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DEATHS— 1922 

Nevin, James died 12-29-1921 in Madison, WI age 68 of heart failure, head of Wisconsin 

Conservation Commission 
Lindley, EHzabeth nee Andrews died 12-31-1921 in Ripon, WI bom 10-13-1836 in 
Elmira, New York, married Samuel Smith, 3 sons, 1 died in infancy and the other 

Two as young men, Samuel died on 8-25-1895, in 1897 married W.H buried 

Waushara Cemetery, Fox Lake 
Schramke, Otto died 12-31-1921 in the Town of Fox Lake, bom 2-24-1853 in 

Germany, left wife and 4 sons buried Lake Emily Cemetery 
Jones, Morgan died 12-31-1921 in Randolph, WI one of the oldest residents of Randolph 
McMichael, William died 1-13-1922 in Portland, Oregon, old time resident of Fox 

Lake, bom 10-25-1849 in Scotland, came to Eastern Canada in 1851, left wife and 

Children, Arlene and Frank buried Waushara Cemetery, Fox Lake 
Hillie, Isaac died 2-2-1922 bom 1-23-1832 in Glace Bay, Carpe Breton, Nova Scotia 

6-1-1853 married EHzabeth Stanton, she died 12-5-1905, children, Mary OTonnel died 4-18- 
1908, Elizabeth Conner died 1 1-27-1919, surviving, Joseph, William, Samuel and 

Rosetta, came to Fox Lake in 1853, had a grocery business, buried St. Mary's Cemetery 

Stoddard, Charles died 2-5-1922 in Beaver Dam Hospital, son of William bom 1-8- 
1867 in Alto, WI, in 1900 married Josie Gleason, had a livery stable in Beaver 
Dam, no children 
McClurg, James died 2-3-1922 bom 1 1-22-1861 in Gennesse County, New York 

On 1 1-20-1895 married Maud Tishenow, children, Lawrence, Clifford, Ehon and 

Williams, Charles died in Litchfield, Minnesota, married Mary Wallace, about 80 

Formerly of Fox lake buried in Clear Lake, Iowa 
Metzer, wife of Dr F.G died 2-5-1922 in Milwaukee 
Terry, Martha died 2-4-1922 age 93 in Beaver Dam 
Lindsay, Mattie nee Dye died 2-5-1922 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, former student 

At Downer College 
McDowell, Margaret died 2-15-1922 nee Gamble bom 5-16-1838 near Belfast, 

Ireland, in 1 846 came to New York, in 1 862 to WI near Fox Lake, in 1 866 

Married S C, 2 children, Robert died in 1908 and Jennie 
Schmid, Katherina died 2-15-1922 age 80, bom in Germany, in 1842, children 

Mrs John Schumachear, Mrs George Schutz and John buried in Rubicon, WI 
Kaiser, John died 2-15-1922 bom 1845 in Germany, left wife and children, John, 

Charles, Alvin, Henry, Cora, Frank, Fred and Herbert, a son, George predeceased 
Bullock, Margaret died 1-15-1922 in Denver, Colorado nee Kaiser, in 1877 married 

Chades, son, W H 
Shea, Mary died in Minneapolis, Minnesota left 3 sons, 2 daughters 
Johnson, Mrs Died in Los Angels, Califomia, daughter Mrs E J Gamble, died of 

Pneumonia buried in Chicago 

Boozer, George died 3-12-1922 in Waupun of heart trouble left widow and daughters, 

Mrs. Markey and Mrs. Bragg Stoddart 
Plium, Dora widow of Arthur died 3-12-1922 age 61, children, Henry, John, 

William Thomas, Alice and Hattie 
LaSage, Anthony died 3-18-1922 in FondduLac, born 1830 in Montreal, Canada, in 

1848 came to Fox Lake, had a cooper shop, in 1855 married Alvira Atwood, 

Chidlren, Nelson, Frank, Amelia, Edward, Joseph, Ida, Fred, George, Mary, Emma 

And Cora buried St. Mary's Cemetery:, Trenton 
King, Eliza died in Chicago age 99 formerly of Fox Lake 
Haslow, Andy died 3-22-1922 in Beaver Dam, age 24 of pneumonia 
Young, AG died 3-27-1922 in Fox Lake, wife died in 1917, children, Charles, Fred, 

Roy, Clarence, Alfred and Henrietta, from Watertown 
Cochrane, John son of Col Died 3-26-1922 in Modesto, California, left wife and 

Son, Age 55, formerly of Trenton 
Averill, Ella died 3-19-1922 in Seattle, Washington, daughter of E.R. Hemmingway 

Bom 4-29-1862 in Trenton on 1 1-14-1894 married William daughter, Mae 
Howard, Edith died 3-1 1-1922 bom 8-23-1868 in Liverpool, England daughter of George 

Brown, in 1870 came to US and Maine, on 3-4-1890 married W.C. buried Forest 

Home Cemetery, Waupun 
Zastrow, Erwin died 4-17-1922 son of Frank, bom 5-7-1885 in Green Lake, WI on 

5-5-1920 married Alma Grams, left 9 month old daughter. Lake Maria Cemetery 
Sanborn, Phoebe died 4-20-1922 in Waukegan, Illinois widow of Nathaniel, left 

Daughter, Mrs M. J Tordoff buried Waushara Cemetery, Fox Lake 
Dimmick, Sophronia died 4-25-1922 at the Odd Fellows Home bom 4-17-1859 

In Burnett, WI wife of Mathew 
Coxshall, William died 4-21-1922 age 79 in Beaver Dam, Stockbuyer 
Bauer, George died 4-30-1922 in Trenton bom 1 1-19-1855 in the Town of Beaver Dam 

On 5-13-1894 married Augusta Blake, wife died on 3-1 1-1897, on 6-6-1899 

Married Josephine Blake, children, Mrs Paul Warnike, Mrs Frank Heuer, Henry, 

Mrs. Ben Rake, Mrs Edward Horwath, Augusta, Arthur and Leonard buried St 

Mary's Cemetery, Trenton 
McMahon, Patrick died 4-27-1922 in St. Paul, buried Catholic Cemetery 
Hurd, Mary born in 1856 in Taycheedah, WI, nee Johnson, came to Fox Lake in 1881 

In 1885 married William-Civil War soldier, no children, died 5-8-1922 buried 

Waushara Cemetery, Fox Lake 
Collins, Jane nee Carey died 5-14-1922 bom 2-2-1838 in County Clare, Ireland, came 

To U.S. and New York at age 14, in 1863 married Thomas, daughter, Mary buried 
St. Mary's Cemetery, Trenton 
Bloss, Eliza died 5-30-1922 in Beaver Dam nee O'Brien, bom 1-25-1835 in Nova 

Scotia age 10 came to US on 8-3-1853 married, children, Myrta and Annie 

Predeceased her, surviving, Mamie, George, Emma, Mrs Burt Butter, Mrs R.T. 

McLaughlin and Robert buried Fox Lake Cemetery 
Manthe, Wilhelmine died 6-15-1922 bom 9-25-1845 in Brandenburg, Germany in 1882 

Came to U.S., husband, William and 2 sons predeceased her, surviving, Karl and Mrs. 

Henry Smith buried Waushara Cemetery, Fox Lake 

Rosenheimer, Susan died 6-22-1922 wife of Max, children, Mrs. AC. Friday, Mrs. Dr 

Krahn, Dr AM, and Mrs Alex Luedicke, buried Rosenheimer Cemetery, Siinger, WI 
Williams, H.H. died 6-25-1922 in Randolph, postmaster, age 67, wife predeceased him 

No children 
Keil, Samuel died 6-29-1922 age 66 in Beaver Dam, stockbuyer, ex-alderman of Beaver 

Dam, left wife, 1 son, 1 daughtr 
Hobkirk, Willliam died 7-10-1922 in Waupun, left widow Maggie nee Ducan 
Lyle, Isabel nee McDowell died 7-17-1922 bom 1-20-1845 in New York State, on 1-19- 
1865 married Alexander, children, Anna, Euphemia, Charles, Isabel, Clara, Elizabeth 
and Arthur 
Lea, Harry died 8-1 1-1922 in Tomah, Wl best know Indian Trader 
Kobs, Max died 8-14-1922 , motorcycle struck car, about 47 from Milwaukee 
Woodward, Ella nee Hart died 8-25-1922 in Milwaukee Hospital, wife of Judge William 

In Watertown, age 50, native of LaCrosse, WI, children, Marshall, W.H and Margaret 
Clark, Irvin died 9-6-1922 bom 7-26-1856 in Utica, New York came to WI and Ripon when 

Young, on 3-14-1880 married Ida LaSage, children, LaVem and Esther buried Waushara 

Cemetery, Fox Lake 
Willliams, Winifred died 9-15-1922 in Los Angels, California bom 5-29-1899 in Fox Lake 

Daughter of J C 
Maus, Philip died 9-17-1922 in Beavaer Dam bom 8-15-1848 in Aultenberg, Germany son of 

Philip Sr in 1874 married Catharine Zimmerman, children, Mrs William Bmnn, Leonard, 

Carl and Mrs Carl Fiegle 
Weisjohn, Ludwig died 10-18-1922 of heart trouble residing with daughter, Mrs. H.S. 

Miller, buried in Westfield, WI 
Howitt, Jospehine nee Karsen died 10-23-1922 in Randolph, children, Charles, Mrs. Miles 

Lindsay, Emma, Fred and Waher 
Klas, Mrs. Louis died 10-18-1922 age 40 in Beaver Dam 
Wrench, Louisa wife of Julius died 10-26-1922 in Beaver Dam, suicide, hanging, daughter 

Of Fred Moulthen age 55, no children 
Madigan, Stephen died 10-26-1922 in Madison age 49, bom in Fox Lake, lawyer, left wife 

And 7 children 
Postuma, Eli died 10-21-1922 on his farm near Randolph age 52, bom in Holland, came to 

U.S. 17 years ago,left wife and 6 children 
Gilmore, Sidney died 1 1-21-1922 in FondduLac hospital following an operation, bom 6-5- 
1864 in Markesan, WI, taught industrial school inWaukehsa, 6-1904 married Matilda 

Backus, no children, buried Forest Mound Cemetery, Waupun 
Walker, Elmer died 1 1-15-1922 in County Home in Juneau age 65, left wife, 1 daughter, 2 

Sons formerly of Fox Lake buried Waushara Cemetery 
Lindsay, Charles died 1 1-14-1922 in FondduLac hospsital, from Waupun, Civil War Soldier 
Maier, William died 1 1-19-1922 suicide, shot himself, bom 12-9-1893 in Ayshire, Scotland 

13 years ago came to U.S. and Fox Lake, son of Mathew buried Waushara Cemetery, 

Fox Lake 
Bums, Mrs James died 1 1-271922 age 77 left husband, son, Robert, daughters, Mary, Nellie, 

Mrs. Joseph Hartel and Mrs. Matt McDowell buried St Mary's Cemetery, Trenton 
Robertson, Angus died in Hebron Illinois spent his childhood in Fox Lake 
Witthan, Mrs. August died 12-13-1922 in Markesan of pneumonia age 73, ftjneral in Markesan 

Clifford, John died 12-25-1922, car stmck a train. Editor Watertown Daily Times and 

Democratic Leader, bom 1 1-5-1873 in Emmet, WI left wife and 1 son 
Spehn, Louis died 12-26-1922 in Milwaukee buried in Grafton 




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