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SCauaas (Ejfty 
lubltr Mrarjj 

liis Volume is for 


D 0001 0331310 2 





JAMES BOIELLE, B.A. (Univ. Gall.) 













WHEN I was asked by Messrs. Cassell & Co, to undertake the revision of 
their French Dictionary, I had no idea of the formidable nature of the task 
that lay before me. It was obvious, of course, that a very great deal would 
have to be done to bring up to date a dictionary of a living language that 
is ever growing, and in which new wprds and new meanings of words are 
being coined almost daily. But I found, in the course of the four and a half 
years during which I have been engaged upon the work, that it assumed 
proportions altogether undreamt of, and that I was virtually producing a 
new work. 

Perhaps I may be permitted to direct attention to some of the features 
which distinguish the new edition. 

Many thousands of new words and phrases, idioms and idiomatic expres- 
sions, proverbs and proverbial expressions, have been included. In a great 
many instances chapter and verse have been given. Two hundred columns 
of print have been added to the book. 

For the words in the French-English part, I have closely followed the 
smaller Littrfi as well aa Beschercllc, and have taken special care to give, as 
far as the compass of the Dictionary would allow, illustrative examples of the 
many and various meanings conveyed by the words under review. These 
various meanings have also been classified, as far as possible, under their 
respective heads. In the English-French portion I have, as far as the selec- 
tion of words is concerned, closely followed the lines of CasselFs English 
Dictionary, The latest classical, general, scientific, commercial, naval, and 
military terms are incorporated. In this part, too, the "notation" of the 
words has been carefully marked throughout and the pronunciation revised, 

For the idioms and idiomatic expressions I have been greatly indebted to 
Tarrer*s English-French Phraseological Dictionary and to Mr. de V. Payers 
Payne's excellent work on " French Idioms and Proverbs." * 

I have also to acknowledge, with many thanks, help from M. Ferdinand 
Thomas, B, A., B. Be., in notation of words, correction of proofs, etc. In the 
course of the progress of the revision, I have also received from various! 
louroes notes of many words and meanings which have proved of value, Mr. 
B&rroxt sup plied a number of these. 

Among cither features of the work which may justly, I think, be accounted 
improvements, I may mention the following, viz.: the different preporfr 
tloas affixed to Y0Aa have been printed in heavier type thus simplifying 

one of the 

greatest difficulties of the language; the pronunciation 

words, whqre needstary, has been carefully indicated ; and the list of 
i of QWfiWw and places has been largely added to. 

My thanks are due in no small measure to the printers tor tlie care wrai 
which the proofs have been treated, and for the intelligence displayed by 
their proof-readers. 

The work has occupied me, as I have said, for more than four years ; but 
the process of revision has been to me most interesting, and while the labor 
expended has been far greater than anything I could have anticipated,, I 
trust that the result will give satisfaction to an even larger circle of readers 
than was obtained by previous editions* 

j. a 

I HAVE been very pleased to revise my friend, Mr. Boielle's, work. All T 
have done is to do what lie would have done himself, hud he. not died a week 
before the publication of this work. I have read through the work and 
corrected evident misprints, taking as my guides the new edition of WVlwtor'w 
Dictionary, Littre and Hatzfeld-Darmesteter. 

LONDON, 1905. 







Aficlepiade . . . 



Basque .. 

n,, a male assistant. 
/,, a lemale assistant 5 aid, help, suc- 

H , male eagle. 

/ , bhe-eagle , standard, eagle 

m , angel, (artil.) cham-whot, bar-shot; 
angel-shot, (ich.) angel-fish i 

/., not uwd, 

n , Tci tullmn's treatise in defense oi 
tlie early Christians 

f, apologetics, a pait of theology 

., wood-louhe 

/ , armauilla, Spanibh ilect to defend 
Spain's pobbCBBions in the New 
World, Spanibh ingate belonging 
to this fleet. 

., (ancient poet.) usclcpiad. 

/'., (bot.) asclepma, bwullow-wort 

it , alder tiee. 

/., obsolete Ft ench measure = one ell. 

n , Harbary hoi Be. 

/' , board. 

^ m., a bard, Celtic poet 
(L/ , a thin shoo, a mtUier of bacon. 
f m., BiHcayan 5 Basque (nation and 
y language), 

I /., ilap, skut, tail, of a coat, or any 
L other garment 
?/., Burgundy (wine) 
V/ M Burgundy (province) 
//., Bne(eheehe). 
1 /., Brie (piovince); rolhng-pin. 
jm., (amit) bulb. 
I/., (bot.) bulb. 

Jm , <3p ate ; privateer, piratical ship. 
H/., (bot.) caper. 
<,, wriHt. 
I/., (leh.)ciup 

ini , (arch.) nu touch, modillion. 
\/., oaihidgo ior Hinall IheaunH. 
(<., (med.) cuuKtie. 
\/- (geom., phy.) cauntic eutve, 
< ,, Champaguo (wine-), 
t,/'., Champagne (province), 
(w., ehoicuH. choree, tioehee. 
X/M (uuMl.) Qluirva, Ht Vitun' danee. 
(w.. th nflh part, pupil in the fith 
, < lonu iu public uehoolB 
i,/',, Ath form iu public nehooln. 
'w,, (anti(|.) Awlatie coin nuuked with 
a eiwt. 

,/',, (antin.) a feinul< eJHt-benrev in the 
mint of (Jerew and HacehuH. 

///., open a !iat, 

,/',, (lap, slap, Hiimck; (then,) eluque, 
. paid elappeiH. 

fm ink, teeeplaele of HUh i (Ilthy, 
J uirty place \ iilthy pet'Hon ? (luutt.) 

/'., (Roman ati<i,)cotmnon newer. 
u, bargo for the eoiwywiee <>]' twiv- 

/',. ow, Hhepigj notch, inek, indenta- 

./IligU'CiniHtttbie'H wife. 
.,, a imw KuiUy of eontutuaey (!ur.). 

,, eomet", enisiign'lH'ttrej' (oavulry). 
., ( % ornk, wolHiaj) (inilit.) cotorH of 
a cMmpan t y (if eavuh'y 5 eornetey \ 
(niiv.) bfotui pendant, 

/*. the mi oi' UHing noHnK'licH. 
'w,, (Ich.) bull Inm, initlerVthumb. 
" ".pwttlwmt. tPwnuvt noftt; of 
Mt " <(ft MdillWt eoat of mail. 
.nwitff property 1H by a 

Homo grniuxuani ttd AtetlonwjM give nnr </.' twf /', 

, I 

unn* in A 

* In tb I 
nd tn tli 

in tho 


mt it in an error i tff In man- 
cAn.) , , 4 . 
riH word 1* (wioti 
ino (AtfAiu 
ol plrttt 4 thli wow hn n 





Cuatode .... 


Didactique . 
Dixicme . 


Exeraple . 
Ftuino. . . 



Foudro . 


amarned pair, husband and wife, 
a brace, two. 

., Croatian horfaej Otrooperof light 

cavalry regiments which bore the 

same name. 

, cravat, necktie, neckcloth 

., crape. 

, pancake. 

, a critic. 

, criticism, 
m , warden 
/, cloth to cover the pyx m which the 

Host is kept , curtain ol the high 

altar ; curtain. 
m , copper com woith 10 centimes, 

the tenth part of a tranc, a war tax. 
/., tithe formerly levied on ecclesias- 
tical revenues , pi , tax paid fof- 

merly to the king bj the holders, of 
. benefices. 
> (conch,) dentahum, dental, tooth 


f,, dental, dental consonant 
J M didactic language, didactic style. 
/., the art of teaching. 
m. the tenth part, a tax. 
J , (mus.) tenth. 
rn . not used, 

f t ebony, ebonj (fig.) black color, 
m., echo, 

jf., Echo (nymph). 
'm , male pupil, school-boy. 
/., female pupil, bchool-girl, breeding 

of horses, cattle, etc. 
'in , ensign, standard-beai er. 
'., sign-board. 

, (ent.) ephemeia, ephemeran, day- 

ly, May "fly. 

8pider-woi,t, t> atiestcantia rtrgtmca. 

, space, distance, interval 
(print.) space/, metallic plate u) 

separate words, 

, example. 

, writing-cony. 

t faun (myth ) 

, fauna. 

, forgery, falsehood. 

, scythe. 

, sharp, ftstute man ; gist, mam 

point; (metal.) pure metal. 

, end, termination , mm, object, 

view, deftign t intention 

., (muB.)linaU: 
(gram ) ihml letter or syllable, 

., cheek (of a gun-carriage) 

, powdc'r-flask, powder-horn; (rwv ) 

whelp (of the enpntan), board (of 


,(anat., bot.) follicle 

t Hmall sheet of paper, (phann.) 

pod of Henna. 

,, drill (to bore holes), 

, forent. 

. (at. e.) thunder-bolt, lightning 

(paint., sftulpt) tlmjider-bolt, hun 

ter'a attribute; (fig.) irrmntible elo- 

tiueneo; Kr<'-t general, otat<n, lu'nn 

<liviii anger, vengeance; Cummia- 

tion of exeommuniention, etc , r- 

tillery, mines, war? (poet.) ctH- 

trophe, deduction. A tun (cank ) 

., tlumder-bolt, Jightmng (fiir.) ui- 

vine anger, vengeance, f ulmhuition 

of exeomnitjnictttioii, etc.; superior 

eloqtjenee? artillery, mi*u*H, etc, 
m,, knave. 

* Home in'awmwianH and luxlcographorH give ^ta, 
in the figurative w\\w of bhiek e<lor, a uaculm* 
but it in an error; <Ww<* ifemininr *veu mwn uBCaflK- 

Voltaire u<Ml thii ward hi th* feminine, in th en 
of a wnall nbeet of paper t but it JH o<mtrttry to etymol- 
ogy, find even to wominon nM. The r rcnoh Acft 


demy doM not glv this acceptation* 
Wlion it inuanH ,/<w, it hiui tt wrcumflesc 


fm , a guard, a keeper. 
Garde < /., guarding, guard; watching, keep- 




iirave .. . 

Greife ... 
Grfile .. 
Guide,. . 
Ilavane. . 
Ilymnc .. 

Interligne . 

Jujube ... , 
Laque .. ... 



Liquiuc ..... 

Lrvre, .. 
Louche. . 

., lady's apron, 
f, wardrobe, (bot ) aitemisia. 
in , gesture, action, movement pL t 
great deeds ot generals, princes, 

^f., poem m old French. 
fm , noar frost, rime 
1y., (her ) snake, serpent, wyvera. 
fw..(phyfa ) body, heavy body; (lit) 
grave style, (mus.) flat ; wme made 
J at Grave (France) 
1 y , shore, beach (Newfoundland) , 
jjl,, gravelly and clayey boilin the 
v department of Gironde (Fiance) 
fm.. record-office oi a court ot justice 
t/"., graft 
(m .nut-coal. 

/, hail, (med) chalazion, grando, 
... guerilla-aoldicr. 

, , , guerilla, small army of irregulars, 
'm., a guide. 
/., rein. 

m , Havana (cigar). 
/.,, Havana (town). 
,111 ,odc, hymn 
L,/., hymn (church) 
fm., indigo, mdigo blue; logwood 
UM India 

'/., spticc between printed or written 
lineai space between the lines of the 
Htave (mus.). 

, (print ) lead, metallic plate to sep- 
arate knew. 

., the extiact of jujube (fruit). 
, iltuube(liuit). 
., lacker, lacquer. 
, lac, lake, gum-lake 
., (cut ) leptus, whoal-worm, har- 

., (bot ) a tnphyllous plant of the 
order cclaatracew. 
., Levite 

, Hurtout, oveicoat 
, liquid, 

mim ) liquid, liquid eonaonant 
, .Itcr, French measure of capacity, 
lew than a quart 
, band oi block cloth hearing the 
coat of arm* of a deceftwd perwm, 
and hung JH church at h> funeral 
, book. 

pound (weight, money). 
., iimbiemty, eqiuvoealiH-Htn undei- 
hiind acnhng. 
, Houp-liulle. 

., 0a Jut, a muff, etc., made of otter- 
akin or hair. 

fm., (French hiHt.) Prolwttmit Holdier. 
/., a hleeve that WUK formerly worn, 
V ami did not reach further than the 
i elbow. 

fm,, handle of a tool, a knife, *tc, 
1 "\/., uleeve; the Knglwh Channel, 
i. f day-laborer * briokkyer'M joiir 
neynmni (%,) bungler j crafty per- 
/,, (milit., nav.) maneuver \ running 

, . 

. % Oxfor 





I*/M w*tw woman, ujfly (drt. 
(j* rneinorandunn memoir j bill (of 
Mftmoiro .,....< large itmount). 
(,/,, the memory. 

M. 4W .i /*>., thiuikH. , ., 

er(H. ,..,,,..< f | U (^.y % grtiee, benevolo nce favor, 
" ' d o /w. Oeolonvh general. 

J'., 0th< lt eoiupany of rrxmnontt 
,, minim, Fmweiuewn monk. 

"wV, mover, upring, motive power i mo* 
" 'rintltitfftrrfrr **' 

'try crp no longer in exii 

M. % xford gray (color). 
/., (cook,) jftrenKO<wu<*<* for fowl). 

M rKwulni lout, wicaUion f clou- 


/, f (puinl.) Uning-iKiHte. 
m,, martyrdom. 
/'., fcmttlo miitrtyr. 


i The Prmalk Aowlemy ttives to/i(/!<lw? (fruit )thA 
frminlnc btiuler; but it in coutmry to gar.l pr*Mub 


Moule .. . 

Moufase . . 
Mulle . 


Mystique . 


(Euvre... . 


/m., rnood, mode, method 
f, fashion. 
m , pier, jetty 
y., (med ) mole, 
u., a dead man. 
/ , death, 
(w., (chem.) muffle, 
y., (mec.) tackle (assemblage oi pul- 
v leys), flngerlew slove 
tin., mold, inatux to cast lead, iron, 
< etc. 

(/', (ich ) mussel 
fm., cabin-boy, apprentice sailor. 
V.y., moBs, froth, ioam. 
(m , (ich ) mullet. 
</., Orennet, prepared membrane of 

the calf's stomach. 
f m , myope, short-Highted muu j (cut ) 


/., myope, shoit-mghted female. 
/., mynlic (mun) 

/., mystic (iemale) , the ntudy oi 

i. (med ) nephritic , mini aliecteu 
with iH'plmtiH, 
, /., nephritic, ienl cohc. 
Tw., niello, 

/ , Wight, wmit ; (bot ) iow eiuupiou 
i't , C'luiHtimiH! ChiJstmatt eaiol 
J., la Aoi (olbpbiH for la ietc do 
( jVo< 0* ChuHtiiuiH-day. 
w., the philoHophei'H Htowe ; (inch.) 
walls , the whole of the woi kn ol an 
engraver, painter, <n eoiuiiowj ol 
tnviHic ; urKcntileroUH leiuf : (jut ) 
MiiunxiiiH to one who bxuhlii upon 
another imuj*H gi ound. 
/ , work, deed, uetwtu work ol tho 
hand ? humhwork \ (jewel.) be/el . 
(nav.)hullof a Hlup t thewoilcnof 
a writer. 

"m., divine Hcrvicc, duty; <mue>; t-m 
ploymout, f<mmliuy ol i>i>vn 
,S'awf- ; holy-ortlee, inqiututJou, 
! ,/', 8rvant' iuill, patttiy 

IMT, j;ra^liuK, ehai , (riu<l )',,me) 

'in!, mountain cat, entiunuumt. 
/., oum c c weight ) j juj'unr, ounec. 
i., OnilH'UH' noeum j r.vtJittgoreoiJK^ 
votaries of Orphean, 
',, ornien, lertMt i honor of Howluin, 

'',,'|>Hg<or a ho(k, ete, 

!., clown, merry mmlivw, 

,, tniwbe<U nktniw bed ticking' 

i., pnlnti hftjul (iiM-UHUivH). 

puhrn jftln't)i'nel) j (hot.) pnltu 
ti'tHM tmtteirti ol eanUjJU'ie Hiniwlt \ 
(eul|ii, t iueh.)ltiu (hi-j umlttn 
(hot) (Uibnn reed t (nnv.) kuul of 
Knwt InUutn ship witli twonuiwt*. 


Inettfott.) trench, 

m*,Vjur!)'>rw born chi !d , in fn nt t bit th. 
y,,HjtttM', porOon, imit i mheerit, i> 

teret, jmrt, Mile 

m,. Atitertenn ItxDiiu. w'u rkui, 
/",. (no hyplM'tn MIJ om''nkti whvti 
' ft!iHforrdi!u Umit UMiAl. 

, <7 '1, 'time |i*w, 

-' u, (|mm/) KHitHHiy, ftitytNMty. 
t/l7nuii |*F*iln|Uy 
Iwnu null flu*H, * 

in th 

twfnt, for th* trwi'iin nf Jni*fni'W 
Uttl tfi*W* W *J wi JtU AuittH r, , 
or t'JSmw, t:hrIU#n iwltKfttn, in tif ! 

ii, i* 


Plane 4 

'm., (bot ) plane-tree inside surface 
of scissors blades. 
/., lomer's plane ; spoke-shave, draw- 
. ing-knife , (ich ) plaice. 
'., (metal ) platinum. 
/,, lock (of fcmall fire-arms) ; metal- 
m , a podagncal man, i.e. one having 
the gout in his feet. 
/., podagra, gout in the leet. 
"m., pall , stove. 

'm.', Polish cavalry. 
i f. t (nav ) polacca, polacre. 
iw,, politician. 
/ , politics ? policy. 
'm , punter (gambhiig) 
L t , laying of eggs. 
m post, situation. 
i./ , post, mail, post-office ; buckshot, 
fm , (mol ) poulp, octopus. 
I/., pulp, pap. 
m . purple (color) j (her.) purpure, 
(chorn.) purple ; (med ) purples 
/., purple, coloring matter extracted 
from buccinum Iftpillus, stuff, fa- 
bric dyed m purple j (fig.) vivid 
red color , sovereign dignity, car- 
, dmal's dignity. 
,, pretense, pretext. 
if, (Rom ant ) prsotexta, 
w , spring Benson. 
if , (bot ) puinroso, cowslip, oxlip. 
r., a male ward 
L/., a female ward ; pupil of the eye. 
m., pyrrhic (poet). 
L/- pyirhic, military dance, 
ni., quadrille (card game) ; quadrille* 
a dance ; (mus.) quadrille. 
/"., troup of noi < m a tournament. 
rr., quadruple, fourfold ; (Spanish 
coin) doubloon 
/., ^HnaniHh gold coin worth about 
i JB'5 8fl. 
0.. fourtli t '1th floor; pupil of the 
1 4th form in public Rchoole. 
i/., 'ith form m public schools; (pi- 
[ (jiuit) quart. 
/ m , cooic 
Xy., whothng-Htonc, hono 
fm. f Hfc, like for like, tit for tat. 
!,/, (log.) oonverMJ, 
pw., (hw king) cry, wign to bnng back 
a hawk to ilic lure or to the uBt. 
1 /., (print) catch-word , primer ; edi- 
i toriul alvortiement inncwspaperB? 
(c. rcl ) part of th rtHpoiie8 ro- 
l ctod n the vcrsinlc , (thca.) rue 
rw., ortfiui utot) imitating thominmn 
voice ? regal (mtiical niRtrument). 
] /,, tlw king's right to receive the rev- 
( (nu of a vacant bishopric 
rm., <ltt rfyliMp (popular llii[)8i for 
<1u j u do rriyhiuit) extract of liquor- 
ico, SponlMh juice. 
/, (hot.) liquorieo, HoorJco jlitiuorico 
I root, 
/nil., (thoft*) non-performance 
l /'., (nav.) putting into port, 
/m,, <"<>w*,h m on hire, livery-coach. 
V/' M c<mli-)iouwi \ (com,) remittance, 
rw*., (hr.) renooiinror. 
L/',, imciouutor, rencounter, accidental 
J nuiefcing j nccidcint, chance, col- 
1 Union ; meeting \ nccidcntal fight 5 
opportunity, occurrence, casei 
I juncture. 
fnt n <Mufc of the Ehinc, 
1 /*., Okndo-brewchoH, 
int., Homalr, tuodcm Grwk ln- 
1 guujico. 
I,/",, the Owik nattunnl dnnec. 
rw., KoMitiftnto, Don Quixote's horse. 
X/', Hoinnt% a rorry horiw, ft jade* 
/fjj,, (AMtron.) Baggitftrfus, 
\f (not ) Arrowohcadf AddcrVtonjjuc. 
(m.t a tuitivti of Hftttlinitu 
{/I, (ieh.) whttlot eoml)r Bardwai 
t ilrntsillftn mrdine or pilchul. 
i /., (myt)i>) satyr. 
t/ 1 ,, <Gro. unto nfttyiic tmg^tly. 

c rt i ,4-,,, scholastic , school-man 
Scolastique..., ; fec holabtici8m 
, (geom ) scholium 
Scohe scholium, annotation ; (Grec. an- 
tiq.) table-song, 
m , (zo61 ) a epeciea of very venora- 
^nvtfttp ou8 siakefl 


DUJ ^ lc /,(antiq) staff used in Sparta as 8 
cypher to write secret dispatches. 
m , seventh, seventh part, seventh 

Septieme.. . (piquet) septieme, (mus ) sev- 
., (astron ) Serpentarms ? (orni ) 
Serpentaire secretary-bird, snake-eater, 
y , (bot.) dragon'B-wort 
, (myth) Silenue, Satyr, attend- 
o^A^p ant of Bacchus, (ent) a South 


Polacre or 
Polaquo . . . . " 
Pohtique . . 


auau ^ European butterfly 
,./, (bot ) catch-fly. 
., sixth, sixth part , sixth day ; 
pupil of the 6th class in public 
Sixieme schools 
/", (piquet) sememe; 6th clase in 
public schools. 
o n ij p , balance of an account. 
bolde , soldier's pay 
, nap, slumbers, doze, sleep. 

Pourpre... .- 
Prfetoxto * 

Souns .... ' fimi l e - 

Primevche .. . 

oouns , mouse. 
SfntiW i M (antiq ) stater (com). 
btatere , (antiq ) statcra, Roman balance. 
., sculptor ^ ,_ 
Statuaire . . , the art of making statues, stat- 
m., (bot ) stipe ; caudex. 
Stipe / (bot ) stipa feather-grass ; QiitftX 

Quadrille - 


on leases 
., proud, haughty mnn 
Supcrbe , arrogance, haughtiness, vain- 
tin , (arts) material execution, techni- 
Techmque ....-' cahties 
I / , technics, 
pi., keeper, accountant ; teneur ae 
Tpnpiir J hvtes, book-keeper 

* v * ']/, text, terms, purpoit, tenor, con- 
L tenta, of writings 

aw tiPiivo f '., Newfoundland dog. 
lerrc-neuve... J / ; Newfoundltmd . 

Tirebre /"* song, carol of the lark. 


lit c) in no 


\/,, money-box, 
Tnniniip jw., (med.) tome. 
lom<lue V, (mus.) tome, key-note, key. 
m . fM,,frhet , med.) tonic. . 
Topique..... J /;, ( r het) the art of finding topics 
( or arguments. 
Tour 0"., turn ; tour , lathe 5 trick. 
A0 if., tower 
Triomnhe J m t triumph. 
j riompnc , . . . j f ^ trinm ' h (card-game), 

Trnrhf'P / t (poet.) trochee. 
lrocmo 1/.,(agu.)bruhhwood. 
fml third 5 third floor , pupil of the 
Troisidmc J 3d clasa in public schools, 
) /., 3d class in public schools. 
Trollo JM glQcfower, trolluw. 

Xttttnitie ........ 

* * "" If., (fiunt.) trolling. 

v^--{?;8S$ ir - 

fml confwwm, disorder, disturbance; 
Trouble dispute, quarrel? pi. troubles, 



Htirdt.,* *. 

1TO111 "" *S broils, commotions. 
1 /,. hoop-net (foriislmig). 
(m., flpftcc, einptinesm vagueneBBi 

I/ 1 ., dOft-wttve, billow. 
Vnnnur ?' steamer, Btcom-boat. 

T i u * i f^ Bteam ; vapor, 
VMO fl M Tio. 

v BBW ' \ /-./mud, flhme, rnlrc. 

Vlffottne J' h ftt tnadft of vicu n ft v > 01 - 
ViROKn( \fa (zoiil.) vicugna. 

Voile jm fj vgl. 
Vuln(.raire., .. {^'^^S^'wwnd^ 


i' Wheii it means a coin, it id alfto apelUtoKwv 


THE Imperfect of the Indicative, the Conditional, the Imperative, and the Imperfect 
of the Subjunctive, are wanting in this Table. These four tenses are formed as 
follows : 

The imperfect of the indicative is regularly formed from the present participle 
by changing ant into CMS, &$:parl-cmtjjeparl-ais;jfiniss-antije t finis$-aiSi <fec. 

The conditional lias always the same root as the future j so that the firwt person of 
the future being known, it is easy to form the conditional, as : je parlvraij je par- 
lerai~9 ) jejinirai, je Jinirai-s. 

The imperative is always regularly formed from the present of the indicative, by 
suppressing the pronouns, as : je parle, imperative, parle ; except in the verbs avoir, 
t'tre, and mooir* The third person singular and plural of the imperative arc always 
the same as in the present of the subjunctive, and belong to that louse. 

The imperfect of the subjunctive is always regularly formed from the pntont 
indicative by adding 1 .?<, etc., to the second person singular, as : tuparlwi, qwj<>par- 
las-se; tujinis^ qw je Jims-se ; tu reyts, W^J requs-w; tu vcndis, queje venvtts-se* 


'*#<", ,%;%. >*> ^sr **< A '"/w;:"' *" 

Allor allant ullo j vaiK. allonB j'allai j'irai idllo alliotm to KO, 

van, aura ailH-H, ulHra 

vii, vont aillo, aillnt 

Ettvoyer anvoyunt envoy6 j'onvoio, onvoyons j'cnvoyai j'tsnvurml en void, Puvoyiomw tOHntl. 
nvol( k H envoyoj! cnvoid'M, envoy /! 

envoi <s onvoient cuvoit^ envoidit 


Acqwfeiir ac^i&rant acquis j'arquicrH.acfiuf'rons j'acquiH j'fjrmi 

AHMfuUir ttHiiiHa.nt tt.Hnn.iUi j'uHUHillc', uHHiiillonH j'JiHHaUliM j'liftiiaillirni 

ftHRiiillx'H, UKHtiillc/ nMiniM'ft, n,srm)in<v, 

Avcittft H,v<sumt ftvonti it oviont it aviwt 11 (tviciulm <it f n tivhttiyic i<> IUIUJK' 

IltniUlir* bouUlaut bouilli l hou, Ixuiinmm j< bouiUb jo boiiillirnl bouill^ ImulUtoii* to ML 
bout,' liouiilent hot.illr/i.ouillciil' 

<'rtr courant oouru j c nrK, courons jo tM>urun jc oourrai nour courlonn to JTWW* 

court, couri k ut tiuurff* oouMMt 

Cudllir (Mwilln.n*' <MU'1UI j<i ouolIU*, cuciUonH jt' ' 

* vMnvwV IK riiortt oft<n ti<Hl, 

The vrt> ,//>, i(j nc<u*r*Hy ti(*<*<! to conjujuttttp thin 

Hurt wluwil wl' twil ''ittiwttt/Hj AH, Twin haa 
ao( the wftt*ir boil 1* <?< ponuu<i* lt tt^ 




Prevent -^ >as * n . Indicative ET. #., ., Subjunctive 
XnJknxUvt' nart^ivle P ar ^~ Present, Preterit -P*re. Present* 


DefaiUir* detailli nous defailkms jedefaillis 

to faint. 

vous deiaillez 

ils defaillent ils defail- 


Doraiir dormant dormi je dor^dormons je dorms 3 e donmrai dorme^dornjjons 
dortj dorment dorme, dorment 

to sleep, 

iSbouillif ebouilh 

to boil away. 

Failhra f aiilant f ailli je faux, faillons je f ailhs je faudrai 
faux, faillez 

to fail. 

faut, laillent 

Ferirs feru 

to strike. 

Fleurir fleunssant fleuri ie fleims, fleurisflonB ]e fleuriB 36 fleunrai J 61 " 1 ^' fleunssions 
floret Una, Jjunje^ %^K'SS8? 

to flourish, 
to prosper. 

Fuir fuyant fui ie fms, fuyons jefuis je turai fuie^ fu lyums 
*SSfcS* Me,'fmeBt 

to flee. 

Q6eir* gisant gisons 

to lie. 


gtt, gisent 

Hair haissant haf ic hais, haisaons je hais 30 hairai hajfts 
liaig, haifiaez 

to hate. 

halt, haisaent 

Mtimvamr ilmeBavient ilmSBavint qu'il meeavienno 

to succeed ilL 

Mourif mourant mort 10 meurs, mourona je mourus je mourrai metire, mounons 
meur8,mourez meuics, mounoz 
meurt, meurent meure, meurent 

to die- 

Ouir** oui .I*OIB, oyons j'ouia j'oirai (old, It'gal) 

to hear. 

ois, oycz 
oit, oient 

Ouvnr ottvrant ouvert j'ouvre, ouvron jj^ouvris 3'ouvrimi ouvre, ouvrions 

to open. 

ouvreH, ouvrez ouvren, ouvrios! 

ouvre, ouvrent ouvre, ouvrcut 


to fetch. 

8tillir iaillant sailli ilsaille iUaillera qu'il aaille 
ilBsoilient ilBBMlleront <IU'I!B saillcnt 

to project. 

Sentir sentant senti je 8nfi, Hcnton je sentie jjo sentirai ticnte, aontionB 

to led, Bin ell. 

aeno, entez flentou, semiiss 

sent, Bcntcnt scnte, tteucvnt 

Servir servant servx 1o 8rs, servonB je aervig je semrai serve, serrions 

to iwve, 

sers, aorvez fierves, Hcrvu-z 

sort, scrvent serve, scrvout 

8ortir sortieflant sortx ilaortit ilsortira qu'il sortisoe 
il flortient llBsortiront qu'ils orti*8ent 

to obtain. 

Surgir" ilnurglt Ilsurgit ilflurgira 

to wprfn$ tip, 

Tenir tenant tenu ie tiene, tenons jetinB jetiendrai ticane, teniona 

to hold. 

tiens, tem*z ttennw, tt'inox 
tienfc, tionnont tlcnno, tionuont 

Vetir vfitant vtu j* vC^vJtons jeveti jv8tirai ^J;^g 

to clothe. 

vtt,*v8tcS vflte,vQtnt 


Appftroirio il appcrt 

to appear, 

A8eoir acyant assiB j'nusiodu, ftsnoyottB j'aBi j'aBBifirfti or aHHoiw, nMttoyioxt* 

The iwprfct of the indloattye, J d^iUw^ i ThU rerb l seldom tiwd but in the infinitive pt*. 
n*Ml Htdit, wnd ra tit* conp<v\w(l wiwn. 
a This vrb i BeWom used bnt in the preterit, the tlsed only in ' 1 )i ftr M*KlUI ' "" * 
compound tonwi, and in the infinitive .Her another *V%5^ to f ^ tW Jffr^ Whw ft mi^i 
a Tho inflnitivo i only wed in the phrtuw tans romp "to iih," or (of . horwj to crv a iiiftm, it in oottjtt- 

fih'ir witlicitit Htrlkintr n blow* tfdt^d likojRMi** 

^ * Wo impeS^^^ ^* ^a*r, &., i Wiwl M law term only, 
uied Bflldom unedbut In tlu tajlnitlvf* 
o TUied an a law term oxuy* * 










Fteusnt. " bnglwfi. 




3'ai, avons 



aic, ay on a to liave. 

as, avcz 

aies, ayea 

a, out 

ait, aiont 



to tall. 


to appear 


(hHoic il 




ie dechoiR, je deciiue je ducherrai dt'choio, dfchoy IOHH to \ nil, IOHC 
tlfechoifi, (IC-choycz (K-choioH, (K-choyie/ 
<16choit, d6choient dochoie, dcchownt 


to nuikc one 






il Cchoit or il Gchet 

il 6chut 

il Ocherra 

tschoie to full <luo, 



il f aut 

il tallufc 

il iaudra 

qu'il faille to be HOOCH- 

Mo avoir 



30 meiiB, moiivonB 


"Ho inouvrai 

inouvc, niouvioon to uiovO" 

rticus, mouvci 

nu'uvi'H, uionvit'/ 

incut, rncuvent 

nicuvi', mcuvt'iifc 




il plcut 

il pint 

il picuvra 

<m'ilplouve to ruin, 



pom vu jc pourvoifi, pour- 

jepourvus ic pourvoi- 

poiirvoic, pour- topiovKU 1 . 





poinvoiH, poiirvoyo/ 
pourvoit, pourvoicut 


pourvoj<% potuvou'tit 




B j( puts, pOUVOUB 

]*o pn 

jo poiu rai 

ptnimo, puii.fiKMm to *>i uIU. 

pcux, pouvez 

pout, pcuvont 

ptlUlU', HUIWU'Ut 

j>rf*vaut 1 prevalent 



jiTcxalot, prcvnUtv 

JI1 OV Hit', Jill Vlllt'llt 



pi torn 

jc pr(voih, pf-rvoj onu 

jo prtviB 

jo pivvoinii 

prf'vou', jic'-Mt^ nmn to int 1 *nr(\ 

fir('VoH"h, piwo> nv. 

inevoit, prcvoit'iit 

pr<'vou' pi''x*(t"Ui 



to firoiuotr. 



tOHH'ftV*r, to 

ItlUI* ttfCUiU' 




fc naiH f savonfl 


jd uaurai 

HIUMH 1 , IKIciUdllH t<} tuilUV 


KttClU'N, UlU'ltU'/ 

eait, Havciit 

jUH*h<\ nj'h*'it 



iJH f)j(>tjit 


<{U'jlMtSwUt tolH'tlt, 








feSftS,^ 011 " 


jc (tinwotrwi 

riSiariWiK t x^ <> 





vaux, vulox 

JC VttlUH 

,i, w ,,,. fR t 

Vrtlllr, VftliotlH to \W Witlth* 
VttiUH, \(UV. 

va\t, valcnt 

viUs Vrt|Jl*ut 




|(> voiw, voyoiw 

Jo vi 

jc wrmi 

voit voylonw to nor. 

V01H, V<lVfK 

voit, vomit 

vul^, volinU 

V0ttk>ir* 9 voulttul 


jl Vi'UX* VOUloilH 

jl' VOUlUP 

Jt ?<?wt mi 

?J!8!!:W!h!!i* *uiT * m " 

lined tt Uw t<ni only. 

el ff 

t in i 

In the thtrd iwmon only, 

tn *, 

Uu: inliuitivr, |(t thr <>(tn{Hnut(l 

't IwMl'iiViiw inflmiUv^ ol> . 

in'thV ilfVperiioft o/tlw kftduft 

tivi jr mt. Kx.f *'/<* WMwhi KiUMlr jtHi rJMl M 

Uvr u if 

t m* 

ty Thu* mTtui ii^rMnn j'lnnti >*j tlt< 

Vt//fV, (tU'HUfll |O 




***~-,S5&. %* ** 3 

Abaoudre absolvant absoub, j'absous, absolvone 

m absous, abeolvez 
absoute, absout, absolvent 


Abntraire abetrayant abstrait I'abbtrait,, abstrayons 
abstiais, abstrayez 
abstrait, abbtraient 

Accroirei (i e. iaire accroire (a) ) 

v utnr 
* uture 


j'absoudrai absolve, absolvions 
absolves, absolviez 
absolve, absolvent 

to absolve. 

j'abstrairai abstraie, abstrayions to abstract, 
abstraies, abstrayie/ 
abstraie, abstraient 

Battre battant battu 

Boire buvant bu 


Brinre fl bruyant 

le bats, battons 
bats, batte/ 
bat, battent 

ie bois, buvons 
bois, buvez 
boit, boivent 

il brait 
ilfl braient 

je battle 
je bus 

]e battrai 
je boirai 

batte, battions 
battes, battiez 
batte, battent 

boive, buvions 
boives, buviez 
boive, boivent 

to make one 

to beat. 

to drink. 

il braira 
ils brammt 

tc bray. 

to roar, 



01 1 e 

circonci" circon- je eirconcis, circon- je eirconcis i 
Bant cia cisons 


circoncis, circoncisez 
cnconcit, circonciuent 

3< i clos 



\ circonci- circoncise, circonci- to circum- 
rai sions cise. 

circonciscs ,circoncisiez 
ci i concise, circoncisent 

je clorai 

Conolurc concluant conclu jo concliiB,concluon8 je conclus jc conchirai conclue, concluions 
couclua, concluoz conchies, concluiez 

oonclut, conclucnt conclue, conclucnt 

Conllro co 

CJoudrc 1 couuant 

Oroirc croyaut 

to close. 

to conclude. 







.-jo confiH, con il son B 
conflu, oonilttcz 
confit, conllscnt 

jc confls je conJrai 

conflse, confisions 
conflses, conflsie?; 
coniise, conflsont 

to pickle, pre- 


j couds, couflonw 

COUdH, COUH('/< 
COlld, COWBOllt 

^ cousis je coudrai 

couse, cousiona 


COUBC, consent 

to sew. 


jo croiu, croyons 
crois, eroycss 
croit, croient 

30 crus je croirai 

croiu, croyions 
croit'B, croyicz 
oioie, croient 

to believe. 


crottt, croiHsc/ 
croft, croiBaeiit 

jo crfie je crottrai 

croiBfie, croisaions 
croisHcs, croissie/ 
croisee, croianerit 

to grow. 


to discomfit. 


did, (lucH 
dlt, diflcn j 

Jttdi* jedimi 

disc, elisions 
discs, disiex 
disc, diaent 

to say. 


il ColOt 
il feclost'iit 

il odors. qu'il tclose 
ile ecloront q,u f ils fscloaent 

to natch, to 
Wow (of 


i'ficrifi, ficrivoDB 
ticriH, ecrivtiz 
(icrit, ('advent 

ftaMi fM.. 

Gcrlve, ficriviotiB 
derives, &crivi< fc ss 
Ocrivo, Oonvent 

to write. 


to imbibe, 



ils'onBui- ilfl'enmii- 

qu'il H'entmive 

to follow, to 
result from. 


to be smit- 


01. CtOH 
(Hit, liOUt 

jcfuo 30 eorai 

sols, woyons 
fioitt, Hoyex 
Hoit, fioumt 



JO fain, 1 uiflone 

f ftii, f nit<?i 

jo fia jie feral 

1'UHROS, fllHHio/ 

to xmtktf tc 



* Ifmd only in tha inflnitivo, And alwayi* with the I 


vma, m all the conipoinx 
Used in puiutinff ouly. 



/*** $e S ** J Ktesr *- *$ss" *** 

Fortaixe forf aiib to forfeit, 

(&)! to trespass, 

to be fftlBC 


Jb'nrea fnt fris iefrirai to fry. 


Jomdro ioignant joint ;je -joins, piffnons je joigcis }e jkrindral joigne, joigmona to join. 

>infl, ioigno/ . 

joint, joignent joigno, joipnenl 

Lire lieaut lu ie lia, hsona je lua je lirai Use, ImionB to read, 

hH, heez IIBQH, haiez 

lit, heent liae, liscnt 

Luiro luisant lui 10 luia, luieona jeluirai hiisc, luiflionn tosluno* 

Imt' luiscnt Ixiific, luiscnt 

Mali'aire to do inifl- 

Maudire maudissant xnaudit jo maudis, maudisBonB je maudis je maudirai maiidifiso, maudismonBto curse-, 
maudit, raaudisBent niaudiwjc, maudinHont 

MC'dm(dtOmMiHant m&dit je mf-diB, int-dinonB jem&dis je m&dirai mMiR<, ntfdiHionft toHland k r. 
jtiddiK, ni6<li8Cjt nn{ || diH< l H, nif'difticifs 

infedit, inGdisent ittfediHi*, ni(>diH(*nt 

MC'faire wiWait to initido. 

Mettrc mettant mis jo mots, mcttons "je mie jo raettrai itt(>, mt'ttiona to put. 

mot,'mcttcnt imetto, nwottont 

Moudr moulant moulu j moudH, moulona jc moulus je mowdra.1 inoulo, moulionn to grind, 
moudfl, moulox IHOIHCH, monlivx 

inoud, wouUiut iiiioiuo, nioulout 

Nattro naissant xi6 je naiw, naisHoiiB jcnaquis jnattiru nninttc, tiaitwimiH to be born. 

JiTuiro (A) nuinant nui je nuin, ntiiHotifl jc nuinis je imimi ntdtus niiiHumH to hrt to 

unit, iniifieut uuiHt', nuineut 

Pattro poimaiit pu Je paK paiHHOHB jo ptttlrai PAJHHC, piUwmmH togmun 

intit paiBBont i>ftiiKs paitwent 

Parottro patalHHimt paru JB parnifi, paraiHwrna joparns ^PwaUwi jwruiiwy, jmniiwHfynH to Appcn-r, 

FUilre plaiMint plu je pW, (klniionft fa$&m j |nl.iriii pIniwM 

piaiH, pllllHiC/ phllfU'M, 

plait, pliuMont 
Poindr* ii point 

Prcndw* pruntmt pri j< pwiulu, pronons juprie j pnmdmi pwnn<\ prcidoiw to t,k 
,<l, prenw iw' iwriiiu 

d, prt'tiiu'iit |nMtiM<>i pnnuH'iiit 

Bfnluirp rC'duUunt r*dulti j rf-duiH. r6(iuiitonA JorfoluiHin JerMwiral rMutos rf-itnUton* ti>wl<*(. 

t r<paf trui wpafuM^, r<im{loM to 

rr put (( ' 

ji* r(Noudmi r 

if jriNfHonM j|0rl* J rtmi 

li, rit* 
rit, vtont 

rojjipu j<i iroinpM, roinponn jo wirwplw j< roitipi 

* lp*w*d ouJy in tlw f&flnitlvu *nd ctomjwuMd i<MiH<*ii I * Tlw vwb //rr l uiinl t nu|mty thj* 






il Bourd 
ils Bourdent 

Indicative v^ lva Subjunctive 
Patent. Future ' Present. 

toiBsue; to 

Snffire(a) uuffibant suih 

3e suflls, tmffisons 
suffis, hiithhez 
sutht, suthseut 

ie suiiia Ie suffirai suffise, suffifliona 
sutflses, sufflBiez; 
sufhse, Buflisent 

to suffice. 

Suivre fliuvant euivi 

je suiB, suivons 

HU18, BUlVe4 

suit, fluivent 

je suivia je smvrai suive, suivions 
smves, smvie/; 
suive, smvent 

to follow 

Traire trayant trait 

ie traiB, trayons 
trais, trayez 
trait, traient 

je trairai traie, trayions 
traies, trayiez 
tnue, traient 

to milk. 

Vamcro vamquant vaincu 

je vainca, vainquons 
vaiuea, vainqne-s 
vainc, vainquent 

je vamquisjevaincrai vainque, vamquions 
vainques, vamquiez 
vainque, vainquent 

to conquer. 

Vivre (do) vivant vfcou 

ie vis, vivons 
vi, vivez 
vit, vivent 

jvecu8 jevivrai vive, vivions 
vives, vivie/ 
vive, vivent 

to live (on 
or upon) 





Ko^voycir. . . . ........... , . .to ucnd back ...tsnvoytsr. 

n'Kii allot'..,., .............. .to go away ...... Uer 

ii<'C<mqumir. , to rcoonquci ( 

Trc-flWiiUir to Htart up 

Rcuouilllr J-o boil again 

Aeeourl r, , . . to hauttiu to 

Concourlt * to concur 

Dinoourtr (d<- > to talk about 

Umiourir to incur 

PttroouHr. , , . , , , run ov<U' 

Kveourir (A) to bavo rocouruo to 

Hccourir ,... , to tmccor 

Acouclllir to Wttlcome 

KccitMlUt* . .to Ktitlwi" 

MO KficurtilHr to collect oiuvwHi'lf 

Mtitlortnlr* , , . . , t,o lull tiHlccp 

H'Mndonmlr ,,,to i'jUl iwli 

lUiiulorttiii 1 . ., to lull to lep aK : 

m Kdudorintr,, .... to i'all awUnip g 
ii'Knf itir. , , ,. .to run away ^ 

KtrVniv'ir.".",\",V .to open a ilttlo 

Mf"iWHr ....... . ........ < .< to undorbid 

< lUTdr* ., * to "ft l<l|I< 

lUHMHivilr... . ttovwr uK^in 

Houvrir *..,... tooptfn wgatn 

Houffrir . , , to mtfwj 

t'ouwntir to nic -^ 

iMpiiiirtlf Cun) ...... t di'Hbt, to nworvo 

IXinuitttir..* ........... .,,...... to baliti 

Montir.,,..* ............... . ........ to Ha 

I'urttr .......................... to not out 


JR^tmrUr . ..... , ........... to Htt o 

tiUr..... ........ . ...... ,tor<m 

l r , ....................... . . to f ol 

, ......... to go ou 

Hoitir......... ........... .......toga 

* ....... A 

.. .bouilllr. 



...... fulr. 

Mi tiwrir (do/ .,,,..,. *to nink 


ilW Of j 

B'Abstonir to abstain"^ 

Appartcmr to belong to 

Circonvcmr. .to circumvent 

Ooutemr to contain 

He Contenii ,.to retrain (i'rom) 

Contrevenir to intringo 

CJonvenir. .to utt (with row') to |?ree 

(with 6tr< in comp'd ton8H) 

I)I'pjfvonir . . .to divest of (prejudice) 

Disvomr to become 

DiHconvcnir.. to deny 

Kntretcnir to entertain 

H'Kntre-tenir to dincour.wfch 

Intorvouir to intervene 

Malntenir to main tain 

Obtcnir to obtain 

I'nrvcnir to arrive 

Prevenir to prepoHHtw*, to hirewarn 

Provwiir to nrocwd from 

Ridcvcnlr . tt> become again 

Rct<niir to retain 

no Rctenir (dc) to foi b*a? 

Rcvonir to come buck 

<* Mottvonir (do), ...",".*,",* .*.".. " rc-olUot 

Houtonlr to mnintnin 

Stibvonit (X>., , to provide lor 

Survcnir .to happen, to befall 

Venir....* . ....... to conn.',. 

jOfcvi'tir. to undwMJH 1 

o IX'vOtir to tHvewt one'ci mill' I 

Hvfitir(do) to cilothe, to A*m f * 

H Vetir to clothe one'i* W J 


4 to lit down > 

,.., ,.,,. to place down again > 

m UnHM'olr . ,..,....,.. to lt <lown antitin } 

ftcohoir tofaUajfaltt 

Siuouvoir to mow, to wtir up i 

'Emo\,voir..,.to bv moved, to be con- > 

Oftpourvolr. ,...... .to lttv unprovided 

Itcvaloir,,.V.V.V.V.Vo"rctwrn Hk for liko f 
mi Frdv(i.lii' (do)*. to tak> advantage (of) I 

to btir **"'" '" 

' ,.,,,,,, to catch * 









B* Abattre.... 
seBattre. ... 
Gombattre .. 
Debattre . 
s Debattre., 
Embattre.. . 
Rabat tre . 
SO Rabat tre 

Hebattre . 
Reboiic 1 . 
Enclore. . . 
Forclore .. 
Exclure.,, . 
Reclure .. , 
MOcroire . 
Accioltre . 
Deeroftre .. 
Kecrottre. . 
Redire,. . .. 
Deerire... , 
Inscnre, . 
Prescnrc, , 
so Presenre. 

, to dissolve, to melt 

to pull down" 

to tall down 


to light, to com bat 

to debate 

to struggle 

.. to take one's pleasure lay the tiie of a wheel 
to abate, to bring: down 
to tin n oil, to turn back, to 
fall back upon 
... to beat again 
to drink again 

to unclQbe ) 

to enclose > 

, ... to foreclose I 

to exclude 1 

to shut up f 


to HOW again/ 

to disbelieve 


to decrease 

to grow again 

to grow out 
.to say again 
, .to circu inscribe* 1 ) 

to describe 

, to inscribe 

to enter one's name 

to prescribe 

to be lout by limitation 


Proncriro . , . . , to pioscnbe, to outlaw 

Recnre to write agiun 

8ouncnre to subflciibu 

Transcnro , .totransciibe , 

Contrefaire . , to mutate, to mimic S 

D6faire to undo 

seDefairo.. to get i id 

Parfaire ,,. . ,. to perfect 

Hedufaire to uiuio again 

Kel'aiic to make again 

*c Refairo ..torecovoj 

8atinfaire to satisfy 

Surfams to uk too much ^ 

Kefrire to fry again frire 

Adfoimlre to adjoin* 

Amtreimlrc to muhjoct 

8'Autrcindre to coniinc one's wolf 

Atteindre to ovei take, to reach 

Aveindre,, to take out <n from, to fetch 
Ooiwdre, ...... .to glid, to encompass 

Conjoimlic , , to conjoin 

Contmindrc,.. tocontrain 

CJraindre to lear, to be afraid 

*" * todisjoin 



.... boire 


. . .coudre 

.. dire. 



Mtoindrc ........... .......... to discolor 

Diflfoimlre .................... to (Unjoin 

JRmprdiulw ............. ..... .to imprint 

June cindrc .,,.,.,,,,, ......... to enclose 

JBni'rdudt'e.... to tmnNgrcuB, to in f ringo 

JOn joindre ...................... to w join 

Epreiwdre , . ..... ...... * to q weesne ou t 

Jgr^jlindro ....... . ..... to extlnguiwh 

Etroindrc , , . . , ...... to tie cicww, to elawp 

Foimlre....... ............. feign 

Oeindra ...... ,, . .,to whine, to ntoan 

Otndro ...... , ....... , .......... ,t amoin t 

IVindre , . .................. , . ,to pnint 

PUtudrr .......................... tonily 

MO* ,,,,,,,,,,., ,to coinplitin 
Jtfttinimiw ....... . ..... to overtuke n^ain 

Hejohulre. , ...,.....*... .to Join again 

K^ItAintlrf ..... . ........... to pnint again 

KeMtttiudrtf ..... to u'utmni, toonJiius 

lmlm.... ..... , ........ to dye, tooolw 

ire ........ , ....... toetect, 

..... . . , . . ,to iw ' 



Contredire to contradict 

Dedire to disown, to unsay, to behe 

se Dedire to i ecant, to retract 

Interdire to interdict, to forbid 

Predire to foretell, to predict 

Admettre to admit 

Commettre , .., commit 

Compromettre to compromise, to 


se Compromettre... to compromise one's 

Demettre to dislocate 

se Demottic (de) to resign laaue, to set lorth, to emit 
s'Entremettre... to interpose, to meddle 

Omettre to omit 

Permettre. to pn nut, to allow 

Promettre to promise 

Remettrc to replace, to set again 

Soumettre to tmbnnt, to subdue 

Transmettre totnuiRiiut 

Emoudre to whet, to shaipen 

Rernoudre to grind over again 

Remoudre to sharpen again 

Rcnultre to revive, to be born again 

Apparaftie to appear 

Comparattre to appear 

Connattre., to know, to be acquainted 

Dinparaf ti e , , to disappear 

Meconnattie.. .. to disown, not to know 
se MC'Connaf tre., , , , ,to forget one's Hell' 
Reconnattre... to recognu, to acknow- 

. . .ni&dirc 

Rcparaf tre , . . ,to appear ngu... j 

Complaire to humor, to pleatic 

H Complaire .to delight 

HC Dfcplaire... "..',* .to be diplaHecl with 

Taire to conceal, to keep ncci et 

8 Tairo . to remain Hilent , 

Apprendre to learn , tojiear of 

Comprcndro. to understand, to include 
Dfcprendrc .,,.,. .to loosen, to disengage 

DC'iftppicndre ,., to unlearn 

Entrcprendre to undertake 

e Meprendre,... to mistake 

llapprandrc to learn again 

Reprendre to take again, to chide 

RO Roprondrc .... to eoneet one's welf 
Surprendrc . . ,t<>Hur|>iie. tountoniMh, 

Conduire to conduct, to lead 

Construire to construct, to build 

Cnir to cook, to bake 

Declare... to thin (syrups, etc.) 

DecottMtruiw... ...... take to pieces 

Doduiro todedutst 

Dotruiro t>deHtr<y 

( IM'truiK' kill one' well', to deony 

Econduire ,,to bow out, to refune 

Enduire plawtcr, to doovr 

Induir to induce 

Imtrutre , , , . to i ntrt<*t 

Introduiro to Introduce 

Pro Juiro. .<,... to produce, to bring forth 

lieconduire to conduct again 

Ufoonatruire. .,.,,, to build again 

Ikcuiro to hake again, to do ngaln 

Benduire, to plate unsw 

Reproduire ,,,,,,,, to leprodwee 

HMwire wnluce, to bribe 

Tradtiire...... ,..,,.,..,. ti<ulitte , 

HC li(pftre.,to thirnt after, to iHighl in ... 

m Hires (de) Inugh ut \ 

Kouiiro to mllu '" 

Oorrompre ...,.,.,. to eorrujU \ 

Intemiinp*"* 1 . ,...... ,,.,, to Interrupt f " 

Pourulv)rfl., purwuc, to pninecuw *.< 

Abntraire .,.,.... to atMtmet "} 

Distroiw , , . ,to iHntiwti to divert 

Kxtrnlio ,..........*,. to xtract 

lU'traire . , , . .to redeem aii mtw 

K<*ntrairo ,.,,,.,,.,,, to 11 jtii'draw 

SouitnUre to nuhrtmct, to t<nltct 

Mt Kotttrair (A) .to avoK 1 , to o'a|w^ 

Convainero ..*...< to <iiviiw 

U*vivr.. ..,..,., to revive \ 

, ,to *>urviv% to outltvc 

.. ..nattre. 


, . plain;. 


take ti eirtiuwflex: tm its pant jm 



* Represents the liquid sounds of gn, J, or II 
\ Signifies that the It M aspirated. 

Indicates the lopotition of the same word 
(- ) Indicate the plural ot foreign and com- 
pound nouns when it IH like the singular. 

(.s 1 ) Indicate tho plural of foreign uouus when 
it IH formed by adding s, 

When th plural of foreign and compound nouns 
JH formed by changing the jluul letter or letters, 
tho wliolri plural form in given Thue, c.<j,, 
(Itasurwt), plural of faiffarme; (-- ~<uniraiu')> 
phuttl of r/Vr (Hlwintt. 

(- ,v- .v), or ( ~,\' /), w (a 4 - r), or( r -a) 
Indicate the pluial of compound nouns when 
It SH formed by adding ,v or x to each com- 

( , ) or ( /- ) Indicate tho plural of com* 
pound noiiuH when it JM formed by adding , or 
jc to ihd ih'Ht <'oiuponont only. 

( - ,) or ( - /) I udi onto tho plural of com- 
pOHild "ounn when it in formal by addhig S or 

t to tho flKwond coiiipouiuii only, 


nu<l oompound womw not 

fn*(ifjfn nud compound nounB not 

l in Mm 

Bojfoni final Uii(,*'i'f(, pohiU out iho jnuHc.ul 
lonuinutioti, which {( t.o hn r)uuig(*d In 

TH<i lotug w^uuit of tho vow4M in dMignatol by 
ft iMrixuuUl nutrfc <vw ttw vuwnl, tlm? 
I, ^ l t ft* S, 

Tim ulaort novtiul of Ui vownli In dMlgtuttiul by 
ft tittrvil inrk f tlniM ; ! H T, tt, H, Thin nwrk 
tib tvr U 

When there is no mark over the other vow els, 
they may be considered as natural , that is, as 
neither long nor short. 

Words in parentheses serve to complete the 
sense of those words that precede or follow 
them ; 01 they refer to the object with which 
they are connected, or indicate the art, trade, 
profession, etc., to which they relate, They 
aie given in English and in French. 

Those words of which the pronunciation is 
quite irrogulai are noticed m full ; but those 
that are only partly irregular are noticed in 
thwr n regularities only Thciefore, such 
words as c/m omanQie, (irch&ty })('<, bqiuileur, 
which are n regular m one syllable only, are 
noticed in that syllable alone ; as ki-, -Kb , 

AH none but French spelling can give a correct 
idea of French pronunciation, it IB used 
throughout thin dictionary, with the excep- 
tion of ch, which JH rendered by sh, ao that 
it may not bo imstakmi for A ; of ou, which 
IflXproBS(u1 by (to; and ol 0t, which JH rcpre- 
Montod by od, 

H Indicates obKOloto French words, When 
found in tho middle of linos, it indicates that, 
tho French word m obsolete in the meaning 
boforo which it IB 

(ant,) Indicates obwoletti English words. 

When two or more French nouns of the Hiinu) 
gondkw follow, their gender is indicated after 
ilio lout noun only. 

Tho pronmtdatiou of Kugllnh words i 
in tho KngliMh- French lHvinon, in tlw 
Hiiunwr as that ot French wordn in the Freneh- 
Bngllnh JHvlHion, wul rjv<wmt<tl In // CHUM 
by ineftnn of tho Fwwioh npolllng, with tho 

(t.h) \ 

lit, th liard, 

8>fd ^, whiai hard before 6* -I, or j/ t by (gh) 


a., active, acfaf. 

ab., abbreviation, abr&viaMon. 

Acad., Academy, Acad&mw. 

adj., adjective, adyect'if* 

adject,, adjectively, adjectivement. 

adv., adverb, adverbe. 

agri., agriculture, agriculture. 

alch., alchemy, alchmie* 

alg., algebra, algbbre. 

anat., anatomy, anatomic. 

antiq., antiquity, antiquitL 

arch., architecture, architecture. 

arith., arithmetic, arttfmiUuju^ 

art., article, article* 

artil , artillery, artflleHfi. 

aBtrol,, astrology, astoologfr* 

astron,, astronomy, aslranomie. 

auxiL, auxiliary, uuxiliuire,* 

bookbind., bookbinding, telutre. 

bot,, botany, hotaniquc, 

b. a,, bad sense, imauwtise part, 

carp., carpentry, clmrpentnie, 

ohein., chemistry, tfiwtite* 

coin., coining, monntiyage. 

com,, commerce, commerce. 

couch., couoliology, 

conj*, conjunction, 

cook., cookary, cuMne. 

, rel., catholic religion, rdtt/fwi, 

diy., dyoing, tfiutttiv 

c., ecoleBianthialf ectffoit 

<mgr., engraving 1 , gnwurc, 

oufc,, entomology, fntHmoh 


ftmu, familiar, fwmlwr, 

ftmo. fencing, fsoHiHf* 

*!g, ligumlivoly, ?* Jiffttrft* 

fin., flnanoc, fliutnws. 

fort., fortification, JwHJIctttfan* 


, gooin^try, flfowPtr 
gold., goldftmitln'M work, 
, grammar, (jmmm 

, jwrfinnge. 

f lilMtory, Mstotm. 
t, horo|(ygy, /it) 

, latarjectfon, 
ii. f ltoioftU 
fc, JeiUngly, 

jur., jurisprudence, juiisprudence, 

1. ex., low expression, /^rwe ft<w. 

lit , litonitme, httcratun*. 

log., logic, hgique, 

1. u., little n,M(Hl, ^x"?* ?/.v/^. 

in., luasculmo, wasailiti. 

mam., mammalogy, wamnmlogie. 

man., manege, inantye. 

manu., inanufnoturo, manufactures. 

mas,, masonry, mttponwric. 

math., matliematioH, wathhnntiqufs. 

moc., meclnuiics, mh 

ined., medicine, 

motftl,, metallurgy, w 

miht., military art, 

mm , mineralogy, M 

moL, molluak, wolt \t\ 

iniiH., music, miiMqm'i 

myth,, mythology, iM 

nav,, navy, marine. 
opt, option, ttpttynti, 
orui., ornitliology, w 
paint., painting, ;w/w 
part., participle, pnrt 
pern., pernon, fwrsow 
pernp., iwr,spc< t tiv<, 
pliarm., pharmacy, p 
philoH., phllofiopliy, j 
phyn., natural philoHo 
pi,, plural, pltiru'L 
po^t., )HH>try, fwfaif. 
pol,, politicw, 
pop , popular, 
prop,, prjM)Hition, 
print., printing, i' 
pron,, pronotin, jtM 
prov,, provrb!n,Uy ? 
p., rtiitactiwt, rfylMtl. 
roi, nillKioii, wftylttn, 
rhfit., rhetoric',, 

g., singular, 

, mir^ory, 

tiflv,, trlviiil, 
v., vo 


v, i 




a, .w., the first letter of the alphabet, a. 
Panse d'a / oval of an a. 21 tie sait m a ni b ; lie 
does not know a from b. II n'a pas fait une 
panse <T<z/ he has not done a letter, a stroke. 
Un homwic marqufi a l'a ; the beau-ideal of a 
wian, a man thoroughly reliable, C^est un hotnme 
inarqu6 & Va, / he is the soul of honor. 

a (ab.) AUetse / Highness. 

aa (a>b,)i Altesses; Highnesses. 

a, at the beginning of French words, often 
comes from the privative a of the Greeks, and 
denotes privation ; as, atonie, debility ; acfphale, 

a, prep., denotes the end or term of the action 
of the verb, and indicates the person or thing 
this action tends to. Alter h Pans , to go to 
Paris. Pr/cr (It qitelqu'un; to speak to sonm 


k donotou extraction, Reparation. Oter une, 
btigwi <k quttqit 1 un ; to take a, ling irom auy one, 
>Q souxtraim ttux pourxu'dcs dc- hi gmtwe; to ab- 
Hcond. > 

& donoUui property, possession,, Cette montre 
tst <t MM* frbre ; thin watch in my brother's. II 
a un $tyle t u?w miinifrrtf, h Ini; he has a stylo, a 
manner, all his own. 6W/ forme appartmit h 
won p^n ; that farm belongs to my father. 

k denotes porlod, time. Ait /mr dti, ftolm'I ; at 
sunrise. A Vmibettujttur; at daybreak, Atrirer 
h tfitnpa t to arrive in time, Amon rcfow; on 
my return. 

a indicates what stops on tho surface, or pono- 
IratwH beyond it. JL <t 'un# buyw <in rfoiyt ; he 
luun ft rin^r on hit* fiu^or. itt?sb& h Mpmtle; 
wounded in the Hhouldor. 

h oMtabliMhoM tint relative diHUuoo between 
things and poriiouH .-1 ywtfa d$ canon ; within 
MimuttHihot. U itotnftire h vinyt litweti dhvt ; ho 
JIvw twenty IwngiWM oil*. /> iww h inol, ; botwoon 
you and nut, from you to me. Ik) Paris h Mown ; 
from Parlw to Houon. 

h puiutH out wlmtttvor furutHluiM an Infaroiuw 
or grotmd for cmijtH^tnro. A VMUW& on tvnnutt 
/Vwwim" ; tlui workman JH known by hit* work. 
Mtoutn & '' nwt.t to liwiUt ruHUltn. 

k doiiot^H HiuHHWftioo, grtidatioti, <mlr. Petit 
h ptitit; UUlo by HUto. lfn h ww; <uw by oxui. 
Trtttfutw Mt)t <fc M^; to ti'iuiHlato word for word, 
U M UUrtrally. 

ii In ttMMl In Hpcinklmg of gooiln Hld or bought 
by wotftlitt ituuMiurcs or <iuantit.y, I'tntln dn utit 
h lit bouteillfi f to Hftll w!n<^ by tb Ixitilo, Vmdw 
/a /''/'7V! ; to fidll m(t by 11 u>. 

Av prU5 
pur (?(f ; to dilW Ht i.lirco fnuu'fi 

<titnot(w (lontamitliy, tuiuutnr. Wfaibttter h lu 

^ Uwmm irftwr tli IDnmoh fathloiL *( 
// mptttit / Hftir. tlio nifuutor of tlui 
mon t'it/ in tny ophiioiif ^llw /k 

|c go on Icwt, to rI4 on 

h, Iwtwtwn two nouny, uiukw t.ho twoond wo 
doJioto thu MpuoloH or quality of tho llrnL 
itMrv ; vugAisoAiuk vwhtt h hvUj mllcli* 

tmtwwn t,wo uuniornl 


cinguante ans; a man between forty and fifty. 
// y a guatre a cinq heues ; it is about four or 
five leagues difatant. 

Remark, The French say guattekciwj hettes, 
bedause leagues are things which may b@ divided 
into fractions , but, in speaking of things which 
cannot be divided, ou must be used. For in- 
stance, Quatre ou <nnq peisonnes; four or five 

a, before an infinitive, commonly denotes what 
is proper to be done. Un avis & suivv e ; an opinion 
worth following. Un howme a teoompenser ou 
it pendre , a man that deserves to be rewarded or 

a, used in speaking of vehicles, signifies and. 
Uncvoiture h qwttir chewiMJt, grandcs guides ; a 
carriage and four. 

h is used in description instead of the English 
with, Un hominc ft bnrbe blanch? ; a man with a 
white beard Une inalmu h pignon; a house 
with a gable, gabled 

a, has. 

abaca, W.TW., abaca, Manila hemp. 

abacus (-kusn), n wi., abacus 

abalsse, w,/., the under-cniBt of pastry, piece 
of rolled paste. 

abalssd, -e, part., lowered, brought low ; do- 
joeted , diminished, Hattenod. Le pal est 
(Iur.) , the pale is abased. 

albaissement (-bftBu-man), MJ/*., lowaing, fall- 
ing 1 , abatement, dcmniHsion; humiliatioa, abase- 
mmit; (surg ) couching. // (^'.s' emu; the 
abatom<mt of tho waters. Opfnttton da Id aiiii- 
rat'tfi par ; <:ouclnng. 

abaissei*, ? n , to let down, to let fall, to lower ; 
to bring low down ; to dimmish, to reduce ; to 
pull down ; (gard.) to lop out ; to debase, to cry 
down, to humhict, to roll (pasto); (nurg.) to 
couch. tin pont-feuis ; to lot down a draw- 
bridge. la volt, ; to lowov the voice. Iheu 
<tlntf,w Mv nupcrbPft ; (iod humblew th proud. 
Atuti&wr une, wiliiyucte; (wurg.) to couch acata- 

.v'abaisser, v,r., to fall, to dwrwwe, to sub- 
Hide, to abftttt, to decline ; to humble one's aelf, 
to Htoop, to Bink, to cringo. \S y ' h If pricr ; to 
stoop HO low aa to ontrcivfc hint. 

abaisseur, n.m M (anat.) doproiiHor. 

aboisseur, ndj., (utiat.) dc^primctit. Muscle 

- ; deprimwit uiufwlo* 

abait, n.m., bait. V. appftt. 
V. app 

abaiter, I;.S M to bait. 

abalouo, /,, (mtwu.)*m l ck-pouh ; gill, gills, 

abalourdlr, t>,.. (fam.) to make dull and 


abandon, )/'., forsaking* rolinqnlHhmmit, 
nur render ; leaving things at random ; abandon*- 

unconatrulnt. Avoir un t^dvfmnt; to 
hstvo Mduotive Uttunoit* A* Hwer awe ft ; to 
iiuhrlKo in, 
n, /'abandon, adv., ni, random, in eonf union, at 

iixe and ieveH. fattowr AI en/mttt k J i to 
neglect OIHI'H Children, ("n cuamp gni K a ^-~ ; 
ftid lft to rim wild. 


, +, pa*,, 


ab hoc et ab hac 

given, over. Un malade abandonn& ; a patient 
given up. 

abandonn6, -e, adj., abandoned, lost to de- 
cency, shameless, graceless, profligate, 

abandonne, ti.m., -e, n./., profligate, rake ; 
lewd, wicked, abandoned person. 

aoandonnement (-do-n-man), ?i.w., abandon- 
ment, abandoning, iorsaking , desertion, the 
being forsaken , the giving up one's effects , 
leaving, quitting , dissoluteness, debauchery. 

abandonner, >.#., to abandon, to quit, to 
leave, to desert, to forsake ; to give up, to give 
over ; to leave one the disposal of , to deliver up , 
to let loose, let go. II abandonna lepays; he 
left the country. une caut>e f ' to give up a 
cause. ses pretentious t to give up one's claims 
Mes /oices wftibandonnent ; my strength is fail- 
ing me. une corde , to let go a rope, la 
parhe, to give up the struggle. 
.f'abandonner, v.r., to give one's self up, to ad- 
dict one's self, to give way to ; to indulge m , to 
commit one's self to ; to prostitute one's self ; to 
be easy in one's manners, to throw off all re- 
straint. (S'~- & Id colere, au pla'isir, nu hasard ; 
to give way to anger, to indulge in pleasure, to 
trust to fortune. 

0at>annatlon (-ba-na-), n,f.. (jur.) nbannition. 
0abaptiste (-ba-tiat), atty , (urg.) abaptiston, 

abaque, n w., (arch, antiq ) abacus, plinth, the 
uppermost pait ol the capital of a column. 

abarticulatlon, nf,, (unat.) abarticulation, 

abas, n. w. t shower (bath), blight (in wheat). 
V. telgne. 

abasourdir, v </., (fam.) to stun, to dumfound, 
to astound ; to stupoiy. 

abatardir, >.., to render degenerate , to de- 
base, to corrupt, to spoil, to mar, to adulterate. 
La servitude ak&tartht le coinage; slavery de- 
bases courage. Un /iQinine abftfurdi ; a degen- 
erate man. 
j'abatardlr, v.r., to degenerate, to grow worse. 

abatardissement (-man), w.-w,, degeneracy, 

abat~chauv6o, n./., (n.p.) flock- wool. 

abat-falm (-fln), n.w., ( ) largo joint, sub- 
stantial dish. 

abat-foln, n.w., ( ) opening above the rack to 
put the hay through ; loit-trap, 

abat-jour, w.w..,(-~) (arch.) nky-light, trunk- 
light; Bluvdu for a lamp; window-blind ; (hot.) 

nbattage, .w., cutting down, felling, clear- 
ance! (of a foreat) ; (imv.) heaving down ; careen- 
ing ; slaughtering (of nniiitulH). 
Gabattant, ii,m n shutter ; ilap (of a countor); lid. 

abattdo, ,/., (nav,) canting ; falling off to lee- 
ward. JVViiwi son ; to eawt; to fall off, 

abattexuent C-wSu), n*m n fuintnewH, lowHtato, 

low ftpirita ; (her.) tit>atom(M)t. Tmnbw dttwt I* - ; 
to txicoitio iow-nptriicuL Jetw <I<iws /' ; t,<> <|- 
Jwt. Qufjetfetfttttx T- ; 

j! un ynmd tie fto^ ho In ft gr<iat b 
attis, ftw., hotmeH, wullH, treen, thrown 
down ; tho killing of guniM ; glblit (of ptuiltry) ; 
age ; tttoiw^s hown down hi a wmrry ; ritw 
ter, doitruotloit. dlKtttui rn m^vCU; 

abattoir, n.m,, uiu^ifr.ouHo. 

abattro, *., to throw <!OWM to hurl ftwu j 
to pull dovni ; to teftfc, to batter down ; to bring 
down | to fell, to out down, to Jww down, to cut 
oil ; to JeiJook down j to blow down j fco lay (th 
duit) i to lot down | to o*k (*kltM) ; to oouon (fch 
ontaraot); to vite (itrgrth); to dlipttlt; to 
to unwatfi t to Mt aow, to aAt>mw : 
, vanl tora l Wl / the wind will 
corn down. un ; to M ft 
; to Hkl dflad mi* 

mals. te pantalon ; to remove the trousers. 
lespeanx; to soak the skins. un mmw/7/ 
pour lr cut 6ner ; to careen a ship. f/ vaiwan 
dur (i ; n. ship haid to swing round. - un 
tnat (nav ) , to can y away a mast. l*nwowih? 
chose Vabatt the least thing unmans him. title, 
a l'<nr hien aimttu / she looks very dej<u % ted. - 
Vorgueil <le quclquhtn , to humble any OIH^'H pi i<U>. 

abattre, i;.w., to Uy down OIIU'H cai dn (.it play) ; 
(nav,) to lull oil' to leeward, to oust. / < vat, wan 
tfabat; the ship i driving to lee\vaid. 
.v'abattro, v r., to fall, to tumble down ; to utoop , 
to abate ; to be cast down, dejected ; to break 
down (of horwoH); tobmst (of u Htoun) , t> de- 
spond ; to pounce upon. //<" vent a^alMt ,* the 
wind is tailing. Ln <haleiir ^abat , the heat i 
abating. Un oraye terrible iw ^(itxtitic ,vr 
nous; adieadlul Htoiin IK about to burnt upon UH, 

abattu, -e, <(/> pulle<l, broken, cast <io\\n ; 
depressed, dej<M't<d , hiuul>led, <*reist l -fallen. Je 
me sens tout , 1 am quite out oi spirits. l r n 
visdfff ; a woc-bcgone count euaix'c. 

abatturos, iij pL, (hunt.) ubaiui<> ; foiling (of 
a stag). 

abat-veni, n.w., p<itlxmH (of a steeple) ; 
pentice, wind-screen, louvre window. 

abat-voix, .., HoumUiw-board (of a pulpit) 

abbatiai (-cial), -e, w(/., aWwitial, ablnvtloul, 

abbaye (alx'-i), /,, nionaHtery, abb(*y. .t</- 
minhtration, tVunc ; abbacy. 

abbd", ?i.?w., abb<'s abbot, priest. JI/fWjA'iVwr 
rabbGi your KevereiUH*. 

abbosso, ./., al>lx*KH. ttignitt^ fiutfitonn 
(Vdhhf', (/V/W^' ; abbotHlu'p. 

abc, .w., a, b, c, alphabt^t, primer; a, b, o, 
book , eleiueutH, rudiiuents, H^C'UiiiiK-lHXtk, Ap 

?>/V7i (//v .vo7t ; to leant one's lettern. /'///v <V 
'- (//; to bo at the a, b, c, of, AVw(/f;' 
quchju'ttn h,V* ; to msUui pornoa begin u.U over 

abcddox, r,w., to fonu into nn xUwcHn, to upon- 
teinate, t,o gather, to cotue to u ben<U 

abces> /.7 M almtM'HH, HponUnn, gaih<n tug. 
Mnmw, witt'i*) wi - ; to form, to tulw the iuiit 
tor out of, an U|>HCHH. n tic //<w</v.v,' ^luaboil, 

abclaso, ?J-./. P. absclBSO- 

abdication, /,, abdlcution ; (jur.)<UHtnlM*i'it* 
nuce of a son during IIJM f<tther"M lilo time ; j<* 
nuneiatioju <tf (property), /''<''<" ; to abdicate, 

abdiq[ucr, t.., tt abdicate, to rentgiu, it far* 

abdomen (-tnA )i .w*. jubdonieii, 

abdomiimi. o, (r<// M lUnloininal 

abductour, <(/,, (anat.) nbiltuMiiit 

abducteur, ,;,, abdttctor, 

abduction, w/ M (iuu,, nnd iofr.) uldnctj(oii. 
jr'aMaUUll', t'.tt., (*mv,) t<i Uwoiue (tm (of nnn 
ther at noa). 

(/,, of Ue <i, b, <. ()tn**tijt<* < 



aboillo, * 

with l)W*i 

^, to feed it bird. 

lMWj trttunttm 

hivi boo, wr'/ 
working bcv, t!tw 

f </* ; ! miitt 
of !MM% 

Uon. ' - ^ 

tloiu Cwf/^ <!*** { <iw*i wl 
aUWr, v.. to ntujHify ; t* MtuUtry* 

blttr f *.*. 
ab hoo ot ab 




abhorret, v a., to abhor, detest, loathe. 
j'abhorrer, v.r., to abominate, loathe one an- 

abime, n.m , unfathomable depth, abyss, hell, 
a thmg most abstruse or obscure , dipping-mold 
(for candles); (her.) the middle of the shield, 
fesse-point, heart point. 

abun, -e, part. t swallowed up, ingulfed, de- 
stroyed, spoiled. de defies ; overhead and ears 
in debt. 

abimer, v a., to overthrow, to mgulf, to swal- 
low up , to dohtroy entirely, to cut up, to crush ; 
to poil, to injure. 

abimer, v.n., to be destroyed, to be swallowed 
up, to sink , to polish, to be crushed. 
.v'aMmer, v , to fall into an abyss, to sink ; to 
mm, to undo one's self, to be spoiled. 

ab intestat, adv , abmtestate. Succession ; 
intoatafco'fl estate ; intestacy. 

ab irato, adv., m nn angry fit. Parler, agir, 
; to speak, to act, under the influence of angei . 

abject) -0 (jt s kt), adj., abject, base, mean, low, 
vilo, despicable. 

abjoctenaent, wfa , abjectly. 

abjection, ./., abjection, baseness; humilia- 
tion ; vileneHS, meanness. 

abjuration, ?*>/., solemn renunciation, abjura- 

abjuratoire, m#., abjuratory. acte; act of 

abjurer, v.a,, toabjuio, to deuy, to forswear, 
to renounce. unc opinion; to abandon an 

ablactation, w/., (mod.) ablactation, weaning, 

ablals, u.7tt., (jump ) corn, oithcr Htanding or 
out down, but not carried or carted away. 

ablaqutfatlou, ./., (ganl.) ablaquoation. 

ablattf, .wt., (gram.) ablative. 

ablation, .f M (mirg ) ablation. 

ablativo, (tnv.) adv., in confusion ; Inggledy- 

able, H.M.J or abletto, /., (fish) ablot, 

.m,, nblogato. 
, n.m., ublogation. 

ablopslo, ,/.. (m<l.) ablopHy. 

abllor, n.m,, (Mi.) purac-not; hoop-not. 
()ablttat, -e, <*<(/., (mod,) abluent, cleansing, 
()abltt0r v,a,f to revive old writing, to wash 
with gall-nut. 

ablution, ?*/. ablution, washing, purification. 
/<Ww jww >t; to porfonu OIIH'H ablutloiiH. 

abnd gallon, n*/. T nbugation, ronnncintion, 

d? t to ronoutwo, wtifc iw,,,.,,. 

aboi, n.iu,, lnu'liiug, baying, 

aboloment or abolinont (-bowman), n.m., 
barking, buying* 

&bOiiit n.m, pL, (Impairing condition, lant 
ffhift, <liHtfONM. AUJC ; at bay, hard up, at 
outt*K wliH 1 <w<1. M<titrp fF?/,.fcs to drlvo to <vx> 
trmtittitw. // JO/VMVJ rut HIM ; tho place*, citadel, 

Hbollr, jNflfn, to nboltah, to MJMWI, to annul 
tin iiiijwf f to tal< off ft tax* 
tf'abolir,, *M'., to fall into (Hmtiw, to bw.omo 

aboHflSnblo, <idj,, aboliHbllblo. 

abollasomont (-mSn), MW,, abollhmwt 
abolition,, ,/., abolition ; royal portion ; r 

'"ftboUtfottttiltft, .w,, a 1 

nbomtamtloii, ?*/., Abomination* doUtHtatlon. 
dwtt f t to itboiulfctfttti, to holU In Uotentn- 
timi. AVr* <*t* " j to hit 

abondaramont ( 'la.,ti ,, , 

Hbomta0 ^*/. v pl*uty x . 

' " ' " i -'" *-, ofliiutiice; ridi 

ness, fullness (of language), weak wme-and- water 
[in schools). Corne 3' ; horn of plenty, 
cornucopia. de biens ; opulence. Vivre, etre, 
dans I 1 ; to live in plenty. Parler avec , to 
speak fluently. Ecrire, parley d* ; to write, to 
speak, extempore, offhand. de biens ne nmt 
pas ; store is no sore. 

abondant, -e, adj., abounding, plentiful, copi- 
ous , fruitful, exuberant, teeming, voluble, dif- 
fusive. Une langue e ; a copious language. 

abonder, v n., to abound in or with, to be full 
of , to overflow. 11 abonde dans votre sens; he 
supports your opinion ; he has come round to ; 
he concurs m. dans son sens ; to be wedded to 
one's own opinion 

abonne", n.m., -e, nf., subscriber (to periodi- 
cals, theatres, &c ). 

abonnement (-man), n.m., subscription (to 
periodicals, theatres, &c.); agreement. Les s 
sont sutpendus pout ce sozr (of places of amuse- 
ment); season-tickets not available this evening. 

abonner, v a., to subscribe for. 
.s'abonner, ?> r., to subscribe , to compound foi 
On $* abonne a ; subscriptions are received at. 
Qabonnir, v.a., to better, to mend, to im- 

abonnir, v.n , -s'abonnlr, v n, to mend, to 
grow better. 

Oabonnissement (-ms-rnari), n.m., (fam ), im- 
provement, amelioration. 

abord, n.m , landing , arrival , access ; admit- 
tance, approach ; attack, onset. Avoir V 
facile; to be easy of access. De pit me ; at 
first sight. 

& bord, adv., aboard, on board. 
rf'abord, adv , fii st, at first, at first sight. T out 
d'aboid, a,u premier abord, dbs I'abord ; at first, 
from tho very first. Des V abord, fm smtt que 
je de t vais . . , I felt, from the very first, that J 
ought ... or was to ... 

abordable, adj,, accessible, accostable, of easy 
access ; approachable 

abordage, n.m , (nav.) landing , boarding ; 
fouling. Aller 01 muter h I 1 ; to board a ship, 

aborder, v.n., to arrive at ; to land. 

aborder, v.a., to come near, to come to, to 
come up with ; to board, to run foul of (a ship) ; 
to accost ; to broach, handle (a subjoct). un 
wtisnenu enneini; to board an enemy's ship. 
par accident; to run foul of. II in^ct, abord& 
dans hi rue ; ho accosted mo in the street. 
,v T aborder, t;r., to run foul of each other; to 
come up with one another. 

abordeur, n.m., boarding vessel, 

aborlgbno, adj., first, original, aboriginal. 

aborigines, n.m.,pl,, aborigimiH. 

abornement, n.m. K delimitation,. 

aborner, VM, V. delimiter. 

aborti-f, -ve, adj., abortive. 

abot, 7fc,7H.., clog (for HOTHOH* foro fet), 

abouchemont (-booeh-mau), n.m., intr- 
lew, conteronco, parky; (anat.) anaatomoniM, in- 


abouclier, v.a,, to bring together, to confer, 
j'abouchcr, v.r., to have an interview ; to 
confer with ; to place one's self in communion- 
tion with ; (nunt.) to inosculate*. 

abotitt n,w , (carp,) <nd, butfc-ond. 

about^, -e, </<//., placed end to ouu. 

aboutomont (-boot-man), w.w., (carp) but, 

abouter, t <t*, to Join owl to on<l. 

aboutir, i,., to join; to border upon; to 
moot j (Hurg, ) to burnt ; to oift to ; to tm<l to ; 
t< cml hi, JV J A Hi ; to aotna to nothing ; s 

MM! In MiHofeo. (k champ ttbwtU k un, 
tld* iMcl borders upon ft fan. Faitft w 
to biclxig mi nbaooM to a head, jpafowtir (gurdj; 
to budi ba covered witli buda* 


aboutissant, -e, atf/., bordering upon, 

aboutissants (rarely used without the word 
tenants), w.m., pL 9 boundaries of an estate ; abut- 
tals, particulars ; connections. Je n''a^mepas les 
tenants et de cet homme ; I do not like the set 
by which that man is sui rounded. Savon* les 
tenants et d'une affaire , to know all about a 

aboutlssement (-man), .w,, eking piece 
(tailoring) ; (surg.) the drawing to a head. 

ata ovo, adv., fiom the very beginning 

aboyant, -e, </., barking. 

aboyer, v.n., to bark, to bay, to yelp ; to 
dun. II aboie npi ea tout le mowic , he snarls at 
everybody. apj^f, qnclque chose ; to long tor 
a thing, covet a thing a la lune ; to bark 
when one cannot bite , to complain in vain. 

aboyeur, ww., baiker; snarlor, dim; 
touter ; link-man (at the door of a theatre) , 
(orm.) greoushank. Oe jonrnaliste ttfest qit'un , 
this journalist is nothing but a snarling critic 

abrac, , abraxas. 

abracadabra, .wi., abracadabra (magical 

abraqtuer, v.a. t (wav.) to haul taut 

abrasion^ ./., (mod.) abrawon, excoriation. 

abraacae, n,m., abracadabra. 

abr6ge*,-e, m/?., short, nummary. 

abt<Sg<S> W.OT., abridgment, compendium, epi- 
tome, abstract, nummary. En ; in a few 
words, briefly. Xtfrdwire en ; to epitomize. 

abrtfger, .., to abridge, to whorton, to opi- 
toume ; to abbreviate, to cut down, to cut short. 
Pour ; to be brief. 
.s-'abre'ger, i>.r., to become short, oi" shorter. 

abreuvage, abreuvement, ?u., watering, 
iioakhig, steaming, priming. 

abreuver, v.a., to water, to givo drink to; to 
make drink ; to soak, to droneh ; to fill ; (puiut.) 
to prepare, to prixnft ; to Boak (wood). 
tf'abtWVOr <10, v.r., (of amiualB) to go to wa- 
tw ; to drink plentifully; to bo stooped in. $' 
d? lartnen ; to shod oopiouH tears. *V tie (Ion- 
lews; to be filled with grief; to drain to tho 
drogfl the cup of sorrow, f/w <?? abteMvf' dc 
fid ; a heart 8t<p<Hl in gull. 

abrouvoir, ?;,w. t watering 1 - place, horH- 
pond ; (nw.) ubrouvoir. A wottrtH'* (hurluMiuo 
style) a larjfo wound org'jmh on thn h<wl or fact). 

abr^Viateur, w.7/., abbroviutor, abiidgor. 

abrtfviati-f, -V6, <r</., ftbbroviatory, abridg- 
ing, abbroviatfog, 

abrdvlatlon, /., abbreviation, contraction, 

abri, n.m n Mholter, cover. Jtorn jww^f /' 
ui la Iw HhftMwu'mi by a wood, tow ; 
H, JDmahT un - ^>. / to Mhclittr. -d / f ; 
ovvir. 7tVr< <)i <f'; to IH 
fV/ /'" </ f<*if ; to 1>o h<vl 

from porfiooutioiu Jtft:tt?6 

l(t iww 
r -t 


abricot, t.w., apricot* 

abriooW, wtn wrtwUiv 

abricotior, .;., aprlr 

Abtioi 1 , t.ff M (nav.) to i 

nbrlter, ?.#., fco w<*lt.r to niiiold) to iwr 
to httd, to protect ; (imv ) to hocuihn, \wbiw 

nbrlt^, -e, mfj^ (gard.) HUnltcri'Ml* 

iter, tt,r M to tAwIttir OJW'H ftftlf ; to 
r; to fuwliit* Abritwtni* i 

abrlvent, ,w*, f (Rftnt.) matting normt; 

rihnltar <intryhax 5 hut* 

abrogation, n,/ abrogntlon, ropml*, n- 

abirogw, r. f to abrogAbiif to *opiwl, to an- 
ii ul. 
j'abroger, t'.r., to Ml Into dfnu f w, to grow 


; absterger 

abrouti, -e, <^., nipped, bruwwed. 

abroutissoment (-man), n.m.^ damage 
done to treet> by cattle browning. 

abrupt, -0, adj , ruggod, craggy; (hot.) 

abruption, /> abruption; (urg) rttp- 
tuu, fracture. 

("K abrupto, nth)., w/;., suddenly, bluntly, olT- 
liaud, on the spur of tlio uioinouti ; abrupt, im- 

atorutir, v.a , to Htupcfy, to boHot, to brutalize. 
*'abrutir, v r , to b(M',ouio Htupul, to bo \w~ 
sotted, to got lnil:\h/,iMl 

abratissant, -e, wtj , bruialixing, sfcupof yhig 

abrutlssement (-man), .w, brutiHlinem r 
btupor, Hottinhuoss. 

abrutisseur, n.m., brutalizor ; <K(/ M ntupcfy- 
iug, brutaliKing 

abscisso, n f , (gooui.) nbrnnHiui. 

absence, w/., abncuxcc, inadvertence, want 
of. (Pesput; ahwoncc of mind. Avon iln $ 
(rcsprtt; to have iite of abwcnce. finnan/wrr 
I' ~~ dc. ; to niiHb. 

absent, -o, w(/., ubHoiit, out of the way, 
iniHHiuff, wanting; (of tho mind) wmidwing* 

absent, w M , on almont, abHoutco. /yf.v *- 
ont toujows tort ; the nbmmt are always h\ tho 

^'absenter, '*'.?'., to absent one's iMlf ; to kwp 
out of thti way 

abslde, /., (arch, and nil,) po. 

absinthe, w/., abwint-lus \\onuwottil; bittorii* 

absolu, n,w., nlmolutc, <ixlHting iiul(^H^nd<u>t 
of any other oaune. 

absolu, e, frr(?,, nbHoluto; arbitrnry, dnH)io 
ticni, unlimited ; pontntptory , nuigiHkn'iftl ; poHi- 
tivd, xnicowdilKuial ; full, Hlriot., 

absolumoiit, w/t'., almohtclj% arbitrarily, 
peremptorily ; positively, huHHpctimbiy, fulJy* 
J! y (\fttMi ~- , ht^ gitvo a iijit dojuiol. 

absolution, ./., alwolutton ; fltcquittttt ; 
dinchargo. /.SVrwA <rm/r /rj 1 // /*- ; uimhftolvwi. 

absolutlsmo, 7i.?w., nhm>hitiwii. 

absolutisto> nw*/, piu-tiwitt o)t abflolut* 

absolutoire, ^., abnoltitory. 

absorbable, w/j,, u)MiorbAhlo. 

absorbant, , m(/., Abfu>rtitl\c, 4U>nortwnt 

absorbent, w.w., nimoriK'ut, 

absorh^, -e, jwri , HluKwliiui, MtgnHuwtlt nmt 
in // tM /w r/iwlf ; Iw l* ttlwiwbwl In 


absorbexaent,,, iUKWftIo*i(of inStni) 
absorber, t'., T << uiworb, to wwullow uj ; to 
drink in, to COUMUMCS to wmt; tu wtgrt^w, t 
witlrwly ; to tak^ up. 
) t'f*i to In 1 * abntj 

nbfioudro (nhmdvttnl, abiwniM), t*.rt t to i 
olvo, to ai<iutt, tf hrhjg hi iufe guilty, to <*l*tar ( 


H to 

bwu* f to l<trr*g<* A' 1 -" <tf Hn 
abatontlon, .,^-, '^'"l^'^ioin ivlmtinnn'y ; vvlfli- 

id of ft jwlg* frt>m . trtnl. 

, f*.n 



abstersi-f, -ve, adj., (med.) abstersive, 

abstersion, n/., (surg.) abstersion. 

abstinence, ./., abstinence, temperance, so- 
briety, fasting. 

abstinent, -e, adj , abstemious, sober. 

abstracti-f, -ve, adj., abstractive. 

abstraction, nf., absence of mind, abstrac- 
tion. Avoir des -f; to have fits of absence. 
Par ; abstractedly. faite de ; setting aside ; 
exclusive of. 

abstractivemont (-man), adv., abstractly, 

abstraire (abstrayant, abstrait), v.a., to draw 
from, to separate, to abstract. 

abstrait, -e, adj., abstract; abstruse; inatten- 
tive, absent-minded, 

abstraltement (-tret-man), adv., abstractedly, 

abstrus, -e, tfrf?'., abstruse, intricate, difficult ; 
dark, obscure, incondite. 

absurd, e, adj., absurd, nonsensical, foolish, ir- 
rational, preposterous. Itfiduirc une opinion h 
r ; to show tko absurdity of an opinion. Tom- 
ber dans ' ; to fall into the absurd. 

absurdeinent* adv., absurdly, nonsensically. 

absurdito*, nj*, absurdity, nonsense, prepos- 
terousnesB, foolishness. 

abus, ?i.w., abuse, misuse), breach (of a thing); 
grievance ; error, Reformer, eorriger, les , 
to redrafts grievances, nuisances. Appel comme 
d5' -(log,) ; appeal by wot of oiror. 

abuuer, 1>..., to abuse, to impose on, to mis- 
uso, to HO ill, to make a bad uso of, to misem- 
ploy. Vows abuses de ma patience; you take 
advantage of my patience. 

abuser, v.a., to cheat, to deceive, to delude, to 

-v'abusor, f.r., to miHtake, to bo mistaken, to 
deceive one's soil'. 

abusour, n.m., (l,u.), cheat, deceiver, im- 

abusi-f, -ve adj., abusive, Improper, against 

tUlOH, miMlOUl* 

abualvemont (mSu), adv., abusively, impro- 

abuter, v,*?., to throw for first go, aim. v.n., 
(htofouiluig) to abut, 

abymo, w.wi. F. abtrae. 

acablt, n.w*, quality (of fntitw, vegotabloK) ; 
<iuallfcy, 8ta>np t kidney (of pwwmn). (let howmf 
f*t d'ltn fton ; \w h a good sort of follow. 
6V ntfint ties ff&nts du m$me ; they arc all tarred 
with the Aawo bmah. 

noacla, n,tn, n miacia ? gum-tarn 

acaddmlcloii (-Hi-iu), ,v.?//., ncadHmiciaD. 

aoad^mlo, n,/. nctuhumy, aonit^ty of loani<ul 
Kttttttj acadmy (divlHion of the Uuivt^Aity of 
Frauc ; acatloiny (Plato's) ; miiv^rwty ; riding- 
K<*hool; pupilM, Nohool. Tpufr ; to keep a 
O ; (paint.) aoadomy iigr. 
o, adj., bolonghtg to an academy, 

v>, aoadoint- 

r, v.n. to palut from a iuodol. 
aoad^mlsto, ,v./., m-.iulo.nunt, pupil. 

ri ,., (fam.) to WMMIMI<MM to sloth ; 


^'noaifcnardor, t;,r,, to grow slothful, to lead an 
Ml lito t to bdooma b<wott<Ml. 

j mahogany, A r o/jr rf - ; 

/ WftHtliUH* boar'H foot. 
aoare or acarus, n.wi., uraruit, itd^ anhn;il 

ftoariatrot<S, ?.',/, p 
acarlons, vm. ;^., (tint) 

acatalecte, acatalectiqiie, n.m and ^r/j., 

aoatalepsie, n./., (med.) acatalepsy. 

acataleptique, ^/., acataleptic. 

acaule, adj., (bot.) acaulous, acaulose. 

accablant, -, acf?., grievous, oppressive, in- 
sufferable, overwhelming; annoying, crushing, 

accabli, -e, adj., dejected, depressed. JStre 
; to be extremely low-spirited. 

accablement, n.m., heaviness, languor, grief, 
dejection of spirits, oppression, discouragement. 
Eire dans P ; to be m the greatest dejec- 

accabler, i\a., to crush, to bear down, to over- 
whelm , to throw, to weigh, to press down , to 
overload ; to overpower , to afflict , to deject, to 
depress, to ovei whelm ; to load with, to heap on. 

accalmie, nf , (nav ) lull. 

accaparement (-man), n m , monopoly, en- 
grossment, forestalling, buying up. 

accaparer, v.a., to engross, to monopolize, to 
forestall , to swallow up, to buy up 

accapareu-r, n m., -se, n.f., monopolist, en- 
grosser, forestaller, monopolizer. 
*accastillage, ?., the space occupied by the 
forecastle and quarter-deck ; upper-work. 
*accastiller, v.a , to provide a ship with a fore 
and a hind-castle. 

*accastille", -e, adj., (of a ship) having a fore 
and a hind-castle. Ifaut ; with high upper 

acce"der, vn., to accede, to comply with, to 
agree to, consent. 

acc616rat-eur, -rice, adj , accelorative. 

acceleration, n.f,, acceleration, haste, dis- 

accele're', -e, adj., accelerated, quickened. Au 
pas ; in double quick time. Pas , quick 

acce*le*rar, v.a., to accelerate, to quicken ; to 
despatch, to lorw<ud, to ha,ston. 
Qaccenser or acenser, t'.fl-., to lease, to let, to 
rout, to annex, to join, to unite. 

accent, w.m., stress of the voice, accent, note ; 
pronunciation, emphasis, oxpression. aigu, 
circonflcxe, grave f acute, circumflox, grave, ac- 
cunt. natillardf twang. trh-fortement 
prononcb / broad accent, finna ; unaccented, 
Pifttcz Voreitte h vnea ,s , hearken to my strain. 

acoenteur, n.m., (ormth.) accentor. 

accentuation, w./., accontuatiou* 

aocentue*, -e, adj,, aoconted, accentuated. 

accentuer, ..,' to accent, to accentuate, to 
lay stress on, 

acceptable, adj., acceptable, worth accept- 

acceptant, n.m., (jur.) acoopter. 

acceptation, n./., acceptance. 

accepter, '.</., to accept, to rocivo, to admit ; 
to resign one'fl self to. tytil wwt la pcfaw d'etre 
accept^; worth accepting. 

acoepteur, //./., (com.) aocoptor. 
0aoceptllatlon, n.,/., accoptilation. 

aoceptlon, n,/., rospcwt, rgarl; (of worda) 
mnm, mftftning, aocoptatiou. dto pffrsoiMMtai 
respect of pornmnfi. 

acofes, n.m,, accoiw, approach, admittancn ; at- 
tack, M (of fevor), paroxynm ( intvdnoM* /*r ; 
by fits and fttarU. 

accessibility, w/., acoetMibttity. 

accossiblo, wty,, aoceMible, approa<ihable 
eay to come at, 

acoeflsion w,/., accesa, tntry? accio; a-d- 

Bceasit (-nit,), n. w,, tlw Hdcon.l beat, the first 
t the priscnnan (in academies, nohools)* Prgx* 

n& * ; honorable itteiitiot># 

acoeasoire, (tdj^ aoceinory, additional. 

accessoiro, n.m., accessory t minor t < 

ace essoir erne lit 

accessory; (tliea.) property, Fournisseur d's 
or chef d' ; property-man. 

accessolrement, adr , accessorily, 

accident^ n.m., accident, incident, casualty, 
(pamt.) accident ; (med.) symptom, complica- 
tion ; (mus.) incidental ; irregularity, undulation 
(in ground). Par ; accidentally. 

accidente*, -e, adj^ rough, uneven, unequal, 
broken, hilly (of ground) ; picturesque. 

accidental, -le, adj , accidental, adventitious, 
incidental ; fortuitous, eventual, casual. 

accidentellement (-man), adv., accidentally, 
casually, by chance. 

accipitres, n.m,. pL, accipiters, 

accipitrin, -e, adj., accipitrme 

accisc, n.f , inland duty, excise. Prepose a 
V ; exciseman. 

acclamation, n.f., acclamation, shout, cheer- 
ing, huzza, applause. Snluer par des s; to 

acclamer, ?'.., to acclaim, to applaud, to hail, 
to welcome. 

acclamper, v.a., (nav.) to clamp. 

acclimatable, adj., acclnnatizable. 

acclimatation, acclimatement, n,f. , acclima- 

acclimater, r.a., to acclimatize, to accustom 
fco a climate. 
.v'accllmater, ??,r,, to become acclimatized. 

accolntance, n.f , (tarn, and b. s.) acquaint- 
ance, commerce, intimacy, connection. 
,5'accointer, v.r., to become or get intimately 
acquainted with any ono, 

accolsement, n.m., appeasement. 

accolser, v.a., to appease, calm, quiet. /?' , 
t),n, to become appeased ; to end. 

accolade, M,/., embrace, hug , accolade , (cook. 
mus. print.) brace ; a crooked line. 
brt&fa (pnut.) half-bruco. UIIG de Inpf- 
reawe; a biacc of rabbits jDonnfrP , to 
embrace, to dub a knight. Reccvoir /' ; to be 
made a knight. 

accolader, ,#,, to bracket. 

accolago, .w> , tying up; nailing up. 

accole", -*, part. i (her ) joined together, 

accolement, n M., joining, uniting; union. 

accoler, v.a,, to hug, to embrace; to place 
side by side ; to couple, (hort.) to prop, to tie 

accolure, ./., (ngri.) a band of Btraw, osier, 

accommodatole, adj , that may be arranged ; 

accommodate, .i , the drcstting of meat, 
cooking ; hair-ureHmg* 

accomniodant, -0, adj., accommodating, com- 
plying, courteous, 

accommode", -e, part , favored, lUted up, ad* 
justed ; (cook.) dressed ; well on", well to do. 

accommodement (a5n), /.;., i< i cominoila 
tion, agreement, jirtnigmin>nt, <*()knpoKitioii ; net- 
tl(*unit ; reconcihalunn , wivy, mediuni. Vn 
hmnmt tV " ; a nuui eiwy to denl with. J4n wnit* 
ft itn ; to come to terniH. 

accommoder, v.a^ to julapt, to accommodate, 
to fit, to make tip; t,o tumid, to hnprove; to re- 
concile, to oottflHiiito ; to *ljut ; to be conven- 
ient; to <ITOH to trim ; t< cook ; to treat, to erve 
out; to thrah; to l<t liave, to Hell, <"<?<* vtnts 
(t^QmmGdf J ra4"lt f will thim miit you ? 
.^aocomniodor, f,n, to ngnnn to come to terinn ; 
to accommodate OIH^H nelf ; to wtilt. ; f,o jnake ttee 
with ; to be plewwl with, t jmt up with. A 
Unit ; to put tip with anything. <fv twit , to b<h 
pleimed with dvorytliiiifr. 
*accompagnat eur, a.m., rice. N,/., (m\u,,) 

6 accoter 

companiment for wind instruments. A grand, 
orchestre, ; full accompaniment. 

"accompagner, v.a., to accompany, to escort, 
to wait on, to attend ; to be of the retinue, to 
follow ; to match, to suit with ; to add, to back,; 
to be the accompanist. 7Vi <w rhoiinaitr de 
V chez ell? ; I had the honor of seeing her 

.^accompagner, v.r., to be accompanied ; to 
accompany one's self (on an instrument). 

accompli, -6, adj'., accompliHhed, pei termed, 
fulfilled ; complete ; faultless, perfect. Une 
beautS ; a perfect beauty. 

accompllr, v.a., to accompliah, to eiToct; to 
finish, to complete ; to iuliill, to make good. $<i 
promesse ; to carry out one's promise. 
^'accompllr, v.n, to be accomplished, to bo 
performed, to be past. 

accomplissement (-man), n.m,, accomplinh- 
ment, fulfillment ; completion, execution, obsorv 

accon, n.m., amall lighter, punt. 

accoqulnor. V. acoquiner. 

accorage, n.m , propping. 

accord, A.W., agieement, bargain, contract, 
convention, settlement, stipulation ; consent, 
concin rence ; good undoi standing, unity; (imw.) 
accoid, chord; (paint.) harmony, accord* 7iYf<t 
(V ; dcnwurar d 1 ; tomlw d* ; to agree, to 
bo agreed. Mcttr? d" 1 ; to reconcile. /^ ; 
granted, done. Wit?) commnn ; by common 
consent. Ktre </' ; (IUUH.) to \w in tune, 
Tenii <f , to keep in tune 

accordaole, <tdj,, grantable, that may be 
granted; (UIUH.) tunable, (of men) reconcilable. 
^accordailloB, n.f, nl., (pop.) ilw c<n'eiHoy of 
signing the articles ot marriage, eMjxnwalH. 

accordant, -6, <ufj*, (mas.) accordant, tunable, 
hunnoniouH, conconlant, 

accordo I wit. (nav.) now I (order given to 
rowers to pull together). 

accordo, .*., *0, w./*, brMegroom, bride (af- 
ter the miuriage urtI<'l(H are nignod) , one who In 
betrothed, gnwittMl 

accordion, n.w., accordion, 

accorder, VM.^ to grunt, l.o allow, to tteeord, to 
give, to allot, to l>cHtow, to concede , to ndmlt t t> 
give up ; to make frien<ln, to reconcile ; (gnwiu) 
to make agree ; (IUUH.) to tuno, to Hiring, -* Witt ,* 
to tuitune. Aivvrdrs ivw Jtfttw ; ngr<^e tipott it 
betwo(ni you, 

.^accordor, ?',r., fco agree, to wilt, to be nuitwl, 
to accord, to covrcnpotid ; to wniaixi ; to Join, to 
concur, />" (?u prif / to ugree \i\wn thn price, 
II ne ^((ccordc pns (ircchtt'-nifaHf ; he in inconiUH 
tent with himself, 

accordou-r, ,/,, -go* /'. tuner (>f InnCrit 
ments). C t lffd'>>' t tunlng-luunmer* 

acoordoir, .m. t tuning hnminer. 

accoro, % jT,,(nav) whoro, j[>rom titiichhm 

accord, ndj n bluff, nteep* 

accoror, '., (nav.) to whore up, to i*'p to 
stay, to wedge, 

accornd, -e, <y, (her.) ttonuHl. 

accort, o *utj** flexible, coittiityln% court N>UH^ 

v accompagnomont 

iory appendix dt yua 
for ittmged i&vtrumonU. 


- ^harmmle; M- 

accortlBO, w/ M conmljiiwsuu't* 

accostablo, m(/ M (1.) ^coft 
<je* // wV#jf p<t# ' , JH* Iw nut iu|>riiji 

aocont, .<M (av.) order t< (>rlif 

aoocwtw* V.M trt ncc<mt to nmkt* n>* 
come or go w| to mm, to join. < conple , 
to come nlongHitin. 

t'ftCCKHltW a, r,r. ti> k**i> r<tm|Htu,y w 
imike tu'cjiialutancc wttit, to frMjtnnit, 

accotar, n,M, ('. aoootoir, 

aocM>tweiit .. (Mtnin 

, V.KI U> | 


up, to lean ; (hort.) to dung, to match, to 

5' accoter, -y.n, to lean on anything, to support 
one's self. 

accotoir, TC.W., prop, leaning-stock, stanchion ; 
(nav.) stay, shore 

accouche'e, ./., a woman in child-bed, lymg- 
iu woman. 

accouchement (-koosh-man), ??.?/?.., child-bed ; 
delivery, confinement, accouchement ; obstetrics ; 
midwifery. Hopital des s; lying-m hospital. 
Faire un , to deliver a woman. 

accoucher, v.n , to he in, to be brought to bed, 
to be delivered. avant terme; to miscarry. 
Accouches done ! (fam ) come, out with it ! 

accoucher, w.a., to deliver a woman. 

accoucheur, W.TO., man-midwife, accoucheur. 

accoucheuse, w./., a midwife. 
s'accouder, r.n, to lean on one's elbow. 

accoudoir, ?., anything to lean the elbow 
upon, elbow-rest, sill, rail. 

accouor, i>.., to tie the halter of the first horse 
to the tail of the second, and so on ; to wound a 
stag in the shoulder, to ham-string him. 

accoullns,, alluvion j clay for making 

accouple, w/., leash, brace, couple. 

accouplement, ,?.w/., coupling, pairing, join- 
ing or yoking 1 together , copulation. 

accoupler, v.a , to couple ; to tack or join to- 
guthor ; to yoke ; to match, to pair. des 
vvt'itfx; to yoke oxen. 
-s'accoupler, v.n to couple, to copulate ; to pair. 

accourclo, ./,, short cut; a passage formed 
in a whip's hold, to go Laio and aft. 

accourclr, i'.<r., to shorten, to make shorter, 
to abridge. 

.^' accourclr, v.a,, to shorten, to grow shoi tor, 
to dooroaso. 

accourcissement (-man), w.///., Hhorteniug, 

accourlr, v.n , , to run to, to hasten, to flock 
togothw, to run at, to rush at, 

accoutre", -e, twrf , accoutred, drowsed. 

accoutrement, M.M., (jest, or iron.) garb, 
droHg, gear, 

accoutror, r.,, (jost or iron.) to dress out, 
rig out. 
.v'aocoutrer, i,r,, to dross one's wilf out in, to 

rig OttO'M MOlf OUt. 

{Oaccoutumanco, /,, habit, custom. 

aocoutumd, -o, M(/., awuistomwl. habitual, 
uwd to, A I* a ; as usual, customarily. 

accoutumor, v.<t., to aooustom, to uso, to 
habituate ; to inure. 

accoutumor, v.n,., to use, to be wont. 
-r'accoutumor, t'.n, to accustom, to use, to 
imuro OIW*H ttolf. 
0aocouv$, -e, (fain .) <#., brooding over (the ftro), 

aoortfdltor, 'v,a,, to accredit; to glvo reputo- 
tiuxnt ci'wUfc,<%t iou to ; to bring into vogiw, to 
procure OHtinu T to <;<nu1rm, to spwmti (rumorw). 
.'ao creditor, t'.n, to g^t a numo or reputation, 
to gfc Sutoi <mlit ; to hifrrutlate ono'H sulf, 

aocrdtion, n/ M (wd.) accrotion, 

aocroc (-kr0) M.M.* impediment, hitch, bin- 
diranoe; rtnt, tww. Fnirft un - hf totwir. 
Qaooroofce, n,f n hiwlrauw, obsfcaclo, hitoh. 

accrooho-coour, .7 M ( ) (curl) hmrt- 
brftkor v klw url, A' ; ourhui up, twiHtd, 

aocroohoment, n.w., locking (of carriages) j 
<lifliouity* hitch f uolny. 

aoorochor, t-,u., to hiuig up or upon, to hook ; 
to eftt<^ln fco tea-r ; to get, to pick up ; to lock, to 
K<it lookod with ; to grapple (a ihlp) ; to doluy, 
utopf put (flf t |)<i.wjrii* * Mt w twins ; to pawn one's 
wtcch. 7i liiih itaoroehf tit I* urgent $ Im lim done* 
)itiu out of Homo niojicy. 
j 1 aoorooher, .r., to cutoh in ; to luiug on ; to 
Uvy hold of| to filing tO 


accrolre, v.c., to believe. J?V/4re t / to make 
believe. En faire h quelqifun, to impose 
upon any one. B^en faire , to be self-con> 
ceited, to overrate one's sell 

accrolssement, w.m., increase, growth, en- 
largement, extension, development. 

accroitre, v.a. t to increase, to enlarge, to 
amplify, to augment, to raise. 

accroitre, v.n., to increase, to augment. 
s'accroitre, v.r. t to increase, to grow ; to be 
augmented or advanced, to improve. 

accroupl, -e, adj , squat, cowering, crouching. 
-y'accroupir, v i , to &it down upon the hams or 
heels, to squat, to crouch. 

accroupissement (-man), n m , cowering, 
squatting, crouching. 

accru, n.m., sprig produced by roots, shoot. 

accrue, n/,, increase of land caused by the 
retiring of waters; encroachment by trees on 
adjoining land 

*accueil (-keu), n.m. , reception, welcome, greet- 
ing; (com.) protection, honor (of bills). Faire 
, to receive kindly (of bills), to meet. He- 
cevoir Ion ; to meet with due honor, protec- 
tion ; to be greeted, welcomed, (com.) to be 
met, honored (of bills). 

^accueillir (-keu-), ?>.,, to receive, to make 
welcome, to entertain ; to hail ; to overtake ; to 
assail ; (com.) to honor; to protect. JStre b'ten 
accuetlh ; to be received with a hearty welcome. 
La temp&te nous accueilht; the storm overtook 

accul, n.m., place that has no egress; blind 
allciy ; small bay, cove ; (hunt.) terrier, lodge, 
hole ; breeching (of a cannon), 

acculer, v <e , to brmg to a stand; to drive 
into a corner; to drive into a place from which 
there IB no (*scapo, (hunt.) to run home. 

acculer, v.n., (of carts) to hang backwards 

accumulat-eur, M.W., -rice, ?./, accumula- 

accumulation, n./., accumulation. 

accumuler, .., to accumulate, to heap up, 
to store, to amass, crime sur ci ime ; to heap 
crime upon crime. 
j'accumuler, v r., to accumulate, to increase. 

accusable, m/?.* accusable, impeachablo, 

accusat-eur, MW,, -rice, ./., accuser, in- 
dioter, impoacher. 

accuaatif, w.wi., (gram.) accusative cas. A 
/* ; In the accusative. 

accusation, n/ M accusation, indictment, im- 
pcachmont, clntrgo; complaint; prosecution. 
Chef if'" ; count of an indictment, jfcfiw en \ 
arraignment, ftitmter une ; to prefer an in- 
dictment. Mettw en , to hu punch. Pwnoncer 
la wiM en ; to ftml a true bill. 

accuaatolro, r^/ M accusatory* 

accus^, w,w., -e, w./., a<;cus6d, prisonw, cul- 
prit. -de reception ; (com.) acknowledgment 
of Iwtfcer, receipt. 

accuser, t, M to accuse of, to charge with; to 
indict, to impeach; to reproach, to tax; toblaino; 
to dispute the validity of a deed ; to mention, to 
give notice; (ilg.) fco show, to indicate, to b<tray, 
to attest. w&'piion tViuin IcUrc; toaoknow* 
lodge the receipt of ft latter. 

accuser, i'.r M to accuso one's self, 

actfphale, adj., acephalous, without a head. 

ac<5phales, n.m, pL, acophola. 

ao^raln, -0, (ulj n relating to stool, staely, 

acerbe, (ulj,, Hour, sharp, acerb; harsh, bitter* 

aoerbit^, w/., acerbity, harshness; bitterness* 
, ~e, a<?j,, at(*oly, steeled; sharp, keen, 
god; acarose* 
, t>.a., to atodL* 

aoescence, ^.. 
acescent, -e v <tdj. 


ac^tabule, n.m., acetabulum. 

ac^tato, n m., acetate. 

aceteu-x, -se, adj., acetous. 

antique, adj., acetic. 

achalandage, n.m., custom, connection ; 
^ood will and fixtures. 

achalande', -e, part., having custom. Bou- 
Hque bten e ; a well-frequented shop, doing or 
driving a good trade. 

achalander, v.a., to get custom, to procure 
customers, to procure custom to. 
.9'achalander, v.r. , to get or draw, attract, cus- 

acharn6, -e, adj., fleshed; rabid; infuriated; 
implacable; desperate, obstinate; intense. Un 
combat ; a desperate right. Une home e ; 
an implacable hatred. 

achariiement, n.m., tenacity ; rancor, blind 
fury, stubbornness, ill-nature, obstinacy, des- 
peration, Avec ; umneicifully, C'estael' ; 
this is rank fury. 

achanzer, v a,, to flesh; to rouse, to madden; 
to sot on; to embitter, to envenom. 
j'acharner, v.r., to be intent, bent, sot upon; 
to sot one's heart upon ; to persist in ; to be in- 
furiated, implacable. II s'achtirne h V etude , his 
heart 3s sot upon study. 
0achats,>, Indian pickles. 

achat,,, purchase, purchasing, buying, 
bargain. Fail G dcs ; to purchase. 

ache, ,/,, (bot.) amallage. 

ach6e, M./., worms, gentles, bait. 

acheminement (ash-mi-n-miin), n.m., step, 
preparatory measure, means, way, dispatch. 

achemlner (ash-mi-mS), ?>., to forward, to 
send on. 

i'achemijior, v.n to aet out or forward, to make 
one's way towards; to begin one's journey; to 
proceed towards; to get on. 

acheter (ash-tt't), v.., to buy, to purchase, to 
bribe. - - c/tcr on, bon tnaichf*; to buy dear or 
cheap, en bloc / to buy in a lump.* - chat 
<tn poche / to buy a pig in n poke. 
j'achotor , to buy for one's self, to bo bought. 

acliotaur (ash-tow), n.m., buyor, purchaser, 
last bidder. 

acii0v6, -e, part., finished, porftwt, exqui- 
site, ubnolnUi; downright, oonHunnnaUt, arrant. 
Meantb ~~e; u perfect beauty. Not ; down- 
right ftHH, 

achievement (-shov-man), n.m., completion , 
finishing 1 , eonehiHion. 

achever (ash-vri), v.a., to finish, to put tlw 
finishing hand to; to clow, to <nu! f to <*ouolu<lo f 
to toruilnato* to pnrfoct f to crown, to fSuiMuin* 
mate , to dispatch, to kill. <?c! btwc ; to druik 
up. Achoiwy ! out with it> I M n'ttc/u'wi pus ; 
ho Mild no mow. 

aclioveur, -se, ri.wt,/., liuiMhor, 

aohillde, ,/ M (hot,) milfoil, yarrow. 

achlt, w.w., wiW vino. 

achoppomont ("Hhop-mSiO, n,w,, ntumbling, 
Impediment, MfrrmP ; Htniui)Uttgbtook. 

AOlldppor* v-1 >,, to Hiinnblo, to kniH'H OIKI'H 
mlt galnt anything; (g) to full. 

achromatize (-kro-), adj., iu*hromntt<*. 

aohromatisme (-kr(^) f ,w. t (oj>t.) w'hroma 
0achronlq,uo (-kro), atM, K 

aoloulfdre, nttj.^ acjioiuar, muuUo 

add, n.rn. r mid, 

aolde, rtf//., aoid t Hour, tart, Hharp. 

acifllflor, T.., to iuri'.lil'y. 

ttCidlttf, n.f., ttoidSty, Monriuiwn 8tiH>rpM8ii, tail, 


acidulo, frJ;., of the; imtnro of whin, acululouH. 
acidul^, * y adj., Hcidultttod. 
aolduler, v.a., to n^<iu)ut,n. 

acior, .?ft,, Mtinti* fondn ; 

8 acronyqtie 

blistered steel Articles d" 1 ; steel wares. jW 
joutei le d' ; pohfahed steel wares. JFil d* , 
steel wire, 

acie'rage, n m., (metal.) the hurdoniug ol cop- 
per, steeling, plating with ateel. 

acidration, n.f., the converting ot iron into 

aci<5rer, v.a., to convert into steel, to steel. 

aci&rie, n.f., steel manuiaetory, steel-works. 

aciXieu-X, -se, ad-j., acimwe, nciuouB. 

acinilorme, adj., aehufonn. 

acmd, n. in., (mod.) acme 

acnd, n,/., (mod.) acno. 

acolyte, n.iH., acolothiht, acolyte; companion, 
contederate, asaoi-uite. 

acompte, , inHtalhucnt, partial payment. 

aeon, n.m. r. accon. 

aconit (-nit), n. m., nx'onitc, wolC'-bane, monk'a 
hood. tve-chien , dog'H-bauo. 

acoquinant, -o, adj., (faiu.) alluring, enga- 
ging, captivating 

acoqulner, v.a., (fain ) to allure, to bewitch; 
to captivate 

s'acoqutner, v.r., (fain.) to bo bowitho<i, t< 
be gieatly attached to. // ^acoquinc aujti'fa 
de cetic Jeminc, t ho IB much in lovo with that 

acotylddono, adj., (of plakitn) aeofcyhuIononH. 

acoup, n.m,, (**JP) jerk, aiuUkin ntop, or halt. 

acoustique, adj., acousUc. dordott- ; npeivk- 
Jng-pip^. Cornet- ; <"ar4rumpt. rwiJ?<* ; 
whiuponug <tomo, guH<^ry. 

ac(J,"U(5rotir, n.m., buy<r, puichasor. 

acqii(5rir (niHiiu'Tant, atuiuis), v.a., to aoqulw, 
to purchase*, to buy, to obtain; to g(t, to nchitvvo, 
to attain, to gain, to win 
j'acftudrijr, v.r., to gt, to lw gotten, to Im 
anpiirod, ohlnimxl, or piu'cluiNod, to win for 
one's Holf. 

ac<liiet, it. m , (jur.) connuon projx^rty of tv*o 
married poopl^, acKj^uiHiUon, purchase. 

w, to IVH 

acquisition, ./ M a<M|u!Hiilon, Kmg, nri|uir 
ing, lt,u!uig, pure hams Wjuet VuntMit 
rf 1 ; dewl of tntrcbawi. 

acq[vilt, ?i,w,, <l)H<*hnrK<N rccnipt; low! (at hi]* 

HardH). 7*r Mtmftw d^ j for forii^H unkis 
Jouef A T ; to pluy who filudl pay for th*< 
whole. /Vr/' ttcgin/ (on billn), paid, JioHtifp 
<f(*/ 1 gtvo ni receipt ior A/r//JV * iff ; ti 
put u paid " on to r 


compliance, ooiuiont, willingnoMH, 

acqtulescer, r , to acjuuewo, to a 
stnit, trO yiold, to comply, 

flCQUiS, /W/V. of AcqiU'W. 

acquis, o, ttdj., aoquirtMl; iuMt<l; muntrwlt 
(niiul.) advcititiUotiM. 
acquls, ,w. r acquired knowl<Hlt(n acquire 

, ., to |ty, to jmy <ff, to cknu'i tt 

quit; to rtM'elj^; to acquit, to diwlwrgt*, 
t^aoctiiittmri I'.A, (< fulflUt to tHrfrini to tmy 

off <>' dobtM, to pay oif, ta b <|uiU 

aor@ f ?!,/,, !. 

Aero* <(/.f nlwrn, onr iwi, ft{?rIiMiiiIoiui; lilt* 
tr, biting; w.rkL 


acropole, n,/., acropolis. 

acrostiche, n.m., acrostic. 

acrotere, n,m., (arch.) acrotermxn. blocking 
course; (nav.) cape, headland. 

aote, .?., act; deed; indenture, instrument , 
document; charter; pL, lecords, public regis- 
teis^ rolls, proceedings, faux; torged deed. 
Mxpeditwn d'un ; copy of a deed. Donner 
de; to deliver an official certificate of. Rediger 
un ; to draw up a document, Faire acte de 
presence; to put in an appeal auce, to show one's 
self JPrendre ; to make a note of, to put down. 

act-eur, n.m., -rice, ./., actor ; actress , 

actif, ra.w., (n.p.) assets (pi); (gram.) active 
voice. Actif et pabsif; assets and liabilities. 
Actif f receipts ot a budget. 

acti-f, -VO, adj.) active, real, actual; quick, 
nimble, brisk, agile, .stirring, busy, eneigetic. 
Dettes actives ; assets. 

action, ./., action, act, agency, operation, 
virtue, motion; deed, feat, performance; ges- 
ture, pOHture; engagement, battle, wnt, plea; 
share, stock. cessible (com.); transferable 
share. noimnative; personal share, Pra- 
M&wfl d's; scrip. Detenteur de promesse d'$ ; 
scrip-holder. Titre d'une ; document of a 
share. Par j ; joint-stock. - d'&dat , splen- 
did achievement. s de banque ; bank htook. 
Jlatmse, bais&e, dt\<s s;, fall, of shares. 

e?<! gr&ws; thanksgiving. En ; in motion. 
Ifintrt:,}" en ; to begin operations. Jnf enter WIG 

h quelqit? un ; to bring an a(tiori against any 
ona. Mettre en ; to carry into action, to carry 
out. En ; (mach.) in gear. HOTS d" 1 ; out 
of goar. 

actiounairo, n.m,> aharoli older, stockholder. 

actionner, ?;.., to bring ou action, to sue at 
law. $'*"- ; to bwstir oneself. 

activomont (-man), <rdto. t actively, vigorously. 

activor, tn., to pros**, to hasten, to forward, 
to uxpodlto 

activity, ,/., action, activity; nimblonws, 
oxpmlitton, dinpatch, employment. En~-\ in 
activity, in aotivw BMVICO. 

actualization, </i./., actualnoHB, adaptation to 
tlw iim^H. 

actualisor, i'.^, t>o actualize. 

actuality, w/,, uotunlity, potising event ; ques- 
tion of tH hour. 

actwcl, -le, {tdj,, ar.tiiuil, rcial ; proHimt. 

actuelloinont (-tM-maw), rfw., now, at thin 
very tiin. 

aoiilt<$, w./., (inus) itout(\nciBB, kiuimiciHs. 

acumlnd, -0, r//., (hot.) acuminat(ul. 

acuponoturo, ,/., (nurg.) 

acut angle, m/y,, jwutci-atig 

aoutauguld, -, adj., (hot.) 

nda^o, 11, m,, iwlago. provorb ; naylug. 

adagio, w.w,,, ( ,s') (mutt.) adagio. 

adagio, (/?'., (JIUJH.) j\<lagl<>, Hluwly. 

adamnntln, -o, ((/., mlnmauthw. 

adaptation, //./-, mlaplaiion. 

.cfiif to apply, to fttlnpt; to milt; to 



AtfUpttW *"?* w*</ * adaptor* 

rtriutiott (ad-al-), */ ftrtaitimu 

bill, nokonlnur; (print.) marginal nota 
twiifa/ oompouiul iwiiJlItton* - - rti Aft 
intwrlljiuMury uiftttMur* J*Wf I* te; 
turn up. 

additionnel, ~lo, <a 

additionner, v.a., to add 

adduotour, n*m*> (anut. ) 

adductour, a<(/., (anat.) iwldnmmt. 
" * " * , n,/*, (wnnti) a^idwfelcMti* 
* 9 (jt) jeevoofttlon of 

ade'qual, -e (-kouat), atf/., (plulos.) complete, 
entire, adequate. 

adherence, w./., adhesion ; adherence, at- 

adli^rent, -e, adj., adherent, sticking to. 

adherent, n.wi.j adheier, follower, partisan. 

adherer, v.., to adhere, to be adherent, to 
cling, to hold, to cleave, to stick ; to adhere to, 
to approve. 

adh6si-f, -ve, adj., adhesive. 

adWsioa, w./., adhesion, adherence ; com- 

ad hoc, ttdv , to that effect or purpose. 

ad hominem, adv , peisonal, direct. Argu- 
ment ; (iigtimentitni ad homme?n. , 
0ad honores, adv , honorary. 

adiante, n.m., (bot ) adiautum, maiden-hair, 

adieu, adv., adieu, farewell, good-bye. Dit& 
, fatre ses adi&uz & , to bid adieu. Sans , 
without bidding you adieu, without saymg good- 
bye. va .' (nav.) about ship ! 

adieu, ?/ wi., farewell, paiting, leave. JFaire, 
ses x ; to take one's leave, 

adlpetl-X, -se, ady , adipous, adipose, fat. 

adipocire, w.j., adipocere. 

adiposity, M}., adipose 01 fatty condition. 

adirer, v.., (jur.) to mislay, to lose. 

aditlon, ?!,/., (jui.) acceptance of an uiheri* 

adjacent, -e, adj , adjacent, bordering upon, 

|ectif, ?i.m., (gram.) adjective. 
"1-1, -ve, adj., (gram.) adjectival. 
.vemeiit (-miXn), adv., adiectively. 
dre, #.., to adjoin, to associate, to give 
as an assistant. /S" , to take as a partner. 

Adjoint, w.w., adjunct, associate, colleague, 
assistant, deputy. Jlfint e ; deputy mayor. 

adjonction,n/., adjunction, union, annexation. 

adjudant, n.m,, adjutant. Fonciions d 1 ; 
adjutancy. df place ; town adjutant. 

adjudicatairo, n.w,f, t purchaser, contractor f 
liigluwt bidder. 

adjudlcataire, Qtlj., purchasing; contracting. 

adjudicat-eur, n ., -rice, ./., awarder. 

adjudicati-1, -ve, adj., (jur.) adjudging. 

adjudication, nj , adjudication ; auction ; 
fontraH, award. Par --; by contract. Mettre 
en ; to contract lor. 

adjuger, ?>.., to adjudge, to adjudicate, to 
award. Adjuyft / (at auctions) gone ! 

'l'U.grer, w., to appropriate to one's own vise. 
uration, ?*./., adjuration, imprecation. 

v.a , to a<ljur<i ; to conjure, to call 
upon, to boHOtich. 

adjuvant, .?., (mod.) adjuvant. 

ad libitum (-torn), udr., ad libitum, at will, 
at pleasure. 

admettre, 7.., to admit, to ro((^!v ; to allow, 
to approve ol, to Hiipponci ; to adopt; to givo ad* 
tnittanco, to tuko in , to Int in, to BulYor to oonio 
into, to lt cinUu** 

adminicule, .., (Jur.) pr<wumptivo proof, 

admtnistra-tour, /.7w., -trice, ?/./,, admiuiH- 
brator, adminiHtmtrix, manager, trustee, gover- 
nor, ourtitor ; guardian (of tho poor). 

ndministratM, -ve, wfy, wluihtiHtraUvo. 

administration, w^f., administration, manage" 
ttnmi , dir<ct!ou, govwumwit, conduct. Mttuwilso 

' ; malrtdmmiKtnition, 

administrativomont, <r<^., i 

ndmlnlatrd, ?/.w,, -e, n>f n purion under 
adiuituwtration or juriwIictJon. 

administror, v.a., to ^dmlnlnter, to nmnnge, 
fco oftt<itete to govern j to minister, to dipw i 
(jur,) to fnriUnb, lind. Jtttvtt <r ? letiaw <M 
n.c(Jiiliwtnitio rfw tttmointf to Hn4 pto- 

* vn to Admtnlsiwt to one 1 * wlf \ 
to lw managtul, to be tulmivilaternd. 




admirable, </?., admirable, wonderful*. 

admlrablement, adv., admirably, wondei- 

admirat-eur, .m., -rice, /., admirer, 

admirati-f, -ve, adj., of admiration or ex- 
clamation, wondering. Z>'twi air -; with a 
wondering look. 

admiration, w./., admiration, wonder, marvel. 
Point d" 1 ; note ot exclamation. Avon de V 
pout , Eire dans V ; to admire. Saisir d 1 ; 
to stuke with admiiation. 

admirer, ?'.., to admire, to wonder at. 

admissibilit<5, w.y., adimasibility. 

admissible, w/y., allowable, admiB&ible. 

admission, w/., admiBsion, admittance, re- 

admonestation, w/., admonishment, ad- 

admonester, v.., GUI.) to admonish, to warn, 
to reprimand. 

admonit-eur, .., -rice, w./., adviser. 

admonition, i/., admonition, advice, ex- 
hortation, reprimand. 

adne', -e, w('/., (bot ) adnate. 

adolescence, .jf., adolescence. 

adolescent, n w., -e, ,/., lad; lass; strip- 

adolescent, -e, <tdj., adolescent. 

adonien, -no (-m, -e-u), <//., (poet.) adouic. 

adoniq,ue. V. adonien. 

adonis (-m), w.wi., Adonis, beau; (bot.) 
adoniB, pheasant' H-uyo. 

adonlser, v.., to dock out, to make line. 
.r'adoniser, -.r., to bedizen OIIO'H nelf. 

adonner, <y,., (HUV.) to veer aft. 
,T'adonner, #.*'., to give, to apply, to devote, to 
addict ono'H self, to give ouo'w mind (to a thnK 
<)- (juclqtte ti/uw), to follow, to take to a thing. 
$' tin rw, to become addicted to drinking. 

adoptablo, <(;., that can bo adopted. 

adoptant, w.w. adopter, 

adopte", n.7w., -e, w /., adoptive HOIH, daughter, 
heir, Ac. 

adopter, ?u/., to adopt ; to embrace, to CH- 
pouHtt, to Hanetton, to PJIHH, to carry. 

adopti-f, "Ve, ((/., adoptive, by adoption. 
JKnJitnt ; adoptive child. J^ie ; foHter- 

adoption, w./., a<loptiou. 

adorable, <(/., adorable., <'hani)in(Br,<l<'li^htfitl, 

adorabloment, rr</?'., adorably, duliglitfuHy, 

adorat-eur, w.w/., -rice, ./., adoror, wotHlup 
er great admirer, 

adoration, w./., adoration, worahiping ; wor- 
ship ; admiration, ruBpwl, rov<ir<n>co, 

adorer, ^'.<n, to ttdor, to wornlnp , to have a 
poMHlouate lovo for, 

ados, n/m., (gurd*) Hlt^lving-bwl, bordor 
i a wall). 

e, /'<?/*, biu v k to ba< % k ; riting or 
nnti ;'ji)!<,irH((l (of a bill). 

adossoinont, .w., ponition biwk to Iwdt; 

adosser, <>., to Ht or Innn with tho back 
aKttliiKt a thiwtf* to put back to back. *S" < 
<rt ?!?? Mr ; to ItuHM up affuhiHt a wall* 

adouber, t'?it M (IHIHH) to AdjuHt ft piece; 
(nftv.) to xuoud, i<> repair. 

adoucir, *<.,, to HOftoit, to luttlgftto, to HWiioi- 
en ; to modify, to compose, to <mJm, to aootho ; 
to smooth, to tippnaHn; to tias*i, to allay, to w 
U0ve, to cool, to pacify ; to tutuo* /ifuf/tw w<* /^w< 
ton <iktiyyin ; nothing WH mitigate h!w norrow, 
*** tw esprit iifitff to fuppotuitt Mi {}XWiK5i i iitl 

^'adoucir, v,f, to gfow ei>ol, oft, mlUl ; to !MI 
HMttfttfCMlt itlgftto<l ; to rfttant * (of weather) to 
get miW^r. 

adouclasant, n.7/i., tnuolllant, 

adoucissant, -e, adj., softening, .soothing, 

adoucissement (-man), n.m , Bwectening 1 , 
sottenmg, mollifying ; aaauagmg, appoaamg ; 
ease, mitigation, palliation, alleviation, rolici, 

adoucisseur, n.m., glass-polisher 

adoue*, -e, adj., (hunt.) coupled, paired. 

ad patres (-ess), to kingdom come. Alter ; 
to be gathered to one's fatheia. 

adrachne (-rakn), n.wi , strawberry-troci, I . 

adragant, -e, adj., tiagaeanth. 

adragant, n in , tiagacanth , gum-dragon 

ad rem, //</<>., peitinently Jtt'poiuire ; to 
answer pertinently, to the point 

adresse, n/, speech, dnection, ad<ir<wH; 
skill, dexterity, expertnean, cloviirneHH, ingenu- 
ity ; shrewdneHs, cunning, diicction, doHtinutioti. 
Mire & V de ,' to bo directed to. J*\iiw triiir ft 
son ; to forvvaid to itHdoHt niation. Tout <r - , 
legerdemain. Avoti fddx'MC de ; to be urtiul 
enough to. 

adresser, i?.., to dimct, to addiGHB. - mut ; 
to miHdirect. 

.s adrosser, v.r , to bo dhected; to nddroHH 
OIIO'H 8<lt, to api>ly, to make application, to ap- 
peal to. id t apply within, yous rt>na (uhi'8* 
svz 'Dutl , you mmtake your man. bicn ; y<nt 
come to tlm right pexKon 

adroit, -e, w( y ;., doxterouH, ing<iniouM, <"lcv<n\ 
Hkilli'vil ; handy, neat , cunning, Hhrowd, uriiul. 

adroitement (-droat inati), w/r., adroitly, 
Bkillfully, artfully, 'l<werly, luippily ; wnurDy, 

aduiairo, w./., (luin.) aduluna, inoouKtono, 

adula teur, 71.7^., -trice, 7n/,, adulator, flat- 
terer, iawner, Hy<*ophant ; paraHite. 

adula-teur, -trice, <(/., ml ulatory, panuiitlol 

adulation, ?*../? mlulutiou, lluttory, Hy<-o- 

adulor, 7?,<7., to fawn upon, to cringe to, to 

adttlte, </^/M udult, grown-up. 

adulte, w./w./ , iwlult. 

adulteration, w,/., (plinrm.) iutultorutiort* 

adultere, /., uduliurcNH. 

adultere, w.w., lulultornr; adtiller.v. 

adultere, w// iwluIterouH ; iuhilt.*mtd 
Ifyinwc ; udultoroMH* 

adulterer, >',,, (pbann.) to mtun^mtts 

adult6rin, ./., o, w,/., a<lnlteru* child* 

ftdult6rln, e, ^<(/., a<hiUerhu*>, 

adusto, <{j,, (iiH-i.) luiuuf,, tntrnf up, 

adustion, 'N/., (in("d,) juhiiitidii, burning. 

advonant, //''/.> occurrhug, in CHHC, in tlut 
event of, - - If of/'W ; in the event <{ (he death. 

ftdvenir, t, , to occur, lutppt*u, to chiiiiee, 
befall, At/Piwwt* y/<" jwurnt ; ij?pie w hut uu,y/ 

adventioe, */,/,, iMiveut.HhniM, 

advent! t "V* "<(/ inventive, ciwunt 

advorbo, ^,m. t (KHUIU) iKlvwlt. 

adverbial, * t ^<(/,, adverbial, 

adverbtalcmont ( ntKiO, </'. rtdviirliltiUy, " 

advorblalltd, w./., mlverbial nuture of, 

advorsfttl f, -vd, w/'/., (gmni,) lulvefnntiHs 
i w(/ wlvwms oppojt*s Avuwi 
the'oppowjte !<le 
, ;i,/., wlviwlty, tt(!ilr(iou. 
e, w./., (mwl.) mlynnuty, debility, 
tj, t tulynitittu*. 
ntUtitiH, nirlttft. /*W* */* 

..., r<(/, alfwi, ulr-y, 
\ !., t,tj air, to nui^w Um ulr j 



a&len, -ne (-m-e-n), adj., aenal 

ae*riennement, adv , aerially, m the air. 

adrifere, adj., aerial. 

a&iforme, adj , aeriform. 

ae"riser, v.a., to aerify. 

a^rodynamique, TO./., aero-dynamics. 

ae~rographie, n./., aerogiaphy. 

aerolitlie, n.m., aerolite, aerokth. 

a&ologle, ra./-> aerology. 

ae*romancie, ./., aeromancy. 

a&omefre, n.m., aerometer. 

ae*rome*trle, ./., aerometry. 

ae*ronaute, n.m.f., aeronaut. Art, science de 
P - ; aeronautics. 

aerophobie, nf., aerophobia. 

adrostat, n.m,., aerostat ; air-balloon. 

aerostation, /., aerostation. 

adrostatlque, adj., aerostatic. 

adtite, nf., aetites, eagle-stone. 

affability, /., affability, affableness, kind- 
ness, courtesy. [ ners , 

affable, adj , affable, courteous, of easy man- 

affablement, adv., affably, couiteously. 

aff abuiation, n.f. , the moi al of a fable 

affadir, v.., to make unsavory or insipid ; 
io flatten ; to bo nauseous, to cloy, to pall, to 
*' affadir, v.r., to become insipid. 

.affadissement (-man), ,m., cloying, insipid- 
ity, nauseoiiHnoHH. 

affaiblir, t>.., to enfeeble, to weaken, to de- 
bilitate ; to impair, to attenuate ; to debase 

affaiblir, ?'.w., to grow weak, to weaken, to 

.v'affaibllr, .r., to grow weak, to be impaired, 
to become enfoohlnd ; (.0 abate. 

affaiblissant, -e, adj,, weakening, enfeebling. 

affaiblissoment (-man), n.w*,, weakening, 
ttfoobling, impairment, diminution of strength , 
allaying, abatement ; debasement (of coins). 

affaire, ./., thing, affair, matter; business, 
content, job, duty; dealing; trouble, Bciape, 
quarrel ; action, case, lawsuit ; fight, skirmish, 
wattle ; need, occasion, want ; work, transac- 
tion. JidlG ; lino thing, pretty moss, trifling 
matter. ~ '& coitrttntGn ; currant business. de, 
rh'n; trifling affair. d*int6r%tf money mat- 
ter. Bicn^ mat) daws ,w,? ; in good, bad, drcum- 
BtaiuuiH. jlo'iMtic (V~- s ; man of huniness, agent, 
ntowar<l, middhnnnn. Kvlat'ion (?'*/ tnorcan- 
tiUi connoction. Dans Iw * / in buninosH. Mn 
w ; ongagcid in bunitiOHH* /Vwr ; on business, 
Atttr (I M.V */ to go to one's buHinesH, Wa Hi- 
rer mie ; to got infer* a worape, Avmr*-&; to 
have 1 ! to dottl with. Avoir --(IPM; to have busi- 
iioHit with. Awir Men ffrw *; to bo juuoh 
<nnployo<l. Avoir c/ * ptwdestwta la tPtv; to 
be ov<ir head and <iarH in hnmnoHH. Cfaterfies s / 
to givo up buninoHH. AYr<* fa scs a; to aitund to 
'hUHineHH. fjtvitfrlcs ',v ; to k<wp altitvc of HcrapoH. 
ffitfrt c/fjr -jf/ to do btiMhuiaH. Mtirn /!' </ 
Mwlqitfun f to tttiHw^r sotnci one's purpose, turn, 
M/iV/i wm Adwrff/tt'tm; to Hottlo any oiu^'w 
bUHinoNH, <lo for nim Miirf dti ffwwdtfi .v ,* to 
,rry on an oxtonHtvo buwintwH- jtfft f<n"n 
fa r ; not to ailt'cflt tho ntttt(r. MeMrt 
yw'ww tbtn* tM ~9 f to not anyone up hi buHinesft, 
to appntntloo any OMA to a buninou^, AV retiwr 
dn * ; to wtlrn from biMixuwa. *SVjr//r f/'ww 
* firm htmntnr; to <oni< off honombly. 7Y>vf 
(I* ; to oxtrlontn* tr> linlp out* MJ jf<>vr ^' ; 
to got out of tnmmo, to grit on in the world. 
Vayuw nx * ; to attmid to bttMJnow. Vidttr 

ttwa j It JM no, it l an, <iA*iy mattnt** 4/VH w^'<s 
"- t t livo what you want, th vary thhift for 
you* Jttfwitt * ? iwill do for mm. c * 
iM<ni y teavi ttmt to QM. 

<? /w/rc; f/ 
MeMrt qw 

; that is none of my business. Ait point ou 
en sont les s; as matters stand. Son e,si 
bonne ; he is in for it. he will catch it. Son 
estjaite; he is done for. 

affair^, -e, adj*, full of business, busy. Faire 
I 1 ; to ape the busy man ; to fu&s about. 

affaissement (-man), n.m., depression, 
sinking, subsiding, giving way, weakness, 
weighing down ; (med.) collapse. 

affaisser, v.a., to cause to sink, to weigh 
down, to press down, to bear down, to weaken. 

.<?' affaisser, v.r., to sink, sink down, subside, 
settle, to give way. 

af falter, v.a. 9 (falconry) to reclaim and train, 
tame (hawks). 

affaler, v.a., (nav.) to overhaul (a rope) ; to 
embay, duve upon a lee-shore. Affolel lower 

.s 1 affaler, v.r., (nav.) to slide down; to be 
driven upon a lee-shoie. 

affame, -e, adj., famished, hungry, starving, 
craving. Eire -de, to be greedy of; eager 

affamer, v.a., to famish, to starve. 

affectation, ./., aflectation, distinction; 
(jur.) moitgage, charge. 

alf ecte', -e, adj , attected, destined ; (alg ) 
aflected, assumed. 

affecter, VM.^ to affect, to pretend, feign; 
to appropriate, to destine 
^'affecter, v.r., to be allected ; to be moved. 

affecti-1, -ve, ndj. t allective. 

affection, ./ , aliection, love, attachment, 
liking, inclination, partiality ; (med.) affection. 
Temoignage d" 1 , token, mark, of affection. Par 

; out of affection. Proidre quelqu'wi en ; to 
become attached, to take a fancy, to any one, 
neneuse ; nei vous nltectiou. 

affectionnd, -e, adj., affectionate, loving. 

affectionner, ?.d , to love, to have an affec- 
tion for, to iancy, to be fond of, to like ; to take 
an intoiest in. 

-s-'afJectlonner, ?>,r., to apply one's self to a 
thing with delight, to attach one's self to, to 
delight in, to take a fancy for, 

affectueusement (-man), adv., affection- 
ately, fondly, heartily, kindly. 

anectueu-x, -e, <r<# M affectionate, warm- 

afferent, -e, d[/ M (jur.) appertaining to, be- 
longing to, accruing to, indivisible. Portion ft ; 
share of indivisible property. 

affennable, adj.j farmable, rentable, demis 

affennage, n.m. t farming, renting, demising, 

af termer, ?'.,, to farm or lest out by lease ; to 
tnko a lonse of ; to rent. 
-s'afformer, w,n, to \w farmed, rttntod. 

affermir, v*., to strengthen, to give strength 
to ; to inako firm or strong ; to fuston ; to 
harden, to make hard or firm; to conilrm, tc 
CBtablinh, to confiolidato, to sfix ilnuly. 
.t'affermir, 7>,r., to bocomo strong, linn or fa,t ; 
to grow hard ; to fortify one'e self } to bdcome 
otatlihdd, to porHint in. 

afformlBsoment (-man), n.n., strongthaniiig, 
etWing, conHolidation, wtabliHlmwnt ; stay, sup- 
port, prop* 

affot^, -e, ///., ufl'iH'tod, ftill of <i,1f<ictation, 
prim, finical ; ranting, mincing, Mine / af- 
footcid lookH Mu'tn'&rvji fftf affuHed twannera* 

aff<$torie, n/., a^otation, affnotmltiAim ; prlm- 

iH, inannoriHiu ; afTftutod, formal wtiyi ; cant. 

M $ <jf*ni eoqnettti ; the affected ways of 

afllchagfe, n.m,, the posting np of placards, 
bills, *tr., Dul-ntlukiug, placarding. 
alfiche, /. plaoard, bill, Imnd-WH. 
c, ~ ; to i>OHt up a pltuuvrd. 

widi matt. 



afflclier, .., to post up ; to publish, to pio- 
claim, to make a show of, to parade, to divulge. 
JDefense d? ; stick no bills. 
.s'afflclier, w.r., to set up for; to attract public 
notice. Cettejemtnc s*Gffiche ; that woman seeks 

afficheur, ra.m., bill-sticker. 

aflidd, w.m., -e, ./., confederate, trusty, con- 
fidential agent. 

attid, -e, adj., trusty, trustworthy. 

affilage, .*., whetting, sharpening, grind- 
ing, setting. 

affild, -e, <(/., sharp ; nimble, glib (of tlio 

amler, #.., to bet, to put mi edge on, to 

affiliation, %.j., affiliation, association.. 

affilier, #.., to receive, to affiliate, to admit. 
j'aflilier, .n, to got affiliated, admitted. 

alliloir, n w., hone, whetbtone, steel. 

af linage, n.m. t afflnago, lehnmg, fining (of 
metal s, sugar). 

af finer, *>.., to fine, to rofiuo ; to tiy. 
.f'alfiner, #.r., to bo refined ; to bo lined, tried, 
(nav.) (of weather), to clour up. 

affinerlo (-it), /., (metal.) finery, painting 

aflineur, 7i.?., finer ; (metal ) rerhuu. 

afflnit^, ./., ailiiuty, alliance; congeniality, 
confonnity, relation. Avoir dc V-~- avccf to be 
congenial to. 

afiinoir, M.W., hatched. 

aifityuet, nw>., a knitting-sheath. #, pi, ; 
gewgaws, knick-knacks, bauble. 

aflinnati-f, -vo, <w//., tUnuutiv ; positive, 

affirmation, w,/,, affirmation, aaHeition ; (log.) 
predication ; uUldnvit, oath. 

affirmative, w./, affirmative. J'twufra /' 
pour on ctmtre ; to decide, for or against. 

affirmativemont (-man), w/ f <>., aHhmatlvely, 

aflirjnor, #.<r., to affirm, to vouch, to assert, 
to JIHHUW, to declare, to state ; to conllrm by or 
on oath ; (log.) to predicate. 

aflixe, ./ , afllx. 

aflleur(5, 0, m//., lt <\l ; (arch.) fltiHli. 

alileurement, ?^.w., Jiv<>Hg; making mwh; 
(mining) cropping out, outoiop. 

alHeurer,, to make even, to level ; (areh.) 
to mftko JtiiiHh ; (Hhipbuil<ling) to iay ; (mialng) 
fco orop oit. 

aftlourer, r,w., to b level, on it Invert with, t.o 

t tt<t/*i (jur.) affecting tho IMMWMI 

affliction, /,, attlicticm, Rnef, trouble, dm- 
tniHHj u>guih, Horr<W| tribulation ; trial, vex- 

RffUf$,*<j, wi[/M afflicted, grieved, d<Jeted, 
tVnnn wnltuti? f laborhg under 


-t), w/^., iH!t:th>g, 

affliger, n M to aitlict, to griov*^ to vox, to 
t<> diHtrcHH, ti nwt down; to morti- 

to lw 

d, *w*t down, 

', to grie 
h'tod, troubled, 
} to frH, 

affluence, /, n flowing together; ftffitwiw t 
tibundAXH^f inultlt udfl, OOIWOMMHI, <tw>w<i. 

alfluent, <w/y,, (f rlv<tfw) fulling Into, run- 
dug into* 

aflluent, ./;,, oonlhunu'o ; tributary itreniu. 
lttW0r, *, to fallf to run, to flow Juto $ to 
jibmtnd; to mtiortfto itt^'k, to QOMA iu groat 
milwmi (m4.) to flow* to muli. 
afflux, n,.rrt.,(ni<Hl,) uUlux, ulUuxion. 

-G, W/)., nuwKltnUMl, dlHtrMctiMl, fmnt.ic ; 
with} niiully in lovu with; (na/,) tr 

roneous, detective (of the magnetic neodlo), 
Vtic boussole e; a compass that is not true. 

affoler, v.., to make extremely lend, to make 
one dote upon ; to madden, to distract, Dewitch. 
&' de ; to become infatuated 'with. 

affouage, n.m., the right of cutting wood. 

aflouillement, n.vt , undermining, waaliiug 

affouiller, ;.., (arch.) to undermine; to 
w,iE>h away. 

affourche, rt/., (nav.) small bower. Ancre 
d" 1 ; small bow-anchor. 

ajEiourcli6, -e, part** abti addle, iiKtndo, (unv.) 
uiooxed aeio.sH. 

aifourclier, VM. and ;., s'- , ?.r., to nont 
astride, (uav.) to moor acrosH, to moor by tho 
head or by the head and 8t.oi . 

atfrancM, n.m., -0, /., freed man ; freed 

affrancM, -e, pr/., freed ; post-pai<l, prn 

aflranoliii', t'.., to et froo, to fro<, to ei' 
fiauchino, to give liberty; to malttt lre<i; lo 
absolve ; to exempt, to dwehargo ; to delivci ; 
to pay the can iage, of ; to prepay. 
.s'aflranchir, ;.?-., to rid on< k ' Hdf of, to fnw 
one'H sell, to get Iree, to >hak<> oil 1 , to break 
tin ouglu 

affraJicliissoincnt (-HliiH-ntan). ?*.w., enfmn- 
<*hiHenitint f nuinumiHMion ; <^xoiupuon, <UHchnrgo ; 
delivery, dolivorancci , payment of potg (of u 
lottor); pre-payinont of caningo (of a par<wl). 
Timbre <V ; j,)oatiHgeHtamp. 

alfre, ?./., dread, horror, agony* /*ft - 9 <fe 
hi wort ; the terrors of death. 

aitrctement (-man), M M ehurlerhig, freight- 

affrdter, v.a., (nav.) to cluiHor, to freight, 

aiirdteur, ?/.w,, eluirterer, freightiu 1 , 

affrousomont (<uiuit), w/t'-i fnghtfully, hoi- 
nbly, dreadfully, ternbly, nliockingly. 

aifreu-x, , ((/., frightful, Itldootm, Itorrihl(% 
atro(*!ouM t iearful, gluwtly, horrid, Mhookhig. 

affriandor, I'.CJT., to ucouHlom, wte, bring tip, 
to dainti<*8 ; to allurci, to ontic<s t-o tempt, 

affriolsmcnt (-man), w,?,, (fain,) act of nl* 
luring, enticing, tempting ; ullurmnent, ; eiititw* 


affriolor, t'.<n, (fam.) to allure, to <*iit!cs to 
draw by eniieenunit, 

allritor, v,<t, to WHOOH (u frying !) 

affront, ?*,w, alTront,, outntge, himili ; dJn 
gra<'e, Hhaiiifi, reproach. Kccnwiyttn Mtntftnttt f 
to receive iw cwtn^eotwnifi'roiut. Ifairc* ttwtlM\ 
M) - ; to jKwkel an ail rout* 

affront5, -, w/j 1 ., (hon) tiDTrtHttn^. 

aHyoHtdr, f.., to airront, to fiwo, to brvft j 
to chf'fttt to talto in, 

alfrontorlo, ??,/,, braving, (Urtt 

kn up 


affublomont, ?/.?/. 
<lrwm)t rig, mu tiling tip. 

affubler, f.,, t< wwj> up, (b,) to drww out, 
up, to muftis up, S"' ff'ww wttiitcwt / to lituttlfi 
(UM^H Melf tip in a clonk, t,< JVHWIUIHI (a wiii), 

^f/n*w* / to Im wra|iHd up ln 
affuHlon, */,, (plior*) ftittiNion. 

lying in wMt. Mrr k P \ to km u$i tli* 
wat eh, to JIo in jt/ttmrnfi rf'**| knowing M 

altfttag n,w., < JHI Kiioutitlin^ of n pJwcm of 
tmhiaiwo; ft, wt of took, ItupIfttitittitM | MitAf{wit* 

ig (of tool*) | tin* drwwhtg (of M h0 

aroter, .., U inouiit ( rwrnott); to wtiM-U 
(with tooli)j t< wtt or Mlittr|Miti (tuuiii T iMuuiiln). 

^ " " <-Uo) t trlflt, lmnt*I* knidk* 




ana, con)., to, in order to; that, &o that. 

alistoler, v*a , to make spruce, to diess up. 

& fortiori. V. fortiori. 

airicain, n.m., -e, nf , African, 

airicain, -e, adj., African. 

aga, wt., a Tuikish officer, aga. 

agagant, -e, <?.. inciting, alluring, enticing ; 
vexing, irritating, provoking, worrying. 

agace, n/, magpie. 

agac, -e,part., untated, woined, set on edge, 
Avon leti dents es ; to have one's teeth on edge. 

agacement (-man), n rrt., setting on edge , irri- 
tation. desnerfs, untation of the neives. 

agacer, t>.., to incite, to provoke, to egg on, 
to spur on, to irritate, to provoke, to entice, to 
allure, to set on edge. 

agacerie, ,/., allurement, incitement, provo- 
cation. Faire des $ a quelqiCun; to set one's 
cap at any one, to ogle. 

agame, adj , (bot ) agamous. 

agami, n.m., (omi.) agaim, gold-breaated 
truiupetoi , 

agape, /., agape, love-feast. 

agapetes, n.m. and, agapeta). 

agaric, ?i.m., (bot.) agaric. chavnpefae; 
field agaric, mushroom. --femdle ; female aga- 
ric. dechfine; touch-wood. 

agasse, ./. V. agace. 

agate, n./., agate. 

s'agatiser, v.r., (Th. Gautier) to become mellow 
(of a picture). 

agavd, n.m., (bot.) agave, American aloe. 

ge, n.m., age ; years ; generation, century. 
JSas't infancy, Jeune ; childhood. Moycn 

; middle agea. moyen; middle age, aver- 
age. mfor ; mature ago. tendre ; early ago 
Vieil - ; old ago. virfl ? manhood. d'i- 
Toinf brazen ago. & argent ; silver age. de 
/<?r; iron ago. d'w/ golden age. derai- 
yon t " ago of diKcrotiou. Doyen <T ; the oldest, 
senior. Fteur de Z' ; prime of life. Aimnt /> , 
before oiui's time. />' en j from age to age, 
from generation to generation. J7'wn certain ; 
elderly. JKntre deux s f of middle ago. JBtte 1 
eP & ; to be old enough to. Wire bien pour son 

; to wear well, to boar ono'a yearB well. JStre 
S ur r ; to bo growing old, Itonori par V ; | 
fchuo-hoaorcid. I*<tr<rftw ,ww --; to look one's 
ago. Tirer mur r ; to bo (jldorly. 

Hgtf, -a, at^;*., aged, In yearn elderly. d 
vinyt ans; twenty years old, Un jpew ; some- 
what elderly, 

agonoe, ,/., agency, business. Xtureau d> ; 
ftgency office. 

agcmcOKttent (jan-TnanV n.m,., arrangeraont, 
grouping, ordering ; (aroh.) order, cowipoition ; 

agoncor, VM., to urrumgo, to diapoae, to fit up, 
to group. 

.-r'ftffoncor, 0.n, to JWHH up. to adorn on(^ 7 solf* 
agenda (jinnU), n.m., (-*) memorandum- 
boojfi, ttgoiula, diiu'y. 

^agowotittler, D, M to make tod down, to 
briii tf to one'* KJWKIS, 

*#'agEOHillW t'.r., to kneel down, (of a horse) 
to f,H on his kneof. 

*agonouillolr, n.m M linMookt knooling-tttool. 

agent, nm./M nffeut; mMdleman; broker. 

- (wwptalitti ; anoonutaul. - d'ujthirraf agwii, 

nukn of buHlt - MttttAtotw { (jit-csulating 

inofllunu */* change f atovk-broker* dc 

agglomeration, w./,, 

f t., to agglomerate. 

agglutlnor, v-<f*j to 

tlner, v>i\, to agglutiuato, to cohere, 

aggravant, -e, a<(/ , (jur.) aggravating. 
aggravation, n/., aggravation, addition. 

fife peine , increase of punishment. 
aggrave, n.w., (canon law) threat of excom- 
munication, censure, admonition. 

aggraver, v.a., to aggravate, to augment, to 
make worse. 
^'aggraver, v.r, to increase, to be aggravated. 

aggrSgat, aggregation, aggr^ger. 7. 
agr^gat, agr^gation, agr^ger. 

agile, ac/?., agile, quick, nimble, active, light- 

agilement (-man), adv., nimbly, with agility, 

agilite*, n./, agility, inmbleness, activity, 
quickness, lightness. 

agio, n.m., agio, premium. 

agiotage, n m , stock-jobbing ; jobbing. 
faire I 1 ; to deal in stocks 

agioter, v.n., to be a stock-jobber ; to gamble 
in the funds, to job. 

agioteur, n m., stock-jobber, jobber. 

aglr, v.n., to act, to do ; to operate, to have 
an influence ; to negotiate, to manage a business ; 
to sue, to prosecute , to behave ; to work. Faire 

; to set going, to bring to bear upon. de 
conceit (iv cc quelqu'un; to go hand in hand with 
any one. H agit en ami ; he acts like a friend. 

<nial envers; to use ill. d*a,pr&s ; to act 

question IB, the point in quest 
DK quoi s^agit-il f what is the matter ? II ne s'agit 
pas da ceht ; that is not the question. J7 s'agtt 
de votre me; your life is at stake. II s'agit 
bien de cela; I, they, wo, have something else to 
think of, 

aglssant, -e, adj., active, stirring, busy ; effi- 
cacious, eiToctual. 

agltateur, n.m., agitator. 

agitation, n f. , ngitation , tossing, jolting, shak- 
ing ; trouble, emotion, disturbance ; uneasiness, 
tumult, restlessness. 

agiter, r.., to agitate, to put in motion, to 
move, to wave ; to shake, to pull, to heave, to 
jolt ; to awing ; to disturb, to disquiet, to torment, 
to debate, to dispute. un / to wave 
a flag. 

v'agltor, v.r., to be agitated or in movement ; to 
get rough ; to be restless, disturbed, uneasy ; to 
stir, writhe, wag, struggle ; to be debated. $* 
dans Veau / to flounder about in the water* 

aglome'ration, <X-c. V. agglomeration. 

aglutlnant, &c. v. agglutlnant, <&c. 

agnali n. in., agnate. 

agnation, ./,, agnation. 

agnatique, adj., agnatic. 
^agneau, agnelle, n.tuj., lamb, /wtf ; 
wool. J^'dtf </' ; lamh-Hkiu. 
,, ./w.., an old French gohleu coin, ngnol, 
HT, v.w., to lamb; tt> bring forth lambs, 
to yenn. 

*agncJ,et, n.w., lambkin, yeanling. 
*agnellne, <t<ljj,, of a lamb. /Mint ~~ ; lamb's* 
WO<M, tog- wool. 
*agnes (-HH), n./., a young raw girl, nhnpleton. 

agnua, or agnus-lDel, n,m., ( ) (c. rel.) 
Agnu-I)(I, Lamb of God. 

agnus-castus, W,W M ( ) (bot.) cshaste-trte. 

agon, w.w., (nntiq.) agon, agonimnu 

agonie, w/,, agony, the paig of death ; grief* 
trouble, ongxiifth) torture. Xtr* lit P - ; to be AS 
the point of death. 

agonlr, ti.<r, M (pop.) to insult gtowly, to ptw to 
plecAAt to load wliih abue 

agonlnant, -e, n. Mid <tf, * dying person f 
dying, in a dying condition. 

agonlser, v,n., to be tit th^ point o! death. 

agonlstlquo, /., (ftntlqj agoniif' ' " 
Qagonothete, rt.m., agonotbete. 


14 aiglon 

agora, n./., ( ) (from Gr. 'Ayopa) market- 
place, public place. 

agouti, n.7.., (mam.) agouti. 

agrafe, ./., hook, clasp, hasp ; (arch.) cramp- 
iron, , foculptured ornament. ei poi te ; hook and 

agrafer, v.<z., to hook, to clasp, to hasp, to fas- 
ten with a clafop. 

,s-'agraler, w.r., to hook, to clasp, to cling, to lay 
hold on, to be fastened. 

agraire, adj., agrarian. 

agrandlr, v a. , to make greater ; to enlai ge ; to 
augment ; to lengthen, to widen , to laiae, to pro- 
mote, to advance ; to amplify, to exaggerate ; to 
give dignity to, to exalt, to promote. ACS pi&~ 
tt'iitioiiA f to r.iiHo OIIO'B piotem-nons. Le g&nie 
ngrandit Jcs Mios , goniun exalts heroes. 
.s''agrandir, t;.r., to become greater, larger ; to 
widow, to grow long or longer ; to enlarge one's 
estate, to become richer, to raine or advance one's 

agrandlssement (-man), n.m., enlargement, 
aggrandizement, improvement ; the making 
gi oater, larger, bigger ; lengthening, widening, in- 
oroaHo ; advancement, prefounent, exaltation, dig- 

agravant, <fec. F. aggravant, <&c. 

agre'able, adj,, agreeable,, denirable, pheasant, 
ploawng, comfortable, aecoptable, gladsome, 
grateful. uitgofatf palatable. 7'V'?i ~~ ; com- 
fortable lire. Avoir pour ; to allow, permit 
Mmr /' auprfa (Vww fayim?, ; to be attentive 
to ft lady. 

ngrtfableinont., adv., agreeably, pleaHantly, 
comfortably, gratefully, gracefully. 

agrtfago, .w/., biokorag. 

agrdd, n.m., HOlicitor, attorney (in the tribunal** 
of eommeree), 

agrtfer, ?'.^,, to accept, to receive kindly; to 
lik<i, to relinb ; to appiove, to allow; 0to rig. 
( I", grder.) itn rai&Wftu ; to rig, to equip Hlup, 

agr^or, v,n. } to bo liked, to like, to ploaHo, lo 
be agr<.i)l(i. ('tin 11$ vtfayrfo pas ; 1 don't like 
thftt, it do^H not. mat m. 

agr<5gat, . 

agr<gat, .w., ugKrega(n 

agr^gatt-f, -V0, ^c// M aggregative. 

agr6gatlon, ,,/'., aggregate ; aggregation ; ad- 
wiKHlon (Into a woeiety) ; (ixnmwation for the 
dagreo of fellow , folloWHhip ; aggregate body, 
aHHemblage., doitcoia'if ^'--; exiunination for a 

unl p 


S, M.WL, fellow (of the Hniveraity) ; armlet- 
n roKKor. 

agrdgdi "6, '"('/ aggregate ; (hot.) dwMtftrwl. 
agr$g0r, t 1 ,^.,* lo afjfgregat<s to unite, to John, 
incorporate, to re<',mve, to admit iut(^ ft Bod* 
fcy to iiftWK'int'd. 

agr<$MEM*nt, w*w. liking, tipprohftUony eomwnt j 
ttecouipiinhmeni ; ftgro<*ul)lwtwwH ; plaHlwg<H ; 
phwmre, ehnrm ; graeef uhnewB ; onMitmwi, embel 
liHluuent } a<lvantage, tt,muK<niHnt t oomfoft ; 
(miw.) gritco. ArfttP-\ mocompllMhmmitw, /)? 
, 1*> oynanH x ijt^ to trim, to 

.//M to fM<l, (game-bird ) to bait, 
agrbner, t. M to imnip w,t<ir out tf , boat* 

n.wt. f 
t *v0i 

lowkkbiht wmuttiiw 
agtioolo, mlj*, 
agrtcultour, n. f 

c f wild, irttifcie; Ill-bred, 

, t>,r., to cling to with clawH, to lay hold 

agrlrainiste, n.7., trimming maker, 

agrlon. ?j.m., diagon-ily. 

agripaume, /., (bot.) mother-wort 

agrlpper, v.a , (pop ) to giipe, to natch up 
s'agripper, v.r., (pop.) to lay hold of, to cling 

agronorae, n rw., agriculturist. 

agronomie, nf>, agronomy . 

agronomique, mlj., agricultural. 

agrostemmo, n.w/., (hot ) agrostomma. - <le$ 
jm dins ,' rose-campion, corn-cockle. 

agrostide, .,/., (hot ) bout-gnuta. 

agrouper, .., to group. 

aguorrl, -e, (-ghe-) part , mured to war ; di~ 
eiplmed. Soldtita mat n ; raw ttoidierH. 

aguerrir (-ghe-), v <t., to train up ui, to inure to 
tho hardHhipH of war, to diwuplme, touoeuHtoni to 
war; to aooiiHtom, to inure, to uwe. 
-v'aguorrir, 7 ? ., to grow warlike or martial ; to 
(tccuHtom one's well to ft thing, to be mured. 

aguots (-gin''-), n.w. ;>/., wateh, watching. 
Ktte mix - , ,s<" fcin'r aiu, ; to He in wait, to be 
upon tho wateh. 

aguoustie (-gheus-tt), ./. (med.) IOHH of 

agui, w.w , (nav.) wlmg, bowline, knot, 

ah, int.) ah ! hah S oh I - f/r ,* now, then 1 

ah an, W.I M gnnvl. bodily exerlaou, elVont* AV-rf 
</' - ; to perform luud work, to toil and tuoU, 

ahanor, T',?;., to gronn, nigii, pant; to toil and 

aheurtemont, ?/,, HtubbornueMH, obMtiunry. 
.v'alieurtor, v r,, to maintain a thing olmtitiatt'iy, 
to be olmtinntely bout upon a thing, to Mt.jcfe l,o It, 
to pwHtKt in. <i itn<> <>f union ; t*< be wetlde<l to 
an opinion, 

fthl, int. r, aKo. 

ahurir, t'.w,, to aina/o, to jwtmjnd, to strike nil 
of a heap, to bewilder. 

ahurissemont, '., bewtSdenueutr, eoitftiMion, 

Hi, w.w., (uuiin,) three toed wloih, 

ald6, .,/'., aid, help, relief, HHHtMltutce,, ne<'oi* 
support.; ehap<4 of aH ; (mmi, ) uid, eonxiNK 
aid ; f<^naie ANHiHtaut. *)^ M HulmidteH, < xeimt 
(toxoH). /t r /help! ,'f/* ^,- with t-hit Jmlp 
of. //>/ t'Wfw ,w^ ^n / <iod Iwlp yoti J 

aide, n.w., helper, aNntntant', mnlf% help, eowd 
jtiior, * in ajar ( * * ) ; aM^iMant w*rg<oii, 
( frrffif rty) adjutant. phfiurtt(w( a );** 
WNtant Murgcotu ttt* t*u tunic t t <!** fttwitip) \w 
der<*ook. <fe*Mi>ni)( ,v rfft'ti /?/); aldtMle eairip 

aider, t'.tf,, to aid, to help, to r'IUf *o AMMliit, 
to mieeour, ' s / ttwmlt f ft *w# MtwtsFi <l ? rfavrr ; 
to help <lowu, over, tup, 

alder, t>.n., to aid, to hetp, to wr>Jt, to m**'or 
reltv<i, kht Ifth'f ; IOIMM) to t)se ownlter, e*nn 
plete the we.iii), * w *ww,* ; t o rout* ibi** to thr 

, t'.f . to hei|> one utiother, to uwe, to *ikki 
twe of ; to beniir otie'n wlf; to JH'ij* ofi^'i* wlf 
avriU otHi'ti will, fM tfiiht? df ft* vtt'tm n ; fwj4* 
nuike t$w^ of whut they have, /'MM t'mth* t to 
Jwtlp one another. 
aldoa, ./. />/, (itwn-) nlI. 
", <A, y ! oh 1 nit ! oh dew f 
n W M KriwiIfii<lwr twHl*tre, 
, w/, Krumu 

li, leetern (In i'lH$rrh*<i; (#|r**i I 
J t'( </* ; fngie Hititfftti 4 

alglotto, ,/ T, ftlf Ion, 




e, ..?<., sourness; rawness; sharpness, 

aigre, adj. , sour, tart, sharp, bitter ; crabbed ; 
ill-natured , rough, haish , eager, brittle , shrill ; 
musty. Voiz , harsh, shrill voice. Paroles 
s , sharp words 

aigre-dou-x, -ce, adj , bitterish, sourish 

aigrefin, n.m., sliaiper. 

aigrelet, -te, ad] , sourish, tarti&h. 

aigrement, adv., acrimomoubly, sourly, 
sharply, bitterly, roughly, harshly 

aigremoine, nf , (bot ) agmnony, liverwort. 

aigremore, n /.., aigreinoie. 

aigret, -te, adj , sourish, tarti&h. 

aigrette, /., egret, aigret, aigrette, tuft, or 
plume (of feathers, diamonds), (bot.) egret, 
(imht ) tuft, horn (of the owl); ciest (of the 

aigrette*, -6, adj., with an cgiet, tufted, crested. 

aigreur, n/., sourness, sharpness, tartness, 
harshness, bitterness , surliness ; ill-nature, 
grudge, spite ; j/., (ined ) acidity of stomach, 
heartburn, watei-biash, (engiav.) harsh strokes, 
hatches made too hard. 

aigrir, v a,, to make sour or sharp, to sour, to 
turn sour , to in itate, to embitter, to make worse ; 
to incense, to provoke , to make ill-humoxed. 
Sa disgrace lui a aign Vtspiit ; his disgrace has 
soured his temper 

^f 1 aigrir, T t , to turn soui , to gi ow sour or sharp , 
to grow, to be exasperated. Son mal 
s"*ai(/i if , IUH disease gets worse. 

algrlssement, n w., sommg, irritation, bitter- 

aigu, -e", adj. t pointed, that has a, sluup point ; 
flhaip, keen, acute, pieiemg Son , sharp, 
shrill sound. Doitlcit? <! , acute pain. Favte 
un sw - ; to uttor a sin ill eiy. 

aiguade (-gad), n / , (nav ) iroBh water ; water- 
ing-placo. J<\u re, ; to take m fresh water. 

alguail (-ga-), W.M., 01 aiguaille, /., (hunt.) 
dewurop ; morning dew 

aiguayer (-g,iy-),t>,rt., to water (a horse), to 
rinse ( clothe). [beryl. 

alguo-marlno, n./., ( s s), aqua-mai ina, 

aiguichant, e, adj., enticing. 

alguloro (-gluer), n,/,, wr. 

aiguie~re"e (-glue-), ,/",, cwor-full. 
*aiguillade, ./., goad. 

*aigiuiUage, n.w., (railways) the shifting of the 
pohitn, Hhuuting. 
'alguiliat, n.w., (loh.) dog-fish. 
* aiguille, ./., iMiodlo ; hand (of a dial, or watch, 
<&< 1 .); cock (balance); Hpindtu (of a compass) , 
Kpiro (of a Htooplu ) ; (ich.) horufinh, neodlc-ftsh ; 
( rail way H) point. iPmnfodUfur ; packing-noodle, 

h (rfcofcr; knitting-n<w<llo. - a rep) ises ,' darn- 
iug-JHMMllo. 8 tlwwti'fi-pohfa ; Holf-aeting points 
(rail,). TTOU d'tnte, - ; e.y<i of a ncddlc, OH- 
VFttflt (t> t" 1 - j n<MilO"W<>rk. flhrwnteu; niag- 
noiic nwullo, /ttftptitcr xin" hi pointed? une- , to 
quarrel about ntrawn. EwjHw une , to thread a 


*aigulll<5o, w./. nowlloful. 

*aiguiller, ?'.//., (wurg,) to couch (a cataract); 
(mil,) ioHhifl UmpointH, 

^algulllotagci, n.w M tagging, (nav.) <wmng, 

*algiuiH0ter .., (nav.) to trap, to MUM, to 
IUOUMO. },t'$ wmwift i io laHh tiui guiw, 
algullletior, nin* t tawnr, tg.makr. 

*aigttiUette,n./., aglet., point; whrntldcw-knot ; 
Mw (of <lHh, khi) ; (iuw.) kuittlo, triclng-Hne, 
laniard. fa/cirrM <lc, ' - ; thfl tag of ft point 
algulllour, n.m.i (mil*) pointsman, wft(hw. 

algullHbre, w,./,, fffurflHh-wftt, efc for catclilug 
hovitliNti ; nnHU"iak<n\ 

*li|fWiU03tt, W.W M goad, Hpur> !o<S(Bitiitivc j ), incittv 
i*ntt, muHKimgeiiHiut, HimmluH, motive ; ting 

(of insects, seipents) , (bot ) prickle, stimulus, 
JSrtser I 1 de , to take the sting out of 

*aiguillonner, v.a,, to goad, to prick , to in- 
cite, co t>pur on, to stimulate. 

%igUlllot, n. m., (nav.) pintle. 
aiguise*, ;6, part., whetted, sharpened. Une 
croix aiguisee , (hei ) a pointed cioss. 

aiguisement (-man), n m., whettmg, shai pen- 

aiguiser, v.a., to whel, to sharpen, to make 
shaip , to set an edge on ; to point. Vappeht , 
to sharpen the appetite. une epigi amme ; to 
give point to an epigram. ses couteaux; to 
prepare for battle. ses dents , to prepare to 
eat heartily. 

*ail, n.m., (ails), (aulx) (8), garlic, sterile; 
escha-lot Tins' tete~ if , une gousse dT ; a 
clove of garlic. 

ailante, n m , (bot.) ailanthus. 

aile, w/, wing, pinion ; van, fan , wing (of an 
army, building) , aisle (of churches) , fly (horol.) , 
rung (of ships). Jwi? les s tapides, to be 
swift-winged. A lite cT ; at a single flight. 
En avoir dans V ; to be smitten, to be m love. 
II en a dans V , there is a screw loose some- 
where. Frapper a T , to wing. Couper le 
bout de V , to pinion. Eti e SKI V ; to be on 
the wing. Battre des * ; to clap the wings, 
Tremomser des s ; to fluttei. Rognei lei, s h 
quelquSun; to clip a person's wnigs. Voler de 
ses propies s; to be able to do without the 
help of others; to stand on one's own legs. Vou- 
loir voter sans avoir des ~ $ , to undertake a thing 
beyond one's strength. Ne bathe pltit, que d^une 
, to be on one's last legs. Titer de V ; to 
make wing. T'irer pied ou df ; to get some- 
thing out of (a thing), to make the most of (a 
thing). de moulm , wind-sail. 

aiie", -e, adj , winged 

*aileron, n. m , small wing ; pinion ; fin (of 
Bomefi&h); float-board (of a watei'-wheel) ; (arch.) 

ailette, n,/ , side-piece, side-limng of a shoe ; 
small wing (of a building); flange (motor). 
*aillade, w./., gailic s*ince 
^ailleurs, adv., elsewhere, somewhere else 
/?' , from another reason, cause , on another 
account , besides, moreover, in other re&pectH , 
after all, in addition to which. 

aimable, adj., amiable, lovable, lovely, agree- 
able, worthy to be loved Un caractlre ; an 
amiable temperaniont. 

almaMement, adv., in an amiable manner, 

aimant, -e, tulj., loving, affectionate. 

aimant, w.wn, londatone, magnet. La di'cli* 
Mtuon de /* ; tlio variation of the coinpass. 

aimantd, -e, adj., magnetic. 

almanter, f.<7,, to iub or touch with a load- 
Htono, to magnetize. 

alm6, -e, adj., loved, bolovocl. 

aimer, ^.r,, to love^, to bo fond of, fco have a 
paHion for ; to bo in lovo with ; to like, to fancy, 
to have a faiwsy for, to adimro, to delight in, to 
have an inclination for. II aiwct h montfr h 
chftwlj ho delights in riding. 11 (tiwe w per- 
ftonne ; ho IOVOB lii own dear wolf. Aiwc,% qu'on 
wu$ POMHllc, ef non pas gn^on vow lone ; love 
to be adviHmi, not to bo praised. mieux; 
to prefer, to like better, passicnnhnant ; to 
bo paHionatoly loiwl of. h Vidolalrtef to 
idolisco* fie fdire ; to ondear one's will to. 
Qui <iim? ilwVw, c/tilfifl him; h cliastoneth that 
lovoth wolL Qui in? aim (time, mow cMen / love 
me., lovo my dog. 

ft'ainuNtt v*r*t to love on's self. $>> les uns les 
(tufrfjt ; to lovo ono ftiiothar. 

aimez-raoi, ,/. marsh scorpiow-gpcftBa. F*. 



ain, n.m , woollen thread ; the number of 
threads contained in a given space 

aiae, n,f , gioin , hming-stiefc. 

ain<, n m , -e, n /., elder, senior 

aind, -e, adj , eldest, eldei, the eldest son 01 
daucjhtei ; senior. 

ainesse, /, pi miogemture Droit tf'~, 

ainsi, </' , thus, so, in this, that, manner. Je 
suis frft, that s nrytempei. Le monde \t 

; such' is the woi Id. <lu> > este , and so foi th. 
11 en est det> autoes passions, thub it LS with 
the other passions. soti-if : amen, fc>o bo it 

va le mo tide , so the world goes. Shi en est-~; 
if such is the case 

ainsi, co~nj , thus, therefore, so that. quc, 
tout que , as, as well as, even as, m the tame 
way as. Cda s'estpa$6 que jerousl'ai till., 
that happened in the way I told you 

air, H. w , air, wind , look, appeaiance, counte- ; 
nance, deportment , aspect , (mu&.)tune ; (oheju , | 
man , paint , sculp ) an. abattu; downcast j 
look chagnn, sorrowful look wnllt , \ 
shaiploofc. fmouehe; forbidding look. Fftwe 
des chatecmx en V , to huild ea&tles in the air. j 
Un coup dP ; a cold chill. Pifindre /' ; to 
take the air. Downer de I 1 ct line eft a mire , to 
let the air into, to ventilate, a room. C/iasset 
It 7 eii/ei me ; to let out the confined air. JUn 
plein ; m the open air, Se twfT entre deux .v / 
to be in a draught. H ne fait point d' ; tbiie 
ib not the least bieath of wnuJ. Ehe en F-~ ; to 
be in a flutter. Parries <>n /' ; empty, idle, 
words Purler en V ; to talk wildly. // jorme 
deft dteiWWA en V ; he iorirm extravagant do- 
signs. II a tire son coup en V ; he hah rni&car- 
ried. Prtndrt V (fit, buieauf to go and see 
how matterb bUnd Fnueprendif T , to give 
an airing to, Lti> ff(n& dw bfl ; gentle iollw, 
fashionable people. Hn homme de meehant ; 
an ill-looking nun. Un homme du grand , a 
man ol rank, of quality. Avoir J' de , to look 
like. Avow r Wen pot tttnt; to look well. Law- 
tw en V-~ } to tos (of horned cattle). Avon 
/'__ fan, /. nwuvms; to look good-natured, ill- 
naturod Ptendte mi rmnt; to put on a 
smiling eounteimnco. Prendre un de fen , 
to warm cue's self. JRemplt d' meii; filled 
with foul air. Cda a /' grand; that looks 
grand. JEHlc n^n past" 1 spintitel; ho doosn 1 t 
look sprightly. Mile a T fan 6tourdif she 
looks very giddy. II nSajpas I 1 content; ho 
doesn't seein pleased JPrendve dcs f, se 
donner des s; to give one's self airs. Pimdie 
des $ de lei esprit; to set up for a wifc. Un 
de fainille ; a family likeness. Ait deiete (paint ); 
the attitndo of the head. Un oai, tritfe ; a 
lively, dull, tune Faire un sur deft paroles ; 
to set words to music. Jover nn rapid? ; to 
play a flourish. Ce ctieval v(t h tout ; this horse 
has all his paces. 

aitain, n.m., brass ISfaffe rf 1 -* ; the braswn 
age. Avoir un Jront rf' ; to have a brazen faco, 
fco blush at nothing. Awirtfes entratUes of'; 
to have a heart of stone. 

aire, /.. area, bari>floor, threshing-iloor ; 
aewe (of a bird of prey); (of ships j impatm, 
headway I/ d'ttn batiment; (arch.) th aroti 
of a building. d* planchtr / superficie* of a 
floor. D rf'tw triangle; (geoin.) the aww or 
inside of a triangle. Une ~~ de wnt ; (nav ) 
point of the compass. 

alr^e, n/., the lot of wheat, &c., lying on a 
barn-floor, batch of dough. 

alrelle, n./., whortleberry, bilberry. 

airer, v ., to make its aerie or nest. 

ais (^), n m,, board, shelf t plank; (print.) wet" 
ting-board ; btitcher'fl block. 

ai8ance,r2./,, ease, freedom, eaanews, afBuenea,* 
the comjforts or conveniences of life. * pl^ 

water-closet II fait tout avcc , he docn every- 
thing with ease A von <ie V daitt, Ms HHtnieieb ; 
to ha\e an easy deportment AV;e' tian<\ /' , to 
be m easy circumstances. Cabinet tr ~.s, hctrx 

s ; watei-clobet. J^OAW (/' ,s , (csh-pool 

aise, ?i/, gladnehh, joy, content , eaw, com- 
fort, convomencj A V , iMhil3' , comioi t<ihl* 
Se pamet </' ; to be ovcijojed Tn'bwtUir 
& t to leap foi jo\. EUe we 1 .sr M>nt pus </'-, 
&he is behide heusolt loi jo.y Et)c a win , to l>e 
well oil 3fett)c qnclqiCun fi bon , to put at 
ease, to leahbun 1 ,ui> one. Vvub <v? pailrz bifn a 

ti e , it i.s ( .isy Id) you to say .so jV\'H px'ti- 

e qu^h son , to <lo only what phMWHoiu*, to 
take it imy. tfi' .s^ 1 ///'/; nut! (i /' - , to i<<(l uu- 
comioikibltj Atnicr .sc's ~ ,s , to lu\ i ono's case 
On n\t pus toittes ^.s ,s m cc wondt' f \\ e cannot 
ha\o <U1 wo wihh loi in thih v\oild 

so, (idji glail, io\Jul, well ploaped. J<> t,m$ 
d<M'0WiV voir } 1 am very glad to we yt>u. 
s^i -0, flttj i easy, oonvenionb, <'omnn>di<niK ; 
in easy cireuiu stances. C'eltt e st - ft dire,- it JH 
an ca&y thing to say Ut> hmmne -/MUJ'/V, un 
easy, good-natm ed niau I) fa sonhe'tt* ft ; coin- 
foi table shoes. Un (tit , an cany deport nuiiit. 
Un sfyle ; a free, lucid, tay stylo, // tetjort 
; he is in very oafty ciicuinBtfinctiH. 

ais^ment, <w/ M csawly, readily, connnoduniwly, 
freely, comlortjibly 

alsselle, /., ariu-pit; (auat,, but,) axil, 

aitiologio. V, tftlologie. 

ajoiiltor, ?'.. to join eiul to cuul, to fit. 

alone, W.M., furxe, thorn-biooni, (ujorhd, wlun. 

ajourjieJDtient, n. '>,., adjournnjent, poMpono- 
merit ; (jur.) fiiunmous, 

ajourner, v , to adjourn, to put. oil , (jur.) to 

ajourner, n , .v'ajoumer, v.r,< to u<lju n, to 

be adiournod, to put oil, to dch'r, to hiiminoni*. 

ajoutage, 7.?/., PKHM* (tuned on. 

a j outer, v *r., to add, i,<> jtun, (o put to, to tag, 
to subjoin, to supply, to wUirpolutt" <* V' }xt.\,w^' 

(I t'ifr (IJOUtt 1 h ('<' tlOt' , tllJH J)4lMMHgt JH UJl ltltt*l'J)0- 

lation. Jot n qnch/U(' chrw ,' to give credit to 
a thing. 

ajoutolr. r ajoutage, ajutage. 

a just age, .//; , adjuntiug, or giving fch li*gat 
weight to a com. 

ajustd, "0, jwif j ni,}UhttMi, fitt^df tioooHUwo- 
dato<l, drosHcd. / 7 .V^/c 1 bicn ; a v^ry olabn- 
rat Htylt*. Coming mm nitta ! whut ft Affuro 
you cut. 

ajustcment, 7? wh, adjuHtnuint, wljuHthjtr f tH.- 
ting, regulation, (ttiltni'nt ; laying out ; utl.ii'e, 
garb, apparel, drenH, ^ani<nt fiu'coinntKidut^mi, 
agnwniowt, wcmu'lliuiiiow. // </' ^unfa ; 
the jwljuHting of a \v<iigut. /* - d^tnt 1 wwhitt* { 
the lopfiilatmfi a maohino. AV/d V<v/ ;/<ns //f//* t 
c'/fe ^r JV.sflw (i ; H!HI in not luindHonus hn ntMMln 
clroHH or ailoriiititutt. 

a j uster, t) M to n,<ljut, t,o regulates to w{Mi*.r4, 
to hi/,<*, to tally t *' a ^ l \i to tului uiut lit, (oatui lit; 
to lit, to adapt, to wii. it) orth'r, to iw'coiiniMHiate } 
to ti'iin, to iMitltH'k, to drtwH. > t/w /irw? ; to 
teilw nim nt u inu'd. (iff Mmrwtt * 1< niooiM- 
pOKtv ^ chwttjc ' to put <m<* 1 luUr tu tn 4 <iitr, 
*" </fl7/B pfrswmett ; t-o rwconcilf Uvt |MM|l<i t t< 
mako them agrw. wj tlifi'tr r ntl ; to ftroiu'ita 
a dilTviimeti, AjHstw wmjlittfa t uit<t^r*itMuI < 
another* ^w /'</ fc/V ^^/^ ,' tii\y linvn irivrw H 
him well. - <frjf jttuwftyM (PttntwtTr to tthti 
I)OKitagOH of n book iigriut'. 

, t'.f., to JWIMJW <m* wlf, t> (|0i IIK ( 'H 
; to drw to dMk, otu^ wlf out } tu 
, to" lako nottMr*M to (Mn'in1 to^tli^it*. 

ajustour, .*., w^igh^r ttt th mint, fitter, 


mint) ; 




ajutage, ajutoir, n.m , adjutage, a tube or pipe 
(for water-works). 

alacrit^, nf., alacrity. 

alambic, n m , alembic, still. Faire passet 
par I" ; to distill, to draw by distillation. 
Passe) pa-) V , to undergo a caieful examina- 

alamMque, -e, pent., iar-f etched, too subtle, 
too lefined, fine-spun, \uie-diawn. t'rtte pen&ee 
est tiop e ; that thought is too lefined. 

alamblquer, v.a., to puzzle, to retine too much 
upon, $' fespnt f>io quelque chose, to beat, 
puzzle one's brains about a thing, to poie ovei it. 

alangllir C-ghn), va , to enfeeble, to make 

'alanguir, i>.?*., to languish, to flag, to become 

alarguer (-she), v.n., (uav ) to bear olf, to put 
to sea, to sheei oit. 

alarmant, -e, ad) , alarming, dieadful. 

alarme, n.f , alarm, hudden teai, fright. Son- 
ner V , donncr V , to sound, to give the 
alarm. Cloche tf' , alarm-bell. Ftntsse ; 
false alarm. JDonntrdes ,?, to cause uneasiness 
to Poiter V dttiu, to alaim. //' est au 
camp ; they are 111 a great fright Tenir en ; 
to keep m constant iear 

alariner, ?'.., to alarm, to raise an alarm, to 

.s-'alarmer, v r., to take alarm, to be alarmed. 
Ne vou6 ulai niez point, don't frighten your- 

alarmiste,,, alarmist. 

alaterne, n.m,, species ol buck-thorn; ala- 

albatre, n.m., al.uuHlor, whiteness. Z>' ; of 
alafoastei, Hiiowy white. 

albatros, n.m., (ouu.) albatross. 

alberge, n./,, a small lor ward peach. 

albergier, n.m., an nlbcige-tiee. 

albigeois, n.m. pi., Albigenben, 

albinos, n.m., albino 

albion, n.f., Albion (Kngland). 

albran. I 7 , halbnm. 

albugine', -e, adj., (auat.) albiiRuieous 

albuglneu-x, -se, afy , (anat.) albugmeoua, 

albugo, i.w M (med.) albugo. 

album (-bom), . ., albino, scrap-book, 

album In e, w./., albumen, white (of an egg). 

albumineu-x, -se, <(/,, albuminous. 

alcade, w.w., BpamBh nlcaid, alcade- 

alcaiQtilO, adj., alcaio. Vers */ alcaic 

alOalosCGEoe, nj., iUkalHconce, 

alcaloscent, -e, adj., alkaluacent. 

alcall, n. vi., alkali. 

aloalimetro, ^.m., nlkalimeter. 

alcalln, -e, (/,/., alkalhio. 

alcaliaatlon, n.. ulknli/.ation. 

alcallser, t?,r/., (diem.) to alkalize. 

alcaloide, %,. (hflin,) alkaloid. 

alcantara, .m., A Bpanwh military order. 

olcamwa, ./ watoi-oooiw. 

alcazar, n.w., olcassar (Moorish palace). 

alcde, w./., hollyhock. 

alchimio, n/., alchemy. 
*alchimille, ,/,, (bofc.) lady'H mantle. 

alchlmlciue, attj\, alchymioal. 

alchimiste, n.m n alchyniiBt. 

alcool, ?i, ?/?.., alcohol. 

alooolique, we//., alooholi. 

alcoolisatlon, n.f., u 

alcoollsor, ?'.a,, to^e. 

alcoolisme, n.m,. (med.) alcoholism. 

alooran, ',^ Koran. 

alcove, ./,, aloovo, reowns. 

alcyon, n.w. t halcyoii, kiiigfiaher. 

alcyonien, -n, (4n, nVn), a(/. f halcyon. 

aidebaran, n m , (astron.) Aldebaran 

alderman, n m., alderuun. 

aleatoire, adj., (jur.) eventual, aleatory, con- 

alene, w/., awl. Feuilles en , acuminated 
leaves ; (pi&c ) sharp-nosed skate. 

al&nier, n.m., awl-mabei. 

alenttr, ^'alentir. f r . ralentir and se ra- 

alenois, ?2. ?.., common gaiden cress. 

alentpur, adv , about, around, round about. 
Zes 6ou f?' , the neighboimg, surrounding 
\\ ood& 

alentours, n.m. pi., the neighboimg giounds ; 
environs, neighboi hood , peisoiis about, around 
one ; associates, familiais. 

al^pine, / bombazine. 

alerion, n m., (her.) eaglet without beak or 

alerte, n.f., alaim, warning. En ; on the 

alerte, adj , aleit, \igilant, watchful ; active, 
stirring, quick, spughtly, brisk, lively, agile. 

alerte, 'int., take care, be quick ; up ' 

ale'sage, n.m., (tech.) boring, drilling. 

al^ser, .., (tech.) to hammer plauchets ; to 
drill, bore. un canon , to boie a cannon. 

al^soir, n.m , borer (instrument). 

alevin (-vm), .?., fry, young fish. 

alevinage, n m., small try. 

aleviner (-n<5), v.a , to stock with fry. 

alevinier (-me"), w.m., breeding-pond. 

alexandrien, -ne, adj., Alexandrian. 

alexandrin, n.m,, (poet ) alexandrine. 

alexandrin, -e, (/j., alexandrine. 

alezan (-zan), .m., chestnut horse. 

alezan, -e, (-zan, -za-n), ad-) , chestnut. 

aleze, n/., sheet (placed undei Bick persons); 
draw-sheet; withe. 

alfa, n.m., (bot.) an African plant ; alfa- 

alfange, ./., scimiter, phalanx, battalion 
(Chinese, Taitai). F. cimeterre. 

algalie, n.f , (hiirg.) catheter. 

alganon, ?/.w., a chain for galley-slaves. 

algarade, /., (fam.) insult, attront; rating; 
blowing up , attack. F(we wn& ; to insult, to 
I'ato any one ; to blow any one up. 

algetore, M./., algebia 

alg^brique, adj., algebraical. 

algdbriquement, adv., algebraically. 

aige"briste, ?KW?., algebraist, 

algide, adj., (med.) cold as ice, algid, 

algor, n.m., (med.) algor. 

algorithme, n.m., algorithm. 

alguazil (-goiia-zil), ( ) n.m,, alpuajtil. 

algue, n.f., alga, sea-weed, sea-wrack grass. 

alibi, n.w*., (*) (jur.) alibi. 

aliblforalll, n.m., (fam. l.n ) irrelevant, ram- 
bling answer ; evasion, shuttling, prevarication. 

aliboron, w in., jackiiHK, a self-conceited fol- 
low. Muiire , ass. 

aliboufier, n.w., a fragnint reran, Htorax. 

alidade, n.f., alidade, the index ol any ur- 
veymg instrument, such an a quadrant, sextant, 

alienable, adj., alienable, transferable. 

alidnataire, w.7/ M alienee. 

ali^nat-eur, ./t M -rice, ??./., alienator, 

alienation, n.f., a legal couveyaiicfl of pro 
perty to another, alienation, transfer ; alienation 
(of the mind). mentulG ; mental derangement, 

alitfne', -e, n., lunatic, nrnnlac. ttojpic* pour 
let~~Sr lunatit? asylum. JMutson ^' * 

an, -0, adj., (of property) allenatdd, trans- 
ferred to another ; (affftetions) estrtnged, with- 
drawn ; (ol the mind) deranged , mad. 




alien er, v a., to alienate, to give away, to part 
with, to make over, to deliver up the possession 
01 right of. les affections, les cceui s, let> e&- 
piits, to alienate, to e&trange, to disaftect, to 
lose the affection. II a ahenb les espi its , he 
lias disaffected all minds. I' esprit h quelquhtn, 
to drive one mad. $'-, v.i , to lose, to e&tiange, 
to be lost; to be alienated, to become deianged 
*aligne, -e, pait., in line ; laid out in a line; 
that stands in a light line , foimed in line 
*alignement, n.m , laying out by a line , line , 
(milit.) diessmg ; (print.) ranging. Cefte mm- 
son soit de J' , that house 'tauds out of the 
row, Rentrer dans V , lo tall into line 
Ptendte ' ; to trace the line of, ' (milit ) 
dre&s ! 

* aligner, ??.., to lay out by a line ; to square , 
to put in a straight line; (unlit.) to dress. , 
(print.) to range des troupes ; to form ti oops 
m a hue. ses phases; to square one's sen- 
tences. uncompte (com,); to balance an ac- 

' aligner, v.r,, (nnlit ) to dress ; (pop.) to have 
a set to, to fight. 

aliment, n.m , food, aliment, nourishment, 
meat, nutriment, nutntion; fuel, (jur ) allow- 

aliments, n.m. pi., Our ) alimony, mainten- 

alimentaire, [/., alimentary ; ahmental 
Pension , alimony, maintenance. Regime , 
diet Pompe ; feed-pump, donkey engine 
alimentation, M/., alimentation, feeding 
aliment er, v.a , to feed, to nourish ; to main- 
tain ; to feupply with what Is necessaiy, to fiu- 
nish , to fuel, to keep up. Le inarche iiefourrnt 
gxr,s de quoi la mile ; the maiket does> not fur- 
nish enough to supply the town, 

alimenteu-X, -S6, adj., (med ) nutritive, ali- 
mentary, ahmental. 

alinea, n.m., (-.s), new paragraph, break. 
aliquant e, adj., (math.) aliquant. 
aliquote, adj., (math.) aliquot 
alise, 7i/., beam-berry, wild-sorb, cliess^apple, 
alisier,, service-tree, beam-tiee. 
alite", -e, part., bedndden, hud up 
aliter, 0.a., to confine to one's bed. 
s'aliter, v ? ., to keep one\s bed, to he bedridden, 
to take to one's bed. 
alizati, n m , madder-root. 
alize, adj.) (nav.) Vents s; tiade-wuids. 
alize,w/. V. alise. 
alizier, n.m. V. alisier 
alkali, &c. V. alcali, Xrc 
alke'kenge, n *n , winter-cherry. 
alkermes (-ess), n m , alkeimes. 
allah (al-la), n.???., Alia, Allah. 
allaitement (-let-man), n.m., lactation, nurs- 
ing, suckling 

all ait er, v.a. t to suckle, to give suck, to 

allant, n m , goer. ft venanls ; goers and 

aliant, -e, adj., stirring, bustling, fond of 
going about. 

ailantoide, n /., (anat ) allantois. 
allechement, n m. t allurement, enticement, 

alle"cher, v.a., to allure, to entice, to attract. 
alle"e, n./., going ; passage, entry, alley , lane, 
walk, line couverte; a shady walk. Fture 
deis~~-s et venues; to go m and out, to and fro. 

allegation (al-le"), n./., citation, quotation 

allege, n/, lighter, tender, (aich.) window 
basement, sill of the window, (rail.) tender. 
Ftais d* ; (com.) lighterage. 

alle"geance (al-W-jan-s), ./., (1 u.) alle- 
giance. Setment d' ; oath of allegiance. 
alle"geance, ?if., alleviation, relief. 

allegement (al-llj-man), ?un , alleviation, 
ea&e, leliet 

allger (al-loje), v.a , to ease, to disbmden, 
to lighten, to unload (a boat) , to alleviate, to 
gotten, to relieve, to as&uage pain or grief, 
(nav.) to buoy up. 

al!6gir, v ., to lighten, to i educe. 

allegone (al-le-), /, allegoiy. Par ; 
allegoi ically 

allegorique (al-k-), adj , allegone, allegori- 

all6gori<iuement (-man), a<tv , .illcgoi ically. 

allegoriser (il-lc-), v a., to allcgouze. 

allegoriseur (il-le'-), n m., allegorizur. 

allegonste (al-l<-~), v.m, , allogoiist. 

allegre (al-K*gi), tutj ,, nimble, spright- 
ly, jolly, checiiul 

all^grement, <idv , bii,skly, joyfully, merrily, 

allegresse, nj , math, oho eifulnoRR, glad- 
ness, joy, gaiety, .spiightlmevsh, ulacnty, j^loo, 
joyfulness. Cns (V , shotitt> oi gladiu,sh t 

allegretto (al-lS-gi t't-to), a<?v. and n.m , (A) 

usi ) allegretto. 

allegro (al-lS-), adv. and n.w., ( ,v) (mun.) 
allegi o. 

alldguer (al-liS-gh^), v,tf., to allege ; to quoin, 
to bring m, to cite, to plead, to pioduro, to ad- 
vance, to urge. 

alleluia,, hallelujah , (hot,) wood-HOrvcl. 

allemand, -e (-man, -niaiul), ad/., (icimau. 
Une querelle d' ; a groundlesH (juarrel. 

allemand, n in., -e, n f , Gennan. 

allemande, ??./., nllem.uule, a d.uioe. 

aller,> , going, com .so of time, run ; (nav.) 
outwsud voyage. ct rctour; voyag(5 out and 
m Ilillti f/' ct K'foin , rekini iu'kcit. Ait, 
long ; in the long run, Avoir IS- ~ pour /r 
venir ; to lo&e ono'n tmw and tioublo. Aupis 
; at the woivst. t'V.s/ rotw j>fs - ; it'w your 
last slntt. 

aller (aliant, alh'*), v,n., to go, (<> be KOID^; to 
move, to be m motion or movement ; to depart, 
toiepan, to resort; to reach, to comes to lead, 
to end , to do ; to be ; to go lorwnrd, to go on ; 
to Micceed , to .unount , to act. ; to proceed; to 
go about ; to tend, to aim ; to arrive ; to lay , to 
btake ; to play, to f?o to the wutei-oloHe'fc ; to 
work, to chance , to /it, to become, Jo bo t)iaich<i<l ; 
to sail. (tit, niiirr/it' ,* to go to mnrluHi, 
Atft'z en pair. ; depart, in peace. J///VT ait ttittMf ; 
go to the devil. - rr<n,wnt ; to go on iiu'renMiiig 1 , 
La cat /f va, h du' J)iict>; the bill nniouniH to 
ten itanch. Fair? ; to make go, to net gom, 
a pied , to go on foot. - a riu'wf ; to go on 
hoiaeback, to ilde. en wifiirc t to vi<lo iu a 
carnage, to drive. - an pas; at. a walking 
pace. ait fro/ ; to trot. ait ytttnp ; to gallop. 
(in petit yttlop ; to canter. " win train; to 
keep on, to take, ono'n own eouj'Me, hon 
train ; to gojon at, a good round jmoci, to get oj 
well. - tuloiix ; to urojui along. tnt tlctwt'* 
de quelqit' l i(tt, a f<t rMicontr? <t<' qtwtqtfttn; to go 
and meet any one, jvV ct Ift ; to nunhhi, rouni 
about. Nejfniw <iu* ct winr ; to <lo ii^thiMK 
but run bnnkward.8 ami forwardn. J? nf, j?rnl 
(jit' ct rent) , I will noiHlny; 1 wliall bo*)uu*n 
again <liroctly. J/tr wontre nft iw IMA; my 
watch do<H not go, IV/ Tftc ; j,;o quic'hly* Al- 
lan t ; (nav.) bound for. <Wtt wnt* w; ttutt* 
suitH you. Alfans dMir ; eoniH now; ixuiHoitHti ( 
Allez, w; ho goncs, b oil. /At vnut wtnr ; 
they will ooims pHwently. AV prowptwt f la go^ 
for a walk. Attes wntx pmrnrnt't ; go about, 
your buineas. La riw'foc va itn^wittimt ; Uw 
river wmdw aljout. tntt wformrttltHtt* aur 
rensru/nprnevts ; to mnteo nmuirktH, ^IM mi/ ; 
to put to the vote,, tn<tr prmntfhmfl } to go 
marketing, 6V) v<w ra att /"" t t.hJw Jug 

^ aller 

the fire. de pair ; to be equal. de pair a 
compaqnon avec guelqa'un, to be cheek b) jowl 
with any one. (Je c/tetnin va a, Vecjlise, this 
way leads to chuich. La, mont(ign&vaju.i>qii > aux 
nites , the mountaui leaches to the clouds de 
mal en pis ; to go from bad to vvoise. Com- 
ment va Id santk ' how i& your health 9 Com- 
ment cela va-t-il? how aie you ? Sa sante va de 
mieuz en tmeux ; Ins health is better and 1 bettei. 
Comment allez-vousf how do you do r> Tout va 
bten, all is well. Cet homme it a lorn, that man 
will distinguish himself Lejeu ne va pas bien, 
the fire does not burn well. Nos affaues vont 
mal , our altaus are in a bad way. Le commence 
lie va plus , tiade is at a standstill, Cela ne va 
pat, mal; things are in a 1an way I'otre habit 
von*> va mal, your coat doesn't fit you. Ces 
dettc couleuis-la vont bien ensemble, those two 
colors aie well matched 77 y vtt de bonne 
Jot, he acts sincerely. Y lonrfemeut, to act 
tiankly, openly. To us Mes^tfaus vont la, all 
my wishes tend that way. CTe.srf MM adioit 
qui va a ses fins; lie is a cunning lellow, he 
pushes his point. a la gloire , to aim at 
glory Est-ce amsi gue votm y ullez " is this 
your way ? Tudieu ' comnie vout, if ullez , egad ' 
you go on at a fine rate. De comb ten alfez- 
twttsP how much do you stake ? Va poof du vtn / 
(tarn.) well, let us have some wine Allows, 
nies amiS) coinage; come, my h lends, cheer 
up, take courage. Allez, n'aves-vons point de 
honte^ lift, are you not ashamed? Allca, ye 
I'eux ntf employer pour vous ; take heart, I'll 
interest my.selt on your behalf. Voyez ou fen 
serais, s't ell& allait noire cola , nee what a plight 
1 should be in, if she should chance to believe 
lhat. toujoiirs, to keep on, (b.H.) to Kittle 
on, blunder on. Allez ton jours, go it. Se 
fulsser aller, to yiold, to give way, to abandon 
on's self to a thing. ASV 1 laisse 1 ) a la lenttt* 
titni, to yield to temptation. tie Imsser a la 
doulcur; to give one's sell up to gricif. Lmt,$tir 

; to release, to lot go. Quand 'il devrait y 
(/ tout mon bicn; though my whole iortune 
wore at stake Sonqez (Ji^il. >/ va de volre hon- 
nettr ; reflect that your honor is at Htake. II y 
(tUait de la vie, it was a question ol life or 
duatk. Quand il y writ de <ma vie; although my 
life woro at stake,. 11 t>n va, il en ira ; it is, it 
will bo. II en va de cetfa ({jjfithe-lh conime d& 
r (nitre , it is with that ull'air us with the other, 
Oh va t& wwhef (nav.) whore are you bound 
to? son chcin,\ n ; to pursue one's course. 11 
ira son chcmhi ; he will make lus way Mure en 

tout lc tiwndti r to <lrive ovi ybody away Jfavre 
en, ~- deft tac/K'ti ; to take out stains. To us vhc- 
niinfi vinit h Ro>nc , moro ways thun one l(jad 
to Ifcavon. (lcl<t, v<t tmd witf', there IH no chiH- 
ettliy in the tlnng, of il is all phun sailing. (Jela 
IK' va pas; it 's no go, I am not woll. 6W va 
(wn$ dire ; tluit gooH without Haying; of course, 
Celaira; that will do, wo shall succeed. C'ela 
w'/m ptw loin ; that will not last long. (Je/(t ?/'/; a 
/(,v nlns fa in ; it Hhall go no furlhur. N't/ pun 
- de wttin, worte ; to go at it tooth and nail. 
Wy t t((S " } M>< (jwth'ti t'/tvmi'tw ,' not to boat about 
tl buwlu Qid w Ihf who goes thoro t 

v'<"/i alloV, ''.*'. to go away, to net out, to go out, 
to uuiroh on", to dispart, to tako oneself off ; to 
run, to wcamper away ; to retire , to run out, to 
boil ovor t to dwhullo away , to iwipomto ; to di, 
to wtiar out , to nnoak oil'. J'-/V'w ; atley-voitx-en ; 
go away ; b off with you! ft fau( qnc tout la 
itwttdti .vV/i <////, (everybody must go away, Alhtns- 
nous-en ; lofc us go. Its *Vw mut ; they aro going 
away. Mori /Mb it .v VM wt ; my coat iH wtuiring out, 
il s'cn va ; h< in dying, Je tV*w fus ; I wont 
away, Je w*V 1/* ww dire; I'll toll you 
what. Tout tfcn eat tttte en fumfc t aU came to 

9 almageste 

alien, n.m., allodium. Franc ( s s} , a 

alliace', -e, adj , (bot ) alliaceous 

alliage, n m., alloy age, alloy, mixtuie, union, 
(arith ) alligation Sans , puie, without alloy, 

alliaire, n.f , hedge-garlic 

alliance, nj , alliance, marriage, match, con- 
federacy, union, blending, weddmg-rmg, cove- 

allie", n.m , -e, ft/, ally; relation (by mar- 

allie', -e, pai t , allied, related (by marnage) , 
akin, kindred. Les iois allies; the eoniedeuite 

allier, v a., to mix, to combine, to unite, to 
match, to marry, to 30111, to unite, to allj, to 
reconcile. Voi avec Vargent, to alloy gold 
with silver 

6' 'allier, v.i , to be incorporated or mixed, to 
match, to entei into an alliance, to unite, to 
suit; to combine (of metals) 

allier, n m , partridge-net 
Qalliez, n m , (bot.) tare T". ivraie 

alligator, n m., the Amencan crocodile, alliga- 

alliteration (al-li-), n.J , alhteiation. 

alloferoge (al-lo-), n m , clown, lout, boor. 

allocation (al-lo-), /., allocation, allowance, 
(mil. admm ) entry, item, supply. 

allocution (al-lo-), w/., allocution, addiess, 
speech, haiangue 

allodial, -e (al-lo-), atfj. t allodial. Teires~~es; 
freehold lands, freeholds 

allodialltd (al-lo-), /, free-tenure 

allonge, w /., a piece of stuft to eke out any- 
thing; leat (ot a table); ndei (of a bill), (nav ) 

allonge*, -e, part , lengthened, elongated, out- 

allongement (-man), n TO., lengthening, 
stretching oufc, elongation, delaying. 

allonger, v. a , to lengthen, to elongate, to 
piece, to eke out, to stretchout, to wire-draw, 
to delay, to protiact, (feue.) to allonge, to fetch, 
to deal, to strike (a blow) 
.v 'allonger, v r , to stretch out, to lengthen, to 
grow longer, to stretch, to lie at full length. 

allouable, <('; , allowable, peinussible. 

allouer, v <t , to allow, to gr ant, to fix. 

alluclion, m , eog, coteh, tooth (ot a wheel). 

allumer, v </., to light, to kindle, to set in a 
flame or on Jtire, to mllame, to incite, excite, stir 
up. -lejfcUf to kindle the five. mi? c/wn~ 
deJle ; to light a candle. /</ guerre ; to kindle 

.s 1 allumer, i'.\, to be lighted, to light, to kindle, 
to catch or take iire, to be mfl.uned, to blane, to 
brighten up, to sparkle, to glare, to Hiiro up, to 
break out. Oe bom <t bien dc la peine a ,v'~ -, 
tills wood won't kmdlo. 

allmnette, w,/., matcli ; fusee; spill. <///- 
wlqtie ; Incifoi-mutdi. - t*n copcnn , spill, pipo- 

alhimeur, w.m,j lighter, lamp-lightor ; (at auc- 
tions) puffer. 

allure, ?^/., gait, pace, way of walking; eon- 
due.t, behavior, donutanor, carriage), way of pro- 
ceeding , turn ; (nav.) trim, appearance (of a 
vessel); pl. t intrigues. */<} If e&nwau A so?i 
I know him by his gait. Je conndis lea de 
Get howftw ; I know that man's way of dealing, 

allusion (al-lu-), /., allusion, hint, innuendo 
j?trire'h tfiitlque chose ; to allude to Homefcbiug, 
Fnirf line ~~-peu voil/'fi ; to give a broa<l hint, 

alluvial, ", <?/., alluvions, 

alluvion, -ne (-in, -<"-n), m//, V. alluvial. 

alluvion (al-lu-), n.J , alluvion. V ; allu 

almageste, n.m., t 




almanacll (-na), n m., almanac, calendar. du 

corui)iei<:e f commercial directory, d'adresse 
or des adresses , post office directory. 

aloes (-ess), n -i., aloe; aloes 

aloetiftUe, adj., aloetical. 

aloi, n.m , alloy, standard, quality (of persons). 
Argent de ton , good money. Homme de bas 

; man of mean birth. Sans', without alloy. 
Noble&se de bon ; true blue-blood. 
Oaloiaue, adj , aloetic. 

alonge, &c. V allonge, &c. 
alop&cie, nf , (med.) alopecy, fox-evil. 

alors, adv , then, at that time, in that case, m 
such a case. >' ; of that time. meme 
que , even when. comme ; we shall know 
what to do, all m good time. 

alose, ft/., (ich.) shad, alose. 

alosier, n.f , alosiere, n./., shad-net. 

alouchier, n m , (bot ) white beam tree. 

aloiiette, n f , (ovni ) lark. huppee , tufted 
lark df$ champs , sky-lark. lulu ; wood- 
lark 11 attend que les s lui tombeni toutes 
rdtips dam le bee , he expects a fortune to drop 
into his mouth. Pied d* , (bot ) lark's-heel, 

alouidir, v.a., to make dull, heavy, stupid Je 
suis tout alowdi; my head is quite heavy. 
s'alourdir, v r. , to grow dull, heavy 

alourdisseraent, n m , heaviness, dullness. 

aloyage, n m , alloyage, mixture, pewterer's 

aloyau, n.m., sirloin 01 nbs of beef. 

alover, v a , to alloy gold and silver. 

alpaca, n m,, alpaca, llama, 

alpaga, n.m , alpaca (stuff). 

alpestre, adj , alpine. 

alpha, n m , beginning, alpha. 

alphabet, n m , alphabet. 

alphabetize, adj , alphabetical. Par ordie 
; alphabetically. jRepertoue , alphabetical 
index. [eally. 

alphabetiquement (-man), adv , alphabeti- 

alpin, -e, adj., alpme 

alpiniste, n.m., Alpine climber. 

alpiou, n m Faire iin ; to stake double. 

alpfste, n.m , (bot ) canary-grass, phalaris, 

alsacien, n w., alsaclenne, n.J,, Alsatian, 
inhabitant of Alsace. - Lot ram, native of 
Alsace-Lorraine, now Elsass-Lothringen. 

alsine, n.f. V morgeline. 

altaique, adj., altaic, altaian. 

altavelle, n.f, (pise.) string-ray, fire-flaire. 

alte, n.f. r. halte. [rable. 

alterable, adj , corruptible, alterable, adulte- 

alt6rable, n.s>> fmed ) alterative. 

alterant, n m., (med.) alterative. [terative. 

alterant, -0, adj., that causes thirst, (med.) al- 

alt6rati-f, -ve, adj , (inert ) alterative 

alteration, ?z/, deterioration, coiruption , 
adulteration, debusinff; weakening, impairing, 
alteiation, misi ^presentation ; exoessive thirst. 
TJ de so, voix ; the faltering ot hm voice Tout, 
les excls causmt de r dans ht attnte ; all ex- 
cesses impair health 

altercas, n.m, V. altercation. 

altercation, ./., altercation, contest, wrangle, 

altdre, -G,part., altered, adulterated; thirsty, 
dry. de glow e ; greedy oi glory dc sanq , 
bloodthirsty, craving for blood. 

alter ego, n.m., (n.p.} alter e#o. C'est mon 
, ho IB my other, socond, Helt'. 

alt^rer, v.a,, to niter, to change, to impair; to 
adulterate, to weaken , to mis-state, to (liwtort, 
to pervert, to debase; to cause thhftt, Lo dmturb, 
to trouble ; to discompose. La soldi altire left 
conlenrs; the snn makes colons fade. la 
viande ; to taint meat. le carnctcre ; to wpoil 
the tempei. VamUit , to weaken friondHlup, 

la tnonnaie f to debase com. Cede sauce. 

aux anchois m^afort alters ; that anchovy sauce 
has made me very dry, thirbty. 
^'alte'rer, v r , to be impaued or altoicrt, to 
degenerate; to taint, to spoil, to faltei, to tioni- 
ble (of the voice). Le vm s^altire h ran , wine 
spoils when exposed to the an Sa sunie com- 
mence h s' ; his health is beginning to bo im- 

alt^rer, v.w., to excite thnst, make thirsty. 

alternance, n.f., altei nation, SUCCOSHIOII. 

alternat, n m., alternatenesb , altonuicy, iota- 
tion of cropR. 

alternati-f, -ve, adj , alternate, altei native 

alternative, nj , altei nutivp, choice, option. 
Je vous donne /' , I gi\e you yoin choice. 

alternativement (-man), adv., altei natoly, by 

alt erne, adj., altei nate, reciprocal. 

alterne, -e", adj , (her.) altomate (<m,'iH(rH) 

alterner, v n , to alternate, to .succeed each 
other altei riately, to take in turns, to fill by 
turns, to produce a i elation of crops 

alterftuer, ' n , to altercate, to depute. 

altesse, nj,, highness Son roynlG; IUH, 
her, loyal highness 

althaea, n.m., (bot ) marsh-mallow. 

alti-er, -ere, adj , haughty, proud, arrogant, 
loidly, loi'ty elate, stately. JMwc alfifa't 1 ; 
haughty look 

altimetre, n.m , altimeter, r. hypaomdtre. 

altitude, w./., altitude. 

alto, n ?n., ( .s) (num.) tenor violin, alto. 

altruisnie, , al truism, altniiat. 

altruist, -e, adj., altnuwtic. 

alude, n.f., colored .slieep-Hkin, banil. 

aludel, n.w., (chem.) jtludol, caitlun HiiMuii- 
ing pot. 

alunielle, ti.f , long an<l thin kinto or HWOIX!- 
bla<l( j , ; (uav.) haiHlspiko-holo ; Bheutlung. 

alumine, n.f., alumina. 

alumine', -e, ad) , alumiHh. 

aluminer, 'v.a., to mix with nhnn, 

alumineux, -so, adj., alumiuou. 

aluminiere r. alimiore. 

aluminium, n.m. (?*?> ) ftliuninum, uluium 


alun, n.m., alum. 

alunage, n.m., (dye.) Rtcflpiug iti ahmi. 
alunation, n.J\, (ch<>i>i.) alum-muldng. 
aluner, *.., to steep in ahum- water, 
aluniere, n.f., alum-pit, almu workfl. 
nlv^olaire, a<ty. t alveolar. 
alveole, n.m., alveolus, c<n(hi ali(ioy-<MnnU)t 
socket (ot n tooth). 
alvin, -o, adj., (tne<i ) alvhui, 
alysson, n.m., alysse, n.f., niudwurt, ^old- 

, ?'</., lov(4uuiHH; kiuUneuM; uiuJahlc 
ness, amiability, 

amadis, n.m., tight Hle<v(*. 

amadou, n,m., (Jermnn thuler; touch-woud, 
match- wood ; pyioteelmieul nptni^c, 

amadoucr, v.ti , to cnux, to \vlicctU^ to cnjatc, 
to ilatttu, to gam over, 

amadoueur, -so, ./,./., tiilr tuakfir; (tig.) 
coaxor, wlioediw, 

amadouvior, n,wi, aprlo, touoh-wixxl. 

amaigrit, I'.rr., to mako lean, ineagnv w tliiu, 
to emaciate, to rwhico, t< hwneii 5 (arch,) to tliSu. 
C'tst cela qiti Vwnnirfril ; it in tluit which itak*w 
him grow thin. 

amaigrir, 7,n,, to fall away, to grow Uitt or 
thin ; (arch.) to Hlti'Iuk. 

:, i,r., to grow tliin, to Ml nwny. 


tion; wawting away, fiUltn^ awny, ffrow 


amalgamation, n.f., ainiUKautaHon. 

amalgamOi 'n.m,, aaialgiuu ; medley, j 




amaigamer, v.a., to amalgamate, to combine, 
to blend. 

s'amalgamer, v.r., to amalgamate ; to blend to- 

amande, nf, almond, kernel, nucleus. 
am^re, douce, bitter, sweet, almond. $ hssees; 
sugai -plums. s & la praline ; burnt almonds. 

d'amazone ; Brazil-mit. Huiled" 1 sdouces; 
oil of sweet almonds. de teri e , rush-nut. 

amande\ n m. t amygdalate ; milk of almonds 

amandier, n m., almond-tree. 

amant, n.m., -e, ,/., lover, wooer, suitor; 
sweetheart, mistress ; votary, spark, gallant, 
pai amour. de cceur; favorite, preferred 

amarante, n.f , amaranth, purple flower-gen- 
tle, cock's-comb, prince's feather. 

amarante, <(/., amaranthine, amaranth-col- 

amareilleur, ? m , oyster-bed keeper, 

amarmage, .W M manning (a prize). 

amariner, ti ., Lo man (a prize) ; to inure to 

amarrage, n.7/i., (nav ) anchorage^ mooring, 
lashing, seizure. Liqne <V , lasher. 

amarre, n./., (nav.) cable, rope, hawser. de 
jund ; ground tackle. 

amarrer, ?' a., (nav.) to moor, to belay, to 
make iant, to lash, to tie, to seize 

amaryllis (-nl-lis), ./., amaryllis, hly-aspho- 

amas, n.m , mass, heap, pile, collection, hoard, 
store, accumulation, cluster ; congeries. Un 
de peupte ; a groat mob. de sable ; heap of 


amasser, v ., to heap up, to hoard up, to lay 
up, to treasure up, to gather up, to get together, 
to accumulate, to ruke together , to assemble, to 
congregate, to put together, to cluntei. de 
Vanjcnt ; to hoard up money. 
.v'amasser, ?>.r., to gathci, to get together, to 
accumulate, to be collected, to crowd, to assem- 

amassotto, n,f., a small palette-knife. 

aiuatelotago (-mat-lo-), n, MI., (nav.) mesamat- 

amatoloter (-mat-lo-), v.u., (nav.) to class (the 

amateur, W.M., lover, admirer; amateur, vir- 
tuoHO. dew bfitnix-artx ; lover of th fine arts. 

de l<t> nouwutttfi ; fond of novelty, 
amatl, w.w* M ^i Amnti violin. 

amatir, v.ff,, (gold) to deaden , (coin.) to blanch 
the planehets. 

nmaurosc, '//,/*., (tuo<l.) amauroBis. 

amazone, ./,, amaxon, lady on horseback. 
If nbit d 1 - ; riding-habit. 

ambages, ,/ pi , ambugew, i<lle circiimloou- 

ambassado 1 n.f,-, (iiubaHHy,ombaH8ade ; ambaa- 
Hador'B houne, 

ambassadour, a.m., ambawudor, ineuBen^er, 

ambaBsadrico, ,/,, aititHWHiulnwn. 

ambo, n.m,, mvim of two wanbers. 

ambosas (iuib/.(iH), ?/,,m., nmbB-a<u k , two aces. 

ambi, w.w/-, (wirg.) nmbe, ambi, 

ambiant, -o, ^'/,/. utubiout/, HU grounding, 

ambidext6rit(S, v;,./'., double doaUng; tunbl- 

^i //*.', collation (with everything 
imrvwl up toffotiior) ; (ttg.) iu<Mlloy r olio, ooi- 
ambi&u, -U, titty, , ambiguoui, equivocal. 

aabigwit4 w,/,, <mb!gwlty, JParler mn 

,. , , w?t* M mblffuouily. 

ambltiousemont (-mBta), w/w., ambitiously, 
i, (M^. t ambitioua, tutyirhtp. 

ambition, n/., ambition. 

ambitionner, f.a., to desire earnestly, to be 
ambitious of, to aspire to, to seek after. 

amble,,, amble, canter AHer V ; to 
amble. Eire franc d* ; to amble freely. Ce 
cheval a V doux: that horse has an easy am- 

ambler, v.n., to amble, to canter. 

amblyope, n.m.f., weak-sighted person ; n.m., 
(pise ) blind-fish. 

ambon, w.m,, ambo, rood-loft. 

ambre, n.m., amber. gns; ambergris. II 
estfin comme 1 J ; he is a shrewd fellow. 

ambre*, -e, adj., amber-colored. 

ambrer, v.a , to perfume with amber. 

ambrette, n f , amber-seed, musk-seed. 

ambroisie, ./ , anibrobia. D' ; ambrosial, 
fragrant, delicious. 

ambrosien, -ne (-in, -ene), adj., pertaining to 
St. Ambrose ; Ambrosian. 

ambulance, /., field-hospital, ambulance. 
Chirwgien d' , field-surgeon. En ; (of ven- 
dors) itinerant. 

ambulant, -e, adj., ambulatory, ambulant , 
itinerant, strolling. Mnic/innd ; itinerant 
dealer. Com&diens s } btrollmg players. JSik- 
stpSle ; flying erysipelas. Metier une vie e,' 
to stroll about, to be iipon the tramp. 

ambulatoire, adj., ambulatory, movable, iti- 

a" me, ./., soul ; mind, genius ; conscience ; es- 
sence , ghost, spirit, feeling, sentiment; person, 
people; motto; boie (of a gun), small wood (in 
laggots) ; (of bellows) clapper, (sculp.) a rough 
figure of clay ; the model made use of to form a 
mold ; (mus. ) sounding-post. Lesfacultes de V , 
the faculties of the mind Grandeur d' ; mag- 
nanimity. Du fond de V , from the depths of 
the soul. Dieu veuille avoir son , God rest his 
soul. Avoir la mort dans V ; to be grieved to 
doath. // M.'?/ n. pas /?u vive ici , there is not a 
living creature here. Je le veiix de toute mon ; 
I wish it with all my soul. Let, bonnes ; (iron ) 
good-natured souls. Sans ; spiritless. La 
v&rite et,t ' de Phistoire; truth IB the life of his- 
toiy. La bonne foi est I' du commerce; hon- 
esty is the very soul of trade 11 n^yapouit rf' 
dftns sa declamation,' hiwdeliveiy is'spiiitless. 11 
est V (tammte <ht wfntalre f lie is the minister s 
tool, jRentlre <f' ; to give up the ghost. II a 
V bourrelee; IUH eonscience wracks him. Get 
homtne n^a point iV ; that man has no soul. II 
n^i (i pas <$' dans ce tableau ; there is no life in 
this picture. 

amelioration, ./., amelioration, improvement, 
mending. Susceptible rf' ; improvable. 

ameliorer, v.a , to ameliorate, to improve, to 
meliorate, to bettor, to cultivate, to mend. 
tf'annSHoror, v.t*., to meml, to improve. 

amen (ame-n), n.w., amen. 

am6nagement (-naj-mSn), n.m , management 
of a forest, arrangement, iittiug up ; disposition 
(of ft house). 

am&nager, ?ur,, to regulate the felling, replant" 
ing, and preserving of a \\ cod or f 01 est, to dispose, 
arrange, lay out, un arbre , to cut up a tree. 

amendable, cidj improvable, inondable. 

amende, ./., {''S penalty, forfeit, compenBa- 
tion, reparation. Metfre or wmtlwMier & J' ; 
to ftne. J*\nr - honorable ; to make amondw, 
to apologize. 

amond6, -e, part., amended, Jioended, re- 

amendement (-wSn), HM., amendment, mend- 
ing, bettering, improvement, - - <Pune t?rr ; im- 
provmnentf mauuriug of a piece of ground. L<i 
tot (i pa,8$& sans ; the bill passed without 

amender, ?'.^., to amend, to better, to correct, 
to improve, to manure. 




amender, v n , to grow better, to improve. 
' amender, v r,, to amend, to grow better, to 
refoim , to mend. 

amener, v.a., to bnng , to bring in, to bring up, 
to bi mg over, to bring about, to bring round, to 
bring on ; to lead ; to fetch, to introduce ; to pre- 
vail upon, to induce ; to throw (of dice) ; (nav.) 
to haul down, lower, strike. Je Vai cement ouye 
wulais ; I brought him to do what I wanted. II 
a amenG cette affaire h bien , he has ended the 
matter satisfactory. ties maladies ; to bring 
on diseases des modes , to bring m fashions, 
quelqu^un afaveune chose, to induce any one 
to do a thing. son pavilion ; to lower, to strike 
one's flag Cette remarque est bien amen&e, i.e 
cleverly introduced, well to the point N^ame- 
nezjamais la conversation sur la pohtique ; never 
introduce politics into conveisation. 
ame~nite", nf , amenity, pleasantness, grace. 
amentacees. n.fpl., (hot ) amentaceous 

amonuiser, v.a.,to make thin, to make small- 
er , to lessen. 

atn-er (ame-r), -fere, adj , bitter, sad, painful, 
grievous ; harsh, biting, galling, briny Principe 
, (chem.) bitter principle. Rendre , to em- 
bitter, Cela est d'vn gout-^~, that has a bitter 
taste. Avoir la bouche amei e , to have a bitter 
taste in the mouth Desplaintes am&res ; bitter 
complaints line ? aitterie amere; cutting raillery. 
amei (aine-r), n.m 3 bitterness, gall (of some 
animals and fish. A'/ (med ) bitters , (n.w.) 
seamarks, landmarks. 

amerement (-man), adv , bitterly, grievously, 
americain, n m , -e, nf , American. 
am&ricain, -e, ctdj , American. 
ame"ricaine, M./., (pnnt ) script. 
amertmne, n/., bitterness, acerbity; griel, 
sorrow; gall, venom. 
ame'th.yste, nf., amethyst. 
amelthyste, n.m , humming-bird. 
atn^thystin, -e, adj , amethystine. 
ameublement, .w&., iumiture, household 
goods, set of fuimtuie 

ameublir, ?;.., (agn.) to make lighter, to mel- 
low ; (law) to make movable. 

ameublissement (-man), nw M (agii.) dress- 
ing, mellowing ; (law) lien upon land. 
ameulonnei*, v.a , to stack hay, com, &c 
axneuter, ?>.., to tram dogs to hunt together 
to stir up, gather, rouse, excite. 
5'ameuter, v.r., to gather m a mob, to crowd, to 
riot ; to mutiny, to rebel. 

ami, n. m. , -e, n.f. , friend. Bon , vt-r liable ; 
good, true friend. de table f table companion. 
Bonne e ; sweetheart C'est un de men vieux 
s ,* he is an old pal, chum of mine. Trotter 
quefqtt^un en ; to use one like a friend, Eire 
de ; to be the companion of, to be partial to 
Les bonscomptesfont les bons s ; short reckon- 
ings make long friends. J/' e (foi mon awte] ! 
my dear, my love, dailing. Mon ' my dear I 
Chambre a' ; spare room. Ami de cour; 
false friend. en voie ; a friend at court. 

ami, -e, adj , friendly ; kind, fond of , (paint.) 
friendly, favorite, propitious. lecteur, kind 

amiable, o<f?., amiable, kind, friendly, courte- 
ous, amicable. 

a /'amiable, adv,, amicably, by private contract 
(of sales). Terrnmer un difffrend h ' ; to 
settle a quarrel amicably. Vente h I 9 ; sale by 
private contract. 

amlablement, adv., amicably, m a friendly 

amiante, w.w., amianthus, mountain-flax, 

amical, -e, <?/., amicable, friendly, kind. 
amlcalement (-man), adv., amicably, kindly, 
in a friendly manner. 

amict (a-mi), n.m , amice. 

amidon, n w., starch , lecula. 

amidonner, v.a., to starch. 

amidonnerie (-do-n-rl), /., starch mauufaa 
toiy, starch- w oiks. 

axnictonnier, n.w , starch -maker. 
Oaniigdale, n f V. amygdale. 

axnincix 1 , v a , to make tlminei , smaller ; to 
lessen, to edge oil, to attenuate. 
s'amincir, ^.. } to become thimier, to make 
one's self thin 

amincissement (-man), n. m., tlininiiig, thin 


amiral, n.m., admiral Vaisseau ; flag-ship, 
(concli )adnaril Gxnid ,lu#h-ndmiiul. I'tcc 
, vice-admnal Coniie , ioar-adiiral 

amiralat, n m , admnalship. 

axnirale, n.f , admiral's wile. 

amiraut^, t> J , admnalbhip ; odnmalty. 

amiti^, /., triendship, amity , utlccUon, good- 
will , tavor, kindness ; j)leaaure ; interest , pi , 
kind regards, comphmentB, attentioiiH. ASV her 
^ avea , to become intimate with. Mtre ,wr un 
pied d" 1 avec , to lie on i no wily twinn with 
Faites-Moi V de lui en pailer, clo mu tlw kind- 
ness to mention it to him. Pai ; out of friend- 
ship. P'tend 1 ) e que1qu'>u')i fn ; to take a likintf 
to any ow<?. IS de*> cotdeurs ; the p(rfoct blend- 
ing of colors. J7 ?w'</ fait da$~ s ; lie Hhowod me 
much attention. JFfrites-lui ine$ .v , remember 
me kindly to him. 3/w A it, tout Ic monde , love 
to all. 

amman, n.m , amman, a judgfl who haH cog- 
nizance of civil catiHoh, in Switzerland. 

ammi, n.m , (hot ) busliop^-wort 

aminon, w.w,, ammonite, fonic </' -,?//., 

amtaOllia-C, -QUO, ntfj , ammoniac. /S'r/ .; 
sal ammoniac Gamma -(jut', gum nmmomuo, 
Gaz ; ammomacal jafafl. 

ammonlacal, <//., ammomacal. 

amruonla^ue, n w,f , ammonia, 

ammonite, n 1 , (IOHK.) hCTpcui-hUmo. 

amnios, n.m , (v,p ) (anat ) aunuoii, amuioa. 

amnlstie (am-niK-tt), n.f., annuity, pardon. 
' < 

(an)-niH-ti(' < ), 'n.m., -e, w./., pornon. 
pardoned by amnosty. 

amnlstler (am-mti-ttf), ?',., to pardon ly 

amodlatalre, n.m., ICHWH (of a farm). 

amodiateur, ?i.wj., tenant of huul, IOHWI<S 

amodiation, w./,, loawng, l<ttjnpf out to farm. 

amodier, v.a , to farm out an oHtuto ; to rcint 
an estate. 

amolndrir, ?.., to 1000011, to riwiwuw, <lhnin 

amoindrir, v.r?., to IcisHon, to grow IOHH, to 
y'amolndrir, ?'.?., to IOHHOU, to grow IOHH, 

amolndrissemojit (-man),, Icwicum^, 
decreases abntinpf, (hiiujuiUon. 

amollir, .., to wollily, t,<> Hoftnu, to i<illow ; 
to oiiervftte, to offcuiiimit^, to uniuiui. 
v'ainollir, ' *,, to Roltcn, to grow t<ujl<"r, to 
grow soft ; to grow ttffftmhiuiUt or woak. 

amollissant, -e, adj., oiHirvnUng, <>ilVmin!it,.. 
ing, sofieniiipr- 

amollissement (-man)) n.w*> mfiwihw, ling. 
gmpf, enervation, lUmtomout. 

amome, n,m, t aiuomum. ft tjruppn; " 

amonceler, ?>,#,, to heap up, to lay in n Ji> 
to fill up, to pile u}>, io drift, 
.f'amonceler, r.n,to gnther; to bd flllocl up; 
to accumulate, to tlrift, 7^.v nwttfw tftiwtDH'pf 1 
lent," the doudHaro (?at.lHn'}tipf. 

amoncellemont (-Mcl-inrui), n,m, t lumping u{>, 

amont, "dv. t up tho riv^r, up Htroaiu ; nbova 




the town Vent &- , (nav ) easterly wind Aller 
en , to go up. En du pout , above bridge 

amorce, w/., bait , priming ; (percussion) cap , 
tinder, tram ; alhuement, attraction, enticement, 
decoy, charm, electro-plating bath. Douce , 
danf/ei euse ; sweet, dangerous attraction. 
Tiompeuses s, deceitful allurements. Sans 
b) uler une ; without firing a shot 

amorcer, v a., to bait, to prime; to cap 
(small arms) , to allure, to entice, to decoy, to 
draw m. ft hamefon ; to bait a hook. une 
r? me hfeu; to pinne a gun. 

amorQOir, n.m., wimble, auger F. 6bauchoir. 

amoroso, adv , (mus.) amoioso. 

amorphe, <ulj , amorphous. 

amorphie, n f , amorphy. 

amortir, v ., to deaden, allay, moderate; to 
weaken , to break (a fall) , (fen ) to sink , to re- 
deem (land, stock) ; to pay oil , to cool (pas- 
sions) ; (jui ) to amoitize ; (paint.) to flatten ; to 
buy up. un coup, le bind ; to deaden a blow, 
the sound. une pension , to redeem a pension. 

des dettes t to pay oft" debts. lajievre, to 
reduce the fever. 

amortir, f.n., (nav.) to be neaped, to be dry. 
.v'amortlr, v.r., to be broken, deadened ; to 
slacken ; to be paid oft , to be bought up ; to 
grow woak. 

amortissable, adj., (fin.) redeemable. 

amortissemont (-man), n.m., redeeming, buy- 
ing up , liquidation ; sinking , deadening, abate- 
ment, redemption; amortization, (arch.) tlie 
uppermost part of a building, top, pediment, 
finishing ; (nav.) lying aground. Caisse rf' , 
winking-fund office. Ponds d" 1 ; sinking-fund 

amour, w.w/., lovo, lovnigneas, passion, flame. 
FSAwour ; (myth.) Eron, Cupid. Beau comme 
r Amour f a vory Aclonm. Lacs d" 1 ; love-knot. 
A wr - , lovingly, carefully* Se mtirier par , 
to marry for love. Mottrir (V , to be lovesick. 
Avoir dftl 1 - powr f to be in love with. JKn ; 
(oi animals) in hoat. Filer le par/ait ; to 
play Uie sentimental lovor Faire /' , to court, 
to make lovo to. Pont F -> tie DICK , lor God'w 
Hake. </<" iwmlrats pout V de ?'<?,9 que celaftU , 
I wiHh it vKsro HO lor your ak<i. (rest un wtfd 
rewfitfa <.V -, Hho i a perfect fright IM ten* 
e,\f <>>i ; the land JH ripe foi vegetation. Cettc 
t) unit re, <'.* un vfa'ihtble , that is a love of a 
watch, fytwt d'mfwit / what a lovo of a child ! 
- prQprt,) self -loves, Helf-roflpwt, conceit, vanity. 

amours, n,f. ;>/., oue'w lovo, ilanio, aiuourn , 
delight, ties pm/nVw ; hi flrst lovo. Les 

; (myth.) tho Lovos. /M follfs ; foolish 
lovo. Jbc.v tableaux smit .ff'A ; picturow arci hih 
(lolight* Frontes nwfois, ctutudes ; cold hand, 
warm heart. 

aniouraclie^ -e, pare., (fain.) smitten, in lovo 

amouracher, v/ M to mtikci fall iu lovo. 
v'amouraclior, t>,., (fam.) to foooomo ona- 
juonnt of, HiwiitoH with. 

amourette, w./., intrigue ; lovo, lovoaffalr ; 
amour; (bot.) (makiug-gniBH. * da, venu; calf'n 

amourouaomoiit (-tnu-mSu), adv., amorotwly, 
lovingly ; Uuulorly, Hoftly. ' 

amourou x, -$o, ^f(?., In love, onfttnorod, 
fttuoroud; loving. // &$t df> cette fw>nt> ,' h 
i$ In Iov6 with that woman* /ti'ydrdtt - ; lookm 
full of lov, />(///* ; to fall in lov. Mtre 
dtat mim wtttf vitrgn; to be a univerHallovor, 
a mimlHri, 

awoureu*x, n*m>* - n./,, lover, woow, 
AW(wtluMirt t npark; (fchoo.) aotor, actress, who 
parCoi'mH lovrH' 

liability to removal. 
amovlple, ndj,, nimovublo, revocable, at plea* 

sure. Emploi , revocable appointment, office 
held during plea&ure. 

ampSlibie, n.m , amphibian; time-server, 
double-dealer, (pers ) jack of all trades, man of 
two different trades. 

amphibie, atf,?., amphibious. 

amphibologie, n.f., amphibology. 

amphibologique, adj., amphibological, ambig- 

amphibologiquement (-jik-man), adv , am- 
plnbologically, ambiguously 

amphlbraQtue, n m , (poet ) amphibrach. 

amphictyonide, adj. Ville ; a town having 
the right ot sending a deputy to the Amphictyomc 

amphictyonique. adj , Amphictyomc. 

amplrictyons (-ti-on), n, Amphictyons. 

amphigouri, n m , ludicrous poem, burlesque, 
or speech, rigmarole, gibberish. 

ampliigouriqLue, adj , ludicrous, nonsensical, 

amphigourio;uement (-nk-man), adv., non- 

amphimacre, n.m. y (poet ) amphimacer. 

amphlsciens (-si-m), n ?., (geog ) amphi- 


amphith^Stral, , adj , amplntheatrical. 

amphitheatre, n.m , amphitheatre; first gal- 
lery; dissecting-room, lecture-room. En \ in 
the form of an amphitheatre. 

amphitryon, n.m.,, (myth.) Amphitryon ; host r 

amphoro, ^/, amphora, pitcher, jug. 

ample, adj., ample, full ; large, vast, spacious, 
roomy, wide, broad , copious, diffuse. 

amplement, adv , amply, fully ; largely, plen- 
tifully, broadly, extensively, diffusively, 

ampleur, ?? / , amplitude, largeness, wideness. 
Il n'a pas assez d' , it is too scanty, not full 

ampliati-f, -ve, ndj , (of the Pope's briefs and 
bulls) additional, enlarging on. 

ampliation, 7?/.,the duplicate (of a receipt). 
Pour ; a tiuo copy (junsp.). Lettres d'' , 
lofctoFB of ampliation 

Oampller, v.a , Our,) to prolong, to put off, to 

amplificateur, n,???.., (b. 8.) amplifier. 

amplification, ./", amplification 

amplifier, ?'.<?., to amplify, to enlarge, to n- 
ricli, to enlarge upon ; to expatiate upon 

amplitude, n.f,, (aatron., geol.) amplitude. 

ampoule, /., bliter on the hands or feet; 
(mod., bot.) ampulla. La ,w/te- ; the holy 
phuil (for holy oil). Fa ire vemr des -s; to 

ampou, -e, adj., blisterod; tumid, high- 
flown, swelling, bonibantic, turgid. Un style , 
den t!<!r,<r */ high-flown Htyle, bombaisUe verses 

ampouler, v.a., (motal.)to bliHtor. 

ampouler, ?.7?.., to blister. 

ampoulette, n f , (nav.) clock ; glans. 

amputation, w v /, amputation. Faire une , 
to pwform an amputation. 

amput<5, H.W., -e, n./ n one who han had a limb 

amputer, f.^., to amptitatci, to cut off. 

amulotte, n.f , amulet, charm. 

amure, ./.,*( nnv.) tack of a nail, JPremtho 
- dffi nwwi'wc; fore-tack, (J/rande ; main- 

amurer, t>,cr., (nav.) to haul or britig aboard th 
tack of a (tail. Amure la grande voileJ aboard 
tht, main tack ! 

amusablo, //,, capable of being amused, 

amusant, -e, <!/., amusing, diverting, enter- 

amusement (-m an), n. ?>?,. , amusement, pastime, 

entertainment, spor^ diversion ; shami trick, 



mere put off ; f ooling, trifling. Pas tant rf'~ ; 
less trifling. i 

amuser, ?'<?., to amuse, to divert, to entertain, 
fco recieate, to solace, to beguile ; to put one oft 
with fair words and promises ; to trifle with ; to 
stop, to detain; to deceive. Ne m'amusez pas , 
don't detain me. le tapis ; to talk the tune 
away, to be long in coming to the point. Ven- 
nerin ; to deceive the enemy 
s'amuser, v.r., to amuse one's self, to busy 
one's self ; to disport, to spoit, to tariy, to stay, 
to trifle, to stand tuflmg. $'~ de quelqriun; to 
trifle with any one. JVe vous amuses pas en che- 
wu; don't loiter on the way. ' a des baga- 
telles ; to care for nothing but trifles. S* a, la 
moutwde; to stand at trifles. 

aniusette, w/. amusement, trifling, child's 

an&USeur, n.m., entertainer, deceiver. 
amusoire, ft./., something amusing, toy, trifle. 
amygdala, /. , (anat ) almond, tonsil. 
amygdaloide, ./ , amygdaloid. 
amylace : -e, adj., amylaceous, resembling 

an, n.m , year, twelvemonth. Lejotir de V* 
New Year's day. U bissextile ; leap year. Bon 
, mat ; one year with another. Au bout d'un 
; twelve months after that, L 1 <le notie 
Seigneur ; the, in the, year of our Lord, // du 
monde , the, m the, year of the world. II y a tin 
; a year ago. Nouvel ; New Year. J? 
pnss& ; last year. Tousles ~-s ; every year, yearly. 
Tous les deux s; every other year JKlle n 
qnmze */ fche is fifteen, line fois, deux fois, 
P ; once, twice, a year. Bon jour, bon ; a 
happy JSew Year to you JSout dc I', service dn 
bout de /' ; service, commemoration Je mV?i 
moque comme de I' quarante ; I don't care two 
straws about it- 
ana, n.m.) ( ) termination, denoting a collec- 
tion of sayings, ana , (phar.) ana, aa or a. 
anatoaptisme (-ba-tism), n ?,., anabaptism. 
anabaptiste (-ba-tist), n.m., anabaptist 
anacarde, nm., anacardium, cashew-nut. 
anacardier, n.m., anacardium, cashew-tree. 
anachor^te (-&0-), n,m, t anachoret, anchorito, 

anachronism (-kro-), n.m., anachronism, 
anacoluthe, w./., (ram ) auacoluthon. 
anacr^ontiq.ue, adj., anacreontic. 
anagallis V. mouron- 
anagnogte, n.m., (antiq.) a slave who, among 
the Romans, read during the meals. 

anagogique, adj., (theol.) anagogical, mysti- 

anagrajnmatl<lue, adj" , anagrammatical. 
anagrammatiser, v a., to anagramnmtisse. 
anagrammatiste, n.m., anagrammatiat. 
anagrarame, n/ M anagram. 
anagyris (-rla), TO,, bean-trefoil. 
analectes, n.m.pL, (plul) analects. 
analemrae, ,.?, (aatron.) analemma. 
analeptiaue, adj., (med.) analytic. 
analeptique, .m., (med.) aualeptic. 
analogie, n./,, analogy, 
analogiijue, afy>, analogous, analogical. 
ajialogiauement (-jik-man), adv., analogi- 

analogisiue, n.m., analogism. 
analogue (-log), adj., analogous. 
analyse, w./,, analysis; outline; parsing. 
Paire P de Veau ; to analyze water, Faire ^' 
d'un passage ; (gram.) to parse a pa8ag. JKn 
demiere ; to conclude, to sum up : the up- 
shot of it is. 

analyser, v.a., to analyze, une fteur; to 
dissect a flower. 

analyste, w w., analyzer, analyst. 
aaalytlque, off., analytical. 
analytiqtue, n.f., analytics. 

analytlq.uemeiit (-tik-man), adv , analyti- 

anamorphose, n.f , (persp.) anamorplioaia. 

ananas (-nQ;), n.m., pineapple. Champ d" 1 - ; 
pinery. Praise , pine-8trawberry 

anapeste, n.m,, (poet.) anapsost. 

anapestique, adj., anapaastic. 

anaphore, w./., (rhet.) anaphora. 

anaphrodisiaque, adj , (phami.) antaphrodi- 
siac, anti-aphrodisiac 

anaphrodite, </.?., (med ) impotent, anaphro- 

anarcliie, n f , anarchy. 

anarchique, adj., anu ducal. 

anarchiser, v a , to tlnow into an.uohy. 

anarchiste, n mj , anaichmt 

anarrhlque, w.?n., wolf-flsh. loup, javcn- 
oua wolf-fifch. 

anasarque, n f , anaaaica, diopsy oi the blun. 

anastomose, w./ , (anat ) anaHtouxoHis. 
.y'anastomoser, v n, to auastomoae. 

anastrophe, /, (gwm ) auoHtioplw. 

anatli6matiser, ? a , to imnthoiuaiizo. 

anatheme, n w?., anatluMiia ; reprobation, 
curse Fiapper iV ; to anatlRutiati/o. wa- 
innntJia, aimtlioma, marauatlia. 

anatheme, ((/.<. anathematized. 

anatife, n.n),, bainacle. 

anatocisnie, n.w., aimtociam (compound In- 

anatomle, n.f., anatomy, dissection; mibjoi 
(body under dissection) ; motliodical antUyniH (of 
a book). cojnpff 1 ) fc / comparative auutoiny. 

anatomique, a^//., aiuitouncal 

anatomiquemeiit (-mrui), <^ , anafcniu^'ally. 

anatomlser, v.a , to amilowm*. nn ///v<", 
to dissect a book 

anatomiste, 7?.?;; , anutonutti. 

aucetre, n wj 1 -- ancestor, uncoHtrcHH, 

ancdtres, innpl, auocHtuiH, loiviaUiorH. 
Do ws ; ancehtral. 

anche, n j., rod (of a hautboy <>'* otluu' wind 
hihtrnment) ; mal-hpot (ol a mill). r/V^v/ HV; 
reed-slop ot an organ 

aiich($, -e, <t<ij , (her.) rurv(ul, 

anchilops (-kt-), ti.w,, (med ) iuu>)ul<pii. 

auchcis, n.m., nuchovy Hvurra or /?/< 
rf' , anchovy panto. 

anch.oi.t6, -e wO i"'kl<Ml liko mcljovi^H. 

ancien, -ne (-KI-UI, -Hi-c-ti), '///;., anclout, <il<l ; 
senior; of old tiuioB, of ruidmit Htiimling; fot- 
mer, late, ox. Uvr we CQiilutiw; an <ht < ( UM* 
torn. U et le Nouw<tu TMtttmeiit ; tho <>W 
and New Testament, 

ancien, n.m., Htmior; niu*ioui; oldm* ; (tl<l 
codger. /,<* (wvntffts <{<'# ,v; ilw wrh ot 
the ancintH. L<$ s i/'une ('tjltM> ; tlni 'IU*iH, 
IS ; Old Nksk 

nierly , of yoni, of old ; in lonnor liww. 
anciennetd (>o-u-td) /./., an<-H'titn<^M, pvlnii- 


; seniority, ago, antiquity. Jte tt 
from the earlittti tim<*H. 

anoile, ,?., (auti^.) waorod luicklor, 

ancolie,?^./., (bot.) columbine. 

ancone*, .?>j,, (anat.) uucon. 

anorage, n t in, anchor *groum<l; niK'lHirn^c, 
Drotis rf' 5 auoboragtt duoH. 

ancre, ./., anchor ; (awjh.) brtu'n, MI ^ // 
rfc //o// tlio flood oitolior. // tic jit sail tf tlm 
obb auehor, y/ tfft tttrfft } tlw mm atM'hor. 
AftrttreMe--; th uhoot atichor> - rfprpfhtinfft*', 
spare anchor. j& swotHf* - ; tl bcwt )mwr 
anchor. // c/Vf^/nv/^' ; tint mitnll bovvdr 
anchor. //' - <fr if^i/A 1 / th< Hi regain tuuihof* 

yaUe, ; foul atu*hov, C/ntitMr #nr w# **^ v t<i 
drag one's an^hor. Nmpmwttir HM* * t> 
back n anchor. <V;ww?^r /' ; to cut t-lm un* 
cJior. Traverse? /' } i<> Jl 


. * o rie 

easy. Jeter V ; to cast anchor. Bi idei Z' ; 
to shoe the anchor. Lever /' , to weigh anchor. 
Mettre V a poste ; to stow the anchor. Jeter 
so, deinieie ; (fig.) to make a last effoit. 
CPest notte- de salut , it is our last lebource. 
0ancrer, v n., to anchoi, to come to an anchor. 
V. momller, 

.s ancrer, v.r., to settle one's self, to get a foot- 
ing m a place, to take deep root in 

ancnire, nf-, small fold made in cloth while 
shearing it, ciease ; (arch ) uon prop. 

andaftate, n.m., (autiq.) gladiatoi who fought 

andain, n m., (agi.) swath ; wind-row. 

andante"? tidv , (nuis ) andante. 

andante, n in, , ( s) (mus ) an air to "be played 
or sung andante 
0andelle, n f , beech-wood. 

andouille, /., (ol pig.s) ehittei lings; twist 
(of tobacco) Cel<t .s ? e?i e*t alle en brouet d' ; 
it all ended in smoke 

andouille r, n.m,, antler. Les premiers s; 
the brow-antler.s. Sw s ; sur- antlers. 
"andouillotte, M/. forced-meatball, small sau- 

androgyne, n.m,, androgynous, hermaphro- 

androgyne, aflj , audrogyual, androgynous. 

androide, w.w., android, automaton. 

androniode, n,1,, (<iBtron.) Andromeda. 

andropogon, n.m., (hot.) <,<uu<il'8 liay. 

&n0, M.W., <INH, iuckuHH, donkey ; blockhead, 

, .., <, , , 

ignorant tool, idiot , vice (instrument), flutt en 
</#,s (V ; (arch) made with a shelving ridge; 
hog'H-baek. C y My-rW (- ) j oook-and-buH wtory. 
I'nmiciHufe <t> -; donkey-ndo. Font <nt,x ,?; 
aHMw' bridge. CVvtf / poiif tntis A 1 ; every iool 
knowa I/hat. A fatter Iff ttttc (Vun ^trnpt'idsn 
Irtwtve ; thtiro IB no wdHhiug a bl.ieksimoor white. 
li\mte (Vun point, Mm t ni pcr<M son ; a IUIKH 
IH a good an u nulci. fl 'tie MTU yainaim qn?ttn ~ , 
he will bo an JIHH sw long an he livew. Con/c </ 
pe,<w <V -; fairy talo (hin.e miuMtfitu't' boirc 
<><n c/wi n\i pn,\ no if; you may tako a liorw* 
to water, but you oan't make him drink. Tftin 
Comine mi - ; UH Htubbonx a n mule, /SV?'/r^:r 
comnic nn -- qitfon cti'iUe ; aw grave aw a judge 
T^/fl </' ; UHH'H head, ftonnrt (f ; fooPacap; 
(ih.) bull-head, miUei''H-Muunb, cottus. 

an^antlr, ?',rt. to amuhilat/o, to put oufc of oxiHt- 
on<w, to d(3Htroy ; to r(luo to nothing, to proH 
ti'atci, to thuudei'Htnke, to duwfound. 
.v'an^antir, ?'.?"., to bo amiihilatwl or de-Htroyed, to 
come to notlung ; </o OHH<^ to b(^, to humble one,- 

m5u), n.w M nunilulation, 
'uuiihitoiing ; abjertjon, hinmlutlioit ; proBtru- 
tion, dtjprwMion ; cUiHtruditni, (Uwtroymgj ruin, 

auocdoto, ?/./,, jiiuHMlote, 

aiiocdotler (ti*'0^ an 

anocdotiquo, //^/ , niuM'dottatiL 
oolliM'tion of ancMHl<itiOH. 

an<5e, n./,, lorn! of an a. 

andmie, w/, (innA.) Aiiuii>iulA. 
/,, mm'twing from 

nuemone, r*,/, t auMnou^) w 

auemosoopo, w.w?,,,, nnemoftuoptt, weathor- 


aiiorlo, n/., grow ignorAuoe ? HlupMIty ; 

^ angiiille 

aneth,TC.w., (bot.)dill. 

anevrismal, -e, ady aneunsmal. 

anevnsme, n m , aneurism. 

anfractueu-x, -s } adj., anfractuous, rugged, 
cragged, craggy. 

aniractiiositd, nf 9 anfractuosity, winding, 
inuosity, cavity. 
0angar, n.m. V. nangar. 

ange, n.m., a spirit, angel , (artil.) chain-shot, 
cross-bar shot; angel-shot ; (ich.) angel-fish, 
skate, squatina. dechu ; fallen angel. tit- 
telaire ; guaidian angel. Rue aux s; to have 
a laughing fit. Eti e aux s , to be m a tranfa- 
port of joy, m raptuies. bouffi; a chubby 
child. Lit d> ; tent bed. 

ang&ique, adj., angelical, angelic. 

ang clique, n J , angelica 

angeliquement (-lik-man), adv., angelically. 

angelot (anj-lo), n.m., angelot cheese. 

angelus (an-), n.m., (n p.} (c. rel.) Angelus. 
Sonnet V ; to toll the angelus. 

angine, nf., (med.) angina, quinsy, sore 
throat, couenneuse, diphtheria. 

.ngineu-x, -se, adj. 9 (med.) attended with 

angiographie, -./., angiography. 

angiologie, n.f., angiology. 

angiosperme, ad$ , (bot ) angiospermoiih 

angiospermie, ./., (bot.) angiosperm. 

angiotomie, n f , angiotorny. 

anglais, -e, (tdj,, English, Bntibh. Etre 
poursuivi par dei> ; to be pestered by creditor. 1 -.. 

anglais, n.m., Engliwh, Englishman. 

anglaise, nf., English giul, woman; uphol- 
stei er's thread or silk iaoe. Mile porte des s ; 
she wears long, drooping curlfl, 

aiiglaisor, t ., to nick a horse's tail. 

angle, n m., angle, corner, turning aiyu ; 
acute angle. droif , right angle. recfahgn? ; 
rectilineal angle rent) ant, wlfant; ie-entrant 

J dioit; rectangular. facial, (anat.) facial 

anglet,, (arch.) Indenture, chamiel. 

angleu-3K, -se, ddj., (bot.) imbedded in an- 
,Ljulai cavitieH. (Tne not* Ae^ a walnut diffi- 
cult to pick out of its shell, 

anglican, -e, wfy., Anglican, English. UfigltsG 
e ; the Church of England. 

anglican, 9? wj., -e, w./., Anglican ; member of 
the (Jlmrch of England. 

augliciser, ?vr., to angliclw. 
-r'aiigliclser, v,r, 9 to become anglicized, Eng- 

angllcisme, n*w., angliciwn. 

aiiglomane, w. and <t<!j,, anglomaniac. 

anglomanie, w ,/ , auglomania. 

angoisse, / /",, juiguinh, pang; great dwtreflR, 
affliction, tribulation, Les s d In wort; the 
pangfl of d(nath. Poirv <f ; chokw-pear, gag. 
Awlcf deft po!rt>,\ </'; to go through hard- 
Hlnj>8, to oat hiuublo pie,. 

Qangola. '" angora. 

angon,*, (liutui.) javelin (fishing:) shell* 
ftnli Jiook. 

angora, n.w,, Angora-cat. 
angora, aitf , ot Angora. 

T , tt/, H)fl-ftwi, Lait //* ? w's milk. 

anosjthoslo, w/, (mwl.) 

angousse, ?*./.. (l)ot.) hwU-wcoA, doddw. 
anguichure (-ghi-Bhur), n.f., Imntsnum^s 

*angulllade (ghj-) n/. f lash ; (with a whip) 
lonhinpb owtj col-wkin, &c. 
*angwUle (-ghi-), n,f,, ml', fly the garter 
(boy'8 gaiuo) ; bulgfl-wayB, launohing-wayB 
(n<iuave wed of timbw plaoed tinder a vtuuiaVA 
bIJgato support Ii<ir wliilo launching), <f mer f 
ooiinr* "-pfat-brtf Ksl% JtBdwalwr &** pur l& 
f to begin a thing at tha wrong end, // y 
yfttt'^'towroa^; there Is a malt* in the 
www, there l iowething In tha wind. 




angulaire, a&j 5 angular, cornered. Pierre 
~~ , corner-stone. 

angTlle\ -6, adj** angular, angulated. 

aiiguleu-x, -se, adj*, angulous, ; (hot.) angular 

angusticlave, w.w., (antiq.) angusticlave, 

anhydre, cy., (chem.) anhydrous. 

anicroclie, ./., obstacle; impediment, 
slight difficulty ; screw loose. 

auielles, n f. pi , ram-stones. 

ani-er, n.i., -fere, /., ass-driver, 

anil, .m., (bot.) ami. p. indigo. 

aniline, /-, aniline. 

anille, ./., V. annille 

animadversion, w/., animadversion, re- 
proof, lepnmand, blame. 

animal, w-.?ra., animal, beast; brute, aws, 
booby, sot, dolt, Un ennityeuz ; a boie. Un 
mlain ; a nasty fellow. 

animal, -e, adj-, animal ; sensual, carnal (in 
scriptural language). JRegne ; the animal 

animalcule, n m , animalcule 

animalisation, / , ammalization 
s'animaliser, u n, to become ammalized. 

anunalit? w /*, animal life. 

animation) /., animation, bustle, life, ex- 
cj-ternent, irritation. 

anizn^, -e pint., animated, incensed; en- 
livened, spirited, gay, sprightly. 

aninie', /., a icsin, anmie. 
Qanimelles, /. pJ M (cook.) lamb's-fry. 

animer, #.., to animate, to give life; to 
quicken; to hearten, to stir up, to excite, to 
urge on, to embolden, to rouse ; to provoke, to 
exasperate. la conversation; to enliven the 
conversation. le feint; to heighten, to give a 
glow to, the complexion, lesyeux, lesregwds, 
to give fire to the eyes, to give animation to the 
looks. d'aideur; to fill with ardor. au 
combat ; to excite, to combat. 
s'animer, ^r.,to become animated, to spnng 
iuto life ; to be encouraged, to take courage, to 
cheer up; to chafe, to take fire, to giow waini, 
to be angry. JJci dispute s^anime; the dispute 
waxes hot. 

animosit, n./., animosity ; ill-will, spite, 
rancor, spleen, animus. II a, de V , it cst 
porte & , contre moi; he lias, lie is actuated 
by, a spite against me. 

anis, n.m., amse; aniseed. de Verdun; 
candied aniseed. de la Chine or etotte ; In- 
dian anise. 61 nine d' ; anibeed. 

aniser, v.ot., to flavor with aniseed, to mix 
with aniseed. 

anisette, n./., aniseed cordial. 

ankylosCr '&/ (med.) anchylosis, stiffness in 
the joints. 

ankyloser, v.a,, to produce anchylosis. >$"---, 
ff.r., to become anchylosed, sti ft, cramped. 

annal, -e (a-n-nal), adj , (jur.) that lasts but 
one year. 

annales (n-n-nal), w/. pi*, annals, public 

annaliste (a-n-na), ?Z..TW., annalist 
annate, w./., annats, first year's income of a 
living 1 ; firatfruits. 

anneau, .w., ring ; link (of a chain) , bow (of 
a key); ringlet (of hair); (nav.) inooring-rnig. 

L' de Saturn e ; (astrori ) Saturn's ring. Z'~ 
pfoheur; the Pope's seal. 

anne"e, w./., year, twelvemonth, bissertile ; 
leap-year. "L" 1 qui merit ^ V protfiai'nt ; noxt 

year. J9' en ; from year to year hcmrire 

solaire; lunar, solar year. Une bonw ; 

plentiful year, a happy ne,w year. Sen belles $ 

the prime of Itfe. Of iff terre wntt tmif^ com 

mune,w>0yenne, that land yields so much one year 

with another. Une dans Vatttre; one year 

with another. Payer h J' , to pay by the year. 

JPtein d' $ ; full of years. Celts ; this year. 

annele', -e, adj , ring-streaked, having rings ; 
in ringlets , aunulated 

anneler, v.a , to curl the hair (locks 01 ring- 
lets). une cavale / to ring a mare. 

annelet, w.m., ringlet, a small ring ; (arch.) 

annelides, n.m. jp/., (zool.) annelides. 

annelure, ?i/., crisping of tw^air. 

annexation, w f /"., annexation 

annexe (a-n-nek&), n.J.-, annex ; appendant ; 
schedule ; udei ; chapel ot ea&e. d'une terre; 
dependence of an estate. 

annexe* (a-n-nek-s<5), v.a , to annex, to add to, 

vi , to be annexed. 

annexion (a-n-nek-faion), ?//., annexment, 

annihilation (a-n-ni-), n f , annihilation. 

anniMler (a-n-ni-), ? a , to aniulnlate, to 
desti oy. 

annille, ?>/, (her.) amllo, fer de mohne, 
milhmd ; (tech.) cramping-iron. 

anniversaire, a<lj , amnveiwiry, 

anniversaire, n >n , .unaveisary. d? s i a 

i&Mfttcc / birthday. 

aiinoniination, ?/ /., annommation. 

tannonaire, (?j ) (antuj,) a Roman law to 
prevent the price 6i piovisioius fioai nwng. 

annonce, w/, announoemont, publicnlion, 
notification, indication, sign, mark ; advertise- 
ment ; barms of matrimony. Pai&eur d' .f/ 
putter, flairr mscVer une ; to advertise. </<? 
spectacle ; play-bill. 

annoncer, ?.<?., to announce, to tell, to do- 
claie, to inform, to proclaim, to bespeak, to 
advertise; to u&lier m; to publiwh, to give out, 
to preach, to set forth ; to foretell, to forebode ; 
toangm,to show, to promise. y<ntc^ VOUK f 
send in your name. Cela lie nous (mnoiicc n en 
de bon; that bodc& us no good. 
.s 1 annoncer, v ?*., to picsent one's scilf ; tomimi" 
fefat itfoelf ; to make itaeli known. *S"~~ him ; to 
be promising /S' mat ; not to b proniiwng, 
to begin badly. 

annonceur, .?., the actor who pivon out 
the next play, announcer. 

annonciade, n,f., amiuiuuado (uanio of Hovtnal 
military and ichgious ordei'). 

annonclation, n / , Annunciation ; Lady day 
(March 23). 

annotateur,w ??e,,anuotafcor, editor (ot abooK), 

annotation, w./, annotation, odi ting, inven- 
tory of goods attached or diHtraouut. 

annoter (a-n-no-), ?'.r/ M to makti HU invt.ory 
of goods attached or tlifitrained ; to annotate; to 

annualre (u-n-iw-or), n ?,, annual t almanac. 

de la marine ; nautical almanac*. 

anilU&l, n in., (o, rol ) a UUIHB c<iU?l)rat.<Ml <v<u'y 
day for a year, for a doowwcd porwm, 
annuel, -le (a-n-n\i-cl), wlj , annual, ynarly* 
annuellement(a-u-nu-M-nittiO, <'dv., annually, 

annuity (a-n-nu-), // /'., annuity. (hl<*. 

annulaolo (a-u-nu-), w//,, (Uiloiwihio; rftv^wi- 
annulaire (a--ini-), <?(//., nnnulnry, //f doiyt 

, tho ring iing(r. 

annulatlon, ?//-, anuulling, oatiooHii^, rcpoal, 
abolition; (jw.) abatoiuont. 
annulet, f,<r., to annul, to mako void, to vo- 
, to rescind, to cancel, ioahollHh, to H<tiwi<l<i, 

anobli, -e, |>(77t., n<nvly raim^l to tho 
anobll, ?/,.?//., ncwl.y-crfmfcc.d iiobhiituw 
anobllr, r.<t ti 1, rawo to tho p(Mrng( 
anoblissement (-man), n,m n onn 

jPdtfnff <r , patent of nohlHtiy* 
anodln, e, tt(fj f1 (DHM!,) nno<ily<s 

soothing, aHMiagitig. R<nnhtc& ***j 
anoucate, a<lj^ toothlwsn* 
anomal, -e, adf,*, anomalouii. 

anomalie 27 

anomalie, ./., anomaly 

anomallfltiqne, adj , (astron ) anomahstical. 
Annee ; anomahstical, periodical, year. 

anomiO) w/. 5 (conch.) anomia, bowl-shell, 

anon, t ass's foal, young ass. 

anonnement (-man), n.m., stuttering, stam- 
mering ; foaling. 

anonner, v.a.n , to falter, to stutter, blunder 
through a lesson, to stammer, to foal. 

anonymat, .w., the quality of being anony- 
mous ; anonymity. 

anonyme, udj , anonymous, nameless; joint- 

anonyme, n mf , anonymous person. Gaidet 
li ; to zemain anonymous. Sou? P > anonym- 

anorexic, /., (med.) auorexy. 

anormal, ad'/ , abnormal, n tegular 

anse, /., handle (ot a pot, basket, Ac ) ; 
creek, little bay, cove. QUL a des s; an&ated 
Fttix) danser V du pamer (ot a soivant), to 
make a market penny. L 1 du panif) vciut 
beaucoup h cefte cut, is mi ere/ that cook makes a 
good deal by her perquisites, fan e le pot a tie ux 
s ; to set one's arms a-knnbo. Fairs lepanier 
h deux s ; to walk with a lady on each aim. 

anse. F. hanse. 

ansdatique, adj. V. hans<5atique. 

anadrlne, ./., (bot.) gooHe-foot. 

anspect, w.'Wi., (nav.) handHpike. 

antagonisme, n.w., antagonism. 

antagonist e, w in,,, antagonist, adversary ; op- 
ponent ; competitor, rival , (anat.) antagonist. 

antagoniste, wfy., antagomut, opponent. 
ant an, w.w., last yo;u. Les net yes d 1 ; the 
snoww of yoBtor-year. 

antanaclaso, w./., untanaclasis. 

antarctiquo, a<fy , antaictic 

antaros f-osh), n.m,, (awtron.) Antares. 

ante, w./., (aniiq. uich ) nufca, pilaster, ante. 

antdcdtlemment (-da-man), adv., antece- 
dently, previously, before. 

antecedent, n.m , autocodont , precedent ; pi , 
previouB conduct. Avon- de, bans s ; to bo 
known for a pornou of previous good (Character 

antdodident, ntlj , antecedent, preceding, fore- 

Qante'cessenr, ?< m., a piofoaBor of <iivil law. 

antichrist (-krl), n.m,, antichrJHt. 

ant^diluvion, -no (-hi, -e-n-), adj.) antedilu- 

ant^fixo, ,/,, (antio^. aroh.) antoilx. 

antenno ("UVn), w.j 1 ., (nav.) latoan sail-yard, 
yard-arm ; (<mt.) pL, honin, fcelors. 


ant(Sp<Smilti6iao, w./ M autoponult. 

antdrlour, -0, <w(/., antorior, wnng bofoio, an- 
toco<l(mt/, prior, previous ; fonwor; frontal, Lti 
$at tie - r rf? fa t8tt ; llin foropart of tlm Iimul. 

ant^riouromcnt (-mSu), ad ., previoiiHly, b- 

ant6rlorito, ./,, anleriority, priority, procftil- 


antes, n.f r ;>?., (arch.) antti^ pllaHtftra. 
antholraiiithlqLUO, t/y., (m<!.) antlulwilntio, 
anth6ro, w,/., (bot.) author, tip. 
anthologlo, n,/., anthology. 
anthracite,^ awthracjito ; uoal-Htono, 
glauoo-ooal, bllnd-ocal. 
anthrax (-trukn), */,w,, (mod.) authrax oaf- 

, awthropomorphous* 

o, n,f 

anthropologfo, w./ a 
anthropologicxue, <r<h* 
antliropomorplie, frrfy, 


anthfopomotphltei w, 
anthropophage, 4/. 

.., anthropomorphile. 

anthropophage, n.w/., anthropophagus, can- 
nibal, man-eater 

anthiopopliagie, n/., anthropophagy, canni- 

anthyllide, 7i/., (bot.) kidney-vetch, Jupiter's 

anti (prefix from Greek avrl), anti, agah st, op- 
posite, contrary ; (prefix from Latin ante] be- 

antiapoplectique, adj., antapoplectic, anti- 

antibibliqtie, adj., unscriptural. 

antibllieux, -se, adj > antibihous. 

ailtichambre, nf, antechamber, anteroom, 
lobby, hall. Projjoi* rf' ; servant's gossip. 
2^ai} e ; to dance attendance. 

anticlirese (-kiez), ./., (]ui.) pledge; inoit- 

antichr^tien, -ne (-ti-m, -ti-e-n-), odj , anti- 

antichristianisme, n.wi., antichri&tianity, an- 

anticipation, n/., anticipation, forestalling; 
encroachment, invasion. Par ; anticipatory, 

nticip^, -e, part adj , anticipated. Joie. e; 
foretaste of joy. Connaissance e; foreknow- 
ledge. Une vieiUesse e / a premature old age, 

anticiper, v.a , to anticipate, to take up be- 
foiehand or before the time, to forestall. $nr 
Its diotts de quelgrtun; to encroach upon an- 
other's rights. bur se,i; revenus ; to spend one's 
income beforeband, or to draw upon. 

anticcmir, n m. t anticor (inHammatiou in a 
horse's throat. 

antidartreu-x, -se, adj., (med.) antiherpetic. 

antidate, nf., antedate, antedating. 

antidater, t?.ff., to antedate, 

antidotatre, n.m,, antidotarmm (a book con- 
taining a collection of antidotes). 

antidote, .*., antidote, countei -poison. 

antieiine (-ti-6-n), nf, anthem. Ami oncer 
itnc mnuimise j to bring bad news. Chanter 
tou'jouis In m$me ; to harp upon the aame 
ntiing. PousKfr V h, gnelgu' 1 un ; to wtate one' 
wishes, one's opinion; to give a bioad hint. 

antl<5plloptlque, dy , oufciopileptic. 

antl^piscopal, -e, attf , antiepiscopal. 

anti6vangelii3Liie, a<(y,, autievangehcal. 

antifebrile, n,m , antifebuki. 

antigorium (-nom), , coarse enamel, 

antijfoutteux, -e, ///., (nw*d,) antarthritio. 

antilaiteu-x, -se, (fdj. and M.W., antilactic, 

lintilOgie, /., ,'intilogy, 

antiloimlque, adj., (tned.) antiloixuic. 

antilope, 7/., nutolopo, gawjlle, 

antlmolne, w.-w., nntiniony. 

antimonarchique, <ulj , anti monarchical. 

antimonlal. -e, <(/., antiinonial. 

antimonial. w.w , nntunonnil 

antimoni^, -, ^(?., antimonial. 

antinational, -e, <(?' antniational. 

antinomie, n,f , antinomy, contradiction. 

antipapo, w.w., antipope 

antiparalytique, w //;., antlparalytio. 

antipathie, ,/,, antipathy, ropnnaioe. 

nntipathique, adj., antipathetical, repugnant 

antipdristaltique, adj., 

antlp^ristase, ./., autip 

antipostilontiel, le, w/;/. 

antiphlloi80phlqtu,e, ^c/?., 
G>antiphilogistiquo, ^^/., 

antiphone, n.m,, antmhon. 

antlphonier (>r antipftonaire, w.w., auti 

antiphraso, w./., aiitipliranlH, Irony, 
Qantipodal, -e, ^y., antipodal, ftntipodetm, 




adj., antipsonc (against the 

antipsorique, n <m>., antipsonc. 
antiptose, n/., (gram.) antiptosis. 
antiputride, adj , antiseptic. 
*antiq,uaille, n../., old piece of antiquity; old 
stuff ; old rubbish ; an old coquette. Ce n'est 
qtfwie ; she is but an antiquated coquette. 
aatiftUadre, n m., antiquary. 
antique, adj., antique, ancient, old. 
antlEjue, n.f., antique, antiquities, ancient 
woiks, of art. A I 1 , adv., m the old style. 
De&smer d'aprls ; to draw from antique 

antiquer, .., (book-bind ) to adoin the edges 
oi books with little figures, &c. 

ailtiQ[Uit6, %./., antiquity, ancientness, old 
times ; piece of antiquity Les heros de V , 
the heroes of former ages. De toute , adv., 
from the reinote&t time**. 
anliscien (-si-m), n m , (geog ) antiscian. 
antiscortoutique, adj and n ni , antiscor- 

antiseptize, n.rn , (med ) antiseptic. 
antisocial, -e, ad/ , anti-social 
antispaso, n,f., (med.) antispasis. 
antlspasmodique,>., antiapasmodic. 
antispaste, n*m , antispast. 
antispastique, adj., antiapnstic. 
antistrophe, n /., aatistroplie. 
antisypldlltiiiue, adj., antisyplulitic* 
antlthese, ./., antithesis. 
antithe'tiaue, adj., antithetic. 
antitrinitaite, n.wi., antitrimtanan, unitariali 
antitype, n.m., antitype, symbol. 

antiv6ne~rien, -ne, (-in, -6-n), atfj , nntiveiie- 

antoiser, v.a., to heap up, to manure, to make 
a dunghill, 

antonomase, nf., antonomasia. 
antre, w.m., cave, den, natural grotto, cavern, 

aimer, t>.o., to aim, to take aim at. 
s'anulter, v.r., to be benighted, to stay till it is 
night, or too late (on the road). 
anus, .m., (anat., bot ) amis, fundament, 
anvoie, n,m r slow-worm blind-worm. 
anxle~te* (ank-si-), ./., anxiety, sorrow, an- 
guish, uneasiness. 

anxieu-x, -se (ank-s!-), adj., anxious, uneasy, 

anxieusement, adv., anxiously. 
aoriste (-o-riat), n m., (gram.) aorist. 
aorte, ./., (anat.) aorta. 
aortique, adj., aortal. 

aoftt (ofi), n.m., August. La mi-aom; the 
middle of August, ffawe V ; to harvest, to get 
in the corn. 

acute", -e, adf., ripened by the heat of August, 
s'aoftter (a-ou-te"), v .n, to ripen (in August). 

aouteron (ou-tron), n.m., (L u.) reaper, har- 

a.p., (com.) abbreviation of the words a protes- 
ter; to be protested. 
apagogie, n/,, apagogy. 
apaisement, n.m., appeasement, lull, abate- 

apalner, va., to appease, to soothe, to pacify, 
to calm, to quiet, to alleviate; to assuage, to allay, 
to quench, to mitigate, to lull. tin enfant gm 
crie ; to quiet a crying child, nne r&votte; to 
put down a rebellion. les flots; to calm the 

.s'apaiser, v.r., to be appealed, stilled, asHuaged, 
&c. ; to allay one's passion, to grow quiet, calm ; 
to abate, subside. 8a eoUre t?est apais&e ; hie an- 
ger is appeased. ISorage s^est, apms& ; the Rtorm 
has subsided. Le vent tfest apaisk, tlie wmd ha 
apalaclilne, 7?,,/. f (bot.) emetic holly, 

apalanche, n.f., (bot.) wmter-beny. 

apanage, n.m., appanage; lot. Les wjlrmites 
sont Z 5 de la nature kuwaine / uifirmities are 
the lot of human natui e. 

apanager, v.a , to settle an appanage upon any 
one, to endow. 

apaaagiste, adj., having an appanage. 

apanagiste, n.m , one who has an appanage. 

apant&ropie, n,J , apanthropy. 

^ part. V. part 

apart & n m., woids spoken aside ; separate 
group m an assembly En , adv., aside. 

apathie, n.f,, apathy, indolence, listlessness. 

apatMque, adj., apathetic, lihtless. 

apepsie, n./., (med ) bad digestion, apepsy. 

apercevable, [?'., perceivable, peiceptible. 

apercevance, j , perception 

apercevoir, v u , to peiceivo, to discover, to 
dihcern, to descry, to notice : tu remark, to ob- 

s'apercevoir, v >'., to perceive, to reinaik ; to 
see, to be aware of , to iiml out, to discover ; to 
take notice, to be visible. .A'c pas *' ; to over- 
look, not to notice. 

aperqil, n,m., sketch, rapid view, glance, sur- 
vey, sketch, vista ; idea, hint ; estimate at first 
sight, rough estlInc^te. En , adv.) summanly. 
Par , (i<iv , at a rough guess. 

ap<5riti-f, -V, adj., aperient, opening, appetiz- 
ing. n tn , appetizer, bittern. 

aptale, adj., (bot.) apetalous,, 

apetissement, &c. r. rapetiistscment, <Src. 

apetlsser. r. rapetisser. 

a peu pros, n.m., approximation, approach, 

apMIe, n.m., (astron.) aplielion. 

aph^rfese, n.f,, (gram.) apherohin. 

aphone, adj, siifl'onng from aplionia, voice- 

aphonie, ngf., aphony, loss of speech, 

aphorisme, u m , aphonmn. 

aphoristique, adj., aphoriHtuj. 

aplirodisiaqu, adj , npluodiHiacal, 

aphrodlsiasme, w*w , (mod.) aphrotliHia, 

aphrodite, ai.w-., aplirodita, sen-iuo'iHi. 

aphte,, vesicle in the mouth >^/., thrush, 

aphylle, tttij , (bot ) nphyllouH, ItiotleBs. 

api, n.w , small rod apple. Avoir un in'tittye 
df pomine d'~~ , (prov ) to hav( ehookw like roy 

h pic, adv., perpendicularly; (nav.) apeak, 
Ifaneie est ; tlio anchor is apeak. Vtrer ; 
to heave short, 

apicole, adj,, apicnltnrol. 

apiculteur, n.m., bo-mator. 

apiculture, /., Ixxi-culture, IxH'-keepiiiig, 

apiquer, v.a., (nav.) to top, to peak (it yard). 

apltoyer, v.a., to move one to pity, to Hofton. 
* T apitoyer, v.r., to be moved to pity. JKlte *VA< 
apitoy&& sur votrcsortj wlio pitied, bewailed you* 

aplani, -e, adj., level, flat, siwootli* v<m. 

aplanir, v r/., to Hmooth, to level, to make 
even, smooth, to imrumple ; to plane \ to innke 
easy, to remove, to elour up. /<" chcinln s t.<> 
level tho road. left (HJ/leitiffA ; to l<^ftr up clif- 
.^aplanir, i.r,, to grow eany, Hinootli t Hai ft AP* 

aplanissement (-man), H.M,, winooUiJug, Itwol* 
ing, making even ; Hinootliiumii, ovinniAMM. 

aplatlr, 7?.^., to ilattoit, to unnlce, HtrJlt<^ il.t, to 
flnt, to silence, to ahut up, to iloor, to Ueufc hoi* 

.v'aplatir, t.n, to be<5ome flat, Lo l> flutteii^d, to 
crouch, to eringe,. 

aplatlasement (-n5u), n.w., Aattouliifd wnk 
ing flat, <latneH , deproHHioiii ; Hllwwln, 

aplatisseur, n,w,, (t<uth.) lnti<',r. 

aplatissoire, n./., Hatting rollra (tool), 




aplet, n.m., herring-net, drift-net. 

aplomb) M.W., equilibrium, perpendicularity, 
plumb ; a&burance, Belt-command, self-possession, 
steadiness, coolness. Ce mar tient bieti *un ; 
this wall keeps plumb veiy well. 
^ aplomb, adv., perpendicularly, plumb. Cette 
ligne tombe d' , that line falls plumb. Etie 
d' ; to stand plumb, upright. Utte hoa, d'~ , 
to be out of the perpendicular. 

aplysie, nf, sea-haie. 

apocalypse, n.f., Apocalypse, revelation, ob~ 
seine thing. U'est un v> ai Uyle d' ; it is a per- 
iectly obscure style. Chevdl (/' , (prov. and 
pop.) soi ly jade 

apocrtlyptique, adj , apocalyptical. 

apOCO, n.ift; tool, ninny, nobody. 

apocope, n.f , (giam.) apocope^ c4ision, sup- 
presbion of a letter (as in Grand' 1 mere] 

apocrlsiaire, .?., nuncio, apomsiary. 

apocryplie, mlj , apociyphal, doubtiul. 

apocyn, n.m., (hot.) apocynum, apoeynom. 
yobe-tnouches , dog-bane. 

apode, (/?., apodal, having no feet, footless. 

apode, n.m , apode. 

apodictiqiie, adj., apodictioal, evident. 

apogee, n.m,, apogeo, acme, height, zenith. 

apogde, o<Zj.,at its apogee. La, Ittne est \ 
the moon her apogee. 

apographe, n.m., apogiaph, tianscript, copy. 

apoFogetique, atfj , by way of apology, apolo- 
getical, xculnatoiy. 

apolog'tftique,, Turtulliau'B treatwe in 
doli'iiHG of the wuly ChiiKtiaiiB ; nf., apologetics. 

apologle, ?../"., ( apology, vindication, excuse, 
justification, flatre son ; to apologize foi. 

apologlste, n.m., apologist. 

apologue (-log), n.m., apologue. 

aponevrose, n./., (anat.) aponourosis. 

apon^vrotique, <//,, (anat.) aponeurotic., adj, n,m., (mod.) apophleg- 

apophtogiue, n*m t1 apophthegm, apothegm. 

apophygo, w,/., (arch.) apophyge, scape, the 
spring of a column. 

apophyso, w/., (anat.) process (of a bone), 

apoplectlQLUO, (ttlj., apopleotioal ; apoplectic. 

apopleotique, -a.m., apoplootio. 

apoplexle, ./., apoplexy, foudroyante; 
inatantaunouMly i'atal apoplexy. congestive , 
uerous apoplexy. Alttjgue <#'- ; apoplectic 
stroke, Mtr& atinqut,, frnpp^ d' ; to be struck 
down with apoplexy. To tuber en ; to fall down 
to a life of apoplWy. 

apostasie, n.f,, apOHtany. 

apostaalott J'.w., to apostatize. 

apostat, <nlj , apoHtale, 

apostftt,,, apoHtaie. 
Gapostomo, ,w M upoMtomo. V. apoutume. 

aposter, ?'.., (b.n.) to Hocr<it<^, to place hi am- 
bush, to Mtatkw, to Hut to wab<sh, to place in 
rcmdinciHH (wlfcnewHO, nHHiujAhm). 

a posteriori, </^i. n pontoriorl. 
G v apoatillateur, w,7/*. f (jur.), annotator, coin- 

*ftpOtllle, n,f, , marginal nofco, poitucript, foot- 
note ; recommendatory note (fco urge or back a 

^apostiller, /,., to writ<j not; to add a post- 
goript to ; to wj'ifcn a nwomnuHiidiition on a peti- 
tion. Jfl a apmtillti w.a, pit It ton ,* ho has backed 
my petition with hin rwswmumut 

apostolat, n.w., \\^nilm\\i\^ 

apostolique, <4f., ftjuistollo; papal ; apowtoll- 
ooi* ffonffl { tlw |K>J'H nuwlo. 

apOStollquomont (-man), u<ir., 

apostrophe, w./, f apOHtrop)i< ; 

apostrophor, i>,a M to apostrophis!, to wldresi, 

to WJ foul of, to fly <tt 

0apostume, n.m. t (ined.) apostenie, apostema, 


Gapostumer, y.n., (med.) to apostemate. 

apothdose, n.f., apotheosis, deification. 

apotkicaire, .w., (l.u ), apothecary. Faiie 
de son corps une boutique d' ; to be always 
physicking one's self. Un memoue d' ; aa 
exorbitant bill. 

apotliicairene (-ker-rt), n /. (1 u.), pharmwy; 
apothecary's shop j dispensary. 

apotMcairesse, nf, (in nunneries) dis- 

apotre, n.m , apostle, hypocrite. Faire le bon 

; to play the bamt;.to put on a sanctified look, 
apozeme, n m., (med.) apozem, decoction. 
apparaitr} v.n^ to come, to be in siht, to 

appear suddenly, (jun&p ) &il apparwit a la 
com ; if the court thinks so Faire de &on 
pouvoir ; to produce proofs of one's power. 

apparat, n mi , pomp, state, show , ostenta- 
tion, affectation, parade ; index, vocabulary, 
syllabus. Un discours d" 1 , a set speech. 

apparatus:, pL, (nav.) the sails, the ng- 
ging, the tackle, yaids, guns, &c., of a ship. 
*appareil, w.i,, tormal preparation, pomp, 
show, dibplay, solemnity, magmficenco, tram, 
equipage, attendance, apparatus; (surg.) dress- 
ing (ot wounds); (arch.) dressing, (nav.) gear. 

de gicerte; warlike preparations. Mettre le 
premier ; to give a wound its first dressing. 
Lever V ; to take off the dressing'. Une assise 
de haul , a layer of large stones ; (phot.) cam- 
era , instavtanb, snapshot camera. 

"apparoillage, ?/ /u., (nav.) act ot getting under 
sail, under way. 

*appareillement, m , yoking, pairing, match- 
ing. JJ des boiujs , the yoking of oxen. 
*appareiller, v.a , to match , (arch ) to dress. 
Vappareiller, v / ., to join one's belf to , to pair. 
"appareiller, v n n (nav ) to weigh anchor, to get 
under way. [(of stones), draughtsman. 

*appareilleur, n.m., (mas.) dresser, trimmer 
*apparellleuse, n.f., procuress. 
appareniineat (-nwuSu), adv., apparently. 
apparence, n.f., appearance, outside show, 
aeeuung; likelihood, probability; sign, aem- 
blanco. ISn ; seemingly, apparently, out- 
ardly. Pour ies s; for show. Avoiv une 
belle ; to look well. Selon toute ; in all 
probability ; to all appearances. JSauver Ies 5 ; 
to save appearances. 

apparent, -e, adj., apparent, plain, obvious, 
manifest, evident ; remarkable, chief, eminent, 

apparent^, -e, c?/., related, descended, con- 
nected. 11 e$t blen*- ; be is well descended. It 
est mal ; ho in of mean, descent, 

apparonter, VM., (l.u.) to ally, to connect by 

#'apparenter, v.r. t to ally ono's aelf (by iiaar- 

appariement, or appariinont, M.W., pairing, 
inatcuing ; coupling, mating. 

apparier, t;.c., to pair, to sort, to match; to 
match horsau, gloves, 
,?' apparier, v.r. to couplts to pair, 

appariteur, n.m,, apparitor, aBsiatawt, bedel 
(in univerHltiei) ; beadle. 

apparition, ?i. /., apparition, appearance, ap- 
pearing, wanffM; a vision of angola. 

apparolr, v.w, to appear, to be evident. Coin- 
in& u<tM>tyt / an it appears. 

appartemeixt, n.w., apartments suite of 
roomH, JodgingH, flat. JPwce d^im 5 room, 


appartenauce, n./., apptirtenanc. 
appartonant, e, (t<$,, belonging, ftp* 
appartenir, .,, to belong, to appertahi | to 
relate, to concern ; to bohovo, to be incidont, ta 
to be given to. 



*'appart6ttl> v.r, , to be master of one's own 
actions, to be fiee. 

^l appartient (-ti-in), v. imp., it becomes; it is 
meet, fit ; it is the duty, business of, Amsi guhl 
appartiendra ; as they shall see fit. A tous ceux 
quhl appartiendm; to all whom it may con- 

appas, n.m. pL % charms, attractions ; alluie- 

app&t, n.'Tfi., bait; allurement, enticement. 
Crest iiop meux poison pour moidre a P- ; he 
is too old a bird to be caught with chaff. 

app&ter, v.a , to bait, to alluie ; to feed (an 
infant or an invalid). 

appaume*, adj. t (her.) apamne. 

appauvrir, v.a , to impoverish ; to make poor, 
to beggar. 

'appauvrir, v ?*., to grow poor, to become im- 
poverished, to be beggared. 

appauvrfssement (-man), ,?., impoverish- 

appeauvw.w., bird-call; decoy-bud; (horol.) 
quarter-bell, halt-bell. 

appel, n.m*, appeal, appealing; calling over; 
levy (recruiting); call (on shareholders ); roll- 
call, muster , ruffle (of a drum) , Our,) call. 
Acted* ; wiit of appeal. nominal; (parlia- 
ment) call of the House. Ojficier <' ; muster- 
master. Intei Jeter ; to lodge an appeal. Paire 
Z'-; to call over the names, the muster-roll. 
Manquer & /' ; to be absent from call-call, 
Passer V ; to pass muster Repondre a V ; to 
answer to one's name. Bath e V ; to call to arms, 
Faire un defends ; to ball in one's funds. 

appelant, -e (-Ian, -t), n.mj , (jui.) appellant; 
(ornith.) decoy-biid. 

appele', -e, part.^ called. Beaucoup & . 
et peu d'elus; many are called, but few are 

appeler, v.a.,, to call, to name, to appeal ; to 
chuck (of cocks) 5 to term ; to call over ; to give 
a call, to call to ; to invoke ; to send for ; to in- 
vite ; to summon ; to call for, to call on (cause) ; 
to challenge. Comment appelez-vous cela what 
do you call that? et rappeler, to callovei 
and over, again and again. en duel , to call 
out. un medecm, to call in a physician. 
Fcnre ; to send for. les choses p(ti leur 
nom; to call a spade a spade. j Voila ce qne 
fappellepleuvotr; that is rain with a vengeance. 

appeler, v.n., to appeal, to chuck (of cocks) ; 
to caterwaul (of cats). JEn - ; (jur ) to appeal. 
J'en appelle a votre honneur ; I appeal to your 

.f'appeler, *>,r., to be called, to call, to style 
one's self. Comment $> appelle cet hoinwe-lhf 
what is that man's name? Je iti'appelle, my 
name Is. 

appellatlf (-pel-la-), adj., (gram ) appellative. 

appellation (-pel-la-), w/,, appealing, calling, 
naming, appellation. 

appendico (-pin-), n.m., appendix, appendage, 
addition ; process (natural sciences). 

appendre, v.a., to hang up 

appentls, tt.w., shed, penthouse. 
il appert, v imp V. apparolr 
Gappertement, adv., openly. 

appesantir, v.a , to make heavy, to weigh 
down ; to impair, to dull, to make dull, 
-s'appesantiT, v r , to grow heavy and dull, to be 
weighed dow, to he heavy ; to dwell upon, ex- 
patiate on. 

appesantlssement (-man), n.m., heaviness, 

appetence (ap-pe*-),n,/., appetence, appetency. 

appe"ter, v.a., to desire, to crave for, to covet, 

apptftlbllite*, ./., appetibility, desire. 

appe"tible, adj., appetible, desirable. 

apptftlssant, -e, adj., relishing, appetizing, 
Tempting ; delicious, desirable. 

appe"tlt, w.wi,, appetite, relish, desue, longing; 
inclination, taste ; stomach. De bon ; heartily. 

de cheval ; ravenous appetite. Bon .'I wish 
you a good appetite. Avon de V ; to have an 
appetite. Eire sans , to have no appetite 
& went en mangeant, the more one has, 
the more one wishes to have. II w'e.s/ chei e que 
d' ; hunger is the best sauce. Jte&te* stir t>on 
; to check one's appetite, inclination. de 
femme grosse ; depi aved appetite, longj ng. Pain 
derob& reve^lle ; stolen joys aie sweet. 

appetitl-f, -ve, adj , appetitive. 

appdtitlon, 11 J , appetition, desire for. 

applaudil, v.n.a,, to applaud, to claj), to clap 
the hands, to clieei ; to piaise, to connneiid, to 
approve. un actem , to^ applaud sui a<toi. 
Je vous applinuhi* de vous tttie conduit ,s? pin-* 
demment, I commend you ioi having noted HO 
prudently. Applaudi de tout le tnonde } ap- 
plauded by eveiybody. 

s'applaudir, v r., to applaud one's self for, to 
glory m (a thing) ; to congratulate one's sell (on), 
to rejoice (in or at). // s'applaiuht Iw-meine; 
he admires himself. 

applaudlssement (-man), n nt , applauHo, pub- 
lic praise, commendation ; plaudits, cheering. 
Salve d 1 s ; round of applause, of cheering. 

applaudisseur, n/m., (b.s ) applauder. 

applicable, adj.,, applicable, apposite, relevant, 

application, n./., application, employment (of 
a sum of money) , attention, care, diligence, Hedu- 
lousness; (gold.) charging; apphqiuS lace. A wo 
; sedulously. Sens - detcrm'tnee ; imappropi i- 
ated. Z>' ; practical, feasible. d'A iiyletci * c ; 
Houiton lace. Iti as d* ; bracket. 

applique, nj., (gold.) charging. 

applique', -e, adj. t intent, sedulous, HtudioiiH, 
diligent, attentive. 

appllQUOt, v a , to apply, to htick ; to award 
(judgment) , to employ (money) , to put, to But, 
to affix, to bring close ; to adapt, to fit ; to apply 
to, to appropriate ; to bestow on, to hit, to htriko. 

des ventouses; to cup. mal 2t projws , to 

i appliquer, .., to apply a thipf to OHO'M Hlf f 
to take it for one's sell , to apply OWI'H wll, to 
fall to, to set to, to take to, to labor at, to nmk<i 
it one's study ; to fotick to. 

appoint, w.m,, change, odd money, premium ; 
appoint. Net ; appoint. Par tH't ; i><r ap- 
point. Fairel*--* ; to pay the diHorciico. />'" ; 

appointements (-man), n.w. pL, Biliary, nti- 

appolnter, ?>.//., to put, to give a Aiilury to; to 
punish (in the army); to tww ninpH of <"lolh, to 
stitch (as a inattreflH, cloth); (juriH.) to rdor, 
have a referoe. Comwis upponilt f alari<>(l 

appolnter, t).a , to int, flhut jnn> to n point, 
0appolnteiar, n in , (jurm ) rohun^. 

appontement, n,m. f temporary woodou 
bridge; (nav.) gang-way, lacldor. 

apport, n.m>. t material brought, ({Utinllty 
brought, docuikientn depoHiiod; piirHoiuU pro- 
perty, share; contribution. 

apporter, v.., to bring; to bring forward; to 
cause, to bring to lnar upou, to procure, to <M<V. 
aion; to use, to eito, to qttoto, to n,Jlog(; to 
addiKie, to prodtun** deft dtylcnltfa t io I'H|M<I 
diffioulties. delay* foaut ton; to UH itntcrui- 
tion. de bonncx wtinonsf to adduoo good 
reasons, d*>s soins <fc / to Iwstow ara upon. 

apportlonner, D.^/,, to apportion* 

apposer, .,, to wot, to put, to inwrt, to afllx. 

apposition, n,/,, H<ttiK, putting, Inwriing; 
affixing; aH'rfltio; (^rain.) appoKttUm* /'/> 
*' des 9ttll&i ; to aflflx the waalH. 

appreciable, <//,, apiwiHbh>, peroeptlble. 



appre*ciat-eur, n.?n.., -rice, ./., valuer, ap- 
praiser, rater. 

appre'ciati-f, -ve, adj , denoting the value of. 
Etati devit> ; estimate 

appreciation, /., appieciation, apprizement, 
rating, valuation, estimation. 

appre'cier, v.., to value, to iate, to estimate, 
to judge; to appreciate, to esteem. 

appre'nender, ?>.., to apprehend, to be appre- 
hensive of, to fear; to arrest, to take up. au 
corps ; to arrest. 

apprehensible, adj., apprehensible. 

appre*hensi-f, -ve, </'/. timid. 

apprehension, w f.,appiehension, fear,diead. 
Avoir des s; to be under .ipprehension. 

apprendre, v ., to learn, to be informed of, 
to hear of, to teach, to tram, to tell, to inform 
of, to advise, to let know. par cceur ; to learn 
by heart. des notivettes ; to hear news. Je 
Vai uppus de bonne pait, I have it from good 
authority. II MJ* appns Valgelre ; he taught 
me algebra. Fane nn metier ft un enfant, to 
put a child to a trade. Je lui appiendrai qui 
je stun; I will let him know who I am. Les 
]iudhenrs s^apprennent vde ; ill news flies fast. 

apprenti, w.wt., -e, w/., apprentice; novice, 
tyio. Oblige? un , to bind an apprentice. 

apprenti, -e, (tdj , apprenticed, articled. 

apprentissage, n ?., apprenticeship, trial, 
experiment. JKtie en , to be an apprentice. 
Mure son ; to serve one's apprenticeship. 
Meftre en ; to apprentice, to aiticle. Brevet 
d' , apprentice's indentures. Sorttr dS ; to 
finish one's time. 

appret, n m , preparation, preparative; cook- 
ing, (manu.) dressing, painting on glass; stiff- 
ness, affectation. Mure de g> (iiidt* s / to make 
gi eat preparations, flans ; unstudied (ot style). 

appro tag e, n i , (manu.) dresmng, mnhmg. 

appret 6", -e, pttrt^ prepared, dressed, studied. 
Des mawet'es <tppt8tec$ ; affected manneis. 

appreter, v.a. % to prepare, to got ready; to 
cook; (manu.) to dress; to allord matter for. 
un chapeau; to dress a hat. & diner ; to pre- 
pare dumor. ft nre; to aftoid matter for 

.s'apprfitor, f>,r., to pieparo one's self, to make 
one's self ready, to dress; to be in course of pre- 
paration, to be brewing. 
0apprSteur, w.w,, painter upon glass. 

approtou-r, n w., -so, n.f. (manu.) dresser. 

appris, -e, pftrt.j learned, taught. Bien ; 
well-bred. Jf/ ; ill-bred. Un null ; an ill- 
bred or an unmannerly fellow. 

apprlvoisemont (-voasc-man), .., taming. 

H (of JKH'HOUB). 

approbat our, n.wt., -rice, M./., approver, ap- 
approbat-eur, -rice, <(/,, approving, eotn- 


approbatl-f, -ve, ^/. approving,, 
nod of approbation. 

approbation, ,/., approbation, consent J ap- 
proval Tnrl'infr fa /P/ en tttgntt <i* -j to nod 
uriHeuty approval. 

approbativomont (-mSn), adv.) approvingly, 
with aj>|>'(>l)ftt!oM. 

approcbant, -e, <ttf/ n (fam.) Hometlilng lik<i ; 
*ike y oordcirlng tipon, approximate ; near allied, 

approcbant, r<i., (Liu fam.) near, about. 
ft at, wfit dlx wtiun jrancst ; he moelved about 
ten thouHand franeft. 

approche, w/ f appvoftcU^ aoeess ; Doming, a<l- 
vanoo ; (print.) apaoe, olonhig up* , 
($py*g laws. (Iwjffi m j graft by AI 

approcher, v.a., to bring, put, or draw neari 
to bring, put, or draw close ; to have access (to 
any one). Appi ochez la table du Jeu ; draw the 
table near the fare 

approcher, v n., to approach, to draw nigh 
or near, to come near, to be easy of access ; to be 
something like. II mefit de Lui; he made me 
come near him. du but ; to come neai the 
mark. Ceci w'cw appioche pas; this does not; 
come near it. 

-s'approcher, w.r., to approach, to draw near, to 
come near, to advance. Approchez-vous du feu ; 
draw near the fire. 

approfondi, -e, adj.* deep, piofouud ; thorough, 
reasoned out. 

approfondir, v.a., to deepen, to make deeper ; 
to examine thoroughly ; to search, dive into, to 
fathom. une question ; to sift, to fathom a 

approiondissement, n.m., deepening, sinking 
lower ; iathoxning. 

appropriation, n.f., appropriation, assimila- 
tion ; (jur.^ conversion. 

approprier, #.#., to appropriate, to accommo- 
date, to adapt, to fit, to suit ; to clean, to make 
neat, to tidy. une chambre; to make a room 
tidy. - son langage aux circonstances ; to adapt 
one's language to circumstances 
& approprier, v.r., to appropriate a thing to 
one's selt, to convert to one's own use. 

approuver, v.., to approve, to approve of, to 
sanction, to consent to , to latity, to authorize ; 
to pass (accounts). 

approvlsionneraent (-xio-n-mau), .w,, victu- 
aling ; supply of provisions, stock. Vaisseau 
d" 1 ; (nav.) victualing ship. 

approvlsionner, .., to supply with necessa- 
ries ; to victual, to cater lor, to stock. 
s 'appro vis ionner, .r., to supply one's self; 
to lay in, take in supplies. 

approvisionneur, n.m., vietualer, provide 
caterer, purveyor. 

approximati-f, -vo, adj*, approximative. 

approximation, ?/./., approximation, rough 
guoHH. Determination par ; (math.) approxi- 
mation. [mativ<ly. 

approximativement (-man) mlv., appioxi- 
0approximer, v a , fco approxunate. 

appul, ?..?., prop, stay, support., rent, ball), 
proto<'ti<m ; buttiess, rail, hand-rail, Hill (of 
wmdovvH), rail (of Btaun), (man) ajipui , (met 1 .) 
fulcrum. A hauteur d 1 , breast-high. Point 
d> , j point of wuppoi't, prop, tulcnuu, base J 
V da ; in support of, in conlirmatiou of S'<w 
; niiHnpported, friondleHH // e$( /' - des mal- 
heureuj.- ,* he is the support of th unloriiunato. 
Ce cherttl a /' f>on ; that hoi'H IH Hoft-mouthed. 
Aile.r (t /' r/c 1 / to supnoit (a proponjil). 

appui-main, M.M., (-,v- ) pamlor'H maul- 
ti(sk, hand- rest. 

appui-ftueue, w.wt., r<^Bt (at billiards), jigger. 

appuyor, *.,, to prop up, to st-ay, to support, 
to second ; to hold up, to Huntain ; to Bet upon ; 
to loan upon ; to ground, to found ; to back, to 
Htand by; to favor, to countenance; to pro- 
toot; to enforce, to strengthen, t/we mwison 
contra un cotran ; to build a house against a 
hill, Ic coude sur la table ; to loan one's elbow 
upon the table. $on droit ant uppuyfi $ur d<$ 
bans titrts ; his claim in founded on just grounds, 
Tl /' promts d"* - mm placet ; h< Jw promised 
to back my petition. Ins chims / to urge on 
the hounds. 

appuyor, #,, to boar upon, to lean ? to rout $ 
to lay a stress on ; to dwell upon ; to taiiat 
upon, to urge. mr un mot ; to lay a strain on 
a word. sur un pamtw ; to dwell upon a 

a word. sur un pamtw ; to dwell upon a 
nanftagei ** wr fa 4ro1t^^ m ffavcto, or & aroite, 
a ffaitofif ; to bear to the right, bhe left. 6V ohwal 
(ij)piiie ,mr ie mors ; that hortio hangs on the bit* 


r, v r , to lean, to lean upon , to lie, 
to lest, to recline upon ; to m, to rely 
upon, to depend upon, to trust to , to lay a 
stress on, to dwell upon. Appuyes-vous sur 
moi ; lean upon me. fur un roseau ; (fig.) to 
trust to a broken reed. 

apre, adj , rough, harsh ; tart* sharp ; hard, 
rugged, uneven , biting, cutting, bitter ; severe; 
crabbed, peevish , violent, greedy, eager. Che- 
min et mboteux, rough, rugged way. au 

?ain; greedy ot gam. aujeu; eager for play 
s. bora gambler). h se venger r eager for re- 
venge a la curie ; eager for prey (oi ani- 
mals) ; greedy of gain (of persons). 

aprele, nf., (hot.) horse-tail. 

Siprement, adv., liarshly, sharply, roughly, 
rigorously ; severely , peevishly, crabbedly ; 
gruffly ; violently, eagerly, greedily. 

apres, piep., after, next to , about ; next. 8a 
maison vient la vdtre, his house is next to 
yours. II est toiijouis moi; he is always 
after me, always teatrng, persecuting, scolding 
me. Eire quelque chose; to be in pursuit of 
something. On est , it is being done. jSou- 
pirer quelque chose; to long for anything. JVe 
pas attendre quelqu'un; not to need, to be 
able to do without any one. lui, ilfaut tirtr 
l^clielle; no one can come after him. coup, 
too late. Crier quelqu'im; to scold any- 
body. Tout le inonde ens lui, everybody 
cries out against him C^ ; hereafter, in the 
sequel. quoi, after which. #'- , after, 
from, according to, following. Pwndre dP 
nature; to paint fiom nature. - tout ; after all. 
Jetei le manche la cog-nee; to throw the helve 
after the hatchet (or to give up m despair). 

apres, adv. , afterwards, af tei , go on ; what 
next, what then? Vous arriv&tes; 9 
you say you were ill after you arrived ; and what 

apres qtMB, cow/,, after, when. voiis 

aurez fait , after you have done. yePeus 

vu ; when I had seen him* 

apres-demain, adv., the day after to-morrow. 
Qaprfcs-dinrfe, w./., ( s) aprfcs-flin6, .., 

( /) after dinner, afternoon. 

aprks-diner, n.m. t ( * ) after dinner, af- 

apres-mitJi, n.m.f , ( ) afternoon. 

0aprfcs-soup6e, ./., ( *) aprfes-soupl, 

tt.m,, ( s) between supper and bedtime; 


aprfes-souper, n.m., ( s) between supper 

and bedtime, evening. 

&pret, w/., harshness, tartness, sharpness; 
roughness, ruggedness ; acrimony, asperity ; 
violence, fierceness, severity ; eagerness ; greedi- 
ness. & Vargent ; lust of gold. 

a priori. V. priori. 

a propos, <f/, adv.; ^i-propos, .m. F. 

apside, ?//., (apsides, apses) (astron.) apsis* 

apte, <ze(?., apt, fit, proper, qualified. 

aptere, n,m., apter. 

apt^re, adj., apteral, apterous. 

aptitude, w,./., aptitude, aptness, qualification, 
disposition ; readiness, inclination, taste. 

apurement (>man), n.m., auditing, closing (of 

Apiurer, ?'.#,, to audit (accounts). 

apyre, a<fy., apyrous, incombuatible, fire- 

apyrexie, n./., (med.) apyrexy. 

aquarelle (-koua-), jr., painting in water- 
colows, aquarelle, water-color drawing, 

aauarelliste, .m,, painter in water colors. 

aquarium, n.m., ($) aqnarnini. 

aqua-tlnta ( ), or aquattate (-koua-), ( *) 
ffc./,, nquatinta, aqwatmt. 

(-koua-), adj.^ aquatic, watery. 

2 arborisation 

aqueduc, n. m , water-pipe, aqueduct, con= 
duit, duct Petit ; culvert. 

aqueu-x, -s> adj., aqueous, watery, watemh 

aquilin, adj , aquiline, curving, hooked, 
prominent, Roman. 

aqililon, n m., north-wind, noitherly wind, 
cold blast, storm, tempest. 
0aquilonaire, adj., noithern, boreal, 

aquo&it$ (-kouo-), n.f., aqueousneea, wateri- 

ara, n.m , (orni.) macaw 

arabe, .wi., Arabian (person) ; miser, screw, 
dun, usurer ; Arabic (liiiiEriuijue). 

arabe, adj., Arabic, Aiabian. 

arabesque, cid) , arabesque. 

arabesque, w-J., arabesque 

arabique, adj., Arabian, Aiabic. 

arable, adj , arable, tillable. 

aracMde, M./., eaith-nut 

araohnide (-rak-), n w , araclmulan. 

arachnoide_(-iuk-no-](l), /., (anat.) arauh- 
noid, arachnoid membrane 

arachnoide, </y , (auat.) aiachnoid, cob- 

arack or rack, n m , a spirituous hquoi , 

aral&ne'o, n.f., spider, (mining) nraigneo, ar- 
raign; (nav.) crow-foot To He tf 1 ; cobweb, 
spider-work. dc wer ; crab Katies </' ; 
spider's legs, scrawling handwriting. Oter les 
s; to sweep the cobwebs awny J'flw af //<or 
reur comme d*une ; (i'atn.) I liat it aa J do 
sin. Avoi) une dank It' phtfmid, / to have a 
bee in one's bonnet. 

aramden, -ite, </?., arainean. 

aramer, ?;.,, to stretch cloth upon tenters, to 

arane'eu-x, -se, adj , cob webbed. 

arase, n.f. JPiertet d'-~; kvoliug course 

arasement (-man), n.m., leveling, making 

araser, v.a , to level (a wall, a building;, &c.) ; 
to make even. 

ararfefi, nf. y)L, kvehnpf conrHO (mas.). 

aratolre, adj., nratory, Isuiunig. Instru* 
ments~$; implements of Intwbundry. 

arbalMe, /., nrbahnt, croBB-how, <loriwouH 
trap. & julct ; n wtone-boxv. A Mela ye <sw ; 
unicorn toam. 

0arbal6ter, v a,, (arch) to stay, to boar or 
shore up with pieces of timber. 

arbal^trier, n.m. t oTOSH-bowinat) f arehor. *; 
principal rafters (carp.); (onn.) swift (('j/jtw/w* 

arbitrage, ,., arhitrngo, arbitration, arl>i 
trament, umpirnge 

arbitraire, adj , arbitrary, optional, df?notffy 

arbitrairement (-man), tfv., arbitrarily, de 

arbitral, -e, adj., by arbitration, 

arbltralement (-man), adv., by arbitration. 

nrbitrateur, n.m,, aibitrntor, arbiter. 

arbitration, n,/., doeiniou, award. 

arbitre, n.m., will; arbiter, arbitrator, um- 
pire, referee; master, flovttwilgn diHtuwMr, 
Libre-, jnwe ; froo will. flfVwF ; tti|>lre. 

arbitrer, .., to arbitrate, t< dot 
ulftte, to award, to jtid^a, to uottltt, 

arbois, n w., laburnum. 

arbore", -e, adj., (bot.) arborooua; (of i 

arboror, v,a., to put tip, to itotat ; to Mt *tp 
for, to proclaim, un pwiMfM ; to lolt ft 

arborescence, n./., 
arboriculteur, n,w,, 
arboriculture, n/., arbflviotiltur 
arborisation, /,, 

arboris^ ; 

arborise", -e, adj. t arborised. Pieires es / 
aiboiized atones. 

arbouse, /, arbute-berry, wilding. 

arbOUSier, n.m , arbute, stiawbeny-tree. 

arbr, n.m. t tree; beam; piece of timber; 
(tech) arbor, cylmdei, shaft, spindle; (nav.) 
mast (m the Mediterranean), Jettne ; sapling. 
fnutirr; fruit-tree. en e&palier, wall-tiee 

wrpied; standing tiee. enbuis&onf bush 

de haute Jutaie ; torest-ti ee. < de plem vent , 
standard. natn ; dwarf-tree Cfiund , 
shaft. de conche ; horizontal shaft. 
mot CUT f mam shaft vertical; upnght shaft. 

de itiane, 01 philosophique (cheuu); arboi 
dianuQ. veil, evei green, chublis; tree 
blown down. Aibie gemealogique , genealogical 
tree. & cue; myiica. de tnettre ; main- 
mast de ti mqut't ; Se tenn au, <j> ot> 
del" 1 ; to adheie to what is ancient. Tel, 
tclftuit; a tree is known by its fnuts Fa ire 
j> fouichu ; to walk on one's two hands tvitb 
one's legs in the air IS ne tombe p<r, dn 
pieimei coup, (piov.) Rome was not built n a 
day. Entie ' ef I'faoice ti nafaut pas mrttre 
le df)i<jt , leave family iars severely alone. de 
ttnnfiintbMOH, connecting shait. 

arbrisseau, n >n , ti ee , young tree , small 
ti ee , underwood , shrub 

arbuste, n in , Hhrub , bush 

arc (ark), n in , bow, long-bow, (aieh.) aich , 
(geom ) arc, arch; (astron )are , (nav ) eambeuug. 
Tut 1 ) del 1 ; to draw the bow Conic dr /' , 
bow-atung A /></<!< </' , withm bowshot 
Avoir jrfu&it'iatt ('<</<$ c> ,so?< , to have moio 
than one string to one's bow. euple'in cmtie , 
Hemi-circular arch. de but is, doping areh. 
en dMiartfc ; ar< i h ot <liBehargo doubleau 
( x- -0* niaHsive rib, chiai arch of a vault. 
. .- (lt> tfioniphc , triumphal aicli, diuin? , 
(antron ) diurnal arc Bander, dttemlie, /' , l/o 
IKUX!, to unbend, tho bow. (fig.) DfbMidc) /' 
'in 1 tjuvnt /K/.S Iti plaic ; to coaso to do miHchief 
doeH not UTido the haim done 

arc-boutant (ar-boo-tan), w . wi. ,(*-*) arc- 
houtiiut, abutment, arched buttreHfl; prop, Hhoio, 
supporter, Htretcluu- , ringleader, nupporter, ehioi 
man in any busiiuiHH ; (nav,) Bparhooui .9 d^un 
train dc en r rum 1 ; rods that serve to k<^ep the 
maiubraecH of a coach in place -</^ /)u$<thu> ; 
foresail boom. Qntnd (nav.), inamaail boom. 

arc-bouter, t;.. to prop, to support, to but- 

arcade, n*f>i arcade ; (anat.) arch, vault. 

arcane, .//*., (c'hoin.) ateanmn, wecrot, myH- 

arcanson, w.w., colophony, blattlc rawm, rosin. 

arca80, ./ (uav.) buttock of a whip, Htern- 

arc-doubloau, ,, groin (of vaults). 

arcoau, w.w,, aiohj archway, vault; (nav.) 

arc-ou-ciol (ark-an-Hl-M), w.?w. f (.^, .) rain- 
bow, bin. 

archaiauo, adj., anthaU*al. 

archaismo (ktt-!n) w.w. arolmisTO. (obflo- 
loto word.) 

archal, n.m* Fit d* ; Iron wire, 

archange (kairij), v.n>., fm^haiigcl. 

ttroho, %/"> ftwU \ nrk, // - M/w/r, 2* flu 
tfHgnKW f the ark of tho fjord, //* dft Nofi; 
Noah'w ark. // d^ulMMiwa ; tlia ark of tho 
covenant. *7V.?if r du Nflynviw ; it JH forbidden 
griiiitiiKj,, Pont & phmitttf* -"; bridgo ol ev~ 
ral Mch<* Ntre /tors de V - ; to bo out of th 
piilw of tho church, C-oii/r d 

ot / 

luclplo of IJfc, arluwi 
clrill-bow, hoop (of a not). 
(^), w/., arohtvology* 
archdologlquo ( 'k*'-), {^/ 1 



(ar-kS-o-log), n m , archaeolo- 


archer, n.m., archei, bowman, Qp ncemaip ! 

arcliet, ./., bow, fiddle-stick ; upper part of 
a cradle ; turner's poll or bow ; dull-bow ; bow 
hand (mus.). 

arcll^type (-k<5-), n.m , arclietype. 

archetype (-k<i-), adj., aichetypal. 

archevecli^, n.m.j aichbishopric, cathedral 
town ; the archbishop's residence. 

arclieveqiie, n m, aichbishop. 

arclli, prefix fxom Gi. ap\tti/, aich 

arcSiidiancelier, , *u chcliancellor. 

arcMdiaconat, w m , aichdeacoury. 

arcfeldiacond, n ?., aichdeaconiy. 

archidiacre, 11 m , ardideacou. 

archiduc, n.m., aichduke. 

archiduch^, ?/ m., aiclidukedom, archduchy. 

archiduchesse, n f , archduchess. 

atchi^piscopal, -e (-ki-), <//,, archiepiscopal, 

archidpiscopat (-ki-), w.wt.,' arcluepiscopacy. 

arcliifo-u, -lie, ^ , staik-mad. 

arcMluth, n m , archlute. 

arcMmandritat, n.m., the living of an archi- 
mandrite; abbey. 

archimandrite, n,m , aichimandnte, 

archinoble, ad) , (non.) most noble. 

archipel, n.m , archipelago. 

archipompe, or arcJie-de-pompe, nf., (~j- 
) (nav ) well, well-pump 

arcliipresbyt^ral, adj., appcitanuug to an 
archprebbytei . 

archipresbyt^rat, n ?., aichpiesbytery. 

arcMpretre, n m , at (shpnest, arcbpreabyter. 

arcMpretr^, n. m,.. archpiesbytery. 

arclutccte, n.m., architect : master-builder. 

paysagisfPi landscapo-g.irdener 

architectonique, <nlj , architectonic. 

arcMtectoniq.ue, w/., arclutectoiuos. 

arcMtectonograplie, n.m., aiclutectonogra- 

arckltectonograpliie, n /., arclatectonogra- 

arcMtectural, -0, adj architectural. 

architecture, n.f , architecture. 

architrave, v f , (arch ) architrave. 

architrJLclin, /.wi., (antiq ) steward; (fam, 
and jciet.) liead-maH, hont, ontertaumr. 

archives, M /;>/., archives, recoids; record 
oHlce, niiuimien't houHe. 

archivlste,^ archivist, keeper of the 
reword?, regiHtra,r. 

arohlvolte,^./ 1 ., (aich.) arohivolt. 

archontat (-kon-ta), n w., arrhonsliipp 

arohonte (-kont), ??.?., arehcm. 

arohure, n.f,, millHtono hoop. 

aron,,n.W", Haddle,-bow; bow (tool). Perdrror 
I'fdf'T foti <f ; to b<4 thrown from one's horse; 
(fig ) to hewitate, lose ono'B preHeiKie of luhxl. 
AVr ferine dwtx ?<".v w , to have a firm wwt ; 
tobutrun to ona'w prhuuplftH. iSV vanetlx' dans 
lc,$ A' / to rooovor OIIO'H stii rupH. P Mulct t </' j 

aroonnage, n ?.., bowing ; (agric.) layering. 
Garctier ("tl'0, .#*., bow-iuakor. JlMufri 
bow an<l arrow maker. 

arotlQtue, adj., aretic, north. 

arcturus, n m n (atron.) Arctimim* 

arddlion, ?<,TO,, (1, u.) a busybody, uiuddlor. 

ardemmont (<lain5), adu^ ardently, h<- 
ttnie,ly, eagerly, pasMlonaUily, vcltoHioutly, sphlt- 
o<lly t f ftrvootly, hotly. 

ardent, -0, wfy",, hot, Imrulngi flwy, glowiug; 
; ardout, vohontAut, violent; 

f motileaomo; iftalnun; hasty, pas- 
BUmato $ HAUguiiwi, fcwvout, oanidot ; g 
rod (of tlwi hair); (nav.) griping. (Mark 
Irtirnli|("<oa1. (fhttptflc* -*/ tttoHiwry oh 
(for lying In titato)* (thamlnm e (French hi* 




tory ) ardent-chamber, criminal com t. Vet re , 

ardent, n.m., ignis fatuus, will-o'-the-wisp. 
arder or ardre. V. oruler. 

ardeur, ./., ardoi , heat, burning heat ; ar- 
dency, warmth, fervency ; -vividness, intensity ; 
eagerness, fire, spirit, spintedness, mettle, iei- 
vor ; earnestness, forwardness, strenuousness ; 
passion. Cheval pl&in d'~ ; high-mettled horse. 
Avee ; spiritedly. 

*ardillon, n.m., tongue (of a buckle) ; baib (of 
a hook). 

ardoise, n f , slate ; score, account. Carrier 
tf' -; slate-quarry. Ciayon & ; slate-pencil. 
Couvieuren ; slater Coitvtir d" 1 ; to slate. 

ardoisd, -e, adj., slate-colored. 

ardoiser, v.a. t to slate. 

ardoisier, n ?/i., owner of, workman m (a 

ardoisi-er, -fere, adj , slaty. 

ardoisiere, ./., slate-quarry. 
Gat dre. V. tauter. 

ardll, -6, adj., arduous, hard, difficult, steep. 

are, n.m., are, 119 G04G square yards. 

arec, n.m., (bot.) areca, nut. 

ar6f action, n.J , aref action. 

are'nace', -e, adj., arenaceous. 

ardnation, n.f., aieuation. 

arena, ./., sand; arena, lists, ring; cock-pit; 
battle-ground, theatie, scene. 

ar<neu-X, -S6, adj., sandy, arenous. 

are*ole, %./., (anat., med ) aieola. 

, .:m., aieonietei 

are'ome'trie, ./., aieometry. 

are*0page, .*., areopagus. 

are"opagite, n.m., areopagite. 

ardostyle, n.m , (aich.) areostyle. 

are"otectonique, /., areotechtonics (military 
Gareotique, n,m., (med.) areotic. 

are"quier, n.m., (bot.) cabbage palm. 

arete, /, fish-bone, skeleton of a fish; (bot ) 
awn, beard, prickle; (arch.) arris; (nav.) quoin, 
(geom.) corner, edge, (pjeog.) ridge; (metal.) 
angle or edge, ridge, ridge (of a sword blade). 
de poisson ; (arch ) herring-bone work. A vive 

, (carp.) sharp-edged 
aretier (-tic'-), n m,, (arch.) hip. 

aretiere, n J , layer of moitar used m slating. 

argala, n.m., (orm.) hurgil. 

argall, n m., (mam.) argali (wild sheep) 

arganeau, n ?., (nav.) ring-bolt, anchoring ; 

arg^mone f ??./, argenione (thorny Mexican 

argent, n.m^ silver; money, coin, cash; (her.) 
argent; pearl, vierge; virgin silver. Lingot 
$ ; silver bullion en feinlles, bnttit ; silvc j r- 
leaf. ~-w/(l. u.) vif-orgent (n.p.) ; quicksilver. 
Vaissetted" 1 , plate, silver-plate, blcwc; sil- 
ver money. comptant f ready money. moil- 
nay^; coined money. & All etna qiie; German 
silver. dor&; silver-gilt. amah; deadened 
silver. en caisse; cash m hand, money put by. 

dormant; money lying idle. inort; money 
paying no interest. mignon ; pm-monoy 
Un fou; no end of money. Boitrreau <r ; 
spendthrift. Pigged" 1 ; pona silver. A pom we 
d 1 ; silver-headed. A tttte rf' ; silver-eyed. 
Au croissant d* ; (he^) argent-horned. D" 1 ; 
silvery; (hen) argent. En avoir pour son ; 
to have one's money's worth. Avoir h twnps ft 
l>, , to have all one can wish for. Eire brouilli 
avec V comptont ; never to have any ready 
money. Eire cousu d' , avoir de V & gogof 
to be rolling in riches. JStff court <i' ; to be 
short of money. Jeter son par lafenQtn, to 
throw one's money away. Jfomme d' ; mer- 
cenary man. LQcher de V ; to come down 
with one' s money,, Payer sec, bas t sttr table ; 

to pay money down, on the nail, ready money. 
Mange) son ; to squander one's fortune away. 
comptant porte tnedecme ; money is a cure lor 
all sores. Fa^1 e t enti er de V , to call in money. 
Eappoitet de V ; to bring in money. Touches 
de V ; to receive money. Trouver de V ; to 
raise money. Y alter bon jeu, ban-, to be in 
earnest, to act frankly. J^ai toujours V 
a la main; I am always laymg money out. 
Payer cofnptant / to pay ready money. Placer 
de /' , to invest money. Pi end) e queJque 
chose poitj compttmt; to take anything lor 
gospel. Faire de toitf; to turn everything 
into money. C'est de /' en bane ; it is aft good 
as ready money, or .us the Bank of England 
f<tit tout,' money nuiKes the mare go Point 
'rf' , point de Smme , no pay, no pipei ; no 
money, no Swiss ; nothing, without paying. 

argent age, n.m., silvering, silver plating 1 . 

argent^, adj., plated, silvered ovei ; wlvory, 

argenter, v.., to silver over, to plate, to do 
o\ er with silver. 

argenterle (-jan-tr!),/., plate, silver-plate. 

argenteur, n vt., plat3r, silverer. 

argonteu-x, -se, fl^., (PP) ! w.) moneyed. 
Gargentier, n.m., steward; treasurer; Hilver- 

argentlfere, <//., argentiferous. 

argentiii, -e, adj.) nilvery, argentine* ; silver- 
toued, ringing, clear, (paint.) silvery. 

argentine, </#., (ffpog.) Argentine. 

argentine, ./., argentine, silver-weed, wild 
tansy; (ich.) argentuia. 

argenture, n/, silver-plating. 

argllace*, -e, adj.^ clayey, argillaceous. 

argile, w./., clay, potter's clay, argil. it 
poicelaiiie; China-clay. 

argileu-X, -se, ady , clayey, elayish, argillous. 

arglllere, ?i/., clay-pit. 

argilifere, adj., aigillifcrous. 

argilolithe, n m , clay-stone. 

argo, 7i.w., (asti.) Argo. 

argonaute, n.m*, argonaut; (conch.) argo- 
nauta; (moll.) nautilus. 

argonautes, , ArgouautH. 

argot, n in.^ cant, proiewHioual Blang ; Hlang; 
(gard ) the stub oi a branch, above au ciyo or 
bud, dead-wood. 

argoter, v.a., to cut the Htub of a tree nbovo 
the eye. 

argotiser, I'.?K, to talk slang. 

argousin, n.m., convn't-warder; bobby, peeler, 

argue (arg), ./., (tech.) dniw-bmieli, <lmw- 
room (tor wire-draVing). 

arguer, v.a., (jur.) to aeeuwe; to wire-draw, 
argue, infer, conclude. 

arguer, v,n., to argue ; to eoiH'hi<l(i, to Infer; 
to m go. 

argument, nm,, argum<nt, roiiHonlu^; e< 
jecture ; evidence, proof, roaHon ; theuui, Hiib 
ject. dans lex regies ; argument hi du<i form, 

argumentant, n.m., argiiw. 

argumentateur, fi.m , arguer, diHjniter, 

argumentation, w./.,irgumeutati<ij, arguing, 

argumenter, t>,w., to argue, to quibble. 

argus, w.w., (myth.) Argun; (t. Ofjj.) 

argutle(-d), M./., quibble, hair-HpHttiug, cavH, 

argutleux, -se, quibbling, caviling. 

arlanlsme, .., ariawiHin. 

arlde, w/?., arid, <lty, otorilo. 
a barren ground. 

aridity, n.f., aridity, dryuAHa; 

arlen, -ne (-iw, -en), adj,, Ariawu 
arlen, w.w., -n, 7/,/., Allan. 
ariette, ?'/., arietta. 




arigot, n.m., a kind of fife. V. larigot 
*arille, n.f., (bot ) seed-coat, mace, aril 

aristarque, n.m., Anstaichus, hypercntic, 

aristocrate, adj , anstocratic. 

aristocrate, n.m.f , aristocrat. 

aristocratie, nf., ari&tocracy. 

aristocratique, adj , aristocratic. 

aristocratiquenaent (-man), adv., aristocrati- 

aristoloche, ?&./, aristolochia, birth-wort, 

aristotelicien, -ne (-in, -e-n), adj., Aristote- 

aristotelicien, n.m., Aristotelian. 

aristotelisme, 71 m , Aristotehamsm, Aristo- 
telian philobophy. 

arithme*ticien(-m), n.m , arithmetician. 

arithme'tique, nf , aiithmeticj accounts. 

arlthmetique, adj., antlimetical. 

arithme'tiquement (-man), adv., arithmeti- 

arlthMOmancle, n f , arithmomancy. 

arizarum (-iom), n.m , (bot.) fiiar's cowl. 

arlequin, n.m, harlequin, merry-andrew , 
(oral.) spotted zed-shank. Habit d' ; patch- 
woik, medley. 

arlequlnade n./., harlequinade 

arlequino, n.f., h.irloqum's dance. 
"armadillo, nf., armadillo. 
*armadllle, n.m., (ent ) wood-loufle. 

armand, n TO., dionch, spiced-mash (for sick 

armateur, , owner of a privateer ; ship- 
owner ; captain of a privateer, 

armature, /, (;uch, tech) iron braces, 
stays, binding, capping, armature (dynamo). 

armo, ra./.,arm, weapon, arm (of the service) , 
(bot.) weapon s; (her ) aims, coat of arms, 
hatchment ; troops, forces ; warfare ; fencing. 
s blanches; Bido-ariiiH (the sabre, sword, bayo- 
net). ftffu* lire-arms. sf (nisei, aauju* ire , 
(her.) irregular arms. .s parltmtes ; (hei.) al- 
lusive heraldry. Jaquc, <V A / coat oi arms. A 
,v parlantes ; (her.) oxempltiry. Absautd 'j; 
assault *it ainiH. dfl tni'if t * miSHile weapon. 
Jfyiwaii rf'A,* pile oi niniH. I*as d* $> pa-swage 
of aiuiH Unc, f>all& (PJt; a foucmg Hohool; 
armory. Un mfi&tw (Vs; a fenein^-niastci 
Mure d<>.\ -,s, tirar det> ,s , to ience Avnh 
lw ~-,<f Wlfis i to jftnu^c gracefully. Ne pout IPS 
,v ; born a Holduir. (Cutler Ics ,v; to l(Miv tho 
aruiy* Mt'tre .sr, 1 ? uH'wiflnM s j to make onc'w 
ilrttt campaign, unjait d" 1 A* ; a warlike feat or 
exploit. IK'nnit d*-~$ , lu^nthl at arms, liotmnf- 
<r ~,t ; niau at uniiH, Place <> ,v , a iortrens 
/V;// f/'' ,s; carrying arniH ; gun li<toiiHO. Mil 
wn fr an* ,t , to boghi the war. Poi fer Irs a ; 
to nerve an aHoldlor. Avx --,v / to arum ! /';v'W<fr 
//',v,v/ to tako up arniH. Itendrc ih'powr fcs 
A 1 ; to lay down OIH^H annn. t>\nn i pn,wr pnr 
ICK it f to nhoot, put to LhOHWord. tiwijWisfMi 

<r "-8 } (WHHatloll Of llOHt/llititlH. - - tttt bwis / 

(tnilit.) Htatul at <uwe ! Httul lw - ,v / lodg<n IIHUH I 
PoHfis ,v/ whouldor armNl Prt'wHtes -.v ' 
prwint arniB I -/Wff/w/ ground arum! <V 
wtloHtfi I Hlopo arnw 1 /V//* /f/ y'orcv c/c',v ,f ; by 
forco of At'iUH. Jtyentfw ten A wwtre ; to take 
uo antiH agaiiiHt, Mm.v A*; uniirniod. /^',T A' 
,wwJ fownntthrM ; (fain.) victory IH iioUIo. 
J>ussw r . & ff(m<*h<'; (lain.) to bo killed; to 
klok tho bucket, 

armtf, *o, jt>w/., annod, oquipixtd; (bw.) unuc'i, 
<3ockod, at full (!o<*k, -;^' toutw pftfiai ; armed 
froiu top to too. -cl w/r//w ; by forces oi' anuH, 

arm^Ot w,/. y army; lowuw, ti'oopH; fleet; hont; 
bovy. XM $r<m(tft ; Nitipolcon'M anny* (/r 
w^r at de ttrwi ; HOA and land forcuw, C<*rp^f <i* ; 
main body of troop, army oorpn* ^;rw nrn<tn to ; 
tamd,Jng anny Foum/nscnr de< /' ; armymon* 
tractor* Mntfw dans r j to euter the army,, 

armeline, ?i/., ermine (skin). 

armement, w ?/i., armament, arming, raising 
of forces; wailike pieparation& , accoutrements. 

ann^nien, -ne, (-m, -en), adj , Armenian. 

arm^nien, n.m , -ne, w/, Armenian. 

armemenne, ?z/, Aimeman stone. 

armer, v. , to arm, to furnish with arms ; 
(artil.) to load, to mount, to provoke, to rouse; 
to excite, to cock (a gun, &c.), to fortify, to 
heel (cocks); (uav.) to equip, to fit out, (nav.) 
to man (a pump) ; to strengthen, to bind , 
(phys.) to aim. une poutie de bandes de fet ; 
to stiengthen a beam with non bands. un ai' 
mant , to aim a loadstone les avwons } (nav.) 
to ship the oars. 

s 'armer, v i., to aim one's self, to take up arms, 
to provide one's self with arms ; to fortify, to 
protect, to secure one's self against a thing; to 
summon up. S" 1 de la pi iet e , to fortify one's 
self with prayei. ' de tout son courage, to 
summon up all one's, coinage 

armet, n.m., (ant.) helmet, head-piece. 

armillaire (-mil-ler), adj., (o&trou.) armillary. 
Sphere ; armillary sphere. 

armille, n. /, (arch.) annulet; ring, 

arminianisme, n m , Armmianism. 

arininien, -ne (-in, -en), adj , Armuuan. 

armistice, n wt., aimuttice, tiuce. 

armoire, n.f., clobet; cupboard, pre^-s. ~ds 
glace ; wardrobe. 

armoiries, n.f. pi., (her.) coat of arms, arms, 
armorial bearings, hatchment. fausses,, a en- 
qnei re , n regular arms. 

armoise, w/., arteimsia. commune ; mug- 

armoisin, n.m., sarcenet. 

arm on, n w , iutchel (of a co.icb) 

armorial, ?/ in , book oi herald iy 

armoricain, ;/ m , Aimorican (oi Biiitany) 

armorier, ??.., to set, put, paint, a coat of 
arms, to blazon. 

armorique, n /.,, Armorica. 

armoriste,?? m , armomt, heraldic eugiaver 

armure, w./, aimor, cawing; (pliyH ) armor, 
(nav.) fish (ol a mast, yaid). de te.fe, bond- 
piece <t I tpreuvp ; annoi -proof. Jtcvfitir 
son ; to buckle on one's armor. de la clef, 
(muH ) signature. 

armurerle, n.f., gunHmithoiy, aim-mamifac- 
tory ; gun-trade, gun-makmg. 

armurier, ??.?., anuoior, gunsmith. 

arnica, 01 antique, nf, (bot.) armca. 

arnicine, nf,, (chem.) oxtract of arnica. 

arnotto, n.m., (bot.) .trnotto. J r . roucou. 

ar ornate, n m., aromatic. 

aromaticiue, ndj'., aromatical, fragrant, spioy. 

aromatisation, /., aromatissation. 

aromatiser, v.a., to aromatize, 

aromatite, n.f,, aroinatito. 

aromo, , flavor, arotna. 

arondo, n.f., swallow, Hwallow-fiKb. Queue 
d',' (carp.) dove-tail. Awrmblpr en queue 
r/ 1 -- r * to dove-tail. 

(-)arondolle, nf,, a land of iiHliing-taokln de, 
ntt'r / any small VOHH! ; a btigantino, phiiuicc, ^c, 
O*arpailleur, JI.M,, gold*arohr.. r. orpail- 

arpege, n,w?., (IUUB,) arpeggio. 

arp^ger, v n., (imw.) to perform arpeggkm. 

arpent, n.m , a<sre (French); about an aero aia 
n half (Wnglwh), 

arpentage, n.m,, Inud-iuotunuiuK ; nurvoy, 

arpenter, .., to aiirvoy, to moosure liuula ; tr 
walk at a great pace to tnde along-, pace tip aiw* 

arpenteur, n.m., land-surveyor. 

arponteuse, M.,/'., (t ) pan worm. 

arqu<S, -e, part., bent, crookod; arched, carved. 

arqtuetmsadc, w /., aiMnuibusade, 

arquebus e 



arcjuebuse, 72 /. , arquebuse. 
Qarqiiebuser, v ., to shoot with an arquebuse. 

arquebuserie (-buz-rt), n.j., the business oi a 
gunsmith. V. annurerie. 

arquetousier, n.m., arquebu&ier, musketeer, 

amuer, v.a.n., to bend, to curve, to arch, 
to crook. 

arracheinent (-rash-mau), n m , tearing up, 
away 4 pulling up 01 out, rooting up or out, cleai- 
ing away, di awing, evti action , (aich.) toothing. 
cTarraclie-pied, adv , without intermission, in- 

arraclier, v a., to force from, out of, away 
from, off; to pull away, to diag, to draw, to lug 
away; to extort; to snatch fioin, to wrest, to 
wring, to extiaot (teeth); to vmng (tearb) , to 
tear out, down, to wrest, to grub up, de 
mauvaises herbes; to grub up weeds. un se- 
ct et a, quelqu'un , to get a aeciet out of any one 
.s'arradier, v r. t to tear ; to teai away, oil ; to 
get away; to break away. S' les ckeiwn , 
to tear one's hair. On se Vwiache; he 01 she 
is all the rage ; theie is a gieat run upon it 

arracheur, n.m., drawer. de dent&; tooth- 
drawer. deems, corn-cuttei. Mevtu comme 
un de dents; to he unbluslungly, or like an 

arracneuse, n./., (hat-making) picker. 

arrachis, n in , plant rooted up ; Irauduleut 
rooting up of young trees. 

arrachoir, n w., xootoi, digger. 
Qarraisonner, v ., to argue with any one. 
un vaisseav ; (nav.) to speak, to hail. 

arrange", -6, part , an anged ; affected, 

arrangeant, -e, adj , accommodating, easy to 
deal with, to get on with. 

arrangement, ??.??., anangemerit, disposing, 
adjusting, setting in oulei, laying out; cooking 
up, trimming (lamps), accommodating; oi'der, 
regularity, composure ; method, proper arrange- 
mentor disposition ; economy ; composition, com- 
pounding ; p? , terms , meamireh. jEntrer en , 
to compound. J^ai piis rfes ,v awe eux pmir le 
paiement; I have come to terniH with them re- 
specting payment. 

arranger, v.a , to sot m order, to arrange, to 
do up; to rank, to range, to dispose, to class; to 
accommodate, to make up, to compromiHe, to con- 
ciliate, to compose; to uit, to agroe with ; to set- 
tle, to manage, to wind up; to cook up; to trim 
(lamps); to ill-treat; to blow up (any one); to fit 
up (a house); to trim up, to dress out. itn jar- 
din; to do up a garden. quelqtie chose; to con- 
trive something. sex affaires ; to settle one's 
affairs. II Va (it range de Id bonne mctnlkre,' he 
gave it him well, gave him his deserts. Comme 
vous voila, arranqe ! what a sight you look ! 
what a figure you cut! Arranges tout cela; set 
all those things in order. Cela in? arrange* ; that 
suits me. O la, ne m* arrange pas ; that does not 
suit me. Art angest'Vons ; settle it among your- 

.<?' arranger, t.r M to put, place one's self; to 
settle; to set to rights, to be placed, arranged, 
to arrange, to make arrangements; to set one's 
house in order, to compound; to bo all right; 
to contrive, to make shift, to put tip (with), Oeln 
s' arrange? a,; thab will be all right.. II jt^st tre* 
bien arrange ; he has mado IUH house very com- 
fortable. Qu'il ^auanfte com we if vouflra ; lot 
him do as he likes. Arrangfi-rous; do anlteHt 

fou csn ; that is your lookout. Je w 'en arrange. ; 
make shift with it. J $'<<$*, arrang& avee'sa 
cr&anciers; he has come to terms with his credi- 

arrentement (-niSn), .?/?., (l u.) renting; let- 
ting out. Tenirpar ; to rent. 
arrenter, t?,., (l.u.) to rent, to lot out, 
arr^rager, t'.n., to get in arrears* 

n m ^.,aneir&. Mandat d"~~ d& 
rentes j dividend warrant Laist>ei CQUID ses ; 
to let one's arrears run on. 

arrestation, n f* , arrest, cuwlody. Eire en f'tat 
d" 1 ; to be in custody. Mcttie quelqitfun en ; 
to arrest any one. Operer V (fuue baiulc de 
volemSf to capture a giing of tlnoveb. 

atret, n w., decree , decibion, award, judg- 
ment ; sentence, attachment (oi both perbonn 
and goods), (horol.) stop-v\ork, (tt'di )ret, stop, 
stay. de moit , .sentence oi death par d<j- 
Jaut; judgment byddault. Clnen d 1 - ; setter, 
pointer. JZoibinetd' , .stop-code. IMttibon (/' , 
].ul, lock-up. Mandat a"* ; warrant. s 
totces, simplex; (nnlit ) clohe, open, ivnw.t. 
Aux *; (nulit ) under ancht, kopt in (Hchol ). 
Mettie aux t s , (unlit ) to put under arnvst. 
Leva les ,9 / (nulit ) to release from arroht. 
Piononcer un , to pronounce judgment, to 
pass sentence. Mettie fa lance en ; to couch 
the lance Temps d" 1 , paiuse, stoppage, intoi- 
imssion. /i'w ; at lest (oi a lanco) ; locked (oi a 

arretd, w.w., agreement, icholution; order, de- 
cision (oi the police). - <le compte , (com.) ac- 
count agreed upon. 

arreti, -e, part., stopped; hived, agreed for; 
decreed, agreed upon, icnolvod ii[)ou; urroHtc<i; 
fastened Avoir des jtft'ct>"-?$; to have iixt'<l 
ideas. Dew in ; settled dcHign. 

arrete-boeuf, .?., ( ) (hot.) cammon, rtt- 

arrete-noJ, n ?., ( ) (icli.) siwkiiiff-flHlii. 

arrete-porte, .w., ( ) gate, door-htop; dooi- 

arreter, -J'.n., to arrest, to stop, to stay; to 
make fast, to fasten; to delay, to detain, to Keep 
hack; to give over ; to put an end to; to HUJ>- 
piess; to fix the attention of; to upprolu;n<l, to 
take into custody, toHcun 1 !, to distrain, to lundcr, 
to impede; to chock, to curb; to staunch; to ulta- 
viato; to throw outol gear (inaclimery), to hmi, 
to engage, * secure; to rcnolve upon, to ttgrcio, 
to conclude, to decree, to nettlo (an account) ; 
to pm, to scotch. tfn jtoiiit <>n couMtiif ; l,o 
faisten a *titch ws i/?tn ,itn ; <o fix oiic'rt 
eyes upon. wi cowricr; to deist} a courier. 
?m volet ;jbo fahteu a Hhuttar. *SV,v cn'tnictcnt 
Pan tf tut arrfttt, ; InscrtMhtorM huvo had him ar 
rested. Qifd-t-ori. arniv tlans < > t l th t want on I 
what has been decided at that meoting? - itn 
wiarche f to conclude a bargain. - ?w r/fww 
tique, tine, chawbrc ; to HCicure, <'ngagii u Mirvnmt, 
a room. wit* place a, la (lib (tenet* ; Lo H(M'ure u 
place in the couch. Jhen ttc I'ari'rfc ; he nth'lui 
at nothing. 

arreter, f.., t > stand Mill, to Hi.<)j>, to iiinlse a 
stay; to stop to bait, (hornet*) ; to )oint f to net (of 

, '.*., to stop, to ]UJH<^ to n^it, to dwell 
upon; to stand still, to halt; to tarry, to loiter; 
to stop; to remain; to lag; to forbear; to hoMitute ; 
to givo over, to HUKpmid; t,o leavo oil' ; to Iw <JH- 
barniHBed; to be concluded (of hurtfuiuN); t( (J* 1 ** 
Bifit; to reoolve upon; to draw up (of ciU'HutfetO; 
to be allayed (of pain), to bo thrown out of gem* 
(of machinery) ; to be fuHtmuui, to be pJamod 
down. Ma wotifre tfttrrcft ; my waich ntojm* // 
tfarrdte, la mfanair? Im mawftte ; lw h^HitateM, 
his memory fails him, // >HC fanf /w,v ,yV//vv//7' 
a cv qtfiil <Ht ; one mumt not nihid wliftt he HH.VH* 
Vans vous tirrctez a tfi'it rfrim : you niou ttt tH 


arretisto, w.., compiler of dmnwn* 
Garrhement, n.m..the giving of <uirn<<Ml money* 

arrher, t./r,, to give earneMt-inoisi^y. 

arrhes (fir), re/, pl n carrwt t (twrndMt-motwy. 
3)ow)tr tin ; to pay a deposit, 

arriere, .., back part. t\wr\ (itav.) 
/;' ; (navO aft. tin / biwk ! Kn 



abaft. En ; iti arrears. En de ; behind. 
Surveillant de I 1 , (nav.) aiter-guard. Se ran- 
ger de V ; (nav.) to veer. Tomber de V , 
(nav.) to fall astein. Avon (event , or pier 
vent ; to sail beiore the wind. 

arri&re, adv., behind (of time and place); (nav.) 
ait, abatt. Drort ; light abait. Avon vent ; 
to go befoie the wind. 

arrlere, int , away 1 avaunt ! 

arriere', -e, a<tj , in an ears., behindhand. 

arrie'r^, n m , arrears. Liquuler /' ; to pay 
up ui rears. // a beaucoup <?' dans sa cone- 
spon dance , he is veiy much behindhand in his 
cor i espondenee. 

arriere-ban, n.m., ( --- s) ameie-ban, re- 

arriere-bec, n ?., ( --- $) (arch.) starling; 
breakwater, cutwatei. 

arriere-boucn, n f , ( --- ,?) (anat ) swallow 
(of the thioal), phaiynx, posterior fauces. 

arriere-boutniue, n / , ( --- s) back shop. 
arriere-change, n w., ( --- s) compound m- 

arriere-corps, .?w., ( ) (arch,) recess; back- 

arriere-cour, ./,, ( - -s) back yard, back 

arriere-dos, .?., ( ) (arch.) altar-screen, 

arri&re-essalm, w.w., ( --- s) aftei -swarm. 

amere-faix, ,w., ( ) (surg.) alter-birih. 

arriere-fennier, .i., ( --- ,) under-farmer, 
mid 01 -tenant 

arri6re-fief, .?., ( --A) arriero-foe 01 

arriere-JEleur, ?//, (---#) second blossom, 

arribre-garant, *.w., ( . s) (jur.) double 
security; aecurily ol the bail. 

arri^ro-garde, ./., ( --- -#) i<ar-guurd; (nav.) 

arrlero&out, n.m., ( ,v) after-taste. 

arrI6r, -main, n./.j (- ,v) back stroke ; 
ItuultluartorH (of a horHo). 

arri6re-noveu, n,m n ( ----- x) groat-nepliew. 
Zv x ; doHCdndantH, the latowt potority. 

arr!6re-pens6e, n,/., (- --- ,s 4 ) montal roaorva- 

arriere-potitc-fillo, w,/., ( ---- A ,v) groat- 

aoltore-potit-fils, n 7/1,, ( j-- ) roat- 


arrlero-plan, .. (~. $) (patut.) back- 

arrlbre-point, w,w>., ( -,) back-Htitch.. 

arrl6ro-pointexiso, w ./. ,( - - *) l)ack-8tifcclutr. 

arri^e-port, *./;*., iuuor harbor, 

arrlorer, ?ur., to <tUor, to put oil, to throw 

v'ani<$ror, '/?.?*., to Htay behind; to b<i in arrcarB 
(of pnymmit). 

arriinr0-iial8on,/.,( * ,t) autumn. ^* r/<" 
J! Ti ; timi <w(,ining of duyn, ol<l aajo. 

arrioro-train, .//<,, (*-. 

arrl6ro-vas8aL n ./,,( ff,wf /) rar- vassal, 

arrlore-voussuro, ./.,( --- -.f) batik-arch. 

arrixnage, n,w., (nav.) Htowugo, trhu of th 

arrimer,, (nav,) to ntowaway; totrliw the 

arrlser, t/.rt, (tiiiv.) to tottcJi^ 

attiViljp ^,WK, (nav.) arrival. 

arriv^o, nj n arrlvnl, utriu]i<*t Jippwach, laud- 
faitfj coining axtvHut; (imv.) fulling off. i<w-way, 
41 *' fof on the arrival of, AwmlfDt ton " ; 
itumwdiatttly aftur hl arrival. Jt>ur& tV ; uiau 

HOilTWi v.n M to coimift to land; to bar down; 
to arrive afc, to appt*oault f to be coming; to hap- 

pen, to chance, (nav.) to bear up, to bear down, 
to veer, to come to pat>b, to occur, to beiall, to 
chance, to attain, to reach, to succeed. ft I'ags 
de, , to attain the age of. Le navue airive de ce 
cote; the ship is bearing down this way. La 
venture amva f the coach arrived. La 7iuita)- 
i iva ; night came on. Un accident lui est at i ive ; 
au accident has happened to him. II airmail a 
grands JHI$ } he wass approaching with rapid 
strides a bon port j to reach home aalely, to 
land, (ot letteifa) to come to hand h st'Ajins, 
a. -so??, but; to compass one's ends. II a r nive 
tons les jours que; it happens every day that. 
II Im et>t at live de due; he happened to say. 
D^ou 'il est uiuve que; whence it catiie to pass 
that. S'tl aitive que vous aycz besom de moi , it 
you should chance to want me. Quel tnalheut en 
peut-il a) rive? ; what mischief can it entail ? 
Quoi qnhl <niive; come what may. Qu'en m- 
ttvenr-f-il ? what Avill be the consequence, 01 the 
upshot''' Ceht tie m^mnvent plus ; I will nevei 
do so again. Un malheui n'arnve jamais seul ; 
misfoituneh nevci come wngly. AitiveaJ (lain.) 
come on! come in I Aitive qui plante^ (imve 
que pouira; (prov.) happen what may, in any 
case. comme watee en Care me; to come in 
the nick of time. 

arroTbe, w /., Spanish weight, airoba. 

arroche, ?/,/., (bot.) oiach, goose-toot; moun- 
tain spinach. 

arrogaminent (-ga-man)j adv., arrogantly, 
haughtily, insolently. 

arrogance, ./., airogauco; hauglitmeasj su- 

arrogant, -e, ndj,, arrogant, haughty, bupei- 

s'arroger, v ? ., to arrogate to one's self, to a& 
Hume, to claim. 

0arroi, n.m , arr<iy, equipage. JStie en inauvats 
, to be in a sad pickle. 

arroildl, -e,p<nt , joundod, made round; full. 
Un viMtf/e , a lull f.u'e. 

arrondir, , to in.ike n thing round, to lonnd 
olf; to aggrandize, to extend, niomjHo; (paint.) 
to lound oil; (nav.) to double (a oapm). wie 
pf'node ; to round oil a poi lod. ?/w $/e , (nav.) 
to nail round an island. AY.? htena; to increane 
ona'H ewtate. 

A-'arrondir, .r., to lound, to got round; to in- 
crease one's GHtat<\ 

arrondlssement (-man), ?*.?//., rounding, 
making round; rouudneBHj diwtrict, circuit; 
wtird (of a town). 

arrosago, w.?n M iri igation, watering* 

arrosoment (u-vC^-man), w,7w M watering, 
Hprinkling, beHpnnklmg ; (cook.) baHting; pay- 
ing all lound, stake, pool (at play). 

arrosor, ?.<?., to wutw, to nrlpitw, to Iw- 
Hprhikle, to wot; to bedew, to Roak, to batho 
(with toarn), (cook.) to banto, to diHtributo 
moiKjy. deb crt'itHcwrs , to p.vy OIH^'H crodi- 
torw a tiuHo. -inv>w ccvv (fetis-Ia ; keep in wiUi 
tliOHQ poo]>l (by giving them tirifhng pronontH). 
'UU rejHis dc> win; to wanh <lown a meal with 

arrosoir, .*., wnti^ring-pofc. 

arrowroot, .w M ("?') ariow-x"oot 

arrugio, ./., (mining) drain. 

ars w.?. ;^., (vt.) vein of th fore log; limb. 
tftt'ftfntr mi cfieiwt <mx qtttitre"-*] to bliM'u a horwe 
in all four !#. 

arsenal) w.w. arHcnal. -rf wartntt douto 

ars^nlate,, arsonlato. 

ars^nlat^, adj., Combined wfth 

arsenic, w*,, arnonlc, 

arsenical, -e, adj., nvmnlwil. 

ars6nleux, ///., arsoniouH. 

are^niquo, adj., (chenu) 

ars^nite, n.m., 




arsis, n.f, (gram., mus.) arsis. 

ait, n.m., art, skill; cunning, artifice. Les 
lei mes de /'; technical terms. IS nnhtait e , 
military art. Les sliberauz; the libeial arts. 
Les beaux 5; the fine arts. s manufactu- 
rers; arts and manufactures. angehque , 
(lust ) angelic art. 5 d'agrement ; accomplish- 
ments. Bachehei es s ; bachelor of arts. Mai- 
ire es s ; master of arts. Ouw age & ; work 
of art. Maitres de Z' ; the connoisseurs, the 
learned, the masters of their craft. Homme 
del" 1 , doctor. Hal* de reussir dani> lout ce 
gu'il entreprend ; lie has the art of succeeding 
in all his undertakings. Z' perfecttonne la 
nutwe; ait improves nature. 

artere, ft./., artery. Piquer une ; to open an 

arte'riel, -le, adj., aiterial. 

artedole, n.f., (auat.) small artery, 

artgriologie, nf., aitenoiogy. 

arttirlotomie, nf, arteiiotomy. 

artftlte, n.f., artentis. 

arte*Sien, -ne (-m, -e-n), ailj , n , artesian 
Pints , artesian well. 

arthralgie, nf., arthritis. 

arthrite, n.f., (med.) arthritis. 

arthritique, adj., arthritic. 

ar thro die, nf., (anat.) aithrodia. 

arthrose, n J., arthrosis. 

artichaut. n.m , artichoke, s, spikes on a 
fence or gate. des toits ; house-leek. 

article, n.m., article, head; paragraph, mat- 
ter, thing, subject; point; item, (gram.) aiticle; 
(anat.) aiticulation; (bot ) article, waie, goods 
-de fond; leading article, de Paris, Puns 
speciality. West un aut?e ; that 's ai, other mat- 
ter. Ce n'e&t pas un de foi ; it is not worthy 
of credit. Nous lewiendrons sw cet ; we shall 
resume this subject. (7'c.s/ tin h petit; that is 
a separate article A V de la mort; at the 
point of death. Fai 1 ) e V ; to puff one's goods. 

articulaire, adj' , (med.) articular. 

articulation, n.J., articulation, joint; (bot, 
anat.) joint, aiticulation, (jur ) allegation. 

articule', -e, part , articulate, aiticulated, ut- 
tered, jointed, vertebrated. D^mie mamere e ; 
articulately, distinctly. 

artlculer, ?'.., to articulate, to pronounce; to 
enumerate; to set forth. 

j'artlculer, v.r., to be articulated or jointed, to 

articuler, v w , to articulate 

artifice, n.m., art; contiivance; slyness, cun- 
ning, oraft, deceit, trick, stiatagem, shuffle 
Ca.issed? , (nav ) powder-chest. Un fni f/' ; 
fireworks, pyrotechnics. Tirer un Jcu d? , to 
let off fireworks. 

artlflclel, -le, atfv , artificial. 

artificiellement (-man), adv , artificially 

artificier, n.m , fireworks-maker, pyiotech- 

artificieusement (-euz-man), adv., cunningly, 
craftily, artfully, silly. 

artificieu-X, -se, adj., artful, cunning, crafty ; 
ahulfliug, sly 

0%rtill6, -e, adj , (nav ) mounted with can- 
non. Vaisseaw , aimoied vo&sel. 
*artillerie, nf, artilleiy, ordnance. Ui>e 
yi&'e d" 1 , a piece of oidnance. OTOMC -, 
heavy artillery. l&fern, light artilleiy. ~~ 
de campagne, field aitillery. de stf>ge ; 
battering or siege artillery a, pied ; j'oot 
aitillery. a, cheval; horse artilleiy Pure 
<f- ; park of artilleiy. Tiain rf'-~; train 
of artillery, Comit& rf'-~; board of ord- 
*artilleur, n.m , artilleryman, gunner. 

artimon, n.m., (nav.) uuzzeu Mi rf' j 
mizzen mast. Hime rf' , mmen top. 

artisan, n.m., artisan, haiifficiaftsman, opera- 
tive, artificer, mechanic, c^nitsnian; author, 
architect, contriver. 

artison, n.m., (ent.) wood-fietter, moth. 

artisonne", adj., worm-eaten. 

artiste, n artist, player, performer, actor, 

artistement, adv., in an artistic manner; skill- 
fully, artistically. 

artistiaue, adj , arti&t-hke, nitistic, of art. 

arum (-rom), n.m., (bot.) aium, wake-iobin. 

aruspice, n m., aruspex, diviner, .sooth.sayei. 

aruspicine, nf., (antiq. ) aiuspicy. 

aryen, -ne, adj., i> , Aiyau 

aryt^noide, adj., (anat.) arytrcnoid. 

as (ftss), n.m , ace (at cards, dice); as (Roman 

asaret, n.m., (bot.) asarum. 

asarum, (-roiu), ?/ m., asarabacca, asarum. 

asbeste, n.m., asbestos. 

ascaride, n m., (ent.) a,scnris. 

ascendant, ti.m., attendant; ascendency, in- 
fluence; powei, ruling paswon, ancestor. Aroh 
de /' sur ; to have influence over. 5 et de- 
scendants ; ancestors and descendants. 

ascendant, -e, adj., absconding, nHCondaut, tip- 

ascenseur, n.m., hoist, lift 

ascension, n.f., accent; up-btioko (of ma- 
chinery); ascension; ascending, rising; Ahcon- 
sion-day, Holy Thursday. Jour de /'- ; Holy 

ascensionnel, -le, adj., ascensional. 

ascete, n.m.f., ascetic, anchoret; monk. 

asc&ique, atfj , ascetic, rigid, bevore, 

asc^tiq,ue, n m., ascetic. 

asce'tiq.ue, n.f., ascetic doctrine. 

asc^tisme, n m., aHcetihnu 

asciens (as-&i-in), ti.m. pL, (geog ) AHuians. 

asclte, n.f., ascitea, common diopny. 

ascltique, adj , dropnical, uhcitic. 

ascl^piade, .m,., (poet ), awiepiad. 

ascldpiade, adj , (poet ) formed ol aaolepiadB. 

ascldpiade, nf., or ascle'pias, n.m., (bot.) 
asclepias, swallow- wort. 

asiarcat, n m , dignity of an aHiaich. 

asiarque, n m., (hiht ) ahia,roh. 

asiatique, adj , n , A,si.-itic 

asile, n.m., asylum, rofuge, places of rofugA, 
shelter, sanctuary; liaibor, rotroat, protection. 
Salle d, ; infant school. *SV rh d 1 ; to Mliclter* 
Sans ; aheltcrlosa, home/loHH. 

asile, n.m,, wasp-lly. 

asine, adj.J., (l.u.) jiHinino, of the own Itfte 
; ass; blockhead. 

aspect, n.m., uHpoct, vunv, night; look, coun- 
tenance; phane, point of view, 

asperge, /., ahparngus (Ju'iul of). />'r///c* 
cZ' .? ; bundle of anparagiiH. 

aspergement, w.7. t Hprinkhng. 

aspergerie or aspergiero, ./, jutpurugtiM- 
bed or ground, 

asperges (-J^HH), w.w/. f aMpergjlltum, holy- 
water sprinkler. j<> .w/> arrtvt a, I* I <<u. 
tered the church an the pneb wiWHprinlding tin 
people with holy-wnter. 

?</., a,H|>oraI<in, 

ness; Im 

aspersoir, n.m., holy-wntnr bruHh ; row (of a 


asp^rulo, w,/,, (bot.) wood-ruff, 
asphalte, n.m., aHplttvlt, aHplutiiutti* 

Dead 8e. 

asphodel e, 
wild dall'odil. 


,, (bot.) 




asphyxiant, adj. 9 asphyxiating, suffocating. 

asphyxie, /., (med ) asphyxy, suftocation, 
suspended animation. 

asphyxid, w.m.,-e, /., a person in a state 
of asphyxia. 

asphyxier, v.a. , to cause asphyxia, to suffocate, 
Le gaz les asphyxia ; the gas suffocated them. 
^' asphyxier, v.r. 9 to destioy one's self by 

aspic, n.m., aspic; asp ' k bot.) aspic; spike- 
nard , spike-lavender ; (cook ) cold meat or 
fish, with jelly Langue c ; T. viper's tongue. 

aspirant, -e, adj., suction, sucking (of 

aspirant, n.m., -e, ,./,, candidate, suitor, 
aspirant, postulant ; midshipman. au doc- 
torat; candidate for a loctor's degree. d& 
marine / niidblupman. 

aspirateur, n.m , (of n pumps) exhauster. 

aspiration, n.f , inhaling, inspiration ; (gram.) 
aspiration, bicatlung; (ot pumps) exhaustion, 
suction ; aspiration, longing after, fervent de- 
sire. Tuyan iV ; exhausting pipe. 

aspird, -e, at?j , aspirate , (hydi.) exhausted. 

aspirde, ?*./., (gram.) aspirate. 

aspirer, ?>.,, to inspire; to inhale; to draw 
in; to suck in; (giain.) to aspuate; (hydr.) to 

aspirer, v ., to aspire, to covet, to aim at. 
aitx konneurs / to aspire after honors. 
^'aspirer, v.r. 9 to suck ; to be inhaled. 

aspre, n m,. 9 asper, a Tinkish com. 

assa, n.f. (w.p.), concrete gum, asa, asm. 

assabler, v t a. 9 to fill with sand. 

assabler, v,n, 9 to i un agi ound , to be stranded. 

assa dulcis, w / (n ;>.), awi-chileis, benzoin. 

assa foetAda, n,f., (phar.) assatetida. 

assaglr, .., to make wiao, to impart wis- 
dom. />* ,?'.'/*., to become wise. 
*assaillant, -.?., aggressor, assailant, be- 

assaillaiit, -o, adj., aggressive. 
*assallllr, v.a. 9 to aHsault, to assail, to attack; 
to HurpnHO, to boset, to oomo upon, 

assalnir, 7/.//., to make, to render healthy. 
$' -, v.r. 9 to become healthy. 

assalnlssomont (-man), n.m., sanitation, 
purification, Halubnty, drainage. 

assaisonnpment (-zo-n-man), n.m., condi- 
ment, seasoning, droHwhig. 

assaisoimor, ?ur., to Hoasou, to dress, to 
spice; to give a rnlwli to ; to inako palatable ; to 
set off, to give a xont to. 

assaisomieu-r, n.m., -se, ./., Heasoner. 

assassin, n.m,,, aHHaHHhi, murdornr, nnir- 
doroHH ; ruiuun. A /' / murdorl (/'/'iVTcW--; 
to <"all out unmUvr. 

assassin, -e, <f<?j., killing, nuir<lm'<ms t 

assassinant, -o, <nlj., (txcoodingly tfrcBome, 
boring; killing, juurdonug. 

assassinat, w.w., anHaHHluation, willful mur- 
d<u% hoiuU*i(l(^ miwlt^r, 
(Oassassinatoiir, n.w^ ;IHHUHHUI, murdorcu*. 

assassinor, v*a, 9 to anAiuiHluato, to murder, 
to muktt awny with ; to boro, to twaiM, to plaguo 
any on(^ to (loath. 

assaut, M.'/., aHaault, ntorm, oivnot, ou- 
Hlaught 5 attack^ whook ; fcnclug match, asuault. 
thunw r fa um phtoef to Htorm a placa. 
JSmpoffar nun vfl!e tf 1 ; to carry a town by 
Htorm. ffiiir-~<l''t$j)rlt; to inako a trial of 
wit* JF'Wrtf i (ftf / to vi with oa(5h othcir hi* 

asBdchafte, assdchoment, n.m., drying up. 

assdchor, '/'.,, to <lrnlu (mtuo); to dry up. 

asomblago, ?<.w.. aHWrtuWapto, collection, 
union' Hivt, combination; ()>i'hit.) gathering; 

(nav.) tabling | (csarn. 

afl3emt>16, *.0 <parf. f iiMfi<unl>ld,unltft<l, joined. 

assembltfo, /., aHWiuWy, mooting, om- 
pwiy, party; convocation ; congregation (of 

churches) ; meeting, meet (of hunters). St 
leunir en piibhque , to meet in public as- 
sembly. & se tient ; the meeting is being 
held. de jeu ; card-party 

assembler, v ., to collect, to gather; to get, 
brmg, put or lay, together ; to assemble, to con- 
voke, to call together; (print.) to gather; 
(caip.) to turn, to scarf. 

s' assembler, v.r., to assemble, to meet, to 
come, to get or gathei, together; to congregate, 
to muster. Qui se ressemble $' * assemble ; birds 
of a feather flock together. 

assembleu-r, n.m , -se, w./., gatherer, col- 

assener, v.a., to strike, to deal (a blow). 12 
lui a^sSna un coup de poing ; he struck him a 
violent blow with his fist. 

assentiment, n.m. 9 assent. 

assentir, v n. y to agree to, to assent, (hunt,) 
to scent 

asseoir (-softr), (asseyant, as&is), v a., to 
seat, to set or put in a chair; to set, to lay, to 
fix ; to establish, to rest, to ground; to pitch ; 
to settle, to assess ; to train (a horse). les 
fondements d'une mtnson; to lay the founda- 
tions of a house. une rente / to settle an an- 
nuity. un camp ; to pitch a camp. Faiie 
quelqifun a sa table; to admit any one to one's 

^'asseoir, ?>.?'., to sit, to sit down, to be seated, 
to settle, to perch. As&eyez-vous f sit down. 

asserment^, -e, part., sworn. 

assermenter, v.a , to swear in, to administer 
the oath to. 

asserti-f, -ve, adj. 9 assertive. 

assertion, n f , assertion, affirmation. 

asservir, v,a,, to enslave, to i educe to servi- 
tude or slavery , to subiect ; to enthrall ; to 
bring under subjection; to master, to subdue, to 

asservissant, adj. 9 enslaving, subjecting, 

asservissement (-man), ///?,, subjection, 
enthrallment, bondage, servitude, slavery. 

assesseur, n.m , assessor (judge). 

assetto, nf. 9 adze, hatchet. 

assez, <i(t'i>*, enough, sufficiently; pretty, 
rather. ,T*en ai ; I have had enough ot it. 
1 r 0M* avez fait ; you have dono enougli. Vela, 
est lien ; that m pretty well. (Jelte femme, 
est jolie ; this woman IH lather pretty. <V/ 
pamii vrai'semblahle ; that appears likely 
enough. ef plus git* iln'en f nut; enough and 
to Bpare. C'est ,ew voila , enough, that will 
do. parlfi ; enough talking. (?>*/ loi.i ; 
it is rather far. On- ne saurait avoir dc so hi 
de sd santk / diio cannot take too much oare of 
one's health. Cela est de mtw youf ; I like it 
well enough. Mj/.v-'/V' tnalfienrc((,r I could X 
be more unfortunate t volont feist, (f ban 
etmv ; readily enough. 

assidu, -e, (??"., assiduous, punctual ; diligent, 
constant, attentive. 

assiduite', -/., assiduity, application, dili- 
gence, attention. 

assidument, adv., assiduously, conHtantly v 
Htululously, diligently, punctually. 

assi6g(5, tt.m., beaiegod. L(>s $ jftrcnt un& 
sort'ic f the besieged made a sally. 

assi^geant, -e, adj., benieging. 

assi6goant, n.m., benioger* 

assl^ger, v.a., to besiege, to lay sieges to; 
to BUrrouud ; to beet, to dun. $cs CT&anchT* 
Vtimtytnt; liiB creditor** dun him* 

asislette, n,/. plate; seat, situation, sitting:, 
powture; tone, wtate of thft tnlnd; terapor, oow- 
dition of ono'B mind; aHBOHwment (of taxcw); 
(uav.) trim; (num.) noat; (arch.^ sito. * 
wmehes; clean plates, fine a taupe? a 
iiou|> plate. Wargent f a silver plate. .' 




cTune eglise / the site of a church. IS d^un 
bailment; the situation of a building Cela 
n'ent pat> dans son ; that is not steady. II 
rfe^tpas danf, son , he is out of soits, not at 
his ease, Fame V de; to assess. PiquerV, 
to sponge. Pique ; spongei. L'-~ d'une 
rente/ the assignment of an annuity, d'un 
vaisseau , trim of a ship. Casseurd's; swag- 
gerer. Son dine pour lui ; present or not, 
he pays all the same. 

assiette~e, ./., a plateful. 
^assignable, adj., assignable. 
0*assignant, n.m. V. demanfleur, 
*assignat, n.m>, assignat (French paper 
money. Legs par ; specific legacy. 
Assignation, n.f., summons, subpoena, writ, 
appointment, tendezvous, assignation; assign- 
ment; transfer; (com.) check, tiignijierune 
a quelqiCun; to serve a writ upon any one. 
Fail e line de , to make an assignment of ; 
(com.) appointment. Manquer & V ; to break 
an appointment. 
*assign6, -e, pari.^ summoned. 
*assigne", n.m., -e, n.f., defendant. V. delen- 

^assignor, I'.ff., to summon, to subpoena; to 
assign ; to appoint, to allow, to allot. Obtenir 
permission d" 1 quelqu^un ; to take out a writ 
against any one. 

assimilable, adj., assimilable, 

assimilation, n.f., assimilation. 

assimiler, v a., to assimilate, to liken, to 
compare. $' a qudqifun; to compare one's 
self to any one. 

assis, -e, part,, seated. Mestez ; keep 
your seat. Voter par et levy; to give one's 
vote by rising or by remaining seated 

assise. nf. t (arch.) a course; (geol ) layer, 

assises,, assizes, session Gourd 1 ' ; 
Assize Court. Temi les ; to hold the assizes. 
Get homme twnt ses dans la tnaison; this man 
is the oracle of the house 

assistance, nf., assistance, help, aid, ichet, 
comfort; audience, company, by-standers; con- 
gregation (in a church). ~publtqite; poor-law 

assistant, M.TM., -e, /., assistant (of religious 
orders), onlooker, by-stander, beholder, specta- 
tor. 11 put loits Ifs .<? & temom ; he took all 
present to witness. 

assistant, -e, adj., asKistant, helper. 

assister, ?>.., to be at, to be present at, to at- 
tend, to stand by, to look on, to witness. 

assister, .</., to assist, to help; to succor ; to 
aid, to support; to attend. les prnwres; to 
relieve the poor. ses amis de" son credit; to 
use one's interest in favor of. Dieu vims as- 
fiste; God help you I 

association, n.f., association, partnership, so- 
ciety; combination. Contrat d* ; deed ot part- 
nership. ilUqale; conspiracy, defecours 
muiuels ; friendly benefit society. Fair? une 
avec que2qu*un; to enter into partnership with 
any one. 

associe', n m.,-e, nf., associate; fellow; mem- 
ber; companion ; partner. bailleur defends, 
commandlfatre ; sloeping partner. 

associer, v.a, t to associate, to admit or receive 
as a partner ; to take into partnership ; to divide 
or share something with any one. 
s'associer, ?;.r., to enter, to get into partnership 
with one $ to associate one's self with, to join, to 
combine, to be joined or connected with; to make 
any one a party to. 

assoiffer, v.n*,, to become thirsty. 

assolement .wt., (agn,) rotation of orops. 

assoler, v,a., (agn.) to vary the cropu. 

assoinbrir, v.., to darken, to make gloomy, 
to throw a gloom over, to sadden, to cloud, $' , 

v.r., to become, grow dark, gloomy; to daiken 
(of the brow). 

assonimant, -e, adj., wearisome, tiresome, 
boring, killing, oppressive (of heat). Cet homme 
est , this mam is a great bore. 

assommer, v ., to beat to death, to knock on 
the head; to beat unmercifully; to overpower; to 
overwhelm, to bear down; to pester, to bore; to 
grieve, to oppress; to plague to death. a 
coups de b&ton ; to beat to death with a stick. 
La chaleur in'assonwie ; the heat overpowers 

i' assommer, -v.r., to kill one's self, to be ovei- 
whelmed, to oveibmdon OIIC'H feelf. Vous vous 
as&ommez it force de ti avail; you are killing 
yomself by too much labor. 

assommcur, n. m., slaughterer, fellur (of 

assommoir, .?/i., trap; loaded bludgeon. 
Coup d'- ; ovei powering blow. Quel / what 
a bore ( 

assompti-f, -ve, adj>, assumptive. 

assomption, nj., asbinuption; (rol.) Assump- 
tion (Aug. 15). 

assonali, n m. V. sonna. 

assonance, ./., assonance. 

assonant, -e, <utj , assonant. 

assort!, -e,,part., stookod, iumishod ; matolied; 
sorted; paired; suitable. // ?<'// a, point de mar* 
chand inicux ; no Khop-lcccper ia bettor 
stocked. Un manage bien ; a very suitable 

assortment, .., sot; aeBoi'tnuuit, stock, 
collection ; match ; sorting ; combination, hwi es 
d* ; books on sale (not published by the ven- 

assortir, v.., to sort, to match, to pair, to 
stock, to fmmsh. Mai ; to nun-mulch. </<",? 
couleurs; to match colora, tcne boutique, to 
stock a shop, 

assottir, v z., to match, to soi t, (<> huit, to pair. 
f'assortir, v,r,, to match, to apfrco, to wuit; to 
be a match, to bo suitable. 

assortissant, -, adj., suitablo, Ixu'oiulng, 

assote*, -e, ftdj>, infatimU'd, cxtr<nncly fond, 
doting on. 

assotet, ?Jw., (fain, and iron.) to befool, to 
infatuate; to besot. A''- , /'.;', to bo i'ooliHhly 
fond of. 

assoupir, i;.a.,to mako drowny, lu^avy, dull; 
to lull, to assuago, to allay, to w)f trii ; to l<n<l(H ; 
to suppress, to ntillc, to htill, to (luititi, to Inwh, 
to hush up. 

tf'assoupir, v.r., to grow di-owny, iltill, liMvy, 
sleepy; to fall anloop ; to do/o; to IHI nwmingiHl, to 
be woakonod; to IK^ ajiju-aHod, to 1> Htllbul, 

assoiipissant, -e, <//,, drowny, nloi^ty, Hopo- 
xiferouB, sopoiittc. IhtiCtHtu ; wi>c<H*h tliat 
sends one to wloc-p. 

assouplssoment (-mEn)? n t w n <iro\VHiiH*HH, 
mGepmraH, hoavhuHH ; cim4mHnciHH, Mloth, uojujli* 
getice, supiniuiH8, htinhing up; (nicd,) coiiuw 

assouplir, 7'.^., to mnlw nupjilo, to r<ixl<r J!<'\- 
iblo, tractable ; (nnn.) to hr<ak in, ww vhtwtt f 
to break in n horn*", unc /'/#//<'/ to muifUc* a 
stuff soft. 

^'assoupllr, f.r., to IWCOUHI wipplo, ijuuuig^- 

assourdir T v.a., to <l<>af<'n, lo inako dmf ; to 
stun; to tuuMe (a boll, ftn *<')? (lHift,) to 
-v'assourdir, t'.n, to jpftow dmf, 

assourdissant, wtj n dtud'atih, 

assourdissement, ?/,/ 
mufllinfC, <lMi<kihig ; Iwin 

assouvlr, w.<?., to glut, fco mttntKi, to Hoy, t 
jswrfftit, to gratify, m jxttxttm* t to gratify 
one f paIoiw m /ft; IP Mitlftt* *' 1 i 




#.r., to be satiated, glutted, sur- 
feited, cloyed, gratified. 

assouvisseiaent (-mSu), n m , glutting 1 , cloy- 
ing, satiating. 

assujeitir, or assujdtir, v.a. t to subdue, to 
enthrall, to bung under, into, subjection; to sub- 
ject, to tie down ; to oblige , to n\, to fasten, to 
wedge m. ses passions , to master one's pas- 
sions. & h quelque chose; to tie one's self 
down to a thing. 
s'assnjettir, v n, to subject orie't. self to. 

assujettlssajlt, -6, flv/?., binding, constraining, 
fettering, restrictive. 

assujettissement (-man), n m., subjection, 
enthrallment ; constiamt. 

assumes 1 , v ., to take upon one's* self, to as- 

assurance, nf, assurance, certainty, certi- 
tude, secunty, a.ifety ; pledge ; trunt, confidence , 
protestation, promise ; insurance ; boldneua, con- 
fidouce, hardihood. manhmej marine m- 
simmeo con Ire Vincciulie; ilre insurance 
snr risquen orifmanet, ; common insur- 
ance. .s?*/* la, vtc; life msuinnce. But fan 
d' ; msur.uNie-ofTieo. Courtier d"> ; insurance 
broker. Police. (V , policy insurance* Avec ; 
gafply. Jl CK(, en lieu, d'~ ; he is in a safe 
place. Dwiiics-woi (icy <sf give rnc si secuiity. 
jP/tws wa mo ntre, pour ; take my xvatoh as a 
Howmty. 11 'met son en Jheit; he puts IUH 
trunt in (rod // pa tie twee ; he speaks boldly. 
JPrenes de V ; put on a lifcfcle Asawance. II '# 
a pasd* - A prendrft en voits; there i no reliance 
to bo placed in you. 

assure, n,/., woof, toxturc. 

assure^ -e, w//, sure, wife, secure; certain; 
bold, oonfltUml ; impudent ; truaty ; mmwd. 
Une rdraite e ; a Hafo retreat. Sa po te est 
(!/ liia ruin is infallible. 

assure*, n.m,, -0, w /., parson insured, 

aBSltrdmont, atfv , assuredly, surely, to be 
BULQ; Uoul>tU*HH, uudoilu41y, coriamly, sure 
(>nouj;h. Out, , yon, doubtlofls. noil ; eor 
tuuily uot. 

assurer, v.ti to asHiiro (a person of a thing) ; 
to HHhn"t, to uilUm, U> proiuiHo ; to Becure, to 
iual; mire of ; to guarautBO ; to mbpmi with 
voiiltdcnco ; to Hx ftnuly ; to luHtun , to iiiBiue , 
to iindorwrito ; (man.) to accuHtom to tho bit, 
// a <ww^ ,yo/i (tnjcnt ; 1m IIJIM made wuro of hia 
itionuy. lit butte/M' ot'wi eknuti; to aocuaioni 
a hoi'Hd to bai ihti bit, iwie iH<n,\(i etniita 
/'//HVMC//V ; to iuKUt'o a hotiso ajjfuluMt ilre. *~~poii)' 
ValLcf f (oom.) to iiifiuro oui. potti / retowf 
to inHiHH* home, 

v' assurer, c,r, I'O Hocuro, to make mini of ; to 
awni'turn ; to Iw coniidtaii of, to sjitiKly one's 
HcilC; to IH\ aHHurnd, to \w wit'o ; to bo poraiadtHl, 
to bo (umvhiuod. S'' <!<"> '//'/</" '"" / tOBocure 
tiny <iiHi,"to oiijjjttjjfo hum, S' <Vun {Hist? ; to 
inakw m r ii of a poHltion, 

assureur, n.'/w M uiuh^wrltor, aiHuroir, uHuror. 
n, n,e, adj., n , Annyruut. 
,? ?i'M>i {''Ii<^.,j AHliOiNiu, mmy. 
//./., (MUpff.) Hiilint., bol&Usr. T, at- 

w.w (bot.) Htar-wori, iwi.or, 
e, '//.,/,, anUiria, Ht(y;Hk>uo; Ktar-iiHh. 
., (antroiu) afltortou. 

asth<Snle, w./., (uuul.) (lability t 

asthma (iin-in), W.M., 

astlc, 7.m., glr 

asticot, A.w. f ^nufclpt,'ftt, warm. 

astiooter, v,<t^ to pla^tie 5 to t0ft, to v<tx. /J 
tfiif tQii^ours h w* j lie IH alwftyw plaguluipr two. 

astfqiuor, v,r/ f to poliHlu to ^law ; to ciiian tip, 
to iiroii up. 

, n ?n., astrakhan (fur). 

astragale, n.m., (aich , bot.) astragal ; (anat.) 
astragalus, talus, ankle-bone ; (gilding, pamt ) 
fillet ; milk-vetch, wild hqiionce 

astral, -e, adj., a&tial, starry 

astl&, w.m., star, fixed stai , luminary. 5 er- 
rants , wandering stais. Cette Jemme est belle 
commt un , thib \\oman la quite a pauigon of 

astrde, M/., (ahtron ) Astrea ; (zool.) astrea 

astieindre (astreignant, a&tieint), v a , to 
force, to compel , to subject , to bind down, to 

^'astreindrej v 1 , to confine one's self, to tie 
one's self down, to any tinner 

astrictlon, /, (med.) astriction. 

astringence, n t , astrntg^ncy 

astnngent, -e, adj , astringent 

astringent, M , astringent 

astroite, n / , nstroit. 

astrolabe, n ni , (astrou ) astrolabe. 

astrolatre, w.w?., star-worshiper. 

astrolatne, /., astioiatiy. 

astroiatrlqu, adj., stai-woishiping. 

astrologie. M/., astiology 

astrologique, adj.) a&tiological. 

astrologue (-lof?), n,m , astrologer. 

astronome, n m , a&taouomei. 

astronomie, n / , astronomy. 

astronomiciue. adj., astronomical, astronomic. 

astronoxnlguement (-man), adv., astronomic- 

astuce, nf, craft, guilo, wile, running, 

astucieusement, adv.^ craftily, cunningly. 

astucieu-x, -se, </;'., crafty, wily, 

asyle, v aslle- 

asym^trie, /., asymmetry. 

asymptote, /., (ffeom.) asymptote, 

asysnptotique. (tdj^ asymptotical, 

asyndete, .7M., (rhet.) aayndeton. 

ataraxie, ??/., ataraxy, quietude. 

atavisme, n.m , atavism. 

ataxie, w/., (mod.) ataxy. 

ataxique, </;,, (med.) ataxic, irregular. 

atelier, n w,, workshop, luanulaotory , study j 
Htudio; office, nhed; gang (workmeii). Chef 
(V ; foreman. Tout /' m?a qmtie , all my work- 
men have left mo, Jonr tf 1 ; best, true ligbt. 

atellanes, nf pi , (luwt.) Atellouae. 

atermolement or atermoiment, n.m., delay 
of payment ; composition, doLiy, evaion, ahif t. 

aterrnoyer, v.a., to put oil ; to delay a pay- 

atennoyer, t.n. f to try to gain time; to 
ah n file. 

.v'atennoyer* .r. f to compound with one's 

ath^e,, atheist. 

atli^e, (wljf., atheiBtical, atheistic. 
, n.m., atheism. 

-ne, (-ni-in, -m-c-n), ml/., Atheulou. 
ath^nien, .., -ne, >./., Atluuutui. 
atli5rome, n,m n (mod.) alhoroum, 
athlbte, J., athlete, ; wreatlcir; champion. 
athletlaue, n.f,, athloticH, 
athlfltique, r(/., athletio, athlfttlcal. 
atlanto, .w^., (nroh.) afclantoH. 
atlantlde, ./., AtinntiH. 
atlantldes, n./, p^., (antroiu) Atlautidea. 
atlantique, a(h\ y Atlantic. 
atlantique, n.f., Atlantic. 
atlas? w.w., atlaa ; (anat.) atlam, 
atmosphere, n./., ul 

atoxne, n.m^ atotw, ootj,>UH(l<n 
atomique, crrfy., utoroioal, atcmto* 
atomlama, n.m., fitoininm, doetrino of atoma 
atomiste, 7/.?n., atomist. ^ 


atomistique, adj., atomical. 
atonuc theoiy. 

atone, adj. t atonic, dull, lack-lu&tre, fixed, 

atonie, n f , (rned ) atony, debility. 

atonique, adj., (med.) atonic, debilitated. 

atours, n m. pL, woman's attire, ornament, 
dress. Dame S'-, lady of the bedchamber . 
Eire dans set, pins beaux ; to be diessed in all 
one's finery. [Generally used in the pluial.] 
Gatourner, v a., to attire, to tuck out, to dress 
out, to bedizen. 

atout, TO.WZ., a trump; trump-card. Jouer ; 
to play trumps, (fani ) quietus 

atrabilaire, atfy , splenetic , gloomy, morose, 
peevish, bilious ; melancholy. 

atrabile, / (med), black bile, hypochon- 

atre, n.m , fire-place, hearth, floor (of ovens). 

atrpce, adj , atrocious, odious, gnevous, ciuel, 
flagitious, excruciating. 

atrocement (-man), adv.^ atrociously, cruelly, 

atrocite, /., atrociousness, hemousness, 
gnevousness ; atiocity. 

atropllie, /, (med ) atrophy. 

atrophie, -e, udj , wasted, withered, atiophied, 

atrophier, v.a , to waste, to wither. & , v.r., 
to waste away. 

attaballe, n.m., attabal (Moorish tabor). 

attablg, -e, JWM/., seated at table. 

attabler, v a., to set to table. 
s'attabler, v.r. t to sit down to, to take one's 
place at, table. 

attacliant, -e, affj., engaging, captivating, 
winning, mteiestnig, attractive, pleasing. 

attache, M/, string, cord, strap, leash, tether 
(for dogs) , band (of wood, iron) , tie, fastening 1 , 
rivet ; attachment, inclination ; consent , (anat ) 
attachment, stabling. Mettre tin chien a r , 
to tie a dot? up. Prendre des chevauv ft V ; 
to take in horses, Vvm e sans , to live free. 
Eti e & V ; to be always slaving. 

attache*, -e, pant, , fastened, fixed, attached, 
tied, bound ; intent on, bent on. & son opin- 
ion; wedded to one's own opinion. 

attache", n m , attach*? (of an embassy). 

attacheitient (-tash-mau), n w., attachment ; 
affection ; inclination ; eagerness, constant appli- 
cation, zeal, tie, bond , (arch.) pi., memoranda 
of work done. a. V etude , fondness for study. 

attacher, v.a., to fasten, to make fast, to 
attach, to fix, to stick, to tack ; to connect, to 
join ; to apply, to affix ; to suspend, to hang , 
to hook, to link, to chain, to rivet , to engage, to 
bind, to endeiii , to captivate ; to interest, to 
make attentive, to occupy. avec une &p ingle ; 
to pin. avec une com t oie , to strap. twee 
un c*r oehet / to hook. avec de la colle de pate , 
to pabte. (wee de In colle forte; to glue. 
C'fM ce qui itfattadie & vou$, this !R what binds 
me to you. du prix & qnelque chose; to sot a 
value upon something. le grelot; to bell the 

^'attacher, v.r., to take hold, to hold to, to 
fasten on ; to cling ; to cleave, to stick, to keep 
close, to adhere ; to be attached, to have an at- 
fection for, to interest one's self in; to apply 
one's self to; to gain over. Lapoix s' attach 6 
aux doigts , pitch sticks to the fingers. Us 
s 11 attacher ent Vun a- Vautre, they became at- 
tached to each other. Je ntfattachm a, lui plaire, 
metis en vain, I used all my efforts to please him, 
but in vain. *S" h rcmplir son devoir ; to strive 
to fulfill one's duty 

attaquable, adj., assailable j that may bo afc- 
cacked; of doubtiul validity. 

attaquant, n m., assailant, aggressor. 

attaque, w./,, attack, onset, aswault, approach ; 

2 attendre 

insult, reproach, aggiession, fit, stioke. Mile a 
eu ime~de netjs; she has had a nervous attack. 

attacplg, -e, pait., attacked, stricken, as- 
saulted, set upon , provoked, uiged 

attaquer, v.a., to attack, to assail, to abbault, 
to fall o set upon one, to come upon ; to sue , 
(man.) to spur , to impugn, to reproach, to cen- 
sure ; to contest the validity of a document, to 
sue , to begin ; to piovoke , (nav ) to near a cape, a 
coast. quelqu?un da pa? oles , to insult any one. 
Z/' sur&a naissanee t to leproach him his birth. 

quelqu'tui de con'vci nation , to address, a pei son 

le taiueait pa) leu cot lies ; to seize the bull by 
the hoins. II aitaque bien la note, (IIIUH ) he 
stukes the note well. // attaque bicn la cordc 
he makes the btrnig tell. 

-s-'attaquer, ?>?., to challenge, to defy, to set 
upon , to find iault with , to fall loul of any one ; 
to fall upon, to encounter any one. // tfest 
attaque it son inaitre, lie has encountered OHO 
who is more than IIIH match. 

attarder, v.a., to delay, r. retarder. 
s'attarder, v.?., to be belated, to kntoi on the 
way, to linger. 

atteindre (atteignaut, atteint), v.., to touch, to 
strike, to hit, to luut, to injure; to reach, to at- 
tain ; to affect ; to arrive at, to come to , to oonw 
up to, to overtake, to catch, to join ; to equal, 11 
nV/ pas attei'nt le but , he has not hit the mark. 
La balle Vatteigmt nu front f the ball Htruck him 
in the forehead, .wn waltre ; to equal one's 
master. Vage de; to attain the ago of. (V? 
danger nesaurait m 1 ; Una danger cannot roach 
me. Nous aitemdrons le villa ye avant let nuit ; 
we shall reach the village before night. Ven- 
n&mi ; to come up with the ejioiny. Jl a bean 
courit, je Vattetndrai j it is in vnm foi him to 
run, I shall overtake him. JMreattcnit de ; to bo 
seized with. 

atteindre, ?>.., to roach, to come at, to touch; 
to attain, to compass. Je ne aauraib y ; 1 can- 
not reach it, come up to it. tttt, but ; to hit tho 
mark. & lit perjeetion , to attain to perfection 

atteint, -e,jw/?/., hit, struck ; attacked, noiml, 
affected, reached. (Viot crime ; arraigned lor 
a crime. 

atteinte, n /, blow, ntroko, touch ; attack, <lt, 
seizure (of <bseaBe), injuiy, <hunage, luirni, 
wrong, leach ; outrage; (man.) overreach. t Ac ( ,v 
sdufwid; the ill-eOcotH oi cold line let/* 1 )'? 

tie yotttte ; a Hh^ht touch of the gout. Mr 
sawte n^a jntnaia tt't'u d^~ ; hi Ixs'Uth hsiH never 
re(eived any injuiy Porter h ; t.o Injure, to 
impair, to commit mi otTwino agjuunt. Mnhir ICHP 
; to receive, a blow, mi injury. Jc .s///,v hors 
de sv.v s; I am out of hm ro'ach. I*uiter 

a, Vlumnenr f to nully the fan* inune ol, I^nter 

a in droifb de ; to nih'inge ilw rightn of. 
attclage (-laj), w w> , team, yoke, M<>t, \\n\v\ 

cat i iago, horwH, 

atteler (-l< /k ), '."., to nut hoiMon to; loyoko, 
J)iteb ait, cocker (jit'll a/Mfe ; tell the coaclnww to 
put the hor-HOH to. (J\'$t Mie charred? mat 
atlelec ; they are an ill-aHHortcd tuntnlo, 

attellc, w./., luunti , (nurg.) Hplhi 

attenant, -e (-u, -t), tntj, t ul 

Oattenant, prep., next to, done by, 

^'?/ attendant, adv., in the moan th>Mi T In the In* 

toriiu, mcauwhJhi, till thon^ tompomilly. 

en attendant we, /w/y. till, until. Jommti tn - 

<///''// rlpwue , Jet UN {iltty till J<> <*oun. A'w 

- wiwf ; until Hoiucthhig: bottor titruH up. 

attendre, .., to wait lor, to niiiy for, to 
tarry for ; to look forward to; in ox)Ku<t{ to look 
for ; to await, to attend, to bo In Mtoro ftr, 
la wort ; to await death, Le dh)f'r iiattjt ttttnttl ,' 
the dinner IB waithig for UH, A'ww* PuttnHttmft & 
dfaGT ; we oxpwt him to <linjHir /r riitfandM i} 
tout moment ; I exjH^ct lifau ov<u*y ntlnuto. ("wi 




la ou je t" 'attends ; there I &hall have him. At- 
tendez-moi sous Forme ; you may wait for me 
till doomsday. Voilh le sort qiti vous attend; 
this is the fate in store lor you. Attendez J stay! 
hold ! Je suis las d' , I am treed of waiting. 
Attentions encore un peu, let us wait a little 
longer. Qtftl attends ; let him wait. Toutvient 
a point foqui sail ; patience brings all things 
about. II attend que son fils i evienne ; he is wait- 
ing till his son returns. Attendez jusqit'h de- 
mmn ; wait till to-morrow. Une question fatten- 
dad pas Vantief question followed question. 
.s'attendre, v.i ., to rely upon, to count upon ; 
to tiu&t, to trust to ; to expect, to look forwaid 
to, to anticipate; to reckon upon. Sefane\ to 
keep people waiting. // nejaut pas s" 1 a cela ; 
we must not rely upon that. Je iri*y attends, 
I expect it. Je ne m'attendms pas & cela ; I did 
not expect that. Attendez-vous-y I I wish you 
may get it I 

attendrl, -e, pai L, moved, affected, touched. 

attendrir, v.a,, to make tender, to soften, to 
touch ; to move, to affect. Cela attendrii la 
viande; that makes meat tender, ties lannes 
itfont attendnle catur / hia tears have softened 
my heait. 

.v'attendrlr, .r., to grow tender ; to be moved, 
to melt, to pity, to relent, to soften. (S" 5 - snr le 
sort de quelqu'un; to pity the fate of any one. 

attendrissant, -e, adj., moving, attectmg, 
heart-stirring, soul-moving 1 . 

attendrlssement (-man), .m., compassion, 
feeling; emotion, sensibility, relenting, tender- 

attendu, jwejt?., considering, on account of, in 
consideration ot. que; seeing that, as, where- 
as, m or for as much as. 

attenir, v.w., to adjoin ; to be contiguous, 

attontat, 7i.M., attompt at crime ; crime; at- 
tempt ; criminal attempt; indecent assault ; out- 
rage, infringement, violation. A la pitaeitr; 
outrage on decency. contra la vie de; attempt 
upon the life of. contre Us lois, outrage upon 
the laws. 

attentatolro, adj., (jar.) hostile, outrageous, 
unlawful, in contempt of. 

attonte, ./., expectation, waiting ; hope, ex 
pectatiou. JRtmpli) , tromper, '- ; to come up 
to, to deceive, expectation. Pierre d* ; (jirch.) 
toothing; (Bg.) Htoppmg-Htone. Ktre. dmis I' 
de ; to be expecting, Liyuture cF ; (surg.) tem- 
porary ligature, Suite 5* ; waitings-room, 
(com.) Dans V~~de ?<sw Href awaiting tho fa- 
vor oC a reply, 

attenter, v.n., to attempt, to make an attempt, 
-ft la vie de quclqu? un ; to make an attain pt 
upon any one's lif o. - etmtt ft In libcrtf) puHlqite ' 
to mako an attempt against public liberty. a 
sen fours : to try to lake OIIO'H own life. 

attontl-f, ve, <tdj^ attentive, hoodfiil, mind- 
ful, consider ato ; Mtudious; diligont, careful, 
JSlrcikf to look aftoj, to we to* 

attonttfs, w.w. pi., folio worn. 

attontlon, w./., attoutlon, ationiivQUOHR, cure ; 
liocd, luindfulnosB, curofulnowB, vJgilanco ; ro- 
fpvrft, rttspoct, oonHidftration. Mmfv rf' ; iiuwl- 
vortoutly, Porctt <!' ; intontncHH. Awr ; 
ttUmilivoly. Manqm tP - ; liomll^HRucHH. Ftrfr? 
uw rfase avaa } to do a tl i ing with aro, Mt t re 
ft; to mind. - am fQnwwntlfMtnt / (milit) 
nttmitlon I ffftitM rf<7w ; mind what you nay. 
what you do. JV" 1 // fit f fox nan / do not mind it I 
jRfffftmlfir (two ; to look flxfldly. /?/<"?/ ; 
pay attonlion to it. Cieln tfti&rltti ; that deworvoB 
notion* fPatttrfrP'-'flMWtbltrf to atlrart i.ho 
notion of thft public, pMn f/' ; regardful, 
inhulfnl. ^n ; rnckleHd. Jt (t en Z' <M 
mttwwtir ; he was good enough to warn mo. Jl 
a potir wod df ///v/w/M* t ; ho has a great regard 
for mo. Attention I Look out I 

attention:^, -6, adj , attentive. 

attentivement (-man), adv., attentively, care- 

attdnuant, -e, adj., attenuant ; (jur.) palliat 
ing, extenuating. 

att^niiautt n.m., (med.) attenuant. 

attenuation, si/., attenuation, weakness ; ex- 
tenuation, mitigation, palliation. 

attemie', -o, adj., attenuated, wasted, emaci- 
ated ; palliated ; tapering. 

atte'mier, .o., to attenuate, to weaken, to 
make thin; to extenuate, to mitigate, to palli- 
ate, to underrate t un crime , to palliate A 

atterrage, .m., (nav.) landing, landfall, mak- 
ing land. 

atterrant, -e, #., astounding, startling, over- 

atterrer, VM., to throw or strike down, to 
bring to the ground, to overthrow; to destioy, 
to demolish, to ruin , to subvert , to deject, to 
cast down ; to astound, to overwhelm 

atterrer, t>,n. t (nav ) to make land. 

atterrlr, .., (nav.) to land, to make land, 

atterrissage, .w , landing, making land. 

atterrissement (-er-ns-mSn), n.m. t alluvion, 
accretion, alluvium. 

attestation, / , attestation, certificate, 
voucher, oath, affidavit. 

attester, v,z., to attest, to certify, to vouch 
to witness, to swear, to te&tify , to call, to take tt 
witness. JPen attests le ciel , I call heaven to 
witness. J'en atteste les dieux , witness, ye gods, 

atticisme, 9a.m., Atticism. 

attlclste, n.m., Atticist 

atti^dlr, . , to make lukewarm, to cool, to 
abate. Le temps attiMira lent vele, time will 
cool their ardor 

4'attl6dir, v.n, to cool, to grow cool, lukewarm, 
to become cool. 

attie'dissement (-m^n), n.m,, lukewarmness, 
coolness ; abatement. 

attifement, w.w., toggery, rig-out. 

attifer, v.o., to dress out; tobedl/en. 
* f attlfer, v*r. t to dreab oneself out, to rig one- 
selt out. 

attifet, w.w., ornament, trinket* 

attiq.ue (at-tik), <r<y., Attio, (arch.) nttio, 
Gofa ; Attic tasto, Sel - ; Attic salt, Attio 

attique, .w., Attio ; (arch.) attic, attic story. 

attiqtuonient, adv., (gram.) after the Attic 

*attirail, n.m. sfng., apparatus, implements, 
utciiHils, tiro, gear, lurnituro, tackle; baggage, 
train, oquipago, paraphernalia ; show, pomp* 
Jji (Punt imprlmwie; the matonals and 1m- 
ploiuontH of a pi mtiiig-omoo. // tfitne cutsine / 
kitchen apparatus and utciiwlH. 

attlrant, -e, <tdj.^ attractive, alluring, enticing, 

attiror,, to attract, to draw , to Inolto ; to 
bring ov^r, to win ov<n, to gain ovwr; to lure, 
to whft<idl(^, to imtin*, to bring upon, to inHpirci. 
HaiMwnt attne ?ci fer ; tlo loadntono attmotu 
iron. par tff& wtrpwit; to whoodlo by ca~ 
reH. Vt'ttwuii dans tine embuscwle ; to 
draw tho onetuy into an lunbtiHcada. - lea yrwr, 
les reffurds d(*> tout le nwndcf to attract tho eyes 
of all' tho world. Un tn alhntr en attire, itn autre / 
one miHfortune Holdom coitios alon<i 
*'attlror, v.r., to draw down upon om\ to draw 
or bring upon oneself , to incur, to run into, to 
got Into, to attract ; to win, to gain, to got - 
V attention du public,* to attract, the notice ck 
tho public. des <ijff'tttrf&; to got one's self into 

attiser, .ff., to mnko itp (tho fire), to stir up, 
to poke; (fig.) to incense, to utir up. */ ' 
to Ian the tlamo. 



attisoir 01 attisonnoir, n.m., (m foundries), 

attitrer, v a., (seldom used but m the pa&t 
paittciple) to appoint, to recognize, to L^ibe 
Juga& attities; appointed judges. Matchand 
attitre , the shopkeeper one usually dealb with, 
Temoins attities ; bubed witnesses. 

attitude, n J , attitude, (pamt ) posture. 

attouchement (-toosh-man), .., touch, feel- 
ing, contact. 

attract-eur, -nee, adj., attractile 

attracti-l, -ve, adj , Attractive. 

attraction, n f , atti action 

attraire, v ., to alluie, to entice 

attrait, n.m , alluiement, attraction, charm , 
(rel ) comfort La beaute e&t im piui>i>ant ; 
beauty is a powerful charm. 

attrape, nf, bite, tuck, take-in, bell, hoax. 

attrape, n.m nn/nud , fool-tiap 
inoitche, catch-fly. C^e^t un tout, he IH a 

attrape-iourdaud, n m., ( , or 6) 

clap-trap , catch-penny. 

attrape-parterre, n.m , ( , ot s) (l.u.) 

clap-trap for the pit, clap-tiap. 

attraper, v. a., to entiap, to ensnare, to trap , 
to take in, to catch ; to overreach ; to client, to 
trick ; to overtake ; to get, to secuie ; to receive , 
to com paws , to take, to surprise ; to hit, to reach ; 
to seize. un tenard dans unpiege f to entrap 
a fox. Piewz garde a vous, il vous attrapera ; 
look to yomseli, he '11 take you in. II en a at- 
trapb de plusfms gue vous ; he has taken in moio 
cunning people than you are. Attt ape qm pent , 
scramble foi it, Attiope ' caught ! II a attrape 
un bon benefice ; he has got a good living. un 
rhiime; to catch a cold. tin coup; to get a 
blow. quelqu'un sur le fait ; to catch any one 
m the act. La ptetre I" a attmpb h la twnpe , 
the stone hit him on the temple le sens, ld> 
pens^e^d^un auteur; to catch the sense, to hit 
upon the meaning of an author. un caracth & ; 
to hit off a diaiiicter la lesftPmbhtncej to hit 
oft the likeness. Atirape! take that I 
s'attrapei 1 , v r , to be caught , (man.) to clip. 

attrapeu-r, n ?., -se, /, deceiver, deluder, 
cheat, trickster. 

attrapoire, #./., trap, pit-fall, snare; wile, 

attrayant, -e, adj., attractive, inviting, win- 
ning, engaging, charmmg. 

attribuer, v.a , to attach, to annex ; to attri- 
bute, to ascribe, to impute (a thing to any one) ; 
to assign, to confer. des privileges " h une 
charge ; to assign ; to attach privileges to an 

tf'attrlbuer, v.r., to assume, to take upon OHO'B 
self, to arrogate to one's self ; to claim. // s'at- 
tribue de grands droits; he claims extensive 

atlribut, n.m., attribute, prerogative ; (log.) 
predicate, attribute, quality ; symbol, emblem. 

attrlbuti-t -ve, adj., attnbutivo, (law) rela- 

attribution, n.f., conferring; privilege, pre- 
roRntiive ; pL, powers; province, dopartmont. 
(law) cognizance, competence. Lettres rf'- ; pa- 
tents conferring power (to act). 

attristant, -e, <//., sad, sorrowful, melancholy, 

attrister, -y.a,, to grieve, to afflict, to trouble, 
to cat down, to throw a gloom over, Cftte 
nouvclUVaUriste; that piece of news grieveBluin. 
'attrlster, v,r , to grieve, to yield to sorrow ; 
to be sad, to become norrowful, 

attrition, ?/./., (thool.) attrition ; (phya.) attri- 
tion, friction. 

attroupement (-troop-mau), w.w;.., grtthcnnng, 
riotous afisomblage, mob, rabble. Loi contre lets 
$/ Eiot Act. 1 

attrouper, V.G., to assemble, to gather to- 
gether. M attroitpa toute la canaille, he ga- 
thered all the rabble together. 
A'attTOUper, v.r., to tiock together, to galhei in 
crowds, to get together tumultuoutily. IJtyeme 
de s 1 , no gatherings allowed. 

an, contraction oi a le-, to the. Cedei an toi- 
reiit, to give way to the torrent, tiauic nn 
blanc , wine-sauce. 

aubade, w./., morning geienade; reproof, 
abube, lecture. // en a cu /' , he was leproveo 
for it. 
Qaubaiii, n m , alien, foieigner. 

aubainage, n ?., escheatage. 

aubaine, n.f. , (jur )aubdine, escheat, escheat- 
age , windfall, piece ol good luck. 

aiibe, nj., the dawn; alb (priest's garment), 
(hydi ) float-board, float, paddle - hoard (of 
steamers). D dujour; the bieak ot duy s 
de monhn ; flat-boards ol a null. Roue a --.s, 
paddle-wheel, 'mobile, f eatlwi m^ paddlt^. 

aubdplne, w./., hawtliorn, whitethorn, ni.iy. 

aubere, adj., (man.) flea-bitten gray. ( 'hcval 

; tiea-bitteii gray hoi HO. 

auberge, w/., inn, pubho-houso, tavern. 

aubergine V. melongeno 

aubergiste, n,m., innkeeper, publican, laud- 
lord, host. 

auberon, n.m., catch (of a lock). 

anberoniiioro. n ./., clasp (of a lock). 
*auT)e-vigne, yi.J., (bot.) virgin Vbower, trav- 
eler's 3oy. 

aubler, n.m., (bot.) sap-wood, ulbunnim. 

aubiloin, w.m,, (bot.) blw>boUl<>, coni-nowcr. 

aubin, n.m., (man.) cantor, huml-gallop, 

aitblner, v.w., (man.) to cautar ; (hoi t ) loourfcli ; 
(of vines) to layer. 

aubour, n.w., (hot.) laburnuin. 

aucun, -e, <(y., any ; (negative) none, no 
one , not any ; no. </<' vie (Winatx <ft> ?M^ ////"* ; 
I know none of your judges. 11? fc dint ; no 
one will say KO. Jc dotttta (/u' 1 </V VOH,\ Ic /(/.s,sv ; 
1 doubt whether any ot you \vjll do it, J! //'// " 

de scs mtjcts qiii nc 'inotn fit pour lin ; 1 lici o in 
not one oi hiR wubjiu'ts \ih> would iu>t <ii< inv 

hllTQ. }}e t(tt(S CCKJ (fll'l ,V<" (liMlit'lit '///<"S (I1HI$, - 

ntfa-t-%1 sGcouru f did any of nil thoni who <'jill<'<i 
themselves my IriciidH assist me ? Jc r<>ua lt : ce'rfp 
j?rm,9 benefice ; K let you havi it. \\jl,h<ut iuiy 
proiit whatever, llitfajmt - ^ d iapoti ithnt ,v; ho 
has made no an alignments, ftttnx - s Jrtmt; 
without any cxpcnHf. 

aucunement (-mian), <ttlv,, In no wis jmt at 
all, not in the least. Jc nc If coninu* - ; I do 
not know him at all. , Monsieur ; not in tlw 
least, Sir. 

audaoo, ./, audacity, inHolonco* HHHurarxM 1 *, 
daring, boldnoHH. Awe, ; iiiHo3<utly. J^tyer 
(V ; to braaMi it out. 

ciouwly, daringly, boldly. 

audacleu-K, -ae, <*<(/ audaciouH, laiinf(; 
impudent, iiiH()l< v nl. ; prwmn'ptuouN, UoM ; liigli- 
spirited, cntorprJHiuii*'* <V/w/r ; daring ^CHIUH. 
Mntrepmne 6f / bold outirpi i. 
0au deqii (,0-dHii), pi ep, I ', do^^. 

au dol^ (0-dla), pn'p,, ou tho othw hl<!<t y 
beyoiKl. K aelfl. 

audience, ^f.A, audI<iiKt<, auditory; i-otul, 
flitting, iwaring ; hall (wlxw CUUHIIM an 1 Iit'unO ; 
lov(Ki, Jour tf'~~ ; court duy. Oiwrir /' ; to 
opou the court. - -pulii hjw f o|>< court, ^ 
huisdofs; n witting with domul dwrn* tt <uw< 
hoard in cuwtrfa fin ptfitui ; In OJHWI ouurt* 
//' ftt levfa 1 ; tho witting in wlwwl On M wit 
s d# V ; he wm turned out <>if thn <*nuri, 
-*< wprlMf tlio CHHH IH nwuuuwl* Jhnwfr 
; (of a miimfcw) to hold a lovt^, U\ givA wull 
nc. Tmir Z } (of a judg*) to rlt to iirw- 




aufliencier, adj m. Huusier ; cner of a 

audiencler, n m.j usher, crier of a court. 

auditeur, n m., auditor, auditress, hearer , 
auditor (ot accounts). 

auditi-f, -ve, adj., auditory, Conduit ex- 
terne , cavity ot the ear. 

audition, nf., (jur ) heaimg, audit, auditing 
Z/' des temouit, , the heating ot the witnesses. 

auditoire, n m , eongiegation (in a church), 
audience (theatre, <Xrc.) , auditory, bar, court. 

auge, /, tiough, a plasteiei'b hod, spout 
(ot a water-mill), - a r/oxdron , (nav ) tar- 
bucket. d't'cutie, mangei 

auge, n / , hodiul, trough! ul 

augelot (o>lo), n.m , little ditch, email 
trough, ladle. 

auger, v a , (tech.) to hollow out. 

auget, n.m., deed-box, diawer (oi a bird-rage) , 
spout (of a mill-hoppoi) , small trough; bucket 
(oi a watei -wheel) , trough. 

augment, n.m , (giam ) augment; (raed.) 
mcioaae, jointure, dowry 

augment ateur, n.m., augmeiiter, (adj ) aug- 

augmentati-f, -ve, adj., (gram ) augmenta- 

augmentation, /, augmentation, increase, 
enlargement, addition; (com.) rise (in salary). 

augment^, -o, pait. t augmented, increased. 
Un ln'te rewt, coin ye H ; a book revised, cor- 
rected, and augmented 

augment!, t'.., to augment, to mcroa&e, to 
enlaige, to add to, to IHIHO the salaiy of , (com,) 
to raise. II a augments, sa mtn^on ; he has 
enlarged IIIH le pji'c, to laiso the 
price </6' wr/,9 in on conunis; I am about to 
increase my elork'n 8a,lai y. 

augmenter, ,., to augment, to increase, to 
grow, to UHO (in price), to multiply. /> Aw?r a 
augment?* de pnx ,* sugar haa risen in pure. 
s'augxnonter, 7>.r., to increase, to onhuge, to 
better, to improve. 

augural, -e, adj , augural, augunnl. 

auguro, M.W., augury; omen, token; augur, 
soothHayer. Un bon, tin HHIUVUIS ; a good, 
bad omen. /M 'nmuwns , ounnoiiH, portent- 
ous, ill-boding, Funcbte ; ill-boding omen. 
Uti OIMWU da tttduva'ib - - ; a bird of ill-omen. 

augurer, v,(t , to augur ; to conjecture, to 
BtmuiHti. <^V jtouvts-wHm V what can you 
ougm from it V Je n*en (ivfftti e nen dta bon ; I 
foroHoe no good r<mult 

au gusto, </</,/., au^uHt, Harred, venerable. 

augustomeut, <rf/c., (L \u) in an auguHt man- 

augustln, -e, n,w./., Austin Jriar, or mm. 
$<tint ; (pnnt.) Wngliwh* 

auJourd-'llUl, adv., to-day, thin day; nowa- 
day H, now, at proBeiit, />' en httit ; thiH d*iy 
w<uilr* />' f nqidinze ; thiH day fortnight, AXy 
- ; from to-day, huucuforUi. 11 if a Attlf, 
qutnm, jours } it iH a w<ek, n foitnlght, ago. 
Jjftinodtt tl^ -} th<^ proHcmi/faMhJ'Hi, Let, /wminrit 
d* ~; th< mon of th priHont day. ( V V.v^ prr.t 
5'- qua noun now coMwiMowt ; we are MO now 

aullquo, ^/ M auliot 
aullque, ./., tlwwlw. 

aiilnaie, ftulne, aulude. V. aunale, aune, 

auloff^o, n,f,, (MJIV.) luff, 
aulx (p), />/. f all. 

numaillos, adj. Jtttt*n ; horned ofttfclo. 
aumone, w/,,*ttlm, almH-glviwji, olmtity, Rift, 


f%?r </'-*- { to live upon aim A. 

f bwstow but nm i<ok upon 
f wiwrt $$ /awwt / to<sg ftiid itarva. 

, 7i./., sum given to hospitals 
Gaumoner, v <i , to pay <i hue to the pooi . 

aumonerie, n / , alinomy, chaplaincy. 

aumonier, ?i.w/., almouei, chaplain, ordinary 

auzndniere, /., alms-box, alms-purse, aim- 
oiier (nun). 

aumdnl-er, -ere, adj , chantable, lavish of 

aumusse or aumuce, n./, araees, hood 
(priest's garment) 

aunage, ??.//?., alnage, ell-measure. 

aunale, ./., an alder-plot, giove ot alders 
Gaune, / ell, (fig) measme, btandaid. 
Achetet a T , to buy try the ell. J/e.sw? ci les 
duties (i son ; to mea.suie another man's peck 
by one's own bushel. Les hommef, ne se 
mcMirent pus a /' , one not judge ot a 
man's merit by Ins stature. II sail ce qu'en vaut 
V , he knows it to his cost, by expenence 
En avoir (out du long de V , to get it with a 

aune, n m , aldei-tree 

aune*e or aulnee, n f , (bot ) elecampane 

auner,, to measure , to judge of, to value. 

auneur, n m , alnagei, measurei. 

auparavant, adv., before, fhfit, heretofore, 
previously , ere now. Longtempv ; a long 
time before, 

aupres, pi ep , near, by ; close to , close by , 
near to ; with, in, over , to, in comparison with. 
Sa ma'ison est de la m ieime , lua house is close 
to mine. Jfitre dhm sciqnen) ; to live with a 
nobleman. Exuustz-lc de wnpere; excuse 
him to his father. // chnche a me nnire de 
vouSf he endeavor H t> lower me in yoin OB- 
teem J&V;e Inen de ynrfqifun, to be in any- 
body's good books File peut tout de I in, 
she can do anything \vitli him. Votre mul tfest 
rien du sicn ; your distreBS is nothing to IIIH. 
Vwre de sc$ paicnti,; to live with one^s 

aupres, adv., by, hard by, cloae to. 

aurate, n.m , (eluvm.) aurate. 

aureole, /., glory, halo, mmbuH, erown oi 
glory; (paint ) aiueola; (aunt.) areola. 

auriculalre, (tdj, t auricular. TGmom ', 
ear-witness. //<f doiyt , the little iiuger. 

auricnlaire, n.m , tiui little finger. 

auricule, w./., auricle, extoiuul ear, (boU) 
bear'w ear, aunculn. 

auricul^, -e, <tdj., (hot,) aunculato, eared, 

aurifere, arf;., aurif<ouH. 

aurilier, r.</., to stop (teeth) with gold. 

anrillard. V, orillard. 

aurl^ue, ndj,, shoulder -of -mutton shaped. 

oiles st; laloon aailn, 

anroclis (oroks), .?n., (mam.) unm, wild 

aurone, ../,, abrotanum, Bouthein-wood. 

aurore, 7i./., dawn, morning, morn, day-dawn, 
day , JSttHt ; "gold color ; (myth., action.) Aurora, 
A ' ; at daybieak. .Iwfnt /' ; before dawn. 
lS-~c&nwnmi t t (iit a jwrndtcf day WIIH begiimlng 
to dawn. //'- <n/, doi<it>t dc rose ; rony-ihigci <d 
morn, J)it wtwhnnt <i P ; irom went to aU 

borfyitt 1 ,' aurora boveaJm. 

auscultation, n/., (mod ) atiHouUation. 

ansoulter, t',,, (mod.) to uiwcultato. 

auspice, w.w/., anupice, ounen, prewage. 

fWfitx A" ; a good omwi, auHph^H. 

aussi, <??'., too, alHO, likowisci; bosUlpw, tliare- 
foro, moreover ; uoooidhigly ; HO ; <HH much ; as. 
KflM* /<! voirfev,, ft w/ j'you will have it HO, 
atid I too, ,/>wmr*-9ftVn ; tfiv& me Homo too. 
fl cut ~- Mfff (jw> wttllanff hia aHprudtmt aw 
<u>urageouH ft <*".?/ - sot qu$ son ami } ho is M 
much a fool aa hiH friend. 

anssi, ^w,/,, tjewfors but tlicn, CM fan* 

Uvcou are iino, but then they are dear* -- 




for, and the more so as ; as well Je ne veux point 
y altej, bien est-il tiop taid, I won't go theie, 
fche more so as it is too late, Je n'ai que fane 
de Venpner, bien ne m^couterait-il pas, it 
would be m vain for me to entieat him, inasmuch 
as lie would not listen to me Je sons cela 
bien que vous; I know that as well as you. 
peu que , as little as, as few as. 

aussiere or haussiere, u./, (nav.) hawser, 
small cable, warp 

aussitot, adv , immediately, directly, as soon 
as, iorthwith apres votre depat t , immediately 
after your departure. dit, /ait, no soonei 
said than done. que ; as soon as, whenever. 

qifit viend?a; as soon as he comes, 
austef (os-ter), n m , austei, south-wind. 
austere, tufy , austere, severe, fetern, grave , 

harsh, sharp (to the taste). 

austerement (-man), adv,, austerely, severely, 

aust&ite', n /., austerity ; severity, sternness ; 

austral, -e, adj , austral. 

autan, w.w., (poet.) south wind, storm, blast. 
Braver l&s 5 ; to face the storm 

autant, adv^ as much, as many ; so much, so 
many , as far, as long, Ce vase co^tient que 
Vautre , tins vase contains as much as the other. 
Jl? y avait d'hommes que de femmes , there 
were as many men a? women. Travailles qve 
VQU.S pourrez ; work as much as you can. Je Vm 
vendu tout ; I sold it for quite as much Unc 
fois ; as much again. quejamais; as much 
as ever. Vesdavage me rSpugne, la hberte 
mVj$T;<M<3 ; liberty alaims me as much as &Uvery 
is rospugnant to me. de $tes, d?opinwns , 
BO many men, so many minds Cela esi Jmi, ou 

vaut; that is as good as done. en empoi te 
le vent ; all that is idle talk. Boire <' , to 
drink a great deal. A la charge d' , on con- 
dition of a retuin vie pas y attar du tout ; 
might as well not go at all. que , as, as far as. 

qve j^en pins jnger ; as far as I can conjec- 
ture. dirp , you might as well say 

d'autant mieux or tf'autant plus (adverb 
phrase), the more so, so much the more so, the 
rather, especially. Je Vestime d^aittant phis </>/ V 
estpauvte ; 1 esteem htm the more because lie is 
poor. Je Pen mme dtautant mwux , I love her 
all the more for it. 

</ autant moins (adverb, phrase}, the less, RO 
much, the less. II en est dSautanf moins a, crnin- 
dre; he is all the leas to be feared, 
rf'autant ciue, conj^ seeing that, more es- 
pecially as. 

autel, n.m , altar ; (astron.) ara. Le Sacre- 
ment de V , the host ; the holy Sacrament, 
Eucharist, Less; religion, Grand, mathe, 
, high altar. Nappe d* ; altar cloth. Ta- 
bleau d' ; altar-piece. II mfrite qttfon Im 
&ve rfes $; he deserves the greateet honors. 
II fn prendrait sur V ; he would rob a church. 
Qm sKTt h V doit wiw e d& I ; every man 
must live by his profession, 

auteuf; n. m., author, authoress; inventor, 
maker, cause, source, contriver, framer ; 
writer ; perpetrator , achiever ; artist, engraver, 
composer, sculptor ; owner ; informant, authority. 
Dieu et>t p dc toutes Ghosts ; God is the author 
of all things. & d'un prajet ; the framer of 
a project. I/' <T?m proc&tfe ; the invontor of a 
process. OV.^ elle qui eat V de ce Hive; she 
is the author of that book. Se fmre , to turn 
author. Nommez wire ; name your inform- 
ant, authority; Droit d * ; copyr.'ght. 

authenticity^ ..f., authenticity, genuineness, 

authentique, adj., origami ; authentic, gcmu- 

authentique, n,/., authentic.^ 

authentiquement (-man), adv. , authewtically. f 

authentiquer, v.<x., (jur ) to sign and &eal, to 

autobiographe. n m , autobiographer 

autobiographic, nf., autobiogiaph> 

autobus, n m , motor omnibus 

autochtone (-tok-to-n), n,m , (antiq ) autoch- 
thon ; (adj ) autochthonous [ ing-pan 

autoclave, ad)., self -i emulating , n m , bteam- 

autocrate, .w , autociat 

autocratic (-ci), ,/ , autocracy. 

autocrati^ue, adj., autocratical. 

autoclafe, n m , ( s) auto-da-f. 

autographe, n.m , autograph. 
GautOgraphe, adj , autographic, autogrnphical. 

autographie, njf , autogiaphy 

autographier, v a., to autograph. 

autOgraphique, adj , autogzaplnc. 

automate, n m., automaton 

automatique, adj , automatic, automatical. 

automation, n.m., charioted, Jehu, duver. 

automnal, -e (-tom-nal), adj.^ autumnal 

automne (-to-n), n.mj , autumn, fall of the 
leaf ; fall (of the year), 

automot-eur, -rice, adj., self-acting, self- 
moving, self-propelling 

automobile, w '/>?., motoi-car. 

autonome, adj., autonomous. 

autonomie, nf, autonomy, feelf -government. 

autopsle, n.f., post-mortem examination, 
autopsy, inquest. 

autorisation,, M./., authorization ; authority, 
permission ; license (of a preacher) , warrant , 

autorlser, v a., to atithonoe, to empower, to 
conimi&sion, to qualify; to allow by authoi ity, 
to 1 gnlize, to liceiibo, to warrant 
s'autorlser, v ?, to get or g;un or aHtmtno au- 
thoi ity, to think one's sell win ranted (Irj ), to uct 
on the authoi ity of 

autorlte', /., authority, legal power, rule, 
command, sway , credit, powoi, wtiH't.uni, inter- 
est, weight, conwderntion. Avon' dc f sur } 
to have power over. El)? en ; to be invented 
with authority. // Vtt fntt d? .w?i ~ prirf'f , ho 
did it on las own initiative. Altf'f/ittn, (ipnotter 
dps ^ , to quote or cito authoiil/ieH. }<\t'ire-~" ; 
to be an authority 

autour, ?? ?w . goshawk, 

autour, prep., about, lound, aionnd, - de 
sa per,wnnr , about his person. tin ftm,?,* 
round the arm, Tonrner du pot ; to beat 
about tlio bush. 

autour, adv , about, round, round about., 11 
regardait taut ; ho looked all about. la , 

autourserle, nf., goHhawk tiaining. 

autoursier, ?.m , gonliawk trainer, fl<'ou<'t. 

autre, adj., ofcher, dilTenmt, elw, HOCOHM!, 
another. />' jour ; the other day. f/wr fvix ; 
another time. Tout"*-*; qnito different, A*'wnn 
; no one olfic. Vous a ; you people, lellowH, 
Now ; the like of UK Kmwwtw ; anotltci*, 
:>ne more. 11 IP reaaidc rownw vn luf whit? ; 
10 looks upon him JIH u nocond welf. 

autre, pron.i another, other, elws J\ f itl> 'j/ 
aurait conwwtt ; nobody <>!H( \vottM luiv eon- 
ted to it. J7?? - k ft'rti ,' another will <ln Jt 
Totit- r anrctrf fa'it ; uy other would IMVO <lono 
it. Lex un$ $e plmwnt fa imc T///MY', twt # ft tn)& 
; somo de,light in one thing and Home, in mi- 
other, JS'?m /' , one another, eaeli other. 
TSun ct P ; both. ////?> />// r ; oli.iior. A'-/ 
Vvn M /' ; neither, /ftm cf r 1Y//* ant 
iMigffboVh have obligiul you. /xw HUH H leu * n ; 
ill. J\ r i Vun yii /* - - nc wilmt rien i botlnu'e pfootl 
f or nothing. A Pvn on c> /' ; to oitfhor. M pour 
'un ni pour 2T' ; for neither, On M<? a ^tmh 

net I" 1 ; both hav<i been paid. A I't'nrt / nn 

Z'; in emulation of OHO another, A'*w 




s , among other people or among other things. 
De cote et d" ; up and down. De pait et ef ; 
on both hides, on all ,side&. 6 T Y.s un homme / 
he is no more the same man 11 ne fait chose 
que jouer ; he does nothing but play. C'est 
choice; it i& quite another tlung. C'est une 
paire de manches ; that's, a horse of another 
color. Nous s Ftan<;ais, nous mangeons 
bcaiicoup de pain , we French people eat <i great 
deal of bread. Causo de ehoses et &s , to talk 
ot different things II dit d>une facon et, ?/ j<nt 
d'une , he &ays one thing and does another. 
Lhm vaut Z' , they are much oi a muchness , 
01 one is as bud as the othei. Comma ditV ; 
as somebody says ; as the saying is,. II n 1 en fa it 
point of' s ; he does nothing else, these aie his 
pianks. IJun dan& V , Vun pottant V , 
one with another ; on an average. II en "sait 
bien d" 1 s; he knows a tuck vvoith two of that, 
J'en ai vit bien d* ,?, I have outlived worse 
things than that. A <' s I pshaw I I know 
better, you miiHt not tell that to me, tell it to 
the inaimes. 

autrefois, adv., formeily, in former times; 
of old. 

autrement, adv., otherwise; after another 
manner, another way ; else ; or else. Fafaons ; 
let us go to work another way. Entires, je 
fei mend la porte , come in, or else I '11 shut the 
door. West un homme qm V.s'tf pas rich?; 
ho IB a man who is not over noli. 

autrlclllett, -HO, adj., n.m /., Austrian. 

autruclie, /., (orm ) ostrich. Avoir vn 
estomac <V , to have the Hioiuach of an ostrich , 
to digest anything. 

autrui, M.M., pi on , others, other people. 
Depend re <r ; to depend on others. Fane, ft 
- cc que no its votidiiotis guSon nout, fit,' to do 
by otheis as we would bo done by. L? oicn 
<r ; another' H pioperty. Mttl <<?' n'est que 
songe , wo imikn light of ilio ills of others. 

an vent, n.w., Hlied, penthouse, lean-to. 

auvernat, in , Orleans wine. 

aux (pi. of au), art , to the. l r . a. 

auxdits, auxdltes, u <?,/.'/. /'./>/., to the said. 

auxlliairo, <idj*i auxiliary, subsidiary, 
Vet he ; auxiliary verb. 

auxlliaire, ,?/ , auxiliary ; helper, assistant. 
A' r avachir, w.r., to Hag ; to grow iat and flabby , 
to get out of shape, to run down at heel. 

aval, w/?'., down, downward**, down stream. 
Le vent vimit </' -; the wind in Mowing up 
stream. JKn dv ; below. Vent rf } j westerly 

aval, ///., (com,) guarantee, indorsement. 
Mtltfz votrA " <m <fw? fl? w billet ; indorse that 

avalalson, ?/./., Hood, torrent ; (iitw.) a long- 
coiitinutHl wHli or northweHfc wind. 

avalancJio, w,/,, avalanche, mow-Blip. 

avalasae, n,f. r. avalalson. 

avald. -0, ;wr/. t Hagghig, hanging down; 
Htink, fallen in ; gone down Mtreanu 

avaler, '.., to nwaJlow, to Hwallow down ; to 
let down ; to endure, to pocket (affront) ; to 
lower (thingH into a eollur) ; to dritik, to IOHH otT ; 
(gard.) to lop; to gulp <lown. - nn (tjfrotif f to 
pooket an hiHult. /IwpJtt'ffq'HPtorrf)? rt; he 
gobbler up overyt.Jjfng, - (fit vtn r/,v wtv wrw ; 
to let wine down into a cellar, mi? brfttwfi? ; 
to lop oflf a bnuwih clone to Mie trunk. - des 
coHlriwrfiit ; to pocket many aH'rontH. 

avaler, t,w., to go down, drop down (the river 
with the Htrcuw). 

^'avalor, r.r., to Hug, to hang down, to fall 
down or I)J ; to be jswallowwl,, 

avalette, w,/,, a ort of float (angling). 

avaleur, n.w., wal)ower glufcton. * fa polK 
ffrfs / a ffwttt glutton, de aharrtittw ferrets ; 
a I) 

avaloire, /., a large throat or swallow; 
(saddlery) breechmg ; (hat making') stamper. 

avancage, n.m., cab stand, stand. 

avance, n,f , advance, start, di&timce in ad- 
vance , projection, prominence ; advance-money ; 
first step, ofter ; gain, benefit. 11 a quati e heues 
tV suj moi; he is four leagues ahead of me. 
Faiie une de mille ecus ; to advance a thou- 
sand ci owns. Faire les s d'une entrepwse , to 
advance the funds ior an enterpuse. Fane des 
s, to make advances to. French eV , to 
get the start. Z>' ; bef 01 elund. Payer d' ; 
to pay beforehand. Prevent') d' ; to warn 
beforehand. A V , en , pen ; beforehand, 
before one's time, by anticipation. 

availed, -e, part , advanced ; forward, early ; 
late (ot the houi) Un homme en aye, an 
elderly man. Unjeune homme foit ;a very 
forward youth. Les ar"bies sont s; the trees 
are foiward. Je n^en sms pas plus ; I am 
not a bit the better oft for it. Viande c; 
meat which is getting bad. Me voitit bien / 
that*s all I get tor my pains ; I am m a pretty pie- 

avancee, n /., (milit.) advance guard. 

avancement (-man), n.m., progreb&, advance* 
meat, unprovenleut ; pieferrnent, promotion, 

avancer, v ., to advance, to bring, to put 
forward ; to hold out, to stretch out, to set tor- 
ward ; to bring nearer ; to hasten ; to forward ; 
to pay beforehand ; to lay out or down ; to assert, 
to bring forth, to uige , to hold foith ; to pro- 
mote, to put on (a clock), to broach, to biing 
forward (opinion) ; to give (a chair). Avnncea la 
table; push the table forward. la pierf , to 
put one's foot forward. Faire ; to punh, to 
puwh on Celci <i avanct .w mort; that hastened 
Ins death. Vhoiloge ; to put the clock on. 
le dlnei , to hasten dinner. tin outrage ; to 
foiward a piece of work J7 lut a awtnck cfe 
faiffent ; he has advanced him some money. 
/V.9 inter fits de quelyitfim ; to promote anj 
OIIC'H mterefctH. Poiw?2-von>$ prouver ce- que 
vons (tmmcezt can you piovo your assertion? 
On r<t avtmct, f he has been promoted, 

avancer, v.w , to advanc(,to get on, to proceed, 
to march on, to move f 01 ward, to keep on, to go 
too fast ; to come out ; to jut oufc ; to lean over, 
to bear out ; to encroach ; to improve, to- make 
HOIUO progress ; to thrive ; to rise. Awincaz-donc! 
come nloug 1 ISIiorloyft mwnce. ; the clock in 
fast. Cftte mft'ison atwmce trap sur la 111; that 
house jntH out too much into tho Btreot, en 
<1ge ; to advance in yearn Faire une vottvre ; 
to <siill a cab. Odd TO' Incn I what, good IB that 
to. me ? 

.v'avaiicer ?'*., to advance, to go on, to move 
forward , to stand forth ; to draw near, to come 
up, to get on, to improve; to get preferred, to 
be HUcceHHf ul ; to go far ; to jut out, to pro- 
ject. ( W (tmbasswdew A'V.vrf fro/> <tmnc&; that 
ambassador has gone too far. Le, temp* 
tfnwjncv; time fliew. *S'*-- ft, chcvul ; to ride up, 
*S'' - en wnfur / to drive tip. *S'' - h, la wile; to 
wail up. AS" tin ftntrmtt ; to run up. 

avanceur, n.m.^ goM-wir drawer. 

avanie, w./., iiiwult, aiTront, outrage. 

avant, w,w., (nav.) prow, head, bow of a ship. 
j) ( i /' f ), Van'lt'.m ; from Htcm to stern, (fttanfr 
V- de ; to gi'st. ahead of f to got a headway -(on a 

avant, prfp,, (of fciu and order) before, J'ai 
7>M rv/tf vonff ; I HHW that before yott* -- t(mt<6$ 
f//rt,svjf ; alM>vt all things. *tmit f flrwt of ftll le- 
fore n)L 

avant, ffrff M far, deep, forward, far a4vfwee<t 
/)'- ; before, Kn - - / forward I inareh on t Kn 
tff ,' before, in frmit of, Matin en ^ ; to bring 
forward, jV'We# pm *n* ; dou*t go m far. 

avant que 



Cieuser foit dans la tene; to dig very $eep 
m the ground Plus , further, deeper. $i& 
dans la nuit, very late at night. Nous et on, 
bwn en mer; we had got a great way o;tt to 
sea. Aller deV ; (nav.) to go ahead. 

avant flue, conj . , before. qu^l soit v i an > 
before a year is over. 4 * 

avant age, n m., advantage, vantage-ground 
pleasure; benefit, profit, interest, behalf, behoof, 
(nav,) weathei -gauge; (man.) whip-hand ; odds 
(at play). Avoir V sur, to have the advan- 
tage over. Avow I" 1 ; to win, to prevail On 
lu% a, fait tous les possibles; they gave him 
every possible advantage Qu el vous en i evient- 
il * what benefit do you reap from it ' On pent 
dire ceci h son , this may be said in Ins favoi. 
Nos troupes ont eu V , our troop have had 
the best of it. Tirei de tout , to turn every- 
thing to account* J"'ai perdu, vous arez P , 
I have lost, you have the better of the game 
"'" " '" ^son ; to dress to the best advau- 

avantager, f.a., to advantage; to bestow an 
advantage on, to favor La, nature V avail 
wantage de beaucoup de qualites piecieuset, , 
nature had endowed him with many inestimable 

avantageusement (-man), adv., advantage- 
ously, to advantage, usetully, beneficially, fa- 
vorably , highly. S'habillei ; to dress to the 
best advantage. JPailer de quelquhtti ; to 
speak highly of any one. 

avantageu-X, -se, adj , advantageous, profit- 
able, beneficial, eligible, conceited, presuming, 
overbearing, (of dress) becoming Conditions 
ses; advantageous terms Coiffure scj a 
becoming way of dressing tlie hair Un ton , 
a confident, assuming tone C't'st un /lomme 
; he is a conceited fellow, vain, piesummg 

avant-bec, n.m , ( A) (arch,) stalling of 

a bridge, pier, ice-breaker, cutwater. 

avant-bras, n m., ( ) foie-arm. 

avant-corps, n m , ( ) (arch.) foie-pmt. 

avant-cour, n t , ( s} foie-couit. 

avant-coureur, mn , ( ,vj (mil.) v,m- 

courier, forerunner, precursor; harbingei. 
avant-courri-er, /MM, -ere, /, ( \ 

forerunner, harbmcfPi 

avant-derni-er, -ere, adj. and ., ( .r) the 

last but one. Z/'< syllnbe , the penultimate, 

avant-laire-droit, n.m., (- ) preventive i 

avant-fosse*, n m,, ( s') (fortif.) advance- 

avant-garde, n./., ( s} vanguard; (nav.) 


avant-gout n.m , ( s) foretaste, eaiw 


avant-hler (-tiere), adv , the day before yes- 

avant-Jotir, v m , (n /?.) morning-twilight. 

avant-main, n M , ( ,s) (man.) fore-hand 

of a horse ; (tennis) foro-haml stroke, (at canlh) 

lead. - 

avant-mldi, n m., ( ) forenoon 

avant-mur, n.m., ( ,?) outward wall, 


avant-peche, n./., ( ,?) early peach 

avant- pied, n,m< , ( s) vamp, upper-lea- 
ther of a boot. 
avant-plancher, .m , ( /?) falne-ceiling. 

avant-poignet, n w , ( ,v) foie-wimt 

avant-port, n.7/i., ( .s) (nav,) outer har- 
bor, tide-dock. 

avant-portail, n W M ( ,v) foro-portal, 

avant-poste, n.m , ( a) (miht.) owl-pout. 

avant-propos, w.w,, ( ) prefftco, prnmnhln; 
introduction, exordium. 

avant-quart w.m,, ( *) (horl ) warnmg- 

avant-scene, n j., ( 5) front of the fetage, 

proscenium, stage-box. 

avant- toit, n.m^{ s} Jtoie-ioof, project 

mg roof, eaves. 

avant- train, n m., ( s) iore-cainage, lim 


* avant- veille, /., ( A) two days before. 

avare, adj , avaricious, miserly, covetous, 
stingy, clo&e-fi&ted, &p<u nit; , penui ions, niggui dly. 
Etie deses lounnges , to be spat ing oi praihp. 
A pere - enfant pjodiffue, a nn^eily lather 
has a spendtlmlt son. 

avare, n m , mi^ei, niggaid, iJinch-penny. 

avarement, adv,, avaneiously 

avarice, ?/., avance, av.mciou8ne,sH, covet- 
ousne&is , niggardliness , &tingnie,ss Pttt , 
from avai ice. 

avaricieu-x, -se, adj., (l.u ) avaucioim, covet- 
ous, stingy 

avarie, n f , damage (done in convoying 
goods), (com ) damage, low-., icp.mH. A ami' 
imcncs; (com) geneial avenge. JMniucs -$ , 
small aveiageh. - 5 ttiinplft, , oidinfuy <lamage. 
Sans ; without minhap. (Vm.srr une ---, to 
damage Reglrr let, - ft, to st.ito the .ivorages. 

avarie', -e, ftdj , damaged [daina.ged. 

avarier, v a , to damage * S^' , 1' r , to become 

avaste, tnf , (nav,) avast, ntop, ,stay 

& vau-1'eau, adv, with the Htieam, down- Toiitef, ,\oti etiticjinses sont fifths -~; all 

ib undertakiugb have como to nought 

^ vau-de-route, <uh\, in Jlight. 

ave', n in , ( ) iwe M<nitt , avo Maria 

avec, picpi with, together with, among. 
"CHGZ 'inoi ; como with mo - ttf<M<>tJi ; (lc- 
Bignedly. tout wla ; ior all that , ncvertheleHH 
// apt is won manteait, ct K^ni c'.s-/ alh" - , lie IUIH 
taken my cloak, an<l ha gone o(i with it /-*/,s- 
cct ncr Ic bien dS la niaf ; to diHeeni iiood from 
evil, ? r (coll.) iionnwrne ! 

avecq.ue, }<>}> , obsolete, spoiling oi avec. 

aveindre (avcignant, aveuit), /' a , to tuk<( out, 
to fetch out 

aveine, n./. r avoine 

avelanede, w / , ueorn-ciip, v,iloni. 

aveline, n f filbert, cob nut 

avelinier, n w , filbert-tree. 

a vdnage, n.m , avmmp (<luo, p.nd in oatw). 

avenant, ptnt. r advenant 

avenant, -e, tntj , gooil-looktn^^irejiioHHeHHinf.f, 
comely, pleasing, t.ilung. J*hifMonrnnrt' r; 
pleasing ie.ituion. MdHit'Tfs c.s; pr())oHKtMM- 
ing, engaging mannei'H w , Ucclunttion of nl 
tered policy (insurance). 

ft, ^'avenant, <tdv , appropriate ; in keopuig vuth. 
La dessert Jtt f c> /' (hi n'p<ts f llu* <l<HH<^rt \\IIH 
m keeping \\ith tlui repaht AY fnttt a T ; mid 
nil coireHpoixlnig, matehing, 

avenement ("man), //,?,, coming, nc<'<HHiou, 
3UOC0881OH, advent. IS tin )'in, ft In cnininiti? ? 
the kmg'H acc<iHHion to the crown. // dtc 
WetifiM' ; tho coming of the McHHiali, 

aveneron, w.-w., wild oatH 

avenir, w.'W., the future, fulwily, <xHienc(t, 
ntura wellai'e, hojxM, ])i'oh}MclH ; Xitu 1 , ') venire 
iwiitiM. +( /' ; miuture. On nt* jx'itt rt'jHimh'ti 
1<> /' ; one cajinot aiJHwnr for tin* Jutum, 
/V/.w/nv im h, '}<>$ wif<iut.t ; I >*iMU'e a <'OH|HI 
cncc for my children, ( 1 ct how HIP n'tr attcttn 
; that man Iwn no prowpcM-lH. /J' , or qttl ti 
Ic V ; promising, riHnifr, 
avenlr , *. . r. advenir . 
a-venlr, n.w. ( ), (jur.) MUMTMOIIH to an nt- 
>rnoy to uppour for hlw client 
avent, w.?/i., Advtint. 

aventure,?//., tulvtmitms ocenn'eiieH; olimion, 
ruiouUmt, luck ; fat(^ lot. A /' ; id, u y<ntnwH, 
,t random. Thtrithtliuwte ; u droll tul venture!, 
7ro,wf~- ; (com,) bottomry, /)lw ht buiM** * 
toll poopla'H fortunm* NA ftctre tfirt tt 


, to have one's fortune told. Une diseuse de 
bonne ; a fortune-teller. Tentei V , to make 
a trial, to try one's luck Mai rf' ; whitlow 
D' , par ; by chance, perchance. Si par , 
if peradventure, if by chance. 

aventurtf, -e,^a?/., hazardous, hazarded, bold. 

aventurer, v a , to venture, to put to the 
venture, to risk. 

j'aventurer, v r., to venture, to take one's 
chance, to hazard, to risk one's self. 

aventureu-z, -se, adj , venturous, venture- 
some, adventurous* 

adventurl-er, n.wi., -fere, ?i/., adventurer, 

aventurlne, M/., avanturme, ventunne. 

avenu, -e, part , come to pass, happened. 
Acte nul et non ; act that is null and void. 

avenue, ft/., avenue, approach, walk. 

ave*r<$, -e, part , avened, established by evi- 

ave~rer, u a, , to aver, to prove the truth of, to 
confirm, to establish. 
averhan Rer tdtras. 

& verse, adv., fast (of rain). II phut ; it is 
pouring with ram. 

averse, ?*./., shower of rain; down-pour. 

aversion, /., aversion, hate, hatred; anti- 
pathy, dislike, detestation. Prendre qitelqu^vn 
en ; to take an aversion to one. Cet homme 
est ma b&tG d" 1 , that man is my bugbear, my 
pat aversion. 

avert!, -e, patt. t warned, informed. Se temr 
pour ; to be on one's guard, to take it as a 
warning. Un bon en vut deux; forewarned, 
foreai mod. 

aveittr, v (i., to warn, to caution ; to inform of, 
to acquaint with, to give notice oi, to admonish 
Fane ; to send notice, word. 

avertlssoment (-man), n ?w., information, ad- 
vice, (b. ) warning, caution ; notification; adver- 
tisement (of booka) ; (b H.) adinoiutton 

avertisseur, n.m., monitor, adviser ; (official) 
public crier; (thea.) call-boy. dhncendK.' , 

aveu, w,w?'., avowal, confession, acknowledg- 
ment, aduuHftion ; approbation, ooiiHont, recog- 
nition. Homme sans ; vagrant, vagabond 
Pnire V <*// to coufoHfl. 

aveugle, adj., blind, wight/loss ; deluded ; igno- 
rant, implicit. tie naissmice, or w<5 ; born blind 
Qb&mance - ; implicit obodumcu. Changer KM 
fhe,valbo)ffn6 contra un ; to change from bad 
to vvorso. IM fortune r$t ; f ultimo IB blind 

aveugle , n . in.f. , blind person. Un y mor- 
drait ,' a blind man would see it. C'est un qui 
e,n fiomtitjt un (iutre<; it in tho blind loa.dmg the 
blind. Orier coniMft un qui a perdu t>o?i biiton; 
to cry out boforo one in hurt, 

aveuglemont n.m., blindncsB, infatuation. 

aveugl6inent, <r^f>., blindly, rashly, implicitly. 

aveugler, t'.f^., to blind, to mako blind ; to 
put oufc fch oyciH of ; fco daralo; to delude ; to ob- 
w^uro, to oloud; (nav.) to foilnm La passion 
(nwitt/le r?.nt?n<tnn,?n<t ; panBiow obBcuros the un- 
doi'.iiiwuliiig', MM t'Oi'C, <r<*(M ,' (nav ) to fotlicir 
a lonk. La trap grande tujm&re ttvciLgh ; too 
much %ht doxzloR tho yoM. 
^'aveugler, v,r ti to blind ono's self, to shut one's 
y to, to txi blin<1<Hl, to doooJvo one's ftelf, 
h /'aveuglotto, wfp M (fnm.) gropinpf Intho dark, 
Allcr ; to go uropinpj along, blindly, ranhly. 

avloti^e, ./., (mol.)* r. aronde- 

avlde, rtv(/.j grcfldy of, ongw for. thiretiug for; 
voxaciouH; covetous, rapacious* un A<77wwfi ; 
a oovetoua maw. -~ de> gain, ; oap^r for gnhn. 

avldomont (-mSw), <.ut,v n greedily, wigarly, 
voracioiiHly, covcitounly. 

avldlt^, ,/., avidity, groedbesa, 

avUlr, v.a.i to dobaso, to demean, 

to vilify , to disparage, to discredit, to depreci- 
ate, to lower. 

s'avilii 1 , t'.? , to disgrace one's self, to debase 
one's feelf, to grow contemptible. 

avilissant, -e, adj., debasing, degrading, hu- 

avilissement (-man), n wi., degradation, de- 
basement, depreciation, contempt, vileness 

avin<5, -e, pa*, drunk, drunken, unsteady 
(from. drmk). II est , c>est un coips , he is 
a regular tipple* 

aviner, v.a , to season with wme. 

aviron, n w,, (nav ) oar. de couple , acull. 
Alter a I" 1 , to io\v. Donner un coup d" 1 , to 
lend a helping hand. 

avironnerie, n f , oai -maker's shed 

aviroimier. r? m,, oar-maker. 

avis, ?i.7??., opinion, sentiment, mind, judgment , 
advice, counsel, deliberation, admonition , notice, 
notification , warning, caution ; account, infor- 
mation, intelligence, news , motion ; vote, adver- 
tisement (in books). A mon ; in my opinion. 
Je sms (V que vous Im ecrnnez , I am of 
opinion that you should write to him. Je HG MHS 
pas rf' d^y alter , I am not for going thei e I)ti e 
son, to say, speak one's mind Je profitenn 
de r~~ que vous me donnez ; I shall avail myself 
of the caution you have given me au leclenr ; 
a note to the reader ; a word to the wise. 7Vr 
chu-nqj* d' { I have altered my mind. On a ree;u 

dePans, we are advised from Pans- Lcttre 
rf' , letter of advice. Faufe d" ; for want of 
advice. Sous ; with, advice. Smvant r de ; 
as per advice. Donner & quelguhm un de quel- 
que chose; to advise any one of anything Ne 
m'tcrii, plus jusqitfh nonvel , wnte no moio 
till fuither notice. Quwir un ; to broach tin 
opinion. Eti e & , to opine Prendte lei , to 
take the opinion. Attei aux ; to put to the vote. 
Donner un asses claw & guelqit'im; to give a 
pretty broad hint to any one. 77 ui'est ; I nither 
think 01* methmka. Dem, -,9 vttlent w wiu (fu'iin ; 
two heads are better than one. 77 ?/ <t Joins 
d" 1 ; there is no hurry; there IH plenty of time. 

aviso** -e, ad/ wary, disn eet, prudent, cau- 
tious, advised, circumspect. Jlfdl , ill-adviBed 
il est fort , he is a very discreet num. 

avlser, t?.., to apprise ; to perceive ; to espy; 
(com.) to advise. 

aviser, ?;.w., to consider, to see to, to think 
upon, to look to. AVIMS-I/ , look to it. Vousy 
amsercz ; you will see to it. 
.v'aviser, v.7*., to think of, to consider, to take 
it mto one's head; to bethink one's fwlf, to be BO 
minded, to dare, to presume. // fie s'avise 
jwnaisde, rien ; ho thmha of notliintf, // S^IVIM 
de, ; ho took it into bin head to. At riif a nothse 
dont it ne s"* anise ; there is no follv he dooa not 
commit. II tfaviMt <Vun oon n/ncdimt ; he be- 
thought himself of a good expedient. .AV vous en 
<iv f SPS pns f you luul better not. 

aviso, w.w., (nav.) difipn-toh-boat, 
*avltaiHemettt, W.M,, (nav., miht ) victtml- 
mg; dtoroR. 

*avitalller, ?'.^., to victual, to funuwh with 
victuals, to Htoici. 
O^avltallleur, 7/,w., army or uavy contractor. 

avlvage, n.m, t iM laying of tin-loll on gla ; 

avlver, v.ct, } to polish, to bumMi, to brighten. 

avlves, ,/ ;>/., (vet.) viven. 

avivoir, .?,, polifllior, burnlHhor (tool). 

avocasser, *>.,, tob a pettifogger, to drudge 
at tho bar, 

avocasserie, TL/., petti foggwy, oavilJug, 
quibbki 4 twaddle. 

avocat, n.m.<, ooimmil, bnrriHfcor, advocnte, 
ploiutar, hitoroeHHor. - de mutftet MrflMt*, * '/<3 
Pilaff - . (lr battt) <l tort * brioncMR barrister. 

consultant / cliambor-oounewjl. * principal 



leading "barrister. general, solicitor general. 
Plaider pai , to be represented by counsel. 

avocate, ./., female advocate, mediatrix, in- 

avocette, ./. (orni.) avoset. 
avoine, n.f., oats. s, oats still standing. 
D' ; of oats. Fanne <P ; oatmeal. Balle 
& , oatchaif. Foltets, wildcats. 
avoinerie, /., oat-held. 
avoir (ayant, eu), v.a., to liave , to get, to pos- 
sess, to enjoy ; to be, to be worth, to be the mat- 
ter with, to ail ; to have on. pour agi eatte ; to 
like. honie,' to be ashamed. laison; to be 
right. muon de , to get the niastei y over. 
tort, to be wrong. peur , to be afraid faim, 
to be hungry. soif ' , to be thirsty. Vous tfavez 
qu"a dire ; you need only say the word. Qitfest-ce 
gue WM,S avez ? what ails you 9 what is the mattei 
with you ? Fatre , to procure for. Qwl age 
avez-vous ? how old are you ? // a quarante ans , 
he is forty /'? a vous parter , I have some- 
thing to tell you II avait un habit bleu ; he had 
on A blue coat En , to catch it II en a ; he has 
caught it. En a-t-il 1 what a lot he has ! Y ; 
theie to be, to be the matter. 11 ne saurait ?/ 
dedifffaence; there can be no difference. II y 
en a de noil s ; thei e are some black ones. C V*f 
unefemmecomme il n'y en a point ; she has not 
her like, her match. 21 y plut> ; nay, niore. II 
y en a encoi e , there is atill some left. // y a 
dequoi, theie is enough, or good reason to. It 
'ti'y a pas de quoi; don't name or mention it; 
there is no offense. Je mis veim ici il y a deitx 
mois; I canie here two months ago. II '?/ (t id 
qued'en; money makes the man II y a im an 
qu'il est mort ; lie has been dead a year. J7 ?/ 
a deux mots qtte je suis ici , I have been heie 
two months. II y a une hew e qiie nous ecrivons ; 
"we have been writing for the lafet hour. Combien 
ya-t-ilde Pat is kLondresf how far IB ittiom 
Pans to London ? JEn h ; to owe a grudge to 
dans la main ; to hold m the hollow of one's 
hand. la parole , to be entitled to apeak, to be 
In possession of the House. Vous avez lamam^ 
le d&, la boule ; it is your turn to play (at cards, 
at dice, at billiards). 

avoir, ra.TW., possessions, substance, property, 
what one is worth , (com.) credit, creditor, 
creditor-side. Voila tout mon, this is all I 

avoir flu poids, .., (n,p.) avoirdupois. 

avoislnant, -e, adj.. neighboring, adjoining, 
close by 

avoisitte*, part,, with neighbors. TZtre bicji, or 
mat ; to have good or bad neighbors. 
Oavoisinement (-man), .ro., nearness, prox- 

avoisiner, tf.rr., to border upon, to be situated 
near, to be oontiguouw to. 

avcrtd, -e, adj., abortive, miscarried; (bot ) 
abortive; frustrated, baffled ; imptsrleot. 

avortement, n.w., abortion, miscarriage, fail- 

avorter, ?rw., to miscarry; to slip; to provo 
abortive; to fail. Fairs ; to cause or procure 
abortion. Ce flessmn awrta, ; that plan failed. 
Faire let dessems de, quelgu'un ; to baffle any 
one's designs. 

avorton, ?i.m., abortion; abortive child, (fip;.) 
Un de mouche ;, a wretched, paltry, miserable 

available, <//., avowable. 

avoud, ji.m., attorney ; solicitor. Une Sturie 
<f ; a solicitor's office 

avouer, ,., to confess, to avow; to own, to 
acknowledge, to declare openly, to grant, to al- 
low, to approve. J7 a avouti lefait; ho has con- 
fessed the deed. II avow, V avoir /? ; he con- 
fesses to it. $' > vaineu ; to own one's self van- 
quished. Ji&taiS) je I'avouff) unpeu corpus; I 

was xather confused, I must allow, un 
enjantf to acknowledge a child. J'avoueiat, 
tout ce qu'il jfera; I will appiove of all he 

avoyer, n n*., avoyer (Swiss magistrate). 
*avTil, n wi., Apul Uujiucr un poison d" 1 a 
quelqii 1 un , to make any one an April-tool 
Mecevoii im poiswu <r , to be made an April- 
fool Poisson d 1 , mackeiel 

avrilld, -e, adj., sown in April. 

avion, n m , (bot ) wild oats 

avuex", v a , (hunt.) to maik down, feo mark 

avulsion, ?? / , avulsion. 

axe, n w., axib, axle, axle-tree , (artil.) trun- 
nion townant , axle-tree. de tu.s , screw- 

axifuge, afy , centrifugal. V, centrifuge. 

axillaire (ak-sil-lci ), W; , (<inat , bot ) axillar, 
axillaiy Flews s , axilLuy flowoife. 
aaziome, ?i.?., axiom. 

axiometre, n m , (nav ) tell-tale (of the tiller). 
axonge, / , d>lmi.) hog's laid. 

ayan, .WJ M (A) ayan (Tuikish official) 

ayant cause, n in , ( s ) (jur. ) nhsi^n. 

ayant droit, .w., ( A ) (jar.) party entitled. 

aynot, n m , skewer (tor herrings), 

azatee, n.f , (bot ) azalea. 

az^darac,,, azedarach, bead-troo. 

azerole, /. t (bot ) azarolo. 

azerolier, i.w., assutole-true. 
Qazime, adj. r, azyme. 

azimut (-inut), n ., (astron.) azimuth. 

azlxautal, -e, wty., assnintthal. 

azotate, n,m , (diem ) nitrate. 

azote, n.m , (ohein.) a^oto, tutrogoti. 

azote, adj.) azotic, nitric. 

azote*, (idj , a/otwcd, nitrogeiuzod. 

azotlQUe, adj.-, azotic, nitric. 

azuiy ??/., aVure, blue , sky-color. de Hot- 
land e ; Dutch blue. Pierre d" 1 , ajcuio Htono. 

azure, -e, adj., azure, Hky-coloied. Za voftta 
G t the azure Hkies. 

azurer, v ., to paint axuro color, to blue. 

azurin, -e, tff/?., azun. ??.?/*., blue-lmlterily. 

azyme, a<//.,*uynioitH, uuh':iv(.ntl. 

azyme, n.m., uzym, unlaviuuMl broad. JFQtv 
det> s ; feast oi uiiltMvoned bioad. 

azymlte, .., Azyimte. 

to, W.TO., the second letter of tlu^ alphabet, 6, 
Etre marqufi au ; to bo cither <m<M>ycid f 
hunch-ba<jked, or laiaw (borifnt, btMtt, hoitfttjr)* 
Ne pailer qnc par b ou par 1 ; mwv to HIMUIK 
without Hwearinj^. 
l>alt)a, n.m^ hun, plum-cake. 
babel, 7?,/., Babel, uproar, <1 worrier. TOUT tir* 
; tower of Babel. CV'.sY utie vmir twtr </<* , 
tfest tine , it i a perfiust towor oi JUiiln*!, up- 

babeurre, w,/i., Imttermilk. 
baWche, /., babiclion, w.m., 3u})-<l<^, 

*bablli n.w., chattor, pratmg, talk, gabbling, 
tattle, prattlo. // wtiif Hmi,n1it par son j Jw 
bowildftru us with IUH (liat.Minpf. 

*"babHlftge, w.w., ohlt-cluit, tlttl4atU, prat- 
tle, babbling, twaddles, 

*bato01ard, n.w , -e, 
tattler; blah, blabber; (orni.) 
C'tst itn franc ; he IH a r^tilnr hfthhW* 
rous jiez pan h eel hunMn^-lk^ r*V/ un ; <J 
trust that man, hi IH a groat hlnh, 

*TbabtUftJrd, -e, a<tj n babbling, 

^bablllement, n.w., 

*bablller, v.n., to prate, to tattio, to goidp. 

babine fi 

babine, n f , lip (of animals), chop. II ^en 
leche 1e$ *> > he is smacking his lips over it 

babiole, n J , bauble, gewgaw, toy, knick- 
knack, plaything, trifle, trinket. 

babord, .w., (nav.) port. 

babord) adv, } larboard, aport. 

babordais, n ?,, (nav,) larboard- watch. 

babouche, w/., Turkish slipper. 

baboilin, n.wfc., baboon, monkey (of a child). 
Fairs baiser te a que1qu*iin ; to make any one 
eat humble pie. 

babOUtne, /., little fool, little hussy ; lip. V. 


babouiner, v , (fam.) to play the buftoon. 

bac, n.m., feiry, ierry-boat. 

baccalaure'at, w.wi., bachelorship, bachelor's 

bacchanal (-ka-), w m , racket, upioar, jFcwe 
; to make a i acket, to kick up a great row, 

bacchanal (-ka-), /., noisy drinking-bout, 
revel, debauch 
Qbacclianaliser (-ka-), v n. r to revel, to not. 

bacchante (-kant), w./., bacchante, terma- 

baccharis (-ka-nn), -Ide, n. /,, bacchans, 
ploiighmau'iS .spikenard. 

baccifere, adj., bacciferous, berry-producing. 

baclia, n.m. I", pacha. 

bache, w./., cart tilt ; hot-bed frame ; tank, cis- 
tern ; awning, tarpaulin (of a wagon). 
bachelette, ./., young girl, maid, lass, dam- 

bachelior, ?i,w., bachelor of a university. 

b&Gher, v,a , to tilt, to cover (a cart). 

bachique, adj , b.icolnc, jovial, drunken. 

bachon, n.m,) wooden pail 

bachot, n m , wherry, small f wry-boat ; (fam.) 
bachelor's degroo. 

bachotage, w.wj,., fwrry-man'tj business, 

bachoteur, .w., ferry-man. 

bacbotior, >.w., cruuwicr, 

bacile, w.wi,,, (but.) sea-fonnol, 

bacillaire, n.m., pyramidal loldHpar, soapolite. 

bad age, w ,/,., lino oi boats (in a port); (fig,) 
patching, lwHt.y, neiuniwd work. 

b&old, -e,yw// , barred, fiiHtcncd, scamped. 

bacler, c r/,, to bar 01 chain, to Hows to fanton 
(a door, window, a boat, a haibour); to do ban- 
tiiy, to polisli olT , to Hcamp (work) 

Mdaud, n.m., -0, nj , ninny, booby; gaor, 
loungor, ulloj 1 ; oocknuy, 

badaudage, v/.w, <!o<!kn(yiin, 

badaudet, H',//., to loungo, to Hauntor, to, 

badaudeiie, w./',, foolery, nilhnoHH, Himplujity, 
lounging, HaunUnuig. 

baderno, nj., (nav,) dolphin, paunch, fonder 
(of whip), 



badigoonnage ( jo-uaj), n.w,, piunting Mdonch 
color ; MiinMU'hig, mtikiug up, daub. 

badigooimer (-ju-ii<^),^..,to paint with ston<^- 
oolor, to whittnvaHh, to daub, 

badigeonnoxir (-Jo-uour), n,m n whitwanlwr, 
ooJornr, daubm 1 . 

badixi, -e, tH/j, , wnggiHh, jo<^i)ar, playl'nl, 
roguinh ; wpoHivo, droll, < ( >mioalt // ^'/iw* 
wwur <i ; htt IH <> ft MpoHiJvii humor. Air ; 
playful air, $tyln 5 playful ntylfl. ^' 
t/f ^"i , ho JM a t o^ulfir bautar<*r a WIVR ; 


badinage, n.w* M prt, plav, jtmt. ; foojw 
playfaltt6ft}t Jocularity i triiie (Jwtn'wt point t 
; fclnis in no t'oolwy, fl M ywftt? valwntiti 
<xu " ; IAO hftK no objwjtlon to f* lifcil<i tri/iiu 
WnitMV votr$ j hswcs donti with your foolin 
6 y ^ n'^ ^w*** ^#M guhw ; it I mm ohUd 
play for him, 

/P> wIU>h ; jo/., mall tonga* 

L baign^ 

badiner, v.n^ to trifle, to dally, to play, to toy, 
to sport ; to flaunt. II ne badvnepus t he it, not 
joking. En badinant , m fun, by way of a joke. 
La dentelle est trop tendue, il/aut qifelle bud me 
un peu ; the lace is too tight, it must wave about 
a little. On ne badine pas avec V amour j love is 
not to be trifled with. 

badinene, n,f n billy stuff, foolery, trifling, 

balouer, v.a., to scout, to scoll at, to baffle, 
On Pa bafouS; he was scouted. II s'est fait ; 
he got scoffed at. 

bafre, nf , (pop,) guzzling, blow out, gorge. 

bafirer, n., (1, ex.) to guzzle, to eat gieedily, 
to have a blow out, a grand feed 

batreu-r, n.m , -se, n /., (1 ex ) guzzlei, glut- 

bagace v. bagasse 

bagage, n.m , luggage, baggage. Nous at ons 
lat&se noiie en at? leie ; we have leit oui lug- 
gage behind. Plier ttotibsei , to pack oil t II 
a phe ; he has taken his last journey (died). 
Quel est le de cet aitteur ? what works lias this 
author wiitteri? littei aire, literary knowledge. 

bagarre, nf., squabble, scuffle, fray, brawl; 
crowd, crush. e troiiver dans unv ; to get 
into a fray. Se tirer d'une , to get out of a 

bagasse, n.f , bagasse, cane trash ; hussy, 
drab, slut. 

bagatelle, ./., bauble, trajsh, trinket, trifle, 
nonsense, meie nothing. Tabl? de ; bagatelle 
table, 21 ne s" 1 amuse qu?h des s, ho trifles 
away his time. S^nn nxcr a u?ie , to trifle away 
time. Bagatelles que tout cela ; that is all stun 
and nonsense, 
*bagno, n.m , convict-prison, hulks. 

bagnole, n /., hoise-box (on railways), 
*bagnolette, n.f , a head-dress. 

bague (bag) , n .f. , ring. gi av6e en cachet ; 
seal-ring. < * ft joi/anx ; jowelh and ornamonts. 
Course de ; running at the nng, Jen de ; 
umndabout. ait do>igt; (fig.) clear gam, Bine- 
(nire, good thing, 

baguenaude (I)i\g-n8d),??, /., bladder-nut, trifle, 

baguenauder (bag-nO-), v.w,, to mind trifles, 
to trifle time away, to fiddla-faddlo. 

baguenaudier (bag-n6), w.?/?., bliul dor-nut- 
tree, biwtard senna tree ; trifltn , rmg-puKZle. 

daguer (ba-glu^), <v.a., to bamto, to stitch ; 
(hort.) to ring. 

bagues, n.f. pl^ (1. n.) WKR^R - 

baguette (ba-ghot), w./., switch, rod, ramrod, 
drum-stick, small stick, wnnd ; ;^,, (milit.) gaunt- 
lot ; (arch.) bapfwt, 6Vi cltt'wd obht h Id ; that 


oboyn the switch, a ytrnt ; 
* de tambour,' drnm-Htickn. Coup tie -- ; bat 
of the drum. da fmt'c wltmti\ , Htlck of &> 
rocket, d'or / golden wtuik, (.rhuinaier ; 
UHhor^H rod. dwinutoh?; conjuror's waiul. 
Coniinwitfcr fal(t> ; to command niagintorially. 
Pmser par lea s ; to run tho gnuntlal- Maner 
h la, ; to rule with a rod of iron. 

baguier (ba~glu<''), n ?., cankct for ringi. 

bah) *"wi5,, pooh, pshaw, nouHns<i, fudgct. 

bahut, w.m,, trunk, cluwti, prowf*. JKn ; 
rounded, convex* 

bahuter, v., f to roister, to kick up a row. 

balmtier, .'/n., tnw>k-uftkr, 

ball -e, <?%*., bay, Un efH'wl ; a bay horHti. 
~* <ii(l/<tin ; ohoRtuut. mlroftt f dapplo-bny. 
chito; light-bay. dfwv' ; yHow dun, 

bale, ./., bay, gtilf, road , (arch.) bay, (Imt.,) 

rry ; 0btaubng, trick, Ihmnw wit* *- r) gwl* 

j to humbug oio. 
do, n,/., bath, 
-e p(trt n bathwl, 
On 'Vu (rouv6 tfwm -non wn$i ,* \ 
found weltering in his blocwi /> ymut 
ItirmM f ftyoH batluul iw toarn, JKtre de t 
to ba in a bath of 

foaigner I 

*baigner, v.a , to bathe, to give a bath, to wash, 
to lave, to water. Faire les chevaux ; to take 
horses to the water. 

-sebaigner, v r., to bathe, to wash ; to welter (in 

^baigner, v.n., to soak; to steep. 

J " " ,6U-r, n.m. , -se, n.f., bather, bath-keeper. 
noir, n.m., bathing-place. 

Oire, n.f., bathing-tub, bath ; corner box 

(thea.*). Voilw e ; bathing-machine. 

*baH, n.m., (baux) lease. ft ferme / lease of 
ground. -a long terme; long lease. Donner a 
: to lease. Passer un ; to draw up a lease. 
Rompre, resilier, un ; to break, to throw up, a 
lease. Vela n'est pas de mon ; I did not bar- 
gain for that, 

*foaille, n.f., (nav.) half tub. de sonde; 
bucket (for sounding). a brae; tar-pail, 01 

#biillement, n.m., yawning, yawn; (gram.; 
Lu ) hiatus. 

*bailler, v.n., to yawn, to gape ; to open (fis- 
sures) ; to be on the jar, to gape (of doors). 
On bailie souvent en voyant bailler les autres ; 
yawning is catching. BcLiller de sommeil; to 
yawn with drowsiness. 

Q^battler, v.a., to give, to deliver. ft ferme , 
to let, to lease, to iann. out. Vous me la bailies 
belle ; you are humbugging me. 

*baillet, adj., (of hcrses) son el. 
0*bailleul, n.m., bone-setter, r. rebouteur. 

*bailk-eur, n.m., -euse, n.f, yawner; gaper. 

Un bon en fait bailler deux, yawning is catch- 

baill-eur, ??.?>? , -eresse, n.f., one who leases, 
lessor. Unde/onds, money-lender, sleep- 
ing partner. 
*l)ailll, n m , bailiff. 
*bailliage, n m., bailiwick. 
*"bailliag-er, -ere, adj., of a bailiwick. 
*foaillive, nf., bnihft's wife. 

baillon, n.m., gag, muzzle ; bribe. 
"bfiillonner, v.a., to stop the mouth of, to gag, 
to muzzle ; to wedge up (a door). 

bain, nm, bath; bathing-tub; pi., baths, 
bathing establishment, bathing place, bathing 
room, waters, de mer; salt water bath. & 
domicile ; bath at home. de siege ; hip bath 
de vapeur ; vapor bath. de pieds; foot 
bath. La chambre de ; the bath-room 
Jj^ordi <? du ; the Order of the Bath 

bain-marie, n.rn. Cuire an ; to cook in a 
vessel nntner&ed m boiling watei. 

baionnette, nf., bayonet. an bout du 
fusil; with fixed bayonets, s an canon! fix 
bayonets ! Croiser la, ; to croibs bayonets. 
Charger h la ; to charge with fixed bayonets 
Mnlever un poste it la ; to carry a post at the 
point of the bayonet 

bairam or beiram, n.m., Bairam (Turkish 

0baisemain, .m., kissing (of hands) ; compli- 
ments, [culation 

baisement, n.m , kissing of feet; (geom.) OB- 

foalser, v.a., to kiss. 

baiser, n.m., kiss, salute. Un de Judas; 
a treacherous kiss. 

baiseu-r, n.m., -se, nf, kisser 

baisoter, v.a., to be always kissing. 

baisse, n.f., fall, abatement, decline, falling 
off. En ; (com.) falling. Jouer & la ; to 
bear, to speculate on a lall. 

baisse", -e, part., down, let down, lowered. II 
marchctit les yeux ~~s ; he walked with down- 
cast eyes. Se retire? t$te e ; to sneak away. 
Donner tStae dans le piege; to fall headlong 
into the snare. 

baisser, #,,, to let down, to lower, to bring 
down, to hang down , to droop ; (nav.) to lower, 
to strike Elle baissa son wile ; she let down 

2 balancer 

her veil. le rideau ; to drop the curtain. 
la msiere d^un casque) to lower the beaver of a 
helmet. le drapeau; to lower the colors 

pavilion ; to strike one's flag ; to knock 
under to one. les yeux; to cast one's eyes 
down. la tete ; to hold, to hang down, to droop 
one's head. Voreille ; to look confused. 

baisser, v.n., to lower, to wear, to break, to 
fail, to decay ; to go down ; to ebb ; to be 011 the 
decline, on the wane; to flag, to droop ; to fall. 
Le jow baist>e; night is coming on, Ce vieil- 
laid baisse , this old man is breaking up Sa 
vue commence & , his sight begins to tail. II 
baisse avue d'os'il; he is visibly sinking. Son 
genie , lu& genius is on the decline. Ce 
malade baisse , the patient is losing strength. 
Les action}, bais&ent, there jo a fall in the shares. 
Les fonds baist,ent ; the funds aie fallr j. 
se baisser, v.i., to stoop; to bow down, to be 
lowered. 11 ria qifh pour en piendie; he 
has only to pick and choose. 

baissier, n m., bear, operator for a fall. 

baissiere, n.f., bottom oi a cask ; (agn ) hol- 
low, puddle. 

baisure, /., kissing-ciust. 
0bajoire, nj , double-faced coin. 

bajoue, nj , hog's cheek ; chap. 

bajoyer, n.m. , lateral wall, facing. 

bal, n.m , ball, dance, masque; masked ball. 

pare ; fancy dress-ball. bourgeois ; private 
ball. champetie; country ball. costumf f 
fancy dress ball. Donno fv & quelgn'un; to 
make one dance for it Mcttre Je en trmn ; 
to set things going. Rfettie tine carte w ; to 
stake money upon a card. 

baladin, n m., -e, /., mountebank, juggler, 
buffoon, merry-andrew. 

baladinage, n.m., bulloonery, nonsense. 

balalre, ./., gash, slash, cut; Hcai, 

balafrer, v a , to gash, to sla^h, 

balai, n.m , broom, brush, bonom, -* de 
jonc ; carpet-broom. dc cnn r luur-broom. 

deplume; dustei. a lave) ; mop. Manchc 
h , broom-Rtick. Donner un coup dc ; to 
sweep up JRotir le ; to play OIUI'H prauke, to 
lead a last life. // n?est nen M qiw - /// a 
new broom sweeps clean. 

balais, adj., balas. Un rubls ; a balaa 

balance, w / , balance, scalcH, pair of Hoal^H ; 
balance (oi an account); balanro-Hhwit ; (nHtron.) 
Libra roma'ine; Htaolyard, Trail fie la ; 
turn ot th Rcalu. juste; good willow. /!/' 
reternne ; to agree a bulunro. Ittaliwr wiff 
; to withdraw a balanco. Fair? penchcr fa ; 
to turn the scale. Mcttrc fii - ; to hitlam'o. 
ftes d) oitt, pemwit-ih entrer en - awe /c'.v w iens f 
can his claium bo weighed in th< Hau M<*iUo 
with mine ? JKtre en - - ; to bo in'OHoluto. ( 'cla 
ttent Veapwt en ; that nuikoH oi jrn'Holuto. 

balance, n m., (dwico) wotting to OO'H i*irt- 

balancelle, nj., (nav ) felu<M*a. 

balancement (-man), n,w n hiilaiH'inK) |IH- 
ing, rocking, Hee-saw, fluctuation, wavcirhig. 

balancer, ?>.., t.o balance, to poiHO ; to Hwhitf, 
to wave, to weigh, to oountorbulaiuu 1 ), to rock, 
to square (accounts) un jawfat ; to \w\rn si 
javelin. les avantages ef It^ incMwhili>nt ; to 
weigh the advantage and UlHudvnntutfOH. /f\* 
pertes par le gain ; to blrtti<<i HIA lorn by tint 
profit. e$ vert its balauccnf tons ,vv*,v t'/rw ; bin 
virtues outwojgh all IJIH VH*OM ht wiH&ir? ; 
to kwsp the viHory in doubt. ttn coynpte/ to 
balance an account. 

balancer, v.n., to balance, to hfinitatA, to foo 
in Huwpftiwo, to waver, to fltuttuato, to disjfnnr, 
If, ba Ian ^a ,?''/? ucctpttmU la plan qn'ott ltd 

the Hituatton ofiVroU Uiiu, // v a nnuttnti wi 




, he consented to it without hesitating. H 
TZ,'?/ a pas a , there is no room ior hesitation. 
se balancer, v i , to swing, to lock Cette 
femme xe balance ti op en ma) chant , that \v oman 
swings too much as she walks. Un oiseau qui 
se balance dans Fait , a bird hovering m the 

balancier, n m , scale-maker ; pendulum, 
balance ; (coin ) coming-engine ; balancing-pole. 
Le d une hoi loge ; the pendulum of a clock 
Le d'un toiu ne-bi oche , the llyei oi a loasting 
jack Le d^iuie machine h rapeut , the beam 
o a steam-engine. Le tnnisvetsal tfune ma- 
chme a vapeur ; cross-beam oi: an engine. 

balancine, w/., (nav.) lift. 

balangoire, n J , see-saw ; swing, (fig.) Quell e 
/ what a ciam ! 

balane, n m , (conch.) acoi u-shell. 

balauste, / , balausta, wild pomegranate. 

balaUStier, n w , wild pomegranate tiee. 

balayage, balayement, n m , .sweeping. 

balayer, va , to sweep, to scour. Sa tobe 
balaie la iee; her gown sweeps the ground. 
Le vent balaie la plume , the wind sweeps the 
plain. /<?, meii> ; to scour the seas. 

balayeu-r, )i /., -se, nj , scavenger, sweeper. 

balayures, nf pi , .sweepings. de me) , 
sea-weed washed on shoie , dntt-weed. 

balbutiement (-sf-man), n m., stuttering, 
htammeiing, lisping. 

balbutler (-<'i<''), 7 ' a - an( l w -> to lisp, to stam- 
mer, to mumble. Un enfant <jtn commence a ; 
a child beginning to lisp. Rile balbutia qnelques 
wot* ; H!KJ slammoicd out a few WOH!H itn 
compliment ; to stammer out a compliment. II 
lie Jit quo son i die , he did nothing but mumble 
his pait 

balbuzard, ?i.i., bald-buzzard, osprey. 

balcon, n ., balcony. 

baldaquin, n w., baldachin; canopy, tester. 

baleine, n / , wlmlo, whale-bone. Jiatbede ; 
whale-bone. Unite <tv ~ - ; whale oil. La pMie 
<le hi ; the whale fishery. lihme de, ; 
3pm maeoti. 

baleine", -O, tt<?j. t stiffened with whalebone. 
Un corset -, whalebone stays 

baloineau, , young whale. 

balolnier, w.w., adj , wbaler. 

baloinlfero, /*., whale-boah 

balestron, .///., (nav.) Hprit. 
0bal6vre, ?/./., under Up; (are.h ) jutting or 
projnetion <>t ono Htono b(iyon<l another. 

ball, .w. r. pall. 

balisage, w./w., (nav ) eHtablinhmg of buoys, 
of boaooiiH. 

ballso, w./, (nav.) sea-mark, buoy, beacon; 
(bot.) tho J'ruit oi the shot, eanna-soud. 

baliser, v,a , (uav.) to buoy, to ere<t Ix'aeoiiH. 

baliseur, n.'tn,, person wlo sots up beacons, 
superintendent oi towing-paths. 

baltalor, .?w-., (boL) shot, Atnerhian reed. 

balisto, M./* M war-ma<mine, b.iHistu; (ieb.) 

ballvage, w./., staddllng, 

baliveau, 7/. //., Ht,a<l<U<t. 

bflllverno, w./., nonsense, lunubtt^, HtuiT. Tl 
vouft contft (/<"A" ' . ,' lui talks nonsense, tells you 
cook and hull stories. 

balivernor, ?.?>., to trill*', to talk idly, to 

ballade, w,/,, ballad. 

ball a go, ?,w,, (niotal) balling. 

ballant, <'/</;/., waving, swinging, dangling. J7 
m Irs hrtw s ; he swings his arms hi walking. 

ballast, .wi., (railways) bftllalJg, 

balle, ./., ball; bullet, shot; husk of rice; 
bale, pack; (print.) ball* A wwa l> ; it Is 
your turn, Jtiffer In - - j to fowiww the <!. 
h la vole*} to hit tlus ball hi the 

air. Piendie la an bond; to take the ball at 
the rebound ; to seize the opportunity , to take 
time by the forelock Eufunts de la ; chil- 
dren following the business of their father. C'est 
un enfant de la ; he is his father's sou. Een- 
voyer la ; to return the ball, to give tit for 
tat, to turn the tables on. Fusil chaige b, ; a 
musket loaded with ball, s^iamees; chain- 
shot moite, spent ball. A s tranches, 
fiee firing. au camp ^ lounders Ufa ic hand u>e 
de , common, pack warefa. 
0baller, v.w., to hop, to skip, to dance. 

ballet, n.m., ballet. 

ballon, n m , balloon ; football. Envoyer un 

d 1 essa^ , to send out a feelei. 
ballonn^, -e, adj., distended, swollen. 
ballonnement (-man), , (med ) swelling. 
ballonnier, n m , football oi balloon maker. 
ballot, n m , bale, package, pack. Voila votie 

, that is exactly what you want, the veiy thing 
for you. 

ballot e, ?i / , (bot ) horeliomid. 

ballotin, n m , small parcel, packet. 

ballottade, n y., (man ) ballotade. 

ballottage, n ?., balloting. 
Qballotte, w / , ballot , bucket. V boule 

ballottement (-man), n.m., tossing, shaking; 
voting by ballot. 

ballotter, v a , to toss, to toss about ; to keep 
in suspense, to bandy (a tennis-ball) ; to debate ; 
to ballot. queJqu'nn; to toss anyone from 
pillar to post. 

ballotter, v.n., to shake, to rattle. Cctte porte 
ballotte ; that door shakes 

balne'aire, adj., watering, bathing. Vitte ; 
wateimg place. 

balourd, n.m , -e, w.f., numskull, dunce. 

balourd, -e, </'/., dull, heavy, thick-headed 

balourdise, n J , stupidity, dolti.shnens ; stupid 
thing, gross blunder. 

balsamier, n m. V, baumier. 

balsamine (-za-), w./",, balsamine. 

balaamique (-xa-), w//., balsamic, balmy, 

balsamite (-za-) r.'tanaisie, 

balustrade, 7t./., balustrade. 

ballistic, n i., a baluster, liand-rail. 

balustrer, v,a,, to rail in, ieneo in, Hiirround 
with balusters. 

balzan, dtfj , (man ) white-footed, tramtneled. 

balzane, n ;'., (man.) wlntefoot, white spot, 

bambin, T?-.WJ., baby, brat, bantling. 

bambochade, 71 f , (paint.) grotesque picture, 

bamboche, ??./". (pop.) puppet show; bit of 
a thing (person) ; drinking bout, sproo ; young 
bamboo, bamboo-cane. Fa ire, une, ; to have a 
spree, Fa>ire ties ~~s ; to lead a disorderly lile. 

bambocheu-r, ?&.w., -se, n.f , (pop.) libertine 

barabou, .?w.., baml>oocan<i, bamboo. 

ban, w.w , ban; public proclamation, banish" 
ment. -.s', pi , banns (of matrimony). Dis^enxe 
<le a f marriage hcense. Mcttieau - , to send 
to Coventry. Rowprc son , to break one's 
ban. Mntre au, ; to bo under the ban. 

banal, -e, tnty., common ; commonplace ; mer- 
cenary. Expreswon e; vulgar, ( 

banalit6, ./., vulgarity, a eonnnonplace, a 
Into expression, 

banane, w./., banana. 

bananior, n>w , banana-tree. 

bane (ban), n.m , bench, seat, aettla; pew; 
reef, shoal, bank ; bed ; dock, bar. J7 - - ft dos 
a bench with a back to it, Un - de yawn ; a 
turf seat. -tp&gliw ,* oliurcl) <i^ T pow* -- tit 
Vtvuwef chunmwardons* pew. II e&t mforti WIT 
Its ,v ,' lw is still at college, fitrhovtr Mr ww - 
f'/i" wtble f to run aground on a sand bank, (fn - 
(/e comil ; a coral nwf . Un de tuirtwgt ; a 



slioal of liemngs. Un d'hmtres ; a bed of 
oysteis. - depterie ; layei, bed, of stone. Eire 
an des accuses,' to be in the dock. des 
temoins ; \vitnesb-box. 

bancal, -e, adj , bandy-legged. 
Gliancelle, w./., long narrow form, seat. 

banche, /., sunken ridge. 

banco, adj., banco (a term used in exchange 
bufomess. Fa we ; to hold all the money staked. 

baneroche, adj. V. bancal. 

bandage, n.m , (surg ) bandage ; application 
of bandages; belt; truss ; tire (of wheels) ; hoop, 
(of guns); spring herniaire; truss. Dvliei 
un ; to undo a bandage. 

bandaglste, ?z.m., trubs-inaker, 

bande, #./., band, belt, strip ; company ; gang, 
set of people, crew, flight; troop, (her.) brad, 
(arch.) fascia, stiing; (anat ) tract. de papier , 
a slip of paper, wrapper. La, d'wie t>elle ; the 
side bar of a saddle. La d'un billa'id, the 
cushion of a billiard-table. Une - de voleurt, , 
a gang of thieves. Ces ot^eaux vont pai A , 
those birds go m companies. Faiie li pait; 
to keep apart. Donnei a la ; (nav ) to heel 
Demi , parliament-heel oi a ship. Sons ; 
under wrapper. 

bandfS, -e, jpcw/., bandaged, taut, stretched, 
(her ) bendy. 

bandeau, ?i.w., headband, fillet, frontlet, 
bandage; veil, mist, (arch,) string-course. Avoir 
un sur Us yeux ; to be blindfolded. Enx; 
(of the hair) plain. 

bandelette, ./., little band, string, fillet; 
(smg.) fascia; (arch ) bandelet, 

bander, v. a., to bind ap, to tighten, to bend; 
to bandy (at tennis) , (arch.) to lay the stones oi 
an arch. uneplme; to bind up a wound. 
la ca isse ; to run away. Se la, t@fe ; to bind up 
one's bead. Se tes yeux : to blindfold one's 

bander, v.n , to be stretched, tight, taut. 
Qse bander, ?',r., to oppose, to resist. 

bandereau (ban-dro), n.m,, trumpet-sling. 

banderole (ban-drol), ../., banderole, stream- 
er, pennant, shoulder-belt 

bandiere, nf. Front de ; front line of bat- 
tle ; banner, flag. 

bandit, n m., robber, vagabond, bandit, ruffian 
bandoulier, n m., highwayman, mountaineer, 

bandouliere, n.f , shoulder-belt, bandoleer; 
(phot ) slmg-case Poifei la , to be a game- 
keeper. JEn ; slung over the shoulder. 

bandure, n/., (bot,) pitcher-plant. 

bang 1 , n,m n (bot ) bang. 

banian, W.M., Banian (idolater in India). 

toanlieue, w,/., suburbs, outskirts (of a town). 

bannatte or bannasse, n,f , tallow sieve or 

banne, /., awnmg, tilt; tarpaulin; hamper 
(ot boats). 

banneau, n.w., small hamper, fruit basket. 

banner, .., to cover with a tilt. 

banneret (-1 6), atty , banneret. CAwaher ; 
knight banneret. 

banneton, w.w,, basket, (fishing) oauf. 

bannette, .f., Braall hamper. 

banni, -e, jan?., banished, outlawed. 

banniere, ./,, banner, standard, flag, rolorH, 
streamer. &e range? 1 sous la -- de, quelq^wi ; to 
side with any one. A Her au-dvvant de giie/gu'irn 
dveo croix et ; to give one a handsome recep- 

bannir, v.a., to banish, to expel, to dismiss ; 
to drive away, to exclude, reject. 

bannissable, adj., (leserving banialiment. 

bannissement (-rnSn), ,&,, banishment. 

banque, w/., bank, banking buBinoRg, (print, 
o-fldce) wages, pay-day. Carnet <f-~; bank book. 
Wandat de la ; bunk-post-bill. SwGitrtale, de 
" ; branch bank. Comptente-; bank account. 

Assignation de ; bank transfei. Mcttre a la 
, to put in the bank. Vane la ; to be a 
bankei. Action dela\ bank-stock. Millet de 
de cinq hvres ; a five-pound bank-note. Avoir 
un compie en ; to have an account open at the 
bank. Fa ire tautet la , to bieak the bank, 

banqueroute (ban-luoot), ./., bankruptcy. 
ftauduleuse; fraudulent bankruptcy. J<\iire ; 
to be bankrupt. Fane h qiietqu'wi ; to bieak 
one's woid. JFawe & F/ioiineui ; to ioiieifc 
one's honor. 

banqueroutier, n m , -ere, ??./"., bankrupt. 

banquet, n w., banquet, feast. 

banqueter, ?'.?& , to banquet, to feast. 

banoj.11.ette, nj., bench; (lort ) banquette; 
outside (of a coach), footway (oi a road). Jouer 
dertmt les s } (theat.) to play to empty benches. 

bancj.llier, ti w., money-agent, banker. 

banquise, ??-/., K o-belt, ii'e-iloe ; bank (o 

bans, n.m pi , (hunt.) litter loi dogs. 

bantam, n ?/&., bantam. 

banvin, n m , (feudal law) right to sell wine. 

baobab, n m., (bot ) baobab. 

bapaume, n f , (nav.). En , at a fttAiutatill. 

bapteme (ba-t(Jm), 'ii w?,, buitjsni, ehvnstennig. 
Kom de ; Christian nanw. fijitnnl de - ; ctu - 
tificate of baptism. Jlwcvoirle-- , to bo baptised, 
Temr un enjnnt .szn /^',s p /?//,s dc ; to Htnnd god- 
father or godmother to a child . Le (ht tropiqu? ; 
the ceremony of crossing the line, ducking 1 at ww. 

baptiser (ba-ti-ac''), >.</., to baptize, to chris- 
ten. des cloches ; to consecrate Iwlln. itn 
vaifiseau.f to chnsten a ship. quelqu'wi ; to 
give one a nickname. ~ w?i inn; to tlilut<^ onc'a 

baptismal, -e (ba-tm-mal), afy., haptiBmal. 

baptistaire (ba-tiH-ter), wlj., of Impt IHUI. 7iV- 
gistte ; parish registei. fijchait ; <(rtiileuto 
of baptism. 

baptiste (ba-tist), .?/., baptmt. 

baptistere (ba-tib-tftr), n.m^ baptitory., .?>*., tub, trough, bueket. 

bar, , (icli.) umbnna; (pine.) baHH, bar. 

baragouin, n.m*, gibberish, juigoii, hn^o Je 
ne comprends pttA $on ; I don 1 ! uuderHtund IUH 

baragouinage, w.w?., gihboriKlt ; rigmarole. 

baragouiner, v.7/., to talk ffibhc^ihli ; to Bub- 
ble. Cotnmc CY'.V Slinwuprti b(n<t<jM<mcnt ; how 
thefeo loreignei'B do gabble, gabber. 

baragouiner, ?.., to npuUer out. vn itix- 
cows ; to aputter out a Hpoech, - unr Iwiym* ; 
to mangle a lungnnge. 

baragouineu-r, w.?w., -se, ?//., jal>bere,r, 

baraque, /./., ba,rruok, hut ; ho<l f Hlmnty ; 
booth (at fairn); ho vol. 

baraqtuement, n.w^ (mihi.) hutting* 

baraquer, r,<t., to make barraekn ; to hut. 
se baraquer, ?vr., (unlit.) lo muko Itutn. 

baraterie, w../,, (unv.) luirratry. 

barattage, ./^., clutriung, 

baratte, */, churn. 

baratter, v ,, to churn 

barbaoane, ,/, (lort.) hnrhnenii ; outlet., 
Gbarbacole, w.?//, p< > <iafo|i(u< 1 ', wlHiohuiwtdr, 

barbare, adj , Huvago, nxu't'ilonH, imrl>arouH r 
rudo ; bai'bariun. 

barbare, .., barbarian. 

barbarement (-man), //;., harlvrouly. 

barbaresQue, adj,, of Barbary* 

barbarie, ?/.,/',, barbarity, ru<leiuiMM, avft^ 
noHB, cruelty. ( Vwwirfftv* Wr ; to oonnntt 
pice of barbarity* -- dt Imiffaffe^ <//! tlyltf 

tidnnfififi of laiiKag of fttylo. 

barbarisme, w.w,, f ((?'raTrru) ImrharlHiti. 

barbe, n,/., benr<1 ; whiHk^rw (of at, dog 

c.); (vet.) bartal; lappt^t (of <m|w)- (t\fin\ 

rough (ulw ; tnar<l (of corn, tmrlay, Jfro.) ; dUn 

(of cooks) ; watMn (of Ilnh), Jwirt <U ; MUM 

ing Uayu. Mfitt* ; blue btmrd. ^rtln^--*, 

barbe I 

(nav.) gun-room. Jeune ; beardless boy. Vieille 
; old man, giaybeard. Se fane la ; to 
shave one's sell. Se Jane Jane la ; to get 
one's sell shaved. Je le lu% dnaib, sa ; I'll 
tell it him to his face. Fmie la a quelqu'un; 
to beaid any one, to show who is master. Hue 
dans MI ? to laugh m one's sleeve. La dhtne 
plume; the feathei of a quill. MouiUcren , 
(nav.) to come with two anchois ahead. dSune 

coijfe ; pnmei. de-bouc ; (bot.) goat's beard, 

tiagopogon. (te-Juptter / Jupitoi's beard. 
de-chev) e ; meadow sweet. de-mo me ; dod- 
der. de-capucm , blea<;hed dandelion, endive. 

barbe, n.m , baib, Baibaiy horse. 

barbes, /./>' Uppets, pinners. 

barbd, -e, <r<(?., (hei.) barbed, bearded ; (bot,) 

barbeau, n.m., (ich.) barbel; (bot.) blue- 

barbele*, -e, adj., bearded, barbed. Flbche 
e ) bai bed arrow. 

barbet, n.m.., -te, ./., water-spaniel. Ce 
va bien h Z'w;^that spaniel takes the watei 
well. Ette oott& com me un ; to be as dirty 
as you like. 

barbette, n./., (nnht.) barbette. TD er en ; 
to fire in baibe, in baibette. Coucfter & la j 
to sleep on the floor. 

barbeyer, v.a , (mv.) to shiver. 

barblche, n.f,, billy-goat beard. 

barbichon, ?/.'/>/., shaggy spaniel puppy, 

barbier, M.M., barber, shaver. 

barbifier, v a., (lam.) to shave. 
v barbillon, .//*., a littlo barbel; gill (of a 
cock); wattlo (ot a fish, a tin key). 
h barblllons, n, (vtjt.) barblos. 

barbon, ?t.wi., graybeard, dotard ; (bot.) sweet 
rush. odorant , lemon giass. 

barboto, n/., (ioh.) oel-pout y loach, ground- 

barboter, v,n., to dabble, to paddle, to splash 
about ; (nav,) to shiver. 

barboteur, ,m., tamo duok, 

barbotouse, M/, (1. ex.) dirty drabj street* 

barbotlore, n /"., duck-pond ; trough. 

barbotino, n.J. t (bot.) woimmwd. 
*barbouillage, n //*., daub, daubing ; scrawl 5 
rigmarole, twaddle, 

*barbouille", -e, pttrt., daubed, besmeared, 
*barbOUiHer, v.a., to daub, to besmear; to 
soil, to dirty, to blot , to nerawl, to scribble ; to 
slur; to uttuumor, to Hplutttsr out ; to mumble ; 
to Htumblci, to lloimdnr; to bunglo. If, Iti.i a, 
barbotvlltfi ff> wtxagp, ; ho has boRiuoarod hiw face 
for liinu On Vu tout barbniijltf} d'vncrG; they 
have daubed him all ovcv with Ink. - tin plan- 
chw ,' to <laub a floor. // ?iVr/'/7 ;>a,s, il b<tr- 
boid'Me f ho doH not writo, h scrawlB. JT/ ne 
peint jwsj it barbouiflf.f he doiin not paint, he 
daubH.^ - tin tiotnphnu'iit , to Htammw out 
a compliment. Qi^c^t-cc (jn'ff, boirbouilfe f what 
is ho mumbling ? nu rfottf to nuiko a bun- 
gl of a Atory unefeMilie; (print.) to ulur a 

*,w barboulllor, t'.n, to boHtnoar, to Injure 
0110*8 charaotoi*. 

*barbouilleur, n.w t dauber, scribbler; nmtu* 
blnr, habhlor* 

barbu, 0j (itf$<) beardod* 

barbu, ra,?. (ortil.) bwbofc. 

barbue, *i,/., (ich.) brill. 

barcarolle, w,/, imniarollo*, 
0barce w bercne, nj, a Bmall eannom, 

barcelonnotte, / M <ihll<l*H cradle, swing-cot. 

bard, M.W., hnnd-bnrrow. 

bardane, n/., (bot,) bur, burdock. 

bardo, /,, barb (Iron armor lor 
rasher or bacon. 

bardo, 7/,,7/i., bard, poet. 


, -e, p?/., barded ; covered with a thin 
slice ot bacon, larded. Un cheval ei capara^ 
yonne ; a horse barded and caparisoned. Chapon 
; laided capon. 

bar dean, n m. 9 shingle (board) ; (bot.) mealy. 
tree ; (pi int.) fount-case. 

bardelle, n /., pack-saddle. 

barder, v.a., to cover with thin slices of bacon, 
to lard ; to barb a horse ; to remove stones, 
wood, &c , on a handbarrow. 

bardeur, w.wt., stone-earner. 

bardlS, w./w., (nav.) water-board. 

bardit, n.m , (antiq.) Geimanic war song. 

bardot, n ?., small mule, pack-mule ; drudge, 
butt, laughing-stock. 

barfege, n w., barege. 

bareme, n.m>. t ready reckoner. 

baret, n.m., roaung of an elephant, 

bareter, u*., to io<ir like an elephant. 

barge, ./., (orm.) godwit; (nav.) a barge; 
hay-mow, wood-pile. 

barguette (-gbet), ./., ferry-boat. 
*barguignage (-gln-gnaj), n.m , (fain.) hesi- 
tation, haggling, wavering, higgling, dilly-dally- 

*barguigner (-glu-gne"), v.n., to be irresolute, 
to haggle, to wavei, to shilly-shally. 
*barguigneu-r, n.m., -se, %./., haggler. 

barigel, n.m., (Italian) chief-constable. 

barll (-n), M.???., barrel, cask, tub, keg. 
*barille, ./., barilla. 

*barillet, .?w., nmdlet} boxj barrel of a 
watch, (ot lockb) drum. 

bariolage, n.m., variegation, odd medley of 
colors motley. 

barioler, v.., to streak with several colors, 
to vai legate, to checker, to dapple. 

bariquaut, n w . T r . barriiuaut. 

baritel,, winding engine. & chevaunas 
horse-whim, whim-gin, 

barlong, -ue, <(/., of unequal length, 

barnabite* n.m., monk, barnabitu-friar* 

barnaclie, ?i../'., (onii.) barnacle. 

baromotre, ?/,w,., baromutor, weather-glass. 
LP eat an bean, temps f the barometer !& at set 

b aroint trique, ftdj.^ barometrical. 

baron, 7?.w, baron. 

baroimage, n.m,., baronage. 

baronne, ?i/., baronens. 

baronnet, .., baronet. CfavaHer j 
knight bar-aunt. 

baronnial, -, adj., baronial. 

baroimie, ,/., barony. 

baroque, <wfj., tough, Irregular, uncouth, odd, 
singular, Btrango. 

barque, ?*./., bark, boat, craft; barge. <fe 

fohwr f rishing boat. Cotidniie la , to htoor 
tho boat. 11 cmuluit bten m ; ho is gotting 
on very vvoll. II, sail bien continue .scr - ; hw 
knows how to manage his aliaira. Patron de j 

barqude, w,/,, boatful of any goods or atonw. 

bamuarolle, ft,f., Hinall barge. 

barrage, M.W., toll-bar; barrier; dam; we!r. 

barrager, w.wt., ti)ll-gathr<'. 

barras, n,m. v. galipot. 

barre, w,/,, bar (of metal or wood) ; crosH-bar ( 
railing ; bult j division j lver, crow ; dash, 
oroBBJ (nav.) iudin, tiller, bar? Htrlp; (mus.) 
bar ; bur (of courts of judicature,, public nwfim* 
blioH). Avoir * $ur quelqtttnn ; to have the 
advantage ov<ir any one. Joupratisi; jp/ to play 
at baHO (u giwn(^), tovit fa wnf f (nav.) litilm 
nlo ! (man. ) - & / bars. Tircr Id ? to (jlose thi 
lint, i/to wfait que fowlier *; 1 am off again 

, utrt. V. dent. 
barreau, n.m,, bar (for cloIng)$ bw (pluca 

reeerved lor barriHterali; lawyer^ barristers ? 



splat (of charts). Fr&quenter le ; to attend 
the courts Suiviele ; to be a barrister. Eire 
re$u, adims au ; to be called to the bar. 

bairer, v,a , to bar; to bar up; to fence up ; 
to obstruct, to thwart ; to stop up ; to cancel ; 
to dash over ; to cross off ; (her.) to bar ; (vet.) 
to knit fast (a vem). (fig ) quelqu'un , to 
throw obstacles in any one's way. 

barrette, ./., man's cap ; cardinal's cap. 

barricade, n /., barricade. 

barricader, v.a , to barricade, to obstruct. 

barriere, n.f. 9 rail, bar, barrier, stile ; staitmg 

barziquaut, .m,, keg. 

barricfue, w./., large barrel or cask, hogshead. 

barrir, v.n , to tiumpet (of elephants) 

barret, n m , (nav.) beam. 

barrote, -e, adj., (of a vessel) full to the beams. 

barroter, v.a., (nav.) to load (a vessel). 

barrotin, n.i., (nav.) lodge (across deck 

bartavelle, n/., red partridge. 

baryte, ft/., baryta. 

baryton, n m t (mus.) baritone ; (Greek 
gram.) barytone. 

bas, -se, adj., not high, low; shallow; vile, 
mean, despicable , abject, sordid \ low, lower ; 
inferior. La mai6e est se; it is low water. 
se met ; low water. Une rtineie f>e,' a shal- 
low river. Les eaux sent ses ches lw\ , he is 
hard pushed for money. Des sentiments , 
mean sentiments. Une seflatterie; mean flat- 
tery. Awii Fameset to have a sordid soul. 
Le peiiple ; the mob, Che common people. 
PaiJrr <Pun ton ; to speak in a low voice. 
Avon le ccsur haul et lajoitune re, to have 
more spirit than fortune. Avow lit VUG se; 
to be short-sighted. Une me$i>e se, a low 
mass. Piaffe; lower stoiy. Une t,e~fosse; 
a dungeon. Oe monde; this lower world. 
Les Pays-Bas ; the Nethei lands Le Bas~Rhm ; 
the Lower Rhine. La Basse-Saxe; Lower Sax- 
ony. Les officieis; the mferioi officers. </'* 
Gchcte Cfln h prfx, I bought that at a very low 
price. Lesses ca)t<$; the small cards, se 
nfnsstmct*; mean birth. Le boitt ffune <" hose , 
the lower and of a thing La SP latinifv low 
Latin. Fawept end-re h quplqtfun itn ton plus , 
to make any one lower hib tone. Fane wain 
se &ur; to pillage, plunder, lay hands upon. 
A poite Jf, passant courbe; one must bow to 
circumstances; the low door suits the shrunken 

"has, adv., down, low A ' down with. A 

le tyrdti f down with the tyrant ! A les 
mwistres ' down with the imiusteis ' Au plus 

, at the very lowest JBten , very low. 
En , below, down stairs. Eh e a , to be 
ruined JSiie perce; to be short of, to be run 
aground for money (Jhapetntx / hats olT 1 
Jrtei , to throw down, lai , here below. 
Lh- , over there, over the way, yonder. Le 
wahulecfif encoie fapn , the patient is still very 
weak. Jttettie , (of animals) to bring forth, to 
whelp, to foal, to cub, to lamb, to pup, to kitten ; 
to lay down , to take off Parlfr ; to apoak 
low Regarder, t) mfer, quelquSun dv bout en ; 
to look at, to lr<jat any one contetnptuonhly. 
Temi ; to keep in subnmsioii, to keep under. 

bas, w., lowei paii ; bottom , foot (of a 
thing); small (of the log). Le <lu viwu/f ; the 
lower pait of the face Le tie resent ier ; the 
foot of the stairs II y a du 7/atrt rf tlv <f<ws 
la vie f there are ups and downs in life Jttre 
au ; to be low (of liquids in casks). *SV/ wix 
est belle dans le , (inus.) his voice is excellent 
in the lower notes 

bas, 72?/i., stocking. hteu , blue-stocking 
(literary woman). h cfites, h> jour ; ribbed, 
open- worked, stocking. dc, lame, dc $oie ; 

woolen, silk, stocking. Cela vout> va cotnme un 
de soie f it hts you like a glove. 

basalte, ??.w., basalt, 

basaltique, adj , basaltic. 

basane, nj , bhcep-leather. 

basane", -e, adj., tawny, soul-burnt, swarthy. 

bas-bord, n. M <,(np.) (nav. ) P". babord. 

bascule, n.J., see-saw ; weighing-machine ; 
plyer (of a diaw-bridge) , reciprocating motion; 
rocker (of ciadle&) , levei. Chaise a , lock- 
mg-chair. Fane IK , to see-saw. Fusil a ; 
bieech-loadmg gun Pont a ; weigL-bndge. 

basculer, v.n., to see-haw, to tip oil (to lull). 

bas-dessus, W.M., ( ) (mus ) low treble. 

base, n J , base, basis, bottom, foundation ; 
ground-woik, ground-plot ; foot, stock, ladix 
(of logarithms). La d'un syst&nie; the basis 
of a system. des Jondiitiwm ; (engineering) 

baselle, n / , (bot ) basella 

baser, r.a , to lound, to fix, to base, to gi ound, 
to rest, to settle. 

}>e baser, > n, to be fixed, to be grounded ; to 
be founded ; to depend, to lely. 

bas-fond, n fit , ( A) Hat, hollow, bottom , 

(nav ) shoal, hhallow, .shallow water. 

basilaire, adj , (anat ) banilar. 

basilic, n.m , (bot.) bjiwil, fcweet burn! ; (erpo- 
tology) ba&ili,sk, cockatuce. 

basiliCOXl, or basillcum, ;;../;;., ointment, ba< 

basilique, ./., (anat , arch.) basilic, basilica. 

basilique, (id. 1 ) , (nuat.) basil icaL 

basin, n in , <1 unity. 

basique, adj., (choni.) basic. 

bas-me'tier, n.m., (.,9) (mmm ) huml- 

0basoche, n /. basoche (corporation of 

basque, .?./., Biscay an ; Bawnio (nation 
and language) 

basque, ??../., flap, Hkni, tail, of a ganneiii. 
Ktre foujoit) ,v pcndn ft l(r~ dc Quchfn' ) 'tin / tt> )> 
always alter any one, pentenng juiylxxly, 

basquine, w / , akn t. 

bas-reliel, ?/ wt,, ( ,v) (wulpi ) IWHMO- 

relievo, bas-relief. 

basse, ?*./., (IUUH.) I>UHR, buHH-winng, /v;/<- 
tim<e , thoiough-b.i.HN. C'oyifjC' ; <Joul)3*-))!HH. 

basse, w./., (uav.) ]j allow, Hat, lunU, ridgo of 
rocks, sand-bank, breaker. 

basse-contre, /./., (~,v ) (IUUH.) )IWH. 
counter, lowoi tenor. 

basse-cour, ??./"., (a ), iimor court, ptml- 
tiy-yard, ba<'k-yard. 

basse-e"tofle, ./., (n p.) mixture of load luut 

basse-fosse, ./",, ( A-~,V) dim^oon. 

basse-marche, ?/ /., (w.;>.) irowllo (foi w<inv 

bassement (bitH-man), <idv , nieaulv, pitifully, 
pooily, denpie.ibly, vih'l.v, Hunlidly. // .sVvy/; linit 
; ho oxproftHOH Inniwdl vulgurly. /'fw.vr/* ; 
to havo ignoblo thoughtH ' 

ilcnttHH, villiiuy, wrvjh'uoNH; mean, wordid, 
action. Aw ~; metwily. Mtiw ?w j liMlo 

bj'HO action, 

basset, w. w., (mum,) terrier; baHHet-Jiouiud* 

basset, -t, !<//., of low Htaturo. 

! basse~tallle 'w,/ M ( *- *) (mm,) )wm 

culpl,,) biw-rolicf,. T, baryton nnd bas-rolief. 

Cassette, w./., btiHHot (ganu* at curdM). 

basse-volle, M./, ( #- ^) (nav.) l<ww Mill 
of a ship. 

bassitt, ^.w.., bam. vull<iy. liollow; point ; 
anat.) pelvw ; H<5tili (bnlanw) ; (iuiv.) <lo<ik. 
!7?w/ r/fl ; dodk-dua. /^ . ^'w tmrtt 
basin of a hwlwrj wt dock. //, * tl'wit 




balance ; the scales of a balance. Gi acker au ; 
(fig ) to contribute, to fork out Mettre dans 
le , (nav.) to dock aflat, floating dock. 
d'6chouage, or - de radoub , dry dock. 

bassine, TI/., deep, wide pan. 

bassiner, *;.., to wairn (a bed); to bathe 
(with warm lotions), to foment, to steep ; to 

bassinet, .wi., pan, fiie-pan (of fire-arms); 
(bot.) crowfoot , (anat.) calyx. 

bassinoire, n f , warming-pan. 

bassiot, n ???., small tub (used by distilleis). 

bass on, n 7/1., (mus.) bassoon ; bassoonist. 

baste, n.m. t basto (caids). 
baster, vn. t to suffice. Only employed in: 
Baste pour cela ; well, so be it, let that pass. 
Baste i pooh ! nonsense ' 
Qbasterne, n /., basterna (cart drawn by oxen). 

bastlde, ?? y , block house, country-house, 
villa (in the south of France). 
^bastille, n f , Bastille , fortress. 
*bastill6, -e, adj , (her.) having inverted 

bastingage, n m , (nav.) barricading, netting. 

bastingue (-ghe), n f, quartet -netting. 

bastinguer, v a , (u.iv.) to barricade. 
.yebastinguer (-ph(>), ;.., (nav) to barricade, 
to put up the netting 1 . 

bastion, w.w., bahtion. 

bastioimd, -e (-tio-iw 4 ), udj., having bastions. 

bastioimer, v a., to bastion, to fortify. 

bastonnade, n,f , bastinado, bastinado, diub- 

bastrliiguo (-ghe), t public-house ball; 
(pop.) uproiu, io\v, Blundy. 

bastude, n.f , li.shing-net (used in the South) 

bas-ventre, ?*./., ( --- $) lower pait of the 
0bat (hale), ?i!.M., tail of a fiah ; (nav.) bairel. 

b&t 0>a), n, ;-., pack-waddlo. Un chevnt de. ; 
a puck-horso , (fig.) htupid peiaou. JVm ne 
mvvz pas oh Je ~~le blet>$e / you know not where 
the Hhoo piuchoH him. 

bataclan, n,m<, uproai , row, shindy. Et tout 
le ; and the rust of it 

*bataille, n /*., batfclo, fight, engagement ; battle 
array ; bO'ggar-my-neighbor. idiigfa ; pitched 
hatilo. Ktrnffcr wne annee en ; to diaw up 
an anny ni battUnu ray, tlheval de ; war- 
horBe, Lu^et ~ -, or dowicr --; to give battle. 
fmrer pour qttrfqu'wi ; to take up the cud- 
gel tor any OHO. C/'CA^ son, cfteval de ; it is 
hm Hhoet-anclior or stronghold. 
*batalller,i".w.,to battle, to fight ; to struggle 
*batattleu-r, -SO, cttfy.) oonibativo, pugnaoioua, 

, . 

*batalllon, w./w., battaHun; (fig) great num- 
bor, host, rogluKuit. - -.v, ///,, army Chef de 
; major. 

batard, -e, atfj, t bawtard, Umio-boru, illcpriti- 
mate*, HptinouH; mongtol; niclhuid (ot writing). 
ffnm - ; inongrol. /Vw//* / Hpurioun 1'ruiiH. 
tfttrta <j/ ainall gai<iway* 

b&tiurd, w.w., -0, /i./., i>a,Hl,:ird, natural <:lul(l. 

batardeau, ?/.///., cottor-dain. 

batardlbro, ,/,, n\irry of grafted troos. 

batardiae, w,./., baniardy, spurioiiHiKiBH. 
0batate (bot.). V, patate. 

batavlquo, adj, r. larmo. 

batayolo, w/,, (niiv.) ntaucMon, 

batd, o, par/., Hiulllol with ft pack. J7 n'7/ a 
point (V&np, phut wnl - qu ct'lici dn> cotnm-Mi f 
what is ovorybody'w bunimtHH in always badly 

bateau, TI.W., boat, barga, hark ; body of . 
coach. " fa vapeur ; Hteamor, wtojuuboat, 
t>loanura-lx>at* ~~nonjMmtt; open 

liglikur. J?ort$r ; (ol rivers) to 

to be navigable. lavou^ h lessive; washer- 
woman's boat de passage; ferry-boat. feu ; 
light-ship. Arrwer en ti ois ~x; to come with 
great fuss ; in great state. 

batelage (-laj), n.m., juggling, juggler's trick, 
legerdemain ; boating. 

batelde (-l(5e),?i./,, boat-load, boatful of peo- 
ple ; crowd, flock 

batelet (-le), w m., a little boat. 

bateleu-r, nm., -se, /., juggler, buffoon, 
mountebank, meiry-andiew, vaulter, rope-dancer. 

bateli-er, n i., -fere, nf., waterman, ieriy- 
man, boatman. 

biter, t'.<z., to load with a pack-saddle. 

ball, n.m. t basting, tacking (of garments). 

batl, -e, part., built. Un homme bien ; a 
well-built man. 

batter (-tie"), n m , pack-saddle maker. 

batifolage, n.w., romping. 

batifoler, v.n., to play, to romp. 

batifoleur, n.m. t (i.u ) romp. 

bailment, .m., building, pile, structure, 
edifice, ship, vessel. marchutul , merchant 
vessel. bahse ; beacon-ship, light-ship. - 
pai lementmre , (nav.) flag of truce. JSntpIftce- 
ment d^im , site of a building. gut tnenttee 
rwrne; building ready to fall. 

batir, v.a , to build, to raise, to eiect, to rear 
up ; to found , to trump up, to tack, to baste 
(Imen, cloth). C'est en Pair; it is building 
castles in the air. sin le dwcmt (tuv.); to 
grow bulky. 

batisse, ?/ /"., building, constuiction (in ma- 

batlsseur, n.m. t (b.s.) builder; wi etched 

batiste, w / , cambric de cofou , imitation 
muslin. de F) ance , French mufalm. 

baton, W.WK, stick, stait, cudgel, cane, walkiwg- 
staft, perch, truncheon ; straight hti oke (writing). 
de candle f roll of cinnamon. dc com- 
mandi'ment ; staff of command. dc pavilion ; 
iiskg-HtniL. JDonner dcs coups dt> h yiwltiitfiin f 
to cudgol any one 11 l\i menace flu j he 
throatmu*d to eano him ft, dein bouts ; qur- 
t(u-at,alL Tour d 'u, ; by-pi ofit J<\nre wie <!)*,$ 
h srompusf to do a thing by fits and atiuts. 
Alter & chcvdl sur un ; to lido oa a ntiok. 
Fat re niourtr sons Je , to l)eat to death. Jeter 
des s dans les toiw$j (fig ) to jmt Hpokow in 
anybody 1 s whoels, to IJIIHO obatacloH. Nan far 
IP. ; to do anything in spito of ono'H self. Tour 
du ; porquifUtOR, pickings. 

bltonnat, .., tho proHidentBhip of the urdor 
of French advocutoH. 

batonner, v.a., to cudgel, to cano, to basti- 
nado ; to crc>HH out. 

batonnet, w , cat, tip-cat (boyw' gaum). 

batonnlor, MW., Htall-honrar; pvcHiduiit of 
tho order oi French advocateH. 

bdtonniste, .m., oudgol-playor 

battage, n.w,, thr<\shmg (grain); Htriking 

battant, n.m., olapptu* (of bollH); loaf (of a 
table or door) ; ily (of a Hug), 

battant, <w,y., at work ; boating, pt^ting , (nav.) 
rady for battle (ol a whip). Poiic <" ; Kwnig- 
door. Tout ti^i/! brand-no w. Mt'Mf qwl- 
(jit? it)), ffwiftour "-- , to carry it with a high hand 
ovor any ono. Par une pltiie ^e ; in pelting 

battant-l'oeil, ??.'/., (- ), monung-cap. 

bat to, n./., wwxlmi Habvo ; hoator; waehimg- 
board; (gartl ) iurf-bo^tlo. --hbtwrre; (?hum- 

battollemont (-mSiO,w.w. houH-6aves. 

battement (-man), *w. t (Uai)ping (of htm<l) ; 
Htuniping (ot* feet) ; fiajipiug (of wiwgH) ; boathig 
(of tho heart) ; shuiHing (of cards) ; (horl.) beat. 

batto-queuo, n.m,, wag4aiL 




batterie (-rt), n./., fight; battery; scuffle; 
lock (of fire-ai'ms) ; beating (of the drum), 
broadside (of a ship). Dresser une ; to eiect 
a battery. de cuisine ; kitchen utensils. 
electrtque; electric batteiy. 

batteur, n m , beater. ~~&or; goldbeater. 
en grange; (agn.) thrasher. de pave; idler, 
lounger, loafer. 

batieuse, n.f , (agn.) thrashing-machine. 

battoir, w.ra., beetle (of washerwomen) ; battle- 
door, racket. 

battologie, n.f., tautology. 

battologique, adj., tautological. 

battre, v.a., to beat, to strike, to bang, to 
thrash, to whip (a horse) ; to shuffle (cards) ; to 
gammon; to flag (of a sail against a mast), 
(agri.) en grange; to thrash. mi noyer ; 
to thrash a walnut-tree. dit, beurre , to chui u 
milk. monnaie; to coin money; (fig-) to 
raise money. le fusil; to stiike a light. 
en retraite; to beat a retreat. gudqu^un de 
ses propres armes ; to foil a man with his own 
weapons. la mesure ; to beat time. Us 
cartes; to shuffle the cards. le pnve; to loaf 
about. la jsemelle; to beat the hoof, to be 
upon the tramp. leboi-s, to beat the wood 
for game. la cainpagne ; to rave, to talk, non- 
sense ; to beat about the bush. 
battre, -y.r,, to fight, to combat, to scuffle, 
Se h qui aura quelgue chose; to scramble for 

battre, v.n , to beat, to pant, to throb ; to be 
loose (of a horse-shoe). Le pouts lui bat fort ; 
his pulse beats fast. Le cceur me bat; my heart 
beats. Le fer de ce cheval bat ; the shoe of 
that horse is loose. des mains } to applaud. 
de Vaile; to flutter. fwid a quelqitfun; 
to give any one the cold shoulder. 

battu, -e, part., beaten, fought. 

battue, n.f., (hunt.) battue, beat. 

batture, n.J , gold-lacquering , (nav.) flat, 

ban, n.m. f (nav.) beam. Demi ; half-beam. 

Maitre ; midbhip-bearn. Faux ; orlop 

baud } n.m., stag-hound. 

baudet, n.m . ass ; sawyer's trestle y donkey. 

Daudir, .., (hunt,) to cheer the pack. 

Daudrier, n.m., baklnck, shoulder-belt, belt. 

baudroie, ./., (ich.) sea-devil, frog-fob. 

baudruche, n.f., gold-beater's skin. 

Dauge, /., lair of a wild boar ; dirty hovel ; 
(nias.) puggmg-moitar. 

baume, n.m., balm ; balsam { balm-mint. Je 
v'ai pas defoi dans son ; I have no faith in his 
plan, promises. 

bauxnier, n.m., balm-tree. 

bauque, or baugue, n /., grass-wrack. 

liauquiere, n.f., (nav.) clamp. 

bavard, -e, <Hty., prating, talkative, loquacious, 

bavard, n.m , -e, n.f., prater, babbler, chat- 

bavardage, n.m,, babbling, prattling, gar- 

bavarder, .n,, to babble, to prattle, to blab, 
to jabber. 

bavardftfie, n/., babbling, prating, garrulity, 

bavardln, -e (l.u.). F". bavard. 

bavardiner, u n., (1 u.) to talk , to prate, to 

bavardise, n,f., (l.u.) babbling, prating. 

bayaroise, n.f., bavaroiae (an infusion of tea 
or milk and some syrup). 

bave, n./., drivel, slaver, dribble ; foam ; slime. 

baver, v.n., to drivel, to slabber, to slaver, to 

bavette, n./., bib, slabbering-bib. Tmller tlt>s 
*; to gossip. 

e, o^'/., driveling, slabbering. 

baveu-X, n.m , -se. nj., drivelei, dribblci. 

baveUSO, . t /., (ich.') blenny. 

bavochd, -e, jua;^., (engr.) uneven, smeary. 

bavoclier, 'y.., (engi.) to render uneven, to 

bavochure, ?i./., unevenuess, smearing. 

bavolet, .i., m&tic hoad-gear. 

bavure, ./., &eam (in molding); blister (on 

bayadfere, w./., Bayadere (duucnig-gnl). 

bayart, n m., hand-ban ow. 

baye. V. bale. 

bajrer, v n , to gape, to hanker alter. apt As 
les richesses ; to hankei attei riches. (tin 
corneittes; to stand gaping 111 the air. 

bayette, /., baize. 
0bayeu-r, n.m , -se, w / , gaper, btarer. 

bayonnette. K. baionnette. 

bazar, n w., bazaar, hovel, concern. 

bazat, w.w., Jeuiflaleiu cotton, baznt. 

bdellium (-om), n m , gum roMii. 

bdant, -e, f(?., gaping, yawning, wido opon. 
Gouffre ; oi>en pit, yawning chasiu. JBour/ie 
e ; gaping mouth, all agape. 

be"at, n,m,, -e, /., dovout person; (b.H.) 
sanctimonious individual. 

be"at, -e, ady , (b.s.) -sanctimonious. 

beatement, adv , MinctimoiiiouHly. 

beatification, ./"., beatification. 

b^atifier, t.., to beatify. 

b^atififtue, adj., batin<:al, blitwful. 
*b^atilles,n./jw/., tit-bits, dainties. 

beatitude, ?^./., beatitude, bles,s(idiio8B. 

beau or bel, belle, ad 1 )., [bet bdioro XIOIMB win- 
gular beginning with a vowel or //, mute], boauti- 
ful, fine, lovely, handome; lair; wiiart, apmoo; 
glonoua; lofty, noble , Hoeinly, IxH'Otning. Unc 
belle journve ; a flue day. ( "cut mt, bean, parlwii ; 
he is a fine-spoken man. tfejaue bean; to niako 
one's self smart. Comwc \wus wn(h bean, att~ 
joiird'/fU'if how opruoe you arc to-dayt t f m 
belle femnic; a haiulhomo wonuiu. J)c bwwt 
trait*,, handsome feufcurcH. Hit, beau twnt ; a 
fair complexion. Lc bc<m ,sr<r, th<\ luir mix, 
La teinptt se met an beau ; tho IMT is clojirhig 
up. A bpaujeu, bcaurctottr ; one good iu*u di- 
sei vea another. Ihnncr bean jett a yutiqu'Hii; 
to give any one good runln, to give jy oiui fair 
play. Avoir beaujett ; to have good onrdn, t,< Jwvo 
fair play. Pi entire $aM IP, I <> ftoimt tlui oppor- 
tunity, ffinre, un beau coup to imilw a lucky 
hit. Une belle fjmo; a lotty mml. Jl fttit bettu 
sepromener tntjow&Jwt; it JH ihio wtiatlior for 
walking to-day. II cnjart dc Mlt's ; h<^ IM going 
on at a line rate, playing fhw tri(*ltH. // w*V*w a 
comptb de brflcs ; ho told mo a lot ojf 1U. // 
?V comptti rtc bcllcx snr wiftr rww/^ 1 ; h 
abused you right and li t to mo. />V'//< ( <1rntutnlp / 
a line r v n.uo8t to make / Jf Va t'chuppt Mtf ; \w 
has had a narrow cncapo of il., d/uirfcii It 1 /fa'l ,* 
(of Franca) Charlc tho Fair, rinlimw I? /it?} 
(of Franco) Philip the Fair. PhiUmw If linni t 
(of Spain) Phihp llu> IhuidHoinc. Lc beau ww/rA 1 ; 
tlm fashionable world. Mtwir rf? M Mt<! tnorf ; 
to die a natural death. iit hcau minpti,; in ilw 
vory middle. La bclte fitiunr fait }<> bet otmiii ; 
fine feathers niako ihui hlrdH. Jifohlrtr h bet lest 
dcnfs ; to cnticixo mcrcileHHly, to reu<l imy <HHI 
J^/ew, ftM// qttttndfj/ rfttnitiurttf it will 1w it 
long day b(*for JT #o llw ugnhu ,A7^ rf/iw* </r 
?c rfw/w/ to b($ In n protly plokhs 
beau, bel, belle, <//. /) ;>/w witi with 
renewed ardor, w<w thaw vor. 7V*/(< ftww / 
gently, not HO fast, J?wr bruit ,fttfr?f to try 
in vain. 7'i bttiufatrp; It JH in vain tlmt 1 try, 
Avoir beau dire; to ajmuk in vniu. Jv/t f^ 
f^f^ ; it is WHelens for win to sjuwk, /M </ Menf 
entiroly, quite, alto^othor, IM ft baft ; nil v*iry 
tine. Voir tout en beau; to MM uvorytblug tlivougb 




rose-colored spectacles. Fa ire lebeau, (of dogs) 
to beg. Jouer la belle , to play the rubber, 

beau, n.m., belle, n/, beauty; beau, belle , 

beaucoup, adv , many, much ; a great many, 
a deal , deeply , considerably ; far. Avoir 
ffargent , to have much money Avoir 
cFenfants , to have many children II a de 
patience; he lias a great deal of patience, A 
pi e , by a great deal , near. II n'estpas a pt es 
m nc/ie qu'un tel , he is not nearly so nch 
as so-and--.o. II tfmteiesse a votre affaire , he 
is deeply interested in your case De , by for. 
Vous Pemporfez de stir lu,i , you are iar su- 
penortohim. I'oiif le \urpm>ses de , you are 
tar beyond him. // VH }<mt de ; lie ih vory far 
iioin II s\'n firi/t de qw ton ouvraqe soil 
acheve , his woik is veiy far fiom being finished 
A mo his , for much less. de bruit pour nen , 
much ado about nothing 

beau-filS, n in , (c ) son-in-law. 

boau-frere, n.wi., (-) brother-in-law. 

beau-pere, w w, ( t *) father-in-law. 

beauprtf. w m , (nav ) bowsprit. [feint 

beau-semblant, n iti , ( x s) pretense, 

beaut^, j , beauty , fineness, comeliness, 
prettmofes, lovohneHs, elegance, agreeableness, 
neatness. Tachc de ; beauty-spot. JSlie d(wi, 
foutem , to be m one' prime, at the height of 
one'H beauty Conker versa ; to preserve, to 
keep up, one's beauty. Avoir un pour , to be 
Bweat upon. 

b6btf M.M., baby, baby-doll 

bee, .*., beak, bill, nib, rostrum; burner; 
lamp , Huout; Hpout , hocket; mouth-piece. Le - de 
certains poismma; the, snout oi some italics Lc 
~ - d^une (n'(/it litre , the sjpout of an ewer. La 
d'une pi unit 1 ; tho nib ot a pn de tainpe , 
Hookot ol a lamp da, gaz ; givH-huruer. 
d^'ittie anew ; bill of im anchor. -- deJitivre, 
(^_,^_) harelip, JBlune , (~~,?--~.Y) groon- 
hoi n ; yom)gtr. -c>-mw^r, ( ,? ) (orm.) 
cutwater, (-oifps de. ; pocking. Donncr dcs 
coni)S de -- ; to peck Pnep> h roitps de , to 
pook through, do up de ; wipe, taunt. Tour 
dc, - ; kiHH, buBH. (Jnmter h , to have i px*i- 
vato talk with. Avou le bieti etfll<>! ; to have OM'H 
tongue we.ll huug. ttllc w'a qite le ~; Hht) la 
all tongue Avoir le gelt ; to be tongue-tied, 
Avoir -et ontfles ; to havo tooth and niulH. Fa ire 
le - <t <ju,elqu'un ; to give one his cue, JFttir? le 
pettt ; to mince,, Tenir qiielqitfun la ton* 
/Vww ; to k<i<S|> in suHpcinno, WhuwK'otr le ; to 
wot OUH'H whintle, Ne prendre de, waeo qiiel- 
qu^im ; to Jiavo a <iunrr<)l with any one. Mener 
<iuetqu?'un jutr le - ; to li^ad, any one by tho U<MAC 
./'//AWV lttf)ln)))fi pitr le - ; to fruntrato, to balk, 
fie lamer pitmtcir hi pltt,iw par le -- ; to lot OIIO'B 
Bolf bo talani in, 

bdcabunga, or boccabunga, ,?;>., (hot.) bec- 
abunga, bi ook-linu*!, 
*b0ofei"Ciiin0r, n,w< , ( *- ) (onu.) spoonbill. 

bdcard or boccard, .*., fomalo Halinon. 

bocano, w./., biko, bicycle. 

bdcarro, w w and ad,;., (IUUH ) nntural. 

bocasse, w,/., woodcock; idiot. Winter la ; 
to ooftbu M-ny mio, TV'.vj! itnf, - ; nhti in a gooft. 

b6caasoau, w.?rt., young woodcock; dunliw, 

bdcassine. nj,, (omi.) mluo. 

,?H., ( - * *). V. avocette, 

bee-fin, .i., ( * *) (orm.) warbler. 

bechamel, n.f., (cook ) cream-sauce. 

bacharu, n.m., (orm.) flamingo. 

be" die, ?i/., grafting-tool, spade. 

becher, v a , to dig 

bo'cMq.ue, <zc/j., (ined.)bechic, cough- rehe\ ing 

bec-jaune, ( * s). V. b6jaune 

becq.ue', adj., (her.) beaked. 

becqu^e or beqiio'e, n.f , a billful. Donner la 
hun ouean , to feed a bird. 

bec^ueter or be"aeter, v.a., to peck 
se becqueter or be'^ueter, v /., to peck one an- 
other ; to beak ; to bill 

bcune, nj^ (ich ) trumpet-fish, sea-snipe. 

bedaine, ./., (jest.) paunch. Memphr,far(nr 
sa , to stutt one's belly. 

bedane, n m., mortise-chisel, panng-clnseL 

bedeau, n m. t beadle. 

be'de'gar, w.w., (phai.) bedeguar. 

bedon, n m , tabret, drum adj , barrel- 

be'donin, n.m. and ad/,, Bedouin. 

bde, adj., open at one end (of casks). 

b^e, n J , mill-dam. I" ab6e. 

be"er. T r bayer. 

beifroi. ?i?7i., belfry, watch-tower; steeple; 


bedlo-oor, n.w., -^ T oa j ro. 
rippl-lron. , Ltort 1 l bill (bot, . 

toeo-dt-pwe, .w. (-) orann'M bill, 
*" liawU hare- 

stammering, falter ing 

be'gayer, v >i , to stammer; to lisp ; to falter 

be*gayer,?> a., to stammer out, to stutter, to h)> 

be*gu, -e, adj , (of a horse) that does not mark 
age, counter-marked. 

begUQ (beg), <(/., stammering, stuttering. 

ftegue, n.m.f., stammerer, stutterer, 

be"gueule (-gheul), /., prude, proud minx. 

be'gUQUlo, adj,, prudish, squeamish, strait- 

t>6guoulerie (-gheul-r!),?i/ , prudery, affected 
austerity, aqueauiishneas. 

b^guln (-ghin), n,m., hood, child's cap; be- 
gum, monk, beghard Avon un pour; to be 
swoct upon. 

bdguine, /., begmno ; (b.s.) a Yeetftdly devout 
person , nun [ailected devotion. 

b^guinage (-glu-) w.w., convent of beguims; 

b^hdmoth, w.w., behemoth, hippopotamus, 

bdhen (-bene), .w.., (bot.) bchen 

beige, adj., (of wool) ; natural, undyad. 

beige, n,/., unbleached serge. 
*belgnet, n w., fritter 

befram. V. bairam. 

b<5jaune, n.m., (falconry) eyas, mm; xiiimy; 
blunder, alllineHW, miwtako. Montrei ft gnelg^un 
son ; to Hhow any one lus ignoranoa. Payer 
son , to pay one'H footing. 

fcel, adj.m. F, beau. 
b^landre, -/., (nav,) bilawler. 

betftXXt, -e, <^(/., bloating, 

bel^e, .f., (wav.) white hawflt't. 

bfileraent (mau), w.w,, bleating of ahoop, 

bdlemnite, n,f n (foHg.) bole i mute 

boler, v ., to bloat. Jtrebin qni bejf peril itf 
f/oitlf.ft ,* (prov.) too much talk, no dimier. 

belette, ./,, weaael, fltnlutt 

beige, w.wi./., and ftdy,, Belgian. 

^,_ 7 ... 'bellit, w.w*., (hw.) gule. 
-, n,m,, ram; brtttoring-raiu ; Aries (one 
of ili9> signs of the ssodlac). 
bdllore, w/., nhocp-bell, clappor-boll. 
b&itre,, rascal, scoundrel, rugatuufflw. 
bolladono, ./., bwllaUouwti, tiuadly nl$ht-> 

bollatre, n.w., Insipid beauty, lop, ooxcouiu* 
adj., boauisb, foppish, 
toella, / J tooatt ' 




belle-de-Jour, /., (s ) convolvulus, yel- 
low day-kly. 

belle-de-nuit, nf., ( s ) marvel of Peru, 

belle-d'un-Jour, /, (s ) (bot.) yellow 

belle-fille, ./., ( s- s) daughter-in-law; 

bellement (-man), adv., (1 u.) softly. 

belle-mere, n.f , (s- s) mother-in-law; step- 

belles-lettres,, (n.s.) polite literature, 

belle-scaur, nf., (s s) si&ter-m-law ; step- 

bellige*rant, -e (bel-h-), n. and adj., bellige- 
rent, engaged in wai. 

bellige'rer, v n , to make war. 

belliqueu-x, -se (bel-li-), adj , warlike, mar- 
tial, valiant ; bellicose, quairelsome 

bellissime, tf/., (1 u.) extremely fine. 

bellot, -te, adj., pretty, neat, natty. 

beluge, n.m., (ich.) beluga. 

belve'der (-deie), or belvedere, n.m., turret, 
terrace, belvidere. 

belz^buth, n.m , Beelzebub. 

b$mol, n.m., (mus ) flat, bemol. 

b&nol, adj., flat. 

bdmoliser, v ., (urns.) to mark with aflat. 

ben (bene), n m., (bot , pliarm ) ben ; ben-nut. 
Noix de ; ben-nut, oil-nut 

b^narde, nf., mortise dead-lock. Serrure ; 
opening and shutting on both sides. C16 ; 
solid-key, pin-key. 

be'ne'dlcite', n.m , grace (before meals). 

be'ne'dictin, n m., -e, nf., adj , Benedictine. 

benediction, n J , consecration, benediction, 
blessing, benison. La d^uiie &glise; the con- 
secration of a church. Pays de ; country of 
plenty. Maiison de ; house of piety. Combler 
de s; to load with blessings. JDonner la ; to 
bless Quelle / what a blessing J En ; blessed, 
held sacred. 

b6n6fi.ce, n.m , benefice, living ; benefit, ad- 
vantage, profit ; privilege. A ; (com ) at a 
premium. brut; gross profit net ; net 
profit. h charge d'ames; a living with care 
of souls, ttfaut prendre le aveo les chai ges; 
we must take it for better or worse. Avoir une 
representation & ; (thea.) to take a benefit. 
0t>e"ne"liceiice, n.f , beneficence, favor. 

be*n$ficlaire, adj. H&ritier ; heir liable to 
no debts above the value of the assets. 

be'ne'flciaire, n.rnf., beneficiary, recipient; 
(thea.) person who takes a benefit. 

be'ne'flclal, -e, adj , beneficiary (of livings), 

be'ne'f icier, n.m., beneficed clergyman, incum- 

Tt>e~ndf icier, v ., to extract metal from its ore, 

be'ne'f icier, v.n , (com ) to get, to gain, to 
profit by. 

benet, n and at?./ TO., booby, fool, simpleton , 

0b6n6vole, adj., gentle, kind, kindly. Lec- 
teur ; kind, gentle, reader 

be*ne*volement (-man), adv , out of good will. 

bengali (bin-), n.m., Bengalee; (orni.) ben- 

be*nl, -e, part , blessed, praised. F. be'nit. 

*be~nignement, adv., benignly, kindly, gra- 

**be~nignite', n.f , benignity, graciousness, kind- 

*b^ni-n, -gne, adf., benign, kind, gentle, good- 
natured, placid ; (med ) mild. 

to&uir, v.fl., to bless, to praise ; to wish well ; 
to hallow, to consecrate JJiett voua b&mm^ 
God bless you. 

be'nlt, -e, part., hallowed, consecrated. Du 
pain; consecrated bread. IV l y eau~~~e; holy- 
water. Eau e de cour ; empty promises. j 

be*nltier (-ti^), n m., holy-water basm, fount. 

benjamin (bin-), n.m., favorite, youngest 

benjoin (bin-), n.m , benjamin, benzoin, asa- 

benoite, n.f , (bot.) herb-bemiet, avens. 

benzine, n f , benzine. 

benzoate (bin-), n m , (chem.) benzoate. 

"benzoique (bin-), adj , (chem.) benzoic. 
*b6quillard, n m., (pop ) old cripple 
^b^quille, n.f , crutch, crutch-stick ; (agri ) 
spud, (nav.) shore. 
*b^quiller, v n , to walk on crutches. 
*b^quiller, v.a., feaid ) to dig weeds up with a 
spud ; (nav.) to shore up. 

ber (bere), , (nav.) eiatlle. 

berbere, n m and/, Beiber. 

berb^ris, n m., (bot ) barberry. 
*bercail, n.m , (np.) sheepfold, fold- 

berce, nf , (bot.) cow-pai snip. 

berceau, n in., cradle ; place of one's infancy , 
arbor, bower ; (arch ) vault { (nav.) cradle ; (fig.) 
source, oiigm, infancy. 

bercelle, nf., pinceis (UHP<! by eiianieloi s). 

bercelonnette, n /. V. barcelonnette. 

bercement, n.m , rocking, lulling ; deception, 

bercer, v.a., to lock, to lull awleop ; to lull, to 
amuse, to feed with hope ; to delude, to Hattor. 
se bercer, v r., to dt*ludo one's self, jo fowl on, 
to cradle. II se berce de vames espf' ranees; ho 
deludes himself with vain hopes. //<" <Ii<rl>Ic /<? 
berce; he is always on the rack. /Vr/ t'tfi be)c$ 
de cela / I have heard that from uiy cradle, 

berceuse, n.f , rocker ; rockmg-clmir. 

b^ret, n.m.., cap ; Tarn o' Shanter. 

bergame, n.f., bergamot. 

bergamote, w/., odoriforous citron ; borgamofc 
(pear) , comfit box. 

berge, nf., steep bank of a river ; bluff. 

berger, n.m., shepherd ; swam, lover. ISheuirt, 
du ; the happy, favorable, moment. 

bergere, %/., shepherdeHH ; nymph, IUHB ; (fig.) 

bergerette, n.f., little shopherdesH, country 
lass ; (ornith ) wagtail. 

bergerie, ./ sheepfold, pen ; pi , iMiHtorala. 

bergeronnette, n.f , young HhophordoiHH, laa , 
(orm ) dish-washor, wagtail. 

b^ril, n.m. V. Tb^ryl. 

berle, n.f,, smallago, wutcr-parnntp* 

berline, ./., travel ing-coa<;h t berlln. 

berllngot, n.m., chariot roHuuibliug ft bofliii f 
sort of gig. 

berloque or breloquo, w./,, (mint.) dinner- 
jirum, breakfaBt-druni. (j(ig.) JiaMre / 
talk at random. 

berlue, n,f,, dimnenH of night, 
Avow la ; to bo dim-Bight(Ml ; (< 
blind, not to , eo further thaw OXKI'H H.OHO, 

berme, nf., (fort,) bonne, 

bermudienne (-di-^-ii), n^f. 9 (bot.) 

bernable, w(/. doHerving to b< Jaugl 

bernacle, n.f. V* barnacle. 

bernardin, .?., -e, 7/./., b<mardino 

berne, ./,, toflning Jw ft l>lault ; Ixuttw. 
; (nav.) awaffc. Mfttw, /f pavilion $n 
set up tho flag at half-ituiHt* 

bernemont, n.m. F. berne. 

berner, v.a,, to to in a blanket ; to rld!nul, 
to make a fool of, to dwido to laugh ut 

berneur, n.m., chaffer, bantcwer, Miutoror. 

Tbernique, itU,, (pop.) no uoo : ot a Wt <f it, 
no go. Jc cwqwts If tmumr cms tut, mult 
I thought T should find him In tho hmxm f bwfe 
the bird luul flown ! 

; to 

to b 


; to 


(pop.) bniQ-bwilcat. 




used in the expressions Etie au ; to be re- 
duced to beggary. Mettie quelqu'un ait, , to 
reduce any one to beggary. 

bernous, n m , be i nous, hooded cloak. 

berret n.m. V. be'ret. 

be'ryl, W..MI., beryl 

besace, n f , wallet FAi e h la ; to be re- 
duced to beggary. Metti e a la ; to bring one 
to beggary. 

besacier, n.?/?., one who carries a wallet, a 

besalgre, adj , (of wine) sourish, tartiah. 
Toamer au , to turn sour. 

besant, n ///., (her.) bezant ; (antiq ) byzant. 

besas, beset, n //i., (tuctrac) ambb-ace* 

besl, w.w., a species of pear. 
K besides, /. pi , spectacles; baiiucles. 

bdsigue, n ni., besique or be"zique (a card 

*besogne, w/, woik, business, labor, job, 
piece ot work Mettre la m<nn a la , to set to 
woik. Mettre quelqi^im a l(t , to t>et any one 
to woik ficwA uvez fait la une belle , you 
have made a pietty mesa ot it A une) faite , 
to hate woik. XTendot nn> stir la ; to be" slack 
about one's woik. Tadlei de la, a qiidqii'itn , 
to cut out work for, to give trouble to, any one. 
Eire accabl& de ; to bo over head and e< s in 
work. Abdttte de la , to gat through a lot of 
work. Alia rite en ; to act quickly, not to 
mmco matters 

0*besogner, tui., to work, to labor. 
"beso&neu-x, -se, adj., necessitous, needy. 

besoin, n M.,neod, want, occasion, emergency; 
distress, necessity, requirement. Avoir -de 
qitelque chose; to want somethmg. Je rfen ai 
pas~~\ 1 havo no occasion for it. JVw ui plus 

que wits; I want ifc more than you do // est 
dans le ; ho is in distress N 1 avoir de 
rien ; to want nothing. A u ; at a pinch, in 
case of need. 11 l\i (awt'titts dans le ; he was a 
friend to him in IUH distress. Autant qitfil est 

; as much aw IH needful. II n V,s-/ pas de,, il! pats que ; it is not necessary to, there is 
no occasion for. Pour subvenir a .SY.? s; to 
supply oiift'fl wants. On, fionnail IKS awns ait , 
a friend in nood IH a inoud indeed. 

bosaon, -ne, adj n , twin 
bostiaire, M.W., (autiq.) gladiator, bestiarius ; 

bestial, -6, <"(/ beastly, bestial, brutish. 
bestialomont (-man), adv., bestially, brutally, 

hv-), /., iKiHtlnlity. 
bestlasso (-tias), w/./., dolt, Himpltiton, ass. 
bostiaux (-UO), n.m. (plural of b^tail), cattle, 
bostlole (-tiol) t M,/., (l.u.) little animal ; poor 


beta, n, w.. f botasso, n f , blockhead, simple- 
ton, foot. ( n t'&t un grtw ; ho is a stupid follow. 
*b<Stall, w,w., (bostiaux) cattle. dtros- ; 
liorncKl caUlu. Mtntt - ; Miuall cattle. 

b8te, W./M boast, bruto, dumb oroaturo, boast; 
fool, blookhoad, Htupid ('rcijiturc, fool ; bast 
(garnet at/ <JHI*<IH). - ft /mVw ; Hhoop. il comes , 
horiuul Ixiftsfc. dc {wnMHP ; boast of burdtuu 
-/^"///; brulo bonHt. de la ring? ; lady- 
bird. Unf bonnd ~ ; a good-naturtul fool, (^fst 
wttf mnliflM ; ho Js a spifcofiil animal, r^cst 
ttM nQ'ir? f he, Bhti, it, is iwy pot avovftion, 
Mi ire la - ; to play th fool, to stand in one's 
own light, RtMwntn mr fta - ; to g<^ on ono's 
logH again. Morte la -^mrt tevtadnf dead 
MWW tU no talon, 

bdto, tttfj,) silly, Htpi<l, foolish, nowscnHical. 
11 f$t b t> Miwffpr- dufoin / ho In a porfecit idlol. 
/*# si ; not 'such n fool, not no grotin I 

btftel, n,w M (bot.) btttfll, 

botement (-twEn), wift'., Hkc a fool, 

betlse, w./., silliness, stupidity, tomfoolery, 
silly thing, absurdity C^est sa qm Va perdu , 
his stupidity was the ruin of him. // a fait une 
; he did a stupid thing Quelle .' what an 
absurdity f 77 a dit une , he said a silly thing. 
II ne dit que des s ; he talks nothing but non- 
sense. C'est de la ; it 's all nonsense. Faite 
des s, to play pranks. 

be'toine, nj , (bot.) betony. 

betoire, n.m., dram-pit, dram-hole. 

bdton, n.m., beton, concrete. 

bette, n /, (bot.) beet. 

betterave (-rav), ./., beet, beet-root, man- 

b^tyle, n./., (myth.) idol-stone 

beuglement, n m., bellowing, lowing. 

beugler, v.n., to bellow, to low. II se mit b, 
; he began to roar like a bull. 

beurre, n m , butter. Jondu, butter melted. 
f'ot Ue , jar o butter Pot a, , butter- 
jar HOD , biown butter Fane i>on , to 
make mce pickings Promethe plus de que 
de pain ; to more than one can perfoim. 
On ne pent manier le qitfon ne i>e g'tin^se les 
doiqts; you cannot touch pitch without soiling 
your fingers 

betirre', n.m., butter-pear. 

beurrde, n /., slice of bread and butter. 

beurrer, v.a , to butter 

beurrerie (beur-it), /., butter-dairy. 

beurrier, n.m , butter-dish. 

beurri-er, n.m , -fere, w./, butter-man, butte/- 
woman. Jln^e&t bon que pour la bewnere; (of 
a book) it is only lit for the cheesemongci's 

be'vue, /., blunder, oversight, mistake. 
Une ffronsi&re ; an egregious mistake. Faisew 
de s , blunderer. 

bey, n.m., bey. 

bezet, n.m. V, besas. 

be'zoard, n.m n (phar.) bezoar. 

bezole, n m., (ich.) bezola. 

b-fa-sl, (mus ) B ; (vocal urns.) si. 

blais, n 7/i., bias, slope ; slant, sloping, askew } 
way, manner, shift, subterfuge* Couper une 
titoffc de , to cut on the bias, cross Prendre 
une affaire du bon , du, manr<ti,\ , to go the 
right, the wrong, way to work If set de ; 
use Hubtorfupfw}. 

biaisement (-man), n.m., eloping, slanting, 
(b.s.) to shift, evasion. 

bialset, v.w., to slope, to slant, to lean ; to 
use shifts, evasions. &e$t un homtmi qui Inaise ; 
lie is a fihuiller. 

biaiseur, w.w,, shulller, shifter. 

biangulalre, adj., biangtilat(Hl. 

bibelot, n.m , bauble, trinket, mcknack, gew- 

blberon, w OT-, the lip of a cruet ; feeding- 
botile JKlew un enfant au ; to bring up a 
child by hand 

blberon., -ne, n.m, and w./ 1 ., tippler, toper. 

bible, w./., Bible. 

bibliographe, w m., bibliographer. 

bibliographie, n.f , bibliography. 

blbllographlque, udj.> bibliographical. 

WbUofltlie, w,/., WWioiito. 

bibliomane, n,m t ^ bibliomaniac, 

biblionianle, w./., bibliomania. 

bibliophile, n.m,, lover of books. 

bibliopole, w.w., bibliopole, blbliopoliut. 

"bibliothdcaire, n.m., librarian, library- 

bibliotheque, w,,/,, library; book-case, book- 
h<ilves, (Pent une - vlvanU ; he Is a walking 

Wbtolito, adj., biblical. 

Wbliste, w.7/t,, bitolHt, 

, 7*.? M trille. JDet raisons da - ; paltry 



"bicarbonate, W.TO., (chein.) bicarbonate. 

"biceps (-sep&), n m , (anat.) biceps. 
0bicetre, n vn., mad-house. (The French Bed- 

biche, n/., hind; roe, Apiedde ; claw- 

bichette, /., little dear, love (child). 

biclion, w.w., -ne, n.f., lap-dog ; little dear, 

bichonner, v a., to curl. 
se bichonner, v ?., to cuil one's hair. 

biconcave, adj., bi-coneave. 

bicoque, /., little paltry town ; hut, hovel. 

bicorne, #;., bicornered, two-horned. 

bicornu, -e, adj , bicomoua. 

bicuspide, -e, adj., (bot.) having two points, 

bidenie*, -e, adj*, bi dental. 

bidet, w.i., pony, nag; bidet (bath). 

bidon, w.? M can; camp-kettle; canteen. 

bief (hie 1 ), or bicz (bid*), .m., mill-course, mill- 
race , reach (canals) 

bielle, w./., crank, connecting-rod. 

bien(bi-m), w.wz., good, benefit, welfare, well- 
being, blessing ; gift ; boon, mercy ; endowment ; 
estate ; propeity ; gains \pl , good things ; goods , 
chattels Le s<wo&ain \ the soveieign good. 
Les s de la terre ; the good things of the earth 
Rendre te poui le mal ; to render good ior evil 
Gel a nejail m ni mal , that does neither good 
nor harm. Cda fait du ; that does one good 
Dire du de quetgitfun ; to speak well of any MM. 
Grand vousjasse; much good may it do you 
Un fiomme de ; an honest, virtuous man. I^es 
gens de ; good men En tout et tovl honneur , 
with honorable intentions. clou et hguide, 
unencumbered estate. embarrasse ; encum- 
bered estate. engage, hypotheque; mortgaged 
estate. Avoir du au soleil; to have landed 
property. Avoir du ma lacqms ; to have ill- 
gotten gains. Dep&iser, manger son , to spend 
one's fortune. Le ~ public; public weal. Abon- 
dance de s ne nuitpas; store is no sore, Mene.r 
a ; to bring to a successful issue. Xe minir 
est Venneim du ; leave well alone, Pertr eotps 
et s; (of ships) to go down with all hands. 
S&pai ntton de coips et de ~s , judicial separa- 
tion (a inensol et thoro}. 

bien(bi-in), adv., well; right; proper, properly, 
finely ; in a fine plight, pickle, mess ; comfort- 
able ; well off ; on good terms ; in favor ; good- 
looking ; much ; certainly ; truly ; indeed ; quite, 
full ; completely ; formally , clearly ; expressly ; 
very; far; very much; veiy well ; many; great 
many ; a great deal. 11 so conduit ; lie be- 
haves well. J7 seporte ; he is well, llparh 
franpafa; he speaks French well. Assez ; 
pretty well. Fort ; very well. Passablewettf 
; tolerably well. Xlssont fort ensemble ; they 
are on very good terms. On est fort net f this 
is a very comfortable place. Je mis*(res id ; I 
am. quite comfortable hore. Cettefemme est ; 
that woman is good-looking. Cette jeune per- 
,mme se tient ; that young lady has a good 
carriage. trouve ; cleverly thought of, v'est 
; that's right. Tout va~; all's right, Je 
me trouve de ce nouveau regime; I am all the 
better for this new diet. 11 eat daiut ses a/a Ires ; 
be is well to do. Nous voila, - ; we are in a fine 
pickle. Voila- du bruit pour un rien ; here IH 
a mighty deal of stir about nothing. 11 y avail 
- du monde; there were many people. II est 
d&jh loin ; he is very far off by this time. T r <w 
te fiow/you are wry kind, ^miwx; far 
better. H a f& attrapf ; he has been finely 
caught. 11 a &i& battu ; he lias been sountlly 
beaten. J'en ai assoz de tout vevnontft; I a 
heartily sick of all these people. P, y <// 
henes d j wi; it is fully ten leagues away. Jc Va 
pen s& } I thought so. Jevo 

told you so. II y a -la de quoi, plaisantet ! a 
fine matter truly 1 01 joking ! A ut ics-vous V as- 
surance de le nierf would you really be bold 
enough to deny it ? C"6/ ette prompt; this is 
being lather haafcy. Je, le sarais , je m'en 
doutais , I knew as much, I suspected as 
much. hn a pi is de , it was well f 01 him he 
did so, Je le ve'iu ; I have no objection 
Voulez-vous me donnerson adiesse f would you 
be &o good as to give me his address? Hegat- 
dez-moi ; look at me steadfastly. 

bien-aime, -e, adj. & n.m.f , ( s) bc- 

lo\ed, \\ell-beloved, darling, deal, lief. 

bien-dire, n m , (n.p,} (fjun ) fine speaking. 
7> bienjawe vwtt tnirut gue le ; to act well IH 
better than to talk well. JKtt e sw son ; to bo on 
one's be&t behavioi. 

bien-tilsant, -e, (iil^ , ( ,v) wdl-spokfin. 

bien-etre, n.m , (?;.j?>.) well-being, wolf are, 
comfort, comforts. Tout le m on de cltet chr son ; 
every one looks after his own oomiorta. 

bienfaisance, n f , beneficence, bounty, mu- 
nificence. iSoc'iete de ; benevolent society. 
GSuvre de ; charity. 

bienfaisant, -e, adj., beneficent, kind, gia- 
cious, bountiful, munificent 

bienfait, n.m , good term, good offlco, kind- 
ness, benefit, favor, pleasure, courtoHy. Cotubler 
de, s, to load with favors. On oiiblie phis tot 
left s que les ^'nju)( > s > ' &ervics are hoouer foi- 
gotten tliftii iiijui IPS. Un tfestjawais perdu ; 
a kindness is never thrown away. 

blenlait-eur, w. , -rice, w/., benefactor, 
benefactress, patron. 

bien-fonds, n.m , ( ,?- ) landed property. 

bienheureu-x, -se, adj., liappy, fortunate, 
blest, blissful , blessed. 

bieimal, -e (hi-en-nnl), atf'/,, biennial. 

bien que, coiy., though, although. JJmti gu^il 
le sacfte, i! rifii purl? pas; althou^li ho known it, 
he says nothing about it. fii ~ ; no that. 

biensdance, n.f , decency, dcconnn, propriety, 
seemliness; convenumcy ; mannere. Gnrdcr 'la 
, les s ; to obHorve decorum. 

biensdant, -e, adj., decent, becoming, fitting, 
seemly, beseeming, decorous, lit. 
0bien-tena*it, w wi., -e, n.f., (- -- -*) (jnr.) per- 
son in possession. 

bientot, adv , Hoon, euro long, aliortly. A - / 
good-bye ior the piCKont. 
^bienveillance, w./, benovoltmee, good-will, 
protection, favor, friou<UimRH, kin<huftH. (f<t- 
gner la de quetqitfun; to wm any ono'a ^ood 

*bienveillant, -e, a<JJ., benevolent, kind, 
friendly, well-wiHliing. 

bienvenlr, v.n. Only nned in tlio oxpretoion : 
Sefaire <!<>; to higiatiato OIH^H well 1 into any 
one's favor. 

bienvenu, -o (hi-in-vnu), m?/., wel<*ome. ( n tst 
un homme qm est -pni tout ; lui in w<]<'oiue <wry- 
where Smjes le - ; IMJ wolooiuo. 

bienvenue, M./., welcome; footing. /V////T 
m ; to pay OHO'H footing, tiditfwttfr Itt ' a 
(quelqitf mi) ; to grciel. (any one). 
bienvoulu, -e, wJj., beloved, lovwL 

bifere, n./., beer. l*t>Hte ; mnall baer. 
IWbft de ; ale-liouBo, Ce tfntytue df l(t petite 
; it IB no joke. 

Were, ,/., coffln, bier. 

bievre, w.w?,. boavor, castor, 

bleat, .m. V. bief. 

bitter, ?;,,, to cancel, to striko off ; to rim Ute 
pen through ; to Wot out. 

bifide, <# (bot.) um. 

blflore, adj n (bot) biflorotiR. 

bifolid, -0, a<$,, (bot.) two-Ioav<wl. 

bilteck, n.w., beefntwik ((We 
ramp-steak* tPovrnf bimr-Hlenk (A. 

bifurcation, ./,, Ulfiircatlou, 



d, -e, adj , biimcated, forked. 
se bitecper, *., to be ioiked, bifurcated. 

bigame, adj., guilty ot bigamy. 

bigame, .w jf , bigamist 

blgamie, w /., bigamy, 

blgarade, n /., Seville orange. 

blgaradler, .w., Seville oiange-tree. 

bigair 0, (uty , (b 8.) party-colored, motley, 

bigarreau, n m , bigaroon (chpiry) 

bigarreautier, n m , bigarreautiei, bigaroou- 

"bigarrer, v,<t , to checker, to stieak, to make 
motley, party color. 

bigarnire, n / , medley, mixture 

blg&mine*, -e, wty., bigemmate. 

blgle, (tit 1 ).-, (1 u.) squint-eyed. 

biglei, v ., (l.u ) to sqnmt 
*bignonio, w /,, tuimpet-flower, 

blgorne, w / , beaked anvil, bickern. 

bigorneau n m., periwinkle. 

bigot, n.m , -e, M / , bigot, devotee; hypocrite 

bigot, -e, mt} , bigoted 

bigoterle (-trt), n I , bigotry. Conner dam fa 

, to turn bigot 
bigotisme, n.m., bigotiy. 
bigoudis, M.M., curling pin, roller. 
blgoumeau* P. bigomeau. 
Mgue (big,) ?i./,, (nav.) sheers. 
bilioroau, w., night heron. 
bijou, .?/?,., (l.u.). F". tr6benthlne. 

bijou, tt w., jewel, tunket. 6V/ mij'int est&on 

; that child is IUH darling. Veriest, won ; 
come, darling. 

bijouterie (-trl), ??./., jewelry. 
bijouti-er, w.wi., -ere, w/., jeweler, 
bijugu6, -e, (-ghrf), w/; bijugoun. 
biiabitJ, -e, adj., (bot.) bilabuito. 
bilan, n.7., (coin.) balaiuio-Hhoot ; scliodulo. 
I)6j)ont'r son 5 to slop payment; to become 

trilateral, -e, atfj , bilateral; (jur.) reoipro- 

bilbOQLUOt, n w-., cup and ball ; curlnipf-pipe, 
Cf'ejit un vtri/irhh' ; he IH a giddy-hoa<UMl fel- 

Tbile, w v /*,, bilo , gall, anger, spleen. Kchaitff'fr 
la h qiH'tqu'nn ; to provoko any OHB'H anger. 
DMm)y(r(iii ; to vent ono'n ungor. j\V pus 
&p fuirfi <hi ; to take thinga aw]y. 
blllaire, <w//. t (mod.) biliary, 
billou-sc, -s ? <t<tf*-i bilious ; choleric, paaaionate, 
wigry. A&tc,int ~; biliouB looking. 
bllinguo, adj., (hjuhle-tongupd, bilingual. 
Mil, .*., ( -*) t>Ul (projftt <le loi). 
^billaxdt t./w.,bilhanlH; billiard-table ; billiard- 

*1bHIardGTt '*'H, ? to Htrike a ball twu-e ; to striko 
th two balln togolihw, 

*fetU0, n,/,, billiard-haH ; uiarblo taw (to play 
with) ; a log, balk (of timber). Fatw ?rwf ; to 
hold a ball, 

*bill0bll*dOi //./., Inirly-burly, confuHEon. A fn 
--; in oonfuHion, hi diHOrdor. 
*lUlet,.M.i uottt, letter; bill, hand-bill; tlckftt, 
label ; prowilHHory moto; billot (lor cjuivrto^iug 
Holdiorw) ; noto of hand ; circular letter. hvue } 
fa ortfffi ; bill payable at Hight, to ordor, pay* 
tilde, h prfomttttion? bill payable on demand, 
d wtnptutotinft*; iuswnnmodatiftu bUl 
nnHafe bill. fohut bill <lue. Mire 
<fun -- ; to provide for u bill. /> ni 
H -*j I gav my proiuinHory note t't>r it. 
; batik<*notn. & portfttr ; to b< wrar. 

Itfordrt f to onlor. "-doujf ; lovO"l<'tfc<it". -'rfV* 
fr& / antrattoo-tiokctb. * Wcm. ; a l>huak <^ 
toffftMfnt ; blllcvb* (PuHtfrt igl ticket. 
iP tiller et retour f roturn tiolcat* 


.ff. to ticket, to label ; to billet 

*biI10tte, 11. f., notice to pay toll , (liei ) billet. 

*billeves6e, w./., idle atoiy, fooli&h tiash, 
crochet, stiiit, nonsense. 
billion, n m., one thousand millions. 

*bUlon, n w.j base com ; place where base coin 
is received (to be melted), (agri.) ridge. Monnaie 
de ; copper money. 

*bil!oimage, n ?/i., dealing in base coin; (of 
land) ridging. 

O^billonnement (bwo-nmSn), 91.721., debasing 

0*billonner, we., to debase com, to circulate 
debased com , (agri ) to ridge 
0*bUIOEneiir, .w. t deba&ei, utterer of debased 

, n.m.. block, log 1 ; clog (for animals). 
iS, -e, adj., (bot ) bilobate. 

biloculalre, adj., (bot.) bilocular. 

bimane, n in. and adj , (ssool ) bimanous* 

bimbelot (bim-blo), w w , plaything, toy. 

bimbeloterie (bim-blo-til), ?i/., playthings, 
toy tiade. 

bimbeloticr (bim-blo-), n.m., toyman. 

binage, n.w,* plowing, second dressing; say* 
ing mass twice in a day. 

biiraire, adj , bmaiy. 

blnard, n m , wagon, trolley, truck. 

bin^, -e, adj., bmated 

bluer, v.fl. and v.n , (agri.) to dig again, to 
dre-ss a second time ; to say two masses m a 

bluet, n.m , save-all. Fa ire ; to be miserly * 

binette, w /., hoe; face, phiz. Quelle / 
what a lace, to be sure 1 

binocle, n.m., double eye-glass ; binocle. 

blnoculaire, adj , binocular. 

binomc, w.wi., (alg.) binomial. 

biographe, n . m . , bt ogra phen 

blograpllie, / , biography. 

biographize, ttdj , biographical 

blologfo, n.f , biology. 

biologiq.ue, adj., biological, 

bipedal, -e, adj , bipedal. 

blpede, w.m., biped. antfrfeur? (man.) 
fore hmbs of a horae. posttrieitr ; hind limbn, 

bipede, atlj , two-lpqgod, bipedal. 

bipenne, n.f., two-odgpd ax. 

blquadratiqiue (-koua-), adj., (alg.) biquad- 

biQUe, n /., slio-^ont ; pony, nag ; jade* 

biqiiet, n.m., kid , assay Hcalos. 

blremo, w./., bhome. 

blribi, .*., binbi(a game of chance); back 
lining (of a fihoe) , pmiKbmwt regiment m 

birloir, .w, t win<low-cutch holder. 

bis (bi), -e, </<//., brown , tawny, swarthy, 
flnpain ; brown bread, vl -- holdiM'; any- 
how. f<wwr<. 

bis (bltBa), wf., IVIOA; waewe. (Ww - *, to 

bisaieul, n,w, great-gvnjidtaUicr. 

bisaieulo, ?e/., gr(af.g^>'du)ot}ior 

blsaille, n./, 7 wholo meal; field pea. 

blsaiimiol, 4o ^. (bot.) blMnual. 

H blsbine, w,,/'., qnarrol, biekmitf/,, jaitKlnu'. 

biscaien (i-at),,TO.long~bjM t wU > d natnkAt j 
grajMinhot bi'll 

biscaion. -110, atf/.^ (?) long-l>arrolod (<>l giuw). 

bischof or bishof. ?ft.wt., blHhop (liquor). 

biscornu, , rcf(/., onUandiHli, odd, qweor* 

biscotin, W.W M HW< i (t biBciut, 

biscuit,, biBcnit, wsm-bread ; tiard Wtod of 
brink; wmi-vitrHUid poi-cnhiiu. 
suttA - ; to ombark on iui (ntiorprl 
^ la cutter ; Savoy Uwmil. 

bise, /. t uortii wind, <iold wind; 

Wueaiti .w*, (eook.) klwHifitf-crwHt ; beval- 
kff ; boHtl ; (carp.) f nathor edge ; (prfAt.) Jde* 




biaeauter, v.a., to bevel ; to cheat in gambling 
Cartes btseautees ; coiner-bent cards. 

biser, v.n., to blacken, to get brown (of seeds). 

biser, v.a., (dye.) to dye a stuff over again 

biset. n.m., rock-dove or pigeon ; coarse gray 
cloth ; national guard on duty in private clothes. 

bisette, n.f., footing lace, (orai.) &ea-duck. 

bisnrutll, n.m , bismuth, tin-glass. 

bison, n.m., (mam.) bison. 

bisonne, n f. , gray cloth used for lining. 

bisquain, n.m., sheep's skin with the wool on. 

bisque, nf., (cook.) bisk soup, culhs; odds 
(at tennis). Avoir quinze et sur la partie ; to 
have the odds m one's favor 

bisquer, v.n , (iam.) to be vexed, to be riled. 
Fane ; to vex, plague, rile. 

bissac, n m., wallet ; (fig.) beggary. 

bisseotion, nf , (geoin.) bisection- 

bisser, v.a , to encore 

bissexe, adj., bisexous, bisexuaL 

bissexte, n.m,, bissextile. 

bissestil, -e, adj., bissextile. Annee e; 

bissexuel, -le, adj., (bot.) bisexous, bisexual 

bissus (-sus), n.m V. byssus. 
bistoquet, n m., billiard-mace. 

bistorte, n.f., (bot.) bistoit, snake-weed. 

bistourl, n m , (surg.) bistoury, knife. 

bistourne, -e, adj., twisted, crooked. 

bistourner, v ., to twist. 

bistre, n.m., (paint.) bister. 

bistr<,* -e, adj., color ot bistei , swarthy, 
dusky, tawny. Tetnt , swarthy complexion. 

bistreu-s, -se, adj., of biatei 

blterne', -e, adj., (bot.) biternate. 

bitord, bitors, n.m., (nav.) twme, spun-yarn. 

bitte, n.f , (nav.) bitt. 

bitter, v a., (nav.) to bitt (a cable). 

bitton, n.m , (nav.) timbei-head. 

bitume, n.m., bitumen. 

bituminer, v.a.^ to bitummate. 

bitumineu-x, -se, adj., bituminous. 

bivalve, adj., bi valvular. 

bivalve, n.m., bivalve. 

bivouac or "bivac,, bivouac. 

bivouaquer 01 bivaquer, v.n., to bivouac. 

bizarre, adj., odd, fantastical, singular, 
strange, whimsical, extravagant, out of the way 

bizarre, n.m. V. blzarrerie. 

bizarrement, adv., oddly, fantistically, whim- 
sically, queerly, htrangely. 

bizarrerle (-rar-rt), nf., caprice, extrava- 
gance, whim, singularity, oddness. 

blafard, -e, adj., dim, dull, wan, lurid. Lu- 
miere e / dan, lurid light. 

blague (blag), n /"., tobacco-pouch ; (pop ) 
fudge, humbug , hoax. La bonne / what a, 

blaguer (-gh<3), v.a, and n., (pop ) to hoax, to 
humbug ; to draw the long bow, 

blagueur (-gheur), n.m., (pop.) hoaxer, hum- 

blaireau, n m., badger, shaving-brush. 

blaraable, adj., blamable, faulty, culpable. 

blame,, blame, reproach, obloquy, disap- 
probation, reprehension. Action d'igne de ; 
blameable action. Dfverser le sur; to cast 
the blame on. JRriter le ; to avoid being 
blamed. Downer le & qudqtfun; to blame 
any one. Jtejetei le sur ; to throw the blame 
on. Tout le en tombe sur lui ; all the blame 
falls upon him. 

blamer, v.a., to blame, to censuie, to disap- 
prove, to find fault with. On ne saurait le ; 
he cannot be blamed. 

blanc, -lie (blan, blanah), adj., white; clean ; 
hoar, hoary; (print.) open (of type); blank (of 
verses). comme neige ; as white aa snow. 
GeUe he ; hoar frost. Vers ~s; blank verso. 
West bonnet . et bonnet ; it is six of one and 

half a dozen of the other. Rouge soiret matin, 
tfest la journee du peleinn, evening red and 
morning gray sets the traveler on his way. Du 
hnge , clean linen. Passer une nuit che ; 
to have a sleepless night. 

blanc, n.m., white, blank. seine/ , blank 
signature. Le de Fceil } the white ot the eye. 

dSEspagne; whiting. de bulem<e f speima- 
ceti. de ceruse , cei use. de plvinb , white 
lead. de cli&ux , whitewash. d? volatile; 
breast of a fowl. De but en , bluntly. Dire 
tantot , tantot noir ; to hay first one thing, 
then another. Se manger le det. yeitx , to look 
daggers ai- one another. Ligue de ; (print.; 
white line. Tirage en , (punt ) working the 
white papei. Tiier en , (punt.) to work 
the white paper. En ; left blank Le ; the 

blanc-bec, n.m , ($ $) beardless youth, 
youngster; (b s.)'gieenhorn. 
*blanc!haille, n.J , fry, small fish, white-bait. 

blancliatre, adj , wlutihh, somewhat white 

blanche, n.f., nunna (in music) 

blanchemeiit (blanhh-man), adv., (1. u.) 
cleanly, neatly. 

blancher, n m , tannei (of small skins). 

blancherie, nf. V blanchisserle. 

blanchet, n.m., sti'amor, (print.) blanket. 

blancheur, n,f , whiteness; hoanneHH, clean- 
liness ; light ; purity, innocence, virtue. 

blanchiment, n m., bleaching, blanching, 
washing. Le de I'titqent; the washing of 
silver. Mettte de& t/Htndellei> tut ~~ ; to bleach 

blanohir, v.a , to whiten, to make white ; to 
whitewash ; to wash, to bleach, to make clean ; to 
blanch; to boil off, to scald (fruitH, greens); 
(print.) to white over ; to plane, to lough down. 

un plafond , to whitewash a ceiling. ties 
toiles ; to bleach Imon Its Jtan* ; (com.) to 
blanch planchets. du lingr; to hn. 
On me blancfnt , they find me in vviwlung. On 
blanchtt mtjonrtPhui ches nous; thus IH waHlang- 
day with us. un a is ; to plane a board. ft 
new// to clear-starch. 

blanchlr, v.n., to whiten, to grow white, to 
foam II commence & , he IH getting gray. 
Tetedefoune bhmchit janiais; a 1'ool'H head la 
never giay. 
se blanchir, v.r., to whiten, to wash. 

blancliissage, ?/.?., waahing. <?p Jin or ft 
neuj ; clcai-Htarching. 

blanchissant, -e, <//., that whitimH, grows 
white, foaming. 

blanchisserie (-Hhia-rf ), n.f., bleaehing-hmiflo,, 

blanchisseur, n.m., wtiHhorman, bleacher. 

blanchis sense, n.f., vrtiHliorwoinan, laun- 
dress. <lc jin f oloiir-Htarchor, 

blanc-manger, n.w., (j.~.^) (cook.) blanc- 

Tblanc-selng;, n,tn., ( a- ,?) mgnature in 

blanque, w/., lottery, husky bag 1 (of article). 

blanquette, n.f , blanket (poar); bliuuiuotto 
(wme) ; ragout with win to HWICO; (hot.) corn- 
salad; (ieh.) wliit(-blt. r. blancliaille. 

blaque, w /, V. blague. 

Dlaser, v.a., to blunt, to nail; to cloy, to 
sicken, to flnrfoit. J7 M/ MUW wtr lex plats //'.?/ 
he lias loHt all HOIIHO of (injoywout. Jit ntt l>t(m 
sur tout; he iH sick of (Wirythlntf. 
se blaser, v n, to bo pulled, nriolt,<i<l wl up. 

blason,, heraldry, blaston, blazonry ; coat 
of tirniH. 

blaaonner, v.a., to blaxou; (fain.) to 
to traduce, to blacken. 

blasphdmat-eur, n.m., -doe, ./., I 

Wasphe*matoire, w//,, \ " 

blaspheme, n.m., bl 




blasphemer, v.a., to blaspheme. 
blasphemer, v.., to blaspheme, to curse. 
blatter, n ., corn-chandler, dealer in coin. 
blatte, n /. , (ent.) mill-moth. - d'A mei ique ; 
cockroach. V. calard. 
blaude, n.f. V. blouse. 

016, t wheat, corn, gram. -froment ; 

wheat. seigle ; rye. Giands s, wheat and 

rye. Pet its s, oats, barley. tneteil , wheat 
and rye. -~ de Turqiwe , Indian coin noir, 
sari asm; buckwheat, baibu, stiff wheat. 
Vu -~ en ho be , corn in the blade. Ntv rer du / 
to house corn. Manger &an en hetbe , to 
spend one's money before one has it. Facteut 
en ; corn-factor. Halle (tit , coin exchange. 

bleime, n f., (vet.) bleyme. 

bleme, ad/ , sallow, pale, ghastly, wan. 

blemir, v n , to tuin or giow pale. 

blende, w./., (mm.) mock ore , blende. 

blennie (ble-nt), /, (ich.) blenny. 

blennorrhe*6 (blen-no-rtSe), nj., blennorrhcea, 

blesement, n m., lisping. 

ble'ser, v n , to h.sp. 

blessant, -e, adj , offensive, shocking. 

blesse*, -e, part.) wounded, hurt, diseased. 

blesser, v.a., to wound, to cut, to hurt, to 
pinch, to offend, to injuu 1 , to grate, to fret, to 
wring, to shock, to gall. C'ela m& blesse; that 
hurts me. J/es- .wnfiers 'Die blessent; my shoes 
pinch me. Cette phntse blesxe Po'teille; that 
sentence grates upon the our. la vue , to of- 
fend the eye. /<.v oteilles chastex ; to oifend 
chaste eaiH. l'/tonneur de qiu'lqu^un, to 
wound any onu's lu>nor. les convenances ; 
to oifend against propriety. 
se blesser, w.r., to hurt or cut one's self; to take 
o House. 

blessure, w/., wound, cut, hurt. Les -s 
fdttes a Vfionueur; the wounds inflicted upon 
one's honor, (riattjkation pour ; (miht.) 
smart-iuouoy. Coups et ,s / aggravated as- 

blet, te, (i<Tj ) (fruit) soft, sleepy. Poire 
blette ; Hlcopy pear. 

blbte or blotto, ?/./., (bot.) blite, Htrawberry- 
spinach , kind of amaranth, rlowar-giiiitle 

bleu, -e, <xdj.) (-- .s) bluo. Avoir Ics yenx s ; 
to be blue-eyed Cordon ; first-rate cook. 
Conte - ; talo of a tub, fairy tide H ntfa battu 
tout ; hft has l)oatcn mo blatik and bluo 

bleu, .?w., ( *) bluo, blueuoHs. de Prmsf f 
PrutiHiau bluo. (Paaur ; smalt. de, cobalt ; 
cobalt blue. de del ; sky bluo. Petit ; bad, 
HOimnh wino. 

blouAtre, adj. t bluinh, somewhat bluo, 

blouot, n,m. V. bluet. 

bleuette, n./. K. biuette. 

bleulr, v.,, to make bluo, to bluo. 

blindage,*, shooting, iron-plating, armor- 
plating ; (milit.) poling. 

blinder, ?u/., to shoot, to plate; (milit.) to 
cover with bUnuH. 

bllndos, n.f. ;)/., (fort*) bhndH. 

bloc, n.')n.) lump, bulk, mass; block, log; 

kocka. Acheter e f u - ; to buy Ju a lump. 


blocago, 7i .m M rubble. 

blocage, M.W., (print.) turned l<U<r, turning. 
*blocaille, ./., (IUOH*J rubblo-Btone ; wobble- 

blockhaus (blok-h6), n,wi., ( ) blockhouse, 

blooua, n,w> 9 ( ) (unilSt,) invciHtmont ; (nav.) 
blookado. L$v$r le - ; to JMMHO fcho blooka<l, 

blond, e, ^/., llftxon, fair, light. Des chc- 
veux - ,? ; light lUr. T/w homm ; a fair man, 
J7 eut (Ullaat et ; he k a. dainty spark, difficult 

blond, n.fti. T -e n/, jfalr, light color; fair 
peraoH. ardcmf sandy color. rcndrt,; 

light yellow. dort, ; goldexi, Courtimr la 

brune et la e; to make love to a number of 

blonde, /, blond, blond-lace. 

blondier, n m., blonde-lace maker. 

blondin, n m.^ -e, /., a fair-complexioned 
pei sou ; spark. Un beau t a tine young 

blondir, v w., to grow light cr fair 

blondissant, -e, adj., yellowish, golden. 

bloque*, n m., ball holed (at billiards) 

bloquer, -y.a., to blockade ; to block up, to fill 
up (cavities m walls with mortar), (pi int.) to 
turn; to hole a ball (billiards). 
.seblottir, v.r.j to squat, to cower, to crouch, to 
he close to the ground. 

blouse, rc./., pocket (of a billiard-table) ; snaock- 
fiock ; blouse ; pinafore. 

blouser, v.a., to hole (at billiards) ; to cheat. 
II m'a blous& ; he has cheated me. 
se blouser, .?., to hole one's own ball ; to blun- 
der ; to be in the wrong box. 

bluet, n.m. 9 (bot ) bluebottle, corn-flower ; 
(orm.) bluebird, kingfisher. 

bluette, /, spark, flash, flake of fire; (lit.} 
literary trifle ; anuit pioduction. 

blutage, n. ?>? , bolting, sitting (of flour). 

bluteau or blutoir, n m , bolter, bolting-mill 

bluter, v.a , to bolt, to sift (meal). 

bluterie (-til), w / , bolting-room. 

boa, n.w?., ( s) (erpetology) boa; fur tippet. 

bobeche, n f , sconce , socket (of a candle- 

boblne, nf,, bobbin ; spool, reel. 

boblner, v a , to wind on a bobbin, to spool. 

bobineuse, /., wmdor. 

bobo, n.t)i , hurt, sore. Avon ; to have a 
slight ailment. 

bocage, .*., grove, coppice. 

bocag-er, -ere, adj., of groves, shady. 

bocal, 7t m., short-nocked bottle; glass bowl; 
large phial ; carboy ; mouthpiece. 

bocard, M. m , (metal ) stamper, crushing" 

bocardage, n.w., (metal.) crushing, pounding, 

bocarder, v.a , (metal.) to stamp, to pound. 

bock, n wi., glass of beer. 

bodruche I r . baudrnche. 

bceuf,, ox, bull; bed. Troupenit ct& */ 
drove of oxen, At'conpler, decoupler, let, ,s l to 
yoke, to unyoke, oxen. fht> It, In mode a-la- 
znode beef. Un ~-~, a dull-pated, heavy fellow. 
Mettre l(t charrue (levant les s; to put the cart 
before the horse. Le yras ; the tatted ox, 
prize ox. 

boouls (b(^fi), n m. pl, f oxon, 

boghoi (-gay), ./*., (-*) light gig, buggy. 

bogue (bog), w./,, cheHtnut-lmr. 

boh<$ or bonea, n. and adj. m,, bohoa t/<a. 

bohome, ,.w,/., boh^mlen, n.m , -ne, ?*./,, 
gipHy, bohomian, tramp, 

boiard. I r . boyard. 

boire (buvant, bu), ?.., to drink, to imbibo ; 
to abHorb. - - ?w a$ro7)t; to pocket an affront. 

le calire ja^qi^ft fa lie ; to drain tl cup to 
the drwgB. Qiufatt lajolie, fa holt; as you brew, 
so you must drink. 

boire, ?>.n,, to drink, to tipple ; to blot, to bo 
puckered (of neodlo-work). & la rtmdu; 
glaHH(J8 round. h Id wtntt da (judqitfun j to 
drink any one's health. CJVtf ?/w hotnme qui 
bait; ho IB a drunkard. h longs traits; to drink 
long draughts. sec, ; to drink hard, neat. 

comma nn trou; to drink like a ftHh. A 
; 8om drink. Oft papier hoit ; this paper 
blots. Qttt a w, boint ; habit is socjond nature, 
Le win cut tirfi t il f<wt U } in for a pemnyi 
in for a pound. 

bolre, n,w., drink, drinking. lie ~* et U wrtn- 
ger; eating and drinking. JSlle tui appr^te son 

bois < 

et son manger ; she prepares "his meals for 

bois, n i., wood, foiest; timber; liorns (of a 
deer, &c.) , cross (of Christ); bedstead; stock 
(of a gun) ; staff (of a lance). Un de haute 
ftitaie; a wood of lofty trees. Un tailhs; a 
copse. mart $111 pied ; dead wood. Mori ; 
wood of little value, such as hawthorn, bramble, 
&G. La li&ibe d'nn ; tlie skirt, edge ot a 
wood. La faun chasse le lonp du ; hunger 
will break through stone wallh. puant; bean 
trefoil. de lose, tulip wood. de game; 
lignum vitse. de Samte-Luoie ; Mahaleb. 
de pali&sandre ; violet ebony, Mtr pied; 
standing -wood. (Pequctirtssage; square tim- 
ber. en gnnne ; lound timber. Lcfil du , 
the giam ot the wood. de sc'iage; sawn tim- 
ber. de i efend ; cleft timber. vhablit , 
wind-fallen wood. de eharpente ; tunl>er, 
straight timber. de char wnn age ; wheel- 
wrights' timber. de construction pout la ma~ 
iwe; ship timber. de chnvffaye ; firewood. 

ftotte ; floated wood. d\mngnee; crow-foot. 
Faire dn ; to get wood. line vofe tfe~ ; load 
of wood Un train de - ; a float of wood. li we 
sait plus de qnel fat re ftwhe , he does not 
knoxv which way to turn, what to be at, Je 
sens de qucl 'il se ehauffe ; I know what metal 
he is made of. II est du ~ dont on fait le$ fifties ; 
he will cliime m with anything. Tiouvei visage 
de ; to find no one at home. Un - de lit , a 
bedstead Le toitu fait Je feu dioit; the 
end justifies the means. 

boisage, n.m., wood-work. 

boise'; -e, adj.) woody, abounding with wood, 
wooded. CJiam~bre e; wainscoted room. 

Tboisement, w.w,, planting land with trees, 
timbering, afforestation. 

boiser, r.<7., to put woodwork to; to timber. 

boiserie (boaz-rt), M/,, wamsoot, wamwotmg. 

boiseu-x, -se, attf,, woody, ligneous, 

boisseau, w.w., bushel. 

boisselde (boa,s-lt5e), n /% abuahelful. 

boisselier, n.w., cooper, bushel-maker, 

boissellene (boa-sel-ri), n. /, cooperage, 

boisson, n.f. y drink, beverage, drinking, 
drunkenness. Eire odonw' h ta ; to be ad- 
dicted to drinking. Kit e pri$ de ; to be intox- 

boite, TO./., ripeness, maturity of wine. J? ; 

boite, /., box; case (of a watch, a rudder). 
de montre ; watch-case. a pondre ; powdcr- 
fcox. h savon ; soap-tray, a the, tea-caddy. 

aux lettres ; letter-box, 

boite, ra/., foot-soreness (of cattle). 

boitement (boat-man), w.w., halting, limping. 

bolter, v.n., to be lame, to walk lame, to limp, 
to halt, to hobble, <l*wn pied , to walk lame 
of one foot. En boitant / lunpingly. 

boiterie (boa-trl), ./,, (vet.) halting. 

boiteu-x, -se, . and a<W lame person ; lame, 
halt, hobbling ; limping, Le Diable, ; the B^vil 
on two sticks. AUendre le ; to bide one's 
time. II ne fant pas docker demwt lea ; you 
must not remind people of their infirmities. 

boitler, n,m,, aurgeon*s o^w of instruments. 

tool, n.w., ft largo pill, bohis ; (mm.) bole } bowl, 
basin, finger-glass. 

bolalre, a^',, (min.) bolary, 

bolet, w.w., (bot.) boletus, 

bolide, n.w., (astron.) bolis, fire-ball. 

bolus, n.wi. F. tool. 

bombance, w./. feasting, junketing. Faire 
; to f east. 

bombarde, ??./. bomb-keto-h, bomb-vosael ; 
fmna.) organ-stop. 

4 bombardement, n.m., bombavdment. 
r, v.a. t to bombard^ 

6 bond 

"bombardier, n m., bombardier, 
0toomtoasin, w.w., bombazine, 

"boinbe, n J , bomb-shell, ball. La no eve 
en Vair / the bomb has burst in the air, Voftte a 
Vepreuve de la ; bomb-proof vault. Gare la 

/ look out for squallu ! 

fcombe*? -e, adj., aiched; barreled ; convex. 
t>oxaoemeiit (-man), n,m , swelling, bulging 
out, convexity. 

bomber, v.a , to cause anything to bulgo, to 
jut, to swell out, to arch, to curve, to biurttl (of 

bomber, v . , to bulge, to jut out. 
bomberie (bon-brf), iij\ bholl-iouudry, bomb- 

bombeiif, 72 ;., maker of convex glasses 
bombonne, n.j , big can, drum, 
bombyx, ?/ va , (ent ) bombyx, .silkworm, 
bomerie (b6m-ri), w^., (com.) bottomry. 
bon, -ne, adj,, goo<l, kind; favorablo; fine, 
convenient, advantageous, profitable, ivopn* ; 
safe, solvent , full , hilly, foolish ; wholoHomo , 
easy, good-natured. '' good! C"/ 1 ^ , all 
right, very good Cela ne prfoagr ncn de ; 
that bodes no good. En $tat f sound. ne 
fot, plain dealing, upnghtmw. 'Ht'nfif scin- 
sibleneHH. Fawe ?te < > /iere ; to hvu vidl, A 
appetit il nefautpowit de sauce , a gO(<l appotito 
needs no auuce. VM ne Join , on<'( i cur all, 
Yous etes tiop ; you aio ton lund. ("c.s/ unc 
ne persmiw'; ht is a good mtalimt. - h 
prendie; wortl taking, -ft bone f good to 
dunk. -'1 qttoi tmit (tc pt'twst \\hatlHthouHu 
of so much trouble^ w noun tiurc ; wliclc- 
some food, Vorthcp qi^U }/ a dc ; thafw ono 
comfort. P)(")idrc t/iitfqnt' c/iow en nc p<U't,' 
to take a thing woll. Jjcs roMpicst font Aw - 
amis, short reckon mgH mako long IriemlH. Tout 
tin, cst ; all is fish that comas to hta wet. 
West une -7if t?tp , ho hna a good ln^Hl-pHM'O. 
A jour,ne <f Hirer tho bettor thn djiy. thu 
better tho deed. J)c ne Jteure ; <ivly, *// cst 
encore de nefiettre, it is ntill <>u'ly. A fa -ne 
heure! good 1 w<'ll dono! that 'K Honiothing 
likp. f!e d miner du temps; to duwt <mo 1 H 
splf. T> ouver<~~, to approve, to lik, tV<'w<w 
to Imvp a good hiuoll. Tenir*; to hold <mt // 
ne fait pus -~ avoir aff'aue <> //; it in dangwouH 
to nuMldle with him. JM hti ynHlrr - 91 f t to 
o\\e any one a grudge. Miiv /wwwc <l wr,t 
fortunes; to be a lady-killer, // ?/ va ile ?* 
foi; lie plays fair and Nquuro, A SV - wus sent- 
We,; it you think proper. IVw.v flr.v vounl 
I liko you 1 J)e war f heartily. A- - urfoi ; 
sincerely. Ln fulre eottrte et * <",' to havn a 
short but inorry life. Qtfe vow,? M'A* / how willy 
you are! Tout de ; in enriicHfc. J ntielmte 
cfioM malheureKt ; it *H uu ill wind that, blown 
good to no one, Mtfrc - nc wine *> MttUMttujrtt ; 
to put a good luce ujion imiUorH. A rin, point 
tfeHMifftift ; good wino JUHidH no bunh. Vm ne 
fiiite vmit tuwvjr f/w'wwr wituwtwe ttthntvi din- 
crotion JH tho bttt<>r j>urt of valor. 

bon, n w., good quality, wliat IH good in a 
thing, th bent, tho fun of a thing; vowli^r, 
check, bond. Jl tt (-elude- qifihwiiieHtfaniniii; 
ho hatt thin good (jufthty, that. )H wovvr tellu a Jh*. 

fi rf/j Vhutuirr / tho cronm <f tlut Htory, 

bon, i>^., wcill, good, right.. 

bonace, ?/./"., (nav.) calm, mnooth urn; lull. 

bourse, <(/., Hiwplo, foolUh ? Uly^ crmlulouH; 
soft, complying, 

bonbon, .w,, bonbon, Hw<wtmiat. comfit* 

bonbonnibre, ?i./., Mwoatineat box ; m\w lit- 
tle houw<j. 

bon-chrdtien (-knl-), W,//I M ( 

bond, n.w,., bound, wtlp, gawibot; onpor* 
jump. Metre w * j to max A a bouiwl. Sf 

1 rebound, /'raw/iv to dto (W--; to ctU 
the ball at the bound ; to itteA tliut by tlift for**- 



lock. Jl 711*0, fait fan* , he lias given me the 
blip. H ^elan^a d^un pai-de^sus la muraillc ; 
he cleared tlie wall at a bound Par sauts et 
pars; by leaps and bounds. 11 ne va que par 
&auts etpai s, he only woiks. by fits and starts. 
Tant de quo de volee; anyhow, 01 by hook or 
by ci ook. 

bond, -e, ndj , quite full, lull to the bung-. 

bonde, n J , sluice ; bung, bung-hole. 

bonder, v.., (mv.) to lade lull, to fill. 

bOIldir, v.., to bounce, to bound, to rebound, 
to caper, to skip, to Iri&k. It bondissait dc rayc , 
he bounded with rac;e. Cela Jait la cozw ; makes one's heait leap. 

boildissant, -e, <i<tj , bounding, skipping, frisk- 

bondissement (-man), n.m., bouncing, bound- 
ing, skipping, iusking. 

bondon, n m , bung ; bimghole. 

Ibondonner, v.., to bung, to stop with a bung, 
to close up. 

bondonni&re, n.t , bung-borer (tool) 

bondUC, ??.?>i., (hot.) mckai-tiee 

bon-henri, n.m , ( ) (bot.) all-good, English 

bonheur (bo-neur), n m , happiness, prosper- 
ity, felicity, welfare, blessing, good fortune, good 
luck, chance, happy thing. Enmcr le rfVw- 
trui , to envy anothei's proHpenty. Le dc 
r/Staf;tho welfare of the btate. Fa ire le 
dc qtidqtt'u.n } to delight any one Avoir du ; 
to be lucky. J5he en ; to be fortunate Pat 

; luckily. Potter ; to bring good luck. 
Joncr dn -; to bo lucky, in luck's way. Au petit 
; happen what may, I will chance- it. 

bonhomie (bo no-mi), M./., good nature, easy 
humor, simplicity, credulity 

bonhomina (bo-nom), , (bon^hommeH) 
simple, good-natured man; old codger. Weur 
~; old fellow, old butter, fogy. Petit ; little 
Obonliommoau, r. bonhomme. 

bon! 7 n /., ( ,s) (flu.) bonus. 

bonilaco, tf/,, simple, artless 

bonification, ,./., amelioration, improvement; 
(com,) allowance. 

bonlfior, ?>.., to better, to improve, to amelio- 
rate } to make up, to make good. 

boniment, .M,, <|uaek'B whow, putt' j humbug, 
clap-trap speech 

bonissour, w.w., howman's putter ; speech. 

bonjour, W.W M good morning, good day, conx- 
pliinoittg. /<? vous tioufM'ite le ~~ ; I wiah you 
good momhig. 

bonne, ./., immory*mai<! ; lady'H-maid; good 
fnwid; iinoritory. , or pour, ttmLfaw ; maid 
of all work* 

boimoau, .?/*., (wnv.) buoy of an anchor. 

bonne-dame, f. , ( - - A-- - .v). K. nrroche- 

bonnomont (bo-u-mSn), tf/>., plainly, simply, 
lumciHtly, truly, merely, 

bounotf w.w., oap. - dc htfti? " woolon cap. 

d& nuit ; niglit-cap, tiros ; big wig, iwrmm 
of importance* Ophtcr du ; to adopt ttu* opin- 
ion of anotihw; to voto blindly. Tnste, cotnmc, 
un de MtU; m dull as ditch water, Jrter son 
- p(trdcsttuti It's mo u tins ; to throw off all re- 
straint ; to 1)0 tockloHH. Avoir In $& prfai du ; 
to bo hot-hadd (le, wmt deux ttytrn dans wn, 
-; thoy are hand umd glovt* togntlwr, C*nt 
Wmw w Mono ; ft In mix ot oxi and half a 
down of tho other, ^nwlrv sou* son *} to 
Invunt, mako up a talo. Y frtcr son j to give 
It up* 

bonnetado, ,/,, capping, half-oappluff (ieHt), 
Gbonaeter, ./r., to cap, to dolt one's hat goat) ; 
to crhig^. 

bonneterie (bo-n-trt), n/.% horary bu 
bonneteuT, w.w (lai.) oringar, c 
bonnetler {bo-n4W) n*m. hosier. 

bonnette, w/. (fort.) bonnet ; (nav.) studding 
sail, (of a telescope or camera) cap. 

bonsoir, n.m., good evening, good night ; not 
if I know it. et bonne nmt! a good night's 
rest to you ! 

bGXltg, ft./., goodness, excellence, kindness, at- 
tention, good-heartedne&&, iavor. Abut><") de la 
de quelqitfiin ; to take advantage of any one's 
goodness. Avoir la de , to be so good as to. 

bonze, , bonze (Buddhibt pnest). 
^bOQUiillon, n m , woodman, feller of wood. 

boracique, adj. V. "boriqne. 

borax (-rak&), a.m., boiax. 

borborygme, n ?/^, (med ) borboiygm, rum- 

borfl, n.m , &liore ; bank, stiand, side, margin; 
brink, edge, bum, &kut ; rim, bordei, extremity; 
hem, edging, lace; (nav.) boaid , (luw.) broad- 
side; (nav.) tack Le dc la mer; the sea- 
shore. Le d*une ? ivi&re ; tlie bank of a river. 
Le d^un prSoipice ; the brink ot a piecipice. 
Le d^utie table,' the edge o a table. Le 
d'un chapeau ; the rini of a hat. Lc d'un 
bateau ; the bide of a boat. Le d'une tobe; 
the skirt of a gown. J'ai son nom, sur le 
des levres ; I have his name on the tip of my 
tongue. A pleins s; full to the brim. J^ollai 
h son , I went aboard his ship. Couchet h , 
to sleep on board ship. Tourner, changer, vitet, 
de ; to t.iek about, to veei. Count meme 
que Fennem/t ; to stand on the same tack with the 
enemy. au large ; standing oil' &hore. ^5 
tei re ; standing in shore. h ; alongside. 

bordage, n.m., (nav.) planking, plank, poling, 

bordtS, n.m., hem, edging, bordering. 

'bordeaux, n.wi., claret, Bordeaux wine* 

bordUta, n./., (nav.) broadmde; volley ; salvo; 
stretch, tack. Lacker, or tirer, une ; to fire a 
broadside, Vne dHnfa rps ; a shower of abuse, 
Counr ties ,<?; to tack about. 

bordel, 71.7/1., (1. ex.) brothel. 

bordelals, -e, n.w.f and ad/,, of Bordeaux. 

bordement, n wi., edge. 

border, v.a.) to edge, to hem, to Hkirt, to bind, 
to lace, to border; (nav.) to gathtu (the whoetfi); 
to plank ; to lay (a deck) ; to tuck up (bed- 
clothes) ; to line (a road). Lc$ soldatu bordent 
la, cote ; soldierw line the coant. IPS cfttes <Pun 
vaibseau; to plank a Hhi p. lex pon t$; to lay a 
nlup's decks. une, Gaoutti , to tally a sheet. t 
Xtoi de nu vent / haul aft tho aheetH. 

bordereau, .m., (com.) account, memorau* 
dum, note. 

bordl-er, -toe, cr^/,, (nav,) lop-sided. 

bordier, w.m., lop-Hided ship. 

bordigue (-dig), t^,/., crawl (for taking flBhV 

bordiire, w,/,, frame, edge, edging 3 border, 
curb ; rim ; (nav.) foot. 

bote, n.m,, (<*liui.) boron. 

boreal, -e, adj.) boreal, northern. 

bor<Se, n.m , Boroafi, North-wind* 
*borgHO) n* and adj., one-dyed ptnaon , blind 
of one eye; one-eyed; dark, obflciwt, paltry. 
(lhangcr son chcMml voritre un flwitylc * to 
chatigo for lh worso. Au roynumft dm nwiiglcs 
>*~s sbnt roix ; among; the blind, the one-eyed 

*borgnesse, /., (pop,) ouo-oyed woman. 

borique, rr<//., (chem.) bora<'ic. 

bornago, n.w., aeUling bomuln, fixing KimitB. 

borne, w./, landmark ; boundary, limit, con- 
fhw ; bounds j niiltvstone, Bpur-post. Mctlre ties 
- <f A ami ambition ; to sot 1/omulii to one's ambi- 
tion. Qrfti prtxa? fwittw IPS - K f that JH going bo 
yowl all boundft. JKtfp planttlh comm MM 
to atand tlwre like a poHt, 

bornd, -0, prif, boundwl, HmJtecl, confined | 
narrow, mean, small; shallow* JtSsprUJort i 
narrow mind. 

D orne-f ontaine 



foorne-f ontaine, n f , ( s s) water-post. 

borner, v.a., to set landmarks ; to bound, to 
set bounds to, to limit, to circumscribe, to re- 
strict, to terminate, to confine. son ambition ; 
to set bounds to one's ambition. 
se borner, v r , to keep within bounds, to restrain 
one's self. II faut se a cela; we must be con- 
tent with that, or not go beyond that. 

bornous (-noos), n.m , K. bernous 

bornoyeif, v.a , to place, to set marks in, to 
look with one eye at 

bosan, n.m., bosa (Turkish beverage). 

bosel, n w., (arch ) torus 

bospliore, n in., Bosphorus. 

bOSCLTiet, n m , grove, thicket. 

bossage, n ?., (aich.) bossage, embossment, 

bosse, nf., hunch, hump; bump; bruise; 
knob, protuberance, lump ; bunch , boss , em- 
bossment , (sculp.) relievo, relief, embossment , 
(paint.) bust ; boss (at tennis). Ne demand? r 
(jue plaie et , to think of nothing but mis- 
chief or fighting. Ouvraqe yeleve en , em- 
bossed piece of work. Outrage de denii , 
figure In half-relief. Donnei dans la ; to fall 
into the snare, to be duped, to be caught. Tra- 
vailler en ; to emboss. 

bosselage (bos-la]), n m , embossing. 

bossele, -e, adj., bruised (metal); (bot.) 
bunched; embossed, 

bosseler (bos-le"), v a., to dent; to emboss. 

bosselure (bo&-lur), M./., embossment. 

bOSSer, v a , (nav.) to stopper. 

bossette, /, (arch., man.) boss, stud, 

bossoir, n ??i., (nav.) cat-head ; bow 

bossu, -e, n and adj , hunchback ; hunch- 
backed, humpbacked, detormed,uneven, crooked, 
tortuous. par-devant; pigeon-breasted Hire 
comme un , to split one's sides with laughter. 

bossuer, r n., to bruise, to dent, to batter. 
se bossuer, v? , to get brm&ecl, dented. 

bostangl, n.m., (s} soldier of the Turkish 

boston, n in., boston (gamp at cards). 

bostrychite (-kit), w,/., (mm ) bostrychite. 

bot, adj., clnb-footed Pied ; (subst.) club- 
foot. West im pied ; he is club-footed. 

bot, n.m., Dutch-boat. 

botanique, /., botany 

botaniqne, adj., botanical. 

botaniste, n m , botanist 

botargue, n.f. V. boutargue. 

botte, n /., boot (man's only) ; Wellington 
boot; bunch, bundle, truss ; (fenc.) pass, thrust, 
lunge ; step of a coach ; cask ; clod ot dirt or 
snow ; wine vessel, butt. s h genoui>H$re , 
jack-boots. * h P&cuybre ; top-boots. Souliws 
s; Blucher boots, "s retro t us$6es, so, re- 
vets ; top-boots. ,? de sept heues ; ogre's boots. 
s fines f dress boots. Ttrantde ; boot-strop. 

Ttgp de , boot-leg. Tire ; boot-jack. 1ft 1 /- 

tre dnfom dans ses ; to feather one's nest. A 
propos de s ; about nothing. Graisser ses , 
to prepare for a journey, for death. Dl'trotiej , 
cirri, des s; to clean, to polish, boots. Un? 
d'nspeiffes; a bundle of asparagus. Une de, 
Join ; a truss of hay. Porter une k qvelqvtun ; 
(fenc.) to make a pass, a lunge, at one. Parer 
tin? ; to parry a pass. II lu-i a port$, une m- 
laine ; he served him a very scurvy trick. 

footte", -e, crdj?., booted, with boots on, 

bottelage (bo-tlajj), n.m.^ tying up in bundles 

botteler (bo-tl* 1 ), v.o., to put up m bundles. 

botteleur (bo-tleur), n,w., (agn ) binder, band- 

better, v.a., to make, to supply any one with, 
boots; to boot anybody. Ce bottier bolt? fl?m, 
mal; this bootmaker makes boots well, badly, 
(lam ) Cda me botte; that suits me down to the 

se botter, v r , to put one's boots on ; to get one's 
shoes clogged with dirt , to ball (oi hoi ses) , (mi- 
lit.) to boot. Cct homme se botte bien, vial; this 
man wears well made, badly made, boot&. 

bottler, n.m., bootmaker, shoemaker. 

bOttine, n.f , half-boot ; lady's boot. 

boubie, nf , (orm ) booby, garmci 

bOUC, n TH., he-goat; goat-skin; pulley. 
Gmissaire ; scape-goat. 

boucage, n m , (bot ) burnet saxitrage. 

boucan, n.m , a place to smoke-dry in. 

boucaner, v ., to smoke (meat, hides). 

boucaner, v n , to smoke-dry , to hunt wild 
bulls for their hides. 

boucanier, , buccaneer, bucamer; fiee- 
booter ; buccaneer'^ musket 

boucaro, n m , boucaro, red clay. 

boucassm, ?? m , lining. 

boucaut, n.m , cask, hogshead. 

bouche, w/., mouth , lips ; tongue ; muzzle (of 
a cannon) ; voice ; victuals ; eating, living , cooks 
(of a soveicign); mouth, opening, apeituro (of 
canals, riveis) ; plug-bole, fnv-plug. Df'potKd 
de , household expenses Munitions de, , 
provisions. a ; face to i.u-e. bfamtc; 
open-mouthed. DC ; by woid of mouth. 
Eire sur sa ; to be given to gluttony Quc 
VimposturG tie souiUe point iiotrc ; let 1 , mot 
falsehood sully your lip. clofte ; koop it to 
yourself; mum 's the woid! 11 dit ccla d<> -, 
mats le ccenr Ti'v/ (ouche, ho bays one thing and 
thinks another. Ferwcr Jtr 'ft, qnclqu^im , to 
stop anyone's mouth. If (hi font ce qua lui wmf, 
a- la ; he says whatever oonu'H uppenuoHt. 
Fa-ire la petite , to be difficult to please, <Iamty, 
EUe n? en fail point la Jme ; H!IO <?<>OH notnuurn 
it. Fairs l(t en cwnr , to screw up OHO'H 
mouth, to look captivating. CWa rend la 
awh'e ; that Ic-avcn a hitter taato in th< month. 
(r7</e? nne cftosc pour la bonne ; to kwp a tit- 
bit till the last. Cela Juit vetnr Veau a, la, ; 
that makes one's mouth watei Prendre .wr ,svr 
; to stint one's sell. Rdon fa bottiM, gouver'nc, 
ta ; you must cut your coat according to your 
cloth If atnve bien dex r/ en fie la-* et le 
morccan , then? is many a Hli[> botwcou tlio cup 
nnd the hp. fheval f/nt a bonne - ; luini-fwil- 
ing hoi HO Un eheral qin ?/V/ ni nt eperon ; a 
horse that obeys neither luidlu nor HJUIV. (fn 
homme fort en ; a man that ont4alkH vcry- 
l>ody. // '// en avaif a> - qne ceiu~(u; thera WUH 
enough anil to aparo. 

bouche*0, w/., mouthful. Nffaltc q^mne, -~~ 
de qwl(jn'w) ; to innkn but a mouthful of any 
one, to beat any 0110 with WIHO. 

bouche-nez, n w,, Htoiteh-ttnp. 

bouoher, v.a., to Htop, Htuff, clioko up ; to ob- 
struct. une fwtf/eif/e ,- to ooik a bottlo. - ?m 
tonncau, to b\mg a barrel. - Iti rac (fun vw'- 
sw; to obtttiuct a ii(ighbor <> H view. A>V / 
oieiflvs; to stop OIM'H CJWH. *SV* /<* w<'^ ,* do 
hold OHC'H inoaci. wi trou / to atop up a gup, 
to pay a debt. 

bouclier, w,wn, butchor. - ?n t/nw ; cwcftHH- 

"bouchere, w./., a butchov'H wife, wonmn koop. 
ing a butchor'H whop. 

boucherie (boo-Hlirf ), n.f., Hlwwblw, iHitelx^y, 
markot ; slaughter, wu'nngo, nuwiMaero, 

bouche-trou, /./,, ( v) a Htop-p;ap. 

bouchoir, w,w., ovon-door, Hi], HtopjH'if* 

bouchon, n w., cork, ntoppor ; (oriiuilug; w!p 
(of straw, Ac.); i>ft<;k(\t. (of Uuou) ; pot-hoiwo. 
Frotter wi cheval aiw wt <fe fittftn 1 ; to rub 
down a liorao with a win}) of Mtvaw, tie ctttm* 
ret; tavern-biwh (kiiul of giuno)* 

bouclionner, v a., to rnh <Iow {. 

bouchonnier, w.7 M uorkuutfcw. 

bouchot, run., tiHhhig-hur<ll<w ; 

boucliure, K./,, quiokiiot lnodge* 




"boucle, nf., buckle ; ring ; curl, ringlet, lock ; 
(arch.) knocker ; (nav.) staple, ring. Des -s 
d? 01 eilles, ear-rings. Mettie une perruque en 
s; to curl a wig. Mettie en , to put in 

boucld, -e, part., buckled, curled. Cheveux 
$ ; curly han. 

boucler, i> .., to buckle ; to put a ring to , to 
curl (hair); (hunt.) to ferret out 
^ boucler, ?>.?., to cuil one's hair. 

bonder, v M., to curl, to put out, bulge 

bouclier, n.m , buckler, shield, defense, pro- 
tection , (ich.) lump-n&h Levee de s , using in 
arms, msuiiectiou. 
0bOUCOH, n m , (1 ex ) poisoned dunk or dish. 

bouddhique, ad) , Buddhistic 

bouddhistne, n in., Buddhism. 

bouddhiste, n m and /., Buddhist. 

bouder, v.n , to pout, to look sour, to sulk; to 
pout at , not to be able to play (dominoes), (hort.) 
to be stunted 

se bouder, v r , to be sulky with, to be cool, to- 
waids each otliei. 

bouderie (bou-dif), n /, pouting* sulking, 

boudeu-r, -se, arfj., bulky, sullen. 

boudeu-r, n.m , -se, nj , person who sulks. 

boudln, n.m., black pudding; (nav.) pudding; 
(arch ) toi ua ; saddle-bag, cloak-bag ; spring (of a 
coach) , long curl; sausage-tingei . 

boudinage, n m., Blubbing, roving. 

boudlne, i) J , (glosH-makmg) bunt, knot. 

boudineu-r, n m , -se, /, xover, slubber. 

boudlul-or, ?J.M.., ere, /., black-puddmg- 

boudlnoir, n.m., roving-machine. 

boudoir, >n,, boudoir, lady'n private-room. 

bOUO, n j , dirt, miie, mud; filth ; meanness, 
0ordi(hu3MH; Hodum'iit (of ink). Jc wV?j faift pus 
ptt(t> dc cab qe de la de met, f> (Hitters , I don't 
value it more than the (hit on my shoos. Une 
timede, ; a mean soul. Tirerqwlqitfun (If la--, 
to raise siuy one Iroiu the dunghill Trainer quel- 
qtfun (frw.s In , to load any one with abuse. 

bouo'e, n.f., (nav.) buoy. de Mtuvrfage, 

boueur, w in., scavenger, dustman. 

bOUOU-K, "SO, ( t<fj"> d'u'ty, miry, muddy; foul 
Ch'inin ; dirty *ioad. ' fi!cntur& se; thick 

QbouffantG, n /*, hoop, farthingale. 

boulfarde, n /"., (pop.) slioi-l. pipe- THer or 
fittticrna ; to have it whiff, to "blow one's cloud. 

boulle, M.W., buffoon, pi., Italian opera (m 
Paris). All ft ctwr - s ; to go to the Italian opera. 

bouff<5e, '/>> pull, gust, blawt, whlit ; fit. Par 
*/ by JltH and HtartH. 

boulfor, .., to puff, to swell, to rise, to 

boulfexs t'.., to blow (moat). 

bouffetto, '//./,, bow (ribbon), oar-knot* 

boufll, -e, rtrfj*) puffed up, Hwollon, inflated. 
Jh'A /OHM <".v ; pulled out cheokh (ruryttctl; 
puff (wl up with pndo. Any* 1 , obubby eluld. 

boulllr, t;,., to puff up, to swell, to bloat. 

bOUtttsaure, n./ M Hwollmg, puffing up ; tur- 
, boiubiiHt. 

t. } ImiToon, joHtflr, down; inorry- 

, w jak-pu<l<liig, droll. Un wmwrfa ; 

a sorry jtwtor* Mttw /<" ? fcf> P^W MM buffoon. 

bouflon, -He, "^,/j JO<WH<I, fa<'<itfouH, oomioal. 

boutfonner, 7,w' M to bo JOOOHO, full of justs ; 
to play tho l>uffoo. 

bouffonnorle (-fo-n-rt), n,f., bulToowory, urol- 

bougo, n.m.i UWlo (nloset, hol, wwth<ul don, 
liovl; lmlg of A otwtk. 

bougeoir (-joar), n.w. flat oAndleHUok, cham- 
" " Tc; tape^staud* 

bougeotte, n /., pigeon-hole. 
bouger, v w., to stir, to budge, to wag, to 
fidget. J7 ne bouge de cette mai&on ; lie i& always 
at that house. 

bougie, /., caudle, wax-candle, wax-light; 
(surg.) bougie. 
bougier, va,to wax. 

bougonner, v.w , to grumble, to scold, to 
jaw, to muni 

bougran, n.m., buckram. 
bougie, n m , blackguai d ; fellow. JBon ; 
good sort of fellow. Mauvais , nasty fellow, 
ugly customer. 

^bouillabaisse, n./., Provencal fidi-soup with 
gailic, &c.; nnsh-mash. 

"bouillant, -e, adj , boiling, boilmg-hot, scald- 
ing-hot, piping-hot , hot, iieiy, ha&ty, eager, 
fierce, hot-headed Jeunes&e e, iieiy youth. 
de col&e, boiling with anger. d" impa- 
tience , burning with impatience, 
*bouUle, %/., fishing-pole. 
*bouiller, v a , to stn the water with a pole. 
*bouillerie, w /., boilery. 
*bouilleur, n.m , boilei-tube (of an engine). 
*bOUllli, n m , boiled beef, bouilli. 
*bouillie, n /"., pap (tor infants) ; pulp (to 
make paper). Fa ire do la pour Ics chats; 
fiuitless labor, profitless undei taking. 

*t)OUillir, v.n , to boil, to suniuei. Fane a 
<I<">ii; to paiboil (i gios bouillons ; to boil 
fast. h petits bouillons, to boil gently, to 
simmer. Cela sett a Jatrr la tnarmite; that 
helps to make the pot poil. 
*boulllir, t?.a., to boil. Only used m the 
popular and hguiative expression : du l((it h 
qitelqu'tin; to say feomethmg very pleasant to 

*boullloire, n./., boiler, kettle. 
*bOUlllon, n wfc., broth , bubble, ripple, bub- 
bling, ebullition, tr.mspoit; puff (of a lady's 
dress). en iablt'tlf , portable broth, meat- 
tablet. dfi pou 'Iff , chicken broth d<' 
vetw , vortl-broth coupe; broth diluted with 
water. Prmdrc tin ; to take some broth. 
Hone im ; to swallow cX inouthtul (mbathiwp'), 
to meet with a loss. po wtu , cljstei. JSwit 
sort dfi la roclie ?t, qros s; the water cornea 
gushing out of the rock. UH <Vcau ; a bub- 
bling fountain. 

*bouillon-blanc, m , (s *) mullein, 
cow' s-lung-wort , 

*bOulUOimailt, -e, ffri|/., bubbliupr gurgling. 
*bouill0lpi6mejat (-lo-n-nuin), 'n tn , bubbling 
up, spouting or gushing out ; ebullition, oifer- 
voHcenoci, agitation. 

*boullloimer, v.n , to bubble, to gush out, to 
boil, to boil over. 

bouUloimer, v.a., to put pulls to. une 
tobr , to put puflto to a dieas. 
^boutllotte, w f , foot- warmer. 
*boulllotte, nf , bomllottc (gsiuie at cards). 
boutn, n ?/., (dy.) head ol nilk. 
bouts, nm., gloziMg-Htiok. 
boujaron, w.w.., tot, about half a gill (nav ) 
boulale, w./., (l.u.) bach pluitation. 
boulang-er, w.w. -ere, ?*./". baker; baker's 

boul auger, ?'.ff., to make broad. JOu pmn 
btcn boulanfft' ; woll-uinde br^ad. 
boulanger, v n., to bake. 
boulangerle (-lau-jrt), w./, baking, bakers' 
btiwneHH, bakohouHO. 

boule, n./. s bowl, ball, i>at, liood, noddle, 
HOOUC.O, Jl cut rowd armwe wne ; ho Is afl 
round a a ball Vn frn </' - - , a bowlinjf-grtuwi, 
Jowr fy la ; to play at bowls. Avoir la , to 
play flrftt. RwJp-tfwrtffc, ( * ) (bofc.) now 
ball. * (fV'flw cihaude , hot water bottle* 0^4 
la>wtet in hantn, tarloBHly. ; (for voting) 
ballot, (pop.) Pwdr? la \ to lose one's head 




, n w., biich, birch-tree. 

TjouledOgTie, m , bull-dog. 

bOUter, ., to swell, to pout (of pigeons). 

boulet, M.W., bullet, ball, tetlock-jomt (of a 
hoifae) ; (man.) boulet. Un de canon ; a 
cannon-ball. Un coup de ; a cannou-bhot. 
Q oitge ; red-liot ball. rame ; cham-bhot, 
bai-shot. Condamner au ; (milit.) to con- 
demn to chain and ball. Tncr h ~s rouges sui 
auelqu^un ; to load any one with abuse. 

boulete", -e, adj't (vet.) upright on fetlock- 
joiut. V. juchg. 

boulette, n J , iorced-rueat ball ; pellet, paper- 
bullet, blunder. Fane des s, to commit 

bouleux, n.m., thick-set horse; heavy hack , 
drudge. Un ban ; a plodding man, a drudge. 

"boulevard or boulevart (booi-var), n.m , 

bulwark, rampart ; boulevard. 

bouleversement (bool-vers-mSn), WOT., de- 
struction, ruin, overthrow, o vei throwing , 
overturning; commotion, confusion, di&oidei. 

bouleverser (bool-ver-) r.a., to overthrow; 
to throw down, to subvert ; to agitate, to trouble, 
to tlaow into commotion j to upset ; to unsettle, 
to unhinge, to convul&e. Cda w?ti tout boule- 
vettse; it has quite unhinged me. 
Q& la boule vue, adv. V. boule* 

boulier, n.m., bag-net (fishing). 

"boulimie, n f , (med.) bulimy. 

IboulimiQue, adj , bulimic. 

faoulin, n.m., pigeon-hole ; (mas.) pigeon- 
cove, putlog. Tromdc ; &eaitolding-holes. 

fcouline, n.f , (na,v.) bowlim*, gantlet. Alltr 
k la ; to sail close to the wind; to tack 
about. Counr la ; to run the gantlet. 

fcouliner, v.n , to sail clohe to the wind. 

boulmer, '.., to haul to windward. ~~une 
wile ; to haul a nail to windward, 

"boulingnn, n.m , bowling-green, gra&s-plot. 

"boulinler, n.m., (nav.) Un Sew-; a ship 
that sails well to wmdwaid. 

bouloir, n.m , (mas,) larry, pole* 

tlOUlon, n.m*i bolt, large iron pin. 

Douloimement, n.m , bolting, pinning. 

tooulonner, v <?., to pin, to fasten with iron 
pins, to bolt. 

fooulot, -te, flfl^., fat, dumpy, squatty. 

boulotter, .., to jog along. 
OttOUQUlG^ /i ohannel, strait, mouth, p n swipe 
0ljoU(|Uer, v.a. <ind n.) to kiss forcibly , to 
yield, to truckle. 

"bouquet, w.w*., "bunch, cluster, tuft ; nosogny, 
bouquet, posy ; birth-clay ode, fionuel ; l)irth-d ^y 
present; flavor, aroma (of wine). Un dc 
plumes ; a plume of feathers. Un- dfi picrn 1 - 
ne$; a sprig of jewels. Un de, bol,i f a cluster 
of trees. Fleur qni vinrt en .?/ flower that 
grows in bunches. de fum'cs ; bunch of 
rockets. JZ&servpr un? chow pow lf> ; tokoop 
a tlung for the last. Et mm-ntmtm^ ponr fa / 
and now, to cap the story I 

t>ou(iuetier (book-tn5),^ flower-vase, 

t)ouq.uetlfere, n.m.^ flower-girl* 

T3ouq,uetin, n.m^ wild goat, ibex. 

TjoiKjUin, n m , old he-goat ; buck-hare } old 
book. MoMvais ; worthless book ; (of pipes) 

bouq.uiner, 7'.w,., to buck, to couple (of 
hares) ; to hunt after, to read, old books. 

bouqiiinerle (-ki-n-n), w./., old-book tra<le. 

"bouqLUineur, ?i.m. lover of old books, book- 

bouqtulniste. n.m^ dealer In old books. 

"bouraoan, n.m,, a sort of catnlot, barracan, 

bouracanier, w,w,, barrncaii maker. 
bourbe, n./., imr, mud, dht. 

Tbourlbeiix, -se, mf/., miry, muddy, sloughy, 
bourbier, nm*> &loujeh>, puddle* mire mudU 

lurch, plunge, scrape, danger. // tfe&t mis dans 
le ; he has got hmibeli into <i scrape. 
*l)0urtoilloll, n m , core (ot an abhcefa.s), 

bourcette r mdclie. 

bourdanie, o> bourgfene, /., black {iiuer. 

bourdalou, u.m , hat-baud , soit ot chamber- 

bourde, w./>, fib, bham, humbug, lie. Donner 
une a quelqifun ; to tell any one a fib. 

bourder, i 1 n , to hb, to blitmi, to humbug. 

"bourdeur, m , fibber, shannner. 
*bOUrdO.IOE, ?*.?/*., sta\e-wood (lor cnaku). 

bourdon, n.m , drone; pilginn's stafi ; great 
bell; (mus.) dione; humble-bee; great bell; 
(pi int.) out, omib&ion 

bourdonnant, -e, atff , hummm^, buzziug. 

bourdonneraent (-man), n tn., buss/, buzzing; 
hum, hunumng ; murmur , tinkling noiso. 

bourdonner, v ., to biux, to hum, to mur- 

bourdonner, v n , to hum ; to boie ; to pouter. 

fcourdonnet, n in , (surg.) dossil. 

bourdonneur, w /., humnung-bnNl, oolibn. 

bOUIg, n &., boiough, in.irKet-towa. 

bourgade, nj. t small maikwt-town, strag- 
gling village. 

bourgene, n.f. F. bourdaim. 

bourgeois, w.7., -e, nj., (-^ -joax), bur- 
gess, citizen, towiiMiuut, ootnuionur; iniiHtcr, 
miatreab, owner of a nioiclmwt-bhip ; contractor. 
Un bon ; a stibHtantial citiss(Mi. Un pcM ; 
a humble citizen. Eire m j (of officers) to l><> 
dressed in plain clothes. 

bourgeois, -e, <//., miUdle-cltws; bolonging 
to, or becomniR, a citizen, cilizenlike ; pnvato; 
plain; common. JFamillrCi good middhv 
clti&e family. Avoir Vti'i) *-, lex twintbrt'ti ^?; 
to be common in one'H gait and mamun'H. fV*- 
smee; plain, homely cooking. /Y/wfow--j 
private boanliug-hoube* COM f (He /'/ pnvato 

bourgeolseraent (-joan-mSiOi ^</'"*, oitixon- 
like, humbly; vulgivily* 

bourgeoisie (-joa-xl), ?/./., nuddui-rluHH, ctti- 
acnship, citizens, Jhvtt </<"-", freedom of n 
city. Jfmitr - ; \mwr niiddlc-riasH, gentry. 
Caution , good wcimty. 

bourgeon (boor-Jou), n,m, t bud, g<uuj shoot; 

bourgeonnant, -e, nrfj , bn<l<hn^, 

bourgeoim^, -e, part^ Inuldou, lumphul, 

bourgGonnonieiit (-j<Hiniau)> 'w.w-i InuUluig, 


bourgeonner (-jo-nd), .?i,, to bud, to ht>oi, 
to put forth young whootB; to tonwik out in 

bourgeonnier (-jo-uitt), 7/.?/f., (owl) lmlUiiu*h. 

"bourgmostre, ?/.?;;., lmrg<niaHi(*r. 
*bourgogne, n *., liutRmuly wnw. 

bourg^plne (-)!<*) ^A (M-) buckUim-n, 
^bourguignou, -no (-ghi), n. and <(/ J^" 1 ' 
gundian, of Burgundy. 

bourlet, w , m . K. bourr let . 

bournous. r. bernous. 

bourraohe, ;/ ./*., (bot ) borti^t* 

bourrade, ?//., blow witli ft mtiBlttit btit,i; 
boating, honio-tliruHt ; taunt ; (hunt.) mupptuiKt 

bourras, n.m, r. bure, 

bourrasq.ue^ w./,, squally roliupwi; fwili 
attack (of a diflwwe) ; vxtttloii ; <?ibpflr0 1 JH of 
angcif, of ill-huuior. 

bourre, ?./,, hair, fluff (of animuli)? ftaff, 
trush; tiock (of wool); itosw (of nllk); wwl (of 
nre-arniH) ; kind of down (on Uw liu<bi of irwm), 
Little --*, flook-lwd. 

bourroau, ./., hangmmi, <txiu)utioiitir ; tor- 
numtor, tyrant, bti^hor. //>* * tPttrffimtj a 

bourrde, n./,, brtiMhwouU, oltfttwoodf wiinll 
fagot; boroe (Uftnoo). 




bOlirreler (booi-), v.a., to torment, to sting ; 
to toiture, to rack, to goad. 

boutrelel or bouilet, M.W., pad, cushion; 
sand-bag; swelling (about the loins) ; padded cap ; 
{of horses) collar. 

bourreller (boor-), .?., harness-maker. 

bourrelle, -ment, .., torment, torture. 

bourrelleid (boo-rel-ri), n.f. t business of a 

bourrer, #.. to rara; to thrash; to abuse, 
to stuff, to wad ; to cram with food , to non- 
plus; (hunt.) to snap* de coups; to give a 
sound thrashing to. 

jebouxier, iu., tociam one's self with food, 
to abuse each other. 

bourrer, v.n.* (of horses) to bolt 

bourriche, ./., game-basket. 

bourriq,ue, %./-, she-ass ; ignorant, stupid 

feounlctuet, n.m.i ass*a colt; band-barrow; 
windlass ; mason's horse. 

bourriquier, -fere, n.mj., donkey-driver,. 

bourrlr? v.n., to whir (of partridges), 

bourroir, n.m., tampmg-bar. 

bournt, -e, adj.^ cross, morose, peevish, 
crabbed, moody, wayward, surly, snappish ; un* 
f ei mented, 

bourse, ./., purse; hair-bag t purse-net; 
Baddlo-bag; lucliolarsliip; foundation; (anat.) 
sac; (hot.) wiappor; (.surg.) suspensory band- 
' age , (com.) exchange. Coupeur de j cut- 
throat. A voir la ; to keep the money. Faire 
commune; to Hvo in common, Fmw fa 
part ; to kfeop one's own money. La on In 
vi,e I your money or your life I A Her &la ; to 
go to tho Exchange, to go on 'Change. Loger 
le dtaUe en set ; to bo penniless, Avoir tou- 
Joitrs la A la wain; to be always dipping 
into one's purse, Sans d&lier f without ex- 

boursea, w./.;>?., scrotum, 

boursette, w/., small purse. 

boursicaut, .w. small purse ; small sum, 

bonrsler, w., purHu-muker* foundation 
ncholar ; exhibitioner, 

*boursillor, V.M., to club together , to fork 


bouraon, n.m., fob, little pocket* 

boursouflage, w.w , bombast, fustian, 

bournoilfl^i -0, <i<t} n bloated ; bonxbawtlc, In- 
flated, turgid. Nit/la ; turgid stylo, 

boursoufler, t./r M to bloat, to make turgid, 
to puiH up, 

boursoTifluro, ?j./., bloatedneas (face); tur- 
gldnesa (ntyle), 

bousago, >*,?/., dunging. 

bousard, or bouzard, n.m^ der*s dmig, 

bousculade or boujsouloment(booH-kultttan), 
.?,, jostling, huHilmR ; bullying. 

touf3Culor (boos-) v.^,, to turn upalno down, 
fco throw into disordor ; to jostlts, to huatlo, to 

bouse (boose), ./., )w-<lunjf 
*bou3illage ? w.w/ M nmd-vroll; mud-walling, 
bungling \)lMM of work* 

*TDOUSillor, i>,<t*i to mako a imwl-waM, to 
bmiglo, to boUilu 

*bourflllleu-r ? .w, -80, nj.< mul-wnU builder, 
Dunglor, botdluM', 

TboiiBlttj w.w- , tli soft orust of freeHtono ; (l.ex.) 
row, Hhiwly. 

boussolo, ./ Hft <",ompfws, compass; marl- 
lior's nootltej guide, dlr<ition. 

les deux s ; to burn the candle 
at both ends, to be a bad nuaagei , Lc bas ; 
ihe lower end. Le de la laiiyue , the tip of 
he tongue, Le de la mamelle ; the nipple of 
ihe breafat. s dc tuanches; ial&e sleeves. j 
; pinions, Raton a deuz~s; quarter staff. 
eJ'/fwe henie de conversation; after an 
lour's conversation. Temr le haul ; to get 
he upper hand. Setenv sur le -despieds; to 
tand on tip-toe. Patience^ nous ne sommes pas 
au ; have patience, we have not done yet. 
Tirer un coup depiitolet & pot taut; to fire off 
a pistol point-blank. PMC du ties dents des 
evres, to laugh in a foiced manner. Un de 
ruban ; a bit of ribbon. Ilest&conome de s de 
cltandelle; he is penny \\ i&e und pound foolish, 
Methe la patience de quelqtfun h $ to exhaust 
any one's patience. Pousser quflqit'un &~ to 
drive any one to extremities. Venir a de; to 
ucceed, to get through anything. On ne saurait 
i&nirh cte cet enfant; this child cannot be 
managed. A tout de champ ; at eveiy turn. 
u du compte, aiter all; upon the whole. 
>V/?i h Vauhe , tiom beginning to end. Au-~ 
de Paunefuut le drap ; the last stiavv breaks the 
camel's back. Jit^qu^m des ongfes,* to one's 
incjer-tips. Lumtser voir le de Vor&ille f to re- 
veal one's true chaiacter. -nmeL F, bout* 

axtramlty, tip } fcop, point 
fwrulay fa^-end. 7^ 


T>It; wfpplo; 

rf dMgtof the . 

a ttr fo - dTe^f df<?/<7^ ; to have ft thing ftt one's 

fing( f eBd. to know W perfectly, J0r li/<?r !( 

bOUtade, n.J , (boo-) whim, fit, start, caprice, 
frolic;, iroak. Par &; by fits and starts. 

boutant, adj., (arch.) supporting, ^rc- ; 

boutargue or botargue, ??./., botargo. 

bout-deliors, ( ,v- ~). V. boute-hors. 

boute", -e, (i(Jj j (num.) straight-legged CJievai 
; straight-logged horse 

bOUte-en-traJJlj .w., ( ) stallion kept with 
mares; bird pipei. Eire le , to be the life and 
soul of the company. 

boutefeu, .., (artil.) linstock ; incendiary, 

01louteliors,i.wi.,( )(nav.)boom ; outrigger; 
good command ot words. Jotter <nt, ; to try 
to oust one another, to play at beggar my neigh- 

*bouteille, ./., bottle, bottlciul, bubble; 
bottle case. BoucJter une , to cork a bottlo. 
J)(}boitc/iGr une ; to uuroik a bottle ,fl/ en 
; bottling. Faire Mtutw le boitrhon d^Mif--} 
to crack a bottle (insioad ol uncorking it). 
Wavofa Tien wt qtie par h iron rf'w ; to 
know nothing ot the world 

0*bouleiller. V, bcratmter. 
^bouteilles, w./.;>?. 7 (av.) round honne 
0bouter, ?.., to pare, to Henli, to i>ut. 

bouter, v*n.-, (of wino) to hecomo ropy. 

bouterolle (boo-trol), w./., <!hnp (of a scab- 

boiite-sellet .WM ( s) (milit.) signal to 

Gboute-tout-cuire, .*, ( > (fain.) a spend- 
all, glutton. 

bouteuse, >./., pin-sticker, 

bouteux, n.w>i putting-net, hrimp-nefc 
0*toowtimeJ: ? * <sui>-b<'arw. 

boutique, ,./., shop; inerehandise of a 
shop; tools; iuiplonumtH ; well ior Mu 0>"- 
con* de ; shop-boy. Jfrmmnetle de * I shop- 
girl. Ma, riwt de rot re - , Is your doing* 
"""bffinfourn'ir; a w<dl-Htock<Ml shop, jl&v&ndn 
tout M ; ho haft left off business, or disposed 
of his business. 

boutlqw-ier (boo-), .w-., *16re nJ $ trades- 
man ; sHopk<wpf<r ; vulgar follow, <?4f., iboppy* 

boutls, 7*wi'. t (hunt.) rooHng-place, 

boutisse (botn-), ??,/, (mns.) hawler, bondstoiio. 

boutoir, n.n* f unout of a wild boort buttress , 
purer onrrler'n knife. Oonp $6 4 rough att- 
swor j dlMagreosiblfi proposal stunner* 




bOUton, n.m., button; studs bud; nipple; 
pimple, gem; knob; sight (ot a gun); (chem.) 
button. & queue; shank button. cPor ; 
buttercup. Le dhme set i ur e ; the knob, 
button of a lock. Serrerle a quelqu' > un; to 
keep a tight hand over ; to press haid upon. 

boutonne', -e,patt , buttoned, pimpled; (fig.) 
reserved* Nez ; nose full ot red pimples. 
C'est un komme ; he is very reserved. 

botttonnement (-man), n ?.., budding, but- 

boutonner, v.a , to button ; (fenc.) to touch. 
se boutonner, z>.?., to button one's coat. 

boutonner, v.n , to bud, to button, 

boutonnene (boo-to-n-it), w/., button-trade., n m , little bud, button, gem. 

boutonnier, n m , button-maker. 

boutonniere, M/., button-hole; (fig.) cut, 

bout-rim^, W.TO., poetry made on given 

Qouts-rimeur, w.w., ( --- s) person who 
fills up giveu rhymes. 
*bout-saigneux, M.W., ( * ) scrag-eud. 

bouture, ./.,(hort.) slip; cutting. 

bouvart or bouveau, .?w., young bull. 

bouverie (boo-vrl), nf , ox-stall 

bouvet, n-.m., joiner's grooving-plane. 

bouvl-er, w.w , -fere, w/., cowherd, drover, 
ox-diover; (fig.) churl. 
*bouvillon n*m^ young bullock, steer. 
*l)OUVreTlil, n.m , (boo-) bullfinch. 

bovine, adj., bovine. jPe&te , cattle plague. 

boxe, /., boxing 

boxer, v.w., to box 
se boxer, v.r., to box. 

boxeur, n.m., boxer. Combat de s ; boxing- 

boyard, n,m , boyard (Russian nobleman). 

boyjlUt W-W-j bowel, gut, cat-gut; (hort.) 
branch; hose, pipe. Cotde a ; catgut. de 
tranchjte; branch of a trench (fort.) Descents 
dex; rupture. 

boyauderie, n f , gut-works. 

boyaudler, n tn , gutspimier 

brabangon, -ne, m/./., Brabantine. 

brabant, re.w., Belgian plow. 

"bracelet (bra-sle), W.TM,, armlet, bracelet, 

brachial, -e (-ki-), mty , (anat.) brachial. 

iie (-ki-), n.f , biachygiaphy. 
(-ki-) /., (rhet.) braohylogy, 

braconnage, n m., pouching. 

toraconner, ?.*, to poach, to steal game, 

braconnier, n.w,., poacher. 

bract^e, nf,, (bot ) bract, bractca. 

bractdifere, <//., (bot.) bracteate. 

"bract^M, -e, w//. l r . "bract^ifere. 

Prague (brag), w/., (uav.) breeching ;>/., 

fcraguette, n f r. ibrayette. 

brahmane, brahme, w ?v., Brnhmin. 

brahmanictue, atlj , Bvaminical. 

brahmanisme, n.m., BrammiBin. 

brai, 7i.w/-t resin, rosin, pitch. 

braie, w./., napkin, clout; (nav.) coat, p?., 
breeches, trousers. S'en tm>r IPS * w/'Wc.? / to 
get off unharmed, to gcfc cloar off. 
'braillard, n.m., -e, ./., bavvler, brawler, 

^bralllard, -e, a<:^'., brawling, squalling; ob- 

braillement, n w?., squalling. 
*braU,ler, .., to haw], to be. noisy. 

brattle-r, -se, adj. and , V. braillard. 

bralment, n.m., brayuw? of au anu 

bralWj .?i., to bray; (fig,) to cry, to whhw, 

braise, ./., live coals , embers , burning coal. 
H Va donnk cJiaud aomme ; he blurtcwl it all 
out. Toinber de la pottle dans la from the 

fryiug-pan into the fire. Passer sur im& cJiose 
comme un chat sur la ; to pa&s lightly ovei a 
subject; to skip over. 

braiser, v.a , (cook.) to bake, to braise. 

braisier, n m , brazier. 

braisifere, w/, oven, 

brame- l\ brahmane. 

foramement, n.m , (hunt,) belling. 

fcramer, v.?/., (of deer) to bell. 

bramin or bramine, ri m. V. brahmano. 
O^ran, w.w., bian; (poi>.) excrement. de son ; 
coarse braii ; sawdu&t. drjudas; fieckle. 

btatt ! 7/. (1 ex ) dc In it a % for liim ! 

brancard, n ., sti etcher, litter, hand-bin row; 
shaft (of a cait). 

brancardier, n tn , (miht ) anilmlanco-man, 

branchage, n m., branches, boughs ; horns. 

branche, /., biancli, bough, stick, jinn , pin- 
wire ; part, divifeion , (arch,) i)rauch ; side (of a 
ladder); branch (of n lannl^); (bot.) guun. A 
~s ; branched. JSauttv de en ; to go fiom 
one thing to another. Jwnc ; twig. s 
goimwrndes ; proud wood, tiTwioc/in a toutn 
les $ ; to tiy ev( k ry powsihlo IIKMUIH, whether iaii* 
or foul. JStie conimr l^ownu, t>ur la , to be un- 
Gbrancher, v a , to hang on a iiee. 

brancher, .., (hunt.) to perch, to ro<)t ; to 
branch off. 

branche-ursine, or branc-ursine, nj , ( -) 
(hot.) brank-uraine 

branchial, e, adj , (u;h ) bram-luul Opercttle 
, gill-cover. 

branchler, ad}, m. , branchur, pcniohor. 

branchies (-win), / />/., iinh-gilla 

branchu, -e, ndi , ramouH, iorkod, bifurcated; 

brandade, n f 1 ragout (oi cod) 

brande, n f , heath, heather 

brandebourg, ,m., gimp, braid , laciug 
Obrandevin, w w., wnui-bnuuly 
*brandiHement, n w., tohsm^, m\ 111^111^ 
*brandiller, v.u., to swing, to niuko to .iml fro 
*w j brandiller, ?'.r., to swin^ 
*brandiinoire, ;/./ , Hwuig, wm-Haw ; OW'O 

brandir, c (t , lo ImmdiHli, to nwing; to Hour- 
ish ; (carp.) to pui 

brandon, n in, , toieh, \VIHJ> ot lighted wtruw; 
ftre-hrand, flake oi Hio. - dr <//,vrwr</<" , oauMti ot 

brandonnor, v a , to pl.ien braudw in to mark 
the seizure of a field, [ toUeinug 1 * 

branlant, -e, adj., aluikmK, IOOHC , wagging, 

branle,n,//'., jogging 1 , punh, Hhukc, nwiug, IJOHH- 
ing, motion, Hlmknig ; pal ; gort of diuico, brawl , 
hammock ; (av.) Jiammoek. AV;v vn ; if) bo 

motion. JJoMtft* ?c ; to H<^t K' ||1 R ^/<v/rr 

; to lead the daiuie. 

branle-bas, n m >t ( ) (imv.) ch^rlu^, for 

action. Fdirele- ; to dear the deekw, - /up 
all hannnoeltB t 

bmnlement (braul mSi)), W.-WM j'>^K>g ; Hhnk- 
ing, swinging ; tottering 1 , 

branle-aueue, /;., ( ) (orni.) wn^tutl ; 

branler, v.a^ to jog, to wu#, to mov<s to nhuk^, 
to brandiHli. 
M branler, v,r M to mov<*. 

branler^ v./,, to nhuke, to j<^, to toiler, to 
rock; to stir, to miovo, to wn^; to #|ve wny r 
to wuver, </nw* ^* ^tunichc f to HhaUc J ll\ 
handle, to bo unHteady, Imwoltitc, to bo nltnlcy. 
ffl?^ IV 1 ?wf tytmlt* HP tninbi' ;ww ; a ereuk^ig pU 
luwgfi long, of threatened uun Uvo l*>ug. 

branloire, /?/., HM-HHW , Hwlng, 

braque,, lmu'lihouu,d ; a tiAr^brntiiAil 
fallow ; mad-cap. 

.m., owtlanu; broadiiwortl. 


braquement (brak-mSn), n m , pointing (of 
"braqjtier, v.a. t to set, to tmn, to level, to point 

un canon , to level a cannon. une lunette, 
to point a telescope. 

bras, n m , arm, power; sconce (candelabrum); 
arm (of anchors, capstans, levers, seats), brace 
(of yards); handle; shaft (of litters), (mec ) side 
rod, arm (of a horse); claw (of a crawfish). 
Etre blesse ait ; to be wounded in the arm 
II ale en echarpe; he has his arm in a &hng. 
Recevoir quelqu'un a ouverts ; to receive any 
one with open ai ins, Demem er les cioises, to 
stand with folded arms. Aplems , by armfuls. 
Un de mer , an arm of the sea. A tot ce de ; 
by strength of arms. Ne vivi e que de ses , to 
live by the labor of one's hands. Avoir quelqtfun 
stf) It's , to have any one to maintain. Avon 
de giandcs affauev sur les , to have great con- 
cerns in hand. J'ai sur le? un puissant en- 
nemi ; I have to do with a powerful enerny. Les 

til 1 en sont tombtis ; 1 was htiuck dumb with 
surprise. So jetei entie, les de quelqu'un; to 
fly to any one for protection. Tetidie les h 
(^iielqtt'un , to oiler one's aid to any one. Moulin 
a ; handnnll Les de la mort ; the jaws ot 
death. A tour da , with all one's might. -1 
lt>-coips ; in one's arms. Stu\ir quelquhm a 
le-coips; to seize any one lotmd the body. 
- debsuft dessous ,' arm in arm Avoir les 
longs; to have great influence. En pi entire 
long fomme le < , to take an ell, to impobe 

braser, v n , to bruise, to solder. 

brasior, n.w., quick clear hie , red-hot me, 
brazier, furnace. 

*brasillement (-man), .? , (mv.) glittering, 
glancing, sparkling of the sea. 

*brasiller, v./r., to Rparlde (of the sea). 

brasquo, n f , brusque (cement made of clay 
and charcoal dust), 

brasquer, 7'.^., to ooyor with brusque. 

brassage, n w., stirring up, mashing, brewing; 
(coin.) mixing 

brassard, H.M., brace (armor), armlet, arm- 

brasse, ./*., (nav.) fathom, BIX feet, stroke. 
Pain de ; a twenty or twimty-live pound loai 

brass^e, ./ , annJFul, stroke (swimming) 

brasser, ?>*#., to brew, to mash; to stir, to 
hatch, to work, to plot 

brasserie, ./., brewery, browhouse. 

brasseu-r, , -se, /., brewer. 

brassoyago, M.M., (nav.) bracing 

brass! age, n.m, t (uav.) .sounding. 

brassibre, ./*, Hhoulder-ntrap, brace*, bodice 
with shoulder Htrapn; restraint. Eire m s;to 
be under restraint. 

brassin, n.wi., browing tub; maHh-tub; boiling 
(quantity boiled or brewed), 

brassolr, .m,, (metal.) titiri ing-stick. 

brasure, ./., brassing, soldering. 

bravache, M.M., bully, swaggerer, blusterer. 

bravado, n./., bravado, boast, blunter, 

brave, w//., brave, gallant, true; smart, fine, 
spruce; honoRt; good, kind. - cMpit(vhu> ; gallant 
euptaiu. II est -coin me Vfipfa* c/w'// portc, ; he 
iw as true an Bteel, M n^est - yu'm paroles ; he 
i only brave an far an words go, T/w hoMme ; 
an honest man. \ r ou$ wilh bien ~ mtjonnrhni ; 
how smart you are to-day. West un honwne ; 
lie In an honest, worthy fellow. (Pett un 
gar^on ; he I a capital fellow; a briok. 

brave, w.w,, brave or courageous man; (b.H.) 
ruffian, bully, /ter -; bhwterlng bully. Paire 
le --; to play the bully. ~& trots nous; liard- 
flghfcer, man of real courage, right down plucky, 
tegular gntue. Mn ; bravoly, gallantly. 

bravemont (-mSn), wf<., bravely, stoutly, 
valiantly, manfully; MkUlfully, finely. 



braver, v.a , to defy, to set at defiance, to bid 
defiance, to dare, to beard, to face, to bra^e. 
les autoi ites , to set the authonties at defiance. 
la mot't , to face death. 

braverie (-vrt), ra/, boasting; finery, fine 

bravo, n.m, (bravi 01 biavos) bravo, hurrah, 
hired assassin ; applause. 

bravo I adv. t bravo ! well done ' capital ' 

bravoure, ?i./., bravery, courage, manhood, 
gallantry; (mus.) bravura. Ilafaitpreuvede> 
lie has given proofs of courage. 

brayer (bra-ie), n m , (surg.) tiuss, bandage. 

braver (bre-ie), v.a., (nav ) to pay over. 

brayette (bra-iete), n/., flap (of trousers); 
(bot.) cowslip 

brayon (bra-ion), w.w., trap (for vermin). 

break (brake), n m , ( s} break (carnage). 

br^ant or bruant, n.m., (omi.) bunting, 3*el- 

brebis, 7^./., ewe; sheep, pi , flock Sgarec; 
stray sheep. Tioupeaude, nock of sheep 
Une galeuse, a scabby sheep. Mener paitte 
les', to lead the sheep to pasture. 11 ne faut 
qu'une (jalLut>e poui gate) tout un iroupeau , 
one scabby sheep will taint a whole nock. Qni 
sefuit, le loup le mange; daub yourself with 
honey, and you'll never want foi flies. A 
tondue, Dieu, mesiue le vent , God tempers the 
wind to the shorn lamb fairs un repas de , 
to eat a dry meal. La galeuse; the black 
sheep. comptees, l<> loup les mange; we must 
watch as well as count 

brfeche, /, breach, flaw, ruptme, hiatus, 
notch, gap. Bait) e en , to batter ui, to breach. 
Monter a la , to mount the breach. La d 'un 
couteau , the notch ot a knife. Faire h un 
pate ; to make a gap in a pie. C'e&t une & 
Vhonneur , it is a breach of honor. 

brfeche, M./., (mm ) breccia. 

brfeche-dent, adj , (~) that has lost a front 
tooth or two; broken-mouthed 

breche-dent, n.'ni y., ( ) person who has lost 
a front tooth. 

brechet, n,m , breantbonp, brisket. 

bredl-breda, adv., (fain ) hastily. 

bredindtn, n ?., (nav ) garnet 

bre~dissure, n A, (med ) locked jaw. 
*bredouillage, n w , gibbering, sputtering. 
^bredouille, wj., (trictrac) liucli. Jourr ; 
;o play lurches tfwtu ; to go away as one 
came. Revewir , to return \utli an empty bag 
'ot sportsmen). AV eoue/ia ; to go to bed 

*bredouilleinent, n.w , htutterincf, stammering, 

*bredouiller, .., to stammer, to stuttei, to 

*bredouilleu-r, w ?w., -se, ?/./., stammerer, 

br-ei, -fevo, ndj., brief, Hhoit, eoneiae, Rueemet. 
Vne rtpo'tise brt> re; a briel reply. Avoir I e pa r- 
ter ; to be a man of few words. 

bref, adv , in, a few words , in short, in fine, 
to be whort. 

bref, M.7M,, brief (pope's pastoral letter); church 

brege, ./., nalrnon-net, cloae-net. 

bregin, w.w,, cloHe-net. 
*br<5h,aigne, (tdj^ barren, Htorile. 
*br^halgn0, w.}., (pop,) ban en, nterile woman. 

brelan, n.m , brelan (game at cardft) *, pair- 
royal ; gaming-house. Tenlr ; to keep a gam- 

brelander, v.n., to gamble, to be a gamester, 

brelandi-or, .n., -ere 4 n./,, gameater, gam- 

brellque-breloqtue, adv., at random; hig- 
gledy-piggledy ; slap-dawh. 

" " .;., raft, iloat of wood. 




e, n f , charm, gewgaw, toy, trinket. 
V. berloQLue. 
breluelie, ../., drugget, linsey-woolsey. 

breme, n/, (ich ) bream 

breneu-X, -se, adj., (I ex.) dirty, soiled. 

brecjuin, n m., wimble, bit of a wimble. 

bresi!, n.m., Brazil-wood, 
*bresiller, v.., to break small, to cut small, 
to dye with Brazil-wood. 
^bre'sillet, n /-., Brazil or Jamaica-wood. 

forests, n f., catching birds witli lime 
^bre'tailler, v.n , (b.s.) to tilt, to fight 
^bre'tailleur, n m., (b.s ) bruiser, bully. 

bretaiicle', -e, adj., eiop-eared. 

bretauder, v.a , to crop badly (animals). 

bretelle, M"/. strap brace En avoir jusqv? own 
5; to be over head and ears in trouble 

Tbreion, -ne, adj. and t of Brittany. 

"brette, n.f , (je&t.) long sword, rapier. 

brett, -e, adj , matched, indented, jagged, 

bretteler, i>.., (aich.) to indent. 

"bretter, v.a , (arch,) to indent. 

fcretteur, n.m., bully, fighter. 

bretture, n/ , teeth, notches (in tools). 
^bXduUt n.m., inclosed copse, thicket. 

breuvage, n.m , beverage, potion, draught, 
liquor, drink ; (vet ) drench, 

tnreve, /., short syllable; (mus.) short note 

"brevet} n.m , warrant, brevet; (nuht.) com- 
mission ; patent ; license (ot printei a). tPctp- 
prentzssage; indentures, 

"brevet^, -e (brev-), part,, patented, 

"brevetd, n m., -e, nf., patentee. 

breveter (brev-), , to patent, to license, 

tol^Viaire, n.w., breviaiy. 

br6vit6, nf., (gram.) shoitnoss (of syllables). 

"bribe, ./,, hunch. pL, scraps, bits , odd endh. 

"bric-a-brac, .., ( ) odds and ends , old 
stores ; curios Mai vhccna dG ; dealer in old 
iron, old pictures, old stores, curios. 

brick, n.m., (nav.) brig. 

oricole, ./., breast-collar of a horse ; rebound 
of a ball (at tennis) ; back stroke (it billiaidu) ,* 
strap ; (nav.) pitching, rolling. DC or ptn , m- 
diiectly, unfairly, by a fluke. 

bricoler, n., (billiaid.s, tennis) to hit a back 
stroke ; (iig.) to cadge, to dodge, to .shuffle. 

bride, ./., bridle, reins, check, curb; fit: ing 
(of. a woman's cap, bonnet) , loop (lor a button) , 
(surg.) f renum. Mettt <>, hi h un cfiwal , to put 
a bndle upon a horse. Term la, haiitc a un 
cheval ; to keep a tight lem. L<ui tmir la 
courts to shorten the rein. Ldc'hei la ~ ; to 
give lem, to give head. Cotinr a tout* 1 , a 
abattue, to run at full speed. Tonrner - ; to 
turn back. Temr qudqitSun en ; to kiup any 
one within bounds, to curb. A chnwl (//;// on 
ne regards pas a, la ; one dcoa not luck iv 
gift-horse in the mouth. Isaisser or wettre la 
sur Ic cou ; to give head entirely, (fig.) to let any 
one have his own way 

bridd, -e, pint., bridled, Olson ; silly crea- 

brider, v.a,, to bndlo ; to tie fast, to fasten , to 
restrain, to curb, to keep under ; to chock. 
Vtmere; (nav.) to shoe the anchor. j*a tie- 
$w$; to curb one's desires. <ton clicvnl pctr la 
queue f to begin at the wrong end. MM habit 
me bride sous les bras ; my coat is too tight under 
the arms. 

bridon, n.m., BnaMe-bridlc. 

brio, ./,, rolling-pm. JFromage dc Brie; Biie 

brl-e!, -bve, adj., short, brief, curt. 

brievement (4v-mSn) adv., briefly, gucoiiirt- 
ly, in short. 

"brifevet^ (-ev-te 4 ), n/., brevity, shortness, brief- 
ness, conciseness, MnccimctuonH. 

brigade, n./., (milit.) brigade gang, troop, 

brigadier, ?i.w., corporal (of cavalry) j ser- 
geant (of police) , (nav.) bowman. 

brigand^ Ti.m., brigand, highwayman, robber ; 
ruffian, thief. 

brigandage) n.m., robbery, brigandage, plun- 

brigandeau, n.m. 9 cheat, roguo, knave, 

brigander, .n., to lob, to plumloi. 

brigandine, / M coat ot mail, bngandine. 

brigantin, n.m,, brigantnie, bug, 

forigaatine, n.J , small brignutme. 
*bngnole, n / , French plum. 

brigue (bug), n.f., intrigue, biibery ; canvass- 
ing , cabal, faction. 

brigner (-gh5), ?' a , to oanvaH for, to solicit, 
to seek, to coiut, to stand loi , to seek, to aspii v to. 

brigueur (-gheur), w w., cauvahwi, holuutor. 
*brillamnieiit (-man) udv , brilliantly, in a 
brilliant manner , in brilliant l.ihhion. 
*brillattt, -e, odj , brilliant, Mumng, f.ixnkling, 
glittering, bught, showy, ('flulgfnt, beaming, 
radiant ; robust, blooming (ot health), ttbpnt 
; sparkling wit. ,9 appctb, chw tncs s; daz- 
zling charms. Ajftwre e; (unlit.) famoua ac- 

*brillant, n,w , l)nlhan<'y, bnghtuoHs, splen- 
dor, radiancj , iclulgence, reHplendwiey, h^tcr; 
brilliant (diamond). 

'brillant^, -e, a<lj, t cut into a brilliant, n.m 
diaper, damask. 

*briUanter, v a , to cut into a brilliant. > 
style , (fig ) to load it with lalso oriiammttH. 
*briHer, v ?/ , to shine, to glitter, to sparkle, to 
glisten, to be bright, sparkling , to play, to blus^e, 
to dawn, to lighten, to flourish, to gleam, to 
glaie. Tout tv giti vi'cstpus or; all that glit- 
ters is not gold. 

brimbale, ./., biako, hmulle of a pinup. 

brimbaiei'; v,i., (huu., l.u.) to ling, to ^ing, 
to toj>s. 

brimborion, n w., mcknack, bauble, g(U',gaw, 

brin, n,'iu , blade,, nhp, nleuder sin IK ; i'j'ig, 
shoot; bit, iot l''n ~-~ <//' 10 mar fa ; a hpritf of 
rosemary, un bran - ^/<" bo it* ; i imo wtialght 
piece oi tnnbei Un bcdu -~ dhonrtiic; a tall 
well-set youth. Jiruit, ~ - <fr Jiflc ; tine hlipof u 

girl. Un (it 1 ptfil/r; n straw. l'n <h*Jll ,* a, 
it of thread. // 'n\i/ m n ; there JH none at 
all. Un dc J( u , a bit oi fire. DC, or 01, ; 
(oi wood) unhewn 

brirad, ?/./., lienltli, toant rortcr dvs .v; to 
drink toasts, Jtii? d<in^ Its s; i, bo drunk, 

*brln,dille, M,/,, npng, twig. 
bringuobalo, w j. \ \ brimbale. 
"brio, n.'tn,., danh, npirit, pluek, K< ; racinnHHi 

brioche, ??./., h\us, ctiko ; inluUUits bhuulor. 
brion, w,w^., (lot.) IIXKHUOMH. 

w./,, bnek, .<//<*&< ; Bath brlek 
,,, wteel, Hint, Under box ; Hlmvt 
sabor, dirk ; fdog) lunmle, harrior, JtuUra A 1 ; 
to strike a light, tn^nntntinw ; tire wvrlnw, 
Piermh ; iluifc. 

briotnetage (iwlk-taj), n,m n brick-work ; Jmi- 
tation bri<'k-vvork. 

brik-), ;wr/., briclcril ; hrlrk-lfke,, 
(brfk-), ?ljr - t<> brick; to imitate 

brick- work, 
brlqueterie (brlk-trt), MV/,, l>rlcH-flW, brick. 


briqueteur (br!kt(ntr), .?., IjrlrWuy^r* 
"briqinetier (brik4i<*0 w.w., brlok-iftlr 
bricLtiotto, ?;./., <:omi>rHNc<l t patent fuel, 
brls, n.w/., (jur.) breaking OIMU (of doirH, prl* 

son); wrockagft, fruK)nt; rlgg}rtg(U<^ umrkitt). 
brisant, ,t M hreakt^r, Iw 

brise, n^/,, 

- - eummk' } u 




I)rise, -e, pn?t., broken to pieces; harassed, 
fatigued , tokhug ; (her ) roinpu. Lit , fold- 
ing-bed. Chaise e; ioldmg-chair. Poite, e, 

0brise-COU, n m ( ) break-neck pace ; (man ) 
rough-nder. V. casse-cou. 

brise-eau, , ( ) breakwater. 

brisge, /., fan-joint (ot uiubiellas). 

brisees, n.f. pi , boughs cut off , footsteps, 
wake, shoes, heels, ground. Mmchw sur Irs 
de qwlqitfun ; to follow in any one's footsteps. 
Aller snr les dc qnt'lqitfun; to walk in any- 
one's shoes, to poach on any one's preserves 
Rt'pit'ndrc ses ; to letiace one's steps. 

b rise- glace, n.m , ( , or s) ice-bieaker ; 
starling (of a bridge). 

fcrise-lames, n.m., ( ) breakwater. 

biisement (briz-ruan), n.m., breaking, dash- 
mg (ot waves) ; heai trending ; contrition. 

"forise-pierre, ./., ( Hsuig ) stont-eru&hei 

briser, v.n , to break to pieces, to dash to 
pieces ; to fi,ivv, to bmst, to crack, to knock off, 
to shattei, to nhivei, to snap, to crush, to crash ; 
to bruise. Kh f br)$e , to leel sore all over. 

bri&er, v.'n . (nav.) to break, to dash. Brisons- 
Ih, ; let us say no more on the subject ; enough 1 
se b riser, v.r., to break, to be dashed to pieces ; 
to fold up. 

brlse-ralson, n.m , () wrong-headod person. 

brise~scell6. n.m.,( --- ,s')(l u ) seal-breaker. 

brise-tOUt, n.w., ( ) person that breaks every- 
thing; rough, clumsy lellow. 

brlseur, .w., (l.u.) one who breaks anything. 
tVi magm ; image-breaker, iconoclast 

briseiise, n.f., Imiuker, breakcu -engine. 

brise-vent, n m, , ( , or --- $} (g.ird.) screen. 

brisoir, n.m., brake. (tor flax). 

brisque, n.f,, a card game ; turnip. 

brlsure, ?*../., break, folding-point; catch, 
fastening ; (her.) rebatemont. 

britannique, </;/., Bntrinh, Britannic. 

broc (biO), M.W'., laigo jug; pot, npit. DC 
brie <>f, tic --; anyhow; by hook or by crook 
M<i)tf/ci dv fa, viand c dc en botiche , to have 
OIKJ'H meat hot from tho Bpit. 

brocantage, n WK, dtMilmg 1 in second-hand 
gooda, broker'w buHinenH ; bartering. 

brocanter, v.w., to deal in second-liand goods; 
to exchange, to barter. 

brocanteu-r, W.WL, -so, n./., a dealer in second- 
hand goods ; broker. 

brooard, .7/i., taunt, joer ; joke, scoff ; 

brocarder, v.a,, to taunt, to joHt., to jeer. 

brocardeu-r, n.m. t -so, / , scotter, jeeror. 

brocart, n.w, brocade. 

brocatelle, ./., brocatcl ; (min.) brocate. 

brochage, w.m., stitching (books). 

brocSiant, /nut, (iu.) - - AW fe tout ; over all. 

broche, /., wpit; needle to knit with; Hpin- 
dlci ; Hlnnvtir; wpigot, peg (of caskn) , gudgeon 
(of lockH) , tunk (of wild boarn), broocli (jowel) , 
iron-pin. Atftlre Id viand? it fa ; to Mpit the 

brooli6, -e, *-r<F/., Mtitelwd (bookn); embonsod 
(Ihi'ni) ; itgurod (ntiTH). 

broch(5e, /,, Hj>itful, rod full of candles 

brooher, ?ur., to Htit<'h (a book); to ngtw 
(ntuJl'M) ; to oinbowH (Ihum) ; to knit (Hiockfngw) ; 
to HtrlKo (a nail into a hornc'H foot) ; to do thiugH 
in a hurry, to dmpatch. tmc com&tic, oto. ; to 
poliAli off' a comedy, otc. 

brochot, 91. m.) j>Iko, jiwk. 

broohoter (bwwh-tc*), ?.., (cook.) to keww, 

brocheton (broflh-toii)) nniall pik, 

brochotte, w./, lft.U< wlcoww; meat 
ott nknvrnm) ; pin. fllewr <?,? otwaws ^ te ; to 
jfct birds by aan<l* KitfatU &lw& ^ to- \ child 
brought up with great care, 

brochen-r, .?w., -se, ^^./., kmttei , book 
stitchei . 

brochoir, 71.771., smith's shoemg-hammer. 

brochure, ?i/., &titcbmg; book btitched and 
covered \\ith a vviapper , pamphlet, tract 

brocoli, 11 m., bioccoh 

brode, -e, part., embroidered. 

brodequin (brod-km), n m., buskin, sock ; 
half-boot, laced-boot (generally of women and 
children). Chaus&er le ; to go on the comic 

broder, v a., to embioidei , to adorn, to em- 
bellish a story, to exaggerate, to amplify. 

brodene (bro-dii), w./., embroideiy ; embel- 
lishment, exaggeiation, umplihcation. 

brodeu-r, n m., -se, n /., embroiderer. 
in&caniqne; embroideung machine. 

brodoir, n.m , bobbin, frame 

broie, nf , biake (for hemp). 

broiement (bioa-mau), n.m., gimdmg, pow- 
dering, pounding, pulveiization. 

brome, n.m , (chem ) biome. 

bromure, n.m., (chem.) bromide. 

bronchade, n /., stumbling, tripping. 

bronchement (bronsh-man),?? m., (l.u.) rlmch- 
ing, stumbling. F. bronchaae. 

bronclier, v n , to stumble, to tiip, to leel ; 
to blunder, to taltei, to fail, to flinch. II n^y a 
si bon cheval qui ne hronche , it is a good horse 
that nevei .stumbles. 

bronches, , (anat.) bronchi, bronchia, 
bronchial tubes. 

bronchies, n f p! V branchies. 

bronchiq[Ue, a<1J , (anat ) bronchial. 

bronchlte, n.f , (mod ) bronchitis. 

bronchotomie (-ko-), n.f., (surg.) broncho* 

bronze, nm,, bronxe, hi ouw-figure, medal; 
(fig.) iron (mneuwibility), impudence, brass. Vn 
ccent de ; a heart of iron, steel 

bronzer, v.a,, to bronze, to ])a,mt in bronze 
color ; to tan (face). un canon <Je Jiibil ; to 
bronze the bairel of a muskpt. Ihonte par le 
kale; sunburnt, tanned by the nun. 

broquart, n.m., (hunt ) brocket. 

broquette, n.f., tin tn,<k, Hmall nail. 
Qbrossailles. V. broussallles. 

brosse, w/, biush ; ptnntm"'H brush. h 
tfciiffs ; tooth-bruHh. h habits! clothes-brush. 
(fig ) brush-wood, cover. 

brossde, n.f., (fam.) brushing; drubbing, 

brosser, v.a., to brush, to rub with a brush. 
sflbrosser, v.r. t to brush one's self. 

brosser, v.n., to run through woods or bushes; 
to scour. 

brosserle (broH-rt) l w.f,, hriiRhmaking busi- 
ncHH ; hrunh mauufactot v- 

brosseur, VI.M,, (mil it ) an if?i<'ci''H servant. 

brossier, n.nt., bruHlunaluT ; bniHhor. 

broil) n 7/i., hunk, peel, slKill (of vvahiutH). 
(Ic, 'noir t walnut brandy 

broti^e, n.f., fog, mint, drixsclo, blight. 

broilfct, w.wj., tliin brotli, porridge, notr; 
black broth. [ohair. 

brouette, n.f n wheelbariow , barrow, bath- 

brouetter, v a., to wheel in a barrow. 

brouetteur, ??,?., bath-chairman. 

brouettier, .?,. barrow wan. 

brouhaha, n.m., hubbub, ttpronr, hurly-burly, 
*biouUlajninI, n.m., confusion ; dworder. 
*broulllard, .>., fog, It, haw, damp; 
(coin.) waste-book, fty* - fipnl*; a don fog. 
/> n^/ vof* qw tfu ; I am muddled, 
*brouillard, adj., blotting, Ihi jut/rfcr ; 
blotting papfcr. 

^brotiillassor, v. imp., to drlzsslo. n Itnuik 
,* it is 

., quarrel, falling out, 
fltanding, diflagrcenient, discord, broil. 




avec ; to "be on bad terms with, to disagree 

*brouilldi, -e, petit., jumbled, at variance. Des 
wufs Sf ' buttered or scrambled egg&. Nous 
sommes s; we have fallen out. Un temt , 
a mottled complexion. Jtie-~ avec la justice, 
to be in the clutches of the law [bhng 

*brouillemeirt, n.m , mixing together, jum- 
*brouHl6r, v.a., to tlnow into contusion, to 
mix together, to Wend, to stir up, to shake, to 
jumble, to shuffle, to confound ; to set at vari- 
ance ; to embioil, to confuse ; to puzzle. deux 
personnes Vunc avec Vautie , to set two people 
at variance. Vousnic biouiHcz, you put me out 
se*Ijrouiller, t>?., to be out, to put one's self 
out, to confound one's self , to fall out with any 
one. Letemps se biouillc t the weather is spoil- 
ing. Se avrc la justice , to tall ioul ot the 
law, to fall into the clutches of the law. 
*brouiller, v.n , to blunder, to mai. 
*brouillerie (broo-), nf, mi&imdei standing, 
disagreement, coolness, variance 
*brouillon, nm, iough draft, rough copy; 

*broulllon, n m, , -ne, nf , blunderei, bungler, 
mar-all, mar-plot 

*t>rouillon, -ne, adj., mischief-making ; blun- 

brouir, v .a , to blight, to blast, to mp, to 

broulssure, nf, blight, scorching. 
*broussailles, nf pi , bushes, brushwood, 

brouss8, n f., brushwood, undergrowth. 

brousslttj n in , excrescence from a tree. 

bZOUt, n.m., browse. 

broutant, -e, adj., biowsmg 

broutement, n.m , browsing 

br outer, v a n , to bi owse, graze ISherbe 
seia bien comic sV ne trouve dc gnoi , the 
grass must be very short, if he cannot get a bite. 

broutilles, nf pi , sprigs, small-wood, chat- 
wood ; (fig ) trinkets, mckriacks. 

brouture, n J , browsing 

broyer, v.a , to gnnd, to pound, to small, 
to bruise, to break (hemp) PPHM?, (print ) to 
bray the ink. du noir ; to be in a brown study. 

broyeur, n,m., grinder, pounder, hemp or 
broyon, n m , brayer (for punter's ink). 

foru, n / , daughter-in-law. 

bruant, n.m , (orni ) yellow-hammer. 

brucelle, n. f , (bot ) browuwort ; pi , 
*brugnon, n m , nectarine 

bruine, ./., small drizzling rain 

bruiner, v, imp , to dmssle 

bruire, v n , to rustle, to rattle , (of the wind) 
to roar, to sough. 

bruissement (-man), n.m., rustling noise, 
rattling, roaring ; whirring, (of the wind) sough- 

bruit, n.m., noise, bustle, dm, racket, croak- 
ing, knocking, sound, .clamor, buzz! , quarrel, 
dispute , fame, name, reputation ; report, talk ; 
rumor. d'une arme a feu ; repot t of a fire- 
arm Faire un sourd / to rumble, to hum. A w 

des cloches, or du, canon; at fcho ringing of the 
bells, the roar of the guns, On fc fit cntrcr sans 

j he was let in noiselessly. Get flvfntintytfmt 
du ; that affair is making a great nois<*. Jls 
ont eu du ensemble ; they came to high words. 
fl tfest rtpomdu wt ; a rumor has spread. 
Un f<wx ; a false report II court nn , it i 
reported. II n'est qtte de ; tlioro 5 8 no talk but 
of. Grand pet'ite bcsogne ; groat cry, little 

bailable, adj , (1 u.) fit to be burnt. 
brfilant -e, Q<lj., burning, scorching, hot, 
burning hot, tori id; eager, earnest, ardent. 

, n.m , burning. Ce la sent le ; that 
smells of burning 

brule, -e, patf , buint 

brule-gueule, n m , ( ) short pipe, 

brulement (-man), n m , buimng 
a brule-pourpoint, odv , (ot shooting) close to; 
point-blank , to one's face, in one's teeth , un- 
reservedly adj , inelutable Z7?? argument , 
an irrefutable argument. 

bruler, v.a , to burn, to consume by fire, to 
cauterize, to paich, to scorch, to blast, to hc.u, 
to swelter <Jc fond CM combh 1 , to bum to 
the ground, la cciw'llc n iiu,clqu^un , to blow 
any one's brains out Son blyle brulc l<> papici , 
his style is lull of fne de ZV/w,v dcvmit 
quelqii'un , to Hatter any one exeewuvely 
uw eiape , to pass a halting-place without stop- 
ping le pave , to dash along at full tilt 
ACS vaissean r , not to go back 

bruler, v n , to bin n, to be on fire ; to be all 
m a flame Lcs mains liti biufnit; his hands 
burn. Jc Inule <ie vout* tcrou ; I am im- 
patient, longing to nee you again. d?unjcu 
lent , to be consumed by degieea. 
se bruler, v r , to bum one's wilf, to be burnt, to 
scorch Vctur &i" ft, fa cliandt'lle } to bum 
one's wings at the candle la ccnwttc ; to 
blow one's biains out IPS doitjf<\ } to burn 
one's fingers. 

brftlerie, ft /,(!") hinmng; brandy-diHtillory. 

brule-tout, Ji w/., (-- ) save all. 

brulexir, ./., incendiary, flier ; (fig,) 

brfiloir, .., bruloire, n.f , bnrmu, roanter. 

brulot, n.m,, fire-ship, hrebrand, ineeudiary. 

brulure, nf., burn, hculd, Houhlitig. 

brumaire, n.m.-, Brummie, Heoond month of 
the calendar of the Freiuui republic, from 
Got. 2&rd to Nov. 21t 

brumal, -e, mfj., (l.u.) brumal, winku'ly, 

brume, v j , fog, h.izo, miHt. 

brumeu-x, ~se, '/'/?., ioggy, luwy, mmly. 

brun, -e, </<//, brown, daik, <lun, <hmk; 
gloomy, sad // t'oinuti'iH'r a June , i(, in be- 
ginning to he 

brun, n m., Imwn , dark pciMn. ch&tahi ; 
chebtnut blown - <7w; , light brown, 
fonce ; dun-cdlored 

brundtre, <tj , ImnvniHli. 

brune, wy,, <lunk (of the ovenmg); dark wo- 
man, daik girl. 

brunelle, nf., (bot.) Hdf-luwL 

brunot, -te, <n/j,, browmwh. 

brunette, n.j,, Utuk woman, dark girl; 0tovo 

brunl, ,?., (Uwli.) burniHli. 

brunir, ?'.., to brown, to nuUt browu,, to 
darken; to Irnmrnh. 

brunir, u\, to turn dju-k or In-own. 

Tbrunlr, v.n., to turn brown. 

brunissage, w,;/?,, buriunJniiff. 

brunisseu-r, .w., -so, ?/./., on who bur* 
tahaft, bumiBher 

brunissoir, ,;., burniHlior (toolV 
brunlssure, n.f,, Imrtmlmig; !)rouiu"ng. 
brusque, ttdj*) blunt, abrupt, rough, gnill*, 

, ?/,/., tfawo ut cimlHi 

brusquement, tufa,, bluntly, abruptly, rough- 
ly, hastily, gruilly. 

forusquer, v.ft., to offend; to trout roughly, 
bluntly, to be nharp with miy one, // /ovw/Wrt 
tout le nmnde ; ho in abrupt with everybody, 
\mc chow ; to do a thing In bantu, / Vww/wv ; 
bo decide at onns - fa forftnte ; i,o lenipt for- 

brusquorld, n.m., bltini.ntwM; nbropt.neHH, 
ronghnoM, gruirH; HU<l<lonmwH T IniwiliiewH, 

tomt (brut), -e, <$,, rough, raw, orutta, u 




polibhed, unhewn, coarse, imfasluonecl , clown- 
ish, awkward; rude, ill-bied Diamant , 
rough diamond. Sucre ; biown sugar, Mete 
e; (fam.) brute bea&t. Piodmt ; gross 
produce; gross returns. Vin ; unadulterated 

brut (brut), adv , (com ) gross. 

brutal, -e, adj., brutal, brutish, surly, bear- 
ish, churlibh, cynical. 

Tbrutal, .?., brute. 

brutalemeni (-tal-man), adv., brutally, 
brutishly, rudely, chuilishly. 

brutaliser, v a., to bully; to use one brutally. 

brutalit, n /"., brutality, brutislmess; out- 
lageous language. Dire des 5 & quelqiCun ; to 
abuse any one m a brutal mannei. 

brute, w/., brute, beast, biutal pei&on. 

bruyamment (bru-ia-man), adv , noisily, 
loudly, clamorously. 

bruyant, -e (bru-ian, -te), adj , noisy, blus- 
tering, clamorous, clattering, loud. 

bruyere (bru-ier), nf., heath, sweet-heathei 
Coq de, ; grouse. 

bryon, n.ui. K. brion 

bryone, n.f., (bot.) biyony 

buandetie (-drf), nf , wash-house, laundry, 

buandi-er, n in., -fere, ,/., bleacher, washer- 
man, washerwoman. 

bubale, ?/ //*>., species of buftalo, 

bube, nf., pimple, blotch. 

MUMU, ll>J"i pllllpiO, U1UW5H, 

bubon, n.m., (med.") bubo. 
bubonocele, n.m., (mod ) bubonocele. 

bucardo, n.m , (conch ) heart-shell, cockle. 

buccal, -e, adj., buccal. 

buccin, (buk-sm), n.m., (conch.) whelk; 
(mus.) bass-trombone. 

bucclnateur, n.m., (anat.) buccinator. 

bucentaure, w ?ti., Bucentaur. [horse) 

buce"phale, n.m., Bucephalus (Alexander^ 

buche, n.f., billot, chump of wood, lump o 
coal, log; dull-pitted fellow, blockhead. 

bucher, n.m., wood-house ; funeral-pile, pyro, 

bucher, v #., (carp.) to rough-hew, to cut 
down; (fig.) to fag at, to woik hard, to drudge. 

bucheron (bfinh-ron), n.m., woodcutter. 

buchette, n.f., stick of dry wood. 

bucollaste, n.m., bucolic, writer of bucolics. 

bucolityue, adj., bucolic. s, n.f. pi., buco- 
licfl; (fam.) lattle-traps. 

budget, n.m,, budget, Le dc VIStat; the 
state budget. Le, de la marine; the naval 
oath nates. Le tic I ft guerre; the army osti- 
matoK. Lc d'un manage ; household expenses. 

bUdge'talre, adj., pertaining, relating, to the 

bue'e, ./., 0Iye, washing in lye.; steam, rook. 

buffet, n.m., cupboard, Hidtiboard; refrtwh- 
ment-room; service (of plate). iVorgues} 

buttle, n.'m , Imtfalo; 1 >ulf -leather; buff. 

buffleterie (-tto-trf), n./., belts, straps, &c. 
(of a HoUlmr). 

butfletin, 7i.w., young ImfTalo. 

bufonite, M./., (fonn ) bufonite. 

bugle, n.f.f (bot.) imglo, 

buglosse, n./. (bot ) bnglons. 

bugrane, n./., (bot.) rout-hoi row. 

buhotier, n.w, ehnmp-net, 

bule, w./., pitcher, jug. 

buiro, n.ttL, vase, jug, beaker, flagon. 
bills, n.wi., box ; lox-treo, box-wood. j5i- 
tywuit ; butchor's broom, 
bulssalo, ?i./., grove of boxtre0B. 
buisson, W.WL, bush, thicket. ardent; 
fbot.) ovorffroAn thora. Trawoer cmuxf to 
find tho birds ilown. 
bulssonner, .., (bot,) to buffo. 
buissonneu-x, -e, adj^ bimhy, woody, 
buiflsonnl-er t 6re, adj. Only aged in the 

expressions Lapinsbuissonniers, thicket-rabbits. 
Fane recole bui^onnieie, to play the tiuant 

bulbe, n J , (bot ) bulb 

bulbe, n m , (anat ) bulb 

bulbeu-x, -se, adj , bulbous. 

bulbifere, adj , (bot ) bulbiieious 

bullaire (-ler), n.m., collection ot papal bulls 

bulle, n t , bubble , (med ) bubble, blibtei , 
(metal ) bead d'eau; water-bubble d'au , 
air-bubble. [golden bull. 

bulle, nf, pope's bull. La <Po) , the 

bulle, adj., whity-biown (of paper). Papier 
; whity-brown paper 

bulle, -e, adj., authentic, by pope's bull 

bulletin, n m , paper, circular, voting paper ; 
(milit ) bulletin , bulletin, official repoit. de 
baqaqes , luggage-ticket 

bunmm, n m , eaith-nut, pig-nut 

buplltlialme, n m , (bot.) ox-eye 

buplevre, n m , (bot ) hare's-eai . 

bupreste, n ?.,(eut ) burn-cow , golden beetle. 

buraliste, n m , office-keeper, cleik , money- 

burat, n m , dmgget, bunting 

buratine, n f , poyim 

bure, n /., diugget; fuhtiari, tough serge (of 
monk's dress), baize, (mm ) shatt, pit-hole 

bureau, n /., bureau, writing-table, desk, 
office, board, bench (ma com toi judicature), com- 

mittee ; court (per,sonages>) de tabac , tobacco- 
nist's shop Chcj de , head cleik, cluet ot a 
department Dejtoser sur le , (parliament) to 
lay upon the table. Payo a, ourcrt; (com ) 
to pay on demand. Prendre Vaw du, , to see 
how matters stand , to call in at the office l r nit 
du , aspect oi ailaiis de placement , legis- 
try office for servants, etc 
bureau, n.m., dmggft 

bureaucrate, n.m , bureaucrat, clerk m a 
rf< public office ; led-tapiat. 

bureaucratic, n / , Imreanciacy, rcd-tappism 

burette, n.J , cruet, vase, llagon, (bicycle) 

burgau, ?*.?., burgaudine, nj., burga p - 
burgau mother of posirl. 

bur grave, n in., Bui grave. 

burgraviat, n.m., Burgraviate. 

burin, n.m,,, gxavei, giavmg-tool , (fig.) pen 

buriner, ?>.., to engrave. 

burlesque, adj., burlesque, merry, comical, 
jocose, jocular, ludicrous. Vers s; doggerel 

burlesque, n.m., burlesque. 

burlesquement, adv n comically, ludicrously 
in a jocose way. 

burnous, n.m. F. bernous. * 

bursal, -e, adj., fiscal. 

tousard, n.m., (oral) buzzard , (iig.) block- 
head, dolt. 

busc, n.m., busk (of stayft) , mitro (of locks). 

buse, n.f., (orni.) buzzard , (iig.) blockhead. 
On tie sauvait fa'he d^unc iin t'jH'niie)' ; one 
cannot make a Hilk \mrrn out of a HOW'H <>ur. 

busq.u^, paiL, busked; curved, arched. 

buSQLuer, v.u., to put a busk in , (of akirtHli 
to shorten, to draw up. 
M buaquer, v.r , to wear a bunk. 
0bU8<iuiere, ??./., bunk-caw 

busserole, w./., (bot.) whortltvlxnTy. 

buste, 7//.?rt., (aculpt.) bunt ; \wtid and Hhoul- 
dern. Portrait en ; half-long! h portrult. 

tout, n w., mark; obje< v t, end, aim, purpose* 
dciBign, view; goal. Vi&cr (in ; to aim at tlie 
mark. Lc dv ftcs dMrs , tlui objciet of his 
(lewiros. Sfi proposer nn ; to hnvo an object 
im view. Arriver le premier nn -, to IXB the 
jfirBt to roach the goal. h ; without any 
odds, evons. Jfouer - A , to play even. 7?< 
f,n bfamc ; bluntly, without aay preamble 


tmtant, adj. V. ooatant. 

IjUte. /.i farrier's knife. 

fcutee, nf., (arch.) abutment-pier. 




fouter, r ., to hit the mark; to stumble; to 
aim at. Ce chcval bate 4 chaque pas,' that 
horse stumbles at every step. 

imter, . (gaid.) to earth upj (arch.) to 
prop up. un mur; to prop a wall with a but- 
tress. un a)lne; to heap up eaith rouud the 
root of a tree. du celei i ; to earth up celery. 
stouter, v r., to be bent on; to stick to; to 
contradict, to oppose. 

iDUtin, a.m., booty, pillage, spoils, prize, 

foutmer, VM.* to spoil, to pillage, to plunder, 
to get booty, to pilfer ; to collect, to gathei. 

foutiner, #.., (fi-g-) to pilier. 

fcutome, n.m.i (bot.) flowering rush; water- 

fcutor, w.fli., (orni.) bittern ; churl, dull fel- 

folltorde, ft/, coaise, pig-lieaded woman 

touttej nj , miug giouiid, ridge, knoll, 
mound, bank. JEtt e en & ; to be exposed to. 

fcuttde, nj. v. &Tit<5e. 

butter, VM., (gard.) to earth up, 

butter, iwi. r, trater. 

Imttoir, .;., ridgmg-plow ; buttress ; (rail.) 
buffer-stop ; catch-pee:. 

Imtyreu-x, -se, adj., butyious ; buttery, 

buvaftle, adj., dimkable, lit to dunk. 

"buvard, ./., blotting-case, blotting-pad. 
Papier blotting paper. 

Imvetier (uuv-ti<5), M.WJ., keeper of a tavern 

tmvettGj w./., refreshment-room, tap-room, 
shades, public house. 

totiveu-r, . -se, ./., drinker ; toper, 

Ijuvoter, #.., to sip, to tipple. 

toysse, .w. V. feyssus 

, w.w., (bot., autiq.) byssus, 
in, -e, <?/. Byzantine style. 

G, TO.TO., the third letter of the alphabet, c. 

0., (ab.) (com.) comptej account. 

C* (contraction of <w, and used only before the 
verb IM?), this, it 

ga, ffrffl., here. e^ ^ ; here and there, up ami 
down, to and fro. 

ca, int.) now. w?/on,<r/ now, let ws see! 
Or commencez! come*, begin I 

ca, p/'ora., /for cela) that. Donnez-moi ( 
give me that, Comme ; like that ; so. C*OJ?J- 
fwwj? ?'<?w partrz-voust comwie ci cowtnf 5 
how do you do ? only so-so. 

cabalant, -e, ?/., caballing. 

cab ale, w.jC, cabal ; cabala. 

cabaler, 0.3?., to cabal, to plot. 

cabaleur, .?., cnballor, intriguer, 

caTtalistiq[ue, wr//., cabalistic. 

calban, w.w?., cloak with a hood. 

cabanage, n,m., camp, hutting, 

cabane, TI^/., cot, hut, shed, cabin, cottagfl t 
jElat-bottomod boat on the Loire. 

cabaner,^ (nav.) to capIie (a boat), 

cabaner, '.??., (nav.) to capulze. 

caftanon, w,w., cell (prlwon). 

cabaret, w.w,, wift-shop, tavern, pot-houwo ; 
china tea- or coffee-service, liquenr-fiervi<!e,tray; 
(bot.) aaaruni. Pilier tie ; tavern haunter, 
tippler. borgnc ; pot-hotise. 

calbaretl-or, .-?., -ere, !,/., pabllcan, ta/vora- 


calbas, n.w., basket; cottar bonnet " wicker- 
worls carriage, rumbling-carriage. 
m.* helmet 

w., (ich.) keeling. 

cabestan., w.?/?/., capstan, cap&tem, hand- 
winch. Grand ; mam capstan. volant ? 
crab. JBwvoyer vn homme au j to &end a man 
to the capstan (to be punished). 
*cabi!lau,d, .?. (ich.) cod (live cod) 

cafoine, ,/ (nav.) cabin. 

cabinet, n.m., clo&et, study, cabinet; practice 
fo a prote&feioiaal man) , aummer-liouse ; office 
(of an attorney* a banister); cabinet, cabinet- 
council. de lecture; reading-room. de 
toilette; dre&smg-i ooni. d plains; bath-room. 
cVmsancef water-closet. Affaires de ; 
chamber practice (of lawyers). 

c&ble, ..m., cable. Filer du ; (nav.) to 
pay out, to veer more cable ; (fig.) to spin out 
the time* de rryioi yw ; tow-cable. jBiticr 
le ; to bit the cable. MaUre ; sheet-cable. 
~ tfaffourche ; small bower-cable. de touec ; 

cabld, n.m., thick cord, 

catold, -e, adj., (arch.) cabled, twisted. 

caoleau <?? calslot, n cablet, small cable ,- 
niooring-ropc, painter. 

cabl&e, n J , cable's length. 

c01er 3 7.r/., to twiwt threads Into a cord; to 
make ropes 01 cables. 

cabliau, nm. V. cafeillautt 

cablogramme, n m , cablegram. 

caboche, n j , pate, noddle, nob ; head-piece, 
hobnail. Grosse , logger-head. Mtrcbvntie , 
to liave a good head-piece. 

cabochon, n m , polished but uncut precious 
stone, (tech.) fancy brass nail 

cabochon, adj.i (of stones) pohulied only, but 

cabosse, n/., cacao pod. 

cabot, n.m.j (ich ) bull-head r cliabot. 

caootage, n n\ , coaatung, c<jahting-trjule 
Vaissetm de , coaHtmg-\caael. 

caboter, v n , to coant 

caboteur, n /., coaster. 

cabotier, n i , coaatnig-vcHHel 

cabotiii- n.m , (b.& ) strolliut; player, low 

cabre, nf>, gin , (nav ) ebceiH 
se cabrer, v i\ , to pranco, t,o r<i,u-, lo vim up, to 
fly into a passion , to be relr.tHoiy. Mitre &e, - 
un cfieval, to make a horse it'.ir 

cabrer, v ., to piovoko an> out% to make any 
one n*y into a passion , to oflend, to whock. 

cabri, .?., kid 

cabriole, n / , caper ; (man ) (Mlmolo, 

cabrioler, t.w , to capei, to cut cutwiH. 

cabriolet, n ?// , cabnolot, rah, ^ig. h 
pompe f curricle Place <lc - , t'ab-Btjiud. 

cabrioleur, n,m f1 oaponr 

cahus, ad]*, (of cabbaproH) lunidcHl. 

caca, nwi., child's (ixcronuiutu J'\(trc ; to 
do one'B excrement. | ntiili. 

Cacad,}W./) (lu., Lex.) IIICHH, intBtakc, failut'o, 

cacao, w.wi., cacao, ohoeolntw-mtt, 

cacaotler or cacaoyer, W.WK, cncftotr<ui, 

oacaoyere, ./, cacao-} )] nutation. 

cacatols, w.w/., (nav.) royal, ntnut-top. 

cacatois or kalratobs, w w., forul.) <to<'katoo. 

caccaltjer, ^.., to <-ry (<>i partridg^M), 

cachalot, ft. W'M ciU'hntot ; Nperniarotiivvhn!(u 

cache, ./*., Jndmjr-pluefl ; (hunt ) Ktufe:<-iici. 

cachd, e, part., hid, lildden. /teiwortti .v ; hid- 
den, secjretspringH N'nroir rfwi de ;ww ^tf^'Z* 
qu?un; to keep nothing sucrcttt frotn ai>y<)TH<s to 
have no secretH for. ,/<--{ uiulfu-hfunl ^aiun, 

cache->cache, W.TO., (w.p.) hid an<l ook. 

cachectiq[iie (*h&k~), ftf/^,, (tntKl.) raHmtlo* 

cache*entr4e, ^.w., ( <w *) drojv (of 

cachemeiit (kash-mSn), .w f (I,tu 
ing, hiding 1 . 

naohemiro, n.w. a caahmare. 


, n.m., muffler, comforter. 
*cache-peig:nie, n.m., ( , or s) head-orna- 
ment to conceal tlie comb. 

eacfrer, v.a , to hide, to secrete, to conceal, to 
disguise, to lurk , to abscond. Caches votrejeu , 
hide your cards, son yen, to hide, to mask, 
one's play. son nom, son age; to conceal one's 
name, one's age. mvie; to lead a secluded 

jecacher, v.r., to hide, to secrete one's self; to 
lurk; to abscond. 

cachet, n.m., seal (of private individuals); 
stamp; ticket. Lettie de , lettre-de-cachet, 
(arbitrary warrant of impiisonment). de chif- 
jres, tParmes , seal with a cipher, with a coat of 
arms. volant , flying seal. Com ir le , to 
give private lessons in town, to go about teach- 
ing. Son style a, un pat ticulier ; his style has 
a certain stamp, chaiactenstic, character all its 

cachet^, -e, part., sealed. Soumissions es; 
sealed tenders. 

cacheter (kash-te*), v.a., to seal, to seal up. 
Cti eh ; sealing-wax. Pain a ; wafer. 

cachette, n /., hiding-place. En ; secretly, 
by stealth. 

eacheur, -se, n mf., sneak, sly-boots. 

oacliexie (-she-ksi), nf., (med.) cachexy. 

cachet, n.m, dungeon , (unlit ) black hole. 

cachotte, n /"., tobacco-pipe without a heel. 

cachotterlo (-sho-trf ),/., mysterious ways, 
secret practice (about trifles). 

caohotti-er, n.m., -fere, n,f, mysterious, sly. 

cachou, n.m., cachou. 

cacique, n.m., eazique or cacique (Indian 

cacis. V, cassis. 

cacochyme (-shim), adj., (med.) cachochy- 

cacochymiQ (-shi-), n / , (med.) cacochymy. 

cacoethe, adj., (med.) (ulcers) malignant, 

cacographie, nf., cacography. 

cacolet, n.m., mule-litter, pannier. En ; 
on panniered mules. 

cacologie, n/., cacology. 

cacophonle, ./., cacophony. 

cacotrophle, n./., (nied.) cacotrophy. 

cactler or cactus, n.m., (bot.) torch-thistle, 

cadastral, -e, adj>, referring bo the register 
of lands ; pertaining to real estate. 

cadastre, n.m., rogwlerof the survey of lands. 

cadastrer, v.a , to survey. 

oadavtfreu-x, -se, adj., cadaverous, wan, 

cadaV6"rl<Jtu0, %"., (ariafc.) of a dead body. 

cadavre, ,., corpse, dead body. G'est un 

amtmlcmt ; he is a walking ghoflt. 

cadeau, n in., present, gift. Faire de; to 
make a present of. 
caddls (-diss), int., Kounds, faith ! 
cadenas (-niil), ??.?w., padlock ; clasp, snap. 

A scowi ; Hocret padlock. Mnfcrmer sous ; 
to padlock, 

cadonasaer, v.a., to padlock; to clasp. 

cadences/,./., time (hi dancing); (mug.) qui- 
vering, shake; (man., harmony) cadence. Alter 
en ; to kop time. 

cadence", -e, part., cadenced, numbered, har- 

cadencer, v.a., to cadonxw, to harxaonke; 
(inuH.) to time, to flliaka, to trill. 

cadene, w./., (Lu.) chain; cluiin-gang (of con- 


cadenette (-nott), ra./., hair-cuo, tress (of halrX 
cadet, -to, adj., younger, junior (of two). 

JBranc/Mt ~-tft ; yoimger branch. 
cadet, n.wt., (millt.) oadot; yowoger brother; 

younger aonj junior (of two), (fain,) young: 

D cahier 

fellow. G'estunjeune de haul appetit f he is 
an extravagant young gentleman. 

cadette, n.j , younger bister, younger daugh- 
ter pavmg stone , long billiard cue. 

cadi, n.m., cadi (Turkish judge). 

cadis, n.m , sort of woolen serge. 

cadisd, n.m , kind of drugget. 

eadmie, /., (chem , metal ) oxide of zinc. 

cadmium, n.m., cadmium 

cadogan, n.m. V. catogan. 

CadOlG, n.f , latch, little bolt. 

cadran, n m., dial-plate, dial. 

cadrat, n.m , (print.) quadrat, creuz; quo- 

cadratln, n.m., (print.) M quadrat. Demi , 
N quadrat. 

cadrature, nf., (horl.) movement; dial- work. 

cadre, n in , frame (for a picture) , (nav. 
milit ) ; list ol officers ; framework, skeleton , 
limits. Eire sur les ; (nav.) to be on the sick 

cadrer, *>.., to agree, to square with, totally; 
to suit, to fit in with. 

cadrllle, n.f., check, square. 

cadriller, v.a , to rule (in squares), to checker. 

CadU-G, -que, adj , decrepit, broken-down; 
decayed, crazy ; lapsed, null, void (of legacies) ; 
(bot.) deciduous. Age ; decrepit old age. 
JDevemr - ; to decay. Legs ; lapsed legacy 
(barred by limitation). Le mal ; the falling 
sickness, epilepsy. 

caduce, n.m., caduceus, Mercury's wand; 

caducit^, nf., caducity; decay, decline. 

csecum (skom), n.m., (anat.) caecum, 

cafard, -e, atfj , hypocritical, sanctimonious. 

cafard, n.m , -e, n.f., canter, hypocrite ; tell- 
tale; humbug, mieak. 

cafard, n.m., (eut.) cockroach. F. blatte. 

cafarderie, n.f., cant, hypocrisy, false devo- 

cafardlse, n.f , (Lu.) piece of hypocrisy ; cant, 

caf<$, n.m., coffee ; collee-house ; coffec k (berry). 
Tasse de , cup of coffee. Rotw , w OT^/; r, y>ren- 
dre, du ; to roast, to grind, to drnik, collee. 
au Imt; coffee with milk. a la crfone; 
coffee with ct earn. < chantant; music-hall, 

easier, n.m. V. caller. 

caf^l&re, n,f., coffee-plantation. 

caf etan, or caftan, n vn , caftan (Turkish 

caf otter, n.m., coffee-house keeper. 

cafetiere, n.f , coffoe-pot. 

caller, or cafeler, n.m., coffee-tree. 

cafre, n m f., Catlre. 

cage, n.f , cage ; coop (for fowls) ; (teco.) 
frame , casing, housing. Mettre nn how nit' en ; 
to put a man in prison, or under lock and key. 
La, bftfe nf. nourrit $><t$ Voucau; all m not 
gold that glitters. 

ca&<$0, n.f , cage-full. 

*cagnard, -e, adj., laxy, Hkulking, slothful, 
*cagnard, n.m,, -e, n.f,, Jaxy-boue, Hkulkor. 
C'eft wit ; ho IH a Hkulker, loafer. 
*cagnarder, v.n., to loaf. 
*cagnardlso, w./., lazinemj, alotMuluese, akulk- 

*cagne, n.f., (l.u.) flint. 
*cagneu-x, -se, <#*, knook-knoed, splay- 

cagot, -e, adj., (fatu.) bigot<l, hypoerltloaL 

oagot, n.m., -e, n.f., (fain.) Wgot. 

cagoterie, n.f., (fam.) aifecied devotion, 
hypocrisy, bigotry. 

cagotisrae, n.m., (fam) bigotry, false devo 

cagoule, n.f., a inonk'H filoak. 

caguo, n.f., Putoh sloop. 

earner, n.m., paper-book; copy*book$ quartoit 
of a quire of paper; book (mamwwript) ; f ' ' * 




des charges ; specifications. des frais ; bill 
of costs. 

cahin-caha, adv., (lam.) so-so r lamely, poorly, 
slowly, reluctantly. 
cahot, n.m., jerk, jolt of a coach. 
cabotage, caJiotement, n.m., jolting, jerking. 
cahotant, -6, ^/-> rough, jolting. 
caJlOter, v.n., to jolt, to toss about. 
cahoter, v.a., to jolt, to jog, to jerk. 
calUlte, n f , hut, crib, hovel , (nav ) small cabin. 
caic 01 caique, n.m., yawl, long-boat, levant- 

calche, n/., (nav.) ketch. 
caid,w.wi., (-*) Arab military chief or judge. 
caieu, n m., (hort.) sucker, off -shoot. 
*caille, n f , (orm.) quail. 

caill, adj , curdled, clotted. 
*caiI16, n.m., curdled milk, curdd. 
*calllel30t, n.m., guelder-rose. 
*caillebotis, n.m,, (nav,) grating of the hatches. 
*calllebott6, ~e, part , curdled. 
*callletootte, n /., mass of curds. 
*caillebotter, v.n., to curdle. 
*caille-lait, n m., ( ) (bot ) cheese-rennet. 
*caillement, n.m., curdling, coagulating. 
*calller, v.a., to curdle, to clot, to curd. 
*j?e cailler, v.r., to coagulate, to turn to curds. 
*ca!Uetage, w.w., gossiping, idle talk, tittle- 

*cailleteau, n.m., young quail. 
caUleteir, v.n.^ to gossip, to chatter. 
*calll0tot, n.m., young turbot. 
*caillette, /., rennet; gossip; chatterer. 
*caillot, n.m., clot of blood ; coagulum. 
*caillotis, n.m., kelp (ashes of seaweed). 
*caillot-rosat, n.m , ( s s) a kind of pear. 
*cailloti, n.m., flint, flint-stone, pebble. 
*caill outage, n.m , stoning, graveling, ballast- 
Ing ; flint-ware, pebble-work. 
*caillouter, v.a., to macadamize, to gravel, to 

*caillouteu-x, -se, adj., pebbly, flinty. 
*caiiloutls,rc.m., broken stones, gravel; broken 

oaixnacan, n.m. , caimacan (a Turkish officer) 
oaiman, n.m., American crocodile, caiman. 
caimand- V. oue'niaiid. 
caimander. V. que'mander. 
calmandeu-r, -se. V. (juemandeur. 
caique, w.w, V. caic. 
caisse, ./., case, box, chest, trunk ; coffer, 
till; cash-room, counting-house; cylinder (of a 
drum); (anat.) drum (of the ear); body (of a 
oach); pay-office. d<> m&dicaments f medicine 
chest. militawe; military diest. Ladu 
r&gimcnt ; the regimental chest. Avoir taut rf'r- 
yent en \ to have so much money m hand. Left 
j de VMat; the coffers of the state, Livrc dc 
; cash-book. Tewtr la ; to keep the cash, 
desecours muttiels ; sick-fvind. ties pemnonti , 
pension fund, ffaiw, la ; to make up the cash 
account. d^nmortisscmcnt ; sinking ftind. 
d'fpargne, ; savings-baiik. d'cwompt? ; <!IH- 
counting bank. fUrosse big drum Hath f 
la ; to beat the drum. Bander la ; to brace 
the drum. Tenirla ; to act an oaahiftr. (jest.) 
Sauwr la ; to run off willi the till. 
calssler , n.m., treasurer, cashier. 
caisson, w.m,, (nulit.), ammunition wagon, 
caiasoB, chest; (nav.) looker; (arch.) coiter; 
compartment ceiUng ; sunk-panel * (artil.) limber, 
jt/wsr %s des vivres; the provision wagons. & 
poudre ; powder-chest. 
cajoler, .., to cajole, to coax, to wheedlo. 
cajolerie, ./., cajolery, coaxing, whoodling. 
ca]oleu-r, n.m. -BO, n/., cajoler, cooxer, 

cal, n.w., callosity; (med.) callus. 
oalade, n,,/., (man.) oalftdo ; descent, slope- 
oalage, n.m., wedging, lowering, sinking. 

calaison, w./., load watei line ; eeu-gauge. 

calanibour, ?i.??i., calambac (wood) 

calamendrier, n.m., (bot.) common wall-ger* 

calament, n.m., (min. bot.) culammt. 

calaminaire, adj., (l.u.) belonging to calaunne. 

calamine, w./., (mm.) cala.mme. 

calarnite, nf., (mm.) calaunte 

calamine, n /., calamity, distress. 

calamiteu-x, -se, arf/., dibtrebbful, calamitous. 

calandrage, nm. t calendeung, hot-pi esamg, 
mangling. [(onu ) caluudra. 

Calandre, n /",(ent ) weevil, mangle, calender, 

calandrer, v.a., to calender, to prefs, to 
smooth, to mangle. 

calandreur, n.m., mangier, calendcror. 

Calangue, n.f., (niv.) creek, cove. 

Calao, n.m., (orni ) honi-bill. 

calaitava, n.m , a Spanish military order. 

calcalre) <idj , calcaieous. 

calcalre, w tn., limestone. 

calcaneum (-om), n m., (anal.) oalcaneum, oa 
calcis, heel-bone. 

calc^dolne, nf., (min.) chalcedony. 

calc^donieu-x, -se, adj , ohnlcodonic. 

calcin, n.m., calcined gljuiH. 

calciuable, adj., calcmiible. 

calcination, /,, onioiuatum. 

calciner, v a., to calcine, to burn. 
6v:calclner, v.r., to calcnui. 

calcis, n.m., (orm.) night-hawlc. 

calclte. V. chalcite. 

calcium (-om), w-m., calcium. 

calcographle, w/., oalcogriiphy. 

calcul,?/.TO., calculation, ciphering, nnthuiotio, 
coBoputation, reckoning, counting, (mtiimitii, 
forecast ; deflign, selilHh nuotivo ; (me<l.) culcuhiw ; 
stone mthe bladder. ditrf'wniitf ; <uil * eutial 
calculus. <ippro'jriw(iiif, rough enlcnlaliioji. /I 
apprendlc ; he Ituirnw anUutustic. J)c /ail ; 
everything included. 

calculable, adj., computable, calcnlablo, 

calculant, -e, <t(fj,, calculntniK 1 , rocfcoig; <!<* 

calculateur, adj , calculating. 

calculateur, n.w., calculator, roclionor, tto- 
couutant , sclusmcr. 

calculatoire, adj , olMilatory. 

calculor, v.n., to calculiite, to comiuiio, to 
reckon, to CHtimnte ; to lowcant, to ctmtiivo, to 

viHc; to dcteinmuo 

calculeu-x, -se, adj., (mod.) oaltitiloim. 

calculou-x, n.m., -o, w./, ponwm iinVft<Hl 
with cillculuH. 

, n./., (nav.) hold (of a whip) ; wed^o, prop; 
ducking, kol-lmuluig ((muifllumutt); (l<ich,) 
block, <i,uay, -~ </^ roust nw (ion ,' HiockH, */r 
indtftttifti, dSun quai ; ultf), A fond dr ; at I ho 
bottom of th hohl. AV/w da ; Mlw wwter. 
Donner la A un miiti'tiit; to gjvn tv mvHoi' iv 
. V#<"; <Iry (luokiu^r. AVr<" ft jwid 
d<>, ; (ftitu.) to bo hard up, to bo at llw dmi of 
ono's msourcoB. 

(bot.) calnlxuili ; gounl ; (llg, 


& fain.) po-to, nob, 

caletoasslcr, t;.m 

calecho, n.f n c 

calo^on, .W M <lrttwor, pnh* of <3nuvn% 

caleQonnler, W.WK, ou< wlno wuik<H draw<*j'M 

calddonlon, -ne, n. and //>//., rnj.'duuijui, 

cal(51actour, ??/., cooking upt>nrnt\tM, J$* 
enor, cookin^HtiOvo, 

cal^faction, nj\ t cftlofwiion, IwutltiK. 

calembour, .w,, pun. 

calembouristo, ?/.//;,, a jumHlar, 


calonc<or, w,,w,, a klml of Intll 
calencp; n,/,, want <>/ work, 

; OH< 




Calender (-der), n m., kind of dervis. 

Calendes,, (antiq.) calends; convoca- 
tion of the country clergy. Renvoyer aux 
grecgues; to put off till doomsday. 

calendrier, n m., calendar, almanac. Vieux 
j the old calendar (old style). JVouveau , 
gregorien; the new, the Gregonau, calendar. 

calenture, nj , (med ) calenture. 

calepied, n m , toe-clip (bicycle). 

calepin, n.m., note-book, memorandum-book. 

caler, v.a., (nav.) to lower, to strike; to sup- 
port, to wedge up. le$ voiles; to strike sail. 
Cale tout .' let go amam ! la voile ; to yield, to 
sing small. 

Caler, v.n., to have more or less draught, to 
smk. Ce navire cole it op , that ship draws too 
much water. ; (at marbles) to knuckle down. 
; (school) to keep away from. 

calf ait, n m., (nav.) calking iron. 

calf at, n.m., (nav.) calker. 

calfatage, n.m., (nav.) calking. 

collator, v.a., (nav.) to calk. 

calfatin, n.m., (nav.) calker 's boy. 

calf outrage, n.m., stopping of chinks. 

calfeutrer, v.a., to stop up the chinks, to make 
air tight. 

se calfeutrer, v.r., to be stopped up (of chinks) ; 
to be made air tight. 

calibre, n m , caliber, bore (of a gun) ; caliber, 
size (of a bullet); diameter of a body ; kind, sort, 
stamp ; caliber. 

calibrer, v.a., to give the oaliber to, to take 
the caliber of , to proportion. 

calico, n.m., chalice, communion-cup ; (bot.) 
calyx, flower-cup ; grief, sacrifice. Boire le 
ju$qu*tt la lie; to drink the cup to the dregs. 
Boire, avaler, le ; to swallow the pill. 

calicinal, -e, adj., (bot ) calycinal, calycine. 

collect, n.m., calico ; counter-jumper. 

califat, n.m., calif ate, caliphate, kalifate. 

calif 6, n.m., calif, cahph, kalif. 
& calif ourchon, adv., astride, asti addle. 

califourchon, n.m., hobby. West son ; it is 
his hobby. 

calin, n.m., -e, nf., wheedler, cajoler. C'est 
une petite e; she is a little wheedler. 

calin, -e, adj., wheedling, cajoling, caressing, 
coaxing, fondling. C(>t homme a Vair ; that 
man has a wheedling; look about him. [die. 

caliner, v a , to fondle, to cajole, to whee- 
* cailner, v.r., to coddle one's self, to take one's 
ease, to give one's self up to indolence, to nurse 
one's self. 

calinerie, n.f., wheedling, cajolery, fondling, 

caliorne, n.f, (nav.) winding-tackle. 

calleu-X, -se, adj., callous, hard, horny. 

calligraphy, n.m., cahgraphist, good penman. 

calligraphic, n. /, caligraphy, calligraphy, 

calllgraphique, adj., caligraphic. 

callisthenie, n / , calisthenics. 

callosit^ (kal-lo-), /., callousness; callosity. 

calmande, n.f., calamanco; woolen stuff; 
(ich.) whiff. 

calmant, n,m., (med.) composing draught; 
anodyne, sedative. 

calmant, -e, adj.. anodyne, calming, soothing. 

calmar, n.m., Qpon-ease ; (ic.h.) calamary. 

calme, adj., still, quiet, serene, calm ; dispas- 
sionate, unruffled, composed, collected; (com.) 

calme, n.m., stillness, calmness, tranquillity, 
quiet, calm, composure. plat; (nav.) dead 

sc calmer, w.r,, to become calm, to calm one's 
solf ; to compose one's self ; to get appeased, to 
blow over, to subside, to abate. 

calmer, v.a.., to still, to quiet, to appease, to 
allay, to pacify, to calin, to soothe. 

calmer, v .n., (nav.) to lull, to fall to a calm, 
Le vent calme , the wind is dropping. 

calmie, n.f., (nav.) lull. 

calomel or calomelas, n.m., calomel. 

calomniat-eur, n.m., -rice, n/., calumniator, 

calomnie, n./., calumny, slander. 

calomnier, v.a., to calumniate, to slander. 

calomnleusement (-efiz-man), adv.,, calumni- 
ously, slanderously. 

caiomnieu-s, -se, adj , calumnious, slander- 

caioniere, n./., (pop.) pop-gun. V. canon- 

calorifero, n,m., hot-air stove or pipe. 

calorimetre, 74.771., calorimeter. 

calorifique, adj., calorific. 

calorlque, n.m,, caloric, heat. 

calotte, ./., calotte, smokmg-cap; skull-cap 
(of priests) , (surg.) head-piece, (anat.) pan (of 
the brain) , (arch ) calotte , box on the ears , 
cap of valve (mech ) La rouge d">un cat dinal t 
the red calotte of a cardinal. Lvnner des s a , 
to box any one's ears 

calOtter, v.a., to box the ears of. 

CalOttler, n.m., calotte-maker; cap-maker. 

caloyer, n.m., caloyer (Greek monk). 

caique, n.m,, tracing, calquiug; imitation 

calquer, v,a , to counter-draw, to trace ; to 
copy, to imitate closely. a la pointe ; to trace 
with a point. ct> la mire; to counter-draw on 

calquolr, n.m. 9 tracing-point. 

calumet, n m., pipe, calumet. 

calus (-luss), n.m., callus ; callousness ; callos- 
ity; (med.) callus. 

calvaire, n.m., mount Calvary; a calvary. 

calvanier, n.m., (agri.) day-laborer, stacker. 

calville, n.m., calville (apple). 

calvinien, -no (-i-in, -i-e-n), adj , Calvinistic. 

calvinlsme, a.m., Calvinism. 

calvinlste, n.m , Calvmist. 

calvlnlste, adj., Calvinistic. 

calvitle (-si), n.f., baldness. des paupteres f 
loss of the eye-lashes. 

camaieu, -./., cameo ; (paint.) camaieu ; cameo 
brooch ; monotonous play. 
*camail, n.m., ( s) hood, capuchin, cardinal 
(garment) ; bishop's purple ornament worn over 
the rochet. 

camaldule, n.m., monk of the Order of St. 

camarade, n.m.f., comrade, fellow, mate, 
chum; female companion; playmate, play-fel- 
low ; fellow-laborer ; fellow-servant. de col- 
lege; college companion. de classe? school- 
fellow. de ht ; bed-follow. de voyage ; 
fellow-traveler. de malheur ; f ellow-sull'erer. 

de chambre; chum. 

camaraderie, n./, companionship, intimacy, 
close friendship ; coterie, clique ; party spirit. 

camard, -e, adj., flat-nosed, snub ; flat. 

camard, n.m., -e, n.f., flat-nosed person. K>& 
e ; (pop.) death. 
*camarllla, n.f., camarilla (a coterie). 

camarine, n./., (bot.) crow-berry. 

camblste, n.m., cambist. 

camtoouls, n.m., coom, cart-grease. 

cainbre, n.f., cambering, curvinpf, arcliinpr. 

cambr6, -e, part., bent, cambering, having a 
fall (in the back); arched, well-set. Pont de 
navire ; cambering 1 deck. 

cambrer, v.a., to bend, to curve, to arch. 

la form,e d'un soulier; to give the bend, to a 
last, to block (boots). 

ce cambrer, v.r., to camber ; to take a sweep ; to 
warp ; to draw one's self up (by throwing the 
chest forward). 
*cambrillon, n.m., stiff ener (of a shoe). 

cambrioleur 8 

cambrioleu-r, -se, n.m.f*, house-thief ; house- 
breaker ; burglar. 

cambriolage. M.W., house-entering, house- 
breaking ; burglary. 

cambrure, n/., bend, flexure, incurvation, 
arch, curve. 

camfouse, n/, (nav ) store-room. 

cambusier,, (nav.) steward's mate, store- 

came, ./., (conch.) chama; heart-cockle j 
(tech.) peg-cam ; cog. V. cname., n.m , a cameo. 

camelee, n./., (bot.) widow-wail. 

came'le'on, n m , chameleon. 

cameleopard, n m , camelopard. 

camelia or camellia, n m., (bot.) camelia. 

cameline, n.f., (bot ) camelma, gold ot plea- 

camelot (-10), n w., (stuff) camlet ; cheap 
Jack, peddler, hawkei ; (of newspapers) new&- 
boy, paper-boy. 

camelote (-lott), nf., worthless merchandise, 
trash, stuff ; bosh. 

camelotine, n.f , a sort of camlet. 

came'rier, n.m., chamberlain (of the pope). 

cameriste, n.f., maid of honor; waiting- 
woman, lady's maid ; chambermaid. 

camerlingat, n.m, , canierlingate (at Rome). 

canierlingue, n.m., camerhngo (papal offi- 

camion, n.m., minikin-pin ; little cait; truck ; 
dray, wagon ; (pamt ) kettle. 

camlonnage, n.m., carting, carriage (in a 

camionneur, n m,, drayman. 
Ocamisade, n.f., (milit.) night attack, cami- 

camisard, K-W., Camisard (French Calvimst). 

camisole, 7? /., petticoat bodice. -deforce; 
strait waistcoat or jacket. 

*camomille, nf., camomile. 

camouflet, n.m., whiff of smoke (in the face) ; 
affront, snub ; rap over the knuckles. 

Gamp (kan), n,w , camp ; (fig.) army, paity. 
Lever le; to break up the camp. Prendre le 
; to pack off. 

*campagnard, -e, adj., rustic, countrified, 

*campagnard, n.m , -e, n.f., countryman, pea- 
sant; clodhopper, clown. West WIG e; she is 
a hoyden. 

*campagne, n.f., country, fields, plain; seat, 
estate, country-house ; field, campaign ; (nav.) 
voyage, cruise. Gensde la ; peasantry. Co- 
wedtens de ; strolling players. En plane or 
rase ; in the open country, plain. jRttttr? fa 
; to scour the country ; to wamlei about to be 
delirious; to blunder, to bungle. Z/w atmecs 
sont en, ; the armies have taken tho iield. 
Pieces de ; field piecen. Faire une ; to 
make a campaign. Ownr la ; to open tho 
campaign. Tenir la, ; to keep the field. Mcttre 
ses amu en ; to set one's friends to work. 
de cromere ; cruising voyage. Eire a, la ; to 
be in the country. IHfie en ; to be in the 
field ; to be at work ; to be out (not at home). 
La> de jRowie; the campagna. Parties de ; 

*campagnol, n.m., field-mouse. 
campano, n./., (arch.) bell; (sculp.) ornament 
with fringe and tassels. 

campanelle or campanette, n.f., bell-flower, 

campanile, n.m. 3 (arch.) campanile, bell- 

campanula, nf., campanula, bell-flower. 
aantelee; throat-wort. raiponcc; rampion 
bell-flower. bfciiilks ronfltv; hare-bell. 
campanula, -e, 4/., oompanulate, bell-shaped. 
<$, -e, part., encamped; (fig.) well set 


up. Bien sur ses jambes; firmly planted on 
his leg&. 

campeche, n.m., (bot.) campeachy wood, 
logwood, blood- wood. 

campement (kaup-man), w.w., (milit.) en- 
campment, eucaiupmg ; camp detachment. 
Materiel de ; camping appaiatus. J^ffete de 

; camping baggage. 

camper, >.., to encamp, to pitch tents. 
Fatre son armee , to encamp one's army. 

camper, -w.a., to camp, to seat, to fix, to stand 
before, to clap down. lh quelgu'unf to leave 
any one m the lurch. 

se camper, v.?., to stand befoie, to sit down, 
to clap one's self down. II i>e campa dans tin 
fautetnl; he sat hmifaell down in an arm-chair. 

devant une glace; to stand bravely before a 

Ocamphorata, n.f. V. camplire"e. 

camphre, 11.711., camphor. 

camphrd, -e, adj., camphorate, camphorated. 

camphree, n/., camphorosma. 

camphrier, n.?u , (bot.) camphoi-tree. 

campine, n.m. t fine fat pullet, 

campOS, n.m,, play-day, holiday, relaxation. 
Les Gcoheis demandent ; the boyw usk for a 
holiday. Pi endre ; to take a holiday. 

camilS, -e, adj., flat-nosed , <lifcHippoiute<l, 
baulked ; dumbfounded. Un vilam ; an ugly 
flat-nosed fellow. La e; (pop.) death, grim 

*canaille, n./., rabble, riff-raff, iwob ; ocum ; 
scoundrel ; noisy children, brats, //c^'.f d^ci, 

/ begone, you scoundrel I Vile ; miuerablo 
scum, (Jes s de domestiques ; these rascally ser- 
vants ! 

canalllerie, n.f , blackguaidisrn. 

canal, t canal, pipe ; condxiit, duct ; 
drain ; tube ; spout ; watercourse (of water-mi HM) , 
channel, bed, stiait; (arch.) fluting, IM<WIH 
Creuser un ; to dig a canal. (Je pays ext totii 
coupe de canaux / that country IB qiut inter" 
sected with canals, lateral, de d&rhMtwn , 
latox'al dram. de chcmtntc; clunuuiyiiut'i. 

dh)"> if/afwn ; trench lor irrigation. - tJin- 
jftciqtte*' thoiacic duct. de larmier, (nidi.) 
channel of a coping. // ebt le df> i outfit l<>$ 
graces; all favors comet] trough liim. tfaite " ; 
to cross a strait. [Yowwl 

canalicul^, -e, ndj., (bot.) channcH'd, fur 

canalisation, ./., canalisation. 

canaliser, v a , *to establish canalw, to inter- 
sect with canals. 

canamelle, ,/., (bot.) augav-cano ; rood. 

canape\ n.m., sofa, couch, 

canaQue, adj., Kanaka, wild, wavage. 

canard, .?., drake, duck; hoax; water* 
spaniel. privb; tamo duck. ordinal M t 
mallard. Dire, ties .T ft ; to hoax. Oft horn me 
est un priv&; that man is a wort of dcoy- 

canard, -e, <?<(/ ^ or dijck. Jtathnmt * ; 
vessel tliat pitches. (Vricn ; wator-Hpaniol. 

canardean, n.m,., young duck. 

canarder, t'.rt., to nhoot from tm<1w a nholior ; 
to hoax, to gammon. 

canarder, VM,, (nav.) to pitch (of a nliip); 
(mus.) to gooso. 
Qcanardler, .W M wild-ducU elioottir; hoaxer. 

oanardiere, n.f., place for tmtclihig wild- 
ducks ; loop-hole (to fthoot through); duck-gun f 
decoy- i>ond. 

canarl, n.m., canary, canary-biicd ; ilat. 

cancan, n,m,, littlo-tattla ; scandal ; tali 
bearing ; noiAQ ; indecent dance. JV'/rfw tin 
to fcittletattl, to invent waiulalows Atortea* 

cancaner, I'M. , to tattle, to invent aca 
nlorieB ; to dance the cancan. 

cancanl-er, n.m. t -^r0, w/. lover ol i 



Cancer (-ser), n m , (med , astron.) cancer. 

cancereii-s, -se, adj., (med.) cancerous. 

cancre, n.m., crab, cray-fish ; miser ; dunce 
(at school). 

cancrelat, n.m,., cockroach. 

candelabra, n.m., candelabrum, sconce. 

candour, n.f , openness of heart, frankness, 
candor, ingenuousness. 

candi, n.m., sugar-candy, candy. 

oandi, -e, adj., candied. 

candidat* n.m , candidate. 

candidature, n.f., candidature 

candide, adj., fair, open, frank, candid, in- 
genuous, sincere. 

candidement (-man), adv., openly, frankly, 
se candir, v.r., to candy. Faire se ; to candy. 

cane, w./., female duck. 

cane*ficier, n.m., cassia-tree. F. casse 

canepetiere, w/., (orm.) lesser bustard. 

canepin (ka-n-pin), n m , kid skin (for gloves). 

caner, v.n., to shirk danger, to funk, to show 
the white feather. 

caner, v.a , to leave undone, shirk. 

canescent, -e, adj., (bot.) canescent. 

caneter, v n., to waddle. 

caneton (ka-n-tou), n.m., young duck, duck- 

canette, nf, small duck, young duck ; (her.) 
duck without legs; a measure for beer; (pop.) 

canevas (ka-n-v&), n.m>., canvas ; sail-cloth ; 
sketch, rough draught ; (mus.) canvas. Tracer 
son ; to prepare one's ground- work. Faire le 
d'unecomiid'te; to sketch out, to compose the 
skeleton of a play. 

canezou, n m., woman's jacket. 
Ocangrene, ??./. F. gangrene. 

cangue, n.f., a kind of pillory used in China. 

canlche, w.m/., poodle-dog, water-spamel. 

canlculalre, atfj , canicular. Jues jours s ; 
the dog-daya. 

canlcule, n.f,, dog-days; (astion.) canicule, 

canif, n.m., penknife. 

canln, *e, adj., canine. Dent e; canine 
tooth. Lfttre -e / the letter R., n in , (aich.) channel-stone. 

cannage, n.m , (l.u.) cane- work ; caning. 

cannaie, n.f., cane-brake, cane-field. 

canne, n.f., walking-stick; long measure; 
cane, reed; glassblower's pipe. bmcre; sugar- 
caue, &^j)&3; sword-stick. hvent; air- 

canneberge (-berj), n,f., cranberry, moor- 

cannelas (-19;), n.m., cinnamon, candied 

canneler, v.a., to flute, to channel, to groove. 

cannelle, n./., cinnamon bark, blanche; 

cannolle or cannette, ?>./, spigot; tap, cock. 

cannollor, n.m,, cmnauion-troe* 

cannolon (ka-n-lou), n.m., tinted mold (for 

cannelure, n.f., plmmiolmg, fluting, groov- 
ing. ft f$te&t lluting witli interval!*, awe 
mdflnturGs ; lluting onriohod with oablew. A 
wfow ttrftte ; iluting without intorvalw. ,v plates ; 
sq.ftro ilutitig. 

cannequin, n.m., sort of cotton Htnil, 
*cannetllle, ,/., wlro-ribboiu 

cannlbale (ciui-ni-Lal), n.m,, nian-eafcor, can- 

oanniballBme, n.m,, oamrfbalifim ; ferocity. 

canon, w./W.i cannon, gun; cylinder, lube, 
pipe ; barrel (of a gun, of a quill) ; (ecc.) oanon 
law, rule ; <jatalogtie of Balnts ; (mwa.) canon ; 
(print,) canon ; (man.) canon-bit; leg (of trou- 
sers)* IS time (Vun ; tl)6 chamber of a cauiion. 

La lumiere, la culasse, le recul, d*un ; the 
touch-hole, the breech, the recoil, of a cannon. 
Ltaffut d'un ; a gun-carriage. Enclouer un ; 
to spike a gun. Une piece de ; a piece of ord- 
nance. Gros ; (print.) canon. Petit ; (print.) 
two-line English. de d^x hvres / ten-pounder. 
Un coup de ; a cannon-shot. De la poudre 
h ; gunpowder. Ette a portee de ; to be 
within cannon-shot. Eire hors de portee de ; 
to be beyond cannon range. de retiaite; 
(milit ) gun-fire ; (nav.) stern-chaser. d&- 
tnm re , cannon dra\vn m to be loaded. raye f 
rifled .gun. A raye , rifled, rifle-barreled. 
renfoice; camion whose breech is thicker than 
its bore. d* un soujflet; nose, nozzle pipe of a 
pair of bellows. de gouttiere ; spout of a gut- 
ter. Les v? d'un concile ; the canons of a council. 
Ecole de di oit ; school of canon law. des 
Ewituies, the sacred canon. Le de la messe; 
the canon of the mass. enlumine , illumi* 
nated canon. 

canonial, -e, adj., canonical. 

canonical, n m,., canonry, canonship, pre- 
bend ; (fig.) sinecure. 

canonlcltd, n.f., canonicity. 

canonlque, adj., canonical. 

canoniquement (-man), adv , canonically. 

canonisation, n.f., canonization. 

canoniser, v.a., to canonize. 

canonlste, n m., canonist 

canonnade, n.f., cannonading, cannonade. 

canonnage, n.m , gunnery. 

canonner, v.a., to attack with heavy artillery, 
to cannonade. 
se canonner, v.r,, to cannonade. 

canonnler, TO.TW., gunner. 
_ canonnifere, w./ , adj., Q loop-hole , tent ; 
tilt ; drain-hole ; pop-gun. , or chaloupe 
(nav.); gun-boat. 

oanot, n.m., ship's-boat, cutter, yawl. de 
sauvetage; life-boat. 

canotage, n.m., boating, aquatics. 

canotler, n.m., rower, oarsman ; boat-keeper ; 
baigeman ; straw hat. 

cantabile (-16), n.m., (mus.) cantabile. 

cantal, n m., cantal (sort of cheese). 

cantalabre, n.m., door-case, casing. 

cantaloup, n m., musk-melon. 

cantate, n.f., (mus.) cantata. 
*cantaiille, nf., cantatilla 

cantatrlce, nf., eminent singer. 

cantharide, n.f., (ent.) cantharis, Spanish fly ; 
(pharm.) (pi.) cantharides. 

canthus, n.m., (anat.) canthus, corner of tlin 

cantllene, n.f., (mus.) cantilena, melody. 

cantine, n<f., bottle-case ; (milit.) canteen. 

cantinl-er, n.m., 4re n.f., sutler, canteen- 

cantlqne, n.m., sonR-, canticle, hymn. 

canton, n.m,, canton, district ; (her,) canton. 

cantonade, ./"., (tlieat.) wings. JPurler&la 
; to Bpoak to an ctor off the ftlngo ; (fig.) to 
speak to empty LenchoB. 

cantonal, -e, adj., cantonal. 

cantonne*, -e, adj., (aich., her., milit.) can- 

cantonnement (4o-n-man) y n.m., (milit.), 

cantonner, v.n., (milit.) to canton. 
,* cantonner, v.r., to take up a position, 
quarters, abode ; to fortify one's self. 

cantonner, t>.,, (milit.) to bo cantoned. 

cantonnler, n.m., road-man; (rail.) plate- 
layer; signal-man. 

cantomtlere, n.f., algnal-woman ; valance* 

canule, n.f., dyntor-pipo, Injection tube; 
faucet, quill ; (fig') boro, plague* 

canzone, n.f., (num.) canzone. 

" ,, .#*. F r " 



caoutchouc, , caoutchouc, India-rubber; 
(bot.) gum-tree. 

cap, n.m., cape, headland, point, promontory, 
foreland ; (aav.) head. DouUer un ; to double 
a cape. Ou est le ? (nav.) how is her head ? 
McMre le - sur ; to steer for. Avoir le au 
large; to stand off. De pied en ; from top to 

capable, adj., able, fit, capable; calculated 
to, apt to. II est de vous desseimr; he is 
capable of doing you an ill office. H est - de 
tout ; he is capable of any thing. C'est un hotnme 
; he is a clever man. Avoir Vair , to put 
on a conceited, bumptious, knowing look. Fuire 
Je -- ; to affect capability, to look as if you were 
in the know. Prendi e un air ; to assume a 
knowing look. 

capaolement, adv., (l.u.) ably, skillfully. 
capacity, /, extent, size, capaciousness; 
ability, capacity ; (nav ) bulk, burden, tonnage, 
Manquer de", to lack capacity. 

CapaiaQon, n w., caparison, trappings. 
caparaconner, v,a , to caparison (a horse). 
cape,?i/,, cloak with a hood; riding-hood; 
cape ; (nav.) try-sail. Hire sous ; to laugh in 
one's sleeve. If'avoir gue faet Vepee, to^be 
titled, but penniless. Roman de ~ et d'tpte ; 
romantic, melodramatic story. Eire it la ; 
(nav.) to try, to be lying to. A ZaJ bring 

capper, ?.. (nav.) to he to 
capelan, n m , beggarly priest ; (ich ) caplin. 
capelet, n.m., (vet.) capped hock. 
capellne, w/, hood ; (of armor) capeline. 
capendu, n m , capender (apple). 
caperon V. capron 

capharaaiim, n wi,, ( ?) (fig. fam.) place of 
confusion ; Babel, bear-garden. 
capillalre (-pil-ler), adj , capillary. 
capillaire, n M., (auat ) capillary ; (bot.) 
maiden-hair; Venus's-hair. Suop de , capil- 

caplllarlt^, n./., (phys.) capillarity, capillary 
attraction or repulsion. 

capilotade, n f , hash, ragout ; thrashing, 
drubbing; slandering. Mettre quelqu^un en ; 
to beat black and blue. 

capltaine, n.m., captain, d'infantene ; 
infantry captain. de cavakne; captain of 
cavalry. de vaisseau ,* post-captain. au 
long cours? captain of a trading vessel (going to 
foreign parts). de pavilion ; flag-captain. 
d'armes; master-at-arms. dc port ; harbor- 
master. Grade de ; captaincy. 
capltainerie, n./., captaincy 
capital, -6, (tdj , capital, main, chief, leading, 
important. JJes $npt p&cJies capital tx ; the seven 
capital sins. Peine, e ; capital punishment. 

capital^ w-wt., capital; principal; stock 
Mcttre inn & fonds perdu / to sink a capital. 
Rembourser le ; to reimburse the principal. 

capitate, ./., capital, chief city; capital 

capitalisation, n/., capitalization, 
capltaliser, v.,, to capitalize. 8e , v.r., to 
be capitalized. 

capitaliste, n.w., capitalist, moneyed man. 
capitan, n.w., braggadocio, swaggerer, bully. 
capitane, ./,, (nav.) admiral's galley. 
capltan-pacha, n. M (~,y -$) Turkish ad- 

capitation, n.f., capitation, poll-tax, 
caplteu-x, -se, adj., heady, strong. Bi&r& 
se ; strong beer. Vin ; lieavy wine. 

capitole, n.rn., Capitol (of Eon^e, of the United 

capitolin, arf?., capitoline. 
capiton, .?n., (com.) cappadine. 
capltonner, v.a., to stuff, to pad (arm- 
chairs, &c.) ; to tuft, to button. 

Qcapitoili, .m., capitoul (alderman, town- 
councillor at Toulouse). 
capitoulat, n.m^ capitoulship. 

capitulaire, adj., capitulary. 

capittilaire, n.m., capitulai, capitulary. 

capitulairement (-ler-man), adv., capitularly. 

capitulant, adj., capitulary. 

capitulant, n.'tn>., capitulai, capitulary. 

capitulation, /., capitulation; convention, 
compromise. Ainenei & une ; to bring to 
terms, de convenes , a conscientious com- 

capitule, .*., capitule (part of the Liturgy). 

capituler, v n , to capitulate, to compound. - 
avec sa conscience ; to compound with one's con- 
science, to silence it by concessions. 

caplan, (ich.). F. capelan 

capon, n.m., mean fellow, sneak; cheat, 
coward ; (nav.) cat-tackle. J*oului de ; cat- 

caponner, v.n , to trick, to cheat; to be 
cowardly, to hang back 

caponner, 0.a., (nav.) to cat (the anchor). 

caponnifere, nf. t (fort.) nfle-pit. 

caporal, w., corporal; (ot tobacco) soit of 

capot, n.m , (nav.) hood (of ladders). 

capot, adj , capot (at cards) ; silly. Fair? ; 
to capot, to wiu all the tricks, to beat hollow. 
JEtie ; to have lost all the tricks ; (fig.) to look 
foolish ; to be balked. Pave ; (wav.) to cap- 
size, to upset. 

capote, n.f. , large cloak with a hood ; (sol- 
dier's) great-coat ; capuchin, hood, mantle. 

capraire, /, (bot.) goat- weed, capraria. 

cfipre, nf , (bot ) caper 

capricant or caprisant, <?<//., (mod.) bound- 
ing, unequal (of the pulse). 

caprice, n.m., caprice, whim, humor, freak; 
fit, flight, sally; (anus ) caprice. Lcs s de Id 
mode; the caprices, freaks of fashion /x'.v jr 
de la fortune ; the fickleness of fortune. CV;?>i- 
poser de ; to compose when the spirit moves, 
when the fit is on. 

caprlcleusement (-man), adv , capriciously, 
fantastically, whiniaical ly. 

capricieu-x, -se, adj , capiicious, whiiuHi(;ul, 
fickle, freakish, skittish. 

caprlconie, n.m , (astron.) Capricorn ; (out.) 

caprier, n w., (bot ) caper-bush. 

Cflprificatioxt, ?;./., oapri fixation, 

cflprlfignier (-ghi< 5 ), w.., wild fl#4roo. 

capripede, n.w , gout-footod; wutyr, 

capron or caperon, n.m. t th<^ hautboiH-Htraxv- 

capronier, n >., the lautboi-8trawb(^rry 

capselle, n./., (bot.) caasweod ; Hhoplusrd'H 

capsulaire, <//, (bot.) capBulary; (anat.) 

capsule, w./., (bot.) cdpaula, i>od; (uniit.) 
capsula ; porcuemoiii cap (of fire-uruiH), 
0captal, n.m,, chief, lord. 

captateur, n w., (jur.) involgltir (ouo who 
uses undue influence). 

captation, /., involgllng, undue Iuilu(iuco T 

captatolre, atfj., invoi^lhiff. 

capter, v.n., to court, to <"0ax t fco win by 
bribery. la bienw'dhmGt" de y("/yrt'w/ to 
curry the favor of any one. * &".v suJprtigtA / to 
bribe, to win unf jiirly, to get bv bribery, 

capUeusement (-siwfitx-raSw), arfv*, optlouly f 
insidlouBlly, cumiiwgly, deceitfully . 

captieu-x, -se (-cieu-), adj., onptloun, 

capti-f, -ve, <?/., captive. 

capti-f, n.wi,, -ye, /. captive, 




captivcr, v a., to captivate, to charm, to en- 
slave ; to bring under. r attention , to capti- 
vate attention.,, La beauie qui le captive; the 
beauty that enslaves him. la bienveillance / 
to win any one's favor. 

se eaptiver, v.r., to lay a restraint upon one- 
self ; to cling to (tenaciously) , (fig ) to cimge, to 
fawn upon. 

captivltd, n.f , captivity, bondage. Racheter 
de ; to ransom from captivity.. 

capture, nf., capture, seizure ; prize, booty. 

eapturer, v.a , to capture , to apprehend, to 

capuce, nf,or capuchon, n m., hood, cowl 

capuchonn^, -e, adj , hooded, 

capuchonner, v.n., (man ) to arch the neck 
(of a horse). 

eapucln, n.m., -e, nf., capuchin friar, capu- 
chin nun. Tomber comme des s de cartes, to 
tumble over one another. 

capucinade, nf., stupid sermon. 

capuoine, n.f., (hot ) nasturtium ; (nav.) stan- 
dard ; band (of a soldier's musket). 

capuciniere, nf., (b a ) capuchin friary. 

capulet, n.m., hood, cap. 

caput-mortuum,, n m., (chem.) caput-mor- 
tuum ; worthless remains. 

caquage, n.m., dressing and curing of her- 
rings ; barreling (of powdei). 

caque, nf., keg, barrel. La- sent toujours 
le hareng ; what is bred in the bone will never 
come out of the flesh. 

caquer, v a , to cure ; to barrel. 

caquet, n m., cackle (of geese, &c.) ; tittle- 
tattle, idle talk, gossip, scandal. Avoir bien, du 
: to be a chatter-box. Rctbattre, rabaisser, le 
a qudqitfun ; to take anyone down a peg or 
two. bon bee ; dame prattler. 

caquetage (kak-taj), n.m,) tattling, cackling. 

caquete, nf., carp-tub. 

caqueter (kak~t<$), v n., to cackle, to chatter, 
to gossip, to babble. 

caqueterie (kak-trt), nf., babbling, prattling, 

caqueteu-r, n m., se, nf., prattler, tattler, 
idle prater, gossip. 

caqueur, n.m., fish-curer. 

car, con/., for, because, as 

carabd, n m., yellow, amber. 

carabln, n.m., saw-bones, medical student. 

carabinade, nf., (Lu ) (student's, soldier's) 
trick; discharge of carbines. 

carablnage, n.m., rilling. 

carabine, nf , carbine, rifle. 

carabine', -e, adj., rifled; (nav.) stiff (of the 
Gcarablner, v.n., to skirmish. 

carabiner, v a., to rifle a gun-barrel. 

carabinier, n.m., carabineer, rifleman. 

caraco, n.m., woiuau'B jacket. 

caracole, n./., (man ) circling caracole. JSn 
; winding, 

caracoler, #,,, to caracole, to circle. 

caracouler, v.n , to coo. V. roucouler. 

caractere, n.m., character, latter, type, print; 
hand-writing ; Htamp, badgo, mark, dignity, tem- 
per, humor, spirit, uxpreBBiou; aspect; (aritlu) 
digit ; charm, spell. Iwtbh ; legible print. 
jKcau<K s ; fine typo, L& dJVw autcnr ; the 
stawp of an author. Uh homing d^un bon ; a 
good-natured man. JVw pns dfonenltr son to act 
up fco onc^s oliaracter. II <"st sorti d<t son ; he 
lost his toBiper. Avoir, montrcr* du ; to have 
spirit, to aJiow spirit, C'cst un hommft A ; ho 
ia a spirited, determined man. 

caracte'riser, v.u,, to chamcterize, describe, 
dofino, mark, distinguish. 

caracte'rlstlque, //<//., characteristic. 

caract^rlstlque, w./., (gram,, math.) charac- 
teristic ; (logarithm) index < 

carafe, n.f., decanter, flagon, water-bottle. 

carafon, n.m., cooler ; small decantei ; quar- 
ter bottle. 
*caragne, ./., aromatic resm, caranna. 

CaiaitO, n m., caraite (Jewish sectarian). 

carambolage, n w., (billiaidb) cannon ; (pop.; 
affray, shindy ; (fig.) rebound (against) 

caramboler, v.n., (billiards) to cannon. 

caramboleur, n m., good cannon-player. 

caramel, n.m., burnt sugar, caiamel. au 
beurre; butter-scotch, toiiee. 

carapace, n.f., turtle-shell, carapace. 

carapat, n m., oil of palnia Chnsti. 

caraque, n. /., carack (Portuguese India- 
man). Caracas, n.m , cocoa 

carat, n.m., (gold) carat j small diamonds sold 
by weight. 

caratch, n.m. (n.p.), tribute. 

caravane, sz./., caravan, convoy. Marcher en 
; to walk in a band, fa^iie ses s, to lead a 
dissipated life. 

caravanier, n.m., leader of caravan. 
*caravans^rail,, a caravansary (inn). 

caravanseraskier ; n.m , keeper of a caravan- 

caravelle, n.f., caravel (Portuguese boat). 

carbatlne, nf., green hide, skm. 

carbazotlque, adj., (chem.) carbazotic. 

carbonarisme, w.m., carbonansm. 

carbonaro, n.m. t carbonaro. 

carbonate, n.m., (chem.) carbonate. 
Qcarboncle. V. escarboucle ; furoncle, rubis. 

carbone, n m., (chem.) carbon. 

carbone', -e, adj., carbonated. 

carboneu-x, -se, adj., (chem.) carbonaceous. 

carbonique, adj., carbonic 

carbonisation, n f , carbonisation 

carboniser, v.a., to caibomze 

carbonnade, n.f , (cook ) carbonade. 

carburateur, n m , carburettor (motor). 

carbure, n m., (chem ) carburet, carbide. 

carbur6, -e, adj., (cheui.) carbureted 

carcajou, n.m., American badger. 

carcan, n.m., iron collar; carcan (pillory); 
carcanet (collar of jewels). 

carcasae, ?? /., carcass, skeleton, bones ; (ai ch,} 
shell, framework ; body ; fish- basket. 

carclnomateu-x, -se, adj., (med.) carcmoma- 

carcinome, n.m., (med.) carcinoma. 

cardage, n.m., act of carding, caidmg. 

cardamlne, n.f., (hot.) land-creas, lady's 

cardaraome, n m., (bat.) cardamom, 

cardasse, n.f., (bot ) nopal. 

carde, nj., chard (stalk m the leaves of some 
plants) ; card (instrument lor combing wool or 
flax) ; carding machine. 

card6e, n.f., quantity carded. 

carde-poire~e, n.f., (bot.) chard of beet. 

carder, v.a , to card, to comb. MJ ; to be 

cardere, n.f., (bot.) teasel. 

carderle, nf., caruiug-house ; card-inamifac- 

cardeu-r, n.m , -se, ?? /., carder, wool-<jomber. 

cardlaire, adj. (ssool ) F<r ; a parasite bred 

the heart, (bot.) V. 


in the heart, (bot.) F. cardere ; chardon t 

cardlalg^e, n.f., cardialcrv, heartburn, 
cardialogie, n.f., cardiology. 
oardlaq.ue, n.m., (med.) cavdiao, 
cardlaque, adj., (med., anat.) cardiac. 
cardler, n.m., wool card-maker. 
cardinal, adj.* cardinal, chief, principal, first 
cardinal, n.m., cardinnl ; (oral) cardinal. 
cardinalat, n.m.. cardmalate, cardlnakhip. 
car din ale, n.f., (bot.) oardinal flower. 
cardlne, n.f,, (icli.) rtat-flsh, whiff. 
cardon, n.-ni., (bot) oardoon. 



cardonnette, n.j\ F. chardonnette* 

carem, 7^.m., Lent, Lent-serinons. Favre le 
; to keep Lent. Provisions de ; fish and 
vegetables. Cela merit comine maree en ; that 
comes in the very nick of time. Face de ; 
pale or wan face. Amv&r comme wiars en ; 
to be sure to happen ; to come like clock-work. 
Arrwer comme maree en ; to come in the nick 
of time. 

careme-prenant, n* m., (s s) carnival 
tone , Shrove Tuesday ; maskei ; reveler. 

cargnage, n m , careening. 

carence, n.f., (jur.) absence of assets, insol- 
vency. ProceS'Verbal de ; declaiation of in- 

carene, nf., (nav.) keel; bottom, careen; 
(bot.) keel. Demi ; (nav ) paihament-heel. 
jBn ; keel-shaped. 

care'ne, -e, adj.* (bot.) keeled, keel-shaped, 

carener, v.a., (nav.) to careen. 

caressant, -e, ox/;'., caressing, endearing, fond, 
tender , fawning. 

caresse, /, caress, endearment. 11 ne/aut 
pas se fier aux s de la fortune / we must not 
trust to the smiles of fortune. 

caresse*, -Q,part., caressed; pohslied, finished 
oft, chiseled. Ces tableaux t>ont tress; these 
pictures have a peculiar richness of finish. 

caresser, v.a., to caress, to fondle, to stroke ; 
to fawn upon, to make much of, to flatter, to ca- 
jole, to wheedle. Vorgueil de, quelqtfun; to 
pamper any one's pride. une ch'im&re; to 
cherish, to hug, a visionary scheme. 

caret; n.m., rope-maker's reel; (erpetology) 
tortoise, Fu de ; rope-yarn. 

cares (-reks), n.m., (bot.) carex. 

cargaison, n.f., cargo, ship-load, freight. 

cargue (karg), nf., (nav.) braiL 

carguer (-gbe), v.a., (nav.) to brail up, to 
slew up. une voile / to clew up a sail. 

cargueur (-gheui), t (nav.) reefer ; top- 

cariatide, ./., (arch.) caryatids. 

caribou, n m., (mam.) caribou. 

caricature, nf., caricature. 

caricaturer, v. , to caricature, to ridicule. ' 

caricaturiste, n.m., caricaturist. 

carle, n/., brown rust; fire-blast; (med ) 
caries, decay. 

carter, v a., to make carious, to rot. 
?tf carter, v.n, to grow carious, rotten. Dent 
cartee ; carious tooth. 

*carillon, n, m , chime, peal ; musical bells, 
chimes ; clutter, racket A double ; soundly, 
lustily. Le des verres; the jinglmg ot 

*carillonnement, n.m., chiming, jingling. 
*carillonner, v.n., to chime, to ring the 
changes ; to jingle, to clatter. 
*carlllonneur, n.m., chimer, bell-ringer; 

carlette, nf,, square slate. 

carlin, n.m., carlin (Italian coin) ; pug-dog. 

carline, nf., (bot,) carlme-thiatle. 
< carlingue (-linghe), nf., (nav.) cnrline, car- 
ling. de cabestan ; keelson, step. 

Carlisle, w.w/., CarliHt (partisan of Charles). 

carllste, adj., Carlist. 

carlovinglen, -ne (-in, -e-u)> row! atfj Car- 

*carmagncle, n./,, carmagnole (jacket) ; car- 
magnole (revolutionary song and dance). 

carmagnole, n,m., violent Jacobin, 

carme, ,m,, Carmelite friar, white JTrlar. 
* d&ehauss&s ; barefooted Carmelites. 13au des 
5 ; carmelite water 

carme, n.w., (tric-trac) two fours. 

carmeline, n.f carmeline wool. 

carmelite, n,f. and adj., Carmelite mm. 

cannin, n.m., carmine, 

carminati-f, -ve, adj., (med ) carminative. 

canninatl-1, .w., (med.) carminative. 

carnage, n.m , carnage, slaughtei, butchery 
destruction, havoc. 

carnassi-er, -ere, adj., carnivorous, flesh-eat, 

carnassier, n.m,, feline animal ; flesh-eater. 

carnassiere, /., game-bag. 

carnation, ?z./., cai nation, flesh-tint, flesh- 
color, complexion. 

carnaval, w.?., a carnival ; guy. 

carne, nf., corner, edge (of a table, &c ). 

carne, -e, adj., of a carnation color. 

carnet, n m , note-book, memoiondum-book. 

d'echeanceSj bill-book de cheques , check 

cornier, n m. V carnassiere, 

carnilication, ./., (med.) eaimfication. 
.v<5 carnif ier, v i , (med.) to carnify. 

carnivore, adj , carnivorous. 

carnosite', n.f , camosity. 
*carogne, nj., (1 ex) hag, jade, irnpuetent 

carolus (-lus), .m., carolus (old French coin). 

caronade, n j , (artil.) canonade. 

caroncule, n f , (anat , bot.) coruucle. 

carotide, aty , (anat.) carotid. 

carotide, nj., (anat.) carotid. 

carotidlen, afy, m , (anat.) carotid. Canal 

; carotid canal. 

carotique, adj., (mod.) comatose. 

carotte, n/, cairot. dp. tabac ; roll of to- 
bacco, (fig.) Quelle ~ ! what a chouse ! 

carotter, v.n. t to live on little ; to play low , to 
chouse, to diddle. 

carotti-er, w.m., -ere, ./"., (ti-iv.) r. carot- 

carotteu-r, n TO , -se, n.f , timid player ; petty 
jobber ; cheat, trickster. 

caroube or carouge, /., (bot.) carol >-l wan. 

caroubier, n.m., caiob-tice, St. John's bread 

carouble, w./., skeleton-key. 

caroubleur, n.w , houe-bicalror. 

carpe, n/., (icli.)carp. tiuut de, ; RomorBot, 
Favre la prime?; to sham fainting. JMuet 
comme une ; dumb RH an oyntor. 

carpe, n.m., (aunt.) wiint. 

carpeau, n.m., gimill carp. 

carpien, -ne (-iu, -t'-n) ntfj., (anat ) rarpal. 
*carpillon, n in., (iclu) y<iitug carp. 

carquois, n.m., quiver. 11 a viM &<m ; he 
has shot his bolt. 

carrare, n.m,, Carrara muirbln. 

Carre, nf,, back and shouldc'rw (of any cmc), 
La d*un chapwtu , th <uown of a hat. J*a - 
rf'?m habit} the part of a coat from iho wnisfc 
upwards. La d\iw jsoul'fpr ; tho Hquaro too 
ot a shoe. Un /tow me <r<tne fawn a - ; a broati* 
shouldeied utiau,, X^amc it trois - $; throo-ixtgi^l 

carrdi, n.w., quare; landing, iloor; printing 
demy (of paper). I hi </<" tul'iiws ; a H<iuaro b<l 
of tulips. Un tfrcftu ,' a wjuaro Hhnot of water. 

de loilett?; droHBing'i'aHO. <fes ojJlHrn ,* 

carre], -e, <id% t square, qtin<lratic; wall-ant, 
well-knit ; plain, Btx'iUg'htforward ; <)<utiy (of 
paper); (rhet ) flowing, JPurtie~~ f/ party of 
four (two men and two womou). 
carreau, ,w., (ind.) tabes mc8ntorla, 
carreau, n.w., square ; lojsngo ; aqwur tilt 
or brick; small flatf-Btoiwj ground, floor; paiia 
(of glass) ; cushion, hoHHook ; tailor's goo^; 
diamond (at cards) ; (gard.) Ixnl, Kquwe; (arch,) 
stretcher ; rubber (file) ; wiuaro-Juuulwl arrow, 
crosa-arrow. Jtroc/ict ; vary large pike, 7'm- 
ber star lr ; to fall on tho floor, Ctntrtter 
>mr te ; to Bleep on tlw floojr, Jrttr tjttrltju'm 
sur le f to aand any oue tprawUug ujwm the 




ground. Hester sur le ; to be kiUed on the spot. 
Etoffes a x; stuif checks. C^est un valet de ; 
he is a contemptible fellow. 

carrefour, nm., cross-way or street, cross- 
road, quadrant, crowded thorougkfaie Les s 
dhme mile ; tlie public places of a town. des 
auteurs; Grub-street Langage de , low, 
vulgar language ; Billingsgate. Otateur de , 

carrelage, n,tn , tile-flooring, brick-paving. 

Carreler, v a., to pave (a floor) with squaie 
tiles, bncks, stones ; to cobble. 

carrelet, n.m , (ich.) flounder; square net; 

carrelette, /., flat file 

carreleur, n.m., floor- tiler, brick-pavior , 
tramping cobbler. 

carrelier, n m , a tile-maker 

carrelure, nf , new-solmg of shoes 

carrdment, adv , squarely , plainly, straight- 
forwardly. Coupei ; to cut square. Tracer 
unplan , to diaw a plan square. 

carrer, ?'.., to square. 

se carrer, v / , to strut, to stalk ; to double one's 
stake (at bouHlotte a card game). Se dans 
son fauteiwl ; to sit in state. 

carrick, n m., box-coat, cape ; gig. 

carrier, n tn., a quarry-man. 

carriere, nf., race-giound> course, &e. ; 
career, race , couise , scope ; play, vent , quairy. 
Le bout de, to ; the goal. Paicourir la , to 
run round, to run over the couise. Donner a, 
son imagination , to give .scope, f i ee vent to one's 
imagination Se donner ; to thiovv oJl'allie- 
stramt. Donne? a un eheval; to give a horse 
his head. die imn bre , maible quarry 

carriole, nj', coveied curt, jaunting car, 
pleasure-van ; wretched carriage. 

carrossatole, ftdj", t (of roada) practicable for 
carnages. Jftwte , carriage road. 

carrosse, W.M., four-wheeled carriage, coach 

de teniifiG ; livery-coach deloitage, hack- 
ney-coach. Mener tin ; to drive a carnage. 
Alleren ; to ride in a couch Raider , to 
keep a carriage, to live in grand style. 

Carrosse'e, M,/, coachtul, carnageful. 

carrosserie, n / , coach-making ; coach-build- 

carrossler, n w<. ? coachmaker, carringe- 
builder , coach-horse 

carrousel, n wt., tournament , roundabout, 
Qcarrousse, n.f, , caroutto Fan/re ; to carouse, 
to drink hard. 

carrure, n.f., breadth of shoulders. 

cartalm, ?/.?., (wav ) wlup; girt-lme. Poulie 
dp . ; single block 

cartayer, v,n., to avoid nits 

carte, M./., pasteboard ; card, poatcard ; label, 
ticket; map, chart; bill; Inll oi faro, account. 
Un jfiu dc, s f a pack ol cards. Les basses s , 
the small cards, * prfipaifas; m,irkol cards. 
Ihmwr trs * , to deal. Jiattre, Its ; to shnf- 
ilo. 1'Wrc <?<>$ tours dc, ; to piny tricks with 
oardu, MeMre avx ~~$ , to pay tho oaicl money. 
Chilean de s; gingerbread or jerry-built house. 
JKromlJcr IPS -~? ; to aow dimsord. IWr /" da~ 
smisties s ; to be in the secret ; " in the Know.' 
Avoir blanche ; to have full power, 'firtr tes 
s; to tell fortunes (with cards). de g&o- 
yrtt$h$& ; map, chart. Fairf Iti tf'im p<*y*> ; to 
inap out a country. - topoffrttyMqw; topo- 
graphical chart. marine ; sea-chart. Pcrdre 
la ; to lose one's wits. Mner & la ; to dine 
from tlie bill of fare., 

cartel) n.m,, challenge^ cartel; dial-caao, 
clock ; frieze-panel, frame ; (milit., nav.) cartel. 

cfcwww'nVw; (her,) shield. 

carterle, n.f , ami-waking, card-factory. 
larteron,, V. q.tiai'teron* 
cart^slanisme, //.w., Oartoaiau philowophy. 

, -lie (-i, -e-n), adj , Cai fce&ian 
carthaginois, -e, n and adj , Carthaginian 
carthame. n.m., (bot.) carthanius, safflowei. 
Cartl&r, n 7n> > playing-card maker. 
cartilage, n m., (anat ) cartilage, giistle 
cartila|ineu-x,-se, adj , cartilaguious, gristly 
cartisane, n "/., foil-caid. Dentelle a, ; 


cartomancie, n.f., cartomancy 
cartomancien, n.m., -ne, nj., fortune-teller 

(by cards). 
carton, n.m., pasteboard, (paint.) cartoon; 

bandbox ; case , hat-box ; bonnet-box ; (print ) 

four-page cancel. lis&e; glazed pasteboard 

de pat&; mill board. Les s de Raphael , the 
cartoons of Raphael, de des&ins , portfolio of 

cartonnage, n m., (book-bind.) boarding. 

cartoan^, -e, ^j.. (book-bind ) m boaids 

cartonner, -v.o., to put m boards. 

cartonnene, n f , pafateboard manufactory. 

cartonneu-r, n m , -se, /., binder, boarder 
(of books). 

caitonnier, ?z.z., pa&teboard-maker, sellei 

oarton-pierre, w.?., (n.p ), statuary paste- 

cartouche, nm., escutcheon, shield, ring, 
(arch.) cartouch, modilliou. 

cartoucbe, n.f , cai touch, case-shot, canister- 
shot (of cannon) , cartudge. 

cartoucliier, ?i.m., (nav ) caitridge-box, or 

cartouchlfere, n.f , cartiulge-box. 

cartulaire, n.m , caituLuy 

carus, n m,, (nied.) deep coma. 

carvl, n.m., (bot.) cai away , caiaway-eeed. 

caryatide. V. cariatide. 

caryophyll^e, ac/?.,/., (bot ) caryophyllous 

oaryophyll^es, nf pi , caiyophyllre. 

oaryophylloide, ?*./. caryoplnlloid. 

cas, n.?n> , case, event, esteem, value ; needs, 
concern , (jur., math., gram., med.) case. Un 
pendable ; a hanging nuittei . Un wnpi ivu , n 
unforeseen case. Un tout en , &uimhude. Au 
, en que ccla &otl, in case it should tuni out 
to be. Auqud , in winch cane Le fohtomt , 
if such should be the ca&e, in that case En 
tel , en pared , in tuch a cabe. lloisle , 
unlcHH, except, save. C"<?.s/ le rfe parley , it IH 
the time to speak out. Fturc ginnd de quel 
qitfun; to have a great esteem ior any one, to 
value highly. Fture pen de ; to make light of 
to slight Mn tout~\ at all events, however. 
En debcsoin, in case of need O'cstle OH 
yamais ; it is now or never. 11 rtest pas daws In 

de wits nnire ; Jie IH not in a position to harm 
you. West lyfcn lr~-~(ic le dire ; you may iiulectl 
well say so. Un (W , a siuuik (in oase of need) 

casani-er, -ere, n. and ftdj., domontic person; 
domestic, retired, stay at home, home-bird. 

casao;ue, w./., great coat, cassock. Totwn&r 
, to change HidoA, to rtit. 

casaQLuin, n ?-., short gown, jacket. 

cascade, n./., cawcado, waterfall; laap, bound. 
Un discotwspieuufa .v; a jumbled, jerky speech. 

cascarille, ./., cawcarilla. 

cascatelle, nf., cascade (of Tlvoli). 

case, n.f,, (iiviawu; cabin, dw 
small house, hut ; box (for animals) ; 
compartment , point (backgammon) ; square 
(chesa, drau^htn), (MUV.) bertlt. 

cas6, -e, part., placed. L willt j lie is 
provided for. 

case'eu-x, -se, <?/., caseoiw, <;loy 

casemate (kaz-mat), n./,, (fort) casemate; 
dungeon, cell. 

casemattf, -e flrfy., oaaomatetl, 

caser, v.., (baokgauiitton) to make a point. 

caser, .., to place, to mid a place for, to 
provide for \ to arrange, put iw order. 




.ye caser, v.r.^ to take up one's abode, one's 
quarters, to get settled. 

casenie, n.f. , barracks. d e pompiers ; fire- 
brigade station. Intendant de ; barrack-tuas- 

casernement, .wi., quartering in barracks. 

caserner, v a., to quarter in barracks. 

caserne? , v.w., to be m barracks. 

easier, n.m., set of pigeon-holes , rack, ledger- 
*caslUeux, adj. m., brittle. 

casimir, n.m., kerseymere cloth. 

casino, n.m,., casino, club 

casoar, w.m.., (orni.) cassowary. 

casque, n.m , helmet, casque, head-piece , 
(bot.) hood ; (her ) helmet, casque ; (conch.) 

casquette, n f , cap (of a man or boy). 

cassable, adj., breakable. 

cassade, n.f., sham, flam , lie, fib, cheat. 

cassage, n.m., breakage. 
*cassaiU0, nf, the breaking up (of ground). 

cassant, -e, adj., brittle, apt to break , (of a 
tnan) abrupt, blulf, gruff. 

cassation, nf, bieaking , Qur.) annulment, 
repeal, quashing Se poiirvoir en ; to lodge 
an appeal. Cour de ; the highest court of 
appeal in France 

cassave, /., cassava. 

(Basse, nf., (bot ) cassia; (print.) case , (com.) 
breakage ; (rniht ; cashiering, dismissal. 
ai otnatique ; bastard cnmamoii. Cei officier 
merits la , that officer deserves to be dis- 
missed the service. Haul de , (print ) upper- 
case. Basde ', (print. ) lowex-case. Appiendre 
la , to learn the boxes. 

casseail, n.m , (print.) half-case. 

casse-cou, n m , ( , or s) break-neck, 

(man ) rough-rider. 

casse-lunettes, n m., (plur. ) (bot.) eye- 

casse-mottes, n.m., (plw ) (agn.) clod- 

casse-nolsettes, n.w., (plur. ) nut- 

casse-noix, nm., () nut-crackers; (oim ) 

casser, v.a , to break , to crack, to cashier, 
to waste , to wear out ; to annul ; to rofacmd , 
to shiver (a mast). Qui cas^e fes vcrics lex p<tie 
or Hfaut payer lespots <XIM>&$} you must stand 
the racket. un judgement , to reverse a judg- 
ment. Casse de vwlleasc , worn out with old age. 
Vote cQ$3&e ; broken voice. Vous me cimezla 
tOte ; you boie me to death. onx gages, to 
dismiss, to discharge. 

.ve casser, v.r., to break; to break down; to 
wear out ; to snap, Se la ietc , to break one's 
head ; to puzzle one's brains. Se lc cou , to 
break one's neck. Se la jamfo , to break one's 

casser, v.n., to break. A tout ; with a 
vengeance; at break-neck speed. 

casserole, w./., saucepan, stcwpan. 

casse-tete, n,w., ( ) tomahawk, puzzlo- 
brain , heady wine ; din, noise. Quel / what 

cassetin, w.r/i., (print.) box. a dm I] 

cassette, n/., casket; cash-box. La du 
roi ; the King'a privy purse, 

casseu-r, .., -se, w/., breakoi, smaHhor. 
C'est un grand de raquetfes ; he is a real ma- 
tador. Un d^assiettes ; a quarrelsome fellow, 
blusterer, bully. 

cassier, n 7/1., cassia-tree. 

cassine, n./., (milit.) cansine ; country-box; 
badly-kept house , stall, booth. 

casslope'e, w./., (astron.) Cassiopeia. 

cassis (kfi-sis), n.m., black currant ; Mack 
currant-tree ; black-currant ratafia (liquor), 

cassolette, n.f , perfuming paw , scent-box, 

fragrant smell ; (b s ) stench, odoi Quelie - / 
what a perfume ! 

casson, n.m , fragment of plate-glabS , lump 

oassonade, nj , moist sugar 

oassure, nf, broken place, bieak, crack, 
snap, fracture, (nav.) hogging 
*castagnette, /., castanet. 

caste, n./., caste 
Qcastel, n m., castle. 
^Castillan, -e, n. and adj , Castihan. 
*castille, n.f n altercation, bickering, strife. 

castine, n) , (metal ) flux 

castor, n.m., (mam.) castor, beaver ; beaver 
hat, tile. 

castore*um (-om), n nt , (phar.) castorenm. 

Castorine, rt / , castoime 

castram^tatlon, n / , castrametation. 

Castrat, n.m , castiato, cafatrate. 

castration, n.f , cassation 

Casualit^j n f , (l.u ) casualty, fortuitouhness. 

casueL -le, adj , casual, contingent, precanouB, 
foituitous, accidental. 

casuel, n m , perquisites, extra salary , fees, 
IJQ cPune cut e , surplice fees 

oasuellement (-man), adv , casually, acci- 
dentally, by chance, fortuitously. 

casuiste, n.m , casuist 

cataclirese (-kroz), ?< / , (rhet ) catachream 

cataclysme, nm,, caUclysm, deluge, flood, 
(fig.) disaster, overtlnow. 

catacois V. cacatois. 

oatacombes, nj.pL, catacombs. 

catacoustique, n f , catacouatics. 

catadioptrique, n f , catadioptncs. 

catadioptrique, <idy , catadioptucal. 
Qcatadoupe or catadupe, n.f., oatadupa, cata- 
ract, waterfall. 

catafalque, n m , catafalque , bod of state. 

Gaiaire, <?/., of a cat, cvt-like. /'V ('miwnit'iit 
(med ) ; thrill, purring tremoi , of the heart. 

cataire, nf., (bot ) catmint, catnip. 

Catalan -e, n and adj., Cutiiloman. 

catalecte or catalectiquc, urfj , (pot^i.) 

catalectes, w m. pL, (ht ) cutulocUcs. 

oatalepsie, ./., (Mtuleptty. 

cataleptique, tuij ,,Uci)l,io. 

catalogue (-log), n in., lint, cuuiucratiun, 

cataloguer (-gh'') v.a , to catalogue, 

catalpa, v.w , (bot.) ratal pa. 

cataplasme, n.m , cataplasm, poultice. 

catapuce, nf , (bot.) oaptti-npurgo* 

catapulte, ?/../,, (auti<j[,) catapult. 

cataract, n.J., cataract, wuttu-fall; (nui<l.) 

cataractd, -e, tnlj , (med.) uflhctod with a 
se cataracter, v.r,, to hav un inctpiout cutaruct, 

catarrhal, -e, ad'} , (uu<l.) cutarrhal. 

catarrhe, w,j., cutarrh, <'oUl. - tVHe ; lui>- 

catarrheu-x, -se, (tdj., (nic<l.) ('aiarrhotiH. 

catastrophe, n.J , cataHtroplKi, <!?Uamiiy. 

cat^chiser, v,<t,, to catcchi^i ; l> rouH<i with; 
to lecture ; to give anyone IHH cuti , to coach up. 

cate"cJiisun0, //.?-., (^({^'hiHiu, Mnrv I? a 
quvhju^itn , to givo auyono IIM cuti. 

cat^chiste,, cutcolitHt. 

cat^chumdnat (-ku-), ??.///,, ("atdclnuucnai* 1 !. 
(-ku-), n M.,/., cntcchtunon^ 

, y.,cat(Kor)<'al, projmr, 

cat^goriauemcnt (-rik-man), ad'V n 
cally, to tho purp<)H<\ 

cat^gorlser, '<ur., to cluns. 
Qcaterve, w,/., troop, hand. 

cathartine, w/,, <'thavt.hi, 

cattiartiQLUe, n.m, and adj,, t!atlittrfci<!, purga- 



ez cathedra, with high authority. 

cathe~dral6, n. and acfr /., cathedral; cathe- 
dral church. 

cathddrant,, president (over a thesis), 

Cath&e'Uq.ue, adj., (pharm ) caustic. 

catheter (-ter), n.m., (surg.) catheter. 

Cath6t6rteme, n m., (surg.) cathetensm. 

catholicisme, n.m , Catholicism. 

Catholicity, n.f.j Catholicity ; Catholic coun- 

catholicon, n.m., (phar.) catholicon. 

catholique, adj, Catholic, moral, orthodox. 
Cela n'est pas ; that is not orthodox. 

cathollque,,, Catholic. Un agros 
grains ; a lax Catholic. 

catholiqtuement (-man), adv , in a catholic 

cat!) n m., pressing, gloss, lustre. 

cati, adj,, pressed. 
eftcatimini, adv., slily, stealthily. 

catin, nf., (Lex.) harlot, strumpet. 

catir, tr.a to give a gloss to. & chaud , to 
hot-press. a fioid, to cold-press 

catissage, n m , glossing, pressing. 

catisseur, n.m,, presser. 

catmarin, n m , (ornith.) red-throated diver. 

catodon, n m , catodon, a species of whale. 

catogan or cadogan, n.m. t club of hair. 

catoptrlque, nf , catoptrics. 

catoptroraancle, n,f , catoptromancy. 

caucasique, adj , (geog,) Caucasian. 

cauchemair (kosh-mar), n.m , nightmare, in- 
cubus. M donnc tc ; he tires one to death. 

caucher, n.m., vellum-mold. 

cauchois, -e, adj , of Caux. 

caudatalre, n.m , the train-bearer. 

caude", -e, adj., (her.) caudated, tailed. 
Qcaudoboc, n.m., woolen French hat. 

caudes (k6-deks), n,m., stem of a tree. 

caudicule, nf, (bot.) caudicle. 

caudlnos, adj. f. pi., caudme. 

caullcoles, nfpl, (arch.) caulicole. 

caulinalre, adj., (hot.) cauline* 

caiiris, n.m , cowry. 

causal, -e, adj , causal. 

causalit^, nf , causality. 

causant, -e, adf , chatty, talkative. 

causati-f, -ve, adj , (gram.) causative. 

causation, n f , causation. 

caiisatlvemeilt, adv., causatively. 

cause, n,/., cause ; grounds, motive; subject; 
casa, trial, brief. $ eloignfos , remote causes. 
jprcndre fait et pour Qwlqii 1 un; to espouse 
any one's cause ; to side with ; to stand by. I 
(ippeUe, remise; cause called in court, put off. 
~mnbrQUill&c>, doutt'iise ; intricate, doubtful case. 
Dormer fain da a; to decide m favor of. 
Avoir gain de ; to gain the day. Eire hors 
dc ; not to toe concerned in a law-suit. JMfrtfni 
hor* de ; to dismiss the parties (to a suit), (%.) 
to free from blame ; to put out of the quostioif 
JStw GQndam,n& sans conwiissance de ; to be cast 
without a hearing. Nffi h&riticrs on ayante ; 
3m heirs or assigns. Un avocat sms ; a brief- 
leas barrister, Parlor avec connaissanctt de * ; 
to spank from a knowledge of tho case JStie 
In innocftntffi or involonfavre^ d'un accident ; to 
bo the harmless, or involuntary, cause of an acci- 
dent. XI ne 10 /frt pns t ct pour ; he won't do 
it, and for a very good reason. A ces is ; (JUT.) 
those reasons moving us thereunto. A de ; for 
the sake of, on account of, because of, for. A 
de quoif why? wherefore? for what reason? 
A quf ," because. 

causer, r.^r., to cauee, to be the cause of, to 
occasion, to give rise to. 

causer, .n.> to chat, to talk, to prate, 
de cho96t et d'autrGs; to talk of one thing and 
another. de lapluis et du beau tem,p$ ; to talk 
about the weather, litt&rature, voyagw; to 

talk about literature, travels. Vousaurez oausS ; 
you have been babbling. 

caufierle (kdz-rl), /, talk, chat, gossip. 

causotte, n /. , chit-chat Fait ela, to have 
a chat. 

causeu-r, -se, adj , talkative, chatty. 

causeu-r, n m., -se, nf , talker, conversation- 

C&USGUS6, n.f , small sofa, settee. 

causticity, n f , causticity. 

caustique, adj. t biting, cutting, caustic. 

CailStlqtie, n m., caustic, biting, cutting. 

causti(|ue, nf , (geom., phys ) cau&tic curve. 

caustiquement, adv., caustically, cuttingly. 

cauteleusement (k8t-leuz-mSn), adv., craft- 
ily, slyly. 

cauteleu-s, -se (k6t-leQ), adj , cunning, 

cantere, n.m , (med ) issue, cautery ; (vet.) fir- 
ing-iron. Panser un ; to dress a cautery. JPois 
a ; issue peas 

cautdr^ticiiie V. catheT&ique. 

cauterisation, w./, cauterization. 

cautdriser, v.a., to cauterize, to sear, to 

Caution, /., surety, security, bail, pledge. 

legate; common bail. solvable ; special bail. 
Un komme sujet a ; a man not to be binbted. 

cautionn^, -e, part., bailed , (of things) suspi- 
cious, doubtful. 

cautionnement (kd-sio-n-man), .w., bailing, 
bail, caution-money ; security. 

cautionner, v a , to stand bail for any one, to 
stand surety for. 

cavage, n m., hollowing out, digging , cellai- 

cavalcade, /., ride, cavalcado. 
Qcavalcadour, n.m,, ndiug-mnstor, equerry, 
master of the horse 

cavale, nf., mare, steed 

cavalerie (ka-val-ri), n f , cavalry, horse. 

cavalier, n,m., horseman ; rider, cavalier ; 
trooper ; gentleman, gallant ; (dancing) part- 
ner, knight (at chess), (fort.) cavalier; (man.) 
rider; (mec.) spoil-bank. Serwr da <> une 
dmne; to escoit a lady. 

cavali-er, -tee, adj , oavaliei, free, proud, 
haughty, unceremonious. 

cavalibreintint (-man), adv., cavalierly, 
bluntly, unceremoniously, 

cavatine, nf,, (mus.) cavatina. 

cave, ./., cellar, vault, cellarage ; boot (of a 
coach) ; case of bottles, cellaret ; (cards) pool, 
stock. JRat d& ; twisted taper. Mats dv , 

cave, adj , hollow, sunken. <7tJ?Z ; hollow 
eye. IMUQ ; lunar month of 2!) days. Annfa 

; lunar year (353 days) 

caveau, n.m., small cellar; vault (inn church), 

cavectf, -e, fidj,, with a black head (of a roan 
norse or maro). Cheval rouan de noir ,* roan 
liorse with a black head. 

cavoQon, M-.WI., (man.) cavezon, curb. Jl n be,- 
soin de ; lie wants curbing. 

cave'e, nf., (hunt.) hollow way. 

caver, VM,, to hollow, to niako hollow, to Hcoop 
out, to dig under ; to lunge (fencing) ; to stake 
(at play). an plus fort ; to play tlp ; to carry 
things to extremes. 
se caver, ti.r., to become hollow or sunken ; to 

caverne, nf., cavern; cave, hollow, den. 

oaverneu-x, se, adj., hollow, sepulchral; 
(anat.) cavemoua, spongy* I r ote M; hollow 

cavet, n.m,, (arch.) oavotto. 

caviar, w.m,, (cook,) caviar, caviare. 

cavillation (-vil-la-), w./., sophistry, 

cavlsto, n.m., cellarer, cellar man* 



cavlt, w./., cavity, hollow, 

ce, cet, m., cette,/., ces, pi., demon&t. adj., 
this, these ; that, those. Ce hvre ; this or that 
book. Ce Mi os , this or that hero. Cet arbre , 
this or that tree. Cet homme ; tins or that 
man. Cette femme, this or that woman. to 
livres; these or those books. (7<s hvre-ci, this 
book. <7e hvre-la ; that book. 

ce, demonst. pi on., he, she, it; they. J'ainie 
votre /rere, cY-s/ zm 0o?& ffww" , I love your brothei , 
he is a good friend. Lisez Racine et Boilcau, ce 
sont de grands poetes ; read Kacme and Boileau, 
they are great poets. 

GO (for cela), it, that ; he, she, they. C'est 
fait; it is done. West fort bien fait; that's 
very well done C'm est fait de moi ; it is all 
up with me. C^en est fait ; it is all ovei , it is 
doe C^est bien f ait ; it serves him right. Et ce, 
pout cause ; and this for a good reason. Je I in 
ai dit idle chose, et c ^our Ic persuader de le 
faire ; I told him such r, thing, and it was to per- 
suade him to do it. $MZ est-ce who is he ? Qui 
etait-ce ? who was it ? Qui sera-ce 9 who will it 
be 7 Qui est-ce qui arrive Ik < who is coming there ? 
Est-ce moi t is it I? Est-ce lui? is i* he? Est-ce 
nous qu*& menaced is i towards us his threats 
are directed ? Est-ce eux que vous pretendes sou- 
mettref is it they 3 pretc to subdue? Sont-ce 
les Anglais? is it the English V C'e*f vous quSon 
demands ; it is you who are wanted. Ce sont 
eux que f o/i vus t f ] is they I have seen. Lv<it-ce 
la les dames que vous attendiez f are these thf 
ladies you expected? Out, ce sont elles; yes, 
they are. C^tait eux, ce furent eux, ce sera nous, 
ce sera vow autres, ce sera eux, ce scrait > ; it 
was they &c. Qu'cst-ce f what is that f f Qu' est- 
ce que Je vois Itt-bas f what do 1 see yonder ? 
Sont-ce la vos raisons f are those your reasons ? 
Est-ce Ih wtre carrosse f fe that your coach ? Out, 
ce Vest ; yes, it is. Sont-cc la vos chevaux n aie 
these youi horses ? Oui, ce les sont ; yes, they 
are. Queljour est-ce a i ujourd" l hm? what day is 
it to-day? Westjeudi; it is Thursday. Qwmd 
sera~ce f wLen will it be ? Ce sera pour demain; 
ifc will bo for to-morrow. 

CO qili, que, dont, & Qiuol ; that, which, what, 
of what, to what. Je ne sats ce que nous devicn- 
drons; I do not know what will become of us. 
Ce qui SB passe ; what happens. Cfqucjf 1 vous 
dit ; what I tell you. Faites ce dont je vous ai 
parU; do what I told you of. 6V qui ieus$it est 
ton jours approuv&; what meets with SUCCOUR 
always meets with approbation. C^cst cc qui. jc 
disais / it is what I said. Ce que fal vu da 
beau ; the fine things I saw. Tout ce gu* on fait 
de mauvais; all the mischief that is done. 
Savex-vous a quoi il pense f do you know what 
he is thinking of ? 

ce q.ui or ce que, serve for two verbs, the 
latter of which, when ce begins the sentence, is 
governed by ce: if the latter verb is ette, fol- 
lowed by que or de, ce must be repeated before 
it. Ce queje wains, tfest d'etre svrpris t what 
I fear is to be surprised. Ce qu'il demands, c' &ii 
une pension; what he asks for is a pension. 
[But cc cannot lie repeated when titi e is followed 
by an adjective.] Ce qtfon wus a dut e$t vr<ii / 
what you have been told is true. Ce qtfon wus 
a di t ce sont des conies f what you liavo been told 
are mere idle tales. C'faait tw grand cajritaine 
que Cesar; Caesar was a great captain. Sont-ce Us 
Hchesses qui vous rendront heureux f can riches 
make you happy? CY.S2 moitpfon veutperare; 
I am the man they wish to rum. C'wtf a ww 
(flMjepwle; it is to you I speak. &ext ffifll?, 
guejeparle; it is of her that I speak, C'ad Ik 
que ye les attends; there I shall have thera. 
u'est un bonhrur que tfavoir &chapp& ; it is good 
luck to have escaped. C^tait & wus deparfer; 
it was your duty to speak. C'faait k vovs a pur- 

ler; it was your turn to speak. Si c'etait a tc- 
faire, if it were to be done again. & est & qui 
pat lera , they vie with one anothei as to who 
shall speak. C^etait a qui tfoflniait , they vied 
with one anothei as to who would offer himself 
Ce seiait pour mot un grand plaiMi ; it would 
give nie great pleasure. Ce n^nt pax qu^il la 
ciaigne, mats il aime la pai i , not that he fears 
her, but he loves peace Ccs malhcurcux nc savent 
ce que tfest que la vt'itu; these wretches know 
not what virtue is. C'est-a-dire ; that ia to say. 
Cc rt est pas a diie que ; it does not follow that 
West pouvquoi ; therefore, wherefore, for winch 
reason. West que ; you mii&t know ; 1 niut.t toll 
you. Ce que tfett que de noui> i what poor moitals 
we are. 

cdans, adv , within, here within, in tlii.s house, 
home. Maitie de ; master of tho hoiibe. // 
dlneia , ho will dine at home. 

ceci, demand pi on,, this. Quc vent dire ? 
what does this mean? C^c^t , tfestccla; it is 
first one thing and then anothei 

c6clt6, nf., blindness Ftappw de\ to 
strike blind. 

cdant, n m., -e, n/., (jur ) grantor; assignor, 

c^dant, -e, adj., that assigns, transfers ; that 

ce*der, v.a., to give, to give up, to yield, to 
transfer ; to sell, to pait with, to make over. - 
le pas & quclqu'nn ; to give precedence to any 
one le haut du pave ; to give the wall. 

odder, v.?i., to give way, to give ; to submit ; 
to give in II, f out ; we must submit, a 
son penchant, to give xvay to one's inclinations. 
Je lui cede en tout; I give m to him in every- 
thing. Nc le hpcrsonne ; to yield to no cm ; 
to be second to none. JM port? ct'da ; the door 
gave way. 

*ce'dillfc, /., (gram J cedilla. 

cddrat, n,m , (bot.) (biee) cedrato, louion- 
tree ; (fruit) lemon. 

C^dratier, w.w., (bot.) codiato, lenioii-treo* 

cedre, w.m., cedar ; cedai of L< v bunou. 

C^drle, n/, eedra, ccdar-rt-Hiu. 

c^dule, nf., (jui )c(ulul<', 8< Uodulc, incmoraiu 
dum, notice ; note ot hand. 

ceindre (ceignant, cwuit), 7' <r,, to (iiicloiHtt, <<> 
encompass, to tmmmnd, to bnul; to foiico; to 
gird Oil, t ^ put on, to encircle. U'tu 1 conic lui eci- 
gnaitlcs WHS ; his loiiw were girt with n coid. 
~ le dwdenic ; to put on tho <hnd<nu. 
se ceindre, v.r., to bind round ono ; to encircle 
one's brow with anything. 

celntrag , n.m , (nav,) f rapping, swifting (of 

celntrcr, v.a., (iiav.) to f rap, to gird, un 
twisseau; to frap a ship. 

ceinturo, nf., sash, giidle, l>dt; wnini-baitd, 
waist-ribbon ; the waist , en<*loHnre, circle ; 
(arch.) cincture (of a column), molding; (uav*) 
swifter. Jtonnc renflmwtt' wntt wienx, yut* 
do) <% / a good name SB biittm than dchH. <^' 
deml ; funeral hangiiigs. Chftmndt" Ji'nlfi \ 
circular railway. 

, -e, adj., conliiied, girt; wearing a 

ceinturer, V.H., to girdle, to girl 

ceinturier, .., girdle-maker, bolt-maker. 

ceinturon, n,w., belt, sword-belt, 

cela, demons, pron,, that, - t*t wn"; that 
is true. Comment- *t how so? (P?t ;tlftt' 
it, Cen^est pdx *-*; that's not il, that will not 
do. N'est'Ct* qu(' t ~~f in that all? Cto/www- : HO 
BO. J7 est comma- ; it is MH wy It IM juwt like 
him, C'cst wfbw f thafc' wio very tiling, 
Pr w^w / for that very reason, JF*mtr mi; 
inost certainly. Pour wow ; oet 1 tift!ly >ot 

celadon, adj., w., wa-gwew (color). Mitten 
; ea-greew ribbon. 




celadon, n.m., sea-green (color) ; sentimen- 
tal lover ; old beau. 

ce~le*brant, n.m., officiating priest at mass. 

Calibration) nf., solemn performance, cele- 

celebre, adj., celebrated, famous, renowned ; 
eminent, distinguished. 

C6*ldbrer, v.a , to praise, to extol, to smg, to 
solemnize ; to gloufy, to celebrate, to record. 

celebrite", n.f., celebrity ; fame. 

celer or celer, v a , to conceal, to keep close 
or secret, to secrete. Se /cure , to say " not 
at home." 

celeri (sel-ri), n.m., celery. otte de -; bun- 
dle of celery. 

nf, celerity, rapidity, dispatch, 

celeste, adj., celestial, heavenly, divine. Bleu 
sky-blue. Lacolere , the auger of heaven. 

celestifl, n.m , celestm (monk mome). 

C6*llaQ[ue, adj., (anat.) ccehac. 

celibat, n in , celibacy, single life; single 
state. Fevnmc, homme, dans le-~~ ; single wo- 
man, single man. 

celibataire, n.m , single man, bachelor. 

celle, demonst, pron. , she, that. V. celui. 
celle, n /., cell (of a, hermit). 

celle*r-ier, n.m , -iere, w/., cellarer. 

collier, nm cellar, store-room, 

cellulaire, adj. cellular. 

cellule, n./ , cell, partition; cell (of honey). 

celluleu-x, -se, adj , cellular. 

C&losie, n.f., (bot.) cock's-comb; coxcomb. 

celte, n.m., Celt. 

celti4ue, adj., Celtic. 

celtique, n.m., Celtic language, 

celui, m., celle,/ , ceux, calles,^., demonst 
pron,, he, 1m n; Hhe, her, they, them; that, those. 
Ceux <ltti ont vecit avant nous ; those who lived 
before us. 

celu!-cl, celle-ci, sing , ceux-cl, celles-ci, 
pL, dcwonsL pi on. ; this, these. 

celui-la, celle-la, sing., ceux-la, celles-la, 
pL, demonst. won.; that, those Avmeswom 
midix celui-cit do you like this best? Cdui'lh 
n'est pas si lean; that one is not so fine. Celui-ci 
est mnllcur que cclui-lft ; this is bettei than that, 
[Celwk-ci relates to an object near tho speaker; 
cclw-lh, to an object distant from him; or after 
two nouns already oxpressod, celwt-ci refers to tho 
last, ccluifl^i to tho first mentioned.] 

cement, n m., cement. 

cementation, n/., cementation. 

odmentatolre, adj., cemontatory. 

cdmonter, v (i , to cement. 

c^nacle, n,w., (antiq.) guoHt-chawiber (where 
the Lord's sapper wag taken), (fig.) club, literary 

condre, nj,, ashes ; ombers ; cinder ; dust, 
anhna (of the doad). C'ettt unftsu <jfui cotive sous 
la ; it is a nmolderiug fire. La , la* dcs 
Moris , tho anhoH of the dead. 

cendres, n.f. pL, ashos, at denies; live 
nmbora. qu't convent ; smoldering oaheH. Jje 
mwcre.iU dcs ; Attli-WodneHday Mcttrt 1 en-*- ; 
to lay in anhos* J^nrt^r dc w* ; to rise 
from one's ashdfl. 

oendre', -e, <^., aahy. Gris \ ashy gray, 
pale gray* tiuini&ra ; earth-shine. 

cendrde, n.f,, small shot. 

cendreu-x, -se, adj., ashy, full of, or covered 
with, aflhea. 

cendrer, v,., to paint ash-gray, to ash. 

cendrler, n,m., aah-pan, cinder-pail; aah- 
hole ; oeh-tray, 
*condrille, n./.(oriai,) tomtit 

cine, n.f., the Xiord*s awppw, ooTOmunion, 

cenelle, ./., (bot.) haw. 

cdnobite, n, ?//.., cenoblte, monk. 
^,, cenoblticftl* 

,wi., cenotaph, 

(sans), n.iti; cense, quit-rent , censust 
franchise, rating. 

C&nsable, adj.,, owner of quit-rent. Seigneut 
; lord of the manor, 
cense, ,/., farm, fee-farm. 

cense*, -e, adj., accounted, deemed, reputed, 
opposed, pretended. II est etre ; lie is sup 
posed to be. 

cense"able, adj., liable to quit-rent. 

censeur, .m., censor; censurer; critic Cen- 
sor of the press ; examiner of plays ; proctor. 
Gcensier, adj. m., of quit-rent. 

censi-er, n,in., -ere, w/., farmer ; rent-roll. 

censitaire, n.m,, copy-holder. 

censive, w./., quit-rent, manor. 

censorial, -e, adj., censorial. 

censuel, -le, adj , feudal, of quit-rent. 

censurable, adj , censurable. 

censure, %,/., censorship ; censure, criticism ; 
reproof ; ecclesiastical censure ; the censors. 

censurer, .., to find faulfc with ; to blame, to 
censure, to condemn. 

cent, adj., hundred, cent. un ans ; one 
hundred and one years. Cinq pour ; five per 
cent. Je vous le donne en ; it 's 100 to 1 against 
your guessing it. \_Cent takes the sign of the 
plural, if preceded and multiplied, but not fol- 
lowed, by a number: trois cents; trots cent cwi- 
quante.] Les Jours; the Hundred days (from 
March 20th to end of June, 1815). 

centaine, M/., a hundred ; a hundred, or so ; 
thread that ties up a skein. V. sentene. 

centaure, n m , (myth., astron.) centaur. 

centaure"e, n.f., (bot.) centaury. 

centenalre, adj., centenary, secular, of a hun- 
dred years' standing, centennial. 

centenalre, n.mj, centenarian. 

centenler, n m., centurion (m the Channel 
Isles) ; sergeant of police. 

centesimal, -e, adj,, centesimal, 

centiare, n.m , the hundredth part of an are 
(square yard 1.19GO). 

centleme, adj., hundredth. 

centleme, n.m , the lumdiedth part. 

centigrade, <//., centigrade. 

centigramme, n.m , the hundredth part of a 
gram (grain 1543). 

centilitre, n.w , the hundredth part of a liter 
(cubic inch O.C1028). 

centime, w^w-., the hundredth part of a franc 
(cent 0.193). 

centimetre, M.W., the hundredth part of a 
meter (inch 39371). 

centinode, n,f>, centinody, Iciiot-graBs, 

centipede, actf., centlpedal ; n.m , centipede. 

centon, ji.m,, (lit.) cento. 

central, -O, adj , central, chief, head. 

centralisat-eur, -rice, adj., centralizing. 

centralisation, n.J,, centralization. 

centraliser, v a , to centralize. 
se centraliser, v.r., to boconu 11 centralissod. 

centre, n.m, , center, middle. Chaqm chose 
fend h son ; everything converged to its ooutet . 
JStra (fans son ; to bo in one's element. 

centrifuge, rf,?"., centrifugal. 

centripetal adj., centripetal. 

centrisque, nm., (ich.) ooiitriscus, trumpet- 

cent-sulsse, n.m., one of the hundred that 
formed the body-guard to the king of Fraaace, 
fg ~-$f the hundred Swiss guards. 

centumvir, n.m., oentumvir. 

centumvlral. -e, ^., cetttnmviral. 

centumvirat, M.W., centumvirate, 

centuple,, centuple, Imndred-fcM* 
centuple, adj., a hundrol-fold 
centupler,, to increase a hundred-fold) to 

oenturiateur, n.m,, (000, lit.) centuriator. 



centurie, ft./., (antiq., ecc.) century ; hundred 
(territorial division). 

centurion, n.m., centurion. 

cep, n.m., vine-stock, vine-stalk, vine-plant. 

C6*page, n.m., vine-slip, vines. Les s de la 
Bourgogne; the vines of Burgundy. 

C6pe -LOT., (bot ) esculent boletus. 

c4p&, ./., (agn.) tuft of shoots from the same 
stump} (hunt.) young wood; a wood of one or 
two years' growth. 

Dependant, adv., in the mean time, meanwhile; 
bowever, nevertheless ; yet, still. 

cependant, conj., yet, and yet. 

cephalalgie, nf., cephalalgy, headache. 

C^phalee, ./., (med.) headache. 

C6phalique, adj , (med.) cephalic. 

ce"phalete, n,f.> (med.) cephalitis. 

C^phee, n.m. (astron.) Cepheus. 

cerame, ./., Greek vase. 

ce"ramd<iue, adj., ceramic, fictile. 

ce~ramique, n.f., fictile art, molding. 

ceraste, n.m>., cerastes, horned viper. 

C6*rat, n.m., ointment, salve. 

cerbere, w.m., (myth.) Cerberus. 

cerce, w./. hoop, band, binding. 

cerceau, n m., hoop, ring ; hoop-net ; pinion- 
^uill. Faire counr un ; to trundle a hoop. 

cercelle, w./. water-fowl, teal. 

cerclage, n.m., hooping (of casks, &c.). 

Cercle, n.m., circle, sphere, round, ring 1 , orb, 
hoop j club, company ; binding-hoop. Un quart 
de ; a quadrant. Un demi-cercle ; a semicircle. 
Dcmre, former, un ; to describe, to form, a 
circle. vicieux ; arguing in a circle; begging 
the question. 

cercler, v.a., to bind with hoops, to hoop. 

cerclier, .w., hoop-maker. 
*cercueil (-keu-), n.m,., coffin; (fig.) grave, 
tomb. de bois ; shell. Mettre au j to bring 
to the grave. 

ce're'ale, <?</., cereal, corn. 

Cfc're'ales,,, corn, grain, corn crops, cere- 
aha. Commerce des ; corn-trade, breadstufts. 

ce're'bral, -e, actf n cerebral, brain. JFi&vi e <? ; 
Dram fever. 

C6re*torite 9 ./. (med.) inflammation of the 

ce're'monlal, n. m., ceremonial; ceremony, 
ceremonies, etiquette, state. 

ce'renionlalre, n m., master of the ceremonies. 

ceremonie, n.f , ceremony; (biblical) cere- 
monial , fuss, ado. Visit '(> de , lormal visit, 
Pnire des s; to stand upon ceremonies. En 
gicnde ; in state. 

ce're'monieu-a:, -se, adj., ceremonious, formal, 

ceres, n.f., (myth., astron.) Ceres ; (fig.) har- 
vest, corn. 

ceil (ser), n m., stag, hart, deer. commun ; 
red-deer, Un bois de ; the horns of a stag. 
Cornt de ; hartshorn. 

*cerfeuil, w.w., (bot.) chervil. mu,$qu& ; 
sweet cicely. 

ceri- volant (servo-) n.m.., ( s s) (ent.) stag- 
beetle, bull-fly ; kite, paper-kite. 

cerisale, ./., cherry-orchard. 

cerise, ./., cherry ; (of coffee) berry. 

cerise, *i.m. cherry-color, cerise. 

cerisier, n.m., (bot.) cherry-tree, cherry-wood. 

cerne, n.m., (bot.) ring. 

cerneau, n.m., kernel of a green walnut ; green 

cerner, v.a., to cut or dig round (a tree) ; to 
Biirround, to encompass, to hem in ; to take the 
kernel out of gireen walmits ; (arch.) to gird , 
(milit.) to invest. Des yeux cernfa; eyes with 
dark circles round them. 

c^rocome, n.m., (ent.) cerocoma. 

c^roxyle, n.m., (bot,) wax-palm, wax-tree. 

cerre, n.m. t bitter-oak. 

certain.^ -e, adj., certain, sure, positive, un 
doubted ; resolved, fixed, determined ; some, cer- 
tain. West un homme fcun m&rite , he is a 
man of some merit. A es epoques de Vann&e ; 
at certain periods of the year. Dans s cas; in 
certain cases. Un personnage ; a certain pei- 

certain, .w., certainty ; certain ; (exchange 
language) certain price. II nefautpas guittei le 
pour Vvncertavn, ; we must not quit a ceitainty 
for an uncertauity. 

certainement (-man), adv., certainly, asaui 
edly, without fail, indeed, surely, infallibly. 

certes, adv., indeed, most ceitiunly. 

certificate n.m., certificate, testimonial. dt- 
vie ; attestation, affidavit of existence. 

certificateur, n.m., (jur.) certifier, voucher. 

certification, ./., certifying, vouching ; wit- 

certifier, v.a,, to certify, to testify, to at- 
test, to aver. une caution , to guarantee that 
bail is valid. veritable ; to witness (a signa 

certitude, n./., certitude, certainty; assur- 
ance, steadiness. Avoir la ; to be certain 

Cerumen (-men), n.m., cerumen, ear-wax. 

ce'rumineu-x, -se, adj., waxy, cerummous. 

c&ruse, n.f., ceruse, white lead. 

cervaison, w/., (hunt.) stag-season. 

cerveau, n.m., brain; mind; intelligence. 
Rhume de ; cold m the head. br&le; dis- 
ordered brain. Avoir le creu x , to be crack- 
brained, visionary. Et 1 ) f pns du ; to have a 
cold in one's head. Se bi lUei le ; to blow out 
one*s brains. 

cervelas, n.m., saveloy, Bologna sausage. 

cervelet, n.m , (anat.) cexebellum. 

oervelle, /., brains; head; mind; pith (of 
palm-trees). Se hrfoler la ; to blow out one's 
brains. Cela Im tourne la ; that turns lua 
head. Sc creu.<>er la ; to puzzlo one'a brains. 
Temr en ; to keep in suspense. 

cervical, -e, ruty . (anat.) cervical. 

cervier. r loup-cervier. 

cervoise, w./., a sort of beer, aK 

C^sar, 9 Caeaar ; emperor, prince, con- 

ce"sarien, -ne (-e-n), adj., Outiarean* 

C^Sftrlsme, n.m., Ca>sariam. 

cessant, -e, adj., ceasing. Toute affaire e; 
to the suspension of all other fouMnesH, 

Cessation, /., cosaation, miMpcnHion, inter- 
mission, discouthmanoo, stoppage. 

cesse, n.f., ceasing, iutermitifiion, rewl., respite. 
Parler sans ; to talk lor ever* 

cesser, v n. 9 to ceaao, to leave off, to forbear, 
to discontinue, to give over, to bo n.1 an <m<3, to 
have done, to intermit, to end. M w> wtw de 
plenrfirf ho never leaves oil crying. JPuire - ; 
to put a stop to, of an end to. 

cesser, v.a., to ceaae, to leave off ; to Intermit ; 
to break off. ses payment f,; (com.) to stop 

cesslblo, adj., (jur., com.) tnui8f<rablo, iiHHign- 

cession, n^ transfer, aHigitinexit (of pro- 
perty) ; yielding up, relinqnifihimmt ; surrcxidor. 

cessionnaire, n.m., grantee; lumitfnoo, traitH" 

ceste, *7,, (antiq., myth.) coatUM, gnuwtlet j 

cdsure, n.f., caaura, pause, rest. 

cot, cette. 7. ce. 

c6tac6, -e, rfjf., cetaceous, 

ce'tace', n.m.j cottacemifl nnlmftl. 

c^t^rac,, (bofe.) ccitfinwh, 

c^tine, n./., pure spermaceti, cctlna. 

ce'toine, n./., (ant.) floral-be^tla. 

chable, n.w., rope, tackle, tow-line, 

chabler, v.a., to fasten a cable to a piece of 




timber ; to lash, to fasten to a cable. les 
noyws ; to knock down walnuts with a pole. 

chableur, n m., water-bailiff. 

chablis, n.7n., wind-fallen wood, dead-wood; 
chablis (white wine). 

chaboisseau, n.m., sea-scorpion. 

Chabot, n.m , (ich ) miller 's-thumb, bull-head. 

chabraque, n.f. V. schabraqae. 

Chacal, n m , jackal. 

Chaconne, nf, chacone (dance tune) 

chacim, -e, pron , everyone, each. v eut 
etre heuieux; everybody wishes to be happy 

en parle; everybody speaks of it Rendre a 

ce qui Im appaitient, to return everyone his 
own. vit a .stf guiie , everyone lives as he likes 

le sien, n^e^t pat hop , everyone las own 
a sa marotte, eveiy man has his hobby. pom 
soi , everyone for himself a xon toui , each 
in hia turn. //,? sVn tetoumeient chec enx , 
each of them retuined to his own home Tews 
dani>ei ez a voti e tour , you will dance each m 
your turn Us (tin ont lew pat t , each of them 
\\ill have his shaie. Donnez a i pait; give 
"veryone his share. Tons les membret* ont vote 

wlon ses instructions , every member voted 
according to his instructions. 
Qchacuniere, n.m., one's own house. 

chafouln, -e, adj., sorry, mean-looking, piti- 
ful, scrubby-looking. 

chafouln, n.m,, -e, nf., pitiful object; poor 

chagrin, n.m., sorrow, grief, vexation, trou- 
ble, concern, regret ; fretfulness, peevishness, 
chagrin ; shagreen (leather). Mourir de ; to 
die of a broken heart. Demi , half-bound. 

chagrin, -e, adj., gloomy, melancholy, sad, 
dull, iretful, peevish, waspish, discontented, 
sullen, cross, morose. 

chagrinant, -e, adj , sorrowful, sad; vexa- 
tious, provoking, troublesome. 
Qchagrinemont (-man), adv., sorrowfully ; 
peevishly, Iretfully. , 

chag'riner, v.a., to render gloomy, to grieve, 
to vex, to afflict, to cioss, to trouble, to perplex, 
to disquiet ; to shagreen (akms). 
se chagrlner, v.r., to fret, to vex one's self, to 
giieve, to take on. 

chagrinier, n m., shagreen-maker 

chahut, n.m., vulgar dance ; row, shindy. 

chahuter, v.n., to make a row, kick up a 

chai, n.m., wine store (above ground). 

chaine, n.f., chain, shackle, cord; galleys, 
chain of galley-slaves ; belting-course (for walls) ; 
bonds, bondages ; drag-chain (of canals) ; warp 
(weaving) ; (land-surveying) chain, Gunter's 
chain; (dancing) right and loft. longue; 
watch guard. de gilt>t ; Albert chain. de 
s&re& ; coupling-chain. Charger quelqitfun de 
$ ; to load with fetters. de montctgnes / 
long ridge of mountains. La des id&cs ; the 
chain of ideas. Attrrrher awe (Us s ; to chain 
up. Tandrfi dcs .1 / to lay chains across. A la 
; chained up. Miirf la (hi a flr) ; to form 
hi line ; to pass buckets from hand to hand. 

chainetier (sh8n-ti<3), n.m., chain-maker. 

chainette, n./., littlo chain ; (arch.) catenary 

chaiiion, n.m , link. 

chair, n,f.<, nosh, moat ; Hkhx (of a person). pL> 
(paint.) flesh. inVe/ quick flesh. morttt ; 
dead kin. /CTW, molla firm, soft, nosh. 
jy bavcuses ; (med.) proud flosh. blanche; 
white moat. noire,; ganm de poulfi; 
goo8"flHh, (mod.) cutis an#t"H$. J'en ai la - 
d&pouUf I 8lwd(ler at the thought, it makes my 
ftosh creep. Un morc&au de ; a P^ce of meat. 
J0 d^un poiuon ; the fleshy part of a fish. 
(2&ulfiur dc< ; flesh-color. Uonvoitises de> 
la -~ | the luats of tho flesh, IA V'erbe tfwt 

fait ; the Word was made flesh La resur- 
rection de la , the resurrection of the body. 
Pester entre cutr et ; to keep one's ill humor 
to one's self. Hacker menu comme a pat& ; 
to make mince meat of N'i ni pozsson; 
neither fish, flesh nor fowl. En et en os ; in 
flesh and blood. 

chaire, n/., pulpit; professorship, deak (m 
churches); bishop's throne. Monter en , to 
mount the pulpit apostohque / apostolic see. 

curule; curule chah?. de droit; professor- 
ship of law. 

chaise, /, chair, seat, (carp ) timber- work, 
frame , curb, chaise (cainage). a dos; 
high-backed chair. de paille , straw-bottomed 
chair peicee; close-stool. brise; fold- 
ingchair. a deux chevaux; chaise and pair. 

a bascule, rockmg-chair. a porteurs, 
sedan-chair. longtie ; lounging-chair ; couch. 

chaisier, n.m., chair-maker; chaisiere, n /", 

Chako. n.m, V shako [chair-letter. 

cnaland, n m., -e, TI/., customer, pui chaser. 

chaland, n.m., (nav.) lighter, baige. 

chalandeau, n m.^ lighterman, bargeman. 
Qchalandise, w/, custom. 

chalastique (ka-), adj., (med.) chalastic. 

chalcddolne. V. calcddoine. 

chalcite (kalsit), n.m,, (cheni.) chalcite. 

chalcographe (kal-), n.m., chalcographer, 
engraver on brass. 

chalcographie (kal-), /., chalcography, en- 
graving on brass ; engraving establishment ; 
printing-office (of the pope). 

chaldaique (kal-), adj , Ghaldaic. 

chaldron, -ne (-m, -e-n), ad'} F. chaldaique. 

chald(5en, n.m., -ne, nj, Chaldean. 

chaldden, n m., Chaldaic, Chaldean. 

chale, n.m , shawl. 

chalet, n.m,, cheese-house, Swiss cottage, 

chaleur, n.f., heat, glow; fervency, zeal, 
ardor; warmth; (phys.) caloric. Son sti/le 
manque de ; his style lacks warmth. LP& 
giandes .?; the hot season; the height of 
summer. Sentir de la ; to feel warm. 

chaleureu-x, -se, adj., warm, ardent ; glow 
mg ; spirited, vehement. 
Qchalit, n.m., bedstead 

Qchaloir, v. imp , to care for, to matter, ft 
ne m'en c/iaut ; I don't care, it matters not tc, 
me. J?eu tttfen chaut ; it sigmftes little to me. 

chalon, n.m., drag, drag-net. 

chaloupe, n.f., (nav.) ship's boat, long boat v 
launch. canonni&re ; gun-boat. 

chalumeau, n.m., stalk of corn ; straw ; pipe, 
reed; blow-pipe; shawm. 

chalumet, n.m., top (of a pipe). 

chalut, n m., drag-net, trawl 

chalyb^, -e (kn-), adj., chalybeate. 

chamade, 7/./., (miht.) parley, chamade. 
Battre la ; to sound a parley ; to surrender,, 
to yield. 

*chamailler, v.??., to bicker, to squabble, to 
vi chamailler, v.r., to squabble, to wrangle. 

des dents ; to feed, to atulL 
*chamaillls, n.m., fray, flqimbbl<5, tiproar^ 


charmarre, n.f., smock-frock ; lace, embroi- 

chamarrer, v.a,, to lace, to trim with lee 
to bedizen ; to load with ridicule. 

chainarrure, n.f., trimming, lacing, bedizen- 

chambellan (-bel-lEn), n.m,, chainborlain. 

chambourln, n.m., atrass. 

chambranle, n.m., (carp.) chambranle $ 
casing- of a chimney, door-case, window-frame. 

de chfiminGe ; mantel-shcilf . 

chambre, n./., chamber, room; lodging, 
apartment; HOWB (of parliament); (metal.) 


bead, chaplet ; (opt.) camera, chamber; (artil.) 
chamber , (nav,) cabin ; honey-comb (of cannon). 

ai dente , ardent chamber (history of France). 

cldire , light rootu , (opt ) camera lucida. 
haute , House of Lords. ct coucher ; bed- 
chamber, garme ; furnished lodging. JFemme 
de , chambeimaid. Robede ; dressing-gown. 
Garder la ; to keep one's room. Convoquer 
les s, to convoke parliament A'vo^r des s 
a louer dans la tete ; to be rather empty-headed, 
to be a visionary. At reter, louer, une ; to lure 
to secure a room, fa ire une , to do (clean) a 

chamfer^, -e, adj , (of fire-arms) chambeied, 
provided with a powder-chambei , honeycombed 
(of cannon). 

chanVbr^e, nf, persons sleeping in one room ; 
(thea ) house ; rness, barrack-room (of sol- 

chambrelan, n.m , (pop , 1 u.) workman who 
works in his own room ; single-room lodger. 
Ochaffihrer, v n , to chum together. 
sfi chambrer, v.r.^ to become honeycombed. 

chamtorer, v.a., to keep anyone confined 
either by force or art ; to take one aside in a 
company ; to chamber (of guns). 

chambrette, w/, little room 
Gchamhrier, n.m , chamberlain 

chambriere, n.f., chamber-maid; (man.) 

chame or came, nf., (conch.) chama; mus- 
cle, heart-cockle. 

chameau, n.m , camel ; (fig.) heavy fellow. 
Rejeter le mouchcron et avnler le ; to stram at 
a gnat, and swallow a camel. 

chamelier, n.m , camel-driver. 

chamelle, w/., female camel. 

Chamelon (sham-Ion), n.m., young camel. 

Chamois, n.m., chamois, shamoy, wild goat ; 
shammy ; shammy-leather ; chamois leather 

chamois, adj., buft, drab 

chamoiser, v.a , to shamoy. 
.^chamoiser, v i , to be shanioyed 

Chamoieerie, ft./., chamoia lactory, chamois 

ChamolseuT, n m , shamoy-dresser. 

Champ (shan), M m , field, piece of giound ; 
career; opportunity, scope, matter, theme, 
subject; compass, space; (hei.) field. A tout 
ooutde ; every moment. A travels s; over 
hedge and ditch, across country, de bafaille f 
field of battle de courses ; race-course. 

de repos; the churchyard, God's acre. 
clos ; lists (for combat). tiur~!e~ , afc once, 
immediately Battre awrn; (null t ) to Iwat a 
salute Donntf la clef den s; to give anyone 
his liberty. JStre aux ~~s / to be m the country ; 
(fig.) to be In a passion Courir les ~g f to run 
about the country. Prendt e la clef fles A" ; to 
take to one's lieela; to bolt. Le eat Itbre; 
the coast is clear. 77 estfou a coui h les *; hft 
is as mad as a march hare. JStw (tux s; not to 
know where one is. 

^champagne, n.m., champagne. fwppv; 
iced champagne. mousseux ; sparkling cham- 
pagne. non. mousseux; still champagne. 
Mne ; liqueur brandy. 
*champagnlser, a., to turn into ahnmpagne. 

champart, n w., (feudality) field-rent paid in 
kind to the lord. 

cltamparter, v.a., to exercise the right of 
levying field-rent in kind. 

champarteur, w.m., bailiff charged to collect 
field-rent in kind. 
Gchampeaux, n.m, ;>/., grass fields. 

champenols, n.m., e, w./., native of Ohani- 

m s, -e, dy M of Champagne. 

champetre, adj., rtiral, runtio, country-like, 
sylvan. Garde ; keeper, 

1 change 

^champignon, n m , mushroom, toadstool ; 
waster, thief (in a candle) ; bonnet-stand, peg j 
(arch ) cap 
^champlgnonniere, n f , mu&hrooni-bed. 

champion, n.m^ champion, chieftain, com- 

championnat, ?? w , championship. 

champlure, ./., frost-bite (of a vine) , tap- 
hole (Qf a cask). 

chance, n f , hazard (at dice) , chance, luck, 
good luck, good foitune , nsk. Courir la , 
to run the rifak JStre en , to be lucky, ot in 
luck's way. SouJtaitct bonne <t qiiqu } un, 
to wish any one good luck. II ?iY,si qui lie 
? efoui ne / luck will change 

chancelant, -e, adj , staggering, tottering, 
unsettled, unsteady, n resolute, wavering 

chanceler, v n , to stnggor, to totter, to icel, 
to falter, to waver, to be unsteady. 

chancellor, n in , chancellor. Grand 
high chancellor 

chanceliere, /, chancellor's wife; foot- 

chanceHement (-man), n.m,, reeling, totter- 
ing, staggering, unsteadiness 

chancellerle (-sel-ii), nf , clinnoellor'n house, 
office, chancellery G) cm de , ofil oe of tho gi eat 
seal. Petite , office of the privy seal. 

chanceu-x, -SO, atfj , lucky, foitunate, uncer- 
tain, doubtful (of things). 

chancir, v.n , to grow musty, moldy. 

chancissure, w/, mustmoHs, molduioss. 

chancre, n.m , (agri., bot., vet,) canker; 
(ined.) chancre. 

chancretl-X, -SO, odj > canceioufi, cankered; 
(med ) chancrous. 

chandeleur (shand-15ur), /., Candlemas. 

chandelier, nw., candlewtuk, <>]iaiidlAr f 
tallowchandter; (wav.) crotch (V wanc/te ; Hat 
candlestick. de wvneur , imiwr's orowbur. 
J2tie place sur le , to occupy a couHpicuouft 

chandellerc, ./, tallow-chandler (woman). 

chandelle, n f , cundlo, tall)w-oaii<ll, light, 

plowqee; dip-candle <tf tjlaee ; uuclo. 

de veille , riiHh-hght. Hfoucfu'rta- ; to snuff 
the candle JMeindte fa ; to put out tlio can* 
die Boujfller la ; to blow out th candlo. 
Tutvuillei ft la , to woik by candle-light. 
Jirfalerlu- p(f) leadeui bouts; to hum th<H k aii" 
dh' it both ends Le yew ?/V rttut fun la - ; it 
IH not woi th ono's while. iS'V'w (tiler cowwe une 
; to go oil' like the snuit of a oandlo Voir 
trewle-six - s ; to be, stiumed; to H<WJ tl stars 
by daylight. C'flrt une fcmwmif ("le, ltwt.\ de, ; 
that is penny wiflo and pound fooliHli. ft wits 
doit une belle ; ho ought to bo very graUtf u) to 

chandellerie, w./., eandlfi-foctory. 

chanttetn,, for(\h<Mul (of a hwn)t chan- 
frin (armor lor a horse's hotul) ; (arch.) cham- 
fer, elianifret; (zool.) cliaifton. 

chanfreinor, v a,., (arch.) to oluunfor, to rab- 
bet; (carp.) to (*ant, to edge 

change, n.m , exchange (harter); (com.) <>x 
change, moiuw-ohaugo ; agio; (Kg.) wrong wont. 
Lettres de ; Icittera of oxohangu. Agent de ; 
stock-broker. cowtmtn; avcinigci x<bnng, 
direct; direct oxclwwigo. -Mrww; fonugiii 
exchange. dujour ; current x<*hango. (lorn* 
wercG de. ; exchange buHinC'HH. (\)te <l# ; 
current rat6 of exohmige, MWXJM Mire df -" 
forged bill. LeUre, de, mir Mtrmturr; fowlgu 
bill of exchange. Le, - eitt a/n pair ; i) w <ix(thange 
ia at par, jpreyntdrf dft ; lirnt of exoliungOti 
wide de ; second of exdmngtu ^w/nrl'**; 
a of exchange, ^lu dt afc t1i rato <>Jf ex- 
change of. llureau de - de monnafe ; AxohaagA 
office. Donner le - & quelqitfun ; to put <wiy o< 
on the wrong itwwt. Mendfti l& b \ " " 




to give a Roland for an Oliver, or tit for tat, to 
pay back m one's own coin, Tuei une lettre de 

sur quelqu'un ; to draw a bill on anyone. 
changeant, -e (-jan, -t), adj., changeable, 

fickle, unsteady, variable, inconstant, unstable, 
unsettled (of the weather) 

cliangement (ahanj-mau), n m., change, al- 
teration, changing, vanatiou, mutation, (jur ) 
amendment. Ammei un , to bring about a 
change. a vue ; scene-shifting de voie , 

changeoter (-jo-t<), v n , (fain , l.u.) to change 

Changer, v a., to change, to exchange; to alter, 
to turn, to commute, to convert, to transform 
se changer, v r , to be changed, converted ; to 
alter, to change. 

changer, v n , to change, to alter de logis, 
dedemeure; to shift one's quarters, to lemove 

d'avis; to alter one's mind. de chemise, to 
change one's shut. -d'kabits /to change clothes. 

de uoie (rail.) ; to shunt 
changeur, w.w.., money-changer. 
chanoine, n in , canon. 
chanolnesse, n/, canoness. 

Qchanoinic, n./,, cauonry, eanonship. 

chanson, n,f , song, ballad; ditty, (fig ) idle 
story, stuff, trash R< fitttn (ftine , chorus ol a 
song. C'est toujours la mStne , it is the same 
thing over and over again; it is always harping on 
the siime string Voilh bien une autre , that 
is another story altogether s que tout win ! 
all idle stories ! s / humbug, stult ! 

chansonner, v a , (b s ) to lampoon. 

chansonnette, n /*., little song, ditty. 

chansonneur, w.w., Luupooner. 

chansonnier, n m , ballad- wntor ; song- 

chansonnlere, n,f , song-writer (woman). 

chant, n w, Hinging, strain, song, air, lay, 
ditty, melody; chaut, hyrau, book Plain ; 
plain chant, canto formo Le thi coq , the 
crowing of the cock. fnnubtv; dirga. 

chantable, </j., lit to burning, woith singing, 

chantage, ii*in> , oxtortkm of husli money; 

chantant, -e, w(/., timablft, easily sung, easily 
set to music ; nuwical, harmonious. 

chanteau, n.m , hunch ot broad, bit of stuff 

chantepleure (tthant-plour), n f , funnel with 
a rose, gully-hole. 

chantepleuror, v,., to troad (grapes). 

chanter, V.M., to mug, to chant; to chirp, to 
warbln, to crow; (faiu.) to say too muoh. 6V 
ommlncl ti chant f, h hi question; (fam ) that, 
prisoner let tho cat out ot Uu bag -- ?,/<", aytt- 
ablammt, pus&ttble.iwnt ; to wing true, agnwably, 
totarably / /to aing- out of tune. ft Iwrc 
Oiwartj'to Bing at wight. (Pr&t rwnnw st< votts 
chanhcts ; it SSJIH if you w(*ro talking to the wind. 
fSalowttft chante ; tli lark carols. Le, coq 
cJuivitfi ; tho cook crows. La ritjule chcwtc ; tlu* 
graBhoppr chirps, ,wr fonts les Itma ; to ring 
the cliangei on. Tel chant? <iut> nc nt pas; the 
Jwart may b ud though tlio ftioo ho gay J<> 
lui. J> chrnM sa fltimme ; I looturod liiiu nnoly* 
- hfaira ptti ; to sing wrotuhcdly. 

chanter, v ., to mng, to chant; to extol, to 
praio; to colobralo ; to wavble; to talk, to toll, 

ftfcull'. Diatoire ; to ory vi<;tory, to crow ovr a 
vltjtory. <2w ma fi/wntea>vous Ih f what sfcuif arc 
you telling me wow ? ^% ; to IKS Bung. 

chanterelle (shSn-tr^l), n.f. , ftrst tring of a 
violin, <&e,; deooy-bird,; tnsiiftl-bottlo. 
chanteu-r, -e, (/., shiRlnfif (of birds)* 
chantonr. nm n singer, vooalist; sonigfti^r (of 
birds). <Uawest ballad-Hlngor; extortioner. 
chanteuae, jijT, singer, Htreat-amger, vocalist 
chantier (-ti(0 W.w. f ti?nbar-yard, wood-yard; 
Uook-ywcdj ta^d Wock, stocks; 

shop, shed. L^ouvrage cst sin le-~\ the work is 
begun or in hand. 

*caantignole, w-/, (carp) wooden block, 

chantonner, a.n , to hum, to hum a tune, 
Gchantonnerie (to-n-rl), 71 /, humming, drawl- 

chantournag-e, .?., cutting m profile. 

ChaBLtOlirn^, n m , head-piece of a bedstead. 

chantourner, v.a , to cut m profile. 

Chantre, n w., smgei, chorister, chanter, pre- 
centor, lay-clerk, songster, songstress (of birds) 
Les s des bois , the leathered songsters. 

chantrerie, nf,, precentorship. 

chaavre, n m , hemp. 

Chanvrier, , hemp-dresser, dealer in 

chanvrlfere, /, hemp-field. 

Chaos (ka6), n m., chaos, confusion, disordei- 

chaotique, adj , chaotic. 

Chape, n.f , cope (church garment), (arch ) 
cope Disputer de la aVeveque; to dispute 
about what does not concern one. 

diapeau, w.m., hat; bonnet, wreath of flow- 
ers (for a bride) , (caip ) hand-piece, (bot.) cap; 
pileus (of a musln oom) a gt and bord; broad- 
binnmed hat a petit lord; narrovv-biiinmed 
hat a haute lornw, tull-hat, top-hat. 
d'evftqtw; (bot ) ban en wort. chinois , (milit. 
inns ) Olunese bells dc pnille d'ltahe ; Leg- 
horn hat. La carre dhm -; the crown of a 
hat. ft corncs ; three-cornered hat. Oter sou 

; to take oft one's hat. bas, hat m hand 
x basJ hats oil dti>aiUe; straw hat. de 
velouis; velvet bonnet. Le Zw(/, la paste ^ la 
forme dPittt , the bolder, the liont, the shape 
of a hat, de fleius, garland of iiovvers. 
jpibie , assistant-brother (monk) Enf oncer 
son , to pull one's hat ovar one's eyes; to 
screw up one's courage. Tl y a <>,ii< hicn des x 
de tcj>tc; there were many inen killed J/w'?/ 
avatf pus un srul / there wasn't a single man 

Qcliape-chute, nf., windfall, lucky hit. 
Ochape-Chuter, v n , to suaka a alight noise. 

cliapelain (shap-liu), n w-., chaplain. 

chapeler (sba-plc 5 ), v.., to rasp (bread). 

Chapelet (cha-ple), w.m., chaplefc, rosary, 
beads, bead-roll , (man , arch ) ohaplet, beads (in 
brandy) Dire son ; to tell one's beads. De- 
filer son ; to say all one has to say; to empty 
one's budget. // ii>a pus gagne ccla en d'tftant 
son ' , he did not got that lor nothing. 

chapell-er, -fere,,f.> hatter, hat manufac- 

chapelle, n./., chapel; church plate, living; 
vault of an oven. Fawf ; (nav.) to broach to, 
to chapel tho fihip. Mnltre de ; precentor* 

ardente ; lights round a coffin. Pour la petite 

,<r'<7 VOIM plait ; please reiuoinbor the gi'Otto. 
Temr , to nttwid divine service in fltato, 

chapellenie (shn-pM-nt), w./., chaplamship, 

chapellorie (sba-pol-ri:), ?*./., hat-making; hat- 

chapelure (ahasplur), ?i./., broad; raspings; 
grated bread. 

chaperon, (sha-pron), ?*.?., chaperon, liootl ; 
abonlder-knot ; chapwou ; coping of a wall ; 

chaperonner, ?>.;., to cope a wall; to chaperon 
(a young girl), to hood (a hawk). 

chapter, . M priost with a copo, copfi-tnaker. 

ohaplteau, n.m n (arch.) capital; crest; top; 
(of a proflB, mirror, Sro.) ; luwl of a still ; cap (of 

chapitre, n WL, ohftptnr (of a book, of 
knights, of a cathedral); chapter; chapter-house; 
subjoot, matter of diwcourw, head. JKn vc&b 

USMK SUT $f f - ; tluit ig quite enough on tlmt 




score. Avoir voix au ; to have interest at the 
board. Passons sur ce ; let us waive the sub- 

chapitrer, v.a. t to reprimand, to rebuke, to 
lecture any one. 

chapon, n m , capon ; sop in broth; crust of 
bread rubbed with garlic. Lewi du ; certain 
extent of ground about a country-seat. Avoir les 
mains faites en rfa; to have crooked fingers , 
to be light-fingered. Qui mange lui vient ; 
money begets money. 

chapouneati, n m., (l.u.) young capon. 

chaponner, v o., to capon. 

chaponniere, n/., stew-pan (for capons). 

Chaque, adj , each, every. pays a ses cou- 
tumes , eveiy country has its customs. A jour 
sitffit sa peine ; sufficient for the day is the evil 

char, a.m., car, chariot, funebre, hearse 
a banes, wagonette, jaunting car. de in- 
omphe / triumphal cai. 

cliarabia, n.m., gibben&h, gabble. 

charade, n.f., charade. 

charangon, n.m , snout, beetle, weevil. 

charan^oime', -e, a<lj , (of corn) weeviled. 

charbon, n m , coal , embers , cliarcoal , car- 
buncle; (agn.) black rust, (med.) anthrax. 
debois; charcoal. de ttnre; coal. Etre sur 
les s; to be on thorns. Mine h , coal- 

charhonnage, n.m., (l.u.) coal-mining. 

charbonne"e, n.f , short rib of beef. 

charhonner, v.a., to char; to black with 
coal ; to besmut. 

se charhonner, v.r., to be charred, to burn black , 
to smolder. 

charbonnerle (-bo-n-rf ), n./ M coal-store. 

charbonneu-x, -se, adj., (med ) carbuncled. 

charbonnier, n m., charcoal-burner, coal- 
seller, coal-man ; coal-shed, coal-hole ; (ich.) coal- 
fish ; (nav.) collier. Le, est mafore chez lui or 
chfz sot; a man's house is his castle. 

charbonniere, n f , charcoal-kiln ; coal-seller ; 
coal-man's wife ; (orm.) titmouse. 
*charbouiller, v ., (agri.) to blight. 

chartmcle, n.f., (agn ) blight (in corn). 

charcuter, v.a , to chop up (meat) , to hack, 
to mangle. 

charcuterie (-ku-trl), nf, poik-bu teller's 
meat, pork-butcher's business; chewed poik. 

charcuti-er, w.w., -fere, n/,, (-tie, -ti-er), 

chardon, n.m., thistle, spike (on a wall). 
am &ne$ ; cotton-thistle. hf onion, teasel. 
6toil&; star-thistle. 

chardonner, v a , to teasel (cloth). 

chardonneret (-do r ii-re), n.m., (orni.) gold- 
finch; painted-lady, butterfly 

chardonnette or cardonnette, /., prickly 

chardonniere, n.f.*, thistle-waste. 

charge, ./., load, lading, freight, pack, tax, 
expense; burden, clog, charge; accusation, 
imputation, indictment, post, place; office, 
employment; order, command, commission; 
custody, care; charge, onset; charge (of a gun), 
(vet , paint , jur.) charge; exaggeration, carica- 
ture. Fcmmv de ; housekeeper. J$tr& b 
h quclqtf'un; to bo a burden upon anyone. Cela 
est ft ma ; I have to pay for that. II faut 
pi md? e l& ben&fiee awe les s; we must take the 
good with the bad. Fdire une ; (milit.) to 
charge Se dmettre de M ; to resign one's 
place or oifice. On a donnti trop de - A ce, mur / 
this wall has been overloaded. Sonner la ; to 
sound the charge. Kevenir b la ; to make a 
new attempt. A la d?<?, <i la gue; upon 
condition that, provided that. Prendre ; to 
take in cargo. JRompre ; to break bulk. 

charge*, -e, part., loaded, burdened; (print.) 

foul (of proofs). Des s; loaded dice; regis- 
tered (of a letter). Le temps est , the weather 
is overcast. d^ajfuire^, chargJ d'affaires, 
envoy. de cows, assistant-lecturer, pio- 
fessor, substitute. 

chargeant, -e (-jau, -t), adj , clogging, heavy. 

chargement, n m , cargo, lading, freight, 
shipment, bill of lading, shipment 

Charger, v.a., to load, to saddle, to lade, to 
f i eight, to charge; to burden, to clog, to over- 
burthen, to encumber, to impute, to lay a thing 
to anyone's charge, to charge with, to com- 
mand, to give a thing in charge, to trust with, 
to charge, to fall upon, to make an onset on; to 
load (a gun^, to fill (pipe); to set down, to lay 
on, (paint ) to ovei charge, to exaggerate un 
fusil, to load a gun. tottta, Iff, voiles; to 
clap on all sails. une lettu> , to register a 

se charger, v.r , to take chaige, to charge one's 
self, to become overcast (of the weather), to 
burden one's self, to saddle one's t>df with 

charger, v.n., to load, to exaggerate, to lay 
it on. 

chargeur, n.m., loader, ship-porter, (nav ) 

charier V. charrier. 

chariot, n.m , wagon, cart, truck, trolley, 
wain, (afetron.) Lt> grand , Charles' wain, 
Ursa Major. Le petit , Ursa Minor. 

charitable, adj., charitable. 

charitablement, adv., charitably. 

charit6, n.f., charity, love, benevolence; alma, 
almsgiving. Fan e la- , to give alms. Dcman- 
der la ; to beg. bicii otdonnee commence 
par soi-meme ; charity begins at home. Scaur 
dt , sister of mercy. Ln , shl vous plait! 
a penny, kind gentleman, if you please. 

charivari, n.m,, rough music, hubbub, clatter, 
noise, shindy 

charivariser, v.a., to give rough music, to 
kick up a row. 

charivariseur, charivarieur, or chariva- 
riste, n m , mock-musicaii; rioter, royntorcr 

charlatan, n m , mountebank, quack, charla- 
tan, empiric, whoedlor. 

charlatano, nf., whecdlcr. 

charlataner, v.a. t to gull, to wheedle, to 

charlatanerie, /., quackery, charlatanwy, 

charlatanesque, adj , quackish* 

charlatanisme, n.m,, quackery, charlatuninm, 

Charlemagne, n.m., (fig.) short broadsword. 

'awe ; to leave off a winner. 

chariot, n.m., c,url<nv. d<> plage ; Ma-lark. 

charlotte, w/., (cook.) ohm lotto. 

channant, -e, mij,, charming, delightful, 
pleasing, lovely. 

charme, n.m., cluirni, apcill, cnchaniincnt; 
attraction, delight, (bot ) horn-bourn, yok^-chu. 
(}<>l(i wm im etrmwc nn - - , that fltH y<i IMIJ. 
ioctly, splendidly, to a tco, AV porter conitttfi 
un ; to be iu perfect hoaltli. iSouslrt' ; undor 
the spell 

charmer, v,r M to charm, to ancliant, to h 
witch, to ioHCuiata; to captivato, to pltiuwe, to 
delight, to begmle, to whilci away, /<" ,vAv efianut 
d& VQVS wir ; I am <lohght(ul to Hooyou. 

charmeur, n.m., (l.u.) chamior, cnchantoir. 

charmeuse, n,f., (Lu.) bewitching woman, 

^charmille, n./., liorn-beam, yoke-elm; hedge 
of yoke-elm trees, bower, arbor, 

charmole, n.f,, grovn of hornbeaui or yoke- 
elm trees. 

charnel, -le, adj., carnal, i 

charnellement (-man), < ~ 

charnier, n.'in^ clu 




.f. t hinge, joint. 

chaniu, -e, acf?., fleshy, plump; brawny, car- 

charnure, n f , flesh, skin. 
*charogne, /., carrion , (fig.) blackguard. 

charpente, ./, timber- work, caipeiiter'3 
work, frame, frame-work. JSois de , timber. 

charpenter, v.a , to square timbei, to hack, 
to mangle 

charpenterie(-pan-tii), n/, carpentry; car- 
penter's work, carpenter's trade, tirnberwork, 
timber-yard (of dock-yards). 

charpeiltier (-tie), n.m , carpenter, (whale- 
fishery) whale-cutter. 

char pi, n m , cooper's block. 

charple, n / , hut. En , (of meat) boiled 
to rags. 

charree, n f , buck-ashes , lye. 

harrete'e (shar-t(5e), w/., cart-load. 

charretler (ahar-tie 1 ), n m , carman, carter, 
wagoner , plow-boy, plowman J!7 ri*y a si 
l on qui ne verse; it's a good horse that never 
stumbles. Juter comme un enibowb&; to 
swear like a trooper. 

charreti-er, -fere, adj , passable for carts, &c 
Chemtn , cart-road. Vow Ire; track (space 
between the two wheels of a cart). 

charlotte, /, cart. a bras; hand-cart. 
itressoits, spring-cart. Train de ; skeleton- 
cart. Mettrela, devant IPS bceufs; to put the 
cart before the horse. Mieux vaut etre cheval 
quej better lead than be led. C'est un avaleur 
de sferr&es ; he is a great brag 

charrlage, n TO., cartage. 

charrler, v ., to cart, to bring m a cart; to 
drift; (med.) to be loaded with. 

charrier, .., to dnfb (of ice), scud (ot 
clouds). Larwibrc chart ie; the river is filled 
with drift-ice dioit; to behave propeily , 
to do what is right. 

eharrier, 11.111,1 bucking-cloth, 

charroi, n m , cai ting, wagonage 

charron, ,.?>*,., wheelwright. 

eharronnage, n.m., wheelwright's work. 

charroyer, v a., to cait (heavy things). 

char rue, w./, plow. Mettic la devant 
les tew/.?; to put the cait before the horse. 
Purser la sur , to plow. Tfrcr la ; to 
drudgo, work hard. 

charte, ./., charter, policy; title-deeds. 
La arfinda ; Mag ua C harta, 

charte partie, w./., ( * j?)(com.) charter- 

chartographe, n w., chartographer. 

chartOgraphlquB, adj., chartographic . 

chartographle, n./., "duutography; mapping 
0charton or cliarreton, n in , carter, coach- 

Qchartro, ./,, charter (ol'* 'toonmont). 
chartre, ./. piison; coiiHumption. Tenir 
quel^im en jtrivkv; to detain anyone ille- 

chartrouso, -./., OarthuHian convnt; Car- 
tluiHian nun; isolntod country-house; (cook.) 
mixed vogotablcH, Liqueur, (cordial). 

chartreux, n.'nt. t OarthMHiun fnar, cat of a 
bluiHli gray. 

ohartrlor, , chartAr-houKo; charter-room, 
naunimont-rooiu ; koopw of charters. 

chartron, n.m, Paire, or former le ; to 
ataiid in a row noar thr f<*otlight8. 

charybde, *,wt,, Gharybdis. Toniber d<> - 
tnScyua? to fall Iroin tlus frying-pan into tho 

ohas, nm, eye> (of a needle); weaver's starch; 
(teoh.) plumb vule. 

ohflsse, w/. rellqunry; shrino; frame; han- 
dle (of lancets); cheek (of a balance). 

Ghass6, n.'in,., chaHse, a step in dancing. 

chaase, n./., chase, hunt, lunt4ng, chadng, 

pursuit, game; (mus ) chasse; play (of machi- 
nery). hcourre; coursing, hunting. an 
t^r, shooting. au vol, aux oiseaux; fowl- 
ing. aux flambeaux, bat iowlmg. Un 
gaide ; a game-keeper. Prendre (nav.), 
to sheer off. Donner, to pursue. Soutemr 
, to maintain a running fight 

Ohasse-avant, n.m. t () overseer, foreman 

chasse-chien, n.m , ( , or 5) beadle ; 

keeper employed to duve away dogs 

ohasse-coquins, n.m., ( , or s) beggar- 
driver, beadle. 

chasse-cousins, n m., ( , or s} paltry 

dinner, bad wine , cold shouldei, poor reception. 

chasse"- croise\ n ?n., (s .?) (dancing) 
chasse"-crois<3, (fig ) a change ot office 01 situation 

chasse-ennui, n in , ( ) an exhilarant, stim- 

chasselas (shas-la), n m., grapes, chasselas. 

chasse-marde, n.m , ( ) fish-cart, driver of 
a fish-cart; lugger 

chasse-mouches, n m , ( ) fly-flap ; <ly-net. 

Chasse-mulet, n.m , ( , or s) miller'a 


chasse-neige, n m , snow-plow. 

chasse-pierres, n m , ( ) (railways) guaid- 
iron, cow-catcher , catapult. 

*chasse-polgnde, n in. , ( , or s} cutler's 

tool, driver, 

chassepot, n.m., name of the rifle in use in 
the French army until 1871, 

Chasser, v.a,, to hunt, to chase, to pursue, to 
beat (gold) ; to turn out, to expel, to drive, to 
drive forward. un clou , to drive in a nail. 

un domestique; to turn away, to discharge, a 
servant. Qm deux chores cha&ne, m Vwne m 
I'autre ne prend , (prov.) between two stools one 
falls to the ground. le mauvait, aii , to venti- 
late. Ne pas deux U&vies h la fois , not to 
have too many irons in the fire. Un clou chanse 
I'autre, one idea drives away another. la 
terie; (nav) to approach, to leconnoiter, the 

chasser, t/.., to shoot ; to hunt , to roll along 1 
easily ; to drive (of clouds) , (print.) to drive out. 

au fusil; to shoot. auxpenirix; to shoot 
partridges. aux hons , to hunt lions. sur 
son anci e / (nav ) to drag the anchor. h 
courre , to hunt, to course. au faucon ; to 
hawk. de race ; (prov ) to be a chip of the old 
block. aux blancs moineaitx; to lose one's 
time in running after impossibilities. 

Ohasseresse (shas-r&s), n./., huntress. 

chasse-roue, n.m., (, 01 s) spur-post , 


chasseu-r, w.w., -se, nf , hunter, sportsman ; 
huntsman, gamekeeper ; chasseur (footman); light 
infantry soldier ; ship that chases another. * & 
cheval; (imht ) light cavalry. 

chassle, n/., gum of the eye. 

chassleu-x, -se, adj., blear-eyed. 

ch&ssis, .m., (print.) chane ; window-saHli 
frame. Fenfire k ; sash-window dor- 
mant / the fixod part of a window-frame. de 
jardin, de couche; garden-frame; glass-frame, 
(motor) chassis. jpre*w/(phot ) printing-frame. 

chassolr, n.wi., cooper's tool, driver, (toch.) 

chaste, ctdj-i chaste, oontment, honest, mod- 
est, purci, virtuouH ; (style) nat, correct, terae. 

chastement, adv., chantoly, honestly, purely, 
virtuously. [nence, purity. 

chastettf, n/., clmstity, olmatenesei, conti- 

chasuble, n.j., chasuble. 

chasublier, TI.W., tftkr of chaaublos. 

chat, w.w., -te, w./., cat; darling, dear; 
searcher (to oxatnine oannonfi) ; plii)nbruJ0 ; 
(nav.) cat. Petit ; kitton. Jfferoe aw*- #; 
cat's-mint. mttsguft ; civet, musk-eat, cer* 
vier ; lynx, bon auvcsouris ; good mouidi*. 


& neuf queues , cat-o'-nme-taiK Votre chcttte 
est pleine; your cat is with kitten. A bon bon 
rat ; set a thief to catch a thief ; tit for tat ; dia- 
mond cut diamond. Gchaude craint Veau 
fro^de f a burnt child dreads the fire La nutt 
tons les s sont grts ; when candles are away 
all cats are grey. 21 n^y a pas la de quoifouetter 
un ; it is a mere trifle. Weveillez pas le 
gin dort ; let sleeping dogs lie. Acheter en 
poche , to buy a pig in a poke. Se servir de la 
patte du pour tu er les marrons du feu ; to 
make a cat's-paw of anyone. 21 n'y a pas un 
; there is not a lu uig &oul there. Le pat ti, 
les souns dansent, when the cat 's away the 
mice will play. Comme sur bi aise ; like a cat 
on hot bricks. GEil-de ; calf's snout, snap- 
dragon. Patte-de ; ground-ivy Pied-de- 

; cat's-foot, ale-hoof, tune-hoof. Sabbat de 
, inusigue de ; caterwauling. Mon petit ; 
(term ot endeaiment) my dear, my darling 
Appeler un un , to call a spade a spade, not 
to mince matters. Avoir un dans la gorge ; to 
have a phlegm in one's throat (of singers). JYVw,s 
avons d'autres s a fouetter , we have other fish 
to fry. en poche ; a pig m a poke. JBailler 
le par les pattes; to bell the cat. Ces gens 
vivent comme chien et ; these people live like 
cat and dog. importer le ; to go away with- 
out paying one's reckoning, to take French leave. 
*chataigne, n.f , chestnut. amere ; horse- 
chestnut, d'eau ; water-caltrops. 
*chfitaigneraie, ??/., chestnut grove. 
*cliataignier, n.m., chestnut-tree or wood. 

chatain, adj., chestnut, nut-brown, auburn. 
clwir; light auburn. 

chataire, n.f. V. catalre. 

chateau, n.m., castle, fort, citadel ; country- 
seat, mansion, palace. /<??/, fortresw 
seignew *flZ / baronial-hall, Fern e des x en JRs- 
pagne , to build castles in the air. de cat te / 
house of cards, d*eau ; water-works, artificial 

Chateaubriand, n m , fillet-steak 

ch&telaln (sh^-tlin), n.m , -e, n.f, and adj., 
lord, lady, of a manor, squire. 

ch&tel<, -e, adj., (her.) turieted. 
chdtelet (shli-tle), n, m., small castle ; a former 
prison or law-courts at, Paris. 
chfltellenie, n.f., eaHtellauy, castle-ward. 
0chat0peleuse, n f , curoulio, weevil. 

Ghat-hlXant (shn-uan), n.m., ( s .v) owl, 
screech-owl, horn-owl. 

ch&tiable, adj., ehastisable, punishable. 

ch&tieir (-ti d)', v a., to chastise, to correct, to 
punish, to scourge, to flog , (c. rel.) to chasten. 
Qui aime Men, chatte bien, spare tlo rod and 
spoil the child. wit' p'iece de vers , to polish a 
piece of poetry. 

chatlere (-ti-6r), n.f,, cat's hole; cat-trap. 

Gh&timant, n, w., chastiHement, correction, 
punishment, casttgation , (o. rel.) chastening, 

chatoiement or ohatoinient, w,w., cliatoy- 
ment, sparkling, glistening, play of colors, 

chaton, n.m,, kitten ; bezel (of a ring) ; out- 
ward husk or cup of the nut ; (bot.) catkin ; case 
of a watch. 

*chatouillement, n.m., tickling ; titillation. 
*chatoulller, v.a., to tickle, to titillate ; to 
please, to gratify ; to flatter ; to touch a horee 
lightly with the spur, 

se chatoulller, v.r., to tickle oncBelf; to excite 
oneself (to gayety, good humor). 
^chatouilleu-x, -se, adj., ticklish, delicate, 
nice; touchy. [ing (of colora). 

chatoyant, -e, adj., chatoyant, shot, gliatan- 

obatoyer, v.n., to be chatoyant, to glisten ; 
to play (of colors) ; (of style) to be florid. 

chat-pard, n,m., ( *- $) mountain-cat. 

ohatrd, n.m., eunuch. Fou de ; shrill 

, -e, ctdj n emasculate, castrated. 

Ghatrer, v a., to castrate , to expurgate ; to 
take away the honey and wax from a bee-hive , 
to lop, prune , (fig ) to mutilate, to curtail, to re- 
trench ; (vet.) to geld. une trine; to spay a 
sow. des cotreh , to fcake sticks from fagots 
of wood. les tiges de tabac; to top tobacco- 

sechStrer, v r , to eastiate oneself, to be mu- 
tilated (of books, plays, &c ). 

cliatreur, n w., gcldci. 

Gliatrare, n f , castrating ; gelding. 

chatte, n f. , she-cat. I '. chat. 

chatt^e, n f., httei of kittens. 

chattemlte, n ./., deuune-lookiug person ; 
hypocrite, dissembler. 

chatter, v n., to kitten. 

Ghatterie, ?i/,, playfulness; hypocritical ca- 
ress ; daintiness ; pretty or coaxing way. 

cliaud, -e, adj , hot, 'warm, burning, glowing , 
ardent; fervent, iervid, fieice; zealous, eagei ; 
coaxing, hasty, hot-headed, passionate; proud 
(of animals). FWMG e; violent levtir, J'lcn- 
le 1 ) a, es Invmes t to cry bitteily. Towbo de 
Jievre en vial; to fall out of the f rymg-pan 
into the fii e. Favre ; to be waim (of wwither). 
Avoir la tefe e ; to bo passionate. Tout ; 
quite hot. 11 faut lattre Ic fer pendant qu'tl ?$t 

; (prov.) strike while the now w liot, nmko 
hay while the sun sluuoh. Cet ovvrug ext tout 

; this work is quite new. J\ T e houvcr ricn de 
trop ni de trop frotd; to wish to liavo o very- 
thing. La donver IIMIP, to excito umwH- 
sarily great alarm. Hire de vhi ; (fam.) to bo 
a little sprung. Inaction Jut c; (imlit.) Uio 
engagement was a warm one. Mtwger , boire 

, to eat, drink, warm things. 

chaud, n.m., heat, warmth. XI fait ; it w 
hot. Jlfait grand ; it IH very hot. Avoir, 
to be hot /.Vo?///'m /<" t>t / Jroid ; to <w<luro 
heat and cold Ccla tie fait 911 ni froid ; that 
is immateiial, of no importance; that iw neither 
here nor there. Soiijjler le H left md ,' to blow 
hot and cold in the flaiun bioath ( V/ nc luifdit 
ni nifioid , that IH quit*? indiileunit to him. 

chaud, adv., hot, wuim. 

chaude, n.J., (metal ) heating. Jtnttrc la - -; 
to beat whilst the metal IH hot. A la ; i th 
firwi lieafc of paHHion, on tho npur of the moment. 
Qchaudeau, n.w., caudle; egx flip. 

chaudelalt, n ni., battor-pmMmg. 

chaudemeiit (shOd-muu), adv,, warmly, brink- 
ly, quickly, eagerly, fiercely, hotly. 

chaud-froid, n.m,, fancy diwh (oaton cold), 

chandler, *>. ., (hunt ) (of bitolum) to bo 
proud ; to couple. 

ohaudiere, ./., copper, large kctth* ; boiler 
(of a steam-engine). 

ohaudret or chauderet ,??.;., (goltl4Miat.!iig) 
mould of about owe thotiHuud lejw<H. 

chaudron, n.m., large keitl<s boiler, caldntn. 

ohaudronnde, ,/,, oi<houful, kcttloful. 

chaudronnorle, n./., copiirM*niUi*H triwlo, 
copper warc^, bruxlorVi warw, 

Ghaudronnl-or, n.m., -tee, w./,bnwitr, cop- 
permnitli. de cmnpaane ; tiiikt^r. 

chaulfage, w.7w M luel, firewood, firing ; rl^lut 
of cutting nrowood ; (nav.) InxMUuiug* 

chautfe, w./., (metal.) furnace, 

chautte-aaslettes, W.I M (- -) plaits warmer. 

chaulle-chemlse, n.w. t (-*, or < - *) or 
chaulle-linge, ,wi*, ( ) oloUum-horHc, liwnt- 

chaulfe-ciro, n.w.., ( ) (pom) chafu-wax. 

chaufcfe-lit, n.-/,, ( t or *) M-wtunuor* 

chaulle-pleds, .w., ( ) foot-wftrmor. 

ohaulfeir, v.a,, to heal, to warm; to exdto. 

'.un wUtwauf (nav.) to bwam a hl| - nn 

; (inHit) to kuepup atharp ilivow 
gudgu'un; to pay any mw oil. 




se chauffer, v r , to warm one's &elf. Ne pas se 
du meme bow; not to be of the same way ot 
thinking. Savon de quel bois on se change , to 
know what stuft anyone is made of. 

Chauffer, v.,., to be heating, to grow hot , to 
be brewing ; to be urgent, pressing , (of a steam 
engine) to get up steam Ce itfettt pat> pour vous 
que lejour chaujfe , there is nothing for you. 

Chaufferette (sldMiet), ?*./, foot-warmer 
(m the house) , chafmg-dibli. 

chaufferie, w/., chafery, stoke-hole. 

Chauffeur, nm, fiieman, stoker, chauffeur; 
bellows-blowei , (fig ) braggart, humbug. 

Chauffolr, n ?., waiming-place , waim cloth ; 

chauffure, n.f., flaw (m iron or steel). 

Chaufour, n.m., lime-kiln. 

chaufournier, n m , lime-burner. 

Chaulage, n.m., (agn ) limmg. 

chauler, v.a , to lime , to steep wheat in lime- 
water previous to sowing it 

chaulier, rc.w., linie-burner. 

Chaumage, n. m , fatubble-cuttmg ; time at 
which stubble is cut. 

chaume, n ?., stubble , stubble-field , thatch , 
(bot.) culm, haulm. JEtre ne sous le ; to be 
bom in a cottage. Couvreur en ; tlutchei. 
Couvnr de ; to thatch. Pie in, de ; stubbly. 

chaumer, v a and n , to out stubble. 

Ghaumlere, n.f., thatched house, cottage, cot 

chaumine, n f , small cottage, hut. 

ohauasant, -e, a<(/., (1 u ) easy to put on, fit- 
ting (leg or foot). 

'chausse, ./, stocking, ho^e; shoulder-knot, 
straining-bag, filter. d'aiumce!) , waste-pipe 
of a water-closet 

chaU88, -0, pctrt , shod. JHien , well-shod, 
nicely booted. //A sont cliaussfa ait meme point; 
they get on capitally. 

chau8se~e, ,/., causeway; bank, highway 
Au ?ez dc ; level with the ground J^halnte le 
res-df-e/Knixs^e ; 1 live on the ground-floor. 

chausse-pied, .?., ( *) shoe-horn, (fig ) 

help, assistance. 

chauaser, -y.a., to put on (shoos, boots, stock- 
ings) ; to make shoes ; to got firmly fixed into 
one's head , to suit ; (man.) to put one's feet too 
far forward in the sti mips. le cotli u,rne ; to put 
on tho buskin, go on the tragic stage , to wntw in 
an inflated stylo. le brodeqwin ; to put on tho 
sock, go on the comic stage ; to compose, to act 
comedy. Les cordotwiers sont les plus mal 
cltmttsfof nobody is worn* shod than the shoe- 
maker's wife. des arbres ; to earth up tiees. 
tine, opinion; to be wedded to an opinion. 
(Jet homwe, n'ettt pay ai$& h e/umwr , (faith and 
fig.) that man is not eanily persuaded. 
M ohausser, t.n, to put on one's HUOOH, boots, 
stockings; to become strongly wedded to an 

Ohausser, ,,, to make boots or shoos, to 
wear shoes, 11$ <'fwn$$<"nt an. wQnie point ; they 
war Hhooa of tho ttamu Kim ; (fig.) thoy are of the 
Ban 10 Btamp. 

chaussos, w./ pL y brotMshos, mnall-clotheR, 
trowworw. h tuyaux d'orffwe / trunk hose. -/W 1 
pits avoir de, ; to be very poor, Avoir In clef 
de. wit - ; to be one's owiunawter, Laisfser$8 
qwlqnfl part ; to leave OWO'B bouoH somewhere, to 
die. Tirer sn ; to scamper away, JSltcporto 
les ; she wears the brooho0* 

chaussetier (HlidB-tid), n.w,, hosier. 

chauBse-trape, n./. ( s) (milit) caltrop ; 
snare, trap , (bot.) atar-tblstle* 

ohaussette, n.f,, sock; under-stocking ; anklet. 

ohausson, n.m., sock ; uinKU^r-itocking ; pump ; 
light ftlioo (worn when playing 1 rackets, or when 
leolig)j list-shoe; putt-pasta ; fruit-tart. 

chauBSure, n/,, 'foot-gear, slioew, slippers, 
bootw, punops* It a trouvi & sonp'Mf ho *ias 

found what he wanted , he has met with his 

Chative, adj , bald, baldpated. 

Chauve-SOliriS, /.,(*) bat, flitter-mouse. 
Gchauvet^ (&h6v-t^), w/, baldness, calvity. 

chauvinisme, 7i.?.., Chauvinism. 

chauvir, u.w., to prick up the ears (of horses, 
asses, mules). 

chaux, n.f. t lime , limestone , (chem.) calx, 
lime. eteinte , slaked lime. mve , quick- 
lime. Pierre a , limestone. Donnci un blanc 
de ^ (mas.^ to give a coat of whitewash Eh e 
fait a et a, cimeni, or a et a mo)tiei ; to be 
well and solidly done. 

chavirement, n m., capsizing, up&etting. 

chavlrer, -v.w., to capsize, to upset. 

chavlrer, v.a.. to turn upside down; to turn 
inside out. 

chebec, n.m., (nav.) xebec. 

chef, n.Wi., chief, head, commander, conduc- 
tor, ma&ter, principal, ringleader, foreman (of a 
jury), fag-end (of a piece of linen); (uav.) end of 
a cable, (med.) tail of a bandage. En , in 
chief. de bureau,, senior clerk. de cabinet, 
head of a depaitment. d'6at-major; chief 
of the staff. d^etat m ajoi -general, quarter- 
ma&ter-general. de inusique, band-master. 
d'orchestre ; musical-director. de parti ; 
paity-leader. depidce , captain of a gun. 
de 7 ay on ; (coin ) head of a department. de 
train, railway guaid. defamille; head of a 
house. dc cuisine , master-cook. d^accii- 
sation, count of indictment, charge. Fa ire gud- 
que chose de son ; to do a thing on one's own 
responsibility. De son , m oue'b own light. 

Chef-d'ceuvre (she-deuvr), n m., ( -A )tnal 
piece; master-piece; master-stroke. 
Qchefecier. V. chevecier 

chef -lieu, Ti.m., ( s- x) chief residence , 
head-quarters, chief town; county-town. 

che*gros, w.m., shoemaker's thread or end, 
cobbler's-erids, wax end. 

cheik or schelk, n.m., sheik. 

cheiroptera (ke^). F. chiroptere 

Ch61idolne (kt5-), n,/., (bot.) celandine, swal- 

chelone (k<5-), n/ , (bot.) chelone, snake-head, 

ch61one"e (k<5->, 7i/., sea-tortoise. 

ch^lonlte (k(J-), nf, chelomte. 
0*^' cheraer, v 7\, to fall away, to wante, to pine. 

cheuin, n.m., way, road, path, track; means, 
course; (nav.) way; (railways) line, road. Grand 
, highway, high-road. Voleiir de grands i , 
highwayman. passant; much frequented 
thoroughfare. s vieinaux, commtinatix f vil- 
lage, parochial roads. de to averse; cross- 
road. detourne ; out of the way road. de 
far; railway, railroad. de fei h rail plat; 
tramroad. de 8crwce t (railways) attendant 
path. EmbranGhement de defer ; branch rail- 
way. Le de Vhftp'ital ; the way to the work- 
house. convert, (fort.) covered way, cor- 
ridor. dv hnlage ; towing-path. A wi- ; 
half-way. ,/VrAum^ ; on the way. -de velours, 
the primrose path. Le <Je$ Jicolins ; the long- 
est way. Se inettre. en ; to begin a journey. 
Jfa'brtntssfr ; to go back. Etre. toitjours par vale 
et par , to be always gadding about. After 
tMtjourit wn ; to pursue one's point. AUer <son 
peM bonhoitiin de ; to jog along quietly. 
Pdfifsez votre. , go your way. Tout mbn$ & 
Rome*; there are more ways to hoavoii than one. 
6V jet me hommw/era mn ; this young man will 
make his way. ffy pas a Her par qwtre,*~-$t wot 
to beat about the busli. Qvi trap $<s M<% 
- - ; nlow and sure wins the race. dto 
Jacgwt; (astron.) milky-way. JFaire voir 
} to give trouble. 

chemlnoau, n.m., portable stove; tramp. 




chemine~e, %./, chimney, fire-place; mantel- 
shelf, mpple (of a percussion gun). Tuyau de 
, chimney-flue. JZamoneur de , chimney- 
sweep. Con ps de ; chimney-stack. Sous le 
manteau de la ; secretly (sub IQS&). 21 faut 
faire une croix hla ; we must chalk that up 
Se chauffer a la - du r<n Rene ; to warm one's 
self in the sun. 

chemittement, n.m., (milit.) approach, pro- 
gress (of siege operations). 

cheminer, v.., to walk, to go, to proceed lei- 
surely , to be well connected (of things). Ce 
po&me chemine bien , the various parts of this 
poem, are well connected. 

chemise, /., shirt, shift, chemise ; (fort., 
mas.) chemise , coat (of a mold) , wrapper, 
cover, envelope , case. blanche , clean shirt 
de nuit; night-gown , night-shirt. de 
mailles ; coat of mail Vcndie jusqu''a sa ; to 
sell the shirt off one's back. Passer une , to 
put on a shirt. La peau est plus proche que la 
, near is my shirt, but nearer is my skin. JBn 
manches de , in shirt-sleeves. Le temps de 
metti e une ; just time to dress. 

chemiser, v.a., to coat. 

chemiserie, /, shirt- warehouse; shut-mak- 
ing, shirts 

chemisette, w/, light under-waistcoat, shut- 
front ; dicky, clieun&ette. Corps de ; habit- 

chemisi-er, n m , -ere, /., shirt-maker. 

chenaie, w/., oak-plantation 

Chenal, w.m., channel, watercourse (of har- 
bors, <c.); (geog.) track; gutter (of roofs). 

chenaldr, v.n , (nav ) to sail through a chan- 

chenapan, w.m,, (pop.) vagabond, good for 
nothing wretch, scamp, blackguard. 

chene, n.m^ (bot.) oak De ; oaken. 
vert, evergreen-oak. Irige, cork-tree. 

cheneau, w.m., young oak. 

ch^neau, n m , gutter (of roofs). 

Chenet) TI.M., andiron, fire-dog. 

chenette, /., (bot.) germander am^re, 
wall germander. 

cheneviere, /., hemp-field. 

Chenevis (shen-vi), n.m , hemp-seed. 

CheneVOtte, /., boon, stalk (of hemp) 

chenevotter, V.M., (agn.) to shoot weak wood. 

Chenll (-m), n.m., dog-kennel, dirty hovel, 
kennel of hounds. 

*chenille, -/., caterpillar, worm , kind of silk 
cord ; kind of dressing-gown ; evil doer ; bore 
(troublesome person). vchtc , hairy catei pillar. 
1 rase; naked caterpillar. Laid comine une ; 
as ugly as a toad. 
*chenillette, n./., (bot.) caterpillar. 

ch&iopode (U&-), W.TO., (bot.) nil-good. 

chenu, -e, adj., hoary, hoax -back ; gray- 

cheptol (shS-tel), n.m., (jur.) lease of cattle ; 
cattle leased out. 

cheque, w.wt., check; cheque. lairb; 
crossed cheque. 

ch-er, -ere, adj., dear, beloved; dear, costly, 
expensive. JRendre ; to endear. 11 /it it 
vivre & Partis / living is dear m Paris. 

Cher, adv., dear, dearly. Achete, pcty& ; 
dear bought. J$ le ltd ferai payer plus gu'au 
marcMjt will make him pay dearly for it. faire 
payer trop , to ask too much for. 

ch*" M ab. for Chevalier. 

chercher, v,a., to seek, to look for, to search, 
to be m quest of; to endeavor, to cast about for, 
to attempt, to try to find. Qtte chcrchcz-voitaf 
what are you looking for? Alter ; to j?o and 
bring, to go and fetch, to go for. Jo viendrai 
vow ; I will come for you. Envoy er ; to 
send for. Il est aU son cfteval ; he has gono 
to fetch his horse, Allez me Za kttre ; go and 

bring me the letter. noii>?, querelle ; , to 
pick a quarrel with qitelqu^un par mei et 
par terre; to look for any one high and low. 

des yeux ; to look foi. midi a quatotze 
heures, to seek for difficulties where theie are 
none; (prov.) to look for a knot m a buhush. Le 
biencherche lebten, money begets money, money 
flies to money, deep calls to deep. 

cherclieu-r, n M., -se, n.f., seeker, seaicher, 
inquirer, deftanches lippScs , spunger. 

chere, nf, cheer, entertainment, faie; iecep- 
tion. Bonne , junketing. IIomm< d< ] bonne 
, a man who likes good living. Faircbonne , 
to live well. Fane mct'igrc , to live pooily. 
Ne savoir quelle /ane a qvelqu'un; not to 
know how to welcome any one enough. 11 n^cst 

que d'app&tit , hunger is the best sauce. II 
ri>e$t que dc vilam; there is nothing like a 
miser's feast jP<rme de punce a, qwlqu'itn , 
treat any one sumptuously, [high price. 

cherement, adv., dearly, tenderly , dear, at a 

CluSri, -e,pait , beloved, cherished. 

che~ril, n m , ( ,s) cherif (Arabian prince). 

che"rlr, v a., to love deaily, to cherish; to hug, 

cherisaable, ad) , deseiving, worthy of love. 

chert^, n.f., dearness, high price, dearth 

ch6rubln, n.m,, cherub 

chervils, n.m., (bot.) skirrot. 

chell-f, -ve, adj., lean, thin, pitiful, piteous, 
puny, sorry, bad, mean, wretched. 

che'tivement (-tiv-man), adv , meanly, piti- 
fully, sorrily, poorly, penunously ; feebly. 

cheulard, n m , lout, gaby. 

cheval, n.m., horse, nag, horse-flcsli; ^aatron:) 
horse, defrise, cheval de fnse. fojidu.- 
saddle my nag (game) warin; wca-horso. 
de mnb e ; river-horse. Fer ^ -, liorse-slioo. 
gus pommete, truit6, ctiiblre, iowm, poil </ 
souris, isabelle^ soupe ait imt , dapplo-gra^ , trout- 
colored, fleabitteii-giay, roan, monHo-coloKMl, 
light dun, cream-colored, hoi>e. Petit-; mag, 
pony. <iep(nade,deb(tt<nl!c; pninccr, chaigor. 

de sette, de chaise, </ timt, Ha<ldl(i-h<)i'B<% 
huntei, draught-hoise. de brnncctrd, de mmn, 
h deux ynaitif, ; Hhaft-hoiw*, l(d-hormi, wuldlo 
and shaft-horse. de bat; paclt-hoi'ho ; lout, 
booby. cfpcouiM', tfttw ble , raeo-horso, nag. ~~ 
de JBarbai w or Uai be , barb. either f - hongre, ; 
entire horse, Hfcono-hoi'fid, g(ldmg, <t btncule,' 
iocknig-liorM. - siimrie , (fowling) wtjilking- 
horse. de bois , (unlit.) IIOIHO (for puuitih- 
moiit) de c/iairue, de falmir f plow-horne. 

de conduite ; led hoi HO. -~ dcqaucfie; iwai- 
side horse. wiislu wnm, oiK-Hido horoo. -* 
de louaffc ; horse for hire, hvery hoi we. - <}, 
une main ; horno for ruling or driving only. - <i 
deux ma-ins, ikdeut Jlns, ti toute* wat'iiit ; hoiwi 
for riding nnd driving. <ic tuw, de pur way ? 
blood-horfio. an vert; graHH-horno. - qm a 
Iwmieonj) deletion; hijtyh ntoppor. (Vn > 'V<t'Mjr <ff 
/nV; (unlit.) chcvaux do frino, fV/.w, w/;w, 
pour le,$ chevawx , horwi-box. CJwii (/<" ; )i<)rmt 

eHh, XSartdewonter h- ; horHcnuumhip. Alln 1 
, to ndo. A / to horo I Ntte <r - ; to h 
on horseback. JUtre, (t-~- sunni bfttmi ; to ri<l n 
Htick, H est le de bflf ; ho in tho Urudgw. 
Tt avail de ; hard work, firidi'riwn' par l<t 
queue ; to begin at the wrong <ii<l, JF*ttrter a*** ; 
to speak tnagiHlerially, scwm'Jy, K1re until fa ; 
to bo in a quandary. Monter sur xe$ Brawls 
chevaity ; to ride tho high horH<i. A* <iw\n$ U 
we f ant point rcgarder <} la bride ; oiui muwt not 
look a gift hoi'HO in tbo motith. Jl ti Vv/ ni bvn 
gni w broneJte; 'tia a good hormi that novtw 
Htumbles. llmled* -; liorHO-gntnH^. /tf//r A * 
mr VHiquctte; to be a Htirklw for otlnuoUn. 
Ch anger *wn baryne eon (re ww awiis/lr f to 
mako a bad bargain; to clmiigd for th^ woma. 
UopM du wattre enffrcntse If - ; uiatiorH prosper 
under the niaaUnr'B eyo. 




ciievaiement, n m., (arch.) prop, stay, shore. 

chevaler, v.<z., to prop, to shore up. 

Chevaler, v.n., to run about, to run up and 

elievaleresque, adj., chivalrous, knightly. 

clievalerid, nf., kuighthood, chivalry. 
errante ; knight-errantry, 

Chevalet, n m., wooden horse (mbtrument of 
torture); bridge (of a stringed instrument), 
easel, the gallows of a printing-press; horse for 
scraping hides on, sa wing-trestle or horse, but- 
tress, prop, shore; clothes-horse, cross-beam (of 
a dormer window), pyrotechnist's hoise or rack, 
(nav.) roller (to pass the cables from, one place 
to another). Tableau de , (paint.) easel-piece. 

chevalier, n.m., knight, cavalier, knight (at 
chess); (orrn.) sandpiper. Aimer quelqitfun , 
to dub any one a knight. cPhonneur ; the 
first gentleman-usher to the queen. Le du 
qnet ; formerly the captain of the night watch at 
Pans. de Vaiqnebuse; one of the artillery- 
company. n ? ant , knight-errant. d'mdus- 
t> ie ; one that lives by his wits, sharper, swin- 
dler, de la coupe , tavern-knight Sefairele 
de quclqu^itn , to stand up for any one. de 
Saint-Louis ; knight of St. Louis. de la legion 
d'honneur; knight of the legion of honor. 
rouge; (orm ) red-shank 

chevallere, n.f., knight's lady; signet-ring. 

chevaline, adj^ equine, of horses. 

Chevalis, n.m , passage, canal (cut in the bed 
of a nver). 
Qcshevance, nf , goods and chattels, substance. 

chevane, nf., (pise ) chub, cheven. 

chevauchage,,, (print.) riding. 

chovauchant, -e, adj , (bot.) equitant. 

chevauche'e, nf , circuit, progress; riding. 

chevauchement(-v6Ji-uian),fi.7/i,, (of bones) 

chevaucher, v.n,, to ride, to be astride, (nav.) 
to lido, to cross, (carp.) to overlap; (print, and 
surg.) to ride. 

chevaucher, v a, IP, vent , to beat up 
against the wind. 

chevaucheur, n.m , udei, horseman. 
0& chevauchons, adv., astraddle. 

chevau-16'ger, n m. , light-horseman. s ; 

light cavaliy. 

cheveche, nf., white owl, owlet, church 

chevecler, n.m., dean (of certain chapters). 

choveld, -e, tt<tj. (her ) (of th hair) crmed. 

chevellne (ahSv-), nf., coral club-top. 

Chevelu, -0, (sh8vc j -), adj., loug-haued, hairy, 
(bot.) fibrous; (of Hteiature) romantic. Coniete 
e ; haired comot. Cttir ; scalp. 

chovelu, n.m., (bot.) chovoluro, beard of the 

clievolure (shtfv-), n.f , hair, head of hair, 
wmlp, La --de Rfaitnw, (constellation) Bere- 
nice's hair (Coma Boronices), 

ohevor, fur., (gold.) to hollow out. 

Chovet n.m., pillow; bolster; the head (of a 
bod); bedside; (nav.) cushion, bag. Droit de, , 
ort of foo or jmwtiut. Le ~-d?une {'flhspf apsw 
of a church. Tiouwr qwlqw chose sous son ; 
to dream of anything (J^cst Mm ?p(w dc ; ho 
is bis trusty (Councillor. 

chevdtre, n.m., ImUor; (carp.) binding-joist; 
(surg 1 .) bondage to nupport the lower Jaw. 

Cheven, n,m,, h^lr. Lex ~-x; tho hair of th0 
head. %d(* Fww* / (bot.) maulon-hair, Trcftse 
dc< as / plait of hair. % ronx ; sandy liair. x 
tftbtow; ravon locks, $pan; diRheveled 
lo<5ks. pontfchw ,' fftlne hair. Je, dfatre. nut 
Jntw aoupnr Ics as ; I watut to have my hair cut. 
JRtwr /M "%; to shave the head, fltt prandrit 
mix -, ; to take on another by tho hair, Crtn 
fait dw&Mr Irs $ sur In tfitc ; that raakos one 1 ^ 
lialr stawl on end. JTVew^re VoGeasion aux at; 

to take time by the forelock En x , bare- 
headed (wearing nothing on one's head) Tir& 
par les x ; far-fetched. 

*Chevlllage, n.m , pegging, bolting. 

Chevillard, n.m., carcass-butcher, meat-sales- 

*cheville, n/., peg, pin, bolt, plug, botch, 
stop-gap, (poet.) line or word of necessity, (uav ) 
iron bolt, branch (of a deer's head) Trouvet ct 
ckaque tiou une , to find a peg for every hole. 

ouvne) e , pole-bolt of a coach , principal agent, 
mainspring of a party, of an atian . La du 
pied; the ankle-bone. hgoujon, common 
bolt. a goupille ; forelock bolt. a bouche 
et a croc , bolt with ring and hook. a tete 
de diamant , square-headed bolt. a pomte 
perdue, short drove-bolt. d'ajfut, gun-cai- 
nage bolt, a cosse , fender-bolt. Vous ne 
lui allez pas a la , you are a pigmy compared 
with him; no match for him. A la , by the 
carcass, or half carcass 

*chevllUJ, -e, adj , (her.) branched. 

*ChevlUer, v.a , to peg or pin, to fasten with a 
peg ; (dy.) to wring Des vet s chemlles ; botched 
verses. II a Vame chevillee dans le coips, he has 
nine lives. 

*chevillette, n.f., key or peg (of a book- 
binder's sewing press). 

*chevlUon, n m., turner's peg. 

*chevillOt, TI.TO., (nav.) toggle, belaying-pm. 

*chevllllire, nj., branches of a deer's head 
Chevre, n.f,, she-goat, nanny-goat, (uiec.) 
crab, gin; crane, (astron.) capella. Enter en 
pied de ; to grait slopeways. Barbe-de ; 
(bot.) jew's beard. a muse; musk goat, 
Thibet musk. Avoir la ,piendie la , to 
take offense. Manager la ei le chou, ; to run 
with tho hare and hold with the hounds. Ou In 

est attaches il faut qu'elle faoute; one mubt 
bow to circumstances. 

chevreau, n.m., kid; kid (skin). 
*chevref cuille, n.m., honeysuckle. des bois; 

chevre-pted or chevre-pieds, adj., (of 
satyrs) goat-fooled 

chevrette, n f , roe, doe ; shrimp, prawn ; 
syrup-pot, little andiron or fire dog. 
*chovreull, n m , roebuck, loe-deor, venison. 

chevri-er, n.m.., -fere, n.f., goat-herd. 
*chevrlllard, n.m , young loobuck. 

chevron, n.m. 9 rafter, stiipe (ow a aoldior'& 
sleeve; (nav.) scantling, long wedge; (her.) 
chevron. de long pan, long rafter sda 
croupe ; hips. v cinti es , arched rafters s 
de, remplaffe ; joists. Mctfrc les ,<r a la battei ie ; 
to apply the wedges to the truckH. 

chevronne', -e, a,dj., (her ) chevroned. 
Ochevrotage, n.m., goat-fee 

chevrotain, n.m., chevrptain. 

chevrotant, -o, adj., quivering, tremulous* 

chevrotement (-man), n.m., tremulous mo- 
tion, trembling, quivering of the voice. 

chevroter, v.n., to kid , to sing or speak in a. 
tremulous voice. 

chevrotin, n m., kid leather. 

chevrotlne, ??./., buck-shot. 

Chez (slid), pcjt).,at, to, in, one's houeo; at 
the house of ; at/, to, the native place of ; in, 
with; among. J'ai et6 wv$; I have been at 
your liouso. Ohacun est ma^trc sol; evory 
man is master in his own house. Jc vicns de 
vous ; I cotno from your bouse, J"'aiy><i$$& par 

vous ; I called at your house in passing, Je 
viens de ma mere ; I come from iy mother's, 
(Pest lui une habitude; it a habit with him, 
Avoir soi; to havw a home of one's own, 
n n^y a pas de petit soi ; home is home, bo it 
ever BO homely. 

chlaoux, n.m.) Turkish officer, meeseniKer. 
chiasse, n.f., dross, scum ; dung (of flies). 




chibouque, w./., chibouk (Turkish pipe). 

chic, n.m., tact, ettect, knack, style (paint,). 
XI a du ; there is something stylish about him. 

chicambaut, w.wi., (nav.) buinkm, luff-block. 

chicane, w./., cavil, evasion, quibble ; chi- 
canery, pettifogging, caviling, quibbling, the 
quirks of the law ; wrangling. Gens de ; 
pettifoggers. Cheichei a quelqu'un; to pick 
a trumpery quarrel with any one. 

Chicaner, -y.7i.,to chicane, to cavil, to quibble, 
to use tricks, to quarrel with ; to use quirkh, 
shifts , to wrangle, to perplex. le vent ; 
(nav.) to hug the wind 

chicanerie (shi-), ./., chicanery, quibbling, 

chicaneu-r, re.wi., -se, n f., chicani-er, n m , 
-fere, ?!/> and <//., chicauer, caviler, pettifog- 
ger, wrangler ; litigious, cavilmg, wi angling. 

chic aid, -e, <//., (pop ) swelhbh. 

chiche, adj., niggardly, peumious, stingy, 
scurvy, shabby, scanty, sordid, sparing, parsi- 
monious, mggaid. Pois s ; cluck-pea&, dwarf- 

chichement (slush-man), adv., niggardly, 
penunously, stingily, parsimoniously. 
0chich,6t6, ./., niggardliness, covetousness, 

chicon, Ti.w., cos-lettuce ; heart (of). 

chicorac6, -e, </?., endive-like, chicoraceous. 

chicorace'e, ?</., (bot.) chicoraceous plant. 

chicore'e, ?i/., succoiy, endive, chicory. 

chicot, ?i.w., small broken piece oi wood , 
stump (of teeth) , stub, fetump (of trees). du 
Canada; bonduc. 

chicoter, v.n., (pop.) to wrangle, to tnfle, to 
split hairs. 

Chicotin, n m., orpine, rosewort, rose-root, 
livelong ; juice of bitter apple. Amer commc ; 
as bitter as gall, 

Chie-en-lit, n.m., () merry-andrew, masker, 

chien, n m., -ne, nf (-in, -e-n), dog, bitch, 
cock (ot a gun or pistol). babitlcnd , (hunt ) 
liar. camche f poodle-dog, poodle, watei- 
dog volant, tailless bat Grand , dog- 
star. de pure iace, truo-bied dog. 
metis ; half-bred dog , mongrel Cette e/nmiic 
estpleine; that bitch is with pup. cPatit't; 
pointer, couchant , setter ; toud-eater , lick- 
spittle. courant ; beagle twc ; Barbury, 
Turkish dog. d' ] attache, ban-dog. de 
basse.-cour , house-dog de beryer , nhop- 
herd's dog. de bouchej ; ma-stilt de 
ferme, house-dog. maun, demer ; (ich.) 
dog-nah, hound-fish* denier; thorough-bred 
dog. pour le renard ; fox-hound. pour 
le sangHer ; boar-hound. du grand $<tntt~ 
Berncn d ; Alpme mastiff. d& Tcrre-nntve , 
Newfoundland dog. ~ terrier ; terrier. Vne 
meute de * ; a pack of hounds. Un ptttt , 
un jeune ; a puppy, a whelp. de, salon, 
lap-dog. Chasscr au d'arrrt ; to wlioot ovw 
dogH, Donncr Zflchcr Ics s ; to hit loow, cant 
orl, the dops. Jftar MI hwguc au,r-~~$ ; to give 
it Tip (of a riddle). CVaf Rnint Hack ct son , 
they are like Darby and Joan ; they are inHopa- 
rable. Hftlvr It's ,? / to set on the <logfi. Jfomprc 
l<>$ A* ; to call off the dogs. IHtre comm <> ui\ A 
Vattache ; to be like a galley-slave. Fnirc le 
couchant; to creep and crouch and truckto. 
M&ner uw vie de ; to lead a dog's life. J?<m# 
s ohauent de race ; like father, like on ; cat 
after kind, JSntre ?t lonp ; in tlio duk of 
the <wemn. Us tfaccordent comine d ch<it> 
they agree like cat and dof?. Laws s ne chns- 
sent pas ensemble ; they don't agr^e together, 
Qin in? (time, avtne mon ; love me, lovo my 
dog, qw nboie ne word pus; his hark in 
worse than his bite. Mrgneux a tOKjonrs 
Voreille d$ehir6e; quarrelsome curs have dirty 

coats. Qui veut noyer son P accuse de la 
rage ; give your dog a bad name, and hang him. 
Un regarde bien un evegue; a cat may look at 
a king. West le du jaidimer ; it ih the dog 
in the inangei. Mutant vaut dtie motdu dhin 
que d'une chienne, as well be Iianged ior a 
sheep a& a lamb. Eire repu comme un dans 
unjcit de quillcs; to be as welcome as a dog at 
a wedding. 

chien de mer 01 chien marin, n.m., (\c\\ ) 
dog-fish, hound-fish. 

Chiendent, n i., dog-grass, quitch-gmbb, 
couch-grass Joss lie; amianthus. 

chiennde. n f , a httei oi pupa. 

chienner (ahic-), ?j ?t., to whelp, to pup. 

Glliffe, n J , pooi stuif ; nigfe 

Chiffon, n m.j rag, scrap, tiinket, fuppory. 
Mon petti , you little tUilmg. 

Chiffonnage, n.m., (paint ) rumpled di apery , 
rumpling, crumpling, tumbling 

chiffoime, adj. /, (gaid.) puny, UbeltiHt, 
Blanche ; puny, stunted, branch 

chiffonner, v.., to rumple, to wrinkle, to 
crumple, to tumble, to ruffle, to teanc, to vex. 

chiffonni-er, n m., -fere, /, rag-pi ckoi. 

chiiionnl-er, n,?/t., o?*-fere, ./., chilloiucr. 

cliiffre, M.W., iigure, number; total aiuoimt ; 
ciphei ; tlouush of letteiH, monogram , digit 
pbriodiqw; (anth ) figuie oi tho recurring 
period. Kci n c en , to wi ito in cipher. 

cliiffrer, v.n., to cipher, to mark, to wnto in 

Chiifrer, v a,, to cipher, to foot up ; to figure, 
to numbei (of music). 

cliiffreur, > .m , reckoner. 
*chignon, n.w?-., napo (of the neck) ; hair 
twisted behind, chignon. 

chimere, n/,(myth.) clumora, myth, Ullo 
fancy, vain imagination , (couch., ili.) chiiuuitt. 

chim^riotue, a<lj , chimoricul, visionary, fun- 

cliimdriquement, a<fv., chnucrically. 

chimie, /., clie-mihtiy. 

cliiniique, cufj. cluMiucal. 

chimiste, n.m., dumiibt 

chimpajiz<5, n in., (/ool ) chimpanxo^. 

China, n m., (bot.) China-root. V squino. 

chinchilla, n m., ( ) chinchilla. 

chiner, t) a , (manu ) to color, to dye. 

chinois, "6, n and '"//., ChnH*H. 

chinoisorle, ;;./., CluncHO ornament* kuick- 
knack; iolly, Jurcc, joke. 

chiourme, w./, eonvuit-gaupf. 

chiper, v a., to pili'or, to crib, to prig, to bag. 

chipie, ?t/,, aftected, mincing, pctsviwh wo- 
man ; prude. 

chipoter, i) 7*,, to dally, to trillw, to <liHi>ul<i 
about IriUoH ; to higghi , to haggle. 

chlpoti-er, ni., -6re, w./,, triflcr, didhcr, 
whulHor ; higgler, haggler 

chique, %./., quid of tohaoco; {<nl.) chcgi^, 
chegoe, chigre ; inurbta (to play wi1,)i). 

chlctuenaude (shik-wOd), ?*./., illhp 

chlquenauder, >.'.., to liHij). 

chlfJLUet, v.n,, to hw tobacco ; to cat heart- 
ily ; (paint.) to dawh oiT. 

chiquet, n.m., driblet, bit, ; Hliroil. f/ - </# 
inn; a drop of vdxw. A-" ; bit by lal. 

chiragre (ki-), ?*./,, ohimgrn, 
0chiriinoya, w.,/,, tiiminrd-applo. 

chirographaire (ki-), m/-/., on note <i' hawl, 

chirologie (ki-), n/., hn i olgy. 

chlromancle (ki-),w,/,,clih*(}nuwH'y, juiliulHtry. 

chiromancien (ki), ?/,/;/., chiroinjuK'cr. 

chirone, n,/,, (bot,) <ioliuiry. 

chiroptere (ki-), n.m,, (awwu,) 'hlrotcr, bat 

cliirurgical, -e, //r/y., nur 

chirurgie, /,, nurgcry. 

chirurgien (-in), n.i,, 

(-Hf Jf) MNBUttout JEJUrgeOKU 




chirurgique, atfj., surgical. 

chiste (kist), n.m , (sing ) cyst. 

chiure, ./., fly-blow. Maique de s de 
mouches; fly-bitten. Fowe des $ de mouches 
sur; to fly-blow. 

chlamyde (kla-), nf., chlamys, 

chlorate (klo-), n.m., (cliem.) chlorate. 

chlore (klor), n.m., (chetn ) chlorine , (bot.) 

chlore', -e (klo-), adj , chloruretted. 

Chlorhydrate (klo-), nm., (chein.) hydro- 

Chlorhydrigue (klo-), adj, (chem.) hydro- 
chloric, muriatic. 

chloride (klo-), n m., (chem.) a combination 
of chlorine with a simple substance, chloride. 

chlorique (klo-), adj , (chem ) chloric. 

Chloroforme (klo-), n m , chloroform 

chloroiormer, v.a., to administer chloroform. 

chlorometre (klo-), n.m., chlorometer 

chlorome'trie (klo-), n f , chlorometry 

chlorose (klo-r6z), /., (med.) chlorosis, 
green sickness , (bot.) etiolation. 

chlorotlque (klo-), adj., chlorotic. 

chlorure (klo-), n.m , chlonde. 

Choc, n m , shock, clashing, encounter ; 
brunt ; collision, disaster, blow. Soutenir le ; 
to stand the shock* 

chocolat, n.m., chocolate. B&ton de , 
stick of chocolate. 

chocolati-er, n.m., -ere, n.f., chocolate- 
makoi ; chocolate-dealer. 

chocolatiere (-ti-<h-), nf., chocolate-pot. 

ch09UT (ketir), n m., choir, chorus. Enfant 
de , choir boy, chorister. Chanter en ; to 
sing in chorus. 

Choir (chu), ?> n , to fall. 

choisir, v.a., to choose, to make choice of ; to 
pitch upon, to pick out , to nominate , to single 
out, to select. II n*y n point h ; there is no 
choice left, fin ; to choose for one's self 

cholx (BlioSOi n m., choice, choosing, option, 
selection, distinction, discernment. Par ; 
from choice, flans ; indifferently. Au , 
all at one price Avoir le force ; to have 
Hobaon'8 choice. 

cholag-ogue (ko-la-gog), n.m., (med.) chola- 

chOle*dO(J,ue, adj , (anat.) biliary, hepatic. 
Canal ; hepatic duct. 

chole'ra-morbus (ko-), n.m,, (n.p t ) cholera- 
morbuis. Fait* ; cholerine. 

cholerine (ko-), n.f. cholerine. 

chol<5ri(ue, n.m.f., (med.) parson affected 
with cholera ; cholera pati<mt. (idj., choleric, 

chollainbo (ko-), w.*., oliolianibio vorBo. 
e, crc/j"., to bo kept as a holiday. 
, W.TO., stoppago ; want of work ; 
, from work ; ouiorood MltmieHH ; re- 
Bpito. La d'nn moulin ; tho stamdiw^ wtill of 
a mill. 

ohdner, v ft., to abafcuin, to oeaso, from work 
on a parfcksular <ky, to rwt. (Pest uu saint qii'on 
ne fikdmft p(W ; ho'lH in no groat roputo. 

chdnier, w.??.., to want work, to bo at a ntand- 
fltill ; (agrl.) to lie fallow. It c/ifaw, de, brsoffn? >" 
ho Is out of work. dft qwlquc nhosv; to stand 
In nood of a thing 1 . 

ohondrologle, ./., 

chope, n.f.j large berglaHH j mug of beer. 
Qchoplno, w-t/M pmt (ft mooaure nearly equal to 
an Kngliwh pint). 

chopiner, v,n^ to tipple. 

chopper, v.n., to stumble, to trip tip ; to 

ohoquont, -e, CK$; ru<!e, ofltaMlvp; shocking; 

Clloq,tier, v a., to shock, to strike, to dash 
against, to clash with , to ottend, to give ofteuse, 
to shock, to disgust, to di&please, to giate upon, 
(nav ) to suige. 

se choq.uer, v t , to take otf ense , to come into 
collision with. 

Chociuer, v n., to strike glasses, to be offen- 
sive , to hurt any one's feelings , to be shocking. 

Choral (ko-), adg , choral. .*., chant. 

Choree (ko-), n.m., (poet ) choreus. 

Choree (ko-), /., chorea, St. Vitus' dance. 

Chorege (ko-), n m., (autiq )chor,figuB 

Chor^graphe (ko-) n m , chorograplier. 

choregrapllie (ko-), n / , choregraphy. 

chor^graphiqtie (ko-), adj., choregraphical. 

Chor^veque (ko-), n m , choiepiscopus. 

Chorlambe (ko-ri-anb), n.m , (poet.) choriamb. 

Chorion, n in , (anat ) chonon. 

Choriste (ko-), >i m., chorister , chorus singer 
(thea ). 

chorographie (ko-), nf, chorography. 

ChorographiQtlie (ko-), adj., chorographical 

Choroide (ko-V?i./., adj., (anat.) choroid. 

Chorus (ko-rfiss) n.m., chorus Faire ; to 
sing the chorus, to join in , to chime m ; to ap- 
plaud, to approve, to agree 

chose, nf, thing; matter, business, affair, 
deed ; reality, action ; (jur ) chattels. Ce ri>est 
pas grand , 'tis no great matter. Quelque 

de beau ; something fine Pen de , a mere 
trifle, nothing. La pnUiqnc ; the common- 
wealth, common weal Eh e tout ; (pop.) to be 
out of sorts. RestQ 1 ) lout ; to remain confused. 
C'esttont antic , that is quite another thing. 
Dites bien dcs s de mapatt a vot) e friire ; le- 
member me to your brother. Bicn dcs c?ics 
vous; kind regards at home Monsieur , Mr. 
" what's his name." ,v de la wwr (nav.) ; wreck- 
age, flotage, flotsam (jnr.) 

choil, n.m , cabbage , colewort ; puff-paste ; 
kale, darling, deai ; bow, rosette calms; 
headed-cabbage. ~ warm; sea-lcale, wort, sea- 
oabbage. pommt ; wlnte-headed cabbage 

non pomme, bore-kale, bi own-kale. Fih-t h 
; cabbage-net Rf}ct <lu ; cabbage-sp) out. 
Pomme de ; cabbage-head. Tiac, tuognon, 
de , cabbage-stalk cr&pu, , Scotch kale. 

dc. Milttn ; savoy. a; verts, jciwes J> / 
sprouts, a; Wanes ; white-hoarfc cabbagoH. x 
brocol'is ; broccoli. -oi&if^r^ ; colza. de 
chifn; dofj'a cabbage. -palmisfe, ( nc .v) 
palm-cabbage. navet, ( .?) rape-cole wort. 

rave, ( x ;?) turnip-cabbage. >/ lh* 

-pilla! (hunt,) at it ! go it! ftes & et dcs 
raws ,* ducks and dnike.s -- pmtr ; taking 
one thing and another. It en fait -w? r< gran ; 
ho itmlliers IHH nest with it. // x'rntend a *cla 
Govnme ft rawer des x; li known nothing at all 
about it. Allcr planter sen jr; to rolir into 
private life Mon petti ; my little dailiug. 
J&taeomme rm~, an stupid a an owl. 

chouan, n w., brown owl, loyalist msurgont 
(French Revolutu>n). 

chouanner, v.n>, to carry on a guerilla war- 
fare (alter the manner oi the- CJliouatis). 

chouannerie, /,/., tho party oi tlio Chonans; 
Vendean royal it. 

chouant, n.vt,-, a sort of owl, 

choucas, *.?/?.., or chouchette, w./., jackdaw. 

choucroute, ./., sonr-krottt, Hauer-kraufc, 

chOUOtte, 7?- ./-I H<',r(Muh-owl. <rr^/y,, capital, ox- 
collent, stunning. J^airft la ; (piquot) to play 
alone agahwt two, 

chouettoment, adv., (pop.) capitally, fa- 

chou-tleur, n.m., ( x~ *) cauliflower* 
*chou-pllle, ?.*. ( ) shooting-dog. 

chouquet, n.m,, (tiav.) block, moor'8-boa.d, 
cap of the mast-head. 

chou-rave, n.m., () turnlp-ca'bbftge. 




choyer, v.a., to take great care of, to be fond 
of, to pamper, to fondle, to pet, to make much 
of, to cocker-up. 
se choyer, v.r., to pamper one's self. 

ehrematologie (kr<5-), nf, (lu.) chremato- 

chre'matologiqTie (krt 1 -), adj., chrematologi- 

chreme (krem), n m., chrism, holy oil. 

chre'meail (kre"-), n.m , chrism-cloth. 

chrestomatbie (kres-to-ma-ci), /., ehresto- 
mathy, select extracts. 

Chretien, -ne (kre-ti-m, -ti-e-n), n. and adj., 

chre'tiennement (kre"-tien-rnan), adv , Chns- 
tianly, Christian-like. 

chretiente' (krg-ti-m-te"), nf., Christendom. 
Marcher sur la ; (fain.) to wear shoes and 
stockings in holes. 

chrismal (kn-), n.m , chrismatory. 

chrismation, n.f., chrismation. 

U Christ (krist), n m , Christ, crucifix. Jems 
Christ (3^-zu-kn) ; Jesus Christ. [Chiist without 
Jesus is never used m French without le ] 

christe (krist), nf., (bot) crithmum, sam- 
phire, sea-fennel. marine/ crithmum, sam- 
phire, sea-fennel. 

christianiser (kris-), v.a., to Christianize. 

christlanisme (kris-tia-nism), n m., Chris- 

christiaque (kris-tiak), adj , Christian. 

Chromate (kro-), n m., (chem.) chromate. 

chromatique (kro-), adj., (chem. and mus.) 

chromatique, ./., (mus., paint.) chromatics 

chromatiquement, adv., (mm.) chromati- 

chrome (krSm), n m., chromium. 

chromique, adj , (chem.) chromic. 

chromolithographie, nf., chromo-lithogra- 

Chronlcit^ (kro-), nf., (med.) chronicity. 

chronique (kro-), nf, chronicle, history; 
summary, reports. scandaleuse, tittle-tattle, 
scandalous reports. 

chronique, adj., (med ) chronic. 

chroniqueur (kro-), n.m., chronicler. 

chronogramme (kro-), n m., clnonogram. 

chronographe (kio-), n.m., chronogiapher 

chronograpliie (kro-), w / , chronography. 

Chronologie (kro-), n f , chronology. 

chronologique (kro-), adj , chronological. 

chronologiste (kro-), n.m,, chronologer. 
Gchronologue fkro-), n.m., chronologer 

Chronometre (kro-), n.m., chronometer. 

chrysalide (kn-), n.m , aurelia, chrysalis, 
nyrapba ; pupa ; pupe ; grub. 

chrysanthfeme (kri-), n.m., chrysanthemum; 
ox-eye daisy ; marigold. 

chrysite (kri-), n.f., chrysite, touch-stone. 

chrysobate (kri-), n.f., chrysobates. 

chrysob^ril (kri-), n.m,., chryaober. 

chrysocale (kn-), n.m., an alloy of copper 
and zinc, resembling gold , pinchbeck. 

chryaocolle (kn-), n.f., olryocolla, borax, 

chrysocome (kn-), n.f, (bot.) chrysoconia, 

chrysogonum (kri-), n.m., moth-mullein, 
red turnip. 

chrysolithe (kr-), n.f., chrysolite. 

chrysophri3 (kri-), n.m , (ich ) gilt-head. 

chrysopraso (kri-), n.f., chryHoprase. 
chrysul^e (kri-), (chem ) w/., chrysulea, 
aqua regia. 

chu, -e, part, (of choir\ fallen 
0chucheter, VM,, to whisper , to twitter. 

chuchotement, n.m., whispering, whisper, 

chuchoter, v.n. and a., to whisper, 

phuchoterie (sho-trt), n.f., whispering. 

chuchoteu-r, n.m , -se, n f , whisperer. 

chut (shut), int., hush ' 

chute, n.J., tall, tumble; decline, falling, 
overthrow, lapse, downfall, descenfeion, decay , 
catastrophe, disaster, failure, miscamage. 
d^eau ; waterfall, cataract. La du jour , the 
close of day. d'eau ; waterfall, watercourse 

d j une voile ; (nav. ) depth of a sail ; drop (of 
the principal square sails). de courants ; 
setting of the tides. 

Cliuter, v.n., (thea ) to fail, to be damned. 

chyle, n w,, chyle. 

chyleu-x, -se, adj., cliylous 

chyliifere, adj., (anat ) chyliferous. 

chylilication, nf., chyhtaction, ohylification. 

Chylose, ./., chylification. 

chyme) n.m , chyme. 

chymification, nf , chymification. 

ci, adv., here Celui estmeilleui queceJui- 

la; this is better than that. Get homme , this 

man. -desms, devant, above, before, hereto- 
fore, ex, former Par par-la , here arid there, 

up and down; oft and on. aptes; hereafter. 

dessous , below. contie , opposite. JSn- 

tre et demain ; between this time and to- 
morrow. Entre et l&; between this and 
then. (French Revolution) Un devant noble, 
un devant, an ex -noble, royalist, Les - 
devimt nobles, le& devant; the royalists, the 

cibage*, n m., an Indian pine, cibage. 

cibaudlere, 7t/.,sort of fishing-net. 

cible, n.f., mark to be shot at, target. 

ciboire, , a sacred vase, pyx ; (arch ) 
ciborium, canopy. 

ciboule, nf., scallion, green onion ; eschalot. 

clboulette, w /., (bot ) chive V. clvette. 

cicatrice, n J , scar, seam, maik. 

cicatricule, n / , cicatricule, eyo or thread ; 
(of an egg) small scar. 

cicatriaant, -e, adj., cicatrizing. 

clcatriser, V.Q., to mark with a scar, to car; 
to cicatrize , to cloye, ht\il up. 
wcicatrlser, v.r., to bo cicatrized, to akin over, 
to heal up. 

ciccus, n.m , a Bpooies of grasshopper, a 
species of wild-goowe ; CICCMS. 

cic^ro, n.m., (print.) pica, -grostril; pica. 

petit CB'il ; email pica. 
cic&role, n.j., cluck-pea. 
cicdron, n m., Cicero. 
cicerone,, cicerone. 

clc^ronien, -ne (-IM, -^-n), <tdj,, Cun^oxnan, 
Ciclndele, ?'/., cicindoila. 

Oclcisbe'e. r. sigisb^e. 

ciclamor, yi.w. V. orlo. 

cicutaire, n.J,, cicuta, wutor-licuilock. 

cid (sid), n,m. t cid (chief, coinnuutdcr)* 

cidro, n.m., cider. <7w -- ; htioug cil<-, 
jpar; oldcidoi. ~pufu<t9i(; rough cidci 1 . 

ci, (ab.) Co, (lor Company), 

ciel (siel),, (oioux) hoavmt, tho Iwwvoufl, 
the flrxuameut, lh ^ky; paviuHHo. (frfaw <tn 
; thanks be to heaven, to God. (7V.SV* w CMIJ) 
du j it is a judgment of huavmi. O ! () 
heavens I Juste / good lumvmm ! grcmt (><! ! 

u ; heavenly. 4r-<?M- (~ --); laiubow. 

emner et terie ; to loavo no Hlono untunuul. 

ciel, H.OT,, (ciolH) tealor of a bc<l ; (<s, rcl.) 
the canopy which ia carritjd ovw Uw hoHfc; wky 
(paint,); the roof of a quarry; air, clSitwUi, 
Un beau ; a fine climate. /////?> M/ wm im 
des plus beaux * d PMmropv; Italy htiH <UHI of 
the finest climatew in ICurope. 

cierga, n.w,, wax-ttiper, oinirclt <mn<ll t wax- 
light rfwP^'ow; torch thiHtlc, pascal; 
Eastor ciorgo. .9 (.Vwn; wt<^'-j<t. 
comme m ; an wtiff HH a i>ok<^r. 

clerge*, -e, ndj., (nav.) B 

ciergier, '.?//<., wa/c 




cigale, n /. , cicada, grasshopper. de rivz&e ; 
water-grasshopper. de mer ; shrimp. 

clgaie, n.m , cigar. 

cigarette, n f , cigarette. 
*clgogne, n.f.. (orni.) stork, h sac f hur- 
gil. Bee de ; (bot. ) crane's bill. Conte h la , 
or conte dela ; absurd and improbable story. 
*clgogneau, n.m., (faro.) a young stork. 

cigue (si-gG), n.f., hemlock. vireuse, or 

eau; water-hemlock, cow-bane. 

oil, n.m., eye-lash; (bot.) lash, hair. 

cllialre. adj , ciliary. 

CiliCG, n.m.., liair-cloth. 

Cllid% -e> adj., (bot.) ciliated, lashed. 
*clll9ment. n m , twinkle, winking. 
*ciller, -y.a., to wink, to twinkle ; (hawking) to 

*clller, v.n., to wink , to twinkle. 
*cillo, n.m., (med ) wmker. 

cimaise, n.f., eyma, ogee. 

cimbalaire, nf. V. cymbalaire. 

clme, nf , top, summit, peak , height ; (bot.) 
cyme, summit. En ; (bot.) cymose. 

ciment, n.m , cement. 

cimenter, v <i, 9 to cement ; to confirm, to 
strengthen, to consolidate. 

cimentler (4i<?), n.m., (tech ) cement-maker. 

clmeterre (snn-ter), n w., scimeter, falchion, 

cimetiere (aim-tier), n.m., church-yard, bury- 
ing-ground, cemetery. 

Gimlet* n.m., buttock, round of beef ; crest of 
a head-piece ; apex. de cerf; haunch of vem- 


cimole>, nf., cimolite; cimolian earth; cut- 
ler's dust. 

cimole'e or cimolie, <//./., cimolian. 

clnabre, n.m., cinnabar. 

cincenelle, /,, tow-line. 

clnchonine, nf., cmchonia, cinchonine. 

elude, n.m., (orni.) water-ouzel, dipper. 

cine'raire, adj., cinerary. 

cine'raire, ?? /., (bot.) cineraria. 

olne'ratlon, n.f., cineration. 

cinglage, .?., 0run of a ship in twenty-four 
hours, ship's course, sailing; (metal.) shingling. 

cingler, u.., to sail before the wind, to scud 

cingler. v.a,, to lash ; (metal.) to slungle. 

cinglerie, n.f,, shinglmg-house. 

clnnamome, w. //'., cinnamon. 

cinq, (sink), ^"., nve. 

cliiq, w.m., a five ; cinque (at games). 

cinqiiaiitfdno, n.f.^ some fifty; half a hun- 

cinquante, ff/., fllty. 
0cin<iuantenier, w.w., captain of fifty men. 

clnquantieme (-ti4m), adj , iiitieth. 

cinQtUantiemej n.w>.<, iiftieth pait. 

clnciuieme, adj., flfth. 

clnq[uleme, n.m. t fifth part ; pupil on the 
fifth form. M/., the fifth form, in colleges and 
public schools. 

clnqulemoment, adv., fifthly. 

cintrage, nM., arching, curving, 

cintre, n*m,j arch, 8<nni-<5iir('le ; curve ; (carp.) 
center-bit, Crtt? ewe wt m ; that cellnr is 
built arch- wise. surbai^s^; elliptical arch ; adj., 
(fiK.) low, flattened. A pkin ; aemi-circulftr. 

clntrer, v.a., to arch, to build in the form of 
an arch, to curve. 

cloutat, n.w., cioutat (a kind of grape). 

clpaye, .m., Sepoy, 

cipolln, n.i., cipollino, cipolin marble. 

cippe, .. olppws (column). 

oirige, n.w., waxing; blacking; (paint.) 
cameo with a yellow ground. 

clrce'e, /., (bot.) nchftnter nightshade. 

clrcorapolaire, adj., drcumpolur. 

clrconclre, v.a., to 

clrconcis, TZ.TW., one who is circumcised 

cixconciseur, n m., circumcisor 

clrconcislon, n.f., circumcision. 

circoufdreiice, w/., circumference. 

Circonflexe, n.m. and adj., circumflex accent; 

circonlocution, n.f , circumlocution. 

circonscription, n.f., circumscription, bound 5 
division, district. 

circonscrire, v a , to circumscribe, to encircle, 
to enclose, to limit, to stmt. 

circonspect, -e (-p, -pekt), adj., circumspect, 
wary, guarded, discreet, cautious. 

cfrconspection, n.f., circumspection, wari- 
ness, caution. Aveo ; cautiously. 

circonstance, w./., circumstance, occasion ; 
occurrence, event, conjuncture, case. aggra- 
vate; aggravation De ; required by or 
adapted to circumstances. Suivant les s? ; as 
the case may be. Dans tes scritiqiLes; on 
critical occasions, or in emergencies. 

circonstancler, #.., to state circumstantially; 
to tell, to detail, to particularize. 

ctrconvallation (-val-la-), nf., circumvalla- 

circonvenir, v.a., to circumvent, to deceive, 
to impose upon ; to over-reach. 

circonvention, n.f., circumvention, over 
reaching. Userde ; to circumvent, 

circonvoisin, -e, adj., circumjacent, neigh- 
bouring, adjoining. 

circonvolution, n.f,, circumvolution. 

circuit, .w., circuit ; roundabout road ; cir- 

circulaire, adj., circular, round. 

circulaire, ./., circular. 

circulairement (-ler-man), adv., circularly 

clrculant, -e, adj , circulating. 

circulation, n.f,, circulation ; currency, issue; 
traffic. Mettre en ; to issue (money). 

clrculatoire, adj., circulatory* circulating. 

circular, v.n., to circulate ; to pass from hand 
to hand j to spread. Faire ; to make people 
move onu Circulez, Messieurs 1 move on, please I 

ctrcumnavigateur (-kom-), n.m. t circumnav- 

circumnavigation (-kom-), w./. t circumnavi- 

clre, n /., wax ; beeswax ; wax-light. h 
cacheter, or WEspagne; sealing-wax. 

cirer, v.a., to wax, to black (boots). JSe ; to 
be waxed. 8e les hottes; to clean one's boots, 

cirier, n.m,, wax-chandler; wax-maker ; (bot.) 
candle-berry, wax-tree. 

ciron, n.m., (ent.) flesh- worm, mite. 

cirque, n.m., circus. 

cirre, n.m. (bot.) tendril; (ZOOL) olrmis. 

clrreu-ac, -se, adj. , ending in a cirrus. 

cirrhoae, nf., (mod.) cirrhoBis, 

cirrus, n.m., cirrus, curl-cloud ; inare's tail. 

cirsakas, n.m. V. sirsacas. 

cirse, n.m., (bot.) hatHe-thistle. aes 
champs f way-tlistle, jfteld-thiatle, 

cirsion, n.f., (bot.) cirHiura, gonllc-thiatle. 

cirsocfele, 7*/., (med.) eirsocele. 

cirure, nj., prepared wax. 

*cisaille, /., (coin.) clippings or shearings of 
metals ; pL, shears. 

*clsailler, v a., (coin.) to mark, to clip. 

cisalpin, -e, adj., Cisalpine. 

ciseau, w.m, chisel. Worfkvre ; graver. 

ciaeaux, n.m. pL, scissors. dcjardwffrt 
shears. de tatiletur; sliears. boutwknlui 
(surg.); probe-scissors. momscs (aurg); 
blunt-pointed scissors. 

ciseler (sizl<3), v.a,, to clxieel, to chase, to 
carve, to emboss, to sculpture. 

ciselet (siz-le), n.m., graver; chasing tool, 
ciseleur (siz-leur), n,w,, chaser f 




eiselure (siz-lur), n.f., chasing, sculpture 
carving ; chased work, carved work, sculpturing 
cisoires, nf pi , beuch-sheais. 
cissite, n.f., aetites, eagle-stona 
cissoidai, -e, adj., cissoid. 

dssoide, n.f,, (geom.) cissoid, 

ciste, n.m., (antiq.) basket; (arch.) cist 
(bot.) cistus, rock-rose. 

cistophore, nf, (antiq.) cistophora, cane 

cistophore, n m., (antiq.) cistophorus. 

citadelle, nf., citadel, fortress, castle. 

citadin, n.m., -e, n.f., citwen, burgess; (b.s/ 
cit; cockney. 

Citadtae, nf, hackney-coach, fly. 

Citateur, n.m., quoter; book containing s 
collection of quotations. 

citation, n.f , citation, quotation, quoting 
summons. Se/aire dehvrer une ; to take ou 1 
a summons*, Lancer une , (jur.) to issue a 

Cite*, nf., city; town. La celeste ; the hea 
venly city. Droitsde ; the rights of a citizen, 
freedom (of a city); citizenship. 

citer, v.a,, to cite, to quote; to name; to sum- 
mon; to subpoena. 

cite*rieur, -e, adj., citerior, hither. 

citerne, n.f , cistern, reservoir, tank. 

citerneaii, n.m., small cistern or tank. 

clthare, nf., (antiq.) cithara; zither. 

citll, n.m., tapeti, Brazilian rabbit. 

Citole, n w, a musical instrument, dulcimer. 

citoyen, n.m,, -ne, nf. (-in, -e-n), citizen, free- 
man of a city, patnot. 

citragon, n.m., balm-mint. 

Citrate, n.m. 9 (chem.) citrate. [yellow. 

citrin, -e, aaj., citrine, lemon-colored, pale 

citrique, adj., citnc. 

citron, n.m , citron, lemon , lime ; lemon- 
color, adj , lemon-colored. 

citronnade, n.f., lemon-squash. 

cltronnat, n.m., candied lemon-peel; sugar- 
plum with lemon-peel m it. 

citronne", -e, adj., lemon-flavored, 

citronnelle, /., balm-mint, garden-mint, 

citronnier, n.m., lemon-tree; citron-tree. 
*citrouille, nf, pumpkin, gourd. 

civade,n / , a kind of beaid-fish. 
Qcivadlere, nf., (nuv.) sprit-sail. 

cive or civette, n.f., (bot.) cluve. 

Civet) n.m, de liivre; stewed or jugged 

civette n.f,, (mam.) civet-cat ; civet ; (bot.) 

Clviere, n.f.. hand-barrow; litter, stretcher. 

civil., -e 4f.i relating to the community in 
general; private, plain; civil, comteous, well- 
bred, gallant. Mequ&te, c; bill of roview. 
Partie ey the public prosecutor. Dtmt ; 
(jur.) common law. 

civil, n.m., civil, civil service. 

civllement (-man), adv., civilly ; courteously, 
politely. Mort ; dead in law. 

civilisable, <x<7;., civilizable. 

clvllisat-eur, -rice, adj,, civilizing, 

civilisation, %./., civilization. 

civillser, v.a., to civilize. 
se civiliser, v.r., to become civilized. 

clvilite", w./., civility, good mannera, goo<l 
breeding, politeness, courtesy, manners j compli- 
ment, courteousMGss. II ri*a yhts lu la pu&rilp 
et honn&e; he nevoi learned politeness. MM * 
A Monsieur wtrefrhre ; my compliments to your 
brother, tt e$t de la , uest de d9g it is but 
common civility to. 

civique, adj., civic. 

civisme, n.m., civiem. 

clabaud, n.m., (hunt.) liar ; (b.s.) babbler, 
bawler ranter \ 

clabaudage, n.m., barking, baying ; clamor, 

clabaudement, n.m., peg-peg (i. e., of a 
wooden leg). 

clabauder, v.n., to give tongue (falsely); to 
clamor, to bawl out. 

clabauderie (-bo-drt), n.f., clamor, bawling; 
ranting, abuse ; tall-talk, biawl. 

clabaudeu-r, .., -se, n.f. t brawler, clam- 
orer, scold. 

dale, nf., wattle, Inn die ; (of a sieve) screen. 
Passer hla ; to scieen. 

Clair, -e, adj., clear, bright, relucont, shining, 
luminous; light, lightsome, light - coloi ed ; 
transparent ; pure, limpid ; thin ; plain, mani- 
fest, evident, obvious, intelligible, visible. C"t',stf 

comme jour ; it is as plain as a pike-stall. 
Etoffe e , thin, flimsy stuff. Lait ; whey ; 
(of eggs) addled, barren. 

clair, n.m., light, clearness ; (paint.) light. 
It fait de lime; it is moonlight. Vm tii& 
au ; racked wine. Tit ci au - , to bottle oft 
to claruy, to fine. 

clair, adv., clearly, plain, plainly. Parlcr 
et netj to speak out plainly, openly ; not to 
mince matters. JV'y pas voir , not to see ; 
(fig.) not to understand. A) lies sems ; 
sparse, thinly scattered trees. 

clairgage, n.m., decoloiutg (of sugar). 

clatrcer, v a., to decolor ; (sugar) to clarify 

Claire, n.f., burnt bones ; sugar-boiler. 

Clairde, /., clarified sugar. 

clalrement (Ider-man), adv., clearly, plainly, 
distinctly, evidently, intelligibly. 

clairet, adj,, (of winen) palish, lightish. 

clalret, n.'m., preciou.s Btono that is too pale ; 
pale wine ; clairet (an in fusion oi wine, honey, 
sugar, and aromatic pl.iutJ. 

clairette, n.f., a kind ol grape. 

clilire-vole, w./., (~~s .v) opening (in a gar- 
den wall); lattice, wicket, (nav ) sky-light. A 

; in open work. Snwr li ; to sow thin. 
clalriere, nf., glade ; thin part (in lincn) 
clair-obscur, w.w., ($ \ (j>aint.) cluaro- 

oscuro, clare-obscure, light and Hhade ; moxxo- 

clairon, n.m., clarion, trumpet, buglu ; (uav.) 
nit (in a cloud). 

clairseme*, -e, adj., thin, thinly sown, scarce, 

clairvoyance, n.f., Hliarpnees, aoutouoHH, 
perapicucity ; clear-sightediieHH ; clairvoyance. 

clairvoyant, -e, w(/., cl<iar-Hight(id, diHcorn- 
ing, sharp, acuto , clairvoyant. 

clameur, /., clamor, outciy. 

clamponnler, ?/.-///., long puHtonuul horno, 

clan, n.m., clan. <7/w/ de ; cliioUaiii o A 
clan* Membra dhm ; clauHinan. 

clandestin, -e, adj., olaiMloHtlno, aoorut, tin- 

clandestine, w/., (bot.)broom-rapo, mother- 

clandestlnemcnt (-ti-n-m-Tn), <td/<., <']:unl<:H- 
tmnly, privately, u<lovliaii<lo(Uy. 

clandestinlt^, ij'., cilund 

clape, n.f, (moo.) Hlui<'o. 

clapot nM.j valve, ttlupp 

clapier, n.M,, burrow ; hutch. 

clapir, v.n. to gmionk (of rabbltn). 
V) clapir, v.r., to hM In a hole, to wjuat, to cowor* 

clapotage, n.m., rippling, phuihhtg ; (nuv.) 

clapoter, v.n., to ripple, to plawh, to ohop 

clapoteu-ac, -e adj., rippling, choppy, i>Uwh 
ng; rough. 

clapotis, V. clapotago. 

clappement (klap-mSn), ,w., clanking, 
mocking (of tho tonguo agaliiifc thn pakto). 

clapper, ^,w. t to olaok, to maok f 

claque, n,f., liap, islap, mnnr.^* claquo (putt 




clappers at theaters). pL, clogs, galoches Cha- 
peau a , cocked hat. Face a ~s , sneering 
face, ^. e., which you would like to slap. 

Claque, n.m., opera hat, crush hat. 

claquebois, n m., (mu& ) musical sticks. 

Claquedent, n.m , (l.u.) poor half-starved 
wretch, beggar ; boaster. 

Claquement (klak-maii), n.m., clapping, clap ; 
snapping (of the fingers) ; cracking (of whips) ; 
chattering (of the teeth). 

claquemurer, v a , to immure, to coop up, 
shut up, confine, imprison. 
se claquemurer, v r , to shut one's self up. 

*claque-oreille, n m , ( s} (pop.) flop hat, 

slouch hat. 

claquer, w.,tosnap, to crack, to clap, to 
smack, to clack. Faire , to crack (a whip), 
to snap (one's fingers), to smack (one's tongue). 
des mams , to clap des dents ; to chatter 
(fig ) Faue sonfouet; to boa&t ; (fain.) to die, 
to kick the bucket 

claquer, v.a , to slap, to crack, to smack ; 
(fig.) to applaud. 

Claquet, n m., mill-clapper. 

Claquette, w / , clapper, rattle. 

claqueur, n.m., clapper 

clarification, nf, clarification, clarifying, 

clarificatoire, aaj , clarifying. 

clarifier, r.a , to clarify, to purify, to fine. 
se clariiler, v.r., to clarify, to get clarified, to 

Clarine, nf., little bell (for cattle) 

Olarlnette, n f , (rims.) tlauuet, clarionet 

Clarte, nf., light, splendor, clearness, trans- 
parency, limpidity, brightness , perspicuity. 

classe, n f , clasfc., 01 der, lank ; tribe , foim (m 
a school) ; school-loom, school-time, pi , school- 
days. En ; m school. B<a>$es s, junior 
classes. JIau,tet> *, s supencures , upper 
classes (of schools). 11 a ftnt toutes si's s, he 
has gone through all the iorms. L^oidvcrture^ 
or la i entree, des s , the reopening of the 
Hchools. Hatttcs s; higher classes (of society) ; 
(nav.) enrollment. 

classement (klas-mau), n.m., classing, classi- 

classer, v a., to class, to soi t ; (nav,) to enroll. 

classeur, n.m., portfolio, sorter. 

classicisme, n m., olosaiciHiu. 

classification, nf, classification. 

classifier, v.a., to classify. 

Classique, ctdj., classic, academical ; standard 
(of authors, books), 

Classique, n.m., classic. 

clatlr, v.n., (hunt.) to blab (of dogs). 

claudo, n.m. and adj., (lam.) simpleton, fool, 
dolt; doltish; Hilly. 

claudication, ,./., claudication, lameness, 

claudlcant, -e, adj., lame, limping, 

Clause, ra./., clause, condition, Btipulniion. 

claustral, -e, adj., olauntrul; mouautio. 

clavaire, n.f., (bot.) dub-top. 

clavtf, -e, adj., (bot.) club-like. 

clavcau, n.m., rot, scab (of the sheep) ; (arch.) 
key or arch-stone. 

clavecin (May-sin), n.w M harpsichord. 

claveciniste, H.W./., harpsichord-player. 

clavele', -e adj., (vet,) affected with rot. 

clave le"e, n/, rot, scab. 

clavette, /, (tech.) peg, cotter-pin; key, 
catch, latch. 

clavicule, M./., clavicle, collar-bone, 

claviculd, -e, adj,, (xool.) haying a collar- 

clavier, ,w,, key-board, key-frame; koy- 

claviforme, acf,/,, (bot.) olavate, club-shaped. 

clayer, n.w., hurdle, 

Clayere, n.f., oyster-bed ; breeding-ground. 

Claymore, nf., claymore. 

Clayon, n.m , small hurdle, stand (for cheese). 

Clayonnage, n.m., nicker; ba&ket-woik. 

Clef(kl6), n./.^key , plug (of cocks,) , (arch.) 
crown; fid (of masts); (nav.) hitch, (mus ) 
clef, tuning-key. Un ti ousseau de s; a bunch 
of keys. de voute ; keystone of a vault 
Fcrmer une po?te a ; to lock a door. La 
gi ammaire est la des sciences ; grammar is the 
key to the sciences. Mettre la sur la Josse ; 
to relinquish an inheritance Mctti e la sou& 
la pcwte; to run away from oue'fc. ci editors, to 
bolt. La e^ a laporte , the key is :u the door. 

clematite, nf., (bot.) clematis, chmbei. 

clemence, n f , clemency, mercy, toigiveness, 

clement, -e, adj., clement, merciful, lenient, 
mild (of the weather) 

cle'mentines, nf. pi , Clementines (the con- 
stitutions of Clement the Filth). 

clenche or clenchette, n/., thumb-hit of a 
latch ; (inus ) clef. 

Clephte, n.m. , free Greek mountaineer. 

clepsydre, nf. clepsydia, water-clock. 

clerc (kler), n.m , clerk, clergyman , scholar. 
Petit ; junior clerk M<ntre , head-clerk. 
Pasde ; blunder. Ce n" 1 est pat, un gtand ; 
he is no great scholar. 

clerg, n.m , clergy. 

clerical, -e, adj tf clerical. 

cl^ricalement (-kal-man), adv ,cleiically. 

cl^ricalisme, n m., clericalism. 

cle'ricature, n.f, cleikslup, apprenticeship, 
articles; ministry, holy ordeis. 

cl6rlstbre,?i.?n., (arch ) clearstory, clerebtory. 

Clic-clac, ni , clicking (of a whip) 

clichage, n.m , steiootypmg, casting 

client, n m , htereotype plate, (photo ) nega- 
tive; (sculp ) cast 

clicher, v.a.. to stereotype. 

clicneur, n.m , atereotyper. 

client, n.m., -e, n.f., client (of lawyers) ; 
patient (of physicians) ; customer (of trades- 

clientele, n.f., clients ; practice (of physi- 
cians) ; (Rom. antiq.) piotcctiou, patronage, 
business , custom (of tiadesmon) ; connection. 
efaitr une ; to form a connection. 

clifOlre, 7i /., H<inirt (toy). 
*clignement, n.m., winking, blinking, wink 
0*cllgnemusette, ?//,, (n.p } ludo and neck. 
*cllgn,er, v.^., to blink, to wiuk, to twinkle. 
*Cllgnotant, -e, adj , winking, blinking. 
*cllgiiotement (kli-gnot-man), n.m., winking, 
twinklmg, blinking. 
*clignoter, v n., to wink, to twinkle, to blink 

climat, n.m., olhtutc, diwio. 

climatdrlque, ^//,,(!limactoiic, oluiufcic. 

climatdrlque, n.J., oliiuac-ierie, climatic. La 
(/raiidfi ; the great climacteric, 

climax (-rnakH), .?/?., (l.u.) (rht ) climax. 

clln, n,vn,, wink (of an oy) ; (archit.) louvre- 
boarding ; (TUIV.) elinchor-work A -- ; olmehor- 
built. fylfot* tin d\vil A qwlq^itn; to wink 
tit any one. JSn un (tfwil , in the twinkling of 
an eye, m an inntaut, in a trico, 
*cllncaUle, cllncaillorie, ciincailller. F. 
qulncaille, qulncaillerle, quincalliler. 

clinlq.ue, adj., clinic, cliufcaL 

cllnique, njr., clinical surgery, clinical niedi- 
oino, or lectures, 

clinquant, n.m., tinsel ; glitter ; affectation ; 

cllnquanter, v.a., to cover with tinaal. 

clique, /, set, coterie, party ; clique, JPw- 
uorter se,s * ef ses clagufiftf to pack bag and 
baggage, to be off. 

cliquet, n.m., click ; catch, 

Cliqueter (klik-ta), u.n,, to clack, to oHck. 




cliquetis (klik-ti), n.m., clanking of arms, 
clash ; clatter ; rattling, jingle. 

Cliq.1iettes(kli-ket),n./.^., snappers, bones. 

clisse, nf., wicker-mat , (surg.) splint. 

Cliss6, -e, acfy., cased in wicker. 

clitoris (-rf), n.m., (anat.) clitoris. 

clivage, n.m., (mm ) cleavage. 

Oliver, -y.a.,to cleave (diamonds). Se ; to 
be cleft. 

cloaqiie, W.T., sink; cess-pool, sewer; filthy 
hole ; (anat.) cloaca. 

cloche, n.f., bell ; blister (on the hands, feet) ; 
cover, dish-cover; (cook.) stew-pan. ; (gard.) 
bell-glass, hand-glass ; (chem , phys.) receiver. 
de plongeur ; diving-bell , (nav.) barrel (of a 
capstan) Tmter les s , to toll the bells. Qui 
n'entend qu'une rtentend qu'un son ; one 
should hear both sides of a question. 

clochement (klosh-nian), n m., hobbling, 
halting, limping , lameness. 

Cloche-pied^ n.m., (n.p*) hopping on one leg. 
A ; upon one foot, hopping. Aller ct, , to 

Clocher, n.m , steeple, belfry, parish. Course 
au ; steeple-chase. Avon la maladie du ; 
to be homesick. H ri>(i jamais qintte son de 
vue ; he has never been out of his parish. Es- 
prit de ; narrowmmdedness ; prejudice, short- 

ClOCher, v.n., to halt, to limp, to hobble. 
du p^ed droit ; to limp with the right foot 
Raissonnement qui cloche ; lanie argument. II 
y a queJque chose qui cloche , there 's something 
wrong somewheie ; a hitch somewhere 

clocher, v.a., (gard ) to cover with a glass- 

Clocheton, n.m., little steeple, bell-turret. 

clochette, n.f., small bell, hand-bell; (bot ) 

cloison, n.f., partition (of boards or masonry), 
division, compartment , (anat., bot.) partition , 
(nav,) bulkhead. 

cloisoimage, n m., partition-work, wain&- 

cloisonne*, -e, adj., (bot.) valved; (conch.) 
chambered, wainscoted. 

cloiaonner, , to partition. 

cloitre, n m., cloister ; close , monastery. 

cloitre', -e, adj., cloistered (of a person) 

cloitrer, v.a., to shut up in a cloister, to 
cloister, to immure. 

cloitrler, n.m., cloister monk 

clopin-clopant, adv , limpingly, haltingly , 
hobbling along. 

clopiner, v.n., to limp, to halt, to hobble. 

cloporte, n.m , (ent.) multiped, woodlouse. 

clogue, n./., blister; (agri.) brown rust. 

clore, v.a , to inclose, to fence, to shut in ; to 
end, to finish, to conclude , to close (accounts, 
discussions, a session). 

Clore, fl.ra., to close, to shut. 

Cl08, -e, part , closed, tight, shut, sealed. A 
huis ; with closed doors. JBoucfie e ; mum 's 
the word. Climnp ; lists. O sont Mtrcs 
e*/ it's a secret. et convert; wind and 
water tight. 

clos, n.m., close; inclosure, field. de 
vigne; vineyard . 

closeau, n.m , small garden. 

closerie, n./., small farm ; bit of land. 

clossement, n.m. V. gloussement 

dosser, -w.w. F". glousser. 

cloture, w,./., inclosure, fence 5 seclusion (of 
nuns) ; closing, close, (part) closure, proroguing. 
Mettre une ; to inclose. 

cloturer, v.a., (jur., parliament) to close, to 

clou, n.m., nail, hobnail, spike ; stud ; (mod.) 
carbuncle, boil ; clove. h crochet ; tenter- 
hook. s & vis ; clincher-nails, E^f oncer un 

; to drive a nail. River le h quelqu'un ; to 
clinch any one's argument. Cela ne vaut pas un 
& souffiet , that's not worth a straw, a rap ; 
(lit., a tm-tack). Un ckasse Vauiie, one idea 
drives away another. 

clouage, clouement, n.m., nailing ; nail- 

clouer, v.., to nail , to fix ; to rivet ; to de- 
tain, to confine. 

se clouer, v.?., to buckle to ; to be nailed (of a 

clOUter, v a., to adorn with nails, to stud. 
ClOUterie (-trl), n/.,nail manufactory, nail- 

Cloutier (-tie"), n m , nail-maker, nail-dealei. 
cloutiere, nf , anvil for making nails. 
Clovisse, n m , (conch.) winkle. 
Cloy ere, w./., oyster-basket. 
Club, n.m., club, assembly. 
clubiste, n.m.f., member of a club, 
clysoir, n.m , clyster-pipe. 
0Clystere, n m., injection, clyster, enema. 
clyste"rlser, v a., (je&t ) to give clysteis. 
cnique (kuik), n.m., (bot.) horse-thistle. 
CO (prefix used m composition, signifying with, 
conjointly), co. 

coaccuse', n.m., -e, nf., fellow-prisoner, co- 

coacqu^reur, n.m., co-purchaser, co-buyer ; 
joint buyer. 

coacti-f, -ve, adj., coactivc, coercive. 
coactlon, n.J , cooction. 
coadjut-eur, n.m., -trice, n./, coadjutor, 

coadjutorerie (-tonrl), n./., coadjufcorhhip. 
coadnd, -e, adj., (bot.) joined, coodunalo. 
coadunation, n f , coadunation. 
coagulant, -e, adj., coagulative. 
coagulation, nf., coagulation, congealing. 
coaguler, v a , to coagulate, to congeal. 
se coaguler, v.r., to coagulate, to congeal 
coagulum (-loni), ,?,., (ehem ) coagulum. 
coalescence, nf , coalosconco. 
coalescent, -e, adj., ooalescent. 
se coallser, v.., to coalesce, to league, to 
unite, to combine. 
coalition, ./., coalition. 
coassement (ko-as-mau), n.m , croaking (of 

coasser, v.n , to croak (of frog). 
COassocle', n.m., (com ) co-partner, fellow- 

coati, n.m., (mam.) coati. 
cobalt, n tn , (nun.) cobalt 
cobaye, n.m., gumoa-pig. 
cobla, n.m., (bot,) cobcoa, 
cooelllgerant, -e, adj., <!ob<'lligerent. 
cobit, n.m,., (ich.) cobitiH, loach. 
cobourgeois, n *., co-partuor in a wljip* 
cobra-capollo, n in., ( ) hoodoa-aiittlM, 

coca, n.w., (bot,) coca, orythroxylon coca. 
*cocagne, ,/., t'oawt, trout; the hwwl of milk 
and honey. Mat de ; greany pol, Pays 
de ; the land of plenty. 
cocarde, n./ , cockade, oar-knot. 
cocasse, adj., (pop.) odd, laughable, ridiou- 
lous, comical, <lroll. 
cocaaserie, n.f., drollory, caricature. 
cocatrii, TO.W., cockatri<;e. 
coccifere, adj., (bot.) oooctforouH. 
coccinelle, ./,, (ent.) ladv-bird, liuly*oow. 
coccoloba, n.m, (-- ), (bot.) grap4rwu 
coccyx (kok-Bi), w.m., (anat.) coccyx, 
Gcoche, n.m., bargo; coach. d'etm ; tfw 
oarge. Mangnrr h ; to lt Up tlw opitor* 
;imity. C^eit Iti wonchf </w ; h<t IB a mwy 
body. Le mtffG du ; tlio coatiliman'H box. 
coche, n,/., notch, score ; sow, sho-plg. 
e-""} to notch. 




#cochenillage, n m., cochineal. 
*COChenille (kosh-), /., cochineal. 
*cocheniller, v.a., to dye with cochineal. 
*COChenillier, n.m., cochineal-fig, nopal. 

COCher, n.m., coachman, driver; (astron.) 
Auriga. de fiacre, de cabnolet, hackney 
coachman, cabman. 

cocker, v.n., to tread (of birds). 

cocher, v a., to notch. 

COChere, adjf, for carriages. Porte , 
carriage-entrance, gateway. 

COCliet, n.m , young cock. 

cochevis (kosh-vi), n. m., tufted or crested 

COChle'aria (-kle"-), n m., (bot.) cochleana, 

cochon, n.m., hog, pig, boar, porker, (metal.) 
pig, dross. de lait, sucking-pig. delude 
or de Bai bai le , Guinea-pig. C^estun ; he is 
a dirty fellow. Avoir garde les 5 ensemble , 
to be hail fellows well met. 

cochonne~e, n f , litter (of pigs). 

cochonner, v.n , to farrow, to pig. 

cochonner, v.a., to do a thmg m a slovenly 
manner, to botch. 

cochonnerie (ko-sho-n-ri), w/., nastiness, 
filth; beastliness, beastly or blackguard action 
or language, obscenity, trash, rubbish. 

cochonnet, n.m , young pig, die with twelve 
sides, jack (at bowls) 

COCO, n.m.,, cocoa, cocoa-nut; liquorice- water, 
(fam.) chap, fellow, darling, horse, nag. 

COCOH, n.m,., cocoon. 

cocorlco. See coquerlco. 

COCOrll, n m., (orni ) dunlin, purr, sea-lark. 

cocotler (-tie"), n.m., cocoa-tree. 

cocre"ancier, n m., joint-creditor. 

cocrete, nj., (bot.) yellow-rattle. des 
pres f lousewort. 

OOCtion, n f , coction, boiling. 

COCU, n m., (1 ex ) cuckold 

cocuage, n.m,., (1 ex.) cuckold om. 

cocufler, v.a., (Lex.) to cuckold. 

code, n.m., code, digest, collection of laws , 
law , (phar.) pharmacopoeia, 

coddbit-eur. n.m., -rice, /., joint-debtor. 

code'clmateur, n m , fellow tithe-owner, [tiff. 

codemandeur, n m , co-plaintiff, joint-plain- 

G0de*tenteur, 7?..???.., joint-holder. 

code"tenu, -e, n.m. and/., fellow-prisoner. 

codex (-deks), n.m., pharmacopoeia. 

codicillaire, adj., contained in a codicil. 

codlcille, n.m., codicil. 

codification, /., codification. 

codifler, v.a., to codify. 
*codille, n.m,, codille (at the game of ombre). 

codonataire, n mf., joint donor or douee. 

caecum. V. caecum 

coefficient, n.m., (alg ) coefficient. 

coe*gal, -e adj , coequal. 

COlgalltft*, n.f., coequalily. 

coemption, n.f., coemption. 

coe'quatioii, n.f., assessment of taxes. 

coercible, adj., coercible. 

coerciti-f, -ve, adj., coercive. 

coercltlon, ./., coercion. 

coe*ternel, -le, adj., coeternal. 

coe*ternite~, nf , coetemity. 

coeur (keur), n.m.,, heait, mind, soul; cour- 
age, spirit, spiritedness, mottle; stomach; core; 
depth ; hearts (cards) ; middle, midst. Mai <iu 
*; sickness, acrrcment de , hoartpang, Dit, 
fond de son ; from the bottom of one's heart 
An dur; hard-hearted. De ; with one's 
whole heart, with all one's might. A vans de ; 
affectionately yours. Avoir le contrit; to be 
of a contrite heart. Jbe lui saiffne; his heart 
bleeds. Avoir A f pwndrft h ; to have at 
heart, Cela lui, tifint au ; lie has set his heart 
upon it. Avoir guelqw chose sur k j to have 

something on one's mind. Le me le duai/i 
bien f my heart misgave me. Si le vou& en 
dit; if you feel inclined Ilale au metier, 
he loves lus business. II a le porte a cda , he 
is bent upon it. Avoir le tendre ; to be ten- 
der-hearted, n ale bien place ; his heart is 
in the right place. // n : a point de , he has no 
spirit. Sans ; heartless. Avoir le bas ; to 
be mean-spirited. Avoir le sur les levi es ; to 
be open-hearted. Soulevement de ; rising of 
the stomach. J^ai mal au, I feel sick Avoir 
l e mort, to be sick at heart. Ouvrzr, dechai - 
ger, son a quelqu'un; to unbosom one's self 
to any one. En avoi? le net; to know the rights 
of any thing. Au de Vhiver , in the depth of 
winter. A contie ; against one's will, reluc- 
tantly, against the grain De bon ; heartily 
De gjand ; gladly, willingly, with pleasure. 
De tout mon ; with all my heart. De galte dc 
; in sheer wantonness. A joie ; to one's 
heart's content. Par ; by heart. Diner par 
; to dine with Duke Humphrey (i.e , to go 
without dinner). Tant que le me battra; to 
the last drop of my blood. Temr au , to 
stick in one's throat. Avoir le brise ; to be 
broken-hearted. Avoir le fcndu; to be cut to 
the heart. Loin des yeux loin du , out of 
sight, out of mmd. Avoir le gros , to be ready, 
to cry, to have one's heart full. G'est un ci eve ; 
it is a heart-rending thing. Mettre dit, au 
venire h quelqu'un, to give heart to any one. 
Fane conti e fortune, bon ; to put a good face 
upon matters. 

coexistent, -e, adj., co-existent. 

coexistence, n.f , co-existence. 

coexlster, v.n., to co-exist. 

COifre, n.m , chest, trunk, coffer ; (hunt ) 
carcase ; drum (of a mill), (print.) coffin <Je 
sfarete ; strong box. de lord ; sea-chest. Elle 
est belle au , she has golden charms (i.e , is rich). 
rj n -fort, (s s) a strong box Avoir le 
bon ; to be strong chested. 

coffrer, w.., (tarn ) to nnpnson, lock up. 

coffret, n.m., little chest or trunk, casket. 

COffretier (-tit), n.m., trunk-maker. 

cofide'Jusseur, n wi., joint surety. 
*COgnaS86, n f , wild quince. 
*cognassier, n ?.., wild quince-tree. 

COgnat, n w-, cognate. 

cognation, n.f., cognation. 
*COgn^e, n.f., ax, hatchet. Mettre la a 
Varbre:; to lay the ax to the tree; to begin an 
enterprise. Allcr au bots sans ; to go to sea 
without biscuit (i.e. to be unprepared). Jeter le 
manche apr&$ la , to give a thing up in despair. 

*cogne-fe*tu, n.m , ( , or .s 4 ) (pop ) great 

worker, little doer, f uhsy-do-nothmg. 
*cogner, v.a., to knock in, to drive in, to 

%e cogner, v.n, to knock up agamst, to hit, to 
strike one's self. 

cogniti-f, -ve, adj., (philos.) cognitive. 
*cognoir, n.m., (print.) shootmg-stick. 

cohabitation, n.f,, cohabitation 

cohabiter, v.n., to cohabit, 

coherence, n.f., coherency. 

coherent, -e, </;/., coherent. 

coh^rlter, v n., to inherit conjointly. 

coh6riti-er, n.m., -ere, nf, co-heir, co 

cohesion, w./., cohesion. 

cohobation, n.f., (chom.) eohobaiion. 

cohotoer, v.a., (oliem.) to oohobate, 

cohorte, n.f., cohort, band, crew, troop, 
horde, gang. 

cohue, n.f., rout, mob, oruHh, tumultuous 
crowd, clamorous multitude, (flg.) court of JUB- 

ool, -te, ad/,, quiet, still, snug. 

COllfe, n.f., head-dress; caul, hood (of oliil* 



c oiler 

- do cha- 

dren), skull-cap, net, (bot.) galla. 
peau ; lining ot a hat. 

COliier, v.a , to put (anything) on one's head, 
to dress the hair, to infatuate, to throw at any 
one's head; to make tipsy, (hunt ) to take by 
the ears; (nav.) to back, to cap (bottles) , (arch ) 
to cap. Eh e bitn coitfe ; to have one's hau well 
diesaed; to have <i hat that becomes one En- 
fant nS coiffe ; child born with a caul upon its 
head. II e&t ne coijjc , he was born to fortune 
or with a silver spoon in Ins mouth. i>auite 
Cat/twine, to lenum an old maid. Dn vin 
coiffe; mixed wine - une boutolle , to cap a 
bottle. Chit'n lien cotj}e ; dog with a handsome 
head and long ears. CeUefvHimacQijje son mat i; 
that woman deceives her husband. II e&t coijfe 
de oette femme ; he is bewitched, smitten with 
that woman une voile , to back a sail. 
se coiff er, v.r , to wear (on one s head) , to dress 
one's hair, to get intoxicated; to be infatuated 
with; (nav ) to be laid aback. Se dcjaux chc- 
veitx, to wear false hair. Se en chcveitx, to 
wear no cap. 

coiffer, v n., to diess hair, to become; to suit, 
(nav.) to be laid aback. 

coilieu-r, n.m., -se, ./., hairdresser. 

coiffure, ra/, head-diess, style of ai ranging 
the hair. 

coin, n*m., corner, angle, nook, coin; (coin ) 
stamp, (railways) pin, (punt.) quoin, clock (ol 
stockings), (tech.) gad, (niec ) wedge. 11 w'm 
pas boug& du du feu / he has never been from 
home, JEtre mat qu& nit , to bear the Htaiup oi. 
Fiappb au Ion ; of the light soit, excellent in 
every way. 77 mourra au tfun "bow (<Vunu 
laie) ; he "Will die destitute s ct 1 ceo his, 
cricks and corners, nooks and crannies. JOUCT 
aux quatr& ~s ; to play puss in the corner. 

coingage, n,m , wedging, keying. 

coincer, v.a., to wedge. 

coincidence, w./., coincidence. 

coincident, tfrfj., coincident. 

coincide^, v.n , to coincide, to be coincident. 

COindication, w/., (mod.) couuhcation. 

COing (com), n m-, quince. 

cointeresse, n.m., associate, partner having a 
joint interest with auothei. 

coion or couillon, .*., (lex.) dastard, 

coionner or couillonner, v.a., (Let ) to UHG 
one scurvily, to make a fool ot one, to call one a 

coionner or couillonner, v.n , (1 ex.) to joke, 
to gammon, to humbug- 

coionnerie (ko-HM>rl) or couillonnerle, coii- 
illonnade, n.j , (Lex ) dastardhuoBH, a moan, 
low action; gammon, humbug. 

coit, .*., coition, copulation. 

coite, n.f, K. couette. 

cojouissance, ../., pint use. 

coke, n.m., coke. 

col, n.m,, neck (of the body); cravat; nook 
(of bottles, of mountains) ; pad, atiffewer; collar. 
Faux ; collar. droll ; etand-up collar. 
de aavate; stiffen er. de Id w.ww, d% Id Ma- 
trice ; neck of the bladder, of the womb. 

colarin,, .w. t (arch.) gorgerixu 

colas, n.M. booby, fool. 

colature, n/. (pharm.) colature, straining. 

colback, w.m., colback, busby. 

colcliiq,ue, .m., meadow-wffroa, colcliicum. 

colcotar, W.M.., (cliem.) colcothar. 

coldgatalre, w.m., co-legatee. 

col^optere, adj., coleopterous, n.m , coleop- 
ter, beetle. 

cole'opteres, n.m.pL, coleoptora. 

colere, n./., passion, angor, wratli^ rage, fury. 
Acc&s de ; fit of passion. Eire <sn ; to b< 
angry, Se mettre en -; to fly into a. passion, 

colere, adj., passionate, hasty, choleric* 

, adj , choleric, irascible, pas&ionate 

COliart, n.m n (icli.) skate. 

colibri, n m , hunnmng-biitl 

colicitant, n ni , (jur ) co-vendor. 

GOlifichet, n.m , knick -knack, gew-gaw, trifle, 
bauble, trumpery, toy, bird-cake 

collmacon, n.m , biiail 

COlin, n w., (ich.) coal-fi&h, 
*colin"maillard, n m , (n p ) blmdnian's-buff; 
blmdnian (at blmdmau's buiij 

colin-tampon, n.m , (n _p.) a Swiss beating of 
dium. Je tn^en viogtte coinnic de , (pop ) I do 
not caie a fig about it 

COliQUe, /., colic, guping, stomach-ache 
pi., after-pams MttuinwG; painter's colic 

COliS, n.m., package, paict'l, bale, case, 

COlisde, n.m , Coliseum, Colosseum. 

collat)orat-eur, .?., -rice, /., (kol-la-), 

fellow-laborer, assistant, associate, contiibutor 

collaboration (kol-la-), n.f.-, assistance, con- 
tribution, cooperation. 

collaborer, v.w., to work together, to cooper- 

collage, n in , pasting, gluing, smug (oi papei ); 

collant, -e, actj , stioky, tight, closc-titting. 

coll ants, n m. pi., tights. 

collapsus (-sus), n m , (mod.) collapse. 

collataire (kol-la-tc-i ), nm. t one who haw 
been collated to a benefice. 

collateral, -e (kol-la-), ad? . colliteial. 

collateral, m , (3111 ) eoihitei <il. 

, n.f , aialo (of <-l)iiroh(>H). 

collat^ralement, adv , (jm ) coUatcially. 

COllateur (kol-la-), n.w., collator. 

COllatl-f, -ve (kol-l:i-), wty'., collativc. 

collation, (kol-la-cion), w/ , eollaUon. 

collation, (ko-la-ci on ),/., collation, light re- 
past, (eccl.) advowsou-gift. 

collationnor (kol-la-oio-nt?), v.a., to collate^ to 

collationnor (ko-la-cio-n*'), v.n. } to make a 
light lepast; to take a collation 

colle, nj*t paBle, glue, Rluun, fih, bouncer, 
cracker. foitc; ghto. h bouch? , mouth" 
gluo. de pf>i#ttf>n ; isingl.iHM. 

collecte (kol-li'kt), ?*./., galljernig; oollootion 
(of mcmoy); colloct (prayer). 

collecteiir (kol-lek-tonr), n tn., <olltor, tax- 

collectl-f, -ve (kol-ltMc-), adj., collootlvo. 

collectif (kol-li'ik-), M.'WK, eolhu-twi jiotuu 

collection (kol-lek-cion), w,/ , (jolUnitiow; iwt, 

collectionner (koi-ick-do-ne), v.., to ooliect, 
to make collectionn of tlungn, 

collectionneu r (kol-hMt-oio-), /w., -ae, w^/"., 

collectivement (kol4( i lc-tivui5m), <tdv. t <'ol 

college, 7i.wt., <;oll<yre t grnmmar nc 

-e, adj., collcgial ; eolloghilo, 
JUglisr, / a coll(giaio church. 
colldigiale, M./., <ioll(igiaU J i Hmrolk. 
coll^glalement, adv.) R^\M\m\Aai\\y. 

collogue ( 

collement, w.w., ( 

coller, v.ff.j to pasfco, to gluo; to niy.<<; to 
6ti<sk together , to clear (with iahigluwa) ; \M Htump 
(etubarraw any one); to plow (at exam.); to 
Jiang (papw). JKtw raltef to Tbe clon IIP nKiUiMt 
the cushion (at llll,wl). tPtH 6t& cm ; 1 ww 

^ coller, tnr., to tl<?k to; to ctnk; to apply 
cloaly toj (at billiards) to ba right up a#(tlumt ww 

COllor, r.w.,, to stick, to Jidhortt; to ilt 




(of clothes). Ce pantalon colle bien; those 
tiousers fit nicely. 

COllerette (kol-ret), nf., collar (for ladies); 
(bot.) involucrum; (tech.) flange. 

collet, n.m., collar (of a gown, coat), cape, 
bands (for the neck); neck (of teeth), (hunt ) 
snare, crown (of anchors), (tech ) collet; clergy- 
man. montant ; stand-up collar. rabattu , 
turned-down collar. Petit ; one of the doth, 
young clergyman. monte ; buckram collar. 
Un monte, a stuck-up, strait-laced, prudish 
person. de mouton ; neck of mutton. Pren- 
d)f t saisir, guelqu'un an , to collar anyone. 
Pi eter le a quelqu'un ; to cope with any one, 
to try one's strength with any one. Tend? eun ; 
to set a snare. 

colleter (kol-te"), v a , to collar any one, to 
seize any one by the neck. 

se colleter, v.r., to collar each other ; to lay hold 
of each other by the collar, to grapple with, to 

colleter, v.n , to set snares (for game). 

colleteur, n.m., gin-setter; (pop.) wrangler, 

colleur, n.m , paper-hanger ; gluer ; paster ; 
bill-sticker ; sizer. 

collier, n.m., collar; ring (mark round the 
neck of certain annuals) ; bow (of spurs) ; (arch., 
tech.) collar ; necklace. Cheval de ; draught- 
hoi se. defotce; training collar. de mi- 
sere; drudgery. Donne) un coup de ; to make 
a strenuous effort, Eire franc du ; never to 
shirk one's work ; to be-always in earnest; (of a 
horse) to work well. 
Qcolliger, v.a., to collect, to cull 

COlline, n /., hill, hillock. La double ; Par- 
nassus. Gagner la ; to take tc one's heels. 
Le penchant d">u>ne ; the declivity of a hill , a 

colllquati-f, -ve (kol-ii-koua-), adj., (med.) 

colliquation (kol-li-koua-), n/., (med.) colli- 
quation, melting. 

collision (kol-li-), nf, collision. 

collocation (kol-lo-) nf., collocation; setting 
in Older, rank. de V a? gent; investing of 

collodion, n.m , collodion. 

collogue (kol-lok), n.m., colloquy, conference, 

colloquer (kol-lo-ke"), v a,, to rank, to place in 
order; to place, v.n., to colloqmze. 

colluder (kol-lu-d<*), v n., to collude. 

collusion (kol-lu-55ion), w/., collusion, prevar- 
ication. User de ; to prevaricate. 

collusoire (kol-lu-zoar), adj., collusory, collu- 

collusoirement (kol-lu-zoar-man), adv., col- 

collyre, n.m., (med.) collyrium, eye-salve. 

colmatage, n.m., (agri.) warping (of land). 

COlmate, W/M., warp, warped land. 

colmater, v.a., to warp (land) 

colombage, n.m., (carp.) stud- work, joists. 

Colombo, M./., dove ; (carp.) joist, upright. 

colombier, n, m., dove-cot, pigoon-houne ; 
(punt ) pigoon-hole, gap. l?aire venir les pigeons 
au ; to draw customers to the shop. Grand 
; atlas p^per. 

colombln, "6, tiflj , columbine, dove-color. 

Colombia, n.m., (nun.) load ore ; (onu.) stock- 

colomblne, n.f., pigeon-dung, fowls'-dung , 
(bot ) columbine. 

Colombo, n.m., (bot.) calumba, Colombo. 

colon, n. m., colonist, planter ; cultivator ; 
"West Indian settler. 

colon, n.m,, (anat.) colon. 

colonel, n.m., colonel* Grade de ; colo- 

COlonelle, nf, and adj., colonel's company 
colonel's wile. 

colonial, -e, adj., colonial. 

colonie, n.f., colony, settlement. 

colonisation, nf., colonizing, colonization. 

coloniser, v.a., to establish a colony, to colo- 

colonnade, nf., (arch.) colonnade. 

COlonne, n f , column, pillar ; bed-post ; row 
(of units, tens) ; (milit.,nav , phys , pi int., arch.) 
column. cannelee , fluted column pla- 
quee ; pilaster. torse , wreathed column. 

colonnette, n.f., little column. 

COlophane, n f , black ro&m, colophony. 

coloquinte, n f , colocynth ; bitter apple. 

colorant, -e, adj , coloring. 

coloration, /., coloration. 

color^, -e, pmt,, colored. Vin ; deep- 
colored wine. Teint ; ruddy complexion. 

COlorer, v.a., to color, to dye , to varnish ; to 
color (to give a false appearance to) 
se COlorer, v.r , to color (of a thmg). 

COloriage, n m , (paint.) coloring. 

COlorier, v r , to color, to illuminate. 

COloris, n.m., color, hue , (paint.) coloring. 

COloriste, n.m., colorer ; colorist. 

colossal, -e, adj., colossal, of giant propor 

colosse, n.m., colossus, giant. 

colostrum, n m., (np.) (med.) colostrum. 

colportage, n m,., hawking ; peddling ; ped- 
dlery ; book-stall trade. 

colporter, v a., to hawk about; to retail; to 
spread. - une nouvette, to retail a piece of 

colporteur, n m., hawker, peddler ; spreader 
of news. 

coltis, ra.m., (nav.) beak-head. 

colure, n.m., (astron., geog ) colure. 

columelle, nj , (bot.) columella 

colza, n m , colza, rape, rape-seed. 

coma, n.m., (med.) coma. 

coniateu-x, -se, adj , comatose. 

combat (kon-ba), n.m., combat, fight, battle ; 
fighting; contest, action, engagement, biiuggle; 
strife, warring. smgnher ; single combat. 

a- outrance , mortal combat. effal, drawn 
battle. simule , sham fight. - i u fort du , iu 
the thick of the fight. Eire hoi A da , to be 
disabled. Mettie korx de ; to disable. JFawe 
branle-bas de, (nav.) to clear for action. 

GOmbattable, adj., combatable. 

combattant, n.m., combatant, fighting man, 
champion ; (orni ) niff. 

combattre, v.a , to fight, to combat , to wage 
war against, to battle with, to dispute, to contest, 
to strive agambt. une opinion , to combat an 

se combattre, v.r,, to combat ; to contend with 
each other. 

combattre, v.n,, to fight, to combat, to war, 
to contend, to vio with one another, to struggle. 

de politesse , to vie with one another in polite- 

Qcombe, nf., valloy. 

combien (kon-bi-ni), adv , how much, how 
many; how; howlnr, how long ; what, / < 
de temps f in how long ? ?/ a-t-i/ dcptnft cela f 
how long IB it 8U100 Hum? celn vrcuf-Hf wliHt 
is that worth lf A f,wilue&-voufi cehi f \V hat 
price do you put upon that ? 

combinaison, n./., combination; contrivance; 
ingenuity ; management ; calculation. 

combinat-eur, n.m., -rice, n.f., oombiiner, 

combine", -e, part., united ; (diem.) combined. 

combiner, v.a., to combine, to contrive. 
.?# combiner, v.r., to combine, to be contrived. 

comble, n.m , heaping (of xwettsitrfi) j consum- 
mation ; tulfillment ; zenith ; acme ; summit, 




height, top, complement, pi. roof, roof-timbers. 
Feime des s, (caip.) framing of a roof. De 
fond en , from top to bottom. Hume defond 
en , utterly rumed. La tnesui e et>i au ; the 
measure is full Pour de gloiie; to complete 
his glory. Pour de malheur , to crown all; 
to cap our misfortune. Au dc; at the height 
of. Mettre le a; to complete, to crown. 

CQmble, adj., heaped up full to the top. Salle 
; house full, packed. 

OOfflbleail, n.m. t (mil.) gun-tackle. 

complement, n m., filling up, heaping up. 

combler, v a,, to heap, to heap up, to make 
up, to fill up, to crown ; to cover (deficit) , to 
complete ; to overwhelm. defaveuu, , to load 

complete, nf., (hunt.) cleft (of a deer's foot). 

combrlfere, nf., tuimy net. 

COmbTlger, v a , to imse out (casks) 

comburant, -e, adj., (chem.) buinmg. 

combustible, adj , combustible. 

combustible, 71.7/1., fuel, firing; (chem.) com- 

combustibility n.f., combustibility. 

combustion (kon-bus-tion), n.f., combustion, 
conflagration, flame , (fig.) tumult, uproar. 

come*di0, n. /, comedy, play; play-house, 
theatre ; shamming, farce , players , play-book. 
Donner la, ; to make people laugh ; to be the 
laughing-stock. Joner nne , to act a play. 
Le sujet, Ihntrigne, le denouement, dhme ; the 
subject, plot, upbhol, of a comedy. 

come'dlen, n.m , -ne^n / (-dj-m, di-e-n), come- 
diau, actor, actiesb, player; hypocrite, dissem- 
bler. Ttoupe de ~A, company of actors, s 
ambulants; strolling players. 

comestible, adj , eatable; edible. 

comestible, n m., eatable, pi , eatables, pro- 
visions, victuals 

come"taire, ad),, conietary. 

coinete, n.f , comet ; kind of game at cards ; 
satin ribbon ; pccuhai kind of firework. che- 
velue; haired comet bwbuf; bearded comet. 
a, queue ; tailed comet. Vm de la ; wme of 
the year 1811. 

cometographie, n.f., cometography. 

cornices, n.f pi., (antiq.) comitia. 

comlcial, -e, adj., comitial. 

comitere, adj., (bot.) comose. 

comique, adj., comical, ludicrous, laughable, 
funny. Le gem e ; comedy * Act&ur , comic 

comique, n.m., the comic art, comedy ; comi- 
cal part or side , comic actor or author or winger. 
Avow du dans la jiguve ; to have a comical 

comiguement (-man), adv., comically, humor- 

Qcomite or come? n.m., overseer of a crew of 
galley-slaves, warder 

comit^, n.m,, meeting of a few persons ; small 
party ; committee, board. permanent; stand- 
ing committee. La ckamibre form^e en ; a 
committee of the whole lura&c. Petit ; a small 
paity; select few. J2n petit ; among our- 
selves. Diner en petit , to have a email din- 
ner party of wtimata friends. </<? lecture / a 
committee for deciding upon the performance of 
new plays. 

comma, n.m., (print.) colon ; (inns.) comma. 

command, n m., (JOT.) purchaser ; principal. 

commandant, adj., (miht., nay.) command- 
ing; (%.) imposing, dictatorial. 

commandant, ,w., (miht,, nav.) command- 
ant, major. d& place; governor (of a fortified 
town). de la marine; flag-officer. tfvne 
escadre; commodore. Men, mon / very well, 

commando, n.f., order. Ouvmge dc ; 
work done to order, Marckandise de ; goods 

:en. Sur , to older. Mnladie de j 
feigned sickness Louanges de ; forced praiao, 

COMmandeZUent) n.m , command, ordei , woid 
of command, manner of commauding , wnt, or- 
der; commandinent, piecept, law, rule, injunc- 
tion. It a tout a t>on ; he has all things at com- 
mand. Etre d e ; to be preset ibed o) oideied. 
Secretaire des s , private &ecietary (to a pi nice). 

commander, v a., to command, to older, to 
govern , to have the command of , to bespeak , 
to overlook. Cette tow commands la, mlle^ that 
tower oveilooks the town. 

commander, v.n., to command, to rule; to 
direct; to order, to bid; (miht , unv.) to give 
the word of command. (t ses passions; to 
master one's pa&aions. a, la toutc (miv.) , to 
shape a ship's coin he, 
se commander, v i ., to control oneself. 

commanderie (ko-mau-drl), w/., com- 

commandeur, n.m , commander (in ordeis oi 

commanditaire, n.m , sleeping partner. 

commandite, n.f., limited joint-stock com- 

commanditer, v.a., to finance a commercial 
undei taking, to become a sleeping partner. 

comme, adv., as, like; so ; almost, neaily; as 
it were, ab if ; how, m what way ; so much. 
aussi; (jur ) and likewise. J*\vt,tet, hvi ; do hko 
him. c'i cela; so so, indiflcrently. Jl wt 

mart; he is almost dead. La lunn&re Cf>t 
l^une des coitleuib, light is, as it were, one of 
the colois. vans tne tiaitez; how badly 
you treat me. Vous voyra tl tmtwllpf you uoe 
how hard he works. qnoi ; as how. 

comme, conj., as, hecmg that, wmcn, btumuwo, 

commdmoralson, n.f., (c.wl.) commemora- 
tion, leuiembrance, mention, of a hamt. 

comm6morati-f, -ve, adj., couuucmorativo. 

commemoration (kom-nu'*-), n.f., (< .n^l ) com- 
memoration. La dn <rnort}> j comincmoratjon 
of the dead; All-Souln 1 -] )ay Jfairc da $W'l- 
qu?un , (fain.) to make mention ojTuny 0110, 

conun^morer, v.a., (ncolugihia) to couuuomo- 
late, to lemember, to KH'ollcct. 

commengant, n.m., -e, nf., boginnw, novico, 

commencement (ko-manH-mEa), n tn,, b<i- 
ginnmg', commencement; hotting in. An ^ hi 
the beginning, at first. Lcs v sou/, hntjvurs 
dijficilesj beginnings ivro al way H dimv.ult. 

commencer, ?'.., to Iwgin, to oonmionco ; to 
initiate, to impart th ihul prinoiphw to. 
quelyu'un; to initiate, to begin with auyojjo. 

un- thcval ; to begin training a hortto* 
commencer, t\w., to oommcjioci, bogin. Lorn* 

qntf'il convrncnyd dc purity ; when h lngiui Hpcak- 
ing. Cetmftmt cowwnuv h pmler; thiw <'htJ<l 
bogina to Hpenk. ^oinwcncfr dc uxUnttoH nu 
action which will havo an ending ; cuiHmtnwr 
ft indicates an action which will go on protfroHH- , 
ing.] N\t pmfalt <jni continence ; Uwt Iwginnlisg 
JH wot every thing. A woi'lit' fait gui coMwcncts 
WTO/ a good beginning in hall the battJo. 

commondatairOi <fj'"> (cauon law) comnuu<l 

commende, nf., (canon law) comnumtlam. 

commender, VM,., to give j couuiutuiliuu. 

commensal, n.m., -o, n.f n habltwal gu<*Hl; 
boarder; ofnr ndmittod to tho royI tnbin 
jKtrc, wun& nwhon ; to bo habitually a $iu<*Ht/ 
in a house, JStre cwMtutuuMS f to be coin- 
panionn at mealn, 

commensalit^, n.f., right of admtenion to the 
royal table. 

conunensurabilito", n/., (math,) 
surableweas, commenflurabOlty. 

commensurable, adj n (math.) 




commensuration, w./., (math.) conimensura- 


comment^ adv^ how, in what manner ; why, 
wherefore , w hat ! indeed I cela * how is that ? 
fane? what is to be done? How can it be 
helped ? / vous voulcz l<j fane; what! you 
wish to do it ! 

comment, n w., the reason, the why and the 
wheretore. Savoir IP pout quoi etle > to know 
the why and the wherefore. 

commentaire, w.?ri., commentaiy, comment, 
exposition ; remark, observation. Point de / 
(fam ) no impertinent iemaik& I 

commentateur, n>m. t commentator, anno- 

commenter, 0.0., to comment, to criticise, to 
explain, expound, annotate. 

commenter, v.n^ to criticise, to comment 

comnierage, ?z.w., gossiping; gossip, tittle- 

commergafole, adj., negotiable. 

commerant, w.m., tiader, merchant, trades- 

conunerQant, -e, atf/., commercial, mercan- 
tile ; trading. 

commerce, n.m , commerce, trade, trading, 
ti aific ; intercourse, communication, correspond- 
ence, acquaintance, communion, conversation ; a 
game at cards. des colonies, avec Irs colo- 
nies; colonial trade. Affaitcs de ; inei can tile 
affairs, Femme do ; tradeswoman. Pond 
de ; business, stock. JSt) e dans le ; to be in 
business, in trade. en gi os ; wholesale trade. 
en detail / re tad trade. 11 fait un gros ; he 
drives a roaring trade. Chambre dc ; cham- 
ber of commerce. de galanfei ie, ; intrigue. 
liier avec qwelgifun ; to establish a c< rrespond- 
ence with anyone, Lies avec lid; get ac- 
quainted with him. Eire dPun s&t ; to be a 
nerson to be depended upon. 
" commerce!, .&., to trade, to drive a txade, 
to traffic in. 

commercial, -e, (tdj., commercial. 

commercialement, adv., comuercially. 

commere, n.f., godmother; gossip; friend, 
body. Oet ftomme, est une vraie , that man is a 
regular gossip tPest une famense , (ftim ) she 
is a bold, ciummg woman, not easily discouraged 
Tout se fait par compare etpar\ all is done by 

commerer, v-n., to gossip, to tittle-tattle. 

commettage, n.m. t (nav.) laying of ropes and 

coinmettant, n w., constituent ; employer ; 
principal ; (jur.) warrantor. Cor^s de $; con- 
stituents, constituency. 

commettre, v.n., to commit, to perpetrate; 
to appoint, to delegate, to constitute, to com- 
mission, to empower*, to commit to any one's 
charge, to mtrut, to trust with, to confide ; to 
expose ; to embroil ; to wet by the ears, to make 
niiBchief between ; (nav.) to lay. 
se comniettre, v.r., to commit oneself; to ex- 
pose oneself, to tiust oneself, 

comminution, ,/.. (rliot.J comminution. 

commlnatoiro, ad<f,, (jur.) commmatory. 

comniiniitl-f, -ve, adf,, commintitive. 

coxmniniLtlon, n.f n comminution. 

comrais, -e, wrt,^ committed, appointed, en- 
trusted, exposed ; (nav.) laid, 

commlSj w.w., clerk ; boolc-keepor ; shopman. 
Premier ; head cleric. marchand ; mer- 
chant's clerk* iioyageur; commercial trav- 
ler, bagman. (tux vwres, (nav.) Hte\vard. 
d'admint'jitration f accountant. de boutigue, de 
mtiyazln; shopman, counter jumper. 

commise, n,f n (feudal jur.) forfeit, eschoat;S 
female-clex*k, oouuterwoman. 

commiseration (kom-inx-) 7 n./., commiseration. 

commissaire, TZ.??I., commissary , commis- 
sioner; manager, tiustee , (of a vessel) purser 

des guerres ; commissary. - des vi vres / 
commissary of stores. adjoint ; deputy com- 
missioner despauvres; member of a charita- 
ble board. aux sauies ledles; sequestrator. 

de police,' superintendent of police. pri~ 
senr^ ( $ 5) auctioneer, appraiser. 

commissariat, n.m*, comrmssaryship, trustee- 
ship ; (imlit ) coiiiniissariat. 

commissioni n /"., commission, trust, charge; 
commission-trade; errand; mandate, warrant; 
the holding a trust for a time only , a committee. 
II est alle en , he is gone on an eirand Ob- 
temr tVwijuqe, to obtain a judge's warrant 

toffatoire; writ of inquiry d'enquete ; 
committee of inquiry. Maison de ; agency- 
office. Membre d^tne , committee-man. En 

, (nav) in commi&sion. En , (com.) on 
sale or return. Fane des $; to run errands or 
to obtain oiders. 

commlssionnalre, w., messenger; porter, 
carrier, errand-boy ; agent. de vente ; sales- 
man. de roulage; earner, wagon office- 
keeper. chargmr; freight agent. expedv- 
tew ; shipping-agent. 

comniissioiiner, v ., to empower, to com- 

OOmmlsSOire, acf/., (jur.) binding. 

commissure, ./., ( commissure. 

commissural, -e adj.^ commi&sural. 

oommittimus, M.WI., (n.p ) (jur.) Letties 
de ; chancery order appointing the court 
which is to take cognizance oi an fiction. 

committitur, n.m. (n.p.\ (jur.) oider of the 
president of a court of justice appointing a judge 
to hold an inquiry. 

commodat, ?z.m., (jur,) giatuitous loan (to be 
repaid in kind) ; bailment. 

commode, adj^ commodious, convenient, fa 

>rable, serviceable, handy ; comfortable ; agree- 
able, easy ; good-natured, accommodating. Una 
maison ; a comfortable house. II rivst pa$ 

; he is not accommodating, not easy, to get on 

commode, w/., chest of drawers, drawers. 

commode'ment, adv., commodiously, con- 
veniently, comfortably, suitably, easily. 

commodity, /. convenience, accommoda- 
tion; conveyance; comfort, ease. s; water- 

commodore, w.m., ^nav ) commodore. 

commotion, ../., commotion; shock; (med.) 
concussion (of the brain). 

commuable, arfj , conimutable. 

commuer, v,., (jur.) to commute. 

., common; usual, ordinary, 

everyday; moan, vulgar. Le sens ; common 
sense. Je n'ai nan de, avec lui ; I have no- 
thing in common with him. Afrais s , jointly. 
faire bourse, B/ to have one common stock or 
purse, Lietix s ; common places. Le droit ; 
common law. J9'?me e vote? unauimonHly. 
line vo'tx e ; a vulgar voice. Le bruit ; cur- 
rent report. Gette terrc mint ttntt tie revenu 
annfo <j; that land yild BO muuli a year 
on an average. /*CM ; uncommon, rare, im- 

commun, W.OT., the generality ; commonalty; 
common people, the vulgar, the mob. Virre Mr 
fo ; to spunge. Wftm du cst tottfmtrs le, plus 
l 6<?,/^; matters of public qonoortt are cowx* 
monly neglected. L>e des homines; the gen- 
erality of men. Le, dv$ martyrs ? the common 
herd. */ sorvants, or domestic offices, out- 

communal, -e, (ulj., parochial ; pariah ; coin- 

communautfi, ra,/, community, society 5 ocxo** 
muiiion; corporation dc bietu; 




ol property (between husband and wife); (jur.) 

commuaaus,^ (jur.) pastuie grounds, 

commune, ./., commune (inhabitants) ; par- 
ish, township (hi Fiance) ; town-hall. La 
chambre des~~s; the House of Common n . Le 
ma ire d'une ; the mayor of a district. 
Assembles dela *, -vestry. 

communementi adv., commonly, usually, 

communiant, n.m., -e, ./., communicant. 

oommunicabilite. w./., conmmnicabihty. 

communicable, adj., communicable. 

communicati-f, -ve, adj., communicative. 

communication, n j , intercourse, communi- 
cation. de pieces, (jui.) production of docu- 
ments. JSn avec ; open to (mec.). De ; 
communicating, connecting. 

communlcativement, adv., communicatively. 

communief, .w., to communicate, to receive 
the sacrament. 

COmmunier, i?.a., to give the communion. 

communion, w./., communion, fellow&Mp, 
sacrament. Faire so, pretmeie ; to receive 
the sacrament for the first time ; to be con- 

communique, n.m.^ official communication, 

communique: 1 , .., to communicate, to im- 
part ; to show, to tell, to acquaint. 
*e communique^ '. r., to be communicative, to 
communicate with, to spread (of places). Vous 
vous cownfLumquez it op; you are too commu- 

corom.unici.uer, v.n n to hold or keep up a 
correspondence with. 

communisme, wi., communism. 

conmmniste, w, ./., communist. 

commutati-f, -ve, adj , (jur.) commutative. 

commutation, w./., (jur.) commutation. 

comocladie, /., (bot.) maiden-plum, como- 

compacite*, ./., (phys.) compactness, density. 

compact, -e, adj., compact, close, serried ; 
(phys.) dense, solid. 

*compagne, n./., female companion ; consort, 
partner ; helpmate ; playmate ; (of animals) 
mate. Fiddle ; faithful attendant. 
*compaplie, ./., society, company; (com.) 
company ; (hunt.) covey ; levy, troop. o) don- 
nancee; chartered company. de commerce, 
trading company, fl fi'y a pas si bonne gm vie 
se spare , the best of friends must part. JSa mat'- 
son est le rentfez-vous de la bonne ; his house 
is the resort of fashionable people. Dame de; 
lady's companion, Etre de bonne ; to be well- 
bred. After en ; to go together. Tenir & 
quelgitfun? to keep anyone company. Fausser 
h quelqu'un ; to desert any one, to give the 
slip to any one. Une dfi perdrisc; a covey of 
partridges. Vous me trai tez cow m e si j 'Stats ; 
you treat me as if I were somebody. Warmer 
une ; to establish a company. Regie dc ; 
fellowship. IT'ne d^imfantene; a company of 
foot. Une da cavalpne; a troop of horse. 
fi anche ; independent company. 
*compagiion, W.TO., companion, fellow, aHo- 
ciate, co-mate, consort, mate, partner ; journey- 
man, playfellow, playmate ; droll fellow. 
d^cole, d'&tnde; schoolfellow. de table ; 
messmate. de jen ; playfellow* de ta,~ 
verne; pot-companion. tPannea; companion' 
in arms. Joyeux ; jolly fellow, jolly dog. 
Traiter de pair & ; to go cheek by jowl* to 
be ** hail fellow well met " to anyone. 
*compagnonnage, n.?., journeymanHhip, 
trades-union, time of service. 

comparability, w./., comparableneas. 

compamWe,a</.comparable,to be compared. 

comparison, ./., comparison ; simile, simili- 
tude. To ute cloche; comparisons are odious. 
H 71*11 a po in t ^ de vous a lui; theie is no 
comparison between you and him. Ce n^est 
qu'un ignorant en d?un tel ; he is a mere igno- 
ramus m comparison with such a one. Par A, 
or awe, ce quefaifait ; in comparison to, or with, 
what I have done. 

comparaitre, i\n. } to appear (before a tri- 

comparant, -e, n m / and adj^ per son appear- 
ing in court on a summons , appearer 

comparati-f , -ve, adj., comparative. 

comparatlf, w.w., (giam.) comparative, com- 
parative degree. 

comparativement (-man), adv., compara- 

comparer, v.a , to compare. Se ~; to be 
Qcomparoir, v n., (jur.) to appear. 

comparse, n m., (thea ) supernumerary, fig- 
urant, figurante. 

compartiment, n.m., compartment, division. 

compartimente, -e, ac/;., with conipartiuents. 

comparution, n f , (jur ) appearance. 

coxnpas, w.w , i>air oi compasses, compaRs. 
a, trots branches f triangular compasses. h, 
pointer dunigwHtcs ; draught coinpahhes. de 
t eduction; proportional conipaases. dc va- 
riation ; azimuth compass. F<nrc, totttcs choses 
pat tegle ft par , to do everything by rule and 
compabs. II a le dans Pceil? ho has a good 
eye lor dii&tancos, or he has a sure eye. 

compasse", -e, adj., formal, stiff, staiched. 

compaasement (-pfe-mau), w.wi., coutposbiiig, 
(fig.) stiffness, staichedness. 

compasser, .,, to measure with coinpasses; 
to propoi tion ; to i egttlnte ; to weigh ; to con- 
sider. Un homme bicn compasse ; a formal, 
ajffected man. 

compassion, n./., compassion, pity, mercy. 
Avoir de gudgn'wi, avoir dc la pour qitcl- 
qitfun; to take compassion on anyone, to have 
compassion for any one. 

compatibility w./., compatibility. 

compatible, udj., compatiblo, ooimiHtcnt. 
Son huweur rfcst pas avec la in unite; lu'a 
temper does not agree with tmuo. 

compatir, v.rz., to syinpathixo with, to com- 
passionate, to commiserate), to pity ; to agree, to 
be compatible with. 

compatlssance, TI/., pity, sympathy. 

cqmpatissant, -e, adj., compassionate, tender, 
pitying, feeling. 

coinpatriote. tt.w,/., compatriot, follow-coun- 
try man, iellow-country woman, 

compentlieusement, adv., in brief, compen- 

compendium (kon-pin-di-om), Tt.wi., coiupcu" 
dium, abridgment, summary. 

conipensable, adj n that may bo compensated, 

compensates, 7i.7n., (liorl.) compensating 
balance. ntaffuftigue; magnetic c<>np<iiiHfttor 
(to indicate the deviations of the mariner*** coiu- 

compensat-eur, -rice, adj., (horl.) otnmpim- 
sntive, cotnpenfiathig. %\"ndult>~~i eompenmt- 
g pexidtilnii). 

compensation, ??,/., eomjienhation, nniendH, 
reparation, satiRfoction ; HOt-oiT, Mtirc ; to 
compensate, to make aitiendB for. 

corapensaloire, adj.^ ooinponflatory* 

compenser, v.a,, to (somiter-baltuwe, to et 
against ; to compeimntG, to inuko up for. JfNfn 
nfi cow pen 8? Id pcftc de Vhonntur / nothing con 
makeup for the low* of honor* 
se compenser, t>,r,, to <!<mi penmate ea< i l other j 
to be balanced, to be wet off agatait ; to bo <i<mw* 
teracted by. 




compe'rage, n.m , compaternity ; cheating, 
tnckery, collusion. 

compare, , godfather ; gossip ; crony ; 
pal ; confederate of a quack.^ tin bon , a good 
Companion, fellow. Un, ruse ; a sly old blade. 
p ar et par commeie," by favor and mtere&t. 

GOmpere-lorlot, n.m , ( * s} (orni ) gold- 
hammer, goldfinch, lonot, stye (on the eye). 

GOmpetemment (kon-pe"-ta-man), adv., (1 u.) 

competence, nf., competency, cognizance; 
competition ; depaitment, sphere, province 
Cda n'est pas de votre ; that is beyond your 

competent, -e, adj., sufficient, suitable, requi- 
site ; due; (]ur.) cognizant, competent C^e&t 
unjuge ; he is a competent judge. Vous tfetes 
pas pour cela; you aie not fit tor that. 

computer, v.n., (jur ) to belong ; to be due , 
to be cognizable. 

competlt-eur, n m., -rice, n.f., competitor, 
conopetitress, candidate. 

competition, n.f., competition, rivalry, strife. 

compilateur, n in , compiler. 

compilation, nf , compilation. 

compiler, v.a., to compile. 

complainte, nf, complaint (jur.); lament, 
complaint, lamentation, moan, plaint, wailing; 
plaintive ballad. 

complaire, v n., to humor, to please, to 
gratify, to comply with the wishes (of) ; to con- 
descend to. 

se complail'6, v.r., to delight in ; to admire one's 

complaisamraent (-zam-an), adv., complai- 
santly, obligingly. 

complaisance, nf., kindness, goodness ; com- 
plaisance, complacency ; (com. ) accommodation. 
s; love, aftection. Abuser de la de qnA- 
qijfun; to abuse any one's goodness Fmic wie 
chose par ; to do a thing out of kindness. 

complaisant, -e, adj., complaisant, aftablc, 
civil, obliging, kind. 

complaisant, n.m., -e, nf., over-civil per- 
son, fawner ; go-between. 

complant, n.m., (agri.) plantation, vineyard. 

complement, n m., complement, completion, 
supplement ; objective case. 

compldmentaire, atfj , complementary, com- 

compl-et, -etc, ndj complete, full, total, 
whole, perfect. Un luwillnncnt ; a complete- 
suit of clothes. QSuw <>$ ties ; complete works. 

complet, n.m., complement, full number 
Wire, au ; to be full. Au grand ; quite 
full ; all present. 

completement (kon-plet-inan), adv., com- 
pletely, thoroughly, entirely, wholly ; utterly. 

completoment, n.m>, finishing, completion. 

comple'ter, v.a., to complete, to perfect , to 
fill up, make up. 

compldtl-l, -ve, adj., (gram.) completive. 

complexe, adj., complex ; complicated. 

complexion, n.f., constitution; disposition, 
complexion, humor, temper, inclination. 

complexion^, -e, adj., constituted; inclined. 

complexity n.f., complexity. 

complication, n,f., intricacy, complication. 

complice, n, mf, and adj., accomplice, acces- 
sory, privy to ; a party to. 

complicity, n./.^ complicity, participation. 

complies, n.fpL, (c. rel.) compline. 

compliment, n.m., compliment, pi,, con- 
gratulationes, J?aire h gufff/n'tm ; to compli- 
ment any one, J?aitcs-lui mesit; give him, 
her, my compliments. Mcs $ chcz vons ; re- 
member me to all at home. Jtf vous mfais man 
; I wish you joy. Senga^n&r son ; to stop 
Bhort, not to go o with.. Sun* really* sm- 

complimenter, t; a., to compliment, to con- 

complimenteu-r, n m. t -se, ./., compluuen- 

complimenteu-r, -se, adj , complimentaiy. 

COmplique, -e, f'dj , complicated, intricate. 

CompliQlier, v a , to render intricate, to com- 
plicate, to entangle 
se complictuer, v.i , to become complicated. 

complot, n.m , plot, conspnaey. 

comploter, va.,to plot. 

comploteur, n in., plotter, schemer. 

COXnpOXLCtion, nf., compunction, contrition > 

C0mpon6, -e, adj , (her.) compony. 
Ocomportenient, n wi. demeanor, comport- 

comporter, v.a, , to permit, to allow, to ad- 
mit of. Le temps le compoite; the times re- 
quire it. 

se comporter, v.r., to behave, to behave one's 
self ; to act ; to manage Se inal ; to misbe- 
have. II se compojteia mieux a Vavenir ; lie 
will behave bettei ior the future. 

composant, n.m , (cheni.) component. 

composante, n/., (math.) component. 

compost, -e, ndj , composed, compound ; com- 
plicate ; aftected, &tilt. Un tnot ; a com- 
pound word. II a Vaur eztrSmenient serieux et 
; he looks very grave and formal. A^r ; 
stiff, starched air. 

compose", n.m , compound. 

composde, nf, (bot.) composite flower. 

composer, i> ., to compose, form, crente, 
compound, make, fashion, adjust, regulate. 

sa mine, to adjust one's looks. II Jtmt 
snvoir se selon le temps, selonles heux; one 
must regulate one's sclt according to time and 
place. des almanacks , to indulge in cluniei- 
ical dreams. tin papier tfexamen ; to write 
out an examination paper. 

composer, v n., to compound, to compromise, 
to make up, to adjust, to capitulate. 11 (iconi* 
pose (ivec ses cretmciers ; lie has compounded 
with his creditors. 

composour, n.^., scribbler, paltry writer. 

composite, adj , (aich ) composite. 

composite, n.m., composite oider. 

compositeur, n.m , composer (of music) ; 
(jur.) compoundor; (print.) compositor. Aini- 
abh ; (jur.) compoundor, friendly arbitrator. 

composition, n.f., composition, couHtruetion, 
compoHing, written examination ; theme, agree- 
ment, settlement; capitulation. Fern'r^- ; to 
come to an ftgreemont. Un homme de ; cm 
<ftsy tractable peison. Faire bonrw ; to grant 
advantageous terms. II est dfi thfficilfi ; he 
in hard to deal with. Re rcnrfw par -- ; to aur- 
touder upon terms, JKntiM CM ; to tjuter Into 
terms of composition. 

compost, n m , (agri.) compOHt. 

composter, v n., (agri.) to compost. 

COmposteur, n.-ni., (print.) <'Oinposing-Btlok. 

compote, n f., compote, Htowpcl fruit., Htow 

de pigeons ; wtewod pipfoiifl. Awir Pwil m -- ; 
to have a black eye. Awir les yntx- en ; to 
have a pair oi black oyos. 

compotier (-tit'-), n.m.* shallow dish for ntewod 

eompr61iensibilit6, n.f., compruhcmHrbllity. 

comprehensible, /(/., cojiiprehensiblti, con- 
ceivable, intelligible. 

comprdhensi J, -ve, <r<7/., comprnhenflivA. 

comprehension,, nf., comprehension, appro, 
hension, undorBtanding 1 , hitnlllftenro. 

compr^hensivitfS, w/., compx-ohaiisl venoms, 
faculty of comprohendmg. 

comprendre, v <r., to comprolxond, to in^luda, 
to comprise, to oontaJn, to nndwutaudt t 
oonceivo. J& eonyprends f&ri bien eft quts *v&u$ 




medites; I understand very well what you say 
tome. mal ; to misunderstand. A cequeje 
comprends , by what I understand. Je ne le 
comprends pas } I do not know what to make of 

compresse, /., (surg.) compress, bolster, 
pledget. fenetr&e ; perforated compress. 

compressibility, n./., compressibility. 

compressible, adj., compressible. 

compressi-f, -ve, adj , (suig ) compiessive. 

compression, nf., compression, squeezing, 
condensation, (surg.) astnction. 

comprimable, adj., compressible. 

comprime*, -e, pent., (bot.) compressed, flat, 
condensed ; put down, kept under. 

complimer, v.a., to compiess, to condense ; 
to quell ; to put down, to keep down, to re&ti am, 
to check, to curb. 

compiis, e, adj., part., understood, included. 
Y ; inclusive of, including. Non ; not in- 
cluding, exclusive of, without. 

compromettant, adj , injuiious, dangerous, 
compromising ; incriminating, damaging ; dis- 

compromettre, v.n., to compiomise, to im- 
plicate, to put to aibitration, to consent to a 
reference, to refer to the arbitrament of one or 
more arbitrators. 

compromettre, v.a., to expose, to commit, to 
compromise, to jeopardize, to impeiil, to endan- 
ger. son autoi it&, sa digmte ; to imperil one's 
authority or character. 

^compromettre, v.r., to implicate, to compro- 
mise, oneself. 

compromis, n.m , muttial agreement, com- 
promise. Mettre en ; to submit to arbitration. 

compromissalre, n.m , arbitrator, refeiee. 

compromissionnaire, adj., by compromise. 

comptabillte' (kon-ta-), n.f., accounts, book- 
keeping. Ilentend lien la ; he has a thorough 
knowledge of accounts 

coinptable (kon-tabl), adj., accountable, re- 
sponsible. Agent , accountant ; responsible 
agent; (nav.) paymaster. Nous sonwnes ~~-s (li- 
nos talents a lapatrie; we are accountable to 
our country for our talents. 

comptable, n.m., accountant; responsible 

comptant (kon-tan), n.m.., ready money, 
cash. Au ; (com.) for cash. Payer ; to 
pay ready money. Avoir du ; to be well 
provided with cash, Voilh tout men ; here is 
all my cash. 

comptant, adj n (of money) ready ; (of pay- 
ment) in cash; (com.) prompt. 

conipte (kont), n.m., account, reckoning, cal- 
culation, score , due, rate ; question ; statement, 
report ; profit ; benefit ; esteem, value, regard. 
Avez-wus votre f have you got the right 
amount? Jen'fti pns mon ; 1 have not my 
due. De fait; altogether, on computation. 

rond; even money. borgne ; odd money. 
A ; on account. A ban ; cheaply, at a small 
cost. IA.W6 de ; book of accounts. Roue 
de ; (horl.) notch- wheel, (Jhavnbre ties ; 
chamber of accounts. Audifeur de$ ,f ; auditor 
of the exchequer. A rrQter, wider, un -, dcs ~~$; 
to settle accounts. AT r$t& da ; account agreed 
upon, statement of account. Pour solde de ; 
in full of all demands, 'Fair? rendra ; to coll 
to account. Mendre ; to give an account. 
Avoir un en banque; to have money at a 
banker's. Mettre en ligne da ; to pass to 
account. Valider un ; to verify an account. 
Ouir un ; to audit an account. ArrQter un 
*~; to strike a balance. Jl y a un rcliqmt de 
it, solder ,* there is a balance atill owing. Tenir 

I to keep an account. Ne tenir ni ni 
mewre; to leave all at nixes and sevens. A ban 

5 at a cheap rate. Etre d& bon ; to be fair 

m one's dealings. Faire , to depend upon, to 
expect, to intend. J7 n" 1 !/ ft pas it owe son - ; he 
did not find what he expected or that it paid. j?$ 
sont bien loin de , they aic a long way out. 
Vovs in^en rendiez ; you &hall answer for it 
lljaut lu'i, *endre de tout ; we must account to 
him ior everything. Faite le de; to suit, 
to do well. Je prends cela sur won ; I will 
be responsible for that. On ne sait a quoi s'en 
temr sui son ; we do not know what to think 
of him. A ce -- la / at that rate. Les bons $ 
jont les bons arms , shoit reckonings make long 
h tends. Faiie d'ttne persomie, to value a 
person. 11 n'en Jatt aticun ; lio slights him. 
Au bout du ; when all is said and done. Jn 
fm de ; in the end. Se icndie de; to get 
a clear idea of. Eireui ri*est pas , eirors ex- 

compte-pas, n.m., ( ) odometer, pedometer; 
smveying- wheel. V. odometre. 

compter (kon-te"), v.a., to count, to reckon, 
to number, to calculate, to compute ; to include, 
to charge ; to settle accounts. scs pa& ; to 
walk slowly. Marcher a pas comptes ; to walk 
with measured steps, 

compter, v.n. t to reckon, to calculate , to in- 
tend, to purpose ; to think, to expect. Quand 
coinptes vouspaitirf when Jo you purpose sotting 
out V Je cotnpte le voir denurin ; i oxjxu't to *ee 
him to-morrow. $nr; to depend upon, to 
rely upon, to count upon ; to anticipate, to ex- 
pect. Comptes: quc ; remember that. Cowptez 
dessus , depend upon it A ~ de , Irom, reckon- 
ing from. Qtt'i comple sans SOD hole cotnpte 
deux fo'is; ho who reckons without his host, 
must reckon again. 

conipte renfiu, n.m., return, report, state- 

compteur (kon-teur), ??-.m,, counter, account- 
ant, computer; (mach.) tell-tale; (tech.) 
meter kilonwtriyue; cyclometer. 

comptoir (kon-toftr), n m., counter ; oount- 
ing-house ; factory, nettloment ; bar (of a public 
house, &c.). Dame de , Rhopwonmn, bar- 
maid* Garcon de ; barman, bark<pcr. 

compulser, v.a., to look through a rogiHtor, 
to examine, in virtue of a ]udgo'H ordor. 

compulsoire, 71. m , GUI.) examination of pa- 
pers m viituo of a judge'H order. 

comput (kon-put), n w., cnu>i>utatin. 

computation, n.J , <H)inputntion. 

computiste, .?w., computer, rompittiflt, 

comtal, -e, adj., belonging to an oarl or a 

comtat, n.m., county (of Avignon, or Vuimia- 

comte, n.m., count ; oarL 

comt^, n.m., county; earldom, Hhire. 

comtesse, n./., co\mtH8. 

concasser, v.a., to pound, to bruiH^, to cruHh. 

concasseur, n.w, , bruising, or enrolling, mill; 
(tech.) Btoom-Toltar. 

concatenation, n.f., coneatenatioxi,, 

concave, atly*, eoneavo. 

concavity, n.J'., ooncavonoftH, conciiv^ con- 

concavo-concave, adj,, ooTicavo-coiionva. 

concavo-convexe, f(/., ocnu'avo-eonv^x. 

conc^dant, n,m., grantor. 

conc^der, v.a., to grant, to yield, to allow* 
wconce'der, t.n, to b<! gruul(*<l, allowtul* 

concentration, ?/./., etnu'Mitration. 

concentre, -e, part., (Muicmttratod ; 

Un homtne, toujown - ; a thoughtful man ; a ji 
who is not eoiuxuimlrativa* jltiifiiQ *-<s/ tup* 
presaed hatred* 

concentrer, v.a*, to concwitral; to fltawmibto 
to ropresBy to amotlter. m/urcttr / t 
ble one's rage*. 




se concentre?, v.r., to concentrate, to meet in 
one centre, to centre, to retire within one's 

concentria.ue, adj , concentric. 

concentriqiuemeat, adv., concentrically. 

concept (kon-sept), n.m., (log.) concept. 

conceptible, adj-, conceivable. 

coecepti-f, -ve, adj., conceptive. 

conception, n.f., conception, apprehension; 
thought, notion, understanding; wit, conceit. 
II a la v^ve, facile, dure ; he is quick, easy, 
dull, of apprehension. Vous n'avez pas de 
comment . . . , you have no idea how . . . 

concernant, prep., concerning, i elating to, 
touching, about, in refeience to 

concemer, v.a. t to relate or belong to, to con- 
cern, to regard. 

concert, n in., concert; haimony; unanimity, 
concoid. spi) iluel , oratorio. de louanges; 
chorus of praises. De ; by mutual consent. 
Agtr de ; to act in concert. Fai>e une chose 
de~; to go hand m hand in a business. 

concertaut, -e, adj., m concert (mus.). Sym- 
phonie e; symphony performed in concert by 
two or three or more instruments. 

concertant, n.m., -e, n.f., pei former m a 

concertd, -e, adj % concerted, planned; con- 
trived; affected; studied, starched. 

concerter, v.a , to contrive, to concert; to 
plan, to devise , Qto practise for a concert. 
.se concerter, v. ?\, to plan together, to concert; 
to lay ones' heads together ; to deliberate. 

concerto, n.m., ( .s) concerto. 

concesseur, n m,. grantor. 

concession, n.f , concession, grant, privilege. 

concessionnaire, n m., grantee. d'unpn- 
ml&ge, patentee. adj., privileged. 

concetti, n,m,pl , (n.s ) witty conceits ; affected 

concevable, ftdj*. t conceivable, imaginable. 

concevolr, 0., to apprehend, to imagine, to 
understand, to perceive, to take, to comprehend, 
to word, to express ; to conceive , to become preg- 
nant. JBllts est hers d'age de. ; she is past 

conche 1 M-./., (tech.) brme-pit. 

concnoidal, -e (-ko-), adj., (geom,) conohoi- 

conchoide (-ko-), n.f,, (geoui.) conchoid. 

conchologie, /., oonchoiogy. 

conchologlque, aifj. t conchological. 

conchologiste, ./M , conchologist. 

conchy te (-kit), n.f , conchite. 

concierge, n.m.f., house-porter, portress; 
door-keepor, hall-porter. 

conclergerio, n./, place of porter or door- 
keeper ; porter's lodge. (Jonoiwgerte f a prison 
in Paris. 

concile, .m., an assembly of prelates and 
doctors, council; decrees and decisions of a 

conciliable, aflj-, reconcilable. 

conciliabule, n.w, t conventicle, cabal, secret 
meeting. -en pie in air,' field conventicle. 

concilialre, Qdj-i of or belonging' to a council. 

concilialrement, <ttfj-> m Council. 

conciliant, -o, (wty conciliating, reconciling, 

conciliat-eur, w.m. -rice, n,/. conciliator; 

conclllat-eur, -rice, aflj,, conciliatory, concili- 

conciliation, n./* } couoillation ; reconciliation. 

conclllatolre, ad/., conciliatory. 

conclller, t>.., to reconcile, to conciliate, to 
accord ; to gain, to win, to procure, 
* conclller, v,r.> to oonoiliato, to gain, to win, 
to ingratiate one's Belt 8* te& exprtts ; fco gain 
people's good will. 

COHCis, -6, fff/y.> concise, brief, short. 

concision, n J , brevity, conciseness. 

concitoyen, n m , -ne, n.f. (-in, -e-n), fellow- 
citizen ; lellow-townsnian. or townswoman. 

conclave, n.m.., assembly of cardinals ; con- 

conclavist, n.m., conclavist. 

concluant, -e, adj., conclusive, decisive. 

COnclure, v.a., to conclude, to finish ; to infer 
from; to move. Qu'en voulez-vous ? what do 
you infer from that ? 

COnclure, v.n., to conclude, to infer, to think, 
to judge. Cette iauon ne conclutpas ; this lea- 
son proves nothing. cnminellement contre 
quelqu'un; to bung any one in guilty. 

conclusi-f, -ve, udj , conclusive. 

conclusion, ./., final decision, conclusion j 
end, issue ; inference. 

concoct-eur, rice, adj., concoctive. 

concoction, nf., concoction. 

concombre, w.i., (bot.) cucumber. sau- 
sage ; horse cucumber. 

concomitance, n.f., concomitance. 

concomitant, -e, adj., concomitant. 

concordance, n.f t concordance, agreement; 

concordant, n.m., (mus.) baritone. 

concordant, adj., (nius.) concordant. 

concordat, n m , concordat, compact, agree- 
ment, composition; bankrupt's certificate. Bone- 
ce de ; Our.) benefit of the insolvent act. 

ws , (JUT.) uncertificated (of bankrupts). 

concordatatre, n.m., certificated bankrupt. 

Concorde, n.f., concord, good understanding, 
agreement, harmony. Juettre la enire des 
enneims; to reconcile enemies, 

concorder, v.n., to live in concord, to agree, to 

concourant, -e, adj., concurrent. 

concourir, v.n., to concur, to conspire, to con- 
tribute to, to cooperate m; to compete for, to 
unite; to meet. Tout concourt h mar nine; all 
things conspire to my ruin. Etre adm is & , to 
be allowed to compete. Ces deux ho turtles ont 
conoouru poui lepiix; these two men competed 
for the puze. 

concours, n.m,, concurrence, cooperation, as- 
sistance; concourse; meeting; match, tourna- 
ment; competition; competitive examination. 
Son m'a M& fort utiU ; his cooperation has 
been very useful to me. Se presenter au ; to 
compete for. 

concr-et, t -ete, adj., (antli., log.) concrete ; 
(math.) applicate. 

concret, n.m , (log.) concrete. 
concretion, n.f., concretion. 

concubinage, n m., concubinage. 

conciibinalre, n.wi., one who keeps a concu- 

concubine, n f , eo wubmp. 

concupiscence, ./., ooncupiflceuce, luat. 

concupiscent, -e, wfj., coucnpiHcent, libidi- 

concuplscible, atJj., conoupiBcible 

concurremment (-kur-ro-mSn), adv., concur* 
rently, in concurronco; jointly, together, 

concurrence (kow-kur-rans), w. /, oompoti- 
tion, rivalry, oppoaition. /.ww'ft df, to thft 
amount of, to the extent of. 2hw6 ft j to coiu- 
pete with, to oppOHO. 

concurrent, n.'/n., -e, n,f., competitor, rival, 

concussion, n.f,, extortion, embezzlement, 
ppoulation. user <fe ; to be guilty of bribery. 

concusslonnaire, n,m., extortioner, pecula- 
tor, embezzler, 

concuaaionnalre, adj., guilty of pecwlaiiow, of 
bribery, extortion. 

condamnable (-da-na-), adj., oowdoinnable, 
blamable, criminal. 




eondamnation (-da-na-), nf., condemnation, 
judgment, sentence. Sub'ir sa ; to undeigo 
one's sentence. Sitbir , to accept a sentence 
(without appeal). par defaut, judgment by 
default. Passer ; to pass sentence; to confess 
oneself in the wrong. 

condamne, n.m , -e, n.f> (kon-da-ne"), con- 
demned, convict. 

condamnet (kon-da-ne"), #.a., to condemn, to 
sentence ; to Tolame, to censure ; to block up 
(doors, windows), to give over (patients). a 
une amende ; to nne. d'avance , to prejudge. 

COndensabiUtd, ./ , condensability. 

condensable) adj., condensable. 

condensateur, n.m., (pliys ) condenser. 

condensation, /., condensation. 

condenser, v.a , (phys.) to condense, de 
louveau; to recondense. Mi 

nouveau ; to recondense. Machine a ; condens- 

se condenser, v.r., (phys.) to condense, to be 

condenseur, n.m., (mec.) condenser. 

condescendance, nf., condescension, compli- 
ance. Acte de , act of condescension, conde- 

condescendant, -e, adj.) condescending, com- 

condescendre, v.n.,to condescend, to comply, 
to yield, to stoop to. 

condiment, n m., condiment. 

coudisciple, n.m., school-fellow. 

COndit, n.m., (pharin.) confection. 

condition, nf., condition, ciicu instances, na- 
ture, quality, figure, rank, fortune, station, situ- 
ation, place; oiler, terms ; (silk inami ) drying- 
room. Amelioiei sa , to better one's circum- 
stances. Les gens de ; people of fashion. JEtre 
dej to be well born. Eire de bctue , to be 
low born. Chacun doit wine selon sa ; evei'y 
one ought to live according to his station. Toufes 
les ~5 ont leurs desagremcnts ; every condition 
has its own drawbacks. II esi dans unv bonne ; 
he has a good place. proviswwielle ; proviso. 
Sant> ; without a proviso. UK sc sont imdiis a 
dcs 5 Jionordbles ; they surrendered upon hon- 
orable teims. A , sous ; on condition 
Ven&re sous , to sell on approval. A que 
on condition, provided that. En j in service 
(of servants). 

conditionnd, -e, adj., made up, conditioned 
(with bien or mal) ; sound ', downright ; egre- 
gious ; tipsy, tight ; hi a pretty state. 

conditionnel, -le, adj., conditional; (jur.) 

conditionnel, n.w., (gram.) conditional. 

condltlonnelleinent, adv , conditionally, on 

conditionnement, n,m , drying (of silk). 

conditionner, v.a., (com.) to put into good 
condition, to make up, to dry (of silk). 

condoldance, n, /., condolence. Fawe ses 
compliments de. h quelqu^uti ; to pay a visit of 
condolence to anyone. 

condoma, n.m., a species of antelope. 

condor, n.m,, (orni.) condor. 

conduct-ear,, -rice, n/,, conductor, 
conductress, leader, guide; unver. de train; 

conduct-eur, -rice, adj., leading; (phys.) 

conductibilite', n.f., conductibility. 

conductible, adj., cotiductible. 

conduction, w./., (phys.) conduction, (civic 
law) hiring. 

conduire (conduisant, conduit), v.a n to con- 
duct, to lead, to guide, to convoy, to carry, to 
bring, to take; to go along with, to accompany, 
so attend, to escort; to have the command of; to 
govern, to rule, to direct, to manage. Conduiwz 
monsieur & sa ohaw&re; show the gentleman to 

his room. untioupeau, to drive a flock. 
une affaire ; to manage a business. un jeime 
homme; to tiam 01 bung up a youth. la con- 
sc^encG de quelqifun, to direct any one's con- 
science. un bailment, un travail , to be fein- 
veyor of a building, to have the direction of a 
work. Sasuoir sa barque ; to play one's cards 

se conduire, v i , to conduct, to behave one&elf , 
to guide, to govern, oneseli , to find one's \vay. 

conduire, v ., to conduct, to lead to ; to 
drive. Ce chemin condmt a, la ville; tips road 
leads to the town. a gran dcs guides, to 
duve iour-m-hand. &a)t de ; the art ol 

conduit, w.m , conduit, duct, passage, pipe , 
tube, canal. auditij ; auditoiy paabagc 
acoiistique ; speaking-pipe. devent; (uiach ) 

conduite, n.f., conduct, leading; management, 
charge, direction, admnnstiation ; behavior, 
demeanor, depot tment ; guidance, prudoiico, 
discretion ; watei-pipea , (nav ) conduct-money; 
(mus.) poit (of the voice). Tayau de , dehv- 
eiy pipe. Se chaigo de la V/'M< affaire; to 
imdeitake the management of a busaieks. IM 
d^une piece drtheatie, the disposition, airaugo- 
metit, of a drama. 1 eguhere ; 01 dorly couduet 
Avoir de la ; to bo well-behaved. Mawgucr 
dc , to misconduct oneself, to bo ill-beliaved. 
Fa he la It gi/elt/i^mt , to see anyone ol'l; to 
altcmd anyone to the grave. 

condupUqud, adj., (bot.) (of leaves) con<lu- 

condyle, n.m., (anat.) condylo. 

condyloide, adj , coiulyloid. 

cone, n m , cone, (opt.) pencil ; (bot.) stio- 
bile. En ; conical. 

Gconfabulateur, n.m , story-teller, (oiiverna- 

confabulation, nf., confabulaUon. 
0COnfabuler, v.n., to <'onlabulat,e, to chat. 

confection, w/., confection, mnkmgup; r<iady 
made clothes, olectiwiy ; execution, coiuphlion. 
La du chyle; the formation of the ohylo. La 
d*un iffivewta it e , the eompleting mi invciutoiy. 
fyfaison de- s; dioss-miikiitg CHtiihhHhmiutt. 

confectioinie, -e 5 <tdf> t nuulo, Hiauulael,ur<l, 

confectionner, v.a., to manufacture, to multo, 
to finish. 

confectionneu-r, n.m., -se, n.f., mnlwr, 
finisher (of wcuring apparel), clothier, outHiictr* 

conf^ddrati-f, -ve, adj., couiodoralivti. 

confederation, w./., <Hiiie<l<u'ati(n t conf<ul- 

confe'de're*, -e, n. and adj., coiifrutarato, IUIHO- 
ciate, federate, accomplice. 
se conf^d^rer, ii.r., to coftlorftt, to imllo, to 

conference, n/., conforoius*^ ; hnsturo; <<u 
ison, collation. ]\/alti a <:// ~ ; Itniturer, pro* 

conf^rencler, ?/.?., locturor* 

conterer, v<t,, to compare, to oolluto, to con- 
fer, to bestow, to grant. w atitntr <tvfG 'tin 
autre; to collate two uuthorH. 

conf^rer, VM,, to couHiilt to^iluw, to confttr ; 
to bestow, to grant ; (print) to r<tvln<)* 

conferve, w./., (bol.) conforvn, hftir-w<w1 

confesso, w. (<i. rol.) oonfeHHiou (to u pri<tHt). 
[This noun has no goiulw, in ulwn/x Mwnninmiwl 
by A or de, and twrw by any nrUolo*] Alter h 
; to go to confttBfuon. 

conlesser, t>.., to cotifeH ; to ackowl(i<lg, 
to avow, to own, to admit, f , M Mf / tlliibl** 
; it is terribly lianl, or vory hard llnoik 
Jte confesser, v.r., to <M)nf(iHH OHO'B HIHH, to <Mm- 
i&m (fco a priest). Se cm rvmml / to 




confesseur, n.m., confessor, father confessor. 

confession, n.f., confession, acknowledg- 
ment, avowal. JDonner a quelqtfun le bon Dieu 
sans j to trust any one with untold gold. 

confesslomial, 71.771., confessional. 

confiance, n.f , confidence, reliance, trust, 
dependence, assurance , self-conceit. Avoir de 
la en quelqu^un ; to repose confidence in any 
one, Donner sa h quelqu^un , to confide in 
any one. Homme de ; confidential man of 
business. Une personne de ; a trustworthy 
person. Cela donne de to ; that inspires 

confiant, -e, adj , confident, unsuspecting, 
sanguine , self-conceited. 

confidemment (-da-nian), adv.* in. confidence, 

confidence, nf, confidence, secrecy, secret, 
disclosure ; trust (of benefices). Eire dans la 
de quelquhin ; to be in any one's confidence 
II etait dans la ; he was in the secret. Un 
^change de s, an exchange of secrets Fane 
une ; quelqu'un, to tell a secret to any one, 
to take any one into one's confidence Fatie 
une faussc, ; to make a pretended disclosure. 
Tenir un benS/ice en, , to hold a living m trust 

confident, n.m., -e, nf., confident, confidant, 

confidentlaire (-01-), n in , one who holds a 
living m trust. 

confidentiel, -le (-ci-), ntff , confidential. 

confldentiellement (-M-), adv , confidentially. 

COnfier, v.a , to confide, to intrust, to commit 
to , to tell in confidence. 

se confier, v.r., to trust in ; to place reliance 
on , to unbosom one's self to. Se en ses 
foicps; to trust to one's own strength. Je me 
conjle a vous ; I trust you. 

configuration) n.j., configuration, form, 

configurer, v.a., (Lu.)to configurate, to form, 
to shape. 

confinement, n.m., (jur.) confinement, im- 

conflner, v.n., to border upon; to confine, to 
limit, to adjoin. 

COnflner, v.a , to confine, to imprison. 
se confine*, v.r., to confine, to hunt one's self. 

C0nfinit, ./., confiinty, contiguity. 

conflns, n , confines, borders, limits. 
Aux dfi la trrre; at the ends of the earth. 

confire (confiwmt, conflfc), v a., to preserve; 
to candy, to pickle. Confit en devotion; ex- 
tremely devout. une pcau ; to soak a skin. 
Westun hommo coiifit ; he is done for. Se ; 
to be preflerved. 

confirmati-f, -ve, w//., confirmatory. _ 

confirmation, w/,, confirmation, ratification, 
sanction. Cela a besotn do ; that requires con- 

confirmed .., to confirm, to ratify, to sanc- 
tion. gwlqit'wif (Lex.) to give any owe a 
slap in the face. 
se conf Inner, v ,r. ? to be confirmed. 

confiscate, adj., conflseable, forfeitablo, lia- 
ble to forfeiture. 

confiscant, ad'/ , (JUT.) confiBcating'. 

confiscation, w./., oonfiHcation, forfeiture. 

conflserie, ./,, confoctiouery, oonfectiouer'H 

confiseur, n.m^ -se, n/., confectioner. 

confisquer, .,, to confiscate, to forfeit, to 

confito, pH., (wZ/ M preserved, picklcu. 

confiteor, n,m , ( ) couflteor. JMre ton ; 
to acknowledge one's fault. 

confiture, n,/., preserve, jam. t 

confituri-er, n.-m,, -fere, ./., dealer m pre- 
nerves, confectioner; preserve-maker. 

conflagration, wj'., conflapfration. 

COnflii, n.wi , contention, strife, contest, ri- 
valry, conflict, collision, encounter, jarring, 

confluent, .m., (geog ) confluence, junction, 

confluent, -e, adj , (med.) confluent. Petite 
verol& e / confluent small-pox 

COnfluer, .n., to be confluent. 

COnfondre, v ., to confound, to confuse ; to 
blend, to mix, to mingle ; to amaze, to a&tound, 
to aba&h. 

se coniondre, v.r., to be confounded, to blend, to 
mingle, to be lost m. 

conformation, n f , conformation. 

conforme, adj., conformable, congenial, con- 
sonant, consistent. Pour topie ; a true copy, 
conformable to the original 

conform^, -e, adj , formed, shaped. 

conforznem&nt, adv., suitably, conformably, 

COnformez*, v.a., to conform. 
se conformer, v r., to conform one's self, to 
follow, to comply with Se auxcu Constances; 
to conform to cncumstances 

conformists, n.m./., conformist 

conformite, w/., likeness, agreement, con- 
formity, compliance. En , conformably, in 
compliance with, agreeably to. 4 

contort, n.m , comfort, ease , Qhelp, succour 

confortable, adj , consolatory, comfortable. 

confortable, n in., comfort, ease 

confortant, -e, &> confortati-f, -ve, adj., 
strengthening, comforting. 

confortatif, n ?/i., (med ) corroborant. 

confortation, n f , (1 n ) strengthening. 

conforter, v.a , to comfort; (med.) to 
strengthen ; to console. 

confraternity, /, fraternity, brotherhood, 

confrere, n.m., colleague ; fellow-member ; 
contemporary, brother-magistiate, etc 

COnfr^irie, n.f., biotherhood, confiaternity. 

conirication, n,J., (pharm ) confncation 

confrontation, / , confrontation , compar- 
ing, collation (of writings) 

confronter, v ., to confront, to stand face to 
face ; to compare, to collate. la copie b Voit- 
ginal ; to compare the copy with tlie 01 igmal. 

conlus, -e, cfd}., vague, indistinct, ashatned, 
abashed, crestfallen, contused , obscure, dim. 
faint. Bruit , confused minor. 

COnfUS0*ment, adv., confu&edly, vaguely, 

confusion, w./., confusion; disorder, disturb- 
ance, trouble, shame, blush. MeWe tout en 
; to disturb everything. En , in disorder, 

confutation, ./, confutation; refutation. 

confuter, v a., to disprove, to confute, to 

conge", n.m , /imlit ) leave ; liberty, permis- 
sion ; discharge, dismissal ; warning, notice (to 
quit) ; holiday ; cougti ; permit ; (nav ) pass, 
clearance; (arch.) apophysis ; escape; (mflit.) 
furlough. Prewlw -, to take one's leave. 
Jour da ; holiday. jBn ; on leave, on fur- 

conge"able, mfj\, dismiasablo, dischargeable ; 
(jur.) held under 'tenancy at will. 

conge*dier, v.a., to discharge, to dismiss, to 
pay off ; to diaband, to break up. 

congelable, adj., congealable. 

congdlateur, n.TW., refrigerator, freezing 

congelation, n.f., congelation, congealing; 
(mas.) rock-work ; icicle (on sculptures). 

congeler, v.a. , to congeal, to f weze ; to coagu- 

w congeler, v.r,, to congeal, to freeze ; to coagu* 


conquer ant 

COngSnere, ad/., congener, congenerous, 

congenital, -e, at/;., congenital. 

congestion (-jes-tion), n.f , congestion. 

congiaire, n.m , (antiq.) subsidy. 

conglobation. n./., (rhet.) conglobation. 
conglobe, -e, adj , conglobate; (anat.) lym- 
phatic ; globate, globated 

conglome'rat, .*., (geol ) conglomerate. 

conglomeration, n.f., conglomeration. 

eonglom&rer, v.a., to conglomerate. 

conglTitinant, -e, #$;., conglutinant. 

conglutinati-f , -ve, adj. , conglutinative. 

conglutination, /., conglutination. 

conglutiner, v ,, to glue together , to 
thicken, to conglutmate. 

congratulation, nf., congiatulation. 

congratulatoire, adj., congiatulatory. 

congratuler, v.a., (jest.) to congratulate, to 

congre, ?ura., conger; conger-eel. 

r, w a., (nav.) to worm (a cable). 

congr6ganiste, n.m.f., congregationahst. 

congregation, n.f , fraternity, congregation ; 
brotherhood. desj titles; whole body of any 

congrks, w.Ttt., congress. 

congrler, .., stake-net. 

congru, -j& > od^, suitable, consistent, agree- 
able to, congruous, proper. Portion e , suit- 
able allowance. 

congruite', /., congrmty, consistency, pro- 

congrument, a(?0., congruously, properly. 

conicine, ./., (chern ) cotiia. 

conlfere, adj., coniferous. 

coniforme, adj., comfoim. 

coniqtue, affj., conical 

coniques, nf,t>L, conies, conic sections. 

conite, n <ni., (min.) conite. 

conjectural, -e, adj., conjectural. 

conjecturalement (-ral-man), adv., conjoc- 

conjecture, w./., guess, conjecture, sumiiHe. 

conjecturer, v.a., to conjecture, to guetbs, to 

conjoindre, v.a., to conjoin, to join, to unite, 
to connect. 

conjoint, -e, part., conjoined, joined, united. 
Les futurs *, the bride and bridegroom that 
aie to be. Feutlles es ; (bot.) conjugate leaves. 
R&glee; (arith.) chain-rule. 

conjointement (kon-joint-man), adv., con- 
jointly, unitedly, 

conjoncti'l -ve, adj., conjunctive, 

conjonction, n.f,, conjunction, union, con- 
nection; coition. 

conjonctlve, w./., (anat.) conjunctiva. 

conlonctivem0Et, adv., conjunctively. 

conjuncture, n,f., conjuncture, juncture. 

coEJUgaiSOtt, ./., (giam , anat) conjuga- 

conjugal, -e, atf$., conjugal. 

conjugalement (-gal-niin), ffdto,, conjugally, 

conjugati-f, -ve, d>' M (gram.) coujugative, 
relating to conjugation. 

conjuguer (-gh^),,., (gram.) to conjugate. 
se conjuguer, v r., to be conjugated. 

confung'o, n.m., (jest.) wedding, marriage; 
(diplom.) writing without stops or space. 

conjurateur, n.m,, plotter, conspirator; con- 

conjuration, nj*, conspiracy, plot; conjura- 
tion, exorcism. pL t entreaties. 

conjure', n.w., conspirator, plotter. 

conjure^ ~o,part^ confederate, sworn. 

conjurer, i;,a., to implore; to conspire, to 
plot; to swear; to raise evil spirits, to exorcise, 
to conjure, to ward off, to avert. XI trowa 
moym da la temp&te,; he found a way of ward- 
ing off the storm. 

connaissable, adj., (l.u.) recognisable, easily 

connalssance. n /., knowledge, acquaintance , 
intercourse, senses, consciousness; learning, un- 
derstanding; (hunt.) the print of a stag's foot 01. 
the ground, pi., knowledge, attainments, acqune- 
ments. La, du bien et du mal ; the knowledge 
of good and evil. Pi end, 1 ) e rf'tme chose , to 
take note of a thing Prendie d'unc cause f 
to take cognizance of a case, fen ler en de 
cause, agw avec de cause; to speak lmownij?ly> 
to proceed upon a thorough knowledge of the 
matter. Faire avec quclgu^un ; to form the 
acquaintance of any one. Ml 1 ) c en pnys dc j , 
to be among friends. Scs s sont ti fa-born ecs , 
his knowledge is very limited. 

connaissants, adj., (jur.) skilled, well 
acquainted with. 

connaissement (-ues-nian), n.m., (com.) bill 
of lading. 

connaisseti-r, W.WK, -se, n.f. t ady,, connois- 
seur, one skilled in a thing. 

connaisseu-r, -se, adj., judge, good judge, 

connaitre (connai&sant, conuu), v.ct*, to lcnow t 
to be aware ol, to peiceive; to understand, to be 
versed m anything; to be aoqutunted with; to 
experience, to diMcer-n, to dusiinpfUiMh. Jt\ U 
connais de w,e, I know him by sight. JFtnre , 
to make it appoar, to prove, to reveal, to make 
known. Scfatre ; to make one's* mlf known. 
Je Ifi far a% ; I will show him up. /Ms qifil 
est question d'mteiet, il lie connate jtlut> pi'r- 
sonne, m matters of mtwcHt, everybody IH a 
stranger to him. Je we conium qi<e ct'la ; that 'H 
all I can say, all J know. <> fond; to know 
thoroughly. ConnaiswZ'Mivswt /Hwnu'-la f aro 
you acquainted with that man V qwlqm 
chose h quclqu^un ; to know that a poiwm hatt or 

connaitre, v.r., to know OUO'H well ; to Imow 
each other ; (of thiugw) tf be known. Cmwuns-ioii 
tw-mfane ; know thyHclf. // itc %sr commit pat ; he 
is out of his fwnheiH. *SV en qurtqm' cttosc ,' to 
understand a tluug, to bo a judgo ol a thing. JVr, 
pas ue dejoipj lobe bew<J<i om^H noli with joy. 
Jc Wfc'y connaix ; I midorutaiul all about it, I 
know what it all moans. 

connaitre, v. M to know; to have eotfuiznucQ, 
to take cognizauco (of). 

conn^, -e (ko-n-ji(5), adj., (bot.) oommto. 

connecti-f, -ve, adj., (bot.) conmustivo. 

0011116 table, ,?., Ingh touHttthlo ( mayor. 

conne'taftlo, n,/., lugh <!onBtabl'H wii'o. 

conncStablie, n.f., th <sourt nnd juvwdictlon 
of the high constable; roHidouuo of the high 

connexe (ko-n-n<'"kH), <ttfj., (jur.) onntl. 

connexion (ko-u-nMi-Hum), n.j,, flowuwstion, 

connexitd (ko-n-nok-si-t* 4 ), n^f, wmim^um t 

connivence (ko-u-ni-), './, oomuvtuwHi* 

connivent, -e (Jco-n-wi*), adj., (aak| bot,) 

conniver (ko-n-ni-), y.n,, to nmnim 

connu, w.w., known; that which i kiiown. 

connu, -e, part., known, tmdowtood, 31 rst 
comwft If lonp Utmc ; 1 IH known by vwy* 
body, n gagne h Pfrf - , ho hnprovwi (m a<N 
quftintanc. Gotwit / that ' an ol<l wtory, Ifa 
chiffres s ; in plain ftuuroB.^ 

conoidal, adj., (bot.) onoulal, 

conoide, n.w., (awat., goom.) conolu 

conoide, adj., (anat,, goom*) ooitoMioal. 

conque, ./, conch, SQa-nhell", (aww.t.) (J0tt<il* 
pavilion of tlio cor* 

conqu^rant, .wt. conqueror ; (jfam.) lady- 

coiique'rAnt, -e, adj., couquoriiig. 




querant, conqms), t'.ff., to con- 
quer, to subdue, to gain, to obtain, to win over. 

COnquet, n.m.^ (jur ) acquisition, acquired 
property, s; property (acquired by two mar- 
ried people). 

CQnQliete, nf>i conquest, acquisition; success, 
winning of favors. 

consacrant, adj',, consecrating, officiating. 

consacrant, n m , consecrator, officiant. 

consacrer, v.a., to consecrate; to dedicate, to 
devote; to hallow, to sanctify, to sanction, to per- 
petuate, to appropnate, to give. son temps a , 
to devote one's time to. 
i<3 consacrer, v >., to devote one's self. 

COnsangttin, -e (-ghm, -ghi-n), n. and adj., 
(jur.) on the fathers side Fiete, sceur e , 
half-brother, half-sistei, on the father's side. 
jjfs s; half-brothers and sisters on the father's 

consanguinity (-gu-i-), w / , consanguinity. 

conscience, w J ? conscience, perception, con- 
sciousness, sentiment, (punt ) work paid by the 
day, the compositors paid by the day. Gi ide , 
qualm of conscience wife , clear conscience. 
Rcmordsde , remorse, atmg of conscience. Se 
Jaire un cos tie d'ltne chose , to make a mat- 
ter of conscience of any tiling. Avoir la de ; 
to be conscious of. // a la targe ; he is not 
over sciupuloub. La main stir la -; candidly, 
sincerely. // a dit lout ce qifil amid sur la , 
he has opened his miud without reserve. Trcui- 
siger avec .set , to compound with one's con- 
science. JKn ; conscientiously ; in conscience ; 
indeed, candidly. 

consciencieusement, adv., conscientiously. 

consciencieu-x. -se, mi) , conscientious. 

consclent, -e, adj., (pbilo.) conscious. 

conscription, uj , (inilit.) conscription, enlist- 
ment, enrolling. 

cons crip tioimel, -le, adj., relating to the 
conscnption, enlistment. 

conscrit, adj., eoiisonpt. Pete ; Roman 

conscrit, n.m., consexipt, recruit, raw soldier; 
freshman, novice, greenhoin 

cons^crateur, n.m., consecrator. 

consecration? n.f., consecration, dedication, 
ordination; sanction. 

conse*cuii~l, -ve, tub'*) consecutive; following 

conse'cutivement (-tiv-man), adv., consecu- 

conseigle, n.m., meslin (mixture of rye and 
wheat 01 oats). 

^consell,, counsel, advice; council, coun- 
cil-board; board; resolution, course, determina- 
tion; counselor, adviser. dc commerce, board 
of trade. mitnicfpat; town-council. des 
mmMres; cabinet-council. de revision; mili- 
tary board of appeal. 11 ne prend ym de *a 
t&tef he does everything by himself, without 
consulting any one. La mat pmiti ; sleep upon 
it. dK ffUf'rra ; court-martial, council of war. 
dn Jamille; family council; commission of 
lunacy. A pattt prin pas de ; advice is use- 
lees to a man who nog made up his mind. 
*conselller, v.., to adviae, to counsel, to give 

*'conseill~er, n.m., *ero, n,/., counselor, ad- 
viser; councilor; puisne justice; judge. 
*conseilleur, n,m., adviser; officious pernou. 

consentant, -e, <w|/,, oouRonting, willing. 

consentenxent (kon-sant-inau), n.m., consent, 

conaentir, v.w., to consent, to agree to, to 
acquiesce ; to assent to ; (nav.) to spring, to 
break (of mastn). Qm na dk mot consent; silence 
gives consent. 

*cons6quemment (-Ica-mEn), adv., conse- 
^uently, accordingly, conformably. 

consequence, ?/-/., coneeiiuence, sequel ; 

event, issue, inference; movement, importance, 
weight, deduction. Titei une , to draw an 
inference. Pievoir les s d^wie demaiche, to 
foresee the consequences of a measure Cela 
tue a , that will be a precedent De peu de 
, of no consequence, insignificant. C^est un 
homme sans ; he is a person of no consequence. 
Fane I 1 ho inme de , to set up for a man of con- 
sequence. Une ajfiaue de nulle ; an affair of 
no moment En , accordingly. En de vos 
ordres, according to your orders. Cela ne tue 
pa& a, , that is of no importance. 

consequent, -e, adj., just, rational, consistent, 

consequent, n.m., (log., math.) consequent. 
Par , consequently, m consequence. 

conservat-eur, .*., -rice, ^./., adj,, pre- 
server, guardian, keeper; conservative des 
chaises, ranger. des eaux etf arete, commis- 
sioner of woods and forests. 

conservatif, -ve, adj., preservative. 

conservation, w/, preseivatura, conserva- 
tion, registration (of mortgages). 

conservatoire, n m , academy of music and 
school of elocution, Magdalen asylum, museum, 
(of objects of art). 

conservatoire, adj., conservative, conserva- 
tory, preservative. 

conserve, ./, pieserve; pickle; (nav.) con- 
sort, (phar.) conserve, pi., preservers (specta- 
cles). Deux vaisseaux wnt de , two ships 
keep company together. s an, mn> aigrc; 

conserve*, -e, paif , preserved. Ce tableau 
est bien ; this pamtmg is well preserved. Eti e 
bien ; to bear one's age well , to be hale and 

conserver, v.a., to preserve, to keep ; to 
maintain. Une vie reglee conserve ct joriifie la 
Mints ; a regular life preserves and (strengthens 

se conserver, v r., to be preserved , to preserve 
one's self; to keep (of meat, etc.) ; to bear one's 
age well. Son temt tfest bien conserve; her com- 
plexion wears well. Connervez-vous ; take care 
of yourself. 

considerable, ad fa considerable, notable, 
eminent, illustrious, important, Peu, ; of 
little importance. 

conslde"raTt)lenient, adv., considerably. 

considerant, n.m,, (jur ) preamble ; recital. 

consideration, n f., consideration, attention ; 
account, regard, sake ; note, respect, esteem. 
Cela mnte , that requires consideration. 
West (t votre qu^il Pa fait , it is out of regard 
for you that lie did it. Fa ire cntrer en , to 
take into consideration. N' avoir aitcune pour 
les ffftnsf to liave no regard for people. Jl n*a, 
nullfi aans If monde; he is held in no esteem 
whatever. Un hoinnw de, ; a man of note. 
%?! n fo* i consideration of, out of regard for, 
for the sake of. 

conside're'ineiit, adv., considerately, pru- 
dently, thoughtfully. 

considtfrer, v.a., to consider, to take itito 
consideration, to look at, to viow, to gaze upon, 
to regard, to bohold, to contemplate; to pay 
regard to ; to have a consideration for, to value, 
to esteem, to respect, to look tip to; to mind, 
to look to ; to look upon. Tout Men consid&r& ; 
all things consi dor ad . wn chose, en dle-m$mv ; 
to look at a tiling in itself. Jl faut bifin-~~les 
choses avant de tf engager you roust look before 
you leap. 

$c, considtfrer, v.r., to estepm one's self j to 
look to one's self ; to be considered. 
*consignataire, w,wt/., trustee, depositary; 
(com.) consignee, 

*consignat-eur, n.m., -rice, n/. (com.) con- 




"consignation, n.f., consignment, deposit; 
lodgment (banking) , Qur.) consignation. Caisse 
des depots et s, deposit bank Cesmaichan- 
dises sont a la d'un tel ; these goods are con- 
signed to so and so. 

"consigne, /., (milit.) orders, pass-word ; in- 
structions , cloak-ioom (at stations). Manguer 
a la, , to disregard orders. Forcer la ; to 
force a sentry, to infringe orders. Lever la - ; 
to revoke orders , to release from confinement 
^consigner 1 , v.a., to deposit , to record, to enter, 
to note down, to register ; to refuse admittance , 
to keep in ; (com.) to consign. Je Vai con^igne 
a maporte; I have left oideis not to admit him 

consistence, ?? J , consistency, consistence , 
fhuiuess; stability , credit, 1011 , (jiu.) 
matter. Le tempt, n'a point de , the wea-thei 
is unsettled. C'e&t un espi it qui wV/ point de , 
he is a person of no consistency. Cede nouvdle 
prend de let, ; the news is gaining giouud. 

consistent, -e, adj , con&i&tmg oi , tiun, nxed, 
solid, compact. 

consister, v.n , to be composed of, to consist. 
Le tout consiste a snvoi) / the main point ib to 
know Son revenu consiste en rentt s / Ins reve- 
nue consists of property in the fund**. 

consistoire, n.m , consistory. 

consLstorial, -e, afy , cousistonal. 

consistorialement, adv.> m a con&istory. 

consolable, adj., con&olable. 

consolant, -e, adj , consoling, comfoitmg, 

consolat-eur, n.m., -rice, w./., comforter, 

consolat-eur, -rice, adj., con&olmg ; conso- 

consolation, n.f., consolation, comfort, solace. 

consolatoire, adj., consolatory. 

console, /, (arch.) console, bracket-table , 
pier-table ; corbel. 

consoler, VM , to con&ole, to solace, to com- 

se consoler, v.r., to be consoled, to be comlortetl , 
to solace, to console oneself. 

consolidant, nm. and adj., (med , swg.) 

consolidation, n.f., consolidation, funding. 

consolidement, M.WJ-, act of consolidating, 

consolider, t>.., to consolidate, to strengthen 
se consolider, v.r., to consolidate, to grow firm. 

consolides, pi , consolidated funds, con- 

consomma'ble, adj-, consumable 

consommateur, TO.W.., consumer, eater, 
drinker ; (tkeol.) perfecter. 

oonsommatioti, w./., coriHummation ; con- 
sumption ; drinks, refreshments. Vonles-wus 
pun les s f shall we play for the drhiks ? 

consomme*, n.m , broth, gravy-soup, beef-tea. 

consomme'? -e, part,, consumed, used; coxi- 
summated ; consummate ; profound ; accom- 

consonrmer, v.a., to consummate, to com- 
plete, to perfect, to finish, to accomplish ; to 
consume, to use. 

Qconsoinpti-f, -ve, adj^ (med.) consmuptive, in 
a decline. j 

0consomptll, w.w-., (med., surg.) caustic. 

consomptlon, i./., consumption; doatritc- 
tion ; (nxed.) atrophy, decline. JStn aftcitU 
de ; to be in a decline. 

consonnance, w./., consonance, consonancy; 

consonnant, -e, <-lj-, consonant. 

consonne, w./., consonant. 

consorts, 9 consort**; (jur.) aBsociaten, 
people connected together, having the name in- 
terest; (b. s.) confederates. 

cousoude, ./., (bot.) couifrey, cousouud. 

conspirant, -e, adj., (mec.) conspmng. 

conspirateur, n m , conspirator 

conspiration, n.f , conspn acy, plot. La des 
poudies, the gunpovvdei-plot. 

conspirer, -y.a. and n., to conspire, to agree 
together, to concui, to combine ; to plot. Tout 
conspire a me i uinei ; everything conspires to 
my rum. la ruine de VEtat; to plot the rum 
of the State. 

conspuer, v a., to spit upon; to despise, to 
flout, to spuin, to lusts. 

constable, n.m , constable. 

constabulaire, adj , coiibtabiilary. 

COnstamnient (-sU-mau), ado , with con- 
stancy, steadily, peifaovenngly , constantly. 

Constance, wy., conhtancy, peiativerance; 
bteadmess, steadla&tne&s, iirmneas, peihistence. 

constant, -e, <tdj., coribtant, unsliaken; stea<i- 
ia^t, persevering, unvarying, invdiLiblo, steady, 
labting; ceitam, unquefationable. 11 cst <m? , 
it is an established fact that. 

constante, /., (alg.) conht<int quantity. 

COnstatation, y., authentication; ascertain- 
ing, venhcation; declaration. 

COnstater, v.., to piove, to veiify, to estab- 
lish undeniably, to te,stiiy to , to ascertain, to 
btate, to declare. 

constellation (-wtol-ia-), w/., ooiiHtelutiou. 

constelle, -e, (-btt-l-lf), </j., coubtcllated , 

consteller, v.a., to constellate, to dot, to 
&trew, to stud. 

consternation, nj , conHtoniation, diHiuay. 

consterner, v.a , to ntnke with cont<Ji na- 
tion ; to astound, to aiimxo, to diwmayi to diH- 

constipation, n f , constipation, ooRtivencse. 

constipe\ -e, <tdj , contivo, conNtipatcd. 

constiper, v.a., to <'onnlinat(i, to bind. 

constituant, -e, <(/., conwUtuont; giving a 
power of attorney. 

constituant, n.m , member oi' the Coiihtituout 
AsHeiubly (French lust.). 

constituante, ?/y., CoiiHiituont AuiDmubly 
(Fienoh hist.). 

constituer, v.a., to coiiHiituiu, to oHtubliHb, to 
make , to pliuso, to put,, to orgamxo ; to raises to 
an office 01 dignity , to nettle, to AMHign ; to gho 
into custody. Qici i oust <i cotm/ititfi jitffc f who 
made you judge in the mattor V - </u<'l<fit,' t un 
pnxonnter , to commit anyone to prison, ?</' 
rente , to HcUlti tut annuil,^. <un prM'dvnt ; to 
establish a preo<Ml(>nt, 

,sr constituer, t'.?., to coiiHtitntci ononelf, to 
form oncHolf into, fi? -- jW/MWWfVv, to giv^ 
oneself up 

constituti-f, -ve, wr/y., coitHtiiuiivo. 

constitution, n f., oouHlitutioxi, cHiabliHlutumi, 
formation, composition; i<imjr, tcsmpciraindnt; 
Hottletnont of an annuity ; declaration of appoint- 

constitutlonnalito", w./., couHtiiutioutiUty. 

constitutionnellement (inM-rkiSn) 1 (^//'.,\K)n- 

constitutlonnel,, couKtatuyonaliut, 

constitutioanol, 4e, ndj., conHiituiioiiia. 

constrictour, ./., (mint.) <M>sl,rltrf>r. 

constriction, n.f., oouHtrlctlon, contmctlon, 
comprosHion ; (mod.) Jwtnotion. 

constricti-1, -ve, adj,, (in<*(l.) coitHi.Hngent. 

constringent, -e, ^//., <JoMtrlng(^U 

constructetir, n,M n iJouHtrwetor, builder; 
ehipbuildw, whipwnght. 

construction, n./., a<l of buUdhi^ ; an-augcv 
Biont and coiuirK'tfon of wordK In a tMmtmu'o ; 
oonfltiuctiou ; building, <ir<u*t.Ion ; niriutturc 
shipbuilding. Ftcirc <// twuwttt's tf; to pwwt 
BOW InuWingH, La -- d'ltw eurtu fffoawp/wtu? ; 
the coMstractiou of a map. Jtfttir# la <f une 
phrase f to construct a phraso. 

construct! vit^ 



francaise; French-built ship. En ; building, 
(nav.) on the stocks. De ; building, build. 

constructivite, M/., (phrenology) construc- 

constnilre (coiistruisant, construit), ?>.., to 
construct, to build, to erect, to rear up, to 
frame ; to arrange ; (grain ) to construct. JDe , 
building. En , in course of erection ; (oi 
ships) on the stocks. 

consufcstantialite' (-sia-), w/, consubstan- 

consubstantiation (-sia-), n.f , consubstantia- 

consubstantiel, -le, (-siel), adj , consubstan- 

consutostantiellement (-biel-man), adv., con- 

consul, n m , consul 

consulate, adj , consular. Pei sonnage ; 
an ex-consul. 

consulairement (-lei -man), adv , consularly ; 
by consuls. 

consulat, n.m , consulate ; consulship. 

consultant, adj >n , consulting. Avocat ; 
chamber-counselor. Medecin ; consulting 

consultant, n.m., cousulter , person con- 

cqnsultati-f, -ve, adj., consultative, delib- 
erative. Avoir vouu ve, to have the right of 
discussion without that of voting 

consultation, n./., consultation , conference , 
opinion, advice. 

consulter, v.a , to consult, to advise with, to 
take advice of, to deliberate, to confer un 
avocat ; to take counsel's opinion. une affaire , 
to examine into an atlair. son chevet t to 
consult one's pillow. Us consuUerent ensemble ; 
they laid their heads together. II en wut avec 
ses amis; he wishes to conier with his friends 
about it. 

se consulter, .?., to consider, to reflect, to de- 
liberate; to be consulted. La voix da la nitron 
lie, se consulte jumais , the voice of reason is 
never listened to 

consulteur, n.m , counselor, adviser. 

consumant, -e, adj., consummg, devouring, 

consumer, v.a , to consume; to destroy; to 
wear out or away; to squander, to waste, to 
spend. Le tempi* consume toutes chases, time 
wears out everything. Catte main die le consume ; 
that disease is wearing him to nothing. 
se consumer, v.r., to decay, to waste away, to 
wear out , to ruin one's self , to undermine 
one's health; to waste one's strength. JLl se 
consume d" * ennui; he is wasting away with 
wemness. Se de douleur; to pine away 
with grief. 

contabescence, n./., (med.) consumption. 

contabescent, -e, adj , (mod.) consumptive. 

contact (-takt), w M., contact, connection, 
touch; (mining) nip (of the roof or wall). 

contagleu-x, -se, wty., contagious, catching; 

contagion, ./., contagion, infection. de 
mmwrs ; corruption of manners. La dn vice; 
the mfeotion oi vice 

*contaille, (ulj.f,, floss. Sole ; floretta, 
refuse, floss-silk. 

contamination, /., contamination, 

contamlner, 7;. a., to contaminate. 

conte, n.m,, story, tale, falsehood, fib, non- 
sense. $ defies; fairy tales JMctter un ; 
to tell a story. en Pair; improbable story, 
fiction. fait h plaisir ; made-up story. 
gnu; smutty, lascivious story, de bonne 
fernme^ ft dormir debmtt, Ww, borgne ; 
idle, silly story ; old woman's tale. II brode mi 
yeu l , he exaggerates the story a little (**<?., 

improves upon it. Ce sont des s , it is only a 
joke. C^est un grand Jmseur de s, he is a 
great fibber, a great stoiy-teller. 

contemplat-eur, n /., -rice, nj. t contem- 

contemplati-f, -ve, adj , contemplative 

contemplation, nj., contemplation, medita- 
tion, reflection ; admiration. 

contempler, v a., to contemplate, to behold, 
to survey, to view, to gaze on. 

contempler, v n , to contemplate, to meditate, 
to reflect. 

contemporatn, -e, adj., contemporary, con- 

contemporain. n ?/?., -e, n f , contemporary. 

contemporaneity, ./ , contemporaneity, con- 

contempt-eur, -rice, adj , contemptuous, 
scornful, insolent, disdainful 

contempt-eur, n.m., -rice, ./., coutemner, 
despiser, scorner. 

Ocontemptible, adj., contemptible, despicable, 

contenance (cont-nans), nf, capacity, capa- 
ciousness; contents, countenance, postuie, look, 
air, bearing, attitude, deportment ; (nav.) bur- 
den. fere; haughty air. asmiee, bold 
look. I'ulicule; ridiculous carriage. 
etudiee , studied deportment. // n^a point de , 
he does not know which way to turn Perdre , 
to be abashed, out ot countenance Fan e pei dre 
, to put out of countenance Swvir de , to 
keep one m countenance. Poitei quelqiie cJiose 
par , to carry a fcluug to keep one's selt in 
countenance. Un eventail set t de , a fan keeps 
one m countenance. Fmie borme; to keep 
one's countenance , to show spnit or resolution. 
Se donner une , to keep one's selt in counte- 
nance. Ne savoir quelle prentlre , not to 
know what to do with one's self 

COntenant, n.m.) holder, container. 

contenant, -e, ad/., holding, containing 

contendant, -e, adj , contending. Les parties 
es ; the contending parties, the candidates. 

COXLtendant, n.m , contender. 

COntenir (con-tmr), v.a , to contain ; to com- 
prise ; to hold ; to include, to compi ehend , to 
confine ; to keep in, to keep within, to restrain , 
to repress , to hold or keep in check oi awe, to 
iiile, to bridle, to d<un Les gardes avaient 
peine (t la foute ; the guards oould with 
difficulty keep back the crowd. Q)i wt j sawait 
le ; there is no keeping him within bounds, 
,ve contenir, v.r.j to keep within bound H, to be 
moderate ; to abnttiin from, to refrain fiom, to 
forego ; to refrain, to forbear ; to contain OIH' 
self ; to curb one's passions ; to keep one's tem- 

content, -e, adj., content, contented; satin- 
fled, pleased, glad, gratified. // csf de svr eon- 
d%twn;\\b is contented with IUM lot. Avoir le, 
visage ; to look ploaHwl. Eti? ; to 1> will- 
ing, to be satisfied. Eire dc quclqrfun ,* to bo 
pleased with any one. II, ,s/ him, da hit- 
m&nie ; he has a great idea of lumHolt 

content, w.W'. Tovtwn' ; ono'Bllll; all one 
wants, as much as one liken, 

contentement (kon-taut-man), J M con- 
t(mt, contentment, flatinfaction , comiort, plea- 
sure; blesBing. pause rfc/tewe ; enough IB an 
good as a f cant 

contenter, v #, to contcuit, to givo Batinf ac- 
tion, to satisfy ; to pleawo, to gratify, to indulge, 
to humor. On tie sattraft tout le monde; one 
cannot please every body. 
,?/ contenter, v.r,, to indulge or gratify OIKI'S 
solf ; to bo satisfied with ; to content one'B self 
with, to be content with ; to take up with 5 to 
mat satisfied wi Ut. Je me ewtewtt d 'w?/<s honnftte 
; I am satisfied with a moderate com- 




petence. Contentez-vous de ceta, be content 
with that. 

contentieusement (-si-euz-nian), adv., con- 
tentiously, IitigiouUy. 

contentieu-x, -se, adj., litigious, in litiga- 
tion, m dispute, contestable, contended for ; con- 
trovertible, disputable; contentious, quarrel- 
some. JSsprit , quarielsome fellow. 

contentious, W.M., debatable matters, affairs in 
litigation; disputed claims. Bureau du ; 
office for the settlement of disputed claims. 
Agent du ; solicitor. 

contentif , adj.m,, (surg.) (bandages) retentive, 

contention, n.f., contention, contest, debate, 
strife ; eagerness; vehemence, mtensenesa, heat, 
(surg.) keeping reduced (of fractures). <Te.?- 
pnt ; intense application of mind. 

content!, n.m., contents; enclo&uie ; tenoi, 

center, v.a., to tell, to relate des faqots ; 
to tell idle stones. En , to romance, to tell 
fibs. En de belles, des sontettes , to tell 
what is xintrue, to hoax, to humbug, to deceive. 
En & une Jem me, lui ties douceurs, Itn 
Jleurettes; to talk soft nonsense to a woman. 
8* en f awe or s'en laisser 'j to listen to soft non- 

conter, v.n,, to relate, to tell a story. // 
covte bien ; he tells a story well. 

conterle, n./., coarse glass-ware. 

contestable, adj., contest/able, debatable, 

contestablement, ndj , eontestably. 

contestant, -e, adj , contending 

contestant, n m , -e, nj., contesting party , 

contestation, nf., contestation, contest, 
dispute, debate ; stxife, variance, wrangling, 
bickering , litigation En 5 at issue , at 
variance, at odds Hors de toute ; beyond all 
contestation, dispute. 

Oconteste, n.m , contestation, contest, dispute 
Sans , indisputably. V. sans contredit 

contester, v.a,, to contest, to dispute, to 
deny, to contend, to debate 11 me contests ma 
quahtej he calls my rank in question. On lui 
contests cette teire ; his light to that estate IH 
disputed. Se ; to be contested, to be de- 

conteu-r, n.m., -se, ??./., story-toller, tale- 
teller, one who tells or relates stones or tales, 
narrator, teller; lomancer, fibber 

conteu-r, -se, adj., fond of telling tales, 

contexte, n.m,,, context , text (of a deed) 

contexture, ./., contexture (of the muscleH, 
&c.), texture (of a stull). 

COntigU, -8, adj., conUguoua, adjoining. Gcs 
deux, prownces sont es; those two provmeeH 
border on, each other, J/<w champ eat <fc la 
foret ; my field is bounded by the forest. 

contiguitd, n./., contiguity. 

continence, n,f., coutmenoy, chastity. 

continent, n.m., continent, mainland. 

continent, -e adj., aober, temperate, chaste, 
continent; (med.) continent, eonlmuoiiB, unre- 
mitting. Fievre c ; incessant fover. 

continental, -e, adj., continental. 

contingence, w/., cowtingonoy, ooftualty. 

contingent, n.m,, contingent, quota. 

contingent, -e, adj., casual, contingent, acci- 

continu, n.m., (philos.) that which is cliviai- 
ble matter, body, space. 

continu, -e, adj., continuous, uninterrupted ; 
continual, continued ; unintovmitting, incoftnt, 
JBasse e; (mus.) thorough-baas. 

continuateur, n,m,, continuator, contumer. 

continuation, n/. continuation ; (jur.) con- 

a la continue, adv., in process of time, in the 
long run. 

continue!, -le, adj , continual, umnteirupted, 
endless, peipettul 

continuellement (-el-iuau), adv , continually, 
unmteriuptedly, constantly; endlessly, pexpet- 

continuer, v <t> , to continue ; to proceed with , 
to go on with , to pei severe ; to lengthen, to 
prolong , to extend. 

COntinuer, v n , to continue, to keep on, to go 
011 \vith, to run on to, to evtond, to continue the 
vvoik of Cotitiiit/cz, /<" ran* pn?, pi ay go on. 
Continue? a lien /<tiir, cl rous voits en trou- 
vcrez l)ien , continue to do well, and you will find 
the benefit of it. 

se continuer, v i., to be continued, to hiHt , to be 

continuity, /"., contnuuty; continuance. 
Solution de , solution oi oontiniiity. 

continument, a<tv , unroinitkngly ; without 
cessation, (jin.) continually, oontinuouHly. 

contondant, *e, <nl/ , (urg.) bimiuug, contuH- 
ing; (mstnimeiits) blunt 

COntoniiatO, <td/., (oi modalH) contourmatod. 

contorsion, ?/.,/., coutoition, distortion; gri- 

contour, n w., circuit., rnvmniVKMK'o , con- 
tour, outline, (oiup.) curtnil ; (man ) quirk. 

COntOttrne', -e, tnlj,, outlmoil; N])ir:il, iwiHted; 
distorted; deloimfd, ill-Hhupc<l. 

contournement, ?/.///., otitiuun^; twiwting; 
winding, rounding, convolution, 

contourner, v.a., to outlnio, to give the* proptr 
contour to ; to distort, to twmt, to dcifonn ; to 
twme lound, to twinii round, to turn around, to 
wind round ; to lound. 

sc contourner, r , to grow crooked, to become 
bent, twisted, deformed. 

contournouse, ;/./'., nhaptng-nuu^ihu 1 !, 

contractant, -e, mtj , contractnig. Partit 
e; contracting party; (.jiir.^ covenanter. 

contractant, *w w/., -o, w,/'., contnu'tor, Htipu- 

lator, (jur.) covonmitor 

contract^, -e, jutrt., (gram.) contracted, 

contractor, ^.^.,t< contract; to oovotmnt, to 
stipulate, to bargain, io make n contract; to 
shiink, to Btraitwi; to nhortcn, to abrulgci ; to 
acquire, to get; to catch. d< 1 bonnes haln- 
tudes ; to accnuio goo<l liubil.H. 
^contracter, .%, to coul-ruct, to fthrink up, 
to Htraiten ; to Hhortwi, 

contractor, ?'.?/*, to contract, mak a contract* 

contracti-l, vo ? adj., (ined.) contractive. 

contractile, ndj., contractile. 

contractilite", /., <'ontraotllity, contract} 

contraction, w./ M oontractlon. 

contractuel,"l,(/c//,,(jur,) Htlpulntcul, agrepf. 
upon, done by contract. 

contracture, ./., (arch.) diminution ; (nml> 
contraction ; (phyniology) contnuihm. 

contradicteur, n.w,, contriMlK'tor, galniwyw 
(jur.) advernary, opixmor, opponent. 

contradiction, ?//, <'nl.nwll<tlon, dmilnl 
opposition; incoilHlHteacy ; diHerepawsy ; (jur 
claim of odvormi tltlo. Msjtrit dn ; Hnirffi <>t 

contradictoire, ndj., contrndlctory; 

., ooti 

, . 

the hearing of All partleH concerned, 
contradictoiremcnt (4<xirmSu) f 

tradiotorily ; htcouMlHiontlyt 

*contraignal)le, titfj,, (jur,) onmpfu'labta, COM* 
traf uable* patf wrjMt ; attrthftbb Itebto fco. 

*contralgmant, -e, <u!j., compelling, ooun|ni} 
sive ; troublesome. 
contraindro (contniignant, oontraint) , v,a>, 




to constrain, to compel, to force, to make, to 
drive, to necessitate, to impel, to oblige by 
force ; to put a constraint upon ; to restrain , 
to squeeze, to pinch, to cramp, to straiten ; (jur,) 
to attach, to airest for debt. 
se contraindre, v.r.,to constrain oneself , to re- 
frain, to forbear. 

contraint, -e, adj., forced, stiff, unnatural, 
affected , cramped, constrained. 

Contrainte, n.f, constuunt, compulsion, co- 
ercion ; restraint. Pfu lei sans ; to speak 
fieely. Avec , restiamedly par coips, 
arrest for debt. Juyement tie par corps , 

contraire, aflj , contrary, opposite, adverse , 
repugnant, inconsistent , opposed, against , hurt- 
ful, bad, prejudicial, not good for. Le inn vous 
est ; wine is bad for you. 

contraire, , contrary, opposite, reverse. 
Au ; on the eontiaiy, on the other hand. Tout 
au , bien an , quite the contrary, quite the 
reverse. Aller au cFune chose, d'une pei- 
sonne ; to go or speak against a thing, a person. 

contrairement (kon-tier-man), adv., contra- 
rily, contrary. 

contralto, n m. V. contralto. 

contraltiste, n m.f., contralto singer. 

contralto, n.m., ( ) (mus ) contralto, coun- 

contrapontiste, n.m,., (mus.) contrapuntist. 

contrarlant, -e, adj., provoking, annoying, 
vexatious ; disappointing. 

contrarier, v a , to contradict, to gainsay ; to 
disappoint ; to thwart, to counteract, to baffie, 
to oppose, to annoy, to vex. Eire contranfi par 
les vents ; to be wmd-boimd. 

contrariety, nf, contraiiety, contradiction ; 
cross, vexation, annoyance, impediment, hin- 
drance, difficulty, obstacle ; disappointment. 
Qitclle / how annoying ! 

contrastant, adj., contrasting. 

contraste, n m , contrast, opposition. 

contraster, v.a., to contrast. 

contraster, v n,, (paint.) to contrast, to put 
In contrast, to iorm a contrast, to set otl by 

contrat, n,m>., contract, deed, instrument, 
articloH, indenture ; agreement, bargain. Minute, 
d'wn ; draft of a deed. Un en bonne, 
forme , a contract in due Iorm. Dresser un ; 
to draw up a deed. Passer un ; to sign and 
seal a deed. h la grosse; (nav.) bottomry; 

contravention, n.f., contravention, infrac- 

contre, prep., against ; contrary to ; by, near, 
close, close by. le bon sens / contrary to 
common seme. A --cow/ repugnantly, re- 
luctantly. Aller vent ct marf,e ; to sail agauist 
wind and tide. 8e f ticker qudqu'im to be 
angry with anyone. $c battre quelqu'un; to 
fiffht against anyone, Par ; as a set-off. 
Pour e,t ; for and against, pro and con. 

contre, adv., near, close up ngainst, ajar. Tout 
- ; close by, clone up against ; quite close, near, 
Gi<~ ; opposite ; in the margin. 

contre, n.m,, con (the opposite of pro) ; 
against; the opposite side of the question. 
Savolr IG pour Gt le ~~~ ; to know the long and 
nhort of a matter, or the pro and the con. 

contre-alle'e, ./'., (~ *) side- walk; side- 

contre-amlral, n.m. , ( (imiraux) rear-ad- 
miial ; r ear-admiral' flag-ship. 

contre-appel, n.m.,( s) (fenc.) caveat- 
ing ; second roll call ; check-roll. 

contre-approches, n^,, (n,&.) (fort.) coun- 

contre-attaques, n,, (n, *.) (milit.) 

contre-balancer, v.a., to counterbalance, to 
counterpoise ; to counteivail 
se contre-balancer, v r , to counterbalance one 
another, to be counterbalanced, to be equipoised. 

contrebande, n /., contiabaud goods, smug- 
gled goods; smuggling. Un komme de~; an 
obnoxious fellow, a black sheep Fane la ; 
to smuggle, to deal m smuggled goods. 

contre-'bande, -e, adj., (her.) counter-barred. 

contrebandier, n m , smuggler, contraband- 

contre-foarre*, -e, adj., ( s) (her.) coun- 


en contre-bas. adv., farch ) downwards. 

contrebasse, nf , (mus.) double-bass. 

contrebasslste, n.m. t (mus.) double-bass 

contre-basson, n m., ( s) (mus.) double 

bassoon , double bassoon-player. 

contre-batterie, nj. t ( *) cross-battery, 

counter-battery , counter-plot. 
a contre-biais. adv., contrariwise, the wrong 
way ; the other way. 

a contre-bord, adv. (nav.) Les deux vaisseaux 
courent h ; the two vessels are running aboaid 

of each other ; on a contiary tack. 

j ( 
butment; buttress. 

contre-boutant, n.m., 

s) counterfort ; 

contre-bouter, ?'.., to buttress; to support 
with a raking &hore or but ; to shore up. 

contre-brasser, v.a., (nav.) to brace about 
the yards; to counter brace 

contre-calquer, v.a., to counter-draw. 

contre-capion, n.m., ( ,9). de poupe ; 

the false post of a row-galley. de proue ; 
the stemson of a galley. 

contrecarrer, v.a., to thwart, to oppose. 

contre -caution, nf., (jur.) counter-surety; 

contre-charme, n.m., ( s) counter- 

contre-chEssis, n.m., ( ) outer-sash; dou- 

COntre-chef,, ( s) foreman. 

contre-civadiere, nf., ( s) (nav.) bow- 
split topsail. 

COntre-clef , n f , ( s) (arch.) second stone 

in the crown ol an arch. 

v contre-coeur, n.m., ( s) chimney-back. 

A ; reluctantly, against the grain, 

contre-coup, n.m., ( s) rebound, counter- 
blow; consequence, result, effect. Par ; as 
a consequence. 

contre-courant, n.m., ( ) counter-cur- 

contredanse, n.f , quadrille. 

contre-de'claration, n.j., ( s) counter-de- 

contre-de'gagement, n.m., ( *) (fenc.) 


contre-de'gatfer, v.n.a , (fonc ) to double, 

contre-digue, n.f,, ( *) embankment, 

dike (for the strengthening of another). 

contredire, v.a,., to contradict, to gainsay; to 
be inconsistent with; (jur.) to confute, to dis- 
prove, to answer; (hunt.) to reclaim. 
se contredire, v.r., to contradict oneself, to con- 
tradict one another , to be inconsistent with, to 
be contradictory to. 

contredlsant, -e, adj., contradicting, 

contredlsant, n.M, respondent, contradictor, 

contredlt, n.wi*, answer, reply, contradiction; 
(jur.) objection, rejoinder. Cda est san& , 
that is beyond all dispute. Sans ; inconteat- 
ably, safely, beyond a doubt. On peut dire sans 
craintftd'@lre~~-i it may safely be pronounced 

contre*8, ./!,, country, region, district. 

*Oontre-e*0aiUe, nf., ( s) the reverse aid* 

of a shell. 






n.m., ( --- s) (her,) counter- 
, (her) to counter- 
, n ;., ( --- ^) mutual e\- 


contre-enquete, n/, ( --- s) counter-in- 

contre-^paulette, /., ( --- a) epaulet with- 
out fringe. 

contre-^preuve,/., ( --- *) couutei-proof, 
spiritless copy, feeble imitation, counter- vent- 

eontre-prenver, v a , (engi ) to take a 
counter-proof. Se , to be counter-proved 

centre-espalier, n m , ( s] espalier facing 
another (with a walk between). 

centre-expertise, nj , ( --- s) counter-valu- 
ation or survey 

COtttre-e'taiS, , (nav ) back-stay. 

contre-etanifcot, n m , (nav ) false stern-post 

contre-e'trave, n.j , ( --- i) (uav.) apiou. 

contref aQOn, ../ , counterfeiting, coimterleit, 
pnating, forgery, infringement, spurious copy 
or edition. 

contrefacteur, n m , counterfeiter (of com), 
forger (of bills) , inf i inger (ot patents) 

contrefaction, n f , act of forging, counter- 
feiting, forgery 

contrefaire, v a , to counterfeit, to imitate, 
to copy; to mimic, to ape, to pirate; to disguise, 
to disfigure; to deform. 
se contref atre, v r , to di&seuible, to sham. 

contrefaiseur, .wi., rnimicker, imitator. 

COntrefalt, -e, part, counterfeit, deloimed. 
Un komine tout , a deformed man. 

contre-fanon. nvi. t ( --- * ) (nav.) vertical 

contre-ienetre, /., ( s) mside-sash, 

contre-fente, n /*., ( - .?) (surg.) contia- 
fissure, counter-cleft. 

COUtte-feu, n in , back of a fire-place 

contre-fiche, /., ( --- *) (carp) brace, 

oontre-fll, n m , (n p ) the opposite direction. 
Le de I'eau, up rivei, up btieaiu. A , 
backwards; agam&t tlie stream, against the 
grain; the wrong way 

COntre-fittesse, n.J , ( --- .s) counter-trick; 
counter-cunning, tuck for tuck 

contie-foc, n i., ( --- s) fore-top stay-sail 

contref ort, n w. eonnteifoit, buttress, pillar, 
pier , (geol.) lesser chain , stiftener (of boots) 

contre-foss6, n.w , ( -- s} counter-drain ; 
(fort.) advance-fosse. 

centre-fracture, M/., ( --- s) (surg ) contra- 


C0ntre-fruit, n.w , ( --- *) (arch.) overapau. 

contre-fugue, n f, (mus.) countertugwe, 

contre-gage, m , ( --- s} double security, 

contre-gager, v a., to take security, to take 
a pledge. 

contre-garde, f , ( --- s) counterguard. 
Gcontre-garde, .?,, ( --- s) deputy warden 
of the mint. 

contre-hacher, v.a , (engr.) to counter- or 

contre-hachure, n.f , ( --- 5) counter- or 

contre-Mtier (-tie), n.m, 9 ( --- s) kitchen 
fire-dog, spit-rack. 
m contre-haut, adv., (arch.) upwards. 

contre-indication, w/., ( - - s) (med.) con- 

contre-indiquer, u.o., (med.) to contra-mdi- 

contre-issant, -e, a<ft., ( --- *) (her.) coun- 

, v a., (carp ) to fit a mortise to 
a tenon, to eouutei gauge. 

contre-jour, n m ,( s) counter-light, false- 
light. A. , in a false light 

centre- Jumelles, n j. pi., (n. s.} channel 

eontre-lames, / pi , (n A.) (gauze-making) 

contre-latte, n J . ( -?) counter-lath. 

contre-latter, v.a., to couuter-lath. 

COntre-lattoiT, n w , ( s} lath-holder, 


eontre-lettre, /, ( ^) (jur.) defeasance, 


*COHtre-lttailIe, n f , ( s) double-mesh net. 

*contre-mailler, v a , to double-mesh. 

contremaitre, w.w* , fUfat mate, boatswain's 
mate; overseer, ioiemau 

contremandement, n in , counter-order, coun- 

cojitrernander, v ., to countermand 

contremarche, w/, countei-maieh, (carp.) 

contremarcher, v w , to countei -match. 

centre -mar^e, n / , ( i) under back-water 

0) counter-tide. 

contremarque, n f , countermark , check 
(thea.). [bishop, 

COntrexnarquer, v a , to countermark , to 

contre-miue, n f , ( *) oounteruune 

centre-miner, r a , to countermine 

contre-mineur, w,m,, ( s) countorminei, 

Gcontre-nioiit, </" , upwaids ; up-hill , up- 

centre-mot, n in ,( - f)(milit.)counteisigii 

contro-mouvement, n w>., ( .s % ) counter- 

contre-mur, n.w., ( s) (fort) couut<n- 

mure, outer wall. 

contre-murer, v a , (fort ) to countunnure, to 
double- wall. 

contre-oppoaition, w/., ( s) couuiw -op- 

contre-ordre, n w , ( ,v) conuti -order , 

contre-ouverture, ^., ( - .v) counter-open- 

contro-partie, /, (-. s) counterpart; 
opposite , contrary ; (mua ) counttirpai L 
contrepddaler, v.n.* to buck-podal (bicycloti). 

contre-peser, v.a t to coniit^r-balanco 

contre-pied, n.m , (.j.) (hunt) biu'k-HNini ; 
the reverse. Lex cfticns ava'H'nt pna l<' ; tho 
dogs had taken the wrong back-went // wend 
toujours IB de cc Qit'on (Ut ; lie alwayw niiHcon- 
Btrueswhat IB said, -i dc ; contrary to, agauiBt. 

contre-planche, ?/./"., { .?) coMiit<'r-niat<. 

contre-platilie, nj , (-*) Hcnnv-picce. 

contre-poids, w.w., ( ) eoimtwpoiMe, eotmter- 
balance; balancing-polo; equilibrium. 

centre-poll, n m , (n.j> ) wrong way of the 
liair or of the nap, A , agamMfc th<i grain, 
Prendre une affaire a, ; to take a tluu in 
a wrong sense. Prwulre qutfqrfun <i -- ; to 
shock, to offend, any one. 

contre~poinc,<m, n.m , (-a) clinolwr, <Iui 

contre-poingonner, v.a.,, to stamp with, a <Hc. 

contrepolnt, w,w. (HUIH,), counterpoint ; (nav.) 
double-rope attached to tlw clew of a all. 

contre-pointer, v.a., to quilt on both I<UH ; to 
contradict, to run counter to; (artil.) to point 
cannon against cannon. tin ftnwn / to direct 
a battery against another battwy, 

contrepoison, n w., antidoto, count w-poiwoiiu 

contre-porte, nj. t ( *) double-door, baizo- 

contre-poser, v.a., (coin.) to sot down wrong, 
to misplace. 

contre-posltlon, n.f,, ( ,t) eontra^>oit!on. 

contre-projet, .m., ( ,v) conxitev-plau. 




eontre-promesse, ft/., ( --- s) Our.) coun- 

centre-proposition, ?*/., ( --- s) counter- 
proposal, reply, retoit. 

contre-aueue d'aronde, nf , ( --- s) (fort.) 
*COntre-QtUille, w/., ( --- *) (nav ) keelson 

centre-rail, n w., ( --- s) guard- 01 cheek- 

contre-retable, n.m , ( - s) back of the 

eontre-re*volution, w/., ( --- s) counter-rev- 

contre-revolutionnaire, adj , ( --- s) coun- 
ter-i evolutionary 

centre-re* volutionnaire, n m., ( --- s) coun- 

contre-re'volutionner, v a , to effect a coun- 

COntre-rondej /., ( --- s) (niiht ) counter 

contre-mse,^./., ( --- -s) counter-trick, coun- 

contre-sabord, w , ( --- s) (nav.) port-lid 
contre-saison, adv , out of season; unseason- 
able; ill-timed. 

contre-salut, ?., ( --- s) (nav.) answer to 
a salute. 

contre-sanglon, n,m , ( --- s) girth-leather, 

contrescarpe, n f , (foit.) counterscarp. 

contrescarper, ?'.</., to countei scarp. 

centre-seel, n.m , ( --- s} counter-seal. 

contre-sceller, v a , to counter-seal. 

contreseing, n.m.^ counter-signature, counter- 

contresens, n w<., contrary sense, contrary 
meaning ; wrong construction ; mistranslation , 
wrong meaning, falae reading, wrong- side (of 
stutts). Fcdre un , to mistranslate, to misin- 
terpret, to misconceive. A , in a wiong way, 
on the wrong side Employ? 1 ) unc tstoffti a, ; to 
make up a stuff on the wrong side 

*contre-signal, %?., ( sujnaux) counter- 


*contreslgnataire, n M , countei signei. 

*contresigner, ?>.<7., to countersign. 

*contre-taille, n f , (~- i) (com ) counter- 
tally. j>/. (tvngr ) croHB-lmes, crOHs-out 

contretemps, w.w., untoward accident, dis- 
appointment; mischance, mishap , (man.) coun- 
ter-time ; (mus.) ayuoopation. A , unseason- 
ably, at the wrong time ; (nm&.) out of tone ; 
with syncopation Itei l a(<tj 

contte-terrasso, ./", ( --- v) (iu>v.) lowei 

contre-tlrer, ''^ , to countordrjw, to trace; 

to eotmlerprove [sfcroyer. 

contre-torpiHeur, in , turpcOo boat <le- 

centre- tranchde, ^./,, ( --- *) (lort.) coun- 

contrevalr^, -e, mfr",, (hor.) countrvairy. 
Acontre-val, attv,, downhill, downward, down- 

contrevallatlon, w/., (fort ) (",oulravallat,ion. 
A contre-vapour, adv , backwaid; back. 

contrevenant, ?/ m , -e, '///., cowtraveuer, in- 
f ringer, otToudttr, trauwgresHor. 

COtttrevenlr, f./t., to ml Hugo, to act contrary 
to ; to diwoboy , to violate ; to transgress. 

contievont, ?t. w*., wiwdow-whutter, outnide 

./. ( ---- -a) irony; mock 


centre- vlslte, n.f., ( - a) second search 

contre-voile d'etal, n f , (nv.) middle atay- 

contrttmable, .w,/. tax-payer rate-payer, 
((;,, taxable; rateable. 

contritouer, *;.., to contribute, to conduce, to 
help on, to tend. <w *?/<?<7^ ^e ; to contribute 

to the success of. J7 y a contribue ; he has con- 
tributed to it. On a Jait tout le pays, the 
whole country was laid under contribution. 

contributi-i, -ve, adj , contnbutive. 

contribution, w./., contribution; tax; share, 
part, portion , (coin ) average s chrectes ; di- 
rect or assessed taxes. j indnectes ; indirect 
taxes. Mettt e & , to lay under contribution, to 
put in requisition. 

contnbutoire, adj , what has to be paid. 
Portion , amount to be paid, assessment. 

eontritmtoirement, adt>^ contnbutonly 

contrister, v.a , to grieve, to vex, to sadden, 
to pain 

contrit, -e, adj. , contrite, penitent; afflicted, 

contrition, nj , contrition. 

controlage, n ?., contiollmg, control, hall- 
maiking, stamping 

COntrdle, n m., control, controllei's office; 
(thea.) check-taker's office , roll, list ; stamp, 
plate-mark, assay-mark, hall-maik (on gold and 
silvei) ; stamp-office; (miht ) mu&tei-roll ; con- 
tiol, censuie, legiater, registry-duty Poitct 
quelqtfun sur le , to place any one's name ow 
the rolls. Rayer qnefqtfun dts Sf to strike 
any one off the rolls. 

controler, v a , to register, to put upon the 
rolls, to check, to verify, to examine ; to control, 
to censure, to ciitieise upon , to btamp, to hall- 
mark de la vausfJle ; to mark plate. 

C0ntr61eu-r, n m , -se, w / , controller, super" 
Intendent, suiveyoi (of taxes) , censuiei, cutic, 
fault-finder; (tbea.) check-taker, ticket-collec- 

controuver, v.o,.^ to forge, to fabricate , to in- 
vent, to counterfeit, to feign. 

controversable, ady.> that may be disputed , 
controvertible, controversial, 

controverse, n.f., controversy, discussion, dis- 
putation, dispute.* Ouvrage dfi -=-? "polemics. 

controversy, -e, adj , controverted, debated, 
aigued pio and con, disputed. 

controverser, v.or., to controvert, bo dispute, 
to discuss. 

controversiste, . m , controvertist, dispu- 
tant, controveisiahst 

COntumace, n / , contumacy, non-appearance, 
default, contempt of couit, contumacioii&ness, 
obstinacy, perverseness ( 1 ondanmcr par , to 
sentence by default Purgcr In , to plead 
against a judgment given m default. 

contumace, n.m, and /., (jur.) defaulter, one 
m contumacy. 

contumace, adj., contumacious; (fig ) rebel- 

contumacer, v a , (1 u ) ( criminal law) to 
judge or try by default. Se Id'tsser ; to let 
judgment go by default. 

contumax, adj , (1 u ) contumacious 

COntUmax, w-.?.., one guilty ot contumacy 
(canon law). 

contus, -e, adj., biuised, coiitiificd. 

contusion, n.f , contusion, bruise. 

contuslonne', -e, <w(/., (nurg 1 .) bruised. 

contuaionner, .., to, to bruise. 

convalncant, -e, (//., convincing. 

convalncre, .., to convince, to persuade, to 
satisfy; to convict. 

*<? convaincre, ?'.?*., to convince one's self, to be 
convinced, to satisfy, or to poraxiado one's self. 

convalncu, -e, part., convinced, convicted, 
sincere, ftaniest, of oonvi<jtion. 

convalescence, w/., convalescence. JSn 
phine ; quite convalescent. 

convalescent, -e, ad;/,, convalescent. 

convalescent, n,w,, 9 -e, ?*/.> convalescent 

convallaire, ./. convallary, lily of the val* 
ley* V. muguet. 




COnvenable (conv-nabl), adj., suitable, fit, 
proper, convenient, apposite, consonant; sea- 
sonable, adequate, conformable, accordant, 
agreeable, meet, seemly, becoming, beseeming, 
befitting, expedient; fitting. Pen , mdeco- 
lous, mint Jugei , to deem proper. 

convenablement, <nie , suitably, fitly, be- 
comingly, decently, worthily, duly, expediently, 

convenance, ./., fitness, proportion, har- 
mony, seasonableness (of time), decency, pro- 
priety, expediency, seemlmess, convenience, pi , 
propriety, decorum, good manners Manage de 
; mariiage for money and position JSlesser 
l es Sf > to off end against propriety. Bmvei If* 
s; to set all decorum at defiance. Manquei 
d e envejs quelqu'un ; to be guilty of a breach 
of good manners towards any one. 
Oconvenant, -e, adj V. convenable. 

CQnvenir, v.n , to agiee, to admit, to own, 
to acknowledge, to suit, to fit, to match, to 
serve one's turn, to be proper for, to become, 
to be suitable; to be fit, expedient, convenient, 
meet, proper. Je suis conieriu, &y aller, I have 
agreed to go there. Cette maison m' convenu ; 
the house suited me, 11 convient que vou& y 
allies; it is proper you should go there. 
se convenir, v,r,, to suit each other, to agree. 

Conventicule, n. m , conventicle. 

Convention, nf, convention, agreement, 
covenant, treaty, pt , conditions, articles, agree- 
ment. Je m'm tiens a la ; I stand by the 
agieement. Memlte de la nationale ; mem- 
ber of the National Convention (French hist ). 
De ; conventional. 

conventionnel, -le, adj,, conventional. 

conventional, n m , member of the Na- 
tional Convention (French hist.) 

conventionnellement: adv., by agreement. 

conventualite', n.f., monastic life. 

conventual, -le, adj , conventual. 

conventual, n.m., conventual. 

conventuellement, adv., conventually, 

convergence, /., convergence. 

convergent, -e, adj , convergent, converging. 

converger, t).n , to tend to one point, to con- 

convers, -e, adj., lay Fr&re , sceur e, 
convert , lay brother or sister. 

convers } n.m., (ich.) young shad. 

conversation, n.f, conversation, converse, 
talk, discourse. Par ou entamer la, f how 
shall we begin the conversation ? S^ewparer de 
la ; to monopolize the conversation. JStre h 
la } to be attending to the conversation. 
Laissej tom'ber la ; to drop the conversation. 

converse, n and a<7)'/., (log.) converse; 
(math.) inverted. Proposition ; (log.) con- 
verse proposition. Proposition ; (math.) in- 
verted proposition, 

converse?, v n , to converse, to talk; to dis- 
course, to commune, (milit.) to wheel about. 

convertible, adj., convertible. 

conversion, n./., conversion, transformation, 
change; converting, changing; (milit.) wheeling. 
Quart de ; (milit, ) wheel of the quarter circle. 
JFaire une / to wheel, 

converse, n.m, t (nav.) main deck,' poop. 

conveiti, n.m , -e, n./., convert. au Hi de 
le mort/ clinical convert. 

convertible, adj., (theol., fin.) convertible. 

Denver tn% v.a., to convert; to change, to 
turn; to make a convert ; to bring over, to turn, 
to transform. 

se convertir, v.r., to be converted, to turn, to 
be made a convert. 

convertlssable, adj., (fin., theol.) convert- 

convertissement (-man),, conversion. 

convertisseur, n.m., converter. 

coavese, adj., convex. 
convexit^, n J , convexity. 
convexo-concave, adj r convexo-concave. 
COnvexO-COnvexe, adj , convexo-convex 
conviction, nj., conviction, convincing proof. 
Agit pai , to act from conviction Avoir la 

intime , to be thoioughly convinced; to be 
quite sure. 

convictionnel, -le, adi , convictive 

convictionnellement, adv., (l,u.) convict- 

convie, n m , -e, /., guest, one mvited. 
^l convient, v imp , it is fit, expedient, conveni- 
ent, becoming, meet v convenir 

convier, v a , to invite, to bid, to request the 
company oi any one, to incite, to urge. a un 
dmei , to invite to dinner. 

convive, nmf t , guest, (Test un Ion ; he 
i& a good table companion 

COnvivialit^, n / , conviviality. 

convocable, od\ , (very 1 u ) couvocable. 

convocaticn, ./., convocation, requisition, 

convoi, n.m., funeral procession ; funeial ; 
(iiulit., nav.) convoy , (railways) tram. l r 
train. de aland? vite&se , fast train. <le 
pettte vitesse, (if Mat ch<iiidi$fs, freight train. 

direct, expiess tram. omvibits; blow 
tiain. de "voyugcms; passenger tram 
parcourant toutc la Itgne , tlnough tram. 
ftinelje; funeral procession. Eire dii ; to be 
at the funeral. JSn , (nav.) with convoy. 

convoiement, n.m , (unlit , nav.) convoying, 
convoitable, adj , covetable, desirable. 

convoiter, a , to covet, to Imnkei after, to 
conceive a violent passion for, to lust after. 

convoiteur, nm., -se ; w../., co voter. 
0convoiteu-x, -se, adj., covetous, liiHting after, 

convoitise, w./., covetousriess, eager deire, 

convoi, n.m , (jur.) second or re-marriage. 

convoler, v.n., to many again. en $c- 
condes, trotsi&ffie&, nocft> f to marry a second, a 
third, time. 

convolut6, -e, adj., (bot ) convoluted. 

convoluti-f, -V6, adj , curling (of leaves), 

convolve,, (bot.) convolvulus 

convolver, v.a., to couvolco, to convene, to 
summon, to assemble, to call together. 

conveyer, v.a., (milit., nav.) to convoy. 

convoyeur, n. and atfy.m., (nav.) convoy 

convulse*, -e, adj., (mod.) convulsed, 

convulser, v. ., to convulse. /6V ; to be 
or become convulsed 

convulslbllite", n.f , (mod.) liability to con- 

convulai-f, -ve, adj , convulive. 

convulsion, w./., convulsion. Donner <les 
s , to throw into con vulmonB. Tomber en s ; 
to be seized with convulsions. 

convulslonnaire, adj., subject to convul- 

convulslonnaire, n.m,/., oonvulslonary, 

convulsionner, v a., (mod.) to convulse, to 
produce convulsions. 

convulsivement, adv., convulsively. 

conyze, M./., (bot.) conyxa, ilea-bane. 

coobligation, n/., joint obligation. 

cooblige', n.m,, joint bondsman. 

coopdrant, -e, atfj; co-operating, concurring. 

coope'rat-eur, .., -rice, n.f,, co-operator, 
fellow-laborer, fellow- work man. 

coop^rat-exir, -rice, adj t , (Lu.) co-operating. 

cooperati-f, -ve, adj.) co-operative, 

cooperation, -./'-, ooncufrenct, oo-operation. 

coope'rer, v.n., to co-operate, to concuir. 

cooptation, n.f,, co-optation. 

coopter, ?'.., to co-optate. 




coordination) w/., arrangement, disposition, 

coordoimee, /, (geoin ) co-ordinate. 

coordonner, v.a , to co-ordinate; to arrange, 
to dispose. 

COpahU, n w?,, copaiba, copaiva 

copaier or copayer, n.m., copaiba tree. 

COpal, n.m f copal 

copartageant, -e (-jan, -te), n. and adj., 
joint-sharer, liavmg a joint share. 

copeau, n.m , chip, shaving (of wood). Des 
x; shavings. Vtnde t, rape- wine. 

copeck, ./., ( *). r. kopeck. 

copennutant, w.ra., one who exchanges with 
another, permutei 

copermutation, n.f , the act of exchanging, 

CQpermuter, v #., to permute, to exchange. 

copernicien, -ne (-m, -e-n), adj , Coperm- 

coplite or copte, n.m. and adj., Copt; Cop- 
tic. Un moine , a Coptic monk. La langue 
~, the Coptic language. 

copie, n.y., copy, image, transciipt; exercise, 
mutation, task, (print ) copy figuree; *~~ 
simlle. ait- <net , fair copy Pour 

figuree ; fac- 
forme, a true copy, 

copier, w.., to copy, to imitate, to mimic, to 
take off, to ape. 

se copier, v r., to be always the same; to copy 
or repeat one's self. 

copieusement (ko-pie(U-nian), adv., copious- 
ly, abundantly, heirtily (of eating). 

COpieu-x, -se, adj , copious, plentiful, hearty 
Un hornme en paroles > a man of many words 

COpiSte, n.m., oopior, transcriber, copyist, 
Iniitiitor; music copiei. 

coproneur, w.m., co-lessee, joint-tenant. 

coprevenu, n.m. V. coaccuse'. 

coproprle"taire, ?i.m>f. t joint-proprietor. 

COpropri&e', n / , joint property. 

copte, n m. V r . cophte. 

copter, ?>.., to toll 

coptique, atl). t Coptic. 

copulati-1, -ve, tf/., copulative. 

copulation, w/., copulation. 

copuie, n,J , (log ) copula. 

CO<1, 1 cock, rooster; weathercock, 
(hod.) cook. (VIndc, turkey-cock. de 
bmyere; grouse. a queue tottrchnt! f black 
cock. de combat; gauie-cock. des bois, 
wood-cock. de, montra; cock of a watch. 
das jardins , costmary. du vdlage, de la 
pat OWAYJ ; cock of the walk. Jotitu dc s , 
<'ock-fighL JfairG fotitur dcs s ; to make cockn 
flght. Au chant du ; at cock-crow. Eire 
conime un en p&tc,; to live in clover. JfcVnj 
rouga eonvme un ; to have a face like a biffin 
apple, to bo as red as a turkey-cook. 

COQU .?n., (nav.) cook, 

cOQL-k-rftne, n.m , ( ) idle discourse, non- 
sense, cock-and-bull story, fl t ftut ton joins tics 
; he is always talking jionaonse. 

coqiualin,,, striped squirrel. 

coquard, n *., mongrel pheasant, (fain.) old 
cock, old beau. , 

coqua'tre, ?//.w., (orui.) liaH-geldod cock, 

GOqLUO, w-/-, shell (of oggs, walnuts, snails) , 
pearl-eJioU ; (nav,) hull; (couch.) cockle, J)cs 
mip h la ; boiled flggs. du Levami; In- 
dian berry. J& n& dowmrai pas une de noix 
de touttis .w? proflinttfs ; I would not give a 
straw for all his promises, 

coqAiocigTue, w/., sea-stork, sea-looust ; idle 
story, stuff; fiddle-faddle, A Id venue des * ; 
never, or once in a blue moon. 

coquolicot, n.m. wild-poppy, corn-poppy. 

coquelourde, n./., Pasque-flower, Flora' s-bell. 

ccqueluche (ko-kluah), w/., hood ; favor- 
ite, reigning fawcy; rage, whooping-cough. Jfl e$t 

est la des feminrs; he is a great favorite with 


0coqjtielucher, v n. , to have the whooping-cough. 

0COfpielllchon, n.m., (jest ) hood ot a monk's 

cloak, cowl. 

COftuemar (kok-mar), n.m,, pipkin, boiler, 
kettle, skillet 

coquereau, n m , (nav.) hoy, lighter 

coqueret, n.m , 01 coauerelle, n.j , winter- 

coqiierico, n.m, , cock-a-doodle-doo. 

e, n.f,, (nav.) caboose. 

coq,ueri(|uer, v n , (l u ) (peis ) to ciow. 

COOJUeron, n m , (nav ) cook-room 

coquet, -te, adj , coquettish, pretty, stylish , 
smart, natty 

coquet, n.w., jilt, flirt ; cock-boat 

coqueter (kok-tt5), v n , (1 u ) to coquet, to 
flirt ; to play the lady-killer , to paddle a boat, 
to scull. 

COquetier (kok-tie), n,m , poulterer ; egg- 
merchant, egg-cup 

coquette, /., coquette, flirt, jilt. Faire la 

, to coquet 

coquetterie (ko-ke-trt), M/, coquetry , affec- 
tation (in dress) , love of <lress , tintation; fliu- 
calness. Une d'expiessions , iar-f etched ex- 

*coquillage, n m , shell-fish ; shells ; shell- 

*CoquiHart, n.m., bed of shells and stones. 
*coquille, ?i/ M shell (oi fruit, of animals), 
(print ) wrong letter ; thumb (of a latch) , foot- 
board (of coach-box) ; post demy, small post (pa- 
per) , undei-part of a staircase , (anat.) concha. 
pl. t wares of little value, de Samte Jacques 
scallop. de beitn e , pat ot butter. JRentrcr 
dans sa , to di aw in one's horns ^4 qui vendez- 
vous vos s; it is of no use trying to <lo me. 
II /ait btenvaloir ses s; he praises his goods, 
and no mistake. 

co quill er, v n , (of bread) to swell ; to crum- 
ple, to curl up. 

*co<2tliilleu-x, _ sej a aj , shelly. 
% coq.uillier, n m , collection of shells ; cabinet 
of shells 
*coquilli-er, -ere, tf/., conchiierous 

coquin, -e, adj , idle, debauched , free and 
easy ; roguish, rascally. 

coquin, W.'/M., kiuve, rascal, rogue, scamp. 
Tott,r da ; knaviwh trick. 
coqulne. ?i/, slut, hussy, jade. 
coquinerie (ko-ki-u-rt), nj., knavery, ras- 
cally trick, roguery. 

cor, n.m,, corn ; horn, hunting-horn. Avoir 
des s au% picdtt , to have corns on one's feel. 
A ct a er*; with horn and voice ; with hue 
and cry ; with might and main. 
GOracoide, adj , (anat ) coracoid. 
^corall, n.m^ "coral, DCS Ibvrcs de, ; rosy 


h coraillere, w,/., (nav,) coral-fialuug boat. 
*corailleur, n /// , coi al-diver, ooral-fiBhcr. 
*coraJlleur, c/j , of coral fishing. JSateau ; 
coral-fisher's boat. 
Qcorallin, -e, (n() , red like cora), coralline. 

coralline, w./. (ool.) coralline ; (nav.) V. 

coralloide, (7/., coralloid, 
corallokde, W.'/M., coralloid. 
coran, n,m , Koran. 

corbeau, n.?., crow; raven; (arch.) corbel, 

bracket; (astron,) corvus ; (nav.) grappling-iron. 

*corheille, w./., flat, wide basket; (arch,) eo*'- 

bel; (fort,) corbail; clump (of trees); wedding 

presents, Une dafleurs,- a basket of flowers. 

da mariage or de noves; wedding presents; 
(on change) reserved enclosure, change. 

*corDeill^e, n./., basketful. 
corblgeau, n.m. F. courli. 



*corbillard, n.m., hearse. 
*cort>lllat, n m , young raven. 
*corblllon, n.m., small basket ; crambo. 
0corbin, n.m , (orm ) crow. F. foec-de- 

cor bine, nf., (orm.) carrion-ciow. 

corbleu ! vnt. By the Powers ' Zounds ! By 
Jove ! Hang it ' 

eorbusee, nf., (orm.) black-neb. 

corcelet, n.m. V, corselet. 

corceron, n m., (pise.) float. 

cordage, n m , cordage, cord, rope, rigging , 
the measuring of wood by the coid. en tiois , 
rope made with three strands de rechange ; 
spare ropes. 

cordat, n m., packing-cloth 

corde, n.f., cord, rope , line ; twist, twine, 
string , (mus ) chord , tone, note , concord , 
span (of an arch) , laniard (of buoys) ; thread (of 
cloth) , hanging (death by) , gallows a dun- 
ser ; dancing-rope. Danseui de , lope-dan- 
cei _ a loyau , cat-gut. Echelle de , rope- 
ladder. Une de boi<> , a cord ot wood. Ne 
touchez point cctte la , do not haip upon that 
string. Toucher la gto&se , to hit the mam 
point of the question Instt umcnt a s , stringed 
instrument de violon , fiddle-string. Flattci 
la ; to play with delicacy. Avoir deux .s a 
son arc ; to have two strings to one's bow. Son 
habit montre la , his coat is threadbaie Cda 
est use jusqu'a la , tnat is thoroughly hack- 
neyed Fnser la ; narrowly to escape hang- 
ing IL y va de la , it is a hanging matter 
Filer sa ; to go the way of the gallows. A loir 
de la de pendu; to have the devil's own luck. 
Tenir la ; to lead. Passer a flcur de , to 
only just succeed (ot a thing) Etic au bout de 
sa ; to be at the end of one's tethei. 

corde", -e,part., twisted, corded 

corde", -e, adj , (bot ) COL dated, heait-shaped 

COrdeau,,, line, cord. Au ; in a straight 

cordeler, v a , to twist, to twine , to wreathe. 

cordelette, /., small cord ; string. 

cordelier, n.m., cordelier, Fianciscan friar, 

cordeliere, nf , Franciscan nun; cordeliei's 
girdle ; (arch ) twisted fillet. 

cordelle, nf., (nay ) tow-line, tow-rope. 

corder, v.a , to coid ; to bind with a cord 
v.n., (pop.) to cotton , to agree. du bois , to 
measure wood by the coid. 
se corder, v.r., to be corded , to get stringy. 

corderie, n f., rope- walk, rope-yard ; rope- 
making ; (nav ) boatswain's store-room. 

cordial, -e, adj., cordial, hearty, sincere. 

cordial, n.m , cordial. 

eordialement (kor-dial-man), adv., cordially, 

heartily, sincerely. 
cordlalit^, n.f., e 

, cordiality , heartiness ; hearty 

cordier, n.m., rope-maker , (of violins) tail- 

cordiforme, adj., cordiform, heart-shaped. 

cordon, n.m., twist, string, check-string (of 
carriages); cord; fillet, thread, ribbon, order, 
girdle ; plinth, edging of stone , (unlit , fort , 
arch.) cordon ; (anat ) fums ; edge (of coins) ; 
door-rope. ombilical, umbilical cord. de 
chapeau; hat-band. de sonnette ; bell pull, 
Un bleu; a knight of the Holy Ghost. 
bleu ; blue-ribbon ; a first-rate cook Un 
rouge ; a knight of the order of St Louis Tircr 
le ; to pull the string; to be a house-porter. 
Le , sHl vous plati; open the door, please. 

cordonnage, n.m., (com) milling ; edging. 

cordonner, v.a., to twist, to twine ; to braid , 
(of coins) to line, to mill, to edge. 

cordonnerle, n.f., shoemakmg, the trade of a 
shoemaker; shoe-place. 

cordonnet,, twist ; edging, milling (of 
c^ins de pieces de inonnaie). 

cordonnier, n.m., cordwainei , shoemaker 
pom j e /nines , ladies' shoemakei 

core, nm., (poet) choieus; tiochee. V. 

coregence, nf., co-regency 
COregent, n.m., -e, nj,, co-regent 

coreligioiinaire, n mj., co-ieligiomst. 

conace, adj , tough, iopy, leathery, btringy ; 
cartilaginous ; inggaidly. Un homme , a close- 
fisted fellow. 

coriace', -e, adj., coriaceous. 

coriaire, adj , fit tor tanning, n /. (bot ) V. 

conambe, n.m , (poet.) choriambus. 

COriandre, nj , (bot ) coriauder. 

GOrindon, n.m., (nun ) corundum, adamantine 

corinthien, -ne (-m, -e-n), attj , Connthian. 

corinthien, n ?., -ne, nj , Connthiau 

coris, n.m. V cauris. 

corlieu, corlis, n.m , cuilew. 

cor me, nj , (bot.) service or sorb-apple. 

Cormier, n.m , (bot ) seivice-tiee 

cormoran, n in., sea-raven, coimoiMiit. 

cornac, n ///., elephant diiver, coiuac ; show- 
man ; chapeion, mentoi 

cornage, n m., (vet ) roaring (of lior&es). 

cornaline, n j., cornelian stone. 

cornard, adj., (pop , Lex ) loarmg (of lioises). 

cornard, n.w., (pop , 1 ex ) cornuto, cuckolu. 

cornardise, n.J , (pop., l.ox.) cuekoldom. 

come, n.J , horn, hoot, corner, hUoe-hoin, 
dog's ear (on books, leaves) , (nav.) gall, tin out , 
outside rind (of animals' feet) , cap oi the Doge 
of Venice Beie a s ; horned beast JEwencc 
de de cerj, spirits ol haitshoin. Faire Ics s 
a quelquhui ; to snap one's fingers at any one 
Montrt") let, s, to show one's teeth. Lever fcs 
comes, to hold up one's head again. 7>.s s 
d'mibonnei CM re ; the coineis of a hquare cap. 
Chapeau a ttois A, thiee-cornored hat Li's 
s de Id ht/ne , the horns of the moon ,/>,s s 
de Vautel ,' the horns of the altar cPabo'ii- 
dance, ooinucopia, horn of plenty Faire une 
a unc carte de visite, to turn down the corner 
of a visiting-card. Fa it e ties i a wthwe; to 
dogVear a book. 

corne*, -e, <idj., corneous, homy. 

corneau, n.m., (hunt.) cross between a i must, iff 
and a hound. 

corn^e, nf., (anat.) cornea. 

corn^enne, '//./., hom-stone. 
*corneille, nj., can ion-crow, rook, daw. 
emmantelee ; hooded-rook. Jiayer <tux s; to 
stare about vacantly. // ?/ vn commc wie <iin 
abat dcs now ; he goes at it tooth and nail, or 
rashly, slapdash, headlong. 

cornement, n,m. t tingling of tho cars. 

cornemuse, ?/./., bagpipe. Jounir de -* ; bag- 

console, n.f., (bot.) dyer's weed. 

corner, v n., to blow, to wind or sound a horn ; 
to gore ; (man.) to wheezw ; to tingle (of the <iar) ; 
to be tainted (of meat). Lt>$ orHlle& in? content / 
my ears tingle. 

corner, v.a>, to blare out, to blurt out, to trum- 
pet. 11 a eot'iie eclat, par toutc, la vtltci; lu>t IHIH 
trumpeted it through the whole town. </t/rf- 
que choM' aitx orHUcA de qwlq-itfun ; to din a thing 
into any one's oars. 

cornet, n.m., horn, ear-trmnpot ; ink-hom ; 
dice-box, paper cone; (conch.) cornet. -- d<< 
postilion ; poat-boy'a horn. a bouyuw f cow- 
herd's horn. b piston / cornet. 

cornette, n.f., head-dreae, -cornet, mob-cup; 
cornetoy , (nav.) broad pennant. 
Gcornette, n.m., (millt.) cornet. 

cornenr, n,m. t horn-blower. 




r, adj , (vet.) wheezing, roaring. 

Domicile, n.J., (arch.) cornice. 

cornichon, run., little horn, gherkm; (fig. 
and fam,) greenhorn, mnny, flat, muff. 

cornicule, n.f., small horn, cornicle 

cornicule*, -e, adj., corniculate, horned. 

cornl-er, -fere, adj., corner, at the angle. 
Piltt&tre ; corner-column 

corniere, n.f , corner gutter, (print.) corner 
iron , T iron , (nav.) fashion-piece 

cornifle, n.m , (hot ) liorn-wort. 

"cornillas, n.m., young rook. 

corniste, n.m., cornist, plaver upon the horn 
*COrnoUille, w /., dogberry. 
*cornouiller, n m., dogberry-tiee, cornel-tree. 

cornu, -e, adj., homed, angular, cornered, 
(fig.) extravagant, absurd. 

cornue, n.f., (chem.) retort. 

corollaire, n m , corollaiy 

corolle, n.f., (bot.) coiol, coiolla. 

corollifere, adj., coiollated, bearing a corolla 

coronaire, adj , (anat ) coronary. 

coronal, -e, adj , (anat ) coronal. 

coronal, n.m , (anat ) coional. 

coroner (-nei), n in., (.9) coroner 
*COronille, /, (bot.) coronilla 

coronoide, ad/., (anat.) coronoid. 

coronope, ??. m , (bot.) wart-cress. de 
tuelle , crow's-foot. 

corossol, n.m., (bot.) custard-apple. des 
mai ais / cork-wood. 

corossolier, n m., (bot.) anona, custard-apple 

corporal, w.?., (c. rel ) corporal, communion 

corporalite', nf., corporality. 

corporation, n.f., corporation, corporate body. 

corporeity n f , corporeity. 

corporel, -le, adj , corpora], corporeal, bodily. 

corporelleraent (-man), adv., corporally, bod- 

corporifier, v.a., to embody, to form into a 

corps (kor), n.m , body , person ; fellow ; crea- 
ture ; substance, thickness, consistence ; com- 
pany, society, commonalty, college ; main point ; 
barrel (of pumps) ; caudex (of roots) ; (of wine, 
of writing, of sovereigns, of musical instruments, 
of wearing apparel) body , corps , set of men ; 
(print.) depth, body, of a letter, shell (of a 
house, a pulley) . woj t ; dead body. vnoi is ; 
(nav.) moorings. gloiicwc, glorified body. Un 
drole de ; a queer fellow, a queer fish. Se twt 
le <>t Vftine ; to work one's self to death. Re- 
pondre pour , to be answerable for a per- 
son. Fmre wuf ; to take a new lea&e of life. 
Jl fait bon marehb deson, ', he makes lumseli 
voiy cheap ; lie exposes himself mmecessaiily 
to danger. II faut voir ce qne cct homme a 
dam la ; we must see what stuff this man is 
made of. JBnlever un homme conime un .faint , 
(prov.) to kidnap a man. Qagncr son pain, b la 
sucur de son ; to earn one's bread by the 
sweat of OIU'H biow. Totnbcr imlement sur le 
h qwlqitfnn; to speak in offensive teims of any 
one. JEtre separes et bums; to be separated 
(mcnsft, et thorn). C^est un pauvre, ; he is a 
poor weak fellow. C'est un de fer qw, cet 
homwc; that man is made of iron. Parser son 
ep&v nu t't avers du h quelqu'im ; to run any 
one through the body. 11 a le diabh 1 au ; lie is 
a devil of a fellow. de l&tunetit , main build- 
ing. de lofftft; detached building. de, 
?hem,in&e , chimney-sta<5k. Le dw (Mlit ; snb- 
Htance 5 main proof, of an oftense (corpus de- 
lietfy. Un vin qui a (In - ; a full-bodied wine. 
Pr&ndre du ; to grow Htout, tat. Lv du 
clerff6? tho body of the clergy. Lcs de w.&- 
ti<rs ; the trades' companies, flu font />/ pai t ; 
they are a separate body. Msprit de , spirit 

of party; brotherhood in aims. (Jn d'in- 
jantene , a body oi ioot-buklieis Gaide du 
, a life-guard. Un de garde , a guard-house , 
watch-house; round-house. h ; hand to 
hand A perdu ; headlong , desperately. A 
bras-le-corps ; by the waist, tiaisir quelqu'un a 
bras-le , to seize any one round the waist. 
N" avoir rien dans le , to have taken 110 food , 
to be a person of no pluck. A son dejendant ; 
reluctantly, in one's own defense Le vaisseau, 
a $ombi& et biens , the vessel foundered with 
all hands. 

corpulence, /., corpulence, corpulency; 
stoutness. Un homme de petite ; a stoutish 

corpulent, -e, adj., corpulent, stout. 

corpusculaire, adj., coipuscular. 

corpuscule, n m., corpuscule or corpuscle. 

corpusculiste, n m., corpuscularian. 

correct (-rect), -e, adj , accurate, correct, 

COrrectement, adv , correctly, accurately, 
rightly, right 

COrrecteur, n m , corrector, emendator ; 
(print.) reader. Pere , superior of a con- 

correcti-1, -ve, adj., corrective 

correctif, n nt., conective 

correction, nf, coi reckon; correctness, ac- 
curacy ; alteration ; reprimand , reproof ; (print ) 
reading, correcting. Maison de , house of cor- 
rection, reformatory. 

correctionnel, -le, adj., correctional (of mis- 
demeanors), punishable, reformatoiy. Tiibunal 
de police le / police-court 

correctionnelleinent, adv , by way of correc- 
tion , before the magistrate , for misdemeanors. 

correctivement (-tiv-mau), adv., correctively, 
as a corrective 

correctoire, n.m., book of penance, formu- 

correctrice, n.f., lady superior of a convent 
of Minimi nuns. 

corregidor, n m , corregidor (Sp. magistrate). 

correlati-f, -ve, adj., correlative. 

correlati-f, n m., -ve, nf., coirelative. 

correlation, /., correlation, 

correspondence, nf., correspondence, inter- 
course ; connection, relation ; conformity, har- 
mony. Eire en awe quelqu^nn ; to conespond 
with any one Entrdoni ime avec qudqu^un ; 
to keep up a coriespondence with any one. Voi- 
fui e de , correspondence-coach ; railway-om- 
nibus. Service de , cross-post. 

correspondant, -e, adj., correspondent, cor- 

correspondent, n.m., correspondent, corre- 
sponding member ; parents' representative. 

COrrespondre, v.n , to correspond, to connmi- 
nicate, to be m correspondence with , to agree, 
io suit, to harmonize. 

corridor, , lobby, corridor, gallery, pas- 
sage Cette forte dotme sur le , this dooi opens 
out into the gallery or passage. 

corrige, n.m , coirected copy; key (book) 

corrigeant, -e (-3an, -t), adj , correcting 

corriger, v a , to COT rect , to rectify , to re- 
pair , to amend ; to reclaim , to reprove ; to repie- 
hend, to chide, to chastise. - des 6preuw>$ ; 
(pi nit.) to ooricct proofs. 

se corriger, t; r , to correct one's self, to amend, 
to reform, to bo reformed. Mile Jest bien cor- 
kp de cela; she has quite broken herself of 

corrigible, adj., corrigible. 

corroborant, -e (kor-ro-), adj., (med.) corro- 

corroborant, n m., (mod.) corroborant. 

corroborati-f, -ve (kor-ro-), adj., (med ) cor- 



corroboratif (kor-ro-), n.m., (med.) corrobora- 

corroboration (kor-ro-), TZ./., (med.) corrobo- 
ratiou, strengthening. 

corroborer (kor-ro-), v.a., to strengthen, to 

COrTOdant, -e, adj.) corroding, n.m., corro- 

eorroder (kor-ro-de), v.a., to corrode 

corroi, n in., currying of leather , (mas.) clay- 
ing, puddling. 

COrroine, ./., (tech )cumei'sshop, currying. 

corrompre, v.a , to corrupt; to adulterate, to 
spoil ; to infect , to taint , to vitiate , to pervert ; 
to bribe. Les tnamai&a> compagmes corrompent 
les bonnes m<zurs ; evil communications corrupt 
good manners. ties tenwim, to bribe wit- 
nesses. Se laisser , to take a bnbe. 
se corrompre, v 7., to grow coriupt , to become 
tainted, to fester, 

corrompu, -e, puit., corrupted, bribed, 
spoiled ; unsound. Ilomme ; debauchee. 
])f(ewses; dis&olute manners. 

eorrosi-f, -ve (kor-rd-), adj , corrosive 

COrrosif, n m., corrosive. 

corrosion (kor-i8-zion), nf., corrosion 

conoyer, v.a , to curry (leather) ; to prepare 
clay ior puddling , to puddle , to beat up. du 
bins, to plane wood. dufci , to hammer iron. 
du sable , to roll sand 

corroyere, n /., (bot ) sumac. 

corroyeur, n.m curnei 

corrugateur, n.m , (anat ) corrugator 

corrugation, nj , coirugation, wrinklmg. 

corrupt-eur, w.m.,-nce, nf, (kor-rup-), cor- 
rupter, seducer, spoiler , briber. 

comipt-eur, -nee, <(/., corrupting, pervert- 
ing, corrupt, infectious. 

corruptibility (kor-rup-), w/., corruptibility. 

corruptible (kor-rup-), adj , corruptible. 

corruption (kor-rup-), /., corruption ; taint, 
putridity, rottenness ; depiavity, perversity, de- 
filement ; bribery. 

COIB> n.m. pL, (hunt.) horns; branches. Un 
cerf dix , a full-grown stag 

corsage, n m,, trunk, bust, chest (of the 
body) , bodice, body (of a dress). de dessous ; 
petticoat bodice. 

corsaire, nw., privateer, commander of a pn- 

vateer , corsair, rover , shark, Jew. A at 

denn; set a thief to catch a thief. 

corse", adj , rich, full-bodied, having body (of 
wine) ; (fam.) strong, thick, stout ; substantial, 
copious , plentiful. 

corse, nmf and adj , Corsican. 

corselet, n m., corselet. 

corser, v.n , to fit (of stays), v.a., (fig ) to 
thicken; to complicate. 

ftscoiser, v.r-, to put one's stays on, (fig ) to 
acquire strength ; to grow serious. 

corset, n.m , cox set, stays; bodice; (surg.) 

corseti-er, w.m., -fere,n.f., (-tie", -ti-er), corset- 
maker, stay-maker. 

cortege, wm., train, retinue, cortege ; pro- 
cession , attendants. [ment) 

Cortes (-tess), n.f.pL, Cortes (Spanish Parlia- 

cortical, -e, adj., (bot , anat.) cortical. 

cortiqueu-x, -se, ady , (bot.) corticose. 

coruscation, w^., coruscation. 

corv6able, adj., (feudalism) liable to forced 

corv^able, n.m. t one liable to forced labor 

C0rv6e, /, (feudalism) statute-labor; duty, 
service, fatigue duty done by soldiers ; toil ; 
drudgery ; bore. Quette / what a bore ! 

corvette, n./., corvette, sloop of war. 

corybante, .m., priest -of Cybele. 

corybantiQLue, adj., corybantic. , n/.j?/., 
feasts in honor of Cybele. 

corymbe, n.m., (bot.) cluster, coiymb 

corymb^, -e, (bot.) coiymbiate 

corymbeu-s, se, a</;., (bot.) corymbose. 

corym'bilere, adj , (bot ) corymbif erous. s ; 
n , coryinbiierou& plants. 

coryphee, n ;., corypheu& , leader, chief , 
principal man, (theat.) chorus-master. 

, n m , (med. ) coryza, cold m the head 
, ?/.?//., Cossack. 

, / , Cossack dance. Jc vcu r tr fane 
danger une , (pop,) I '11 let you have a taste of 
the stick. 

cosecante, ft./., (geom ) co-secant. 
*coseigneur, .?., joint lord of a manor. 

conseigneurie, n /. , joint lordship. 

COSIHUS (-si-nfis), n m , (geom.) co-bine. 

COSmetiQUe, w.? and adj., cosmetic. 

cosm^tiQiie, n.J., art ot using cosmetics. 

COSmiQLUe, adj., (astron ) cosnncal 

cosmiquement, adv , (astion ) cosimcally. 

cosmogonie, nf., cosmogony. 

cosmogonlq,ue, adj., cosmogomcal. 

COSmographe, n m., coamogiaphei. 

cosmographie, /., cosmography. 

cosmographiciue, adj., cosmographical. 

COSmolabe, n.m , (astron ) cosmolabe. 

COSmolOgie, nj., cosmology. 

cosmologique, adj., cosiuological. 

cosmologiste or cosmologue, n.m , cosmo- 

cosmopolite, n m , cosmopolite, 

cosmopolite, adj., cosmopolitan. 

cosmopolitisine, w w , cosmopolitism. 

cosmorama, n.m., cosmorama. 

COSSe, nf., cod, shell, husk, pod, (un,v.) 

COSSOr, i}.n , (of rams) to butt 

cosson, n.m , (eut.) weevil; (agn.) new shoot 
of a vine. 

COSSU, -e, ttdj , linsked, podded; subBtantuil, 
warm, wealthy, noh. JS'H ctHitrr du r,s , to tell 
spicy tales. Un Iwinme , a momed man. 

costal, -e, adj., costal. [Hide-lights. 

costieres, n.f. pi., (thcat ) groovea for tlie 

costume, n.m., garb, unitonu , inamunH, 
usages, costume, dress. (ixu\d , full drewH, 
Petit , undtess, dt> t>oitea } eveiuug-dress. 
tailleur, tailoi -made dress. 

costumer, v a., to dress in fancy thews. 
se costumer, v.r., to chu'sa ouc'a lf tip ; to 
dress in fancy diess. 

costumier, n in, , costumer, doctor 111 fancy 
dress clothes. 

cotangente, n,f,, (geom.) co-tangont, 

COte, n.f., letter, immboi, figure (to iudicato 
the order); (com.) quotation, quota, share, pru'o, 
price-list, jfiuire HIM mul tailtfo; to mako a 
clumsy compromise. 

cdte, n.f., rib (of the body, of cloth, oi fruit); 
(arch., bot., maim.), rib ; (agn.) dgo ; hill, 
declivity; shore, sea-co8t. (Pttfoymi , wmg- 
nb. Fdussei "s ; short ribs, nSV OT.S.SYT itne --; 
to break a rib. JRwnpre In -sb tfUflqitfim; tw 
bieak anyone's bonea. M<*$wrer lex * A </<'/- 
r/w'wn; to thrash anyone. A'fl mettre ft ta 
(nav.) to run aground, ashore. Htnwr la ; to 
coast. JRasw la ; to Bail along, to hug, ih 
shore. A ; side by aide. Lc (ony de lit -* ; 
along the hill or the shore. dc. /'/ (1M) 

cotd, n.wi., side; broadside; way, wianuwj 
flank; part, slice, // d nn point da ; ho )WB 
got a stitch in his side, j&e faille / tli weak 
side. Mettrc it/nf boutmlfa, un tonvwUi Mr la ; 
to empty a bottle, a cask. DC, imts */ on all 
sides. de premier?; (print.) outer form. 
<f second?; inner form. J)e nxm j for my 
own part. Us sont yxiwntii du vtwtcrnrt t they 
are related on the mother'w sicto. It ml du 
gauche ; he is a natural child. iS& rttftffw du ' 




de quelqit'un; to side with anyone Dequel 
etes-vous ? whom do you side with ? II se met du 

du plus Sort; he takes the strongest aide. A 

de; by, near. Eire a de la question ; to be 
beside the question. Donner a , to miss De 

, sideways, aslant, askew, obliquely, aside. 
Z>'& ; adjoining, next house. Une vue de , 
a side-view. Regarder de , to look askance. 
Mettre une cliose de ; to lay by. De et 
d'autre; up and down, here and there, on all 
sides, in every direction. C'est son jaible; it 
is his weak side S^ctsseoir a de quelqu^vn , to 
sit down by the side of any one. Se t&mr les s 
de nre ; to shake one's sides with laughing. 
De Pautre , m the next room. Mettre les 
neurs de son ; to turn the laugh against any 
one. Elie sur le, to be on one's back, ill. 

COteail, n.m., declivity, slope, little hill, 
hillock, rising ground. 

cdtelette (kot-let), n.f., chop, cutlet. Une 
de moufon , a mutton chop. Des s de veau, 
veal cutlets de pore fiais; pork chop. Des 

s; mutton chop whiskers. 
cotenanci-er, -fere, n.m.f., co-tenant. 

COter, i;. a., to number; to quote, to fix, to 
price. Se ; to be quoted, to be priced. le 
cours des ejfets publics; to quote the price of 

coterie (ko-trl), nf., cotene, set, club; circle, 

cothurae, n.m., buskin. Chaime') le , to 
put on the buskin (play in tragedy). 

cotlmrae~, -e, adj., (antiq.) cothurnated. 

cotter (-tie"), adj.,, coasting, coasting- 

cotie're (-ti-er), nf., (gard.) border, sloping 
bed; (nav.) (1 u ) coasts, coast-line. 
*cotignac (-gna), 71.7/2., qmddany, marmalade 
of quinces. 

*COtlllon, n. m., under-petticoat ; cotillon 
(dance). M alme le , he is fond of women. 
Regime du> ; petticoat government 

cotlr, t'.tt , (fruit) to bruise, to damage. 

cotlsatlon, nf., clubbing, subscription; assess- 
ment, quota, share. 

cotiser, v a., to assess, to rate. 
<v cotiser, .r., to rate, to assess; to unite, to 
club together; to get up a subscription; to sub- 

cotlssure, nf, (fruit) damage, bruising. 

coton, n.m., cotton; down (of fruit and hair 
on the face). tipttiche; picked cotton. 
brut; raw cotton. ~pW; darning cotton, 
h tricot&r; knitting cotton. de coulcur; 
colored cotton. Bovine de ; reel of cotton. 
JScheveau dfi ; skein of cotton. JSalle de ; 
bale of cotton. Totle de ; cotton cloth. 17 
jcfte un vflam , he is going to the dogs. H 
jctte, il file, un mctMimis ; ho is m a bad way 
Mt'ftre dans du, ; to coddle, to nurse, to in- 
dulge. fflewr tlaus ^ ; to molly-coddle; to 
bring up delicately. 

colonnade, w,/, cotton cloth, cotton-check. 

cotonne", -e, part., woolly (of hair); wadded, 
padded; covered with, full of, cotton. 

cotonner, v.a,, to fill, to stuff with, cotton, to 

JM cotonner, v*r,, to be covered with down, to 
become downy ; to cotton, to nap, to become 
mealy (of vegetables). Lett arliohaute* les radii 
se cotonnent ; artichokes, radishes grow pithy or 

cotonner, v.n., to cotton, to nap. 

cotonneu-x, -e, adj., pithy, spongy, mealy; 
(bot.) downy, cottony (of style); spun out, lax, 

ootonnler, n,m., cotton-tree. 

cotonni-er, -ere, adj., cotton, of cotton. 

cotonniere, ./ (bot.) cotton-weed ; cud- 

cotonnine, n.f., cotton sail-cloth. 

cotoyer, ua., to go by the side of, to skirt, 
(na\.) to coast, to coast along, to keep close to, 
to hug the shore. 

cotret, n.m., fagot, stick. 11 est sec comme 
un , he is as thin as a lath. De Phuile de , 
stnrup oil , (fig.) cudgeling. 

cottage, n m., cottage. 

COtte, n /., petticoat, jacket , coat 
d'annes; coat of arms. de mailtes, coat of 
mail. morte; estate (of a deceased monk). 

COtte, n.m., (ich.) bull-head. chabot, sea- 

cotut-eur, rc.??*., -rice, TI./., joiut-guardian. 

COtyl^fion, n M., (anat , bot ) cotyledon. 

cotyledone, -e, <tdj , (bot ) cotyledonous. 

cotyller, n.m , (bot ) cotyledon, navel-wort. 

COtyloide, adj., (anat.) cotyloid. 

COU, nm., neck. de travcrs ; wry-neck. 
Sauter, se jete?, ou de quelgu'un; to fall on a 
person's neck. Se casse? le ; to break one's 
neck Couper le a, to cut the neck of. 
Rompre le^-a, to break the neck of. Prendre 
ses jambes a son ; to take to one's heels. de 
pied; instep. 

couard, w.m., (fam.) coward, dastard. 

couard, -e, adj., (fam.) coward, cowardly 

couardement, adv., (fam.) in a cowardly 

coiiarder, v.n., (fam.) to act in a cowardly 

couardise, n.f., (fara.) cowardice. 

coucal, n.m,., pheasant-cuckoo., n.m., bedding (for the army), act 
of lying in bed, price of a bed, night's lodging. 

couchant, adj., lying, setting. Un chien ; 
a setter. Faire le chien , to crawl and crmge. 
Soteii , setting sun. 

couchant, n.m., west; wane, decline. 

couche, n.f , bed ; bedstead ; confinement, 
childbed, lymg-m , delivery, birth ; swaddlmg- 
clothes, diaper, layer, stratum, row ; (gard.) hot- 
bed, bed , (mining) seam ; layer, stratum, coat 
(of varnish, coloui) ; stake (at play). La nup- 
tialc ; the nuptial bed Pendant ses s; during 
her confinement Elle est morfe en s; she died 
in childbed. Etre en, faire ses, s 3 to be con- 
fined, to lie-in Hemeuse , good delivery. 
JFawse ; miscarriage. Pa? lager la de quel" 
qu^un ; to share any one's bed. 

couche", -e, part., put to bed, in bed, gone to 
bed, lying down, flat down, recumbent, jacent ; 
(her.) couchaut. 

couche'e, w./., resting-place; sleeping place; 
bed ; night's lodging. 

coucner, v,a., to put to bed ; to lay down ; to 
lay low ; to lodge ; to knock down , to incline ; 
to lay on; ()to stake. quelqu'ttn en joue, 
to take aim at anyone, to cover anyone. en 
youe; to aim at, to cover. gros t to play 
deep. par ecrit ; to write down, take down, 

se coucher, v.r , to go to bed , to lay one's self 
down, to he down, to lie flat; to set, to go 
down. Allez vons ; go to bed. // i^est pas 
encore temps (Pallet AC , it is not bed-time yet. 
Se comme fe$ poufes ; to go to bed with the sun 
(i.e., very early). Comme on fait son lit, on SB 
couche; as you make your bed, so you must lie 
Allez vous , (fam.) get along with you ; stuff 
and nonsense. Le sok'il sv couche; the sun, is 

coucher, v n,, to lie, to sleep, to pass the 
night; to lie down, to rest. ftu cabaret; to 
sleep at a public-house. h fa belle 6totte ; to 
sleep m the open air. w? la dure; to sleep 
upon bare boards or on the ground. tout 
halMlk ; to sleep with one's clothes on. 

coucher, n.m., bed-time, going to bed ; sleep- 
ing ; setting (of the sun), v'est Vheure de son 




; it is his bed-time. Le petit ; the king's 
select circle whilst preparing for bed. 

couchette, /., bedstead, small bed, crib. 

coucheu-r, m, , -se, n.f., bed-fellow. Mau- 
vais ; nasty customer ; cross-gramed person. 
Son ; easy-going fellow. 

couchis, n.m., layer, stratum; bolster. 

couei-couci, adv., (fam.) so so, middling, 

COUCOU, n.m , cuckoo ; barren strawberry- 
plant ; Dutch clock ; coach, omnibus; one-horse 
chaise, (bot.) cowslip, daffodil. 

coude, n m., elbow ; bend, angle , winding ; 
turning, turn; knee (of machmeiy), neck (of 
a bayonet). Donner des coups de ; to elbow. 
Hausser le , to drink hard, to fuddle. 

coude, -e,part., bent, elbowed, cranked. 

COUde~e, nj , arm's length ; cubit. Avoir les 
s /ranches; to have elbow room, full play, 
scope, freedom. 

cou-de-pied, n.m,, ( s ) instep. 

cornier, v a., to bend, to make an elbow. 
seconder, #.*"., to elbow, to form an elbow. 

coudoyer, v a., to elbow, to jostle. 
se coudoyer, v.r , to elbow, to jostle, one an- 

coudraie, n.f., hazel-copse ; filbert-orchard. 

coudran, n m., (nav.) tar. V. goudron 

COUdranner, v a., (nav.) to soak cords in tar. 

COUdre, n.m , nut-tree, hazel-tree. V. COU- 

coudre (cousant, cousu), v a , to sew, to 
stitch ; to tack , (fig.) to add, to connect, to 
unite. &, to stitch 01 sew to. du huge; 
to sew linen. a giands points; to take long 
0coudrette, nf., hazel-copse. 

coudrier, n m., hazel-tree. 

couenne (kooa-n), n.f., rind, pig-skin ; (med.) 
buff ; birth-mark, mole 

couenneu-x, -se (kooah-), adj., (med.) con- 
taining buff. Angmese, diphtheria. 

couette, n f*, little-tail; tuft; sea-gull; 
feather-bed , (mec.) socket. 

COUligue, adj., (philol ) cufic. 

cougourde, nf., (bot.) bottle-gourd. 

couguar (-gai), n.m , (main ) cougar. 

couillon, n m , coward, funk , fool, muff. 

couillonnade, nf , gammon, humbug, bosh. 

couillonner, ?., to gammon, to humbug, to 
bamboozle ; to funk, to shirk. 

coulage, n m., leakage, waste , melting, 

coulamment (koo-la-mau), adv., fluently, 
freely, readily, It par/e ; he talks fluently. 

coulant, -e, f/;., flowing, fluent; smooth; 
easy, accommodating ; slip (of knots). Style ; 
easy, fluent style. JVcsnd ; noose. 

coulant, n.m., slide, slider, runner , neck- 
jewel ; slide (of an umbrella). 

COUle', n.m , (mus ) slur ; slide (dance) ; cast 
(founding) ; (paint.) first wash; (billiards) fol- 
lowing stroke., n,f., running, flowing, flow; (of writ- 
ing) running-hand ; tapping (metal) ; (hunt.) 
track path. Trow He ; (metal.) tap-hole. 

coulement (kool-m&n), n.m , running, flow 
(of liquids). 

couler, v.n , to flow, to rim ; to glide, to glide 
along ; to pour, to stream ; to trickle, to drop , 
to leak, to run out ; to ooze out , to glide away, 
to fly away, to slip ; to slide away, to go down ; 
(founding) to run through the mold ; to gutter , 
to touch lightly upon ; to be shed, to be split. 
Se laisser > ju$qu*h terre , to slide down to 
the ground. Faire , to shed JJ&chplle va 
; the ladder will slip. Uencrc we conlepas; 
the ink does not run freely. Le west lui cotde ; 
his nose runs. La chandelle coule ; the candle 
gutters. Les larmes lui coulent des ijeux; tears 

are flowing from his eyes sur un fait , to 
glide or slur over a fact. bas, hjond, to foun- 
der, to sink. 

COlller, v.a , to cast , to strain ; to slip in , to 
pass (time) ; (mus.) to slur , to run down ; to do 
for , to scald (linen) ; to fall oft, to drop ; to 
sink , to run smooth, to flow. une statue , 
to cast a statue. une glace , to cast a plate of 
glass un vaisseau a 1ond , to sink a ship. 

un pas , to pass smoothly over a step (in 

se couler, v.r , to slip, to creep, to steal, to 
slide , (of metals) to be cast 

COUleur, nf., color, paint; favoi (ribbon); 
coloring ; appeal ance ; suit (at cards) s 
aigres , harsh colors s dimes , blending 
colors. eclatante , striking eoloi. tran- 
chante; glaring color solid?; fast color. 

defeUf flame coloi dc lose, rose color. 
Pales s; (med ) chloiosis, gieen sickness. 
locale; local coloung voytmte ; showy 
color. & Vhuilc , oil coloi . s JJWA- 
santes f fading coloi s JDivattiJtcr, meler, 
assortir, les s, to vary, to blend, to match, 
colors. Juger d^une chose comm<> ui\ aveuqle 
des s; to talk of a subject without knowing 
anything about it. Von fonf t/eiow; to see 
the bright side of things LPS hoinutes da , 
men of color, mulattoes Lumpen d<> , vane- 
gated lamps Repi ench e , to be in favor 
again, to appear in society again CliMiget (tc 
; to change coloi. La lin mould an vi- 
sage; the color came into his face Ce toti a 
bien p '?-; that roast meat is nicely In owned 
L'ajfaire prend , thomattei is looking better, 
or is taking a turn. De qitclle tourtu'-t-d 9 
what are trumps ? Dowuer <!<> la ; to follow 
suit. Prendre ; (lansquenet) to btake and cut 
the caids Applfyuei les s; to lay on the 
colors. A douoir, amortir, les s , to sof ton, 
to deaden, coloi s JRcfiaus&er h'd * } to 
heighten colors. Pcmrtie hplcvnes s; to paiut 
with a full biush. Mcit'ic en , (paint ) to ntuin. 
Style sans ; colorless style. P)endrc ; to 
assume a charactei , (of pei SOIIH) to tuke n, side. 
HPatrompb sous d^atnitw , he deceived him 
under a show of friendship, flout, de , under 
tlie pretext of. 

COuleuvre, / , adder; (fig) mortification, 
vexation, bitter pill Fafrc avaler des ,s a 
guelqu'un; to put all aoitfc of nuligmtiow upon a 

couleuvreau, n m., young adder. 

couleuvrde, n.f., (bot.) bryony. 

coule vrine, ?? J , culvonu ; anpu*. Ktre .w?/,<f 
la d^un antic, to bo dependent on unotlior 
Etie sous let -d'an? place, to bo withm reach 
of a fort. 

coulis, adj. m. Vent ; wind that COIIIOH 
through cracks and chinkw, drmifht of air, 

coulis, n.m,,, (cook ) culliH, gravy, jelly , 
(mas ) giout, solder. 

coulisse, n.f., groove , Hluling board; nn" 
mng string , rrb(preBROH) , (punt.) galley; (iluuit.) 
side-scene, wing; behind Uui HeeiuiH ; Hhuttor, 
door; (exchantyo language) coulisHo (unauthor- 
ised part of the exchange); bucket .shop; fre- 
quenters of the couliase ; outgule brokei'H. 
d'aroal&tc; cha^e of a croHH-bow. J^opos dc 
s, green-room talk. Fane les y<>nt en ; to 
look askance. 

coulisse", -e, ad}., grooved. 

coullsseau, ?/.;w., wlule, BlUlc-block, wooden 
groove for beds with caHtorn ; guide (cngiu^oriufr). 

coullssler, n.m., wtock-jobbor ; outaido 
broker ; green-room fre(|uoUir, 

couloir, n.m., skiinniing-diHh, strainer ; 
(arch.) passage, lobby. de U HU; biliary 

coulolre, n.f., colander, sieve, Htrahior, 




COUipe, ?*./., (rel ) sin, fault. 7V?i dis ma ; 
I confess and lepeut 

COUlure, nj, miming (metal), falling oft, 
dropping off (fiuit) 

coumarine, nj. t (cbem ) coumarme. 

coup (koo), n,m,) blow, thump, knock, 
stroke, hit, stab, thrust, lash , crack (of a whip) , 
beat (of a drum) , draught (liquids) ; clap (of 
thunder) ; (artil ) charge , move (at chess, 
draughts) , (fenc ) thru&t , gust (of wind) , 
throw (at dice) , shot, report (ot fire-aim&) , butt 
(of rams), tune, trick, event; ami; attempt, 
act , action , deed , kick ; pubh pi , knock- 
ing. amoiti, spent shot. Giand , hard 
blow , last cast Portei un , to deal a blow. 
Petit , pat, sip (of liquids). ECeureux , lucky 
hit. montS ; got-up aftair. mortel, de 
mot t ; death-blow de malt} e , master-sti oke. 
dejai nac , tieachei ous, unexpected blow. de 
tete , act of desperation, freak. de puttie, 
decisive blow. depomg, blow with the fist, 
fisticuff . de coude , nudge, un de revers ; 
back-stroke , backhander. Donner des s de 
pied ; to kick. de massue ; blow with a club, 
htimnmg blow , thunder-stroke. de baton ; 
blow with a stick ; cudgeling, Donner des s 
de baton a quelquSun; to cudgel any one. Don- 
tier un d'epee ; to deal a sword thrust. de 
flntret , pass Donner des s de fouet ; to lash. 

de dent ; bite. A u, or sut le de ti ois heures ; 
when the clock strikes three Un de sijflrt ; a 
whistle Dounez-vous un de petgne ; comb 
yoiu.self de Joudie, thunderbolt. de 
sang ; apoplectic fit ; congestion of the brain. 

de soleil ; sunstroke d'air , cold m the 
header chest Le tie gtace; the coup-de- 
grace, the finishing stroke C'est conwie un 
d^epee dans Venn ; it is like beating the an. Un 

de bee or depatte; a piece of slander ; saicastic 
remaik. Assomnier quelqtfun de s, rouer 
quelqu^un de s; to beat in a cruel manner. 

d'ns&oniinou , overwhelming, stunning blow. 
Detail 1 ) tier I e ; to ward oli the blow. Faire 
son ; to succeed. Manquer son ; to fail 
perdu ; random shot. Donner un de chapeau , 
to take off one's hat. Faire d'une pierre deux 
s, to toill two birds with one stone, flanquer 
des A % h qwlqu^un ; to give any one a thrashing. 
Suns fenr; without striking a blow, without 
firing a shot. Porter , to hit home. Encore 
un ; once more, again ; one more blow. En- 
core un jfi volts dts t once more I tell you. 
D'un sent ; at one blow ; at one swoop. A 
perdu ; in vain, tious le de ; under the threat 
of. sur ; one after another, without stop- 
ping, in succession. Pour le ; this time, lor 
once Apt e.t , too late. A tons .? / at every 
turn, every moment Du premier ; at the first, 
ill once. 'Tout h , all of a Midden, suddenly 
Tout d'un , at once, all at once. A sur , 
certainly, to a certainty, unquestionably II 
a r?fu un dc Jusil ; he received a gun-shot 
wound. dc cttnon. ti VIM it, ; shot between 
wind and water. de. parlance; (nav.) fare- 
well gun , H/gnal for depai turn. Un de vent; 
a Hquall. de main ; (rmlit ) coup-de-mam, 
BurpriBtt, sudden, unexpected, desperate, attack. 
Donner un de main ft quelqitfitn; to give any 
one a helping hand Donner tin dS&puule a 
qwlq M'iwi, to give any one a lift. Donner un 
(le collier; to put one's shoulder to the wheel 
Frappcr ks grands s; to resort to decisive 
imMiHuros. Au&ner un -; to deal a blow. 
<Vwil ,' glance, look. Jeter un d'ctfl sur ; to 
take a peep at. Avoir le, d' ceil juste, to have 
a carpenter's eye. An premier d'wtl; afc first 
sight. Cette demarche a portfa ; this step has 
taken effect. Un de banhtur, a lucky hit. 
E/)i d(> malheur ; an unlucky hit. d'ttow di ; 
rash act. dc dfaespoir f desperate attempt. 

d^essai, first attempt d" eclat, striking 
act, brilliant exploit. d*etat, violent mea- 
sure, exercise or abuse of authonty, revolution, 
state-stroke. d^autonte, act "of authority. 
Parun dehasard, by a mere chance. de 
b&nheur; lucky chance unpi evu ; unexpected 
accident. du del ; providential stroke, s el 
blessures ; (jur ) cutting and maiming. de 
theatie, unexpected event, clap-trap. It a fait 
le ; he ha& done the deed Un ; once. // 
a encoie trois s a jouer , he has still three 
shots Tirei un ; to fire a shot. Porter un 
Joune a, quelqtfun, to do anyone an ill turn, to 
strike a blow in the daik C'est un quzporte; 
that is a home-tlu ust Le vaut V argent; it 
is worth trying Buvez encore un , drink once 
more Boii e un gi and , to take a long draught. 
Euvons un ensemble , let us have a drink to- 
gether. Boire un de trop ; to have a drop too 
much Tuer quelqtfun a s de baton; to beat 
anyone to death. Fane les cent s, to run 
not. Eire aux cent s; to be at one's wits' 
end, not to know which way to turn. 

coupable, adj., culpable, guilty, at fault, 
sinful, criminal. Declarer quelqu'un , to 
bring any one in guilty Se declarer , non ; 
to plead guilty, not guilty 

COUpable, .?/, guilty person, culprit 

COUpage, n in , cutting, diluting (of wine) 

coupant, n.m , edge (of a sword). de 
V angle du sanglier , the edge of a wild boar's 
foot (hunt.). 

COUpant, -e, aiJj , cutting, sharp 

CDUpe, n../., cutting; chopping; felling (of 
wood), wood felled, cut (style), cut (place), 
the cut end ; felling , a fall of timber ; cup ; 
chalice , quaffiug-bowl , (arch.) section, plan, 
slope, division, (astron.) Crater, calice; cup, 
(theol ) wine; cutting (at cards) La des 
cheveux f hair-cutting. La des pier res; stone- 
cutting. Mettre en , to mark ior cutting 
reglee ; annual cutting, regular contribution. 
La d^un bots tailhs se jait tons les neu/ans; 
coppice wood is felled every ninth year Mettre 
en ; to cut down periodically (of forests) ; (fig ) 
to lay under regular contribution. II a la 
malheureuse , he has a very unlucky hand at cut- 
ting. Eit e SOUK la de quelquhm; to play first 
'at cards) , (fig.) to be in anyone's powei. Ho tie 
'a jusqrfa, la he ; to drink the cup of bitterness 
to the dregs. II y a loin de la aux l&vres ; 
there's many a slip between the cup and the 
lips. (Pun ouvrage ; division of a work into 
parts. La et liaison des scenes ; the division 
and connection of the scenes. La des vers , 
the division of the verses. Boire dans une ; 
to drink out of a cup. 

coup6, n.m., coupee (step in dancing) , 
brougham ; front part of a French diligence. 
lit / sleeping car. 

COUpe*, -e, part., cut, short, laconic. Unpm/s 
; a country mteisected with rivers, canals, &c. 
Un style ; a laconic style. Du lent , milk 
and water. Du mn d'eau ; wine and water. 

coupe- asperges, m , ( ) (hort ) aspaia- 
Qcoupeau, n.m , top of a lull; cop 

coupe-bourgeons, n w.., (plur,) vine-grub 

coupe- cercle, n.w,^ ( s) round-punch 

(for cutting out pasteboard). 

coupe-cors, , ( ) corn-cutter. 

coupe-fils, n wi., plieis. 

coupe-gorge, n w , ( ) cut- throat place ; 
nest of swindlers , the dealer turning up his own 
card first (lansquenet) 

coupe-Jarret, n.m , ( - s) cut-throat, 
asBansm, ruffian. [cutter. 

coupe-legumes, ww., (plur ) vegetable- 

coupellation (-pel-la-), nj. t (chem) cupella- 
tion ; testing (metal.) 




conpelle, ??./., cupel. Argent de , purest 
silvei E&sai a la , cupellation. Metheala 
, to submit to cupellation, to put to the test 

coupeller, v.a., to test (metals). 
*COUpe-paille, n.m , ( ) chaff-cutter 

coupe-piite, n.iu.i (-) dough-knife 

couper, y.ct., to cut, to cut oft, to dock, to 
lop, to strike off, to cut down, to cut out, to 
clip, to pare, to cut away, to geld, to cross, to get 
before, to dilute (nnlk,wme, witliwatei), (milit.) 
to intercept, to divide, to intersect, to interrupt, 
to hinder, to impede, to get before, to strike, to 
geld, to cut up, to carve, to amputate, to chop 

menu; to nunce. un habit, to cut out a 
coat. par tranches, to slice, to cut mto 
slices. Les scmglots hit coupent la voix t hei sobs 
stifle her utterance, la bounce a quelqiCun, 
to pick any one's pocket. le cours dhine 
j ivie) e ; to mtei rapt the course of a m er. Ze&- 
viwesa une ai mee , to mteicept the provisions 
of an army. la parole quelqtfun, to inter- 
rupt any one. Pour court, to be brief, in 
short le chemin a quelqu^un; to stop any- 
one's way. la hnne , (milit.) to bieak 
through the line. le si fftet a, quelgu'wi ^ ( pop ) 
to cut anyone's throat. les vivies a quel- 
qu'un; to stop anyone's allowance jm che- 
veu en quatre, to split hans le cable, to 
take the decisive step. Vheibe sous le pied, 
(fig.) to supplant anyone, to lay by the heels 

bras etjambes , (fig ) to duinfoutid. chemin 
a vn incendie, a un inaladie; to stop the pro- 
gress of a fire, of a disease. 

SB COUper, v.r.) to cut oneself; to be chafed; 
to cut , to wear out , to burst , to crack, to inter- 
sect, to intersect one another ; to cross , to con- 
tradict oneself, to faltei, to equivocate Sf la 
gorge , to cut one's throat e la main , to cut 
one's hand. Ce cuire tfe&t coupe ; this leather has 

couper, u.n., to cut, to cut in (at cards), to 
chop. A qui a ? whose cut is it ? dans le 
vtf, to cut to the quick, court aqitelqu^iin, 
to cut any one short. pa 1 ) le plus court, to 
take the shortest way. 

coupe-racines, n in., (plui. ) (agri.) root- 

couperet (koo-pre), n.m,, chopper, enamel- 
er's file. 

couperose (koo-pr6z), w/., copperas, (xne<l.) 
stone-pock. verte , green vitriol blanche ; 
white vitriol. bleue ; blue vitriol. 

couperose", -e (koo-pid-ze"), adj , blotched, 

coupe-tete, n.m. , (n.p ) leap-frog. 

coupeu-r, .*., -se, n.j., cutter; player 
(lansquenet). tie boiusei> f pickpocket, cut- 

coupeur d'eau, n.m,, (orni.) cut-water. 

couplage, n in , coupling, one of the sixteen 
parts composing a float of wood, pair of boats. 

couple, n.f , couple (two things of the same 
kind), (ol game) brace. Une tie Imu/s ; a 
yoke of oxen. Une de penlrix ; a brace of 

couple, w.wi., couple (two beings acting in 
concert), pair (of annuals, male and female); 
(nav.) frame, v'ext tin bien assorti, , they arc 
a well-matched couple Un de chevattx ; a pair 
of horses. Mafctre ; midship-frame. s (If. 
remphssage , (nav.) filling timber. <lc lalance- 
ment; balance timbers. Par s ; in pairs. 

coupler, v .a., to couple, to link. 

couplet, n.m. t couplet, verse; song, tirade; 

coupleter, v.<7., to write a song. 
Ocoupletier, n w., song writer. 

coupoir, n.M*-, cutter (sharp instrument) , 
blade ; knife ; (print.) lead-cutter ; (foundry) 

COUpole, n./, spherical vault, cupola. 

coupon, ./w., remnant , coupon, dividend 
wariant, cheque, (com.) part (of shares), (theat.) 

coupure, n.f , cutting, cut, slit, incision, sup- 
pression, era&ion, (milit.) entrenchment, ditch 
behind a bieach, (banking term) small note, 
bond, coupon. JV/? une au doujt, I luve a 
cut on niy finger. 

cour, n J. , court (of a prince) , court (of justice) , 
love-suit, courtship , yard, couit, courtyard 
Ea&se-, ( A) back-yard, poultry-yard 
d'entiee, entiance-court, fi out-court. de 
dei ) isi e ; back-coin t de jeci&ation, plij- 
ground Les gens de la , courtiers JS,Vw 
bemtc de ; empty piomises. C'cst la dtt 
noiPetaitd, it is Bedlam broken loose Feme 
la a, une datne ; to court a lady, Faiie un 
doigt de , to show &ome attention to. Mettie 
ho 1 ) s de , to nonsuit 

cour able, ailj , (hunt.) that may be hunted. 

courage, n.w., coinage, daring; spnit, mettle, 
fearlessness, foititude, greatness oi boul, heart, 
zeal, passion, temper. Prendie , to be of 
good heart, to pluck up com age Mmiqmn de , 
to be wanting in courage. Padre ; to bo 
discouraged Tenw or prendre son a dcttx 
mams , to summon up all one's courage. Je n'a^ 
pas le de le lui tejusei , I have not the heatt 
to lefuse it him. / conic! take courage! 
clieer up ! 

courageusement (-jefiK-miin), adv , courage- 
ously, biavely, valiantly, gallantly, loailchsly, 

courageu-x, -se, adj., courageous, daring, 
gallant, valiant, brave, icailcsft 

couramment (koo-ra-uian), adv., fluently, 
readily, oil-hand II Lit ; ho reads fluently. 

courant, -e, (//, current, runiniig, present, 
ordinary, fair, middling (ol goodH), lineal (of 
measures). Le wois ; the present month. 
Monnaic e; current coin. Le piix ; the 
curient puco. Cotupta ; account current. 
Evriture e, running-hand, 

COUrant, n.m., current, wtream, tide; eoui-He, 
routine; pi ubeiit price, proHut month, mHtant 
Le du, warche , Uui market pneo. Le <h>$ 
affaires, tho < i ourHo of affaire, Eiie an dex 
nouvelleb } to know the ne,wa ol the day. Tcnir 
quelqitfun au dt> ; (com.) to keep any omi eon- 
stantly advised of. Sc wltr? <m de , to ac- 
quaint one'n fteli with. Fm ; (eoni.) at th 
end of the present month, Jtin ; eurnonly, in 
haste. Jc vout> /icndra-i au ; I'll lot, "you 
know, 1 '11 keep you mlormod, 

COUiante, fl./'., courant (a kind of danee,); 
running-hand (of writing); (1. ex.) looKeimwH, r(i- 

courtage, w.w., bending, curving. 
*courtoarll, .i., locuBi-troe. Jfala d<< ; lo- 

courbatu, -e, adj., (vot.) foniultired ; knock* d 
up; stiff m the joints; (med.) aJTee-tod witli lum- 
bago Jcwie sens (out ; 1 feel Htit'l" and bruu.ed 
all over. 

courbature, ??./., (vet ) foundering, lanunieHu ; 
(rned.) stiil'nosH in tho buck and Ihubn, lum- 

courbaturer, ?>,//., to knock up ; to mako any 
one feel still all over. A'o ~ ; to knock one- 
self tp , to got knocked up. 

courbe, <//., cm ved, bout, crookcul. 

courbe, w./., curve (nav., carp ) kieo ; (vet.) 
curb; turn (in a road). 

courbement, n^n., beiKling, 
0courbe"ment, </., ourvemy, crookedly. 

courber, iut n to hon<3, to warp, to moke 
crooked, to curve, to Incurvato; (tcioh.) to sag, 
to bow down, to weigh down. Cour&t tfa vint* 
lesse ; bent with age. 8a tvuir com M ; to atonp. 




se courber, v r , to bend, to bow , to stoop ; to 
bow down. 

courber, >.., to bo\\, to bend. 

courbet, n.m. t bill-hook ; bow of a pack-sad- 

COUTbette, ./., (man.) curvet ; cringing, bow- 
ing and scraping. 17 fait des $ ; he bows and 
scrapes and cringes. 

COlirbetter, v n , (man ) to curvet. 

courbure, w/ M curve, curvature, bendmg, 
curvation, bend ; (tech ) sagging. 
*courcailler, v n., to cry like a quail. 
*courcaillet, n.m , cry of the quail ; quail-pipe. 

courclve, n f. V. coursive 

courc.011, n.m., (aitil.) iron hoop, band. 

COUreau, .?w., stiait, channel; yawl. 

Gourde, /, or courai, n.m., (nav.) stuff to 
pay a ship's bottom, grading 

coureur, w.i., runner, racer ; courser, hun- 
ter; light-poitei , iiinmng footman, groom, 
gadder; rambler, rover, stroller, inconstant 
lover ; rake, libertine ; (nailit ) skirmisher ; scout. 

de sermons, sermon hunter. de nuit f 
man who keeps late hours. de cachets ; visit- 
ing tutor, master. 

coureuse, /., gadder, street- walker. de 
cachets , visiting or daily goveiness. 

coure-vite or court-vite, w.m., () (orni ) 

COUrge, nj , gourd, pumpkin ; yoke (to carry 
pails). & la moelle , squash. 

COUrir (courant, couru), v.n., to run ; to 
hasten, to hunt, to run after, to lamble, to 
gad abroad, to run about, to rove, to run up and 
down; to flow, to stream, to nm on; to run 
along, to extend, to stretch; to prevail, to be 

rvalent, to be about, abroad ; to go round ; to 
cuirent, to circulate, to be reported, (nav.) 
to sail h toutcs, to run as fast as 
possible ; at the top ot one's speed. a bride 
abattue; to ride full gallop. apres; to run 
after. Devaiicer en courant ; to outrun. ca 
et Ih ; to mn about, up and down; to gad about. 
IJannfa qm court; the present year. An 
temps, par lu tenryps, qui court ; as times go now- 
adays. La monnaie qui court ; current money. 
La mode <}iii court ; the prevailing fashion, Le 
bruit cow tqu? debt ntort; there IB a report that he 
is dead. 11 court lam des maladies , there is much 
illness about. h ISautre bord ; (nav ) to stand 
upon the other tack. nu large; to stand off. 

h sn perte ; to hasten to one's ruin. h 
Vhdpitttl ; to be ruining one's self. aw* ctrm es ; 
to ny to arms. sw le, 'ituirchJs de guelqitfun ; 
to outbid any one. hsafln; to draw to an 
end. Faue des bruits; to spread reports. 
fa ire une mnt,6 ; to make a toast go round. 

courlr, ?'.</., to run after, to pursue ; to 
travel over , to hunt ; to frequent ; to infest ; to 
expose one's self, to run, to take. Ics rues ; 
to run about the Htroote. / pretimtaine; to 
gad about. Ics bals, les t/itifitrcs ; to frequent 
balln, theatres. fepays; fco rove, to^ stroll 
about. le montff t to travel, fitrefou h les 
ruesor Zes eJmwp& ; to be as mad as a March hare. 

hipo&te ; to do a thing precipitately. sa in'ttr/t- 
ieme, ann&n ; to bo in one's twentieth year. /<" 
plat pays i la mw; to be a pirate. leweme 
vi&iirft ; to bo engaged hi the same pursuit. 
mfane, fortune,; to be in the same boat, 

courlleu or courlis, n.?., (onri.) curlew. 

couronne, ,/., crown, coronet; wreath; 
(anat,, arch,, astron,, conch., hort., hxnut.) 
crown; crown (of the teeth); crown (a coin); 
(vet.) coronet; (fort.) crown work; (of paper) 
large foolscap; (of a lamp) chimney-holder, 
cimqw; civic crown. d'tipines; crown of 
thorns, La* du martyrs ; the crown of mar- 
tyrdom. f)wrner um - ; to award a wreath. 

imp&riala ; (bofc.) crown-Imperial. depieu ; 

head of a stake. des bles ; rose-campion. 
Domaine, de la ; crown-lauds. C'est If phi& 
beaufleuron de sa , it is the brightest je\vel ui 
Ins cio\vn. Trailer de a , to treat as from 
sovereign to sovereign. mattimontah , (hist, 
of Scotland) matrimonial crown. 

ccraronne', -e,part., crowned, capped, encom- 
passed ; (vet ) broken-kneed ; (arch.). Arbi e\ 
tree the top of which is withering. Cheval ; 
broken-kneed horse. 

couronnement (koo-ro-n-man), n.m , crown- 
ing, coronation; completion, crowning, coping 
(of walls) ; cap (of blocks) , (nav ) tattrail of a 

couronner, v.a., to crown; to decree a 
ciown , to award a prize , to wreath ; (arch.) to 
cap. deftntrs , to crown with flowers. La 
fin couronne Vceuvre ; all 's well that ends well. 
^couronner, >?'., to be crowned, to uear a 
crown ; to begin to wither at the top (of trees), 
to be broken-kneed, to come down (of a horse). 

couronnure, w./ M crown (on a stag's head). 

courre, n.m., (hunt.) starting-place ; hunting 
or coursing countiy. 

COUrre, v a. , (hunt.) to run ; to hunt. Laissei 
; to slip the hounds. 

courrier, n.m , courier, post, post-boy, mes- 
senger. de la malle; mail-cart driver. Jour 
de ; post-day. Par le de ce join ; by to- 
day's post. Par le i etour du or par retour de ; 
by return of post. L^heure du ; post-time. 
Faire son ; to write one's letters. Lire or 
depouiller son ; to read one's letters. 

courrl&re, w/., (l.u.) wanderer; forerunner, 
harbinger , messenger 

courroi, n.m , roller, tenter (used by dyers). 

courrole, ./., strap, thong; belt, band 
AUonger la , to make the most of one's money. 
Se) ) er la qnelquhm ; to curtail any one's 
allowance. Lacker la ; to give rein, to give 

courroucer, v.., to provoke to anger, to in- 
cense; to irritate. JFlots conrrouces; angry 
s<? courroucer, v.r., to become angry. 

coiirroux, n.m , wrath, anger, rage. Eire 
en , to be angry. 

courroyage, n m , tentermg. 

courroyer, vt , to tenter, to stietch stuffs 
just dyed. 

courroyeur, n ?,, one who stretches stuffs 
just dyed. 

C0\irs, n.m., course, stream, current, running, 
vent, scope ; public drive ; vogue ; currency (of 
coin) ; progress , continuation ; term, space ; 
lectures, course of lectures ; (com ) market 
price ; (nav.) voyage. Donner un hbre a sa 
furew ; to give full vent to one's anger. Le 
du sol HI est d" 1 orient en accident ; the course of 
the sun is from east to west. Cfi bruit a en ; 
the rumor was current. Donner a ; to give 
ourxencyto. Salle de ; lecture-room, faire 
un ; to give a course of lectures Suivre mi ; 
to attend a course of lectures. Ce jeune hoimne 
a jini ses ; this young man has finished his 
studies. rfVtfw/ stream, watercourse, 
de venire , loosenoss of the bowels. Avoir son 
; to take its course (of a disease). I6gal ; 
legal tender. Derniw ; closing price. Premier 
; opening price. Obtenir le ; (com.) to 
command, a price. Voyage de long ; ocean 
travel; voyage to foreign partrt, 

course, w./., race, running; run; career; tilt; 
coursing, hunting, chase; cruise, cruising, in- 
cursion, privateering ; journey, walk ; excursion, 
jaunt; romul, call, errand; tour; fare; course; 
(nav.) cruise ; length of the stroke (of a piece of 
machinery). 72 est Ug&r a la ; he is a swift 
runner. Surpass&r h la ; to outran. ~ 
bague; running at the ring. de 




horse-race. Champ de; race-course. au 
clocher ; steeple-chase. Une a pied; a foot- 
race. de chars; chariot-race. de hates, 
hurdle-race. Alter en , to go upon a ciuise. 
Vaisseau aime en , ship armed for cruising, 
privateer. Eire en ; to be out. Faire des 
s ; to go on errands, to pay calls. Fa^^ e um 
a cheval , to take a ride Fa^^ e untt a 
pied,' to walk out on foot. Prendte un jiacie 
a la ; to take a hackney coach by the drive. 
Lutte a, la ; foot-match. 

coursier, n m., charger, steed , (uav.) bow, 
bow-chase ; float-board. 

coursive, /., (nav.) waist; passage, half- 

COUTSOH, n rn., shoot cut down to three or 
four eyes ; vine-shoot. 

COUTt, -e, adj., short ; scanty, brief, concise, 
curt, succinct, narrow, limited. Etie d'ai- 
gent, to be short of money. Avon la vue e , 
to be near-sighted. II est levenu avec sa e 
honte ; he came back unsuccessful. 11 veut la Jaw e 
e et bonne; he wishes to have a shoit but 
a merry life. 

court, n.m , the shortest way. Savon le 
et le long d^une affaii e , to know the long and the 
short of an affair. Pi endre le plus , to take 
the shortest way. 

COlUt, adv.) short. S'aireter font , to stop 
short. Tournei ; to turn shoit. Pouilejanc 
, to be shoit. Couper a qitelqitfun, to cut 
any one short. Demeurer tout , to stop short 
Tenir quelqifiin, de , to keep anyone under. 
Toui"\ only that, and no more, A de; short 

courtage, n.m , (com.) business of a broker ; 
brokerage, commission de change, bill- 
brokerage. Faiie le ; to carry on the business 
of a broker. 

court and, -e, ctdj.) thick-set, dumpy ; docked, 
crop-eared (of dogs, horses). Mnllet quetqifun 
n cMen ; to give any one a good licking, 

courtaud, n.m , -e, n / , short, thick-set pei- 
BOn. de boutique ; shop drudge, counter- 
jumper. [In the latter sense, cowtaud is not 
used in the feminine.] 

courtauder, v a., to dock, to crop (horses, 

#COUrt-DOUillon> , (~s s) a wine sauce 
to boil fish in. 

court-bouton, n. m., (s-s) peg (of a 

COUTte-botte, n.m , (5 s) slmmp of a fel- 

courte-fooule, n f , short bowls. 

courte-haleine, ./., shortness of breath, 

courtement, adv , (l.u.) shortly, briefly. 
*courte-paille, nf., cut (wisp of straw). 
Tirer & la, , to draw cuts, lots. 

courtepointe, n./., counterpane, quilt. 

couitepointier (-tie"). w.m., quilt-maker 

courier, v a., to buy and sell as a broker, to 
act as a commission agent. 

courtier (-tie"), n.m., broker; agent. de 
change; bill-bi oker, money-broker. nonbre- 
vete, matron; unlicensed broker. inan- 
time ; ship-brokei . pour les denrees colonialcs ; 
colonial broker. d* assurances, d* actions > in- 
surance, share, broker. pour les sucies; 
sugar-broker. de manage; matrimonial 
agent, electoral , electioneering agent , can- 

courtlere, n.f., matrimonial agent, go-be- 

courtil, n.m , croft (small field). 

courUliere, n.f., mole-cricket. 
*courtille, ,/., tea-gardens. 

courtine, ./., (fort.) curtain. 

courtisan, n.m., courtier. 

courtisane, #/., courtesan. 

courtisanerie, /, couit flattery, toadyism. 

courtisanesque, adj , courtier-like. 

courtiser, v a , to court, to pay court to, to 
woo, to flatter. une fenwie; to make love 
to a woman. 

court-Joint^, -e, adj , ( s] short-jointed. 

court-manclier, v ci , (cook ) to skewer. 

court-monte, -e, <idj , low-backed (of horses). 

courtois, -e, adj , courteous, polite, well- 
bred. Aimes es ; blunt anus. 

conrtoisement (-toaz-man), adv.^ in a cour- 
teous manner, courteously. 

courtoisie, nj., comteousness, couitej-y, 
kindness, good tiun. 

ct, courts jours, adv , having a few days to rvn 
(of bills). Lethe de change a ; bill which 
has but a few days to um. 

court- vetu, -e, adj , ( 5) in short petti 


court-vite, n *., ( ). V. coure-vlte. 

COUSCOUS, n,m.) (up,) coufacous (Aiabian 

couseuse, n/, sewei, stitcher (of books). 

cousin, n.m , -e, nj., coiibin; friend, crony. 
get main ; first cousin, cousin germau. au 
trotsienie degie , third cousin. 

cousin, n m , (ent.) gmit. 

cousinage, n w , relationship of cousins, re- 
lation, kmdied. 

cousiner, t> a , to call cousin. 
se cousiner, r r , to call one another cousin. 

cousiner, v n , to spunge, to live on others, 
to be friends, cronies 

cousinerie (koo-zi-n-rt), ?>/., host of cousins. 

cousmiere, n /., gnat- veil, moHqm to-net 

couscir, n.m., (book-bind.) wowing-press 

coussin, n.m , cushion, hassock, pad; (niin., 
surg ) bolster de wue; bed of a camion. 

COUSSinet, n.m , small cunhion; pad, iron 
wedge, (surg) bolstei , (arch) cunhioii, (rail- 
ways) chau, pillion (ot saddlea), (bot.) whortle- 
berry, cranberry. 

cousu, -e, pa 1 ) t , sewed, stitched , soniued , 
closed Ses jfinessw* aont cou&ucs dc fit bl<mc ; 
his tricks are very shallow. Jtouehe cousin*; 
mum's the word. JUtre (Paryent, to bo roll- 
ing m money. 

cout, n in,, (iur ) cost, charge; price, < k xpcuiHe. 

coutant, adj , ot the cowl. JL*nx T~; prime 

couteau, n,m., knife, 0short swoxd, daggcir 
-A decouper, A d&pewr, earvinff-kinfe. A 
-xtires; &t daggers drawn pliant; olanp- 
knife, & report; spring-kiufd. A deux 
traiichawts; two-edged knife. Planchc <\ JT ; 
knife-board. Doinwi itn coup de h quelqiP wi ; 
to stab anyone with a knife Atgitiscr aas ; 
to pi'epare for the eugagoitient. jwiynrtrd ,* 
dagger-knife. Jin en sont & x in ex; tiioy are 
at daggers drawn. 

coutelas (koo-tifi), n.m , cutlass. 

coutelior, w.w., cntlor. 

couteliere, n /., knifo-cano, cutlor's wife, 

coutellerie (koo-tcl-ri), w,/,, cutler's whop; 
cutlery, cutler's ware. 

couter, v,n., to cost; to stniul iu; to be ox- 
pensive; to be painful, trouble KOUIO, inortiiying; 
to be an effort, a trial. // ltd ot route bwtucoitp 
dfi dire cela , it is veiy painful to him to way 
that. L'arf/enl ne Iwi w&te rlwij he known ot 
the value ot money. Qw coUe-t-il de swlwiitfr f 
there is nothing so easy as wishing, Tout tin 
co&te; everything Is an effort to Mm. Cofae 
que cofate ; come what may; at any price. /Wm 
mini co&te; he spares no trouble; lie atieku at 

couter, t'.ff., to cost. Cda liti (to&ta la Me ; 
that cost her her life, or him hin Hi. 

couteusement, adv., expensively, 




coiiteu-x, -se, adj., expensive, costly. 

GOUtier (-tie 1 ), n.m f , tick-maker. 

coutil (koo-ti), n. ?., ticking, duck. Fil de 
, drill 

COUtre, n.m., plow -share, coulter, (nav.) 

coutrier, n.m., subsoil-plow 

COUtume, n /., custom , habit , practice, 
usage; Qtax, collection of customs. Selon ma 
, according to my custom Comnie de , as 
usual. Avon de ; to be accustomed to Une 
jois n'est pas ; once does not constitute a 
habit, one swallow does not make a summer. 

COUtumi-er, -fere, adj., common, ordinary, 
customary, accustomed, used, wonted, habitual. 
Pays ; country go veined by common law. II 
est dufait; it is not the fm>t time he has done 
it, he is an old offender, an old hand 
Qcoutumier, n.m., customary (book of common 

couture, ./., seam, sewing, stitching, scai 
Rabattie les s; to flatten the seams 7/6' out 
ete battus ci plate , they were beaten hollow. 
ouverte; (nav.) open &eam. 

couturer, #<z.,to scam. II a IG visage cou- 
ture ; Ins face is seamed, scarred. 

couturier, n. and adj. m , (anat ) sartonous 
muscle , tailor's muscle ; sempster, sewer , ladies' 

couturiere, n./, dressmaker, seamstress, 

couvage, n.m., brooding, sitting-. 

couvain, n.m., eggs of bees, orot bugs , breed- 
mg-eells, etc. 

couvaison, n.f , brooding-tune, sitting. 

COUV<58, nf., nest of eggs, biood, covey, (b,s ) 
generation, progeny. JD'iuie ; at one biood. 

COUVent, n.m., convent, monasfeery, nunnery 

COUVor, v a., to sib on, to hatch, to biood on, 
to incubate,, to biood, to brew. quelqitfun des 
yeuv; to look tenderly at anyone, to devour 
with one's eyes, to gloat over. de mauwns 
dessems; to brew evil designs. um maladic , 
to be sickening for an illness, 
w couver, v.r , to brood, to sit, to lie hid, to 

couver, v.n., to brood, to sit, to lie hid, to 
lurk; to smolder, to prepare secretly, 

couvercle, n m , cover, lid, (tech ) cap, 

couverseau, n.m., drum-cover (of a null). 

convert, n.m., dinner things; breakfast 
things; cover (plate, spoon, knife, and fork), 
case (containing a spoon, knife, and fork) , shel- 
ter; covert, shady place, thicket;; cover, wrapper 
Melt t e le , to lay the cloth. Oter le ; to 
remove the cloth, to clear the table. Don tier le 
- a qw'lqu? un ; to shelter anyone. Table de 
d'lK s; table laid for ten. U)i de pi its ; 
another knife and fork. 

couvert, -e, part., covered; (fort.) covered, 
hid, hidden, sociot; close, concealed; cloudy, 
overcast (of the weather); obscure, ambiguous 
(oi words); clad, (loop - colored (of wine) 
<l<* plates ; covered with noraa. // cut ton jours 
biflti ; ho is always well clothed. Hfots ?/ 
ambiguous words* A mots s; in innuendoes 
P<iy$ j woody country. Chcniin ; (fort.) 
covert-way. Lieu , shady place. Temps , 
cloudy weather. A ; under cover; sheltered, 
fttiouro. $& wttt'G ft , to shelter one's self. 
jijfj (> fc .; to have good security, to be safe. 

couverto, n,f , glaze, glazing. 
Qcouvertement, adv., covertly, secretly. 

couverture, wj> cover (of a book); wrapper, 
covurlttl, counterpane, quilt, bed-clothes; blan- 
keting ; rug, cloak, blind ; (com.) guaranty, secur- 
ity. delaine; blanket. de c/twal; horse- 
cloth. piaidta; quilt. de smite; saddle- 
cloth, Jftwre la j to turn down the bed. 

COUvertUller, n M , blanket-maker. 

couvet, n m , earthenware foot-stove. 

couveuse, n.f., brooding-hen. 

COUVi, adj , addle, addled. (Eitf , rotten 

couvoir, n.m , mcubator. 

couvre-clief, . m , ( s) covering for the 

head, headgear, head-dress, kerchief. 

couvre-feu, n /., ( ) cm few, curfew-bell; 
fire-cover, fire-plate. 

couvre-lumiere, n m., ( s) (artil ) apron. 

couvre-pieds, n m , ( ) foot-coverlet 

CQUVre-plat, n m , ( 5) dish-cover 

couvreur, n m., tiler, slater. encudoue, 
slater. en chaume; thatcher. en tittles, 

COUVlir (couvrant, couvert), v a , to cover; 
to envelop, to wrap up, to muffle up; (com., 
miht.) to covei, (of horse) to beive, to leap, to 
excuse, to palliate, to defray (expenses), to 
overflow, to overspread, to overrun, to protect; 
to copulate, to cloak, to keep secret, to dis- 
guise. un toil ; to roof. de honte , to load 
with shame. safaute , to palliate one's fault. 
U)i bon geneial doit savotr sa maicke, a 
good general should know how to conceal his 

se COUvril 1 , v.r , to cover oneself, to put on 
one's hat, to be covered , to cover or defend 
oneself , to conceal oneself , to get under covei , 
to be overcast (of the weathei) , to reim- 
burse oneself. Couvi PZ-VOU? , put your hat on 
Le temps se couvie; the weathei is becoming 

covenant (kov-nan), n m , covenant. 

covenantaire, n.w., covenanter. 

covendeu-r, n.m., -se, /., joint- vendor. 

COWPOX, n.m., cow-pox. 

coxal, adj., (anat.) of the hip, coxal, iliac. 

crabe ? n. m., ciab. 

crabier, n.m , crab-eater. 

Ciac, int.) creaking noise, crack, pop ! / le 
voilct, paiti; he was off m the twinkling of an 
eye ! or before you could say Jack Robinson ! 
Mon&teur dc , Baron Munchausen. 

craohat, nm., spittle, expectoration ; slight 
materials (of buildings); star, grand cioss. 

cracheznent (krash-man), n.m., spitting. 
de bung ; spitting of blood 

crache, -e, pat t adj. Tout , toute e; the 
very image ot, the dead spit of. 

cracher, ?;.., to spit, to spit out, to utter, to 
come out with, to come down with, to fork out 
(money). du colon , (pop ) to have a thirst on. 

cracher, v.n,, to spit, to sputter (of speech, 
of pens). au bassin; to contribute au 

nez, aw visage, de (juelgu'un; to spit in any- 

. " ......... 

dgu'un; t 
one's face, en Pair; to bo hoist "with one~'s 

own petal d C^cst h dessus; it is a mean, 
despicable thing. 

cracheu-r, n.m , -se, t/, spitter. 

crachoir, ./., spittoon 

crachotement, n m., fiequent spitting. 

crachotor, v n., to spit often 

craie, n/., chalk. Muiqiiei avec de la , to 

cra'ior, n.m., (nav.) pole-maHted vessel. 

craillement, w./w.., cawmg (of crows). 

crailler, v n , to caw. 

craindre (craignant, craint), v.a., to fear, to 
apprehend; to be afraid of, to dread, to stand 
in awe or fear of; to be afraid; to dislike; to be 
unable to bear II ctdint d^QtrG d&couvert , he 
is afraid of being discovered. II craint gue w 
femme we weure , he fears his wife will die. Je 
ne crains pas de le dire; I do not hesitate to say 
so. Cc,s arbres crctngnent le froid ; these trees 
dmul the cold. Se faire de quelqu'un; to 
be held in dread by anyone. A ; to beJteared; 
; to be avoided. 




crainte, /., fear, dread, awe, apprehension. 
Retetur qwlqu'un par la , to keep anyone m 
awe. Sans , fearlessly. Avec , learfully, 
m terror, in dread. de, dte -de, ioi-fear 
of. Z>e que , for fear of, for fear that, lest. 
D e _ tfetie swpns; for fear of being sui prised. 
rj e qtfil ne lejasse , lest he should do it. 

craiiti-f, -ve, adj., feaiful, appiehensive, 
tmud, timorous, cowaidly. 

eraintivement, adv , fearfully, timorously. 
*cramailler, n.m., (liorl.) notch- wheel 

craznbe or crampe', n.m., (bot.) colza, sea 

cramoisi, n m , crimson. 

crainoisi, -e, adj., ciimson ; red, scailet 

crampe, n.J , cranip , cramp-fish, numb-fish , 
(nav.) cramp-iron, hook of a block. Avon de* 
s d'estomac f giipmg ; cramping. Tirer sa , 
(pop ) to bolt, to run away. 

crampon, n.m., (bot.) fulcrum, prop ; (fai- 
neiy) calkin , (hort.) climbing-spur , (mach ) 
click , cramp-iron, cramp-hook , hold-fast ; grap- 
pling iron , brace. defer a cheval f frost- nails 
of a horseshoe. 

cramponne', -e, part i clinging to , (her.) hav- 
ing halt a potence at both ends, cramponee , 
(farriery) with calkins 

crarnponner, v.a , to cramp, to fasten with a 
cramp-iron. un cheval; to shoe a horse with 
frost-nails, calkins. 

se cramponner, v.r., to cling, to hold fast, to 
fasten to anything, to cling like grim death to 

cramponnet, n. m., little cramp-iron, tack, 
loop. de tatgette, lock staple. 

cran,, notch ; cog , (bot.) scurvy-grass, 
cochleana, hoise-radish ; (print.) nick, (vet) 
notch, ridge. D^un , by a notch. Baissn' 
<3?un , to take a peg lower. Monter (Pun ; 
to rise a peg higher. 

crane, n.m., skull, brain-pan, cranium , (pop ) 
madcap, swaggerei , blusterer, adj., bold, brave , 
famous, capital, spicy. 

cranement, adv , swaggermgly ; capitally, m 
style, famously, fearlessly, unblushmgly. 

cranerie (crS-n-ri), nf , (pop) swaggering, 
blustering, vaporing. 

crangon, n.m , shrimp. 

craniologie or cranologie, M/., craniology. 

craniologique, adj., eramological 

craniologiste, n.m., ciamologist. 

craniometre, n.m. } cramometer. 

craniome"trie, n.f., craniometry. 

craniom)trique. adj., craniometrical. 

crauloscopie, nf , cranioscopy. 

cranologie, n.f. F. craniologie. 

cranson, n.m,, scurvy-grass, 

crapaud, n.m, , toad ; urchin, brat, fellow ; 
low-seat chair, (artil.) mortar-carnage ; (vet.) 
crepane, maltworm. La, bave d^uii , toad- 
spittle. C^est un vilaiu ; he is a mean, despi- 
cable fellow. II cst charge (V argent comwc im 
deplumes,' all the money he has he can put in 
his eye. - de gomernail ; (nav.) goose-neck. 
de mer ; toad-fish ; hog-fish. jpechem f fi&hing 
frog. volant; churn-owl. de tunonj pole- 
end (of a carriage). 

*crapaudaille, w./., a gang of vagabonds, riff- 
raff. V cre'podaille. 

crapaudifere, n./., toad-hole ; (fig.) low, 
wampy place. 

crapaudine, ./., (min ) bufonite, toad-stone, 
wolf's-tooth , leaden grating , valve of an escape 
pipe ,- (vet.) crepane, crack ; (bot. )sideritis, iron- 
wort , (mec.) socket. A la ; cut open and 
broiled ; spatch-cocked. 

crapelet, w.w., young toad ; toadlet. 

crapone, n/., (hori.) square flat file. 

crapoussin, n.m,, -e, n.f, scrubby little man 
or woman, dwarf, bloated little shrimp. 

crapllle, n f , low vulgar debauchery , intern - 
peiance , gluttony, drunkenness , low, debauched 
people; blackguards 

crapuler, ?'.?., to live in vice, to fuddle or 
drink hard, to give one's self up to all sorts 
of low debauchery 

cmpuleusement, adv , dissolutely. 

crapuleu-X, -se, <(/., drunken, intemperate, 
vulgar, debauched , grossly vicious, dissolute. 

craque, n,f., iib, humbug, fudge, bouncer. 
mt , crack, bang. 

craquele, -e, adj., ciackled, fissured (of 

craqueler, v.n , to crack , to crackle (of 

craquelin (kra-klm), n m , ci acknel 

craquelot (kra-klo), n ., led-horrnig 

craqueloti-er, nm,, -ere (kra-klo-tier), ./, 

craquelure, v f , fissuie, crack (in china). 

craquement (krak-man), n 'in , crack, crack- 
ing noi&e, crunching ; crepitation, ci eakmg, snap- 
ping (of tiees, boughs). U)i de itcnttt ; a 
chattering of the teeth. 

craquer, v,n,, to cieak, to crunch, to crack, to 
ciackle, to snap , to chatter (of the teeth) ; to tell 
a lie, to boast, to draw the long bow. Faira 
scs (toigts ; to make one's fingerw snap. 

craquerie, 11 J , ciackmg, boasting, drawing 
the long bow, fiction, stoiy, nb, fudge. 

craquetement. n ///., crackling, gabbling (of 
the stork and other birds). 

craqueter (kra-kt<5), v n , to crackle, to ciepi- 
tate ; to gabble (of some buds) Le luurwr era- 
qnete aufeit, , laurel crackl<\s in the fire. 

craquette, n J , notch (of a tailor) , scum (on 
melted butter) 

craqueu-r, n m , -se, n.f., noisy, boasting 
fellow , bouncer, braggart. 

erase, 11 /. , (gi am ) crasiH, conti action of two 
syllables into one , (med ) cniHis. 

crasiologie, ?/,/., crasiology. 

crassane, w ./ , cresano (a Hort of pear). 

crasse, n / , dnt, filth, scurf ; wjualor , ixig- 
gardlmess, &tmgmuHa ; coat of illtli, layer of 
dht; nibticity, bad mamiorH, (of coalti) abhos, 
ciudeis dc la tvtr , daiulruif. La > t/es 
wetaiix ; thedrosfi, BCUUI, Hoalo, of luetaln. 

crasse, adj., gross, thick, coarHo, crass. Unc, 
ignorance , gross or cniHB ignorance. 

crassef, <i , to ioul, to dirty (of nro-anns). 
se crasser, v.r,, to become foul (of nro-arniB). 

crasseu-x, -se, <ufj , dirty, filthy, nanty, wqualitl, 
rusty ; sordid, stingy, mean Ckcvntx ; groaoy 

crassou-x, n w.,-se,w./, sloven, lut; niggard, 
miser, skinflint. Un ; a filthy follow. 

crassule, ,./,, (bot.) craKHiila. 

cratere, n.m., (geol.) crater; (anti<i.) bowl, 
cup ; (astron.) Grater, Cup, 

crauculation, n.f., (paint.) squaring. 

craticuler, v.a., (paint.) to tujuaro. V. gratt- 

cratlrites, n./. pi, wild Grecian %H. 

craup^cherot or corbeau pocheur, .W M 
(ortn.) bald-buzzard, oaproy, fiahiiig-<^agl(*. 

cravache, n.f., horsewhip, riding-whip, 

cravan, n,m., (orni.) brent-barnac-lw, brand" 
goose, brent, 

cravate, n.f., cravat, nook-tie, neckcloth, 
neckerchief ; (of curtaine) band. - (f>wi dr<i- 
peau ; knot of a flagstaff. towym ; wcarf. 

cravate, n.m., Croat ; Croatian horao. M$yi- 
mcnt de */ formerly rogimeiit of light tiavalry? 
regiment of Cx-oats, adj., Croatian. C'fwmtl ; 
Croatian horse. 

cravater, v.a., to put any one'a neck-tie oa 
for him ; to go round the neck ; fco fit, 
se cravater, v.r., to put on oue'0 neck-tie. 

crayere, n./., chalk-pit. 




crayeu-x, -se, adj., chalky. 

crayon, n m , chalk ; pencil , pencil drawing, 
poitiait in crayons , description of a person, 
manner, style , sketch, lough-draft, outline 
now f blacklead-peucil. tVaniois? , .slate- 
pencil. de pa&tel ; pastel, crayon. AJfutei 
un , domier une pointe a un , to point a 
pencil. Au , in pencil 

crayonner, v-a , to draw with a pencil , to 
sketch rudely or imperfectly , to &ketch, to 
trace the outline, to chalk, to delineate ; to paint 

crayonneur, n.m., (b.s.) dauber. 

crayonneu-s, -se, act/., chalky 

ere", ad) , abbreviation ot sacie. 

cr^adler, n //?., sort of diag-net 

cre~ance, n.f , credence, credit, trust, belief , 
debt, money owing ; influence ; (hunt ) com- 
mand. Lcttrcs de ; letter of credence, cre- 
dentials. Lettre de , letter of credit. Donna 

a une chose ; to give credit to a thing Chien 
de bonne ; dog well in hand. Oiscau de pen 
de ; (hawking) bud that will not come back 
to its master. 

cre'aiicl-er, n ?>., -fere, n /"., creditor ; (jur.) 
covenantee, obligee hypoth&caire; mortgagee. 

impoTtun; dim 

creati ?i.w., (man.) riding-master's as&ibtant. 

cre'ateur, n.m , creator, maker. 

cre*at-eur, -rice, ad/ , creative, creating, in- 
ventive II a la g&me ; he has an inventive 

cre'atine, n /". (chem ) cieatme 

creation, n /,, creation , ptoduction ; foun- 
dation ; establishment. 

creature, w/., creature, thing; dependant, 
0cre*bebe, n.m V. ctibebe. 

crenelle, n.f,, rattle 

cre~cerelle, /*./., (orni.) kesticl, wmdhovei. 

creche, w./ M creche, manger, crib; day-nur- 
sery; foundling-hospital, (arch.) atarlinp. 

credence, ?i,/., ciedonce, ciedence-table ; but- 
tery, pantry, safe. 

crddencioi.*) ?&,/-., pautlor, clerk of the buttery, 

credibility, n.f , ci edibility. 

credit, 7i.m., credit , tiust ; authonty, intei- 
est, influence, patronage, sway, power ; repute, 
esteem, name, vogue, favor, request LctlrG dc 

; letter of credit. Fa ire , ventlw, donner, h 
, to credit, to give trust, to give ciedit. Omn n 
un & gttel(/u l> un ; to open an account with any 
one. 11 (i bou ; his credit is good. Avoir 
en banqua ; to havo funds in the bank, ffaira 

de la, main ft la bourn? f to trust no farther 
than one can HOC, cst wort ; old Trust is dead. 
Ccta Vd mis oi ; that brought him into repute. 
JStrv en, iirandt >; to bo in high repute. A ; 
on credit, on trust; to no purpono; gratuitously, 
without proof, without ground, at random. Avoir 
<ltt ; to have influence. 

creditor, iu/,, to trust, to outer upon the 
cre<lit (of an. account), to credit. JSfr? crkdilb 
mr une, 'villa / to liavo lettora of credit on a town, 

cr^diteur, W.OT., cr<ditor. 

cr^diteur, adj. (Jotnpta ; crectifcoi's account. 

credo, n,m,, ( ) croud, boiiof. 

cx^lule, </y., credulouH, easy of belief. 

cr^dulement, adv., with credulity, credu- 

credulit^ /., credulity. 

Gi'tfar, ?.., to create ; to invent; to imagine; 
to produce ; to btigot ; to appoint ; to establish. 

un cfwvdlivr; to dub a knight. une rente ; 
fco invest funds for an annuity. *SV des moyfns ; 
to tod means. S des rewowors ; to find 

*cr^maillfero,w./., hook poWianger. pot-hook; 
(horl.) rack ; (teoli*) rack, toothed rack. La 

d">une cnc , the rack of a screw-jack. Chaise a , 
bpi ing-back chan. Pcndre la ; to give a 
house-warming. Aller pendie la ; to go to a 
^cremailion, n.?., small pot-hook. 

cr^master, n and adj. m., (anat.) cremaster. 

cremation, n f., cremation. 

creme, n f , cream , the best part of a thing, 
the cream. Jouettec , whiptcieam. Fiomage 
a la , cream-chee&e. de tmtre , cream of 
taitar. Pot h ; cream-jug. 

crement, n.m., (gram.) mciease (of a word). 

cremer, v n , to cream, to gather cream. 

cremene, n J , milk-shop, dairy. 

cremeu-s, -se, (// , cieamy. 

cr^mi-er, n m., -fere, nj., milkman, milk- 
woman, dairy man or woman /, cream-jug, 
*cr^mdlle, /., ward (of a look). 

cremone, n m., a Cremona violin. 

cremone, ?i J , window-fastening, spring. 

cranage, n nt,, (lettei-founding) kernmg. 

cr^ne, -e, wc/y., (bot.) cienated, indented. 

creneau, n tn , battlement, embrasure, loop- 

cre'nelage, n.m., (com ) uiillmg. 

crenel^, -e, pa\t adj., (hei.) embattled; 
loop-holed; indented, notched, (of wheels) 
cogged; (of coins) nulled, (bot.) denticulated, 

cre"neler (kr<5-n-lt), v a , to embattle, to loop- 
hole, to indent, to notch. une tone, to tooth, 
to cog, a wheel. une piece de monnaie; to 
null a piece of money. 

cr^nelure (kr5-n-lur), ?z./,, crenelation; 
notching, (anat.) indentation, (bot.) crenature; 

crener, v.a., (type-founding) to kern. 

crenerie, n J , (type-founding) kerning. 

crenilabre, n.m., (ich.) gold-finny. 

cr6nom, wit., by G-eorge 1 by Jove ! hang it J 

cre*non, n ni , first splitting of a block of 

crenuld, -e, <://., notched, mdentated, crenu- 

crdriure, n/,, (print.) hole in the bar of a 

Creole, 7i, w./., Creole; We&t Indian. 

creosote, w/., (chem.) cieosote. 

crepage, w.y., glossing of crape, crisping. 

crepe, n,m., crape; (fig.) vail II porte un 

ct son chapcau, he wears a crape hat-band. 

crdpfi; crisped crape fo&se/ smooth 
ci ape. 

crepe, n./., pancake 

creper, v.a., to crisp, to crape, to frizzle. 
Cheveux m'ep&s; fwzzed hair. 

crepi, n.m.) rough-cast, parget. 
,ramj5-cre"piil, n.7ii., Saint Crispin, kit (of a 
journeyman shoemaker). Petdie son satnf ; 
to loB one's all. 

cre"plne, M./., fringe (woven on the top), caul 
covering the bowels of sheep. A , fringy. 

cr^pir, v.a., to parget, to rough-cast, to plas- 
ter. In cmr; to work leather in grain, to 
pummel a hide on the fiefcJr Bide. lv crtn , to 
crisp hair. 

cr^pissa^e, n.n., (mas.) plastering, parget- 
tmg, rough-casting. [ing; parget. 

cr^pissement, w-.w., pargeting, rough-cast- 

cr^pissure, /., pargeting, rough-casting. 

cr6pitant, -e, 4/., crepitating, crackling. 

crepitation, n 7., or crdpltement, n.m., 
crepitation, crackling. 

cr^podallle or crapaudallle, n./., thin crape t 
gauze-crape. [hair-pad. 

cre~pon, n.w.., cropon, frizette, rouge-puff, 

cr6pu, -e, a&f crisped, frizzled, crisp, crispy, 
woolly. Lest negrcs ont les oheveux s; negroes 
have woolly hair. 




crdptisculaire, adj., crepuscular. Lumiere 
; twilight. 
cre~puscule, n m., crepuscule, twilight, dawn. 

du sou ; owl-light, twilight. 
cre*que, nj., sloe. 
creqtuier, n.m., sloe tree. 
cresane, nf r. crassane. 
crescendo, adv., (mus.) crescendo. 
creseau, n.m , species of woolen stuff, kersey. 
cresserelle, nf. V. cre'eerelle. 
cresson, n.m , cress, cresses, water-cress. 

alenou>, dejanlm, dittander, garden-cress. 
doie, golden saxifrage. des pres, lady's 
smock. suuiaqe, water-plantain. de 
ni'ieie; water-iocket. 

cressonniere, /., cress-bed. 

cresus, n.m , ( ) very rich man. C'est un 
, he is a very Croesus. 

cretace, -e, adj., cretaceous. 

Crete, n.f., ciest, tuft, comb of a cock or hen, 
top-knot ; (anat ) ridge , (arch ) ridge , top , 
bank, coping da moiue; head-piece (of 
a cod). Lever la, to be conceited, to 
hold one's head high. JSats&er la , to come 
down a peg. Rabai^ser la a guelqiCun, to 
bung anyone down a peg. d'un fosse, bank 
on the side of a ditch d'une montagne ; ridge 
of a mountain. d'une gi os&e vague, crest ol a 
billow. mar t tie , &amphne de coq , cock's- 
comb , hog's-ear shell. Crete-de-cog, (s ) 

crete", -e, adj., ciested, tufted. 

creteler, >.;*., (ot hens) to cackle. 

cretin, n.m,, (iued ) cretin; idiot, dunce. 
C'est u/i , he is a dunce. 

cre'tiniser, v.a., to brutalize, to brutify, to 
make an idiot of 

se cre'tiniser, v,? , to become brutified; to become 

crtinisme, n m , cretinism, idiocy. 

cretique, adj , cretic 

cre"tois, -e, n and adj., Cretan. 

cretonne, n f , fine linen, long-cloth, cretonne 

cretons, n.m pi , residuum of melted tallow 
and kitchen-stuft, graves. de lard ; scrapings. 

creusage, n m , deepening, hollowing, plow- 
ing, digging 

creusement (kreuz-mau), n m., (1 u ) digging; 
excavation, hollowing, deepening. 

creuser, v.a , to dig, to delve, to hollow, to 
make hollow, to excavate, to scoop out, to smk, 
to deepen. la terre; to dig the ground. 
un fosse, to dig a ditch. un putts; to sink a 
well. une question; to examine a question 

se creuser, v.r,, to become hollow. Se le 
cerveau ; to rack one's brain. 

creuser, v n. , to dig. sous terre ; to dig 
underground. bfen avant , to dig deep. 

creuset, n.m., crucible, melting-pot; (chem.) 
test, trial. Passer pat le, to assay, to refine. 

creux, n.m., hollow, cavity; pit, hole, chasm, 
putter, delve ; mold, mortar, trough ; pit of 
the stomach. plantk d'aibres; dell planted 
with trees. pro fond dans une mtne ; groove 
in a mine Le de la mam; the hollow of the 
hand. II a un bon , he has a fine bass voice. 

d?un vaisseau (nav.), depth of a ship's hold. 

d^une wile; cavity of a sail (which retains 
the wind). 

creu-x, -se, ad) , hollow, cavernous; deep; 
empty, unsubstantial, airy, fantastical, chimeri- 
cal, extravagant. Des yeux ; eyes sunk in 
the head. Avoir lesjoues ~ses ; to have hollow 
cheeks. 11 a le venire ; his belly is empty. 
Un fosse de trou pieds ; a ditch three feet 
deep. Esprit ; cerveau , cracked-brain, 
empty head. Pensees ses; airy notions. Viande 
se; frothy, unsubstantial food, Songer; to 
be m a brown study. 

*crevaille, n f, guzzling, gormandizing, stuff- 
ing , tuck out, blow out. 

crevaison, n m , puncture (bicycle). 

crevasse, /, crevice, chink, lift, ciack, 
gap, cranny, (\et.) malt-worm, cratches DCS 
6 aux mams, chaps [to make cracks. 

crevasser, v a , to split, to ciack , to chap ; 
se crevasser, ?'.?., to ciack, to split, to gape, to 
become chapped. 

Grove", n.m., -e, n.f., (lex.) very fat man; 
bloated tellow Petit , fast young fellow; one 
used up, done up 

creve', n m , opening, sla&h (in sleeves). 

creve-CCBur, ?*//??., ( ) heait-bieak, heart- 
breaking thing, heait-sore, heait-i ending thing. 

crever, v.a , to burst, to break, to split, to 
ciack, to rift, to tear, to lend, to stave in, to 
cram any one with victuals. mte bofte , to bur&t 
a boot les yeiti h quclqtfuit , to put out any 
one's eyes. un cheval } to kill a horse C<ia 
vous ctei>e les yeitx; that lies under youi veiy 
no&e (i.e., is obvious, self-evident) 

crever, v.n , to burst; to die, to perish CY.sif 
une medecme ajaire un cheval , thus medicine 
is enough to kill a horse <.(<' <jt aisw> , to be 
extremely fat. dc chaud; to be dying with 
heat. de rire ; to split one's sides with laugh- 
ing. defann ; to be dying with hunger. 
(Poigucil, to be bursting with pride. de 
bieuSj to wallow in wealth. 
sfi crever, v.r., to burst , to kill oneself. A"c 
de bone et de manger; to cram or atuli till one* IK 
ready to burst. 8e do travail, to overwork 

crevet, n ?., stay-lace with tagH at both ends. 

crevette, ny., piawn, slnnnp. 

cri, n.m , cry, bcieam; acroammpf, roar, roar- 
ing; bawling, howling, yell, yelling, outcry, 
clamor ; whine, whining ; squeak, squeaking ; 
opinion. dejoic, d.'af/eqrcsM* t shout, Kliout- 
ing, hallooing, liuxza, accl.iinalion. (iiffr? t 
a > (jtt, pcrt;(mt ; scream, hhnek, hqmik, shiill cry. 
Z/es ,s dcsjcmmcb , the squalling of women. 
de guerre, watchword. (far MI'S ; (her.) 
motto. Jeter un , Jaw c dcs .v, ponswr itn ; 
to utter a ciy, to ciy out luHlily; to raise an 
outcry; to complain loudly. I)?nwn<l?r h grwuts 
s ; to demand with ,i loud voico. J<> pousbai, 
un grand , I shucked out Jeter lex hauts .v; 
to cry out. Le dc Itt y/afitvt 1 ; the voioo of 
nature. JDomiw du ft fa sow ; to milphur 
silk. A cor ct a ,s , MV ith hue and cry. Il'it^y 
a qu^un sur son coinpte ; iliero is cmly ouo 
opinion about him. 

criage, n.w., public cryiff 
*criaillenient, w.w., act of wrangling ; brawl- 
ing; (of geeso) gabbling, 
*criailler, .w., to bawl, fco brawl, to cry, to 
clamor; to scold, to chide; (of geano) to gabhlo. 
*criaiilerie, n.f , brawling, clamoring, Hcoldmg, 

*criallleti-r, .?//,, -se, n.f,, brawhw, bawlcr, 
wrangler; sluew, nc'old 

criant, -e, t <t<lj , crying; glaring, Hhoclchig, 
shameful; noiHy. Jujutficc c; crying, daring 

crlard, ~e, adj,, crying, bawling, Hquullhig* 
noisy, brawling, claiuoroiiH, Hooldtitg; (paint.) 
discordant; Blmll. Dettt'S <",v ; UrlbbUxif; or 
small dobts. l r o(x -e; nhrill voi<n. 

criard, n. m,, -e, ,,/',, brawler, clamoror; 
scold, slircw. 

criarde, ./., thick gumiuod cloth; varuiMhcd 

crlblage, n,m. v Bifting. 

critole, n,w>,, HIOVO; n<l<llos. Pwcb fommc un 
; aa hill of holes as a sieve; rM<ll<l. 

critoler, v a,, to sift, to rWdl; to <m, to 
examine; to pepper (a portion)* d<\ voupx ? to 
shoot, run, or stab through awd through. (Jribli 




de mitraille ; riddled with shot. Cnble de \ 
defies ; over head and ears m debt. 

cribleu-r, n.m., -se, nf , sifter. 

cribleu-X, -se, adj , (anat.) pierced like a 
sieve, sieve-like. I 

crib Her, n m., sieve-maker. ! 

criblure, nf., sittings. ! 

cribration, nf , (chern ) cnbration. 

cr Uniforms, adj , cribriform. j 

crio (krl), n m., liftmg-jack, screw-jack, hand- 
screw , little ratchet-wheel on which the braces 
of carriages are fixed a banl; tiltmg-jack 

cric-crac (knk-krak), (onomatopoeia) imita- 
tion of the creaking noise produced by breaking 
or tearing. 

cricoide, n.m. and adj., (anat ) cncoid 

cri-cri, n.m, ( -- s) (pop.) (ent ) cricket, 
(ornith ) bunting. 

crid, (krid), n.m. V. criss 

Gfl&6,nf, proclamation of sale; auction. Sa 
maison est en ; his house is to be sold by auc- 
tion. Audience des s , auction mart. A la , 
by auction. 

crier, v.n., to cry, to cry out, to halloo, to 
shout, to bawl , to scream, to shriek, to scieech , 
to squall, to clamor , to squeak , to call out , 
to whine, to pule , to complain loudly, to brawl, 
to exclaim , to scold , to huzza, to talk loudly , 
to gabble (of geese) , to screech (of owls) , to 
troat (of deer); to chirp (of grasshoppers and 
other insects) , to groan (of ioe-buck&), to creak 
(of doors) aux armes, to cry to aims. 
ausecours; to call out foi help. au nieurtre, 
to cry out murder ait voleur ; to ciy out 
thief. aufeu; to cry out fire. a Vwjitstice , 
to exclaim against an injustice. au scandale, 
to inveigh against a scandal. gar e , to cry out 
beware ! take care. misere , to plead poverty. 

mtsfricoide, to cry for meicy. famine; 
to cry out famine. a tue-tete, comme un 
pei du ; to cry out , to shriek at the top of one's 
voice or as loud as one can. "bienfoi t , to cry 
out lustily Les boyaux lui cnent; his bowels 
rumble, II cnt> avant qu'on Vecoicke, he cries 
before he is> hurt Tout le monde cue contre 
cela ; everybody cries out against it. 

crier, v a. , to proclaim ; to cry ; to hawk ; 
to put up for sale ; to publish, to blazon. C<>t 
enfant est perdu,,, il faut la faire ; the child 
is lost, we must have him cried Fattes ce 
paqwt de Iwres put up this lot of books. 

crlerle (kri-if), nf., bawling, clamor; wran- 
gling , scolding, brawling. 

crleu-r, n.m , -se, nf , bawling man or woman, 
squatter, bawler , crier ; auctioneer , hawker 

public; town-crier. 

crime, n.m., crime ; sin, transgression, offense, 
felony ; guilt, guiltiness, wickedness, sinf ulness. 

d'tJttat; treason, de ltewnaj?&ti , high 
treason. capital ; capital offense, crime ; 
(jur.) felony. denature; unnatmal crime. 
abonnttnll? ; base, foul crime. qualifie ; in- 
dictable oifenso. Fttire un h qnelqitfun de; 
to impute as a crime to any one. ICtre portk an 

, to be prono to crime. JSncturci dans le ; 
hardened in crime. 

crirnlnaliser, v.a., to remove a cause from a 
civil to a criminal court. 

criminalist e, n,vn, t writer on criminal law. 

crimlnalit<$, n.f., criminality. 

crimlnel, 40, adj n criminal, felonious, guilty, 
unlawful, Juge ; a judge that tries criminal 
cases. Chambre le, cour la ; criminal court. 

orixnlneL n.m t -le ? n^f, s criminal, culprit, 
offender, felon, m,, criminal aftair, proceedings 
before a criminal court, d^Stat ; state crimi- 
nal. Au ; m criminal matters, criminally. 

crimlnellement (~nel-man), adv., criminally, 

culpably, guiltily. 
crin, n.m* t hair 

(of the mane and tail of the 

horse and other animals) ; horse-hair , abrupt 
termination of a metallic vein. Un sommier or 
matelas de ; horse-hair mattress. Se prendre 
aux s, to seize one another by the hair. A 
tous s; with flowing mane and tail; (fig.) a 
zealous, indefatigable worker 

crinal, n.m., (surg ) Anel's probe. 

cnncrln, n.m., (onomatopoeia), screeching fid- 
dle , scraper , scraping (of fiddles). 

crmier, n.m , horse-hair worker, chair stuffer. 

crinifere, nf., lion's mane, horse'h mane. 

ilaine , ugly head of hair , shock. 

crinoline, nf., crinoline. 

Clinon, n.m , crinodes. (pi.) 

cnoc^re or porte-croix, ( ) nm., (ent) 

Clique, n.f., creek, cove , flaw, crack. 

cnquer, v.n , to crack, to chink (of metals). 

criquet, n m., bad horse, tit , little man ; 
(ent ) gryllus, locust. 

crise, n/., crisis, fit, convulsion. L^affaire 
est dans &a , the matter is come to a crisis. 
de nerfs ; fit of hysteria. 

crispation, nf., cnspation, shriveling, thrill- 
ing sensation. Donner des s a quelquSun; to 
put any one on thorns. 

crisper, v a., to shrivel, to contract, to make 

irmk , to thrill, to make thrill, to thrill through ; 
to irritate (the nerves) ; to give any one the 
fidgets, to fidget. 
se crisper, v r , to shrivel, to shrivel up. 

Crispin, n.m., valet (m Mohere's comedies). 
C'est un ; he looks like a valet Jouer les s; 
(thea ) to perform the paits of valets. 

criss, n.m , creese, Malay dagger. 

crissement, n m , grating of the teeth. 

crisser, v.n., to grate (of the teeth). 

cristal, n m., (cnstauv) crystal, pi., crystal 
ware, cut glass dishes. de roche ; rock crys- 
tal. de mine , quartz. Le de Veau; the 
limpidity of water LQ Palais de , the Crystal 

cristallerle (-tel-rl), nf, glass-cutting; crys- 
tal manufactory ; glass-house, glassworks. 

cristallier, n m., glass-cutter. 

cristalliere, n.f., crystal mine. 

cristallin, -e, adj., crystalline , pellucid. 

cristallin, n.m., (anat.) crystalline lens; 
(astron,.) crystalline heaven. 
Qcristallin, n m , colored transparent crystals. 

cristallisable, adj , cry&tallizable. 

cristalllsant, -e, adj,, (chem.) crystallizing. 

cristallisation, n.f., crystallizing, crystalhza, 

cristalliser, v.a. and n., to crystallize , to be 
converted into crystal. fa, soie; to let the 
alum settle upon the silk. 
m cristalliser, v.r., to crystallize , to candy. 

cristallisolr, n.m. 9 crystallizmg-pan, crys- 

cristallographie, n.f., crystallography. 

cristalloide, nf, crystalloid membranous 
capsule containing the crystalline lens of the 

cristallotechnle (-tek-ni), n./., art of crys- 
tallizing salts 

criatallotomie, n.f., the art of cutting crystals. 
criste-marine, T? /. V. passe-pferre. 
criterium (-om), n.m., criterion, standard, 
test, touchstone. L'Gvidence est le de la 
vente ; evidence is the criterion of truth. 

critiquable, adj., that may be criticised, cen- 
surable ; exceptionable 

critique, n.m., critic ; censurer, censorious 
person, carper, f&chfiux; fault-finder. 

critique, n.f., criticism, censure; science of 
criticism, critique ; critical taste. La ; the 
critics. Faire de la ; to write criticisms. 
Faire la &un ouvrage ; to criticise, to review, 
a work. 




criticize, adj., critical; censorious, carping, 
censuring , alarming , ticklish ; momentous. 
Humeur , censorious temper. Signes i> ; 
critical symptoms. Pauls ; alarming pulse. 

critiquer, v.a , to criticise, to examine , to 
censure, to reflect on, to blame, to find fault 

critiqiieur, -se,, cnticiser, fault-finder, 

croassement (kro-as-mau), n.m., croak, ci oak- 
ing, cawing (of cro\\s). 

Cioasser, v ., to croak, to caw (of crows). 

create, n,m f. and adj., Croatian 

croc (krG), n m , hook , crook, grapnel, drag , 
fang, tusk , canine tooth , dog-tooth ; tootli , 
(1. u ) curling moustache , (nav.) boat-hook 
de batehet , waterman'^ pole. de camlelette , 
hook of the forecastle. a tro& Ranches, 
grapnel with thiee hooks. de capon, cat- 
hook. de palun , tackle-hook. Methe,pendic, 
au \ to put, to lay, on the shelf, to lay by 
Mettre les ar mes au , to give up the army. 
Moustaches en ; curling moustache. 

C70C (krock), n m , crackling, crackling noi&e. 
Faire sous la dent; to crackle under the 

croc-en- jambe (kio-kan-), %.m., (s ) trip 
up ; Cornish hug ; dirty trick. Donner un 
(i quelqitfun , to trip up anyone's heels, to sup- 
plant anyone, to play anyone a dirty tuck 

Cloche, adj., crooked, bent Avoir la main 
; (fig.) to be grasping. 

croche, n.f , (mus.) quaver. Double ; semi- 
quaver. Triple , demi-semiquaver Quadruple 
; hemi-demi-se'rniquaver. Chanter pa 1 ) , to 

croclier, v ., to hook ; to crook (card-teeth) 

Porganeau d^une ancre , to fish up the anchor 
by the ring. Se ; to have a set-to , to come 
to blows. 

crocher, v.w., (agn.) to produce, to beai. Les 
ailes crochent bie?i; the trees are full of 
bearers., nf pi., smith's tongs. 

crochet, n m., hook; bteetyard, two-pronged 
hoe, turn (on a road); (wig.) key, crotchet; 
(erpetology) fang , (arch ) crocket ; (anat ) dog- 
tooth, canine tooth ; (dental surg ) wire , heart- 
breaker (of curls,) pl.j fangs, tusks, ciotchets; 
braces. d'uneporte, hasp, clasp Clou a ; 
tenter-hook. Des outrages au ; crotchet-work. 
Un de diamante; a crotchet of diamonds 

de chiffonmer ; stick with a hook at the end, 
used by rag-gatherers. Un de seamier, a 
pick-lock. cParbre , bearer Broder au , 
to crochet. de porte-faix , porter's knot. 
Eire sur les s de qwlqitfun, to live at another 
person's expense. Je suts ^c^ mr mes s, I live 
here upon my own hook. d'armes , (nav ) 
hooks to support the small aims in a cabin 
de rebatte; eye-bolts in the tram of a gun-car- 
riage. de bittes; hooks to fasten the cross- 
piece to the bits. d'&pont'illes; hasps of the 
stanchions between decks. 

crochetable, adj.> (of locks) pickable. 

crochetage (krosh-taj), n.m.. porterage, lock- 
picking, [do crochet-work. 

crocheter (krosh-te'), u,a., to pick a lock, to 
se crocheter, v.n, (pop.) to fight (like black- 

crocheteur, n.m , porter, street-porter. In- 
jures de ; billingsgate abuse. de senrure, 
picklock, housebreaker. 

crochetler (-tie*), n.m., hook-maker, clasp- 
maker ; maker of porters' knots. 

crocheton, n.w., small hooks ; crotchets. 

crocheu, n.m , a tool to bend card-teeth. 

crochu, -e, adj., crooked, hooked. II a les 
mama es; he is light-fingered. 

crocodile, n.m. 9 crocodile. d'Amtriyue; 

American crocodile, alligator. La) mes de ; 
hypocritical tears. 

crocofilie'en, n m , crocodilian. 

crocus (-kus), 11.7)1., ciocus, saffron. 

croHer or croler, v n , (hawking) to scour. 

croire (croyaut, cru), v.a , to believe, to credit, 
to give ciedit to , to have faith m, to trust to, to 
place leliauce 011 , to be advised, peisuaded, to 
think , to deem ; to presume, to be of opinion 
Je le crois bien , I leally believe it. Je ?>V?z 
ciois nen; I don't believe a word of it. 77 le 
cioit bonnement, he faiily believes it // ne 
crott point ; he has no belief. nnr chow in op 
leiterement ; to believe something too easily. 

cojikeil; to be advised A Pen croire, tout cst 
perdu , if he is to be believed, all is lost. J'en 
LIOIS a pane mes ijeux , I can haidly believe my 
ejes. tihl Jaut en l(*f> appai enccs , if appeal - 
ances aie to be trusted. Je oois pouivnr In 
fane; I think I can do it Croyez-vous gitf'il le 
1asse $ do you think he will do it V Je ciois qu'il 
le 1?ia ; I think he will do it. Cioycz-voiis 
quhf le /era ? do you think he will do it V Jr 'tie 
le ci oi& pits , I do not think he will. II est ci 
qu'ille veutainsi, it is to be piosumed that he 
\\illhave it so. 

croire, v n , to believe, to have faith in, to 
be a believer; to trust; to credit; to be of 
opinion ; to think , to coiibider. en Dteit , to 
believe in God aitx revenants , to believe in 
ghosts aux miracles , to believe in miracles. 
Je crois bien, I should think so! no wonclei ! 
Je ciois que non, , I believe not. G'c&t (t, nr pas 
y , it ib past belief 

se croire, v r , to think or believe one's &clf, to 
conbidei one's self , to be behoved, to be credible 
CtV hommc J>e ooit habile , that man thinks liirn- 
sell skillful Cela pent se , it IH credible. M 
ifV croit bemtcoup , he thmke a giat deal of 
himself. 11 secroit tout pet mis; lie thinks he 
may do anything. 

croisade, M../., crusade, (autron.) Southern 
Cross, Crobioi. 

crois^, -e,p<tif , crowHed ; orosK (of tlui breeds 
of animals) , twilled, doublc-nullod (of cloth) ; 
(mm.) pioiniHcuoufi. fiery*' c'j koiwey. J)e- 
mt'iuet, se temr, les bias --ft, to Hid with folded 
aims, to do nothing. Avoii les jatubes cs , to 
sit cross-legged. Fcnxt,, OIOHB fire. Ih'ines 
j> ; alternate rhymes. 

crois6, n.i)i) Onisader ; twill, crowfiing (a 
step in dancing). Cha&s6 ; (lig.) change of 

crois^e, n.f.^ window , caBomont, sah ; (aj<;h.) 
cross-aislo, tiansept ; (print.) CTOHH. cintrfy; 
aiched window. .v d* ogives ; poiiifccd archCH. 

de, Vcwcre; cross of the anchor. 
croisement (croaz-nmn), w.w., act of oroHfl- 

ing ; crossing; croHB-broedmg (of aiumaln), 

croiser, t;.., to cross, to lay acroaa or orosfi- 
wise, to set ac'ioas, to cross out, to Ktriko <nit 
to efface ; to thwart ; to crown (Imu^is of ani- 
mals). qitdqttfun ; to cross 0110 in bin dcwIgHH. 
Des races croisaes; mixed brcdH Jc: T* eroist 
dans fa rue / I passed him hi th 0troet. 

croiser, v.?/., to lap over ; to <ruio. snr 
unfi cote ; to cruise along a ooast. 
se croiser, t>.r., to cross each other, to bft 
crossed, to lie athwart each othor ; to mteroetjt 
each other , to thwart one another ; to take up 
the cross, to engage in tho holy war. 0<wr d&ux 
cowrriws se sont crou&s ; thna two mewwngws 
passed each other on the way. 

croisette, n.f , wosswort ; (foer) cmselet ; 
(nav.) pin or bolt used a a fid to a fla 

noire, groste ; (bot,) cheese-rennet, 

croiseur, n.m., cruiser. 
croisiere, jT. t (nav.) oruiae, oru 
ron ; cruising latitude ; sort of tool to mark 




sea-biscuit ; (railways) intersection of two lines, 

*croisille, w/., cross-piece 
*croisillon, n.m., cross-bai , sash-bar. 

croissance, n f , growth, increase ; vegeta- 
tion. entierc , full growth. Arreter dans sa 
; to stunt the growth of. Avoir pns toute sa 
, to be full-grown. 

croissant, n m. , crescent, the moon in hei 
mciease, shoit bout (of a violin), pruning- 
hook, hedge-bill, hedging-bill , (ich.) moon-fish ; 
curfcam-pm (m the form ot a crescent). Eti , 
lunated. Les comes <1u , the horns of the 
crescent. U empire dit, ; the Cre&ceut. de 
chennn&e , chimney-hook. de pic or de gui , 
(nav.) throat or jaw of the gaff. 

croissant, -e, atfj , gi owing, inci easing. 

croisure, nj., tlie length ot the yards (of a 
ship); coat-staves; cio&snig, mill (in stuffs); 
(poefc.) intermixture, mingling. 

croit,, increase (trom breeding) ; giowth. 

croitre (croissant, cifi), v.n. y to grow, to wax, 
to grow up, to grow tall, to spring up ; to aug- 
ment, to mcreabe; to lengthen; to swell or 
swell out, to be swollen; to multiply, to be 
multiplied or iuci eased ; to be grown ; to sprout, 
to shoot. trop raptdemcni ; to outgrow, to 
overgi ow. Les JOHI s coinincnceut a , the 
days begin to lengthen, to draw out. Elle ne 
Jait que et einbellit , she grows handsomer 
every day. 

croix, ?j./, cross mark; rood ; affliction, tiou- 
ble, tribulation; star; (coin ) cross; (print.) dag- 
ger; (her.) erosfe. 8ainte ; holy rood. Les 
bras (Vune ; the bars of a cross. Mettre quelqw 
chose en , to put a thing cross-wise. Avoir 
IPS janibcs i'ti , to sit cross-legged. Fauv 
IP siqne de hi , to cross one's self. On, et>t 
dll& attrdewint <le fitt uuec la et la, banni&rt: ; 
they wont to meet him with cross and banner, 
with great ceremony. 11 ftttti faire ttne it In 
chcnwt&e; we must make a cross on the chnn- 
noy, wo must *>core that up. Joner h ft a 
pita ; to play at hoad and tulj at pitch and toss. 

de par Dint, tie /.s^.s , cross-low, criss-cioss.- 
row, primer, horn-book, alphabet. de Saint 
A mite or de JBoiuflOffiiP ; St. Andrew's-cross, 
saltier (her.). de Saint Antome. ; St Au- 
thony's-cross. de, Lorrame ; cross with two 
bai s. (Strand ; knight grand-cross. Own de 
chevalier; (bot.) caltrops, tribulus. da Jeru- 
salem; (bot.) lychnis Chalcedouica. sur les 
cables; (nav.) cross in the hawse. Mettin les 
verffues en , to square the yards. du, Sud, 

australe (astron.); Soutliorn Gross, Crosier. 

cromlech, n.m , ( s) cromlech. 

cromorne, n /"., (mus.) krumhorn, oremona. 

crone, n.n., (nav ) wheel-crane (on a wharf). 

croquade, w./., (paint.) rough sketch. 

croquant, n.m., poor wretch, follow; coun- 
tryman; gristle* />., name given to French 
peasants who lebellod under Henri IV and Louis 

croquant, -o, <w/y, crisp, crackling, short, 
craunphmg. Biscuit ; hard biscuit. Caraetite 
; (jrispnftBB. 

croquante, w./., crisptart; almond-cake. 
^ la croque-au-sel, adl., with salt only; (fig.) 
as easily as poasible, 

croque-abeilles, W.M., titmouse. 

croque en bouche, n.m., crisp sweetmeat; 
crisp cake* 

0croque-lardon, n.m/., ( s} lick-spittle ; 

(1. ex.) Hok-dish, spuager; diwier-hunter, 

croque-raitaine, n.m., (- ,v) old bogey, 
black oogey, bugbear. 

croque-mort, n.m,, ( s) undertaker's 


croque-note, n*m,, ( - ) sorry musician, 
scraper, strummer; orocli*-monger. 

crooner, r.n., to crackle between the teeth, 
to craunch, to scrunch. Etie gentil a , to be as 
pretty as you like. 

croctuer, v <z., to craunch, to devour, to eat 
hastily; to make the first sketch or rough 
draught of a drawing or picture, to sketch, to 
filch, to pilfer; (nav.) to hook or gi apple any- 
thing II ?i'a fait que ce poeme; he has 
only wiitten a sketch of the poem. le man 
mot; to dance attendance. 

deque- sol, n m., ( s). V. croque-note. 

croquet, n m , crisp biscuit. 

croquette, /., (cook.) croquette. 

croqueur, n OT., devouier, gormandizer, glut- 
ton, (Lex.) greedy-gut, greedy-guts. 
*croquignole, n /"., fillip, cracknel. 
*oroamgnoler, v a., to fillip 

croquis, 72 m., (paint ) rough draft, outline, 
sketch. Cafrierdfi, sketch-book. Fairele 
d^une figure; to sketch a figure. 

crosse, ./., (of bishops) crosier, (of muskets) 
but-end, bat (to play with), cricket (game). 
Jouer a la , to play at cricket. 

crosse*, -e, atty., crosiered. Un abbS et 
mitre, a erosieied and mitred abbot. 

Grosser, #.., to beat; to scold, to treat any 
one with contempt; to strike a ball with a bat. 

crossor, v.n., to play at cricket, to bat. 

crossette, n f., (agri.) layer, (arch.) return, 
ear, elbow, ancone. 

crosseur, ra.m., cricket-player, cricketer, 

*crossillon, n.m., the curled end of the 

crotale, n.m.^ (antiq.) crotalum; (zool.) rattle- 

crotaphlte, adj., n.m., (anat ) crotaphite. 

crotte, n.f., dirt, mud, mire; dung II fait 
bien de la , it is very dirty. Efoe dans la , 
to be in a state of squalid misery. 5 de btebis ; 
tieadles of sheep. .? de fapins; crotels of a 
rabbit. deienard; .scumber 

crotte", -e, patt., dirty, muddy, squalid; 
wretched, sorry. conime un bai bet; as dirty 
as a pig. Vn pottte , a paltry poet. II fait 
bien dans les r^es , the streets are very dirty. 
jftsqu'b V6chme; with mud up to the eyes, 

crotter, v.a., to dirt, to dirty, to bemire; to 
daggle, to draggle, to bedraggle; to splash, to 
spatter, to bespatter. Se ; to dirty one's 
self; to get dirty; to draggle. 

crottin, n in., dung (ot horses, sheep, etc.). 

crou, n.m., (geol.) sandy, clayey soil. 

crouchaut, ra,w., crotch, floor- timbers of a 
boat or ship. 

croulant, -e, atf}., sinking, crumbling, ready 
to fall, tottering , tumbledown. 

croulement (krool-man), n.m , sinking, fall- 
ing in or down (of a building); rum. 

crouler, v.., to sink, to give way, to fall, to 
fall in, to crumble, to ruin ; to go to ruin. 

crouler, va.^ (nav.) to launch; (hunt) to 
wag (said of stags when they are frightened). 
Lc, cerf croulo la cpteue; the stag wags liis 

Q.r crouler, v.r., to fail in an enterprise; (%.) 
to sink. 

crouli-er, -ere, rrrf?., quaggy, boggy, swampy, 
moving, shifting (of land). 

croup (kroop), n.m., (med.) croup. 

croupade, /., (man.) croupade. 

croupal, ~e, adtf. t pertaining to the croup; 

croupe, TO./., croup, crupper, the buttocks (of 
a horse), rump; top or brow of a hill; (arch.) 
hip-roof; body (of an edifice). Cheml b de 
mul$t; narrow-rumped horse. Mr^ oiler, 
ter, en ; to ride behind another, ^ 
^lf-cylinder root En j behind. 



croupe, -e, adj., with a rump, crupper. 
Cheval bien , horse with a fine crupper. 
Qacroupeton, adv., squatting. 

croupi, -e, at/;., stagnant, putrid, ditch (watei). 
DC reau, e; stagnant water, ditch-water, 

croupiader, v.n , to cast anchor by the stern- 

croupier, n.?n., croupier (at a gaming-table) 
partner (of a gambler) 

croupiere, ./., saddle-tie, crupper, (nav ) 
stern-cable, stern-fast. Tailler ties s a quel- 
qtfun; to cut out woik foi anyone, (milit ) to 
put to flight. Momller en ; to cast anchor by 
the stern. 

croupion, n.m , rump. Parlement ; the 
Bump Parliament. 

croupir, v.n , to stagnate, to he, to wallow, 
to be sunk in. dans le vice, to wallow in 
sm. dansPaisivete , in idleness. 

croupissant, -e, adj., standing, stagnating, 

eroupissement, n.m., standing still, stagna- 
tion, putrefaction. 

croupon, n.m., square hide, butt. 

croustade, n /., dish prepared with crusts. 

croustillaat, -e, </;., crisp, crusty. 
*croustille, nf., little crust, crust. 
*croustiller, v.., to bite, eat, 01 gnaw a crust, 
to munch. 

*croustilleusement, adv., (fam., 1 u.) comi- 
cally, with mirth, pleasantly, smuttily. 
*croiistilleTi-x, -se, ndj , (fam , 1 u ) droll, 
funny; smutty. Des conies x / smutty tales. 

or out e, n /"., crust, cake; coarse painting, 
daub; (med.) scab, scurf. La de deasous , the 
under-crust. Casser une avec quelqitfun , to 
take a crust with any one. Ne mange) que des 
5 / to fare badly. 

croute', -e, adj., crusted, caked, crusty 

croutelette (kroo-tlet), nj., little crust. 
se crouter, v.r., to cake, to crust. 

croutier (-tie"), n.m., pictme-broker, dealer 
in daubs or coarse paintings, dauber. 

crouton, n.m., small ciust, wretched dauber; 
(cook.) sippet. 

croyable, adj., credible, believable, to be 
believed or credited, like, likely, reliable Cela 
tfestpas , that is not likely. 

croyance, /., belief, creed, faith, persuasion, 
opinion; trust, credit. Faitsse', misbelief. 
La des chr Aliens; the belief of the Christians. 
La, des )mfs , the Jewish creed. Cela passe 
toute ; that surpasses all belief. 

Ciroyant, n.m., -e, nf., believer. Les vrais 
s / true believers. 

era, n.m , growth; invention, making, fab- 
rication. JBoire du win de son ; to dnnk wine 
of one's own growth. Vin du ; wine of the 
country. Des Jrmts d'un bon ; fruit of a good 
soil Cda n?e}>t pas de son ; that thing is not 
of his own invention. 

cru, -e, adj , raw, crude, uncooked; indiges- 
tible; un wrought, hard, blunt, harsh, coarse, 
rough; indecent, smutty, obscene, bawdy, un- 
digested, unconcocted, stiff. Tout ; quite 
raw. Cmr ; undressed leather Soie e; 
raw silk. Metal ; raw metal, ore JSau G; 
hard water. Couleur e, stiff color, "Une 
lumiere e ; a hard light. 
cru, adv., on the bare skin, next the skin 
Botte or chaussS b , wearing boots without 
stockings. Monter h cheval ft ; to ride a horse 

oiuautd, n f., cruelty, hardship. User de ; 
to Tbe guilty of cruelty. 

cruche, n.J , pitcher, jar, jug, stupid person, 
blockhead, booby, lout, dolt Tmit va la a 
Veau qitfh la, fin elle se casse; the pitcher goes to 
the well once too often. 

6ruche"e, nf., pitcherful, jugful, jarful. 

crucherie, ??/., (fam) stupidity, silliness. 
Vous ne dites que des s f you only talk utter 

cruchette, n.f. V. cruchon. 

ClUChon, n m , little pitcher. 

crucial, -e, adj., crucial, cross-like 

crueif&re, n.j. and adj , (bot.) crucifeious 
plant, cruciferous pi , cruciierse. 

crucifiement 01 crucifiment (-man), n m., 

crucifier, v.a , to crucify 

crucifiX-(-n), ?? "' i crucifix, cioss Mangcur 
dc > great bigot Gal me du ; rood-loit. 
Fa VG le denn ; (pop.) to beg. 

crucifixion, n.f., cuicifixion 

cruciforme, qdj., cross-shaped, cross-like, 

erudite, nf., crudity, cuideness, rawness, 
coar&e expression; ofteii&ive, haish woids, 
(paint ) stiffness, crudene&s, (of watei) hard- 

crue, nf, iise, swelling; growth, growing, 
increase, flood, inundation. La deb eavx, 
the swelling of the wateis. de ni("> ; surge of 
the sea. (Jet atbre a pris toittc sa , that tree 
has attained its full giowth. 

cruel, -le, ad/ , cruel, memless, pitiless, ruth- 
le&s, haid-heaitetl, relentlebh, rcmoriselens ; san- 
gmnary, murdeioufe, bloodthu.sty, haul, inflex- 
ible, flinty; gnevous, &ad, toruientnig Tl juit 
le ; he acts a cruel x>art. Elle n^ettt pat> le; 
she is not hard-heaited. 

cruel, n.m , -le, ?>./., cruel one. 

cruellement (-61-inan), </r M cruelly, haibar- 
ously, unmei cifully, tncicilehsly, pitilefeBly, ruth- 
lessly, grievously, boverely, sorely. 
Qcmentation, n t , (nied ) cruentation. 

crument, ^7^'., bluntly, coaihdy, loughly 
mconsiderately, crudely. 

cruor, n.m., (physiology) cruor. 

crural, -e, adj., (anat ) crural 

crustace, -e, adj., crustacooim. 

crustac^, n m., crustacean- 

cruzade, n /., ciuzado, cruzade (Portugues^ 

crypte, 7?/., crypt. n,m., (bot., anat,) crypt 

cryptogam, ,/ , (bo(. ) <ij)hroditt', cryptogam. 

cryptogame, atlj,, (bot ) cryptogamoutt. 

cryptogamie, ?? /., (boi.) cryplogamia. 

cryptographic, nf , Glyptography. 

cryptographiqxie, adj., cryptographiflal. 

crypto-portique, w., ( A) (arch.) cryp- 


crystal F. cristal. 

csol-Ut, n in , (nuiH.) o. Cct air (\<,t en ; 
this tune is m c. 

ct (ab of courant), inst. (instant). 

c*e (ab. of comte), eail. 

ctesse (ab. of comtesse), count OBB. 

CU, n.m., (very 1. ox.) I'. cuL 

cubage, w w., or culjature, n.f,, cubaturo* 

cubatlon, w./., cubatuw. 

cube, n.m., (geom., nntlt.) cubo. 7> de 
deux e&t huit ; the cube ot '2 in K. 

cube, adj., (avith., gooiu.) cubic. 

cubebe, .?., owbobn. 

cuber, v.a., (goom., arith.) to culx. 

cubllot, w.w., (inctnl ) cupola. 

cubi^ue, adj , (arith., gootu ) cubUs, cubical. 
Racine ; cube root. 

cubital, -e, adj., (anat.) cubital, ulnar, 

cubltus (-tun), n.w., (anut.) tnibitiiH. 

cuboi'de, t).'i., (anat.) oubol. 

cucubale, n.m., (bot.) cuotibatiiH, berry-bearing 

cucuje, n.m., (xool.) corn-ktotlo. luinfnous- 

CTiciirbitacd, -e, <irfj. t ouctnrbitacnouH. 

cucurbitacee, n>f,, (bot,) oucurbibaoeou9 
plant. pi. t cucurbitacouo. 




CUCurbite, n.f , (chera.) cucurbit 

cueillage (keu-iaj), n /., act of gathering, 


~*cueill6 (keu), ?i/., (agri.) gathering of fruit, 
(nav ) width of sail-cloth, 
*cueillette (keu-iet), n/, gathering, crop, 
nuttmg (fruit) , (nav.) mixed cargo ; collection 
of money for the poor. 

*cuellleu-r (keu-ieur), n m., -se, n.f. , gatherer. 
*cueillir (keu-), (cueillaut, cueilli, je cueille), 
v a , to cull, to pick, to pluck, to gather, to 
take up, (nav ) to coil. des fleufs; to pluck 
flowers des lauriers ; to gather laurels. 
*cueilloir (keu-), n w., fruit-basket. 
cuider, w.m., fruit-basket. 
cuiller or cuillere (ku-her), /,, spoon h 
soupe , soup-ladle a, caje , tea-spoon. a 
boitche; table-spoon. a dessert; dessert- 
spoon. a ragout; gravy-ladle. Elever a la 
, to bring up by hand. 
*cuiller6e (ku-), M/., spoonful, ladieful. 
Grande -or a boucJie, tablespoonful. Pe- 
tite or a cafe ; teaspoonf ul. 
*cuillerlste, n.m. t spoon maker. 
*cuilleron, n w., bowl of a spoon, 
cuir, n m., hide, skm, leather, strop, slip of the 
tongue, i.f.j pronouncing s for /, and vice versa, 
at the end of words, or using these letters un- 
essanly , as : // et>t sorti zhlei , fetaita la cam- 
jne, for 17 e*,t wrti A7, j'&tais a In campaqne 
s bruts; raw ludes s appietev , dressed hides. 
h rasoi) or a iepasse,r, razor-strop Fane du 

d'autrui large courrote ; to make free with other 
people's money Tanno le f a quelqu'un ; to 
give any one a hiding. Pestet entre ct chaii , 
to fume mwaidly Faire des ,9 en pat f ant ; to 
pronounce final s instead of final t, and vice veisa, 
or to sound s or i when theie is none at the end 
of words, \ e. : to drop one's /i's de Russia ; 
Russian leather. 

ctiirasse, nj , ctuiass, breast-plate, armor- 
plate, shell ft V&prtwp du wou&quet ; ball-proof 
cuirass. Le defaut de In , the extremity oi or 
break in the armor, vulnerable part. On lin a 
iiouvk IB d&ldul de hi , we have found las 
weak side. Endo^er la ; to turn soldier 

CUirassd, ~e, <*dj>i armed with a cuirass, 
aimor-plated, iron-cased; leady armed, hard- 
ened, secret, close. II <\<it , he is prepaied 
for anything, he is incapable of feeling remorse. 
Vaisseau ; ii on-clad ship, iron-clad. 

culrassement, M.M., armor-plating, 

GUirasser, ?>.., to aim with a cuirass , to 
Iron-plate (nav.), to steel, to harden, to season. 
.se culrasser, w ?*., to put on a cuirass, to harden 
or fortify one's self. 

cuirassier, , cuirassier. 

CUlre (cuinant, cuit), v.a , to cook, to do; to 
boil, to bake; to roast; to broil, to grill, to 
dress, to prepare, to stow; to bum (of the sun); 
to ripen; (physiology) to concoct, to digest. 
la viand? ; to do the meat. irop ; to overdo. 

</<", brlques ; to burn bricks. h /'raw / to 
boil. Faire des ceitfo , to boil eggs. 

cuire, ?;.., to bo cooked, to be done; to be 
burned; to bake; to broil; to boil; to smart, to 
burn. La tn&in me cttit ; my hand smarts. 
Voits vwndi cz h'tnonjour, you will want me 
some day, and then I shall bo even with you. J7 
WM.V en cuira ; you shall smart for it, 

culrer, v.a., to cover in leather. 

cuisage, n.m., burning ; charring. 

culsant, -e, atJj., easy to cook , sharp, smart- 
ing; piercing, exquisite; sovore; poignant. DGU- 
leur e ; violent pain. 

cuisler, w.w,, bnck-burner. 

cuisine, n.f., kitchen ; cookery ; the cooks ; 
apice-bo-x ; fare, living ; (nav,) cuddy, caboose, 
galley. bourgeois? ; plain living; homely fare. 
Gfraum de , kitchen stuff. JStre charg$ de 

, to be monstrously fat. Fane la , to cook, 
to dress victuals Chef de - ; master-cook 
Aide de , under-cook. Fitle de ; kitchen- 

cuisiner, v.n., to cook, to dress victuals. 

cuisinier, n ?., cook, man-cook. 

cuisiniere, n f , cook, woman-cook , Butch 
oven, meat-screen. 

CUissaid, n.m. t cuish (armor) ; (surg.) thigh- 

cuisse, nf. t thigh; (of meat) rump; leg (of 

cuisse-madame, ,/., ( s} sort of pear. 

CU1SSOXL, n.j , dressing (of victuals) , cooking 
(baking, boiling, roasting, &c ) , smart (pain). 
Resseiitii une , to feel a smaiting pam. 

cuissot, n m,, haunch (of venison). 

cuistre, n w., college-fag, college-scout, vul- 
gar, pedantic fellow 

cult, -6, pai t , cooked, done, roasted, boiled, 
baked , (fig.) done for, dished Cda est trop , 
that is done too much, overdone (of meat). au 
Jour , baked. a point , done to a turn. 

CUite, nf. t baking, burning (oi bricks, etc.); 
(manu.) boiling. 

CUivre, n ?., copper, brass jaune, brass. 

rouge, copper merge; native copper. 
battu, wrought copper. fondu, cast copper. 

enbarres, bar copper. en planches, sheet 
copper. Fonte de ; pig copper. s ; brass 

cuivre, -e, adj., copper-coloied , (fig.) ringing, 
clear, sonorous 

CUivrer, .., to cover with sheet copper, to 

cuivrerie, w./ M copper wares, brass- wares, 

cuivreu-x, -se, adj , coppery. 

cul (ku), n.m , (very 1. ex ) breech , backside ; 
posterior; rump, bottom; tail (of caits), top, 
cylinder head (raech ) par-desms tele , head 
over heels Donnei ditpied au a quelqitfun ; to 
kick any one. Eire a ; not to know what to do. 
Fa ire l& depoule, to pout. de basse-fosse ; 
dungeon. de-gaite^ ( *-- ) cupple (seated on 
a wooden bowl). de-lampe^ ( s ) (arch) 
bracket, pendant; (print ) tail-piece depoie, 
(nav ) wall-knot. de-sac, ( s ) blind alley 
de-four ) ( j ) (arch ) denii-cupola 
blanc, ( 5 s) (oim ) wheat-ear, white-tail, 
fallow-chat, fallow-finch , snipe. 

CUlasse, n /., breech (of a cannon, musket, 
etc.); pavilion (ot diamonds) 

culbutant, m., (orm.) tumbler. 

CUlbute, n.t , somersault, rum, failure, bank- 
ruptcy ; fall, tumble, somersault Fan e la , 
to turn a somersault. Au bout du fosse la ; 
look before you leap. 

culbuter, v a., to throw dowjti, to throw down 
headlong, to overthiow, to min, to upset ; to 
make any one, anything, tumble down ; to do for. 
Cette entreprise Va culbute ; this enterprise has 
ruined him. 

culbuter, ?;.., to fall head over heels. 

cnlbutis, n tn , confused heap; jumble. 

culde, /, abutment (of bridges), tail (of a 
hide), (nav.) stern-way. 

culer, v.n, , to fall astern, to make stern-way , 
to veer (of the wind). Scicr & ; to back 

culeron, n.m., (sadlery) crupper-loop. 

culifere, n/., gutter-stone, kennel-stone, breech 
of harness, liind girth. 

cullnaire, ac^., culinary. 

culmifere, adj,, (bot ) culmiferous. 

culminant) <:(?"? culminating; prominent. 
Point ; culminating point, top, summit. 

culmination, W., culmination. 

culminer, v w., (astron.) to culminate. 

culot, w.w., youngest bird (of a brood), young- 
est (of a family), last bom, youngest member of a 




society; oottom (of lamps, crucibles, etc.), resi- 
duum. Le d'une pipe > black at the bottom 
of a pipe-plug. 

Clilotte, n /, small clothes, breeches; rurnp 
(of an ox, a pigeon). de bceuf, runip of beel 
de peau ; leather breeches ; (fig ) old retired 

culotter, v.a.) to breech., to put in breeches , 
to color (pipe). 

se culotter, v.r,, to put on one's breeches ; to 
get colored (pipe). 

culottier, n.m., breeches-maker. 
Gculottin, n. m., newly-breeched boy ; tight 

culpability ./., guilt , culpability, 

culte, n.m , creed , religion , worship , adora- 
tion , veneiation, honor, love, respect, cultiva- 
tion. JZendi eun a / to worship 

cultivable, adj., cultivable, arable. 

cultivat-eur, n.m, -rice, ./., husbandman, 
farmer, grower, agriculturist. 

cultivat-eur, -rice, adj , agricultural. 

cultivation, n.f., cultivation. 

CUltlver, v.a., to cultivate; to till, to improve, 
to inform ; to exercise, to practice ; to cultivate 
the acquaintance of. 

culture, n.f., culture ; cultivation ; tillage, 
husbandry ; growth , education, improvement. 
JSfre sans ; to be or lie fallow. La petite ; 
farming on a small scale , raising of poultry, etc 

cumin, n.m., (hot ) cumin. despr&s , cara- 
way seed. 

Ctnmil, n.m., accumulation, junction ; plural- 
ity of offices or places, pluralism [man. 

CUimilard, n m , (fam b s ) pluralist, place- 

cunmlatME, -ve, adj., accumulative 

eumulativement (-tiv-man), adv., by accumu- 

cumuler , v.a , to accumulate, to cumulate 

cumuler, r n., to be a pluralist of offices, to 
liold several offices. 
se cumuler, v r., to be held at the same time. 

CUneaire, adj., cuneate, cuneated. 

cunelforme. adj., cuneiform. 

CUnette, n.f , (ioit.) cunette. 

cupide, ad f ). , covetous, greedy, grasping. 

cupidite", n.J., cupidity ; covetousness , concu- 
piscence, lust. 

cupidon, n.m , (myth.) Cupid, Love. Views 
- ; old beau. 

cupulaire, adj., cup-shaped. 

CUpule, nf., (bot.) cupule , cup (of acorns). 

curabillt^, ./., curableness. 

curable, adj., that may be healed, curable. 

Curasao (ku-ra-so), n in., Curagoa. 

eurage, n.m., cleansing, cleaning (of harbors, 
sewers, &c.) ; (bot.) water-pepper 

curare, n.m., Curare, arrow-poison 

CUratelle, n./., guardianship, trusteeship 

curat-eur, n in , -rice, n.f., curator, curatrix, 
trustee , committee. 

curati-t -ve, adj., curative. 

curatif, n m., curative agent. 

curation, / , (med.) treatment. 

curcuma, n m., (bot ) curcuma, turmeric. 

cure, n.f., cure, healing, living, benefice, par- 
sonage, rectory, care N'en avoir ~, to pay 
no heed to. 

curd, n.m , rector, vicai . C^t <?> os Jcwi qui 
fn remontre h son , the clerk wants to teach 
Jtjhe parson. Monsieur le , your re eronce. 

cure-dents, ?.* , ( ) tooth-pick. 

Cliree, n.