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Full text of "French-English and English-French commercial dictionary, of the words and terms used in commercial correspondence which are not given in the dictionaries in ordinary use, compound phrases, idiomatic and technical expressions, etc"

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Digitized by tine Internet Arcliive 

in 2007 witli funding from 

IVIicrosoft Corporation 












section), ETC., ETC. 


Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd., 1 Amen Corner, E.C.4 
Bath, Melbourne and New York 



French Vocabularies and Idiomatic Phrases. 

By the same Author. Crown 8vo, 
151 pp. 2s. net. 

Examination Notes on French. By l". W. 

M. Draper, M.A., B.-cs-L. Cloth, 
50 pp. Is. net. 

Commercial French Grammar. By the 

same Author. Crown 8vo, cloth, 166 pp. 
2s. 6d. net. 

Commercial Correspondence in French. 

Crown 8vo, cloth, 240 pp. 3s. 6d. not. 

French Commercial Reader. Crown 8vo, 
cloth. 2s. 6d. net. 

French Business Conversations and Inter- 
views. Crown 8vo, cloth, 84 pp. 2s. net. 

French Business Letters. Crown 4tu, 
32 pp. 8d. net. 


The present work being essentially a commercial 
work, I have omitted various commonplace words 
which may be found in any ordinary dictionary. 
I have inserted in their stead many words and 
phrases employed in every branch of Commerce, 
and likewise a large and varied selection of tech- 
nical terms, names of manufactures, and com- 
mercial products, the majority of which are to 
be found in few French works. 

I have used every care in the preparation of 
this work and have endeavoured to make it a 
handy and useful book of reference for Merchants, 
Shippers, Correspondents and others. 

F. W. S, 




adv. . 


art. . 




carp. . 




/.. ■ 


fiy- • 


Fr. . 






imp. . 


int. . 






min. . 




n.f. . 

noun feminine 

n.m. . 

noun masculine 

natif. . 




p.a. . 

adjective participle 

pi. . 

plural number 

p.p. . 

past participle 

phot. . 




rail. . 


S.E. . 

Stock Exchange 

shig- ■ 


ftuhj. . 


tech. . 




?'. imp. 

impersonal verb 


prep., to, at, from, by; £tre — , to 
belong to. — mon retour, on my 
return. Parler — quelqu'un, to 
speak to someone. Oter quelque 
chose — quelqu'un, to take some- 
thing away from someone. De 
Paris — Londres, from Paris to 
London. Un — un, one by one. 

— la bouteille, by the bottle. — la 
fran^aise, after the French fashion. 

— mon avis, in my opinion. — pied 
on foot. — demain, till to-morrowo 
Marcher — • reculons, to walk back 
wards. Canne — sucre, sugar cane 
Au mois de Mars, in the month of 

L, has. II (elle) — , he (she) has. 
Ibaca, n.m., Manila hemp, ,abaca. 
Lbacas, n.m., abacus. 
Lbaissement, n.m., depression, abate- 
ment, humiliation; lowering. 
kbaisser, v., to lower, let down, pul 
down, cry down; to reduce, dim 
inish. — un pont levis, to let dowi 
or lower a drawbridge. 
*Abaisser,v., to fall, decrease, decline, 
abate ; to stoop ; to humble one- 

Hbait, see appat. 
IVbaiter, see appsiter. 
Abandon, n.m., surrender, abandon- 
ment; relinquishment, forsaking; 
ease, unconstraint. A 1' — , adv., in 
confusion; at random. 
Abandonni, part., forsaken, aban- 
doned; a., abandoned. 
Abandonnement, n.m., abandonment, 

abandoning, quitting, leaving. 
Abandonner, v., to quit, abandon, 
leave, give or deliver up; to let go. 

— ses pretentions, to give up or 
renounce one's claims. 

■'Abandonner, v., to indulge in, give 
way to, give oneself up to. 

Abaque, n.m., plinth. 

Abas, n.m., blight (in wheat); shower 

Abat, n.m., heavy shower; oflfal, cat's 

Ab&tardir,t;., to corrupt, spoil, debase. 

Abat-chaaT6e, «./., flock- wool. 

I— (1630A) 

Abat-jour, n.m., lamp-shade; window- 
blind; sky-light. 

Abattage, n.m., felling, cutting down; 
(naut.) careening, heaving down. 

Abattement, n.m., dejection, low 
spirits, despondency. 

Abatteur, n.m., slaughterer, feller. 

Abattoir, n.m., slaughter-house. 

Abattre, v., to pull or throw down; 

to bring or cut down; to let or 

i'knock down; to hew down; to 

^depress; to soak (skins). 

s'Abattre, v., to fall down; to be 
dejected; to abate; to burst (a 
storm); to stoop. Le vent s'abat, 
the wind is falling. 

Abb6, n.m., priest, abbot, abbe. 

Abe, n.m., alphabet, primer, a.b.c, 
a.b.c. book, spelling book; rudi- 

Abdication, n.f., abdication; renuncia- 
tion of property. 

Abdiquer, 2^., to resign, abdicate. 

Abducteur, n.m., abductor. 

Abduction, n.f., abduction. 

Ab6c6daire, n.m., spelling book, 
primer, alphabet. Ouvrage — , 
child's first book. 

Ab^e, n.f., mill-dam. 

AbeUIe, n.f., bee. 

Abetir, v., to stupefy. 

Abhorrer, v., to abhor, loathe, detest. 

Abime, n.m., candle dipping mould; 

Abimer, v., to spoil, swallow up, to 
crush; to cut up; to be destroyed, 
crushed, swallowed up. 

s' Abimer, v., to be spoiled; to ruin 

Ab intestat, adv., abintestate. Succes- 
sion — , intestacy. 

Abject, a., mean, base, abject, despic- 

Abjectement, adv., abjectly. 

Abjection, n.f., meanness, vileness, 

Abjuration, n.f., abjuration, renunci- 

Abjuratoire, a., abjuratory. 

Abjurer, t;., to renounce, abjure, deny, 





Ablativo, adv., in confusion. 

Ablier, n.m., hoop-net; purse-net. 

Abnegation, n.f., renunciation,, abne- 
gation. — de soi meme, self-denial. 

Aboi, n.m., baying, barking. 

Aboiment, n.m., see aboi. 

Aboiement, n.m., see aboi. 

Abois, n.m., pi., last shift, distress. 
.\ux — , at one's wits' end, hard up. 

Abolir, v., to repeal, abolish. 

s'Abolir, v., to become obsolete; to 
fall into disuse. 

Abolissable, a., abolishable. 

Abolissement, n.m., abolishment. 

Abolition, n.f., abolition, repeal. 

Abominable, a., abominable. 

Abominablement, adv., abominably. 

Abomination, n.f., detestation, abom- 

Abondamment, adv., abundantly. 

Abondance, n.f., plenty, abundance, 
copiousness, multitude. — de biens, 
opulence. Parler avec — , to speak 

Abondant, a., plentiful, copious, 
abundant, fruitful. 

Abonder, v., to abound in or with; 
to be full of; to overflow. 

Abonne, n.m., subscriber to a period- 

Abonnement, n.m., subscription to 
periodicals; agreement. 

Abonner, v., to subscribe for. 

s^Abonner, v., to compound for; to 

Abord, n.m., landing, arrival; access, 
admittance. De prime — , at first 

A bord, adv., on board, aboard. 

d' Abord, adv., at first, at first sight, 

Abordable, a., of easy access, access- 

Abordage, n.m., boarding, landing, 

Aborder, v., to land, come near to; 
to arrive at; to come up with; to 
broach or handle a subject; to run 
foul of or to board a ship. 

Abordeur, n.m., boarding vessel. 

Abortif, a., abortive. 

Abouchement, n.m., conference, in- 

Aboucher, v., to confer. 

s'Aboacher, v., to have an interview, 
to confer with; to place oneself in 
communication with. 

About, n.m., end, butt-end. 

Abonte, a., placed end to end. 
Aboutement, n.m., abutment, but. 
Abouter, v., to join end to end. 
Aboutir, v., to come to, to border 

upon; to end in; to join. — k rieii, 

to come to nothing. 
Abraquer, v., (naut.) to haul taut. 
Abrasion, n.f., abrasion. 
Abr^g^, n.m., summary, abstract, 

abridgment. En — , briefly, shortlv, 

in a few words. 
Abriger, v., to shorten, abridge, 

abbreviate, cut short. 
Abreuvage, n.m., soaking, priming, 

steaming, watering. 
Abreuvement, n.m., see abreuvage. 
Abrenver, v., to water; to prira<', 

prepare, soak, drench; to soak 

Abreuvoir, n.m., horse-pond, wate- 

Abr^vlatioii, n.f., contraction, abbn - 

Abri, n.m., shelter, cover. A 1' — , 

under cover, sheltered. Mettre a 

r — , to shelter, screen. 
Abricot, n.m., apricot. 
Abricote, n.m., candied apricot. 
Abricotier, n.m., apricot-tree. 
Abriter, r., to screen, shelter, shield, 

protect, shade. 
s'Abriter.f ., to take shelter, to shelter 

Abrogation, n.f., repeal, annulment, 

Abroger, v., to abrogate, repeal, 

s'Abroger, v., to fall into disust, 

grow obsolete. 
Abrupt, a., abrupt; rugged. 
Abruption, n.f., abruption. 
Absence, n.f., absence, want ot, 

Absent, a., wanting, absent, missing. 
s''Absenter, t^., to absent oneself. 
Absinthe, n.f., absinthe, bitters. 
Absolu, a., full, absolute, positive, 

unconditional, unlimited. 
Absolnment, adv., absolutely, posi- 
Absorbant, a., absorbent. 
Absorbent, n.m., absorbent. 
Absorb^, part., engrossed, absorbed. 
Absorber, v., to swallow up, absorb. 

take up, consume. 
s' Absorber, v., to be swdlowed ui^ 

or absorbed. 
Absorption, n.f., absorption. 





Absoudre, z'., to acquit, clear, absolve. 

Abstdme, a., abstemious. 

Abstlme, n.m.f., abstainer. 

Abstenant, n.m., teetotaler, abstainer, 
total abstainer. 

s'Abstenir, v., to refrain, abstain, 

Abstention, n.f., abstention. 

Abstinence, n.f., sobriety, abstinence, 

Abstinent, a., sober. 

Abstraction, n.f., abstraction, absence 
of mind. — faite de, exclusive of. 
I'ar — , abstractedly. 

Abstractivement, adv., separately, 

Abstraire, v., to separate, abstract; 
to draw from. 

Abstrait, a., absent-minded, inatten- 
tive, abstract. 

Abstraitement, adv., separately, ab- 

Abstrus, a., intricate, abstruse, diffi- 
cult, obscure. 

Absurde, a., absurd, foolish. 

Absurdement, adv., absurdly. 

Absurdity, n.f., nonsense, absurdity. 

Abus, n.m., misuse, abuse, error. 

Abuser, v., to impose on; to abuse, 
misuse; to cheat, delude, deceive. 

s'Abuser, v., to be mistaken, to 
(Icecive oneself, to mistake. 

Abusif, «., improper, abusive. 

Abusivement, adv., improperly, 

Acacia, n.m., gum-tree; acacia. 

Acad^micien, n.m., academician. 

Academic, n.f., academy, imiversity. 

Academique, a., academical. 

Acad^miste, n.m., academist. 

Acajou, n.m., mahogany. Noix d' — , 
cashew nut. — moire, mottled 

Accablant, a., overwhelming, grievous, 

Accabl4, a, dejected, depressed. 

Accablement, n.m:, oppression," dis- 
couragement, grief, heaviness. 

Accabler, v., to bear down, over- 
whelm; to overpower, depress; to 
weigh or press down ; to load with. 

Accalmie, n.f., (naut.) lull. 

Accaparement, n.m., monopoly, cor- 
ner, buying up, engrossing. 

Accaparer, v., to corner, buy up, 
luunopolize, engross. 

Accapareur, n.m., monopolizer, mon- 
opolist, engrosser. 

Acc^der, v., to comply with, accede 
to, agree to, consent. 

Acceleration, n.f., acceleration, des- 
patch, haste. 

Acc6ierer, v., to hasten, accelerate, 
quicken, despatch, forward, push 

Accent, n.m., accent, note, emphasis. 

Accentuation, n.f., accentuation. 

Accentuer, v., to accent, lay stress on, 

Acceptable, a., acceptable. 

Acceptant, ti.m., acceptor. 

Acceptation, n.f., acceptance. 

Accepter, f., to accept, admit, receive. 

Accepteur, n.m., acceptor. 

Acc^s, n.m., access, admittance. 

Accessibilite, n.f., accessibility. 

Accessible, a., accessible, attainable, 

Accession, n.f., accession; access, 

Accessoire, a., accessory, additional. 

Accessoire, n.m., accessory, minor. 

Accident, n.m., accident, casualty; 
undulation. Par — , accidentally. 

Accidents, a., uneven, rough, unequal, 

Accidentel, a., accidental, fortuitous, 
casual, eventual. 

Accidentellement, adv., by chance, 
accidentally, casually. 

Accise, n.f., excise, inland duty. 

Acclamation, n.f., applause, shout, 

Acclamer, v., to applaud, acclaim. 

Acclimatation, n.f., acclimatization. 

Acclimater, v., to acclimatize. 

s'Acclimater, v., to become acclima- 

Accolage, n.m., nailing or tying up. 

Accolement, n.m., uniting, joining. 

Accommodant, a., courteous, accom- 
modating, complying. 

Accommodement, n.m., arrangement, 
composition, agreement; accom- 
modation. En venir a un — , to 
come to terms. 

Accommoder,v., to adjust, conciliate; 
make up, fit, accommodate; to sell, 
to let one have; to mend, improve. 

s'Accommoder, v., to come to terms, 
agree, to suit; to put up with; to be 
pleased with; to accommodate 
oneself. — k tout, to put up with 

Accompagner, v., to wait on, accona- 
pany, escort; to match. 




s'Accompagner, v., to be accom- 

Accompli, a., performed, fulfilled, 
perfect, complete, accomplished. 

Accomplir, v., to complete, finish, 
cfft'ct, accomplish, fulfil, carry out. 

s'Accomplir, v., to be accomplished, 

Accomplissement, n.m., observance, 
accomplishment, fulfilment, execu- 

Accorage, n.m., propping. 

Accord, n.m., contract, agreement, 
bargain ; concurrence, consent ; 
accord, harmony. D' — , done, 
granted. D'un commun — , by 
common consent, fitre d' — , to 
agree. Tomber d' — , to agree. 

Accordion, n.m., accordion. 

Accorder, v., to allow, grant, concede, 
give; to admit. 

s'Accorder, v., to agree, be suited, to 
suit, accord; to concur, join. — de 
. . . ., to agree upon .... 

Accordeur, n.m., (piano) tuner. Clef 
d' — , tuning hammer. 

Accordoir, n.m., tuning hammer. 

Accort, a., courteous, affable; jiexible. 

Accortise, n.f., courtesy, complais- 
ance, affability. 

Accoster,r., {naut.) to come ak)ngside. 

Accoter, v., to support, prop up. 

Accouplement, n.m., pairing, coupling. 

Accoupler, v., to match or pair; to 
couple; to join together. 

Accourcir, v., to make shorter, to 

s 'Accourcir, v., to grow shorter, to 
decrease, shorten. 

Accourcissement, n.m., dinainution, 

Accourir, v., to hasten; to run to; 
to flock together. 

s'Accoatrer, v., to rig oneself out; to 
dress oneself out in. 

Accoutum^, a., habitual, accustomed, 
customary. A 1' — e, as usual. 

Accoutumer, v., to use, accustom. 

s'Accoutumer, v., to use or accustom 

Accr6diter, t'., to accredit; to give 
credit to; to confirm or spread 
(rumours); to bring into vogue. 

s'Accr^diter, v., to get into credit, 
to get a name or reputation. 

Accrochement, n.m., delay, hitch, 

Accrocher, v., to delay; to grapple 

(a ship); to hang up, to hook, to get 

or pick up; to lock. 
s'Accrocher,r., to cling to, to hang on, 

to lay hold of. 
Accroire, v., to believe. En faire — 4 

quclqu' un, to impose upon any one. 
Accroissement, n.m., enlargement, 

increase, growth, development. 
Accroitre, v., to enlarge, increase, 

s' Accroitre, v., to grow, increase, 

Accaeil, n.m., protection, honour (of 

bills); welcome, reception. Recevoir 

bon — , to be met or honoured; to 

be met with due honour. 
Accaellir, v., to protect, honour; to 

make welcome, receive. 
Accumulateur, n.m., accumulator. 
Accumulation, n.f., accumulation. 
Accumuler, v., to accumulate, store. 
s'Accumuler, v., to increase, accumu- 
Accusateur, n.m., indicter, accuser. 
Accusation, n.f., accusation, charge. 

complaint, prosecution. Mettn 

en — , to impeach. 
Accuse, n.m., prisoner, accused. — d« 

reception, acknowledgment of re- 
ceipt {of a letter). 
Accuser, v., to impeach, indict, accus( 

of. — reception d'une lettre, ti' 

acknowledge receipt of a letter. 
Acerbe, a., sour, bitter. 
Acerbity, n.f., bitterness, acerbity. 
Ac6rer, w., to steel. 
Ac6tate, n.m., acetate. — de chaux, 

acetate of lime. — de fer, acetat) 

of iron. 
Ac6tique, a., acetic. Acide — , acetii 

Achalandage, n.m., goodwill and 

fixtures, custom, connection. 
Achaland^, boutique bien — e, .1 

shop doing a good trade. 
Achalander, v., to procure customer- 

or custom; to get custom. 
s'Achalander, v., to attract (get. 

draw) customers. 
Achamement, n.m., tenacity, ob- 
Achamer, r., to embitter, rouse. 
s'Achamer, v., to persist in, to b<- 

intent or set upon. 
Achat, n.m., purchase; buying; pur 

chasing. — a credit, purchase on 
credit. — k livrer, sur" livraison , 
purchase for delivery. — a termc , 




purchase for account. — specula- 
tif, speculative purchase. 

Aohemiiiemeiit,n.m., despatch, means, 
way, step. 

Acheminer, i*., to forward. 

Acheter, v., to purchase, buy. — en 
bloc, to purchase in a lump. 
— cher (bon marche), to buy dear 
(cheap). ■ '- 

Achetenr, n.m., purchaser, buyer; 
last bidder. 

Achev6, pari., absolute, downright, 
finished, perfect. 

Achivement, n.m., completion, con- 
clusion, finishing. 

Achever, v., to finish, terminate, end, 
conclude, perfect. 

Aoide, n.m., acid. — acetique, acetic 
acid. — borique, boric acid. — 
chromique, chromic acid. — cit- 
rique, citric acid. — muriatique, 
muriatic acid. • — prussique, 
prussic acid. 

Acide, a., sharp, tart, sour, acid. 

Acidifier, v., to acidify. 

Acidity, n.f., acidity, tartness, sharp- 

Aciduler, r., to acidulate. 

Acier, n.m., steel. — poule, blistered 
steel. — fondu, cast steel. — de 
cementation, blistered steel. — 
rtire, shear steel. — wootz, wootz. 
— • indien, wootz. — corroye, 
double-shear steel. — bruni, gun- 
metal. — oxyd4, gun-metal. Fil 
d' — , steel wire. Articles d' — , steel 
wares. Bijouterie d' — , polished 
steel wares. 

Aciirage, n.f., plating with steel, 

Aci6ration, n.f., conversion of iron 
into steel. 

Aci6rer, v., to convert into steel; to 

Aoi6rie, n.f., steel works or manufac- 

Acompte, n.m., part payment, instal- 

Acoustique, a., acoustic; cordon, 
speaking tube or pipe. 

Aoqu^reur, n.m., purchaser, buyer. 

Acqu^rir, r. , to purchase, buy, acquire, 
get, attain, win, gain. 

Acquet, n.m., purchase, acquisition. 

Acquiescement, n.m., consent, acqui- 
escence, compliance. 

Aoqniescer, v., to comply, agree, 
yield, assent. 

Acqaisition, n.f., purchase, acquisi- 
tion, acquiring. 

Acquit, n.m., receipt, discharge. Poui 
— , paid (on bills). Donner — de, 

to give a receipt for. a-caution, 

permit (customs). 

Acqaittement, n.m., liquidation, pay- 
ing off; acquittal. 

Acqnitter, v., to discharge, receipt; to 
pay or pay off. 

Acre, a., sour, sharp, tart, biting, 
bitter, acrid. 

Acreti, n.f., sharpness, tartness, 
acridity, sourness. 

Acte, n.m., act, document, instru- 
ment, deed, indenture; pi., public 
registers; records. Prendre — , to 
put down, make a note of. Rediger 
un — , to draw up a document. 
Expedition d'un — , copy of a deed. 

Actif, n.m., assets. — et passif, assets 
and liabilities. 

Actif, a., active, quick, brisk; actual, 
real. Dettes actives, assets. 

Action, n.f., act, action, motion; 
share, stock; plea, suit; Par — s, 
joint-stock. — cessible, transfer- 
able share. Titre d'une — , share- 
warrant. — s de banque, bank 
stock. Hausse des — s, rise of 
shares. Baisse des — s, fall of 
shares. Intenter une — k quelqu' 
im, to bring an action against 
anyone. Mettre en — , to carry out. 
En — , (tech.) in motion, in gear. 

Actionnaire, n.m., shareholder, stock- 

Actionner, v., to' bring an action, to 
sue at law. 

Activement, adv., vigorously, actively. 

Activer, v., to hasten, expedite, for- 

Activity, n.f., activity, action; dis- 
patch, expedition. 

Actuel, a., present, actual, real. 

Actuellement, adv., at present, now. 

Adapter, v., to adapt, apply, fit, suit. 

s^Adapter, v., to fit, apply, suit. 

Addition, n.f., addition, bill; marginal 
note. Faire 1' — dc, to add or sum 

Additionnel, a., additional. 

Additionner, v., to add up. 

Ad6quat, a., adequate. 

Adherence, n.f., adhesion, adherence. 

Adherer, v., to adhere to, to approve; 
to adhere. 

Adhisif, a., adhesive. 




Adhesion, n./., compliance, adhesion. 

Adjacent, a., contiguous, adjacent. 

Adjoint, n.m., assistant, colleague, 

Adjudicataire, n.m.f., highest bidder, 
purchaspr, contractor. 

Adjudication, n.f., auction, adjudica- 
tion; award; contract. Par — , by 

Adjuger, v., to adjudicate, adjudge. 

Admettre, v., to receive, approve of, 
admit, adopt, allow. 

Administrateor, n.m., administrator, 
trustee, curator, manager. — 
d'une compagnie (societe). Director 
of a company. 

Administration, n.f., administration, 
management, conduct, direction. 

Administrer, v., to manage, adminis- 
ter, govern. Droit d' — , Letters of 

Admirable, a., wonderful, admirable. 

Admiration, n.f., wonder, marvel, 

Admirer, v., to wonder at; to admire. 

Admissible, a., admissible, allowable. 

Admission, n.f., admission, admit- 

B^Adonner, v., to apply, give, devote 
oneself (to a thing). 

Adopter, v., to adopt, sanction, pass, 

Adosse, endorsed (of a bill). 

Adossement, n.m., endorsement, 

Adouber, v., to repair, mend (naut.). 

Adoucir, v., to mitigate, appease, 
allay, relieve, soften, modify. 

S^ Adoucir, v., to get milder (of 
weather); to grow mild, cool, soft. 

Adoucissement, n.m., softening, alle- 
viation, relief, mitigation, consola- 

Adoucisseur, n.m., glass-polisher. 

Adgragant, n.m., gum-dragon; trag- 

Adresse, n.f., address, destination, 
direction; skill, cleverness, dex- 
terity; shrewdness; speech. Faire 
tenir a son — , to forward to its 

Adresser, v., to address, direct. 

s'Adresser, r., to address oneself; to 
make application or apply to; to be 

Adroit, a., clever, skilful, shrewd; 
neat, handy. 

Adolte, n.m.f., adult. 

Adulteration, n.f., adulteration. 

Advenant, part., in the event of, bi 
case, occurring. 

Advenir, v., to happen, occur, chanci . 

A^rage, n.m., airing, ventilatio(:, 
Puits d' — , air shaft. | 

Aeration, n.f., airing, aeration. | 

A^rer, v., to air, aerate, renew the ai'. 

Alrien, a., aerial. ! 

A6riser, v., to aerify. 

Aerodrome, n.m., aerodrome, flying 

Aerom^tre, n.jn., aerometer. 

A^ronautique, n.f., aerial navigation. 

Aeroplane, n.f., aeroplane. 

Afiabilit^, n.f., courtesy, kindnes-, 

Affable, a., courteous, affable, kind 

Affaiblbr, v., to impjiir, weaken; \' 
debase coins; to grow weak. 

s'Affaiblir, v., to abate, grow weak. 

ASaiblissement, n.m., abatement, 
weakening; debasement of coins. 

Affaire, n.m., affair, business, matt« r, 
thing, dealing; case, lawsuit, actior 
— d'interet, money matter. - 
courantes, current business. — s 
considerables, extensive busine-s. 
— s de commission, commission 
business. — de commerce, busin«- 
matter. ' Experience des — 
business experience. Relations 
(rapports) d' — s, business relations. 
Se retirer des — s, to retire frtni 
business. Ceder ses — s, to give ip 
business. Pour — , on business. 
Homme d' — s, agent, man of 
business. Dans les — s, in business. 
Avoir — avec, to have busin« ss 
with. Faire des — s, to do busine ■ 
Faire de grandes — s, to carry on an 
extensive business. Vider une — , 
to settle an affair. — de ri' ri, 
trifling matter. 

Affair^, a., busy. 

Affectation, n.f., mortgage, char:^e; 

Affecter, v., to pretend, feign, afff ct; 
to destine, appropriate. ] 

Affection, n.f., affection, liking, par^ 
tiality. Par — , out of affection. 

Affectionner, v., to fancy, be fond of^ 
take an interest in. 

Afferent, a., accruing to, belonging to| 
appertaining to. 

Affermage, n.m., renting, farming 

Affermer, v., to let out by leas> 
farm, rent; to take a lease of 




Affermir, v., to confirm, establish; to 

harden, strengthen, consolidate, 

make firm or strong. 
Affermissement, n.m., consolidation, 

strengthening; support, stay, prop. 
Affiche, n.f., bill, hand-bill, placard. 

Poser une — , to post up a placard. 
Afflcher, v., to publish, post up, 

Affichenr, n.m., bill-poster. 
Affld^, n.m., confidential agent. 
Affld6, a., trustworthy, trusty. 
Affiler, v., to set, sharpen. 
Affiliation, n.f., affiliation, association. 
Afflloir, n.m., whetstone, hone, steel. 
AfRnage, n.m., refining, fining (of 

metals, sugar). 
Atfiner, v., to refine; to try. 
Affineur, n.m., metal refiner; finer. 
Affirmation, n.f., oath, affidavit; 

assertion, affirmation. 
Affirmer, v., to vouch, affirm, declare, 

assert, state. 
AfHeurer, v., to level, make even; to 

he level or on a level. 
Affligeant, a., distressing, grievous. 
Affliger, v., to distress, grieve, vex, 

Affluence, n.f., abundance, affluence. 
AfHuer, v., to abound; to come in 

f^'reat numbers, to flock; to run or 

fl>)W into. 
Aflourcher, v., (naut.) to moor across. 
ASranchi, part., post-paid, prepaid. 

I'ne lettre — e, a prepaid letter. 
Aflranchir, v., to prepay; to pay the 

carriage of; to discheu'ge, exempt; 

to deliver. 
Aflranchissement, n.m., prepayment 

of carriage (of parcels); payment of 

postage (of letters); discharge, 

exemption, delivery. 
AflrAtement, n.m., freighting, char- 
Aflr6ter, v., to freight, charter. 
ASreux, a., fearful, frightful, horrible, 

Affront, n.m., insult, outrage, affront. 
Affronter, v., to cheat, take in; to 

facr, affront. 
Affronteur, n.m., cheat, deceiver. 
Afffltage, n.m., set oi tools, imple- 
ments; sharpening of tools. 
Aff&ter v., to set or sharpen tools; 
; to stork with tools. 
jAfln, conj., that, so that, to, in order 
I to. 
; Africain, n.m., an .African. 

Africain, a., African. 

Agacerie, n.f., incitement, allurement, 

Agate, n.f., agate. — panachee 
(rubanee), ribbon agate. 

Age, n.m., age. D'un certain — , 
elderly. Fleur de 1' — , prime of life. 

Ag§, a., aged, elderly. — de trente 
aiis, thirty years old. 

Agence, n.f., business, agency. 

Agencer, v., to dispose, arrange, fit up. 

Agenda, n.m., agenda, diary, memor- 
andum book. 

Agent, n.m., agent, broker, middle- 
man. — monetaire, circulating 
medium. — comptable, account- 
ant. — de change, stockbroker. 
— d'affaires, agent. 

Aggraver, v., to augment, aggravate, 
make worse. 

Agile, a., quick, agile, active. 

Agility, n.f., agility, quickness, 

Agio, n.m., agio, premium. 

Agiotage, n.w., jobbing, stock-jobbing. 
Faire 1' — , to deal in stocks. 

Agioter, v., to job, to be a stock- 
jobber, to gamble in funds. 

Agioteur, n.m., jobber, stock-jobber. 

Agir, v., to do, act, operate; to 
prosecute, sue; to manage a 
business, to negotiate. 

s'Agir, v., to be the matter; to be in 
question. II s'agit, the point in 
question is; the question is. De 
quoi s'agit-il ?, what is the matter ? 

Agissant, a., busy, active, effectual. 

Agitation, n.f., disturbance, trouble, 
agitation, shaking. 

Agiter, v., to move, agitate, disturb, 
put in motion; to dispute, debate; 
to pull, shake. 

Agneau, n.m., lamb. Peau d' — , 
lamb-skin. Laine d' — , lamb's 

Agrafe, n.f., clasp, hook. — et porte, 
hook and eye. 

Agrafer, v., to clasp or hook; to faslen 
with a clasp. 

Agrandir, v., to enlarge, widen, 
augment, lengthen; to promote, 

Agrandissement, n. m., increase, 
widening, lengthening, improve- 
ment, enlargement. 

Agr^able, a., pleasant, agreeable, 
acceptable, pleasing. Avoir pour 
— , to permit, allow. 




Agr6ablement, adv., pleasantly, agree- 
ably, comfortably. 

Agr6age, n.m., brokerage. 

Agr6e, n.m., attorney, solicitor. 

Agr6er, v., to receive or accept 
kindly; to like; to allow; to equip 
or rig a ship; to be agreeable, to 

Agrigation, n./., aggregate. 

Agriger, v., to aggregate, incorporate, 
join, unite. 

Agriment, n.m , consent, approba- 
tion; liking, agreeableness; advan- 
tage, accomplishment. 

Agtia, nm., pi, rigging {naut.). 

Agricole, a., agricultural. 

Agricaltear, n.m., agriculturist, 

Agricoltare, n.f., agriculture. 

Agronome, n.m., agriculturist. 

Agronomique, a., agricultural. 

Agrouper, v., to group. 

Aheortement, n.m., obstinacy, stub- 

s'Aheorter, v., to persist in. 

Ahurir, v., to bewilder, amaze, 

Aide, n.f., help, aid, assistance, 
support; pi., excise, subsidies. 

Aide, n.m., assistant, helper; help. 

Aider, v., to help, aid, assist. 

Aieol, n.m , grandfather. 

Aieole, n.f., grandmother. 

Aieax, n.m., pi., ancestors, fore- 

Aigle, n.m., reading-desk, lectern; 

Aiglefin, n.m., haddock. 

Aigre, n.m., sourne?s, sharpness. 

Aigre, a., sharp, sour, tart, bitter; 
harsh, rough; brittle. 

Aigre-doaz, a., sourish, bitterish. 

Aigrefln, n.m., sharper. 

Aigrette, n.f., aigrette; tuft; plume. 

Aigrear, n.f., tartness, sourness, 
bitterness, sharpness; spite, grudge. 

Aigrir, v., to sour, to turn or make 
sour; to irritate, provoke, embitter. 

Aiga, a., sharp, acute, keen, pointed. 

Aigaade, n.f., watering-place. 

Aigae-marine, n.f., aquamarina. 

Aiguille, "./., needle; point (railways); 
spindle (of a compass); hand (of a 
watch). — k tricoter, knitting 
needle. — d'emballeur, packing 
needle. — a reprises, darning 
needle. — k coudre, sewing needle . 
— k tapisserie, carpet needle. 

k passer, bodkin. — aimant6e, 
magnetic needle. Ouvrage k 1'—, 

AignUleor, n.m., pointsman (rail.). 

Aiguillier, n.m., needle-case; needle- 

Aigoillonner, v., to stimulate, incite. 

Aigoiser, v., to sharpen, point, make 

Aiguiseur, n.m., knife-grinder (person i. 

Ail, n.m., garlic. 

Aile, n.m., wing; fan; pinion. — de 
moulin, wind-sail. 

Aileron, n.m., float-wheel of a water- 

Ailette, n.f., flange (motor); side-piet< 
or side-lining of a shoe. 

Ailleors, adv., somewhere else, elsi> 
where. D' — , moreover, besides, ir 
addition to which, in other respects. 

Aimable, a., agreeable, amiable. 

Aimablement,! adv., amiably, in 
amiable manner. 

Aimant, n.m., magnet. 

Aimant6, a., magnetic. See aiguille. 

Aimanter, v., to magnetise. 

Aimer, to love, like, fancy; to be 
fond of, in love with; to admire; to 
have an inclination for. — mieux, 
to prefer. 

Ain, n.m., woollen thread. 

Ain6, a., senior, elder. 

Ainsi, conj., therefore, so that, thus; 
adv., so, in this or that manu'T, 
thus. — que, tout — que, as, as 
well as, in the same way as. — lu 
reste, and so forth. S'il en est 
if such is the case. 

Air, n.m., air; appearance, aspect, 
look, countenance. Avoir 1' — de, 
to look like. Un — de famille, a 
family likeness. Faire des chateaux 
en r — , to build castles in the ; 
Parler en 1' — , to talk wildly. En 
plein — , in the open air. 

Airain, n.m., brass. 

Ais, n.m., butcher's block; shelf, 
board, plank. 

Aisance, n.f., freedom, ease, afHuerce. 
— s, water-closet. Cabinet d' — s, 
lieux d' — s, water closet, fitre dans 
r — , to be in easy circumstances. 

Aise, n.f., ease, comfort, content, 
joy. Etre k son — , to be well ofU 
A r — , easily, comfortable. 

Aise, a., well pleased, glad. 

Ais^, a., in easy circumstances, e 
commodious, convenient. 





Ajoumement, n.m., postponement, 

adjournment; summons. 
Ajourner, v., to postpone, adjourn, 

put off; to summon. 
Ajouter, v., to add, subjoin, join, 

supply. — foi k quelque chose, to 

give credit to a thing. 
Ajostage, n.m., adjusting or giving 

the legal weight to a coin. 
Ajustement, n.m., settlement, regula- 
tion, adjustment, adjusting; agree- 
ment, accommodation. L' — d'une 

machine, the regulating a machine. 
Ajiuter, v., to adjust, regulate, settle; 

to trim; to accommodate, adapt, set 

in order. — un differend, to settle 

a difference. 
I'Ajaster, v., to take measures, agree, 

concert together. 
Ajnstetir, n.m., fitter, sizer, weigher 

(at the mint). 
Ajastoir, n.m., assay scales. 
Alacrity, n./., alacrity. 
Alambic, n.m., still, alembic. 
Alarguer, v., {naut.) to put to sea, 

hear off. 
Alarmant, a., dreadful, alarming. 
Alarme, n.f., fear, alarm, fright. 

Cloche d' — , alarm-bell. Fausse — , 

false alarm. Porter 1' — dans, to 

Alarmer, v., to alarm, startle, raise 

an alarm. 
Albfttre, n.m., alabaster. — brut, 

rough alabaster. — ouvre, wrought 

Album, n.m., scrap-book, album, 

Albumine, n.f., albumen, white (of 

an egg). 
Alcali, n.m., alkali. 
Aloaliser, v., to alkalize. 
Aloaloide, n.m., alkaloid. 
Alchimiste, n.m., alchymist. 
Alcool, n.m., alcohol. — camphr^, 

camphorated spirit of wine. 
Alcoolique, a., alcoholic. 
Alcoolisiation, n.f., alcoholization. 
Alcooliser, t;., to alcoholize. 
Altae, n.f., awl. 
Alentoar, adv., around, about, round 

AlentoQrSt.n.m., pi., neighbourhood. 
Altpme, n.f., bombazine. 
Alerte, a., alert, quick, vigilant, brisk, 

Alteage, n.m., boring, drilling. 
AMser, v., to drill or bore. 

A16soir, n.m., borer (instrument). 

Alfa, n.m., alfa-grass, alfa. 

Alibi, n.m., alibi. 

Aliboufier, n.m., storax, fragrant resin. 

Alienable, a., alienable, transferable. 

Alienation, n.f., transfer, alienation. 

Aligner, v., to alienate. 

Aligner, v., to put in a straight line; 
to lay out by a line. — un compte, 
to balance an account. 

Aliment, n.m., aliment, nourishment, 
nutriment, food, fuel; allowance. 

Aliments, n.w., maintenance, alimony. 

Alimentaire, a., alimentary. Pompe 
— , donkey engine, feed-pump. 
Pension — , maintenance, alimony. 

Alimentation, n.f., feeding, alimenta- 

Alimenter, f ., to nourish, feed, main- 
tain; to fuel, keep up; to furnish. 

Aliqaote, a., aliquot. 

Alizari, n.m., madder-root. 

Alize, a., vents — s, trade-winds. 

Alkermes, n.m., alkermes. 

All^cher, v., to entice, attract, allure. 

Allegation, n.f., quotation, citation, 

Allege, n./., window-sill; tender (rail.) ; 
lighter (naut.). Frais d' — , light- 

Aliegement, n.m., ease, relief, allevia- 

Alieger, v., to unload or lighten a 
boat; to buoy up (naut.); to relieve, 
alleviate, ease. 

Alligir, v., to reduce, lighten. 

Alligre, a., brisk, cheerful. 

Alieguer, v., to quote, cite, allege, 
plead, produce. 

Allemand, n.m., a German. 

Allemand, a., German. 

Aller, n.m., run, going, coiu-se of time; 
outward voyage. Billet d' — et 
retour, return ticket. Au long — , 
in the long run. — et retour, 
voyage out and home. Au pis — , 
at the worst. 

Aller, v., to go, be going; to depart; 
to go forward, go on; to amount; 
to come. AUant k, bound for. 
— aux informations (renseigne- 
ments), to make inquiries. — 
croissant, to go on increasing. — k 
pied, to go on foot. Cela vous va, 
that suits you. • — aux voix, to put 
to the vote. — de mal en pis, to go 
from bad to worse. Comment allez- 
vous ?, how are you ?, how do you 



do ? Cela va sans dire, that goes 

without saying. Le commerc* ne 

va pkis, trade is at a standstill. 
s'En aller, r., to go out (away), to 

set out, take oneself off, march off, 

depart; to evaporate, disappear, 

dwindle away. Je m'en vais vous 

dire, I'll tell vou what. 
Allen, n.m., allodium. Franc- — , 

Alliage, n.m., alloy, alloyage, mixture. 
Alliance, n./., marriage, match, 

alliance; blending; wedding-ring. 
Allii, n.m., relation by marriage; ally. 
Allier, v., to combine, mix; to match, 

marry; to ally. 
Allodial, a., allodial. Terres — es, 

freehold lands. 
Allonge, «./., rider (of a bill); leaf (of 

a table). 
AUonger, v., to lengthen, stretch out, 

protract, delay; to wire-draw. 
Allooable, a., permissible, allowable. 
Allouer, r., to grant, allow, fix. 
Allnchon, n.m., cog, tooth of a wheel. 
AUumette, n./., match, spill, fusee. 

— chimique, match, lucifer match. 

— suedoise, safety match. — en 
cire, vesta, wa.x match. 

Allnmeur, n.m., lighter, lamp-lighter. 
Allnre, n.f., behaviour, conduct, 

Allusion, n.f., behaviour, conduct, 

Allusion, n.f., hint, allusion. Faire une 

— peu voilee, to give a broad hint. 
Almanach, n.m., calendar, almanac. 

— d'adresse (des adresses), post- 
oflSce directory. — du commerce, 
commercial directory. 

Alote, n.m., aloe, aloes. — du Cap, 
Cape aloes. 

Aloi, n.m., alloy, standard. Argent 
de bon — , good money. 

Alors, adv., at that time, then, in that 
case, in such a case. D' — , of that 
time. — meme que, even when. 

Aloyage, n.m., mixture, alloyage, 
pewterer's alloy. 

Aloyer, r., to alloy gold and silver. 

Alpaga, n.m., (stuff) alpaca. Laine 
d' — , alpaca wool. I'il d' — , alpaca 

Alphabitique, a., alphabetical. Reper- 
toire — , alphabetical index. 

Alteration, n.f., alteration, deteriora- 
tion, misrepresentation, adultera- 



Altercation, n.f., contest, altercatio 

Alt^rer, r., to change, alter, adulte- 

ate, distort, mis-state, troubl 

— la monnaic, to debase coin. 
Alternance, n.f., succession, alterna- 

Alternat, n.m., rotation of crops. 
Alternative, n.f., option, alternative, 

Alternativement, adv., by turns 

Alterner,?'., to alternate, take in turn 3 
Alterquer, v., to dispute, altercate. 
Alude, n.f., basil, coloured sheep-skin 
Alumine, n.f., alumina. 
Aluminium, n.m., aluminium. 
Alun, n.m., alum. — blanc, whi'e 

alum. — calcinS, burnt alui i 

— de plume, plumose alum, 
vierge, pure alum. — d'Angleten e, 
English alum. 

Alunation, n.f., alum-making. 

Aluni^re, n.f., alum-works, alum-p t 

Amaigrir, v., to reduce, lessen, makr 
lean; to fall awav, to grow lean o> 

Amalgamation, n.f., amalgamation 

Amalgam, >i.m., amalgam; amalgam- 
ation; mi.xture. 

Amalgamer, v., to combine, amal- 
gamate, blend. 

Amande, n.f., almond, kernel. 

araeres, bitter almonds. — s 

douces, sweet almonds. — de terr e, 
rush nut. — d'Amazone, Brazil 
nut. — s a la praline (pralinets) 
burnt almonds. — s cassees, shelled 
almonds. — s d'ltalie, Italian 
almonds. Savon d' — , almond soap, 
pate d' — , almond paste. Huile 
d' — , almond oil. 

Amand§, n.m., milk of almonds. 

Amandier, n.m., almond-tree. 

Amarrage, n.m., anchorage, mooring. 

Amarre, n.f., rope, hawser, cat le. 

— de fond, ground tackle. 
Amarrer, f ., to moor, make fast. 
Amas, n.m., heap, pile, accumulation 

Amasser, v., to accumulate, get tc 

gether; to lay or treasure up. 
Ambassade, n.f., embassy. 
Ambassadeur, n.m., ambassaiior, 

Ambassadrice, n.f., ambassadress 
Ambigu, a., ambiguous. 
Ambitieuz, a., ambitious. 





Ambitionner, v., to be ambitious of; 
to desire earnestly. 

Ambre, n.m., amber. — gris, amber- 
Ljris. — jaune, yellow amber. 

Ambr6, a., amber-coloured. 

Ambrette, n.f., amber-seed, musk- 

Ambulance, n.f., ambulance. 

Ame, n.f., soul; genius, mind, essence, 
r(jnscience; bore (of a gun). 

Amelioration, n.f., improvement, 

Am61iorer, v., to improve, ameliorate, 
better, mend. 

Amende, n.f., penalty, fine, compensa- 
tion. Mettre (condamner) k Y — , 
to fine. 

Amender, v., to correct, amend, 
improve; to grow better. 

Amener, v., to lead, induce; to bring 
up (in, about, round, over). 

Amer, a., bitter, painful, sad, harsh. 
Vn gout — , a bitter taste. 

Amer, n.m., bitterness. — s, (naut.) 
landmarks, seamarks; bitters. 

Americain, n.m., an American. 

Americain, a., American. 

Am6thy.ste, n.f., amethyst. 

Ameublement, n.m., household goods, 
tiirniture, set of furniture. 

Ami, n.m., friend. Chambre d' — , 
spare room. 

Amiable, a., amiable, friendly, amic- 
able, courteous, kind. A 1' — 
amicably, by private contract. 
Vente h V — , sale by private 

Amical, a., amicable, kind, friendly. 

Amidon, n.m., starch. 

Amidonnerie, n.f., starch-works, 
stai"<h manufactory. 

Amidonnier, n.m., starch-maker. 

Amiral, n.m., admiral. Vice — , vice- 
admiral, (jrand — , high-admiral. 
Contre — , rear-admiral. Vaisseau 
— , flag-ship. 

AmirautI, n.f., admiralty, admiral- 

Amitie, n.f., friendship, kindness, 
favour, interest; pi., compliments, 
kind regards. Par — , out of 
friendship. £tre sur un pied d' — 
avec, to be on friendly terms 

Ammoniac, a., ammoniac. Gaz — , 
ammoniacal gas. Sel — , sal 
ammoniac. Gomme — que, gum 

Ammoniaque, n.m.f., ammonia. — 

caustique, spirits of hartshorn. 
Amoindrir, v., to decrease, lessen, 

diminish, grow less. 
s'Amoindrir, v., to lessen, grow less. 
Amoindrissement, n.m., diminution, 

abating, lessening, decrease. 
AmoUissement, n.m., abatement, 

flagging, softening. 
Amoncellement, n.m., accumulation, 

heaping up. 
Amorce, n.f., electro-plating bath; 

attraction, enticement, bait; tinder. 
Amorcer, v., to entice, bait, allure, 

Amortir, v., to weaken; to redeem 

(stock); to buy up, pay off; to sink; 

t(j amortize. — des dettes, to pay 

off debfs. 
Amortissable, a., redeemable. 
Amortissement, n.m., liquidation, 

buying up, redeeming, redemption, 

sinking, amortization, abatement; 

(naut.) lying aground. Fonds d' — , 

sinking fund. 
Ample, a, full, ample, vast, large, 

broad, copious, spacious, wide, 

Amplement, adv., fully, amply, exten- 
sively, largely, broadly. 
Ampleur, n.f., largeness, wideness, 

Ampliation, n.f., duplicate of a 

receipt. Lettres d' — , letters of 

ampliation. Pour — , a true copy. 
Amplification, n.f., amplification. 
Amplifier, v., to enlarge, amplify, 

enlarge upon. 
Ampoule, n.f., electric lamp. 
Amusant, a., amusing, diverting. 
Amuser, v., to amuse, entertain, 

An, n.m., year. Le jour de 1* — , New 

Year's day. Nouvel — , New Year. 

Tous les — s, yearly, every year. II 

V a un — , a year ago. 1,'^ pass6, 

last year. L' — bissextile, leap 

year. Tous les deux — s, every 

other year. II a vingt — s, he is 

Anacarde, n.m., cashew-nut. 
Anacardier, n.m., cashew-tree. 
Analyse, n.f., analysis. 
Analyser, v., to analyse. 
Analyste, n.m., analyst, analyser. 
Analytique, a., analytical. 
Ananas, n.m., pineapple. 
Anatife, ti.m., barnacle. 





Aache, n.f., reed (of a wind instru- 

Anchois, n.m., anchovy. Beurre 
(pate) d' — , anchovy paste. 

Ancien, a., old, ancient, former, ex, 
late, senior. 

AncraKOi n.m., anchorage, anchor- 
ground. Droits d' — , anchorage 

Ancre, n.f., anchor. — de touee, 
stream anchor. — de rechange, 
spare anchor. Seconde — , best 
bower anchor. Maitresse — , sheet 
anchor. — de large, sea anchor. 
— de flot, flood anchor. — d' 
aflfourche, small bower anchor. — 
de jusant, ebb anchor. Lever 1' — , 
to weigh anchor. Jeter 1' — , to cast 
anchor. £tre k V — , to ride at 

Andoaille, n.f., twist of tobacco. 

Ane, n.m., donkey, ass; vice (instru- 
ment). Coq-^-l' — , cock-and-bull 

An^antir, v., to destroy, annihilate, 
reduce to nothing. 

Anerie, n.f., stupidity, gross ignor- 
ance, gross blunder. 

Ang^liqae, n.f., angelica. 

Angelot, n.m., angelot cheese. 

Anglais, a., English, British. 

Anglais, n.m., Englishman, English. 

Anglaise, n.f., English girl or woman. 

Angle, n.m., angle, corner. — aigu 
(droit), acute (right) angle. 

Anguille, n.f., bilge-ways, launching- 

Angulaire, a., angular. 

Anil, n.m., anil. 

Aniline, n.f., aniline. 

Animation, n.f., bustle, animation, 

Anim6, part., animated. 

Anim4, n.f., animi. 

Animer, v., to animate, stir up, 
quicken, excite, provoke. 

s'Animer. v., to be encouraged, to 
cheer up; to be angry. 

Animosity, n.f., animosity, ill-will. 

Anis, n.m., aniseed, anise. Graine 
d' — , aniseed. — de la Chine, 
Indian aniseed. — de Verdun, 
candied aniseed. — etoile, 

Indian aniseed. 

Annean, n.m., {naut.) mooring ring; 
link of a chain; ring. 

Ann6e, n.f., year. Cette — , this year. 
D' — en — , from year to year. 

— bissextile, leap year. L' — qui 
vient, r — prochaine, next year. 
Payer k Y — , to pay by the year. 

Annexe, n.f., schedule, rider; annex. 
Annexer, v., to annex, add to. 
V Anniversaire, n.m., anniversary. 
Annonce, n.f., publication, announce 

ment, notification, advertisement 

Faire inserer une — , to advertise 
Annoncer, v., to announce, tell, pub 

lish, advertise, declare, inform, 

give out, set forth. 
Annoaire, n.m., almanack, annual 

— de la marine, nautical almanack 
Annuel, a., yearly, annual. 
Annuellement, adv., annually, yearly 
Annuity, n.f., annuity. 
Annulation, n.f., cancelling, annulling 

repeal, abolition. 
Annuler, v., to repeal, cancel, annul 

abolish, quash, rescind. 
Anonyme, a., joint-stock; anonymous 

Societe — , limited liability com 

pany, joint-stock company. 
Ant6cedemment, adv., previously 

Ant^cMent, a., preceding, antecedent 

previous, foregoing. 
Antiheur, a., previous, former, prior 

Anteriority, n.f., priority, precedena: 
Anthracite, n.m., anthracite, glanc<- 

coal, coal-stone, blind-coal. 
Anticipation, n.f., anticipation. Par 

— , beforehand. 
Anticiper, v., to forestall, anticipate. 
Antidater, t;., to antedate. 
Antimoine, n.m., antimony. — cm, 

crude antimony. — mineral, 

antimony ore. 
Antiseptique, n.m., antiseptic. 
Anxi6t6, n.f., anxiety, uneasiness. 
Anxieuz, a., anxious, uneasy. 
Aofit, n.m., August. La mi-aout, the 

middle of August. 
A.p. {k protester), to be protested. 
Apaiser, v., to calm, quiet, pacify, 

alleviate, mitigate. 
s' Apaiser, v., to grow calm, quiet, to 

subside, abate. L'orage s'est apaise, 

the storm has subsided. 
A part, see part. 
Aparte, en — , adv., aside. 
Apercevoir, v., to discover, noti<e, 

perceive, observe, remark. 
s' Apercevoir, v., to see, remark, be 

aware of, find out, perceiNe, 

discover, take notice. 


I f 




Apercu, n.m., sketch, survey, rough 
estimate; hint, idea. Par — , at a 
rough guess. En — , summarily. 

Aperitif, n.m., bitters, appetizer. 

Aplanir, v., to level, smooth; to make 
smooth, even; to clear up (diffi- 
culties); to plane. 

Aplatir, v., to flatten, make flat. 

Aplatissoire, n./., flatting rollers. 

Apologie, n./., apology, excuse, justi- 
fication. I'" aire son — , to apologizt 

Apothicaire, n.m., apothecary. 

Apothicairerie, «./., dispensary, phar- 
macy, apothecary's shop. 

Apparaitre, v., to come or be in sight; 
to appear suddenly. 

Apparauz, n.m., pi., sails, rigging, 
tackle of a ship. 

Appareil, n.m., apparatus; (naut.) 
gear; camera. — instantane, 
snapshot camera. 

Appareiller, v., to weigh anchor, gel 
under way; to match. 

Apparemment, adv., apparently. 

Apparence, n.f., probability, appear 
ance, likelihood. Selon toute — , in 
all probability; to all appearances. 

Apparent, a., obvious, apparent, 
evident, plain, manifest. 

Apparier, i'., to pair or match. 

Appartenir, v., to appertain, belong, 
concern, relate. A tous ceux qu'il 
appartiendra, to all whom it may 

Appftt, n.m., bait, enticement. 

Appel, n.m., appeal; call (on share- 
holders); muster, roll-call. Faire 
uii — de fonds, to call in funds. 
Interjeter — , to lodge an appeal. 

Appeler, v., to name, call, appeal; to 
summon, invite, send for; to call 
lor ; to challenge. En — , in 

Appendice, n.m., appendix, addition, 

App6tissant, a., desirable, delicious, 
appetizing, relishing. 

Application, n.f., application or em- 
ployment (of money); applique 
lace; care, attention. — d'Angle- 
terre, Honiton lace. D' — , feasible, 

Appliquer, v., to employ (money); to 
apply; to award (judgment). 

Appoint, n.m., odd money, change, 
premium. D' — , odd. Faire 1' — , to 
pay the difference. 

Appointements, n.m., pi., salary. 

Appointer, v., to give a salary to; 
to sharpen to a point; to point. 

Appontement, n.m., ladder, gangway. 

Apport, n.m., contribution, share, 
personal property. 

Apporter, v., to bring; to bring for- 
ward; to occasion, cause. — des 
soins a, to bestow care upon. — des 
difficultes, to raise difficulties. 

Apportionner, v., to apportion. 

Apposer, v., to affix, set, put. 

Apposition, n.f., affixing, putting, 

Appreciable, a., perceptible, appreci- 

Appr^ciateur, n.m., appraiser, valuer, 

Appreciation, n.f., valuation, rating, 
estimation, appreciation. 

Appricier, v., to estimate, value, rate, 

Apprendre, v., to hear of, be informed 
of, learn; to inform of, let know, 
advise. Je I'ai appris de bonne 
part, I have it from good autho- 

Apprenti, n.m., apprentice. Obliger 
un — , to bind an apprentice. 

Apprentissage, n.m., apprenticeship. 
Brevet d' — , apprentice's inden- 
tures. Mettre en — , to article, 

Appreter, r., to prepare, get ready. 

Approbation, n.f., approbation, ap- 
proval, consent. 

Approcher, v., to bring or draw 
close; to bring or draw near; to 
approach, be something like; to 
have access (to a person); to be 
easy of access. 

s'Approcher, v., to approach, draw 
or come near to. 

Approprier, v., to adapt, fit, accom- 
modate, appropriate; to make neat, 
to dean, .tidy. 

s*Approprier, v., to convert to one's 
own use; to appropriate a thing to 

Approuver,t>., to approve, ratify, con- 
sent to, authorize, approve of; to 
pass (accounts). 

Approvisionnement, n.m., supply of 
provisions; stock; victualling. 

Approvisionner, f., to stock, victual. 

s'Approvisionner, v., to lay or take in 
supplies; to supply oneself. 

Approvisionneur, n.m^., victualler, 
purveyor, caterer. 





Appai,, rail (or stairs); support, 

protection, help; prop, rest. A 1' — 

de, in confirmation or support of. 

Aller a 1' — de, to support (a pro- 
Appuyer, v., to second (a proposal); 

to support, favour, back; to prop 

up; to sustain; to lay stress on; to 

insist upon. 
s* Appuyer, «., to trust to, confide in, 

depend or rely upon; to lay stress 

Apre, a., sharp, bitter, tart, harsh, 

rough, uneven, severe, hard. 
Aprement, adv., sharply, severely, 

roughly, rigorously. 
Apris, prep., next, next to, after, 

about. D' — , from, after, according 

to, following. Ci — , hereinafter. 

On est — , it is being done. — tout, 

after all. 
Aprte, adv., after, afterwards. 
Aprls-demain, adv., the day after 

Aprds-midi, n.m.f., afternoon. 
Apret6, n.f., sharpness, tartness; 

roughness, severity; asperity. 
Apte, a., fit, qualified, proper, apt. 
Apurement, n.m., auditing, closing 

(of accounts). 
Aparer, I'., to audit (accounts). 
Aqueduc, n.m., aqueduct, water-pipe, 

duct, conduit. 
Arachide, n.f., earth-nut. 
Arack, n.m., arrack (liquor). 
Arbitrage, n.m., arbitration, arbitrage, 

Arbitral, a., by arbitration. 
Arbitralement, adv., by arbitration. 
Arbitrateur, n.m., arbitrator. 
Arbitration, n.f., award, decision. 
Arbitre, n.m., arbitrator, rfeferee, 

umpire. Tiers — , umpire. 
Arbitrer, v., to judge, arbitrate, 

settle, award. 


Arbre, n.m., tree; piece of timber; 

beam; [technical] cylinder, spindle, 

shaft, arbour. — de transmission, 

connecting shaft. — moteur, main 

shaft. Grand — , shaft. — vertical, 

upright shaft. — de couche, 

horizontal shaft. 
Arc, n.m., arch, arc; bow, long-bow. 

Corde de 1' — , bow-string. 

to proclaim; to put up, 
n.m., strawberry-tree, 

Arcanson, n.m., black resin, rosin, 

colophony. ' 

Arched n.m., drill-bow; bow, fiddle- 

Archeveque, n.m., archbishop. 

Archipel, n.m., archipelago. 

Archipompe or arche-de-pompe, n.f., 
[naut.) well-pump, well. 

Architecte, n.m., architect. 

Architecture, n.f., architecture. 

Archives, n.f., pi., records, record - 
office, archives. 

Archiviste, n.m., registrar. 

Arctique, a., north, arctic. 

Ardent, «., zealous, ardent, earnest; 
hot, scorching; violent, vehement. 
Charbon — , burning coal. Verre 
— , burning glass. 

Ardeur, n.f., earnestness, eagerness; 
ardour, heat. 

Ardoise, n.f., slate. Crayon d' 
slate-pencil. Carri^re d' — , slate- 
quarry. — pour construction, 
slate for building purposes. 

Ardois^, a., slate-coloured. 

Ardoisiire, n.f., slate-quarry. 

Are, n.m., are (119.6046 sq. yards). 

Areca, n.m., areca nut. 

Ar^ne, n.f., sand. 

Ar^neux, a., sandy. 

Arganeau, n.m., (naut.) ring-bolt, 

Argent, n.m., silver; money, cash, 
coin. — en caisse, cash in hand. 

— dormant, money lying idle. 
Lingot d' — , silver bullion. — blauc 
silver money. — vierge, virgin 
silver. — comptant, ready money. 

— monnaye, coined money. — <'n 
feuilles, battu, silver leaf. Pigne 
d' — , pena silver. — amati, 
deadened silver. Vaisselle d' — , 
plate, silver plate, fitre court d' — ,, 
to be short of money. Faire, 
rentrer de 1' — , to call in money. 
Placer de 1* — , to invest mon« y. 
Toucher de 1' — , to receive money. 
Trouver de 1' — , to raise money. 

Argentage, n.m., silver plating, sil- 
Argenter, v., to plate, do over with 
silver; to silver over. \ 

Argenterie, n.f., plate, silver-plate. 1 
Argenteur, n.m., silverer, plater. I 
Argenture, n.f., silver-plating. I 

Argile, n.f., argil, clay, potter's clay. 

— k porcelam, China clay. — 4 
pipe, pipe-clay. 


j> Arg] 



Argili^re, «./., clay-pit. 

Arguer, v., to argue, conclude, infer; 
to accuse; to wire-draw. 

Argument, n.m., evidence, proof; con- 
jecture, argument, reason, reason- 

Argumenter.v., to argue. 

Aride, a., dry, arid, barren. 

Armateur, n.m., shipowner. 

Armature, «./., armature (dynamo). 

Armeline, n./., ermine. 

Armer, v., to fit out, equip (a ship); 
to provoke, excite, rouse; to arm. 

Armoire, «./., cupboard, press. — a 
Ljlace, wardrobe. 

Armoisin, n.m., sarcenet. 

Arnica, n.f., arnica. 

Arnicine, n.f., extract of arnica. 

Arnique, n.f., see arnica. 

Arpentage, n.m., survey; land-mea- 

Arpenter, v., to survey; to measure 

Arpenteur, n.m., land-surveyor. 

Arquer, t'., to bend, curve. 

Arracher, v., to drag or pull away; to 
tear init or down. 

Arracheur, n.m., drawer. — de cors, 
corn-cutter. — de dents, tooth- 
' drawer, 

Arrachoir, n.m., digger, rooter. 

Arrangement,, composition, 
compounding, arrangement; ad- 
justing; setting iu order; pi., terms, 
measures. Entrer en — , to com- 

Arranger, v., to compromise; to agree 
with; to manage, settle, wind up; 
to arrange, class, set in order. 

■'Arranger, v., to compound; to settle; 
to arrange, make arrangements; to 
settle; to put up with; to come to 

Arr6rager, f., to get in arrears. 

Arr6rages, n.m., pi., arrears. 

Arret, n.m., award, decision, sentence, 
judgment, decree, attachment. 
Mandat d' — , warrant. — par 
defaut, judgment by default. 

Arrdt6, n.m., agreement, by-law, 
order. — de compte, accoutit 

Arr§ter, v., to settle (an account); to 
distrain, seize; to resolve upon; to 
agree; to arrest, stay, stop, hinder; 
to delay; to detain; to fasten, make 
fast; to conclude. — un march^, to 
conclude a bargain. 

s'Arreter, v., to resolve upon; to stop, 
halt, stand still, remain; to hesi- 
tate; to suspend; to desist. 

Arrhes, n.f., pi., earnest-money. 
Donner des — , to pay a deposit. 

Arri^re, n.f., rear, back part; (of a 
ship) stern. D' — , aft. En — , 
abaft, in arrears. En — de, behind. 

ArriSre, adv., behind (time, place); 
(naut.) abaft, aft. 

Arri6r6, a., behindhand, in arrears. 

Arri6r6, n.m., arrears. Liquider 1' — , 
to pay up arrears. 

Arri6re-bec, n.m., breakwater. 

Arri^re-boutique, n.f., back-shop. 

ArriSre-gofit, n.m., after-taste. 

Arri6re-point, n.m., back-stitch. 

Arri^re-port, n.m., mner harbour. 

Arri6rer, v., to put off, defer, throw 

s'Arri6rer, v., to be in arrears (ui 

Arrimage, n.m., trim of the hold , 

Arrimer, v., to trim the hold; to stow 
away. , . 

Arrimeur, n.m., stevedore. 

Arrivage, n.m., (naut.) arrival. 

Arrivie, n.f., approach, arrival, land 
ing. Jour d' — , mail day. A 1' — de, 
on the arrival of. 

Arriver, v., to approach, arrive at, 
come to land; to occur, happen, 
chance; to reach, attain; to 
succeed. — a bon port, to come to 
hand (of letters); to land, reach 
home safely. Quoi qu'il arrive, 
come what may. II lui est arrive 
de dire, he happened to say. 

Arrobe, n.f., arroba, Spanish weight. 

Arrogant, a., haughty, arrogant. 

Arrondissement, n.m., district, ward 
(of a t(iwn). 

Arrosage, n.m., irrigation; watering. 

Arroser, t'., to irrigate, water; to soak. 

Arrosoir, n.m., water-can, watering- 

Arrowroot, n.m., arrowroot. 

Arsenal, n.m., arsenal. — de marine, 

Arsenic,, arsenic. — blanc, white 
arsenic. — en poudre, powdered 

Arsinite, n.m., arsenite. 

Art, n.m., skill, art. Ouvrage d' — , 
work of art. — s manufacturiers, 
arts and manufactures, Homme de 
r — , doctor. 





Artteien, a., piiits — , a tcsian well. 
Article, n.m., .irticlc, goods, ware; 

paragraph, article, head, matter, 

subject, item. — de Paris, Paris 

speciality. — de fond, leading 

article. Faire 1' — , to puff one's 

Artifice, n.m., trick, deceit. Un feu 

d' — , pyrotechnics, fireworks. 

Caissc d' — , powder-chest. 
Artificiel, a., artificial. 
Artiflcieoz, a., sly, cunning, crafty, 

Artimon, n.m., mizzen. Mat d' — , 

mizzen mast. 
Artisan, n.m., mechanic, operative, 

artisan, artificer. 
Artisonn^, a., wonn-eaten. 
As, n.m., ace (cards, dice). 
Asbeste, n.m., asbestos. 
Ascenseur, n.m., lift, hoist. 
Asiatique, a. and n., Asiatic. 
Aspect, n.m., aspect, phase, lOok, 

point of view. 
Asperge, n.f., asparagus. 
Aspergerie, n.f., asparagus ground 

or bt>d. 
Aspergidre, n.f., see aspergerie. 
Asp6rit^, n.f., roughness, asperity, 

Aspersoir, n.m., rose (of a water-can). 
Asphalts, n.m , asphaltum, asphalt; 

— naturel, natural asphalt. 
Aspirant, n.m., midshipman; candi- 
date — de marine, midshipman. 

Aspiration, n.f., suction, exhaustion 
of pumps). Tuyau d' — , exhaust 

Assa, n.f., assa, asa, concrete gum. 

Assabler, v., to be stranded; to run 

Assa dolcis, n.f., benzoin, asa-dulcis. 

Assemblage, n.f., sot, collection, com- 
bination, union, assemblage. 

Assembl^e, n.f., meeting, assembly. 

— generale, general meeting. — 
gdnerale extraordinaire, extraordin- 
ary general meeting. 

Assembler, v., to convoke; to call 

together; to assemble, collect; to 

get or bring together. 
Assentiment, n.m., assent. 
Assentir, v., to assent, agree to. 
Asseoir, v., to assess, settle, fix, 

establish; to seat. — une rente, to 

settle an annuity. 
S^Asseoir, i'., to take a seat, sit down. 
Assermenti, part., sworn. 

Assertion, n.f., affirmation, assertion. 

Assez, adv., rather, sufl&cienth-, 
enough. C'est — loin, it is rattier 
far. — et plus qu'il n'en faiit, 
enough and to spare. J'en ai --, 
1 have had enough of it. 

Assidu, a., diligent, attentive, pui r- 
tual, assiduous. 

Assiette, n.f., assessment of taX'^s; 
plate. — d'argent, a silver plate. 
— k soupe, a soup plate. — k 
dessert, dessert plate. L' — d'une 
rente, the assignment of an 
annuity. Faire 1' — de, to asses.*;. 

Assignation, n.f., assignment, trans- 
fer; appointment; writ, summons, 

Assign^ n.m., defendant. 

Assigner, v., to allot, assign, allow, 
appoint, summon. 

Assistance, n.f., help, aid, assistance, 

Assister, v., to aid, help, assist; to 
attend, be present at. 

Association, n.f., society, association, 
partnership. Faire une — avec 
quelqu'un, to enter into partner- 
ship with someone. Contrat d' — , 
deed of partnership. 

Associ^ n.m., partner, member, 
fellow, associate. — commandit' 
aire, — bailleur de fonds, sleeping 

Associer, »., to receive or admit as a 
partner; to take into partnership. 
*Associer, v., to enter into partner- 
ship with, to join, combine. 

Assorti,^ar/., matched, paired,sorted; 
furnished, stocked; suitable. 

Assortiment; n.m., stock, assortment, 
collection; match (of colours, etc.). 

Assortir, v., to furnish, stock; tc 
match, pair. — une boutique, tc 
stock a shop. — des couleiurs, tc 
match colom-s. 

Assouplir, v., to render or makf 
flexible, supple. — une etoffe, tc 
make a stuff soft. i 

Assnmer, v., to assume; to take upor I 

Assurance, n.f., insurance, assurance 
confidence, security, pledge, safety 
— sur risques ordinaires, commoi 
insurance. — maritime, marin 
insurance. — contre I'inceiidie 
fire insurance. — sur la vie. lif 
insurance. Bureau d' — , insuranc 
office. Courtier d' — , insuranc 





broker. Police d' — , insurance 
policy. Avec — , safely. 

Annre, «./., te.xture, woof. 

Assort, a., confident, certain, sure, 
secure, safe; insured. 

Assur6,, person insured. 

Assurer, v., to insure, assure, under- 
write; to secure, guarantee, promise, 
affirm, assert. — contre I'incendie, 
to insure against fire. — contre les 
risques de mer, contre les perils 
maritimes, to insure against sea 
risJ.s. — pour Taller et pour le 
retour, to insure out and home. 

— sur la vie, to insure one's life. 

— contre les accidents, to insure 
against accidents. 

s'Assarer.v., to be assured, convinced, 
persuaded, sure, confident of; to 
satisfy oneself; to ascertain, make 
sure of; to secure. 

Assureu-, insurer, assurer, 

Astracan, n.m., astrakhan. 

Astreindre, v., to compel, force; to 
bind down. 

Astucieox, a., crafty. 

Atelier, n.m., manufactory, work- 
shop, shed; office, studio, study; 
gang (of workmen). Chef d' — , 

Atermoiement (atermoiment), n.m., 
delay, composition; delay in pay- 

Atermoyer, v., to delay a payment, 
put off; to try to gain time. 

I'Atermoyer, v., to compound with 

Atlantiqne, a. and n./., Atlantic. 

Atlas, n.m., atlas. 

Atroce, a., atrocious, grievous, odious. 

Atrophier. v., to wither, waste. 

Attache, n./., strap, leash, cord, string; 
rivet; fastening. — m6tallique, 
paper fastener. 

Attach^ n.m., attache (of an embassy) . 

Attacher, v., to affix, attach, fasten, 
make fast, fix, stick, rivet, bind; 
to connect, join; to interest. — 
avec une epingle, to pin. — du prix 
k quelque chose, to set a value on 

■'Attacher, v., to interest oneself in; 
to apply oneself to. 

Attaqner,r., to sue; to assault, attack, 

Attarder, v., to delay. 

Atteindre, v., to reach, attain, touch, 

come up to; to injure, affect, hit; 
to catch, overtake. 

Atteinte, «./., injurj', damage, blow. 

en Attendant, adv., meanwhile, in the 
meantime, in the interim, till then. 
que, conj., until, till. 

Attendre, v., to expect, look forward 
to, look for; to wait or stay for. 
Attendez jusqu'4 demain, wait 
until to-morrow. 

s'Attendre, v., to expect, anticipate, 
rely, reckon or count upon; to trust 
or trust to; to look forward to; 
Je m'y attends, I expect it. 

Attendn, prep., on account of, in 
consideration of, considering. — 
que, inasmuch as, whereas, as, 
seeing that. 

Attentat, n.m., violation, infringe- 
ment; attempt; crime. > 

Attente, n./., expectation, hope. 
Dans r — de vous lire, awaiting to 
hear from you, awaiting the 
favour of a reply. Remplir 1' — , to 
come up to expectation. Salle d' — , 
waiting room. £tre dans 1* — , to 
be expecting. 

Attention, n./., attention, care, care- 
fulness; respect, regard, considera- 
tion. Avec — , attentively. 
Pretez-y — , pay attention to it. 

Atterrage, n.m., landing, making 
land (naut.). 

Atterrant, a., astoimding. 

Atterrer, v., to make land {naut.). 

Atterrissage, n.m., landing, making- 

Attestation, n.f., oath, affidavit, 
attestation, certificate, voucher. 

Attester, v., to certify, attest, vouch, 
swear, testify, call to witness; to 

Attifet, n.m., trinket, ornament. 

Attirail, n.m., utensils, apparatus, 
tackle, furniture, implements, gear, 
baggage, equipage. 

Attirer, v., to attract, entice, draw, 
gain over; to inspire. 

Attraire, i'., to entice, allure. 

Attrape, n.f., sell, take-in, hoax. 

Attrape, n.m., — mouche, fly-catcher. 

Attraper, v., to take in, cheat, catch, 
trap, entrap. — un rhume, tc 
ratch a cold. 

Attrapeur, n.m., cheat, trickster. 

Attribaer, v., to ascribe, impute, 
attribute; to assign, confer; to 
annex, attach. 





Aube, n.f., paddle-board (of a 
steamer); float, float-board; alb. 
Roue ji — s, paddle-wheel. — du 
jour, daybreak. 

AaouQ, a., any; none, no one; no, 
not any. Sans — s frais, without 
any expense. 

Aacunement, adv., not in the least, 
not at all. 

Atidience, n.f., court, hearing, sitting; 
audience. En pleine — , in open 
court. — publique, open court. 
Jour d' — , court day. 

Aaditeur, n.m., auditor (of accounts). 

Augmentation, n.f., increase, rise (in 
salary), enlargement, augmenta- 
tion, addition. 

Augmenter, v., to increase, add to, 
enlarge, augment; to raise (a 
salary). — le prix, to raise the 
price. Le sucre a augmente de 
prix, sugar has risen in price. 

Augnstin, Saint — , English (type). 

Aujoard'hui, adv., this day, to day, 
at present, now, nowadays. La 
mode d' — , the present fashion. 
D' — en huit, this day week. D' — 
en quinze, this day fortnight. 
Des — , henceforth, from to-day. 

Aaparavant, adv., heretofore, pre- 
viously, first, before. 

Aapr^ prep., close to or by, near to 
or by, in, to, over, with; in com- 
parison with; adv., close to, by. 

Anspice, n.m., auspice. Sous les — s 
de, under the auspices of. 

Anssi, adv., also, too, likewise, more- 
over, besides, accordingly, as much, 
so, as. Donnez m'en — , give me 
some too. 

Aossitdt, adv., directly, immediately, 
as soon as, forthwith. — que, 
whenever, as soon as. — dit, — 
fait, no sooner said than done. 
— apr^s mon depart, immediately 
after my departure. 

Aatant, adv., so much, so many, as 
much, as many; as long, as far. 
Une fois — , as much again. — que 
jamais, as much as ever! — que, 
as, as far as. — dire, you might as 
well say. D' — mieux (plus), 
especially, the more so. D' — moins, 
the less, so much the less. D' — que, 
conj., more especially as, seeing 

Antenr, n.m., author, writer; en- 
graver, artist; owner; authority; 

source, cause. Droit d' — , copy- 

Authentiquer, v., to authenticate, 
sign and seal. I 

Autobus, n.m., motor omnibus. 

Autographe, n.m., autograph. 

Autographier, v., to autograph. 

Automatique, a., automatical, auto- 

Automne, n.m.f., autumn. 

Automobile, n.m., motor-car. 

Autonomic, n.f., autonomy, homt- 
rule, self-government. 

Autorisation, n.f., authority, authcM^- 
ization, warrant, consent, per- 

Autoriser, v., to empower, authoriz'-; 
to legalize; to commission. 

Autoritl, n.f., authority, power, 
sanction; credit, consideration , 
weight. Faire — , to be an author- 
ity. £tre en — , to be invested 
with authority. 

Autour, prep., around, round, about; 
adv., about, round about, round. 
Ici — , hereabouts. 

Autre, a., other, another, different; 
pron., other, another, else. Tout - -, 
quite, different. L' — jour, the othi-r 
day. Aucun — , no one else. L'liii 
et r — , both. L'un r — , each other, 
one another. L'un ou — , either. 
Ni l'un ni 1' — , neither. "C'est — 
chose, it is quite another thing. 

Autrefois, adv., formerly. 

Autrement, adv., otherwise, else, or 

Autrichien, n.m. and a., Austrian. 

Autruche, n.f., ostrich. 

Autrui, n.m., pron., other people, 

Auvemat, n.m., Orleans wine. 

Aval, n.m., endorsement, guarantei 

Avance, n.f., advance (money), bene' 
fit, gain; first step, offer. D'- 
beforehand. Payer d' — , to p.iy 
beforehand. En (par, a 1') — , 
beforehand. Prendre 1' — , to 
the start. 

Avancer, v., to pay beforehand; to 
forw£u-d, hasten; to bring forward 
(an opinion); to jut out; to make 
progress; to assert; to lay out or 
down. Jelui ai avance de I'argeut, 
I have advanced him some mon^ y. 

Avant, n.m., head, prow, or bow of a 

Avant, prep., before (time and ord( r) 



i Aval 



adv., forward, far, far advanced. 

— tout, first of all, before all. D' — , 
before. En — de, in front of, 
before. Mettre en — , to bring 
forward. Plus — , deeper, further. 

— que, conj., before. 
Avantage, n.m., profit, benefit, in- 
terest, advantage, behalf; weather 
gauge. Avoir 1' — sur, to have the 
advantage over. Tirer — de tout, 
to turn everything to account. 

Avantageaz, a., advantageous, bene- 
ficial, profitable. Conditions — ses, 
advantageous terms. 

Avant-dernier, n.m., and a., the last 
but one. 

Avant-hier, adv., the day before 

Avant-pied, n.m., vamp, upper leather 
(of boots). 

Avant-port, n.m., outer harbour, 

Avare, a., avaricious, stingy, miserly. 

Avare, n.m., miser. 

Avarie, «./., average, damage, repairs, 
loss. Corapte d' — s, average 
account. Franc d' — , free of (from) 
average. — grosse (commune), 
gross or general average. Menues 
— s, small averages. — particuli^re, 
particular average. — simple, 
ordinary damage. Regler les — s, 
to state the damages. Sans — , 
without mishap. 

Avarier, v., to damage. 

Avec, prep., with, together with, 
along with; among. — tout cela, 
for all that, nevertheless. 

AvelanMes, «./., pi., valonia. — 
t'litiercs, whole valonia. 

Aveline, «./., filbert, cob-nut. 

Avenant, n.m., declaration of altered 
policy (in insurance). 

Avenir, n.m., future; hopes, pros- 
pi-cts. \ V — , in future. 

Aventure, n./., accident, adventure ^ 
chance. Grosse — , bottomry. 
Emprunt k la grosse — , bottomry 
bond. A r — , at random, at a 
venture. D' — , par — , by chance, 

Aventurer, v., to risk, venture. 

Avenu, part., happened, come to 
pass. Nul et non — , null and void. 

Avirer, v., to confinn, aver; to prove 
the truth of. 

Averaion, n.f., aversion, antipathy, 

Avertir, v., to inform of, give notice 
of; to caution, warn. 

Avertissement, n.m., advice, notifica- 
tion, information; advertisement. 

Aveu, n.m., acknowledgment, admis- 
sion, recognition, consent. 

Aviateor, n.m., aviator. 

Aviation, n.f., aviation, flying. 

AviditI, n.f., greediness, avidity. 

Avilir, v., to discredit, depreciate, 
debase, disgrace. 

Aviron, n.m., oar. 

Avis, n.m., advice, news, notice, 
notification, information, intelli- 
gence (news); judgment, opinion, 
counsel; advertisement. .A. notre 
— , in our opinion. Sous — , with 
advice. Faute d' — , for want of 
advice. Suivant 1' — de, as per 
advice. Lettre d' — , letter of 
advice. Jusqu'a nouvel — , till 
further notice. 

Aviser, v., to advise, apprise; to 
consider; to see or look to. 

Aviso, n.m., dispatch-boat. 

Aviver, v., to polish, brighten. 

Avoca^ n.m., barrister, advocate, 
counsel, lawyer. — general, 

Avoine, n.f., oats. Farine d' — , oat- 

Avoir, r., to have, enjoy, possess, get. 
En — a, to owe a grudge to. — 
peur, to be afraid. — honte, to be 
ashamed. — raison, to be right. 
J'ai k vous parler, I have something 
to tell you; I have to tell you. II 
n'y a pas de quoi, don't mention it. 
II y a trois mois que je suis ici, 

I have been here three months. 

II a trente ans, he is thirty. 
Avoir, n.m., creditor, credit, credit- 
side; property, possessions. 

Avoir du poids, n.m., avoirdupois. 
Avoisinant, a., adjoining, close by, 

Avorter, v., to prove abortive, to fail, 

slip, miscarry. 
Avoa^ n.m., solicitor, attorney. 
Avoner, v., to own, acknowledge, 

confess; to approve, allow. 
Avril, n.m., April. Poisson d' — , 

April fool. 
Axe, n.m., axle, axle-tree, axis. — 

touniant, axle-tree. 
Ayant-caose, n.m., assign. 
Ayant droit, n.m., person or party 






Asimut, n.m., azimuth. 

Azote, tint , azote, nitrogen. 

Azotique, a., azotic, nitric. 

Azur, n.m., smalt; sky-colour, blue. 

— de Hollande, Dutch blue. — en 
poudre, smalt. 

Babenrre, n.m., buttermilk. 

Babiller, v., to gossip. 

B&bord, n.m., {naut.) port. 

Bac, n.m., ferry-boat, ferry. 

Bftche, n.f., cistern, tank; tarpaulin, 

Bachon, n.m., wooden pail. 
Bachoteur, n.m., ferry-man. 
Badian, n.m., aniseed-tree. 
Badiane, n.f., aniseed-tree. 
Badine, n.f., switch; pL, small tongs. 
Badiner, v., to play, trifle, dally. 
Bagage, n.m., baggage, luggage. 
Bagatelle, n.f., trash, nonsense, trifle. 
Bagnole, n.f., (rail) horse-box. 
Bagae, n.f., ring. — grav6e en cachet, 

seal ring. 
Baguette, n.f., drum-stick; rod, ram- 
rod. — divinatoire, conjuror's 

wand. — k gants, glove-stretcher. 

— s de tambour, drum-sticks. 
Bagtiier, n.m., ring-stand, set of rings. 
Bi^nt, n.m., chest, trunk. 
Bahatier, n.m., trunk-maker. 
Bale, n.f., gulf, bay, road; berry. — 

de laurier, bay berry. 
Baignade, n.f., bathing-place; bath; 

Baigner, v., to soak, steep; to bathe, 

wash, water. 
Baignoire, n.f., bath, bathing-tub; 

Voiture — , bathing machine. 
Bail, n.m., lease. Donner k — , to 

lease. — k ferme, lease of ground. 

— k long terme, long lease. 
Bailie, n.f., half tub. — k brae, tar- 

Bailleur, n.m., lessor. — de fonds, 
sleeping partner; money-lender. 

Bailli, n.m., bailiff. 

B&illon, n.m., bribe. 

Bain, n.m., bath, bathing tub. — de 
si^ge, hip bath. — de vapeurj 
vapour bath. L'Ordre du — , thf 
Order of the Bath. 

Baisse, n.f., fall, falling off, decline, 
abatement. En — , falling. Jouer 
k la — , to speculate on a fall, to 
bear {S.E.}. 

Baisser, v., to fall, flag; to be on the 
decline; to go down; to bring or 

lower down. Les actions baissent, 
there is a fall in the shares. 

Baissier, n.m., bear, operator for 
fall {S.E.). 

Balai, n.m., brush, broom. — de 
crin, hair-broom. — a laver, mop. 
— de jonc, carpet broom. — de 
plimie, duster. 

BaJance, n.f., balance (of an account), 
balance-sheet; scales, balance, paii 
of scales. Arr^ter une — , to agree 
a balance. Realiser ime — , to with- 
draw a balance. — romaine, stetl 

Balancer, v., to balance or squac 
(accounts) ; to weigh, swing, balance 
to hesitate, to be in suspense; t< 
waver, fluctuate. — un compte, tc^ 
balance an account. — les pertes 
par le gain, to balance the loss by 
the profit. 

Balancier, n.m., pendulum (of a 
clock); coining engine; scale-maker; 
beam (of an engine). 

Balancoire, n.f., swing, see-saw. 

Balayer, v., to sweep, scoiu-. 

Balbuzard, n.m., osprey. 

Baleine, n.f., whale, whalebone. 
Blanc de — spermaceti. Huile 
de — , whale oil. Barbe de — , 
whalebone. Lard de — , blubber; 
Fanon de — , whalebone. 

Balein^, un corset — , whalebone stays. 

Baleiniire, n.f., whale-boat. 

Balise, n.f., buoy, sea-mark. 

Ballast, n.m., ballasting (on railways). 

Balle, n.f., bale, pack; husk of rice; 
bullet, shot, ball. Marchandise de 
— , common or pack wares. 

Ballon, n.m., football; balloon, 
dirigeable, air-ship. 

Ballot, n.m., pack, bale, package. 

Ballotin, n.m., packet, small parct 1. 

Ballotter, v., to debate; to ballot, 
keep in suspense. 

Balsamine, n.f., balsamine. 

Balustrade, n.f., balustrade. 

Balustre, n.m., hand-rail, baluster. 

Bambou, n.m., bamboo, bamboo-cjml 

Banane, n.f., banana. 

Bananier, n.m., banana-tree. 

Banc, n.m., reef, bank, shoal; led, 
seat, bench, pew. Un — de rorail, 
a coral reef, fichouer sur un — de 
sable, to run aground on a sand; 
bank. — de pierre, layer or bed oi 
stone. Un — dTiuItres, a bed oj 





Banco, a., banco. 

Bandage, n.m., belt, bandage. — 

herniaire, truss. 
Bande, n.f., strip, band, belt; gang. 

— de papier, wrapper; slip of 
paper. Sous — , under wrapper. 

Bander, v., to tighten, bind up, bend. 

Bandooliire, «./. (phot.) sling case; 

Banlieue, n.f., suburbs, outskirts of 
a town. 

Banneau, n.m., fruit basket. 

Bauni^re, n.f., flag, standard, banner, 

Banque, n.f., bank, banking business. 
Compte de — , bank account. 
Billet de — , bank note. Credit 
de — , bank credit. Depot de — , 
bank deposit. Maison de — , bank- 
ing-house. Mandat de — , bank bill 
or draft, bank post-bill. Carnet de 
— , bank book. Succursale de — , 
branch bank. Charte de la — , 
bank charter. — de circulation, 

— d'dmission, bank of issue, issuing 
bank. — de compensation or 
virement, clearing bank. — 
d'escorapte, discount bank. — de 
depots, deposit bank. — hypothe- 
caire, mortgage bank. — agence, 
bank-agency. Commis de — , bank 
clerk. Gar^on de — , bank messen- 
ger. Assignation de — , bank 
transfer. Action de la — , bank- 
stock. Avoir un compte en — , to 
have an account open at the bank. 
Mettre k la — , to put in the bank. 

Banqueronte, n.f., bankruptcy. — 
^ frauduleuse, fraudulent bank- 
ruptcy. Faire — , to be bankrupt. 
Banqueroutier, n.m., bankrupt. 
Banquier, n.m., banker; money-agent. 
Bapt^me, n.m., baptism. Extrait de 

— , certificate of baptism. Nom de 

— , Christian name. 
Baraque, n.f., shed, hut. 
Baraterie, n.f., barratry. 
Barbe, n.f., lappet (of caps); beard; 

beard (of corn, etc.). Jours de — , 

sliaving days. 
Barbouiller, v., to scribble, scrawl; to 

dirty, soil, blot. 
Barcelonnette, n.f., swing-cot, child's 

Bard, n.m., hand-barrow. 
Barde, n.f., rasher of bacon. 
Bareme, n.m., ready reckoner. 
Barge, n.f., barge; wood-pile. 

Bargnette, n.f., ferry-boat. 

Baril, n.m., cask, barrel, keg, tub. 

Barille, n.f., barilla. 

Baritel, n.m., winding engine. 

Bamache, n.f., barnacle. 

Baromdtre, n.m., weather-glass, bar- 

Baron, n.m., baron. 

Baronne, n.f., baroness. 

Baronnet, n.m., baronet. 

Barque, n.f., boat, bark, barge, craft. 
Patron de — , barge-master. — de 
pecheur, fishing- boat. 

Barqu6e, n.f., boat-load of goods.' 

Barquerolle, n.f., small barge. 

Barrage, n.m., barrier, dam, weir, 

Barre, n.f., helm, tiller; bar (of wood 
or metal); bolt; crow, lever; rail- 
ing; cross-bar; bar (of courts of 

Barreao, n.m., bar (for barristers); 
barristers, lawyers. £tre admis 
(regu) au — , to be called to the bar. 

Barrer, v., to cancel, cross off; to 
thwart, obstruct, bar. 

Barriquaut, n.m., keg. 

Barrique, n.f., hogshead, large cask 
or barrel. 

Barroter, v., to load (a ship). 

Baryte, n.f., baryta. 

Bas, a., low, inferior,'^ despicable, 
lower. A — prix, at a very low 
price. Une rivifere — se, a shallow 
river. — se mer, low water. La 
maree est — se, it is low water. 

— 6tage, lower story. Les Pays , 

the Netherlands. 

Has, adv., low, down. Bien — , very 
low. £tre k — , to be ruined. 
En — , downstairs. Au plus — , at 
the very lowest. £tre — perc6, to 
be short of money. | 

Bas, n.m., bottom, foot (of a thing); 
stocking. — k jour, open-worked 
stocking. — k cotes, ribbed stock- 
ing. — de sole, silk stocking. — de 
laine, woollen stocking. — pour 
dames, ladies' stockings. — pour 
enfants, children's stockings. 

Basalte, n.m., basalt. 

Basane, n.f., sheep-leather. 

Bascule, n.f., weighing-machine; see- 
saw. Pont k — , weigh-bridge. 
Chaise k — , rocking-chair. 

Baser, v., to base, gromid, fix. 

se Baser, v., to rely, depend. 

Basique, a., basic. 





Bas-m4tier, n.m., (tech.) hand-frame. 

Basquine, n.f., skirt. 

Bas-relief, n.m., bas-relief. 

Basse, n.f., sand-bank, breaker, shoal. 

Bassin, n.m., scale (balance); basin, 
pond, valley; dock. Le — d'unport, 
basin of a harbour. Droit de — , 
dock-due. — de radoub, dry 
dock. — d'echouage, — ^flot, wet 
dock. — flottant, floating dock. 
Mettre dans le — , to dock. 

Bassinoire, n.f., wanning pan. 

Basson, n.m., bassoon. 

Bastinguer, v., to barricade (naut.). 

Bateau, n.m., boat, bark, barge. — 
pecheur, fishing-boat. — a vapeur, 
steamboat, steamer. — delesteur, 
lighter, ballast-boat. — d'agre- 
ment, pleasure-boat. — feu, light- 
ship. — de passage, ferry-boat. 

Batel^e, n.f., boat-load. 

Batelier, n.m., boatman, ferryman, 

B&timeiit, n.m., ship, vessel, building. 

— balise, light-ship, beacon-ship. 

— marchand, merchant ship. 
B&tir, v., to build, erect. 

B&tisse, n.f., construction, building. 

Batiste, n.f., cambric. — de PYance, 
French muslin. — de coton, imita- 
tion muslin. — d'Ecosse, Scotch 

B&ton, n.m., cane, stick. — de canelle, 
roll of cinnamon. Tour du — , 

Battant, n.m., leaf of a table or door; 
clapper of bells. 

Battant, a., tout — neuf, brand-new. 
Porte — e, swing-door. 

Batte, n.f., washing-board. 

Batterie, n.f., battery. — electrique, 
electric battery. — de cuisine, 
kitchen utensils. 

Battenr, n.m., — en grange, thrasher 

Batteose, n.f., thrashing-machine. 

Battre, v., to beat, bang, strike, 
thrash. — monnaie, to coin money; 
(fig.) to raise money. 

Battore, n.f., gold-lacquering. 

Baa, n.m., (naut.) beam. 

Baudruche, n.f., gold-beater's skin. 

Baume, n.m., balsam, balm, balm- 
mint. — du Canada, Canada 

Baomier, n.m., balm-tree. 

Bave, n.f., slime; foam. 

Bayart, n.m., hand-barrow. 

Bayette, n.f., baize. 

Bazar, n.m., bazaar. 

Bazat, n.m., bazat; Jerusalem cottoii.j 

Bdellium, n.m., gum resin. 

Beau, bel, belle, a., beautiful; fair 
smart; fine, handsome, lovely. I 
temps se met au beau, the weath< 
is clearing. Au beau milieu, in tb 
very middle. Une belle journ4 , 
a fine day. Prendre sa belle, u, 
seize the opportunity. 

Beau, bel, belle, adv., bel et bon, (til 
very fine. Avoir beau dire, i<> 
speak in vain. Bel et bien, alt j- 
gether, quite, entirely. 

Beauconp, adv., much, a great deal, 
many, a great many. A — moii s, 
for much less. — d' argent, mu'h 
money. — de bruit pour rien, 
much ado about nothirtg. De --, 
by far. A — prks, near; by a great 

Beau-fils, n.m., son-in-law. 

Beau-fr^re, n.m., brother-in-law 

Beau-p^re, n.m., father-in-law. 

BeaaprI, n.m., bowsprit (naut.). 

B^b^, n.m., baby-doll. 

Bee, n.m., mouth-piece; pen-nib; 
burner, lamp; spout, socket. — de 
gaz, lamp burner. 

B§cane, n.f., bicycle, bike. 

Bec-d'&ne, n.m., mortise-chisel. 

Beche, n.f., spade, grafting- tool. 

Bidane, n.f., mortise-chisel. 

B^gayer, v., to stutter," stammer, 

Beige, a., undyed, natural (of wooli 

Beige, n.f., unbleached serge. 

B^jaune, n.m., blunder, mistake. 

Bel, see beau. 

Boiler, n.m., ram; battering ram. 

Belladone, n.f., belladonna. 

Belle, see beau. 

Belle-fille, n.f., step-daught 

Belle-mtoe, n.f., step-mother; motliei 

Belle-sq|ur, n.f., step-sister; siste«» 

Ben, n.m., ben, ben-nut. Noi.x de — j 
oil-nut, ben-nut. 

Btoifice, n.m., profit, benefit, ad\ an 
tage. — net, net profit. — brut 
gross profit. .•V — , at a premium. 

B6n6ficiaire, n.m.f., recipient, b< ne 

Bin^flcier,v., to profit by; to gain. 1 1 

B^n^vole, a., kind; kindly. 






B6nir, v., to bless; to wish well. 

Benjoin, n.m., benzoin, benjamin. — 
arnande, almond benjamin. 

Benzine, it.f., benzine. 

Benzoate, n.m., benzoate. 

Berceau, n.m., cradle. 

Berceuse, «./., rocking-chair. 

Beret, n.m., Tam o' Shanter. 

Bergame, n.f., bergamot. 

Berg6re, n.f., easy-chair. 

Besace, n.f., wallet. 

Besaigre, a., sourish. 

Besogne, n.f., business, work, job, 
piece of work. £tre accable de — , 
to be over head and ears in work. 

Besoin, n.m., need, necessity, want. 
|o n'cn ai pas — , I have no 
occasion for it. Au ^, in case of 
Tired. Avoir — de quelque chose, 
to want something. 

Bestiaux, n.m., cattle {pi. of betail). 

Betail, n.m., rattle. Menu — , small 
rattle, (iros — , horned cattle. 

Bete, n.f., beast; blockhead, fool. 
- de somme, beast of burden. — a 
laine, sheep. 

Betel, n.m., betel. 

Betise, n.f., absurdity, stupidity. 

B6ton, n.m., concrete, beton. 

Bette, n.f., beet. 

Betterave, n.f., beet, beet-root. 

Beurre,, butter. — noir, brown 
butter. Pot k — , butter jar. Pot 
I if- — , jar of butter. — en fOts, 
I'utter in tubs. — sale (frais), salt 
(fresh) butter. 

Beurrier, n.m., butter-dish. 

B6vue, n.f., mistake, oversight, 

Bibelot, n.m., nicknack, trinket. 

Biberon, n.m., feeding-bottle. 

Bible, n.f., Bible. 

Biblioth^caire, n.m., librarian. 

Biblioth^que, n.f., book-case, book- 
shcKcs; library. 

Bicarbonate, n.m., bicarbonate. 

Bidet, n.m., bidet. 

Bidon, n.m., can, canteen, camp- 

Bielle, n.f., connecting-rod, crank. 

Bien, n.m., property, estate; good, 
benefit; gift; pL, chattels, goods. 
— hypotheque, mortgaged estate. 
Perir corps et — s, to go down with 
all hands (of ships). Mener k — , 
to bring to a successful issue. 
i Bien, adv., proper, properly, right, 
well, well off, quite, far, much. 

very, very much, many, a great 
many, a great deal. Fort — , very 
well. Passablement — , tolerably 
well. Assez — , pretty or fairly 
well. C'est — , that's right. II est 

— dans ses affaires, he is well to 
do. — mieux, far better; II parle 

— fran^ais, he speaks French well. 
Nous voila — , we are in a fine 
pickle. Je le veux — , I have no 
objection. Voulez-vous — me 
donner son adresse ? Would you 
be so good as to give me his 
address ? 

Bien-§tre, n.m., comfort, welfare, 

Bienfaisance, n.f., beneficence. 
Societe de — , benevolent society. 

Bienfaisant, a., kind, gracious. 

Bienfait, n.m., pleasure, kindness, 
favour, courtesy, good office. 

Bien-londs, n.m., landed property. 

Bienbeureux, a., happy, fortunate. 

Biennal, a., biennial. 

Bien que, cow/., although, though. 
Si — que, so that. 

Bientot, adv., shortly, soon. 

Bienveillance, n.f., kindness, favour, 

Bienveillant, a., kind, friendly, benev- 

Bienvenu, a., welcome. 

Bi^re, n.f., beer. Debit de — , ale- 
house. Petite — , small beer. — 
blanche, pale ale, pale beer. 

Biffer, t^., to cancel, strike off or out. 

Bigarade, n.f., Seville orange. 

Bijou, n.m., jewel, trinket. 

Bijouterie, n.f., jewellery. 

Bilan, n.m., balance sheet, schedule. 

Billard, n.m., billiard-table. 

Bille, n.f., log, balk of timber; billiard 

Billet, nm., bill, promissory note, 
note of hand; letter; label; ticket. 

— k recevoir, bill receivable. — k 
payer, bill payable. — k vue, bill 
payable at sight, to order. — k us- 
ance, bill payable at usance. — pay- 
able k presentation, bill payable on 
demand. — echu, bill due. — k 
courte (longue) echeance (date), 
short-dated (long-dated) bill. — de 
complaisance, accommodation bill. 

— k porteur, bill payable to bearer. 

— v6rcux, unsafe bill. — k ordre, 
bill to order. — de banque, bank- 
note. Faire les fonds d un — , to 





provide for a bill. — d'aller, single 
ticket. — d'aller et retour, return 

Billeter, v., to label, ticket. 

Billon, n.m., base coin. Monnaie 
de — , copper money. 

Bimbeloterie, «./., toy-trade. 

Binard, n.m., trolley, truck, waggon. 

Binette, n.f., hoe. 

Biplan, n.m., biplane. 

Biqaet, n.m., assay scales. 

Biscotiii, n.m., sweet biscuit. 

Biscuit, n.m., biscuit; semi- vitrified 
porcelain. — s de mer, sea biscuits. 

Bise, n.f., north-wind. 

Biseauter, v., to bevel. 

Biset, n.m., coarse grey cloth. 

Bisette, n.f., footing lace. 

Bismuth, n.m., bismuth. 

Bissac, n.m., wallet. 

Bisseztil, see annee. 

Bitord, bitors, n.m., spun-yarn, twine. 

Bitte, n.f., bitt (naut.). 

Bitume, n.m., bitumen. 

Blague, n.f., hoax, humbug; tobacco- 

Blaiieau, n.m., badger shaving-brush. 

Bl&me, n.m., reproach, blame. Rejeter 
le — sur, to throw the blame on. 
D^verser le — sur, to cast the 
blame on. 

Bl&mer, v., to blame, find fault with, 

Blanc, a., white, clean. 

Blanc, n.m., blank, white. — d' 
Espagne, whiting. — de chaux, 
whitewash. — de baleine sper- 
maceti. — de plomb, whitelead. 

— de c^use, ceruse. seing, 

blank signature. En — , left blank, 
in blank. 

Blanchiment, n.m., blanching, bleach- 
ing, washing. 

Blanchir, v., to make white, to whiten, 
bleach, wash; to whitewash, to 
grow white. 

Blanc-manger, n.m., blanc-mange. 

Blanc-seing, n.m., signature in blank. 

Bl^ n.m., corn, wheat, grain. 

seigle, rye. Petits — s, oats, barley. 

froment, wheat. — de Tur- 

quie, Indian corn. — barbu, stiff 
wheat. Facteur en — , corn-factor. 
Halle au — , com exchange. 

Blesser, v., to wound, injure, offend. 

Bleu, a., blue. 

Bleu, n.m., blue. — de ciel, sky-blue. 
■ — de Prusse, Prussian blue. — de 

cobalt, smalt, cobalt blue, 
d'azur, smalt. — d'indigo, indif 

Blen&tre, a., bluish. 

Blindage, n.m., armour-plating, sheet 
ing, iron plating. 

Bloc, n.m., bulk, lump, mass; lo 
block; stocks. Acheter en — , to" 
buy in a lump. 

Bloc-notes, n.m., memorandum- 

Blond, a., fair, light. 

Blonde, n.f., blond, blond-lace. 

Blondissant, a., golden, yellowish. 

Blouse, n.f., blouse, pinafore, smock- 
frock; pocket (of a billiard-table). 

Bluter, v., to sift or bolt (meal). 

Boa, n.m,, fur tippet, boa. 

Bobine, n.f., reel, spool, bobbin. — 
Ruhmkorff, Ruhmkorff coil. 

Bocal, n.m., glass bowl, short-necked 
bottle, large phial; mouthpiece. 

Bocard, n.m., stamper, crushing mill. 

Boenf, n.m., beef, bull, ox. 

Boghei, n.m., light gig, buggy. 

Boire, v., to drink, absorb. Ce papier 
boit, this paper blots. — iin 
affront, to pocket an affront. 

Bois, n.m., timber, wood, forest; stock 
(of a gun) ; bedstead. — de charron- 
nage, wheelwright's timber. — de 
sciage, sawn timber. — k brul< r, 

— de chauffage, firewood. — 
blanc, — de sap in, deal. — 
d'acajou, mahogany. — de cedre, 
cedar wood. — de gcuLac, Guaiacum 
wood. — d'orme, elm wood. — de 
teinture, dyewood. — de teintiire 
de Camp^che, Campeachy dye- 
wood, logwood. — d'eb^ne, ebony 
wood. — teck, teak. — de 
palissandre, — de Chypre, violet 
ebony, rosewood. — de charpente, 

— de construction, timber. — en 
grume, round timber. — d'equ;\r- 
rissage, square timber. — de 
construction pour la marine, sliip 
timber. Chantier de — , timber 
yard. Un — de lit, a bedstead. 

Boisseau, n.m., bushel. 
Boisselier, n.m., cooper, bushel-maker. 
Boisson, n.f., drink, beverage. 
Boite, n.f., box. — «i savon, so ip- 
tray. — k poudre, powder- box. 

— k the, tea-caddy. — aux lettres, 

Bol, n.m, basin, bowl. 
Bombasin, n.m., bombazine. 





Bomerie, n.f., bottomry. 

Bon, a., kind, good; proper, advan- 
tageous, favourable, profitable; sol- 
vent, safe. En — etat, sound (of 
goods, etc.). De — ne heure, 
early. Une — ne fois, once for all. 
Tenir — , to hold out. Trouver — , 
to like, approve. De — ne foi, 
sincerely. Tout de — , in earnest. 
Sentir — , to have a good smell. 

Bon, n.m., voucher, bond; good i 
quality. j 

Bonbon, n.m., bonbon, sweetmeat. i 

Bonheur, n.m., good fortune, good 
luck, prosperity; happiness. £tre 
en — , to be fortunate. Avoir du — , 
to be lucky. 

Boni, n.m., bonus. 

Bonification, n.f., allowance; improve- 
ment, amelioration. 
tBonifier, v., to improve, ameliorate. 

Bonnet, n.m., cap. — de nuit, night- 
cap. — de laine, woollen cap. 

Bonnetier, n.m., hosier. 

Bont6, n.f., kindness, goodness, atten- 
tion, favour. Avoir la — de, to be 
so good as to. 

Borax, n.m., borax. — artificiel, 
artificial borax. — brut, crude 

Bord, n.m., side, margin, brim, edge, 
border, rim; edging, hem, lace; 
hank, shore. — k — , alongside. — 
an large, standing off shore. — de 
la iner, sea-shore. — d'un chapeau, 
rim of a hat. 

Bord^, n.m., bordering, hem, edging. 

Bordeaux, n.m., Bordeaux wine, 

Border, v., to hem, edge, border. 

Bordereau, n.m., account, note, 
memorandum, slip. 

Bordure, n.f., edge, border, edging, 

Borique, a., boracic. 

Bosselure, n.f., embossment. 

Bot, n.m., Dutch-boat. 

Botte, n.f., boot; cask, but^, wine- 
vessel; bundle, bunch, truss. ■ — s k 
• ■(iiy^re, top-boots. — s fines, dress- 
lioots. — s A genouill^re, jack boots. 

lire , boot-jack. — de foin, 

truss of hay. — s de cuir verni, 
patent leather boots. 

Botteler, v., to put up in bundles. 

Bottier, n.m., bootmaker, shoemaker. 

Bottine, n.f., lady's boot, half-boot. 

Bouc, n.m., goat-skin. 

Boucaner, v., to smoke (hides, etc.). 

Boucaut, n.m., hogshead, cask. 

Bouche, n.f., mouth; tongue; opening 
(of rivers, etc.). De — , by word of 
mouth. Depense de — , household 
expenses. Munitions de — , pro- 
visions. — i — , face to face. 

Bouchon, n.m., stopper; cork; float 

Bouchonnier, n.m., corkcutter. 

Boucle, n.f., 'buckle, ring, staple. 

Boudin, n.m., cloak-bag, saddle-bag; 
spring (of a coach); pudding. 

Bouie, n.f., buoy. — de sauvetage, 

Bougeoir, n.m., taper-stand, flat 
candlestick, chamber candlestick. 

Bougie, n.f., candle, wax-candle. — 
de blanc de baleine, spermaceti 

Bougran, n.m., buckram. 

BouUlant, a., boiling; fierce, hasty, 

Bouilleur,n.m., boiler-tube (in engine). 

Bouillie, n.f., pulp (for making paper). 

Bouilloire, n.f., kettle, boiler. 

Bouillotte, n.f., foot-warmer. 

Boulanger, n.m., baker. 

Boule, n.f., ball, bowl; head. — d'eau 
chaude, hot-Water bottle. 

Boolet, n.m., ball, bullet. 

Bouleversement, n.m., ruin, destruc- 
tion, overturning, disorder, con- 

Bouquet, n.m., bouquet; bunch; 
flavour, aroma (of wine). 

Bouquetier, n.m., flower-vase. 

Bourdalou, n.m., hat-band. 

Bourdonner, v., to pester, bore; to 
hum, buzz. 

Bourg, n.m., market-town, borough. 

Bourgeois, n.m., citizen, townsman; 
contractor; owner of a merchant- 

Bourgeois, a., middle-class. 

Bourgmestre, n.m., burgomaster. 

Bourgogne, n.m., Burgundy wine. 

Bourre, n.f., floss (of silk); flock (of 
wool); hair (of animals); trash, 
stuff. — lanice, tag or refuse 

Bourse, n.f., exchange {S.E.); suspen- 
sory bandage; purse; saddle-bag. 
Sans — d61ier, without expense. 

Bousiller, v., to bungle. 

Boussole, n.f., compass, sea-compass, 
mariner's needle. 

Bout, n.m., extremity, top, end. 





point, tip; ferrule. Au — du 
compte, upon the whole, after all. 
D'un — k I'autre, from beginning 
to end. Tenir le haut — , to get 
the upper hand. 

BoQteille, n./., bottle, bottle case, 
bottleful. Mise en — , bottling. 
Boucher une — , to cork a bottle. 

Boutiqae, n.f., shop; implements, 
tools. — bien foumie, a well- 
stocked shop. Demoiselle de — , 
shop-girl. Garfon de — , shop-boy. 

BoatiQoier, n.m., shopkeeper, trades- 

Bouton, n.m., button; knob; stud. 

— a queue, shank, button. — 
pour chemises, shirt button. 

Boutonner, v., to bud, button. 
Boutonnier, n.m., button-maker. 
BoutonniSre, n.f., button-hole. 
Bovid6, n.m., ox. 
Boyaa, n.m.. pipe, hose; catgut. 

Corde a — , catgut. 
Bracelet, n.m., bracelet, bangle, 

Brai, n.m., rosin, resin, pitch. 
Branche, n.f., branch, arm; grain. 
Brandebourg, n.m., braid, gimp, 

Brandilloire, n.f., see-saw, swing. 
Branle, n.m., swing, hammock. 
Branler, v., to shake, stir, move, give 

way, waver. 
Branloire, n.f., swing, see-saw. 
Bras, n.m., arm; handle. Moulin a 

— , handmill. 
Braser, v., to solder, braze. 
Brasier, n.m., furnace, brazier. 
Brasse, n.f. (naut.) fathom, six feet. 
Brasser, v., to brew, stir, mash; to 

Brasserie, n.f., brewery. 
Brasseur, n.m., brewer. 
Brassin, n.m., mash-tub, brewing-tub. 
Brasure, n.f., soldering, brazing. 
Brayer, n.m., bandage, truss. 
Break, n.m., break (carriage). 
Brebis, n.f., sheep, ewe; pi., flock. 
Briche, n.f., saw, breach, gap, notch. 

— a I'honneur, breach of honour. 
Bref, a., brief, concise, short. Reponse 

br^ve, brief reply. 
Bref, adv., in fine, in short, in a few 

words, to be short. 
Br^sil, n.m., Brazil-wood. 
Br^sillet, n.m., Brazil or Jamaica 

Bretelle, n.f., brace, strap. 

Brevet, n.m., patent, warrant. 

d'apprentissage, indentures. 
Brevets,, patentee. 
Breveter, r., to license, patent. 
Brick,, (naut.) brig. 
Bride, n.f., reins, bridle; check, cull 

bonnet string. 
Brider, v., to bridle; to fasten, tie fa.'^t" 

to keep under, check, curli, 

Brie, n.f., rolling pin. Fromage A>' 

— , Brie cheese. 
Brief, a., curt, short, brief. 
Bri^vement, adv., in short, briefly. 
Bri6vet6, n.f., brevity, briefness, con- 
ciseness, shortness. 
Brigantin, n.m., brig, brigantine. 
Briguer, i'., to solicit; to canvass fcr. 
Brigueur, n.m., canvasser. 
Brillant, a., bright, brilliant, showy, 

Brillant, n.m., brilliant (diamoml); 

brightness, lustre, brilliancy. 
Brillant^, n.m., damask, diaper. 
Briller, v., to shine, glisten, glitt'-r, 

sparkle. Tout ce qui brille n'< st 

pas or, all that glitters is not gold. 
Brioche, n.f., bun; (slang' blunder, 

Brique, n.f., brick. — anglaise, Bath 

Briquet, n.m., flint, tinder-box. 

pneumatique, fire syringe. 
Briquette, n.f., compressed, patent 

Bris, n.m., rigging (the market); 

fragment, wreckage. 
Brisant, n.m., breakwater. 
Brise, n.f., breeze. 
Bris6, part., folding; broken to pieces. 

Chaise — e, folding chair. Poite 

— e, folding-door. Lit — , folding- 
Brise-eau, n.m., breakwater. 
Brise-lames, n.m., breakwater. 
Briser, v., to burst, crack; to break nr 

dash to pieces. 
se Briser, v., to fold up. 
Brise-vent, n.m., screen. 
Britannique, a., British, Britannic. 
Brocantage, n.m., broker's busims 

Brocanter, v., to barter, exchange; 
Brocanteur, n.m., broker. 
Broche, n.f., brooch; skewer; knittng 

Broch6, a., figured (stuffs), embos-.ecl 

(linen); stitched (books). 






Brocher, v., to figure (stuffs); to em- 
lioss (linen); to stitch (a book). 

Brochure, n.f., pamphlet; stitchhig. 

Broder, v., to enihroider. 

Broderie, n.f., embroidery. 

Brodear, n.m., embroiderer. — 
mecanique, embroidering machine. 

Bromure, n.m., bromide. 

Bronze, n.m., brass; bronze, bronze- 
figure. — aluminium, aluminium 

Broquette, n.f., tin tack; small nail. 

Brosse, n.f., brush. — a habits, 
I lothes brush. — a barbes, shaving 
l)rush. — k cheveux, clothes brush. 
— • a dents, tooth brush. — a 
I irage, blacking brush. 

Brosser, v., to brush. 

Brosserie, n.f., brush manufactory; 
bruslunaking business. 

Brou, n.m., peel, husk; shell (of 

Brouette, n.f., bath-chair; barrow; 

Brouillard, n.m., waste-book; fog; 

Brouillard, a., see papier. 

Brouille, n.f., misunderstanding; dis- 
agreement; quarrel. 

Brouiller, v., to confuse, puzzle; to 
tlirow into confusion; to blunder; 

; to blend, mi.x together. 

Brouillon, n.m., rough copy, rough 
draft, waste-book. 

Broyer, v., to pound, grind; to break 
(hemp). . 

Bru, "./., daughter-in-law. 

Brucelles, n.f., pL, tweezers. 

Bruit, n.m., rumour, talk, report; 
noise, sound; reputation, name. II 
four un — , it is rumoured. 
11 s'est rcpandu un — :, a rumour 
has spread. Un faux — , a false 

: report. 

iBrfilant, «., hot, scorching, burning; 

earnest, eager. 
Br&ler, v., to burn, cauterize; to 

scorch, blast; to be on fire. 
Brume, n.f., fog, mist. 
Brumeux, «., misty, foggy. 
Brun, a., brown, dark. — dair, light 
brown. — chatain, chestnut brown. 
Brun&tre, a., brownish. 
Brunei, a., brownish. 
Brunir, ?'., to brown, darken, burnish; 

til turn or make brown. 
Brusque, a., sudden, unexpected; 
abrupt, blunt. 

Brusquer, f ., to be sharp with anyone; 
to offend. — I'aventure, to decide 
at once. 

Brusqnerie, n.f., suddenness, abrupt- 
ness; bluntness. 

Brut, a., raw, rough, crude; un- 
polished. Produit — , gross returns, 
gross produce. Sucre — , brown 
sugar. Diamant — , rough diamond. 

Brut, adv., gross. 

Buccin, n.m., bass-trombone. 

Budget, n.m., budget. — d'un 
menage, household expenses. — de 
I'Etat, State budget. 

Buffet, n.m., service (of plate); side- 
board, cupboard; refreshment room. 

Buffle, n.m., buffalo; buff; buff- 

Buie, n.f., jug, pitcher. 

Buire, n.m., beaker, vase, jug, flagon. 

Buis, n.m., box, box-wood, box-tree. 
Bois de — , box-wood. 

BuUe, a., whity-brown (of paper). 
Papier — , whity-brown paper. 

Bulletin, n.m., official report, bulletin, 
paper; voting paper; circular. 

Bunium, n.m., pig or earth nut. 

Burat, n.m., drugget, bunting. 

Buratine, n.f., poplin. 

Bure, n.f., baize; rough serge, drugget, 
fustian; frieze. 

Bureau, n.m., office; committee; 
bureau, desk, writing-desk. Chef 
de — , chief of a department; head 
or chief clerk. — a rideau, roll-top 
desk. Payer a — ouvert, to pay on 
demand. Vent du — , aspect of 

Burette, n.f., oil-can; vase; cruet; 

Burin, n.m., graving-tool, graver. 

Buriner, v., to engrave. 

But, n.m., end; aim, object, purpose; 
mark. — en blanc, point-blank, 
bluntly. Se proposer un — , to 
have an object in view. 

Buter, v., to hit the mark. 

Buttoir, n.m., buffer-stop {rail.). 

Buvable, a., fit to drink, drinkable. 

Buvard, n.m., blotting-pad, blotting- 
case. Papier — , blotting paper. 

Ca, adv., here. 

Cabane, n.f., cabin, cottage, hut, shed. 

Cabaret, n.m., liqueur-service, china 

tea (coffee) service; tray; tavern, 

Cabestan, n.m., capstan, hand-winch. 





Cftbilland, H.m., cod. 

Cftbine, H-f; cabin (ships). 

Cabinet, » m.. office (of a lawyer); 
study, cabinet. — de bains, bath- 
room. — de lecture, reading- 

Mbte. n.m., cable (naut.). 

Oftbl^ n.m., thick cord. 

Oablocnmme, n.m., cablegram. 

OabotefS, n.m., coasting-trade, coast- 
ing. Vaisseau de — , coasting- 

Caboter, v.. to coast. 

Cabotear, n.m., coaster. 

Cabotier, n.m., coasting-vessel. 

Cabri. n.m., kid. 

Cacao, n.m., cocoa, cacao; chocolate 
tree. — en fives, cocoa beans. — 
Caraque, Caracas cocoa. 

Cacaotier (cacaoyer), n.m., cacao-tree^ 

Cacaoyire, «./., cacao-plantation. 

Cacbemire, n.m., cashmere. — d'Inde, 
Indian cashmere. 

Caohe-nes, n.m., muffler. 

Cactaer, r., to conceal, hide, secrete; 
to absrond. 

se Cacher, n., to abscond. 

Cachet, n.m., seal, stamp; ticket. 

Cacheter, t*., to seal, seal up. Pain k 
— , wafer. Cire h — , sealing-wax. 
Soumission cachet^e, sealed tender. 

Cachon, n.m., cachou. 

Cadean, n.m., gift, present. 

Cadenas, n.m., padlock; clasp. 

Cadet, n.m-, a younger son; a jimior; 

Cadia,*N.m.. kind of woollen serge. 

Cadniie, n.f., oxide of zinc. 

Cadminm, n.m., cadmium. 

Cadre, n.m., frame (for pictures); 
framework; list of officers. 

Cadrer, t'., to agree, tally, suit, fit in 

Cadrille, n.f., square, check. 

Cadriller, v., to checker; to rule in 

Oadoe, a., null, void, lapsed. 

OaM, n.m., coffee. — au lait, coffee 
with milk. R6tir du — , to roast 
coffee. — vert, green coffee. — du 
Brfejl, Brazilian coffee. — de Java, 
Java coffee. — ordinaire, ordinary 
coffee. — marchand, good coffee. 
— bon marchand, fine coffee. — 
moka, .Mocha coffee. 

CafM^ n.f., coffee plantation. 

Cafetiin, n.f., coffee-pot. 

Cafler (caf^ier), n.m., coffee-tree. 

Cahier, n.m., quarter of a quire ol 
paper; copy-book, paper- book; 
sheet. — des frais, bill of costs. 
— des charges, specifications. 

Cahoter, v., to jerk, jolt, jog. 

Caicbe, n.f., ketch. 

Caill6, a., clotted, curdled. 

CaillOQ, n.m., pebble, flint, flint-stone. 

Caillonter, v., to gravel, ballast; tc 

CaHIonteuz, a., flinty, pebbly. 

Caisse, n.f., chest, case, trunk, box, 
till (cash); counting-house. LixTc 
de — , cash-book. — d'cunortisse- 
ment, sinking fund. — d'escompte. 
discount bank. — d'epargne. 
savings-bank. Tenir la — , to act 
as cashier; to keep the cash 
Faire la — , to make up the cash 

Caissier, n.m., cashier. 

Caisson, n.m., chest, coffer, caisson, 
locker (naut.). 

Cajoler, v., to coax, wheedle, cajole. 

Calaison, n.f., sea-gauge; load water- 

Calamine, n.f., calamine. 

Calamity, n.f., distress, calamity. 

Calandre, n.f., mangle, calender. 

Calandrer, v., to mangle, press, 

Calcaire, n.m., limestone. 

Calc6doine, n.f., chalcedony. 

Calciner, r., to bum calcine. 

Calcium, n.m., calcium. 

CalcnL n.m., reckoning, calculation, 
computation, estimate. De — fait, 
everything included. — approxi 
matif, rough calculation. 

Calctilable, a., calculable, computable 

Calcnlatenr, n.m., accoimtant, cal- 
culator, reckoner. 

Calcnler, v., to reckon, compute, 
calculate, estimate. 

Cale, n.f., quay; block; prop, wedge; 
hold of a ship. A fond de — , at 
the bottom of the hold. Eau de — . 
bilge water. — de construction, 
stocks (naut.). — de quai, — d< 
magasin, slip (naut.). 

Calebasse, n.f., calabash. 

Caleoon, n.m., drawers, pair ot 

Califacteor, n.m., cooking-stove, 
cooking apparatus. 

Calencar, n.m., sort of Indian chintz. 

Calence, n.f., want of work. En — , 
out of work. 





Calendrier, n.m., almanac, calendar. 

Calepied, n.m., toe-clip (cycle). 

Calepin, n.m., memorandum or note- 

Caler, v., to sink; to strike, lower; to 

Calfait, n.m., caulking iron. 

Calfat, n.m., caulker. 

Calfatage, n.m., caulking. 

Calfater, f., to caulk. 

Calibreur, n.m., calibrator. 

Calicot, n.m., calico. 

Calligraphie, «./., calligraphy, pen- 

Calmande, «./., woollen stuff; cala- 

Calme, a., calm, quiet, dull (of 
market). — plat, dead calm. 

Calmer, v., to quiet, calm, pacify; 
to fall to a calm, to lull (naut.). 

se Calmer, v., to become calm; to 
abate, subside. 

Calmie, «./., lull {naut.). 

Calomel, calomilas, n.m., calomel. 

Calomnier, r., to slander, calumniate. 

Caloriffere, n.m., hot-air stove. 

CalorimStre, n.m., calorimeter. 

Calotte, «./., smoking-cap. 

Caique, n.m., copying, tracing. 

Calquer, v., to copy, trace. 

Caraaieu, n.f., cameo; cameo brooch. 

Cambiste, n.m., cambist. 

Cambrer, v., to bend, curve. 

Cambrillon, n.m., stiffcner (of a shoe). 

Cambuse, n.f., canteen, store-room 

Cam6e, n.m., cameo. 

Camelote, n.f., stuff, worthless mer- 
chandise, trash. 

Camion, n.m., Waggon, truck, dray. 

Camionnage, n.m., carriage, carting. 

Camionneur, n.m., carter, carrier, 

Camomille, n.f., caniomile. 

Campagne, "./., country-house, estate; 
countrv ; plain, fields ; cruise, 

Campeche, n.m., logwood, campeachy 
wood. See bois. 

Camphre, n.m., camphor. — rafifind, 
refined camphor. 

Camphr6, a., camphorated. 

Camphrier, n.m., camphor-tree. 

Caual, n.m., conduit, pipe, drain, 
tube, spout; canal; channel. — de 
cheminee, chimney flue. 

Canalisation, n.f., canalization. 

Canamelle, n.f., reed, sugar-cane. 

Canap6, n.m., couch, sofa. 

Canard, n.m., hoax. Dire des — s k, 

to hoax. 
Canarder, v., to' gammon, hoax; to 

pitch (referring to a ship). 
Candi, n.m., candy, sugar-candy. 
Candidal, n.m., candidate. 
Candide, a., open, candid, frank, 

Can6ficier, n.m., cassia-tree. 
Canepin, n.m., kid skin for glove. 
Canevas, n.m., rough draught, sketch; 

sail-cloth, canvas. 
Canif, n.m., penknife. 
Cannaie, n.f., cane-field. 
Canne, n.f., reed, cane, walking-stick; 

long measure. — a peche, fishing 

rod. — a Sucre, sugar-cane. — de 

jonc, Malacca cane. 
Cannelas, n.m., cinnamon, candied 

Canneler, v., to groove, flute, channel. 
Cannelier, n.m., cinnamon tree. 
Cannelle, n.f., cinnamon; cinnamon 

bark. — blanche, canella. — mi- 
fine, cinnamon second. 
Cannequin, n.m., kind of cotton stuff. 
Cannetille, n.f., wire-ribbon. 
Canot, n.m., yawl, ship's-boat, cutter. 

— de sauvetage, lifeboat. 
Canotier, n.m., straw hat; baigeman. 
Cantharide, n.f., Spanish fly; pi., 

Cantine, n.f., bottle-case. 
Canton, n.m., district, canton. 
Canule, n.f., faucet; injection tube. 
Caoutchouc, n.m.. India-rubber, 

caoutchouc; gum-tree. — brut, 

raw caoutchouc. 
Cap, n.m., cape, headland. Mcttre 

le — sur, to steer for. 
Capable, a., capable, able, fit, apt to, 

calculated to. 
Capacity, n.f., burden, tonnage, bulk 

(of a ship); capacity, ability. 
Capper, v., to lie to (naut.). 
Capitaine, n.m., captain. — de 

vaisseau, post-captain. — de port, 

harbour-master. Grade de — 

Capital, a., main, leading, chief, 

Capital, n.m., stock, capital, principal. 

Compte- — , capital account. — 

flottant (circulant, roulant), floating 

capital. — fixe, fixed capital. 

— souscrit, subscribed capital. 
Placement de — , investment of 





capital. — de roulement, — d'ex- 
ploitatioii, working capital. ^ — de 
pmiiitr ct-ihlis-Sfiiient, — d*entre- 
prLs«-, <iriKiiial capital. Rcmlx)urser 
ie — , to reimburse the principal. 
— ciitiircment verse, fully paid-up 
capital Appuver de — , to support 
with capital. I'lacer un — , to invest 
capital. Engager des capitaux, to 
>ink capital. Mettre un — h fonds 
pi-rdu, to sink capital. 

CkpiUle, n./.. chief city, capital; letter. 

CspiUlisatioii, ».f.. capitalization. 

Capitaliser, i., to capitalize. 

Capitaliste, n.m., capitalist. 

Capiteuz. a., strong, heady. Vin — , 
hf.i\y wine. 

Capiton, n.m., cappadiiie. 

Capitonner, v., tu stuff, pad (ami- 

CapitoUtion, n.f., convention, com- 
protuisc, capitulation. 

Caporal, n.m., kind of shag; corporal. 

Capot, faire — , to upset, capsize 

Okff, n.l., caper. 

Caprice, n.m., whim, caprice. 

Captation, n.f., undue influence. 

Captieux, a., insidious, captious. 

Captieosement, adv., cunningly, de- 
I lit fully, captiously. 

Captore, n.f., seizure, capture, prize. 

Captanr, v., to arrest, capture, 

Caqae, n.f., keg, barrel. 

Caqoer, c to barrel; to cure. 

Caqnet, n.m., scindal, idle talk, 
gos&ip. Rebaisscr (rabattre) lo — , 
to take anyone down a peg or 

Oar. coHJ., as, because, for. 

OaraM, n.m., yellow aniber. 

CaraeUra, n.m.. handwriting; letter, 
print. tN-pie; stamp; aspect. — 
lisihlr, legible print.^ 

Oarala, n.f., water-bottle, decanter, 

Caracna, n.l., aromatic resin. 

Caramal. n.m.. caramel, burnt sugar. 
- .Ill f>eurre. toffee, butter-scotch. 

Carapace, n.f.. turtle-shell. 

Carat, n m., carat (gold). 

Carbatine, n.f., green-hide, skin. 

CarboUqoe. a., carbolic. 

Carbonaro, m.mi., carbonaro. 

Carbonata, n.m., carbonate. 

Carbone, n.m., carbon. 


Carbonique, a., carbonic. 
Carborateur, n.m., carburettor 

motor). 1 

Carbori, n.m., carbide, carburet. 
Cardage, n.m., carding. 
Carde, n.f., carding machine; cartl 

(for combing flax, wool, etc.). , 
Carder, v., to comb, card. 
Cardeur, n.m., wool-comber; carder. 
Careme-prenant, n.m.. Shrove Tues- 
Car6nage, n.m., careening (naut.). 
Cartae, n.f., careen, keel, bottoiz. 

En — , keel-shaped. 
Car^nd, a., keel-shaped, keeled. 
Gardner, v., to careen (naut.). 
Cargaison, n.f., ship-load, cargo, 

Carlette, n.f., square-slate. 
Carlingue, n.f., carling, carline. — d 

cabestan, step, keelson. 
Carmeline, n.f., carmeline wool. 
Carmin, a. and n.m., carmine. 
Carnet, n.m., memorandum, or nut'-- 

book. — de cheques, cheque book. 

— d'echeances, bill-book. 
Carotte, n.f. — de tabac, roll "f 

Carotteor. n.m., petty jobber. 
Carouble, n.f., skeleton-key. 
Carrare, n.m., Carrara marble. 
Carr^, n.m. floor, landing; square. 

— de toilette, dressing case. 
Carr6, a., square; demy (of paper); 

straightforward, plain. 

Carreao, n.m., tailor's goose; hassock, 
cushion; square; pane (of glas^j; 
lozenge; square tile or brick; flo<r, 
ground; small flag-stone, fitofies 
a — X, stuff checks. 

Carrelage, n.m., brick-paving, tile- 

Carrelet, n.m., shoemaker's awl. 

Carrelette, n.f., flat file. 

Carrer, i ., to square. 

Carriire, n.f., quarry; career. — 
coiuinerciale, comrnercial career 

Carrosse, n.m., coach, carriage. — de 
louage, hackney-coach. 

Cartable, n.m., satchel. 

Carte, n.f., card, post card; account 
bill; chart, map; pasteboard; ticket 
label. — marine, sea-chart. — 
post ale, post card. Avoir — 
blanche, to have a free hand, lul 

Carter, n.m. (bicycle) gear-case. 

Cartier, n.m., playing-card maker 






Cartisane, n.f., dentelle a — , vellum- 

Carton, n.m., bonnet-box, hat-box, 
bandbox, case; pasteboard, cartoon. 

— de pate, mill board. 
Cartonnage, n.m., boarding (in book- 

Cartonn6, a., in boards (of books). 

Cartonner, v., to put in boards. 

Cartonneur, n.m., binder. 

Carvi, n.m., caraway, caraway-seed. 

Cas, n.m., case, event. Auquel — , in 
which case. En — de besoin, in 
case of need. En tout — , in any 
case, however, at all events, Le — 
echeant, in that case, if such should 
be the case. Un en tout — , a sun- 
shade. En pareil (tel) — , in such a 
(;ase. — imprevu, unforeseen case. 

Casaquin, n.m., jacket, short gown. 

Cascarille, n.f., cascarilla. . 

Case, n.f., hut, cabin; (naut.) berth; 

■ pigeon-hole, division, compart- 

Casimir, n.m., kerseymere. 

Casquette, n.f., cap. 

Cassable, a., breakable. 

Cassage, n.m., breakage. 

Cassant, a., brittle. 

Cassation, n.f., repeal, annulment, 
quashing; breaking. Cour de — , 
Court of Cassation (in France). 

Cassave, n.f., cassava. 

Casse, n.f., breakage; cassia. — 
aromatique, China cinnamon, bas- 
tard cinnamon. — -noisettes, nut- 
crackers. — -noix, nut-crackers. 
tete, heady wine. 

Casser, v., to annul, rescind; to wear 
out; to crack, break, to waste. 

— un jugement, to reverse a judg- 

Cassier, n.m., cassia-tree. 

Cassis, n.m., black-currant ratafia 
(liquor); black-currant, black- 
currant tree. 
NCsssolette, n.f., scent-box; fragrant 
J sm 11. 

iCassonade, n.f., moist sugar. 

Cassure, n.f., fracture, break, crack. 

jCastagnette, n.f., castanet. 
1 iCastor, n.m., tile; beaver, castor, 
,\ beaver hat. 
^jCastorine, n.f., castorine. 
jjCasuel, a., accidental, contingent, 

(! casual. 

jjCasuel, n.m., fees, perquisites, extra 

Casuellement, adv., by chance, casu- 
ally, accidentally. 

Catalogue, n m., catalogue, list. 

Cataloguer, v., to catalogue. 

Categorique, a., explicit, categorical. 

Cat6goriquement, adv., to the pur- 
pose, categorically. 

Cathartine, n.f., cathartine. 

Catir, v., to give a gloss to. — h 
froid, to cold-press. — a chaud, 
to hot-press. 

Cause, n.f., subject, case, cause, 
motive, grounds. A — de, on 
account of, for, by reason of, 
because of. A — que, because. 
A — de quoi ?, for what reason ? 
Avoir gain de - — , to gain the day. 

Causer, v., to chat, talk; to cause, 
occasion, be the cause of, give 
rise to. 

Causerie, n.f., gossip, talk, chat. 

Causeuse, n.f., settee, small sofa. 

Cauteleux, a., crafty, cunning. 

CautMser, v., to burn, cauterize. 

Caution, n.f., surety, bail, security, 

Cautionnement, n.m,, security; bail, 
bailing; caution-money. 

Cautionner, v., to stand surety for, 
to stand bail for anyone. 

Cave, n.f., vault, cellar, cellarage; 
cellaret, case of bottles; Rats de 
— , excisemen. 

C&veau, n.m., small cellar. 

Caviste, n.m., cellarman, cellarer. 

Ce, cet, m., cette, /., ces, pi., adj., this, 
these, that, those. 

Ce (for cela), he, she, it, they, that. 
Qui est-ce ?, who is he ? Est ce- 
moi ?, is it I ? C'est jeudi, it is 
Thursday. Qu'est ce ?, what is 
that ? Qui sera-ce ?, who will it 
be. C'est fait, it is done; C'en est 
fait de moi, it is all up with me. 
Sont-ce la vos raisons ?. are they 
your reasons ? 

Ce qui, que, done, & quoi, which, 
what, that, of or to what. Ce que 
je v nis dit, what I tell you. C'est 
ce que je disais, it is what I said. 
Ce qu'on vous a dit est vrai, what 
you have been told is true. 

C6dant, n.m., assignor, grantor, trans- 

Cider, v., to make over, transfer; to 
yield, submit, give way. 

C6drat, n.m., lemon, lemon-tree. 

C^dratier, n.m., lemon-tree. 





OMn. m-m., cedar. 

OMrte, nf, cisiar-rcsin. 

OMaW, N / . note uf hand; schedule, 

nirmorandutn, notice. 
(Madr*. r., to encircle, surround, 

rmJov, fence, bind. 
(Watan, m./.. waist-band, belt; circle. 

Cbemin de fer de — , circular 

Olli, proH., that. — est vrai, that is 

true. Par — m*rae, for that very 

reaaoo. Pour — oui, most certainly. 

P<»ur — non, certainly not. 
tHIrtim. a., sea-green. Ruban — , 

«ea-i{reen ribbon. 
OJMfcnition. n./., celebration; holding 

(of a meeting). 
Otitr, v., to conceal, secrete. 
OilKi N.m., celery. 
OMritf. n.f., dispatch, celerity, 

K>eed. rapiditv. 
(Mm, / proH., she, that. 
OeOirier. n.m.. cellarer. 
CcUier. » m., store-room, cellar. 
Ctloi. m , e«ll«, /., oenz. celiei, pi. 

prom., he, him, she, her, thon, 

they, that, those. 
C«hii-«i, ceOe-d, sing., ceox-ci, celles- 

Ci, pi. pron.. this, these. 
Otioi-Ii, c«Ue-li, sing., ceoz-li, celles- 

U, pi. pron., that, those. 
Oiaaiaat. n.m., cement. 
Otadrt, n.f., cinder, ashes, dust. 
Oradns, n.f., pi., ashes. Le mercredi 

des — , .\sh Wednesday. 
Ctndrier, n.m., ash-tray, ash-pan; 

a>hh.)l»', cinder-pail. 
C«iuier. n.m., rent-roll; farmer. 
Cenntair*. N.m., copy-holder. 
Censor*, n.f., reproof, criticism, 

rctisurc; censorship. 
Owuuiw, v.. to biame, find fault 

with, censure. 
OMt, «., hundred. Quatre pour — , 

fcmr per cent. — un, one hundred 

and one. 
OMteina, n.f., hundred, hundred or 

n.m., the hundredth part. 
OMtlftiade, a . centiKrade. 
Oi«*l«t»mma, n.m.. hundredth part 

of a gram. 
OMMUfera, n.wi., hundredth part of a 


. n.m., hundredth part of a 
franc (penny 0-10). 
OwitinAtf*, m.m.. hundredth part of 
J nirtre. 

! CentraL a., head, chief, central. 

Centraliser, v., to centralize. 

Centre, n.m., middle, centre. 

Centrifuge, a., centrifugal. Pompf- 
— , centrifugal pump. 
I Centnple, n.m., hundred-fold, cen 

CepMidant, conj., yet, and yet; adv., 
I however, nevertheless, yet, still, 
! meanwhile, in the meantime. 

Cerce, n.f., band, hoop. 

Cerceau, n.m., ring, hoop. 
1 Cerclage, n.m., hooping of casks. 

Cercle, n.m., sphere, circle, hoop, 
ring, company, club. 

Cercler, v., to hoop, bind with hoops 

Cireales, n.f., pi., grain, com, corr- 
crops. Commerce des — , con;- 

Cirtmonie, n.f., fuss, ceremom. 
Visite de — , formal visit. Faire 
des — s, to stand upon ceremonies. 

Cerf, n.m., deer, stag, hart. Come de 
— , hartshorn. 

Cerise, n.f., cherry; berry (of coffee). 

Cerise, n.m., cherry-colour, cerise. 

Cerisier, n.m., cherry-wood, cherr>'- 

Certain, a., positive, sure, certain, 
undoubted; fixed, determined, cer- 
tain. Dans — s cas, in certain cast s. 

Certain, n.m., certain price; certainty. 

Certainement, adv., without fail, 
certainly, surely. 

Certificat, n.m., certificate; testi- 
monial. — d'action, share certifi- 
cate. — de prime, debenture. — 
d'origine, certificate of origin. — 
de sante, bill of health. — de vie, 
certificate of existence. 

Certification, n.f., attestation, certifi- 
cation, certifying. 

Certifier, i'., to attest, certify, testify' 

Certitude, n.f., certainty, certitude, 
assurance. •A.voir la — , to be 

C^mse, n.f., white lead; ceruse. 

Cervelas, n.m., Bologna sausage; 

Cervelle, n.f., brains, mind; head; 
Tenir en — , to keep in suspense. 

Cessation, n.f., suspension, stoppage 

Cesser, v., to leave off, cease, dis 
continue; to end. — ses paiements 
to stop payment. 

Cessible, a., assignable, transferable. 

Cession, n.f., surrender, yielding up 





relinquishment, transfer, assign- 

Cessionnaire, «./., assignee, transferee, 

C6tine, n.f., pure spermaceti. 

Cbable, n.m., tow-line, rope. 

Chablis, n.m., chablis (white wine); 
dead wood. 

Chacun, pron., each, every one. — 
pour soi, every one for himself. 

Chagrin, n.m., regret, concern, grief; 
trouble, vexation; chagrin; shagreen 
(leather). Demi- — , half-bound. 

Chagrinant, a., provoking, vexatious, 

Chagriner, v., to trouble, disquiet, 
perplex, grieve, vex; to shagreen 

Chaine, n.f., cord, chain; Gunter's 
chain, land-surveying chain. — de 
gilet, Albert chain. — longue, 
watch guard. — de surete, coup- 

Chainon, n.m., link. 

Chaise, n.f., seat, chair. — brisec, 
folding chair. — longue, couch, 
lounging chair. — de paille, straw- 
bottomed chair. — a bascule, 
rocking-chair. — k dos, high- 
backed chair. 

Chaisier, n.m., chair-maker. 

Chaland, n.m., purchaser, customer; 
barge, lighter. 

Chalandeau, n.m., bargeman, lighter- 

ChMe, n.m., shawl. — broche, 
figured shawl. — carre, square 

Chaleur, n.f., heat; warmth, zeal, 

Chaloupe, n.f., long boat, ship's boat, 

Chamarre, n.f., lace, embroidery; 
smock- fr(jck. 

Chamarrure, n.f., lacing, trimming. 

Chambre, n.f.. House (of Parliament); 
room, chamber, apartment, lodg- 
ing; (naut.) cabin; camera. — 
liantc, House of Lords. Robe de 
', (Irossmg-gown. 

Chameau, n.m., camel. 

Chamois, n.m., wild-goat, chamois, 
slianuuy; chamois leather. 

Chamois, a., buff. 

Chamoiserie, n.f., chamois leather; 
cliamois factory. 

Champ, n.m., field, subject, matter; 
scope, opportunity; space, com- 

3 — (1630 a) 

pass. Le — est libre, the coast is 
clear. Surle — , immediately, at 
once. Prendre la clef des — s, to 
bolt, to take to one's heels. A tout 
bout de — , every moment. — de 
courses, race-course. 
Champagne, n.m., champagne. — 
mousseux, sparkling champagne. 

— non mousseux, still champagne. 
Fine — -, liqueur brandy. 

Champetre, a., rural, country. 
Champignon, n.m., mushroom ; 

bonnet-stand, peg. 
Chance, n.f., luck, good luck, chance, 

good fortune; risk; Souhaiter 

bonne — a quelqu'un, to wish 

anyone good luck. Courir la — , 

to run the risk. 
Chanceler, v., to waver, falter, be 

unsteady, totter. 
Chancelier, n.m., chancellor. 
Chancellerie, n.f., chancery. 
ChandaU, n.m., sweater, jersey. 
Chandelier, n.m., chandler, tallow 

chandler; candlestick. — a manche, 

flat candlestick. 
Chandelle, nf., candle, tallow-candle. 

— de veille, rush-light. — plongee, 
dip-candle. Le jeu n'en vaut pas 
la — , the game is not worth the 
candle; it is not worth one's while. 

ChandeIl0rie, «./., candle- factory. 

Change, n.m., exchange, agio, money 
exchange. — du jour, current 
exchange. Agent de — , stock- 
broker. Commerce de — , exchange 
business. — direct, direct ex- 
change. Lettre de — , bill of 
exchange. Lettre de — sur 
I'etranger, foreign bill of exchange. 
Fausse lettre de — , false bill of 
exchange. Seule de — , sole of 
exchange. Premiere (seconde) do 
— , first (second) of exchange. — 
common, average exchange. Cote 
de — , current rate of exchange. 

— exterieur, foreign exchange. Au 

— de, at the rate of exchange of. 
Le — est au pair, the exchange is 
at par; Bureau de — de monnaie, 
exchange office. Tirer une lettre 
de — sur quclqu'nn, to draw a 
bill on anyone, f 1 > 

Changer, v., to exchange, convert, 
change, alter. — de voie, to shunt 
(rail.). — d'avis, to alter one's 

Changear, n.m., money changer. 



ChanUc*. >«.M.,i)U('kmaiUng. 

Ch*aU«r. M. m., (i<K-kyard, wood-yard, 
iimltrr-vard; bU»ck. Stocks (naut.); 
*hr<J, ^hop. 

Ckftavrti n.m., hnup. 

0luanlk*> tf . hcmp-fifld. 

Ohaoc, n.m., ronfiisioii, disorder, 

OhftPMO, n.m., tionnet, hat. — de 
paillr. straw hat. — de paille 
d'ltalir. I-cghom hat. — de 
\Tlours, velvet hat. — i haute 
lormr, top-hat. — 4 grand (petit) 
bord. broad (narrow) brimmed 

Chapelier. n.m., hat manufacturer, 

ChapeUerie, n.f., hat-tradn, hat- 

Chapitre. rim., rhapter; head, subject. 

Cbaque, <* , ever>', each. 

Charbon, n.m., coal, charcoal. Mine 
i — , c<>al-mine — de terre, coal. 
— d»' Jx)is. chara>al. 

Oharbonnier, n.m., (naut.) collier. 

Chardonner, v., to teasel (cloth). 

Chance, 'I. I., office, post, employ- 
nirrit, place; load, freight, lading; 
expense, tax; charge, imputation, 
accusation; order, commission. 
Rompre — , to break bulk. A la — 
de (que), provided that, upon 
condition that. Prendre — , to take 
in cargo. 

CharcA, part , loaded; registered (of 


Charfement. n.m., freight, shipment, 
'argo, lading; bill of lading. — 
mrapirt, full cargo. — en cueillctte, 
mixed cargo. — en vrac, loose 
^argo. — d'aller et retour, out and 
home cargo. — en mer (flottant), 
floating cargo. Prendre — , to load 
a cargo. 

Charctr. r . to freight, load, lade; to 
rhargf with, trust with, to com- 
mand: to encmnber. — une lettre, 
to rrKiMrr a letter. 

M OharfW, v., to charge oneself, take 
charge of. 

OharitMir. m.m., ship-porter, loader. 

CbarioC n m., cart, trollev, waggon, 
tri|. k. 

Channant, a., delightful, pleasing, 
■ hamung, lovely. 

Obmrmm^p., to please, delight. Je 
suis chanai de vous voir, I am 
ddifbtcd to we 7011. 

Charniftre, n.f., hinge, joint. 
! Cbarpente, n.f., timber- work. Boi* 

lie — , timber. 
Charpentier, n.m., carpenter. 
Charret^, n.f., cart-load. 
Charretier, n.m., waggoner, cannati, 

Charrette, n.f., cart. — k ressorts. 

spriiiK-cart. — k bras, hand-cart. 
Charriage, n.m., cartage. 
Cbarrier, n.m., bucking-cloth. 
Charroi, n.m., waggonage, carting. 
Charrae, n.f., plough. 
Charte, n.f., title-deeds, policy, 

Charte-partie, n.f., charter-party. 
Chartreuse, n.f., liqueur — , tic 

cordial liqueur. 
Chasse-avant, n.m., foreman, over- 
Cbasser, t'., to expel, turn out, drive, 

drive forward; to pursue, chase. 
Ch&ssis, n.m., window-sash -frame; 

(motor) chassis. — presse, printing 

frame {photography}. 
Chat, n.m., oat. Acheter — en pocbe, 

to buy a pig in a poke. 
Chfttaigne, n.f., chestnut. 
Ch&taignier, n.m., chestnut-wood, 

rhest nut-tree. 
Ch&tain, a., nut-brown, chestnut. 
Ch&tier, v., to punish, chastise. 
Chaud, a., warm, hot; eager, zealous; 

burning. Faire — , to be warm 

(weather). Tout — , quite hot. 
Chaod, n.f., warmth, heat. II fait — , 

it is hot (weather).' Avoir — , to 

be hot. 
Chaadiire, n.f., boiler (of steaia- 

enginc); copper; large kettle. 
Chandron, n.m., caldron; boiler; large 

Chaadronnerie, n.f., copper goods. 
Chanffe-assiettes, n.m., plate-warmi^r. 
Chauffe-pieds, n.m., foot- warmer. 
Chauffer, i ., to warm, heat; to grow 

Chaufferette, n.f., foot- warmer. 
Chauffeur, n.m., chauffeur; stok' r, 

Cbaufour, n.m., lime-kiln. 
Chausse, n.f., filter; hose, stocking 
Chausse-pied, n.m., shoe-horn. 
Chausses, n.f., trousers, breeches. 
Chaussetier, n.m., hosier. i 

Chaussette, n.f., sock, half-hose. — de , 

coton, cotton sock. — de lairie, 

worsted sock. 





Chausson, n.m., sock; light shoe, list- 
Chaussure, n.f., shoes, slippers, boots. 

— de caoutchouc, india-rubber 
shoes. — de cuir, leather boots. 

Chaaz, n.f., lime, limestone. Pierre 
k — , limestone. — vive, quick- 
lime. — eteinte, slaked lime. 

Chavirer, v., to capsize, turn upside 
down, upset. 

Chef, n.m., principal, chief, head, 
master. — de bureau, senior or 
head clerk. — de rayon, head of a 
department; shopwalker. — de 
cabuiet, head of a department. En 
— , in chief. De son — , in one's 
own right. 

Chemin, n.m., way, course, track, 
road; railway line; means. — de 
fer, railroad, railway. — de fer, 
k rail plat, tramroad. — de halage, 
towing-path. Enbranchement de 

— de fer, branch railway. N'y pas 
aller par quatre — s, not to beat 
about the bush. Se mettre en — , 
to begin a journey. 

Chemineau, n.m., portable stove. 

Cheoiinie. n.f., fire-place, chimney, 
mantel-shelf. Corps de — , chimney 
stack. Tuyau de — , chimney flue. 

Chemise, n.f., shirt, chemise; case, 
cover. — de nuit, night-shirt, 
night-gown. — de calico, calico 
shirt. — plastron toile, linen- 
fronted shirt. 

Chemiserie, n.f., shirts; shirt-making; 

Chemisette, n.f., shirt-front; chemis- 

Chemisier, n.m., shirt-maker. 

ChSne, n.m., oak. — brut, rough oak 
timber. — des Indes, teak, Indian 

Chenet, n.m., fire-dog. 

Chinevi6re, n.f., hemp-field. 

Chtaevis, n.m., hemp-seed. Graines 
de — , hemp-seed. Huile de — , 
hemp-seed oil. 

Chique, n.m., cheque. — ouvert, 
open cheque. — barrc, crossed 

Cher, a., dear, expensive, costly. 

Cher, adv., dear, dearly. Faire payer 
trop — , to ask too much for. 

Cbercher, v., to look for, try to find, 
• search. Envoyer — , to send for. 
Aller — , to go for, go and fetch; 
to bring. 

Ch^rement, adv., dear, at a high price. 

Cherts, n.f., high price, dearness. 

Cheval, n.m., horse; — a bascule, 
rocking-horse Fer a — , horse- 
shoe. — de trait, draught-horse. 

Chevalet, n.m., clothes-horse; easel. 

Chevet, n.m., bolster, pillow. 

Chevea, n.m., hair. — x postiches, 
false hair. Tire par les — x, to be 
far-fetched. See brosse. 

Cheville, n.f., plug, bolt, pin, peg. 
— a tete de diamant, square- 
headed bolt. — a goujon, common 

Chdvre, n.f., (mech.) crane, crab, gin; 

Chevreau, n.m., kid. Peau de — , 
kid-skin or leather. 

Chevrette, n.f., fire-dog; prawn, 
shrimp; doe, roe. 

Chevrotin, n.m., kid leather. 

Chez, prep., at, in, to, one's house, 
at the house of, with, among. 

Chic, n.m., tact. 

Chien, n.w.,dog. — demer, — marin, 

Chiffe, n.f., rags, poor stuff. 

Chiffonnier, n.m., chiffonier. 

Chiffons, n.m., pi., rags. — de laine, 
woollen rags. — de toile, linen rags. 

ChiSre, n.m., number, figure, total 
amount; monogram; cipher. Iicrire 
en — , to write in cipher. 

Chiffrer, v., to write or mark in 
cipher, to cipher; tofigure or tot up. 

Chiffreur, n.m., reckoner. 

Chimie, n.f., chemistry. 

Chimique, a., chemical. 

Chimiste, n.m., chemist. 

Chiner, v, to dye, colour. 

Chiper, v., to pilfer. • 

Chipoter, v., to dispute about trifles, 
to haggle. 

Chique, n.f., marble (playing); quid 
of tobacco. 

Chiquet, n.m., bit, driblet. — k — , 
bit by bit. 

Chirurgical, a., surgical. 

Chirurgique, a., surgical. 

Chlorate, n.m., chlorate. — de 
potasse, chlorate of potash. — de 
sonde, chlorate of soda. 

Chlore, n.m., chlorine. 

Chlorhydrate, n.m., hydrochlorate. 

Chlorhydrique, a., hydrochloric, muri- 

Chloride, n.m., chloride. 

Chlorique, a., chloric. 





Ciiloroforme, n.m., chloroform. 
Chlorure, n.f., chloride. — de chaux, 

chloride of lime. — de potasse, 

chloride of potassium. 
Choc, n.m., collision, shock; brunt. 
Chocolat, n.m., chocolate. — a la 

vanille, vanilla chocolate. Baton 

de — ■, stick of chocolate. 
Chocolat^re, n.f., chocolate-pot. 
Choisir, v., to choose, select; to 

Choix, n.m., choice, option, selection. 

Au — , all at one price. Par — , 

from choice. 
Chomage, n.m., stoppage; cessation 

from work; want of work. 
Chomer, v., to be at a standstill; to 

cease from work. II chome de 

besogne, he is out of work. 
Choquant, a., disagreeable, unplea- j 

sant, shocking, improper. 
Choquer, v., to offend, give offence, 

displease, to shock, dash against. 
Chose, n.f., thing, affair, action, deed, 

business, matter. — s de la mer, 

flotsam, wreckage. Peu de — , a 

mere trifle, nothing. 
Chou, n.m., cabbage, kale. fleur, 

Chromate, n.m., chromate. — de 

plomb, chromate of lead. 
Chrome, n.m., chromium. 
Chromolithographie, n.f., chromo- 

Chroniqae, n.f., reports, summary. 
Chronomdtre, n.m., chronometer. 
ChrysocoUe, n.f., borax. 
Chute, n.f., fall, falling, decline; 

disaster, catastrophe. 
Ci, adv., here. contre, opposite. 

— -dessous, below. — -apres, 

hereafter, hereinafter. Entre — et 

la, between this and then. 
Cic6ro, n.m., pica {print.). — petit 

ceil, small pica. — gros oeil, pica. 
Cidre, n.m., cider. — piquant, rough 

cider. — pare, old cider. Gros — , 

strong cider. 
Cie, CO. (company). 
Cierge, n.m., wax-taper. 
Cigare, n.m., cigar. — ■ d'Havanc, 

Havana cigar. — del'Inde, cheroot. 
Cigarette, n.f., cigarette. 
Cilice, n.m., hair-cloth. 
Cime, n.f., height; top, summit. 
Ciment, n.m., cement. 
Cimenter, v., to confirm; to cement, 

to consolidate, strengthen. 

Cinabre, n.m., ciimabar. 

Cincenelle, n.f., tow-line. 

Cinnamome, n.m., cinnamon. 

Cinq, a., five. 

Cinquantaine, n.f., about fifty. 

Cinquante, a., fifty. 

Cinquantieme, a., fiftieth. 

Cinquantieme, n.m., fiftieth part. 

Cinquidme, a., fifth. 

Cinquidme, n.m., fifth part. 

Cinqui^mement, adv., fifthly. 

Cipolin, n.m., cipolin marble. 

Cirage, n.m., blacking; waxing. 

Circonscrire, v., to enclose, encircle, 

Circonspect, a., wary, cautious, dis- 
creet, guarded, circumspect. 

Circonstance, n.f., caution, circum- 
spection, wariness. Avec — , with 

Circonstance, n.f., case, occurrence, 
event, circumstance, occasion. 
Suivant les — s, as the case may be'. 

Circonstancier, v., to detail, particu- 

Circulaire, n.f., circular. 

Circulant, a., circulating. 

Circulation, n.f., traffic; issue, cur- 
rency, circulation. Mettre en — , 
to issue (money). 

Circuler, v., to circulate; to spread. 

Cire, n.f., wax, beeswax, wax-light. 
— d'Espagne, sealing-wax. — k 
cacheter, sealing-wax. — fossile, 

Cirer, v., to wax; to black (boots). 

Cirure, n.f., prepared wax. 

Cisaille, n.f., pi., shears. 

Ciseau, n.m., chisel. — d'orfevre, 

Ciseaux, n.m., pi., scissors. — de 
tailleur, tailor's sbears. — de 
jardinier, gardener's shears. 

Ciseler, v., to chase, sculpture, 
emboss, chisel. 

Ciselet, n.m., chasing tool; graver. 

Ciseleur, n.m., sculptor, carver, 

Cisoires, n.f., pi., bench-shears. 

Cissite, n.f., eagle-stone. 

Citadin, n.m., citizen. 

Citation, n.f., quoting, quotation; 
summons, citation. Se faire 
delivrer une — , to take out a 

Cit6, n.f., city, town. 

Citer, v., to quote, cite, name; to 
subpoena, summon. 





Citerne, n.f., reservoir, cistern, tank. 

Citerneau, n.m., small tank or cistern. 

Citole, n.m., dulcimer. 

Citoyen, n.m., citizen. 

Citrate, n.m., citrate. • — de chaux, 
citrate of lime. — de fer, citrate 
of iron. 

Citrin, a., pale yellow, citrine, lemon- 

Citrique, a., citric. 

Citron, a., lemon-coloured; n.m., lime, 
citBon, lemon; lemon colour. 

Citronnade, n.f., lemon-squash. 

Citronnat, n.m., candied lemon-peel 

Citronne, a., lemon-flavoured. 

Citronnier, n.m., citron-tree, lemon- 

Civi^re, n.f., hand-barrow. 

Civil, a., civil; courteous; private. 
Droit — , common law. Partie — e, 
the public prosecutor. 

Civilite, n.f., courtesy, politeness, 
courteousness, civility; compli- 
ment. Mes — s a . . . , my com- 
pliments to . . . 

Clair, a., plain, obvious, evident, 
manifest; light- coloured; clear, 
transparent; pure; thin, fitoffo — e, 
thin, flimsy stuff. C'est ■ — comme 
jour, it is as plain as day, as a 

Clair, n.m., clearness; light. Tirer au 
— , to fine, clarify, bottle off. Vin 
tire au — , racked wine. 

Clair, adv., plain, plainly, clearly. 

Claircer, t>., to clarify (sugar). 

Clair§e, n.f., clarified sugar. 

Clairement, adv., intelligibly, clearly, 
distinctly, plainly, evidently. 

Clairet, a., palish, lightish (of wines). 

Clairet, n.m., claret, pale wine. 

Clairvoyant, a., acute, sharp; clear- 

Clapet, n.m., valve, clack. 

Claque, n.m., opera-hat. 

Clarification, n.f., fining, clarification, 

Clarifier, v., to fine, clarify, purify. 

Clarinette, n.f., clarionet, clarinet. 

Classe, n.f., kind, sort, class. 

Classement, n.m., classification, class- 

Classer, v., to enrol {naut.); to sort, 

Classification, n.f., classification. 

Classifier, j;., to classify. 

Clause, n.f., condition, clause, stipu- 

Clavette, n.f., catch, latch; key; peg, 

Clavier, n.m., key-ring; key-board. 

Clef, n.f., bicycle spanner; key; 
tuning-key; plug (of cocks). Mettre 
la — sous la porte, to run away 
from one's creditors. Fermer une 
porte a — , to lock (a door. 

Clemence, n.f., mercy, leniency; 

Clement, a., lenient, clement; mild 
(of the weather). 

Clerc, n.m., clerk; clergyman. Petit 
— , junior clerk. Maitre — , head 
clerk. Pas de — , blunder. 

Clich6, n.m., {photography) negative. 

Client, n.m., customer, client. 

Clientele, n.f., custom, connection; 
business; clients. Se former une 
— , to form a connection. 

Clifoire, n.f., squirt (toy). 

Climat, n.m., climate. 

Clinquant, n.m., tinsel, foil. 

Clique, n.f., clique, party, set. 

Clisse, n.f., wicker-mat. 

Cloche, n.f., cover, dish-cover; bell; 
hand-glass, bell-glass (gardening), 

— de plongeur, diving-bell. 
Clocher, n.m., belfry, steeple. Esprit 

de — , prejudice, narrow-minded- 

Clochette, n.f., hand-bell, small bell. 

Cloison, n.f., bulkhead (naut.); com- 
partment, division. 

Clore, v., to shut or fence in, enclose; 
to close (accounts, etc.); to con- 
clude, end, finish; to shut. 

Cloture, n.f., closing; close; enclosure, 

Cloturer, t^., to close, prorogue. 

Clou, n.m., clove; stud; nail, spike, 
hobnail. — s a vis, clincher-nails. 

— h crochet, tenter-hook. 
Clouer, v., to nail, rivet; to fix, to 

confine, detain. 

Clouterie, n.f., nail trade, nail 

Coacqu6reur, n.m., joint or co-buyer, 

Coaguler, ?;., to congeal, coagulate. 
Se — , to congeal, coagulate. 

Coassoci6, n.m, co-partner, fellow- 

Cobalt, n.m., cobalt. 

Cobourgeois, n.m., co-partner in a 

Coca, n.m., coca. 

Coche, n.f., notch; sow (she-pig). 





Cochenillage, n.m., cochineal. 

Cochenille, n.f., cochineal. 

Cochon, n.m., boar pig; dross. 

Coco, n.m., cocoa, cocoa-nut. Huile 
de — , cocoa-nut oil. 

Cocon, n.m., cocoon. 

Cocotier, n.m., cocoa-tree. 

Cocriancier, n.m., joint-creditor. 

Code, n.m., digest, collection of laws, 
code, law. 

Cod^biteor, n.m., joint debtor. 

Codemandear, n.m., co-plaintiff. 

Cod6tenteur, n.m., joint-holder. 

CodicHIe, n.m., codicil. 

Codonataire, n.m., /., joint donor or 

Coeur, n.m., core; middle, midst; 
heart, mind; spirit, courage. Avoir 
(prendre) ci — , to take to heart. 
De bon — , heartily. A contre — , 
reluctantly, against one's will; 
against the grain. Par — , by heart. 

Coffre, n.m., coffer, chest, trunk. — 

de bord, sea-chest. fort, strong 

box. — de surete, strong box. 

Coffret, n.m., casket, small trunk or 

Cofid^jusseor, n.m., joint surety. 

Coh^ritier, n.m., co-heir. 

OoiSer, v., to cap (bottles). — une 
bouteille, to cap a bottle. Du vin 
coiffe, mixed wine. 

Coiffeur, n.m., hairdresser. 

Coin, n.m., stamp (coining); pin {rail.); 
wedge; angle, corner, fitre marque 
au — , to bear the stamp of. 

Coincider, w., to coincide, to be coin- 

Cojoaissance, n.;., joint use. 

Coke, n.m., coke. 

Col, n.m., neck (of a bottle, person); 
cravat; collar; pad, stiffener. — 
droit, stand-up collar. 

Colchique, n.m., colchicum. 

Colcotar, n.m., colcothar. 

Colegataire, n.m., co-legatee. 

Colore, n.f., anger, fury, rage. £tre 
en — , to be angry. 

Colicitant, n.m., co-vendor. 

Colifichet, n.m., toy, knick-knack. 

Colis, n.m., parcel, package, article, 
bale, case. 

Collaborateur, n.m., associate, assis- 
tant, contributor. 

Collaboration, n.f., co-operation, assis- 
tance, contribution. 

Collant, a., sticky. 

Collateral, a., collateral. 

Collation, n.f., collation. 

Collationner, v., to compare, collate. 

Colle, n.f., glue; paste. — forte 
glue. — de poisson, isinglass. 

Collecteur, n.m., collector, tax- 

Collectif, a., collective. 

College, n.m., college. 

Colldgne, n.m., colleague. 

Coller, v., to size, paste, glue; to stick, 
adhere; to stick together. 

Collerette, n.f., ladies' collar; (tech.) 

Collet, n.m., collar (of a coat); cape; 

— rabattu, turned-down collar. — 
montant, stand-up collar. — 
monte, buckram collar. 

CoUenr, n.m., bill-sticker; paper- 

Collier, n.m., collar. 

Colline, n.f., hill; Gagner la — , to 
take to one's heels. 

Collision, n.f., collision. 

Collocation, n.f., investment (of 
money); collocation, setting in 

Collodion, n.m., collodion. 

Colombier, n.m., pigeon-house, dove- 
cot. Grand — , atlas-paper. 

Colombin, n.m., lead ore. 

Colon, n.m., cultivator, planter, 

Colonel, n.m., colonel. 

Colonial, a., colonial. 

Colonic, n.f., colony, settlement. 

Coloniser, v., to colonize, establish a 

Colonne, n.f., bed-post; coliunn. 

Colophane, n.f., colophony; black 

Color6, part., coloured. Vin — , deep- 
coloured wine. 

Colorer, v., to dye, colour; to varnisli. 

Colorier, v., to colour, iUuminate. 

Coloris, n.m., colouring. 

Colportage, n.m., book-stall trade; 
peddling, hawking. 

Colporter, v., to retail, hawk about; 
to spread (news). 

Colporteur, n.m., pedlar, hawker. 

Colza, n.m., rape, rape-seed, colza. 

Combattre, v., to contest, dispute, 
fight, combat. 

Combien, adv., how mafty, how much, 
how, what, how long, how fcir. 

— cela vaut-il ? , what is that wortl i ? 
Combinaison, n.f., combination; c^d- 






Combiner, f., to contrive; to combine. 
Comble, n.m., zenith, summit; top, 

height; complement; fulfilment. 

Pour — de malheur, to crown all. 

De fond en — , from top to bottom. 
Combler, v., to cover (a deficit); to 

complete; to make up; to over- 
Combustible, a., combustible. 
Combustible, n.m., combustible; fuel . 

Comestible, a., edible, eatable. 
Comestibles, n.m., pi., eatables, vic- 
tuals, provisions. 
Comite, «./., satin ribbon. 
Comique, a., ludicrous, funny, 

Comity, n.m., board, committee. — 

permanent, standing committee. 
Comma, n.m., colon. 
Command, n.m., principal; purchaser. 
Commande, «./., order. Marchandise 

de — , goods i)espoken. Sur — , to 

Commandement, n.m., writ, order, 

Commander, v., to order, bespeak; to 

govern, command, rule, direct. 
Commander, n.m., commander 

Commanditaire, n.m. , sleeping partner. 
Commandite, n.f., limited joint-stock 

Commanditer, v., to become a sleeping 

partner; to finance a commercial 

. Comme, conj., as, since, because, 

seeing that; adv., as, so, like, 

nearly, so much, as if. — aussi, 

and likewise. 
^Commencant, n.m., novice, beginner. 
Commencement, n.m., beginning, 

commencement. Au — , at first. 
Commencer, v., to commence, begin, 

Comment, adv., why, how, wherefore; 

— ■ faire ?, what is to be done ? 
Commenter, t;.,*to explain, criticize, 

Commergable, a., negotiable. 
""[Jommeroant, n.m., merchant, trader, 


immer^ant, a., mercantile, com- 
mercial, trading. 

Dmmerce, n.m., trade, commerce, 

trading, traffic; correspondence, 

communication. Fond de — , stock, 

business. — de (en) gros, grand 

— , wholesale trade. — des (avec 
les) colonies, colonial trade. Cham- 
bre de — , chamber of commerce. 
Affaires de — , mercantile affairs. 
II fait un gros — , he does a roaring 
trade. Etre dans le — , to be in 
business. — de transport, carrying 
trade. — de (en) detail, petit — , 
retail trade. — d'exportation 
(d'importation), export (import) 
trade. Faire le — , to trade. 

Commercer, v., to trade, to traffic in. 

Commercial, a., commercial. 

Commercialement,a^ti., commercially. 

Commettre, v., to commit, delegate, 
appoint, commission, empower; to 
trust with, to entrust, confide. 

Commis, n.m., clerk, book-keeper. 

— voyageur, commercial traveller. 

— d'administration, accountant. 

— marchand, merchants' clerk. 
Premier — , head (chief) clerk. — 
de magazin (boutique), shopman. 

— aux vivres, steward (of a ship). 
Commissaire, n.m., manager, trustee, 

commissioner; commissary; purser 
(of a ship). — priseur, appraiser, 
auctioneer, valuer. — de police, 
superintendent of police. 

Commission, n.f., commission-trade, 
commission, mandate, warrant. 
Maison de — , agency office En — , 
on sale or return; (of a ship) in com- 
mission. Faire des — s, to obtain 

Commissionnaire, n.m., agent; carrier, 
porter, messenger. — chargeur, 
freight agent. — de vente, sales- 
man. — exp6diteur , shipping 
agent. — de roulage, carrier. 

Commissionner, v., to commission, 

Commode, a., agreeable, convenient, 
handy, favourable, easy, comfort- 

Commode, n.f., chest of drawers. 

Commun, a., ordinary, usual, com- 
mon, every day. Le bruit — , 
current report. A frais — s, jointly. 
Peu — , unusual, uncommon, rare. 

Communiquer, v., to tell, acquaint, 
communicate; to keep up (hold) a 
correspondence with. 

Compagnie, n.f., company. — de 
commerce, trading company. 

Comparaison, n.f., comparison. 

Comparant, n.m., appearer (before a 
Court, Notary, etc.). 





Comparer, v., to compare. 

Comparution, n.f., appearance. 

Compas, n.m., compass, pair of com- 
passes. — d'epaisseur, callipers. 
— a trois branches, triangular 
compasses. — de variation, azi- 
muth compass. 

Compatible, a., consistent, compatible. 

Compatir, v., to be compatible with, 
to agree with. 

Compensation, n.f., reparation, 
amends, compensation, set-off. 

Compenser, v., to make up for, to 

Competence, n.f., competition; com- 
petency, cognizance; sphere, de- 

Competent, a., suitable, competent, 
due. requisite. 

Comp^titeur, n.m., competitor, rival. 

Competition, n./. , rivalry , competition. 

Complainte, n.f., complaint. 

Complaire, v., to please; to comply 
with the wishes of; to gratify. 

Complaisance, n.f., accommodation; 
goodness, kindness; complaisance. 
Lettre de — accommodation bill. 
Abuser de la — de quelqu'un, to 
abuse anyone's goodness (kind- 

Complaisant, a., kind, complaisant, 
obliging, affable. 

Complet, a., full, complete, total, 
whole. Un habillement — , a 
complete suit of clothes. 

Complet, n.m., suit (of clothes); full 
number, complement. £tre au — , 
to be full. 

Completer, v., to fill or make up; to 
perfect, complete. 

Compliment, n.m., complunent; pi., 
congratulations, compliments. 

Complimenter, v., to comphment. 

Complique, a., intricate, complicated. 

Complot, n.m., conspiracy, plot. 

Comporter, v., to allow, permit, 
admit of. Se — , to act, behave. 

Compose, a., compound; composed. 

Composer, v., to compound, com- 
promise, adjust, regulate; to com- 
pose, create. 

Compositeur, n.m., amiable — , 
friendly arbitrator. 

Composition, n.f., settlement, agree- 
ment; composition. Venir k — , to 
come to an agreement. 

Comprendre, v., to comprise, include, 
contain; to understand, compre- 

hend, conceive. — mal, to mis-i 
understand. i 

Comprimer, v., to condense, com-j 
press; to keep or put down, td 
check, restrain. 

Compris, a., part., uicluded; under- 
stood. Non — , without, exclusive 
of, not ijicluding. Y — , including, 
exclusive of. 

Compromettre, v., to compromise, 
refer to arbitration; to implicate; tc 
imperil, endanger, jeopardize. Se 
— , compromise (implicate) oneself. 

Compromis, n.m., compromise, 
mutual agreement. Mettre en — . 
to submit to arbitration. 

Compromissaire, n.m., referee, arbi 

Comptabilite,, n.f., book-keepii;.; 
accounts. Entendre bien la — , v 
have a thorough knowledge o 

Comptable, a., responsible, account- 
able. Agent — , paymaster (naut.); 
responsible agent; accountant. 

Comptable, n.m., responsible agent ; 

Comptant, n.m., cash, ready money. 
Payer — , to pay ready monej . 
Au — , for cash. 

Comptant, a., ready, prompt, in casl . 

Compte, n.m., account; report, stat( - 
ment; calculation, reckoning. Li\ r ■ 
de — , account book. — borgm , 
odd money. Arrete de — , stat( - 
ment of account; account agree 1 
upon. A — nouveau, on new ai - 
count. — courant, current accoun: . 

— de vente, account sales. ■ — cic 
caisse, cash account. — en banqu , 
banking account. En — rond, i i 
round figures; in even money. - - 

— ouvert, open account. A — , ( a 
account. Pour le — d'autrui, cie 
tiers, for account of a third part--. 
Pour (a) son propre — , pour — 
particulier, on sole (for own) 
account. — simule, pro forma 
account. Suivant — , as p-r 
account. — de retour, account ir 
statement of re-draft. Arreter dos 
— s, to settle accounts. Rendre - -, 
to give an account. Tenir — , lo 
keep an account. Arreter un — , o 
strike a balance. A bon — , at a 
small cost, cheaply. Faire rencre 
— , to call to accoimt. Apurcr m 
— , to audit an account. Am t6 





du — , balance of account. — 
rendu, report, statement. De — en 
participation, a derai, on joint 
account. Pour solde de — , in full 
of all demands; settlement. Releve 
de — , abstract of account. Erreur 
n'est pas — , Errors excepted. En 
fin de — , in the end. Au bout du 
— , when all is said and done. Se 
rendre — de, to get a clear idea of. 
Compter, v., to count, compute, 
reckon, calculate, number; to 
charge; to include; to settle 
accounts. — sur, to rely cr count 
upon, to depend upon. A — de, 
from, reckoning from. 
Compteur, n.m., accountant. 
Comptoir, n.m., counting-house; fac- 
tory; counter. 
Compulser, v., to examine. 
Comte, n.m., earl; count. 
Comte, n.>n., county. 
Comtesse, «./., countess. 
Conc6dant, n.m., grantor. 
Conc6der, v., to allow, grant, yield. 
Concernant, prep., in reference to; 
relating to, touching, about, con- 
Concert, n.m., concord, harmony, 
unanimity. Agir de — , to act in 
concert. De — , by mutual consent. 
Soncerter, r., to plan, concert, devise, 

incession, «./., grant, concession, 

Dncessionnaire, n.m., grantee, con- 
cessioiinaire. — d'un privilege, 

ancessionnaire, a., privileged. 
incevoir, v., to comprehend, con- 
ceive, understand, imagine, per- 
ceive, express, word. 
Ducis, a., brief, concise, short. 
iclure, v., to infer from, conclude; 
to finish. 

sncombre, n.m., cucumber. 
Dncordance, «./., agreement, con- 
( cord. ^ 

nncordat, n.m., composition; bank- 
[rupt's certificate; concordat, agree- 
fment. Sans — , uncertificated 
((referring to a bankrupt). 
Dncordataire, n.m., certificated 

Dncorde, «./., harmony, concord, 

Dncorder, i^., to concur, agree, 
jncourir, v., to concur; to compete 

for; to contribute to; to meet, 
unite; to co-operate in. 

Concours, n.m., competitive exam- 
ination, competition, co-operation, 
assistance, concurrence. 

Concurrence, «./., rivalry, competi- 
tion. Faire — k, to compete with. 
Jusqu'i — de, to the amount 
(extent) of. 

Concurrent, n.m., competitor, rival. 

Condamnation, «./., sentence, judg- 
ment. — par defaut, judgment by 

Condamner, v., to blame, censure; to 

Condensateur, n.m., condenser. 

Condenser, v., to condense. Machine 
a — , condensing engine. 

Condenseur, n.m., condenser. 

Condition, n.f., terms, offer; state, 
condition, place, situation. A (sous) 
— , on condition. Vendre sous — , 
to sell on approval. A — que, 
provided, on condition that. 

Conditionn6, a., bien (mal) — , in 
good (bad) condition. 

Conditionner, v., to put into good 

Condol^ance, n.f., condolence. 
, Conduire, v., to direct, rule, govern, 
manage; to lead to; to accompany; 
to carry, bring, convey, take. — 
une affaire, to manage a business. 

Conduit, n.m., pipe, tube, conduit, 
canal. — de vent, blast-pipe. . — 
acoustique, speaking tube. 

Conduite, n.f., management, charge, 
direction, administration; discre- 
tion, prudence. Tuyau de — , 

Confection, n.f., ready-made clothes; 
making up; completing (an inven- 

Confectionni, a., made, ready-made, 

Confectionner, v., to manufacture, 
make, finish. 

Conf6rer, v., to collate, confer; to 
grant, confer; to consult together. 

Confesser, v., to admit, acknowledge, 
own, confess. 

Confession, n.f., acknowledgment, 

Conflance, n.f., trust, confidence, 
reliance. Une personne de — , a 
trustworthy person. Avoir de la 
— en quelqu'un, to repose con- 
fidence in anyone. 





Confidence, «./., confidence, secret, 

Confier, v., to entrust, confide, com- 
mit to; to tell in confidence. Se — , 
to place reliance on, to trust in. 

Confiner, v., to limit, confine, adjoin; 
to border upon. Se — , to limit or 
confine oneself. 

Confire, v., to pickle, preserve, candy. 

Confirmer, v., to" ratify, confirm, 

Conflserie, n./., confectioner's shop; 

Confisenr, n.m., confectioner. 

Confisquer, v., to forfeit, confiscate, 

Confiture, n.m., jam, preserve. — s 
au raiel, sweetmeats with honey. 

Confondre, v., to confuse, confound; 
to mix, blend; to astound, amaze. 

Conforme, a., pour copie — , a true 

Conform6ment, adv., agreeably. 

Conformer, f., to conform. 

se Conformer, v., to comply with, to 
follow, to conform oneself. 

Conformity, n./., conformity, com- 
pliance. En — , agreeably to, in 
compliance with. 

Confrere, n.m., colleague. 

Conlronter, v., to collate, compare. 

Confusion, n.f., disorder, confusion, 
trouble. En — , disorderly, in 

Cong6, n.m., dismissal, discharge; 
{naut.) pass; permit, permission, 
leave, liberty. Jour de — , holiday. 

Cong^dier, v., to dismiss, discharge. 

Congelateur, n.m., freezing machine, 

Congeler, v., to freeze, congeal. Se — , 
to freeze, congeal. 

Congratulation, n.f., congratulation. 

Congratuler, v., to congratulate. 

Congr6s, n.w., congress. 

Conjecture, n.f., guess, conjecture. 

Conjecturer, v., to guess, conjecture, 

Conjoindre, v., to connect, join, unite. 

Conjointement, adv., conjointly. 

Connaissance, n.f., knowledge, under- 
standing; pL, attainments, acquire- 
ments, knowledge. Faire — avec 
quelqu'un, to form the acquaint- 
ance of anyone. 

Connaissement, n.m., bill of lading. 

Connaitre, i^., to know, be acquainted 
with, be aware of, to understand. 

to be versed in; to have or takr 
cognizance of. Faire — , to mak<! 

Conquirir, v., to obtain, gain; t<>J 
subdue, conquer. 

Consacrer, v., to devote, dedicatt; 
give. Se — k, to devote oneseuf 

Consecutif, a., following, consecutivi 

Conseil, n.m., board, council; advia-, 
counsel; adviser, counsellor. — de 
famille, family council. — de 
commerce, board of trade. -- 
d' administration, board of dire - 
tors. - — municipal, town council. 

Conseiller, v., to advise, give advire 
to, counsel. 

Conseiller, n.m., adviser, counsellor, 

Consentement, n.m., consent, assert. 

Consentir, v., to acquiesce; to agree, 
assent to; to consent. 

Cons^quemment, adv., consequently, 

Consequence, n.f., importance; con- 
sequence, sequel; inference; issue, 
event. De pen de — , insignificant, 
of no consequence. En — , accord- 

Consequent, par — , in consequen e, 

Conservation, n.f., preservation. 

Conserve, n.f., pickle; preserve. ■ — s 
au vin aigre, pickles. — s aliment' 
aires, preserved provisions. — s de 
viande en boites, preserved meat 
in tins. 

Conserver, v., to preserve, maintain, 

Considerable, a., considerable, inipor' 
tant, notable. 

Consideration, n.f., consideration, 
attention, respect, regard, sake 
esteem. En — de, for the sake of 
out of regard for, in con^ider.^tior 
of. Faire entrer en — , to take intc 
consideration. ' 

Consicttrer, y., to consider, regard 
contemplate, view, look at, taki 
into consideration; to pay repar< 
to; to look up to, to esteem 
respect, value. Tout bien consiciert 
all things considered. . 

Consignataire, n.m., consignee, df f 
positary, trustee. ^i 

Consignateur, n.m., consignor. . 

Consignation, n.f., consignment, d« 
posit. £tre a la — de, tc b 





consigned to. Caisse des depots 
et — s, deposit bank. 

Consigner, v., to enter, record, 
register, note down; to consign; to 

Consistance, »./., stability, firmness, 
consistence, consistency; considera- 
tion, credit. 

Consister, t'., to consist, be composed 

Consolidation, n.f., funding, consoli- 

Consolider, v., to strengthen, con- 

ConsoIid6s, n.m., pL, consols, con- 
solidated funds. 

Consommateur, n.m., consumer. 

Consommation, n.f., consumption. 

Consommer, v., to use, consume; to 
complete, finish, perfect, accom- 

Constance, »/., firmness, constancy, 
perseverance, steadiness. 

Constant, a., firm, constant, steady, 

Constatation, n.f. , verification, authen- 
tication, declaration. 

Constater, v., to verify, prove, ascer- 
tain, state, declare. 

Constituer, v., to constitute, make, 
establish; to assign, settle. — une 
rente, to settle an annuity. 

Constitution, n.f., constitution, forma- 
tion, establishment, declaration of 

Constructeur, n.m., shipwright, ship- 
builder; builder, constructor. 

Construction, n.f., building, construc- 
tion, structure, erection; ship- 
building. En — , (naut.) on the 
stocks, building. 

Construire, v., to build, erect, con- 

Consul, n.m., consul. 

Consulaire, a., consular. 

Consulat, n.m., consulate; consulship. 

Consulter, v., to consult, confer, take 
advice of . — une affaire, to 
o.\amine into a matter. 

Consulteur, n.m., adviser, counsellor. 

Consumer, v., to consume, waste, 
spend, destroy, squander; to wear 
out or away. 

Contaille, a.f., floss. Soie — , refuse, 
flock silk, floretta. 

Conte, n.m., nonsense, tale, falsehood. 

Contempler,f ., to contemplate, reflect. 

Contenance, n.f., burden (of a ship); 

contents, capacity; bearing, atti- 

Contenir, v., to cont^dn, hold, include, 
comprise, comprehend. Se — , to 
refrain, abstain or refrain from, 
to forego. 

Content, a., pleased, content, satisfied, 
glad. £tre — , to be satisfied, 

Contenter, v., to please, satisfy, 
gratify, give satisfaction. Se — , 
to be satisfied (content) with. 

Contentieux, a., in dispute, litigious, 

Contenu, n.m., enclosure, contents, 
terms, tenor. 

Contestant, n.m., litigant, contesting 

Contestation, n.f., debate, dispute; 
litigation, contest. 

Contexture, n.f., texture of a stuff. 

Contingence, n.f., casualty, con- 

Continu, a., uninterrupted, continual, 
continuous, incessant. 

Continue!, a., uninterrupted, per- 
petual, continual. 

Continner, v., to prolong, lengthen, 
extend, continue, proceed or go 
on with; to go or keep on with. 

Contourneuse, n.f., shaping machine. 

Contractant, a., partie — e, contract- 
ing party. 

Contractor, v., to make a contract, to 
bargain, stipulate, covenant, con- 
tract; to get, acquire; to shrink. 
Se — , to shorten, shrink up, 

Contraindre, v., to force, compel, 
impel; to cramp, squeeze; to 
restrain; to attach, arrest for debt. 

Contrainte, n.f., compulsion; con- 
straint, restraint. 

Contraire, a., adverse, opposite, con- 
trary; prejudicial, hurtful. 

Contraire, n.m., reverse, contrary, 
opposite. Au — , on the other 
hand, on the contrary. Bien (tout) 
an — , quite the reverse (contrary). 

Contrariant, a., annoying, provoking, 

Contrarier, v., to annoy, vex, dis- 
appoint; to contradict. 

Contrariety, n.f., annoyance, vexa-" 
tion, disappointment, obstacle, 

Contrat, n.m., agreement, contract, 
mstrument, deed, indenture, 





articles. — a la grosse, bottomry 
bond. — d'achat, contract of 
purchase. -^ d' assurance, contract 
of insurance. — d'affretement, 
contract of affreightment. — de 
vente, contract of sale. Minute 
d'un — , draft of a deed. Dresser 
un — , to draw up a deed. Passer 
uti — , to execute a deed. 

Contravention, n./., infraction, con- 

Contre, prep., by, near, close, close 
by; contrary, against; adv., against, 
near, close up. Pour et — , for and 

against, pro and con. A coeiir, 

reluctantly. Ci — , in the margin, 

Cantrebande, n.f., smuggled or con- 
trabatid ^oods; smuggling. 

Contrebandier, n.m., contrabandist, 

Contre-basson, n.m., double bassoon. 

Contre-caution, n.f., coupter-bond, 

Contre-cbef n.m., foreman. 

Contredire, v., to contradict, answer. 

Contredit, n.m., contradiction, answer, 

Contre-6change, n.m., mutual ex- 

Contre-^crou, n.m., lock-nut. 

Contrefacon, n.m., infringement, 
forgery, counterfeit. 

Contrefacteur, n.m., infringer of 
patents; counterfeiter of coins; 
forger of bills. 

Contref action, n.f., forgery, counter- 

Contrefaire, v., to copy, counterfeit, 

Contre-hatier, n.m., fire-dog. 

Contremaitre, n.m., foreman, over- 
s:^er; boatswain's mate, first mate. 

Contremandement, n.m., counter- 
mand, counter-order. 

Contremander, v., to countermand. 

Contremarque, n.f., countermark. 

Contremarquer, v., to countermark. 

Contre-ordre, n.m., counter-order. 

Contre-partie, n.f., counterpart. 

Contre-quille, n.f., keelson. 

Contre-rail, n.m., check or guard rail. 

Contreseing, n.m., countersign, coun- 

Contresens, n.m., contrary sense, 

Ji^vrong meaning or construction. 

Contresigner, v., to countersign. 

Contre-taille, n.f., counter-tally. 

Contretemps, n.m., mishap, disap- 
pointment. A — , at the wtonf 
time, unseasonably. 

Contre-torpillear, n.m., torpedo boat 

Contrevenir, v., to infringe, violate; t(' 

Contribuer, v., to tend, conduce 

Contribution, n.f., average (insurance) 
share, contribution, portion; tax; 
— 3 directes (indirectes), direci 
(indirect) taxes. 

Contrdlage, n.m., hall-marking, 
stamping; control, controlling. 

Controle, n.m., hall-mark, plate- 
mark, assay-mark; stamp-offtct ; 
controller's office; stamp; list ; 

Controler, v., to verify, exaniiin , 
check; to stamp, hall-mark; t > 

Contrdleur, n.m., superintendent, c ' i - 
troller, surveyor (of taxes); ticke - 

Convaincre, v., to persuade, convince . 
Se — , satisfy or convince oneself, 
to be convinced. 

Convenable, a., expedient, propci, 
fit, suitable, adequate. Juger — , to 
deem expedient or proper. 

Convenir.f., to agree; to be expedient, 
proper; to acknowledge, admit;, 
own ; to' suit, be suitable ; to 

Convention, n.f., agreement, coven- 
ant, treaty, convention; pi., agrc- 
ment, conditions, articles. | 

Converser, v., to talk, converse. 

Conversion, n.f., converting, co i- 
version, change, changing. 

Converso, n.m., poop, main-deck. 

Convertir, v., to .change, convert. 

Convertissable, a., convertible. 

Convertissement, n.m.., conversion. 

Convocation, n.f., summons, convoc a- , 
tion, requisition. i 

Convoi, n.m., train. — de petite { 
Vitesse, — de marchandises, goods 
train. — de grande vitesse, f;;St 
train. — direct, express train. — 
omnibus, slow train. En — {naut.), 
with convoy. 

Convoiement, n.m., convov. 

Convoquer, v., to convene, con vol. e 
to call together. 

Convoyeur, n.m., convoy (ship). 

Coobligation, n.f., joint obligation 





Cooperation, n.f., co-operation, con- 

Coop^rer, v., to concur, co-operate. 

Copabu, n.m., copaiva, copaiba; 
Baurne de — , copaiba balsam. 

Copal, n.m., copal. — monde, fine 
copal. — dur, hard copal. 

Copeau, n.m., chip or shaving (of 
wood). Vin de — x, rape-wine. 

Copie, n.f., copy, transcript; imita- 
tion. — au net, fair copy. — 
figuree, facsimile. See conforme. 

Copier, v., to copy, imitate. 

Copieux, a., plentiful, cop'ous. 

Copiste, n.m., copyist, copier, tran- 

Coproprietaire, n.m.f., joint pro- 

Coq, n.m., cock; weathercock; cook 

Coque, n.f., hull (of a ship); shell, 
pearl-shell. — du Levant, Indian 
ijcrry. — de coco, cocoa-nut shell. 

Coquereau, n.m., lighter [naut.). 

Coquet, n.m., cock-boat. 

Coquetier, n.m., egg-cup; egg mer- 

Coquille, n.f., post-demy, small post 
(paper); shell; pi., wares of small 
value. — de beurre, pat of butter. 

Cor, n.m., horn, hunting-horn; corn 
(on feet). 

Corail, n.m., coral. — blanc et rouge, 
white and red coral. — fantaisie, 
fancy coral. — de Sicile, Sicilian 

Corailleur, n.m., coral-fisher or diver. 

Coralline, n.f., coralline, corallina. 

Corbeille, n.f., (on 'Change), change, 
reserved enclosure; flat, wide 

Cordage, n.m., rope, cord, cordage, 
rigging. — de rechange, spare 
ropes. — de jute, jute rope. — 
noir, tarred rope. — goudronne, 
tarred rope. 

Cordat, n.m., packing-cloth. 

Corde, n.f., thread (of cloth); rope, 
line, cord, twine, twist. — de 
violon, fiddle-string. — ci boyau, 
catgut. Instrument a — s, stringed 
instrument. fichelle de — , rope 

Cordeau, n.m., cord. 

Cordelette, n.f., string, small cord. 

Cordelle, n.f., tow-rope, tow-line. 

Corder, v., to bind with a cord; ti 

Cordial, n.m., cordial. 

Cordon, n.m., thread; cord, string 
twist; ribbon; edge (of coins). — d( 
chapeau, hat-band. 

Cordonner, v., to mill or edge (coins) 
to braid; to twine, twist. 

Cordonnerie, n.f., shoemaking. 

Cordonnier, n.m., shoemaker; cord 

Corne, n.f., shoe-hom; horn, hoof 
Essence de — de cerf, spirits o 
hartshorn. — s de belier, ram'; 

Cornemuse, n.f., bagpipe. 

Cornet, n.m., dice-box; horn, ear 
trumpet. — a piston, cornet. — ; 
bouquin, cowherd's horn. 

Cornidre, n.f., T iron. 

Cornue, n.f., retort [chemistry). — i 
gaz, gas retort. — en poterie 
earthenware retort. 

Corporation, n.f., corporation, cor 
porate body. 

Corps, n.m., barrel (of a pump); bod) 
(of wine); society, company, body 
thickness, substance. — morts 
moorings (naitt.). — de cheminee 
chimney-stack. Un vin qui i 
du — , a full-bodied wine. — el 
bicns, all hands (ship). 

Correspondance, n.f , correspondence 
relation, connection. Entretenii 
unc — avec quelqu'un, to keep up 
a correspondence with anyone. 

Correspondant, n.m., correspondent. 

Correspondre, v., to be in correspon 
dence with; to communicate, corre- 
spond with; to suit, agree. 

Corriger, v., to amend, correct 
rectify; to repair; to reprehend. 

Corroder, v., to corrode. 

Corrompre, v., to adulterate tc 
corrupt, taint; to spoil. 

Corrosion, n.f., corrosion. 

Corroyer, v., to puddle; to curr> 
(leather). — du sable, to roll sand 
— du fcr, to hammer iron. 

Corruption, n.f., bribery, corrupJ;ion 

Corsaire, n.m., corsair, privateer 
commander of a privateer. 

Cors^, a., full-bodied (of wine) 
copious, plentiful, substantial. 

Corset, n.m., stays, corset, bodice. 

Cortds, n.f., pi., Cortes (Spanish 

Cosse, n.f., shell, pod, husk. 

Costal, a., coastal. 





Costume, n.m., dress, costume; usage. 

— tailleur, tailor-made dress. 
Cote, n./., share, quota, quotation, 

price, price-list; number. 

C6te, n./., sea-coast, shore; hill; rib 
(of cloth). — k — , side by side. 
Le long de la — , along the shore. 
Se mettre k la — , to run ashore or 

Cdt6, n.m., side; slice. De tous — s, 
on all sides. De mon — , for my 
own part. A — de, near, by. De — 

. et d' autre, in every direction, here 
and there, up and down, fitre k — 
de la question, to be beside the 
question. Mettre (une chose) de — , 
to lay by. 

Coter, v., to fix, quote, price; to num- 

Cdtier, n.m., coasting-pilot ; a., coast- 

Cotisation, n.f., share, quota, sub- 
scription, assessment. 

Cotiser, v., to rate, assess. 

Coton, n.m., cotton. — plat, darning 
cotton. — de couleur, coloured 
cotton. — epluche, picked cotton. 

— brut, raw cotton. — a courte 
(longue) sole, short (long) staple 
cotton. — a tricoter, knitting cot- 
ton. — pique, quilting. — a coudre, 
sewing cotton. — bon courant, 
good cotton. — bon ordinaire, fair 
cotton. — de Baza, Baza cotton. 

— bas, inferior cotton. Dechets de 
— , cotton waste. — file, yarn. 
Toile de — , cotton cloth. Balle 
(echeveau) de — -, bale (skein) of 

Cotonnade, n.f., cotton-check, cotton 

Cotonner, v., to nap, cotton; to pad; 

to stuff or fill with cotton. 
Cotonneux, a., downy. 
Cotonnier, n.m., cotton-tree. 
Cotonnier, a., of cotton, cotton. 
Cotonnine, n.f., cotton-sail cloth. 
Couche, n.f., diaper; coat (of varnish, 

etc.); bed, bedstead; layer, row, 

Couchette, n.f., bunk (on a ship), 

small bed; bedstead. 
Couchis, n.m., bolster ; stratum, 

Coiicou, n.m., Dutch clock. 
Couder, f., to bend. 
Coudran, n.m., tar. 
Coudre, n.m.,' hazel-tree, nut-tree. 

Coudre, t^., to sew, stitch. Machine a 

— , sewing machine. 
Coudrier, n.m., hazel-tree. 
Coulage, n.m., waste, leaking; casting, 

Coulant, a., fluent; slip (of knots). 

Nceud — , noose. 
Couler, v., to flow; to leak, run,, 

trickle, or ooze out; to pour; to 
■ cast. — bas, a fond, to sink, 

founder. — un vaisseau k fond, to 

sink a ship. 
Couleur, n.f., colour, colouring, paint. 

— s amies, blending colours. — 

solide, fast colour. — voyante, 

showy colour. — passante, fading 

colour. — de rose, rose colour. 

— k I'huile, oil colour. Sous — de, 
under the pretext of. 

Coulis, n.m., jelly, gravy. 

Coulisse, n.f., (S.E.) coulisse, outside 
brokers; groove, shutter, door. 

Coulisseau, n.m., guide [engineering), 
slide, slide-block. 

Coulissier, n.m., outside broker, stock- 

Couloire, n.f., sieve, colander, strainer. 

Coup, n.m., event; aim; action, act, 
deed; knock, stroke, blow, hit; 
attempt; gust (of wind). — monte, 
got-up afifair. Manquer son — , to 
fail. Faire son — , to succeed. A — 
perdu, in vain. Tout k — , all of a 
sudden, suddenly. Tout d'un — , 
at once, all at once. Au premier — 

— d'oeil, at first sight. — d'essai, 
first attempt. — imprevu, un- 
expected accident. 

Coupable, a., guilty, culpable. 
Coupage, n.m., blending (of spirits); 

diluting (of wine); cutting. 
Coupe, H./., felling, cutting, chopping; 

section; division; cup. 
Coup6, n.m., brougham. — lit, 

sleeping car. 
Coupe-cors, n.m., corn-cutter. 
Coupe-fils, n.m., pliers. 
Coupe-paille, n.m., cha,ff-cutter. 
Couper, v., to strike off; to dilute 

(wine); to cut (down, out, off); tc> 

impede, hinder; to intersect, divide. 

Pour — court, in short, to be brief. 

— le cable, to take the decisive step. 
Coupe-racines, n.m., root-cutter. 
Couperose, "./., vitriol, copperas. — 

blanche, white copperas or vitriol. 

— bleue, blue copperas (vitriol). — 
verte, green copperas (vitriol). 





Coupler, V. to link, couple. 

Coupoir, n.m., knife, blade, cutter. 

Coupon, n.m., cheque; part (of shares), 
coupon, dividend warrant; rem- 

Coupure, n.f., (banking) small note, 
bond, coupon; cut, cutting. 

Cour, n.f., court (of justice). 

Courant, a., middling, fair (of goods); 
ordinary, running, current, present. 
Compte — , account current. Le 
prix — , the current price. Le mois 
— , the present month. Monnaie 
— e, current coin. 

Courant, n.m., present price; instant, 
present month; routine; current, 
tide. Tenir quelqu'un au — de, 
to keep anyone advised of. Le — 
du marche, the market price. Fin 
— , at the end of the present 

Courber, v., to bend, curve, warp. 

Coureur, n.m., light porter. 

Courir, v., to hasten; to run; to be 
current (about, abroad); to be 
prevalent, reported; to sail; to run 
after (on, along, about); to expose 
oneself; to travel over. Faire — 
des bruits, to spread reports. 
L'annee qui court, the present 
year. Le bruit court, there is a 
report. La monnaie qui court, 
current money. — apres, to run 
after. — au large, to stand off. — 
k sa fin, to draw to an end. — sur 
le marche de quelqu' un, to outbid 
anyone. — k toutes jambes, to 
run at the top of one's speed, as 
fast as possible. 

Couronne, n.f., large foolscap (paper); 
crown (coin); chimney-holder (of a 

Courrier, n.m., messenger; post. Jour 
de — , post-day, mail-day. Par le 
retour du (par retour de) — , by 
return of post. Par le — de ce jour, 
by to-day's post. Lire (d6pouiller) 
son — , to read one's letters. 

Courroie, n.f., strap, belt. 

Courroux, n.m., anger, rage. 

Cours, n.m., market price; voyage; 
vogue, scope; current, stream; 
space, term; currency (of coin). 
Dernier — , closing price. Obtenir 
le — , to command a price. Premier 
— , opening price. Voyage de long 

> — , voyage to foreign parts. — 
16gal, legal tender. 

Course, n.f., career; privateering; 
cruise, cruising; tour, journey. 

Court, a., brief, short, concise, curt. 
Etre — d' argent, to be short of 
money. , 

Courtage, n.m., commission, broker- 
age; business of a broker. Faire le 
— , to carry on the business of a 
broker. — de change, bill-broker- 

Courtepointe, n.f., quilt, counterpane. 

Courtier, n.m., agent, broker. — 
maritime, ship-broker. — pour les 
sucres, sugar-broker. — de change, 
money- or bill-broker. — d'actions 
(d'assurances), share (insurance) 
broker. — marron or non brevet^, 
outside broker. 

Courtoisie, n.f., courtesy, kindness. 

Coussin, n.m., hassock, pad, cushion. 

Coussinet, n.m., chair (rail.); pad, 
small cushion; wedge. 

Co&t, n.m., cost, expense, price, 

Cofltant, prix — , prime cost. 

Couteau, n.m., knife. — k ressort, 
spring knife. — pliant, clasp-knife. 
— k depecer (decouper), carving 
knife. — de poche, pocket-knife. 

Coutelidre, n.f., knife-case. 

Coutellerie, n.f., cutlery; cutler's shop. 

Cofiter, v., to cost; to be expensive. 
Coiite que coiite, at any price, 
come what may. 

Cofiteuz, a., expensive, costly. 

CoutU, n.m., duck, ticking. Fil de 
— , drill. 

Coutre, n.m., cutter (naut.). 

Coutume, n.f., usage, custom, prac- 
tice, habit. Comme de — , as usual. 
Selon ma — , according to my 
custom. Avoir — de, to be 
accustomed to. 

Coutumier, a., customary, ordinary, 
common, used, accustomed. 

Couturier, n.m., ladies' tailor. 

Couturitoe, n.f., dressmaker; semp- 

Couvercle, n.m., lid, cover, cap. 

Couverture, n.f., quilt, counterpane, 
blanketing ; rug; cloak ; cover (of a 
book); security, guaranty. — 
piqu6e, quilt. — de laine, blanket. 

Couvre-chaussures, n.m., goloshes. 

Couvre-plat, n.m. dish cover. 

Couvrir, v., to cover; to defray 
(expenses); to wrap up; to protect. 
Se — , to reimburse oneself. 





Covendeur, n.m., joint vendor. 

Craie, n.f., chalk. 

Craindre, v., to dread, be afraid of, to 
fear, apprehend. A — , dangerous, 
to be feared, avoided. 

Crainte, n.f., fear, apprehension. De 
— que, lest, for fear that, for fear 

Cramoise, a., crimson, scarlet, red. 

Crampon, n.m., grappling-iron, 

Cramponnet, n.m., tack, small cramp- 

Cran, n.m., cog, notch. 

Craquelin, n.m., cracknel. 

Craqaelot, n.m., red-herring. 

Crasse, a., thick, coarse; gross. Une 
ignorance — , gross (crass) ignor- 

Cravate, n.f., neck-tie, cravat. — 
longue, scarf. 

Craydre, n.f., chalk-pit. 

Crayeux, a., chalky. 

Crayon n.m., pencil, chalk; sketch, 
outline, rough draft; pencil draw- 
ing. — d'ardoise, slate pencil. — 
noir, blacklead. Au — , in pencil. 

Crayonneux, a., chalky. 

Cr^ance, n.f., money owing, debt; 
credit; credence, belief, trust. 
Lettre de — , letter of credit. 
Lettres de — , letter of credence, 

Cr6ancier, n.m., creditor. — im- 
port un, dun. — hypothecaire, 

Creatine, n.f., creatine. 

Credence, n.f., credence. 

Credit, n.m., credit; favour, esteem, 
name, repute. Lettre de — , letter 
of credit. Avoir — en banque, to 
have funds in the bank, fitre en 
grand — , to be in high repute. 

Cr^diter, v., to credit, enter upon the 
credit side (of an account). 

Cr6ditear, n.m., creditor. 

Cr^diteor, a., compte — , creditor's 

Cr6er, v., to create, establish; to 
imagine; to invent. Se — des 
moyens, to find means. 

Cr6mailldre, n.f., rack, toothed rack; 
hook. Chaise a — , spring-back 

Cr6me, n.f., cream. — de tartre, 
cream of tartar. Fromage k la — , 
cream cheese. Pot cl — , cream- jug. 

CrSmerie, n.f., dairy, milk-shop. 

Cr6meax, a., creamy. 
Cr6midre, n.f., milk-jug, cream-jug. 
Cr^mone, n.m., Cremona violin. 
Cr^nelage, n.m., milling (coinage). 
Creneler, v., to notch, indent; to cog 

(a wheel); to mill (money). 
Creosote, n.f., creosote. 
Crepage, n.f., crisping; glossing ol 

Crepe, n.m., crape; veil. — lisse. 

smooth crape. — crepe, crisped 

crape. — de Bologne, Italian 

Creper, v., to crape, frizzle, crisp. 
Cr^opodaUle, (crapaudaille), n.f.. 

gauze-crape; thin crape. 
Cripon, n.m., hair-pad; rouge puff; 

crepon; frizette. 
Cr^seau, n.m., kersey. 
Cretonne, n.f., cretonne; fine linen: 

Creasage, n.m., digging, hollowing, 

Creoser, v., to dig, hollow, excavate. 

— une question, to examine a 

question thoroughly. 
Creuset, n.m., crucible; trail, test (in 

Creox, n.m., depth (of a ship's hold): 

hole, pit, mo)]ld. 
Crevaison, n.m., puncture (in a tyre). 
Crevasse, n.f., crack, gap. 
Crevasser, v., to crack, split. 
Crever, v., to stave in; to break, 

crack, burst, tear. 
Crevette, n.f., shrimp, prawn. 
Cri, n.m., cry, outcry; Donner du — 

a la sole, to sulphur silk. 
Criant, a., shameful, shocking, glaring 
Criard, a., dettes — s, small or 

dribbling debts. 
Criarde, n.f., varnished or thick 

gummed cloth. 
Criblage, n.m., sifting. 
Crible, n.m., riddle, sieve. 
Cribler, v., to riddle, sift; to examine; 

to scan. Crible de dettes, over 

head and heels in debt. 
Cric, n.m., hand-screw, screw-jack. 

Criie, n.f., auction, proclamation of a 

sale. A la — , by auction. Audience 

des — s, auction mart. 
Crier, v., to call or cry out; to shout: 

to clamour; to publish, proclaim; 

to put up for sale. 
Crienr, n.m., auctioneer. 
Crime, n.m., crime, offence. ! 





Criminel, a., criminal. Chambre 
(cour) — Ic, criminal court. 

Crin, W.W., horsehair. Matelas (som- 
mier) de — , horsehair mattress. 

Crinoline, w./., crinoline. 

Crise, n.f-, crisis. — financiere, 
financial crisis. 

Cristal, n.m., crystal; pL, crystal ware, 
cut-glass dishes. — de mine, 
quartz. — de roche, rock crystal. 
— anglais (d'Angleterre), flint glass. 

Cristalli^re, n.f., crystal mine. 

Cristallin, a., crystalline; n.m., crystal- 
line lens. 

Cristalliser, v., to crystallize. 

Critique, n.m., critic. — facheux, 
fault-finder; m./., censure, criticism. 
La — , the critics. 

Critique, a., critical, alarming. 

Critiquer, v., to criticize, find fault 
with; to censure, blame; to examine. 

Croc, n.m., hook, grapnel, drag, 

Crochet, v., to hook; to bear, produce 
(of trees, etc.). 

Crochet, n.m., two-pronged hoe; 
liook; steelyard. Clou k — , tenter- 
hook. Broder k — , to crochet. 

Crochetage, n.m., porterage. 

Crocheteur, n.m., porter, street- 

Crocodile, n.m., crocodile. 

Crocus, n.m., safifron, crocus. 

Croire, v., to credit, believe; to deem, 
think, to place reliance on, to 
trust to; to be of opinion. II est k — 
que, it is to be presumed that. 
J'en crois k peine mes yeux, I can 
hardly believe my eyes. Se — , to 
be credible, believed. 

Crois6, part., twilled, double-milled 
(of cloth); crossed. Serge — e, 

Crois^, n.m., twill. 

Croiser, v., to cross, cross or strike 
out; to efface; to cruise (naut.). 
Se — , to cross each other, to be 
crossed (letters, etc.). 

Croiseur, n.m., cruiser. 

Croisi6re, n.f., cruise; siding {rail.). 

Croissance, n.f., increase, growth. 

Croissant, n.m., prunihg-hook. 

Croissant, a., increasing, growing. 

Croitre, v., to augment, increase, 
grow; to multiply; to grow up. 

Croix, n.f., cross. 

Cromorne, n.f., cremona. 

Croquante, n.f., almond cake. 

Croquer, v., to pilfer, filch; to sketch. 

Croquignole, n.f., cracknel. 

Croquis, n.m., sketch, rough-draft, 
outline. Cahier de — , sketch-book. 

Crouler, v., to launch (a ship); to give 
way, go to ruin; to fall in. 

Croustillant, a., crusty, crisp. 

Croyable, a., reliable, credible, believ- 
able, likely. 

Croyance, n.f., belief, opinion ; credit, 

Cru, n.m., growth. Vin du — , wine 
of the country. 

Cm, a., crude, raw, coarse; un wrought; 
rough. Sole — e, raw silk. Couleur 
— e, stiff colour. Cuir — , undressed 
leather. Metal — , raw metal, ore. 

Cruche, n.f., blockhead; jug, jar. 

Crudity, n.f., rawness, crudeness. 

Cruel, a., cruel, hard, inflexible, 
relentless, merciless, severe. 

Cr&ment, adv., inconsiderately, 
laluntly, roughly. 

Cube, n.m., cube. 

Cube, a., cubic. 

Cuber, v., to cube. 

Cubique, a., cubical, cubic. Racine 
— , cube root. 

Cueillette, n.f., mixed cargo; gathering 

Cueillir, v., to gather, pick; to take 
up; to coil. 

Cueilloir, n.m., fruit-basket. 

Cuider, n.m., fruit-basket. 

Cuiller, cuillire, n.f., spoon. — k 
cafe, tea-spoon. — k dessert, 
dessert-spoon. — k soupe, soup- 

Cuiller6e, n.f., spoonful. 

Cuir, n.m., skin, hide, leather; strop. 
— corroye, curried leather. — cru,' 
undressed leather. — de Russie, 
Russian leather. — en croute, 

rough leather. toile, American 

cloth. — vcrni, patent leather. 
— s bruts, raw hides. — s approtes, 
dressed hides. — k semelles, sole 
leather. — k rasoir or k repasser, 
razpr strop. 

Cuirass^, a., hardened, armour- 
plated. Vaisseau — , ironclad ship. 

Cuirasser, v., to iron-plate; to steel, 

Cuire, v., to boil, roast, bake, cook; 
to prepare, dress. 

Cuirer, v., to cover in leather. 

Cuisine, n.f., spicc-box; kitchen; 





Coisinier, n.m., cook. 

Caisinidre, n.f., cook; meat-screen; 
Dutch oveu. 

Cuite, n.f., burning (of bricks, etc.). 

Cuivre, n.m., brass, copper. — en 
planches, sheet copper. — rouge, 
copper. — fondu, cast copper. — 
jaune, brass. — vierge, native 
copper. — en barres, bar copper. — 
battu, wrought copper. Fontede — , 
pig copper. — cru, crude copper. 

— pyriteux, copper-pyrites. — de 
rosette, refined copper, rose-copper. 

— gris, gr»y copper, black copper 
ore. — natif, native copper. 

Ctiivr6, a., copper-coloured. 

Cuivrer, v., to copper, to cover with 
sheet copper. 

Coivrerie, n.f., brass-wares, copper- 

Coivreoz, a., coppery. 

Colbate, n.f., failure, bankruptcy, 

Calotte, n.f., breeches. 

CoIpabUit^, n.f., guilt, culpability. 

Cultivatear, n.m., farmer, agricul- 
turist, grower. 

Cnltivateor, a., agricultural. 

Cultivation, n.f., cultivation. 

Cultiver, v., to cultivate, till, improve. 

Coltnre, n.f., cultivation, culture, 
growth; education. 

Cumin, n.m., — des pres, caraway- 
seed. — noir, black cumin. 

CuracSo, n.m., Curagao. 

Curage, n.m., cleansing, cleaning (of 
sewers, harbours, etc.). 

Curatelle, n.f., trusteeship, guardian- 

Curatenr, n.m., trustee, curator, com- 

Curcuma, n.m., turmeric, curcuma. 

Cur6, n.m., vicar, rector. 

Cure-dents, n.m., toothpick. 

Curement, n.m., see curage. 

Cure-mole, n.m., dredging machine. 

Corieusement, adv., minutely, care- 
fully, curiously. 

Curieuz, a., rare, curious, singular; 

Cutter, n.m., cutter (boat). 

Cuvage, n.m., fermenting (of wine). 

Cuve, n.f., vat, tub, copper. — 
matiere, mash-tub. — de bain, 

Cuveau, n.m., small tub, small vat. 

Caver, r., to ferment, settle. 

Cuvette, n.f., wash-hand basin. 

Cuvier, n.m., wash-tub. 

Cyanate, n.m., cyanate. 

Cyanhydrique, a., prussic, hydro- 

Cyanogtae, n.m., cyanogen. 

Cyanure, n.m., cyanide. 

Cylindre, n.m., mangle; garden-roller; 
roller, cylinder. 

Cylindrer, r., to roll; to calender. 

Cymbale, n.f., cymbal. 

Cjmique, a., cynical, barefaced, impu- 

Czar, n.m.. Czar. 

Czarine, n.f.. Czarina. > 

Dactylographe, n.m., typist. 

Dactylographie, n.f., typewriting. 

Daigner, r., to condescend, deign. 

Daim, n.m., deer, buck. 

Daine, n.f., doe. 

Dalle, n.f., flag-stone, slab; sink-stone. 

Damas, n.m., damask; damson. — dt 

laine, moreen; woollen damask. 
Damasquinerie, n.f., damaskening. 
Damass6, n.m., damask-linen, damask 

Damasser, v., to damask. 
Damassin, n.m., diaper, figured linen 

Dame, n.f., lady; nun; draught (in 

draughts); rowlock. 
Dame-jeanne, n.f., demijohn. 
Damier, n.m., draught-board. 
Danger, n.m., risk, danger, peril. 

£tre en — de, to be in danger of. 
Dangereuz, a., dangerous. 
Danois, a., Danish. 
Dans, prep., within, in, into; accord- 
ing to; with. 
Dard, n.m., dart. 
Darse, n.f., wet-dock. 
Date, n.f., date; period, time. En — 

de, bearing date, under date of. 

A courte (longue) — , short (longi 

Dater, v., to date; to date from, to 

reckon. A — de, reckoning from. 
Datte, n.f., date (fruit). 
Dattier, n.m., date-tree. 
Davantege, adv., further, longer, 

more. Pas — , no more, no longer. 
Davier, n.m., davit; dentist's forceps. 
De, prep., from, by, of, in, with, 

out of, upon, any, some, at, to, for. 

— Paris a Londres, from Paris to 

London. Faire — son mieux, to d' > 

one's best. Quelque chose — boE, 

something good. Avoir besoiu 


I i 





d' argent, to be in want of money. 

— ce que, because. Se moquer — 
quelqu'un, to laugh at anyone. 

D6, n.m., thimble; die (coining). — en 
acier, steel thimble. — ferme, 
lady's thimble. — ouvert, tailor's 
thimble. Le — en est jete, the die 
is cast. 

D6b&cle, «./., collapse, downfall, 
disaster; clearing (of a harbour). 

D6bScleur, n.m., water or port bailiff. 

Deballage, n.m., unpacking. 

D6baller, v., to unpack. 

Debander, v., to loosen, unbind. 

Debarcad^re, n.m., terhiinus, station; 
wharf, landing, landing-place. 

D^bardage, n.m., unloading (of wood). 

Dibardear, n.m., docker, wharf- 
porter, lighterman. 

D^barquement, n.m., disembarkment, 

D6barquer, v., to unship; to land, 
disembark. Au — , on landing. 

D^barras, n.m., riddance. 

D^barrasser, v., to get rid of, get 
clear of. 

D6barrer, v., to unbar. 

D6bat, n'.m., discussion, debate. 

D^batelage, n.m., unlading of boats. 

D6bateler, v., to unlade boats. 

D^battre, v., to argue; to discuss, 

D6bet, n.m., debit, balance of an 

Dibile, a., feeble, weak. 

:D6bine, n.f., straits, difficulties, em- 

Dibit, n.m., debit side (book-keeping); 
retail shop; market; traffic, sale. 

— de tabac, tobacconist's shop. 
Porter au — de quelqu'un, to debit 
anyone with. Marchandise de bon 
— , goods that have a ready sale. 

Dibitant, n.m., dealer, retailer. — en 
gros (detail), wholesale (retail) 

pD6biter, v., to debit; to retail, sail; to 
report; to spread (news). 

Dibiteur, n.m., retailer, seller; debtor. 

Dibiteur, a., compte — , debtor's 

D6boire, n.m., disappointment, vexa- 
tion; after-taste. 

Dibordement, n.m., inundation, over- 

Diborder, v., to jut out, project, to 
run over, overflow; {naut.) to get 

D6bouch§, n.m., sale, market, outlet; 
opening; water-way. 

Dibouchement, n.m., sale, market, 
outlet; uncorking. 

Diboucher, v., to uncork; to clear, 

Dibonrsi, n.m., outlay, fnoney laid 
out, disbursement. 

Diboursement, n.m., outlay, dis- 
bursement, expenditure. 

Diboutonner, v., to unbutton. 

Dibrayer, v., to disengage, throw out 
of gear (machinery). 

Debris, n.m., ruins, wreck; rubbish, 

Dibrouiller, v., to explain, unravel, 
clear up, disentangle. 

Dibut, n.m., beginning, outset, first 
appearance, debut. 

Dibuter, v., to begin; to set out, to 
open, to lead. 

DeQi, prep., this side of; adv., here, 
on this side. 

D6ca, deca (ten times the unit). 

Dicachetage, n.m., opening, un- 

Dicacheter, v., to open, unseal, break 
the seal of; to break open. 

Oicagramme, n.m., decagram. 

D6caissage, n.m., unpacking. 

D6caisser, f., to unpack. 

Decalitre, M-w., decalitre. 

D6cam6tre, n.m., decametre. 

Dicamper, v., to bolt, pack off, de- 

Dicatir, v., to sponge woollen cloth. 
Se — , to lose its gloss (of cloth). 

Dicatissage, n.m., sponging. 

Dicidi, n.m., deceased. 

Decider, t'., to die. 

D6c^lement, n.m., disclosure. 

Diceler, v., to reveal, disclose. 

Dicembre, n.m., December. 

Decent, a., decent. 

Deception, n.f., deceit, fraud, decep- 

Dteds, n.m., death, decease. 

D^evant, a., deceptive. 

Dicevoir, v., to disappoint, deceive. 

Dicharge, n.f., unlading, unloading; 
exoneration; relief, release, dis- 
charge. Table de — , dinner 

Dichargement, n.m., unlading, un- 

Dtebarger, v., to unlade, imload; to 
exonerate, dismiss; to lighten, 
empty; to discharge. Se — , to 





^change or fade (colours); to be 

■ unloaded; to give vent to. 

D6chargeur, n.m., heaver, lumper, 
unloader, wharf-porter. 

D^che, en — , out of pocket. 

D§chet, n.m., waste, loss, offal. See 

D6chiffrable, a., intelligible, legible. 

D6chiSrer, v., to unravel, decipher, 
make clear. 

Dechirage, n.m., bois de — , old ship- 

Dechirer, v., to rend, tear. Se — , to 
be torn, to tear. 

D^chirore, n.f., break, tear. 

Dechoir, v., to lose, forfeit; to fall off, 

D^chouer, v., to set afloat, get off (a | 

Deci, deci (one-tenth of the unit). 

D6cid6, a., resolute, determined, con- 
fident, determined, decided. 

Decider, v., to induce, persuade; to 
settle, determine, decide. Se — , 
to make up one's mind, to resolve, 

Decigramme, n.m., decigram. 

Decilitre, n.m., decilitre. 

D6cime, n.m., decime, tenth part of a 

Decimetre, n.m., decimetre. 

D6cimo, adv., tenthly. 

D^ision, n.f., resolution, decision, 

D^cisoire, a., decisory. 

Declamation, n.f., abuse, declama- 
tion, declaiming. 

Dedaratif, a., declaratory. 

Declaration, n.f., affidavit, declara- 
tion;' notification. — de sortie 
(d'entree), entry outwards (in- 
wards), (Custom House terms.) 

Declarer, v., to certify, declare, make 

Declin, n.m., decline. 

Declinatoire, a., declinatory; excep- 
tion — , exception (legal). 

Decliner, v., to fall off, be on the wane; 
to decline; to refuse to entertain; 
to state. 

Decoiffer, v., to take the sealing wax 
off a bottle. 

Decolore, part., discoloured, faded. 

D6colorer, v., to discolour. Se — , to 
become discoloured; to fade. 

Decombler, v., to empty. 

Decommander, v., to countermand. 
Se — , to be counteniianded. 

Decompte, n.m., drawback; allow-t 
ance, deduction, deficiency. 

Decompter, v.,to reckon off; to deduct 

Deconcerter, v., to confuse, bafflej 
disconcert. j 

Deconfire, v., to nonplus. i 

Deconseiller, v., to dissuade. ! 

Deconsideration, n.f., disrepute. 

Decorateur, n.m., grainer, decorator. 

Decore, n.m., knight, knight of the 
Legion of Honour. 

Decorer, v., to decorate, trim. 

Decortiqner, v., to husk, to bark. 

Deconlement, n.m., running, flowing. 

Decooler, v., to proceed; to spring 
from; to flow, run, trickle. 

Deconper, v., to carve; to cut out, cut 
up, cut into pieces. 

Decoapoir, n.m., butler's tray; stamp- 
ing press or machine; punch. 

Decourageant, a., discouraging. 

Desourager, v., to discourage, deter, 

Decourber, v., to straighten. 

Decours, n.m., decrease. 

Deconvert, part., overdrawn. £tre a 
— , to be overdrawn, unsecured. 

Deconvert, n.m., overdraft, uncovered 
balance; deficit. 

Decouverte, n.f., look-out (naut.): 
detection, discovery. 

Decouvrir, v., to find out, discover; 
to disclose; to expose, uncover. 

Decrasser, v., to clean, polish, scour. 

Decrediter, v., to disgrace, discredit. 

Decret, n.m., decree, order, enact- 

Decreter, v., to decree, enact, order. 

Dlcri, n.m., discredit, disrepute; pro- 
hibition, crying down. 

Decrier v., to discredit; to decry; to 
run or cry down. 

Decrire, v., to draw, trace; to describe. 

Decroire, v., to discredit, disbelieve. 

Decroissement, n.m., diminution, de- 

Decroitre, f . , to diminish, decrease. 

Decrottoir, n.m., shoe-scraper. 

Decrottoire, n.f., hard-brush, shoe- 
brush. 1 

Decuvage, n.m., tunning (of wine). 

Decuvasion, n.f., see decuv'age. 

Decuver, v.. to tun. 

Dedaigner, v., to disregard, disdain. 

Dedans, adv., in, within, inside. Er 
— , on the inside, within, fitre — 
to be in for it. 





Dedans,, interior, inside. Au — 

et au dehors, at home and abroad. 
Dedier, v., to devote, dedicate. 
Dedire, v., to contradict, gainsay. Se 

— , to recede; to go back from one's 

D^dit, n.m., forfeiture, forfeit. 
Dedommagement, «.w., indemnity, 

coiiipr-nsation, damages; amends. 
Dedommager, v., to indcnmify, com- 

.pensate, make good, make up for. 

Se — , to recoup or indemnify 

D^doubl^, n.m., diluted alcohol. 
Dedoubler, v., to dilute; to divide into 

Deduction, n.f., deduction, set off; 

Deduire, v., to deduct, take from, 

subtract; to infer, deduce. 
DMaillant, a., feeble, weak, falling 


Defaire, v., to free, deliver; to annul 
(a bargain); to unpack, undo. Se 
— , to lose strength and quality 
(of wine); to get rid of, ease oneself 
of; to leave off. Ce vin se defait, 
this wine is losing its flavour. Se — 
de sa marchandise, to sell off one's 

D6faite, n.f., sale; pretence, evasion. 
Ces marchandises-la sont de bonne 
— , those goods command a ready 

Defalcation, n.f., deduction, defalca- 

D^lalquer, v., to deduct, take off. 

D^faut, n.m., default, blemish, flaw, 
defect, fault. Au — de, a — de, 
for want of, in default of. Faire 
— , to be missed, wanting, to fail. 

D6faveur, n.f., disfavour; disgrace. 

D6favorable, a., unfavourable. 

D^fendeur, n.m., defendant; respond- 

DMendre, v., to support, defend, 
uphold, protect; to prohibit, forbid. 
Se — , to deny (a thing); to defend 

Defense, n.f., justification, defence; 
notice, warning; prohibition; boom, 
fender (naut.); elephant's tusk. . — 
de fumer, no smoking allowed. — 
ti'entrer, no admittance. Faire — , 
to forbid, prohibit. 

D6fenseur, n.m., counsel, advocate. 

D6f6rence, n.f., respect, deference; 

Dif^rer, v., to comply, yield, defer; tc 

condescend; to confer, 
D^ferrer, t;., to confound, nonplus. 
D§fi, n.m., challenge, defiance. 
Defiance, n.f., caution; mistrust 

Defiant, a., suspicious, distrustful 

Deficit, n.m., deficiency, deficit. 

Corabler le — , to make up th( 

D6fier, v., to dare; to defy; to chal 

lenge; to set at defiance. Se — , t( 

suspect, distrust, mistrust. 
D^figurer, v., to distort, disfigure. 
Difinir, v., to describe, explain; t( 

decide, determine. 
D^flnitif, a., eventual, ultimate 

definitive, final; positive. 
D^foncement, n.m., staving in, beat 

ing in the head of casks. 
D6f oncer, v., to knock in (head o 

casks); to stave in (casks). 
Defrayer, v., to bear or defray thi 

cost of. 
D6gagenient, n.m., discharge, release 

disengagement, clearance; redeem 

ing. Tuyau de — , waste pipe 

Escalier de — , private staircase. 
Digager, v., to take out of pawn, t( 

redeem; to extricate, free, clear 

separate. — quelqu'un de s: 

parole, to release anyone from hi 


to dismantle, strip; ti 

D6gamir, v 

D^g&t, n.m. 

Digel, n.m 

damage, waste, ravage 

D^geler, v., to thaw. Se — , to thaw 
D6g6n6rer, v., to degenerate, decline 
Degonflement, n.m., falling, collap!- 

ing, subsiding. 
D^gorgement, n.m., outflow, over 

flowing, outfall. 
D6gorgeoir, n.m., issue, outlet; prim 

D^gourdi, a., shrewd, sharp, quick 

tepid (of water). 
D^gourdir, v., to polish; to sharpen 

quicken, revive. 
Digofit, n.m., distaste, dislike; dis 

D^goiitant, a., distasteful, unpleasant 

D^gofiter, v., to disgust. 
D6?outter, v., to drip, trickle, drop. 
D^gradateur, n.m., vignetting shade 





Degradation n.., damage, dilapida- 
tion; degradation. 

D^grader, v., to damage, deface; to 
debase, degrade. 

D6graisser, v., to clean; to remove 
greasy stains; (/Jg.) to fleece anyone. 
Terre k — , fuller's earth. 

D6gr6, n.m., degree, extent, point, 
stage; stair, staircase, step. Par 
— s, gradually. 

D6grever, v., to redeem, free; to 
reduce, diminish. 

D6guisement, n.m., disguise; conceal- 

D6guiser, v., to hide, conceal, disguise. 

D^gustateor, n.m., taster (of wines). 

D^gustation, n.f., tasting. 

D^guster, v., to taste (wines). 

Dehors, adv., at sea; abroad; out, out 
of doors. Au — , outwardly. En — , 
outside. Au dedans et au — , at 
home and abroad. 

D6J&, adv., yet, already. 

Dejeuner, dijean^, n.m., breakfast- 

D^joaer, v., to foil, baffle, frustrate. 

D^li, prep., on the other side of, 

D^labr^, un navire — , a dismantled 

D6Iabrer, v., to destroy, ruin, pull to 

D6Iai, n.m., delay, extension of time. 
Dans un — de, within a period of. 
User de — s, to put off, postpone. 

D^laisser, v., to relinquish, abandon, 

Delayer, v., to dilute; to temper 

Delectable, a., delightful, delicious. 

Delegation, n.f., proxy, delegation, 

Deiegue, n.m., delegate, deputy, 

Deieguer, v., to assign, delegate. 

Deiesteur, n.m., ballast-lighter, ballast. 

Deiesteur, n.m., ballast-lighter, 

Deliberation, n.f., resolution; delibera- 

Deiibere, a., decided, resolute, beld. 

Deiiberer, t;., to resolve, determine, 

Deiicat, a., nice, dainty, delicate. 
Affaire — e, ticklish affair. 

Deiicatesse, n.f., delicacy, refinement; 
pL, dainties. 

Peiicieoz, a., delightful, delicious. 

Deiier,v., to release, absolve; to untie, 

Deiiot, n.m., thumb-stall, finger-stall. 

Deiit, n.m., offence, misdemeanour. 

Deiivrer, v., to hand over, deliver; to 
release. — de la marchandise, t(j 
deliver goods. 

Deioger, v., to oust; to quit, remove, 
go away. 

Deioyal, a., disloyal. 

Deluge, n.m., flood, deluge. 

Deiore, a., sharp, wide-awake. 

Demain, adv., to-morrow. — matin, 
to-morrow morning. Apr^s — , the 
day after to-morrow. 

Demande, n.f., order; request, peti- 
tion, question; demand. 

Demander, v., to order; to beg, re- 
quest, ask, demand, sue for; to ask 
or call for, to inquire after, require ; 
to want. Faire — , to ask for. Que 
demandez-vous ?, what do you 
want ? 

Demandenr, n.m., plaintiff, demand- 

Demarcation, n.f., demarcation. 

Demarche, n.f., measure, course, step, 
proceeding. F'aire des — s, to take 
steps or proceedings. 

Demarrage, n.m., unmooring. 

Demarrer, v., to cast off, unmoor; to 
leave, slip her moorings (of a ship). 

Dem&tage, n.m., dismasting. 

Dem&ter, v., to dismast. 

DemSie, n.m., quarrel, contest. 

DemSler, v., to unravel, clear up, 
to separate. 

Demeloir, n.m., large tpoth-comb. 

Demenagement, n.m., removing, 

Demenager, v., to remove (one's 

Demenageur, n.m., furniture remover. 

Dementi, n.m., denial, flat contradic- 
tion; lie. 

Dementir, v., to refute, deny, con- 
tradict, give the lie to. 

Demesure, a., huge, excessive. 

Demettre, v., to turn out; to dismiss. 
Se — , to resign. 

Demeorant, n.m., residue, remainder. 

Demeure, n.f., delay; residence, 
dwelling, lodgings; stay (at a place). 
En — , in arrears, behindhand. 

Demenrer, v., to stay, remain, stop; 
to reside, live. — en arri^re, to 
stay behind. — d'accord, to agree. 

Demi, n.m., half. 







Demi, a., half. Une — e-heure, half 
an hour. Une heure et — e, an hour 
and a half. 

Demi, adv., half. 

Demi-bain, n.m., hip-bath. 

Demi-mot, n.m., hint. 

Demission, n.f., resignation. Offrir 
sa — , to tender one's resignation. 
Donner sa — , to resign, send in 
one's resignation. 

D^missionner, z^., to resign. 

D6mod6, a., old-fashioned, out of 

Demoiselle, n.f., hot-water bottle; 
paving-beetle; young lady. 

D6molir, v., to pull down, demolish, 

Demonetisation, n.f., withdrawal (of 
money) from circulation, calling in. 

D^mon^tiser, v., to withdraw from 
circulation, to call in (money). 

D^monter, v., to take to pieces, undo; 
to baffle, nonplus. — un capitaine, 
to supersede a captain. 

D6montrer, i^., to prove, demonstrate. 

D^mordre, v., to yield, desist. 

D^nantir, v., to deprive of security. 
Se — , to give up securities. 

D6ni, n.m., denial, refusal. 

Diniaiser, v., to dupe, cheat, take in. 

D^nicher, v., to run away, make off. 

Denier, n.m., funds, money, cash; 
farthing; rate of interest; (phar- 
macy) scruple. A beaux — s 
comptants, in ready money, cash. 
Les — s publics, the public money. 

Denier, v., to deny, refuse. 

D^nombrement, n.m., list, enumera- 
tion, census. 

D6nombrer,f ., to enumerate, number. 

Denomination, n.f., name, denomina- 
tion, style. 

D^noncer, v., to declare, proclaim, 
give notice; to denounce, impeach. 

D6nonciation, n.f., intimation, declar- 
ation; denunciation. 

D^noter, v., to denote, describe. 

Denouement, denofiment, n.m., catas- 
trophe; issue, event. 

D6nouer, v., to solve (a difl&culty); to 
loose, untie. 

Denr6e, n.f., provisions, ware, com- 
modity. — s alimentaires, provi- 

Dense, a., thick, dense, close. 

Dent, n.f., tooth;cog, notch. 

Dente, a., toothed. Roue — e, cogged 

Denteler, v., to tooth, cog, notch. 

Dentelle, n.f., lace; lace-work. — de 
fil, de lin, thread lace. — de soie, 
silk lace. — de laine, woollen lace. 

— anglaise, — de coton, cotton- 
lace. — de Bruxelles, Brussels 
lace. — k chenille, velvet lace. 

— au metier, woven lace. — au 
fuseau, bone lace. 

Dentellier, n.m., lace-maker. 

Dentier, n.m., set of teeth. 

Dentifrice, n.m., dentrifice. Poudre 
— , tooth powder. 

Denture, n.f., see dentier. 

Denuder,^., to strip, denude, lay bare. 

Denuement, den&ment, n.m., want, 
destitution, deprivation. 

Depaqueter, v., to unpack. 

Depareilie, a., odd, imperfect, un- 
matched. Livres — s, odd goods. 

D^parier, v., to separate. • 

Depart, n.m., departure. 

Departement, n.m., business, line, 
department; distribution. — des 
affaires etrangferes. Foreign Office. 

— de I'interieur, Home Office. 
Depasser, v.,X.o exceed, surpass, over- 
step, go beyond, over-reach. — ses 
pouvoirs, to exceed one's powers. 

Depecer, v., to cut up, cut in pieces. 

Depecbe, n.f., telegram; mail, corre- 
spondence; dispatch. Faire les — s, 
to make up the mails. 

DepScher, v., to be quick, do things 
quickly, dispatch, hasten. Se — , 
to look sharp, make haste. 

Depeindre, v., to describe, depict; to 

Dependance, n.f., out-house, out- 
building; dependence; offices. 

Dependre, v., to depend, be depend- 
ent; to take down. 

Depens, n.m., pi., cost, expense. 

Depense, n.f., expenditure, outlay, 
expense; steward's office; pi., sup- 
plies. I""aire la — , to spend money. 
De folles — s, extravagant expense. 
Ne pas plaindre la — , not to spare 

Depenser, v., to spend, expend. 

Depensier, n.m., purser's steward; 

Deperdition, n.f., loss, waste. 

Deperir, v., to decay, go to ruin, 
decline, dwindle; to perish. 

Depersuader, v., to dissuade. 

Depeupler, v., to depopulate. 

Depit, n.m., vexation, spite. En — de, 





in spite of. Avoir du — , to be 

Dipiter, v., to spite, vex. Se — , to get 

out of temper, to be vexed. 
D^plac^, a., misplaced, ill-timed. 
D^placement, n.m., removal, change 

of place; displacement. 
D^placer, v., to misplace, remove, 

change, displace. 
D6plaire, v., to offend, give offence, 

displease. Se — , to dislike, be 

displeased with. 
D6plaisant, a., annoying, unpleasant, 

Diplaisir, v., annoyance, displeasure, 

D^plantoir, n.m., trowel. 
D^plier, f., to lay out, display (goods); 

to open, unfold. 
D6ploiement, d^ploiment, n.m., dis- 
play; unfolding. 
Deplorable, a., deplorable, lamentable. 
D6plorer, v., to deplore, regret. 
D6ployer, v., to display, set out; to 

unroll, unfold. 
D^pocher, v., to stump up, fork out. 
Deport, n.m., backwardation; delay. 
Deposant, n.m., witness, deponent. 
D^poser, v., to give evidence; to 

depose; to lodge (a complaint); to 

Depositaire, n.m., consignee; deposi- 
tary, guardian, trustee. 
Deposition, n.f., deposition, evidence. 
D6pdt, n.m., warehouse, depositary; 

deposit, depositing; agency, depot. 

liu — , on sale. 
D^potage, n.m., decanting. 
D^ponille, n.f., hide, skin; booty, 

D^ponillement, n.m., abstract (of an 

D§pouiller, v., to skin; to lay aside, 

deprive; to present an abstract (of 

an account); to gather (crops). Se 

— , to dispense with. 
D6pourvu, a., devoid; unprovided, 

destitute. Au — , unawares. 
Depreciation, n.f., depreciation. 
D^precier, v., to undervalue; to depre- 
ciate, run down, underrate. Se — , 

to fall in value. 
D§primer,f., to underrate; to depress, 

press down. 
D6priser, v., to underrate, under- 
Depois, adv., since, since that time, 

afterwards; prep., since, after, 

from. — peu, lately. — quelqui 

temps, for some time. — longf 

temps, for a long time. j 

Depuis que, conj., since. ' 

Depute, n.m., M.P. (Member o|l 

Parliament); delegate, deputy. 
D^puter, v., to send a deputation^: 

to send, depute. 
Deraciner, v., to eradicate, root up^ 

to pull up by the root. 
D^raisonnable, a., unreasonable, pre* 

posterous. i 

Derange, a., out of order. 
D6ranger, v., to upset, disturb, dis- 
concert, discompose; to displace. 
D6raper, v., to sideslip (of bicycles). 
Derive, n.f., leeway, drift. A la — , 

en — , adrift (naut.). 
Diriver, v., to be derived; to proceed 

from, to derive; to drift, get clear 

of the shore. 
Dernier, a., last. En — lieu, in the 

last place. En — ressort, as a last 

appeal. Mettre la — e main a 

quelque chose, to put the finishing 

touch to anything. 
Derni^rement, adv., latterly, lately, 

of late, recently. 
D6rober, v., to hide, conceal; to shell 

(beans); to pilfer, steal, rob. Se - — , 

to avoid, disappear. 
D^roger, v., to detract, derogate. 
D6rouler, v., to spread out, unroll. 
D^route, «./., confusion, disorder; 

ruin; failure; defeat. 
D^router, r., to bewilder, embarrass, 

bafHe, foil. 
Derridre, adv. and prep., behind. 
Dds, prep , as early as, since, from. 

— a present, henceforth, from this 

moment, forthwith. 
Dis Que, conj., since, as soon as, when. 
Disaccord, n.m., disagreement. £tre 

en — , to be at variance. 
Desaccoupler, v., to uncouple. 
D6sachalandage, n.m., loss of custom. 
Desachalander, v., to drive or take 

away customers. 
D6sagreable, a., unpleasant, distaste- 
ful, disagreeable. 
Desagr^er, v., to displease. 
Desagr^ment, n.m., unpleasantness, 

annoyance, vexation, disagreeable- 
Desajustement, n.m., disorder, dis-| 
arrangement. t 

D6sajaster, v., to put out of order, to 

disarrange; to disturb. 





D^sappointement, n.m., disappoint- 

D6sappointer, v., to disappoint. 

D^sarmement, n.m., disarming; laying 
up (of a ship). 

D6sarmer, v., to be dismantled (a 
ship); to lay up, dismantle; to calm, 

D^sarrimer, v., to shift or alter the 
stowage in the hold. 

Desarroi, n.m., confusion, disorder. 

Disassembler, v., to take to pieces. 

D^sastre, n.m., disaster, break-down; 

D6sastreuz, a., disastrous. 

Disavantage, n.m., prejudice, detri- 
ment, disadvantage. 

D^savantageuz, a., prejudicial, dis- 
advantaa;cous, detrimental. 

D§saveu, n.m., denial, disavowal. 

D6savouer, v., to disavow, deny, dis- 
own, disclaim, repudiate. 

Descendre, v., to reach, to fall; to go 
down, descend, alight; to get, 
come, or bring down; to come from; 
to land. La maree descend, the 
tide is ebbing. 

Descente, «./., run (on a bank, etc.); 
descent; disembarkment. 

D6s6choner, v., to get off, afloat. 

Deseraballage, n.m., unpacking. 

Desemballer, v.. to unpack. 

Desembarquement, n.m., landing, dis- 

D^sembarquer, v., to unlade, unship; 
to land, disembark. 

D6s8mparer, v., to clear out, quit, go 

Disengrener, v., to throw out of gear 

D6sentortiUer, v., to unravel; to un- 

Deserter, v., to abandon, leave, quit, 

D^sesp^rant, a., hopeless, discourag- 
ing, provoking, despsrate. 

Disespoir, n.m., desperation, hopc- 

D6shabill6, n.m., — du matin, 
nioriiini^ dress. 

Desh6rence, n./., escheat. 

Desheriter, v., to disinherit. 

Deshonnete, a., dishonest, shameful. 

Deshonorable, a., disgraceful, dis- 

D^shonorant, a., shameful, disgrace- 

Dishonorer, v., to disgrace, disparage. 

Designation, n.f., nomination, choice; 
indication, designation. 

Designer, v., to appoint, nominate, 
elect, choose; to call, name; to 

Disinfectant, n.m., disinfectant. 

Desinfecter, v., to disinfect. 

Disinfection, n.f., disinfection, fumi- 

D^sint^resser, v., to repay, refund; to 
indemnify; to buy out the interest 

D6sir, n.m., wish, desire. Au gre de 
ses — s, agreeably to his wishes. 

Desirable, a., desirable. 

D^sirer, v., to want, desire. A — , 

D^sireoz, a., anxious, desirous, eager 

D6sister, se — , v., to renounce, 
abandon, desist from. 

D^sob^ir, v., to disobey. 

D^sob^issant, a., disobedient. 

D^sobUgeant, a., uncivil, disobliging. 

D^sobliger, v., to displease. 

D^soccupation, n.f., leisure, inactivity, 
want of employment. 

Hks'SVLVTi, a., unemployed, un- 
occupied, idle. 

D6sol4, part., very sorry. 

D6soler, v., to annoy, vex, pester; to 
waste, devastate. 

D6sordre, n.m., confusion, disorder, 
pprturbance. En — , in order. 

D^sorienter, v., to mislead, disconcert. 

Disormais, adv., from this time, here- 
after, henceforth. 

Dess6cher, v., to waste; to dry, dry up. 

Dessein, n.m., design; plan, scheme, 
intention, view, purpose. Avoir — 
dc, to intend. A — , on purpose. 
A — de, in order to, with the 
object of. 

Dessert, n.m., dessert. 

Dessin, n.m., design, sketch, drawing, 
plan, draught. — lithographic, 
lithographic drawing. — a la craie, 
chalk drawing. 

Dessinateur, n.m., pattern-drawer, 
draughtsmen, designer. 

Dessiner, v., to design, draw, sketch. 

Dessous, adv., below, under, under- 
neath. Ci- — , below, hereunder. 

Dessous, prep., beneath, under, vuider 

Dessos, adv., over, on, upon. Sens — 
dessous, upside down, topsy-turvy. 
Au — , upwards, above. Par — , 





over, above, over and above. Ci- 

— , above, hereinbefore. Au — , 

upwards; above. 
Dessus, prep., on, upon. Par le 

marche, into the bargain. Par 

tout, above all. 
Dessus, n.m., advantage, upper hand; 

top, upper side, right side. — de 

fauteuil, chair-back (antimacassar). 

— de toilette, toilet cover. — d'un 

fivre, cover of a book. Avoir 

(prendre) le — , to get the upper 

Destinataire, n.m., consignee, ad- 
dressee; receiver, recipient. 
Destination, «./., destination; object, 

end, intention. A — de, addressed 

to; bound for (ships). 
Destiner, v., to intend, destine, 

purpose, design. 
Destituer, v., to dismiss, discharge, 

remove (from a post). 
Destitution, «./., removal, dismissal. 
D^su^tude, n.f., disuse. 
D^sunir, v., to disjoin, separate, 

D6susit6, a., out of use, obsolete. 
D6tachement, n.m., indifference. 
Detacher, f., to undo, unfasten, untie, 

loosen; to detach; to clean, to take 

out stains. 
Detail, n.m., retail; detail, trifle, 

particular. En — , bit by bit, 

piecemeal; retail. Vendre en — , 

to sell by retail. 
D6taillant, n.m., retailer. 
D^tailler, v., to sell by retail; to 

retail; to detail. 
D^tailleur, n.m., retailer. 
D^talage, n.m., putting or packing up 

goods; taking in goods. 
D6taler, v., to pack up; to take in 

D^teindre, v., to fade, lose coloiu:; to 

come off (colours). 
D^tenir, v., to keep back, withhold, 

Detente, n.f., machine a — , expansion 

D6tenteur, n.m., detainer, holder. — 

d'obhgations, debenture holder. 
Deterioration, n.f., wear and tear, 

Det^riorer, v., to deteriorate. Se — , 

to deteriorate, become the worse 

for wear. 
Determiner, v., to determine, resolve, 

settle, decide, fix, ascertain. Se — , 

to determine, be determined; to 

Detestable, a., odious, detestable, 

Detester, v., to dislike, abhor, detest. 

Detirer, v., to wiredraw; to stretch, 
draw out. — des cuirs, to stretch 

Detonneler, v., to draw out of a cask. 

Detordre, v., to untwist. 

Detortiller, v., to untwist; to unravel. 

Detour, n.m., trick, dodge, subter- 

Detournement, n.m., embezzlement. 

Detourner, v., to appropriate, em- 
bezzle;to dissuade, deter; to divert. 

Detourneur, n.m., shoplifter. 

Detremper, v., to dissolve, dilute. — 
de I'acier, to soften steel. 

Detresse, n.f., grief, distress, trouble, 

Detriment, n.m., prejudice, detriment, 
injury. Au — de, to the preju- 
dice of. 

Detriter, v., to crush. 

Detritoir, n.m., crushing-mill. 

Detritus, n.m., refuse, residue. 

Detruire, v., to pull down, ruin, 
destroy, do away with. 

Dette, n.f., debt; obligation, duty. — s 
actives, assets, book-debts. — s 
passives, liabilities. — hypothc- 
caire, mortgage debt, fitre crible 
(accable, perdu) de — s, to be head 
and heels in debt. — s criardes, 
petty debts. 

Deuil, n.m., mourning; black; Demi 
or petit — , half mourning. Habit 
de — , mourning. 

Deux, a., both; two, second. — fois, 
twice. — fois autant, twice as 
many (as much). Tous — , both. 
Tons les — , both. Tous les — jours, 
every other day. De — jours I'un, 
every other day. — a — , two by 

Deux, n.m., second, two. Le — Mars, 
the second of March. 

Deuzieme, a., second; other. 

Deuxiemement, adv., secondly. 

Devancer, v., to anticipate, forestall, 
precede, surpass, outdo; to have 
the precedence; to take the place of. 

Devant, prep., ahead of; in front of; 

opposite, before. Par notaire, 

before or in the presence of a 

Devant, adv., ahead; before. 





Devanture, n.f., front. — de boutique, 

Devastation, n.f., havoc, devastation, 

D6veloppement, n.m., growth, devel- 
opment, progress, opening. 

D6velopper, v., to expand, develop, 
unfold, open; to explain, elucidate. 

Devenir, v., to turn, become, get. 

— k rien, to come to nothing. 
D6verser, v., to throw upon the 

market; to bend, warp. 
D6versoir, n.m., weir, dam (of rivers). 
D6vier, v., to deviate, swerve, glance 

Deviaer, v., to guess, predict, divine, 

foretell; to guess at. En devinant, 

at a guess. 
Devis, n.m., specification, estimate. 

Donner un — , to give an estimate. 
D^visser, v., to unscrew. 
Devoir, n.m., duty, task. Se faire 

un — de, to make a point of. 

S'acquitter de son — , to perform 

one's di^ty. 
Devoir, v., to be in debt, to owe; to 

have to, to be bound to. — une 

somme d' argent, to owe a sura of 

D^vorer, v., to squander, consume; to 

devour, eat up; to destroy. 
Devotion, n.f., service, command, 

disposal; devotion. A votre — , at 

your disposal. 
D^vouement, n.m., zeal, devotion. 
D^vouer, v., to dedicate, devote. 

Votre tout devoue, votre bien 

devoue, yours sincerely, yours most 

truly. Se — , to devote or dedicate 

Dextrine, n.f., dextrine. 
Diabase, n.m., green-stone {min.). 
Diaggot, n.m., birch-oil. 
Diagramme, n.m., diagram. 
Diamdtre, n.m., diameter. 
Diamont, n.m., diamond; jewel (in a 

watch), — de vitrier, glazier's 

diamond. — brut, rough diamond. 

— taille, cut diamond. — d'Alen- 
con, AlenQon diamond. — fin, 
fine diamond. 

Diapason, n.m., diapason ; tuning- 
Diaphragme, n.m., diaphragm. 
Diapr6, a., variegated, diapered. 
Diaprd, n.m., diaper- work. 
Diaprer, v., to diaper, variegate. 
Diaprure, n.f., variegation. 

Diatragacanthe, n.m., tragacanth 

Dict6e, n.f., dictation. 

Dieter, v., to prompt, suggest, dictate; 
to prescribe. 

Dictionnaire, n.m., dictionary. — de 
marine, dictionary of naval terms. 
— de geographic, gazetteer. 

Diel, n.m., a kind of French fuller's 

Diffamation, n.f., calumny, aspersion, 

Diffamer, v., to slander, defame. 

Diff^remment, adv., differently. 

Difference, n.f., difference, disagree- 
ment. — du tirant d'eau, differ- 
ence in the draught of water (naut.). 

Diffirend, n.m., difference, dispute, 

Different, a, distinct, different, sun- 
dry, various; opposite, contrary. 

Differer,v., to put off, defer, postpone, 
adjourn, delay; to disagree; to 
differ, be different. 

Difficile, a., hard, difficult, trying. 
Faire le — , to be difficult to please. 
De — acces, hard to get at. 

Difflculte, n.f., misunderstanding; 
objection, impediment, obstacle, 
difficulty. Sans — , without doubt, 
undoubtedly. Faire des — s, to 
raise difficulties. 

Difficultueoz, a., hard to please. 

Digirer, v., to examine, digest, scan; 
to bear, put up with. 

Digeste, n.m., digest. 

Digne, a., worthy, deserving. — de 
foi, deserving of credit. 

Digresser, v., to digress. 

Digue, n.f., dam, dike, bank, em- 

Diguement, n.m., embankment. 

Dilapidation, n.f., embezzlement; dil- 
apidation, waste. 

Dilapider, v., to embezzle; to waste, 
squander, dilapidate. 

Diligemment, arfv. , promptly, speedily, 

Diligence, n.f., care, vigilance; speed, 
despatch; suit, proceedings. User 
de — , to use, despatch. 

Diligent, a., active, diligent, quick. 

Diligenter, v., to forward, hasten, 
urge on. 

Diluer, v., to dilute. 

Dilution, n.f., dilution. 

Dimanche, n.m., Sunday. 

Dimension, n.f., dimension. 





Diminuer, v., to reduce, curtail, 
diminish, lessen; to decrease, abate, 
fall, to go down (in price); to 

Diminution, n./., abatement, reduc- 
tion; diminution, diminishing, less- 
ening; curtailment (of expenses, 

Dinanderie, n./., brass wares. 

Dinandier, n.m., brazier. 

Diner, v., to dine. 

Diorite, n.m., green-stone. 

Diplomatiquement, adv., diplomatic- 

Diplome n.m., diploma. 

Dire, v., to state, write, say, tell. 
Pour tout — , in a word. Cela va 
sans — , that goes without saying. 

C'est-a , that is to say. Pour 

mieux — , or rather. Pour ainsi — , 
so to speak. Trouver a — , to find 
fault. Faire — a quelqu'un, tosend 
word to anyone. Se — , to be called; 
to call or style oneself; to be said. 

Dire, n.m., statement. Au — de tout 
le monde, by all accounts. 

Direct, a., direct, immediate, straight. 
Par train — , by express or through 

Directeur, n.m., manager, director, 
superintendent; principal; con- 
ductor. — general des postes, 

Direction, n.f., direction, manage- 
ment. — de creanciers, meeting of 
creditors. Avoir la — , to preside. 

Directorat, n.m., directorate, director- 

Dirigeant, a., leading, directing, 

Diriger, v., to manage, direct, govern; 
to guide, conduct; to take (pro- 

Dirimer, v., to annul, invalidate. 

Discale, n.f., shrinkage, tret, tare. 

Discaler, v., to tare, diminish. 

Discerner, v., to distinguish, discrim- 
inate, discern. 

Discontinuer, v., to suspend, cease, 
disc(jiiti(Uie, interrupt. 

Disconvenable, a., improper, unsuit- 

Disconvenir, v., to disown, deny; to 
disagree with. 

Discord, n.m., discord. 

Discordance, n.f., disagreement, dis- 

Discorde, n.f., disagreement, discord. 

Disconrs, n.m., speech, address, dis- 

Disconrtois, a., uncivil, discourteous. 

Discourtoisie, n.f., incivility, dis- 

Discredit, n.m., discredit, disrepute. 

Discr^diter, v., to discredit, bring 
discredit on. 

Discret, a., cautious, prudent, dis- 
creet, reserved. 

Discretion, n.f., prudence, discretion, 

Disculper, v., to vindicate, exonerate, 

Discussion, n.f., debate, discussion; 

Discutable, a., disputable, debatable. 

Discuter, v., to argue, debate; to 
examine, inquire or search into; to 
discuss; to distrain (a debtor's 
goods) . 

Disette, n.f., scarcity, want, dearth. 

Disgracieux, a., disagreeable, un- 

Disloquer, v., to dislocate;,to take to 
pieces (machinery). 

Dispache, n.f., assessment (insurance). 

Dispacheur, n.m., assessor. 

Disparaitre, v., to vanish, disappear, 

Disparity, n.f., disparity. 

Disparition, n.f., disappearance. 

Dispendieux, a., costly, expensive. 

Dispenser, v., to dispense, dispense 
with, exempt. Dispensez-moi 

de . . . , excuse me from .... 
Se — , to excuse oneself from; to 
dispense with. 

Disperser, v., to scatter, break up, 

Disponible, a., available, disposable, 
free. • 

Disponible, n.m., goods in bond. 

Dispose, part., inclined, prepared, 

Disposer, v., to prepare, make ready; 
to dispose; to have at command: 
to draw (a bill); to dispose of, make 
over. Disposez de moi, make what 
use you like of me. Vous pouvez 
— de moi, you may draw upon me. 

Disposition, n.f., disposal; arrange- 
ment, order; tendency; service. — 
testamentairc, will, bequest. A 
i votre — , at your service. 
I Disputable, a., disputable, doubtful. 
j debatable. 
! Dispute, n.f., dispute, discussion. 





Disputer, v., to dispute, argue, dis- 
cuss; to call in question. 

Disqualifier, v., to disqualify. 

Disque,, quoit; disc. 

Diss6ininer,i'., to scatter, disseminate. 

Dissentiment, n.m., disagreement, 

Dissentir, v., to dissent. 

Dissimilaire, a., different, dissimilar, 

Dissimuler, v., to hide.conceal; to 
take no notice of; to dissemble. 

Dissipateur, a., wasteful, extravagant, 

Dissipation, n./., waste, wasting, 

Dissiper, v., to consume, squander, 
waste, spend, dissipate, scatter. 

Dissoluble, a., dissolvable, dissoluble. 

Dissolution, n./., dissolution;^olution. 
— de societe, dissolution of partner- 

Dissoudre, v., to break, break up, 

Dissuasion, n.f., dissuasion. 

Distance, n.f., distance^ Carder sa 
— , to keep one's distance. 

Distant, a., remote, distant. 

Distillateur, n.m., distiller. 

Distillation, n.f., distillation. 

Distiller, v., to distil. — deux fois, 
t(5 rectify. 

Distillerie, n.f., still-house, distillery. 

Distinct, a., different, distinct, sepa- 
rate; clear. 

Distinctif, a., distinguishing, dis- 

Distinction, n.f., distinction; differ- 
ence. Sans — , indiscriminately. 

Distinguer, v., to distinguish, make a 
distinction, to discriminate. 

Distraction, n.f., inattention. 

Distraire, v., to subtract; to disturb, 
distract; to deprive. 

Distribuer, v., to distribute, divide. 

Distribution, n.f., delivery (of letters); 
clistribution, division.' 

District,, district; (fig.) province. 

Dit, pari., said; alias, surnamed. 
Sus — , above mentioned. Se le 
tenir pour — , to take it for 
granted. Autreraent — , in other 

Dito, adv., Do. (ditto). 
Divan, n.m., divan, sofa. 

Divers, a., sundry, various, diverse, 

Divers, n.m., pi., sundries. 

Diversity, n.f., variety, difference. 

Divertir, v., to convert to one's own 
use, embezzle, to divert, amuse. 
— des fonds, to misapply funds. 

Divertissant, a., amusing, diverting. 

Divertissement, n.m., embezzling, em- 
bezzlement; amusement, diversion, 

Dividende, n.m., dividend. Faire un 
— , to declare a dividend. — 
arriere, unclaimed dividend. 

Diviser, v., to divide, portion out. 

Division, n.f., partition, division; 
(naitt.) squadron. 

Divul^er, v., to divulge, publish, 
make public, reveal. 

Dix, a., ten, tenth. 

Dix, n.m., ten, tenth. 

Dix-hnit, a., eighteen, eighteenth. 

Dix-huit, n.m., eighteen, eighteenth. 

Dix-hniti^me, a., eighteenth. 

Dixidme, a., tenth. 

Dixi6me, n.m., tenth. 

DixiSmement, adv., tenthly. 

Dix-neut, a., nineteen, nineteenth. 

Dix-neuf, n.m., nineteen, nineteenth. 

Dix-neuviime, a., nineteenth. 

Dix-neuvi6me, n.m., nineteenth. 

Dix-sept, a., seventeen, seventeenth. 

Dix-sept, n.m., seventeen, seventeenth. 

Dix-septidme, a., seventeenth. 

Dix-septi^me, n.m., seventeenth. 

Dock, n.m., bonded warehouse; dock. 

Docteur, n.m., doctor. — en droit, 
doctor of laws. 

Document, n.m., document, certificate, 
title, title-deed. 

Doigft, n.m., finger, toe. 

Doigtier,, thimble; finger-stall, 

Doit, H.W., Dr. (debtor). — et avoir, 
Dr. and Cr. 

Dol6ance, n.f., complaint, grievance. 

Doloir, n.m., parer, paring-knife. 

Dolomie, "./., dolomite {mining). 

Dolomite, n.f., dolomite. 

Domaine, n.m., property, estate. 

Domicile, n.m., residence, domicile. 
6lire (faire election de) — , to elect 
domicile. A — , at one's own 

Dominance, n.f., dominance, pre- 

Doininant, a., dominant, predom- 
inant, prevalent. 

Dominer, v., to preponderate, dom- 
inate, prevail; to domineer, rule; 
to predominate. 





Domino, n.m., domino. Jouer aux 
— s, to play at dominoes. 

Dommage, n.m., damage, loss, injury, 
detriment. — s et interfits, — s- 
interets, damages (at law). 

Dommageable, a., prejudicial, injuri- 

Dompter, v., to quell, subdue, subju- 

Don, n.m., present, gift, donation; 
talent. — gratuit, free gift. 

Donataire, n.m., donee. 

Donateur, n.m., donor. 

Donation, «./., deed of gift; free gift, 

Done, conj., accordingly, conse- 
quently, then, therefore. 

Donn^e (donnees), n.f., data, datum, 

Donner, v., to give, give away, to 
present with; to grant; to sell, let 
have; to bear, produce, yield; to 
devote; to overlook, look out. '■ — 
en echange, to give in exchange. 

— quittance, to give a receipt. 

— sa parole, to give one's word. 

— de la peine, to trouble. Se — , 
to get, procure; to devote oneself 

Donneur, n.m., donor. 

Dont, pron., whereof, of which, 
whose, of or from whom. 

Dor^navant, adv., hereafter, hence- 
forth, for the future. 

Dorer, j;., to gild, gild over. 

Doreur, n.m., gilder. 

Dormant, a., unemployed (of money); 
dull, stagnant, dormant. 

Dormant, «.w., sleeper (rail.); epergne. 

Dormeuse, n.f., lounging chair. 

Dormir, v., to be dormant (of money); 
to sleep, be asleep. 

Dorure, n.f., gilding. 

Dos, n.m., back, top, rear. En avoir 
plein le — , to be sick and tired of 

Dose, n.f., dose. 

Dossier, n.m., file or bundle of papers; 
brief (of a barrister); back (of a 

Dot, n.m., dowry, marriage portion. 

Doter, v., to endow. 

Douane, n.f., duty, custom-duty; 
custom-house. Droit de — , 

custom's duty. Prepose k la — , 
custom-house officer. Conseil des 
— s, board of customs. 

Douaner, v., to pass through the 

custom-house, to clear goods at the 

Douanier, n.m., landing or tide waiter; 

custom-house officer. 
Douanier, a., of customs, relatin;^ 

to the custom-house. 
Doublage, n.m., sheathing (of a ship ; 

plating, lining. 
Double, a., double, duplicate; strong 

(of quality). Partie — , double 

Double, n.m., duplicate, counterpart. 
Double, adv., double. 
Doublement, n.m., doubling. 
Doubler, v., to sheathe (a ship); to 

line, double. 
Doublon, n.m., doubloon. 
Doublure, n.f., lining. 
Doucement, adv., smoothly, calmly 

quietly, softly, leisurely, slowly. 
Douceur, n.m., fragrance, sweetness; 

kindness; delight, pleasure; soft- 
ness, calmness. 
Douche, n.f., shower-bath, douche. 
Doucine, n.f., moulding-plane. 
Doucissage, n.m., polishing. 
Douelle, n.f., stave (of casks). 
Doner, v., to favour, endow. 
Douille, n.f., pipe, hose, socket. 
Douleur, n.f., sorrow, grief; pain; 

Douleureux, a., sorrowful, grievous, 

sad, painful. 
Doupion, n.m., coarse, raw silk; 

double cocoon. 
Doute, n.m., doubt, misgiving, appri;- 

hension, fear, scruple. Sans — qu'-, 

no doubt that. Sans — , doubtless, 

no doubt, without doubt. Mettre 

en — , to call in question. 
Douter,!/., to doubt, scruple, question, 

hesitate. Se — , to surmise, suspect ; 

to mistrust, distrust. 
Douteux, a., dubious, questionable, 

Douvain, n.m., stave-wood. 
Douve, n.f., stave. 

Doux, a., agreeable, pleasant; fra- 
grant; mild, sweet; easy, smooth, 

soft; calm; fresh .(of water); 

unfermented. II fait bien — , the 

weather is very mild. Taille douce, 

Douzaine, n.f., dozen. Par (k la) - 

by the dozen. 
Douze, a., twelve, twelfth. C'est 

le — aujourd'hui, to-day is the 






Doaze, n.m., twelve, twelfth. Un in- 
— , a duodecimo. 

Douzi^me, a. and n.nt., twelfth. 

Douzil, n.m., peg, spigot. 

Doyen, n.m., senior. 

Drachme, «./., dram, drachma. 

Drag6e, n.f., sugar-almond, sugar- 
plum. — s lissees, plain sugar- 

Dragne, n.f., dredging-machine ; 
dredge, dredger; grains (of malt). 

Draguer, v., to dredge, drag. 

Dragueur, n.m., dredger. 

Drain, n.m., drain, draining-pipe. 

Drainage, n.m., drainage. 

Drainer, v., to drain. 

Drap, n.m., cloth, sheet. Gros — , 
coarse cloth. — fin, broadcloth, 
superfine cloth. — de billard, 
billiard cloth. — grossier, coarse 
cloth. — impermeable, water- 
proof cloth. — a poil, napped 
cloth. — superfin, superfine cloth. 

Drapeao, n.m., flag, colours ensign. 

Draperie, n.f., woollen cloths, drapery, 
cloth-making, cloth trade. 

Drapier, n.m., clothier, draper, wool- 
len draper. 

Drawback, n.m., drawback. 

Dreche, n.f., malt, malt-grains. Fais- 
eur de — , maltster. Four k — , 

Dresser, f., to draw up (a report, etc.); 
to make out (accounts); to arrange, 
erect. — un plan, to draw up a 

Dressoir, n.m., sideboard, dresser. 

DrUles, n.f., pi., oakum (for paper); 

Drogue, n.f., stuff, rubbish; drug. 

Droguerie, n.f., drug-trade, drugs. 

Droguet, «.w., drugget. 

Droguetier, n.m., drugget-weaver. 

Droguier, n.m., medicine-chest. 

Droguiste, n.m., druggist. 

Droit, a., straight, direct; upright, 
just; stand-up (of collars). Le 
cote — , the right-hand side. 

Droit, n.m., duty, custom-duty; fee; 
right; law; title, claim. Le — des 
gens, international law, law of 
nations. — de peage, toll. Donner 
— k, to entitle. Renoncer k ses 
— s, to give up one's right. A — , 
with good reason. 

Droit, adv., directly, straight; up- 
rightly, honestly. A — , on the 

Drdle, a., odd, queer, strange; funny, 

Drome, n.f., raft, float. 

Drousser, r., to card and oil (wool). 

Droussenr, n.m., wool-comber; carder. 

Dfi, n.m., due, what is owed (owing), 
sum owing. 

Dubitation, n.f., doubt. 

Due, n.m. duke. 

Duch6, n.m., duchy. 

Duchesse, n.f., duchess; a kind of 
sofa. Lit a la — , four-post bed- 

Ducroire, n.m., del credere. 

Ductile, a., ductile. 

Dudit, a.m., of (from) the said. 

Duite, n.f., woof, weft, wool of cloth. 

Dfiment, adv., duly. 

Dunette, n.f., poop (of a ship). 

Dunkerque, n.m., cabinet, whatnot. 

Dupe, n.f., gull, dupe. 

Duper, v., to take in, dupe, gull, 

Duperie, n.f., take-in, sell, trick, 

Dupeur, ii.m., trickster, cheat. 

Duplicata, n.m., duplicate. 

Duquel, pron., of (from) which. 

Dur, a., hard, tough. Le temps est — , 
the weather is severe. Marchandise 
— e k la vente, goods of slow sale. 

Durability, n.f., durability, durable- 

Durable, a., lasting, durable, solid. 

Durant, prep., during. 

Durcir, v., to harden, make tough; to 
become hard, to stiffen. 

Durcissement, n.m., hardening, stiff- 

Dur^e, n.f., duration, continuance. 

Durer, v., to last, continue; to wear 
(of stufT). 

Duret6, n.f., hardness, toughness. 

Duvet, n.m., nap, wool, down. — de 
cachemire, Cashmere wool. 

Dynamdtre, n.m., dynanieter. 

Dynamite, n.f., dynamite. 

Dynamomitre, n.m., dynamometer. 

Eau, n.f., water, rain; {naut.) track, 
wake; gloss, lustre. — de mer, 
sea-water. Morte — , neap-tide. 
Hautes — x, high water. — -forte, 
aqua fortis. Lancer un navire 4 
r — , to launch a ship ; faire de 1* 
— , to spring a leak. Donner — k 
un drap, to give a gloss to a piece 
of cloth. de-vie, brandy. — de 





lavandc, lavender-water. — x- 
fortes, etchings. 

£bahissement, n.m., amazement, as- 

£bauchage, n.m., sketching. 

£bauche, «./., sketch, drawing, out- 
Unc, rough draft. 

£baucher, v., to sketch, draw an 
outUne of. 

^bauchoir, n.m., mortise-chisel. 

Ebbe, fibe, n.m., low water, ebb, 

£b^ne, n./., ebony, ebony- work. — 
des Indes, East Indian ebony. 

Eb6nier, n.m., ebony-tree. 

fib^niste, n.m., cabinet-maker. 

^b^nisterie, n.f., cabinet-work. 

Ebranlement, n.m., trouble, disturb- 
ance, perturbation. 

^branler, v., to move, disturb, shake. 

£braiter, v., to spread about, make 

£bran, h.;m., horned rj^e. 

teacher, v., to crush. 

£caUle, n.f., shell, scale. Peigne d' — , 
tortoise-shell comb. — de torture, 
tortoise-shell. — jaspee, jasper 

£cailler, v., to scale. 

£cale, n.f., hull, husk. — de noix, 

Scaler,!'., to hull, husk, shell. 

£carlate, a., scarlet. 

£cart, n.m., mistake, error, fault; 
deviation, digression. Mettre a 
r — , to lay aside, put by. Faire 
son — , to discard. 

^cartement, n.m., separation; putting 
aside; removal. 

^carter, v., to waive; to set aside; to 
discard, disperse; to divert. S' — , 
to go astray (letters). 

^chalote, n.f.', shallot. 

^change, n.m., barter, exchange. 
I,i\Te — , free trade. 

^changeable, a., exchangeable. 

Echanger, ?;., to barter, exchange. 

Echangiste, n.m., libre — , free trader. 

Echantillon, n.m., pattern, sample, 
specimen. A 1' — , by sample. A 
titre d' — , as sample. Comme — , 
as sample. Poste d' — s, sample 
post. Carnet (livre) d' — s, pattern 
book. Conforme (pareil) a 1' — , 
equal (up) to sample. Cela corre- 
spond exactement a 1' — , this 
corresponds exactly with the 

£chantillonnage, n.m., sampling. 

fichantillonner, v., to sample. 

^chapper, v., to avoid, shun, escape; 
to get out of. Laisser — Toccasion , 
to let slip an opportunity. Laisser 
— , to let pass, to overlook, pass 
over. S' — , to disappear, escapt , 
vanish. ' 

£cbarpe, n.f., sash, scarf. 

debars, a., (coins) light, below th? 
legal weight. 

^cbaudage, n.m., lime-washing; lim(- 

£cbauder, v., to scald. 

^chauffe, n.f., heap. 

ficbauffer, v., to heat, warm; {fig.) t^ 
vex, irritate. S' — , to grow angn, , 
to fume. 

£ch§able, a., payable, falling due. 

^cb^ance, n.f., maturity, falling du. , 
expiration. A courte — , shon- 
dated, at a short date. A longue — , 
long-dated, at a long date. — 
commune, average maturity. A 
r — , at maturity. — prochaiu' . 
nearly due. 

l^cbeancier, n.m., bill-book. 

^cbeant, part., falling-due. Le cas — , 
in that case, if such should be the 

£cbec, n.m., check; loss. Donner — , 
to check. 

£cbes, n.m., pi., chess, chess-men; 
board and set of chess-men. 

^chelle, n.f., degree, scale; ladd< r. 
— de corde, rope ladder. - - 
brisee, folding ladder. — a 
incendie, fire, escape. — de coii- 
mandement, accommodation la 1- 

flcbelonner, s' — , v., to rise graduallv, 
to be graduated. 

£cheveau, n.m., skein, hank. 

ficbevette, n.f., small skein. 

fichillon, n.m., waterspout. 

£chiqaier, n.m., exchequer; chess- 
board. Ouvrage fait en — , checki r- 

l^boir, v., to fall due, expire; to 
happen, chance; to lapse. A — , 
running, not due (of bills). S'il y 
echet, si le cas y echoit, le cas 
echeant, in such a case. 

^cbooage, n.m., stranding, beachiig, 
(of a ship). j 

fcboaement, n.m., stranding, runniag) 

£cboaer, v., to fail, miscarry-; to 


i I 




strand, be stranded, to run 
£clairage, n.m., lighting, illumination. 


gas. — 
Eclaircir, v. 


ethylene, illuminating 
au gaz, gas-light, gas- 

to clear up, explain, 

throw light on ; to 

clear; to thin, clarify. 

une peau, to gloss a skin. S' — , 

to be solved, elucidated, explained; 

to brighten, clear, become bright 

or clear. Le temps s'eclaircit, the 

weather is clearing up. 
£claircissement, n.m., solution, ex- 
planation, solution, clearing up. 
ficlairer, v., to enlighten; to observe; 

to illuminate; to sparkle, glitter, 

£clat, n.m., glitter, brightness; gaudi- 

iiess (of colours); uproar, rumour. 
£clater, v., to crack, split, burst; 

to break out ; to shine, glitter, 

£cluse, «./., lock; sluice, dam, weir. 

— a inaree montante, tide-gate. 
ficlus6e, n./., lockage. 
^cluster, n.m., lock-keeper. 
£cole, n.f., school. — dc marine, 

naval school. 
£colier, n.m., scholar, pupil. Papier 

— , exercise-paper. 
£conoine, a., economical, saving. 
£conomie, n.f., thrift; economy. 
Economique, a., cheap, economical, 

economic. Fourneau — , fuel- 
saving stove. 
^conomiser, v., to save, put by, 


fconomiste, n.m., economist. 
oorce, n.f., peel, rind, bark, shell. 

Otcr r — , to peel. — bois saint, 

gu.iiacuiu bark. 
£corc3?e, 6corcement, n.m., barking 

(nt trees). 
Ecorcer, v., to peel, strip, bark. 
ficorch6e, a 1' — , in lots or small 

ficorcher, v., to take off the skin; to 

skin, gall, peel off; to fleece. 
Eoossais, n.m., Scotsman; a., Scottish, 

£cossaise, n.f., plaid-stuff, Scotch 

£cosser, v., to shell or husk. 
£cot, n.m., quota, share. 
Ecoaailles, n.f., pi., tail-wool, coarsest 


^coulement, n.m., output, sale, out- 
let; draining. 

£couler, v., to sell, drain; to pour 
away. S' — , to go off (goods); to 
slip away. Ces marchandises 
s'ecoulent vite, these goods have a 
good sale, sell fast, go off well, 
command a ready sale. 

^courter, v., to curtail, shorten. 

£couter, v., to pay attention to; to 
hear, listen. 

fieoutille, n.f., hatchway. 

ficoutoir, n.m., ear-trumpet. 

ficouvillon, n.m., mop, swab. 

£cran, n.m., hand-screen. — en 
banniere, banner screen. 

£crasant, a'., exorbitant, excessive, 
ruinous; overwhelming. 

^eraser, v., to ruin, overwhelm, over- 
burden, crush; to weigh down. 

^crelet, n.m., nut, gingerbread. 

Verier, s' — , v., to cry out, exclaim. 

£crin, n.m., jewel-box or case, 

£crire, v., to write; to write to ask, 
to write word. Papier k — , writing 

£crit, n.m., written agreement; writ- 
ing; pamphlet. Mettre (coucher) 
par — , to put down in writing. 

iScriteau, n.m., board, sign-board; 
bill (poster). 

£critoire, n.f., inkstand. — porta- 
tive, pocket inkstand. 

^criture, n.f., writiHg, handwriting; 
p. I., papers, documents, accounts. 

£crivain, n.m., author, writer. 

Scroll, n.m., female-screw, screw- 

s'ficrouler, v., to collapse, fall in, 
break down. 

£cru, a., raw, unbleached. Toile — e, 
brown holland. 

ficu, n.m., copy-paper. 

£cueil, n.m., breaker, sand-bank, 
reef; danger, peril, obstacle. 

bourne, n.f., slag, dross, scum; dregs. 
— de mcr, meerschaum, white talc. 
— de mer fausse, imitation meer- 

£cumer, v., to gather, rake up, collect, 
pick up; to foam. 

£cureuil, n.m., squirrel. l-'ourrure 
d' — , squirrel fur. 

£curie, «./., equipage; stable, stabling. 

£cuyire, n.f., bottes k V — , riding or 
top boots. 

Edification, n.f., erection, building. 

li 3— (1630A) 





Edifice, n.m., building, pile, edifice, 
fidifler, v., to improve, satisfy; to 

build, construct, erect, 
fidit, n.m., decree, edict, 
fiditer, v., to publish, edit. 
fiditeur, n.m., publisher. 
Edition, n.f., edition. 
£dredon, n.m., eider-down; eider- 
down quilt. 
Education, n.f., breeding, rearing; 

ESacage, n.m., erasing, effacing. 
Effacer, «., to strike, rub, scratch out, 

to blot out; to excel, surpass, outdo. 
Effaceur, n.m., eraser. 
Effapure, n.f., erasure, obliteration, 

Effarer, v., to scare, terrify. 
Effeatif, a., in cash; real, positive, 

Effectivement, adv., indeed, in fact, 

really, actually, in effect. 
Effectuer, v., to carry out, execute, 

effect, accomplish. S' — , to take 

place, effect. 
Effet, n.m., bill, bill of exchange; 

effect, result, consequence; pL, 

stocks, funds; chattels, movables. 

— a echoir, running bill. Faire les 

fonds d'un — , to provide for a bill 

Faire honneur a un — , to honour 

a bill. A r — de, with a view to. 

Pour cet — , for that purpose. 

Machine a double — , double 

acting engine., 
Efi&cace, a., effective, efficacious. 
Eificace, n.f., efficacy, efficiency. 
Effieacit6, n.f., efficiency, efficacy. 
Efficient, «., efficient. 
Eifiloshe, n.f., light refuse silk, 

untwisted silk. 
Effilure, n.f., ravelled thread. 
Eilondrilles, n.f., pi., dregs, sediment. 
s'Efforcer, v., to endeavour, attempt. 
Effort, n.m., endeavour; strength, 

Effrayant, a., dreadful, frightful, 

fearful, terrific. 
Effrayer.j'., to alarm, frighten, terrify, 

S' — , to be frightened. 
Effroi, n.m., consternation, dread, 

fright, terror. 
Eifroyable, a., shocking, dreadful, 

frightful, h'.rrible. 
figal, a., equal, alike, uniform, same, 

even, level. Cela m'est — , it is all 

the same to me. 
£gal, n.m., equal. Sans — , matchless. 

£galement, adv., likewise, too, alsci, 

figaler, v., to compare, match; t) 

equal, make even, level; to come 

up to. 
Egalisation, n.f., equalization, 
figaliser, v., to square accounts; t 

make level; to equalize. 
£gard, n.m., respect, regard, coU' 

sideration, deference. Eu — a, 

considering. A 1' — de, with regard 

to, respecting. A tons — s, in all 

respects. A cet — , in this respect. 
l^garement, n.m., error, mistake. 
figarer, ii., to mislay ; to mislead, leiid 

figlefln,'w.OT., haddock. 
£glise, n.f., church, cowl, chimney 

figout, n.m., sewer, drain, sink, 
figoutier, n.m., sewer-man. 
figouttage, n.m., draining; drainage . 
figoutter, v., to drain, drip, lot 

figouttoir, n.m., plate-rack, drainer. 
Egoutture, n.f., drainings, drippings. 
figrenage, n.m., shelling, husking (of 
, grain). 

Egrener, v., to shell, husk (grain), 
^grisee, n.f., diamond-dust. 
Egrugeoir, n.m., mortar. 
Egyptien, n.m. and a., Egyptian. 
Eider,, cider, eider-duck. 
Elaboration, n.f., elaboration. 
^laborer, v., to elaborate, work out. 
£lagueur, n.m., pruner. 
Elargir, v., to enlarge, widen, make j 

wider; to stretch. , 

ifilargissement, n.m., enlarging, wid-| 

ening. , 

Elastique, a., elastic, springy, 
filastique, n.f., spring-side (of boots);; 

india-rubber. ? 

Elbeuf, n.m., Elbeuf cloth. 
Election, n.f., choice; election, 

Electricity, n.f., electricity, 
filectrique, a., electric. Conducteui 

— , electric conductor. 
Electriser, v., to electrify. 
Electro-aimant, n.m., electro-magnet 
filectrometre, n.m., electrometer. 
Electroscope, n.m., electroscope. 
Elegance, n.f., style, elegance. 
Elegant, a., elegant, stylish, fashion 

able, exquisite. 
Elementaire, a., elementary. 
Elephant, n.m., elephant. 






^levage, n.m., raising, rearing, breed- 
ing (of cattle). 

tilive n.m., midshipman; scholar, 

£l4ve, n.f., breeding (of cattle). 

tlevi, a., high (of prices). 

£lever, v., to run up (accounts); to 
raise, increase; to augment; to 
erect; to educate. S' — , to run up 
(of accounts); to amount; to 

Elimination, n.f., removal, dismissal, 
rejection, elimination. 

£liminer, v., to dismiss, remove, 
expel, strike off or out, eliminate. 

£lire, v., to appoint, designate, elect, 

Elision, n.f., elision. 

Elite, n.f., pick, choice. 

Elle, pron., her, she, it. 

Eloign^, part., remote, distant. Se 
tenir — , to stand aloof. 

filoignement, n.m., remoteness, dis- 
tance; dislike, aversion; removal. 

Eloigner, v., to delay, put off, retard; 
to alienate; to dismiss, repudiate. 
S' — , to differ from; to dislike; to 
withdraw, recede; to deviate. 

Eloquent, a., eloquent. 

Elucidation, n.f., elucidation. 

Elucider, r., to elucidate. 

Email, n.m., enamel; brilliancy, gloss. 
Peindre en — , to enamel. — de 
Hollande, Dutch blue. 

Emailler, v., to enamel. 

Emailleur, n.m., enameller. 

Emaillure, n.f., enamelling. 

Emaner, v., to emanate. 

Emargement, n.m., marginal note. 

Emballage, n.m., package; packing, 
packing up. Toile d' — , pack-cloth, 

Emballer, v., to pack or wrap up. 

Emballenr, n.m., packer. 

Embarcad6re, n.m., landing-stage, 
pier, wharf; terminus. 

Embarcation, n.f., small boat, craft. 

Embargo, n.m., embargo. Mettre un 
— siir, to lay an embargo on. 
Lever 1' — , to take off an em- 
ibariller, v., to barrel, barrel up. 
ibarquement, n.m., shipment, ship- 
ping, embarkation, embarking. 
ibarquer, v., to take on board; to 
ship, embark. S' — , to take ship- 
ping; to embark, go on board; to 
sail, put to sea. 

Embarras, n.m., difficulty, hindrance, 
impediment, embarrassment, 

trouble. £tre dans 1' — , to be in 

Embarrassant, a., awkward, embar- 
rassing, troublesome. 

Embarrasser, v., to inconvenience, 
trouble, embarrass, hamper, come 
amiss to. 

Embauchage, n.m., hiring, engaging 
(of workmen); tampering. 

Embaucher, v., to hire or engage 
(workmen); to tamper with. 

Embauchoir, n.m., boot-last, boot- 

Embaumer, v., to perfume, scent; to 

Embellie, n.f., favourable change, 
lull (naut.). 

Embellir, v., to decorate, set off, 
embellish, adorn. 

Embellissement, n.m., improvement, 
cnibcllishment, adornment. 

Emblaison, n.f., sowing or seed time. 

Emboiter, v., to clamp, joint; to fit, 
fit in. 

Emboiture, n.f., clamp, socket. 

Embouchoir, n.m., mouthpiece (of 
instruments); boot-tree. 

Embouchure, n.f., mouth (of a river, 
etc.) ; mouthpiece (of instru- 

Embourser, v., to pocket, receive. 

Embout, n.m., ferrule. 

Embranchement, n.m., branch-line, 
junction (rail.); branch road ; 
branch, branching off. 

Embraser, v., to set on fire. S' — , to 
catch fire. 

Embrasser, v., to comprise, include, 
comprehend, embrace; to avail 
oneself of, to seize (opportunity, 

Embrayage, n.m., coupling gear 
(motor); connecting (of wheels). 

Embrayer, f., to connect, engage. 

Embrocation, n.f., embrocation. 

Embrouill6 part., obscure, intricate, 
entangled, perplexed. 

Embrouillement, n.m., intricacy, con- 
fusion, piTple.xity. 

Embrouiller, v., to confound, perplex, 
confuse. S' — , to get confused. 

Embrun, n.m., spray (naut.). 

Fmbrunir, v., to brown. 

Emender, v., to correct, amend. 

Emeraude, n.f., emerald. 

Emeri, n.m., emery. 





Emerillon, n.m., swivel-hook. 

£meris^ a., toile — , emery cloth. 
Papier — , emery paper. 

fim6rite, a., pensioned, retired. 

fimerveUlement, n.m., astonishment, 

£merveiller, v., to amaze, astonish. 
S' — , to wonder, marvel, be 

£mettre, v., to issue, circulate, put in 

fimeute, «./., mutiny, riot, disturb- 
ance; uproar. 

£meuter, v., to excite, rouse, stir up. 

fimeutier, n.m., rioter. 

fimietter, v., to crumble. S' — , to 

Emigrant, n.m., emigrant. 

Emigration, n.f., emigration. 

fimigri, n.m., emigrant, refugee. 

Emigrer, i'., to emigrate. 

flminence, n.f., eminence, height, 

Eminent, a., high, eminent, conspicu- 

Emissaire, n.m., emissary. Bouc — , 

Emission, n.f., issue (of shares, etc.); 
putting into circulation. 

Emmagasinage, n.m., warehousing. 

Emmagasiner, f., to store, warehouse. 

Emmeler, v., to entangle. 

Emm^nagement, n.m., removal; in- 

Emm6nager, v., to move in. 

Emmener, v., to carry, convey, take, 
fetch away. 

Emmitonner, v., to coax, wheedle. 

Emoi, n.m., anxiety, emotion. 

Emollient, n.m., emollient. 

Emolament, n.m., fee, emolument, 
perquisite; pi., salary. 

Emolnmenter, v., to get fees, per- 
quisites; to profit. 

Emotion, n.f., commotion, stir; 

Emouchoir, n.m., fly-trap. 

Emoudre, v., to grind, sharpen, whet. 

Emouleur, n.m., knife-grinder. 

Emouss^, part., dull, blunt. 

Emousser, v., to dull, make blunt, 
take of! the edge (of knives, 
scissors, razors, etc.). S' — , to 
become dull, get blunt. 

EmoQvant, a., affecting, moving, 

Emouvoir, v., to provoke, agitate, 
stir up; to move, affect. 

Empailler, v., to pack in straw; tp 

Empaquetage, n.m., packing. 
Empaqneter, v., to pack or do up; t<> 

make up into a bundle. I 

s^Emparer, v., to seize, secure, tal^e 

possession of. ' 

Empftter, v. to make sticky, clammy. 
Empechable, a., preventable. 
Empechement, n.m., impedimem. 

hindrance, obstacle, obstructioi:. 

objection, difficulty. 
Empecher, v., to impede, hinder. 

obstruct, prevent, oppose. S* — , to 

abstain, keep or refrain from. 
Empeigne, n.f., vamp, upper leather. 
Empellement, n.m., dam, sluice. 
Empennage, n.m., tail (of an aero- 
Empennelle, n.f., kedge; small anchc r. 
Empenoir, n.m., lock-chisel. 
Empereur, n.m., emperor. 
Empeser, v., to starch. 
Empetrer, v., to embarrass, hamptr, 

entangle, involve. 
Emphatique, a., emphatic. 
Emphatiquement, adv., emphatically. 
Emphyt^ose, n.f., long lease. 
Emphyt^ote, n.m., tenant on a long 

Emphyt^otique, a., emphyteutic. 

Redevance — , ground-rent. 
Empi^tement, n.m., infringement, 

encroachment, trespass. 
Empifeter, v., to invade, encroach^ 

usurp. I 

Empilement, n.m., stacking, piling. • 
Empiler i., to stack, pile up. ' 

Empiranee, n.f., damage (to goodf in 

Empire, n.m., empire. 
Empirement, n.m., aggravation. 
Empirer, v., to make or grow worse. 
Emplacement, n.m., site, piece of 

ground, spot. 
Emplatre, n.m., plaster, ointmnt, 

Emplette, n.f., purchase. 
Emplir, v., to fill, fill up. 
Emploi, n.m., appropriation; i: 

(of accounts) ; employment, enipoy 

place, situation, post ; sans — , oul 

of employment. Double — , us( less 

repetition. Faux — , false iten (ii 

Employ^, n.m., employe, clerk, offi ial 
Employer, r., to invest, spend, lay uit 

to use, make use of, employ ; v 





devote. — le vert et le sec, to 
leave no stone unturned. — une 
somme en recette, to enter a sum 
as received. 

Empoigner, v., to lay hold of, to seize, 

Empointer, v., to point (pins, needles, 
etc.); to stitch. 

Empois, M.W., starch. 

Empoisonnement, n.m., poisoning. 

Empoisonner, v., to poison, infect, 
corrupt; to embitter. 

Emport^, a., hasty, hot-headed; 

Emportement, n.m., hastiness, anger, 
rage, outburst. 

Emporte-piice, n.m., cutting-out 
machine, puncher, punch (instru- 
ment); fly-press. 

Emporter, v., to involve, entail; to 
carry, take or convey away; to 
obtain, gain; to remove (stains). 
— la pidce, to strike home. L' — 
sur, to preponderate, overcome, 
surpass, outweigh; to have the 
advantage, get the better of; to 

Empoter, v., to pot. 

Empourpr^, a., purple, purpled. 

Empreindre, v., to mark, stamp, 
impress, imprint. 

Empreinte, «./., first coat (of paint); 
stamp, impression, mark, print. 

Empress^, a., eager, earnest, active. 

Empressement, n.m., haste, hurry, 
promptness; eagerness, earnest- 
ness; alacrity. 

8*Empresser, v., to hasten, be eager 

Emprunt, n.m., loan. Faire un — , to 
contract a loan. Argent d' — , 
borrowed money. 

Emprunter, v., to borrow. — k 
quelqu'un, to borrow from anyone. 

Emprunteur, n.m., borrower. 

Emulation, «./., emulation, rivalry. 

Etnule, n.m., competitor, rival. 

Emulsion, n.f., emulsion. 

En, prep., witliin, in, into, at, on, to, 
as a, out of, for, by, like. — tout 
temps, at all times. — d^pit de, 
in spite of. — avant, forward. — 
arriere, backward, behind. — 
dedans, within, inside. — dehors, 
without, outside. — passant, by 
fthe way. — deux jours, in two 
1, pron., m.f., of him (her, it, them). 

its, their; from him (her, it, them), 
by him (her, it, them); about him 
(her, it, them). J' — suis bien ais6, 
I am very glad of it. J' — ai, I have 
some. J' — suis fSche, I am sorry 
for it. Donnez m' — , give me some. 
Je n' — ai point, I have none. — 
vouloir k quelqu'un, to have a 
grudge against anyone. Parlez-lui- 
— , speak to him of it. C — est 
fait, it is all over. S' — aller, to go 
away. S' — retourner, to return. 

£narrer, v., to relate in detail. 

Encablnre, n.f., cable's length (naut.). 

Encadrement, n.m., frame, framing. 

Encadrer, v., to frame, insert. 

Encadreur.n.w., picture- frame maker. 

Encaisse, n.f., cash in hand, metallic 
reserve, cash-balance. 

Encaissement, n.m., collection (bills) 
packing, packing in cases, putting 
in boxes. Sauf — , if paid, when 

Encaisser, v., to collect, encash, 
receive; to pack, put in a box. 

Encan, n.m., auction, public sale. 
Vendre k Y — to sell by auction. 
Vente k 1' — , sale by public auction. 
Mettre k 1' — , to put up for sale. 

Encaquement, n.m., barrelling, 

Encaquer, v., to barrel. 

Encaqueur, n.m., packer. 

En-cas, n.m., sunshade. 

Encaustique, n.f., furniture-paste. 

Encavement, n.m., storing (in a 

Encaver, ?;., to store or put in a cellar. 

Encaveur, n.m., cellarman. 

Enceindre, v., to surround, enclose, 

Enceinte, n.f., enclosure, circuit, 

Encens, n.m., incense, frankincense. 
— assorti, assorted incense. 

Encenser, v., to incense, perfume with 
fraiikinccnso; to flatter. 

Encensier, n.m., rosemary. 

Enchainer, v., to detain, restrain; to 
chain, chjiin up (down); to link, 

Enchantement, n.m., delight, charm. 

Enchanter, i;., to gratify, charm. Je 
suis enchants de vous voir, I am 
delighted to see you. 

Enchaper, v., to hook, fasten. 

Ench&sser, v., to enchase; to set 





Enchassure, n.f., setting (of dia- 
monds, etc.). 

Enchauz, n.m., lime- wash. 

Encbdre, n.f., auction; bidding (at an 
auction). — au rabais, Dutch 
auction. Vente a 1' — (aux — si, 
sale by auction. Vendr- a 1' — 
(aux — s>, to sell by auction. 
Mettre aux — s, to put up to 
auction, to bring to the hammer. 
Couvrir une — , to make a higher 

Ench6rir, v., to raise (prices); to bid 
for, overbid, outbid; to outdo, sur- 
pass; to rise (in price). 

Ench^rissement, n.m., rise (increase, 
advance) in price. 

Ench6risseur, n.m., bidder (at an 

Enchevetrement, n.m., confusion, en- 

Enchevetrer, v., to confuse, entangle. 

Enclaver, v., to enclose, hem or 
wedge in. 

Enclin, a., addicted, inclined, apt, 
given to. 

Enclore, v., to enclose, take or fence 

Enclos, n.m., closs, enclosure; orchard. 

Enclouure, n.f., obstacle, hitch, 

Enclume, n.f., anvil. Billot d' — , 
anvil block. 

Enclumeau, enclumot, n.m., hand- 

EncoIIage, n.m., sizing. 

Encoller, v., to size. 

Encombrant, a., bulky, cumbersome. 

Encombre, n.m., obstacle, hindrance, 

Encombrement, n.m., stoppage, 

Encombrer.i'., to embarrass, obstruct, 

Encontre, a 1' — , prep., against, 

Encore, conj., yet, even; adv., still, 
again, yet, once more, however, 
further, besides. — que, though, 
although. — moins, still less. 
Hier — , only yesterday. — une 
fois, once more. 

Encourageant, a., encouraging. 

Encouragement, n.m., incentive, en- 

Encourager, v., to stimulate, encour- 
age; to support, countenance. 

Encourir, v., to incur. 


Encrasser, v., to dirty, make dirty. 

Encre, n.f., ink. — d'imprimerie,i 

printing ink. — k ecrire, writing 

ink. — de Chine, Indian ink. 

— k copier, copying ink. — de 
couleur, coloured ink. — indelible, 
indelible ink. — a marquer, mark- 
ing ink. — en poudre, ink powder. 

— sympathique, sympathetic ink. 
— ■ de transport, copying ink. 

Encrer, v., to ink. 

Encrier, n.m., inkstand. 

Encuver, v., to tub, put into a vat. 

Encyclopedia, n.f., encyclopaedia. 

Endenter, z'., to cog, indent. 

Endetter, v., to get a person into debt ; 

to cause to run into debt. S' — , to 

contract debts, run into debt. 
Endive, n.f., endive. 
Endommagement, n.m., injury, loss. 
Endommager, v., to injure, damage 

S' — , to become deteriorated, to be 

s'Endormir, v., to be lulled into 

Endos, n.m., endorsement. 
Endossement, n.m., endorsement. 
Endosser, v., to endorse (bills). 
Endosseur, n.m., endorser. 
Endroit, n.m., right side (of stuff ; 

place, spot. A deux — s, reversibl • 

(of stuffs). 
Enduit, n.m., coat, layer, coating; 

polish, varnish, glaze. 
Endurcir, v., to inure; to harden, 

make hard. 
Endurcissement, n.m., hardness. 
Endurer, v., to permit, allow, put v^ 

with; to endure, undergo, sui; 

£nergie, n.f., energy, force, vigour. 
finergique, a, vigorous, energeti' , 

strong, forcible. 
Enfaiteau, n.m., gutter-tile, ridge-til 
Enfant, n.m., child, infant, issu 

— naturel, natural child. Petit -^ 
— 3, grandchildren. — trouvt 

Enfermer, v., to enclose, lock up; to 

comprise, comprehend; to shut 

(in, up). 
Enficeler, v., to tie with string. 
Enfilade, n.f., suite (of chambers). 
Enfiler, v., to string, thread. — des 

perles, to string pearls. 
Enfln, adv., at length, at last, lastly, 

after all, in short, in fine, finall\ 
Enflammer, v., to fire, set on fire; to 





incense, provoke. S' — , to take fire, 
to ignite, to blaze, be ablaze. 

Enfler, v., to inflate, puff up; to blow 
out; to swell, swell out. 

Enfoncement, n.m., sinking, sinking 
down; breaking in. 

Enfoncer, v., to sink, sink to the 
bottom; to break or drive in; to 

Enfonceur, n.m., cheat, diddler. 

Enfoncure n.f., bottom pieces (of a 
cask); hole, cavity, hollow. 

Enforcir, v., to strengthen. 

Enformer, v., to block (hats). 

Enfreindre, v., to violate, break, 
infringe, transgress. 

s'Enfuir, v., to run out, to leak; to 
escape, run away. 

Enfutage, n.m., casking. 

Enfutailler, v., to tun, cask, barrel. 

Engag^, part., vaisseau — , water- 
logged ship. 

Engagement, n.m., pawning, pledg- 
ing; liabilities; engagement. Man- 
quer a un — , to fail to keep an 

Engager, v., to pledge, pawn; to hire; 
to engage; to compel; to bind. 
Cela ne vous engage a rien, that 
binds you to nothing. S' — , to 
bind oneself; to be a security, to 
stand security; to undertake. 

Engendrer, v., to occasion, produce, 
give rise. 

Engin, n.m., engine, machine. 

Englober, t;., to put or throw together; 
to unite. 

Engourdir, v., to dull, benumb. 

Engrais, n.m., manure, soil; rich 
pasture; fatting. 

Engraisser, v., to manure; to fatten. 

Engravement, n.m., stranding. 

Engraver, v., to strand, run aground. 

Engrel^, a., purled (of lace). 

Engreler, v., to purl. • ' 

Engrenage, n.m., gear, gearing. Roue 
d' — , l)rake-wheel. 

Engrener, v., to engage, throw into 

Engrenure, n.f., cogging, toothing. 

Enharnacber, v., to rig or deck out; 
to liarness. 

Enivrement, n.m., intoxication. 

Enivrer,?'., to intoxicate. S' — , to get 

Enjeu, n.m., stake (at play). 

Enjoindre, v., to direct, command, 
i| charge, prescribe. 

Enjdler, i;., to wheedle, coax. 

Enjolivement, n.m., ornament, deco- 

Enjoliver, v., to ornament, embellish, 
set off. 

Enjolivure, n.f., ornament, embellish- 

Enlacement, n.m., lacing, interweav- 

Enlacer, v., to lace, interweave, 
interlace, twist. 

Enlevement, n.m., buying up, mon- 
opoly; removal, carrying off; abduc- 

Enlever, v., to remove; to raise, lift; 
to carry off or away; to pick out. 
— des taches, to take out stains. 
S' — , to go off (of goods on sale). 

Enluminer, v., to illuminate, colour. 

Enluminure, n.f., tinsel; colouring; 
coloured print. 

Ennemi, n.m., enemy. 

Ennemi, a., inimical, prejudicial, 

Ennui, n.m., vexation, nuisance, 
tediousness, weariness. 

Ennuyant, a., tiresome, tedious, 
annoying. Temps — , trying 

Ennuyer, v., to annoy, vexj! bother, 
weary, tire; to be tedious, tiresome, 

Ennuyeux, a., vexing, annoying, 
provoking; tiresome, tedious. 

£nonc6, n.m., assertion, statement. 

finoncer, v., to declare, state, express; 
to word. 

^nonciation, n.f., wording, statement. 

£norme, a., huge, enormous. 

£normit6, n.f., enormity, hugeness, 
cnorniousness, vastness. 

£nouer, v., to burl; to pick cloth. 

s'Enqu^rir, v., to make inquiries, to 
ask, inquire. 

Enquete, n.f., examination, investiga- 
tion, commission; inquest; inquiry. 

Enrageant, a., vexing. 

Enrayer, v., to keep down, moderate, 

Enrayure, n.f., lock-chain; skid, drag. 

Enregistr^, a., registered, recorded. 

Enregistrement, n.m., registration, 
registering, registry, entry. Faire 
r — , to register. 

Enregistrer, v., to record, register; to 
enter in a register. 

Enrichir, v., to embellish, adorn; to 
enrich, make rich. S' — , to thrive; 
to grow rich. 





Enrichissement,, adornment, 
embellishment, enriching. 

Enrouler, t;., to roll, roll up, to coil. 

Ensablement, n.m., ballasting; sand- 

Ensabler, v., to ballast; to strand, run 
aground. S' — , to run aground. 

Enseii:ne, n./., sign, sign-board; mark. 

Enseigner, v., to inform, show, teach, 

Ensemble, adv., at the same time, 
together, conjointly. 

Ensemble, n.m., uniformity, whole; 
general effect. 

Ensemencer, v., to sow. 

Ensuite, aiv., then, in the next place, 
afterwards, after; prep., after. — 
de csla, after that. 

s'Ensuivre, r., to ensue, follow, result, 

Entacher, v., to tarnish, taint. 

Entamer, v., to begin, broach (a 
matter); to injure (reputation). 

Entassement, n.m., pile, heap, accu- 

Entasser, v., to accumulate, pile up, 
to heap, heap up, hoard, hoard up. 

Entendement, n.m., judgment, under- 

Entendre, v., to intend, mean, hear, 
understand ; to approve of, con- 
sent or listen to. Donner a — , 
to hint, intimate. — mal, to mis- 
understand. — a demi-mot, to 
take the hint. J'ai entendu dire, 
I heard some people say. S' — , to 
come to an arrangement with, come 
to terms with; to hs on good terms 
with; to agree with; to be a judge 
of, to be skilful. 

Entendu,a., intelligent, skilful; agreed, 

Entente, n./., agreement, understand- 
ing, harmony ; skill; meaning. 

Enterrer.t;., to sink (money); to bury, 

En-tete, n.m., head, heading, head- 
line. — de facture, bill-head. 

Entet§, a., stubborn, obstinate. 

Entier, a., entire, complete, whole, 

Enti6rement, adv., wholly, utterly, 

Entoilage, n.m., lining. 

Entonnement, n.m., casking, tunning, 

Entonner, v., to barrel, tun, put into 


Entonnoir, n.m., funnel. 

Entortiller, v., to wrap, wind, coil,j 

Entourer, v., to surround, enclose. 

En-tout-cas, n.m., sunshade. 

Entrainer, v., to entail, involve; toj 
bring or win over; to carry away. 

Entrant, a., incoming. 

Entrave, «./., impediment, hindrance, 

Entraver, v., to impede, hinder. 

Entre, prep., between, amongst, 
among, in, into, of, with. Je le 
mettrai — vos mains, I will deliver 
it into your hands. 

Entrecouper, v., to interrupt, break 
off, stop; to intersect, cross. 

Entre-deux, n.m., insertion (lace). 

Entree, «./., custom-duty; admission 
or entrance-money; entry, entrance; 
inlet; mouth. Droit d' — , custom- 
duty. Payer 1' — , to pay duty 
(custom-house). L' — d'un port, 
the mouth of a harbour. 

Entrefaites, «./., pL, meantime, inter- 
val. Sur (dans) ces — , meanwhile. 

Entrelacer, v., to weave, braid, inter- 
weave, interlace. 

Entre-large, a., of middle width. 

Entre-Iigne, n.m., interlineation. 

Entremeler, v., to intermix. S' — , t<> 
blend (of colours); to meddle. 

Entremetteur, n.m., mediator; gc- 

s'Entremettre, v., to meddle, interfere'; 
to interpose. 

Entremise, «./., medium, agency, 
mediation, intervention. 

Entreposage.n.w., warehousing, bond- 

Entreposer, v., to warehouse, store; to 
bond, put in bond. 

Entreposeur, n.m., warehouse-keeper, 
bonded warehouse-keeper. 

Entrepositaire, n.m., bonder. 

Entrepot, n.m., store, bond, bonded- 
warehouse; emporium, mart; fn e 
port. En — , in bond. Mettre < n 
— , to bond. — fictif, town ware- 
house. Port k r — , warehousing 'ir 
bonded port. 

Entreprenant, a., bold, enterprisirg, 

Entreprendre, t/., to contract, contract 
for; to offer, undertake, take in 

Entrepreneur, n.m., contractor; 
ter- builder. 





Entreprise, n.f., company, concern, 
establishment; undertaking, enter- 
prise, venture. — par masse de 
travaux, contract by the lump. 
Par (k) — , by contract. 

Entrer, v., to enter (book-keeping); to 
enter, to come or go in. Faire — 
un vaisseau dans un bassin, to 
dock a ship. 

Entre-temps, n.m., interval. Dans 
r — , meanwhile. 

Entretenir, v., to preserve, maintain, 
keep, keep up, keep in repair, 
good order; to feed, maintain; to 
converse or talk with. S' — , to 
converse or talk with. 

Entretien, n.m., conversation; keep- 
ing in repair, maintenance; liveli- 

Entre-tisser, v., to interweave. 

Entretoile, n.f., insertion; open-work. 

Entre-voie, n.f., six-foot way (rail.). 

Enumeration, n.f., enumeration. 

Enum^rer, v., to reckon, enumerate, 

Envahir, v., to usurp, invade, en- 
croach upon. 

Enveioppe, n.f., envelope, wrapper, 
cover; casing (of cylinders); cover- 
ing. — de voyage, hold-all. 

Envelopper, v., to implicate, involve; 
to surround, inclose; to wrap up, 
fold up, do up, put up; to envelop. 
S' — , to involve oneself. 

Envers, prep., to, towards. 

Envers, n.m., back, wrong or reverse 
side. A r — , inside out, on the 
wrong side. 

Envie, n.f., desire, wish, inclination; 
envy. Avoir — de, to have a 
mind to. 

Envier, v., to desire, wish for; to envy. 

Environ, adv., nearly, about, there- 
Environner, v., to enclose, surround, 

Environs, n.m., pi., vicinity, environs, 

Bnvisager, v., to face, look at, view, 

ivoi, n.m., parcel, package, packet, 
goods forwarded, to be forwarded ; 
consignment, sending. Lettrc 
d' — , letter of advice. Completer 
un — , to make up a parcel. / 

Bnvoy6, n.m., messenger; deputy, 

delegate, envoy. 
Bnvoyer, v., to forward, despatch, 

send, transmit. — dire, to send 
word. — chercher, to send for. 

Envoyeur, n.m., sender; a.m., des- 
patching. Bureau — , despatching 

Epais, a., heavy, dull; thick; big. 
Brouillard — , thick fog. 

£pais, n.m., thick part, thickness. 

Epais, adv., thickly, thick. 

Epaisseur, n.m., dullness; thickness, 
density, depth. 

Epaissir, v., to thicken, make thick. 

Epandre, v., to scatter, pour out. 

Epargnant, a., saving, economical, 

^pargne, n.f., economy, thrift, sav- 
ing. Caisse d' — , caisse d' — et de 
prevoyance, savings-bank. 

Epargner, v., to save, economire, lay 
by, spare; to be sparing, saving. 

Eparpiller, v., to disperse, scatter, 

Epater, v., to dumbfound, amaze. 

Epaule, n.f., shoulder. — s, bows (of 
a ship). Plier les — s, to put up 

£panler, v., to help, back, counten- 

£pave, n.f., wreck. — s maritimes, 
— s de mer, wreckage, wreck. 

^peautre, n.m.f., bearded wheat; 
spelt, great barley. — en grain, 

Epeler, t;., to spell; — mal, to mis-spell. 

Eperon, n.m., head of a ship. 

£pi, n.m., ear of corn. — de diamants, 
cluster of diamonds. 

Epice, n.f., spice. Herbe aux — s, 
allspice. Pain d' — , gingerbread. 

£picerie, n.f., grocery, grocery busi- 
ness; spices. Petite — , chandlery. 

Epicier, n.m., grocer. 

Epiloir, n.m., tweezers. 

Epinard, n.m., spinach. 

Epine, n.f., difficulty, obstacle; thorn. 

Epineux, a., ticklish, intricate, knotty. 

£pingle, n.f., pin, breast-pin, scarf- 
pin. — h cheveux, hairpin. — 
ordinaire, common pin. — k forte 
tete, solid headed pin. — k t^te 
rondo, round headed pin. 

Epingl6, a., terry, corded. Velours 
— , light terry velvet. 

Epinocbe, n.m., best coffee. 

Epistolaire, n.m., letter-writer. 

Epitre, n.f., letter, missive. 

Eplaigner, v., to tease, teasel, 
the nap of the cloth. 





£plucher, v., to examine minutely; to 

sift, clean, pick, 
^pluchoir, n.m., paring-knife, 
^pluchures, n.f., pi., refuse, pickings, 

Epointiller, v., to burl (cloth). 
£ponge, n./., sponge. — de Syrie, 

Turkey sponge. — fine, fine sponge. 
Sponger, v., to sponge, sponge up, 

Epoque, n.f., period, time, date. 

A r — de, at the time of. Dfes 

cette — , from that time. 
£poalarder, v., to pick or clean 

fipouse, n.f., wife, consort. 
£poussette, n.f., duster, dusting-rag. 
£poutir, v., to pick or clean (cloth). 
£pouvantable, a., shocking, frightful, 

^pOQvanter, v., to frighten, appal, 

£poux, n.m., husband, 
fipreuve, n.f., proof, trial, test; 

revise. A 1' — du feu, fire-proof. 

A r — de I'eau, water-proof. Tirer 

une — , to pull a proof (printing). 

Mettre a 1' — , to make a trial of. 

A toute — , devoted, faithful, 

£prouver, v., to put to the proof; to 

prove, try; to experience, feel. 
£pais6, part., out of print; exhausted, 

used up. 
^poiser, v., to exhaust, drain, use up, 

consume, eat up. S' — , to sell off; 

to get out of print; to wear out. 
£paration, n.f., refining, purifying, 

^purement, n.m., purifying. 
£purer, v., to refine, purify, clarify, 

£qaateur, n.m. Ecuador (country); 

Equatorial, n.m., equatorial telescope. 
Equerre,-'*/-. square rule; set-square, 
.fiquerrer, v., to bevel, square. 
Equilboquet, n.m., mortise-gauge. 
Equilibre, n.m., equilibrium, balance. 
Equipage, n.m., crew; tackle, gear, 

implements; equipment. Maitre 

d' — , boatswain. 
Eqoipe, n.f., set, gang (of workmen). 

Chef d' — •, foreman. 
Equipement, n.m., equipment, outfit, 

fitting out. 
fiqoiper, v., to stock, furnish, equip, 

fifout; to man. 

fiqaipet, n.m., locker {nauL). I 

Eqaitable, a., just, upright, fair,' 

Equity, n.f., justice, equity. 
Equivaloir, v., to be tantamount, 

Equivoque, a., doubtful, uncertain, 

s'Equivoquer, v., to be mistaken, 

make a slip. 
Erable, n.m., maple, maple-tree. — a 

Sucre, sugar-maple. Sucre d' — , 

maple sugar. Bois d' — , maple 

Erection, n.f., raising; erecting, erec- 
Eriger, v., to institute, set up; to 

erect; to raise, s' — , to pretend 

to be, to pose as, set up for. 
Ermin, n.m., customs-duty (in the 

Ermite, pates d' — , dry walnuts. 
Errata, n.m., errata. 
Erratum, n.m., erratum. 
Erre, n.f., way, course; way (of a 

Errer, v., to mistake, be mistaken: 

to err. 
Erreur, n.m., error, mistake, blunder 

fitre dans 1' — , to be mistaken. 

Sauf — , errors excepted. 
Erroni, a., mistaken, erroneous, false 
fis, art. (en les), in, of. Maitre — arts, 

master of arts. 
Escabeau, n.m., stool. 
Escabelle, n.f., stool. 
Escadre, n.f., fleet, squadron. 
Escalandre, n.m., scene, scandal. 

Escale, n.f., calling, putting into. 

Faire — dans un port, to touch at. 

call at, put into (a port). 
Escalier, n.m., steps, stairs, staircasf . 

— ^de commandement, accommoda- 
tion ladder. — en lima^on, windin-j 

Escalope, n.f., split-bean. 
Escamoter, v., to pilfer; to shuffle 

out of. 
Escarbille, n.f., coal cinder, clinker. 
Escarpin, n.m., pump (shoe). 
Escarpolette, n.f., see-saw, swing. 
Esclave, a., slavish. 
Eseogriffe, n.m., shark, sharper. 
Escompte, n.m., discount. Faire 1'—-. 

to discount. A — , at a discount. 
Escompter, v., to discount, cash. -- 

un effet (billet), to cash a bill. 






Escompteur, n.m., discounter. 

Escopette, n.f., carbine. 

Escorte, n.f., convoy. Batiment d' — , 

Escorter, v., to accompany, escort, 

Escot, n.m., kind of serge. 

Escourgeon, n.m., winter barley. 

Escroc, n.m., swindler, sharper ; 

Escroquer, v., to cheat, swindle. 

Escroquerie, n.f., cheating, swindle, 

Escroquer, n.m., cheat, swindler. 

Espace, n.m., room, space, place. 

Espadrille, n.f., sandal, bathing- 

Espagnol, n.m., Spaniard; Spanish 

Espagnol, a., Spanish. 

Espagnolette, n.f., baize. 

Espars, n.m., pL, spars (naut.). 

Esptee, n.f., sort, kind, species, 
nature; in point; pL, hard cash, 
ready money, specie. — ssonnantes, 
cash down, hard cash. Payer en 
— s, to pay in cash. 

Espirance, n.f., trust, hope, expecta- 
tion, confidence. Repondre a ses 
— s, to answer one's expectations. 
Dans r — , in expectation, awaiting 
to ... . 

Esp^rer, v., to expect, trust, hope, 
hope for. 

Espionner, v., to pry into, spy. 

Espoir, n.m., expectance,^ hope. Avoir 
r — de, to be in hopes of. 

Esprit, n.m., spirit, spirituous liquor; 
intellect, sense, understanding; 
character. — de vin, spirit of 
wine. — de sel, spirit of salt. 

— de lavande, spirit of lavender. 

— de nitre, spirit of nitre. — brut, 
raw spirits. — ardent, ardent 

Esprit^, a., clever, intelligent. 

Esprot, n.m., .sprat. 

Esquif, n.m., skiff. 

Esquisse, n.f., rough-draft, sketch, 
plan, outline. Cahier d' — s, sketch- 

Esquisser, v., to outline, sketch. 

Esquiver, f., to avoid, shun, elude. 

Essai, n.m., sample, trial; attempt, 
endeavour; testing, assaying (met- 
als); experiment. Pour (k titre d') 
— , by way of trial. Faire 1' — de, 
to make a trial of. Donner 

(prendre) a 1' — , to give (take) on 

Essayage, n.m., trying-on (of clothes). 
Essayer, i;., to assay; to make a trial 

of, to try; to essay, attempt. 
Essayerie, n.f., assay-office (of the 

Essayeur, n.m., assayer. 
Esse, n.f., linch-pin. 
Essence, n.f., substance; essence; otto, 

attar (of roses); benzene. — de 

cannelle, essential oil of cinnamon. 

— de houille, mineral oil. — de 
romarin, essence of rosemary. — 
de lavande, oil of lavender. 

Essentiel, a., essential, material. 

Essentiel, n.m., essential or main 

Essette, n.f., hammer-axe. 

Essieu, n.m., axle-tree, axle. 

Essoreuse, n.f., drying machine. 

Essuie-main, n.m., towel. 

Essuie-pieds, n.m., mat, door-mat. 

Essuie-plume, n.m., pen-wiper. 

Essuyer, f., to endure, undergo, bear, 
support, sustain; to wipe dry, to" 
wipe (off, away). 

Est, n.m., east. Vers 1' — , eastward. 
D' — , easterly, eastern. A 1' — , 
eastward, to the east. 

Estacade, n.f., boom (of a harbour). 

Estafette, n.f., express messenger. 

Estame,«./., worsted, knitted worsted. 

Estamet, n.m., coarse, woollen fabric. 

Estampe, n.f., punch, stamping- 
machine; engraving, print. Mag- 
asin d' — s, print-shop. 

Estamper, v., to punch, stamp, brand. 

Estampeur, n.m., stamper. 

EstampUlage, n.m., marking, stamp- 

Estampiller, v., to mark, stamp. 

Estanc, a., well-found, water-tight, 
lln navire — , a well-found ship. 

Estimateur, n.m., valuer, appraiser. 

Estimatif, a., etat — , estimate. 

Estime, n.f., estimation, estefem, 
regard; {naut.) reckoning. Avoir 
de r — pour, to hold in esteem. 

Estimer, v., to rate, assess, value; to 
consider, deem; to regard, esteem. 

— trop, to over-rate. 

Estive, »./., trimming, stowing (cargo). 
Estiver, v., to trim, stow, press the 

cargo down. 
Estompe, n.f., stump (for drawing). 
Esturgeon, n.m., sturgeon. — fume, 

smoked sturgeon. 





Et, conj., and. 

Stable, n.f., cattle-shed; stall; stable; 

Etablir, v., to strike (a balance); to 
set up, set up in business; to assert, 
prove, show; to impose (a tax); 
to found, institute. S' — , to set 
up in business, set up for oneself, 
establish oneself. 

l^tablissement, n.m., imposition (of 
taxes); tide-table; setting up in 
business, establishing; establish- 
ment; settlement. I'rais de premier 
— , first expenses. 

£tagdre, n.f., what-not. 

£tai, n.m., stay, shore (naut.). — du 
grand mat, main-stay. 

£taim, n.m., fine carded wool. 

£tain, n.m., pewter, tin. — en feuilles, 
tin-foil. — fin, pure tin. — 
metallique, white-tin. — commun, 
block tin. — en bloc, block tin. 
— de Malacca, Malacca tin. — de 
plombier, pewter. — de glace, 
tin-glass. — oxyde, tin-stone. 

fitalage, n.m., display, laying out, 
cxposnig of goods for sale; window, 
shop window; goods exposed forsale. 

Staler, v., to put in the shop-Window, 
to expose for sale, to show, display. 

l^talon, n.m., standard (of weights 
and measures). 

^talonnage, n.m., gauging; stamping 
(of weights, etc.). 

£talonnement, n.m., see etalonnage. 

^talonner, v., to gauge, stamp. 

^talonneur, n.m., inspector of weights 
and measures. 

£tamage, n.m., silvering, plating, 

fitamer, v., to tin; to plate (glass). 

^tamine, n.f., bunting,- bolting-cloth, 
tammy, taminy; sieve, colander, 

£)tanche, a., air-tight, water-tight, 

fitancher, v., to slake, quench. — un 
vaisseau, to free a ship of water. 

fitat.M.w., statement, account, return, 
inventory, list, register, estimate; 
condition, state, position. — de 
comptes, statement of accounts. 
Mettre en — , to enable, prepare for. 
£tre en — de, to be able to, to be 
in a position to. De son — , by 
trade, profession. 

fitau, n.w., vice, —amain, hand- vice. 

£tayer, v., to prop, stay, support. 

fiti, n.m., summer. i 

£teindre, v., to liquidate (a debt); toi 
extinguish, destroy; to wear out; to 
strike out; to soften (colours). — 
une pension, to redeem, buy up 
an annuity. 

£tendre, v., to wire-draw; to prolong, 
draw out, lengthen, extend, widen, 
enlarge. — son commerce, to 
extend one's trade. 

£tendu, des connaissances — es, 
extensive knowledge. 

£tendue, n.f., extent, length. 

£ther, n.m., ether. 

£tiage, n.m., low-water mark. 

£tinceler, v., to glitter, sparkle, flash. 

^tiqueter, v., to ticket, label. 

Etiquette, n.f., label, ticket; etiquette. 

£tirage, n.m., wire-drawing; stretch- 

Etirer, v., to wire-draw, lengthen; tc 

Stoffe, n.f., cloth, stuff, material 
— drapee, woollen cloth. — 
brochee, damasked stuff. — 
croisee, twilled cloth. 

ttoSk, a., upholstered (furniture), 
stuffed, fined. 

ttoSeTfV., to line, stuff, upholster. 

£toile, n.f., asterisk; star. 

fitonnant, a., surprising, amazing, 
astonishing, marvellous. 

£tonnement, n.m., amazement, aston- 

£toniier, v., to amaze, astound, 
astonish, stagger. S' — , to wonder, 
be amazed, astonished. 

£toafloir, n.m., damper (piano); 

fitoupe, n.f., oakum, tow. — do 
chanvre, hemp tow. — goudronnec, 
tarred oakum. 

^toupement, n.m., caulking; stuffinj;, 

fitouper, v., to caulk; to stop (with 
oakum, tow). 

£toupin, n.m., wadding. 

£toarderie, n.f., blunder, thoughtless- 

^totirdir, v., to stun, astound, deafen. 
S' — , to be preoccupied. 

^tourdissement, n.m., amazement, 
stupefaction; stunning; shock. 

£trange, a., odd, strange, queer. 

fitranger, a., foreign; strange; un- 
known; n.m., foreigner, alien, 
stranger; foreign parts. A 1'--, 





£tranget§, «./., queemess, strange- 

^trangler, v., to compress; to stifle, 

fitre, v., to be, exist; to stand; to 
belong. J'y suis, I have it. — 
inal avec quelqu'un, to be on bad 
terms with anyone. Cela n'est pas, 
that is not so. — de moitie, to go 
halves. C'est que, the fact (truth) 
is. Ce sont eux qui, it is they who. 
J'en serai de moitie, I will go halves 
in it. Voil^ oil nous en sommes, 
such is our present situation. Je 
suis tout h vous, I am entirely at 
your service. Quoi qu'il en soit, 
however it may be, at all events. 

fitre, M.W., existence, being. Bien- 
— , welfare. 

fitrenne, n./., handsel; pL, New 
Year's gift. 

£trenner, v., to handsel; to buy the 

_ first lot. 

Etrille, «./., curry-comb. 

fitroit, a., tight, narrow, limited. A 
r — , narrowly. Habit — , tight 

fitroitesse, «./., tightness, narrow- 

£tude, n.f., chambers, office; survey, 
examination, study. Cabinet d' — , 

fitudier, v., to examine, survey, study. 

fitudiole, n.f., paper-case. 

fitui, n.m., box, case, sheath; needle- 
case. — de chapeau, hat-box. 

fituve, n.f., stove, drying-stove. 

fiurop§en, n.m. and a., European. 

Eux, pron., m. pi., they, them. 

mcmes, themselves. 

fivacuer, i'., to eject, clear, evacuate. 

fivaluable, a., appraisable, ratable. 

Evaluation, n.f., estimate, valuation. 

£valuer, v., to estimate, value, rate. 

Eveill6, a., smart, sharp, intelligent, 
brisk, awake. 

^Iveiller, v., to excite, rouse, awake, 
awaken, wake. 

£v6nement, n.m., occurrence, event; 
end, result, issue. A tout — , at all 

jfiventail, n.m., fan. — d^coupe, 
carved fan. — dore, gilt fan. — 
d'ivoire, ivory fan. — sculpts, 
carved fan. I'enctre en — , fan- 

Events, pari., flat (of wine). Vin — , 
dead or flat wine. 

^venter, v., to let (wine) get flat; to 
air; to get wind of; to let out a 

fiventoir, n.m., fire-fan. 

£ventualit6, n.f., contingency, even- 

Eventual, a., contingent, uncertain, 

£ venture, n.f., flaw, crack. 

Eviction, n.f., ejectment, eviction. 

fividemment, adv., clearly, plainly, 

Evidence, n.f., clearness, obviousness, 
plainness, evidence. 

Evident, a., clear, obvious, evident, 

Evidoir, n.m., hollowing-bit, borer. 

Evincer, v., to evict, eject. 

Evitable, a., avoidable. 

Evitement, n.m., siding, shunting 
(rail.). Gare (voie) d' — , siding. 

Eviter, v., to evade, avoid, escape, 
elude, save. — la peine, to save 

Exact, a., precise, exact, correct, 

Exactitude, n.f., precision, accuracy; 
exactness, exactitude, punctuality. 

ExagSrer, v., to exaggerate, magnify. 

Examen, n.m., inspection, examina- 
tion, investigation; scrutiny, sur- 
vey. Apr^s miir — , after mature 

Examiner, v., to inspect, examine, 
inquire into; to survey; to discuss, • 
consider. — h fond, to sift 

ExcSdent, n.m., overweight; surplus; 
excess, difference. 

ExcSder, v., to go beyond, to exceed. 

Excellence, n.f., excellence. Votre — , 
your I-^xcellency. 

Excellent, a., ' excellent, delicious, 

Excentriqae, n.m., eccentric-wheel. 

Excepts, prep., except, excepting, but. 

Excepter, v., to except. 

Exception, n.f., exception; plea. D' — , 
exceptional. A 1' — de, except, 
excepting, with the exception of. 

ExcSs, n.m., abuse, excess, waste; 
di (Terence. 

Excessif, a., extreme, exorbitant, 

Excise, n.f., excise; excise-officer. 

Exciter, v., to stir up, provoke, urge, 
exritc; to encourage, stimulate. 

Exolure, v., to exclude, shut out. 





Excuse, n./., excuse, apology; plea. 
I'";iire des — s, to apologize. 

Excuser, v., to excuse, pardon; to 
apologize for. S' — , to make an 
apology, to apologize; to throw the 
Maiuo on; to excuse oneself. 

Executable, a., practicable, feasible. 

Ex6cuter, v., to accomplish, fulfil, 
execute, carry out, perform. S' — , 
to comply, submit, yield. 

Ex^cuteur, n.m., executor. — testa- 
meutaire, testamentary execute;". 

Execution, n.f., accomplishment, ful- 
fihnent, execution, performance. 
Mettre a — , to carry out. Mettre 
des ordres a — , to execute orders. 

Exemplaire, n.m., copy (of a book); 
specimen, pattern, model. 

Exemple, n.m.. example; precedent; 
instance. A 1' — de, in imitation of. 
Sans — , extraordinary, unparal- 
leled. Par — , for example, for 

Exempt, a., exempt, free from. 

Exempter, v., to exonerate, excuse, 
dispense; to free, exempt. S' — , to 
dispense with. 

Exemption, n.f., exemption; immun- 
ity. Lettre d' — des droits de 
douane, bill of sufferance. 

Exercer, v., to fill an office; to follow 
or carry on (trade, profession); to 
practise, perform. 

Exercice, n.m., inspection (of an 
officer of indirect taxes); financial 
yeiiT; practice, exercise, use. Entrer 
en — , to commence one's duties. 

Exhaler, v., to vent, give vent to 
(anger, etc.^. 

Exhiber, v., to produce, exhibit, show. 

Exhibition, n.f., exhibiting, produc- 
ing, production. 

Exigeant, a., hard to please, unreason- 
able, over particular. 

Exigence, n.f., unreasonable claim or 
demand; unreasonableness. 

Exiger, v., to demand, exact, require, 
en force. 

Exigible, a., demandable, exigible. 

Existant, a., in force, existing, 

Existence, n.f., existence, living; pi., 
st(jck on hand. 

Exister, v., to subsist, to exist, be in 

Exon6rer, v., to exonerate, discharge, 
free from. 

Exorbitant, a., excessive, exorbitant. 

Expectance, n.f., expectancy. 

Expectative, n.f., prospect, hopes. 

Expedient, n.m., shift, expedient. £9 

etrc aux — s, to be reduced t| 

shifts (expedients). 
ExpMient, a., proper, advisable. 

expedient, fit. 
Exp^er, v., to clear (at the custom- 
house); to forward, despatch, senci 

off (goods); to draw up (a deed). 
Exp^diteur, n.m., shipper; commis- 
sion agent, sender. 
Expedition, n.f., clearance (at th< 

custom-house) ; shipment, sending. 

despatch; copy (of a deed). Fair. 

r — de, to forward. 
Exp^ditionnaire, n.m., commission 

agent, shipper, sender; forwarding- 

clerk, copying-clerk. 
Experience, n.f., trial, experiment; 

experience. Par — , from or b>- 

Experimenter, v., to experience; to 

test, experiment. 
Expert, a., well versed in, skilful, 

Expert, n.m., expert; valuer, apprai- 
ser; surveyor. 
Expertise, n.f., valuation, assessment, 

survey; appraisement; arbitration; 

report (of survey). Faire une — , 

to make a survey. 
Expertiser, v., to appraise, assess, 

value; to make a siu"vey. 
Expiration, n.f., expiration. 
Expirer, v., to expire, run out, come 

to an end. 
Explicable, a., explainable, explicablf. 
Explication, n.f., meaning, interpret^i- 

tion, explanation. Cela demancie 

— , that requires an explanation. 
Expliqner, v., to express, explain, 

declare, accoimt for. S' — , to ha^e 

an explanation, to explain oneself. 
Exploit, n.m., feat, achievement, 

e.xploit, deed. Dresser un — , to 

draw up a writ. 
Exploitable, a., workable, that may 

be turned to account. j 

Exploitation, n.f., using; working, s 

Materiel d' — , working-stock. En 

— , in activity, being worked. 
Exploiter, v., to work, make the most 

of; to impose upon, take advanta-je 

of. — une place, to make the mc it 

of a situation. 
Exploiteur, n.m., sweater (person). 
Exportateur, n.m., exporter. 





Exportation, n.J., export, exportation. 

Exporter, i'., to export. S' — , to be 

Expos^,, outline, account, state- 

Exposer, v., to state, set forth; to 
render or make liable; to exhibit, 
show; to expose, expose to view. 
— en vente, to expose for sale. 
S' — , to lay oneself open, expose 
oneself to; to be exposed, liable. 

Exposition, n.f-, explanation, state- 
ment, aspect; situation; exhibition. 

Expr^S, a., distinct, plain, clear; 
positive, express. 

Expris, M.W., express messenger. 

Expr6s, adv., purposely, on purpose, 

Express, «., express;, express 
train; Train — , express train. 

Express^ment, adv., clearly, expressly, 
distinctly, positively. 

Expression, n.f., expression. 

Exprimer, v., to word; to declare, tell, 
utter; to express. 

Expulser, v., to turn out, expel, eject, 
put out. 

Expulsion, n.f., ejection, ejectment, 

Exquis, a., choice, select, exquisite, 
nice. Vin — , delicious wine. 

Exquis, n.m., exquisiteness. 

Ext^nuer, v., to weaken, debilitate, 

Extirieur, a., foreign, external, ex- 
terior, outside. 

Ext^rieur, n.m., abroad, foreign 
countries; exterior, outside appear- 
ance, k I'interieur et i 1' — , at 
home and abroad. De 1' — , from 

Exterminer, v., to destroy, annihilate, 

Externe, a., exterior, external, out- 

' Extinction, n.f., liquidation, settle- 
niciit (of debts); redemption (of an 
annuity); abolition, extinction; ex- 
termination; slaking (of lime). 

Extirpateur, n.m., spud, weeder, 

Bxtirper, v., to exterminate, pull up, 
extirpate, root out. 

Extorsion, n.f., extortion. 

Extra, n.m., extra. 

Extraire, v., to make extracts from; 
to select ; to extract, take or 
draw out. 

Extrait, n.m., abstract, extract; dock- 
et; selection. — authentique, 
certified copy. — de naissance 
(bapteme, manage), certificate of 
birth (baptism, marriage). — 
mortuaire, certificate of death. — 
de garance, extract of madder. 
— de quinquina, extract of 

Extraordinaire, a., unusual, out of the 
way, extraordinary, uncommon. 

Extreme, a., extreme, excessive, 

Extremement, adv., exceedingly, im- 
mensely, enormously, extremely. 

Extr^mitl, n.f., verge, brink; end, tip; 
border; extreme, extremity. A 
toute — , at the worst. 

Fabricant, n.m., maker, manufacturer. 

Fabricateur, n.m., forger, coiner. 

Fabrication, n.f., manufacture, make, 
making; coining, forging. 

Fabrique, n.f., manufactory, works; 
making; building; forging. Marque 
de — , trade mark. Marchandises 
de — , goods of inferior quality. 
Prix de — , manufacturer's or cost 

Fabriquer, v., to coin (money); to 
forge; to manufacture. 

Fabuleux, a., fictitious, fabulous, 

Facade, n.f., frontage, facade. 

Face, n.f., turn (of affairs); front, face, 
appearance, aspect. En — de, 
opposite; in the face of. De prime 
— , at first. Faire — k, to meet 
(engagements); to face; to fulfil. 
Une — k main, lady's opera- 

Fachi, a., (de) vexed, sorry; (contre) 
displeased, angry, fitre — contre, 
to be angry with. 

Facher, v., to offend, displease, vcx; 
to make angry. Se — , to be 
offended; to be or get angry. 

Facheux, a., difficult, vexatious, 

Facile, a., easy; fluent, ready, comply- 

Facilement, adv., readily, easily, 

Facility, n.f., accommodation; ease, 
readiness, quickness, fluency. — s, 
easy terms. 

Faciliter, v., to facilitate, make easy. 

Facon, n.f., manner, way; make, 





workmanship, making. De toute 
— , at any rate. De — ou d'autrc, 
somehow, somehow or other. De 
quelque — que ce soit, anyhow. 
En aucune — , in no wise, by no 
means. De — que, so that, in such 
a way as. De cette — , in this 

Faconn^, part., figured (of stuffs); 

FaQonner, v., to figure, make, make 
up; to work. 

Faconnerie, n./., figuring (of stuffs). 

Fac-simil6, «.»n., facsimile. 

Factage, n.m., goods or parcels 
dehvery; carriage, porterage. 

Facteur, n.m., postman; agent, assis- 
' tant; railway porter; maker. — de 
pianos, pianoforte-maker. 

Factorage, n.m., factorage. 

Factorerie, «./., factory. 

Factrice, «./., female agent, factor. 

Facture, «./., invoice, bill, bill of 
parcels. Livre de — s, invoice 
book. Modele de — , invoice form. 
Prixde — , invoice price. — simulee, 
pro forma invoice. Suivaht — , as 
per invoice. Tete (en-tete) de — , 
bill-head. Faire une — , to make 
out an invoice. 

Facturer, v., to invoice. 

Facturier, n.m., invoice clerk; invoice 

Facultatif, a., blank (of credit); 

Facult6, n.f., ability, faculty, power, 
right; pi., means, property. 

Fadaise, n.f., nonsense, stuff. 

Fade, a., stale, flat, insipid, taste- 

Fagot, n.m., bundle, faggot. 

Faible, a'., small (of number); weak, 
deficient, backward; light (coin). 

Faible, n.m., weakness, failing. 

Faiblesse, n.f., hghtness (coin); defect; 
weakness, feebleness, deficiency; 

Faiblir, v., to abate, yield, flag, 
slacken, give way, relax. 

Faience, n.f., faience, delft-ware; 
crockery, crockery-ware, earthen- 
ware. — fine, china. — anglaise, 
blue (yellow) crockery-ware; earth- 
enware, English porcelain. — 
vemisee, glazed earthenware. — 
commune, common earthenware. 
— de Delft, delft, delft ware. 

Faienc^, n.m., imitation ware. 

Faiencerie, n.f., crockery-ware; crock 
ery-ware factory; eafthenware fac 

Faille, n.f., Flemish gros grain silk. 

Failli, n.m., insolvent, bankrupt. 

Faillir, v., to fail, be a bankrupt; to h* 
near, on the point of; to mistake, 
be mistaken. 

Faillite, n.f., failure, bankruptcy, 
insolvency. — frauduleuse, fraud 
ulent bankruptcy. Actif d'une — , 
assets in a bankruptcy. DecIaratioK 
de — , declaration of bankruptcy 
fitre en — , to be a bankrupt. 
Faire — , to become bankrupt, to 

Faim, n.f., hunger. .Avoir — , to b ■ 

Faire, v., to do, make; to effect, 
perform; to work, to carry on (.i 
trade); to follow (a profession); t > 
pay (attention); to exercise, dis- 
charge; to coin, counterfeit; t > 
receive or take in a supply; to aci, 
personate; to sell; to charge foi ; 
to cause, get. — tons ses effort*-' 
tout son possible, to do one's 
utmost. — du bien (mal), to d > 
good (harm). — de grandts 
affaires, to carry on a large trad< . 

— un metier, to carry- on a tradi . 

— savotr, to inform. — connaitre. 
to make known. — accueil, to 
welcome. — banqueroute, to go 
bankrupt. — attention, to pav 
attention, to mhid. — son appreii- 
tissage, to serve one's apprentia - 
ship. Avoir beaucoup (fort) a — , 
to have a great deal to do. — son 
devoir, to do one's duty. II fait 
bien ses affaires, he is getting on 
well. Je n'ai rien a — , I ha\e 
nothing to do. Cela fait beaucouj", 
that makes a great difference. 
Faites-moi savoir de vos nouvelles, 
let me hear from you. — don, to 
make a donation, a present of. 

— eau, to leak, make water (naut.). 

— de I'eau, to take in fresh water. 
Je ne ferai rien de la sorte, I shjiU 
do nothing of the kind. Si — se 
pent, if possible. II fait chaiid 
(froid), it is hot (cold). 

se Faire, v., to take place; to pretend; 
to happen; to become, grow. Se - — 
mddecin, to become a doctor. Se 

— un devoir de, to make it a poiiit 
to, a duty. Cela se fait maintenapt. 





that is the fashion now. Cela ne 
se fait pas, that is not the custom; 
this is not done. Comment cela se 
fait-il ?,. how is that ? 

Faire, n.m., articles, goods. 

Faisable, a., feasible, practicable, 

Faisceau, n.m., bundle. En — , in a 
bundle o;"bundles. 

Faiseur, n.m., doer; swindler. — 
d'affaires, jobber, promoter. 

Fait, n.m., act, deed, fact; event, 
occurrence; business, matter. Par 
le seul — , ipso facto; by the simple 
fact. Par le — seul, by the mere 
fact. Au — , in fact, in point of 
fact. De — , certainly, indeed. 
£tre au — de, to be aware of; to 
be acquainted with. Tout a — , 
completely, quite, entirely. 

Fait, part., made, done, calculated. 
Do compte — , upon coiAputation. 
Travailler a prix — , to work by 
the piece. Cela vaut — , that is as 
good as done. Aussitot dit, 
aussitot — , no sooner said than 

Faite, n.m., summit, top; height, 

Faitiire, a., lucames — s, sky-lights. 
Tuile — , pantile, ridge-tile. 

Faitiire, n.f., pantile, ridge-tile. 

Falaise, n.f., cliff. 

Fallacieuz, a., false, fallacious. 

Falloir,z'., to be in request, necessary, 
to want, need, stand in need of; 
must, ought, should. II faut le 
faire, it must be done. U me faut 
de I'argent, I must have some 
money. Ce qu'il faut, what is 
necessary or wanted. S'en — , to 
be near, on the point; to be want- 
ing; to fall short. II s'en faut de 
heaucoup, it is very far from it. 

Falot, n.m., torch, lantern. 

Falsification, n.f., adulteration, falsi- 
fi I at ion, debasement. 

Falsifier, v., to falsify, debase, adul- 
terate. — de la monnaie, to 
debase coin. 

Fam6, a., bien — , of good repute. 

Fameux, a., famed, celebrated, 
faiiKJus, capital, first-rate. 

Familiariser, v., to familiarize, accus- 
tom to. Se — , to accustom oneself 
to, make oneself familiar with. 

Familier, a., familiar, intimate. 

Famine, n.f., family. 

Famine, n.f., famuie, dearth. 

Fanal, n.m., signal-light, beacon, 

watch-light; lantern of a ship. 
Faneuse, n.f., hay-making machine. 
Fange, n.f., dirt, mud. 
Fangeox, a., dirty, muddy. 
Fantaisie, n.f., fancy. Avoir une — , 

to fancy. Objets de — , fancy 

Fantastiqoe, a., fanciful, fantastic, 

Faon, n.m., fawn, doe. 
Fardage, n.m., dunnage. 
! Fardeau, nm., load, weight, burden; 

mash (for brewing). 
Fardier, n.m., dray (for stones); 

truck, trolley. 
I Farfouiller, v., to rummage. 

Farinac6, a., farinaceous. 
i Farine, »./., farina, flour, meal. Fleur 
j de — , flour. — d'avoine, oatmeal. 

— de mai's, Indian corn flour. — de 
son, pollard. Marchand de — , 
flour-deabr. — de Lie, wheat flour. 

— de froment, wheat flour. 
Farineuz, a., mealy, farinaceous. 
Farinier, n.m., flour-dealer. 
Farinidre, n.f., flour-bin, nieal-tub. 
Fascicule, n.m., part (number of a 


Fas^ole, n.f.. kidney-bean. 

Fashion, n.f., fashion. 

Fashionable, a., fashionable. 

Faste, n.m., pomp, display. — s, 
records, annals. 

Fastidieoz, a., tiresome, tedious, dull, 

Fastueux, a., gorgeous, showy; pomp- 

Fatigant, a., tedious, fatiguing, tire- 

Fatigue, n.f., fatigue, hardship. 

Faubert, n.m., mop, swab. 

Faubourg, n.m., suburb, nutskirt. 

Fauchage, n.m., mowing. 

Fauchard, n.m., sickle. 

Fauchet, n.m., hay-rake. 

Faucille, n.f., reaping-hook, sickle. 

Faucillon, n.m., bill-hook. 

Faussaire, n.m.f., forger. 

Faussement, adv., falsely, wrongfully, 

Fausser, v., to violate, break; to 
falsify, pervert; to warp, bend. 

Fausset, n.m., peg, spigot. 

Faute, n.f., mistake, error, fault; 
want, scarcity. Sans — . without 
fail. — de, for want of. Faire unc 





— -, to make a mistake. A — de, 
in default of. 

Fauteuil, n.m., arm-chair. Occuper 
le — , to fill the chair. — cl la 
Voltaire, reclining arm-chair. 

Fauve, a., tawny, fawn-coloured. 

Fauve, n.m., deer. 

Faux, n.f., scythe. 

Faux, n.m., falsehood; forgery. Com- 
mettre un — , to commit a forgery. 

Faux, a., erroneous, wrong, false; 
imitation, counterfeit, spurious, 
base; fictitious, artificial; forged. 
— sse equerre, bevel. — sse mon- 
naie, counterfeit money. — 

brilliant, tinsel. Acte — , forgery. 

Faux, adv., wrongfully, erroneously, 

Favelotte, n.f., horse-bean. 

Faveur, n.f., favour; vogue; interest, 
fitre en — , to be in favour, vogue. 
En — de, in favour of, on behalf of. 

Favonette, n.f., everlasting pea. 

Favorable, a., favourable, fair, pro- 

Favoriser, v., to favour, aid, assist, 
facilitate, promote, further. 

Febrifuge, n.m., antifebrile. 

F6ces, n.f., pi., sediment. 

F6cond, a., fertile, rich, fruitful, 
abundant, copious. Mine — e, rich 

F^condation, n.f., fertilization, fructi- 
fication, fecundation. 

F6conder, v., to fertilize, make fruit- 

F6condit6, ».A, fruitfulness, fertility, 

F6d6ral, a., federal. 

Feindre, v., to pretend, feign, imagine. 

Feinte, n.f., pretence. 

Feldspath, n.m', feldspath, feldspar. 

Felicitation, n.f., congratulation,, feli- 
citation. Lettre de — , letter of 

F61iciter, o., to congratulate. 

Femme, n.f., woman, wife; lady. 

Fendage, n.m., cleaving, splitting. 

Fendeur, n.m., splitter, cleaver. — de 
roues, wheel-cutter. 

Pendoir, n.m., chopper. 

Fendre, v., to break, split, cut open. 

Fenetre, n.f., window. — en evantail, 

Fenil, n.m., hay-loft. 

Fente, n.f., flaw; gap. 

Fer, n.m., iron; tag. — s, irons, iron- 
work. — doux, soft iron. — de 

carillon, bar-iron. — battu. 
wrought-iron. — laming, roUecl 
iron. — fondu, cast-iron. — aigre, 
brittle iron. — rouverin, red-scar 
iron. — impur, iron-ore. — 
speculaire, oligiste, iron-glance. — 
en barres, bar-iron. — dur, hard 
iron — de fonte, cast-iron. Fontt 
de — , cast-iron. Minerai de — , 
iron-ore. — a cheval, horse-shoe. 

— a marquer, marking iron. — ii 
souder, soldering iron. — a repasser, 
iron, flat-iron, box-iron. Fil de — . 
iron-wire. Mine de — , iron-ore. 
Scorie de — , iron-dross. Limailh 
de — , iron filings, iron dust. — dt 
calfat, — a calfat, caulking- iron, 
caulker's iron. Ouvrage en — , iron- 
work. Usine de — , iron-works. 

— de gaffe, boat-hook. — en 
saumons, pig-iron. — a T, T iron. 

— en tole, sheet iron; — en bandes. 
hoop-iron, fitre sur le — , to be at 

Per-blanc, n.m., latten, tin, tin-plate 

Ferblanterie, n.f., tin-ware. 

F6ret, n.m., hematite. 

P6rie, n.f., holiday. 

F6ri6, a., jour — , holiday, general 

Permage, n.m., rent (of a farm); 
leasing, farming. 

Perme, n.f., farm, farm-house; farm- 
ing; letting out on lease. Bail k — , 
lease of ground. Prendre k — , 
to farm. Bailler (donner) a — , to 
farm, let, farm out. 

Perme, a., firm, steady; stiff, stout; 
fast, fixed. 

Perme, adv., strongly, stoutly, firmly. 

Ferment, n.m., yeast, leaven. 

Fermentation, n.f., working, fermen- 

Permer, v., to fasten, shut, shut up, 
close, close up; to enclose. — a 
clef, to lock (a door). — boutique, 
to shut up shop. 

Permete, n.f., stability, firmnesp, 
steadiness; vigour. 

Fermeture, n.f., fastening, shutting, 

Permier, n.m., farmer, tenant. — ."i 
bail, tenant-farmer. 

Permoir, n.m., snap, clasp. 

P^roce, a., fierce, savage, ferocious.l 

Perraille, n.f., scrap-iron, old iron. '■ 

Perrant, a., marechal — , shoe-smitli, 






Ferr6, part., ferruginous; skilled, 
versed in, thoroughly up in. Voie 
— e, railroad. Eau — , chalybeate 

Ferrement, n.m., iron tool. — s, iron 
fitting, iron-work. 

Ferrer, v., to bind (hoop) '.vith iron; 
to tag (a lace); to tip or put a 
ferrule on (a cane); to shoe (a 

Ferret, n.m , tag (of a lace). 

Ferrifire, a., ferriferous. 

Ferronnerie, «./., ironmongery, iron- 
store, iron-foundry. 

Ferronnier, n.m., ironmonger. 

Ferrugineux, a., ferrugineous. 

Ferrure, «./., pelt, pelting (of boots); 
iron binding, iron-work. 

Fertile, a., fertile, fruitful. 

Fertilisation, n.f., fertilization. 

Fertiliser, v., to manure, fertilize. 

Fertility, n.f., fruitfulness, fertility. 

F6rule, n.f., rod, ferule. 

Festin, n.m., banquet, feast, enter- 

Fdte, n.f., feast; saint's day; holiday. 

— legale, bank holiday. Jour de 
— , holiday. Se faire de — , to 

F^tide, a., rank, fetid, offensive. 

Feu, n.m., set of fire-irons; fire-place; 
fire; torch-light; (fig.) spirit, anima- 
tion. — de joie, bonfire. — 
grisou, fire-damp. Couleur de — , 
flame colour. Garniture de — , set 
of fire-irons. — d' artifice, fireworks. 
— X de Bengale, blue-lights. A 
I'epreuve du — , fire- proof. P'aux 
— , flash in the pan. Se jeter dans 
le — pour eviter la fumee, to jump 
out of the frying-pan into the fire. 
Ce vin a trop de — , that wine is 
too fiery. Sous le — de, upon the 
spur of. 

Feu, a., deceased, the late, defunct. 
I.c — roi, the late king. 

Feuillard, n.m., hoop- wood. 

Feuille, n.f., sheet (of paper, metal); 
paper, newspaper, journal; leaf; 
way-bill, list; foil (of mirrors); 
veneer. — volante, fly-sheet, loose 
sheet. — de rebut (dechargc), 
waste-sheet. — de route, way-bill. 

— hebdomadaire (quotidienne), 
weekly (daily) newspaper. — h 
plaquer, veneer. — s d'acajou, 
veneers. — de s6ne, senna leaves. 

Feuillet, n.m., folio ; leaf (two pages 

of a book). — a poing, hand- 

Feuilleton, n.m., list (of petitions); 
fly-sheet; feuilleton. 

Feuillette, n.f., quarter-cask. 

Feutrage, n.m., felting. 

Feutre, n.m., felt; hat; packing (in 
saddlery); tile. — goudronne, 
tarred felt. 

Feutrier, n.m., felt-maker. 

Feutri^re, n.f., felt-cloth. 

Five, n.f., berry; bean, broad bean. 
— de Tonka, Tonquin bean. — s 
de haricot, kidney beans. — s de 
marais, broad beans. 

F6veroIe, n.f., bean, horse-bean; dried 

Fivrier, n.m., February. 

Fiacre, n.m., cab. 

Fibre, n.f., fibre, filament. 

Fibreuz, a., fibrous, stringy. 

Fibrine, n.f., fibrine (chem.). 

Ficeler, v., to tie or bind with string; 
to do up. 

Ficelier, n.m., reel, roller (for string). 

Ficelle, n.f., twine, string, pack- 
thread. — de chanvre, hemp twine. 

Ficheron, n.m., iron-pin. 

Fichoir, n.m., peg, clothes peg. 

Fichu, n.m., neckerchief. 

Fichure, n.f., harpoon. 

Fictif, a., fictitious, imaginary, sup- 

Fidiicommis, n.m., trust (legal). Acte 
de — , trust deed. 

Fidiicommissaire, n.m., trustee. 

Fiddle, a., exact, faithful, accurate; 
true, loyal; sure; safe. Copie — , 
exact copy. 

Fidilitd, n.f., loyalty; fidelity; accu- 
racy, exactness. — eprouvce, tried 

Fiduciaire, n.m., fiduciary. Monnaie 
— , paper money. Circulation — , 
paper currency. 

Fiduciaire, a., in trust. 

Fief, n.m., fief, fee. Franc — , free- 

Fiel, n.m., gall. 

Fier, v., to entrust, trust. Se — k, 
to rely, depend upon; to trust to, 
put one's trust in. 

Fier, a., proud; haughty. 

Fierti, n.f., pride, dignity. 

Fi6vre, n.f., fever; excitement. 

Fifre, n.m., fife, fifer. 

Figue, n.f., fig. — s de Smyme, 
Smyrna figs. 





Figuier, n.m., fig-tree. 

Figure, n.f., form, shape, figure; 

appearance, show; face. 
Figurer, v., to figure, represent. Se 

— , to fancy, imagine. 
Fil, n.m., yam, thread; wire; flaw 

(in stone, marble); grain (in wood). 

— d'emballage, pack-thread. — 
d'Ecosse, cotton. — retors, twine. 

— de caret, rope yam. — a voile, 
sail-twme. — de laiton, brass wire. 

— de fer (archal), iron wire. A — 
fin, fine-grained (of wood). A gros 
— , coarse-grained. Aller contre le 
— , to go against the grain. — 
d'abaca, abaca yarn. 

Filage, n.m., spinning. 
Filament, «.m., fibre; filament, thread. 
Filandreuz, a., thready, stringy. 
Filasse, n.f., harl, tow (of hemp, 

Filateur, n.m., spinner; mill-owner. 
Filature, n.f., spinning-mill, spinning. 
File, n.f., rank, file, row. 
File, n.m., thread (of silver, gold). 
Filer, r^., to spin; to spin out; to carry 

on, conduct. Machine a — , 

spinning machine. 
Filerie, n.f., wire-mill; wire-drawing. 
Filet, n.m., small thread; fibre, string; 

filament; net. — d'une vis, thread 

of a screw. — d'or, fillet of gold. 

— de peche, fishing net. 
Fileur, n.m., spinner, wire-drawer. 
Fili^re, n.f.,, screw-plate, draw-plate. 
Filig^rane, n.m., water-mark (in paper) 

filigree, filigree-work; filigrane. 

Filin, n.m., cordage (naut.). 

Fille, n.f., daughter; girl; spinster; 
female. — de boutique, shop-girl. 

Filoche, n.f., net-work. 

Filon, n.m., metallic vein, lode. 

Filoselle, n.f., floss-silk. 

Fils, n.m., son, child. Beau , step- 
son, son-in-law. 

Fileterie, n.f., twine factory. 

Filtrage, n.m., filtering, straining. 

Filtration, n.f., filtering, filtration, 
straining, percolation. 

Filtre, n.m., filter, filtering-machine. 

Filtrer, v., to strain, filter, percolate. 

Filure, n.f., spinning. 

Fin, n.f., aim, view, intention, object; 
conclusion, end, termination, close. 
Mettre — a, to put an end to. 
A la — , at last, in the long run, in 
the end. A ces — s, for this (that) 
end. Mener a bonne — , to succeed 

in; to bring to an end. — de 
si^cle, a., up to date. 

Pin, a., fine, refined, thin; shrewd, 
acute, cunning; small (of hand- 
writing). Le — mot, the main 
point, the gist. Un — voilier, a 
swift sailer. Diamants — s, gems, 
precious stones. 

Final, a., last, final, ultimate. 

Finalement, adv., lastly, finally. 

Finance, n.f., finance, financiers; 
ready money, cash. — s, treasury, 
exchequer; finances. 

Financier, n.m., financier. 

Financier, a., financial. 

Finesse, n.f., ingenuity, shrewdness; 
fineness; delicacy. 

Finette, n.f., flannelette, thin stuff, 

Fini, n.m., finish, high finish. Donner 
le — a, to put the finishing touch 
to; to finish. 

Finir, v., to complete, perfect, ttr- 
minate, end, finish, finish off, put 
an end to; to leave off, cease; to 
expire; to be over, to be at an end. 
Cela n'en finit pas — , there's no 
end to it. En — avec, to put an 
end to. Le drap n'est pas bien 
fini, the cloth is not well finished. 

Fiole, n.f., phial. 

Fisc, n.m., fisc, public treasury. 

Fiscal, a., financial, fiscal. 

Fixation, n.f., fixing, assessment, 
rating, appointing. 

Fixe, a., settled, steady, fixed, 
regular. Pri.x — , set price. 

Fixer, v., to settle, determine, fix; 
to stick, fasten. — un jour, to fix 
a day. Se — , to elect domicile. 

Flacon, n.m., smelling bottle, flask, 
phial, flagon. 

Flageolet, n.m., dwarf kidney-bean ; 

Flagrant, a., gross, flagrant. En — 
delit, in the very act. 

Flamand, a., Flemish. 

Flambant, a., — neuf, brand-new. 

Flamb§, a., done for, ruined. II est 
— , he is done for. 

Flambeau, n.m., candlestick, light, 
taper; torch; link. 

Flamboyer, v., to blaze, flare, flash. 

Flamme, n.f., fire, blaze, flame. 

Flanelle, n.f., flaiuiel. — croiset, 
twilled flannel. — croisee, twillq^l 
flannel. — de laine, flannel. 

Flasque, n.f., flask, powder-flask. 


a ' ■ Pla] 



Flatir, v., to flatten (coins). 

Flatter, v., to delude, deceive; to 
flattet, make much of. Se — , to 
delude (deceive) oneself; to expect, 
hope, trust. 

Flatterie, »., flattery. 

F16au, n.m., beam (of a balance). 

Fl^chir, v., to psrsuade; to bend; to 
give way, yield, waver. 

Fl^chissable, a., pliant, flexible. 

F16trir, v., to tarnish, stain, stigma- 
tise, disgrace; to dry up, wither. 

F16trissure, n.f., disgrace, stigma, 
blot; decaying, withering. 

Fleur, n.f., flower; pick, choice, best; 
flr)ur. A — de, level or even with. 
Mne — , pick, flower. — de farine, 
best flour, whites. — d'antimoine, 
flower of antimony. 

Fleur de lis, n.f., fleur de lis. 

Fleuri, pari., agreeable, florid, flowery. 

Fleurir, v., to bloom, blossom, flower; 
to flourish, be in repute, to prosper. 

Fleuriste, n.m.f., artificial-flower- 
maker; florist. 

Fleuve, n.m., stream, river. L'em- 
l)uuchure d'un — , the mouth of a 
river. i ' 

Flexibility, n.f., suppleness, flexibility, 
pliancy, fljxibleness. 

Flexible, a., pliant, supple, flexible, 

Floe, n.m., flock; tassel, tuft. 

Floche, n.f., flock; rag; a., shaggy. 
Soie — , flock-silk. 

Flocon, n.m., flock, tuft, flake. — de 
lainc, fl!)ck of wool. 

Floconneux, a., flaky. 

Florentine, n.f., florentinc. 

Florin, n.m., florin. 

Florissant, a., flourishing, prosperous. 

Floriste, n.m., florist. 

Floss, n.m., floss. 

Flot, n.m., tide, flood-tide; wave; 
flood, torrent, stream; crowd (of 
persons). Demi — , half-tide, half- 
flood. — et jusant, flood and ebb. 
A — s, in crowds, streams, torrents. 
Mcttre un vaisseau k — , to set a 
ship afloat. 

Flottage, n.m., rafting, floating of 

Flottaison, n.m., flotation. Ligne de 
— , load water-mark (water-line). 

Flottant, n.m., float (of hydraulic 

Flottant, a., floating; fluctuating; 

Flotte, n.f., shipping, navy, fleet; 
float (for fishing); cable-buoy. 

Flotter, v., to fluctuate, waver; to 

Flotteur, n.m., water-gauge. 

Flouer, v., to cheat out of. 

Floueur, n.m., cheat, sharper. 

Fluant, a., badly-sized (of paper); 
liquid, flimsy. 

Fluctuant, a., fluctuating. 

Fluctuation, n.f., fluctuation. 

Flactueux, a., fluctuating. 

Fluide, a., liquid, fluid. 

Fluide, n.m., fluid. 

Fluor, n.m., fluor, fluor-spar; fluorine. 
Spath — , fluor, fluor-spar. 

Fluorine, n.f., fluoride; fluorine. 

Fldte, n.f., flute. Petite — , piccolo'. 
— traversiere (allemande), German 

Fluvial, a., fluvial. 

Flux, n.m., flu.x, influx, flood; stream. 

Foi, n.m., faith, belief, trust, credit, 
fidelity. Bonne — , good faith. 
Ajouter — a quelque chose, to give 
credit to anything. De bonne — , 
in earnest, sincerely, honestly. 
En — de quoi, in testimony whereof. 

Fois, n.f., time, occasion. Une — 
pour toutes, once for all. Une — 
autant, as much again. A plusieurs 
— , repeatedly. Plusieurs — , 
several times. Une — par an, once 
a year. De — k d'autre, from time 
to time. IJne autre — , another 

Folie, n.f., foolishness, folly, madness. 
Faire des — s, to squander money. 

Folio, n.m., folio. — recto (verso), 

first (second) page. Un in , a 

foHo book. 

Fomentation, n.f., fomentation. 

Fomenter, i;., to feed, foment, excite, 
stir up. 

Fonc§, a., dark, deep (colour). 

Foncer, v., to supply funds; to sink (a 
well); to deepen (of colours); to 
bottom (a cask). Se — , to deepen 
(of colour). 

Foncier, a., landed. Propri^taire — , 
landowner. Contribution — hre, 
land-tax. Rente — fere, ground 

FonctioD, n.f., office, functions. — s, 
office, duty, functit)ns. Sortir de 
— , to retire from oflicc. Faire scs 
— s, to perform one's duties. En 
— , acting, at work. 





Fonctionnaire, n.m., officer, official, 


Fonctionner, v., to act, operate, 

Fond, n.m., ground, end, bottom; 
foundation, basis; main point, 
essential part, gist; underground 
(min.). Velours a — d'or, velvet 
with a gold ground. Haut- — , 
shallow water. Bas- — , deep 
water. A — de cale, in the bottom 
of the hold (naut.); {fig.) at the end 
of one's resources. A — , thoroughly 
perfectly, fully. De — en comble, 
from top to bottom. A — de train, 
at full speed. Couler k — , to sink, 
run down (naut.). Donner — , to 
cast anchor. 

Pondage, n.m., melting, smelting, 

Fondant, n.m., sweetmeat. 

Fondateur, n.m., founder. 

Pondation, n./., foundation, basis; 
establishment, endowment. 

Fond6, n.m., proxy. — de procuration 
(pouvoirs), attorney, legal repre- 

Pond^, a., (finance) consolidated; 
authentic, well-founded. 

Pondement, n.m., oundation, basis, 
ground. Ce bruit est sans — , that 
report is without foundation. 

Fonder, v., to justify; to endow, 
establish, found, erect, build, lay 
the foundation of. Se — , to rely 

Fonderie, n.f., smelting- house, melt- 
ing-house, foundry, foimding. 

Pondeur, n.m., smelter (of ore); 
inelter, founder. 

Fondoir, n.m., melting-house. 

Fondre, v., to melt, cast, dissolve; to 
melt down or away. Se — , to melt; 
to be cast; to dissolve; to blend. 

Pondrilles, n.f., pi., sediment, 
grounds, dregs. 

Ponds, n.m., capital, funds, stock, 
ready money, cash, principal; 
business, stock-in-trade; ground, 
land ; stocks, funds. Biens- ^, 
landed property. Etre en : — , to be 
in cash. — d'amortisement, sinking 
fund. Article de — , leading article. 
Acheter des — , to put money in 
the funds. Speculer sur les — 
publics, to speculate in the public 
funds. Faire rentrer des — , to 
get in money. 

Fontaine, n.f., urn (for tea); taj , 

cock, plug; cistern; fountain. 
Fonte, n.f., cast-iron; brass; casi, 

casting, melting, smelting. Met;! 

de — , brass, gun-metal. Ver de — , 

— de fer, cast-iron. — epur« , 

refined pig-iron. 
Forage, n.m., wine dues; drilling:, 

Forain, a., alien, foreign, outlandisli. 

Rade — e, open roadstead (naut. . 

Marchand — , pedlar, hawkej ; 

Force, n.f., power, authority; foro , 

strength, vigour, efficacy, energy; 

resolution. A — de, by dint o;. 

A — d'argent, with large smns ( f 

money. A toute — , by all mean •, 

Forceps, n.m., forceps. 
Forcer, v., to compel, force, impel; to 

wrench; to break open. — Us 

voiles, to crowd all sails. 
Forces, n.f., pi., shears. 
Forcet, n.m., whip-cord. 
Porclore, v., to foreclose. 
Forclusion, n.f., foreclosing, foD - 

Forer, v., to drill, bore, pierce, per- 
Foret, n.f., forest. 
Foret, n.m., gimlet, drill, borer. 
Forfait, n.m., contract; forfeit ;offenc.', 

crime. A — , on speculation; in tl:e 

lump. Entreprendre a — , to take 

by the job, to contract for. 
Forfaiture, n.f., forfeiture. 
Forge, H./.,sraithy, blacksmith's shop; 

forge; pi., iron- works. Maitre des 

— s, iron-master. 
Forger, v., to hammer, forge; to u - 

vent, fabricate, contrive. F< r 

forge, wrought iron. 
Forgerie, n.f., iron-works. 
Forgeron, n.m., smith, blacksmith. 
Formaliser,!'., to offend, shock. Se — , 

to feel offended, take offence at; to 

take exception to. 
Pormaliste, a., precise, formal. 
Formalite, n.f., form, formality. 
Format, u.m., form, size, shape (of a 

Formation, n.f., formation. 
Forme, n.f., mould (in paper-makint); 

dock {naut.); shape, form, moull, 

frame; mode; bed of gravel. — <!e 

chapeau, hat-block. — de soulitr, 

boot-tree, last of a shoe. En --, 





formally. Pour la — , for form's 
sake. En bonne — , dans les — s, 
in order, in due form. En la — qui 
suit, as follows. 

Formel, a., precise, formal, express, 
explicit, plain. Dans I'attente de 
votre decision — le, awaiting your 
formal decision. 

Former, v., to mould, cut out; to 
form, compose; to fashion, frame. 
— une difficulte, to raise a difficulty. 

Formidable, a., dreadful, frightful, 
tremendous, formidable. 

Formier, n.m., last-maker. 

Formulaire, n.m., formulary. 

Formule, «./., prescription; formula, 

Formuler, v., to state, detail, formu- 
late, draw up in due form. 

Fort, a., strong, stout; copious, 
plentiful; difficult, hard; clever, 
skilful; high (of wind). — de poids, 
too heavy, overweight. Un coffre 
— , a safe, a strong box. Colle — e, 

Fort, n.m., height, depth (of summer, 
winter, etc.); skill, strength. — de 
la halle, market-porter. 

Fort, adv., extremely, highly, very, 
very much, hard, forcibly. — bien, 
very well. 

Fortifier, v., to strengthen, fortify, 
invigorate; to confirm, corroborate. 
Se — , to become skilled, gain 
proficiency; to gather strength, 
grow strong. 

Fortuit, a., casual, fortuitous. 

Fortuitement, adv., by chance, cas- 
ually, accidentally, fortuitously. 

Fortune, m./., risk, chance; fortune, 
wealth; success. Mauvaise — , ill- 
luck, ill-fortune. Eaire — , to make 
a fortune. — de mer, sea risks. 
Avoir de la — , to be rich, to 
possess property. 

Fortune, a., lucky, fortunate, happy. 

Fosse, n.f., pipe; trench; hole, pit. 
— ■ de celeri, celery trench. 

F0S86, n.m., drain, ditch. 

Fou, fol, folle, a., foolish, senseless, 
mad, wild, excessive. 

Foudre, n.f., thunder, lightning. 

Foudroyer, v., to crush, overwhelm; to 
blast, fulminate. 

Foaet, n.m., whipcord; whisk, whip, 
horsewhip; lash. 

Fouett6, part., de la cr^me — e, 
whipped cream. 

Fouiller, v., to dig, excavate; to 
search; to probe to the bottom. 

Fouine, n.f., fork, pitchfork. 

Foulage, n.m., fulling. 

Foulant, a., pompe — e, force-pump. 

Foulard, n.m., scarf; silk handker- 
chief. — encadre, bordered silk 

Foule, n.f., fulling; crowd, mob, shoal, 
herd, multitude. En — , in crowds. 
La — des draps, the fulling of cloth. 

Foulie, n.f., pile (of skins). 

Fouler, v., to mill, full; to press, tread 
on, oppress. — du drap, to full 

Foulerie, n.f., fullery. 

Fouleur, n.m., fuller; wine-presser. 

Fouloir, n.m., tobacco-plug; beater. 

Fouloire, n.f., fulling-board. 

Foulon, n.m., fuller. Terre h — , 
fuller's earth. Moulin k — , fulling- 

Foulonnier, n.m., fuller. 

Foulure, n.f., milling, fulling. 

Four,, furnace, kiln, hearth; 
oven; bakehouse. — k briques, 
brick-kiln. — k chaux, lime-kiln. 
l-aire un — , to commit a blunder. 

Fourber, v., to impose upon, take in, 

Fourbir, v., to polish, furbish. 

Fourche, n.f., fork, pitchfork. 

Fourcher, v., to fork, branch off. Se 
— , to fork, branch off. 

Fourchette, n.f., fork. Grande — , 
— i decouper, carving- fork. 

Fourgon, n.m., van, carriage; (rail.) 

Fournaise, n.f., furnace. 

Fourneau, n.m., furnace, kitchener, 
stove, cooking-range. Haut — , 
blast-furnace. — de cuisine, 
kitchen stove. • 

Foumir, v., to make up, complete (a 
sum of money); to draw (a bill), 
to meet, to value (on); to provide, 
furnish, stock, supply, procure, 
afford; to contribute (to). Se — -, to 
furnish (supply) oneself. Nous ne 
pouvons pas les — , we cannot 
supply tlicm. 

Fournissement, n.m., capital, share of 

Fournisseur, n.m., tradesman, pur- 
veyor, contractor. — brevets de, 
by appointment to. 

Fourniture, n.f., supply, provision; 
supplying, furnishing, providing. 





— s de bureau, sundries, stationery. 
F'aire — de, to supply. 

Fourreau, n.m., front fork (of a 
bicycle); cliild's frock; cover, sheath, 

Fourrer.f ., to serve (cables and ropes) ; 
to line with fur. 

Fourreur, n.m., furrier. 

Fourrure, «./., fur, furred gown. — 
de blaireau, badger fur. — de 
castor, beaver fur. — d'ecureuil, 
squirrel fur. — de lievre, hare 
skin. — de marmotte, marmot 

Fourvoyer, v., to lead into error, lead 
astray, mislead. Se — , to stray, 
go astray. 

Foyer, n.m., bowl (of a pipe) ; fire-box 
(of engines); hearth, fire-grate; 

Frac, n.m., dress jacket, dress coat. 

Fracas, n.m., noise, crash; fuss. 

Fracasser, v., to shatter, to break to 

Fraction, n.f., fraction, portion; 

Fragile, a., brittle, fragile; frail. — : 
glass with care. 

Fraicheur, n.f., coldness, coolness, 
freshness, dampness; brilliancy, 

Frais, a., fresh, cool, coldish; new, 
recent; new laid (of eggs). Des 
nouvelles fraiches, fresh news. Du 
pain — , new bread. Temps — , 
cool weather. 

Frais, n.m., coolness, freshness; gale. 

Frais, n.m., pi., cost, outlay, expense, 
expenses, charge, charges. Menus 
— , petty expenses. Faux — , inci- 
dental expenses. A grands — , very 
expensively. A peu de — , cheaply, 

• at little cost. A — communs, at 
joint expense, jointly. Tons — 
faits, all paid, clear of all charges. 
Faire des — , to go to or incur 
expense. Faire les — de, to bear 
the expense of. Faire ses — , to 
covei; one's expenses. 

Fraise, n.f., strawberry. — a bois, 
countersink (tool). 

Fraiser, v., to rulfle, plait. 

Fraisier, n.m., strawberry plant. 

Framboise, n.f., raspberry. 

Framboisier, n.m., raspberry-plant, 

Franc, n.m., franc (coin). 

Franc, a., open, frank, free; exempt 

from; full, complete, entire; wholr, 

clear. — de port, post-paid. 
Franc, adv., openly, frankly, freely, 

entirely, completely. [ 

Francais, a., French. i 

FranQais, n.m.. Frenchman; French. 

En bon — , in plain terras. 
Franchement, adv., openly, frankly, 

freely, frankly speaking. 
Franchir, v., to go beyond, overstep; 

to surmount, pass, pass over. — 

une difficulte, to overcome a 

Franchise, n.f., exemption, franchisr, 

immunity ; frankness, candour ; 

openness. En — de droit, duty- 
Franco, adv., prepaid, free of expensi-. 

6crire — , address, post-paid. 
Franc-tillac, n.m., flush-deck (naut.) 
Frange, n.f., valance, fringe. 
Frangipane, n.f., almond cake. 
Frappe, n.f., stamp (coining); set (f 

Frapp6, part., strong and close (of 

cloth); forcible, powerful. 
Frapper, v., to knock; to make an 

impression; to surprise, astonish; 

to strike, hit; to stamp, to coin; to 

ice (liquids). — monnaie, to coin 

money. — juste, to strike home. 
Fraude, n.f., imposition, deceit, fraud. 

Fasser en — , to smuggle. Faire 

une — , to commit a fraud. En — , 

Frauder, v., to smuggle, defraud. 
Fraudeur, n.m., smuggler, defrauder. 
Frauduleusement, adv., fraudulenth . 
Frauduleux, a., fraudulent. 
Frayer, v., to wear away; to frequent: 

to be on good terms with; to trace 

or mark out. 
Frayeur, n.f., fright, fear, dread. 
Frigate, n.f., frigate. 
Frein, n.m., brake; skid, drag; bit, 

bridle; check, restraint. 
1 Frelater, t;., to adulterate. 
I Frelaterie, n.f., adulteration. 
Frene, n.m., ash, ash- tree. 
Fr6quemment, adv., often, frequently. 
Frequence, n.f., frequency. 
Frequent, a., frequent. 
Frequenter, v., to keep company with, 

to frequent; to visit often, associate 
! with. 
; Prire, n.m., brother; monk, friai . 

! Beau , brother-in-law. 

Fret, n.m., freight. Prendre du — , t ) 





take in freight. — de scirtie et de 
retoiir, freight out and home. 

Fr^ter, v., to freight, charter. 

Fr^teur, n.m., charterer, freighter. 

Frettage, n.m., binding, hooping. 

Frette, n.f., iron-hoop, band, ring. 

Fretter, f., to bind, hoop. 

Friction, n.f., rubbing, friction. Gants 
a — s, flesh-gloves. 

Frigoriflque, a., frigorific. 

Friperie, n.f., old clothes, old clothes 

[Fripier, n.m., furniture-broker; dealer 
in old clothes. 

Fripon, n.m., swindler, cheat, rogue. 

Friponner, v., to pilfer, cheat. 

Friser, v., to touch lightly; to border 
upon, to approach; to crisp; to 
curl, frizz (hair). 

Froid, n.m., coldness, cold, frigidity; 
reserve, gravity. Avoir — , to be 

Froid, a., c<x)l, cold, frigid, indifferent; 
distant, reserved. Temps — , cold 

Froideur, n.f., coldness, coolness, 

Froidure, n.f., coolness (of the 
weather), cold. 

Fromage, n.m., cheese. — de cochon, 
brawn. — mou, soft cheese. — a 
la creme, cream cheese. — blanc, 
cream cheese. — gras, rich cheese. 
— de HoUandc, Dutch cheese. — 
d'.\ngleterre, English cheese. — de 
Gruy^re, Gruyere cheese. — de 
Parmesan, Parmesan cheese. — de 
Roquefort, Roquefort cheese. 

Fromager, n.m., cheese-mould. 

Fromagerie, n.f., cheese-trade. 

Froment, n.m., wheat. De — , 
wheaten. — en farine, wheat flour. 

Frondeur, n.m., critic, fault-finder. 

Front, n.m., front; face, forehead; 
boldness, impudence. Faire — i, 
to fare. Dc — , in front, abreast. 

Fronti^re, n.f., frontier, border. 

Frontispice, n.m., frontispiece. 

Frottage, n.m., waxing, polishing; 

Frottement, n.m., rubbing, friction. 

Frotter, v., to polish, wa.x, rub. 

Frottoir, n.m., rough-towel, rubbing- 
cloth, scrubber. 

Fructifler,v., to bear fruit, to fructify, 
to bo fruitful, to prosper, thrive. 

Fructueux, a., profitable, fertile, 

Frtlit, n.m., benefit, profit, advantage, 
utility. — a pepin, kernel fruit. 
Tirer du — de, to derive benefit 
from. Avec — , profitably. — s 
candis, candied fruits. 

Fruiterie, n.f., fruit-trade. 

Fruitier, n.m., fruiterer, greengrocer. 

Frastrer, v., to foil, baffle, baulk, 
frustrate, defraud. 

Fuchsine, n.f., fuchsine (aniline red 

Fair, v., to avoid, shun, run away, 
elude; to leak. 

Foite, n.f., flight; subterfuge, shift, 
evasion; leakage, running out. 

Fulmicoton, n.m., gun-cotton. 

Fulminate, n.m., fulminate. 

Folminer, v., to explode, fulminate. 

Fume-cigare, n.m., cigar-holder. 

Fam6e, n.f., fume, smoke. 

Fumer, v., to steam, smoke; to smoke- 
dry; to fret and fume; to manure 
(a field). 

Fnmet, n.m., bouquet (of wine); 
flavour (f)f meat). 

Fnmeur, n.m., smoker. 

Fumier, n.m., trash, rubbish; manure. 

Fumigation, n.f., fumigation. 

Fumiger, r., to fumigate. 

Funeste, a., distressing; fatal. 

Funiculaire, n.m., cable railway. 

Fur, n.m., au — et k mesure, a — et 
a mesure, as and when, in propor- 
tion, as fast as. 

Furieuz, a., furious, enraged; tre- 
mendous, monstrous. 

Furin, n.m., high seas, open sea, deep 

Furtif, a., furtive, secret, stealthv. 

Fusain, n.m., charcoal (for drawing). 

Fuseau, n.m., bobbin, spindle. 

Fus6e, n.f., rocket, fusee. — volante, 
sky-rocket. — porte amarrc, life- 
saving apparatus. 

Fuselage, n.m., framework (aero- 

Fusil, n.m., gun; steel (for sharpening 
knives); tinder-box. — ct vent, 

Fusion, n.f., melting, fusion; coalition; 

Fusionnement, n.m., fusion, union, 

Fusionner, v., to blend, unite, 

Ffit, n.m., cask. 

Futaille, n.f., small cask, barrel. — 
en botte, barrel staves. 





Futaine, «./., fustian. 
Futilite, n.f., futility. 
Futur, a., future. 

Gabarage, n.m., lighterage. 

Gabare, n.f., transport or store ship; 
lighter, flat-bottomed barge. 

Gabarier, n.m., lighterman. 

Gabelle, n.f., gabel, duty on salt, 

Gabier, n.m., top-man {naut.). 

G&che, n.m., wall-hook, staple. 

GScher, v., to sell under price; to 
make a mess of, to bungle. 

Gacheur, n.m., under-seller. 

Gachis, n.m., hash, pickle. Faire du 
— de, to make a hash or mess of. 

Gade, n.m., cod-fish. 

Gadelle, n.f., red currant. 

Gadoide, n.m., cod-fish. 

Gaffe, n.f., boat-hook. 

Gaffeau, n.m., small boat-hook. 

Gage, n.m., security, deposit; pledge, 
pawn; lien (legal). — s, pay, wages, 
hire. Donner (mettre) en — , to 
pawn. Prendre a — s, to hire. 
Preteur sur — s, pawnbroker. Re- 
tirer un — . to redeem a pledge. 
A — s, paid, hired. 

Gager, v., to pay, pay wages to; to 
hire; to lay a wager, to bet, stake. 

Gageare, n.f., wager, bet, stake. 

Gagiste, a., creancier — , bailee, 

Gagiste, n.m., bailee, pledgee. 

Gagnage, n.m., pasture-land, pastur- 

Gagnant, n.m., winner. 

Gagne-deniers, n.m., labourer, day- 

Gagner, v., to earn, make, get, gain, 
win; to bribe, gain over; to attract, 
entice; to arrive at. — du temps, 
to gain time. — le devant, to get 
the start. — le dessus, to get the 
better of. 

Gagneur, n.m., winner, gainer. 

Gai, a., gaudy, vivid, bright (of 
colours); pleasant; gay. Vert — -, 
light green. 

Gaiac, n.m., Indian wood guaiac, 
guaiacum. Gomme de — , resine 
de — , guaiacum. Bois de — 

Gaillard, n.m , castle (naut). — 
d'avant, forecastle. 

Gain, n.m., profit, emolument, gain, 
gaining, winning. Tirer du — de. 

to profit by. — net, net profit; 

clear gain. — de jeu, winnings. > 
Galactom^tre, n.m., lactometer. 
Gal^ne, "./., galena. Fausse — , mock- 

Icad. — de fer, wolfram. 
Galore, n.f., galley. ] 

Galerie, n.f., corridor, gallery, lo^by; 

balcony; cornice (for curtains); 

[min.) drift, level. — de tableaux, 

Galeme, «../, north-westerly wind. 
Galet, n.m., shingle, pebble, gravel; 

Galette, n.f., sea biscuit. 
Galiote, n.f., boat, bark, galliot; ketch. 
Galipot, n.m., white resin. 
Galle, n.f., gall, oak-apple. — s d'^ 

chene, oak-galls. Noix de — , gall- 
nut. — s d'Alep, Aleppo galle^, 

Mosul galls. — s concassees, 

crushed galls. 
Gallique, a., gallic. Acide — , galli - 

Gallon, n.m., gallon (measure of 

Galoche, n.f., galosh, clog. 
Galon, n.m., lace, galoon, gimp. — de 

laine, woollen lace. 
Galopin, n.m., errand boy. 
Galvanique, a., galvanic Pile — , 

gahaiiic battery. 
Galvaniser, v., to galvanize. 
Galvanom^tre, n.m., galvanometer. 
Galvanoplastie, n.f., electrotype. 
Gangue, n.f., vein-stone, ganguc. 
Ganivet, n.m., smnll penknife. 
Ganse, n.f., braid, edging, gimp; 

twist, cord; bobbin; knot. — de 

sole, silk-cord. — de coton, cotton 

Oant, n.m., glove. Baguette a — s, 

glove-stick. — s de chevreau, kid 

— s de coton, cotton 
s pour femmes, women's 



Ganterie, n.f., glove trade, glov« - 

Gantier, n.m., glover. 
Garage, n.m., garage; shunting {rail.]. 

Voic de — , siding. 
Garance, n.f., madder, madder-root. 

— robee, barked madder. — de 

Hollande, Dutch madder. ~- 

moulue, ground madder. . 

Oarant, n.m., voucher; securitK , 

surety, warrantor; guarantee. $e 

porter (se rendre) — , to voucii 

for, to warrant. 





[Garantie, n.f., guaranty, warranty, 
guaranteeing ; pledge ; security, 
voucher. — de droit, implied 
warranty. — accessoire, collateral 
security. Nous acceptons votre — , 
we accept your guarantee. 

Garantir, v., to indemnify, make good; 
to warrant, guarantee, vouch for. 
Se — , to secure oneself. 

Garat, n.m., a kind of calico. 

Garcon, n.m., shopman, boy; porter; 
groom; waiter. Premier — , fore- 

Garde, M./., fly- leaf (of books); custody, 
keeping, charge, care; defence, 
fitre (se tenir) sur ses — s, to be on 
one's guard. Prenez — a cela, take 
care of that. Donner en — k 
quelqu'un, to commit to anyone's 
keeping. Se tenir en — , to be upon 
one's guard. Prendre — , to mind. 

Garde, n.m., watchman; attendant; 
keeper. — des archives (roles), 
master of the rolls. — des sceaux, 
keeper of the seals. — de nuit, 

Garde-bone, n.m., mud-guard. 

Garde-boutique, n.m., imsalcable 

Garde-corps, n.m., rail, hand-rail. 

Garde-cote, n.m., coast-guard; cruiser. 

Garde-feu, n.m., fender, fire-guard. 

Garde-fous, n.m., rail, hand-rail, 

Garde-magasin, n.m., store-keeper, 
warehouse-keeper, warehouseman. 

Garde-manger, n.m., larder, pantry, 

Garde-nappe, n.m., table-cloth. 

Garde-port, n.m., harbour-master. 

Garder, v., to preserve, keep; to look 
after, take care of; to observe; to 
protect, defend, guard; to save, lay 
by. En donner a — , to impose 
upon. — a vue, not to lose sight 
of. — un secret, to keep a secret. 
Se — , to abstain from; to take care 
not to; to beware. 

Garde-robe, n.f., wardrobe. 

Garde-roues, n.m., paddle-box. 

Garde-temps, n.m., chronometer, 

Garde-vue, n.m., lamp-shade, screen. 

Gardien, n.m., broker's (bailiff's) man; 
trustee, guardian; keeper. 

Gare, n.f., basin, wet-dock; station, 
terminus, platform. Chef de — , 
station-master. — d'6vitement, 

shunting or loop-line, siding. — 
de depart (d'arrivee), departure 
(arrival) platform. 

Garer, v., to shunt (rail.). — un 
bateau, to dock a boat. 

Gargouille, n.f., drain-pipe, gutter- 
spout, water-spout. 

Gamir, v., to stock, provide, furnish; 
to trim, ornament; to rig (naut.); to 
quilt. — une boutique, to stock a 
ship. Se — , to stock oneself, 
provide oneself with, furnish one- 

Garnissage, n.m., trimming (of 

Garniture, n.f., lining, trimming; 
furniture; rigging (of a ship); 
ornaments; set. — de toilette, 
toilet set. — de foyer, set of fire- 
irons. — de rideau, valance. — de 
diamants, set of diamonds. 

Gaspillage, n.m., wasting, squander- 
ing, waste; disorder. 

Gaspiller, v., to -squander, waste, 
consume; to confuse. — son 
temps, to waste one's time. 

Gaspilleur, n.m., spendthrift; waster. 

G&teau, n.m., cake. — de miel, 

G&te-m6tier, n.m., underseller. 

Gater, v., to damage, injure, spoil; to 
corrupt. Se — , to break up (of 
weather); to be spoiled; to spoil. 

Gauche, a., left; awkward, clumsy. 

Gauche, n.f., left-hand, left-hand 

Gauchement, adv., clumsily, awk- 

Gaucherie, n.f., blunder; cliunsiness, 

Gaufrage, n.m., goffering. 

Gaufre, n.f., dupe, victim; honey- 

Gaufrer, v., to crimp, goffer; to plait; 
to emboss. I'"er A — , goffering iron. 

Gaufrier, n.m., goffer-iron. 

Gaufrure, "./., goffering. 

Gaule, "./., switch, pole, rod. 

Gaz, n.m., gas, gas-light; gas-lighting. 
Bee i\ — , gas-burner. Compteur k 
— , gas-meter. Reservoir de — , 
gas-holder. Usine h — , gas-works. 
Au — , by gas-light. Conduit de — , 

Gaze, n.f., gloss; gauze, veil. — i 
blutoir, silk bolting cloth. 

Gazette, n.f., newspaper, gazette. 

Gazeux, a., gaseous, aerated. 





Gazomdtre, n.m., gasometer. 
Gazon, n.m., lawn; grass. 
Gelatine, «./., gelatine. — fine, fine 

G^latineuz, a., gelatinous. 

Gel6e, «./.,jplly; frost. — de groseille, 
currant jelly. 

Geler, v., to freeze. Se — , to freeze. 

Gemini, a., sel — , rock-salt. Des 
pierres — s, gems. 

Genant, a., awkward, embarrassing, 
difficult, inconvenient. 

Gendarme, n.m., flaw (in a diamond); 
gendarme, constable. 

Gendre, n.m., son-in-law. 

Gene, n.f., inconvenience, annoyance, 
embarrassment, difficulty, trouble; 
uneasiness. £tre sans — , to be 
free and easy. £tre a la — , to be 
uncomfortable, uneasy. 

Gen6, part., short of cash, uneasy. 

Gener, v., to annoy, embarrass; to 
obstruct, impede; to inconvenience, 
trouble. Ce Soulier me gene, this 
shoe pinches me. Se — , to put 
oneself to inconvenience, out of the 

Giniral, n.m., general, en — gene- 
rally, in general. 

G^niral, a., general. Assemblee — e, 
general meeting. Agent — , general 

Gin(§ralement, adv., in general, 

G6neralit6, n.f., generality. 

Gin^rateor, n.m., generator. 

Gin^reux, a., liberal, generous, benev- 

Gto6rosit6, n.f., liberality, benevo- 
lence, generosity. 

Genivrette, n.f., juniper wine. 

Gen6vrier, n.m., juniper-tree. 

G6nie, n.f., talent, genius. 

Genilvre, n.m., gin; juniper-tree, 

Genon, n.m., knee; ball and socket 

Genre, n.m., fashion, style, manner, 
sort, kind; species. 

Gens, n.m., people, men; hands. 
— el'affaires, men of business. Le 
droit des — , the law of "nations, 
international law. 

Gentiane, n.f., gentian. 

Gentil, a., nice, pretty, pleasing. 

G6ographie, n.f., geography. Carte 
de — , geographical map. 

Giographique, a., geographical. - 

G^metral, a., geometrical. Plan — 

G6om6trie, n.f., geometry. 

Girance, n.f., management, manager 
ship, editorship. 

Giranium, n.m., geranium. 

Girant, n.m., manager; principal; 
responsible editor. — h bord, 
ship's husband. 

Gerbier, n.m., corn-stack. 

G6rer, v., to manage, conduct, 

Germe, n.m., seed, bud, sprout; germ. 

Germer, v., to sprout, spring up; U< 

Germoir, n.m., malt-house. 

Geste, n.m., action, sign, movement, 
gesture. Faire des — s, to gesticu- 

Gesticuler, v., to gesticulate. 

Gestion, n.f., administration, con- 
duct, management. 

Geyser, n.m., geyser. 

Gibelet, n.m., borer, gimlet. 

Gibier, n.m., game. Menu (gros) — . 
small (forest) game. 

Gibus, n.m., opera-hat, top-hat. 

Gigantesque, a., colossal, gigantic. 

Giiet, n.m., vest, waistcoat. — d<' 
sauvetage, life-jacket. — d<' 
flanelle, flannel waistcoat. 

Gingas, n.m., tick, ticking. 

Ginglyme, n.m., hinge; joint. 

Girasol, n.m., girasol {mtn.). 

GiroPe, n.m., clove. 

Girofl6e, cannelle — , clove-bark. 

Girouette, n.f., vane, weathercock. 

Glace, n.f., glass, plate-glass, looking 
glass; ice; fl.iw (in a diamond); 
window (of carriages). Rompre l;i 
— , to break the ice. Banc de — , 
field of ice. Montagne de — . 
iceberg. — etamee, silvered glass 

Glaci, part., shot, shot-colourecl (o: 
stuffs); iced, cold; frosted; icy. 

Glacer, v., to ice, freeze, chill, con- 
geal; to frost, glaze. — la srie, t< • 
alum silk. 

Glacerie, n.f., coffee-house; ice manu 
factory; ice-making; looking-g!as> 

Glaceur, n.m., glazer. 

Glacier, n.m., confectioner; coffee- 
house keeper; dealer in ice; field ot 

GIacidre|, n.f., refrigerator, freezing 
machine; field of ice; ice-house. 

Glaise, n.f., clay, potter's earth. 





Glaise a., clayey, loamy. Terre — , 

clay, loam. 
Glaiseux, a., loamy, clayey, marly. 
Glaisi^re, n.f., clay-pit, marl-pit. 
Gland, n.m., acorn; tassel. — de 

terre, earth-nut. 
Glande, n./., kernel. 
Gland6e, w./., pannage (d;ity). 
Glane, n.j., — de poires, bunch of 

pears. — d'oignons, rope of onions. 
Glette, n.j., litharge, dross. 
Glissant, a., slippery; delicate, tick- 
lish. Pas — , ticklish affair. 
Glisser, v., to pass (over); to glance 

over; to slide, slip. Sc — , to 

insinuate oneself. 
Globe, n.m., glass-shade; sphere, 

Globeux, a., round. 
Globulaire, a., globular. 
Glossaire, n.m., vocabulary, glossary. 
Glu, n.j., lime, bird-lime. 
Gluant, a., adhesive, sticky, glutinous. 
Glucose, n.j., glucose, glycose. 
Glutineux, a., viscous, glutinous, 

Glutinosit6, n.j., stickiness. 
Glycerine, n.j., glycerine. 
Go^Iette, n.j., schooner. 
Golfe, n.m., bay, gulf; firth. 
Gommage, n.m., gumming. 
Gomme, n.j., gum. — elastiquc, 

caoutchouc, india-rubber. — 

arabique, gum arable. gutte, 

gamboge. — arabique blanc, 

white gum arable. — de benzoin, 

gum benzoin. 
Gommer, v., to gum. 
Gomme-r^sine, n.j., gum-resin. 
Gommeux, a., gummy. 
Gommier, n.m., gum-tree. 
Good, n.m., hinge. 
Gondole, n.j., car (of a balloon); 

eye-bath, eye-cup; gondola. 
Gong, n.m., gong. 
Gonin, n.m., rascal, rogue. 
Gonne, n.j., tar-barrel, sea-cask. 
Gorge, n.j., throat; groove (of a 

giillcy); orifice; roller (of maps). 
Gorge-de-pigeon, «., shot (of colours); 

n.m., shot-colour. 
Gossampin, n.m., silk-cotton tree. 
Gothiqae, a., ecriture — , black letter; 

"./., Old English (printing). 
Goudron, n.m., tar. — mi-clair, 

middling tar. — de houille, coal 

tar. — de Stockholm, Stockholm 


Goudronnage, n.m., tarring. 

Goudronner, v., to tar. Toile gou- 
dronnee, tarpaulin. 

Goudronnerie, n.j., tar-works. 

Gouffre, n.m., gulf, pit, abyss. 

Gouge, n.j., gouge. 

Gougette, n.j., small gouge. 

Gonpille, n.j., bolt, peg, pin. 

Gourbi, n.m., cabin, hut. 

Gourde, »./., flask, wicker bottle; 

Gourgane, n.j., bean, broad bean. 

Gourgouran, n.m., Indian silk stuff. 

Gourmet, n.m., judge of; connoisseur 
in wines. 

Oousse, n.j., husk, pod. — d'ail, 
clove of garlic. 

Go&t, n.m., relish, taste, smell; 
fashion, style; liking, inclination. 
De bon (mauvais) — , in good (bad) 
taste. Avoir le — de, to taste of. 
Avoir bon — , to taste nice. Avoir 
du — pour, to have a liking for, to 
like. Chacun h son — , every one 
to his liking. 

Go&ter, v., to smell; to relish, taste; to 
appreciate, approve of; to enjoy; 
to like; to try, make a trial of. 

Goutte, n.j., dram; drop, small 
quantity. Mere — , unpressed wine. 
-, drop by drop. 

Gouttidre, n.j., gutter (of a roof); 
spout (for rain water). 

Gouvernail, n.j., helm, rudder. 

Gouvernance, n.j., tutorship, govern- 

Gouveme, n.j., guidance, guide, 
direction; rule. Pour votre — , 
for your guidance. 

Gouvemement, n.m., management; 
rule, government; governorship; 

Gouvemer, v., to direct, manage, 
govern, regulate, rule; to steer; to 
breed (animals). — un vaisseau, to 
steer a ship. 

Gouverneur, n.m., manager, governor, 

Orabeau, n.m., waste, refuse, siftings, 

Gr&ce, n.j., favour, pardon; grace; 
indulgence. — s, thanks. Accorder 
une — , to grant a favour. 1-aire 
une — k quelqu'un, to do anyone 
a favour. Demander — h, to ask 
pardon of. De mauvaise — , 
grudgingly; reluctantly. Je vous 
rends — , I thank vou. 

I _ 





Gracienx, a., kind, courteous, oblig- 
ing, civil, pleasant. 

Grade, n.m., title, rank, grade; degree: 

Gradin, n.m., tier, shelf, step. 

Graduation, n.f., graduation; drying- 

Graduel, a., gradual. 

Graduellement, adv., gradually. 

Graduer, v., to proportion; to gradu- 
ate. Se faire — , to take a degree, 
to graduate. 

Gra^te, n.m., drawing. 

Grain, n.m., berry, grain; bead. — de 
raisin, grape. Gros — s, winter 
corn, wheat and rye. 

Graine, n.f., berry, seed. — de lin, 
linseed. — d* Avignon, French 
berry. — de genievre, juniper 
berry. — de navette, rape seed. 
Monter en — , to run to seed. 

Grainier, grainetier, n.m., seedsman, 

Graissage, n.m., grease; greasing. 

Graisse, n.f., tallow, fat, grease; fat- 
ness. — de rognon, suet. — de 
roti, dripping. 

Graisser, v., to oil, lubricate; to grease, 
make greasy; to dirty. 

Graisserie, n.f., grease trade. 

Graisseax, a., fatty, greasy. 

Graissier, n.m., grease merchant. 

Gramme, n.m., gramme. 

Grand, a., capacious, big, wide; large, 
great, high, tall, huge; broad (day- 
light). — livre, ledger. — livre de 
la dette publique. list of the 
creditors of the State. 

Grandeur,n./.,largeness,tallness, mag- 
nitude; height, length, breadth, size, 
bulk, bulkiness. — d'ame, magna- 
nimity. De — naturelle, life-size. 

Grandiose, a., imposing, grand. 

Grandir, v., to grow (up); to grow big 
(tall); to magnify, increase. Se — , 
to grow; to become greater; to 
grow (become) taller. 

Grandissement, n.m., increase, growth, 

Grand'm^re, n.f., grandmother. 

Grand-pdre, n.m., grandfather. 

Grange, n.f., bam. Batteur en — , 

Granulaire, a., granular. 

Granulation, n.f., granulation. 

Granule, n.m., granule. 

Granoleox, a., granulated, granulai, 

Graphite, n.m., plumbago; graphite. 

Grappe, n.f., bunch (of grapes, 

Orappin, n.m., toasting-fork; grap- 
pling-iron, hook, grapple. 

Gras, a., oily, greasy; fat; plump, 
corpulent. Du son — , fine bran. 
Temps — , hazy weather. Du vin 
— , thick, ropy wine. Terre — . 
heavy, clayey soil. 

Gras, n.m., fat. 

Gras-double, n.m., tripe. 

Gratification, n.f., reward, gratuity, 
present, encouragement. 

Gratifier, v., to favour; to confer on: 
to ascribe, attribute. 

Gratis, adv., free of cost, gratis, 
gratuitously, for nothing. 

Gratitude, n.f., gratitude. 

Gratte-pieds, n.m., door-scraper (for 
boots or shoes). 

Gratter, v., to scrape, scratch, dig. 

Grattoir, n.m., eraser, scraper, 

Gratuit, a., free, gratuitous. 

Gratuity, n.f., free gift, gratuity. 

Gratuitement, adv., free, for nothing, 

Grave, a., grave, serious, heavy; of 
importance, weighty. ' 

Gravel^e, a.f., crude. Cendre — . 

Graveleox, a., gritty, gravelly, sandy 
Fruit — , stony fruit. 

Gravement, adv., grievously, seriously, 

Graver, r., to impress, grave, imprint, 
engrave. — au burin, to engrave. 

Graveur, n.m., engraver. — a I'eau 
forte, etcher. 

Gravier, n.m., grit, gravel. 

Graviire, n.f., gravel pit. 

Gravity, n.f., graveness, gravity, 
seriousness, importance, weight. 

Gravnre, n.f., print, cut, engraving, 
graving. — en creux, intaglio, die- 
sinking. — sur acier, steel-engrav- 
ing. — en taille-douce, copper- 
plate-engraving. — sur bois, wood - 

Gr§, n.m., taste, inclination, will, 
wish, mind; consent; pleasure, 
liking. De bon — , willingly. D^; 
mauvais — , unwillingly, against 
the grain. Contre son — , unwill- 
ingly, against the grain. Savoirbou 
(beaucoup de) — a quelqu'un d; 
quelque chose, to be thankful t > 





anyone for anything. Vendre de 
— a — , to sell by private contract. 

6r6age, n.m., rigging. 

Grec, n.m., (ireek, Greek language; 
blackleg; a., Greek. 

GrecQue, n.f., bookbinder's saw. 

Or^ement, n.m., rigging (naut.). 

Gr6er, v., to rig (naut.). 

Greffe, n.m., record-office, registry, 
registrar's office. 

Gre'fier, n.m., recorder, clerk of the 
court, registrar. 

Qlige, a., raw (of silk). 

Grele, n.f., hail, hail-storm. 

Grelot, n.m., rattle. 

Gr^ment, gr6ement, n.m., rigging 

Grenade, n.f., pomegranate. 

Grenadier, n.m., pomegranate, pome- 
granate tree. 

Grenadine, n.f., grenadine (silk). 

Grenailler, v., to granulate. 

Orenat, n.m., dried lemon-peel; gar- 
net. — de Boheme, Bohemian 

Grener, v., to granulate; to seed, run 
to seed, produce seed; to grain 

Gr^neterie, n.,Ay seed trade. 

Gr^netis, n.m., milling punch, stamp 
milling, milled edge. 

Grenier, n.m., oni-loft, granary, loft; 
En — , in bulk, impackcd. Charger 
en — , to load in bulk. 

Grenouille, n.f., frog. 

Grenu, a., granulous, seedy, full of 
corn. Marbre — , grained marble. 
Huile — e, clotted oil. 

Gr6s, n.m., stoneware, grit-stone, 
saiulstone, grit, —a des remouleurs, 

Gr6si6re, n.f., sandstone quarry. 

Gr^ve, n.f., strike (labour). En — , on 
strike, Se mettre (faire) en — , 
to strike, go out on strike. 

Grever, v., to encumber (with debt); 
to l)urden; to injure, wrong. 

Gribouiller, v., to scribble, scrawl. 

Grief, n.m., injury, wrong; grievance, 

Gri^veiuent, adv., gravely, grievously, 

Griile, n.f., music-pen; claw. 

Gril, n.m., gridiron. 

Grillage, n.m., wire-guard, wire- 
lattice; toasting, grilling. 

Grille, n.f., railing, grating, grate. 

Grille-pain, «.w., toasting-fork. 

Griller, v., to r^il in, enclose with iron 
rails; to roast, grill. 

Grimace, n.f., wafer-box, pin-cushion; 
grimace; humbug. 

Griot, n.m., seconds (meal or flour). 

Gris, a., grey. Papier — , brown paper. 

Gris, n.m., grey. — brun, drab. — 
pommele, dappled grey. 

Gris-gris, n.m., amulet. 

Gris&tre, a., grayish. 

Grisette, n.f., russet or grey gown. 

Grivel6, a., speckled. 

Griveler, v., to filch, pilfer. 

Grog, n.m., grog. — americain, hot 

Grogner, v., to grumble. 

Groisil, n.m., broken or pounded glass. 

Grommeler, v., to mutter, grumble. 

Gronder, v., to grumble, mutter, 
rumble; to reprimand. 

Gros, a., bulky, big, large, great; 
dark (of colour); heavy, bad, foul 
(weather); thick, coarse. A la — se, 
on bottomry. — souliers, thick 
shoes. — se sommc d' argent, large 
sum of monev. — drap, coarse 

Gros, n.m., mass, bulk; wholesale; 
large hand (writing). En — et en 
detail, wholesale and retail. Vendre 
en — , to sell wholesale. Nous 
avons facture les prix de — , we 
have charged the wholesale prices. 

Gros, adv., much, a great deal. 

Gros canon, n.m., French canon 

Groseille, n.f., — verte {k maquereau), 
gooseberry. — h grappes, white or 
red currant. 

Groseillier, n.m., red or white currant 
tree; gooseberry bush. 

Groseillon, n.m., small currant. 

Grosse, n.f., bottomry; gross (twelve 
dozen); copy. Pr6t k la — , bot- 
tomry loan. Contrat k la — , 
bottomry bond. 

Grosserie, n.f., wholesale; iron 

Grosseur, n.f., bulk, size, largeness, 

Grossier, a., comniAi', rough, coarse, 
thick; clumsy. Erreur — ^re, gross 

Gro8si6ret6, n.f., roughness, coarse- 
ness, grossness ; awkwardness, 

Grossir, v., to increase, enlarge, get big 
or large, to augment, make bigger. 





Se — , to augment, increase; to 
increase in size; to grow bigger, 

Grossissant, a., verre — , magnifying 

Grossissement, n.m., increase, en- 
largement, magnifying; exaggera- 

Grossoyer.i;., to engross (a document). 

Group, n.m., sealed bag of specie. 

Groupe, «./., group, crowd. 

Grouper, v., to group. Se — , to form 
into groups, be grouped; to collect, 

Groati, n.m., groats, oatmeal; small 
crane. Pain de — , finest wheaten 
bread. Farine de — , groats. — de 
froraent, wheat mccil. 

Grae, n.f., crane. 

Grugeon, n.m., lump (of sugar). 

Grume, n.f., bark. En — , with the 
bark on. 

Grumeleoz, a., rough; clotted. 

Gruy^re, n.m., Gruyere cheese. 

Guano, n.m., guano. — artificiel, 
artificial guano. 

Gu^dasse, n.f., weed-ash. 

Gu^de, n.f., woad, dyers' wood, pastel. 

Guenille, n.f., rubbish. 

Gueaiileoz, a., trumpery, worthless, 

Gaire, ga^res, aiv., hardly, scarcely, 
not much, not long, but little, very 
few. II ne s'en faut — , it wants 
but little. 

Garret, n.m., fallow-land. 

Gu§rir, v., to cure, heal. Se — , to 
recover, recover one's health. 

Gu^rison, n.f., cure, healing, re- 

Gi^rite, n f , sentry-box. 

Guerre, n.f., war; contest. Vaisseau 
de — , man-of-war. 

Guetre, n.f., gaiter. Grande — , 

Guetrier, n.m., gaiter-maker. 

Gaeole-de-lonp, n.f., cowl, chimney- 
cowl; snapdragoji. 

Gueuset, n.m., pig-iron. 

Gui, n.m., mistletoe. 

Goichet, n.m., sm^U window, shutter 
door; grating. A remettre au — 
to be handed in over the counter. 

Guide, n.m., text-book, guide-book 

Guide-&ne, n.m., guide-book. 

Gaider, v., to steer (a ship); to lead 
guide, conduct, direct. 

Goidon, n.m., handle-bar (of a bicycle) ; 
sight (of a rifie). 

Guigue, n.f., gig (naut.). 

Guillaume, n.m., rabbet-plane. 

Guillemet, n.m., inverted comma. 

Guiller, v., to work, ferment (of beer). 

Guimanve, n.f., marsh-mallow. 

Guimbarde, n.f., Jew's harp; van, 

Goimpe, n.f., veil (for nuns); chemis- 

Goindage, n.m., hoisting (of flags). 

Guinde, n.f., guinda, guindeau; n.m., 
hoist, windlass. 

Goinder, v., to hoist, strain, force; to 
hoist up (masts). 

Guinie, n.f., long-cloth; guinea. 

Goingan, n.m., gingham. 

Goipon, n.m., mop. 

Guipure, n.f., guipure, guipure-lac( . 

— de chanvre, hemp guipure. 
Guise, n.f., way, manner; fanc) , 

humour. En — de, by way of. 
Guitare, n.f., guitar. 
Goiton, n.m., dog-watch (naut.). 
Gulf-stream, n.m.. Gulf Stream. 
Gustation, n./.., tasting, gustation. 
Gutta-percha, n.f., gutta-percha. 
Gutte, see Gomme. 
Guttier, n.m., gamboge-tree. 
Gymnase, n.m., gj'mnasium. 
Gymnastique, a., gymnastic. 
Gypse, n.f., plaster of Paris; gypsum, 

Gypseuz, a., gypseous. 

Habeas corpus, n.m., habeas corpus. 
Habile, a., skilful, clever, expert, 

qualified, capable, able, shari; 

able-bodied (of seamen). 
Habilet6, n.f., skill, cleverness, ability, 

skilfulness, sharpness. 
Habilitation, n.f., qualification, habil- 

itatioii, aptitude. 
Habiliter, t'., to qualify. 
Habillement, n.m., dress, wearirg 

apparel, clothes, clothing, attir^-. 

— complet, complete suit <f 

Habiller, v., to clothe, dress. — du 
cuir, to dress leather. 

Habilleor, n.m., skin-dresser. 

Habit, n.m., apparel, dress, coat, 
dress coat, garment. — s, weariig 
apparel, clothes. — complet, suit 
of clothes. — s de deuil, moumin-r. 

Habitant, n.m., resident, inhabitant, 





Habitation, n.f., residence, abode, 

habitation; plantation. 
Habiter, v., to live or dwell in, reside 

in, inhabit. 
Habitude, n.f., custom, use, habit, 

practice. D' — , usually, generally; 

habitual, usual. 
Habitu6, n.m., customer, frequenter. 
Habituel, a., customary, habitual, 

Habituer, v., to accustom, habituate, 

use. S' — , to accustom oneself. 

Je ra'y habituerai, I shall get 

accustomed to it. 
H^bler, v., to boast, brag. 
Hableur, n.m., boaster, bragger. 
H&che, n.f., hatchet, axe. — d'abord 

age, boarding-axe. 
Hache-paille, n.m., chaff-cutter. 
Hacher, v., to tint (drawing); to chop, 

cut to pieces. 
Hachereau, n.m., small axe, hatchet. 
Hachisch, n.m., hashish. 
Hachoir, n.m., chaff-cutter, chopping- 

kiiife, chopping- board. 
Haillon, n.m., rag, rags. 
Haine, n.f., spite, grudge, aversion, 

disiike, hatred, hate. 
Hair, v., to loathe, detest, hate. 
Haire, «./., hair-shirt. 
Haissable, a., odious, hateful. 
Halage, n.m., towing, towage. Chem- 

in de — , towing-path. 
Hale, n.m., tow-rope, tow-line. 
Haler, v., to heave, haul. 
H&ler, v., to tan, burn (of the sun). 
Hallage, n.m., market-dues. 
Halle, n.f., market, market-place. — 

aux bles, com exchange. Aller a 

la — , to go to market. 
Hallier, n.m., market-keeper. 
H&loir, n.m., drying-room (for hemp). 
Haltdres, n.m., dumb-bells. 
Hamac, n.m., hammock. — k 

I'anglaise, cot (naut.). 
Hamepon, n.m., hook, fish-hook; bait. 
Hampe, n.f., handle (of a brush). 
Hanap, n.m., bowl, goblet. 
Hangar, n.m., aeroplane garage, 

hangar; shed. 
Hanse, n.f., Hanse Towns. 
Hanslatique, a., Hanseatic. 
Hansidre, n.f., hawser. 
Happe, n.f., cramp-iron. 
Happeloorde, n.f., paste, imitation 

Happer, v., to catch, nab, lay hold of; 

to snap, snap up. 

Haquet, n.m., dray. 

Harangue, n.f., harangue, speech. 

Harasse, n.f., crate. 

Harceler, v., to harass, torment. 

Hardes, n.f., pL, clothes, belongings, 
attire, wearing apparel. 

Hardiesse, n.f., impudence, audacity, 
hardihood, daring. 

Hareng, n.m., herring. — saur, red 
herring. — frais, fresh herring. 
— s marines, pickled herrings. 

Harengaison, n.f., herring season. 

Harengerie, n.f., herring market. 

Harenguet, n.m., sprat. 

Haricot, n.m., kidney-bean. — 
d'Espagne, scarlet rimner. — 
vert, I'rench bean. 

Harmonie, n.f., unison, concord, 
harmony, union. 

Harmonieux, a., harmonious, melo- 
dious, musical; blending (of colours). 

Harmonium, n.m., harmonium. 

Harnacher, t;., to rig out, harness. 

Harnais, harnois, n.m., harness; 

Harpe, n.f., harp. — 6olienne, 
Eolian harp. 

Harpeaa, n.m., grappling-iron. 

Harpin, n.m., boat-hook. 

Harpon, n.m., spear, harpoon, fish- 

Hart, n.f., rope, halter. 

Hasard, n.m., risk, hazard, peril, 
danger, accident, chance. Au — , at 
a venture, at random. A tous — s, 
at all risks. A tout — , at all events. 
Par — , accidentally, by chance. 
Courir le — , to run the risk. 

Hasarder, i^., to venture, hazard, risk, 
expose, run the risk. Se — , to 
venture, hazard, risk. 

Hasardeuz, a., dangerous, perilous, 
hazardous, unsafe. 

H&te, n.f., haste, hurry. A la — , in 
haste, in a hurry. En toute — , 
with all possible speed. Avoir — , 
to be in a hiury; to be anxious to. 

H&telet, n.m., small skewer. 

H&ter,!;., to forward, hasten, expedite, 
hurry, hurry on. Se — , to hurry, 
hurry oneself, make haste. 

Hatuse, n.f., advance, rise. £tre en 
— , to be rising. A la — , on the 
advance. Jouer k la — , to specu- 
late on a rise. Joueur k la — , bull. 
Sec tendance. 

Haussement, n.m., lifting, raising, 


4— (1603A) 




Hausser, v., to increase; to rise, get 
higher; to raise, raise or lift up. 
Les actions haussent, the price of 
shares is rising. Se — , to rise; to 
increase; to clear up (of weather); 
to be raised. 

Haussier, n.m., bull, operator for a rise. 

Haut, a., tall, high; principal, chief, 
important, eminent ; elevated ; 
upper. Gagner la — e mer, to put 
out to sea. Lire a — e voix, to read 
aloud. La mer (maree) est — e, 
it is high water, high tide. 

Haut, n.m., summit, top, height, 
upper part. De — en bas, from top 
to bottom. En — , upstairs. 

Haut, adv., loud, aloud, loudly; high. 
Tout — , aloud. 

Hautain, a., haughty, proud. 

Hautbois, n.m., oboe, hautbois. 

Haute paye, «./., extra pay. 

Hauteur, n.f., hautiness, arrogance; 
altitude, height, hill; elevation; 
firmness, fitre a la — du siecle, 
to keep pace with the age; to be 
up to date. 

Haut-fond, n.m., shoal. 

Haut-fourneau, n.m., blast furnace. 

Hauturier, a., of the high seas. 

Hauturier, n.m., sea-pilot. 

Ha vane, n.f., Havanna. 

Havane, n.m., Havana cigar. 

Haveron, n.m., wild oats. 

Havre, n.m., harbour, port, haven, 
tidal harbour. 

Havresac, n.m., haversack, knapsack, 

Hebdomadaire, a., weekly. 

Hectare,, hectare. 

Hectogramme, n.m., hectogramme. 

Hectolitre, n.m., hectolitre. 

Hectometre, n.m., hectometre. 

Heler, v., to hail or speak (a ship). 

H^lice, n.f., screw. Propulseur a — , 
screw-propeller. Vapeur a — , 

H^Iicopt^re, n.m., helicopter. 

H^liom^tre, n.m., heliometer. 

Helioscope, n.m., helioscope. 

Heliotrope, n.m., heliotrope, blood- 

Hematite, n.f., hematite. 

Hemisphere, n.m., hemisphere. 

Henne, n.m., henna. 

Herbe, n.f., weed; herb, grass. — 
marine, sea-weed. — a la reine, — 
el I'ambassadeur, snufT, tobacco. 
— s tinctoriales, dyer's herbs. 

Herboriste, n.m., herborist, herbalist. 

Herboristerie, n.f., herbalist's shop, 
herb trade. 

Hereditaire, a., hereditary. 

Heredite, n.f., inheritance, succession. 

Heritage, n.m., legacy, inheritance, 
patrimony, estate. 

Heritor, v., to succeed, inherit. 

Heritier, n.m., heir. — testamentaire, 
— institue, devisee, heir under a 
will. — universel, sole or universal 
heir. — legitime, lawful heir. — 
presomptif, heir-apparent. 

Hermeline, n.f., sable. 

Hermetique, a., hermetic, hermetical. 

Hermine, n.f., ermine, hermine. 

Hemaire, a., bandage — , truss. 

Hesitation, n.f., hesitation. 

Hesitant, a., wavering, hesitating, 

Hesiter, v., to hesitate, stop, pause; 
to be doubtful. 

Hetre, n.m., beech, beech-tree. 

Heure, n.f., hour. — s en sus, over- 
time. — indue, late hour. De 
bonne — ,. early, soon. Quelle — 
est-il ?, what is the time ? Sur les 
deux — s, about two o'clock. LTn 
mauvais quart d'heure, a bad 
time. Donner — , to make an 
appointment, fix an hour. Pom' 
1'^, for the present. D' — a autre, 
now and then. D'une — a 1' autre, 
from one moment to the other 
D' — en — , every hour, every 
moment, hourly. A 1' — qu'il est, 
a cette — , by this time, now, at 
present. Tout a 1' — , presently, 
by-and-by; just now, not long 

Heureox, a., happy, fortunate, pros- 
perous, pleased, delighted. fitrr 
— , to be lucky. 

Heurt, n.m., blow, knock; collision. 

Heutrement, n.m., shock, clash, 

Heurter, v., to meet, rim across; to go 
counter to; to run foul of; to run or 
knock up against; to offend, hurl ; 
to jar with. Se — , to come int" 
collision; to clash. 

Hiboa, n.m., owl. 

Hideuz, a., horrible, frightful, shock- 
ing, dreadful, hideous. 

Hie, n.f., beetle, paving beetle, rani- 
mer (of paviers). 

Hier, adv., yesterday. Avant — , tlie 
day before yesterday. — matin, 






yesterday morning. — soir, — au 
soir, last night. 

Hippopotame, n.m., hippopotamus. 

Hisser, v., to haul out (sails); to lift, 
hoist, heave (up), to raise or haul up. 

Histoire, n./., narration, history, story. 

Hiver, n.m., winter. — rude, severe 

Hochet, n.m., toy, rattle, coral. 

Hollandais, n.m., Dutchman; Dutch 

Hollandais, a., Dutch. 

HoUande, batiste — e, strong, thick 

Homard, n.m., lobster. — s frais, 
fresh lobsters. 

Homicide, n.m., manslaughter, homi- 

Hommage, n.m., acknowledgment, 
respect, service. — s, respects. 

Homme, n.m., man. — d'affaires, 
business man. — a tout faire, jack 
of all trades. — de journee, day 
labourer. — de robe, lawyer. 

Homologation, n./., homologation, 
confirmation, approval. 

Homologuer, r., to homologate, con- 

Hongrois, n.m., Hungarian, Hun- 
garian language. 

Hongrois, a., Hungarian. 

Honnete, a., polite, courteous; up- 
right, honest. Prix ^, reasonable 
price. Un homme — , a civil man. 
Uii — homme, an honest man. 

Honnete, n.m., probity, honesty. 

Honnetete, n./., integrity, probity, 
honesty; kindness, courtesy; respec- 

Honneur, n.m., respect, honour, 
credit. D' — , honorary; honour- 
able. Faire — i, to honour or meet 
(bills). Tenir k — , to esteem it an 
hortour to. Se faire — de quelque 
chose, to esteem or consider any- 
thing an honour. 

Honorabiliti, n.f., respectability. 

Honorable, a., respectable; honour- 
able; suitable, proper. 

Honoraire a., honorary. 

Honoraire, n.m., salary, stipend, fee. 

Honor^e, n.f., favour, letter. 

Honorer, v., to pay honour to, to 
honour (bills). S' — , to deem or 
consider it an honour. 

Honte, n.f., confusion; disgrace, 
scandal; shame. Faire la — de, to 
be a disgrace to. 

Hontenz, a., disgraceful, shameful, 
scandalous; ashamed. 

Horaire, n.m., time-table. 

Horloge, n.f., clock. — de sable, hour- 
glass. — qui marche huit jours, 
eight-day clock. — marine, 
chronometer. — ci musique, 
musical clock. 

Hormis, prep., save, but, e.xcepting, 

Horrible, a., dreadful, shocking, 

Hors, prep., except, beyond, out, past. 

— de prix, extremely dear. — de 
doute, beyond doubt, without 
question. — de saison, out of 

Horticole, a., horticultural. 

Horticoltural, a., horticultural. 

Horticulture, n.f., horticulture. 

Hotel, n.m., hotel, inn. — des 
monnaies, mint. — des ventes, 
auction mart. — de ville, town- 

Honblon, n.m., hop. Four a — , hop- 

Houe, n.f., hoe. 

Hooille, n.f., coal, pit-coal. — de 
moyenne grosseur, cob-coal. — 
grasse, cannel-coal, smith-coal. — 
flambante, open-burning coal, in- 
flammable coal. — s^che, glance- 
coal. Mine de — , coal-pit, coal- 

Houillire, n.f., colliery, coal-pit, coal- 
mine. Propri6taire de — , coal 
proprietor, coal-owner. 

Houilleur, n.m., coal-miner, collier. 

Houlette, n.f., trowel. 

Hooleoz, a., rough (sea). 

Hooppe, n.f., tassel, tuft. — a 
poudrer, powder-puff. 

Houppelande, n.f., ulster, overcoat. 

Houssine, n.f., switch. 

Houssoir, n.m., birch-broom; feather- 

Honz, n.m., holly, holly-tree. 

Hoile, n.f., oil. — de cade, cade oil. 

— de ricin, castor-oil. — de lin, 
linseed oil. — k bruler, lamp-oil. 

— de pied de boeuf, ncatsfoot oil. 

— de navette, rape oil. — douce, 
sweet oil. — de baleine, whale oil, 
train oil. — k salade, — k manger, 

— comestible, salad oil. — de 
lavande, oil of lavender. — de 
t6r6benthine, oil of turpentine. 
Reservoir i\ — , oil reservoir. 





— s, oil trade. Pain 
Couleur a 1' — , oil 

Commerce des 

d' — , oil cake. 

Holler, v., to grease, oil. 
Hoilerle, nJ., oil-shop, oil-works. 
HuUier, n.m., cruet-stand. 
Huissler, n.m., bailiff, usher, sheriff's 

offii-er, door-keeper. 
Halt, a., eight, eighth. D'aujourd'hui 

en — , this day week. 
Hult, n.m., eight, eighth. 
Hultaine, «./., eight days. Dans la 

— , in the course of the week. 
Huitl^me, a., eighth. 
Hultldme, n.m., eighth. 
Huitre, n.f., oyster. — s marinees, 

pickled oysters. 
Huitri^re, n.f., oyster-bed. 
Humecter, v., to moisten, damp, wet. 
Humlde, a., wet, damp, moist. 
Hnmidlt^, n.f., wetness, humidity, 

Humilier, v., to humiliate, humble. 
Humus, n.m., mould, soil. 
Hune, n.f., top (naut.). La grande — , 

the main-top. 
Hunier, n.m., top-sail. 
Hutte, n.f , shed, shanty, hut. 
Hyacinthe, n.f., hyacinth. 
Hydrate, n.m., hydrate. 
HydrauUque, a., hydraulic. Ouvrages 

— s, waterworks. B61ier — , water- 
Hydrochlorate, n.m., hydrochlorate. 
Hydrog6ne, n.m., hydrogen. 
Hydrom^tre, n.m., hydrometer. 
Hydroscope, n.m., hydroscope. 
Hydrure, n.m., hydruret. 
Hygromitre, n.m., hygrometer. 
Hypotb^caire, a., on mortgage. 

Creancier — , mortgagee. 
Hypoth^que, n.f., mortgage. Debiteur 

sur — , mortgager. Creancier sur 

— , mortgagee. 
Hypotb^quer, t;., to mortgage. 
Hypotbise, n.f., hypothesis, supposi- 

Icaqae, n.f., cocoa-plum. 

IcaQnler, n.m., cocoa-plum tree. 

IchtyocoUe, n.f., fish-glue, isinglass. 

Ici, adv., here, in this place; now. 

D' — , hence. D' 1^, between 

now and then. Par — , this way, 
through here. Jusqu' — , hitherto, 
till now, up to this time. D' — a 
trois jours, within three days. 

Id, see idem. 

Idie, n.f., idea, fancy; plan, sketch,; 
outline; opinion, meaning. Avoir 
une — , to have an idea. II me 
vient k V — , it occurs to me. 
Changer d' — , to alter one's mind. 
II me vient une — , an idea strikes 
me. J'ai — , I rather think. 

Idem, adv., ditto, idem. 

Identifier, to identify. 

Identlque, a., identical, the same. 

Identity, n.f., identity. 

Idlome, n.m., idiom, language. 

Idlotlsme, n.m., idiom. 

Ignominieux, a., ignominious. 

Ignorance, n.f., mistake, error, 
blunder; ignorance. £tre dans 
r — de, to be ignorant of. 

Ignorant, a., unacquainted with; 

Ignor^ part., unknown. 

Ignorer, v., to be unacquainted with, 
not to know, not to be aware of; 
to be ignorant of. Ne pas — , to b« 
aware of, to know. 

8, pron., m., he, it. 
e, n.f.,' island. L' — de France, 
Mauritius. — s du vent. Windward 

Illegal, a., imlawful, illegal. 

ni^galement, adv., unlawfully, 

miclte, a., unlawful, illicit. 

minute, a., unlimited. 

misible, a., illegible. 

nilsiblement, adv., illegibly. 

niumlner, v., to illuminate, light ur, 

Illusion, n.f., delusion, illusion, fitre 
dans r — , to be labouring under a 

Qlusionner, v., to deceive, delude. 

niusoire, a., illusory, delusive. 

Illustration, n.f., elucidation, explana- 
tion; illustration. 

niustre, a., famous, eminent, illus- 

Dlustrer, v., to explain, make clear; 
to illustrate, to illuminate. 

Imaginaire, a., imaginary. 

Imaginer, v., to invent; to think, 
believe, fancy, imagine, suppose. 

Imbiber, v., to soak, steep ; to im- 

Imbuvable, a., undrinkable. 

Imitation, n.f., imitation. 

Imiter, v., to copy, imitate; o 

Immangeable, a., tmeatable. 





Immatriculer, v., to register, matricu- 

ImmMiat, a., immediate. 

Immense, a., enormous, immense, 

Immerger,!^., to dip, immerse, plunge. 

Immesurable, a., immeasurable. 

Immeuble, n.m., estate, real estate. 

Immigrer, t;., to immigrate. 

Imminent, a., impending, imminent. 

s'Immiscer, v., to meddle with, to 
interfere with. 

Immobile, a., firm, stable, immovable. 

Immobilier, a., real (of property.) 

Immoder^, a., excessive, immoderate. 

Immuable, a., unalterable, unchange- 
able, immutable. 

Immunity, «./., immunity. 

Immutability, n.f., unchangeableness, 

Impair, a., uneven, odd. 

Imparfait, a., defective, imperfect, 

Imparity, n.f., imparity, inequality. 

Impartial, a., impartial. 

Impasse, n.f., dilemma, dead-lock. 

Impatient, a., eager, impatient, 

Impayable, a., matchless, invaluable, 
priceless; unheard of, extraordinary. 

Impay^, a., unpaid. 

Imperceptible, a., imperceptible. 

Imp^riale, n.f., imperial serge. 

Imp6rieux, a., haughty, imperious. 

Imp^rissable, a., imperishable. 

Impermeable, a., impermeable. — k 
Tcau, waterproof. — k Pair, air- 

Impertinent, a., impertinent, insolent. 

Impetueux, a.,' impetuous. 

Impitoyable, a., merciless, pitiless, 

Implacable, a., implacable. 

Implanter, v., to plant, implant. 

Implicite, a. implicit, implied, tacit. 

Impliquer, v., to infer, imply; to 
involve, implicate. 

Implorer, v., to beg, implore, entreat. 

Impoli, «., uncivil, impolite. 

Impolitesse, n.f., incivility, impolite- 
ness, rudeness. 

Impopulaire, a., unpopular. 

Importable, a., importable. 

Importance, n.f., weight, considera- 
tion, consequence, importance. De 
la deriiiere — , of the highest or 
greatest importance. D' — , of 
moment, of consequence. 

Important, a., momentous, import- 
ant, of consequence, of moment- 
Peu — , of little consequence, 
immaterial. ' C'est une grande et 
— e maison, the firm is a large and 
important one. 

Importateur, n.m., importer. MM. X 
sont des — s de cigares, Messrs. X 
are importers of cigars. 

Importation, n.f., importation; im- 
ports. Objets d' — , articles of 

Importer, v., to import, introduce; to 
signify, matter, concern. Peu — , 
it does not much matter. N' — , 
never mind; no matter. Nous 
importons des soies de France, 
we import silks from France. 

Importun, a., inconvenient, impor- 
tunate, troublesome. 

Importuner, v., to annoy, trouble, 
pester, importune. 

Imposable, a., taxable. 

Imposant, a., striking, imposing. 

Imposer, v., to charge, tax, impose, 
laj' upon; — des droits, to levy 

Imposition, n.f., impost, tax, assess- 
ment; imposition. Lever des — s, 
to levy taxes. 

Impossibility, n.f., impossibility. £tre 
de toute — , to be utterly impos- 

Impossible, a., impossible, out of the 

Impdt, n.m., duty, tax, impost. — 
sur le revenu, income tax. Lever 
des — s, to levy taxes. Percevoir 
les — s, to collect the taxes. 

Iihpression, n.f., mark, impression, 
print, printing; edition, issue. 
Faute d' — , misprint. 

Impr^voyance, n.f., improvidence, 
want of foresight. 

Impr^vn, a., unexpected, unlocked 
for, lui foreseen. 

Imprim6, n.m., book-packet; printed 
book or paper. — s, book-post. 

Imprimer, v., to print, press, im- 

Imprimerie, n.f., printing-office; 

Imprimeur, n.m., printer. — litho- 
graphc, lithographic printer. 

Improbable, a., unlikely, improbable. 

Improbe, a., dishonest. 

Improbity, n.f., dishonesty. 

Improductif, «., unproductive. 





Impropre, a., unfit for, improper, 

Improviste, k V — , adv., unawares, 
suddenly, unexpectedly. 

Imprudence, n./., indiscretion, impru- 

Imprudent, a., unwise, imprudent, 


Impuissant, a., unable, powerless. 

Impulsion, «./., impulse, impetus, 
impulsion. Donner 1' — k, to give 
an impetus to. 

Imputable, a., chargeable, to be 
deducted; attributable. 

Imputation, n.f., deduction, charge; 

Imputer, v., to deduct; to attribute, 
• (impute, charge with. 

Inabordable, a., unapproachable, in- 

Inacceptable, a., unacceptable. 

Inaccessible, a., unapproachable, in- 

Inaccoutum^, a., unusual, unaccus- 

Inachev6, a., incomplete, unfinished. 

Inactif, a., inactive. 

Inactivity, n.f., inactivity. 

Inad^quat, a., incomplete, inadequate. 

Inadmissible, a., inadmissible. 

Inadvertance, n.f., oversight, inad- 
vertence, inadvertency. Par — , by 
an oversight, inadvertently. 

Inalienable, a., untransferable, in- 

Inalterable, a., invariable, unalter- 
able, unchangeable. 

Inamical, a., unfriendly. 

Inamicalement, adv., in an unfriendly 

Inanime, a., inanimate. 

Inapercevable, a., imperceptible. 

Inapplicable, a., inapplicable. 

Inappreciable, a., invaluable, ines- 

Inaptitude, n.f., disqualification, inap- 
titude, unfitness. 

Inattendu, a., unexpected, unforeseen. 

Inaugurer, v., to open, inaugurate. 

Incalculable, a., innumerable, num- 
berless, incalculable. 

Incandescence, n.f., incandescence. 

Incandescent, a., incandescent. 

Incapable, a., incompetent, incapable, 
unfit, unable. 

Incapacite, n.f., disqualification, in- 
capacity, inability, disabiUty. 

Incarnadin, n.m., carnation colour. 

Incamat, n.m. , flesh-colour; carnation. 

Incassable, a., unbreakable. 

Incendie, n.m., fire, conflagration. 
Appareil de sauvetage pour les — s, 

Incendier, v., to set fire to, to burn, 
burn down. 

Incertain, a., unsteady, unsettled, 
uncertain, vague. 

Incertitude, n.f., instability, uncer- 
tainty, unsteadiness. 

Incessamment, adv., at once, directly, 
shortly, immediately; incessantly. 

Incessible, a., inalienable. 

Inciter, v., to instigate, incite, induce. 

Inciemence, n.f., inclemency. 

Inclement, a., inclement. 

Inclure, v., to insert, enclose, contain, 

Indus, a., included; enclosed. Troii- 

ver ci , to find enclosed. Ci , 

sent herewith, herein enclosed. 

Incluse, n.f., enclosed letter. 

Incolore, a., colourless. 

Incomber, v., to devolve upon, to be 
incumbent on anyone, to be a dutv. 

Incommode, a., annoying, trouble- 
some, inconvenient. 

Incommode, part., distressed (of 

Incommoder, v., to annoy, trouble, 
disturb, inconvenience; to disagree 
with; to embarrass. 

Incommodite, n.f., annoyance, 
trouble, inconvenience; distress 
(of ships). 

Incomparable, a., unequalled, in- 
comparable, matchless. 

Incompatible, a., incompatible, incon- 

Incomplet, a., imperfect, incomplete. 

Incomprehensible, a., unintelligible, 

Inconnu, a., unknown. 

Inconstant, a., unsettled, unsteady, 
variable, changeable. 

Incontestable, a., unquestionable, in- 
contestable, indisputable. 

Inconvenient, n.m., objection, trouble, 

Inconvertible, a., unconvertible. 

Incorporation, n.f., incorporation. 

Incorporer, v., to embody, int ur- 
porate. i 

Incroyable, a., incredible. 

Incruster, v., to inlay, incrust. 

Inculte, a., unploughed, uncultivated 
waste. Terres — s, waste lands. . 





Incurie, n.f., negligence, carelessness, 

Inde, n.m., indigo, indigo-blue. 

Ind^chiffrable, a., illegible, undeci- 

Indemnisation, n.f., indemnification. 

Indemniser, v., to indemnify, make 
good, recoup. S' — , to indemnify 
or recoup oneself. Je vous indemni- 
serai de cette perte, I will 
indemnify you for this loss. 

Indemnity, n.f., indemnity. 

Ind^niable, a., unquestionable, un- 

Indestructible, a., indestructible. 

Index, n.m., index, table of contents, 
fitre a 1'- — , to be forbidden. 

Indicateur, n.m., time-table, railway- 
guide; guide, indicator, gauge. 

Indication, n.f., proof, sign, mark, 

Indice, n.m., indication, mark, sign, 

Indien, n.m., Indian. 

Indien, a., Indian. 

Indienne, n.f., print, prhited calico, 
printed cotton. — a carreaux, 
India checks. 

Indienneur, n.m., calico-printer. 

Indifferent, a., indifferent, immaterial. 
Cela m'est parfaitement — , it is 
quite immaterial to me. 

Indigence, n.f., want, indigence, 

Indignation, n.f., indignation. Avec 
— , indignantly. 

Indigne, a., undeserving, unworthy; 

s'Indigner, v., to be indignant. 

Indigo, n.m., indigo. — cuivre rouge, 
red copper indigo. — violet et 
cuivre, violet and copper indigo. 
— bleu, blue indigo. — de Bengal, 
\ Bengal indigo. — de Manille, 
Manilla indigo. — violet et bleu, 
violet and blue indigo. — bleu fin, 
fine blue indigo. — du commerce, 
commercial indigo. 

Indigoterie, n.f., indigo manufac- 
1 tory. 

I iDdiqner, v., to show, point out, 
" indicate; to name, mention, state; 
to inform of. 

Indiscret, a., injudicious, indiscreet. 

Indiscretion, n.f., imprudence, indis- 

Indiscutable, a., indisputable, incon- 
testable, unquestionable. 

Indisponible, a., unavailable, indis- 

Indivise, a., undivided. 

Indivisible, a., indivisible. 

Indivision, n.f., joint- tenancy, joint 
possession, co-partnership. 

In-dix-huit, n.m. and a., in eighteen, 
18mo, decimo-octavo. 

In-douze, n.m. and a., in twelve, 
12mo, duodecimo. 

Indubitable, a., indubitable, beyond 
doubt, certaijn. 

Induire, v., to induce, lead; to infer. 
S' — , to be inferred. 

Indulgence, n.f., indulgence, leniency. 
Avoir de 1' — pour, to make 
allowance for, to be indulgent to. 

Indulgent, a., indulgent, lenient, con- 

Indfiment, adv., unduly. 

Industrie, n.f., manufactures, arts 
and manufactures, trade, business; 
work, industry; ingenuity, skill. 

Industrie!, n.m., commercial man, 
manufacturer, trader, tradesman. 

Industriel, a., manufacturing, indus- 
trial. Richesses — les, commercial 
wealth. Entreprise — le, industrial 

Industrieux, a., industrious, ingeni- 
ous, skilful. C'est un homme fort 
— , he is a very industrious man. 

Inebranlable, a., firm, steady, reso- 
lute, immovable. 

In^dit, a., unpublished. 

Ineflacable, a., ineffaceable, indelible. 

Inefflcace, a., ineffectual, inefficacious, 

In^gal, a., rough, unequal, uneven. 

In^galite, n.f., unequality; irregular- 

Inepte, a., unfit, hiept. 

In^puisable, «., unexhaustible. 

Inespere, a., unlooked for, un- 

Inexact, a., inaccurate, inexact. 

Inexcusable, a., unjustifiable, inex- 
cusable, unwarrantable. 

Inexicutable, a., impracticable. 

Inexperience, n.f., inexperience. 

Inexperimente, a., inexperienced; un- 

Inexplicable, a., unaccountable, singu- 
lar, inexplicable. 

In extenso, adv., fully, at full length, 
in e.xtenso. 

Infaisable, a., impossible, impractic- 





Inf^cond, a., barren, infertile, un- 

Inf6rer, v., to conclude, infer, deduce. 

Inf^rieur, a., inferior, lower. 

Infertile, a., barren, unfruitful, in- 

Inflddle, a., disloyal. 

Infini, a., numberless, endless, in- 
finite, immense. 

Infinite, n.f., no end of; crowd, 

Infl^chissable, a., inflexible, unbend- 
able (of things). 

Influence, n.f., influence, power. II a 
des relations d'une haute — , he has 
connections of very great influence. 

Influencer, f., to influence, bias. 

Influent, a., influential. 

Influer, v., to influence, exert an 
influence over. 

Influxion, n.f., influx. 

In-folio, n.m. and a., folio (priitting). 

Information, n.f., information, in- 
quiry. Prendre des (aller aux) — s, 
to make inquiries. 

Informer, v., to inform, apprise, 
acquaint; to investigate, inquire 
into. S' — , to ask, inquire, make 

Infortun^, a., unfortunate. 

Infraction, n.f., infringement, breach 
infraction, violation. 

Infractueux, a., unavailing, fruitless, 

Ing^nieur, n.m., engineer. — des 
mines, mining engineer. — civil, 
civil engineer. — -opticien, 


Ing6nieuz, a., intelligent, ingenious, 

Ing^nu, a., frank, candid, open. 

Ing^nuit^, n.f., candidness, frankness, 

Ing6rer, s' — , v., to interfere, meddle 

In globo, adv., altogether, in a lump. 

Ingrat, a., imfruitful, unprofitable; 
thankless, ungrateful. • 

Ingratitude, n.f., ingratitude, thank- 

Ingredient, n.m., ingredient. 

Inhabile, a., imfit, incapable, un- 

Inhabilete, n.f., incapacity, inability, 

Inhibition, n.f., prohibition, inhibi- 

Inimitable, a., inimitable. 

Inimitii, n.f., aversion, enmity, jmti- 

Inintelligible, a., unintelligible. 

Initiate, n.f., initial. 

Initiative, n.f., initiative. Prendre 
r — , to take the initiative. 

Injecteur, n.m., injector. 

Injonction, n.f., order, injunction. 

Injudicieuz, a., injudicious. 

Injure, n.f., injury, wrong, insult. 
— s, slander; abuse. Faire — k 
queiqu'un, to wrong anyone. 

Injurieuz, a., wrongful, injurious, 
offensive, abusive. 

Injuste, a., wrong, wrongful, unjust, 

Injustice, n.f., injustice. 

Innavigable, a., unseaworthy, un- 

Inn^gociable, a., not negotiable. 

Innombrable, a., endless, innumerable, 

Innover, v., to innovate. 

Inobservance, n.f., inobservance, non- 

Inoccup6, a., unemployed, unoccu- 

In-octavo, n.m. and a., octavo, 8vc , 
in octavo. 

InofBciel, a., unofficial. 

Inondation, n.f., deluge, inundation, 

Inonder, v., to overflow, inundate; to 
overwhelm, overrun. 

Inopin^, a., sudden, unexpected, 
unlooked for, unforeseen. 

Inopportun, a., unseasonable, inoji- 
portune, ill-timed. 

Inoubliable, a., not to be forgotten. 

Inoui, a., extraordinary, unheard r f, 

In-quarto, n.m. and a., quarto, m 
quarto, 4to. 

Inquiet, a., uneasy, anxious. 

Inqui^tant, a., disquieting, alarmir 

Inqui^ter, v., to alarm, disquiet, make 
uneasy. S' — , to alarm oneself, to 
be an.xious, uneasy. 

Inquietude, n.f., alarm, uneasiness, 
anxiety. Avoir des — s, to be 
uneasy. Donner de 1' — k, to make 

Insalubre, a., unhealthy, unwhole- 

Insciemment, adv., unknowingly, un- 

Inscription, n.f., stock-receipt; entry, 
inscription, registry. 






Inscrire, v., to register, enter, in- 
scribe. S' — , to enter one's name. 

In-seize, n.m. and a., sixteen, in 
sixteen, 16mo. 

Insense, a-, foolish, stupid, unwise. 

Insensible, a., imperceptible, insen- 
sible, unconscious. 

Insurer, v., to insert, put in. 

Insidueux, a., insidious. 

Insigne, n.m., marlt, badge. 

Insignifiant, a., insignificant. 

Insinuer, v., to suggest, insinuate, 
hint, intimate. 

Insipide, a., tasteless, fiat, insipid, 

Insistance, «./., urgent request; in- 

Insister, v., to press, lay stress on; to 
persist, insist, urge. 

Insolent, a., impudent, insolent. 

Insolite, a., unusual. 

Insoluble, a., insoluble. 

Insolvabilit^, n./., -insolvency. 

Insolvable, a., insolvent. II s'est 
declare — , he has declared himself 

Insouciance, »./., carelessness, 

Insouciant, a., indifferent, thought- 
less, careless. 

Inspecter, v., to supervise, oversee, 
superintend, inspect, survey. 

Inspecteur, n.m., superintendent, in- 
spector, overseer; surveyor. 

Inspection, n.f., superintendence, in- 
spection; survey. A la premiere — , 
at first sight. 

Instability, n.f., instability. 

Installation, n.f., installation. 

Installer, v., to install. 

Instance, n.f., instance; urgency, 
earnestness. Tribunal de premiere 
— , Court of l<"irst Instance. 

Instant, a., urgent, pressing, earnest. 

Instituer, v., to appoint, institute, 

Instruction, n.f., inquiry, examina- 
tion, information, instruction, edu- 
cation. Donner des — s, to give 
instructions. Juge d' — , examining 

Instruire, v., to inform, acquaint; to 
examine, investigate; to teach, 

Instruit, part., well-informed, aware; 

Instrument, n.m., tool, implement; 
document, instrument. — tranch- 

ant, edge-tool. — s de calcul, 
mathematical instruments. 

Insu, a la — , prep., unknown to. A 
mon — , imknown to me. 

Insuccds, n.m., want of success, 

Insufflsant, a., inadequate, insuffi- 

Insulte, n.f., affront, insult, abuse. 

Insulter, i^., to abuse, affront, insult. 

Insupportable, a., intolerable, in- 
supportable, insufferable. 

Insurmontable, a., insuperable, insur- 

Intact, a., entire, imtouched, intact, 

Intaille, n.f., intaglio. 

Integral, a., integral, entire, whole. 

Intdgre, a., upright, honest. 

Int6grit6, n.f., probity, integrity, 

Intelligence, n.f., knowledge, acquain- 
tance, intelligence, understanding; 
ability, skill; correspondence. En 
bonne. — avec, on good terms with. 
Avoir r — des affaires, to have a 
knowledge of busmess. 

Intelligent, a., clever, sharp, quick, 
intelligent. Uh employe fort — , 
a very intelligent clerk. ' 

Intelligible, a., clear, intelligible. 

Intendant, n.m., commissioner; in- 
tendant; steward. 

Intenter, v., to commence; to enter 
upon; to bring (against). — ime 
action k (centre) quelqu'un, to 
bring an action against anyone. 

Intention, n.f., intention; meaning, 
intent, purpose, view. Sans — , 
unintentionally. Avec — , on 
purpose. Dans 1' — de, with a view 
to. A r — de, on account of. Avoir 
r^ — de, to intend to. 

Interdiction, n.f., suspension; prohibi- 
tion, inhibition, interdiction. 

Interdire, v., to suspend, prohibit, 
forbid, interdict; to confound, 

Int^ressant, a., interesting. 

Int6ress6, n.m., party interested. 

Int4resser, v., to interest, concern, 
affect. S' — , to be concerned in, to 
have or take an interest in; to be 

Intfofit, n.m., interest; share; concern. 
Cet argent porte — , this money 
bears interest. — compost, com- 
pound interest. Favoriser les — s 





de quelqu'un, to promote anyone's 
interests. Prendre — k, se prendre 
d' — pour, to take interest in. 
Nous ne pouvions rien faire de 
inieux pour vos — s, we could not 
protect your interests better. 

Int^rieor, a., inland, internal, in- 

Intirieor, n.m., home, interior. Min- 
Istre de 1' — , Home Secretary. 

Interim, n.m., interim. Dans 1' — , 
meanwhile, in the interval (interim). 

Int^rimaire, a., temporary, provi- 

Interlineation, n./., interlineation. 

Interm^diaire, n.m., middleman, in- 
termediate agent, medium. Par 
r — de, through the medium of. 

Interm^diat, a., intermediate. 

International, a., international. 

Interoc6anique, a., interoceanic. 

Interpellation, «./., question; inter- 
pellation, summons. 

Interpretation, n./., construction, in- 
terpretation. — erronee, miscon- 

Interprdte, n.m., interpreter, trans- 

Interpreter, v., to interpret, construe, 

Interrogation, n.f., interrogation, 

Interroger, v., to question, consult, 

Interrompre, v., to suspend, stop, 
interrupt, break off. 

Interruption, n.f., suspension, inter- 
ruption, discontinuance. 

Intervalle, n.m., interval, space. Par 
— s, at intervals. 

Intervenir, v., to occur, happen; to 
interfere, intervene, interpose. 

Intervention, n.f., intervention, inter- 

Intimation, n.f., legal notice; notifica- 
tion, intimation. 

Intime, a., close, intimate, familiar. 

In timer, v., to convoke, summon; to 
notify, give notice of appeal. 

Intitule, n.m., title (of books, etc.). 

Intitnler, v., to call, entitle, name. 

Intolerable, a., intolerable, insuffer- 

Intraitable, a., difficult, unmanage- 
able, untractable. 

In-trente-deoz, n.m. and a., 32mo, 
in thirty-two. 

Intrinseque, a., intrinsic, intrinsical. 

Introduction, n.f., introduction; pre- 
amble. ' 

Introductoire, a., introductory, pre- 

Introduire, v., to introduce, bring in; 
to conduct. S' — , to be introduced, 
brought in; to intrude, get in, 
gain admittance. 

Innsite, a., not in use, unused, 
obsolete, unusual. 

Inutile, a., useless, of no use, fruitless, 

Inntilisable, a., worthless, profitless. 

Inutilite, n.f., inutility, fruitlessness 

Invalide, a., not valid, without fora 
or effect, void; infirm. 

Invalider, v., to annul, invalidate, 
make void. 

Invariable, a., invariable, imalterable, 

Invendable, a., u^aleable. 

Invendu, a., uns<TO. 

Inventaire, n.f., inventory. Faire 1' — 
des fonds en magasin, to take stock. 

Inventor, v., to invent, devise, find 
out, imagine. 

Inventeur, n.m., inventor. 

Invention, n.f., invention; trick, 
falsehood, untruth. Brevet d' — , 

Inventorier, v., to catalogue, schedule, 
inventorv, to draw up an inventory 

Inverse, n.m., reverse, contrary. En 
sens — , in a contrary direction. 

Investigation, n.f., inquiry, investiga- 
tion. Faire des — s dans, to make 
inquiries into. 

In-vingt-quatre, n.m. and a., in 
twenty-four, 24mo. 

Invitation, n.f., invitation. 

Invite, n.m., guest. 

Inviter, v., to invite, urge, attrai t, 

Invoquer, v., to invoke, call upon, 
plead to. 

Invraisemblable, a., unlikely, im- 

Invraisemblanee, n.f., improbability, 

lode, n.m., iodine. — bruit, crude 

lodure, n.m., iodide, ioduret. 

Iota, n.m., iota, jot. 

Ipecacuana, n.m., ipecacuanha. 
brun, ipecacuanha. 

Ipso facto, adv., by the very fact. 






Iridium, n.m., iridium. 

Iris, n.m., iris, orris, orris-root; rain- 
bow. Poudre d' — , powdered orris- 
root. Racine d' — , orris-root. 

Irlandais, a., Irish. 

Irlandais, n m.. Irishman; Irish lan- 

Irrachetable, a., unredeemable. 

Irrecouvrable, a., irrecoverable. 

Irr6fl6chi, a., inconsiderate, thought- 
less, unguarded. 

Irrefutable, a., irrefutable. 

Irregularity, «./., irregularity. 

Irr^gulier, a., irregular. 

Irreparable, a., irrecoverable, irrepar- 

Irr^solu, a., undetermined, irresolute; 

Irrespectueux, a., disrespectful. 

Irresponsable, a., irresponsible. 

Irrevocable, a., irrevocable. 

Irrigateur, n.m., garden - engine, 

Irrigation, «./., irrigation. 

Irriguer, v., to water, irrigate. 

Irritant, a., provoking, irritatuig. 

Irriter, v., to provoke, anger, exas- 
perate, irritate, excite. S' — , to be 
angry, irritated. 

Irruption, «./., overflow; irruption; 

Isolateur, n.m., insulator. 

Isoie, a., part, apart, isolated, 
detached, solitary. 

Isoler, v., to separate, isolate, detach. 

Isoloir, n.m., insulator. 

Issue, n./., outlet, end, issue; refuse, 

It^en, a., Italian. 

Italien, n.m., Italian language; 

Italique, n.m. and a., italics; italic. 

Item, adv., ditto, also. 

Item, n.m., item. ' 

Iteration, n.f., repetition. 

Itineraire, n.m. and a., route, itin- 
erary; guide, guide-book. 

Ivoire,n.w., ivory. D' — , of ivory. — 
artificiel, artiiicial ivory. — de 
Ceylan, Ceylon ivory. — vegetal, 
vegetable ivory. Noir d' — , ivory- 
black. ^ 

Ivre, a., drunk, mtoxicated. 

Ivresse, n.f., intoxication, drunken- 
ness; (fig.) enthusiasm. 

Jabotiere, n.f., frilling. 
Jacinthe, n.f., hyacinth. 

Jaconas, m.w., jaconet, jaconet muslin. 
Jacques, n.m., James. 
Jactance, n.f., boast, bragging. 
Jade, n.m., jade, axe-stone. 
Jaillir, v., to spout (gush or spurt) out. 
Jaillissement, n.m., gushing out, 

Jais, n.m., jet. — ouvre, wrought et. 
Jalap, n.m., jalap. — en poudre, 

powdered jalap, jalap in powder. 
Jalon, n.m., mark, landmark. 
Jalonner, v., to mark or stake out. 
Jalousie, n.f., blind, Venetian blind; 

Jamais, adv., ever, never. 
Jambe, n.f., leg; stem (of a glass). 

Courir k toutes — s, to run at the 

top of one's speed. 
Jambette, n.f., small pocket-knife. 
Jambier, n.f., legging. 
Jambon, n.m., ham. — de Bayonne, 

Bayonne ham. , 

Jambonneau, n.m., small ham. 
Jante, n.f., rim (of a wheel), felloe. 
Janvier, n.m., January. 
Japon, n.m., Japan-ware. 
Japonais, n.m., Japanese; Japanese 

Japonais, a., Japanese. 
Japonner, v., to hard-bake (porcelain). 
Jardiniere, n.f., flower-stand. 
Jarre, n.f., jug, jar, can. 
Jarretelle, n.f., stocking suspender. 
Jarretiere, n.f., garter; I'Ordre de la 

— , the Order of the Garter. 
Jasmin, n.m., jessamine, jasmine. 
Jaspe, M.W., jasper. — opale, opal 

jasper. — ruband, striped jasper. 

— agate, agate jasper. 
Jasper, v., to marble; to sprinkle (in 

Jaspure, n.f., marbling, sprinkling. 
Jatte, n.f., bowl. 
Jauge, n.f., tonnage, burden; gauge, 

gaughig-rod. — d'eau, water- 
Jaugeage, n.m., gauging. 
Jauger, «., to draw (so many feet of 

water) (naut.); to gauge, measure 

(the capacity of); to take the gauge 

Jaugeur, n.m., ganger. 
Jaun&tre, a., yellowish. 
Jaone, a., yellow; n.m., yellow. — de 

chrome, chrome yellow. 
Jaonet, n.m., bachelor's button. 
Jannir, v., to dye or make yellow; 

to grow or turn yellow. 





Javeau, n.m., sand-baak. 

Jean, n.m., John. 

Jeannette, n.f., spinning-jenny. 

Jenny, n.f., jenny (cotton-frame). 

J6sas, n.m., long royal, super-royal 
(paper). . 

Jet, n.m., casting (metal); jet. — 
d'eau, waterspout, fountain. — de 
marchandises, jetsam, jettison. 
Faire le — , to jettison, throw 
(goods) overboard. 

Jetie, n.f., pier, jetty, mole. — de 
port, pier or jetty-head. 

Jeter, v., to empty; to throw, fling 
(down); to mould. — 4 la mer, 
to jettison, throw overboard. — 
I'ancre, to cast anchor. 

Jeton, n.m., counter, token. 

Jeu,, stop (of organs); play, 
sport; gambling; set. — de bourse, 
stock-jobbing. Le — ne vaut pas 
la chandelle, it is not worth the 
candle (trouble). Mettre au — , to 
stake. — d'echecs, set of chess- 

Jeadi, n.m^ Thursday. Le — gras, 
Shrove Thursday. 

Jeone, a., young, junior; Ceurly, new, 

Joaillerie, n.f., jewellery; jeweller's 
trade or business. 

Joaillier, n.m., jeweller. 

Joie, n.f., joy, delight. 

Joindre, v., to annex, add, adjoin; to 
connect, unite, combine, join. 

Joint, part., added, united. Vous 
trouverez ci- — copie de ma 
lettre, you will find herewith a 
copy of my letter. 

Joli, a., pretty, neat, nice, good, fine. 

Jonc, n.m., Malacca-cane; rush; 
keeper (ring). — marin, sea-rush. 
— s des Indes, rotangs, rattans. 

Jonch6e, — de creme, cream cheese. 

Jonction, n.f., junction; meeting. 

Jonque, n.f., junk (Chinese boat). 

Joseph, n.m., see papier. 

Jouer, v., to speculate (on the funds); 
to trifle; to run the risk; to stake. 

Jouet, n.m., toy; {fig.) laughing- 

Joneor, n.m., gambler. — a la baisse, 
bear {S.E.). — a la hausse, bull 

Jonir, v., to possess, enjoy, be in 
possession of. Faire — , to put in 
possession of; to delight, please, 
give pleasure. 

Jouissance, n.f., interest payable;! 
enjoyment, possession, use. i 

Joujoo, n.m., toy. 

Jour, n.m., day, daytime. A court 
(long) — , short (long) dated (of 
bills). — ouvrier, ouvrable, work- 
ing-day. Quinze — s, a fortnight. 

— de liquidation, clearance day. 

— de pianche, lay-day, day of 
demurrage. — ferie, holiday. £tre 
a — , to be up to date. Tous les 
— s, every day. — de fete, holiday. 

— de I'an, New Year's day. Mettre 
a — , to bring up to date. Vivre 
au — , le — , vivre au — la joumee, 
to live from hand to mouth. 
Prendre — , to make an appoint- 
ment, fi.x a day. Broderie k — , 
embroidery in open work. 

Journal, n.m., day-book; diary, 
journal, newspaper. — nautique, 

Joornalier, a., daily. 

Jonrnalier, n.m., day-labourer, jour- 

Joom^e, n.f., day; day's wages or 
work; day's journey. Femme de 
— , charwoman. Homme de — , day 

Journellement, adv., every day, daily. 

Joyao, n.m., jewel. 

Joyeoz, a., merry, cheerful, joyful. 

Jttdicatore, n.f., judicature, magis- 

Jadidaire, a., judicial, judiciary, 

Jadiciensement, adv., considerately, 
judiciously, discreetly. 

Jadicieuz, a., wise, discreet, judicious. 

Joge,, judge, justice. — de 
paix, justice of the peace. — 
d'instruction, examining magis- 

Ja|;ement, n.m., judgment; trial, 
sentence; view, opinion. Prononcer 
— ,to pass sentence, give judgment. 
Rendre un — , to deliver judgment. 

Jnger, v., to judge, deem, imagine, 
conjecture, think; to bring to trial, 
to sentence; to give judgment, pasf^ 
sentence. Au — , at a guess. A en 

— par, judging by. 

Jnger, n.m., judgment, judging; guess, 

Jnif, n.m., Jew. 
Juif, a., Jewish. 
Juillet, n.m., July. 
Join, n.m., June. 





Jujube, n.m., jujube. Pate de — , 

jujube lozeuges. 
Jujubier, n.m., jujube-tree. 
Julep, n.m., julep. 
Jumeau, n.m. aud a., twin. 
Jumeler, v., to match (articles). 
Jumelle, «./., twin. — s de campagne, 
race-glasses, field-glasses. — s de 
theatre, opera-glass. 
Jupe, n.f., petticoat. — trotteur, 

Jupon, n.m., short petticoat. 
Jure, n.m., juryman, juror. 
Jurement, n.m., oath. 
Jurer, v., to take an oath, to swear; 

to prniuisc. 
Juridiction, «./. , j urisdiction ; province, 

department; tribunal. 
Juridique, a., juridical, judicial, legal. 
Jurisconsulte, n.m., lawyer, juriscon- 
Jurisprudence, n..f, jurisprudence. 
Juriste, n.m., jurist. 
Jury, n.m., jury; committee. — de 
jugemeiit, petty jury. — d' accusa- 
tion, grand jury. 
Jus, n.m., juice; gravy, liquor. — de 
citron, lemon juice. — de reglisse, 
liquorice juice. 
Jusant, n.m., ebb, ebb-tide. 
Jusque, jusques, prep., to, as far as, 
until, till, up to, down to. Jusqu'a 
demaiu, till to-morrow. Jusqu'ici, 
as far as here; till now. Jusqu'^ 
present, till now. 
Juste, a., legitimate, lawful, just, 
equitable; fit, proper. Au plus — 
pri.x, at the lowest figure. 
Juste, adv., accurately, exactly, pre- 
cisely, just. Tout — , only just 
enough. Au — , precisely, exactly, 
Jnstesse, «./., exactness, precision, 

Justice, n.f., justice, jurisdiction, 
courts of justice; probity, fairness, 
integrity, impartiality. Citer 

(appelcr, traduire, poursuivre) 
quelqu'un en — , to sue at law, 
proceed against. Faire (rcndre) — 
a, to do justice to. 
Justifiable, a., justifiable, warrantable. 
Justificatif, a., documentary, justi- 
ficative. Pii;ce justificative, docu- 
mentary evidence, voucher. 
Justification, n.f., proof, justification. 
Justifier, v., to prove, justify, make 

Jute, n.m., jute. — blanchi, bleached 
jute. — ecru, unbleached jute. — 
teille, heckled jute. — tcint, dyed 
jute. Fil de — , jute yarn, r 

Juteuz, a., juicy. 

Juvenile, a., juvenile. 

Juxtaposition, n.f., juxtaposition. 

Eainaac, n.m., sherbet. 

Kaolin, n.m., kaolin, china-clay, 

porcelain-clay. — lave, washed 

Karata, n.m., a variety of aloe. 
Eari, n.m., a kind of spice. 
Kerm6s, n.m., kermes; kermes-min- 

eral. — de Provence, French 

scarlet grain. 
K6rosdne, n.m., kerosene. 
Ketch, n.m., lugger, ketch. 
Kilo, n.m., kilo. 
Kilogramme, n.m., kilogram. 
Kilolitre, n.m., kiloliter. 
Kilometre, n.m., kilometer. 
Kilom^trique, a., kilometric. 
Kilost^re, n.m., kilostere. 
Kimono, n.m., kimono, Japanese 

Kino, n.m., kino. 
Kola, n.m., kola- (bean). 
Kopeck, n.m., kopeck (a Russian coin 

value about Ad.). 
Kouan, n.m., cochineal, cochineal-fig. 

La, pfon., it, her. 

La, art., /., the. 

Lk, adv., then; then (of time). — 
-dessous, under there. Par — , that 
way. D'ici — , in the interval, 
by that time. 

Labeur, n.m., work, labour. Terres 
en — , lands under cultivation. 

Laboratoire, n.m., laboratory. 

Laborieux, a., hard-working, indus- 
trious; laborious. 

Labour, n.m., tillage, ploughing. 
Mettre en — , to plough. 

Labourable, a., arable. 

Labourage, n.m., tilling, ploughing, 

Labourer, v., to till, plough, dig, turn 

Laboureur, n.m., ploughman, hus- 

Lac, n.m., lac (of rupees^; lake. 

Lac6, n.m., beading, braid. 

Lacer, v., to lace. 

Laceret, n.m., small auger. 

Lacet, n.m., brjiid. lace. 





Lache, a., slack, lax, loose. 

L&cher, v., to loose, loosen, slacken, 
relax, release; to become slack or 
looss. Se — , to slip, slacken, 
become loose. 

Lack, n.m., lac, lack. Un — de 
roupies, a lac of rupees (100,000). 

Lacs, n.m., tape, string, rope. 

Lactate, n.m., lactate. 

Lactomitre, n.m., lactometer. 

Lacune, n.f., omission, blank, break, 
gap, deficiency. 

Ladanam, n.m., gum-resin. 

Ladite, a.}., the said, the same. 

Laie, n.f., stone-cutter's hammer. 

Lainage, n.f., fleece; woollen stuff or 
goods; teasling. 

Laine, n.f., worsted, wool. — 
d'agneau, lamb's wool. — a 
broder, Berlin wool. — en suint, 
greasy wool. — longue, long staple. 
— filee, wool yam, worsted. — 
degraisee, scoured wool. — courte, 
short staple. Vente de — , wool- 

Lainer, r., to teasel (wool). 

Lainerie, n.f., woollen trade; woollens, 
woollen goods; wool market. 

Laineax, a., fleecy, woolly, downy. 

Lainier, a., woollen, of wool. 

Lainier, n.m., wool-sorter, . wool- 
stapler, wool-comber. 

Laisser, v., to allow, permit, let; to 
quit, abandon, leave; to bequeath; 
to give up, leave of, omit. — Ih 
quelqu'un, to leave anyone in the 
lurch. — a desirer, to leave room 
for improvement. — aller, to let 
go. Avoir le prendre ou le — , to 
have the choice. 

Laisser-passer, laissez-passer, n.m., 
permit, permit for transit, per- 

Lait, n.m., milk. Gros — , curd. — de 
chaux, whitewash. — de beurre, 
butter-milk. — ecrcmc, skim-milk. 
— ■ conserve, preserved milk. 

Laitance, laite, n.f., whitewash, lime- 

Laiton, n.m., brass, latten. Fil de 
— , brass wire. 

Laitue, n.f., lettuce. — romaine, cos- 

Laize, u.f., width (of cloth). 

Lama, llama, n.m., lama. Fil de — , 
lama yarn. 

Lamanage, n.m., harbour pilotage. 

Lamaneur, n.m., harbour-pilot. 

Lambeaa, n.m., strip, scrap, fragment. 

Lambris, n.m., pi., valance. 

Lame, n.f., wave (sea); sheet, plate 
(of metal); sword; blade; wire (of 
silver, gold). Emporte par una — , 
washed a%vay. 

Lamentable, a., distressing, sad, 

Laminer, v., to roll; to flatten (metals). 

Laminerie, n.f., rolling-mills. 

Laminoir, n.m., rolling-mill, flatten- 

Lampadaire, n.m., lamp-post. 

Lampas, n.m., figured-silk, silk- 

Lampe, n.f., lamp. — de Davy, 
safety-lamp. — d'Argand, Argand 
Ijmip. — de surete, safety-lamp. 

— k esprit de vin, spirit-lamp. 
Dessous de — , lamp-stand. — 
Carcel, Carcel lamp. 

Lamperon, n.m., wick- holder. 
Lan^age, laQcement, n.m., launch, 

launching (of a ship). 
Lancer, v., to issue (a warrant); to 

launch (a ship); to throw, fling. 

— un vaisseau, to launch a ship. 
Se — , to launch, make a start; to 
rush. Se — dans les affaires, to 
launch out in business. 

Landau, n.m., landau. 
Landier, n.m., andiron, fire-dog. 
Langae, n.f., strip (of land); language; 

tongue. Avoir la — bien pendue, 

to have the gift of the gab. — de 

bceuf, ox tongue. — de morue, 

cod's tongue. 
Languette, n.f., key (of musical 

instruments); strip, tongue. 
Langnier,, smoked hog's tongue. 
Languir, v., to flag, droop, linger, 

Langnissant, a., dull. 
Lanifdre, a., laniferous. 
Lanteme, n.f., assay-balance; lantern; 

{mech.) lantern-wheel. — magiquc, 

magic lantern. — sourde, dark 

Lapin, n.m., rabbit. — de garenne, 

wild rabbit. 
Lapis, lapis lazoli, n.m., lapis lazuli. 
Laps, n.m., lapse (of time). 
Lapsus, n.m., slip (of the tongue). 

— calami, slip of the pen. 
Laque, n.f., lake, lac. — en grain, 

seed lac. Gomme — , gmn-lac. — 
en b&tons, stick-lac. — en ecailles, 
shellac. — fine, fine lac. 





Laque,, lacker. Vernis — , japan. 
Laquer, v., to varnish, japan, lacquer. 
Larcin, n.m., robbery, theft, pilfering, 

larcency. Faire un — , to commit 

a theft. 
Lard, n.m., pork, bacon. Tranche de 

— , rasher of bacon. Fleche de — , 

flitch of bacon. 
Large, a., wide, broad, large; great; 

ample, liberal, generous. 
Large, n.m., width, breadth, open 

sea. Prendre (gagncr) le — , 

courir au — , to stand or put out 

to sea. 
Large, adv., largely; wide. 
Largesse, n.f., fee, gratuity; liberality. 
Largeur, n.f., width, breadth, wide- 

ness, broadness. 
Larron, n.m., thief. 
Lascar, n.m., Lascar. 
Lasser, v., to fatigue, tire, wear out. 
Last, laste, n.w., last (weight, two 

Lasting, n.m., lasting (stuff). 
Lateral, a., side, lateral. 
Latrine, n.f., water-closet, latrine. 
Latte, n.f., lath. 
Lattis, n.m., lath-work, lathing. 
Laudanum, n.m., laudanum. 
Laurier, n.m., bay-tree, laurel. — 

-rose, oleander, rose-bay. 
Lavabo, n.m., wash-stand. 
Lavage, n.m., washing. 
Lavande, n.f., lavender. See huile. 
Lavanderie, n.f., wash-house, laundry. 
Laver, v., to cleanse, wash, wash 

Lavette, n.f., dish-clout, dish-cloth. 
Lavear, n.m., washer. — de cendres, 

Lavoir, n.m., rubbing- board; wash- 
house, scullery. 
Layetier, n.m., packing-case maker, 

Layette, n.f., box, drawer. 
Layetterie, n.f., box-trade. 
Lazuli, fi.m., see lapis. 
Lazulite, n.m., azure-stone, lazulite. 
L6, n.m., tow-path; breadth (of linen). 
Le^on, n.f., reading, lesson, lecture. 
Lecteur, n.m., reader. 
Lecture, n.f., perusal, reading. 
L^gal, a., lawful, legal, legitimate. 
Legalisation, n.f., authentication, 

Ligaliser, v., to legalize, authenticate. 
L6galit6, n.f., legality. 
L6gataire, n.m. /., legatee. 

Legation, n.f., legation. 

L6ger, a., active, fast; light; slight, 
trifling. Vin — , light wine. 

Legion, n.f., legion. — d'honneur. 
Legion of Honour. 

Legionnaire, n.m., Knight of the 
Legion of Honour. 

Legislation, n.f., legislation. 

Legitime, a., legitimate, lawful; just, 

Legitimer, v., to legalize, legitimate, 

Legs, n.m., legacy, bequest. 

Leguer, f., to bequeath, leave. 

Legume, n.m., vegetable. 

Lendeman, n.m., day after, next or 

following day- 
Lent, a., dull, slack, slow. — k payer, 
slack in one's payments. 

Lenteur, n.f., tardiness, slowness. 

Leopard, n.m., leopard. 

Lese-majeste, n.f., lese-majesty, high 
treason. . 

Leser, v., to injure, hurt, wrong. 

Lesion, n.f., injury, hurt, wrong. 

Lessive, n.f., wash, washing, lye- 

Lest, n.m., ballast. 

Lestage, n.m., ballasting. 

Leste, a., ballasted. 

Lester, v., to ballast. Se — , to take 
in ballast. 

Lesteur, n.m., lighter, ballast-lighter; 
(person) ballast-heaver. 

Lettrti, n.f., note, bill, letter. — de 
marque, letter of marque. — de 
credit, letter of credit; credentials. 
— de mer, pass (naut.). — de 
change, bill of exchange. — s 
patentes, letters patent. — de 
voiture, way-bill. — morte (re- 
fus6e), — tomb6e en rebut, — au 
rebut, dead letter. — affranchie, 
paid letter. — chargte (recom- 
mandee), registered letter. Mettre 
(jeter) une — k\a. poste, to post a 
letter. Boite aux — s, letter-box, 
Au pied de la — , 4 la — , literally, 
in a literal sense, word for word. 

Levain, n.m., yeast, barm. 

Levant, n.m. and a.. East, Levant. 

Levantin, a., Levantine. 

Levantine, n.f., levantine (silk cloth). 

Levee, "./-, collection (post-office^; 
crop, gathering. 

Lever, v., to collect, gather, raise; to 
lift, raise up, pull up; to take out, 
take away. — une 'yis«»'ublee, to 





dissolve a meeting. Se — , to get 
up; to break up. 

Lever, n.m., surveying; rising. — des 
plans, land surveying. 

Levier, n.m., hand-spike; lever; crow- 

Levis, a., pont — , drawbridge. 

Levure, «./., yeast, barm. 

Lexique, n.m., lexicon, dictionary. 

Lizard, n.m., lizard. 

Liant, a., pliant, supple, flexible. 

Liasse, «./., bundle, file (of papers). 

Libelle, n.m., libel, lampoon. 

Liberal, a., generous, liberal. 

Lib6r6, part., paid up (of shares); 
discharged. Des actions enti^re- 
ment liberees, fully paid-up shares. 

Lib6rer, v., to liberate, free, discharge. 
Se — , to be paid up (of shares); to 
pay off one's debts. 

Libraire, n.m., bookseller. — editeur, 
publisher, publisher and bookseller. 

Librairie, n.f., publishing-house, book- 
seller's shop, book-selling, book- 

Libre, a., exempt; free; unstamped (of 

Libre-^change, n.m., free trade. 

Libre-^changiste, n.m., free trader. 

Lice, n.f., warp; tapestry. 

Licence, n.f., permission, licence, 

Licenci6, n.m., licentiate, B.A. 

Licitation, n.f., sale by auction (of 
real estate). 

Licite, a., allowable, licit, lawful. 

Liciter, v., to sell by auction (real 

Lie, n.f., grounds, lees, dregs. 

Li6?e, n.m., cork, cork-tree. Bouchon 
de — , cork. — brut, rough cork. 

Lien, n.m., strap, band, rope. 

Lier, v., to connect, link, join; to bind, 
fasten, tie, tie down; to engage in, 
enter into. — commerce avec 
quelqu'un, to establish relations 
with anyone. Se — , to form a 
connection; to become acquainted 

. with; to tie, bind. 

Lieu, n.m., reason, cause, occasion; 
spot, place; water-closet; premises. 
En premier — , in the first place. 
En dernier — , lastly. En aucun — , 
nowhere. En tout — , everjnvhere. 
Donner — k, to give rise to. Au 
— de, instead of, in the place of, 
in lieu of. Avoir — , to take place, 
be held (meetings); to happen. 

Li&vre, n.m., hare. 

Ligne, n.f., path, range, way; line. 
Grande — , trunk line. — de 
flottaison, — de charge, water-line, 
load water-line. — a pdcher, 
fishing-line. Venir en premiere — , 
to rank first. 

Lignette, n.f., twine; net. 

Lignenl, n.m., shoemaker's thread. 

Lignite, n.m., lignite, brown-coal. 

Lilas, n.m., lilac. 

Limapon, escalier en — , winding 

Limaille, n.f., filings. 

Lime, n.f., file. — douce, smooth file. 

— batarde, bastard file. — forte, 
grosse, rough file. — k scie, saw- 
file. — demi-ronde, half-round file. 

— ronde, round file. — k arrondir, 
round-off file. — k taille simple, 
single-cut file. 

Limer, v., to file, finish off, smooth. 

Limeur, n.m., filer. 

Limite, n.f., boundary, border, Imiit. 

Limiter, t;., to bound, limit, confine. 

Limon, n.m., lemon ; slime, mud, 

Limonade, n.f., lemonade. 

Limonier n.m., lemon- tree. 

Limousine, n.f., coarse woollen cloak. 

Limure, n.f., polish; filing, filings. 

Lin, n.m., flax. Toile de — , linen- 
cloth. Graine de — , linseed. — 
blanchi, bleached flax. — brut, 
undressed flax. 

Linette, n.f., flax-seed. 

Linge, n.m., linen, cloth. — a barbe, 

Lingerie, n.f., linen-drapery, hosiery, 

Lingot, n.m., bullion, ingot. 

Lingotiire, n.f., ingot-mould. 

Linitoe, n.f., flax -field. 

Liniment, n.m., liniment. 

Linon, n.m., lawn (fine linen). — 
brochS, flowered lawn. 

Liqu^fier, v., to liquefy. 

Liqueur, n.f., liqueur, cordial; spirits 
liquor. Vin de — , sweet wine. — s 
fortes, spirits. 

Liquidambar, n.m., liquid amber. 

Liquidateur, n.m., liquidator. 

Liquidation, n.f., winding-up, liquida- 
tion; settlement, settling. 

Liquids, a., net (of money); clear, 

Liquide, n.m., spirit; liquid; fluid. 

Liquider, v., to wind up, liquidate; tc, 





discharge, settle; to sell off. Sc — , 
to discharge one's debts. 

Lire, v., to read, peruse. 

Lis, n.m., lily. 

Lisible, a., legible. 

Lisidre, n.f., edge, border; list (of 

Lisse, a., smooth, glossy. 

Lisser, v., to gloss, smooth, polish. 

Lissoir, n.m., polisher (tool). 

Liste, n.f., catalogue, list, schedule, 

Lit, n.m., bed, bedstead; stratum, 
layer. — de repos, couch. — de 
sangle, folding-bed. — de plume, 
feather-bed. Bois de — , bedstead. 
Tenir le — du vent, to sail close to 
the wind. 

Literie, n.f., bedding. 

Litharge, n.f., litharge. 

Lithine, n.f., lithia. 

Lithographe, n.m., lithographer. 

Lithographie, n.f., lithography, litho- 

Lithographier, v., to lithograph. 

Litige, n.m., suit at law, litigation. 
En — , in dispute. 

Litigieuz, a., litigious. 

Litre, n.m., litre (1'760 pint). Demi 
— , pint. 

Littoral, n.m., sea-shore, littoral. 

Liure, n.f., cord. 

Livrable, a., deliverable. 

Livraison, n.f., delivery (of goods); 
part or number of a book. Par — s, 
in parts, numbers. A (sur) — , on 
delivery. Bon (ordre) de — , 
delivery note. — par exprfes, 
special delivery. — contre rem- 
boursement, cash on delivery; 
delivery on remittance. — k 
domicile, delivered free; delivery 
at one's house. — en gare, delivery 
at the station. Faire — , to deliver. 
Prendre de — , to receive. 

Livre, n.m., book, register. — 
cartonne, book in boards. — en 
feuilles, book in sheets. — d'echan- 
tillons, book of patterns, pattern 
book. — d'effets, d'6ch6ances, bill- 
book. — de factures, invoice book. 
— d'achats, bought book. — de 
cxjmptes, account book. — journal, 
day book. Grand — , ledger. — de 
caisse/- cash book. Teneur de — s, 
book-keeper. Tenir les — s, to 
keep the accounts, books. 

Livre, n.f., pound (avoirdupois), — 

sterling, pound sterling. A la — , 

by the pound. 
Livrer, v., to deliver (goods); to 

deliver up or over; to consign. Se 

— , to devote or apply oneself to; 

to give oneself up. 
Livret, n.m.., memorandum book, 

small book, time book, depositor's 

Livrear, n.m., deliverer (of goods). 
Local, n.m., premises. 
LocaL a., local. Consommation — e, 

local consumption. 
Locataire, n.m.., lessee; tenant, 

lodger. — k bail, lessee. 
Location, n.f., hiring, renting, letting, 

letting out. 
Loch, n.m., log {navt.). Table de — , 

Locman, n.m., coasting pilot. 
Locomobile, n.f., steam-engine, trac- 
tion engine. 
Locomotive, n.f., engine, locomotive, 

locomotive engine. 
Locrenan, n.m., lockram. 
Locuste, n.f., prawn, shrimp; locust. 
Loge, n.f., cabin, hut, lodge; stall, 

Logement, n.m., accommodation, 

lodgings, quarters; residence. 
Loger, v., to put up, lodge; to accom- 
modate. Se — , to lodge. 
Logette, n.f., small box or cabin. 
Logeur, n.m., lodger. 
Logis, n.m., lodging-house, dwelling, 

Loi, n.f., law; standard (of coins). 

Homme de — , lawyer. Faire — , 

to have force of law. 
Loin, adv., far, far off, distant', 

remote. — d'ici, a great way off. 

Bien — de, far from, instead of. 
Loisible, a., allowable; optionable. 
Loisir, n.m., leisure, spare time. 
Long, a., long, prolonged, slow. 
Long, n.m., extent; length. Tout le 

7—, all along. En — , lengthways. 

Tout au — , in full, in detail. 
Long, adv., much, a great deal. 
Long-courrier, n.m., ocean-going 

Longitude, n.f., longitude. 
Longtemps, adv., a long while, a great 

while; long. 
Longueur, n.f., extent, length; dull- 
ness, slowness. Deux pieds de — , 

three feet in length. 
Longue-vue, n.f., small telescope. 





Lorgnette, n./., opera-glass. 

Lorgnon, n.m., eye-glass. 

Lors, adv., then. — de, at the time of. 
— meme que, even tliongh. D63 
(depuis) — , since then, from that 

Lorsque, conj., when, at the time or 

Lot, n.m., share, lot, portion. 

Loterie, n.f., lottery. 

Lotir, v., to portion out, divide into 

Lonable, a., praiseworthy, commend- 
able; honest. 

Louage, n.m., hire, letting out, rent- 
ing, hiring. A — , on hire. Prendre 
k — , to hire, rent. 

Louche, n.f., soup-ladle. 

Louchettes, n.f., pL, goggles. 

Lotier, v., to hire, rent, hire out, lease, 
let, let out; to speak highly of, to 

Loup, n.m., stock-jobber; domino; 
black velvet mask; crowbar. Tenir 
le — par les oreilles, to be in a 
critical situation. 

Loupe, n.f., lens, magnifying-glass, 
eye-glass; cradle (for decorators). 

Lourd, a., heavy; clumsy, awkward; 

Lourdeur, n.f., weight, heaviness; 

Loutre, n.f., otter. — marine, sea- 

Louviers, n.m., Louviers cloth. 

Loyal, a., loyal, straightforward, 
honest, fair; unadulterated, of 
good quality (of goods). 

Loyauti, n.f., honesty, loyalty, fair 
dealing, fairness, integrity. 

Loyer, n.m., rent, hire. Donner k — , 
to let. 

Lucarne, n.f., skylight. 

Lucide, a., lucid, clear. 

Lucre, n.m., lucre, gain. 

Lueur, n.f., glimmer, gleam, glimpse, 

Luire, v., to shine, gleam, glitter. 

Luisant, a., bright, shiny, glossy. 

Luisant, n.m., gloss. 

Lumidre, n.f., lamp, light; knowledge, 
information, intelligence. 

Lumignon, n.m., wick (of a lamp); 
snuff (of a candle). 

Lumineuz, a., luminous. 

Lunaire, a., lunar. 

Lundi, n.m., Monday. 

Lune, n.f., moon. 

Lunetier, «,»«.,2Jj^optician, spectacle 

Lunette, n.f., telescope; eye-glass. - 
de pochc, pocket spy-glass. — 
d'approche, small telescope, spy- 

Lustrage, n.m., lustring. 

Lustre, n.m., gloss, lustre, brilliancy. 

Lustr^, pari., glossy. 

Lustrine, n.f., lustring (stuff). 

Lntrin, n.m., reading-desk, lectern. 

Lutte, n.f., struggle, contest. 

Lutter, v., to struggle, strive against, 
cope with; to wrestle. 

Luxe, n.m., luxury. Objets de — , 
fancy goods. 

Luxueux, a., magnificent, sumptuous. 

Luxuriance, n.f., luxuriance. 

Lyc6e, n.m., college, public school, 
high school, lyceum. 

Ma, a.f., my. 

Macadam, n.m., macadam, road 

Macaire, n.m., swindler, cheat. 

Macaron, n.m., macaroon. 

Macaroni, n.m., macaroni. 

M&cher, v., to masticate, chew. 

Machine, n.f., machine, engine. — a 
double effet, double-acting engiu''. 

_ — a simple effet, single-acting 

~ engine. — a vapeur, steam-engini'. 
— de recours, pilot engine. — k 
moyenne pression, mean pressure 
engine. — pneumatique, air- 
pump. — k detente de vapeur, 
expansion steam-engine. 

Machiner, v., to edge, mill (coins); to 
plot, contrive. 

Machiniste, n.m., engineer, engim - 
man; machinist. 

M&chure, n.f., defect in the nap of 

Hacis, n.m., mace (spice). 

M.A.C.L., Maison Assuree centre 
rincendie, house insured against 

MaQon, n.m., mason, bricklayer. 

Maconnerie, n.f., masonry, stone- 

Macque, n.f., tewing beetle. 

Maculature, n.f., coarse brown paper; 
waste sheet of printed paper. 

Macule, n.f., spot, stain. 

Madame, n.f., madam. ♦ 

Madapolam, n.m., long-cloth. 

Mademoiselle, n.f., Miss. 

Maddre, n.m., Madeira, Madeira wire. 





Magasin, n.m., warehouse, storehouse; 
stock; store, shop. Garyon de — , 
counter-jumper, warehouseman. — 
de nouveautes, linen-draper's shop. 
Marchandise en — , stock. 

Magasinage, n.m., warehousing. Droit 
de — , store dues. 

Magasinier, n.m., warehouse-keeper. 

Magenta, n.m. and a., magenta. 

Magaanime, a., magnanimous. 

Magn^sie, n.f., magnesia. Sulfate de 
— , Epsom salts. — anglaise, 
calcined magnesia. 

Magnesium, n.m., magnesium. 

Magn^tique, a., magnetic. 

Magnifier, v., to magnify. 

Magniflque, a., splendid, magnificent, 

Mahou, n.m., coarse woollen cloth. 

Mai, n.m., May. 

Maigre, a., close-burning (of coal); 
thin, slender, meagre; barren. 

Maigreur, n.f., thinness, slendemess, 

Magrir, v., to fall or waste away; to 
become thin. 

Mail, n.m., mallet. 

Maille, n.f., mesh; link, ring; stitch. 

Maillechort, n.m., German or nickel 

Mailler, v., to lattice, stitch. 

Maillet, n.m., maUet, beetle. 

Mailloche, n.f., see maillet. 

Main, n.f., hand, handwriting; hand- 
shovel; handle. Tenir la — k 
quelque chose, to see that a thing 
is done, to take anything in hand. 
£tre en — , to have or be in hand. 
Mettre la — ^ la p&te, to put one's 
shoulder to the wheel. — courantc, 
waste-book. — de papier, ream of 
paper. Sous la — , at hand. A la 
portee de la — , within reach. En 
— , in hand. A la — , ready; in or 
by hand. Je m'en lave les — s, I 
wash my hands of it. Donner les — s 
k une chose, ,to consent to a thitrg. 

Main-d'oeuvre, n.f., manual labour; 

Maint, a., many. — es fois, many a 

Maintenant, adv., at this time, by 
this time, at present, now. 

Maintenir, v., to maintain, preserve, 
sustain, keep up. Se — , to be 
maintained, kept up; to hold out. 

Maintien, n.m., preservation, main- 

Maire, n.m., mayor. 

Mairie, n.f., town-hall, mayoralty. 

Mais, n.m., maize, Indian com. 
Farine de — , maize flour. 

Mais, com/., why, but. — encore, 
but yet. 

Maison, n.f., firm; house. — com- 
mune, — de ville, town-hall. A la 
— , at home. 

Maitre, n.m., boatswain; master, pro- 
prietor, owner; landlord; teacher. 
— d'equipage, boatswain. — de 
port, harbour-master. — de forges, 

Majesty, n.f., majesty. Sa — , His 
(Her) Majesty. 

Majeur, a., of age, of full age; major, 
superior, greater. 

Majority, n.f., majority, full age. 

Mai, n.m., difl&culty; misfortune, 
trouble; harm. — de mer, sea- 
sickness. Toumer en — , to put a 
wrong construction on, to mis- 
interpret. Prendre en — , to take 
offence at. 

MaU adv., wrong, badly, amiss, ill. 
De pis en — , from bad to worse, 
fitre — avec quelqu'un, to be on 
bad terras with anyone. Cela va 
— , things are going badly. Trouver 
— , to find amiss. Pas — , not a 
little, not a few; not badly. 

Malachite, n.f., malachite. 

Malade, a., unwell, ill; affected, 

Maladroit, a., clumsy, awkward. 

Malaga, n.m., Malaga (wine). 

Malaguette, maniguette, n.f., Guinea- 

Malai, malais, n.m. and a., Malay. 

Malais6, a., hard up; difficult, hard, 

Malchance, n.f., mishap, mischance. 

Malcontent, a., dissatisfied, dis- 
contented, displeased. 

Malencontre, n.f., mishap. 

Malentendu, n.m., misunderstanding, 
misconception, misapprehension. " 

Malgri, prep., notwithstanding, in 
spite of. — cela, yet, for all that, 

Malhabile, a., awkward, unskilful. 

Malheur, n.m., accident, disaster, 
. calamity ; misfortune ; mishap. 
Avoir du — , to be unfortunate. 
Quel — : what a misfortune. Pour 
comble (surcolt) de — , to crown 
all. Par — , unluckily, unhappily. 





Malheureuz, a., unfortunate, un- 
lucky ; disagreeable ; unsuccess- 

Malhonnetet^, «./•> dishonesty; in- 
civ-ility, rudeness, impoliteness. 

Malicieoz, a., mischievous, spiteful, 

Maline, n.f., spring-tide. 

Malines, n.f., Mechlin, Mechlin lace. 

Malique, a., malic. 

Malle, n.f., mail, trunk. 

Malleable, a., malleable. 

Mallette, n.f., portmanteau, small 

Malpropre, a., dirty, untidy. 

Malsain, a., unwholesome, dangerous, 

Malt, n.m., malt. 

Malt6, a., malted. 

Maltraiter, v., to abuse, maltreat, 
injure, wrong. 

Malversation, n.f., fraud, embezzle- 

Malverser, v., to embezzle. 

Manche, n.m., handle. — de couteau, 

Manche, n.f., channel; sleeve; hose, 
flexible pipe. 

Manchette, n.f., cuff, ruffle. 

Manchon, n.m., gas-mantle ; muff. 

Mandant, n.m., principal, employer. 

Mandarine, n.f., mandarin orange. 

Mandat, n.m., draft, cheque, order, 
money order; commission; warrant, 
mandate. — de (sur la) poste, 
money order. — de banque, bank- 
post bill. — de perquisition, secU'ch- 

Mandataire, n.m., attorney, proxy, 
agent, representative. 

Mander, v., to let know, to inform, 
to send word. 

Mandoline, n.f., mandolin. 

Mandarin, n.m., chuck, punch, man- 

Manette, n.f., trowel. 

Manganese, n.m., manganese. 

Mangeable, a., eatable, fit to eat. 

Manger, v., to eat; to consume, eat up, 
run through, squander away. — 
son bien, to squander one's 
Manger, n.m., food, victuals. 
Maniable, a., pliable, supple, manage- 
able, workable. 
Maniement, maniment, n.m., manage- 
ment, conduct, handling. 
Manier, v., to manage, govern; to 

handle, touch, use. — une affaire, 
to manage a business. 

Maniire, n.f., way, manner, style; 
kind, sort; fashion. Par — d' acquit, 
for form's sake. De — ou d'autre, 
somehow or other. De — que, de 
— a ce que, so that. 

Manifeste, a., manifest, evident. 

Manifeste, n.m., manifest, manifesto. 

Hanif ester, v., to make known, to 
manifest, show, display. 

Manioc, manihot, manloqoe, n.m., 
cassava, manioc, cassado, tapioca. 

Manipuler, v., to manipulate. 

ManiveUe, n.f., crank, handle, winch. 

Manne, n.f., manna; flat basket. — a 
maree, fish crate. — triee, assorted 

Mannequin, n.m., hamper, small 

Manoeuvre, n.f., working (a ship); 
handiwork ; move, manoeuvre, 
management. — s, rigging. 

Manoeuvre, n.m., laboiu"er, workman. 
Travail de — , manual labour. 

Manoeuvrer, v., to work (a ship); to 

Manoeuvrier, n.m., able seaman. 

Manom^tre, n.m., manometer. 

Manouvrier, n.m., workman, day- 

Manquant, a., short, wanting, missing. 

Manque, n.m., need, want, lack; 
defect, failure. — de, for want of. 

Manquement, n.m., omission, want, 
slip, oversight. 

Manquer, v., to be insolvent; to be in 
want of, to be out of, to be wanting; 
to be deficient; to miscarry; to lose, 
fail, miss. L' affaire a manque, the 
affair or business has fallen 
through. — ^ sa parole, to break 
one's word. — d' argent, to be in 
want of money. — k son devoir, 
to fail in one's duty. Je n'y 
manquerai pas, I will not fail. 
\farchand qui a manqu6, bankrupt 
merchant. — une occasion, to lose 
an opportunity. 

Manteau, n.m., cape, cloak, mantle; 
(fig.) pretence. — de cheminee, 

Mantelet, n.m., short cloak. — s de 
sabords, port-lid {naut.). 

Mantille,«./., mantilla. — endentelle, 
lace mantilla. — en blonde, blonde 
mantilla. — en tulle brod6. 
embroidered tulle, mantilla. 





Manuel, a., manual, portable. 

Manuel, n.m., handbook, text-book; 

Manufacture, «./., manufactory, fac- 
tory, works, mill; manufacture. 

Manufacturer, v., to manufacture. 

Manufacturier, a., manufacturing. 

Manufacturier, n.m., manufacturer. 

Manuscrit, n.m., manuscript. 

Mappemonde, n./., map of the world. 

Maquereau, n.m., mackerel. 

Marbre, n.m., marble. — s, samples 
of marble; marble statues. — 
terrasseux, terrene marble. — 
jaspe, variegated marble. — 
ftlandreux, ^brous marble. — 
brfeche, Brescia marble. — blanc 
statuaire, white statuary marble. 
Plaque de — , slab of marble. 

Marbre, part., a., marbled, mottled 
fof paper). 

Marbrer, v., to marble, mottle, vein. 

Marbrerie, n.f., marble-work; marble- 
works, marble-yard. 

Marbrier, n.m., dealer in marble; 
marble grainer, cutter, or polisher. 

Marbridre, n.f., marble quarry. 

Harbrure, n.f., marbling, marble- 

Marc, n.m., mark. 

Marceline, n.f., red silicate of man- 
ganese; coloured silk fabric. 

Marchand, n.m., dealer, tradesman, 
merchant, shop-keeper; hawker; 
bidder (at auctions). — en detail, 
retail merchant. — en gros, whole- 
sale merchant. Petit — , chandler. 
Trouver — , to find a buyer or 
customer. En etre le mauvais — , 
to get the worst of the bargain. 

Marchand, a., saleable, merchantable, 
marketable; trading, mercantile. 
Capitaine — , merchant captain. 
Place — e, trading place. Prix — , 
wholesale or trade price. Vaisseau 
— , lucrchant-ship. 

Marcfaandage, n.m., bargaining. 

MarchandaUler, v., to haggle. 

Marchander, v., to haggle or bargain 
for; to ask the price of. 

Marchandeur, n.m., middleman. 

Marchandise, n.f., merchandise, goods, 
roiuiuofiity, ware. — s seches, dry 
goods. — s assujetties aux droits, 
dutiable goods. — s de consigna- 
tion, goods received on consign- 
ment. — s de contrebande, contra- 
band goods. — s exemptes de 

droits, goods free of duty. — s en 
depot (douane, ^I'entrepot, bonded 
goods. Compte de — s, goods 

Marchi, n.m., purchase, bargain; 
market, market-place; rate, price; 
sale; contract, agreement. Bon — , 
cheapness. — an ble, corn-market. 
Con dure un — , to strike a bargain. 
Acheter k bon — , to buy cheap. 
Meilleur (k meilleur) — , cheaper. 
Cours du — , market-price. — d'or, 
great bargain. Revue mensuelle 
de — , monthly market report. 

Marcher, v., to advance, progress, 
move on; to walk, go, travel; to 
ply, sail, run. Faire — , to set 
going. — a quatre pattes, to go on 
all fours. — egal k, to be equal to. 
Ma montre marche bien, my watch 
keeps good time. 

Marcheur, n.m., sailer (naut.); walker. 
Bon — , fast sailer; fast-sailing 

Mardi, n.m., Tuesday. 

Mariage, n.m., hire, pay (for a voy- 

Mar6chal, n.m., shoeing-smith, far- 
rier. — ferrant, farrier. 

Mar6e, n.f., water; tide; sea-fish. 
Haute (pleine) — , high watet 
Basse — , low water. — morte, 
neap tide. — descendante, ebb. 

Marengo, n.m., Oxford ^rey. 

Margarine, n.f., margarme. 

Marge, n.f., margin; scope, latitude. 

Marginal, a., marginal. 

Mari, n.m., husband; spouse. 

Mariage, n.m., marriage; wedding. 
Contrat de — , marriage contract. 

Marier, v., to marry; to blend, match, 
combiue (colours). Se — , to marry, 
be married to; to blend, combine. 

Marin, a., seaworthy, sea, sea-going, 

Marin, n.m., seaman, sailor, mariner. 

Marinade, n.f., piikles, pickled meat. 

Marine, n.f., marine; navigation, sea 
affairs; navy. — marchande, 
mercantile marine. 

Mating, pari., des marchandises — es, 
merchandise damaged or spoiled 
by the sea. 

Mariner, v., to pickle, souse. 

Mariner, n.m., seaman, mariner; 
lighterman, waterman, bargeman. 

Maritime, a., naval, nautical, mari- 





Marli, n.m., thread gauze, catgut. 

Marmelade, n.f., marmalade. 

Marmite, n.f., boiler, saucepan, pot, 

Marmotter, v., to grumble, mutter, 

Mame, n.f., clay, marl, chalk. 

Marniire, n.f., clay-pit, marl-pit, 

Maroquin, n.m., roan, morocco- 
leather. — du Levant, Turkey 
leather. — d'Espagne, Spanish 

Maroqninerie, n.f., morocco-leather 

Maroquinier, n.m., morocco tanner. 

Marque, n.f., badge, mark, stiunp, 
private mark; sign; testimony, 
proof. — de la douane, custom- 
house stamp. Lettres de — , letters 
of marque. 

Marqa6, part., pronounced, marked, 
decided, strong; evident. 

Marquer, v., to stamp, mark, brand; 
to show, denote; to note or mark 
down; to mention, write, tell. 

Marqaeterie, n.f., inlaid-work, mar- 
quetry, mosaic, inlaying. 

Marquis, n.m., marquis, marquess. 

Marquise, n.f., marchioness; settee; 
awning, marquee. 

Marquoir, n.m., bodkin. 

Marre, n.f., hoe, mattock. 

Marron, n.m., chestnut; unlicensed or 
outside broker. 

Marron, a., maroon. Courtier — , 
unlicensed or outside broker. 

Mars, n.m., March. 

Marteau, n.m., hammer; knocker. — 
a deux mains, sledge-hammer. 

Marteler, v., to hammer. 

Martelet, n.m., small hammer. 

Martre, n.f., sable, mcurten. — 
zibeline, sable. 

Masque, n.m., mask; pretence, blind. 

Masquer, v., to conceal, disguise, 

Masse, n.f., capital, capital stock; 
creditors, bankrupt's estate; heap, 
mass. — des biens meubles, 
personal estate. — des biens 
immeubles, real estate. En — , by 
the bulk, in the mass. 

Massicot, n.m., paper-cutter; massi- 
cot, masticot. 

Massif, a., ^bulky, heavy, sclid, 

Mastic, n.m., putty, mastic, cement. 

Mastiqner, v., to putty, cement. 

Mat, a., dull, unpolished; insipid; 
matt. Or — , unpolished gold. 

M&t, n.m., mast. — d'artimon, 
mizzen-mast. — de misaine, fore- 
mast. Le grand — , the main-mast. 
— de pavUlon, ensign mast. — de 
rechange, spare mast. 

Matasse, n.f., raw cotton or silk. 

Mat^ n.m., mate, Paraguay tea. 

Matdas, n.m., wadding, pad; mat- 
tress. — de bourre, flock-bed. — 
a air, air mattress. 

Matelot, n.m., sailor, seaman. — de 
premiere classe, able-bodied sea- 
man. Bon — , able seaman. 

Matelotage, n.m., seaman's wages or 
pay; seamanship. 

Materiel, a., material; dull, heavj-; 
rough, coarse. 

Materiel, n.m., apparatus, fittings; 
materials; stock, working-stock. 

Matiire, n.f., grounds, cause, motive, 
reason; fluid; stuff. — brute 
(premiere), raw material. 

Matin, n.m., noon, morning. Demain 
— , to-morrow morning. 

Matin, adv., early, Ccu-ly in the 

Matinee, n.f., morning, morning's 

Matrice, n.f., matrice; standard 
weight, measure. 

Maturity, n.f., maturity, ripeness. 

Mauvais, a., injurious, bad, unplea- 
sant, amiss, contrary. — e nouvelle, 
bad news. 

Mauvais, adv., bad, wrong. II fait — , 
it is bad weather. 

Mauve, a., mauve. 

Maximum, n.m., the highest price; 
maximum, highest. 

M^canicien, n.m., mechanic, engine- 
man, engine-driver. Ingenieur — , 
mechanical engineer. 

Micanique, n.f., mechanism, machine, 
piece of machinery; mechanics. 

Mteanique, a., machine-made, mech- 
anic, mechanical. 

Micanisme, n.m., machinery, mech- 
anism, mechanical parts. 

Mtehant, a., bad, dishonest, worth- 
less, wicked. 

Mtehe, n.f., centre-bit, screw, auger, 
bit; match; wick (of a lamp). — 
anglaise, centre-bit. S'il y a — , 
if it can be managed. — de bougie, 
candle wick. 





Micompte, n.m., error, mistake, mis- 
calculation; drawback. 

Micompter, se — , v., to be out in one's 
reckoning; to miscalculate; to be 

M^connaitre, v., to disregard, disown, 
ignore, not to know, not to 

Mecontent, a., displeased, dissatisfied, 

Micontenter, v., to displease, dis- 
satisfy, discontent. 

M6croire, v., to disbelieve. 

M6daille, n.f., medal; licence. Tourner 
la — , to turn the tables. 

M^dailleur, n.m., die-sinker. 

Medallion, n.m., medallion, locket. 

M6decin, n.m., doctor, physician. 

Medecine, n.f., medicine. 

M6diateur, n.m., mediator. 

M6diation, n.f., mediation. 

ni6dicament, n.m., medicament. 

Medicinal, a., medicinal. 

Mediocre, «., middling, moderate, 
ordinary, medium; mediocre, pass- 

Midionner, v., to take the average, to 

M6dire, v., to backbite, speak ill of, 
to slander. 

M^diter, v., to contemplate, reflect, 
consider, think over, meditate. 

M6diterran6, a., mediterranean. La 
mer — e, the Mediterranean Sea. 

M^diterran^en, a., mediterranean. 

M^faire, v., to do harm, wrong. 

M6fiance, n.f., suspicion, mistrust, 

M6&ant, a., suspicious, mistrustful, 
distrustful; cautious. 

se M^fier (de), v., to beware, mind; to 
1)(; on one's guard against; to sus- 
pect, mistrust, distrust. 

M^garde, n.f., inadvertence. 

Meilleur, a., best, better, preferable. 

Meilleur, n.m., best; best wine. 

M^juger, v., to misjudge. 

Melange, n.m., mixture; mash (for 
brewing). Sans — , unblended, 

M61anger, n., to blend, mix; to mash. 

H61asse, n.f., treacle, molasses. 

Meier, v., to mix, mix up; to blend; 
to involve, implicate. Se — , to 
blend, be mixed; to interfere with 
or in; to dabble in; to intermeddle. 
M^lez-vous de vos affaires, mind 
your own business. 

Melon, n.m., bowler; melon. — k 
eau, water melon. 

Membre, n.m., member. 

Membrnre, n.f., ribs, timbers (of a 
ship;; frame; limbs. 

Meme. a., self, same. Moi , myself. 

Eux s, themselves. La chose — , 

the very thing. La — chose, the 
same thing. 

Mdme, adv., also, likewise, even. A — 
de, able to, in a position to. Metti 
a — de, to enable. Tout de — , ii^ 
the same manner; all the same; De 
— , like, the same, so. De — que, 
so as, as, in the same manner as. 

M§me, n.m., same, same thing. 

Memement, adv., also, likewise, even. 

M6moire, n.f., recollection, memory, 
remembrance. Si j'ai bonne — , 
if I remember rightly. Rappeler 
quelque chose ^ la — de quelqu'un, 
to remind anyone of anything. 

M6moire, n.m., memorandum, ac- 
count, bill. — d'apothicaire, 

' exorbitant bill. — acquitte, bill 
receipted, i 

Memorandum, n.m., memorandum, 
memorandum book. 

Menacant, a., threatening, menacing. 

Menace, n.w., threat, menace. 

Menacer, v., to menace, threaten, 

Mtoage, -n.m., saving, economy; 
household goods; house, house- 
keeping. Toile de — , homespun 
cloth. Liqueurs de — , home-made 
wines. Pain de — , household bread. 

Mtoagement, n.m., conduct, manage- 
ment, regard, consideration, re- 
spect; discretiop, caution. 

Manager, v., to save, save up; to bring 
about, procure; to treat with cau- 
tion; to manage; to spare; — 
I'occasion, to improve the oppor- 
tunity. — ses ressources, to 
husband one's resources. 

Mtaager, a., provident, thrifty, sav- 

Mtoagtee, n.f., cruet-stand; house- 

Mener, v., to handle, manage; to 
conduct, lead, carry; to influence 
to introduce; to bamboozle. — le 
branle, to take the lead. Cela ne 
m^ne i rien, that is of no use, that 
leads to nothing. 

Mensonge, n.m., falsehood, lie, illu- 
sion, error. 





Mensuel, a., monthly. See marchc. 

Mensuellement, adv., monthly. 

Mensurable, a., mensurable. 

Menteur, a., false, deceitful. 

Menthe, n.f., mint. — poivree, 
peppermint. — anglaise, pepper- 
mint. Pastilles de — , peppermint 
lozenges. Huile de — , essence of 

Mention, n.f., note. 

Mentionner, v., to name; to mention, 
make mention of. 

Mentir, v., to tell a lie, untruth; to 

Mentor, n.m., mentor, tutor, guide. 

Menu, a., petty, minor; small; incon- 
siderable. — betail, small cattle. 
— s frais, petties, petty or sundry 

Menu, n.m., minute, detail, particu- 
lars. Par le — , in detail, minutely. 

Menu, adv., minutely; small, fine. 

Menuaille, n.f., small money. 

Menuiserie, n.f., carpentry, joinery. 

Menuisier, n.m., joiner, carpenter and 

se Meprendre, v., to be mistaken, to 
mistake, make a mistake, mis- 
apprehend. C'est a ne pas s'y — , 
you cannot make a mistake. 

M^pris, n.m., contempt. 

M^prisable, «., despicable, con- 

M6prise, n.f., error, oversight, mis- 
take, misunderstanding. Lourde 
— , gross mistake. 

M^priser, v., to undervalue; to slight, 

Mer, n.f., sea, ocean, water, tide. 
Port de — , seaport. Gros coup de 
— , heavy sea. En — , at sea. La 

— est belle, the sea is smooth. 

— basse, low water. La haute — , 

high water; high sea. D'outre , 

beyond the seas. En pleine — , 
on the high seas, on the open sea. 
Tenir la — , to keep at sea. Prendre 
la — , to go to sea. Pouvoir tenir la 
— , to be seaworthy (a ship). 
Jeter h la — , to throw overboard. 

Mercadet, n.m., jobber. 

Mercantile, a., commercial, mer- 

Mercerie, n.f., haberdashery, mercery. 

Merci, n.m., thanks, thank you. 

Mercier, n.m., haberdasher, mercer. 

Mercredi, n.m., Wednesday. — des 
Cendres, Ash Wednesday. 

Mercure, n.m., mercury, quicksilver. 

Mercuriale, n.f., averages, average 
price of grain. 

Mtoe, n.f., mother; dam (of animals). 
La — patrie, the mother country. 

Hire, a., mother, chief. — laine, fine 
wool. — goutte, unpressed wine. 

Mireau, n.m., check, counter, ticket. 

M^ridien, n.m., meridian. 

Meridional, a., meridional, southern. 

Merinos, n.m., merino (stufif); merino 

Miritant, a., worthy, deserving, meri- 

Mirite, n.m., worth, merit, talent. 

Miriter, v., to merit, deserve, earn; 
to require, need, gain, procure. 
Cette nouvellc merite confirmation, 
that news requires confirmation. 

Merlan, n.m., whiting (fish). 

Merlin, n.m., chopper, pole-axe: 

Merluche, n.f., salt-cod, dried had- 
dock, stock-fish. 

Merlus, n.m., haddock, hake. 

Merveille, n.f., marvel, wonder. Faire 
des — s, to perform wonders. 

Merveilleusement, adv., wonder full} 
well, admirably, wonderfully. 

Merveilleux, a., remarkable, mar- 
vellous, wonderful. 

Misaventure, n.f., misadventure, mis- 

Misestimer, v., to depreciate, under- 

M6sinterpr6ter, v., to misinterpret, 

M6soffrir, v., to underbid. 

Mesquin, a., shabby, paltry, mean. 

Mesquinerie, n.f., meanness, stingi- 
ness, shabbiness. 

Message, n.m., message; errand. 

Messager, n.m., messenger, carrier. 

Messagerie, n.f., goods department, 
goods traffic, carriage of goods. — s 
maritunes, liners, steam-packets. 

Messieurs, n.m., pL, Messrs., gentle- 

Mesurage, n.m., surveying, gauging, 
measuring, measurement. 

Mesure, n.f., gauge, standard, mea- 
sure; limit, extent, dimension: 
reckoning; calculation. A — , iii 
proportion, accordingly. A — que, 
in proportion as. Au fur et k. 
— , as and when, in proportion as, 
according to. 

Mesurer, v., to measure, gauge. 





survey; to weigh, consider, exam- 
ine, compare. 

Mesureur, n.m., gauger, measurer; 

M6susage, n.m., misuse, abuse. 

Misuser, v., to misuse, abuse. 

Mital, n.m., metal, ore. — precieux, 
precious metal. — vierge, native 
ore. — blanc d' Alger, German or 
nickel silver. — blanc anglais, Bri- 
tannia metal. — brut, coarse metal. 

— compose, compound metal. 
M6tallif6re, a., metalliferous. 
M6tallique, a., metallic. 
M6tallurgie, «./., metallurgy. 
M6tallurgique, a., metallurgic. 
M6tallurgiste, n.m., metallurgist. 
Miteil, n.m., meslin, maslin. Passe- 

— , wheat-rye. 

Mithode, »./., system, method, way, 

M6ticuleuz, a, fastidious, over- 

Metier, n.m., trade, profession, busi- 
ness; loom, frame. — a la main, 
hand-loom. De son — , by trade, 
profession. Faire — r- de, to make a 
trade of. 

M6ti8, toile — se, union cloth. 

Mitre, n.m., metre (1.09363 yards). 

M6trear, n.m., valuer, appraiser; 

M6trique, a., metrical. 

Mitropole, n.f., capital, metropolis. 

Mettable, a., wearable. 

Mettre, v., to invest (money); to put, 
put in or out; to bring, place, carry; 
to contribute ; to wear. — par 
ecril, to put down in writing. — en 
ordre, to set in order. — un 
vaisseau k I'eau, to launch a ship. 

— une affaire en compromis, to 
submit a matter to arbitration. 

— im livre au jour, to publish a 
book. — k jour, to bring up to 
date. — quelqu'un au fait, to 
inform anyone of anything, of the 
state of affairs. — quelqu'un en 
etat de, to enable anyone to. — en 
mer, to put to sea. Se — , to apply 
oneself to; to set about, begin; to 
spread; to put or place oneself. Se 

— bien avec, to get on good tenns 
with. Se — en voyage, to set out 
upon a journey. Se — en tSte, to 
take it into one's head. 

Meublant, meubles — s, movables, 
household goods. 

Meable, n.m., utensil, piece of furni- 
ture. — s, household goods, 
furniture. — s plaques, veneered 

Meable, «., movable, personal. 

Meubler, v., to furnish, store, stock. 

Meule, n.f., grindstone, millstone; 
rick, stack. — amoulin, millstone. 

Meanerie, n.f., flour mill; millers' 

Meanier, n.m., miller. 

Meurtre, n.m., manslaughter, homi- 
cide, murder. 

Meurtrir, v., to supple (leather); to 
soften colours; to bruise. 

Mivente, n.f., lack of sale, not selling. 

Mezzanine, n.f., mezzanine. 

Mezzotinto, n.m., mezzotint. 

Mi, invariable particle, mid, middle, 
half. A — chemin, half-way. La 
mi-aout, the middle of August. 

Mica, n.m., mica, Muscovy glass. 

Miche, n.f., small loaf, round loaf. 

Micrometre, n.m., micrometer. 

Microscope, n.m., microscope, mag- 

Midi,, n.m., mid-day, noon; south, 
meridian. — est sonne, it has 
struck twelve. — moyen, mean 

Mie, n.f., crumb. 

MieU n.m., honey. Rayon de * — , 
honeycomb. — blanc, white or 
virgin honey. 

Miette, n.f., crumb, particle, bit. 

Mieuz, adv., better, more, best, 
rather. En — , for the better. 
J'aimerais — , I had rather. Le — 
que je pourrai, as well as 1 can. 
C'est on ne peut — , it cannot be 
better; improved on. De — en — , 
better and better. Tant — , so 
much the better. Valoir — , to be 
worth more, to be better. 

Blieoz, n.m., improvement; better, 
best. Au — , for the best, at best. 
Pour le — , for the best. Faire du 
— qu'on peut, faire de son — , to 
do one's best. 

Mieux, «., better. 

Mignon, a., neat, pretty, tiny. 

Mignon, n.m., minion (type). 

Mignonne, n.f., minion, emerald 

Mignonnette, n.f., ground pepper; 
mignonette (lace). 

Mil, a., one thousand. L'an — neuf 
cent dix-scpt, the year One 





Thousand Nine Hundred and 

Mil,, millet. 

Milieu, n.m., midst, middle, centre, 
heart. — de salon, centre ottoman. 

Mille, n.m. and a., thousand, one 
thousand; mile. 

Milliard, n.m., one thousand millions. 

Millidme, n.m. and a., thousandth. 

Milligramme, n.m., milligram. 

Millilitre, n.m., millilitre. 

Millimetre, n.m., millimetre. 

Million, n.m., million. 

Millionidme, n.m. and a., millionth. 

Milreis, n.m., milreis (Portuguese 

Mince, a., thin; trivial, scanty. 

Mine, n.f., ore; mine; source. — de 
charbon de terre, coal-pit. — s 
vives, rich mines. — d'or, gold- 
mine. — de plomb, black-lead, 
plumbago; lead-mine. 

Miner, v., to mine; to sap, imder- 

Mineral, n.m., ore. — brut, raw ore. 
— lave, huddled ore. — de fer, iron 
ore. — de plomb, lead ore. 

Mineral, n.m., mineral. 

Mineral, a., mineral. 

Mineralogie, n.f., mineralogy. 

Mineur, n.m., miner, pitman. 

Minear, a., under age, minor. 

Mineur, n.m., minor, infant. 

Miniature, n.f., miniature. 

Minier, a., mining, pertaining to 

Minidre, n.f., pit; ore. 

Minime, a., trifling, very trifling, very 

Minimum, n.m., lowest, minimum. 

Minist^re, n.m., agency, services, 
functions, department, administra- 
tion; ministry. — du commerce. 
Board of Trade. — des Affaires 
Etrangeres, Foreign Office, Ministry 
for Foreign Affairs. 

Ministre, n.m., minister; clergyman, 
assistant. — des .Affaires Etrem- 
g^res. Minister for F'oreign Affairs, 
Foreign Minister. 

Minium, n.m., red-lead, minium. 

Minorite, n.f., minority; infancy. 

Minoterie, n.f., flour store, flour 
e.xport trade; flour mill. 

Minotier, n.m., flour exporter; miller, 
flour dealer. 

Minuit, n.m., midnight. 

Minuscule, n.f., small letter (type). 

Minute, n.f., rough draft, copy, 
minute; minute (time), instant, 
moment. Sablier de — , minute- 
glass. Faire la — de, to take the 
minutes of; to make a rough draft 

Minuter, v., to make a rough draft; to 
draw up. 

Minutieux, a., minute. 

Miraculeuz, a., wonderful, marvel- 
lous, miraculous. 

Mirer, v. , to examine, look at ; to aim, 
aim at, have in view. 

Mirliton, n.m., reed-pipe. 

Miroir, n.m., glass, looking-glass, 

Misaine, n.f., foresail. Voile de — , 

Miscellanies, n.m., pi., miscellany, 

Mise, n.f., bidding (at auctions); 
outlay, disbursement, deposit, in- 
vestment; capital, share of capital. 
— hors, outlay. — en possession, 
taking possession. — ci I'eau, 
launch (of a ship). — en vigueur, 
putting into force. — en vente, 
putting up for sale. — a prix, 
upset price. 

Missive, n.f., missive. 

Mitaine, n.f., mitten. 

Mite, a., moth-eaten. 

Mitiger, f., to modify, abate, assuage, 
mitigate; to qualify. 

Mitrailleuse, n./., Gatling or machine 
gun, mitrailleuse. 

Mitre, n.f., mitre. 

Mixtion, n.f., mixture. 

Mobile, a., movable, unsteady, 
variable, changeable." 

Mobiliaire, a., personal, movable. 

Mobilier, a., personal, movable. 

Mocassin, n.m., moccasin (shoe). 

Mode, n.f., vogue, fashion, mode; 
custom, manner, way. £tre a la — 
to be in the fashion. C'est la 
derniere — , it is the latest fashion. 

Modeie, n.m., pattern, model, design, 
copy. Conformez-vous au — , keep 
to the pattern. 

Modeler, v., to shape, model, mould, 

Modere, a., reasonable, moderate. 

Moderer, v., to abate, reduce, mod- 
erate, restrict. 

Modicite, n.f., reasonableness, low- 
ness, smallness, moderateness. 

Modification, n.f., modification. 





Modifier, v., to change, alter, modify. 

Modique, a., small, moderate. 

Modiste, n.m., /., milliner. 

MoeUeux, a., soft, mellow. Vin — , 
mellow wine. 

Moeors, «■/-, pi-, manners, ways, 
customs, habits. 

Mohair, n.m., mohair. 

Moindre, a., shorter, inferior, less, 

Moins, a., minus, less. En — de, in 
less than. De - — en — , fewer and 
fewer, less and less. A — de, for 
less than. A — que, unless. Rien 
— , much less. Du — , at any rate, 

at least, at all events. value, 

inferior value. 

Moins, n.m., less, least. Au — , at 
least. Tout au — , at the very 
least. Pas le — du monde, not in 
the least. C'est le — que vous 
puissiez faire, it is the least you 
can do. 

Moire, «./., watered silk, watering; 
moire antique. 

Moir6, a., watered, mottled. — de 
laine, moreen. — de sole, watered 

Mois, n.m., month, month's pay, 
monthly allowance. Par — , 

monthly, so much per month. Au 
— , by the month. 

Moisson, n.f., harvest, harvest time. 

Moissonneuse, n.f., reaping machine. 

Moite, a., damp, moist, clammy. 

Moiteur, n.f., dampness, moisture. 

Moiti6, n.f., half, moiety, fitre (se 
mettre) de — avec quelqu'un, to 
go halves with anyone. 

Moiti^, & (de) — , adv., half, by half. 

Moka, n.m., mocha. Du cafe — , 
mocha coffee. 

Mdle, n.m., pier, mole, jetty-head. 

Molestation, n.f., annoyance, molesta- 

Molester, v., to vex, annoy, trouble. 

MoUet, a., soil; Pain — , light bread. 
Lit — , soft bed. 

MolletiSre, n.f., puttee, legging. 

Mollifler, v., lo soften, mollify. 

Mollir, v., to abate, flag, give way, 
slacken, yield ; to soften, grow 

Molybd6ne, n.m., molybdena, molyb- 

Moment, n.m., instant, moment, 
interval; point, occasion. Au — de, 
just as, on {he point of. En ce — , 

at this moment. Par — s, at inter- 
vals, at times. Au — oil (que), the 
instant (moment) that. 

Momentan6, a., momentary. 

Monceau, n.m., lot, heap, pile. 

Monde, n.m., world; customers. Tout 
le — , everybody, everyone. 

Mender, v., to hull, husk (barley); to 

Mon6taire, a., monetary. 

Mon^tisation, n.f., monetization, 
minting; making and stamping of 

Monitiser, v., to monetize; to give 
currency to paper money. 

Monitor, n.m., monitor {naut.). 

Monnaie, n.f., money, coin, coinage, 
currency; mint. Papier — , paper 
money. — courante, currency, 
current money. Petite — , small 
change. — legale, legal tender. 
Fausse — , counterfeit coin. — de 
compte, nominal money. Hotel 
de la — , the Mint. Rappeler la — , 
to call in money. — s d'argent, 
silver coins. 

Monnayage, n.m., coining, minting. 
Droit de — , mintage. 

Monnayer, v., to stamp, coin, mint. 

Monnayeur, n.m., coiner, minter. 
Faux — , forger; coiner of base 
money. • 

Monocle, n.m., monocle, eye-glass. 

Monogramme, n.m., monogram. 

Monoplan, n.m., monoplane. 

Monopole, n.m., monopoly. 

Monopoleur, n.m., monopolist. 

Monopoliser, v., to monopolize. 

Monsieur, n.m., sir, gentleman. — le 
President, Mr. President. 

Mont, n.m., mountain, mount. — 
de piet6, pawn-shop. Mont de 
piet6, commissionaire au — de 
piete, pawnbroker. 

Montage, n.m., pulling together, 
mounting, setting. 

Montagne, n.f., mountain. 

Montant, n.m., sum total, amount. 

Montie, n.f., stair, staircase, pair of 
steps; ascent. 

Monter, v., to amount, ascend, rise, 
increase; to go (get, come) up; to 
grow up; to furnish, stock, equip; 
to prepare, raise; to carry (make, 
lift up); to wind up (a watch); to 
set (a diamond); to man (a boat). 
La mar6e monte, the tide is coming 
in. Se — , to take in a stock or 





supply of, to supply oneself; to rise, 

Montrable, a., presentable, showable. 

Montre, «./•> show-case, show-win- 
dow; show, exhibition; sample, 
pattern; watch. — a cavonnette, 
hunting-watch. — morine, chro- 
nometer. — a repetition, repeater. 
Affiche de — , show-card. En — , 
in the window. — en aluminium, 
aluminium watch. — de femme, 
lady's watch. 

Montrer, v., to exhibit, show; to point 
out; to intimate, set forth. Se — , 
to look, turn out. 

Moque, n.f., d<!ad-block, dead-eye 

Moquette, n.f., velvet-pile; Wilton 

Moraillon, n.m., clasp, hasp. 

Moral, a., moral, mental. 

Morceau, n.m., piece, bit, fragment. 

Morceler, v., to partition, cut up, 
parcel, parcel out. 

Mordant, a., sharp, cutting, keen, 

Mordicant, a., acrid, pungent, corro- 

Mordor^, a., reddish-brown. 

Mordurure, n.f., reddish-brown. 

Mordre, v., to eat away, corrode, 
bite, nibble; to find fault with, 
censure, criticise. 

Moreau, n.m., nose-bag. 

Morfil, n.m., ivory (unwrought). 

Morgue, n.f., morgue, mortuary. 

Morphine, n.f., morphia. 

Mort, "../., death, decease. 

Mort, part., stagnant, dormant, inani- 
mate, dead, deceased. — e saison, 
slack season. Argent — , money 
lying idle. — e-eau, neap-tide. 

Mort, n.m., deceased; corps. Le jour 
des — s. All Souls' Day. 

Mortaise, n.f., mortise. 

Mortifier, v., to subdue, humble, 
humiliate, vex. 

Mortuaire, a., mortuary. Extrait — , 
certificate of death. Registre — , 
death register, register of deaths. 

Morue, n.f., cod, codfish. — fumee, 
smoked cod. 

Mosaique, n.f., mosaic, mosaic-Work. 

Moscouade, n.f., muscovado (refined 

Mot, n.m., line, memorandum, note; 
word, hint, intimation. Au bas — , 
at the least. Je vous enverrai un — , 

I will send you word. Entendre a 
derai — , to take a hint. Prendre 
quelqu'un au — , to take anyone at 
his word. En un — , in short, in a 
word. — a (pour) — , word ior 
word. Qui ne dit — consent, 
silence gives consent. Envoyez- 
nous un — , let us know, send us a 

Moteor, n.m., motor, propellor. 

Motif, n.m., motive, cause, ground. 

Motiver, v., to be the cause of; to 
lead to; to assign' or allege as a 
motive; to justify. 

Motu proprio, adv., of one's own 
accord, spontaneously. 

Moo, mol, molle, a., soft; slack, weak. 
Cire molle, soft wax. 

Houehenr, n.m., candle-snuffer. 

Mouchoir, n.m., handkerchief. — de 
poche, pocket-handkerchief. — de 
batiste, cambric handkerchief. — 
de soie, silk handkerchief. 

Moudre, v., to mill, grind, crush. 

Moofle, n.f. mitten; tackle, tackle- 
block (naut.). 

Mouillage, n.m., wetting, soaking; 
(naut.) roadstead, anchorage. 
Droits de — , keelage; harbour- 
dues, fitre au — , to be (ride, lie) 
at anchor. 

Mooill^, part., anchored, moored 
(ship); wet, watery. 

Mooiller, v., to moor (a ship); to 
anchor, cast anchor; to wet, 
moisten. — I'ancre, to let go the 

Houlage, n.m., grinding, milling; 

Moule, n.m., mould, cast, matrix: 
pin, netting. Faire un — , to take a 

Moaler, i'., to shape, mould, cast, 
form. Chandelle moul6e, moulded 

Moulin, n.m., mill. — j- k caif-, coffee 
mill. — k eau, water mill. — i 
vapeur, steam mill. — a ble. 
corn mill. 

Moolinage, n.m., silk-throwing; mill- 
ing, grinding. 

Moolinet, n.m., smail mill; small 
windlass; capstan. 

Moorir, v., to go out (of fire); to die, 
drop off, perish. 

Monsqueton, n.m., swivel. 

Mousse, n.m., ship or cabin boy. 

Mousse, a., blunt, dull (of tools). 







Mousseline, n.f., muslin. — de coton, 

K cotton muslin. — fa^onnee, figured 
muslin. — des Indes, India muslin. 
Mousseron,, mushroom. 
Mousseux, a., sparkling (of wine); 

Moussoir, n.m., chocolate-stick. 
Moustache, n.f., moustache. 
Moustiquaire, n.f., mosquito-net. 
Moustique, n.m., mosquito. 
Mofit, n.m., must (unfermented wine). 
Moutarde, n.f., mustard. Graine de 

— , mustard seed. — blanche, 

white mustard. — moulue, ground 

Moutardier, n.m., mustard-pot. 
Houton, n.m., sheep, sheep-leather; 

mutton; rammer. 
Moutonn^, a., curled, fleecy* 
Moutonneux, a., woolly. 
Moutonnier, a., woolly, fleecy. 
Mouvant, a., moving. Sable — , 

Houvement, n.m., fluctuation, anima- 
tion, advance, movement, move; 

works (of a watch). De son propre 

— , of one's own accord. 
Monvoir, v., to stir, excite, stir up, 

move, actuate. 
Hoyen, n.m., plea; manner, way, 

means, manner; medium. — s, 

resources, means; talents, abilities. 

Je n'ai pas le — , I cannot afford it. 

Trouver — , to contrive, manage, 

find means. Voies et — s, ways and 

means. Au — de, with the help of, 

by means of. 
Hoyen, a., middle, middle-sized; 

mean; average. 
Moyennant, prep., in consideration 

of, by means of, with the help of. 

— que, conj., on condition that, 

provided that. 
Hoyenne, n.f., medium, average, 

mean. En — , on an average. ■"— 

approximative, rough average. 
Mtiable, a., changeable, mutable. 
Mulfttre, n.m. and a., mulatto. 
Mule, n.f., slipper. 
Molticolore, a., multicoloured, of 

many colours. 
Multipli6, a., manifold, multifarious, 

Multiplier, v., to multiply. 
Muni, part., provided, supplied, 

ftiriiished (with). 
Municipal, a., municipal. 
Municipality, «./., municipality. 

Mtmir, v., to furnish, supply, provide 
(with). Se — , to be furnished, 
supplied, provided (with); to pro- 
vide oneself (with). 

Munition, n.f., munition. — s, pro- 
visions, stores. 

Mur, n.m., wall. 

Mfir, a., mature, matured, ripe; 
shabby, worn out (of clothes). 

Mfire, n.f., mulberry. — de haie, 
— de ronce, — sauvage, blackberry. 

Muriate, n.m., muriate. 

Muriatique, a., muriatic. Acide — , 
muriatic acid. 

MQrier, n.m., mulberry tree. 

Mfirir, v., to mature, ripen, grow 

Mnrmurer, v., to grumble, mutter, 
murmur; to whisper. Se — , to be 
whispered (about). 

Muron, n.m., blackberry', wild rasp- 

Muse, n.m., musk. — de Chine, 
China musk. — de Tonquin, 
Tonquin musk. 

Muscade, n.f., nutmeg. Noix — , 
nutmeg. Beurre de — , oil or 
butter of nutmeg. 

Muscadet, n.m., muscadet (wine). 

Muscadier, n.m., nutmeg tree. 

Muscadin, n.m., musk-lozenge. 

Muscat, nm., and a., muscatel, 
muscadine, muscadel. 

Mus^e, n.m., museum. 

Musette, n.f., nose-bag; bagpipe. 

Museum, n.m., museum. 

Musical, a., musical. 

Musif, mussif, a., mosaic {chem.). Or 
— , ormolu, mosaic-gold. 

Musoir, n.m., jetty-head, pier-head. 

Mutability, n.f., changeableness, mu- 

Mutation, n.f., change, mutation. 

Mutilation, n.f., garbling; mutilation. 

Mutiler, v., to garble, mutilate, 

se Mutiner, v., to mutiny. 

Mutinerie, n.f., riot, mutiny. 

Mutuel, a., mutual, reciprocal. 
Societe de secours — s, benefit or 
friendly society. 

Mutuelleinent, ddv., mutually, reci- 

Myosotis, n.m., forget-me-not, myo- 

Myriade, n.f., myriad. 

Myriagramme, n.m., myriagramme. 

Myriamitre, n.m., myriametre. 





Myrrhe, n.f., myrrh. — en sortes, 

assorted myrrh. 
Mysttoe, n.m., secrecy, mystery, 

secret. Sans autre — , without 

further ado. 
Myst6rieux, a., mysterious. 
Mystification, n.f., hoax, hoaxing, 

Mystifier, v., to hoax, mystify. 
Mythe, n.m., myth, fiction, fable. 

Nacelle, n.f., car (of a balloon); skiff, 

small boat. 
Nage, n.f., swimming; paddling, 

Nageoire, n.f., cork (for swimming); 

fin (of a fish). 
Nager, v., to swim, row, paddle, float. 
Naissance, n.f., birth; extraction. 

Donner — a, to give rise to. 
Naitre, v., to arise, originate, spring 

up; to be bom. 
Nankin, n.m., nankeen. 
Nantir, v., to secure, give as a pledge. 

Se — , to take possession of, provide 

oneself with; to hold as a pledge. 
Nantissement, n.m., pledge, lien, 

Naphte, ii.m., naphtha. 
Nappe, n.f., cloth, table-cloth, cover. 
Napperon, n.m., napkin. 
Narcotiqne, n.m. and a., narcotic. 
Narquois, n.m., sharper, swindler. 
Narration, n.f., narrative, narration. 
Narr6, n.m., narrative, narration, 

Narrer, v., to tell, relate, narrate. 
Nasselle, n.f., rush net. 
Natal, a., native. Jour — , birthday. 
Natation, n.f., swimming. 
Natif, a., native, natural. Or — , 

native gold. 
National, a., national, native. 
Nationality, n.f., nationality. 
Natte, n.f., mat, straw mat, matting; 

twist, plait. — s d' Archangel, 

Archangel mats. 
Natter, v., to plait, twist, mat. 
Naturalisation, n.f., naturalization. 
Naturaliser, v., to naturalize. 
Nature, n.f., nature, kind. Payer en 

— , to pay in kind. De — a, 

calculated to. 
Naturel, a., natural. Nous preferons 

la couleur — le, we prefer the 

natural colour. 
Naturel, n.m., native; nature. Au — , 

life-size, to the life. . 

Naufrage, n.m., wreck, ship.wrecK. 
Faire — , to be wrecked, ship- 

Naufrager, v., to suffer shipwreck, tc 
be shipwrecked. 

Naulage, n.m., freight, fare. 

Nautile, n.m., lifebelt. 

Nautique, a., nautic, nautical. 

Naval, a., naval, nautical, sea. 

Navet, n.m., turnip. 

Navette, n.f., rape, rape seed; shuttli , 
netting-needle. Huile de — , rape 

Navigability, n.f., seaworthiness, navi- 

Navigable, a., seaworthy, navigable. 

Navigateur, n.m., navigator. 

Navigateur, a., seafaring. 

Navigation, n.f., sailing, voyag'', 

Naviguer, v., to sail, navigate; to rov , 
sail (a boat). 

Navire, n.m., ship, vessel. Un — 
marchand, a merchantman. Coul< r 
un — , to sink a ship. 

Navrant, a., distressing (news, etc.>. 

Navrer, v., to distress. 

Ne, adv., no, not. Cela — vaut riea. 
that is worth nothing. Vous — 
devez pas, you must not. Je — 
saurais vous dire, I cannot tc 11 
you. Je — doute pas que cela — 
soit, 1 do not doubt it. — ... que, 
only, nothing but. 

N§, part., born. Je suis — a Paris, 
I was bom in Paris. 

N6anmoins, adv., nevertheless, net- 
withstanding, however. 

N6ant, n.m., nothing, naught. Mettre 
au — , to set at naught, to annul 

N^cessaire, a., requisite, necessary, 

N^cessaire, n.m., work-box, dressing- 
case; outfit; canteen; needful, 

N^essairement, adv., of course, 

N^cessit^, n.f., necessity, want, need, 

N^essiter, v., to oblige, force, compel, 
necessitate, imply. 

N^cessiteux, a., needy, necessitous 

Nectar, n.m., nectar. 

N^gatif, n.m., negative (photograpli). 

Negation, n.f., negative, negation. 

Negative, n.f., refusal, negative. 

N^gligeable, a., negligible, unimpMr- 
tant, trifling. 





Negligence, «/., neglect, negligence, 
oversight, carelessness. 

Negligent, a., careless, neglectful, 

Nigliger, v., to omit, overlook, 
neglect, pass over. 

N6goce, n.m., business, trade, traffic. 
Faire un gros — , to carry on a 
large trade. 

Negociabilit6, n./., negotiability. 

N6gociable, a., negotiable, transfer- 

N^gociant, n.m., merchant. 

N^gociateur, n.m., negotiator, trans- 

N4gociation, «./., negotiation, trans- 
' N6gocier, v., to negotiate, trade. Se 
— , to be negotiated. Nous 
chercherons k — un emprunt, we 
will endeavour to negotiate a loan. 

N^re, n.m., negro, black. 

Heige, n./., snow. Boule de — , snow- 

Neiger, v., to snow. 

Neigeuz, a., snowy. 

Neptune, n.m., nautical atlas; Nep- 
tune, the sea. 

Nerver, v., — un livre, to cord a book 

Net, a., net; clear, clean, pure; easy. 
Ce vin est — , that wine is clear. 
Benefice — , clear profit. Prix — , 
trade price. Une reponse — te, a 
plain answer. 

Net, n.m., fair copy. Mettre au — , 
to make a fair copy. 

Net, adv., outright, flatly, plainly; 
clean, entirely. 

Nettement, adv., plainly, frankly, 
clearly, distinctly, neatly, cleanly. 

Nettete, n.f., clearness, plainness, 
distinctness; cleanliness, cleanness. 

Hettoiement, n.m., cleaning, cleans- 
ing, brushing, wiping. 

Nettoyer, v., to cleanse, clean, make 
clean, wipe, sweep; to pay off (a 

Neof, a. and n.m., nine, ninth. 

Nenl, n.m., something new. De — , 
new. A — , like new again. 

Neut, a., new, green, raw; inex- 

Nentraliser, v., to neutralize. 

Neutre, a. and n.m., neutral. Sel — , 
neutral salt. Pavilion — , neutral 

Neuviime, n.m. and a., ninth. 

Neuviimement, adv., ninthly. 

Neveu, n.m., nephew. 

Nez, n.m., nose. — a — , face to face. 

S'y casser le — , to fail in any- 
Ni, conj., nor, neither; or, either. 
Niable, a., deniable. 
Niche, n.f., comer, nook, recess; 

Nickel, n.m., nickel. 
Nickeler, v., to plate, nickel plate. 
Nicotine, n.f., nicotine. 
Nid, n.m., berth, post; nest. 
Ni^e, n.f., niece. 
Nielle, n.f., blight. 
Nielle, n.m., inlaid enamel-work. 
Nier, v., to deny, gainsay, disown. 

Se — , to be denied. 
Nille, n.f., crimping-iron. 
Nippes, n.f., pi., apparel, clothes, 

things, furniture. 
Nitrate, n.m., nitrate. — d'argent, 

nitrate of silver. 
Nitre, n.m., nitre. — d'Egypte, 

Egyptian nitre. 
Nitreux, a., nitrous. 
Nitrique, a., nitric. 
Nitrite, n.m., nitrite. 
Nitrog^ne, n.m., nitrogen. 
Nitroglycerine, n.f., nitro-glyccrine. 
Niveau, n.m., level. — k buUe d'air, 

spirit level. — d'eau, water-level. 
W — des eaux, water-mark. Au — 

de, even with, on a level with. 
Niveler, v., to level, make even. 
Nivellette, n.f., level-indicator. 
Nivellement, n.m., levelling. 
Nivet, n.m., douceur, gratuity, tip. 
Noce, n.f., wedding. — s, wedding, 

marriage, nuptials. 
Noel, n.m., Christmas. Les fftes de 

— , the Christmas holidays. 
Ncend, n.m., knot; intricacy, difficulty, 

stress. — de bouline, bowline knot. 

— coulant, slip knot, noose. 
Noguet, n.m., large, flat wicker 

Noir, a., black, dirty, dark; brown 

(of bread). Ble — , buckwheat. 
Noir, n.m., negro; black; brown-rust. 

— d'ivoire, ivory-black. — de 
fumee, lamp-black. — animal, 
charcoal. — de cerf, hartshorn 
6lack. — d'imprimeur, printers' 

Noir&tre, a., blackish. 

Noirceur, n.f., blackness. 

Noircir, v., to stain, black, blacken. 





Se — , to get or turn black; to 
disgrace oneself. 

Noisetier, n.m., hazel-tree, nut-tree. 

Noisette, n.f., nut, hazel-nut. 

Noix, n.f., nuf, walnut; kernel. — 
rauscade, nutmeg. — de galle, 
gall-nut. — de terre, pig-nut, 
earth-nut. — d'acajou, cachew- 
nut. Terre , pig-nut, earth-nut. 

— vomique, nux vomica. — d'arec, 
areca or betel nut. — de corrozo, 
ccrrozo nut. 

Nolis, n.m., freight. 

Nolisement, n.m., freighting, charter- 

Noliser, v., to charter, freight. 

Nom, n.m., name, style, title. Au — 
de, in the name of, on behalf of. 

— social, name of the firm, style. 
De — , in name. 

Nombre, n.m., quorum; quantity, 
number, numbers. — competent, 
quorum of members, (etc.). — 
impair, odd number. — pair, even 
number. N'dtre pas en — , not to 
form a quorum. 

Nombrer, v., to reckcn, compute, 

Nombreux, a., numerous. 

Nominal, a., nominal. Appel — , 
show of hands (at a meeting). 

Nomination, n.f., appointment, nom- 
ination, election. 

Nommer, v., to call, name, appoint, 
nominate, elect; to institute (an 
heir). Se — , to be called. 

Non, adv., no, not, Je dis que — , 
I say no. Nous croyons que — , we 
think not. 

Non-acceptation, n.f., non-accept- 

Nonchalant, a., careless, remiss. 

Non-conformiti, n.f., nonconformity. 

Non-etre, n.m., non-existence, non- 

Non-intervention, n.f., non-interven- 

Non-jonissance, n.f., non-enjoyment. 

Nonobstant, prep., in spite of, not- 

Non-ouvri, a., unwrought (of raw 

Non-pair, a., odd, uneven, not even. 

Nonpareil, a., matchless, nonpareil. 

Nonpareille, n.f., nonpareil (type); 
narrow ribbon; nonpareil. 

Non-paiement, n.m., non-pajonent. 

Non-prix, n.m., undervalue. 

Non-sens, n.m., nonsense. 

Non-usage, n.m., disuse. 

Non-valeor, n.f., worthless bill, bad 
debt; unproductiveness. 

Non-vente, n.f., no sale. 

Nord, n.m.. North; Nord (in France); 
north wind. Au (vers le) — , north- 
wards. est, north-east, north- 
east wind. ouest, north-west, 

north-west wind. 

Noria, n.f., chain-pump, noria, Per- 
sian wheel. 

Normal, a., normal. Notre marche est 
dans une situation — le, our 
market is in a normal state. 

Nos, a., m.f., pL, our. 

Nota, n.m., note, marginal note, 
remark, observation. — bene, 
note carefully. 

Notability, n.f., respectability. 

Notable, a., remarkable, notable, 

Notablement, adv., principally, not- 
ably, considerably. 

Notaire, n.m., notary. — public, 
notary public. 

Notamment, adv., particularly, es- 
pecially, specially. 

Notarial, a., notarial. 

Notariat, n.m., notariat, notary's 
business or profession. 

Notarii, a., notarial. 

Note, n.f., bill, memorandum, account; 
note, remark, mark. 

Noter, v., to notice, take notice, 
observe; to note, note down. Cela 
est a — , that is worth remembering, 
noting down. 

Notice, n.f., account, note, notice. 

Notification, n.f., notification. 

Notifier, v., to notify, make known, 
give notice of. 

Notion, n.f., idea, notion, knowledge. 
— s, rudiments, elements. 

Notoire, a., well-known, notorious. 

Notre, a., m.f., our. 

None, n.f., pantile, gutter-lead, pas- 
ture groimd. 

Noaer, v., to concoct; to knot, tie, 
twist, clasp. 

Noneox, a., knotty, full of knots, 

Nongat, n.m., almond cake. 

NoaUles, nooles, n.f., pi., ribbon 

Nonlet, n.m., rafter (of a roof) : 

Nonrrir, v., to nourish; to sustain, 





maintain, rear, bring up; to 
entertain, foster. 

Nourrissage, n.m., feeding (of cattle). 

Nourrissant, a., nutritive, nourishing. 

Nourriture, n.f., food, board; nourish- 
ment, maintenance. 

Nous, personal pron., us, we, to us, 
each other. II — parle, he speaks 
to us. C'est a — de, it is our duty 
to. C'est k — ^, it is our turn to. 
— memes, ourselves. 

Nouveao, noaveU nouvelle, a., fresh, 
new, recent, further; green, inex- 
perienced; new-fashioned. De — le 
mode, new-fashioned. De — le 
date, recently. Le nouvel an, the 
New Year. 

Nouveau, n.m., something new. Qu'y 
a-t-il de — ?, what is the news ? 
A — , on new account. 

Nouveau, adv., recently, freshly. 

Nouveaut^, n.f., novelty, newness. 
— s, fancy articles. Haute — , 
latest fashion. 

Nouvelle, n.f., news, intelligence, 
accoimt; novelette. Vous aurez de 
mes — s, you shall hear from me. 
Debiter des — s, to spread news. 
Recevoir des — s de, to hear from. 
Lcs — s sont favorables, the news 
is favourable. 

NouveUement, adv., lately, recently, 

Novembre, n.m., November. 

Novice, a., raw, inexperienced, green, 

Novice, n.m., apprentice {naut.); 

Noyale, noyalle, n.f., canvas, sail- 

Noyau, n.m., core (of casts); stone (of 
fruit); noyau (cordial). Fruits k — , 
stone fruit. 

Noyer, n.m., walnut tree. 

Noyer, v., to drown; to overwhelm, 
deluge, ruin. Sc — , to go to ruin; 
to be or get drowned, 
i Nu, a., plain, bare, uncovered, naked. 
— e propriete, bare ownership. 

Nuageax, a., cloudy, clouded. 

Nuance, n.f., shade, tint, hue. — 
olive, olive shade. 

Nuancer, v., to shade, tint, blend. — 

des couleurs, to shade colours. 
^Nae, n.f., cloud. 

|lTaire, v., to prejudice, be prejudicial 
to, to hurt, harm; to annoy, 

5— (1630A) 

Noisible, a., detrimental, injurious, 

prejudicial, hurtful. 
Nnit, n.f., night, night-time. Bonnet 

de — , night-cap. De — , by night; 

Nul, pron., no one, nobody, not one, 

not any. 
NtiI, a., no, not any; null, of no force, 

void, invalid. Rendre — , to nullify. 

— le part, nowhere. 
Nollement, adv., by no means, not 

at all. 
NoUifler, v., to nullify. 
Nullity, n.f., flaw (lega^; nullity. 
Numeraire, n.m., metallic currency, 

cash, specie. 
Numeraire, a., legal. Valuer — , legal 

tender, legjil value. 
Num^riqae, a., numerical. 
Nnm^riquement, adv., numerically. 
Nnm^ro, n.m., size, quality, kind, 

sort; number. 
Num6rotage, n.m., numbering. 
Num^roter, v., to number. 
Nutrition, n.f., nutrition. 

Ob^ir, v., to obey, submit, comply 
with. Pour — el, in obedience to. 
11 n'a pas obei k mes ordres, he has 
not obeyed my orders. 

ObSissance, n.f., obedience. 

Obiissant, a., obedient, obsequious. 

Ob6rer, v., to encumber, run into debt. 
S' — , to become involved; to involve 
oneself in debt. 

Objecter, v., to object, to allege 

Objecti!, n.m., object-glass. 

Objection, n.f., objection. Nous ne 
voyons pas d' — k ce que cela se 
fasse, we see no objection to its 
being done. 

Objet, n.m., subject, object; article; 
end, aim, view, purport. — s, 
goods. — s de premiere ndcessite, 
articles of indispensable use. 

Obligataire, n.m., bond-holder, deben- 

Obligation, n.f., debenture, bond, 
preference share; obligation, fitre 
dans r — de, to be under an 
obligation to. Remplir ses — s, to 
fulfil one's obligations. Porteur 
d' — , bond-holder, debenture- 

Obligatoire, a., obligatory. 

Oblige, n.m., indentures (of appren* 





Obligeance, n.f., kindness. 

Obligeant, a., kind, obliging. 

Obliger, v., to oblige, compel; to bind; 
to favour; to gratify; to impose 
obligations. Je suis oblig6 de sortir, 
I am obliged to go out. S' — , to 
bind oneself. 

Obliteration, n.f., obliteration. 

Oblit^rer, v., to obliterate. S' — , to 
become obliterated. 

Oblong, a., oblong. 

Obscur, a., dark, sombre, gloomy, 
obscure. Couleur — e, dark colour. 

Obscurcir, v., to darken, obscure, 

Obscur^ment, adv., confusedly, ob- 
scurely, dimly. 

Obs^quieux, a., obsequious. 

Observable, a., observable. 

Observance, n.f., observance. 

Observation, n.f., observance; remark; 
observation; fulfilment. 

Observer, v., to observe, notice, 
point out; to fulfil. Faire — , to 
remind, call attention to. S' — , to 
be on one's guard. 

Obstacle, n.m., hindrance, obstacle, 
impediment, drawback, obstruc- 
tion. Faire naitre un — , to raise 
an obstacle. 

Obstin6, a., determined, obstinate, 

s'Obstiner, v., to persist in, insist on; 
to be obstinate. S' — k une chose, 
to persist in a thing. 

Obstruction, n.f., stoppage, obstruc- 

Obstrner, v., to stop or block up, to 
obstruct, bar. 

Obtenir, v., to obtain, get, gain, 

Obtention, n.f., obtaining, getting. 

Obturateor, n.m., shutter (phot.). 

Obvier,w., to prevent, obviate, hinder. 

Occasion, n.f., job-lot, bargain ; 
second-hand; occasion, opportunity. 
Dans r — , when occasion serves, 
as occasion offers. Profiter d'une 
— , to take advantage of an oppor- 
tunity. En toute — , on all occa- 
sions. Marchandises d' — , second- 
hand goods, job lot. 

Occasionnel, a., occasional. 

Occasionner, v., to cause, occasion, 

Occident, n.m., West. 

Occidental, a., occidental, western, 

Occupant, n.m., possessor, occupant, 

Occupation, n.f., business, work, 
occupation, employment. 

Occup6, a., busy, engaged, occupied. 

Occuper, v., to occupy, employ; to 
fill, take up. S' — , to apply oneself 
to, trouble oneself about; to 
attend to. 

Occurrence, n.f., occurrence, emer- 

Ocdan, n.f., ocean, high seas. 

Oc^anique, a., oceanic. 

Ocre, n.f., ochre. — broyee, crushed 

Octave, n.f., eight, octave. 

Octavin, n.m., octave-flute. 

Octavo, adv., eighthly. 

Octobre, n.m., October. 

Octroi, n.m., octroi, toll-house, toll- 
ofl&ce; toll, duty, town-dues; con- 
cession, grant. 

Octroyer, v., to concede, grant. 

Octuple, a., octuple, eight-fold. 

Oculaire, a., ocular. Verre — , eye- 

Oculaire, n.m.-, eye-piece, eye-glass. 

Oculiste, n.m., oculist. 

Odeur, n.f., scent, perfume, odour, 

Odieuz, a., odious, loathsome, hateful. 

Odieux, n.m., odium, hatefulness. 

Odomdtre, n.m., pedometer, odometer. 

Odorant, a., fragrant, odoriferous, 

Odorif^rant, a., fragrant, odoriferous, 

CEil, n.m., eye; eye (of a needle); 
gloss; lustre (of precious stones). 
Le premier coup d' — , the first 
glance (sight) of. Donner dans 
r — k quelqu'un, to take anyone's 
fancy. D'un coup d' — , at a 
glance. Cela saute aux yeux, it is 
as clear as noonday; it is obvious. 
- — de-chat, cat's-eye [min.). 

(Billet, n.m., eyelet, eyelet-hole; pink, 

CEuf, n.m., egg. — frais, new-laid egg. 

(Euvre, n.f., work, piece of work; act, 
deed; setting (of a stone); work 
(of an author). — s inedites, 
unpublished works. 

CEuvrer, u., to work. 

Offensant, a., offensive, abusive. 

OSense, nf., offence, transgression; 
insult, affront, wrong. 

Offenser, v., to give offence, to offend. 






insult, abuse, injure. S' — , to take 

offence (at), exception (to); to be 

Office, n.m., office, employment, duty, 

functions. Exercer un — , to hold 

an office. D' — , official; officially, 

Offlciel, a., official. 
OfflcieUement, adv., officially. 
Offlcier, n.m., officer. — de marine, 

naval officer. — de port, harbour 

Offlcieux, a., officious. 
OSrant, a.m., bidding. Au plus — et 

dernier ench^risseur, to the highest 

and last bidder. 
OSrant, n.m., bidder. 
OfEre, n.f., tender, offer, proposal. 
Offrir, v., to offer, bid, tender, pro- 
pose; to give, yield. S' — , to offer. 

Si I'occasion s'offre, if occasion 

Offasqaer, v., to offend; to darken, 

obscure; to dazzle. S' — , to take 

offence; to be darkened. 
Oie, n.f., goose. — de mer, mer- 
Oignon, n.m., onion; bulb. 
Oing, n.m., cart-grease, hog's grease. 

Vieux — , cart or axle grease. 
Oisean, n.m., bird. Plan h vue d' — , 

bird's-eye view. 
Oiseoz, a., idle, indolent. 
Oisil, a., uninvested, lying-dead (of 

money); idle, unoccupied. 
0I6a?ineux, a., oily, oleaginous. 
Ol^iftee, a., oleiferous, oil-bearing. 
0I6ine, n.f., oleine. 
0I6ique, a., oleic. 
Olim, n.m., statute-book. 
Olive, n.f., olive. — s en pots, olives 

in jars. 
Olivier, n.m., olive, olive tree, olive 

Olographe, a., holograph, holographic. 

Testament — , holograph will. 
Olographe, n.m., holograph. 
Ombrage, n.m., distrust, suspicion; 

Ombrageux, a., distrustful, suspicious. 
Ombre, n.f., shade, shadow. — s 

chinoiscs, dissolving views. 
Ombrelle, n.f., parasol. 
Ombrer, v., to shade, tint. 
Ombromdtre, n.m., rain-gauge, om- 
Omettre, v., to omit, leave out, pass 


Omission, n.f., omission. Sauf erreur 
ou — , errors excepted. 

Onminm, n.m., omnium. 

On, pron., people, we, you, one, they, 
it. — dit, it is said, they say. 
— croit, it is thought. 

Once, n.f., ounce (weight). 

Oixcle, n.m., uncle. 

Onctueux, a., oily, unctuous. 

Onde, n.f., wave. 

Ondoyer, v., to wave, undulate. 

Onduler, v., to wave, curl, undulate. 

Onduleux, a., waving, undulating. 

Ongle, n.m., claw, hoof; nail (of 

Opglet, n.m., finger-case; graver. 

Onglette, n.f., flat, graver. 

Onguent, n.m., salve, ointment. 

Onzaine, n.f., about eleven, eleven 
or so. 

Onze, n.m. and a., eleven, eleventh. 
Le — du mois, the eleventh of the 

Onziime, n.m. and a., eleventh. 

Opale, n.f., opal. — jaspe, jasper, 
opal. — commime, common opal. 

Opaque, a., opaque. 

Op^ratenr, n.m., operator. 

Operation, n.f., transaction, opera- 
tion; working. Terminer ime — , 
to close a transaction. 

Op6rer, v., to operate, perform, effect, 
act, manage. S' — , to be brought 
about, to come about, take place, 

Opiner, v., to be of opinion, give one's 
opinion; to conclude. 

Opini&tre, a., obstinate, stubborn. 

Opini&tret6, n.f., obstinacy, stubborn- 

Opinion, n.f., opinion, public opinion; 
vote. C'est une affaire d' — , it is 
a mere matter of opinion. Aller 
aux — s, to put it to the vote. 

Opporton, a., opportune, timely, con- 
venient, expedient. 

Opportunity, n.f., opportunity; oppor- 
tuneness, expediency. 

Opposant, n.m., opponent, adversary; 
attaching party (legal). 

Oppose, n.m., reverse, contrary, 

Opposer, v., to oppose, put in opposi- 
tion. S' — , to object, be opposed 
to, to resist, combat. 

Opposition, n.f., attachment (legal); 
opposition; contrast, contradistinc- 

Opprimant, a., oppressing. 





Opprimer, v., to crush, overwhelm, 

Opter, v., to choose, declare. 
Opticien, n.w., optician. 
Optime, adv., very well, perfectly 

well, capitally. 
Option, «./., choice, option. Je vous 

en laisse 1' — , I leave you the 

Opulence, n.f., wealth, opulence, 

Opulent, a., wealthy, opulent, affluent. 
Opuscule,, pamphlet. 
Or, n.m., gold. — moulu, ormolu. 

— affine, refined gold. — vierge, 
native gold. — en barre, bullion, 
bar gold. — de coupelle, refined 
gold. — au titre, standard gold. 

— mat, dead gold. — vert, green 
gold. — faux, imitation gold. — 
file, gold thread, spun gold. — 
battu, beaten gold. — natif, 
native gold. Poudre d' — , gold 
dust. — couleur, gold size. — 
monnaye, gold specie. Vaisselle 
d* — , gold plate. 

Or, conj., but, now, well. 

Ot&ge, n.m., storm, thunderstorm; 

(fig.) disorder, calamity. 
Orageuz, a., stormy; agitated. 
Oral, a., verbal, viva voce, oral. 
Orange, n.f., orange. — douce, sweet 

orange. Ecorce d' — , orange peel. 
Orang6, a., orange-coloured. 
Orang6, n.m., orange-colour. 
Orangeade, n.f., orangeade. 
Orangeat, n.m., candied orange-peel. 
Oranger, n.m., orange tree. 
Orangiste, n.m., orange-grower. 
Ordinaire, a., ordinary, customary, 

Ordinaire, n.m., ordinary. D' — , pour 

r — , usually, ordinarily. A 1' — , 

as usual. 
Ordinairement, adv., ordinarily, 

Ordonnance, n.f., order, ordering; 

ordinance, regulation; prescription. 
Ordonnancer, v., to prescribe; to order 

the payment of, to pass (in writing). 
Ordonner, v., to order, command, 

decree, regulate, direct; to pre- 
Ordre, n.m., order; warrant, mandate, 

management; command; class. Du 

premier — , of the highest order. 

Un billet k — , a bill to order. 

D' — et pour compte de, by order 

and on account of, Donner ses — s, 
to give one's orders. Un — par 
ecrit, a written order. En bon — 
in good order. Jusqu'i nouvel — 
until further orders. 

Oreille, n.f., ear; tie (of shoes) ; ears 
(of a bale). Boucle d' — , ear-ring; 
£tre endette par-dessus les — s, 
to be over head and ears in debt, 
Tirer 1' — k quelqu'un, to dun 

Oreiller, n.m., pillow. Une taie d' — 
a pillow-case. 

Orffivre, n.m., goldsmith, silversmith. 

Organdi, n.m., book-muslin. 

Organisation, n.f., organization, form- 

Organiser, v., to organize, form, get 
up, draw up. 

Organsin, n.m., organzine (silk). 

Organsinage, n.m., organzining. 

Organsiner, v., to throw (silk); to 

Orge,^ n.f., barley. — perle, pearl 
barley. — mondd, hulled barley. 
— k distiller, distilling barley. — cl 
malt, malting barley. — en grains, 

Orgue, n.m., organ. — expressif, 
hcurmonium. — de Barbaric, barrel 
organ. — portatif, street organ. 
Jeu d' — , organ-stop. 

Orgueil, n.m., boasting; pride, arro- 

Orgueilleuz, a., proud, haughty. 

Orient, n.m., Orient, East; water (of 
pearls). Commerce d' — , East 
India trade. 

Oriental, a., Oriental, eastern. Indes 
— es, India, East India. 

Orienter, v., to trim (sails); to set 
towards the East. S' — , to ascer- 
tain one's position, take one's 

Orifice, n.m., hole, aperture, orifice. 

Originairement, adv., originally. 

Original, a., original, first; queer, 
peculiar, odd. 

Original, n.m., original. 

Origine, n.f., origin, source, spring. 
Avoir (tirer) son — de, to originate 
in. Dans 1' — , orginally, 

Originel, a., original. 

Oripeau, n.m., silver lace; foil, tinsel, 
Dutch gold. 

1 "Orge" is masculine when used i 
conjunction with " perle " and " mond6." 





Orme, n.m., elm. 

Ornement, n.m., ornanxent, embellish- 

Ornementation, n.f., ornamentation. 

Orner, v., to ornament, embellish, 
decorate, adorn. 

Orpiment, n.m., orpiment. — natif, 
native orpiment. — de Perse, 
golden orpiment. 

Orpin, n.m., orpiment. 

Ort, a., invariable, gross weight. 
Peser — , to weigh gross weight. 

Ortbographe, n.f., spelling, orthog- 
raphy. Faute d' — , mistake in 
spelling, orthographical error. 

Orthographier, i;., to spell. 

Ortbographique, a., orthographic, 

Os, n.m., bone. — de baleine, whale- 
bone. — calcines, calcined bones. 

Oscillant, a., oscillating, fluctuating. 

Osciller, v., to oscillate, fluctuate, 
waver, vibrate. 

Oser, v., to d£u:e, presume, attempt, 
venture, to be so bold as. Si j'ose 
le dire, if I may venture so to 

Osier, n.m., osier, wicker. Un panier 
d' — , a wicker basket. 

Osseux, a., bony. 

Ostensible, a., visible, ostensible. 

Ot6, prep., save, but, except. 

Oter, v., to deduct, take off; to take 
away, deprive, pull off; to remove; 
to get rid of. S' — , to take oneself 
ofi; to be moved, taken away; to 
remove, get away. 

Ottoman, n.m., ribbed silk; a., 

Ottomane, n.f., ottoman (sofa). 

Ou, conj., or, else, either. 

Oil, adv., where, when, that, at (in, 
to) which. — allez-vous ?, where 
are you going ? D' — vient que, 
how is it that. Partout — , wher- 
ever. Par — ?, which way ? 

Ouate, n.f., cotton-wool, wadding, 
padding. — de coton, cotton 

Ouater, v., to wad, pad. Ouatd, 

Oubli, n.m., slip, omission, oversight; 
neglect; forgetfulness. 

Oublie, n.f., wafer. 

Oublier, v., to omit, leave out, forget. 
S' — , to be forgotton. 

Oublieux, a., forgetful. 

Ouest, n.m., West, western, westerly. 

A r — , westward, in a westerly 

direction; westerly (of the wind). 
Oui, adv., yes. 
Oui, n.m., yes. 
Oui, part., heard. J'ai — parler de, 

I have heard of. 
Ouie, n.f., hearing. 
Ouragan, n.m., tornado, hurricane. 
Ourdir, v., to plot, hatch, concoct; 

to warp (cloth). 
Ourdissage, n.m., warping. 
Ourdissure, n.f., warping. 
Ourler, v., to hem. — a jour, to hem- 
Ourlet, n.m., hem. 
Ours, n.m., bear (animal). Peau d' — , 

Outil, n.m., tool, implement. — s 

d'acier, steel tools. 
Outillage, n.m., stock of tools. 
Outrage, n.m., outrage, abuse, gross 

Outrageant, a., outrageous, insulting, 

Outrager,t;., to insult, offend, outrage. 
Outrageux, a., outrageous. 
Outre, n.f., leather bottle. 
Outre, adv., beyond, further. 
Outre, prep., beyond, in addition to, 

besides. — cela, besides that. 

D' — -mer, across the channel; 

from beyond the seas. 
Outre que, conj., besides. 
Outr^, a., undue, excessive; exag- 
gerated, far-fetched. 
Outremer, n.m., ultramarine (colour). 
Outrepasser, v., to exceed, go beyond. 
Outrer, v., to overdo, exaggerate. 
Ouvert, part., open. Compte — , 

running account. A bureau — , on 

demand, on presentation. 
Ouvertemeat, adv., openly, frankly. 
Ouverture, n.f., opening, beginnmg; 

aperture, orifice, hole. 
Ouvrable, a., working, workable. Jour 

— , working day; week-day. 
Ouvrage, n.m., work, job, piece of 

work; workmanship. Se mettre k 

V — , to set to work. — s en cuir, 

leather goods. 
Ouvragi, a., worked, figured, wrought. 
Ouvrager, v., to work, figure. 
Ouvri, a., worked, diapered. 
Oavrer, v., to work, diaper; to coin 

Ouvrier, n.m., workman, operative, 

mechanic, artisan. — ^ la joumde, 

day labourer. 





Ouvrier, a., working, operative. Jour 

— , working-day. 
Ouviire, n.f., workwoman. 
Ouvrir, to open, to broach (opinion); 

to subject to; to expand, spread. 
Ouvroir, n.m., work-room, workshop. 
Ovale, a. and n.m., oval. 
Oxalate, n.m., oxalate. 
Ozalique, a., oxalic 
Oxyde, n.m., oxide. 
Oxyg^ne, n.m., oxygen. 
Ozone, n.m., ozone. 
Ozonomdtre, n.m., ozonometer. 

Pacifier, v., to appease, pacify, calm. 

Pacotille, n.f., pack, bale, venture; 
stock; seaman's venture. Mar- 
chandises de — , inferior, cheap or 
ready-made goods. 

Pacotiller, v., to take out or traffic in 
small ventures. 

Pacotilleur, n.m., small sea-trader. 

Pacte, n.m., pact, agreement, con- 
tract, compact. 

Pactiser, v., to compoimd, make a 
contract with, to covenant with. 

Page, n.f., page. 

Paginer, v., to page, folio. 

Pagnon, n.m., black broadcloth. 

Paiement, n.m., see payement. 

Paillasse, n.f., tick, ticking, straw 

PaiUasson, n.m., mat, door-mat; 
straw-mat, straw-matting. 

Paille, n.f., straw; chaff; chip; flaw 
(of gems, metals). Chapeau de — , 
straw hat. Couleur — , straw- 
coloured. Menue — , chaff. Cela 
enl^ve la — , that takes the cake. 
— d' Italic, Leghorn straw. 

Paille, a., straw-coloiured. 

Paill6, a., straw-coloured; flawy (of 

Paillet, a., pale (of red wine). 

Paillette, n.f., spangle. 

Paillotte, n.f., straw hat. 

Pain, n.m., bread; loaf. Du — , some 
bread. — de manage, home-made 
bread. — sans levain, unleavened 
bread. — de sucre, sugar-loaf. 
— d'epice, gingerbread. — de 
gruau, best wheaten bread. — de 
savon, cake of soap. 

Par, a., even (of numbers); similar. 

Pair, n.m., par; peer; equal, equality. 
Au — , at par. Au-dessous du — , 
below par, at a discount. Au- 
dessus du — , above par, at a 

premium. Le change est au ■ — , 

the exchange is at par. Marcher 

de — avec, to be on an equal 

footing with. 
Paire, n.f., couple, pair, brace. 
Pairesse, n.f., peeress. 
Pairie, n.f., peerage. 
Paitre, v., to feed, graze. Se — , to 

feed (on). 
Paix, n.f., peace; rest, quiet, silence. 

Laissez-moi en — , let me alone. 
Palais, n.m., palace; law-courts, court 

of justice; hall; taste. Joiu: de — , 

court day. 
Palan, n.m., hoisting gear; tackle 

{naut.). Sous — , alongside. 
Palatine, n.f., tippet, fur tippet. 
P&le, a., pale. Bleu — , pale blue. 
Pal6mon, n.m., prawn. 
Palestine, n.f., two-line pica (type). 
Palet, n.m., quoit. 
Paletot, n.m., overcoat, great-coat. 

— pilote, pilot coat. 

Palette, n.f., bat, racket; palette, 

P&lir, v., to turn (become, grow) pale; 

to make pale, to bleach. 
Palis, n.m., fence, paling, enclosure. 
Palissade, n.f., paling, wooden fence. 
Palladium, n.m., palliadum (chem.). 
Pallier, v., to mitigate, palliate; to 

Palme, n.f., palm, palm tree. Huile 

de — , palm oil. 
Palmer, n.m., calliper, measurer. 
Palmier, n.m., palm, palm tree. — h 

sagou. — du Japon, sago tree. 

— huileux, palm oil tree. Huile 
de — , palm oil. 

P&lot, a., palish. 

Palper, v., to receive, pocket (money); 
to feel, feel about. 

Paludi^re, n.f., salt-marsh. 

Pampa, n.m., pampas. 

Pamphlet, n.m., pamphlet. 

Panache, n.f., panacea, universal 

Panachore, n.f., streak, variegation, 
variety of colours. 

Panais, n.m., parsnip. 
'Panama, n.m., Panama hat. 

Pancarte, n.f., bill, placard; tariff, 
visitors' book. 

Panier, n.m., basket, hamper; scuttle, 
creel, crate. — au papier, waste- 
paper basket. — d'osier, wickc 
basket. — k ouvrage, work-basket , 
Le dessus du — , the best, the pick. 






Panique, n.f., panic. 

Panne, n.f-, breakdown, bad accident 
(motor term); plush; shag; fat. 
£tre en — , to lie to (naut.). Se 
tenir en — , to lie to. 

Panneau, n.m., panel, square; hatch 

Panneton, n.m., bread-pan. 

Pantalon, n.m., trousers, pair of 
trousers; pantaloons. — defemme, 
knickers, drawers. 

Panthdre, n.f., panther. 

Pantographe, n.m., pantograph. 

Pantomdtre, n.m., pantometer. 

Pantoufle, n.f., slipper. 

Paon, n.m., peacock. 

Papeterie, n.f., paper-trade, paper- 
making, paper manufacture, paper 
manufactory, paper mill; station- 
ery, stationery case (box). 

Papetier, n.m., stationer; paper- 

Papier, n.m., paper. — buvard 
(brouillard), blotting-paper. — k 
ecrire, writing-paper. — k lettres, 
letter-paper. — serpent, — de soie, 
silver-paper. — m^canique, 

machine-made paper. — de verre, 
sand-paper, glass-paper. — co- 
quille, post-demy, demy-post. — 
pelure, foreign post-paper, foreign 
paper. — dentelle, lace paper. 
— k dessin, drawing paper. — 
k la forme, hand-made paper. — 
ministre, petition paper. Rame de 
— , ream of paper. Cahier de — , 
c^uarter of a quire; paper book. — 
tmibre, stamped paper. Payer en 
— , to pay in bills. — s de bord, 
ship's papers. — volant, fly-sheet. 
Couteau k — , paper-cutter, paper- 
knife. See monnaie. 

Papillote, n.f., chocolate dr6p; curl- 
paper, spangle. Fer k — s, curling- 

P&que, p3,ques, n.m., Easter. 

Paquebot, n.m., steamer, liner, packet, 
packet-boat. — de poste, mail- 
steamer. — a vapeur, steam- 

Paquet, n.m., packet, parcel, bundle; 
mail. Recevoir ses — s (son — ), 
to get the sack, be discharged. 
Faire un — , to make up a parcel. 

Paqueter, v., to roll up, to bundle, do 
up in parcels. 

Par, prep., by, for, for the sake of, in, 
into, through, out of, during, from, 

about. — ici, this way. — Ik, that 

way. dessous, imder, imder- 

neath. — -dessus, above, over, 
over and above. — le pass6, 
formerly. — -devant, before, in 
the presence of. — dedans, within. 
— aventure, by chance. 

Parader, v., to cruise; to parade, 
show ofif. 

Farafe, paraphe, n.m., paraph. 

Paraffine, n.f., paraffin. 

Paragraphe, n.m., paragraph. 

Parattre, v., to appear, be seen; to be 
published, to come out ; to seem, 
look. Faire — , to show, exhibit. 
II n'a rien qui n'y paraisse, that is 
very clear (evident). II parait, it 
appears. Vient de — , just pub- 
lished, just out. 

Paralyser, v., to paralyse. 

Parangon, n.m., parallel, comparison. 
Petit — , paragon (type). Gros — , 
double pica (type). 

Paraphraser, v., to amplify, para- 

Parapluie, n.m., umbrella. — en soie, 
silk umbrella. 

Parasol, n.m., parasol. 

Parasoleil, n.m., hood {phot.). 

Paratonnerre, n.m., lightning-con- 

Paravent, n.m., screen, folding-screen. 

Pare, n.m., park; pen (for cattle); 
locker (naut.). — de construction, 

Parcelle, n.f., instalment, portion. 
Payer par — s, to pay by instal- 

Parce que, conj., because, inasmuch 

Parchemin, n.m., skin, parchment. 

Parcheminerie, n.f., parchment fac- 
tory, parchment-trade, parchment- 

Parcheminier, n.m., parchment- 

Parcimonieuz, a., sparing, parsimoni- 

Parconrir, v., to peruse, look (go, 
run) over; to travel over; to take a 
survey of. 

Parcours, nm., way, road; journey; 
distance. Faire le — entre, to ply 

Pardessns, n.m., overcoat, great-coat. 

Pardonner, v., to excuse, pardon, 
overlook, condone. Pardonnez- 
moi, excuse me, pardon me. 





Pare-brise, n.m., air or wind screen 

Pareil, a., similar, like, alike, such, 
equal. Sans — , matchless. 

Pareil, n.m., match, equal. 

Pareillement, adv., likewise, too, in 
the same way, similarly. 

Parement, n.m., puff (of a sleeve); 

Parent, n.m., relative, relation. — s, 
relations, relatives, parents, father 
and mother. Proche — , next of 
kin, near relative. 

Parer,v., to guard, provide against; to 
embellish, trim, set out; to shelter; 
to parry, ward off. — sa mar- 
chandise, to set off one's goods. — 
du cuir, to dress leather. Se — , 
to make a show, to boast; to guard 
oneself; to assume. 

Parire, n.m., report (of insurance); 
opinion (on commercial matters). 

Paresseuz, a., lazy, indolent, idle. 

Parfaire, v., to complete, perfect, 
make up. 

Parfait, a., complete, perfect, finished, 

Parfaitement, adv., just so, exactly, 
decidedly, completely, perfectly. 

Parfois, adv., occasionally , some- 
times, now and then. 

Parfnm, n.m., scent, perfume, flavour, 
odour; bouquet (of wine). 

Parfnmer, v., to scent, perfume, 

Parfamerie, n.f., perfumery. 

Parfumeor, n.m., perfumer. 

Parfumoir, n.m., fumigator, per- 
fuming pan. 

Pari, n.m., stake, wager, bet. 

Parier, v., to stake, bet, lay a wager. 

Paris, n.m., Paris. Premier — , 
leading article. 

Parisien, n.m., Parisian. 

Parisian, a., Parisian. 

Parisienne, n.f., pearl (type). 

Parjure, n.m., false oath, perjury. 

Parlement, n.m., Parliament. 

Parier, v., to talk, talk about, speak, 
mention, tell, say, converse. Cela 
ne vaut pas la peine d'en — , it is 
not worth mentioning. — en I'air, 
to talk at random. Cela parle tout 
seul, the thing speaks for itself. — 
frangais, to speak French. 

Parier, n.m., speech, language. 

Parloir, n.m., parlour. 

Parmesan, n.m., Parmesan cheese. 

Parnu, prep., among, amongst. 

Paroisse, n.f., parish, parish church. 

Paroissial, a., parish, parochial. 

Parole, n.f., word; saying; -speech. 
Prendre la — , to begin to speak. 
Engager sa — , to pledge one's 
word, to promise. Tenir (sa) — , to 
keep one's word, to be as good as 
one's word. II est homme de — , he 
is a man of his word. Manquer de 
(a sa) — , se dedire de sa — , to 
break or go from one's word. 

Parquet, n.m., locker (naut.); bar (of 
a court of justice); wood flooring. 

Parqnetage, n.m., flooring, inlaid 

Parqneter, v., to floor, inlay. 

Parqaeterie, n.f., parquetry, inlaid 

Part, n.f., part, portion, share; 
interest, concern, fitre de — avec 
quelqu'un, to go shares with any- 
one. Entrer en — avec quelqu'un, 
to go shares with anyone. Prendre 
en mauvaise — , to take amiss. 
En'quelque — que, wherever. A 
— , apart, aside. Nulle — , no- 
where. Autre — , somewhere else. 
Mettre a — , to set apart. Faire — 
de quelque chose k quelqu'un, to 
apprise (inform) one of anything. 
Mettre de — , to take in as a 
partner; to give a share (in a busi- 
ness). Avoir — k quelque affaire, 
to have a share in any business. 

Partage, n.m., distribution, appor- 
tionment, partition, sharing; por- 
tion, share, lot. Faire — de, to 

Partager, v., to distribute, divide, 
portion; to share, give a share; to 
take part in, participate in, receive 
a share. II faut — le differend, we 
must split the difference. 

Parlance, n.f., departure, sailing. Er. 
— , about to sail, on the point oi 

Parti, n.m., ways, means, choice, 
method; side, party; advantage, 
use. C'est im pris — , it is a fore- 
gone conclusion. C'est un bon — , 
it is a very good offer. Tircr — de, 
to turn to account, make the besc 
of. II a pris son — , he has made up 
his mind. Prendre le — do 
quelqu'un, to side with anyone, to 
take anyone's part. 

Partial, a., partial. ' 





Participant, a., participating. 

Participant, n.m., participant, siiarer. 

Participation, n.f., share; participa- 
tion; knowledge. 

Participer, v., to be a party to, have a 
share in, to share, participate. 

Particulier, a., speciJfic, express; par- 
ticular, private, special, peculiar. 

Particulier, n.m., private individual. 
En mon — , as for me. En — , in 
private, in particular. 

Particulidrement, adv., especially, par- 

Partie, n.f., entry (book-keeping); 
parcel, line of business; client; 
party, contracting party; scheme, 
plan, project; part; game. — 
publique, public prosecutor. — 
interessee, party interested, con- 
cerned. — simple, single entry. 

— double, double entry. Prendre 
k — , to take to task. En — , partly, 
in part. 

Partiel, a., partial. 

Partir, v., to set out, start, depart, go; 
to be off; to proceed, come. A — 
de. from, reckoning from, begianing 
from. A — d'aujourd'hui, from 
to-day. — du port, to sail from the 

Partition, n.f., division, partition. 

Partout, adv., everywhere, all over. 

Paru, a., published, out. ' 

Parure, n.f., oniament, finery, dress. 

— de diamants, set of diamonds. 
Parvenir, «., to attain, reach, come, 

arrive, succeed, get on. Faire — , 
to forward or send to anyone. 
Pas, n.m., step, pace; passage; pre- 
cedence, progress; trouble, pains. 

— de clerc, blunder. De ce — , at 
once, directly. — d'une vis, pitch, 
thread of a screw. Se tirer d'un 
mauvais — , to get out of a scrape. 
Avoir le — , to have precedence of. 

Pas, adv., no, not, not any. — du 
tout, not at all. Presque — , 
scarcely any. 

Passable, a., tolerable, middling, 

Passade, n.f., short stay (at a place). 

Passage, n.m., transit, passage, pass- 
age-money ; toll ; thoroughfare, 
court, gateway. Barrer le — , to 
bar, stand in the way. — k niveau 
level crossing (rail.). 

Passager, a., transitory, passing, 

Passager, n.m., passenger, traveller. 

Passant, n.m., passenger, traveller. 

Passant, a., fading (of colours). En 
— , by the way. 

Passavant, n.m., pass, permit (of the 
custoni»-house) ; gangway. 

Passe, n.f., odd money; situation, 
pass, state; case. 

Passe-Iacet, n.m., bodkin. 

Passementerie, n.f., lace, lace-trade, 
lace-making. — de chanvre, hemp 

Passe-m^teil, n.m., muslin. 

Passe-partout, n.m., compass-saw; 
latch-key, master-key. 

Passepoil, n.m., piping (for clothes). 

Passeport, n.m., pass, passport. 

Passer, v., to pass, pass on (along); to 
execute (a document); to fade (of 
flowers); to pass for; to utter (base 
coin); to dress (stuffs, skins); to 
strain (liquids); to cross, go over; 
to surpass, exceed; to allow, waive; 
omit, leave out. — sous silence, 
to take no notice of. — une obliga- 
tion, to enter into a bond. ?"aire — , 
to forward; to admit, let in. Je 
passerai chez vous demain matin, 
1 will call on you to-morrow morn- 
ing. On ne passe pas, no thorough- 
fare. Cela m'a passe de I'esprit, 
that has slipped my memory. — 
pour, to be thought or considered, 
to pass for. Se — , to happen; to 
pass, fade, fall off ; to dispense with, 
make shift, do without; to be 

Passerelle, n.f., gangway, footbridge. 

Passe-temps, n.m., pastime. 

Passeur, n.m., ferry-man. 

Passe- vin, n.m., wme-strainer. 

Passible, a., liable (to), punishable (by). 

Passif, a., on debit side; passive. 

Passif, n.m., debts, liabilities. 

Passoire, n.f., strainer, colander. 

Pastel, n.m., pastel, crayon. 

Pastdque, n.f., water-melon. 

Pasteur, n.m., minister, pastor, clergy- 
man; shepherd. 

Pastille, n.f., lozenge. 

Patard, n.m., farthing, doit. 

Patate, n.f., potato, sweet potato. 

Patchouli, n.m., patchouli. 

P&te, n.f., dough, paste. — feuilletde, 
puff paste. — d'amande, almond 

Pftte, n.m., pie, pastry; block of 
buildings; blot of ink. 





Patelle, n.f., limpet. 

Patent, a., obvious, manifest; patent. 
Lettres — as, letters patent. 

Patente, n.f., bill of health; licence. 
— brute, foul bill. — nette, clean 

Patenter, v., to license. 

Patfere, n.f., clothes-peg; curtain-hook. 

Pateux, a., clammy, sticky, doughy. 

Patience, «./., patience; puzzle (game); 
button-cleaner. Avoir de la — , to 
have patience. 

Patienter, v., to have patience. 

Patin,, skate, snow-shoe, clog. 

Patiner, v., to skate; to slide (of 

P&tir, v., to toil, drudge; to suffer. 

P&tis, n.m., pasture-ground. 

Patisserie, n.f., pastry, pastry- 

Patrimonie, n.f., patrimony, inherit- 

Patriotisme, n.m., patriotism. 

Patron, n.m., coxswain; master, 
employer, patron; model, pattern. 
Faire un — , to take a pattern. — 
d'lm vaisseau marchand, master of 
a merchantman. 

Patronage, n.m., pattern-work, pat- 

Patronner, v., to stencil; to take the 
pattern of; to patronize. 

Patrouille, n.f., patrol. 

Patte, n.f., flap (of pockets); paw (of 
an animal). — s de mouche, scrawl. 
Marcher h. quatre — s, to go on all 

P&torage, n.m., grazing, pasture, 

P^tore, n.f., pasturage, food. 

Pfitorer, v., to feed, graze, pasture. 

Paame, n.f., tennis rackets; palm (of 
the hand). Longue — , lawn- 

Panmier, n.m., sleeping-chair. 

Pause, n.f., pause, rest, stop. 

Pauvre, a., poor, needy, destitute. 

Panvre, n.m., pauper, poor man. 

Paavret6, n.f., poverty, need, in- 

Pavage, n.m., paving, pavement. 

Pav6, n.m., pavement, roadway; 

Pavement, n.m., pavement, paving. 

Paver, v., to pave. 

Pavilion, n.m., simamer-house; pavil- 
ion, lodge; flag, standard; tent. — 
de poupe, ensign. Vaisseau — , 

flagship. Hisser le — , to hoist the 

Payable, a., payable. 
Paye, n.f., wages, pay, salary. 
Payement, n.m., pa5Tnent. Non- — , 

non-payment. Jour de — , pay- 
day. Same as paiement. 
Payer, v., to pay, pay for, pay away; 

to indemnify, satisfy. — argent 

comptant, to pay cash down. — 

trop, to overpay. 
Payeur, n.m., payer, paymaster. 
Pays, n.m., country, place, district. 

A vue de — , at first sight. — natal, 

native country. 
Paysan, n.m., peasant, countryman. 
P6age, n.m., toU, due; toll-house. 
P6ager, n.m., toll-gatherer. 
Peao, n.f., hide, skin, fur, pelt; rind, 

peel. — de sole, Japanese silk. 

— ras^, shaved slon. — d'agneau, 
lamb-skin. — de daim, buckskin. 

— de boeuf, ox-hide. — de vache, 
cow-hide. — preparee, dressed 
hide. — verte (crue), pelt, green 
(raw) hide. — de chevreau, kid- 
skin. — de castor, beaver skin. — 
brute, raw skin or hide. 

Peansserie, n.f., peltry; skinner's 

Peaossier, n.m., skinner, skin-dresscr. 

PSche, n.f., peach; angling, fishing. 
Ligne de — , fishing Ime. 

Pteher, v., to offend, transgress, sin, 

Pecher, v., to fish, angle; to find, pick 

P§cher, n.m., peach tree. 

Pecheor, n.m., angler, fisher, fisher- 

PicnIat, n.m., peculation, embezzle- 

P6cale, n.m., earnings, savings, hoard. 

P^coniaire, a., pecuniary. 

P6dale,n./., treadle, pedal,foot-board. 

P^dalier, n.m., crank (of a bicycle). 

P6domitre, n.m., pedometer. 

P^le, n.f., pitch. 

Peignage, n.m., combing, wool-comb- 

Peigne, n.m., comb. — k demeler. 
large tooth-comb. — fin, small 
tooth-comb. — d'ecaille, tortoise- 
shell comb. 

Peigner, v., to comb, card (wool). 

Peignerie, n.f., comb trade, coral > 

Peignear, n.m., comber. 





Peignoir, n.m., bathing-gown, dress- 
ing-gown, wrapper. 

Peindre, v., to paint, depict, draw, 
express, represent. 

Peine, n.f., trouble, anxiety, pains, 
sorrow; punishment, penalty. £tre 
dans la — , to be in trouble. Cela 
n'en vaut pas la — , it is not worth 
while. A — , scarce, scarcely, 
hardly. Se mettre en — de, to 
trouble oneself about. 

Peintre, n.m., painter. — en bati- 
mcnts, house-painter. 

Peinture, n.f., paint, painting, picture. 

P6kin, n.m., pekin (textile fabric). 

Peler, v., to peel, skin, pare. Se — , 
to p^l off. 

PMerine, n.f., cape, tippet. 

Pelin, n.m., lime-pit (for hides). 

Pelle, n.f., scoop, shovel, spade; blade 
(of an oar). 

Pelleron, n.m., baker's peel. 

Pelleterie, n.f., peltry; furriery. — 
brute, rough peltry. 

Pelletier, n.m., furrier. 

Pellicule, n.f., film (cinematograph 
and photograph). 

Pelote, M./., ball of thread; pin-cushion; 

Peloton, n.m., ball, tennis-ball; group. 

Pelous'e, n.f., lawn, grass-plot. 

Peluche, n.f., cotton and woollen 
drugget, plush, shag. 

Pelnre, n.f., rind, peel; paring. 

Penaillon, n.m., rag. 

P6nal, a., penal. 

P6nalit6, n.f., penaltjr. 

Pencher, v., to lean, incline, bend. 

Pendant, prep., during. 

Pendant, n.m., pendant ; counterpart. 
— d'oreUle, ear-ring. 

Pendant, a., standing (of crops); 
pending; hanging. 

Pendant que, conf., while, whilst. 

Pendeloque, n.f., pendant. 

Pendre, v., to suspend, hang, hang 
up, to be suspended. 

Pendule, n.f., clock, time-piece. — de 
voyage, carriage clock. — de 
bronze, bronze clock. — k coucou, 
cuckoo clock. 

Pendule, n.m., pendulum. 

Penetration, n.f., acuteness, penetra- 
tion, shrewdness. 

P6n6trer, v., to penetrate, pierce, go 
through; to see through; to fathom. 

Ptoible, a., troublesome, hard, diffi- 
cult; painful. 

P6niche, n.f., pinnace. ^ 

P6ninsule, n.f, peninsula. 

Pens6e, n.f., idea, thought, concep- 
tion, notion, opinion; meaning; 
sketch; outline. Cela m'est venu 
dans la — , that came into my 
mind. — ulterieure, after-thought. 

Penser, v., to believe, think, deem, 
imagine, be of opinion; to think of. 
Faire — , to remind. Que pensez- 
vous-de cela ?, what do you think 
of that ? — k quelque chose, to 
think of anything. 

Pension, n.f., annuity, pension, pay- 
ment, allowance; board, board and 
lodging ; boarding-house. — via- 
g6re, life annuity. 

Pente, n.f., valance (of a bed); 
inclination, slope, descent; incline, 
ascent; propensity, bent. 

Penture, n.f., hinge; iron-brace, iron- 

Pinurie, n.f., dearth, scarcity, want. 

P4pin, n.m., pip, kernel, stone. 

Fdpite, n.f., nugget (min.). 

Pepsine, n.f., pepsine. 

Percale, n.f., cambric muslin. 

Percaline, n.f., cloth (in book- 
binding); glazed calico. 

Pergant, a., keen, sharp, acute, 
piercing (cold wind), 

Perce, n.f., drill, piercer, borer. 

En perce, adv., tapped, broached. 
Mettre du vin en — , to broach, tap 
a cask of wine. 

Fercement, n.m., perforation, boring, 
piercing, cutting. 

Percentage, n.m., percentage. 

Percepteur, n.m., gatherer; collector 
(of taxes). — des imp6ts, tax- 
gatherer, collector. 

Perceptible, a., collectible; perceiv- 
able, perceptible. 

Perception, n.f., collecting, gathering, 
receipt; perception; collector's 

Percer, v., to bore, drill, tap, broach, 
pierce; to tunnel (engineering); to 
see through, to come through. — 
un tonneau, to tap a cask. 

Perceur, n.m., borer. 

Percevoir, v., to receive, levy; to 
collect (taxes); to perceive. 

Perche, n.f., perch (measure); pole. 

Perchlorure, n.m., perchloride, bi- 

Percoir, n.m., piercer (to tap casks). 

Perdant, a., losing; n.m., loser. 





Perdition, n.f., wreck, ruin, waste. 
En — , sinking, in great distress 
(of ships). 

Perdre, v., to lose, be out of pocket; to 
ruin, waste; to be a loser; to ebb 
(tide). — I'occasion, to lose the 
opportunity. La maree perd, the 
tide is ebbing. Se — , to disappear; 
to be at a loss; to go to ruin, 
wrack and ruin; to spoil, be spoilt. 

Perdrix, n.f., partridge. 

Perdn, part., lost, wasted, ruined, 
spoilt. Heures — es, spare time. 
— de dettes, over head and heels 
in debt. — de reputation, ruined 
in reputation. 

Pdre, n.m., father, parent. Beau , 

step-father, father-in-law. 

Perfection, n.f., perfection, complete- 

Perfectionnement, n.m., perfecting, 
improvement, finishing. 

Perfectionner, v., to perfect, improve, 
improve upon. 

Perforate, n.m., boring, perforation. 

Perforation, n.f., perforation. 

Perforer, v., to bore, perforate. 

P^ril, n.m., peril, risk, danger, 
jeopardy. Mettre en — , to put in 
jeopardy, to endanger. 

P6rilleax, a., dangerous, perilous, 

P6rimer, v., to lapse, pass out of date, 
to be barred by limitation. 

P6riode, n.f., period, stage. 

P6riode, n.m., period, degree, pitch, 
summit. Long — de temps, a long 
period of time. 

Periodique, a., periodic, periodical. 

P6rir, v., to perish, decay, be 
destroyed; to fall off; (naut.) to be 
wrecked, lost. — corps et biens, 
to be lost with all hands (of a 

P6rissable, a., perishable. 

P6rissoire, n.f., canoe. 

Perlasse, n.f., pearl-ash, purified 

Perle, n.f., pearl (type); pearl. 
Nacre de — , mother-of-pearl. — s 
fines, native, real pearls. — 
fausse, imitation pearl, mock , 
pearl. — s en poire, pear-shaped * 
pearls. — s de Venise, glass beads. 
— s de verre, glass beads. 

Perl6, a., boiled twice (of sugar); 
pearly, beady. Orge — , pearl- 

Perlier, a., of pearl. Huitre — hre, 

Permeable, a., permeable. 

Permettre, v., to allow, let, permit, 
enable. Se — , to take the liberty 
of, to take upon oneself to; to 
permit, allow oneself. 

Permis, n.m., licence, permit, pass; 
leave. — de circulation, pass 

Permission, n.f., permission, leave, 
consent, permit. 

Permutation, n.f., change, exchange, 

Permuter, v., to exchange, permute. 

Pernicieox, a., prejudicial, injurious, 
liurtful, pernicious. 

P^roo, n.m., Peru. Baume de — , 
balsam of Peru. 

P6roxyde, n.m., peroxide. 

Perpetuation, n.f., perpetuation. 

Perp^tuel, a., perpetual, for life. 

Perp§ttiit6, n.f., perpetuity. A — , for 

Perquisition, n.f., search, perquisition, 
investigation. Mandat de — , 

Permque, n.f., wig; pig-tail. 

Persan, n.m., Persian, Persian lan- 

Persan, a., Persian. 

Perse, n.f., Persia; chintz. 

Pers^cuter, v., to importune, trouble, 

Pers6verant, a., steady, persevering, 

Pers6v6rer, v., to persevere. 

Persienne, n.f., Venetian-shutter, 

Persil, n.m., parsley. 

Persistance, n.f., persistency, per- 

Persistant, a., persistent, persisting. 

Persister, v., to keep to, persist in. 
II persiste ^ . . ., he persists in ... . 

Personne, n.f., person. 

Personne, pron., m., none, no one, 
nobody; anyone; anybody. 

Personnel, a., personal; n.m., staff, 

Perspective, n.f., prospect, perspec- 
tive, view. En — , in expectation, 
in prospect. 

Persuader, v., to persuade, convince, 
satisfy. Se — , to imagine; t<<' 
persuade, convince oneself. 

Persuasion, n.f., belief, opinion, con- 
viction, persuasion. 






Perte, «./•> l^ss, losings; waste, ruin. 

— de temps, waste of time. £tre 
en — , to be a loser. A — , at a loss. 
Faire une — , to meet with a loss. 
Vendre h — , to sell at a loss. Je 
suis en — , I am a loser by it. II a 
fait une — de jfSOO, he has lost 
£500. A — de vue, out of sight; at 

Pertuis, n.m., straits, narrow channel. 

Perturbation, n.f., perturbation, dis- 

Pervertissable, a., pervertible. 

Pervertissement, n.m., perversion, 

Pesage, n.m., weighing. 

Fesant, a., heavy, weighty, cumber- 
some, slow. 

Pesant, n.m., weight. 

Pesant, adv., weight, in weight. 

Pesanteur, n.f., weight, weightiness; 
slowness, dullness. 

Pes6e, n.f., weighing, weight. Faire 
la — de, to weigh. 

P6se-lait, n.m., lactometer. 

P6se-Iettres, n.m., letter-scales, letter- 

Peser, v., to weigh, consider, ponder, 
estimate; to be heavy; to be a 
burden; to dwell upon. 

Pesette, n.f., assay-scales. 

Peseur, n.m., weigher. 

Peste, n.f., pest, plague, pestilence; 
nuisance, bore. 

Pestilence, n.f., pestilence. 

P6tard, n.m., cracker (fireworks). 

Petit, a., small, little, petty, trifling. 

— i — , by degrees. En — , au — 
pied, on a small scale. 

Petitement, adv., in a small way. 

Petitesse, n.f., smallness, insigni- 

Petition, n.f., request, petition, me- 
morial. l'"aire presenter une — , to 

P^titionner, v., to petition, make a 

P^treux, a., stony, rocky. 

P6trifler, v., petrify. 

P6trir, u., to moulcl, form, knead. 

Pitrole, n.m., rock-oil, petroleum. 

— raffing, refined petroleum. — 
brut, crude petroleum. 

Pen, adv., few, not many, little, not 
much. — d'argent, little money. 

— ou point, little or nothing. 
Fort — , very few. Si — que rien, 
next to nothing. Dans — , dans — 

de jours, in a little or short time, 
in a few days. 

Pen, n.m., few, little. 

Peuplier, n.m., poplar. 

Peur, n.f., fear, dread. De — de, 
for fear of. De — que, for fear 
that, lest. Avoir — , to be afraid. 

Peut-etre, adv., perhaps. — que oui, 
perhaps so. 

Pha6ton, n.m., phaeton. 

Phare, n.m., beacon, beacon-light, 
lighthouse. — flottant, lighthouse. 

Pharmacie, n.f., apothecary's shop, 
apothecary's business; pharmacy, 
chemist's shop; dispensary; medi- 
cine chest. — domestique, medi 
cine chest. 

Pharmacien, n.m., apothecary, chem- 
ist and druggist. 

Phase, n.f., period; aspect, phase. 

Ph6nol, n.m., carbolic acid, phenol. 

Ph6nom6nal, a., phenomenal. 

Philosophie, n.f., small pica (type). 

Philtre, n.m., philter. 

Phon^tique, n.f., phonetics; a., 

Phonographe, n.m., phonograph. 

Phonographie, n.f., phonography. 

Phoque, n.m., seal, phoca, sea-dog. 

Phosphate, n.m., phosphate. — de 
fer, ferric phosphate. 

Phosphite, n.m., phosphite. 

Phosphore, n.m., phosphorus. — 
blanc, white phosphorus. 

Phosphure, n.m., phosphuret. 

Photographe, n.m., photographer. 

Photographic, n.f., photograph, 

Photographier, v., to photograph. 

Photographique, a., photographic. 

Photolithographie, n.f., photoHtho- 

Phrase, n.f., phrase, sentence. 

Pianino, n.m., upright piano. 

Piano, piano-forte, n.m., piano, piano- 
forte. — droit, upright or cottage 
piano. — k queue, grand piano. 
— carr6, square piano, cottage 

Piastre, n.f., piaster, piastre (coin). 

Pic, n.m., pick, pickaxe; peak (of a 

Picholine, n.f., pickled olive; a., 

Picot, n.m., purl (of lace); splinter 
(of wood). 

Picoter, v., to provoke; to prick. 

Picotin, n.m., peck (of oats). 





Picrate, n.m., picrate, carbazotate. 

Picrique, a., carbazotic, picric. Acide 
— , picric acid. 

Pi^ce, «./., paper, document; piece, 
length, fragment; puncheon, cask 
(of oil, wine, etc.). — justificative, 
voucher. — s detachees, spare 
parts (of bicycles). — de vin, 
puncheon (of wine). Tant la — , 
so much a piece, a cask. En — , 
in the wood, in the cask. Travailler 
k ses — s, to work by the job. 

Pied, n.m., foot; leg (of fiuniture); 
ground, bottom. Perdre — , to get 
out of one's depth. Au — de la 
lettre, literally; strictly speaking. 
Sur le — de, at the rate of. Au 
petit — , on a small scale. — a — , 
by degrees, step by step. Sur le — 
ou en sont les affaires, as matters 

Pifege, n.m., decoy, snare, trap. 

Pierre, «./., stone. — a aiguiser, 
grindstone. — milliaire, mile- 
stone. — pr6cieuse, precious stone, 
gem. — fausse, paste. — ci papier, 
paper-weight. — k repasser, 
affuter, whetstone. — gemme, 
precious stone. 

Pierreries, n.f., pi., jewels, precious 

Pierrette, n.f., pebble. 

Pierreux, a., flinty, stony, gritty. 

Pieu, n.m., stake, post, pile. 

Pigeon, n.m., dove, pigeon. — dupe, 
gull. Gorge de — , shot-coloured 
(of silk). 

Pigment, n.m., pigment. 

Pigne, n.f., pena silver, pena gold. 

Pile, n.f., reverse (coins); heap, pile; 
pier (of bridge). — de Volta, — 
voltaique, — galvanique, galvanic 
battery, voltaic battery, Volta's 
pile. — seche, dry pile. 

Piler, i;., to pound, powder, crush. 

Pilon, n.m., stamper, pestle. 

Pilonner, v., to stamp, mill, poimd, 

Pilotage, n.m., piloting, pilotage. 

Pilote, n.m., pilot. — hauturier, sea 
pilot. — cotier, coasting pilot. 
— lamaneur, coasting, river or 
harboiur pilot. 

Pilote, a., pilot. Bateau — , pilot 

Piloter, v., to pilot; to pile, drive 
piles in. 

Pilotin, n.m., pilot's apprentice. 

Pilule, n.f., pill. 

Pilolier, n.m., pill-machine. 

Piment, n.m., pimento, all-spice, 
capsicum. — fin de la Jamaique, 
Jamaica pimento. 

Pin, n.m., pine, pine-tree. 

Pinaie, n.f., pine-plantation. 

Pinasse, pinace, n.f., pinnace {naut.). 

Pince, n.f., nippers, pincers, pliers, 
tongs; crowbar. — s a sucre, sugar- 
tongs. Petites — s, tweezers. — s 
coupantes, nippers. 

Pinceau, n.m., brush, pencil. — a 
barbe, shaving-brush. 

Pince-nez, n.m., folder, folding eye- 

Pince-pantalons, n.m., trouser-clip 

Pincer, v., to press, pinch, nip, nip 

Pincette, n.f., pincettes; pi., tweezers, 
nippers, tongs. 

Pinchina, n.m., thick, coarse woollen 

Pioche, n.f., pickage. 

Pion, n.m., man (at draughts); pawn 
(at chess). 

Pipe, n.f., pipe (cask); pipe, tobacco 

Pipean, n.m., shepherd's pipe, reed- 

Pipeor, n.m., cheat. 

Piquant, a., keen, cutting, sharp, 
pungent, biting; piquant. Froid 
— , biting cold. 

Pique, n.f., quarrel, grudge, spite. 
Par — , out of spite, pique. 

Piqu6, n.m., quilting. — imprime, 
printed quilting. — jaune uni, buff 
quilting. Gout de — , tartness, 
sourish taste (of wine). 

Piquet, v., to quilt, stitch; to prick, 
puncture, stick; to prick or mark 
off; to urge on, stimulate, excite, 
pique. — ime jupe, to quilt a 
petticoat. Se — , to be offended, 
nettled; to take a pride in, pride 
oneself on; to become spotted; to j 
turn sour. 

Piquette, n.f., sour wine, rape wine, 
thin wine. } 

Piqueur, n.m., — de vins, wine-taster. 

Piq&re, n.f., quilting, stitching; | 
puncture, prick. j 

Pirate, n.m., corsair, pirate. 

Pirater, v., to pirate, commit c 
exercise piracy. 

Piraterie, n.f., piracy, act of piracy. 





Pire, and a., worst, worse. Le 
— , the worst. 

Pis, adv. and, worse, worst. 
De mal en — , from bad to worse. 
De — en — , worse and worse. 
Qui est — , what is worse. 

Pis aller, n.m., worst; make shift, last 
resource. Au — , let the worst 
come to the worst; at the worst. 

Pistache, n.f., pistachio, pistachio- 
nut. — de terre, earth-nut. 

Pistachier, n.m., pistachio tree. 

Pisteur, n.m., tout. 

Pistolet, n.m., pistol. 

Piston, n.m., piston; sucker, bucket 
(of pumps). Comet k — , comet. 
Tige de — , piston-rod. — k 
vapeur, steam-piston. 

Pitieox, a., pitiable, piteous. 

Piti6, n.f., pity, mercy. C'est grande 
— , it is a great pity. 

Piton, n.m., staple, screw-ring. 

Pitoyable, a., pitiable, piteous, pitiful. 

Pivot, n.m., pivot, spindle, pin, 

Placable, a., saleable, placeable (of 


Placage, n.m., patchwork; veneering 
(of wood); plating (of metal). 

Placard, n.m,, poster, bill, placard; 
cupboard (in a wall). 

Placarder, v., to placard, post up. 

Place, n.f., square; office, post, 
employment; place, spot, town; 
room, seat. |Sur la — , on change; 
in the market; upon the spot. Sur 
— , on the spot; on the premises. 
Faire la — , to canvas, to solicit 
orders. Avoir credit svu: la — , to 
have credit (on 'Change, in the 
market). Deraeurer (rester) sur 
la — , to remain on the spot. 

Placement, n.m., sale, placing; putting 
out, investing, investment (of 

Placer, v., to place, put; to introduce 
(goods); to dispose of, sell (goods, 
etc.); to invest, deposit, lodge 
(money); to get (find) a situation 
(place) for. — de I'argent sm: 
rfitat, to invest money in the 
funds. — des 6tofifes, to dispose of 
stuffs. Se — , to sell, to be sold; 
to obtain a situation; to place 

Placier, n.m., town traveller, agent. 

Plafond, n.m., ceiling. 

Plafonneur, n.m., plasterer. 

Plage, n.f., beach, shore, seashore. 
Vaisseau jete sur la — , ship 
stranded on the beach. 

Plaid, n.m., plaid, travelling rug. 

Plaidant, a., litigant, pleading. Avocat 
— , barrister, pleader. 

Plaider, v., to plead, allege, argue; 
to litigate, to be at law, to go to 
law. — quelqu'un, to sue anyone 
at law. 

Plaidenr, n.m., litigant, suitor. 

Plaignant, n.m., prosecutor, plaintiff. 

Plain, a., even, flat, level, plain. 

se Plaindre, v., to complain. 

Plainte, n.f., action, pliant; com- 

Plaire, v., to suit, please, delight, to be 
agreeable. — k quelqu'un, to 
please anyone. Se — , to be pleased 
with, to Uke, delight in. 

Plaisance, n.f., pleasure. Bateau de 
— , pleasure boat. 

Plaisant, a., pleasant; funny, odd, 
strange, curious, amusing, ludi- 
crous, comical. 

Plaisir, n.m., pleasiure, courtesy, 
favour, kindness. Faites-moi le — 
de, do me the favour. Faire — , to 
oblige, give pleasure. 

Plan, n.m., plan, scheme, project; 
design, model, draft; plane. Lever 
de — s, surveying. Faire le — de, 
to survey. — inclin6, inclined 

Plan, a., plain, level, even, flat. 

Plancbe, n.f., plank, board. Joiu- de 
— , working day. 

Plancher, n.m., floor; ceiling. ' — 
parquet6, inlaid, wooden floor. 

Plane, n.f., spoke-shave, turning 
chisel. * 

Planer, v., to plane, make smooth. — 
une peau, to strip the wool off a 

Plant, n.m., plant, plantation. 

Plantage, n.m., plantation, planting. 

Plantain, n.m., plantain. 

Plantation, n.f., plantation, planting. 

Plante, n.f., plant; sole of the foot. 

Planter, v., to plant, fix, set, erect, 
lay out; (fig.) to leave in the lurch, 
give the slip to. 

Plantenr, n.m., planter. 

Plantoir, n.m., planting tool. 

Plaque, n.f., plate, slab; veneer, 
patch. — sensible, sensitive 
plate (phot.). — tournante, turn- 
table (rail.). 





Plaqn^ n.m., electro-j)late, plated 

Plaqaer, v., to plate; to veaeer. 

Plaqneor, n.m., plater, veneerer. 

Plat, n.m., plate, dish; sheet (of glass). 
— k barbe, shavmg dish. — 
d' argent, silver dish. 

Plat, a., dull, flat, insipid. Vin — , 
flat wine. 

Flatane, n.m., platane, plane-tree. 

Plate-forme, n.f., platform. 

Platjne, n.m., platinirai. — en 
lingots, platinum in lingots. 

Pl&tre, n.m., plaster. — cuit, calcined 

Pl4triire, n.f., plaster-quarry, chalk- 

Plausible, a., plausible. 

Plein, a., full, copious, whole, entire, 
complete. — e recolte, plentiful 
crop. En — jour, in broad day- 

Plein, adv., full. En — , entirely, fully. 

Plenitude, n.f., fullness, plenitude. 

Plenrer, v., to deplore the loss of; to 
cry, mourn. 

Pleuvoir, v., to rain. 

Pli, n.m., envelope, cover, letter; fold, 
plait, bend, coil. Sous le meme — , 
under the same cover. 

Pliable, a., flexible, supple, pliable, 

Pliant, a., flexible, supple, pliable, 
pliant; folding (of chairs, stools, 

Pliant, n.m., folding-stool. 

Plie, n.f., plaice. 

Plier, v., to fold, fold up; to bend; to 
give way, yield. — uae lettre, to 
fold a letter. 

Plioir, n.m., paper-folder; folding- 

Pliss^, n.m., plaits, kilting. 

Plisser, v., to plait, kilt. 

Plissnre, n.f., plaiting. 

Ploiement, n.m., folding. 

Plomb, n.m., custom-house seal; lead; 
plummet, plumb-line. — en 
saumon, pig-lead. Mine de — , 
lead, black-lead pencil. — en 
barres, bar-lead, lead in bars. — 
battu, hammered lead. 

Plombage, n.m., plumbing; leading, 

Plombagine, n.f., black-lead, plum- 

Plomber, v., to lead, mark or stamp 
with lead. 

Plomberie, n.f., lead manufactory, 
lead making; lead works. 

Plombeor, n.m., stamper (at the 

Plombeoz, a., leaden, leady. 

Plombier, n.m., plumber. 

Plongie, part., dipped (of candles); 
immersed. Chandelle — , dip 

Plonger, v., to dip, immerse; to 
involve; to plunge; to pitch (of 

Plongeor, n.m., diver, plunger. 

Ploqaer, v., to felt (a ship's bottom). 

Ployer, v., to fold up; to bend. Se — , 
to bend, give way; to be bent, 

Ploie, n.f., rain, shower; downpour. 
II tombe de la — , it is raining. 

Plamail, n.m., feather-broom. 

Plamassean, n.m., feather-broom, 

Plumasserie, n.f., feather trade. 

Plume, n.f., plume, feather; pen, 
quill. — d'acier, steel pen. — 
d'or, gold pen. Alim de — , 
feathery jjum, plume alum. 

Plumeau, n.m., pen-stand; feather- 
broom, duster. 

Plnmet, n.m., feather-broom; plume; 
ostrich feather. 

Plumier, n.m., pen-tray, pen-box. 

Plupart, n.f., majority, most, most 
part, the greatest part. Pour la 
— , mostly. 

Plus, adv., more, most, besides, 
moreover, plus; no longer, no (not 
any) more. — loin, further. Au 
— , tout au — , at most, at the most. 
D'autant — , the more so. — ou 
moins, thereabout, more or less. 
Sans — diflferer, without further 
delay. — tard, later. Deux fois — , 
twice as much. J'ai — d'argent 
que vous, I have more money than 
you. II y en a tant et — , there is 
enough and to spare. 

Pius, n.m., most, more. Le — que 
je puisse faire, the most I can do. 

Plusieurs, pron. and a., m.f., pi., 
some, several. 

Plus- value, n.f., superior value. 

Plutot, adv., sooner, rather, in prefer- 
ence to. 

Pneumatique, a., pneumatic. — 
demontable, detachable t5n:e. 
Machine — , air-pump. 

Foche, n.f., pocket, sack, bag, pouch. 





Mettre en — , to pocket. Argent 
de — , pocket-money. Un mouchoir 
de — , pocket-handkerchief. 

Pochet, n.m., nose-bag. 

Poele, n.f., frying-pan. 

Poele, poile, n.m., stove. 

Poelon, n.m., small saucepan. 

Poids, n.m., load, burden; weight; 
gravity, heaviness; importance, 
consequence. Cela est de — , that 
is full weight. Faire bon — , to give 
good weight. Ces articles se 
.li'indent au — , these articles are 
■{Qjid by weight. 

Po nant, a., acute, keen, stinging; 
V'>ignant; sad. 

Poignard, n.m., dagger. 

Poignet, n.m., cuff, wrist-band; wrist. 

Poll, n.m., hair (animal's); wool (of 
certain animals); nap (of cloth). 
— follet, down, soft hair. — de 
chevre, goat's hair, mohair. — de 
drap, nap of cloth. — de blaireau, 
badger hair. 

Poincon, n.m., bodkin; awl, punch, 
die, stamp; puncheon (cask). 

Poinconnage, n.m., stamping. 

Poinconner, v., to stamp. 

PoinQonneur, n.f., stamping machine; 
n.m., puncher, stamper. 

Point, adv., none, no, not, not at all. 
Je n'ai — d'argent, I have no 
moiiey at all. — du tout, not at all. 

Point, n.m., stitch (in needlework); 
dot, mark, point, speck. — 
d'Angleterre, Brussels point (lace). 
A — nomme, at the appointed 
tune. — de vue, prospect, point of 
view. De tout — , entirely, in 
every respect. Un — , a full stop. 

Pointe, n.f., point, bodkin; tack, tin- 
tack; etching needle; sharpness, 

Pointer, v., to sharpen, point, prick, 

Pontiller, v., to dot; to cavil, carp at. 

Pointure, n.f., size (of shoes). 

Poire, n.f., pear; bulb {phot.). 

Poir6, n.m., perry. 

Poirier, n.m., pear-tree. 

Pois, n.m., pea, peas, pease. — 
Carres, marrowfats. — verts, green 
pea?;. Petits — , green peas. — 
casses, split peas. 

Poison, n.m., poison. 

Poisson, n.m., fish; half a gill. Colle 
de — , isinglass. 

Poissonnerie, n./., fish-market. 

Poissonnier, n.m., fishmonger, fish- 

Poivre, n.m., pepper. — de la 
Jamaique, Jamaica pepper, all- 
spice. — en grains, whole pepper. 

— de Cayenne, Cayenne pepper. 

— leger, light pepper. 
Poivrier, n.m., pepper-box. 
Poivrifire, n.f., pepper-box, spice- box. 
Poiz, n.m., pitch, shoemakers' wax. 
Poll, a., polite, refined; glossy, bright, 

Poll, n.m., finish, gloss, polish. 
Police, n.f., policy (insurance); police. 

Tribunal de — , police-court. Por- 

teur- d'une — , policy holder. — 

temporaire, time policy. — 

ouverte, open policy. 
Poli-couteaux, n.m., knife-cleaner. 
Polir, v., to polish, polish up, burnish, 

Polisseur, n.m., polisher (person). 
Polissoir, n.m., polisher (tool). 
Polissoire, n.f., shining-brush. 
Polissure, n.f., polishing. 
Politesse, n.f., civility, politeness, 

kindness, attention. 
Polonais, a., Polish. 
Polonais, n.m., Pole; Polish (language). 
Polychrome, a., of many colours. 
Polyglotte, a., polyglot. 
■ Polypier, n.m., coral. 
Pommade, n.f., lip-salve; pomade (for 

the hair). 
Pomme, n.f., apple. — de terre, 

potato. — de ch^ne, oak-apple. 

— d'amour, tomato. 

Pommel^, a., mottled, dappled. 

Pommier, n.m., apple tree. 

Pompe, n.f., pomp, ceremony. Entre- 
preneur de — s funfebres, under- 

Pompe, n.f., pump. — k feu, steam- 
pump. — k vapeur, steam-pump, 
steam-engine. — cl incendie, fire- 
engine. — i\ bi^re, beer-engine. — 
aspirante, suction-pump. 

Pomper, v., to pump, suck up. 

Pompier, n.m., fireman. 

Ponce, n.f., pumice; pounce. Pierre 
— , pumice-stone. 

Poncer, v., to pumice, pounce. 

Ponctualiti, n.f., punctuality. 

Ponctuel, a., punctual, exact. 

Ponctuellement, adv., punctually, 

Pondage, n.m., poundage (duty per 





Ponderer, v., to balance, poise. 

Pont, n.w., flap (of trousers); bridge; 
deck (of a ship). — toumant, 
swing-bridge. — k bascule, weigh- 
bridge. Premier — , lower deck. 

Pont-levis,, drawbridge; flap (of 

Ponton,, hulk. 

Pontuseau, n.m., water-line (in paper). 

Popeline, n./., poplin. — rayee, 
striped poplin. — d'Irlande, Irish 

Populaire, a., popular. 

Popularity, «./., popularity. 

Population, n.f., population. 

Pore,, pig, hog; pork; swine. — 
frais, pork. — marin, pdtpoise. 

Porcelaine, n.f., china, porcelain, 
china-ware; china vase or vases. 
Terre a — , china-clay. — blanche, 
white porcelain, white china. — 
doree, gilt porcelain. — de Japon, 
Japanese porcelain. — tendre, soft 

Porcelainier, n.m., china manufac- 

Porc-6pic,, porcupine. 

Porphyriser, v., to pulverize, grind, 
powder, pound. 

Porque, n.f., sow. 

Port,, port, seaport town, 
harbour; quay, wharf; burden (of a 
ship); postage; carriage (of parcels). 
Franc de — , prepaid, carriage paid. 
— de lettre, postage. — paye, 
post-paid. — de toutes marees, 
deep-water harbour. — marchand, 
commercial harbour. — de mer, 
seaport. Arriver a bon — , to 
arrive safely; to come safely into 

Portable, a., payable (at); wearable. 

Portage,, porterage, conveyance; 
portage (at waterfalls in America). 

Portatif, a., portable. 

Porte, n.f., eye (for hooks); door, gate, 
doorway, gateway. — vitree, 
glass door. — a deux battants, 
folding doors. — battante, baize 
door. — s d'un bassin, gates of a 

Ports, part., incUned, disposed, 

Port6, , wear; style, appear- 

Porte-aigoilles, n.m., needle-case. 

Porte-allnmettes,, match-box. 

Porte-assiette, n.m. plate-stand. 

Porte-bouteilles,, wine-bin, wine- 

Porte-carafe,, decanter-stand. 

Porte-cartes, n.m., card-case, card- 

Porte-cigare, n.m., cigar-holder. 

Porte-cigares, ti.m., cigar-case. 

Porte-clefs, n.m., key-ring. 

Porte-coquetiers, tt.m., egg-stand. 

Porte-crayons, n.m., pencil-case. 

Portee, n.f., reach, capacity, compre- 
hension. Cela passe ma — , I cannot 
make it out; that is beyond ly 
comprehension. ^" 

Portefaix,, porter, street-porter. 

Portefenille,, portfoUo, bill-case; 
pocket-book. En — , in hand (of 

Porte-fleurs, n.m., flower-stand. 

Porte-fromage, n.m., cheese-stand, 

Porte-huilier, tt.m., cruet-stand. 

Porte-lanteme, n.m., lamp-bracket 

Porte-iettres, n.m., letter-case. 

Porte-liqneurs, n.m., liquor- frame. 

Portemanteau, n.m., portmanteau, 
coat-stand, coat-peg. 

Porte-monnaie, n.m., purse. 

Porte-montre, n.m., watch-stand. 

Porte-montres, tt.m., show-case (for 

Porte- musique, n.m., music-stand. 

Porte-parapluies, n.m., umbrella- 

Porte-piSce, ti.m., shoemaker's punch. 

Porte-pipe, n.m., pipe-case. 

Porte-plume, n.m., pen-holder. — 
reservoir, fountain pen. 

Porte-plumes, tt.m., pen-case. 

Porte-queues, tt.m., cue-rack. 

Porter, n.m., porter (beer). 

Porter, v., to carry, convey, bring; to 
express, declare; to impel, urge, 
induce; to produce, yield; to con- 
tain. — un habit, to wear a coat. 

— prejudice, to be prejudicial to. 

— bonheur, to bring good luck. 

— respect, to respect. — envie, to 
envy. Une somme qui porte 
interet, a sum that bears (yields) 
interest. Se — , to proceed; to be 
disposed, inclined; to be worn; 
Comment vous portez-vous ?, how 
do you do ? 

Porte-rideao, n.m., curtain-pole. 
Porte-serviettes, n.m., towel-horse. 
Porteur, tt.m., bearer, holder; carrier, 





porter, heaver; payable. Au — , 
payable to bearer. — d' actions, 
shareholder. — de bonnes nou- 
velles, bearer of good news. 

Porte-voix, n.m., speaking-trumpet. 

Portion, n.f., share, portion, part. 

Portor, n.m., portor (black marble). 

Portrait, n.m., portrait, picture, like- 
ness. — k I'huile, portrait in oils. 

Portugais, n.m., Portuguese; Portu- 
guese (language). 

Portugais, a., Portuguese. 

Portulan, n.m., a book of seaports. 

Pose-plumes, n.m., pen-tray. 

Poser, v., to lean, rest, bear; to place, 
set, lay down; to admit, suppose; 
to put down. — une question, to 
put a question. Se — , to set up 

Poseur, n.m., plate-layer {rail.). 

Positif, a., sure, certain, positive. 
Ce fait est — , it is a positive fact. 

Positif, n.m., certainty, fact. 

Position, n.f., situation, place, posi- 
tion ; status, standing, fitre en — 
de, to be able to, be in a posi- 
tion to. 

PossMer, v., to possess, own, hold; to 

Possesseur, n.m., possessor, owner; 
occupier, occupant. 

Possession, n.f., possession, occupa- 
tion. Prise de — , taking possession. 

Possibility, n.f., possibility. 

Possible, a., possible. II est — de le 
faire, it is possible to do it, to do so. 

Possible, n.m., utmost, possibility. 
Faire tout son — , to do one's 
utmost. Nous ferons tout notre — , 
we will do everything possible, the 
best we can. 

Postal, a., postal, of the post. 

Postalement, adv., by post. 

Postdater, v., to post-date. 

Poste, n.m., post, employment, 
place; station (of a ship); berth 

Poste, n.f., post-of&ce; post, mail. 
— pour — , by return of post. — 
restante, till called for. Bureau 
de — , post-ofi&ce. Maitre de 
— , post-master. — aux lettres, 
pillar-box, letter-box. Directeur 
des — s, postmaster-general. 

Postirieur, a., subsequent, later, 
posterior; future. 

Post-scriptum, n.m., postscript. 

Postulant, n.m., applicant, candidate. 

Postuler, v., to apply for, solicit, be a 
candidate for. — une place, to 
apply for a place. 

Pot, n.m., foolscap (paper); pot, jug, 
can, tankard, jar. Mettre en — , to 
pot. — au lait, milk-can. — k eau, 
water- jug. 

Potable, a., drinkable. 

Potager, n.m., soup-pan; kitchen 

Potasse, n.f., potash. — d'Amerique, 
pearl-ash. — caustique, caustic 
potash. Carbonate de — , carbonate 
of potash. 

Potassium, n.m., potassium. 

Pot-de-vin, n.m., tip, bonus, gratuity, 

Poteau, n.m., post, pillar. — d'en- 
seigne, sign-post. 

Pot6e, n.f., potful. — d'emeri, emery- 
dust. — d'6tain, putty-powder. 

Poterie, n.f., earthenware, pottery. 

— de gres, stoneware. — 6maillee, 
enamelled pottery. — de terre 
commune, common earthenware. 

Potiche, n.m., China or Japan vase. 

Potier, n.m., potter. Terre k — , 
potter's clay. 

Potiron, n.m., pumpkin. 

Pouce, n.m., inch; thumb. 

Poucier, n.m., thumb-stall. 

Pou-de-soie, poult-de-soie, n.m., stout 
silk; paduasoy (silk). 

Pouding, n.m., pudding. 

Poudre, n.f., powder, dust, sand; gun- 
powder. Sucre en — , castor sugar. 
Du caf6 en — , ground coffee. Du 
atbac en — , snuff. — d'or, gold 
dust. — k canon, gunpowder. 
R6duire en — , to pulverise. 

Poudra, v., to pounce, powder, 

Poudrerie, n.f., gunpowder factory. 

Poudreux, a., powdery, dusty. 

Poudri6re, n.f., powder-mill, powder- 
magazine, sand-box. 

Ponf, n.m., centre ottoman, ottoman 
seat; puff. Faire des — s, to dis- 
appear without paying one's debts. 

Ponle, n.f., fowl, hen. Jeune — , pullet. 

Poulet, n.m., fancy note-paper; 

Poolie, n.f., bl(Kk, pulley. 

Poupe, n.f., poop, stem {naut.). 

Poup6e, n.f., doU. 

Pour, prep., in order, for the purpose 
of, for, on account of; to, towards. 

— le moms, at least. — toujours 





(jamais), for ever. — moi, as for 
me, for my part. — ce qui est de, 
as for, as regards. — ainsi dire, 
so to speak; as it were. 

Pourboire, n.m., tip, gratuity. 

Pourcean, n.m., pig, swine, hog. — 
dc nier, porpoise, sea-hog. 

Pour-cent, n.m., percentage. 

Pourparler, n.m., conference, negotia- 
tion, discussion. 

Pour peu que, conj., if only; however 
little, ever so little. 

Pourpre, a., purple, dark red. 

Pourpre, n.f., purple dye; purple 

Pourpri, a., purple, purpled. 

Pour que, conj., so that, in order that; 

Pourquoi, adv., why. — pas ?, why 
not ? 

Pourrir,«., to perish, rot, grow rotten. 
Se — , to get rotten. 

Ponrsuite, n.f., action, suit, proceed- 
ings, prosecution. Intenter des — s, 
to institute or take proceedings. 

Poursnivant, n.m., plaintiff, prosecu- 

Poursuivre, v., to sue, prosecute; to 
follow up, proceed or go on with; 
to endeavour to obtain. — un 
procfes, to carry on a lawsuit. 
— quelqu'un en justice, to prose- 
cute anyone at law. Se — , to be 
prosecuted, sue. 

Pourtant, adv., for all that, neverthe- 
less, however, still, though, not- 

Pourvoir, v., to provide or make 
provision for; to attend (see, look) 
to, to supply, furnish, provide, 
stock; to invest with; to appoint, 
nominate. Pourvoyez ci cette 
aflfaire, see to that business. Se — , 
to make application for, to apply; 
to sue; to provide oneself. Se — , 
en justice, to sue at law. 

Pourvoyeur, n.m., caterer, purveyor, 

Pourvu que, conj., provided, provided 

that. vous le fassiez, provided 

you do it. 

Ponssie, n.f., press (of business); 
push, pushing. 

Pousser, v., to urge, impel, incite, 
impel, instigate; to push, go 
forward; to carry on, extend; to 
help on; to bring forward. — une 
affaire k bout, to go through with 

anythmg, to carry a thing to a 
successful issue. — sa pointe, to 
pursue one's point. — la vente, 
to push the sale. 

Poossier, n.m., coal-dust, gunpowder- 

Ponssiire, n.f., powder, dust. Reduire 
en — , to reduce to dust. — de la 
mer, spray. Jeter de la — aux yeux 
de quelqu'iui, to throw dust in 
anyone's eyes. 

Poussi^reux, a., dusty. 

Poatre, n.f., girder, beam. 

Pouvoir, v., to be able, to have 
power, to be possible, allowed. II 
pent £UTiver que, it may happen 
that. Jen'y puis rien, I cannot help 
it. Nous ne pouvons vous repondre, 
we cannot answer you. Je ne puis 
pas le faire, I cannot do it. Autant 
que faire se pent, as far as it is 
possible. II pent se faire, il se pent 
faire que, it may be possible for 
me to, it may happen that. Cela 
pourrait bien etre, it might be so. 
Je ne puis rien k cela, I can do 
nothing in that business. Se — , to 
be possible. II se pourrait que, it 
might happen that. Cela se pent, 
that is possible, that may be. 

Poavoir, n.m., authority, power, 
power of attorney. £tre fonde de 
— s, to have a power of attorney. 
Avoir un — , to have a power of 
attorney. II a plein — de, he has 
full powers to. 

Prairie, n.f., meadow, grass-land, 

Praline, n.f., burnt almond. 

Praliner, v., to crystallize; to biun 
with sugar. 

Praticabiliti, n.f., practicability. 

Praticable, a., feasible, possible, 
practicable; accessible; passable (of 

Pratique, n.f., practice (of physicians, 
notaries, etc.); usage, observance, 
custom, practice; dealing, customer. 
C'est une bonne — , he is a good 
customer. Mettre en — , to practise, 
put into practice.. 

Pratique, a., experienced, practical. 

Pratiqaer, v., to practise, exercise; to 
procure, obtain; to converse with; 
to frequent, keep company with, 
associate with. — des intelligences, 
to get intelligence. Se — , to be 
customary, in use, practised. Cela 





ne se pratique point, such things 
are not done, that is not usual. 

Pr6, n.m., meadow. 

Pr6alable, a., previous, preliminary. 

Pr6alablement, adv., first, previously. 

Preamble, n.m., preamble, preface. 

Pr6caire, a., uncertain, precarious. 

Precaution, n.f., caution, care, pre- 
caution. User de — , to use cau- 

Pr^cantionner, v., to caution, warn. 
Se — , to take precautions, be 
cautious, guard against. 

Precedent, a., former, previous, pre- 
ceding, foregoing. 

Precedent, n.m., precedent. 

Pr6c6der, v., to have or take pre- 
cedence of; to precede, go first. 

Pr6cieux, a., precious, valuable, 
costly; precise. 

Pr^cipitamment, adv., hurriedly, pre- 
cipitately, rashly. 

Precipitant, n.m., precipitant (chetn.). 

Precipitation, n.f., haste, hurry; pre- 
cipitation (chem.). 

Precipite, part., hasty, precipitate, 
rash, sudden. Depart — , sudden 

Precipiter, v., to hasten, hurry on; 
to throw, precipitate. Se — , to run, 
rush forward. 

Pr^ciput, n.m., preference, legacy. 

Precis, n.m., abstract, summary. 

Precis, a., precise, formal, concise, 
strict, exact, distinct. 

Precisement, adv., exactly, precisely, 
just so. 

Preciser, v., to specify, determine, fix; 
to state precisely. 

Precision, n.f., preciseness, precision. 

Precite, a., aforesaid, above-men- 

Precompter, v., to deduct beforehand, 
previously. ' 

Prediction, n.f., forecast, prediction. 

Predire, v., to foretell, predict, fore- 
cast, presage. 

Predominant, a., prevalent, pre- 
dominant, prevailing. 

Predominer, v., to prevail, predom- 

Preempter, v., to buy beforehand. 

Preface, n.f., introduction, preface, 

Preference, n.f., preference. De — , in 

Pr6ferer, «., to prefer, choose. 

Prefet, n.m., prefect. 

Prejudice, n.m., loss, injury, damage, 
hurt, prejudice, detriment. Au 

— de, to the detriment of. Porter 

— to be detrimental. 
Prejudiciable, a., detrimental, preju- 
dicial, hurtful, injurious. 

Prejudicier, v., to be prejudicial or 
detrimental to, to prejudice, injure, 

Preinger, v., to foresee, conjecture, 
guess at, prejudge.' 

Preiart, preiat, n.m., tarpauling. 

Preievement, n.m., previous deduc- 

Preiever, v., to deduct or take off 
first (beforehand). Se — , to be 
deducted previously. 

Preiiminaire, n.m. and a., prelim- 

Prelude, n.m., prelude. 

Premier, a., premier, first, chief, 
principal; raw (of materials). 'En 

— lieu, in the iirst place. Matiere 
— e, raw material. Les — s vont 
devant, first come, first served. 
Au — abord, at first sight. 

Premier, n.m., chief, leader, head ; 

first; first floor. 
Prendre, v., to accept, take, take up, 

assume; to ^ize; to act, succeed. 

— feu, to take or catch fire. — son 
parti, to make up one's mind. — 
avis de quelqu'un, to take anyone's 
advice. A tout — , in the main, 
upon the whole. — terre, to land. 

— pour dit, to take for granted. 
Preneur, n.m., buyer, purchaser; 


Prenom, n.m.. Christian name. 

Preoccupation, n.f., anxiety, pre- 
occupation, thought, prejudice. 

Preparer, v., to prepare, dress, make 
ready; to provide. Se — , to get 
ready, prepare oneself. 

Preponderant, a., prevailing, prepon- 
derant. Voix — e, casting-vote. 

Prepose, n.m., superintendent, cus- 
tom or e-xcise officer. 

Pris, prep.; near, close by, by; almost, 
on the point, about. A beaucoup 
— , by a great deal. Tout — , very 

Presager, v., to conjecture, presage, 

Prescription, n.f., limitation; prescrip- 
tion. — m6dicale, medical pre- 
scription. Se perdre par — , to be 
lost by limitation. 





Presence, n.f., presence, attendance. 
Eu ma — , in my presence. Faire 
acte de — , to put in an appearance. 

Present, n.m., present, present time; 
gift, present. A — , at present. 
Des k — , from this time. Jusqu'a 
— , till now. Pom: le — , for the 

Presentation, n.f., presentation. En 
retard de — , overdue. A — , on 
demand, on presentation. 

Pr^sente, n.f., present letter. 

Pr^enttf, v., to offer, present, hold 
out, show; to introduce. — ses 
lettres de creance, to present one's 
credentials. Se — , to occur, offer 
itself; to appear, present, or offer 
oneself, come forward. 

Pr^servatif, n.m., preservative. 

Preservation, n.f., preservation. 

Preserver, v., to preserve, keep. Se — , 
to guard against. 

Presidence, n.f., chairmanship, presi- 

President, n.m., chairman, president. 
Le • — de I'assemblee, the chairman 
of the meeting. 

Prteider, v., to preside, preside over; 
to be chairman or president of, to 
be in the chair. — ime reimion, to 
preside over a meeting. 

Pr6somptif, a., heritier — , heir 
apparent. ' 

Prdsque, adv., nearly, almost. — rien, 
hardly cmything. — jamais, 
hardly ever. 

Presqu'ile, n.f., peninsula. 

Pressant, a., urgent, pressing; earnest. 

Presse, n.f., pressure; hurry, haste, 
urgency; press, printing-press. II 
n'y a pas de — , there's no hurry. 

— d'imprimerie, printing-press. 

— k copier, copying-machine or 

Press6, a., very busy; urgent, imme- 
diate; in a hurry. Je suis tres — , 
I am very busy. 

Press^e, n.f., pressure. 

Presse-papiers, n.m., paper-weight. 

Presser, v., to be urgent; to press, 
urge, hasten, hurry, to be pressing 
with; to squeeze. Se — , to make 
haste, be in a hurry. Rien ne presse, 
there is no hurry. 

Pression, n.f., dip (for fastening 
gloves); pressing, pressure. Machine 
k vapeur k haute — , high-pressure 

Prestation, n.f., prestation (payment 
in kind); taking (of an oath). 

Prestesse, n.f., quickness, agility. 

Presumable, a., presumable, suppos- 

Pr^snmer, v., to conjecture, presume, 
suppose. II est k — , it is to be 

Prdt, n.m., loan. — k interfit, loan 
on interest. 

Pret, a., ready, in readiness, prepared. 
Tenir — , to keep ready. 

Pr^tendre, v., to claim, lay claim to; 
to mean, pretend, pretend to; to 

Pretention, n.f., claim, pretension; 
expectation; intention. Se desister 
d'une — , to relinquish a claim. 

Preter, v., to take (an oath); to lend; 
to ascribe, attribute; to give rise to. 
— de I'argent k interet, to lend 
money on interest. — ^ la petite 
semaine, to make short loans at a 
high rate of interest. Se — , to 
favour, countenance, lend oneself 

Preter, n.m., loan. 

Preteor, n.m., lender. — sur gages, 

Pretezte, n.m., pretence, pretext; 

Prenve, n.f., proof (of spirits); proof- 
sample; evidence, mark, proof. 
Servir de — , to serve as a proof. 

Pr6valoir, v., se — , to avail oneself of, 
take advantage. 

Provenance, n.f., kind attention, 

Pr6venant, a., obliging, ready to 
oblige, attentive, kind. 

PrOvenir, v., to forestall, anticipate, 
be beforehand with; to warn, 
caution, inform, let know, give 

Privoir, v., to anticipate, expect, 
foresee, provide (for, against). II 
faut tout — , we must provide 
against all eventualities. 

Privoyance, n.f., prudence, foresight, 

PrOvoyant, a., prudent, cautious, 
careful, provident. 

Prier, v., to beg, request; to entreat, 
pray. Je vous en prie, I beg of you. 
On m'a prie de le faire, I have been 
requested to do it. Je vous prie de 
m'envoyer, I beg you to send me. 

Pridre, n.f., request, petition, prayer. 





— dc faire renvoyer la lettre, will 
you kindly send back the letter. 

Primage, n.m., primage. 

Prime, n.f., premium; bonus, bounty, 
prize; drawback (customs); prime 
wool; ■ agio. Reponse des — ^s, 
option {S.E.). A — , at a premium. 

— d' assurance, insurance premium. 
Marche k — , premium bargain 

Primer, v., to surpass, excel, take the 
lead; to give a prize. 

Primitif, a., primitive, original. 

Primo, adv., first, in the first place, 

Prince, n.m., prince. 

Princesse, n.f., princess. 

Principal, a., chief, leading, main, 
principal, senior. 

Principal, n.m., principal, capital 
(money); principal or chief point; 
principal, head-master. 

Principe, n.m., cause, principle, 
motive; beginning, outset, origin. 

Printanier, a., spring, ifetoffes — -^res, 
spring materials, stuffs, goods. 

Printemps, n.m., spring, spring-time. 

Priorit6, n.f., priority. 

Prisable, a., valuable, estimable. 

Prise, n.f., capture, taking; purchase; 
dose; prize. — de tabac, pinch of 
snuff. Part de — , prize-money. — 
de possession, taking possession. 

Pris^e, n.f., appraisement, valuation, 
estimate. Faire la — , de, to make 
an estimate of. 

Priser.v., to estimate, appraise, value, 
rate, to esteem, put a high price on; 
to take snuff. 

Priseur, a., commissaire — , auction- 
eer, appraiser. 

Priver, v., to deprive. 

Privilege, n.m., exemption, privilege; 
franchise ; favour, grant, prefer- 

Privilegifi, a., preference, preferential 
(of shares); entitled to preference 
(of creditors); e.xempt, privileged. 

Privil6gier, v., to privilege, grant a 
privilege; to license. 

Prix, n.m., price, cost; premium, 
return; worth, value; prize. — 
excessif, extravagant price. Juste 

- — , moderate price. A — coiitant, 
k — de revient, cost-price. — de 
fabrique, manufacturer's price. A 
vil — , dirt-cheap, under price. — 
fait,' settled price, price agreed. 

Ancien — , former price, price as 
before. — convenu, agreed price. 
Dernier — , lowest price. — eleve, 
high price. — fixe, fixed or net 
price. — moyen, average price. 

— net, net or trade price. — reduit, 
reduced price. — courant, price- 
list, price current. — de cloture, 
closing price. — du march6, 
market price. — de vente, selling 
price. Vendre k tout — , to sell at 
any price. Le — est en ce moment 
de . . ., the price stands now at ... . 

Probability, n.f., likelihood, proba- 

Probable, a., likely, probable. 

Probe, a., upright, honest. 

Probity, n.f., honesty, probity, up- 
rightness, integrity. — eprouv6e, 
tried probity. 

Probldme, n.m., question, problem. 
C'est xm — , it is a question. 

Proc6d6, n.m., proceeding, dealing,' 
way of acting, conduct; process. 

— chimique, chemical process. 
Proc6der, v., to originate in, arise 

from, come from; to go on, proceed, 
to behave. 

Procedure, n.f., procedure, practice, 
process; proceedings {legal). 

Proems, n.m., action, suit, lawsuit. 
Perdre son — , to lose one's case, 
fitre en — , to be at law. Intenter 
(faire) un — k quelqu'im, to 
institute proceedings (bring an 
action) against anyone. 

Procds-verbaU n.m., report, official 

Prochain, a., next, proximo, ap- 
proaching, near. Le mois — , next 
month. Fin — , at the end of next 
month. La semaine — e, next week. 

Prochainement, adv., soon, shortly, in 
a short time. 

Proche, a., next, near, neighbouring. 

— parent, near relation. 
Proche, prep., near. 
Proche, adv., near. 

Proclamer, v., to announce, declare, 
publish, proclaim. 

Procurateur, n.m., proxy, procurator. 

Procuration, n.f., power of attorney, 
proxy, procuration. 

Procurer, v., to get, obtain, procure. 
Se — , to be obtained, procured, 
procurable; to obtain, procure, get 
for oneself. Se — de 1' argent, to 
obtain money. 





Procureur, n.m., proxy; attorney, 
procurator. — general, Attorney- 
General. Agir par — , to act by 

Prodigieux, a., vast, stupendous, 
wonderful, prodigious. 

Prodigue, a., lavish, profuse, wasteful. 

Prodiguer, v., to waste, squander 
away, lavish. 

Prodacteur, a., producing, productive. 

Productif, a., productive. 

Production, «./., production (act of 
producing), exhibition (of deeds); 
deeds exhibited. 

Produire, v., to yield, bear, produce; 
to be productive of; to show, 
exhibit, to be the cause of. Se — , 
to happen, occur; to be produced. 

— des raisons, to adduce reasons. 
Cela ne produira aucun effet, that 
will produce no effect. 

Produit, n.m., proceeds; product, 
yield, produce; exhibit, production. 

— net, net proceeds. — s agricoles, 
agricultural produce. — s chim- 
iques, chemicals, chemical pro- 
ducts. — colonial, colonial produce. 

Profession, n.f., trade, business, pro- 
fession, calling. Embrasser una — , 
to choose a profession. 

Profil, n.m., section (drawing); out- 
line, side-view. 

Profit, n.m., profit, gain, benefit, 
emolument; use. — net, clear 
profit. Au — de, in aid (support) 
of; for the benefit (use) of. — s 
eventuels, perquisites. — s et 
pertes, profit and loss. Tirer du 

— de, to profit by. 

Profitable, a., profitable, advantage- 

Profiter, v., to gain, profit, benefit, 
avail oneself; to improve. — de 
I'occasion, to avail oneself. — a im 
marche, to profit by a bargain. 

Profond, a., deep, profound, exten- 
sive, vast, wide. 

Profondeur, n.f., extent; depth. 

Profusion, n.f., profuseness, profusion. 

Progris, n.m., progress, advance- 
ment, improvement. 

Progresser, i*., to progress, improve. 

Prohiber, f ., to prohibit, forbid. 

Prohibition, n.f., prohibition, inter- 

Prohibitionniste, n.m., prohibitionist. 

Projet, n.m., plan, project, scheme, 
idea; rough draft. Former (conce- 

voir) un — , to form (contrive) a 

Projeter, v., to plan, scheme, project, 
contrive ; to intend, contem- 

Prolongation, n.f., delay, prolonga- 
tion, protraction. 

Prolongement, n.m., extension, pro- 
longation, continuation. 

Prolonger, v., to extend, prolong, 
continue, lengthen; to draw or 
lengthen out; to sail along, bring 
alongside {naut.}. — le terme d'un 
paiement, to extend the time for 
payment, to put off a payment. 
Se — , to be prolonged, continued; 
to extend. 

Promesse, n.f., promissory note, note 
of hand; promise. Vendre avec — 
de garantie, to warrant the quality 
of one's goods. Tenir sa — , to 
keep one's promise. Violer sa — , 
to break one's promise. 

Promettre, v., to promise; to be 
promising, bid fair. 

Promoteur, n.m., promoter. 

Prompt, a., quick, prompt, speedy, 
ready, active. — e reponse, prompt 
or speedy reply. 

Promptitude, n./., promptitude, quick- 
ness, speediness, readiness. 

Promulgation, n.f., promulgation. 

Promulguer, v., to promulgate. Se — , 
to be promulgated. 

Pronom, n.m., pronoun. 

Prononcer, v., to pronounce, say, 
speak, declare. — mie sentence, 
to pass sentence. 

Prononciation, n.f., pronunciation, 
delivery, delivering; passing (of a 

Propaganda, n.f., propaganda. 

Propager, v., to diffuse, spread, 

Fropice, a., favourable, kind, propi- 

Propitier, v., to propitiate. 

Proportion, n.f., proportion, ratio, 
relation. A — de, in proportion to. 
— gardee, in proportion. En — de, 
in proportion to. 

Proportionnel, a., proportional. 

Proportionner, v., to adjust, propor- 
tion; to suit, adapt. 

Propos, n.m., talk, discourse. A — , 
to the purpose, fit, proper. A — de, 
with respect to, Juger k — , to 
think proper. 





Proposer, v., to offer, propose, pro- 
pound. Se — , to intend, propose, 
purpose; to be proposed, offered. 

Proposition, »./., proposal, offer, 

Propre, a., neat, clean, nice, tidy; 
own; same, very, very same; 
appropriate, proper, suitable, quali- 
fied; correct, accurate, right. Sa — 
main, his own hand. 

Proprement, adv., correctly, rightly, 
properly; neatly, cleanly, tidily. 
A — parler, properly speaking. 

Propret6, n.f., neatness, cleanness, 

Propri^taire,, owner, proprietor; 
landlord, gentleman of independent 

Propri6t6, n.f., ownership; estate, 
property. — litt6raire, copyright. 

Propulseur, n.m,., propeller. — a 
helice, screw-propeller. 

Prorata, n.m., proportion. Au — de, 
pro rata, in proportion. 

Proroger, v., to adjourn, delay, 
protract; to prorogue (Parliament). 

Prospectus, n.m., prospectus; hand- 

Prospdre, a., prosperous, successful, 

Prosp6rer, v., to prosper, be prosper- 
ous, successful. 

Prosp6rit6, n.f., success, prosperity. 

Protection, n.f., protection; favour, 
patronage, support. 

Protectionniste, a., protectionist. 

Protectionniste, n.m., protectionist. 

Prot6ger, v., to patronize, favour; to 
protect, defend. 

Protester, v., to protest. — une lettre 
de change, to protest a bill of 
exchange. Se — , to be protested. 

Protet, n.m., protest. — faute de 
paiement, protest for non-pay- 

Protocarbure, n.m., carburet. 

Protocole, n.m., protocol, register. 

Protoxyde, n.m., protoxide. 

Proue, n.f., prow, bow (of a ship). 

Prouver, v., to show, prove; to give 
proof of; to verify. 

Provenance, n.f., production, source, 
origin; goods, produce. En — , 
coming, proceeding from. Des 
marchandises de — 6trangere, 
foreign goods. 

Provenant, a., arising, accruing, 

Provenir, v., to proceed, arise, result 
(from); to spring, come (from). 

Province, n.f., province, county, shire. 

Provincial, a., provincial, country. 

Provision, n.f., stock on hand; stock, 
provision, supply, store. — s de 
bouche, provisions. Faire — de, 
to get in a supply of. — s de guerre, 
ammunition. Faire la — d'une 
lettre de change, to provide for a 
bill of exchange. 

ProvisionneU a., provisional. 

Provisoire, a., provisional, temporary. 

Provisoirement, adv., in the mean- 
time; provisionally, temporarily. 

Provoquer, v., to promote, to provoke, 

Proximity, n.f., nearness, proximity. 

Prudence, n.f., discretion, prudence. 

Prudent, a., discreet, prudent, cau- 

Prud'homme, n.m., expert. 

Prune, n.f., plum. — de Damas, 
damson. — de Monsieur, Orleans 
plum. — de reine-Claude, green- 
gage. — de Brignoles, prunello. 
Couleur — , violet colour. 

Pruneau, n.m., French plum; prune, 
dried plum. 

Prunelle, n.f., (stuff) prunella, pru- 
nello; bullace, sloe. 

Prunier, n.m., plum tree. 

Prussiate, n.m., prussiate. — de 
potasse, prussiate of potash. 

Prussique, a., prussic. Acide — , 
prussic acid. 

Publication, n.f., publication, pub- 

Publicity, n.f., advertising, advertise- 
ments, publicity. 

Pnblier, v., to publish, proclaim, 
make public. 

Publiquenient,a</u., publicly, in public. 

Puddlage, n.m., puddling. 

Puddler, i'., to puddle (metals). 

Puer, v., to stink of, to smell of. 

Puis, adv., then, after that, after- 
wards, besides. 

Puiser, «., to make water (of a ship); 
to let in; to draw or fetch up. 

Puisque, conj., since, inasmuch as, 
seeing, seeing that. 

Pnissance, n.f., power, ability, influ- 
ence, faculty, quality; power, 
horse-power. — motrice, moving 

PiUssant, a., powerful, strong, for- 
cible; wealthy, rich. 





Puits,, well, shaft, pit; well- 
room {naut.). — de mine, shaft of 
a mine. — artesien, artesian well. 
— a pompe, pump-well. — 
d'aerage, air-shaft. 

Pulpe, n.f., pulp. 

Pulper, v., to reduce to pulp. 

Pulpeux, a., pulpy, pulpous. 

Pulverisation, n.f., pulverization. 

Pulv6riser, v., to pulverize; to reduce 
to powder, grind to dust. 

Pumicin, n.m., pakn-oil. 

Punch, n.m., pimch (beverage). 

Punir, v., to punish, chastise. 

Punissable, a., punishable. 

Punition, n.f., punishment. 

Pupille, n.m.f., ward, pupil (under a 
guardian). [desk. 

Pupitre, n.m., desk, reading or writing 

Pur, a., pure, unadulterated, genuine; 
unalloyed; clccm; clear; neat (of 
liquor). En — e perte, to no 
purpose, in vain. A — et a plein, 
fully, entirely, unreservedly. 

Porement, adv., only, merely; purely; 

Puret§, n.f., purity, pureness. 

Purge, n.f., cleansing, purge; paying 
off (of a mortgage). 

Purger, v., to refine, purify, clear; 
to cleanse, purge. 

Purification, n.f., pm-ification. 

Purifier, v., to refine; to try (metal), 
to purify; to cleanse. Se — , to 
refine, purify. 

Purpurin, a., purplish. 

Purpurine, n.f., purple, bronze. 

Putr^fier, v., to putrefy. 

Pyramide, n.f., pyramid.- 

Pyrite, n.f., pyrites {min.). 

Pyriteux, a., pyritic, pyritical. 

Pyrometre, n.m., pyrometer. 

Pyroscaphe, n.m., steamboat, steamer. 

Pyroxene, n.m., pyroxene {min.). 

Python, n.m., python. 

Quadrat, n.m., quadrat (type). 
Quadratin, n.m., M quadrat (type). 

Demi , N quadrat (type). 

Quadrilateral, a., quadrilateral. 
Quadrille, n.m., square, check; 

Quadrille, a., ruled in squares, both 

ways (of paper); plaid, checkered 

(of cloths). 
Quadruple, a., quadruple, foiu-fold. 
Quadruple, n.m., doubloon (Spanish 


Quadrupler, v., to quadruple, quad- 
ruplicate; to increase fourfold. 

Quai, n.m., platform (rail.); wharf, 
quay. Droit de — , wharfage. 

Quaiage, n.m., see quayage. 

Quaiche, n.f., ketch. 

Qualification, n.f., qualification, char- 
acter; name, title. 

Qualifier, v., to name, style, call, 
qualify. Se — , to call or style 

. oneself. 

Qnalite, n.f., qualification, quality, 
rank, title. Avoir — pour, to be 
qualified to. En — de, in the 
character or capacity of; as. Avoir 
de la — , to be of good quahty. 

— moyenne, average quality. — 
sup6rieure, superior quality. — 
ordinaire, ordinary quality. De 
premiere — , choice, prime quality. 

Quand, adv., while, whilst, when, 

Quand, conj., though, although. — 

bien meme, even though. — meme, 

even if, although, though. 
Quant h^prep., concerning, respecting, 

with regard to, as for, as to. — & 

cela, as for that. 
Quantity, n.f., quantity, nimiber; 

Quarantaine, n.f., quarantine; about 

forty. Faire la — , to perform 

quarantine. Purger sa — , to clear 

one's quarantine. 
Qnarante, a., forty. 
Quaranti^me, n.m.f. and a., fortieth. 
Quart, n.m., quart (measure); fourth, 

quarter; point (of a compass). Un 

— d'heure, a quarter of an hoiu*. 
Quart, a., fourth. 

Quartaut, n.m., octave (cask). 

Quartier, n.m., quarter, fourth part; 
district, quarter, ward, neighbour- 
hood, block (of stone); gammon (of 
bacon). Un — de lard, half a flitch 
of bacon. 

Quarto, see in-quarto. 

Quarto, adv., fourthly, in the fourth 

Quartz, n.m., quartz. 

Quassia, n.f., quassia. Bois de — , 

Quassier, n.m., quassia, stave-wood. 

Quatorze, n.m. and a., fourteen, 

Quatorzidme, a., fourteenth. 

Quatre, a., four, fourth. 

Quatre, n.m., four, fourth. 





Quatre-vlngti^me, n.m.f. and a., 


Quatre-vingts,^ a., eighty. Quatre- 
vingt-un, eighty-one. Quatre- 

vingt-dix, ninety. L'an mil huit 
cent quatre-vingt, the year 1880. 

Qnatriime, n.m. and a., fourth, fourth 

Quatriime, n.f. and a., fourth. 

Qaatridmement, adv., fourthly. 

Quayage, n.m., wharfage. 

Que, relative pron., that, which, what, 
whom. — dites-vous ?, what do 
you say ? Nous ne savons — faire, 
we do not know what to do. 

Que, conj., that, how, how many, how 
much; for fear that; why, because; 
nothing but, only; in order that, 
so; since; than; imless, without, 
until, till. Afin — , that, in order 
that. Attendez qu'il vienne, wait 
till he comes. De sorte — , so that. 
Plutot — de le faire, rather than 
do it. Nous vous assurons — cela 
est ainsi, we assure you that it is 
so. Je n'ai — faire de vsus dire, 
I need not tell you. Je dis — oui, 
I say yes. Nous croyons — non, 
we think not. 

Quel, a., what. — le piti6, what a 

Quelcoaque, a., any, whatever, any 
whatsoever. Une raison — , any 
reason whatsoever. 

Quelque, a., any, some, a few; what- 
soever, whatever. II y a — s 
annees, some years ago. — part, 
somewhere. En — temps que ce 
soit, at any time. 

Quelque, adv., however, about, some. 
— cent francs, about one hundred 

Quelquefois, adv., sometimes. 

Quelques-uns, pron., m., pi., a few, 
any, some, some people. 

Quelqn'un, pron., m., anyone, any- 
body, someone, somebody. 

Quenouille, n.f., bed-post. 

Querelle, n.f., quarrel. 

Quereller, v., to quarrel, wrangle. Se 
— , to quarrel, wrangle, have words. 

Question, n.f., question, query, in- 
terrogation. Mettre en — , to doubt, 
call in question, to question. Sortir 
de la — , to wander from the 

1 "S" of "vingts" is omittpd in dates 
and before another number. 

question. De quoi est-il — ?, 
what's the matter ? 

Questionnaire, n.m., list of questions, 
book of questions. 

Questionner, v., to interrogate, ques- 
tion, ask questions. 

Quete, n.f., search, quest; collection. 

Queue, n.f., hogshead; bUliard-cue; 
label; stem, stalk; tail, end; hone, 
whetstone; Demi , half a hogs- 
head. Faire la — k, to deceive, 
take in. 

Queuz, queue, n.f., whetstone, hone. 

Qui, relative pron., who, whom, who- 
ever, that, which, what. Je ne sais 
pas — , I do not know who. — plus 
est', what is more. — pis est, what 
is worse. Je n'ai vu — que ce soit, 
I saw nobody. 

Quiconqne, pron., whoever, whomso- 
ever, whichever. 

Quille, n.f., keel. 

Quillette, n.f., osier cutting. 

Quincaille, n.f., ironmongery, hard- 

Quincaillerie, n.f., ironmongery, hard- 

Quincaillier, n.m., ironmonger. 

Quinine, n.f., quinine. Sulfate de — , 
sulphate of quinine. 

Qninqnet, n.m., lamp, Argand lamp, 

Quinquina, n.m., cinchona, quin- 
quina, Peruvian bark; tonic wine. 

— en poudre, bark in powder. 
Quintal, n.m., quintal, hundred- 

Quinte, n.f., tenor violin. 
Quintuple, n.m. and a., quintuple, 

Quintuplet, v., to increase fivefold, to 

Quinzaine, n.f., fortnight; about 

Quinze, n.m. and a., fifteen, fifteenth. 

— jours, fortnight. II y a eu hier 

— jours, yesterday fortnight. 
D'aujourd'hui en — , this day 

Quinziime, n.m. and a., fifteenth, 

fifteenth day. 
Quittance, n.f., discharge, receipt. — 

pour soldo de compte, receipt in 

Quittancer, v., to receipt. 
Quitte, a., discharged (from debt); 

quit, quits, free, clear. 
Quitter, v., to leave, quit, part with; 





to take or leave off; to desist from, 
to give up. — le commerce, to give 
up business. 

Quitus, n.m., discharge. 

Qaoi, pron., which, what. II n'y a pas 
de — , don't mention it; it is not 
worth mentioning. Avoir de — , to 
have sufficient. — qu'il en soit, be 
that as it may. En foi de — , in 
faith whereof, in testimony whereof. 

Quoi-qne, conj., whatever. 

Qaoiqne, conj., though, although. 

Qnote-part, »./., contribution, quota, 
share, portion. 

Quotidien, a., daily, quotidian. 

Quotidiennement, adv., daily. 

Quotient, n.m., quotient. 

Quotit6, »./., quota, share, portion. 

Babais, n.m., reduction, abatement, 
allowance; reduced price; lowest 
tender. Vente au — , sale, selling 
off. Vendre (dormer) au — , to 
sell at reduced prices. 

Rabaissement, n.m., depreciation, 
fall, diminution in value. 

Rabaisser, v., to abate, diminish, 
lower; to bring (put) down; to 

Rabattre, v., to deduct, abate, 
diminish, lower, bring down. 
J'espere que vous rabattrez encore 
du prtx, I hope you will abate the 

Rabette, n.f., rape, rape-seed. 

R^ble, n.m., poker, rake. 

Rabot^ n.m., plane. 

Rabotage, n.m., planing. 

Raboter, v., to polish; to plane, 
smooth with a plane. 

Racaille, n.f., trash, rubbish. 

Raccommodage, n.m., darning, mend- 
ing, repairing. 

Raccommoder, v., to adjust, set right; 
to repair, mend, patch. 

Raccord, n.m., piece, patch; joining, 

Raccorder, v., to patch, piece; to 
adjust, join, connect. 

Raccoorcir, v., to abbreviate, abridge, 
curtail, shorten, contract; to shrink, 
become shorter. 

Raccoorcissement, n.m., curtailment, 
shortening, abridgment, contrac- 

Raccoutrer, v., to sew up, mend. 

Raccrocher, v., to recover, get hold of. 
— son argent, to recover one's 

money. Se — , to retrieve one's 
losses; to recover oneself. 

Race, n.f., breed, stock; family. 

Rachat, n.w., redemption, repurchase, 
recovery. i 

Rachetable, a., redeemable. - I 

Racheter, v., to redeem, repurchase, 
buy back; to compensate, make up 
for. — une rente, to redeem an 
annuity. Se — , to be compensated, 
made up for. 

Rachenz, a., knotty (of wood). 

Racinage, n.m., walnut-dye. 

Racine, n.f., root; (fig.) origin. — 
cubique, cube root. — carree, 
square root. — de valeriane, 
valerian root. 

Raciner, v., to strike root. 

Rack, n.m., arrack, rack (liquor). 

Racier, v., to scrape, scrape off. 

Raconter, v., to tell, relate, recount. 

Racqoitter, v., to recoup, indemnify; 
to win back again. Se — , to 
recoup oneself, retrieve one's losses. 

Rade, n.f. (naut.) roads, roadstead. 
Aller en — , to go into the roads. 
Grande — , outer roads. 

Radean, n.m., raft. 

Rader, v., to anchor in a roadstead. 
— un vaisseau, to anchor a ship 
in a roadstead. 

Radiateor, n.m., radiator. 

Radiation, n.f., erasure, striking or 
crossing out, obhteration; radia- 

Radier, f ., to strike or cross out. 

Radiom^tre, n.m., radiometer. 

Radis, n.m., radish. 

Radins, n.m., radius. 

Radotage, n.m., nonsense, idle talk. 

Radoub, n.m., {naut.) graving; repair, 
refitting of a ship. Forme de — , 
graving dock. Cale de — , graving 
slip. Mettre au — , to lay up (a 
ship). Vaisseau en — , vessel 
undergoing repairs. 

Badouber, v., to recaulk, repair, refit 
(a ship). 

Radoubeor, n.m., caulker. 

Radoucir, v., to allay, mitigate, 
appease, soften. 

Radoucissement, n.m., getting milder 
(of the weather); softening; mitiga- 
tion, appeasement. 

Rafale, n.f., squall (naut.). 

Raffermir, v., to strengthen, secure, 
fasten; to harden, make firm; to 
establish. Se — , to consoUdate. 





be or become established; to 

Raffermissement, «.w., consolidation, 
securing, fastening, strengthening; 
improvement; hardening. 

RafBnade, «./., best refined sugar. 

Rafflnage, n.m., refining. 

Rafflner.t;., to refine. Se — , to refine, 
be refined. 

Raffinerie, «./., refinery, sugar-refin- 
ery, refining. 

Raffineur, n.m., refiner. — de sucre, 
sugar refiner. 

Rafraichir, v., to rub up, renovate; 
to cool, refiresh, freshen, freshen up; 
to become cool. — du vin, to cool 
wine. — la memoire k quelqu'un, 
to remind anyone of anything. Se 
— , to recruit one's strength; to 
cool, become cool. 

Rafraichissant, a., refreshing, cooling. 

Rafraicbissement, n.m., — s, pro- 
visions, supplies, refreshments. 
Faire les — s, to take in fresh 

Ragrandir, v., to enlarge, enlarge 

Ragr6age, n.m., refitting (of a ship). 

Ragr^er, v., to repair, do up, renovate; 
to refit (a ship). 

Ragriment, n.m., refitting (of a ship); 
renovation, doing up; pruning. 

Raide, a., stiff, tight, rigid. 

Raideur, n.f., stiffness, tightness, 
rigidity; swiftness. 

Raidir, v., to tighten, toughen, stiffen, 
render rigid; to become (get, grow) 

Raie, n.f., stripe, streak; stroke, line; 
skate (fish); furrow, fitoffe 4 — s, 
striped material. 

Raifort, n.m., radish, horse-radish. 

Rail, n.m., rail. — k orni^re, tram- 
rail. — mobile, switch-rail, point. 

Railway, n.m., railway. 

Rainnre, n.f., rabbet, groove. 

Rais, n.m., spoke (of a wheel). 

Raisin, n.m., grape, grapes. — s de 
Corinthe, currants. — s sees, 

I' raisins. — s de Muscat, muscatel 
\ raisins. — s au soleil, muscatel 
I raisins. Un grain de — , a grape. 
I Une grappe de — s, a bunch of 
I grapes. Grand — , royal (paper). 
fBaison, n.f., reason, motive; share; 
I firm; rate; sense, judgment. I.ivre 
I de — , ledger. — sociale, firm, 

under the style of.. En — de, in 
consideration of, by reason of. A 
(en) — de, at the rate of; in pro- 
portion to; according to. — de 
plus, all the more reason. Vous 
avez — , you are right. Entendre 
— , to listen to reason. 

Baisonnable, a., reasonable, just, fair, 
moderate, adequate, proper; sen- 
sible. Prix — , moderate price. 
Nous nous contentons d'un bene- 
fice — , we content ourselves with a 
reasonable profit. 

Raisonner, v., to lie to (of a ship); to 
argue, reason, study, examine, 
consider; to bring to and search 
(a ship). Faire — un vaisseau, to 
compel a ship to speak to another. 

Rajeanir, v., to revive, renew. 

Rajeunissement, n.m., renovation, 

Rajoster, v., to reconcile; to settle, 
readjust. Se — , to become 

Ralentir, v., to diminish, abate, 
slacken, moderate. Se — , to 
diminish, abate, relax, slacken, 

Ralentissement, n.m., abatement, 
flagging, slackening. 

Rallonge, n.f., lengthening piece; 
leaf (of a table). 

Rallonger, v., to lengthen, make 

RamagS, a., flowered (of stuffs). 

Ramas, n.m., heap, collection; sweep- 
ings, scrapings. 

Ramasse-miettes, n.m., crumb-tray. 

Ramasser, v., to gather, collect, get or 
rake together; to pick or take up. 

Ramasseur, n.m., collector, gatherer. 

Rame, n.f., ream (of paper); oar; 
prop; stick (for peas). Mettre un 
livre k la — , to sell a book for 

Rameau, n.m., branch, subdivision. 

Ramenable, a., reclaimable. 

Ramender, v., to lower the price of 

Ramener, v., to recall, reclaim; to 
retrieve; to bring back, bring again. 

Ranequin, n.m., cheese-cake. 

Ramette, n.f., job-case, packet (of 

Ramification, n.f., branch, ramifica- 

Ramoitir, v., to moisten, make damp. 
Se — , to become damp 





Bamollir, v., to soften, make soft 
(hides, etc.). So — , to soften, grow 
soft; to relent. 

Ramon, n.m., sweep's apparatus; 
garden broom. 

Ramoneur, n.m., sweep, chimney- 

Rampe, n.f., baluster, hand-rail, 
stairs; incline, slope. 

Ranee, a., rank, rancid, rusty. 

Ranee, n.m., rancidness. Sentir le — , 
to smell rancid. 

Rancette, n.f., sheet-iron (for stove 

Rancir, se — , v., to grow rancid. 

Rancune, n.f., malice, spite, grudge, 

Rang, n.m., rate (of ships); order, 
class, rank; line, row, range. De 
premier — , first rate. Mettre au 

— de ses amis, to reckon amongst 
one's friends. 

Rang§e, n.f., line, row, range. 

Ranger, v., to set, put in order; to 
range, arrange; to reckon, rank; to 
sail close to (naut.); to bin (wine). 

— la cote (terre), to hug the coast 

Rangette, n.f., sheet-iron. 

Rangeor, n.m., binner (of wine). 

Ranimer, v., to revive, animate; to 
restore; to stir up, enliven, re- 
animate. Se — '; to revive, recover; 
to be restored to health. 

Rapatrier, v., to recall, repatriate, 
send back; to set to rights, recon- 

R&pe, n.f., rasp, grater. 

Rap6, n.m., rappee; rape-wine. 

R&p4, pari., worn out, shabby, 
threadbare. Du tabac — , rappee. 

Raper, v., to grate, rasp. 

Rapetisser, v., to lessen, shrink, 
grow short. 

Rapide, a., swift, rapid, quick, hasty, 
fast, sudden. 

Rapide, n.m., rapid. Le — , fast 
(express) train. 

Rapidity, n.f., suddenness; speed, 

Rapi^oage, n.m., piecing, patching. 

Rapi6cer, v., to patch, mend, piece. 

Rapiecetage, n.m., patching, piecing; 

Rapieceter, v., to patch, piece. 

Rapi^ceor, n.m., mender, patcher. 

Rapparier, v., to match. 

Rappel, n.m., unpaid part (of a 

salary) ; revocation, recall, recall- 

Rappeler, v., to recall to mmd; to call 
back, recall, call home, call again. 
Rappelez-moi k son bon souvenir, 
remember me kindly to him. Se 
— , to remember, recollect, recall 
to mind. Vous rappelez-vous ?, do 
you remember? Je me rappelle 
d'avoir fait cela, I recollect having 
done that. Je me le rappelle 
parfaitement, I recollect it very 

Rapport, n.m., produce, revenue ; 
return; report, account, statement; 
reimbursement, refunding; com- 
munication; harmony, imiformity. 
Avoir k, to refer or relate to. Sous 
le — de, with respect to. Sous 
tons les — , in every respect, in all 
respects. Faire un — , to make a 
return, draw up a report. £tre en 
— , to be productive, in bearing (of 
land). Pieces de — , inlaid-work, 

Rapport6, part., brought forward or 
over (in book-keeping). 

Rapporter, v., to carry forward (in 
book-keeping); to post (in ledgers); 
to report, give an account of; to 
jdeld, bring in, bear, produce; to 
bring away, carry back; to account 
for. — du journal au grand livre, 
to post from the journal to the 
ledger. Se — , to allude to, refer, 
relate to; to have reference to; to 
correspond, agree, coincide. Ces 
couleurs se rapportent bien, these 
colours blend well together. S'en 
— k, to leave it to (anyone). Je 
m'en rapporte k vous, I trust to 
you, I leave it to you. 

Rapporteur, n.m., stenographer, 

Rapprocher, v., to compare, set in 
opposition; to approach again. Se 
— , to resemble, approach, approxi- 
mate; to come near again. 

RSpure, n.f., raspings. 

Raquetier, n.m., racket-maker. 

Raqueton, n.m., large racket. 

RaQuette, n.f., racket, snow-shoe. 

Rare, a., unusual, uncommon, extra- 
ordinary; rare, scarce. 

Rarement, adv., seldom, not often, 
unfrequently, rarely. 

Raret6, n.f., scarcity, rarity, rareness. 

Rarissime, a., very (most) rare. 





Ras, a., flat, smooth; shaved, close- 
shaved; low-built, flat-bottomed 
(of a boat). Serge — e, napless 
serge. Velours — , shorn velvet. 
£toffe — e, smooth stuff. 

Ras, n.m., short-nap cloth. 

Raser, v., to disable (a ship); to pull 
down, demolish; to shave; to glance 
over. — la c6te, to hug the coast 

Raseur, n.m., bore, shaver. 

Rasoir, n.m., razor. — k surete, 
safety razor. — evide, hollow- 
ground razor. Cuir k — , razor- 
strop. Pierre k — , hone. 

ilassembler, v., to put together again; 
to as.semble, collect, gather to- 
gether; to get together. Se ■ — •, to 
meet, gather together, assemble. 

Rassis, a., cool, sober-minded. Du 
pain — , stale bread. 

Rassortiment, n.m., re-stocking, tak- 
ing in a stock of goods for a season; 
re-sorting; re-matching (of colours). 

Rassorance, «./., re- assurance. 

Rassarant, a., reassuring, encourag- 

Rassorer, v., to reassure, satisfy; to 
make firm, strengthen, consolidate. 
Se — , to clear up, settle (of the 
weather); to be reassured, set one's 
mind at rest. 

Rat, n.m., rat; taper. — de cave, 
exciseman; small wax taper. 

Ratafia, n.m., ratafia. 

Ratang, n.m., ratan. 

Rateau, n.m., rake. 

R^teler, v., to rake. 

RStelier, n.m., set of teeth; rack (in a 

Rater, v., to miss fire, miscarry. 

RatiSre, n.f., rat-trap. 

Ratification, n.f., ratification. 

Ratifler, v., to ratify. 

Ratine, n.f., frieze, cloth, ratteen, 

Ratiner, v., to frieze. 

Ratiocination, n.f., reasonmg. 

Ratiociner, f ., to reason. 

Rationnel, a., rational. 

Ratisser, v., to rake, scrape, scrape 

Ratissoire, n.f., scraper. 

Battraper, se — , v., to make up for, 
compensate oneself, win back one's 

Rature, n.f., scratch, erasure, word 
crossed out. 

Ratoier, v., to scrape (skins); to erase, 
blot out, efface, scratch out. 

Ravage, n.m., waste, havoc, ravage. 

Ravaler, v. , to disparage, debase, run 
down; to press, roll (land). 

Rave, n.f., radish, long radish, beet, 

Ravenelle, n.f., wall-flower. 

Ravi, pari., glad, delighted. J'en 
suis — , I am delighted at it. 

Ravier, n.m., radish-dish. 

Ravilir, v., to disgrace, degrade, 

Ravir, v., to delight; to take away, 
rob of. 

Ravisement, n.m., after-thought, 

IB second thought. 

Ravissant, a., charming, delightful, 

Ravitaillement, n.m., revictualling. 

Ravitailler, v., to revictual. 

Raviver, «., to revive, reanimate. Se 
— , to revive. 

Ravoir, v., to recover, get back; to 
have or get again. 

Rayer, v., to stripe, streak (stuffs); to 
scratch, scratch out, erase, cross 
or strike out. — du papier, to rule 
paper. — une 6toffe, to stripe a 

Rayeur, n.m., ruler (instrument). 

Rayon, n.m., department (of a shop); 
shelf; spoke (of a wheel). Chef de 
— , head of a department; shop- 
walker. — de miel, honey-comb. 

Rayonner, v., to shine, radiate, beam. 

Rayure, n.f., streak; stripe (of a stuff); 

Realisable, a., realizable. 

Realisation, n.f., conversion into 
money; realization.. 

R6aliser, v., to convert into money; 
to realize. Se — , to be converted 
into money, be realized; to happen. 
Nous nous empressons de les 
r6aliser, we hasten to realize them. 

R6alit6, n.f., reality. En — , in fact, 
indeed, in reality. En — nous 
payons le double pour cela, in 
reality we pay double for it. 

Reassurance, n.f., reassurance, re- 
insurance. . 

Reassorer, v., to reassure, re-insure. 

Bebord, n.m., brim, border, hem. 

Rebooil, n.m., pelt-wool. 

Rebours, n.m., wrong way (of the 
grain); wrong side (of a stuff); 
reverse, contrary. 





Rebfousse, n.f., napping-tool. 

Rebroussoir, n.m., napping-tool. 

R6bat, n.m., waste, rubbish, trash, 
refuse; rejection, refusal, repulse. 
Papier de — , waste-paper. Mar- 
chandises de — , waste-goods. 
Bureau des — s, dead-letter office. 
Mettre au — , to throw aside. 

Rebnter, v., to reject, refuse, cast 
aside; to repulse. On a rebute ces 
marchandises, they have rejected 
those goods. 

Recapitulation, n.f., summing up, 

R^capituler, v., to sum up, recapitu- 

Reciie, n.m., embezzlement. 

Reciler, v., to embezzle; to receive 
(stolen goods); to conceal, hide. 

Rec61eur, n.m., receiver of stolen 

R6cemment, n.m., lately, recently, 

Recensement, n.m., return, census, 
numbering; verification. 

Recent, a., recent, fresh, new, late. 

R6c^piss6, n.m., receipt, acknowledg- 
ment of receipt. 

R6cepteur, n.m., receiver, recipient; 
receiving instrument (telegraphy); 

Reception, n.f., receipt, reception, 
receiving; admission, admittance; 
Accuser — d'une lettre, to acknow- 
ledge the receipt of a letter. 

R^ceptionnaire, n.m., receiver, receiv- 
ing clerk. 

Recette, n.f., receipt, receipts; receiv- 
ing office; collection; recipe. Les 
— s sont absorbees presque entiere- 
ment par les -depenses, the receipts 
are almost absorbed by the 

Recevable, a., admissible, allowed, 

Receveur, n.m., surveyor, receiver, 
comptroller, collector (of ta.xes). 

Recevoir, v., to receive, take, accept; 
to meet with; to admit, allow of; 
to welcome. — une proposition, 
to accept a proposal. — bien, to 
welcome, receive well. Nous 
recevons vos offres, we receive 
your offers. 

Rechange, n.m., re-exchange; spare 
stores, spare articles. De — , spare. 

Recharge, n.f., surcharge, fresh 
charge. En — , in addition. 

Rechargement, n.m., re-ballasting, 
re-loading, loading again. 

Recharger, v., to re-ballast, load 
again, reload; to re-charge. 

R^chauffer, v., to heat, make warm 
again, warm up (again). 

R6chauffoir,M.»t., dish-warmer, plate- 

Reche, a., rough (stuff, etc.). 

Recherche, n.f., examination, scru- 
tiny, investigation, search, re- 
search. Faire la — d'une chose, to 
search for a thing. 

Recherch6, a., in great request or 
demand (of goods); choice, ex- 

Rechercher, v., to investigate, make 
or institute an inquiry into, call to 
account; to search for, look for; to 
endeavour to obtain; to polish, 
finish, finish off. 

Rechute, n.f., relapse. 

R^if, n.m., reef, ledge (of rocks). 

Recipe, n.m., receipt, recipe, medical 

Recipient, n.m., well, cistern; receiver. 

Reciprocity, n.f., reciprocity, recipro- 

R^ciproque, a., mutual, reciprocal. 

R6cit, n.m., report, statement, 
account, narrative, story. 

Reciter, v., to give an account of, 
relate, tell, recount. 

Reclamant, n.m., claimant. 

Reclamation, n.f., demand, claim, 

Reclame, n.f., puffing, puff, para- 
graph puff, advertisement. 

Reclamer, v., to claim, redeniand, 
demand back again, lay claim to, 
reclaim; to complain of, object, 
oppose, make objection to. 

Recognition, n.f., recognition. 

Recolte, n.f., crop, harvest, vintage. 
Fatre la — , to get in the harvest. 

Recolter, v., to reap, get or gather in. 
Se — , to be got in (of crops). 

Recommandable, a., recommendable, 
commendable, respectable. 

Recommendation, n.f., introduction; 
reference, recommendation. Lettre 
de — , letter of introduction. 

Recommander, v., to recommend, 
request, intrust. Se — , to refer to. 

Recommencer, v., to recommence, 
begin again. 

Recompense, n.f., compensation, in- 
demnity; recompense, reward. En 





— , as a recompense (for), in 
return (for). 

R6compenser, v., to repay, com- 
pensate, recompense, reward, re- 
munerate; to make up for. 

Beconnaissance, n.f., acknowledg- 
ment, thankfulness, gratitude, re- 
cognition; reward. 

Beconnaissant, a., thankful, grateful. 
— de, thankful for. 

Beconnaitre, v., to acknowledge; to 
recognise, identify, know; to allow, 

Becontinuer, v., to resume, go on 

Becorder, se — , v., to call to mind. 

Becoupe, n.f., chippings, stone-chips, 

Becoupette, n.f., coarse meal. 

Becourir, v., to resort to, have 
recourse to, to apply to; to appeal. 

Beconrs, n.m., recourse, remedy, 
appeal, resource. 

Becouvrement, n.m., payment, re- 
covery, regaining; cap (of a watch). 
— s, debts due to one. Faire un — , 
to recover an outstanding debt. 

Becouvrer, v., to collect, get in, 
recover; to regain, get again. 

B^criminer, v., to recriminate. 

B^crire, v., to re-write, write again, 
write over again. 

Bectangle, n.m., rectangle. 

Bectangulaire, a., right-angled, rect- 

Becteur, n.m., rector. 

Bectification, n.f., amendment, recti- 

Bectitude, n.f., uprightness, rectitude. 

Recto, n.m., first page of a leaf. 

Recu, n.m., receipt. Au — de, on 
receipt of. Je lui ai donn6 un — 
pour solde, I have given him a 
receipt in full. 

Becueil, n.m., selection, miscellany, 

Recueillir, v., to collect, receive; get 
in; to gather, reap; to pick up. — 
unc succession, to inherit an estate. 

Becuire, v., to aiuieal (metals). 

Becuit, n.m., annealing (of glass, 

Recuite, n.f., see recuit. 

Reculer, v., to defer, put off; to give 
way; to back out of; to recede, go 
back; to extend. 

Bteup^rable, a., recoverable, retriev- 

Recuperation, n.f., recovery. 

Becup^rer, v., to get back, recover, 
retrieve. Se — , to recover; to 
retrieve one's losses. 

B6cuser, v., to reject, deny; to 
challenge (witnesses). Se — , to 
decline, excuse oneself. 

Bidacteur, n.m., editor; writer. — en 
chef, chief editor. — gerant, sub- 

B^daction, n.f., drawing up (of a 
document); wording; editors, edit- 

Beddition,n./., giving in(ofaccoimts); 
giving back, restitution. — de 
compte, giving in of accounts. 

B^demption, n.f., redemption. 

Bedevable, n.m.f., debtor. , 

Bedevable, a., indebted. £tre • — a 
. . . de, to be indebted to . . . for. 

Bedevance, n.f., royalty, rent. 

B^diger, v., to draw up, draft, word, 
write out (documents, etc.). 

Bedingote, n.f., frock-coat, riding- 

Bedire, v., to repeat; to find fault 
with, criticise, censure. Trouver 
k — , to complain of, find fault with . 

Bedoubler, v., to redouble, increase. 

Bedouter, v., to fear, dread. 

Bedresser, r., to correct, put right, set 
to rights, redress. Se — , to be set 
right, redressed. 

Bedd, n.m., balance due. 

B6duction, n.f., abatement, allow- 
ance, reduction. 

B6daire, v., to reduce, abate, diminish; 
to curtail; to restrain, compel, 
oblige. Se — , to abate, diminish, 
be reduced. 

B66difler, v., to rebuild. 

B6el, a., actual, real, true. 

B^eiire, v., to re-elect. 

B^ellement, adv., indeed, in reality, 

B^emballage, n.m., re-packing. 

B6emballer, v., to re-pack. 

B66mettre, v., to re-issue. 

B66mission, n.f., re-issue. 

B6escompte, n.m., re-discount. 

B6escompter, v., to re-discount. 

B^examiner, v., to re-examine. 

B^exportation, n.f., re-exportation 

Biexporter, v., to re-export. 

B6faction, n.f., rebate; repairs, repair- 

Belaiie, v., to re-commence, do over 
again; to repair, mend; to deceive, 


( — («630a) 




take in. Se — , to retrieve one's 
losses; to recover one's strength. 

Relalt, part., squared, prepared for 
use (of timber). 

Refection, n.f., repairs. 

Rtfdrence, n.f., reference; informa- 
tion, relation. 

R6f6rer, v., to ascribe, refer; to report, 
make a report. Se — , to refer, to 
confide, trust in; to leave it to. 

R6fl6clii, a., reflected, thoughtful, 

Rifl^chir, v., to ponder, think, con- 
sider, reflect, reflect on. J'y 
reflechirai, I'll think it over. 

Reflexion, n.f., reflexion, considera- 
tion, thought. Toute — faite, on 
second thought; all things con- 
sidered; after due reflection. Faire 
— , to reflect. 

Reflaer, v., to ebb, re-flow, flow back. 

Reflux, n.m., ebb, ebbing; reflux, 

Refondre, v., to repair (naut.); to 
improve, re-model, re-cast, cast 
again, melt again, refound. — un 
vaisseau, to repair a ship 

Reformation, n.f., re-stamping (of 
coins); amendment, reformation. 

Reformer, v., to improve, mend, 
reform. — les monnaies, to re- 
stamp coin. 

Refonlement, n.m., ebbing (of the 

Refouler, v., to ebb, flow back. La 
maree refoule, the tide -is ebbing. 

R6fractaire, a., fire-proof; impervious 
to; obstinate, stubborn. 

Refrigerant, a., refrigerant. Melange 
. — , freezing mixture. 

Refrigeration, n.f., refrigeration. 

Refroidir, v., to cool, chill, become 
cool. Se — , to cool, grow cool or 
cold, to abate, slacken. 

Refuge, n.m., protection, safety, 
shelter, refuge. 

Refagier, se — , v., to have recourse to; 
to take shelter or refuge; to shelter 
oneself (behind). 

Refiis, n.m., denial, refusal. Un — 
net, a flat denial. Essuyer un — , 
to meet with a refusal. 

Refuser, v., to decline, refuse, deny, 

Refutable, a., refutable. 

Refutw, v., to disprove, refute, con- 

Regagner, v., to recover, retrieve, 
regain, win back; to overtake (any- 
one). — le dessus, to get the upper 
hand again. 

Regale, n.m., vox humatia (stop). 

Regalement, n.m., levelling (of 
ground); equalization (of taxes). 

Regard, n.m., glance, look, stare; 
{tech.) manhole, draft-hole. En — , 
opposite. Avoir — sur, to face, 
look into. Jeter un — sur, to cast 
a glance at. 

Regardable, a., worth looking at. 

Regarder, v., to concern, regard; tc 
look at, look into, consider; to bt 
opposite, to face, to front; to mind, 
pay heed to. — comme, to consider 
as, to look upon as. — quelqu'un, 
to look at anyone. Cela nou?. 
regarde, that concerns us. Se — , 
to look upon oneself as. 

Regayer, v., to comb hemp. 

Regayoir, n.m., hemp comb. 

Regayoie, n.f., hemp refuse. 

Regence, n.f., fob-chain. 

Regent, n.m., governor, director (cf 
the Bank of France). 

Regie, n.f., excise, excise oflici , 
administration of taxes ; exciseman. 
Officier de la — , exciseman. 

Region, n.f., region, country. 

R^ir, v., to manage, administer, 
govern, rule. 

Regisseor, n.m., steward, manager. 

Registre, n.m., book, register, ac- 
count; damper (of chimneys); vane 
(of a steam-engine); register (of an 
organ). Tenir — , to keep account 
of. Rapporter sin: un — , to enttr 
in a register. 

Registrer, v., to record, register. 

Reglage, n.m., settling, regulating; 
timing (of watches); ruUng (of 

Rdgle, n.f., ruler, rule, order, regula- 
tion; example, pattern, model. — k 
coulisse, shding ruler. Dans les — s, 
in due form; according to rule. 
£tre en — , to be in order. Cela est 
de — , that is the order. Cela a 
toujours et6 notre — , this was 
always a rule with us. 

Reglement, n.m., settlement (of 
accoimts); laws, by-laws, regula- 
tion. — de compte, settlement of 
an account. 

Reglementaire, a., usual, customaiy. 
lawful, allowed. 





R6gleinentatioii, n.f., regulating. 

R6gleinenter, v., to regulate. 

R6gler, v., to settle, square; to 
regulate, rule, to decide, determine. 
— un differend, to settle a differ- 
ence. — ses affaires, to settle one's 

Riglet, n.m., rule. 

R6glear, n.m., ruler, paper-ruler. 

B^glisse, n.f., liquorice. — en b&ton, 
stick liquorice. Jus de — , Spanish 
liquorice. Sue de — , Spanish 
liquorice. — rafi&n6e, refined 
liquorice. Racine de — , root 

B^gnant, a., present, prevalent, 
reigning, chief, predominant. 

Rdgne, n.m., kingdom, reign; fashion, 

R6gner, v., to be in fashion, to prevail, 
to rule, govern; to reign. 

Regorger, v., to be glutted; to teem 
with; to run over, overflow. 

Regression, n.f., retrogression, regres- 

Regret, n.m., regret. A — , with 
reluctance, with regret. Avoir du 
— , to be sorry, feci regret. 

Regrettable, a., deplorable, regret- 
table, lamentable. 

Regretter, v., to be sorry for, to regret. 
Nous regrettons sinc^ement cette 
omission de notre part, we regret 
sincerely this oversight on our 

Bfigularisation, n.f., settlement, put- 
ting in order. 

B6gulariser, v., to settle, put in order. 

B6gTilarit6,n./., regularity; strictness. 

B^gnlateur, a., regulating. 

B^gulier, a., punctual, exact; steady, 

Rehabilitation, n.f., discharge (of 
bankrupts); vindication, rehabili- 

Behabiliter, v., to reinstate, rehabili- 
tate, vindicate. Se — , to reinstate, 
rehabilitate oneself; to pay twenty 
shillings in the pound. 

Behaussement, n.m., raising; increase 
of value (of coin). 

Behausser, v., to raise the value of, to 
cry up; to raise; to set forth. 

Biimportation, n.f., reimportation. 

Biimporter, v., to re-import, import 

Riimpression, n.f., reprint, re-issue, 

R6imprimer, v., to reprint, print 
again, re-issue. 

Reine, n.f., queen. 

Reine-claude, n.f., greengage. 

Reintegration, n.f., re- warehousing; 

Reintegrer, v., to re-warehouse; to 

Reiteration, n.f., repetition, reitera- 

Reiterer, v., to repeat, reiterate. 

Rejection, n.f., rejection. 

Rejet, n.m., throwing out, rejection; 
transfer, carrying (of an account). 

Rejeter, v., to reject, refuse to accept, 
throw back; to deny, set aside; to 
transfer, carry. — un compte sur, 
to transfer or carry an account to. 
Se^ — , to fall back upon, have 
recourse to; to be rejected. 

Rejettement, n.m., rejection. 

Rejoindre, v., to overtake, catch up; 
to rejoin, join again; to meet again. 

Rejooir, v., to delight, entertain, 
divert, rejoice. Se — , to be glad at 
or of; to be delighted at; to enjoy 
oneself. Cette couleur r6jouit la 
vue, that colour pleases the eye. 

Rejouissance, n.f., make- weight; re- 

Rel&che, n.m., respite, rest, dis- 
continuance; remission, intermis- 
sion. Sans — , without intermission . 

Rel&che, n.f., calling at a port, putting 
into port. 

Rel&chement, n.m., abatement, dim- 
inution, slackening, slackness, lax- 
ness; rest. 

Relftoher, v., to abate, yield, give up, 
let go, release; to relax, slacken; to 
loose, loosen; to flag; to remit; to 
touch at, put intoport (of a ship). 
Se — , to get milder (of the weather) ; 
to flag, fall off, give way, abate; to 
slacken, relax, grow slack. 

Reiargissement, n.m., widening. 

Relater, v., to state, relate. 

Relatif, a., relating, relative. 

Relation, n.f., connection; reference, 
respect, relation; statement, ac- 
count. — s, correspondence, com- 
mimication, connections, relations, 
intercourse. £tre en — s avec 
quelqu'un, to be in correspondence 
with anyone. 

Relafivement, adv., comparatively, 

Relazer.v., to relax, release; to enlarge. 





Relent, n.m., mouldiness, mustiness. 
Sentir le — , to smell musty. 

Relevage, n.m., clearing (of a letter- 
box); collection (of letters); raising. 

Relev6, n.m. statement, return, 
abstract, extract. Faire un — de 
compte, to make an abstract of 
an account. 

Reldvement, n.m., account,statement. 

Relever, v., to raise; to restore, 
liberate, free; to notice, remark, 
cry up; to raise or lift again; to 
take the bearings of (a coast). Se 
— , to recover, retrieve one's losses; 
to rise, be raised; to right itself 
(of a ship). 

Releveur, n.m., elevator. 

Reliage, n.m., hooping (of casks). 

Relief, n.m., relievo, relief, embossing. 
Bas- — , basso-relief, low-relief, 

Relier, v., to bind (books); to hoop 

Relieur, n.m., binder, bookbinder. 

Reliquat, n.m., balance, remainder of 
an account. 

Reliqaataire, n.m., debtor, debtor 
owing a balance. 

Relire, v., to read over again. 

Relinre, «./., binding (of books). — 
en cuir, leather binding. — en 
maroquin, morocco binding. — en 
veau, calf binding. — en demi- 
veau, half-calf binding. — en 
carton, demi — , binding in 
boards. — plein, full calf binding. 
— en toUe, cloth binding. 

Reluire, v., to glitter, shine. 

Reluisant, a., shining, glittering, 

Remarier, v., to re-marry, marry 

Remarquable, a., conspicuous, re- 

Remarque, n./., notice, observation; 
remark. Digne de — , noteworthy, 
worthy of notice. 

Remarqner, v., to observe, notice, 
note, take notice; to remark; to 
mark again. Faire — , to call 
attention to, to observe, point out. 
Se — , to be noticed, remarked. 

Remballage, n.m., re-packing. 

Remballer, v., to re-pack, pack up 

Rembarqaement, n.m., re-shipment, 
re-shipping; re-embarkment, re- 

Rembarquer, v., to ship again; to 
re-embark. Se — , to go on board 
again, re-embark; to engage again 
(in a business, transaction, etc.). 

Rembourrage, n.m., padding, stuffing. 

Rembourrement, n.m., see rembour- 

Remboorrer, v., to pad, stuff out; to 
stuff (with hair, flock). 

Remboorsable, a., redeemable, repay- 

Rembooisement, n.m., repayment, 
reimbursement. Faire suivre en — , 
to charge forward, require pay- 
ment on delivery. Contre — , on 
cash remittance, on payment. 
Pour solde et — de nos comptes, 
for balance and reimbursement of 
our accounts. 

Remboorser, v., to repay, refund, 
reimburse. Se — , to reimburse, 
repay oneself. 

Remdde, n.m., remedy; cure, medi- 
cine. Sans — , past recovery, with- 
out remedy. 

Rem6dier, v., to cure, remedy. 

Remerciement, remerciment, n.m., 

Remercier, v., to thank, give thanks. 
Nous vous remercions de votre 
lettre, we thank you for your letter. 

Remettre, v., to put off, delay; to 
remit, hand over, deliver, give up; 
to return; to reinstate, restore; to 
entrust. — dans I'esprit, to remind. 
— une lettre k son adresse, to 
deliver a letter to its address. — 
de r argent, to remit money. — en 
question, to call in question again. 
Faire — , to forward, send. — d'ur 
jour 4 Tautre, to put off from day 
to day. Veuillez me — le montant 
de ce compte, please remit me th( 
amoimt of this account. Se — , ti« 
rely, refer; to call to mind; t<< 
recover from. S'en — a, to trus; 
to, refer to. Se — une chose, to 
recollect a thing. 

Remeabler, v., to refurnish. 

Remise, n.f., remittance; abatement, 
reduction, jillowance, commission; 
delivery; deferring, delay. F^airo 
une — , to remit, make a remit- 
tance. Nous avons bien regu vott'! 
— , we have duly received yoir 

Remission, n.f., remission, pardon. 

Remonter, v., to date from; to ^ . 





trace back; to go up again; to rise 
(of securities); to stock, to fit up. 
— un magasin, to re-stock a ware- 
house. — une montre, to wind up a 
watch. — sur sa bSte, to recover 
one's losses. Se — , to re-stock 
oneself, to wind up (of watches). 

Bemords, n.m., remorse, compunc- 
tion. Avoir des — , to feel remorse. 

Remorqtiag:e, n.m., towing (of a ship). 

Bemorqae, «./., towing (a ship). 
Cible de — , tow-line. A la — de, 
in tow of. Prendre k la — , to take 
in tow. 

Bemorquer, v., to tow, drag, tug. 

Bemorqueur, n.m., tug, towing vessel. 

Bemorqueuse, n./., pilot-engine. 

B^mouleur, n.m., grinder, knife- 

Bempaqueter, v., to re-pack, pack up 

Bemplacant, n.m., substitute. 

Bemplacement, n.m., reinvestment 
(of money); fresh supply; replacing. 
En — de, in place of, instead of. 

Bemplacer, «., to reinvest; to serve as 
a substitute, to replace. 

Bempli, n.m., fold, tuck. 

Bemplir, v., to discharge, fulfil, per- 
form; to answer, come up to 
(expectations); to occupy, take up; 
to furnish, supply; to hold (a 
position, post); to fill, fill up. — 
i'attente de quelqu'un, to answer 
anyone's expectation. — ses 
engagements, to fulfil one's engage- 
ments. Nous remplirons le fret 
comme d' habitude, we shall fill 
up the freight as usual. Se — , 
to fill, become full. 

Bemplissage, n.m., filling, filling up 
(of casks). 

Remploi, n.m., re- investment, re- 

Bemployer, v., to re-invest. 

Remplumer, se — , v., to retrieve one's 

Bemporter, v., to win, get, obtain; to 
carry or take back (away, off). 

Bemuable, a., movable. 

Bemuer, v., to disturb, move, handle, 
affect. — ciel et terre, to move 
heaven and earth; to leave no 
stone unturned. 

B6mun6ratear, a., remunerative. A 
des prix — s, . at remunerative 
prices. Une entreprise r^mundra- 
trice, a remunerative undertaking. 

B^mun^ration, n.f., remuneration, 

B6mun6rer,v., to remunerate, reward. 

Benard, n.m., fox. Peau de — , fox's 

Bencaissage, rencaissement, n.m., re- 

Bencaisser, v., to re-encash; to get in 
money; to pay again into the bank. 

Bench^ii, a., nigher-paid, risen in 

Bench^rir, v., to raise the price of; to 
rise, get dearer. 

Benchirissement, n.m., rise in price. 

Bencontre, n.f., occurrence, case, 
opportunity; coincidence, collision; 
meeting, chance. De — , second- 
hand. Marchandises de — , second- 
hand goods. Venir (aller) ^ la — 
de quelqu'un, to come (go) to 
meet anyone. 

Bencontrer, v., to meet, meet with, 
encounter; to fall in with; to find, 
light upon. Vous avez bien 
rencontrd, you have hit the right 
nail on the head. Se — , to coincide, 
agree; to be met with, seen; to 
meet, meet each other. 

Bondage, n.m., output, yield. 

Bendement, n.m., output, yield, 
produce. Le — de la recolte 
s'el^ve h . . . , the yield of tiie 
harvest amounts to ... . 

Bendez-Tous, n.m., rendezvous, place 
of meeting; appointment. Prendre 
— , to make an appointment. Se 
donner — , to make an appoint- 

Bendre, v , to bear, produce, bring in; 
to return, restore, give back; to 
refund, repay, pa^ back; to sur- 
render, give up, yield up, deliver 
up; to carry, transport, convey. 

— compte, to give an account. 

— raison, to give a reason, account 
for. — des marchandises, to take 
(carry, convey) goods. — une 
lettre, to take a letter (to its 
destination). — service k quelqu' 
un, to do anyone a service. — ses 
respects k quelqu'un, to pay one|s 
respects to anyone. Se — , to wait 
upon anyone; to render oneself. 

Benduroir, v., to make harder. 
Benlermer, v., to confine, shut up; to 

contain, include, comprehend. 
Benflonage, n.m., raising, re-floating, 

getting a ship afloat again, 





Renfloaer, v., to raise, re-float. 

Renforgage, n.m., strengthening. 

Renforc6, a., stout, thick, strong. 
Una etoffe — , a thick, strong stuff. 

Renforcement, n.m., strengthening, 

Renforcer, v., to increase, augment, 
reinforce, strengthen. 

Renfort, n.m., addition, increase, 
supply. De — , additional, extra, 

Renier, »., to deny, disclaim, renoimce, 

Renne, n.m., reindeer. 

Renom, n.m., name, reputation, 
fame, note. 

Renommi, a., noted, famed, cele- 
brated. II est — pour le bon 
marche de ses produits, he is 
famous for the cheapness of his 

Renomm^e, n.f., reputation, name, 
repute, fame; rumour, report. 

Renoncement, n.m., renoim cement, 
renunciation. — el soi-mfeme, self- 

Renoncer, v., to relinquish, forego, 
renounce, surrender, give up; to 
waive, disclaim; to disown, deny. 
— k une succession, to give up an 

Renonciation, n.f., self-denial; renun- 
ciation, renouncement. 

Renouer, v., to renew, resume; to 
resume one's connection, relations; 
to tie up, knot or tie again. — 
connaissance, to renew acquaint- 
ance with. — ime affaire, to 
resume business. Je d6sire vive- 
ment — nos relations, I am anxious 
to renew our correspondence. 

Renouvelable, a., renewable. 

Renoaveler, v. to renew; to revive, 
renovate, refresh; to increase, 
double. Notre contrat a 6t6 
renouvele poiu: un an de plus, our 
agreement has been renewed for 
another year or for one year 

Renoavellement, n.m., renewing, re- 
newal; recurrence, repetition; re- 
doubling, increase. Nous insistons 
pour un — du contrat, we must 
insist on a renewal of the con- 

Renseignement, n.m., inquiry; ac- 
count; information, intelligence. 
— s, information, references. Aller 

aux — s, to make inquiries. Prendre 
des — s, to make inquiries. 

Renseigner, v., to inform, tell, give 
information. Se — , to make 
inquiries, to find out, get informa- 
tion; to inform oneself. 

Rente, n.f,, funds, stock; revenue, 
yearly income; annuity, pension; 
rent. Le taux de la — , the price of 
stocks. La — hausse, the stocks 
are rising. — s sur I'fitat, Govern- 
ment stock. — viag^re, — k fonds 
perdu, life annuity. Racheter une 
— , to redeem an annuity. Faire 
ime — k, to make an allowance to, 
allow a pension to. 

Rentier, n.m., stockholder, annuitant; 
gentleman of independent means. 

Rentr6e, n.f., returns; receipt, collec- 
tion, incoming, payment; getting 
in (of taxes) ; ingathering (of crops) ; 
re-entrance. Frais de — , collection 

Rentrer, v., to get in (money); to be 
got in, to come in (of money); to 
recover (property, etc.); to return, 
come. Of go in again, re-enter; to 
resmne, retium to; to re-open (Law 
Courts). — en fonctions, to resume 
one's duty. — dans la ville, to 
return to town. — en possession, 
to regain' possession. Je n'ai fait 
que — dans mes fonds, I have only 
just got back my outlay. 

Renversement, n.m., destruction; dis- 
order, confusion, turning upside 
down; overturning, overthrowing. 

Renverser, v., to ruin, destroy; to 
confuse, astound, overwhelm; to 
turn upside down, overturn, to 
upset, spill; to throw down. — la 
vapeur, to reverse the engine. Se 
— , to capsize, be capsized, turn 
upside down; to be spilt; to upset, 
be upset. 

Renvoi, n.m., discharge, dismissal (of 
an employee); return, returning; 
sending back; referring, sending; 
adjournment (of a case). 

Renvoyer, v., to dismiss, discharge; tc 
return, send back again; to delay, 
postpone, put off, adjourn. — un 
plaideur de sa demande, to nonsuit 
a plaintiff. 

Rtorganiser, v., to re-organise. 

Ripandre, f., to circulate, spread 
abroad, give out, distribute; t<' 
scatter, propagate; to spill. — lu. 





bruit, to spread a report. Se — , to 
be current, spread abroad, circu- 
lated, -given out, distributed, 

Reparation, n.f., excuse, apology; 
amends, reparation, satisfaction; 
repairing, mending. — s, indem- 
nity, damages; repairs. Faire — ei 
quelqu'un, to make amends to 

Biparer, v., to make up f(ir, indem- 
nify, make amends for; to redeem; 
to mend, repair. — le temps perdu, 
to make up for lost time. — ses 
pertes, to retrieve one's losses. 

Repartir, f., to retort, answer, reply. 

R^partir, v., to assess (taxes); to 
distribute, divide, portion out; to 
allot (shares). 

R^partiteur, n.m., assessor. 

Repartition, n.f., assessment; distribu- 
tion, division; allotment (of shares). 

Repasser, v., to call or look in again; 
to pass or pass by again; to revolve, 
turn or think over; to grind, hone, 
whet (knives, etc.); to iron, iron out 
(linen); to dye again. — sur un 
cuir, to strop. — sur la meule, to 

Repasseur, n.m., grinder. 

Repassoir, n.m., grinding-stone. — k 
crayon, pencil-pointer. 

Repayer, v., to pay again. 

Rep^re, n.m., mark, landmark. 

Repertoire, n.m., alphabet, alpha- 
betical index; catalogue, list, table; 

B6peter, v., to repeat, reflect; to claim, 
demand again. Se — , to occur 
again, to be repeated, renewed. 

Repetition, n.f., recovery of money; 
repetition, renewal, duplicate, re- 
production. Montre k — , repeater, 
repeating- watch. 

Repiquer, v., to pluck up courage; to 
pick up. 

Repit, n.m., delay, respite, rest. 

Replacement, n.m., re-investment (of 
funds); replacing. 

Replacer, v., to re-invest (funds); to 

Replanir, «., to plane down. 

Repli, n.m., crease, fold, coil, plait. 

Replier, v., to twist, coil, wind, fold; 
to fold up again. 

Replique, n.f- , answer, reply, rejoinder. 

Repliquer, v., to answer, reply, rejoin, 

Bepondant, n.m., security, surety, 

Repondre, v., to reply, answer, write 
back; to be security for; to be 
accoimtable (to, for); to be respon- 
sible for; to come up to, agree, 
correspond, respond. — a I'attente, 
to cmswer, come up to expectation. 
Pour — 4, in reply or answer to. 
lis n'ont pas daigne — , they did not 
deign to reply. Se — , to agree, 
suit, correspond. 

Reponse, «./., reply, answer, response; 
rejoinder (legal). Faire une — , to 
give an answer. Je vous prie de 
me donner une — immediate, I 
request your immediate reply. — 
s'il vous plait, an answer will oblige. 

Report, n.m., continuation; bringing 
or carrying forward, carrying over; 
amount brought forward, sum 
carried over. Faire un — , to bring 
forward; {S.E.) to carry over. 

Reportage, n.m., reporting. 

Reporter, n.m., reporter. 

Reporter, v., to carry over (forward) 
(book-keeping); to carry or take 
back. Se — , to look back upon; to 
go back to; to return. 

Reposer, se — , v., to confide in, rely 
on. Se — sur quelqu'im, to depend 
upon (rely) on anyone. 

Repoasser, v., to resent, rebuff; to 
repel (an argument); to push or 
drive back, repel. — une demande, 
to reject a demand. 

Reprehension, n.f., reproof, reprehen- 

Reprendre, v., to resimie, begin again; 
to take back, take up; to recover; 
to find fault with, reprove; to 
return; to answer, reply. — ]o 
dessus, to get the upper hand 
again. Le commerce reprend, 
business is reviving. 

Represaille, n.f., reprisal. Lettres de 
— s, letters of marque and reprisal. 

Representant, n.m., representative. 

Representatif, a., representative. 

Representation, n.f., representation; 
production, exhibition, show, dis- 

Representor, v., to represent; to 
produce, exhibit; to be the repre- 
sentative of; to resemble, look like; 
•to describe. Se — , to occur; to 
imagine to oneself. 

Reprimande, n.f., reproof, reprimand. 





R^primander, v., to lecture, repri- 
mand, reprove. 

R^primer, v., to check, keep down, 
restrain, repress. 

Reprise, n.f., revival, recovery; re- 
sumption, renewal; taking back; 
recapture (of a ship). A deux — , 
twice. A differentes (plusieurs, 
diverses) — s, repeatedly, several 

Repriser, v.^to darn. 

Reproduction, n.f., republication, 
reprinting; reproduction. 

Reproduire, v., to republish, reprint, 
reproduce. Se — , to recur, 

happen again; to be reproduced. 

R6proavable, a., reprehensible, blam- 
able, censurable. 

R6proaTer, v., to reject, condemn, 
disapprove, disapprove of. 

Reps, n.m., rep (woollen or silk 

Republication, n.f., republication, 

RepubUer, v., to re-publish, re-issue. 

R6publique, n.f., republic; common- 

R6pudier, v., to renounce, repudiate, 

R6pugner, v., to feel reluctant, loath; 
to clash with, be contrary to. 

Reputation, n.f., repute, fame, repu- 
tation. En — , in repute, request. 
Avoir de la — , to have a name, 
reputation. Notre — est bien 
etablip, our reputation is well 

R^puter, v., to account, reckon, 

Requ^rant, n.m., applicant, petitioner, 

Requ^rir, v., to request, beg; to 
demand, require, claim. 

Requete, n.f., application, request, 
demand, petition. Faire une — , to 
make a demand, request. 

Requisition, n.f., application, motion, 
requisition. A la — de, on the 
application of. 

Rescinder, v., to rescind, annul. 

Rescision, n.f., rescission, annulment. 

Rescription, n.f., bond, debenture, 
scrip; check. 

Roseau, n.m., system, section (rail.); 
net, net-work. 

Reservation, n.f., reserve, reservation. 

Reserve, n./., stock, stores; caution, 
reservation, reserve. Mettre en — , 

to reserve, lay by. A la — de, with 
the reservation of. 

R^serrer, v., to lay up, lay by, reserve, 
set apart. 

Reservoir, n.m,. tank, cistern, reser- 

Residence, n.f., residence, dwelling, 
place of abode. 

R6sider, v., to live, reside; to rest. 

R6sidu, n.m., residue; {chem.) resi- 
duum; settlement (of liquids). 

Risiliation, n.f., annulling, cancelling. 

R^silier, v., to annul, cancel. 

R^sille, n.f., hair-net. 

R^sine, n.f., rosin, resin, colophony. 
— commime, coairse resin. — de 
pin, common resin. — galipot, 
white resin. 

R^sineuz, a., resinous. 

Resistance, n.f., opposition, obstacle, 

R^aister, v., to resist, withstand, 
oppose; to last, endure. 

Resistible, a., resistible. 

Resolution, n.f., resolve; decision, 
resolution; solution. — d'un 
contrat, cancelling of a contract. 

Besoudre, v., to resolve, decide, settle; 
to decide upon (on); to solve; to 
melt, dissolve. — une question, 
to settle a question. — un bail, to 
cancel a lease. Se — , to resolve, 
make up one's mind; to determine. 

Respect, n.m., regard, respect, defer- 
ence. Sauf le — que je vous dois, 
with due deference to you. Pre- 
senter ses — s k quelqu'un, to give 
one's kind regards to; to pay one's 
respects to anyone. 

Respectabilite, n.f., respectability. 

Respectable, a., respectable. 

Respecter, v., to respect, spare. 

Respectif, a., respective. 

Respectivement, adv., respectively. 

Respectueusement, adv., respectfully. 

Respectueux, a., respectful. 

Responsabilite, n.f., liability, respon- 

Responsable, a., liable, responsible, 
answerable, accountable. 

Ressemblance, n.f., similarity, like- 
ness, resemblance. 

Ressemblant, a., similar, resembling. 

Ressembler.D., to take after, resemble, 
be like. Se — , to be alike, uni- 

Ressener, v., to restrain; to compress, 
contract; to rivet; to bind tighto^. 





Se — , to be restricted in circula- 
tion (of money); to become colder 
(of weather); to contract, be com- 
pressed, become tighter; to re- 
trench one's expenses. Le temps 
se resserre, the weather is getting 

Ressort, n.m., resort; means; spring; 
Faire jouer tous ses — s, to use 
every effort. En dernier — , in 
the last resort; without appeal. 

Ressource, n.f., expedient, shift, 
resort. — s, resources. Je suis 
perdu (ruine) sans — , I am irre- 
trievably ruined. Faire — , to 
raise the wind ; procure resources; 
to finance. 

Ressouvenir, se — , v., to remember, 
recollect. Faire — , to put in mind. 

Restant, a., remaining, left. Poste — e, 
till called for. 

Restant, n.m., rest, remainder. 

Restauration, n.f., repairing, restora- 

Restaurer, v., to put in thorough 
repair, to restore, repair. 

Reste, n.m., remainder, rest, remnant, 
residue. Et le — , and so forth, 
and the rest of it. J'en ai de — , 
I have more than enough. De — , 
nevertheless, however, moreover. 
£tre en — , to be in arrears, behind- 
hand. Au — , besides. 

Rester, v., to remain, stop, keep, 
continue; to be left. Que me 
reste-t-il k faire ?, what am I to 
do now ? En — k, to stop, leave 

Restituable, a., to be refunded, return- 
a])lr, repayable. 

Restituer, v., to refund, return, give 
back, restore. 

Restitution, n.f., restitution, restora- 

R^sultat, n.m., result. En — , ulti- 
mately, finally, eventually. 

R6sulter, v., to be the consequence of; 
to result or follow (from). 

R6sum6, fi.m., short account, sum- 
mary, recapitulation. Au (en) — , 
to sum up, upon the whole, after 

Risumer, v., to sum up, recapitulate. 

R^tablir, v., to re-establish, restore, 
reinstall; to recover; to repair. Se 
— , to recover one's health, get well 
again; to be restored, re-established, 
repaired. Le credit commence h se 

— , credit is gradually being 
restored. Les communications 
t61egraphiques ont ete r^tablies, 
telegraphic communication has 
been restored. 

R^tablissement, n.m., re-establish- 
ment, recovery, repairing, restora- 
tion. — du commerce, revival of 
commerce, of trade. 

Retard, n.m., delay, fiprouver du — , 
to suffer delay. £tre en — , to be in 
arrears; to be backward; to be late, 
behind time. Cette affaire ne 
supporte pas de — , this business 
will not admit of any delay. 

Retardement, n.m., overtime, demur- 
rage; putting off, delay. 

Retarder, v., to defer, put off, retard, 
delay; to hinder. Ma montre 
retarde, my watch loses. 

Retenir, v., to keep, retain, reserve, 
keep or hold back; to detain; to 
hire, engage, secure, bespeak. — 
quelqu'un, to detain anyone. Je 
ne vous retiendrais pas, I won't 
keep you a minute. — une 
chambre, to secure a room. 

Retention, n.f., retention, reservation, 

Retenu, a., discreet, cautious, pru- 
dent, reserved. 

Retenue, n.f., stoppage, detention; 
discretion, caution, prudence. Sans 
— , unreservedly. 

Retirer, v., to draw out, withdraw, 
take away; to recover, redeem; to 
claim, get, receive; to derive 
(profit). Se • — , to recoup oneself; 
to leave, retire from; to ebb, recede, 
subside (of water). Se — du 
commerce, to retire from business. 
La traite devra fitre retiree avant 
trois heures, the bill has to be 
retired before 3 o'clock. 

Retordre, v., to twist (thread, silk); 
to twist again. 

Retorte, n.f., retort (chem.). 

Retoucher, v., to alter, correct, 
improve, touch up. 

Retour, n.m., return, recurrence; 
homeward voyage. A mon — , on 
my return Par — du courrier, by 
return of post. Billet de — , return 
ticket. En — de, in return for. 
Faites le — sur Paris, make the 
return draft on Paris. 

Retourner, v., to return, go back; to 
revolve. — en arrifire, to turn 





back. — sur ses pas, to retrace 
one's steps. Se — , to turn, turn 
round; to be tiumed. S'en — , to 
turn back, go back again; to 
retiom home. 

Retrait, n.m., withdrawal (of money 
from a bank); redemption ; regain- 
ing possession. 

Retraite, n./., retirement, retiring; 
pension. La Loi des — s, the Old 
Age Pensions Act. Mettre k la — , 
to superannuate, retire on a pen- 

Retranchement, n.m., retrenchment, 

Retrancher, v., to retrench, cvurtail; to 
take away from, to deduct; to 
erase, strike ofif. Se — , to retrench, 
curtail one's expenses; to fall back 

R6tr6cir, v., to contract, shrink. 

R6tribaer, v., to reward, remunerate, 
give a salary or fee to. 

Retribution, n.f., reward, retribution. 

Retrocession, n.f., retrocession, re- 

Retrograde, a., retrograde. 

Retrograder, v., to go back, go back- 
ward, retrograde. 

Retrogression, n.f., retrogression. 

Retroaver, v., to recover; to recognize; 
to meet again. Se — , to be met 
with again. 

Reanioo, n.f., meeting; gathering. 
Maison de — , meeting-house. 
Pressez la — de vos cr^anciers, 
hasten the meeting of your 

Reanir, v., to combine; to assemble, 
collect, call together; to join. Se — , 
to meet; to collect or come to- 
gether; to join; to blend, be blended; 
to combine. 

Reossir, v., to prosper, thrive, 
succeed, be successful, have success; 
to perform, accomplish. J'ai mal 
reussi, I was unsuccessful. — a 
faire, to succeed in doing. Nous ne 
pouvons pas — ainsi, we cannot 
succeed in this way. 

Reussite, n.f., success; result, issue, 

Reveil, n.m., alarm, alarum, alarm- 
watch, alarm-clock; waking, awak- 

Reveille-matin, n.m., alarum, alarm- 

Reveiatear, n.m., developer (phot.). 

Revelation, n.f., disclosure, discovery, 
information; revelation. 

Reveler, v., to discover, detect, reveal, 

Revenant-bon, n.m., emolument, per- 
quisite, bonus; windfall. 

Revendeur, n.m., retailer, retail 

Revendicable, a., claimable. 

Revendication, n.f., demand, claim, 

Revendiquer, v., to demand, claim. 

Revendre, v., to re-sell, sell again. 

Revenir, v., to change one's opinion, 
alter one's mind; to return, come 
back (again); to occiu-, recur, to 
reconsider, resume; to result, arise, 
proceed, accrue; to come to, to 
cost, amount to, stand in. — sur 
ime matifere, to return to a subject. 

— k I'avis de, to fall in with (any- 
one's views). II me revient que, I 
imderstand, I hear, I am told that. 

— en sante, to recover one's 

Revente, n.f., resale; reselling, selling 

again. De — , second-hand. 
Revenu, n.m., incomcj revenue, rent, 

profit. £tat des — s, rental. 
Reverbere, n.m., street lamp; reflector. 
Revers, n.m., lapel (of a coat); top (of 

boots); reverse, back; facing (of 

Reversement, n.m., transhipment. 
Reverser, v., to tranship; to transfer 

or carry over (forward); to pour off, 

to pour out again. 
Reversible, a., reversible; revertible. 
Reversion, n.f., reversion. 
Reversoir, n.m., weir, dam. 
Revetement, n.m., coating, casing, 

lining; veneering (woodwork). 
Revetir, v., to put on, assume; to 
T»|dress, clothe. 
Revieni; n.m., prix de — , net cost, 

cost price. 
Revirement, n.m., transfer; (naut.) 

tacking. — de parties, transfer. 
Reviser, v., to review, examine, revise. 
Revisenr, n.m., examiner, reviser. 
Revocation, n.f., revocation, revoking. 
Revoir, v., to review, re-examine, 

Revolin, n.m., eddy-wind. 
Revolutionner, v., to revolutionize. 
Revolver, n.m., revolver. 
Revoquer, »., to dismiss (a person); tci 

revoke, repeal. 





Revue, n.f., revision, examination, 

survey, review. Faire la — de, to 

survey, exanaine. 
Bez-de-chauss6e, n.m., ground-floor. 

A — , level with tlie grou)id. Au — , 

on the ground floor. 
Bhin, n.m., Rhine. Vin du — , Rhine- 
wine, Rhenish-wine. 
Rhinoceros, w.w„ rhinoceros. 
Rhodium, n.m., rhodium [min.]. 
Rhubarbe, n.f., rhubarb. — blanche, 

white jalap. — en poudre, pow- 
dered rhubarb. — de Turquie, 

Turkey rhubarb. 
Rhum, n.m., rum. — de Jamaique, 

Jamaica rum. 
Riblons, n.m., pi., scrap-iron. 
Riche, «., rich, copious; precious, 

valuable. — moisson, abundant 

Richesse, n.f., wealth, richness, riches, 

Ricin, n.m., castor-oil plant. Graines 

de — , castor-oil seeds. Huile de 

— , castor-oil. 
Rideau, n.m., curtain. — x pour 

ienetres, window-curtains. — x 

grenadine, grenadine curtains. 
Ridicule, a., ridiculous. 
Ridiculiser, v., to ridicule. 
Rien, n.m., nothing, trifle, mere trifle. 

— autre chose, nothing else. Cela 

ne fait — , that does not matter. 

De — , insignificant; don't mention 

it. — de — , absolutely nothing. 

N'aboutir k — , to come to nothing. 

Moins que — , very little. 
Riflard, n.m., rough-file; horse-plane; 

Rigide, a., rigid, stiff, severe, strict. 
Rigidity, n.f., rigidity, stiffness, rigid- 

ness, severity, strictness. 
Rigoureux, «., severe, sharp, strict, 

rigorous, stem. 
Rigueur, n.f., sternness, severity, 

sliarpness, rigour, precision. A la 

— , in a strict sense, strictly 

Rincage, n.m., rinsing. 
Rincer, v., to rinse, wash. 
Rincoir, n.m., rinsing tub. 
Rinoure, n.f., (of wine) poor, watery 

stuff; rinsings. 
Ringard, n.m., poker, fire-iron, iron 

Riotte, n.f., tiff. 
Rire, v., to laugh, smile; to be.favour- 

able, propitious. — dans sa barbe. 

— sous cape, to laugh in one's 
sleeve. II n'y a pas de quoi — , it is 
no laughing matter. 

Ris6e, n./., laughing-stock; derision; 
(naut.) squall, gust. Objet de — , 

Risquable, a. , adventurous, hazardous. 

Risque, n.f., risk, peril, hazard. Au • — 
de, at the risk of. A ses — s et 
perils, at one's own risk. A tout — , 
at all costs, hazards. Assure contre 
tous — s, insured against all risks. 
Nous courons la — de contracter 
une mauvcdse cr^ance, we run the 
risk of making a bad debt. 

Risqui, a., risky, hazardous. 

Bisquer, v., to risk, run the risk of, to 
hazard, venture. Se — , to risk, 
venture, take one's chcUice, Nous 
ne voulons pas — tant, we do not 
intend to risk so much. 

Ristorne, ristourne, n.f., cancelling an 

Ristorner, ristourner, v., to cancel an 
insurance; to carry to another 

Rivage, n.m., beach, shore, sea-shore, 
water-side. £tre jete sur le — , to 
be cast ashore. 

Rival, n.m. and a., rival. 

Rivaliser, v., to compete, rival. 

Rivalit6, n.f., competition, rivalry. 

Rive, n.f., shore, bank (of rivers). 

Rivement, n.m., riveting. 

River, v., to rivet, clinch. 

Rivet, n.m., rivet. 

Rivetage, n.m., riveting. 

Rivitee, n.f., stream, river. — de 
diamants, diamond necklace. Gens 
de — , watermen. 

Rivoir, n.m., rivetting hammer. 

Riz, n.m., rice. — de Bengale, Bengal 
rice. — de Java, Java rice. — en 
balle, rice in the husk. F6cule de 
— , ground rice. 

Rizitee, n.f., rice plantation, rice field. 

Robe, n.f., dress, frock, gown; 
lawyer's long robe; peel, husk. — 
d6collet6e, low dress. — d'enfant, 
frock. — de femme, gown, dress. 

Bobine^ n.m., tap, cock, plug. — k 
deux faces (eaux, fins), double- 
valve cock. Fermer (ouvrir) le — , 
to turn off (on) the cock. 

Rocailleux, a., stony, pebbly, fluity. 

Boche, n.f., quartz, rock; flint. Eau 
de — , spring water. — craveuse, 
chalk rock. 






Rocher, n.m., rock; rockery (artificial). 

riein de — s, rocky. 
Rocou, see roucou. 
Bogner, v., to cut, clip, crop, prune, 

lop, pare; to cut off or pare off. 

— un livre, to cut a book. — la 
moiiiiaie, to clip coin. 

Rognon, n.m., kidney. 

Rognure, n.f., cutting, clipping — s, 
leavings, refuse. — s de cuir, 
leather parings. 

Roi, n.m., king. 

Role, n.m., catalogue, list; roll- 
cause-list. — d'equipage, muster; 
roll. A tour de — , by (in) turn, by 
rotation. Manquer son — , to 
mistake one's vocation. 

Romain, n.m., Roman, primer (type). 
Petit — , long primer.. Gros — , 
great primer. 

Romaine, n.f., cos lettuce; steel-yard. 

Roman, n.m., novel, fiction, romance. 

Romarin, n.m., rosemary. Huile de 
— , rosemary oil. 

Rompre, v., to break, break off, 
dissolve; to discontinue. — les 
couleurs, to blend the colours. 

— la paille, to break off (a bargain, 
an agreement). — la glace, to 
break the ice. — un traite, to 
break off a treaty. — son serment, 
to break one's oath. Le contrat a 
ete rompu, the contract has been 
broken. Se — , to discontinue, 
break, break off. 

Ronce, n.f., blackberry- tree or bush; 

Rond, a., even (of accounts, money); 
round, rotund. Du fil — , coarse 
thread. Compte — , even account, 
fitre — en affaires, to be straight- 
forward in business matters. 

Rond, n.m., ring, disc; round, circle. 

— de serviette, napkin ring. 
Rondelle, n.f., ring, washer (of a 

Rondeur, n.f., roundness, rotimdity, 

Ronger, v., to corrode, eat up, waste, 

consume; to nibble, gnaw. 
Roquefort, n.m., Roquefort cheese. 
Roquille, n.f., quartern, gill. 
Rosaire, n.m., rosary. 
Rose, n.f., rose. De — , rosy. Couleur 

de — , rose-coloured. Bois de — , 

rosewood. Essence de — , otto (oil) 

of roses. 
Rose, a., pink, rosy, rose-coloured. 

Rose, n.m., rose-colour. 
Ros^ a., rosy. 

Roseau, n.m., reed, reed-cane, reed- 
grass. — des Indes, bamboo. — x 

bruts, rough canes. — ^x ouvres, 

prepared canes. 
Rosette, n.f., red-chalk, red-ink; rose, 

rose dicunond; small rose, rosette; 

tip (hat-making). Diamant a — , 

Rosier, n.m., rose-bush, rose-tree. 
Rosse, n.f., jade, screw. 
Rossignol, n.m., skeleton key; organ 

Rossolis, n.m., rossolis (liquor). 
Rotang, see rotin. 
Rotation, n.f., rotation. 
Rotatoire, a., rotatory. 
Rotin, n.m., rattan, rattan-cane. — 

d'Espagne, Bengal cane. 
Rotir, v., to roast, bake, toast; to 

Rdtissoire, n.f., roaster, roasting- 

screen, Dutch oven. 
Rotondit6, n.f., roundness, rotundity. 
Rooage, n.m., wheels, wheelwork, 

machinery; movement (of a watch). 
Rouanner, v., to mark, brand. 
Rouble, n.m., rouble, ruble (Russian 

Rouche, n.f., ship's hull. 
Roucou, n.m., annatto, arnotto, 

roucou. — en pains, cake arnotto. 
Roue, n.f., wheel, paddle. — hydrau- 

lique, water-wheel. — dentee, 

toothed-wheel. — de gouvernail, 

steering wheel. — a pedes (aubes), 

Rou6, a., artful, crafty, sharp. 
Rouennerie, n.f., Rouen goods, 

printed cotton goods. 
Rouerie, n.f., trickery, sharp practice. 
Rouet, n.m., small wheel, spinning- 
Roue-vis, n.f., screw-wheel. 
Rouge, a., red, blood-red; red-hot. 

Cuivre — , copper. Fer — , red-hot 

Rouge, n.m., red; rouge, red paint 

redness. — de garance, madder 
■ — vif, deep or bright red. — 

d'ecarlate, scarlet. 
Rouge&tre, a., reddish. 
Rougir, v., to tinge with red, to colour. 
Rouille, n.f., mildew, blight; rust. 

rustiness (of metals); flaw (of : 

Bouill6> a., rusty; blighted (of corn). 





Rouiller, v., to blight; to rust, make 
rusty; to impair. Se — , to rust, 
grow rusty. 

Rouilleux, a., ferruginated. 

Rouillure, n.f. ■, rust, rustiness. 

Roulage, n.m., carriage (of goods); 
waggoning; waggon-office; rolling. 
Voiture de — , goods waggon. 

Rouleau, n.m., twist, roll (of tobacco); 
coil (of a rope); roll, roller; rolling- 
pin. Plier en — , to roll up. — de 
papier, roll of paper. 

Roulement, n.m., rolling; rotation. 
Fonds de t— , floating capital. — de 
fonds, circulation of capital. 

Rouler, t'., to turn over, revolve; to 
roll, roll up; to succeed by rotation; 
to be plentiful. Tout roule la-dessus, 
all turns on that. — une chose 
dans sa tete, to turn a thing over 
in one's mind. 

Roulette, n.f., roulette (game); Bath- 
chair; caster; small wheel; roller. 
Lit a — s, bedstead on casters. 

Roulier, n.m., carrier, carter, wag- 

Roolotte, n.f., caravan, gipsy, van, 

Roussitre, a., reddish, russet. 

Roussir, v., to redden; to grow or 
turn red ; to dye a rusty or fawn 
c<jlour; to scorch, singe. 

Roussissage, n.m., dyeing red. 

Route, n.f., course, track, way (naut.); 
route, way, road, direction, jour- 
ney. II est en — , he is on his way. 
F'aire — , to sail, to travel. Feuille 
dc — , waybill. — estimee, dead 
reckoning {naut.). 

Routier, n.m., guide, pilot; sailing 
orders; tract, chart; road book. 

Routier, a., carte — 6re, road-map. 

Routine, n.f., routine, habit. Par — , 
by routine, habit. 

Rouverin, a., hot, brittle, blistered (of 

Roux, a., reddish, russet. 

Roux, n.m., reddish colour; russet. 

Royaume, n.m., kingdom, realm. 

Ruban, n.m., ribbon. Garniture de 
— s, set of ribbons. — de fil, 
tape. — de soie, silk ribbon. — de 
velours, velvet ribbon. — decoton, 
tape. — fagonnfe, — k dessin, 
figured ribbon. 

Rubanerie, n.f., ribbon trade; ribbon 

Rubanier, n.m., ribbon-weaver. 

Rubasse, n.f., coloured quartz. 

Rubiac^, a., red-coloured. 

Rubis, n.m., ruby. — artificiel, 
artificial ruby. — de Boheme, 
Bohemian ruby. — de Barbaric, 

Rubrique, n.f., title, head; red chalk. 
Sous la — de, under the head of. 

Ruche, n.f., frilling, quilting, ruche 
(in needlework); hive (bees). 

Ruch6, n.m., frilling. 

Ruch6, a., quilted. 

Rucher, v., to quilt, frill. 

Rude, a., rough, uneven, sharp, hard; 
rigid, strict, bitter, severe; difficult, 
troublesome. Les temps sont — s, 
times are hard. 

Rudesse, n.f., strictness, severity, 
harshness; roughness. 

Rudiment, n.m., rudiment. 

Rudimentaire, a., elementary, rudi- 

Rue, n.f., street; rue (herb). 

Ruguenx, a., rough, uneven. 

Ruine, n.f., ruin; downfall; overthrow, 
destruction. Cette speculation 
nous a conduit k la — , this specula- 
tion has led to our ruin. 

Ruin6, a., ruined. Leur credit est — , 
their credit is gone. 

Ruiner, v., to ruin; to destroy, spoil, 
lay waste. Se — , to be ruined, 
spoilt; to ruin oneself. 

Ruineux, a., ruinous. Speculation 
ruineuse, ruinous speculation. 

Rumb, n.m., rhumb, rhomb {naut,). 

Rumeur, n.f., report, rumour. 

Rupture, n.f., breaking, breaking off, 
rupture, fracture. 

Rural, a., rural. 

Ruse, n.f., trick, artifice, ruse, deceit. 

Rus4, a., cunning, crafty, artful, 

Rnsse, n.m.f., Russian. 

Russe, a., Russian. 

Rustique, a., rustic, country, rural. 

Sa, a.f., his, her, one's, its. See son. 
Sable, n.m., sable; gravel, sand, 

Sabler, v., to sand, gravel, cover with 

sand or gravel. 
Sableux, a., sandy. 
Sablier, n.m., hour-glass, sand-glass; 

{naut.) glass; sand-box; dealer in 

Sabliire, n.f., gravel or sand pit. 
Sablon, n.m., scouring or fine sand. 





Sablonneoz, a., sandy, gritty, gra- 

Sablonnier, n.m., dealer in sand. 

Sablonni^re, n.f., see sabli^re. 

Sabord, n.m., port, port-hole {naut.). 

Sabot, n.m., clog, sabot; top (toy). 

Sabotage, n.m., wilful destruction of 
property (during a strike). 

Sabre, n.m., sabre. 

Sabrer, v., to hiuxy over (anything); to 

Sac, n.m., bag, sack, knapsack; 
sackcloth; pillage, sack, sacking. 

— de ble, sack of wheat. Donner 
cl quelqu'un son — , to give anyone 
the sack. — de jute, jute sack. 

— neuf, new sack. 

Saccade, n.f., reproof, rebuke, repri- 
mand, check. 
Saccager, v., to throw into confusion; 

to sack, ransack. 
Saccatier, n.m., coal-heaver. 
Saccharate, n.m., saccharate {chem.). 
Sacchareux, a., saccharine. 
Saccharin, a., saccharine. 
Sacchamre, n.m., sugar (of various 

chemicals). — d'aconit, sugar of 

Sach6e, n.f., bagful, sackful. 
Sachet, n.m., scent-bag; small bag or 

sack; satchel. 
Sacoche, n.m., saddle-bag, tool-bag 

(bicycle); money-bag. 
Sacrifier, r., to sacrifice. 
Safran, n.m., crocus, saffron. — 

batard, — faux, safflower, bastard 

saffron. — d'Inde, turmeria 
Safraner, v., to saffron. 
Safranidre, n.f., saffron-plantation. 
Safranum, n.m., safflower. 
Sagace, a., shrewd, acute, sagacious. 
Sagacity, n.f., shrewdness, sagacity, 

quickness, acuteness. 
Sage, a., prudent, discreet, judicious, 

wise, sober, rational. 
Sagesse, n.f., discretion, prudence, 

Sagoo, n.m., sago. — brun, brown 

sago. — indigene, home-made 

sago. — perl6, pearl sago. 
Sagooier, sagontier, n.m., sago-tree. 
Saigner, v., to bleed anyone, get 

money out of anyone. 
Saillir, v., to protrude, project, jut out. 
Sain, a., wholesome, healthy, sound. 

— et sauf, safe and sound. — de 
corps et d'esprit, soimd in body 
and mind. 

'Saindooz, n.m., lard. 

Saint, le vendredi — , Good Friday. 
La Jean, Midsummer. 

Saint-angnstin, n.m., English (type). 

Saisi, a., distrained, seized, possessed. 

Saisie, n.f., seizure, distraint, execu- 

Saisie-arret, n.f., garnishment, attach- 

Saisie-ezecntion, n.f., distress, execu- 
tion {legal). 

Saisine, n.f., seizin. 

Saisir, v., to attach, distrain, seize; to 
get or take hold of; to seize upon; 
to perceive, vmderstand, compre- 
hend; to avail oneself of (an oppor- 
tunity, occasion). — I'occasion, 
to seize the opportunity. Se — , 
to take possession of, to seize, catch 
hold of; to grasp, take cognizance of. 

Saisir-arreter, v., to attach, garnish. 

Saisir-ex6cater, v., to distrain. 

Saisissable, a., attachable, distrain- 
able, seizable. 

Saison, n.f., season, weather. De — , 
in season. Morte- — , dull or dead 
season. En temps et en — , in due 
season. Ce sont les marchandises 
de la — , these are this season's 
goods. La — est commencee, the 
season has commenced. 

Salade, n.f., salad. 

Saladier, n.m., salad-bowl or dish. 

Salage, n.m., salting. 

Salaiie, n.m., wages, pay, hire; 
reward, recompense. 

Salaison, n.f., salting, salt-provision. 

Salant, a., salt, saline. 

Salarier, v., to pay or give a salary, 

Sale, a., foul, soiled, dirty, nasty; 
dull (of colours). Vaisseau — , foul 

Sal6, n.m., salt-pork. 

Sal6, a., salt, salted, briny. 

Saler, v., to fleece (customers); to 
overcharge, lay it on stiff (for 
goods); to salt; to com (beef). 

Saleor, n.m., Salter, curer. 

Salicoqae, n.f., prawn. 

Salidre, n.f., salt-box, salt-cellar. 

Salifdre, a., saliferous. 

Salifier, v., to sahfy. 

Salin, a., saline, briny. 

Salin, n.m., raw salt; brine-pan; salt- 
works, salt-marsh. 

Saline, n.f., salt-mine, works or pit; 
salt provisions or fish. 





Salir, v., to dirty, stain, soil, tarnish. 
Salle, «./., room, liall; hospital ward. 

— du conseil, council chamber. 

— d'audience, audience chamber. 

— h manger, dining-room. 
Saloir, n.m., salting-tub, salt-box. 
SalpStre, n.m., saltpetre. — de 

rinde, East Indian saltpetre. 

Salpetridre, «./., saltpetre-works. 

Salsepareille, «./., sarsaparilla. 

Salubre, a , healthy, salubrious, 

Salnbrit^, «./., wholesomeness, salu- 

Salare, n.f., brine, saltness. 

Salutaire, a., wholesome, salutary, 
beneficial, advantageous. 

Salutation, n.f., salutation. — s, 
compliments. Recevez mes — s 
empressees, yours very truly. 

Samedi, n.m., Saturday. 

Sanction, n.f., approbation, sanction, 

Sanctionner, v., to'sanction. 

Sandal, santal, n.m., sandal, s^dal- 

Sandale, n.f., sandal, fencing-shoe. 

Sang, n.m., blood; parentage, rela- 
tionship, race. Pur — , thorough- 

Sang-froid, n.m., sang-froid, coolness, 
presence of mind, composure. 

Sangle, n.f., belt, band, strap. 

Sangsue, n.f., leech. 

Sanguine, n.f., blood-stone, red chalk. 

Sanh6drin, n.m., sanhedrin. 

Sanitaire, a., sanitary. 

Sans, prep., without, free from. — 
doute, without doubt. — y penser, 
unthinkingly, unawares. Cela va 

— dire, that goes without saying. 
Sans que, conj., without. 
Sans-soin, a., careless. 
Sans-travail, a., unemployed. 
Santaline, n.f., santaline {chem.). 
8ant6, n.f., health. Billet de — , 

certificate of health. 

Sapan, n.m., sapan-wood. 

Saphir, n.m., sapphire. — bleu, blue 

Saphirine, n.f., blue chalcedony. 

Sapin, n.m., deal, spruce ; nr, fir- 

Sapine, n.f., deal-board, fir-plank; 

Saponifier, v., to saponify. 

Sarbacane, n.f., speaking-tube; pea- 

Sarcloir, n.m., hoe, weeding-hook or 

Sardine, n.f., sardine, pilchard. — s 
en boites, sardines in tin boxes. 
— s k I'huile, sardines in oil. 

Sarrasin, n.m., buckwheat. 

Sarrau, n.m., pinafore; smock, smock- 

Sas, n.m., screen; sieve, bolting-sieve. 

Sassafras, n.m., sassafras. 

Sasse, n.f., scoop [naut.). 

Sassenage, n.m., Sassenage cheese. 

Sasset, n.m., small sieve. 

Satin, n.m., satin. — de Chine, China 
satin. — damass6, damasked satin. 
— de laine, black kerseymere. 

Satinade, n.f., satinet. 

Satinage, n.m., glazing (of paper); 

Sating, a., glazed (of paper); satiny, 
hot or cold pressed. 

Satiner, v., to glaze (paper); to satin. 
— k froid (chaud) , to cold (hot) press. 

Satisfaction, n.f., pleasure, satisfac- 
tion, gratification. 

Satisfactoire, a., satisfactory. 

Satisfaire, v., to please, gratifv, satisfy, 
to supply (wants) ; to comply (with) ; 
to perform, fulfil, execute; to meet, 
discharge; to answer (one's expec- 
tation). — ^ ses engagements, to 
meet one's engagements. Se — , to 
satisfy oneself. 

Satisfaisant, a., satisfactory. 

Satisfait, a., satisfied, contented, 

Satisfecit, n.m., certificate of good 

Satorer, v., to saturate; to surfeit. 

Saucidre, n.f., sauce-tureen, sauce- 

Saucisse, n.f., sausage. 

Saucisson, n.m., large sausage. 

Sauf, a., safe; unhurt. See sain. 

Sauf, prep., except, save, saving, but; 
under, subject to. — erreur on 
omission, errors excepted. 

Sanf-condnit, n.m., safe-conduct. 

Sauge, n.f., sage. 

Saagrenu, a., ridiculous, absurd. 

Saule, n.m., willow. 

Sanmon, n.m., salmon; {naut.) kent- 
ledge; pig, block (of metals). — de 
fonte, pig-iron. — marin6, pickled 
salmon. — en boites, salmon in 
tins. — k I'huile, salmon in oil. 

Saamoni, a., salmon. Truite — e, 





Saumure, »./., pickle, brine. 

Saunage, n.m., salt-making; salt- 

Saunerie, n./., salt-works, salt-house. 

Saanier, saulnier, «./., salt-maker. 

Saunidre, n./., salt-box. 

Saure, a., (of herrings) red, smoked; 

Saurer, v., to smoke (herrings). 

Saut, n.m., jump, spring, leap; water- 
fall. Par — s et par bonds, by fits 
and starts. De plein — , point- 
blank; at once. 

Sautage, n.m., exploding, blasting 

Sauter, v., to blow up (explode); to be 
discharged (dismissed); to jump, 
pass over, leap. Celasaut auxyeux, 
that is self-evident, obvious. Re- 
culer pour mieux — , to await a 
better opportunity. 

Sauterelle, n.f., level (instrument). 

Sautoir, n.m., scarf, watch-guard. 

Sauvagine, n.f., common imprepared 
skins or furs. 

Sauve-garde, n.f., safeguard, protec- 
tion, safe-keeping. 

Sauvegarder, v., to protect, safeguard. 

Sauver, v., to save, keep, economize; 
to excuse, vindicate. Se — , to 
retrieve oneself; to indemnify one- 
self; to abscond, escape, run away. 

Sauvetage, n.m., salvage, saving; 
appareil (sac) de — , fire-escape. 
Canot de — , lifeboat. Bouee de 
— , lifebuoy. 

Sauveteur, n.m., fire-escape; life- 

Saveur, n.f., flavour, relish, savour, 

Savoir, v., to know, be aware of; to 
be acquainted with; to understand. 
Je ne sais, I do not know. Je ne sais 
que faire, I do not know what to do. 
Faire — , to inform, let know, 
acquaint, notify. Je le sais de 
bonne source, I have it from a good 
source. Pas que je sache, not to my 
knowledge, not that I know of. 
En — gre k quelqu'un, to be thank- 
ful or grateful to anyone for. 
Autant que je sache, to the best 
of my knowledge. A — , namely, 
viz., that is to say. 

Savoir-faire, n.m., ability, skill, 

Savon, n.m., soap; (fig.) a blowing up. 
— noir. soft soap. — parfume, 

scented soap. — marbre, mottled 
soap. — d'amandes, almond soap. 

— pour la barbe, shaving soap. 

— blanc de suif, curd soap. 
Savonnerie, n.f., soap-works, soap 


Savonnette, n.f., soap-ball, wash-ball. 

Savonneux, a., soapy. 

Savoureux, a., delicious, savoury. 

Saxifrage, n.f., saxifrage. 

Scandaleux, a., scandalous. 

Scandaliser, v., to shock, scandalize. 
Se — , to take offence, be shocked. 

Scander, v., to scan. 

Scandinave, n.m.f. and a., Scandina- 

Sceao, n.m., seal; impression of a 
seal. Apposer son — , to afl&x one's 
seal. Garde des — ^x, Keeper of the 

Scell^, n.m., seal, wax stamp. Lever 
les — s, to take off the seals. Ap- 
poser les — s, to affix the seals. 

Scellement, n.m., sealing, fastening. 

Scellert v., to seal, seal up; to ratify, 
confirm, bind. 

Schelling, n.m., shilling. 

Schiste, n.m., schist, slate. 

Schlicb^ n.m., slick {min.). 

Schooner, n.m., schooner. 

Sciage, n.m., sawing. 

Sciant, a., tedious, bothering, tire- 
some, annoying. 

Sole, n.f., saw; saw-fish. — a de- 
couper, fret-saw. — k main, hand- 
saw. — k deux mains, cross-cut 
saw. — k dents fines, fine toothed 
saw. — circulaire, circular saw. 

Sciemment, adv., knowingly, wit- 

Scientifique, a., scientific. 

Scier, r., to saw. 

Scierie, n.f., saw-mill. 

Scieur, n.m,, sawyer. 

Scind6, a., in parts (of books); 

Scinder, v., to divide. 

Scorie, n.f., scoria, dross (of metals). 

Scorpiojelle, n.f., scorpion oil. 

Scrapule, n.m., qualm, scruple; 
scruple (weight). Avoir des — s, 
to be scrupulous. 

Scrupulenx, a., scrupulous, strict, 
precise, rigorous. 

Scrutateor, n.m., scrutineer (of a 
ballot); scrutinizer, searcher. 

Scruter, v., to fathom, investigate, 
look carefully into, to scrutinize. 





Scrutin, n.m., ballot, balloting. Au 

— (secret), by ballot. 
Sculpture, n.f., carving, carved work, 

Stance, n./., sitting, meeting; seat. 

Lever la — , to close the meeting. 

Avoir — , to have a seat. 
Seau, n.m., bucket, pail. 
Sec, s&che, a., dry; dried (of fish, 

fruit, etc.); plain. Perte s^che, 

dead loss. 
Sec, n.m., dry weather; dryness; 

fodder. A — , dried up. A — sur le 

rivage, high and dry (of ships). 
S6cable, a., divisible. 
Secateur, n.m., pruning-shears. 
S6chage, n.m., drying. 
S6ch6e, n.f., drying. 
S6cher, v., to dry, dry up; to cure. 
S^choir, n.m., clothes-horse, dryer. 
Second, a., inferior, second; junior. 

De — e main, second-hand. 
Second, n.m., mate (of a ship); assis- 
tant; second floor, second class, 

lore cabin. 
Seconder, v., to back, support, 

second; to promote, assist, favour. 
Secouer, v., to discard; to shake, 

shake oft. 
Secourir, v., to help, assist, aid, 

Secours, n.m., help, aid, assistance, 

succour. Soci^te de — mutuels, 

benefit society. 
Secret, a., secret; private, hidden; 

silent, reserved. 
Secret, n.m., secret; secrecy, privacy. 

En — , privately, in private, 

Secretaire, n.m., secretary; writing- 
table; escritoire. — d'Etat, Secre- 
tary of State. 
Secr^tairerie, n.f., secretary's office. 
Secretariat, n.m., secretary's office; 

Seotenr, n.m., sector. 
Section, n.f., section, division. 
Sectionner, v., to divide, divide into 

Secundo, adv., secondly. [fidence. 
Security, n.f., safety, security, con- 
Sedan, n.m., Sedan-cloth. 
86danoise, n.f., pearl (type). 
sediment, n.m., grounds, sediment, 

lees, dregs. 
sedition, n.f., sedition, riot, mutiny. 
8eduire,v., to bribe, suborn, win over, 

delude; to charm, fascinate. 

Sednisant, a., fascinating; delusive; 

tempting (of offers, etc.). 
Seigle, n.m., rye. 
Seigneoriage, n.m., seigniorage (duty 

on coinage). 
Seing, n.m., signature. Blanc — , 

signature in blank. 
Seize, n.m. and a., sixteen, sixteenth. 
Seizieme, n.m.f. and a., sixteenth. 
Sejour, n.m., sojourn, stay, residence; 

Sejoumer, v., to stay, make a stay; 

to continue, remain. 
Sel, n.m., salt; {fig.) wit, hiunour. 

— marin, sea-salt. — gris, bay- 
salt. — gemme, rock-salt. — 

blanc, table salt. Gros — , coarse 

salt. — anglais, Epsom salts; 

English salt. — ammoniaque, sel 

selection, n.f., selection. 
Seienite, n.f., selenite. 
Seienium, n.m., seleniiun. 
Selle, n.f., saddle; washing- board; 

Sellerie, n.f., saddlery; saddle-room. 
Sellette, n.f., shoe-black's box; cradle 

(painter's) ;* caulking- box (naut.). 
Sellier, n.m., saddler. 
Selon, prep., pursuant (according, 

agreeably, conformably) to. — 

moi, in my opinion. 
Selon que, conj., as, according as. 
Semailles, n.f., pi., seed, sowing, 

sowing time. 
Semaine, n.f., week; week's money, 

wages, work. Par — , a week, per 

week. La — prochaine, next week. 

A la — , by the week. 
Semainier, n.m., letter-rack; case of 

seven razors; bangle, 
semaphore, n.m., semaphore. 
Semaque, "./., fishing-smack or boat. 
Semblable, a., like, alike, similar. 
Semblable, n.m., match, equal; like. 
Semblablement, adv., too, also, 

likewise, in a like manner. 
Semblant, n.m., air, look, appearance, 

semblance. I'aux — , false pretence. 
Sembler, v., to appear, seem. II 

semble, it appears, seems, would 

appear. II semble que ce soit, it 

seems that it is. Que vous en 

semble ?, what do you think of it ? 
Semelle, n.f., length of a foot; foot (of 

stockings); sole (of boots, shoes). 
Semence, n.f., seed, seeds. — de 

perles, seed-pearl. 





Semer, v., to sow, spread, scatter. 
— de bl6, to sow wheat. 

Semestre, n.m., six months, half-year; 
half- year's income, half-year's duty. 
Par — , half-yearly. 

Semestriel, a., half-yearly. 

Semi, a., invariable, semi, half, demi. 

Semi-hebdomadaire, a., semi-weekly. 

Semi-mensuel, a., fortnightly. 

Semoir, n.m., corn-drill, drill machine, 

Semoncer, v., to reprimand, call, 

Semoule, n.f., semolina. 

S6nateur, n.m., senator. 

S6n6, n.m., senna. — d'Alexandrie, 
Egyptian senna. — de I'lnde, East 
Indian senna. — d* Italic, Italian 

Sens, n.m., intellect, judgment, under- 
standing, intelligence; sense; reason, 
opinion, meaning; direction. A 
mon — , in my opinion. J'abonde 
dans votre — , I am of your 
opinion. En tons — , in every direc- 
tion. — commun, common sense. 

Sensation, n.f., feeling, sensation. 

Sens6, a., reasonable, sensible, intelli- 

Sensible,a., sensible; obvious, evident, 
perceptible; sensitive. 

Sentence, n.f., decree, judgment, 
decision, verdict; sentence. 

Senteur, n.f., perfume, scent, fra- 
grance, odour. 

Sentiment, n.m., opinion, perception, 
sentiment, sensation, feeling. Avoir 
le — de, to be conscious of. Selon 
mon — , in my opinion. 

Sentine, n.f., well (of a ship). 

Sentir, v., to taste, have a taste of, 
to smell; to experience, perceive, 
foresee; to feel; to have an odour. — 
bon, to smell nice. 

Seoir, v., to become, suit, fit. 

Separation, n.f., separation, partition, 
parting. Mur de — , partition 

Sipar^ment, adv., apart, separately. 

S6parer, v., to separate, part, divide; 
to disconnect, cut off. 

S6pia, n.f., sepia. 

Sept, n.m. and a., seven, seventh. 

Septembre, n.m., September. 

Septentrional, a.. North, northern. 

Septiime, n.m.f. and a., seventh. 

Septidmement, adv., seventhly. 

Septimo, adv., seventhly. 

Septuple, u.m. and a., septuple, seven- 

Sequestration, n.f., sequestration. 

S6qaestre, n.m., sequestrator; seques- 
tration; deposit, depository. Mettre 
en — , to sequester. 

S6questrer, v., to sequester. 

S6ran, n.m., flax-comb. 

S6rancer, v., to dress flax. 

S^ran^oir, n.m., flax-comb. 

Serfoaette, n.f., hoe. 

Serge, n.f., serge. — beige, un- 
bleached serge. — de laine, woollen 
serge. — naturelle, unbleached 

Serger, sergier, n.m., serge-weaver. 

Sergerie, n.f., serge trade, serge manu- 

S6ricicole, a., silk-producing. 

S6riciculteur, n.m., silk-grower. 

S6riciculture, n.f., silk culture. 

S6rie, n.f., series. 

86rienz, a., serious, grave; true, 
earnest; business-like. 

S^rieux,- M.W., gravity, seriousness, 

Serin, n.m., canary. 

Seringue, n.f., squirt, syringe. 

Serment, n.m., declaration, oath. 
Sous la foi du — , upon oath. 
Prgter — , to be sworn, take an 

Serpe, n.f., biU, hedge-bUl, bill-hook, 

Serpente, n.f., tissue-paper, silver- 

Serpentean, n.m., serpent, squib (fire- 
works) . 

Serpentin, a., serpentine (of marble). 

Serpentine, n.f., serpentine marble, 
serpentine stone. 

Serpette, n.f., garden or pruning 

Serpilli^re, n.f., coarse apron, canvas, 

Serre, n.f., greenhouse, conservatory. 

Serr6, part., close, compact, tight. 
Drap bien — , close-woven cloth. 

Serre-6toupe, n.m., stuffing-box. 

Serrement, n.m., squeezing, pressing. 

Serre-papiers, n.m., paper-holder; set 
of pigeon-holes for papers. 

Serrer, v., to squeeze, grasp, tighten, 
press; to condense, crowd; to hug 
(the coast). — les bl6s, to house 
the com. — les pouces A quelqu'un, 
to bring pressure to bear upooi 
anyone. ( 




Semire, «./•> lock. — de surete, 
safety lock. 

Serrurier, n.m., locksmith. 

Servante, n.f., dinner waggon ; set vant . 

Service, n.m., function, office, service, 
duty; set, collection. Qu'y a-t-il 
pour votre — ?, what can I do 
for you ? 

Serviette, n.f., towel, napkin; port- 
folio. — de dessert, doyly. — 
damassee, damask napkin. — de 
toilette, bedroom towel. 

Servir, v., to pay (interest); to supply 
(with goods); to be of service, 
serviceable, to be of use; to serve, 
attend, wait on. Pour vous — , at 
your service; with your leave. A 
quoi sert-il (de) ?, of what use is it 
(to) ? Cela ne sert ci rien, that is of 
no use. Se — de, to avail oneself 
of, make use of, to use, employ. 

Serviteur, n.m., servant. 

Ses a., pL, his, her, one's, its. See 

Session, n.f., term (Law Courts); 
sitting, session. 

Seul, a., alone, by oneself; sole, only, 
single. Tout — , all alone. 

Seulement, adv., solely, merely, only. 

S6ve, n.f., sap, pith. 

Sivdre, a., strict, severe, stern. 

S6v6rit4, n.f., sternness, severity, 

Sdvres, n.m., Sevres porcelain. 

Sextant, n.m., sextant. 

Sexto, adv., sixthly. 

Sextuple, n.m. and a., sextuple, six- 

Si, conj., if, whether. — bien que, 
so that. 

Si, adv., yes, however, so, so much. 

Siamois, n.m. and a., Siamese. 

Siamoise, n.f., Siam cotton. 

Sicilien, n.m. and a., Sicilian. 

Sidcle, n.m., century; period, age. 

Siige, n.m., office (of a company); 
bench (of a court); seat. — social, 
registered office. 

Singer, v., to sit (of coiurts). 

Sienne, terre de — , n.f., sienna, 
sienna earth. 

Sieur, n.m., Mr., the said. 

Sifflet, n.m., whistle. 

Signal^, a., remarkable, conspicuous; 

Signaler, v., to mention, point out, 
notice; to give a description of. 

Signaliste, n.m., signalman. 

Signataire, n.m.f., subscriber, signer; 
a., signatory. 

Signature, n.f., signature, signing. 

Signe, n.f., token, mark, sign, indica- 
tion; badge. — de la tete, nod. 

Signer, v., to sign, subscribe; to sub- 
scribe oneself. 

Signet, n.m., tassel, mark (for books). 

Signifiant, a., significant. 

Signification, n.f., sense, meaning, 

Signifier, v., to mean, signify; to 
declare, intimate, notify, announce. 
Faire — , to give notice of. 

Silence, n.m., silence, pause, omission. 
Imposer — , to silence. Faire — , to 
be silent, to keep silence. 

Silencieux, a., silent. 

Sil6sienne, n.f., Italian cloth, lining. 

Silex, n.m., silex, flint. 

Silicate, n.m., silicate. 

Silice, n.f., flint, silica. 

Silicique, a., silicic. 

Silicium, n.m., silicium, silicon. 

Sillage, n.m., steerage- way, track, 
wake {naut.). 

Sillon, n.m., wake (of ships); ridge, 

Similaire, a., similar. 

Similarite, n.f., similarity, likeness. 

Similivoire, n.m., imitation ivory. 

Simple, a., simple, single, mere, only; 

Simplement, adv., only, solely, merely, 
simply; plainly. Tout — , merely, 
that's all. 

Simplifier, v., to simplify. 

Simul6, a., fictitious, sham, counter- 
feit, false. Compte — , pro form4 
account. Compte de vente — , pro 
formH account-sales. 

Simultan6, a., simultaneous. 

Simultan^ment, adv., simultaneously. 

Sinapisme, n.m., mustard plaster. 

Sincere, a., honest, true, smcere. 

Singulier, a., peculiar, singular. 

Sinistre, n.m., damage, loss, casualty, 
accident, disaster. Declaration de 
— , declaration of a loss (in insur- 
ance). Regler un — , to settle a 
loss (in insurance). 

Sinon, conj., unless, except, if not, 
otherwise, else, or else. 

Sinon que, conj., except; save that. 

Siphon, n.m., waterspout (naut.); 

Sirop, n.m., syrup. 

Sirsacas, n.m., Indian cotton-cloth. 





Sis, a., situate, situated. 

Situation, n./., statement (of ac- 
counts); position; state of afiairs; 
predicament; site. 

Sita4, a., situate, situated, lying. 

Six, n.m. and a., six, sixth, sixth day. 

Sixidme, n.m. and a., sixth. 

Sizidmement, adv., sixthly. 

Sloop, sloupe, n.m., sloop. 

Smoking, ».»»., dinner-jacket. 

Sobre, a., temperate, abstemious, 

Social, a., (name of) firm. Sous la 
raison — e, under the style, name of. 

Soci^taire, n.m., partner, shareholder; 
member of a company, society. 

Soci6t6, »./., partnership, society, 
company. — en conmiandite, 
limited liability company. — de 
commerce, trading company. — 
anonyme, joint-stock company. — 
k responsabilite limitee, limited 
liability company. — en participa- 
tion, — en nom collectif, private 
company. Faire une — avec 
quelqu'un, to enter into partner- 
ship with anyone. 

Socqae, n.m., galoche, clog. 

Sodium, n.m., sodium. 

Soeur, «./., sister; nun. 

Sofa, n.m., sofa, ottoman. 

Soi-disant, a., so-called, supposed, 

Sole, n.f., silk; bristle (of hogs). — 
plate, floss-sUk. — crue, gr^ge, 
raw sUk. — de bourre, floss-silk, 
fitoffe de — , silk. — blanchie, 
bleached silk. — appretee, dressed 
sUk. — teinte, dyed sUk. — 
fa^nnee, figured silk. — en 
flocons, flock silk. — k coudre, 
sewing silk. — ecrue, unbleached 
silk. — ouvree, wrought silk. — 
fil6e, spun silk. — mouUnee, 
thrown silk. — torse, twisted silk. 
— k broder, embroidery silk. — 
azuree, blued silk. Grosse — , 
coarse silk. — k dentelle, lace silk. 
Dentelle de — , sUk lace. Marchand 
de — , silk mercer. Dechets de — , 
silk waste, waste silk. Peau de — , 
Japanese silk. 

Soierie, n./., silk, silk manufactory, 
silk trade. — s, sUks, sUk goods. 
Marchand de — , sUk mercer. 

Soigner, v., to look after, take care of, 
attend, attend to. 

Soignensement, adv., carefully. 

Soigneuz, a., careful, mindful. 

Soin, n.m., care. — s, attentions, 
pains, trouble. Avec — , carefully. I 
Manque de — , carelessness. Jej 
vous en laisse le — , I leave it to 
your care. 

Soir, n.m., evening, night. Hier — , 
hier au — , last evening, last night. 

Soit, conj., either, or, whether. — 
I'un — I'autre, either one or the 

Soizantaine, n.f., about sixty. 

Soizante, n.m. and a., sixty. dix, 

seventy. treize, seventy-three. 

Soixantidme, n.m. and a., sixtieth. 

Sol, n.m., ground, ground-plot, soil. 

Solaire, a., solar. Cadran — , sun-dial. 

Solde, n.f., pay. Demi- — , half-pay. 

Solde, n.m., settlement; balance, 
clearance, clearance sale. Pour — 
de tout compte, in full of all 

Solder, v., to settle, pay, discharge, 
liquidate; to sell or clear off. — un 
compte, to settle an account. 

Soleil, n.m., sun. 

Solenniser, v., to solemnize. 

Solidaire, a., jointly and severally 
liable, conjointly liable or answer- 

Solidairement, adv., jointly and 
severally, conjointly. 

Solidarity, n.f., joint interest, joint 
liability, joint and separate liability. 

Solide, a., solvent; solid, firm, strong, 
stable, substantial. 

Solidity, n.f., stability, soundness, 
firmness, strength, solidity. 

Solitaire, n.m., brilliant (diamond). 

Solive, n.f., rafter, joist. 

Soliveau, n.m., small joist. 

Sollicitation, n.f., canvassing; applica- 

Solliciter, f., to canvas, apply for. 

Solliciteur, n.m., canvasser, petitioner. 

Solubility, «*/., solubility. 

Soluble, a., solvable, soluble, dis- 

Solution, n.f., solution; dissolution. 

Solvability, n.f., solvency. 

Solvable, a., solvent. Le croyez-vous 
— ?, do you think him solvent ? 

Sombre, a., gloomy, dark. Couleurs 
— s, sombre coloiurs. 

Sombrer, v., to go down, founder 
(of a ship). 

Sombrero, n.m., sombrero, broad- 
rimmed hat. 






Sommaire, n.m., summary, abstract. 

Sommation, «./•> notice, summons; 
{law) process. Signifier une — k 
quelqu'un, to serve a summons on 

Somme, n./., sura, amount, summary. 

— total, sum-total. Une — de, a 
sum of. En — , in short, finally. 
Bete de — , beast of burden. 

Sommeil, n.m., sleep. 

Sommeilier, n.m., cellarman, butler. 

Sommer, v., to call upon, summon, 
challenge; to cast or sum up. 

Sommet, n.m., summit, top. 

Sommier, n.m., hair-mattress; regis- 
ter-book; sound-board (of a piano). 

— elastique, spring-mattress. 
Somptueux, a., splendid, sumptuous, 

Son, n.m., sound; bran. 
Son, sa, ses, a., his, her, one's, its. 
Sondage, n.m., sounding; boring 

Sonde, n.f., sounding-lead or Une, 

fathom-line; plummet. Plomb de 

— , sounding lead. 
Sonder, v., to ullage, taste; to take 

soundings, heave the lead (naut.); 

to probe, investigate, examine 

thoroughly; to see how matters 

Songer, v., to contemplate, propose, 

intend, mean, purpose. Mauitenant 

que j'y songe, now I come to think 

of it. 
Sonnant, a., esp^ces — es, ready 

money, money down, hard cash. 
Sonnette, n.f., house-bell, hand-bell, 

small bell; rattle; (tech.) pile- 

Sorbet, n.m., sherbet. 
SoiMtidre, n.f., ice-pail. 
Sordide, a., dirty, filthy, sordid. 
Sort, n.m., lot; fate, destiny. Au — , 

by lot. Tirer au — , to draw or cast 

lots. Tirage au — , drawing by 

Sorte, n.f., kind, sort, species; way, 

manner. De (en) — que, so that. 

De toute — , de toutes — s, of 

every kind, of all kinds. De 

quelque — que ce soit, in any way 

Sortie, n.f., exportation; outlet; de- 
parture, leavmg. Jour de — , 

holiday. Droit de — , export-duty. 
Sortir, v., to go out, leave, depart; to 

result; to proceed, issue, emerge; 

to steam out (of ships). II est sorti, 
he has gone out. — du port, to 
leave the harbour. 

Sortir, n.m., leaving, quitting, going 

Sot, a., foolish, senseless. 

Sottise, n.f., foolishness, nonsense. 

Sou, n.m., halfpenny, sou, copper. 
Sans le — , penniless. 

Soucbe, n.f., voucher, counterfoil; 
tally; chimney-shaft. 

Souci, n.m., anxiety, anxious care. 
Avoir — , to take care. 

Soucier, se — , v., to concern oneself, 
be concerned, to care, mind. Je ne 
m'en soucie plus, I have no further 
wish for it. 

Soucieux, a., anxious, careful, 

Soucoupe, n.f., salver; saucer. 

Soudain, a., sudden, unlooked-for, 

Soudain, adv., all of a sudden, 

Sondainement, adv., see soudain. 

Soude, n.f., soda. — caustique, 
caustic soda. — d'Espagne, barilla. 
— artificielle, artificial soda. 

Souder, v., to weld, solder. 

Soudoir, n.m., soldering-iron. 

Soudure, n.f., solder, soldering, weld- 

SoufSage, n.m., sheathing (of a ship); 
blowing, glass-blowing. 

SoufSer, t;., to blow, blow out, inflate; 
to sheathe (a ship); to whisper. 

Souffrance, n.f., sufferance, toleration, 
endurance; suspense. En — , dis- 
honoured (of bills); standing over; 

Souffrir, v., to tolerate, put up with, 
endure; to suffer, bear, sustain, 
undergo; to allow, permit, let. 
Cela ne soufire point de retarde- 
ment, that admits of no delay. 

Soufrage, n.m., sulphurmg, smoking 
with brimstone. 

Soufre, n.m., sulphur, brimstone. 
Fleur de — , flower of sulphur. — 
brut, rough brimstone. — en 
canon, roll brimstone. 

Soufridre, n.f., sulphur mine. 

Souhait, n.m., desire, wish. 

Souhaitable, a., to be wished for; 

Souhaiter, v., to wish, wish or long 
for. 11 serait k — , it is desirable 
that. — la bonne ann6e A quelqu* 





nn, to wish anyone a Happy New 

SotiiUer, v., to stain, soil, dirty. 

Souillure, n.f., stain, spot, dirt; blot. 

Soalagement, n.m., help, relief, com- 
fort, alleviation. 

Sonlager, v., to help, assist, relieve, 
alleviate, comfort. 

Soulivement, n.m., indignation; re- 
volt, insurrection. 

Sonlever, »., to raise (a question); to 
make indignant, raise the indigna- 
tion of; to lift, heave, take up; to 
raise; to stir up, excite. Se — , to 
be indignant, urged to action. 

Soulier, n.m., shoe. — s ferres, hob- 
naUed boots. — s d'homme, men's 
shoes. — s de femme, women's 

Soolier-botte, n.m., Blucher boot. 

Soolignement, n.m., imderlining. 

Souligner, v., to underline. 

Soulte, soate, n.f., premium, balance, 

Soamettre, v., to submit, refer; to 
subordinate, subject. Se — , to 
comply with; to yield, give way, 
submit, to assent to. 

Soamission, n.f., submission, com- 
pliance; tender (for a contract); 
bond; contract, deed of contract; 
subscription. — cachetee, sealed 

Sonmissionnaire, n.m.f., tendering 

Sonmissionner, v., to tender, make a 
tender for. 

Soupape, n.f., valve, plug. — de 
sfirete, safety-valve. — h clapet, 
clack-valve. — d'aspiration, suc- 
tion-valve. — k gorge, throttle- 

Sonppon, n.m., suspicion; conjecture, 

Soapconner, v., to suspect, surmise. 
Se — , to be suspected. 

Soapconnenz, a., suspicious. 

Soupe, n.f., soup. 

Soupi^re, n.f., tureen, soup-tureen. 

Sonpirail, n.m., vent-hole, air-hole. 

Souple, a., pliant, supple, flexible; 
compliant, tractable. 

Souplesse, n.f., pliancy, suppleness, 
flexibility; compliance. 

Souquenille, n.f., gabardine; smock- 

Source, n.f., source; spring, well- 
spring. Eau de — , spring water. 

Sourd, a., secret, imderhand; deaf, 
dull. II court un bruit — , it is 
whispered about. Lime — e, dead 
file (tool). 

Sourdeline, n.f., Italian bagpipe. 

Sourdine, n.f., damper (of a piano); 
sordine (of a trumpet). 

Souriciire, n.f., mouse-trap. 

Sourire, v., to smile; to favour, 
countenance, suit; to be agreeable, 
to please, delight (of a thing). 

Souris, n.f., mouse; mouse-colour. 

Souris, a., invariable, mouse-coloured. 

Sous, prep., with, in, by, upon, imder, 
beneath; deputy, sub. — serment, 
upon oath. — presse, in the press. 
— voile, under sail. — peu de 
temps, in a short time. — peu de 

jours, in a few days. secretaire, 


Sous-agent, n.m.f., under-agent. 

Sous-carbonate, n.m., sub-carbonate. 

Sous-chef, n.m., chief-assistant. 

Sons-clerc, n.m., under-clerk. 

Sous-comit6, n.m., sub-committee. 

Sous-commis, n.m., under-clerk, 
junior clerk. 

Sous-couche, n.f., imderlayer, sub- 

Souscripteur, n.m., imderwriter; sub- 

Souscription, n.f., signature; subscrip- 
tion, contribution. 

Sonscrire, v., to sign, subscribe (a 
document); to agree to, consent, 

Souscrivant, n.m., imderwriter. 

Sous-del§guer, v., to sub-delegate. 

Sous-directeur, n.m., sub-manager. 

Sous-division, n.f., subdivision. 

Sous-entendre, v., to imply, hint, 
imderstand. Se — , to be under- 

Sous-entendu, a., understood. 

Sous-entrepreneur, n.m., sub-con- 

Sous-fr^ter, r . , to under- freight (ships ) . 

Sous-garantie, n.f., coimter-bond. 

Sous-gouvemeur, n.m., deputy- 

Sous-greffier, n.m., deputy-registrar. 

Sous-jupe, n.f., underskirt. 

Sous-marin, a., submarine. 

Sous-prefet, n.m., sub-prefect. 

Sous-secretaire, n.m., under-secre- 

Sous-seing, n.m., private deed. 

Sous-sel, n.m., sub-salt (chem.). 





SoussignS, part., undersigned. Je — , 
I the undersigned. 

Soas-soU n.m., basement; subsoil, 

Soustraire, v., to withdraw, remove, 
take away, subtract. Se — , to 
withdraw; to exempt oneself; to 
avoid; to escape. 

Sous-traitant, n.m., sub-contractor. 

Sous-trait^, n.m., sub-contract. 

Sous-traiter, v., to sub-contract. 

Soutacher, v., to braid. 

Soute, n.f., store-room. — k charbon, 
coal-bunker. — au pain, bread- 

Soutenable, a., supportable, sustain- 
able, maintainable. 

Soutenir, v., to maintain, assert, 
uphold; to sustain, support, bear; 
to hold, hold up; to back, affirm; 
to afford (an expense). — la con- 
versation, to keep up the conversa- 
tion. Se — , to succeed, get on; to 
continue, hold out. Se — contre, 
to withstand, resist. 

Souterrain, n.m., vault; tunnel. 

Soutien, n.m., maintenance, support; 
stiffening; prop, stay. 

Soutirage, n.m., racking, drawing off 
(of wine). 

Soutirer, v., to rack, draw off (v/ine, 

Soutre, n.m., writing pad. 

Souvenir, n.m., remnider; keepsake; 
recollection, remembrance, mem- 
ory; letter-rack; memorandum- 

Souvenir, se — , v., to recollect, 
remember, call to mind, bear in 
mind. S'il m'en souvient bien, if I 
recollect rightly. Autant que je 
puis m'en — , to the best of my 

Souvent, adv., often, many times, 
frequently. Peu — , rarely. 

Soaverain, n.m., sovereign (coin). 

Soyeox, a., silken, silky. [spacious. 

Spacieux, a., wide, large, roomy, 

Spalt, n.m., spalt {min.). 

Sparadrap, n.m., cerecloth. 

Sparte, n.f., esparto; mat-weed. 

Sparterie, n.f., esparto articles; manu- 
facture of esparto. 
.Spath, n.m., spar {min.). — fluor, 
fluor-spar. — perle, pearl spar. 

Spathique, a., sparry, spathic. 

Special, a., special, particular, pecu- 

Sp^cialement, adv., especially, par- 
ticularly, peculiarly. 

Sp^cialiser, t;., to specialize. 

Sp6cialit6, n.f., line or department of 
business; speciality; special study; 

Sp^cienz, a., plausible, specious. 

Specification, n.f., specification. 

Sp^cifique, a., specific. 

Specimen, n.m., specimen. 

Spectre, n.m., spectrum. 

Sp6culateur, n.m., investor, specula- 

Sp^colatif, a., speculative. 

Speculation, n.f., speculation. On a 
vendu aujourd'hui en — 200 balles, 
the sales to-day for speculation 
have been 200 bales. 

Sp^culer, v., to speculate. 

Spencer, n.m., spencer (garment). 

Spermaceti, n.m., sperm, spermaceti. 
Chandelle de — , spermaceti candle. 

Spermatique, a., spermatic. 

Sperme, n.m., seed, sperm. — de 
baleine, spermaceti. 

Sphere, n.f., sphere, circle. 

Spic, n.m., spike, lavender. 

Spinelle, n.m., spinel, spinelle. 

Spiral, a., spiral. 

Spiritueuz, n.m., spirit, spirits; pi., 
spirituous liquors. 

Splendeur, n.f., brilliancy, brightness, 
lustre, pomp, splendour. 

Splendide, a., splendid, magnificent. 

Spoiler, v., to rob, spoliate, despoil. 

Spongieux, a., spongy. 

Spongite, n.f., spongite {min.). 

Spontan6, a., spontaneous, voluntary. 

Spouliner, v., to spool (thread). 

Squelette, n.f., carcass, frame (of a 
ship); skeleton. 

Squine, n.f., China-root. 

Stability, n.f., stability, firmness, 
solidity, durability. 

Stable, a., firm, stable, solid, per- 
manent, lasting. 

Stagnant, a., stagnant. 

Stagnation, n.f., stagnancy; stagna- 
tion. La — dcs affaires, stagnation 
in business. 

Stalactite, n.f., stalactite {min.). 

Stalagmite, n.f., stalagmite {min.). 

Stannifire, a., tinny, stanniferous. 
Terrain — , tin-ground. 

Station, n.f., halt, station {rail.); 
stay; stoppage. Chef de — , 

Stationnaire, a., stationary. 





Statistique, n.f., returns, statistics. 

Statuaire, n.f., statuary. 

Statue, n.f., figure, statue. 

Statuer, v., to enact, decree, resolve; 
to make laws. 

Statuette, n.f., statuette, small statue. 

Statu quo, n.m., statu quo. 

Stature, n.f., height, stature. 

Statut, n.m., articles of association; 
decree, by-law, statute. 

Statutaire, a., statutory. 

Steamer, n.m., steamer. 

St^arine, n.f., stearine. 

Steatite, n.f., steatite. 

St^nographe, n.m., reporter, steno- 
grapher, shorthand writer. 

St^nographie, n.f., shorthand, steno- 

St^nographier, v., to report; to take 
down or write in shorthand. 

St^nographique, a., stenographical. 

St6re, n.m., stere, cubic metre 
(French measure). 

St6r6oscope, n.m., stereoscope. 

St^r^otypage, n.m., stereotyping. 

Stereotype, a., stereotype. 

Ster6otyper, v., to stereotype. 

Stereotypic, n.f., stereotypy, stereo- 
type printing; stereotype printing 

Sterile, a., fruitless, unfruitful, sterile, 

Sterilite, n.f., scarcity, dearth; steril- 
ity, unfruitfulness. 

Sterling, n.m. and a., sterling. Livre 
— ; pound sterling. Monnaie — , 

Stigmate, n.m., stigma, brand; spot, 
mark, stain. 

Stigmatiser, v., to brand (with a hot 
iron); to brand, stigmatize. 

Stil de grain, n.m., yellow lake (paint). 

Stimulant, a., stimulating. 

Stimulateur, a., stimulating. 

Stimulation, n.f., stimulation. 

Stimuler, v., to excite, stimulate, 
urge forward. 

Stipulation, n.f., stipulation. 

Stipuler, v., to contract, covenant, 
stipulate. II est stipule dans la 
charte-partie, it is stipulated in the 

Stock, n.m., stock. 

Stoff, n.m., stuff (woollen or cotton). 

Storax, n.m., storax. — liquide, 
liquid storax. 

Store, n.m., blind, spring- blind, 

Stramonium, n.m., stramony. 
Strapontin, n.m., folding-seat. 
Stras, n.m., paste (of jewels). 
Strasse, n.f., fioss-silk. 
Strate, n.f., stratum. [rigorous. 

Strict, a., precise, strict, severe, 
Strier, v., to rib, striate, streak. 
Strychnine, n./., strychnine, strychnia. 
Stup6fait, a., astonished, astoimded, 

Stupifier, v., to astonish, astound, 

dumbfound, amaze. 
Stupide, a., dull, stupid, senseless. 
Style, n.m., tone, style, manner. 
Styraz, n.m., storax. 
Su, n.m., knowledge. Au — de, to 

the knowledge of. 
Suage, n.m., dampness; oozing. 
Suave, a., agreeable, pleasant; soft; 

fragrant, sweet. 
Subdeiegner, r., to subdelegate. 
Snbdiviser, v., to subdivide. 
Subdivision, n.f., subdivision. 
Subir, v., to suffer, undergo, support, 

sustain, pass; to put up with. 
Subit, a., sudden, unexpected. 
Subitement, adv., unexpectedly, sud- 
denly, all of a sudden. 
Sublime, n.m., sublimate (chem.). 
Subordination, n.f., subordination. 
Subordonner, v., to subordinate. 
Subornation, n.f., bribery, bribing, 

Suborner, v., to bribe, suborn. 
Subrecargue, n.m., supercargo. 
Subrogation, n.f., subrogation. 
Subsequemment, adv., subsequently. 
Subsequent, a., subsequent. 
Subside, n.m., aid, subsidy. 
Subsidiaire, a., auxiliary, subsidiary, 

collateral, additional. 
Subsistance, n.f., allowance, support, 

maintenance, subsistence. 
Sabsister, v., to continue, subsist, 

stand; to be in force, to hold good, 

to exist. 
Substitner, v., to replace, substitute, 

Snbstitut, n.m., substitute, delegate, 

Substitution, n.f., substitution. 
Suburbain, a., suburban. 
Subvenir, v., to provide, supply, 

afford; to assist, help. — aux 

besoins de quelqu'un, to provide 

for anyone's wants. 
Subvention, n.f., subsidy, grant, aid, 

help, supply. 





Sabventionner, v., to assist, aid, 

Sue, W.W., juice, essence. — vegetal, 
vegetable juice. 

Succ^der, v., to follow, succeed. 

Successeur, n.m., successor. 

Successif, a., successive, in succes- 

Succession, «./., series; succession, 
inheritance; estate; heirs. Acte de 
— , act of settlement. 

Successivement, adv., successively, in 

Succin, n.m., yellow amber. Huile 
de — , oil of yellow amber. 

Succinct, a., succinct, brief, concise, 

Succursale, n.f., branch bank, branch 
estabhshment, auxiliary branch. 

SuQon, n.m., stick of barley-sugar. 

Sucre, n.m., sugar. — d'orge, barley- 
sugar. — brut, brown, raw or 
moist sugar. — raffine, loaf or 
lump sugar, refined sugar. — pile, 
— en poudre, ground, powdered, 
sifted or castor sugar. — en pain, 
loaf sugar, — beau blanc, fine 
white sugar. — blanc courant, 
middling sugar. — blond, yellow 
sugar. — rafiinade, double refined 

Sucrerie, n.f., sweets, confectionery, 
sweetmeat, sugar refinery, sugar 

Sucrier, n.m., sugar basin or bowl; 
sugar maker. 

Sucrier, a., sugar, of sugar. Industrie 
— 6re, sugar trade. 

Sud, n.m.. South; south wind. Vers 
le — , au — , southward. Du — , 

Sud, a., south, southerly. 

Sud-ouest, n.m., south-west. 

Su^dois, n.m. and «., Swede, Swedish. 

Suflke, v., to suffice, be sufficient, 
adequate, enough; to be equal to. 
Se — , to support, provide for, 
keep oneself. 

Suffisamment, adv., sufficiently, 

Suffisance, n.f., adequacy, sufficiency. 
.\ (en) — , enough, sufficiently. 

Sufflsant, a., enough, sufficient. 

Suggirer, v., to hint, suggest, inti- 
mate. Se — , to be suggested. 

Suie, n.f., soot. 

Suif, n.m., tallow, candle-grease. — 
pour chandelles, candle tallow. 

— ■ en pain, tallow in cakes. — 

fondu, melted tallow. 
Suffer, v., to tallow. 
Suifeuz, a., greasy, tallowy. 
Suint, n.m., grease; yolk (of wool). 
Suinter, v., to leak, ooze, run. 
Suisse, n.m., Swiss. 
Suite, n.f., sequel, continuation; 

result, consequence; rest; series, 

succession. Dans la — , afterwcurds, 

eventually. Tout de — , at once, 

immediately. Et ainsi de — , and 

so on, and so forth. 
Suivant, prep., according (agreeably, 

conformably) to, in pursuance of; 

in the opinion of. 
Suivant, a., following, ensuing, next, 

Suivre, v., to follow, come after, to be 

or come next; to accompany; to 

hug (the coast); to result; to pay 

attention. — la mode, to follow 

the fashion. Faire — , to charge 

forward; to send on, be forwarded. 
Sujet, a., subject (liable, amenable) 

to; exposed to. 
Sulfate, n.m., sulphate. — de chaux, 

sulphate of lime. 
Sulfhydrate, n.m., hydrosulphate. 
Sulfhydrique, a., hydrosulphuric. 
Sulfite, n.m., sulphite. — de soude, 

sulphite of soda. 
Sulfure, n.m., sulphuret, sulphide. 

— d'arsenic, sulphuret of arsenic. 
Sulfurique, a., sulphuric. 
Sumac, n.m., sumac, sumac-tree. — 

en feuilles, leaf sumach. — en 

poudre, ground sumach. 
Superoherie, n.f., fraud, deceit, 

Superfin, a., superfine. [excess. 

Superfln, n.m., superfine quality ; 
Superflu, n.m., excess, superfluity. 
Supers6der, v., to put oflf, supersede. 
Supplauter, v., to supplant, oust. 
Suppliant, n.m., assistant, deputy, 

Supplier, v., to take the place of; to 

supply, fill up; to make up a 

deliriencv; to supply the place. 
Supplimeni, n.m., extra; additional 

price; addition, supplement. 
Suppl6mentaire, a., extra, additional, 

supplemental, supplementary. 
Supplique, n.f., request, petition, 

Supportable, a., tolerable, bearable, 






Supporter, v., to sustain, support; to 
tolerate, put up with, endure. 

Suppose, part., reputed, counterfeit; 

I ^pretended, supposed. 

Supposition, n.f., substitution; sup- 
position, forgery. 

Supprimer, v., to suppress, abolish, 
cancel. — une loi, to abolish a law. 
— des impots, to take off teixes. 

Supputation, n.f-, reckoning, calcula- 
tion, computation. 

Supputer, v., to reckon, calculate, 
compute. I 

Sur, prep., on, upon, over; in, by, 
-about; towards; respecting, con- 
cerning, on account of. — un 

vaisseau, on board a ship. le- 

champ, immediately. — le tout, 
upon the whole. Compter — , to 
rely on, make sure of. 

Sur, a., sour. 

Sur, a., certain, sure, secure, safe; 
trustworthy; firm Peu — , imsafe. 
Pour le plus -r— , to be on the safe 

Sur, adv., surely, certainly. 

Surabondance, n.f , superabundance. 

Surabondant, a., superabundant. 

Surabonder, v., to superabound.- 

Surachat, n.m., overpaying. 

Suracheter, v., to overpay. 

Surannation, n.f., expiration. 

Snrann§, part., expired, antiquated; 

Sur-arbitre, n.m., imipire. 

Surcharge, n.f., overcharge, over- 
loading; extra weight. 

Surcharger,!'., to overload, surcharge, 
overcharge; to overstock; to over- 
tax; {fig.) to overwhelm — - 
d'impots, to overtax. 

Surchoiz, n.m., prime or first quality. 

Surcroit, n.m., excess, increase. De 
— •, in addition. 

Surcroitre, v., to outgrow, grow out of. 

Surdemaude, n.f., immoderate de- 

Sureau, n.m., elder, elder tree. 

Sur^mission, n.f., over-issue. 

Surench6re, n.f., higher bid, out- 

Surench^rir, v., to bid higher, outbid. 

Surench^risseur, n.m., outbidder. 

Surestarie, n.f., demurrage. 

Sur estimation, n.f., over- valuation, 

Surestimer, v., to over- value, over- 

Buret, a., sourish. 

Sfiret^ n.f., warranty; security, 
surety; safety. 

Sur^valuation, n.f., over- valuation, 

Sur^valuer, v., to over-value, over- 

Surfaire, v., to exaggerate, overrate, 
overcharge, ask too much for. 

Surfin, n.m., superfine quality. 

Snrfln, a., superfine. 

Surge, a., laine — , wool in the yolk; 

• raw, unwashed wool. 

Surgir, v., to reach (port); to land, 
come to land; to arise. Faire — , to 
cause, give rise to, bring about. 

Surgissement, n.m., arriving, landing. 

Surhaussement, n.m., forcing up 
(prices); raising. 

Surhausser, v., to force up the price of. 

Surintendance, n.f., superintendence. 

Surintendant, n.m., comptroller, 

Surmontable, a., superable, surmoimt- 

Surmonter, v., to overcome, surmount, 
surpass, outdo. 

Suroit, n.m., sou'-wester. 

Suron, n.m., earth-nut. 

Suroxyde, n.m , peroxide. 

Surpasser, v., to exceed, surpass, 
excel, outdo, surmount. 

Surpaye, n.f., extra or additional pay. 

Surpayer, v., to overpay. 

Surplus, n.m., surplus, overplus, rest, 

Surpoids, n.m., overweight. 

Surprenant, a., astonishing, surpris- 

Surprendre, v., to surprise, take by 
surprise, astonish, amaze; to de- 
ceive. Cette nouvelle m'a surpris, 
this news has taken me quite by 

Surprise, n.f., amazement, surprise; 

Surproduction, n.f., over-production. 

Surre, n.m., acorn. 

Surs^nce, n.f., suspension. 

Surseoir, v., to postpone, defer, put 
off, delay, suspend. 

Sursis, n.m., respite, delay. 

Surtare, n.f., extra tare, supertare. 

Surtax, n.f., extra postage, surcharge, 
surtax, additional tax. [bill. 

SurtirS, n.m., drawee; acceptor of a 

Surtout, adv., chiefly, especially, 
above all. 





Snrtoat, n.m., overcoat. 

Surusage, n.m., clough, clofE (allow- 
ance in weighing). 

Surveillance, n.f., supervision, inspec- 
tion, superintendence. 

Sarveillant, n.m., superintendent, 

Sarveiller, v., to look after, watch, 
superintend, inspect. 

Survendre, v., to overcharge. 

Survente, n.f., overcharge. 

Survivant, n.m., survivor. 

Survivre, v., to survive. 

Sus, prep., en — , over and above, in 
addition, extra. 

Susceptible, a., capable, susceptible; 
touchy, easily offended. 

Susciter, v., to give rise to, raise, 
raise up, set up; to rouse, stir up. 

Suscription, n.f., address, superscrip- 

Susd6nomm6, a., above-mentioned. 

Susdit, a., aforesaid. 

Sus6nonc6, a., above-mentioned. 

Susmeationn6, a., above-mentioned. 

Susnomm^, a., above-named. 

Suspect, a., suspicious, suspected. 

Suspecter, v., to suspect. 

Suspendre,!;., to stop, delay, suspend; 
to hang, hang up. 

Suspens, en — , outstanding (of a 
debt); in abeyance; in suspense. 

Suspension, n.f., cessation, suspen- 
sion, discontinuance; chandelier, 

Suspicion, n.f., suspicion. 

Sustenter, v., to support, maintain, 

Syllabaire, n.m., spelling-book. 

Sylvane, n.f., sylvanite. 

Sympathie, n.f., sympathy. 

Sympathiser, v., to sympathize. 

Syndic, n.m , trustee, syndic, assignee. 
— d'of&ce, official assignee. 

Syndicat, n.m., syndicate. — de 
faillite, commission in bankruptcy. 

Syndiquer, se — , v., to form a syndi- 

Syphon, see siphon. 

Syrien, n.m. and a., Syrian. 

Syringa, n.m., lilac. 

Syrop, see sirop. 

Syrtes, n.f., pi., quicksands. 

Systfime, n.m., system. 

Tabac, n.m., snuff, tobacco. — en 
carotte, pig-tail tobacco. Carotte 
dc — -, roll of tobacco. — k fumer. 

tobacco. — k priser, snuff. — k 
chiquer, chewing tobacco. — brun 
clair, light brown tobacco. — 
d'Espagne, Spanish snuff. March- 
and de — , tobacconist. 

Tabati^re, n.f., snuff-box. 

Tabis, n.m., tabby (watered silk). 

Table, n.f., table; table, index (of a 
book); slab (of stone). — k manger, 
dining-table. — k 6crire, writing- 
table. — k jouer, card-table. — k 
rallonges, coulisses, extending 

Tableau, n.m., picture, painting; list, 
table; panel (of juries). — annon- 
ces, notice board, advertising 

Tabletier, n.m., dealer in fancy toys. 

Tablette, n.f., lozenge; cake (of 
chocolate); tablet; shelf. — s, note- 
book. — de chocolat, cake of 

Tabletterie, n.f., toy trade; fancy 
stationery. — de come, small horn 

Tablier, n.m., chess-board; pinafore, 

Tabouret, n.m., stool. 

Tabourin, n.m., chimney cowl. 

Tabulaire, a., tabular. 

Tache, n.f., stain, spot, blot. 

T^che, n.f., job; task. A la — , by 
the job, piece. 

Tacher, v., to spot, stain, tarnish. 

T&cher, v., to endeavour, try. 

Tachygraphe, n.m., shorthand writer. 

Tachygraphie, n.f., shorthand. 

Tacite, a., tacit, implied. 

Taffetas, n.m., plain silk; taffeta, 
lustring. — gomme, oil-silk. — 
d'Angleterre, court plaster. — 
broch6, figured taffeta. — lustr^, 

Tafia, n.m., tafia (rum). 

Taie, n.f., pillow-case. — d'oreiller, 

Taille, n.f., stature, height, size; 
figure, shape; pruning, cutting; cut. 

— -douce, copper-plate. La — 
d'un habit, the cut of a coat. 

Taille-crayons, n.m., pencil sharpener 
or pointer. 

Taille-plume, n.m., pen-cutter. 

Tailler, v., to trim, prune; to cut, cut 
out; to hew. — un habit, to cut 
out a coat. Se — , to be cut. 

Tailleor, n.m., tailor; hewer; cutter. 

— k fafon, jobbing tailor. -— 





d'habits, tailor. — de pierre, 
stone mason. 

Taillon, n.m., nib (of a pen). 

Tain, n.m., foil, tin-foil, leaf-tin. 

Taire, v., to suppress, say nothing of; 
to pass over in silence. Se — , to 
be or remain silent, hold one's 

Taisson, n.m., badger. 

Talc, n.m., talc, isinglass-stone. — de 
Venise, Venetian talc. — pul- 
verise, pulverised talc. 

Talent, n.m., skill, ability, faculty, 

Tallevane, n.f., butter jar. 

Talon, n.m., voucher; heel. Donner 
un coup de — , to strike, ground 
(of a ship)-. 

Talonner, v., to dun, press hard; to 
ground (of a ship). 

Talonni^res, n.f., heel-piece. 

Tamarin, n.m., tamarind, tamarind- 
tree. Pulpe de — , tamarind-pulp. 

Tamarinier, n.m., see tamarin. 

Tambour, n.m., drum, paddle-box (of 
a steamboat); embroidery frame. 
— de basque, tambourine. 

Tambourin, n.m., tambourine. 

Tamis, n.m., sieve, sifter, strainer. 

Tamiser, v., to sift, strain. 

Tampon, n.m., buffer; bung, plug, 
stopper, pad. 

Tamponner, v., to plug, stop up. 

Tan, n.m., tan, tanner's bark. Gros 
— , coarse bark. 

Tandis que, conj., while, whilst; 

Tanger, v., to hug the coast (naut.). 

Tanin, n.m., tannin {chem.). 

Tannage, n.m., tanning. 

Tann6, n.m., tan-colour. 

Tann^, a., tan-coloured, tanned. 

Tannee, n.f., tanner's bark; waste tan. 

Tanner, v., to tan; (fig.) to annoy. 

Tannerie, n.f., tan-yard. 

Tanneor, n.m., tanner. 

Tant, adv., as (so) much, as (so) 
many; as (so) far, as (so) long; so, 
both; to such a degree. — que, 
as long as. — pis, so much the 
worse. — mieux, so much the 
better. — s'en faut que, so far from. 

Tante, n.f., aunt; uncle (pawn- 

Tantdt, adv., soon, by and by, 
presently; sometimes; just now. 

Taper, v., to be heady (of wine); to 
hit, strike, 

Tapioca, tapioka, n.m., tapioca. 

Tapis, n.m., rug, carpet; cover, cloth 
(for tables). — pour escalier, stair 
carpet. — de lit, bedside carpet. 

— de cheminee, hearth-rug. — de 
Perse, Persian carpet. Mettre sur 
le — , to bring under discussion. 

Tapisser, v., to carpet, upholster, 

Tapisserie, n.f., carpeting; hangings, 
tapestry; upholstery; fancy needle- 
work, [worker. 

Tapissier, n.m., upholsterer, tapestry- 

Taque, n.f., cast-iron plate. 

Taquet, n.m., (naut.) cleat; angle- 
block (joinery). 

Taqniner, v., to plague, torment. 

Tarare, n.m., winnowing machine. 

Taraud, n.m., tap-borer, screw-tap 

Tarauder, v., to tap (screws, nuts). 

Tard, n.w., a., and adv., late; late 
hour. II est — , it is late. Mieux 
vaut — que jamais, better late 
than never. Plus — , later, later on ; 
afterwards. Trop — , too late. Au 
plus — , at the latest. 

Tarder, v., to put off, delay; to be 
long; to stay. 

Tardif, a., late, tardy, slow, backward. 

Tare, n.f., tare, waste; fault, defect. 

Tarer, v., to tear; to damage, hurt, 
injure. Se — , to deteriorate, spoil. 

Tarif, n.m., tariff, price-list, rate, 
scale or list of charges, prices. 

Tarif er, v., to tariff, rate, price. 

Tarir, v., to exhaust, drain, dry up. 

Tarlatane, n.f., tarlatan (muslin). 

Tartan, n.m., tartan, plaid. 

Tartarique, a., tartaric. 

Tartrate, n.m., tartrate. — de 
potasse, tartrate of potassium. 

Tartre, n.m., tartar. — blanc, white 
tartar. — rouge, red tartar. — 
stibie, tartar emetic. Creme de — , 
cream of tartar. 

Tartrique, a., tartaric. 

Tas, n.m., hand-anvil; heap, pile. 

Tasse, n.f., cup. — k th6, tea-cup. 

— a cafe, coffee-cup. 

Tasser, v., to heap or pile up; to 
compress, cram. 

T&ter, v., to taste, try; to feel; to 
sound (anyone). — de quclque 
chose, to taste anything. 

T&teur, n.m., taster. 

T&te-via, n.m., wine taster (instru- 





Tatillonner, v., to intermeddle, meddle. 

Taude, «./•> awning {naut.). 

Taupe, «./■> mole. 

Taupi^re, n.m., mole- trap. 

Taure, n./., heifer, yearling. 

Taureau, n.m., bull. 

Tauz, n.m., rate, rate of interest; 

price; assessment. 
Tavelle, «./., crown lace. 
Tazateur, n.m., taxing-master; taxer, 

Taxation, «./., fixing of prices; 

Taxe, n.f., tax, impost, toll; price, 

price fixed, assessment. 
Taxer, v., to assess; to rate, fix the 

price of; to tax, lay a tax upon; to 

accuse (of); to charge (with). 
Taximitre, n.m., taximeter cab. 
' T6, n.m., anything of T shape. — k 

dessin, T-square. 
Technique, a., technical. 
Technique, n.f., technics. 
Technologie, n.f., technology. 
Teck, tek, n.m., teak, teak-wood. 

Buis de — , teak-wood. 
Teindre, r., to stain, colour, dye, tinge. 
Teint, n.m., tincture; colour, dye. 

— solide, grand — , fast colour, 

fast dye. 
Teinte, n.f., tincture; dye; tint, tinge, 

hue, shade. Demi- — , mezzotint. 
Teinture, n.f., tincture; dye, dyeing. 

Bois de — , dyewood. 
Teinturerie, n.f., dye works, dye shop. 
Teinturier, n.m., dyer. 
Tel, a., similar, like, such. M. un — , 

Mr. So-and-so. — quel, such as it 

is; just as it was. 
Tiligramme, n.m., telegram. 
T616graphe, n.m., telegraph. Faire 

jouer le — , to telegraph. 
T616graphie, n.f., telegraphy. 
T616graphier, v., to telegraph. 
T616graphique, a., telegraphic. 
Telescope, n.m., telescope. 
T61escopique, a., telescopic. 
Tenement, adv., so much, so far, so, 

in such a manner. 
Telliire, n.f., foolscap paper. 
Tellure, n.m., tellurium. 
T6m6raire, «., rash, reckless. 
T6m6rit6, n.f., rashness, recklessness, 

T^moignage, n.m., testimony, evi- 

ilciice; witness; testimonial; mark, 

toUcM, proof. En — de quoi, in 

witness whereof. 

Tdmoigner, v., to testify, give evi- 
dence; to indicate, show, prove. 

Timoin, n.m., testimony, evidence, 
witness; mark, proof. — oculaire, 

Temperament, n.m., tally trade; 
medium, middle-course; temper, 

Temp^rant, a., sober, temperate. 

Temperature, n.f., temperature. 

Tempete, n.f., storm, tempest, gale. 

Tempetueux, a., stormy, tempestu- 
ous, boisterous. 

Temporaire, a., temporary. 

Temps, n.m., time, period, term; 
weather; season. Avec le — , in 
time, in course of time. En m4me 
— , at the same time. A — , in 
time. — moyen, mean time. 
Mauvais — , bad weather. — fait, 
settled weather. Gros ' — , stormy 
weather. U fait beau — , it is fine 
weather. Reparer le — perdu, to 
make up for lost time. 

Tenailles, n.f., pi., pincers, pinchers, 
nippers, tongs. 

Tenancier, n.m., occupier, holder. 
l'"ranc — , freeholder. 

Tendance, n.f., tendency, inclination. 
Une — i la hausse, an upward 

Tender, n.m., tender (rail.). 

Tendeur, n.m., boot-tree; coupling- 

Tendre, a., delicate, sensitive; fond; 
soft, tender; new (of bread). 
Couleur — , delicate colour. Un 
m^tal — , a soft metal. 

Tendre, f., to stretch, strain, bend; to 
hang (tapestry); to pitch (a tent); 
to tend, conduce, lead to. 

Tenibreoz, a., dark, overcast, gloomy, 
obscure; underhand. 

Tenement, n.m., tenement; block of 

Teneur, n.f., tenour, text, purport, 
terms, contents. 

Teneur de livres, n.m., book-keeper. 

Tenir, v., to possess, hold, have; to 
keep, take up; to be possessed of, 
to occupy; to consider, look upon; 
to be connected with; to result, 
proceed; to be desirous; to be held 
(of meetings); to stick, adhere. 
— la caisse, to have charge of the 
cash, to be a cashier. — Ics livres 
en partie double, to keep books by 
double entry. — lieu de, to stand 





in the place of, to be instead of. 

— la met, to be seaworthy. — 
boutique, to keep shop. Je tiens 
cela de bonne source, I have it on 
the best authority. Je n'y tiens 
pas, I am not particular about it. 
II tient k le faire, he is anxious to 
do it. Se — , to abide by; to think 
or consider oneself; to stay, keep; 
to stick, adhere. Se le — pour dit, 
to take it for granted. S'en — k, 
to adhere to, rely on. 

Tentant, a., tempting. 

Tentation, «./., temptation. 

Tentative, «./., endeavour, attempt, 

Tente, «./., awning, tent, pavilion. 

Tenter, v., to tempt, try, attempt. 

Tenture, »./., hangings, tapestry. 

Teno, part., bound, obliged; con- 
sidered, reputed. 

Tenae, n./., keeping (of books); 
holding (of a meeting); session; 
appearance, dress. — des livres, 

Tenure, «./., tenure. 

T^r6benthine, «./., turpentine. — 
commune, common turpentine. 

— de Venise, Venice turpentine. 
Essence (huile) de — , oil of tur- 

T6r6bintlie, n.m., turpentine tree. 

Terme, n.m., term, time, termina- 
tion; quarter-day, quarter's rent; 
word; boundary, limit. — s, terms. 
A court — , short-dated (of bills). 
A long — , long-dated. 

Terminaison, n.f., end, ending, ter- 

Terminer, v., to end, conclude, ter- 
minate, put an end to, to settle. 
Se — , to conclude, end, come to an 

Terne, a., dull, tarnished. 

Ternir, v., to dull, tarnish; to stain; 
to deaden (colours). Se — , to 
tarnish, grow dull; to fade (of 

Terrain, n.m., ground, land, soil, 
piece of ground, ground-plot. 

Terre, n.f., ground, soil; land, estate, 
property, territory. — k potier, 
potter's earth. — k degraisser, 
foulon, fuller's earth. Vaisselle de 
— , earthenware. cuite, terra- 
cotta. — k porcelaine, china clay. 
AUer par — , to go by land. — 
ferme.'terra firma, dry land. 

Terrean, n.m., compost, mould. 

Terre-noix, n.f., earth-nut, ground- 
nut, pig-nut. 

Terrer, v., to fuller's earth (cloth); 
to clay (sugar). 

Terrenx, a., dull (of colours); dirty, 

Terrine, n.f., dish, earthen pan. 

Terrir, v., to approach land {naut.). 

Territoire, n.m., territory, jurisdic- 

Territorial, a., territorial. 

Testament, n.m., will; testament, last 
will and testament. 

Testamentaire, a., testamentary. 

Testateor, n.m., testator. 

Testatrice, n.f., testatrix. 

Tester, v., to make one's will. Mourir 
sans — , to die intestate. 

TSte, n.f., head; judgment, sense, 
presence of-raind; horns (of a stag); 
top (of anything). — de depart, 
port of departure, starting-point. 
Perdre la — , to lose one's head, 
self-possession. Mai de — r, head- 

T§tu, a., obstinate, wilful, stubborn. 

TStn, n.m., granite hammer. 

Teste, n.m., text, matter, subject. 
Petit — , brevier (tj^e). Gros — , 
two-line brevier. 

Textile, n.m., textile material. 

Textile, a., textile. 

Texture, n.f., texture, weaving. 

Thaler, n.m., dollar (German coin). 

Th6, n.m., tea. Service (cabaret) k 
— , tea-service. Boite k — , tea 
cannister, caddy. — k arome fine, 
fine flavoured tea. — imperial, 
imperial tea. — du Paraguay, 
mat6, Paraguay tea. 

Th6idre, n.f., teapot. 

Th6rapeutique, n.f., therapeutics. 

Thermom^tre, n.m., thermometer. 

Thermoscope, n.m., thermoscope. 

Thise, n.f., theme, argument, discus- 

Thibaude, n.f., coarse drugget, hair- 
cloth, cow-hair cloth. 

Thon, n.m., tunny, tunny-fish. — 
conserve, preserved tunny. — k 
rhuUe, tunny in oil. : 

Thym, n.m., th\Tne., 

Tiare, n.f., tiara. 

Tidde, a., tepid, lukewarm; cool, 
mild; {fig.) indifferent. 

Ti6dir, v., to cool, to become luke- 
warm; to grow or become cool. 





Tierce, «./•. third (of time). 

Tiers, a., third, of a third party or 
person. — parti, third party. 

Tiers, n.m., third part; third, third 

Tiers-point, n.m., saw-file. 

Tige, n.f., stem, stalk, trunk; straw 
(of corn); shank (of an anchor); 
rod (tech.). — de frein, brake rod. 
— graduee, index rod. — de selle, 
saddle-pillar (bicycle). 

Tigre, n.m., tiger. 

Tigr6, a., speckled, spotted. 

Tigresse, n.f., tigress. 

Tilbury, n.m., gig, tilbury. 

Tillac, n.m., poop, deck. Faux — , 
orlop deck. Franc — , main deck. 

Tilleul, n.m., lime-tree. 

Timbale, n.f., mould (for cooking); 
timbal, kettle-drum. 

Timbrage, n.m., stamping (of Govern- 
ment paper). 

Timbre, n.m., post-mark (on letters); 
bell, office bell. Droit de — , stamp 
duty. — acquit, quittance, receipt 

Timbre-poste, n.m., postage stamp. 

Timbrer, v., to stamp (paper, etc.). 

Timbreur, n.m., stamper. 

Timon, n.m., tiller, helm (naut.); 
pole (of a coach). Tenir le — , to be 
at the helm. 

Timonerie n.f., steerage {naui.). 

Timonier, n.m., helmsman, steers- 

Tin, n.m., block of wood; cask-stand. 

Tine, n.f., firkin, tub, water-cask. 

Tinette, n.f., half tub, firkm (of 

Tinter, v., to set on blocks, put upon 
tlie stocks, to prop (ships). 

Tiquet^, a., spotted, variegated, 

Tirage, n.m., towing-path; towing (of 
boats); draught, drawing (of a 
lottery); winding-off (of silk); 
printing. — au sort, balloting, 
drawing lots. 

Tirant, n.m., ship's draught, ship's 
gauge; boot-strap; purse-string; 
cramp-iron. — d'eau, ship's 
draught, gauge, sea-gquge. 

Tir6, a., drawn. 

Tir6, n.m., drawee (of bills). 

Tire-botte, n.m., boot-jack, boot- 

Tire-bouchon, n.m., cork-screw. 

Tire-bouton, n.m., button-hook. 

Tire-cloo, n.m., claw-hammer, nail- 
drawer; slater's hammer. 

Tire-ligne, n.m., drawing-pen. 

Tirelire, n.f., money-box. 

Tire-plomb, n.m., glazier's vice. 

Tirer, v., to draw, pull; to pull or 
take out; to draw (a bill); to tap 
(liquors); to receive, recover; to 
print; to deduce, conclude, infer. 

— en bas, to puU down. — parti 
de, to turn to account, make the 
best of. — une consequence, to 
draw an inference. — les vers du 
nez k quelqu'im, to pump anyone. 

— I'or, to wire-draw gold. Bon k 
— , passed for the press. Se — , to 
get out of, extricate oneself; to get 
through; to recover (from an ill- 
ness). Se — d' affaire, to get out 
of (a difficulty). 

Tiretaine, n.f., linsey-woolsey. 
Tireur, n.m., drawer (of bills). — d'or, 

gold wire-drawer. 
Tire-veille, n.f., ladder rope. 
Tiroir, n.m., drawer (of a table, etc.); 

slide, slide-box (tech.). 
Tisonnier, n.m., poker, blacksmith's 

Tissage, n.m., texture; weaving, 

Tisser, v., to plait, weave. 
Tisserand, n.m., weaver. 
Tissanderie, n.f., weaver's business. 
Tisso, n.m., tissue, textile, textile 

fabric. — m6tallique, wire gauge. 

— d'or, golden tissue. — broch6, 
figured stuff. — d'alpaca, alpaca 

Tissore, n.f., weavmg; tissue, texture, 

Tissuterie, n.f., ribbon- weaving. 

Tissutier, n.m., weaver. 

Titane, titanium, n.m., titanium 

Titre, n.m., standard (of coin); deed, 
title-deed, indenture; title, title- 
page. A — gratuit, gratuitously. 
Donner un — k, to entitle to. A — 
de, by way of, by virtue of. Se 
donner le — de, to style oneself. 

Toe, n.m., paste, sham or imitation 

Tocane, n.f., unpressed wine. 

Tocsin, n.m., tocsin, alarm-bell. 

Toile, n.f., cloth, linen cloth; canvas. 

— ecrue, unbleached cloth; brown 
holland. — ouvr6e, huckaback. 

— de lin, linen, linen cloth. — pour 





chemises, shirting. — pour draps, 
sheeting. — de Hollainde, hoUand, 
Dutch Unen. — de batiste, cambric. 

— de coton, cotton cloth, calico. 

— d'emballage, wrapping cloth, 
pack cloth. ■ — k sac, sack-cloth. 

— grasse, tarpaulin. — ciree, oil- 
cloth. — vemie, oilskin. March- 
and de — s, linen draper. 

Toilerie, n./., linen-cloth trade; linen 

drapery, linens. 
Toilette, «./., wash-stand, toilet-table, 

Toise, n.f., fathom; toise (6-39459 ft.), 
Tois6,, measuring, mensuration. 
Toiser, v., to examine, survey; to 

measure; to conclude, settle. 
Toiseur, n.m., smrveyor, measurer. 
Toison, n.f., fleece. — d'or, golden 

Toit, n.m., roof. 
Toiture, n.f., roof, roofing. 
Tokai, tokay, n.m., Tokay wine. 
Tole, n.f., plate-iron, sheet-iron. — 

ondulee, corrugated iron. — 

d'acier, steel plate. 
Tolerable, a., middling, passable; 

tolerable, bearable. 
Tolerance, n.f., deduction, allowance 

(coinage); indulgence, tolerance, 

ToI6rer, v., to endure, suffer, bear, 

allow, allow of; to tolerate, 
T61erie, n.f., sheet-iron goods, sheet- 
iron manufactory; flatting mills. 
Toleti^re, n.f., rowlock. 
Tomate, n.f., tomato. 
Tombelier, n.m., carter. 
Tomber, v., to abate, dwindle, fall 

away; to fall, fall down; to drop. 

— d' accord, to agree. — des 
nues, to be astounded, amazed. 

— malade, to fall ill. Laisser — , 
to drop, let fall. 

Tombereau, n.m., ballast-truck; dust- 

Tome, H.m., tome, volume. 

Tondeur, n.m., shearer, clipper. 

Tondease, n.f., clipper, shearing- 
machine. — de gazon, lawn- 

Tondre, v., to clip, crop, shear, trim. 

— du drap, to shear cloth. 
Tonnage, n.m., tonnage. Droit de 

— , tonnage dues. 
Tonne, n.f., ton (weight); tun 

(wooden vessel); can-buoy^ 
Tonnean, n.m., ton (weight); tun 

(measure); cask; tun (wooden 
vessel). Enfoncef un — , to stave 
in a cask. 

Tonnelet, n.m., small cask, keg. 

Tonnelier, n.m., cooper. 

Tonnellerie, n.f., cooperage, cooper's 

Tonte, n.f., clipping, shearing, sheep- 

Tontine, n.f., tontine. 

Tontnre, n.f., flock (of cloth); clip- 
pings, shearings. — de drap, flock. 

Topaze, n.f., topaz. — fausse, false 

Topinambonr, n.m., Jerusalem arti- 

Topographe, n.m., topographer. 

Topographie, n.f., topography. 

Toque, n.f., cap, bonnet. 

Toqnet, n.m., cap, toque. 

Torche, n.f., torch; pad; twist. 

Torchere, n.f., torch. 

Torchon, n.m., duster, dish-cloth. 

Tordage, n.m., twist, twisting. 

Tordre, v., to twist, wring; to throw 

Toron, n.m., strand (of a rope). 

Torpilleor, n.m., torpedo boat. 

Torquer, v., to twist (tobacco). 

Torride, a., torrid. 

Torsade, n.f., twisted fringe or cord. 

Tort, n.m., injury, harm, wrong, 
prejudice, detriment. A — , wrong, 
wrongfully, wrongly. £tre dans 
son — , to be in the wrong. Avoir 
— , to be wrong, in the wrong. 

Tortiller, v., to twist. 

Tortis, n.m., twist (of threads). 

Tortne, n.f., transport-ship; tortoise, 
turtle, ficaille de — , tortoise-shell. 

Tortuenz, a., winding, tortuous, 
bending in and out. 

T6t, adv., soon, shortly. Aussi — que, 
as soon as, as early as. Le (au) 
plus — possible, as soon as possibk , 
as early as possible. — ou tarcl, 
sooner or later. 

Total, a., total, whole, complett, 

TotaL n.m., total, sum total, whol< , 
whole sum. 

Totaliser, v., to tot, total up; to fonn 
the total of. 

Totality n.f., whole, total. 

Tooage, n.m., towing, towage; war]i- 

Touaille, n.f., jack-towel, roller- 





Touchant, prep., respecting, with 
respect to, concerning, touching, 

Toucher, v., to receive (money); to 
handle, touch, feel, finger; to touch 
on, allude to; to interest; to assay, 
try (precious metals); to play 
(piano); to concern, regard; to 
ground (of a ship). — ses appointe- 
ments, to receive one's salary. Je 
vous toucherai un mot, I will drop 
you a line. Cela ne me touche 
point, that does not concern me. 
Se — , to join, be adjoining, to 

Toue, n./., ferry-boat, barge. 

Tou6e, n.f., towing, towage, tow-line; 
warping. Ancre de — , kedge- 
anchor. Amarre de — , tow-line. 

Touer, v., to tow, warp. 

Toueur, n.m., tow-boat, towing-boat. 

Toujours, adv., always, for ever; still, 
at least, nevertheless. — plus, 
more and more. 

Toupie, n.f., top, peg-top, humming- 
top, spinning-top. — d'Allemagne, 

Tour, n.f., tower. 

Tour, n.m., valance (of a bed); trick; 
circuit, circumference; trip; lathe; 
turn. — en I'air, mandrel lathe. 
A — de role, in succession, in turn. 
Chacun k son — , everyone in his 

Touraille, n.f., malt-kiln. 

Tourbe, n.f., peat, turf; mob. 

Tourbeux, a., turfy, peaty. 

Tourbillon, n.m., tornado, whirlwind, 
eddy, whirlpool. 

Tourelle, n.f., turret. 

Touret, n.m., wheel (of a lathe); 
drill, reel. 

Tourillon, n.m., arbor, axle, axle-tree, 

Tourmente, n.f., storm, tempest, 
hurricane, foul weather. 

Tourmenter, r)., to pester, annoy, vex, 
trouble, distress; to strain (a ship). 
Se — , to be uneasy. 

Tournage, n.m., turning. 

Tournant, n.m., bend, turn, turning. 
Au — de la rue, at the corner of 
the street. 

Tournant, a., turning. Pont — , 
revolving or swing bridge. 

Toume-&-gauche, n.m., tap-wrench. 

Tourne-gants, n.m., glove-stretchers, 

Tourner, v., to turn, turn round; to 
revolve; to interpret, construe; to 
turn out ; to ripen, colour. Le 
vent a tourne, the wind has 
shifted. — autour du pot, to beat 
about the bush. — tout en mal, 
to put a wrong construction upon 
everything. Se — , to cban^^e, 
become changed. 

Tournerie, n.f., tiurner's shop. 

ToumesoU n.m., dyer's croton; litmus, 
turnsole. Teinture de — , tincture 
of litmus. 

Tourneur, n.m., turner. 

Tourne-vent, n.m., chimney-cowl. 

Tournevis, n.m., screw-driver. 

Tourniquet, n.m., tourniquet, swivel; 
screw-jack; turnstile. 

Tournure, n.f., course, direction; 
shape, figure. 

Tourte, n.f., pie, tart, fruit-pie. 

Tourteau, n.m., oil-cake. — de lin, 
linseed cake. 

Tourtiire, n.f., tart-dish. 

Tout, a., whole, the whole of, all, 
every, any, each. — es les fois 
que, every time that, as often as. 
C'est — un, it is all the same. 
Tons les quinze jours, every fort- 
night. Tons les huit jours, every 
week. Tous les jours, every day. 
Tons les deux joiurs, every other day. 

Tout, n.m., all, whole, the whole; 
everything, every one. — bien 
consid6re, all things considered. 
Du — , not at all. C'est — , that is 
all. Point du — , not at all. A — 
prendre, all things considered; on 
the whole. 

Tout, adv., quite, entirely, completely, 
wholly; all; though, although, 
however. Je suis — k vous, I am 
quite at your service. — -i-fait, 
quite, entirely, wholly. — k vous, 
smcerely yours. — prct, quite 
ready. — k coup, suddenly. — de 
suite, directly. — k I'heure, just 
now. — au moins (plus), at the 
least (most). — de bon, in earnest. 

Tout-A-Iait, adv., wholly, entirely, 

Toute-^pice, n.f., allspice. 

Toutefois, adv., however, still, yet, 

Tracas, n.m., bother, annoyance, 
worry, confusion, disorder. 

Tracasser, v., to annoy, trouble, vex, 
bother; to meddle. 


7— (1630A) 




Trace, n./., sign, mark, impression, 
vestige; trace, step, footstep. 

Trac6, n.m., line {rail.}; draft, sketch, 
drawing, outline; laying out (of 

Tracer, v., to sketch, draw, trace, 
draw or trace out; to lay out 
ifoaids, etc.). 

Traction, n.f., traction, draught. 

Tradacteor, n.m., translator. 

Traduction, n.f., translation. 

Tradoire, v., to interpret, translate. 

Tradoisible, a., translatable. 

Trafic, n.m., trafi&c, trade, trading. 
Faire — de, to deal in. 

Trafiquant, n.m., trafficker. 

Trafiquer, v., to sell; to traffic, trade, 
deal in. 

Tragacanthe, n.f., tragacanth.^ 

Trahison, n.f., breach of trust or 
faith; treachery; treason. 

Traille, n.f., large ferry-boat. 

Train, n.m., train, truck; raft; suite, 
attendants, train. — direct, 
through train. — rapide, — 
express, express train. — de 
marchandises, goods train. — 
omnibus, slow train. — de grande 
Vitesse, fast train. — de petite 
Vitesse, slow train. — -poste, mail 
train. — mixte, mixed train. — de 
voyageurs, passenger trjiin. Mettre 
en — , to put in hand, to start, set 
going. A fond de — , at full speed. 

Traineau, n.m., sleigh, sledge; draw- 
net, drag-net. 

Trainer, v., to drag, drag along, 
draw; to lengthen, protract, draw 
out, put off; to be in suspense or 
abeyance. L'affaire traine, the 
matter hangs fire. 

Trait, n.m., stroke; leash (for dogs); 
dash (of a pen); gold or sUver wire; 
bolt, shaft ; arrow. Avoir — a, to 
have reference to. Cheval de — , 
draught horse. 

Traitable, a., soft, pliant, ductile, 
malleable; manageable, tractable. 

Traitant, n.m., contractor. 

Traite, n.f., draft, bill; exportation; 
banking; journey. 

Traits n.m., treaty, agreement; 
treatise. — de commerce, com- 
mercial treaty. 

Traitement, n.m., treatment, usage; 
reception ; salary, emoliunents, 

Traiter, v., to treat; to negotiate, be 


in treaty for, to treat for; to be in^ 
negotiation for; to come to terms; 
to handle, discuss. — d'une 
matiere, to treat of a matter. 

Trajet, n.m., journey, voyage, pass- 
age. Faire le — , to make the 
passage, do the journey. 

Trame, n.f., woof, web, weft; plot. 

Tramer, v., to weave; to contrive, 
plot. — xme etofie de sole, to 

! ^eave a stuff with a silk woof. 

Tramontane, n.f.. North, north wind. 

Tramway, n.m., tramway, tramroad. 

Tranchant, a., trenchant, cutting, 
sharp; decisive, peremptory! 

Tranchant, n.m., edge (of "cutting 

Tranche, n.f., edge (of a book); 
steak, slice, chop. Dore sur — s, 
gilt-edged, with gilt edges. 

Tranche-gazon, n.m., turfing iron. 

Trancher, v., to settle, determine, 
decide; to resolve; to cut, cut off. 
— la question, to settle or clinch 
the matter; to solve the diffi- 

Tranchet, n.m., parmg-knife; shoe- 
maker's knife. 

Tranqmlle, a., quiet, calm, still. 

Tranquilliser, v., to make easy, set at 
ease, at rest. Se — , to make one- 
self easy (about anything). 

Transaction, n.f., compromise, ar- 
rangement, transaction. 

Transatlantique, a., transatlantic. 

Transbordement, n.m., tranship- 

Transborder, v., to tranship. 

Transcription, n.f., copy, transcript, 

Transcrire, v., to copy, transcribe. 

Transferable, a., endorsable. 

Transferer, v., to transfer, convey, 
transport; to make over. 

Transfert, n.m., transfer, conveyance 

Transformer, v., to change, convert, 
transform, transmute. 

Transgresser, v., to trespass against, 
to violate, transgress. 

Transgression, n.f., violation, trans 

Transiger, v., to transact; to come t > 
terms, compoimd, compromise; t ) 
treat with. lis ont transig6 avec 
leurs creanciers, they have com- 
pounded with their creditors. j 

Translation, n.f., removal; transfer. 





Transmarin, a., transmarine. . 
Transmetteur, n.m., transmitting- 

key (telegraphy). 
Transmettre, v., to send on, transmit, 
forward, convey; to transfer, make 

Transmissible, a., transferable, trans- 

Transmission, »./., transfer, trans- 

Transmuable, a., transmutable. 

Transmutation, n.f., transmutation. 

Transparent, a., transparent. 

Transplantoir, n.m., trowel. 

Transport, n.m., conveyance, carriage; 
assignment, transfer; transport, 
transport ship. Frais de — , 
carriage. Commerce de — , carry- 
ing trade. 

Transporter, v., to make over, 
transfer; to transport, convey. , — 
une creance, to transfer a debt. 

Transvaser, v., to decant, transfuse. 

Transvaseur, n.m., decanter. 

Trappe, n.f., trap, pitfall; trap-door. 

Travail, n.m., employment, work, 
labour; piece of work. Travaux, 
workmanship, works. Travaux 
forces, penal servitude. 

Travailler, v., to work, labour; to 
warp (of wood); to endeavour; to 
study, make it one's study; to 
ferment (wine); to work up; to 
improve, cultivate (the gromid). 
— k r aiguille, to do needlework. 

Travaillear, n.m., labourer, workman, 

Travailleur, a., hard-working, indus- 
trious, laborious. 

Travers, n.m., fancy, whim; breadth, 
side (of a ship). A — , through, 
across. Au — de, through. En — , 
cross-wise, across. 

Traverse, n.f., sleeper {rail.); cross- 
road; cross-bar, cross-piece. 

Travers6e, n.f., voyage, crossing, 
passage {naut.). 

Traversement, n.m., crossing. 

Traverser, v., to cross, cross over; to 
travel over; to go across, traverse; 
to go or run through; to thwart. 

Traversier, a., barque — 6re, ferry- 
boat. Flute — 6re, German flute. 

Traversin, n.m., bolster; cross-beam. 

Travestir, v., to misrepresent, mis- 
interpret; to travesty, disguise. 

Tr^buchage, n.m., weighing and 
sorting (coinage). 

Tr6buchant, a., of weight, of full 

|weight (coin). 
Tr6buchant, n.m., full weight (coin). 
Tr^buehet, n.m., assay-balance, assay- 
Tr6fller, v., to wire-draw. 
Tr6filerie, n.f., wire-drawing mill. 
Tr6flleur, n.m., wire-drawer. 
Treillage, n.m., fence; trellis-work, 

Treille, n.f., shrimp-net. 
Treillie, n.m., sackcloth, glazed calico; 

trellis, lattice, lattice-work. 
Treizaine, «./., baker's dozen. 
Treize, n.m. and a., thirteen, thir- 
Treizidme, n.m.f. and a., thirteenth. 
Tr6mie, n.f., hopper, mill-hopper. 
Tr6moussoir, n.m., revolving or 

swinging chair. 
Trempage, n.m., soaking, steeping. 
Trempe, n.m., temper (of steel); 
quality, character. Donner le — 
au fer, to temper iron. 
Tremp(§, part., tempered (of iron, 
steel); wet, soaked. Du vin — , 
diluted wine. 
Tremper, v., to temper (iron, steel); 
to dilute (wine); to steep, dip, 
soak, wet; to be a party to, to be 
concerned in, to participate in; 
to be implicated in. 
Trentaine, n.f., about thirty. 
Trente, n.m. and a., thirty, thirtieth. 
Trenti^me, n.m.f. and a., thirtieth. 
Tr6pied, n.m., tripod, trivet. 
Tr6pointe, n.f., welt (of a shoe). 
Tr6s, adv., very, very much, most, 

quite, greatly, deeply. 
Tresor, n.m., exchequer, treasury; 

treasure; record office. 
Tr^sorerie, n.f., treasury. 
Tr6sorier, n.m., treasurer. 
Tressage, n.f., weaving. 
Tressaillure, n.f., cracking, chipping 

(in pottery). 
Tresse, n.f., plait, braid, tress. 
Tresser, v., to plait, weave, braid, 

Tressear, n.m., braider, plaiter. 
Trest, n.m., sail-cloth. 
Tr^tean, n.m., trestle. 
Treail, n.m., hand-winch, windlass. 
Triable, a., sortable. 
Triage, n.m., sorting, choice, selec' 

tion, choosing, picking. 
Triangulaire, a., triangular, 
Trianon, n.m., pavilion. 





Tribart, n.m., yoke; clog. 

Tribord, n.m., starboard {nauL). 

Tribordais, n.m., starboard watch. 

Tribu, n.f., tribe. 

Tribon, n.m., tribune. 

Tribunal, n.m., bench, tribunal; 
court of justice. 

Tribune, n.f., platform, gallery. — 
aux encheres, auctioneer's rostrum. 

Tribut, n.m., contribution, grant. 

Tricherie, n.f., trick, trickery, cheat, 

Tricheur, n.m., trickster, cheat. 

Tricoises, n.f., pi., farrier's pincers. 

Tricolore, a., tricoloured. 

Tricot, n.m., knitting, knitted vest. 

Tricotage, n.m., knitting. 

Tricoter, v., to knit; to make lace. 

Triennal, a., triennial. 

Trier, v., to sort, select, pick, pick out, 

Trienr, n.m., sorter, picker. 

Trillion, n.m., a billion. 

Trimestre, n.m., quarter of a year, 
three months; quarter's money or 
salary. Par — , quarterly. 

Trimestriel, a., quarterly. 

Trimestriellement, adv., every quarter. 

Tringle, n.f., rail, rod, bar; connecting 
rod; curtain-rod. 

Trinquette, n.f., fore-stay sail, storm- 
jib {naut.). 

Triomphe, n.m., triumph. 

Triompher, v., to excel; to overcome. 

Tripartite, a., tripartite. 

Tripe, n.f., velveteen, imitation vel- 
vet; tripe. 

Triplan, n.m., triplane. 

Triple, n.m. and a., treble, threefold, 
triple; three times or treble as 
much (many); three times or treble 
the quantity (number). 

Tripler, v., to triple, treble. 

Triplicata, n.m., triplicate. 

Tripoli, n.m., rottenstone, tripoli. — 
fin, rottenstone. 

Triporteur, n.m., tricycle (for goods). 

Tripotage, n.m., jobbing; medley, 

Triquet, n.m., tennis-bat. 

Trism^giste, n.m., double pica, two- 
line pica (type). 

Triste, a., sorry, sad, sorrowful; dull; 
Le temps est — , the weather is 
dull. Une — nouvelle, a sad piece 
of news. 

Tritozyde, n.m., tritoxide (chem.). 

Triturable, a., triturable. 


Trituration, n.f., trituration. 
Triturer, v., to triturate. 
Trinal, a., trivial, light, trifling. 
Tree, n.m., exchange, barter. 
Trois, n.m. and a., three, third. 
Troisi^me, n.m.f. and a., third. 
Troisi6mement, adv., thirdly. 
Trois-mats, n.m., three-master (ship). 
Trois-ponts, n.m., three-decker. 
Trois-six, n.m., raw spirits; brandy 

or alcohol (36 deg.); common 

Trombe, n.f., water-spout. 
Trombone, n.m., trombone. 
Trompe, n.f., Jew's-harp; 

trumpet ; blast-engine ; 

Tromper, v., to deceive, impose upon; 

to take in, delude, baffle, cheat. 

— la loi, to elude the law. Se — , to 
be deceived, to deceive oneself, be 
mistaken; to mistake, make a mis- 
take. Vous vous trompez, you are 

Tromperie, n.f., deceit, fraud, cheat- 
ing, imposition, delusion. 

Trompette, n.f., trumpet. — k clef, 
key-bugle. — marine, one- 

stringed violoncello. 

Trompeur, n.m., cheat. [cheating. 

Trompeur, a., deceitful, delusive. 

Tronc, n.m., stump, stem, trunk. 

TrouQon, n.m., portion or section (of 
railway line). 

Tronconnement, n.m., cutting up. 

Tronquer, v., to mutilate, garble. 

Trop, adv., too, too much or many; 
over. — peu, too little. De — , 
over; too much or many! — pleio , 
too full. Pas — bon, not ven- 
good. Par — , too much. 

Trop, n.m., excess, superfluity. 

Tropical, a., tropical, tropic 

Trop-plein, n.m., excess, surplm 
overplus; waste, overflow. 

Troquer, v., to exchange, barter, 
truck, swop. 

Troqueur, n.m., trucker, barterer. 

Trou, n.m., hole, gap, orifice, moutl;. 

— d'homme, man-hole. * 
Troublant, a., disquieting, disturbing:. 
Trouble, n.m., disorder, confusion., 

disturbance, quarrel, dispute. 

Troubler, v., to trouble, distur:), 
interrupt, annoy; to confuse, dis- 
tract, disconcert. 

Trouer, v., to perforate, bore, mal e 
a hole in. 






Troupeau, n.m., herd, drove, flock. 
— de gros betail, drove of cattle. 

Trousse, n.f., truss, bundle; case (of 
articles, surgical instruments). 

Trousseau, n.m., trousseau; bunch 
(of keys). 

Trousser, v., to dispatch (business); 
to hasten; to truss, tie up. 

Trouvaille, n.f., discovery, lucky hit; 

Trouver, v., to find, discover, find out; 
to deem, think, judge; to meet, 
meet with. — bon, to think fit, 
approve. — a dire (redire), to find 
fault with. Se — , to happen, 
chance, chance to be, to prove, 
turn out; to be present. Cela se 
trouve bien, that is lucky. II se 
trouve, it happens or turns out; 
there is, there are. 

True, truck, n.m., truck, trolley. 

Truelle, n.f., trowel; fish-carver, fish- 

Truie, n.f., sow (animal). 

Truite, n.f., trout. — saumoncc, 
salmon trout. 

Truit6, a., speckled; spotted (of 

Truquer, v., to dodge, fake, cheat. 

Tsar, see Czar. 

T.S.V.P., please turn over; P.T.O. 

Tube, n.m., pipe, tube. 

Tubulaire, a., tubular. 

Tuer, v., to kill, slaughter; to while 
away (time). 

Tuerie, n.f., slaughter; slaughter- 

Tuf, tuffeau, n.m., tuff, tufa (min.). 

Tuile, n.f., tile. — en S, pantile. — 
vernissee, glazed tile. — de 
Guieiine, gutter-tile. 

Tuileau, n.m., broken tile, shard. 

Tuilerie, n.f., tile-fields, tile-works. 

Tuilier, n.m., tile-maker. 

Tulle, n.m., net, tulle. — brod6, 
embroidered net. — k raies, 
striped net. — uni, plain net. 

Tulliste, n.m.f., tulle-maker. 

Tumulte, n.m., uproar, tumult, riot, 

Tungstdne, n.m., tungsten. 

Tunnel, n.m., tunnel. 

Turban, n.m., turban. 

Turbine, n.f., turbine. 

Turbith, n.m., turpeth, turbith. 

Turbot, n.m., turbot. 

Turc, n.m., Turk; a., Turkish, 

Turcoin, n.m., mohair. 

Turf, n.m., turf. 

Turnep, n.m., field turnip. 

Turquin, a., deep blue, dark (of blue). 

Turquoise, n.f., turquoise. 

Tutelle, n.f., guardianship, tutelage. 

Tuteur, n.m., trustee, guardian. 

Tuyau, n.m., pipe, tube, funnel, 
nozzle. — de trop-plein, waste- 
pipe. — de cheminee, chimney- 
flue. — de conduite, delivery- 
pipe. — aspirant, suction-pipe. 
— en poterie, drain-pipe, earthen- 
ware pipe. 

Tuyauter, v., to frill, goffei: (linen, 

Tuydre, n.f., blast-pipe, tewel; tue- 

Tympanon, n.m., dulcimer. 

Type, n.m., type (printing); model, 
type, character. 

Typhon, n.m., typhoon, water-spout 

Typographe, n.m., printer, typo- 

Typographic, n.f., printing, printing 
office; typography. 

Typoghraphique, a., typographical. 

Tyranniser, v., to oppress. 

Tzar, see Czar. 

Udomitre, n.m., udometer, rain- 

Ukase, n.m., ukase. 

Ulmine, n.f., ulmine {chem.). 

TJlmique, a., ulmic. Acide — , ulmic 

Ult^rieur, a., subsequent, ulterior, 

Ultirieurement, adv., besides, beyond, 
further, subsequently, later. 

Ultimatum, n.m., ultimatum. 

Un, n.m., one, unit. 

Un, pron., one. — ci — , one by one. 
L' — ou I'autre, either, the one or 
the other. L' — et I'autre, both. 
Les — s et les autrcs, all, all 
together. Ni 1'— ni I'autre, neither, 
neither the one nor the other. — 
pour cent, one per cent. 

Un, a., one, a, an, any. 

Unanime, a., unanimous. 

Unanimity, n.f., unanimity. A 1' — , 

Uni, a., level, smooth, even; plain, 
simple. Du linge — , plain linen, 
litoffe — e, plain material. Tulle 
— ,\ plain net. Velours — , plain 





Uoiime, a., first. 
Uniformity, n./., uniformity. 
Unilateral, a., binding on one part 

only (of contracts). 
Uniment, adv., simply, smoothly, 

even, evenly. 
Union, n.f., mixture, blending; har- 
mony, agreement, concord. 
Unique, a., unique, single, only, sole; 

Unir, v., to level, plane, smooth, 

make smooth; to pair; to combine, 

unite. S* — , to unite, be united. 
Unisson, n.m., concert, harmony, 

imion. A 1' — , in concert, in imison. 
Uni vers, n.m., universe. 
Universel, a., sole, residuary, imiver- 

Urane, uranium, n.f., mranite, iu"a- 

Urate, n..m., urate (chem.). 
Urbain, a., mrban. 
Urgence, n.f., urgency. D* — , in case 

of urgency; immediate, urgent. 
Urgent, a., urgent, pressing. 
Urne, n.f., um, ballot-box. 
Usage, n.m., use, usage, custom; wear 

(of clothes). Hors d' — , obsolete. 

Mettre une chose en — , to use a 

thing. J'ai fait — de votre lettre 

de credit, I have made use of your 

letter of credit. 
Usance, n.f., usance. AT — , at usance. 

Effet k — , bill at usance. 
User, v., to use, make use of; to wear 

out; to use up, consume, waste; 

to wear away. S' — , to decay, 

waste, wear out; to be used, 

consumed, worn out. 
User, n.m., wear. 
Usine, n.f., mills, works, factory, 

Usinier, n.m., mill-owner, manufac- 
Usit6, a., customary, usual, in use, 

Ustensile, n.m., utensil; implement, 

tool. — s de cuisine, kitchen 

Usuel, a., customary, usual, ordinary, 

Usuellement, adv., customarily, 

Usufructuaire, a., usufructuary. 
Usufruj*, n.m., use, usufruct. 
Usure, n.f., wear, wear and tear; 

usury, unlawful interest. Prater a 

— , to lend upon usury. II faut 

compter 10 per cent, pour — , you 
must allow 10 per cent, for wear 
and tear. 

Usurier, n.m., usurer. 

Usurpation, n.f., encroachment, 

Usurper, v., to encroach, usurp. 

Utile, a., profitable, beneficial, advan- 
tageous, useful, of use; expedient, 
proper. En temps — , in good 
(due, proper) time. 

Utile, n.m., usefulness, utility. 

Utiliser, v., to avail oneself of, make 
use of; td turn to account; to find 
use for. S' — , to be utUized. Nous 
utiliserons ce que nous avons en 
magasin, we will utilize what we 
have in stock. 

Utility, n.f., usefulness, utility, use; 
profit, benefit; advantage; service, 
Nous ne voyons pas 1' — d'un 
arrangement semblable, we cannot 
see the utility of such an arrange- 
• ment. 

Vacance, n.f., vacancy. — s, holidays, 

Vacant, a., vacant, empty, un- 
Vacation, n.f., day's sale (of auctions); 

vacation (of courts). — avenante. 

in case of a vacancy. 
Vache, n.f., cow; prepared cow-hide. 
Vacillant, a., uncertain, im decided. 

vacillating, wavering, hesitating. 
Vacillation, n.f., vacillation, waver 

ing, hesitation. 
VaciUer, v., to waver, vacillate. 
Vacuity, n.f., vacuity, emptiness. 
Vademanque, n.f., decrease of mone>- 

in reserve (banking). 
Vade-mecum, n.m., manual, vade- 

Vagon, see waggon. 
Vague, n.f., wave, surge. 
Vague, a., vague, uncertain, hazy, 

Vague, n.m., vacuum, space, empti- 
ness, uncertainty, vagueness. 
Vaguer, v., to wander, stray, to mash 

(in brewing). 
Vaillant, a., coiurageous, brave, val - 

Vaillant, adv., value, worth. II na 

rien — , he is penniless. 
Vain, a., vain, inetfectual, unprofi - 

able, fruitless. En — , in vain, to 

no purpose. 




Vaincre, v., to surpass, excel, outdo; 
to win, overcome, master. 

Vaisseau, n.m., ship, vessel. — x, 
shipping. — marchand, merchant- 
man. — a deux ponts, two-decker. 

— d'approvisionnement, victuall- 

Vaisselle, n.f., plate (gold or silver); 
plates and dishes. — d'argent, 
silver plate. — d'or, gold plate. 
— • de terre, earthenware. 

Vaissellerie, n.f., pots and pans. 

Valable, a., good for, valid, available. 

Valablement, adv., validly. 

Valenciennes, n.f., valenciennes (lace). 

Val6riane, n.f., valerian. Racine de 
— , valerian root. 

Valeur, n.f., worth, value; considera- 
tion. — en esp^ces, value in cash, 
fitre de nuUe — , to be valueless, 
of no value. — s, stocks, bills, 
securities, paper, shares. — s 
mobilieres, transferable securities. 

Valide, a., good, valid. 

Validement, adv., validly. 

Valider, v., to ratify, confirm, valid- 
ate, make valid. 

Validity, n.f., validity, validness. 

Valise, n.f., portmanteau, valise. 

— jumelle, Gladstone bag. 
Valoir, v., to bring, yield; to be worth, 

equal to, as good as. Faire — sa 
marchandise, to set off one's goods. 
Cela vaut fait, that's as good as 
done. — mieux, to be preferable, 

Valorem, ad — , a., ad valorem. 

Value, n.f., value. Moins , inferior 

value. Plus , superior value. 

Valve, n.f., valve. 

VaniUe, n.f., vanilla (fruit); vanilla, 
vanilla-tree. — givree, crystallized 
vanilla. — ronde, round vanilla. 

Vannage, n.m., winnowing; system of 
water-gates in a dam. [gate. 

Vanne, n.f., sluice, sluice-gate, water- 

Vanner, v., to sift, hull, winnow. 

Vannerie, n.f., basket-work, basket- 
trade. — d'osier, osier basket- 

Vannier, n.m., basket-maker. 

Vanter, v., to praise or cry up. Se — , 
to brag, boast. 

Vapeur, n.f., steam, vapour, steam. 
Machine k — , steam-engine. Re- 
morqueur k — , steam-tug. Bateau 
i — , steamer, steam-boat. A toute 
— , at full speed. 

Vapeur, n.m., steamer. — poste, 

Vaporisateur, n.m., sprayer, vaporiser. 
Vaquer, v., to attend to, devote one- 
self to; to be vacant, empty. 
Varec, varech, n.m., sunken ship; 

Varenne, n.f., waste land. 
Varense, n.f., pilot-jacket; blazer, 

jersey; oilskin (coat). 
Variable, a., unsettled, changeable, 

variable, unsteady. 
Variation, n.f., change, variation, 

Varier.i;., to vary, chsuige, be change- 
Vase, n.m., vase; urn. — de nuit, 

chamber pot. — antique, antique 

Vaste, a., wide, great, extensive, vast. 
& Vau-1'eau, adv., at sixes and sevens, 

to wrack and ruin. 
Vaurien, n.m., rogue, vagabond, 

Veau, n.m., calf; calf's leather. — 

en croute, undressed leather. 
V6g6tal, ti.m., vegetable, plant. 
V4h6ment, a., vehement, impetuous. 
V6hicule, n.m., vehicle. 
Veille, n.f., eve, day before; point. 

fitre ^ la — cie, to be on the 

point of. 
Veiller, v., to take care, see, look 

after, watch over; to be on the 

Veillease, n.f., night-lamp. 
Veine, n.f., vein (of marble, wood); 

seam. Avoir de la — , to be in luck. 
V§le, n.f., cow-calf. 
V61in, n.m., vellum; fine Alengon lace. 
V^locipdde, n.m., cycle, velocipede. 
V61ocit6, n.f., speed, rapidity, velocity. 
Velours, n.m., velvet. — de coton, 

cotton velvet. — de coton croisd, 

velveteen. — de sole, silk velvet. 

— ras, short-nap velvet. — k 
cotes, corduroy. — fa(;onnc, 
figured velvet. — 6pingle, Terry 
velvet. — k fleurs, flowered velvet. 

— figur6, figured velvet. — uni, 
plain velvet. — k deu.x poils, two- 
pile velvet. — canneU, ribbed 
velvet. — de Gfines, Genoa velvet. 

Velout6, n.m., velvet-pile; velveting. 
VeloutI, a., velvet, velvety, velvet- 

Veloutier, n.m., velvet-worker. 
Velverette, n.f., corduroy. 





Velvet, n.m., velveteen. 

Velvetine, n.f., velveteen. 

Venaison, n.f., venison. 

Vendable, a., saleable, vendible. 

Vendange, n.f., vintage ; grape- 

Vendanger, v., to vintage, gather 
grapes; to ravage, devastate, spoil. 

Venderesse, n.f., vendor. 

Vendeur, n.m., vendor, seller, dealer. 

Vendre, T^., to sell, sell out, vend. — a 
bon marche, to sell cheap. — cher, 
to sell dear. — argent comptant, 
to sell for cash, ready money. A — , 
for sale, to be sold. Se — , to sell, 
go off (of an article). 

Vendredi, n.m., Friday. Le — saint, 
Good Friday. 

Venin, n.m., poison, venom; malice, 
spite, rancour. 

Venir, v., to come, be coming, arrive; 
to happen, occur, chance; to pro- 
ceed, emanate, arise; to reach. 
Faire — , to send for. Si ma lettre 
venait a se perdre, if my letter 
should happen to be lost, mislaid. 
Venez ici, come here. Voulez-vous 
— avec moi a Paris ?, will you go 
with me to Paris ? D'ou vient 


?, how is it that ? II vient 

just arrived, 
where do you 

II fait du — , 

d'arriver, he has 
D'oii venez-voift ?, 
come from ? 

Venir, n.m., coming. 

Vent, n.m., gale, wind. 

it is windy. — fait, settled wind. 
Sous le — , leeward. Gros coup de 
— , strong gale. Si le — le permet, 
weather permitting. lies du — , 
Windward Islands. 

Vente, n.f., sale, selling; auction; 
Marchandise de — , goods that go 
off well. — a commission, sale on 
commission. — a 1' amiable, sale 
by private contract. — a credit, 
sale on credit. — k livrer, sale for 
future delivery. — a terme, sale 
forward. — k I'encan, aux encheres, 
sale by auction. — forcee, com- 
pulsory sale. Prix de — , selluig 
price. De bonne — , of easy, ready 
sale. — difficile, slow sale. En — 
chez, sold by. En — , for sale, now 
ready (of a book). 

Ventier, n.m., wood salesman. 

Ventilateur, n.m., fan, ventilator. 

Ventilation, n.f., valuation; ventila- 
tion, airing. 

Ventiler, v., to value; to ventilate, air. 

Venn, part., come. Le premier — , 
the first that comes; the first-comer. 
Le dernier — , the last comer. 

Venue, n.f., arrival, coming. 

Ver, n.m., maggot, worm, moth. 
Mange, rongedes — s, worm-eaten. 

Veracity, n.f., veracity. 

Verbal, a., verbal. 

Verbaliser, v., to state facts; to draw 
up a report. 

Verdltre, a., greenish. 

Verd6e, n.f., white Tuscany wine. 

Verdelet, a., tart (of wine). 

Verdet, n.m., verdigris. 

Verdeur, n.f., tartness, harshness (of 
wine); greenness, sap. 

Verdir, v., to grow or become green. 

Verdurier, n.m., greengrocer. 

V6reux, a., insecure, doubtful, un- 
safe (of bills) ; suspected, suspicious; 
maggotty, worm-eaten. 

Verge, n.f., yard (measure); handle, 
rod, shank (of an anchor). 

Verg6, a., streaky (of fabric); laid (of 

Verger, n.m., orchard, fruit-garden, 

Vergetier, n.m., rod-maker, brush- 

Vergette, n.f., brush, clothes-brush. 

Vergeure, n.f., wire-mark (of paper). 

Vergogne, n.f., shame. 

V6ricle, n.f., paste, imitation (jewel- 

V6ridique, a., credible, veracious. 

V§rificateur, n.m., auditor (accoimts); 
verifier, examiner. 

V6rifier, v., to audit (accounts); to 
examine, verify, inspect; to prove 
(a will); to try (weights, measures). 

V6rin, n.m., screw-jack. 

V^rine, n.f., binnacle-lamp (naut.); 
verinas (tobacco). 

Veritable, a., real, pure, genuine, true. 

V^ritablement, adv., really, in reality, 
truly, indeed. 

Veritas, n.m., Lloyd's register (in 
France). Bureau — , Lloyd's 
rooms (in France). 

V6rit6, n.f., truth, truthfulness. A la 
— , it is true; indeed. Dire la — , 
to speak the truth. En — , truly, 

Verjut6, a., tart, sharp, acid. 

Vermeil, n.m., silver-gilt. 

VermiceU vermicelle, n.m., vermicelli. 

Vermicelier, n.m., vermicelli manu- 





Vermilion, n.m., vermilion. — de 
Chine, Chinese vermilion. — 
artificiel, artificial vermilion. 

Vermoulu, a., decayed, worm-eaten. 

Vermout, vermouth, n.m., bitters. 

Vernier, n.m., vernier, sliding-rule. 

Vernir, v., to lacquer, polish, japan, 

Vernis, n.m., polish, varnish, glaze. 

— gras, oil vaniish. — 4 la copale, 
copal varnish. — a I'essence, 
turpentine, varnish. — de voiture, 
carriage varnish. — de Japon, 
Japan varnish. 

Vernissage, n.m., vamishii^, glazing. 

Vernisser, v., to japan, varnish, glaze. 

Vernisseur, n.m., varnisher. 

Verre, n.m., glass. — a boire, drink- 
ing glass, tumbler. — k bouteilles, 
bottle glass. — k vitres, window or 
sheet glass. — de table, table 
glass. — douci, depoli, ground 
glass. — k vin, wine glass. — de 
couleur, stained or coloured glass. 

— grossissant, magnifying glass. 
Grand — , tumbler. 

Verrerrie, n.f., glassware, glass-works, 

Verriire, n.f., stained window (in 
churches); glass-stand. 

Verroterie,«./., glass beads; glass-ware. 

Verrou, n.m., bolt. 

Vers, prep., about, to, towards. — 
le^ trois heures, about 3 o'clock. 

Versatile, a., versatile, variable. 

Vers6, part., skilled, versed, con- 
versant; overturned; poured. 

Versement, n.m., deposit, payment. 

— partial, instalment. 

Verser, v., to lodge, deposit (money); 
to upset, overturn; to pour, pour 
out; 'to spill, to be overturned 

Version, n.f., translation, version. 

Verso, n.m., back, reverse. 

Verste, n.f., verst. 

Vert, a., green ; raw (of hides); tart 
(of wine); sharp. Vin — , tart 
wine. Cuir — , raw leather. Bois 
— , green wood. 

Vert, n.m., green, green colour; 
tartness (of wine). — de mer, sea- 
green. — de Brunswick, Bruns- 
wick green. 

Vert d'eau, vert de mer, n.m., sea- 

Vert-de-gris, n.m., verdigris. 

Vert de vessie, n.m., sap-green. 

Vert-pomme, n.m., ^pple-green. 
Vertu, n.f., faculty, quality. En — de, 

in pursuance of, by virtue of. 
Vesou, n.m., sugar-cane juice. 
Vesp^tro, n.m., ratafia (cordial). 
Veste, n.f., lounge-coat. 
Vestiaire, n.m., cloak-room, dressing- 
room; wardrobe. 
Vestige, n.m., vestige, mark, sign, 

track, trace. 
Veston, n.m., dress- jacket, lounge- 
Vetement, n.m., garment. — s, 
clothes, dress, wearing apparel. 
— manque, misfit. — s confec- 
tionnes, ready-made clothing. 
V6tille, n.f., trifle. 
V^tilleux, a., trifling, tedious, ticklish; 

Vetir, v., to clothe. 
Veto, n.m., veto. 

V6tust6, n.f., decay, oldness, an- 
Venf, n.m., widower. 
Veuve, n.f., widow. 
Vexant, a., annoying, vexing, provok- 
Vezatenr, a., vexatious. 
Vexation, n.f., annoyance, vexation. 
Vexer, v., to molest, vex, annoy, 

Vift, prep-, via, by way of. 
Viaduc, n.m., viaduct. 
Viager, a., for (during) life. Placer 
en — , to sink (money); to invest 
in a life annuity. See rente. 
Viager, n.m., life-interest. 
Viande, n.f., meat. 
Vibord, n.m., waist of a ship. 
Vicaire, n.m., vicar; assistant-priest. 
Vice, n.f., defect, flaw, imperfection, 

blemish, fault; vice. 
Vice-amiral, n.m., vice-admiral. 
Vice-amiraut6, n.f., vice-admiralty. 
Vice-consul, n.m., vice-consul. 
Vice-consulat, n.m., vice-consulate, 

Vice-g6rant, n.m., deputy-manager. 
Vice-pr6fet, n.m., vice-prefect. 
Vice-pr6sident, n.m., vice-chairman; 

Vice versA, adv., vice versA. 
Vicier, v., to corrupt, taint, vitiate. 
Vicieux, a., faulty, defective; vicious. 
Vicomte, n.m., viscount. 
Vicomtesse, n.f., viscountess. 
Victorieux, a., victorious. 
Vidage, n.m., emptying. 





Vidange, n.f., ullage (of liquors); 

Vide, a., vacant, empty, blank, void. 

Vide, n.f; hole, gap, blank, vacuum, 

Vide-poches, n.m., lady's work-table. 

Vider, v., to vacate, empty; to adjust, 
settle. — ses comptes, to make up 
one's accounts. — un differend, 
to settle a dispute. Se — , to be 
adjusted, settled. 

Vidimer, v., to collate, compare. 

Vie, n.f-, life, lifetime; subsistence, 
food; living. Sa — durant, during 
his life. Gagner sa — , to get one's 

Vieillard, n.m., old man. 

Vieille, n.f., old woman. 

Vieillerie, n.f., old goods, stuff, 

Vieillesse, n.f., oldness, old age. 

Viellir, v., to become obsolete; to get 
or grow old; to make old. 

Vierge, a., unwrought. Metaux — s, 
native or virgin metals. 

Vieox, vieil, a.m., vielle, /., old, aged. 
Un vieil arbre, an old tree. 

Vif, a., vivid, bright (colours); keen, 
alert, quick, smart, brisk, lively; 
alive, live. Chaux — ve, quick- 
lime. Couleur — ve, bright colour. 
Eau — ve, spring-water. 

Vif-argent, n.m., quicksilver. 

Vigie, n.f., look-out, look-out man 

Vigilant, a., vigilant, watchful. 

Vigne, n.f., vine; vineycird. 

Vigneron, n.m., wine-grower; vine- 

Vignette, n.f., vignette. 

Vignoble, n.m., vineyard. Propric- 
tairc de — s, wine-grower. 

Vigogne, n.m., vicuna-felt hat. 

Vigogne, n.f., vicuna, vicuna, vicugna; 
swan's down, vicuna wool. Drap 
de — , swan's down. Laine de — , 
vicuna wool. Tissu de — , tissue 
of vicuna wool. 

Vigooreuz, a., energetic, forcible, 

Vigaeur, n.f., energy, force, vigour, 
power. Entrer en — , to come 
into force. • 

Vil, a., vile, mean, despicable, base. 
A — prix, dirt cheap, very cheap. 

Vilain, a., ugly, vile; shabby; worth- 
less, scandalous. — temps, bad 

Vilebreqain, n.m., wimble, centre-bit. 

Vilete, vilit§, n.f., low price, cheap- 
ness; meanness; imimportance. 

Vilipender, r., to undervalue; to cry 
down, despise. 

Ville, n.f., city, town. — maritime, 
seaport town. — de commerce, 
commercial town. — d'eaux, — 
de bains, watering-place. 

Vin, n.m., wine. — du Rhin, Rhenish 
wine. — ordinaire, dinner wine. 

— de la comete, vintage wine. — 
de deux feuilles, wine two years 
old. — evente, dead wine. — non 
mousse#c, still wine. — qui a 
beaucoup de corps, full-bodied 
wine. — brule, — chaud, mulled 
wine, negus. — paillet, pale wine. 

— coupe, diluted wine. — de 
Burgogne, Burgundy wine. — de 
Bordeaux, claret, Bordeaux wine. 

— d'Espagne, sherry. — mous- 
seux, sparkling wine. — de 
Portugal, port. — sec, dry wine. 
Negociant en — s, wine dealer. 
Marchand en — s, wine merchant. 

— en cercles, wine in casks. 
Vinaigre, n.m., vinegar. — de toilette, 

aromatic vinegar. Sel de — , 
smelling salts. 

Vinaigrerie, n.f., vinegar manufac- 

Vinaigrette, n.f., hand-chair, Bath- 
chair; vinegar sauce. 

Vinaigrer, n.m., vinegar cruet ; vine- 
gar merchant. 

Vinaire, a., for wine. Vaisseaux — s. 
wine-casks, wine vessels. 

Vinasse, n.f., very weak wine. 

Viadas, n.m., windlass. 

Vin6e, n.f., vintage, crop of wine. 

Vineuz, a., winy, wine-coloured; viny. 

Vingt, n.m. and a., twenty, scor^; 

Vingtaine, n.f., about twenty; score. 

Vingtiime, n.m. and a., twentieth. 

Vinicole, a., wine-producing, wine- 

Vinification, n.f., wine-making. 

Violation, n.f., breach, infringement, 
violation, transgression. 

Viol^tre, a., purplish. 

Viole, n.f., viol, tenor-violin. 

Violer, v., to break, infringe, violatt, 
transgress. — sa foi, to break one's 

Violet, n.m., violet-colour. 

Violet, a., purple, violet-colour. 





Violette, n.f., violet. 

Violoa, n.m., violin, fiddle. 

Violoncelle, n.m., violoncello. 

Virage, n.m., toning (phot.). 

Virement, n.m., clearing (bank); 
veering, tacking about {fiaut.). 

WiietfV., to.tone (phot.); to heave, tack 
(naut.); to turn, turn about. 

Vireur, n.m., toning (phot.); turning- 

Virevau, vireveaa, «.»»., winch. 

Virgule, n.f., comma. 

Virole, n.f., ferrule. 

Viroler, v., to hoop, ferule. 

Vims, n.m., virus. 

Vis, n.f., screw. — sans fin, worm, 
endless screw. — en acier, steel 

Visa, n.m., signatiore, visa, endorse- 

Vis-4-vis, adv., in juxtaposition; 
opposite; prep., opposite, over the 
way; relatively, towards. 

Viscosity, n.f., clamminess, viscosity, 

Vis6e, n.f., aim, end, scheme; plan. 

Viser, v., to endorse, countersign; to 
endeavour; to aspire to. Faire — 
un passeport, to get a passport 
endorsed, countersigned. 

Viseur, n.m., view-finder (phot.). 

Visible, a., mamifest, obvious, evident, 

Visite, n.f., inspection, examination, 
search; visit, visiting, call. Droit 
de — , right of search. Faire la — 
des bagages, to examine baggage. 
Rendre (faire) — k quelqu'un, to 
pay anyone a visit, to make a call 
on anyone. 

Visiter, v., to inspect, examine, 
search; to visit, make a visit. 

Visiteur, n.m., searcher; visitor. 

Visqueuz, a., clammy, sticky, viscous. 

Visser, v., to screw, screw on (down, 

Visserie, n.f., screws. 

Vitchoura, n.m., fur greatcoat. 

Vite, a., quick, speedy, rapid, swift. 

Vite, adv., fast, speedily, quick, 
quickly, rapidly. Allez — , go 

Vitelotte, n.f., kidney potato. 
. Vitement, adv., speedily, quickly. 

Vitesse, n.f., speed, rapidity, quick- 
ness, celerity. A toute — , at full 
speed. A grande — , at full speed. 
Train de petite — , slow train, 

goods train. Train de grande — , 
express, express train. 

Viticulture, n.f., viticulture, vine- 

Vitrail, n.m., chiurch-window, stained 
glass window. 

Vitre, n.f., window, pane of glass, 
window glass or pane. Carreau de 
— , pane of glass. 

Vitrer, v., to glaze. 

Vitrerie, n.f., glaziery, glazier's work. 

Vitreux, a., glassy, vitreous. 

Vitrier, n.m., glazier. 

Vitrine, n.f., glass case, show-case; 
shop- window. 

Vitriol, n.m., vitriol. — bleu, blue 
vitriol. — vert, green vitriol. — 
blanc, white vitriol. Huile de — , 
oil of vitriol, sulphuric acid. 

Vitriolique, a., vitriolic. 

Vivant, n.m., life, lifetime; person 
living. De son — , in his lifetime. 

Vivification, n.f., revival; vivification, 

Vivifler, v., to quicken, give life to, 
vivify, revive, animate. 

Vivre, v., to live, subsist, exist; to be 
alive, living. 

Vivre, n.m., food, board, living. — s, 
victuals, provisions. Agent des 
— s, agent- victualler (naut.). 

Vivrier, n.m., victualler. 

Vocabulaire, n.m., vocabulary. 

Vocation, n.f., calling, vocation. 

Voeu, n.m., vote, suffrage; vow; wish, 
desire. ' 

Vogue, n.f., fashion, vogue, reputa- 
tion. Avoir de la — , to be in 
fashion, vogue. 

Voici, prep., here is (are); these 
are, this is, see here. Monsieur que 
— , this gentleman. Nous y — , 
here we are. 

Voie, n.f., leak; gauge, footway or 
permanent way (rail.); way, road; 
load (of wood, etc.); means, 
medimn. — d'eau, leak. Faire ime 
— , to spring a leak. — ferr6e, 
raUroad, railway. — de garage, 
d'6vitement, siding, shunting-line. 
Les affaires sont en — de hausse, 
things are looking up. 

Voil&, prep., there is, there are; that 
is, those are; see there. En assez — , 
that is enough. — tout, that is all. 

VoUe, n.m., veil; disguise, mask; 
pretence, cloak. 

Voile, n.f., sail. Faire — , to sail. 





Mettre k la — , to set sail. A la — , 
sailing, under sail. — de misaine, 
the foresail. 

Voiler, v., to veil, cover, conceal, 

Voilier, n.m., sailer (ship); sail-maker. 
Un bon : — , a fast sailer. 

Voir, v., to see, look at, view, observe; 
to overlook, superintend, inspect; 
to witness. Faire — , to show, let 
see. — clair, to see clearly. Ceci 
est a — , that remains to be seen. 

Voisin, a., adjacent, next, neighbour- 

Voisin, n.m., neighbour. 

Voisinage, n.m., vicinity, neighbour- 
hood; nearness, proximity. 

Voitiirage, n.m., transporting, car- 
riage, conveying (of goods). 

Voiture, «./., carriage, coach; vehicle, 
conveyance; load. — d'enfant, 
peremibulator. — a bagages, 
luggage van. — d'arrosement, 

Voiturer, v., to convey, transport, 
cart, carry. 

Voiturier, n.m., waggoner, carrier, 

Voiz, n.f., voice; opinion, judgment; 
suffrage, vote. A haute — , in a 
loud voice. Aller aux — , to put 
to the vote. Mettre aux — , to 
put to the vote. 

Vol, n.m., stolen goods; robbery, 
theft; robbing. — de nuit avec 
effraction, burglary. 

Volaille, n.f., poultry, fowl. 

Volailler, n.m., poulterer, poultry- 

Volant, a., loose, movable, portable; 

Volant, n.m., fiy-wheel; shuttle-cock; 
sail (of a windmill). 

Volcanis§, a., vulcanized. 

Volcaoite, n.m., vulcanite. 

Voler, v., to fly; to rob, steal, fleece; 
to plunder, usurp, take away. 

Volerie, n.f., pilfering, robbing, 

Volet, n.m., boat-compass; dove-cot; 
shutter, window-shutter. 

Voleur, n.m., fleecer, robber, thief. 

Volige, n.f., batten, scantling. 

Volontaire, a., voluntary. 

Volont^, n.f., intention, will, mind. 
A — , at pleasure. Bonne — , 
willingness, readiness. Demieres 
— s, last will and testament. 

Volontiers, adv., readily, willingly, 
with pleasure, gladly. 

Voltaique, a., voltaic. Pile — , 
voltaic pile. 

Volte, n.f., volt. [volmne. 

Volame, n.m., size, bulk, mass, 

Volumineaz, a., large, bulky, volu- 
minous, considerable. 

Voluter, v., to wind silk thread. 

Vomique, a., vomic. Noix — , nux 
vomica, vomic-nut. 

Votant, n.m., voter. 

Votation, n.f., voting. 

Vote, n.m., vote; poll, polling. — au 
scrutin, ballot. — a main levee, 
show of hands. 

Voter, I'., to vote. 

Votre, possessive a.; vos, pi., your. 

Vouer, v., se — , to devote (dedicate, 
apply) oneself to. 

Vonloir, v., to wish, want, require, 
intend; to be willing; to have a 
fancy, to be inclined. En — k, to 
have a grudge against anyone. 
Veuillez me dire, kindly (please) 
tell me. Veuillez agreer, kindly 
accept, be pleased to accept. 
Savoir ce que parler veut dire, to 
take the hint. 

Vouloir, n.m., will. Bon — , good-will. 

-Vouln, a., part., required, requisite, 
desired; wished. 

Voflte^H./., arch, vault. 

Voyage, n.m., voyage, trip, journey. 
Bon — , pleasant journey to you. 
De — , travelling. — de long cours, 
long voyage, voyage in foreign 
parts. — de retour, return 
journey. — d' aller, outward 
voyage. En — , travelling, journey- 
ing abroad. 

Voyager, v., to journey, travel, 

Voyagenr, n.m., passenger, traveller. 

Commis , traveller, commercial 


Voyant, a., showy, gaudy (colours). 

Vrac, vrague, vraque, n.m., en — , in 
bulk, loose. Charger en — , to 
load with a cargo in bulk or with 
a loose cargo. 

Vrai, a-, genuine, real, true. 

Vrai, n.m., truth. A — dire, k dire 
— , to tell the truth. 

Vraiment, aJv., indeed, truly. 

Vraisemblable, a., probable, likely. 

Vraisemblance, n.f., probability, like- 





VraQue, see vrac. 

Vrille, n.f; borer, piercer, gimlet. 

Vu, prep., considering, seeing. 

Vu, n.m., examination, inspection; 

Vu que, conj., since, seeing that. 

Vue, n.f., prospect; survey, inspec- 
tion; view, sight; eyesight. A trente 
jours de — , at thirty, days after 
sight. A — , at sight. Perdre — 
d'une chose, to lose sight of a 

Vulcanisation, n.f., vulcanization. 

Vulcanis6, a., vulcanized. 

Vulcaniser, v., to vulcanize. 

Vulgaire, a., common, vulgar. 

Vulgarity, n.f., commonness, vul- 

Wagon, n.m., truck, waggon, van, 
railway carriage. — lit, sleeping 
car. — frein, brake-van. — salon, 
Pullman car. — ecurie, horse-box 
(rail.). — etable, cattle-truck. 

Warrant, n.m., warrant, dock war- 
rant, custom-house licence. 

Warranter, v., to certify, warrant. 

Whiskey, n.m., whisky. 

Wiskey, n.m., whisky. 

Wolfram, n.m., wolfram. 

Wootz, n.m., wootz; Indian steel. 

Xbre (Decembre), December. 
X^ris, n.m., sherry. — doux, sweet 
sherry. Vin de — , sherry, sheriy 

Xylographie, n.f., wood-engraving. 

Xyloidine, n.f., xyloidine {chem.). 
Xylophone, n.m., xylophone. 

Y, adv., within, at home, there; 
pron., by it (them), for it (them), 
to him (her, it, them), at it (them). 
11 — a, there is (are). Sans — 
penser, without thinking of it. 

Yacht, n.m., yacht. 

Yankee, n.m., Yankee. 

Yard, n.m., yard (measure). 

Yole, n.f., yawl (naut.). — gig, gig. 

Zibte, n.m., zebra. 

Z^le, n.m., zeal, ardour. Avec — , 

Z616, a., zealous. 
Z6phire, zephyr, n.m., zephyr. 
Z^ro, n.m., cipher; zero. A — , at zero. 
Zibeline, n.f., sable. Martre — , sable 

fur. Peau de — , sable fur, sable 

Zinc, n.m., zinc. k doublage, zinc 

sheathing. — en feuilles, sheet zinc. 
Zincage, n.m., zinking, covering with 

Zincographie, n.f., zincography. 
Zingage, n.m., see zincage. 
Zinguer, v., to lay or cover with zinc. 
Zinguerie, n.f., zinc works. 
Zone, n.f., zone. — glaciale, frigid 

zone. — torride, torrid zone. 
Zostdre, n.f., sea-weed, wrack grass. 
Zymosimitre, n.m., zymosimeter 




A, indef. article, un (w.), une (/.). 
Such a man, un tel honune. His 
wages are two pounds a week, 
il gagne £2 par semaine. What a 
man, quel homme. What a pity, 
quel dommage. He is a soldier, 
il est soldat. Al, de premiere classe, 
de premier ordre. Al at Lloyd's, 
de premiere cote au Lloyd. At so 
much — piece, .1 tant la pi^ce. 

Abaca, w., abaca (»t.), chanvre de 
Manille (/.). 

Aback, adv., en arrifere, h. I'improviste, 
au depourvu. To take — , d6con- 
certer, interdire. To be taken — , 

Abaft, adv., k rarrifere, en arrifere; 
prep., en arrifere de; arrifere. 

Abandon, v., abandonner, ddlaisser, 
renoncer k, quitter, se d6sister de. 

Abandonment, n., abandon, d^laisse- 
ment, laisser aller (m.). 

Abase, v., abaisser, ravaler, avilir. 

Abash, v., deconcerter, intimider, 
confondre, interdire, ddcontenancer. 

Abate, v., rebattre; diminuer; amoind- 
rir; remettre; abolir, (to lower or 
weaken) affaiblir, calmer, att6nuer, 
apaiser; (to make an abatement) 
faire reraise de. 

Abatement, «., remise, baisse, boni- 
fication, diminution, reduction (/.); 
rabais, affaiblissement (m.). 

Abbreviate, v., raccourcir; abr6ger. 

Abbreviation, «., abr6viation (/.). 

Abdicate,, v., abdiquer. 

Abdication, n., abdication (/.). • 

Abduct, v., d6tourner, enlever (par 

Abduction, «., d6toumement, enleve- 
ment (m.)', abduction (/.). 

Aberration, n., aberration, erreur (/.); 
dcart, 61oignement, 6garement {m.). 

Abetjti., encourager, exciter, appuyer, 
soutenir, favoriser, provoquer. 

Abeyance, n., attente, suspension (/.). 
In — , en suspens. To be in — (a 
bill), Stre or tomber en souffrance. 
To fall into — , cesser d'fitre en 
vigueur, tomber en d&u6tude, 

Abhor, v., avoir en horreur, abhorrer, 

Abhorrence, «., horreur (/.). 

Abide, v., rester, souffrir, demeurer; 
supporter, soufErir, subir. To — by 
(a decision), s'en tenir k, rester 
fidfele k. To — by (laws), se con- 
former k, respecter. He must — by 
his contract, il doit s'en tenir k 
son contrat. 

Abietine, n., huile de pin, abietine 

Ability, «., capacit6, faculty, habilet6, 
port6e (/.) ; pouvoir, talent (w.). 
To the best of my — , de mon 

Abintestate, adv., ab intestat. 

Ablaze, a., en fiammes, flamboyant. 

Able, a., habile, capable. To be — , 
pouvoir, 6tre en mesure de, fitre k 
m&ne de, 6tre en 6tat de. An — 
(seaman), bon matelot (marin), 
gabier (w.). — -bodied, fort, 
robuste, vigoreux, habile. I am 
able to do it, je puis le faire. As 
one is — , selon ses moyens. 

Ably, adv., adroitement, habilement. 

Abnormal, a., anormal, irr6gulier. 

Aboard, adv., (tiaut.) k bord. To go — , 
s'embarquer, aller k bord. To fall 
— a ship, aborder un navire. 

Abode, n., s6jour (m.), residence, 
habitation, deraeure (/.). 

Abolish, v., abolir, annuler, ddtruire, 

Abolishment, n., abolissement (tn.). 

Abolition, n., abolition, suppression, 
destruction (/.). 

Abominable, a., abominable, infSme, 

Abominate, v., d6tester, avoir en 

Abomination, n., horreur, abomina- 
tion (/.). 

Aborigines, n., pi., aborigines (m.). 

Abortion, n., avortement, avorton. 

Abortive, «., abortif, avort6. To 
prove — , avorter. 

Abonndt v., regorger de, abonder en. 
To — with, avoir en abondance, 
avoir abondance de. 





About, adv., tout autour, autour, k 
I'entour, environ, 9a et Ih, h la ronde; 
sur le point de. To be — to, etre 
sur le point de. Round — , tout 
autour de. All — , partout. Some- 
where round — here, dans les 
environs, pr6s d'ici, de ce c6t6. 

About, prep., autour de; aupres de; 
au sujet de; touchant; dans; vers; 
sur; par. — it, i ce sujet, k cet 
6gard. I have no money — me, 
je n'ai pas d'argent sur moi. To be 

— to, 6tre sur le point de. To bring 
— , effectuer, accomplir, venir k 
bout de, faire reussir. To come — , 
arriver, survenir. To go — , aller, 
s'en aller. To go — (it), entre- 
prendre. To set — (anything), se 
mettre a quelque chose. What are 
you — ?, que faites-vous ? What 
is it all — , de quoi s'agit-il ?, qu'est- 
ce que c'est ? 

Above, prep., au dessus de; plus de; 
au del^ de; adv., au-dessus, ci- 
dessus, en haut. — all, surtout. 

— board, ouvertement, franche- 
ment. — mentioned, sus-men- 
tionne, pr6cite, susdit. — named, 
sus-nomme. — par. au dessus du 
pair. To be — (doing something), 
fetre trop fier pour. Over and — 
this, en outre (de plus, pardessus, 
en, de surplus). See over. 

Abrasion, n., (of coin), frai (m.). 

Abreast, adv., de front, vis-^-vis, k 
c6te i'un de I'autre. — the port, 
par le travers du port. To be — 
with the times, etre a la hauteur 
du temps. 

Abridge, v., abreger, reduire, re- 
trancher, priver de, restreindre. 

Abridgment, «., abrege, precis (w.); 
reduction, diminution (/.). 

Abroad, adv., dehors, k I'etranger; au 
large, au loin, partout. To set — , 
circuler, repandre. The report is 

— (that), le bruit court (que). 
Abrogate, v., abroger. [tion. 
Abrogation, n., abrogation, revoca- 
Abrupt, a., brusque, abrupt, brisd, 

saccade, escarpe. 

Abruptly, adv., brusquement, subite- 
ment, avec precipitation. 

Abruptness, n., brusquerie, precipita- 
tion, rudesse, asperite (/.). 

Abscond, v., s'enfuir, se cacher, se 
soustraire aux poursuites de justice, 
disparaitre, fuir la justice. 

Absconder, n., fugitif (w.). 

Absconding, n., fuite (/.). 

Absence, n., absence (/.). — of mind, 

distraction (/.). 
Absent, a., absent. 
Absent, (oneself), v., s'absenter. 
Absentee, n., absent (m.). 
Absinthe, «., absinthe (/.). 
Absolute, a., absolu, pur et simple, 

positif. — acceptance, acceptation 

pur et simple. 
Absolutely, adv., absolument. 
Absolve, v., absoudre de, exempter de, 

Absorb, v., absorber; engloutir. 
Absorbent, a., absorbant. 
Absorption, n., absorption (/.). 
Abstain, v., s'abstenir de, se priver de. 
Abstemious, a., abst^me, modere, 

Abstemiousness, n., abstinence, mod- 
eration, sobriete (/.). 
Abstention, n., privation, abstinence. 
Abstinent, a., sobre, abstinent. 
Abstract, n., analyse (/.), extrait, 

relev6, precis, etat, sommaire (tn.). 

— of account current, extrait de 
compte courant. 

Abstract, v., abstraire, extraire, de- 
rober k : (to exclude) faire abstrac- 
tion de. 

Abstracted, a., abstrait, separe, de- 
robe; distrait. 

Abstruse, a., cache; abstrus. 

Absurd, a., absurde. 

Absurdity, «., absurdite (/.). 

Abundance, n., abondance, quantite 
(/.); grand nombre (tn.). 

Abundant, a., riche, abondant. To 
be — , etre abondant, abonder. 

— in, abondant en. 

Abuse, n., abus (w.); insultes, injures 


Abuse, v., abuser de; mddire de (call 
one names). To — one's kindness, 
abuser de la complaisance (de 
quelqu'un). To — credit, con- 
fidence, abuser du credit, de la 

Abusive, a., abusif, injurieux. — 
language, langage injurieux {tn.); 
injures (/.). 

Abyss, M., abime, gouffre {tn.). 

Academic, academical, a., aca- 

Academy, n., academic (/.). 

Acajou, n., acajou (n.). 

Accede, v., acceder^, consentiri. I 





to your proposal, je nae range a 
votre avis. 

Accelerate, v., accelerer, activer, 
precipiter, presser, hater. 

Acceleration, n., acceleration (/.). 

Accent, n., accent, ton (w.). 

Accent, v., accentuer, articuler. 

Accentuate, v., accentuer. 

Accept, v., accepter, recevoir, admet- 
tre, agreer. To have (get) a bill 
— ed, procurer I'acceptation d'une 
lettre de change. 

Acceptable, a., agreable, acceptable. 

Acceptance, n., acceptation (/.), 
accueil (w.). — supra protest, 
acceptation par intervention. In 
default of — , faute (poiur refus) 
d' accept at ion. Non- — , non- 
acceptation (/.), refus d'accepta- 
tion (w.). Absolute (clean) — , 
acceptation pure et simple (/.). 
Conditional or qualified — , accep- 
tation conditionnelle. — in blank, 
acceptation en blanc. — for honour, 
acceptation par honneur. Colla- 
teral — (for honour, supra protest), 
acceptation par intervention, par 
honneur. Partial — , acceptation 
partielle. Refusal of — , refus 
d'acceptation. To leave for — , 
laisser k I'acceptation. To refuse 
— , refuser I'acceptation. To send 
for — , envoyer k I'acceptation. 
Presentation for — , presentation 
k I'acceptation. To present for — , 
presenter k I'acceptation. — of an 
offer, acceptation d'une oifre. 
Herewith we hand you our — for 
£150, ci- joint nous vous remettons 
notre acceptation de £150. The — 
of this draft has been refused, cette 
traite n'a pas 6t6 accept6e. Pre- 
sented for — by . . ., pr6sent6e k 
I'acceptation par .... 

Acceptation, n., reception, faveur (/.); 
accueil [m.]. 

Acceptor, n., accepteulr (w.). You 
must have recourse to the — and 
not to the drawer, vous devez 
prendre recours sur I'accepteur et 
non sur le tireur. 

Access, n., acc6s, abord (w».). 

Accessible, a., accessible. 

Accession, n., accession, acquisition 
(/.); (to the throne), avfenement (m.) 

Accessory, a., accessoire. 

Accessories, n., pL, accessoires (m.). 

Accident, n., accident (w.); (fire) 

sinistre (m.); (motor) panne (/.); 
cas fortuit (m.). To meet with an 
— , eprouver (subir) un accident. 
By — , par hasard, par accident. 

— insurance, assurance contre les 

Accidental, a., accidental, casuel, 

AccidentaUy, adv., accidentellement, 

par hasard, par accident, casuelle- 

ment, fortuitement. 
Acclaim, v., acclamer k, applaudir k. 
Acclamation, n., acclamation (/.). 
Acclimatize, v., acclimater; s'acclima- 

Accommodate, v., accommoder, ajus- 

ter, disposer, foumir, procurer, 

loger. To — one with, donner. To 

— oneself to (or with), s'accom- 
moder k, se prater k. 

Accommodating, a., accommodant. 

Accommodation, n., accommode- 
ment (m.), adaptation, convenance 
(/.); logement (lodgings) (w.); facili- 
tes (/.). — bill, bUlet de complais- 
ance [m.), billet k decouvert (m.). 

Accompany, v., accompagner. The 
— ing invoice, la facture ci-jointe. 

Accomplice, n., complice (/.). 

Accomplish, v., accomplir, effectuer, 
former, reraplir, achever, op^rer, 
realiser; mettre k 6x6cution, con- 
duire k bonne fin. To — one's 
purpose, atteindre son but. An 
— ed fact, un fait accompli. 

Accomplishment, n., accomplisse- 
ment, talent (w.); qualite (/.). 
— s, talents (m.), connaissances (/). 

Accord, «., accord, cqnsentement (m.). 
Of one's own — , de son propre 
roouvement. In — with, d' accord 
avec, conformdment k. With one 
— , d'un commun accord. I hope 
they will pay of their own — , 
j'espfere qu'ils paieront d'eux- 

Accord, v., accorder, ajuster; s'accord- 
er, fitre d'accord. To be in — with 
one, se trouver (fitre) d'accord 
avec, fitre de concert avec quelqu' 

Accordance, n., accord (m.), con- 
formitfi (/.). In — with, d'accord 
avec, conformfiment k. To be in — 
with, fitre d'accord avec. To act in 

— with one, agir d'accord (en 
conformitfi, faire de concert) avec 





According a., coiiforme a. — to, 
prep., selon, suivant, conform6- 
ment h, d'aprte. — as, conj., selon 
prep., selon, suivant, conform6- 
que, suivant que. — to instruc- 
tions, selon (suivant) les instruc- 
tions. — to sample, conforme k 

Accordingly, adv., en consequence, 
aussi, done. 

Accost, v., accoster, aborder. 

Account, n., compte [m.); (tale) r6cit; 
compte rendu, expose [m.]; rela- 
tion, importance; consideration, 
histoire, raison, description (/.); 
facture (/.). By order and for — 
of, d'ordre et poiur compte de. — 
Days, jours de r^glement (liquida- 
tion). Profit and Loss — , compte 
de profits et partes. Detailed — , 
compte detaille. Stock — , compte 
de capital. — sales, compte de 
ventes. Outstanding — , compte 
non solde. Cash — , compte de 
caisse. Abstract of — , relev6 (etat) 
de compte {m.). Current — , 
compte courant. On — , k compte. 
On — of, pour le compte de; k 
cause de. Overdrawn — , compte 
decouvert. On no — , pour rien au 
monde. To keep — s, tenir les 
livres. On joint — , de compte en 
participation, k compte et demi. 
— stated, compte rendu, presenter 
le compte rendu. On new — , k 
compte nouveau. In — with, en 
compte avec. Imaginary — , 
compte simule, facture simulee. 
Per — , suivant compte. To open 
(close) an — , ouvrir (clore) un 
compte. To be in — current with, 
etre en compte courant avec. To 
pay an — , solder un compte. To 
pay on — , payer k compte. - — 
book, livre {m.) de comptes. For 
the — of a third party, pour le 
compte d'un tiers (d'autrui). To 
charge an — , charger un compte. 
As per — rendered, suivant 
compte remis. By all — , au dire 
de tout le monde. To take into — , 
tenir compte de. There is an error 
in your — , il y a une erreur dans 
votre compte. To turn to — , tirer 
parti de, mettre k profit. To audit 
an — , apurer un compte. To 
render an — , rendre compte. — 
of re-draft, compte de retour. To 

place to — , porter (mettre) en 

compte. To sell on — , vendre k 

terme. To charge the — , charger 

le compte. 
Accoont, v., compter, compter de, 

expliquer, justifier. To — for, 

rendre compte (raison) de. We are 

therefore at a loss to — for the 

difference, aussi ne pouvons-nous 

pas nous expliquer la difference. 
Accountable, a., responsable, compt- 

Accountancy, «., comptabilit6 (/.). 
Accountant, w., agent comptable, 

comptable, teneur de livres {m.). 

Chartered — , comptable-expert. 

— in bankruptcy, comptable- 
Accredit, v., accr6diter. — ed, 

Accrue, v., s'accroitre; provenir de, 

resulter de, revenir ck, s'ensuivre. 
Accumulate, v., accumuler, amon- 

celer, entasser. — d, accumule. 
Accumulation, n., accumulation (/.), 

entassement, amoncellement (w.). 
Accumulative, a., accumulateur, qui 

Accumulator, n., accumulateiu: {m.). 
Accuracy, n., exactitude, attention 

(/.); soin (>«.); precision (/.). 
Accurate, a., exact, correct, fiddle, 

precis, juste. 
Accurately, adv., exactement, soign- 

Accusation, n., accusation (/.). 
Accuse, v., accuser, imputer; To — 

(one) of . . . ., porter plainte 

centre, accuser quelqu'un de. . . . 
Accuser, n., accusateur (w.); accus- 

atrice (/.). 
Accustom, 2^., accoutumer k, habituer 

a, to be — ed to, fetre accoutum6 

(habitue) k. 
Accustomed, a., accoutumd, habitu6. | 
Ace, n., as {m.) (cards). To be within 

an — • of, etre k deux doigts de. 
Acetal, «., acetal (m.). 
Acetate, w., acetate (m.). 
Acetic, a., acdtique. — acid, acide 

Acetite of gold, «., acetate d'or (w.). 
Acetylene, «., acetylene {m.). — 
^lighting, eclairage k 1' acetylene. 
• .^ — lamp, lampe a 1* acetylene. 
Ache, «., mal {m.), douleur (/.). 

Head — , mal de tfite, mal k la t6te. 

Ear — , mal d'oreille, mal k I'oreille 





Tooth — , mal de dents, mal au 

Ache, v., souffrir, faire mal. My head 
— s, j'ai mal k la tSte. 

Achievable, a., executable, faisable. 

Achieve, v., accomplir, 6xecuter, 
gagner, obtenir. To — one's aim, 
attendre le (arriver au, parvenir 
au) but, venir au bout. 

Achievement, «., exploit, accom- ' 
plissement, succ^ (»»•)• 

Acid, «., acide (w.). Carbolic — , 
acide carbolique. Citric — , acide 
citrique. Nitric — , acide nitrique. 
Carbonic — , acide carbonique. 
Prussic — , acide prussique. Acetic 
— , acide acetique. Tartaric — , 
acide tartarique. Boric — , acide 
borique. Oxalic — , acide oxalique. 
Sulphuric — , acide sulfurique. 
Vitriolic — , acide vitriolique. 

Acidity, n., acidite (/.). 

Acidulate, v., aciduler. 

Acknowledge, v., reconnaltre, con- 
fesser, r6pondre k, avouer. To — 
receipt of, accuser r6ception de. 

Acknowledgment, n., reconnaissance 
(/.), aveu (w.); recompense (/.); 
attestation (/.). — of a letter, 
accus6 {m.) de reception. 

Acme, n., comble, sommet (m.), 
faite (/.). 

Aconite, n., aconit {m.}. 

Aconitin, «., aconitine (/.). 

Acorn, n., gland (w.). 

Acquaint, v., informer, avertir, faire 
savoir k, faire conaaltre k. 
I shall — you, je vous ferai savoir, 
je vous informerai. To — oneself 
with, se mettre au courant (s'in- 
former) d'une chose. To be — ed 
with, se mettre au courant de (au 
fait de), prendre connaissance de; 
(to know a person) connaltre. 

Acquaintance, n., (thing) connais- 
sance (/.); (a person) ami (♦».) de 
ma connaissance. To make the — 
of, faire le connaissance de. 

Acquiesce, v., acquiescer k, adherer k, 
acc6der k, se soimiettre k, con- 
sentir k. 

Acquiescence, n., soumission (/.), 
acquiescement (»».). 

Acquire, v., acqu6rir, obtenir, gagner, 
apprendre, acheter. To — experi- 
ence, acqu6rir de rexp6rience. 

Acquirement, «., acquis (m.), acquisi- 
tion {/.); talent (w.); achat (m.). 

Acquisition, n., connaissance, acquisi- 
tion (/.). To make an — , faire une 
acquisition. The cost of — , les 
frais d' acquisition. 

Acquit, v., acquitter, d^charger de, 
absoudre de. — ed on second 
appeal, acquitte en seconde in- 
stance. To — oneself of, s' acquitter 
de, faire son devoir. To — oneself 
well, se bien tirer de. 

Acquittal, «., acquittement (w.). 

Acquittance, »., acquittement, acquit 
(w.); quittance, decharge {/.). 

Acre, M., demi-hectare, arpent (»».). 

Acreage, n., aire, superficie (/.). 

Acdd, a., acre. 

Acrimony, w., acrimonie, ftcrete, 
aigreur (/.). 

Across, prep., k travers de, au travers 
de, par; adv., de travers, en travers, 
de r autre c6t6. To come — , 
tomber sur, rencontrer, trouver 
sur son passage. 

Act, n., action (/.); acte, fait (tn.). 

— of honour (bill of exchange), 
acceptation (paiement) par in- 
tervention, honneur, sous protfet; 
acte d'intervention, intervention. 

— of God, force majeure. — of 
bankruptcy, acte qui entratne 
r6tat de faillite. 

Act, v., repr&enter, jouer, contrefaire, 
op6ier, {mech.) fonctionner; (to 
behave) se conduire, se comporter. 
To — contrary to instructions, 
contrevenir (agir contrairement) 
aux instructions de quelqu'un. To 

— as, faire fonctions de. To — as 
security, se porter (se rendre) 
garant, caution, donner (foumir) 
des garanties. 

Action, n., action (/.), procte (legal); 
combat (m.), affaire (/.); bataille (/.) 
(fighting); (mech.) effet. In — , en 
mouvement. — at law, procfes (tn.). 
To bring an — , intenter un proc& 
{k quelqu'un), poursuivre quelqu' 
un en justice. 

Actionable, a., actionnable, sujet k 
proems, punissable. 

Active, a., actif, agile; anim6 (brisk, 
animated). — relations (inter- 
course), les relations actives (fr6- 
quentes, suivies), la correspond an ce 
active. — partner, associ6 actif. 

— business (or trade), le commerce 
actif, les affaires actives. — de- 
mand, la denxande anim6e. 





Activity, n., activite, animation, 
agilite (/.). — of business, activite 
des affaires, animation dans les 
affaires. To give or resume — , 
donner (reprendre) de I'activite. 
To show — , faire preuve d' activity, 
montrer (accuser) de I'activite. 

Actual, a., actuel, reel, effectif, 
veritable, positif. — price (ruling, 
current), le prix actuel. — value, 
la valeur reelle. 

Actually, adv., actuellement, effective- 
ment, reellement, positivement. 

Actuary, n., expert-comptable, 
actuaire (m.). 

Actuate, v., animer, influencer, guider; 
mettre en action, inciter. — -d by, 
anime de. 

Acumen, n., finesse, penetration (/.). 

Acute, a., ciigu, penetrant, violent, 
poignant. — angle, angle aigu. 

Acutely, adv., subtUement, vivement, 

Acuteness, «., finesse, intensite, force 
(/.); etat aigu (w.). 

Ad, see interim, valorem. 

Adamant, n., diamant (t».). 

Adamantine, a., de diamant; [;min.) 

Adapt, v., adapter, appliquer, appro- 
prier, ajuster. — ed for, approprie 
ci. — ed to, adapte a. 

Adaptation, n., adaptation (/.), ar- 
rangement (w.). 

Add, v., ajouter, joindre, adjoindre, 
additionner. To — up, soramer, 
additionner. To — the signature, 
apposer la signature. 

Addenda, n., (Lai.) addenda {m. pi.). 

Addict, v., dedier, consacrer. To — 
oneself to, s'adonner ^l, se livrer a, 
se consacrer k. To be — ed to, 
etre adonne a, s'adonner a. 

Addition, n., addition (/.); surcroit, 
supplement, accroissement (m.). 
In — to, en sus de, outre. 

Additional, a., additionnel, supple- 
mentaire. — charges, les frais 
supplement aires (accessoires), les 
charges additionnelles. — cost, 
les frais accessoires. 

Address, n., discours (w.) (speech); 
adresse (/.) (of a house, letter); 

. tenue (/.) (appearance). Tele- 

graphic — , adresse telegraphique. 
Telephonic — , adresse telepho- 
nique. — book, livre d'adresses. 
— label, etiquette (/.). 

Address, v., adresser, adresser la 
parole k, parler k; (goods) consigner, 
adresser (des raarchandises). To — 
(a letter;, adresser, mettre 1' adresse 
k. To — a person (by letter), 
ecrire. To — oneself to, s' adresser 
k. To be wrongly — (a letter), 
€tre mal adressee. To — an order 
to, adresser im ordre (une com- 
• mande). 

Addressee, n., destinataire, consigna- 
taire (m.). 

Adduce, v., presenter, alleguer, four- 
nir, citer, produire. 

Adept, n., adepte (m.f.); a., adepte, 
savant, verse. 

Adeauate, a., proportionne, sufiBsant, 
juste, equivalent. To be — , suffire. 

Adhere, v., (to stick) se coUer, coUer. 
To — to (conditions, etc.), adherer 
k, s'en tenir k, s'attacher k, se 
con former a. 

Adherence, n., adherence, adhesion 
(/.), attachement (m.). 

Adherent, a., glujuit, glutineux, 
collant (sticky). 

Adhesive, a., adhesif. — stamps, 
timbres gommes. 

Adjacent, a., adjacent, contigu, 

■ voisin. 

Adjective, «., adjectif (m.). 

Adjoin, v., joindre a, adjoindre k, 
ajouter a, toucher. 

Adjoining, a., adjacent, contigu. 

Adjourn, v., ajourner, differer, re- 
mettre; s' ajourner. 

Adjournment, n., ajoumement (w.). 

Adjudge, v., adjuger, juger. To — 
bankrupt, declarer quelqu'un en 
faillite prononcer la failhte, faire 
une declaration en faillite. 

Adjudgment, «., jugement (w.), 
decision (/.). 

Adjudicate, v., juger, adjuger. 

Adjudication, n., adjudication, de- 
cision (/.); jugement (m.). — order, 
declaration de faillite. 

Adjunct, n., adjoint, accessoire (m.). 

Adjust, v., ajuster, regler, arranger; 
(account) redresser, rectifier; (aver- 
age) faire (etablir) la dispache, 
taxer (regler) I'avarie. 

Adjuster, n., dispache ur (m.). Average 
— , dispacheur d'avaries. 

Adjustment, n., redressement (m.), 
rectification (/.) (of accounts). 
Average — , dispache, taxation (/.), 
rfeglement (m.) d'avcuries. — of a 





difference, accomodement or ar- 
rangement (w.) d'un differend. 

Admeasurement, «., mesurage. 

Administer, v., administrer, fournir. 
To — an oath, faire prfiter serment. 
To — a bankrupt's estate, admin- 
istrer la faillite. 

Administration, n., administration 
(/.). — order, gestion. Letters of 
— , droit d' administrer la succes- 
sion. Council of — , conseil (w.) 
d' administration. 

Administrative, a., administratif. 

Administrator, n., adrainistrateur (w.). 
— • of a bankrupt's estate, adminis- 
trateur (syndic, curateur) de la 

Administratorship, n., fonctions d'ad- 
ministrateur, administration (/.). 

Admirable, a., admirable. 

Admiral, «., amiral (w.); (flag-ship) 
vaisseau (w) amiral. Rear- — , 
contre-amiral. Vice- — , vice- 

Admiralty, n., arairaut6 (/.); Minist^re 
de la Marine (in France). Court of 
— , tribunal (m.) maritune. Lord 
Commissioners of the — , conseil 
d'amiraut6. Board of — , conseil 
(w.) d'amiraute. First Lord of the 
— , Ministre de la Marine. 

Admiration, n., admiration (/.), eton- 
nement (m.). 

Admire, v., admirer, aimer, trouver 
beau, etre 6pris de; s'etonner. 

Admirer, n., admirateur (m.), admira- 
trice (/.). 


, admission, entrde, 

, accds (w.); conces- 

free, entrie libre or 

Free — ticket, billet de 

Admissible, a. 
Admission, n 

reception (/. 
sion (/.). 
Admit, v., 

admettre, laisser eutrer; 
avouer, reconnaltre; (a 
debt) reconnaitre; (acknowledge) 
reconnaltre, confesser. To — of, 
6tre susceptible de. To — as a 
partner, admettre (adjoindre) 
quelqu'un corame associd, prendre 
pour associc, 6tre commandite, 
associer (s'associer) quelqu'un. 
Admittance, n., acc^ (m.); admission, 
entr6e (/.). No — except on 
business, on n'entre que pour 
affaire. No — , defense d'entrer, 
le public n'entre pas ici, entr6e 

Admonish, v., avertir, exhorter; 
reprimander, admonester. 

Admonition, n., avertissement, avis, 
conseil (w.); admonition (/.^ 

Ado, M., difficulte, affaire (/.); fafons, 
ceremonies (/., pi.); fracas, tin- 
tamcirre, embarras (w.). Much — 
about nothing, beaucoup de bruit 
pour rien. Without more — , sans 
plus de faQons {or cer^monie or 

Adopt, v., adopter, choisir. 

Adoption, n., adoption (/.), choix (»«.). 

Adore, v., adorer. 

Adorn, v., orner, parer, embellir. 

Adornment, n., ornement (w.), em- 
bellissement \m.), parure (/.). 

Ad referendum, contra i provisoire, 
ad referendum. 

Adrift, adv., en derive, ^ I'abandon; 
{fig.) abandonne, sans ressources. 
To go — , aller k la derive. To run 
— , d^river. 

Adroit, a., adroit, habile. 

Adroitness, «., adresse, dexterity (/.)• 

Adult, a. and n., adulte {m. and /.). 

Adulterate, v., adulterer, falsifier, 
frelater; {fig.) alterer, corrompre. 

Adulteration, n, falsification, fre- 
laterie (/.), frelatage (w.). 

Ad valorem, de (sur) la valeur, ad 

Advance, «., mouvement, pas (w.), 
marche (/.), (rise) hausse, augmen- 
tation, avance (/.); (of money) 
avances(/.); (progress) progr^, 
avancemcnt (w.). To make — s, 
faire des avances; {fig.) faire le 
premier pas. In — , d'avance, en 
avance. — note, billet d'avance 
(m.). Payment in — , paiement 
anticip6 (d'avance). On the — , en 
hausse. To pay in — , payer 

Advance, v., avancer, porter en 
avant, faire avancer; s' avancer, se 
porter en avant; (to improve) 
am61iorer; (money) faire des 
avances d'argent A; (prices) monter, 
hausser, augmenter; (to progress) 
faire des progrfes, avancer; (to go 
forward) avancer; (to go up in 
price) ench6rir, rench^rir, aug- 
menter, 61ever, relever, hausser, 
rehausser. To be far — d, 6tre 
tr^s avanc6. 

Advancement, n., avancement, pro- 
gr^s (m.); promotion (/.); avance (/.) 





Advantage, n., avantage, profit, 
interet (m.). To take — of (to 
profit by), profiter de, tirer profit 
de, se prevaloir de, se servir de. 
To turn to — , mettre a profit, tirer 
profit de. To the best — , au plus 
graad avantage. To turn out to — , 
etre avantageux, tourner (aboutir) 
avantageusement, k 1' avantage de, 
tourner k bien. To have — over 
(see preference). To take an — , 
se servir (se prevaloir) d'un 

Advantageous, a., avantageux, favor- 
able, profitable. — conditions, con- 
ditions favorables, avantageuses. 

Advantageously, adv., avantageuse- 

Advent, «., venue, arrivee (/.). 

Adventure, n., aventiure (/.). hasard, 
incident, risque (w.); speculation, 
chance (/.). 

Adventurer, n., speculateur, aven- 
turier (w.). 

Adventurous, a., aventureux. 

Adverb, n., adverbe {m.). 

Adversary, n., adversaire {tn. and /.). 

Adverse, a., adverse, d6favorable, 
malheureux, oppose a, contraire k. 

Adversity, n., adversite (/.). 

Advert, v., faire allusion k, men- 
tiormer, parler de, appeler 1' atten- 
tion sur. 

Advertise, v., annoncer, faire annon- 
cer, publier, afficher. 

Advertisement, n., avis, avertisse- 
ment [m.); annonce (/.). 

Advertiser, «., personne qui fait des 
annonces; (paper) joiumal (tn.) 

Advice, «., avis, conseil (tn.); consulta- 
tion, nouvelle (/.). As per — of, 
suivant avis de. — note, avis, 
lettre d'avis (/.), note d'avis. — s, 
avis. To give — of, donner avis de. 
Letter of — , lettre d'avis. Refused 
for want of — , refuser faute d'avis. 
To take — , prendre conseil de, 

Advisability, n., utilite, convenance 

Advisable, a., exp6dient, convenable, 
a propos. To think — , juger 
convenable, croire exp6dient, juger 
k propos. 

Advise, v., aviser de, informer de, 
avertir de, donner avis k, conseiller, 
prevenirde, faire connaitre, donner 

avis de. As — d, selon avis, suivant 

Advisedly, adv., expr^s, judicieuse- 
ment, prudemment, avec reflexion. 

Advocate, «., avocat (tn.). 

Advocate, v., soutenir, plaider, de- 
fendre, appuyer. 

Advocation, tt., defense, interven- 
tion (/.), soutien (tn.). 

Adze, tt., erminette, doloire (/.). 

Aerate, v., aerer. — d waters, eaux 
gaseuses (aerees). 

Aerial, a., aerien. 

Aerodrome, «., aerodrome (tn.). 

Aerometer, n., aerometre (m.). 

Aeronaut, n., a6ronaute (m.). 

Aeronautical, a., aeronautique (/.). 

Aeronautics, n., aeronautique (/.); 
science de I'aeronaute. 

Aeroplane, ti., aeroplane (tn.). 

Afar, adv., de loin, au loin, loin. — 
off, au loin. 

AfEability, tt., affabUite (/.). 

Affable, a., affable, gracieux, doux. 

Affably, adv., avec affabilite, affable- 

Affair, tt., affaire (/.). — s, affaires. 
Minister for Foreign — s, Ministre 
des Affaires Etrangeres. — of 
honour, affaire d'honneur. Mer- 
cantile — s, les affaires, le com- 

Affect, v., affecter; interesser; toucher 
k; aimer; influer sur. To be — ed 
by the cold, etre sensible au froid. 
To be — ed by (moved or upset), 
se laisser 6mouvoir (toucher) par. 
Very — ed (high flown), tr^ 
affecte (maniere). 

Affectation, «., affectation (/.). 

Affecting, a., affectant; touchant, 
concemant, ayant trait k. 

Affection, n., affection, inclination (/.); 
attachement, penchant (tn.); senti- 
ment (tn.); emotion (/.); (ailment) 
maladie (/.). 

Affectionate, a., affectueux, affec- 

Affidavit, n., declaration sous ser- 
ment, attestation (/.). 

Affinity, «., afiSnite, alliance (/.). 

Affirm, v., af&rmer, declarer. 

Affirmation, «., declaration, afl&rma- 
tion, confirmation (/.). 

Affirmative, a., af&rmatif (»n.), affirma- 
tive (/.). A reply to the — , vme 
r^ponse afl&rmative. To answer in 
the — , repondre affirmativement. 





Affix, v., apposer, ajouter, attacher, 
fixer, aunexer. To — the signature, 
revetir (munir) do la signature, 
apposer la signature. — ed, appose 
(seal). To — the, apposer le sceau. 

Afflict, v., affliger, tourmenter. 

Afflicting, a., affligeant, chagrinant. 

Affliction, n., calamite, affliction, 
misere (/.), malheur (m.). 

Affluence, w., abondance, affluence, 
opulence (/.); richesses. 

Affluent, a., opulent, riche. To be in 
— circumstances, tive dans I'opu- 

Afford, V. (to give or j^eld), donner, 
produire; ofire; ^tre en position (en 
etat) de; (to supply) fournir. I 
cannot — it, mes moyens ne me le 
permettent pas, je n'en ai pas les 
moyens, je ne puis me le permettre. 
We cannot — to sell it at this price, 
nous ne pouvons pas le vendre k 
ce prix. It — s us much pleasure 
to say, nous avons le plaisir de dire. 
To — pleasure, faire plaisir. 

Affreight, v., affreter, freter (un 

Affreighter, n., affreteur, fr6teur [m.]. 

Affreightment, n., affretement, nolis- 
sement [m.). 

Affront, n., affront;(w.); insulte, in- 
jure (/.), outrage (wi.). 

Affront, v., affronter, offenser, in- 
sulter, faire un affront h. 

Afloat, adv., k flot, sur I'eau, en train; 
(fig.) en circulation, sur pied. 
There is a rumour — , le bruit court 

Afoot, adv., k pied, sur pied, en 
chemin, en route, en train. 

Afore, adv., auparavant, en avant, 
sur le devant; {naut.) avant; prep., 
devant, avant. — said, Icdit, le dit, 
susdit. As aforesaid, commc dit ci- 

Afraid, a., effray6, craintif. To be — , 
avoir peur. 

Afresh, adv., de nouveau, encore. 

Aft, adv., {naut.) arrive, de I'arri^re. 
Fore and — , [naut.) avant et 

After, adv., apres, suivant, d'aprfes; 
prep., aprfes, apr6s que, sur, k la 
suite de; (according to) salon. — 
all, aprfe tout, au fond, enfin. The 
day — , le lendemain. The day — 
to-morrow, apr^ demain. — the 
Spanish style, k I'espagnole. To 

look — , soigner, veiller k. — date, 
de date. — sight, de vue. 

After-dinner, n., apres-dfaier, aprte- 
dine (w.). 

Afternoon, n., apr^-midi (/.); apres- 
diner [m.). 

Afterpart, n., [naut.) poupe (/.). 

Aftertaste, n., arri^re-goiit, deboire 

Afterthought, n., pens6e ulterieure, 
reflexion tardive (/.). 

Afterwards, adv., ensuite, plus tard, 

Again, adv., encore, de nouveau, 
encore una fois. — and — , sans 
cesse, k plusieurs reprises, ci coups 
redoubles. As much — , encore 
autant. To write — , 6crire da 
nouveau. To sell — , revendre. 

Against, prep., contra, vis-^-vis, sur, 
vers, pr6s de; (in exchange for) 
contre. Your further drafts — this 
consignment will be duly honoured, 
bon accueil est r6serv6 k vos autres 
traites pour catte consignation. 

— orders, contre les ordres. To be 

— (opposed to), s'opposer k. To 
bring an action — , intenter un 
proces k quelqu'un, poursuivre 

Agate, n., agate (/.). 

Agave, n., agava (w.). 

Age, n., age (w.). Twelve years of — , 
age de douze ans. What — are 
you ?, quel &ge avez-vous ? — 
.-dmitted, age reconnu. Of — , 
majeur. Under — , mineur. To 
come of — , fitre majeur. ,To be 
under — , fetre mineur. 

Aged, a., ag6, vieux. 

Agency, «., agence (/.); {fig.) influ- 
ence, entremisa (/.). — business, 
r agence, la commission, maison de 
commission. — house, maison de 
commission. Through your — , par 
votra interm6diare. Through the 

— of a broker, par le rainistfere 
d'un courtier. 

Agenda, «., agenda (wt.). 

Agent, n., agent, homme d'affaires 
(wt.). — de change, agent de 
change. Commission — , com- 
missionnaire, intermddiare (m.). 
Lloyd's — , ■ agent de Lloyd. 
Forwarding — , exp^diteur, agent 
axpeditcur. Receiving — , r6cep- 
tionnaire, receveur (w.). 

Aggravate, v., aggraver. 





Aggravating, a., provocant, irritant. 

Aggravation, n., aggravation, provo- 
cation (/.). 

Aggregate, v., rassembler, reunir, 

Aggregate, «., agregation, masse (/.), 
total (m.), sorame totale (/.), agre- 
gat (m.). In the — , en somme, 
toute ensemble, k tout prendre. 

Aggregate, a., rassemble, reuni, 

Aggregation, «., reunion, agregation 
(/.), assemblage (w.). 

Aggression, n., agression, attaque (/.). 

Aggressive, a., ofifensif, agressif, 

Aggrieve, v., affliger, peiner, molester, 
blesser, leser. 

Aghast, a., consteme, ebahi, epou- 
vante, frappe (saisi) d'effroi. 

Agile, a., agile, kste. 

Agility, n., agilite, legerete (/.). 

Agio, n., agio, change [m.). 

Agitate, v., agiter, exciter, troubler, 
remuer ; (a question) soulever, 
agiter, discuter. To — for, agiter. 

Agitation, «., agitation (/.), trouble 
(m.), discussion (/.), examen (w.). 
The project now in — , le projet 
sur le tapis. 

Agitator, n., agitateur, meneur (m.). 

Ago, adv., passe, il y a, il y a eu. 
Some time — , il y a longtemps. 
How long — ?, combien de temps 
y a-t-il ? A good while — , il y a 
longtemps. Long — , il y a long- 
temps. Not long — , il n'y a pas 
longtemps. A few days — , il y a 
quelques jours. A little while — , 
il y a peu de temps. 

Agony, n., agonie, d;uleur, angoisse 

Agrarian, a., agraire, agricole, d'agri- 
culture. — law, loi agraire. 

Agree, v., s'accorder, etre d'accord, 
tomber d'accord ; se convenir, 
consentir a, donner son assenti- 
ment k. To — on the price, 
convenir du prix. To — with (to 
suit), convenir k, etre bon pour. 
It is — d, il est convenu. To — to, 
consentir a. To — upon, fitre 
d'accord sur. To — with (a per- 
son), se mettre d'accord avec 
quelqu'un, se ranger k I'avis 
de quelqu'im. To — '^to (accept), 
accepter. Our books do not — 
with the accoimt you have sent in, 

nos livres ne sont pas d'accord 
avec le corapte que vous nous avez 

Agreeable, a., agreable. To be — to, 
se con former k, etre agr6able. I am 
quite — thereto, j'y consens 

Agreeably, adv., agreablement. — to, 
conformement k, suivant. 

Agreed, a., convenu. As — , comme 
U a ete convenu, selon la con- 

Agreement, «., convention (/.), con- 
trat, rapport, accord (»».), con- 
formity (/.). Written — , conven- 
tion (contrat) par ecrit. Articles 
of — , articles de convention 
(contrat). To come to an — , en 
venir (arriver) k un accommode- 
ment. By mutual — , de commun 
accord, de gre k gre. 

Agricultural, a., agricole, d' agricul- 
ture See implement. 

Agriculture, n., agriculture (/.). 

Agriculturist, n., agriculteur (m.). 

Aground, adv., {naut.) echoue; k terre. 
To run — , mettre (Jeter) a la cote, 
faire echouer, echouer. 

Ahead, adv., (naut.) en avant, devant; 
{fig.) en tete, a la t6te. Right — , 
tout droit. To be — , Mre en avant, 
se trouver en tete. To get — of, 
{naut.) gagner I'avant de; {fig.) 
devancer. Go — ! allez-y : ; en 
avant. To steam — , s'en aller a 
toute vapeur. To go on — , 
prendre les devants. 

Aid, n., aide, assistance (/.); secours, 
concours (»».). In — of, au profit 
de, au benefice de. With the — of, 
avec le concours de. 

Aid, v., aider, secourir, assister. 

Ailment, n., mal, malaise (»».); indis- 
position (/.). 

Aim, n., intention, visee (/.); but; 
point de vue, dessein; (sight of a 
gun) guidon (m.). To miss one's 
— , manquer son coup. 

Aim, v., (a blow) lancer, porter; viser, 
ajuster, diriger; viser a; aspirer a, 
avoir pour but de, tendre k. 

Aimless, a., sans but. 

Air, n., air {m.); (appearance) appar- 
ence, mine (/.); vent (w.). To take 
the — , prendre I'air. To put on 
— s, se donner des airs. In the 
open — , [en plein air, au grand 





Air, v., aerer, mettre k Fair, chauffer, 

ressuyer. To — a room, a6rer une 

chambre. To — a shirt, secher une 

chemise. To — liquids, chauffer des 

Air-cushion, n., coussin a air (w.)- 
Air-gun, n., fusil k vent {m.). 
Air-hole, n., soupirail; event (of a 

furnace) (w.). 
Air-proof, see air-tight. 
Air-pump, n., pompe a air, machuie 

pneumatique (/.). 
Air-shaft, n., puits d'aerage (m.). 
Air-ship, n., ballon dirigeable (w.). 
Air-tight, a., impermeable a I'air. 
Air- valve, n., soupape k air. 
Air-vessel, «., reservoir d'air, recipi- 
ent (m.). 
Airing, n., aerage (of linen); eventage 

(skins); promenade (/.) (walk). 
Airy, a., aerien, acre; leger, delicat, 

gai, degage. 
Aisle, n., (church) aile, nef laterale (/.), 

has cote (w.). 
Akin, a., allie k, parent, voisin de, 

scmblable a, qui ressemble a, qui 

a rapport avec. 
Alabaster, n., albatre (m.). 
Alacrity, «., vivacite, ardeur (/.), 

cmpressement (w.). 
Alarm, n., alarme (/.). Fire — , 

avertisseur d'incendic (m.). 
Alarm, v., alarmer, donner d' alarme 

a, faire peur a, effrayer. 
Alarm-bell, n., cloche d' alarme (/.); 

tocsin (w.). 
Alarm-clock, n., reveille-matin (w.). 
Alarming, a., alarmant. — reports 

have been spread abroad, on 

repand k I'etranger des nouvelles 

Alarmist, n., alarmiste (w). 
Alarum, see alarm. 
Album, n., album (w.). 
Albumen, n., albumine (/.). 
Albuminous, <t., albumineux. 
Alcohol, n., alcool (m.). 
Alcoholic, a., alcoolique. 
Alcoholism, n., alcoolismo m.). 
Alcoholmeter or alcoholometre, »., 

alcoolometro, alcometrc (m.). 
Alcove, «., renforcement (m.); alcove, 

niche (/.) (garden), tonnelle, loge (/.) 

berceau, pavilion (m). 
Alderman, n., conseiller municipal, 

alderman (m). 
Ale, n., ale, bi^e. Pale — , ale (bi^re) 

claire (blanche). — brewer, 

brasseur (tn.). — conner, inspect- 

eur de mesures pour les liquides. 
Ale-house, «., cabaret (m.). 
Alert, a., alerte, vigilant, vif, eveille. 

To be on the — , etre sur le qui-vive. 
Alertness, n., vigilance, activite, 

vivacite, promptitude (/.). 
Alewife, »., alose (/.). 
Alfa, «., alfa (m.). 
Algaroba, n., algarobie. 
Algebra, n., alg^bre (/.). 
Alias, adv., dit, autrement dit; «., 

faux nom, pseudonyme. 
Alibi, «., alibi (m.). To prove an — , 

prouver un alibi. 
Alien, a., etranger k, eloigne de; n., 

etranger (m.), 6trang6re (/.). — s 

Act, loi sur les etrangers. 
Alienable, a., alienable. 
Alienate, v., aliener, eloigner. 
Alienation, m., alienation, eloigne- 

Alight, v., descendre, mettre pied k 

Align, v., aligner. 
Alignment, «., alignement (wi.). 
Alike, a., pareil, semblable, ressem- 

Aliment, n., aliment {m.). 
Alimentary, a., alimentaire. 
Alimentation, n., ahmentation (/.). 
AUmony, «., pension alimentaire (/.). 
Aliquot, a., aliquote. 
Alive, a., en vie, vivant; vif, gai, 

eveille, attentif k, sensible k, anime. 

To be — , vivre. To be — to, 

comprendre, sentir, reconnaitre. 
Alizarine, n., alizarine (/.). 
Alkali, n., alcali (w.). 
Alkaline, a., alcalin; n., substance, 

Alkanet, n., orcanete (/.). 
All, a., tout, tous; adv., tout, entiere- 

ment; n., tout. It is — the same, 

c'est tout de m6me, c'est la m^rae 

chose. When — comes to — , au 

bout du compte, tout compte. On 

— occasions, en toute occasion. 
One and — , tous sans exception. 
Not at — , point du tout. At — 
risks, k tous hasards. — rights 
reserved, tous droits r6serv6s. By 

— means, sans faute, absolument; 
certainement. In — , en tout. They 
have no sale at — , ils ne se vendent 
pas du tout. We advise it by — 
means, nous vous le conseillons 
certainement. — the more, tant 





plus. — the better, tant mieiix. 
— • the less, tant moins. Forming in 

— . . . , formant un total de . . . . 
Once for — , une fois pour toutes. 

— of a sudden, tout d'un {k) coup. 

— at once, tout d'un {h) coup. 
See along, round, once. 

AU-foars, n., (cards) imperiale (/.). 
All-Hallows, n.. La Toussaint. 
All-Saints' Day, n., jour de la 

All-Souls' Day, «., jour des morts. 
All-spice, M., piment (w.). 
Allay, v., apaiser, soulager, Ccdmer, 

Allayment, n., adoucissement (w».). 
Allegation, n., allegation (/.). 
Allege, v., alleguer, pretendre. — d, 

allegue, pretendu. 
Allegiance, n., fidelite, obeissance (/.). 

Oath of — , serment de fidelite (tn.). 
Allegory, n., allegoric (/.). 
Alleviate, v., alleger, soulager, adoucir. 
Alleviation, n., allegement, soulage- 

mcnt, adoucissement (w.). 
Alley, «., ruelle, allee (/.). 
Alliance, n., association, alliance (/.); 

(kindred) parente (/.). To form an 

— with, s'allier avec. 

Allied, a., allie, parent. — to, allie k. 

Allies, n., pi., allies (m.). 

Alligator, n., alligator, caiman (w.). 

— skin, peau d'alligator (/.). 
Allocate, v., assigner, allouer. 
Allocation, «., allocation, disposition 

(/.), arrangement (m.). 

Allonge, «., allonge. 

Allot, v., repartir, accorder, distribuer, 
assigner en partage. 

Allotment, n., repartition, distribu- 
tion (/.), partage, lot (w.). On — , 
a la repartition. — note, note de 

Allotted, a., reparti, distribue. 

Allow, v., permettre, autoriser, don- 
ner; allouer, approuver, admettre, 
reconnaitre, sanctionner. To — 
for, ddduire, faire la part de, tenir 
compte de. To — of, admettre de, 
comporter. I — 5 per cent., je 
vous fais une remise de cinq pour 

Allowable, a., legitime, juste, admis- 
sible, convenible, permis. 

Allowance, n., remise, reduction; per- 
mission, indulgence, gratification, 
pension (/.). Trade — , remise, 
reduction (/.). Monthly — , mois 

(w.). Weekly — , semaine (/.). To 
make — for, tenir compte de, avoir 
de I'indulgence pour, avoir cgard k. 

Alloy, «., alliage, melange (w.). 

Alloy, v., allier (metal); alterer, 

Alloyage, m., alliage (metal). 

Allspice, n., piment (m.). 

Allude, v., faire allusion a, vouloir 
dire, vouloir parler de, avoir trait a. 

AUtire, v., attirer. engager, inviter a; 

Allorement, n., charme, attrait, 
appat (m.). 

Alluring, a., attrayant, entrainant. 

Allusion, n., allusion, comparaison 
(/.). In — to, en faisant allusion a, 
par allusion a. 

Ally, v., imir k, allier k, joindre a; 
s'allier k or avec. 

Ally, n., allie (m.). 

Almanac, n., almanach (m.). 

Almond, n., amande (/.). Burnt — , 
amande pralinee, praline. Sugared 
— , dragee. — rock, nougat (w.). 
— kernel, noyau d'amande (m.). 
Milk of — s, lait d'amandes. Bitter 
— , amande amere. Sweet — , 
amande douce. African — , 

amande d'Afrique. Italian — , 
amande d'ltalie. Shelled — s, 
amandes cassees.- Oil of — s, huile 
d'amandes (/.). — paste, pate 
d'amande (/.). — soap, savon 
d'amande (m.). — tree, amandier 
(m.). Unshelled — s, amandes en 
coques. Essential or volatile oil of 
— s, huile volatile d'amandes 
am^res; essence d'amandes ameres. 
Fixed oil of — s, huile d'amandes. 

Almost, adv., presque; (before a 
nmneral) pres de. 

Alms, «., aumone (/.). house, n., 

maison de charit6 (/.); hospice pour 
les pau\Tes. 

Aloes, n., aloes (w.). — wood, bois 
d'aloes (w.). — fibre, fibre d' aloes 


Aloft, adv., en haut, haut, en I'air, 
{naut.) dans les lunes. To go — , 
monter au haut du m&t or dans les 

Alone, a., seul, unique; adv., seule- 
ment, uniquement. Leave me — , 
laissez-moi tranquille. To let — , 
laisser, laisser de cote, laisser la. 

Along, adv., le long de, le long, au 
long. — with, avec, ainsi que, en 





inSme temps que. All — , tout le 
temps; tout le long du chemin, 
tout le long de; depuis le com- 

Alongside, adv. and prep,, (naut.) bord 
k bord; contre ii contre; sous palan. 
To lie — , etre bord au quai. Price 
free — , prix mis k bord. 

Aloof, adv., loin, au loin, au large; 
61oigne, k I'ecart, k distance; 
(naut.) au lof. To keep or stand — , 
se tenir k I'ecart. To hold — , tenir a 

Aloud, adv., k haute voix, haut, k 
'grand bruit. 

Alpaca, n., alpaca, alpaga im.). 

Alphabet, n., alphabet (w).. 

Alphabetical, a., alphab6tique. In — 
order, par ordre alphabetique. 

Alpiste, «., alpiste (n.). 

Already, adv., dej4. 

Also, adv., aussi, egalement. As — , 
corame aussi. 

Alter, v., alterer, changer; se changer; 
modifier, retoucher, corriger. To 
— one's opinion, changer d' opinion. 

Alteration, n., modification, correc- 
tion (/.), changement (m.); varia- 
tion (A). ■ 

Alternate, a., alterne, alternant; «., 
alternative (/.). 

Alternate, v., exercer altemative- 
ment, altcrner, faire altemer. 

Alternately, adv., altemativement, 
tour h. tour. 

Alternation, n., alternative (/.) ; 
choix [m.). 

Alternative, «., alternative (/.), choix 
(w.). To have no — , n' avoir pas 

Alternatively, adv., altemativement. 

Although, conj., bien que, quoique, 
quand nieme, quand bien mSme. 

Altitude, n., elevation, hauteur, alti- 
tude (/.). 

Altogether, adv., enti^rement, tout k 
fait, tout k la fois; (in all) en tout, 
ensemble; conjoin tement; sans ex- 

Alnm, M., alun (w.). Rock — , alun 
de roche. — works, fabrique 
d'alun. — water., eau aluraineuse. 

Alumina, or alumine, n., alumine (/.). 

Aluminous, a., alumineux. 

Aluminium, n., aluminium (m.). 

Always, W?;.,''toujours. 

A.M., ante meridiem, adv., du matin. 

Amadou, «., amadou (m.). 

Amalgams, n., amalgames (m.). 
Amalgamate, v., amalgamer, fusion- 

ner; (to join with) s'amalgamer, 

se combiner, se fusionner. 
Amalgamation, n., amalgame, 

fusionnement (wt.), amalgamation, 

reunion, fusion (/.). 
Amanuensis, n., secretaire, copiste 

Amass, v., entasser, amasser. 
Amateur, n„ amateur {m.). 
Amaze, v., etonner, surprendre, con- 

fondre, frapper d'etonnement, in- 

Amazement, n., 6tonnement (m.), 

stupeur (/.); effroi, 6bahissement 

Amazing, a., etonnant, epatant, 

Amazon, n., amazon (/.). 
Ambassador, n., ambassadeur (m.). 
Amber, «., ambre (m.). — seed, 

graine musquee, ambrette (/.). — 

gris, ambre gris. — coloured, 

Amberite, «., amberite. 
Ambient, a., ambiant. 
Ambiguity, «., ambiguit6, Equivoque 

Ambiguous, a., ambigu, douteux, 

Ambition, n., ambition (/.). 
Ambitious, a., ambitieux. 
Amboyna wood, «., bois d'Amboyne 

Ambulance, «., ambulance (/.). — 

cart, fourgon d' ambulance (m.). 
Ambush, «., embuscade (/.), guet- 

apeus (w.). 
Ameliorate, v., am61iorer, perfection- 

ncr. f 

Amelioration, n., amelioration (/.), 

pcrfcctionnement (m.). 
Amenable, a., responsable, comptable; 

soumis k, sujet k. He is — to 

reason, on pent lui faire entendre 

Amend, v., amender, corriger, r^parer, 

modifier, reformer; s'amendcr, 

s'am6Horer, se corriger. 
Amended, a., rorrig6, aniend6, mod- 

ifi6. Herewith we hand you — 

statement of account, ci- joint 

nous vous envoyons un compte 

Amendment, n., amendement,change- 

mcnt (m.); amelioration, rectifica- 
tion, reforme (/.), 





Amends, n., compensation, repara- 
tion (/.); dedommagement {m.). To 
make — , compenser, reparer, 

Amenity, n., am6nite (/.). 

Amethyst, n., amethyste (/.). 

Amiable, a., aimable, gracieux, attray- 

Amianth or amianthus, n., amiante 

Amicable, a., amical; (settlement) k 
r amiable. 

Amicably, adv., gracieusement, avec 

Amid, or amidst, prep., au milieu de. 

Amidships, adv., {naut.) par le travers. 

Amidst, see amid. 

Amiss, adv., mal, en mal, en mauvaise 
part; (unseasonably) mal a propos. 
To be — , etre mad. To come — , 
venirmal. To take — , prendre mal. 
To be — , mal reusslr. 

Ammonia, «., ammoniaque (/.). 

Ammoniacnm, n., gomme ammonia- 
que (/.). 

Ammunition, n., munitions de guerre 

Amnesty, «., amnistie (/.). 

Among, amongst, prep., entre, parmi, 
avec, en milieu de, chez. 

Amontillado, «., amontillado (sherrj-). 

Amortization, n., amortissement (m.). 

Amortize, v., amortir. 

Amortizement, n., cunortissement(»t.). 

Amount, n., montant, total (w.); 
quantite, somme (/.); — brought 
forward, le report, le transport. 
Whole — , le total, le montant 
total. To the — of, jusqu*^ con- 
currence de. The — as per invoice, 
montant de la fadure. Gross — , 
le montant brut. According to the 
— , selon le montant. He is good 
for any — , il est bon pour une 
somme illimit6e. Net — , montant 
net. To remit the — , remettre le 
montant. To collect (call in) an — , 
encaisser (toucher, faire rentrer, 
percevoir, recouvrer) un montant. 

Amount, v., monter, se monter, 
s'elever a; se reduire k, revenir a. 
It — s to the same, ce revient au 
meme. The charges — to . . . . , 
les frais s'elevent a . . . . 

Amphibious, a., amphibie. 

Amphitheatre, «., amphitheatre (m.). 

Ample, a. ample, large; suflfisant, 
tres suffis^nt, vaste,_grand. 

Amplify, v., amplifier, agrimdir, aug- 
raenter,grossir, d6velopper, 6tendre . 
Amplitude, n., ampUtude, largeur, 
. etendue (/.). 
Amply, adv., amplement. 
Amputate, v., amputer. 
Amuse, v., amuser, divertir, distraire 
recreer. To be — d at, s'amuser 
divertir, rire de. 
Amusement, n., amusement, divertis- 
sement, plaisir(w.), distraction (/.) 
! Amusing, a., amusant, agreable 
I divertissant. 

I Amygdalin, see oil of almonds. 
I An, see a. 

i Analogous, a., analogue. 
I Analogy, «., analogie (/.). 
1 Analyse, v., analyser, faire I'analyse 
Analysis, «., analyse (/.). Chemical 
] — , analyse chimique. 
j Analyst, n'., analyste (m.). 
i Anarchy, «., anarchie (/.). 
I Anathema, n., anath^me {m.). 
I Anatomy, n., anatomie (/.). 
i Anatto, see annatto. 
I Ancestors, «., pi., ancetres, peres, 
i aieux (m.). 

i Ancestry, n., ancetres (»».); race, 

j extraction, origine (/.). 

I Anchor, n., ancre (/.). Sheet — , 

I maitresse ancre, ancre de miseri- 

I corde. Bower — , ancre de poste. 

I Best bower — , seconde ancre. 

Ebb — , ancre de jusant. Flood — , 

ancre de flot. Foul — , ancre 

I surjalee. Kedge — , ancre a 

empenneler, ancre de toue. Sea — , 

ancre du large. Shore — , ancre de 

terre. Spare — , ancre de rechange. 

Small bower — , ancre d'affourche. 

— stock, jouet, jouail, jas (»«.) 

d' ancre. To weigh — , lever 1' ancre. 

To let go the — , mouiller I'ancre. 

To lie or ride at — , etre k I'ancre. 

To bring to — , ancrer. At — , k 

I'ancre, mouille. — ground, 

mouillage (m.). 

Anchor, v., ancrer, mouiller. 

Anchorage, n., mouillage, ancrage 

(m.); drois d' ancrage (w.). 
Anchovy, n., anchois (»».). — pear, 

poire d'anchois. 
Ancient, a., ancien, antique, vieux. 
And, conj., et. To go — see, aller voir. 
Better — better, de mieu-x en 
mieux. — so on, et ainsi de suite. 
Anecdote, »»., anecdote (/,), 





Anent, prep., concernant, touchant, 

au sujet de, a propos de, sur. 
Anew, adv., de nouveau. 
Angelica root, n., racine d'angelique 

Anger, n., colere (/.), courroux (w.). 
Angle, «., angle, coin {m.). See iron. 
Angle, v., pdcher k la ligne. 
Angler, n., pecheur k la ligne (m.). 
Angling, «., peche a la ligne (/.). 
Angora, «., chevre d' Angora. 
Angostura bark, ecorce d' Angostura 

de Columbie. — bitters, amers 

d' Angostura. 
Angry, a., fache, irrite, fiurieux, 

courrouce, en colore. To get — , 

se facher, se mettre en colore. To 

be — with any one, etre en colore 

centre quelqu'un; en vouloir a. 
Anguish, n., angoisse (/.). 
Angular, a., angulaire. 
Aniline, «., anUine (/.). 
Animadversion, n., animadversion (/.). 
Animadvert, v., censurer, blamer, 

critiquer, s'attaquer a. 
Animal, n. and a., animal {m). — 

spirits, ardeur, vivacite (/.), feu {m.). 
Animate, v., animer; ranimer. — d, 

anime, vif. 
Animation, »., animation, chalciir, 

vivacite, vie (/.). 
Anime, «., resine, anim6 (m.). 
Animosity, «., animosity (/.); acharne- 

meiit (w.). 
Aniseed, «., anis(m.); graine d'anis 

(/.). — oil, huile d'anis (/.). Star 

— , anis etoile. 
Anisette, «., anisette (/.). 
Ankle, n., cheville du pied {/.). 
Annals, n., pi., annales (/.); histoire 

Annatto, n., rocou (w.). 
Annex, v., annexer k, joindre k, 

attacher k. — ed, annex6, ci- 

annexe, ci-joint. 
Annexation, n., annexation (/.); jonc- 

tiori, union (/.). 
Annihilate, v., an6antir, annihiler, 

Annihilation, n., an^antissement (m.), 

annihilation (/.). 
Anniversary, n., anniversaire (m.). 
Anno Domini (Lai.), I'an de grSce, 

Tail du Seigneur. 
Annotate, v., annoter. 
Annotation, n., annotation (/.). 
Annotto, n., racou. 
Announce, v., annoncer, proclamer. 

Announcement, n., annonce, nou- 
velle (/.), avis (m.). 

Annoy, v., incommoder, ennuyer, 
molester, agacer, contrarier; 6tre 
d6sagreable k. — ed, contrarie. 

Annoyance, n., contraridte (/.); ennui, 
deplaisir, desagr^ment (m.). 

Annoying, a., ennuyant, contrariant, 
vexant, desagreable. 

Annual, a., annuel. — balance, bilan 
annuel {m.). — report, rapport 
annuel (m.). 

Annually, adv., annuellement, tons 
les ans. 

Annuitant, «., rentier, d6tenteur 

Annuity, n., rente annuelle, annuity, 
pension (/.). Reduced — , rente 
reduite. Deferred — , rente diff^ree. 
Contingent — , rente viag^re. Life 
— , rente viagfere. Perpetual — , 
rente perpetuelle. Government — , 
rente sur I'Etat. Long — , annnite 
k long terme (/.). 

Annul, v., annuler. 

Annulment, «., annulation (/.). 

Annum, »., an (m.). Per — , par an. 

Anomalous, a., anomal, irr^gulier. 

Anomaly, n., anomalie, irr6gularit6 

Anon, adv., tout a I'heure, tant6t, k 
I'instant, aussitot. 

Anonymous, a., anonyme. 

Another, a., un autre, encore un. 
One — , I'un I'autre. That is — 
thing, c'est autre chose, c'est 
different. One with — , Tun dans 
I'autre, I'un portant I'autre. One 
after — , I'un aprfe I'autre. 

Answer, «., reponse, replique (/.). 
In — to your letter, en reponse k 
votre lettre. — by wire, r6ponse 
t^legraphique. Awaiting an — , en 
attendant le plaisir de vous lire. 

Answer, v., r^pondre, satisfaire, 
remplir, rdussir; r^pondre de (pour). 
To — a letter, r6pondre k une 
lettre. To — one's expecta- 
tions, r6pondre aux esp^rances. 
To — (one's purpose), remplir le 
but. To — your requirements, 
remplir votre march^. To — for, 
r6pondre de, 6tre responsable de, 
se rendre garant de, rendre compte 
de. That did not — , cela n'a pas 
r^ussi. We cannot — for the 
purchasers nous ne pouvons pas 
r^pondre des acheteurs. 





Answerable, a., susceptible de reponse, 
con forme k. See responsible. 

Ant, n., fourmi (/.). 

Antagonist, n., antagoniste (m.). 

Antarctic, a., antarctique. 

Antecedent, n., antecedent (»».)■ 

Antecedents, n., pi., antecedents (w.). 

Antedate, «., antidate (/.). 

Antedate, v., cintidater, anticiper. 

Ante meridiem, A.M., avant midi. 

Anterior, a., anterieur. 

Anthracene, n., anthracene (/.). 

Anthracite, n., anthracite (m). 

Antic, n., boufiEon {m.) ; mouvement 
grotesque (m.), buffonnerie, farce, 
cabriole (f.). 

Anticipate, v., anticiper; (foresee) 
prevenir; (expect) s'attendre k, 
espeirer; compter sur; se promettre; 
jouir d'avance de; devancer; se 
proposer de. 

Anticipation, «., anticipation, esper- 
ance, attente (/.), avant-goflt (m.). 
In — .dansl' attente de, en attendant, 
en prevision de. To thank (one) in 
— , remercier d'avance, k (par) 
I'avance, par anticipation. 

Antidote, n., antidote, contre-poison 

Antifebrin, n., antifebrine, febrifuge 

Antimacassar, «., tetiere (/.); dessus 
de fauteuil (m.). 

Antimony, n., antimoine (m.). Crude 
— , antimoine cru. 

Antipathy, n., antipathic (/.). 

Antipodes, n., pi., antipodes (m.). 

Antiquarian, a., antique, d'antiquaire; 
rt., antiquaire. 

Antiquary, n., antiquaire. 

Antiquated, a., antique, suranne; (out 
of fashion) demod6. 

Antique, a., ancien, antique. 

Antiquity, »., antiquite (/.). 

Antiseptic, a., antiseptique. 

Antipyrin, n., antipyrine (/.). 

Antithesis, n., antithese (/.). 

Antler, n., andouiller (w.). 

Anvil, «., enclume (/.). Beaked — , 
bigome (/.). 

Anxiety, «., anxi6te, inqui6tude, 
sollicitude (/.); empressement (tn.). 

Anxious, a., inquiet, ddsireux, anx- 
ieux, curieux. To be — about, 
s'inquieter; fetre inquiet au sujet 
de. I am — to know by the next 
letter, j'ai h&te d'apprendre par 
votre prochaine. To be — to. 

desirer vivement de. We are — to 
know the reports, nous sommes 
impatients d'avoir les renseigne- 

Anxiously, adv., avec anxiet6, avec 
sollicitude, avec impatience, avec 

Any, a., quelque, tout, du, de la, 
de r, des, de, en, quelqu'un, aucun; 
(affirmative) quelque part; (nega- 
tive) nulle part; n'importe lequel. 
In — case, en tout cas. — longer, 
plus long, plus longtemps. — more, 
plus, davantage, encore. (See 
amoimt, further.) Have you — 
wine ?, avez-vous du vin ? Scarcely 
— , presque pas. 

Anybody, pron., quelqu'im. 

Anyhow, adv., de toute fa^on, de 
quelque mani^e que ce soit; 
n'importe comment. 

Ansrthing, pron., quelque chose; (with 
negation) rien; tout ce que. It is — 
but nice, c'est loin d'etre plaisant. 

— else, quelque chose de plus. 
If — , peut-etre. 

Anyway, adv., d'une mani^re ou 
d'une autre, en tout cas, dans tous 
les cas. 

Anywhere, adv., dans quelque endroit 
que ce soit, n'importe oh. — else, 
quelque autre part, en quelque 
autre endroit; (after a negation) 
nulle autre part. 

Apart, adv., k part, de c6te, en dehors. 

— from, k part de. To set — , 
dcarter , mettre de c6t6. — from t he 
injury done to the goods, outre k 
dommage caus6 aux marchandises. 

Apartmenl^ n., chambre, piece (/.): 

logement (m.). 
Apathetic, a., apathique. 
Apatite, «., apatite (/.). 
Apathy, n., apathie (/.). 
Ape, «., singe (m.). 
Aperient, aperitive, n., laxatif, ap^- 

tif (w.). 
Apertore, n.,ouverture (/.); orifice (m.) . 
Apex, M., sommet (m.). 
Apiece, adv., pi^ce, la pi^ce; (persons i 

chacun; par personne, par tete. 

Five shillings — , cinq schellings 

par tfete (k la piece). ' 
Apollinaris water, «., eau d'Apol- 

linaris (/.). 
Apologize, v., s'excuser aupres d» , 

faire des excuses k, faire uno 

apologie, demander pardon. To — 





for, faire des excuses, s'excuser de. 
I — for this error, je m'excuse de 
cette erreur. 

Apology, n., excuse, apologie (/.). 
Accept our apologies, veuillez 
accepter nos excuses. 

Apostrophe, «., apostrophe (/.). 

Apothecary, n., medecin, apothicaire, 
pharmacien {m.). — 's shop, phar- 
macie (/.). 

Appal, v., 6pouvaiiter, terrifier, con- 

Appalling, a., effrayant, epouvam- 
able, terrifiant. 

Apparatus, n., appareil, attirail (w.). 

Apparel, n., habit, vfeteraent; habille- 
nicnt, appareil; {naut.) equipement 
(»t.). Wearing — , hardes (/.), 
habits {m.). 

Apparent, a., evident, clair, manifeste, 
apparent. Heir — , heritier 

presomptif. To be very — , fetre 
tres Evident. 

Apparently, adv., apparemment, evi- 
demment, en apparence. 

Appeal, »., appel (m.). To lodge an 
— , interjeter appel. To make an 
— to, faire un appel k. To confirm 
an — , confirmer un appel. Without 
— , en dernier ressort, sans appel. 
See court. 

Appeal, v., appeler, en appeler k; 
s'adresser k; supplier; porter k un 
tribunal supdrieur. 

Appealant, n., appelant (m.). 

Appear, v., paraitre, apparaitre 
k, se montrcr k; (in person) com- 
paraitre devant, se pr6senter ci; (in 
an ac90unt) figurer. As — s from, 
comrae il r6sulte de. To make — , 
faire paraitre, ddraontrer, prouver. 
To — for, representer, r^pondre 
pour. To — against any one, se 
presenter contre quclqu'un; se 
porter partie contre quelqu'un. 

Appearance, n., apparition, appar- 
ence, figure (/.); air, aspect, ex- 
terieur (w.); (in person) comparu- 
tion (/.). To all — s, selon toute 
appar«nce. To put in an — , faire 
acte de presence, de comparution. 
To save — s, sauver les apparences. 
There is every — , il y a toute 

Appearer, n., comparant (m.). 

Appease, v., apaiser, calmer, pacifier. 

Appellant, n., appelant; a., appelant, 
en appel. 

Appellation, «., nom (w.); d^omina- 
tion, appellation (/.). 

Append, v., annexer, apposer, at- 

Appendage, n., accessoire, appendice 

Appendix, n., appendice, supplement 

Appertain, v., appartenir k. 

Appertaining, a., qui appartient k. 

Appertenance, n., appertenance (/.). 

Appetizing, a., appetissant. 

Appetite, «., appetit; (/?g.) penchant 

Applaud, v., applaudir (someone); 
applaudir k (something). 

Applause, n., applaudissement (m.). 

Apple, n., pomme (/.). Oak — , noix 
de galle. — tree, pommier (m.). 

Pine , ananas (»i.). — of the 

eye, pupille, prunelle (/.). Adam's 
— , pomme d'Adam (/.), citron 

Appliance, n., ustensile, instrument, 
appareil [tn.); machine (/.); moyen; 
agencement {tn.). 

Applicable, a., applicable k. To be — 
to, etre applicable ci, s'appliquer k. 

Applicant, n., candidal, p6titionnaire, 
demandeur (tn.), demanderesse (/.); 
postulant (tn.); postulante (/.). 

Application, «., application (/.); de- 
mande, soUicitation (/.); (use) em- 
ploi, usage (m.); petition (/.); aspira- 
tion (/.). To make an — , faire une 
demande ci, s'adresser k. A written 
— , une demande par 6crit. On — , 
sur demande. 

Apply, v., s'appliquer k; s'adresser k; 
se mettre k, s'attacher k; appliquer 
II, adresser k. To — to, s'adresser, 
avoir recours k; (to be applicable 
to) s'appliquer k. To — for, 
solliciter, demander. To — one- 
self to, s'appliquer k, se dedier k. 
To — a smn of, dcstiner une 
sonune k. 

Appoint, v., designer, nommer (a 
person); dtablir, fixer, indiquer; 
d6cr6ter. At the — ed time, au 
temps marqu6. 

Appointment, m., nomination (of 
person); emploi, charge (meeting 
or engagement), engagement, rcn- 
dez-vous. To make an — with 
anyone, donner im rendez-vous k 
quelqu'un. To keep the — , Atre au 





Apportion, v., proportionner, repartir, 
distribuer, partager. 

Apportionment, n., repartition, dis- 

i*jtribution (/.); partage (m.). 

Apposite, a., applicable k, approprie 
k, bien place, convenable a. 

Appraise, v., evaluer, expertiser, 
estimer, priser. 

Appraisement, «., evaluation, estima- 
tion, expertise (/.). 

Appraiser, «., commissaire-priseur, 
expert, estimateur, evaluateur (m.). 

Appreciable, a., appreciable. Without 
any — change, sans aucun change 

Appreciate, v., apprecier, estimer. 

Appreciation, n., appreciation (/.). 

Apprehend, v., prendre; croire, com- 
prendre; presumer, penser, sup- 
poser; (to fear) craindre; (to arrest) 
arreter, saisir. 

Apprehension, n., apprehension, con- 
ception; (arrest) arrestation, prise 
de corps; (fear) crainte, inquietude 

Apprehensive, a., intelligent, prompt 
k saisir; (fearful) apprehensif, 
alarme, inquiet. To be — , appre- 
hender. We are very — that loss 
will ensue, nous apprehendons 
beaucoup que cela ne laisse de la 

Apprentice, «., apprenti (m.). 

Apprentice, v., mettre en appreutis- 

Apprenticeship, «., apprentissage (w.). 
To serve one's — , faire son 

Apprise, v., informer, donner avis k, 
aviser, instruire, prevenir, ap- 

Approach, «., approche (/.); acces; 
pas; abord, rapprochement (w.). 
The nearest — , le plus ressemblant. 
To be easy of — , etre d'un acc^s 
(d'un abord) facile. 

Approach, v., approcher de, s'ap- 
procher de, aborder, rapprocher, 
se rapprocher. To — a firm, se 
diriger k une maison, faire des 
propositions k une maison. 

Approachable, a., accessible, abord- 
able. [ant. 

Approaching, a., prochain; approch- 

Approbation, «., approbation (/.). On 
— , k condition. See approval. 

Appropriate, a., appropri6 k, affects k, 
convenable k, juste, k propos. 

Appropriate, v., approprier k; s'ap- 
proprier (to take possession) ; destin- 
er k, affecter k, reserver k. 

Appropriation, n., appropriation, 
destination, application (/.); em- 
ploi (w.). 

Approval, n., approbation (/.). On — 
a condition, k I'approbation, i 
I'essai. For your — , pour votrc 
approbation. To send on — . 
envoyer k I'approbation. To meet 
with one's — , trouver I'approba- 
tion. To submit for — , soumettn 
k I'approbation. — of an account . 
approbation d'un compte. 

Approve, v., confirmer, approuver 
recommender. To — of, approuver 
6tre content de. 

Approximate, a., approximatif. — 
value, valeur approximative (/.) 
— price, prix approximatif (m.). 

Approximate, v., rapprocher de 
approcher de ; se rapprocher de. 

Approximatively, adv., approxuna- 

Approximation, «., appro.ximation (/.) , 
rapprochement (w.). 

Approximative, see approxunate. 

Appurtenance, n., dependanc^, ap- 
partenance (/.). — s, dependances. 

Appurtenant, a., dependant de, ap- 
partenant a. 

Apricot, «., abricot (m.). — tret , 
abricotier (m.). 

April, n., avril. 

Apron, n., tablier (m.); (naut.) eperon; 
contre-etrave. — strings, cordons 
(rubans) du tablier. 

Apt, a., propre k, convenable a; 
porte a, enclin a, sujet k. — to 
break, fragile. — to forget, 
oublieux. To be — to, fitre dispose 
or porte k. 

Aptitude, n., aptitude, disposition (/.i; 
penchant {tn.). 

Aptly, adv., justement, convenablt- 
ment, k propos. 

Aqua fortis, n., eau-forte (/.). 

Aquamarine, «., aigue-marin (/.). 

Aquatic, a., aquatique. 

Aqua regia, n., eau regale (/.). 

Aquatint, «., aquatinte (/.). 

Aqueduct, n., aqueduc (w.). 

Aquiline, a., aquilin; d'aigle. 

Arab, «., Arabe (m. and /.); a., Arab* . 

Arabic, a., arabe, arabique. Gum — , 
gomme arabique. 

Arabin, n., arabine (/.). 





Arable, a., arable, labourable. — 
land, terre labourable (/.); terroir 


Arbiter, n., arbitre (m.). 

Arbitrage, w., arbitrage de change 
(m.). To do — business, faire les 
arbitrages (des operations d'arbit- 

Arbitrageur, n., arbitrageur (»».). 

Arbitrament, «., arbitrage, jugement, 
compromis (w.), decision {/.). 

Arbitrarily, adv., arbitrairement. 

Arbitrariness, n., arbitraire (»».). 

Arbitrary, a., arbitraire. 

Arbitrate, v., arbitrer, decider. 

Arbitration, n., arbitrage (w.); deci- 
sion (/.). — court, tribunal 
arbitral. — of exchange, arbitrage 
de change. To submit to — , (se) 
soumettre a I'arbitrage. To settle 
by — , faire arbitrer un litige, 
faire juger par des arbitres. 

Arbitrator, «., arbitre, amiable com- 
positeur (m.). To appoint (assign) 
— s, nommer (constituer) des 
arbitres. To refer to — s, soumettre 
aux (renvoyer devant les) arbitres. 

Arbour, n., berceau (w.); tonnelle (/.). 

Arc, n., arc (m.). 

Arc-lamp, n., lampe k arc (/.). 

Arc-light, n., lumiere h arc (/.). 

Arch, n., arche (/.); arc, cintre (w.); 
voute (/.). [courber. 

Arch, v., voiitcr, cintrer, arquer, 

Archimedean screw, n., vis d'Archi- 
mede (/.); helice propulsive (/.). 

Archill, n., orseille (/.). 

Architect, n., architecte (m.). 

Architectural, a., architectural. 

Architecture, n., architecture {/.). 
Naval — , architecture navale. 

Archives, n., pi., archives (/.). 

Arctic, a., arctique. 

Ardent, a., ardent, brulant. 

Ardour, n., ardeur (/.). 

Arduous, a., ardu, penible, difficile, 
rude. This is an — task, c'est une 
I'utreprise 'ardue. 

Are, n., (French measure) are. 

Area, «., superficie, surface (/.); 
('•tcndue (/.). 

Areca, n., arec (tn.). 

Aerometer, n., a6rom6tre (m.). 

Argal, «., tartre cristallisd (w.). White 
— , tartre cristallis6 blanc. Red — , 
t:irtre cristallise rouge. 

Argand gas burner, lampe d'Argand. 

Argentine, a., argentin. 

Argil, n., argile (/.). 

Argue, v., argumenter, raisonner de, 
arguer de, soutenir, pretendre; (in 
court) plaider. To — with, discuter 
avec. To — against, argumenter 
contre. He cannot — me into it, 
il ne peut pas m'en convaincre. 

Argument, n., argument (tn.), raison- 
nement, thdme, sujet (m.), discus- 
sion (/.). To refute — s, refuter des 

Argumentative, a., de raisonnement, 
d' argumentation. 

Arid, a., aride. 

Aridity, aridness, n., aridity. 

Aright, adv., bien, droitement. 

Arise, v., se lever, s'elever. To — 
(result), resulter, provenir de; (a 
difficulty) surgir, se presenter, se 
soulever. To — from, provenir de, 
naitre de. 

Aristocracy, «., aristocratic (/.). 

Aristocrat, n., aristocrate {tn. and /.). 

Aristocratic, a., aristocratique. 

Arithmetic, n., arithm^tique (/.); cal- 
cul {tn.). Commercial — , arith- 
m^tique commerciale. 

Arithmetical, a., arithm^tique. 

Arithmetician, n., arithmdticien {tn.). 

Ark, n., arche (/.);. coffret (tn.). 

Arm, n., bras (tn.). — chair, fauteuil 
(tn.). — in — , bras dessous, bras 
dessus. At — 's length, k distance. 
Within — 's reach, k port6e du 

Arm, v., armer, donner des armes k; 
s'armer, prendre les armes. 

Armada, «., flotte, armada (/.). 

Armament, n., armement (tn.). 

Armed, a., arme. 

Armful, M., brassee (/.). 

Armistice, n., armistice (tn.). 

Armlet, n., brassard, bracelet (tn.). 

Armour, n., armure (/.); armement 

(tn.). plated or cased, cuirass^, 

blindd. — -casing or plating, 
blindage (tn.). — -plate, plaque 
de blindage (/.). 

Armoury, n., arsenal (tn.), salle 
d'armes, armure (/.). 

Arms, n., pi., bras (of a person); 
armes (weapons). Fire — , armes 
k feu. 

Army, «., arm6e (/.); (crowd or multi- 
tude) foule, multitude (/.). 

Arnica, n., arnica (tn.); arnique (/.). 

Aroma, n., arome (tn.); (of wine) 
bouquet (tn.). 


3 — (1630A) 




Aromatic, a., aromatique. — vinegar, 
vinaigre aromatique. 

Aromatics, n., aroraates (w.). 

Around, adv., autour, a I'entour, aux 
environs, a la ronde; prep., autour 
de, a I'entour de. 

Arouse, v., soulever, reveiller, exciter, 
eveiller, animer. 

Arraign, v., poursuivre (en justice); 
accuser, traduire en justice, mettre 
en accusation. 

Arraignment, «., accusation, mise en 
accusation (/.). 

Arrange, v., arranger; regler, mettre 
en regie (to put right); (to come to 
terms) s'accommoder (s'accorder, 
transiger, s' arranger) avec quelqu' 
un. To — with, arranger, faire des 
arrangements avec. Please — the 
delivery, veuillez faire livrer. I 
shall — matters with him, je 
m'arrangerai avec lui. 

Arranged, a., arrange. 

Arrangement, «., arrangement, ac- 
commodement {m.) ; (agreement); 
convention (/.), accord (w.). To 
make — s with, faire (prendre) des 
arrangements avec. To come to an 
— , arriver (aboutir, venir) a un 
accommod^ment (arrangement), a 
une composition, tomber d' accord. 
— with creditors, accord (con- 
cordat) avec les creanciers. To 
make an — (settlement), faire un 
arrangement, accord, une transac- 
tion, entrer en arrangements, 
passer une transaction, un accord, 
transiger, s'accorder. 

Arrant, a., vrai, grand, insigne, 
determine. [bre (w.). 

Array, n., foule (/.); ordre (m.), nom- 

Array, v., revetir de, parer de, orner 
de; deployer, ranger. 

Arrear, n., arriere (w.). In — , en 
arrierc, en retard, arriere. 

Arrears, «., arrerages (w.). 

Arrest, n., arret (m.), arrestation, 
prise de corps (/.), empechement 
(w). Goods under — , marchandises 

Arrest, v., arreter; fixer, saisir; 
suspendre, surseoir a; (goods) saisir; 
(the attention) fixer, attirer. 

Arrival, n., arrivee (/.); arrivage (w). 
Safe — , heureuse arrivee. On — , a 
I'arrivee. — sales, ventes a livrer. 
Port of — , le port d' arrivee. — s, 
marchandises k livrer. 

Arrive, v., arriver, parvenir k, venir k. 
To — at maturity, arriver a 
maturite. To — at, arriver a. T«) 
— safely, arriver heureusement; 
arriver sans encombre. Sales to —t, 
ventes k livrer. The steamer — tl 
at this port on the 10th inst., le 
vapeur est arrive k ce port le 10 

Arrogance, n., arrogance (/.). 

Arrogant, a., arrogant. 

Arrogate, v., s'arroger. 

Arrow, n., fleche (/.); (fig.) trait (m.). 

Arrowroot, n., arrow-root [nt.); herbe 
a la fleche (/.). 

Arsenal, n., arsenal (w.). 

Arsenic, «., arsenic (m.). White — , 
acide arsenieux. 

Arsenious, a., arsenieux. — acid, 
acide arsenieux, arsenic blanc («.). 

Arson, n., incendie premedite (m.). 

Artesian, a., artesien. — well, puits 
artesien (w.). — water, eau 

Artful, a., ruse, fin, adroit, habile; 
(crafty) artificieux, astucieux. 

Artichoke, w., artichaut (w.); Jerusa- 
lem — , topinambour (m.). 

Article, «., article, objet, colis (w.); 
(of a company) statuts; (goods) 
marchandise (/.). — (in a news- 
paper), article. Leading — (news- 
paper), article principal (m.). To 
keep {or deal in) an — , tenir un 
article. To sign — s, signer des 
contrats. — s of association, statuts. 
— s much in demand, des articlt^s 
tres recherches. Saleable — , 
article courant, de bonne vente. 
Unsaleable (heavy) — s, des articles 
invendables, de mauvaise vente. 

Article, v., engager par contrat. To — 
an apprentice, mettre en appreii- 

Articulate, v., articuler, traiter. 

Artifice, «., artifice, art (m.). 

Artificer, n., ouvrier, artisan, artiste 

Artificial, a., artificiel, faux. — silk, 
sole artificielle. 

Artillery, n., artillerie (/.). 

Artisan, «., artisan, ouvrier (m.). 

Artist, n., artiste (/«.). 

Artistic, a., artistique. 

Artless, a., simple, naif, ingenu; 
sans art, naturel. 

As, conj., comme, ainsi que, selon 
que, suivant que, a mesure que, < n. 






— good — , aussi bon que. — well 
— , aussi bien que. — well, aussi 
bien. — for, quant 4. — to, 
quant k. — for me, quant k moi. 

— far — , jusqu'4, en tant que, 
aussi loin que. — much — , autant 
que. To act — , exercer, remplir 
les fonctions de, aglr en (comme). 

— far — we can see, autant quo 
nous pouvons voir. — ■' I receive 
the goods, a raesure que je recevrai 
les marchandises. — great — , 
aussi grand que. — though, 
comme si. — it were, pour ainsi 
dire. — soon — , aussitot que. 

— yet, jusqu'a present, encore. 

— per, selon, suivant. — per 
advice, suivant avis. — it is, 
comme il est, dans le cas present, 
vu I'etat de choses. 

Asafoetida, n., assafoetida {/.). 
Asbestos, n., asbeste, amiante (wt.). 
Ascend, v., monter h (sur), remonter, 

s' ('lever. 
Ascendant, n., ascendant (m.). 
Ascension, n., ascension (/.). 
Ascent, n., elevation, montee, in- 

clinaison, ascension, hauteur (/.). 
Ascertain, v., assurer, s' assurer (de), 

verifier, constater, prouver, d6t?r- 

ininer, fixer. 
Ascribe, v., attribuer k, accorder k, 

imputer k. 
Ash, n., cendre (/.); (wood) fr^ne (m.). 

— Wednesday, mercredi des cen- 
dres. — es, cendres. — pan or pit, 
(mech.) cendrier (m.). — tray, 
cendrier (pour fumeurs). 

Ash-tree, »., trhne (w.). 

Ashamed, a., con f us, honteur. To be 
{or feel) — , avoir honte de. 

Ashore, adv., k terre; (ship) 6choue, 
k la cote. To go — (to land), 
desembarquer, aller k la terre. To 
run — , ^chouer, s'echouer, faire 
cote, faire echouer. 

Aside, adv., de c6t6, k part, en aparte, 
k I'dcart. iTo lay — , mettre de 
c6t6, ^carter. To put — , mettre k 
cdt6, ecarter. To set — (reject), 
rejeter. We have put 25 bales — 
and await your instructions, nous 
avons mis de cote 25 ballcs et 
attendons vos instructions. 

Ask, v., demander, prier, inviter k, 
s'infomier de. To — to see, 
dc-mander i voir. To — a question, 
faire une question. To — after, 

demander des nouvelles de. To — 
(so much) for, demander. Messrs. 
. . . ask me to arrange with you, 
MM. . . . me demandent de m' en- 
tendre avec vous. You — too 
much for your goods, vous de- 
mandez trop cher de vos march- 

Askance, adv., de travers, oblique- 
ment; du coin de roeil; de cote. 
To look — at, regarder de travers. 

Asleep, adv., endormi. To fall — , 

Asp, n., aspic (m.). 

Asparagus, n., asperge (/.). — dish, 
berceau k asperges (w.). — tongs, 
pinces k asperges (/.). 

Aspect, n., aspect, point de vue, 
regard (w.); exposition (/.). 

Aspen, tree, n., tremble (m.). 

Asperity, n., Spretd, aspdrite, s^veritc, 
rudesse (/.). 

Aspersion, n., aspersion, calomnie, 
diffamation (/.). To cast an — on, 
diffamer, calomnier quelqu'un. 

Asphalt, n., asphalte, goudron min- 
eral (m.). 

Aspirant, n., aspirant (m.), aspirants 
(/.), candidat (w.>. 

Aspiration, n., aspiration (/.), d^sir, 
61an (w.). 

Aspire, v., aspirer, s'aspirer, aspirer k, 
pretendre k, ambitionner, viser k. 

Ass, «., ane (m.). She — , anesse (/.). 

Assail, v., attaquer, assaillir. 

Assailant, n., assaillant (m.). 

Assault, n., assaut (m.), attaque, 
agression (/.) ; {legal) voies de 
fait (/.). 

Assault, v., assaillir, attaquer, donncr 
I'assaut k; {legal) commettre des 
voies de fait sur. 

Assay, n., essai(m.); verification, 
dpreuve (/.); contrdle (m.); essayage 
(m.). — office, bureau de garantie 
(m.). — mark, contr61e (m.). — 
scales or balance, tr^buchet (>«.), 
balance d' analyse (d'essayeur) (/.). 

Assay, v., essayer, verifier. 

Assayer, «., essayeur (m-). 

Assemblage, «., assemblage {m.); 
assenihiee (/.). 

Assemble, v., assembler, reunir, 

Assembly, n., ussemblce, reunion (/.). 

Assent, n., consentemcnt, assenti- 
ment (m.), sanction (/.). 

Assent, v., assent ir k, consent ir k, 




[Ast J 

approuver, donner son assenti- 
ment 4. To — to, assentir k, 
consentir k, donner son assenti- 
ment k. 
Asseri, v., affimier, pretendre, con- 
stater, proclamer, proponcer, avan- 
cer, maintenir. To — oneself, se 
mettre en avant. To — (one's 
claims), revendiquer, faire valoir. 
What you — is not the case, ce 
que vous affirmez n'est pas le cas. 
Assertion, n., assertion, revendica- 
tion (/.). 

Assess, v., evaluer, imposer, taxer, 
repartir, fixer. To — at, evaluer a. 
The underwriters — ed the damage 
at £360, les assureurs ont evalue 
I'avarie k £360. 

Assessable, a., imposable. 

Assessment, «., repartition, evalua- 
tion (/.). — of tax»s, fixation des 
impots (taux). 

Assessor, n., assesse^ir, estimateur, 
expert, repartiteur (m.). 

Assets, M., pL, actif, avoir (m.) ; les 
dettes actives (/.). Real — , biens 
immeubles. Personal — , biens 
meubles. — and liabilities, actif 
et passif. 

Assiduity, n., assiduite (/.). 

Assiduous, a., assidu. 

Assiduously, adv., assidument. 

Assigrn, v., assign 'ir a, transferer a, 
ceder k; fixer, determiner. 

Assign, n., ayant droit, ayant cause, 
cessionnaire (m.). 

Assignable, a., transferable; assign- 

Assignation, n., assignation, cession 

Assignee, n., cessionnaire (m.); syndic 

Assigner, «., cedant (m.). 

Assignment, n., transfert (m.), cession 
de biens; allocation (/.). 

Assignor, « , cedant (m.). 

Assimilate, i;., assimiler, s'assimiler. 

Assist, v., aider, secourir, assister. 

Assistance, n., aide, assistance (/.); 
secour>, concours (m.). 

Assistant, n., assistant, suppleant, 
commis, second-, employe (m.). 

Assize, n., assises (/.). Court of — s, 
cour d'assises (/.). 

Associate, «., associe, collegue {m.); 
(criminal) complice (m.). 

Associate, v., associer avec {k), 
s'associer avec (cl); joindre k. 

Association, n., association, corpora- 
tion (/.); union (/.). 
Assort, v., assortir. To be well — cd. 
etre bien assorti. The well — ed 
stock, le fonds bien assorti (foumi). 
Assortment, n., assortiment (m.), 
choix (m.). Varied — , assortiraem 
varie. Choice — , le beau cholx. 
Large — , un grand assortiment. 
Complete — , un assortiment com- 

Assume, v., (take charge of a business 
prendre (acquerir) la suite des 
affaires; prendre la suite (se rendre, 
devenir acquereur) d'une maison, 
succeder a une maison. — a 
liability, prendre (accepter, con- 
tracter, assumer, entrer dan?) 
une obligation (un engagement); 

• s'attribuer, supposer. — -d, sup 

Assuming, a., pretentieux; ambitieux 

Assumption, n., supposition, preten- 
tion (/.). 

Assurance, n., assurance (/.). — 
company, compagnie (societr) 
d'assurance. To give the — , 
donner I'assurance. See life, firt , 

Assure, v., assurer, donner a quelqii' 
un I'assurance de. Be — d that, 
soyez assure (siir) que. You mav 
rest — d, vous pouvez rester si'ir 
(certain, assure). To — the prompt 
execution of an order, assurer la 
prompte execution d'une coni- 

Assured, a , assure; sur. 

Assuredly, adv., certainement, assurf- 

Assurer, «., assureur (m.). 

Astern, adv., {naut.) a I'arrierc, <n 
po\ipe, de I'arri^re, arriere. 

Asthma, «., asthme (m.). 

Astir, adv., agite, en emoi, actif, 
agissant; en I'air, en rumeur. 

Astonish, v., etonner,' surpren^re, 
merveiller. To be — ed, s' etonner. 
I am — ed that, je m'etonne que. 

Astonishing, a., etonnant, surprenart. 
To be — (wondered at), etre 

Astonishment, n., etonnement m.). 

Astound, v., etonner, etourdir, (abis- 

Astounding, a., etonnant. 

Astracan, n., astracan (m.)- 






Astray, adv., egare, de travers. To go 
— , s'egarer. To lead — , egarer. 
One of the cases went — at the 
station, une des caisses s'est 
egaree k la station. 

Astride, adv., avec les jambes ecartees, 
A califourchon. 

Astronomer, n., astronome (m.). 

Astronomy, n., astronomic (/.). 

Astute, a., penetrant, ruse, fin. 

Astuteness, n., penetration, finesse, 
astuce (/.). 

Asunder, adv., separe, en deux, 
separement, eloigne I'un de I'autre. 

Asylum, n., asile, refuge, hospice (m.). 

At, prep., a, dans, en, apr^s. His loss 

is estimated at sa perte est 

cvaluee k . . . . To arrive — Paris, 
arriver k Paris. To be — London, 
etre k Londres. — 3 o'clock, a 
trois heures. — hand, sous la 
main. — first sight, a premiere vue. 

— least, au moins. — sight, a vue. 

— call, k I'appel. ' — sea, en mer. 

— first, d'abord. To be estimated 
— , etre evalue a. We give you the 
coffee — 6d., nous vous laissons 
le cafe k 6d. — his request, sur sa 

Athenaeum, n., Athenee {»».). 

Athlete, «., athlete (w.). 

Athletic, a., athlc^tique, robuste, fort. 

Atlas, n., atlas (w.). 

Atmosphere, n., atmosphere (/.). 

Atmospheric, a., atmosph6rique. — 
brak(!, frein atmospherique. 

Atom, n., atome (m.). 

At ccious, a., atroce. 

Atrocity, n., atrocite (/.). 

Attach, v., attacher k, lier k, arr^ter, 
saisir; mettre opposition k. To be 
— ed to, s'attacher k, se rattacher k, 
tenir k. To — a value to a thing, 
attacher de la valeur (du prix), 

. attribuer de la valeur k quclque 

Attachment, n., attachement (w.); 
saisie, contrainte, saisie-arrfit (/.). 

Attack, n., attaque (/.); accfes {m.). 

Attack, v., attaquer. 

Attain, v., atteindre, parvenir k, 
arriver k. To — an object or end, 
atteindre (accomplir) le (arriver au, 
parvenir au) but; arriver (venir) k 
ses fins. 

Attainable, a., accessible, qu'on pent 

Attainment, n., ( — of an object) 

accomplissement d'un but (w.); 
acquisition, possession, connais- 
sances (/.); talent (m.). 
Attempt, «., essai, effort (m.); entre- 
prise (/.). attentat (w.) ; tentative 

Attempt, t'.,. t&cher de, essayer de, 
vouloir, chercher k, entreprendre 
de, attenter k; faire une tentative 

Attend, v., (pay attention) faire 
attention a; (a meeting) assister k; 
(a market) frequenter (assister k); 
(an auction) assister ^i; accompag- 
ner. To — to, soigner, executer, 
s'occuper de. To be — ed with, 
6tre accompagne de. 

Attendance, n., assistance (at a 
meeting, etc.); presence, atten- 
tion (/.). To be in — , ^tre de 

Attendant, n., assistant, compagnon 
(tn.). The expenses — on, les 
frais de 

Attention, n., attention (/.). To pay 

— to, faire attention k. We thank 
you for the prompt — you have 
given to this business, nous vous 
rcmercions de I'attention que vous 
avez apportce k cette affaire. To 
call one's — to, appeler I'attention 
de quelqu'un sur quelque chose; 
faire remarquer k. It escaped my 
— , cela m'est dchappe. To give 
one's best — to, donner (faire, 
accorder attention) k \m ordre, 
faire de son micux. To turn one's 

— to, s'occuper de. 

Attentive, a., attentif k, soigneux de. 
Attenuate, v., attdnuer, amoindrir, 

atTaiblir, diminucr; amaigrir, amin- 

Attest, v., attester, temoigner de. 
Attestation, n., attestation (/.); t^- 

moiiiago {tn.). 
Attestor, «., personne qui atteste (/.). 
Attic, «., attique, grenier (w.), man- 

sarde (/.). 
Attire, n., v6tement, ostumc, atours 

Attitude, n., attitude, pose (/.); air 

Attorney, w., fondd de pouvoir, 

procureur, mandataire (m.). — 

-General, procureur g6n6ral. See 

Attorneyship, n., charge de procureur 






Attract, v., attirer. To — attention, 
attirer I'attention. To — customers, 
purchasers, custom, attirer des 
acheteurs, de la clientele. 

Attraction, n., attraction {/.); attrait 

Attractive, a., attrayant; (drawing to) 

Attributable, a., attribuable, imput- 
able. To be — to, etre attribuable a. 

Attribute, n., attribut (m.), qualite(/.). 

Attribute, v., attribuer a, imputer k. 

Auburn, a., chatain-clair. 

Auction, n., enchere, adjudication (/.); 
encan (w.); encheres (/.); vente a 
I'encan. Public — , vente publique. 
Dutch — , adjudication hollandaise. 
To put up for — , mettre (vendre) 
a I'enchere (aux encheres, k I'encan) . 
To sell by — , vendre aux encheres 
{k I'encan, a la criee). Sale by — , 
vente aux encheres (a I'encan). 

Auctioneer, n., commissaire-priseur 
( wt . ) . — ' s commission , commission 
de vente. 

Audacious, a., audace. 

Audacity, «., audace (/.). 

Audience, n., audience, assemblee, 
assistance (/.); auditoire (m.). 

Audit, n., verification (apurement) de 
comptes. — office, cour des 
comptes (/.). 

Audit, v., verifier (apurer) des comptes. , 
— ed and found correct, verifie et 
trouve conforme. 

Auditor, n., verificateur, reviseiu: de 
comptes (m.). 

Anger, n., (mech.) tarifere (/.). — bit, 
meche de tarifere (/.). 

Aught, pron., quelque chose, quoi 
que ce soit, rien, tout. For — I 
know, autant que je sache; k ma 

Augment, v., augmenter, s'augmenter, 
accroitre, s'accroitre. 

Augmentation, n., augmentation (/.). 

Augur, v., presager, augurer. 

Augury, n., presage, aug^re (w.). 

Aunt, n., tante {/.). 

Auspice, M., auspice (w.). Under the 
— s of, sous les auspices de. 

Auspicious, a., propice, de bon 
augure, favorable, heureux. 

Authentic, a., authentique. To hear 
from an — source, tenir de bonne 

Authenticate, v., authentiquer, veri- 
fier, constater. 

Authentication, n., certification (/.), 
authenticite (/.). 

Authenticity, n., authenticite (/.). 

Author, n., auteur (m.). — 's proof, 

Authoritative, a., d'autoritd, im- 
perieux, rcvetu d'autorite. 

Authority, n., autorite (/.); pouvoir 
(m.). To have (or know) on good 
— , tenir de bonne source. We 
shall require your formal — before 
we can act for you, il nous faudra 
votre autorisation formelle avant 
de pouvoir agir pour vous. 

Authorize, v., autoriser; donner pro- 
curation (pleih pouvoir). To — (a 
person) to do something, autoriser 
quelqu'un k faire quelque chose. 

Autocrat, n., autocrate (m.). 

Autograph, n., autographe (m.). 

Autography, n., autographic (/.). 

Automatic, a., automatique. 

Automobile, n., automobile. 

Autonomy, n., autonomic (/.). 

Autopsy, n., autopsie {/.). 

Autumn, «., automne (m. and /.). 

Autumnal, a., automnal, d'automne. 

Au^Uary, a., auxiliaire. 

Ava, n., ava. 

Avail, n., avantage, service {»».); 
utilite (/.). Without or of no — , 
inutile. To be of no — , ne servir 
de {k) rien. 

Avail, v., servir; profiter k, servir k. 
To — oneself of (an occasion), se 
prevaloir (profiter de, se servir) 
d'une occasion. It — s nothing, 
cela ne sert a rien. To — oneself of 
an offer, utiliser ime (se servir, 
user, profiter d'une) offre. 

AvailabUlty, n., disponibilite, utilisa- 
tion (/.). 

Available, a., disponible, profitable, 
utilisable; (raUway tickets) valable 
(valide). — cash, capita', les 
fonds disponibles, le capital dis- 

Avalanche, n., avalanche (/.). 

Avarice, n., avarice (/.). 

Avaricious, a., avare, avaricieux. 

Avenge, v., venger. To — oneself, ff 
venger de. 

Avenger, n., vengeur (m.); vengercssi 

Aventurine, n., aventurme. 

Avenue, «., avenue (/.). 

Aver, v., averer, affirmer, assurer, 





Average, n., moyenne (/.), prix moyen 
(price); terme moyen (m.); {naui.) 
avarie (/.). — value, valeur 
moyenne (/.). On an — , en moyenne, 
I'un dans 1' autre. Free of — , franc 
(franche) d' avarie. — bond, 
assurance contre le jet k la mer. 
Particular — , avarie simple (par- 
ti culifere), menue avarie (/.). Gen- 
eral — , avarie grosse (commune). 
With — accustomed, avaries 
d' usage. — clause, clause de jet h 
la mer. — statement, r^glement 
d'avaries, dispache. — due date, 
echeance moyenne. — adjuster, 
dispacheur, regulateur d'avaries. 

— tare, tare moyenne (/.). — 
contribution, garantie d'avarie (/.). 

— account, compte d'avaries (»».). 

— sum, somme moyenne (/.). 
Petty — , menues avaries. To make 
good an — , indemniser d'une 

Average, a., moyen, commun. — 
weight, poids moyen (m.). — 
prices of corn, mercuriale (/.). 

Average, v., prendre la moyenne de, 
prendre le terme moyen de, calcu- 
ler; revenir en moyenne k, donner 
■ une moyenne de. 

Averse, a., 61oigne k, oppose k, 
defavorable. To be — to, avoir de 
r aversion pour, etre peu dispose k, 
avoir de I'eloignemont pour. 

Averseness, »., aversion, repugnance 
(/.); eloignement (m.). 

Aversion, «., aversion (/.); eloigne- 
ment (m.). 

Avert, v., ecarter de, 61oigner de, 
dctourner de; preserver de. 

Aviation, n., aviation (/.). 

Aviator, n., aviateur (m.). 

Avidity, n., avidite (/.). 

Avoid, v., 6viter, fuir; se retirer, 
s'esquiver. To — (doing or going), 
s'abstenir de (faire or aller). We 
wish to — unnecessary expenses, 
nous desirons dviter toute d^pense 

Avoidable, a., evitable, resoluble. 

Avoidance, n., ecoulement; vacance; 
aimulation; action d'eviter. 

Avoirdupois, avojr-du-poids. 

Avouch, I'., aihrmer, declarer. 

Avouchment, «., declaration (/.) 

Avow, v., confesser, declarer, avouer, 

Avowal, n., aveu (m.). 

Await, v., attendre; fetre dans I'attente 
de. — ing, dans I'attente de, en 
attendant. To — a reply or order, 
attendre (etre dans I'attente d') 
une reponse (d'un ordre). 

Awake, a., vigilant, eveille. To be 
quite — to, avoir pleine connais- 
sance de. 

Awake, v., (s)'6veiller, (se) r^veiller. 

Award, n., (of an arbitrator) arbit- 
rage, jugement, jugement arbitral 
(w.), sentence (decision) arbitrale 
(/.); arret (m.). The — has not yet 
been made, le jugement n'est pas 
encore rendu. The — states 
that . . . , la decision des arbitres 
dit . . . . 

Award, v., decreter, decider, adjuger. 
£200 damages were — ed against us, 
on nous a condamne k £200 de 
dommages intfirets. To — a prize, 
adjuger un prix 

Aware, a., instruit, qui sait. Are you 

— that . . . ?, savez vous bien 
{}ue . . . ? To be — of, dtre 
instruit de, connaitre, savoir. Not 
to be — of, ignorer, we are quite 

— of, nous n'ignorons pas. Not 
that I am — of, pas que je sache. 

Away, adv., absent; loin, au loin, k 
distance. To throw — , jeter, rejeter. 
To go — , s'en aller. To take — , 
enlever. Mr. ... is — from 
business at present, M. . . . est en 
ce moment absent des affaires. 

Awful, a., terrible, redoutable. 

Awkward, a., maladroit, f&cheux, 
embarrassant, gauche. It is a 
very — business, c'est une affaire 
tres embarrassante. 

Awkwardly, adv., gauchement, mala- 
droitement, d'une mani^re embar- 

Awkwardness, n., maladresse, gau- 
cherie (/.); embarras (m.). 

Awl, «., alene (/.); poin<;on (m.). 

Awning, n., tente, bftche, banne (/.). 

Awry, adv., de c6te, de travers. 

Axe, hache, cogn^e (/.). Pole — 

(butcher's), merlin (m.) ; hache 
d'armes (/.). Pick- — , pic (m.), 
pioche (/.). — case, porte-hache 

Axis, n., axe (w.). 

Axle, n., essieu (m.). — grease, vieux 

oing (w.). tree, essieu (m.). — 

-box, boite d'essieu. — -guard, 
garde-essieu (m.). 





Azote, n., azote (m.). 

Azvire, a., d' azure. 

Azure stone, n., pierre d'azur (/.); 

lapis lazuli (m.). 
Azorite, n., lazulite, outremer (/.). 

Babble, n., caquet, babil, munnure 

Babble, v., babiller, gazouiller, jaser; 

Bachelor, n., celibataire {m.). — of 
arts, bachelier hs arts. — of science, 
bachelier es sciences. — of medi- 
cine, bachelier en medecine. 

Back, «., verso; dos (m.); revers (m.). 

— charges, frais de retour (tn.). 

— of a chair, dossier de chaise (tn.). 

— of a book, le dos d'un livre. — 
to — , dos a dos. On the — (of a 
document), au verso. On one's — , 
a dos, sur le dos. To turn one's — 
on, toumer le dos a. Behind his — , 
derriere son dos. At the — of, 
derriere, au dos de. To come — , 
revenir. To bs — , etre de retour. 
To give — , rendre. To hold {or 
keep) — something, retenir, tenir 
en reserve, cacher, garder. To 
hold (or keep) — (fight shy), se 
mefier de quelqu'un, eviter quelqu' 
un. To send — , renvoyer. To take 
— , reprendre; (to carry — ) ram- 
mener; (things) remporter. A few 
days — , il y a quelques jours. I 
must send it — to you, il faut que 
je vous le renvoie. To call — , 
rappeler. To go — , retoumer; 
reculer, s'en retoumer. To ask — , 
redemander. — ed note, permis 

Back, v., endosser (bills); reculer, 

faire reculer; parier pour (bet); 

viser (a warrant); (naut.) coiffer; 

(anchor) empenneler. To — up, 

appuyer, soutenir, recommander. 

To — out (retract), se retirer de, 

se deduire, reculer devant. 
Back bond, n., hypotheque (/.). 
Backbone, n., epine du dos, epine 

dorsale (/.). To the — , jusqu' a la 

moelle des os. 
Background, n., (painting) arri^re- 

plan, fond (tn.) ; terrain de derriere 

Back-parlour, n., arrifere-salle (/.). 
Back-shop, n., arriere-boutique (/.). 
Backstairs, n., pL, escalier derob4 (w.*). 
Backstitch, n., point arriere (n.). 

Backward(s), a., en arriere, en retard, 
tardif, arriere, peu cmpresse; adv., 
a reculons, k la renverse, k rebours, 
en arriere. 

Backwardation, n., deport (m.). — 
business, (S.E.) operation de 

Backwardness, n., lenteur (/.); 6tat 
arriere, manque de progres (tn.). 

Bacon, m., lard (tn.). Flitch of — , 
fl^che de lard (/.). Gammon of — , 
quartier de lard (tn.). Smoked — , 
lard fume. Cured — , lard sale. 
Rasher of — , tranche de lard (/.). 
To save one's — , se tirer d' affaire, 
sauver sa peau. 

Bad, a., mauvais, mechant; (health) 
malade. From — to worse, de 
mal en pis. In — condition, en 
mauvaise condition, mal condi- 
tionne. That is too — , c'est trop 
fort, c'est par trop fort. — debt, 
mauvaise creance (/.). To look — 
(affairs), aller mal. Things begin 
to look very — , les affaires pren- 
nent ime bien mauvaise toumure. 
To go — , se gater. They have 
many — debts, ils ont beaucoup de 
mauvaises creances. 

Badge, n., plaque, marque (/.) ; signe 
(m.); (on the arm) brassard; 
insigne (m.). 

Badger, n., blaireau (animal) (tn.). 

Badly, adv., mal, grandement, beau- 
coup, fort, bien. To be — off, etre 
dans la gene. He has done — 
with it, il a mal reussi. 

Badness, n., mauvaise qualite(/.); 
mauvais etat (tn.). 

Bael (bhel), i fruit), n., baile. 

Baffle, v., confondre, bafouer, de- 
router, dejouer; rendre inutile. 

Bag, n., sac (tn.); (letters) courrier 
(m.). Carpet — , sac de nuit (tn.). 

Bag, v., mettre en sac, ensacher: 
(to steal) chiper, voler. 

Bagatelle, n., bagatelle (/.); billard d< 
dame (tn.). — -board, billard- 
bagatelle (tn.). 

Baggage, n., bagage; (tn.). 

Bagging, n., toile k sac (/.). 

Bagpipe, n., musette, comemuse (/.). 

Bail, «., caution (/.); cautionnement 
(m.). To go — for, se rendn 
caution. On — , sous caution. T< 
put in for — , fournir caution pour 
bond, cautionnement (tn.), cau- 
tion (/.). 





Bail, v., cautionner, fournir caution. 

To — one out, faire elargir sous 

Bailee, n., depositaire (w. and /.). 
Bailer or bailor, n., deposant (m.); 

caution (/.). 
Bailiff, «., huissier, intendant (m.). 

Farm — , regisseur (m.). 
Bailment, «., nantissement, gage, 

depot (w.). 
Bait, «., amorce (/.); applet (m.). To 

take {or swallow) the — , mordre k 

I'harae^on. White- — , able (w.); 

ablette, blanchaille, clupee blanche 

Bait, v., amorcer; (persons) tourmen- 

ter, harceler. 
Baize, n., drap de billard (w.); 

espagnolette (/.). 
Bake, v., cuire au four, boulanger, 

faire du pain. [nil {m.). 

Bakehouse, «., boulangerie (/.), four- 
Baker, n., boulanger (m.). 
Baking, n., cuisson (m.), cuite (/.). 

— powder, poudre k boulanger, 
poudre pour patisserie. 

Balance, n., (scales) balance (/.); 
(money) balance (/.), solde (m.); 
(equilibrium) equilibre(m.); (watch) 
balancier (w.). The — of an 
account, reliquat de compte (w.). 

— of trade, balance commerciale, 
balance du commerce. To lose 
one's — , perdre I'equilibre. To 
show a — , presenter un solde. 
Cash — , I'encaisse, I'argent (les 
especes, la valeur) en caisse, le 
fonds de caisse. To make up one's 
— , regler le solde. To strike a — , 
faire (former, dresser, etablir, 
rediger) le bilan, la balance. — in 
our favour, solde k notre favour. 
Net — , solde net. — amounts to 
. . . , le solde est de . . . . — 
-sheet, bilan (w.). — brought over, 
report, solde. — brought forward, 
solde k nouveau. 

Balance, v., (an account) rdgler; 

balancer; equilibrer, maintenir en 

6quilibre. — beam, n., {mech.) 

balancier (w.). 
Balancing, n., balancement (m.). 
Balata, «., balata. 
Balcony, «., balcon (w.). 
Bald, «., chauve; (style) decouvcrt, 

im, spc, plat. 
Baldness, n., calvitid; {fig.) nudit6, 

secheresse, platitude (/.). 

Bale, n., balle (/.); colis (wt.). — 
goods, marchandises en balles. To 
put in — s, emballer, emballotter. 
Send those — s by rail, expediez 
ces balles p£u: chemin de fer. 

Bale, v., emballer, emballotter. To 

— out (water), vider I'eau avec 
I'ecope, ecoper. 

Baleen, n., baleine (du commerce) 

Balk, v., frustrer, ddsappointer, en- 
traver, contrarier, dejouer. 

Ball, »., balle (/.), boulet {tn.). — of 
thread, peloton de fil (w.), pelote 

(/.); (eye ), globe (m.), pnmelle, 

pupille (/.); (billiard — ) bille (/.). 
See bearing. — cock, robinet- 
flotteur {m.). — valve, robinet- 
flotteur {tn.). 

Ballad, n., ballade, romance (/.). 

Ballast, «., lest {m.);{rail.) ballast(»t.)' 
The ship was not sufficiently — ed, 
le navire avait un lest insuffisant. 
To be in — , etre sur son lest. To 
take in — , prendre du lest, lester 
un navire. In — , en lest. — pit, 

ballastifere; (/.). heaver, d^les- 

teur (m.). — -lighter, bateau 
lesteur (w.). — -train, train de 
ballast {tn.). 

Ballast, v., lester {naut.); ensabler, 

Balloon, n., ballon (sph^rique); 
aerostat {tn.). 

Ballot, n., boule (/.), bulletin {tn.). 

— box, ume de scrutin (/.). By — , 
au scrutin. 

Ballot, v., voter au scrutin. 

Balm, «., baume {tn.); m61isse (/.). 

Balmy, a., embaum^, balsamique, 
parfume, doux. 

Balsam, n., baume {tn.),. balsamine 
(/.). — s, baumes. Canada — , 
baume du Canada, Capivi — , 
baume de copahu. Tolu — , 
baume de Tolu. Peru — , baume 
du Perou. — of Mecca, baume de 
la Mccque. 

Bamboo, «., bambou (m.). 

Banana, «., banane (/.). — tree, 
bananier {tn.). ^ 

Banco, a., banco, de banque. 

Bancotil nuts, »., noix bancouls. 

Band, n., bande (/.), ruban cercle {tn.); 
(waist — ) ceinture (/.); lien {tn.). 
Iron — , bande, lien de fer. — box, 
carton {tn.). — saw, scie k ruban 
(/.). India-rubber — . caoutchouc de 





serrage. Allowance for — s, 

refaction pour cercles. 

Band, v., se liguer; bander; 

Bandage, n., bandeau (w.); (surgical) 
bandage (m.). 

Bandana, n., indienne (/.). 

Bandit, n., bandit (w.). 

Bane^ n., ruine (/.); poison (w.); {fig.) 
fleau (m.). 

Bang, v., pousser violemment, 
claquer (a door). 

Bangle, n., bracelet (w.), porte- 
bonheur (m.). 

Banish, v., bannir, exiler. 

Banishment, n., bannisseraent, exil 

Bank, n., banque (/.); rive, berge (/.); 
rivage, bord (m.); banc de sable 
{m.). — account, compte de 
banque (m.). Deposit — , banque 
de depots. — agency, banque- 
agence (/.). — bill, mandat de 
banque (/.). — note, billet de 
banque (m.). — post bill, mandat 
de banque. — papers, billets de 
banque. — rate, taux (w.). — 
returns, etat de banque {m.). — 
clerk, commis de banque (m.). — 
of issue, banque de circulation 
(d' emission). — commission, com- 
mission de banque (/.). Branch — , 
succursale de banque (/.). — holi- 
day. Jour ferie (m.); fete legale (/.). 
— parlour, parloir de la banque 
(w.). — stock, actions de banque 
(/.). Discount — , banque d'es- 
corapte. — of deposit, banque de 
depot et consignation. Joint stock 
— , banque par actions (en com- 
mandite). Savings — , caisse 
d'epargne (/.). — book, carnet de 
banque (w.). — charter, charte 
(privilege) de la banque (/.). — 
credit, credit de banque (m.). — 
deposit, depot de banque (w.). 

Bank, v., deposer dans une banque. 
We cannot — after 3 o'clock, la 
banque ferme a trois heures. 

Banker, n., banquier (m.). — s' 
cheques, cheques. — s' clearing 
house, comptoir general de vire- 
ment, chambre de liquidation. 

Banking, a., de banque; n., banque 
(/.). — house, maison de banque 
(/.). — business, affaires (opera- 
tions) de banque (/.). — hours, 
heures de la banque. 

Bankrupt, «., failli, banqueroutier 

(m.). To become — , faire faillite 
(banqueroute); tomber en faillite. 
Fraudulent — , banqueroutier 
frauduleux. To declare oneself — , 
se declarer en faillite, deposer 
(presenter) le bilan. — 's certificate, 
concordat (w.). — 's estate, la 
masse de la faillite, les biens du 
failli. To be adjudicated or 
adjudged a — , etre declare en 

Bankrupt, a., en faillite, en banquer- 
oute; (fig.) ruine. 

Bankruptcy, n., banqueroute, faillite 
(/.). — court, (court of — ),courdes 
faillites (/.). Fraudulent — , ban- 
queroute frauduleuse. 

Banner, n., banniere (/.); etendard 

Banquet, «., banquet (m.). 

Baptism, n., bapteme (m.). Certificate 
of — , extrait de bapteme {m.). 

Baptize, v., baptiser. 

Bar, n., barre (/.) ; (law) barreau; 
parquet {in.), banc des accuses (w.) 
(in court). Iron — , barre de fer (/.). 

— iron, fer en barres (w.). — of 
gold, barre (lingot) d'or. — of 
silver, barre d' argent. To be called 
to the — (barristers), etre re<;u 
avocat. — gold, or en barres 
(lingots). — tin, etain en verges 
{k baguettes). — steel, acier en 
barres, acier commun. Gold and 
silver in — s, or et argent en barres 

— silver is quoted at ... , or: 
cote r argent en barres a . . . . 

Bar, v., empecher, barrer, exclure. 

oter, priver de, interrompre. 
Barbarism, n., barbaric (/.). 
Barbarity, m., barbarite, cruaute (/.). 
Barbarous, a., barbare. 
Barbed wire, «., fil de fer epincux 

(barbele) (w.); grillage a pointes d-- 

fer (w.). 
Barber, «., barbier, coiffeur (m.). 
Bare, a., nu, decouvert; tout justt , 

simple, seul. 
Barefaced, a., effronte, impudent, 

audacieux. — robbery, un vcl 

Bareges, «., crepe de barege, bareg< . 
Barely, adv., k peine, simplement. 
Bareness, «., pauvrete, nudite(/. i; 

denument {m.). 
Bargain, n., marche (w.), bonre 

affaire (/.); accord, contrat (wt.). 

— and sale, marche {m.), cessicaj 





(/.). It is a good — , c'est un 
excellent marche. Into the — , 
par-dessus le marche. To make a 
■ — , acheter quelque chose k bon 
marche, faire un bon marche. Into 
the — , pardessus le marche. To 
get the best of a — , avoir la 
meilleure part. To make the best 
of a bad — , se tirer d'affaire le 
mieux possible. To strike a — , 
faire une bonne affaire, gagner sur 
un marche, se tirer bien d'une 
affaire, faire un marche. 

Bargain, v., marchander, faire march6, 
faire affaire, convenir de. To — for, 
s'attendre k, compter sur. 

Barge, «., barque (/.); chaland, canot 
(de parade), bateau (m.). — 
master, patron de barque (m.). — 
owner, proprietaire de chalands. 

Bargeman, n., canotier, batelier (m.). 

Barilla, «., barille, soude (native) (/.). 

Barium, n., baryte (/.), barium (m.). 

Bark, «., ecorce (/.), quinquina; (tan- 
ners') tan (w.); (naut.) barque (/.), 
trois mats (m.). Peruvian — , 
quinquina. — mill, moulin a 
tan (w.). — ing iron, icov^oir^m.). 

Barky, a., d'ecorce. 

Barley, «., orge (/.). Pearl — , orge 
perle (w.). — corn, graine d'brge 
(m.). — sugar, sucre d'orge (m.). 

water, eau d'orge (/.). Malted 

— , orge maltee (/.). Peeled or 
hulled — , orge inonde (wt.). 

Barm, n., levain (w.); levure (/.). 

Barn, n., grange (/.). 

Barometer, n., barometre (m.). 

Baron, n., baron (w,). 

Baronet, n., baronet (m.). 

Barony, «., baronnie (/.). 

Barracan, n., bouracan (m.). [(>«.). 

Barracks, «., caserne (/.); quartier 

Barratry, «., baraterie (/.). 

Barrel, n., fut, baril, tonneau (m.); 
barrique (/.); (of machines) cylindre, 
tambour (m. );(of the capstan,na«/.), 
m^che du cabestan (/.). — of a 
gun, canon de fusil (w.). — of tar, 
gonne (/.). — of a pump, corps de 
pompe (m.). By the — , au tonneau 

^ (baril). Watch — , barillet de 

Barrel, v., embariller, entonner, 
mettre en baril, encaquer. 

Barren, a., sterile, improductif. 

Barricade, «., barricade, {naut.) 
batayole (/.). 

Barrier, n., barri^re, limite (/.). 

Barrister, «., avocat (w.). 

Barrow, n., brouette (/.). Wheel , 

brouette (/.). Hand — , brancard 

(w.); civiere (/.). 
Barter, v., troquer, traliquer. 
Barterer, n., trafiquant (w.). 
Baryta, «., baryte (/.). 
Basalt, n., basalte (tn.). 
Bascule-bridge, n., pont-levis, pent k 

bascule (»».). 
Base, a., vil, bas, infame; n., fonde- 

ment, fond, soubassement (m.). 

— coin, fausse monnaie (/.); argent 
de mauvais aloi. 

Baseless, a., sans fondement. 

Basely, adv., honteusement; ISche- 
ment, vilement. 

Basement, n., fondation (/.); soubasse- 
ment, sous-sol, fondement (m.). 

Baseness, n., bassesse, iachet6; mau- 
vaise qualite (metals). 

Bashful, a., timide, modeste, honteux. 

Bashfulness, n., modestie, timidity, 
pudeur, mauvaise honte (/.). 

Basilisk, n., basilic (m.). 

Basin, n., cuvette (/.). — (dock), 
bassin(w.). Wash-hand — .cuvette 
(/.). Sugar — , sucrier (w.). 

Basis, n., base (/.) ; fondement (m.). 
To serve as a — , servir de base. 
On the — of, de base. — price, 
prix sec. To take (put, lay) as a — , 
prendre (poser) pour base. 

Basket, n., panier (m.), corbeille (/.). 
Hand — , pannier k bras. — work, 
croiserie, vannerie (/.) ; clayonnage 
(m.). — ware, vannerie (/.). — 
maker, vannier, mandrier (m.). — 
handle, anse de panier (/.). 

Bast, n., teille, tille (/.). 

Bat, n., (cricket) crosse (/.). Ofif his 
own — , par ses propres efforts. 

Batch, «., foum^e (/.), tas, ramassis 

Bath, n., bain (tn.), baignoire (/.). — 
towel, serviette de bain (/.). — 
brick, brique anglaise (/.). Shower 
— , douche en arrosoir (/.). Vapour 
— , bain de vapeur. — chair, 
roulette (/.); voiture de malade (/.), 
chaise roulante, vinaigrette (/.). 

— tub, baignoire (/.). 

Bathe, v., se baigner; n., baignade (/.). 
Bathing, n., bain (m.), action de 

baigner (de se baigner) (/.). — 

gown, pi'ignoir (w.). 
Batiste, n., batiste (/.)• 





Battalion, n., bataillon (m.). 

Batten, n., latte, volige (/.). To — 
down, enfermer dans la cabine. 

Batter, v., battre, demolir, ecra«er, 
ebranlar, battre en breche. To — 
down, clore da force, abattre, 

Battering-ram, n., belier (m.). 

Battery, n., batterie, pile (/.)• Gal- 
vanic — , pile galvanique (/.)• — 
switch, inserateur (m.). 

Battle, n., bataille {/.), combat (»».)• 

Bay, «., baie (/.); (tree) laurier (w.). 

— berry, baie de laurier. — leaf, 
feuille de laurier (/.). — salt, sel 
marin brut, sel, gris {m.). — 
-window, fenetre en saillie (/.). She 
lies out in the — , il est mouille 
dans la baie. To keep one at — , 
mettre quelqu'un aux abois, le 
tenir en echec. 

Bayonet, n., baionette (/.). 

Bazaar, n., bazar (nt.). 

B.C., avant J. Christ. 

Bdellium, n., bdellium (m.). 

Be, v., etre, exister, devoir. To — 
about to, etre sur le point de. 
I took you to — , je vous prenais 
pour. To — hungry, thirsty, cold, 
warm, right, avoir faim, soif, 
froid, chaud, raison. To — very 
well, se porter tres bien. To — 
wrong, avoir tort. To — a witness, 
servir de temoin. To — 20 years 
old, avoir vingt aus. To — out 
(mistaken), se tromper. 

Beach, n., rivage (m.), plage (/.), bord 
(m.), rive (/.) (of a lake). 

Beach, v., echouer (un navire). 

Beacon, n., phare, fanal (w.), balise 

Bead, «., p^rle (/.); grain de chapelet 
(de bracelet, de collier), chapelet, 
rosaire (w.); globule (/.). Glass 
— s, grains de verre. String of — s, 
collier, chapelet (w.). 

Bead, v., perler; former des globules. 

Beak, n., bee (m.), {naut.) eperon 

Beam, «., poutre (/.) (of timber); 
fleau (w.) (of scales); bau (m.) 
(naut.). — s, rayons (of light) (m.). 
Cross — , traverse (/.). To be on her 

— ends (ship), donner a la bande. 
To be on one's — ends, fetre a la 
demiere extremite. 

Beam tree, n., alisier blanc (m.). 
Bean, «., f^ve (/.). French — , 

haricot vert. Haricot — , haricot 
(m.). Broad — , feverole (/.). 
Kidney — , haricot blanc. 
Bear, «., ours (m.) (animal); (S.£.) 
baissier, joueur k la baisse (m.). 

— skin, peau d'ours (/.). — 
operation (S.E.), operation k la 

Bear, v., porter, soutenir, supporter, 
essuyer, souffrir, subir, faire, garder, 
rapporter, se porter. To — the 
charges, payer les frais. To — the 
loss, supporter la perte. To — the 
expenses, faire face aux frais, 
supporter les frais. To — the 
market, jouer k la baisse. To — in 
mind, se souvenir de. To — off, 
emporter, enlever, remporter. To 

— off the land (naut.), courir au 
large. To — out, justifier, main- 
tenir, soutenir. To — up, ne pas 
perdre courage, ne pas se laisser 
abattre. To — upon (a question), 
avoir trait a. To — with, endurer, 
supporter. To bring to — upon, 
agir sur. To — witness, temoigner 
de, rendre temoinage de. See 
resemblance, comparison, interest. 

Bearable, a., supportable. 

Beard, n., barbe (/.). 

Bearer, n., porteur, detenteur (m.). 
Payable to — , payable au porteur. 
Cheque to — , cheque k porteur. 

Bearing, n., rapport (m.); conduite, 
contenance, attitude, portee (/.); 
air, aspect (m.); situation (/.). Ball 
— s, paliers a billes (m.). To take 
the — s, s'orienter. To lose one's 
— s, se perdre. To have no — on, 
n' avoir rapport k. — interest, 
portant interet. 

Beast, n., bete (/.). — of burden, 
bete de somme. 

Beat, v., battre, frapper, piler; etre 
agite; se briser; (rain, snow) battre; 
fouetter. To — about (naut.), 
louvoyer. To — down (price), 
faire baisser, abattre, diminuer. 
That — s me, cela me passe. 
See bush. 

Beating, n., coups (m.), battement 

Beantifol, a., beau, superbe. 

Beautify, v., (s')embellir, orner. 

Beauty, n., beaute (/.), charme (>»/.). 

— wash, eau de beaute (/.). 
Beaver, n., castor, chapeau de 

castor (m.). 





Becalm, v., apaiser, calmer; {naut.) 
abriter. — ed(aship),prisdecalme, 
abrite, abrie. 

Because, conj., parce que. — of, a 
cause de. 

Beckon, v., appeler, faire signe k. 

Become, v., devenir, commencer 4 
etre. To — known, se faire con- 
naitre. To — accustomed to, 
s' accoutumer k. To — interested in 
someone, s'interesser k quelqu'un. 
To — bankrupt, tomber en faillite, 
faire faillite. To — due, 6choir; 
arriver (venir) k I'ech^ance. To — 
better and better, ?Uer de mieux 
en mieux. To — worse and worse, 
aller de mal en pis. 

Becoming, p., a., convenable, con- 
venant. Not — , impropre. 

Bed, n., lit (m.); couche (/.); (of a 
river) lit de riviere; (oyster — ) 
banc d'huitres (m.) planche, plate- 
bande (/.). Feather — , lit deplume. 
I'^olding — , lit brise, lit de sangle. 
Chair — , lit k fauteuils. To go to 
— , se coucher. To keep one's — , 
garder le lit. Field — , lit de camp. 

Press , lit en forme d'armoire. 

Tent , lit ci tombeau. Four-post 

— , lit k quenouilles or k colonnes. 

Bedclothes, n., pi., draps (m.), couver- 
turos (de lit) (/.). 

Bedcover (see bedspread), couverture 
de lit (/.); couvre-pieds (tn.), couvre 
lit (w.). 

Bedding, n., literie (/.); coucher (m.). 

Bed-hangings, «., pi., tenture de lit 
(/.); tour de lit (tn.). 

Bedplate, «., {mech.) plaque de fonda- 
tion (/.). 

Bedpost, n., colonne (quenouille) de 
lit (/.). 

Bedquilt, n., couvre-pied piqu6, 
couvre-pied (w.); courte-pointe (/.). 

Bedroom, n., chambre k coucher (/.). 

Bedside carpet, n., descente de lit (/.). 

Bedspread, n., courtepointe (/.). 

Bedstead, n., lit, ch&lit, boisde lit (tn.). 
Brass — , lit de cuivre. Folding — , 
lit de sangle. Iron — , lit de fcr. 

Bedstraw, «., paillasse (/.). 

Bedtick or ticking, n., coutil de coton 
pour literie (w.). 

Bedtime, n., heure de coucher (/.); 
temps de se coucher (m.). 

Bee, n., abeille, mouche k miel (/.). 

hive, ruche (/.). line, ligne 

droite, ligne directe (/.). 

Beech, beech-tree, n., hetre, fouleau, 
fayard (tn.). — oil, huile de 

Beef, n., bceuf (tn.). steak, bifteck 

(tn.). Roast — , rosbif, boeuf roti. 
Salted — , boeuf sale. Pressed — , 

boeuf sale. tea, bouillon (tn.). 

American — , bceuf d'Amerique. 

Beer, n., bifere (/.). Pale — , bi^re 
blanche. Bottled — , bi^re en 
bouteilles. Ginger — , bi^re de 
gingembre. — in cask, bi^re de 

Bees-wax, n., cire d'abeilles (/.). 

Beet or beetroot, «., betterave (/.). 

— sugar, Sucre de betterave (tn.). 
Sugar — , betterave blanche, bet- 
terave k Sucre. 

Beetle, n., maillot (tn.). mailloche, 
batte (/.). 

Befall, v., arriver k, survenir k, 
echoir k. 

Befitting, a., convenant k, s6ant, 
convenable, qui convient. 

Before, prep., (time) avant; (place) 
devant, par devant; adv., (time) 
auparavant, avant; (place) en 
avant; (above) plus haut; (till 
then) jusqu'alors, jusque \k; (till 
now) jusqu'ici, jusqu'ik present; 
conj., avant que; (rather) plut6t de, 
avant de. — maturity, avant 
r^chdance. To keep — one, tenir 
sous yeux. To have — one, avoir 
sous lesyeux, devant soi. To lay 

— (one), soumettre k; mettre sous 
les yeux de. — mentioned, sus- 
mentionne, pr6cit6, mentionn6 plus 
haut. See put. 

Beforehand, adv., par avance, d'av- 
ance, k I'avance. To pay — , payer 
d' avance. To thank (someone) — , 
remercier (q«elqu'un) d'avance. 
To fix a price ^> — , fixer un prix k 
(par) I'avanc*. To be — with, 
devancer, prendre les devants sur, 

Befriend, v., appuyer, prot^ger, aider, 
fitre I'ami de, favoriser. 

Beg, v., mendier ; demander k (of), de 
(to). We — to inform you, nous 
avons I'honneur de vous informer. 
To — of, prier de. To go — ging 
(things), chercher un possesseur. 
To — the question, tourner dans 
un cercle vicieux, faire une petition 
de principe. 

Beggar, «., mendiant (tn.). 





Begin, v., commencer; se mettre k; 
commencer (by, with) par ; de- 

Beginner, »., commengant, debutant, 
novice (tn.). 

Beginning, «., commencement, prin- 
cipe (m.), origine (/.). At the — of 
the month, au commencement du 
mois. From the — , du commence- 
ment. It is only a — , cen'est qu'un 

Begrudge, v., envier k; regretter; 
donner a contre-cceur a. 

Behalf, M.,faveur, part (/.); profit (tn.). 
On — of, au nom (en representa- 
tion) de. In — of, au profit de. 

Behave, v., se comporter, se conduire. 

Behaviour, n., conduite, tenue (/.); 
manieres (/.). 

Behead, v., decapiter, guillotiner. 

Behest, n., ordre (m.); injonction (/.). 

Behind, prep., derriere, apres, en 
retard de, en arriere de; aiv., 
derriere, par (en) arriere, en retard. 

— one's back, derriere son dos. To 
be — time, etre en retard. To be 

— the times, etre au-dessous de 
ses affaires. 

Behindhand, adv., en retard, en 
arriere, en reste. To be — with, 
etre en reste avec. 

Behold, v., regarder, voir, contempler. 

Behove, v., convenir a, etre necessaire, 
etre utile. It — s us, il faut (con- 
vient, importe, sied) que (with 

Beige, n., beige (/.). 

Being, n., etre (m.). For the time — , 
pour le moment. 

Belated, a., attarde, anuite. 

Belfry, n., clocher (m.). 

Belie, v., dementir, donner le dementi 
ci, contrefaire. | 

Belief, n., foi, creance croyance, 
opinion (/.). Past — , incroyable. 

Believable, a., croyable, probable. 

Believe, v., croire. To make — , 
pretendre, faire semblant de. I — 
so, je crois que oui, je le crois. 

Believer, n., croyant (m.); croyante(/.). 

Belittle, v., rendre meprisable. 

Bell, »., cloche, sonnette (/.), timbre 
(m.). To ring the — , tirer la 
sonnette. Dumb- — , haltere (m.). 

Belladonna, n., belladone (/.). 

Belligerant, n. and a., belligerant. 

Bell-metal, «., m6tal de cloche (tn.). 

Bell-mouth, n., evasement (m.). 

Bellow, v., crier, beugler; (sea) mugir; 
(thunder) gronder. 

Bellows, »., soufflet (w.). 

Bell-rope, n., cordon de sonnette (tn.); 
corde de cloche (/.). 

Bell-wire, n., fil de sonnette (tn.). 

Belly, n., ventre, estomac (tn.). 

Belong, v., appartenir a, 4tre a, 
etre de. 

Belonging, n., propri6t6 (/.). — to, 
appartenant k. 

Below, prep., sous, en dessous de, 
aprte, depuis, au-dessous de; adv., 
au-dessous, en bas, ci-dessous, 
dessous, ici-bas. — par, au-dessous 
du pair. — price, au-dessous du 

prix. As , comme ci-dessous. 

As specified — , comme specific ci- 
dessous. — cost, au-dessous du 
prix coMant. 

Belt, n., ceinture (/.) ; (of machine) 
courroie (/.). 

Belting, ti., ceinture (/.); courroies 

Bench, n., banc (w.); banquette (/.); 
(tech.) banc; tribunal (tn.); cour 
de justice (/.). King's — , Banc du 

Bend, v., plier, faire plier, doubler, 
tendre, fiech'ir, courber; se courber, 
se pencher. See bent. 

Bending, n., courbure (/.); dfitoiu", 
pli (tn.). 

Beneath, a^v., dessous, en bas, au- 
dessous; prep., sous, au-dessous de. 

Benedictine, n., (liqueur) benedic- 
tine (/.). • 

Benefactor, n., bienfaiteur (m.). 

Beneficial, a., bienfaisant, profitable, 
avantageux, utile; salutaire. 

Beneficiary, n., beneficiare (tn.). 

Benefit, n., profit, avantage (tn.); 
benefice, bienfait (tn.). For the — 
of, au profit de, dans I'interet de. 

Benefit, v., profiter de, gagner k, avoir 
du benefice, tirer du profit de. To 
— by, profiter de. 

Benevolent, a., bienveillant, bienfais- 
ant, benevolent. 

Bent, «., penchant (liking) (tn.); 
tendance (tendancy (/.); disposition 
(/.); a., cour be, plie. To be — on, 
etre determine a (porte a), ap- 
plique a. 

Benzine, n., benzine, essence (/.). 

Benzoic acid, n., acide benzoique. 

Benzoin, n., benjoin (tn.), r&iae de 
ben join (/.). 





Benzole, n., benzole. 

Bequeath, v., leguer. 

Bequest, n., legs {m.). 

Bereave, v., depouiller de, enlever k, 
ravir 4. 

Bereavement, «., privation, parte (/.); 
abandon (w.). 

Bergamot, n., bsrgamote (/.). 

BerUn wool, n., laine k broder (/.), 
laine de Berlin. 

Berry, n., grain (m.); f^ve (/.). Coffee 
in the — , cafe au grain. 

Berth, n., (on ship) poste, couchette, 
cabine (/.) ; (dock) evitage (w.) ; 
(place) emploi (tn.), place (/.); lit 
(m.). To be on — , 6tre en charge 

Beryl, n., beryl (w.). 

Beseech, v., supplier, implorer. 

Beseem, v., scoir a, convenir a. 

Beset, v., assieger, obseder, entourer, 
embarrasser. — with, entoure 

Beside(s), prep., k cote de, aupres de, 
outre, hors, hors* de, hormis, 
excepte, en dehors de. To be — 
oneself, etre hors de soi. 

Beside(s), adv., du reste, d'ailleurs, 
en outre, encore, de plus, hors de 
la, au deli. 

Besiege, v., assieger. 

Besmear, v., barbouiller, salir, en- 

Besom, n., balai (m.). 

Bespeak, v., commander, retenir, 
aiinoncer, denoter, montrer; de- 
maader d'avance k. 

Bespoke, a. or p.p., commande. 

Bessemer, — steel, acier Bessemer. 

Best, a., meilleur, le meilleur, le 
mieux; adv., mieux, le mieux. To 
do one's — , faire de son mieux, 
faire tout son possible. To make 
the — of, tirer tout ce qu'on pent 
de, tirer le meilleur parti de. To 
make the — of circumstances, 
s'adapter aux circonstances. To 
have the — of it, avoir I'avantage. 
At the — , au mieux, au plus, tout 
au mieux, tout au plus, k tout 
prendre. To act for the — , faire 
(agir) pour le mieux. To think — , 
juger mieux. 

Bestir, v., agiter, mettre en mouve- 
ment, remuer; se remuer, se donner 
du mouvement, s' agiter. 

Bestow, v., donner, appliquer, Re- 
corder k, conf6rer k, employer k. 

Bet, v., parier, faire un pari (une 
gageure). ' 

Bet, n., pciri (w.); gageure (/.). 

Betake, v., se donner a, se retirer 
dans, se porter vers, s'adonner ci, 
se mettre a, se livrer. 

Betel, n., betel (m.). — nut, noix 
d'arec (/.). 

Bethink, v., ruminer, s'aviser de, 
reflechir k; se rappeler, se res- 
souvenir de. 

Betimes, adv., de bonne heure. 

Betray, v., trahir, livrer, tromper; 

Better, a., meilleur; adv., mieux. — 
and — , de mieux en mieux. To 
get the — of, prendre le dessus sur, 
avoir le dessus de, venir k bout de, 
se rdtablir de, I'emporter sur. So 
much the — , tant mieux. To be — 
in health, se retablir. To have the 
— of, avoir I'avantage sur (la 
sup6riorite siu), I'emporter sur. To 
grow — , devenir meilleur, se 
porter mieux, se r6tablir. It 
would be — , il vaudrait mieux. 
To be — for the, se trouver bien de. 
To be — off, etre dans ime meil- 
leure position. You had — , vous 
feriez mieux. To be none the — 
for it, n'en etre pas plus avancd. 

Better, v., ameliorer, avancer. To — 
oneself, ameliorer sa position. 

Betterment, »., see improvement. 

Between, prep., entre. — decks, 
cntrepont (w.). — ourselves, entre 
nous. — this and then, d'ici \k. ■_ — 
now and to-morrow, d'ici k demain. 

Bevel, n., fausse 6querre (/.). 

Bevel, v., equarrir, tailler en biseaux; 
aller en biais, biaiser. [(/•)• 

Beverage, »., breuvage (w.), boisson. 

Beware, v., (of) se garder de, prendre 
garde k; se m^fier de, se d6fier de. 

Bewilder, v., egarer, embarrasser; 
transporter, ravir, effarer. 

Beyond, prep., deli, par deli, au 
deli de, au dessus de, outre, hors 
de. — his reach, hors de sa port6e. 
To go — , surpasser; aller plus loin 
que. — doubt, hors de doute. To 
be — , exc^der. 

Bias, n., biais (m.); penchant, parti 
pris (w.) ; tendance, direction (/.); 
but, pr6jug6 (m.), prevention (/.). 

Bias, v., incliner, faire incliner, 
influencer, porter k, diriger. — ed, 
pr6venu, partial. 


Bib] i 



Bible, n., bible (/.). 

Bicarbonate, n., bicarbonate (m.). — 
of soda, bicarbonate de soude. — 
of potash, bicarbonate de potasse. 

Bicycle, n., velocipMe (/.); bicyclette 
(/.), bicycle .{m.). Safety — , 
bicyclette. Motor — , motocycle. 

— valve, soupape (valve) de velo. 

— motor, moteur de bicyclette. 
Chaialess — , bicyclette sans 

Bid, n., offre, enchlsre (/.). 

Bid, v., offrir, ordonner de, dire de, 
commander k. To — farewell, dire 
adieu k (faire ses adieux k). To — 
to, etre en passe de, promettre de. 
To — for, inviter k. They — one 
another up, 11 font des offres I'un 
contre 1' autre. We shall — for the 
lot, nous ferons une offre pour le 

Bidder, »., encherisseur, acheteur (tn.). 
The highest — , plus offrant {m.). 

Bidding, n., enchere (auction) (/.), 
commandement, ordre (m.), invi- 
tation, demande (/.). 

Bide, v., demeurer, endurer, souffrir, 
attendre; rester, habiter. To — 
one's time, attendre le bon moment. 

Biennial, a., biennal, de deux ans. 

Bier, n., biere, civiere (/.), cerceuil, 
brancard (m.). 

Big, a., gros, superbe, grand, plein, 

Bigness, n., grandeur, grosseur (/.). 

Bilge, n., sentine (ship) (/.). — water, 
eau de cale (/.). — pump, pompe 
du fond de cale (/.). 

Bill, n. (of a bird), bee (w.); facture 
(/.), compte (account) (»t.); placard 
{tn.) (announcement) ; note (/.), 
memoire (tn.); (parliament), projet, 

projet de loi (tn.); (hand ), 

afl&che (tn.). — of exchange, lettre 
de change. Accommodation — , 
lettre de complaisance. — of 
health, patente de sante (/.). — 
of fare, menu (tn.), carte (/.). — 
of store, passe-avant (tn.). — 
of lading, connaissement (tn.). — 
of sight, permis provisoire. — 
of sale, lettre (contrat) de vente. 
Sole — , la seule de change. — 
charges, frais de change. — s, 
lettres (/.). — s payable, effets a 
payer. — s receivable, effets a 
recevoir. — s in hand, effets en 
portefeuille. Exchequer — , bon 

du Tresor (tn.). — at sight, lettre k 
vue. — on demand, lettre k 
presentation. — broker, courtier 
de change (tn.). — book, ech^an- 
cier (tn.), livre d'effets (de traites, 
d'echeances) (tn.). — jobbing, 
tripotage de traites (tn.). — stamp, 
timbre d'effet (de change) (tn.). 
Foreign — s, lettres de change sur 
I'etranger; valeurs etrang^res. 
Home or inland — s, lettres de 
change (effets) sur I'interieur. 
Long dated — s, lettres de change k 
longue echeance (date). Domiciled 
— , traite domiciliee. — of entry, 
permis d'entree, declaration en 
douane. — rate, cours du change 
(tn.). — surety, donneur d'aval, 
avaJiste (tn.). — of sufferance, 
lettre d'exemption des droits de 

Billiard ball, n., bille (/.). — cue, 
queue de billard (/.). — table, 
table de billard (/.); billard (tn.). 

Billiards, n., billard (tn.). 

Billion, n., trillon (tn.). 

Billow, H., flot (tn.); vague, lame, 
houle (/.). 

Bin, n., caisse, huche (/.), coffre (tn.). 

Bind, v., lier, attacher, serrer, ceindre; 
(with hoops) cercler de; obliger. 

— these papers together, attachez 
ensemble ces papiers. To — an 
apprentice to, mettre en appren- 
tissage chez. To — oneself, 
s' engager. See bound. 

Binder, n., lieur, relieur(w.); bande 

Binding, n., reliure (/.), bordure (/.), 
a., obligatoire. — in leather, 
reliure en cuir. — in half-leather, 
reliure. — in morocco, reliure en 
maroquin. — screw, (tneck.) vis de 
pression (de serrage) (/.). — in 
boards, cartonne, reliure en carton, 
demi-reliure. — in calf, reliure en 
veau. Cloth — , reliure en toile. 

— in full calf, reliure en veau plein. 

— in half calf, reliure en demi- 

Binocle, «., binocle (tn.). 

Biped, n., bipMe (tn.). 

Biplane, n., biplan (tn.). 

Birch, «., bouleau (tn.); (rod) verge 

(/.). — wood, bois de bouleau (tn.). 
Bird, n., oiseau (tn.). — 's-eye, a., a 

vue d'oiseau. — 's-eye view, vue a 

vol d'oiseau (/.). 





Birth, «., naissance {/.); origine, 
source {/.)• To give — to, donner 
le jour a; {fig.) donner lieu a. 

Birthday, «., jour de naissance (»».), 
fete (/.). 

Biscuit, «., biscuit {tn.). Dog — s, 
biscuits pour chiens. 

Bisect, v., diviser en deux. 

Bisection, n., bissection (/.). 

Bishop, »., eveque (m.); (chess) fou 
(m.). — lawn, linon {tn.); batiste 

Bismuth, n., bismuth (w.). 

Bison, n., bison {m.). 

Bit, M.,morceau (w.), piece (/.), {natil.) 

bitte {/.)• — of "horses, frein, mors 

(w.). Not a — , pas un brin, pas 

du tout. 
Bite, ra., morsure, piqure, bouchee (/. ; 

coup de dent (w.). 
Bite, v., mordre, rouger, coiiper, 

attraper, duper; {mech.) manger. 

To be bitten {coll.), se laisser 

Biting, a., mordant, piquant; (wind) 

CO up ant. 
Bitter, a., aigre, amer; achiu'ne, 

cruel, mordant, vif. — s, amers. 
Bitterly, adv., amferement, avec 

Bitterness, «., amertume, aigueur (/.); 

acharnement {tn.). 
Bitumen, n., bitume {m.). 
Bituminous coal, n., charbon bitu- 

mineux («.). 
Black, a., noir. Dressed in — , 

habille de noir. In — and white, 

en toutes lettres, par ecrit. — 

cattle, gros betail (w.). Ivory — , 

noir d'ivoire. Lamp — , noir de 

fumee. Bone — , noir animal. 
Blackberry, «., mure sauvage, mure 

de ronce (/.). 
Blackboard, n., tableau noir {tn.). 
Blacken, v., noircir, obscurer; (boots) 

Blacking, n., cirage {tn.). 
Blackish, a., noiratre. 
Blacklead, »., mine de plomb, 

plombagine (/.); graphite (m.). 
Blackleg, n., renard, grec. 
Blackmail, «., extorsion, fraude, 

exaction (/.), chantage {tn.). 
Blackmail, v., faire chanter. 
Blackness, «., noirccur (/.). 
Black-pudding, »»., boudin noir. 
Blacksmith, n., forgeron {tn.). [(/.). 
Bladder, n., ampoule, vesicule, vessie 

Blade, n., lame (/.), (oar) plat {tn.); 

(grass) brin {tn.). 
Blamable, a., blamable. 
Blame, «., blame {tn.), faute (/.). 

Free from — , sans reproche. To 

throw the — on, blamer, rejeter le 

blame sur. 
Blame, «., blamer, reprocher, cen surer, 

reprendre. To be — d for, 6tre 

blame de. 
Blameless, a., irreprochable, sans 

tache, innocent. 
Bland, a., doux, aimable; (in a bad 

sense) mielleux, doucereux. 
Blank, a., blanc, en blanc. — form, 

formule en blanc (/.), blanc-seing 

{tn.). In — , en blanc, ci decouvert, 

— bill, traite en blanc. — transfer, 
transfert en blanc. A — credit, 
credit en blanc (ouvert, decouvert). 
A — endorsement, endossement en 
blanc. Point — , tout net, de but 
en blanc. 

Blanket, «., convert ure de laine 

Blast, M., souffle, vent {tn.); explosion 
(/.). — furnace, haut fourneau (»».). 

— pipe, tuyau d'echappement de 
vapeur {tn.); tuyfere (/.). 

Blast, v., detruire, miner; (mines) 

faire sauter. 
Blasting, n., sautage {m.) (mines); 

explosion (/.). — pojvder, poudre 

de mine '/•)• 
Blaze, «., fiamme (/.), feu (wt.). 
Blaze, v., etre en flammes, bruler, 

fiambsr; (news) repandre, publier. 
Bleach, v., blanchir, rendre blanc, 

palir. — ed, blanchi. — linen, 

toile blanchie. 
Bleacher, n., blanchisseur {tn.) (of 

linen, cloth, etc.). 
Bleaching, n., — powder, chlorure 

de calcium {tn.). — liquid, eau de 

javelle (/.). 
Bleak, a., froid, desert; glacial; sans 

abri, ouvert. 
Bleed, v., saigner, perir, couler; (of 

vines) pleurer. 
Bleeding, n., saignement (m.); (sur- 
gery) saign^e (/.). 
Blemish, n., tache (/.); d^faut {tn.). 

Without — , sans tache. 
Blemish, v., fldtrir, ternir. 
Blend, n., melange {tn.). 
Blend, v., mfeler, melanger, fondre; 

(spirits) couper. 
Blende, n., blende (/.). 





Blended tea, n., melange de th6 (tn.). 

— wine, vin coupe, melange de vin. 
Blending, n., (spirits) coupage (m.). 
Blending- vat, n., cuve a melanger, 

cuve matiere (/.)• 
Bless, v., henir. 
Blessing, n., benediction (/.); bon- 

heur, bienfait (tn.); grace {/.)• 
Blight, n., brouissure, rouille (/.). 
Blind, a., aveugle; obscur. — fold, 

les yeux bandes. 
Blind coal, see anthracite. 
Blind, n., (fig.) masque, voile (m.). 

Window — , abat-jour, store (m.). 

Venetian — , jalousie, persienne (/.)• 
Blind, v., (deceive) tromper; aveugler, 

Blindly, adv., aveuglement. 
Blindness, n., (fig.) ignorance (/.); 

aveuglement (tn.). 
Bliss, n., felicite, beatitude (/.); bon- 

heur (m.). 
Blister, n., ampoule, cloche, vessie 

(/.); vesicatoire (tn.). — steel, 

acier poule (tn.). 
Bloater, n., hareng saur (w.)- 
Block, n., bloc, billot (tn.); (for hats) 

forme (/.); (of a pulley) chape (/.); 

(naut.) poulie (/.). ' — of houses, 

pate de maisons (tn.). — of 

marble, bloc de marbre. — tin, 

etain en saumons, 6tain commun 

Block, v., bloquer. To — up, fermer, 

boucher, murer. 1 

Blockade, n., blocus (tn.). — running, 

forcement de blocus. [de. j 

Blockade, v., bloquer, faire le blocus 
Blockhead, n., sot (tn.); sotte (/.), 

imbecile (tn. and /.). 
Blood, n., sang (tn.). 
Blood-heat, n., chaleur du sang (/.). 
Bloodless, a., pale, inanime; qui n'a 

point de sang. 
Bloodshed, n., sang repandu (tn.); 

effusion de sang (/.). 
Bloodstone, n., sanguine (/.); jaspe 

sanguin (tn.). 
Blood-vessel, n.,vaisseau sanguin (tn.). 
Bloom, n., fleur (/.); (metal) loupe (/.). 

In — , en fleur. 
Bloom, v., fleurir, briller; (of varnish) 

Blossom, n., fleur (/.). 
Blossom, v., fleurir, Stre en fleur. 
Blot, «., tache (/.); pate (tn.) (of ink). 
Blot, v., tacher, noicir; (ink) faire un 

pSte sur. To — out, rayer, effacer. 

Blotch, n., pustule (/.). 

Blotchy, a., tache, eclabouss6. 

Blotter, n., buvard (tn.). 

Blotting-case, n., buvard (tn.). 

Blotting-paper, n., papier brouillard 
(buvard) (tn.). 

Blow, «., coup (tn.). A heavy — , uii 
fort coup. To come to — s, en venii 
aux mains, en venir aux voies dr 

Blow, «., souffler, faire du vent; 
chasser. To — down, renverser, 
abattre par le vent, casser, briser. 
enfoncer. To — over, passer, s< 
dissiper. To — up (explode), 
sauter, eclater, faire sauter. T( 
— anyone up, (fig.) donner ur. 
savon a quelqu'un, faire ime seem 
a quelqu'un. 

Blow-pipe, «., chalumeau (tn.). 

Blubber, n., lard de baleine (tn.). 
graisse de baleine (/.). — oil, huilc 
de baleine (/.). 

Bine, a., bleu, azur. — stone, vitriol 

decuivre(m.). Sky bleudeciel. 

Prussian — , bleu de Prusse (tn.). — 
-book, livre bleu; (in France) livrt 
jaune. — -jacket, loup de mer^ 
marin, matelot (m.). — glass, 
verre bleu, smalte (tn.). — pencil, 

crayon bleu (tn.). black, char- 

bon de saule, crayon de charbon 
(m.). — vitriol, vitriol de cuivre 

Bluff, n., falaise, berge (/.), fecarpe- 
ment (tn.); a., gros, rude, brusque, 

Bluish, a., bleu&tre. 

Blunder, n., bevue, grosse faute, 
meprise, etouderie (/.) ; maladroit 
(ni.), etourdi (tn.). 

Blunder, v., faire une bevue. 

Blunt, a., emousse, epointe; (of per- 
son) brusque, grossier. 

Blunt, v., emousser, epointer; (fig.) 
adoucir, amortir. 

Bluntness, n., epointement (tn.); (fig.) 
rudesse, brusquerie (/.). 

Blur, n., tache (/.). 

Blur, v., tacher, souiller, barbouiller. 

Blush, n., rougeur (/.). At first — , au 
premier aspect (abord). 

Blush, v„ rougir de (pour) ; avoir 
honte de. 

Bluster, n., fracas, tapage, bruit; 
(of anger) emportement (tn.). 

Bluster, v., faire du fracas, crier ^ 






Blustering, a., bruyant, fanfaron. 

Boar, n., verrat (m.). Wild — , sang- 
lier. — hound, chien de sanglier. 

Board, «., planche (/.); (of tailors) 
etabli (m.); (council) conseil (n^.); 
(naut.) bord (m.); (book-binding) 
plat (w.). — s (timber), planches. 
Side — , buffet (m.). On — , k 
bord. On — the steamer, a bord 
du vapeur. — and lodging, 
pension. Free — , pension gratuite, 
nourriture sans frais (/.). — of 
trade, ministere (conseil) du com- 
merce {m.). — of works, ministere 
de travaux publics. — of health, 
bureau de sante, conseil de salu- 
brite (>».). — of Directors, conseil 
d'administration (w.). — of 
Inland Revenue, administration 
des contributions directes et in- 
directes (/.). Free on — , franco a 
bord, mis a bord, sous vergues, 
rendu k bord. To put on — , 
mettre a bord, embarquer. To 
receive on — , prendre k. bord. 
Card — , carton (w.). Paste — , 
carton {m.). Bound in — s, 

cartonne. See overboard. 

Board, f., (naut.) aborder. 

Boarding-house, «., pension de 
famille (/.). 

Boarding-school, n., pension, institu- 
tion (/.), pensionnat (m.). [(/.). 

Boarding-station, escales de douane 

Boast, «., vanterie, jactance (/.). 

Boast, v., se vanter de, se glorifier 
de, vanter. 

Boat, n., bateau, canot (w.); barque 
(/.). Fishing — , bateau, pecheur 

(w.). Packet , paquebot (>».). 

Steam- — , bateau k vapeur (m.). 
Mail- — , paquebot (poste) (w.); 
malle (/..). Life- — , canot de 
sauvetage (m.). Ferry- — , bac 
(w.) ; barque, nacelle (/.). — hook, 
gaffe (/.). — load, batelee (/.). — 
man, batelier (m.). — oar, rame 
(/.), aviron (w.). — builder, con- 
structeur de bateaux. 

Boatswain, n., maltred'equipage (w.). 

Bobbin, n., bobine(/.); fuseau k 
dentelle (w.). 

Bodice, n., corsage (w.). Under — , 
cache-corset (m.). 

Bodied, a., k corps. Able , fort, 

robuste, habile, valide, bon pour 
le service. Full — , (wine) vin 

Bodily, adv., corporellement, entice- 
ment, en masse; a., corporel, 
materiel, r6el. 

Bodkin, «., poin^on, passe-lancet (m.). 

Body, «'., corps (w.); (company) 
association, corporation (/.). Any 
— , quelqu'un, tout le monde. 
Every — , tout le monde. To have 
no — (wine), 6tre cors6. Some — , 
quelqu'un. No — , (ne) personne. 
The main — , gros (m.). In a — , 
en corps. — linen, linge de corps 

Bog, n., marecage, marais (w.); 
fondLere (^). 

Bogie, «., bogie (/.). 

Bogus, a., faux, artificiel, factice. 

Boil, n., (medical) furoncle (w.). 

Boil, v., faire bouillir ; bouillir. — ed, 

Boiler, n., chaudiCe, bouilloire (/.), 
bouilleur (w.). Tubular — , chau- 
diftre tubulaire. Multi-tubular — , 
chaudi^re tubulaire. — tube, tube 
de bouilleur (chaudiCe). — case, 
chemise de chaudi^re (/.). — room, 
batiment k chaudiCes (tn.); salle 
des chaudiferes (/.). — plate, tole k 
chaudi^re (/.). — float, indicateiu: 
du niveau d'eiu (»».). — coal, 
houille (/.); charbon k vapeur (m>). 
— shop, chaudronnerie (/.). — 
maker, chaudronnier (tn.). 

Boiling, n., ebullition (/.), bouillonne- 
ment (tn.). 

Boisterous, a., orageux, violent, furi- 
eux, vif, turbulent. 

Bold, a., audacieux, hardi, tem^raire, 
impudent, effront6, assur6; (clear) 
net. To make — to, prendre la 
libert6 de, se permettre de. 

Boldly, adv., hardiinent, courageuse- 
ment, impudemment; (clearly) net- 

Boldness, n., audace, hardiesse, 
assurance, impudence (/.); (clear- 
ness) nettet6 (/.). 

Bole, n., terre bolaire (/.); bol (m.). 

Bolster, «., traversin, coussin (m.). 
(natil.); coussin de ferrure (m.\. 

Bolster, v., (up), appuyer, soutcnir. 

Bolt, n., verrou (tn.); boulon (tn.)- 
cheville en fer (/.). — and nut, 
boulon k 6crou (tn.). 

Bolt, v., boulonner, fermer au verrou. 

Bomb, «., bombe (/.). — proof, k 
I'epreuve de la bombe. 

Bombard, v., bombarder. 





Bombardment, n., bombardement 


Bombast, n., vantard (m.). 

Bombazine, n., alepine (/.). Black — , 
alepine noire. 

Bona-fide, serieux et de bonne foi. 

Bond, «., obligation (/.); engagement, 
bon (m.). To take out of — , 
acquitter les droits de douane, 
retirer de I'entrepot. In — , a 
I'entrepot, en depot, en entrepot. 
— note, certificat d'entrepot, 
acquit-ci-caution (m.). Average — , 
assurance centre le jet k la mer. 
Customs' — , entrepot. Foreign 
— s, obligations etrang^res. — 
holder, porteur (detenteur) d'obli- 
gations. Out of — , douane. 
Government — , obligation de 
I'etat (/.). — note, entrepot {m.). 

Bond, v., entreposer. 

Bonded, en douane, k (dans) I'entre- 
pot, entrepose. — goods, marchan- 
dise entreposee (/.). — warehouse, 
entrepot (m.). — vaults, voutes 
d'entrepot (/.). We deal in — 
stores, nous faisons commerce de 
marchandises en entrepot. 

Bone, n., OS {m.). — black, charbon, 
noir animal (m.). — earth, phos- 
phate de chaux, cendre d'os. 

Boneless, a., sans os (aretes). 

Bonnet, «., chapeau (m.); (of a motor) 
capot (m.). — box, carton k 
chapeau (m.). — string, ruban de 
chapeau (w.). 

Bonus, M., boni (m.); dividende excep- 
tionnel (supplementaire) (w.) ; 
prime, part de benefice (/.). 

Bopk, «., livre (m.). — accounts, 
comptes de livre. Day — , journal 
(w.). Cash — , livre de caisse. Bill 
— , livre d'effets (de traites, 
d'echeances). Memorandum — , 
camet (m.). Warehouse — , livre de 
magasin. Pocket — , camet (w.); 

portefeuille (/.). Note , carnet. 

School — , cahier (»«.). Order — , 
livre de commissions. Invoice — , 
livre de factures. Cheque — car- 
net de cheques. Waste — , brouil- 
lard {m.). Depositor's — , livret 
(m.). To keep the — s, tenir 
les livres. Adventure — , camet 
de speculations. Stock — , livre 
de magasin. Postage' — , livre 
de ports. — debts, dettes actives, 
creances (/.). Second-hand — , 

livre d'occasion. — s in paper 
covers, livre broche. — in boards, 
livre cartonn6. — arrivals, factu- 
rier d'entrees (d'achats) (tn.). — 
.patterns, livre (camet) d'echantil- 
lons. — muslin, organdi (m.). — 
trade, commerce de livres. — out 
of print, livre epuise. — post, en 
imprimes, sous bande. See fold. 

Book, v., enregistrer, inscrire. 

Bookbinder, n., relieur (m.). 

Bookbinding, n., reliure (/.). 

Bookcase, n., biblioth^que (/.). 

Booking, n., enregistrement (of par- 
cels, etc.) (w.). — office, bureau des 
billets, guichet (w.). 

Book-keeper, n., teneur de livres, 
comptable (tn.). 

Book-keeping, n., tenure des livres 
(/.). — by single (double) entry, 
tenue des livres en partie simple 

Bookmark(er), n., signet (m.). 

Bookseller, n., (dealer) iibraire d'as- 
sortiment (m.); (publisher) libraire- 
editeur, Iibraire. 

Book-shelf, n., rayon (m.), tablette, 
etagere (/.). 

Book-shop or book-store, n., hbrairie 

Book-stall, «., etalage de livres (tn.). 

Book-trade, «., commerce de livres 

Boom, M., (naut.) boute-hors (w.); 
(of harbours) chaine, estacade (/.); 
(of shares, etc.) hausse rapide (/.). 

Boom, t'., faire valoir. 

Boot, «., bottine, botte (/.). Side 
spring — , bottine a elastique. 

jack, tire-botte {m.). — tree, 

forme (/.), tendeur (m.), embau- 
choir (tn.). — last.embauchoir (»».). 

— web, tissu a bottes {see lace). 

— shop, magasin dechaussures {tn.). 
— s and shoes, chaussures (/.). — 
maker, cordonnier, bottler (tn.); 
fabricant de chaussures (tn.). Half- 
— , bottine. Blucher — , soulier- 
botte. Top — , botte 4 revers. 
Spring side — , botte k elastiques. 
Dress -•, botte fine. Patent leather 
— , botte vernie, Soulier vemi. 

Boot, v., profiter a; hotter. 

Booty, «., butin (tn.). 

Boracic acid, n., acide borique (tn.). 

Borax, n., borax (tn.). Crude — , 

borax brut. Refined — , bora.x 






Border, «., bord (m.); (edging) bor- 
dure (/.); (of a country) frontiere 
(/.). With large coloured — s, avec 
una large bordure de couleur. 
, Papsr with a deep black — , papier 
avec une bordure noire. 

Border, v., border, confiner {k avec). 
toucher a, etre contigu k. — ed, 
borde. To — on {or upon), border, 
touch 3r a, etre contigu k. 

Bore, «., foret (w.); (hole) trou (w.); 
calibre (/.); (things) ennui (m.). A 

— (person), ennuyeux, cauchemar 

Bore, v., p^rcer, forer. To be — d 
(tired), s'ennuyer. 

Borer, «., foreur, perceur; (tool) 
penpoir, foret (w.). 

Boric acid, «., acide borique (tn.). 

Born, p.p., ne, de naissance. To be 
— , naitre. The first — , le premier 

Borough, n., bourg (w.). 

Borrow, v., emprunter; copier, imiter. 
To — money, emprunter de 
I'argent. — at interest, emprunter 
k interets. To — on mortgage, 
emprunter sur hypothfeque. 

Borrower, n., emprunteur (w.). 

Bosom, n., sein (w.). — friend, ami 
de coeur, ami intime (w.). 

Bort, «., egrisee (/.), bort (w.). 

Botany, n., botanique (/.). 

Both, a., tous les deux, I'un et I'autre 
les deux, tous deux. 

Bother, v., ennuyer, tracasser, tour 

Bottle, n., bouteille (/.); flacon (m.) 
In — s, en bouteilles. Stone — s 
bouteilles de grfes; cruchons. — 
basket, panier k bouteilles (m.) 

— case, cantine (/.). — rack 
planche k bouteilles (/.). 

Bottle, v., mettre en bouteilles. — d, 

en bouteille. — d beer, bi^re en 

bouteilles (/.). 

Bottler, n., metteur en bouteilles (w.). 

Bottling, n., mise en bouteilles (/.). 

Bott6m, «., navire, batiment, fond 

• (m.); (of a river) lit (m.), fond. 

— price, dernier prix, prix mini- 
mum (m.). To get to the — of an 
affair, examiner k fond. To be at 
the — of, etre I'&me (la cause) de, 
fetre le principal instigateur. The 

— of a ship, fond (w.), carene (/.). 
Neutral — , navire neutre. Foreign 
— , batiment etranger. To go to 

the — , aller (couler) au fond. — 
freight, fret minimum (m.). Rock 

— price, dernier prix. See top. 
Bottomed, a., a fond. Flat — , k 

fond plat. Double (false) — , a 
double fond. Copper — , double de 

Bottomless, a., sans fond. 

Bottomry, n., grosse aventure, hy- 
potheque maritime (/.). — bill, 
billet de grosse (w.). — premium, 
prime pour les risques de mer (/.). 

— bond, lettre (billet) de grosse; 
contrat k' la grosse (m.); acte de 
pret a la grosse (m.). — insurance, 
assurance sur le navire (/.). — 
interest, intcrfets maritimes («.). 

— loan, emprunt (pret) k la grosse 
aventure, emprunt sur le corps 
d'un navire (m.). — regulations, 
regies du contrat k la grosse (m.), 
loi sur la grosse aventure (/.). 

Bought, p.p., achete. — book, livre 
d' achats (m.). 

Bound, n., borne, limite (/.). To keep 
within — s, garder la mesure. To 
be — over, etre tenu de cora- 
paraitre. — in apprenticeship, mis 
en apprentissage. 

Bound, v., bonier, limiter; (fig.) 

Bound, p.p., tenu de, lie k. To be — 
to, devoir, fitre oblig6 k. — for, 
destine pour, allant k, en destina- 
tion de. Wind — , arrets par les 
vents contraires. Ice — , ferm6 
(pris) par les glaces, entoure de 
glace. — by oath, tenu sous 

Boundary, «., limite, borne, frontiere 

Boundless, a., sans bornes, illimite, 

Bounty, n., prime (/.); gratification, 
douceur (/.); prime d'exportation 
(d'importation). — money, prime 
d'exportation (d'importation). 

Bouquet, n., bouquet (m.). 

Bourse, n., Bourse (/.). 

Boursier, «., Boursier {tn.). 

Bow, «., arc (m.); (of ribbon) noeud 
(de ruban) (m.); (of a ship) avant 
{m.), proue (/.); (violin) archet (»«.). 

Bow, v., plier; se courber, s'incliner. 
To — (submit) to, se soumettre k; 
se rendre k, se plier k. 

Bowels, n., pi,, entrailles (/.), intes- 
. tins (;«.). 





Bowl, n., bol (w.), cuvette, boule (/.). 
Sugar — , sucrier (m.). 

Bowline, n., (naut.) bouline (/.)• 

Bowsprit, n., (naut.) beaupre (m.). 

Box, w., boite, caisse (/.), etui, carton 
(m.). Band — , carton. Hat — 
boite 4 chapeau, carton. Christmas 
— , etrennes (/.). Snuff — , taba- 
tiere (/.). Money — , tirelire (/.). 
Letter — , boite aux lettres, (/.). 
Strong — , coffre-fort (m.). Cash 
— , caisse, boite k argent. Jewel 
— , cassette (/.). Signal — (rail.) 
poste de garde (d'aiguilleur) {m.). 

— maker, layetier (m.). 

Box, v., encaisser, enfermer dans une 
boite. To — the compass, savoir 
la rose des vents. 

Boxwood, «., bois de buis (m.). 

Boy, »., gargon [m.). School — , 
ecolier (m.). Errand — , petit 
messager, commissionnaire (w.). 

Boyhood, n., enfance (/.). 

Brace, n. couple (w.);paire {f.){mech.) 
vilebrequin (w.); [naut.) bras (of a 
yard) (m.)'. — s, bretelles (/.). 

Brace, v., lier, serrer, attacher. 

Bracelet, n., bracelet (w.). 

Bracket, n., console (/.), crochet [m.), 
parenthese (/.). In — s, en paren- 

Bradawl, n., poingon, effile (m.). 

Brag, v., se vanter de. 

Braid, «., tresse, passementerie, 
soutache, ganse (/.); lacet, cordon- 
net (m.). — ing machine, machine 
k lacets (/.). 

Brain, n., cerveau (w.), cervelle (/.); 
[fig.) jugement, esprit {m.). — s, 
cervelle. Hare — ed, ecervele, 

etourdi, leger, volage. To blow 
one's — s out, se faire sauter, se 
bruler la cervelle. To rack [or 
puzzle) one's — s, se creuser la 
cervelle, se casser la tete k. 

Brake, n., frein (m.). — wheel, roue 
d'engrenage (/.). Hub — , rein des 
moyeaux. Pedal — , frein k pedale. 

Bran, n., son (tfi.). 

Branch, n., branche, succursale (/.). 

— line {rail.), embranchement (w.); 
(of business) branche d'affaires; 
(firm) succursale. 

Branch, v., s'embrancher, se bifur- 

quer; se ramifier. 
Brand, n., marque (/.); (class) sorte, 

qualite, classe, fabrique (/.). See 

Brand, v., marquer, marquer avec un 
fer chaud. 

Brandy, n., eau-de-vie (/.), cognac 

Brass, n., cuivre jaune, laiton, bronze, 
airain (w.). — money, argent de 
cuivre (w.). Yellow — , fonte en 
bronze, laiton, cuivre jaune. — 
founder, fondeur en cuivre (m.) 

— ore calamine (/.). — plate 
plaque de cuivre. — wares, din- 
anderie (/.). — wire, fil de laitoi 
(w.). — works, usine k cuivre (/.) 
— foundry, fonderie de cuivre (/.) 

— foil, cuivre battu (w.). 
Brave, a., brave, courageux, vaillant 
Brave, v., defier, braver. 

Brawn, n., fromage de cochon (m.). 

Brazen, a., effront^, impudent 

Brazen, v., montrer un front d'airain. 
To — it out, payer d'effronterie 

Brazier, n., dinandier, ouvrier en 
cuivre (w.). 

Brazil-nuts, n., amandes d'amazone, 
noix du Bresil (/.). 

Brazil-wood, n., bois du Bresil, 
bresillet (>».). 

Breach, n., br^che, rupture, infrac- 
tion, violation (/.). — of confidence, 
abus de confiance (»».). — of trust, 
abus de confiance (m.). — of pro- 
mise, manque de parole. — of the 
law, infraction de la loi. 

Bread, «., pain (m.). Brown — , pain 
bis. Home-made — , pain de 
menage. — stuffs, farine, cereales 
(/.). Aerated — , pain sans fer- 

Breadth, n., largeur (/.); (of stuffs) le 

Break, n., rupture, interruption (/.); 
(of weather) changement (m.); 
(printing) alinea (w.); (failure) in- 
succ6s (m.). — -down {rail.), 
accident (w.). 

Break, v., casser, rompre, miner, 
violer, se casser, briser, se briser; 
6clater; (go bankrupt) faire laillite; 
To — down (motors), etre en panne, 
(in speaking) s'arreter tout court. 
To — out, 6clater. To — off, cesser, 
rompre, interrompre. To — bulk, 
disposer d'une partie, commencer 
le d^chargement. To — up. 
demolir, dissoudre; (school) entrer 
en vacances; (of weather) s'adoucir. 





To — open a letter, decacheter une 

lettre. See word, broken. 
Breakable, a., fragile, cassable. 
Breakage, «., casse (/.); cassage (m.), 

cassure (/.) ; refaction pour casse 

(/.). Free from — , franc de casse. 

— excepted, casse exceptee. 
Breakdown, n., (motors) panne (/.); 

desarrangement, accident. 
Breakers, n., pL, brisants, ecueils 

Breakfast, w., petit dejeuner {tn.). — 

service, service ci cafe (m.). — cup, 

grande tasse (/.). 
Breakfast, v., dejeuner. 
Breaking, n., rupture (/.). — up, 

suspension (/.); (of schools) cloture 

(/.); (end) fin (/.); (of land) premier 

labeur; (ice) degel (m.). 
Breakwater, n., brise-lames (tn.). 
Breast, »., poitrine (/.); sein (wt.); 

(of a coat) revers (tn.). — -pin, 

epingle de chemise (de cravate) 

Breath, «., haleine (/.); souffle (tn.); 

respiration (/.). 
Breathe, v., respirer, souffler. 
Breathing, m., respiration (/.). — 

hole, soupirail (tn.). 
Breathless, a., haletant, essoufle. 
Breech, n., culasse (/.) (of fire-arms). 
Breeches, »., pi., culotte (/.). 
Breed, n., race, esp^ce (/.). 
Breed, v., elever, engendrer. 
Breeder, n., eleveur (tn.), mere (/.). 
Breeding, n., education, generation, 

production (/.). Good — , politesse, 

bonne education (/.), savoir-vivre 

Breeze, «., brise (/.), vent (tn.). 
Brevier, n., (type) petit texte (tti.). 
Brevity, n., Ijrievete (/.). 
Brew, n., brassin (tn.). 
Brew, v., faire de la bi6re, brasser; 

(storm) se preparer. A storm is 

— ing, un orage s'amoncele. 
Brewer, n., brasseur (tn.). 
Brewery, n., brasserie (/.). 
Briar pipe, n., pipe en bois (/.). 
Bribe, «., appjlt, present (tn.). 
Bribe, i^., corrompre, suborner, gagner. 
Bribery, n., corruption (/.). 
Brick, n., brique (/.). Sun-dried — , 

brique sechee au solcil. Fire — , 

brique refractaire. — dust, pous- 

si^re de briques (/.). — kiln, four 

a briques (tn.), briqueterie (/.). See 


Brick, v., briqueter, b4tir de briques. 

Bricklayer, n., magon (en briques) 

■ (m.). 

Brickwork, «., briquetage (tn.). 

Bride, n., epousee, fiancee, future, 
nouvelle mariee (/.). — 's cake, 
gateau de noces (tn.). 

Bridegroom, «., fiance,' mari6 (tn.). 

Bridge, «., pont (tn.). Suspension — , 
pont suspendu. Wire — , pont de 
fil de fer. See draw. 

Bridle, n., bride (/.), frein (tn.). 

Bridle, v., brider; (fig.) mettre un 
frein k, tenir en frein. 

Brie, «., brie. 

Brief, a., court, bref, de courte duree, 
passager. To be — , Stre concis, 
aller au fait. In — , en bref. 

Brief, n., (of barristers) cause (/.); 
dossier (tn.). 

Briefless, a., sans < auses. 

Briefly, adv., en peu de mots, bri^ve- 

Briefness, see brevity. 

Brig, »., brig, brick (tn.). 

Brigade, n., brigade (/.). See fire. 

Brigantine, «., (naut.) brigantin (m.), 
brigantine (/.). 

Bright, a., lumineux, brillant, vif, 
clair; (/tg.) intelligent. — colours, 
couleurs vives. Business does not 
look very — at present, les affaires 
ne sont pas brillantes en ce 

Brighten, t^., (cheer up) dgayer, 
degourdir; briller, etinceler ; (polish) 
polir, faire 'briller. 

Brightness, n., lustre, brillant, 6clat 
(tn.); (of spirits) vivacity, joie (/.). 

Brill, n., barbue (/.). 

Brilliance, n., lustre, brillant, 4clat 

Brilliant, a., brillant; n., brillant 
(diamond) (tn.). 

Brim, n., bord (tn.). — ful, tout plein, 
plein jusqu'au bord. 

Brimstone, n., soufre (tn.). Refined 
— , soufre raffind. Crude or rough 
— , soufre en masse, soufre brut. 

Brine, n., saumure, eau sal6e (/.). 
See hide. 

Bring, v., apporter, mener, porter, 
conduire, procurer, occasionner, 
produire, causer, faire. To — 
about, 6ffectuer; amener, ramener, 
venir au bout de, accomplir, mener 
k bon terme. To — back, ram- 
ener, rapporter. To — down. 





abattre; humilier, amener en bas. 
To — forth, produire; mettre au 
monde. To — forward, faire 
avancer; (accounts) reporter. To 

— in, faire rentrer, introduire. To 

— out (publish), pubUer; faire 
paraitre, tirer, (faire) sortir; pro- 
duire. To — up, elever, nourrir. 
To — an action, intenter une 
action. To — together, raccom- 
moder, reconcilier; assembler. To 

— round (see persuade). To — to 
an end, terminer. To — word, 
apporter des nouvelles. To — into 
question, mettre en question. 
Brought forward, report. Try your 
best to — him to terms, faites 
votre possible pom: 1' amener a mi 

Brink, «., bord (w.). To be on the — 

of, etre sur le penchant de la mine; 

etre a deux doigts de sa perte. 
Briny, a., saumatre, sale, amer. 
Brisk, a., vif, piquant; anime, actif, 

Briskly, adv., vivement. 
Briskness, n., vivacite, activite (/.). 
Bristle, «., soie (de pore, de cochon) 

(/.). Russian — s, soies de pore de 

Russie. ' American — s, soies de 

pore d'Amerique. 
Bristle, v., herisser, se herisser; (to — 

with) se herisser de. 
Britannia metal, n., metal anglais, 

metal blanc anglais (britannique) 

British, a., britannique, anglais. — 

gum, gomme d'amidon (/.). • 
Brittle, a., fragile, cassant. 
Brittleness, «., fragilite (/.). 
Broach, «., broche (/.). 
Broach, v., embrocher, entamer; (a 

cask) mettre en perce; (a subject) 

introduire, communiquer. 
Broad, a., large, grand, gros, vaste; 

(accent) bien prononce. — 

brimmed, a larges bords. In — 

daylight, au grand jour, en plein 

jour. It is as — as it is long, c'est 

la meme chose, c'est tout un. 
Broadcast, adv., a la volee, au hasard. 
Broadcloth, n., drap fin (anglais) (w.). 
Broaden, v., s'agrandir, s'elargir, 

Broadside, «., (printing) in-plano (w.); 

(naut.) bordee (/.); (naut.) bord, 

cote (m.). 
Broadwise, adv., en large, en largeur. 

Brocade, n., brocart (w.). Gold — , 
brocart d'or. 

Broccoli, n., brocoli, (m.). 

Broken, a. and p.p., casse, brise, 
rompu; (of meetings) disperse; 
(language) decousu. He speaJss — 
Spanish, il baragouine I'espagnol. 
— to pieces, vole en eclats (mor- 
ceaux). — stowage, arrimage 

Broker, n., courtier (w.). Bill — , 
courtier de change. Cotton — , 
courtier de coton. Insiurance — , 
courtier d'assurances. Ship — , 
courtier de transport, courtier 
maritime. Stock — , agent (court- 
ier) de change. Sworn — courtier 
jure. Outside — , courtier marron, 
coulissier (m.). — 's returns, ren- 
vois de courtier (m.). — 's business, 
agence (/.), maison de commission 
(/.). — contract, note de courtier 
(/.), bordereau {m.). Syndicate of 
— s, syndicat des agents de 
change (>».). 

Brokerage, «., courtage, frais (droits) 
de courtage (m.). Bill — , courtage 
de change. 

Bromide, «., bromure (w.). 

Bromine, «., brome (m.). 

Bronze, n., bronze (m.). — money 
(coin, currency), see copper. 

Bronze, v., bronzer. 

Brooch, n., broche (/.). 

Brook, «., ruisseau (m.). 

Brook, v., souffrir, endurer, digerer, 
admettre. The affair — s no delay, 
cette affaire n'admet pas de delais. 

Broom, n., balai (tn.). 

manche a balai (m.). 
Broth, n., bouDlon (w.). 
Brother, n., frere (m.) 

beau-frere. Elder — , 


— -in-law, 
frere aine. 

— s (Bros.), freres. Younger — , 

frere cadet. 
Brought, p.p., apporte. — forward 

{or over), report. 
Brow, n., soiurcil, front (m.). 
Brown, a., brun. — paper, papier 

gris (goudronne). — sugar, casson- 

ade (/.). See bread. 
Bruise, n., contusion, meurtrissure (/.) 
Bruise, v., contusionner, meurtrir; 

ecraser, piler. 
Brunt, M., choc (tn.), force, violence, 

fureur (/.). 
Brush, n., brosse (/.), pinceau (m.). 

Clothes — , brosse k habits. Hair 





— , brosse k cheveux. Nail — , 
brosse a oiigles. Shaving — , brosse 
a barbe. Tooth — , brosse a dents. 
Hat — , brosse ci chapeaux. — 
maker, brossier, fabricant de 
brosses (m.). 

Brash, v., brosser; raser. 

Brussels, Bruxelles. — sprouts, 
choux de Bruxelhs. — carpet, 
tapis de Bruxelles. — lace, point 
de Bruxelles. — net, tulle (m.). 

"B " stock, M., actions de priorite (/.). 

Bubble, n., bulle d'air; dupe. — 
company, flouerie, societe vereuse. 

Buck, n., daim, bouc (w.); (linen) 
. l3ssive (/.). — skins, peaux de 
daim (/.). 

Backet, «., ssau, baquet (w.). — 
shop, coulisse (/.). 

Backing, — cloth, n., charrier (m.). 

— tub, cuvier {tn.). 

Buckle, M., boucle (/.). — shoe, 

Soulier a boucle (m.). 
Buckle, v., boucler, agrafer, attacher; 

Buckram, «., bougran {m.). 
Buckskin, n., peau de daim (/.). — 

gloves, gants en peau de daim {m.). 
Buckwheat, n., sarrasin (m.), bl6 noir, 

ble de Tartaric (m.). 
Bud, M., racine (/.); germe, bourgeon, 

bouton (w.). To nip in the — , 

tu3r dans le germe. 
Bud, v., fleurir, germer, boutonner. 
Budge, n., peau d'agneau (/.). 
Budge, v., se remuer, bouger (de). 
Budget, »., budget (m.). 
Buff, n., buffle (w.); couleur chamois 

(/.). — coloured, couleur. — leather, 

buffle (m.); chamois (w.). 
Buffalo, n., buffle (tn.). — hide, peau 

dc buffle (/.). — horns, cornes de 

buffle (/.). 
Buffer, «., tampon (de choc) (m.). — 

stop (rail.), butoir (m.). 
Buffet, «., buffet (m.). 
Bug, n., puiiaise (/.). 
Bagle, — horn, cor de chasse (tn.). 

— (bead), perle en verre, perle de 
Venise (/.). 

Baild, v., bitir, construire, 6difier; 
fondar, etablir. To — on, compter 
sur, se fonder sur. To — up, 
fonder (etablir) (une maison). 

Builder, tn., constructeur, entrepre- 
neur de batiments (tn.). House — , 
constructeur de maisons. Ship — , 
constructeur de navires. 

Building, n., construction, structure 
(/.); edifice (tn.). Ship — , construc- 
tion de navires. — material, 
materiaux de construction (tn.), 

— plant, materiaux. — expenses, 
frais de Mtisse (tn.). 

Bulb, tn., bulbe (/.) (flowers). — (of an 
incandescent lamp), ampoule (/.); 
(of thermometers) boule (/.). 

Bolge, v., faire ventre ; bomber ; 

Bulk, «., masse (/.); volume (tn.). The 

— of, la plus grande partie de. 
In — , en bloc, a forfait, en grenier. 
Laden in — , charg6 en grenier. 
See break. 

Bulkhead, n„ (naut.) cloison 4tanche 

Bulkiness, «., volume (tn.), grosseur, 
taille (/.). 

Bulky, a., volumineux, gros, grand. 

Bull, n., (S.E.) haussier, joueur k la 
hausse. — -fight, combat de 
taureaux (avec des hommes) (tn.). 

Bulldog, «., bouledogue, dogue (tn.). 

Bullet, n., balle (/.). 

Bulletin, n., bulletin (tn.); (S.E.) 
bulletin de bourse (tn.). 

Bullion, n., or (et argent) en lingots, 
lingot, numeraire (tn.). — office, 
bureau pour I'achat des matiferes 
d'or et d'argent. — dealer, 
changeur (tn.). 

Bullish, a., see bull. 

Bully, n., bravache, fier-^-bras, fend- 
ant, matamore (tn.). 

Bully, v., faire le fendant (le fier-i- 
bras, le fendant, le matamore). 

Bulrush, n., jonc (tn ). 

Bulwark, «., rempart, boulevard (tn.). 

Bunch, n., botte, grappe (/.). — of 
keys, trousseau de clefs (tn.). — of 
grapes, grappe de raisin (/.). 

Bunch, v., lier en botte (en bouquet). 

Bundle, n., paquet (tn.). — of papers, 
liasse d5 papiers (/.). — of aspara- 
gus, botte d'asperges (/.). 

Bundle, v., empaqueter. 

Bung, «., bondon (tn.). 

Bang, v., bondonner. boucher. 

Bang-hole, «., bonde (/.). 

Bungle, n., b6vue (/.), bousillage (tn.). 
To make a — (of it), faire un 
gilchis (de). 

Bungle, v., saveter, g4cher; faire de 
mauvaisc besogne, s'y prendre mal. 

Bungler, «., savetier, maladroit (tn.). 

Bunk, n., couchette (/.). 





Bunker, n., soute llcharbon (/.) ; trou 

a charbon (m.). 
Bunting, n., etamine (/.). 
Buoy, n., bouee (/.)• Life — , bouee de 

sauvetage. — dues, droits de 

bouee {m.). 
Buoy, v., baliser, soutenir siu: I'eau. 

To — up, soutenir, ranimer, 

Buoyancy, «., entrain, elan {m.), 

activite (/.). 
Buoyant, a., anime, vif, leger, ferme. 
Burden, n., fardeau (wt.), charge (/.); 

(of a ship) contenance, capacite (/.). 

Beast of — , bete de somme (/.). A 

vessel of 500 tons — , un navire du 

port de 500 tonneaux. 
Burden, v., charger, opprimer, sur- 

charger, imposer un fardeau a. To 

be — ed with, etre charge de. To 

be — ed with debts, etre abime de 

Burdensome, a., on6reux, incommode, 

ennuyeux, lourd. 
Bureau, n., bureau (m.)- 
Burglary, n., cambriolage, vol avec 

effraction (m.). 
Burgundy, n., (wine) vin de Burgogne 

Burial, n., enterrement (w.), inhuma- 
tion (/.). 
Bum, n., briilure (/.); (of bricks) cuite 

Bum, v., bruler; (tech.) cuire (bricks). 

To — to ashes, reduire en cendres. 

To be — t down, etre brule de fond 

encomble. To — one'sfingers (/»g.), 

se bruler les doigts. 
Burner, n., brflleur (w.), (lamp) bee' 

(m.). Gas — , becdegaz (w.). 
Burning, «., briilure (/.), incendie (wi.) 

a., brulant, en feu. 
Burnish, v., brunir, polir. 
Burnisher, n., brunisseur (w.); (tool) 

brunissoir (m.). 
Burnt, p-p., brule. See almond, bum. 
Burrow, «., terrier, clapier. 
Burrow, v., terrer, se terrer. 
Bursar, n., boursier, econome (w.). 
Burst, n., rupture, explosion (/.), 

eclat, fracas (w.). 
Burst, v., eclater, crever, fendre. To 

— open (a door), ehfoncer une 

porte. To — out, eclater. 
Bursting, n., explosion (/.). — of 

boiler, explosion de chaudi^re. 
Burthen, n., (of a ship) contenance, 

capacite (/.). 

Bury, v., enterrer; (to plunge) en- 
foncer, plonger. 

Bus, n., omnibus (w.). 

Bush, n., buisson, fourre, taillis (w.); 
terre inculte (/.). To beat about 
the — , toumer autoiu- du pot. 

Bushel, n., boisseau (m.). By the — , 
au boisseau, en grandes quantites. 

Busily, adv., activement. 

Business, n., affaire (/.), marche, 
negoce, commerce (m.); affaires. To 
carry on — , faire le commerce. To 
settle a — , arranger une affaire. 
To do — , faire des affaires. To be 
in — , etre dans les affaires ; faire le 
commerce de. To continue — , 
continuer les affaires (la suite des 
affaires). To give up — , se retirer 
des affaires, quitter (abandonner) 
les affaires. On — , pour affaire. 
To commence — , etablir une 
maison, s'etablir. — man (or man 
of — ), homme d'affaires. Extensive 
— , affaires considerables. Line of 
— , genre de commerce (d'affaires) 
(m.); branche de commerce (/.). To 
attend to — , s'appliquer aux 
affaires. To give up — , se retirer 
des affaires. — staff, personnel (m.) 
To do a great deal of — , faire de 
bonnes affaires. — -like,serieux, 
pratique; franc, droit, rond en 
affaires. To make it one's — to, 
en faire son affaire. — relations, 
relations d'affaires (/.); rapports 
d'affaires (m.). Ship's — , affaires 
du navire. No — doing, pas 
d'affaires. To set up in — , s'etablir; 
etablir une maison, debuter en 
affaires. Run of — , courant 
d'affaires (m.). See fix, knowledge. 

Busk, n., busc (m.). 

Bust, n., buste (m.). 

Bustle, w., mouvement, tumulte, 
bruit (w.), confusion, activity, agi- 
tation (/.). 

Busy, a., actif, occupe, affaire. A — 
day, un jour d'affaires. To be — 
on, s'occuper de. We are very — , 
nous sommes tres occupes. To — 
oneself about, s'occuper de, se 
meler de. 

Busybody, «., officieux (m.), ofiicieuse 
(/.), brouillon, tatillon (m.), tatil- 
lonne (/.). 

But, conj., mais; (without) sans que; 
adv., excepte, ne . . . que, seule- 
ment, moins, si ce n'est que; prep.. 





sans. — for, sans ,si ce n'etait que. 
All — , presque. The last — one, 
I'avant dernier. Nothing (or none) 
— , seulement. Anything — , rien. 
Butcher, n., boucher (w.), bouch^re 


Butler, «., sommelier, maitre d'hotel 

Butt, n., bout (m.); (of muskets) 
crosse (/); (cask) pipe (/.); (for 
water) tonneau (w.); (naut.) butte, 
tete de bordage (/.). — end (rifle), 
gros-but {m.), crosse (./.). 

Butter, «., beurre (m.). Salt — , beurre 
sale. I'resh — , beurre frais. — 
boat, baurrier (m.), petite sauciere 
(/.). See knife. 

Butterfly, «., papillon (m.). 

Button, n., bouton (m.). — -hook, 
tire- (toume-) bouton (w.). — 
maker, boutonnier (m.). Silk — , 
bouton de soie. Lasting — , 
bouton en lasting. Metal — , 
bouton en metal. — hole, bouton- 
nifere (/.). — mould, moule a 
bouton (w.). 

Button, v., se boutonner; boutonner. 

Buttress, n., arc-boutant, eperon (m.). 

Butyric ether, n., ether butyrique(»t.). 

Buy, v., acheter. To — for cash, 
acheter au comptant. To — on 
credit, acheter a terme (a credit). 
We — goods at his warehouse, nous 
nous fournissons chez !ui. To — in, 
rachcter. I — everything at first 
hand, j'achete tout de premiere 
main. To — up, accaparer; acheter. 
We have this day bought on your 
account, nous avons achete au- 
jourd'hui pour votre compte. To 

— wholesale, acheter en gros, en 
bloc, faire le gros. To — -r out, 
acheter la part de, racheter. To — 
of, acheter k. See bought. 

Buyer, n., acheteur, acqu6reur, com- 
mettant (m.). 

Buyers over, (S.E.) excedant d'ache- 
teurs'sur vendeurs. 

Buying, n., achat (w.). — order, 
ordre d'achat (m.). — up, accap- 
arement (w.). — out (off, in), 
rachat (m.). 

By, prep., par, pres, h c6t6 de. — this 
time, a I'heure qu'il est, h. ce temps, 
en ce moment. — that time, d'ici 
lA. — much {or far), de beaucoup. 

— day, durant la journee; de jour. 

— night, durant la nuit: de nuit. 

— itself, tout seul. — and — , 
bientot, tout de suite. — hand, k 
la main. — machinery, k la 
mecanique. — the yard, au yard. 

— then, k ce temps-lci. — post, 
par la poste. — the bye, en pas- 
sant, a propos. — the way, en 
passant, a propos. — the month, 
au mois. Three feet — six, trois 
pieds sur six. Day — day, de jour 
en jour. — and — , tout k I'heure. 

— to-morrow, d'ici a demain. 
Close — , tout pres. See land. 

Bygone, a., passe. Let — s be — s, 
ne revenons pas sur le passe, 
oublions le passe, passons I'eponge 

By-law, «., r^glement (m.); loi par- 
ticuliere (locale) (/.). 

Cab, M., fiacre, cabriolet (m.). Hack- 
ney — , fiacre, carrosse de louage. 
— man or driver, cocher de fiacre 
(w.). — rank or stand, station de 
voitures (/.). 

Cabbage, «., chou (m.). — lettuce, 
laitue pommee (/.). Savoy — , 
chou fris6. Turnip — , chou-navet. 

Cabin, n., cabine (/.); {naut.) chambre, 
cabine. — passenger, passager de 
premiere classe. — boy, mousse. 
Fore — , chambre d'avant. Chief 
— , grande chambre. 

Cabinet, n., cabinet (>«.); (ministry) 
ministere (w.). — Council, conseil 
des ministres (w.). — maker, 
ebeniste (w.). — work, 6b6nisterie 
(/•)• — piano, grand piano droit 

Cable, «., cable (m.). Transatlantic 
— , cable transatlantique. Sub- 
marine — , ciLble sous-raarin. — 
railway, funiculaire (»».). — word, 
mot de cable {m.). — length, 
encablure (/.). — code, code 
telegraphique. By — , par le cSble. 

Cable, v., to send a — , envoyer un 

Cablegram, n., cablogramme, t616- 
gramme sous-marin. To send a — , 
envoyer un cablogramme. 

Cacao, «., cacao (w.). 

Cadmium, n., cadmium (m.). 

Caffeine, n., cafeine (/.). 

Cage, «., cage (/.). 

Cake, «., g&teau (m.). — of wax, pain 
de cire (w.). Linseed — , tourteau 
de lin (nt.). — of soap, pain de 





savon (m.). — of chocolate, tab- 
lette de chocolat (/.). 

Cake, v., se lier, se coller, se cailler, 
se prendre. 

Calamine, «., calamine (/..) 

Calamitous, a., calamiteux, desas- 
trcux, affreux, funeste. 

Calamity, «., calamite (/.), desastre, 
malheur (m.). 

Calcareous, a., calcaire. 

Calcium, n., carbure (m.). — carbide, 
carbure de calcium. 

Calculable, a., calculable. 

Calculate, v., calculer, faire le calcul. 
To — on, compter sur. — d to, 
susceptible de, destine k. Interest 
is — ed from the 1st inst., Ics 
interets partent du \'^' ct. 

Calculation, n., calcul {m.). 

Calendar, «., calendrier, tableau, 
almanach (m.). — raois, mois 
solaire (m.). [(w.). 

Calender, n., calandre if.), cylindre 

Calender, v., calandrer, cylindrer. 

Calenderer,M., calandreur, glaceur(»n.). 

Calendering, n., calandrage (m.). 

Calf, «., (of the leg) mnllet, gras (m.); 
(animal) veau. — 's-foot jelly, 
gelee de pieds de veau (/.). ■ — 's 
skin, peau de veau (/.). 

Calibre, «., calibre (m.); compas 
d'epaisseur (tn.). 

Calico, n., calicot (»t.). White — , 
calicot blanc. Printed — , toile 
peinte; indienne (/.). — printer, 
imprimeur de toiles peintes (d'in- 
diennes) {tn.). — printing, impres- 
sion d'indiennes (/.). — shirtings, 
calicot pour chemises. 

Caligraphic, a., calligraphique. 

Caligraphy, «., calligraphic (/.). 

Calk, v., calfater. 

Calker, n., calfat (m.). — 's mallet, 
maillet de calfat (m.). 

Calking, n., calfatage (m.). — iron, 
fer a calfat, calfait (m.). — 
mallet, maillet de calfat (w.). 

Call, »., appel (m.); ordres {tn.); de- 
mande(/.); {naut.) sifflet (w.). At 
— , a commandement, sur de- 
mande. — for funds, appel de 
fonds. — (on S.E.) droit d' achat 
(tn.), prime (/.). — of more, 
droit d'acheter davantage au 
meme prix. To give {or pay) a 
— , faire une visite. There will be 
no need to make further — s, il 
n'y aura pas besoin d'autres 

appels dc fonds. To make a — at 
(boats), toucher k, faire escale k. 
Port of — , port d'escale {tn.). We 
have no — for this class of goods, 
nous n'avons pas de demande 
pour cette sorte de ^archandiscs. 
Call, 7'., appeler, crier; faire visite, 
venir chez; (a meeting) convoquer 
une assemblee; (the roll) faire 
r appel; (a vessel) toucher a, faire 
escale k. To — again, revenir. 
To — aside, prendre k part. To — 
at (vessels), toucher k, faire escale 
a. To — away, faire sortir, ap- 
peler. To — back, rappeler, 
revoquer, retracter. To — for, 
appeler, demander, exiger, re- 
clamer; aller prendre. To — in, 
faire rentrer. To — in question, 
mettre en question. To — on {or 
upon), passer chez, \isiter, faire 
line visite. To — over, appeler Ics 
noms; appeler a haute voix. To - — 
to see one, faire une visite a 
quelqu'un, visiter quelqu'un. To 

— to account, demander compte 
(a quelqu'un), faire rendrc compte. 
To — to witness, appeler en 
temoignag;, invoquer le temoign- 
age de, prendre a temoin. To — 
upon, prier, implorer, invoquer. 
If — ed upon, au besoin. We have 
— ed him to account, nous lui en 
avons demande compte. To be 
left till called for (post oilice), 
poste restante (/.). To be or feel 
— ed upon to, se voir dans la 
necessite de, se faire un devoir. 
So — ed, dit. Allow me to — your 
attention to this fact, permettez- 
moi d' appeler votre attention k 
ce fait. See mind, attention. 

Called, a., appele, nomme. So — ed, 
dit, soi-disant. To be — ed for 
(post office), poste restante (/.). 

Caller, «., visiteur (tn.). 

Calling, n., profession, vocation (/.); 
metier, etat {tn.). — of a rrieeting, 
convocation d'une assemblee (/.). 

— in (of money) demonetisation 
(/.); retrait (tn.). 

Calm, »., calme {tn.); tranquillite, 
quietude (/.); repos {tn.); a., calme, 
tranquille. Dead — , calme plat. 
To become — , se calmer. t 

Calm, v., calmer, apaiser. | 

Calmly, adv., tranquillcment, avec 







Calmness, «., calme (m.); tranquillite 

Calomel, «., protochlorure de mercure, 

calomel (m.). 
Caluminate, v., calomnicr. 
Calumny, n., calomnie (/.). 
Camber, «., cambre, cambrure (/.). 
Cambist, n., agent de change (m.). 
Cambric, n., batiste, toile de Cam.brai, 

canxbresine {/.). Fine — , batiste 

fine. — muslin, percale (/.). 
Camel, «., chameau (m.), chamelle 

(/.). — 's hair, poilde chameau (w.). 

— brush, pinceau (m.). ' 
Cameo, «., camee, camaieu (w.). 
Camera, w., appareil (photographique) 

(m.). P'olding — , appareil pliant. 
Hand — , appareil a main. Stand 
— , appareil k pied. Snapshot — , 
appareil instantane. In — , k huis 
clos. — obscura, chambre obscqre 
(noire) {/.). 

Camlet, «., camelot (m.). 

Camomile, n., camomillc (/.). — 
flowers, fleurs de camomille (/.). 

Camp, n., camp (m.). — bed, lit de 
camp (de sangle), lit brise (w.). — 
table, table pliante (/.). — chair, 
or stool, siege pliant, pliant (m.). 

— kettle, bidon (w.), marmite dc 
sold at if.). 

Camp, v., camper. 

Campaign, «., campagne (/.). 

Camphor, n., camphre (m.). Refined 
— -, camphre raffine. Crude — , 
camphre brut. — ated oil, huile 
camphree {/.). — spirit, alcool 
camphrd int.). 

Can, n.,' bidon (tn.); burette (/.). See 

Can, v., pouvoir (to be able to); 
savoir (to know how to). I am 
sure you — do it, je suis sflr que 
vous le pouvez, — ned goods, 
conserves (/.). 

Canada, «., Canada (w.). See balsam. 

Canal, n., canal (m.). — dues, droits 
de canal (w.). — locks, ecluses de 
canal (/.). — tolls, peages de canal 

Canary, «., serin (tn.). — seed, graine 
dcs Canaries (/.). 

Cancel, v., annuler, effacer, biffcr, 
raycr ; resilier. 

Cancellation, n., annulation, revoca- 
tion (/.); cancellation; (striking out) 
rature, effature (/.). 

Cancelling, see cancellation. 

Candid, a., candide, franc, sincere, 
ingenu, loyal, impartial. 

Candidate, n.,candidat, aspirant (m.). 

Candidature, n., candidature (/.). 

Candidly, adv., franchement, en bonne 
foi, candidement, ingenument. 

Candidness, n., candeur, franchise, 
sincerite, bonne foi (/.). 

Candied, a. and p.p., candi. peel, 

peau de citron confite au sucre (/.); 
ecorce confite au sucre. 

Candle, «., chandelle, lumi^re, bougie 
(/•)• — power, puissance en bougies 
(/.). — wick, m^che de chandelle 
(/.). — mould, moule k chandelles 
(w.). Wax — , bougie. Dipped — , 
chandelle plong6e. Tallow — , 
chandelle de suif. Paraffin — , 
bougie de paraffine. Mould — , 

chandelle moulee. berry, baie 

du laurier (/.). 

Candlestick, n., chandelier (m.). 
Branched — , chandelier k branches; 
girandole. Bedroom — , bougeoir 
int.). Flat — , bougeoir. 

Candour, n , candeur, sinc6rit6, fran- 
chise, bonne foi (/.). 

Candy, n., candi, sucre candi {m.). 

— sugar, fiucre candi. Sugar — , 
sucre candi. 

Cine, «., canne (/.); (of umbrella) 
jonc int.), tige (/.). — sugar, sucre 
de canne. Sugar- — -, canne ck sucre. 

— bottomed chair, chaise k fond 
de canne. — basket, panier de 
jonc int.). Bamboo — , canne de 
bambou. — mill, moulin k sucre 
(m.), sucrerie (/.). 

Canister, n., boite de fer blanc (/.). 
Cannel-coaU n., houille grasse, houille 

grasse k longue flamme (/.). 
Cannon, n., canon (m.); (billiards) 

carambolage (m.). — ball, boulet 

de canon (m.). — proof, k I'epreuve 

du canon. — shot, port6e de canon 

(/.); boulet de canon int.). 
Canoe, n., canot (m.); pirogue, peris- 

soire (/.). 
Canopy, n., dais, pavilion (»».). — 

of a bed, lit i baldaquin (m.). 
Cantharides, n., cantharides, moucbes 

d'Espagnc (/.). 
Canvas, w., canevas, peinturo, toile, 

voile (/.); (sail cloth) toile k voiles 

(/.). — shoe, Soulier en toile 

Canvass, n., soUicitation de com- 

mandes (/.); ddbat (»n.), discussion 





(/.). To — for orders, solliciter des 
commandes, faire la place. 

Canvasser, n., placier, voyage ur {m.). 

Caoutchouc, n, caoutchouc (w.). 

Cap, »., (woman's) bonnet (m.); 
(man's) casquette (/.); (smoking) 
calotte {/.). 

Capability, n., capacite (/.). 

Capable, a., capable, susceptible. To 
be — of, etre capable de. Not to 
be — , ne pouvoir pas. The vessel 
is not — of carrying more than 
300 tons, le navire ne peut pas 
porter plus de 300 tonneaux. 

Capacious, a., spacieux, grand, vaste, 
ample, etendu. 

Capacity, n., capacite, qualite (/.), 
titre (m.). In the — of, en qualite 

Cape, M., pelerine, rotonde, berthe; 
cap {geon.) (m.). — with hood, 
capuchon (m.). 

Caper(s), n., capre (/.). — sauce, 
sauce aux capres (/.). 

Capillary, a., capillaire. 

Capital, a., (money) capital, capitaux 
(m.); fonds social (m.); (town) 
capitale (/.). — account, compte 
de capital (m.). Working — , fonds 
de roulement. A — letter, majas- 
cule (/.). Floating — , capital 
circulant (flottant, roulant). Paid- 
up — , capital paye, capital verse; 
(fully paid-up — ) capital entiere- 
ment verse. Subscribed — , capital 
suscrit. Fixed — , capital fixe. To 
make — out of, exploiter. — 
account, compte de capital {m.). 
Spare — , capital disponible. 

Capitalist, «., capitaliste (m.). 

Capitalize, v., capitaliser. 

Capitally, adv., principalement, par- 

Capon, n., chapon (m.). 

Caprice, «., caprice (w.). 

Capricious, a., capricieux. 

Capsicum, n., capsicum, piment (m.). 

Capsize, v., chavirer; faire chavirer. 

Capstan, n., cabestan (m.). 

Capsule, n., capsule (/.). 

Captain, n., capitaine (»«.). Post — , 
capitaine de vaisseau. 

Captious, (I., captieux, susceptible. 

Captivate, v., captiver, charmer, 

Captivity, n., captivite (/.). 

Capture, n., prise, arrestation, cap- 
ture (/.). 

Capture, v., prendre, arreter, capturer. 

Car, «., char, chariot, wagon (m.); 
(gig) carriole (/.); (balloon — ) 
nacelle (/.). Dining- — , wagon- 
restaurant (m.). Motor , auto- 
mobile; voiture automobile (/.). 
Tram — , tramway (w.), voiture de 
tramway (/.). Sleeping , wagon- 
lit, coupe-lit (m.). 

Caramel, »., caramel (m.). 

Carat, n., carat (m.). Eighteen — , 
de 18 carats. 

Caravan, n., caravane (/.). 

Caravansary, n., caravanscrail (m.). 

Caraway, «., cumin de pres (m.). 

— seed, graine de carvi (/.). 
Carbide, n., carbure (/.). 
Carbine, n., carabine (/.). 
Carbolic, a., carbolique, phenique. 

— acid, phenol, acide carbolique. 
Carbon, n., carbone {m.). — copy, 

copie decalquee (/.). 

Carbonate, n., carbonate (m.). — of 
soda, carbonate de sonde. — of 
lime, carbonate de chaux. 

Carbonic, a., carbonique. — acid gas, 
gaz acide carbonique (w.). 

Carburet, n., carbure (m.). 

Carburetter, n., (motor) carburateur 

Card, «., carte (/.). — -basket, 
corbeille k cartes (/.). Playing — s, 
cartes. Private — , carte particu- 
liere. — table, table de jeu (/.). 
Post — , carte postale. Pack of 
cards, jeu de cartes (m.). Visiting 
— , carte de visite. Show- - — , 
annonce. — case, etui k cartes. 

— rack, porte-cartes (»«.). — of 
introduction, carte d'introduction. 

— tray, plateau ci cartes (m.). 
Card, v., carder. 

I Cardamom, n., cardamome (»».). 

I Cardboard, «., carton (w.). 

j Carding, n., cardage (m.). — house, 
carderie (/.). — machine, machine 
k carder, cardeuse (/.). 
Care, «., soin, souci (w.); attention, 
sollicitude, precaution (/.). To take 
— , avoir soin, prendre garde, faire 
attention. To take — to make, 
prendre garde k (se garder de) le 
faire. To exercise — , app>ortfr 
(mettre, donner) du soin. To take 

— of, prendre soin de. — of, aux 
soins, chez, pour adresse. To com- 
mit (recommend) to one's — , 
commettre (recommander) au.x 





soins de. Mr. J., — of .... , 
M. J. aux soins de .... To leave 
(entrust) to one's — , laisser (re- 
naettre, coniier) au soin de quelqu' 
un. With — , avec soin; (of pack- 
ages) fragile. 

Care, v., so soucier de, s'inquieter de. 
To — for {or about), se mettre en 
peine de, tenir k, aimer. I do not — , 
je m'en moque. To — to give, 
vouloir donner. 

Careen, «., carene (/.). 

Careen, v., carener, mettre en carfene, 
abattre. — ing wharf , carenage (w.). 
To — over, donner a la bande. — 
-age, carenage; frais de radoub 
d'un navire (w.). 

Career, n., carriere, course (/.). He 
chose a commercial — , il fit choix 
de la carriere commerciale. 

Careful, a., soigneux, attentif, souci- 
eux; prudent. — attention (ser- 
vice) le service soigne. To be — , 
avoir soin; faire attention a quelque 
chose, avoir de I'attention pour 
quelque chose. 

Carefully, adv., soigneusement, atten- 
tivement, prudemment. 

Carefulness, n., soin, souci (w.); 
attention (/.). 

Careless, a., sans souci, negligent de, 
oublieux de, sans souci de, in- 
different cl. 

Carelessness, n., nonchalance, negli- 
gence, indifference, incurie (/.). 

Caret, n., renvoi (m.). 

Car^o, «., chargement, fret (m.), 
cargaison, charge (/.). To take in 
— , prendre chargement (fret, 
charge), recevoir une cargaison. 
Full — , chargement entier (com- 
plet). Mixed — , chargement en 
cueillette. Homeward — , charge- 
ment de retour. — boat, transport, 
bateau de transport, bateau de 
charge (m.). Outward — , charge- 
ment d'aller. — book, livre 
d'entree et de sortie. — steamer, 
vapcur de transport. Floating — , 
cargaison flottante. 

Carman, «., charretier [m.). 

Carmine, n., carmin (m.). 

Carnival, «., carnaval (t».). 

Carpenter, «., charpentier, menuisier 
(w.). Ship's — , maftre-charpentier 

Carpentry, n., charpenterie, menui- 
scrie (/.). 

Carpet, «., tapis (m.). Brussels — , 
tapis de Bruxelles. — bag, sac de 
nuit (w.). Centre — , carpette. 
Felt — , tapis de feutre. Stair — , 
tapis etroit pour les escaliers. 
Turkey — , tapis de la savonnerie. 

— dealer, n6gociant en tapis. — 
broom, balai de jonc (w.); balai k 
nettoyer les tapis. — sweeper, 
balai rotatif pour tapis. See 

Carpet, v., garnir de tapis; (fig.) 

Carpeting, n., tapis, tapis en pi^ce 
(m.); etoife pour tp.pis (/.). 

Carrara marble, n., marbre de 
Carrare (m.). 

Carriage, «., voiture (/.); equipage 
(w.); {rail.) wagon (w.), voiture; 
(of parcels) port, factage, camion- 
nage; (expenses) frais de transport 
(w.); (conveyance by road) roulage 
{m.). — free, franc de port. — not 
paid, port dfi. — paid, port paye. 
Cost of — , prix de roulage (m.). 

— by land (by water), transport 
par terre (par eau, par mer). Baby 
— , voiture d'enfant (/.). — rug, 
couverture de voyage (/.). — 
clock, pendule de voyage (/.). Share 
of — , la part des frais de transport. 

— ticket (freight note), feuille de 
route, lettre de voiture (/.); bord- 
ereau d' expedition (m.). ' 

Carrier, «.. voiturier, camionneur, 
charretier (m.); (bicycle) porte- 
bagage=; (wt.). 

Carrot, n., carotte (/.). 

Carry, v., porter, mener, conduire, 
continuer. To — to new account, 
reporter (passer, porter) k nouveau 
compte. To — away, emporter, 
enlever, emmener, entralner (par 
persuasion). To — into effect, 
mettre (en) k execution {k eflfet). 
To — out, ex6cuter, effectuer, 
mettre k execution, ddvelopper. 
To — over or forward, reporter, 
transporter. To — through, 
accomplir, mener k bonne fin. 
Amount carried over, transport, 
report; carried over {or forward), 
reports. The ship is estimated to 

— 800 casks, on estime que le 
navire peut porter 800 barriques. 
To — goods, transporter des 
marchandises. To — forward (a 
balance), porter k nouveau compte. 





To — on, faire, continuer, exercer. 
To — on a business, exercer (faire, 
exploiter) un commerce. To — on 
commission business, faire la com- 

Carrying, n., transport, port (w.). — 
company, la compagnie de trans- 
port. — trade, le commerce 
d' expedition. — over, report. 

Cart, n., camion, chariot (vi.), voiture, 
charrette (/.). — load, charretee, 
voie (/.). 

Cart, v., charrier, charroyer, voiturer. 
To — • away, enlever, eraporter. 

Cartage, n., charriage, charroi, trans- 
port (nt.); (cost) camionnage, ^act- 
age, roulage (w.), les frais d'enleve- 

Carte-blanche, n., carte-blanche (/.). 

Carter, n., voiturier, roulier, camion- 
neur, charretier {m.). 

Cartoon, n., carton (m.). 

Cartouch, n., cartouche (/.), boite 
k mitraille (/.). 

Cartridge, n., cartouche (/.). — box, 
cartouchiere (/.). ' — case, etui de 
cartouche (m.). — paper, papier a 

Carve, v., ciseler, couper, tailler, 
graver, sculpter; (meat) decouper, 
depecer. — work, sculpture, 
ciselure (/.). 

Carver, n., (sculpture) sculpteur; 
graveur, ciseleur; decoupeur (m.). 

Carving, n., (sculpture) sculpture, 
gravure, ciselure (/.). — knife, 
fork, couteau (w.), fourchette (/.) a 

Cascarilla, «., cascarille. 

Case, "., etui, fourreau (w.); (wrap- 
per) enveloppe (/.); (packing) caisse 
(/.); (watch) boite (/.); cas, etat 
(w.); question (/.); (law) cause (/.). 
In no — , en aucun cas. In any 
— , en tout cas. In such a — , 
en pareil cas. In the — of, au 
cas de; quant k, au sujet de. 
In that — , dans (en) ce cas, cela 
etant. The — in point, le cas 
dont 11 s'agit. Should such be the 
— , le cas echeant; le cas avenant. 
In — of need, le cas echeant 
(avenant). In — of need with, 
au besoin chez. Book — , bibliothe- 
que (/.). Bill — , porte-feuille (/.). 
Dressing — , necessaire de toilette 
(w.). Letter — , porte-lettres (w.). 
Needle — , etui k aiguilles {m.). 

Liquor — , cave (boite) k liqueurs 
(/.). Glass — , vitrine, montre (/.). 
Travelling — , necessaire de voyage. 
Cigar — , porte-cigares (w.). Pillow 
— , taie d'oreiller (/.). Jewel — , 
ecrin {m.}; boite k bijoux (/.). Show 
— , vitrine, montre (/.). 

Case, v., encaisser, envelopper, en- 
fermer, mettre dans une caisse. 

Casein, «., caseine (/.). 

Casemate, «., casemate (/.). 

Casement, n., fenetre, croisee (/). 

Cash, n., argent, numeraire (w.); 
especes (/., pL); argent en caisse. 
— at maturity, valeur k echeancc 
(/.). For — , au comptant; pour 
prompt paiement. The price is for 
— , le prix est au comptant. In — , 
comptant. To pay — , payer 
comptant. To be out of — , ne 
pas etre en (etre depourvu de) 
fonds. To be in — , etre en fonds, 
etre pourvu de fonds. To be short 
of — , etre (se trouver) court 
d' argent. To keep the — , tenir la 
caisse. To buy for — , acheter au 
comptant. To make up the — , 
faire la caisse. To sell for — , 
vendre au comptant. — account, 
compte de caisse {m.). — balance, 
encaisse (/.); argent, les especes, la 
valeur en caisse. — box, livre de 
caisse (m.). — order, billet k 
vue (tn.). — advance, avance de 
fonds (d' argent) (/.). — credit, 
credit de caisse (m.). — in hand, 
argent en caisse, I'encaisse, les 
especes, la valeur en caisse, le fond 
de caisse. — down, argent comp- 
tant. — price, prix au comptant 
(m.). — remittance, envoi (>«.) 
remise (/.) d'especes, en numeraire, 
d' argent comptable. — on delivery, 
paiement comptant au regu de la 
marchandise, contre rembourse- 
ment. — in advance, paiement 
anticipe (m.). — transaction, 

oper'ation au comptant (/.). 

Cash, v., encaisser, escompter, touch- 
er, changer, recevoir, convertir en 
especes, effectuer (operer, soigner, 
se charger de) I'encaissement. To 
get — ed, encaisser, recouvrer. 
faire rentrer, faire I'encaissement. 

Cashier, «., caissier (w.). 

Cashing, n., encaissement, recouvre-. 
ment {tn.). 

Cashmere, n., cachemire (tn.). 





Casing, «., enveloppe, couverture {/.); 

revetement, entourage (m.). 
Cask, «., toimeau, baril (m.); barrique 

Cask, v., msttre en baril, en tonneau, 
oil l^arrique, entonner. 

Casket, «., cassette (/.), ecrin {tn.). 

Cassation, n., cassation (/.). Court of 
— , Cour de Cassation (/.). 

Cassava, «., cassave (/.). 

Cassia, «., cas;e (/.). — sticks, casse. 
— - bark, ecorce de casse, casse en 
bois (/.). — oil, huile commune de 
canaelle (/.). 

Cast, n., (m^tal) fonte (/.); moule (w.); 
statue t; (/.); modele (m.). 

Cast, v.. Jeter, lancer; (metal) couler; 
(mould) mouler; (naut.) abattre. 
To — accounts, calculer, faire des 
calculs. To — aside, Jeter a 
I'ecart. To — away, jeter; renoncer 
a. To — off, abandonner, rejeter, 
repousssr; {naut.) demarrer. To — 
up (sums), additionner, faire 1' addi- 
tion de. To — a glance, Jeter un 
coup d'oeil sur. To — the anchor, 
Jeter I'ancre. — iron, fer de fonte 
(m.), fonte de fer (/.); fonte. — 
glass, verre coule (m.). To — lots, 
tirer au sort. 

Caster, n. (of furniture) roulette (/.). 

Castigate, v., punir, chatier. 

Casting, n., fonte (/.); moulage (w.); 
(printing) clichage {m.). — vote, 
voix prepoiiderante (/.); vote pre- 
ponderant {m.). — house, fonderie 
(/.). — up, calcul (w.); addition (/.). 

Castle, »., chateau (m.); (chess) tour 
(/.). — s in the air, chateaux en 

Castor, n., castor (m.). — oil, huile de 
ricm (/.). — sugar, sucre en 
poudre (*».). 

Casual, a., casuel, fortuit, accidentel, 
de passage. 

Casually, adv., fortuitement, acciden- 
tellement, en passant, par hasard. 

Casualty, «., accident, sinistre (m.). 

Cat, n., chat (w.), chatte (/.). 

Catalogue, n., catalogue (m.). 

Catalogue, v., cataloguer. 

Cataract, n., cataracte (/.). 

Catastrophe, n., catastrophe (/.). 

Catch, M., prise; (door) crampon (w.); 
(of a latch) mentonnet (m.); (of 
fish) p6che (/.) ; (of locks) cliquet, 

• loquet, crochet d'arrfet (m.); (fig.) 
belle affaire, attrape (/.). 

Catch, v., attraper, prendre, saisir; se 
prendre a, s'accrocher a, s'engager 
a, s' attraper a; surprendre. To — 
Cold, s'enrhumer, attraper (gagner) 
un rhume. To — at, s'empresser de 
saisir. To — hold of, s'emparer de, 
se saisir de, s'acrocher a. To — a 
train, arriver a temps pour le train; 
ne pas manquer le train. To — 
fire, prendre feu, s'allumer, s'en- 
flammer. To — up, saisir, relever, 
atteindre, rattraper. To — on 
(please), avoir du succds. To — 
the eye, attirer 1' attention, frapper 
les yeux. 

Catching, a., contagieux; seduisant; 
qui saisit. 

Categorical, a., categorique. 

Category, n., categorie (/.). 

Cater, v., pourvoir k; foumir des 
aliments, acheter (procurer) des 

Caterer, «., pourvoyeur (w.) (euse, 
/.); approvisionneur (w.), (euse, /.). 

Caterpillar, «., chenille (/.). 

Catgut, »., corde k boyau (/.). 

Cathedral, «., cathedrale (/.). 

Cattle, n., betail (w.); bestiaux (pi). 
Black — , gros betail. — train, 
convoi de bestiaux (m.). — truck, 
wagon-etable (w.). — pen, pare k 
bestiaux (w.). Small — , menu 
betail (m.). Head of — , t^te de 
betail. — market, marche aux 
bestiaux (w.). — show, exposition 
de betail (/.). — trade, commerce 
de bestiaux (w.). — dealer, 
marchand de bestiaux, commis- 
sionnaire en bestiaux {m.). — 
truck (or box) wagon k bestiaux 

Cauliflower, n., chou-fleur (tn.). 

Cause, «., cause, raison (/.), motif, 
sujet (w.). — for complaint, sujet 
de se plaindre, motifs de se 
plaindre. To plead one's — , 
defendre sa cause. There is — to 
believe, il y a lieu de croire. To be 
the — of, ctre la cause de. To — 
damage, porter prejudice k quclqu* 
un, causer (porter) dommage, fitre 
pr^Judiciable k quclqu' un. 

Cause, v., causer, 6tre cause de, 
occasionner, produire, faire nattre. 
To — the ... to change, faire 
changer le . . . . 

Causeless, a., sans cause (motif, 
sujet), non-motiv6. 


3— (1630A) 




Causeway, n., chaussee, digue, jetec 

(/.); mole (m.). 
Caustic, a. and n., caustique (m.); 

Common — , potasse (/.). 
Caution, n., precaution (/.); avis (m.) 

(warning) ; prevoyance, prudence, 

circonspection (/.); garantie (/.). 
Caution, v., mettre en garde contre, 

aviser (avertir) de, premunir contre; 

Cautious, a., prudent, circonspect. . 
Cautiously, adv., avec precaution 

(prudencs), prudemment. 
Cave, n., caverne (/.); cave (/.), caveau 

Caveat, «., avertissement, arret (m.); 

opposition (/.). 
Cavil, n., chicane (/.), pointiUerie (/.)• 
Cavil, v., chicaner, pointiller, ergbter 

sur (at). 
Caviller, n., chicanier, chicaneur, 

ergoteur (m.). 
Cavity, n., cavite {/.). 
Cayenne pepper, n., poivre de 

Guinea (m.). 
Cease, v., cesser; faire cesser. To — 

the functions, cesser les fonctions. 

To — work, cesser le travail. To — 

to do, cesser de faire. — to exist, 

cesser d'exister. 
Ceaseless, a., incessant, continuel. 
Ceasing, n., cessation {/.). 
Cedar, n., cedre (w.). — wood, bois 

de cedre, cedre. 
Cede, v., ceder, transferer. 

price, ceder a un prix. 

right to, ceder un droit. 
Ceiling, «., plafond (m.). 
Celebrate, v., celebrer. 
Celebrated, a., celebre, 

fameux, celebre. 
Celebration, n., celebration (/.). 
Celebrity, n., celebrite (/.). 
Celerity, n., vitesse, celerite (/.). 
Celery, n., celeri (m.). 
Celestine, «., celestine (/.). 
Cell, «., cellule, case, loge {/.); com- 

partiment (m.). 
Cellar, n., cave (/.), caveau, cellier 

Cellarage, n., caves (/., pi.); (dues) 

droits de cave (m.), cavage (w.). 
Cellular, a., cellulaire. 
Celluloid, n., celluloide (/.). 
Cellulose, n., cellulose (/.). [{tn.). 

Cement, «., ciment, cement, mastic 
Cement, v., cementer, cimenter; (rela- 
tions) consolider. 

To — at a 
To — a 


Cemetery, n., cimetiere (m.). 

Censure, n., censure, critique (/.), 
blame (tn.). 

Censure, v., censurer, critiquer, 

Census, n., recensement, denombre- 
ment (nt.). 

Cent, n., cent {tn.). To pay interest at 

6 per — , payer I'interet a six pour 

cent. At 3 per — , au taux de 3 

pour cent. Ten per — loss, perte de 

10 pour cent. (/.). Average thereon 

at 15 per — , avaries dans la 

proportion de 15 pour cent. Cotton 

j is down a — in New York, le coton 

I a baisse d'un cent a New York. 

I Centage, n., taux de tant pour cent. 

1 (tn.). 

'< Cental, n., poids legal de 100 livres 

Centigrade, a., centigrade. 

Centigram, «., centigramme (m.). 

Centilitre, «., centilitre (tn.). 

Centimetre, n., centimetre {tn.). 

Centner, «., poids de 100 livres 
(kilog. 45-359). 
I Central, a., central. 
I Centralize, v., centraliser. 
j Centre, n., centre, milieu {m.). — bit, 
{tnech.) meche anglaise, tariere (/.). 
— table, table de milieu (/.). 

Centre, v., placer au centre; concen- 
trer, faire centrer, se concentrer, 
etre place au centre. 

Centrifugal, a. centrifuge. — force, 
force centrifuge (/.). — pump, 
pompe centrifuge (/.). — governor, 
regulateur a force centrifuge {tn.) . 

Centuple, a., centuple. 

Century, n., siecle {tn.). 

Cereal, «., cereale (/.). — s, cereales. 

Cerecloth, n., toile d'emb?.imiement 

Ceremonial, a., de ceremonie; ti., 
ceremonie, etiquette (/.); cere- 
monial {tn.). 

Ceremonious, a., ceremonie ux, de 

Ceremony, «., ceremonie, fagon (/.); 
ceremonial {tn.). Without — , sans 
faQon (ceremonie). Not to stand 
on — , ne faire pas de fagons 

Certain, a., certain, siir; indubitable, 
manifeste, evident. — articles, 
certains articles. A — man, un 
certain homme. A — sum, une 
somme determinee. To be — , Stre 






sur (certain), avoir la certitude. 
For — , pour certain, a coup sur. 
To make — of, s' assurer de. To 
be — of, etre sur (certain) de. The 
news is — , la nouvelle est certaine. 

Certainly, adv., certainement. 

Certainty, n., certitude, chose cer- 
taine (/.). To know for a — , avoir 
la certitude, savoir de science 
certaine, savoir positiveinent. 

Certificate, n., certificat (w.); (of a 
bankrupt) concordat (m.); acte(»w.). 

— of baptism, acte (e.xtrait) de 
bapt&me. — of death, acte (ex- 
trait) de decfe. — of birth, acte 
(extrait) de naissance. — of 
marriage, acte (extrait) de mariage. 

— of origin, certificat d'origine. — 
of incorporation (of a company), 
certificat d'incorporation. — of 
average, certificat d'avarie. Share 
— , certificat provisoire, certificat 
d'action. Weight — , certificat de 
poids. — of health, patente de 
sante (/.). Master's — , certificat 
de capitaine. Consular — , certificat 
consulaire. To make out a — , 
delivrer un certificat. Scrip — , 
certificat (promesse, /.) d'action, 
certificat provisoire. 

Certify, v., certifier, declarer, notifier. 

Certitude, see certainty- 
Ceruse, n., ceruse (/.); blanc de ceruse 

Cessation, n., cessation, suspension 

Cession, «., cession (f.) (surrender). 

Chaff, n., menue paille, paille hachee, 
(/t^'.) plaisanterie, raillerie, blague 
(/.). cutter, hache-paille (m.). 

Chain, n. chaine (/.). Albert — , 
chaine de gilet. — cable, cSble- 
chaine (m.). — belt, chaine de 
transmission. — pump, pompe a 
chapelet (/.). — pulley, roue h 
poulie, poulie (/.). — bridge, pont 
suspendu (m.). — pier, jetee sus- 
pendue (/.). — wheel, roue h 
chaine. Surveyor's — , chaine 
d'arpenteur. Brake — , frein h 
chaine (m.). Watch — , chaine de 

Chain, v., cnchainer, attacher avec 
une (avec des) chainc(s), former 
par une chaine. 

Chair, n., chaise (/.); siege (m.); {rail.) 
coussinet (»«.). Arm- — , fauteuil 
(/.). Bath — y chaise roulante. 

Easy — , bergere (/.). Folding — , 
chaise pliante. Rocking — , chaise 
berceuse. Sedan — , chaise k 
porteurs. Deck — , chaise longue; 
pliant (tn.). — back, dossier de 
chaise, dos de chaise (tn.). — 
maker, fabricant de chaises (m.). 
To take the — , presider. Pro- 
fessor's — , chaire (/.). See cane. 

Chairman, n., president (m.). 

Chalcedony, n., calcedoine (/.). 

Chaldron, n., mesure de 36 boisseaux 
(/.) ; (for coal) poids de 2,500 
livres (w.). 

Chalice, n., calice (m.), coupe (/.). 

Chalk, n., craie (/.), (drawing) pastel, 
crayon (tn.). French — , crayon de 
tailleur, blanc de Meudon. — -pit, 
carridre de craie (/.). 

Chalk, v., marquer (blanchir) avec 
de la craie, tracer. 

Chalky, a., crayeux, de craie. 

Challenge, n., cartel {tn.). provoca- 
tion, pretention, demande, recusa- 
tion (/.). 

Challenge, v., defier, reclamer, rdcuser. 

Chalybeate, a., ferrugineux; n., eau 
ferrugineuse (/.). 

Chamber, n., chambre (/.); bureaux 
(w., ^/.), etude (/.). — of commerce, 
chambre de commerce. — pot, 
pot de chambre {tn.). Bed — , 
chambre a coucher. 

Chamois, n., chamois {tn.); peau dc 
chamois (/.). 

Champagne, n., vin de Champagne 
{tn.). — brandy, fin champagne 
(tn.), eau-de-vie de Champagne. 

Champion, n., champion {tn.); — ship, 
championnat {tn.). 

Champion, v., d6fier au combat, 
provoquer. {fig.) soutenir, d^fendre. 

Chance, «., chance, fortune (/.); 
hasard, sort, cas fortuit (w.); a., de 
(au, par) hasard. By mere — , par 
pur hasard. To stand a — , avoir 
ime chance (une perspective). By 
— , par hasard, fortuitement, par 
accident, au hasard, h I'avcnture. 
To — it, risquer le paquct. Then- 
is no — , 11 n'y a pas de possibilite. 
To take one's — , courir la chance. 
If my letter sliould — to get lost, 
si ma lettre vcnait i se perdrc. — s, 
pn)babilitt'>s. It is all — , c'est 
tout hasard. — purchase, achat 

Chance, v., venir h., arriver par 





hasard, se rencontrer; advenir k. 

See happen. 
Chancellor, «., chancelier (m.). — of 

the Exchequer, Ministre des 

Finances (m.). Lord — , Grand 

Chancelier (w.). 
Chancery, n., cour de la chancellerie 

Chandelier, n., lustre (w.), suspension 


Chandler, «., marchand (fabricant) 
de chandelles; petit epicier (m.). 
— 's shop, petite epicerie (/.)• Ship 
— , fouruisseur de navire (w.). 

Chandlery, n., petite epicerie (/.); 
regrat (m.). 

Change, n., changement (w.); (abbre- 
viation of Exchange) bourse (/.); 
(money) monnaie (/.), appoint (wt.); 
change, agio (m.). — of address 
(firm), changement d'adresse. — 
of opinion, changement d'opinion, 
d'avis, de raison. On 'Change, a la 
Bourse. The — is at par, le change 
est au pair. A — for the better, 
vm changement en mieux. To — 
hands, changer de proprietaire. 
Without — , sans changement. 

Change, v., changer; changer de; 
modifier, alterer. We have — d our 
warehouse, nous avons change de 
magasin. To — colour, changer de 
couleur. To — one's mind, changer 
d'avis. To — hands, changer de 
proprietaire. To — for the better, 
changer pour le mieux. 

Changeable, a., inconstant, variant, 

Changer, «., (money) changeur (»».). 

Channel, n., canal (w.) ; (market, out- 
let, opening for goods) debouchc, 
marche (w.j. The English — , la 

Chaos, «., chaos (m.). 

Chapel, n., chapelle (/.). 

Chapter, n., chapitre (m.). 

Character, n., charactere (w.); (state) 
rang(w.); (capacity) qualite (/.); 
(kind) genre (m.); natiu-e, reputa- 
tion, moralite (/.); certificat de 
moralite (m.); temoignage (tn.). A 
good — , un bon temoignage. 

Characteristic, a., caracteristique; «., 
caracteristique. (/.). 

Characterize, v., caracteriser. 

Charcoal, «., charbon de bois, carbone 
(nt.). Animal — , noir animal (w.). 
— pit, charbonniere (/.). 

Charge, «., debit, prix.coflt, frais (m.), 
depenses (J.). Extra — , frais 
accessoires (m.); siurtaxe (/.). The 
expenses will go to my — , les 
frais sont a ma charge, a mon l 
debit. A reasonable — , im prix 
raisonnable. Including — s, y j 
compris les frais. All — s forward, I 
faire suivre tons les frais. To take ; 
— of, se charger de. — s for^vard, 
faites suivre les frais. Forwarding 
— s, frais d'e.xpedition. — s 

account, compte (note) de frais. 
Petty — s, menus frais. Shipping 
— s, les frais d'embarquement. 

Charge, v., faire payer; (to instruct) 
ordonner k; demander; (taxes) ■ 
grever. To — forward, prendre 
(faire suivre, recouvrer) le montant 
en remboursement. To — with 
(accuse), accuser de. You have — d 
4% commission, vous avez compte 
4% de commission. 

Chargeable, a., a charge de, imputable 
a, imposable, taxable. 

Charitable, a., charitable. 

Charity, «., charite, bienveillance (/.); 
(alms) aumone (/.). 

Charm, n., charme (tn.); (trinket) 
breloque (/.). 

Charm, v., charmer, enchanter. 

Charming, a., charmant, enchanteur, 
joli, delicieux. 

Chart, n., carte de geographic; carte 
marine (/.). 

Charter, n., chartre (/.); acte(>«.); 
chartre-partie (/.). We enclose a 
copy of the — , ci-inclus copie de la 
chartre-partie. — party, charte- 
partie, police d'afifretement (/.). To 
complete a — party, faire (con- 
clure) un contrat d'affretement. 

Charter, v., freter, afireter, noliser, 
prendre k louage {k loycr, k fret) 
un navire. To — for out and 
home voyage, affreter allant et 

Charterer, n., fr6teur {tn.). 

Chartering, n , fret (w.). 

Chartreuse, «., chartreuse. 

Chary, a., prudent, soigneux, sobre, 

Chase, v., chasser, poursuivre; (metals) 
ciseler; ench«lsser. 

Chase, n., chasse, poursuite (/.); 
(printing) chassis (w.). 

Chasing, n., ciselure (/.). — tool, 
ciselet (tn.). 





Chaste, a., chaste, pudique; (of taste) 
de bon gout; (of language) piu:. 

Chasten, v., chatier, reprimer; purifier. 

Chastise, v., chatier. 

Chastisement, n., chatiment (w.). 

Chat, n., causerie (/.); entretien (m.). 
To have a — , faire la causette. 

Chat, v., causer, jaser, faire la 

Cheap, a., (a) bon marche, k bon 
compte, peu coiiteux, ci bon prix, 
a prix modique, modere, juste, 
raisonnable. To become {or make) 
— , baisscr (diminuer) le prix. 
Dirt — , a vil prix, pour rien, a 
prix reduit. 

Cheapen,?/., diminuer (baisser) le prix. 

Cheaply, adv., k bon marche (compte), 
a vil prix, a peu de frais. 

Cheapness, n., bon marche, bas prix 

Cheat, «., (a person) fourbe, trompeur 
(m.); trorapeuse (/.). 

Cheat, v., tromper, attraper, duper. 

Cheating, n., fourberie, tromperie, 
filouterie (/.). 

Check, «., echec, obstacle (m.); repri- 
mande (/.); mandat, bon, cheque 
(m.); (counterfoil) souche, contre- 
marque (/.); ecossais (»».). — s and 
stripes, carreau.x ct raies. — s, 
etoffes quadrillees, toile de coton 
rayeo, etoffe k carreaux (/.). — 
pattern, dessin a carreaux. — 
book, carnet de cheques, livre de 
cheques (de mandats). See cheque. 

Check, v., conteiiir, reprimer, repren- 
dre; (baggage) examiner; (accounts) 
verifier; (stuffs) quadriller; (arrest) 
arreter. To — off the items, 
pointer les articles. On — ing, en 
vcrifiant. To give a — to, faire 
echec a. To receive a — , subir un 

Checker work, n., marqueterie (/.). 

Checking, »., pointage (m.). 

Cheek, «., joue (/.) ; (coll.) impudence 

Cheer, v., animer, (se) rejouir, 

applaudir, acclamer. 
Cheerful, a., joyeux, gai. 
Cheerfully, adv., gaiement, gaiment, 

de t)()ii rceur, joyeusement. 
Cheerfulness, n., gaiete, gaite, bonne 

Cheese, «., fromage (m.). Cream — , 

fromage k la creme. Rich — , 

fromage gras. Dutch — , fromage 

de HoUande. Single — , fromage 
mi-gras. Cheshire — , fromage de 
Cheshire. Parmesan — , fromage 
de Parmesan. Gruyere — , fromage 
de Gruyere. Roquefort — , fromage 
de Roquefort. — monger, march- 
and de fromage (m.). — -press, 
presse a fromage (/.). — paring, 
pelure de fromage (/.). — trade, 
commerce des fromages (tn.). — 
vat, eclisse a fromage (/.). — 
cake, talmousse (/.). 

Chemical, a., chimique. — s, produits 
chimiques {tn.). 

Chemise, n., chemise (/.). 

Chemist, M.,chimiste,pharmacien(»».). 

— 's shop, pharmacie (/.). 
Chemistry, n., chimie (/.). 
Chenille, «., chenille (/.). 

Cheque, n., cheque, manda,t, bon {m.), 
ordre de paiement (w.). — book, 
carnet de cheques, livre de cheques 
(de mandats), chequier {tn.). — 
(payable) to bearer, cheque au 
porteur. Blank — , cheque ouvcrt 
(non-barre). Crossed — , cheque 
barre. To fill up a — , remplir un 
cheque. Certified — , cheque certifie 

Cheroot n., cigare de Manila (w.). 

Cherry, n., cerise (/.); Black-heart — , 
guigne (/.). — brandy, ratafia de 
cerises {tn.). — wood, bois de 
cerise (tn.). — tree, cerisier (»».). 

— stone, noyau de cerise (»».). 
Chess, n., echecs {tn., f-/.). — board, 

echiquier (w.). man, pi^ce (/.); 

pion {tn.). 

Chest, «.,caisse (/.),coffre (»M.);(bcdy) 
poitrine (/.). Medicine — , boite de 
pharmacie (/.). — of drawers, 
commode (/.). — of tools, boite 
d'outils (/.). Iron — , coflre fort. 

Chestnut, »., marron {tn.), chStaigne 
(/.). — tree.marronnier, chAtaignicr 

Chevial-glass, «., psyche (/.). 

Chew, v., mScher; {fig.) rumincr. 
— ing, mastication (/.). 

Chicane, «., chicane (/.). 

Chicane, f'., chicaner. 

Chicanery, n., chicane, chicancric (/.). 

Chicken, «., poulet {tn.). 

Chicory, n., chicoree (/.). 

Chief, II., associe principal {tn.); chef, 
(wi.), partie principale (/.). — 
depot, depot general. — Justice, 
premier juge. — clerk, premier 





commis, commis principal. — 
emporium, marche (entrepot) prin- 

Chief, a., principal, premier, supreme. 
In — , en chef. 

Chiefly, adv., snrtout, principalement. 

Chiffonier, »., chiffonnier {w.); chiffon- 
niere (/.). 

Child, n., enfant (m.). From a — , 
d6s I'enfance. 

Childhood, n., enfancc (/.). 

Childish, a., enfant, enfantin, pueril. 

Chill, «., poivre de Guinee (de 
Cayenne); froid (w.). refroidisse- 
ment, frisson (tn.); glace (/.). 

Chilli, n., poivre de Guinee (m.). 

Chime, «., harmonic (/.); accord de 
sons, son harmonieux (m.); carillon 

Chime, v., carillonner, mettre en 

Chimney, »., cheminee {/.); (of a lamp) 
verre (tn.). cowl, tabourin (tn.). 

— board, devant de cheminee (tn.). 

— -piece, cheminee (/.); cham- 

branle de cheminee (tn.). pot, 

tuyau (tn.), mitre de cheminee (/.). 
Flue of a — , tuyau de cheminee (/.). 

Chin, «., menton (tn.). 

China, «., porcelaine (/.). — root, 
squine (/.). — ink, encre de Chine 
(/.). — ware, porcelaines; marchan- 
dises de porcelaine. — dinner 
service, service de table de porce- 
laine. — clay, argile a porcelaine 
(/.). — shop, magasin de porce- 
laine (in.). 

Chinese, a., chmois. — white, blanc 
de Chine. — paper, papier de 
Chine. — glue, glu de la Chine. — 
lantern, lampion. 

Chintz, tt., indiennc, perse; calencar, 

Chip, tt., fragment, copeau, eclat (in.). 

— hat (or bonnet) chapeau latanier 
(tn.). — of the old block, chasser de 
race, etre bien le fils de son pere. 

— axe, doloire (/.). 

Chip, v., couper, tailler, ecomer. 
Chisel,''-> ciseau (m.). Cold — , ciseau 

k froid. Paring — , bedane (m.). 
Chisel, v., ciseler. 
Chloral, n., chloral (tn.). 
Chlorate, «., chlorate (tn.). — of 

potash, chlorate de potasse. 
Chloric, a., chlorique. , — acid, acide 

chlorique (m.). 
Chloride, «., chlorure (w.). — of 

lime, chlorure de chaux. — of 

potash, chlorure de potasse. — of 

soda, chlorure de sonde. 
Chlorine, n., chlore (tn.). 
Chlorite, n., chlorite (/.). 
Chlorodyne, «., chlorodyne (/.). 
Chloroform, ti., chloroforme (m.). 
Chocolate, «., chocolat (tn.). — cake, 

tablette de chocolat (/.). — drop, 

pastille de chocolat (/.). — stick, 

baton de chocolat (tn.). — maker, 

chocolatier (tn.). 
Choice, a., choisi, de choLx, rare, 

recherche; (of wines) fin; n., assorti- 

ment, choix (tn.). 
Choiceness, tt., valeiu-, qualite re- 

cherchee, excellence, superiorite (/.). 
Choke, v., etrangler, suffoquer; (s')en- 

gorgar, (se) boucher. 
Cholera, «., cholera (tn.). 
Choose, v., choisir, elire, preferer, 

vouloir, se decider k. To — tf) di>, 

se decider a le faire. 
Choosing, n., choix (tn.). 
Chop, n., tranche (/.). Mutton — . 

cotelette de mouton (/.); (of a vice) 

machoires (/., pL). 
Chop, v., couper, hacher, trafiqucr. 

To — about, echanger. 
Chopping, n., coupe (/.), action de 

couper. — block, billot, hachoir, 

tranchoir (tn.). — knife, couperot 

(tn.), hachette (/.). 
Choppy, a., crevasse; (of the sea) 

houleux, clapoteux. 
Chord, n., corde (/.). 
Christian, a., chretien; n., chrotien 

(»!.), chretienne (/.). — name, nom 

de baptenic (m.). 
Christmas, «., NoSl (tn.); (fete 

Noel (/.). — box, etrennes 

— holidavs, fetes (vacanres) 

Noel (/.). At — , a Noel. 
Chromate, «.. chromate (tn.). 
Chromatic, a., chromatique. 
Chromatics, ii., chromatique (/ 
Chromic, a., chromiquc. — 

acide chromiquc (tn.). 
Chromium, «., chrome (tn.). 
Chromo-lithography, «., chromo- 

lithographie (/.). 
Chronicle, «., chroniquc (/.). 
Chronicle, v., faire la chronique de, 

eiiresjistnT, raconter. 
Chronological, a., chronologique. 
Chronology, «., chronologic (/.). 
Chronometer, tt., chronometrc (tn.): 

niontre marine (/.), 







Chrysanthemum, «., chrysantheme 


Chunk, n., tronron (w.); grande pi6ce 

Church, «., eglise (/.). 

Churn, n., baratte (/.). 

Churn, v., baratter, battre. 

Cider, n., cidre (»».). Strong — , gros 
cidre. New — , cidre doux. — 
mill, pressoir a pommes (m.). — 
-kin, petit cidre {m.). 

Cigar, n., cigare (w.). — box, boite a 
cigares (/.). — cutter, coupe- 
cigares (m.). — case, porte-cigares 
(w.). — holder, brule-cigare, 
fume-cigare (wt.). — shop, bureau, 
(debit de) tabac (m.). Havana — , 
cigare de la Havane. 

Cigarette, n., cigarette (/.). — holder, 
fume-cigarette, brule-cigarette (m.). 
— paper, papier a cigarettes {m.). 

Cinchona, n., quinquina (m.). 

Cinder, n., cendre (/.); (coal — 1 
(!scarbille (/.), fraisil (m.). — pail, 
etouffoir (w.). 

Cinematograph, n., cinematographe 

Cinnabar, n., cinabre {m.}. [(/.). 

Cinnamon, n., cannelle, cinnamome 

Cipher, n., chiffre, zero (m.); {fig-) 
mil (m.), nullite (/.). In — , en 
chiffre. — code, code chilTre, clef 
tolegraphique. A mere — , tout 
simplement une nullite. — tele- 
gram, telegrarame chiffre (m.). — 
message, depfeche chiffree (/.). 

Cipher, v., chiffrer; ecriro en chiffres. 

Circle, n., cercle (w.)- 

Circle, v., cntourer (environner) de, 
cciiidre de. 

Circuit, n., circuit, tour (m.); circon- 
forencc (/.). — -breaker (dec), 
coupe-circuit, interrupteur (m.). 
Short — , (elec.) court circuit (w.j. 
I'rincipal — , circuit principal. 

Circular, a., circulaire. — letter, 
circulaire, lettre circulaire (/.). — 
letter of credit, lettre de credit 
circulaire, lettre de credit collective 
(/.). — saw, scie circulaire (rota- 
tive) (/.). — ticket, billet circulaire 
(w.). — railway, chemin de fer de 
ccinture (m.). 

Circulate, v., circuler; mettre en cir- 
culation, faire circuler; (rumour) 
ropandre; se repandre, se propager. 

Circulating library, cabinet de lecture 

Circulating medium, monnaie legale 
d'un pays, agent monetaire (de 
circulation), instrument de circula- 
tion, medium circulant (de circula- 

Circulation, »., circulation. Money in 
— , monnaie circulante (/.), argent 
circulant (en circulation). To be in 
— , 6tre en circulation. To have 
(find) a large — , avoir (trouver) 
une grande (large) circulation. To 
put in — , mettre en circulation. 
Active — , circulation effective. To 
be out of — , etre hors de circula- 
tion (hors de cours). To withdraw 
from — , retirer (mettre hors) de la 
circulation, mettre hors de cours. 

Circumference, n., circonference (/.). 

Circumnavigate, v., naviguer autour 
de, faire le tour de; contourner. 

Circumnavigation, n., circumnaviga- 
tion (A). 

Circumscribe, v., circonscrire. 

Circumscription, n., circonscription 

Circumspect, a., circonspect, mesure. 

Circumspection, n., circonspection (/.). 

Circumstance, «., circonstance (/.), 
detail, etat {m.); moyens (>n., -pL); 
position (/.). — s, circonstanccs. 
Under these — s, dans ces (telles) 
circonstances. To be in easy — s, 
etre dans I'aisance; Hre a son aise. 
In these — s, dans ces circon- 
stances. In the present — s, 
dans Ics circonstances actuelles. 

Circumstanced, p.p., en circonstances, 
situation. — as we are, etant dans 
la position oil nous nous trouvons. 

Circumstantial, a., circonstancie, in- 
direct; des circonstances. — evi- 
dence, preuves dcduites des cir- 
constances (/.). 

Circus, n., cirque (m.). 

Cistern, »., citerne, fontaine (/.), 
reservoir (m.) ; (of pumps, steam 
engines) reservoir (w.). 

Citation, n., citation (/.). 

Cite, v., citer, astreindre. 

Citizen, «., citoyen, bourgeois, habi- 
tant (w.); habitante (/.). Eellow — , 
concitoycu {tn.). — ship, droit de 
cite (de bourgeoisie) (m.). 

Citrate, «., citrate (m.). 

Citric, «., citrique. — acid, acide 
eitrique (»«.). 

Citrine, a., citrin, jaune, jaune- 





Citron, »., citron (w.). — tree, 

citronnier (w.). 
City, «., ville, cite (/.). — article 

(newspaper), bulletin financier (w.). 

— intelligence, conipte rendu (m.) 
(revue, /.) de la Bourse. Of this — , 
de cette ville (place). Of your — , 
de votre ville (place). — bank, 
banque miniicipale (/.). — corre- 
spondent, correspondant en vQle 
(m.). — office, bureau en ville j(wt.). 

Civet, «., civette (/.). 

Civil, a., civil, municipal; honnete, 
poli. — service, les emplois civils, 
le service civil. — engineer, in- 
genieur civil (w.). — list, liste 
civile (/.). — law, loi civile (/.). 

Civility, «., civilite, politesse (/.). 

Civilly, adv., civilleraent, poliment, 

Clad, «., see clothe. Iron — , ilavire 
cuirasse (m.). 

Claim, «., demande, pretention, re- 
clamation (/.);titre, droit (mi.). You 
have no — • upon me, vous n'avez 
rien a me demander (reclamer), je 
ne vous dois rien. To lay — to, 
pretendre a, revendiquer, faire 
valoir ses droits a. Pecuniary — , 
creance (/.). To abandon a — , 
renoncer k une pretention, se 
desister d'une pretention. See 

Claim, v., reclamer, faire une reclama- 
tion, pretendre a, demander. To 

— additionally, demander en sus. 
To — one's courtesy, recourir 
(avoir recours) a la complaisance 
de quelqu'un. 

Claimant, »., reclamant (m.). 
Clammy, a., visqueux, gluant, pateux; 

(of hands) huuiide, moite. 
Clamp, n., crampon (m.). (carpentry) 

einboiture (/.); tas de briques(w.). 
Clamp, v., (carpentry) emboiter. 
Clandestine, a., clandestin. 
Clap, w., coup (m.), claque (/.); clappe- 

meiit de mains (w.); (thunder) coup 


Clap, v., fermer, battre, frapper; 
applaudir, claquer; mettre. To — 
on another shilling, y mettre 
encore un shilling. He — ped on a 
large profit, il fit un beau benefice. 

Clapper, n., (of a mill) claquet (w.); 
claqueur; (of a bell) battant (m.). 

Claret, n., vin rouge, vin de Bordeaux 

Clarification, «., clarification (/.). 

Clarify, v., clarifier, cpurer, re dre 

Clarionet, «., clariqette (/.). 

Clarion, »., clairon (w.). 

Clash, «., conflit (m.), opposition {/.); 
choc, coup, fracas (m.). 

Clash, v., se heurter, s'entre-choquer, 
etre aux prises (en opposition, en 
conflit avec), etre en disaccord 
avec; To — with, s'opposer a, 
aller k. I'encontre de. 

Clasp, n., fermoir (w.), agrafe (/.), 
cadenas (m.), crochet (m.). 

Clasp, v., fermer avec un fermoir, 
serrer, presser, enlacer, agrafer. 

Clasp-knife, «., couteau pliant (m.). 

Class, n., classe, sorte, categoric (/.); 
cours, genre (w.). First — , de 
premiere classe (premier ordre). 
High- — articles, marchandises 

Class, v., classer. This steamer is — ed 
Al, ce vapeur est de premiere 
cote (an Lloyd). 

Classic(al), a., classique. 

Classification, n., classification (/.). 

Classify, v., classifier. 

Clause, n., clause (/.). 

Claw, «., griffe (/.); (of a hammer) 
pied de biche (m.). — hammer, 
marteau a dent (w.). 

Clay, n., argile, terre glaise, glaise (/.). 
Baked — , terre cuite (/.). — pipe, 
pipe en terre (/.). Potter's — , 

argile plastique. Pipe ■, terre de 


Clean, a., propre, net; (of linen) blanc; 
(of shoes) cire; (printers' proofs) 
pen charge. To make — , nettoyer, 
laver, purifier. To make a — copy, 
mettre au net. Send us a — proof, 
envoyez nous une seconde preuve. , 
— bill of lading, connaissement 
sans reserves (m.). — bill of health, 
patente nette, patente de sante 
nette (/.); bulletin net (m.). See 

Clean, v., nettoyer; (shoes) cirer, 
decrotter; (a canal or sewer) curer. 
To — (a person) out, mettre a sec, 

Cleaning, n., nettoyage (w.); (canal 
or sewer) enrage (m.). 

Cleanliness, «., proprete, nettete (/.). 

Cleanly, adv., proprement, nettement; 
a., propre, pur. 

Cleanness, see cleanliness. 





Cleanse, i;., nettoyer, laver; {fig.) puri- 
fier; (a canal or sewer) curer. 

Clear, a., clair, net, evident; sur, 
innocent, sans tache. — of, exempt 
de. To get — , se tirer d'affaire. 
To get — of, se debarrasser de, 
sortir de, se justifier de. To steer — 
of, eviter. To make — , rendre 
clair. To give a — account, 
expliquer clairement. That is — , 
cela est clair (evident, manifeste). 
Three — days, trois jours pleins. 

— profit, benefice (profit) net (m.). 
It is — , c'est evident, il est 
Evident. It is — to us, il nous est 
evident. See way, day. 

Clear, v., se dissiper, s'eclaircir; (make 
clear) eclaircir, clarifier, faire 
evacuer; gagner; (naut.) parer, 
degager. To — the customs, 
acquitter les droits de douane, 
pa.sser (quelque chose) en douane. 
To — goods, acquitter les droits 
(de). To — off, s'en aller. To — 
out, se retirer. To — away (diffi- 
culties), ecarter (toute difficulte). 
To — the line, balayer le chemin. 
To — ten per cent, by a sale, 
gagner dix pour cent sur la vente. 
To — the way, preparer les voies. 
To — (letter boxes), faire la levee 
de. To — (a ship at Custom 
House), expedier un navire' en 
douane. To — (a port), partir, 
mettre k la voile. To — accounts 
(bills), liquider les comptes (effets). 
To — goods, passer des march- 
andises en douane. To — oneself 
from debt, se debarrasser de dettes. 
To — oneself (of a charge), faire 
connaitre son innocence. 

Clearance, «., degagement (m.); (rub- 
bish) deblaiement (m.); solde (m.), 
liquidation (/.). — sale, liquidation 
(solde) (de marchandises), vente 
totale. Custom House — , expedi- 
tion en douane (/.). — of stock, 
vidange du magasin (/.). [douane. 

Cleared, p.p., acquitte des droits de 

Clearing, «., ^'irement (tn.); eclaircis- 
sement (m.); (profits) clair et net. 

— day, jour de liquidation (»».). 

— (of letter boxes) levee (/.). — of 
a ship, acquittement d'un vaisseau 
des droits de douane; dedouane- 
ment d'lua vaisseau. — house, 
(rail.) bureau central (m.); (banks) 
comptoir de rd:glement (m.). 

Clearly, adv., clairement, avec clart^, 

eviderament; nettement. 
Clearness, «., clarte, nettete, purete 

Clear-sighted, a., clairvoyant. 
Cleat, n., (naut.) taquet {tn.). 
Clement, a., clement, doux. 
Clergy, «., clerge {m.). — ^man, 

ecclesiastique, pretre, abbe, min- 

istre, pasteur {m.). 
Clerical, a., clerical. — error, erreur 

de plume (/.). — work, travail de 

commis (m.). 
Clerk, n., commis, employe, commis 

aux ecritures {tn.); (lawyer's clerk) 

clerc (tn.). — of a court, greffier 

(tn.). Lawyer's — , clerc d'avouc. 

Head — , chef de bureau, commis 

principal, premier commis; g<?rant 

(tn.). Confidential — , fonde de 

pouvoir (tn.). 
Clerkship, n., j)lace de clerc (commis) 

(/.), secr6tariat (m.). 
Clever, a., habile, adroit, ingdnieux. 

To be — at, etre fort en. 
Cleverly, adv., habilement, adroite- 

Cleverness, «., habilet6, adresse (/.). 
Clich^, n., cliche. 
Client, n., client (tn.), cliente (/.); 

clientele (/.). 
ClientUe, or clientship, tt., clientele 

Cliff, n., rocher (tn.), falaise (/.). 
Climate, n., climat (tn.). 
Climax, «., climax, comble (tn.); 

gradation (/.). 
Climb, v., grimper, (monter) sur; 

gravir; (fig.) s'dlever. To — down, 

(fig.) rebattre ses pretensions. 
Clinch, v., tenir h main ferm^e, 

river; fermer le poing, serr^. 
Clincher-built, a., (of boats) borde k 

Cling, v., s'attachere (s tenir) k, se 

cramponner k. 
Clinical, a., clinique. 
Clip, n., griffe (/.); (for letters, etc.) 

serrc-papiers (tn.). 
Clip, v., couper; tondre (horses and 

dogs); (with scissors) rogner; 

(tickets) contr61er. 
Clip, tt., (for gloves) pression (/.); 

(paper) pince-notes (m.); (bicycle 

— ) pince-pantalons (tn.). 
Clique, tt., chque (/.). 
Cloak, n.,manteau (tn.); (fig.) masque, 

pretexte (tn.). — room, (rail.), 





dep6t (de bagages) (m.), consigne 
(/.); vestiaire (m.). 

Clock, n., horloge, pendule (/.)• Orna- 
mental — , penduie (/.). — maker, 
liorloger (m.). — making, horlogerie 
(/.). — tower, tour d' horloge (/.). 
Wall — , cartel (w.). — dial, 
cadran d' horloge {m.). Table — , 
moutre de table. Alarm — , 
reveille-matin (wt.). — -work, 

mouvement (m.), rouages (m., pi.). 

Clog, n., sabot (m.), galoche (/.); 
{fis-) embarras, empechement (»».). 

Clog, v., embarrasser, encoraber. 

Close, M., fin, cloture, conclusion (/.); 
adv., serre, de pr^; a., clos, bien 
ferme; compact, etroit; (weather) 
lourd; (of the air) renferme; {fig.) 
mysterieux; discret, applique, at- 
tentif. To bring to a — , temiinei;, 
oxjnclure. To draw to a — , tirer 
(toucher i) sa fin. At the — of, k la 
fin de. Your agent is very — , 
votre agent est tres discret. — to, 

pres de. — by, tout pres. fisted, 

avare. The firm tone of the market 
was maintained up to the — , la 
fermete du marche se maintint 
jusqu'a la fermeture. At the — of 
the year, k la fin de I'annee. 

Close, v., fermer, clore, terminer, 
conclure, serrer, finir; se fermer. To 

— one's books, cloturer les livres. 
To — a bargain, conclure un 
marche. To — in, clore; entourer 
d'une clotui'e. To — up, fermer 
completement. To — with, ac- 
cepter. The market — d firm, le 
marche a cloture ferme. The sub- 
scription list is — d, la liste de 
souscription est close. 

Closely, adv., etroitement, serre, de 
pres, secr6tement, strictement, at- 
tentivement, intimement. To ex- 
amine — , examiner de pres. To be 

— connected, etre etroitement lie; 
etre en relations etroites. 

Closeness, n., fidelitc, compacit6, 
etroitesse (/.); (weather) etat lourd; 
air renferme; (fig.) avarice; discre- 
tion, reserve (/.). 

Closet, «., cabinet, boudoir (»».); 
prande armoire (/.). Dark — , 
cabinet noir (m.). 

Closing, n., fermeture, cloture (/.); 
a., final. — quotation (rate), cote 
(/.) (cours, m.) de cloture. Official 

— rates, taux ofiidels de fermeture. 

The — price for consols was 95, 
les consolidds ont cl6tur6 k 95. 

Closure, n., fermeture, cloture (/.). 

Cloth, n., drap (m.); toile, 6toffe (/.). 

— merchant, marchand de draps 
{m.), drapier (nt.). Bolting silk — , 
6tamine de soie. Brown — , toile 
6crue. Woollen — , toile de laine, 
drap de laine. Long — , percale, 
crdtonne (/.); madapolam (m.). 
Coarse — , drap grossier (m.); toile 
grossi^re. Sail — , toile k (pour) 
voiles. Cotton — , toile de coton. 
Oil (floor) — , toile cir6e. Packing 
— , toile d'emballage. — trade, 
commerce des draps (nt.), Industrie 
drapiere (/.). — weaver, tisserand 
en draps. Limp — , toile souple. 

— covers (of books), plats de toile 
(m.). — manufacturer, fabricant 
de draperie (de draps) (m.). 

Clothe, v., habiller, vStir, revetir. 

Clothes, n., pi., habits, vetements 
(m.), hardes (/.). A suit of — , 
habillement complet (m.). Old — , 
vieux habits. Bed — , couvertures 
(/.). Long — , maillot (m.). Cast 

off — , habits uses. peg (or pin), 

patere (epingle) de bois (/.). See 

Clothier, «., drapier, marchand de 
draps (de confection) (m.). 

Clothing, n., vetement, habillement, 
habits (m.). Articles of — , habille- 
ments, vetements. 

Clotted cream, n., crfeme cuillee (/.). 

Cloud, n., nuage (m.); (fig.) nuee (/.). 

Clond, v., couvrir de nuages, obscurir, 

Cloudiness, n., obscurity (/.), 6tat 
nuageux (m.). 

Cloudless, a., sans nuage. 

Cloudy, a., nuageux, couvert de 
nuages. ' 

Clove, «., clou de girofle (m.). — 
-bark, cannelle giroflte (/.). — oil, 
huile de girofle (/.). — spice, ecorce 
de girofle (/.). 

Clover, n., trefle (m.). To be in — , 
avoir du foin dans ses bottes. 

Club, t»., club, cercle (m.); reunion (/.). 

— house, local du cercle (m.). — 
room, salle de cercle (/.). v 

Clue, n., piste (/.); signe (m.), idee (/.). 
Clumsily, adv., gauchement, mal- 

adroitement, grossierement. 
Clumsy, a., grossier, gauche, mala- 

droitj^rude, laid. 





Cluster, n., grappe{/.), paquet {w.), 
groupe, amas {»».); (of diamonds) 
attache (/.). 

Clutch, «., griffe, prise, entreinte (/.)• 
Dog — (mech.), grifife de commande; 
accouplement a griffes (w.), era- 
brayage a griffes (w.). 

Coach, n., voiture (/.), carrosse (m.); 
(for examinations) preparateur (»».). 
Hackney — , fiacre, carrosse de 
louage (m.). — house, remise (/.); 
stand, place (station) de fiacres (/.)• 
— maker, carrossier (»»