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Full text of "Fragmenta genealogica"


Shelf No. 



Philip* JTmuY 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

Boston Public Library 


# * 

/ have had printed at my Private Press 
One hundred copies of " Fragmenta Genealogica," 
Vol. IX. This copy is No. 16 


'*** *s c^^/p^pf? 

Grove Park, Denmark Hill, 
London, S.E. 



VOL. J!X. 




: .• 







Astwood ... 99 


Abington, Great . . 108 

Abington, Little . . 109 

Ashley and Silverley . . 96 

Newmarket, St. Maryes . 93 


Ingerstone . . .110 

Weal .... 79 


St. Peters Chapell in ye Tower 114 


Blownorton ... 25 

Brecles ... 9 

Bressingham . . . 11 

Deepham ... 26 

Feltwell, St. Marys . 14 

Feltwell, St. Nicholas . 14 

Garboldisham, All Saints . 4 
Garboldisham, St. John Baptist's 2 

Gissing ... 97 

Heydon ... 20 

Hingham . . . 17 

Hockwold . . ., 1 6 

Kilverstone . . . 12 

Langford . . . 13 
Massingham, Great . . 10, 85 

Methwold ... 86 

Rickingale Superior . . 27 

Riddlesworth . . 1 

Rougham ... 6 

Roydon . . . 11 

Shropham ... 9 

Sniterton . . . 13 

Southacre ... 88 

Swaffham ... 5 

Thompson . . . 10 


Norfolk, continued. 

Weeting, All Saints . 


Weeting, St. Maries . 

s s 



Wytchingham Magna 







Barking . 1 


Barningham . 




Bayton juxta Hessett 


Blakenham Magna 


Briset Magna 


Bury St. Edmunds, St. 

James', 63, 115 

Bury St. Edmunds, St. 


70, 100, 115 



Coney Weston 




Eye . 


Finningham, St. Bartl 

olomew 50 

Fornham, St. Genove; 

a . 60 

Fornham, St. {blank i 

n orig. ] 60 



Hastead, alias Hawste 

ad . 34 

Hesset, alias Hegesse 


Icklingham, All Saint 

s . 99 

Icklingham, St. Jame' 

s . 98 



Newmarket, All Saint 

s . 89 


. . . 62 







Staningfield . 


Stoke Ash 

. 3'. 106 

Stowmarket . 




Thornham, Great 


Thornham, Little 


Tuddenham . 



Rentale de Gyppynge 



Book-Plate of " Franc s Ingram " 
Fac-simile of an Invitation Card 

to face page 118 
„ „ 133 


jFragmenta (^enealogtca* 

Vol. IX. 

fjffottuttttntt i» ^IMUwM (tthnvtU, °§nif : 

Ag* the North Chancell Wall is a neat Monum' of S r Drue Drury, K l , 
whose effigies is represented Kneeling under a Canopy, &c. 
S r Drue Drury. Condignae Famae & memoriae Sacrum Nobilis & illustris Viri Drugonis 
Drury Militis Filij tertij Roberti Drury de Egerlye in Comitatu 
Buckingham filij secundi Roberti D. de Hasted in Com: Suffolke 
Militu Reginas Elizabethan a primo regni anno Solius Silentiarij, Deinde 
Jacobo Regi nostra & anno 1596 Prasidis Turris Londinensis (annos 
Nonaginta novem Summa cum Laude & integritate complevit) bis 
conjugio connexi primo Dominaa Elizas Woodhouse filiaa Philippi 
Calthorp Militis Secundo Katherinaa Finch filise & Hasredi Gulielmi 
Finch de Linsted in Com : Cant : Ar per Secundam Uxorem Relictse 
Drugo Drury unicus filius ejus uxorem duxit Annam JEtate primam 
& unam ex Coheredibus Edwardi Waldgrave de Lawford in Com : 
Essex Af Eliza prima ejus Filia nupta fuit venerabili Thomas 
Winfield Militi de Leveringham in Comitatu Suffolke. Anna 
filia secunda Johanni Deane de Deane Aula Com: Essex prasdicto. 
Et Francesca filia tertia Roberto Botler de Woodhall in Com : Hertford 
Militibus. Ipse Drugo Drury miles praeclarus, Singular! integritate 
pietate Virtute (et nulli in Terris Inferior) Charitate praacipue praecellens 
apud Riddlesworth in Com: Norfolke 29 Aprilis 161 7 mortem. 

Upon two very neat Altar Tombs in the said Chancell. 
D: Drury, Bar'. Reponuntur hie Reliquiae Drugonis Drury primi Hujus Familiaa 
Baronetti filij & Haeredis Drugonis D: Equitis Aurati qui post 
24 or Connubij Sui Cum Anna Waldegrave Praedilecta Sua Uxore 
Evolutos Soles, Triplici (ex octo natis) Tenera & in Minoritate, Mult.33 
tamen plena spei Superstite Sobole, Drugone Gulielmo & Catharina, 
in 44 to peregrinationis suas ano ex hac Miseriarum Eremo 1632 
in Coelestem migravit Patriam: Multiplici quin & Candida Mundo 
amiciscjj Valde Lugentibus Relicta Fama Magnae Suas erga Deum 
veramq^ Religionem Pietatis, assidua? & Laboriosae pro Reipublica 
Curae ac integerrima; versus amicos interiores praesertim ac Vicinos 

Ro: Drury, Bar' Memorise Sacrse Roberti Drury Baronetti Filij Drugonis D: Bar' 
antiqua Prosapia oriundi multis retro Saeculis praeclara, Ingenij Dotibus 
ornatJ politiore Literatura imbuti. Tres duxit uxores. Tertia fuit 
Diana Filij Georgij Vilet de Pinkney Hall in Comitatu Norfolcia? Af 
qua? pietate, vera & amore Conjugali hoc Monumentum posuit. Obijt 
Vicessimo Septimo die Aprilis ano Dni 1712 yEtatis sua? 78. 

Lady Drury. 

M rs Fisher. 

Tho: Barnes 

This Hatchm' 
in the Chancell. 

Here lyeth the body of Dame Elinor Drury Second Daughter of Sam 
Harsnet of Great Fransham in the County of Norff Esq r y e Relict of 
William Marsham of Stratton Strawly Gent the Second wife of S r Rob' 
Drury of Ridlesworth in the County of Norff Bar' who was unfortunately 
kil'd in the Fatal Hurricane Nov: y e 27 in the year of our Lord 1703. 
Arms : Drury & Harsnet. 

In memory of the Pious and Vertuos M rs Mary Fisher whose Soul took 
her flight to heaven in the Furious Hurricane on Nov: the 27, 1703. 
This Monument of Respect is dedicated by her true & Faithfull Lover 
Anthony Drury of Mendham in Norff Gent. 

Thomas Barnes Minister of this parish departed 29 of October 17 13 
aged 74. These 3 are upon flat marbles. 

Upon the East window. 

Drury's Crest : 


Upon the Steple 
these at the 

%xm &t. in £* iota "g%\)M$ (fflmxtfn, 

^k CO & In the Chancell East Window, viz' Bardolfe az: 3 cin% foils or, Howard. 



South Chancell window, Ermine a Crosse. Crest, Goat's head, 

Gu: 6 Escallops or, 3, 2, 1. Crest, Escallop, Bardolf, az: 3 ^" or. 

Upon the East End of the South isle Window. 

2, Howard alone 

3, Howard and 

Upon a South window 
Howard and Plais Impald 

6 Escallops. 

"1 T , , upon another. 
> Impaled. c 


i. Howard with a insii arg'. North window 

2. Ermine a Crosse murrey. 

3. Howard & 6 Escallops Impai. 

4. Or, a lion Ramp' gu. & 6 Escaf Impat. 

Upon another N. window y e Emblem of the Trinity field gu. 
letters sable. 

in a little South Chappell 
Ermine a Crosse Murrey. 

arg 1 

Upon a brasse plate in the church. 

John Carlton. wjuxe lycttt tjuvyetl the hodie of §ohn ©arlton late while he Iped of 
(Sarlroldesham, p«we«, who had to his Wtjfe (glisaheth anil of her 
flower gomttf and ntjne daughters which fohn died the third dat) 
of §tpriU in the t)ere of out i£ord 6od 1579. 

post tettefcras spero lurem. 

Upon two altar Tombs in the Church yard. 
M r John In memoriam Johannis Williamson Gen : hie Lapis positus est obijt 

Williamson. Secundo die Martij 1690 afio ^Etatis suas 32 Vigilate & Orate. 

M rs Mary Hie jacet Maria filia Johannis Williamson Gen: Virgo vera pia & pura 

Williamson. Amicis Chara, omnibus benigna desideratissima, obijt 22 die Augusti 

1697 Anno ^Etatis Suae 22 d ° Pauperum Inopiam in Garboldisham 
Lophamq^ Septentrionali & Waldingfield parva Viventium redditu 
Sublevavit, moriens enim trecentas ipsis Libras Legavit in perpetuum. 
Lector abito & tu fac Similiter. Luc. cap. 10, v. 37. 

Round the porch in large Characters of Stone. 

git Mntti iammtz ^ajjtissta &»tefe 

Over the porch in stone letters 

& over that Inscription these T PT" 1 

Arms & the following word V Vy 

©rate pro aia Willi gere 

below on the 
arch of y e porch 


This portraiture is painted 
upon the East window of 
the Chancell, which by the 
arms upon his Breast viz' 
In a field Azure, 3 Cinque 
foils or; I take to be Lord 

The Howards arms are 
very frequent upon the 

In the Chancell upon flat Marbles. 

S r R : Bacon. Under This marble is buried the body of 

S r Robert Bacon Baronett 

who departed this Life 

on the 31 st of Jan: in the year of our Lord 1704 

and of his age 52. 

Arms Impaled, Bacon, a Fesse wavy betw : 3 flowerdeluces. 

Here lyeth interred the body of 
M re Jane B. M rs Jane Bacon 

the Eldest Daughter of 

S r Rob 1 Bacon 

& Dame Elizabeth his wife that 

was buried at Wighton in this County 

who dyed on the 14 of Octob r 

in the year of our Lord 1705. 

Bacons arms. 

Under the Rood Loft 

gatay hp Wyffe. • • 

gg (ox the WSfltm of Wgffia $0le m& 

. Some defac'd Saints painted under &c. 

Upon the Cieling 
of the Church. 

§etwex gp j)te attfl 

p xo&t toft p futtfltpjj 

haw pap fox ate cctft 

IJatltafi S»* flepd tot att manhpfle 

have wej) Mp« he at toe* hen de . 

Upon the Ceiling / §,\U »tt hCVX M\)t to JjtjS f}00& &tt& 

of the Chancell. \ (g a & 0««;fl hp» STOle help t«J hp* Mt&t. 

Upon a North Window '. . . »ia ^KXX&i &t fttWtt tpXX ijSltam flpa 
(i«r Unit And upon another Walttt'i . . iim tetttf . . . taw. 
Upon a South Window HtX U aJme tuiiS ttkjStia Wfllita Wtfttttpifel. 

Quas S r Rob: Berwick 
in the Ch: yard. 




gr--,, A r. .^= 

* ■$- $- 

i« #wjrffttat» fcrrtt. 


Here in my grave the 

Chieffest rest I have 

no greater rest cane 

Christian creature crave. 

Here lyeth the body of 

Thomas Cannon the Son of 

Arry Cannon and buried the 

fyrst day of June Anno Dni 1634. 

i« JMfltem tftoiwft, §*vii: 

Upon a mural monument ag' the upper end of the South isle 
M rs Steward. ^ n Obitum Generosissimae Faeminae Katherinae Stewardas 

Hie Catherina tuu corpus Stewarda repostu est 

Sed domus ^Eterni te capit alta patris 
Namck tuae rarae Dotes Documenta dederunt 

Hanc semper fueris quam meditata domum 
Tarn Devota Deo Semper tam Fida Marito 

Tam bona tam Natis Provida mater eras. 
Tam Famulis Dominata pie nulli^ molesta 

Mortali, Cunctis aequa benigna bonis. 
Sic demum Christo cujus Mandata Colebas 

Te moriens animo non dubitante, Dabas. 

Hie Inhumatur 
Caterina una Filiaru 
& Haeredum Thomae 
Paine quondam 
de Castelair Armi: 
& nuper uxor Guliel : 
Stewardi de Ely 
Armig: que obit 15 
Aprilis 1590. 

M rs Skippon. 

The Tomb of 
John Botwright 

Mary Skippon D'ter of the Rev'd Luke Skyppon of Mileham D.D. 
Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge obijt 26 May 17 13. 

Under an Arch on the North Side of the Chancell lyes the Effigies of 
John Botright S.T.P. the first Minister of this Church after it was built. 
In the Library is a little black book of his own hand writing which 
Contains a Terrier of all the lands belonging to this Church as also the 
names of Benefactors, an Inventary of its plate, Ornaments, Books, 
Vestments, &c. being as Intire an account as is Extant of this Nature. 
It begins thus. Iste Liber dicitur Gratia Dei Navicula recta Ecclesiae 
S" Petri de Swaffham Market facta in Festo Exaltacois aiio Dni 1454 
& regni regis Henrici Sexti 33 . Continens ut olim in Area Noas certa 
Tristega i° Mansiunculas &c Postea. Acta Sunt hec per manus Ma ri 
Johannis Botwright S.T.P. Rectoris Ecctie ejusdm predictae Dni Regis 
H. Supdci Capellani ac Magri Collegij Corp : Christi & Bte Marie 
Cantab: die & anno quib 9 Supra ^Etatis Prefati M ri Jofiis 54 Inductionis 
ejusdm ad id Beneficium 19°. 

The Effigies of The Tinker with his Dog & Boudget so frequently talk'd 
off to be seen in this Church, are now quite lost, tho' undoubtedly such a 
person was a Great Benefacto r to this Church. If his name was Chapman 
(as is Reported) I find in the afores d book he gave CXX" toward the 
Steple. The 4 Coats following are upon the afores d M r Botrights tomb. 

Clement Spelman Esq r gave 
Several Books to the Library 
here, amongst which is a 
most Curious Masse book. 
Carv'd upon an old seat. 

Orate p' JiTub 9 fuhiss lanpta & Ratine. 

Witt Yelverton 
A? 1481. 

4 Arms lost. 

John Swaffham. 

fa Imtgta, gvvtt: 

Upon a flat Stone in a little North isle with the Effigies of a man 
& woman. 

U«pc pra* vm miis TOlt tntetra 

mat** alma M rap ^tlvaton mi$mti 

<$,o\mxti$ti' sutc Uclvertutt attm 'gntmnt 

gtfimi} (&&mx&% tiMtt&mx pra raraow quarti. 

9 Ak julij §1° » 

ihtt 3Xmxj, My 

Ixelpr is twice upon 
y e Stone. 

This Epitaph is Entire, which Wever makes 

defective, Under the Inscripcon are 8 children in brasse, 7 Sonns & 

1 Daughter. 

<!tot« p' Mil Ijuute Shuxiim qtum&m 

Uiranj hujuis Gertie qui oWjt _gt° gai miUtmtf 

mm° icouagea 9° rujMjs »k fyimt' &f. 

Wever has dated this 1409, but wrong. 


mit gobfe %t\stm 1505. 
©bit logni igslitan 15X0. 

These were two Infants as appears by the protraitures in Swadling 
+j+ Cloaths. In the Chancell is a flat stone with the Effigies of a Man 
in Armor & a woman on each hand, under that on his right hand 
ten children, and that on his left six, but the inscripcon is torn 
off. Also in the aforesaid isle is a Low Altar Tomb with the Effigies of 
a Kn' in armour & by his side a woman (4 arms lost) & round it was a 
Circumscripcon which perhaps might be that of William Yelverton Kn' 
menconed in Wever. 

Upon other flat marbles. 
S r William Heere lyes the bodyes of William Yelverton Baronet of 

Yelverton. Rougham who dyed Ano Dni 

1648 decimo nono die Julij 

and Ursula the daughter of 

Thomas Lord Richardson his 

wife who dyed ano Dni 1657 

zo mo di e Martij and S r William 

theire only Son who dyed Ano Dni 1649 15'° die Novembris without 


Our Lord Grant them to find mercy 

from our Lord in that day. 2 Tim: cap: i. v: 18. 

Posteris et Prssentibus 

posuit ei moris ergo hoc Mar- 

mor John Bladwell Armiger. 

Arms : 3 Lions ramp' Gard' a Chief and Baronets Augmentacon, and on a Chief 
3 Lions heads erased impaled. 

M rs Eliz: Heere ly's the body of Elizabeth 

Peyton. Peyton the Daughter of W m Yelverton Baronett and Ursula 

his wife the heir of that Family 

who departed this Life in the 15 th 

of June ano Dom: 1668. 

In the day of Judgement 

Deliver her O Lord. 
Pias hie Dormientis Mem- 
oriae hoc monumentum 
imposuit I.B. 
Arms : 3 Lions ramp' Gard' a Chief and baronets Augmentacon. 

Mountagu Hie jacet 

North. Mountagu North films natu quintus 

Prenobilis Dudlei Dni North Baronis 

de Kirtling obijt apud Rougham 

2 7 Septem: 17 10. 

Flat marble, Norths Arms, Annulet for distincon. 

Tho: Peyton. Thomas, son of Tho s Peyton and Eliz: aged 13 weeks obijt 1637 
13 March. Small stone. 


S r Jn°Bladwell. 

Arms a lion 
ramp'. Crest d°i 

Here ly's interred S r John Bladwell 

the eldest son of W m Bladwell 

of Swanington Esq r of that auncient Family 

He was a loyal subject a Faithful Friend, 

a Good Neighbour, Truly Just & Wisely 

Charitable. He loved the Church & her 

well composed Liturgy & was a Constant 

Receiver of Holy Coraunions. He endowed 

the Vicaradge of This Town with a Good 

house & Some Land adjoyning to it. He left 

this world the 14 day of October in the 

yeare of his age 64 and in the yeare 

of our Lord God 1680. 

I am inform'd this man was in all respects ill deserving the Character 
upon this monum' nor is there any thing of his Endowing the Vicaridge 
with house or Land. 

At the west end of the Steple is a broken Crucifix of Stone, which seems 

to have been very beautifull when Intire. 
Adjoyning to the south side of the Church is built a Neat Library by 
that Worthy Gentleman Roger North of Rougham Esq r , and by him 
and other Benefactors furnished with a good Collection of Books. 
At the East end of the afores d North isle is painted a Crucifix upon the 
Window and under it these words <$: put: §MlU)Si . . . 

3 Lions ramp 1 
Gard' & a Chief. 
Crest a lion pass' 




Note these 5 arms 
are upon the stone 
having the 3 Effigies 
& 16 Children menconed 
on the other side at this 
marke /+. 

The Lord's prayer the Creed & 10 Comandm ts wrought in Needle work 
hanging in a Frame against the South side of the Chancell. 

Upon an old board against the pulpit this 

Upon the seat going into the desk some de- 
fac'd Saints and these arms viz'. 

Upon an opposite seat. 

At the west end of the Church are Carv'd upon the Seats 4 Escocheons 
each having 3 Roses, and 4 large single roses without Escocheons. 


One of the Bells thus Dedicated : 

Missus de Celis habeo Nomen Gabrielis. 

Upon a North Window. 





Agnes Beny. Upon a Small brasse plate this Mc jaeet JgtpeS |>!eitt). 

Upon a flat marble in the Chancell. 

Here lyeth the body of 
Jn° Hart Gen: John Hart Gent who depart d this Life March y e 2 d 17 11 aged 67 years. 

Upon a North Chancell window I could read thus much W '. ^. ^WtorijS 
No. which I take to be T. Beny Rector because that name is menconed in 

some Writings in the Church Chest temp: Ed: 4. T. Barton. 

James Barker Esq r buried. 

Upon a South Window. 
Arg: a lion ramp' murrey y e tail thus 
Arg: a plain crosse murrey betw: 4 J 
In the North isle the Trinity. ^"" 

Under the Kings Arms. 

©oil J>ave the gpuj & send him loup ta tape 
gjtt helthe and yeaee the (Sosipett to maintaine. 

fa of the same. 

Crucifix in belfry. Arms there 




\ Qu. 

i a J 

a little bell still hanging 
upon y e rood Loft. 

in gwritas $talt, §toft: 

Upon flat marbles in the Chancell. 
Jn° Webb Esq r . Here resteth the bodyes 

of John Webb Esq r & of Mary his wife daughter 

to S r Thomas Richardson Lord Chief Justice 


England. She died March 10 th 1656 aged 56 and 

he October 25, 1658, aged 70 years. 

Upon an oval Stone adjoyning to this : Stat ut vixit Erecta. 

S r W m Hewit Kn'. 

Mary Futter. 
Jane Futter. 

Rob: Futter. 

Here under lyeth the body 
of S r William Hewytt Knight 
who marryed Ursula Webb 
Daughter to John Webb Esq r 
He dyed Aprill y e 4 th 1667, 
aged 52 years. 

North Chancell window S' George. Crosse in the Churchyard. 

a Good building. 

Upon a plain Stone in the Church. 

Marie the wife of Robert Futter Gent buryed May 22, 1588. 
Robert Futter Gent Buryed XXI No: 1603. 

Upon flat marbles in the Chancell. 

Here lyeth interred the body of Jane 

y e wife of Robert Futter of Tompson 

Colledge Gent who died the 25 th day 

of March 1643 ' n tne • • y ear °f ner age 

and Henry Futter their son who 

died the 18 day of March 1643 in the 

18 th yeare of his age. 

Ex dono Edin: Bedingfield, Esq r . 

Here lyeth interred the body of Robert Futter of Tompson Colledge 

Gent who died the 12 

day of May 1652 in the . . 

yeare of his age. 

Richard Cater. 

Upon a North Window, Or 3 Chevrons Gu: each Charged with 3 
flowerdeluces arg : & upon the East window Sa : a Swan arg : betw : 
2 Flaunches or. 

3 Stalls in the Chancell &c. 
decay'd School. 

On the North Side of the Chancell is a 

Johes Fermer 
Cticus 1416. 

J: Berege, D.D. 

Upon a brasse plate in the Chancell. 

pc jacet goiuwjs tttxmx quoiuTm ^txtax fattus (felt* qui ohijt in Ate 
^ti (BAmuAt ^fgiis & P'rijs guttto gnt piflimu mm Ammo mta 
Httaa A'ntenV § tujuis aw ji'inm tux Am& a»«c. 

Upon flat Stones in the Chancell. 

Per varios casus 

Hie jacet (et inturbatum jaceat) Corpus Johanis Beregij D.D. 

Qui fuit Alius Johanis Beregij 

S.T.D. et hujus Ecclesiae Rector 

Obijt 9 die mensis Novem bris Anno 

Doin 1690 

Sacrificium Deo. 

Car: Brown. Carolus Brown Excessit e Vita anno ^Etatis 60, et Corpus hie positum 

est die 18 mensis Novembris Anno Dom: 1695. Vivit post Funera 

M rs Mary Booth. Here lyeth the body of Mary Booth the eldest daughter of John and 
Mary Booth Citizens of London who departed this life October y e 20, 
1689. yEtatis sua? 16. 

Qvffliatfmm, §torff: 

Fra: Tilney. 

I5 2 7- 

Upon fiat Stones in the Chancell. 

Here lieth y e body of 

Elizabeth y e wife of 

Francis Tilney, Clerk 

Daughter of Thomas Read 

of North Cove Esq r who died 

April y e 23, 1691. 

Francis Tilney, Sonne of 

Fran: Tilney, Cler: & Eliz: his 

wife buried June the 10 

Ano Dm' 1682. 

Sub hoc Marmore 

inhumatur Corpus 

viri Venerabilis 

Francisci Tilney A: M: hujus Ecclesia? 

Septem plus et quadraginta Annis 

Pastoris indefessi 


13 Septembris 

. f Salutis 1 715 

Anno I Gratis 81. 

North Wind: Sa: a lion ramp 1 Arg: Crown'd or, fork'd tail, 
Upon an upper North wind: d° I think. 

South Wind : gu : 3 Crowns or. 

This Church is neatly built and has this date in Stone upon the 
North Side. And over the porch are these two Coats in Stone 


I, a 

Chev: betw: jL 2, quarterly a Crosse <^p and lion Rampant. 

i» $<»yfom m : §ortt 

Upon a North Window, Arg' a Bend Sab: 
Sab : Arg' a Lion Ramp' Sab : 


Arg' a Bend Ingr 

IJtt ^ilvtntme (fflmmXX, §wfi: nm m,Uetiox&. 

Requiescunt Sub hoc 
Marmore Reliquiae Thomae 
Wright Armigeri qui plenior 

Virtutum quam dierum 

Mundum Vidit et reliquit 

i2 mo Aprilis 1667. 

Memoriae Sacrum. 
Here lyeth the body of Katherine Daughter of Charles Wright Esq r . 
Here also lyeth the body of Frances Daughter of Charles Wright Esq r 
both by Anne his wife the Eldest daughter of George Vilett of Pinkny 
in y e County of Norfolk Esq r . Katherine dep td this life June y e 8 aged 
3 years 8 months. Frances departed this Life December y e 7 
aged 6 months Anno Dom: 1696. 

Thomas Wright Junior 10 annos Natus obijt Septimo die Junij 1674 
Senilis infans et puelle. Cato. 

Here lyeth the body of Katherine Cropley Youngest Daughter of 
S r Charles Harbord Kn'. Surveyor Generall to King Charles y e first 
& Second Reliquid of Tho: Wright Esq r late wife of William Cropley 
Gent one of the best of Women wifes & mothers dyed July y e 6, 1684 
aged 40 yeares 1 1 months. 

Here lyeth interr'd Ann the Eldest Daughter of George Vilett of 
Pinckney in the County of Norffolk Esq r who was Married to Charles 
Wright of Kilverstone in the said County Esq r the Twenty ninth day 
of May Ano Dom 1691. 

Which Happy pair, were so equally blest in each other, that their Sublime 
and Shining Pattern, of true and undissembled affection, is scarcely 
to be paralell'd, but never out done. She had by her beloved husband, 
four Sons, and Eight daughters, and then departed this Life, the 
Twenty ninth day of September, and was buried the first of October, 
Anno Dom. 1709, Aged 41 years. 

A mother, who with every Grace was blest, 
With all the Ornaments of Vertue drest, 
With whatso'ere Religion recommends, 
The best of Wifes, of Mothers, and of Friends, 
And tho' by death, her body's turned to dust, 
'Tis fitt we still commemorate the just, 
'Twas here She did adore the highest Lord, 
Who to her Soul great Comfort did afford, 
'Twas here She did, with great Joy and Content 
Receive God's Holy Word and Sacrament, 
Since then she loved, this sacred place so well, 
'Tis very meet that here her name should dwell. 

$it gtatytafl CMroMft, imtff: 

S. Brett. 

Here lieth y e body of 

Thomas Caton Gent: 

who departed this Life Novb r 

the 28 th 1 712 

aged 37. 

Here resteth the body of 
Sarah Brett late the wife 
of John Brett whoe depar- 
ted this Life the 25 day 
of September 1660. 

Ora pro Nobis Sancta Maria 
The 3 Bells thus dedicated -[ Fac Margareta nobis hec munera leta 

Celesti Manna tua proles nos Cibet Anna. 

Upon old Stones these Arms. 

2 of these upon one Stone & 
a lion ramp'. 


Upon the East window of the North isle these. 
y Z * 4 r 


upon the North & South Chancell windows. 

. . . mx'uo'x $M~x aaiam . . Paget' Utoliuj-i ^jnjltoti 
. . . oitfid' *« Una . . . aia wri . . . Mi ,f pjjlma .... 


in m ifotate mx\m\\ in MirnW, §o*ff : 

J. Doe. 

In the Chancell an old stone Circumscribed having only this 
remaining . . $<!)$§t;p$(#J>' £!©©(# ... his Name is also upon the 
out side of y e Church. 

Alex: Stafford. 

These Stone Characters 
are upon the South out 
side of the Church. 

Upon an Altar Tomb in the Church yard. 

Here lyeth the body of Alexander Stafford who departed this Life 

the 28 of January in the yeare of oure Lord God 1642. 

Who of his Labor much goods did Increase 

And thereby did Much good in this place. 

Panumtttte in \\u tffcurd* at JtlMt $t tyimj 
in (ffiotn: forft : 

Upon Brasse plates in the Church. 

Mundeford. <f)rat« f aiafo 9 §We Puiutefrrvd gmmijji & (&$&c\m matte tf a} 
quidi <P«m aMjt v%° Au mm$i$ Pamj ^° §»i P ^®® t.viij° 
quox aiab 9 y'yimtm Am$. mm. 

(toxntt pro aiaH> 9 ©start ^XmAtiavA ftlij Mc ^XmMat& tt (frftsatah 
fflwutftis sua* qui quite ©state ouiji ptow die mats: fatmatij 
a dai 8MMMMS tair. 

©rate j)' aia patgawte puiultfovd quondam ©oasortis fftaiuisa 
Pundtfovd grnnigi quj oMjt mi° «l« Paste Paraj gumo gitf 
P^dGM xx° ffluf ai* wpimt* <tnts. 

Her Effigies & Arms but defac'd. 

©rate y' gTiab 9 ffnwiwisa W . . . At Pytdauan ^ ^ 

gWmigevi & (Stan* uxoris q s qdm fftauttcJieir' ' ^ ® 1 1@© 
©Mjt iiii rt« laiwtarij a §ui p^W© to* . . . 


Upon a mural monum' at the East End of the Church having upon it 
the Effigies of a man & two wifes arms. 

Soyes Loyall et Foyall. 

Hie Jacet Osbertus Moundeford Armiger qui 

primo duxit Margaretam filiam Johannis Filij et 

Hagredis Domini Rogeri Townesende Militis postea 

Brigettam unam filiarum Domini Johannis Spilman 

de Narburgh Militis. Et exprima Uxore Exitu habuit 

unicam filiam ex Secunda Filios Novem et Filias quin 

que. Qui Osbertus obijt 28 die Mensis Julij Anno 

Domini 1580 Etatis Sua? LXIII°. 

Upon another Such Monum' at y e East End & South side. 

Soyes Loyall et Foyall. 

Hie Jacet Franciscus Moundeford Armiger Filius primo- 

genitus Osberti Moundeford Armigeri ex Brigitta Uxore sua 

Qui Franciscus obijt sine Exita primo die Januarij An 

Domini 1590. his Effigies. 

Hie Jacet Corpus Johannis Wace Generosi qui obijt tertio die February 
Ano Dili 1672. 

Hie Jacet Corpus Catherine Uxoris Johannis Wace que obijt 17 die 
Aprilis An° Domini 1679. 

Arms, 3 Fesses or Barrs. 


J. Buckton. 

Upon a Brasse plate South side of the Church near the pulpit. 

<&mtt p' aia fjrltte 'gwrtitmx q ; aMjt v° Ait ffrfc: gt° §n% P° 

Upon a Mural Monum' ag' the South Chancell wall. 

. T , far: a Chev: Sa: between 3 bugle horns of y e same 
rms mpa . | stringed or. 

Ar: in a bordure Ingrail'd gu: 2 Chev: az: 


M rs Colbourne. 

Here lieth y e body of Mary 

y e wife of Edw ard Colborne 

sometime of Bramford in y e 

County of Suffolk Gent : eldest 

Daughter of Rob' Tyrrell 
of Wilton in y e County of Nor- 
folk Esq r and with her three son 5 
which she bore to y e sayd Ed- 
ward viz 1 Edward, Robert 
& Richard she departed this 
Life y e 30 th of November 1683 
in y e year of her age 44. 
Hoc in memoriam Charissimse Conjugis 
posuit prsedictus Edvardus Colborne. 

Upon an old partition at the East end of the Chancell having several 
Saints painted upon it, are these Arms and Sentences, viz 1 : 

1. gu: 6 Escallops arg: 3, 2 & 1. 

3. qterly a lion ramp 1 & Checque 

4. Arg' a Crosse gu : 

ro jurinripio nat vtxlwm 

tut ^0ttus M. 

(!ta p' ttflto "btmit Hawta. 

N.B. The Fair or Wake is here 
kept upon S' James day which 
shows this church to be dedicated 
to that S' it has a neat stone 
spire upon the steple no isles, 
Church & Chancell both 
thatch'd. T.M. 17 19. 

Upon a Brasse plate in the Chancell under the Effigies of a woman. 

Amf : Tendall <$ui£pfe t&8, qui ttattjSiWiS, »U, ytx\ttt,t plota 

iS3 2 - JFttw q d txt$ fnmtC qd tt$ f m ymet ©*». 

©Mte f&mX&Mt Wall Ammo attme &xt 
mv>$x$ Kanuawj awiw M pUHmo ©©(Mifextt . 

Under the Effigies of . . Sons and 9 Daughters. 

Upon a small Mural Monum'. 

Neare this place lye interred y e bodyes of Witt Smyth Rector of 

this Parish of Hockwold who departed this Life y e 28 of Decern ri 

1665 aged 64 years. 

And of Martha his wife who Likewise dyed in the month of March 

1668 in y e fifty Second yeare of her age. 

When Christ who is our Life Shall appear, then Shall we also appear with 

him Glory. q 

Upon the Gravestone w yr 



Upon two flat Stones. 
Here lyeth y e body of Collonell Arthur Heveningham Second Brother 
of William Heveningham of Heveningham in the County of Suffolke 
Esq r who departed this Lyfe the 20 th day of February 1657. 

Here lyeth the body of William Lyng Sometime Senior Fellow of Gonvile 
and Caius College in Cambridge Rector of this parish and Vicar of 
Wilton who dyed Jan: 13, Anno Domini 1679 ^Etatis 54. 

Upon a North Chancell Window ©mte f aiaft 9 goM$ !§UMl .... 
at y e East end of y e Chancell these two Hatchments. 

Upon 2 North windows these 2. 

io* . . . &° m &mm°xv . . . 

f In a house near the Church 
Note -l there are several of these 

Upon the Roof in the South isle 1601 

N.B. Lady Hungerford buryed .... and . . . Wych Esq r buryed 
Jan: 16, 1719. 

J. Longe & 

Eliz: Baldwin. 

Upon a brasse plated stone at the west end of the Church from which 

are torn the Effigies of a man & woman, and one son remaining. 

Obiit 25 Februarij Obijt 30 Marcij 

Anno Domini 1622 Anno Domini 1615 

Anno iEtatis Suk 69. Anno ^Etatis Suk 66. 

Sub hoc Tegmine marmoreo Jacent sepulti 

Johanes Longe et Margareta uxor ejus 

Unicum relinquentes filium Superstitem 

Robertum qui hoc ultimum Obedientiae in- 

signe memorise Sacrum dedit. 

Here resteth y e body of Eliz : 

y e wife of Stephen Baldwin who 

departed this life August y e 20 

1709 aged 46 years. 

Flat stone, middle isle. 

In Gold Capital Irs upon the Pulpit & Font the following Sentences. 

Necessity is laid 

upon me yea woe 

is unto me if I 

preach not the Gospel. 

1 Cor: 9, 16. 



Upon a Mural Monum' in the North isle. 
T. Heyhoe. Justorum Resurrectionem manent 

Reliquas Thomas Filij Edvardi Heyhoe 

de Hardingham Generosi 

cujus pietatem Simplicem 

Ingenuam probitatem 

esterase^ Virtutes 

Deus Caslis remuneravit 

et in terris Charitatem in perpetuum 

largiendam turn Rostrum cum pauperes 

D. Thomas festo quotannis Celebrabunt. 

obijt Sep, 2 8 anno {^^09. 

Hie Jacet Corpus 

Thomas Heyhoe 
cujus monumentum ad 
parietem affixum habes. 

Upon his grave stone in the North isle. 

Upon the East window in the North isle, ©fife W8in&0M JJS J), ttta 

. . . tojjtutttt 

Arg' a lion ramp' sable. 

There are very large Saints painted upon this window. 

Upon a brasse plate in the Chancell. 
T. Moore. Hie jacet humatus Thomas Moore qui obijt 

undecimo die Novembris An: Dni Millesimo 

Sexcentesimo decimo octavo -lEtatiscb sue 

septuagesimo octavo. 

L d Morley. Against the North Chancell wall is a Stately old monument erected 
to the memory of L d Morley who dyed [blank in orig.] it reaches from 
the floor to the Ceiling and is Imbelished with a great deal of Imagery. 
The brasses are all torn off & only these arms remaining Viz' 

' a lion ram' Crown'd 1 ., r,, , 

. a bend of Lozenges ) over the Tomb - 

i. Imp:{; 

ontheforeside,, I^G'S^iKSr"}* **&§££?* 

4. a bend of Lozinges. r a lion ramp' Crown'd and quarterly 

5. a lion ramp' Crown'd. 5. Impost & 4 th a fess betw . 3 Q 

7- ^Ka^aSot U d & third on a bend 3 d^ 


M re Negus. 

2 of these arms 

Upon a mural monum' near the former. 


to y e memory of Eliza Negus Daughter of 

M r Sam 11 Gary T.B. & Prebend of Norwich 

first wife to Wyatt Wright gent: after married 

again to M r Hen : Negus, Merchant. She was 

a Woman of Religeous & Pious Conversation 

& of more yn cornon Prudence in y e Conduct 

& Managm' of Domestick affairs who departed 

y s Life Feb: y e 20, 1702 in y* 92 year of 

her age. 

Also to y e memory of M re Anne Wright youngest 

Daughter of y e s d Eliza she lived to y e 65 year 

of her age a most Exact pattern of true X'n 

Piety Charity Tempance & Sobriety & died 

w th an unblemished reputacon June y e 15 


Eliza Watson 

Gratitudinis & Honoris Gratia Hoc Monumentum Mate- 

rterae tam beneficae p sus ipdignu suo pprio Sumtu 


M r Shelley. 

M r Amyas. 

Flat marble. 

Hie Jacent Supradictae 
Eliza Negus & 
Anna Wright. 

Upon a Free Stone under it. 

Here lyeth attending 
it's Glorious resur- 
rection the body 
of Caleb Shelley 
Gent: who died 
July y e 6 th 

Upon a right up stone. 

Hie Sitae sunt Exuviae 

Francisci Amyas 

viri Cognitoris officio 

Jure periti et aeque probi 

Hujusce Pagi fuit diu Paraecus 

a Generosa Familia 

quondam de Deopham Oriundus 

Nee non Ecclesiae Anglicanae 

filius pientissimus 
Matrimonio duxit et reliquit 

Mariam Copping 

conjuge molim Charissimam 

Jam viduam aegre Solandam 

Sexcj^ demum Superstitibus 

(E quindecim relictis Liberis) 

Migravit in aeternum 

Septimo die Augusti 

Anno JErzi X nae MDCCX. 

^Etatis Suae 72. 

Arms a boars 
head betw : 3 


and Crest a Stag's 
head Erased. 

Upon a Small Stone A- A: 

fglanntntttte in fwydou fcrrtt, °§«xit: 

In the Chancell upon a Brasse plate. 
Castell. Here lyeth Dorothy Daughter of John and Fraunces 

Castell of Raveningham late wife of George Mord' 
Mordaunte. second sonne of Henry Mord 1 of Messingham pva they 

had issue Le Strange, Robert, John, Henrye, Marye, 
A Chevron George and Thomas of whom she died in Childbirth 

between 3 ; n December Ano Dm 16 18 Pietatis conjugalis ergo P. 


Arms : Mordaunt & Castell Impal : with both y r Crests, 
viz' a Tawny Moors & a Griffins head. 

Upon a Flat marble. 

Arms : Davy Impal : with Calthorpe or Beckham. 
Crest : an Elephants head. 

Sacred to y e Memory 

of y e Reverend John Davy Clarke of 

of this parish who departed this life in 

y e 39 yeare of his age Anno Dom 1647. 

Here also lyeth y e body of his son 

Davy. John Davy of Heigham Gent : 

who died y e 30 th of Jan: 17 10 
aged 63 years. 

Upon the North Chancell Window A. a Lion ramp' S. 

Upon Brasse plates in the Church. 
Dynne g|fc j aw t gj ompMSI SEtUOUW §%mt fit 9 foftfe §ptt* . . . 

x 49 2 - PoitMii^d 'gmtftitti At fruktajjui oWjt xxxx° Ait ftttij 

§k° gtti P°W(ff<!tamj mf ait p'piwt' §«tjs <§,mtn. 

i49 8 - (tovxtt f »ia ilobti §pw* JS«w!Si &t jr' aiatr 9 

\wxttn& jxmkot ip'te Itoliti f <rMjt xvi° Ait 
Paij gt° l«i ®X°mm°ixxxxviii q°x aiatt' lJ'iriroitt* to 9 

1469- ©mte f alafo' IJolrti gjptte & §M*tf* 

to*' j&u: qui jq'to |tol>te «Mjt t»iij° 
to gnrntfte: ^o Sni |K°«««MItefe°. 

His arms with his Quarterings. 

1492. pe jaeet (BlxsmMfn mtf nx'jgtioitf fpae filia "gmtei gooa nun' de 

$' thef-fange* gwrnig* & wepta uup' §tetttiei DJwtt 
de eadm Pilit* «£ quidem 
(Elisabeth mm *° die $e»teb* : §i° §ai p°<tf<M©°ta,vij° ntf aie 
p'nieief dews ame». 

1430. $tate f aia Ipieie §p ***** f ohte |!p gmwigevi 

que M$ %° §ni p°©®aiei m wtf aie w'wieief A?. 
Note folia gjptt* is u P on y e Rood loft door - 

158 . pe faeet pbtMS §pae gtfmigee lyti Ann$ 

tlamat mm» wis' jmmam flMfeabeihaat 

fittam Ptdi' Wtffttn* pottiam (Hiivfe & Pajof 

(BiiititatijS JJtariei et jseeundam 

^eaMeem fittam fohte WmAffl pittite qui quidem 

gJobtMS ohijt Itestmo die Partif gwao §ni 

Pittestfimo i\umpntt$$imo oeioge&s .... 

Dynns Arms with his Quarterings & Crest f 

nee temere, nee timide. 

1511. (tete \f aia pavga*ete Qxsnu «. e 

obiji xxiiij die ^pite ^° §jti p°tt c 
xi euj 9 aie jj'pieief Ae s gutteit. 

This in the middle isle. 

Dynnes Arms upon a very large Stone in y e middle isle but 
Inscripcon lost. 

Dynne. g^ tttnm, wee timide. 

pre trade* lkt)x buried the bodye of pntM gipme of 
iiejjdott, ©ismwiee late one of jj e gutditow to om ^overaigtte 

Jadie (Elisabeth <$neeae of (England of wee highine?* 
^ottofaMe (ffowtte of (Exelmtttie* hattiag i»$M bjj lone hte 
wife TOttaiw, ©aomasi, ^otteet, piwie, Jgutifcimjj, (Elisabeth, 

gmAmt, Spire, Winifride, pavgaret and §eaifire, who 

deeeaswd at hte house in itPdo the xxv dajj of nowmbei' 

in the «e«e of one lofde <3oA p°(3;®©<3ta and vi 

being at the time of hte death of th'age of liij %m$. 

Mdum I saw his Will in the Custody of Peter Le Neve Esq r 
Arm Norroy. 

Hokeii (fete f aia ini pei prfcell fflapetti f obijt xviij die met: 

1472- g^ml S° §»*i P^Wlmj (J&nf aie p'picief de 9 gunea. 



<3xnU p' ata p«t Irtwun 
ffiapelli ntf ale p'pjmt' d* 9 . 



©rate j»' am gatwine ^efe «tf a« ir'jrimf dr 1 . 
Sic ja«i lahesi gel* «tf ale p'pint' de 9 am«». 

Upon Flat marbles. 

■ t r. 1 / a " on R am P* > n a bordure, in Chief an Anulet. 
Arms rmpai . ^ & chey , between 3 Mullets _ Col j er & Kem p_ 

Here lyeth the body of Edward Colfer 

Esq r Councellor at Law late of 

Lincolnes Inne who yielded up his 

Soul to God, his life to Nature, his 

body to the Earth his Memory to the 

World. Isabell Colfer his sad and 

sorrowefull wife most unwilling 

to part with him but most willing 

to honour him hath dedicated this 

Monument to his memory as a Loyall 

Testimony of her Love & affection 

to him. He dyed at Alsham in Norfolk 

in the Yeare of our Lord 1657 

& of his age the 65. 

He Learn'd to Live while he had breath 

And so he lives even after death. 


Here lyeth the body of Mary one 
of the Daughters of Robert Kempe 
Esq r sometime the wife of Nicholas 
Osborne Gent and late wife 
of John Kitchingman Gent who departed 
this life the first day of June 1664. 

Arms : Osborne & Kemp Impaled. 


Upon an Altar Tomb at the East end of the South isle. 

Here lyeth the body of Robert 

Kempe Esq r who descended of that 

auntient Familie of Spaynes Hall in 

Essex and departed this Life 

in July 16 1 5. 

Next unto him lyeth the body of his 

Lovinge wife M re Frances Kempe 

who died in December 1633. 

N.B. a brass plate is torn out of the wall near this Tomb. 

Drewry. Here lies Tabitha the 

wife of John Drewry 
died April the 10, 1664. Small stone. 

At y e west end of the Church ag l the North Steple pillar. 

Here lyeth y^ body of Nicholas 

Steward Batchelour who depart : 

this Life on y e 2 d day of Octob: 


aged 75 years. 

He was Bailiff to Erasmus 

Earle of Heydon Esq r for the 

space of 29 years during w ch 

time he approv'd himself a 

faithfull & honest servant in 

y e discharge of so great a Trust 

& as a Gratefull Testimony of 

his Love for the Family wherein 

he had so long serv'd he 

bequeath'd all he had (except a few 

Legasies) to y e said Erasmus Earle Esq r 

who in consideracon of his faithfull 

Services caus'd this Monument to be 

erected to his memory A.D. 1711. 

Upon a North window . . . flp ijSiattt ftMStxm ftCWmt . . . 

Upon a flat stone in the North isle. 
Anns Impaled j » A ^ n ^° ZengeS } Motto : Mors omnibus Comunis est. 

Taverner. Hie jacet Amia Taverner uxor Thomse 

Taverner Gencrosi una Filiarum et 
Richers. Coheredu Edmundi Richers de Swan- 

nington Armigeri procreata de Cor- 

pore Elizabeths Bedingfield prima? 

uxoris sua? Quae quidem Amia obijt 

Vicesimo Secundo die Februarij 

Anno Dfii 1630. 


Upon an altar Tomb at the East End of the North isle Clos'd in 
with iron rails, the stone being [plank in orig.~\ long & \blank in orig^\ 
broad, the largest I ever met w th . 

Arms : Earle and Fountain Impaled. Earles Crest. 

N.B. The stone lyes North & South. 

Earlei Here under lieth the body 

of Erasmus Earle Esq r 

Serjeant at Law 

who by his Knowledge in 

that Profession was 

eminently serviceable 

to his Country and beneficiall 

to his posterity. 

Fountain. He married Frances the Daughter of 

John Fountain Esq r who with Ralf his Grandchild 

lieth here interred in hopes of a Joyfull resurrection 

he died the VII day of September MDCLXVII 

in the LXXVIII year of his age 

this Monument was erected to his memory by his Grandchild 

Erasmus Earle esq r MDCXC. 

N.B. This stone is of black marble and the letters inlaid in white. 

Upon a mural monument over the head of the afores d large stone : this : 

Arms : Earle & Fountain. 

Earle. Erasmi Earle Armig: 

Juris Municipalis peritissimi 

Qui Forensis purpurea 

Honoris Insignia merito adeptus 

Cum in illo Munere bonis 

avibus operam diu Navasset 

tandem fulgenti Fama? opumc^ 

Satellitio Stipatus 

dierumck Satur 

(quod una mors 

potuit) juxta patris perdilectse 

uxoris Nepotism Exuvias Deposuit suas 

In Spem resurrectionis 

Excessit e vita 7° die mensis Sept: Anno Dni 1667 

yEtatis suae 78 th 

HM: O.D: SM: H.R. : Nominis et magna? 

Indolis nee non Secundae Fortunaa Nep : alter P : 

Anno Dni 1690. 

Over this a Hatchm', Castell & Anguish Impaled. And by the Pulpit 
another Hatchm 1 Osborne & Kempe Impaled. 


Upon a North Window are painted several young men, viz' Swearers, 
Drunkards, Dice players, &c. with a representacon of Hell, & Sinners 
there in flames, &c. (which I suppose were set up to view, as a warning 
piece for those who lived profligate lives) with the following imperfect 

gtte my ©Jtyld W have %e yus d'yth u &»m$tf& 0iwewffl$: alle hys Imp be wut 
ajsundt'yth ate my motte how mat) i twettdene ye wy$i flat oit ye Ctw Itjmpcth yei 
Wist uowt qua ycved itt ded uut g e may mte bete* hyue yth yetfow se fow ae 
ywettf flaw yei tow . 

g* flat W othyis jjwvyd ye ..... 

These 1 2 Sentences proceed from the mouths of the afores d youths upon scrolls. 

be goddyis bert i have all tyuttde 
he jjoddyjs ytttftoJe my»t hod 
... it ween, he $o&&p Mod 
. . . of god mfl iis betf he apoit 
he ye bodfl of god i wyl no to toume 
be jyoddys Jfowle and i to (Shoutte 

. . . tatd be ye ^twp dew 
be ye sydysi of (Bob fle dyes ant bete 
be 0oddyjs feet methowt it tyth $male 
he ye nie of jod yis was good ale 
. . . dav Jfweap on a hoocfee 
... god fats fo* mede im... 

S' Philip, S< Barthol: S< Math: S' Simon, S ( Jude, . . osias upon N. 
window: the History of S l Marg 1 upon a South isle window. Several 
old Stones, Sans brasses, &c. 

A fair built Church, North & South isles & Chancell all leaded, a 
handsom Square Steple, a decay'd Vestry at the North East Corner, holy 
water stone remaining. ^ 

Taken Saturday 12 Septem r 17 19 p jT^M&ttiiw 



A A 


Upon a brasse plated Stone in the Chancell. 

gjiew Ifleth butted SEhomasi iseamptott (ifepiet: who deceased the ix daye 
of gtovembet in the yew of out % otde (Sod 9UMMMHH»i 

Ijet ^ramptoneiS ^owle by Wettuejsi glow 
§ hope in hevett doth dwett. 

|to btave gtttyet ot wottdely § ompe 
gut deathe tit tyme Wttte quelle 

N.B. The arms in the Margin should be Impal'd with 6 Chessrooks, 
3, 2, 1, though by mistake I have made them otherwise. 

Opon another brasse plated stone are Impah i-p . £■ f . , , 

In the Church are the Ten Cofnandments with an Exposicon neatly 
wrote upon parchment and fram'd, with this under them. 

God Save our Noble Queen Elizabeth. 
S l George and the Dragon painted upon a North window. 

{Sancte Johes ora pro Nobis. 
Sancta Caterina ora pro Nobis. 
O Martir Barbara pro me Deum Exora. 


A good Fabrick large Steple 5 Bells North & South Isles Leaded 

North & South Chappells with Organ Lofts almost Intire. 

In the South Chappell upon the Organ or Rood Loft. r^/~\ 

Upon the North one this XO^. 

Upon the East window in the South Chappell 
the 4 Coats following. 

Az. a 
Crosse or. 

Ermine a 
Chief gul. 

Round the Steple Carv'd in Stone upon the Buttresses these. 
1234 57 

a~(%JPe- 1 M 

iHI a Saltire. a Crosse. 
13- a Crosse. 

8 9 

Emblem of 
the Trinity. 



in §wtt: 

Upon 3 brasse plates these. 

to ja«t Wiilujs &t WjjcItsnaEttt gtfmty: qui 
joMji *»j° to uwiiS maij gmjt* §ni §ftitlttw 
(SKS^® xiiij° atjMS aitime p'pfatetu* d*tt;S am*. 

Wc ja«t ©jrrpuis f ftitlippj gut- 
dntos uxjok iohattttis JgmdroMJ 
qu* oMjt quitttu dwimtf to 
Paij* 1605 (Sitatte jsu* 43. 


Heare lyeth y* body of Georg 

Meares Esquier whoe deceas 

ed y* 10 th daie of May Anno 


Arms as on the next. 


Upon a Mural Monum' against the North wall of the middle Isle. 

M-* S M 
Birde. Let your Conversation be 

as becommeth the Gospell 
of Christ. 
Phil: i, 27. 
Stay (Gentle Reader) Stay: Lend us thine Ey 
That were as you though now full low wee ly 
We livde & Loved Long, were blest w th Store 
From none we tooke but gave to y os were poore 
Gods word wee dayly redd observde this day 
Gods Spirit movde and so wee did obey. 
True Yokefellowes wee were on Earth & bee 
True Saints in Heaven kept for eternitie 
So now passe on thus Live thus dye then take 
Thy Share in Joyes for thy Redeemers Sake. 

Meares. This Monument was carefully Erected by 

Susan Birde wife of John Birde Gent : of 
Witchyngham in obedience to & in memory 
of her deceased parents viz e George Meares 

borne at Salloby in Lincolnesh r and 

Alice Meares Daughter of Robert Lenison of 

Burnham mercate Esq r who having with much 

affection continued together 51 yeares 

and become the parents of two Daughters 

this Susan and Frances 

They left this Life 

{George 10 May 1626. 
Alice 26 Feb: 1631. 

r Gu : a Fesse Ermine betw : 3 <Jfc of the same 
Arms Impaled -! in a bordure of the 2 d . 

*■ Az : a bend wavy or between 2 Swans proper. 

East. N.B. This word tjSt is upon 2 Seats in the North isle, being ye name 

of a Family formerly Inhabiting in this Town. 

Memdum there are several other Monum' 5 in this Church belonging to 
the ffamily of the Le Neves w^ are printed in the Monument Anglicana 
wherefore I omitted to take them. Capt. 13 Sept 17 19. 

I» tftt (BtatMft prfl of fMtfopte Mtftov. 

Upon an Altar Tomb. 
Garnham. Here lyeth y e body of Benjamin Garnham who dyed y e 27 of March 
1712 aged 65 years. 

All you that doth this place pass by 
Remember death for you must die 
For as you are so once was I 
And as I am so must you be. 


^onnnuttte in ^ougttattt (tttmvtit, $uffrrtk. 



Upon an Altar Tomb rail'd in, against the North side of the Chancell 

in the Ch: Yard. 

Hie jacet Corpus Rogeri Kerington Armigeri qui obijt 

quarto die Maij Anno Dom: 1703 .<Etatis Septuaginta Annorum. 

Upon a Mural Monum' ag ( the South outside of the Chancell. 

Hie Situs est que legis Viator 

Henricus White 

Ex Rector hujus Ecclesiae 

Vir quam Eximie pietatis 

Theologus vere Mellissimus 

et -\pvaoaopii>TaTOQ 

Qui auspicato Sxo nomine 

ne moriens quidem excidit 

Utpote Stolatus exinde Sanctoru Albis et Candidatus Glorias 

Cui Excubat hie loci 

Etiam num Fidelis Servus 

Prasstolans reditum Domini 

Pro foribus 

obijt A° Domini 1661. 

Ed: Bacon, 
Esq, & Eliz: 

Lionell Bacon. 

Tho: Aldrich, 

T. Aldrich, 

Upon 2 Mural monuments in the Chancell, these. 
Here lye Interred the bodyes of Edmund Bacon Esq,, & Elizabeth his 
wife Daughter of Richard Cornwaleys Esq r which Edward & Elizabeth 
lived Happily together in Wedlocke by the space of lij years and had 
Issue viii Sonnes & viii Daughters Elizabeth dyed uppon the xxv th of 
December 1624 & Edmund upon the ix th of February next following. 

Hie reconditur Lionelli Bacon de Hesset in Agro Suffolciensi Humanum 
Depositum, ex antiquissima Baconum Familia oriundi : Qui in his 
Sedibus a Patre ad Filium a tempore Henrici 2 di usq^ ad annum 165 1 
continuata Serie Comorati Sunt. At siste pedem Lector et Scias, Hanc 
esse radicem ex qua feliciter arborescebat Familia ilia Baco Nobilissima. 
Tot Clarissimis Togse muneribus insignita. Quae Artiu Liberaliorum 
Semitas prius Invias Calcavit Sola, Sola Nobilitavit. Hoc Gratitudinis 
ergo posuere Lionello post duas Nuptias illiberi e Sororibus Nepotes 
Anna uxorum ejus altera, non moribus minus quam quod perillustri 
CROFTOR' Familia Celebris una hie jacet, Quae Obijt A° Salut: 
MDCLIII Nihil ultra sit Suspirij. Resurgemus. 

Here lyeth the Body of Thomas Aldrich Esq^ who departed this 
Life the 9 th of June Anno Domini 1709 yEtatis suk sixty five. 

Here lyeth the body of Thomas Aldrich Esq^ who was buried the 19 th 
of March 1691. 


M" Wyrley. Here lyeth the body of Ann Wyrley, widdow of Roger Wyrley Escjj of 

Hamsted Hall in Staffordshire and Sister to Thomas Aldrich Esq^ 

of Hessett who dyed y e 9 th of February i7yf in the 79 th year of her age. 

Prov s Chap 1 y e last ver s y e last. 

Her own works praise her in the Grave. 


This upon a loose brasse formerly fix'd ag 1 the North Chancell wall. 
Upon the Step under the Font this Circumscrib'd. 

(ftate yvo aiatoi . . . Itoo et gwpeite uxt' eiujs aj teiw tttntm fiwi 
^ ftswmt. 

Upon the outside of the Vestry this Inscripcon. 
ircey tax the . . . of gatta '§00 & §H*trp ty# Wyf the jjuwat ftata 
tttad tj e fttoapet exvexy &t$, autuyd' }) e w^stta & aatyltaeittd a e Me. 

Upon an old Altar Tomb in the Church Yard this very difficult to 

be read. 

te&ene$ veetax, axes f pu toyo lettox, 
vexmxbxw Me yonox, »\e ttaaat ornate hanat. 

In this Church Yard lye a great many old Ground Stones under which 
'tis said the Family of the Bacons are interred. The Church is well built 
and most neatly battilmented by the above Specify'd John Hoo, as appears 
from that Inscripcon. Upon the porch are Carv'd S l George and the 
Dragon (I think) and upon the Steple &c. are several large Characters, 
chiefly alluding to the name of the Bacons ; some of which are as follow. 

In the Church was an Organ Loft, and part of the Bellows are still 

Tho: Raynberd. Here under lyeth buryed the body of Thomas Rayneberde who lived 
about 70 years and departed thys life the Seconde daye of Aprill 
Anno Dfii 1589. 

John Pretiman. Here under this stone lyeth John Pretiman the Sonne of Thomas 
Pretiman. He lyved 45 years and had issue one Sonne Richard, he 
dyed the 13 day of May An: Do 1587. 

J. Pretyman. Here lyeth John Pretyman Sonne of Peter Pretyman he had issue one 

Daughter and lived 52 yeares and died the first of Julye Anno 1593. 
This upon a loose brasse plate. 


M re Pretyman. Here lyes interred the body of Susan Pretyman the wife of George 
Pretyman Gent: who was one of the Daughters of Thomas Tyrell of 
Gipping in the county of Suff : Escjj who had issue by the said George 
Pretyman- one Sonne & five Daughters & dyed the one & twentieth day 
of Aprill Anno Dom 1674 Anno ^Etatis sua? 67. 

J. Pretyman. Here lyeth the body of John Prittiman Gent : who departed this Life 

November 29 An: Dom 1678 aged 47. 

M re Ann P. Here lyeth the body of Ann Pretyman late widdow of John Pretyman 

of Bacton Gent: who departed this life the 7 th day of Aprill 1684 
aged 50. 

M re Eliz: P. Here lyes interred the body of Elizabeth Pretyman the wife of George 

Pretyman Gent: who died upon y e 25 th day of October Anno Dom aged 30 th years. 

M r George P. Here lyes interred the body of George Prityman sen r Gent : who dyed 
the Eighteenth day of July Anno Domini 1688 aged Eighty one. 

M r Peter P. Here lyes interred Peter Pretyman Gent : who married Francis second 

Daughter of Samuel Baron of Lynn Regis in Norff : D r of Physick and 
died y e Six th of Oct: 1705 aged 72. 

M re Henry P. Henry Pretyman Gent: was buried here without a Stone anno .... 

Jane Pretyma. Here lyes M rs Jane Daughter of George Pretyman Gent: and Jane his 
wife who died an Infant 15 weeks old June 14, 17 16. 

M r Tho: Smyth. Here underneath lyeth y e body of Thomas Smyth Gent: who departed 
this Life 15 th Aug' 1702 aged 56. 

Upon the East window. 

Field Gul : Crosse & Crown 
vert, spunge, spear, & rods Arg. 

Upon 2 windows in the North isle az. 3 mitres or. & az. 3 Crowns or. 
On the North outside of the Church. 

©irate f aW xabvtti ffiathe it *§,$Mti$ nxotf id 9 
On the south side ©ra .... fcotot et Itop*' mx' ti g tt pwat sox. 


W^ommmU in iayforo (ttfattfa fuxia ^tm% Mi: 

Upon three small ordinary Stones in the Chancell. 
Burton. Here lieth the body 

of Mary y* wife of 

Thomas Burton who 

dyed y" 4 th day of 

March 1675. 

? De Profundis. D.PS. 

Here lieth the body 

of Thomas Burton 

Sen r who died y 6 15 th 

day of January 



Here lyeth 

y e Body of Han 1 "? 

Burton who 

departed this 

Life y e 23 of May 

Ora pro nobis. 

Round Steple, 4 Bells, Tiled Church, Leaded Chancell no Isles. 

^nnmmH in the $tmrdt of $tofe* gusft in Mfi: 

Upon flat stones in the Church these. 
M r W» Gardiner. Here lieth the body of 

William Gardiner of this 

Parish Gen who married 

Elizabeth the second Daughter 

of Abraham Gates of Weston 

Colvile in Cambridgeshire 

Batchelour of Divinity by 

whome he left issue male 

Edmund and Ambrose. Female 

Mary, Martha & Margaret. 

He died Febrfi 23 d in the 57 th yeare of his age Anno 

1658. • 


M r Ed: Gardiner. 

Edmond his son departed this 

Life 24 th of April 1674 who 

left behind him only a Son 

by Brigit his wife Daughter 

of Edm : Hervey Esc^ by 

Jane Le-Hunt his wife Daughte' 

of S r George Le-Hunte Kn l 

aged 39. 

S. Aldrich. 

Here lyeth the body 

of Simon Aldrich 

who departed this 

Life y e 21 of July 1694. 

N.B. He was Chief Constable. 

In the Chancell. 

Filius micat 
Paternis Radijs. 

Under this Stone was buried 

M re Hannah Packe the wife of 

John Packe Esq r Highe Sherriff of 

this County in the ninth year of 

King William the third of 

Glorious and Immortall Memory 

and Deputy-Lieuten" of the s d County 

in the reign of our Rightfull 

and lawfull Sovereign Lord 

King George. She departed this 

Life the 18 th day of June 17 13 

aged 58 years. 

M re Frances Bedingfelde dyed 19 March 1718I and . ^ ji°. th 
& M* Mary Bedingfeldle dyed 28 March 1719J chancel" 


On y e East Side of the Skreen are painted our Saviour and his 12 
Apostles & on the north a representacon of the Grand Tribunal. 

Two of the Bells are thus dedicated/ Ave Maria Gratia P lena - 

On a South window (fl>X% 


Sancta Anna ora pro nobis. 

In the Register there is this Mdum. 
Note. Widdowe Reade was buried the 17 day of January 1634 being 
by report Six Score & six years of age. 

Upon the Skreen were four Saints neatly painted but now very 
much defac'd. 
Upon the East window these Fragments : 

gtomta . . . f hit . . . tm rod. 

. . . jutt ... 

. . . tto ... quondttt . . . 

... m ... anno . . . mm. 


Ptoimmts in (&ti$m% Mi: 

In the Chancell upon a flat stone. 

Sam 1 Fisher. Here lyeth the body 

of Sam 1 Fisher, Gent. 

who dyed y e 26 day 

of March Anno 

Dom: 1 7 13 
aged 40 years. 

Upon a Table hanging at the west end of the church. 

Samuel Fisher Gent, departed this Life y e 26 th day of March 17 13 
& gave Twenty pounds, the use thereof to be given at the discretion of 
the Churchwardens to the working poor of this parish of Eriswell on 
Twelfe day for ever. 

Arms on the windows, viz*. Checkie arg f & gul : on a fesse azure 3 Escallops or. 
Gul : 3 Crowns or. Azure, 3 Crowns or. 

N.B. A decay'd Church dedicated to S l Peter in Eriswell. 

Copping. M re Ann Copping Depar td this Life y 2 25 th of Sept: 17 16. On y* North 

side lyeth M r Richard Copping her beloved Husband who was buried 
in Novemb r 1700. 


Here lyeth y^ body of M re Mary Marshall widdow who departed this 
Life y e 11 th of January 17 15 aged 87. 

The 3 Bells thus dedicated : Hec fit Scoru Campa laude bonoru. 

Hac in Conclave Gabriel nunc Pange suave. 
/ Fac Margareta Nobis hec mundra leta 

Upon the window gul. 3 lions pass 1 or, arg 




S r William 

Drury Kn l 


fgKotmmtttte iw gntttxA als ftrnvsM wax 

Upon an Altar Tomb on the South side of the Church this inlaid in Brasse. 

geee lurth clothed noive in earth £p Witlw §w«jj, Untight 

<#'neh one ajs wnulest he tyueU heee was loved of evevj) wphi. 

<^urh ©empetanee he dyd retape, J>urh pendent (Jturtesj). 

J>uch uoMle mpde with §ustiee iop'd such Inbcrnlutjj 

glws Wame yt selfe shall sound foe me the glory of his name 

Pitch hettee thaw this metall mute em ay pronounce the same 

©he seventh of f frosty Ijanper the yere of Christ $ fund 

gt. ©howsand f jjve hundred f jjftj) seven his vytall ttoud untwin'd 

3Who yet doth lyve and shall do styll in hartrs of them that fenewe hym. 

(Sod jjraunt y e stupes of sueh a stofe in vcrtues to ensue hym. 

The Effigies of this S r W m & 2 wives, and 4 Sons, and 13 Daughters 
with the names and arms under Specifyed are all inlaid in Brasse upon 

the said Tomb, viz 1 , gtobett, Wyllim, §fenry, Hoger, gume, Pary, 
ffilisahetb, ffraunris, ^ryget, Sltfyucfryd, Ursula, gtndry, gorothy, 
Parget, iCateryn, §0*0thy & Elisabeth. 







Upon a goodly Mural Monum' ag' the North Chancell wall having the 
effigies of a grave person to the middle, erect. 

S r Robert Roberti Druri 

Drury Kn'. Quo vix alter ejus Ordinis Majoribus ortus. 

Cum nee Ephsebor Excesserat 
Nee vestem de Paterna morte lucubrem Exuerat 

Equit Aur: Honore (Nee id Domi) 

Sed obsidione Rhotomagensi A 1591 In signiti. 


Et Bellicse Expeditiones 

Et Exterse Peregrinationes 

Et Aulicse Occupationes 

Satis (Ipsa Invidia qua Saspe tactus, nunquam fractus, Teste) Instruxerant 

Tam ad Exercitus ducendos 

Quam ad Legationes Peragendas 

Aut Res Civiles petractandas 

Jam Anno Suo 40 Et Suo Jesu 1615. 

Anima Summa Constantia, Eac^ Christiana Deo tradita, 

Bonorum bona parte Pauperibus 

V, ante Febrem, qua Correptus Annis (id<^ perenniter) erogata 

Corpus olim Spritus S li Templum 

Animas Postliminio Reddendum 

Terrse Postliminio Reddi 

Hoc loco Curavit 

Anna Uxor 

Nee Infaecunda nee Mater tamen 

Dorothae & Elizabethas Filiarum Orba 

Illustri Familia Bacon oriunda 

Cui unice dedit hoc Deus stirpi 

Ut pater & filius, eodem munere, eoq' Summo, Fungerentur 

Nicholao Patre Sigilli Custode 

Francisco Filio Cancellario 


Officio erga defunctum pie, pie functa 

Hoc quod restat Saxi Spatium 

Qua? de ipsa dicenda erunt, inserendis 

(Ita velit Deus, ita velint Illi) 

Posteris Reliquit. 


Ag l the South Chancell a neat Monum' with an Effigies. 

Quo Pergas, Viator, non habes 

Ad Cades omnium venisti, etiam et ad tuas. 

Hie Jaces, si Probus es, Ipse, 

Ipsa et enim hie jacet Probitas, 



Cum, ut in Pulchritudine et Innocentia 

Angelos ^Emulata Strenue fuerat, Id & in hoc praestare nisa est 

Ut sine sexu degeret 

Ideoqj Corpus intactum, Qua factum est Integritate, 

(Paradisum sine serpente) 

Deo reddere voluit. 

Quae nee adeo Aulas Splendoribus Allice facta ut a Semet Exularet 

Nee adeo Sibimet Caenobium facta ut se Societati denegaret. 

Nee ob Corporis Fortunaeve dotes, minus in animo dotata 

Nee ob Linguarum Peritiam, minus taciturna, 

Vitam Mortemve nee pertsesa, nee insectata 

Sine remis, sine Remoris 

Deum Ductorem Secuta 

Hunc portum post XV fere Annos assecuta 

Rob: Druri Eq: Aur: et Anna Uxor, 

Unica filia itac^ et ipso Parentum nomine Spoliati 

Hoc Monumentum extruendo 

Filiae suae (Eheu deperditae) aliquantilla Praesentia 

Luctuosissimae suae Orbitati Blandiuntur. 


If 1610 shi-be Anno ^Etat: xv. mense x° Et Sui Jesu CIDID3X. 

CI3IDCX. Quae'. 

Near this Monum' under an Arch in the same wall lyes the Effigies 
of a Knight Templar cut in Stone with a lyon under his feet. I am 
told 'twas one Fitz Eustace, and very likely : For I find in a Manuscript 
now in the Custody of P. Le Neve Esq^ Arm Norroy, Concerning 
the possessions &c. belonging to Bury Abbey, fo. i58 b - That Formerly, 
Thomas filius Eustachij Capital Duns ville de Hanstede tenet i 
messuag. 240" terr & acr prat & 10 acr bosci uni 9 Molendifi vent 
cum lifctat fald Apr & verr cum Advoc Ecciie ejusd ville de Abbate 
S'ti Edifii &c. 


Upon a large Monum 1 against the South Chancell wall. 
Tho : Cullum Quaeris viator quorsum Monumentum 

Bar'. Hoc erigitur 

Est verum Religionis Exemplar 

Oculis tuis praeponere ; 

Et virtutum (etiam Thuricremo) 

Mentem inflamare Zelo : 

Habes enim sub obscuro hoc marmore 

Sacros et perquam Charos Cineres 

Dfii Thomae Cullum Baronetti 

Qui adeo vixit ut eum vixisse 

Neminem Paenitere possit. 

Fuit enim Deo Devotissimus 

Proximo Charissimus 

Unicuiq^ Gratissimus 

Conjux Charus. 

Parens Pelicano Charior 


verus Christi 

Fidei Potestate 
Spei Firmitate 
Morum Suavitate 
Mentis Humanitate 
Cetera memorent Pauperum Linguae 
Nequeunt Rhetorum Pennae. 
Hie Heros Xtianus Exuvias mortis 

(Prater quas nil habuit Mortale) 

Exuebat et Obdormibat vj° Aprilis 

Ano DSi MDCLXIV Et ^Etatis Suae 


Upon a flat white marble edg'd with black this : 
Tho: Cullum Hie infra situs est 

Escjj. Thomas Cullum 

Frater natu minor Dudlei Cullum Bar tti 
obijt die 22° Decembris. 

Anno(^. mpti0niS e o I700 ° 
(. iEtatis suae 38 

Cui tanta fuit etiam in hac turba Animi Serenitas 

Tantus Amoris & Harmoniae affectus 

Ut subitus & Inopinatus ejus decessus 

Fidem fecerit 

Harmonicos Angelorum Choros 

Animam ijs adeo similem & adoptivam 


(ut nobis accidit) 


Intrepida pone reliquit Angelos 

Sursum Celeriter exurgens Anima 

Et quam primum Cantus Caslicolarum audit 

Voce haud minus Divina 

Ipsa Cantabat. 


Upon a flat marble. 
Geo : Pitches Hie, Animis Qelo redditis Deposuerunt Corporum Exuvias Rev dus 
Clerke. Georgius Pitches, olim hujus Ecclesiae Pastor Fidissimus, et Sara uxor 

ejus Charissima Quorum, turn morum Probitatem, turn vitae, per omnia 
sanctimoniam Superstites (Quod possunt maxime) yEmulentur obierunt. 
Hie A.D. 1672 \ / Ilia A.D. 1706. 
yEtatis suae 65. / \ ^Etatis suae 90. 
Sarah Tyrrel, Filia eroum natu Maxima, In Insigne Pietatis erga 
Defunctos, Hoc MarmOr posuit. 


T — 


" ■■L 




•s 1 






These 5 arms are Carv'd in Stone over the Door at the West end of the 
Steple on each side of which door are 2 mullets of 5 points the one 
piere'd and the other not. There are two Escocheons of the Drury's 
arms Carv'd upon each Buttress at the west end of the Steple which is a 
goodly Fabrick and built by that Family. 

In the Churchyard was formerly a Crosse, the Pedestall remains, and 
upon it are Carv'd the Drury's Arms and the Instruments of our 
Saviours passion. 

Upon a flat black marble within y e Altar Rails of Stoke Ash Ch : Suff : 

Here Lyes interred y e Body of 

M ra Dorothy Bedingfeld 

Daughter & Coheir of John Dix alias 

Ramsey late of Wickmer in 

the County of Norfolk Esc^ 

and Relict of 

Iohn Bedingfeld Esc^ 

Who depar td this Life Oct. y e 29 th 1723 

^Etatis Suae 59. 

As also of France s y e 3 d Daugh : of Henry Bedingfeld Esc^ 

Her Eldest son who died May y e 23" 
Aged about Seven Weeks. 




$tmin$it\& ®\mvt\t in MU: 

Upon an old Stone Monument erected against the North Chancell wall without any 
Inscripcon are these Arms remaining, viz' on the fore part. 

Impal : 


3 Chessrooks \ 
a Chevron. J 
/ 3 Chessrooks \ 
' \ Clopton. J 
•r l . / Rookwood 
^ ' 3" \a chev: betw: 3 
4. Clopton alone. 
j 1 ■ c / Rookwood 
" \ 3 heads without 

/ Rookwood 
' \ 3 heads upon a Chev 
7. Rookwood alone. 
/ Rookwood \ 
' \ Clopton. ) 
these 8 are on the fore part 


Imp : 6. 

Imp: 8. 

■& heads 

a Chev : j 

West End. 

1. Rookwood alone. 

2. Imp: Clopton and Rook- 

I / Rookwood \ 
■*' "' \ 2 barrs. J 

East End. 

1. A Chev: betw: 3 heads. 

I Rookwood 

2. Imp: -j Clopton & a Chev : 

\ betw : 3 heads. 

3. Rookwood alone. 

Upon the Font. 
6. Chessrooks, 3, 2, 1. 

Upon the West 
end of the Steple 
I saw 2 large 

which give me 
reason to believe 
the Church was 
built by that 

In the Register of this Church I find these persons to be buried there. 

Dorothy Rookwood 1602. 

Robertus Rookwood Miles Auratus 10 Junij 1679. 

Maria uxor ejus 29 Nov: 1679. 

Ambrose Rookwood Esq r Dec: 6, 1693. 

Unnn the Rells / ^ ve ' Gratia Plena, Dominus tecum. 
" \ Stephanus Tonni de Buri Sante Edmonde me fecit 1567. 

In the Church yard. 
Here lyeth the body of Thomas Mason Rector of Stannyfield who 
departed this Life y e 11 th of Novem r 1682. Catharine his widow 
12 Aug' 1700. 

These above 


below. Arms 

North & Style 


potmmMts in gttet IWapa $Jnwft in MU : 

Upon a Mural Monum' ag' the North Chancell wall. 

Memorise Sacrum 

Johannis Bright de Talmach Hall 

Generosi qui obijt decimo septimo die 

Martij Anno Millesimo Sexcentesimo 

sexagesimo et Marise uxoris ejus 

Filias Gulielmi Style de Hemingston 

Genorisi quae post obitum supradicti 

Johannis nupsit honorabili viro 

Johanni North Armigero filio 

Dudlei North Baronis de Cartleigh 

Ilia Autem obijt tricesimo primo 

Augusti Anno Millesimo sexcentesimo 

Nonagesimo nono. 

Hoc Pietatis ergo masrens posuit 

parentibus Gulielmus Bright 

Armiger et Alius primogenitus 




Here lyeth the body 

of John Bright Gent: 

who dyed the 30 of 

May 1657. 


John Bright of Little 

Brisett Gent: aged 67 yeares 

departed this Life the 17 th 

day of March 1660. 

Upon 2 flat stones. 

Upon the outside of the South door these Imperfect Characters 
in a perpendicular line (cut in stone) viz' on one side ROBT 9 & 
on y e other 

VTaj/FTIcDI [tMV//RDYJ vlrfHTGf.eC. dr j OrlV-/ 

The Church & Chancell are both of a height & Tiled, no Steple but 
one Bell hanging at y e west end of the Church (being an odd long 
building) thus dedicated : In honore Sancte Trinitate. S' Peter upon 
the East window may be seen amongst other defaced Saints. 

Capt. 23 Oct: 1719. 

ponutntnte in ®mW §\inv(n in Mii: 

Upon a Brasse plate in the North Isle. 

Hie sepultus Jacet Thomas Dandy Armiger qui Tempore 

Mortis sue fuit Dominus Manerij de Combes in hac Villa et 

Patronus hujus Ecclesie, et vir probus et prudens, et obijt 

in fide Christiana decimo quarto die Augusti in Anno 

Incarnationis Domini Jesu Christi 1607. In cujus Memoriam 

Martha Chara Uxor ejus qua fuit filia ultimo genita 

Johannis Poley de Badley Armigeri hoc posuit. 

Upon a window in this Isle these arms &c. 1st Quarterly, 1st & 4th 
Sab. a Crosse Ingraild or. 2nd and 3rd Gul : a Crosse Rp arg 1 
and .... Impal'd. The same Impal'd with 

. . . §4a (felejsie §hmw gut . . . &m .... 


Upon a Mural Monum' against the North Chancell wall. 


Sothebie. Hie Expectat Secundum Christi Adventu Thomas Sothebie nup 

Hujus Ecciiae fidelissimus Pastor ex antiqua Sothebei orum Familia 

in Com : Ebor : Oriundus 


Religionis Cultu, morum Elegantia 

affectum Temperantia 

Et rerum prudentia 

admodum Spectatus 

Erga Deum, Pietate gregem, Fidelitate uxores & liberos Amore 

paupes denic^ Charitate 

imprimis Clarus, 

Cui prima uxor Katherina Filia Secunda Tho : Dandy Ar : hujus 

Ecciiae Patroni. Ex qua tredecem Liberos Suscepit. 

Altera fuit Anna Relicta Jofiis Crane de Kings Lyn in Com: 

Norff : Ar: modo maesta supstes. 

Obijt { fff ) Anno { ^- ( postquam huic Ecctiae 
J (. Salutis J (, 1047. t 32 annos praefuisset. 


Upon a flat Stone in the Chancell. 
Depositum Lectissimae Faeminae Annae Theobald 
Ex antiqua Nitingalorum stemmate in Agro 

Essex oriundae . . 
Roberti Nitingale Armig : ex Theodosia Filia 

Roberti Chester Equ: Aur: Unicae filiae 

Thomae Nitingale Baronetti Germanae sororis 

Francisci Theobald de Barking in Agro Suff : Arm : 

Charissimae Conjugis ex quo Suscepit Franciscum 

Robertum Theodosiam Annam et Saram quos 

omnes una cum maerente marito reliquit Superstites 

Inclyta haec Heroina multis Eximiisc^ dotibus 

turn Animi turn Corporis plurifariam perpolita 

ut forma praestantia, moribus Sanctissimis 

singulari integritate & modestia Incomparabili 

prae ceteris merito spectata et insigniter laudata 

Gravi et diuturno morbo Confecta firma in Xto 

Fide et Invicta Animi patientia yEterno Numini 

Spiritum placide reddidit Octob: xxv: Die 


/ JErzi Xtianae MDCLXIII 

\ ^Etatis XXXIII. 

Ad cujus perpetuam Memoriam et in fidei 

Conjugalis Testimonium masstissimus maritus 

hunc Lapidem posuit & devotissime Consecravit. 

A Hatchment with the Arms of Nitingale hang up in the Chancell. 

Here resteth the body of Tho: Neave Gent: late of Nedham Market 
who dyed the 14 th of Aug: 1680. 

Here resteth the body of Robert Moore late of Nedham Market 
woollen draper who dyed the 26 th of May An° Dom: 1670. 

On one of the bells : Protege prece pia quos Convoco Sancta Maria 



%u fgtxfttttfom ^mm <§nmu in MMte. 

Upon a goodly Monument Erected against the North Chancell wall. 
Ric d Swift. Here under lyes (Expeting a Joyfull Resurrection) 

interred the body of M r Richard Swift of London 
Merchant who tooke to wife Martha the Daughter 
of Thomas Clifford who had issue by her 3 Sonns 
John, Richard and Francis and 4 Daughters Eli- 
zabeth, Martha, Judeth and Sara he dyed in this 
parish of Great Blakenham the 23 d of August 

in the 63rd yeare of his age. 

Reader knowe this Narrow Earth 
Incloseth one whose name and worth 
Can Live when Marble fall to dust 
Honored abroad for wise and just. 
Aske the Russe and Sweden, theis 
Report his prudence with their peace. 

Deare when at home, to his faith given 
Stedfast as Earth Devout to Heaven 
Wise Merchant he (some Storms indur'd) 
In the best porte his Soule Securd 
For fear thou Shouldst forgett his Name 
Tis the first Epitaph of Fame. 

Here resteth . . . 
Ann Wood .... 
Wood who .... 

Life Januar . . . obscur'd by a Seat. 

PtfMttWtttoi itt § fagsstatt (&\mv(U in MU : 

M re Chapman. Here resteth the body of 

Amey Chapman Daughter 
of William Chapman and 
Elizabeth his wife borne 
the 30 th of July 1682 and 
departed this Life June i st 
1703 being in the one and Twenty 
yeare of her age. 

Flat stone in Chancell. 

Upon a Stone standing against the North Chancell wall. 
Gul: Chapman. In Spe beatse Resurrectionis 

hie Exuvias deposuit 

Gulielmus Chapman 

Jan : 3 Anno ^Etatis 64 Dom :171s 

Elizabetha Conjux prasivit 

in hoc Sacello juxta Maritum Sepulta 

Novem: 22 Anno vEtatis 64 

Dom: 1709 
Rogerus Kerington Generosus 

praedictorum Gener 
hoc Grati animi Monumentum 
' Erexit 

Anno Dom: 17 17. 
N.B. M r Chapman was buried in the Churchyard under an altar Tomb 
with this Inscripcon only, Gulielmus Chapman. 

One of the Bells thus Dedicated to S< Katherine Sancta Katerina ora 
pro Nobis. 

In the Chancell 3 very old Stones. And these two letters ^.g. (w ch 
are the Initial letters of Robert Barker, a man formerly Enjoying a 
Considerable Estate hereabouts) are Carvid upon the wood of y e Roof. 


Upon a brasse plate in the Chancell. 
Mary Everton Here lieth buried the body of Mary Everton 

aged 103. wife of George Ever: late of this pish Gent: 

who depted this life the 16 Daye of May 

A° Dni 1608 leaving behind her no issue 

wfEtatis suae 103 this monument was layed 

at the Charges of Peter Preston. 

Upon the outside of the South Isle of Wetherden Church in Suff: these 
arms insculp'd on free stone. 

Carv'd in Stone upon the outside of the porch, these Arms &c. 

S r John 
Sulyard Kn'. 


o & o u a 



a o 

o o o a a 
o o a o 


Upon a low Tomb in the South Isle this Broken Circumscripcon. 

. . . . to g r $ohw Jfolpwt, ^njjgftt oott oi the It ... . flejrtetf 
this ttattisttot't) Itjfe .... xxv flat) of the month of Uttlt) ttt the t)m 
of out: fowl (MP..- 

Near this upon another Tomb. 
S r John Hie Iaset Johannes Svliarde Miles qui obijt quarto die Martij Anno 

Suliarde Kn'. Dom 1574 cujus Anime propitietur Deus. 

Upon the forepart of the Tomb are Carv'd Kneeling a Knight and three 
wives the Second having three Children behind her. 

Upon a window at the East end of the South isle. 

& eat; aFe ttt eettt ftvmt q l istl fettesttam .... 
hie Jfatf Hast 9 tmi .... 

Upon a North window. 

mmn&t tomx & ■ • • f Hathet §Mttte & Juliet* vxov sua* altf 
voraf . . 1 vlttia qw istattt fettesttatit . . . f e . . . . 

A man and 13 sons, and a woman and 7 Daughters painted kneeling. 


Upon a flat Stone in the Chancell inlaid in Brasse this. 
J. Daniel John Daniell late of Messing in y e Countie of Essex Esquier Died in 

Escjj August Anno Dfii 1584 and here lyes buryed. He maryed Avice 

the Daughter of S r Henrye Tyrrell of the same Countye Knight who 
bestowed this kind Remembrance upo her deare Husband by whom 
hee had issue two daughters Alice maryed to S r Andrew Asteley 
Knight and Ursula maryed to William Wiseman Esquier both of 
Essex aforesaid. 

Here lye the bones now rotten, of one not yet forgotten 
For his vertue nere should dye, in a worthye Memorie 
Who from Noblye Gentle blood, Yeelded Fruite most Sweetlye good 
And despising worldlye Pelf, Did but heavenly love himself. 
Arms upon the 4 Corners of the Stone are 

1. Quarterly a Pale fusily, a lion pass 1 . Crest a Lion pass'. 

2. Impal : ut prins, and in a bordure Ingrail'd 2 Chevrons. 

3. Impal : in a bordure Ingrail'd a Cinq'foile and ut prins. 

4. Impal: a Chevron betw. 3 Crowns, and Quarterly as first. 

M rs Rampley. 

Upon a Black Marble. 
Elis: the wife of Jn° Rampley died y e 6 of Nov r 1696. 

Upon a South window 
the Syliards Arms. 

Upon another 


Arg: a Chev: gules between 3 Pheons 
Quarterly -{ Sable. Gul : a Chev : or betw : 3 lions 
Ramp' arg'. 

Arg: a bend Sab: Charg'd with 3 
Quarterly -] mullets of the first, upon a Crosse 
Gu : 5 Escallops or. 
( Arg' upon a Crosse sab : 5 © or. 
Impal 1. a bend sable between 6 ^_ of the 
I same. 


Upon Grave Stones in the South Isle 

In the Church yard upon an Altar Tombe. 
Here lyeth the body of John March, Grocer in Bury S' Edmonds who 
departed this Life the 23 day of February 1685. Upon the Tomb. 

Here lyeth ye body's of Edmond Bass and Elizabeth his wife who 
departed this Life in the year of ouer Lord God 1645. North side. 

Upon a South window I saw these arms plac'd on the 
outside of it. 



-/t on 

*. **io 


* * * * » * * 

« • • # • -• • (; 

O O C ? 

Ml" ^ f 0£>Hl U cJl . 


Upon a Brasse plate. 
W m Smithe. Here lyeth y^ bodye of William Smithe Sonne & 

heire of John Smithe Sone & heire of John Smithe 
Sonne & heire of Wittm Smithe Sone & heire of 
Wittm Smithe Sone & heire of John Smithe all 

whos bodies do here in this Alley lye buried 

obijt 4 to die Junij A Dili Mittio quingentess : 

Octogess: Sexto ^Etatis sue 54 . 

Upon flat Marbles in the Chancell. 

M. S. 
Dan: Wall Venerabilis Danielis Wall viri 

A. M. Digniss : Danielis Wall Gen : Primogen : 

A: M: et hujus Ecclesia? dum licuit 

Pastoris Fideliss: qui An° 1662 

Exauctoratus bene latuit et virtutum 

magis quam Annorum Satur Suis 

omnibus desideratiss : obijt Jun : 1 7. 

A°/ Dnil6 7°\ 
\Mtat: 42. J 
Anna Msrens Relicta posuit. 

Nic : Brage. Here lyeth y e body of Nicholas 

Brage late of Royden Esq r who 

departed this life y e 2 d of July 

1698 in y e 86 yeare of his age. 

A pious Charitable Person, he left only one Daughter y e wife 

of John Brand of Edwardstone, Gent. 

M r W m Goche ((jat« f **» Pajjtisttt WttU J&ostue piroita ^ttorisi ijstiuss (SctHU 

Rector. ^ ^ fctfo M o p a jj <^ m g tt j pio ($$(&(& hXXXXX W 9 Mi tfpUUtt 

(IjUjSi §^tttett. This is upon a plate in the Chancell. 

John Biby ©*ate tf aia ftrftte §iftjj (Hape Han : Gtujujs: aie p'ptwtu* &m& gtnm*. 

Capellanus. This is loose in the Church chest. 

Lady Poyntz. Here lyeth buried the body of Dame Mary Pointz Daughter unto S r 
Richard Smith of Leeds Castle in the County of Kent Kn 1 who was 
First married to S r James Poyntz of North Okenden in the County of 
Essex Kn'. By whom she had a son Richard Poyntz Esq r one of 
Transcendent parts for his years who deceased in France ano ^Etatis 
vicessimo. She was afterwards married to Maurice Barrowe of 
Barningham in the County of Suff: Esq r with whom she lived near 
fourty years. She departed from this Valley of Tears to the Fruition of 
Eternal Joy Nov: 19, 1666 ano yEtatis suae 65. Upon a flat marble. 


Henry and Henry Shelton son of Henry & Hester his wife obijt Septemb: 13 
Barrow Shelton. 1685. Barrow Shelton his Bro r Nov: 30, 1688. both children. 

The 3 Bells in the Steple are Dedicated as follows. 

1. Dona repende Dia rogo Magdalena Maria. 

2. Nos Soriet Sanctis Semper Nicholaus in altis. 

3. Suscipe vota Quesimus Andrea Famulorum. 

On the East window these arms of L d Ratcliffe. 

Nicfc Cutler & 
Elionore ux: 


Upon a mural Tomb ag' the South side of the Chancell this 

Hie Nicholaus inest Fama Cutlerus A vita: 

Hie etiam Conjux Elionora jacet 
Mimmeae Stirpis fuit hsec Postrema Propago 

Ille fuit Patriae Gloria summa suae 
Jamc^ senex, binos Gnatos, Gnatascjj reliquit 

Unde Socer Clarus, Clarus Avusc^ fuit. 
E quib 9 en Charolus Patrij Studiosus Hooris 

Ad Patris Erexit Haec Monumeta Decus. 


obijt 1 g die 

Decern bris 

Anno Dni 1568 


obijt 12 die 


Anno Dni 

Homo Humana Humo Virtus post Funera. 

Hen: Vaux, Bar. 

Upon a like Tomb at the Back of This 

Qui fuit Eximio Virtutu Robore Septus 

Prudentisq^ viri noie notus erat. 
Qui Patriae Charus Cunctus dilectus & aula 

Gratus erat sumo clarueratq^ loco 
Consilij decreta sua qui Scripserat arte 

Regiac^ emisit signa Notata manu 
Quinc^ ferens decies ferme natalibus Anno 

Hie Honyngus jam Gulielmus inest. 

Homo Humana Humo Virtus post Funera vivit 
Upon a fiat marble in the Chancell. 




+ this crosse under all. 

Guli: obijt 

1 1 die Nov : 

Ano Dni 1569. 

Fra: obijt 

die . . . Ao 

Dni: . . . 

Here lyeth interred the body of 

Mirabella Lomax wife to Laurence Lomax Esq r 

and Second Daughter to the auncient and noble 

S r John Heydon of Baconsthorpe in Norff : K' 

& General of the Ordinance to King Charles y e first 

and one of his privy Councill 

who departed this Life the 2 d day of May 

in the sixty third year of his age 

Anno Dom 1702. 


Upon the last stone. 
W: Heydon, Est^. Here alsoe lyeth the body of 

William Heydon Esq r second son to S r John Heydon 

and last male of that Family 

who departed the 1 7 day of Septemb r 

Anno Dom 1689. 

Requiescant in Pace Amen. 

Rob 1 Burley. Here under lyeth y e body of 

Robert Burley, Gent who 

departed this life the 24 th 

day of October 1707 

Ano ^Etat: 32. In Cancella. 

Ja: Alington, Gen. James Alington, Gent & Judith his wife. 

Hen: Edgar, Esc^. Henry Edgar late of Eye, Esc^ & Dorothy Edgar. 

Miles Edgar, Gen: Miles Edgar late of Eye, Gent. 

Tho: Brampton, Here resteth y e body of 

Gent. Thomas Brampton 

the son of Edward and 

Elizabeth Brampton 

his wife of Eye in Suffolke 

Gent: who died the 2 d of 

October 1712 aged 59 

years. In y e North isle. 

Upon a mural monumen' in the North isle, at the East End. 


Mary Sadler. sadler of parndon in the 






EMB : 3 d 1 66 1 AGED 94. 






esq r 1664. No Arms. 

These following upon Altar Tombs in the Church yard. 
F. Cheney, Gen: Franciscus Cheney, Gen: & Alicia uxor ejus 1668. 

Tho: Harding, Thomas Harding, Gent: dyed the 20 of Decemb: 1680. The memory 
Gen: of the Just. 


Before the Door of the Freeschool This. 
Tho ; Brown, CL Hoc in Sepulchro requiescit Corpus Thorns Brouni 

Scholae Publics Moderatoris Dignissimi 
Gramatici Insignis Lilij aut Cambdeni yEmuli 
Gracae et latinse Linguse peritissimi 
Omnis Politioris Literature vere magistri 
Vitae et morum integritate Eximij 
Candore Probitate et mura erga omnes 

Humanitate Celeberrimi 
Sincere et non Fucatae Pietatis, rari Exempli 
Viri, deniq^ omnibus numeris tantum non absoluti 
Qui cum Teneram Iuventutem Uteris 
Bonisq^ moribus Suma Cum Fide & Industria 
Per multos annos Excoluisset 
Tandem Seino Confectus Laudis Satur 
Et Maturus Caelo e vivis excessit 
Ano Dni 1695 
^Etatis Suse 79. 
Sic omnes Libitina rapit, Juvenesq^ Senesc^ 
Miscentur Tenebris et Cinis unus erunt. 
Sed tua Laus 6 Broune viget Semper^ Vigebit 
Dum Schola, dum Pueri dum^ magister erit. 
Abi viator & disce Mori. 
This Epitaph was made by William Mayer A.M: vid: Pag: Sequen: 

The Steple of this Church is a beautifull Fabrick upon it are the arms 
of Mallet, De la Pole & Bigot. Near the west end of this steple, upon a 
high hill (whereon a Windmill is now Erected) stood a Castle built 
by William de Mallet a Norman Baron, the ruins whereof are scarce 
visible. In this Town was also a Priory of Benedictine Monks. 

Upon a Brasse plate in the Chancell. 
John Doby, CI: Here lyeth the body of John Doby, Clarke who deceased the 27 of 
Desember afio Dom: 1620. 

John Frere. Here under lyeth the body of John Frere the Sonne of John Frere who 

dyed the 9 th of March 1679 aged 73. 

John Frere. Johannes Frere nepos adjacenti obijt 25 th June 1688 y£tat: 17. 

Hie jacet Ingenio Vir, vix aetate Juventus 
Talem nulla dabit, Quam tulit una dies. 


W m Mayer, A.M. 

Hie Situs Resurrectionem Expectat 
Gulielmus, Edmundi F: Mayer A.M. Clericus 
Qui Natus Finninghamiae Ano Christi MDCXLII 
Ibidem obijt die n Nov 5 MDCCX Mt sua; LXIX 
In Academia Cantabrig adolescens admissus 
Collegij S. Trinitatis socius factus est A.D. MDCLXVI. 
Quam Societatem ad mortem usq^ tenuit 
Et Probitatis Comendatione et eruditionis Laude 
Inter paucos illic Insignis. 
Cumq^ honores Ecclesiasticos merito suo sperare posset 
Latentis vita? Commoda et literatum otium consulto prsetulit 
Parochiam de Grundisburgh per annos XXII 
Et alteram item de Thwait per XLII rexit 

Omnibus Suis Charus dilectusq^ 

Quos re opera et consilio semper adjuverat 

Adversus aut Invitus nemini 

Monumentum hoc Fratri optimo benemerenti 

Ellis Mayer maerens posuit. 

John Frere. 

Upon an altar Tomb in the Church yard. 
Here under lyeth the body of John Frere Sonne of John Frere late 
of Wickham Abbie in the County of Suff: he deceased December 
the 15 Afio Dofn 1633. 

vK 1 

Upon a Chancell window. <D . . . goM$ Pett)*** qui istfam ftWtxnttt 

ftai fecit tx $xw Aevosio 

Upon the East window these arms. 

Upon a South 
window in y e 
Church this. 

On the outside of the porch are in an Escutcheon quarterly a & a B & 
the Arms of the holy Trinity. The Church undoubtedly was dedicated 
to S' Bartholom: as appears by the knife he was flea'd withall & the 
Great B. & the Fair there is kept upon his Festival. 

Tho : Crofts, Upon a little mural monument ag' the North Chancell wall. 

Esq r . Here lyeth buried Thomas Crofts Esquier the second Sonne of S r John 

Croftes Kn' deceased, and Margaret his wife the Eldest Daughter of S r 
John Copuldicke Kn' of Lincolnshire. She departed the first day of 
June 1560 and the said Thomas Croftes departed the XVII day of 
November 1595 being about the age of Fourscore yeres leaving behind 
him two Sonnes vidilicet Charles & Thomas, and two Daughters Susan 
& Elizabeth. 


Ag l the South Chancell wall. 
Brid: Read. Bridgitta Read 

Filia Caroli Crofts Equitis Aurati Quo Tempore 

In Conjugalis Amoris Tessera & Honore Filiarum par Superstes 

Monumentum hoc posuit aug' 6, 1655 Et Uxorem Gravidam Reliquit 

Et sibi & marito suo Quae Geminos Carolum & Thomam 

Thomae Read Armiger Mortui patris vivas Imagines 

Qui fuit Johannis Read Equitis Aurati de Enixa est Julij 25, 1652. 

Wrangle in agro Lincolniensi filius Quic^ fuit En Lector 

Pater Septenorum Liberoru: Quorum filios duos Conjuncti Toro non divisi Tumulo 

Natamq^ unam inhumatos vivus dolenscjj Disce amanter vivere & mortuus vives. 
vidit & sobole Ternaria hie obdormit 
Martij io° 1651. 

Ag l the same wall. . 

Tho : Read. Leviter Terram preme Quisquis es viator 

Non procul a te Dormit 

Si quid Nominis gerunt cineres 


Readorum Gentis Columen Alterum 

Dn' Caroli Geminus & unicus Frater 

Tarn vultu similis 

Ut matri saspe molestum esset distinguere 

Tam animo Conjunctus 

Ut morbo Contagioso Correptus 


Solus et ab omni Propinquo remotus 

Mori maluerit 

Quam ut Fratris Si adventaret Salus 

Veniret in periculum 

Magnum habetur Ledae Gemello 

Quod vellet pro fratre 

Alternatim mori 

Audi quod majus Locuta esta volatura 


Vive tuo Frater Tempore vive meo 

Natus Julij 25, 1652 obijt mart: 28, 1678. 

Upon an altar Tomb under this. 
S r Cha: Crofts Christ is Risen. 

Read. And in hope also that it shall Rise againe 

Lyeth here the body of 

S r Charles Croft Read 

Grandson of S r Charles Croftes. 

Hee had to wife Mary 

one of the Daughters of S r Thomas Hewet 

of Pishobury in Hartfordshire 

By whom he had 7 Children 

whereof four are yet living 

Jane, Charles, Briget and Thomas 

He dyed the 9 th of October 1690 

In the 38 year of his age. 

Tantillum valuit apud non exorandas sorores 

Votum illud morientis Fratris 

Vive tuo Frater Tempore vive meo. 


Under it upon a flat marble this Greek Inscription. 
'A " « ' ** " ' - * 

J* n i" v ^ f«j»« «£* rtjia Tom fi^a'ci 
2a* ^v n 7<**s Jit's T^vnriiuv^ 7t 

0*%? Woiuos 'in GolvolTo* cLy*Kn$ Svol^PV* ^ 

y\|u.^^v rtjr^s Sxi TpfzeoTUPos rnroY. ~o 

Upon another flat Free Stone in the Chancell. 
Under this stone is the vault of S r Charles Crofts Read w ch together 
with the monument on the south side thereof was made by his Lady out 
of her pious Remembrance of Him Ano Dni 1693. 

Upon an altar Tomb under the first menconed Tomb of Tho: C: esq r . 
S r Cha: Crofts, Here Resteth the Body of S r Charles Crofts 

Kn'. Kn l expecting a Glorious Resurrection 

He had two wives 
Who his first was her Monument in this Church 
Speaks, His second was Dame Jane the Dau- 
ghter of S r Rowland Litton of Knedworth 
in Hertfordshire Kn'. 
He left two daughters by his first wife 
The Eldest Bridget the Relict of Thomas Read 
Esq r of Wrangle in Lincolnshire one 
of his Executors. 
The younger Cicilie the wife of Francis Brewster 
of Wrentham in SufF: Esquire 

The other Executor. 

He deceased Dec: 12, 1660. 

Aged 85 Current. 

Upon a mural monument. 
r P.M.S. 

Eliz: Croftes. Elizabethan Filiolae Charissimae 

Virgini Forma? Laudatissima? 

Vere maternaru virtutu Hanredi 

Amatae Sororib 9 Sororib 9 Amabili 

Carolus Croftes Miles 

Parens Masstus & Superstes 

Amoris & maeroris monument hoc 

posuit circa Cineres Majorum 

Obijt Decemb: 2° Ano Dni 1633. 

iEtatis sua? 15. 


Flat marbles. 
M re Here lyes the body of M rs Bridget Reade widdow Relict of Thomas 

Bridget Read, Read Esq r and Daughter of S r Charles Crofts Kn' She dyed the 8 day 
wid: of March An° ^tat suae 80 Anoq,, Dni 1694. 

Ro: Croftes, Sub Spe resurrectionis hie quiescit Robertus Croftes Generorus pbijt 

Gent: 8 die Augusti ano Dni 1633 ^Etatis suae 39. 

Mary Read. Mary Daughter of S r Charles Crofts Read Kn 1 and Mary his wife born 

June 26, 1675 dyed May 26, 1676. 

Mary Read. Mary Daughter of S r Charles Crofts Read Kn' born Decern: 6, 1678 

and dyed March 8, 167I . 

M r Rushbrooks Robert Son of Cobbs Rushbrooke, Gent : & Anne his wife born 5 June 
Children. 1699 dyed 2 d Nov: following. 

William born 30 Aug' 1703 dyed 12 May 1705. 
Eliz: born 28 March 1705 dyed 10 April 1706. 

These are upon one stone in the Church. 

Upon a mural monum' in the Church. 

Cecilie Crofts. Cecilae LectissimEe Faeminae 

E clara Poleyoru Familia de Badley 

In agro Suffolciensi oriundae 

Exemplari Pietate in Deum 

Amorem in Conjugem Liberoscjj 

Singulari in Rem Familiarem 

Industria & Providentia 

In tertij Filij partu Sublatas 

Et ad meliorem vitam Traductae 

Carolus Croftes, Miles 

In piam memoriam nee sine Lacrimis 

Uxori dilectissimae 

Maestum hoc monumentum posuit 

Vixit annos Ciriciter 36 

Moritur Martij 20 


M ra Beneath this Monument 

Ann Medowe. lyeth interred the body of 

M re Ann Medowe 

2 d Daughter of S r Tho: Medowe 

Late of Yarmouth in the County of Norff : 

Knight who departed this life the 15 

of July 1708 

aged 40 years 2 months 

and adjacent is the body of 

Dame Anne wife of y e s d 

S r Tho : Medowe who departed 

this Life the 13 of Decemb: 1686 

Aged 56 years. 

This is upon a mural monum' in the Chancell opposite to the former 

in the Church. 


Upon a Free Stone in the Church. 
Rob' Garrod. Here lyeth the body of Robert Garrod Sometymes Servant to S r 
Charles Crofts Kn'. He gave by his will 20 s to be paid yearly on 
Christmas day for ever to Ten poor widows of this parish. he was 
buried May the 14, 1661 aged 72. 

;) freW 12, uyvn a. fawlft UA, 



tj". These 4 upon the 
Ms same window. 

5 June 1703 

here lyeth y e bodi 

of M re Elizabeth 

Green Daughter 

of Author Upton Es% 

of Lupton in y e Coun* 

of Devonshire. 

In the Church upon a free stone. 

In the Church yard. 

Here lyeth y e body 

of Thomas y e son of 

M r John Marleton 

Rector of Backton 

who departed 

this life Jan: 7 th 

170 . aged 54 years. 

2 Altar Tombs one for Hearn. 

the other for Syllet. 

N.B. the Family of Cooks buried north side of y e Churchyard. 

Meritis Edmundi, Securus a Crimine mundi 
upon one of the Bells. 



Upon a neat mural monument ag' the north side of the chancell. 
Mrs Elizabeth Bull wife of Anthony Bull Esq r 

Eliz: Bull. Daughter of Thomas Lamb late of Trimly Esq r 

Born the 19 day of Febrewary 1558 deceased the 4 of November 1634. 
In her alive was seen what God requires of thee 
To him in heart devout, to men respectfull bee 
To poor be free in these a Constant Guide was shee. 
In her now dead behold what must to thee Befall 

Who now dost live in health hast Goods and Friends withall. 
Thy body to Corruption thy Beauty perish shall 
And yet in her now dead behold there's Comfort found 
She rests in hope expecting when the trump shall sound 
To raise her Corps by Christ with Glory to be Crown'd. 

Her effigies is in a kneeling posture over this Epitaph. 

Tho: Lambe. 

Upon fiat marbles these. 
Thomas Lambe Eldest Sone of Thomas Lamb of Trimley Esq r who 
maried Anne Daughter of John Pooley of Badly Esq r and had issue 
John, William, Edmond, Mary and Winithrid with others that dyed 
before himself without issue he dyed the first of March 161 7. 

Jos: Waite, CI: 

Joseph Waite M.A. after 15 years Coscietious and eminently Faithfull 
discharge of his ministry in this place departed this Life Jun: 29 & was 
here interred Jul: 1, 1670. Upon a mural monument near this Stone 

is this J^C Behold I come Rev : 
under it I. Waite, Job: 14: 4. 

16: 15, a Winged hour glasse and 

Marg 1 Waite. Here resteth the body of Margaret the widow Relict of Jos : 

obijt June 1, 1675. 


John Lamb: In Spe Beatte resurrectionis Heic subtus jacent tumulata? Exuvias 

Armig & ux: Johannis Lamb, Armig : una cum Charissima uxore Susanna Filia 

Johannis Acton de Bramford, Armig : Indivisi Tori ac amoris 
Connubialis Exemplar incomparabile Quod vel mors ipsa vix poterit 
disjungere ... la occubuit 24 Decembris yEtatis sua? 77. Mox 
insecutus viduus ac quotidie moribundus esse desijt Anno ^Etatis 83 
Christiana? 1708. 


Deposita Mariee \ ( 4 "j 1681 

et J- Beeston ^Etat : ■] An : Dom : Y 

Georgij .... J [9 J 1695 


M rs In the North isle at the Lower End of the Church. 

Pru: Rowning. In memory of M rs Prudence Rowning (who was compounded all of 
Lovelinesse) the Sweet and Glorious wife of Henry Rowning of 
Bramford Gent : (now with God of Sweet and Sorrowfull memory) who 
was the youngest daughter of M r John Firmin of Woodbridge, Merchant 
and Elizabeth his wife born the 25 of January 1679 and taken hence on 
the 31 of July 1707. 

Non tua nee mea sed te. 

Upon a window at y 6 
East end of y e South isle. 

Upon a Seat in the North isle these two. 

i» MowmmM titarit, Mt: 

In the North isle (the East end of it) is a Chantry founded by the 
ancient Family of the Tyrrells in Gipping &c. In the partition of 
this and the Church is a very ancient Arch'd monument whereon 
was the Effigies of a Woman in brasse with [blank in orig.~\ Children 
about her & a Circumscription in brasse round the Tomb. 

Lady Forth. 

A mural monument against the East End. 

Memoriae Sacrum. 

Sumus. Fuimus. Erimus. 


Mary, Penelope. 6 

Juxta hunc locum sepultum jacet Corpus Dna? Dorothea? Forth Filia 

Primogenita? ac unius Cohaaredum Johannis Gilbert de Finborough 

Magna in Comitatu: Suff: Equitis Aurati Qua? in primis nuptijs 

desponsata fuit Gulielmo Forth Equiti Aurato in secundis vero 

Grassamo Perkins, Armigero, Ex quibus numerosam habuit prolem. 

Demum Gulielmo Tyrrell de Abbatia de Bury Sancti Edmundi 

Armigero Filio natu secundo Thomae Tyrrell de Gipping, Armigeri 

nuper defuncti qui ex ea Suscepit hos tres Liberos in usum Domini 

imature decerptos. Obijt A D5i 1641 die 19 mensis Aprilis ^Etatis 

suae 53. 


Quid Spectas mortem miraris Symbolum Amoris 

Uxor ut est vivo mortua juncta viro 
Heu bona Sancta fuit, non a bonitate recedam 

Nee Sanctis Dominus vivere me det eis. 
Pignora sub palmis quas cernis chara jacere 

Mors ea surripuit vas mihi solus ero 
Te Sequor O Conjux Sequor O Tenerick Puelli 
Non erit Effigies marmora vana meo. 
The Effigies of the s d William Tirrell was put up with his Ladies (tho' 
living) and under them those of the afores d 3 Children, one of which I 
suppose was still born, being without name. 


Upon a mural monument ag' the North wall, whereupon are CarVd the 

Several Effigies of the persons under named. 
To the memory of Margaret English of the City of Westminster in the 
County of Midd : one of the Daughters of Sir John Tirrell, Knight and 
of her lovinge Brother and sister Thomas and Mary Tirrell with her 
Six sonnes and 4 daughters. The which Margaret in Testification of 
her Love and bountifull disposition to the poor people of the Town of 
Stowe Market and Gyppinge Hamlet of the Samne hath given one 
hundred pounds for the purchase of a yerely annuitie of Twenty Nobles 
to the Reliefe of the same pore and hath caused this monument to be 
erected in this church of Stowmarket aforesaid The XX th day of October 
Afio Dofri 1604. 


Ann Tyrrell. 

In the North isle of the Church upon a brasse plate whereon is the 
Effigie of a young woman. 

Ann Tyrrell dyed 1638 aged 8 yeares & 6 months. 

Dear Virgine Child farewell thy mothers Teares 

Cannot advance thy memory, which beares 

A Crowne above the Starres, yet I must mourne 

And shew the world my offerings at thine urne. 

And yet not meerly as a mother make 

This sad oblation for a dear Childs sake, 

For (Readers) know she was more than a Child 

In infant age she was as grave as mild. 

All that in Children Duty call'd might bee 

In her was Friendship and true pietie 

By reason and Religion she at seaven 

Prepar'd her self and found her way to Heaven. 

High Heaven thou hast her and didst take her hence 

The perfect patterne of obedience. 

At those few years as only lent to show 

What duty young ones to their parents owe 

And by her Early Gravity Appearing 

Full ripe for God by serving and by Fearing 

To Teach the old to fix on him their Trust 

Before their bodies shall return to dust. 


Tho : Cropley, Here lye in hopes of a 

Gen. Blessed Resurrection the Bodyes of 

Thomas Cropley, Gent 
And Susan his wife 

He dyed the 13* day of Jan: {^J Jg W'l and were both 

\ a' ' t-. j ',' !- buried on the 16 

She dyed in the same month {^/ jjjjf : 93 day of Jan. 

This upon a neat fljat marble. 

Upon an Altar Tomb in the Church Yard. 
Peregrine Patri 

Short, M.D. Peregrino Short, Medico 

Doctrina & moribus insigni 

Elizabetha filia 


Obijt die 13 Decembris 

Anno Dni 1679. 

Anno .<Etatis 77. 

De Profundis. 

JflMta £* [blank in orig.~] 

Upon the head of a Tomb made Coffin Wise, & Extending from North 
to South at the East end of the Chancell in the Church yard this. 
The Hon ble Hen- Here lyeth all that was Mortall of the Hon ble H: M: Cornwallis who 
rietta Maria with joy resigned her breath to God that gave it, on the 9 th day of 
Cornwallis. Decern in the year of our Lord 1707. 

Upon a Cornon stone erected at the head of a grave in the Church Yard. 
W: Eliott, Ct Conditur hie Venerandus Gulielmus Eliott hujus Ecclesiae per 42 

Annos Pastor Fidelissimus. Obijt Oct: 12 Anno f JEt: suae 72. 

\ Sal: nrae 1705. 
Penelope, ux: Huic jam tandem Accessit Penelope sanctissima praefati vidua indigena 

utpote quae fuit Oliveri Philips hujus Ecclesiae pastoris Novissimi filia 

unica obijt Mart 22, 17 17 Anno^Etat: 88. This upon another such stone. 

Upon Brasse plated stones in this Church & Chancell &c. as follows : 

Venerabili viro Thomae Barwicko, generosa 

in ptib 9 Borealib 9 stirpe prognato Burise S cti 

Edmundi p multos Annos medicine proffessori 

Doctissimo : Hoc amoris et pietatis ergo 

Charissimi posuerunt nepotes quos omnes 

in vita pprijs suptib 9 aluit et eduxit in 

morte ditavit plurimu et bonorum omniu 

Haeredes scripsit. 


His Effigies in Brasse upon the stone and these arms 

with the verses following. 

Qui vivus vitam, moriturus praebuit Arte 
Morte docet vivos (mortuus ipse) mori 
Arte potens (testis Suffolcia) Morte Beat 9 
Nunc Domino vivit vixit, ut ante suis 

Obijt Bunas S cti Edmundi 30 Augusti Ano 
Domini 1599 ^Etatis suae 83. 

Ann Adams. 

Here lyethe Ann the wife of William Adams and the Daughter of 
Robert Sewell, Gent : and Ann his wife who dyed y e xvi of March 1607. 

Tho : Mannock. Hie jacet Thomas Mannocus, Generosus qui obijt decim° octavo Maij 
A° Dni 1608 Anock yEtat suas quinquagesimo septimo. This is an 
addiconal Brasse put upon an ancient stone. 

John Mannock. Here liethe the bodie of John Mannock Gent who beinge about the age 
of 29 yeares was buried the 3 d daie of February 161 1. 

Tho : Mannock. Here lieth y e body of Mary Mannock y e wife of Thomas Manock, Gent 
who beinge of y e age of aboute 76 yeares died y e 23 th daie of 
December 1615. 

Dorothie Manock. Here lieth y e bodie of Dorothie Manock y e wife of Thomas Manock 
Gent who being aboute y e age of 44 yeares was buried the 13 day of 
September 1637. 

Tho: Manock. 

Here lieth y e bodie of Thomas Manock, Gent whoe beinge aboute the 
age of 64 yeares was buried y e 25 th day of September 1656. a person of 
an open howse & harte both w ch were free to Frendes and strangers 
affectionate to his Kindred and Relations in theire Life and after theire 
death, to three of whome Marie his Mother, Dorothie his wife & John 
his brother, by his last will he bequeathed monuments & for All deserves 
y s monument for him selfe. 

Let no man steale away this Brasse but hee 
Who knowes himselfe unworthye memorye. 

The two last are in a Chantry out of the North isle. 

Upon a stone in the Chancell these Arms 


i» gat0NU* (flifouwlt prrt, $uft: 

Upon Altar Tombs. 
Ro : Hinchlo. Jacet sub hoc Marmore Robertus Hinchlo 

qui Cosetaneos Suos arte Chirurgica 

facile Superavit omnes ingemuit superstes 

Hominum genus dum suum cerneret 

Medicum Expirare jam brevi certum 

Mori quia Mortuus est, quo se Sperabat 

diutius fore victurum diem obijt pridie 

Calendas Augusti Anno Salutis Mundi 

1664 ^Etatis vero suas 63, Utcjj pie 

cessit morti, sic faeliciter vivit deo 

Hodie mini Cras tibi. 

Sara Parr. Sara filia Elnathani Parr, Cler 

uxor Roberti Hinchloe, Gen : 

vitam hanc mortalem 

pro immortali mutavit 

22 Augusti An Doin 1688 

^Etatis suae 84. 

Tohn Wells Here lie interred John 

Clerke. ' Wells M.A. late Rector 

of this parish who departed 

this life November y e 12 th 

1709 aged 68 

and also Elizabeth his 

wife who died August the 30 th 

in the same year aged 59. 

Hoc qualecunq^ monumentum 

optime merentibus masrens 

dedit maximus natu filius 

Johannes Welles de 

Warham, Norff: 

Upon y e East window az: 3 Crowns or, and over y e porch in stone 

2 mitres over a Crozier's head, Crosse Keys, Crosse, Swords, 3 Crowns, 

and an angel with a spear on one side, and a Dragon on the other. 

Utt (Soiwy Wt$ttm ctatttt. 

Ro : Sugden, Upon a flat marble. 

Clerke. Hie requiescit Corpus Roberti Sugden 

ab. 18 Annoru labore in hac Ecclesia 

quantum Pastor doctus erat et 

Facundus quantum pater providus 

et Indulgens, Et quantum homo, erga 

omnes sanctus et probus : Juxta 

Elizabetham uxorem ejus virtuosam 

et matrem pientissimam 8 liberor 

ilia obijt s° Julij 1662. Ille 3 Augusti 1663. 

W m Covell his p r decessor here buried. 


Bury. There are 8 Saints painted upon the Skreen, one of which is S' Edmund 

the Martyr. N.B. The Abbats of Bury were Lords of this Maner 
till y e Dissolucon. 

The Steple of this Ch : is down, and one bell hangs in y e Ch: yard 
thus Dedicated. 

Hac in Conclave Gabriel nuc pange suave. 


Here lyeth the body of Clopton Crisp son of M r Edward Crisp & Elizab : 
his wife who dyed December y e 12, 171 1, aged 9 years & 11 months. 
N.B. This is upon the same stone with M r Edw d Crisps on y e other 
side, and the arms are Impal'd viz' 

/ 3 barrs Dancette \ 

\ on a frett a lyon Ramp' Gardant / 

Crest a Does head. 


Here lyeth ye body of Isabella Maria Crisp y e Daughter of M r Edward 

Crisp & Elizab : his wife who dyed y e 2 1 of Nov 1 7 1 1 aged 7 years six 


Here lyeth y e body of Edward Crisp son of M r Edward Crisp & 

Elizabeth his wife who dyed March y e 3i st 171 1 Aged 3 years 4 months 

& 5 days. 

Allso Elizabeth Infant Daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Crisp. She 

dyed y e 16 of Nov m 1699 at tow days old. 

Likewise Edward their son born y e 17 th of Nov: 1700 and buried y 6 19 

of December following. N.B. This upon M r John Crisp's stone ,"fj 

M r Cater. Here lyeth the body of M r William Cater who died March y e 

aged 50 years. 

14 th 1703 

M r J: Ellis. 

Hie Jacet Corpus Johan: Ellis filij Nat: Maximi Tho: Ellis de Cotton 
in Comitatu Suffolciensi medici non Ignobilis, qui dum vixit medicinse 
studijs in Collegio Caij Gonv : apud Cantabrigienses non infaeliciter 
incubuit obijt 18 die mensis Augusti Anno ^Etat 23 Annoc^ Dom: 1696. 
Triste sui Parentibus Desiderium Relinquens. 

J. Musgrave. 

Here lyeth y e body of John Musgrave, Juner who died Jan^ the I s ' 1705 
aged 21 years. 

S' James Church in Bury 
S' Edmunds, Suff : hath 
these 2 Escocheons 
Carv'd in stone upon 
each side of the Arch of 
the west door, there are 
also more Escocheons, 
some haveing 1, and 
some 3 Escallops. 


Over the west door within this Inscripcon painted. 

($>m mo$t noMe ^oveeaip "£ox&t Mmxxtl the vx th by the jjeaee of (Sod 
$$P0 of Upland fttmwa & gxtlm& §ettn&om of the ffaith & in earth 
of the (ffltutehe of ffiplap & nlto of f viand the Supreme hed of his 
pdty dewotiou; pue to the fiaiship of fhtss (ffhutche <&(& a aad also JJ 11 
yertye fax the waptenaunee of a fre gvameve ^ehole withia this ®ow» 
at the humhle Jmte of f oha (Bxjxx & ©hrtjstonhe* geyton fepiettf. 

M re Mary Bowes. 

Here lyeth the body of Mary the wife of 

Richard Bowes, Clerke, 

who departed this life 

Decemb: 14, 17 14, 

Aged 76. 

Piety and Charity weare the Course of her Life 

An Excellent Christian and a very good wife. 

» T . /Erm: 3 bows on a Chief 3 Leopards heads 3 Barrs Dancette. 
m P " 1 Crest : A demy lion ramp' holding a bundle of Arrows. 

Ed: Crispe. 

Here lyeth the bodyes of M r Edward Crispe and Mary his wife 
he dyed y e 12 th of June 1709 aged 81 years. She dyed y e 7 th of 
Aprill 1707, Aged 65 years. 

John Crispe. Here lyeth the Body of M r John Crispe merchant who died Octob r 17 

1695 aged 75. ^ 

Hen : Gibbon The Remains of Henry Gibbon, Gent : who had been twice Alderman of 
Gent. trus Burgh he departed this Life the 3 d of November 17 10. 

Lady Jermyn. 

M r Ling. 

Here lyes Dame Mary Jermyn, Relict of Thomas Newton Gent: 
Second wife to the Hono ble S r Thomas Jermyn of Rushbrooke Kn [ 
Daughter of Edmund Barber, Gent : in hopes of a Glorious Resurrection 
obijt 19 September 1679. 

Here lyeth the body of Peter Ling, Gent: obijt January the 22, 17 18 
aged 67 years. 

M re Macro. 
M rs Cox. 

M r Macro. 

Here lyeth the body of M rs Mary Macro the wife of M r Thomas Macro 

the elder who departed this life y e 1st of June 1679. 

Here lyeth the body of M rs Elizabeth Cox the wife of M r Joseph Cox of 

London, Marchant & Daughter of M r Thomas Macro, who departed 

this Life y e r2 th of December 1682. 

Here lyeth also y e body of M r Thomas Macro y e Elder who departed 

this Life y e 27 of September 1701 aged 86. 


See this at M rs Sarah Strutt Relict of Tho: Strutt, Gent: 25 June 1694 ^Etat: 53. 

length, infra. Also Tho: Strutt Jun r Son y e said Tho: & Sarah 22 Nov: 1700 y£tat: 21. 


Here lyeth the body of Thomas Strutt of Posl .... departed this 
Life .... February A.D. 16 . . . . o years. 

And also the b . . . . Strutt his son who .... the 12 th day of 
Sep .... 8. 

William Cooke Esq r dyed y e 13 of February 1709 aged 80 years. 
Sarah the wife of William Cooke Esq r and Daughter of Samuel Moody 
Esq r dyed y e 10 th of Jan: 1671. Six of their Children were buried 
near this place. 

Upon a Small Brasse plate in y e middle isle. 

§t° i° 1597. 
'£m ja«t ^fiJtimu die ^ovemMg. 

Here lyeth y e body of M rs Sarah Strutt Relict of Thomas Strutt, Gent : 
She departed this life the 25 of June 1694 & in y e 53 Year of her age. 
Under this same monument resteth M r Thomas Strutt, Jun r son of the 
said Tho: \plank in origi\ Gent: and Sarah his wife who left this Stage 
of Mortality on the 22 of November 1700 and in y e 21 year of his age 

Middle isle. 

Arms a Fess betw : 3 horses passant. 


Marion Wicks the Daughter of James Wicks deceased the 14 th day of 
August 1685. 

Whils others feele the smarting Rod, Doe you repent and turne to God 
Forsake your Sinns get saving Grace, because your death comes on apace 
It's Faith & Holyness alone will bring the to thy Saviours Throne. 

Marian Wicks wife of James Wicks depar d this Life y e 16 of March 
1 701 aged 70 years. 

N.B. This is upon the same stone. 


Here lyeth Ann Turvill widdow who dyed July y e 28, 1716 Aged 40 years. 

These in the South Church Isle. 

M r John 

In the Vestry, upon a brasse plate. 

Iww ttttdw lyrtft IrnrM fohn j^jtttomtt gont of ftxmnti$ ^'prtmii of 
$iow "gt&m in jj e fflountie of 'gortolkt (&mtrtlmm w ch lota dtoaswd 
r 25 of pay* gt° 1572. 

M rs Coell. M s Cecelia Coell Daughter of S r Henry Crofts of Saxham wife of 

Thomas Coell Esquier son of S r John Coell of Depden dyed y e 
4 th of May 1677. 


M rs Ewre. 

Rob' Le Gris, 

M r Ed: Darbie. 

Lady de Grey. 

M rs Bokenfim. 

M rs Buckenha. 

Tho : Buckenha. 

Susan Pake. 

Mari late wife of John Ewre, Gent : Exchanged a short life of 2 1 years 
for imortaliti Aug: the first Anno Dom; 1661. And Heb: 11 th 4 lh being 
dead she yet speaketh. Moriere Resurges : Judicabere. 

Hie Jacet RoBtus le Gris filius Robti le Gris d . . prillton in Com : 
Norff: Generosi .... XI die mensis Maij A: Dni 157 . 
This upon a very small Brasse. 

Upon a monum 1 against the North Chancell wall. 
Edward Darbie, Gent: who departed this life the 29 of Septemb: 1631 
out of his pious Zeale and affection to Gods Glory and soules of poor peo- 
ple gave in his life time yeerely 17. 6. 8 to Maintayne a publicke 
Chatechizing every Fortnight in this parish of 65 poore people to 
each of which he allowed a twopenny loafe of bread each time of their 
Chatechizing for their further Encouragement. The overplus to the 
Minister and Church officers attending upon that occasion for the per- 
formance whereof he gave in his will 300 1 to be lay'd out in 
Land for the Continuance of this pious worke for ever. In whose 
memorie his brother Henry Darbie, Gent : erected this Monument. 
Etiam mortuus pra?dicat. 

The following Inscripcons upon flat stones in the Chancell. 
Under this stone lyeth y e body of Dame Elizabeth De Grey, Relict of 
S r Robert De Grey of Merton in Norfolke dyed y e 67 th year of her age 
March y e 27 th 1692. 

Hie sita est in pace Maria Buckenham, Thoma? et Maria Filia, 
Dorotha? soror Qua? summa cum Pietatis Laude vixit Annos XXXVII 
Dies VI et XVI die Sept: A.D: MDCXCI Desiderata omnibus obijt 
Tho: Bokenham & Roger Seaman Executores posuere. 

Dorotha? Buckenham, Thomas et Maria? Filia? Pientissima?, Virgini 
Prudentissima? Castissima? Sorori Suavissimae, Charissima?, optima? 
Qua? Annos XXVII in hac lacrymarum valle Summa cum Religionis 
Laude Peregrinata Deic^ in hoc ipso Templo Cultrix Assidua tandem 
ad Deum Migravit Nov: XXVI A.D. MDCLXXXVI Maria 
Buckenham Soror ma?stissima posuit. 

In Spe Beats Resurrectionis Hie jacent Corpora Thome Buckenham 
M.D. et Maria? uxoris ejus Me obijt Novemb: 12 A.D. 1682. Ilia 
obijt Martij 16, A.D. 1676. 

Susanna filia Samuelis Pake M.D. et Elizabetha? uxoris filia natu 
minima obijt pridie Kalend : Julij MDCCXIX n Annos & IX 
menses Nata. 

There lyes a large stone part in the Church and part 
in the Chancell which bad one of these figures inlaid 
in brasse upon the 4 Corners. 


M r Sharp. Here lyeth y e body of Robert Sharp, Gent : who was a Justis of y e Peace 

of this Borough nigh 40 years who dyed y e 17 th day of February 169^ 
And also his son Robert Sharp who dyed y e 14 th day of December 1685. 

M re Steward. Here lyeth the body of M 15 Mary Steward who departed this life y e 24 th 

of Jan: 1699 aged 35 years. 

M r Harris. M r Tho: Harris aged 14 years born at Fort S' George in y e East 

Indies departed this life August y* 12, 17 18. 

Blomefield. Ann Blomefield, Daughter of John & Ann Blomefield departed this Life 

June y e 3, 1712 aged one year. Allso Peter Blomefield their son depar: 
this Life March y e 17 th i7xf aged 9 weeks. 

Also Susanna their Daug r who dyed Feb: y e 10 th 17^7 aged one year 
and six days. Small stone. 

Here lyeth y e body of Charles Brounrigg son of Robert Brounrigg, Esc^ 
who departed this Life y e 27 th of February 1689 aged 27 years. 

Here lyeth the body of M rs Marg' Daughter of Sam Moody, Esq^ and 
Relict of Thomas Westhropp, Gent: She died y e 14 th of Janua: 170I 
aged 82 years 8 months. 

Here lyeth y e body of M ra Ann Moody on of y e Daughters of Samuel 
Moody Esc^ She dyed y e 1 of July 1694 aged 70 years. 

Here lyeth y e body of M r Samuel Moody he dyed y e 25 of April 1692 
aged 42 years. 

Here lyeth y e body of M r George Moody he dyed y e 26 of July 1695 
aged 79 years. 

Here lyeth y e body of Robert y e son of Robert and Betty Sturgeon he 
died October y e 5, 1711 aged 1 year 6 months. 

Here also lyeth y e body of Sarah y e Daug r of Robert & Betty Sturgeon. 
She died June y e 5 17 14 aged 1 year & 7 months. 

Here lyeth y e body of M r John Gill late of Ipswich he dyed y e 4 th of 
Septem: 1688 aged 85 years. 

Here lyeth y e body of M r John Hubbard who dyed May y e 17, 1693 

aged 72. 

Also Margaret his wife who dyed Sep 1 the n, 1707, aged 83. 

Here lyeth y e body of Jane y e wife of M r Robert Hubbard with six of 
her children. She died Ap: y e 8 th 1707. 

The Font. Round S l James Font Bury, in Six Escocheons Viz'. 

1, A Bell. 2, A Pelican with her young ones &c. 3, 3 Crowns pierc'd. 
4, Upon a Torce a wolf sedent holding a Crown'd head under its left 
Paw. 5, 3 Mitres. 6, A Bell. 



M re 

M K Moody. 

M r Sam : Moody. 

M r Geo : Moody. 


M r Gill. 

Windows. Upon the West Window are 2 defac'd Saints painted which I take to be 

S l James & S E John. And upon 2 North windows are several broken 
protraitures of Kings &c. With these remaining Inscripcons. 

David prin? \SX H£B. Avia R£X> : :As&AOC <\ . loRAH K£X A. 

Iljrou next pawutn^nta & WmwU in tit* 

W m Archer. 


Tho: Bull. 

Is : Garnham. 


Upon an old arch'd Monum' ag' the South Side of the Church. 
Here lieth th .... of William Archer who departed this Life 
November . . . . 1572. 

Upon a Monum' ag 1 the South Chancell wall. 
Rebeccas "| [ Dec: 6, 1635 1 / Apr: 4 , 1636. 

Jacobi et V Nat. I Sept: 15, 1644 J- Denat: -J Nov: 29, 1644. 
Jacobi. ) [ Julij 2, 1646. j ( Junij 13, 1667. 

E Liberis Rev di Johannis Blemell ctici hoc olim in Burgo, postea apud 
Londinates Ministri, inter quos in vico propter Thamesin in Ecclesia 
omnium sanctorum juxta Martham uxorem suam Matrem Marias Ewre 
intra Sepultae horumc^ trium hie extra Conditorum in Dfio placide 

R. B. CKcus Pietatis et Amoris ergo posuit. 
Anno a Virginis partu 1695. 

Here lyeth the body of Tho: Bull, Gent: (sometime Alderman of this 
Burrugh) and Ann his wife he dyed y e 7 th of Feb: 1682 aged 74 years. 
Shee dyed y e T9 of Septem r 1700 aged 86 yeares. 

Sub hoc jacent Tumulo Reliquiae Isaaci Garnham qui obijt Vigesimo 
sexto die Martij Anno Dom: MDCCIII iEtatis suae L°. 
Nee non et Reliquias Rebeccas uxoris Isaaci Garnham Filias Jacobi 
Johnson Sen : Quae obijt Septimo die Octob : An° Dom' M.D. CCI 
^Etatis suas LVI. 

Here lyeth the body of M rs Susan Meddowes the wife of M r John 
Meddowes who was buryed the 28 day of October 1672. 
John son of M r Edmund Meddowes was buried the 3 th day of 
June 1680. 

Susan Daughter of M r Edmund Meddowes was buried the 7th day of 
August 1679. 

And allso Elizabeth the wife of James Whinnel Daughter of M r John 
Meddows who died y e I st day of Aug: 1679 & aged 49 yeares. 
Allso Susan the Daughter of James Whinnell who died July y e i st 1667. 


Here lyeth the body of M r John Meddowes, Sometimes Alderman of 
this Town who dyed in the 63 d Yeare of his age and was buried July 
the 9 th ninth ano Dom 1669. 

If wee believe that Jesus dyed and rose againe, Even soe them also 
which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. Thes : 4 and .... 
Charissimi Conjugis Memoriae Mestissima Conjux Susanna P.D. 

Vic isti jacet hie vivit mors Invida Christus 
Sic in Saxo. N e ride victum tu quoc^ victa jaces 

Victa jaces est in asternum dum victa Jacebis 
Stabit in ^Etemum qui truculenta jacet. 

Here lyeth y e body of M r Edmund Meddows the son of John Meddows, 
Gent: was buried the 27 day of March 1680. 

Also y e body of M re Elizabeth the wife of M r Edmund Meadows died 
Feb'T 25, 1703 aged 52 years. 


Here lyeth the body of Henry Willson who died the 10 of Jan: in 1704 

and aged 62 years. 

Here lyeth the body of Jasper Sharpe hee departed this life the 4 th day 

of October anno 1663. 

Here lyeth the body of Mary Sharpe daughter of Jasper Sharpe who was 

buryed the 1 day of March Anno 1685. 


Here lyeth the body of John Sharpe senior who departed this life the 

sixth of July 1686 aged 66 years. 

Here lyeth the body of M rs Martin Sharpe y e wife of M r John Sharpe 

who departed this life October y e 19, 1691. 

Martin Sharpe, Sonn of John Sharpe Jun r dyed the 26 th of Aprill 1690. 

Burrough Sharpe, Sonn of John Sharpe Jun r dyed the' last of May 1691. 

Here lyeth the body of Ann Daughter of John Sharpe Jun r who departed 

this life the twelfth day of January 1686. 

Here lyeth Robert Sharpe the Son of Martine Sharpe, Draper who 

departed this Life the 10 th of January Ann Dom: 1686. 

Margaret, y= Daughter of M r John Sharpe dyed March y e 28, 1699 

aged 9 months. 


Here lyeth y e body of Elizabeth the wife of Matthias Warren who 
departed this life y e 7 of May 1679. 

Here lyeth the body of Edward the Son of Matthias Warren who 
departed this Life the 12 of October 1675. 


Here lyeth interred the body of Mary the wife of M r Robert Tovell 
Shee dyed y e 24 of Feb: 1694 ^Etatis suae 42. 

Allso Thomas and Mary Son and Daugh: of M r Robert Tovell & 
Mary his wife. Thomas dyed y e 8 th of February 1691. Mary dyed 
the 3 d of March 1 694. 

M r J. Todd. Here lyeth the body of M' 

John Todd who dyed the 2 d of December 


M r R. Sewell. Here lyeth the body of Richard Sewell, Gent: who departed this first day 
of Aprill Anno Dom: 17 14 ^Etatis suae 27. 

M r H. Bull. 

Upon stones erected at the heads of Graves these. 
Here lyeth the body of M r Henry Bull, Sumtime Alderman of this 
Borough who dyed the 5 th of Decem b 1700, aged 77 years. 

pouumtnto itt & Kjfltaps mt ■■ itt §ury £t mmfi» 


Here lyeth the body of M r Edmund Pott of the line of the Potts of 
Pott Chappell in Cheshier who died the 24 th day of April 1682. 

$£j] William Alington, Escfe died y e 20 day of May in y e 60 year 
of his age. 

Crest a Leopard Current. 

M" Cooke. 

Near these 3 other Stones, 

with these arms but without 


N.B. upon the west window, 

Arg. a lion Ramp' sable. 

Depositum Janae Pyle uxoris Philippi Pyle, Londinensis Quae obijt 
XV Maias A.D. MDCCIII yEtatis 76. Cupio dissolvi et esse cum Christo. 

Here lyeth the body of M rs Jane Cooke the wife of M r John Cooke 
sen r who departed this life the 9 day of March 1700 aged 47 years. 
Here lyeth the body of M r John Cooke sen r who departed this life y e 
1 day of Aug: 1701 aged 50 years. 

Everard. Here lyeth y e body of Henry y e son of Henry & Mary Everard who 

dyed y e 15 of November 1701 aged 5 years. 

Lancaster. Here lyeth the body of Thomas Lancaster, Gent: who departed this 
Life the 15 th of Feb: i7of yEtatis suas 63. 

Here lyeth buried the body of Mathew Lancaster who was one of the 
Burgesses late of Bury S [ Edmund & who departed this life the five and 
Twenty day of October 1634 being aged five & Fyftye years. 
Here lyeth alsoe the body of Margaret Lancaster his beloved wife who 
lived virtuosly and died peaceably the 13 day of June 1662 aged 75 years. 
This i st Epitaph is cut upon y e stone, & the 2 last are upon brasse plates. 



Curtis & Ux: 

°§on eoufuwte me Am fedo vi&txt bona ttoi 

an cxpettatiotte mea in tern viveneium. 

This upon a broken stone. 

Here lyeth the body of Susan y e Daughter of William & Susan Curtis 
She departed this life August y e 12 Anno Domi 1692. 
Also Elizabeth y e Daughter of William & Susan Curtis who dyed June 
y e 25, 1 701 aged 7 years. 

Christian Curtis dyed Octo: 4 
1685 aged 18. 

Robert Curtis dyed Sept. 
19, 1685 aged 20. 

Here resteth the body of M rs Mary Curtis in hope of the Resurrection. 
She lived fourty eight years and Eleaven months with hir husband and 
dyed March the 15, 170I aged 75 years. 

Also here resteth the body of M r John Curtis, Husband to M rs Mary 
Curtis in hopes of the Resurrection to Eternall Life. He dyed Ocf the 
7 th 1709 in the 84 th year of his Age. 

hie jacet 

take upon a Small brasse plate. 

H. S. 

Depositum Henrici Turnor, Burgi huj Civis Eximij viri pspicacis 
M r Hen : Tumor. Ingenij Probas vita?, strenui Egenorum Fulcri Praetoris officium Summa 

Prudentia gessit, in Dom: placidissime obdormivit & expiravit salutis 
Vid1Tony e nrse (xv. Cal: Feb:) MDCXXXVI Anno ^Etat suae LVI. 

other side. Thus far the west end of the Church before you come at the Seats. 

St: Ashwell. 

Here lyeth the body of Stephen Ashwell, sometyme a Burgesse of this 
Borough who was a Charitable man to y e poore in his lifetyme and a 
good Benefactour to them at his death November Anno 1625. Brasse 

M rs Adam son. 

Here lyeth y e body of Elizabeth Adamson y e wife of Cesar Adamson, 
surgeon who departed this Life the 25 day of February 1674. 

Boldero, Geo: 

Crest a Grey- 
hound Current. 

Here lyeth buried George Boldero, Gent: who lyved in the Feare 
of God & dyed in the Faith of Christ the 7 th of Noveb: Anno D° 1609 
^Etatis sua? 47. 

This upon brasse, and another plate near it not legible. 

Thus far y e middle Church isle, in which near the pulpit lyes a very 
large stone formerly inlaid with the Effigies of a man in Armour 
and a Circumscripcon. And upon the Great Arch over the rood loft 
(I am told) was painted the following Inscripcon, and part of it may 
yet be discern'd. 

<!)vate j>' ala tint WAli frgfl quondam itectotijs de %V\\ep$ti& .... 
aimcw .... <!)mimuj benefactor. 


An old Tomb 

of M r John 


M r H. Baret. 

Vid this IT pag. 

W m Faircliffe. 
M r Sparrow. 
M r Pryme. 

M rs Dudly. 

At the upper End of the South Church isle lyes upon an Altar 
Tombe, the figure of a man wasted to the Greatest Extremity 
by Sicknesse. The Arms & Circumscripcon are torn off, but 
this Monogram remains in two places of the Tomb viz' 
and in the midst of a small figure of a man in Scarlet Gown 
w th a Collar of SS about his neck and by him upon Scrolls 
(&XMt me (JUUtte, and at the head of the same Tomb is 
cut this Inscription. 

« fln I majj $t Ujj.s «JMit)it mttom & ierae io . . . die I «****• 

The Ceiling over this Tomb is finely painted, and over it as follows. 

©vate jmr atnma Koto |?a*et. 

And also $V%ft \M <$0Utt£ Six times in very large Text Characters, 

with the afores d Monogram, and two large Escocheons 
viz 1 Arg: a bend sa: betw: 3 buckles gu: Besides 

glojs am \no\e pia ftaedteat vitgo Patia 
UMletuia goli §eo kanox & (Bloxiix. 

Upon a flat stone near this. 
M r H. Baret woolen Draper was buried here the 3 d of December 1707 
aged 67 years. 

Upon a Seat near this . . . 
membred Gu. 

Thus far the South Church isle. 

a Chev: betw: 3 Eagles displaid Sa. 

Here lyeth the Bodyes of Henry & Anne the sonne & Daughter of 
Henry & Ann Turnor. 

Upon a brasse plate in the Crosse isle in the Church. 

here umXtx Ijjeth the Ircrtljj of William ftaireljjffe of §m«jj £' $&mm&$ 
he died the nix of irtaveh gin 1600. 

Here lyeth y e body of M r John Sparrow, Son of M r Anthony Sparrow 
who departed this Life November y e 27, 1710, aged 37 Years. 

Here lyeth y e body of Thomas Pryme, Gent : one of y e Capital Burgesses 
of this Borough who after he had acquitted himself Laudably as Chief 
Magistrate of the Town departed this life August y e 31 st 1716 in y e Year 
of his office and the 54 th of his age. 

Here after a good and long life ended August 2, 1685, in hopes of a 
Resurrection to the Life Eternal lyeth the body of Elizabeth one of the 
Daughters of Edward Dudly of Clapton in Northamptonshire, Esc^ 
having been first married to Thomas Bendish Esc^ and after his decease 
to Henry Beck, Esq^ both of Norfolke. Haec ut Scias Viator Filia 
minima fecit et unica A. Russell 1685. 

Arms Imp: j a chev; betw . 3 Uons head eras > d 


Sturgeon. Martha Sturgeon died January 23, 1 710. Small stone. 

Clagett. Here lie the bodies of William and Thomas Sons of D r Nicholas 

Clagett. William died Octob r 7 th 1701 in the ninth yeare of his age. 
Thomas died June 19, 1702 in the seventh year of his age. Here also 
lyeth y e body of Anne his Daughter who dyed March 29, 1709 in the 
fourth year of her age. Small stone. 

Eliz: Juel. Fida viro Conjux Genetrix Charissima Natis 

Cui pietas inerat Cui Sancta? modestia, Sanctos 

Quae vere coluit placide quaa mortua Xri 

Expectans Reditum, Jacet hie Eliza Juella. 

Quae obijt xx° die Augusti A° Dm' 1609. .^tatis XLVI. 

Hie Jacet Elizabetha filia Johis & Elizabethan Juelli qua? obijt XXIIII 
Augusti 1609 A ^Etatis XII. 

These on 2 brasse plates. 

Famae Superstiti 
Memoriae Sempiternae 
Georgio Esteio Sanctiss 
ac celeberimo Loci hujusce 
Consiste paulum quisquis es audaci gradu 
Sacrata multo Numini premis Loca 
Cave profano Saxa tangas pollice 
Queis tecta forsan Urna Sanctor latet 
Hoc Vile Marmor si quid intus occulat 
Nescis Viator, Pietas istic jacet 
Heic Alma Virtus Juncta, Musarum Choro 
Et Gratiarum, et si quid his venustius 
Suadela, Candor Multiplex Scientia 
Interna Mentis Purioris Sanctitas 
Externa Morum Suavitas. Dicam brevi 
Majora Lector, Jacet istic Estius. 
Posuit Conjux 
Charissima L. M. 

Obijt Anno {^^Auguri 



This Epitaph was made by Joseph Hall Bp of Norwich as appears by 
his Cypher, and is fix'd ag' a Pillar upon a brasse plate on the South side 
of the Chancell. His Grave Stone has these letters upon it G. E. 

Brasse plate. 

©tat* f **» !"£«* WftJJtWl m*#l 


M. Nelson, 

M re Webbe. 

Here lyeth the bodies of Henry Chapman, Esq^ & Mary his Relict. 
Henry was buried y e nine & twentieth of Octob" 1666 and Mary was 
buried the tenth of April 1693. 

An old stone having this in the middle of it \JJ*J$ 
had 4 Coats of Arms upon it, the last only ^^ 
remains and seems thus. 

Upon a stone having 
4 Coats, viz' 1 & 2 lost, 
3 & 4 thus 

Upon another stone 
near it. 

Upon another stone 3 lions pass', 
be discern'd. 

2, another Coat quarterly not to 

Sub hoc Marmore Clauditur quod claudi potuit Matthei Nelson, Collegij 
Petrensis apud Cantabrigienses olim Socij, in arte Medica Doctoris 
celeberrimi Natus erat 16 Cal: Aug: 1638 et quum 45 ^Etatis Annum 
attigisset 16 Cal: Jan: 1683 Denatus. Quern cum nee omnia suae artis 
prasidia (in qua erat scientissimus) e mortis faucibus eripere potuerint, 
abi viator et perpende Quod nihil hie orbis quod perennet habet. 
Arms a Chev : betw : 3 flower de Lis. 

Here lyeth the body of Thomas Ansel, D r of Devinitie who departed 
this Life January 23, 1674. 

Here lyeth the body of M rs Ann Ansell, Daughter to S r Martin Stuteville 
of Dalham late the wife of D r Ansel who departed this Life the 1 7 th day 
of May 1685 aged 84. 

Here lyeth the body of M rs Anne Webbe, Daughter of Gardiner Webbe 
Esq r of Elmswell in this County Esq r who departed this life the 4.5 
of March 1674. 

Arms a Fess Ermine betw : 3 owls. 

Here lyeth the body of Thomas Sutton, Gent who dyed the tenth day of 

Novemb: 17 17, aged 69 years. 

Note where this stone lyes was taken 

up a very old one under which 

Abbot Reve was buried and had 

these arms upon it. 


Young. Here lyeth the bodys of Arthur the son of Gascoigne Young who 

departed this Life y e 10 th of May 1688. 

Also Gascoigne the son of Gascoigne Young who dyed y e 6 th of March 

Thus far the Middle Chancell Isle on each side of which is a very large 
Altar Tomb having the Statutes of a man and a woman upon each of 
them. They seem to be Knights in Armour, that on the South side 
seems to have a Talbot at his feet and his lady 2 Talbots collered. 
The arms and Inscripcon haveing been brasse are lost and only thus 
much painted round the rails remaining. 

jiurtte as m ate, fiuthe jsettall »)e be, 

JFurhe as jjc be sow tpte waw m. mi$etexe wA. 

Upon the rails of the other Tomb, on the South side of it, this Inscripcon. 
S r William . ._ . . 3Wifu <g!am*> tttiliite qui abiji xxvi° die mesti$ maij &ha &ni 
Carew Kn'. m jnj quingetttessimij primo ffiujuis Jpe pwpieieitt* deus inMsett. 

And these Arms 

1. Or, 3 Chev: Sa: 

2. Impal: or 3 lions pass' sa: & as y e 6 I think. 

3. the 3 lions pass 1 & the 3 Chev: quarterly. 

4. Impal: ^ 3 lions pass' ... on a chief ... a Crosse patee 

. . . between 2 Mullets pierced or. 

5. or three Lyons pass' sable. 

On the North side this. 

. . . warptete <8an$oxti$ me que oMjt vieestittter Ate men$i$ guttj 
gttttto dni mtUimo quittjentesfiwo vkegma quiitto . . . 

And these arms, viz' on y 6 Tomb. 

1. ... a Chev: betw: 3 ,, heads erased or, a bordure vert. 

2. Impal: or a rih gu: & parted p pale indented or & gu. 

3. Impal : y e 3 heads & q'terly, viz' 1 & 4 or a fess vert betw : 3 lions 

pass'. 2 & 3, sa: on a bend vert 3 Lozenges or. 

4. Imp: ... a Mullet sa: & Ermine. 

5. as the second Impalem' of the 3 d Coat. 

N.B. under the Man's feet a Lyon under the womans 2 Talbots 

On the North side of the high Altar is a neat Altar Tomb, under which 
'tis reported lyes buried the body of Mary, Queen of France, widow of 
Lewis the 12 th , Daug r of K. H. 7, & sister to K. H. 8, who was afterwards 
married to Cha : Brandon, Duke of Suff : and died 1533. Wever says 
she was buried in the Abby Church. 

Note the Te Deum is neatly painted under the roof of this middle isle, 
each Sentence of which is written on a Scroll and Supported by an 
Angell or Cherub in. 

In the North Chancell isle. 
Upon a large Stone under an Effigies in brasse. 

gtib jattt Hie isttat 9 faou ffpetis $k vmtxf 


Upon another 
old stone in 
this isle these 
arms Viz'. 

Here lyeth the body of S r Robert Sewster, Knight and Dame Ann 
his wife who was the Daughter of Thomas Fletcher, Serjeant at 
La we they were Marryed 29 Years and Six Moneths. Hee departed 
this Life the 25 th day of February 1675 and she departed this life the 
29 day of the same Moneth of February 1675. 

M re Snelling. Depositum Lectissimse Foeminse Elizabethan Snelling ex Equestri 
Familia Dm' Johannis et Dnse Ursulse Poley de Stowmercatu oriundae 
Qua? Christum Praestolans hie placide obdormit obijt decimo octavo die 
Junij Ano Dni 1653. 

Quae Morte Revelli 

Heu sola poterat poterit nee morte Revelli 

Conjugis in Cinerem carum Regina reductum 

Cor bibit et moestum condit et Tumulum 

Hec vice sed versa tumulatur corde mariti 
Quam Mauseleo Nobiliore Jacet. 
Uxori Pientissimae J. Snelling moerens superstes P.C. 

Duncombe. Here lies interred Sophia, Richard and Poyntz the Children of 
S r Jo: Duncombe and Elizabeth his wife Daughter of the right Ho ble 
S r Humphry May, 1664. Small stone. 

M re Fisher. Here lyeth the body of M rs Elizabeth Fisher who died y e 12 th of 

January 1701 aged 17 years. 


Crest a lion 

Upon a mural monument. 
Near this place lieth the body of m r John Brampston son of William 
Brampston of Ashden Hall in the County of Essex Esq r who died 
September y e 19, 1696, aged 39 Years. And upon the grave stone 
under it this M r John Brampston 1696. 

Over the 4 windows in this North isle are the arms following 
painted, viz : 

1. Arg. 3 bulls passant in pale sab: 

. 2. ... a bend arg. betw. 7 billets or. 

3. Sab. 3 fishes naiant in pale arg. 

4. Arg. a Chev: sab: betw: 3 mullets piere'd. 

Thus far the North Chancell Isle. 


Here begins the South Chancell isle. 
Upon an old stone from which a former Inscripcon is taken off, is thus 

much remaining. 

Ed: Lucas, hete itt this {JOTS and mx&vc this <^tone 

IS7S- |>oth (Sdmonde teste this IJienties eldest sonae 

who ending go as htttet due eo»tld none 
gmmottal fop fot mortal life hathe womte 
% fetuent scale itnto the ttewfh he hate 
gjutd fitt his faith on (Jfhtist most constantly 
S&S at his death his wotdes did well deelate 
mnto the f one of all the standws fcu 
©hus hete «e sw of twe and ftuut the fall 
©f site and Sonne § mean whom death hath slape 
(&a& make its nxtsi fox him when he shall eall 
©hat heven thtowgh (fthtist we man heteaftet pune. 

atwrnaatum tepies WLoxti _ 
©bijt pinto die fulij §tno §ni 1575. 

In searching the Register I find this to be one Edm d Lucas, Gent. 

Crest upon 
a Coronet 
(not Torce.) 

These broken arms at 
the lower part of the 

I st lost. 

- — i ■ ■ ■ * . ■ J \ I i . ■ ****^4 


Jenkyn Smyth. 

Here lyeth y 8 body of y e Rev d M r Richard Bowes third son of S r Tho : 
Bowes of Great Bromly near Colchester in Essex he dyed the 14 of 
October 17 15 in the 76 year of his Age. 

Here lyeth the body of Ann Chamberlain the Daughter of John & 
Fran: Chamberlain who departed this Life the 24 th of Decemb r 1701 
aged 19 years. 

In the Vestry these. 
Upon a large stone are the Brasse Effigies of one Jenkin Smith 
and his wife. 3 Coats of Arms & the Epitaph are pull'd off, 
but the first coat remains. He was a great Benefactor to the 
Town of Bury. 


Upon a modern stone near it. 
John Smyth. Here lyeth the body of John Smyth of y e Middle Temple London Gent. 

y e last of the Family of Jenkyn Smyth, who dyed the 16 of July 1650. 
The same arms are insculp'd upon the stone with a wolfs (or foxes) 
head erased & Gorged with a Coronet for the Crest, 

Here lyeth the body of M r Dudley North son of S r Roger North of 
Mildenhall Kn' who departed this Life the third day of May 1674. 

Here lyeth M rs North Shee dyed Novem: 25 th 1666. 

Here lyeth all that cou'd Dye of M re Isabella and M r Thomas North 
Son and Daugh r of M r Dudly and M rs Frances North who lye interred 
under the two stones near this. Both dy'd unmarried, Isabella on the 
13 th of April 1701, Thomas on the 5 th of Febr: 1715. 

Do thou O Reader prepare to follow them. 
Arms, North, alone. 

Here lyeth M r Henry North hee dyed Janua: 5 th 1665. Small Stone. 

On the North side of this Church is a neat Porch and upon it this old 
Inscription, viz' 

<D*ate pw ajtimalMiS Kcrhattttte gMpgham et gjjsaltfUe Mmte $\xt. 

Over the arch of the porch are 2 defac'd Escocheons, one seems to be 
gu: a crosse patee. 

In a Vault under the High Altar this upon a flat marble. 

Hie locum humando Corpori 

vivens valensq^ elegit 

nee Mortis irnemor 

sequens sibi Epitaphium 

manu propria Exaravit 

Josephus Weld, Armiger 
sero Serviens ad Legem 

hue properans 

cum mox metam attigisset 

quod mortale erat hie quiescat 

usc^ ad diem novissimam 

cum viginti annos singulari Integritatis 

jEquitatis et prudentias laude 

hujus Burgi Recordator sedisset 

Calebs tandem obijt 

( ^Etatis 60. 


\ Domini 1711. 


This lately Cut upon an old stone in the North Chancell isle. 
Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth the wife of M r Joshua Grigby, Jun r who 
dyed 2 d Sept: 17 18 aged 18 years 7 months. 


Wright. John Wright of Wrights- 

bridge Esq r who 
dyed in the year 1644 
being the 45 th year 
of his age. 

Wright. Here lyeth buried the bodyes 

of Laurence Wright, Docter 

in Phisick and Mary his wife 

the said Laurence deceaced the 3 d 

day of October Anno 

Dinni 1657 

aged 67 and odd monthes 

and Mary his wife deceaced 

the 18 th day of February next 


Goodwyn. Here lyeth buried y e body 

of y e Eminent minister of 

y e Gospell M r Tho: Goodwyn 

late pastor of y s place 

(also Elizabeth his former 

wife and Jane his Daughter) he departed y e 4 th of Septem r 

1658 in y e 34 th yeare of his 


Diu vixit etsi non diu fuit. 

See an Epitaph upon him page 81. 

Norris. Hie jacet quod reliquum est 

viri venerabilis 

Gulielmi Norris 

Ecclesias Cathedralis apud Cicestrenses 


Hujus Ecclesias per annos 27 

Pastoris assidui 

obijt die 28 th Novemb 1 
. / Salutis 1702 \ 
\ ^Etatis suae 84. / 

Gittens. Here lyeth the body of 

George Gittens late of 

Bishops Hall in South Weal 

in Essex who departed this 

Life the 25 th day of November 

1 7 1 2 in the 83 d year of his age. 

Sharpe. Here lyes -f body of Prudence Sharp y e Daughter of William Sharpe 

Gen: who dyed in y e yeare 1676. 


Picakis. Robert Picakis 7 yeares died the 10 of September. 

Allen Talbott. Allen Talbott 2 yeares three quarters he died y e 29 th of September 

in brasse two Youths kneeling. 

S r Anthony 
Brown, Kn'. 

? descende. 
? Here. 

first Coat lost. 
2 d remains viz*, 

f^otturatttte in Wa\ (jDttuwU wax fgimrtuwflfl, torn. 

Upon a large Altar Tomb in the Chancell under the Effigies of a man 
and a woman in Brasse this. 

guttltontttis ;§rowaus, pttaS aaus f ustiriarioru §m Urging de 
©otrntni "gznto ohijt 1<5_ die atensiS |Uay §ut° glepi Hentai? 
©Usahettae 9° et gutttfl 2>ni 1567 Jrtaiis vero sua? 57. et ^Johanna 
Stor ejus qua* fuit filia unica ft heres TOli ffatigto gtrmiai filij 
et h*redis Ireriei ffariaioa inilitis ohijt ortavo die Dtovehris §k° 
gjegia* st 3>ai p'dirto et a'taiis suae 52. 

These verses Circumscrib'd upon the verge of the Tomb. 

With gjestorrs Sperh jj e hidden truth of |Cawes who did mahe plaiae 
§Mtd did exwttjtt Utoturrs fljjft as foiwAiA earst attaine 
gt punflcr ^oiie of ^ttightljj raw for vetues mni&t a §£nij)ht 
(Boob Uusiire Ijrowae is ®omhed here who helpt u e pore ia right 
Itts ladie Kane who did likewise from ^nijhtlu $toehe .... 
... lie him h« who after hint her life did Jtoortlu ende. 
|ier ^erturs rare to pores releife in earth deserv'd great praise 
& now in iieve theise twape aoudout eajoie there lasting dages. 

i. Arms upon the said Tomb are first, Quarterly, I st a Chev: betw: three 
Lions paws erected & erased in a bordure, on a Chief an Eagle 
display'd; 2 d & 3 d Quarterly, i st & 4 th a Chev: betw: 3 Swans; 

Fourth as first. 

2 d & 3 d a lion Ramp' 

holding a wing. 
Quarterly, i st & 4 th , a Chev: betw: 3 Lions heads ; 2 

4 th a Crosse Engrail'd between 4 © 
A Chev : between 3 Lions heads. 
Arms of Brown as first which see in Guillim pag. 387 

Crest a Lions paw Erased 
d 3 Cinquefoiles ; 


Vide an Epitaph upon this S r Anthony Brown in Plowdens Reports fol : 

Upon flat brasse plated Stones the following 4. 
Here lies interred the body of S r Anthony Browne, Knight who maried 
Elizab: y e only Daughter of Edmond Pyrton of Elmstead in j* County 
of Essex Esq, by whom he had issue 1 Sonne & 3 Dau : w ch S r Anthony 
Depted this Mortal Life y e 26 of March A° D' 1623. 

Here lyeth the bodye of Arthur Crafford, Gentleman who Sometime 
Lived at his Mannor of Downesells in this parish and beinge of the age 
of 7 2 yeares departed this world the xi of May in the yeare of our Lord 
1606 he had issue 2 Daughters Marie and Winifrid. 

His Effigies in Brasse is upon the stone. 


Here lyeth buried the body of Elizabeth Wyngfied, first married to 
Saunders. Richard Saunders, Gent: by whom she had issue one Sone onely 

She deceassed Maij y e 14 th 16 16 aged 76 yeares. 

Her Faith and Patience in her Mortall payne 
Requires a stone of Marble to remain 
Her Labours paynes & pangues are past 
She now Injoyes most blessed rest att Last. 

Johannes Saunders e Londini Gener: filius amantissim" et masstissimus 

amore & pietate ergo hoc monumentum posuit. 

Here lieth the Body of John Saunders, Gent: who married Lucretia 
Saunders. the Daughter of Thomas Farni of Uphaven in the County of Somerset 

Gent., by whome he had issue 4 Sonnes & 3 Daughters he departed this 

Life the 14 th of September Anno Domini 1633. 

Aske how hee liv'd and thou shalt knowe his Ende 
Hee dyde a Saint to God to poore a Friende. 

He was the sonn of this M ris Winckfield by her first husband. 

Upon a Mural Monument. 
Hughes. Nicholaus Hughes 

hujus Ecclesiee quondam 

Vicarius Dignissimus 

N. Padmore ejus successor 

5 Successive Nicholaus 

amoris ergo 


Shed not a Teare for mee there is no Cause 

Weepe that thow dayly dost transgress Gods Lawes. 

Obijt xii Octob: 

Anno Domini 


Upon a Table hanging against a pillar. 


Thoma? Goodwyn 

in Artibus Magistri Collegij Johannensis 

Cantabrigiensis Socij olim Celeberrimi hujus 

Ecclesias Vicarij Doctissimi Gravissimi 


Anno Dni 1658 
Sep: 4. 
Si mea cum Casio valuissent vota supremum 

Tu mihi dixisses maxime Praeco vale 
Nunc tua dum Claudo Morientia Lumina pro te 

Hoc mea Funebris Concio Carmen erit 
Ingenui mores Pietas Facundia Templi 
Lumen Christe tui clauditur hoc Tumulo. 
Sic fievit dum Amoris hoc & amicitia? 
Monumentum posuit 
Johannes Leech. 


Upon several old brasse plated stones viz'. 

i. a man & 3 wifes. 

2. 6 sons & 6 Daughters. 

3. 1 Daughter, 3 Sons. 
This fish is upon 4- 5 daughters. 

one stone in brasse. g' 8 ^ ons 5 Daughters. 

6. 7 Sons, 7 Daughters. 

Upon a mural monument against the North wall. 
Wright. Near this place 

lye the bodyes of S r Henry Wright of 
Dagenhames in this County Barr 1 (only son of Laurence Wright of Dagenhames 
Doctor of Phisick most eminent in his time) 

who married Anne the Daughter of John 

Lord Crewe by whom he had issue one Son 

and one Daughter he Departed this Life in the 

year 1663 aged Twenty Seven Years & some few days 

and of S r Henry Wright their only 

son a Youth of Great Hopes who dyed in the 

Year 1681 soon after he had attained ^ age 

of 19 yeares by whose death the Male Line failing y e 

Estate descended to their only Daughter Anne 

who married Edmund Pye Esq r son and heir 

of S r Robert Pye of Faringdon in Berkshire. 

To their memory 

the Lady Wright the afflicted widow and 

disconsolate mother dedicates this monument. 

To her own Memory. 

She has rais'd a more lasting monument the rare Example 

which She gave during a Long and faithfull widowhood 

having adorn'd that and every other state of Life with 

an eminent Piety prudence and Integrity and Crown'd 

it no less at last with a Christian Behaviour at her death. 

She dyed the 27 th of September 1708 in the 

7 1 year of her age and lyes here interred. 

Upon a flat marble near the former. 
Wright. Here lyeth interred the body of S r H. W. of Dagnhams in the County 

of Essex Baronett who dyed the fifth day of February Anno Domi 1663 
being aged 27 Yeares and some few dayes. 

Manby. Sub hoc Tumulo Sepultus est Thomas 

Manby, Armiger de Bawdis alias 

Downselles in hac parochia qui obijt 2 

die February A60 Dfii 167I ^Etatis 

suae 65. 

Requiescat in pace. 


Sainthill. Here lyeth interred y e body of Martha 

Sainthill wife to Robert Sainthill 
of London Merchant by whome 
She had issue on only sonne shee 
was Daughter to John Wright of 
Brookstreet Gent: and deceased 
the 7 th of June Anno Dom ne 1634. 

Kynder. Here lyeth the body of 

Elizabeth Kynder Daughter of 
Gilbert Kynder, Citizen 
and mercer of London 
and Margaret his wife 
which Said Elizabeth 
departed this Life the via* 
day of September 1644. 

The next following verses are written on parchm' & hung up in frames. 

In memory of the right wor 11 & Worthy Knight S r Anthony Browne who 

departed this Life the 26 of March Anno 1623. 

Reader this monument of worthie Browne 
Reports the ruin of a house pull'd downe 
In which was found much Furniture of Worth 
When death Cofnanded their departing forth 
Truth of Religion Justice in his place 
Comended meekness Joyn'd with many a Grace 
As bountie in his howse in speech most kind 
And affable to all Content in mind 
With his Estate free from all ambition 
Mild moderate and fair was his Condition 
Though much he had yet would he deal with little 
Whose wisdome told him Earthly things are fickle 
The Chaine that holds us all even Love of breath 
Let him go Loose and willing to his death 
This house thus falling each one getts a part 
Of all which in his Life dwelt in one heart 
Brave worthy Knight beloved of all that knew 
What for thy Vertue to thy self was due 
Rest here thy Mortalls till that Trump do Sound 
Which empty shall this all devouring ground. 


In obitum Illustrissimi nee non benignissimi 
Patroni Nostri Johannis Browne. 
Pallidus in pullo vestitur mundus amictu 

Qusec^ domus Gagates, Maurus et omnis homo 
Mortis densa Cohors Terris descendit Olimpum 

Spes capit astrigeram non reditura Fugam 
Nee mirum, Tu Browne Jaces Venerabile nomen 

Ha^c ferit urna polum diruit una solum 
Fama tui nostras cum Fati vulnerat aures 

Sulcavere Cavas Flumina Salsa Genas 


Quales non flueret ni pastus ab sequore Torrens 

Et cultis pyrrhae secla minatur agris 
Commutat radios tenebris Currumcb recusat 

Phebus et Investit Furva Caligo diem. 
Mistacjj cum gemitu vincunt suspiria ventos 

Jura nee ulla regunt, antra neculla premunt 
Quin triplicem lacerent mundum pars optima cumbis 

Caetera Sponte petunt Te pereunte Chaos. 
Exaequant Tumulum Phsenicis Aromata nido 

Flora tuo totas pulvere miscet opes. 
Arbor quaeqj Comas dat busto Gramine Tellus 

Taxus solo viget Golgotha mundus erit. 
Quid dabis Interrogas, quo Carmine, flebis Alumnum 

Plorabis nostrum, nil schola nostra Rogum 
Ecce novem Muss dedimus tot marmora Cippo 

Nam luctu ut Niobe singula Nympha riget. 
Naso leves querulo moduletur Carmine Curas 

Et Rixas Juvenum Plectra polita sonent 
Hsec mala Castalias vitiarunt fletibus undas 
Detrectat doctam maestus Apollo Lyram 
Quae protrudo Creber Singultus verba retardat 
Assumptosc^ pedes Clauda tulisse qui . . . 
Samuel Bridge 
Novembris 4 to 1658. 
r 1 
John Browne, John Browne 

Born in woe worn Niobe 

Vnborne jove in honour be 
2 4 

_ John Browne John Browne. 
N.B. There is an English Translacon of these latin verses. 

Upon 2 Altar Tombs in the Church Yard. 
Williams. Here lyeth interred y e body 

of M re Elizabeth Williams 

wife of M r Edward Williams of 

London Merchant who departed 

this Life the 26 th of April in the 

Yeare of our Lord Christ 1697 

in the 56 th yeare of her age. 

Also here lyeth interred the body of the abovesaid M r 

Edward Williams late of London 

Merchant who departed this 

Life the 14 th of March 169I 

^Etatis suae 61. 

Edw d Williams of Lon dn Gent & 

Nephew to y e abovesaid Edw d Williams 

obijt Mar: y e 4, 170I ^Etatae 31. 

Hurst. Also here lyeth y e body of Esther Hurst 

own Sister to y* abovesaid Edw d Williams 

late wife of M r John Hurst of London 

Haberdasher born y e 13 of Mar: i68J- 

died y e 14 of Nov: 1706. 



Hill. Here lyeth the body of 

Cap 1 William Hill who 
departed this Life the i st of 
Feb'T i68f aged 69 years & 1 month. 
Potter. Also his Granson James Potter 

who departed this Life the 22 th of 

May 1686 aged 4 years and 

7 months. 

Mn &XX Mnttt (&u: to maim, I**tf : 

Upon a flat back marble in the Chancell. 

Here lyeth the body of Francis 

Hobmon waiting for the promised 

Resurrection he was Rector of both 

the Churches of Weeting, he died An° Dom: 1669 

aged 74. 

His Motto 

Mediato Christi Meditatio Christiani. 

There are several very ancient stones in the Chancell with different sorts 

of crosses carv'd upon them. 

The protraitures of 8 Saints painted under the Rood loft. 

The arms of On the East Chancell window are Arms viz' az. 3 Crowns or, parted per 
Plais. pale or & gu : a lyon passant argent. Over it y e Holy Ghost. 

South Chancell window the Howards Arms. 

In the churchyard stood a crosse. 

Mary Ann Daughter of M r George Dale of Norwich aged xviij dyed 
July 5, 1680. This Church is almost buried in its own Ruins. 

John Fermer, |pc jattt gfoitttejS ftflMW qutfttitot g^rto* ijitiujS <$crtie JJUie ofttft itt 
J 4 l6 - Me gp mtm&x §Ugte & mute §wn* §wi minima mm Aatau ktxta 
Mm dfacal § m$m ai* tfyitittm §m& am*. 


Upon flat marbles in the Chancell. 

Per varios casus 

Hie jacet (et Inturbatum jaceat) 

Corpus Johafiis Beregij, D.D. 

Qui fuit filius Johafiis Beregij 

S.T.D. et hujus Ecclesiae Rector 

Obijt nono die mensis Novem btis Anno 

Dorm 1690 Sacrificium Deo. 

Carolus Brown 

Excessit e vita anno 

^Etatis 60 et Corpus 

hie positum est 

die 18 mensis Novembris 

Anno Doifi 1695 
Vivit post Funera virtus. 

Upon a flat free stone. 

Here lyeth the body of 

Mary Booth the eldest 

Daughter of John and Mary 

Booth Citizens of London 

who departed this Life 

October y e 20, 1689 

^Etatis sua 16. 


This stone 12 
spans & an half 
long & 5 broad. 

A Pedestal of a Crosse in the 
Church Yard. 

In this Chancell lyes a very large 
black stone formerly inlaid with 
Curious plates of brasse under which 
I fancy is buried [blank in orig?\ 
earl Warren whom I find to have 
had a free warren here temp, [blank 
in orig.~\ the Inhabitants have a 
Tradition that it was an Earl of 
Warwick. About 20 years since 
Antony Frank, Ct was here buried, 
about 9 years since John Newson, 
Ct and this p r sent year 17 18 M r 
John Young an attorney. 


n v&Ph 

Upon flat marbles in the Chancell these. 

Here lyes the body of S r 

Hugh Cartwright of Notting: 

Kn' aged 74 & died An : Dom : 


Swifts. Here lyeth the body of 

Stephen Swift of Methwold 

in the County of Norfolke 

Gent: who departed this 

Life on the Seaventeenth 

of April 1686 

aged sixty and one. 

Here lyeth the body of 

Hannah Swift wife of the 

Said Step : Swift who 

Departed this life the ninth 

of November i7i4aged 87. 

Here lyeth the body 

of Margery the wife 

of Thomas Swift of 


who departed 

this life the 27 th day 

of February 1696 aged 

- 55 years. 

Here lyeth the body of 

Richard Swift 

eldest son of Edward Swift Esq r 

and Elizabeth his wife 

who departed this Life 

the 8 day of March 1 705 

aged 21 years. 

Here likewise lyeth the body of 

Edward Swift 

youngest son of the said 

Edward Swift 

and Elizabeth his wife 

who departed this life 

the 12 of January 1707 

aged 20 years. 

Here lyeth the body of Stephen 

Swift sonn of the said Edward 

Swift and Elizabeth his wife 

who departed this life the 

Fourth day of December 1709 

aged 23 years. 

These were three hopefull young men who dyed all of Consumptions and 
are buried together in this Chancell and their Epitaphs are upon stone. 


Upon the Skreen that divides the Church and Chancell is this painted. 

Otatt ^^^ic^Slafl&or f"4g?emg ^©firWcj, fieri ^A 
3"taia^£kotnC troft« fit" vvoSatti Qfrftrgmr&T 5umot J / 9ratt 

John Harsick, 

Harsick, Kn l . 

Upon a plated stone near the North Chancell door this Circumscription. 

Sjftc ja«t gjoiieis p . . . tertiiw pi ohijt &c&o xtie ^irteto atw giii 
mitiifl <&<8i(& Imiiii rujttjs ait ptyicirix &$ ami. <$t Dtta ^atafata 


their protraitures & Arms are whole. 

Upon a plated stone in the Chancell, off which the brasses are torn 
(but remain in the Church Chest) is this much to be read. 

<j)rate f . . . jsjjk mititis & ^li« <&on$ovti$ $nt quoi aialri p'piriet' 
-gtn$ gtmwt. §wt0 p'pitinjs jjsto miehi gjiwffi Domiuc quia pto w 
miismrc . . . turn ittiwis i» gudiau m ... fit matt . . . §w 
samm . . . mmm w . . . da . . . 

Under the South Chancell wall lies an old rotten Effigies in wood, under 
which Wever says S r Roger Harsick, Knight is entombed (to which 
Family the 2 aforesaid Inscriptions do belong). And near the north 
Chancell door is an old Freestone monument on which is carv'd the 
Protraiture of a Kn' Templar lying crossleg'd but without any writing or 
arms but I suppose one of the Harsicks. 

Tho: Leman, 
Rector 1534. 

This Brasse lyes also in the Chest. 

<&t»tt f aia §iiii ®homf itonatt quondam %etioxi s istiujs (Btdit qui 
oMjt r &k mtn$%8 $unij §wo l«i ^X lo (&(S l (&W°xxxml mf ai« 
p'pititfu* fous. 

In the North Chancell Isle is a sumptuous Monument for [blank in 
orig.~\ L d Barkham (Lord Mayo r of London Afio [blank in orig.~\ and 
[plank in orig.] his wife, with the Effigies of them, & 2 sons, & three 
Daughters, without Epitaphs. 


At the head of this Tomb is a small stone fixed in the wall with this 
Penelope Hie jacet 

Barkham. Penelope Filia Dni Edvardi 

Barkham, Baronetti et Francises uxoris 

Sua?, quss quidem Penelope ^Etate Puellula 

Sed Prudentia Pietate & Virtute Matrona 

Omnibus satis, Parentibus nimis, at Deo Maxime 

Chara: terras reliquit ad Nuptias Agni Vocata 

Julij ii, 1675 Annoc^ ^Etatis sua? octavo. 

M r Richard Gott. Upon the Lid of the Font this : ("Jtfate f aia&ttSi UXi §tiri $0tte & 

Galfrid Baker, §ni (BaXttx&i ijjafew ^trtoxifS ftwjujs (g . . . oynff fmi Umnnt, 


M r R. Barkham. 

On a marble Gravestone in the Church. 

Here lyeth interred the body of 

Robert Barkham, Gent: who 

dyed the 14 day of March Ano Dni 

1629 being at the age of 75 


Engrav'd upon the Comunion Cup. 
The Guift of the Lady Jane Barkham widdow to the Church of Southacre 
in the County of Norff : 1642. 

Upon the East window these arms belong to the family 
of y e Harsicks & are upon their Gravestones in the 
Chancell, and cut in stone over y e porch door. 

Upon an upper window in the Middle Isle this 

In the Belfry these 


Upon ffree stones at the west end of the Church. 

Here lyeth y e body of M r 

Thomas Lambert who died 

Janry 13, 1711. 








Here lyeth y e body of 

M r George Beal who 

died June y e 18, 17 14 

aged 55 years. 

Here lyeth the body of 
Elizabeth the wife of 
Hugh Rason who was 
buried the 20 of Novemb- 
er 1680 aged 51 years. 
Here lyeth y e body of 
Hugh Rayson he was 
Serv' to King Charles 

2 d and died Nov 
aged 70 years, 

y ig- 


In the South isle. 
Here lyeth y e body of 
Benjamin Cooper who de- 
parted this Life y e 30 day 
of Aug' in y e year of our 
Lord 1 7 19 aged 52 y'rs. 

Here lyeth y e body of Mar- 
tha y e Daughter of Jo n Pickes 
who was buried y e 12 day 
of June 1 7 14. 

Here lyeth y e 
Body of Mary 
y e Daughter of 
Francis & Martha 
Pitt who died 
Jan: y e 3 d 1717 
aged 29 days. 

free stone. 

Small stone north isle. 

These following Benefacons are painted against the wall at the East end 

of the Church, one on the south side and the other on the north. 
Richard Pickes, Gent : did give by his last will & Testament to the poor 
people of both parishes in Newmarket yearly 10 stone of beef and 
10 dozen of Twopenny bread to be distributed upon Christmas Eve, and 
half a hundred of Salt fish to be distributed the second Fryday in Lent 
and 40 s to be distributed in manner following viz 1 20 s upon Easter Eve 
& 20 s upon Whiston Eve of which the poor of this parish to have the 
one half. And also he did give 40 s a year for ever to have the Bell rang 
at 8 of the Clock at night and four in the morning in wintertime and at 
nine of the Clock at night in Sumertime. All which guifts are issuing 
& going out of his house called the Greyhound in this parish for ever. 


Mark Proudfoot, Gent gave to the poor of this parish on the 10 day 
of Feb: 1658 the sum of ^5 for ever. M rs Agatha Millecent gave 
20 s p anfi for ever payable out of a house in Bury, whereof 10 s to 
the minister and 10 s to the poor of this parish. John Markant 
gave 6 s 8 d p anfi to y e poor of this parish payable now by the Lord 
Alington. . . . Hudson gave to y e poor of this parish 6 s 8 d a year for 
ever payable out of a house called the Feathers in Newmarket. Ten 
pounds remaining in the hands of M r Wittm Phillips of Ely due for y e 
use of y e poor for ever. 

Church & 2 Isles Leaded, Chancel Tiled, 4 Split Bells. 

Upon a brasse plate in the South isle. 
John Pickes. Here lyeth buried the Body of John Pickes, 

Junior the sonn of John Pickes, Senior who de- 
parted this life the 31 of Aprill A Dni 1618. 


Upon a neat Mural Monument in the Chancell. 
James Elyott, Here lyes interred y e Body 

Esq r of James Elyott, Es : Groom 

of his Majestyes most Hon ble Privy 
Chamber who departed this 
life the 2 d of October in y e 
Year of our Lord 77. 
Crest. aged 55- 

4_iiJ/j Arms Az. a fess or & arg' a fess gu : betw : 3 lions 

37^7^ . ramp' of the same Impal : 

Upon a like monument in the North isle. 
Mary Percivall. Near this place lye 

the Remains of Mary Per- 
civall wife of Thomas 
Percivall of Chippenham Gent 
and Daughter of William Balls, Gent 
and Mary his wife formerly of 
this Parish. She died the 10 th 
of Sept r 1707 
aged 69 years. 

Place these verses under the first Inscripcon ^±j. of John Pickes. 

Shortned was thy life yet livest thow ever 
Death hath his due yet diest thou never. 


Upon flat stones in the Chancell. 

Here lyeth y e body of M rs Margaret 

Burrough wife of Samuel Burrough of this 

parish Gent: Eldest Daughter of Robert Darkin 

of Haverhill in y e County of Suffolke Gent : who 

died 28 th Dec r 1707 in y e 31 st year of her age. 

Here lyeth also y e body of Mary Burrough 3 d 

Daughter of y e s d Samuel & Marga' Burrough 

who was born 12 th July 1705 & died 10 th Oct r following. 

Here lyeth also y e body of Bardsey Burrough 2 d 

son of y e said Samuel & Marga' Burrough who was 

born 6 th Dec r 1707 & died 19 th July 1708. 

Black marble stone. 


Here lyeth the 

body of Joanna 

Ganning who depr- 

ted this Life the 

1 4 day of May in 

1715 Aged 84 yrs. 


Here lyeth the 

body of John Skin 

who departed this 

Life the 7 th day of 

January in 17 16 

aged 44 years. 


Marg' Raby 

died y e 1 1 of March 


Aged 80 yrs. 


Here is to lye 
Elizab : Godfrey when she dye. 

Stuteville. M r Tho : Stuteville an Attorney who was unfortunately kill'd by a fall 

from his horse in January 17 14 lyes buried in this Chancell. 

Arms upon an old brasse plated stone in the south Isle. 

1 & 4 thus 2 d thus 3 d Conceal'd by a seat. 



Upon a mural monum' ag' the North Chancell wall. 

Near this place lyeth the body of 

Elizabeth Flesher Relict of James Flesher and Daughter of 

Cornelius Bee, Citizens of London 

who departed this Life y e 29 th day 

of August in y e year of our Lord 1697 

and of her age y e 55 th . 

She left Issue James & Elizabeth 

wife of Bardsey Fisher Rector . 

of this Church. 

Near this place also lyeth y e body of 

Bardsey y c son of Bardsey and 

Elizabeth Fisher who was born Decemb r 

ye 24 th 1700 & departed this Life Ap r y e 15 th 1702 

also y e body of Dorothy Fisher 

their Daughter who was born & died 

June y e 30 th 1702 

Also y e body of Bardsey Fisher 

their 2 d son who was born July y e 31 st 1703 

and died Apr: y e 4 th 1704. 

Upon a Free stone under the fformer. 
Cooke. Hie jacet 

Mortale Depositum Roberti Cooke 

Nuper hujus Ecclesiae Rectoris. 

Cujus Lingua nescio an vita fuit Facundior 

Utpote qui pietatis se Prascone praestitit, 

Et Exemplum. 

Dum vero Concionandi officio nervos vehementius Intendit, 

Vena interius disrupta 

Oisilli sanguis e Corpore paulatim emicuit 

Mox etiam et Anima 

Sic vitalem pro Evangelio Sanguinem Effudit. 

Sic Pulcherrimae occubuit morti 

Martyrio non Vulgari decorus, 

Sed paulum te siste viator 

Nam hisce pulvis nuper doctus et disertus 

Nee dum Concionari desinit 

Sed te quoque mortalem prasdicat 

Abi igitur et Immortalitatem suspira 

Obijt 3 Jan. 

Anno Dom: 1681 

^Etat suae 30. 

Beech. Here lyeth y e body of Susanna Beech 

who departed this Life Sepb r y e 10 th 



Here lyeth the body of Richard Nelson 

who departed this Life September the 16 th 

in the year of our Lord 1703 and 

of his age the 69 th . 

In the Church Isle. 


Here lyeth y e body of 
Thomas y e son of 
Tho s & Eliz: Spedding 
who was born y e 1 1 
of Apr: 1707 & depar- 
ted this Life y e 20 of 
Feb'T following. 


Here lyeth y* body of 

Roger Sutterton, Gent: 

who died March y e 19 

17 if aged 51 years. 


In the South isle upon a mural monum 1 
Near this place lyeth 
y e body of William 
Martyn 2 d son of 
S r Tho: Martyn 
of Barton in Cam- 
bridgeshire who dy- 
ed November y* 9 th 

Upon flat stones in the same Isle. 

Here lyeth y e body of 

John Jackson of this Parrish 

he maried Alee Daughter to 

W m Owen of the same parrish 

by whom he had issue 3 sonns 

& 4 Daughters he left Surv : 

John, Alee, & Elener and 

departed this Life in hopes 

of a better y e 17 th of July 1682 

in the 34 yeare of the raine 

of King Charles y e 2 d 

^Etatis sue 44. 

Here lyeth y e bo- 
dy of Eliz : Tayler 
who dyed May 
y e 8, 1 7 18. 

These arms are upon the Roof on the North side of the 
Chancell Carv'd in wood. 


A spire upon the Steple (being Square) Church & South isle Leaded, 
Chancell Tiled, a Decay'd vestry on the North side of the Chancell a 
Chappell on the north side of the Church, lately used for a Schooll. ' 
N.B. Several neat Gravestones in the Church yard, but nobody of' note 
buried under them. 

M r Edmund 
Heigham & 
his wife Alice. 




On a mural monum' ag J the South Chancell wall. 

Here lieth buried Edmond Heigham, Gentleman with Alice 

his wyfe by whom he had issue 3 sonnes and 2 Daughters 

She died the 22 th day e of Aprill 1599 and he died the 4 daye 

of October 1604. Of the said issue 2 Sunnes named Edmond 

and Frauncis died before ther said Father and only one 

sonne named Cleament and the 2 Daughters named Susan 

and Anna over lived him. 

M re Mary 

Tho:Nuce, Ci. 

Upon a brasse plate in the Chancell. 

Here lyeth Mary the wyfe of 

William Heigham, Gentleman by whom 

he had issue 6 sonnes and 4 daughters 

She died the 1 8 th day of Februarie 

Anno Domi 1618. 

Upon a Black flat Marble in the Chancell. 

Here who lyes if you Enquere 
'Tis Thomas Nuce his Sepulchere 

Vicar of this Parish late 

Whose Soule enjoyes a happy state 

And in fulnesse shall of tyme 

Reassume this earthly slyme 

By his side now as in life 

Lyes the body of his wife 

Ann who in a number even 

Five sonnes brought him Daughters 7. 

To the world they Lyvinge dyde 

So dyeinge livinge they abide. 

He dyed the 8 day of November 

Anno Dm' 16 17. She dyed the 12 of January Anno 

Dni 1613. 

Sarah Baldwin. 

Here lyeth the body of 

Sarah Baldwin, Relect of 

Samuel Baldwin who 

Rejoycing in Spirit 

departed this life 

the 24 day of March Anno Domino 1677 &c. 

Printed at length in M r Le Neve's Mon: Anglicana. 

A Table of Verses hung over this stone in the Chancell, now standing 
in the Church but almost illegible. 

An old monum' in the south wall, and two very ancient large Tombs in 
the Church yard. 


Upon a Brasse plate inclos'd in the Seats near the Pulpit. 
Rob' Taylour. Here lyeth buried under this stone the Bodye of Robert Taylour 

Sometymes Farmour of Desninge Hall who departed out of 
this mortal Lyfe the xvii of Feb: A° Dfii 1586 and of the 
Reigne of Q: Eliz: 29 . 

Upon an ordinary Free Stone in the Church. 
M r H. Mitchell. Henry Michell, Gent dyed 13 Nov: 1661 aged 79 yeares. printed q' 1667. 
Joane his wife dyed 9 August 1678 aged 74 years. 
Katherin Carter their Grandchild dyed 27 Feb: 1675. 

Non procul sunt ruinosse Ecclesiae de ^$Ju£t} & jptltfltfllj). 

In Ashley Ch: yard. 

/ Dorothy Seranke obijt 1698 \ both wives of 

\ Amy Seranke obijt 1704 j Tho: Seranke, Rector. 

Arms upon the windows in Gazely Church viz'. 
Upon the East window in the North isle. 

1. Az: 3 Crowns or. 

■nj r* c ( bluefield cross : vert. 

2. Ed: Confessor ( martlets or . 

3. Blank. 


5. Emblem of the Trinity. 

6. Gu: 3 Crowns or. 

West window of the North isle. 

1. Gul: a Chevron arg' betw: 3 Pelicans, I think, of the same. 

2. Sab : a Fesse Checkie or & az : between 3 ^4| heads arg'. Heigham. 

West end South isle : Or a Chevron gules. W 



^ S5 

Upon old Brasse plated stones in the South isle. 






^toittfl (Etmwb, §atM: 

S r Ro: Kempe. S r Rob' Kempe of Gissing in the County of Norff: Bar' was born at 
Walsingham Abbey upon y e 2 d of Feb : 1 6 2 7 & died the 26 of Sept 11710 
in the 82 year of his age. His first Lady was Mary y e Daughter of Tho: 
Kerridge by Susan his wife, the was born in Lond: in Feb: 1631 they 
were married July the 15, 1650 & she dyed in June 1655. They had 
a son & two daughters born & Christned which died young. The 
second Lady of the said S r Rob: Kempe was Mary y e daughter of 
Johnsone of Ubbeston in the County of Suff: Gent by Mary the 
Daughter of William Dade of the said County Esq r , She was born 
April y e 6, 1637 they were married Nov: y e 20, 1657, She died July 
y e 29, 1705 at Ubbeston by whom they had 3 Sons & 2 Daughters. 
Both these Ladyes were very Prudent & Pious few exceeding y e Former, 
Scarce any the Latter. 

Ro : Kempe, Esq. Ro : Kempe late of Gissing Esq' the only Son & Child of Richard 
Kemp of Gissing Esq r & Alice Cokkerham daughter of Philip 
Cokkerham of Hampstead in the County of Middlesex Esq' sometime 
officer to K: Ed: 6 & Q: Mary in their Custom house at London. 
Married to Dorothy Herris sole daughter of Arthur Herris of Crixeth in 
the County of Essex Esq' by whom he had viii sons & 3 daughters 
wherof vii sons ii daughters do yet survive their Father who being xlvii 
years ould peaceably departed this Transitory life in y e Faith of Christ 
Oct xxiii MDCXII having then bene happily wedded unto hir xvii 
yeares, to whose never dying memorie his beloved wife erected this 
monument at hir own Chardges April xxiiii MDCXIIII. 

M re Jane Kemp. 

On a black marble Stone on the floor. 
Here lyeth the body of Jane Kemp wife of William Kemp of Antingham 
son of S r Robert Kemp of Gissing Bar'. She dyed April 11, 1705 in 
the 1 9 year of her age. 

Richard Girling. 

In the body of the Church. 
Here lyeth the body of Richard the son of William Girling late of 
S' Andrews in the 7 Parishes in Suff: he was born 1\ Decern: 1633 and 
dyed in Aprill 1667 in the service of M rs Mary Sone widow, mother in 
Law to S r Robert Kemp Bar' he was Exemplary good in his life 
and death. 

Wiseman Hie Prasstolatur secundum Dei Adventum Wyseman Bokenham, Arm: 

Bokenham, Esq. Filius unicus Henrici Bokenham, Militis, qui obijt 26 Oct: An: JEtat: 
sua? 68 Annoc^ Dni 1670. 

Gratia, uxor. 

Hie placide in Dfio Requiescit Gracia Bokenham uxor Wyseman 
Bokenham, Arm: Filia Pauli Dews, Arm: quaeobijt ii° die Sept: Anno 
Dni 1669. 


Walsingham Hie jacet Walsingham Bokenham filius secundus Wyseman Bokenham 

Bokenham. Arm : et bonarum Artium cultor Religiosissimus. Qui et ipse 

Walsingham Terrestrum peregrinationum pertaesus & corpore 

emancipatus ad Caelestem patriam peregrinabatur 30 die Aug: Mt: suae 

39 Annoq^ Dm 1667. 

M r Henry Hie dormit Henricus Bokenham, Generosus Filius Maximus natu 

Bokenham. Wyseman Bokenham, Arm: qui obijt Anno MisX : suae 40 Annoc^ 

Dfii 1666. 

Ed : Bokenham Hie jacent in uno Sepulchro Edmundus Bokenham Arm : et Barbara 
Ar: & Barbara. uxor ejus moriebantur haec 1618 Hie 1620. 

Timothea Horae novissimae Expectatione hie dormit Timothea Bokenham Filia 

Bokenham. unica Henrici Bokenham militis uxor Francisci Gardiner de Tollsbury 

in Com : Essex Arm : vixit annos 24 nupta tres, duos reliquit marito 

maesto filios obijt vicesimo die Octobris Anno salutis 1630. Come 

Lord Jesus come quickly. 

Dorothea Hie dormit Dorothea Bokenham (proh dolor !) Filia natu Maxima, 

Bokenham. amantissima & Charissima Wyseman Bokenham Maesti patris Armig: 

Obijt 5 Aug: Anno salutis 1654. 

Exuvijs positum hie corpus ubi Funera fecit 

Laetatur, nescit vivida Fama mori. 


Anna Hie dormit Anna Bokenham filia Wyseman Bokenham, Arm : quae obijt, 

Bokenham. decimo die Aprilis A: D: 1655. 

irfaittflftattt, Mi'. J» %*m'%. 

Upon a stone fixd against the East Chancell window. 
John Talbot Near this place lyeth the body of M r John 

Rector. Talbot Rector of this Parish who died 

December y e 21, 1689 aged 50 years. 

Here a space left for his wifes Epitaph. 

Near this place also lyeth the body of Isa- 
bella their Daughter and wife of M r Richard 
Gipps of Bury who died March the 8, 1704 aged 28 yeares. 

x , T , / Ar : a Chevron gu : betw : 3 Talbots passant sa. 

ine are impai: | Ermin a bgnd Cotizedga . Crest an ostrich &c . 

Alice Dikes. In this Church is buried one Alice Dikes or Deeks, a maid, who died 

in y e Reign of K: H: 7, and left 20 1 p ann to be divided amongst the 
poor of both parishes. Her will (the Inhabitants tell me) was most 
Curiously adorn'd with the pictures of our Saviour and the Virgin Mary, 
&c. and kept in a Chest for that purpose, but about ro years ago taken 
out by an Attorney to make a Feoffment by, and was never again 
return'd, nor can it be heard of. 

Note this will is since Retrievd. 



ifMinnftnm, ^U Mnt&. 

On an Altar Monument in the Churchyard. 
Sacratissimas Memorial Parentum Defunctorum qui Florentissimum 
Pietatis praebuerunt exemplum, Sanctissimi Justiciar Cultores Vixerunt: 
Hoc opus Relligiosum, monumentum Debitum fieri voluit Thomas 
Craske filius & hseres superstes Ario Dfii 1687. Vivit post Funera virtus. 

Rose Briggs. 

Here lyeth the body of Rose the wife of Henry Briggs who dyed the 
29 of March 1704 aged 54 yeares. 

Arms in this Ch: 

1. gu: an Inescutcheon ar: betw: 6 martlets of y e same. 

2. az: 3 Crowns or. 

3. az: a bend arg: betw: 3 lions ramp' or. 

4. gu:a 

sa arg. 

5. gu: a lion passant Gardant or: a file of 5 points az: each charged 

with 3 qg=> . . . 

6. az: 3 Chevrons or. fe^/ 

Stephen Penton, Here lyes what was left of Stephen Penton, Rector who tho' dead yet 
CI: speaketh now once for all. My beloved Parishioners since any of you 

may be the next Let every one of you prepare to be so. To Prepare for 
death devoutly receive the Sacrament To prepare against sudden death 
receive it often. Make your wills while you are well and in good health, 
That you may have Leisure to dye wisely. If you hope to dye 
Comfortably you must resolve to Live Righteously. God send us all a 
happy meeting. 

gwstowwfl t&UnvtU in Hurtungnamsniw. 

Upon a flat stone in the South Isle having the representacons of a man 
& two women in brasse upon it. 
Tho: Chibnale. (&f pu* ©toitf pl'M) tOX fht $0Wlt at SUttfWaji (Stotlroate & fox tkt 

1534- $Mlt# of t&tamt & gtliw M$ \vifc$ wMtUt ©Jtomass dmjswd t) e *iit 

datj of f amtatt) tit* jjm of onx tod (Sod a ®hott;&attd fpe twitted 
& xsxxxxl 

("Jut; catu letntxix dttm vmaibtxs t$m ptatw 
®me tma datnr, (too ttasttttut ttt tnonatut: 
®mam tma tcpt, Utmoit \nm teisttmat, 
Pttttdujs tta Itabrat, ^ptrttus alta jwtat. 


Upon a neat Monument ag l the North Chancell wall. 

Sam 1 Cranmer, Here under lyeth the body of Samuell Cranmer, Esq r 

Esq r . He was born at Aulcister in the County of Warwick 

about the year 1575 & dyed An° 1640 he descended 

in a direct line from Richard Cranmer second son of 

John Cranmer Elder Brother to Thomas Arch Bishop of 

Canterbury. The Antiquity of this Family is to be found 

in Parkers de Antiq: Eccles: Britan: and in Goodmans 

de Prsesul: Ang 1 &c. and alltho' Saunders de Schism: 

Angl: does out of his malice Endevour to blemish 

the Family, yet Parsons himself in his three 

Convertions does not deny the Antiquity thereof. 

He was first marryed to the widd: of M r Enyon 

but she dying without issue by him he afterwards 

marryed Mary the Daughter of Thomas Wood of 

Hackney in Com : Midd : Esq r by whom he had 

two Children Csesar and Mary. 

Here lyeth also Mary his second wife she 

was borne at Hackney in August 1604 and 

dyed in April 1684 being the last year of the raigne 

of K : Charles 2 : after the decease of Samuell Cranmer 

Esq r . She marryed S r Henry Chester, Knight 

of the Bath third sonn of S r Anthony Chester 

of Chichley in com : Bucks Bar' whome she 


Veritas non quaerit Angulos, Fortis est Veritas 

et Prsevalebit, sed Genus et Proavos et quae non 

Fecimus ipsi, vie ea nostra voco. 

Hoc posuit Monumentum Caesar Woods ats Cranmer, 

Miles, in Patris et Matris sui Memoriam An: Dom: 1685 

Annoq^ primo Jacobi Secundi Regis: Defunctorum este 

Memores ut in Pace Requiescant. 

r Arg : a Chevron az : charg'd with 3 £0. or betw : so many 
pelicans sa : vW 

Az : 3 naked boys or charged with as many Crosses gul : 

Arms Impal'd i pelicans sa 

Jft pary'ss to §u*jj & (Mmfe Mt : 

In the Church yard upon neat Altar Tombs these. 

The Honorable 

Elizabeth Fielding 

departed this Life the third of October 1700 

aged 55 years. 

Hie jacet Johannes Clarke, Armiger et Margarita uxor ejus ille obijt 
30 Novembris 81. Hsec n Sep s 68. North side. 

Prope hos jacent Thomas et Benjaminus Filij Johannis et Margarita? 
Clarke ille obijt 7 Decembris 77. Hie 28 Junij 75. South side. 
A Talbots head. 100 


Milonis Burrough 

Hu s Burgi gtWwmatttti A.D. 1648 

et MARGARETS uxoris 

(Ex antiqua Wingfieldorum Familia ortse) 

Nee non Thorns Burrough Filij 

(Qui bis Prseturam in hac Villa Sustinuit 

Scilicet Annis 1672 & 1684) 

Ut et Elizabethae uxoris suae 

E. BACONVM Gente illustri nataa 

Jacobus Burrough M.D. 

Horum Filius illorum Nepos 

In Observantiae pignus 


Anno Dom: 17 10. 

Rob' Grove. Robert Grove, Gent : Alderman of this Burrough departed this life 
March y e 24 th 170^ aged 36. Sons of M r Alderman Grove. M r Samuel 

Grove died Jan: io, 1696, aged 21. 
M r William 

& J- Twin Brothers both in 



I departed this Life in 

Burial J May 1 705 aged 25 

M rs Folkes. Judith the wife of M r Thomas Folkes dyed the 15 th of January i68|. 


Nicbolai Battely, viri probi, Subditi Fidelis, Civis boni, Qui hujus Burgi 
Secundo Praetor Magistratum Suma Prudentiae Laude gessit. Deum 
rite ut Jubebant Leges ut Christianum decebat coluit. Vitam ad 
Evangelicffi Simplicitatis, Modestiae, Charitatis normam composuit 
Moriens honestam Nominis Famam, ingens sui desiderium reliquit. 
Obijt pridie Calendas Febr : A.D. MDCLXXXI ^Etatis suae LXII. 
Conjugi optimo, Patri Pientissimo posuere A.B. SB. 
Anna uxor ejus, Dei Cultrix Sincera, Uxor fida, mater blanda, in omnes 
benigna, obijt Cantuariae Feb: 4'° ^Etatis suae 72, 1694. Ex his nati 
sunt 8 Filij & 2 Filiae, quorum tres obierunt Infantes : Duos priores 
Natu filios, Deo et Ecclesiae Consecrarunt. Quorum Major Johannes 
S.T.P. (qui pauperibus hujus Municipij totum legavit Patrimonium) 
Archidiaconus erat Cantuariensis. Alter Nicholaus A.M. Rector erat 
de Ive Church in Comitatu Cantij. Utriq^ obierunt Cantuarias, eo Loci 
haud cito obliviscendi : Utriq^ enim, Ille ob Rutupinas, Hie, ob 
Cantuarienses Antiquitates, nomen obtinuerunt. 

Hie etiam Quiescit Willielmus Battely, Filius Obsequentissimus, Juvenis 
Pientissimus, obijt Apr s 11, ^Etatis suae 25, 1685. 

Battely. Samuel Battely qui pia in Deum mente, Spectata in Proximos 
Humanitate liberali in Egenos Munificentia, in omnes Philanthropia 
optimi Civis Famam Jure merito adeptus est. Hujusce municipij 
Praetor bis designatus est nee non missus ad gerendum vices ejus in 
Comitijs Brittannicis, obijt Julij 15 /Etatis suae 62, 17 14. 
Hie etiam posita est Maria Battely uxor Samuelis, Pia et Chara, peperit 
ei plures Natos Natasqj omnes Immatura morte abreptos, et in hoc 
Tumulo inclusos, obijt 30 Decembris 1696. 

Hie etiam Siti Sunt Samuel et Carolus Battely, Ille Samuel ex Anna 
Altera Uxore, Hie Carolus Filius breves Patrum Deliciae Quos longo 
superstites dolore affectunt. Uterc^ puerulus adeo alteri invicem charus, 
ut Parentum Amor mutuus clare in filijs expressus, conspiceretur. 
Neq, enim Fraternus amor Magis unquam quam in Patribus, nec^ 
Germanus quam in filijs vigebat. Faslix Infantum par, queis nee in vita 
nee in morte contigit separari, queis eodem Cselo, sic ut eodem Tumulo 
frui datur. Obijt Samuel 7 mo Septembris 1711, Carolus 28, 1713. 
Haec Monumenta in Piam omnium Memoriam Carolus Battely . . . 

N.B. both these stones are upon one Tomb. 


Here lyeth the body of Susan the wife of 

Samuell Grove, Gent : the p r sent Alderman 

of this Towne. She departed this Life y 8 

18 th of August 1689 

and in the 48 th year of her age. 

Here lyeth the body of Samuel Grove, Gent : 

twice Alderman of this Town who 

departed this Life January the 16 th day Anno Dom 

1705 aged 65 years. 

Also M r John Grove his son dyed 

the 8 th of September Anno Dom: 1704 

aged 33 years and 8 months. 

And also M rs Mary Grove his Daughter 

who dyed the 23 of March Anno Dom: 1707- 

aged 28 Years and 3 Months. 

Upon the stone. 
Here lyeth the body's of Hugh Grove 
Gentelman sometime Alderman of this 
Towne, and of Dorothy his wife 
Hee dyed in the Year 1657 and his wife in the year 1689. 

South side. 
M r John Grove dyed September 

y e 8 th 1704 aged 34 

Catharine his wife Daughter of 

John Morden, Gent: deceased i st 1703. 

North side. 

For the west end see page 104. 

Balls. Here lyeth y e body of M rs Frances Balls widdow who departed this Life 

y e 2 d of March 1691 aged 71 years. Upon a broken monument. 

Challis. Here lyeth the body of John Challis, Gent: sometimes Alderman of Bury 
he dyed the first day of October 1680 his age 63 years. When I awake 
up after thy Likenesse, I shall be satisfyed with it. 
Here lyeth the body of M rs Mary Challis y e wife of M r John Challis 
who dyed Decemb r y e 13 th in the yeare of our Lord 1690. 
Heer lyeth the body of Elizabeth Challis his Daughter. She died the 
2 day of February 1662. 

Heer lyeth the body of Rebecca Challis his Daughter. She died the 7 
day of March 1662. 

Stedman. Here lyeth y e body of Ann wife of James Stedman who dyed y e 27 of 
August 1700. Also four of their Children 3 Sons and one Daughter. 
Here lyeth y e body of James Stedman, Clothier who departed this Life 
y e 10 of August 1 7 14 aged 58 years. 

Here lyeth y e body of Ann the wife of Wittm Stedman, Clothier who 
depart d this Life y e 13 of Octob r 17 16 aged 32 years. Upon y e Tomb. 
Here lyeth y e body of Will™ Stedman sen r who died y e 7 of October 
1700 aged 70 years. South side. 


Here resteth the body of Francis Godfrey the Elder Gent : who died 
ye 31th f m th f August 1683 aged 76 years. And Ann his wife who 
died the 27 th of June 1657. 

Wright. Here resteth the body of Abraham Wright, Gent : eldest son of 
M r Abraham Wright who departed this life y e 24 th of October 1702 
aged 82 years. 

Also here lyeth the body of Elizabeth his wife who dyed Novem r 1705 
aged 66. 

Arms a Chev : charg d with 3 J between as many Greyhounds, 
Curr'. Crest a goats head eras'd. 


Here resteth the body of M r Abraham Wright sometime Alderman of 
this Towne who died October 14, 1661, aged 72 years and Cecilia his 
wife who died June 30. 1651 aged 57 years. They left behind them 
3 sons Abraham, Charles and Thomas and 3 Daughters Mary, Bridget 
and Jane. 

Amoris et observantise ergo Carolus Wright 
Maestissimus Alius hoc Monumentum posuit 1664. 


Here resteth the body of Francis Godfrey, Gent : who departed this Life 

May y e 16 th 1703 aged 62 years. Upon the Tomb. 

Here resteth y e body of Elizabeth y e wife of Francis Godfrey, Gent: 

who dyed y e 31 th of December 1673 and Francis, William, Thomas, 

Elizabeth and Elizab: their Sons and Daughters. North side. 

Also Francis, Mary & Ann, by Mary his second wife. West end. 


At the heads of 2 old Low stones these Inscripcons in brasse. 
Bright. Pise Memorise Charissimi sui parentis Thomse Bright, Johannes Filius 
ejus ex Secundis Nuptijs natu maximus posuit hunc Tumulum, 
Primus erat qui in hoc oppido (vertente vice) Aldermanni munere 
bis functus est; Duas habuit castas Conjuges quatuorck filias Annam 
& Mariam e quibus decern suscepit Liberos, sex filios, quatuorq,, filias. 
Charum ipsi fuit hoc oppidum, dum in vivis erat et post Cineres 
Stipendium ei octo Librarum per annum in perpetuo dono dedit. 
Amoris pignus. Natus primo Maij 1556 et defunctus undecimo Julij 
A° Dom: 1626. 

Here lyeth the body of Susan Bright the most dearly beloved wife 
of Edmund Bright, Gen 1 who departed this Lyfe the 16 day of 
January 1635. 

N.B. there is another old stone adjoyning but the brasse taken away, 
perhaps it might be his other wife. 



Here lies the body of 

M rs Frances Stafford wife 

of M r John Stafford of Bury 

who dyed y e 14 th day of March 

1 /12 - 

Requiescat in pace. 

Here also lyeth y e body 

of John Stafford, Gent: 

who departed this life 

March 23, 171$ aged 84. 

Also Catherine the 

wife of John Tyldesly, 

Gent : Daughter of John 

Stafford, Gent: 

who departed this 

life the 6 th day of September 

Anno Dom 17 18 aged 48. 

De Profundis. Upon a neat Tomb. 

This at the west end of Sam 1 Groves Tomb: pag: 102. 
Grove. Here lyeth y e bodys of the above mentioned Sam: & Susan Grove 
as followeth. Susan Grove dyed y e 24 of July 1668. Sam: Grove 
dyed y e 6 th of [blank in orig.] 1670. Nathanell Grove dyed y e 20 of 
May 1673. Susan Grove dyed the 24 of January 1680. Anne Grove 
dyed y e 27 of Aug' 1681. 


Upon a flat black Marble within y e Altar Rails. 













pnKffe-'&eft: J 


jj 1 11 1 ^ _r - ■■ r- -»^^ESlr— ft - 


&MmM to $Mt ^srtt mmk in Mi 

Ermine & 

(page 31.) 


This Monument lies interred y e 

Body of 

M rs Frances Bedingfelde 

the Elder Daughter of 

John Bedingfeld e late of Wickmere 

in y e County of Norfolk Esq r 

secon d Brother of S r Henry 

Bedingfeld e of Oxborough in y e 

same County Bar' 

who departed this life at 

Coulsey Wood in this Parish y e 

19 th day of March 

A.D. 17 18. 

Upon two neat Mural Monuments 

(exactly alike) against the North 

Chancell Wall. 


also lies interred y e body of 

MP Mary Bedingfelde y e 

Younger & only Remaining Daught 

of y e s d John Bedingfelde Esc^ 


Surviving her Sister y e space of 

Nine days only, died March the 28 th 

A.D. 1 7 19. 

To whose Memory these Monument 55 

were erect d by their Dear, but 

Sorrowfull mother M rs Dorothy 

Bedingfelde, Relict 

of John Bedingfelde, Esq r 




Upon a small Marble 
upon the Floor. 

Upon another small Marble 

Frances Bedingfelde 

Mary Bedingfelde 

This upon a stone fix'd into the outside wall of the East end of y e Chancell. 
Here resteth the body of 

M re Dorothy Gardiner 

wife of Edmond Gardiner 

Gent who depart d this Life 

April 28 th 1 7 19. 

Between the Bodyes of Daniel 

her son who died May the 1 6 th 

1 7 18 in y e 23 d year of his age, 

And of Edmond her Grandson 

Son of Edmond Gardiner, Junior 

Gent who died Feb: 13, 1720 

Aged 2 years. 


gMWntila to fjMtAtnlutlt i» Mi: 

Upon a flat marble in the Chancell. 
Hovell. Here under 

Lyeth the body of Hugh Hovell 

of Keningall Parke in the County 

of Norfolke Esq r with Elizabeth 

his wife the Daughter of Henry 

Warner of [blank in orig?\ in this parish Esq r 

he left at his death by the said 

Elizabeth one only Daughter 

Married to Humphry Style of Langley 

in the County of Kent Esq r he departed 

this Life 25 of October 1690 aged 

77 yeares in hope of a Joyfull 


King. Johannes King de Worlington 

hanc vitam post Annos 63 peractos finivit 

die Febr: 15 1707 

hie in terris Anima, Cselum propria sede peteris 

Corpus reliquit 

Quod victimam Morti resignavit 

eadem Tranquilitate qua 

q' tibi (heu ! patienta qualecunc^ ipsi sibi debetur meritum 

huic debebitur) 

ust^ se gesserat erga providentiam 

At de meritis quid dicam ? 

Non possumus jactare pugnas 

vel Navales vel pedestres 

non Urbium Expugnationes 

non Triumphos 

Scilicet omnes non possunt Russelli aut 


Quod si ulla Laus honestis Moribus 

Si ulla Gloria pietati 

et honestas Industrial debetur 

Utram<k pro tuo, tuae (optime vir) virtutes 

merito vendicare queant. 

Nelson. Here lyeth the 

body of John -f 

son of William 

Nelson, Gent, and 

Catherine his wife 

who died Aprill 

y e 26 th 1709 

aged 7 weeks. 


Seyliard. Here lyeth the 

body of Jane the 

Daughter of Thomas 

Seyliard, Gent: and 

Jane his wife who 

died October y" 5 19 

Anno Dom: 


at a month old. 

Heare lyeth the body 

of Frances Seyliard 
Daug . . . of Thomas 

Seyliard, Gent: and 
Jane his wife who de- 
parted the 22 of Novem- 
ber 1699 
aged Six Months. 
Here lyeth the body of 

Ann Daughter of 
Thomas Seyliard, Gent: 

And Jane his wife 

who departed this Life 

the 19 th of Decem r 1704 

aged 1 year & 2 months. 

These 3 within the Comunion Rails, on three small free stones. 

tart gtfrtttfliatt <$>\mvt% $mM&p»Mvt. 

Has a Square Steple, a Small Leaded Shaft and 3 Bells. 

4 Bells & a saints 
Bell & y e South Isle 
Leaded q' as to this ? 

Against the North Chancell wall is a Monum' with a Cumbent Statue 
upon it, having a Lion at its Feet ; Arms as above, and this Inscription. 


q' Halton. dalton, knight who in faith and 






Two Holy water Stones on y e South side, and one on the North 


Upon a Brasse plate in the Middle Isle (old Letters). 

Hie jacet Corpus Roberti Heigha, Gent : 
Qui obijt secundo die Aprilis An° Domini 
Milesimo sexcentesimo nono. Qui quide 
Robertus habuit Exitu per Johanna uxore 
ejus tres filios et sex filias, viz: Amy, 

Maria, Thoma, Jacobu, Aliciam, 

Catherina, Margaretam, Johannem 

et Richardum. 

Knowe Gentle Reader that my full Extent 
Is to erect a lastinge Monument 

To Manifest my Love doth still survive 
The which I beare him while he was alive 

He of his Love hath left one Pledge with me 
That in the same I might the Father see. 

And so Retayne his memorye in mynde 

Who was a Friend to all ; to me most Kinde. 

Az: a Lion Ramp' Gard'. Dalton. 
To th : ele . . ilust memorye of h .... d. 
(Lettice Dalto his Moufful wife in Testyony e 
Husband Olyver Dalto, Gent : Son ... re of 
Mychaell Dalton, Esc^ .... pted this Life 
the 19 of Januarye 1618 & in his age 28. 

(of . . . hath Erected this Monument. 

In Earth his body Restes: his Soule in Bliss 

To Heaven by Blessed Angells caryed is. 

Two Holy water Stones on y e South side of the Chancell. 

On the East window under several Broken Effig : 

. . . ptfwtetf . . et gtpef nxav . . tf §M»y . . patM' . . pwn: 

jjtifcuiS tttttt ttttti . . guttiwmtw . . . 

A.a.t. 1526. 

Church and Chancell both Tiled. A North Chappell, square steple, 3 Bells, 
and a Small Saints Bell, a Little leaded Shaft. Old Arch in the Bellfry. 

This over Dalton. rT ~,(-T y^Oad Pegot. 

Upon a Mural Monument in the Church Yard. 

Sarah Staples 

who dyed the 3 d of December 


aged 77. 

The Arch of y e North Door looks very Old. 


19 Nov: 1723. The Steple at sjfttprjStfltttf is a large Brick'd Building, 5 Bells. 

Between the Chancell and South Chappell upon an Altar Tomb lye the 
Figures of a Knight and Lady at his left hand. The Tomb is Inclos'd 
with Iron Grates, and has several Coats of Arms Carv'd upon it (w ch I 
had not time to take down). The Inscription cut about the Stones (in 
Capital Letters) is this. 

on y e South side. 


On y e North side. 

















On the North side of the Chancell is Erected a Square Chapell of Brick, 
on the west part of which is Rais'd a stately Monum 1 and under the 
Effigies of a Man and his wife kneeling (this Inscription) viz' (all capitals) 


Then under it in smaller capitals. 




















Behind the Effigies of the afores d S r John Petre is another Figure 
kneeling and under him, 8 Sons also kneeling. And over their heads a 
plain marble, I suppose design'd for an Inscription. 
Likewise behind the Lady is another woman kneeling w th four 
Daughters under her, and above her head, this Inscription. 

Hie jacet D : Katherina Petre 

Quondam uxor Gulielmi Dni Petre 

De Writle 

Filia Secundo Genita, Illustrissimi Dni 

Edwardi Somerset 

Comitis de Worcester &c. 

A° ^Etatis suae XLIX Coelestis Habitationis 


Quam Longioris vitas 


Die XXX Octobris A. M.D.C.XXIV 

Coelone Dignior 

an Mundo 

Lis est. 

Non jacet hie Katherina duos sed passa Calores 

(Alter Febris erat, alter Amoris erat) 
Liberior Coelum ut Raperet, quo concita, currit 
Hie posuit Vestem, dum redit inde suam. 

Upon a Mural Monument in the South Chapell ag' y e East wall under 
the Effigies of a man kneeling. 









Upon an Altar Tomb in the North Chappell. 

D. O. M. 

Certa spe Immortalitatis 
Parte sui Mortali, hoc tegitur Marmore 


Vidua Domini Roberti Petre, Baronis 

de Writle, Gulielmi, Johannis et Thomas 

Una, Trium Baronum Mater 

Quae i J Januarij An: Dni: i68f annum 

^Etatis Agens 82 u in Terris devixit ut 

Sternum in Coelo viveret, 

Quo illam singularis in Deum Pietas. 

Suavis in Omnes Benevolentia, 

Profusa in Egenos Liberalitas, 

Inconcussa in Adversis Patientia 

Ceu Igneus Elias Currus totidem Rotis haud 

dubie evexerunt. 

Sicut sol Oriens Mundo, in Altissimis Dei 

Sic mulieris bone species in Ornamentum 

Domus sua?: Eccl: 2 6° 


Upon Stones lying upon y e Ground in the same Chapell. 
Arms above 

Here lys the body of the Right 

Hon ble Brigitte, Lady Petre 

Relicte of the Right Hon bIe William 

Lord Petre, Baron of 

Writtell Daughter to John 

Pynchon of Writtell Esq r . She 

Dy'd on the 5 th day of January 

in the 42 d year of her age. 

Ann° Dom' 169I. 

Arms of Petre viz 1 a bend betw : 2 

Here lyes y e body of John 

Petre Est^ 4 th Son to the 

Right Hon b : Wil: Lord Petre 

who died y e 30 th of March 1669 

aged 64 years. 

Requiescat in pace. 

Here lye Interred the 
Hon ble Thomas & Dorothy 

Petre son & Daughter 

of the R ht Hon bIe Thomas 

Lord Petre by Mary 

his wife Daughter of S r 

Thomas Clifton Bar nt 

Thomas being borne 

the 19 th day of June 1691 

dyed on the 12 th of August 

following and Dorothy 

being born the 19 th day 

of June 1695. dyed 

on the 12 th day of the 

following month. 

Of such is the Kingdom" 5 

of God. 
S' Mark y e 10 th & 14 th . 

Arms in a /\ a bend betw: 2 Escallops. 

Here lyes 

The body of the Honourable 

Mary Petre, Daughter of the Right 

Hon ble Thomas, L d Petre by Dame Mary 

His wife Daughter of S r Thomas Clifton 

Bar' who departed this Life in the Twentith 

Year of her age 

On the Tenth day of April 

in the year of our Lord 


This upon a white marble. 

Upon a Table hanging ag' y e North wall in the same Chapell. 

Nigh this place lye 

the body of S r 

Francis Petre 


who died y e 

9 ,b of Oct: 


Upon a neat oval Monument ag l the South Chancell Wall w th an Effig: 
in Busts. 



OBIJT 1 9 apri: 162 1 

mta: svm 



||m laetw the Mies of (&m$t dlaff & ©atetp 

fflltjff a e sonne & Pnpte* of f ohn ©laff one of the 

©letfees of the ^ijuet & of §M*ae his Wief w ch CSeorje 

deeessea" an infant iw « e seroad yew of nis ap ana" 

the said (itotetp died ij e last of $nne 1576 t) e fiftenth 

«m of he* aje. (Sod gtauttt them a Mtm& gjjtesnmction. 

Upon an Altar Tomb w th two Cumbent figures upon it. 

. . . |areat ©o*po*a liirardi ^holmonndeley, ptlitis ft dae 

(Elisabeth coasortis sne qui 

de 9 p'picietn* §HttMt. 

Verses upon Bells. 

Virgo Deo digna, precantibus esto Benigna. 
Mater Magnifica, miseris miserere Maria. 
These on a gravestone in Bampton Ch : Norff: Bl. K. 30. 

Such Dedications as I have found Circumscribed upon Bells are. 

^totene p*ece pia pos (BPvoeo $>ancta Patta. 
SliJirp (Jlotoaata dac nos ad *epa neata, 
W itfflinis ®fl*ep,ie voeo* ©ampana pane 
q' pia. £iona tepeade dia top mapaleaa matia. 

gjos soriet Jiaaetis sempe* Ifticolans in altis. 

•fee ©home metitis mereamat, pndia lucis 

<$te*ais aaais tesoaet ©ampana fohannis. 

gt. ©empestate §!*oteps aos fette gjjeate. $aacte § ttn. 

Petfiis ©dmndi seentns a etfmine mnndi. 

©elesti maana iaa p*oles nos eiftet gwna. $aaete liana. 
Pissas tie ©elis Pheo gftomea (SaMelis. 
^uftveniat dipa doaantiPs Par g£ate*iaa. 

itae ia fiioaclave (Saotiel waae paap $nave. ®*a p' nofcis. 

Pissas veto pie (SaPiel fe*t leta parte 

ffae Patpteta aohis her maaera leta. 

(gfheldreda ljoaa tihi daatar plutima doaa 

Stella Paria maris, ftuftnm piissima nM$. 

§Ekc aoa vade via, nisi dicas gtve paria. 

g\i semper sine ve, pi Pichi dicat give. 

fa mattis !§taais, resoaet (ftampaaa gohatmis. 
©riplex persoaa, ©rinitas nnar pndia doaa. 
fl}ni repas triaas, persoais et Sens anas, 
©riaitate sacra, fiat hee ©ampana $eata. 
lie* sit $corn fflampana lande fcoaora. 

^asripe vota pesnmns gwdrca ffamaloram. 


$ra Strinitas. 

The following inscriptions were written at a later date and inserted in 

the book; 

in £t % mn ffimvfa pvd, §«*»• 

In y e South side of the Chancell which chancell is of late structure, and 
(observe) has no Door into it from the Church yard. And when the 
Rev d M r John Bridge, Rebuilt our Chancell at Palgrave, I advis'd him 
to take pattern by this Building, which he consented to. It being more 
like a Quire in Cathedral churches &c. and I well Remember when the 
old chancell was in being, there were only a parcell of idle Boys, and 
the meanest of the parish us'd to come in at y e chancell Door, and 
throw their hats & caps upon the comunion Table, and sit themselves 
upon the Rails which Inclos'd it. Which was very indecent. M r William 
Bokenham and myself were Church wardens that Year viz' 17 [plank 
in orig.] The not having a Door into our Chancell has been objected 
to by several persons, but I never heard any substantial Reason given, 
so as to persuade an alteration &c. 

Upon a Freestone Tomb, rais'd altarwise. 

In Memory of 

Mary the Wife of 

Dudley Rose 

of this Parish 

who died 3 d Aprill 1757 

Aged 38 years. 

Upon a free stone lying on the north side of y e Tomb. 

S. B. 


On a headstone more Eastward. 

M r 

Thomas Ball 


(late of Mildenhall) 

who died Febv ^25 

17641 Bottomley fecit. 

Taken from Altar Monument in 

m gixrttf 0ft: %m& at §uru. 

In Memory of 

Mary the wife of 

M R Thomas Robinson 

who died 26 th Feb*? 1741 

Aged 33 years. 

Also Tho s their son died 4 th Oct br 1732 

Aged 11 weeks. 

Eliz" their Dau r 

died 4 th May 1765 

Aged 25 years. 

Upon a neat marble (black) slab rais'd upon an Altar Tomb of Free 

stone in Bury S' Maries chy d between the Chancel & S' James Church. 


in Memory of 

M R Samuel Cumberland, 

who departed this life 

the 1 6 th of Nov br 1760. 

Aged 63 years. 

In Memory of 
M R Iohn Cumberland 

Late of Norwich 
who died 18 March 1755 

Aged 78 years. 

On a Headstone at the Bottom or East part of Bury Ch : Yard. 

In Memory of 

Samuel Rogers, 


Who died April y e 18 th 


In the 44 Year 

of his Age. 

From a MS. in the possession of the Suffolk Archaeological 
Society, entitled " Epitaphs chiefly in the County of 
Suffolk, collected by Thomas Martin of Palgrave, 
Vol. II." On the cover is written: "Funeral 
Monuments. Vt tibi mors fcelix contingit vivere 
disce, Vt fcelix possis vivere disce Mori" ; and on 
the fly-leaf occur these autographs. — F. A. C. 



Book-plate of "Franc* Ingram" from a copper-plate 
in my possession, — F. A. C. 

Sectatores Curie 
2 1° H : viij. 

A xxiij H : 8. 

A°xxvj° H: 8. 

A°xxix°H: 8. 
A°xxx° H: 8. 
A°xxxiij°H: 8. 

ftottate At <$jurppp. 

Phus Booth, miles. 
Jacobus Tyrell, armig r . 
Ano 22° H: 8 Wittms Gillgate. 
Thomas Markes, Jacobus Rivett. 
Prior de Hyngham terr tenefitf . 
Nup RoBti Cakes, Vicarius de Newton. 
Henricus Sagon, Wittms Johnson. 
Thomas Smyth, wittms Poole. 
Jories Breckells, Jories Baldwyn. 
Jories Allwyn, Jories Stowrie. 
Jories Beale, RoBtus Newman. 
Wittms Riddnall, Jories Baggley. 
George Denny, Thomas Palmer. 
Rofctus Cur, Jacobus Lopham. 
Joftes Rudland afz Mathewe. 
Jories Leddisrlm, W m Bottes. 
M r Jories Stowrie obijt hoc ann°. 
RoBtus Allum. 
Henricus Baxter. 
Jories Payne, sen r . 

M r Woodhows terr tefit Villat de Mendlesham 
et Jories Everton. 
Vicarius de Mendlesham. 
A° ij° Edw: vj. Jacobus Markes fillius Thome Markes. 

William Tyrell, esqr: & Margret his wife were ffather & mother of 

James Tyrell, knight lords of the mann r of Banham in Norff: A° xvij° 

Edwardi quarti. 

M r John Tyrell, knight was lord of the mann r of Banham in the Countie 

of Norff: in A° x° Henrici vj d . 

And William Tyrell lord there in A° primo Edwardi iiij" & of Gipping 

A° 34 to henr: vj". The said William Tyrell had a brother named 

Thomas Tyrell w ch had the Stewardshipp of divers placf in Essex & 

London. A° xix° H : vj. 

Gippinge : Compus Joriis Loppham batts ifcim p vn anfi integru fin ad 

festum S' Michaelli arcri A regis Henrici septimi Octavo in papira. 

M r Wittm Buttler capellan rec p vn ann integro finet ad festum S" 

Michaelli archangeli vltimu p r teritu vltra iiij !i viij s ob rec de omnimod 

decim irim xix s viij d ob in pleii solutionem octo marcaru et p vna tasca 

integra doni regis accidefi infra tempus istius computi vij 5 viij d . 

It Gipping Comp" 5 Joriis Lopham An° xxij do Edw : iiij d p vn anfi. 
Vsq r ad festum Michaelis A° primi Richardi tertij. 
Item for wax for the preiste to say masse w th in the Chappell in the plor. 
note the Chappell was & did stand betweene the hall & the plor. 
not that xv d ob for the m r kett & fayre in S'owe was p d to S r Robert 
Mountney lord of Gyppinge & newton by his bailife John Schakeris in 
A° xxiij° Richardi secundi & the said bailife accompted to the lord for 
offringf of iij servantf due at Christmas & Eastor vj d & for the pffitt of 
the dove house of the man' & Tebantf viz 1 CCCClxxiiij doues or pigeons 
out of w ch in for tyeths l tie & delivered to witt the lordf servant for expence 
Cxxiiij" & sould as before CCC doues or pigeons V3 euie iij fo r a penny. 


Item that James Lopham bailife in the xiiij th yeare of kinge Henrie the 
viij th did paye & was allowed by S r Thomas Tyrell knight as by 
the said Lophams accompt apereth xxvj s viij d p d by him to S r Thomas 
Blanerhassett the lordp Chaplen & more p d to him lvj s viij d for y* 
Comons or boord of the said Thomas Blaffhassett from the feast 
of S' Hillari A° xiij° of the said kinge vnto the feast of S' Hillari 
in the xiiij th yeare of the said kinge by agrem' made soe w th him. 
Jofres Maundevill baliuus dni A° ix° H: iiij'' int alia p oblacoibz w m 
balle et Richardi seruientf domini iiij d . 

An Abstract out of the Court Rolls of such lands as are 
houlden of the man r of Gipping : vz l in Gipping 
Newton, Stowvpland, Mendlesham & ca . 

Henry Reed ats Sagon. 
fideli fact. 

This tent ffrances payth by y e 
confession of Henry Reed atz 
Sagon yearly v s viij d in the first 
yeare of Edw: the vj & one 
tent called Arnolds p syrvice ij s 
Rent p ah & one pece of land 
called Mountneyscroft & iij 
roods bond lond w ch y e said 
Henry now took vp by copie 
& payeth for y e fre & coppie 
together ix d ob: & one other 
pece called Nucroft by y e 
syvice of xviij d rent p aft. 

iij Roodf 'bonde lande in Gipping Newton betwene 
the londf called Trustf & Blakenyes some tymes in the 
tenure of Jn° Markf on the North & the pcession more 
on the south It abbutteth vpon the londf of this man' 
called Smithfeild towardf the East & vpon the kingf 
highwaye toward^ the west : An xiiij Regis henrici 
vij et A° iiij to H : viij A ix° Eliz : Redd p ann iij d . 
One tenement & close free called ffranceys in Gypping 
cont x acres before W m Driver between the lands 
some tymes henrie Elmham of thone ptie & Wm ffrancys 
of the other pte as by his deed shewed dated die 
dinco pximo post festum Sc" Luc Evangelist A° Regis 
Edwardi iij xxviij° for w ch Henry Sagon did fealtie & 
for all other his fre landf v' in a ix° Henrici vij et 
A xv° H: viij cont x acres the said deed shewed 
mentioneth ij acres besides the x acres. M d that 
Jn° ffrances at the tyme of his death held xij acres 
free p servic iiij s iiij d rent by yeare & duplicatione 
redditus nomine relevij cum accident vt in A° vij° 
Richardi ij di . 

M d that Henry Reed ats Sagon in Court did accknowledg 
the said tent by the service v s viij d rent by yeare & one 
other teiit called Arnoldf by service of ij s rent by yere 
& a peece called Mountnyes crofte cont iij Roodf lond 
bonde w ch he houldeth by coppie & payeth for yt & 
some free ix d ob & one peece called Newcrofte w th 
thapptenances in. gipping houlden by service xviij d rent 
by yere & did fealty & sute of court A prm° 
Edwardi vj t! . 

Vij acres londe called Newcrofte some tyme John ffenkett 
& Richard Keble surrend A xiij H : iiij'' p redd ij s viij d 
& p rentale A° x° H : vij°. q' how this rent was defalted 
vt ante A° pr mo Edw : vj". 

One peece in brodemeddowe betweene the meddow 
of w m ffrancys on the north & the meddow sometyme 
Agnes Smyth on the South cont halfe an acre p redd iij d 
vt p Rentall A°x°H: vij°. 

4 s 4° 

i8 d 

Hew Jones. 

cognovit ten-. 

Rob' Hayward 
of Newton nup 
Bedwell m°. 

viij d in A xxviij Eliz : he payeth yearly by the rentall for all his 

One Tofte new buylte & lond bond Cont iiij acres belonging to 
the same in Gipping Newton late James Sagon A° ix° Eliz: 
q' Hew Jones. 3 

One Mees w th a crofte some tyme Symon Brougor & waiter 1 
Clarke betwene the londf of w m de ffentorl on the west & the high v 
waye on y e East A° Edwardi iij"J xxiij dated die Sabb: fix post festu J 
S cti Johis An Port latin. q' redd. 

One Mees called Sabinestanston & a peec of land cattd Goulden ' 
acre sometyme Isable the wife of Thomas Arnolde in old newton 
lying betweene the lande sometyme John Berkare on the one pte & 
the meswage some tyme Jn° le Cleke & the land of Richard de 
Bamewall & the londf of Stephen Edevill & the londf sometymes 
w m de Boyton on thother pte abbut vpon the way leadinge towardf 
Crossoke street towardf the west & thother heads vpon lang londe. 
M d H : Sagon did fealtie for free landf & bond & payd for releife 
ix ! 

londf fre & coppi ix s viij d . 
Thomas Sagon in A° [blank in orig.~\ H : viij by a rentall for the \ 
wholl yeare p d to Gipping xiij s iij d & to grens iiij d . / 

One Close in Newton called Skepwache cont iij acres free lyinge 
betwene the Highwaye on the east & the landf of Thomas Sagon 
on the west abfc vpon the lands of Tho : Sagon towards the south 
sometyme W m Vncle who did fealtie for the same & is houlden 
frely by the rent by yeare iiij d vt in A ix° H : vij et postea. 
The same W m Vnkle came to this Court & did fealtie for a tenem' 
w th a garden adioyning in Gipping cont by estimacon one Rood 
holden freely by service j d & sute of Court A iiij'° h vij And the 
said W m Vnkle did accknowledg the said iij acres & the one Rood 
at Skepewach by the service iiij d vt ante A x° H : vij : And the 
said W m Vnkle did fealtie for a tofte late built called Cobolotts cont 
by estimacon iij acres ter libre iacent in Gipping iiij d p ann et sect 
Curie A° ix° H : vij et A° iiij to vt sup : 

One Close in Gipping & Newton cont by estimac x acre pcell of a 
feild called Morrelsfeild for w ch saide Close the said Hayward by 
Indenture in the purchase therof is chardged to pay to the lord of 
this mann r yearly v d as pcell of xxij d w ch the lord of this mann r 

q' si teneat de Ducat. 

vuj a 

James Markes q' 
p'ore de yngham. 

payeth for the said x acres & other landf holden freely of the mann r 
of thorny hall yearly xxij d . 

One tenem' sometymes Eastons w th dius lands Called Caprons in 
Newton holden freely by service of ij s viij d w ch James Marks the 
father did acckowlidg w th Certen other free lands houlden of this 
mann' by ther service for the whole yeare iiij s iiij d and did fealtie & 
sute vt in A is prim Marie A° secundo A° vij° Edw : vj A° xj H : vij 
& A° xxviij Eliz et soluit p rentale. 04 4. 

It he houldeth xviij acres land pcell of xxx" acres w ch are houlden 
freely of this mann r by service iij s x d by yeare some tyme in the 
tenure and occupacon of W m Allwin Vicare of Newton and 
sometyme Reignolde Creting A x° et xj° H : vij & are now holden 
by coppie of court roule of the mann r of Abbotts hall in 
Stowmarkett devided by graunt from the Abbott of S ( Osith to one 
Richard Dey w ch said 18 acres the sayde James Markes now 
occupieth by the said Abbot graunted to Thomas Eason in the 
Nicholas Garnham. tenure of Nicholas Garneham. 

The Vicar of Newton. 

The Widow Eagle. 

Rofct Nobbes. 
Modo Edmund clare 
generosu An° 21 


Thomas Goddard. 

William Goddard. 

This Close was first 
taken vp out of the 
lordf hand in An 
xxj H: viij. 

M d the said xxx acres was in the tenure of Raignold Creting, Clarke 
& after in the hands of John Exenner, Vicar of Newton Redd 
paid iij s x d & escuag. 

Qiiere one acre and one Rood & ij acres & x pches of Wood 
called Newmans Woode by syvice xix d ob: q d . And one other 
pece of land called Mallneys croft cont one acre ij roodf & a halfe 
& one pch of the fee of the lord in Gipping by syvice ix d ob: q d 
by yeare for w ch releife is due to the lord for the lond & wood 
ij s v d ob : & fealtie was made A° p r m° H : vj. 

Quere allso the rent of iij d p anfl for halfe an acre land some tymes 
Caprons in Newton in a close of the abbott of Osith in the tenure 
of John Tumor lyinge betwene the lands of the Abbott on the 
North & the way called berry waye Oh the South Abutt vpon the 
medow called brodemedow towards y e East vt in A xiij° H: vij. 
ffor groundf Called Candleacre some times in the tenure of 
Thomas Ash vt p rentall A x° H: vij p ann ij d A° p r ni H: vij 
W m Sherman p terr nup pquisit p RoBtQ page Clericuu de 
Thorne Ash. 

ffor lands Called Rivett^ p ann p Rentale .... 
One Cottage late builded by John Eagle in Samford lane w th in the 
p r cinct of this mami r gfaunted by the lord to hould by Coppie of 
court roule at the will of the lord p reddit iiij d p ann. 
A tenem' new builded in a pightell called Brookshallfeild cont 
by estimat halfe a acr more or lesse abbutt vpon the landf of henry 
Sagon called y e hundred Close & vpon Samford lane holden frely 
by the service & rent p ann j d . 

xij Acres of land bond in a close called five acres Hinge in 
Gipping betweene the landf called Staples ptly & the landf of 
the mann r of Campsey in the tenure of RoBt Goddard ptly on 
the south & the landf of this mann r in the tenure of the said 
RoBt & the lands of the mann r of Thorny in the tenure of the 
said Robert ptly on the north, one head abbutt vpon the waye 
leading from Stow towardf Mendlesham on the East & the 
meadowe of this mann r called Willsoe towardf the west w th the 
aptenances A ix° H: vij & A° iij H: vij A° ix° Eliz: An° xxxij 
Eliz: A° vij Edwardi vj A° prim° Edward: Rotula citat r et 
non constat: 

One Acre lyinge by five Acre on the north pte on the same 
some tyme Rich: Keble A xij xj° H: vij Redd p vetus rentale 
p ann viij d . 

m d he payeth yearly by y e rentall for his lands vj s viij d . 
Vij Acres lande free called Collesley in Gipping holden of this 
mann r by y e service iij s iiij d A xxxvj° H : vj fecit fidelit A xxxij° 
H : vj nup Johis Keble le heire A xx° H : vij qui dat duo de relevio 
et fecit fidelitat. 

One close bonde w th a garden adioyninge cont ij acrs & a halfe by 
estimat in Gippinge called the Close at y e Cross And one acre of 
land lyinge betwene y e landf of this mann' on the South & y e landf 
of the prior of Ingham on the north Abbutt vpon the high waye 
leading from Stowe to Mendlesham p redd ij s iiij d et p p r dict acr 
viij d A xxviij H : viij. q' xxv° H : vj. 

iij d 

Roberte Thorpe nup Jn° 
Wage postea Drew Drurie 

John Huttot the sonne of 
of Rofct Huttot esq r of 
Thorni in Stowvpland q'. 

The Pryor of hingham 
nup Henry Rippes m° 
Smyth genf m° Bendish. 

M d q d Johis Norwich de 
novo creat prior de hing- 
ham A xxij H: viij post 
mortem Thome Cattfeild 
nup p'or iBm releis xx s A°. 

Walker of Stowvpland. 

William Micklefeild lord 
of the mann r of Netherhall 
in Newton late John Wage. 



iij Acres holden freely at Goddardf Qofte A a ij do Ric de iij. 
M d he payeth by the rentall iiij to et v'° Phi: et Ma: p 
an ij s viij d . 

He did appeare at this Court & was sworne vpon the 
Inquest A° xij° H: viij & was amercd for default in 
A° xxx° H : viij. 

M d that RoBt Thorpe postea wage paid for Certen landf called 
Billes p vetus rentale p an iiij d . q' A° ix° H : vij. 
M d that John Micklefeild gent helde of this mann r . 
q' A° xiiij° H : vij p mesuage et tenem' cu vn acr ter in Thorny 
in tenura Jofiis Downe pcell tefit wales tent p servic iiij s in 
tenura Richard Keble. 

Came vnto this Court in A° xvij° Edw: iiij" & did fealtie vnto 
the lord of this mann r for Certen landes called Dame 
Annesses houlden of this mann' freelye for w ch the said 
John did his sute & is holden by service x d rent by yeare 
& iiij or Caprons price xij d A° p'dc. And note that the 
Inquest vpori ther othes p r sented the mann r of Huttots in 
Thorny to be houlden of the mann' of Gippinge as in the 
yeare of Edward iiij te the xij th appeared 

The mann r of Thorny hall in Stow houlden of the mann r 
of Gippinge by knights fvice & rent vj d & a Sparkhawke 
or ij s for the price of a sparrhawke wherof accrueth to the 
lord for relife at everye alienacon xx s vt in A° xix° 
Edwardi iiij t! et xxij do H: viij et xiij° Richardi ij di & A° ij do 
H: vij & yt was commanded to distraine the Tennantf of 
the said mann r An prim° Eliz: et A is iiij" et v to R: Phill: et 

Id prior m° Walker houldeth one messuage fre builded 
w th an acre land in Thorny hamlett of Stow late in the 
tenure of John Downe pcell of the tent Wattos w ch is houlden 
by service iiij s of this mann' sometyme in the tenure of 
Richard Keble & the id prior did demise the said messuage 
w th the said Acre to John Downes by Coppie vt in A° xij° 
H : vij. 

Ide prec est distr p'dict prior et Ric Keble p d p Rentall iiij s 
A° x° H : vij & p rotur Curie An xiiij° H : vij. q' distr A° vij° 
Edwardi vj". 

One Acre londe bonde in brode medow & one other peece 
of lond lyinge at Trustes w ch are holden of this mann' by 
svice vj d rent by yeare for w ch William Waymonde & Edmund 
Bedingfeild ffeoffes in the lands & tent s of Wirrm Micklefeild 
came & made fealtie to the lordf of this mann' A° vj'° H : v ti . 
And did appere & did sute A° xij° H : viij vt pag p'cedent p 
allijs terr. 

v acres A° ix° Eliz q' si iden q d postea voc Bushcroft w* 
is after thought to be Cookes vt infra q' Gunnold. 
iij Acres of lande late margret Turpin the wife of Robert 
Baldwin who did fealty for the said lands A° ix° Eliz: late 
Isable Canon & before John Gowle & late Rorjt Brett 
in a close called Bunchesters in Mendlesham lyinge betwene 
the landf late William Pricke on the south & the landes of the 
mann r of mendlesham on the north Abbutt vpon long street 

The Rent & lond de- 
vided betwene Gibson & 

Gunnold v ltr Cooks. 


Rudland aiz 

Thomas Seaman of 
Mendlesham late RoBt 
Goddard thelder. 

RoBt Brett quonda de 
Aspall Stonham qui se 
suspendit jure quis tz: 
p homagivii vl si sit ter 
m° Edmond Rudlond 
quondan Johis Brett. 

Robert Marks of Wether- 
dine m°. 

way towards the East and vppon Caveliswaye towardf the 
west late the said Baldwin who had allso A pightell cont 
halfe an acre Called the brooke pcell of Golbrook & is of 
the lordf lond late Isable Canon and before John Gowle 
lying betweene the landf of John Gowle on both partf in 
Mendlesham Abbut vpon deadley lond towardf the south 
& vpon Goldcrofte towardf the north & payeth by the yere 
for the said londf & others ij s viij d A ix° H : vij A° ix° Eliz: et 
ad solvend releviu et faciend fidellit. 
Ide for Certen lands called Preek p an ij d vl" oo 2. 
One close Called Bushcrofte cont v acres sometymes John 
Pecher & late George Downinge lying betwene the waye 
leading from Cotton Church to Mendlesfim Church on the 
west pte & the lond of Jn° Pecher late Jn° Kinge on the 
east Abbutt vpon the sayde waye towards the South & vpon 
the Close of Edmond Pecher called Wyberdf towards the 
North houlden of this mann r freely by the service of xvj d p 
Ann vt in An° ix° H: vij. q' s: Jden q od Gunnold tenet et 
Ann ix° Eliz: 

xij Acres lond called Goldsbrook & deadlay land free in 
Mendlesham w ch Elizabeth Rudlond did accknowlidg to be 
houlden of this mann r by Ivice xvj d & sute of Court & did 
fealty & p d for releife xviij d A° ix° Eliz. 

M d Baldwin did fealtie for his fre lands in Mendleshm viz 
for ix acres w ch late were Jn° Bretts holden by service ij s viij d 
& suit of Court vt in A° xix° H : viij. 

M d he paieth yerly by the Rentall for Baldwins ij s viij d p a & 
for preeks yearely iiij d yt seemeth that this ij s viij d and iiij d 
devided to be p d the moyitie by Edmond Rudland xvj d & ij d . 
One messuage and iij acres lond free late Jn° Dunche Steynor 
& sometyme William Pricke in the right of Ellyn his wife 
& sometyme Jn° Gowle in Mendlesham in le long street 
betweene a certen waye on y e east & one other way on the 
west Abbut vpon the fee of the lord towards the North & 
the litle green towards y e South & payeth by yeare iiij d et fecit 
fidellit A° ix° H : vij et A° ij d Richardi iij d . 
M d Ats Dvnche the wife of the said Jn° did accknowlidg 
to holde the said mesuage & land of the lord of this mann r 
vide Rentall A° x° H: vij q' p ter vocat Jordensfeild atz 
Jordens croft for w ch feild Ats Dunch p d p Rentall A° x° 
H : vij vj s viij d q' p homagiu. 

One peece of land w th wayes & other the Appteniies in 
Mendlesham w ch Robert Brett helde lying betwene the londf 
of RoBt Gowle on the north & the landf of W m Dande 
towards the south AbB vpon Cocknekyse wey towards the 
East as appeareth by his deed dated the fryday in the feast 
of S' Michall tharkangell in the iij de yeare of the raigne of 
Edward the iij de A ix° H: vij et A xiij° H: vij cont p estimat 
ix acres terr libre p fidillitat & ij s viij d redd p ann. 
ij Acres lande free in Mendlesham sometyme Ales Smith 
lying in a close over against the messuage of Thomas Smith, 
Abb: vpon the lordf lande called litle preistf towards the 
South & vpon the landf sometymes Peter Manant & late 

ante q' Sagon. 

The Inhabitants and 
gardians of the towne of 

Jn° Story of Mendleshm. 

Rotit Bacon. 

The widdow gonnold late 
Tymothy Gunnold. 

q' y e Wid Woodward. 

The Vicare of Mendlesham. 
Tohn Seaman. 

John Mathewe atz Rudland 

Thomas Aldhows towardf the North payeth by yeare vj d 
A° ix° H: vij for w ch the saide Ats did fealltie & were 
sometyme Jn° Hoobie A v to H : vij & p d the rent sometyme 
to RoEt Greene A° p r m° et p r m° et secund Phill: et Ma: iij" 
fidelitas nondufn facit p markes et q' district d° vij Edwardj vj". 
q' a tent w th a garden adioyning in Gipping cont by estiiri 
one rodd holden freely p syvice j d & sute at Court for 
W m Vnkle cam to the court & did fealtie A° 4 H : 7. 
Swithen Ellenger Churchwarden of Mendlesham George 
Rivet & RoBt Baldwyn in y e name of all the inhabitants 
ther did accknowlidg to hold certen landf freelie of this 
mann r by service xvj d rent by yeare for w ch they did fealltie vt 
in A prm° Dm e Marie: q' if it be the peece of lande 
w ch they holde called Brandesland of the fee of the lord 
by the rent xvj d p an vt in A° x° H: vij they pay by the 
rentall vt supra: 

Came to this Court & was sworne on the homage in y e yers of 
H: viij th the x th xj th & xij th & xvij & xix th and p r sented 
the defaltf & after his decease Jn° Stowrie iun was amced 
for not appinge A° xxix H : viij th & p d for certen his fre lands 
in Mendlesham yerely iiij d . 

One tent w th iij acrs land by estrn in Mendleslim called litle 
Cattf holden frely of this mann r by service iiij d p an & sute of 
Court & fealtie A° xxviij Elizabeth. 

ffor Certen landes late in fearme to the said Tymothie 
for the yearely rent of xvj d q' si vocef Bushcrofte quonda 

And for ferme of a pightell now builded & in the occupation of 
ffinet Woodward, Widow p an viij d abbut vt sequif V3 & was 
granted by Copie for termino vite A° xxxiiij' Eliz: 
One halfe Roode of lond bonde granted to Jn° Payne & his 
heires more or lesse w th thapptenancs lying in Mendlesham 
betweene the bond lond of this mann r in the tenure of 
Jn° Denny on the north pte & y e landf of John Denny 
sometyme Pechers on y e south pte y e one head abbu vpon 
a wey leading from Mendlesfc to Cotton towards the East 
& the other head vpon the lond of Jn° Denny towardf the 
west to hould by sute of Court & service & Costome & did 
fealltye A° xxxiij H : viij q' si idem q d finetta Woodward modo 
tenet et supedificat. 

M d the Vicar of Mendlesham p d p Rentall A° x° H : viij p an 
x d for landp sometymes Edmond Pechers. 
ffor the landp called Mountneysfeild in Mendlesham content 
xx te acres late W m Whitingf w ch was holden by coppie of 
this mann r & was infranchised now houlden freely but yt 
payeth to the lord of Mendlesham p an vj s viij d & did pay to 
Gipping mann' vij s iiij d & now but iiij d p ann to Gipping p 
Indenturan q' A x° H : viij p redd to Mendlesham & divers 
accompts divers lands w ch are holden by Indentures of 
agreement betweene the lord of this mann' & the said Rudland 
paying yearely xxx s & sute of Courte & ther is due to the lord 
for releife duble the rent when yt falleth vt in an ij do Eliz: 
A° ix° H : vij A° x° H : viij abbut. 


Risewolds viij s vj d et 
tent litle Brongers 
& Keys xxj s vj d p r t r 

A° ij do H : vij. V3. 

14 H: vij. 

A xxj Edw: 4. i 

A xxiiij to H : viij. 

A xxviij'° H : vj. 
A° xj Rich : ij di . 
A° xix° Rich : ij di . 

Quere whither one pcell of londe called cropfeild be included 

amongst the said landp soluit p afi iiij d p hac pecia M d Eliz: 

Rudland, Widdow did accknowlidg the fre landf sometymes 

Richard Keble by y e service of viij s vj d & the tenem 1 called 

Risewolds cont 8 acrs & y e tentf called litle Bronges & a close 

called Kyes cont xij acrs p ann xxj s vj d the am r cemtf & paym ts 

vppon these psons following V3. 

John Willson for his ditch by Cotton lane. 

Idem for his ditch against goodlack lane. 

Jn° Miller for his ditch at Mendlesnm feild lane. 

Tho : Wilkyn stopping a wat r course at bluntefinelmoiit. 

Robert ptrige for weetingf lane. 

hill & yenstas for hunting hares in this mann'. 

Tho: Marks for his ditch at Blakenyswood. 

Wate r Culverton for his ditch at hundred^ by Spurling lane. 

Tho : Sagon for Setlings in his ditch at Cobletts crofft. 

Rich : Keble for his ditch at Riches gate. 

Tho : Goddard his ditch against five acres. 

Tho: Marks his ditch by Spirling lane. 

Lopphams ditch at overend of Riches. 

Edmund Pecher for not amending a pownd in Mendlesham to y e 

anoy of the lord of Gippinge. 

Tho : Marks for a water course at Markf grove & for a wat r course 

at Spirling lane. 

Tho : Sagon for a watter course at Markf gate. 

M d the homage charged to make a new sute rolle sub pena xl s . 

Quere tenentes de Sanguine V3 Margeria in Stow m r kett. 

Amerciments xvj° Edwardi iiij 1 '. 

Jonem Huttot armij? iij d Wirrmo Brews armig iij d p terf nup 
Rich Booth armig 1 iij d teiites terr nup RoBt Brews William Rye 
sect Cur & fee def3 et A° xvij diet sectator fee def et etiam. 
Richardus Micklefeild iij d p Netherhall et RoBtus Greene iij d & 
p r est balliuo distrng q d fuit ad pxima Curia ad ostenda quallit 
ingressli sunt in feod dni et fidelit dfii facienif. 

Ann 1602. 

fearme landes as they be now leaten. 

Alexander fforgon p d 
for the wholl yeare 

John Munninge p d 
for o r lady 1602. 



Occupieth the ten called Greenes & Nectons w th xij 
acres lond meadow & pasture vntill the feast of S' 
Michall tharchangell w ch shalbe in the yeare of o r lord 
1602 for the Rent payd aforehand in An 1601 & from !-8o 00 00 
thence att the will of the Lord for the yearly fearme of 
lxxx 1 ' & all other out Charges except Rent of Thorny 
and Mendlesham. J 

Occupieth a tent sometyme Manndevills & Alums w th " 
liiij tie acres lond & pasture p eftimat by Indenture dated 
the [blank in orig.~\ of \blank in orig.] for tearme of 
\l>la?ik in orig.~\ yeares paing the yearly fearme of [blank 
in orig.] & gave for his Income io h . 



12 OO 

William Wealy. 

Thomas Breckells 
p d for o r lady 1602. 

Jesse Jesoppe p d 
for o r lady 1602. 


William Roudge. 
Henry Sagon. 

John Tyrell. 



















1 3 








Idem for a pasture grownde at the will of the lord cont \ 

xC acres called Staples for y e yearly fearme of xx u . / 

Occupieth one ten w th lv tie acres more or lesse both free "j 

& Coppie land by Indenture dated y e \blank in orig.~\ for I 

[blank in orig.\ yeares paying yearly rent xvj d & gaue for j 

his Incom 40 11 . J 

Ide occupieth at the will of the lord w'hout graunt one 

pasture ground Cont by estifn xxviij acres fdr the yearly 

rent to be ended at o r lady xiiij 1 ' and for hearbage iij s iiij d 

Called Tebuntf brooke. 

One tent sometyme Bachelers & Smythes w th xxxiiij tie 

acres lond meadowe & pasture p est as a legacye for 

tearme of life for the yearly fearme of xxxiij s iiij d & 

repacons by the testam libre terf. 

Occupieth one tent sometyme Breckells w th iiij or Acres p \ 

estfn at the will of the lord for the yearly rent of 2 1 ' 13 s 4 . / 

Occupieth a tent free cont by estm one Rood & vj acres 

bond londe at the will of the lord and payeth yearly 

iij'i v j s viij d . 

Occupieth the ten & yard called the Dayrie howse 

cont one acre & the pasture called litle Marecroft , 

cont p est x acres & payeth yearly vj u i3 s 4 d at the * '" 

lords will. 

One ten & pightell cont one rood xv pches p Redd! p an x s \ 

& valet xx s ... / 

Occupieth one pasture grounde called Paxclose Cont p \ 

est x Acres in gipping & Newton for rent by yeare [-03 13 04 

iij 1 ' xiij s iiij d ad placit dom. J 

One peece of londe & pasture in Newton cont xl Acres \ li. s. d. 

in divers pticons late in the occupacon of Jn° Munninge 1- 10 00 00 

for the yearly rent of x 1 ' ad placit dfii. J 

Idem occupieth one tent called Lophams w th lxx acres 

p estim absq u Redditu besides paxclose vt ant. 

M d one pcell of lond in Mendlesham called great p r ish"l 

content ix acres p est in the lordf hand & is worth to be \ 

leat p anii 4 11 or to be sold 95. J 

Coppie hould & free hould rentf from theis psons 
followinge p d to Gipping & Greenes in Gipping, 
Stowvpland, Newton & Mendlesham 1602. 

John Rudland atz Mathew for the whole yeare 
Thomas Goddard for the wholl yeare 
William Goddard p ann ..... 
Thomas Jones for the tent & lands called Goodwyns 
sometyme Ueys p ann ..... 
Lawrence Lumax of Eye for the tenem 1 & xxiiij'' e acres 
land late buylded in Gipping called Coppingf p ann . ij d 
The Mann r of Thorny hall in Stowvpland p an for a \ ., 

vj s virp 
ij s viij" 

nj u 

Sparhauke ij s & rent vj d . 


The landholders called Morrelsfeild com p estim x acres 1 

late purchased of the lord of this mann r by one RoBt Vv d 

Hayward & payeth p ann. J 

James Markes M° Shipp iure vxoris for landes called \ -jj. s ~- d 

Caprons & Easons payeth yearly vt p rentale. / J J 

Ellyn Eagle widdow for a tenem' late buylded w th in the "1 

;pcinct of this mann r by Jn° Eagle holden by Coppie p [iiij d 

servic p ann iiij d & sute of Court. J 

Robert Nobbes for a tenem' & pcell of land called Brookes \ - d 

hallfeild cont p estirn one acre p ann. / J 

James Marks m° Shipp holdeth xviij acres pcell of 

xxx acres holden of this mann r p servic iij a x d p anii 

& Nicholas Garnham, Senior holdeth the Residue viz' 

xij acres q' p homag et consilliu q' allso for halfe an 

acre of lande sometyme Caprons in Newton in a 

close of the Abbott of S' Osith in the tenure of John 

Turner as yt is Abbt A° xiij Henrici vij & payeth rent 

p anii iij d . 

The Vicar of Newton for Candle acre p ann ij d . . } ij d 

Iden for landf called Rivitts p an p rentale 

Henry Sagon for one yeares rent for his landes both free \ 

& Coppie holden of the mann r of Gipping. / 

M d his rent by former rentalls was ix s viij d wherof" 

iij d is p d out of the tenem' & lands called Goodwyns 

sometyme Richard Deye & now Jones adioying to the lords 

lands called Smithfeild. 

The lond holders of Edmond Mathew for landes in 

Mendlesham sometyme Baldwyns p rentale p anii xvj d & 

Releife & fealtie. 

And allso for a pcell of land called Preekes p anii . . } ij d 

[Bla?ik in orig.~\ Gybson for landf late Bauldwins p anii xvj d \ . d 

& for fealtie & Releife. J J 

Thomas Seaman for landes late John Dunch Steynor \ 

in the right of Ellyn his wife viz' one messuage & I jjj- d 

iij acres land free p ann acknowledged by Als Dunch wife J 

of y e sd Jn°. J 

The saide Ales Dunch p d for a feild called Jordns feild \ g s gd 

as by a rentall appe r ' h A° x° H : vij vj s viij p an. / 

[Blank in orig.] Markes of Wetherdine for ij acres londe \ - d 

sometyme Smythes redd : p anii vj d . / 

John Seaman for Mountneysfeild late Whitinges p\ji;jd 

Ann. / .... 

Michall Bacon for the tenem' Cattf free p Anii . . } iiij d 

The Gardians of the Church of Mendlesham for ther towne \ - d 

land holden of this mann r p anii. / 

John Ginnold for lands late Techers somtyme Cookf in \ ^- d 

Mendlesham p anii viij d . / 

ffmett Woodward for one pece nuly builded viz' a pightell \ ~-- d 

in Mendlesham p redd: p ami. > .... 

John Story for free lands in Mendlesham p an . . } iiij d 


iij d 

iij d 

xvj d 

1 8 th October. 

Rentf Rpd of m r Clare vt p z . 

Of m r Clare for Coblettf & new crofte . . . } ij ! 

Of Jn° Osborne for his free landf linge in Rytches & holden 1 .. = 
of this mano r for y e Yeere ended at St: Mychall 1616. / ^ 
O Nycholas Garnha for his free landf Called Bulls & Suggf \ ... 
w th a tenam lyinge in gyppinge. / ^ 

Of Henry Sagon for one pece of freeland Lyinge in Broade "1 

ij d 

s id 


meadowe by stone bridge. / ' 

Rich d Pretma of Bacto & Edward garnha of y e same for\ ... d 

3 Roodf of Copie lande lyinge in y e hundred Close p an. / * 

Som ys y 095 

M d this some of ix s v* 1 ys Devided and apportioned as appereth 
above wrytten this 18 of October 1616 at y e Coorte holden at 
Gyppinge hall for y e mano r of Gyppinge by mary Tirell Wydow. 

An 1067 
25 martij. 


The Raio-ne of the Kinges of England since 
Wiiim the Conquerour. 











The first yeare of W m Conquerour 

14 rayneed 
Wittm Rufus . 
Henrie the first . 

Henry the Second 
Richard the first 

Henrie the thirde 
Edward the first . 
Edward the second 
Edward the thirde 
Richard the seconde 
Henry the fourth . 
Henry the v th 
Henry the sixt 
Edward the forth 
Edward the fifth . 
Richard the third 
Henry the seaventh 
Henry the eight 
Edward the sixt . 
Marie Queene 
Elizabeth Queene 
James King (22 yeeres) 

October 1 .:„ 

J- xx tle yeares. 

} xiij yeares. 
. } xxxvj yeares. 

} xix yeeres. 
. } xxxv yeers. 

} x yeres. 
. } xviij yeers. 

} lvij yeers. 
. } xxxv yeers. 

} xx yeers. 
. } lj yeers. 

} xxiij yeers. 
. } xiiij yers. 

} 9 yers vj monthes. 
. } xxxix yeers. 

} xxiij yeers. 
. } ij monthes. 

} iij yeers. 
. } xxiiij yeers. 

} xxxviij yeers. 
. } vij yeers. 

} v yeers. 
. } xlv yeers. 

} xxij yeers. 


A°4 Elizab: 

quere wher they 
lye at Tho : 
Pallantf ferme. 

A coppie of a note made of the rentf p d yearly by 
Jn° Tyrell esq r to the mann r of Thorney. 

Inp is for Greenes the wholl yeere . . . } 

Item for the landp late Lophams called Ballis . } 

Item of the same for landf called Mickelfeildf . } 

Of w ch sayde vij s is allowed yearly to the sayd 1 

Jn° Tyrell for a sparrhawke. J 

The rentf payd by John Aleyn of ypswich to the man r \ 

of Gipping for a close called five acres q' Thomas V 

Godward. j 

Rentf paid by RoBt Godward of Mendlesham to the \ 

said mann r of Gippinge for theis psells vnder written. / 

Inp is for Collesley for the wholle yere free Rent . } 

Item for the Close at the Crosse bond, rent } 

Item for one acre lond in litle five acre, bond . } 

The said John Tyrell payeth yerely to the mann r ofl 

Thorney Momplers for landf sometyme Aloms & late > 

James Lophams for divers pcells. J 

Item to the mann r of Thorny Kebles for a meese & \ 

certen peecf of lond & wood late the said Lopphams. / 

It to the mann r of Campsey for landf late the said \ 

Lophams. / 

vij s 

iij s 

xxij d 

ijs & v jd renii 

vj s viij d 

ij s iiij d 

ij s iiij d 

viij d 

iiij s ij d ob q d 

iiij or opa in 

Autumno xvj d 

xvj a 

& Vnufo 

opus Autumpni. 
ij s iiij d 

Rents p d yerly to the mann r of Thoney Mompellers 
for landf late Witim Aloms. 

Item for Brongors tefit bond in Gippinge late Jn° \ ■■■$ 

Mandevill p anii iij s & iiij or opa autumni. / J 

Idem for ij peeces londe in Stubbingsfeild de Brongors \ 

londe late the said John Mandevill p Ann x d . / 

Ide w m for one acre lande in Stubbingsfeild somtyme \ •••• 

one Cookf & late the saide John Mandevile p anfi. J ' 

M d the peece lyinge west & north next the lorde 

conteyneth iiij or Acre D. 

The seate of laceyes tefit & yardf cont j acre & ij Roode. 

Te peece lying North from the said tefit cont j acre vj roodf stante. 

d ob q d . 
of Netherhall 

Jorlis Keble le 

A° Ed: tertij a conquesto xlviij . 

Natal Manndevill nat dm de Sanf tenet vnum mess quinque acre 
terf vnu Rodum pasture & bosci de bondf dfii in Gipping Newton et 
pJdict ter iacet in octo pec. Quarum due pec iacent in Campo 
vocat le Stubbing^, vna inter terr Jofcis fit Simonis Bronger ex 
vterc^ pte, et abuttat sup terr Wittj de Wingefeild versus Occident? 
Alter pec iacet inter terr eiusde Joriis ex vna pte et terr Joriis 
Sprouton ex alltera pte et abbuttet sup terr p r dict Wittj de 
Wingfeild v r sus occidente. Tertia pecia ter iacet inter terra diet 
Joriis Bronger ex vna pte et terra Joriis Markes ex alltera ett 


abuttat sup terr vocat Jordeyns crofte versus aquilonem Quarta 
pecia terr iacet inter ter eiusdem Joriis Bronger ex vtracjj pte 
et abuttat sup messuagium p r dic versus austrum. Quinta 
pecia terr iacet inter terr eiusdem Joriis Bronger ex vna pte et 
terr Johis Markes ex alltera et abbuttat sup quendam boscum vocat 
Jordens wood versus Aquilonem. Sexta pecia terr iacett inter 
terr eiusdem Joriis Bronger ex vna pte et terr diet Joriis Markes ex 
altera pte abbuttat sup terr dicti Joriis Bronger v r sus Anstrfi, Septima 
pecia iacet int terr dicti Joriis Bronger ex vna pte et terr dicti Joriis 
Markf ex altra et abbuttat sup terran Joriis Bronger v r sus orientem. 
Octava pecia iacet inter terr dicti Joriis Markf ex vtrat^ pte et 
abuttat sup quendam viam vocat Maundevile weye v r sus orient. Quod 
quide Messuagiffi cum terris p r dictis quondam fuit Witti Maundevile 
et redd" inde p Ann xvj d donare reddf et vnu precare in Autumpno et 
sectu Cur et p r dict ten est. 


Annuities and Rentf resolute yearly out of the mann r 
of Gippinge viz 1 . 

To the heires of S r Richard Baker p ann for a Rent \ u 

Chardge. / 

To m r Georg Tyrell for terme of his life graunted by \ — H 

S r John Tyrell yearly at ij vsuall feastes. / ■* 

More to him grannted by me Thomas Tyrell for tearme ' 

of his life in Consideration of xxx 1 ' in Mony p d to the 

said Thomas at the same two termes in the yere 

p Ann. 

To the Mann r of Thorny hall in Stowvpland due out' 

of the Teiit & landf called greens in Gippinge yerely 

vij s & out of the landf called Balles yerly iij s & out of the 

lands called mickelfeildf in the occupacon of John Tyrell 

xxij d pte in the possession of Bedwall called Morris feild 

for w ch it is apporconed v d p A5 pte of y e Rentf . 4 

To the Mann r of Mendlesham p d yerely xvj s j d ob: 

wherof p d out of the landf late Tho: Whiting f called I - s - d ». 

Mounisfeild &c. yj s viij d & out of the lands aforesaid ' J J ' 

called Greenes due yerely ix s v d ob. 

To the mann r of Thorny Momplers yearely for Certen' 

Coppie holde landf in the occupacon of John Munning 

p Ann viz' p Brongors teiit nat in gipping nup Jories I yS - d ob 

Mandevill iij s & iiil or opa autuni xvj d & p duob pecas de ' ' '" 

Brongors in Stubbingsfeild p d & p vnu acre terr in 

Stubbingsfield nup Cook iiij d ob q d . d 

To the Mann r of Thorny Campsey m° S r Steven Soham \ ■■, •••• d 

coppiehold rent p ann. / - 1 ' 

More to him for free Rent of Thorny Kebs p Ann . ij d 

To the Mann r of Bresworth m° W m Pretima issuing out "1 

of the landf called Newton feild in Newton, by lease for V ij d 

one thousand yers p Ann. J 

vij s 


Gipping Newton. 

Jacobus Loppham baliuus iBm xv t0 H : viij in reddid computa int alia 
de ij s vj d de precio dece porcelloru pvenient de decimis diet computantf 
aretro existent tribus afiis p'terit iuxta rat quolibt porcelli iij d . Et de 
ij s j d de precio CCCCxx ovoru galliu pvenient de decima diet Comput 
iuxta rat cuiuslibet C vj d aretro existent p tribus Amis finit ad festu Sci 
Michaelis A° xvj to Regf p r dict. 

Jones Mandevile serviens dmi RoBti Monntney militf ibm A iij° 
H: iiij'' red9 comput p exitibus Columbarij hoc ann° p tempus comput 
C ma xj Collumb: et quibus in decim lxj columb: et liberat p expu 
dmi Clxiiij Collumb: et vend vt patet infra CCCvj Columb3 p r c 
iij Colur5 j d . 

Et de vno vitulo recept de Rofcto Greene de x a vitut p comput Nichola 
Garnon baliui ac RoBti Hanford collectoris Redditas A regni Edwardj 
quarti quarto p Gippinge. 

M d Johanes de Mountney fillius Arnulphed de Monntney fuit Dums 
Manerij de Newton in An Regni Regis Edwardi tertij xiij Symon Le 
Cooke balivus. 

M d RoBtus Mountney, miles fuit Dominus de Gipping Newton in An° 
Regis Richardj secundj xxij do et A Henrici iiij'' quarto. 

Abstract out of the Rowles concerning Gippinge. 

P'riitantib3 in villa Taxacio decime et quindece ConsessQ in parlemeto apus Westm tertio 
de Gippinge. die novembris A Dni Regis Henrici octavi xxvj' et solutu A xxix 

dicti dni Regf et p Villa de Gippinge p integro taxacio decime et 
quinde xxx s de quib3 inp r mis. 
De Johanne Ruddland . . . . . } V s 

De Wittmo Poole . . . . . } if vj d 

De Thome Palmer . . . . . . } ij s vj d 

De Wittmo Bottf . . . . . . } iij s iiij d 

De Thome Tyrell millits dns manerij . . . . } xiij s vj d 

Of out dwellers having lande ther. 

Of John Godward, RorJt and Thomas . . . } xij d 

Of Henry Sagon . . . . • ■ } xviij d 

Of Hunt, fermer to S r Phillip Booth, Knight . . } viij J 

Sum Totls XXX s 


From the original in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Facsimile of an Invitation Card now in the 
possession of Fitzroy P ley dell Goddard of "The Lawn," 
Swindon, co. Wilts. 



Acton, John, 57 ; Susan, 57. 

Adams, Ann, 61 ; William, 61. 

Adamson, Cesar, 71 ; Elizabeth, 71. 

Aldhows, Thomas, 125. 

Aldrich, Ann, 29 ; Simon, 32 ; Thomas, 

28, 29. 
Aleyn, John, 130. 
Alington, James, 49 ; Judith, 49 ; Lord, 

91 ; William, 70. 
Allum or Alom, Robert, 119; William, 

130; — , 126, 130. 
Allwin or Allwyn, John, 119 ; William, 

Amyas, Francis, 19 ; Mary, 19. 
Andrues, John, 26 ; Philip, 26. 
Anguish, — , 24. 
Ansel, Ann, 74 ; Thomas, 74. 
Archer, William, 68. 
Arnolde, Isabel, 121 ; Thomas, 121. 
Ash, Thomas, 122. 
Ashwell, Stephen, 71. 
Asteley, Dame Alice, 45 ; Sir Andrew, 45. 


Bacheler, — , 127. 

Bacon, Anne, 35 ; Edmund, 28 ; Elizabeth, 
28, 101 ; Dame Elizabeth, 4 ; Frances, 
105 ; Francis, 35 ; Jane, 4 ; Lionel, 28 ; 
Michael, 128 ; Nicholas, 35 ; Robert, 
tos, 125 ; Sir Robert, Bt., 4, 105. 

Baggley, John, 119. 

Baker, Geoffrey, 89 ; Sir Richard, 131. 

Baldwin, Elizabeth, 17; Margaret, 123; 
Robert, 123, 124 ; Samuel, 95 ; Sarah, 
95 ; Stephen, 17 ; — , 124, 128. 

Baldwyn, John, 1 19 ; Robert, 125. 

Ball, Thomas, 115; William, 120. 

Balls, Frances, 102 ; Mary, 91 ; William, 


Barber, Edmund, 64 ; Mary, 64. 

Bardolfe, Lord, 4. 

Baret, H„ 72 ; John, 72. 

Barker, Alice, 44; James, g*, Robert, 42. 

Barkham, Sir Edward, Bt. , 89 ; Dame 

Frances, 89 ; Dame Jane, 89 ; Lord, 88 ; 

Penelope, 89; Robert, 89. 
Barnes, Thomas, 2. 
Barnewall, Richard de, 121. 
Baron, Frances, 30 ; Samuel, 30. 
Barrowe, Mary, 47 ; Maurice, 47. 
Barton, T., 9. 
Barwick, Thomas, 60. 
Bass, Edmund, 45 ; Elizabeth, 45. 
Battely, Ann, 101, 102 ; Charle9, ic)2 ; 

John, 101 ; Mary, 102 ; Nicholas, 101 ; 

S., 101 ; Samuel, 102; William, 101. 
Baxter, Henry, 119. 
Beal or Beale, George, 90; John, 119. 
Bee, Beck or Bek, Cornelius, 93 ; Eliza- 
beth, 72, 93 ; Henry, 72 ; John, 22 ; 

Katherine, 22. 
Beckham, — , 20, 
Bedingfeild, Bedingfelde or Bedingfield, 

Dorothy, 38, 106 ; Edin, 10 ; Edmund, 

123 ; Elizabeth, 23 ; Frances, 32, 38, 

106 ; Henry, 38 ; Sir Henry, 106 ; 

John, 38, 106; Mary, 32, 106. 
Bedwall, — , 131. 
Beech, Susanna, 93. 
Beeston, George, 57 ; Mary, 57. 
Bendish, Elizabeth, 72 ; Thomas, 72 ; 

— , 123. 
Beny, Agnes, 9 ; T., 9. 
Berdwell, — , 55, 56. 
Berege, John, to, 86. 
Berkare, John, 121. 
Berwick, Sir Robert, 5. 
Biby, John, 47. 
Bigot, — , 50. 

Birde, Frances, 27 ; John, 27 ; Susan, 27. 
Bladwell, John, 7; Sir John, 8; William, 8. 
Blanerhassett, Sir Thomas, 120. 
Blemell, James, 68 ; John, 68 ; Martha, 68 ; 

Mary, 68 ; Rebecca, 68. 
Blomefield, Ann, 67 ; John, 67 ; Peter, 67 ; 

Susan, 67. 


Bokenham or Buckenham, Ann, 98 
Barbara, 98 ; Dorothy, 66, 98 ; Edmund 
98 ; Frances, 105 ; Grace, 97 ; Guilford 
105 ; Henry, 98 ; Sir Henry, 97, 98 
Mary, 66 ; Paul, 105 ; Richard, 105 
Thomas, 66; Timothy, 98; Walsingham 
98; William, 115; Wyseman, 97, 98 

Boldero, George, 71. 

Bole, Katherine, 4 ; William, 4. 

Booth, John, 11, 86; Mary, II, 86; Sir 
Philip, 119, 132; Richard, 126. 

Botler, Dame Frances, 1 ; Sir Robert, I. 

Botright, John, 6. 

Botte or Bottes, William, 119, 132. 

Bowes, Mary, 64 ; Richard, 64, 77 ; Sir 
Thomas, 77. 

Boyton, William de, 121. 

Brage, Nicholas, 47. 

Brampston, John, 76 ; William, 76. 

Brampton, Edward, 49 ; Elizabeth, 49 ; 
Thomas, 25, 49. 

Brand, John, 47. 

Brandon, Charles, Duke of Suffolk, 75 ; 
Mary, Duchess of Suffolk, 75. 

Breckells, John, 119; Thomas, 127. 

Brett, John, 13, 124; Robert, 123, 124; 
Sarah, 13. 

Brews, Robert, 126 ; William, 126. 

Brewster, Cecily, 53 ; Francis, 53. 

Bridge, John, 115 ; Samuel, 84. 

Briggs, Henry, 99 ; Rose, 99. 

Bright, Ann, 104 ; Edmund, 104 ; John, 
39, 40, 104 ; Mary, 39, 104 ; Susan, 
104; Thomas, 104; William, 39. 

Broome, Richard de, 5> 

Bronger or Brougor, John, 130, 131 ; 
Simon, 121, 130. 

Brounrigg, Charles, 67 ; Robert, 67. 

Brown or Browne, Ann, no; Sir Anthony, 
So, 83 ; Charles, 11, 86; Dame Eliza- 
beth, 80; Dame Jane, 80; John, 83, 84; 
Thomas, 50 ; William, 1 10. 

Buckton, Joan, 15 ; John, 15. 

Bull, Ann, 68 ; Anthony, 57 ; Elizabeth, 
57 ; Henry, 70 ; Thomas, 68. 

Bun . . . , John, 17. 

Burley, Robert, 49. 

Burrough, Bardsey, 92 ; Elizabeth, 10 1 ; 
James, 101 ; Margaret, 92, 101 ; Mary, 
92 ; Miles, 101 ; Samuel, 92 ; Thomas, 

Burton, Han r >', 31 ; Mary, 31 ; Thomas, 


Buttler, William, 119. 

Cakes, Robert, 119. 
Calthorp, Elizabeth, I; Sir Philip, 1. 
Camden, — , 50. 

Cannon or Canon, Arry, 5 ; Isabel, 123, 
124 ; Thomas, 5. 

Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop 

of, 100. 
Carew, Dame Margaret, 75 ; Sir William, 

Carlton, Elizabeth, 3 ; John, 3. 
Carter, Katherine, 96. 
Cartwright, Sir Hugh, 87. 
Castell, Dorothy, 20 ; Francis, 20 ; John, 

20 ; — , 24. 
Cater, Richard, 10 ; William, 63. 
Caton, Thomas, 13. 
Cattfield, Thomas, 123. 
Challis, Elizabeth, 103; John, 103; Mary, 

103; Rebecca, 103. 
Chamberlain, Ann, 77 ; Frances, 77 ; John, 


Chapman, Amy, 42 ; Elizabeth, 42 ; Henry, 
74; Mary, 74; William, 42; — , 6. 

Cheney, Alice, 49; Francis, 49. 

Chester, Sir Anthony, 100; Sir Henry, 
100 ; Dame Mary, 100 ; Robert, 41 ; 
Theodosia, 41. 

Chibnall, Alice, 99; Emme, 99; Thomas, 


Cholmoundeley, Dame Elizabeth, 114; 

Sir Richard, 1 14. 
Clagett, Anne, 73; Nicholas, 73; Thomas, 

73 ; William, 73. 
Clare, Edmund, 122; — , 129. 
Clarke, Benjamin, 100 ; John, 100 ; 

Margaret, 100; Thomas, 100; Walter, 

Cleke, John le, 121. 
Clifford, Martha, 42 ; Thomas, 42. 
Clifton, Mary, 113; Sir Thomas, Bt., 113. 
Clyff, Anne, 114; Catherine, 114; George, 

114; John, 114. 
Coell, Cecelia, 65; Sir Tohn, 65; Thomas, 

6 S . 
Cokkerham, Alice, 97 ; Philip, 97. 
Colborne, Edward, 16; Mary, 16; Richard, 

16; Robert, 16. 
Colfer, Edward, 22; Isabel, 22. 
Cook or Cooke, Jane, 70 ; John, 70 ; 

Robert, 93 ; Sarah, 65 ; Simon le, 122 ; 

William, 65; — , 56, 123, 124, 128, 130, 

Cooper, Benjamin, 90. 
Copping, Ann, 33 ; Mary, 19 ; Richard, 33. 
Copuldicke, Sir John, 51; Margaret, 51. 
Cornwallis or Cornwaleys, Elizabeth, 28; 

Hon ble Henrietta Maria, 60; Mary, 29; 

Richard, 28, 29. 
Covell, William, 62. 
Cox, Elizabeth, 64; Joseph, 64. 
Crafford, Arthur, 80; Mary, So; Winifred, 

Crane, Anne, 41 ; John, 41. 
Cranmer, Caesar, ioo; John, 100; Mary, 

100 ; Richard, 100 ; Samuel, 100 ; 

Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, 

Cranmer, alias Wood, Sir Csesar, 100. 
Craske, Thomas, 99. 
Creting, Anne, 82; Reignold, 121, 122. 


Crewe, John, Lord, 82. 

Crisp or Crispe, Clopton, 63 ; Edward, 63, 

64; Elizabeth, 63; Isabella Maria, 63; 

John, 63, 64; Mary, 64. 
Crofte, Thomas, 88. 
Croftes, Bridget, 52 - 54 ; Cecilia, 65 ; 

Cecily, 53 ; Dame Cecily, 54 ; Charles, 

51, 52 ; Sir Charles, 52-55 ; Elizabeth, 

51, 53 ; Sir Henry, 65 ; Dame Jane, 53 ; 
Sir John, 51 ; Dame Margaret, 51 ; 
Robert, 54; Susan, 51; Thomas, 51, 

52, 53- 

Cropley, Katherine, 12 ; Susan, 60 ; 

Thomas, 60 ; William, 12. 
Cullum, Sir Dudley, Bt, 37; Thomas, 37; 

Sir Thomas, Bt., 37. 
Culverton, Walter, 126. 
Cumberland, John, 116; Samuel, 116. 
Cur, Robert, 119. 
Curtis, Christian, 71 ; Elizabeth, 71 ; John, 

71; Mary, 71; Robert, 71; Susan, 71; 

William, 71. 
Cutler, Charles, 48 ; Eleanor, 48 ; 

Nicholas, 48. 


Dade, Mary, 97 ; William, 97. 

Dale, George, 85 ; Mary Ann, 85. 

Dalton, Lettice, 109; Michael, 109; Oliver, 

Dalton (? Halton), Sir William, 108. 

Dande or Dandy, Katherine, 41 ; Martha, 
40 ; Thomas, 40, 41 ; William, 124. 

Daniell, Alice, 45 ; Avice, 45 ; John, 45 ; 
Ursula, 45. 

Darbie, Edward, 66; Henry, 66. 

Darkin, Margaret, 92 ; Robert, 92. 

Davy, John, 20. 

Deane, Dame Anne, 1 ; Sir John, 1 . 

De Grey, Dame Elizabeth, 66; Sir Robert, 

De la Pole, — , 50. 

Denny, George, 119; John, 125. 

Dews, Grace, 97 ; Paul, 97. 

Dey, Richard, 121, 128. 

Dikes, Alice, 98. 

Dix {alias Ramsey), Dorothy, 38 ; John, 38. 

Doby, John, 50. 

Dooe, John, 14. 

Downe, John, 123. 

Downinge, George, 124. 

Driver, William, 120. 

Drury, Drurie or Drewry, Anne, 1 , 34-36 ; 
Dame Anne, 1 ; Anthony, 2 ; Audry, 34 ; 
Bridget, 34 ; Catherine, I ; Dame Diana, 
2; Dorothy, 34, 35; Sir Drue, I, 123; 
Drue, I ; Dame Elinor, 2 ; Elizabeth, I , 
34-36 ; Dame Elizabeth, I ; Frances, 
1, 34; Henry, 34; John, 23; Katherine, 
34; Margaret, 34; Mary, 34; Robert, 1, 
34, 36; Sir Robert, 2, 35; Roger, 34; 
Tabitha, 23; Ursula, 34; William, I, 34; 
Sir William, 34 ; Winifred, 34. 

Dudly, Edward, 72 ; Elizabeth, 72. 
Dunche, Alice, 124, 128; John, 124, 128. 
Duncombe, Dame Elizabeth, 76 ; Sir John, 

76 ; Poyntz, 76 ; Richard, 76 ; Sophia, 76. 
Dynne, Alice, 20, 21 ; Anthony, 21 ; 

Beatrice, 21 ; Elizabeth, 21 ; Henry, 21 ; 

Joan, 21'; John, 20, 21 ; Margaret, 21 ; 

Prudence, 21 ; Robert, 20, 21 ; Thomas, 

20, 21; William, 21; Winifred, 21. 


Eagle, Ellen, 128; John, 122, 128. 

Earle, Erasmus, 23, 24 ; Frances, 24. 

Eason, Thomas, 121. 

East, — , 27. 

Edevill, Stephen, 121. 

Edgar, Dorothy, 49 ; Henry, 49 ; Miles, 


Eliott, Penelope, 60 ; William, 60. 

Ellenger, Swithen, 125. 

Ellis, John, 63 ; Thomas, 63. 

Elmham, Henry, 120. 

Elyott, James, 91. 

England, Henry VII., King of, 75 ; 

Henry VIII., King of, 75. 
English, Margaret, 59. 
Enyon, Mr., IOO. 
Estius, George, 73. 
Everard, Henry, 70; Mary, 70. 
Everton, George, 43 ; John, 1 19 ; Mary, 

Ewre, John, 66 ; Mary, 66, 68. 
Exenner, John, 122. 
Eyer, John, 64. 

Fairclyffe, William, 72. 

Farington, Sir Henry, 80 ; Jane, 80 ; 
William, 80. 

Farni, Lucretia, 81; Thomas, 81. 

Feg, William, 71. 

Fenkell, John, 120. 

Fenn, John, 116. 

Fenton, William de, 121. 

Fermer, John, 10, 85. 

Fielding, Hon ble Elizabeth, 100. 

Finch, Katherine, 1 ; William, 1. 

Firmin, Elizabeth, 58 ; John, 58 ; Prudence, 

Fisher, Bardsey, 93 ; Dorothy, 93 ; Eliza- 
beth, 76, 93 ; Mary, 2 ; Samuel, 33. 

FitzEustace, Thomas, 36. 

Flesher, Elizabeth, 93 ; James, 93. 

Fletcher, Ann, 76 ; Thomas, 76. 

Folkes, Judith, 101 ; Thomas, 101. 

Forgon, Alexander, 126. 

Forth, Dame Dorothy, 58 ; Sir William, 58. 

Fountain, Frances, 24 ; John, 24. 

France, Lewis XII., King of, 75 ; Mary, 
Queen of, 75. 


Francys, William, 120. 

Frank, Anthony, 86. 

Frere, John, 50, 51. 

Futter, Henry, 10; Jane, 10; Mary, 10; 

Robert, 10. 
Fyners, John, 75. 

Ganning, Joan, 92. 

Gardiner, Ambrose, 31 ; Bridget, 32 ; 

Daniel, 106 ; Dorothy, 106 ; Edmund, 

31, 32, 106; Elizabeth, 31; Francis, 98; 

Margaret, 31; Martha, 31; Mary, 31; 

William, 31. 
Garnham, Benjamin, 27; Edward, 129; 

Isaac, 68 ; Nicholas, 121, 128, 129 ; 

Rebecca, 68. 
Garnon, Nicholas, 132. 
Garrod, Robert, 55. 
Gary, Elizabeth, 19; Samuel, 19. 
Gates, Abraham, 3 1 ; Elizabeth, 3 1 • 
Gibbon, Henry, 64. 
Gibson or Gybson, — , 123, 124, 128. 
Gilbert, John, 58. 
Gill, John, 67. 
Gillgate, William, 1 19. 
Ginnold, John, 128. 
Gipps, Isabella, 98; Richard, 98. 
Girling, Richard, 97; William, 97. 
Gittens, George, 79. 

Goche, Agnes, 30; Robert, 30; William, 47. 
Goddard, FitzroyPleydell, 133 ; Robert, 122, 

124; Thomas, 122, 126, 127; William, 

122, 127. 
Godfrey, Ann, 103 ; Elizabeth, 92, 103 ; 

Francis, 103 ; Mary, 103 ; Thomas, 103, 

William, 103. 
Godward, John, 132 ; Robert, 130, 132 ; 

Thomas, 130, 132. 
Goodwyn, Elizabeth, 79 ; Jane, 79 ! 

Thomas, 79, 81. 
Gotte, Richard, 89. 
Gowle, John, 123, 124; Robert, 124. 
Green or Greene, Elizabeth, 56 ; Robert, 

125, 126, 132; — , 130. 
Grigby, Elizabeth, 78; Joshua, 78. 
Gris, Robert le, 66. 
Grove, Anne, 104 ; Catharine, 102 ; 

Dorothy, 102; Hugh, 102; John, 102; 

Mary, 102 ; Nathaniel, 104 ; Robert, 

101 ; Samuel, 101, 102, 104; Susan, 

102, 104 ; Thomas, 101 ; William, 101. 
Gunnold, Timothy, 125 ; Widow, 125 ; 

— , 123, 124. 


Hall, Joseph, Bishop of Norwich, 73. 
Hanford, Robert, 132. 
Harbord, Sir Charles, 12; Katherine, 12. 
Harding, Thomas, 49. 
Harris, Thomas, 67. 

Harsick, Dame Alice, 88; Sir John, 88 
Dame Katherine, 88 ; Sir Roger, 88. 

Harsnet, Elinor, 2 ; Samuel, 2. 

Hart, John, 9. 

Hay ward, Robert, 121, 128. 

Hearn, — , 56. 

Heigham, Alice, 95, 109 ; Amy, 109 ; 

Anne, 95; Catherine, 109; Clement, 95; 

Edmund, 95; Francis, 95; James, 109; 

Joan, 109 ; Margaret, 109 ; Mary, 95, 

109 ; Richard, 109 ; Robert, 109 ; 

Susan, 95 ; Thomas, 109 ; William, 95 ; 

Heringe, Mary, 29; Thomas, 29. 
Herris, Arthur, 97; Dorothy, 97. 
Hervey, Bridget, 32 ; Edmund, 32 ; Jane, 

Heveningham, Arthur, 17; William, 17. 
Hewet or Hewytt, Mary, 52 ; Sir Thomas, 

52; Dame Ursula, 10; Sir William, 10. 
Heydon, Sir John, 48, 49 ; Mirabella, 48 ; 

William, 49. 
Heyhoe, Edward, 18; Thomas, 1 8. 
Hill, William, 85 ; — , 126. 
Hinchloe, Robert, 62 ; Sarah, 62. 
Hobart, Margaret, 30. 
Hobmon, Francis, 85. 
Hokell, Richard, 21. 
Honyng, Frances, 48; William, 48. 
Hoo, Agnes, 29; John, 29; Katherine, 29. 
Hoobie, John, 125. 
Hovell, Elizabeth, 107; Hugh, 107. 
Hubbard, Jane, 67; John, 67; Margaret, 

67 ; Robert, 67. 
Hudson, — , 91. 
Hughes, Nicholas, 81. 
Hungerford, Lady, 17. 
Hunt, Sir George le, 32; Jane, 32; — , 132. 
Hurst, Esther, 84; John, 84. 
Huttot, John, 123, 126; Robert, 123. 


Ingham, Prior of, 119, 122, 1 23. 
Ingram, Francis, 118. 

Jackson, Alice, 94; Eleanor, 94; John, 94. 

Jefrason, Richard, 22. 

Jermyn, Dame Mary, 64; Sir Thomas, 64. 

Jesoppe, Jesse, 127. 

Johnson or Johnsone, James, 68 ; Mary, 97 ; 

Rebecca, 68; William, 119. 
Jones, Hew, 121; Thomas, 127; — , 128. 
Juel, Elizabeth, 73 ; John, 73. 


Keble, John, 122, 130; Richard, 120, 122, 
123, 126. 

Kempe, Alice, 97 ; Dorothy, 97 ; Frances, 
22 ; Jane, 97 ; Mary, 22 ; Dame Mary, 
97 ; Richard, 97 ; Robert, 22, 97 ; Sir 
Robert, 97 ; William, 97 ; — , 24. 


Kerington, Roger, 28, 42. 

Kerridge, Mary, 97 ; Susan, 97 ; Thomas, 

Keteryngton, Mary, 88; Robert, 88. 
King, John, 107, 124. 
Kitchingham, John, 22 ; Mary, 22. 
Kynder, Elizabeth, 83 ; Gilbert, 83 5 

Margaret, 83. 

Lamb, Anne, 57; Edmund) 575 Elizabeth, 

57 ; John, 57 ; Mary, 57 ; Susan, 57 ; 

Thomas, 57 ; William, 57 ; Winifred, 57. 
Lambert, Thomas, 89. 
Lancaster, Margaret, 70 ; Mathew, 70 ; 

Thomas, 70. 
Landemer, — , 127. 
Landen, Margaret, 49; William, 49. 
Langman, John, 6; Katherine, 6. 
Leddisham, John, 119. 
Leech, John, 81. 
Leman, Thomas, 88. 
Le Neve, ; Peter, 21, 27, 95. 
Lenison, Alice, 27 ; Robert, 27. 
Lily, — , 50. 
Ling, Peter, 64. 

Litton, Jane, 53 ; Sir Rowland, 53. 
Lomax, Laurence, 48; Mirabella, 48. 
Longe, John, 17; Margaret, 17; Robert, 17. 
Lopham, James, 119, 120, 130, 132; John, 

119; — , 126, 130. 
Lucas, Edmund, 77; Henry, 77. 
Lumax, Lawrence, 127. 
Lyng, William, 17. 


Macro, Mary, 64; Thomas, 64. 

Mallet, William de, 50. 

Manant, Peter, 124. 

Manby, Thomas, 82. 

Mandevill or Maundevill, John, 120, 130-32 ; 

William, 131; — , 126. 
Mannock, Dorothy, 61 ; John, 61 ; Mary, 

61 ; Thomas, 61. 
March, John, 45. 
Markant, John, 91. 
Markes or Marks, James, 119, 121, 128; 

John, 120, 130, 131 ; Robert, 124 ; 

Thomas, 119, 126; — , 128. 
Marleton, John, 56; Thomas, 56. 
Marshall, Mary, 33. 
Marsham, Eleanor, 2; William, 2. 
Martin, Thomas, 25, 116; Sir Thomas, 94; 

William, 94. 
Mason, Catharine, 39; Thomas, 39. 
Mathew, Edmund, 128. 
Mathewe, alias Rudland, John, 119, 125, 

127 ; — , 125. 
May, Elizabeth, 76 ; Sir Humphry, 76. 
Mayer, Edmund F., 51 ; Ellis, 51 ; William, 

50, 51. 

Meares, Alice, 27 ; Frances, 27 ; George, 

26, 27; Susan, 27. 
Medowe or Meddowes, Ann, 54 ; Dame 

Anne, 54 ; Edmund, 68, 69 ; Elizabeth, 

68, 69 ; John, 68, 69 ; Susan, 68, 69 ; 

Sir Thomas, 54. 
Meryell, John, 51. 
Michell, Henry, 96; Joan, 96. 
Micklefeild, John, 123; Richard, 126; 

William, 123. 
Millecent, Agatha, 91. 
Miller, John, 126. 
Mimms, Eleanor, 48. 
Moody, Ann, 67; George, 67; Margaret, 

67 ; Samuel, 65, 67 ; Sarah, 65. 
Moore, Robert, 41 ; Thomas, 18. 
Mordaunte, Dorothy, 20 ; George, 20 ; 

Henry, 20; John, 20; Le Strange, 20; 

Mary, 20; Robert, 20; Thomas, 20. 
Morden, Catharine, 102 ; John, 102. 
More, Alice, 46; Edward, 46; Margaret, 

46; Thomas, 46. 
Morley, Lord, 18. 
Mountney, Arnulphed de, 132 ; John de, 

132; Sir Robert, 119, 132. 
Mundeford, Adam, 14; Ade, 14; Bridget, 

15; Elizabeth, 14; Esselme, 14; Francis, 

14, 15; Margaret, 14, 15; Osbert, 14, 15. 
Munning, John, 126, 127, 131. 
Musgrave, John, 63. 
Muskett, — , 127. 


Neave, Thomas, 41. 

Negus, Elizabeth, 19; Henry, 19. 

Nelson, Catherine, 107 ; John, 107 ; 

Matthew, 74 ; Richard, 94 ; William, 

Netherhall, — , 126. 
Newman, Robert, 119. 
Newson, John, 86. 
Newton, Mary, 64; Thomas, 64. 
Nightingale, Anne, 41 ; Robert, 41 ; 

Theodosia, 41 ; Sir Thomas, 41. 
Nobbes, Robert, 122, 128. 
Noon, Elizabeth, 21 ; Henry, 21. 
Norris, William, 79- 
North, Dudley, 78 ; Dudley, Baron, 7, 39; 

Frances, 78; Henry, 78; Isabella, 78; 

John, 39 ; Mary, 39 ; Montagu, 7 ; 

Roger, 8 ; Sir Roger, 78 ; Thomas, 78. 
Norwich, John, 123 ; Joseph Hall, Bishop 

of, 73- 
Notingham, Isabel, 78; John, 78. 
Nuce, Anne, 95 ; Thomas, 95. 


Osborne, John, 129; Mary, 22 ; Nicholas, 
22; — , 24. 

22; — , 24. 
Owen, Alice, 94; William, 94. 


Packe, Hannah, 32; John, 32. 

Padmore, Nicholas, 81. 
Page, Robert, 122. 

Paine or Payne, Catherine, 5; John, 119, 
125; Thomas, 5. 

Pake, Elizabeth, 66 ; Samuel, 66 ; 
Susan, 66. 

Pallant, Thomas, 130. 

Palmer, Thomas, 119, 132. 

Parr, Elnathan, 62 ; Sarah, 62. 

Partridge, Robert, 126. 

Pece, William, 3. 

Pecher, Edmund, 124-126 ; John, 124 ; 
— , 125, 128. 

Pegot, — , 109. 

Penton, Stephen, 99. 

Percivall, Mary, 91 ; Thomas, 91. 

Perkins, Grassimus, 58. 

Petre, Dame Ann, 1 10 ; Bridget, Lady, 112; 
Hon ble Dorothy, 113; Sir Francis, Bt., 
113; John, 112; Sir John, m ; John, 
Lord, no, 112; Katherine, Lady, III ; 
Hon ble Mary, 113; Mary, Lady, no, 
112, 113; Robert, III; Robert, Lord, 
112; Hon b!e Thomas, 113; Thomas, 
Lord, 112, 113; Sir William, no, III ; 
William, Lord, 110-112. 

Peyton, Christopher, 64 ; Elizabeth, 7 ; 
Thomas, 7. 

Philips or Phillips, Oliver, 60 ; Penelope, 
60; William, 91. 

Picakis, Robert, 80. 

Pickes, John, 90, 91 ; Richard, 90. 

Pitches," George, 38; Sarah, 38. 

Pitt, Francis, 90; Martha, 90; Mary, 90. 

Poley or Pooley, Anne, 57 ; Elizabeth, 76 ; 
John, 40, 57; Sir John, 76; Martha, 40; 
Dame Ursula, 76; — , 54. 

Poole, William, 119, 132. 

Pott, Edmund, 70. 

Potter, James, 85. 

Poyntz, Sir James, 47 ; Dame Mary, 47 ; 
Richard, 47. 

Preston, Peter, 43. 

Pretman, Richard, 129. 

Pretyman or Pretiman, Ann, 30 ; Elizabeth, 
30 ; Frances, 30 ; George, 30 ; Henry, 
30 ; Jane, 30 ; John, 29, 30 ; Peter, 29, 
30 ; Richard, 29 ; Susan, 30 ; Thomas, 
29; William, 131. 

Pricke, Ellen, 124; William, 123, 124. 

Proudfoot, Mark, 91. 

Pryme, Thomas, 72. 

Pye, Anne, 82 ; Edmund, 82 ; Sir Robert, 

Pyle, Jane, 70; Philip, 70. 

Pynchon, Bridget, 112; John, 112. 

Pyrton, Edmund, 80; Elizabeth, 80. 

Raby, Margaret, 92. 

Rampley, Elizabeth, 45 ; John, 45. 

Ramsey, alias Dix, Dorothy, 38 ; John, 38. 

Rason, Elizabeth, 90; Hugh, 90. 

Ratcliffe, Lord, 48. 

Rayneberde, Thomas, 29. 

Read or Reade, Bridget, 52-54 ; Charles, 
52 ; Sir Charles, 52 ; Sir Charles Croft, 
52-54 ; Elizabeth, 1 1 ; Jane, 52 ; Sir 
John, 52 ; Mary, 54 ; Dame Mary, 52, 
54; Thomas, II, 52-54; Widow, 32. 

Redd, Elizabeth, 120. 

Reed, alias Sagon, Henry, 120. 

Reve, Abbot, 74. 

Richardson, Mary, 9 ; Sir Thomas, 9 ; 
Thomas, Lord, 7 ; Ursula, 7. 

Richers, Amy, 23 ; Edmund, 23 ; Elizabeth, 


Riches, — , 126. 

Riddnall, William, 119. 

Rippes, Henry, 123. 

Rivet, George, 125; James, 119. 

Robinson, Elizabeth, 115; Mary, 115; 

Thomas, 115. 
Rogers, Samuel, 116. 
Rookwood, Ambrose, 39 ; Dorothy, 39 ; 

Dame Mary, 39; Sir Robert, 39. 
Rose, Dudley, 115; Mary, 115. 
Rosear, Anne, 44; Edmund, 44. 
Roudge, William, 127. 
Rowning, Henry, 58; Prudence, 58. 
Rudland, Elizabeth, 124, 126; John, 132. 
Rudland, alias Mathewe, Edmund, 124, 

125; John, 119, 127. 
Rushbrooke, Anne, 54 J Cobbs, 54 ; 

Elizabeth, 54; Robert, 54; William, 54. 
Russell, A., 72. 
Rye, William, 126. 

Sadler, Edward, 49 ; Margaret, 49 ; Mary, 

Sagon, Henry, 119, 121, 122, 127-129, 

132; James, 121 ; Thomas, 121, 126. 
Sagon, alias Reed, Henry, 1 20. 
Sainthill, Martha, 83 ; Robert, 83. 
St. Osith, Abbot of, 121, 122, 128. 
Saunders, Elizabeth, 81 ; John, 81 ; 

Lucretia, 81 ; Richard, 81. 
Schakeris, John, 119. 
Seaman, Ellen, 128; John, 125, 128; 

Roger, 66; Thomas, 124, 128; — , 124. 
Seranke, Amy, 96; Dorothy, 96; Thomas, 

Sewell, Ann, 61 ; Richard, 70; Robert, 61. 
Sewster, Dame Ann, 76 ; Sir Robert, 76. 
Seyliard, Ann, 108 ; Frances, 108 ; Jane, 

108; Thomas, 108. 
Sharp or Sharpe, Ann, 69 : Burrough, 69 ; 

Jasper, 69 ; John, 69 ; Margaret, 69 ; 

Martin, 69 ; Mary, 69 ; Prudence, 79 ; 

Robert, 67, 69; William, 79. 
Shelley, Caleb, 19. 
Shelton, Barrow, 48 ; Henry, 48 ; Hester, 


Sherman, William, 122. 

Shipp, — , 128. 

Short, Elizabeth, 60; Peregrine, 60. 

Skin, John, 92. 

Skippon, Luke, 6; Mary, 6. 

Smith or Smithe, Alice, 124, 125 ; John, 

47 ; Maiy, 47 ; Sir Richard, 47 ; 

Thomas, 124; William, 47. 
Smyth, Agnes, 120; Jenkyn, 77, 78; John, 

78; Martha, 16; Thomas, 30, 119; 

William, 16; — , 123, 127, 128. 
Snelling, Elizabeth, 76; John, 76. 
Soham, Sir Steven, 131. 
Somerset, Lady Katherine, III. 
Sone, Mary, 97. 
Sothebie, Anne, 41 ; Katherine, 41 ; 

Thomas, 41. 
Sparrow, Anthony, 72; John, 72. 
Spedding, Elizabeth, 94 ; Thomas, 94. 
Spelman, Spilman or Spylman, Bridget, 

15; Clement, 6; Francis, 65; John, 15, 

65; Robert, 13. 
Sprouton, John, 130. 
Stafford, Alexander, 14 ; Catherine, 104 ; 

Frances, 104; John, 104. 
Stalwot, Richard, 88; Thomas, 88. 
Staples, Sarah, 109. 
Stedman, Ann, 103 ; James, 103 ; William, 

Steward, Katherine, 5 ; Mary, 67 ; 

Nicholas, 23 ; William, 5. 
Story or Stowrie, John, 119, 125, 128. 
Strutt, Sarah, 65 ; Thomas, 65. 
Sturgeon, Betty, 67 ; Martha, 73 ; Robert, 

67 ; Sarah, 67. 
Stuteville, Ann, 74 ; Sir Martin, 74 ; 

Thomas, 92. 
Style, Humphry, 107 ; Mary, 39 ; William, 

Suffolk, Charles, Duke of, 75 ; Mary, 

Duchess of, 75. 
Sugden, Elizabeth, 62 ; Robert, 62. 
Sulyard or Suliarde, Sir John, 44. 
Sutterton, Roger, 94. 
Sutton, Thomas, 74. 
Swaffham, John, 6. 
Swift, Edward, 87 ; Elizabeth, 42, 87 ; 

Francis, 42 ; Hannah, 87 ; John, 42 ; 

Judith, 42 ; Margery, 87 ; Martha, 42 ; 

Richard, 42, 87 ; Sarah, 42 ; Stephen, 

87 ; Thomas, 87. 
Syllet, — , 56. 

Talbot or Talbott, Allen, 80; Isabella, 98; 

John, 98. 
Taverner, Amy, 23; Thomas, 23. 
Tayler, Elizabeth, 94. 
Taylour, Robert, 95. 
Tendall, Amfelicie, 16 ; Beatrice, 21 ; 

Sir John, 21. 
Theobald, Anne, 41 ; Frances, 41 ; Robert, 

41 ; Sarah, 41. 

Thorpe, Robert, 123. 

Tilney, Elizabeth, 11; Francis, II. 

Todd, John, 69. 

Tonni, Stephen, 39. 

Tovell, Mary, 69; Robert, 69; Thomas, 

Townesende, Dame Bridget, 15; John, 15; 
Margaret, 15; Sir Roger, 15. 

Troughton, John, 113. 

Turner or Tumor, Ann, 72 ; Henry, 71, 
72; John, 122, 128. 

Turpin, Margaret, 123. 

Turvill, Ann, 65. 

Tyldesly, Catherine, 104; John, 104. 

Tyrell, Tyrrel or Tyrrell, Ann, 59 ; Avice, 
45 ; George, 131 ; Sir Henry, 45; 
James, 119; Sir James, 119; John, 127, 
130, 131; Sir John, 59, 119, 131; 
Margaret, 59, 119; Mary, 16, 58, 59, 
129 ; Penelope, 58 ; Robert, 16 ; Sarah, 
38; Susan, 30; Thomas, 30, 58, 59, 119, 
131 ; Sir Thomas, 120, 132; William, 
58, 59, 119; — , 58. 

Uncle or Unkle, William, 121, 125. 
Upton, Author, 56; Elizabeth, 56. 

Vass, Edmund, 45 ; Elizabeth, 45. 

Vaux, Henry, Baron, 48. 

Vilet or Vilett, Anne, 12; Diana, 2; 

George, 2, 12. 
V . . , Francis, 14; Grace, 14. 


Wace, Catherine, 15; John, 15. 

Wage, John, 123. 

Waite, Joseph, 57 ; Margaret, 57. 

Waldegrave, Anne, 1 ; Edward, I ; Sir 

Edward, no; Mary, no. 
Walker, — , 123. 
Wall, Anne, 47 ; Daniel, 47. 
Warner, Elizabeth, 107 ; Henry, 107. 
Warren, Earl, S6 ; Edward, 69 ; Elizabeth, 

69; Matthias, 69. 
Warwick, Earl of, 86. 
Watson, Elizabeth, 19. 
Waymonde, William, 123. 
Wealy, William, 127. 
Webb or Webbe, Anne, 74 ; Gardiner, 74 ; 

John, 9, 10; Mary, 9; Ursula, 10. 
Weld, Joseph, 78. 
Wells, Elizabeth, 62 ; John, 62. 
Westhropp, Margaret, 67 ; Thomas, 67. 
Whinnel, Elizabeth, 68; James, 68; Susan, 

White, Henry, 28. 


Whiting or Whitinge, Thomas, 131 ; 

William, 125; — , 128. 
Whyttyll, John, 73. 
Wicks, James, 65 ; Marion, 65. 
Wilkins, Elizabeth, 21 ; Radulph, 21. 
Wilkyn, Thomas, 126. 
Williams, Edward, 84 ; Elizabeth, 84 ; 

Esther, 84. 
Williamson, John, 3 ; Mary, 3. 
Wilson, Henry, 69 ; John, 126. 
Wingfield (Winfield), Dame Elizabeth, I ; 

Margaret, 101 ; Sir Thomas, I ; William 

de, 130. 
Wiseman, Ursula, 45 ; William, 45. 
Wood, Ann, 42 ; Mary, 1 00 ; Thomas, 

Wood, alias Cranmer, Sir Caesar, 100. 
Woodhouse or Woodhows, Dame Elizabeth, 

1; Mr., 119. 
Woodward, Finet, 125, 128. 
Worcester, Edward, Earl of, in. 

Wright, Abraham, 103 ; Anne, 12, 19 ; 
Dame Anne, 82; Bridget, 103; Cecilia, 
103 ; Charles, 12, 103 ; Elizabeth, 19, 
103; Frances, 12; Sir Henry, Bt., 82; 
Jane, 103; John, 79, 83; Katherine, 12; 
Laurence, 79, 82 ; Martha, 83 ; Mary, 
79, 103; Thomas, 12, 103; Wyatt, 19. 

Wych, — , 17. 

Wychyngham, William de, 26. 

Wyngfield, Elizabeth, 81. 

Wyrley, Ann, 29; Roger, 29. 

Yelverton, Elizabeth, 7 ; John, 7 ; Kathe- 
rine, 6 ; Roger, 7 ; Dame Ursula, 7 ; 
William, 6 ; Sir William, Bt., 7 ; 
Sir William, 7. 

Young, Arthur, 75; Gascoigne, 75; John, 





Faringdon, 82. 
Astwood, 99. 
Chichiey, 100. 
Egerlye, 1. 

Abington, Great, 108. 
Abington, Little, 109. 
Ashley, 96. 
Barton, 94. 
Cambridge : 

Corpus Christi College, 6. 
Gonville and Caius Colleges, 17, 

Peterhouse, 6. 
St. John's College, 81. 
St. Peter's College, 74. 
Trinity College, 51. 

Ely. 5. 91- 

Kirtling, 7. 

Newmarket, 91. 

Newmarket, All Saints', 91, 93. 

Newmarket, St. Mary's, 93. 

Silverley, 96. 

Swaffham Market, St. Peter's, 6. 

Weston Colvile, 31. 

Pott Chappell, 70. 

Lupton, 56. 

Ashden Hall, 76. 

Bawdis, 82. 

Bishop's Hall, South Weald, 79. 

Bromley, Great, 77. 

Burntwood, 80. 

Colchester, 77. 

Crixeth, 97. 

Dagenham, 81. 

Deane, 1. 

Downeselles Manor, South Weald, 80, 82. 

Elmstead, 80. 

Ingatestone, no. 

Kirtling, 39. 

Lawford, 1. 

Messing, 45. 

Okenden, North, 47. 

Parndon, 49. 

Spain's Hall, 22. 

Thorndon, West, in. 

Tollesbury, 98. 

Weald, South, 80. 

Writtle, 110-112. 

Knedworth, 53. 
Pishobury, 52. 
Woodhall, 1. 

Canterbury, IOI. 
Ivy, 101. 
Langley, 107. 
Leeds Castle, 47. 
Linsted, 1. 
Sandwich, 101. 
Dalby, 49. 
Salloby, 27. 
Wrangle, 52, 53. 
London, 21, 42, 64, 70, 81, 83, 84, 86, 
93. 97, no. 
All Hallows', Thames Street, 68. 
Lincoln's Inn, 22. 
Middle Temple, 78. 
St. Peter's Chapel, Tower of London, 114. 
Tower of, I. 

Hackney, 100. 
Hampstead, 97. 
Westminster, 59, m. 

Alsham, 22. 

Antingharn, 97. 

Baconsthorpe, 48. 

Bampton, 114. 

Banham, 119. 

Blownorton, 25. 

Brecles, 9. 

Bressingham, n. 

Burnham, 27. 

Deepham, 26. 

Feltwell, St. Mary's, 14. 

Feltwell, St. Nicholas, 14. 

Fransham, Great, 2. 

Garboldisham, All Saint's, 4. 

Garboldisham, St. John's, 2, 3. 

Gissing, 97. 

Hardingham, 18. 

Heigham, 20. 

Heydon, 20, 21, 23. 

Hingham, 17. 

Hockwold, 16. 

Keningall Park, 107. 

Kilverstone, 12. 

King's Lynn, 30, 41. 

Langford, 13. 

Lopham, South, 3. 

Massingham, Great, 10, 85. 


Norfolk, continued. 

Massingham, Little, 20. 

Mendham, 2. 

Merton, 66. 

Methwold, 86, 87. 

Mileham, 6. 

Norwich, 19, 21, 85, 116. 

Oxborough, 106. 

Pinkney Hall, 2, 12. 

Prillton, 66. 

Raveningham, 20. 

Riddlesworth, I, 2. 

Rougham, 6-8. 

Roydon, 11, 47. 

Shelfhanger, 21. 

Shropham, 9. 

Sniterton, 13. 

Southacre, 88. 

Stow Beden, 65. 

Stratton Strawless, 2. 

Swaffham, 5. 

Swaffham, St. Peter's, 6. 

Swannington, 8, 23. 

Thetford, 12. 

Thompson, 10. 

Thompson College, 10. 

Walsingham Abbey, 97. 

Warham, 62. 

Weeting, All Saint's, 85. 

Weeting, St. Mary's, 85. 

Wickmere, 38, 106. 

Wighton, 4. 

Wilton, 15-17. 

Witchingham, Great, 26, 27. 

Yarmouth, 54. 

Clapton, 72. 

Harrowden, 48. 

Nottingham, 52, 87. 

Exeter College, 1 10. 

Uphaven, 81. 

Hamsted Hall, 29. 

Bacton, 29, 30, 56, 129. 

Badley, 40, 54, 57. 

Bardwell, 51. 

Barking, 41. 

Barningham, 47. 

Battisford, 43. 

Bay ton, 31. 

Blakenham, Great, 42. 

Bramford, 16, 57, 58. 

Briset, Great, 39. 

Briset, Little, 40. 

Bury St. Edmunds, 34, 39, 45, 58, 60, 
61, 70, 72, 91. 98, 103, 104. 

Bury St. Edmunds, St. James', 63, 67, 
68, 115. 

Bury St. Edmunds, St. Mary's, 70, 
100, 116. 

Suffolk, continued. 

Campsey, Stowupland, 122. 

Combes, 40. 

Coney Weston, 62. 

Cotton, 63, 124-126. 

Coulsey Wood, Stoke Ash, 106. 

Dalham, 74- 

Desning Hall, Gazeley, 96. 

Edwardstone, 47. 

Elmswell, 74. 

Eriswell, 33. 

Eye, 48, 49, 127. 

Finborough, Great, 58. 

Finningham, 50, 5 1, 

Fornham, 60. 

Gazeley, 95. 

Gipping, 3°> 58, 59. "9-l 2 7» 129-132. 

Grundisburgh, 51. 

Hawstead, 1, 34. 

Haverhill, 92. 

Hemingstone, 39. 

Hesset, 28, 29, 31. 

Heveningham, 17. 

Icklingham, All Saints', 99. 

Icklingham, St. James', 98. 

Ipswich, 57, 67, 130. 

Leveringham, I. 

Mendlesham, 119, 120, 122-128, 130, 

I31 - 

Mildenhall, 14, 78, 107, 115. 

Needham Market, 41. 

Newton, 1 19-122, 127, 128, 1 30- 1 32. 

Palgrave, 62, 115, 116. 

Redgrave Hall, 105. 

Rickinghall Superior, 27. 

Ringshall, 42. 

Rougham, 28. 

Saxham, 65. 

Sproughton, 57- 

Staningfield, 39. 

Stoke Ash, 31, 38, 106. 

Stonham Aspall, 124. 

Stowupland, 120, 122, 123, 127, 131. 

Stowmarket, 58, 59, 76, 121. 

Stratford, 46, 47. 

Sudbury, 75- 

Thornham, Great, 97. 

Thornham, Little, 105. 

Thorny, Stowupland, 122, 123, 126, 

Thwaite, 51. 

Trimley, 57. 

Tuddenham, 33. 

Ubbeston, 97. 

Waldingfield, Little, 3. 

Wetherden, 43, 124, 128. 

Wheapstead, 71. 

Wickham Abbey, 51. 

Worlington, 107. 

Wrentham, 53. 

Alcester, 100. 

Chippenham, 91. 



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