Westfleld, 16 Dec, 1880, have son 
[1] Homer Earl, b. 5 Dec, 1881. («)Jacob, b. 21 Aug-, 1853. 
(')Herbert, b. 2 Nov., 1855. («)Alice, b. 28 Jan., 1858. («)Ar- 
thur, b. 28 Jan., 1858. ''Asa Merrill, b. 19 Jan., 1821; m. ; d. 
9 March, 1879, leaving one child which has since died. ^Nancy 
Smith, b. 23 Sept., 1822; d. unm. 25 June, 1848. ^Charles, b. 
19 Sept., 1824; m. Jane P. Case, 3 July, 1845, had three chil- 
dren. '"Caroline Jane, b. 12 Nov., 1827; m. Leroy C. Gillett, 
21 Aug., 1847, had two children. "Nahum, b. 10 Nov., 1829; 
m. Mary Ann Lake, July, 1857; had son Henry, m. Helen Rol- 
lins in 1878, only daughter of Hon. E. H. Rollins, and is a law- 
yer in Concord, N. H. '^Kate Apphia, b. 17 March, 1833 ; m. 
Daniel E. Conery, had no children, and from Avhom she has 
been divorced. She resides in Concord, N. H. 


The descendants of Joshua and Hannah (Fowler) Robin- 
son) Phelps, were : — 

333. Betsey, b. 13 June, 1788; m. John Grant of Epsom, N. H., in 

1825, had no children, d. in Albany, Vt., 2 April, 1880. 

334. Samuel, b. Sept., 1791; removed to Piermont, N. H., in 1814; m. 

there, Azubah Learned, Dec, 1816, had two sons, *James and 
"Merrill. He d. there March. 1832. 

335. Abigail, b. 1794; removed to Piermont, in 1814; m. there Mo- 

ses Holmes in 1817, had daugliter Hannah P., b. May, 1818. She 
d. in 1822. 

336. Sarah, b. 1797; removed to Piermont, in 1818; d. there unm. in 


337. Sophia, b. 1799; d. in Pembroke, N. H., in 1811. 

338. Seth, b. 6 April, 1804; went to Piermont, in 1818, and to Albany, 

Vt., in 1831, where he m. Laura Hovey, 13 Dec, 1831. She 
was b. in Brookfleld, Vt., 6 May, 1813; d. in Albany, Vt., 12 
Jan., 1868. He resided in Albany, Vt. Their three children 
were :— ^Symonds F., b. in Albany, Vt., 17 March, 1834; m. 
Susan J. Critchett of Newport, Vt., 15 Dec, 1860, who was b. 
in Epsom, N. H., 11 March, 1831, by whom he had children: — 
OGeo. H., b. in Lowell, Vt., 17 July, 1862, and (=)Ida B., b. in 
Albany, Vt., 16 June, 1866. ^George H., b. in Albany, Vt., 13 
Feb., 1839; d. at Camp Griffin, Va., 2 Jan., 1862, 1st Lieut, in 
Co. D., 6th Reg. Vt. Volunteers. ^Betsey G., b. in Albany, 
Vt., 31 March, 1843, where she still resides. 

201 Abigail ( Symonds^^^ PJiih'p^^ Philij)-^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in New Market, N. H., 18 April, 17G7; married in 
Epsom, N. H., 6 Jan., 1791, Nathan Libby, who was born in 
Epsom, 20 July, 1767, the son of Isaac and Margaret (Kalder- 
wood) Libby. Resided on his father's homestead in Epsom, 
and died there, 19 Jan., 1814. His widow died there 17 Dec, 

The children of Nathan and Abigail (Fowler) Libby, 
were : — 

339. Nathan, ) ^ ^^ ^ 1,92 -A^'' ^P"^' ^'^^^ 

340. AbigaU, 5 ( d. 9 April, 1792. 

341. Lucy, b. 20 July, 1793; m. John Sherborne Haynes of Epsom; d. 

23 June, 1873. 

342. Hannah, b. 8 March, 1795 ; d. 13 March, 1802. 


343. Peggy, b. 9 Aug., 1797; d. 23 March, 1802. 

344. Nathan, b. 13 May, 1803; d. 28 July, 1807. 

345. Nathan, b. 25 June, 1808; m. Savalia Abbot of Pembroke, re- 

moved to Plermont, N. H. ; d. in Phila., Pa., 19 Oct., 1874. 

346. Benjamin Fowler, b. 31 July, 1813; m. Almira A. Rodgers, 12 

Nov., 1834, the daughter of John and Mary (Eaton) Eodgers 
of Greenfield, N. H., resides in Lowell. Four children : — 'By- 
ron, b. 19 Sept., 1835; m. Harriet daughter of John and Judith 
(Johnson) Eaton of Concord, N. H., in Aug., 1857, have child- 
ren. ^MaryLarkin, b.24 Jan., 1841; d. 5Sept.,1841, ^fCharles 
Henry, b. 18 Feb., 1843 ; d. unra., 23 Oct., 1864. Vohu Fowler, 
b. 3 April, 1846. 

202 Benjamin (Symoiids^^^ PMlip^^ PJiihp-^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in New Market, N. H., 10 June, 1769; 
married in Pembroke, N. H., 15 Jan., 1795, Mehitable Ladd, 
who was born in New Market, 9 March, 1776, the daughter of 
John and Jerusha (Lovejoy) Ladd ; granddaughter of Capt. 
Trueworthy and Mehitable (Harrimau) Ladd of Kingston, N. 
H., and died in Pembroke, 9 Sept., 1853. 

He removed with his father to Epsom, N. H., settled in 
Pembroke, after his marriage, on a farm he purchased, and died 
there 24 July, 1832, leaving a will recorded Merrimack Co., 
N. H., Probate, Bk. 8 : 213. 

The children of Benjamin and Mehitable (Ladd) Fowler, 
were : — 

347. Jerusha, b. 24 June, 1795 ; m. Chandler Hutchinson. 

348. Esther, b. 16 March, 1797; m. William Abbott, junior. 

349. Mehitable, b. 27 May, 1798; resides unm. in Pembroke. 

350. Benjamin, b. 17 March, 1800; m. Hannah Campbell. 

351. John Ladd, b. 1 Aug., 1801; m. Lavinia Abbott. 

352. Samuel, b. 30 Sept., 1803; d. unm. 22 Dec., 1878. 

353. Polly, b. 7 July, 1805 ; d. 28 July, 1805. 

354. David, b. 5 April, 1807; d. 9 May, 1807. 

355. Asa, b. 23 Feb., 1811 ; m. Mary D. C. Knox. 

356. Clarissa, b. 21 Feb., 1815; d. 16 May, 1815. 

357. Trueworthy Ladd, b. 21 Dec, 1816; m. Catharine L. Sargent. 

203 Sally {Symonds^^^ Philip)^^ Pliilip'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was boru in New Market, N. H., 24 July, 1771 ; m. Zebadiah 


Love JOT of Pembroke, N. H., who was born 7 Sept., 1778, and 
died 7 Sept., 1847. She died in Epsom, N. H., 23 Dec, 1831. 
The descendants of Zebadiah and Sally (Fowler) Love- 
joy, were : — 

358. John, b. 1 Sept., 1801; m. Judith Critchett, 10 Feb., 1832. She 

was b. 10 July, 1804. Four children : — 'Almira Haskell, b. In 
Epsom, IG April, 1833; m. James Jones, 21 Nov., 1858. ^Charles 
Emery, b. in Allenstown, N. H., 16 May, 1836. 'John Lewis, 
b. in A., 3 Jan., 1840 ; d. 22 Nov., 1842. -"Mary Abbie, b. in A., 
21 Sept., 1844. 

359. Herbert, b. 16 July, 1806; m. Hannah Critchett, 15 Dec, 1834. 

She was b. in Epsom, 21 Sept., 1816. Five children: — 'Henry 
C, b. 30 March, 1837; m. Maria Belknap of Canada, 31 Aug., 

1870, and their two children were : — ^Herbert B., b. 8 March, 

1871, and C*) James G., b. 26 May, 1872. ^j^mes "W., b. 3 May, 
1840. ''Sarah E., b. 1 April, 1848; d. 4 Dec, 1845. "Dyer H., 
b. 2 April, 1847; m. Emma Coat, b. in Camden, N. J., 10 May, 
1847; they had one child: — (*)Eugene, b. in Camden, 8 March, 

1872, "Jennie C, b. 27 Sept., 1856; d. 27 Aug., 1862. 

204 Samuel {Symonds^^^ Pliilip^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in New Market, N. H., 9 May, 1775 ; mar- 
ried in Epsom, N. H., 22 Nov., 1804, Betsey Davis, who was 
born in R^'e, N. H., 4 March, 1782, the daughter of Samuel 
and Abigail (Brown) Davis of Epsom, N. H., and died in Ep- 
som, 16 Jan., 1836. He died in Epsom, 27 Feb., 1860. 

The children of Samdel and Betsey (Davis) Fowler, 
were : — 

360. Symonds, b. 22 July, 1805 ; m. Lucinda Holt. 

361. William, b. 9 Feb., 1809; m. Saloma Stlckney. 

362. Fanny, b. 31 Oct., 1811; m. Samuel Yeaton. 

363. Susan, b. 20 Oct., 1816; m. Rufus D. Scales of Concord, N. H., 

where she died 7 Sept., 1880, childless. 

364. Sally, b. 20 June, 1819; m. Stickney Robinson of Manchester, 

N. H. ; had daughter Susan. He d. there Feb., 1882. 

205 Polly {Symonds^^^ Philip^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in New Market, N. H., 21 Oct., 1777 ; married Oct., 


1802, Samuel Learned of Piermont, N. H. She died in Pier- 
mont, 22 Nov., 1826. 

The descendants of Samuel and Polly (Fowler) Learned, 
were : — 

3G5. Moses, b. 11 Feb., 1804; m. Haunah Jewett, 13 Sept., 1826, of 
Wentworth, N. H., who was b. 13 Sept., 1806 and d. 30 April, 
1864; had ten children :—iWm. H. H., b. 20 Dec, 1827; d. 20 
Oct., 1829. «A. C. Jewett, b. 6 June, 1830; m. Sarah F. Sar- 
gent of Amesbury, who d. April, 1870, leaving a son and daugh- 
ter. ^Amanda M., b. 9 March, 1832 ; d. 13 June, 1850. ■'Aaron 
J., b. 6 March, 1834; d. 13 Sept., 1835. ^Orlando, b. 7 July, 
1837; d. 20 Nov., 1837. ^Sarah, b. 25 March, 1839; d. 30 Sept., 
1840. ■'Sarah F., b. 18 Dec, 1841. ^PoUy Eveline, b. 4 Dec, 
1844; m. Charles A. Monson, of Bradford, Vt., June, 1867, by 
whom she had a sou and daughter. 'Rosette L., b. 10 Oct., 
1849 ; d. March, 1850. '"Adela V,, b. 2 June, 1852 ; d. 30 April, 

366. Jonathan Weeks, b. 3 June, 1806; m. Abigail Darling, March, 

1838, lived in Columbia, N. H., for two years, then removed to 
Ohio ; had two daughters both married. 

367. Adin, b. March, 1808 ; d. unm. 1832. 

368. Asa Merrill, d. in infancy. 

369. Hannah, d. in infancy. 

370. Samuel, b. 2 March, 1812 ; m. Sabrina Stevens of Piermont, 

March, 1839, and immediately removed to Indiana, where he 
has since resided. His fii'st wife d. childless, and he m. again 
and had children : — 'Orlando and ^Amanda. 

371. Mary, b. 13 Aug., 1813; ra. David Rogers of Lowell, had two 


372. Winthrop Fowler, b. 18 Dec, 1816; m. Sarah Hobart of Pier- 

mont, had daughter d. young. He d. Feb., 1851. 

373. Daniel, b. 20 April, 1818 ; m. Sarah Gilraan of Lowell, had daugh- 

ter m. George Wood of Lowell. 

206 Esther (Symonds^^^ Philip^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 16 May, 1780; married 
there 22 June, 1803, Rev. Asa Merrill of Stratham, N. H., 
who was b. 10 March, 1783, the son of Ford and Betsey (Mer- 
rill) Merrill, and died 13 Nov., 1860. She died in Stratham, 
28 July, 1831. 


The descendants of Asa and Esther (Fowler) Merrill, 
were : — 

374. James Syraonds, b. 3 April, 1805; d. 14 Nov., 1807. 

375. Nathan Libby, b. 9 June, 1807; m. Elizabeth Wiggin, 15 Oct., 

1829, by whom he had six children besides two that d. in in- 
fancy, viz. : — 'Martha Jane, b. 13 Nov. , 1830. ''Nathan Freeman, 
b. 5 Feb., 1832. 'Esther Olive, b. 16 Dec, 1834. ♦Charles 
H., b. 30 April, 1836. ^Albert F., b. 3 Sept., 1839. «George 
Frank, b. 3 Feb., 1849. 

376. Hannah Weeks, b. 29 March, 1809; d. 7 Oct., 1825. 

377. Elizabeth, b. 20 Oct., 1810; married. 

378. Daniel Ford, b. 2 Nov., 1812; m. in Mobile, Ala., 23 May, 1845, 

Luella Bartlett Bell, who was b. in Haverhill, N. H., 18 June, 
1823, the daughter of Jacob and Laura (Bartlett) Bell. He 
graduated Dartmouth College, A. B. 1836, A. M. 1839 ; for some 
time a teacher in Haverhill, N. H. and Mobile, Ala., and has 
been for many years and still is a clerk in the 2d Auditor's of- 
fice in the Treasury Department at Washington, D. C, where 
he resides with his family. Six children : — 'Laura Bartlett, b. 
in Mobile, 27 Oct., 1847; m. 6 Sept., 1870, in Washington, 
Charles Henry Merrill, son of Kimball and Abby (Leverett) 
Merrill of Haverhill, N. H. Their four children were : — (*)Josiah 
Leverett, b. Mankato, Minn., 7 June, 1871. (*) Walter Hib- 
bard, b. Ackworth, N. H., 17 Feb., 1873. (')Margaret Bell, b. 
West Brattleboro, Vt., 29 Feb., 1876. (*)Abby Luella, b. same 
place, 22 Feb., 1878. Residence, West Brattleboro, Vt. 
=^Helen Dora, b. in Mobile, 23 Aug., 1849; d. 13 May, 1850. 
^Anna Dora, b. in Haverhill, N. H., 3 Aug., 1851 ; m. in Wash- 
ington, 7 May, 1878, Charles Henry Merwin, son of Charles 
and Amelia (Oliphant) Merwin of Auburn, N. Y. Two chil- 
dren :— DCharles Merrill, b. Washington, 24 Jan., 1880. 
OJohn Oliphant, b. in W., 14 July, 1881. Residence, Washing- 
ton. *Mary Helen, b. in Mobile, 11 Jan., 1854. ^Luella Bell, 
b. in Haverhill, 17 April, 1857; m. in Washington, Amos Ga- 
lusha Draper who was b. in Bennington, Vt., son of Jonathan 
and Philena (Galusha) Draper of Aurora, 111. ; have daughter 
(')Constance Bartholet, b. 23 Oct., 1880 at Kendall Green, 
D. C, where they reside. ^DanielFord, b. in Haverhill, 6 Aug., 

379. Phinehas, b. 28 Dec, 1814; m. Abigail Rollins of Stratham, N. 

H., 4 July, 1839, who was b. 28 May, 1811. Residence, Strat- 
ham. Five children: — 'Annie Esther, b. 24 Jan., 1840; m. 
Woodbury Fogg Langdon, a lawyer of Plymouth, N. H., 1 
March, 1857, who was b. in Rumney, N. H., 1 Feb., 1830, the 


son of James F., and Rhoda (Hill) Langdon. She d. in Ply- 
mouth, 19 Oct., 1880. Their child :— (')Frauk Woodbury, b. 25 
Nov., 1858; d. at Plymouth, 7 Nov., 1880. 'Elizabeth Jane, b. 
11 Sept., 1841. ^Payson, b. 7 Dec, 1842, graduated at Yale Col- 
lege, in 1865; m. in N. Y. City, 28 April, 1879, Emma Helen 
Strong, daughter of Theron H. Strong. Their only child : — 
(')Helen Cornelia, b. 22 Nov., 1880. He is a lawyer in New 
York City, and his brother Edwin Clement is associated with 
him in law business. ■'Charles Edmund, b. 26 Feb., 1848, grad- 
uated at Dartmouth College in 1869 ; m. in New York City, 13 
Oct., 1874, Lydia Wyles Brown, daughter of Bartholomew and 
Sarah Goodwin (Wyles) Brown, of Brownfleld, Mass. Their 
three children :—(»}Bessie, b. 22 Sept., 1875; d. 25 Sept., 1875. 
(^)Charles Edmund, b. 1 Jan., 1877. P)Payson McLaue, b. 10 
March, 1879. He resides in New York City, publisher and 
bookseller of the firm of Taintor Brothers & Merrill. ^Edwln 
Clement, b. 24 June, 1851, graduated at the Minnesota State 
Normal School in 1870; m. 25 April, 1878, Minnie Graham, 
who was b. 25 Sept. , 1854, the daughter of Francis and Elizabeth 
Loveday (Payne) Graham of New York City. He is a lawyer 
in partnership with his brother, in N. Y. City. Two children : — 
(*)Elizabeth Graham, b. 14 April, 1879. (^)Annie Langdon, b. 9 
Jan., 1881. 

380. Dorothy [Dora L.], b. 7 Oct., 1816, a teacher, unm. ; resides 

in Concord, N. H. 

381. James, b. 17 Nov., 1818; m. and had family of children. 

382. Sarah, b. 10 March, 1820 ; m. Rev. Mr. Batchelder, a missionary 

to India, by whom she had several children. 

383. Joseph, b. 24 Jan., 1822; m. and had children. 

384. Mary Abigail, b. 13 March, 1825; m. James F. Eaton, 7 May, 

1848. Three children :— 'Elizabeth Dewey, b. 5 Feb., 1844; 
m. James Walt of San Francisco, Cal. ; the mother of four or 
more children. 'Caroline Maria, b. 21 Nov., 1847. ^Frederic 
Merrill, b. 17 June, 1849. Mr. Eaton d. 9 Aug., 1850, and his 
widow married again. 

385. Benjamin Fowler, b. 18 Nov., 1827; m. and had children. 

207 Winthrop {Symonds^^^ Philix)^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 19 April, 1788 ; married 
June, 1810, Abigail Davis, who was born in Epsom, 19 April, 
1790, the daughter of Samuel and Abigail (Brown) Davis, and 
died 27 Oct., 1859. 

He filled many public offices in his native town, and was ever 


distinguished for the clearness and soundness of his judgment, 
and for the strict integrity and uprightness of his character and 
conduct. He was one of the Selectmen of Epsom in 1824, 
1826, 1828, 1829, 1830, and 1838, and Auditor in 1843 and 
1844. He died in Pembroke, N. H., 22 Sept., 1861. 

The children of Winthrop and Abigail (Davis) Fowler, 
were : — 

386. Hannah, b. 5 Sept., 1810; d. 7 April, 1821, in Epsom. 

387. Abigail, b. 4 July, 1812; d. 16 July, 1814, in Epsom. 

388. Abigail, b. 16 March, 1815; m. Daniel P. Locke of Epsom, 31 

May, 1840, and d. there childless, 13 Nov., 1867. 

389. Betsey, b. 10 July, 1818; m. E. Kimball; A. Holt. 

390. Samuel, b. 8 May, 1821; m. Elvira A. Critchett. 

391. Symouds, b. 20 March, 1823 ; d. 23 Dec, 1827. 

392. Winthrop, b. 28 June, 1825; d. 21 July, 1825. 

393. Winthrop, b. 20 Jan., 1827; m. Ann L. Locke. 

394. Nancy, b. 17 Dec. 1830; m. Timothy Drew. 


208 Thomas (Joshua Chever^'^^ Ricliard^^ Joseph"^^ 
JosepJi^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Lunenburg, 4 Jan., 
1779 ; married in Keene, N. H., 29 Jan., 1801, Betsey Stiles, 
who was born in Keene, 11 June, 1786, and died in Grantham, 
16 Aug., 1863. 

He resided in St. Johnsbury, Vt., and other places in that 
state, but died in Croydon, N. H., 28 March, 1854. 

The children of Thomas and Betsey (Stiles) Fowler, 
were : — 

395. Harriet Elizabeth, b. 9 April, 1802, in St. Johnsbury ; m. Daniel 

Abbot ; Greely ; had five children ; d. in New London, N. H. , 

8 April, 1868. 

396. Henry Stiles, b. 4 Oct., 1803; m. Mariah Quimby. 

397. Lewis, b. 1 Jan., 1805; m. Fanny Howard. 

398. Phebe Stearns, b. 27 Nov., 1806; m. Jameson, 12 Aug., 

1834; had three children, and d. 30 Aug., 1855, in Claremont, 
N. H. 

399. Ira, b. 27 Aug., 1809; d. unm. 25 March, 1838, 


400. Lydia Stiles, b. 6 Feb., 1813, in Thetford, Vt. ; m. George W. 

Emerson, 24 Oct., 1837; had six children, and d. 5 Nov., 1860, 
in Claremont. 

401. Horatio, b. 29 Jan., 1815; d. 22 Feb., 1820. 

402. John Chever, b. 25 Dec, 1816; m. Martha J. Morse. 

403. Keziah D., b. 3 Feb., 1819; d. unm. 6 Aug., 1857, in Claremont. 

404. Joshua Horatio, b. 11 Oct., 1820; m. Almedia A. Worthen. 

405. Nahura, b. 8 Jan., 1822; d. 5 June, 1822, in Norwich, Vt. 

406. Hannah T., b. 12 March, 1823, in Norwich; m. Levi Adams, 28 

June, 1842; had two children, and d. 25 Aug., 1850, in Swan- 
zey, N. H. 

407. Charlotte, b. 5 Oct., 1824; m. John Dunbar, 11 Jan., 1846; had 

three children, and d. 15 April, 1856, in Concord, N. H. 

408. George Franklin, b. 1 Oct., 1826; ra. Mahala J. Messer. 

409. David Oilman, b. 30 Dec, 1828; m. L. R. Ranger; L. Patten. 

410. Joseph Pierce, b. 22 Feb., 1832; m. R. Plllsbury; B. Hale. 

211 James (Joshua Chever^^^ Richard^^ JosepW^^ Joseph^^ 
Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Surry, N. H., 20 Oct., 1790 ; mar- 
ried Unity Durant of Weathersfield, Vt., by whom he had three 

She died in Springfield, Vt., 3 April, 1818, aged 32 (grave- 
stone). He married 2d, Lovicy Finney, who was born in 
Springfield, Vt., 16 Oct., 1794, the daughter of Nathaniel and 
Patience Finney, and died in Moriah, Essex Co., N. Y., 10 
Feb., 1849. 

He removed from Pawlet, Vt., to Moriah, N. Y., in 1836, 
and from there to Waddams, 111., in 1850, where he died 7 
Nov., 1853. 

The children of James and Unity (Durant) Fowler, were : — 

411. Lydia, b. 25 Jan., 1813, in Springfield; m. Darius Towsleyin 1830; 

had eight children, resided in Pawlet, and in Manchester, Vt. 

412. Joshua Durant, b. 17 June, 1814 ; m. R. Montague ; L. S. Goddard. 

413. Noah Stearns, b. 19 Aug., 1816, in Springfield; m. — Willcoxon 

in 1841 ; no children. He d. in Sciota, 111., 24 Aug., 1845. 

The children of James and Lovicv (Finney) Fowler, 
were : — 

414. Sophia, b. 22 July, 1820; m. Jacob Still, 20 May, 1840, in Moriah; 

had one child, and d. in Brandon, Vt., 10 Jan., 1842. 


415. Lucinda, b. 1 May, 1822, in Manchester ; m. John M. Locke, 17 

Feb., 1842, iu Moriah ; had one child. 
41G. Harriet G., b. 22 July, 1824, in Manchester; m. Levi D. Sherman 

of Moriah, 25 Oct., 1847; have children. She d. 5 March, 

1881, in West Point, 111. 

417. Alonzo, b. 14 Sept., 1826; m. Malinda B. Train. 

418. Julia A., b. 14 Sept., 1828, in Pawlet; m. Thomas Wasson of 

Moriah, 2 Sept., 1847; had two children. 

419. Eunice P., b. 16 Sept., 1830, in Pawlet; ra. Bryant Sumner of 

Hartland, Vt. ; had six children. 

420. Harry G., b. 29 Jan., 1833; m. Maria S. Pickard. 

214 Joshua Chever {Joshua Chever^^'^ Eichar<P^ 
Josejyh'^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) born in Surry, N. H., 1 Feb., 
1798 ; married Eda Atwood of Chester, Vt., who died in Col- 
chester, Vt., Oct., 1874. 

He died in Colchester, in 1880. 

The children of Joshua Chever and Eda (Atwood) Fow- 
ler, were : — 

421. Merriam, b. 1820; m. George S. Mayo, resides in Milton, Vt., 

had children. 

422. Harriet, b. 1822; m. John Severance, in 1840, resided in Colches- 

ter, and had children. 

423. William Atwood, b. 1824 ; m. S. Norris ; A. A. Bingham. 

424. George, b. 1825 or 6; went to California about 1858, has never 

been heard from. 

425. Eda, b. 25 Aug., 1827; m. John Dunbar, resided in Orange, had 

two children. 

426. Eucebia, m. Henry Farand, resided in Cabot, Vt., had ten 


427. Martin, b. 1830, in Colchester; m. Bell Leonard, resided in 


428. Pamelia, b. 1832 ; resided unm. in Cabot. 

429. Louret, b. 183— ; m. Frank Wood ; Calvin Irish, had two chil- 

dren, has deceased. 

430. Susan, b. 1836; m. Geo. Henry Emerson, and died in Grantham, 

N. H., no children. 

431. Lucinda, b. 1840; m. Calvin Irish, resided Rochester, Vt. 

216 Elizabeth (John^^'^ Joseph?^ Eichard^^ Joseph^^ Jo- 
seph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 1 Nov., 1775 ; married in 


Beverly, 7 Feb., 1809, Joseph Chipman, who was born in 
Beverly, 26 Oct., 1738, the son of the Rev. John and Rebecca 
(Hale) Chipman, resided in Beverly, and died 9 May, 1817. 
See Chipman Genealogy. She died in Beverly, 29 Aug., 1852. 
The children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Fowler) Chipman, 
were : — 

432. John Hale, b. 11 May, 1811; m. Elizabeth Hill, 31 Dec, 1833, 

had six children, resided in Beverly. 

433. Eliza Maria, b. 9 March, 1813 ; resided with her brother. 

217 Sarah (John^^'^ Joseph''^ Bichard^^ JosepJi^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 17 Feb., 1777; baptized there, 
9 March, 1777 ; married in North Andover, 11 May, 1799, Jo- 
siAH Batchelder, junior. He was born in Beverly, 3 Jan., 
1776, the son of Josiah and Hannah (Dodge) Batchelder. 

He was a graduate of Dartmouth, and of the Medical School 
at Harvard College, became a physician, and removed from 
Beverly to Falmouth, Me., about 1818, where he died 5 Feb., 
1857, and his widow died Oct., 1857. 

The children of Josiah and Sarah (Fowler) Batchelder, 
were : — 

434. Maria, b. 29 June, 1800; d. 8 May, 1812. 

435. Hannah Dodge, b. 11 Dec, 1801; d. unm. 10 March, 1881. 

436. Josiah, b. 26 July, 1803; d. 8 Feb., 1806. 

437. Josiah, b. 1806 ; died in infancy. 

438. Sarah Fowler, b. 5 March, 1807; d. unra. 1 Oct., 1858. 

439. Josiah, b. 29 July, 1810; m. in 1852; d. May, 1878. 

440. Frederick Augustus, b. 6 May, 1812; in. in 1842; d. in 1871. 

441. John Fowler, b. 20 Oct., 1814; lost at sea, unm. 

442. Caleb Dodge, b. 16 Sept., 1818; d. 26 Sept., 1818. 

229 Joseph (Joseph^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' Philip^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 7 July, 1777; married Susanna 
Stacy, who was born in Londonderry, N. H., 15 Sept., 1783, 
and died in Sangerville, Me., 23 Aug., 1833. He removed 
from Ipswich to Winthrop, Me., afterwards to Sangerville, Me., 
where he died 10 Sept., 1861. 


The children of Joseph and Susanna (Stacy) Fowler, 
were : — 

443. Edward Stacy, b. 22 Oct., 1802; m. Mary Hardison. 

444. Joseph, b. 17 Sept., 1804; m. Rachel D. Haines. 

445. Abagail, b. 27 July, 1806; m. John Goodale of Ripley, Me., Feb., 


232 Samuel (Joseph^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' Philip^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 5 March, 1785 ; married Abigail 
Stacy. He removed with liis parents to Winthrop, Me., where 
he resided and was a constable, in 1816, 1817 and 1818. He 
went from thence to Gardiner, Me., where he died in Oct., 

The children of Samuel and Abigail (Stacy) Fowler, 
were : — 

446. George, b. 

447. Henry, b. ; of Fort Fairfield, Me., in 1844. 

448. Margaret, b. 

236 Samuel {Samuen^^ Josep>h^'' Joseph'^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Uanvers, 15 Sept., 1776 ; baptized 20 
June, 1779 ; married 13 Oct., 1799, Clarissa Page, who was 
born in Danvers, 18 Nov., 1779, the daughter of Capt. Samuel 
and Rebecca (Putnam) Page, and died 19 April, 1854. "She 
was greatly endeared to a large circle of relatives and friends 
by her social and domestic virtues." She was the eldest child, 
and her father " was a distinguished and patriotic citizen of Dan- 
vers, having served his country in the war of the Revolution, 
particularly in the battles of Lexington and Monmouth, was 
also with Gen. Wayne at the storming of Stony Point, and in 
the war of 1812, commanded "the alarm list" at Danvers New 
Mills, in which company was his son-in-law Samuel Fowler. 
He ever enjoyed the confidence and esteem of his fellow towns- 
men, having been often appointed to posts of honor and trust. 
He died 2 Sept., 1814, aged 61 yrs. Capt. Page married 
Rebecca Putnam, a relative of Gen. Israel Putnam, a native 
of Danvers. She died 19 Feb., 1838, at the advanced age of 


84 years, and 10 months, universally respected and beloved." 

See N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., 1854. 

In 1797 (9 May) he bu3^s of Joseph Porter, senior, floor 
pew No. 50, in the meeting-house of the north parish of Dan- 
vers, and one of the witnesses was Sally Fowler. 

In 1799 (24 Dec.) Samuel Fowler, junior, of Danvers, 
gentleman, buys of widow Hitty Symonds of Salem, land in 
Danvers, and one thirty-sixth part of two corn mills, and the 
old sawmill now improved by Col. Israel Hutchinson, together 
with the dam, etc., one-fourth part of said mills being also 
owned in common and undivided between the heirs of Archelaus 

He continues for several years to buy the rights of the heirs 
to the thirds of Mehitable widow of Deacon Archelaus Putnam, 
afterwards wife of Israel Hutchinson. In 1806 (28 July) an 
agreement was made between Israel Hutchinson of Danvers, 
Esquire, Israel Hutchinson, junior, of Danvers, gentleman, 
Ebenezer Putnam of Salem, gentleman, and Samuel Fowler, 
junior, of Danvers, tanner, owners of New Mills (so called) on 
Crane river in Danvers, in regard to repair and rebuilding mills. 

By inheritance and purchase he came into possession of what 
remained of the mills. In 1821, he applies to the "Essex 
Fire and Marine Insurance Company" of Salem, for insurance 
on property described in the handwriting of Dr. Nathaniel 
Bowditch, its President, as a " Curriers shop. Bark mill and 
house, Large building for sawing marble. Grist mill. Pulver- 
izing mill, situated in Danvers and Beverly on the Bridge 
across Porter's river, usually called Liberty or Spite Bridge." 
"It is understood that two carding machines for wool have 
been placed in the pulverizing mill chamber." 

He died in Danversport, 22 Feb., 1859. 

The children of Samuel and Clarissa (Page) Fowler, 
were : — 

449. Samuel Page, b. 22 April, 1800; m. Harriet Putnam. 

450. Clarissa Page, b. 14 April, 1802; d. unm. 7 May, 1873. 

451. Eebecca Putnam, b. 9 July, 1804; m. Aaron Eveleth. 

452. William Putnam, b. 11 March, 1807; d. at Havana, 9 May, 1825. 

453. Henry, b. 15 Sept., 1810; m. Sally H. Putnam. 

454. Augustus, b. 11 Nov., 1812; m. Emily Putnam. 


455. Sally Page, b. 25 June, 1815; m, James D. Black. 

456. Eliza Page, b. 20 April, 1818; living unm. Danversport. 

457. Maria Louisa, b. 15 Dec, 1822; living unm. Danversport. 

458. Albert Francis Horace, b. 14 Dec, 1826; d. 13 Sept., 1827. 

237 John (Samtiel^^^ Joseph^'' JosepW^" Philip'^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Danvers, 15 Sept., 1778 ; baptized 20 
June, 1779; mai-ried 8 June, 1800, Martha Page, who was 
born in Danvers, 15 Oct., 1780, the daughter of Jeremiah and 
Martha (Crosby) Page, and died 13 March, 1827. 

He attended Phillips Academy in Andover in 1795, and Dr. 
Manasseh Cutler's school, in Hamilton, where he studied sur- 

In 1801 (28 Aug.) he is of Danvers, trader, and buys of 
"Jacob Putnam of New Boston, Hillsboro Co., N. H., the re- 
version expectant upon the decease of Mehetable, herein after 
named, of one undivided ninth part of the land, mills and other 
estate, now in the occupation of my mother Mehetabel and 
Israel Hutchinson, Esq'r, her now husband, in her right . . . 
assigned to her as dower in the real estate which was of my fa- 
ther Dea'c Archelaus Putnam, late of Danvers dec'd." 

In 1804 (29 Dec.) he is of Danvers, gentleman, and sells the 
above ninth part to Samuel Fowler, junior, of Danvers, gentle- 
man (his brother) ; and in 1806 (2 Feb.) he sells Caleb Oakes 
of Danvers two undivided ninth parts of pasture, part of dower 
of the late Mehitable Hutchinson, deceased. 

In 1802 (2 Oct.) he is of Danvers, gentleman, and with John 
Page, buys of Jeremiah Page, land in Danvers, with store and 
barn thereon. 

In 1808 (17 Nov.) he buys land in Danvers of his brother 
Samuel Fowler. 

In 1809 (18 May) Samuel Page of Danvers, Samuel Endi- 
cott of Salem, Joshua Goodale of Danvers, John Fowler of 
Danvers, gentleman and John Page of Danvers, buy of Jere- 
miah Page of Danvers, land, dwelling house and buildings in 
Danvers on the road leading to Salem near Waters' bridge. 

In 1809 (4 Nov.) he is of Danvers, merchant, with others 
buys of Jonathan Gilbert and others of Gloucester, a woodlot 
in Gloucester. 


In the war of 1812, Capt. Samuel Page formed a company at 
Danvers, New Mills, called the " Alarm List," of which John 
Fowler was a member. 

He was a licensed auctioneer, was also in partnership some 
time with John Page, Esq., his brother-in-law, in the manufac- 
ture of bricks. He is said to have died in Ohio, about 1824. 

The children of John and Martha (Page) Foavler, were : — 

459. Johu Page, b. 25 April, 1801 ; m. Lydla S. Brown. 

460. Jeremiah Page, b. 15 Dec, 1802; d. 1 Oct., 1803. 

461. Jeremiali Putnam, b. 23 June, 1805 ; m. Elizabetli M. Chase. 

462. Martha, b. 20 Sept., 1807; ra. John Perlcins. 

463. Sarah Putnam, b. 12 March, 1811 ; m. Andrew M. Putnam. 

464. Louisa Crosby, b. 26 March, 1814; m. James K. Lancaster. 

239 Sarah {Samicen^^ Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' Philip^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Danvers, 14 Oct., 1783 ; baptized 26 Oct., 
1783 ; married 3 April, 1801, Robert Hooper Stimpson. 

He was on the " Alarm List," a company formed at Danvers, 
New Mills, b}' Capt. Samuel Page, during the war of 1812. 

She died at Danvers, New Mills, in May, 1845, aged 62. 

The child of Robert Hooper and Sarah (Fowler) Stimp- 
son, was : — 

465. Edward, b. 28 March, 1811, in Salem; m. in Epping, N. H., in 
1835, Elizabeth Ann Dow, and has deceased. Their children 
were: — 'Edward Stearns, h. in Danvers, 16 March, 1836; m. 
*Sarah Ellen, b. 28 Feb., 1838; m. Charles Jacobs of Peabody, 
and resides in Chicago, 111. 

240 Mary {Samuel^^^ Joseph^"^ Joseph'^'' Philip^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Danvers, 9 Jan., 1787; baptized 28 Jan., 
1787; married 12 Dec, 1805, John Page, who was born in 
Danvers, 22 Jan., 1779, the son of Col. Jeremiah and Martha 
(Crosby) Page. They resided in Danvers. The following obitu- 
ary appeared in the Salem Register : — 

" Died in North Danvers, 12 July, 1854, Mr. John Page, 75 
yrs. 6 mos. He retained the confidence of the community in 


which he resided during his long and useful career, filled various 
offices of trust, and was a member of the Constitutional Con- 
vention for 1820. He lived and died sustaining a character for 
integrity and honesty, leaving a large circle of friends to mourn 
his departure," 

Of his widow in the Danvers Mirror, the following : — 

"Mrs. Mart Page, who died last Sabbath [17 Dec, 1876], 
widow of the late John Page, Esq., had attained the great age 
of eighty-nine years, eleven months and eight days, having lived 
nearly seventy years in the house where she died, which was 
formerly the residence of Col. Jeremiah Page of Revolutionary 
memory. She left a numerous posteritjs and of her descend- 
ants now living there are five children, twenty grandchildren, 
and twenty-one great grandchildren. Mrs. Page was distin- 
guished in her youth for fine personal appearance, which she 
retained, in a remarkable degree, in her old age. She was a 
lady of more than ordinary intelligence, and of extensive reading 
which she enjoyed to the latest period of her life. Unlike most 
aged people, her thoughts and conversation were not wholly 
confined to the past ; and her fondness for discoursing upon the 
topics of the present day, with her knowledge of books and their 
authors, her pleasant voice and clear enunciation, made her an 
agreeable companion for young persons of both sexes, with 
whose company she was always pleased. To those who wished 
to know of the past, the treasures of her well-stored memory 
were always cheerfully imparted. She was charitable to the 
poor without ostentation, and the sick and suffering were often 
the recipients of her bount}^ She was beloved and respected, 
not only b}- her immediate relatives, but by friends and neigh- 
bors, and many pleasant memories will be associated with her 

In her last moments, she expressed confidence that the loving 
kindness of her Heavenlj^ Father, who had protected her through 
her long life, would still continue to be with her, beyond the 
valley of the shadow of death." 

From her, sometime previous to her decease, valuable infor- 
mation was obtained for this work. 


The descendants of John and Mart (Fowler) Page, were : — 

466. Mary, b. 28 Aug., 1806; m. Alfred Putnam, 10 Feb., 1831, He 
was b. in Dan vers, 13 Feb., 1804, the son of Moses and Betsey 
(Putnam) Putnam, and d. 9 Sept., 1835. He was a gentleman 
of superior intelligence and business ability, and his early death 
was greatly lamented by the community in which he lived. 
Their two children born in Danvers, were : — 'Alfred Walter, b. 
19 March, 1833; m. Madaline Lester Black, 3 March, 1859, who 
was b. in Danvers, 26 May, 1836, the daughter of William and 
Mary P. (Cheever) Black (see p. 90). They had no children. 
He died in Cedar Falls, Iowa, 20 Oct., 1874, and his widow re- 
sides in Danvers. ^Martha Page, b. 11 Sept., 1834; m. Abner 
Cheney Goodell, junior, 28 Nov., 1866. He was b. in Cam- 
bridgeport, 1 Oct., 1831, the son of Abner Cheney and Sally 
Dodge (Haskell) Goodell. He graduated at the Salem High 
School in 1847, read law with George Haskell of Ipswich, and 
William I). Northend and George F. Choate of Salem, was ad- 
mitted to the Essex Bar, in Nov., 1852, and commenced the 
practice of law in Lynn, the Dec, following, while in office 
there, was appointed Register of Insolvency in 1856, and at the 
time of the union of the Insolvency and Probate Courts, in 
1859, was elected Register of Probate and Insolvency, which 
office he held for twenty years. In 1852 was appointed a Justice 
of the Peace, and continued to the present time. He has been 
Vice President of the Essex Institute, since 1862, and has con- 
tributed valuable articles to its Historical Collections, having 
been for a time its editor. In 1865, he received the degree of 
A. M. from Amherst College. The same year, a commission 
was established by Act of Legislature, for the printing of the 
Laws of the Province of Mass., and he was one of the com- 
mittee with John H. Clifford and Ellis Ames, to superintend the 
printing, but the work has mainly devolved upon him. The 
fourth volume has just been issued, and the remaining one is in 
an advanced state of preparation. He is a life member of the 
N. E. Hist. Gen. Society, in Boston, and on its committee of 
Heraldry; has assisted in editing the Heraldic Journal ; mem- 
ber of the New Hampshire State Historical Society and New 
York State Historical Society ; was alderman of Salem in 1865, 
and chairman of joint committee on the water works, and re- 
ported the ordinance, which was drafted by him, establishing 
a Board of water commissioners. Has been President of the 
Naumkeag Street Railway lor many years, and very active in 
its operations. Resides in Salem, has two children : — (^)George 
Haskell, b. in Danvers, 26 Dec, 1870. (')Alfred Putnam, b. in 
Salem, 18 Feb., 1877. 


Mrs. Putnam married for her second husband, in Nashua, N. 
H., 21 Feb., 1844, Dr. Ebenezer Hunt, who was b. in Nashua, N. 
H., 13 April, 1799, son of Israel and Catherine (Nowell) Hunt, 
and d. in Danvers, where he resided, 27 Oct., 1874. His widow 
resides in Salem. Their child was: — ^Sarah Elizabeth, b. in 
Danvers, 22 June, 1849, resides in Salem, from whom many 
valuable records have been received for this book. 

467. Sally Putnam, ) ^^ ^^ ^g^g C d. 2 July, 1809. 

468. Martha Crosby, > i d.unm. 16 Dec, 1832. 

469. John Crosby, b. 11 March, 1811; d. unm. 30 Oct., 1850. 

470. Harriet Newell, b. 11 June, 1814; m. Moses Black, junior, 30 

April, 183.5, who was b. in Danvers, 6 Dec, 1811, the son of 
Moses and Phebe (Putnam) Black, and d. there, 14 Oct., 1861. 
She resides in Danvers. Their eleven children were : — 'Harriet 
Page, b. 19 Feb., 1836 ; m. William E. Harriraan, 10 Sept., 1856, 
have three children, reside in Dubuque, Iowa. -Mary Ann, b. 
30 Aug., 1837; m. Robert K. Smith, 16 Sept., 1858, had four 
children, of whom only the youngest is living. He d. in Law- 
rence in 1874. She resides in Danvers. ^Caroline Elizabeth, 
b. 24 April, 1839; d. 19 March, 1848. ^Martha Crosby, b. 10 
Jan., 1841; m. Austin S. Richards, 6 June, 1867. She d. in 
Danvers, leaving two children. ^Austin, b. 29 Nov., 1842; m. 
Clara C. Berry, 15 Nov., 1866, have children, reside in New 
York City. ^Alice Gage, b. 31 March, 1845; m. Chauncey S. 
Richards, 25 May, 1865, have children, reside in Danvers. 'Kath- 
erinc, b. 9 April, 1847; d. 12 April, 1847. *Fnuik Dowse, b. 
26 Aug., 1848; d. 20 March, 1852. ^Esther Carr, b. 29 Sept., 
1850; m. Henry H. Floyd, 29 April, 1872, had no children. She 
d. in Abilene, Kansas, 13 March, 1873. '"Catherine Wentworth, 
b. 27 Aug., 1852 ; d. 30 Jan., 1854. "Serena Porter, b. 26 Nov., 

471. Charles, b. 22 June, 1816; m. Sarah Nichols, 19 Nov., 1839, had 

no children.' He d. at Beaufort, N. C, 12 Oct., 1864. 

472. Sarah Putnam, b. 20 Nov., 1818 ; m. Alonzo A. Edgerton, 24 Dec, 

1840, who was b. in Cabot, Vt., 14 Dec, 1811, the son of Asa 
and Dorcas (Kimball) Edgerton. Reside in Waterloo, Iowa, 
had nine children, most of whom were born in Danvers : - 'Mary 
Page, b. 19 Oct., 1842. ^Dorcas Kimball, b. 16 Oct., 1844, re- 
sides in Boston. ^Annie Page, b. 23 April, 1847 ; d. unm. "'Wil- 
liam Henry, b. 18 April, 1849 ; d. unm. ^Charles Page, b. 12 
May, 1851 ; d. in Dubuque, Iowa, 23 April, 1856. ^Sarah Putnam, 
b. 22 March, 1853; m. Walter A. Scott, 14 Dec, 1875, has 
child :— Estella A., b. 27 Oct., 1876, resides in Winona,' Minn. 
■'Frank, b. 26 Feb., 1855. ^Irving Alonzo, b. 24 June, 1859, in 
Dubuque, Iowa. "Margaret Putnam, b. 26 April, 1862, in Wat- 
erloo, Iowa. 


473. Caroline Elizabeth, b. 27 Jan., 1821; d. 9 Aug., 1841. 

474. Louisa, b. 20 Nov., 1823; m. William L. Weston, 5 July, 1844, 

who was b. in Brooklyn, Susquehanna Co., Pa., 17 April, 1817, 
the son of Samuel and Julia A. (Horton) Weston. Reside in 
Danvers, have five children : — 'Caroline Page, b. 19 Oct., 1845 ; 
m. Robert K. Sears, 4 April, 18G5, have five children, reside in 
Danvers. '-'Mary Hunt, b. 8 Oct., 1847; m. Francis S. Dodge, 
3 Dec, 1878. He was b. in Danvers, 11 Sept., 1842, tiie son of 
Francis and Rebecca A. (Brown) Dodge. He was a Captain in 
the United States Army, and at the time of the Ute Campaign 
(1879) of the 9th Cavalry, and for gallant service was promoted 
to the rank of Major, with the office of Paymaster. Resides in 
San Antonio, Texas. nVilliam Horton, b. 23 Sept., 1849; m. 
Elizabeth Dexter Stickney, 21 Oct., 1876. She was b. in 
Salem, 7 March, 1852, the daughter of Charles T. and Sarah E. 
(Dexter) Stickney. See Stickney Genealogy. Resides in Dan- 
vers. ^John Page, b. 3 Aug., 1853; m. Ida F. Flint, 21 Jan., 
1875, have two children, reside in Danvers. *Louis Foster, b. 
11 March, 1860, resides in Boston. 

475. Anne Lemist, b. 5 Oct., 1828 ; resides in Danvers, 

241 Anna or Nancy {NathanieU^'^ Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' 
Pliilip'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Danvers, 28 April, 1775 ; 
married there, 15 June, 1797, Amos Osborne, who was born in 
Danvers, 2 April, 1773, son of Joseph and Mary (Proctor) Os- 
borne, and died 21 June, 1836. She died 22 Dec, 1861. They 
resided in Danvers, where their children were born. 

The children of Amos and Anna or Nancy (Fowlek) 
Osborne, were : — 

476. Sally Cleaves, b. 28 Nov., 1798; m. Ralph Emerson, 17 June, 1824; 

hud four children : — 'Harriet Ann, b. 2G May, 1825; m. Moses 
Thurston Dole of Somerville, 24 June, 1849. "William Duncan, 
b. 9 July, 1828, resides in Haverhill. ^Ralph, died an infant. 
^Eben Sutton, b. 23 June, 1833; d. 22 March, 1857. He d. 27 
March, 1865. She died in Worcester, 15 Dec, 1873. 

477. Philip Fowler, b. 19 July, 1800 ; m. Mary D. Crane, 29 Nov., 1826 ; 

had two children : —'Lucy Davis, b. 25 Dec, 1829; m. Samuel 
Huse, 19 May, 1856; d. 12 Nov., 1861. He d. 21 May, 1868. 
•■'Mary Adeline, b. 10 June, 1834; d. 13 July, 1855. He d. in 
Danvers, 29 Sept., 1837, and his widow died in Peabody, 14 May, 
1882, aged 80 yrs. 4 mos. 10 days. 


478. Nancy, b. 24 Sept., 1802; m. 1st, Benjamin Peters, 22 Oct., 1826; 

had two children :— 'Mary Osborne, b. 3 Jan., 1828 ; d. 24 Sept., 
1829. "Mary Osborne, b. 17 Feb., 1830; m. Edwin R. Litch, 
22 July, 1858. He d. 7 May, 1875, and his widow resides in 
Exeter, N. H. ; had three children. She m. 2d, 5 Nov., 1840, 
Abraham Gage; and d. 19 Jan., 1850. 

479. Harriet Fowler, b. 2 Nov., 1805; m. Capt. Thomas Mason John- 

son, 27 April, 1830, who was born in Danvers, 6 June, 1805, the 
son of William and Elizabeth (Buxton) Johnson, and d. 30 
Nov., 1873, a master mariner, followed the sea for thirty-five 
years, a large portion of the time employed in the China trade, 
residence Danvers. She d. 7 Oct., 1871; had six children: — 
'Thomas Henry, b. in Salem, 7 Nov., 1833; m. 1st, Ada A. Put- 
nam, 1 Dec, 1858, who d. 13 Dec, 1876, by whom had two 
sons :— (^)Warren Putnam, b. 22 Sept., 1859. (^)Louis Osborne, 
b. 20 Jan., 1862; at Harvard college, class of 1883; m. 2d, Mary 
(Cowdery) Blake, 25 Dec, 1879. Resides in Salem. He joined 
the 2d Corps Cadets M. V. M., in 1853. Served with it as 
Lieut, on garrison duty at Fort Warren, Boston harbor, in 
1862, and as its commander in 1864-5. At present holds office 
Paymaster. He has received the 32° in Masonry, and is Past 
Master of Jordan Lodge F. & A. M. Peabody. Has been con- 
nected with the Holyoke Mutual Fire Insurance Company since 
1853, the last twenty-one years as its secretary. ^George, died 
an infant. ^George Choate, b. 31 July, 1837; m. Harriet A. 
Elliot, 31 July, 1862; had three children :—(i)Elliot Gray, b. 4 
May, 1869 ; d. 28 Aug., 1871. HGeorge Elliot, b. 20 Dec, 1870. 
(')Decosta May, b. 22 Dec, 1874. He was drowned at Ardros- 
san, Scotland, 21 Oct., 1874. ^Helen Maria, b. 17 April, 1839; 
d. 23 June, 1848. ^Harriet Ann, b. 26 Feb., 1841 ; d. 22 Nov., 
1869. «Warren Delano, b. 5 Dec, 1847; d. 13 Feb., 1858. 

480. Amos, b. 22 Nov., 1807; m. Hannah Pike Dustin, 7 Sept., 1830, 

who was b. in Windham, N. H., daughter of Peter and Abigail 
Dustin, and d. 29 March, 1872, aged 65 yrs. 23 days. He d. 28 
Jan., 1875. Resided in Danvers; had three children: — 
'Thomas Johnson, b. 17 Feb., 1831; m. Dollie Wilson, 13 Oct., 
1870; resides in Peabody. "Augusta, b. 17 Nov., 1836; m. 
Henry C. Torr, 19 May, 1857, and d. 22 Jan., 1864. ^Amos, b. 
10 April, 1840; d. unm. 28 July, 1863. 

242 Sarah {Nathaniel^='^ Joseph^'' Josepli'^'^ Philip^ Jo- 
seph^ Philip^) was born in Danvers, 26 Dec, 1777; married 
tlieie, 30 Dec, 1806, Capt. William Duncan, who was born in 


St. Andrews, Scotland, 26 Oct., 1782, the son of Henry and 
Catherine (Bell) Duncan, came to Salem in 1795, a master mar- 
iner, and died 7 Jan., 1860. She died in Salem, 12 April, 

The children of William and Sarah (Fowler) Duncan, 
were : — 

481. Harriet Jane, b. 21 Sept., 1807; m. James Balch, 27 June, 1833, 

who was b. in Salem, 21 Feb., 1806, the sou of Benjamin and 
Lois (Phippen) Balch, and d. at Half Day, 111., Nov., 1846. 
She d. in Salem, 16 Jan., 1873; had three children. 

482. Sarah Ann, b. 26 Sept., 1810; m. Capt. John Fisk Putnam, 13 

May, 1834, who was b. in Salem, 25 May, 1800, the son of Eben 
and Elizabeth (Fisk) Putnam, andd. 14 July, 1881. " His great- 
grandfather was the Kev. Samuel Fiske, former minister of the 
First church, and the first minister of the Taberuacle. He was 
also the last surviving grandson of Gen. John Fisk. Capt. 
Putnam was one of the old shipmasters, first went to sea at the 
age of fifteen, following this pursuit for some thirty-five years, 
visiting the East Indies, Kussia, and South America. Their 
only child was: — George Duncan, b. 20 Feb., 1835 ; m. Eileen C. 
Edmands, 7 April, 1869, and i-esides in Salem. 

483. Catherine Elizabeth, b. 12 Aug., 1813; m. George B. Foster, 18 

Oct., 1841 ; has three sous and a daughter and resides at Bos- 
ton Highlands. 

243 Mary {NatlmnieV-^'^ Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' Philij)^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Danvers, 6 July, 1780; married there as 
his third wife, 25 Oct., 1807, Capt. John Daland, who was 
born in Salem, 28 Jan., 1768, the son of Benjamin and Han- 
nah (Cook) Daland, and died 28 Oct., 1842. She died in Sa- 
lem, 30 Dec, 1836. 

The child of John and Mary (Fowler) Daland, was : — 

484. Mary Ann, b. 4 March, 1809; m. Daniel Hobbs Johnson, senior, 
of Salem, 28 April, 1828, who was b. in Boston, 12 Jan., 1804, 
the son of Daniel and Rebecca (Billings) .Johnson, and d. in 
Salem, 14 Feb., 1868, where his widow still resides. Their 
seven children born in Salem, were : — 'Harriet Stickney, b. 31 
Aug., 1829; d. May, 1846. *Henry Daland, b. 24 Aug., 1831; 
in. Lucretia O. S. Stevens, 7 June, 1865, has son and two 
daughters, resides in Salem. 'Mjiry Ann Daland, b. 21 Dec, 


1833; d. 21 Oct., 1849. '•Daniel Hobbs, b. 27 Oct., 1835; m. 
Susan E. Ward, 13 April, 1864, have daughter, resides in Sa- 
lem. *Eliza Dalaud, b. 20May, 1838; unm. ^Rebecca Billings, 
b. 8 Aug., 1844; d. 15 Aug., 1845. 'Charles Thomas, b. 23 
June, 1853; m. Florence M. Burke, 12 Oct., 1882; resides in 

244 Nathaniel {NatJiamen^'^ Joseph^'' Joseph'^^ Philijy-^ 
Joseph^ Phili^)^) was born in Danvers, 15 Oct., 1783 ; married 
in Beverly, 21 May, 1805, Sally Whittredge, who was* born 
there 13 Dee., 1786, the daughter of Livennore and Lydia 
(Herrick) Whittredge, and died in New Orleans, La., 7 Sept., 

In 1806 (21 Aug.) Nathaniel Fowler of Beverly, gold- 
smith, and Sally his wife, sell for $356 to Joseph Wood, Esq., 
a shop in Beverly on the easterly side of the Post Road lead- 
ing from Essex Bridge to Ipswich, which he bought of Nehe- 
miah Fuller. 

In 1808 (10 Feb.) when of Beverly, mariner, with Sally his 
wife, in her right, sells Thomas Whittredge, the westerly half 
of a dwelling house, buildings and land, the late mansion house 
of Mr. Livennore Whittredge, deceased, of Beverly. 

His wife also makes several purchases. They removed to 
New Orleans, La., after 1810. He had deceased before 1823, 
and his widow before 1829. 

The children of Nathaniel and Sally (Whittredge) Fow- 
ler, were : — 

485. William, b. 11 May, 1806, in Beverly, was a bookbinder in Bos- 

ton and Salem, and 21 July, 1829, sole surviving heir-at-law of 
Sally Fowlkr, wife of Nathaniel Fowler, both then de- 
ceased ; was living in 1834 ; d. unm. in New York state. 

486. Nathaniel, b. in New Orleans, La., and d. there unm. before 


487. Livermore Whittredge, b. in New Orleans, La., where he d. 

unm., before 1829. 

246 Harriet {Natlmniel^^'^ Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' PMlip^^ 
Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Danvers, 16 Nov., 1791 ; mar- 
ried, as liis second wife, 2 May, 1816, William Stickney, who 


was born in Salem, 1 Oct., 1780, the son of William and Ju- 
dith (Fiye) Stickne3\ See Stickney Genealog}^ p. 282. He 
resided in Salem, where he died 2 May, 1839, and his widow 
died 28 Aug., 1864. 

The children of William and Harriet (Fowler) Stickney, 
were : — 

488. Love Frye, b. 19 June, 1821; ra. Joseph "Warren Fabens of Sa- 

lem, 4 July, 1844, resided for many years in New York City 
and latterly in Elizabeth, N. J., where he d. 14 March, 1875, in 
, his 54th year. An obituary notice states that he was a son of 
the late Benjamin Fabens, Esq., of Salem, and that "Mr. Fa- 
bens was a gentleman of more than ordinary intelligence, had 
engaged in various enterprises in difterent parts of the world, 
and was a writer of much ability. He took an active part in 
the introduction of camels into our southwestern territory, 
and was more recently conspicuous for his eflbrts for the ac- 
quisition of St. Domingo. He leaves a family iu Elizabeth." 

489. Harriet Fowler, b. 1 June, 1823; unmarried. 

490. Nathaniel Fowler, b. Aug., 1825; d. 31 Oct., 1825. 

491. Franklin, b. 9 Aug., 1827; m. Hannah N. Brown, 24 Oct., 1850, 

who d. in Salem, 17 Aug., 1854, aged 26 years. He m. 2nd, 
Carrie C. Fairfield, 1 Aug., 1859. He was a master-mariner, 
and d. at Liverpool, Eng., 19 April, 1863, leaving a daughter 
Anne Osgood, b. Feb., 1863. 

492. David Ingersoll, b. 14 April, 1832; ra. Susan Huntress, 3 April, 

1855. He was a master-mariner and d. in Washington, D. C, 
10 Aug., 1861. 

251 Joseph (James^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph'' Philip'^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 5 Sept., 1810; married 4 Dec, 
1832, Mary Bailey, who was born in Marblehead, 5 Feb., 1813, 
the daughter of John and Catherine (Scovey) Bailey, and died 
in Ipswich, 23 April, 1873. 

He resides on the old homestead in Ipswich. 

The children of Joseph and Mary (Bailey) Foavler, were : — 

493. Mary Catherine, b. 11 Nov., 1833; m. Sylvanus F. Canuey. 

494. Martha Ann, b. 8 April, 1835; m. John F. G. Clark. 

495. Joseph William, b. 25 June, 1837 ; m. Abbie H. Courtney, 28 May, 

1873, who was b. 3 June, 1840, the daughter of Abel and Eliza- 
beth (Lord) Courtney, and resides in Ipswich; no children. 

496. John James, b. 25 June, 1839; m. Marcy A. Capwell. 

497. Eben Evans, b. 25 July, 1841 ; m. Lauretta E. Nickerson. 

498. Ellen Bailey, b. 8 Oct., 1843; m. George W. Baker. 



252 Joseph (PJiUip^^^ JosepW Joseph^'' Philip^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Portland, Me., 12 July, 1796 ; married in 
Liverpool, N. S., 3 Dec, 1818, Melinda Dexter, who was born 
in Liverpool, N. S., 30 July, 1800, the daughter of Samuel and 
Anna (Godfrey) Dexter, and died 3 Jan., 1850. 

He married 2d in Newbury port, 30 April, 1851, Martha B. 
(Gale) Jelly, widow of John Jelly of Salem. She was born 
in Salem, April, 1802, the daughter of Samuel and Mary Gale, 
and died in Salem, 14 Aug., 1868. 

He resided in Belfast and Thomaston, Me., and removed in 
Sept., 1840, to Salem, where he died 10 June, 1875. 

The children of Joseph and Melinda (Dexter) Fowler, 
were : — 

499. Hannah Dexter, b. 31 Aug., 1819; m. Israel J. Perry, junior. 
600. Joseph Henry, b. 23 Sept., 1821; m. Nancy G. Chandler. 

501. William Tukey, b. 28 Nov., 1823; m. Caroline B. Tarbox. 

502. Newton Gordon, b. 20 Sept., 1826; m. Clara F. Lake. 

503. Edwin Kempton, b. 13 Nov., 1829; m. M. F. Lander; S. E. 


504. Philip Monroe, b. 23 July, 1832; ra. Harriet D. Buswell, 23 Oct., 

1854, no children, resides in Salem. 

505. Charles Barnard, b. 23 July, 1835 ; m. Lucy M. Upton. 

506. Melinda Dorcas, b. 3 Feb., 1838; ra. George W. Davis. 

253 Fanny Stoddard {Phihy^'^ Joseph^^ Joseph^'' 

Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Portland, Me., 13 Dec, 
1798; married there, in 1816, John McGlaughlin, who was 
born in Newburyport, in 1796, and died in Portland, 4 Feb., 
1863. He was a minute man in Portland, in 1812, under Capt. 
Nathaniel Shaw. They resided in Portland, where she died 12 
Dec., 1828. 

The children of John and Fanny Stoddard (Fowler) 
McGlaughlin, were : — 

507. William Henry, b. 1 June, 1817, in Portland, Me., m. in Ply- 
mouth, 18 May, 1846, Hannah Williams Dunham,-of that place, 
who was born there, 24 Feb., 1822. Residence, Boston. Three 
children: — •William H., b. in Charlestown/ 1 Nov., 1847; m. 
there 5 May, 1873, Emma Jane Jordan, who was b. in Durham, 
Me., residence, Boston. ^George Todd, b. in C, 23 Dec, 1850; 
residence, Kansas City, Mo. ^Frank Thomas, b. in Portland, 24 
May, 1857; d. in Boston, 2 Aug., 1880. 


508. John Russell, b. 29 June, 1819; m. Eliza Ann Smith of Newbury- 
port, who d. in Charlestown, 16 July, 1858. He d. in Atkin- 
son, N. H., Aug., 1846, no children. 

609. Lucy Ann, b. 6 Sept., 1822; m. Dr. Henry Wigand, 16 July, 

1846, wlio was b. in Cassel, Germany, 25 Jan., 1816; d. in Day- 
ton, 0., 7 June, 1871. His widow resides in Cambridge. 

610. Eben Webster, b. 16 Nov., 1824; married, resided in Providence, 

R. I., where he d. 28 July, 1881, leaving son Thomas Sprague, 
who has married and resides in Providence, R. I. 

255 Dorcas {PhiUp^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph^'' Pldlip^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Portland, Me., 2 Sept., 1802 ; married 
there 30 Sept., 1824, Joseph Conner, who was born in 
Thomaston, Me., 20 Jan., 1801, the son of Eliphalet and 
Asenath (Bryant) Conner of Newburyport, and died in 
Lynn, 2 June, 1872. He served in the U. S. Navy during 
the civil war. His widow resides in West Lynn, with her 
eldest daughter. 

The children of Joseph and Dorcas (Fowler) Conner, 
were : — 

511. Mary Elizabeth, b. in Thomaston, Me., 5 Aug., 1825; m. in Bos- 

ton,- 5 July, 1852, Willard Franklin Oliver, who was b. in Lynn, 
4 July, 1824, the son of Benjamin F. and Lydia (Batchelder) 
Oliver. Residence, West Lynn. Two children:— 'Effle Tudor, 
b. 24 March, 1853. ''Arthur Willard, b. 11 Dec, 1860. 

512. George Mercer, b. in Boston, 11 June, 1830; m. Elizabeth But- 

man of Lynn, 10 July, 1852; residence, Swampscott. Four 
children; — 'George Edward, b. 3 Sept., 1854; m. Alice Briton, 
residence, Swampscott. ^Frederic, b. 3 Sept., 1865. ^Jose- 
phine Elizabeth, b. 10 June, 1868. '•Henry Hildreth, b. 3 May, 

613. Henry Clay, b. in Boston, 8 Aug., 1833; m. Ann Gobbet of Bel- 
fast, Me., 4 July, 1853. Residence, Elmira, N. Y. Two chil- 
dren : — 'Emma, b. 4 March, 1854; m. George Pratt of Lynn, 
1882, and resides in Elmira, N, Y. Joseph Henry, b. 9 June, 

514. Josephine Adelaide, b. in Portland, Me., 8 Aug., 1839; m. Wil- 
liam Chester Doane of Phillipston, Mass., 15 April, 1860. 
Three children :—'Erviug Haskell, b. 15 Feb., 1862. ^Alice 
May, b. 22 Dec, 1867. ^Eugene Fowler, b. 22 Jan., 1879. 


256 Philip Gould (Philip^^^ Joseph^'' Josepli'^i Philip'^ 
Josep)lfi Philip^) was born in Portland, Me., 6 Sept., 1803 ; 
married, in 1827, Olive Tcttle of North Yarmouth, Me., who 
has deceased. Resided in Portland, and died in New York 
City, N. Y., 13 Sept., 1858. 

The children of Philip Gould and Olive (Tuttle) Fowler, 
were : — 

515. Sarah Ann, b. 6 Dec, 1831; m. Sylvanus H. Raymond, who was 

b. in Pocassett, 18 Nov., 1822; d. in Brockton, 26 Feb., 1875. 
Residence in Boston. 

516. Ellen M., b. 6 Feb., 1834; m. Thomas B. F. Cook. 

517. William, b. 28 March, 1835 ; m. Emma T. Linell. 

257 Caroline Gordon (PhiUp^^^ Joseph^"^ Joseph'^'' 

PJiilip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Portland, Me., 20 Sept., 
1805 ; married there, 31 May, 1829, Alden Bradbury, who was 
born in Hollis, Me., 8 Dec, 1805, the son of Andrew and Deb- 
orah (Crees}^) Bradbury, and died in Saccarappa, Me., 30 
Dec, 1875. She died in Brunswick, Me., 30 Jan., 1841. 

The children of Alden and Caroline Gordon (Fowler) 
Bradbury, were : — 

518. Francis Norris, b. 20 Feb., 1830, in Portland, Me., a soldier in 

the United States Army, and died in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 
IG May, 1851. 

519. Ellen Maria, b. 23 April, 1832; d. 16 Sept., 1833, in Portland. 

520. Ellen Maria, b. 4 Nov., 1833, in Portland; m. Carl Frederick Ber- 

basky, had two children : — 'Carl Alden, b. 27 March, 1870. 
*NelUe Louisa, b. 20 Sept., 1872; d. in Saccarappa, 19 May, 

621. Caroline, b. 13 Jan., 1836; d. 17 Oct., 1837, in Portland. 

522. Elizabeth Jane, b. 28 Dec, 1837, in Portland; residence, Sacca- 

258 Edward Souther (PMby^^ Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' 
Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Portland, Me., 10 Oct., 
1807 ; married in 1828, Mary Merrill of Gorham, Me. 

Resided in Louisville, Ky., where he died about 1866. He 
married again and had children. 


The children of Edward Souther Fowler, were : — 

523. Edward Merrill, b. by 1st wife ; married. 

524. Ellen Malinda, b. 8 Oct., 1830; d. 9 April, 1834. 

525. Charles, resided in Louisville, Ky., in 1872. 

259 Stephen Tukey (P/«7i>i60 Josejjh^'^ Joseph'^'' PhiUp^^ 
Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Portland, Me., 10 March, 1810 ; 
married there 20 March, 1830, Susan Frates, who was born 
there, 24 June, 1814, the daughter of Antone and Mary (In- 
gersoll) Frates, and died in Metuchen, N. J., 18 Dec, 1879. 

He resided in Portland, Me., where most of his children 
were born, then with his son at Metuchen, N. J., where he died 
14 Sept., 1881. 

The children of Stephen Tukey and Susan (Frates) Fow- 
ler, were : — 

526. Charles, b. 24 June, 1831 ; m. Frances A. Smith. 

527. Mary Elizabeth, b. 8 July, 1833; d. 10 Jan., 1836. 

528. Mary^Louisa, b. 21 July, 1836; d. 3 Sept., 1838. 

529. Stephen, b. 3 Feb., 1838; unm. ; served in the U. S. Navy during 

the Civil War on board the "Mississippi" and "Housatouic," 
was in the Battle of New Orleans, and blockade before Charles- 
ton, S. C. ; is now in Leadville, Colorado, in the mining 

530. Susan Melinda, b. 27 Aug., 1840; d. 10 Sept., 1841. 

531. Frederick Augustus, b. 20 Sept., 1842; d. 15 March, 1843. 
632. Thomas Frates, b. 2 Nov., 1843; d. 3 Nov., 1843. 

533. Amelia Maria, b. 29 Oct., 1844; m. Joseph H. Lucas of Boston, 5 
Dec, 1878, no children. 

634. Hervey Pinkham, b. 8 Nov., 1846; m. Mary E. Tappen. 

635. Adelaide Stevens, b. 11 March, 1850; d. 1 Oct., 1852. 
536. Frederick Antone, b. 10 Nov., 1851; d. 3 Oct., 1852. 

260 George Tukey {PMUp^^^ Joseph^'^ Joseph'^'' PhiUp^^ 
Joseph^ Philip)^) was born in Kennebunk, Me., 2 Oct., 1813 ; 
married, in 1832, Elizabeth Crockett of Portland, Me. Re- 
sided in Portland, Me., and Charlestown. He died about 1873, 
and his widow resided in Brookline. 


The children of George Tukey and Elizabeth (Crockett) 
Fowler, were : — 

637. Frances H., b. in Salem, 1838; unm. 

638. Albert C, b. in Charlestown, 1834; d. 1843. 

639. Georgianna, b. in Charlestown, 1844 ; unm. 

640. Augustine Blanio, b. in Charlestown, 1846 ; m., in 1867, Miss Pray ; 

has children ; resides in Charlestown. 
541. Lucretia, b. in Poi'tland, Me., m. Mr. Curtis in 1872; resides in 

288 John (Jo7i?i'70 jb/mso Jo/in^s philip'i9 Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in Ipswich, 30 Jan., 1779 ; married in Rowley, in 
1797, Lois Kezer, who died 25 Feb., 1804, aged 22 3'ears. 

He married second, in Boxford, 24 April, 1804, Deborah 
DoRMAN, who was born in Boxford, 18 May, 1782, the daugh- 
ter of Timothy and Deborah (Perley) Dorman of Boxford. 
See page 110. 

In 1794 (14 Oct.) "John Fowler 3d," witnessed a deed of his 

In 1801 (10 April) he is of Rowley, carpenter, and buys 
land there of John Pickard. 

In 1801 (8 July) he sells Joseph Adams, for $170, his 
dwelling house and land, with buildings in Rowley, with three- 
fourths of an acre of land adjoining, bounding northwest cor- 
ner of Batchelder's bridge, south and west by road that leads 
from Old to New Rowle}^ about 21 rods, north 35 degrees, east 
by Batchelder's Brook. Also a piece of land across the road 
from the house easterly, three-fourths of an acre by country 
road., east by stone wall, by meadow of Joseph Chaplin to Batch- 
elder's Brook, northwest by brook and meadow of John 
Pickard, south by road 12 rods, 14 links. Ack. by him and 
wife Lois Fowler, 9 July, 1801. 

He removed to Newburyport, but died in Savannah, Ga., 14 
Aug., 1809, and administration on the estate of John Fowler, 
late of Newbury port, cordvvainer, deceased, intestate, was 
granted to his father, Mr. John Fowler, who gave bonds with 
Isaac Potter and Timothy Dorman, 2 Oct., 1809. 

Inv. of his estate, dated 6 Dec, 1809, gives: — an acre of 


land in Ipswich $35 ; land in Bridgton, County of Cumberland, 
at the head of Crotchet pond, 200 acres $800 ; other land in 
Bridgton to value of $1470. Also lots in Harrison, County 
of Cumberland, to the value of $725. Total of Real Estate 
$2755. Total of Personal $274.95, among which, share in 
Boxford Library. 

Guardianship of his daughter Debby Fowler, aged five years, 
was granted to Mr. Timothy Dorman, 6 Nov., 1809, and all the 
articles of the personal estate were delivered to him for his 
ward "Debby Fowler, only child and heir of the deceased," 15 
Oct., 1816. 

His widow Deborah, died in Linebrook, 25 Feb., 1805, aged 
22 yrs. 9 mos. 7 days (gravestone). 

The children of John and Lois (Kezer) Fowler, were : — 

542. Albert, b. 20 Dec, 1797; d. before 181G. 

543. Infant, d. May, 1799. 

544. George Washington, b. 10 March, 1800; d. before 1816. 

545. Joanna, b. 5 Jan., 1801; d. before 1816. 
646. Dolly, died young. 

547. Lois, b. 28 Jan., 1804; d. before 1816. 

The child of John and Deborah (Dorman) Fowler, was : — 
648. Deborah Dorman, b. ; m. Aaron Beaman, 27 Oct., 1824, 

had three children, settled in North Bridgton, Me. He was b. 

in Bridgton, 1797, the son of Aaron and Phebe Beaman. 

289 Sarah {John^''^ John^^ JoJm^^ Philiiy^^ Joseph^ Philip') 
was born in Ipswich, 6 May, 1781 ; married there, int., 28 
June, 1799, Jedediah Jewett Calef. He was born in Ipswich, 
22 June, 1778, the son of Hon. John and Dorothy (Jewett) 
Calef. His line of ancestiy is: — Robert and Margaret (Stan- 
iford) Calef; Dr. Joseph and Mai-y (Ayer) Calef, all of Ipswich, 
Robert Calef, author of "More Wonders of the Invisible 
World," etc., and the emigrant ancestor of the family. 

He settled on a farm in Linebrook parish, Ipswich, which 
had descended to him from Rev. Jedediah Jewett of Rowley, his 
grandfather, and for whom he was named. This estate he sold 
about 1809 to Andrew Dodge. He removed from Ipswich to 
Waterford, Me., and 15 June, 1809, Jedediah Jewett Calef 


of Waterford, Oxford County, Me., yeoman, sold to John 
Fowler of Ipswich, about 64 acres of land in Waterford, west 
side of Long Pond Brook, with the privilege to build a mill, etc. 
He soon after removed to Bridgton, Me., went from thence to 
St. George, New Brunswick, in 1815, where his wife died 2 
April, 1842. He removed to Nininger, Dakota County, Minn., 
in 1853, where he died 11 Oct., 1857. 

The children of Jedediah Jewett and Sarah (Fowler) 
Calef, were : — 

549. John, b. 9 Sept., 1799; d. 5 March, 1803, in Ipswich. 

550. Dorothy Jewett, b. 26 Oct., 1801; m. John McMullin ; d. in Saco, 

Me., 24 Oct., 1825. 

551. Robert, b. 16 May, 1803; married and died in Nininger, Minn., 

April, 1860. 

552. John, b. 18 Feb., 1805; drowned 1 Aug., 1827, in Passamaquoddy 

River, near Eastport, Me., never married. 

553. Samuel, b. 8 Feb., 1807; m. Susan Justason, 22 March, 1836, re- 

sided in Hastings, Minn. 

554. Sarah Perkins, b. 19 April, 1809; living unm., in Nininger, Minn. 

555. Benjamin Franklin, b. 6 Feb., 1811; d. unm. 28 Feb., 1851, in St. 

George, N. B. 

556. Margaret Elizabeth, b. 4 Dec, 1812; m. William Hawkins, resi- 

dence, Hampton, Minn. 

557. Mary Jane, b. 9 Feb., 1815; married and died in St. John, N. B., 

20 Sept., 1853. 

558. Peter Mowatt, b. 8 Feb., 1818 ; m. Elizabeth Truax, 5 Feb., 1853 ; 

residence Riverside, San Bernardino County, Cal. 

559. William Henry, b. 24 Feb., 1822; resides unm. in Cerro Gorda, 

Cal., near Lone Pine. 

291 Martha {John^''^ John^^ John^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 23 May, 1786; baptized in 
Linebrook parish, 20 May, 1796 ; married 25 Dec, 1806, Jesse 
Dodge, who was born in Hamilton, 8 Aug., 1783, the son of 
George and Sally (Brown) Dodge. 

In 1823 (18 April) "Martha, wife of Jesse Dodge of Ham- 
ilton," received a deed of gift of her parents, John and Sarah 
Fowler, of saltmarsh and ttatch bank on Rogers Island, and 
at Shad Creek, Rowley. 

They resided on the old homestead where he was born, and 


where they celebrated their golden wedding in 1856, with their 
children and grandchildren around them, and where he died 6 
July, 1862, and his widow died 28 July, 1862. 

The children of Jesse and Martha (Fowler) Dodge, were : — 

560. Hannah B., b. 5 Dec, 1807; m. James Lund of Merrimac, N. H., 

6 Sept., 1832; resided in Cliarlestown ; had two children. 

561. John Fowler, b. Sept., 1809; d. 24 June, 1823. 

562. Sarah A., b. 9 Aug., 1811 ; m. Thomas Patterson of Beverlj', 1 

Feb., 1833; d. 14 Sept., 1838. 

563. Huldah C, b. 7 Oct., 1813; m. Eleazer W. Webber of Beverly, 11 

March, 1832; had four children. He d. 28 April, 1841, and his 
widow m. Capt. Thomas Patterson, above, 8 Feb., 1848. He 
d. in Beverly, 20 Jan., 1858, where his widow still resides. 

564. Mary F., b. 15 Nov., 1815; m. Rufus P. Tuck, 6 May, 1844; re- 

sides on the old homestead in Hamilton; had two children. 

565. Martha F., b. 22 April, 1818; m. Israel W. Trask of Beverly, 2 

June, 1840. He d. 30 May, 1846, and his widow resided in 

566. George B. b. Sept., 1820; m. Priscilla S. Goodhue of Ipswich, 

31 Dec, 1848; residence Hamilton; had nine children. 

567. Nathan Church, b. Aug., 1823; died the same year. 

568. Adeline A., b. 28 Oct., 1824; m. Seymour S. Willcox of New 

York, 18 Nov., 1846. He was killed near Kalamazoo, Mich., 23 
Oct., 1855, and his widow resides in Beverly. 
5(59. Gilbert F., b. 18 Oct., 1829; d. 14 Jan., 1832. 

293 David {Jo1m^~^ John^^ John'^^ PMUp^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in Ipswich, 31 Oct., 1791 ; baptized in Linebrook 
parish, 5 Feb., 1792; married in Norway, Me., 16 March, 
1813, Jane Whitman Wetherbee, who was born in Stow, 
Mass., 23 Jan., 1791, and died in Bridgton, Me., 16 Aug., 

He resided in Bridgton, Me., held the office of a Deputy 
Sheriff for nine j'ears ; died 16 April, 1862. 

The children of David and Jane Whitman (Wetherbee) 
Fowler, were : — 

670. Catherine Jane, b. l.'4 Dec, 1814; ra. Isaac Perley. 

671. John Whitman, b. 17 June, 1818; m. Lydia A. Brown. 

572. Miranda Church, b. 18 Sept., 1821; d. in Millbury, 2 Oct., 1836. 

573. David Pike, b. IS July, 1828; d. in Bridgton, Me., 17 March, 



294 Mary {John^'^^ John^^ JoJm"^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ Phih'p^) 
was born in Ipswich, 19 Nov., 1794; married in Bridgton, 
Me., 14 Oct., 1823, Nathan Church, who was born in Bridg- 
ton, 16 March, 1793, the son of Rev. Nathan and Huldah 
(Cleaves) Church. She died in Bridgton, 18 March, 1828. 
He resides in Naples, Me. 

The children of Nathan and Mary (Fowler) Church, 
were : — 

574. Marshall Nathan, b. 27 Feb., 1826; d. 2 Dec, 1832. 

575. Mary Fowler, b. 31 Jan., 1828; living unmarried in East Bald- 

win, Me. 

310 John CuttS {PhiUj?^'^ Philip^'^^ Philip^^ Philip'^ Jo- 
sejyli^ Philip^) was born in New Market, N. H., 3 Oct., 1794 ; 
married 4 April, 1822, Mary W. Nutter, of Rochester, N. H., 
who was born 29 Oct., 1798, and died 21 Sept., 1852. 

He married 2d, 22 Feb., 1855, Susan K. Wiggin of South 
New Market, N. H., who died 30 Dec, 1864. 

John Cutts Fowler and Daniel Boj'nton drew lot No. 3, 
Letter A, in Buxton, Me., in the right of Philip Fowler of New 
Market (father of J. C. F.) which was the right of Richard 
Jacob, for service in King Philip's war, 1675 (see p. 70), and 
had descended to John Cutts Fowler. 

He resided in New Market, where he died 3 May, 1869. 

The children of John Cutts and Mary W. (Nutter) Fowler, 
were : — 

576. Green Clark, b. 27 Feb., 1823; m. Sarah M. Hall. 

577. John Fletcher, b. 2 March, 1826; m. three wives. 

578. Mary Angeline, b. 16 Feb., 1828; m. Mark W. Chase. 

313 Charlotte (PhiUp^'^^ Philip^^^ PhiUp^i PMip'^ Jo- 
seph^ PhiUp)^) w\T,s born in New Market, N. H., 26 July, 1801 ; 
married there, 21 Ma}', 1828, David Stevens, who was born 
in Deerfield, N. H., 1 Oct., 1804, the son of Theophilus and 
Abigail (Tewksbury) Stevens. Residence, Deerfield Centre, 
N. H. 


The children of David and Charlotte (Fowler) Stevens, 
were : — 

579. George Harrison, b. 25 Feb., 1830; m. Nancy Potter Davenport 
of Hamilton, 6 June, 1855, who was born in Salem, 29 Oct., 
1824, the daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Patch) Daven- 
port, and d. 21 April, 1876. Their four children :— 'Anna Bell, 
b. 2 June, 1856. ^charles David, b. 13 Dec, 1859. =*Georgi- 
etta Estella, b. 25 Sept., 1861. "Llewellyn, b. 8 Feb., 1866; d. 
5 Aug., 1867. He m., 2d, in Manchester, N. H., 27 June, 1877, 
Anna Titus, who was b. in Vershire, Vt., 27 Sept., 1848, the 
daughter of Moses and Frances (Oliver) Titus. Residence 
Deerfleld Centre, N. H. 

680. Sarah Abigail, b. 9 May, 1833; m. John M. Ballou, 5 Oct., 1853, 
in Manchester, N. H., who was b. in Deerfield, N. H. 21 Nov., 
1827, the sou of Jonathan and Lucinda (Bean) Ballou. Resi- 
dence Deerfleld, N. H. Their three children were : — 'Char- 
lotte Lucinda, b. 31 Oct., 1855; d. 23 Nov., 1855. ''Henry 
Everett, b. 24 July, 1859; d. 6 Sept., 1859; twin with ^'Henri- 
etta Eveline, b. 24 July, 1859; d. 17 Sept., 1859. 

347 Jerusha {Benjamin^^- Symonds^^'^ Philip^^ Pliilip^^ 
Joseph^ Phili}-)^) was born in Pembroke, N. H., 24 June, 1795 ; 
married 20 April, 1820, Chandler Hutchinson, who was born 
20 Maj^ 1796, the son of Jonathan and Mary (Wardwell) 
Hutchinson, and died 30 Sept., 1879. Resided in Chichester, 
N. H., where she died, 28 July, 1882. 

The children of Chandler and Jerusha (Fowler) Hutch- 
inson, were : — 

581. Mehitable, b. 30 April, 1821; m. Hiram Wilkins, 30 Sept., 1851. 

He was b. 2 Aug., 1810; d. 24 Oct., 1874. Their two children 
were: — 'Don Harmon, b. 4 Aug., 1857; d. in infancy. ^Edel- 
bert A., b. 7 Sept., 1859; living unmarried, in Burlington, Vt., 
where his mother resides. 

582. Emeline, b. 30 Nov., 1823; living unmarried at Chichester. 

683. Hiram, b. 28 Dec, 182G; m. Sarah Fife, 5 Oct., 1852. She was 
b. 24 June, 1834, daughter of Philip and Jane (Holt) Fife; 
had three children :— 'Philip, b. 1 July, 1860. *Willie, b. 25 
Feb., 1869. ^'EmmaC, b. 31 March, 1872; d. 15 June, 1878. 

584. John Ladd, b. 23 Feb., 1831 ; ra. Sarah M. Littlefield, 15 April, 
1857. She was b. 1 Feb., 1833, the daughter of Aaron 
and Hannah Littlefield of Bridgton, Me. ; had six chil- 


drcn: — 'Onetta Viola, b. in Lawrence, 24 Sept., 1858. *John 
Lester, b. 26 Oct., 1860; d. 9 Sept., 1861. ='Sarah Emeline, b. 
12 July, 1863. ■•Annie Mirabelle, b. 15 July, 1866. ^John Chan- 
dler, b. 24 Feb., 1869. «Edward Hazen, b. 7 July, 1871. 
685, Asa Fowler, b. 3 May, 1835; m. Hattie B. Hunter, 31 March, 
1859. She was b. 11 March, 1833; had three children:— 
'Emma C, b. 13 Aug., 1864; d. 3 July, 1872. ^Ella M., b. 17 
Sept., 1867; d. 30 July, 1878. ^LesterW.jb. 11 June, 1869; 
still livino;. 

348 Esther {Benjamin^^^ Symonds^^^ PMip^^ ndliiy^^ 
Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Pembroke, N. H., 16 March, 1797 ; 
married 16 Oct., 1816, William Abbott, junior, who was born 
in Pembroke, 15 Aug., 1794, the son of William and Dorcas 
(Parker) Abbott, and died 23 Aug., 1874. She died 31 Dec, 
1831. They resided in Pembroke. 

The children of William and Esther (Fowler) Abbott, 
were : — 

586. Orson, b. 6 June, 1818; m. 1st, Elizabeth Clark, daughter of 

James Clark of Epsom, N. H., by whom he had two children : — 
'William. =^James, who d. in the United States army during 
the civil war. He m. 2nd, Ann Foster, by whom he had three 
children : — 'Lizzie. '•Emma. ^Lewis. He d. in California, 
March, 1880. 

587. Clarissa, b. 21 Aug., 1820; m. Aaron Elliot of Dunbarton, N. H., 

17 May, 1840, who was b. 11 Nov., 1815. Two children: — 
'William Abbott, b. 5 Jan., 1841; ra. Mary A. Woodbury, 27 
March, 1862; had :— 0)Frederick B., b. 17 Jan., 1863. ^Esther 
Abbott, b. 19 Jan., 1847; m. Eodolphy Green, 6 June, 1866; 
had e^Frank A., b. 31 Jan., 1871. 

588. Elvira, ) ^^. ^ ^ ^^ ^^,^ ( died in inftmcy. 

589. Maryetta, ) ( m.Wm. Goss of Epsom, N. H., 

2 June, 1846, who was b. 13 July, 1820, the son of Jonathan 
Goss. She d. 3 May, 1873. Their four children were : — 'John 
Abbott, b. 26 Aug., 1847; m. Electa Ann Carpenter, 15 June, 
1869, who wash. 2 Aug., 1846, the daughter of Charles H. Car- 
penter of Chichester, N. H. He is cashier of the Pittsfleld, 
N. H., National Bank, in which town he resides. Two chil- 
dren :—(')Charles Carpenter, b. 9 Feb., 1871. ('')Ciara Helen 
Maryetta, b. 11 July, 1874. ^Elizabeth J., b. 2 Sept., 1849; 
m. Alfred Porter Bickford of Epsom, 2 Jan., 1870, who was b. 
8 March, 1846, the son of Nathan Bickford. Three children : — 


G)William Pearl, b. 15 Feb., 1871. (')Nathan Almont, b. 17 
July, 1872. (=)Alfrecl Goss, b. 4 Feb., 1875. ^jjoali William, 
b. 12 July, 1861. "'Nathan Jonathan, b. 13 Sept., 18G3. 
590. Laura H., b. 23 June, 182G; m. Asa R. Chamberlain, 30 Dec, 
1845, who was b. 11 Sept., 1823; reside in State Centre, 
Marshall County, Iowa; have no children. 

350 Benjamin (Benjamin^^^ Symonds^^''- Pliilip^^ PMlip^^ 
Josejili*^ Pliilip^) was born in Pembroke, N. H., 17 March, 
1800 ; married 18 Jan., 1828, Hannah Harvey Campbell, 
who was born in Henniker, N. H,, 14 Jan., 1809, the daughter 
of David and Deborah (Goss) Campbell, and died in Pem- 
broke, 24 Jan., 1879. 

He died in Pembroke, 5 March, 1877. 

The children of Benjamin and Hannah Harvey (Campbell) 
Fowler, were : — 

691. Henry, b. 11 Nov., 1828; d. Sept., 1829. 

592. Henry, b. 19 Sept., 1830; died in 1841. 

593. Albert?., b. 25 Jan., 1834; m. Caroline Eliza Cofran. 

594. James M., b. 1 May, 1836; ni. in California, Anna Wilcox; had 

children, and resides there. 
695. Mary Knox, b. 12 July, 1838; m. AVilliam Wainwright; resi- 
dence Suncook, N. H. ; no living children. 

596. Benjamin Franklin, b. 27 Aug., 1840; m. in California where he 

resides, having several children. 

597. True W., b. 9 April, 1843; m. Nellie Appleton. 

698. William H., b. 26 June, 1845; m. R. T. Edmunds; V. G. Moore. 
599. Ellen L., b. 27 Sept., 1847; m. Franklin P. Robinson. 

351 John Ladd (Benjamirfi<^^ SymoncW^^ Philip^^ PMlip^^ 
Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Pembroke, N. H., 1 Aug., 1801 ; 
married 12 March, 1824, Lavinia Abbott, who was born 12 
April, 1807, the daughter of William and Dorcas (Parker) 
Abbott. Lived in Pembroke, where he died 27 March, 1871, 
his widow died 25 Oct., 1880. 

The children of John Ladd and Lavinia (Abbott) Fowler, 
were : — 

600. David, b. 24 Oct., 1825; ra. Esther Fife. 

601. James, b. 6 Sept., 1828; d. 22 Nov., 1828. 



C02. John, b. 27 June, 1830; m. Elsie Shoppy Abbott, 26 March, 
185G, who was b. 19 March, 1837, the daughter of Adrian and 
Fanny W. (Shoppy) Abbott of Beddington, Me. They have 
no children. 

603. Alice, b. 15 Nov., 1832; d.3 Feb., 1847. 

604. Lavinia, b. 15 Feb., 1840; m. Horace B. Langley. 

355 Asa {Benjamin^^'^ SymoncW^'^ Pliilip^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ 
Philip^) was born in Pembroke, N. H., 23 Feb., 1811 ; married 
in Epsom, N. H., 13 JuW, 1837, Mary Dole Cilley Knox, 
who was born in Epsom, 15 Sept., 1815, the daughter of Rob- 
ert and Polly Dole (Cilley) Knox, and great-granddaughter 
of Gen. Joseph Cille}*, of the Revolution ; Mrs. Knox having 
been the daughter of Gen, Cilley's son Daniel bj' his wife 
Hannah (Plumer) Cilley, a sister of Gov. William Plumer. 

Mrs. Fowler died at her home in Concord, "11 Oct., 1882, 
after a long and distressing illness of several months. She was 
a woman of superior intelligence, sound judgment and remark- 
able energy. She took a deep interest in all public affairs, per- 
sonally organizing and directing fair after fair in aid of the 
Concord Public Library, the Unitarian Society of Concord, of 
which she was an active member, and other public enterprises. 
She was the efficient manager for Merrimack county in the 
effort of the women of the country to save Mount Vernon to 
the nation, and under her skilful management the capital of 
New Hampshire contributed more than its full share to the 
success of that undertaking. Her home was for many years 
the chief gathering place of a literaiy circle. Her domestic 
relations were ever of the pleasantest character. She was the 
very best and most devoted of wives and mothers. 'Her child- 
ren rise up and call her blessed ; her husband also, and he 
pruiseth her.' Her own family and intimate friends best knew 
her worth. She ever was a faithful mother, wife and woman." 

I avail myself of a truthful sketch of the life of Judge Fowler, 
taken from " The Granite Monthly," published in Concord, 
N, H., Oct., 1880. 

"Asa Fowler, the ninth of eleven children of Benjamin, was 
born in Pembroke, N. H., Feb. 23, 1811. 

Ht64 Kaixy , f 


His childhood was spent on his father's farm, his means of 
education after he was seven or eight years of age being limited 
to eight or nine weeks of winter school, his services after that 
age in summer being required in farm work. There were very 
few books to which he had access, except the Bible and ordinary 
school books, and his early reading was confined to these. 
At the age of fourteen he had a very severe attack of typhoid 
fever, which left him in such enfeebled condition as to be inca- 
pable of severe manual labor. Under these circumstances he 
was sent to the Blanchai'd Academy in his native town, then 
under the charge of the Hon. John Vose, but with no other 
intention than that he might become qualified to instruct a 
common district school. But with the opportunit}'^ to learn and 
to read, a desire for a liberal education was awakened, and by 
alternately working upon his father's farm in the spring and 
summer, attending the academy in the fall and teaching school 
in winter, he succeeded not only in fitting himself for college, 
but in preparing to enter the sophomore class, having attended 
school only sixty weeks after he commenced the study Of Latin. 
With so meagre and defective a training, he entered the soph- 
omore class at Dartmouth College, at the opening of the fall 
term, 1830, and although he taught school every winter, was 
able nevertheless to maintain a highly respectable standing until 
his graduation in 1833, when, among the parts assigned to the 
graduating class according to scholarship, an English oration 
was given him. He was never absent or unprepared at any 
recitation during his three j^ears' course. 

In his junior year he was elected a member of the Phi Beta 
Kappa Society, as being in the first third of his class. He has 
never sought or received any honorary degree from his Alma 
Mater. After leaving college, he taught the Academy at 
Topsfield, Mass., for a single term in the fall of 1833, thereby 
raising sufficient funds to liquidate all indebtedness incurred 
to defra}^ his college expenses, over and above what he received 
from his father's estate. Immediately upon leaving Topsfield, 
having determined to adopt the legal profession, he entered his 
name as a student in the office of James Sullivan, Esq., 
then in practice in Pembroke, occupying the office of Hon. 
Boswell Stevens, disabled by a paralytic attack from which he 


never recovered. He continued to read books from Mr. 
Sullivan's library through the following winter. 

In March, 1834, he came to Concord, N. H., where he has 
since resided, and entered the office of the Hon. Charles H. 
Peaslee, then a rising 3'oung lawyer, and continued with him 
until admitted to the Merrimack Count}- Bar in February, 1837. 
While a student in Gen. Peaslee's office, he and Hon. Moody 
Currier, then a teacher in Concord, undertook the editorship, 
as a matter of auiusement and with no hope of pecuniary re- 
ward, of a small literary paper, called the Literary Gazette. 
It was published weekly for six months, and then once a 
fortnight for another six months. After Mr. Currier retired 
from the editorship, Cyrus P. Bradlej'^, a youth of wonderful 
precocity, and the author, when a mere boy, of a life of 
Governor Isaac Hill, became associated with Mr. Fowler in the 
management of the Gazette. During a considerable portion of 
the period in which he pursued the study of the law, Mr. Fowler 
supported himself by writing for other papers. In June, 1835, 
he was elected clerk of the New Hampshire Senate, which office 
he continued to hold b}'^ annual elections for six successive 
j'ears, discharging its duties to universal satisfaction. 

In 1846 he was appointed b}^ the Hon. Levi Woodbur^', United 
States Commissioner for the District of New Hampshire, which 
office he has held ever since, except from May 1871, to May 
1874. In 1845, he was a member of the New Hampshire 
House of Representatives from Concord, and served as chair- 
man of the judiciary committee. Again in 1847 and 1848, he 
was one of the representatives of Concord in that body, and 
served upon the same committee in both years. In 1855 he 
was nominated by the Independent Democrats, or Free Soilers, 
as their candidate for Governor, and was frequently assured by 
prominent Know Nothings that if he would join their order he 
might and would be made their candidate, also ; but he was 
deaf to all such suggestions. 

After that party came into power and decided to change the 
judiciary S3'stem of the state, he was engaged to draft the bill 
for that purpose which subsequently became a law. Afterwards, 
at the earnest and repeated solicitation of Gov. Metcalf, al- 
though at first he absolutely declined to do so, he accepted a 


position on the bench of the Supreme Court as associate justice, 
which he continued to hold, at a great pecuniary sacrifice, from 
Aug., 1, 1855, to Feb., 1, 1861, when he voluntarily resigned it. 

During this period of five and a half years, he performed his 
full share of the arduous labors of a judge of our highest 
judicial tribunal, and gave general satisfaction to the bar and 
the public. If his opinions at the law terms as reported are 
not so labored as some of his associates, they are more numer- 
ous and not less sound and clear. 

Immediately upon his resignation. Judge Fowlev was 
appointed bj^ the governor and council a delegate from New 
Hampshire to the famous Peace Congress, which met in 
Washington in February, 1861, for the purpose of averting, if 
possible, the threatened secession of the southern states from 
the Union, and continued its sessions through the entire month. 
His associate delegates were Hon. Levi Chamberlain of Keene, 
and Hon. Amos Tuck of Exeter. In 1861, he was appointed 
solicitor for the county of Merrimack, and held the oflSce un- 
til he resigned in 1865, upon his being appointed one of the 
commissioners to revise the statutes of the state. 

He was associated in that commission with Hon. Samuel 
D. Bell of Manchester, and Hon. George Y. Sawyer of Nashua. 
Upon it he labored diligentl}^ and successfully, alone superintend- 
ing the printing of the commissioners' report, and subsequently, 
the printing of the general statutes as finall}^ adopted by the 
legislature of 1867. He also attended almost constantl}', 
during the whole period of that legislature, upon the sessions 
of the joint select committee to whom the report of the 
commissioners was referred, and greatly aided in procuring 
the speedy action of that committee, and the final adoption of 
the report of the commissioners, as amended by the General 
Court, without protracting the session beyond its usual length. 
In 1871, and again in 1872, Judge Fowler was a member of the 
House of Representatives from Ward 6, in Concord, serving 
on the Judiciary Committee in 1871, and presiding over the 
deliberations of the House, as speaker, in 1872, with dignity, 
impartiality, and complete success. 

Judge Fowler has been one of the most diligent, laborious and 
successful lawyers in the state, and the extent of his practice 


for many years has rarely been exceeded. In September, 1838, 
after practising alone for a year and a half, he formed a copart- 
nership with the late President Pierce, which continued until 
April, 1845. 

During this period of six j^ears and a half, their practice 
was probably as extensive as that of any individual or firm in 
the state. Gen. Pierce engaged in the trial of causes as an 
advocate in nearly every county, while Judge Fowler attended 
chiefly to olfice business, the preparation of causes for trial, 
and briefs for argument at the law terms of court. Hon. John 
Y. Mugridge completed his preparatory studies in Judge 
Fowler's office, and upon his admission to the bar in 1854, 
Judge Fowler formed a business connection with him for one 
year, wliich expired about the time of Judge Fowler's ap- 
pointment to the bench. Soon after his resignation of the 
judgeship, in 1861, he entered into partnership with Hon. 
William E. Chandler, which continued until Mr. Chandler's 
appointment as solicitor of the navy, in 1864. 

During his long residence in Concord, Judge Fowler has 
been quite familiar with the forms of legislation, and has prob- 
ably drafted more bills for our Legislature than any other man 
living or dead. He has originated many laws and procured 
their enactment, when not a member of the legislature. Among 
those thus originated and procured to be enacted, may be 
mentioned the statute authorizing school districts to unite 
for the purpose of maintaining high schools, and that author- 
izing towns to establish and maintain public libraries. He 
worked zealously with Gen. Peaslee to secure the establishment 
of the Asylum for the Insane, was very active and persistent 
in securing the establishment of a public library in Concord, 
and a high school in Union district. He has always shown a 
deep interest in the cause of public education, and for more 
than twenty successive years served as prudential committee, 
or a member of the Board of Education in Concord. He has 
always been fond of literar}' pursuits, and has quite an extensive 
and well selected miscellaneous librar3\ For the last three or 
four years he has belonged to a class in English literature, whose 
weekly meetings, during the winter season, have been devoted 
with much pleasure and profit to reading the works and discuss- 


ing the lives, characters, and times of the English and American 
authors of reputation. He has been more or less connected 
with various moneyed institutions. He was a director of the 
State Capital Bank from its organization under a state charter 
until his appointment to the bench, when he resigned. He was 
a director and president of the First National Bank from its 
organization until he lost confidence in its cashier, when he 
disposed of his stock and resigned. 

He has long been, and still is, a director of the Manchester 
and Lawrence Railroad, and for several 5'ears was its president. 
In his religious sentiments he is a liberal Unitarian, although 
in early childhood he memorized the Westminster Assembly's 
Shorter Catechism. Educated a democrat, but with strong 
antislavery convictions, he acted with the Democratic party 
until its devotion to the extension of slavery compelled its 
abandonment in 1846, and for the next ten years he acted as 
an independent democrat. Upon the formation of the Repub- 
lican party, he joined it and continued in its ranks until in 
1875 he resumed his connection with the democracy. 

In the spring of 1877, forty years from his admission to the 
bar, Judge Fowler determined to retire from active practice. 
A severe illness in the fall of that year confirmed his resolution. 

Before his full recovery, by the advice of his physician, he 
decided to visit Europe. 

Accompanied by his wife, daughter, and third son, he left 
Boston on the 13th of April, 1878, and returned to New York 
on the 17th of October following, having during his absence, 
visited the principal points of interest in England, Scotland, 
Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Bavaria, Austria, Bohemia, Saxon}', 
Prussia, Hanover, Holland, Belgium, Germany and France. 

He returned home with renewed strength and energy, and 
has since been in the full enjoyment of health and happiness, 
in the quiet of his pleasant home in Concord, and his beautiful 
cottage by the sea, near Rye Beach." 

To this gentleman the author is indebted for as full and cor- 
rect a record as he could obtain of the descendants of his 
ancestor Fliilip Fowler, who settled in New Market, N. H., in 
1743, and for other valuable assistance in the publication of 
this work. 


The children of Asa and Mary Dole Cilley (Knox) 
Fowler, were : — 

605. Frank Asa, b. 24 May, 1842; m. Flora A. Johnson. 

GOG. George Robert, b. 25 April, 1844; m. Isabel Minot. 

607. Clara Maria, b. 3 June, 1847; unm., resides in Concord, N. H. 

608. William Plunier, b. 3 Oct., 1850; unm.; graduate of Dartmouth 

in the class of 1872 ; admitted to the bar in Boston in 1875 and 
is still in practice there, of the Arm of G. E. and W. P. Fowler, 
oflBce 56 Summer street. 

609. Edward Ci'lley, b. 1 Jan., 1853; m. in Boston, 30 April, 1874, 

Sarah A. Watson, who was b. in Pittsfield, N. H., 7 Dec, 1855, 
the daughter of Enoch and Rhoda (Hilliard) Watson of Pitts- 
field, afterwards of Concord, N. H. Is a farmer, resides in 
Orange, Mass., and has no children. 

357 Trueworthy Ladd {Benjamin'^'^^ Symonds^^^ 
Pliilip^^ Pliilip-^ Joseph^ Philij)^) was born in Pembroke, N. H., 
21 Dec, 1816; married 29 Aug., 1848, Catharine L. Sar- 
gent, who Avas born 3 May, 1827, daughter of Thomas and 
Abigail (Hutchins) Sargent. He has always resided in Pem- 
broke, has been and still is, one of the most prominent citi- 
zens of the town and county. He has held most of the offices 
in the gift of the town, served as moderator some ten 3'ears, 
as superintending school committee about fifteen years, as one 
of the selectmen, and generally chairman, for eleven years, 
was representative in 1858 and 1859, a member of the Consti- 
tutional Convention from Pembroke in 1876, was collector of 
taxes four years, chairman of the Board of County Commis- 
sioners from June, 1879 to July, 1881, was Deputy United 
States Marshal, and took the census of Allenstown, Bow, 
Hooksett and Pembroke in 1870, and has held other civil and 
military oflflces. 

The children of Trueworthy Ladd and Catharine L. 
(Sargent) Fowler, were : — 

610. Henry T.,b. 30 Nov., 1849; unmarried; resides in Pembroke. 

611. Martin, b. 10 Dec, 1851; d. 10 Sept., 1853. 

612. Adin Gilbert, | ^^.^^^ ^ ^g j^^^^ ^g.g . ( 

613. Charles Martin, ) C selectman of Aliens- 

town in 1881 and 1882. 

614. Lillia Blanche, b. 28 Feb., 1860; m. David Frank Dudley of 

Deerfield, N. H., 6 Sept., 1879; had a son Gale Dudley. 


360 Symonds {Samuel^°* Symonds^^^ Philip^^ Philip^^ 
Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 22 July, 1805 ; 
married Sept., 1828, Lucinda Holt, who was born 22 Jan., 
1807, the daughter of William and Sally Fife Holt. Resided 
in Epsom, where he died 4 Dec, 1866. 

The children of Symonds and Lucinda (Holt) Fowler, 
were : — 

615. Hannah, b. 26 Dec, 1828; ra. James Martin. 

616. William, b. 27 April, 1832; m. Sarah E. Kelley. 

617. Benjaraiu, b. 28 March, 1834; m. Sarah M. Brown. 

618. Betsey, b. 30 March, 1836; m. Jason C. R. Hoyt. 

619. Ann, b. 22 March, 1838; m. Alouzo Marden of Epsom, 9 May, 

1871 ; d. 25 May, 1872. 

620. Abbie, b. 5 Dec, 1841; m. Joseph G. Whidden of Boston, 28 

Nov., 1872; resides in Boston. 

361 William {Samuel^^"^ Symonds^^^ PMlip^^ Pliilip'^^ Jo- 
seph^ Philip)^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 9 Feb., 1809 ; mar- 
ried in Piermont, N. H., 10 Nov., 1833, Saloma Stickney, 
who was born 1 Dec, 1810, the daughter of Asa Tyler and 
Mehitabel (Burpee) Stickney. See Stickney Genealogy. He 
died in Pembroke, N. H., 29 March, 1858. She resided in 
Suncook, N. H. Children all born in Epsom. 

The children of William and Saloma (Stickney) Fowler, 
were : — 

621. Mary, b. 5 May, 1835. 

622. Esther M., b. 9 Oct., 1837. 

623. Asa Stickney, b. 23 March, 1840; d. 18 June, 1863. 

624. Willie F., b. 28 Oct., 1842; d. 4 Aug., 1854. 

625. Katie, b. 16 June, 1849. 

362 Fanny (/S'cmwe/204 Symonds^^'^ PMlip^^ Phihp-^ Jo- 
seph^ Philip^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 31 Oct., 1811 ; mar- 
ried there 27 Dec, 1832, Samuel Yeaton, who was born in 
Epsom, 31 Oct., 1806, the son of John Yeaton, and died in 
Pembroke, N. H., 18 Oct., 1879, She died in Pembroke, 2 
June, 1879. 


The children of Samuel and Fanny (Fowler) Yeaton, 

were : — 

626. Emily Jane, b. 11 Feb., 1834; m. Moses B. Critchett of Concord, 

N. H. ; had son : — Ernest Thomas, b. in Concord, 30 July, 
1863; a member of Dartmouth College in 1882. 

627. Susan, b. 28 Oct., 1837; m. Warren D. Foss of Pembroke, N. H., 

and had a son that died in childhood. 

628. Albert Henry, b. 13 Oct., 1844; ra. 1st, Delia A. Jones, 2 June, 

1875, who was b. in Milford, N. H., 16 Sept., 1852, by whom he 
had daughter :—Addie, b. 3 March, 1876; d. 5 Aug., 1876. She 
d. 14 Oct., 1876. He ra. 2nd, Annie B. Gage, 28 Sept., 1879, 
who was b. in Boscawen, N. H., 18 Feb., 1850, by whom 
he has daughter: — Fanny Elizabeth, b. in Pembroke, N. H., 
26 Aug., 1881. 

629. Frank Walter, b. 28 Sept., 1852; m. Etta Pickering, 29 May, 1873, 

who was b. 27 Oct., 1851, daughter of Thomas L. and Ann T. 
(Wiggin) Pickering ; no children. 

389 Betsey (WintJirop^^'' Symonds^^^ Philip^^ Philip^^ 
Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Pembroke, N. H., 10 July, 1818 ; 
married 18 Sept., 1838, Edward Kimball of Pembroke, who 
died 5 Jan., 1869. 

She married, second, 4 March, 1871, Albert Holt of Pem- 

The children of Edward and Betsey (Fowler) Kimball, 
were : — 

630. James, b. 13 Dec, 1839; d. 25 Jan., 1842. 

631. Mary Abbie, b. 8 March, 1842 ; m. James W. Lovejoy, 7 April, 

1864; had two children :— 'Forrest Elmer, b. 11 Aug., 1867. 
"Edwin E., b. 10 March, 1875. 

632. Edward Payson, b. 4 Oct., 1845; m. Ella Stone, March, 1868, and 

had two children :— 'Eudora B., b. 5 Dec, 1869. ^'Ida May, b. 
8 Oct., 1871. 

633. Henry Martyn, b. 16 Sept., 1858. 

390 SaniTiel {Winthrop'^^'^ SymoncW^^ Pliilip^^ Philip'^ 
Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 8 May, 1821 ; 
married 16 Nov., 1843, Elvira Ann Critchett, who was born 


10 Jan., 1827, the daughter of James and Sally (Green) 

Residence, Epsom. Selectman in 1857, 1858, 1866 and 
1867, and representative in 1859 and 1860. 

The children of Samuel and Elvira Ann (Critchett) 
Fowler, were : — 

634. James W., b. 10 Dec, 1844; m. Ruhamah J. Locke, 15 Jan., 

1868, who was b. 12 Aug., 1841. He was a selectman of Ep- 
som in 1879, 1880, 1881 and 1882. 

635. Ella Maria, b. 19 May, 1848; m. James B. Tennant, 10 Feb., 

1873, who was b. 26 May, 1847. 

636. Charles Baker, b. 28 Dec, 1849 ; m. Emma O. Tennant. 

637. Horace, b. 26 April, 1855; m. Ida M. Holt. 

638. Grace Annie, b. 6 Oct., 1860; d. 21 March, 1864. 

639. Josie Mary, b. 14 Jan., 1863. 

393 Winthrop {Winthrop^^'^ Symonds^^^ PMlip^^ Philip^^ 
Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 20 Jan., 1827 ; 
married 16 May, 1860, Ann L. Locke, who was born 28 July, 
1839, the daughter of Ephraim and Sarah C. (Dyer) Locke. 
Residence, Pembroke, N. H., and was one of its selectmen in 
1873 and 1874. 

The children of "Winthrop and Ann L. (Locke) Fowler, 
were : — 

640. Minot Locke, b. 5 Feb., 1863. 

641. George Winthrop, b. 1 Nov., 1864. 

642. Edward Martin, b. 27 Sept., 1868. 

394 Nancy ( Winthrop'^^'' Symonds^^^ Pkihy^ Philip^^ Jo- 
seph^ Philip^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 17 Dec, 1830 ; mar- 
ried 4 Dec, 1859, Timothy Drew, who was born 24 Jan., 
1825, the son of Stephen and Eliza (Jenness) Drew. 

Residence, Pembroke, N. H. 

The children of Timothy and Nancy (Fowler) Drew, 
were : — 

643. Emma Clara, b. 19 June, 1863. 

644. Grace Ella, b. 3 Nov.. 1865. 



396 Henry Stiles (T/iomas^os Joshua Chever^^ RicJi- 
ard^^ Josei^W^^ Joseph-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in St. Johns- 
bury, Vt., 4 Oct., 1803; married in Lowell, 10 May, 1838, 
Mariah Qdimby, who was born 6 Aug., 1813, the daughter of 
Aaron and Hannah (Heath) Quimby of Springfield, N. H. 

Resided in Lowell, where he died 3 July, 1862. 

The children of Henry Stiles and Mariah (Quimby) Fow- 
ler, were : — 

645. Lizette Stiles, b. 28 July, 1839 ; m. Daniel V. "Webster of Dracut; 

had two children. 

646. Henry C, b. 22 Sept., 1840; m. L. Nichols; J. Curbey. 

647. Eosette Mariah, b. 11 Nov., 1841; m. Charles G. Merrill of Law- 

rence, had two children. 

648. Frances Adaliue, b. 24 April, 1843; ra. Benjamin Franklin San- 

born of Laconia, N. H., 25 Dec, 1865, and d. in Lowell, 11 
Feb., 1872. 

649. George Lewis, b. 1 July, 1845; m. Artie M. Baker. 

650. James Polk, b. 18 April, 1847; m. Emma Martena Wells, 23 Dec, 

1869, who was b. in Port Kent, Essex Co., N. Y., 24 March, 1853, 
the daughter of Alonzo B. and Caroline (Hubbard) Wells, re- 
side in Lowell. 

397 Lewis {Thomas^^^ Joshua Chever^^^ Richard^^ Jo- 
mpli'^^ Joseylfi^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in St. Johnsbury, 
Vt., 1 Jan., 1805 ; married, 15 Oct., 1829, Fanny Howard, 
who was born in Warwick, 20 Dec, 1807. He died in North 
Vernon, Ind., in 1879, where his widow resides; the children 
were all born in Norwich, Vt. 

The children of Lewis and Fanny (Howard) Fowler, 
were : — 

651. Elvira H., b. 5 Aug., 1880; m. N. A. Piper, 15 Dec, 1848. 

652. Frances Elizabeth, b. 20 Sept., 1832; d. 29 Dec, 1853. 

653. Eunice L., b. 8 Dec, 1834; m. D. T. Corbin, 28 Sept., 1856, and 

d. 9 March, 1857. 

654. John Greenleaf, b. 28 March, 1837; m. Sarah Etta E. Peacher, 

24 Nov\, 1867. He served in the Civil war in a Vermont Reg., 
resides in North Vernon, Ind. 


655. Laura A., b. 31 Dec, 1840; d. 15 Feb., 1842. 

656. Caroline A., b. 1 May, 1842; m. W. Scott Hazen, 18 Sept., 1861, 

resides in Norwich, Vt., has one child. 

657. Lewis Henry, b. 24 July, 1844; m. Mary Sawyer. 

658. Celia, b. 10 July, 1847; d. 18 Sept., 1849. 

659. Alice L., b. 17 May, 1850; m. David T. Dunham, 4 Oct., 1863, 

resides in North Vernon, Ind. 

660. Florence Pearl, b. 27 May, 1853. 

402 John Chever {Thomas^<^^ Joshua Chever^^^ Eich- 
ard^^ Joseph'^^ Josej)li~^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Fairlee, 
Vt., 25 Dec, 1816 ; married 5 Oct., 1847, Martha Jane Morse, 
who was born in Newbury, N. H., 15 Aug., 1827, the daughter 
of John and Patty (Cheney) Morse. See " Memorial of the 
Morse Family," p. 96, John No. 8, her grandfather. He re- 
sided for a time in Grantham, N. H., but removed on his mar- 
riage to Newbury, N. H., where all his children were born, and 
he died 7 Feb., 1881. " He was a master workman on wood and 
iron, and quite an extensive inventor. On account of strict 
honesty and stirring business qualities, he gained the esteem of 
all who knew him, but by excessive labor and study, his health 
became poor and his mind somewhat impaired, yet he ever 
obeyed the injunction, 'abhor that which is evil, and cleave to 
that which is good,' In his last days, his mind was clear and 
his faith and hope in Christ, strong." 

The children of John Chever and Martha Jane (Morse) 
Fowler, were : — 

661. John Willis, b. 30 April, 1849; ra. S. B. Leach; L. E. Hunting- 


662. Martha Amariah, b. 29 Jan., 1852; m. Benjamin F. Gillingham. 

663. Charles Lawson, b. 11 April, 1855; m. Inez D. Nelson. 

664. Arthur Horatio, b. 21 Dec. , 1857 ; m. Nettie Jane Nelson, 21 Sept., 

1881; who was b. 28 Aug., 1862, the daugliter of Ervin and 
Sarah A. (Gregg) Nelson of Sutton, reside in Newbury, N. H. 

665. Elmer Orlando, b. 15 Jan., 1863. 

666. Mary Jane, b. 3 Dec, 1864; d. 27 Aug., 18G5. 

404 Joshua Horatio ( r/jomas^os Joshua Chever^^^ Rich- 
arcP^ Joseph'^^ Joseph-^ Joseph'' Philip^) was born in Vermont, 


11 Oct., 1820; married in Lowell, 8 May, 1847, Almedia A. 
WoRTHEN of Palermo, Waldo Co., Me., who died in St. Cloud, 
Minn., since 1870. He resides in St. Cloud. 

The children of Joshua Horatio and Almedia A. ("Wor- 
then) Fowler, were : — 

667. George Franklin, died 1850. 

668. Georgianna, b. Feb., 1851 ; married and resides in St. Cloud, 

Minn., has three children. 

669. Willard C, b. 1853. 

670. Hellen Mariah, died 1865. 

671. George S. 

408 George Franklin {Tlwmas^^^ Joshua CJiever^^ 
Itichard^^ Joseph'^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Hart- 
ford, Vt., 1 Oct., 1826 ; married 9 Aug., 1848, Mahala Jane 
Messer, who was born in Newbuiy, N. H., 7 Nov., 1831, the 
daughter of Alpheus and Polly (Morse) Messer. See "Me- 
morial of the Morse Family, p. 96, John No. H, who was Mahala 
Jane's maternal grandfather. Resided in Washington, N. H., 
where he died 24 April, 1882. " He was, like his brother, an ex- 
cellent workman both on wood and iron, and an inventor of con- 
siderable note. He was always ready to lend a helping hand to 
the needy, and speak words of cheer to the downcast. He was 
an early and firm friend to the cause of temperance. His life was 
one of patience, fortitude and cheering hopefulness. In his 
last da3's he gave excellent counsel to his family and friends, 
and often expressed his firm trust in the Savior." 

The children of George Franklin and Mahala Jane (Mes- 
ser) Fowler, were : — 

672. Frank Alpheus, b. 13 July, 1850, in Grantham, N. H. ; m. 23 June, 

1873, May Alice Hurd of Washington, N. H., where they 

673. Edwin Horatio, b. 20 Oct., 1856, in Newbury, N. H. ; a graduate 

of the Chandler Scientific Department of Dartmoutii College, 
1878, competed for and obtained a prominent and lucrative sit- 
uation in the U. S. Coast Survey department at the Capitol. 
He is called a very superior draughtsman, and is highly es- 
teemed by his superiors. 



674. George Pierce, b. 15 Nov., 1860, in Bradford; m. in Washington, 
N. H., 24 Dec, 1881, Carrie B. Trow, who was b. in Wasliing- 
ton, 11 Nov., 1862, the daughter of Charles and Kate B. (Tubbs) 

409 David Gilman (T/wmas^os Joshua Chever^^^ Bich- 
ard^^ JosepW^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Hartford, 
Vt., 30 Dec, 1828 ; married in Burlington, Vt., 2 May, 1852, 
LuciNDA- R. Ranger of Hollis, N. H. He married 2d, Lucy 
Patten, who was born in Croydon, N. H., 10 Dec, 1831. They 
reside in Newport, N. H. 

The children of David Gilman and Lucinda R. (Ranger) 
Fowler, were : — 

675. Horace Stiles, b. 7 June, 1853. 

676. Nancy Maria, b. 11 Sept., 1855; m. Edson Melvin of Warner, re- 

side in Clareraont, had one child. 

677. Calista Jane, b. 28 Oct., 1857. 

678. John Chever, b. 4 Jan., 1860. 

679. Nellie Etta, b. 10 Feb., 1862; d. 4 June, 1864. 

680. George Henry, b. 18 Jan., 1865. 

681. Martha Emma, b. 19 April, 1867. 

682. Clara Belle, b. 25 July, 1869. 

683. Charles Edwin, b. 5 Sept., 1871. 

684. Lucy Pearl, b. 8 March, 1874. 
686. Henrietta Alice, b. 2 Nov., 1876. 

410 Joseph Pierce ( Thomas'^^^ Joshua Chever^^^ Rich- 
ard^^ Joseph'^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Hartland, 
Vt., 22 Feb., 1832 ; married 13 Sept., 1854, Rossilla Pills- 
bury, who was born in Croydon, N. H., 23 March, 1833, the 
daughter of Thomas J. and Eliza S. (Colby) Pillsbury. 

He married 2d, in Pella, Marion County, Iowa, widow Betsey 
Hale, 15 April, 1873. 

The child of Joseph Pierce and Rossilla (Pillsbury) Fow- 
ler, was :■ — 

686. Joseph Elwin, b. 7 April, 1867, in Grantham, N. H. 


412 Joshua Durant (James-^^ Joshua ijhever^^^ Ricli- 
ard^^ Josepli'^^ Josej)h~^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Springfield, 
Vt., 17 June, 1814; married in April, 1838, Rachel Mon- 
tague, wlio was born in Rupert, 12 April, 1813, and died in 
Lena, 111., 28 Nov., 1855. He married 2d, Sept., 1857, Lucy S. 
Goddard, who was born in Georgia, Vt., 7 Aug., 1821. He 
removed to Waddams, 111., in May, 1838, and located on 
government land ; he resided in Lena, where be died, 15 Nov., 
1880. He will long be remembered for his piety, strict 
integrity and untiring energy. 

The children of Joshua Durant and Rachel (Montague) 
Fowler, were : — 

687. Julia, b. 9 Feb., 1839; d. 22 Jan., 1878. 

688. Mary A., b. 17 Dec, 1841. 

689. Horace W., b. 19 Dec, 1843; m. Ellen J. Bartlett. 

690. Jelina, b. 3 April, 1846. 

691. Eunice, b. 25 Dec, 1847; m. George Wetzel, 14 Feb., 1869, in 

Lena, had two children. 

692. James Durant, b. 7 May, 1850; m. Julia A. Chapman. 

693. Charles Newell, b. 2 Nov., 1852; graduated at Yale College, 1876. 

694. Merritt W., b. 12 Nov., 1855; d. 12 Sept., 1856. 

417 AlonZO {James^^^ Joshua Chever'^-^ Richard^^ Jo- 
sejyh'^^ Joseph-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Pawlet, Vt., 5 Sept., 
1826 ; married in Moriah, N. Y., 4 Nov., 1847, Malinda B. 
Train, who was born in Wilmington, N. Y., 22 July, 1826. 
Reside in Waddams, 111. 

The children of Alonzo and Mahnda B. (Train) Fowler, 
were : — 

695. Willie J., b. 22 July, 1849; d. 23 July, 1849, in Moriah. 

696. Elsie L., b. 2 July, 1850; d. 3 July, 1850, in Moriah. 

697. Rodolph F., b. 19 June, 1852; m. three times. 

698. Wallace W., b. 12 Oct., 1854. 

699. Mina A., b. 23 Sept., 1857; m, Orriu J. Babcock. 

700. Merritt E., b. 17 Aug., 1859, in Waddams, 111.; m. in Erin, 111., 

16 Sept., 1879, Martha A. Richards, who was b. in Durand, 
Winnebago County, 111., 30 Jan., 1861. 

701. Bessie M., b. 3 Sept., 1865. 


420 Harry G. (Jctmes^n Joshua Cliever^-^ Richarcl^^ Jo- 
sepW^^ Joseplir^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Pawlet, Vt., 29 
Jan., 1833 ; married in Harlem, 111., 26 Feb., 1852, Maria S. 
PiCKARD, who was born in Camillus, N. Y., 22 Aug., 1832. 
Residence, Waddams, 111. 

. The children of Harry G. and Maria S. (Pickard) Fowler, 
were : — 

702. Infant son, b. 10 Maj', 18r.4; d. 11 May, 1854, in "Waddams. 

703. Edmund F., b. 20 June, 1856. 

704. Phiio H., b. 12 June, 1858; d. 24 April, 1863, in West Point, 111. 

705. Inez, b. 17 Oct., 1859; d. 15 Feb., 1869, in West Point. 

706. Elmer E., b, 1 July, 1861, in West Point; d. 26 Feb., 1864. 

707. Bertha, b. 25 June, 1866. 

708. Lula, b. 24 Sept., 1874. 

423 William AtwOOd {Joshua Chever^^"^ Joshua Che- 
,ygj.i22 Jlichard^^ Joseph"^^ JosepW^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in 
Colchester, Vt., in 1824 ; married Sophia Norkis. He married 
2d, Amelia A. Bingham. Eesidence, White Hall, N. Y. 

The children of William Atwood and Sophia (Norris) 
Fowler, were : — 


George W. 






?'■"' 1 twins. 
Edwin, J 


Hattie Mariah. 





Nellie A., died young. 

717. Jennie. 

443 Edward Stacy (JosepJi-^^ Joseph^^^ Josejjh^'' Josejjh'^'' 
Philiiir'^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 22 Oct., 1802; 
married 25 Dec, 1827, Mary Hardison, who was born in Ber- 
wick, Me., 21 Dec, 1800, the daughter of Joseph Hardison, 
and died 14 March, 1872. 

He was a farmer, became deacon of the Congregational Church 
in Sangerville, Me. In 1844 was of Fort Fairfield, Me., where 
he organized, in his log house, a Congregational religious 
society composed of, at first, five members, himself, wife, 
cousin Henry Fowler, Caleb Ellis and a Mrs. Susan Ellis, and 
of which, he was deacon. 


In June, 1873, a church was erected in the town and his son, 
Rev. Stacy Fowler, preached the dedication sermon. He died 
13 Oct., 1880. 

The children of Edward Stacy and IMary (Hardison) Fow- 
ler, were : — 

718. Stacy, b. 27 Feb., 1829; m. Margaret K. Crocker. 

719. Mary B., b. II Sept., 1833; m. William F. Smiley. 

444 Joseph (Joseplfi^^ Joseph^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph*^ Philip^^ 
Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Winthrop, Me., 17 Sept., 1804 ; 
married 27 April, 1831, Rachel D. Haines, who was born in 
Bowdoin, Me., 9 May, 1811, and died in Sangerville, Me., 29 
July, 1877. He resides in Sangerville. 

The children of Joseph and Rachel D. (Haines) Fowler, 
were : — 

720. Child, b. Oct., 1832; d. Oct., 1832. 

721. Daniel Webster, b. 28 Oct., 1833; d. 1 March, 1834. 

722. Susan Elizabeth, b. 16 May, 1835; m. John W. Pettengill, resides 

in East Dover, Me., has daughter Bertha E., b. 5 Dec, 1867. 

723. Lucilla Rachel, b. 2 Nov., 1837; living unm., Sangerville. 

724. Hannah Ellen, b. 20 May, 1842 ; m. Wilbur F. Chase. 

725. Albert R., b. 30 Sept., 1844; married. 

726. Joseph C, b. 23 June, 1847; married. 

727. Alma C, b. 7 Oct., 1849; living num., Sangerville. 

449 Samuel Page {SamueV^"^^ Samuel^^^ Joseph^'' Jo- 
seph^'' Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 

From the "Danvers Mirror" of 24 April, 1880, is quoted 
the following : 

"Deacon Samuel P. Fowler was born in this town, April 
22, 1800, and was therefore eighty years old this week Thurs- 
day. His parents were Samuel Fowler and Clara Page. 

At an early age he learned the trade of tanning and currying 
from his father (who then owned the tanning and currying es- 
tablishment now used and occupied by the son), a business 
which he has carried on to a greater or less extent to the pres- 
ent time. He was united in marriage to Harriet Putnam, 


^^^ r r ,A /y^^ ^y /^^'- 


[who was born in Danvers, 11 May, 1806], daughter of Moses 
and Betsey [Putnam] Putnam, December 3d, 1833, who is still 
living and enjoying the high esteem of a large circle of friends. 

He represented this town in the Legislature during the sessions 
of 1837-8-9, and was a member from Danvers, with the Hon. 
Alfred A. Abbott and the Rev. Milton P. Braman, of the Con- 
stitutional Convention held at Boston in 1853. He was a Se- 
lectman and Assessor of this town during the years 1835-6-7, 
1838-9 and 1840, and Overseer of the Poor from 1843 to the 
present time, with the exception of one year, and since the di- 
vision of the town in 1856, has been Chairman of the Board. 
He was admitted to Jordan Lodge of Free and Accepted Ma- 
sons, March 26, 1823, and is at present an honorary member. 

When the Maple Street Church was first founded Dec, 5, 
1844, he was chosen deacon, an office which he has held from 
that day to this. 

He took an active part in the formation of the Walnut Grove 
Cemetery Corporation, having been much interested in the pur- 
chase and laying out of its grounds ; and has been its Presi- 
dent for more than thirty )'ears. He was one of the corpo- 
rators of the Danvers Savings Bank, which was incorporated 
in 1850, and one of its first trustees. He has been a director 
in the First National Bank of this town since 1863. He was 
one of the firewards when the fire department of the town 
was first incorporated. He was one of the twelve who organ- 
ized the Essex Natural History Society in 1833, which aftei'- 
wards was united with the Essex Historical Society, under the 
name of the Essex Institute. He has furnished articles for 
publication in the Historical Collections of the Essex Institute 
and has always been a contributor of articles to this paper on the 
early history of the town. He wrote the life and character of 
Rev. Samuel Parris of Salem Village, and his connections with 
the Witchcraft delusion of 1692. He edited an edition of 
" Salem Witchcraft by Robert Calef," published by H. P. Ives 
and A. A. Smith in 1861. He was appointed by George Pea- 
body a trustee of the Peabody Institute of Danvers, and upon 
the resignation of Dr. Braman as President of the Board of 
Trustees, was elected President in his place, a position which 
he retained till a yesLV ago last March, when he resigned it. 


He has always been Chairman of the Library Committee and 
has selected most of the books in the Library. 

In his youth he showed great taste for Natural Histor}'. 
This taste he has cultivated during his long and industrious 
life, so that to-day he has but few peers in this branch of learn- 
ing. He has alwa3's been very fond of flowers, his garden con- 
taining the choicest varieties, and he takes the pride of a young 
girl in the elegant and tasty bouquets he prepares for his pulpit. 
A minister who was stopping at his house one Sunday, after 
the services at the church, asked him what young lady prepared 
the beautiful bouquet of flowers, that was placed in front of the 
pulpit, and was much surprised when the deacon told him 
' that the young lady was a rough old man.' 

He has one of the largest and best selected private libraries 
in this section, containing man^'^ rare and valuable books, 
which are enjo3-ed b}' some of tlie most learned men in this vi- 
cinity, among them John G. Whittier, the poet, and Abner C. 
Goodell, the antiquarian and editor of the Massachusetts Col- 
ony Laws. He has always been interested in the Temperance 
cause and a believer in Woman Suffrage. 

His habits of life have been such that to-da}' he is a young 
man phj'sically and mentally, and has the prospect of many 
useful 3'ears before him. The history of his life, like that of 
Elihu Burritt the Learned Blacksmith, teaches those persons 
who have not had the advantages of a liberal education, and 
who have adopted a trade or engaged in business instead of a 
profession for a livelihood, that they can become learned, hon- 
ored and the peers of the professional or the liberally educated 
man in any literary or scientific pursuit." 

He was one of the committee appointed to make arrange- 
ments for the celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of 
Danvers, on the 16 June, 1852. 

He was Curator of Natural History in the Essex Institute 
in 1848, and Vice President in that department, in 1861, and 
so remained for several years. He was on the Field Meeting 
committee as early as 1857. He published in its Historical 
Collections, the following articles: "Journal of Capt. Samuel 
Page in the campaign of 1779, with notes;" "Biographical 
sketches of Rev. Joseph Green, Rev. Peter Clark and Rev. 


Benjamin Wadsworth, D. D., Ministers of Salem Village 
(now Dan vers Centre)." "Records of Overseers of the Poor 
of the old Town of Danvers, for the years 1767 and 1768 by 
the chairman of tlie Board, Capt. Elisha Flint, with notes ;" 
''Crafts' Journal of the Siege of Boston, with notes." 

He became a member of the " New England Historic Genea- 
logical Society," in Boston, in 1862. See notice of him on 
page 43 of this work. 

The children of Samuel Page and Harriet ( Putnam ) 
Fowler, were : — 

728. Clara Putnam, b, 20 March, 1836; ra. George E. Du Bois. 

729. Samuel Page, b. 6 Dec, 1838; unm., resides in Danvers. 

730. Harriet Putnam, b. 25 July, 1842; uum., resides in Danvers. 

451 Rebecca Putnam (Samuel^^ Samud^^^ Joseph^'' 
Joseph*'' Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Danvers, 9 July, 
1804: ; married there, 3 Dec, 1835, Aaron Eveleth, who was 
born in Essex, 30 Jan., 1807, the son of Philemon and Mary 
(Smith) Eveleth, and died 30 Sept., 1873. They resided in 
Danvers, where she died, 29 Sept., 1841. 

The children of Aaron and Rebecca Putnam (Fowler) 
Eveleth, were : — 

731. Samuel Fowler, b. 8 Oct., 1837; unm., an architect in New York 

City, N. Y. 

732. Mary Smith, b. 17 Dec, 1839; d. 26 June, 1840. 

733. Aaron Smith, b. 13 Sept., 1841; d. 11 June, 1842. 

453 Henry (Samuel^^^ Samuel^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph*'' PhUip^^ 
Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Danvers, 15 Sept., 1810; married 
there, 17 April, 1838, Sally Herrick Putnam, who was born in 
Danvers, 11 Feb., 1816, the daughter of Capt. Eben and Bet- 
sey (Webb) Putnam, and died in Danveisport, 12 Feb., 1881. 
Residence, Danversport, 

The children of Henry and Sally Herrick (Putnam) 
Fowler, were : — 

734. Henry Putnam, b. 24 Feb., 1839; m. Elizabeth M. Ryder. 

735. Addison Webb, b. 26 May, 1841; ra. Anna C. Fletcher. 



736. Adelaide, b. 23 Sept., 1843. 

737. Betsey Putnam, b. 4 Nov., 1846; resides in Toledo, 0. 

738. Eliza Page, b. 24 Jan., 1849. 

739. Sarah Putnam, b. 11 Aug., 1853. 

740. Rebecca, b. 26 Jan., 1859; d. 20 July, 1859. 

454 Augustus (Samuel^^^ Samxiel^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph^"^ 
Pliilip-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Danvers, 11 Nov., 1812 ; 
married there, 28 Dec, 1837, Emily Putnam, who was born in 
Danvers, 31 Dec, 1814, the daughter of Elias and Eunice 
(Ross) Putnam, and died 9 March, 1843. He is distinguished 
as a naturalist, especially in the department of ornithology. 
Residence, Danvers Plain. 

The children of Augustus and Emily (Putnam) Fowler, 
were : — 

741. Clarence, b. 28 Sept., 1838; m. Emma Sophia Morse. 

742. Albert Augustus, b. 4 June, 1841 ; resided at Danvers Plain, went 

to Camden, Ala., for his health, and died there 6 March, 1882, 

455 Sally Page {Samuel^^^ SamueV^^ Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' 
Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Danvers, 25 June, 1815 ; 
married 30 May, 1839, James D. Black, who was born in Dan- 
vers, 10 Nov., 1814, the son of Moses and Phebe (Putnam) 
Black. Residence, Harvard. 

The children of James D. and Sally Page (Fowler) Black, 
were : — 

743. Clara Page, b. 28 Nov., 1841 ; m. Aretus R. Sanborn. 

744. Arthur Melvil, b. 26 April, 1843 ; married. 

745. Rebecca Fowler, b. 18 May, 1847; d. 30 April, 1852. 

746. Maria Fowler, b. 21 March, 1854. 

459 Jolm Page {John^^^ Samuel^^'^ Joseph^'' Joseph^'' 
Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Danvers, 25 April, 1801 ; 
married in Haverhill, 24 June, 1828, Lydia S. Brown, who was 
born there, 27 July, 1807, the daughter of John and Mary 


(Mitchell) Brown. He resided in East Haverhill, was a mas- 
ter-mariner, and died at Laguna, in the Gulf of Mexico, 11 
Jan., 1840. His widow married, second, 6 June, 1861, John S. 
Morse, Esquire, of Amesbury, and died 10 April, 1864. 

The children of John Page and Ltdia S. (Brown) Fowler, 
were : — 

747. Martha Thayer, b. 7 April, 1829; ni. John Chase of Haverhill, 

t June, 1849, and had sons : — 'Henry. "Charles. She m. 2d, John 
Bradley, 27 Dec, 1857, and d. 15 Dec, 1859. 

748. Sarah Putnam, b. 9 Aug., 1833; d. Sept., 1846. 

749. Annie Martin, b. 9 June, 1887; m. James S. Sumner of Haver- 

hill, 17 June, 1858, and had sons: — 'Fred. "Charles. 'Arthur. 
Lived in Lynn, and d. 24 Oct., 1872. 

750. John Frederick, b. 7 Jan., 1840; served in the civil war; and 

d. unmarried in Lynn, 7 March, 1868. 

461 Jeremiah Putnam (JoJin^^'^ SamueP^^ Joseph^'' Jo- 

seph^'^ Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Danvers, 23 June, 
1805 ; married in Haverhill, 9 Oct., 1845, Elizabeth Maria 
Chase, who was born in Haverhill, 23 Oct., 1823, the daughter 
of David and Alice (West) Chase. He was one of the early 
pioneers to California, engaging in dairying and farming, carry- 
ing on with great success, the first dairy kept in San Francisco, 
in 1850. He visited his native state in 1852, and returned to 
California in 1853, and is at present located at Lincoln, Placer 
County, where he has a farm of six hundred and forty acres, 
which he with his sons is clearing to plant to vineyard. 

During his thirty years of pioneering he has had the company 
of a devoted wife, and his children a mother that has always 
been their strong hope in time of trouble. 

The children of Jeremiah Putnam and Elizabeth Maria 
(Chase) Fowler, were : — 

751. "Wallace Melville, b. 13 Feb., 1847, in Haverhill; m. Sarah Eliza- 

beth Putnam [764], 6 Aug., 1882, resides in Lincoln, Cal. 

752. Elizabeth Putnam, b. 1 Sept., 1849, in Danvers; d. in San Fran- 

cisco, Cal., 4 June, 1850. 

753. Frank Herbert, b. 30 June, 1852, in Haverhill. 

754. Larkin Green, b. 14 Oct., 1854; m. Charlotte Cartwright. 

755. Henry Putnam, b. 22 Dec, 1857, in Santa Rosa Valley, Sonoma 

Co., Cal. 
75G. Charles Edgar, b. 18 Nov., 1861, in Santa Rosa Valley. 


462 Martha (John^^'^ Samuel^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph^'' Philip'^ 
Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Danvers, 20 Sept., 1807 ; married 
there 6 April, 1829, John Perkins, who was born in Shapley, 
Me., 20 Feb., 1803, the son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Hooper) 
Perkins. Residence, Lynn. 

The children of John and Martha (Fowler) Perkins, 
were : — 

757. Martha Jane, b. 26 June, 1830; unm. resides in Lynn. 
768. Louisa Crosby, b. 17 Nov., 1831; m. John Nicholson ; 2d, George 
D. Carlton ; resides in New Britain, Conn. 

759. Caroline Augusta, b. 15 Dec, 1833; m. George Hodgdon; died in 

Salem, 21 Oct., 1855. 

760. Alvira, b. 10 May, 1835 ; m. George Wallace, in Alviro, Santa 

Clara Co., Cal., 31 March, 1855. He was b. in Norfolk, Va., 22 
Jan., 1811, and d. in Washington, Yolo Co., Cal., 31 Oct., 1871, 
had daughter 'Ellen Douglass, b. in Alviro, Cal., 25 Aug., 1856; 
m. William Isaac Wallace, 9 June, 1878, who was b. in Char- 
lotte Town, Prince Edwards Island, 14 Dec, 1835, and have 
two children :— (^)Ella Louisa Carlton, b. 21 March, 1879. (')Al- 
vira Maud, b. 14 Sept., 1880. Residence, Sacramento, Cal. 

761. Charles Hooper, b. 5 Jan., 1837; m. Olive J. Richardson, was 

wounded in the Battle of Fredericksburg, and probably died 
soon after. 

762. John Henry, b. 31 Oct., 1838 ; ra. Mary E. Evans, resides in East 


763. Alfred, b. 15 Sept., 1841; unm., resides in Lynn. 

463 Sarah Putnam (John^^'' Samuel^^^ Joseph^' Joseph^'' 
Philip^^ Joaeplfi Philip^) was born in Danvers, 12 March, 1811 ; 
m. 29 Feb., 1836, Capt. Andrew Merriam Putnam, who was 
born in Danvers, 13 Feb., 1807, son of Jesse and Elizabeth 
(Merriam) Putnam. She died 29 May, 1843, and he married, 
second, 7 Nov., 1844, Elizabeth Putnam Pope. Residence, Dan- 

The children of Andrew M. and Sarah Putnam (Fowler) 
Putnam, were : — 

764. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 19 June, 1837 ; m. Wallace Melville Fowler 

[751], 6 Aug., 1882, resides in Lincoln, Cal. 

765. Eugene, b. 17 June, 1840; m. Hannah Newhall, 3 Jan., 1866, re- 

sides in Lynn. 


766. Harriet Adeline Pope, b. 30 June, 1841 ; m. Harvey Hewes Pills- 

bury, 30 Oct., 1877, and d. 30 April, 1880. 

767. Louisa Lancaster, b. 26 May, 1843; d. 17 Aug., 1861. 

464 Louisa Crosby {John^'^'' Samuel^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph^'' 
Philij)^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Danvers, 26 March, 1814 ; 
married there 19 April, 1838, James Kimball Lancaster of 
Haverhill, who was born in Newburj', 26 March, 1812, the son 
of Thomas and Ketsej' (Kimball) Lancaster, and died 28 Jan., 
1854. His widow resides in Haverhill. 

The children of James Kimball and Louisa Crosby (Fowler) 
Lancaster, were : — 

768. Eliza Ann, b. 22 Jan., 1839; m. Charles Pierce Crockett, 1 Jan., 


769. Mary Ellen, b. 4 March, 1840; d. 3 Aug., 1841. 

770. Mary Louisa, b. 21 Jan., 1842; ra. Joshua Marshman Stover, 1 

Feb., 1861; d. 5 Jan., 1881. 

771. Francis Willett, b. 20 March, 1843; m. Sarah Rebecca Lindsay, 

20 March, 1873; resides in Washington, D. C. 

772. Julia Maria, b. 14 Sept., 1844; m. Charles Blunt of Harerhill, 20 

Sept., 1861; d. 20 Jan., 1869. 

773. Sarah Putnam, b. 4 June, 1846; d. 26 Sept., 1873. 

774. George Augustus, b. 11 May, 1848; m. Isabelle Mills, 15 Dec, 
• 1869; resides in Chicago, III. 

775. Addie Augusta, b. 7 April, 1850; m. Otis W. Flanders, 19 Jan., 

1871 ; resides in Washington, D. C. 

493 Mary Catherine {Joseph^^^ James^^^ Joseph^'' Jo- 
seph'^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 11 Nov., 
1833 ; married 1 March, 1857, Sylvanus F. Canney, who was 
born in Ossipee, N. H., 24 Nov., 1826, the son of Burrett and 
Olive Jane (Thompson) Canney. Reside in Ipswich. 

The children of Sylvanus F. and Mary Catherine (Fow- 
ler) Canney, were : — 

776. Charles William, b. 3 Sept., 1857 ; m. Ida Chapman, 28 Jan., 1882 ; 

the daughter of Thomas and Valina Chapman of Ipswich. 

777. George Burrett, b. 27 Sept., 1869 ; d. 7 June, 1870. 


494 Martha Ann (Joseph-^^ James^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph^'' 
Philip-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 8 April, 1835 ; 
married there, 5 Dec, 1851, John F. G. Clark, who was born 
23 July, 1831, the son of James Alfred and Catherine (Rust) 
Clark. Reside in Ipswich. 

The children of John F. G. and Martha Ann (Fowler) 
Clark, were : — 

778. Franklin Pierce, b. 8 Jul}', 1852 ; m. Lenora Grant, 10 Nov., 1880, 

reside in Lynn, has daughter Ethel Lena, b. 18 Dec, 1881. 

779. Williara Barnes, b. 27 Jan., 185.^. 

780. Ida Jane, b. 18 Feb., 1857; d. Feb., 1868. 

781. Charles Harrison, b. 19 July, 1859. 

782. Rebecca Fowler, b. 18 Nov., 1872. 

496 John James {JosepJi^^^ James^^^ JosepJi^'' Joseph'^'' 
Philip'^^ Joseph^ Philip^ was born in Ipswich, 25 June, 1839 ; 
married 5 Feb., 1864, Marcy Ann Capwell, who was born in 
Clarksville, R. I., 1 March, 1841, the daughter of James and 
Marcy B. (Wickes) Capwell. Reside in Ipswich. 

The children of John James and Marcy Ann (Capwell) 
Fowler, were : — 

783. Nellie Alfreda, b. 3 May, 1865; d. 14 July, 1868. 

784. Mary Bailey, b. 16 Jan., 1870. 

785. John Joseph, b. 22 July, 1874: d. 31 Dec, 1874. 

497 Eben Evans (Joseph^^^ James^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph^"^ 
Pliilip'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 25 July, 1841 ; 
married in South Boston, 16 Nov., 1880, Lauretta Ellis Nick- 
ERSON, who was born in Port La Tour, Nova Scotia, 29 Nov., 
1849, the daughter of Capt. James Atwood and Sarah (Patter- 
son) Nickerson. He resides in Ipswich on the old Fowler 

The child of Eben Evans and Lauretta Ellis (Nickerson) 
Fowler, was : — 

786. Hattie Ellen Newell, b. 26 Dec, 1881. 


498 Ellen Bailey {Joseph^^^ James^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph'^'^ 
Pliilip'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Ipswich, 8 Oct., 1843 ; 
married there, 5 Jan., 1860, George W. Baker, who was born 
in Ipswich, 6 Nov., 1838, the son of Samuel Waite and Ruth 
(Smith) B^ker. Reside in Ipswich. 

The children of George "W. and Ellen Bailey (Fowler) 
]^KER, were : — 

787. Mary Abbie, b. 4 July, 1862. 

788. Kate Canney, b. 7 Feb., 1868. 

789. Ida Clark, b. 8 Oct., 1870; d. 15 Sept., 1871. 

790. Ruth Smith, b. 2 Aug., 1874. 

791. George Fowler, b. 29 July, 1877. 

499 Hannah Dexter (Joseph^^^ PUUp^^^ Joseph^'' 

Joseph'^'' Pliilip'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Liverpool, Nova 
Scotia, 31 Aug., 1819 ; married in Salem, 28 July, 1844, 
Israel Jordan Perry, junior, who was born in East Thomaston, 
Me., 17 April, 1822, the son of Israel Jordan and Eliza 
Kirkpatrick (Spear) Peny, and died in Rockland, Me., 9 Nov., 
1880. She resides with her son in Rockland, Me. 

The children of Israel J, and Hannah Dexter (Fowler) 
Perry, were : — 

792. Laura Frances, b. 24 March, 1846, in East Thomaston, Me. ; 

m. Marshall Henry Spring, 30 Dec, 1865; have one child: — 
Belle Augusta, b. in Rockland, Me., 24 Oct., 1867. 

793. William Joseph, b. 20 Oct., 1848, in East Thomaston, Me. ; m. 

Ella Maria Ingraham, 2 May, 1876; no children. 

794. Ella Augusta, b. 7 Feb., 1851, in Rockland, Me. ; m. Joseph Hale 

Wiggin, 10 Oct., 1876; no children. 

500 Joseph Henry (Joseph^^^ PMUp^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph^'' 
Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Thomaston, Me., 23 Sept., 
1821 ; married in Salem, 29 Nov., 1848, Nancy Grindel 
Chandler, who was born in Alexander, N. H., 17 Sept., 1829, 
the daughter of David and Abigail (White) Chandler. Resi- 
dence, Salem. 


The children of Joseph Henrt and Nancy G. (Chandler) 
Fowler, were : — 

796. .Joseph Henry, b. 28 Jan., 1849; d. 17 March, 1849. 

796. Charles Newton, b. 9 April, 1850; d. 22 Dec, 1851. 

797. Charles Henry, b. 20 July, 1852; m. Laura Reeves. 

798. David Joseph, b. 2 Aug., 1854; m. in Peabody, Ada G. Tibbetts, 

30 Dec, 1880; the daughter of Capt. John H. and Amelia A. 
(Jackson) Tibbetts. Reside in Salem. 

799. Fred Herbert, b. 9 Feb., 1857. 

501 William Tukey {Joseph^^^ PMUp^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph^^ 
Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Thomaston, Me., 28 Nov., 
1823 ; married in Providence, R. I., 8 June, 1849, Caroline 
Blackinton Tarbox, who was born in Thomaston, 20 Jan., 
1828, the daughter of James and Elizabeth (Wormwell) 

He was of Co. I, 8th Reg. Infantry, M. V. M. Three 
months service, mustered 18 June, 1861, expiration of service, 
1 Aug., 1861. He was killed in the battle of Whitehall, 
North Carolina, 16 Dec, 1862, when of the 23d Mass. Reg. 
Co. A. His widow and family reside in Salem. 

The children of William Tukey and Caroline Blackinton 
(Tarbox) Fowler, were : — 

800. William Edwin, b. 17 Jan., 1850. 

801. Harriot M., b. 8 Dec, 1851. 

802. Frank, -) r 

803 Cornelia tt^'^^^' b- 1^ March, 1857; J both d. 15 March, 1857. 

804. Caroline Tucker, b. 16 July, 1859; m. Lewis W. Marden. 

502 Newton Gordon (Joseph^^^ PhiUp^^^ Joseph^'J 

Joseph^'' Philip^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Thomaston, Me., 
20 Sept., 1826 ; married in Pawtucket, R. I., 22 Dec, 1850, 
Clara F. Lake. 

He served in the 7th Reg. Infantry, M. V. M. six months, 
in Co. B, mustered 1 July, 1862, expiration of service, 31 Dec, 
1862. He resided in Salem (where his children were born,) and 


Pawtucket, but died in Salera, 21 April, 1880. His widow 
resides in Pawtucket. 

The children of Newton Gordon and Clara F. (Lake) 
Fowler, were : — 

805. Clara, b. 13 Oct., 1851. 

806. Ellen A., b. 2 Feb., 1854. 

807. Newton Frank, b. 7 Feb., 1857. 

503 Edwin Kemp ton (JosejjJi^^^ PhiUp^^^ Joseph^'' Jo- 
seph'^'^ Philip"'^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Thomaston, Me., 
13 Nov., 1829 ; married in Salera, 23 Oct., 1851, Mary Fran- 
ces Lander, who was born in Salem, 23 Sept., 1833, the daugh- 
ter of Benjamin and Lydia (Walton) Lander, and died there, 
10 June, 1855. 

He married 2d, in Foxboro, 9 July, 1856, Sarah E. Wood- 
ward, who was born in East Weymouth, 30 March, 1840, the 
daughter of George M. and Eliza (Scribner) Woodward of 
Brooklyn, N. Y., and died in Peabody, 16 Oct., 1880. Besides 
in Peabod}-. 

The child of Edwin Kempton and Mary Frances (Lander) 
Fowler, was : — 

808. Naomi Frances, b. 4 March, 1852; d. 8 Sept., 1852. 

The children of Edwin Kempton and Sarah E. (Woodward) 
Fowler, were : — 

809. Lizzie Florence, b. 19 Oct., 1857; d. 26 Oct., 1857. 

810. Cora Ang;eline, b. 20 April, 1859 ; d. 26 July, 1859. 

811. Martha Edith, b. 20 Sept., 1861. 

812. Edwin Augustus, b. 17 July, 1864; d. 4 March, 1865. 

813. Isabella Lincoln, b. 29 Aug., 1866. 

814. Edgar Frederick Porter, b. 10 June, 1874. 

505 Charles Barnard {Joseph^=^ PMUp^^^ Joseph^'' Jo- 

seph'^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Belfast, Me., 23 
Juh', 1835 ; married in Salem, 24 July, 1859, Lucy Maria 
Upton, the daughter of Eben and Lucy Maria (Carey) Upton. 


Resided in Salem, where he was an Auctioneer, Real Estate 
and Insurance Agent, has been member of the City Council 
three years, and Representative 1881, 1882, removed to Hart- 
ford, Ct., to accept the position of general manager of the Na- 
tional Fire Insurance company of that place. 

The child of Charles Barnard and Lucy Maria (Upton) 
Fowler, was : — 

815. Arthur Burnhara, b. 5 Oct., 1860. 

506 Melinda Dorcas (Joseph^^^ Phiiijo^^^ Joseph^'' Jo- 

seph'^'' Philip^^ Josep)h^ Philip^) was born in Belfast, Me., 3 
Feb., 1838 ; married in Salem, 10 June, 1868, George Wash- 
ington Davis, who was born in Waterville, Me., 9 June, 1842, 
the son of Stephen and Delania (Penny) Davis. Residence, 

The children of George W. and Melinda Dorcas (Fowler) 
Davis, were : — 

816. Charles Francis, b. 27 April, 1869. 

817. Philip William, b. 10 April, 1872. 

818. George Augustus, b. 10 Jan., 1875; d. 12 Jan., 1881. 

819. Alice Delauia, b. 10 March, 1879. 

516 Ellen M. {Philip Gould^^^ PhiUp^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' 
Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Portland, Me., 6 Feb., 
1834 ; married in Charlestown, 29 Nov., 1850, Thomas B. F. 
Cook, who was born in West Sandwich, 25 July, 1828. Re- 
side in Boston. 

The children of Thomas B. F. and Ellen M. (Fowler) 
Cook, were : — 

820. Ella M., b. 9 Aug., 1851, in West Sandwich; m. Orrin A. Rogers, 

22 June, 1873, who was b. in Brewster, 28 Sept., 1847. She d. 
in Boston, 30 Sept., 1873. He resides in Boston. 

821. Anna A., b. 18 Sept., 1853, in North Sandwich; m. Charles M. 

Bowman, 1 Jan., 1877, who was b. in Bedford, N. H., 28 Aug., 
1847. Have child :— Maud 1., b. 6 Dec, 1879, in Boston. 

822. William F., b. 27 Aug., 1860, in North Sandwich. 


517 William {Philip Gould^'^^ PMUp^^^ Joseph^'^ Joseph'^'' 
Philip-^ Josej)h^ Philip^) was born in Durham, Me., 28 March, 
1835 ; married in Sandwich, 21 Sept., 1865, Emma T. Linell, 
who was born in Hyannis, 21 Aug., 1845. Residence, Hyan- 

The children of William and Emma T. (Linell) Fowler, 
were : — 

823. AVillis F., b. 23 Sept., 1866. 

824. Hattie M., b. 20 Nov., 1868. 

825. Herbert F., b. 4 March, 1872. 

526 Charles {Stephen Tukeif^^ Philip^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph"^"^ 
PhilipP'^ Josejyh^ Philip^) was born in Portland, Me., 24 June, 
1831 ; married in Boston, 16 April, 1857, Frances Ann Smith, 
of that place, who was born 6 Sept., 1831, the daughter of 
Franklin and Joanna (Wells) Smith. 

He is of the firm of Paddock & Fowler, doing business at 66 
Broad Street in New York City, N. Y., residing in Brooklyn, 
N. Y. (where his children were born), during the winter, and 
at his country seat in Metuchen, N. J., in the summer. 

The children of Charles and Frances Ann (Smith) Fow- 
ler, were : — 

826. Charles Franklin, b. 16 April, 1859; d. 11 Sept., 1859. 

827. Harry Smith, b. 1 Dec, 1860; the contributor of the colored 

lithograph of the Coat of Arras of the Fowlers of England. 

828. Frederick Paddock, b. 13 June, 1867. 

829. Frances Amelia, b. 13 July, 1868. 

534 Hervey Pinkham {Stephen Tukey^^^ PhiUp^^^ Jo- 
seph^'' Joseph'^'^ Philip-'^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Charles- 
town, 8 Nov., 1846 ; married 23 Dec, 1873, Mary E. Tappen, 
of Bonhamtown, N. J., who was born 25 Dec, 1851, the daugh- 
ter of Luther J. and Susan (Rolfe) Tappen. He served in 
the army during the civil war in Co. H., 5th Mass. Vol. Mili- 
tia, for eleven months, and in the 11th Mass. Light Artillery 
for two 3'ears. 


Residence in Metucheu, N. J., doing business in New York 
City, N. Y. 

The children of Hervey Pinkham and Mary E. (Tappen) 
Fowler, were : — 

830. Charles Tappen, b. 21 Oct., 1874. 

831. Ada Elizabeth, b. 17 Oct., 1876. 

832. Amelia Lucas, b. 6 April, 1881 ; d. 1 May, 1882. 

570 Catherine Jane (DavkP^^ Jolin}''^ John^<^ JoJin"^^ 

Pliiliiy^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Bridgton, Me., 24 Dec, 
1814 ; married 27 Feb., 1840, Isaac Perley, who was born in 
Harrison, Me., 1 March, 1810. Residence, Harrison, Me. She 
died 14 Aug., 1881. 

The children of Isaac and Catherine J. (Fowler) Perley, 
were : — 

833. Miranda Louisa, b. 9 July, 1841; d. 28 Oct., 18G5. 

834. David Fowler, b. 4 July, 1844; m. Julia Annie Scribuer of Har- 

rison, 22 June, 1865, resides in Harrison. 

571 John Whitman (David^^^ Jolm^'^^ Jolm^^ John^^ 
Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Bridgton, Me., 17 June, 
1818 ; married there 14 April, 1842, Lydia Augusta Brown, 
who was born in Stowe, 14 April, 1820, the daughter of Obed- 
edom and Betsey (Walcott) Brown. Residence, Bridgton, Me. 

The children of John Whitman and Lydia A. (Brown) 
Fowler, were : — 

835. Elizabeth Augusta, b. 6 Nov., 1843; m. Henry G. Twombly, 1 

Jan., 1862. He was b. in Bridgton, 15 April, 1840, the son of 
Henry D. and Mary (Milliken) Twombly, and d. 23 Nov., 1863. 

836. Miranda Jane, b. 9 Oct., 1847; m. George W. Emery. 

576 Green Clark {John Cutts^^^ PhiUp^''^ Phiiip^^^ 

Philip^^ Philip-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in South New Mar- 
ket, N. H., 27 Feb., 1823 ; married 25 Sept., 1859, Sarah M. 

C^ix>yi^ ^^^, c/'' c^^^^'-^^M^ 


Hall, who was born in Lee, N. H., 25 Sept., 1825, the daugh- 
ter of Thomas B. and Mehitable Hall of Lee, and died at Raj'- 
mond, N. H., 25 Ang., 1877. 

The child of Green Clark and Sarah M. (Hall) Fowler, 
was : — 

837. James Edwin, b. 17 June, 1861, at Raymond. 

577 John Fletcher {John Cutts^^^ PMlip^i^ Phihy^^ 

Philip^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in South New Mar- 
ket, N. H., 2 March, 1826 ; married 20 Jan., 1853, Cornelia 
L. Hall, who was born in Lee, N. H., 8 March, 1827, the 
daughter of Thomas B. and Mehetable Hall of Lee, and died 
in South New Market, 15 Oct., 1862. 

He married 2d, 16 Nov., 1863, Dorcas A. Winn, who was 
born in Tamworth, N. H., 18 March, J832, the daughter of 
James and Lj-dia Winn of Tamworth, and died in South New 
Market, 4 July, 1875. 

He married 3d, 14 Nov., 1878, Mrs. Mary F. Pollard, the 
daughter of George Clough of Fepperell. Resides on the home- 
stead in South New Market. 

The child of John Fletcher and Cornelia L. (Hall) Fow- 
ler, was : — 

838. Cornelia Hall, b. 23 Dec, 1855. 

The child of John Fletcher and Dorcas A. (Winn) Fow- 
ler, was : — 

839. Annie B., b. 25 Sept., 1864; died in infancy. 

578 Mary Angeline {John Cutts^^^ PhiUp^''^ Phiiip^^-^ 

Philip^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in South New 
Market, N. H., 16 Feb., 1828; married 26 Jan., 1853, Mark 
W. Chase, who was born in North Berwick, Me., 10 Feb., 1828. 
Residence, North Berwick. 

The children of Mark W. and Mary Angeline (Fowler) 
Chase, were : — 

840. Frank Hartwell, b. 17 June, 1854; m. Georgie A. Hurd of North 

Berwick, 21 Sept., 1881. 

841. Freddie A., b. 3 Aug., 1862; d. 26 Sept., 1862. 


593 Albert P. (Benjamin^^^ Benjamin^^'^ Symonds^'^'^ 
Philip^^ Philip-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Pembroke, N. H., 
25 Jan., 1834 ; married 24 Feb., 1857, Caroline Eliza Cofran, 
who was born in Pembroke, the daughter of James and Mary 
Jane (Cofran) Cofran. Residence, Pembroke. 

The children of Albert P. and Caroline E. (Cofran) Fow- 
ler, were : — 

842. Genella L., b. 5 Nov., 1859. 

843. Jewett W., b. 21 June, 1866. 

844. Ethelaida, b. 5 Nov., 1871. 

597 True "W. {Benjamin^^^ Benjamin-^^ Symonds^^^ 
Philip^'^ Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Pembroke, N. H., 
9 April, 1843 ; married Nellie Appleton, the daughter of 
John and Betsey (Hayes) Appleton of Allinstown, N. H. He 
served for three years' in the U. S. army during the civil war. 

The child of True W. and Nellie (Appleton) Fowler, 
was : — 

845. Frank Sherman, b. 1 July, 1875. 

598 William. H. {Benja^nin^^^ Benjamirfi^^ Symonds^^^ 
Philip^^ Philip-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Pembroke, N. H., 
26 June, 1845 ; married 25 Nov., 1866, Roxie T. Edmunds, the 
daughter of Nathaniel S. and Hannah (Foss) Edmunds of 
Chichester, N. H., and died 7 Feb., 1881. He married 2d, 13 
Nov., 1881, Victoria G. Moore, daughter of Matthias M. and 
Harriet W. (Philbrick) Moore of Canterbury, N. H. 

The children of William H. and Roxie T. (Edmunds) 
Fowler, were : — 

846. Carrie H., b. 12 Aug., 1871. 

847. Addie L., b. 10 March, 1879. 

599 Ellen L. {Benjamin^^^ Benjamin^^^ Symonds^^^ Pldl- 
ip^^ Philip-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Pembroke, N. H., 27 
Sept., 1847 ; married 30 Nov., 1865, Franklin Pierce Bobinson, 


the son of Timothy D. and Mary (Lake) Robinson of Pembroke . 
See page 139. 

The children of Franklin P. and Ellen L. (Fowler) 
Robinson, were : — 

848. Leonora Agnes, b. 30 Aug., 1867. 

849. Nellie E., b. 15 Dec, 1868. 

850. Mary E., > r 

851.' Eddie, r"'^""' ^- ^^^°''" ^^'^^n died in infancy. 

852. Adln Call, b. 26 Dec, 1871. 

853. Alice C, b. 1 Aug., 1874. 

854. Clara Emma, b. 16 April, 1876. 

855. Benjamin Fowler, b. 1 May, 1879. 

856. Luther M., b. 26 Oct., 1880. 

600 David (JoJm Ladd?^^ Benjamirfi^^ Symonds^'^^ Philip^^ 
Pliilip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Pembroke, N. H., 24 Oct., 
1825 ; married there, 15 Nov., 1849, Esther Fife, who was 
born in Pembroke, the daughter of Philip and Jane (Holt) 
Fife, and died in Concord, N. H., 7 Feb., 1881. He died" 
there 27 April, 1881. 

The children of David and Esther (Fife) Fowler, were : — 

857. Alice S., b. 12 April, 1851. 

858. Etta J., b. 21 Jan., 1866. 

604 Lavinia {John Ladd^^^ Benjamirfi^^ Symonds^^^ 
Philip^'^ Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Pembroke, N. 
H., 15 Feb., 1840 ; married 4 July, 1862, Horace B. Langley 
of Chichester, N. H., where he was born 5 June, 1842, the 
son of John and Lois A. (Salter) Langley of Chichester. 

The children of Horace B. and Lavinia (Fowler) Langley, 
were : — 

859. Alice C. O., b. 23 June, 1864. 

860. Lizzie G., b. 17 May, 1866. 

861. LoisL.,b. 10 May, 1869. 

862. John F., b. 15 March, 1871. 


605 Prank Asa (Asa^^^ Benjamin-'^- Symonds^^'^ Philip^^ 
Philip-^ Joseph^' Philip^) was born in Concord, N. H., 24 May, 
1842; married there, 27 Oct., 1880, Flora Adella. Johnson, 
who was born in Concord, N. IL, 10 Aug., 1856, the daughter 
of John Piper and Sarah A. (Crockett) Johnson, and died in 
Concord, 31 Aug., 1881. He entered Dartmouth College in 
the fall of 1860, remained one term, but received from it in 
1868 the honorary degree of A. B. He is a lawyer, residing 
in Concord. 

The child of Frank Asa and Flora Adella (Johnson) 
Fowler, was : — 

8G3. Frank Asa, b. 20 Aug., 1881; d. 2 Oct., 1881. 

606 George Robert {Asa^^^ Benjamin^^ Symonds^^^ 
Philip^^ Philip^^ Josejih^ Philip^) was born in Concord, N. H., 
25 April, 1844 ; married there 24 April, 1873, Isabel Minot, 
who was born in Concord, 24 Sept., 1846, the eldest daughter 
of Hon. Josiah and Abigail (Haines) Minot of Concord. En- 
tered Dartmouth College in the fall of 1860, remained one 
term, and received in 1868 the honorary degree of A. B. He 
is a lawj^er, and resides in Boston. 

The children of George Robert and Isabel (Minot) Fow- 
ler, were : — 

864. Ethel Walker, b. 24 Dec, 1874. 

865. Mary Pickering, b. 25 Jau., 1877. 

866. Josiah Minot, b. 17 May, 1880. 

615 HaurLah (Symonds^^^ Samuel-^'^ Symonds^^^ PMlip^^ 
Philip-^ Joseph^ Phih'p^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 26 Dec, 
1828 ; married 22 May, 1855, James Martin, the son of James 
and Elsie (Bailey) Martin. Reside in St. Louis, Mo. 

The children of James and Hannah (Fowler) Martin, 
were : — 

867. Sarah Sleeper, married ; resides in La Salle, 111. 

868. Ida May, m. Daniel Thomas, 19 Oct., 1879, resides in St. Louis, Mo. 

869. Nellie L. 

870. Elsie. 


616 William (Symo^ids^^^ SamueV^^^ SymoncW^^ Philip^^ 
Philip-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 27 April, 
1832 ; married 1 Nov., 1856, Sakah E. Kelley, the daughter 
of John Kelley of Pembroke, N. H. Residence, Epsom. 

The children of William and Sarah E. (Kelley) Fowler, 
were : — 

871. Blanchard Holt, b. 1 Aug., 1857. 

872. Philip, b. 12 May, 1861. 

873. Lizzie J., b. 12 June, 1864. 

874. Georgie A., b. 31 Dec, 1873. 

875. Ida M., b. 16 Feb., 1877. 

876. Florence L., b. 27 May, 1879. 

617 Benjamin {Symonds^^^ SamueP^"^ Symonds^^^ Philip^^ 
Philip-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 28 March, 
1834; married 3 Feb., 1864, Sarah M. Brown. Resides in 

The children of Benjamin and Sarah M. (Brown) Fowler, 
were : — 

877. Vesta G., b. 18 Feb., 1865. 

878. Sarah Edith, b. 30 April, 1868. 

879. Annie L., b. 31 Aug., 1872. 

880. Alice M., b. 13 Dec, 1876. 

618 Betsey (Symonds^^^ SamiieP^'^ Symonds^^^ Pliilip^^ 
Philip'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 30 March, 
1836 ; married 23 May, 1857, Jason C. R. Hoyt of Concord, 
N. H., the son of Benjamin Hoyt, of Concord, N. H. She 
died 19 Nov., 1872. 

The children of Jason C. R. and Betsey (Fowler) Hoyt, 
were : — 

881. Nellie E., married John Robie of Warner, N. H., 24 Nov., 1880, 

and died there 8 Aug., 1881. 

882. Rufus S. 

883. William F. 

884. Fanny G. 

885. Frederick W. 



636 Charles Baker (SaimieP^<^ WintJirop^^'' Symonds^^^ 
Philip^^ Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 
28 Dec, 1849 ; married 24 Jan., 1875, Emma O. Tennan.t, who 
was born in Deerfield, N. H., 3 April, 1844, the daughter of 
Arthur and Ruth O. Tennant. Residence, East Pembroke, 
N. H. 

The children of Chables Baker and Emma 0. (Tennant) 
Fowler, were : — 

886. Alvah O., b. 1 Nov., 1878. 

887. Everett Arthur, b. 29 March, 1881. 

637 Horace {SamueP^^ Winthrop^^'^ Symonds^^^ Philip^^ 
Philip-^ Josep)li'^ Philip^) was born in Epsom, N. H., 26 April, 
1855 ; married 26 April, 1879, Ida M. Holt, who was born in 
Pembroke, N. H., 16 April, 1855, the daughter of Philip and 
Abby J. Holt. Resides in Short Falls, N. H. 

The child of Horace and Ida M. (Holt) Fowler, was : — 

888. Clayton H., b. 26 Jan., 1880. 


646 Henry C. {Henry Stiles^'^^ Thomas^o^ Joshua Che- 
ver^^~ Ricliard^^ Josep)h^^ Josep)h^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in 
Lowell, 22 Sept., 1840 ; married Lottie Nichols of Derby, Vt. 
He married 2d, Jennie Curbet, of Alton, Me. Residence, 

The child of Henry C. Fowler, was : — 

889. Fannie Maria, b. 25 July, 1876. 

649 George Lewis {Henry Stiles^^^ Thomas-^^ Joshua 
Chever^'^^ Richard^^ Joseph'^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was 
born in Lowell, 1 July, 1845 ; married 30 April, 1868, Artie 


M. Baker, who was born in "Woodstock, N. B., 8 June, 1848, 
the daughter of Hugh and Caroline Baker. 

The children of George Lewis and Artie M. (Baker) 
Fowler, were : — 

890. Carrie Maria, b. 19 April, 1869. 

891. Artie Florence, b. 8 July, 1872. 

892. George Lewis, b. 13 July, 1876. 

657 Lewis Henry (Lewis^^'^ Tlwmas^^^ Joshua Chever^^'^ 
Richard^^ Joseph'^^ Joseplfi^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Nor- 
wich, Vt., 24 July, 1844 ; married 3 Sept., 1872, Mary Sawyer 
of Vincennes, Ind. He served in the civil war in a Vermont 
regiment. Is an engineer on the Ohio and Miss. R. R., resides 
in Vincennes, Ind. 

The children of Lewis Henry and Mary (Sawyer) Fowler, 
were : — 

893. Mary, b. 3 Jan., 1877; d. 21 Jan., 1877. 

894. Walter, b. 19 Jan., 1879. 

661 John Willis {John Chever^<^^ Thomas^^^ Joshua 
Chever^'^^ Eichard^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was 
born in Newbury, N. H., 30 April, 1849 ; married 4 July, 1876, 
Saloma Brown Leach, who was born in Newbury, 14 Feb., 
1852, the daughter of Cyrus B. and Roxanna (Twiss) Leach, 
and died 26 Aug., 1876. 

He married 2d, in Henniker, N. H., 12 Feb., 1879, Laura 
Etta Huntington, who was born there 22 May, 1854, the 
daughter of Franklin T. and Lavina (Gove) Huntington. See 
Huntington Genealogy and the History of Henniker, N. H. 

Resides in South Newbury, N. H., and has rendered most 
valuable aid in the collection of his line of ancestry. 

The children of John Willis and Laura Etta (Huntington) 
Fowler, were : — 

895. Infant daughter, b. 12 Dec, 1880; d. U Dec, 1880. 

896. Herbert Elwin, b. 1 Jan., 1882. 


662 Martha Amariah {John Chever"^^^ Thomas^^^ 
Joshua Chever^-- Eichard^^ Joseph'^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) 
was born in Newbury, N. H., 29 Jan., 1852 ; married in Concord, 
N. H., 9 Jan., 1874, Benjamin Franklin Gillingham, who 
was born in Newbury, N. H., 10 Aug., 1843, the son of 
Howard and Zilphia (Morse) Gillingham. 

They reside in Newbury. 

The children of Benjamin Franklin and Martha Amariah 
(Fowler) Gillingham, were : — 

897. John Howard, b. 14 Feb., 1877. 

898. Mary Zilphia, b. 23 Oct., 1880. 

663 Charles Lawson (John Chever"^^^ Thomas^^^ Josh- 
ua Chever^^'^ Richard^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was 
born in Newbury, N. H., 11 April, 1855 ; married in Henniker, 
N. H., 13 Aug., 1878, Inez D. Nelson, who was born in Sutton, 
30 Sept., 1854, the daughter of Ervin and Sarah A. (Gregg) 
Nelson. Reside in Newbury, N. H. 

The child of Charles Lawson and Inez D. (Nelson) 
Fowler, was : — 

899. Carrie May, b. 30 Jan., 1880. 

689 Horace W. (JosMia Durant"^^^ James^^^ Joshua 
Chever^^^^ Richard^^ Joseph'^^ Joseph-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was 
born in Lena, 111., 19 Dec, 1843 ; married in Freeport, 3 Dec, 
1866, Ellen J. Bartlett, who was born in Vienna, N. Y., 3 
Aug., 1845. Reside in Lena, 111. 

The children of Horace W. and Ellen J. (Bartlett) 
Fowler, were : — 

900. Mary E., b. 31 Dec, 1868. 

901. Eunice E., b. 13 Nov., 1871. 

902. Alice J., b. 29 March, 1873. 

903. Charles D., b. 21 Oct., 1875. 


692 James Durant {Joshua Duranf^^^ James^^^ Joshua 
Chevei'^-- Bichard^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Joseph^ Philip^) was 
born in Lena, 111., 7 May, 1850 ; married in Apple River, 111., 
30 Oct., 1873, Julia A. Chapman, who was born there 14 
Oct., 1850. 

He died in Beman, Iowa, 6 Oct., 1875. 

The children of James Durant and Julia A. (Chapman) 
Fowler, were : — 

904. Leonne L., b. 17 Sept., 1874. 

905. Lenore D., b. 19 March, 1876. 

697 Rodolph F. {Alonzo'^^'' James"^^^ Joshua Chever^'^ 
Richard^'^ Joseph'^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Wad- 
dams, 111., 19 June, 1852 ; married in Mission Creek, Neb., 16 
Sept., 1870, Annie C. Hales, who was born in Phila., Pa., 16 
Sept., 1850, and died 27 April, 1871. He married 2d, in Lena, 
111., 19 April, 1874, Matilda E. Babcock, who was born in 
Marilla, N. Y., 13 March, 1854, and died 16 March, 1875. He 
married 3d, in Lena, 111., 18 Feb., 1879, Ellen L. Babcock, 
who was born there, 5 Aug., 1857. Resides in Lena, III. 

The child of Rodolph F. and Matilda E. (Babcock) 
Fowler, was : — 

906. Elsworth W., b. 12 March, 1875. 

The children of Rodolph F. and Ellen L. (Babcock) 
Fowler, were : — 

907. Mina, b. 10 Feb., 1880. 

908. Ruby ^Y., b. 25 Juue, 1881. 

699 Mina A. (Alonzo'^^'^ James^^^ Joshua Chever^^^ Rich- 
ard^^ Joseph'^^ Joseph^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Waddams, 
111., 23 Sept., 1857; married there 17 Sept., 1879, Orrin J. 
Babcock, who was born in Marilla, N. Y., 17 Sept., 1858. 
Reside in Osage, Mitchell County, Iowa. She collected in- 
formation of the Fowlers in Illinois, and kindly forwarded 
them for publication. 


The child of Orrin J. and Mina A. (Fowler) Babcock, 
was : — 

909. Mabel A., b. 23 May, 1881, iu Bur Oak, Mitchell County, Iowa. 

718 Stacy (Edioarcl Stacy"^"^^ Joseph^^ JosepJi^^^ Joseph^'' 
Joseph'^" Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Sangerville, Me., 
27 Feb., 1829; married in Machias, Me., 2 Dec, 1855, 
Margaret K. Crocker, who was born in Machias, 27 Oct., 
1827, the daughter of Deacon William A. and Eliza Lowell 
(Alline) Crocker. 

He prepared for college in Foxcroft, Me. ; taught in Machias, 
Me., several years, and read law ; in 1856 edited the Machias 
Republican ; graduated from the Bangor, Me., Seminary, in the 
class of 1861 ; ordained in North Yarmouth, Me., in 1862 where 
he remained two years ; was at Turner, Me., two years ; removed 
to Millbury, Mass., as pastor of the second Congregational 
Church there in 1866, left there in 1878 for Cambridge, where 
he has since resided. 

The children of Stacy and Margaret K. (Crocker) Fow- 
ler, were : — 

910. Edward Stacy, b. 2 Nov., 1856, in Machias, Me.; graduated at 

Yale, 1879, studying law, resides in Cambridge. 

911. Anna Inglee, b. 27 Jan., 1859, in Machias. 

912. William Crocker, b. 10 March, 1861, in Bangor; d. 27 Aug., 1861, 

iu Machias. 

913. Eliza Crocker, b. 18 April, 1862, in No. Yarmouth; died there, 28 

Aug., 1863. 

914. Charles Freeman, b. 2 April, 1864, in No. Yarmouth. 

915. Henry Buxton, b. 27 July, 1866, in Turner. 

916. Margaret Louise, b. 5 March, 1871, in Millbury; d. there 13 May, 


719 Mary B. {Edward Stacy"^^^ Josepli^^^ Joseph}^^ Jo- 
seph^'' Joseph'^'' Philip'^'^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Sangerville, 
Me., 11 Sept., 1833; married 11 April, 1856, William F. 
Smiley. Residence, Caribou, Me. 


The children of William F. and Mary B. (Fowler) Smiley, 
were : — 

917. AddieF., b. 10 Aug., 1859; m. George H. Morse, 15 April, 1880. 

918. Sidney A., b. 1 Sept., 1862. 

919. Lincoln S., b. 3 Oct., 1869. 

724 Hannah Ellen (Jbsej9/i^44 joseph'^^^ Joseph^^^ Jo- 

seph^'' Josejoh^'' Philip'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Sangerville, 
Me., 20 May, 1842 ; married 21 Feb., 1861, Wilbur F. Chase, 
a Methodist minister of Windsor, Me. 

The children of Wilbur F. and Hannah Ellen (Fowler) 
Chase, were : — 

920, Charles, b. 5 March, 1871. 

921. Willie, b. 7 Dec, 1873. 

725 Albert R. {Joseph^^^^ Josep)h^^^ JosepJi^^^ Joseph^"^ Jo- 
s^pli^'' Philip'^^ Joseph^ Plixlip^') was born in Sangerville, Me., 
30 Sept., 1844 ; married and resides in Chicago, 111. ;' 

The child of Albert R. Fowler, was : — 

922. Guy, b. 2 Aug., 1877, in Chicago. 

726 Joseph C. (Jbsep/i^'^'* Joseplfi"^^ Josepli^^^ Joseph^'' 
Joseph^' Philip^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Sangerville, Me., 
23 June, 1847 ; married 28 Feb., 1873, and resides in Dover, 

The children of Joseph C. Fowler, were : — 

923. Edward E., b. 11 April, 1874. 

924. Ernest C, b. 23 June, 1875. 

728 Clara Putnam {Samuel Page'^'^^ Samuel^^ Samtien^^ 
Joseph^' Joseph'^'' Philip-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Danvers, 
20 March, 1836 ; married 25 Nov., 185G, George Euson Du 
Bois, who was born in Randolph, 24 Feb., 1829, the son of 


Alexander Edson and Ellen Ralne (Tucker) Du Bois, and 
resided in Randolph, where he died 3 Nov., 1859. His widow 
resides in Danvers. 

The child of George E. and Clara Putnam (Fowler) Du 
Bois, was : — 

925. Ellen Tucker, b. 16 Dec, 1857. 

734 Henry Putnam (Henry'^^^ SarmieP^^ Samuel^^^ 
Joseph^'' Josejyh'^'' Philrp^^ Joseph^ Philip)^) was born in Danvers, 
24 Feb., 1839 ; married in Aurora, 111., 18 Sept., 1866, Eliza- 
beth Mart Ryder, who was born in Ringmore, Devonshire, 
England, 7 March, 1839, the daughter of John and Mary 
(Dingle) Ryder. Residence, Toledo, Ohio. 

The child of Henry Putnam and Elizabeth M. (Ryder) 
Fowler, was : — 

926. Harry Kyder, b. 30 Oct., 1872. 

(I ■ • 

!/ '735 Addison Webb (Hewr?/«3 SamueP^^ Samuen^^ 
Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' Philip^^ Joseph^ PhUi}^^) was born in Danvers, 
26 May, 1841 ; married in Toledo, Ohio, 11 April, 1871, Anna 
C. Fletcher, who was born in Toledo, 14 March, 1848, the 
daughter of Jacob and Leona (Crosby) Fletcher. Reside in 
Deschler, Ohio. 

The child of Addison Webb and Anna C. (Fletcher) 
Fowler, was : — 

927. Philip Addison, b. 17 Feb., 1872, in Toledo, Ohio. 

741 Clarence (Augustus^^'^ SamueV^^^ Samuel^^^ Joseph^'' 
Joseph^"^ Philip'^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Danvers, New 
Mills, now Danversport, 28 Sejit., 1838; married in Worcester, 
10 Jan., 1867, Emma Sophia Morse, who was born there 15 
April, 1845, the daughter of Mason H. and Maria (Bigelow) 


He graduated from the Danvers high school in 1854 ; at- 
tended the academies of Chester, N. H., and Topsfield, 
Mass. ; in 18G0 he entered the Universalist Theological School 
of St. Lawrence Universit}' in Canton, N. Y., and graduated 
in 1863 ; was ordained pastor of the Universalist church of 
Charlestown in 1863 ; installed Universalist minister of Chic- 
opee ; his opinions having changed in 1869, he entered upon 
a course of stud}' in the Cambridge divinity school and was 
graduated in 1870. Since then has been pastor of Unitarian 
societies in Nashua and Laconia, N. H. ; Sturbridge, Mass., 
and now (1882) has charge of a society in San Jose, Cal. 

The cluldren of Clarence and Emma Sophia (Morse) 
Fowler, were : — 

928. Emily, b. 18 April, 1868, in Worcester. 

929. Mary Bigelow, b. 12 May, 1871, in Nashua, N. H. 

930. Philip Augustus, b. 13 June, 1872, in Worcester. 

931. Albert Brown, b. 15 Feb., 1880, in Worcester. 

754 Larkin Green {Jeremiah Putnam'^^^ John'^^'' Sam- 
iieV-^^ Josej)h^~ Joseph'^'' Pliilip^'^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in 
San Francisco, Cal., 14 Oct., 1854; married in Auburn, Placer 
County, Cal., 23 March, 1881, Charlotte Cartwright, who 
was born in Wheatland, Juba County, Cal., 15 Oct., 1859, the 
daughter of Hiram Messenger and Charlotte (Flaus) Cart- 
wright. Residence, Lincoln, Placer County, Cal. 

The child of Larkin Green and Charlotte (Cartwright) 
Fowler, was : — 

932. Hiram Putnam, b. 15 Dec, 1881. 

797 Charles Henry {Joseph Henry^'^^ Joseph^^'^ Philip^^^ 
Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' Philip'^^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in Salem, 
20 July, 1852 ; married there 31 Dec, 1879, Laura Reeves, 
who was born in Salem, 12 March, 1860, the daughter of 
John and Caroline (Tucker) Reeves, and died 19 July, 1882. 
Residence, Salem. 



The child of Charles Henry and Laura (Reeves) Fowler, 
was : — 

933. Gertrude Alma, b. 19 Oct., 1880. 

804 Caroline Tucker (William Tukey^^^ Joseph^^^ 
Philip^^^ Joseph^'' Joseph'^'' Philip-^ Joseph^ Philip^) was born in 
Salem, 16 July, 1859 ; married there, 10 June, 1879, Lewis W. 
Makden, who was born in Marblehead, 15 April, 1855, the son 
of William and Harriet (Trefry) Marden. Residence, Salem. 

The child of Lewis W. and Caroline Tucker (Fowler) 
Makden, was : — 

934. Florence "Wilhelmina, b. 9 Feb., 1880. 

836 Miranda Jane (John Wldtman^''^ David^^^ Jolirt}''^ 

JoJin^^ John'^^ Philip-^ Josejjh^ Philip'^) was born in Bridgton, 

Me., 9 Oct., 1847 ; married in North Conway, N. H., 24 June, 

. , 1865, George W. Emery, who was born in Poland, 3 Nov., 

I I 1842, the son of James and Mary (Snow) Emery. Resides 

I ' in Bridgton. 

The children of George W. and Miranda Jane (Fowler) 
Emery, were : — 

935. John Fowler, b. 25 Dec, 1866; d. 1 Aug., 1867. 

936. Fred Fowler, b. 12 Dec, 1867. 

937. John Whitman, b. 1 Feb., 1870. 





Abagail, "Winthrop and Ripley, Me. 150 

Abbie, Epsom, N. H. ; Boston 181 

Abigail, Springfield 61 

Abigail, Wenham 54 

Abigail, New Market and Epsom, N. H. . . . 100, 140-141 

Abigail, Epsom, N. H 146 

Ada Elizabeth, Brooklyn, N. Y 204 

Addle L., Pembroke, N. H 208 

Addison "Webb, Danvers ; Deschler, O. .... 193, 2i6 

Adelaide, Danversport 194 

Adin Gilbert, Pembroke, N. H 180 

Albert Augustus, Danvers Plain 194 

Albert Brown, Worcester 217 

Albert P., Pembroke, N. H 173,206 

Albert R., Sangerville, Me.; Chicago, 111 190,215 

Alice J., Lena, 111 212 

Alice L., Norwich, Vt. ; North Vernon, Ind. . . . 185 

Alice M., Epsom, N. H. 209 

Alice S., Concord, N. H. 207 

Alma C, Sangerville, Me 190 

Alonzo, Pawlet, Vt. ; Moriah, N. Y 148, 188 

Alvah O., East Pembroke, N. H 210 

Amelia Lucas, Brooklyn, N. Y 204 

Amelia Maria, Boston 166 

Ann, Epsom, N. H. 181 

Anna, Danvers 107, 157-158 

Anna Inglee, Cambridge 214 

29 (221) 


Annie L., Epsom, N. H. 209 

Annie Martin, Haverhill and Lynn 195 

Arthur Burn ham, Salem 202 

Arthur Horatio, Newbury, N. H 185 

Artie Florence, Lowell 211 

Asa, Pembroke and Concord, N. H. . . . xii, 141, 174-180 

Asa Stickney, Epsom, N. H. 181 

Augustine Blanio, Charlestown and Boston . . . 166 

Augustus, Danvers Plain 151,194 

Benjamin, Ipswich and Rowley 50, 67-70 

Benjamin, Ipswich 50 

Benjamin, New Market and Pembroke, N. H. . . xvi, 100, 141 

Benjamin, Pembroke, N. H. 141, 173 

Benjamin, Epsom, N. H. 181, 209 

Benjamin Franklin, Pembroke, N. H. ; California • . 173 

Bertha, Waddams, 111. 188 

Bessie M., Waddams, 111 188 

Betsey, Surry, N. H.; Springfield, Vt. .... 101 

Betsey, Pembroke, N. H 146, 182 

Betsey, Epsom, N. H 181, 209 

Betsey Putnam, Toledo, O. 194 

Blanchard Holt, Epsom, N. H 209 

Bryan, St. Thomas, Staflbrd County, Eng. . . . xxi 

Calista Jane, Newport, N. H. 187 

Caroline A., Norwich, Vt • . . 185 

Caroline Gordon, Portland, Me 109, 164 

Caroline Tucker, Salem 200, 218 

Carrie H., Pembroke, N. H. 206 

Carrie Maria, Lowell 211 

Carrie May, Newbury, N. H. 212 

Catherine Jane, Bridgton and Harrison, Me. . . . 169, 204 

Charles, Louisville, Ky. 165 

Charles, Portland, Me. ; Brooklyn, N. Y 165, 203 

Charles Baker, Epsom and East Pembroke, N. H. . . 183, 210 

Charles Barnard, Belfast, Me. ; Salem ; Hartford, Ct. 162, 201-202 

Charles D., Lena, 111. . 212 


Charles Edgar, Lincoln, Cal. 195 

Charles Edwin, Newport, N. H 187 

Charles Franklin, Brooklyn, N. Y 203 

Charles Freeman, Cambridge 214 

Charles Henry, Salem 200, 217-218 

Charles Lawson, Newbury, N. H. 185, 212 

Charles Martin, Pembroke, N. H. 180 

Charles Newell, Lena, 111 188 

Charles Tappan, Brooklyn, N. Y. 204 

Charlotte, New Market and Deerfleld Centre, N. H. 136, 170-171 

Charlotte, Concord, N. H 147 

Christopher, England xxii 

Christopher, Springfield 51 

Clara, Pawtucket, R. I. 201 

Clara Belle, Newport, N. H. 187 

Clara Maria, Concord, N. H. 180 

Clara Putnam, Danvers and Randolph . . . 193, 215-216 

Clarence, Danvers Plain and Worcester; San Jose, Cal. 194, 216-217 

Clarissa Page, Danvers 151 

Clayton H., Short Falls, N. H 210 

Cornelia Hall, South New Market, N. H 205 

David, Ipswich; Bridgton, Me 118,169 

David, Pembroke and Concord, N. H. .... 173, 207 

David Oilman, Hartford, Vt. ; Newport, N. H. . . . 147, 187 

David Joseph, Salem 200 

David Pike, Bridgton, Me 169 

Deborah, New Market and Tamworth, N. H. ... 98, 137 

Deborah Dorman, North Bridgton, Me. .... 167 

Dorcas, Wenham and Ipswich 62 

Dorcas, Ipswich 108 

Dorcas, Portland, Me. ; West Lynn 109, 163 

Eben Evans, Ipswich 161, 198 

Eda, Orange, 148 

EdgarF. P., Peabody 201 

Edmund F., Waddams, 111 189 

Edna, White Hall, N. Y 189 


Edward (Sir), Buckingham, Eng. . . . . . xx 

Edward, Bishop of Gloucester, Eng xxii 

Edward Cilley, Concord, N. H. ; Orange .... 180 

Edward E., Dover, Me 215 

Edward Martin, Pembroke, N. H. 183 

Edward Merrill, Louisville, Ky 165 

Edward Souther, Portland, Me. ; St. Louis, Mo. . 109, 164-165 

Edward Stacy, Ipswich ; SangervlUe and Ft. Fairfield, Me. 150, 189-190 
Edward Stacy, Machias, Me. ; Cambridge .... 214 

Edwin, White Hall, N. Y 189 

Edwin Horatio, Newbury and "Washington, N. H. ; Wash- 
ington, D. C xvi, 186 

Edwin Kerapton, Thomaston, Me. ; Salem and Peabody . 162, 201 

Elisha, Springfield 51 

Eliza, Ipswich 83 

Eliza, New Market, N. H 136 

Elizabeth, Wenham 38, 51-52 

Elizabeth, Ipswich 50, 52, 62, 83-84 

Elizabeth, Springfield 51 

Elizabeth, Wenham and Ipswich 54, 83 

Elizabeth, Ipswich and Salem 81, 95-97 

Elizabeth, Lunenburg 82 

Elizabeth, Ipswich; Portland, Me. 86 

Elizabeth, Ipswich and Topsfield ; Davistown and Montville, 

Me 95, 118-131 

Charles Davis 118-131 

Elizabeth Davis 121-122 

Dudley Stickney 121 

Dudley Stickney, jr. 122-124 

Matthew Adams Stickney 124-127 

Elizabeth, Ipswich and Beverly 102, 148-149 

Elizabeth, Winthrop, Me 105 

Elizabeth Augusta, Bridgton, Me. 204 

Elizabeth Putnam, Danvers; San Francisco, Cal. . . 195 

Eliza Page, Danversport 152, 194 

Ella Maria, Epsom, N. H 183 

Ellen A., Pawtucket, R. 1 201 

Ellen Bailey, Ipswich . . 161, 199 


Ellen L., Pembroke, N. H 173, 206-207 

Ellen M., Portland, Me. ; Boston 164,202 

Elmer Orlando, Newbury, N. H 185 

Ellsworth W., Lena, 111. 213 

Elvira H., Norwich, Vt. 184 

Emily, Worcester 217 

Ernest C, Dover, Me 215 

Esther, Epsom and Stratham, N. H 100, 143-145 

Esther, Pembroke, N. H 141, 172-173 

Esther M., Epsom, N. H 181 

Ethelaida, Pembroke, N. H 206 

Ethel Walker, Boston 208 

Etta J., Concord, N. H. 207 

Eucebia, Cabot, Vt. 148 

Eunice, Lena, 111 188 

Eunice E., Lena, 111. 212 

Eunice L., Norwich, Vt. 184 

Eunice P., Pawlet and Hartland, Vt 148 

Everett Arthur, East Pembroke, N. H. .... 210 

Ezekiel, Lunenburg §2 

Fannie Maria, Dracut 210 

Fanny, Epsom and Pembroke, N. H 142, 181-182 

Fanny Stoddard, Portland, Me 109, 162-163 

Florence L., Epsom, N. H. 209 

Florence Pearl, North Vernon, Ind. ..... 185 

Frances Adaline, Lowell 184 

Frances Amelia, Brooklyn, N. Y. 203 

Frances H., Brookline 166 

Frank, White Hall, N. Y 189 

Frank Alpheus, Grantham and Washington, N. H. . . 186 

Frank Asa, Concord, N. H 180, 208 

Frank Herbert, Haverhill ; Lincoln, Cal. .... 195 

Frank Sherman, Pembroke, N. H. 206 

Fred, White Hall, N. Y. 189 

Frederick Augustus, Portland, Me. 109 

Frederick Paddock, Brooklyn, N. Y 203 

Fred Herbert, Salem 200 


Genella L., Pembroke, N. H. 206 

George, California 148 

George, Winthrop and Gardiner, Me 150 

George Franklin, Hartford, Vt. ; Washington, N. H. xii, 147, 186-187 

George Franklin, St. Cloud, Miun 186 

George Henry, Newport, N. H 187 

George Lewis, Lowell 184, 210-211 

George Pierce, Washington, N. H. 187 

George Robert, Concord, N. H. ; Boston .... 180, 208 

George S., St. Cloud, Minn 186 

George Tukey, Portland, Me. ; Charlestown . . 109, 165-166 

George AV., While Hall, N. Y 189 

George Winthrop, Pembroke, N. H 183 

Georgianna, Brookline 166 

Georgianna, St. Cloud, Minn. 186 

Georgie A., Epsom, N. H 209 

Gertrude Alma, Salem 218 

Green Clark, South New Market, N. H. ; Raymond, N. H. 170, 204-205 

Guy, Chicago, 111 215 

Hannah, Amesbury 84 

Hannah, Springfield 50 

Hannah, New Market and Pembroke, N. H. . . 100, 138-140 

Hannah, Epsom, N. H. ; St. Louis, Mo. .... IS'l, 208 

Hannah Dexter, Rockland, Me 162, 199 

Hannah Ellen, Sangerville and Windsor, Me. . . . 190, 215 

Hannah T., Norwich, Ct. ; Swanzey, N. H. . . . 147 

Harriet, Danvers and Salem 107, 160-161 

Harriet, Colchester, Vt. 148 

Harriet Elizabeth, St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; New London, N. H. 146 

Harriet G., Manchester, Vt. ; Moriah, N. Y. ; West Point, 111. 148 

Harriet Putnam, Danvers 193 

Harriot M., Salem 200 

Harry G., Pawlet, Vt.; Waddams, 111. .... 148,189 

Harry Ryder, Toledo, O. 216 

Harry Smith, Brooklyn, N, Y xii, 203 

Hattie Ellen Newell, Ipswich 198 

Hattie M., Hyannis 203 


Hattie Mariah, White Hall, N. Y 189 

Hellen Mariah, St. Cloud, Miun 186 

Henrietta Alice, Newport, N. H 187 

Henry, Danversport 151, 193-194 

Henry, AYinthrop and Ft. Fairfield, Me. .... 150 

Henry Buxton, Cambridge 214 

Henry C, Lowell and Dracut 184,210 

Henry Putnam, Danvers; Toledo, O. .... 193,216 

Henry Putnam, Lincoln, Cal. 195 

Henry Stiles, St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; Lowell . . . 146,184 

Henry T., Pembroke, N. H 180 

Hepzibah, Ipswich; Gray, Me 95,112-113 

Herbert Elwiu, Newbury, N. H 211 

Herbert F., Hyannis 203 

Hervey Pinkham, Chariestown; Brooklyn, N. Y. . 105, 203-204 

Hester, Ipswich and Haverhill 11, 26-28 

H. H. Wolverhampton, Eng. xxii 

Hiram Putnam, Lincoln, Cal. 217 

Horace, Epsom and Short Falls, N. H. .... 183, 210 

Horace Stiles, Newport, N. H 187 

Horace W., Lena, 111 188,212 

Ida M., Epsom, N. H 209 

Ira, St. Johnsbury, Vt 146 

Isabella Lincoln, Peabody 201 

Jacob, Ipswich, New Market, N. H 81,98 

James, Pendeford, Staffordshire, Eng. .... xxi 

James, Ipswich 86, 108 

James, Surry, N. H. ; Springfield and Pawlet, Vt. ; Moriah, 

N. Y. ; Waddams, 111 101, 147-148 

James Durant, Lena, 111. ; Beman, Iowa .... 188, 213 

James Edwin, Kaymoud, N. H 205 

James M., Pembroke, N. H. ; California .... 173 

James Polk, Lowell 184 

James W., Epsom, N. H. 183 

Jane, Amesbury 35 

Jelina, Lena, 111 188 


Jennie, White Hall, N. Y 189 

Jeremiah, Amesbury 35 

Jeremiah Putnam, Danvers and Haverhill; Lincoln, Cal. . 153, 195 
Jerusha, Pembroke and Chichester, N. H. . . . 141, 171-172 

JewettW., Pembroke, N. H. 206 

John, England xxi 

John, Bristol, Eng. ; Antwerp xxi 

John, Bracemore, Seek Broom, N. B xxii 

John, Ipswich and Springfield 31, 50-51 

John, Amesbury 35 

John, Ipswich .... 60, 62-67, 83, 91-95, 101-102 

John, Spi'ingfield 50 

John, Ipswich; Davistown and Bridgton, Me. . . 95,115-118 

John, Danvers 106, 152-153 

John, Ipswich, Rowley and Newburyport . . . 117, 166-167 

John, Pembroke, N. H 174 

John Chever, Fairlee, Vt. ; Newbury, N. H. ... 147, 185 

John Chever, Newport, N. H. 187 

John Cutts, New Market, N. H • . 136, 170 

John Fletcher, South New Market, N. H 170, 205 

John Frederick, Lynn 195 

John Greenleaf, Norwich, Vt. ; N. Vernon, Ind. . . 184 

John James, Ipswich 161, 198 

John Ladd, Pembroke, N. H. 141, 173-174 

John Page, Danvers and Haverhill .... 153, 194-195 

John Whitman, Bridgton, Me 169,204 

John Willis, Newbury, N. H. xii, 185, 211 

Joseph, Ipswich . . . ix, 11, 28-31, 50, 56-62, 84-86, 108, 161 
Joseph, Ipswich and Wenham . . . 31, 35-38, 54, 82-83 

Joseph, Wenham 38, 62 

Joseph, Ipswich; Winthrop, Me. .... 86,104-105 

Joseph, Ipswich; Winthrop and Sangerville, Me. . 105,149-150 

Joseph, Portland, Me. ; Salem 109, 162 

Joseph, Winthrop and Sangerville, Me. .... 150, 190 

Joseph C, Sangerville and Dover, Me. .... 190, 215 

Joseph Elwin, Grantham, N. H 187 

Joseph Henry, Thomaston, Me. ; Salem . . . 162, 199-200 

Joseph Pierce, Hartland, Vt. ; Pella, Iowa . . . 147, 187 


Joseph William, Ipswich 

Joshua Chever, Lunenburg; Surry, N. H. ; Springfield 

Joshua Chever, Surry, N. H. ; Colchester, Vt 

Joshua Durant, Springfield, Vt. ; Lena, 111. 

Joshua Horatio, St. Cloud, Minn. 

Josiah Minot, Boston 

Josie Mary, Epsom, N. H. 

Judith, Ipswich; Exeter, N. H. 

Julia, Lena, 111. 

Julia A., Pawlet, Vt. ; Moriah, N. Y 

Katie, Epsom, N. H. 

Keziah D., Claremont, N. H. 

Larkin Green, San Francisco and Lincoln, Cal 
Lavinia, Pembroke and Chichester, N. H. 

Lenore D., Lena, 111. 

Leonne L., Lena, 111. 

Lewis, St. Johnsbury and Norwich, Vt. ; North Vernon 
Lewis Henry, Norwich, Vt. ; Vincennes, Ind. 
Lillia Blanche, Pembroke and Deerfleld, N. H 
Livermore Whittredge, New Orleans, La 
Lizette Stiles, Lowell and Dracut 
Lizzie J., Epsom, N. H. 
Louisa Crosby, Danvers and Haverhill 
Louret, Colchester, Vt. 
Louret, White Hall, N. Y. 
Lncilla Eachel, Sangerville, Me. 
Lucinda, Manchester, Vt. ; Moriah, N. Y 
Lucinda, Rochester, Vt. 
Lucretia, Portland, Me. ; California 
Lucy, Ipswich 

Lucy Pearl, Newport, N. H. 
Lula, Waddams, 111. 
Lydia, Surry, N. H. ; Pepperell 
Lydia, Winthrop and Foxcroft, Me 
Lydia, Springfield, Pawlet and Manchester, Vt 
Lydia Stiles, Thetford, Vt. ; Claremont, N. H. 



82, 101 
101, 148 , 
147, 188 
147, 185-186 
81, 99 

, Ind. 



195, 217 

174, 207 



146, 184 






153, 197 















Margaret, Ipswich, Andover and Nantucket . . ix, 11-19 

Margaret, Amesbury 35 

Margaret, Ipswich and Littleton 70 

Margaret, Winthrop and Gardiner, Me. .... 150 

Maria Louisa, Danversport 152 

Martha, Ipswich and Salisbury 60, 70 

Martha, Wenham 54 

Martha, Ipswich and Boxford 67 

Martha, Ipswich 81, 95, 99, 109-110 

Martha, Ipswich and Hamilton 118, 168-169 

Martha, Danvers and Lynn 153, 196 

Martha Araariah, Newbury, N. H. 185, 212 

Martha Ann, Ipswich 161, 198 

Martha Edith, Peabody 201 

Martha Emma, Newport, N. H 187 

Martha Thayer, Haverhill 195 

Martin, Colchester, Vt. 148 

Mary, Ipswich and Newbury 11, 19-24 

Mary, Portsmouth, N. H. ; Amesbury 25 

Mary, Ipswich and Gloucester 81, 61 

Mary, Amesbury 35 

Mary, Ipswich . . .50, 54-56, 62, 83, 86-91, 102-103, 108 

Mary, Springfield 50 

Mary, Ipswich ; New Market, N. H 81,99-100 

Mary, Winthrop, Me 106 

Mary, Danvers 106, 153-157 

Mary, Danvers and Salem 107, 159-160 

Mary, Ipswich ; Bridgton, Me 118,170 

Mary, New Market and Deerfleld, N. H 136 

Mary, Epsom, N. H 181 

Mary A., Lena, 111. 188 

Mary Angeline, South New Market, N. H. ; Berwick, Me. 170, 205 
Mary B., Sangerville and Caribou, Me. . . . 190, 214-215 

Mary Bailey, Ipswich 198 

Mary Bigelow, "Worcester 217 

Mary Catherine, Ipswich 161, 197 

Mary E., Lena, 111 212 

Mary Jane, Newbury, N. H. 185 


Mary Knox, Pembroke and Suncook, N. H. ... 173 

Mary Pickering, Boston 208 

Mehitable, Pembroke, N. H. 141 

Melinda Dorcas, Belfast, Me. ; Salem .... 162, 202 
Mercy, Ipswich, Boxford and Haverhill . . .95, 110-112 

Merriam, Milton, Vt 148 

MerrittE., Waddams, 111 188 

Merritt W., Lena, 111 188 

Mina, Lena, 111 213 

Mina A., Waddams, 111. ; Osage, la 188,213-214 

Minot Locke, Pembroke, N. H 183 

Miranda Jane, Bridgton, Me. 204, 218 

Miranda Church, Bridgton, Me. ; MlUbury .... 169 

Nancy, Epsom and Pembroke, N. H 146, 183 

Nancy, Danvers, 107, 167-158 

Nancy Maria, Claremont, N. H 187 

Naomi, Surry, N. H. ; Springfield, Vt. .... 101 

Nathaniel, Ipswich and Danvers 86, 107 

Nathaniel, Danvers and Beverly ; New Orleans, La. . . 107,160 

Nathaniel, New Orleans, La. 160 

Nellie Etta, Newport, N. H 187 

Newton Frank, Pawtucket, R. I. 201 

Newton Gordon, Thomaston, Me.; Salem; Pawtucket, R. I. 

162, 200-201 

Noah Stearns, Springfield, Vt. ; Sciota, 111. . . . 147 

Paraelia, Cabot, Vt. 148 

Phebe Stearns, St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; Claremont, N. H. . 146 

Philip, Ipswich .... ix, xi, xvi, xxi, 1-11, 31, 39-50 
Philip, Ipswich ; New Market, N. H. . . . 60,70-81,97-98 

Philip, Ipswich ; Portland, Me 86, 108-109 

Philip, New Market, N. H 98, 136 

Philip, Danvers and Beverly 107 

Philip, Epsom, N. H 209 

Philip Addison, Deschler, O. 216 

Philip Augustus, "Worcester 217 

Philip Gould, Portland, Me. 109, 164 


Philip Monroe, Thomaston, Me. ; Salem .... 162 

Polly, New Market and Piermont, N. H. ... 100, 142-143 
Polly, Surry, N. H. ; Lindon, Vt. 101 

Rebecca, Ipswich and Lynn 108 

Rebecca Putnam, Danvers 151, 193 

Richard (Sir), Foxley, Bucks, Eng xix, xx 

Richard (Sir), Lancaster, Bucks, Eng xx 

Richard (Q) (Sir), Bucks, Eng xx 

Richard, Wenham 38, 63-54 

Richard, Wenham and Lunenburg, 52, 82 

Richard, Lunenburg 82 

Robert, Rockinston, Enfield, County Meath . . . xxii 

RodolphF., Waddams and Lena, 111 188,213 

Rosette Mariah, Lowell and Lawrence .... 184 

Ruby W., Lena, 111 213 

Ruth, Lunenburg 82 

Sally, New Market and Epsom, N. H 100, 141-142 

Sally, Epsom and Manchester, N. H 142 

Sally Page, Danvers and Harvard 152,194 

Samuel, Ipswich ; Portsmouth, N. H, ; Salisbury ix, 11, 24-26, 35 

Samuel, Salisbury 26 

Samuel, Ipswich and Danvers 86, 105-106 

Samuel, New Market and Epsom, N. H 100, 142 

Samuel, Ipswich ; Winthrop and Gardiner, Me. . . . 106, 150 

Samuel, Danvers 106, 150-152 

Samuel, Pembroke, N. H, . 141 

Samuel, Epsom, N. H 146, 182-183 

Samuel Page, Danvers 151,190-193 

Sarah, Salisbury 26 

Sarah, Springfield 61 

Sarah, Ipswich 62, 84, 86 

Sarah, "Wenham and Ipswich 83 

Sarah, Ipswich and Rowley 95, 113-115 

Sarah, New Market and Epping, N. H. ... 98, 131-136 
Sarah, Ipswich and Beverly; Falmouth, Me. . . . 102,149 
Sarah, Danvers . . . 106, 163 



Sarah, Danvers and Salem 107, 168-159 

Sarah, Ipswich ; Waterford and Bridgton, Me. ; St. George, 

N. B. ; Nininger, Minn. 117, 167-168 

Sarah, New Marliet, N. H. 

Sarah Ann, Portland, Me. ; Boston 

Sarah Chever, Lunenburg 

Sarah Edith, Epsom, N. H. 

Sarah Putnam, Danvers 

Sophia, Moriah, N. Y. ; Brandon, Vt. 

Stacy, Sangerville, Me. ; Millbury and Cambridge 

Stephen, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Leadville, Col. 

Stephen Tukey, Portland, Me. ; Metuchen, N. J, 

Susan, Epsom and Concord, N. H. 

Susan, Grantham, N. H. . . . . 

Susan Elizabeth, Sangerville and Dover, Me. 

Susanna, Ipswich; New Market, N. H. ; Salem 

Susanna, Lunenburg 

Susanna, New Market and Meredith, N. H. 

Susanna, Surry, N. H. ; Michigan 

Susanna, Ipswich; Cincinnati, O. 

Symonds, Ipswich; New Market and Epsom, N. H 

Symonds, Epsom, N. H. 

Thomas, Bucks, Eng 

Thomas, Pendeford, County Stafford, Eng. 
Thomas, Ipswich, Salisbury and Amesbury 

Thomas, Amesbury 

Thomas, Lunenburg; St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; Croyd 

True W., Pembroke, N. H 

Trueworthy Ladd, Pembroke, N. H. 

Vesta G., Epsom, N. H. 

W., Cambridge, Eng 

Wallace Melville, Haverhill; Lincoln, Cal. 
Wallace W., Waddams, 111. . 
Walter, Vincennes, Ind. 
Willard C, St. Cloud, Minn. 






153, 194, 196-197 
190, 214 
109, 165 
81, 98-99 
100, 137-138 
81, 100 
142, 181 

N. H 



11, 31-^5 


101, 146 

173, 206 

141, 180 






am, England 

am (Sir), Ricot, Eng 

am, Shropshire, Eng 

am, Portsmouth, N. H 

am, Amesbury 

am, Epsom, Pembroke and Suncook, N. H. 
am, Beverly, Salem and Boston 
am, Durham, Me. ; Hyannis 

am, Epsom, N. H 

am Atwood, Colchester, Vt. ; White Hall, N. Y. 

am Edwin, Salem 

am H., Pembroke, N. H. .... 

am Plumer, Concord, N. H. ; Boston 

am Putnam, Danvers; Havana 

am Tukey, Thomaston, Me. ; Salem 

eF., Epsom, N. H. 

s F., Hyannis 





. 142, 181 


. 164, 203 

. 181, 209 

. 148, 189 


. 173, 206 



. 162, 200 



100, 145-146, 183 

Zachariah, Ipswich . .67, 95 



■-«=r-;..- ■■■ -^^.^^ -^■•-■?9- 



Abbott, 95, 115, 117, 134, 139, 
141, 146, 172, 173, 174, 191. 

Adams, 2, 122, 134, 147, 166. 

Akerman, 90. 

Allin, 67. 

Alline, 214. 

Ames, 127, 155. 

Andrews, 1, 2, 12, 91. 

Andros, 14. 

Annable, 40, 47. 

Appleton, 42, 49, 62, 71, 85, 92, 
173, 206. 

Ashton, 55. 

Atwood, 101, 148. 

Auchmuty, 61. 

Ayer, 167. 

Babcock, 188, 213, 214. 

Bacon, 96, 118, 135. 

Badger, 20. 

Bagley, 118. 

Bailey, 78, 96, 108, 114, 131, 161, 

Baker, 48, 49, 74, 161, 184, 199, 

Balch, 37, 38, 53, 64, 128, 159. 

Ballou, 171. 

Barnard, 97. 

Barnes, 89. 

Bartlett, 50, 56, 62, 144, 188, 212. 

Batchelder, 37, 46, 63, 61, 87, 89, 

102, 130, 145, 149, 163. 
Batchelor, 46, 67, 63, 64, 68, 71. 
Bates, 99. 
Beaman, 167. 
Bean, 171. 
Becket, 81, 87, 98. 
Belknapp, 28, 111, 142. 
Bell, 144, 159, 177. 
Berbasky, 164. 
Berry, 43, 45, 118, 156. 
Betts, 30. 
Bibber, 36. 
Bickford, 172. 
Bigelow, 216. 
Bill, 7, 39. 
Billings, 159. 
Bingham, 148, 189. 
Bird, 11, 26, 27, 130. 
Bisliop, 40, 42, 43. 
Black, 90, 152, 155, 156, 194. 
Blackinton, 114. 
Blackledge, 62, 




Blake, 99, 158. 

Blanchard, 36. 

Bliss, 50. 

Blunt, 197. 

Boardman, 55, 116. 

Bolles, 60. 

Bond, 90. 

Borman, 9. 

Bosworth, 42. 

Bowditch, 112, 151. 

Bowker, 55. 

Bowles, 59. 

Bowman, 202. 

Boyden, 114. 

Bojnton, 69, 114, 115, 131, 170. 

Bracketts, 78. 

Bradbury, 16, 109, 164. 

Bradley, 136, 176, 195. 

Bradstreet, 4, 17, 18, 21, 26, 30. 

Bragg, 45, 51. 

Braman, 121, 191. 

Brattle, 47. 

Breed, 96, 97. 

Bresey, 2. 

Briar, 50, 67, 70. 

Brickett, 111. 

Bridges, 16, 35. 

Briers, 31, 61. 

Brigden, 3. 

Briton, 163. 

Broadstreete, 3, 30. 

Brocklebank, 71, 93, 94, 95, 113, 

Brown, 62, 124, 128, 136, 142, 
145, 153, 157, 161, 168, 169, 
181, 194, 195, 204, 209. 

Browne, 9, 30, 36, 107. 

Bruse, 112. 

Bryant, 163. 

Bryent, 80, 81. 

Bullock, 43. 

Bunyan, xxii. 

Burclimore, 96. 

Burke, xix, 160. 

Burleigh, 100. 

Burley, 47. 

Burnham, 104, 113. 

Burpee, 110, 127, 129, 181. 

Burritt, 192. 

Bush, 139. 

Buswell, 162. 

Butler, 47, 74. 

Butman, 163. 

Buxton, 158. 

Byshop, 29. 

Cady, 23. 

Caldwell, 26, 27, 30, 57, 69, 71, 

75, 102, 105. 
Calef, 44, 117, 119, 120, 121, 124, 

127, 167, 168, 191. 
Call, 7. 
Camden, xix. 
Campbell, 141, 173. 
Canney, 161, 197. 
Capwell, 161, 198. 
Carey, 129, 201. 
Carlton, 111, 196. 
Carpenter, 172. 
Carr, 42. 
Cari'e, 31. 
Carter, 24. 

Cartwright, 2, 195, 217. 
Cary, 97. 
Case, 139. 



Catharine (Queen), xx. 
Chadvvick, xxii. 
Chains, 33, 34, 35, 108. 
Chamberlain, 173, 177. 
Chandler, 11, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 

21, 22, 23, 24, 29, 162, 178, 199, 

Chaplin, 65, 117, 128, 129, 166, 
Chapman, 41, 57, 60, 83, 94, 188, 

197, 213. 
Chase, 65, 90, 153, 170, 190, 195, 

205, 215. 
Cheever, 39, 52, 82, 90, 155. 
Cheney, 185. 
Child, 96. 
Chipman, 102, 149. 
Choate, 60, 123, 155. 
Church, 117, 118, 170. 
Cilley, 136, 174. 
Claggett, 135. 
Clark, 43, 106, 136, 161, 172, 192, 

Clarke, 36, 45, 46. 
Cleaveland, 123. 
Cleaves, 170. 
Cleveland, 66. 
Clifford, 155. 
Clough, 205. 
Coat, 142. 
Cobbet, 163. 
Coffin, 20, 44. 
Cofran, 173, 206. 
Coker, 109. 
Colby, 33, 35, 187. 
Coleman, 14, 18, 20. 
Collins, 11, 16, 26, 27, 28, 35, 40. 
Colman, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 22. 
Coraew, 35. 

Conant, 87, 94, 104, 117, 120, 121. 

Conery, 139. 

Conner, 109, 163. 

Conness, 129. 

Cook, 28, 114, 159, 164, 202. 

Cooke, 28, 43. 

Corbiu, 184. 

Corning, 46. 

Cottle, 31. 

Coultman, 18. 

Courtney, 161. 

Cowdery, 158. 

Cowes, 45, 49, 60, 73. 

Coyt, 45. 

Crafts, 193, 

Crane, 157. 

Creesy, 164. 

Critchett, 140, 142, 146, 182, 183. 

Crocker, 104, 190, 214. 

Crockett, xvi, 109, 165, 197, 208- 

Crombe, 104. 

Crosby, 126, 152, 153, 216. 

Crose, 42. 

Cross, 12, 30, 51, 69. 

Curamings, 56. 

Curbey, 184, 210. 

Currier, 24, 31, 73, 176. 

Currin, 1. 

Curtis, 85, 86, 108, 166. 

Curwen, 1. 

Cutler, 120, 152. 

Cutts, 31, 98, 136. 

Daland, 87, 107, 169. 
Dane, 91. 
Darby, 9. 
Darling, 143. 



Davenport, 171. 

Davis, 64, 65, 86, 91, 93, 94, 95, 
100, 104, 108, 116, 117, 118, 119, 
120, 121, 126, 126, 127, 128, 135, 
142, 145, 146, 162, 202. 

Davison, 6. 

Day, 43, 53, 54, 58, 64, 68, 69, 73. 

Decker, 120. 

Denison, x, 5, 8, 10, 13, 41. 

Dennis, xv, 38, 52. 

Dexter, 55, 109, 157, 162. 

Diclieson, 126. 

Dickison, 31. 

Dillingham, 2. 

Dingle, 216. 

Doane, 163. 

Dodge, 37, 38, 46, 83, 102, 109, 
117, 118, 149, 157, 167, 168, 169. 

Dole, 32, 45, 115, 131, 157. 

Dorman, 1, 110, 117, 166, 167. 

Dow, 35, 61, 139, 153. 

Downing, 6. 

Draper, 144. 

Drew, 146, 183. 

Du Bois, 193, 215, 216. 

Dudley, x, 2, 4, 180. 

Dummer, 32. 

Dunbar, 147, 148. 

Duncan, 107, 158, 159. 

Dunham, 162, 185. 

Dunlap, 136. 

Dunton, 128, 139. 

Durant, 101, 147. 

Dustin, 158. 

Dutch, 62, 86, 88, 89, 96, 124. 

Dwinell, 110. 

Dyer, 183. 

Dyke, 138. 

Eaton, 141, 145. 
Edgerton, 156. 
Edmands, 159. 
Edmunds, 173, 206. 
Edward IV (King), xx, xxi. 
Edward VI (King), xxi. 
Edwards, 37, 38, 83. 
Elizabeth (Queen), xxi. 
Elliot, 124, 158, 172. 
Ellis, 189. 

Emerson, 115, 147, 148, 157. 
Emery, 204, 218. 
Endicott, 6, 36, 103, 152. 
Epps, 36, 45, 52, 73. 
Evans, 196. 
Eveleth, 50, 151, 193. 
Everatt, 11. 

Fabens, 161. 

Fairfield, 161. 

Falkner, 128. 

Farand, 148. 

Fargo, 129. 

Farley, 47, 63, 103, 121. 

Farmer, 114. 

Farnham, 83, 101, 102. 

Fawn, 1. 

Fay, 96. 

Fellows, 65. 

Felt, 87. 

Fern, 108. 

Fife, 171, 173, 207. 

Finney, 101, 147. 

risk, 129, 159. 

Fiske, 38, 159. 

Fitts, 20. 

Flanders, 28, 197. 



Flaus, 217. 

Fletcher, 193, 216. 

Flint, 157, 193. 

Flood, 65. 

Floyd, 166. 

Follett, 95. 

Ford, 33, 35. 

Foss, 130, 182, 206. 

Foster, 61, 67, 69, 75, 92, 116, 

117, 121, 130, 159, 172. 
Fowle, 88. 
Frates, 109, 165. 
Freeze, 31. 
Frost, 133. 
Frye, 118, 129, 161. 
Fuller, 40, 47, 128, 160. 
Furbush, 129. 

,Gage, 2,9, 44, 118, 158, 182. 
Gains, 104. 
Gale, 24, 162. 
Galuslia, 144. 
Gammis, 41. 
Garland, 111. 
Garrett, 30. 
Gault, 139. 
George, 32, 33, 127. 
Gerrish, 36. 

Giddings, 4, 60, 85, 86, 103. 
Gilbert, 4, 152. 
Gill, 32. 
Gillett, 139. 
Gillingham, 185, 212. 
Gilman, xv, 98,99, 100, 128, 137, 

Glover, 80. 
Goddard, 147, 188. 

Godfrey, 162. 

Godfry, 4, 42. 

Goldsmith, 36, 38, 53, 82, 125. 

Goldwier, 24. 

Goodale, 150, 152. 

Goodell, 155, 192. 

Goodhue, 27, 35, 55, 61, 62, 69, 

74, 75, 84, 85, 169. 
Goodridge, 44, 45. 
Goodwin, 26. 
Gookin, 9. 
Gorham, 130. 

Goss, 172, 173. 

Gould, 30, 40, 43, 55, 88. 

Gove, 211. 

Graham, 145. 

Grant, 47, 140, 198. 

Graves, 9, 57, 71. 

Gray, 17. 

Greely, 146. 

Green, 56, 172, 183, 192. 

Greenleaf, 32, 44. 

Greenough, 112. 

Gregg, 185, 212. 

Grindell, 128. 

Griswold, 101. 

Gross, 43. 

Groves, 124. 

Hadlock, 23. 

Haines, 150, 190, 208. 

Hale, 16, 83, 91, 95, 147, 149, 187. 

Hales, 213. 

Hall, 23, 88, 89, 96, 101, 127, 170, 

Hamilton, 89. 
Hancock, 113. 



Harding, 85, 86. 

Hardison, 150, 189, 190. 

Hardy, 114. 

Harriman, xv, 114, 115, 141, 

Harris, 61, 81, 99, 102. 
Hart, 4, 43, 71. 
Harvey, xvi. 
HascoU, 45. 
Haskell, 113, 138, 155. 
Hassall, 2. 
Hathorue, 88, 96. 
Hawkins, 168. 
Hayes, 206. 
Haynes, 140. 
Hayward, 138. 
Haywood, 114. 
Hazen, 110, 185. 
Heard, 14, 55. 
Heath, 184. 
Hedden, 70. 

Henry VIII (King), xx. 
Herbert, xv, 81, 88, 95, 96, 135. 
Herrick, 31, 39, 40, 45, 46, 50, 87, 

Hidden, 119. 
Higginson, 5. 
Hill, 145, 149, 176. 
Hilliard, 114, 180. 
Hills, 111, 112, 114. 
Hilton, 75, 76, 129, 137. 
Hinman, 89. 

Hobart, 94, 95, 110, 111, 143. 
Hobbs, 120. 
Hodgdon, 196. 
Hodgkins, 85. 
Hoge, 16. 
Holland, 59. 

Holmes, 140. 

Holt, 142, 146, 171, 181, 182, 183, 

207, 210. 
Holyoke, 55. 
Hooper, 196. 
Hopkiuson, 128. 
Horton, 157. 
Hovey, 52, 60, 104, 140. 
How, 92, 94, 116. 
Howard, 60, 146, 184. 
Howe, 67,91, 95, 112. 
Howlett, 9, 47. 
Hoyt, 138, 181, 209. 
Hubbard, 29, 93, 100, 110, 111, 

128, 184. 
Hulett, 24. 
Hull, 115. 
Humphrey, 113. 
Hunt, 39, 90, 156. 
Hunter, 172. 

Huntington, 23, 121, 185, 211. 
Huntress, 161. 
Hurd, 186, 205. 
Huse, 62, 84, 86, 135, 157. 
Hutchins, 180. 

Hutchinson, 141, 151, 152, 171. 
Hutton, 31, 35, 37, 38, 53. 

Ingersoll, 165. 
Ingraham, 199. 
Irish, 148. 
Ives, 191. 

Jackson, 61, 112, 130, 200. 
Jacob, 2, 29, 36, 50, 62, 63, 65, 

66, 67, 70, 71, 73, 74, 75, 78, 

81, 153, 170. 



James VI (King) , xxi. 

Jameson, 146. 

Jaquish, 20, 23. 

Jelly, 162. 

Jenness, 100, 137, 183. 

Jewel, 137. 

Jewett, 41, 58, 60, 61, 64, 65, 69, 

73, 75, 102, 114, 119, 124, 143, 

Johnson, x, 141, 158, 159, 180, 

Jones, 87, 88, 115, 130, 142, 182. 
Jordan, 11, 31, 32, 34, 44, 162. 
Joy, 100. 
Justason, 168. 

Kalderwood, 140. 

Kelley, 181, 209. 

Kelly, 137. 

Kendall, 103. 

Kennedy, 131. 

Kenny, 128. 

Kezer, 117, 166, 167. 

Killam, 82, 115. 

Kimball, 8, 11, 19, 27, 28, 29, 30, 
35, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 47, 51, 52, 
54, 57, 60, 62, 64, 68, 71, 83, 94, 
108, 146, 156, 182, 197. 

King, 124, 130. 

Kinsman, 48. 

Knight, 16, 26, 41, 57, 71. 

Knowlton, 41, 46, 128. 

Knox, 122, 141, 174, 180. 

Ladd, XV, xvi, 100, 110, 141. 
Laiten, 130. 

Lake, 139, 162, 200, 201, 207. 

Lakeman, 105. 

Lancaster, 153, 197. 

Lander, 162, 201. 

Lane, 46. 

Lang, 88. 

Langdon, 144, 145. 

Langley, 174, 207. 

Laskin, 39. 

Lawrence, 135. 

Leach, 185, 211. 

Learned, 100, 140, 143. 

Leavitt, 90. 

Lee, 42. 

Leech, 103. 

Le Favor, 138. 

Leonard, 148. 

Leslie, 112. 

Leverett, 144. 

Lewis, 113. 

Libby, 89, 100, 140. 

Lindsay, 197. 

Linell, 164, 203. 

Litch, 158. 

Little, 18, 22. 

Littlefleld, 171. 

Locke, 146, 148, 183. 

Loomis, 139. 

Lord, 2, 5, 6, 8, 11, 13, 16, 23, 26, 
28, 42, 48, 49, 57, 58, 61, 64, 69, 
71, 73, 88, 102, 120, 135, 161. 

Lovejoy, xvi, 11, 17, 100, 141, 
142, 182. 

Lovell, 9, 86.' 

Low, 119, 127. 

Lowd, 46. 

Lowell, 23. 

Lowle, 20. 



Lucas, 165. 
Lull, 36, 44, 69. 
Lummus, 36. 
Lund, 169. 
Lunt, 22. 

Macklaflin, 37. 

Manning, 47, 92, 104, 116, 121. 

Mansfield, xxii, 97, 135. 

March, 17, 37, 46, 49, 50, 70, 74. 

Mardeu, 181, 200, 218. 

Marsh, 102, 103. 

Marshall, 83. 

Martin, 3, 97, 130, 181, 208. 

Mason, 98. 

Mather, 126. 

Mathew, 13. 

Mattoon, 81, 98. 

Mayo, 148. 

McConell, 90. 

McGlaughlin, 109, 162. 

McMullin, 168. 

Mead, 79, 133. 

Medcalf, 1, 4. 

Melvin, 187. 

Merriam, 196. 

Merrill, 89, 100, 109, 113, 114, 

143, 144, 145, 164, 184. 
Merwin, 144. 
Messer, 88, 147, 186. 
Metcalf, 14, 65, 104, 118, 119, 120, 

121, 176. 
Mighill, 121. 
Miller, 129. 
MiUlkeu, 204. 
Mills, 197. 
Minus, 88. 

Minot, 180, 208. 
Mitchell, 195. 
Monson, 143. 
Montague, 147, 188. 
Montcalm, 118, 126. 
Moody, 1, 34, 80. 
Moore, 173, 206. 
Moors, 69. 
More, 40. 

Morgan, xi, 11, 24, 25. 
Morse, 21, 23, 31, 121, 147, 185, 
186, 194, 195, 212, 215, 216, 217. 
Moulton, 53. 
Mudgett, 139. 
Mugridge, 178. 
Murdock, 15. 
Murray, 119. 
Mussey, 26. 
Muzzy, 39. 

Neal, 77, 78, 129, 137. 

Neland, 40. 

Nelson, 115, 185, 212. 

Nevill, 2. 

Newhall, 196. 

Newman, 36. 

Newraarch, 43. 

Nichols, 87, 114, 125, 156, 184, 

Nicholson, 196. 
Nickerson, 161, 198. 
Norman, xi, 24. 
Norris, 97, 113, 136, 148, 189. 
Northend, 47, 165. 
Norton, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 

17, 30, 45, 50, 72, 73, 128. 
Nowell, 90, 166. 



Noyes, 85, 136. 
Nute, 112. 
Nutter, 136, 170. 

Oakes, 107, 152. 

Oliphant, 144. 

Oliver, 163, 171. 

Orne, 138. 

Osborne, xii, 18, 22, 107, 157. 

Osgood, X, 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 13, 14, 

15, 17, 18,19,20, 21,22,27,32, 


Paddock, 203. 

Page, 86, 89, 106, 150, 151, 152, 

153, 154, 155, 190, 192. 
Paine, 42, 45. 
Palmer, 4, 121. 
Parker, 20, 112, 172, 173. 
Parr, xxi. 
Parris, 43, 191. 

Parsons, 75, 81, 89, 90, 99, 100. 
Patch, 42, 56, 85, 108, 171. 
Patten, 147, 187. 
Patterson, 169, 198. 
Payne, 145. 
Peabody, 91, 114, 115, 134, 135, 

Peace, 96. 
Peacher, 184. 
Pearson, 110, 136. 
Peaslee, 176, 178. 
Peasly, 24, 31. 
Peeters, 10, 30. 
Peirce, 43, 123, 125. 
Pendar, 89. 

Pengry, 12, 26, 47. 

Penny, 202. 

Perkins, 27, 28, 35, 41, 42, 47, 54, 

82, 83, 95, 102, 110, 115, 116, 

117, 137, 153, 196. 
Perley, 56, 85, 93, 95, 109, 110, 

112, 113, 116, 120, 166, 169, 204. 
Perry, 112, 162, 199. 
Peters, 35, 42, 158. 
Peterson, 96. 
Pettengill, 108, 190. 
Phelps, 100, 138, 140. 
Phil brick, 206. 
Phippen, 159. 

Pickard, 114, 148, 166, 189. 
Pickering, 182. 
Pierce, 101, 178. 
Pike, 16, 19. 
Pillsbury, 147, 187, 197. 
Pinder, 16, 59, 107, 136. 
Piper, 184. 
Platts, 121. 
Plumer, 97, 98, 110, 131, 132, 133, 

134, 135, 136, 174. 
Pogue, 89. 
Pollard, 205. 
Poor, 112. 
Poore, 23. 
Pope, 127, 196. 
Porter, 55, 107, 124, 138, 151. 
Potter, 36, 66, 69, 74, 91, 94, 95, 

102, 110, 116, 166. 
Pottle, 80, 81. 
Powers, 110. 
Pratt, 105, 163. 
Pray, 166. 
Prescott, 56, 103. 
Preston, 6, 30. 



Priest, 88. 

Prince, 42, 62, 84, 86. 

Pritchett, 42, 65. 

Proctor, 43, 48, 97, 157. 

Pudeator, 36. 

Pulsifer, 69. 

Putnam, 55, 86, 90, 103, 105, 106, 
150, 151, 152, 153, 155, 156, 158, 
159, 190, 191, 193, 194, 195, 196, 

Quartermayne, xx. 
Quilter, 59. 
Quimby, 146, 184. 

Randlett, 136, 

Ranger, 147, 187. 

Ranney, 96. 

Raymond, 164, 

Rea, 87, 88. 

Reddington, 65. 

Reeves, 200, 217, 218. 

Remick, 137. 

Rhuee, 99. 

Richard (Coeur de Lion), xix. 

Richards, 128, 156, 188. 

Richardson, 196. 

Ricker, 115. 

Rindge, 47, 79, 120, 121. 

Ring, 24, 33, 34, 73. 

Ringe, 42. 

Ripley, 138. 

Robertson, 139. 

Robie, 209. 

Robinson, 2, 100, 114, 138, 139, 

140, 142, 173, 206, 207. 
Rodgers, 141. 

Roffe, 40. 

Rogers, 29, 45, 47, 49, 52, 53, 72, 

84, 143, 202. 
Rolfe, 13, 27, 203. 
Rollins, 139, 144. 
Roper, 39. 
Ropes, 55. 

Ross, 15, 86, 104, 105, 194. 
Rowell, 2, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 

20, 22, 26, 37, 46, 60. 
Rowlandson, 13. 
Rugg, 128. 
Russell, 130. 
Rust, 56, 198. 
Ryan, 97. 
Ryder, 193, 216. 

Safford, 47, 119. 

Salter, 207. 

Saltonstall, 8, 61. 

Sampson, 24. 

Sanborn, xv, 128, 136, 184, 194. 

Sanger, 125. 

Sargent, 16, 32, 99, 141, 143, 180. 

Savage, 27, 44. 

Sawyer, 31, 70, 120, 177, 185, 

Sayres, xv, 1, 
Scales, 142. 
Scott, 2, 28, 29, 30, 31, 42, 50, 

109, 119, 120, 156. 
Scovey, 161. 
Scribner, 201, 204, 
Sears, 157. 
Sedan, 56. 
Severance, 8, 148. 
Seward, 135. 



Seymour (Lord), xxi. 

Shales, 124. 

Shatswell, 10, 81, 97, 98, 103. 

Shaw, 45, 128, 1G2. 

Sherburne, 79. 

Sherman, 148. 

Sherwin, 65, 91. 

Shillaber, 97. 

Shoppy, 174. 

Silsbye, 3. 

Simonds, 29. 

Smart, 78, 80. 

Smiley, 190, 214, 215. 

Smith, X, 29, 38, 41, 47, 52, 60, 

74, 104, 105, 108, 115, 116, 124, 

125, 139, 156, 163, 165, 191, 193, 

199, 203, 
Snell, 128. 
Suow, 218. 
Somerby, 20, 138. 
Somes, 115. 
Southwick, 91. 
Spafford, 42. 
Spaight, 89. 
Spear, 199. 
Spoflford, 113, 114. 
Spring, 199. 
Stace, 10, 27. 
Stackpole, xii, xv, 112. 
Stacy, 43, 105, 149, 150. 
Staniford, 50, 83, 85, 86, 101, 

102, 107, 108, 120, 167. 
Stark, 111. 
Stearns, 82, 101. 
Stedman, 112. 
Stephens, 103. 
Stevens, 86, 107, 130, 136, 143, 

169, 170, 171, 175. 

Stickney, ix, xii, 27, 35, 60, 73, 
91, 107, 111, 119, 120, 121, 122, 
123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 142, 
157, 160, 161, 181. 

Stiles, 101, 146. 

Still, 147. 

Stimpson, 106, 153. 

Stone, 102, 182. 

Story, 57, 61, 135. 

Stover, 74, 197. 

Strickland, 113. 

Strong, 122, 145. 

Stuart, 128. 

Sukeforth, 130. 

Sullivan, 175, 176. 

Sumner, 148, 195. 

Sutton, 61. 

Syraonds, x, 3, 9, 26, 29, 30, 36, 
37, 67, 70,71, 73, 151. 

Taintor, 145. 
Tappen, 165, 203, 204. 
Tarbox, 162, 200. 
Tasker, 131. 
Teed, 130. 
Tennant, 183, 210. 
Tenney, 44. 
Tewksbury, 170. 
Thing, 81, 99, 137. 
Thomas, 89, 208. 
Thompson, 197. 
Thorla, 67. 
Tibbetts, 200. 
Tillotson (Abp.),xxii. 
Tilton, 65. 

Titcomb, 34, 54, 114. 
Titus, 171. 



Todd, 64. 

Torr, 158. 

Touzell, 96. 

Towne, 117. 

Townsend, 23. 

Towsley, 147. 

Train, 148, 188. 

Trask, 56, 169. 

Treadwell, 40, 46, 50, 54, 55, 56, 

60, 103. 
Trefry, 218. 
Trow, 187. 
Truax, 168. 
True, 70. 
Tubbs, 187. 
Tuck, 169, 177. 
Tucker, 216, 217. 
Tukey, 86, 108, 109. 
Turner, 130. 

Tuttle, 2, 60, 71, 109, 164. 
Twiss, 211. 
Twombly, 204. 

Upham, 36, 43. 
Upton, 162, 201, 202. 
Ursellton, 4, 42. 

Varnham, 2, 26. 
Verry, 42. 
Very, 120. 
Vose, 175. 

Wade, 4, 71, 102, 104, 107, 116. 
Wadsworth, 71, 193. 
Wainwright, 43, 44, 45, 173. 
Waite, 83. 

Walcott, 204. 

Waldern, 36. 

Waldo, 26. 

Walker, 45, 101, 129. 

Wallace, 196. 

Wallis, 10. 

Walt, 145. 

Walton, 201. 

Ward, XV, 160. 

Wardwell, 17, 102, 171. 

Warner, 37, 46, 67. 

Warren, 106. 

Washington, 87, 126. 

Wasson, 148. 

Waters, 124, 125, 127. 

Wathen, 25. 

Watson, 42, 180. 

Wattles, 1. 

Wayland, 124. 

Wayne, 150. 

Webb, 193. 

Webber, 101, 169. 

Webster, 1, 2, 134, 184. 

Wedgewood, 77. 

Weeks, 81, 100. 

Weld, 25. 

Wells, 9, 51, 129, 184, 203. 

Wendell, 88. 

Wentworth, 80, 81, 128. 

West, 90, 97, 120, 195. 

Weston, 157. 

Wetherbee, 118, 169. 

Wetzel, 188. 

Wheeler, 45. 

Wheelwright, 88. 

Whidden, 79, 80, 181. 

Whipple, 46, 62. 

White, 22, 38, 54, 88, 199. 



hittier, 138, 192. 

f^hittredge, 107, 160. 
nckes, 198. 
yigand, 163. 

iViggin, 136, 144, 170, 182, 199. 
VVigglesworth, 119. 

(Wild, 2. 
W'ldes, 117, 120. 
Wilkins, 171. 
Willcox, 169, 173. 
Willcoxon, 147. 
Williams, 27, 115, 124. 
Willoms, 30. 
Wilson, 13, 15, 23, 27, 31, 40, 44, 

Winchester, 124, 125. 
Windsor, 41, 
Winn, 205. 
Winship, 138. 
Winsley, 4, 5, 11, 20,24. 

Wiuslow, 4. 

Winthrop, x, 6, 45. 

Witt, 51. 

Wood, 47, 65, 114, 143, 148, 160. 

Woodam, 3, 7, 40. 

Woodbridge, 21. 

Woodbury, 87, 89, 172, 176. 

Woodmansey, 2. 

Woodward, 37, 162, 201. 

Worcester, 130. 

Wormwell, 200. 

Worthen, 26, 147, 186. 

Worthylake, 124. 

Wortup, 28. 

Wyles, 145. 

Yeaton, 142, 181, 182. 
Young, 40, 79, 80. 
Younglove, 4, 17, 48. 


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